Weatherford High School - Melon Vine Yearbook (Weatherford, TX)

 - Class of 1932

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Weatherford High School - Melon Vine Yearbook (Weatherford, TX) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 15 of 20
Page 15 of 20

Weatherford High School - Melon Vine Yearbook (Weatherford, TX) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 14
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Weatherford High School - Melon Vine Yearbook (Weatherford, TX) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 16
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Page 15 text:

Last H9111 and Cfesh-Jment Qf the Semor Class 0 32 H l 4 I IVV! r v 1, IH! 4 11,1 P-Q 1 1 X 4 4 mku 11 Y: v 1 N x 11X N1 li N ht X x 1 n Q 1 Tl! I 4 1 rl ff xXKIl tl 11 r ll I A H1 llfl l ll 4 Q V' .L X 1 1 I l Y il! Y xx 'f 1 U V X r N x llllhr 1 I I4 m I 7 Of' XX XX mLvKX1 I m 1 N 1 ham 1 1 mls nm xx LW ' Sew 1 UXXH 'W h x x will 1 Hut nu Q 1 l ' 1 L11-L' 1 1 M ll 41 X 1 41 TM 'N , K 5 ml 1 1 ' nun 114 X lL L 111 1 y m I ll IXL 1I1X I 1 1 1 4 ' ' 1 X P 1 1 I 1 XIX 1 ' 1 I' I x ,X IIXI-xx 4 IU PXH1 X X Kangaroos Wlll Be In New C onference Dlstrlct Next ge-ason l 1 l l g r U , 4 1 u 4 X K NLW I AN UN VN 4' II U N 114 1 l'1Y' v . , f 1 . 'VHFF'l'.X'l'P1UI"l' VN Tw .Xnllwsiu Hivka Prvs. J To L, IJ, Ixxmf. Vlzxuric- 7 - ing! Vf'HHTy HI' l'21l'k1'I' HI'2llfrlI2lXX"r plzwv ax th- lzulivs ' 1- gn- -I 2 15' nys, xY'2lThl'I'1.f'!'1i High S4-h,,,,1 -Ulm' PWLIU' 'II' 'W. H. S, To I, li, Iluml' S' J' FU,-I-'S Nj. '- W -, ilu- Sm-I1'm'f'f,-Qx uf' 15,3531 any To .Xllwynv f'rrt'f'IlI1lH, LLCQ' .' .'- lmby ,ryIv." 1-r' mzzvh In-Jtzllimm, rh-'iM-mmm Q 1 f'P'1'X"Wi"1. 'i5l4'l'1lHrl xxiizxliiiv' 'IV' J. Y. 1,4-wif, Jak- 'I' ' Sq-ml! ha-ing' in llllxllllhl 12311.11 In-vzllxfv ur VV" VHA' Willlilllv. Ilmwuwi l1n'1 -5 :Ami Jw- Iir'zulxl'1w's nity ni' g- 'ng X1 html qfum' 14I'1- 14: xml xhf-Vllyl g I NWN! U"lUl"f. IM' Hwlllhtfl I.2il-iv Sp H g 1ii'NilII1Lf 1:1 111NIlil+uI4- ram' unx-Ifigh 'VH Sum lbw-rl, IN-uvll Nlm'1'rv:az'5"X I'I'llll1 1-lrl "NYz!I." W'N'2l"'f'1'f!Yqllillilimwixvml Hwxg ,.. .,-11 Mlxirw-M ahriity, 'Inu .lurk W: !I2li't'. the' 1114-:xml-y uf' ::I'I1-1' p1'+'1vl1..', dw im-rw ly", uith mth- T" WW" -1 NVN I'1iW-xpirwzm 'h and Mwlxuigl 'I'vng'11u1 .f.'.1.. y'4,,-l-411..1,..'j,1. hm mmm MIVMYEQ. ,,f 511-gn-Iii-4-:nlirmg girlf. ilu- hmmm wi' 'IM .Izum-f XYi1,,n q'm-I,.,.- Wzhm. n111iAr1iL:l1I "IL Hlllll' :xml mxhlixh 11111' MW! W ll!" 5- V- ISA 5' '1"153 I'1'l1lT1'l"w f21W'1'Xa mx 21 Ivnmf IwIz15'1-xx law! will :ml Y1'SYllHl'Y'lT, W- fi" T" XV1'ifiY'iU H""P'Y- M2 'V' K"4U'I'3"-' TU MINS' NWI MMVI' W. Silhl Har'- Hmi I..-fm.-H111 f:l'1 r1:1l114'. IN.,-'F will I"""Y5 11" "U" 'l"?U' 7'21-l11TY- YT ' T" 'HYH111 Hvli HH ur. Ilmh Km-Tr' 'lk Vhzmfllvl tlillwlt. 4':n'1'uII ll ll If-zlxzlm 4lI'l'lll!lr zxlmut llx thai Wu if I3 1'lH'i3' 1"-'lix .11-hnf1ln'. wfxvh W Muni,- szlw, A,H,im,,,i MMU, ywm' 'IM lm-' f'::m'i'-wi. lm, ,I-rhrxwrmk T., f.j1gZm,Q,m xg'-jimi' Hmw WML Nq-rvllulj 'IM MV, .1!2lY1!4-y- yl- 'Mtv M1-iQl1Y. ,lwg W,l."m ANI. 1-nv' unlimilwi :ull 'mtiun :nl vvs-r- 'IW' Yidzx KIHl'l':--HW .IH -X Wiwfzxl- 'I-H Ulix Iptwkl Emily Hmm.,.g 11.19 :-miuring T-l'i1'YT1iNhiIi, H nl vhs' un" u'l11n.jL1XI Xl' Mm limit lwmlwzxli v:ln-vrx 'I'lm'fi: 'IM IM-an f'h:m1Iu-ry. mu' lu-r NIH-'k up. 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Page 14 text:

llleathcrforcl Hrqh School Board of Trustees Few schools can boast of a Sehool Board composed of as hrgh a class o ousrness men as thos who mak up the Weatherford Board Always wrth an rntent rnterest rn the welfare or I eatherford qhrldren the e men have carefully watched for the rn yrovement of school condrtrons terral equrpment purchased has been of the best hrgh scholastrc standards hare been eneourag d and everv rr telest has been for the best of the lown NI Preston Nlartrn the prrsrderrt ofthe board has been servrng thrs offrer for the pat cr,,.ht year of hrs twenty years as a member or the board for the past four vears has been .1 member of the hoard for erght rear 'VIr W V Shadlc has servfd as eeretarw for the past frve vears The followrng men have been rrwrng, for ree wars Ncssrs Iarnes Campbell Bert Rawlins I' r l H Potter and A A Patrrek All have served wrth the arm of rfferrnf' the future ertrlens or Vlea therford an eduvrtron that wrll fre Ill. K. K. President-f-Wilma Grace Buchanan Vice Pres.--Pauline Me-Kinnon Sec.-Tr'e-asf-Varucline Thompson Repor'ter'fGeor'g'ia Layne Martin Sponsor'-Miss Bounds Col0r's+BlaCk and Red MEMBERS Mattre Lee Davrs Norene Brnnror dleston Clara Iee Prekard lContrnued from page 'Sl Davrs Secretary Mary Nell Morrow Treasurer Kathleen Prester' Parlramentarran Wiarguerrte Hardrgree of rt chool and an honor to Vlrss Shrpp them to take up th work Several members of the board have grven very valuable talks on Voeatronar Gurdance on our a sernblv programs and have helped n edy students them to contrnue wrth therr schoo work Never wash lettuce leaves wrth sand soap as the letture rs thrn and you may wear holes rn rt Salvatron Army Grrl D ull want to yorn the Qalvatron Arrnv" C' B Who are thrv frfhtrng 7 . , . . , , . , . ' -1. u I ' 4 I 1 ' Aw, n l . ' . , . ' V . . . ., . . , . , I C , ' 1 . 1 s ' I ' lx, ' I V Q . , . . . F-A . . 1 n v1 3 ' . . ' , f -', V v . .' I , I 1 v 1 1 I - , . , , W '. D 1 n 5 l . . . ' fr . . -- . l 1 s ' . . .1 I ' 'W 5' V , .fr n I - . V f h. , , h. , . ' in , . - ' 'A' I ' l ' I I Q l.'f il '5 V u B' ' . I f 'L-A-A A .Lu V v 5 'I ' W ' v S, A - . , 3 ' . . 1- Mr, J. N. Ward, the vice-president fiY121HCl3llY ami by f'Y100Ul'2gll1E . . H I :Q , Q . L, . W ...Y . -. 4 . 1 -' 1 ' .' 1 . . ,, ,' - s - r' va -5. ' . ' ' v . ' -. ' A " , ' 3 - A- 1 'A ,-.,,.,- -...,..-lu-. V . . ,' -.' rg g..-,...- . , 5 ' 1' .... K , Q I K - . v . . . - Y' ' ' n r D -Q - , . X v F I I . . , I - , ' ,-- Ma. S1 ' ' f ' th' js .I az' v Y V v I . . .' ' , -. I. rx , E- V1 , - . ' D-v 'I-it ' . . . L, Q - A- A B , ,. - f . o 5 . I K . -. A , ,- ' l- -I' 1 . v V l , ' ' L 1 ' . I .H A I - - . u ' ' 9" . ' 1 'L ' ' 1. .2 '. fs , - Motto-Live to make the world bet ter' and therefore happier for all Vlrlma Grace Buchanan Pauline 'VIcKrnnon Vaudrne Thompson Georgra Layne 'VIartrn Mrss Bounds Mary Fraser Mrldred Phrllrps .Juanrta Voorhres Marguerrte Ratts Lourse Jones Lourse Ashcroft Kath leen Plester Ruth Chrrstran Francrs Bullock Ruth Gordon Mayme Hud Shrpp s Lrteraru Crew Thrrd Vrre Presrdent 'VIattre Iee These grrls hfrvc done splendrdly rn therr offrces and have trred to put S I C on the map Bv the wax that the grrls have responded we thrnk that they have made a succes In the years to eonre the charter members of thrs club can tell therr grandehrldren that thev helped found thrs club So to the members who are returnrng' th members who are lcavrng wrsh to tell them to carry on .md make the club the best rn

Page 16 text:

Class Prophecq of 1932 Bi ull .xxx . tn P. tum x Xtlllx ant In num tt it utiithm X III Iltrl IMA!! tttlix pnuntlin i ni I . IIHII ini ti it it 1 t at if t I t Xu nl H1 to X l td l 4 I It tittt x ' ini t H' ,II xl gl Qpttni - in 1 1 + 0 no in .iiimft nit nt fiwtint .1 . N im lb xnxx nun . I a . nmtw Hmm tv 1 wine 0 Ildlllllll 1 tm Ii mu xnxx un miami 1 ni .Int mi u t EN xx. t 4 1 - llllltll .I 1 L xx X v Q ll 1.1n 1 I I t X I - lo . . 4 1 1 11 L he-Lia I . 4 I gf. 1 N f-tt xx Illl ua IZII 1 tw xnmxn to 1 n t c it i nn . in N I nw 1 on .mf 'Ihoni.1- TI l ' NIU fmni ua - i H1 rv n I 1 h 1 I Q I tr Q. U 1 atm I N nw x h turn tl 0 ll .1 t 1 i th I 1 c nm 1+ u L1 nc c vw nmnm-liiff I 1 -um hefitic in 1 I x hmxn n 0 ni.J.n.11-at 4 T X funcl 'mu II i ning re 4 ffllllltl ' .xnnti ant t 1 rf gg alll it t 1 ln' in time . mf .1 flnf Ing X ill QNX Ol ung thrm J i o Innr ru mx na fl I me inc I uinlim -n h. . x ho int f 1 1 n ' nanny i ttwft I ii ex IIA t nut ii Thr mp 1'1 mu 1-X n 1 t x .uit N tl I I I 4 1 I 1 .1 ig mm x X 4 c tt nuinl- tx tnxixt lx 1 Ixnttx . . N 1 .l nulxti 1 W 1 4 Hx IIN J rn ll on xnxx .xunt lx . I 1 N r 1 tvlut - mt m 1 Iuhn 4 I . N . L VN niitviix inn 0 fi,,tin ut , N mn lx iinf-t inf N tu tnattui h ll lx luill ntl . max t t N .tn tu it wc-.ix i N ti t in N :thnx un x N Il Iln Xlgs ll l ink ntxwmiui in .INN , ull 1 1 N . vnu t lt to ll r l h Ixuwln xx x llaicn - I xml -. .xi llldffl mit f tx IN .tn N x it ,ian tm Nm x ti X mn mn g X in Inn in . r in tx Qt xtrv I .iuhm 'NInKinnrm 1.1 1 .4 4 x 'fl idx tt 4 mr na tc fl X t up I x 1 tt tilt Rd N21 I, . ' 1 tt N N .ll X NU U lff xt nunihu in ran ln f . .ucmn N rl I XXK N . I nc t tit - ml . x 1 I U' li 1 mmf . rn' x - N .1 f im- 1n'- nf- ii- no XHLIYIU X I1 mr 'li x mn 1 Hflfllflllf f 1 4 H! P K I In-1 ing: inf ,tn - f R1 in Pull1n'f 0 It 50101111 fi .mimi I ri .mr xx x . x in t at ini . . N 1 I4 N Ix tl 4. ll T1 P . . xtix hi ' 1 N the IHA! f 1 . an X . .M It quit t iu 1 1 Ulu- xnxx fi .unuux Imax. . nl 1 mm .tt nt N I in -N I HI . X . nun . ' . N X - if xx I I N YV' I 4 ld ll Oli I 1 .tm x it IJINIYII' llll Ix x ,lllll Hx 1 .Hn 0 t I1 x . 1 t . .1 1 N .iuum Lx cl UI nu 0 I I 1 N 'Nt 4 t X r 1 i-- I .ti 14 n . U " 4 l l 0 I . tu in xllxl . I x nm LU mx 1.11 tix X Ui N ,tmg,i.1 L-.igrtu xx ix ti nt-NN .txrvnt . 1 f 1 im- mlm '- iq ,Q Ht H1 llfl i X . nt . win nw v it U 14141 V HI Qld l"I lx K 4 d jul X in L nm- 0 xiii I N 1 1 1 .mt N .uw .nhi -is lun n 't N HN- U ll 1.11 nun 4 in St .1 ISI I U it t tn 4 fvmtt fuunt fi xx. 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Suggestions in the Weatherford High School - Melon Vine Yearbook (Weatherford, TX) collection:

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