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V " ' 0 M % -€ f SJ O ?Ri3? (? ■ -. -__. l j -» - ' »“ g , ,- v . V » vW -X « lES-. ' " ' v frAfcl if NOV 9 £ glh M iUe, 3 4870 WELLESLEY FREE LIBRARY L y 00362 9009 • y ' -V r . r jH ‘ tf rr 5 e, T J t lot O ' 6 t V s ( 2 v 0 ■m- y •V£ ■N s. Yft M . a (X T ” 5 - V” C£»- fV £r l s • VK V .Wi C (UvLA V " t Ou.il., ei V 1986 WELLESLEYAN Seniors . 18 Underclassmen Activities .56 Clubs Organizations Sports . 72 Traditions . Faculty . 128 Patrons Ads and Sponsors . 152 174 194 220 WELLESLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS 02181 t Pictured above are: Steve Maccini, Chessy Pictured above center are: Brenda Bickford and Karen Pictured above is: Michael Barrett. Wood, Alay Roy, Mike Barrett, Chris Young and Ware. Jon Young. 2 SENIORS IN THE CENTER RING! far left: Karen Waldron near left: Chris Crowley and Brenda Bickford below, left center: Becky Byars, Phil Dufton, Michelle O’Hearn below, bottom left: A senior study hall below, right: Julie Snyder and Coach Heller 3 “COLOR IT RED! " School spirit soared in the halls and on the fields of Wellesley High School! Red, white, and black colors flashed throughout the school, as the teams and students prepared for their games. Cynthia Kangos. Katie Redford, Becky Byers, and Justin Falvey Brenda Bickford, Merideth Moylan, Angie Karyanis, and Jori Pentergrast Senior Spirit in action 3 HIS i m ■ m All season fans 4 Cheerleaders in action PYRAMID POWER! (Angie Karyanis, Rose Kean, and Allison Moppet) 5 below left: Tanya Scott, Melissa Scott above left: Toni Richardson, Todd Mathew, Omay Ford, Patty Marshell, Kim Hackett below center: Patty Marshell, Cindy Stone upper right: Aaron Kelton, David Spezzano, Michelle Kellman, Maura Murphy above: Linda Hester 6 below: “The two Colleens, Golden and Nestor, step in stride to Center Stage! " bottom left: Scott Chambers UNDERCLASSMEN: ON THE WAY TO CENTER STAGE! upper middle: " Sophomore Smiles " Gina Corticelli and Jen¬ nifer Nilson upper right: ‘ ' Juniors bestfriends " John McAuley and Craig Lovett bottom right: " The gang ' s all here! " 7 Paul Glauthier, Class Valedictorian Marilyn Albrecht, Senior Cup Winner GRADUATION — JUNE 6, 1986 (Above Left) Lynn Desesa. Jennifer DeSimone. Nancy Dionne. Julie Donahue. Andrea Donlon, Phil Dufton, Dave Duggan. Far Left) Doug Bukaty. Barbara Burg. Mike Burke. Near Left) Becky Beyers, Lynn Armstrong. (Above) Chris Guiffre and David Hadlley (Below Left) Liz Bless, All Broder (Below Center) Marianne Gorman and George Gordon. (Below Right) Selena Cantor. Mr. Conaty, Priscilla Burney and Michael Barrett Amy Moy Richard Quiggan, Kristen Bevilaqua, Adrienne Lester, Andy Jones PROM —MAY 27, 1986 Eddie Denning and Becky Beyers Mike Montanari, Lisa Ryan, Eric Seaborn, Sandi Hammond, Ted Haussman, Liz Strzetelski SPOTLIGHT ON THE AUDIENCE! above: David Blackwood as " Mr. T. " above center: Suzanne Poitras above, top: Liz Weil, Becca Foley above: Pam West, Mary Wargo, Todd 0‘Brien above right: Lauren Libby, Ross Carlson Maria Tecce, Jill Furomoto, Michelle McGeachie middle right: Chris Muzzy mugs for the juniors right: Leon Holt, checking up on all his offers left above: Jason Koffman ohn Kateman, Beth Turney, Niles Parker middle above: Dave Wasilawskas left middle: “Two junior babes’’ (Liz Groginski, Lynelle Preston) right below: Eric Seaborn, Stew Stokes right above: Jenny Carr, Liz McCone lower left: Mrs. Plati, Andrew Young “FASHION FLASHES!’’ left: Julie Kavanaugh perks up in pink ▲ above: Jon Young signals for " Peace. " ◄ left: A " Tina Turner " hairdo in Wellesley’s own brilliant red! A above: " Shades of Miami Vice " (Mike Salve, David Morris) ▲ Lisa Sicchio, Kristen O’Sullivan, Julie Perlmutter in bright smiles and bright colors. A Decked out in formal attire for the cotillion: Brendan Alterio, Tayna Christie and Adam Bresnick. A " How do you like our most casual clothes?” (Alan Roy and Chris Young). Short, curly hairdos and dangling earrings were popular with the girls this year. (Chessy Wood and Julie Kavanaugh) Jams, sweatshirts and stripes all showed up on the boys in warm weather. (Stew Stokes) ◄ " Basic Army Modern " (Jason Cluggish) 13 " I love my cuddly bear in my nightie! " Invasion of the Freshman Girls! 14 A FEW MOMENTS WITH BEST FRIENDS . . . Jennifer McGregor Two Junior soccer stars (Meghan Cooney and Katie McConville) CHRISTMAS COTILLION — DECEMBER 14, 1985 WELLESLEY COLLEGE CAMPUS " Hey girls, where are your dates? " (Suzanne Poitras, Chrissy Robinson, Tara Cooney) Senior Penguins Niles Parker and Dave Morris The Smiling Couple (Dave Hadley and Vanesa Livingston) Becca Foley and Ricky Faubert Louis Jones and Louise Parsons 16 DEDICATION TO GLORIA NIESE AND LEE MARCIN (1937-1985) (1931-1985) MUSIC DEPT. GUIDANCE DEPT. “There is sweet music here that softer falls Than petals from blown roses on the grass . .. Music that gentlier on the spirit lies, Than tired eyelids upon tired eyes; Music that brings sweet sleep down from the blissful skies. " TENNYSON, The Lotus-Eaters: Choric Song. St. 1. Gloria with Mr. and Mrs. Duggan Gloria Niese, our much loved Vocal Musical Director on the music trip to Florida. Mr. Davis and Mrs. Niese. “To live in hearts we leave behind, Is not to die.” THOMAS CAMPBELL, Hallowed Ground. St. 6. “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” Lee Marcin brought the light and joy from her heart to all who entered the guidance department. Gloria T. (Taylor) Niese of Needham, 48, a choral music teacher at Wellesley High School, died Friday (Sept. 27, 1985) at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Mrs. Niese was born in New castle, Pa. She graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio, with a BME degree in music and music education. She did graduate work at Pratt Institute in New York City and also at New York and Boston Universities. She was a member of Delta Zeta and Mu Phi Epsilon sororities. An ac¬ complished harpist and pianist, she specialized in voice and choral music. She taught in Wellesley for 14 years. Mrs. Niese is survived by her husband, Leonard Niese; her father, Albert Taylor, and her brother, William Taylor, both of Olmstead Township, Ohio. Funeral services were private, with interment at the family burial plot in Rockville, Conn. Memorial gifts may be made to the Dana Farber Cancer In¬ stitute, 44 Binney St., Boston. Lee Marcin Guidance Dept. Secretary 17 18 19 SENIORS 1986 Class Ringmasters and Superlatives Senior Class Officers and Advisors (Walter Lamb, Pres.; Marilyn Albrecht, V.P.; Ted Haussman, Sec.; Scott Pomfret, Treasurer; Mr. Seiger, Mrs. Cannon) Most Likely to Be Seen in the Halls (John Young, Claire Walsh) Class Grapevine (John Hoult, Julie Snyder) Spiffiest Duds (Julie Einstein, George Gordon) Most Likely to be in the Louvre (Liz Foley, Jeff Glauthier) The Flirts (Tino DeLollis, above and Julie Geiser, below) Class Cheerleaders (Marilyn Albrecht, Walter Lamb) Class Strong Man and Strong Woman (Mike Hester, Christine Crowley) Class Organgrinders (Fred Harrington, Maria Tecce) Most Likely to Appear in GQ and Vogue (Mike Barrett, Brenda Bickford) Reach Out and Touch Someone! (John Hoult, Diane Peterson) Most Likely to Appear on Broadway (David Hadley, Sandi Hammond) The Clowns (Walter Lamb, Christine Crowley) Most Likely to be Kicked Out of the Library (Julie Snyder) Not Pictured: Jon Kateman. 21 Look Who’s In the Center Ring! All " Ann, maybe we ' ll get our picture in the yearbook! " (Kara Fleming, Ann Corscadden) " Chris, what exactly are you trying to draw? " (Gina Coleman, " Help me get my head out of here! " (John Carven) Chris Bold) ' 1f you only knew what we just did. " (Betsy Mercer, Kate Purington) Amy Moy ”1 could tell you about the 3.693.231 people I know, but the next award is " (Julie Snyder) " WHAT? " (Jon Kateman) " I shouldn ' t have eaten that lemon for lunch. " (Christine Crowley) Katie’s wet look. (Katie Redford) " Are you guys getting a lot of work done? " (Alex Chaulk, Scott Rear¬ don, Pete Nuwayser) to see the wizard ... :eli, Sara Weiss) (Sandi Hammond, Dianne Peterson, 05 . uive me an l ' (busannan uarutners) " Mr. Studious himself. " (Doug Bukaty) Chrissy Robin- 25 " Don’t come any closer he’s MINE! " (Suzanne Poitras, Niles Parker) " But if you’d wait just one minute my pass is in my locker.” (Sandy Weil, Mr Horsman) Rochelle Casaubon and Rob McCechren hool (Ann Cors " Good morning, Wellesfey Hi " Excuse me while I declare peace! " (Alan Roy, Jon " This assignment is due now ’’ (Cynthia Bent) " Jimi Hendrix " Young) " I know 3,693,231 people, how many people do you know? " " Diane heads to class.” (Diane Bassler) " Shh, here she comes. " (Kim Kane, Lisa Hemsford) RAVIOLI MAN (Paul Hammerness) " Are we winning? " (Amy Worsh, Lisa Worsh, Pam West) Some senior spirit! (Dara McHale) Nancy B and Becky Byers " So he thinks he’s a mind reader " (Mike Hester, Scott Pomfret) " Can you believe the Red Sox lost again? " Schoenfeld) (Joe (Tim Dennehy) " Ahhh, you startled me!! " (Ellen Petschaft) (Brendan Alterio, Mary Wargo) Marilyn Albrecht 200 Worcester St. Brendon Alterio 2 Colby Rd. Shawn Anderson 235 Weston Rd. Nancy Andrew 15 Rice St Emily Anthony 19 Bay State Rd. " The usual masculine disillusionment is discovering that woman has a brain " — Margaret Mitchell (Love from A and C) Jessica Arians Stauffenbergstr. 12 4170 Geldern 1 West Germany Lynn Armstrong 12 Willow Rd. Julie Aroy 53 Eisenhower Circle Timothy Bailey 43 Curve St In your life, you must be yourself and always strive to have love on your side Dianne Bassler 22 Louis Dr. " Stu finally gets himself in the yearbook! " (Stu Stokes) 28 David Batista 5 Woodridge Rd. Cynthia Bent 23 Princeton Rd. Christopher Bold 41 Madison Rd. Too much is never enough Maggie Brown 231 West Seldon St. Mattapan, MA “You may write me down in history With your bitter twisted ties You may troud me in the very dirt But still, like dust. Ill rise Katherine Batty 111 Crest Rd. " And the moon casts her shadows through the windows of my mind, as my memory soars I sing my songs aloud And this time we ll be more than just good friends Brenda Bickford 1 Delanson Cir. Russell Beckwith 114 Pilgrim Rd. Music is the language of the spirit It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife David Blackwood 112 Wood lawn Ave. Never limit yourself Through constant perseverance and self-motivation, anything is possible Do your best and give 100 percent toward your goals, not the expectations of others. " Eat clay and die! " Sue Kelley, Julie Harris, Barbara Burg, Dara McHale John K. Benson III 21 Sterling Rd. " Wishing to have more to say. Guidelines limil us in every way. We might become free some¬ day. If one does things their own way Elizabeth Bless 57 Radcliffe Rd. " Halfway up the staircase is neither up nor down (A A Milne) Alexandra Broder 2 Middlesex Rd. Douglas Bukaty 23 Elmwood Rd. " Imagine all the people living life in peace You may say I’m a dreamer, but I ' m not the only one " John Lennon 29 Michael Burke 24 State St. " Life is like a car. everything will be running smooth until you run out of gas " Julie Buschini 43 Cottage St " Up 1 up with people 1 You meet ' em wherever you go ' Up 1 up with people 1 They ' re the best kind of folks we know — Up with People Rebecca Byers 18 Hobart Rd. " I can wish for you the best of health All of the joy one can possess, but a wish can say so much our friendship says the rest 1 Selena Cantor 131C Washington x-ing- Pennington Rd.. Titusville, N.J 08560 " If you go. no one may follow That path is for your steps alone " Robert Carlson 53 Norwich Rd. Ross Carlson 53 Norwich Rd Lay on. Macduff. And damned be him that first cries Hold, enough ' " (MacBeth — V vm 3839) Jennifer Carr 17 Waban Rd. ’ I ' m young. I ' ll get over it " John Carven 35 Ledyard Rd. " The happiest people are those who discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same thing Caitlin Carvalho 139 Brook St " Here is a test lo find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you ' re alive, il isn ' l Messiah Handbook Hw Rochelle Casaubon 378 Weston Rd. When will my time come 7 I know I ' ll leave when it ' s my time to go till then I ' ll carry on with what I know ” — Missing Persons " Will you guys stop smiling and listen to me?! " (Danielle LaFrance, Kerry Powers, Clarise Tuytschaevers) Gabriel Cattani 25 Granite St. " No matter where you go There you are " — B Banzai Ann Celi 64 Brook Street " I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seer yesterday, and I love today William Allen White 30 Alex Chaulk 18 MacArthur Rd. " Where ever you go there you are " Andrew Chaulk 18 MacArthur Rd. " All the world ' s indeed a stage and we are merely players, performers and portrayers Time after time we lose sight of the way en- tre nous " — RUSH Julia Clayton 8 Cross St " God give me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference " Ladies first. . . " (Brian Kilcoyne) Dawn Conlin 10 Emerson Rd. Tara Cooney 15 Russell Rd. " Shower the people you love with love Show them the way that you feel " —. J T Gina Coleman 12 Norfolk Terrace " Don ' t just survive — live 1 So take what you can til you get what you want " Richard Condon 4 Wynne wood Rd. " We have to shout above the dm of our Rice Krispies. or we won ' t be heard at all ' — The Police Michael Corliss 11 Falmouth Circle Jason Cluggish 55 Northgate Rd. Simon Coley 225 Walnut St Brad Conlin 4 Edmunds Rd. " It is no doubt an immense advantage to have done nothing but one should not abuse it Comte de Rivaro 1 ’ Sheri Correia 32 Woodford St " I am power Pride is my foundation I am determination Confidence is my step I am success Hope is my ladder Thank you Ma 31 Ann Corscadden 28 Grantland Rd. " You are never given a wish without the power to make it come true " Christine Crowley 15 Atwood St “Jog on, jog on. the footpath way, and merrily hent a stile — a, A merry heart goes all the day. your sad times in a mile — a Shakespeare John Courville 66 Fiske Rd. Christopher Cummings 71 Beechwood Rd. Brian Cousins 106 Benvenue St " It ain ' t over till it sover Michelle Cummings 1 Marigold Rd. Cynthia Cnno 107 Pilgrim Rd This is the day the Lord hath made Let us re joice and be glad in it Martha Curtin 32D Linden St. Don ' t wanna be nobody ' s hero — Don’t wan¬ na be nobody s star — Get up get up be what you are ’ — SLF Andrea DeCristofaro 257 Weston Rd. Kenneth DeMarco 12 Partridge Rd. Constantino DeLollis 37 Maurice Rd. " If you smile at me I will understand ' cause that is something everybody, everywhere does in the same language — CSN and Y Timothy Dennehy 62 River Rd. The epitome of senior slump. (Mary Plunkett) 32 Edward Denning 23 Elm St Don t let school interfere with your education Jennifer De Simone 32 Weston Rd. Nancy Dionne 40 Seaver St. “If it feels nice, don’t think twice” — J T Thank-you For s real good time — Dead David Duggan 79 Pratt Rd. Quincy “We the unwilling led by the unknowing are doing the impossible for the ungrateful Live it up now You can live it down later " " Let ' s toast the class of ' 86! " (John Carven, Tino De Lollis, Tom Miller) Julie Donahue 18 McLean St. ’ And the beginning to end I found in the heart of a friend " — Thanks Low John Duncklee 24 Orchard St. “Weknow what weare.butknownot what we maybe ” — Ophelia (from Hamlet) Andrea Donlon 4 Seaver St " All things that are are with more spirit chas d than enjoyed ’ — Shakespeare Lynne Echard 67 Barton Rd. Lynn De Sesa 4 Duxbury Rd. Avt Dines 27 Windsor Rd. " For some reason you’re questioning why I always believe it gets better One difference between you and I — your heart is inside your head " YES Philip Dufton 32 Riverdale Rd. Julie Einstein 59 Westgate Rd. " Wasn’t it yesterday we used to laugh at the wind behind us Didn t we run away and hope that time wouldn’t try and find us 33 " Blowing off class, girls? " Michelle McGeachie, L auren Libby, Jill Furumoto, Ann Moodey. Susan Fernsebner 9 Mayo Rd. Justin Falvey 95 Hampshire Rd. Baerbel Fath Bernerstr. 9,8000 Muenchen 71, West Germany " Knowledge means nothing when you are in¬ capable of imagining Kara Fleming 48 Pine Plain Rd. " If you see someone withoul a smile, give him one of yours Andrew Farris 16 Mayo Rd. " Two roads diverged in a wood and I — I look the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference " R Frost Lisa Ferrerera 32 Fells Rd. Karen Flint 4 Highland Rd. " You have to throw a stone to get the pool to ripple " Chris Fogarty 4 Barton Rd. Elizabeth A. Foley 64 Halsey Rd. Elizabeth M. Foley 25 Francis Rd. " And you may ask yourself — Well, how did I get here 7 " Talking Heads Mary Gene Foley 23 Glen Rd. " Here ' s to the good times we used to know, it s hard to hold them in our arms again but harder to let them go 34 Harley Friedman 186 Cedar St " All things considered Insanity is the only reasonable alternative h Joelette Gallagher Elisa Frohlich 1 Arlington Rd. " It crocuses in Ihe dirly snow made you cry and remember things those things you remembered, that is my name I am the rabbit " Joseph Pmtauro auA V Lynne Gassiraro 14 Scotch Pine Circle " Free at last. Free at last, Thank the Lord. I ' m free at Last " Martin Luther King Jill Furumoto 14 Woodridge Rd. " To be is lo do " — Socrates " To do is to be " — Jean Paul Sarte " Do be do be do " — Frank Sinatra Julie Geiser 6 Melvin Rd, Natick, MA " The best is yet to come 1 Naomi Furuya 61 Chesterton Rd. " Ya Ho — Wasn ' t I quiet all through high school 7 I don ' t believe myself But I had many interesting years in Wellesley Thank you " Jeff Glauthier 31 College Rd. " They ' ll tell you what to think, believe, say. wear. love. hate, how to act and who to be Don’t listen, it ' s a crock Paul Glauthier 31 College Rd. " If happiness is in your destiny. You need not be in a hurry. Always keep peas in your pocket and you shall never go pealess Jodie Gleason 5 Alhambra Rd. Mark Gloss 34 Hunting St Catherine Glover 53 Damien Rd. " All things bright and beautiful All creatures great and small All things wise and wonderful The Lord God made them all " C F Alexander ‘‘Celebrate! " (Diane Peterson and Tara Cooney) 35 Kelley Golden 9 Stonecleve Rd. Jennifer Goodwin 165 Ceader St. George Gordon 15 Brockton St Mattapan, MA Mary Ann Gorman 9 Roberts Rd " May your heart always be joyful May your song always be sung And may you stay FOREVER YOUNG What a long strange trip it ' s been Shawn Greene 106 Edgemoor Ave. David Hadley 62 NorthgateRd. " It ' s hard to creep when you feel like soaring H K but if we weren t a little crazy we d all go insane Joe Walsh Paul Hammerness 24 Wildon Rd. " Take your tirne. think a lot, Why think of everything you ' ve got " What are you supposed to be, Lauren? " (Lauren Libby) Sandra Hammond Lisa Hansford 39 Boulder Brook Rd. 92 Cedar St I d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance e e cummmgs Chris Gutffre 75 Brook St " After all has been said and done more has been said than done Eric Hamburger 28 Old Colony Rd. All that »s gofd does not glitter Not all those who wander are lost " J R R Tolkien Francis Harrington 41 Chestnut St. " What is life but a series of inspired follies 7 " George Bernard Shaw 36 Jonny Harris P.0 Box 639 Dorchester, MA Julie Harris 846 Worcester St Michelle Harte 8 Fells Rd. ' And you know it ' s time to go through the sleet and driving snow Across the fields ol mourning to a light that s n the distance Julisa Haslett 65 Leighton Rd. " The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time ” Ted Haussman, Jr. 32 Boulder Brook Rd. " We won the Stanley Cup 1 We won the cup 1 We won the darn thing Bobby Orr. 1970 Oliver Henning Forstenrieder Allee81 8000 Munchen 71; W-Ger. Thanks for showing me American life Visit me m Germany " Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sunshine " Emerson Suzanne Hibbits 2 Berkeley Court 6 " Yesterday is but a memory And tomorrow is only vision But today well lived makes every yesterday a memory of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope " Look at that gorgeous guy! " Julie Hoffman 123 Benvenue St. " Do not follow where the path leads Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail ' Peter Horrigan 23 Thackeray Rd. Michael Hayde 136 Linden St Michael Hester 4 Donazette St " If you love something, let it go If it doesn ' t come back, hunt it down and kill it " Robyn Houlihan 18 Maple Rd. " ain’t no time to hate. Barely time to wait What I want to know Where does the time go 7 Grateful Dead 37 Cyres Houshmand 50 Wellesley Ave. “Weisst du was rue zu sattigen 1 st 7 Das Auge der habsuch alle guter der welt fullen die hohle nicht aus — Persische Weisheit Cynthia Howells 11 Strathmore Rd. " We don ' t understand life any better at forty than we do at twenty, but at least we II admit it " — Jules Renard Ingrid Jaeger 39 Radcliffe Rd. Andrew Jones 23 Arden Rd. “You know it II be waiting there, you II find it somehow you swear, somewhere tonight you run sad and free, until all you can see is Ihe night — Bruce Springsteen John Hoult 39 Norwich Rd. " Listen Kurt Vonnegut color me gone with blue, green, and Grey as brilliant as fog The point is moot no comment — J H Derrick Howard 119 Woodbole Ave. Mattapan, MA Lisa Humphries 3 Wildon Rd All the world s indeed a stage and we are merely players performers, and porirayers each other s audience outside Ihe guilded cage — RUSH George " Best Dressed " Gordon Lewis Jones 15 Belair Rd. “Then let us fall from the lofty heights of the system s reality and feel Ihe winds of freedom rushing by as we plummet into fantasy “ — L A J Anthony Juliani 15 Manor Rd Lisa Juliani 28 Princeton Rd. 38 Kim Kane 94Ceader St it Julie Kavanaugh 14 Elm St. " These fragile times will never pass us by, as friends together watch their childhood fly ' I L CRISPY — Elton John Susan Kelley 55 Parker Rd. David King 7 Lincon Rd. Cynthia Kangos 211 Weston Rd. Angelina Karayiannis 153 Weston Rd. “It may be insane to live in a dream, but it s madness to live without one A chorus line! (Chrissy Robinson, Buschini) Stephanie Kivett 47 Kenilworth Rd. " Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore. So do our mmules hasten to their end Each changing place with that which goes before " (Shakespeare. Sonnet 60) Beth Turney, Suzanne Poitras, Julie Jason Kofman 8 Falmouht Rd. " SHS + WH = Double Stuff Just a Box of Rain to ease the pain and love will see you through Let the sunshine in Jonathan B. Kateman 35 Arnold Rd. " Now we shall go out of the house and go into the convulsion of the world, out of history into history and Ihe awful responsibility of time " RobertPenn Warren Timothy Keeler 19 Avon Rd. Brian Kilcoyne 16 Wingate Rd. Jeffrey Kott 139 Cliff Rd. 39 Danielle La France 41 Wareland Rd. " The best limes we ' ve had have been spent together and the memories we ' ve made will last forever " C F H S Robert Laird 58 Upson Rd. Walter Lamb 37 Manor Rd If something is worth living for it s worth dy¬ ing for Timothy Lee 1 Durant Rd James Leon 5 Larch Rd. " Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference " — Robert Frost i inyittsiut; nu. " Hold your head up high. Live every mi and life to its fullest Keep smiling ' " David Little 45 Cartwright Rd. Gregory Luttrell 610 Sheehan Rd. Andrea Maggard David Maher 105 Parker Rd. 237 Bristol Rd. Chris Guiffre 40 James Malster 11 Winthrop Rd. " I ' ve gol to go out and make my own way might get rich you know I might get busted J. Scott McConchie 25 Whiting Rd. " Keep true to the dreams of thy youth — Schiller Genevieve McCarthy 78 Denton Rd. Elizabeth McCone 42 Cottage St Nina McCarthy 53 Barton Rd. Susan McConville 59 Thackery Rd. “So go on your way accordingly But remember you ' re not alone Sean McCarthy 6 Durant Rd The Ihree men I admire most, the lather son. and Ihe holy ghost, they caught the last tram for the coasl the day the music died — Don McLean Ariane McCoy 7 Parker Rd. Now let the wild rumpus start ' Paul McDonald 43 Jackson Rd. “The highway is for gamblers, belter we you ' re sensed Take what you have gathered from coincidence " — Bob Dylan Laura McDowell 7 Woodlawn Ave. " And if the mountains should crumble or disappear into the sea. not a team, no nol I “ — U2 Michelle McGeachie 32 Dover Rd. " Friends will come, friends will go Hands are warm, hands are cold sometimes friends forget to care, you find out you re alone out there — Jill F Christopher McGowan 45 Avon Rd. Nose to nose at the Cotillion . (Lisa Worsh. Jeff Valence) 41 Dara McHale 5 Martin Rd. ' Although we are leaving an old life behind, and a new begins, we will always remember these were the best ot times Always. JT and D M Deborah Merrigan 12 Northgate Rd. " You can check oul any time you like, but you can never leave — The Eagles Heidi Miller 61 Edmunds Rd. Mike A. Montanari 1 Westerly St " Baseball is the only place in life where a sacrifice is really appreciated Betsy Mercer 102 Mayo Rd. Ouoi que vous fassiez. ecrasez linfame. et aimez qui vous aime — Voltaire Time is on our side — Gladstone David Merchant 9 Barnstable Rd A golden opportunity frequently approaches you camouflaged as a difficult problem “I can’t believe I spend my time here after school. " (Mr. Palumbo, Selena Cantor) Anne Moodey 30 Garden Rd. This rs only the beginning And we ve only just begun to realize the best is yet to come 1 Carol King David Morris 39 Avon Rd. I watch the ripples change the size but never leave the stream of warmth and permanence David Bowie — Changes Elaine Merguerian 21 Pine Tree Rd l v ■ Brenda Miller 131 Overbrook Dr Thoams Miller 21 Great Plain Ave. “Go Real slow, you II like it more and more Take it as it comes Specialize in having fun Elisa Morris 51 Glen Rd. Parting is all we know of heaven And all we need of hell Emily Dickenson 42 Margaret Morris 60 Dover Rd. Karen Louise Mossman 58 Fiske Rd. “This above all to thine own self be true Hamlet I in “Give me your lunch money! " (Harley Friedman, Mike Salye) Meredith Moylan 49 Falmouth Rd. " I hope as we part in spirit, we will be together because Ihe Ihoughts ol all my triends will slay with me forever Matthew Murphy 38 Cypress Rd. Ronald Murphy 29 Upson Rd. Peter Nuwayser 25 Ingraham Rd. “Give me the young man who has brains enough lo make a fool of himself Sean O’Brien 10 Bryn Mawr Rd. Confusion will be my epitaph As I crawl a cracked and broken path If we make it we can all sit back and laugh Pete Smfield Todd O ' Brien 2 Old Town Rd. ' Life is just one damned thing afler another F W O Christopher O ' Connor 20 Clovelly Rd. " All that is gold does not gliller not all those who wander are lost Michelle O ' Hearn 76 Pleasant St. 43 James O ' Leary 20 Summit Rd. " Knowledge is good Niles Parker 9 Dinsmore Rd. " You can t always get what you want But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need Rolling Stones Jori Pendergrast 49 Tanglewood Rd. Joseph M. O ' Leary 66 Washington St “There is no finish line " Andrew Parsons 84 Cleveland Rd. " Winners never quit, quitters never win " Andrea Jeanne Perry 8 Dearborn St " Hold fast to dreams for if they die. Life ' s a brokenwinged Bird that cannot fly — Langston Hughes I ' ll miss you bird. Love. CPK Christy Page 92 Dover Rd. " Follow not where the path may lead, go in stead where there is no path, and leave a trail " Muriel Strode Eric Parker 76 High Ledge Ave " Come see what I ' ve got! " (Peter Nuwayser) Kellie Peters Diane Peterson 55 Upson Rd. 11 Wilde Rd. " It doesn ' t matter who you are. its what you do that takes you far Madonna Ellen Petschaft Chris Pickett 14 Bird Hill Ave. 29 Hundreds Circle 44 Marybeth Pilat 8 Carver Rd. " It ' s not time to make a change. Just sit down, take it slowly You re still young, that s your fault There ' s so much you have to go through " — Cat Stevens Kerry Powers 1 Kenilworth Circle “Call to it with your first name and walk with it refusing to be anyone else Jenzi Pruett 44 Gregory Rd. “Aday is not wasted ifa memory is made " Mary Plunkett 88 Woodside Ave. " The happiest people in this world are those who have the most interesting thoughts " — Wflliam Lyon Phelps Suzanne Poitras 36 Russell Rd. " A day is not wasted if a memory is made " We know you went to France Sue! " (Sue McConville) Scott Pomfret 49 Pine St. Brooke Preston 123 Hampshire Rd. " When fingers storm the black and white. Free strangled protest and Ignore unwrit¬ ten notes but if they crucify your hands don ' t let the music die ” — J F Laura Pruyne 19 Priscilla Rd. " There is a land of the living and a land of the dead, and the bridge is love The only sur¬ vival and the only meaning — Thornton Wilder Katherine Purinton 15 Longfellow Rd. “Let the speech be better than silence, or be silent " — Dionysius the Elder Richard Quiggin 14 Waban St. Scott Reardon 33 Maurice Rd. Katherine Redford 58 Cottage St. " What looks like you will die but what s really you will still live Life is changed, not taken away Isn’t that different from those who die without ever becoming butterflies 7 ' — Trma Paulus 45 Sara Reineman 43 Mayo Rd. " You may never leave a special place 1 Part of you remains behind " Joel Rheinbolt 8 Bluebird Rd. David Rich Christine Robinson 3 Dudley Rd. 7 Alhambra Rd " Those crazy nights. 1 do remember in my youth 1 do recall, those were the best times, most of alt — Journey Stephen Rockett 8 Upland Rd. Jennifer Roderick 15 Oxford Rd. " Life is a mighty maze but not without a plan " — James Dean Paul Rohrbach 38 Garden Rd. " Life ' s no beach " Laura Rosen 41 Willow Rd " We stand on the brink of nothingness and make an idol of our fear and call it God — Ingmar Bergman Alan Roy 18 Stonecleve Rd. " It takes a second to say goodbye, say good¬ bye oh. oh. oh Push the button and pull the plug, say goodbye, say goodbye 1 ' — U2 BOYS’ AVENGE ME ' P S Thanks Mom and Dad Michael Salve 6 Kenilworth Circle " Be a good loser but don ' t lose " Sharon Salant 35 Norwich Rd. " Learning is not just books and classes, but also having the opportunity to meet and know people of other ideas and customs " A ft David Sauer 95 Manor Ave. " Lunch isn’t until D period, Art " (Art Wilkinson) 46 Joseph Schoenfeld 32 Tennyson Rd. " Laughter is the best cure for sorrow Peter Sheffer 10 Colgate Rd. " Caught in the middle of a life in fantasy " — Yngwie J Malmsteen " The best thing one can do with money is in¬ vest it " — J P Getty Kellie Schofield 136 Worcester St Tracy Solomon 25 Sagamore Rd. " The true measure of any man is not how we face day to day life but how we face ourselves ' — T " Get away from my babe! " (Eric Hamburger, Diane Peterson) Patrice Simonelli 81 Donazette St. " As free as the wind and hopefully learning why the sea on the tide has no way of turn¬ ing " — Brian Ferry Julie Snyder 402 Linden St. " And we all know it ' s better, for yesterday has passed Now let s start living for the one that s going to last — Cat Stevens Allyson Smith 19 Brookfield Rd. " Take your time, think a lot, why think of everything you ' ve got. for you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may nol " — Cat Stevens Stephen Spinelli 7 Delanson Circle One simple quote cannot sum up all of my ex¬ periences at Wellesley High So simply let it be known that all I said was goodbye 1 Christine Stock 27 Freeman St. Framingham " So I ' m packing my bags for the misty moun¬ tain where Ihe spirits go. over the hills where the spirits fly " — LZ Robert Stoddard 18 Lanark Rd. " God way up in heaven, for whal ever it was worth, thought Hed have a big ol party — thought He d call it planet Earth " 47 Michelle Tibbert 27 Barton Rd. Beth Turney 172 Hampshire Rd. Stewart M. Stokes 21 Seaver St. " Fight the fight day by day. Sing your song come what may. Race the storm — Turn the tide Some can never be denied " — B Squire James Sulljvan 64 Whittier Rd Maria Tecce 73 Mayo Rd. " What fun is a teeter without a totter 7 " Richard Thornquist 69 Cedar St. Clarise Tuytschaevers 21 Colburn Rd. " And in time, you’ll come to understand this flat old earth is in your gentle hands " — T Dolby Michelle Twigg 2 Meadowbrook Rd. " I used to cry because I couldn t run, but then saw a person who couldn ' t walk Jeffrey Valence 29 Northgate Rd. " Pretty soon you’ll start to recognize the signs, so if you get it wrong, you’ll get it right next time Geoffrey Valletta 75 Old Farm Rd. Rona Van Willigen 3 Pine Ridge Rd. " Rise up, rise up with wings. Like eagles you’ll run you’ll run. You’ll run and not grow tired " — U2 Karen Waldron 175 Bristol Rd. " Now I’ve been happy lately thinking about the good times to come Something good has begun " — Cat Stevens 48 Karen Walsh 40 Wildon Rd. " One ' s spirit can endure and press oh. stagnation is what I fear adventure and failure are far. far better Lady Ottolint Morrell Susanne Walsh 7 Morton St " There are no excuses, only yes or no. don ' t hesitate to act. for it is only then that you can fail " Karen Ware 40 Appleby Rd. Mary Wargo 2 Marvin Rd. David Wasilauskas 242 Oakland St. Pamela West 30 Ivy Rd. “Just a little more time is all we re asking for " — Corey Hart Thanks Mom. Dad. Steven my friends — I love and will never forget you Arthur Wilkinson 5 Rockridge Rd. Alexander S. Weil 14 Lanark Rd. " True Dedication is working into the wee hours of the night on this yearbook, without receiving any reward “ Kevin Whiteside 58 Bristol Rd. " The more we learn, the less we believe to be true " — P Townshend Jason Williams 41 Old Farm Rd. " This is the land of peace, love, and no mercy " — Geronimo To all my friends, good luck Sara Weiss 69 Livingston Rd. " I ve come across the desert to greet you with a smile " — Squeeze Peter Welburn 61 Elmwood Rd. " I propose a toast to Australia. " (Early Graduate. Karen Walsh) 49 50 ranccsca Wood 4H Damien F d It a lily 1 111 ■ I • i I ' . ltlli‘Vi ' 1 Wi- .ill lirrd SOmi’OIIC wr i . n i mint mi .md il y iii j w.mt lo you can lr.it 11 ill iliH I hr I Inllitli j ! ituNC. Gregory Woodworth Amy Worsh Lisa Worsh 12 Alden Rd. 24 Bay View Rd. " We are all |ust prisoners here of our own device " — Eagles 24 Bay View Rd " When the dawn comes tonight will be a memory too Look a new day has begun ' — Cats Elisabeth Young 67 Lowell Rd. " The key to life is your willingness to try, fail and succeed Thanks Mom. and special thanks to Mrs Nelson ’ Jonathan Young 265 Weston Rd. Julie Zaccaria 51 Wareland Rd. " Good times, good friends — all things III never forget Thanks Christopher Young 61 Alba Td. " This is not the end This is not the beginning of the end bul maybe the end of the begin nmg Winston Churchill Thanks Tara Cooney, Meghan Cooney, Joe Schoenfeld, Suzanne Poitras at the Cotillion. " Meet and Greet " at the Cotillion. Don’t be so solemn, Todd! (Todd O’Brien, Karen Mossman) Seniors Not Pictured: Lion Boran Wendy Johnson Brian Smith 11 Inverness Rd. 11 Marshall Rd. 52 Livermore Rd. Barbara Burg Janet Leffler Jon Tibbert 53 Pleasant St. 131 Worcester St. 27 Barton Rd. Kenneth Coakley David Leland Joseph Trusas 87 Barton Rd. 5 Westwood Rd. 21 Charles St. Anne Margaret Curran Jeanne Ouellet Denise Ubaldino 21 Greylock Rd. 30 Barton Rd. 14 Terrace Rd. Francis Demambro 36 Swarthmore Rd. William Ross 74 Woodbole Ave. Mattapan, MA Natick, MA V I ' " If she gets me in a neck hold, I’m dead! " (Liz Foley and Cynthia Howells) t If I had legs like that, I wouldn’t be playinq qolf " (Mike Corliss, Dave Maher, Malster) K 7 J Jim 51 " John knows the class is almost over. " (Andy Juliani, Joe O’Leary, Brad Conlin, John Tibbert) Big Seniors Dave Hadley and Jay Benson " Who does this guy think he is? " (Karen Waldron, Tim Lee) " Your time has come!” (Brooks Preston) (Justin Falvey) X % i All in the family " Who is that person following me . does he want my tuba? " (Pete Horrigan) Our German Exchange students with Mrs. Stueart 4 Alison Smith " I know my ears stick out, shut up! " (David Morris) Ann Celi Denise Ubaldino And in the center ring ... Two Senior Squaws, (Michelle Twigg, Suzanne Poitras) “Big brother’s watching you. " (Dave Mahr) “Achtung!’’ (Oliver Henning) “Class started ten minutes ago? " (Becky Byers, Saar Reineman) ' We had a paper dud ’ (Lewis Jones) Hadley, Ted Paul Hammerness, Ann Celi, Dave Haussmann Mackie " (Paul McDonald, Tommy Miller) ‘Your father is a priest?! ’ Jill Avery, Todd O’Brien Are all those pages really yours Jeff? " (Jeff Valetta) “George, I like your biology project. " (George Gor¬ don, Johnny Harris) ' It ' s time for show and tell. " (Tim Bailey) You call that muscle Chris? " (Chris Bold. Gabe Cattani) " Show those pearly whites! " (Tlno Delollis, Heidi Miller) " Jack and Jill " (John Dunklee, Jill Furumoto) _ lass Christine 9 DRAMA CL UB PERFORMANCES “WONDERFUL TOWN” ' Wall Street shows its power. ■ IVl lL ] Ted Hausman, Jay Benson Ted Hausman, Karen Droter Josh wake f V L M Fv iJR up (Josh Macht, Jackie Bayliss, David Hadley) Singing in the rain (Jay Benson) Jealous my dear (Kathy Engel, Minna Proctor, Jay Benson) 59 For the second year, Wellesley High’s Student Government sponsored an Alcohol and Drug Awareness week for the student body. The purpose of this week-long forum, held from May 5th to the 9th, was not to promote or condemn alcohol drug use, but merely to serve as an educational tool, drawing attention to the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. The week was filled with movies, seminars, and discussions which were presented by psychologists, emergency-room nurses, and other people, each of whom lent their time and expertise to us for free. Some notable events during the week were: the presenta¬ tion by the Governor’s Anti-Drug task force which featured three teenagers from the Department of Youth Services who related their own stories of their battle with drugs. On Thursday, four emergency-room nurses from Framingham Union Hospital came and presented slides of victims of drunk-driving accidents. Also, a trauma patient, a woman who had been involved in a drunk-driving accident, spoke and related her story. There were also many movies and discussions. One long-range benefit to come from this week was the establishment of an Alateen chapter withint WHS. This group for teenagers, run by an advisor, meets once a week to discuss teenagers’ problems with alcohol and how to resolve them. The group meets weekly, and for more details please see Mrs. Rosenfield. The week, happily, was a resounding success due to the many, many hours spent by the ’86 officers and advisors. Each of them did their jobs well. Joe Hurd is the President, Chris Pulichino is the Vice-President, Howard Steeves is the Secretary-Treasurer, and Ms. Nazaleem Smith and Mrs. Patricia Rosenfield are the faculty advisors. The 30 members of Student Government contributed their individual time and helped to make this year a very good one for Wellesley. Dr. Michael Furstenburg, H R S., spoke on preventing and identifying chemical abuse. (Right) Mark Engle and Kevin Leach listened attentively. 60 Lt. Keefe of the Wellesley Police spoke on the laws about drug and alcohol abuse. Norfolk County prisoner addressed an overflow student crowd (Above) Student Govt, advisors Nazleem Smith and Pat Rosenfield. DRUG AND ALCOHOL AWARENESS WEEK — MAY 5 to 9, 1986 Addict explains the dangers of drugs. Reflections of innocence in a cocaine mirror. -r " Wake up little Susie " (Susan Snyder). Convicts from Norfolk County Jail spoke to students. Students listen with intensity. Slide show presentation. Discussion of alcohol and drug problems. Lynelle Preston listened carefully. 61 BRIAN HOLLOWAY — GUEST SPEAKER It was on Tuesday, February 11, 1986, when New England Patriot Brian Holloway made his appearance. His presentation to the entire student body was about drugs, and the importance of every individual’s self esteem. “Why would you give it all up and lose you focus on what your future is and what it offers you?” asked Holloway. Brian shared a story from his high school days with the students. He told us about 14 of his classmates who were killed as a result of drunk driving. “They were goal- oriented, talented, but on one night . . . they tried to challenge the odds of drinking and driving.” Students were impressed with his presentation. Brian was so delighted with their response that he returned again in May and June, when he and his wife at¬ tended the Prom and Graduation with the Class of ' 86! Paul McDonald, Julie Geiser, Jane Kettendorf all meet Patriots’ Brian Holloway. Mr. Conaty and Date; Brian Holloway and his wife at the Senior Prom Brian spoke of drug dangers and driving while drunk. (Right) Mr. Farrell introduced New England Patriots football player Brian Holloway. 62 SCIENCE FAIR Wheffc ore+ta qceaksi- C£ v j k 4»oru o» OO tn lotoitd irt v skocl ‘‘I don ' t know, check the cafeteria. " L i ft ( » OWER m KIN IH T CROUNGRLL TUMOR " The old Agrobacterium Tymefaciens experiment " (Steph Kivet) ‘I ' ve done it! e does not equal me 2 ! " (Harley Friedman) The science department had a very successful s cience fair in April. CONGRATULATIONS to Paul Lydon and science department faculty members. The awards for outstanding projects of the fair were: 1st Medalists: Katie Redford, Behavior Studies; and David Hadley, Cognitive Development; 2nd Medalist: Reay Kaplan, Bacteria Study; and 3rd Medalist: David McCormick, Robotics. Awards for the group projects were: 1st: Katie and Todd Goldberg, Crystals; 2nd: Lousie and Matthew Parsons, Embryology; and 3rd: Harley Friedman, Mark Gloss, Steve West and Rebecca Potts, Yogurt. The active Science Parent Support Committee helped the science department by judging and making a contribution of several expensive pieces of science equip¬ ment of scales and spectrometers. Christy and her glucotic green beans (Christy Daye) 63 1986 GERMAN EXCHANGE Front Row, L to R: Brigitte Garther, Susanne Telxoschik, Karin Ebert, Michaela Rohpmoser, Stephanie Rebmann, Marcus Thiebe, Roland Seisenberger. 2nd Row, L to R: John Walsh, Era Haringer, Janine Mergeus, Ania Bjoervik, Susanne Wolf, Bettine Koffler. 3rd Row, L to R: Eric Hamburger, David Mor¬ ris, Alex Ginsburg, Paul Donnelan, Jeff Kerley, Jason Miller, Orsi Guney, Nicola Felber, Jen Roderick, Ruth Gardener, Susanne St Clair, Megan Murphy, Olivia Carls, Tim O’Neill. Last Row, L to R: Barbel Fath, Richard Clayton, Oliver Henning, Mark Engle, Jon Duncklee. The 1986 Wellesley-Munich exchange began on May 21, when the German students arrived in Boston. These Ger¬ mans were: Brigitte Gartner, Eva Harringer, Susannae Teltschik, Nicola Felber, Ossi Guney, Michaela Rohrwasser, Janine Mergens, Stephanie Redman, Stepheie Pyke, Markus Thiche, Aina Bjoruik, and Susanne Wolf. The American Hosts were Sue St. Clair, Kellen Glass, Jon and Malcom Duncklee, Paul Donnellan, Diane Peter¬ son, Mark Engle, Olivia Carls, Susanne Walsh, Ruth Gard¬ ner, Alex Ginsburg, Alexandra Gross, Marty Denning, Jason Miller, Rudy Ganz, Jeff Kerley, Jen Roderick and Richard Clayton. While they were in Wellesley, the Ger¬ mans went on a walking tour of Boston, a whale watch, a tour of Cambridge, a trip to New Port, a trip to Plymouth, a trip to Channel 5, and an all-day excursion to New York. The Germans left after 3 weeks on June 5, much to the disappointment of the Americans. Front Row: Frau Stewart, Rudy Ganz. Second Row; Tom Hibbits, Susanne Walsh. ur. Lormg uonani, one ot me rounoers or rnysicians ror oociai t Responsibility. Students were fascinated. Dr. Conant answered manv students ' questions. Mike Hester and Brian Holloway. NOBEL-PRIZE WINNER DR. CONANT SPOKE ON NUCLEAR WAR AND THE NEED FOR PEACE Dr. Conant spoke about his trip to Russia and winning 65 the Nobel Peace Prize. MUSICAL Combined chorus Mr. Davis conducting the band in a fall concert PERFORMANCES The music department has had a busy concert schedule this year. The concerts were Oct. 29, Fall Concert; Nov. 26, Memorial Service for Gloria Niese; Dec. 17, Holiday Concert; Dec. 22, Memorial Concert for Gloria Niese; Feb. 27, Winter Concert; April 30, Pops Concert; May 8 11, Con¬ cert tour of Washington D.C. and Virginia and May 22, Choral Concert. The band and chorus again performed at graduation on June 6. The band played at all of the Wellesley High football games and marched in two town parades on Oct. 30 and May 30. The annual musical production was " Wonderful Town " by Leonard Bernstein. The students did an excellent job with this very difficult score. We were all very pleased with the results of this musical show. Maria Tecce, Suzie Hamill, AnneTruslow, Liz Bless, Sara Weiss, Diane Peterson Mike Montanari and Arthur Wilkenson Sean O’Brien 67 David Hadley, Paul Hammerness, Laura Rhode " Did I tell you the one about ..? " Howard Steeves, Paul Hammerness JUNIOR PROM — MAY 16,1986 Sheraton-Tara Framingham (Jon Glenn and Amy Parker) " Feeling O.K., Jon? " sf w «, Debbie Merrigan, Sally Turtle, and Suzanne Carruthers Cynthia Kangos, Steve West, Sue Blackwood 69 We Enjoyed A Variety of Activities This Year During the year 1985-1986 we enjoyed many activities as we well as exchanges. Some of the highlights were the na¬ tional honor society assembly, dance performances, and the student faculty volleyball game, which drew a large crowd. Both the French and the Spanish Exchanges also attracted many students and provided exciting experiences. Honor Sociotv Assemhlv fLiz Folev and Harlev Friedman V Spanish Exchange Kicking up their heels at one of the many dance performances. 70 SHAKESPEARE COMES ALIVE AT W.H.S.! Duncan Inches in " A Little Touch of William in the Night! " On Wednesday, May 21, 1986, The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company came to Wellesley High School to act out excerpts from Shakespeare ' s plays. The program was spon¬ sored by the English Department and ran for four periods during the day. The program featured Duncan Inches, a well known Shakespearean actor, and other members of the company. The program was well attended and seemed to draw a good response from both students and teachers. SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS OF 1985-86 Chilly Squaws Sarah Caruthers “Karate Kid " Cheering Squad! Mr. Loiter at rally 74 WELLESLEY SPORTS Niles Parker Lynelle Preston 75 Wellesley Spirit Lisa Hines and Sara Caruthers The crowd looks on. Coach Molonea Alone and in front (Joe O’Leary) Suzanne Poitras and Julie Buschini Golf Despite losing their first match in over three years, the golf team still man¬ aged a tie for the league championship with a record of 11 -1. The team went through a rigorous preseason workout under coach Sullivan and captain Dave Maher. The team also qualified for the state tournament held in the spring. The ex¬ perience of the team’s three seniors; Maher, Eddie Denning, and Jim Malster, certainly provided quality leadership and direction for the underclassmen. The team looks for continued success in the coming years with such fine players as Bob Mororw, Mark Woodward, and Matt Oteri and their motto to live by: “Swing easy, hit hard.” WELLESLEY OPPONENT 75 WALPOLE 33 8V 2 WAYLAND 3V 2 75V 2 FRAM. NORTH 32V2 52V 2 BRAINTREE 55V2 84V 2 DEDHAM 23V 2 67 NORWOOD 41 62 MILTON 46 76V2 WAYLAND 31 Vfe 85 FRAM. SOUTH 23 57 NEEDHAM 51 Dave Maher, Coach Sullivan and Bobby Morrow Left to right: Mike Corliss, Mike Reidy, James Malster, Bob Morrow, Mr. Sullivan, Dave Maher, Tom Moylan, Mark Woodward, Matt Oteri. 77 " This ball is mine " (Suzanne Poitras) THE SENIOR GIRLS — Bottom, L to R: Beth Turney, Cynthia Howells, Julie Buschini. Top, L to R: Chrissy Robinson, Suzanne Poitras. " SAVE! " Corrine Kelton ‘Crazy Chrissy " (Chrissy Robinson) Our Bay State All-Star (Corrine Kelton) Maddog Colleen Riley 78 Field Hockey The varsity field hockey team had a good season, finishing with a record of 9-6-3. Start¬ ing from scratch after the graduation of 12 players, they built up a strong and effective team. The five seniors, only two of which were returning varsity players, held the predominantly junior team together. They were co-captains Cynthia Howells and Sue Poitras. Chrissy Robinson, Julie Buschini, and Beth Turney were the other seniors who provided leadership. Throughout the season they continued to improve the strength of their offense while working on the finesse of mid-field play. All-star performances were given by junior, Cici Anderson and sophomore, Korrine Kelton. Senior, Julie Buschini was voted team MVP. The team fell short of the state league tournament by only one point after a heartbreaking tie to Framingham North in their last game. WELLESLEY OPPONENT 0 MILTON 2 8 BRAINTREE 0 3 FRAM. SOUTH 0 0 NORWOOD 4 0 WALPOLE 3 2 NATICK 1 1 NEEDHAM 1 0 MILTON 2 1 DEDHAM 0 6 BRAINTREE 0 3 FRAM. SOUTH 0 3 DEDHAM 1 0 NORWOOD 2 0 WALPOLE 6 1 NATICK 0 1 FRAM. NORTH 0 0 NEEDHAM 0 2 FRAM.NORTH 2 Front Row: Ann Guinane, Chrissy Robinson, Cynthia Howells, Suzanne Poitras, Julie Buschini, Beth Turney, Corrine Kelton. Second Row: Coach Molonea, Jen Poitras, Melissa Nebeker, Karen MacDonald, Eileen Cloonan, Colleen Riely, Susan Snyder, Julia Clarkson, Mary Kate Riely, CiCi Anderson, Cindy Foppiano. 79 " A munchkin on the heels of Jay " (Jay Kirwin) " And here they come (Kevin Whiteside, Eric Helwig) " And they ' re off. " The California Kid " (Dave Heistand) " Air, I need air! " (Joel Rheinbolt) Cross Country The Wellesley High Cross Country team ran off with another successful season by compiling a 5-4-0 record and producing some outstanding performers. The meets were paced by the strong leadership of captains Joe O’Leary and Christine Crowley. Christine Crowley became a Kinney All-American at the national meet and Boston Globe’s Runner of the Year for her state title. Joe O’Leary placed 10th at the Eastern Massachusetts Invitational Meet. Other major contributors to the team ' s success were; Kevin Whiteside, Dave Hadley, Christy Page, Nick James, Rona Van Willigan, Jay Kir- win, and Jon Abernathy. Kevin Whiteside pulled in a strong 7th place in the regional Junior Olympics. Christine Crowley, Coach Bowman, Joe O ' Leary Cute Tights! (Christy and Rona) Wellesley 30 37 32 15 26 15 34 15 22 Dedham Walpole Norwood North Matick Milton Braintree South Needham Opponent 29 18 29 50 38 50 22 50 34 May the best man, or woman, win. 1st Row, L to R: Kevin Thompson, Robin Reinbolt, Christie Page, Christine Crowley, Joe O ' Leary, Kevin Whiteside, Joel Reinbolt, Rona VanWilligen, Jon Abernathy, Tom O ' Connor. 2nd Row, L to R: Sara Hallor, Barnaby Donlon, Dave Webb, Parker Ramsey, Scott Darwin, Adam Kofman, Coach Ralph Bowman, Dave Heistand, Eric Hellweg, Jay Kirwin, Nick James. 81 " I want you ..(Mr. Heller) " Outta my way, woman! " (Tara Cooney) " Ready to make the move! " ( Sue McConville) " No pain, no gain. " (Julie Arroy) " None shall pass the referee. " (Tara Cooney, Kristen Chisholm) " Maria makes her move " (Maria Mitchell) " Flying through the air with the greatest of ease " (Kristen Chisolm) " Gee whiz, it’s our new mascot! " (Sarah Caruthers, Kristen Alterio, Patty Hines) Girls’ Soccer The Wellesley Girls’ Soccer team had a great 1985 season as they compiled a record of 14-3-3. Despite numerous injuries, the team advanced to the semi-finals of the North Sec¬ tional Tournament. The team had a fine mixture of classes consisting of seven seniors, nine juniors, three sophomores, and even a freshman. Led by Co-captains, Bay State all-star Tara Cooney and Stephanie Kivett, the Wellesley girls soccer team managed to have a funfilled and successful season. WELLESLEY OPPONENT 2 Milton 0 3 Braintree 2 6 Fram. South 0 1 Dedham 1 6 Norwood 0 3 Walpole 2 0 Natick 1 1 Fram. North 2 0 Needham 3 7 Milton 0 1 Braintree 1 5 Fram. South 1 0 Dedham 1 6 Norwood 0 0 Walpole 2 2 Natick 0 1 Fram. North 1 1 Needham 2 " Get back here, kid! " (Tara Cooney) Maria Mitchell on the run. " Catch me, I’m falling " (Chessy Wood) Front Row, L to R: Julie Aroy, Heidi Pomfret, Sue McConville, Stephanie Kivett, Tara Cooney (Capt.), Michele Twigg, Chessy Wood, Sara Cahill. Back Row, L to R: Mr. Heller, Kristen Chisholm, Liz McGovern, Lynelle Preston, Katie McConville, Kristen Alterio, Sara Caruthers, Maria Mitchell, Meg Cooney, JoAnne Zaglikas, Anne Lamb, Lisa Hines, Patty Hines, Julie Snyder. 83 mm " Hut One, Hut Two, Hut Three " (Aaron Kelton) WM HHRh " Gee, is that a football? " (Steve Macini) Coach Levin confers with his daughter about defensive strategy " You’d better catch this " (Aaron Kelton) Time out (Kevin Real) Nice Handoff Scott sings his fellow teammates on (Scott Pomfret) Football Under the lead of coach Mr. Levin, the Radiers football team compiled a record of 6-4. The season was highlighted by an exciting 28-19 victory over Natick, the first in many years. The team was solid throughout and was led by tri-captains Mike Hester, Scott Pomfret, and Paul MacDonald. Primarily a very young squad, many of the offensive and defensive standouts are returning. Despite the loss of many outstanding seniors, the outlook for next year is a very positive one. Wellesley 14 Brookline Opponent 7 6 Framingham N. 13 0 Walpole 41 22 Framingham S. 8 6 Norwood 3 28 Natick 19 18 Milton 6 12 Dedham 13 22 Braintree 8 21 Needham 25 Captains Mike Hester, Paul MacDonald and Scott Pomfret Aaron Kelton kick-off! 1st Row, L-R: Mr. Mastro, David King, Tommy Miller, Steve Maccini, Jim O’Leary, Mike Hester, Scott Pomfret, Mac MacDonald, David Blackwood, George Gordon, Mike Hayde, Mike Burke, Mr. Levin. 2nd Row: Mr Tracy, Glen Griffiths, Bob Grignafini, Louis Grignafini, Kevin Real, Chris Muzzy, Geoff Loyd, Doug Bukaty, John McCauley, Aaron Kelton, Doug Riseberg, Leon Holt, David Spezzano, Drew Kelton. 3rd Row: Brian Gibson, Calvin Kelton, Mike Gear, Mike O’Hearn, Terrance Real, Mike Crall, Jim O’Leary, Raffael Monsarrate, Joe Doherty, Joe Doherty, John Gibson, Mr. Cooney. 85 Fall Cheerleaders Rah rah rass ... (Nicky Laurent, Rose Kean, Crissi Moore) above: Dancing in the dark (Tanya Scott, Sam Moppet) It worked! King Tut. (Linda Hester) Leader of the pack (Crissi Moore) Finally, something to cheer about at a basketball game! Bottom: Nicky Laurent, Samantha Miller, Crissi Moore. Top: Jenny Stutzman, Tammi Tibbals, Beth O’Brien, Andrea Raffi, Michelle Frazer. right: The sum of 3 angles = 180 degrees 87 MT 1 a . V 1 ■ A " Hey, aren ' t we going the other way? " (Chris Pickett, Mark O’dell) " Finesse player in action " (Tino DeLollis) " Did that look good Coach? " (Mark O dell) " Ready to smother the next shot. " (Chris McGowan) " Woody breaking down the wing " (Grey Woodworth) Boys’ Soccer With a final record of 9-6-3, the boys soccer team missed the state tournament by on e point. Going in to their final game vs. Needham needing only a tie or a win, their season ended in despair as they lost 2-1. During the season the Raiders were led by tri-captains Dave Batista, Tino DeLollis, and Niles Parker as well as Greg Woodworth, Rick Condon, Chris Pickett, and Chris McGowan. The team relied heavily on the strength of the underclassmen and look for con¬ tinued success in the future. Wellesley Final Record 9 6-3 2 Milton 0 Wellesley 3 Braintree 2 Wellesley 6 Framingham South 0 Wellesley 1 Dedham 1 Wellesley 6 Norwood 0 Wellesley 3 Walpole 2 Wellesley 0 Nalrick 1 Wellesley 1 Framingham North 2 Wellesley 0 Needham 3 Wellesley 7 Milton 0 Wellesley 1 Braintree 1 Wellesley 5 Framingham South Is Wellesley 0 Dedham 1 ? Wellesley 6 Norwood 0 Wellesley 0 Walpole 2 Wellesley 2 Natick 0 Wellesley 1 Framingham North 1 Wellesley 1 Needham 2 “A co-captain hangs on the coaches’ every word” (Coach Loiter, Niles P arker) " A nagging injury watches from the sideline” (Justin Falvey) From L to R, 1st Row: Ricky Condon, Greg Woodworth, Tino DeLollis (co-cap ' t), Dave Batista (co-cap’t), Niles Parker (co-cap ' t.), Mark O dell, Matt McGowan. 2nd Row: Jeremy Parker (ball-boy), Bob Stoddard, John Ramsey, Glenn Reardon, Mike Walker, Brooks Preston, Andy Wilson, Avi Dines, Brian Kilcoyne, (ball-boy), Justin Falvey. 3rd Row: Jay Benson (mgr.), Craig Lovett, John Carven, Andy Stoner, Paul Hammerness, Chris Pickett, John Dunklee, Brent Pickett, Chris McGowan, Teddy Haussman (mgr ), Coach Loiter. 89 " Come to Mamma! " (Andrea Donlon) M . • " Whaaat? " (Julia Haslett) " Jen is ready " (Jen Smith) " Can I ask a question? " (Jen Smith) " Karen has got everything under control (Karen Verde) " Stop looking for Scott! " (Karen Walsh) " De Ball!, De Ball! " (AndreaDonlon) I got it, I got it " (Karen Walsh, Karen Verde, Andrea Donlon) Girls Volleyball Volleyball continued to be a winning sport at Wellesley during the 1985 fall season. Led by tri-captains Andrea Donlon, Jen Smith, and Karen Verde, the Raiders finished third in the Bay State League with a 12-6 record. Seniors Julia Haslett, Diane Bassler, Karen Walsh, and juniors Terri Muller and Sara Shanahan provided strong net play and powerful spikes. In addition, seniors Laurie McDowell, Jessica Ariens, Julie Harris, and Karen Flint aided the team with hard work and team spirit. A preliminary round victory against Algonquin placed the team into the MIAA Volleyball tournament, where they were later eliminated. Jen Smith and Karen Verde were selected as Bay State League all-stars, and will lead the team to another victorious season next year. WELLESLEY W W W W L W L L W W L W W w L L W W OPPONENT Milton Braintree South Dedham Norwood Walpole Natick North Needham Milton Braintree South Dedham Norwood Walpole Natick North Needham Karen Walsh going for the score! Coach Giles Troughton, and Captains Jen Smith, Andrea Donlon and Karen Verde Back Row, L. to R.: Manager Tracy Solomon, Diane Bassler, Terri Muller, Laurie McDowell, Sarah Shanahan, Coach Giles Troughton. Front Row, L. to R.: Julia Haslett, Karen Walsh, Andrea Donlon, Jen Smith, Karen Verde, Jessica Ariens. 91 SCOREBOARD Girls’ Swimming The girls swim team again had an undefeated season. The team, led by captains Becky Byers, Cynthia Kangos, and Katie Redford, placed first in the Bay State league. They went on to win South Sectionals and placed fourth in the State of Massachusetts. Many strong swimmers contributed to the success of the swim team, including senior Cynthia Kangos and freshman Kristen Greineder who were both selected as Boston Globe and Herald American all Scholastic swimmers. The Swim Team’s outstanding record, however, was achieved through the efforts of all who participated. Wellesley 97 Needham Opponent 73 44 Natick 36 96 Brookline 71 90 Framingham South 79 82 Newton North 72 87 Dedham 82 93 Westwood 73 101 Framingham North 64 First Row, L to R: Genine Hansen, Alex Avery, Julie Preston, Kate Dalinger, Natile, Kirsten Griender, Liz Berekery, Jen Olsen, Ann Whitman. 2nd Row, L to R: Sue Burzasos, Sarah Jackson, Liz Stratelski,.Laura Derdarian, Becca Trusdale, Kristen Aylward, Stacey Walsh, Suzy Hammill, Jenny Shupe, Hope Jennings, Rick Echla. 3rd Row, L to R: Robin Houlihan, Becky Byers, Katie Redford, Pam West, Cynthia Kangos, Ann Moody, Jen Roderick, Julie Hoffman, Kim McFarland, Karan Mossman, Jenny Carr. 93 Let me stretch that for you. Someone is in store for a nasty fall Frankie Flores in control Geoff Lloyd shows us an interesting move. Hey, Buster, calm down (Russel Beckwith, Sean McCarthy) Punching is not allowed (Chris O’Connor) Wrestling Led by Coach Gary Nihan and senior Co-captains Sean McCarthy and Tom Miller, the wrestling team completed one of its most successful seasons ever. The team finished off the season with an exciting win at Needham to insure their undefeated League Champion season. They also went on to finish as Runner-up at the South Sectionals. The team MVP went to Captain Sean McCarthy who placed second in the state Championships. With a large crop of experienced underclassmen, the wrestling team is looking forward to an equally successful season next year. Chris O’Connor Sean is hungry for his next opponent. WELLESLEY OPPONENT 49 Newton S. 15 52 Natick 18 54 Marlboro 9 , 43 Bridg.-Ray. 16 30 Norwood 21 43 Fram. S. 14 33 Dedham 22 | 51 Braintree 15 52 Fram. S. 6 51 Milton 9 46 Scituate 14 47 Cape Cod Tech 15 51 Walpole 13 41 Foxboro 22 41 Needham 21 1st Row, L to R: D. Rudders, M. Silverstien, J. Miller, A. Bresnick, T. Miller, D. Rich, C. O ' Connor. 2nd Row: Coach Paltieri, S. McCarthy, M. Riseburg, L. Grignaffini, T. DeLollis, G. Lloyd, D. Bukaty, Coach Nihan. 3rd Row: S. Ahlgren, P. Touhey, T. Anderson, R. Stanley, F. Flores, J. Destefano, G. VanBuren, N. James, L. Frisoli, B. Cooney, D. Riseburg. 95 Jm ‘Q-t in a crowd " (Derrick Howard) Battle of the Titans " (Dave Batista) " The casual pass " (Leon Holt) " Putting on the brakes. " (Aaron Kelton) " One on one with Billy O. " (Leon Holt) " It’s a bird, no it ' s " (Derrick Howard) 96 Boys’ Basketball WELLESLEY OPPONENT 50 Framingham Norlh 33 34 Dedham 41 64 Walpole 61 47 Braintree 42 43 Milton 45 42 Norwood 58 i 52 Natick 50 55 Framingham South 28 52 Needham 66 46 Framingham North 54 38 Dedham 25 53 Walpole 52 41 Braintree 37 40 Milton 53 53 Norwood 64 52 Natick 70 63 Framingham South 56 54 Needham 61 The boys basketball team had a disap¬ pointing season in Mr Sullivan’s final year as coach. The team could only muster a 9-9 record in a season where they were supposed to challenge for the Bay State League Crown. Instead, the Red Raiders challenged for obscurity. All-Star captain Dave Batista led the Raiders as well as second team all-star Leon Holt. The team was dominated by seniors: Jim Sullivan, Jim O’Leary, Scott McConchie, Dave Maher, Rich Quiggan, Joe Schoenfeld, Mike Corliss, Mike Salve, Geoge Gordon and Derrick Howard. This leaves only Holt, Aaron Kelton, and Errol Brown to provide experience for next year. Bottom Row: Scott McConchie, Mike Corliss, Jim Sullivan, Rich Quiggan, Aaron Kelton. Top Row: Jim O’Leary, Joe Schoenfeld, Mike Salve, Dave Batista, Derrick Howard, Dave Maher, Leon Holt, Coach Sullivan. Liz Berkery and Jen Olsen Jen Olsen Liz Berkery and Mr. Faye Susie McDermott Meghan Cooney SCOREBOARD Girls’ Basketball Under the direction of new head coach Mr. Donald Fay, the Wellesley Girls Varsity Basketball team compiled a record of 7-11. Although the record indicates a losing season the team, paced by captains Tara Cooney and Michelle Harte, was 5-3 in the latter half of the season and showed much improvement. Helping the captains were Gina Coleman, junior all-star Suzy McDermott, Liz McGovern, Meghan Cooney, Sara Caruthers, freshman all-star Jen Olsen, Sarah Cahill, and Liz Berkery. With only three seniors graduating and all starters returning the team can look forward to a productive season in 86-87. [ Wellesley 35 Framingham No. Opponents 47 27 Dedham 24 33 Walpole 64 30 Braintree 27 29 Milton 37 39 Norwood 41 23 Natick 39 43 Framingham So. 47 33 Needham 39 49 Framingham No. 62 46 Dedham 42 34 Walpole 66 50 Braintree 42 47 Milton 46 34 Norwood 50 42 Natick 40 53 Framingham So. 39 27 Needham 44 Captain Michelle Hart Captain Tara Cooney 1 r Jrc Ml %mi AlUSj® — .cue; Km i “zM Ik? 4 31 Uusuf fc ' w m r L ilti » s 11 L 4ZI 1st Row: Liz McCovern, Meghan Cooney, Tara Cooney, Michelle Hart, Gina Coleman, Suzy McDermott 2nd Row: Mr. Faye, Sarah Cahill, Sarah Corothers, Jen Nilson, Liz Berkery, Jen Olsen. Bobby makes the save. (Bobby Murray) Pile up in the crease. 100 Wellesley on the offense. Niles takes the faceoff (Nile; SCOREBOARD Hockey The Wellesley High Hockey Team finished with a 5-12-1 record this year, improving a winless record last season. Wellesley played consistently well and always gave the fans something to cheer about. An injury to starting goalie Bob Murray was disappoint¬ ing, yet the Raiders hung tough and sent five players to the Bay State League All-Star game. The 1985-86 season may not have been all they were hoping for, but the coaching of Andrew Levin made Wellesley a tough competitor. Wellesley 3 South 1 Walpole 2 Dedham 6 North 1 Natick 2 Milton 3 Norwood 3 Braintree 4 Needham 2 South 0 Walpole 1 Dedham 5 North 0 Natick 2 Milton 3 Norwood 3 Braintree 2 Needham Opponent 2 2 6 1 4 11 3 4 7 5 11 5 3 3 7 1 5 1 Coaches Gildea and Levin, Captains Parker and Lamb. Coach Levin. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Peter Welburn, David Impallaria, Walter Lamb. Bobby Murray, Niles Parker, Phillip Dufton, Eric Hamburger. Middle Row, Left to Right: Steve Faraci, Mike Hester, David Morris, Geoff Valetta, Andy Juliani, Brad Conlin, Bobby Stoddard. Top Row, Left to Right: Coach Levin, Michael Walker, Than Parker, Tom Moylan, Noel Donnelly, Ken Moon, Paul Donellan, Coach Gildae. (Andy Wilson) The face of determination (Joe O ' Leary) Wait up Guys (Eric Hellweg) Get your motor runnin ' . (Joel Rheinbolt) Mac tosses the ball! (Paul MacDonald) 102 SCOREBOARD Indoor T rack The indoor track team had a rough time of it this year, finishing up the season with two wins and seven losses. Despite the hardships as a team, however, several of the in¬ dividuals on the squad were outstanding. They included Senior Captain, Joe O’Leary, Senior Captain, Paul McDonald, Senior Captain, Todd O ' Brien, Senior Eric Parker, Senior Christine Crowley and Junior Andy Wilson. The team is hoping, despite the loss of the senior leaders, to pull it all together next year. There is a lot of potential in the underclassmen, and with a little work, they will definitely be contenders next year. WELLESLEY OPPONENT 38 Framingham North 48 29 Braintree 57 17 Norwood 69 83 Framingham South 3 50 Milton 36 38 Walpole 48 36 Dedham 50 13 Natick 73 41 Needham 45 Runnin ' with the devil (Christine Crowley) World’s record left foot pose (Eric Parker) Bottom: Matt Buckly, Doug Webb, Joe O’Leary, Todd O’Brien, Paul McDonald, Doug Dummer, David Blackwood. 2nd Row: Eric Hellwig, Scott Dar¬ win, Matthew Parsons, Rebecca Potts, Christine Crowley, Gene Gene the dancing machine, Albert Lee. 3rd Row: Jim Picariello, Bill Seery, Paul Dudley, John Abernethy, Jay Kirwin, Rob Rheinbolt. 4th Row: Coach John Doe, Joel Rheinbolt, Bobby Waugh, Paul Ryan, Andy Wilson, Paul Cedrone, Coach Walsh. 103 Sailing The 1986 sailing team sailed with spirit and determina¬ tion, traveling 20 miles every day just to face the high winds on the Charles River. The team raced against private and public schools, compiling a record of 3 wins, 8 losses, and one tie. The team was enthusiastic and always ready to sail, inspired by the leadershp of Coach Bevila- qua. Senior Captain David Morris will be sorely missed next year, but there are many young and promising sailors on the team for next year who will be led by superstar Lewis Kofsky. Front Row: Lewis Kofsky, Dave Morris, Laura Derderian, Julie Preston, Karen Flint. 2nd Row: Robin Levy, Suzanne Walsh, Tamara Lischke, Susan Waldo, Scott Bender, Dayton O ' Neil. 3rd Row: Lucia Bastos, Mark Hanneman, Katherine Ward. Dayton O ' Neil charts his course on the Charles. " They don ' t call me the President for nothin ' " Is that Ted Turner? (Coach Bevilacqua) (David Morris) " I don ' t smile " (Mark Hannemann). 104 Ski Team Brooks Preston in action at the State Championship. The ski team had another excelle nt season behind coach Bill Tracey. The Boy Downhillers had their best season ever led by Mark Synott, Chris Pickett, Brent Pickett, and Svevve Reuhaug. The Girls did equally as well with Heidi Pomfret, Chris Page, and Lynelle Preston. In Cross Country, Wellesley’s traditionally strong event, the girls were league Champs and the boys finished in second place. Both together added up to a com¬ bined League Championship. The team MVP’s were Brooks Preston and Heidi Pomfret, who was awarded the Skimeister for accumulating the most combined points in the League. Team studly guy Jay Benson. Pom-Pom really pushing maximum speed. Christy Page Getting psyched for the race. (Brooks Preston) “This is too much fun. " (Chris Pickett) Front Row: Adam Kauffman, Christy Page, Heidi Pomfret, Chris Muzzy, Julie Perlmutter, Stacey Roberts, Cathy Stickler, Lynn Sulivan. 2nd Row: Jeff Merz, Pat Kealy, Ted McCarthy, Jon Saunders, Brooks Preston, Chris Pickett, Josh Buell, Lynelle Preston. Back Row: Scott Bender, David Hadley, Paul Dover, Tom Botts, Mike Turano, Howard Steves. 105 Air, Air, I need air Nice dive (Marty Denning) What a lead. SCOREBOARD Boys’ Swimming The boys swimming team had a poor season this year as they finished 3-6. It is not surprising, however, since they had very few members and many underclassmen. The team was led by Joe Hurd and Ted Preston, the Co-MVP’s. They were excellent swimmers who were among the best in the Bay State league. The captains of the team were Ross Carlson and Dave Sauer. Their leadership and ability will be surely misse d, but the majority of the team will return. Coach Gildea looks for a strong squad next year with added experience and new swim¬ ming trunks. And they ' re off! Wellesley 76 Fram. North Opponent 89 68 Milford 91 66 Natick 95 68 Newton North 100 90 Fram. South 77 77 Dedham 71 86 Westwood 70 66 Wayland 105 69 Needham 107 Coach Gildea with a winning plan. Bottom: David Webb, Marty Denning, Joe Hurd, Scott Reardon, Dave Sauer, Carl Erikson, Coach Gildea. Top: Ted Preston, Glenn Reardon, Jeff Kerley, Chris Foster, Doug MacFarland, Nathan Stiff and Derek Miller. 107 SCOREBOARD Boys’ Gymnastics The boys gymnastics team did not have an outstanding record this year but the season was still a positive one. The squad was led by co-captains Alan Roy and Sean Carberry. Both performed very well in post season competition as their individual talents did not go unnoticed. AFS student Lino Boran also gave the team further depth as he proved to be one of the best all-around performers. Only Roy and Boran will be graduating this year and the Raiders seem destined for success in the coming years. The team consists of a large, talented group of underclassmen and with more experience they should compete for the league title. WELLESLEY OPPONENT 83 Fram. North 78 81 Brookline 91 84 Braintree 94 93 Newton North 101 92 Lincoln-Sud. 98 91 Attleboro 94 84 Newton South 90 94 Milton 136 Senior Co-captain Alan Roy The key to success? chicken soup (Nathaniel Halsey) First Row, L. to R.: David Fischer, Tommy Idzal, (Co. Capt.) Alan Roy and Sean Carberry, Reese Clews, Nathaniel Halsey. Second Row, L. to R : Mr. Pierce, Dayton Neil, Mike O ' Hearn, Barnaby Donlon, Glen MacMaster, Tad Glauthier, Jason McCormick, Chris Libertino, Kellin Glass, Paul Yannoni. 109 Karen MacDonald Karen MacDonald SCOREBOARD GIRLS GYMNASTICS The girl’s Gymnastic team had a strong season despite numerous early season injuries. The team scored over 100 points in a meet for the first time in three years and came close to winning several meets by as little as five tenths of a point. Two meets were won with several key team members injured and unable to compete. Selected to compete in the all-star con¬ ference meet were seniors Ingrid Jaeger (tri-captain), Becky Byers (tri-captain), and Michelle O’Hearn, juniors Ann Guinane and Katie McConville, and freshman Karen McDonald. Senior Ariane McCoy (tri-captain) was injured early in the season and thus was unable to compete. All showed pride in themselves and their team. WELLESLEY OPPONENT L Walpole No Meet Norwood W South W Dedham L Needham Ed. Note: Other scores not available at deadline time. Robyn Smith Karen MacDonald 1st Row, L. to R.: Liane Kurina, Laurie Stevens, Anne Guinane, Beth Plunkett, Roberta DeStefano, Robyn Smith, Katie McConville. 2nd Row, L. to R.: Assistant Coach Bill Toffling, Michelle O’Hearn, Jeanie McGlinchey, tri-captain Becky Byers, tri-captain Anane McCoy, tri-captain Ingrid Jaeger, Karen Mac Donald, Mrs. McCoy, Coach Heidi Bevins. Members Not Pictured: Jen Civetta, Erin Harrigan, Nicole Burg, Jen O’Connor, Katie Gannan, Tamara Lischka, Wendy Whitman, Angelyn Bohland, Tania Christie. Ill Baseball SCOREBOARD WELLESLEY OPPONENT 0 BROOKLINE 9 14 BROOKLINE 4 6 NATICK 3 15 SOUTH 4 5 BRAINTREE 2 3 WALPOLE 1 11 MILTON 1 8 NORTH 6 2 NORWOOD 11 5 DEDHAM 4 13 NEEDHAM 9 5 WALPOLE 4 8 MILTON 5 12 NATICK 2 4 SOUTH 7 4 BRAINTREE 11 15 NORTH 8 14 NORWOOD 12 6 NEEDHAM 2 The Headhunter (Aaron Kelton) K ■ -1 Front Row: Jim Sullivan, Mike Hayde, Geoff Valletta, Ed Denning, David Maher. Second Row: Coach Frank Scafati, Jim O ' Leary, Joe Schoenfeld, Niles Parker, Mike Hester. Back Row: Drew Kelton, Kevin Real, Aaron Kelton, David Spezzano, Jay Kirwin. 113 You ' re eating nuts on my team?” (Julie Donahue, Coach Heller) No, Don’t hit the ball, throw it (Lisa Hines) Posture, posture, posture Posing for a baseball card. To heck with this game, let’s think about.. boys! Is the bullpen ready? Strike One! I’m not really on the team, I’m just undercover. SCOREBOARD Softball WELLESLEY OPPONENT 3 BROOKLINE 32 12 NATICK 10 6 SOUTH 9 12 BRAINTREE 16 0 WALPOLE 24 0 MILTON 19 16 NORTH 15 0 NORWOOD 12 0 DEDHAM 17 2 NEEDHAM 28 11 WALPOLE 17 3 MILTON 21 10 SOUTH 22 20 NATICK 7 13 BRAINTREE 6 22 NORTH 17 9 NORWOOD 18 4 DEDHAM 13 2 NEEDHAM 15 Julie Donahue and Coach Heller Lisa Hines Do you ever get those nagging backaches? Front Row: Allison Moppett, Sam Moppett, Gina Coleman, Julie Donahue, Michelle Lloyd, Lisa Hines. Back Row: Jane Kettendorf, Tracy Kramar, Charlotte Rawland, Andrea Salve, Sara Groni, Jen Olsen, Kerry Crawford, Nikki Laurent, Coach Heller. 115 “Now, go out and get ’em girls! " (Chris Molenea) " Look, Ma, no hands! " (Tara Cooney) Unstoppable force vs. immovable object (Chessy Wood) ‘Just stay away from me! " (Heidi Pomfret) " Get your butt out of the way. " (Katie Me Conville, Tara Cooney) You take it, I don ' t want it. (Steph Kivett) GET OFF MY BAOO(Chnssy Robinson, Chessy Wood, Michele Twigg, Diane Peterson, Steph Kivett, Tara Cooney.) SCOREBOARD Lacrosse Under Ms. Molenea ' s guidance and leadership, the girls’ lacrosse was very successful this year. The captains were Michele Twigg and Diane Peterson, and the team also boasted three Bay State All-Stars: Sarah Caruthers, Heidi Pomfret, and Lynelle Preston. The team will sorely miss Tara Cooney, Chrissy Robinson, Diane Peterson, Michele Twigg, and Steph Kivett. However, they can rely on the juniors for a great season next year. WELLESLEY OPPONENT 8 NEEDHAM 9 4 WAYLAND 21 11 FRAM. NORTH 8 8 WESTON 6 14 LEXINGTON 11 14 LINCOLN-SUDBURY 16 10 CONCORD-CARLISLE 11 9 WAYLAND 15 10 NEEDHAM 16 17 LONGMEADOW 11 14 FRAM. NORTH 13 12 CONCORD-CARLISLE 13 13 LEXINGTON 10 9 WESTON 11 1 1 LINCOLN-SUDBURY 15 First Row: Chrissy Robinson, Steph Kivett, Diane Peterson, Michele Twigg, Chessy Wood, Tara Cooney. Second Row: Heidi Pomfret, Liz McGovern, Lynelle Preston, Sarah Caruthers, Megan " the hack " Cooney, Laura Egan, Anne Lamb, Katie McConville, Mary Riley, Ms. Molonea, C. C. Anderson. 117 " You didn ' t really try to hit that ball past me, did you? " (David Kott) " Good game. " " Yeah, I know. " (Coach Goddard and team) Fore (Rick Condon) Jeff Snyder Kill dat ball! (Jeff Kott) SCOREBOARD Boys’ Tennis WELLESLEY 4 4 5 4 5 3 4 5 1 4 4 4 4 5 3 5 5 4 4 0 NATICK BRAINTREE SOUTH WALPOLE MILTON NORTH NORWOOD DEDHAM NEDHAM SOUTH BRAINTREE NATICK WALPOLE MILTON NORTH NORWOOD DEDHAM NEDHAM BROCKTON WESTON OPPONENT 1 1 0 1 0 2 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 2 0 0 1 1 5 Coach Goddard " Wow, I hit the ball! " (Hal Lyden) Front Row: Jeff Kott, Hal Lydon, Ken Roberts, Dave Kott, Adam Zeiger. Back Row: Coach Goddard, Rick Condon, Paul Levy, Jeff Snyder, Malcolm Duncklee, Kevin Leach, Steven Bassler, John O’Brien, Chris Harris. 119 Seiger speaks. I just don’t know! Up at bat — number 4 Allison Smith Take that! How does this look? This is so boring! Girls’ Tennis SCOREBOARD WELLESLEY OPPONENT 4 NATICK 1 2 SOUTH 3 4 BRAINTREE 1 3 WALPOLE 2 5 MILTON 0 4 NORTH 1 4 NORWOOD 1 4 DEDHAM 1 2 WALPOLE 3 2 SOUTH 3 5 NATICK 0 4 BRAINTREE 1 4 NORTH 1 5 NORWOOD 0 4 DEDHAM 1 0 NEEDHAM 5 0 NEEDHAM 5 5 MILTON 0 " Watch this guys! " (Ann Corscadden) Callie Ensley OUR MERRY BAND — Front Row, L to R: Callie Ensley, Ashley Kerr, Tracey Golden, Stacey Roberts, Cara Tung, Victoria Budson, Molly Reid, Susie Synder. Back Row, L to R: Jackie Bayliss, Amy Loomis, Amy Dixon, Alison Smith, Beth Connors, Kim Donahue, Heather Dadourian. 121 TRACK CAPTAINS (VARSITY) — Dave Blackwood, Paul McDonald, Mike Salve, Todd O’Brien. Rocky V (Jon Abernethy) O. J. Simpson! (Mike Salve) Maybe if I close my eyes everything will go away. (Pat Chira) Walk tall and carry a big stick. (Paul McDonald) " Hi, guys! " (Dave Blackwood) 122 Track WELLESLEY OPPONENT 93 MILTON 50 1 57 BRAINTREE 83 103 SOUTH 38 63 NATICK 79 85 NORTH 60 95 DEDHAM 48 46 NORWOOD 97 52 WALPOLE 85 83 NEEDHAM 57 Beach Jumper (Paul McDonald) Is this the Boston Marathon? " If only I could play. " (Bob Waugh) Is this the Boston Marathon? BOYS’ VARSITY TRACK TEAM 123 " Maybe if I trip her " (Sarah Mallor) " Gonna fly now " O.J. ' s cousin Team (and Coach) line-up! PYRAMID POWER! (Chris Crowley, Chris Page, Rona VanWilligen) 124 Girls’ Track Holly Jones Coach McDonald The casual runner (Chrissy Moore) WELLESLEY SCOREBOARD OPPONENT 102 MILTON 36 62 BRAINTREE 74 112 SOUTH 27 58 NATICK 76 105 NORTH 31 65 DEDHAM 70 82 NORWOOD 54 63 WALPOLE 73 64 NEEDHAM 71 " I think I can, I think I can ... " (Rebecca Potts) Lying down on the job. (Adrienne Leicester) Smile for the camera, girls. (Girls ' Track Team) 125 " Gimme a kiss.” (Becky Byers) Mrs. Mac gets her own award. 126 How embarrass W ;ur class pi president falling asleep We ll miss Mr. Burke. Athletic Awards Assembly Athletic director Mr Ted Tripp Eyooks Preston Congratulations Sean Carberry Mr Tofflinq hands out roses to the gymnasts. Gary gives Liz her varsity jacket FACULTY 129 William Farrell Principal Mary Moran Asst. Principal m Peter Vasaturo Asst. Principal Mr. Farrell on the phone with parents. " Please Teachers ... Please, no more cut slips! 6,000 in 8 mon¬ ths is ENOUGH! " (Mary Moran) Cj=K= Mr. Vasaturo, hard at work trying to create the new Master Schedule. School Committee ■ t • 4 - 1 _ ' ■ Standing, L. to R.: Secretary Gail Lodi, Assoc. Supt Paul Ash, Supt. Paul Jennings, Arthur Priver, Edith Tucker, Linda Gans Seated, L. to R.: Asst. Supt. Karla Delitis, Chairman Lois Sullivan and Anne Fitzmaurice. June Couglin, Main Office Joan Cussen, Principal ' s Secretary Ms. Donahue Main Office Ms. Donahue with her friendly smile, greets all who enter the main office. Anne Handy, Data Processing Helen Leverone, Mr. Vasaturo’s Secretary Kathy Love, Main Office, Ms. Moran’s Secretary 130 Mr. Touhey " Here’s where we keep your records! " (Mrs. Walsh) GUIDANCE mu ■ ■ Dr. Connor, Director of Guidance The worries of senior year are somewhat alleviated by the guidance department. They process applications, make schedule changes, and prepare letters of recommen¬ dation. In addition to this, Guidance super- vises a myriad of testing programs throughout the academic year. The guidance department reaches out for people in distress to help them with school prob¬ lems. Even when the guidance department was carpeting their wing from wall to wall, they had enough time to lend an ear to a stu¬ dent in need. Mrs. Brown " There ' s nothing I have left now! " (Dr. Connors) Mr. Duggan Phone counselinq " (Mr. Touhev) Mr. Moloney METCO Mr. Mazukina Nazaleem Smith, Metco Coordinator Wellesley Public School is one of the original school systems to host the Met¬ co Program in 1966. The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity has existed in Wellesley for the past 20 years. We are proud to celebrate the success of Metco in Wellesley. Miss Smith, a graduate of W.H.S., is currently the Metco coordinator for the Sr. High. The program allows students the opportunity to have a unique educa¬ tional experience in Wellesley. The students are from urban areas in Boston consisting of Dorchester, Mattapan, Rox- bury, and Hyde Park. The program creates a multi-cultural environment and brings kids with dif¬ ferent values and environments together, " You get more out of school” says one student. It was one student that beautifully summed up what Metco is all about, ' It s knowing you’re going to have a good education that makes the difference.” Mrs. Foss Mrs. Lysaght Mrs. Walsh 131 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mr Goddard. Dept Head 1 Mr. Benson Mrs. Fraylick The English Department, headed by Brooks Goddard, continued to offer many fine programs. Seniors and juniors chose from a wide range of half-year and full-year electives. Freshmen and sophomores took year-long English courses. Among the courses offered to seniors and juniors were; Shakespeare, Man in Conflict, Comedy and Satire, and Modern Mass Communications. Seniors could also enroll in the year¬ long course Humanities, a combination of English and History. Juniors could elect America for which they received credit in both American History and American Literature. Mrs. Barrett and son Michael 15 years ago! Mrs. Fiske and Mrs. Hamilton Mrs. McCoy Caught again? (Mr. McCormick) Mrs. Bretholz Mr. McCormick - 7 » Mrs. Marchant The Goddards in Indonesia (Brooks, Peter, Jeannie) Mrs. Hamilton Mrs. Frick Mrs. Gartrell Mrs. Goddard Mr Gurman 132 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPT. ---— Gardner Marchant, Dept He d James Blaoford Donald Campbell Eileen Johnson George Kerivan Jr. Gerald Murphy Claire Fusaro Mr. Marchant (Retired in June Susan Gratton Curtis Stiles Richardson The Social Studies department courses consist of Ancient History, Modern European History, U.S. History, Exploring Social Sciences, Humanities, Theory of Knowledge, Sociology and Psychology, Economic Theory, and World News. We can see by all these options that students at WHS are well-informed about the world we live in, and have a bet¬ ter understanding about different cultures and societies than the average person, provided they take full advantage of the different courses available. The main goal of the teachers who teach these classes is to help the students learn more about the world — past and future. Students who show outstanding achievement in various areas have the opportunity to win many awards. Among these are the Freshman Award; the Ernest F. Upham Memorial Award, which is presented to a Junior for ex¬ cellence in U.S. History; and the Sebastion Santostefano Memorial Award, which is presented to a Sophomore for ex¬ cellence in sophomore history. the blackboard. George Wilkens Checking out ttie latest in the Townsman (Mr. Parsons, Mr. Kerivan Jr.) Mr. Blackford at John Whittaker 133 MATHEMATICS “We try to make our Mathematics program as flexible as possible for students, " states Math Department head Joseph Andrew. “That is why we have a variety of levels of difficulty. We want the students to enjoy math without feeling under pressure.” 96% of the student body take math, with a large number taking math all 4 years. Next year, the Math Dept, will offer a new course of Advanced Placement Computers Science. Despite the decline in enrollment for next year, the Math Dept, expects all courses to be filled. Mr. Andrew believes that the students of today are more high powered than those of twenty years ago. Here at the Wellesley High, the Math Dept is constantly expanding and the student body should take advantage of it. Joseph Andrew James Barr Michael Craig Jennifer Carmody John Edson Here’s a winning combination — the coach and his daughter! (Mr. Levin and Meredith) Mr. Wichura tutoring . .. Alice Milot peeking Randall Horseman George Kerivon Sr Donald Laborne Andy Levin It Ronald Tibero Rodney Spurr Alan November Alice Milot 134 SCIENCE In his 19th year as the Science Department head, Mr. Lydon has set some very important goals. " We would like all students to be scientifically literate, " says Lydon, " We are heading towards more and more students taking four years of science.” Including very thorough and well taught courses such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics; all students taking 4 years of science will attain that scientific literacy. With trips to the primate center in Worcester, the Museum of Science, and even whale watches, the Science Department will no doubt achieve their goal Science Freaks! (Drew Kelton, Doug Dummer, Aaron Kelton) Our most famous WHS science r ? tucwmt. Dr. Edward C. Yarosh Mr John Aldrich El Mr David Boston Mr Ralph Bowman A group of budding scientists (Kristen Chisholm, Darren Rizzo, Colette Sahely) Chris Hicinbothem in lab Mr. Bruce Seiger Mr Francis Scafati Mrs. Susan Plati Mr. Albert Palumbo Mr. Paul Coulombe Mr. William Cronin Mrs. Laura Hallowed Mr. Edward Herlin 135 FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mary Hayes, Dept. Head Frank Droney Paul EsposiK Mirriam Grodberg Peter Haggerty The Foreign Language Department at Wellesley High School is aimed at students who are planning education beyond high school. As the need for global awareness spreads, the ability to speak a second language is also necessary. For students wishing to pursue a career in business, public service, or even government, a second language is a helpful stepping stone. The languages of¬ fered; French, Spanish, Latin, German, and Greek as an in¬ dependent study, help students gain entrance to colleges who require a second language. Teachers incorporate the language lab as a second tool to help students fully com¬ prehend the sounds of a foreign language. Students who are into their third to fifth year of Spanish, French, or Ger¬ man, are eligible to participate in an exchange trip to Venezuela, France, or Germany. Mrs Avots in the language center Miss Moore became Mrs. Benson on New Year ' s Eve. John Hawley Lynn Moore-Benson Mrs. Stueart Mr. Esposito and National Honor Society V.P., An¬ drea Donlon. Karen Morris Linda Nelson, Language Lab Michael Ryan Marlies Stueart Cosimo Ubaldino 136 Mrs. Grodberg teaching Spanish MUSIC Despite the unfortunate loss of Mrs. Niese, we still have a fantastic music depart¬ ment. The band rooms and choral room are rarely empty, and a surprising number of students take part in one music group or another. In addition to the official music classes, numerous groups meet by choice to jam in the band room. Our new choral director, Mr. Dugan, does overtime and can usually be found after school or eve¬ nings in his room rehearsing with different groups or working out a song on the piano. The department wants to encourage students to follow their musical in¬ terests, and holds the philosophy that one never knows what kind of a mark a musical experience can leave on one’s life. Music is an important part of Wellesley’s curriculum and our department is a true example of the excellence that can be achieved. Mr. Droney and Mr. Dugan Rehearsal time! ART The art department at the high school is organized to offer training for the serious art student as well as the hobbyists. The department has courses in drawing, painting, sculp¬ ture, photography, ceramics, jewelry, and modern dance and, within this broad spectrum of options, the artistic student is able to discover his or her natural talents. The school is proud of the art department’s new mural that helps to beautify the school. The goal of the department is to take students’ art talents and shape them into possi¬ ble career forms. Susan Fernserber in photo lab. George McGoff Jack Rutledge Richard Willemon Mary Ann Wilson Mr. McGoff and students in jewelry and crafts Mr. Rutledge demonstrates photo techniques. Paul Glauthier 137 PHYSICAL EDUCATION John McDermott Dept. Head Michael Mastro Picture Not Available Chris Molenea " Sully” and " Mac " According to Michael Mastro, the head of the physical education department at the high school, the purpose of the mandatory physical education is to expose every stu¬ dent to a wide variety of different sports. Although not every student enjoys every sport, it is hoped that all students find at least one sport that they would like to pur¬ sue as a member of one of the numerous teams at W.H.S. A somber Peter Loiter is lookingfor lunch! NURSE Louis Grignaffini, Trainer Patty Hickey and Rodger Simmons. DANCE Lynn Johnson 138 METCO Missy Crosby and Kim Blakely 1st Row: Maggie Brown, Terence James, Sherri Chorea, Johnny Harris, George Gordon. 2nd Row: Andrea Am¬ brose, Michelle Tab, Cheri Craft, Charlette Jones, Kim Blakely, Janine Webster, Nicole Jones, Monique Austin. 3rd Row: Kerry Moore, Billy Craft, Derek Howard, Derek Harris, Roger Simmons. 4th Row: Omay Ford, Dennis Franklin, Curtis Sanders, Errol Brown, Darrel Spencer Aretha Webrack, Charlette Jones, Cheri Graft. L. to R.: Monica Middleton, Aaron Kelton, Sherry Bradley, Johnny Harris. 139 Mrs. Milot is famous for her color-coordinated Juliette Avots, Mrs. Barrett and Nicole Laurent at graduation, pens! " Get down, Ralphie!!! " (Custodian Ralph Burns at Club ’86) 140 Mr. Ubaldino, Mr. Tiberio, Mr. Vasaturo, Mrs. Plati " The Gang’s All Here " at the banquet. 4 LIBRARY The High School Media Center remains a popular loca¬ tion for study, research and preparation of assignments. This well equipped library has many valuable resources and helpful librarians. The Conference Room continues to be a busy meeting place for classes to view visual programs and to listen to guest speakers. In addition, areas of the library are used by the Art and Industrial Arts Departments to display the many and varied student projects. It is a sunny and cheerful environment in¬ viting students to further their academic accom¬ plishments. Cheryl Kevbler and friend Julia Haslett Delores Messer Librarian Eleanor Donohue Librarian Mary Plunkett Secretary Natalie Keefe Secretary Once again, Mrs. Plunkett’s section was the most popular location for group “study " sessions. Dave Merchant was the library ' s handyman in mastering the utilization of the sophisticated equipment. All of us were very fortunate to have his help. Dave Batista and Justin Falvey 141 Amy Hershenson Dept. Head David Gothelf Mrs. Rosemarie Putnam Leo Carpenter Carol Kalin Mrs. Patricia Rosenfield Ms. Ruth Segel Ms. Sharon Shocan Ms. Barbra Tyman Mrs. Gloria Zalosh " No, I ' m not trying to raise my GPA with speed reading. " (Christy Page) Jeff Choney Madeline Kalotkin Roslyn Coleman Mary Kirk Mr. Engel Franceo Mayenheimer SPECIAL SERVICES The Special Services department offers a wide variety of individualiz¬ ed programs, such as counseling and tutoring, to students who desire to improve their classroom performance. Also, anyone with a handicap (e.g. being in a wheelchair) may receive assistance with mobility and or in¬ dividualized programs. READING The reading department offers a specialized rea ding course which teaches students to read faster with better comprehension. It is also designed to aid students in a better under¬ standing of literature. Other courses in the pro¬ gram include preparation for the SAT’s, and college courses. A reading course such as this is a great benefit to students and, when taken full advantage of, will enhance better produc¬ tivity in all academic areas. William Parsons ill Lois McGinley 142 HOME ECONOMICS The Home Economics Department offers many interesting and diverse classes. Among them are: Bakery, Fitness, Child Development, and the Joy of Cooking. Mrs. Novogroski is the Head of the Department, and can be seen each day in both the High School and the Middle School, between which she commutes each day. She is assisted by Mrs. Marquedlant who is in¬ volved in the Child Development Dept., and teaches her first ever Bakery class, which she loves. Last, but certainly not least, is Miss Ritter. Not on¬ ly does she teach Bakery, Joy of Cooking, and Cloth, she is also the Junior Class Advisor. The main object of these courses is to provide students with the essential knowledge and skills for contemporary living. Marcia Ritter Cooking Class INDUSTRIAL ARTS Miss Ritter congratulates two of her students who helped organize the new student cate every Friday, which was very popular with both students and teachers! Donald M cAleer, Dept. Hea d Joel Antolini I «» ' l The goal of the industrial arts department is to meet the needs of all the students at Wellesley High, be they college bound, or in search of job entry skills. If, for example, a student wanted to go to col¬ lege with a strong engineering background, it can be achieved at Wellesley High School. Following the four year courses offered in drafting or similar sub¬ jects, he or she will be able to enter college with the ability to speak the language of engineers. One of the best aspects of industrial arts is that it is open to all students. Students who may struggle in academics may come to industrial arts, and discover a talent or gift in architectural drawing, or in another course such as Auto Lab or Woodworking. Industrial arts gives students with talent and motiva¬ tion an opportunity to express their individual attributes. Richard Bevilacqua Dr. Veitch checks out a " sick” car. John Hubbard Eugene Varley Terry Vietch Steve Brennan helps Mr. Varley run the presses in Graphic Arts. 143 i 1 " Computer literacy is the watchword of the ' 80s for the students enrolled in business courses. The business depart¬ ment has been very busy this year trying to keep up with the changing times. They have added a TRS 80 Computer to the classroom so that students can use the computers to do word processing, and accounting. Mr. Aldrich, the business head, said " This year, our business classes are flourishing. Our 45% of the student population is involved with some type of business course. The students are getting job entry training. " Thanks to the new computer, students are being prepared adequately for uses of computers in the business world. Susan Copell Ann HicKey Robert Aldrich, Junior class advisor Sue Copell enjoyed the outdoors at 2 class trip. BUSINESS Leo Carpenter and Bob Aldrich 144 above: Steve Brennan in the display cage left: Jill Arkin behind the counter. Students in the Distributive Education program earn 10 credits for a program that combines classwork, work experience in the retail field and operating the school store. Mr. Conaty, the program’s director, keeps close ties with Wellesley ' s business leaders and supervises all operations in the school store. DISTRIBUTIVE ED. f Mrs. Rosenfield on a visit to her son Peter in Horyuji, Japan. Tough day, Mr. Spurr? " " I just want to sing a little song to you” Mr. Levin " Oh, my head! " Mr. Hubbard " Our coach of the Year " Frank Scafati Mrs. Marquedant " Bringing in the sunshine! " Nearly 800 friends and family members crowded the Wellesley High School auditorium on May 26, 1986, to applaud the academic achievements of Wellesley students. " Another award for me? " Paul Glauthier and his father. Mike Hester was congratulated by former coach and friend Mr. Levin. Educator of the Year — Mrs. Marchant ' Gorgeous George " picked up his award from Miss Smith. David Blackwood received an award from Mr. Farrell. Ann Celi thanked Mr. Marchant with a kiss. JL Mr. Farrell praised the achievements. students for their Wellesley High School Academic Awards Including awards in 12 academic categories, local awards were presented for national scholarships, citizenship, and recognition from colleges for outstanding achievements. Educator of the Year (Mrs. June Marchant) Emily Anthony and Liz Foley. Derrick Howard Our top science stu¬ dent, Dave Hadley. Kevin Crawford 147 Ronnie Rawley " Hi, do you like our new salad bar? " (Mrs. Rawley) CUSTODIANS Ray Scannel, Head Custodian John Moore Our photographer, Julie Donahue, grabs a great hug from our head custodian. Laurie Areano Barbara Gente Barbara Gentes prepares the fries. Ralph Burns Patsy DeLuca » John Moore always has a friendly bit of philosophical advice to share. We Bid a Fond Farewell to W.H.S. Retirees John Hubbard, Industrial Arts Dept 149 A Few Glimpses of Our Faculty Having Fun! Janice Barrett (Eng. Dept.) and Sue Copell (Business Dept.) were active in politics; here with John F. Kennedy, Jr., named by People Magazine as " America’s No. 1 Bachelor " ! Barry Benson (Eng. Dept.) and Lynn Moore (For. Lang. Dept.) became Mr. and Mrs. on Dec. 31, 1985. Congratulations! " Bye, Bye, Junior High Ick! " (Mrs. Goddard) SENIOR PROM CHAPERONES — L to R: Mr. Tiberio, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Goddard, Mrs. Rosenfield, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Goddard, Miss Moran, Mrs. Barrett, Mr. Vasaturo. Priscilla Burney, Barbara Burg, Michael Barrett and Phil Conaty (Business Dept.) pose in the spring in the courtyard. 150 Still More Faculty and Administrators Say Goodbye ... Mr. Moloney, Guidance, Retiring Dr. David Connors, Guidance Director, resigned. Heidi Marquedant, Home Economics, on mater nity leave. Bonnie Brown, Guidance, on an alternate employment leave. “Will life after WHS be half as astounding? Where will we find faster friendships, more con¬ centrated joy and pain, more wonderful horrible work, more intense play? Oh ... here comes the future! " —Martie Fiske Martie Fiske, English Dept., Leave of Absence for 2 years. OUR SUPERINTENDENT RESIGNED AND A NEW LEADER IS APPOINTED FOR THE WELLESLEY SCHOOLS (Left) Supt. Paul Jennings, who resigned effective July 1, 1986. (Above) Asst. Supt. Karla Delits, appointed to replace Jennings. It was an extremely controversial year for Wellesley Public Schools, due to Martie Fiske speak¬ ing out publicly about her dissatisfaction to The Globe, Middlesex News, Wellesley Townsman and all 3 Boston TV stations. There was a substantial turnover in personnel, also. 151 152 UNDERCLASSMEN 153 JUNIORS The Junior class started the year off with a bang with its Autumn Dance, which later proved to be one of the biggest money makers of the year. Later, the officers sold donuts and soda at a soccer tournament. Following the tournament, the annual overnight ski trip was taken and this year the junior class traveled to Lake Placid to ski at Mt. Whiteface. To end the year, the Junior Prom was held at the stylish Sheraton Tara in Framingham. This fun and exciting evening of elegance left the juniors with good memories of their junior year. Congratulations are in order for Ms. Copell and Ms. Rit¬ ter for the fine job that they did during their first year as class advisors. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS — Secretary Aaron Kelton, Treasurer Jon Abernethy, Pres. Jay Kirwin, V.P. Tommy Idzal and advisors Miss Copell and Miss Ritter. " No Joe, I don’t want to go to the moon with you! " (Beth A romantic interlude ... (Lynelle Preston and Andy Wilson) " Hi, my name is Gris not Chris! " (Gris Batchelder) " You put your left leg out and you shake it all about.” ; Adam Bresnick and Tanya Christie " Make my day!” GGrrrr . (Suzanne Coulter) 154 CLASS OF 1987 The Three Stooges: (Moe, Larry, and Curly) " Don’t mind Jake, he does this at lunch all the time. " " Hey, hey we ' re the Monkees! " (Liz McGovern, Meg (Bert Frommer, Jake Mestos, Steve Schulman) Cooney, Kristen Chisholm) " Commissioner, the Bat-Mobile has a flat. " (Charles Jones, Robin Rhienbolt) 155 John Abernethy Cici Andersen Peter Angus Tony Antonellis Robert Areano Jill Avery Stephen Bassler Charles Batchelder Kirsten Beaven Thomas Beetham Scott Bender Abdul Marcey Bombardier Dana Bos Dave Brand Steve Brennan Matthew Buckley Victoria Budson Joshuah Buell Heather Buffum Priscilla Burney Sean Carberry Olivia Carls Matt Carrigan Jeffrey Carroll Bruce Caruthers Susanna Caruthers Jennifer Casey Jennifer Chandler-Ward Jessica Chase-Garder Christopher Chin Pat Chira Kristen Chisholm Jannette Cincotta Richard Clayton Eileen Cloonan Erin Collier Elizabeth Connelly Meghan Cooney Suzanne Coulter William Craft Kevin Crawford Melissa Dadourian Rebecca Dallinger Marvalyn Decambre Christina Dejesus Laura Demasi Denise Demyt Lisa Denny Mark Der Garabedian Ben Donaldson Nol Donnelly Martha Drum Heather Dubowsky Paul Dudley Douglas Dummer Heather Ellenwood Carl Erikson Joe Fagan Edward Favre Michael Feldman John Fischer Rebecca Foley Michelle Fraser Leonard Frisoli Nicole Furcolo Suzanne Gallagher Katie Gannon Ruth Gardner Kerry Garvey Michael Gladstone Jonathan Glenn David Gloss Todd Goldberg ▼ 4 Iffwk i.i m Mez-morized (Priscilla Burney, Laurie Frigoletto) 156 Kelly Gould Deborah Gregg Glen Griffiths Louis Grignaffim Robert Grignaffini Ann Guinane Kim Gunner Kambiz Houshmand Parker Harrington Chris Harris Kent Heacock Dave Heistand Glenn Hellriegel Colin Herlihy lynda Hester Jennifer Hester Christine Hicinbothem Lisa Hines David Holdsworth Allison Hume Joseph Hurd Donnie Hurst Thomas Idzal Suzanne Jaffe Nicholas James Hope Jennings Crystal Johnson Laura Johnson Charles Jones Nancy Jones Rosemarie Kean Andrew Kelton Darren Kersey James P. Kirwin Cheryl Kuebler Mary Ann Kupeli Anne Laborne Nicole Laurent Linda Lawrence Albert Lee Jennifer Leri Robin Levy Goeff Lloyd Chris Libertino Vanessa Livingston Craig Lovett Karen MacDonald Matthew Manning Karen McAllister Brian McCauley John McCawley Katie McConville Scott McCutcheon Jeffrey Merz Elizabeth McGovern Monica Middleton Eugene Miles Gail Miles Scott Miller Maria Mitchell Kenneth Moon Alison Moppett Samantha Moppett Robert Morrow Josh Morton Terri Muller Meaghan Murphy Tara Murphy Sandy Murray Chris Muzzy Melissa Nebeker John Nilson Beth O ' Brien Tom O ' Connor 157 Kristen O ' Sullivan Jeff Parker Christine Parmensi Julia Perlmutter Brent Pickett Beth Plunket Jennifer Poitras Heidi Pomfret Rebecca Potts Lynelle Preston Carolyn Pulichino Christopher Pulichino Stuart Rafferty Christina Raffi John Ramsey Michael Regan Michael Reidy Robin Rheinholt Collen Riley Mike Riseberg Raelene Roberge Laura Rohde Kathleen Ross Lisa Ryan Colette Sahely Peter Salis Robyn Sarkisian Melissa Scammon Susan Scammon Susan Sechrest Sara Shanahan Maura Sheehy Katy Shepard-Blue Lisa Sicchio Barry Sieael Mathew Silverstein Doug Simon Jennifer Smith Jeffrey Snyder Heidi Son David Spezzano Kevin Stearns Howard Steeves Jane Steeves Kimberly Steward Cathy Stickler Sandra Stiles Samantha Stone Robert Sullivan Amy Traiser Matthew Tripp Samuel Tarlin Karen Verde Peter Verrant Thomas Walker Karen Walsh Laura Walsh Douglas Webb Elizabeth Weil Steven West Clark Westerman Jennifer Weyman David Whittemore Jonathan Wilker Mark Woodward Patricia Young Jo-Ann Zaglakas 158 Vv - JUNIORS PICTURED LATE Jodie Zinna JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Rafif Awden Jennifer Anne Beeson Fiona Bentley Thomas Botts Michael Cardin Christopher Cave JaneCollard Chris Cunningham Sarah Deloughrey Michael DeMarco Nina Derhohannesian Joseph Destefano Marne Fagan Francis Flores Cynthia Foppiano Laura Frohhch Ahouk Furcolo Christopher Golden Glen Gordon Joseph Greico Steve Harrington Paula Haynes Greg Hines Leon Holt Terrance James Andrew Jones Glenn Kalber Chonlap Komarapajkul Peter Laporte Matthew Lazarus Josh Machl Brian Mahoney Samantha Marini Patricia Marshall Nina McCarthy David McCormick Suzanne McDermott Greg McDonald Megan McGlinchey Jen McGregor Tom McKee Cenk Mesta Mark Morrill Tom Moylan Bryan Murphy Alex Nazar Heather O ' Brien Jennifer O ' Connor William O ' Leary Kevin Real Darrin Rizzo Kenneth Roberts Christopher Roskam Judith Rudd Melissa Scott Lauren Smith Jennifer Soldano Sue St. Clair Sheila Thomson Michael Turano Sarah Turtle Stephen Verdelli Stacia Wadlington Mary Ware Amy Webster Beth Whiteside Kevin Barry Adam Bresnick Brooke Clark Mark Engle Kim Fallon Kristen Faulkner David Flaherty Lani Fletcher Jason Freitas Laurie Frigoletto Don Frommer Rudy Ganz Lissy Groginsky Margaret Johnston Tracy Kamar Aaron Kelton Jennifer Licht Rachel Mahan Joanne McHugh Mary McLoughlin Tom Mogan Criss Moore Debby Murray Colleen Neetor Christine Nuwayser John O ' Brien Andrew Wilson Christie Cappeletti and Trish Young Sarah Deloughrey and Nina Derhohannesian 159 SOPHOMORES During this past year, the class of 1988 has had many exciting and profitable events. There was a great amount of participation in our class activities, such as in the class ski trip, carwash, sweatshirt sale, and the Sophomore Semi-Formal. These things profited our class and also brought us closer together. We hope that this class spirit continues in the future. “Open your eyes, he is not that ugly. " Liz Strzetel- Sophomore English with Mrs. B. Per.C. (Josh Vandernoot, Tom ski, Chris Larson Bullock, Scott McNair, Pat Kealy, Gene Demambro) SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS — Advisor Ed Touhey, Pres. — Kristen Bevilaqua, Nicole Chasen, Ted Preston, Ann Lamb “Our newest secretary " (Calvin Kelton) 160 SOPHOMORE POWER! CLASS OF 1988 " I dare you! " (Sarah Caruthers, Sara Condon) Richard Smith, talented musician " We’re off Lester) McEachren, Adriane to see the Wizard ... " (Jessica Gilmore, Bob " Boy that looks good.” (Robby Holmes) " I wish I had a matching pair of shoes.” Overwhelming happiness in the caf. (Monique (Peter Touhey) Austin) 161 Kristen Alterio Kristen Andrews Andrea Archibald Jill Arkin Monique L Austin Kristen Aylward Adam Baker Brian Baker Sherri Barnicle Jackie Bayliss Patrick Berry Kristen Bevilacqua Amber Bianculli David Bittenbender Susan Blackwood Kim Blakely Angie Bohland Ashley Botten John Brady Elizabeth Brermyer Ed Brush Bobby Bryant Thomas Bullock John Butler Nicole Burg Jen Burnazos Christie Cappelletti Sarah Carothers Donna Carr Laura Carter Paul Cedrone Nicole Chaisson Peter Chira Jon Clark Jamie Condon Sarah Condon Frances Cook Gina Corticelli Matt Coulter Tania Christie Bernie Cooney Mike Crall Keri Crawford Jennifer Croce Kristen Crowley Molly Curtin Jennifer Davidson Kathy Deely Maria DeFazio Gene Demambro Marty Denning Laura Dederian Michael Desesa Rebecca Desimone Roberta Destefano Mike Dras Amy Dixon Joanna Doherty Joe Doherty Brian Donahue Paul Donnellan Karen Drotar John Donovan Matthew Downs Laura Egan Kathy Engel Annie Fagan Julie Farris RickFaubert Michael Fernsebner David Fischer Katey Fitzpatrick Stephen Flaherty Amy Foster 162 Emily Freedman Jennifer French Mark Frisoli Shinichi Furuya George Gaughan Erica Gelser Lianne Gerace Alex Ginsburg Harry Gloss Elizabeth Gorgone Charlie Gotart Gina Green Kathy Grome Brenda Grone Alexandra Gross Kimberly Hacket Suzanne Hamill Mark Hannemann Heather Harkness Jon Harrington Derek Harris Deric Harwood Adam Haslett Annie Beth Heffernan Eric Hellweg Alex Helwig Brian Hester Thomas Hibbits Gary Hicks Robbie Holmes Caitlin Hunt Melinda Irwin Sarah Jackson Scott Johnson Holly Jones Nicole Jones Paul Kang Toni Karaviannis Patrick Kealy Tracey Keeler Robert Kelley Rua Kelly Michelle Kelman Calvin Kelton Corrine Kelton Jeff Kerley JaneKettendorf Kris Kingery David Kott Suzanne Kramer Lianne Kurina Anne Lamb Adrienne Leiceste Elizabeth Lloyd Michelle Lloyd Katherine Lothes John Lovett Cathy Maccim Erin Maerder Esther Matilla Ted McCarthy Meltlyn McCaskill Jim McCayley Alison McConchie Anne McCoy Rob McEachern Matt McGowan Lynda McGovern Brian McManus Scott McNarr Derek Miller Greg Miller Jason Miller Mark Miller 163 Scotl Miller Norah Mogan Rafael Monserrate Charles Morris Susan Muller Chris Neil Jennifer Nilson Laird Nolan Mark O ' Dell Michael O ' Hearn Karl Olsen Matt Oteri Richard Ow Ryan Palladino Sally Palmer Sandy Palmer Amy Parker Than Parker Louise Parsons Bill Pearl Sascha Penn Karen Perdom David Phillips Barbara Pontes Ted Preston Minna Proctor Andrea Raffi Glen Reardon Clark Reddick Molly Reid Ricky Rhodes Mary Riley Kristin Rilkonen Lorne Robb Paul Roberts Stacey Roberts Alex Rooney Steven Rosello Tristen Rosenn Charlotte Rowlands John Roy Marc Ryan Greg Sanner John Saunders Melissa Schirmer Carolyn Schwarz Tania Scott Nicole Shope Jenny Shupe Roger Simmons Jr Rosemarie Simonelli Charnette Singleton Susan Snyder Anabella Sosa Lori Stevens Tad Stewart Tim Stewart Cyndi Stone Andrew Stonner Elizabeth Strzetelski Jenm Stutzman Lynn Sullivan Ray Sullivan Michael Summersgill Mark Synnott Jacob Taler Scott Tharler Kristine Tilton James Titus Allan Tripp Melinda Troy AnneTruslow Cora Tung Rane Turner 164 Josh Vandernot Monique Van Hel William Vespa Dadra Walker Michael Walker David Wallace John Walsh Lang Walsh Stacey Walsh Aretha Weadbrook Milissa Warren Jo Anne Westcott Jet Warton Sarah Wicket Anne Wolf Gregory Yaitanes Heather Young Robert Zins Errol Brown Carolyn Celi Julia Clarkson Amanda Crosby Leslie Donovitch Katie Davis Jessica Gilmore Ashley Kerr Rebecca Priver " Who was sitting next to Lynda? " (Lynda McGovern) SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED The Bobbsy Twins! (Kristen Bevilaqua, Adrienne Leiceter) Ryan Paladino and Raff Monserrate Ziad Awden Clara Barreto Steven Bobrick Melissa Brissette David Cabrall Mark Joseph Carens James Carmody Richard Coppola Darron Curran Corey D’Arruda Merideth Lee Davidson Katie Davis Franz Demyt Christopher Dowd John Doyle Christine Farad Christopher Foster Michelle Fraser Adam Friedman Michael Gear Debora Glesner Caroline Jennings Marc Kaplan Christopher Kausel Christopher Larsen Robert Lilnardy Tamara Lischka Douglas MacFarland Lisa MacNeil Michael Pate Mark Pawlowski David Pilat Hillary Prives Terrance Real Peter Sonenstein Darryl Spencer Gregory Stevens Nan Stultman Peter Tamaribuchi Jennifer Thomas Wade Thomas PeterToohey Jessica Topliffe Rebecca T ruesdell Thomas Walker Thomas Welch 165 FRESHMEN The Freshman class started this year off with two fund¬ raisers. First, they sponsored a very successful freshman- senior Halloween party for the elementary children of Wellesley. Next, they sold Holiday cards and calendars. They planned a ski trip, as well as a car wash in the spring. The class ended the year with their largest dance, the Freshman Semi-Formal. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS — Treas. — Mat Parsons, Advisor — Mr. Antolem, Sec. — Melissa Cannon, Pres. — Robyn Smith. Not Pictured: V.P. — Tad Glauthier. Which of these freshmen has their hair cut at John Dellar va? (Ashley Patrarca, Lauren Paap, Chris O ' Connoll) " Check out all those size nines! " (Jeff David, Matt Lucarelli, Chris Black, Richy Julianni) 166 CLASS OF 1989 Mark ' s impression of a snake. (Mark Balcomb) “What ' s a freshman to do but smile? " (Lynn Eliot, Sara Korn, Nancy Richardson) “Go ahead, make my day! " (Tracey Golden) " Don’t look now Gretch. " (Stacey Harris, Gretchen “Next Teen Magazine cover-girl? " (Julie Pettit) The perfect freshman prototype (Todd Mathew) Hoffermehl, Tiffany Coffee) " I learned how to do this in science class. " (Brad Sokol) iA : XtyDOdy When you least expect it, Alex (Kristen Juliani, Alex Howells) 167 Genevieve Ackerman Simon Ahlgren Maryann Alberghini Jessica Allen Thomas Anderson Alex Avery Kara Bachman Jane Bae Holly Baghai Lisa Balabanis Mark Balcomb Anne Beaven Bill Beggs Elizabeth Berkery Andrea Berk man Justin Besterman Christopher Black Sam Bolles John Bos Wes Burns Christine Cabral Sarah Cahill Melissa Cannon Robert Carlson Jason Carney Christian Carven Joe Casula Reese Clews Michael Cloonan Tiffany Coffey Brittany Collier Erin Cornelia Beth Connors Vinny Cooney Cherie Craft Elaina Cristoforo Tom Crowe Deanna Crowley Nicole Cugno Heather Dadourian Susan Dallas Caitlyn Dallinger Nicholas Damon Scott Darwin Jeff David Jeff Dionne ’ Kerry Donahue Barnaby Donlon Kimberly Donahue Joseph Donovan Beth Dowling Christine Drew Marlcolm Duncklee Brian Egan Nancy Einstein Lynn Elliot Jody Erikson Mark Fallon Danny Fernsebner Kathy Flaherty Jennifer Fleming Jeff Flynn Omay Ford Dennis Franklin Matthew Friedman Chris Fritts Chris Gan Sarah Gibson Mike Gigante Kellen Glass Tad Glauthier Eric Glover Jeff Godfrey Andy Goldberg 168 Tracey Golden Noah Goldman Kevin Gordon John Gotgart Kristen Greineder Nathan Gunner Gretchen Haffermehl Sara Hallor Nathaniel Halsey Jack Hammond Lindsley Hand Jeannine Hansen Jay Harrington Stacey Harris Steve Herbert Jennifer Heller Jenneifer Hicinbothem Paul Hicks Patricia Hines Mike Hissins Erika Hodkinson Pete Holland Erin Horrigan Alexandra Howells Rob Hughes Jennifer Hume David Hurst Kerry Jones Sharlett Jones Stacy Jones Kristen Juliani Rich Juliani Tiffany Juliani Josh Kahn Emily Kalejs Ian Kane Reay Kaplan Jill Kateman John David Katz Elizabeth Keating Adam Kofman Lewis Kofsky Sara Korn Keri Kotler Kim Krupp Elizabeth Laborne Meredith Ladge Johannes Lang Margaret Langford Shane Larkin Bonnie Lasky Kevin Leach Greg Lebrun Angela Lee Laura Levie Paul Levy Mark Lloyd Amy Loomis Matt Lucarelli Mike Ludington Henry Lyden Teddy Lyons Glen Mac Master John Magenheimer Kathleen Mahoney Rebecca Mandel Andrew Markell Chuck Martin Todd Matthew Jason McCormick Clare McDermott Karen McDonald Robert McGinness 169 Jeanne McGlinchery Dierdre McLoughlin Keeith McManus Brooks Medoff Tamara Meredith Ben Merowitz Karen Merz Thomas Milkey Jason Miller Louise Miller Kristin Mongrello Kerry Moore Scott Morrison Meghan Moylan Bronwyn Murphy Shannon Murphy Shannon Murray Scot Muzzy Julie Nathanson Jay Negro Dayton Neill Leah Nerrant David Nicholas Marlaina Morris Chad Novotny Christopher O’Conell Jen Olsen Robert O’Neil Lauren Paap Constantino Papageorgian Matthew Parsons David Perkinson Gerry Perry Ashley Petrarca Julie Petti Curt Pfannenstichl James Picariello Zola Porter Cammile Preston Julie Preston Becky Pruslin Alison Purington Tracy Purington Parker Ramsey Jennifer Regis-Civetta Sverre Revhaug Nancy Richardson Chad Rikonen Margaret Riley Marycate Riley Douglas Riseberg Kristin Rizzo Stephanie Roderick David Rudders Gretchen Runge Carrie Russel Andrea Salve Erik Sanner Natalie Santestofano Peter Sarmanian Ashley Sawyer Kevin Schofield Elliott Seaborn Bill Seery Jodi Seronick Vineel Shah Lara Shepard Blue Liz Sidel Brad Simon Kara Skolnick Brad Sokol Peter Solomon Jennifer Smith Robyn Smith 170 Scott Smith Geo Snelling John Springmann Rick Stanley Cheryl Stearns Greg Stremlaw Brendan Sullivan Sarah Swan Michelle Tabb Jennifer Thayer Kevin Thomson Kristen Thornquist Tamara Tibbals Marybeth Toomey Kevin Tucker Laura Ubaldino Poly Urbach Kristen Vlass Susan Waldo Alan Walker Grant Walker James Walsh Kathryn Ward Bob Waugh David Webb Jeanine Wester Scot Weisberg Chris Welburn Jeremiah Wilton Anne Whitman Elizabeth Wood Wallia Wright Penny Xifaras Adam Zaiger Michael Zalosh FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Andrea Ambrose Heidi Anderson Yvette Bombardier Sherry Badley Melissa Brissette Paul Bryant Scott Chambers Dayna Corscadden Darron Cyrran Michael Desesa Miguel Digeronimo Lisa Fawkes Elizabeth Flinison Mark Frisoli Michelle Graham Brett Gray Jennifer Hester Michael Higgins Ben Kittredge Alison Kleinfield Jason Koenig Frederick Matatall Michael McCarthy Sheronda Ponder Paul Ryan Nathan Stiff Cynthia Stone Richard Toli Leah Verrant Aretha Weddbrock Jeff Wittle “If you only knew what I put down Erika’s shirt! " (Kim Krupp, Erika Hodkinson) Jay Harrington, Ted Lyons 171 Cathy Maccini and Laura Carter Katey Davis Adam Hasslett in " Wonderful Town ' Nicole Jones Lisa Hansford Kim Cane latt Rarelli ks Medoff mi I II John Machaly, Doug Dummer, Margaret Johnston, Lisa Walsh, Karen Walsh, Kirsten Beavven, Sam Mop¬ pet, Rob Holmes, Beth Whiteside IV Til 41 LI Rick Stanley, Reese Clews Rose Kean Amy Parker Loval football fans at the Needman aame Pat Chira CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 174 1986 WELLESLEYAN This year’s Wellesleyan yearbook staff was con¬ siderably smaller than in past years but through dedication and hard work, we were able to meet our deadlines and produce this fine work of art. We met every F period and were led by Mrs. Bar¬ rett, our advisor, and Mike Salve, editor. Not Pictured: Sean O’Brien, photographer Art Co-Editor Jeff Glauthier Co-Art Editor Tim Bailey Cynthia Howells and Ingrid Jager, Senior Editors and Underclassman Editors Chris Pickett and Scott McConchie, Sports Editors Eric Seaborn, Sports Paul Rohrbach and Sandy Weil Business Advisor Mr. Bowman and Business Editor, Kara Fleming 177 GERMAN CLUB - This has been a very exciting year for the German Club. It broadened its horizons and ex¬ panded its membership, pro¬ viding activities for a large number of people. The German Club initiated bi-weekly floor hockey games against the Latin Club which have proven to be very competitive and have started a growing rivalry. The Club has also been an organizer and participant of the volleyball tournaments that have included all the language clubs. The members, officers, and advisor of the German Club would like to wish the best of luck to this year ' s graduating seniors, the Class of ’86. 1st Row, L. to R.: Richard Clayton, Sandi Hammond, Tim O’Neil, Barbel Faith, Alex Ginsberg. 2nd Row, L. to R . Chris Guiffre, Eric Hamburger, Jon Dunklee, Diane Peterson, Julia Haslett, Howard Steves, Selena Cantor. FLAG TWIRLERS left: Tammy Tibbies, Kerry Garvey, Beth Plunkett, Jenny Weyman, Stacey Roberts. 178 LATIN CLUB Front Row, L. to R.: Mrs. McCoy (Magna Mater!), Amy Moy, Marvalyn DeCambre, Julia Perlmutter, Jon Tibbert, Ariane McCoy. Back Row, L. to R.: Tom Waker, Brad Conlin, Beth Turney, Jennifer Licht, Josh Morton, Karen Verde, Paul Dover, Mr. Hawley (advisor). The Spanish club is “for the purpose of providing students an opportunity to experience activities and customs that are com¬ mon in Spanish-speaking countries " says Mr. Brown, the Spanish club coordinator. With a year of flamenco dancers, Spanish parties, songs, and native Spanish-speaking students who come to talk at meetings, it is the club to be in if you are in¬ terested in the Spanish language and way of life. The highlight of the year for the Spanish club was the Total Immersion program to Cape Cod. Here the students constantly spoke Spanish, and experienced the lives of native Spanish-speaking people through Spanish movies, games, and sports. SPANISH CLUB The Latin Club ' s motto is " Nemo me impane lacessit " and if you don’t know what this means, ask a member. This year we entered a catapult competition. We had the longest shot, but didn’t get off enough shots. As you can see from the picture, we got our new T-shirts this year, which we wore to the State Junior Classical League Convention. Last year we were the least with the best, for which we won a blue ribbon! Our goal this year was to beat Pittsfield High in the May Convention. Front Row, L. to R.: Tina Dejesus, Marvalyn DeCambre, Anne Bunkman, Lynn Gasieror, Ammy Moy. Back Row, L. to R.: Doug Simon, Andrea Donlon, Baerbal Faeth, Gina Coleman, Christy Page, Anne Curran, Mr. Brown (advisor). 179 This year, the French Club has hosted several din¬ ners, visited the Renoir exhibit, seen a French film and traveled to Quebec city. It has also had a crepe flipping party and welcomed the French exchange students with a soiree. The purpose of the French Club is to en¬ joy the French language and culture. All French students are encouraged to join. FRENCH CLUB — Top Row: Cynthia Howells, Andrew Parsons, Suzanne Walsh, David Holdsworth, Cathy Engel, Rebecca Priver. Bottom Row: Andrea Ar¬ chibald, Suzanne Caulter, Scott McCutcheon, Sara Jane, Vickie Budson, Caura Rosen. FRENCH CLUB FRENCH EXCHANGE The French exchange was an exciting adventure for the fourteen Wellesley High students who went to France for three weeks in February The trip began with a one week tour of the chateaux and cathedrals of the Loir Valley At the end of this week, the students had to leave the comfort of the hotel and their friends to stay with their host families in Savigney Sur Orge which is a suburb to the south of Paris The students then had to speak French 100% of the time, but everyone soon felt com¬ fortable with the language. During the second part of the trip, the students joined their host families for a week long vacation. Some families brought their American guests to the Alps to ski or to the Mediterranean to tan, while others stayed at home or shopped in Paris At the end of this week the Americans accompanied their French correspondents to Lycee Covot to see what high school is like in France. The Americans answered questions in English classes and tried to dispel some stereotypes of Americans. It was a sad farewell when the time came for the Americans to leave their new friends, their host families, the French food, and the beautiful cities. In March, the American students reciprocated FRENCH EXCHANGE — Back Row, Left to Right: Christine Nuwyaser, Andrew Parsons, Margaret Johnston, Sheila Thompson, Cynthia Howells, Tom Mogan, Jason Freitas, Scott McCutcheon, Rebecca Trusdale, Jeff Glauthier. Front Row, Left to Right: Julia Clarkson, Beth Whiteside, Jessica Gilmore. 180 The Historical Stimulations Gaming Club meets every Friday at 2:00 to play games. These games are representative of historical events. An example of one such game is Diplomacy, a board ga me in which seven people representing nations vie for control of Europe. This year the club has gone on to weekend long con¬ ventions. The advisor is Mr. Hawley. WARGAMES CLUB WAR GAMES CLUB NAMES — Front Row, Left to Right: Richard Clayton, Matt Friedman, Nick Damon, Harley Friedman. 2nd Row, Left to Right: Jim (Ab¬ dul) O’Neil, Charles Jones, Sean Carberry, Mr. Hawley, Josh Morton. Wellesley S.T.O.P. is one chapter of a national peace group head¬ quartered in Boston. S.T.O.P. is unique in that it is the only peace group aimed specifically towards students and teachers. The group ' s purpose is to educate the school community to the issues that sur¬ round nuclear war. In order to accomplish this, the members of Wellesley S.T.O.P. have been involved in many activities that include walking in the Boston Walk for Peace, making group T-shirts, going to see films, and participating in the annual Nuclear War Week of Educa¬ tion. This year’s week, the most successful to date, consisted of eleven presentations ranging from debates to lectures. Each one was very well attended and the event received coverage in all the local newspapers and on one of the local television stations. S.T.O.P. Front Row: Richard Clayton, Paul Rohrbach, Karen Flint, Jill Furumoto, Kay Jankowski. Second Row: Christy Page, Suzanne Walsh, Jen Roderick, Tracy Soloman, Maria Tecce, Elisa Frolich, Celena Cantor. 181 MARCHING BAND This year, the Marching Band was led by Gina Coleman, the conductor. They played at every football game, rain or shine, snow, or sleet, victory or defeat. The seniors who played were Sean O ' Brian, Peter Nuwayser, Anne Curran, and David Leland. MARCHING BAND SERGEANTS — Sean O ' Brien, Peter Nuwayser, Anne Curran, Susan Sechrest, Kim Steward, Ben Frommer Gina Coleman and Mr Davis WELLESLEY HIGH MARCHING BAND — 1st Row, L. to R.: Anne Guiane, Amy Moy, Peter Nuwayser, Pat Chira, Tom Beetham, Ariane McCoy, Anne Lahorne. 2nd Row, L. to R: David Leland, Anne Curran, Kim Stueart, Mary Riley, David Whittemore, Emily Kalejs, Sam Stone. 3rd Row, L. to R.: Heather Ellemwood, Richard Smith, Ben Fromer, Gretchen Haffermhel, Sean O ' Brien, Jackie Bayuss, Holly Jones, Jil Avery, Mr. Davis, Gina Coleman. 182 REGIONAL STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL The two delegates to the Regional Student Advisory Council to the State Board of Education attended monthly meetings in Gardner Auditorium at the State House. They met with other delegates from the greater Boston area and participated in task forces, workshops, and seminars. STUDENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO SCHOOL COMMITTEE Stephanie Kivett, Michael Salve The members of the Student Advisory Committee to the School Committee attend¬ ed every School Committee meeting, as well as having three one on one conferences. Carrie Schwarz, Michael Salve, Chris Pulichino, and Jay Harrington gave the com¬ mittee information on the student body’s feelings towards issues such as the student handbook, the cafeteria, a student lounge, and the spring athletic drug policy. Carrie Schwarz, Chris Pulichino, Mike Salve 183 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1st Row: Laura Rosen, Lisa Worsh, Chrissy Robinson, Beth Plunkett, Elizabeth Grog insky, Heather Dubowsky, Marvalyn DeCambre, Dana Bos, Samantha Moppett, Diane Petersen, Andrea Donlon, Paul Glauthier, Brooks Preston, Paul Esposito (Advisor), Julia Clayton, Marilyn Albrecht, Elaine Merguerian, Cici Anderson, Sharon Salant, Arianne McCoy, Michele Twigg, Julie Perlmutter, Justin Falvey. 2nd Row: Rudy Ganz, Jennifer Licht, Martha Drum, Christy Page, Sara Shanahan, Suzanne Coulter, Cynthia Howells, Ann Celi, Celena Cantor, Liz Foley, Julie Snyder, Michelle Harte, Stephanie Kivett, Jennifer Carr, Cathy Stickler, Heidi Pomfret, Kristen O’Sullivan, Karen Walsh, Liz McGovern, Lynelle Preston, Joe Hurd, John Abernathy, David Holdsworth. 3rd Row: Doug Webb, Chris Chin, Teri Muller, Amy Moy, Baerbel Fath, Elisa Morris, Jenzi Pruett, Becca Foley, Kay Jankowski, Elizabeth Con¬ elly, Sheila Thompson, Mary Ann Kupelli, Eileen Cloonan, Laura Frohlich, Lani Fletcher, Liz Weil, Mary McGloughlin, Kerry Garvey, Colleen Riley, Suzanne Jaffe, Vanessa Livingston, Ben Fromer. 4th Row: Chris Batcheldor, Robin Rheinbolt, Chris Libertino, Scott McCutcheon, Chris Harris, Ted Haussman, Jay Benson, Dave Hadley, Mike Reidy, Kevin Whiteside, Mike Salve, Paul Dover, Joel Rheinbolt, Scott McConchie, Rick Condon, Steven Schulman, Richard Clayton, Todd Goldberg, Jeff Kott, Paul Rohrbach, Sean Carberry. Andrea Donlon, Diane Peterson, Paul Glauthier, Brooks Preston Senior members Kevin Whiteside, Michael Salve, Christy Page, and Lisa Worsh 184 left: New Inductees MELANGE MELANGE — Meghan Murphy, Christine Nuwayser, Mrs. Rosenfeld, Becca Foley, Jill Furumoto, Bruce Caruthers, Brooks Preston. THE BRADFORD Emily Anthony and Liz Foley completed a most distinguished career as co-editors in January. Their tenure was marked by a new direction in content and a fresh new look. Replacing the “DYNAMIC DUO“ was difficult but Mary Ann Kupeli, editor and Martha Drum, assistant editor are aggressive. Front Row, L. to R.: Jeff Glouthier, Bruce Caruthers, Oliver Henning, James Leon. Second Row, L. to R.: Berbell Faith, Meghan Murphy. Liz Foley, Editor 185 KEY CLUB KEY CLUB — Back Row: Sean Carberry, Alex Avery, David Blackwood, Steven West, Marvalyn Decambre, Karen Mossman, Howard Steeves, Suzanne Walsh, Todd O’Brien, Susan Blackwood. Second Row: Stacey Roberts, Elizabeth Lloyd, Leslie Danovitch, Molly Curtin, Katie Davis, Sara Wickett, Carolyn Celi, Michelle Lloyd. Front Row: Amy Worsh, Pam West (vice president), Lisa Worsh (President), Susan Moss (Secretary), Liz Young (Treasurer), Jill Avery, Kathy Deely CHESS CLUB 186 The Chess Club participated in the Mid¬ dlesex and Central Massachusetts scholastic chess league. They competed against other schools such as Rivers, Weston, and Lincoln Sudbury. For many years, the Chess Club has won its division and in 1982-3 it won the chess championship of Central and Eastern Mass. Students who want to learn how to play chess or learn to play better may join the W.H.S. Chess Club. Back Row; Jonathan Wilker (president), Ziad Awdeh, Mr. Paul Brown (advisor). Front Row: Kevin Crawford, Vineel Shah, Ken Roberts. The Moving Company is a touring dance company of talented dancers at the high school. During the 1985-86 season they were awarded a grant from The Wellesley Arts Council to perform for the elderly citizens of Wellesley. They also toured to two regional high schools as well as to Children’s and Cushing Hospitals. Many of the company members will be graduating this year and several of them will be continuing to pursue dance on the college level. MOVING COMPANY First Row: Becca Foley, Rochelle Casaubon, Beth Plunkett, Karen Ware. Second Row: Lynn Armstrong, Julie Preston, Dana Bos, Gen McCarthy, Caitlin Carvalho, Cara Skolnick, Jodie Gleason. DRAMA CLUB Wellesley High School Theater is a lively organization that produces an average of three productions a year. All aspects of theater are emphasized, from acting and improvisation to lighting and set design. During the 1985-6 year, the Drama Club competed in the Mass. State Drama Festival and went all the way to the finals. Past productions have included “Spoon River”, “The Importance of Being Earnest”, and “Angel Street.” First Row: Jenn Chandler Ward, Adam Haslett, Tom Botts, Lisa Denny, Jessica Chase-Gardner, Mark Eagan, Lang Walsh, Mark DeMarco, Raelene Roberge. Second Row; Arthur Savage, Coach , Matt Carrigan, David Hadley, Fred Harrington, Jason McCormick, Ted Haussman. 187 Front Row, L-R: Kathy Glover, Lucia Bactos, Laura Rosen, Lynn Gasirero. Back Row, L-R: Scott Weisburg, Tad Glauthier, Chris Kausel, Oliver Henning, Kim Steward, Maria Tecce, Ann Celi, Mr. Rutledge. PHOTOGRAPHY I_ -1 CLUB PHOTO CLUB ACTIVITIES Canoe trip on the Charles Trip to the movie Ran Meeting with Andy Warhol Field trip to Ouincy Market Field trip to Clarence Kenney Gallery Field trip to Boston Globe Field trip to Color Purple Field trip to Zeff Photo Role in producing the daily newspaper 188 SPANISH EXCHANGE “ The Wellesley High School annual Spanish Exchange program enjoyed another exciting year. In September, fifteen students from the Instituto Marques de Suanzes in Madrid visited our school and enjoyed attending classes, participating in cultural field trips, and in extra curricular activities. In February, a group of fifteen Wellesley students visited Spain for three weeks. After a four day field trip to Salamanca, Segovia, Avila, El Escorial, and Toledo, the group met their Spanish families from the Colegio de Nuestra Senora de Montserrat in Madrid. They attended school there where they en¬ joyed speaking to English classes about life in the United States and in Wellesley in par¬ ticular. Their experiences with family lifestyles in downtown Madrid was tremen¬ dously interesting and culturally enriching. All have returned enthusiastic about their ex¬ perience, delighting in the close friends they have made, conscious of their improved ability to communicate in Spanish, and with a heightened self awareness as individuals in a complex world. Elizabeth Young, Andrea (Deed) Donlon, Kristen Chisholm, Avi Dines A.F.S. CLUB Back Row; Kay Jankowski, Barbel Fath, Kate McConville, Mary Plunkett, Jessica Arians, Jeff Valence, Todd O ' Brien, Scott McConchie. Front Row: Liz McGovern, Lynelle Preston, Michelle Twigg, Fred Harrington, Brooks Preston. Wellesley High School is going interna¬ tional. Last year 14 club members went to 13 different countries on 5 different continents. This summer 20 more students will be sent around the world to live with foreign families in countries such as South Africa, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, and Finland. These students will be a part of a totally new culture with their host families. As summer abroad presents many challenges, but most AFS club members agree that their summer ex¬ perience in a foreign country was the best ten weeks of their life. This year we are lucky to have Jessica Arians from Germany and Leno Boran from Mexico staying with us in Wellesley. Back in Wellesley, the AFS club holds dances and parties. This April the club hosted 25 French and American students from Orono, Maine. This summer we will host about 40 international students for several days before they return to their native coun¬ tries. Every year we hold our well-known fundraiser, AFS Sub Day. During the monthly AFS chapter meetings, the AFS travelers give slide shows of their summer ex¬ periences abroad. Throughout the year, we look for Wellesley families who would like to host a foreign student in their own home. 189 CHORALAIRES Bottom Row; Ann Laborn, Jenzi Pruett, Jen Roderick, Metlin McCaskill 2nd Row: Becca Trusdale, Caitlin Carvalho, Michelle McGeachie. 3rd Row; Rona Van Willigan, Liz Weil. Top: Alison Hume. above: Lyrics in Concert LYRICS Choralaires in concert 1st Row: Maria Tecce, Chrissy Robinson, Cynthia Howells, Karen McAllister. 2nd Row: Ann Cell, Laura Dederian, Diane Peterson, Liz Bless, Becca Foley. left: Tom Dugan, Vocal Musical Director in concert BROOKS BROS. L. to R.: Dave Hadley, Jay Harrington, Jay Benson, Dave Leland, Scott Darwin. Missing: Ted Haussman, Rob Holmes, Marty Denning, Rick Faulbert. ABC PROGRAM 191 Sophomore Biology (N? Julie Harris " What’s that smell coming from the Chem Lab? " (Allyson Smith, Steve Rockett, Julie Snyder) Kevin Stearns Annie Berkman 192 S.T.O.P. - Student Teacher Organization to Prevent Nuclear War Wellesley S.T.O.P. (Student Teacher Organization to Prevent Nuclear War) is one chapter of a national peace group headquartered in Boston. S.T.O.P. is unique in that it is the only peace group aimed specifically towards students and teachers. The group ' s purpose, to educate the school community about the issues that surround Nuclear War, is carried out through activities, including The Boston Walk for Peace, making group T-Shirts and participating in the annual Nuclear War Week Of Education. This year ' s week, the most successful to date, consisted of eleven presentations, debates and lectures. Each presentation was well attended and was covered in the local papers. i OFFICERS FOR STOP — President: Paul Rohrbach Vice President: Karen Flint Treasurer: Jennifer Roderick Secretary: Tracy Solomon Advisor: Gig Kerivan, Jr. International Baccalaureate This year was a very fruitful year for the I B. program. In no other year have there been so many candidates seeking the I.B. diploma, which is achieved after completing a vigorous course selection as well as taking six examinations for its conclusion. This diploma is recognized throughout the country and is highly regarded by many colleges. Back Row: Rebecca Priver, Mike Reidy, Paul Dover, Scott McCutcheon. Front Row: Jen Licht, Beth Plunket, Lynelle Preston, Ann Celi. NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARS (Left) David Leland, Cynthia Crino, Sean O’Brien. 193 194 rRADITIONS ' « S y f r BAY - u €ar you r Senior + sf rt or ofi cr ' 9C clo+hiht KAZOO ‘ DAY noise. poMufaori c a,n e fun! [5 TAJ AM A CAAYQM [ 7 S£Alm fs wows yd G£ 4 CH Mr 1 1 ( fKNic my r my | 7 uj - trouol out f 1 4 : tiW toMC AS V you arc.. i 1 yevr rates f i I iraYOt-toork f c. in Cr Y°ta. P rente V ay » MNsic fyoJs CpTnc rfresseJ in i yatir t+vcrrfc ttJtrfio i e tt-ipr itnh 1 U ear Jams t shJis v ty°f iL+-l j turfs. Show 1 V S6 n skth. ' 12 Afi S C CAY VJ to a OAT 1+ NAT CAY 6rfr c. anJ csanlc rf roulto r- Hcu( (Ue r ) ! A C pJ nothin e xc. UJwr iLt. hoJ )W surfs 6e±f. 9 S7 D£NT f 2 ° w B y i Ay D r r 1 C " ' MY Mac [)(rre J(if fcrv lunch, I o Seniors H coA r ' a torfouy „ « SK,P ,b CAY t lf Cyxe- nj J hi! f-c. Scuu Cj£ . ‘ i cJy Z 5 cay W ,jC lA c r . t dcrusfr(jL 6 cli Stc J ckt ur { r " cJLaSS most " fiur Ccof ' o t» er “f txz tcons fs(urf 5 caAf yJ " A ' rf in n younger ytr $ t S uc e.rrh m Good bye 196 Marilyn Albrecht, Jon Young, Julie Zacaria Scott Pomfret, David Mahr, David Rich John “Music Man " Parillo » Ann Celi Todd O ' Brien Michelle O’Hearn and Jori Pendergrast 197 An invitation to the Senior Banquet. “How do you like this, kiddies 7 " (Michelle Tibbert, Kelly Schofield, Lynne Echart. Michelle Cummings. Kim Cane) " Did you have fun? " BEEP DAY " THE GUYS " living it up at the Senior Prom! (Chris O ' Connor, Jon Young, Sean McCarthy) 198 " Nice look, Julie! " (Katie Redford, Andy Tarsy, Josh Macht, Julie Snyder) The German we ' ll never forget (Barbara Fath) Having a rowdy time at the Banquet! Seniors sing together for one last time. " What ' s on your mind Brian? " (Brian Kilcoyne and Lynn Desesa) 199 Jeff " Stud” Valence and Lisa Worsh Gabe Cattani and Heidi Son COTILLION — December 13,1985 " Andrea’s new teeth. " (Mellisa Waren and Andrea Rafferti) Raiding the punch bowl (David Heistand) " Show ' em how to dance, Joe! " (Suzanne Poitras, Niles Parker, Tara Cooney and Joe Schoenfeld) Parker, what are you looking at? 201 " Sign up here! " " Vas, wanna dance? " “CLUB 86” — MARCH 7, 1986 WHS CAFETERIA " Aerial View " " The Mod " David Nicols and partner 203 SENIOR CLASS BANQUET — JUNE 3, 1986 " I can dance all night” (Maggie Brown) " For the last time, I will not dance with you! " Mr. Vas on his own. Open your eyes, Michelle. (Kim McFarland, Julie Buschini, Tara Cooney, Michele Twigg, Stephanie " Elisa, do you see what I see? " (Fred Harrington, Elisa Frohlich) Kivett, Diane Peterson) UfZ COPLEY PLAZA - BOSTON, MASS. at anyway?” (Mike Salve, Eric Hamburger, " Which camera are we supposed to be looking Julie Snyder, Beth Turney and David Morris) " You aren’t really gonna take that picture? " (Paul Hammerness and Tara Cooney) Our gang! i. Mary Gene Foley, Dawn Conlin HYATT REGENCY CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — Ali Broder and Date. Lisa Ferrera and Date. PROM —MAY 27, 1986 Steve Rockett and Lianne Gerace (Right) Mike Salve and Dana Bos ' . 206 Frank Flores Christi Cappelletti and Jon Young Terrance James and Sheri Corriea. Kim Kawe, Frank DeMambro, Lynn Eckhert, Gene Miles, Lisa Hansford. Jason Williams, Barbara Burg, Mike Barrett, Priscilla Burney, Chris Cummings and Date, Robin Sarkisian, Greg Lutrell. 207 Kids at heart! (Senior Class Advisors Pat Cannon and Bruce Seiger) Mike, is your tux Ralph Lauren? (Karen Mossman, Mikk Corliss) Penny for your thoughts (Kelly Gould, Paul Rohrbach) Who ' s not looking at the camera? (Lisa Worsh, Sara Weiss, Ken Demarco, Ross Carlson) " Let’s toast to the Class of 86! " (Joe Schoenfeld and Christen Chisholm) Who are you looking at, Joe? (Joe O’Leary, Jeff Glauthier and Date) First ones there. (Jason Cluggish, Art Wilkinson, Ellie Petschaft, Stash) ( ti Amy Fostor, Walter Lamb, " Pickles " Walker, Heidi Pomfret Party at Rudy ' s! (Cynthia Howells and Date) " Don’t stick your tongue out at me! " (Russ Beckwith and Julie Perlmutter) N.E. Patriots player Brian Holloway chats with Michael Barrett and " What!?! " (Alan Roy, Wendy Horgan) Priscilla Burney. " Ain’t she sweet? " (Jenna McCarthy) " Too cool " (Maggie Brown and Terrance Elum) Wake up! (Barbara Burg and Jason Williams) 209 GRADUATION JUNE 6,1986 WALLY! (Pres. Walter Lamb) “Is there an eye patch in here? " (Joe Schoenfeld) Wellesley High School ' s Fearsome Foursome. (David Morris, Ted Haussman, Mike Salve, Kevin Whiteside) Wellesley High’s Favorite Sons! Phil Dufton, Brian Cousins, John Young, Dave Batista, Sean Mc¬ Carthy, Chris Pickett, Justin Falvey, Derik Howard, Dave Impalaria, Steve Maccini, Brian Kikane. Dartmouth men. (Jay Benson, Brooks Preston) Thank you, Maria and Sandi, for a beautiful original song! (Maria Tecce, Sandi Hammond). Debbie Merrigan, Laurie McDowell, Danielle LaFrance, Laura Pruyne, Susan Moss, Ellen Petschaft " Get out of here, now! " (Scott Pomfret) " lama LOOONATICU! " (Best friends Tim Bailey Pistol Pete (Peter Newayser) and Tim Dennehy) Better spit out your gum, Woody. (Brenda Miller, Nancy Dionne, Greg Woodward) 211 The return of the mouseketeers. (Suzanne Poitras, Chrissy Robinson, Tara Cooney) School Committee Administration and Class Officers on center stage. Mr. G.Q. himself, Mike Barrett. " What are you scared of, Mike? Open your eyes! " (Mike Hester, Patty Finn, Kara Fleming) A proud moment for Cynthia Bent. Rochelle Casaubon receives her Gina Coleman diploma. " Jon, if you mess up this ceremony, you will not get out of here alive! " (Jon Young and Mr. Vasaturo) " I might just die if my cap falls off!” (Mary Plunkett) " Now I ' m ready to take on the world!” (Phil Dufton) Schoenfeld, Chris McGowan) Wellesley High cherubs sing . .. (Sara Weiss, Chrissy Robinson) " I dub thee knight of the realm. " (Mary Plunkett) " Lead us, Walter. " (Walter Lamb, Marilyn Albrecht, Ted Haussman) Dignitaries applaud. Rabbi Weiss, Father of Graduate Sara Weiss, gave the invocation. Nice earring, Alan. (Alan Roy) Bosom buddies. (Jon Young, Geoff Valletta) Just keep walking, Cynthia. (Ingrid Jaeger, Cynthia Howells, Kourosh Houshmand from Iran, Derrick Howard, Robyn Houlihan, John Hoult) ALL NIGHT PARTY JUNE 6th and 7th 1986 " Smile Geoff! " (Jimmy Sullivan, Geoff Valetta, Lynn Desesa, Joe " What ' s in the cards for Sandi? " Schoenfeld) (Sandi Hammond, Rona Vanwilligan, Maria Telle) Ellen takes a rest from the fun (Ellen Petschaft) " Celebrate good times! " (Lynn Echard and Lisa Hansford) " Good friends having a good time " (Elisa Morris, Jenzi Pruett, and Mary Plunkett) 216 Fred Harrington signing a farewell to the senior class plans Kim? " (Kim MacFarland) future " Shout! " " Smile for the birdie! " (Stephanie, Julie, and Jeff) " Senior spirit rules! " " Sue gets her charicature done " (Pam West, Lisa Worsh, and Sue Moss) " You wanna sign my pants? " (Jason Cluggish and Katie Redford) FUTURE PLANS FOR Marilyn Albrecht — UMASS Amherst Brendon Alterio — University of Southern Maine Shawn Anderson — work Nancy Andrew — University of Vermont Emily Anthony — Harvard Jessica Arians — Germany Lynn Armstrong — UMASS Amherst Julie Aroy — Carleton College Tim Bailey — Art Institute of Boston Michael Barrett — Emory Riddle College Dianne Bassler — Lafayette College Lucia de Castro Bastos — back to Brazil Dave Batista — Pomona College Katherine Batty — Southern Vermont College Russell Beckwith — Newman Prep School Jay Benson — Dartmouth Cynthia Bent — University of Vermont Brenda Bickford — UMASS David Blackwood — Kent School Liz Bless — George Washington University Chris Bold — Hampshire College Lino Boran — University of Mexico Ali Broder — Framingham State Jeff Brown — work Maggie Brown — work Doug Bukaty — University of Kansas Barbra Burg — work Mike Burke — Northeastern University Julie Buschini - UMASS Amherst Becky Byers — University of Colorado (Boulder) Selena Cantor — Bowdoin College Rob Carlson — Mass. Bay Comm. Coll Ross Carlson — work Jenny Carr — Fordham University Caitlin Carvalho — St. Mary College John Carven — Northeastern University Rochelle Casaubon — UMASS Amherst Gabe Cattam — Syracuse University Ann Cell — Wellesley College Alex Chaulk — Ohio University Andy Chaulk — Bridgton Academy Julia Clayton — Barnard College Jason Cluggish — undecided Kenneth Coakley — work Gina Coleman — Williams College Simon Coley — Merrimack College Jane Collard — work Rick Condon — Notre Dame Brad Conlin — Hobart Tara Cooney — Providence College Mike Corliss — Boston University Sheri Correia — Johnson and Wales Ann Corscadden — Assumption John Courville — Newman Prep Brian Cousins — Northeastern Cynthia Crino — Wellesley College Christine Crowley — Providence College v Chris Cummings — work Michele Cummings — Undecided Anne Curran — work Martha Curtin — Merrimack Col. Kenny DeMarco — UMASS Amherst Lynn DeSesa — Fitchburg State Andrea DeCristofaro — U.R.I. Tino DeLollis — Boston University Fran k Demambro — Navy Tim Dennehy — work Ed Denning — Assumption College Jen DeSimome — Westfield State Avi Dines — Emerson College Nancy Dionne — Mass Col. of Art Julie Donahue — Springfield Col. Andrea Donlon — Haverford College Phil Dufton — work David Duggan — UMASS Boston John Dunklee — UMASS Amherst Lynne Echard — MassBay Julie Einstein — Northeastern U Justin Falvey — Georgetown U. Steve Faraci — undecided Andrew Farris — Undecided Baerbel Fath — Return to Germany Susan Fernsebner — UMASS Amherst Lisa Ferrera — Framingham State Patty Finn — St. Michaels College Kara Fleming — Nichols College Karen Flint - Laurence U and army reserve Chris Fogerty — work Liz Foley — work Liz A Foley — Washington U. Mary Gene Foley — Wheelock Harley Friedman — McGill Elisa Frohlich — Operlin Jill Furumoto - U C (Santa Cruz) Naomi Furuya — Sophia U Japan Joelette Gallagher — work Lynne Gassiraro — B.U Julie Geiser — Unviersity of N.H Jeff Glauthier — San Francisco Art Institute Paul Glauthier — Stanford Jodi Gleason — University of Denver Mark Gloss — Boston College Cathy Glover — UMASS Amherst Kelley Golden — undecided Jen Goodwin — Northeastern U. George Gordon — North Carolina A T Mary Ann Gorman — Bridgewater State Shawn Greene — undecided Chris Guiffre — Babson David Hadley — Cornell University Eric Hamburger — Dickenson Paul Hammerness — College of Wooster Sandy Hammond — UMASS Amherst Lisa Hansford — work Fred Harrington — Boston U. Julie Harris - N.H. College Michelle Harte — Boston College Julie Haslett — Swarthmore Ted Haussman — Cornell Mike Hayde — Westfield State Oliver Henning — Return to Germany Mike Hester — Norwich Suzanne Hibbits — work Julie Hoffman — Hartwick College Peter Horrigan — Loyola, Baltimore Robyn Houlihan — Westfield State John Hoult — Middlebury Cyrus Houshmand — U.C.L.A. Derrick Howard — Rollins College Cynthia Howells — Smith Lisa Humphries — UMASS Amherst David Impallaria — Vermont College Ingrid Jaeger — Indiana University Kay Jankowski — Pomona College Wendy Johnson — Mount Ida Lewis Jones — Erskine College Lisa Juliani — George Washington U. Andy Juliani — Southern Maine Kim Kane — Cazchoria Cynthia Kangos — University of Alabama Angie Karayiannis — Salem State College Jon Kateman — Connecticut College Julie Kavanaugh — Emerson Tim Keeler — University of Rochester Susan Kelley — Johnson Wales Brian Kilcoyne — undecided David King —i Keene State Stephanie Kivett — Princeton Jason Kofman — UMASS Amherst Jeffrey Kott — Lehigh U. Danielle Lafrance — Pfeiffer Robert Laird — Work Walter Lamb — West Point Tim Lee — work Janet Leffler — Mount Ida David Leland — undecided Jim Leon — U of Maine L auren L ibby — Salem State David Little — undecided Greg Luttrell — Berklee Steve Maccmi — work Kim MacFarland — Keene State Andrea Maggard — Santa Clara U David Maher — Babson Jim Malster — University of Colorado N»na McCarthy — LaSalle Jr Gena McCarthy — U V M Sean McCarthy — Boston U Scott McConchie — Duke Liz McCone — Fordham Sue McConville — Notre Dame Ariane McCoy Hamilton Paul McDonald — Bndgton Academy Laura McDowell — Trinity ' Michelle McGeachie — UM ASS Amherst IChns McGowan Northfield Mt Herman ©ara McHale — New Hampshire College Betsy Mercer y William Smith David Merchant — University of Hartford Elaine Merguerian — Wellesley College Debby Merngan — Trinity College Brenda Miller Pratt Institute Tom Miller -— UM ASS Amherst ' Heidi Miller — Keene State Mike Montanan — Bridgwater State Anne Moodey — Kenyon David Morns - Babson Elisa Morns — Smith College Meg Morris — University of New Hampshire Susan Moss — Ohio Wesleyan University Karen Mossman — Wheaton College Amy Moy — University of Pennsylvania Meredith Moylan — Saint Anselems Matt Murphy — Boston College Ronny Murphy — Franklin Pierce College Peter Nuwayser — University of Rochester Sean O Bnen — Pomona College Todd O Bnen — Skidmore Chris O Connor — St Lawrence Michelle O ' Hearn — Wheelock Jim O ' Leary — Northeastern Joe O Leary — Notre Dame Jeanne Ouellet — work Christy Page — Brown Enc Parker — Northeast Tec School Niles Parker — Kimball Union Academy John Parnllo — undecided Andrew Parsons — Boston College Jori Pendergrast — Syracuse Andrea Perry — work Kellie Peters — work Diane Peterson — Middlebury Ellen Petschaft — Goucher Chris Pickett — Tulane University Marybeth Pilat — U of Rochester Mary Plunkett — Simmons Sue Poitras — Merrimack College Scott Pomfret — UMASS Amherst Kerry Powers - Undecided Brooks Preston — Dartmouth Jenzi Pruett Hamilton College Laura Pruyne Berkshire Prep Kate Punnton year abroad Rich Quiggin - Northeastern Scott Reardon UCLA Katie Redford - Colgate Sara Rememan - Wittenberg Joel Rhembolt Georgia Tech David Rich Penn State Chrissy Robinson - U of California Santa Barbara Steve Rockett St Thomas Moore Academy Jen Roderick McGill University Paul Rohroach - U Penn Laura Rosen - Wellesley College Bill Ross — undecided Alan Roy — Mass Bay Sharon Salant — Worcester Polytech Mike Salve — Boston College David Sauer — University of Lowell Joe Schoenfeld — Boston College Kellie Schofield — work Melissa Scott — undecided Eric Seaborn — U niversity of Vermont Peter Sheffer — Boston University Laura Sheridan — undecided Patrice Simonelli — Regis College Allyson Smith - Connecticut College Julie Snyder — Haverford College Tracy Solomon — Carleton College Steve Spinelli — University of Maine Christine Stock — UMASS Amherst Bobby Stoddard — Deerfield Academy Stew Stokes — UMASS Amherst Jim Sullivan — Framingham State Mike Taylor — Undecided Maria Tecce — Boston College Richard Thornquist — Mass College of Art Michelle Tibbert — work Beth Turney — Union College Clause Tuytschaevers — Westfield State Michele Twigg — Amherst Denise Ubaldmo — Framingham State Jeff Valence — Hobart College Geoff Valetta — Bridgeton Academy Rona VanWilligan - U V M Karen Waldron — St Michaels Claire Walsh — work Karen Walsh — Bennington Susanne Walsh — University of Texas Karen Ware — work Mary Ware — American College of Switzerland Mary Wargo — George Washington David Wasilauskas — UMASS Sandy Weil — Washington University Sara Weiss — UMASS Amherst Peter Welburn — Kimbell Union Pam West — Wheelock Kevin Whiteside — Notre Dame Art Wilkenson — Boston University Jason Williams — undecided Chessy Wood — Dennison Greg Woodworth — Babson Amy Worsh — Wheelock Lisa Worsh — Acadia University Chris Young — Nichols Jon Young — Army Julie Zaccaria — St Michaels Vicki Zopatti — undecided As we go to press, Gardner Marchant, History Dept. Head, announced his retirement to join his wife June 4th down . .. time to punt. (Aaron Meltor) When do classes start? Ohh ... you caught me working. (Lexi Gross) OK .. . The party can start now! (Becca Dalinger, Brian McCauley) Don ' t choke her Mike! (Mike Hester, Margaret Johnson) 220 Game ... Set. . Match (Amy Dixon) Nice Smile! (Kerry Garvey, Julia Clarkson) Heidi Pomfret, Cathy Stickler Get that man in the suit off the field. (Kristen Alterio) " You stepped on my foot. " (Marty Denning) Well Dahrling (Katie McConville) Junior Prom " It tickles! " (John O’Brien) Oh no! (Mike Reidy) 221 When are we going to Florida? ' Liz Gorgone, Andrea Raffi, Jenni Stutzman " Gina, I think there ' s something in your eye (Mr. Davis, Gina Coleman) ? " I don’t know about you folks, but I came here to rock! " (Maria Mitchell, Dave Mer¬ chant, Chris O’Connor) " Who wants to rumble?!? " Who are those cute chicks? (Adrienne Liecester, Jessica Gilmore) 222 Sean, shouldn’t you have memorized this piece? (Sean O’Brien) Stand up straight, will you? (Alison McConchie and Louise Parsons) Donnie Hurst School Store Salesman (Steve Brennan) Relaxing in the lobby of the Hyatt during Prom night. (Laura Pruyne, Tom Morrow goes into the stretch; checks the runner (Bob Morrow) Mogan, Mary Beth Carver, Howard Steeves) 223 " Oh yeah, I bet I can hurdle this. " (Susan Moss) Wild women of track! " Nanny nanny boo boo! " (Alex Howells) Paul Rohrback and Sandy Weil " Do you think he likes me? " (Ingrid Jaeger) Nerd! (Mark Engle) 224 Chipmunk and friends. (Jon Abernethy, Joe Hurd, Tom Mogan) Force that smile, girls. (Amy Webster, Maura Sheehy) " Put your head on my shoulder. . . " (Chris Young and Carolyn Pulichino) Patty Finn, Mike Burke, Steve Maccini, Sara, Nicki Laurent, Paul McDonald, Rebecca Potts and Mike Hayde) " Aahhh cramp!! " (David Spezzano) " Looking for Tom Cruse in action. " (Tara Cooney) 1 " The epitome of concentration. " (Mike Hester) ‘Two dips eat chips. " (David Morris and Chris Guiffre) " Catfish Hunter " (Mr. McCormick) " Gee Wally, I don’t know. " (Doug Bukaty) U Snow Bunny (Chris Guiffre) " Hey, Babe! " (Chessy Wood) 226 " Tiny " and friend. John is deep in thought. (John McCauley) Get to class, Erin. (Erin Collier) Sam at the Smithsonian . . .? (Sam Moppet) " Can I have this dance? " (David Rich, Julie Bianculli) Susi is getting brownie points. (Susi Kramer and Mrs. Moore-Benson) A Senior quartet. (Eric Seaborn, Sandi Ham¬ mond, Jon Kateman and Diane Peterson) “HO HUM . “Forget to pack your lunch, Ronny? " (Peter Angus, John Lovett, Ronnie Murphy) Surprise; inspection! (Alan Roy, Mike Hester) i i “You look GREAT! " (Arianne McCoy) (Monica Middleton) “Show me what the cowboy likes. " (Jay Benson) Christy Capelletti and Jon Young. 228 " I floss and brush after every meal " (Lynelle Preston, Karen McAllister) Kris Faraci Kristen Bevilacqua and Adriene Leicester SLAM DUNK! by Ms. Moran. " Think YUPPIE " (Tara Cooney, Chris Guiffre, David Morris, Michele Twigg). " No, I don’t read G.Q. " " We aren ' t gonna have class today, are we? " (Tino Delollis, Ellen Petschaft) Kathy Grome and Shawn Green " Inter-class Camaraderie " (Kellie Peters, Jodi 230 zinna ) " I wonder how this works. " (Cheryl Kuebler) Moonwalk by Lew Jones. " Great place to hang out, huh? " (Derrick Howard, Terrence James, George Gordon, Johnny Harris) " Who is that man? " (Kristen Thornquist) JUNIOR SPIRIT! (Crystal, Nicky, Margaret and Rose) v I ' jJi ScNS-bni Surprised, Mrs. Ress? How much $ is REALLY in your wallet? A memorable ending . . . and a big future ahead of us. (Tara, Chrissy, Stephanie, Michele, and Julie) IKS Toni Richardson and Corinne Kelton Homework at lunch what fun! (Michelle O’Hearn, Jori Pendergrast) “Don’t be shy, girl.” (Liz Young) Claire Walsh having a great time! “Wow, did you really go to McDonald’s? " (Kevin Barry) 2 31 Slam it, Mike! Espanol Fiesta! (Spanish Exchange) Best friends (Brian Palladino and Raphael) Play that tune. (Colin Herlihy) “Hey man, where ' s my kiss? " (Billy Ross) “No, no take my good side. " (Gabe Catanni) “My country ' tis of thee The W H S. Band traveled to Washington to perform. 232 Gardner) Jason Freitas, Maria Mitchell, Mike Reidy, Suzanne Jafte, Lynelle Preston Vott Bill iU u (Olivia Carls, Ruth 10 r frts. Ack, Ack, Bill the Cat! v Gr FACULTY RETIREMENT PARTY JUNE 11,1986 On Wednesday, June 11,1986, the faculty honored this year’s retirees at a gala dinner party. Organized and hosted by Big George Kerivan, the night featured speeches and roasts by all 5 retirees (Bob Aldrich, Jack Aldrich, Ed Herlin, June Marchant, and Jack Moloney), John McDermott and Principal Farrell The 130 attendees included 22 retirees from previous years. The hit of the evening, everyone agreed, was Paul Lydon ' s speech, which satirized the administration, several faculty members and a few " hot " issues, such as the fate of the wall between the men’s and women’s teacher’s rooms. Principal Farrell held a mock graduation ceremony, complete, with mock diplomas and an imitation yearbook. ' THE MEN TEACHER S ROOM CREW” — Back Row Jim Sullivan. Heidi Marquandt. John McDermott, Gene Varley, Tim Beech, Joel Antolini. Seated: Rocky Edwards, Ray Scannel, Terry Veitch, Ed Yarosh. " Thanks, Nancy. Now, this rose isn’t much . . (George) " You’re Right! " (Nancy) " Easy " Ed Herlin accepts his retirement gift from host George. Retiree Bob Aldrich and Wife. Faculty Senate President Rocky Edwards and Host Big George. " Big " Mr. Vasaturo honored Mr. Moloney. Jeannie Goddard gave June Marchant her present as Rita and George Kerivan enjoyed the presentation. As we go to the press, we learned that June ' s husband, Gardner Marchant, retired also as Social Studies Dept. Head. Good luck to both! Ann Heffernan Crissy Moore Martha Drum Congratulations Seniors! FRASER ' S FLOWERS 330 Washington St. Wellesley 235-3500 Congratulations to the Class of 1986 THE WELLESLEY HILLS RUG SHOP INC. Washington St. Wellesley, MA 02181 The Spazmodics Senior Toasts! (Julie Harris, Jeanne Oulette, Barbara Burg, Dara McHale, Joelette Gallagher) Congratulations to the Class of ' 86 Compliments of ROCHE BROTHERS SUPERMARKET Linden St. Wellesley I Beth Turney, Mike Salve PATRONS SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Byers Mr. and Mrs. Richard Denning Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ferrera Jo seph and Maureen Fleming Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Harrington Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William D. King The McDonald Family Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Mercer Parker D. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mossman Roger G. Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Michael Powers Hank and Jane Solomon Albert and Joanne Valletta 180 Linden St. Wellesley, MA Tel.— 235-1530 Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong Duane and Jane Batista Stuart and Dorothy Bless Mr. and Mrs. John Carven Jr. Dick and Lee Condon Mr. and Mrs. Conlin The Corscadden Family William M. Cousins Jr. Katherine DeMarco Maurice and Joan Foley Fred and Barbara Glover Mary Hoult Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Jankowski Reuben and Susan Jones Kenneth G. Kavanaugh Joan C. Malster Mr. and Mrs. Frank McConville Tony and Priscilla Parker Maryann and Edward Pilat Mr. and Mrs. William C. Purinton Mr. an Mrs. Regis Roderick Lynne and Gary Smith Jane Albrecht Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stoddard Herbert and Deborah Turney Mr. and Mrs. Terry Tuytschaevers Mr. and Mrs. Michael Waldron Peter and Bette West TAYLOR RENTAL 26 Washington St. Wellesley, MA Tel—237-4156 237 Oriental rugs KASPER PHILIBOSIAN Telephone 235-2440 Congratulations to the Class of 1986 ' CAPTAIN MARDEN’S 91 Central St. SEAFOOD INC. Wellesley, MA Congratulations Seniors Compliments of WELLESLEY SUPERMARKET 585 Washington St. Wellesley, MA02181 235-4464 Movies Are Better Than Ever “Buy Gift Certificates” — - — _ m-r ■ I ' re !: -• l --- T -- TT - - t | F 1, _ir 1 . E.A.DAVIS oCO DEPARTMENT STORE j. 1 __ Best of Luck and Congratulations Graduates! E. A. DAVIS CO. DEPARTMENT STORE DANNY’S PIZZA AND SUB SHOP 394 Washington St. Wellesley 579 Washington St. Wellesley, Mass. 02181 235-0688 238 Congratulations to the Class of ’86 We want to be as much a part of your life as we are a part of your town. SwLife OFCANADA We look ot life a from your point of view. Brian Cousins (Suzan Scammon) What a life? Singing Rich Smith 239 EDITOR’S MESSAGE Though we were the last class to spend only three years at Wellesley High School, we will not soon be forgotten due to our superior achievements, both in academics and athletics. Academically, several seniors completed the International Baccalaureate Program which is highly regarded by colleges throughout the country. In addition, our class was honored by the presentation of a National Merit Scholarship to one of our students. The 1985-86 year in sports was highlighted by the football team’s " streak-stopping” victory over Natick which gained national attention. The class also boasted a nationally ranked female runner who has won innumerable awards for her achievements. Wellesley won Bay State championships in the following sports: girls’ swimming, golf, wrestling, boys’ tennis, and baseball. We also take pride in the honor of winning the Boys’ All Sports Award for the Bay State League for 1985-86. We should be proud of what we’ve accomplished at Wellesley High School and should take what we’ve learned here and apply it in our future endeavors. Years from now, after we’ve gone our separate ways, we will look back and remember our old friends and the good times we shared as a class. I would like to thank all the students I would like to thank all the students who worked hard on this yearbook and especially Mrs. Barrett who gave us her time, dedication, hard work, and patience in producing this yearbook. Editor in Chief — Mike Salve " Great yearbook, Mike! " (Mr. Farrell) " What? Still 77 pages left? " Advisor Janice Barrett BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1986 FROM THE STUDENT SCHOOL STORE Jen Casey, Julie Einstein, Nancy Andrew, Andrea De Cristofaro, Karen Waldron from the School Store. W H S. Tower through the trees in the winter .. . GOOD-BYE! c,4 SC «ii r f J 7 OL wd fjUutWwrr - . J y ' yn r il ufAuj; u- 7- 6r. WELL

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