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Eskilg T :'T1'Zf?E:: 556 ' , W lil!!- - iff kf of an ww mfg fi 3 f okffvlly fu? gqrvfkfjli ' I , if J 'ff-all 35 , R96 Agdfjil u1 L 7ffK . B X 'Y QM! Wwmcl . Rx W A 'J nwjk f mf fgfflfffff WW MW WWW ook BELONGS ro F ' Q0 ' , A M65 Q i-K V X 15 ,131 is X Nafgg W! 4 E62 54 We x w f sa ww ff? 195 15.45 ff! Q Q ,K fiwilfi? y W WM gkwjp , AW VOXJMJ gy Fr ffw . JP .QW ' X v N ,AV ,kg-J! fyf UN X 5 y Q VM yfdopfgypgfgxgy ,W X QWIIW It ly wfiwijfiilivylijgw S HQEMSEN GN1965 f M ,III 'N :I M . X N' M ICU Published by the students of , wAusAu sENloR HIGH TGS WAUSAU, WISCONSIN Us under the direction of X ' NANCY TINKHANI, editor-in-Chief ' PEG POST and BILL SHORT, associate editors Volume 49 I 1' I IJ I I 'I "The flag now flies over Wausau Senior High, the 1964 Bellamy Award winning school . . . " . 3 ,. uf 1 , H I X 2 A x . , 3 1 3 'i '11 N Y. 9 4f'V3t sl I 3 fYf2fN 2 1 .Siffgxl E... Q i f,, , ,. 4,.Wy hi 3 Y i"g,, Q QQ f 5 2 2 w 2 . 2 Q W, gh ' I 3 1 ll is S . AWN, 5 Qwmdk KSN Mil! Q 3 fBjwW 9 Www? pw ,lf U M My MQLUJ F? WW Q QW MQW!! l ww' JWM M W X gy, WWW J fw Fare Word This is the year that was . . . 1965 . . . As we look back on it, we remember the colorful weeks of September that flew by while we were engrossed in preparations for the Bellamy Award . . . the chilly October nights we spent making campaign posters for homecoming candidates . . . the long hours in November when we struggled to memor- ize lines for "Teahouse of the August Moon" . . . the wonderful night in December when we gazed at the "Mist" of the Holiday Dance . . . the hectic January days when we crammed for semester exams and college boards . . . the night in Feb- ruary when we cheered Lumberjacks to vic- tory over Eau Claire Me . . . the week in March when we welcomed ,Q Teachers to the state convention . . . the Ap as s that we nerv- ously counted as we waite college accept- ances . . . emorable ni Q ay when we danced under e T hitian sk - ,: the Junior Prom . . .an me cement in --f . . l Q g gf 21, Q T a5lesQ nten X Introduction ... ..e.C.?,. ....... 1 C , - ,Qui Y 'Q 41" r' Academics .. .... K. Q-9.-. f. .C . . Tig, ,114 tif ,,-Hffg ffs Axwifw 5 X' S is QTY student Life ...... . .RQ ..... L? c 34- 135 ,1 ' ,A j 3 .f Qc' V-. 9 Activities . . ..... ..... S., .... 54, J K l 'X Sp0I'tS . . . . . .Xf'3G:,.I.i . Cssig X- VV x xg-ji Q X QS X Classes .... . . . :XIX .?-Qi. 1. . .1i,5, .Q llcgfff 5 X Advertisements .... . . . . . :QIZO RQ in ,. XXX ' TCL-5 Senior Directory . . . .... C ., IQ, 196 CT Index . . . . .zoij ,1 N,f . f Student Council President Craig Karr welcomed students back to the new and challenging year of '64-'65. After a summer of many enjoyable experiences stu- dents arrived back at school with an eagerness to begin the year ahead. They shifted from the summer routine to the scholastic schedule, making the school day a definite part of their daily lives. Settled in class, stu- dents decided that this year's grades were important. The sophomores came in slowly, timidly trying to find their way around the halls and still get to classes on time. How embarrassed they were when they found themselves in senior English rather than in their sopho- more world history class. Camouflaged by their ex- cessive paraphenalia, they were stupified by the casual- ness of the seniors who sauntered about the building with little or nothing occupying their attention. Juniors, who had been anticipating the first assembly ever since their promotion from the "shelf" to the spot under the balcony, found themselves finally acclimated to high school routine. Proud to be juniors they took no pity on the lost sophomores, and only proceeded in getting them more confused. The "Biggest and the Best" found themselves enter- ing their last year, the year of prestige. At long last they were the senior class - the class that they had always looked up to in years past. Now they had to carry the responsibility that came with that title of "Senior" - and they did. Students Came Baci During the warm weather at the beginning of the year, fire drills provided students with a pleasant interruption of classes. The Biology Department installed closed circuit T.V. to facilitate its team teaching program. Funds were obtained from two Federal grants: the U.S. Office of Education and the National Defense Education Act. Of the two cameras, one is manually operated Cabovej and the other is operated from the control room frighty. . ' ' an dxf, i o Find A lVoWAmI Varied School Routine Q Paying no heed to the ropes, John Lang absconded with a few of the 12,000 books in the library to familiarize himself with the debate topic, which was control of nuclear weapons. The problem of regaining study habits or creating new ones faced most students when they returned to Wausau Senior High after an invigorating summer's vacation. R or pf . t X 5 , -ls X .--fr.. fi-""1ff"' -sms 5 The presentation of the Bellamy Award was perhaps the most important event in Wausau High's history. The delegates from previous award winning schools, national, state, and local dignitaries, the school board, and the oldest alumnus were present. The honorable Melvin Laird from Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District took time from his busy schedule to give congratula- tions to the school and the people of Wausau. Two Busy Weeks left The delegates of previous Bellamy Award schools were cap- tivated by the patriotic music of the combined choir and band. The solemnity of the program left a lasting impression. 6 of gs., Wausau Eve found five girls quite excited - eacli realiz- in that onl one could be 1964 homeco Yrf ueen 8 Y , ,CP SIG - Barbara Louze was crowned by the reigtmhg Miss Wis- consin Angela Gina Baldi. nj 10" To be a good egis to ib Szgnqdfgarget. John Wiech- man, a prime example, can htXtl1,ls pass for a touchdown in thexgamgfagainst Meno H f of L -1 - -v 4 X is .f .l Xxx L H0lIf5i!!V0f,f Undone 1 f"'ii A versatile brass section consisting of four trombones and four trumpets added a professional touch to the Tophatters' show this year. This was the twenty-fourth year of performances for the stage band. Since 1941 the band has given excellent musical shows causing its reputation of fine There were many who enjoyed the annual Junior Girls' Holiday Dance held at the Wausau Club. talent to spread throughout the entire Midwest. Students Versed in the Arts Displays "Teahouse of the August Moon" was the most suc- cessful play ever put on by a senior class. Lotus Blos- som and Sakini looked on as two villagers put on a judo match for Colonel Purdy's entertainment. The villagers provided an enthusiastic crowd. This play brought an extra challenge to the students acting as the Japanese people, for they were required to learn lines in Japan- ese and to speak them fluently. With the help of two women from Japan the students adapted quickly. The play was well received. si c Mr. Riege directed the orchestra students as they played class- ical and contemporary works. From this study they learned to enjoy music as well as to understand it. During the slumbering winter months, students were greeted by a dark bleak world when they arose in the early morning. By the time they had finished another day of school and had returned home, the shadows were deepening into complete darkness once again. But in those few short hours between dawn and dusk, pupils and teachers alike stretched their minds to en- compass many new ideas. ln the classrooms, as well as in extra-curriculars, students enriched their lives by uncovering vast treasures of knowledge. Many students were engrossed in a rewarding study of music. Their varying interests led them to explore exciting new musical fields, including the "blues" from the Louisiana Delta, the jazz styles of the popular big bands, and the modern arrangements of Dave Brubeck. With study, technique, and practice, leading Wausau High musicians developed a repertoire which would challenge professionals. Besides, having musical abil- ities, many students found that their talents lay in the field of drama. As an outlet for such talents, Senior High produced two plays and sponsored a play-reading group in forensic competition. For other students, the Arts took the form of painting and sculpture. Excellent oils, watercolors, and sketches lined the halls of the art wing throughout the year. With these activities, the dreary winter months slip- ped by, and spring peaked out from under the snow. heir Many Talents Creative art classes were enjoyed by many students. Here Chris Carspecken finished a painting of the American Negroes. ' 9 ThI'0Ugh0Uf the b2SkefbQll- SGSSOH. the Vi80f0l!S act-ion of the The empty assembly hall emphasized the fact that during spring DISYGFS made School Spirit Crescendo to 3 high PltCh- vacation - before embarking on the final quarter - students Spring Fe verA ml "Senioritis " Durtaile With spring came the rugged individualistic sport of track. Here the endurance and stamina of each team member was measured in the many challenging meets held throughout the season. Events included in the broad area of track were distance races, hurdles, high jumps, the pole vault, and the shot-put. Everett Goodwin was instantaneously stopped with fast-action photography as he leaped over the high jump. Meets were held in the gym as well as at Thom Field. I l deserted Wausau High for the sunny pools of the South or ski slopes of the North. uden ts ' Studies Right: Roger Coleson found time in his busy schedule to squeeze in a few moments of quiet reading. Below: "These are the times that try men's souls." lV lifwfv '1 V1 V A L'ammam:amentAnd Baccalaureate Con vaya THE HAMMER SINGERS: Ted Anderson, Wayne Blaschka, and Jack Berard, provided the talent for the spring Hootenanny. 5 l Although everyone knew that the Old Building was getting seedy, this budding tree was the first real proof. Left: Doug Sturgeon was caught releasing wild emotions when confronted with an acceptance to his first choice college. Below: Chris Beatty, coached by Mr. Marquardt, won the state American Legion oratorical championship. She went to St. Paul, where she placed second in the Regional Finals. my n Air Uf Finality In September when students counted the school weeks that lay ahead, they were disheartened by a number which seemed to approach infinity, but somehow those endless weeks slipped by un- noticed until April and lVlay, when the counting resumed once again. As the weeks dwindled from eight to seven, students became engrossed in try-outs and re- hearsals forthe spring play "The Devil's Disciple." Prom committee chairmen rushed from school to the Youth Building with Tahitian decorations, bare- ly noticing in their flurry of excitement that the number of remaining weeks had suddenly de- creased from six to four. The track team came out of hibernation, moving from the boys' gym to Thom Field. Tennis players struggled on the courts as golfers slaved on the fairways. Meanwhile, seniors were busy planning the Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies. Very few had time to count the remaining weeks, which by then numbered only two. Soon even few- er students found time to study, since WAHIS- CAN signing parties and graduation affairs had flooded the calendar. With such a whirlwind of activities everyone had a chance to thoroughly enjoy student life. However, by June 10 there wasn't one WHS stu- dent who regretted turning in his text books and calling it a year. Nlemories of games, hops, and exams took a back seat to thoughts of waterskiing, swimming, and relaxing. Char Maas, state Future Teachers president, introduced the featured speaker and national president Dr. Faust at the state convention held in Wausau during the spring. ff' X 'r 4, . sz Q s Q' l an 1 W s 1" 'IN NS A .- + fs' 1 F we ,gg . if J ii' , c Seniors walked away from their alma mater to enter a .new life. The distance of the walk will depend upon each person's initiative. XFN 'WN W Sw? suww' 5, in T 1 ik 5 Mn 5 A X W- Ms, QM am fx? A ,, W, .K J, 1 Q Ln K S' :- kf, . i. yn N ??f'E"!3' s v wg , .PV 5 T Q .SIE 2 N af. -4 fu a 3 1 5 ' 0 w. ' 1 Q Q R 1 K1 ff T ' 'qlzilm 4 . 1 N . , , 1 , x f is f f Q ffsfsm Q 'lv Mu 'fc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb ld we 1 as is his gag Ta W Rt- KK Ir Ps Au Hg Tl, Ph PQ ,gg a 5i se S5 S4 SE Pr Pm Sm lin Gd Th fir 'fm gg H 'fl XC xi sg 'si Y X' ss L, S, l' Nl, IH: .-XrnCxx1Blx Cf A CADEMICS As sophomores we struggled through the Shakespear- ean English in Julius Caesar and the biology classi- fications of Moon, Mann, and Otto. In our junior year we debated with liberal history teachers about the need for government regulation of business. As mighty seniors we were humbled by the poetic words of Chau- cer and Milton. Thus each year we stretched our minds to encompass new ideas and found that they never returned to their original dimensions. EDITORS: Pete Hessert Clark Stevens 'hz .N I1 KXX3 I Q ,211 0 I L,rU' I fig! l .t ' l . I H. My .I ini' 9, f x9 ll 'ww Klllllw " ff., , tgps ul - xl 7, . .1 fn --' 1 '.-- A ' :L N - 'v' ' - 3? if . X .s vw:-Q-4f'f5fX2i,: lf. R K--, X ,, gg? K. 'gf-rfwl - 2' ' X ' rv' ri ,en ' . 1: -I f X A A l , K F ..x. x Y A- , A41 I., ' vvf f Q' XX- 1, 1 J Q ,f , e Q ., , A - - - ., ! -,S-me-5 - , Xia 9fW"'t4 , 'qs i 7- -ii., -' ,'t" -' maui Lg .U ,,-" f'v. ,ax Q - : '- wugrf',q'!q 1 ,4X l,6'jrx64E ,if .4 !P. x V ' I U AH' X. X Y, , Y X. 4-lQx"' . ? .4 'V KA' lv, 'hx MIQYAL-.'.A. x. xx f 334.531, ,ff s'. ' ,Si 1 .15 X' 'I' X 1. V x J ' . YT r ,X ,lil-lklglfx 'ig' .M ' .I ff". , yu -1' fx ax: tigr fLf 'wi-:t:,,1f .- 1 ,3' Gixgigwll l 1 V Il' X I 1. Q4 Hi tual? Ab ,A I 'J' Si fl ,lt I-'N Q L ll , .MgQ,.,, up 1 l ' 1 w ' ,N fd -.i , xx uint? I H Mr. M. R. Taylor, Principal Mr. R. W. Reynolds, Vice Principal OUR HERITAGE It has been said that schools reflect the communities they serve. We believe that throughout the entire history of this community, our public schools have met the demands made of them and have played a significant role in making Wausau the kind of city which it is today. Traditionally, communities throughout this nation have demanded more of their schools than have other communities in any other nation on earth, not only as an attempt to promote scholarship, but as an effort to realize the promise of the American dream of a good society. Local citizens have supported quality education here by providing a comprehensive program, competent teachers, necessary facilities, and instructional equipment which enable the students to develop their full potential. Over the years, Senior High has been blessed with dedicated School Board members, talented teachers, and students of the very highest character - this combination has led to many achieve- ments and a tradition for high standards of scholarship and high standards in all extra curricular activities as well. We have de- veloped a pride in our school and community which inspires us to do our very best. Perhaps our most notable achievement, because it involves an evaluation of all aspects of our school program, has been our selection as the recipient of the 23rd annual Bellamy Flag Award in 1964. Ours is the school which will represent the State of Wisconsin in Bellamy Award affiliation for the next fifty years. lt is certainly an honor to have been selected to represent numerous quality schools in Wisconsin and it is our hope that we may always be worthy of this kind of recognition. Many of our alumni have distinguished themselves in various business, industrial, and professional fields. We are confident that our present and future students will continue to represent us in the very highest tradition. New methods and procedures in the instruc- tional area will continue to help us upgrade our total program. We are confident that the background you have gotten, and the indi- vidual experiences you have had while participating in our activities at Senior High, will help you to make those life adjustments which 2-41 are essential for a happy, successful, and enriched life. We are cer- tain that together we shall continue to achieve our goals, and we know you join us in accepting the challenge to do an even better job in the future. Congratulations to all students, faculty members, cafeteria workers, and custodians on a superb team effort which has made it possible for us to have another outstanding academic year in 1964 and 1965. Best wishes for continued success in the future. 'f'a,-7,50-:J M. R. Taylor Principal Mr. Harvey J. Ridge, Attendance Director, spent many busy hours admitting late students, compiling absentee slips, and filing tardy passes. The WAHISCAN staff wishes Mr. Ridge much happiness in his forthcoming retirement. Poroep tivo A dminis tra tion Guided School Mr. E. A. Baranowski, School Treasurer, and Mr. C. G. Poulos, Administrative Assistant, discussed school correspondence. Office secretaries, Mrs. LaCerte, Mrs. Seavers, and Mrs. Tetz- laff, were kept busy with the lost and found department, com- plaint department, answering the telephone, scheduling appoint- ments, and keeping the office out of complete pandemonium. vow! ,ff cami '07 H- i ff. A l o ss A . , i ..,. u A 4 .. Diseerning Counselors Helped Studen ' Guidance Director, Mr. C. R. Swenby. Mr. Staats, senior class guidance counselor, could hardly be dis- tinguished from teenagers when he took to the road. The school's guidance department helped students throughout the year to plan their high school programs to meet future needs. This was done both by a series of tests, which indicated students' preferences and abilities, and by personal interviews with the counselors. Students' records were discussed with respect to ulterior goals. ln addition to these duties the department also fur- nished students with a continuous stream of information concerning college and job opportunities. Counselors worked closeJy with representatives sent from various col- leges and the state employment service. Although these representatives were here independently, it was by Mr. Swenby's invitation that they visited our school. Mr. Swenby was also instrumental in coordinating the activi- ties of the guidance personnel so that each student had an opportunity to obtain help if he so desired. Seniors contemplating the awesome realm of college life were en- couraged to make use of the informative catalogues and bro- chures found in the guidance department. 'X-.NM 4 A ,ff-?" ecide Present Needs A ml Future Plans , vnu Ei N ui xi l l -li! A... is I l V? f- Miss Scott discussed test scores relating to vocations, interests, and abilities with a class of juniors. Over four thousand tests were administered by guidance personnel during the 1964-1965 school year, including the C.T. 81 M.M., SCAT, and GAT tests. Mr. Gerald Gessler expounded on various facets of campus life at Carroll College to interested students. M rs. Eikeland spoke with many college bound students about entrance examinations and admissions applications. iabmltls I K learning Waslll T wqg,Wa 195 N w "Corn always grows taller in Iowa", stated sophomore social science teacher Mr. Solomonson,as he remlnisced. s K Q WM M K. Anderson C. Augspurger E. Baranowski D. Bartel L. H. Bellas B. Bennett K. Meuret M. Bischoff KENNETH ANDERSON-B.S., M.S.p American Problems, Basket- ball Coach CAROL AUGSPURGER-B.S.p Life Science, Biology, Biology Club EDWARD BARANOWSKI-B.Ed.p Sales, Law, General Business, Typing, School Treasurer, SKYROCKET Business Staff Advisor, Wausau Week Committee DALE BARTEL--B.Ed., Economic Geography, Typing, Photography Club LYDIA BECKER-B.E., M.A.p Girls Phy. Ed.: G.A.A. HAROLD BELLAS-B.Ed., M.A.p Bookkeeping, Student Deposit BRIAN BENNETT-B.A., American Problems, Curling Coach, Curl- ing Club KATHLEEN MEURET-B.S.p Girls Phy. Ed., Pep Club, Cheerleaders, G.A.A., Wausau Week Comm., Forensics MIRIAM BISCHOFF-B.Mus. Ed., Choir, Modern Music Masters "Lo siento. pero no comprendo la pregunta. Repita por fav r" responded Cheryl Hafemann to Miss Bonvincin's query. O' ELDA BONVINCIN-B.S., M.A.p Spanish: Ski Coach, Scholarship Comm., Student Council Pub. Comm., Spanish Club, Ski Club, Dept. Head WIN BROCKMEYER-B.S., M.Ed.p Physical Education, Football Coach, Dept. Head JUDY CORNWELL-B.A.p German, Junior Prom Comm., German Club SANDRA COYLE-B.S.: Algebra, Trigonometry, Modern Science: G.A.A. HUGH CURTIS-B.S., M.S.g Driver Training, Conservation Club, Head of School Forests , LAWRENCE DIKE-B.Ed., M.B.E.g Business Education, Bookkeep- ing, Typing: Scholarship Committee RICHARD DIX-B.S., M.S.g Biology, Life Science, Assistant Basket- ball and Track Coach, Biology Club DONALD DROWN-B.S.g U.S. History: International Club ELENA DZUBAY-B.S.p English, Science, History, Junior Girls' Advisor Mr. Carleton Reinemann, a specialist in landscape art, helped Charles Seaquist with the color contrast of his painting. 'le 5' Q Qxix fi E X sm X sh M V x 'lggxiax ZNQQRX E Bonvincin W Brockmeyer J Cornwell S. Coyle R. Dix H. Curtis L. Dike D. Drown E. Dzubay JOHN DZUBAY-B.E., Ph.M.: Modern Science: Advisor-Wahiscan Business Staff, Astronomy Club RONALD EVENSTAD-B.A., M.M. Ed.: Band: Music Club ESTHER KIEFER-B.Ed.: Supervisor of Study Halls J. Dzubay R. Evenstad E. Kiefer SUZANNE PALMER-B.A., M.A., Iowa Central College, Iowa State University, American Problems LARRY FURR--B.S.: English: Senior Seminar in Literature ALLAN GABRILSKA--Ph.B., M.S.: Physical Education: Director of Noon Hour Program, Boys' Intramurals S. Palmer L. Furr A. Gabrilska ROSS GETTRUST-B.S.: Physical Education: Football Coach, Wrest- ling Coach, Pep Club ' MATHEW GJETSON-B.E., M.S.: Drafting: Stage Crew - ' JU'DITH GRIFFIN-B.S., R.N.: School Nurse R. Gettrust M. Gjetson J. Griffin NEW TEACHERS BACK ROW: Mr. Langbehn, Mr. Kampfer, Mr. Anderson, Mr. lhde, Mr. Groenewold, Mr. Reitz. FRONT ROW: Mr. Bartel, Mrs. Coyle, Mrs. McElrath, Miss Augspurger, Miss Miller, Mr. Hughes. Teachers A eeen ted P aetieal Studies Mr. Kampfer helped an eager student learn welding as part of the school's comprehensive industrial arts program. F "l!'."..9 R. Groenewold A. Hagemann J. Harkness so I I is ' . 5 E f - iw Lv' M ,J P. Hedblom B. Helmeid A. Henderson ROGER GROENEWOLD-B.S., English ARTHUR HAGEMANN-B.S., M.S.g Chemistry, Science, Chemistry Club JON HARKNESS-B.S.g Physics, Integrated Science, Modern Science: Astronomy Club if QP 3 PATRICIA HEDBLOM-B.S,, M.A.g Analysis, Finite Math, Algebra: P.T.A. Comm., National Honor Society Comm., City Math Comm., Scholarship Comm. BONNIE HELMEID-B.S.p Reference Librarian: Book Club ARTHUR HENDERSON-B.E., M.A.g U.S. History J. Hoard M. Holtz A. Hughes B. Hylkema J. lhde A. Johnson JOAN HOARD-B.S.g English, Speech, Art, Forensics MARLENE HOLTZ-Secretary of Biology Dept. ALLAN HUGHES-B.S.g Biology, Life Science BERNARD HYLKEMA-B.S., M.Ed.: Agriculture, Modern Science: FFA Advisor, Wausau Week Comm. JOHN IHDE-B.S.g Chemistry, Assistant Basketball Coach ALLEN JOHNSON--B.S., M.S.p Industrial Arts, Wausau Education Association 41593 Xie my ijfl ,JV i G. Johnson H. Johnson L. Johnson r D. Kampfer E. Keeler J. Klinger D. Langbehn E. Larson O. Lee The Wausau District School Board set the budgets and planned the course of study for the school year. They also determined the length of the school year and vacations, set the appropriations for each school in the district, es- tablished the pay schedules, and authorized the purchase of new equipment and buildings. The board was enlarged during the past year to keep pace with the rapid growth in school population. Each of the eleven members worked diligently without pay to pro- vide the best possible school system for the Wausau area. Members of last year's board were: STANDING: Mr. Kenneth Schaefer, Mr. David Seehafer, Mr. Elmer Kell, Mr. H. C. Rakow, Mr. Robert Beaumont, Cbusiness managerj. SITTING: Miss Vida Okeneski Csecretaryj, Dr. Roger Maas, Mr. G. W. Bannerman Csuperintendent of schoolsy, Mr. F. W. Braun Cpresidentj, Mr. Allan Abrams Cvice-pres- identj, Mr. David Graebel, Mrs. J. W. Ullrich. Absent were: Mr. Burton Fulmer, and Mr. A. W. Plier. GEORGE JOHNSON-B. Ed. M.A.: U.S. History HARRY JOHNSON-A.B., M.A.: Chemistry: Chemistry Club, Curl- ing Club, Assistant Curling Coach LOWELL JOHNSON-B.S., M.Ed.: Physical Education: Football Coach, Tennis Coach DONALD KAMPFER-B.S.: Metalwork: Assistant Coach EDMUND KEELER-A.B.: Driver Education: Athletic Ticket Man- ager, Dept. Head JEANNE KLINGER-Reference Librarian DALE LANGBEHN-B.A.: American Problems: Assistant Baseball Coach EMMA LARSON-B.E., B.S.: Library Training OLAF LEE-B.A., M.A.: World History: Department Head The Seheel Board Planned lfllith Foresight fQ,,,0L-4 Gent' gnjfdwwaigwpwjuj-.I U-J S. Lein J. B. Luttrell J. Madison Sys... ., - , , .. k W-, - ijygtlr .L K E. Marquardt M. Marth K. McElrath S. Miller M. Moody SYLVIA LEIN-Secretary for business education and finance J. BART LUTTRELL-B.Ed., M.A., Mathematics: Math Club, City Math Committee, Organization Committee, Special Concern Com- mittee, Dept. Head JERRY MADISON-B.S., M.S.g World History, American History: Forensics ERVIN MARQUARDT-B.A., M.A., American Problems, Public Dis- cussionp Debate Coach, Forensics Director JO ELLEN MARSH-B.A.g German, Latin, Latin Club, F.T.A. MARION MARTH-Secretary for Social Science Department KATHRYN McELRATH-B.S.: English: Forensics SUZAN MILLER-B.A.3 English, Wausau Day Committee MADGE MOODY-B.S.g English: G.A.A., Drama ,Q .. G. W. BANNERMAN, Superintendent of Schools E. H. BOETTCHER, Director of Secondary Education A ' 5 R' nl 1'7'1"" A .a-'III . u , Q A x.- .uv-""""""W Two students in advanced chemistry tried to follow Mr. Hagemann's ,gli A ' I. Nelson M. Pierce C. Poulos C. Reinemann M. Riedeman H. Reitz D. Riege H. Rennhak G. K. Rosenhauer ,,-.K instructions as he explained the use of one of the gas laws. INEZ NELSON-B.A., M.A., English: Dramatics Committee, Scholar- ship Committee MARGRET PIERCE--B.A., M.A., Vocal Music: Assembly Commit- tee, P.T.A. Committee, Tri-M CHRIS POULOS-B.S., M.S.p Biology: Administrative Assistant CARLTON REINEMANN-M.A., B.S.: Art, Art Club HERBERT REITZ-B.A.p Algebra, Geometry, Basic Math Club HELEN RENNHAK-B.Ed.p Shorthand, Typing, Jr. Gregg Club MARLENE RIEDEMAN-B.S.g U.S. History, Forensics DAVID RIEGE-B.A.p Orchestra G. K. ROSENHAUER-B.A., M.A.g English, Journalism, WAHISCAN Teachers used various techniques to present their topics, but Mr. Westlunt's soft sell method was certainly one of the most unique. In tcgratcd Science A ddcd T c Curriculum ARLENE ROSS-B.A., M.A.g Englishp Student Council, Language Arts Committee THELMA SANFORD-Secretary for the English and foreign lang- uage departments ARZELEE SCHADNEY-B.S.p English: Dramatics Committee, Wau- sau Week Committee, Senior Seminar in Literature ETHEL SCHEURMAN-B.A., M.A.p Frenchg SKYROCKET, French Club MARY SCHUBERT-B.Ed.p Shorthand, Typing, Senior Gregg Club FRANKLIN SCHUMACHER-B.S., M.S.p English: Scholarship Com- mittee, Archery Club, English Curriculum Committee ALMA SCOTT-B.S., M.A.g Junior Class Guidance Counselor HOWARD SHAWL-B.A., M.A.: Geometryg Dramatics Business Manager, Camera Club WILLIAM SMILEY-B.A., M.S.g Biology, Life Science: Track Coach Cross Country Coach A. Ross T. Sanford A. Schadney E. Scheurman M. Schubert F. Schumacher A. Scott H. Shawl W. Smiley Mr. Harkness explained some of the complexities of a vacuum tube used to show the mass versus energy ratio of an electron. I ??F'?1'f??'l Academic Entlrusiam livened The Halls ALLAN SOLOMONSON-B.A., M.A.g World History: Sophomore class advisor PAUL SMITH--B.S.p Electronics, Electronics Club Advisor, Wausau Technical Institute Teacher RAMON STADE-B.S.g World History, Lyceum, Audio-visual De- partment, Projectionist Club Advisor ISABELLE STELMAHOSKE-B.S., Nl.A.g English, Drama, Speech, Drama Club Advisor, Drama Director NATHALIE TANK-B.A., M.S., Physical Education: G.A.A. Advisor GEORGIA TAYLOR-B.S.g Home Economics, Modern Miss Club Advisor, Advisor of Cheerleaders, Arts Program GENE THOMAS-B.A.g Geometry, General Mathematics, Football Coach SUSAN TOBIE-B.A.p English JACK TORRESANI-Driver Education, Baseball Coach Looking in from the outside, Mr. Harkness was easily recognized by his favorite, though quite unique, lecturing stance. A. Solomonson P. Smith R. Stade I. Stelmahoske N. Tank G. Taylor G. Thomas S. Tobie J. Torresani "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" ran through Chris Blackwell's head as she opened the oven to retrieve her first baked alaska. ausau Senior High DARLENE HODGES-B.A.: English JANET VOLK-B.S.: Biology, Life Science, Modern Science: Stu- dent Council: Social Committee, International Club Advisor ELSIE WATERMAN-B.S.: Short Hand I, Typing l RUTH WENDORF-Guidance Office Secretary CLIFFORD WESTLUND-B.S., M.S.: English JANET WHEMPNER-B.S.: English: Student Council Advisor STANLEY WOODS-B.A., M.A.: World History: Prom Chairman, Co-Curricular Evaluation Committee THOMAS YELICH-B.Ed., M.A.: U.S. History: Sports Officiating MARGARET ZIELSDORF-B.Ed., M.A.: English: Dramatics Commit- tee, Department Head Mr. Henderson combined a vast knowledge of American history with personal teaching techniques to produce a comprehensive course for high school juniors. His stu- dents could not escape the realization that he was a very competent authority on the Civil War and, especially, on the life of President Lincoln. Going beyond the usual realm of history, Mr. Hender- son lectured on such current topics as "one hundred per cent Americanism," government regulation on big busi- ness, prayer in public schools, the John Birch Society, and McCarthyism. During the height of the presidential campaign, when radicals and reactionaries were often at each other's throats, Nlr. Henderson inspired many heated political discussions in room 152. Students were not only exposed to his views in lectures and discussions, but also in his frequent letters to "Brought by the Postman." D. Hodges J. Volk E. Waterman R. Wendorf C. Westlund J. Whempner 3 S. Woods T. Yelich M. Zielsdorf wx R A lk A tif" Qi i A K , A , J . A , ru a, I s A ,.. 8:3 ,ak Q Cm., A .. ANWL. J i is ,V Q 'f,x'v- x Q18 R, isaizxiiumi WW! rt to t- .-.. up 5 - 'I '- - , , .kg wi., f g 5 ' N -f ia. 4' 1" 7 N lm f sf, ,, , 1' ,. 1 -- . 7 l '- .v ' ' . 3 c f A' 1' fi A., 1 ,nf U., 3 M- If, 1 -' . C Ki- gif gf' i jj .- 'W' .1 .0 .- .3 L F' 9- X .M ' " ,fa .0-1. 51 ,.. K ,s ,, . " no 1 P 'W' Q' fs .ii-'+::.f'. .. in if sm S., ' -in 2 'Af gf W -ig , ' . , 41 sf 'Ds ' . i .. af 3 O kann wr K m 1 in ' - ' 3, n I . 1 Q, ' T l 1 , ""' .V-1: ' K D 'J m. ' ' -'t::.f... J , M S 1. V' v-wwf . . ' T , - 4- ,s l is . ., ,' i Ax . e 1 , .,. ...k, t, .K t -'sf 4. -is 1, Dynamic Staff Uffe ABOVE LEFT: The social science department invariably proved that birds of a feather flock together. Mr. Woods, Mr. Bennett, and Miss Riedeman formed their own clique even at meal time because no other teachers would tolerate their radical viewpoints. LEFT: Mr. Radcliff, an intern teacher from Eau Claire State University, took grades from a check test. He was one of four intern teachers who spent the first semester gaining classroom experience. BELOW: Although Senior High boasted a wide variety of courses, few students realized that ball bouncing and truck driving were offered as well as math analysis and integrated science. Kindergarten 1A attracted many youthful scholars. fied Curriculum ABOVE: Mr. Hagemann demonstrated the conductivity of solutions for the integrated science class. This course was designed for ad- vanced students. lt correlated chemistry, physics, and biology in preparation for college level science. RIGHT: Mrs. Meuret, physical education teacher for junior and senior girls, displayed good form as she demonstrated a volleyball spike. BELOW RIGHT: Art class was eagerly anticipated for it gave students an excuse to work outside, eliminating the inherent inhibitions of the class- room. Paul Spiegel and Mike Wadinski sketched their impressions while perched on garbage cans. :, , AK' In 3- J. 6 55... fe M' - ,Fx K., .i- 3. qf, :lf 'iii a X.. . as .. .. w E .V ,mug , , f.. is S :il at . Many teachers who demanded the undivided attention of their students during class were caught at the first fall faculty meeting practicing the opposite of what they preached. Too much summer vacation for them! Jim Wicke, one of Barry's boys, turned against his presidential candi- date on Nladhatters' Day to everyone's surprise. Quiet discussion of school work was permitted at library tables, but many students found silent concentration best. Teachers Broadened Students ' lfna Wledge 75 77 70 80 ' 87 5 3, 9' ' as 5 ei 1.. dir 90 .wg ' ff cu: was :fs 'lf . 22 5 Qt K awe was A ' ' f A' ' 9' 5' ' 7037 7Olo 7355 7193 7202 72lO 7215 fl-s 'HJ swf was a .1 we- :jg Y, 7024 7033 701: 7050 az' J 7355 7304 Xd.P As Miss Hedblom s finite math students plunged further into the realm of mathematics, they began to realize how little they knew and how much they still had to learn. T: Fair weather brought the boys' gym classes out-of-doors for football. After a half-mile on the sidewalk, the boys arrived at Thom Field for their game. Later they retraced their s, returning to school for their next class. Advanced biology classes gave sophomore students an opportunity life. A silk worm thoracie leg was studied by Kathlyn Petrowski to explore the fascinating microscopic world of plant and animal and Kari Westburg. .lv ,L 51? 4 :- 'Mraz' W Q - 'lf ,K ' 6 X 1 f . ' , . r T J . 5? sf , 4 . S , , , f .QQ ,mg,y MW' Us 1 1 i Q - Q fy Lf KJ f L' . 1 . QW. L , ms' -' V ' A: ,sn . x X fue, . ' llfilgf gr .QT A fl .l QL A iV1A wig, V E P. K .f A ' -4 .L kr ,J H., 5 , :FQ I R g ,sf , ,.., 1 4 ,Lf ' . - 1 A vm ., . , , , U R 1 X I 1 f , -fkQ ,.if A i byi. A , ,..w X 1 Msgs. U If fr 9 .fy-i . A, 9 , ,,H,,. , A ff ,L .U Ang 2 Y' ' gf? - 645 ? -,R 3 5 5 '1 1, . 1 A ' 3 ' 5j,p5f,ffief ",...... .ui-JJ u ,.,,v ggwhxk 5 xb- if slay' -QQ i. 5 , Y ,Q A . , I .nz U m W ifi! .,:iif'z2ff2 , H W' 492' STUDENT LIFE When we cheered the Lumberjacks to victory, cam- paigned for the homecoming candidates, rehearsed for "The Devil's Disciple", danced at the Prom, or participated in club activities, we contributed to the student life of Wausau High. In turn, the fun and satisfaction we enjoyed in our lives as students will contribute to wonderful memories for years to come. EDITORS: Sue Ross Turi Stolen KXQX Nw I ' 4 f Q5!Q-- f tits K I f- In . .. AX Q t I -52" fem 19' 91555 'Vi1Q"'-S54 it ' rm. . I 45 ' 1, ' I ' 015.15 fri' - ' ., ' I '. " ' . X X16 .A '61 E- . Q3 ' ti' 1 tffzuv-ff' I' - x I' H A ,u l.zfFb:.E: Xf ', 1, ,IAQ '58 ' " " ' 1 , is ' y:?gQ' Wnwi rev if fi"l1i-'Nat fri 4 - 1.-'1 ' 'fl' ' :K X Gwigiig f? I ' v' nu '2.,'.a . Q I .A I X55 E :PT 7' f' W 53: 2' Q ip . r '1 5 Q I I ' fa: i xi' D ,f Esi.l' 'K- 4 s sf- r I 'v WUPW I y t lj ' , 5 v I' V r l .. I 1 N , -4 .- . The Bellamy A ward Breught lllew Friend sm" 'Y Craig Karr, Student Council President, accepted the Bellamy Flag for the student body from Mr. Fred Braun. Dr. Margarette S. Miller, Bellamy Award Chairman, made the presentation to the Wausau Senior High School Alumni. On a Friday morning, at 9:30 A.M., Wausau Senior High School was given a very special honor. lt was October 9, 1964, when, in a very patriotic and distinguished cere- mony, Wausau High was presented the 1964 National Bellamy Flag Award by Dr. Margarette S. lVliller. The actual presentation program climaxed the activi- ties of the week. Previous to the program a trip to the school forest and a picnic was enjoyed by our guests. A dinner and dance were also arranged for student guests and hosts at the Y.M.C.A. All visiting students and dele- gates took a trip to Northern Wisconsin to view the lake country of Wisconsin. Invited guests from the com- munity and all visiting guests were served dinner one night at the school cafeteria. They were entertained by the Franklin School Fun Band. The runner-up for the Bellamy Award for 1964 was Oshkosh High School. A special runner-up award was presented by Mrs. Greer, a member of the Bellamy Board, to the principal, Dr. Carl Traeger. Since the presentation of the Bellamy Award, un- doubtedly just about every senior, junior, and sophomore realize that it was Francis Bellamy of Rome, New York, who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. lt was first used on October 21, 1892, in observing the 400th anni- versary of the discovery of America. Ronnie Ashcraft, from Tulsa Oklahoma, presented Wausau Senior High with the gift of an Indian headdress. nd lasting Pride T 0 All A t Wausau High lt was with great pride and admiration that the audi- ence welcomed David Bruce Marth, from the class of 1965, to the rostrum. David, the winner of the American Legion National Oratorical contest, gave his winning ora- tion, "The Constitution - Our Temple of Freedom" at the award presentation. Thus, two major successes of Wausau Senior High School, the Bellamy Award and the national oratorical champion, were brought together. To qualify for the Bellamy Award a school must be of a certain calibre and have specific characteristics. Miss Miller gave the following reasons for Wausau Senior High School's becoming the 1964 Bellamy Award School: The Proficiency of Performance of Duty by its Principal. The Wausau Story. The All-School Conservation Education Program. The Exceptionally High Calibre of the Teaching Corps. The Rich Tradition for High Standards and a Compre- hensive Program. The Student Body imbued with a High Level of Respon- sible Citizenship. The Accomplishments ofthe Alumni. The Enviable and Respected Record in Debate and Public Speaking. The Athletic Program, One of High Distinction. The School-Press Relationship. Mr. Marshall Taylor expressed his deep pride and honor in Wau- sau High for winning the National Bellamy Award. David Bruce Marth used a gesture to stress his sincerity in his winning oration, "The Constitution - Our Temple of Freedom." lb. Program Committee Planned A etivities 'haf' or uQstB00Y Pledie 1'9" , X .r-ue. The first few days during Bellamy Award week were devoted to Bob Johnson and Patti Averett, two of the twenty-seven Bellamy guest registration and classroom visitation. Award delegates, signed in from Tennessee. BELLAMY PROGRAM COMMITTEE Back row: Staats, Woods, Poulos, Swenby, Reineman, Keeler, Baranowski, Marquardt, Dix, Lee, Smith, Solomonson, Drown, Schumacher. Front row: Hylkema, G.,Johnson, Larson, Scheurman, Zielsdorf, Ross, Reynolds. The Traditions Uf Bellamy Will Continue The Bellamy Family New York . ....... 1942 Rome Free Academy ............. Rome 1 yiiil 1 Virginia .......... 1943 Cradock High School .......... Portsmouth Mr. L. A. Gardner, principal of Pierre S. du Pont High School in Wilmington, Delaware, will accept the 1965 Bellamy Award. ' 1944 Clnactivej Florida .......... Nebraska ........ lllrnors .......... Oregon .......... Indiana ......... Louisiana ........ Dist. of Columbia Pennsylvania . Ohio ............ Maryland ........ Michigan .... .... Washington ...... North Carolina Oklahoma ........ Georgia ..... California ........ Marne .......... Kansas . ......... Iowa ........... Boys Town Senn High School ............... Chicago Lincoln High School ............. Portland Arsenal Technical High School.lndianapolis Francis T. Nicholls High School New Orleans Western High School John Harris High School ....... Harrisburg West High School .............. Cleveland Annapolis High School .......... Annapolis l. W. Sexton High School ......... Lansing tlnactivel Pantego High School ............. Pantego Will Rogers High School ............ Tulsa Lanier Senior High School for Boys. .Macon Berkeley High School ........... Berkeley Cony High School ............... Augusta Topeka High School .............. Topeka West High School ............. . .Waterloo Tennessee ....... Central High School .......... Chattanooga Wisconsin ....... Wausau High School ............. Wausau Delaware .... Pierre S. du Pont High School . Wilmington Mr. David Bellamy Jr., grandson of Francis Bellamy, opened the presentation program by leading the audience in the salute to the flag. Student Exchange Program A ctive A t W Anaig displayed the French talent for art as she put the finish- ing touches on a watercolor painting. For two months in the summer of my junior year, I lived as an Italian, ate Italian food, walked in the Italian countryside, and breathed the smog of a big Italian city. I swam in the Mediterranean, played volleyball with'ltalian boys, and danced with Italian girls. I lived an altogether different life from the one I was used toy it was more active, more open, and more influential. When I looked back at my former self and home, I saw things in a different light. Things which had once been important to me became petty. I found out, to my surprise, that my friends and I weren't the sophisticates we thought we were. America was not always superior as I had been led to believe, there are more fulfilling and satisfying things in this world than we experience here in America. After I came back I soon forgot most of what I had learned. But certain things I can't forget because they have become a part of me. Besides an aggravated case of Wanderlust, an inability to become involved in the "little" things of life, I have the memory of a summer in an Italian metropolis, and days on white beaches bordering the Atlantic - a summer that is, and always will be for me, the most beautiful. Spending a whole year in a foreign country is certainly a wonderful experience, but the reasons why it is wonder- ful can vary. Things are different when countries are dif- ferent, of course, but does it matter if we wear short- shorts while you wear bermudas? Does it matter if we drive at eighteen when we can drink whenever we want to? Only one thing is important: the people. The American people are different. I have recognized it not only in their language but also in their hospitality. They are always ready to smile to make you feel better. Why the American people are so nice I can't explain, but they certainly are wonderful, and this will be the impression of Wausau and of the U.S.A. that I will never forget. I know that one day I will have forgotten all about Wausau High. I won't remember the curling, the football and basketball games, or the long, quiet halls. Cl swear l've seen them like that once-it was one evening at eight p.m.J I will forget lVlr. Bennett's essay tests, and the great smile he had when he said: "France is a mess!" The day when I won't even remember how to pronounce "Folies Bergeres" with an American accent, and when I will have completely found my French accent again, I will still remember that this year in Wausau was one of the happiest years of my life, and one of the richest, too After a hectic day, Anaig and Steve wore relieved smiles as they headed for a more relaxing environment. 41 Wausau Weak Expressed Vivid Imagination A multitude of sleepy students kicked off Wausau Week early Monday morning by chanting a few vociferous cheers during the assembly in the gym. Following this, Miss Schadney introduced the Queen candidates, and Mr. Brockmeyer introduced the "Fighting Lumberjacks". For the next few days, booster buttons, campaign posters, and painted cars were constant reminders of the school spirit generated by Wausau Week. Following tradition, the queen candidates paraded around the campus Tuesday noon in a final horn-honk- ing campaign. Elections were held during the homeroom period directly after lunch. On Thursday, Madhatters' Day, imaginative students crowned themselves with everything under the sun - including skunks! That evening prizes were awarded for the most striking creations. Wausau Eve highlighted a memorable week. It featured Angela Baldi as Miss Wisconsin, Bob Skoronski of the Green Bay Packers, and the Harlem River Swamp Rats. For the first time in Wausau Eve history, the Tophatters performed at the show. Late in the evening, as a climatic finish to a wonderful night, Dave Ullrich, master of cere- monies, broke a silent spell of tension with the proclama- tion that Barbara Louze had been chosen the 1964 Wau- sau Day Queen. After being crowned, she reigned over the homecoming dance. Friday night a spirited Wausau team rolled over Men- omonie with a score of 47-14. A victory hop after the game brought Wausau Week to a delightful close. Above right: During the new teachers' skit, Mrs. McElrath, Miss Zepplin, Miss Herbst, Mr. Reitz, and Miss Coyle were given a chance to reminisce about how they spent their time as students. The top ten finalists in the Madhatters' Day contest modeled their winning creations for judges who graded them on originality, theme, imagination, and over-all appearance. No vehicles were barred from the Wausau Week parade. As a result, everything from tractors to Continentals was fantastical- ly decorated in support of queen candidates. Excitement and suspense marked the feelings of all who par- ticipated in Wausau Eve activities. Students themselves put on the show with the added entertainment of professionals. . x ,Q ' 'X Vivacious senior girls joined in a spirited kick for their skit, The new teachers displayed extraordinary talent in their skit which "Sob-Sob", and their humorous song about their years at Wau- dealt with educational television. During a. science lesson the sau Senior High. From left to right are: Mikkelson, Verga, "Coleopteras" let loose with a hilarious imitation of the famous Badten,.Zajackowski, Beneditz, Zastrow, Boyce, Anderson, Zas- "Beatles", From left to right they are: Mr. Radcliffe, Mr. lhde, trow, Miller, Ninneman, and Cloutier. Mr. Langbehn, and Mr. Groenewold. W E B lit D ' 'f ' d 7 I t The Harlem River Swamp Rats, from the University of Wiscon- Miss Cornwell, forced to marry the villainous Mr. Smith, was sin, brought additional entertainment to Wausau Eve with saved by the dashing hero, none other than Mr. Furr, in this their "Blue-grass" music. vear's old teachers stunt. Queen Bobbi Reignad Uver Wausau Day ,av-v ion ' sg QL, The climatic moment of a wonderful evening came when Angela Queen for 1964. It will always be a memorable event which Bobbi The Queen's Court-Peggie Post, Sandy Ostring, Barb Wheeler, and Sue Ross-and their companions-Bob Norberg, Paul Evans, Bill Arvold, and Lynn Buss-waited as Mike Ryan escorted Queen Barb Louze down the traditional white carpet. Baldi, Miss Wisconsin, crowned Barbara Jean Louze Wausau Day will never completely forget. Sandra Ostring and Peggie Post gave cheerful smiles before the homecoming game on Friday night. The Queen and her Court were presented to the audience during the half time, thus bringing the week to a royal finish. gs. if mf cf. . sie: V - ilssiffli ya , W 4. , -A my If i 1:5225 f we 2 Wvliiii., j i :m: 555 fggrqnf 1, , f . 5 '33 siifi . gg' ", ' :fig fx SQ X S tri' :ng L ix E4 ,Y ,Yi jw n 3 E33 1' fig? H Q' his 55? 3? iz? " Q, m ia. W Y K , Z fi' gg sf 4 Q fi, 2 2, er, AwE3'1i57 5' s P! wa ' li Af gk Y 1 3' Pa .F 9 ff ii' +1 ew 111211-W H7 UCF' E .Nun n' """-QM Y A 'ff Q v A 'Win + hfwsw MN . J, . . . . A M.. Q Wx. N , if " T ealmuse Ui The August Moon " WasA Hit TOP ROW: Roberts, Baumann, Arvold, Clifford. FOURTH ROW: Norberg, Rolfson, Krolikowski, Buzza, Onheiber, Ballschmieder, Holster, Larson, Hessert, Schymanski. THIRD ROW: Ban le Gorski Yonke Kovach M'll P t P h D . g , , , , i er, os , re n, onner SECOND ROW: Knaack, Mikkelson, Ross, Boyce, Manuel, Sleeter, Zajackowski, Flaker, Ninneman. FRONT ROW: Spiecher, Ryan, Maas, Brandenburg, Fox, Toby, Plischke, Fink, Stevens. Miss Stelmahoske and Miss Schadney were aided by Smit and John Roberts in directing and producing play, "Teahouse' of the August Moon." Jim the The dramatists from the mighty class of 1965 worked for a month memorizing lines of dialogue, concentrating on their placements on stage, and trying to capture the true character of their roles, to present "Teahouse of the August Moon" on November 18th and 19th. The play took place in Tobiki, where chaos broke out when an American occupation unit moved in to "enlight- en" the islanders with Western world culture. Sakini, the poverty-stricken philosophical interpreter, was played by Mike Ryan. He kept the audience amused and informed with his side-remarks. Captain Fisby, the head of the unit in Tobiki, was portrayed by Bob Norberg. Constantly making a blunder of things, Fisby had Colonel Purdy Cim- personated by Pete Hessertj convinced that he was in- sane. Purdy sent a psychiatrist to secretly examine Fisby, but his plan backfired when the "little man in the white jacket" became affected with the Okinawan way of life. Fisby gave poor Purdy a terrific headache when he built a teahouse instead of the official pentagon-shaped school- house and added a geisha girl in the process! The entire cast, through the help of Miss Stelmahoske and Miss Schadney, put forth its best efforts to reach the final result which was a very successful and highly amus- ing, "Teahouse of the August Moon." "Mist" Was Theme of Junior Girls ' Dance Soft strains of music filled the air as more than two hundred and fifty couples danced to the music of the Lynn Winch Orchestra, on the night of the 1964 Junior Girls' Holiday Dance. The theme "Mist" was supplemented with glittering snowflakes and mistletoe dotting a gold and white crepe paper ceiling. Greens and poinsettias adorned the walls. Arrangement of snow-covered evergreens and a bubbling water fountain was situated to one side of the dancing floor. Preparations started early with the prob- lem of finding a source for the "Mist". The solution came in the form of a fountain filled with dry ice. This however presented another problem, for there was no dry ice to be found in Wausau, and it finally had to be shipped from Marshfield, Wisconsin. Four freshman girls from John Muir Junior High School served the refreshing punch and colorful Christmas cookies in the Terrace Room at the Wausau Club. Parties before and after the dance added to the enjoyment of the evening. The purpose of Junior Girls' to earn enough money for a senior girl's scholarship was accomplished with much hard work and a great amount of fun. LEFT: A sparkling water fountain surrounded by pine scented evergreens was the center of attraction at this year's dance. Holiday Dance Committee Chairmen Mary LaHaie decorations Esther Anderson, co-chairman, Kay Schultz, publicity, Julie Oldenburg, co chairman Turi Stolen finance Sue Plisch refreshments and chaperons and Peggy Maley, invitations. . -,K ., sigh any V A -is , ,Axial - is .2 - K ' 1 ,', i .7 J L, . . . s'fs A 5 1,5 1,-....' I L ,alt 42211-4 'L 1, X 4 siz..c.L ,..,,.. k,k.k,k , K U A k , BACK ROW: McEachron, Sheerar, Snook, Short, Johnson, Lassow, Stevens, Wicke, Christensen, Hook Qabsentj. FRONT ROW: Lindow, Salzman, Borth, Otto, Dzubay, Maaser, Wollenzien, Rolfson. I " T heme T oA Zombie ' Introduced T oplzatters The rhythm SeCti0h Dl'0Vided 2 SUONSY reliable be-at f0l'.the The 1965 brass section was certainly one of the best. in FGS'f of the band- This y93f'S 9hS9fhble CDl3h0 and Vibes Tophatter's long history. It featured the precisional, driving h0t Sh0Wh5 WHS marked by faleht and 9XD9VlehCe- power which was necessary to hold the band together. . .1 gs, 51 iw if , W .V-may wg - i g5.eiie2?',-Q tif' Rt gg ' rt it f ew .5 'F Superb Entertainment Was Enjoyed ByAll The organization of the program rested in the hands of the leader and master of ceremonies. Chuck Borth and Jim Smit maintained the traditional high standards of performance. Versatility in the sax section became a Tophatter "first" this year. Two of the members Borth and Salzman, doubled on clarinet and gave the band a new and different sound. Tophatters offered diversified entertainment for everyltaste. Marsha Cutting and Leslie Swazee demonstrated poise in this year's unique dance routine - "Wedding Cha Cha Cha." Tophatters returned to the tradition of playing for more than just an annual show. The band played at the Thursday night Wausau Eve program, providing music during short intervals in the show and adding to the majesty and suspense of the crowning of the queen. The boys practiced continually for the 24th annual show given on January 7, 19651 They even had prac- tices every week-day morning of Christmas vacation, beginning at 8:00 A.lVl.! The show on Thursday night was attended by about 1000 persons. Under the di- rection of Chuck Borth, student leader, and Jim Smit, Master of Ceremonies, the band presented a varied program of new and old favorites. Soloists were found in all sections, with Chuck Borth on clarinet and alto sax, Ron Lassow on trumpet, Dick Sheerar on tenor sax, and Jim Wicke on trombone. The vocal additions to the show were supplied by a duet fea- turing Jan Bauman and Ron Jacobson, and the solo "Tonight" by Roger Spiecher. A skit satirizing society through the eyes of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson added comedy to the show, Chuck Schyman- ski and Bob Norberg played the parts. Early in February the band presented an hour pros gram for the Wausau Technical Institute students. This performance, held in the Grand Theater, was attended by students as part of the semester break entertain- ment. The band was also invited to play for the Wiscon- sin'State Future teachers of America convention. PROM CHAIRMEN AND ADVISORS STANDING: Miller, Willing, Holup, Moseman, Foerster, Gilbertson fabsent: D. Lonsdorf, Brodhead, John son, Christianj. SEATED: Miss Rennak, Mr. Reinemann, Mr. Woods, Mr. Madison, Miss Cornwell. Studan ts Anticipated Tahitian A tmosplzara Far-away places captured the fancy of the Junior Class for their Prom. The decorations created a scene of lovely tropical palms and lush jungle vegetation. The mood was dreamy, warm, and - of course - very romantic. Held on May 7, from 8:30 until 12:30 at the Youth Building in Marathon Park, the 1965 Prom had 'Tahiti' as its theme. Larry Woodbury's Orchestra provided music for the very memorable evening. Climaxing the affair was the crowning of Queen Kathy Morris by her king and Junior Class President, Dave Uilrich. The couple reigned over the dance, ac- companied by their court which was composed of Stu- dent Council officers and commissioners, class officers, and committee chairmen. Girls spent the weeks beforehand discussing dresses, hair styles, and dates. The boys were quiet but they, too, felt the anticipation. Friday afternoon was a most difficult time for concentration on studies. Plans for parties before and after the Prom were discussed ex- citedly and everyone tried to find out about decorations which were to remain a secret. The Post-Prom held at the Wausau Club following the dance, was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. Music was played in the ballroom upstairs and pictures were taken of each couple as mementos of the wonderful evening. In the dining room, a buffet supper of chicken, roast beef, and a seafood dish was served at midnight, after which the couples danced "that last dance." Saturday morning the prom committee journeyed back to the scene of the preceding night's festivities and sadly took down the decorations, recovering some for their scrapbooks and bulletin boards. The decorations committee worked diligently to capture the atmosphere of the South Sea island, Buddas and all! wi ,. :asv Raimi-' ' Q3 s. K 5. if "Essie" and "Dick Dudgeon," portrayed by Dora Gorski and Bob Norberg, practiced their lines at rehearsal. The principle members of the play cast: Dora Gorski, Jim Smit, Chris Beatty, Craig Reineking, and Chuck Schymanski attempted to capture the moods of various characters in "The Devil's DiscipIe." The spring play was a melodrama put on by members of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes in May. For the first time in a long while, a comedy was exchanged for drama of a dif- ferent vein. Members of the play cast worked long and hard, but managed to have a wonderful time while they were gaining valuable experience. Hisses and cheers accented the villianous or heroic efforts on the part of the characters. "T he De vil 's Disciple " Entertaineu' A t WH S BACK ROW: Beatty, Gorski, Reineking, Geiger, Hessert, Norberg, Ballschmieder, Schymanski, Clifford, Roberts. MIDDLE ROW: Deutch, Stone, Trembath, Eikeland, Wendorf, Harper, Snook, Plishke, Keskey, Salzman, Etzkin. SEATED: Stolen, Oldenburg, Kosmerchock, De Mary, Bettin, Beilke, Leffler, Blank. A person with a coke in one hand and cards in the other was a very familiar sight during the lunch hours. Bridge popularity reached an all time high, while knitting, socializing, and even studying followed close behind as acceptable substitutes. From left to right were Sue Ross, Joann Olsen, Sandy Meyer, Jackie Miller, Bill Hensel, Kathy Morris, Bev Boyce, and Turi Stolen. H S Contributed T 0 The Year's Crazy Falls No school year is complete without the invention of some new fads. At the Bellamy Award dinner-dance, Phil Omi "wound up" to Madras, textured stockings, "Beatle" haircuts, and shoulder strap bags show Chris Beatty just exactly what he meant when he said, were just a few that we discovered. "Would you like to dance-California style?" PSI I gf pin-sl! me-1 3 we I FY? if 13' w. fiififliifif 5 jfgfgif . 12 :wx!iE"- wer? I . faiiwt A QM 3: 'ffgiiigi L-. ' 5 4 Qiiifiisq gg 1 i V gfgkl'?Evgg 'QESSY -iggig ET! 31. tg I P' 5 'S ACTIVITI S The astronomy club stargazed on the roof top while decorations committees slaved in the boiler room. GAA members battled at the volleyball nets, and Modern Misses served tea in the model home. Skiers schussed the white slopes of Rib Mountain as biolo- gists dissected red foxes . . . In diverse but fascinating ways we enjoyed student activities. EDITORS: Sue Ninneman Roald Rolfson ASSISTANT: Chris Beatty P QMQQ-. I Xb il I Qw', I R I 5 gil ' I I 'Q'Il'vl' nA '." X 1 N , I Eli' ,Na '-.V A Inn 4 'W T -7- A:Q?giQ '1 A 'l'f' Nxt: -' r'-- ., - -.: 1 A I f s ' VJ-19-is ' ' . - . I. IFS .rw ,su xr. ll- ,I R lk .fs lf'5f'j,, ,inel " b if , 1 F. 'K "jf r I I... gh I ' I TH IF, T ' ' .0 M - g .' -2 . ax' .WY '- f 'fl ' ,K ul . E.: X l,, " 1 . I, i. ' f f its fall: . 'IQ' I 1 Bl l xi .L , 1 'M 4 MMM' ,f2. X .--7' Qmwf g? 1 'S ll" 211-' 1 - w 'Al . . 5 ' ' g-x JJ hiQf N' Y fi 1 ' z?"l1,' iv Ev 'wHLvW1igzm- W I-r. -ilvllua as' 'l . 45 I 'll ' l "3 5: - -if CSS: li in 1-: --. UN: -K fini' N " ig!-S' 'gl' ' . Q' ' -. 1 'U I A4 .A ' M' V4 NWN? K' ef. its" , rf 1 Q7 ,M " it-f 'Q iv ,EM ..,. A1 First semester Student Council Officers: Craig Karr, President: Student Council Commissioners: Chris Carspecken, Sue Thom- John Lang, ViC6-PFeSid6f1t2 and P68 Post, S6CI'6tal'y- asgard, Sandy Will, Sandy Ostring, and Jacque Fulmer. The First And Second Semester Student FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL BACK ROW: lmbach, Rhoda, Rounds, Cooper, Shepherd, Anklam, Rolfson, Rothman, Leitermann, Evans, Reineking, Sydow, Luet- Schwager, Viste, Nass, Arvold, Tranetzki. THIRD ROW: Casperson, Fox, Prehn, Werth, Schranz, Gray, Leffler, Schalow, Rusch, Jahnke, Brandenburg, Coulouarn, Steckling, Duwe, Christian, Teuke. SECOND ROW: Eikeland, Hennig, Holtz, Lombard, Marquardt, Jones, Sparks, Weiner, Kaetterhenry, Nlathwich, Polege, Nielsen, Bundy, Kluever, Wolf. FRONT ROW: Hayes, Brandt, Schlitz, Hahn, Blaschka, Wendorf, Kischel, Morrison, Nimz, Doede, Pittsley, Deutch. The Student Council at Wausau Senior High was modeled after the representative form of government which has existed in the United States since 1781. Through the homeroom representatives elected each semester, the desires of the entire student body were expressed in the council. A student's suggestion at a homeroom meeting was voiced by the representative, discussed by the council, considered by the faculty and administration, and finally adopted or rejected, some- times according to an all-school vote. Student Council meetings were held every two weeks during a class period which was designated through rotation. The council's standing committees dealt in the five areas of pep, school affairs, social affairs, publicity, and finance. Special committees were also formed spontaneously to handle such projects as the candy sale and the Junior Red Cross drive. The Student Council was responsible for purchasing a school flag and an American flag for the assembly hall, for sponsoring hops after games, for choosing all-school assembly pro- grams, and for providing scholarships. The council also initiated senior privileges this year and continued its annual Safety Week which stressed cautious driving. ln addition, the Student Council adopted a foreign child - Ho Wing Sang from Hong Kong - by paying S120 each month to support him. With such an out- standing list of services, the council deserved the ad- miration of every Wausau High student. 'QF' Mi gy The very capable second semester Student Council officers were: John Wiechmann, Vice-President: Gary Koerten, Presi- dent: and Turi Stolen, Secretary. ouneils Served Their Schools A dmiralfly SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL BACK ROW Jahnke, Goertz, Anklam, Veenstra, Hahn, Peterson, Cooper, Halkoski, Amsrud, Ostrander, Karr, Peterson, Sydow, Nel- son, Hagge, Evans, Van Ornum, Nass. THIRD ROW: Surges, Shannon, Meseke, Babcock, Cigan, Schwister, Duncanson, Olsen, Kaetterhenry, Weiner, Moseman, Wolf, Zie- bell, Coulouarn, McElrath, Kettunen, Stasney. SECOND ROW: Schroth, Schlitz, McCullough, Bundy, Schumann, Christian, Buss, Krohn, Newman, Klos, Lorenzen, Berens, Brandt, Bowen, Shannon FRONT ROW: Gilbertson, Knoeck, Miller, Hayes, Quade, Hitz, Trembath, Kronenwetter, Sann. 2 ir. all Q 2 1 JI 2 I e, , R il S 1 , 3 1 WAH ISCAN BUSINESS STAFF: BACK ROW: Leffler, Harper, Yonke, Roberts, Schalow, Lewitzke, Anderson, Olsen. SECOND ROW: Steiner, Nimz, Cutting, Nelson, Treibel, Thomasgard, Pagel, Lombard. FRONT ROW: Kosmerchock, Deutch, Seidel, Jones, Ninnemann, Hayes, Wheeler Business Staff Pro vided Needed Funds The business staff, headed by Mr. Dzubay, Sue Yonke, and Joann Olsen, planned the WAHISCAN advertising section. nw'- Q H' - ..:f- -f-', - f , ffefigf-W' "1 ww---u-ng.. Every seventh period room 207 came alive with the activities of the WAHISCAN staff. The typewriters' steady clicks and the editors' continuous chatter were heard unceasingly from August to Nlay. During those ten months eighteen minds-determined to reach the All-American goal-created the yearbook for 1965. They took pictures, composed headlines, wrote copy, laid out pages, proofread articles, and ultimately met deadlines. They became discouraged when their copy had to be rewritten and when their lay-outs were re- jected, but they redoubled their efforts every time. When the pressure of deadlines became an unbelievable strain, the staff continued to produce quality work with- out fail. Guided by a dedicated advisor, lVlr. Rosen- hauer, and a capable editor-in-chief, Nancy Tinkham, the staff hoped to put out an annual which would be unequaled in Wausau High's history. The WAHISCAN business staff, headed by lVlr. Dzubay, was concerned with selling space for adver- tisements and assembling the materials for the ad section. Prodded by the two managers-Sue Yonke and Joann Olsen-the advertisement solicitors suc- ceeded in selling more pictorial ads this year than ever before. The business staff, too, found itself con- tinuously under pressure to increase its volume of sales to help pay for the additional yearbook produc- tion costs. Not only was there a record-breaking total of 2230 yearbooks published this year, but there was also an increase in the size of the book. Besides these factors, a two-page colored picture and a quarter-bound cover added to rising costs and more headaches for the business staff. But, all in all, the activity was a pro- fitable one for editorial and business staffs alike. 16 i WAH ISCAN EDITORIAL STAFF BACK ROW: Ross, Camps, Post, Mr. Rosenhauer, Tinkham, Hessert, SECOND ROW: Lassow, Rolfson, Tranetzki, Short, Stevens. FRONT ROW: Stolen, Bangle, Servis, Beatty, Ninnemann, Schuetz, Foerster. "Hosy"A nd Editors Produced 196 5 Annual WAHISCAN co-editors, Peg Post and Bill Short, discussed a Directing editorial production of this year's WAHISCAN was final lay-out for the introductory section. the capable and efficient editor-in-chief, Nancy Tinkham. Q'-1 'lls. A A ,t ff' ,fe 1 55 ig . ,J :Q ,lf 1,31 I Ns 5, QE f-. 55, ,Cx It ,,Q. at , X 1 f-ghyr' I S ,Aves iff af S v ,ff , .M el. O , , .. 1 l . ll...-rf-A .- J SKYROCKET REPORTERS BACK ROW: Post, Day, DeMary, Westgate, Nass, Schuetz, Roberts, Nelson, Lewitzke, Schalow, Maas, Genrich. THIRD ROW: Holtz, Moseman, Lister, Gray, Treibel, Day, Johnson, Sparks, Goetsch, Pfaff. H SECOND ROW: Ninneman, Glasel, Voigt, Plisch, Bliss, Diebel, Mathwich, Lemke, Miller, Keskey, Steiiner. I FRONT ROW: Colcord, Doede, Krzmarcik, Kosmerchock, Servis, Schaller, Mason, Shovers, Ninneman, Christian. Slryraclret Staff Worl ed Hard T 0 lnfor Throughout the years there has been a certain amount of rivalry between the SKYROCKET and the WAHISCAN staffs at WHS. But this year the WAHIS- CAN, due to forces beyond control, must salute the SKYROCKET staff and their advisor for a job well done in regard to their excellent coverage of such events as the Bellamy Award and Wausau Week. The student body was informed of all major activities and student accomplishments by a diligent and hard-working staff. Conferring with Mrs. Scheurmann, the SKYROCKET advisor, were the head editors: Van Ornum, Carspecken, Cutting, and Maas. Char Maas and Linda Van Ornum discussed the publication of the SKYROCKET with Mr. Kieffer at the Sun Press. st? , , V t UA SKYROCKET BUSINESS STAFF BACK ROW: Scheffler, Bloomquist, Roberts, Estreen, Huebner, Tranetzki, Grosinske. FRONT ROW: Gritzmacher, Grosinske, Jones, Rydell. Hahn. tuden ts Uf Significant .S'cl1aolA ffairs SKYROCKET editors constantly found themselves gathering news, writing articles, planning headlines, taking pictures, and cor recginhlg copy. The editors Qstandingj were Schiefelbein, Beneditz, Bachhuber, Weyenth, and Lewitzke, Qsittingj Amsrud, Johnson an umphrey. -W 5 i , 5 WAUSAU SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND FRONT ROW: Larson, Borth, Steckling, Wendorff, Bloomquist, Kosmerchock, Weinke, Salzman, Green, Hook, Traeger, Wienandt, Albrecht Gilbertson, Day, Camps, Sleeter. SECOND ROW: Rozelle, Henning, Schujz, Trembath, Hahn, Knippel, Treibel, Tiffany, Fulmer, Goetsch, Klos. THIRD ROW: Bangle, Hahn, Domres,LEetH', Kittel, Dodson, Wilde, Behm, Zinkevicz, Behm, Buzza, Williams, Otto, Doescher, Casperson McEachron, Holtz, Hahn, Sheerar, Schuaetz, Will, Lawson. Posed with drum major Paul Buzza were Wausau's lively majorettes: Jane Bangle, Lind Hook, Mary Camps, Mary Lou Kittel, and Mary Holtz. They added spice to the band. T .0 a Werth, Virginia Green, Bonnie Goetsch, Judy F5 FOURTH ROW: Lambrecht, Enkers, Rust, Thirsten, Green, Ventzke, Engstrom, Dorn, Plisch, Dzubay, Nussbaum, Nelson, Stevens, Car- penter, Brandenburg, Maaser, Gray, Lassow, Arvold, Zahn, Cigan, Casanova, Sparr, Werth, McElrath, Wicke, Rolfson, Christensen, Wol- Ienzien. BACK R W: Wirt Hahn, Hook, Burger, Wen el, Peterson, Koening, Johnson, Snook, Sternberg, Short, Evjue, Kischel, Anklam, Becker, i ink ,?iyedMajarn0leAr WHS .ff As J bg The Wausau High band, under the direction of Mr. onald Evenstad, was one of the most active organiza- tions in school. Three weeks before school started band members were at Thom Field practicing for foot- ball game half-time shows. When the weather turned cold, the band rehearsed indoors and concentrated on the music for numerous concerts which were given throughout the school year. The first such concert was given at Christmas in conjunction with the orchestra. On March 1, the band performed at the second annual Student-Directors' Concert at which various members conducted the band. Among the remaining perform- ances were the John Muir Concert, the Horace Mann Concert, the Spring Concert, and the Memorial Day Concert given on the courthouse lawn. The group also prepared for the April contest at the Band Festival held in Rhinelander. They were judged on prepared numbers, a sight reading number, and marching ability. In addition to working as a group, band members excelled individually. Each musician was expected to give up one study hall per week for a private lesson and to prepare a solo with piano accompaniment. Many of the members spent hours practicing for the Solo-En- semble Contest held April 3, in Stevens Point. The com- binations that played for this contest included solos, duets, trios, quartets, sextets, and brass choirs. The Wausau High pep band played spirited numbers at all home basketball games and pep assemblies. WAUSAU SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW: Goodwin, Clark, Ebersold, LaCerte, Bettin, Hoeft, Forsmo, Bachhuber. SECOND ROW: Trembath, Toby, Bergman, Kitchell, Templeton, Schulz, Rozelle, Sleeter, Camps, Larson, Borth, Rassmusen, Vorwalske, Reavil, Lindow. Students Received lllewAppreeiatio The Wausau Senior High School Orchestra, under the direction of lVIr. Riege, enriched the cultural lite of the student body and the entire community through its en- tertaining concerts. The first public performance of the year was the Christmas Concert, given on December 17, which was immediately followed by the annual Christmas Assembly with the choir. 'ln addition to assemblies at the two local junior high schools, concerts were held in mid- winter and spring. The year's programs were concluded with the commencement concert and the "Pop-Concert On-the-Lawn", an annual event. The orchestra, which has a membership of sixty mu- sicians, also specialized in ensemble and solo performe ances. Advanced technical ability enabled the members to study a great variety of music, this year, including a Beethoven symphony, a Nlozart concerto, Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess", and "Lecuona's Andalucia Suite." SENIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB FRONT ROW: Duranceau ner, Nowitzke, Buttke, Ohde der. Buehler, Csencsics. li Steckling, Stankowski, Kett- Behr, Mueller, Rhyner, Schnei- SECOND ROW: Pepin, Radue- chel, Laatsch, Goede, Neu- mann, Marquardt, Foland, Biel, Rhyner, Marquis, Rounds. BACK ROW: Schymanski, Jones, Grabau, O'Brien, Jehn, Rothmeyer, Halverson, Deg- ner, Hannemann, Shanak, 1 gf- : 5 .. 3 1 S ,QR t'i x THIRD ROW: Walters, Sparks, Hackbarth, Behm, Etzkin, Behm, Zinkevcz, Buzza, Carpenter, Brandenburg, Maaser, Wicke, Christensen, Mc Elrath, Tiffany Goetsch, Schwichtenburg, Ryan, Viste. BACK ROW: Dolloff, Richter, Kamholz, Bush, Wirt, Knaak, Balgord, Witt, Schmidt, Johnson, Burger, Koenig, Hook, Stern- berg, Mr. Riege, Schultz, Loiz. rough Vocal A nd lnstrumen tal Music The combined Glee Club was made up of two separate classes which met during the second and seventh periods. The group developed a fine repertoire, including an op- eretta, musical comedies, and contemporary songs. Music appreciation and taste discrimination were a few of the highlights stressed in these two classes. Vocal training and conducting experience were other endeavors which proved to be valuable as well as enjoyable. These were elective classes and of interest to many students. The Choir profited from a challenging year of musical study under the direction of Mrs. Bischoff. Their first ma- jor performance was for the Bellamy Award Program in October. A hectic Christmas schedule included television broadcasts, programs for the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, performances at the bank, and an assembly program for the student body. Several vocal soloists and ensemble groups participated in the Annual Choir Festival at Rhine- lander and contests at Stevens Point and Eau Claire. Wfyfflwflffg W V-ff 00-f,4VL' dVW,,,f"7AJ 9 W , MW .QW rf' .M .Qt I SENIOR HIGH CHOIR FRONT ROW: Bloom, Krause, Carpenter, Yach, Blair, Peter- son, Rhyner, Kent, Erdmann, Arkens, Erdman, lson, Joseph. SECOND ROW: Shanak, Low- ry, Gering, Jones, Kroeplin, Poppe, Donehower, King, Jan- ikowski, Rainville, Anderson, Kent, Guenther, Lawton. THIRD ROW: Gajewski, Wergin, Baumann, Boelter, Jahns, Mervvin, Denfeld, Ninnemann, Borchardt, Goetsch, Anderson, Kahler, Knaack. BACK ROW: Fuchs, Hassel, Gereau, Thiel, Campbell, Wal- lace, Kluetz, Koerten, Betts, Jacobson, Spiecher, Betts, Jirgl, Hagen, Blackwood, See- hafer. 1, . , , K Q ,,k,,. e ,:., j 'ii t U. K - S' Q ,, Q t -':: T Q , T f s -i ef rg . 4 -- Vf" fax V .-,A. , 2, 1, f' tg 0 - tc.. L .e - K, , t N, l f I T I 1 Y 3 E at . f . J, sg ,ae E , ' -f,f , ,A Q rx 441 -N Q' Q 6 3 . Q 1 . W 'Q ff t M3 ,Q it lg at " " 5, is a S Mud sa:-1 A Q5 75' F333 3 3 . W. 5' 'Q , A th ta g t is in itlivi g gl xii: im, L is if w 1 f M fi H S. we -Q . 5. 2 .. f it l , 352 Ji' at in M3 , ,N 3:25 1 t ,U xg W Q 25 gi . X lilo X 1 E S ' E if Q Si f 3 5 if 3 f T 3 1 K' I Q 2 ,c7?Z.i: E , 3 5 T l 3, " ' f ' 13 1 if 3 . T Ili' 2: I . 2 ll 1.2 K fi . 9 E 5 'Q . E 52 2 5-xiii X 3 , ,silk . 3 Q 2 . 2 x, iii aft . L t TRI-M OFFICERS Back Row: McElrath, vice-president, Rolfson, president, Wicke, historian. Front Row: Schultz, secretary: Hagen, treasurer. Modern Music Masters, often called Tri-M, was an international organization which advanced the spirit of good music, furthered the reputation of school as a music center, and increased the students' musical knowledge. In order to become a member, one must have maintained a B average in music and at least a C average in academic subjects. Excellent character and good attitude toward teachers and fellow students were other important criteria for selection. Another musical organization, Musical Club, presented such programs as lessons in conducting, teaching elemen- tary rhythms, and critically analyzing music of the 18th and 19th centuries. The study of innovations and in- novators previous to the 20th century was also con- sidered. Under the direction of Mr. Evenstad, both of these clubs were very successful. Various literary clubs were also a part of school activities. The Senior Seminar was a group of studious, ambitious students who took time out from their reg- ular classwork to read and discuss the great books of our time. These students met once a month under the direction of Miss Schadney and Mr. Furr to compare their opinions with those of their counterparts. Through these discussions, they gained a greater insight on the views of both American and foreign authors. The pro- grams of the Book Club were very similar to those of Senior Seminar. The Book Club, however, was com- posed not only of seniors, but of all who were in- terested. Other club activities included a Christmas party, local speakers, and a variety of films. Many Enjoyed The Universal language MUSIC CLUB Back Row: Schuetz, Behm, Burger, Schmidt, Rolfson, Borth, Buzza, Wicke, Zahn, Sheerar, Traeger, Werth. Third Row: Schultz, Behm, Carpenter, Green, Short, Wollenzier, Wirt, Gray, Treibel, Larson. Second Row: Will, Zinkevcz, Ventzke, Hannamann, Tiffany, Steckling, Coulouarn, Slaminski, Hook assel. Front Row: Rust, Lawson, Baumann, Forsmo, Cutting, King, Foerster, Doescher, Holtz, Camp -...... AA, , 1 fx ua 5 "' N W ki BOOK CLUB ' - Back Row: Wergm, Hintz, Franck, Plautz, Bloomquist, Woodward, Lemke, Engebrecht, Garski, Bundy. Front Row: Ehlert, Reetz, Jelen, Jonas, Dodson, Welnke, Krzmarcik, Weiland. literary Clubs Discussed Various Books SENIOR SEMINAR Back Row: Kline, Olsen, Campbell, Stevens, Coleson, Stureon, Arvold, Roberts, Goodwin, Lang, Carspecken, Nelson, Westgate, Ross Third Row: Bliss, Fox, Tinkham, Steckling, Goertz, Day, Gray, Tiffany, Reavill, Bangle, Post, Prehn. Second Row: Maas, Meyer, Ross, Gleason, Cutting, Miller, Zinkevcz, Camp, Radloff, Lawson. Front Row: Schumacher, Flaker, Fehl, Mason, Sleeter, Ninneman, Burnett, Doede, Colcord. Q L., J UTHROTAR: K BACK ROW: Lassow, Lonsdorf, Perry, Lonsdorf, Sanford, Wenzel, Ullrich, Treu, Rolfson, Schmidt, Driessen, Borth, Coleson. SECOND ROW: Christensen, Short, Scott, Larson, Tranetzki, Alstad, Ryan, Tranetzki, Jensen. FRONT ROW: Finet, Kline, Breckner, Snook, Eggebrecht, Brodhead, Reynolds, Kurth. li'otaryA nd Quill-Scroll Hana ed Students Each month four different WHS boys attended the weekly Rotary Club meetings. They were joined by two boys from Newman and two from Everest. The various programs included the following: District Governor Bonson spoke on the ideals of Rotary: the assistant city engineer explained the Grand Avenue project: Steve Weiner told of his experiences in Europe: and Jack Ol- son, former Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, spoke on the Wisconsin trade mission to Europe. QUILL AND SCROLL: Quill and Scroll, an international society, honored stu- dents who possessed outstanding ability in the field of journalism. The qualifications necessary for admittance were: C15 a rank in the upper one-third of the junior or senior class, C21 superior achievement on a school publication staff, C35 a recommendation by the local advisor, and C45 the approval of the Society's Executive Secretary. All members received an honorary pin and the national magazine "Quill and Scroll." BACK ROW: Stolen, Humphrey, Grosinske, Lemke, Olsen, Schiefelbein, Schuetz, Bachhuber, Post, Miller, Ross. SECOND ROW: Wheeler, Treibel, Foerster, Mason, Bangle, Cutting, Day, Day, Rydell. FRONT ROW: Hessert, Lassow, Stevens, Maas, Camps, Rolfson, Tranetzki, Hannemann, Amsrud, Roberts. Badger Boys' State and Badger Girls' State proved to be an exciting and busy experience for seven WHS students. Throughout the week, they attended lectures, party caucuses, political forums, and local, county and state meetings. The boys' staters were also required to attend one of the Schools of Instruction: Law, Peace Officers, Civil Service, Community Development, or Parliamentary Law. Both the boys and the girls were assigned to either the Federalist Party or the Nationalist Party. Each one also belonged to a specific city and county within the state. Elections were held first on the city level, secondly on the county level, and finally on the state level. David lVlarth was elected Governor at Badger Boys' State. He was the first Wausau boy to have received this high position. Those students chosen to attend the '65 Boys' and Girls' States were: Robert Brodhead, Greg Finet, Dan LaCerte, Guy Reynolds, David Ullrich, Jamie Brose and Chris Beatty. One of the greatest distinctions which could be awarded to a student was membership in the National Honor Society. Wausau's local chapter was established in 1964 through student-faculty effort. It was founded to give recognition to students who had maintained at least a 3.25 grade average and had shown leadership and character. The honorary society was restricted to members of the graduating class. On April 25, a special program was held in the audi- torium for the presentation of the NHS pins and certi- ficates. A reception for the new members and their parents was held afterwards in the school cafeteria. The program climaxed the work and achievement of each honor student, and it served to re-emphasize the Wausau High tradition of excellence in scholarship. The Boy and Girl Staters were: Rolfson, Arvold, Goodwin, Coleson, Schumacher, Marth, and Tinkham. Uutstanding Seniors Achieved Distinction NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY BACK ROW: Larson, Wicke, Dyson, Burger, Smit, Van Ornum, Arvold, Goodwin, Bellas, Lindow. THIRD ROW: Gray, Goertz, Day, Lenz, Wirt, Nutting, Olsen, Coulouarn, Bachhuber. SECOND ROW: Wohlfahrt, Fox, Kline, Tinkham, Pcst, Thomasgard, Ewert, Steckling. FRONT ROW: Schumacher, Flaker, Etzkin, Larson, Radant, Gleason, Glasel, Mason, Colcord. V,-7 70 VARSITY DEBATE SQUAD BACK ROW: Lang, Weiner, Smit, Maaser, Johnson. ECOND ROW: Bliss, Cutting, Bloomquist, Fulmer, Tinkham. RONT ROW: Humphrey, Foerster, Schumacher, Beilke, Etzkin Disarmament Debates Pre ved Challenging SQPHOMQRE DEBATE SQUAD 1964 state championship debaters, John Lang and Steve BACK ROW: Cassanova, Chrougery Wendorf, Lang, Weiner, planned their strategy for future tournaments. THIRD ROW: Williams, McEachron, Leffler. SECOND ROW: Newman, Tiffany, Schwictenberg. FRONT ROW:: Dalnodar, Treu, Klein. During the season, Wausau Senior High School debaters won over 8521 of their debates. First places were won in the Wisconsin Valley Invitational at Wis- consin Rapids, the Oconomowac Invitational at Ocono- mowac, and the official district meet of the Wisconsin High School Forensic Association at Stevens Point. The Wausau debaters upheld the WHS debate tradition by going to the state finals for the twentieth successive time. They were the defending state champions in that tournament and ranked fourth this year. Sophomores were also very active in debate during the year, as forty of them took part in the tryouts. The official sophomore squad was selected on the basis of a series of extemporaneous talks on current topics. Forensics offered those students who had a flair for speech, an opportunity to express themselves and to display their talents in several ways. Forensics Cfrom the Latin word forumj pertains to public speak- ing, and takes the forms of original and non-original oratory, memorized declamation, play reading, inter- pretative reading of prose and of poetry, four minute speaking, extemporaneous speaking, and public ad- dress. The first competition was the home contest here in Wausau. The two top contestants from each group were selected to go on to the valley, the district, and finally the state meet. Wausau's team did a commendable job this year, and sent many students to the state contest at Madison. Those who came home with A ratings were Pat Bliss, non-original oration, Ann Humphrey, extem- poraneous speaking, and the play readers consisting of Dora Gorski, Roger Spiecher, Bob Norberg, Jim Smit, and Steve Weiner. The following students received B ratings: Jackie Fulmer, Elaine Etzkin, Linda Van Ornum, Sue DeMary, and John Roberts. Q., A"-i Y? The forensic coaches were CBack Rowj: Madison, Meurett, Mar quardtp 1Front Rowy: McElrath, Hoard, Riedemann. Forensics Encouraged Self-Expression FORENSICS WINNERS BACK ROW: Bloomquist, Roberts, Meyer, Norberg, Smit, Schymanski, Van Ornum, SECOND ROW: Etzkin, Bliss, Weiner, DeMary, Tranetzki, Kellnhauser, Gorski, Newman. FRONT ROW: Humphrey, Loiz, Beilke, Fulmer, Blaschka, Maley. T """'7' T27 BACK ROW Kalinoski Houghton Hahn Schmirler Lister f? The Advanced Math Club, composed of fifty mem- bers plus two advisors, Mr. Luttrell and Miss Hedblom, met on the first Wednesday of each month. This year the club sponsored a school dance after thefirst bas- ketball game, December 4. The purpose was to raise money for a scholarship fund founded by the club to benefit potential math majors. In the spring a visiting lecturer from the Mathematical Association of Ameri- ca spoke about the different fields of mathematics. At other meetings, students reworked problems from the Wisconsin State Mathematics Contest, listened to a lec- ture on computer machines now in operation, and ob- served a film dealing with advanced logarithms and the slide rule. Miss Hedblom also advised the Basic Math Club which was formed for students who were presently en- rolled in or had previously taken first year algebra or geometry. The monthly meetings included such topics as the slide rule, number bases, and brain teasers. The club officers were: Andrea Lister, President, John Dzu- bay, Vice-President, and Maxine Kalinoski, Secretary. ff 6,25 A ,s s ' ,f 'Cf' ,332 1 fgz " f VL! Advanced Math Club officers Joann Olsen Everett Goodwin M4247 lf! A Sue Flaker and Bill Arvold pondered over a difficult pro ZZ , Y , . img , .fo 4 ff W! A fda! ff? .A c .A Q f A Wt ZZ! QM Z azfafyg We 7W Students Expgredma e s Ufllfgatlr 7 62X aa BAsic MATH cLuB X if CMA 0 FRONT ROW Fochs Hoffmann Hahn Borchardt tm, DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS AND COMMISSIONERS BACK ROW: Salzman, Gorski, Viste, Smit, Koerten, Christensen. FRONT ROW: Oldenburg, Brose, Breckner,'Keskey, Schumacher. The A rts Pro vided Means Ui Expression The Drama Club, under the capable direction of Miss Stelmahoske, was concerned primarily with various as- pects of the theatre. One meeting was spent with Robert Quinn, Director of Theatre at the Wausau Extension Center. He coached the club members on line reading and interpretation of parts. The Thespian group also had the privilege of viewing scenes from the Senior Class Play, "Teahouse of the August Moon", and hear- ing members ofthe forensics team - the play readers, the interpretive readers, and the orators. Besides at- tendiing plays put on by the college students at Stevens Point State University, the drama club encouraged par- ticipation in Wausau High plays, and many of its mem- bers were in the casts and on the committees. With the large school enrollment and the steadily increasing interest in painting and sculpture, Wausau High students found it necessary to organize two art clubs, rather than only one as in previous years. The groups were advised by Miss Hoard and Mr. Reineman. When students applied for admittance in the fall, they were required to submit sketches which were judged at the first meeting by all the club members. At later meetings members heard lectures given by Mrs. Newberry, a local artist, and Mr. Schoenberger from the Historical Society, who talked on various water color techniques. Billy Moy exhibited his collection of Chinese art which he inherited from his father, and it was displayed afterwards in the art wing corridor. The club also viewed a movie entitled "Paint an Abstrac- tion." As a climax to the year's activities, the Art Club took a field trip to the Hermit Island Gallery and re- viewed Dean Meeker's serigraphs. The Art Club officers from both clubs were: fsittingj Tesch Tessmer, Parsons, Rasmussen, Cstandingj Kranz, Filtz Schiefelbein, Marcotte, O'NeiI. language Clubs A ttemp ted T 0 PresentA SPANISH CLUB BACK ROW: Fox, Brandenburg, Sanford, T s, Uteck, Peterson, Trembath, Peters, SECOND ROW: Goetsch, Little, Kitchell, Schmi , Lister, Scheffler. FRONT ROW: Simpson, Beilke, Kosmerchock, Kluever. It wasn't exactly the Eiffel Tower, but it created the desired effect for the French Club officers: Lemke, vice-president: Col- cord, secretary-treasurer: and Scott, president. f-ZA' wif! A ig, wifi" S.. W A The purpose of the French Club was to encourage its members to learn more about France and the French people in addition to understanding the language. This year the club devoted its time to learning about the landmarks and architecture of France and French Quebec. A talk by the AFS exchange student, Aniag Coulouarn, and numerous slides helped the members to learn a great deal about France. The Club was also concerned with earning money for a scholarship donation. The Spanish Club conducted activities to promote a better understanding of the Spanish-speaking people and their customs. At one meeting a senior member, Rod Nelson, gave a talk on his trip to Europe and showed slides of Spain. Other meetings featured film strips on South American countries and discussions of the traditions of Spanish-speaking people. The club officers were: Ken Peterson, president, Eva Scheffler, vice-president, and Marcia Kosmerchock, secretary- treasurer. The first project of this year's Latin Club was to join the Junior Classical League, a national organiza- tion of the American Classical League. The purpose of the JCL was to encourage among young people an in- terest in and appreciation of the civilization, language, literature, and art of ancient Greece and Rome, and to give them some understanding of the debt which our own culture owes to classical antiquity. The club's most enthusiastic activity-the Latin Banquet-was held on April 24, 1965, in the Wausau High cafeteria. The German Club offered its members a wide variety of programs. One of the most interesting was an ex- planation of the German school system given by Mr. Degenhardt Muller who came from Hannover, Germany, to work for a local firm. At the Christmas meeting mem- bers sang carols and presented skits depicting German holiday customs. A German Club band, organized by the members themselves, led the entire group in a dance session with polkas, schottisches, and waltzes. The highlight of the year was an authentically German banquet planned by the students. utllen tic Picture Ui Foreign Countries fN - LATIN CLUB BACK ROW: Domres, Krejci, Gleason, Brodhead, Tiffany, Bush, Kettunen, Buechler, Vogen LaHale SECOND ROW: Page, Donehower, Tranetzki, Reineking, Chalgnot, Estreen, Traeger, Lmdow Casanova FRONT ROW: Lach, Levandoski, Servis, Baumann, Pfaff, Londerville, Grabau, Doede. RIGHT: Miss Bonvincin, Spanish club advisor and language department head, operated the controls in the invaluable ' - g ,.: .,1,3. ff J Q, 5' K, BELOW: Vice-president Howard Christensen pointed out an im- K portant city in "Deutschland" to the other German club of- ficers: President Roger Coleson, Secretary Karen Fuss, and Treasurer Barbara Lawson. x fx 5 T'X...+ language laboratory. Q Senior Gregg officers, Barbara Radtke and Sharon Gremler, practiced dictating and typing for their future vocations. The Junior and Senior Gregg Clubs were two of the business organizations at WHS this year. These clubs, each having a remarkably large membership, jointly sponsored a dance to raise enough money for a scholar- ship which would be presented to a student intending to further his education in the business field. At the club meetings speakers representing different occupations 'X . Vi . -1. X, Kris Jensen, Faye Lippke, and Kathleen Kohnhorst, the Junior Gregg officers, lingered over the spelling of a word. gave the members an insight into the future of Ameri- can business. IVlrs. LaCerte, Mr. Taylor's secretary, spoke to the group on secretarial work. An employee from the IBM company gave an interesting lecture on computer machines. Mrs. Schubert advised the Senior Gregg Club and IVliss Rennhak, the Junior Gregg Club. Youth P spa ed For Business Uccupatinns FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA BACK ROW: Fritz, Huebner, Goetsch, Amsrud, Gehrke, Young, Brandt, Broeker, Lerch, Bentz. SECOND ROW: Jensen, Bergklint, Blaschka, Barttelt, Duwe, Schreiber, Kittel, Allen, Gleason. FRONT ROW: Kordus, Nichols, Kohnhorst, Hanke, Richards, Tapper, Hildebrandt, Bergklint, H. W.- Local F. IZA. Sponsored State Canvention The George Washington Carver Chapter of the Future Teachers of America completed a very busy year at Senior High. Besides carrying on their traditionally ac- tive schedule of meetings and other events, the WHS club was in fact the "number one" F.T.A. club in the state, since they hosted the 1965 annual state F.T.A. convention on Saturday, March 27. The honor of host- ing this convention was granted to the club when Char Maas, class of '65, was elected state F.T.A. president at the 1964 convention at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Campus. Miss Jo Ellen Marsh, adviser of the local club, then automatically became state adviser. Five hundred future teachers and their advisers from all over the state of Wisconsin attended the convention, the theme of which was "The Unknown Teacher." Dr. Wilda F. Faust, National Director of F.T.A. from the National Education Association in Washington, D. C., flew to Wausau for the express purpose of addressing the group. Practically every member of the local club had some part in planning the state convention. The officers of the local club this year were: Presi- dent, Gary Baumann, Vice-President, Char Maas, Secre- tary, Sue Plisch, Treasurer, Marsha Yonkeg and His- torian, Eileen Hintz. Some of the events in which this active club participated were: recognition of November 8-11 as National Education Week, presentation of the skit 'fCathy's Choice" on the Jaycee Underline Program, and acknowledgment of April as Teaching Career Month. The club also sponsored an annual banquet -which recognized outstanding teachers in the Wausau school system. A presentation of a dramatic reading, "The Unknown Teacher," was given at this banquet as well as at the final meeting. Ian Ninnemann, an F.T.A. member, directed two delegates to the auditorium for the opening session of the state convention. J x ugsxq' I .I Dr. Wilda F. Faust, National Director of F.T.A. from the National Education Association in Washington, D. C., was the main speaker at the State F.T.A. convention held at WHS. Local F.T.A. officers: Historian, Eileen Hintzg Treasurer, Mar- sha Jahnkeg Vice-President, Char Maas, and President Gary Baumann. ' ' l 3 ft...... W A i Z r f 1 , r., E'A 1, F 4,3 , 1. 77 BIOLOGY CLUB BACK ROW: Lattimer, Peters, Grasmick, Clifford, Kleinschmidt, Rogalla, Porter. SECOND ROW: Bachhuber, Klug, Jones, Nelson, Veenstra, Kluetz, Schroth. FRONT ROW: Ninnemann, Jehn, Warnick, Kurth, Behrent, Jeske. Broader Concep ts Uf Science Fields We Looking at the skies over Wausau were Astronomy Club officers Doug Sturgeon, Bruce Maaser, and Bill Rust. The Biology Club was organized primarily to give those students interested in biology a broader concept of the field. This was accomplished through various discussions, dissections, movies, and field trips. Each month the program for the meeting was prepared by a different committee. These committees covered such varied topics as bioluminescence, the anatomy of a fox, and the identification of area birds. Members of the Astronomy Club took an active in.- terest in the universe. Every Thursday night members of this club had an opportunity to view the heavens. For this purpose, a telescope was set up on top of the new building. lVlr. Harkness and lVlr. Dzubay, the club advisors, lectured on various phases of astronomy in- cluding the positions of stars and planets and the op- tical principles of telescopes. Lectures, demonstrations, and experiments planned by the students filled the program agenda for the Chemistry Club. A special project-the Twelfth Annual Carmel Apple Sale at which time 1800 apples were sold in thirty minutes-proved to be extremely suc- cessful. The money earned from the sale was contrib- uted to the school's scholarship fund. The Chemistry Club concluded the year with a picnic and a vigorous baseball game. The Conservation Club provided excellent opportun- ities for boys interested in this increasingly important field. Club meetings were devoted to educational films and lectures on current conservation problems. Mem- bers of the Conservation Club performed a valuable service for the school by supplying the labor for much of the work completed at the school forest during the year. They were involved in a variety of tasks such as thinning and pruning pine plantations, improving the club house, and cutting Christmas trees. XJ., if f x Budding scientific scholars -- Chris Beatty, Roald Rolfson, and Sue Ninnemann - dabbled in an experiment as Mr. Hagemann, a chemistry teacher, pointed out their numerous mistakes. Right: The four hard working officers of the Chemistry Club were Jim Wicke, Julie Oldenburg, Judy Gray and Bill Jensen. vealed Through Extracurricular Clubs CONSERVATION CLUB BACK ROW: Camps, Lemke, Boyd, Seehafer, Youtsos, McDonald, Sturm, Porath, Delf, Doering, Ohramandt, Nowitzke. THIRD ROW: Schuster, Brown, Seefeld, Seefeld, Albright, Jarovski, Seehafer, Gummo, Erdmann, Mueller, Luedtke. SECOND ROW: Rohde, Duwe, Aschbrenner, Schmidt, Light, Anderson, Klinger, Bentz, Janisch. FRONT ROW: Bartelt, Klinger, Schmidt, Kohnhorst, Thornwell, Teske, Hoff, Bartelt, Martell. A lnternational club officers' Bo ce Pro ram Chairman Lan - Y , 8 5 8, Vice President, Beatty, Secretary, and Tranetzki, President. Finding out more about the world we live in was the aim of the International Club. This year, because of the size of the organization, it was impossible to have a variety of programs and topic considerations. There- fore, the emphasis was placed on a particular area of study -- the world as seen through the eyes of young people. Anaig Coulouarn, the foreign exchange student from France, presented an excellent lecture accom- panied by slides. Anaig explained the lives of French young people including family life, social habits, and school activities. Steve Weiner, A.F.S. exchange stu- dent, gave a similar lecture on his summer in Italy. ln three hundred fifty B.C., Aristotle was discussing the problems of the world with his students at the Lyceum in Athens. Similarly, Wausau High students had a chance to ponder current problems at Lyceum meetings held every other Saturday evening in the faculty dining room. Under the able leadership of lVlr. Stade and lVlr. Bennett, subjects like human rights, liberalism vs. conservatism, existensialism, American foreign policy, and many others were discussed. The Lyceum was designed for people who liked to think and discuss. This did not mean that those who did not like to think or discuss did not come, but those who did not think when they came were sure to be thinking when they left! The rewards of attendance were the opportunities for each to explain and defend his opinion. The informal and undisciplined atmosphere was usually conducive to lively discussion and debate of the chosen topic of the evening. Clubs T oolr In terest in Foreign Affairs Discussing the current topic of civil rights at an evening Lyceum meeting were Mary Schumacher, Ann Humphrey, Marcia Kosmer- chock, Jean Sleeter, Andrea Lister, John Roberts, Jim Wicke, and Roger Coleson. Miss Bonvincin, the only woman ski team coach in the state, was the advisor of the Ski Club. Movies of ski areas and races were shown regularly, including movies of ski meets in which the Wausau team partici- pated. Forms and information concerning Rib Moun- tain ski meets, high school meets, and C.U.S.S.A. races were also given out regularly. Tom Mathwick gave a demonstration of the use of various types of ski equipment at one of the meetings. Two ski trips were planned this year for Mt. Telemark and lndianhead, but unfortunately neither one materialized. Four season passes for Rib Mountain were made available for club members, so that skiers were permitted free use of the T-bars and tows for an entire day by merely pre- senting their Ski Club membership cards at the ticket booth. The club officers were: Tom Mathwick, presi- dent: Bill Arvold vice-president: Debby Schranz, secre- tary: and Jim Kurth, treasurer. For eighteen years Wausau High curlers have re- ceived the excellent advice and enthusiastic support of their coach, Mr. Harry Johnson, who organized the school's first Curling Club. During this eighteen year period, the club has grown from a very small group in 1947 to a total of forty-eight boys in 1965. Curling as a state-wide sport has also expanded, with over twenty Wisconsin high school curling clubs now in competition. This year Wausau Curlers met Waupaca, Medford, Stevens Point, and Eau Claire in bonspiel competition. After three months of practice the season was climaxed by the sectional play-offs and the state bonspiel in Poynette. Wausau's team placed first in the sectionals but was defeated at the state tournament. Curling Club officers were: Craig Karr, President: Steve Lonsdorf, Vice-President: and Stu Rosemurgy, Secretary-Treas- urer. Mr. Bennett contributed his fine curling talent to help the team develop their ability. Ski Club officers: Bill Arvold, Tom Mathwick, Jim Kurth, and Debby Schranz inspected equipment at sporting goods store. Wiscnnsin 's Winter Sports Were Stressed CURLING CLUB BACK ROW: Stahmer, Rosemurgy, LaCerte, Youtsos, Wiechmann, Karr, Edwards, Chaignot, Driessen, Shepherd, Gerlach, Jelmeland. THIRD ROW: Wettern k E S hr ed L d f Bl' B B t h ff Et Pt R R I ec , vans, c o er, ons or, iss, uss, u en o , s reen, e ran, ounds, o necke. SECOND ROW: Fox, Camp, Klemp, Fink, Kamrath, Rusch, Johnson, Jelmeland, Merkel, Brodhead. FRONT ROW: Roehl, Krohn, Plischke, Stahmer, Duncanson, Shannon, Graebel, Weltman, Schoenfeldt. Officers of the newly organized Y-Teen Club: Anderson, Ninne- man, and Westgate enjoyed the model home. Although Y-Teens have long been active in Wausau, this was the first year that they formed a club which met during the school activity period. The Y-Teen Club is an international organization of the Young Women's Christian Association. Local members participated in the service projects, group discussions on various social issues, college and vocational preparatory programs, and other YWCA activities. The objectives of the Future Nurse's Club was to guide the students interested in nursing in their selec- tion of a school and a particular nursing profession. Since the number of applicants was so large this year, two groups - Junior and Senior - were formed. Earning money for a scholarship, which was presented to a de- serving graduate member of the club, proved to be the group's goal throughout the year. Other activities included sending representatives to various conven- tions and sponsoring a school dance. This year, because of the large number of applicants, it was necessary that two club sections offer informa- tion to today's "Modern lVliss." Again the topic selected for the year was "The Modern Theory of Attractive- ness." The theme was fulfilled through lectures given by six outside speakers who presented demonstrations in the areas of posture and poise, Cosmetology, hair- grooming, social and personal etiquette, as well as business etiquette. Since this was one of the largest clubs in school, it indicated that many girls were in- terested in their personal appearance. Groups Gave GroamingAml L'areerAdvice Examining medical appliances were FNA officers: Cin backj Meske, Haase, Hamann and Rhode, fin frontj Forsmo, Domers and Ninnemann. Modern Miss officers: Kriel, Blashka, Lewitzke, Csenesics, and Goetsch experimented with a new hair-do for Sherrie Delf. This year's Girl's Athletic Association, with 456 mem- bers, was the largest it had been for several years. Members of the community as well as Senior High stu- dents presented interesting demonstrations at the first Wednesday meetings. Mr. Lowell Johnson, along with Chuck Fox, Mike Ryan, and Ed Marcott, gave an excel- lent exhibition on the trampoline. The two G.A.A. cham- pion volleyball teams fought to a tie as the bell rang, leaving the champs exhausted and the second place team pleased with its efforts. At another meeting two individuals from the local bowmans' group, Mr. Huener- fuss and Mr. Hammerly, showed G.A.A. members sev- eral bows and arrow tips used in hunting, as well as in tournament play. At the last meeting, awards were pre- sented to the individual and team champions, and sur- prise gifts were given to Miss Becker, head advisor, and Miss Tank and Mrs. Meurett, associate advisors. The Pep Club was an organization made up of stu- dents who desired to increase and encourage school spirit in Wausau Senior High. The group sat in a special section at the basketball and football games to form a cheering unit and to promote enthusiasm for the team. The club also sponsored many events such as home- coming and "T-day." Individual members organized skits for the Wausau Eve program and presented half- time entertainment at the football games, including a pom-pom routine. Talented Pep Club artists made col- orful posters to advertise these events, and more clever members formulated announcements to win laughs as well as support. "T-day" was something new this year. The Pep Club tried to create the right mood for the basketball tournaments with a rousing pep assembly and an introduction to the players and the coach. The club accomplished many things this year, but, most important, it promoted school spirit and sportsmanship. Displaying the equipment used in their favorite sports were G.A.A. officers: Mason, Bangle, Jackson, Rakow, and Hennig. Sports Programs Were Handled By Clubs Enthusiasm and school spirit were shown by members of the Pep Club at football and basketball games. Sophomore Kathy Trembath demonstrated a cheer for the other Pep Club officers: Linda Werth and Sue DeMary. i ARCH ERY CLUB BACK ROW: Autio, Sellung, Nass, Rust, Koenig, Oelke, LeDuc, St. Clair, Laatsch, Peterson. SECOND ROW: Dallmann, Schade, Huhnstock, Nimz, Drews, Weiss, Pittsley, Zunker. FRONT ROW: Rodewald, Rhyner, Nimz, Rhyner, Ristow, Jenks, Steidl. Sharper Shooting Was Aim of These Clubs CAM ERA CLUB BACK ROW: Baumann, Kemps, Sandquist, Jehn, Steckling, Magnuson, Balgord, Brehmer. SECOND ROW: Meidl, Flannery, Shelbrack, Novitzke, Hintz, Morgan, Duwe, Dittmar. FRONT ROW: Mortenson, Radtke, Mortenson, Heyer, Geiser. Every first Wednesday of the month, when the 11:55 bell rang, Archery Club members were seen scurrying down the halls with their sack lunches and bows in hand. They left promptly at noon for the Rib Mountain Archery Club where they practiced their skills and competed against one another. The club, advised by Mr. Schumacher, also held a competitive shoot with the Merrill High School. The Camera Club under the direction of Mr. Schawl, spent the majority of its meetings discussing and criti- cizing the work of its members. Individual amateur photographers took their own snapshots and developed them themselves. At one club meeting, Mr. Toburen, a professional photographer from the city, spoke about lighting effects and time exposures. The purpose of the Future Farmers of America organ- ization was to encourage high school agricultural stu- dents to become more actively interested in farming and related fields. Rural leadership was developed through officer training workshops, speech contests, and special committee projects. Club members partici- pated in the Wisconsin Valley Fair which they found to be of educational as well as recreational value. The group's capable advisor was Mr. Hylkema. The primary purpose of the Junior Dairymen's Asso- ciation was to improve dairy herds in the surrounding area. To accomplish this, members of the organ- ization tested milk, improved dairy feeding, exhibited their own animals at the county fair, and participated in dairy cattle selection shows. The highlights of the club's yearly activities were the state Junior Dairymen's convention and the annual dairy show. Directing this year's club were Donald Schult, President: Dave Felch, Vice-President: and Sue Kamholz, Secretary. 1v- 'W Future Farmers of America officers: Brueggeman, Grunenwald Hudson, Felch, Barttelt, and Schult planned club activities. Students Promo ted Scientific Agriculture JUNIOR DAIRYMEN BACK ROW: Dittmar, Erdmann, Schult, Porath, Hudson, Grunenwald, Monday, Barttelt, Mueller. FRONT ROW: Carroll, Main, DeBroux, Felch, Brueggeman, Sann, Duwe, Kluz, Kamholz. .. , 'G 1 , M, f f Examining a new movie projector were the Projectionist Club officers: Secretary, Hussongg President, Schoessowg and Treasurer, Nylen. The Stage Crew, under the direction of Mr. Gjet- son, provided valuable technical help for both in- school and out-of-school activities. The crew, com- posed of sophomore, junior, and senior boys, had the responsibility of constructing stage settings, providing lighting effects, operating the P.A. and recording systems, and handling curtains and back drops. Among the programs for which the Stage Crew assisted were the Spring and Senior Class plays, the Christmas programs, the Tophat- ters show, and the annual Stunt Night Program. Another important service organization was the Projectionist Club. The members - Senior High boys - were trained in operating projectors and recorders along with other audio-visual equip- ment. They gave their services to the school by operating machines during their free hours in the various classrooms, assisting the clubs during the activities period, and running movies in the auditorium during the noon hours. Under the direction of lVlr. Stade, these boys fulfilled their duties admirably. Service Clubs Rendered Technical Help STAGE CREW BACK ROW: Jojade, McCullough, Beese, Lerch. Graebel, Doloff. FRONT ROW: Hussong, Parlier, Graebel, Redmond. l Custodians Kept WHS in Warlring Urder w..,,,, ABOVE: The lady custodians, who helped clean the class- rooms and hallways at Wausau High, swept 6,000 square feet of floor space every day. During vacation their duties included washing, waxing, and polishing. These hard workers were: Qback rowj Mrs. Radtke, Mrs. Roeder, Mrs. Sneeden, Mrs. Wienke, ffront rowj Mrs. Borchardt, Mrs. Wekwert, and Mrs. Borski. RIGHT: Wausau High's team of men custodians - Kick- busch, Heisler, Genrich, Ramthun, Ventzke, and Plischke - were kept busy from the time they raised the flag in the morning until they took it down at dusk. They shoveled the sidewalks, cut the grass, and repaired windows, lockers, and desks. BELOW: The cafeteria staff began work at eight o'clock in the morning and finished in the mid-afternoon after clean- ing the kitchen and partially preparing the next day's meal. The staff, which served between 475 and 525 students daily, included: CBack rowy Mrs. Camps, Mrs. Sours, Mrs. Schubring, ffront rowj Mrs. Trempe, Mrs. Krueger, Mrs. Jaecks, and Mrs. Trittin, head chef. Mrs. Camps also served as an office secretary toward the end of the second semester. as Mm. .. .W .... ,, xg... ' X, ,f SN. ' iq 5 'I' x. sys s isii:5.l5 45355 ,. s ,.,.w--QQ - .k,. A 1 R 25-: iii 3 - ' 2 , X SPUI? T S With high spirits and cheering voices we entered the "wide world of sportsf' Eager participants mustered the stamina to compete, and enthusiastic spectators inspired them to win. We, the Lurnberjacks, gained the coveted reputation of being good sports. EDITORS: Tom Camps VH Barb Schuetz VCL- " my 4. 0 'N of i .f ,,, ,r , V, .0 C L Jjwfvj f R X5 Xdxrcv X .UL X U v , Wi 4193 I QD. fl Q if si Pb ' I.. iw I I Tfiil I ll. I I t 1 if " x Il lv' Q 1 OO riu new 4,11 Ku HIYNW "Mfr Q. 4 1 glam Q11 ,Kgs U N ,fr F v'..A -X 'A- Vlf' 4' X5 I I A 1 '., L N A . . W' t ,D Q . . Ln I ig, ,Nl . -L E X ,Q , ' .55 1 ,V jf! - .I 1 X A RL!! '- X L - 9 q ci,-is Y is r r I ' -Y ' xv 'fa' ' '-. - . -'--x Y bfi f IN',,N I-. - ' ll ' i A vue x r 'i' A lJCfl"'!! Jr? 1' ', -'AX' - ii 'K l' rg A' 1 J MV if " Lb 'fd' AE' If 'y rr !'h.I. X ' J x- It l - 'A A IW A '-Q!--ap ' 'I X7 v N: T.:-91, 51' ,V 1' QA, ' ck W -vii' MQ '-,lr I If 'ul ' l . T L L X- ffif-Q' ,QA I J 'x - i . 5555 1' ' Jlxrgx, 'ifa , 1 -Ig: I! ,' nl? 'irfig' -T.-ffifgw' , 4 ' ".' , ' wx'v.'g , if Hn H., - iw A , - -- .n A Reg 1 lm if"?5':i fixl '. it vii i 2 v 171'-2' ,Nu 1'.x gas, Lk it ' Wie: ,l Z li". if - iff iw x .- i' get s . i 'LNLLN wr' Z ,- , BACK ROW: Lemke, Schuetz, Larsen, McCormick, Treu, Rosemurgy, Bellas, Oblander, Peters, Kislow. THIRD ROW: Reede, Weinberger, Marth, McCabe, Buss, Karr, Neubauer, Erdman, McCullough, Staples. SECOND ROW: Wiechmann, Meyer, Giese, Evans, Schultz, Ortwein, Kleinschmidt, Jacobson, Wenzel. FRONT ROW: Sandholm, Kurth, Zarnke, Ziebell, Braatz, Alstad, Schmidt. Jaclrs Shared 3- Way T ie For Big Hive Wausau Senior High football coaches did an excellent job teach- ing as well as inspiring the 1964 squad. The coaches were: Mr. Johnson, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Brockmeyer, Mr. Kampfer, and Mr. Gettrust fabsent from the picture.J 90 Confronting the 1964 "Fighting Lumberjacks" was the problem of replacing ten regulars who played in prac- tically every game of the 1963 season. Almost all of the playing strength came from the returning reserves and some of the promising Junior Varsity. As a team Wausau played above any expectations of the coaching staff - defeating Marinette, Stevens Point, La Crosse Logan, Eau Claire North, and receiving the "number one" rating in Wisconsin for the 13th consecutive week. ln the fifth game, however, the chain of good fortune broke. The keyed-up "Old Abes" of Eau Claire threw the unbeaten Lumberjacks to the ground and trampled them for a 20-0 loss. This sudden turn of events roused the "Jacks", and they bounced back with victories over Menomonie, La Crosse Central, and Chippewa Falls. The only other loss was to Superior Central in a non-confer- ence game. The conclusion of the 1964 season brought many high- lights. Seven victories were compiled to capture the Big Rivers Football Championship again for the Wausau Lum- berjacks. They led the conference in offense by averaging 334 yards per game, and by scoring 28.8 points a game. Wausau also led the conference in total defense by hold- ing its opponents to only 139 yards per game. There were only 8.8 points per game scored against the Lumber- jacks. The season was concluded with Jim Schultz, Craig Karr, and Paul Evans being elected to the first string of the "Big Rivers Conference Team". Each man on the 1964 football team deserves hearty congratulations. During a crucial Big Rivers Conference game, three La Crosse Central defenders seemed to be standing in line to get a shot at Wausau's Terry Weinberger. Wausau blanked Central 28-0 to move into a three-way tie for the conference lead. on e ence Tit e 1965 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Wausau 26 .. Wausau 40 .. Wausaut 47 .. Wausaui' 40 .. Wausaui' O .. Wausau' 47 .. Wausaut 28 .. Wausau 0 .. Wausau"' 32 .. "'Conference Games Marinette 6 Point 7 La Crosse Logan 0 Eau Claire N. 0 Eau Claire M. 20 Menomonie 14 La Crosse Central. 0 Superior 20 Chippewa 7 During the numerous practice sessions, passing, pass defense and pass receiving were stressed over and over again in prepara- tion for the coming season. At the right, end Rene McCullough picked off a pass thrown by quarterback Dave Marth. L. End R. End Center JOHN JIM SCHULTZ CRAIG KARR WIECHMANN Wausau coaches studied the La Crosse Central team to find PAELTQQQAZS Tackle Fuuback flaws in strategy. During a time-out, quarterback Dave Marth T0 D MEYER WEILESQQGER sought the advice of head coach Brockmeyer. Herman Kaiser supervised as end coach Lowell Johnson taped Intent gazes from the Wausau bench showed the deep con- Jim Schultz's ankle. Besides coaching the ends, Johnson prac- cern and fighting spirit of the players. This spirit has been ticed medicine on the injuries sustained by the team. typical of all players on Wausau football squads. 92 Quarterback L. Halfback R. Halfback DAVE MARTH LYNN BUSS JERRY McCABE ALL CONFERENCE "P gd l'1 11 . . ' JIM SCHULTZ ' M. ' ,gif ' 72. ' Center . -, 1 5, figgi CRAIG KARR Tackle J-,QA . , .. . 'fig I 1 -. 5. ,...f 3 .5 j . K V ,b fd 7 L .. MQ' Q, ' K H 4 K A . V I . ,I a , ' If 4 .7 X s e, ,-'?'N- I . PAUL ' ,45,M'f'0's3.faH-,K Af? i lfk gu ,. ,tw ' -. - x ,,. Q. - ' s 'fi - Q.a,.:1f"iSi ' .i lil Q' 'E N 3 6.1 K Akin' -, -.L.f:+,.,,'-a.,r'?'5-I STUDENT MANAGERS - Bob McElroy and John Krueger. L'Gua'd R-Guafd Tom oRTwEiN MIKE KLEINSCHMIDT efense, Braclf 's Gridsters Won 7, lost Z With outstretched arms, Mark Staples, a junior, tried desperately for a pass thrown by quarterback Dave Marth in the third quarter of con ference action against Menomonee. The Jacks smashed the Maroons by a lopsided score of 47-14. lumberjaelrs Uverpowe ed Menomonee The Jacks turned in a fine offensive performance against the Wausau's Jerry McCabe, number 20. gave a Menomonee half- Menomonee Indians. Above, Lynn flfritzj Buss smashed back a jolt when he threw that big left shoulder into him. This is through the defensive line, gracefully side-stepped a line- just one of the reasons why Wausau's defensive unit was rated backer, and came up with a substantial gain and a first-down. number one in the Big Rivers Conference in 1964. Getting excellent protection from the line, Ron Reede Qnumber 665 broke through the Eau Claire North defensive unit for a touchdown in the third quarter of the game against the Old Abes. Wausau shut out North by an overwhelming score of 40-O. . M Grid Squad Postedi Win, 5 losses BACK ROW: Gall, Edwards, Kumbera, Quaderer, Loos, Goralski, Fink, P. Mueller, Rothmeyer, Rosenberg, Gaulke, Seehafer, Beese, Neu- g?ctgNb'eggv5' R M I :.ueer,R'nik,E'k ,Rh ,s' i,B ,L ' : , , , FRONT ROW: 'gf,f7?j5havlS'z?nEevCQfEiZ'2.S, 01252, 6E3ave2f"li2BlLf, 332258 's B'a"de"""'g meh' Ne's0" n fl V, JUN T. x VXIL PVLL A Kbm X mul' N X l X, 'iffy' WL fllu ,M W6 Inf' ' ,f J Y , A 'J fL"L flgb 4 L ,A 'f LM l, ,U fi ,l U , M bl- Ml- ,aj nf X 'V K co AVN 'Q I, 'ld gift AA fr X' 4 V , 3 gt K K JJ MQ Nw My Al J0 it. fi J J X M f' Wi . Ml M ld ' lfl ofl.-fb . yd' L. J 'D ff '- C' Pa 'A VN O WL Q! oach Gene Thomas had a few words for defensive back Jack Despite the dark lcok of 3 record gf 1 win and 5 C Erdman after a pass got by him in the La Crosse Central game. losses, the "B" gridsters fought hard and made their opponents work for every inch of ground gained. Wau- sau was handicapped by the fact that there were no returning starters on this year's squad. Starting out the season, the Junior Varsity lost to Rhinelander 6-0 in one of the hardest fought battles of the 1964 season. They were again defeated by Wis- consin Rapids 31-6, Marinette 21-12, and Eau Claire North 34-12, before registering their first victory. Memorial of Eau Claire was the recipient of Wausau's fury as the Junior Jacks unleased their energy and whipped the Abes 27-17. Coach Ross Gettrust deserves a lot of credit for a job well done with the J.V. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Wausau O .............. Rhinelander 6 Wausau 6 .. .... Wisc. Rapids 31 Wausau 12 .. .. Marinette 21 Wausau 12 .. .. E. C. North 34 Wausau 27 . . . . E. C. Memorial 17 Wausau 6 .. .. Edgar 30 Physical Endurance And Determination le w A . - ii Q :za "fb .. .Q :fit ' T, ,. . , 32.5-, .5-3 3 rf' If T - . . . aaeaaaaa T i gif- A t ' 'W 54 QMS! agxrflrigl .gif 1 l., 35 R50 1 5950 4110-:540 I gy R QS, 5 This ll AE' . h .,-v, in 'Q 'l, f Q gil? I 4 5 t A i T . at , ' ' 6 S V A V X ll sim V' Q 'iiiwimiey Hr, 57 4 iff 2 it -st'f'0 Niko ,,, A 1 i 2 7 1 of i - . A t i X4 T' l T -QUS40 . 05519, N 'f as X' E ' A '55 QQ 2 siwcr 'ww' A L wists x mg. 4 qi? get ' i A k ,Z , W.: H QL 53 "Qi, QD W x A , If S f X t fix l .Y 'W a. ' , A . - .,,,vs,G , sffgiz 7 lligfi, 'A j"ai, ,EN --i - - . 1'-1 fs' ' 7. 5 515, X- i ,f ggi NE t ,Vi ii, f 5 Lhkk , '- gf -F it r l K fy g T.. 1. t., 1' X V 4 . L' I ' ' '. i l l l . A BACK ROW: Ahrens, S. Lonsdorf, Ullrich, Wendorf, Smit, Schmidt, Stubbe, Geiger, D. Lonsdorf, Klinger. ROW 2: Manager Graebel, Waldinger, Goodwin, Brown, Sturgeon, Sternberg, Scott, Larson, Tranetzki, Schewe, Coach Bill Smiley. FRONT ROW: Schaefer, Plischke, Allen, Shannon, T. Tranetzki, Reynolds, Wollenzien, Snook, Wergin. Wausau's harrier Mike Tranetzki attempted to pull into first place during the Wausau Invitational 2.2 mile race. The meet took place at the American Legion Golf Course. The 1964 cross country season began with only one re- turning letterman, Mike Tranetzki. Despite this dark out- look, the squad progressed rapidly and finished the season by defeating twenty-four teams and losing to only thirteen. In its meets the team gained three victories, one second place, and one third place. Wausau came in fourth in the sectional meet and therefore did not qualify for the state cross country meet. A pair of talented seniors paced the Wausau team. Everett Goodwin placed first or second in four meets, and Mike Tranetzki placed first in two other meets. They were assisted by four hard-working juniors who moved up from the "B" Team, they were Tom Tranetzki, Dave Ull- rich, Dave Lonsdorf, and Lon Waldinger. Newcomers Steve Lonsdorf and Bernie Schmidt also developed rapidly and gave added strength to the harriers. The junior varsity squad did a commendable job. They gained three victories and placed third in the other three meets in which they competed. They defeated a total of sixteen teams and lost to only six. o A Successful Cross Coun try Season For Wausau's thinclads the annual Wausau Invitational was the climax of the season. They achieved only a fourth place standing while Antigo took top honors in the meet. Above are just a few of the boys who represented ten schools throughout Wisconsin. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE Hodag Invitational CRhinelanderD .. .. Eau Claire Memorial CWausauJ . . Shawano Invitational CShawanoJ . . . . Wausau Invitational CWausauJ . . . . . Eau Claire Memorial 1Eau Clairej . . . Midwest Invitational Uanesvillej Merrill, Rhinelander Triangular . . . State Sectionals fWausauJ . . . . . Second . First . Third Fourth '. First . Fifth . First Fourth Wausau's "B" squad gave their all to equal the varsity's record. Eric Wendorf tried desperately to close the narrowing gap on the home stretch at the Le ion Golf Course. The s uad laced third 8 fl D in the Wausau Invitational "B" division meet. g Sacrifice, enthusiasm, and desire to win characterized the Wausau basketball team this year. Above, Ken Hudson C435 dived after the ball as Pete Krolikowski C133 looked on. Wausau trounced Menominee 82-39 in Big Rivers Conference action. Jack Cagers T apple WAUSAU OPPONENTS 70 i'Eau Claire North ., ...... .. 65 82 ifillflenominee ...... . . . 39 72 Rhinelander ...... . . . 53 78 :iLa Crosse Central . . . . . . 72 62 iiLa Crosse Logan .. 64 60 Stevens Point ..... . . . 67 88 ii1Chippewa Falls ....... . . . 80 57 'tEau Claire Memorial . . . . . . 73 68 Rhinelander ........ . . . 58 80 ff1Eau Claire North ... ... 58 69 Wisconsin Rapids . . . . . 66 102 il:Nlenominee ...... . . . 51 72 'ffLa Crosse Logan . . . . . . 54 53 'tLa Crosse Central . . . . . 62 74 Wisconsin Rapids . . . . . 77 77 'l1Chippewa Falls ....... . . . 60 72 'tEau Claire Memorial ..... . . . 70 62 Stevens Point ........... . . . 56 59 Rhinelander Ctournamentj ...... 70 ,i'Conference Games Forward Jack Goetsch used his height to good advantage by sinking layup shot as Dave Ullrich backed him up. Wausau edged Central by the score of 78-72. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Peters, Terry Ahrens, Sheldon Geiger, Dave Ullrich, Jack Goetsch, Ken Hudson, Mike Semrau, Jack Erdman, Clar Oleson, Jim Treu, Dave Marth, Gary Baumann, Coach Anderson. emorial For Second In Big Rivers Race ln spite of being upset by Rhinelander in tournament play, the 1964-65 basketball team enjoyed a successful season. The Jacks compiled an over-all mark of 13-6 and a conference record of 9-3. Climaxing the season was a 72-70 victory over Eau Claire Memorial, which had not been beaten previously, and a 62-56 win over the valley champs Stevens Point. Losses were to Eau Claire Mem- orial, La Crosse Logan, Point, La Crosse Central, and Rapids, but it is interesting to note that every team that defeated Wausau also lost to Wausau. Jack Goetsch, Clark Oleson, and Jack Erdman made up the agile, aggressive, and sharpshooting front line. Oleson was the team's second highest scorer with 218 points: Erdman was next with 191 points, and Goetsch collected 176. Baumann was the team's high scorer as well as the leading scorer in the Big Rivers Conference with 335 points. Sharing the other guard position were Marth and Ullrich who were aggressive defensively. Fire-cracker Ken Hudson also played well under pressure. A new Wausau record was set against Menominee when 102 points were scored. Wausau finished second in the Big Rivers race and had the best offensive average in the league C74.4J.The effort of the team and the enthusiasm of the students were all a credit to Wausau's new basket- ball coach Ken Anderson. Gary Baumann swished one of his many jump shots that made him high scorer in the crucial Eau Claire Memorial game. The Jacks defeated the conference champs 72-70. k Junior Varsity Finished First Perfe 'vs Q ,931 LEFI' TO RIGHT: Manager Zunker, Larry Edwards, Duane Neubauer, Pat Reed, Ken Roeder, Coach Langbehn., Coach Ihde, Chris Evans, Steve Anderson, John Rosenburg, Todd Carver, Gary Seehafer, Coach Dix, fAbsent-Manager McElrathj. SEASON SUMMARY K iii! WAUSAU OPPONENTS 71 'iEau Claire North .... ........ 5 3 72 'iMenominee ...... . . . 38 64 Rhinelander ..... . , . 37 94 tf1La Crosse Logan . . . . . . 34 63 iifLa Crosse Central . . . . . 42 49 Stevens Point .... 40 95 :ifChippewa Falls ....... . . . 60 62 iffEau Claire Memorial . . . .. . 53 48 Rhinelander ........ . . . 41 82 if4Eau Claire North .... . . . 54 64 Wisconsin Rapids . . . . . . 45 ii:Menominee ...... . . . 60 tLa Crosse Logan .... . . . 46 80 iiLa Crosse Central . . . . . 55 , 88 iiChippewa Falls .... . . . 49 MX . . V 58 Wisconsin Rapids ..,.. . . . 54 59 ifEau Claire Memorial . . . . . . 49 72 Stevens Point ....... . . . 33 tConference Games Driving hard in a Junior Varsity game, Larry Edwards was fouled in the act of shooting by an Eau Claire Memorial defender. Wausau's well-coached team won the game by a score of 59-49. easan In T he History Uf Wausau High The 1964-65 Junior Varsity team proved to be one of the best in the history of Wausau High. The season threw many challenges their way, and they met them squarely as their record-breaking total of 18 wins and O losses shows. 1,260 points were scored by the squad to set a new record at Senior High, and against the Menominee indians 100 points were scored to establish another re- cord. Besides these achievements the team collected an average of 72 points a game to set one more record. The high point of their season was the game with the Rapids team where the Jacks outscored them 58-54. Like most champion teams, Wausau displayed good bal- anced scoring for the season with five boys hitting the coveted 100 mark. High scorer was Terry Ahrens with 205 points followed by Ken Roeder with 178, Shelly Geiger with 153, Mike Semrau with 142, Jim Treu with 127, and Pat Reed with 113 points. Although Coach Dix's team swept most opposition up quite easily, they did have some close games winning five by ten points or less. This "B" squad carries many of the hopes of Head Coach Ken Anderson for the coming year. With players like Treu, Geiger, Semrau, Ahrens, Roeder, and Reed returning, the future looks very bright. Mr. Keeler has been the Wausau High ticket manager for all athletic activities during the past two years. Left, he arranged the reserved seats ticket chart. The wild enthusiasm that followed the Wausau Lumberiacks throughout the year showed on the faces of Mike Peters and Ken Hudson during the Eau Claire Memorial game Caught up in the tension of the moment were coaches Anderson and Dix. I fl ld lim 1 ,Q n E, 1, - x 45 5 ss r EPCIEKROW: Wes Abitz, John Krienke, Bill Hoessel, Bruce Koenig, Craig Reineking, Joe Ostrander, Dave Johnston, Terry Allen, Roger isc e. FRONT ROW: Tom Parsons, Robin Flannery, Guy Reynolds, Bill Arvold, Coach Bonvincin, Captain Chuck Fox, Doug Trembath, Paul Wergin, An unidentified skier took the first gate in the slalom run at Rib Mountain during the Wausau Invitational. ln the five- school meet Wausau captured first place. Wausau Skiers Placed Zml In State Meet SEASON SUMMARY Wausau Invitational - lst St. Croix Falls Dual Meet - 2nd Rhinelander Invitational - 3rd Pine Mountain Regional - 2nd Wisconsin State Meet - 2nd The only word for the 1964-65 ski team is sensational. Six times Wausau High has captured first place in the Wisconsin State Ski Meet, but this year they finished second to a very talented Rhinelander squad. Pacing the Lumberjacks was their captain Chuck Fox who once again represented Wausau in the USSA National Junior Alpine Meet at Bend, Oregon. Fox knew what to expect this time, having competed at Squaw Valley, California, a year ago. Also adding depth to the squad were Bob Flannery, Guy Reynolds, Bill Arvold, Doug Trembath, and Paul Wergin. Emphasis on physical fitness and many hours of prac- tice allowed this team to take second in the State Ski Meet. Deserving much credit for this success is Coach Bonvincin who has been the team's head coach for twelve years. She has sacrificed her time and has devel- oped Wausau Senior High skiers into top-notch compe titors on both the state and national levels. A uf 'W SfsS 'f'?i z X ll IW I x W, ig x if?-' f -2- - X-"'--" X-' 1,5 V. st- Yf xszsv + X, X X x W A N gg "+v,fE1:-If-:R X -- . ' , 'Se x Q X my 9 X N5 XXX X f ig? xg f X as X ska N ,N W Q Q s - N S X lons1lorfHinlf Won 4th in State Finals S H,-'ivy' Jack Bliss and Steve Lonsdorf swept while Scott Buechler and Dan LaCerte watched the action during the finals of the third event in the Wausau Bonspiel. The LaCerte rink won the game and the event. LEFT: A twisting stone thrown by an unidentified Wausau curler was caught with striking time-lapse photography. The Wausau Curling Team skipped by Steve Lonsdorf ended the season by winning fourth place in the state bonspiel at Poynette. The rink included Pete Hessert, Bill Edwards, Dan LaCerte, and alternate Craig Karr. During the course of the season Wausau curlers participated in four bonspiels, winning first or second in an event seven times. ln the Wausau Bonspiel, the LaCerte and Lonsdorf rinks took first and second respectively in the third event. ln the Intramural League, the Craig Karr rink won first place, while the Dave Rusch rink won the lead man's bonspiel. Steve Lonsdorf was selected by the curling team to be the third recipient ofthe Alan Wirt Memorial Award for being the most outstanding curler on the team. 7964-6 5 Wrestlers Faced Tough Schedule Fred Aschbrenner s rawled to revent a takedown as a Rhine- D P lander wrestler attempted the double leg dive technique. Coach Ross Gettrust taught Tom Jehn the double leg dive as teammate John Berniclg served as the opposing wrestler. "A year of rebuilding" was how Coach Ross Gettrust summed up the 1964-65 wrestling season. With only one returning letterman, the team had to start from scratch. Wausau wrestlers ended with a 2-3-1 confer- ence record. ln the Big Rivers Conference meets Wau- sau had a first, two seconds, and a fourth. This gave the team a sixth place rating in the Big Rivers Con- ference. After the quarter finals of the regionals only three wrestlers remained. These were Clarence Felch who was voted the most valuable wrestler by the team, Bob Quaderer with third place, and Jim Loos with fourth place. They were defeated in the state semi-finals. BACK ROW: Arps, Mau, Brown, Binkowski, J. Euler, Hackey, Bliese, Yunk, B. Quaderer, Rhyner, Helmke, Kettunen, Rodewald. ROW 2: Manager Jacobson, Jehn, Kuehl, Aschbrenner, W. Euler, Felch, and Coach Ross Gettrust. FRONT ROW: Fritz, Wilde, Giese, Schultz, Loos. g . S S My K .5 i is T 5 I gf X pi s s l X s N! , Q Q b I 1 'A if mit, .X A tt Pile T raclf Squad Emle l Pole vaulter Doug Trembath soared to dizzy heights as he cleared the 11 foot mark during an intrasquad meet. LEFT: Throwing his arms high, broad jumper Dick Naef gained momentum as he strained for every possible inch. The 1965 track season began with nine Iettermen and fifty-eight new candidates reporting to coaches Bill Smiley, Richard Dix, and practice teacher Gene Dix. Competition began with a sprint relay team composed of Mike Tranet- zki, Jim Leittermann, Jerry Bellas and Lynn Buss run- ning in the Milwaukee Journal Games, only to have a dis- qualification ruin an otherwise excellent performance. ln the annual "warm-up" meet held in the boy's gym, Wausau defeated Antigo 70-29. Despite a record breaking victory by half-miler Everett Goodwin, the Lumberjacks finished fifth in the Wisconsin Rapids Indoor Invitational meet, and one week later they were edged by a single point in the Rapids Relays. The indoor season ended with Wausau tieing for sixth place in the Madison West Relays. One highlight of this meet was the second place finish by the shuttle hurdle team of Dick Naef, Jack Goetsch, and John Wiechman. OUTDOOR TRACK SCHEDULE April 23 - Point and Wausau at Rapids April 27 - Memorial and Antigo at Wausau May 1 - Peacock Relay at LaCrosse May 5 Central Wisconsin Relays at Point May 8 LaCrosse Central and Logan at Wausau May 11 - Wausau at Antigo May 18 - Wausau at Point May 20 - Big Rivers Conference at Wausau May 28 - Sectional Meet June 5 - State Meet door Season Un High lllote A t Madison f,r.u,, 95" r 'f Q QNIQ, is ffl is We L 2 BACK ROW: Elston, Nass, Skic, D. Krueger, Ortwein, Meyer, Smit, Cassanova, Seidler, Raddatz, Reetz, Steckling, Wendorf, S. Rhyner. FOURTH ROW: Lemke, Rosenberg, T. Larson, Sternberg, Dzubay, Froehlich, D. Kettenun, Wollenzein, P. Larson, Allen, T. Tranetzki, Schoe namen, D. Kettenun, Cigan. THIRD ROW: J. Rhyner, Beese, Nelson, Olson, Kleinschmidt, Shannon, Ahrens, Quaderer, Clark, Oblander, Seehafer. SECOND ROW: Manager Wiesman, Stencil, Wenzel, Brown, Grasmick, Lonsdorf, Ullrich, Staples, Braatz, Schmidt, McCullough. FRONT ROW: Schultz, Trembath, Zastrow, Bellas, Buss, Goodwin, Wiechman, M. Tranetzki, Naef, Goetsch, Leittermann, J. Kruger. Wausau sprinter and hurdler John Wiechman strained every muscle to clear this three foot hurdle during an indoor meet. .sgjsfif S50 4A QBUFW0 4,1 ATEJIQPT P .QA 1Q,, rswvf ll BACK ROW: Brodhead, Zimbauer, Oleson, Sanford, Lang, Anderson. FRONT ROW: Reed, Reynolds, Johnston, Evans, Breckner, Eggebrecht. Banque ters Captured First In Tourney Letterman Dave Zimbauer backhanded a hard hit shot with good form during net practice at Thom Field. Wausau High's tennis team broke into the season with five returning Iettermen. They were John Lang, Dave Zim- bauer, Bob Sanford, Clark Oleson, and Robby Brodhead. ln addition, Coach Lowell Johnson put high hopes in jun- iors Dave Johnston, Pat Reed, and Chris Evans. The entire squad played hard to equal the record of last year's team and to maintain the excellent Wausau High tradition. '64 SEASON SUMMARY Conference Tournament ............. ....... F irst Sectional Tournament . . . ........... First Lang and Zimbauer . . . ...... First - Doubles State Tournament .............. Consolation Honors Bob Sanford slapped a low hit ball as Clark Oleson watched. 4 i 1 15 V 'I ao' BACK ROW: Coach Torresani, Camps, Kislow, Roeder, Semrau, Krolikowski, Driessen, R. Neubauer, Doede, Trantow, Coach Tangbehn. FRONT ROW: Manager Knippel, McElrath, McCabe, Perry, Volkman, Gauerke, Baumann, D. Neubauer, Alstad, Greenfield, Manager Berzill. The 1965 varsity diamondmen determined to improve the mediocre win-loss record ofthe previous season. With only one regular gone from last season, the coaches and team adopted an optimistic attitude that carried them through the tougher games. The offense was led by six batters who hit over .300. They were backed by veteran infielders Baumann, Camps, Gauerke, Greenfield, and McCabe, while Krolikowski, Volkman, and Driessen handled the outfield. At the start of the season pitching was considered the team's largest weakness, but after a shaky first doubleheader, hurlers Kislow, Semrau, Doede, Trantow, McElrath, and Alstad fired hard and accurately for the remainder of the season. Shortstop Tom Camps applied the tag on a sliding Eau Claire North base runner after receiving a perfect throw from Wausau Senior High's veteran catcher Jerry McCabe. Eleven Letterman Booster! '65 Squad Second Baseman Tom Gauerke tensely awaited a pitch from Bob Doede during pre-game batting practice. BACK ROW: Bliss, Edwards, Chaignot, Rosemurgy, LaCerte, Amsrud, Youtsos, Shepherd, Kroening. ROW 3: Goetsch, Graebel, Graebel, Wetterneck, Hensel, Ballschmieder, Peters, Carver. ROW 2: Parsons, Buechler, Tetzlaff, Meyer, West, Templeton, Roehl, Johnson. FRONT ROW: Snook, Camp, Lattimer, Onheiber, Plischke, Oberman, Koenig, Schade. Five Veterans Added Depth T 0 Golf Team Bill Shepherd strained to get a glimpse of the ball as he ticed his iron shots at Athletic Park. prac- Wausau High's golf team scored remarkably well this year. The players not only had the ability, but the en- thusiasm necessary for a winning season. Captains Halder and Ryan, as well as returning lettermen, Geisel, Christensen, and Brown, played well and were excellent influences on the rest of the team. After a thrilling sea- son on the greens and fareways, the '65 golfers com- pleted an impressive record, but more important, they acquired a wide reputation for their fine sportsmanship. The 1965 golf lettermen were: Cstandingj Geisel, Halder, and Ryan: Ckneelingj Christensen and Brown. F sf' iii Y 1 dl BOWLING CHAMPIONS BACK ROW: Clure, LaCerte, Edwards, Wiesman, Johnson, Christensen FRONT ROW: Nelson, Nass, Bohman, Jenks. By winning all of their games, homerooms A-9 and In S 105 not only emerged as the senior basketball cham- p pions, but also as the champs of the entire school. Just one game behind the seniors were the junior champions from 110 and 216, while room 201 captured the sopho- more title. ln the Wednesday night league Northwestern won the championship by defeating second place Illi- nois. Michigan State ran a close third. Bowlers Best won the American League title with a BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS 33-7 record, and the Alley Birds of the National League BACK ROW. Weinberger' Dufeck' Dumdey' Jacobson- clinched the trophy by winning 34 and losing only 6. FRONT ROW: Kapus, Braatz, Alstad. HOMEROOM BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS BACK ROW: Camps, Gaurke, Burger, Clure. FRONT ROW: Kislow, Sippl. 5 A 'Wlvlvvvvwvvv i ' The varsity cheerleaders were Cleft to rightj Bachhuber Gettino Post Stolen, Thomasgard, Morris, Ostring, Wheeler, and Meyer. I Cheerleaders led Jacks T 0 Victory "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. Victory, victory, that's our cry," yelled the cheerleaders as they generated school spirit and en- couraged the Lumberjacks to win. In addition to these re- sponsibilities, they also put up posters advertising the games and directed the pep assemblies. During the sum- mer the varsity squad members attended the U.S.C.A. Camp All-American, where they learned new cheers. Dur- ing the basketball season they co-operated with the Pep Club to jointly sponsor T-day, an event designed to boost the enthusiasm for tournament play. Varsity cheerleading co-captains were Sandy Meyer and Sue Thomasgard, HB" squad captain was Jackie Miller. The cheerleaders' advisor was Mrs. Meuret. The Girls Athletic Association elected senior heads of sports who directed the year's competition. They were: Mary Wilde-golf, Arlene Colby-curling, Jean Sleeter- basketball, Sharon Gremler-volleyball, Kathy Donner- Badminton, Terry Jorstad-bowling, Sue Yunk-table ten- nis, Carolyn Tiffany-softball, Under the direction of Miss Becker, G.A.A. advisor, these girls did a fine job. Because of the new system of lunch periods, the noon hour G.A.A. activities had to be eliminated. All of the games were played after school or in the evenings. Some sports events were held away from school such as bowl- ing at the Wausau Bowling Center, curling at Marathon Park, swimming at Horace Mann Junior High and golf- ing at the American Legion. Pursuing these four sports, as well as all the rest on the long list of G.A.A. activities, enabled girls to increase their proficiency while experi- encing healthy exercise and satisfying enjoyment. G.A .A . Sports Fostered lively Competition Table tennis champions Linda Werth and Phyllis Woehlert teamed up for some fun in a doubles game. sau fi if Bfiffeeee. s s " :wie-:rw -f fy mpg, . pi :cw us it-vii-w,, , ., ,-. , Georgianna Fehl, Penny Swanson, Dara DeHaven, and Barbara Schuetz perfected their archery form through rigid practice. Senior head of golf Mary Wilde was "caught in the act" as she practiced for the G.A.A. tournament. film? T he Girls 'A tlzletic Association Pro vi ed The three high bowlers in G.A.A. were: tleft to righty Donna Reinke, Tizzy Boyce, and Rosemary Zahn. Mrs. Coyle, advisor to the water ballet group, coached Moreen Reavill as she attempted a catalina. G.A.A. was very successful this year as one of the largest and most active organizations in school. lts most popular sport was bowling, with 175 girls participating. The championship teams of the A and B leagues were cap- tained by Judy Mueller and Julie Ohrmundt. ln the play- off, Julie's team defeated Judy's for first place. The girls' basketball season began with a clinic de- signed to review old rules and to teach new ones. In G.A.A. competition there were fifty-five participants who made up five teams. Sue Flaker's squad captured first place by winning three out of four games. During the winter fifty girls joined G.A.A. curling. Al- though most of them were novices at the beginning of the season, by March the majority began to look like "old Dros." The boy and girl curlers teamed up for a mixed bonspiel which was won by Steve Lonsdorf, Sandy Ostring, Robby Broadhead, and Kathy Gettino. Mrs. Coyle, advisor to the water ballet group, taught ten girls the fundamentals of synchronized swimming. Another 111 girls enjoyed the sport of volleyball. Lynn Zastrow's team placed first by winning six out of seven. Sophomores developed individual basketball skills during gym class and put them to use in G.A.A. competition. any Hours Ui Enjoymentill nd Excitement ,fe 6 . n i in l ,xi ' mu M.. 'fa it QQ? The G.A.A. volleyball champions were: fleft to rightj Halkoski, Hall, Carlson, Mueller, Zastrow, Josiger, Marschall, Deterson, Sleeter. Jean Sleeter, skip of the first place G.A.A. curling rink, delivered a rock as her teammates Mary Schumacher, Marcia Kosmerchock, Anaig Coulouran, and Carolyn Tiffany observed. 1 l H 113 . . 1 1 fu 'Es-N! Mrs. Meuret, a gym instructor, studied and criticized Janice Schalow's attempt at a volleyball spike. Students used such skills in class work, G.A.A. competition, and informal play. 94 5 AW X. V-5 CLASS S Commencement brought pangs of regret to seniors, but to juniors it suggested thoughts of being the mightiest of Lumberjacks in 1966. To sophomores it signaled relief from such titles as "greenies" or "scoff- mores". And to everyone commencement meant that a difficult but rewarding year had become a mere memory. ' . is n film L4,fn, r A6f77f7'7l- ff' Ll! U ,SLC D V1 A , EDITORS. ian? 5,517,611 igQ,,6,6 Ron Lassow QQ A ML ,7fL,g,X 7 Mike Tranetzki ' MQ 74 AQHX 615141 af ASSISTANT: NAM, anim 1 Julie Foerster 4 Sxll ,if AH I e 7 I lwlnu 1 n r' Eid ' I I N'Q'Il'vi"u ' X S N Q E1 a, 'lv 1' X'-ir vii" f ' -- 5. H' Q- ' JA KX A f ' . "', . , I 3 i ,W-x 1" 5 ' -I , si . - ' 9-'iff L--lo' 1.. ,W nj la' . ' . N-4-N' ' -1. !l' 'yn-.g-.. KEQQF1. ,V .T lg V jg. r JA ,f .. 1 , , :ae --Q - ' 'Kumi 'Fje!!i5if,.1,i': , ' . . X 1 NNXXIHYWEI ' Z 11 ' " Zvi' 'Z V 1 'J WW in f H- B-f - S, r- ? ,lin 2' .- 11 f-fm I- 14:5 , . ng ii i lo, nav I x,.- A , vias-'giifii f fr 5' if- .1 "fly "Y '- 3' 'Mali x li-7 Nw: V .N . ' if l ' xg - l 5 tml' ' i I 1 -xl, ,l Q v I AJ 117 Ntyi A X Y 31: ft , .aug Q K Senior Class Ufficers When the Class of 1965 acquired the title of "Big- gest and Best", it was confronted with a challenge that was difficult to fulfill. But with the combined ef- forts of many students, the class found itself equal to the job. Looking back on the past three years, seniors find it hard to recall how so much activity was crowded into so short a time. They recollect with happy memories their Junior Prom "Sayonara", the Junior Girls' Dance "Holiday Enchantment", and the Senior Class Play "Teahouse of the August Moon." Seniors reflect proudly on the honors which have President Dave Marth Vice-President Bill Arvold Secretary Barb Wheeler Advisor Ramon Stade been awarded to their fellow classmates. The Class of 1965 can claim a National American Legion Orator -Dave Marth, two state champion debaters-John Lang and Steve Weiner, and a host of National Merit Scholars. Seniors can also claim a share in many sports honors, including a state champion football team. The most important honor which the Senior Class has enjoyed along with the rest of the school was the 1964 Bellamy Award. With a record such as this, the Class of 1965 has undoubtedly proved itself to be the undisputed "Big- gest and Best!" Diane Altmeyer Robert Amsrud Gary Anderson Jann aff 114' Lou Anderson Wllluam Arvold Janet O Brlen Fredrick Aschbrenner James Babcock Robert Bach Sd' V ,QQ Mary Bachhuber Pamela Badten Terry Baeseman Mark Ballschmieder Marijean Bandy Jane Bangle Nancy Baranowsku Bonnle Barttelt Jerome Barttelt Gary Baumann Kathleen Baumann Carol Bergklint William Bresnahan James Wallner Barbara Bey Sheryl Bierbrauer Kristen Blackwood Phyllis Blaschka XJ xfzv Patricia Bliss Kathryn Bohl Gary Bohm Laura Bombagi Jo Ann Bootz Walter Borchardt Sherry Borsavage Ronald Borski Charles Borth Terry Borth Gary Boushley Beverly Boyce John Boyd Gary Brandenburg Karen Brandt Egon Breckner 4-ff ,M . . . Seniors Jim Kurth, Paul Evans, Tod Meyer, and Bob McElroy found an empty room in the old building to exercise some senior privileges of their own. Seniors . . . Peg Post, Sue Yonke, Sandy Ostring, and Jill Beneditz - preoccupied with combs - were quick to catch on to the long swinging hair styles. 'S f' si ji Patricia Brandemuehl Maynard Breunig Darlene Brinkman Calvin Brown Dennis Brown Judith Brown Daniel Brueggeman Michael Bruess James Buch Dennis Bueddi gs Yvonne Bundy William Burger Cheryl Burnett Lynn Buss Melanie Buttke Paul Cabelka Caren Camp Lois Campbell Mary Campbell Thomas Camps Paul Buzza Jay Carlson Pamela Carpenter Christine Carspecken Mary Case TerrykChaignot Mary Champine Bonnie Christian -4:5 Nancy Christian Patricia Chrudimsky Sharon Clairmore Marion Clark William Clifford Judith Cloutier Dennis Clure Arlene Colby Audrey Colcord Michelle Colcord Nila Metcalf Roger Coleson Class Ui 1965 . . . Ken Peterson, last year's Junior Class vice-president, introduced the ten candidates for Senior Class offices. At the right were the four nominees for secretary: Sandy Meyer, Sue Ross, Nancy Tinkham, and Barb Wheeler. it N M., :i:,t:v Donald Cook Timothy Corbin Anaig Coulouarn Sandra Cronce Frances Csencsics Marsha Cutting 8' 3 David Czech Judy Czeck Dale Czerwinski Dean Czerwinski Craig Dallman Susan Day Y? Edward Dean John Dean Sue Degner William Onheiber Cheryl Delf Edward Delf 5-1 Judith Denfeld Donna Doede Kathryn Denfeld Leonard Detert Edward Pepin Frank Sadowski James Doering Kathleen Donner Carol Dornbrack John Drabes 'UQ- Charles Dittmar Dara DeHaven Eames.-Siu-t..M..,t x was J 4 Royce Duff Sandra Dunn Audrey Duranceau Georgena Durkee Carol Verga Chris Dzanbozoff -Q-, Marlene Vickerman William Edwards David Eggebrecht Shirley Eggebrecht Carol Ehlert Susan Ehlke iii' Anna Engebrecht Bonnie Engels David Engman Kathleen Erickson Daniel Erlandson Douglas Eschenbach V3 'Er'- Elaine Etzkin Merlin Voelske Wilbur Euler Paul Evans Dennis Ewert Antoinette Falkowski Georgianna Fehl Jean Fehl Robert Fehl David Felch William Ferguson Michael Filtz eye f 1 I Rm? Nl Q V,-wi E ix ,li Q Robert Fink Sharon Forsmo Im, Raymond Fraedrich Lyle Frelberg James Fremmlng Gerald Frickensteun Llnda Froom Marilyn Fuchs Sandra Fust Dale Volkman Lavonne 4 Susan Gardner Barbara Garske Thomas Gauerke Charles Gehrke Jill Von Gnechten Susan Genrich 5 Gloria Gereau Jane Gering Dale Gerlach Greta Gibcke Sandra Glasel Enid Gleason Jamie Goertz Gary T. Goetsch Gary W. Goetsch John Goetsch Sally Goetsch 5 i mv- f at ,siiisi si,s y,sr . 'i1" "'1 ' June Gohdes Marjorie Goldberg Everett Goodwin Dora Gorsk Donald Graebel Charles Graefe Marcia Graefe Judith Gra i Y Sharon Goetsch Linda Goulet Ronald Green 'C' Dorothy Weyeneth Gary Greenfield Sally Greenup Sharon Gremler Marilyn Gresens Pamela Gritzmacher Dorothea Grosinske Dennis Grunenwald 422 i"B ff 'N by M- YK W f 1 il.- Qgln s tat f -m e 5 , ft M52 Larry Gummo Dennis Gutknecht Al Weinberger Paul Habeck Virginia Hackbarth Ken Haebig Cheryl Hafeman David Hahn Steven Halder Wayne Weinkauf Peggy Westgate Sylvia Hall . . . Class Ui 1.965 The cafeteria was well-patrolled by a friendly mediator - Mr. Gabrilska. Roger Coleson learned rather quickly that Al's rules were not to be tampered with, but Mimi Reavill and Christy Mason seemed to take the matter more lightly. we Seniors . . . Everett Goodwin found that the only place for quiet meditation and deep contemplation was at the top of a secluded ladder. He no doubt solved many of the world's crucial problems from this vantage point. aff! Susan Halverson Joel Hamers Georgia Hannemann Thomas Harding Faith Hartkopt Susan Hassel Eugene Heisler Karen Haemrich Perry Hench , 1 - n - 3 . ..:, ' G llfiiwii l, Q . V -fi-messsez1g,aeg:r 4:24-w"' Barbara Wheeler William Hensel JoAnn Henke Margo Hennig Gayle Herning Peter Hessert fN Qs "1 Lynda Hettinga Duane Hinz ,1.L Trudy Heyer .Lf ,. Ht: Tie-film athleen , 3, .f - use fi? X Lawrence Hinner Robert Wiesman QQ my Richard Hook Joseph Huber Kenneth Hudson Eileen Hintz Virginia Hintz , -:.7k KViL5ITf.ke, . in' Sheryl Hoffman Mary Wilde f ?' Charles Huebner Kathleen Huhnstock Peter Hintze William Holster je 'ZS Cheryl Iken 'ff Frank lmbach Mary Will Barbara Jacobi Ronnie Jacobson Lyle Jaegler Leroy Jahns Sharon Janikowski Larry Janikowski Stanley Jarovski Mary Jauernig Forrest Jehn Thomas Jehn 1 O Richard Jelmeland Sandra Jenks Mary Jirgl Donald Johnson Sandra Jonas Bronwen Jones Ronald Jones Terry Jorstad John Joseph Michael Josiger Dennis Kaetterhenry Linda Kahler NN 4 K . .si Carol Kalinoski Barbara Kaminski Virginia Kaminski Jon Kapus Craig Karr Timothy Wohlfahrt Dale Woller Mary Kersemeier David Kettunen YES? Karen Kasten . . . Class Uf 1965 Close observation of these two pictures will certainly reveal some unmistakable similarities. Now in their last year at Senior High, these students can look back at their first school year and smile. 6,7 A James Kislow Mary Kittie David Klatt Qs' D Dale Klingbeil Jerome Klinger Gerald Klosinski Harland Kleiber Betty Kleinschmidt Douglas Kline Allen Kluck Ur Carol Knaak David Knapp Q tix ' f 1:7 Thomas Knetter James Knippel Daniel Koehler Mark Koenig Frank Koerten Garrett Koerten Seniors . . . Can you recognize Pete Larson, Todd Meyers, Chip Lemke, Barb Schuetz, John Wiechmann, Peggy Westgate, Nancy Tinkham, Kay Miller, Margie Goldberg, and Char Maas? This was the Kindergarten of 1953. James Kohnhorst Kenneth Kolpacki Barbara Kottke Lloyd Kovach ss ww Mi Seniors . . . 1.965 SENIOR TWINS Standing: Bruce Seefeld, Diane Rosentreter, Dean Czerwinski, Edward Dean, Lynn Zastrow. ,.., Kneeling: Brian Seefeld, Daryll Rosentreter, Dale Czerwinski, John Dean, Diann Zastrow. Stanley Kovach Karen Koziel 'Tlx liek E Anna Kreill Beverly Kriehn Cynthia Kroening Janice Kroening Cheryl Kroeplin Peter Krolikowski John Krueger Ruth Krueger Brian Krusko Lynn Krzmarcik Mary Kumbera Michael Kunze James Kurth Janet Kurth Richard Kusel John Kutchera Elaine Kyle J Gary Laatsch Kurt Laffin Sandra Laffin w-bv G? 11137 David Langsdorf as S Ronald Lassow Charles Lawrence Barbara Lawson Charles Lemke Suzanne Lemke Rosalie Lenz June Levandoski Dennis Lewandoskl Janice Lewitzke Miss Larson frowned upon students who slept in the library. No one escaped her attention as Lynn Buss was soon to fund out. Gary 'A ,' ag 'l e Mary Lorenzen Barbara Louze Judy Luedtke Lloyd Luedtke Georgia Lund Charlotte Maas Gregory Maas Constance Madden Judith Madlson Paul Malre Wllllam Malak Kathleen Manuel Gary Marten David Marth Anne Mason Gerald Maszk Thomas Mathwlch Gerald McCabe Susan McCarthy ,J f Www Edward Marcotte Jerome Marcotte Davld Marquardt Susan Marquardt Lyle Marquis Paul Martell A at X Darlene Woller Ralph Merwin Gloria Meseke pe' if T ,ar ng Joe Metz Carol Meurett Joseph Meyer Sandra Meyer Stewart Meyer Marilyne Midlikowski 'Qs lla, Arleen Mielke Marlys Mientke Charlene Mikkelson Robert Mikkelson Kay Miller Linda Miller Senior A Wards I I I I I I I I I National Council of English Teachers Award National Merit Scholarship Finalists Steve Weiner, John Lang, Rod Nelson, Chris Carspecken. BACKI Steve Weiner. Peter DyS0f1, Jim Smit. John Lang, Jim Kurt FRONT: Judy Gray, Chris Carspecken, Jamie Goertz. Class Ui '65 Won Many HonnrsAmI A wards Senior homerooms voted for the girl they thought most deserving of the Good Citizenship Award spon- sored by the Daughters of the American Revolution. From the students' list the faculty picked the winner from the top three based on outstanding qualities of leadership, service, dependability, and patriotism. The Elks Leadership Award is given to a senior boy and girl who display outstanding citizenship, leader- ship, resourcefulness, and perseverance. The winners receive a S150 bond and may compete on state and national levels. The Elks Most Valuable Student Award is offered to a senior boy and girl in the form of a S5150 bond. Qual- ifications include scholarship, personality, leadership, extra-curricular and outside activities, and financial need. The recipients compete state-wide and nationally. Those eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Award must rank in the upper one percent of those taking College Board Tests. If they have qualifying grades they become national finalists or winners. Those qualifying this year included Chris Carspecken, Jamie Goertz, Judy Gray, Jim Kurth, John Lang, Jim Smit, Steve Weiner, and Peter Dyson. Letters of commenda- tion went to Nancy Tinkham, Jim Wicke, Dennis Kaet- terhenry, Tom Larson, Elaine Etzkin, Anne Mason, and Marsha Cutting. The National Council of English Teachers Award is given to four seniors chosen from a field of thirty nominated top English students. Judging is based on writing ability. The finalists compete statewide, and state winners automatically become national winners. Finalists this year were Rod Nelson, Cstate winnerj, Chris Carspecken, Steve Weiner, and John Lang. NANCY TINKHAM JOHN LANG Elks' Most Valuable Elks' Leadership Award Student Award DAR Good Citizen A sa. EVERETT GOODWIN Elks' Most Valuable Student Award CHRIS CARSPECKEN Elks' Leadership Award op Ten Seniors -Q-S., ef" Chris Carspecken Judith Gray Nancy Tinkham Steven Weiner Anne Mason 4.00 4.00 3.95 3.94 3.93 3 WY? ' 1-'Mfr Marjorie Nutting Susan Day John Lang Dianne Larson James Smit 3.93 3.85 3.82 3.80 3.79 Senicrs Achieved Scholastic Excellence TOP TEN PERCENT BACK ROW: Burger, Dyson, Imbach, Wicke, Schult, Nass, Bellas, Arvold, Karr, Coleson, Larson, Eggebrecht, Ewert. Lindow, Wohlfart, Breckner. THIRD ROW: Goertz, Olesen, Schmidt, Wirt, Mueller, Lenz, Van Ornum, Lewitzke, Steckling, Radant, Hoffman, Bliss, Cutting, Hall. SECOND ROW: Wilde, Post, Reavill, Coulourn, Bachhuber, Thomasgard, Gleason, Page, Bangle, Kalinoski, Glasel, Christian, Tietz. FRONT ROW: Flaker, Schumacher, Weyeneth, Engebrecht, Colcord, Etzkin, Bootz, Boyce, Jones. CAbsent: Goodwin, Fox, Klinej. , 1 w wi Judie Yach Sigrid Morgan Elsiena Moser Judith Mueller Karen Mueller Kathryn Mueller we - IW' llllll llll , l'1-f Nancy Mueller Joanne Muzynoski Richard Naef David Nass Patricia Nass Cheryl Nelson K Qt-rifilzx f ,-54 K 1 .P 'w Marilynn Nelson Mary Nelson Rod Nelson Sue Yonke Robert Nickel Nancy Nielsen . . . Seniors These students adopted a Korean child. Standing were Judy Cloutier, Joann Olsen, Peg Post, Kathy Manuel, and Mary Bachhuber. Sitting were Jill Beneditz, Susan Thomasgard, Bev Boyce, and Barb Wheeler. Judith Nienow Cheryl Nimz Sherrie Nimz lan Ninneman i gi Donald Ninneman Suzanne Ninnemann 3 Robert Norberg Judy North ON '9' ,nw Civ Despite her size, Miss Scott could still talk sense into the heads of towering seniors Barb Schuetz, John Wiechmann, and Doug Trembath. -413' Sharon Novitzke Michael Nowitzke Ruth Nowitzke Paul Nussbaum Marjorie Nutting Thea O'Connor -Q, '25 Daniel Oelke Julie Ohrmundt Bonnie Olson Daniel Olson 7152? William Ohrmundt Thomas Ortwein xl Clark Oleson Barbara Ollhoff Joann Olsen Tom Youtsos Sandra Ostring Linda Page 4 Arthur Pagel Diane Pagel Gary Palesch Aaron Pepin 4 xv Mary Pepke Darlene Wood ,-r fi 1 - A v iv Wa' Q -223 "" Q we 'R' 1 'kbAL . if Q1 kt 5,5 . A . i lf' WC' Gary Peters Michael Peters Kenneth Peterson Julaine Petri Janet Petzold Susan Pierschalla fl J it xt Douglas Pittsley Mary Worzella Carolyn Plautz Patricia Plisch Roger Plischke l I I 3 ? Lois Poppe Gary Porath Michael Porter Peggie Post Phyllis Pufahl JoAnn Punke David Quaderer Perry Raasch 'N' Donald Polege Ti e Nl W - ,Qld -Q fl K i v i - 1. 'X I Janis Prehn Vernon'Wright Sue Radant Wayne Radant Eu- , it VT' Judy Radloff Sandra Radloff Barbara Radtke Ruth Rakow Dianna Rausch Medith Reavill 'hu .41 K Ronald Reede Diane Reetz Merion Reetz is Donna Remke James Rekowski Thomas Rhoda Bonnie Rhyner Patsy Rhyner Lois Richards . . . Seniors Celebrating after final exams, Clark Oleson, Jerry Bellas, and Doug Sturgeon found ample time to slide down banisters. 141 -at ----' TQ Suzanne Yunk Ginger Rieman John Roberts Ronald Rolfson Richard Roloff Susan Zajackowski k-ww Dennis Rosenau Janice Rosekranz Daryll Rosentreter Dianne Rosentreter Marlene Ross Susan Ross Larry Rothenberger Sharon Rothman Barbara Rounds Kay Rozelle Bonnie Ruether Kenneth Ruether Audrey Rusch Tim Zarnke Tangie Rusch Willian Rust . . . Senio s Aiming to enhance his reputation as a talented vocalist, Roger Spiecher sang for the second consecutive year in the Tophatters' show. Q.-T -1s""f' .Q-g . Michael Ryan Daniel St. Clair Robert Sanford Lyle Sann James Savinski Bennett Schade 3. Jim Schaefer Janice Schalow 591 30 QI... ,. . ,s. -as ,,-sm' . . .af sk .s.:,. -t y Eva Scheffler Wayne Scheibe Donald Schewe Susan Schiefelbein Lois Schilling Dennis Schlag Julia Schiel Paul Schlund David Schmidt Jeanne Schmidt 1965... Although students tried many ways to escape exams, Kay Rozelle's was perhaps the most unique: but it failed to fool the nurse. X. . H. Lucy Schmidt Michael Schmidt Shirley Schmidt Jeanne Schmirler 4 Bruce Schmolze Carol Schneiderwent Russell Schoeneman Susan Schoenfeld Carol Schoepke Pearl Schoepke Edward Schoessow Sharon Schreiber Mary Schreiner Carol Schroeder Sandra Schroth William Schubring , I Barbara Schuetz Christine Schult Donald Schult Donald Schultz James Schultz Seniors . . . With the approach of graduation, seniors were advised to double-check their credits. Sandy Will was utterly dismayed by her results. Dian n Zastrow Gary Zastrow Mary Schumacher John Schwister Charles Schymanski . . .Seniors Paul Buzza and Dick Hook enjoyed browzing through the endless folders at Toburen's Studio and evaluating prints for their senior pictures. XXI! KTTH HAS! X Sandra Schymanski Robert Scutkowski 'Y 'QA nr Lynn Zastrow Brian Seefeld be Bruce Seefeld Shirley Seehafer Thomas Seehafer Janet Shanak Judy Shanak Kathleen Shannon Steve Weiner Mary Shelbrack William Shepard William Short Joan Sickler Gary Siewert Barbara Sigmund Daniel Sillars James Sippl Sandra Slaminski Jean Sleeter James Smit 14 4 fN Leorin Smith Shirley Smith Judith Sonderegger Roger Spiecher Dorothy Stange James Stasney Patricia Steckling Sandra Steffen Thomas Steidl Mary Steiner Roger Steinke Clark Stevens 'Sv John Streeter Betty Strobach Linae Strohkirch Gary Stubbe Stephanie Stubbe Douglas Sturgeon 4' 359: ' Ronald Sturm Penni Swanson Kay Sward Barbara Templeton Gary Tesch Larry Teske Robert Tessmer Stanley Tessmer John Tetzlaff Jon Thames Susan Thiel Sonja Lawonn IW ws? 3 Harris Thomas Susan Thomasgard David Thornewell Dale Thurs Jane Tietz Carolyn Tiffany Nancy Tinkham Richard Toby Joseph Tranetzke Michael Tranetzki Mark Trantow Douglas Trembath 1:5 T Neal Treu Robert Utecht Gerolynn Utecht Linda Van Ornum Shirley Van Proyen Judith Van Sleet . . . Class 01' 1.965 Mike Ryan, John Wiechmann, Paul Evans, and Jerry Bellas -- male counterparts for the cheerleaders, promoted school spirit among the Jacks during the Eau Claire Memorial basketball game. Their success was evidenced by a 72-70 victory. ..T..5,,., ..,. A R ,,, , x 'K' W- N gs -' f?fQg53 mf Www Seniars. . . 'WF' Char Maas, Chris Carspecken, and Christy Mason were Thomas Vogedes Connie Voigt Gale Volk Susan Walters Richard Warnke Robert Warnke Delores Wendt James Wenzel Bonnie Westberg caught pondering the world's complexities under a fore- James Wicke John Wiechmann Bruce Wiesman boding question mark. I Betty Zernicke Paul Ziebell David Zimbauer Sandra Sharon Winker Lynette Wirt ,-49' Senio s '65 Bid Fa ewell T o Wausau High SENIORS NOT PICTURED Betty Aschbrenner Patricia Behr William Bembinster James Brennan Roger Bethice Roger Betts Daniel Busch Robert Colcord James Dehnel Peter Dietsche Charles DiMuzzio Garie Dufeck Peter Dyson Kenneth Elford Gary Essels Daniel Gajewski Robert Geisel Barbara Grabau Steven Osswald Charles Green Dennis Gutowski Allen Hall Kathleen Hall Edward Hagenbucher Patricia Henderson Dennis Hoffman Wayne Holbrook William Jaecks Douglas Jones Kristen Ison Wilbert Kell Paul Kennedy Emil Matis Edward Memin John Monday Jack Morris Rosemary Nemke Betty Neumann James Pergolski Mary Pergolski Arthur Plantiko Richard Prentice Michael Raduechel Kathleen Ritchey Judith Romanowski Dorothy Rusch James Schoenborn Roger Schultz Terri Schultz Charles Seaquist Dennis Thomas Michael Treptow Kristie Wadzinski Sharon Weinke Leigh Zinkevz Senior Chip Lemke, February winner of the Optimists' safe-driv- lng award, is shown here in the car he was permitted to use o one week. i 'Jr Av "'-5? , 4., 'YA 1 p CHR W Klpmffngfya ff-9' IZIZ' .MM 60113 gf W Some days were quite hectic for Mike Tranetzki. One cold and snowy morning he was reported racing to school with shaver and breakfast in hand. -swung A sw-X ' fa , N I, I ,I 7,2 S4 ,y 7 5 fL,fV'f' " if 'N,f'xx.i :- ff 3 I I, . , ,s"' ,J ?f 'ffx A ,172 N if ' ' ' Q E we " ,, if KN? ,ff P A L M Af' 7' ,XVIII -,ff F-NAM X xg It L, 'U' f 1 ,f ,J 'S X! ' weft' H J We f-JV ll f A 1 . ' kv J J ,' fx H Q L, 1 fl ' . 1. , J pe- of if . ff' J J. ,f ft .f , -A lf' il A5 Q l at Osrxhj K . 2, ' f' pf in si'i Cy! kj:-.RK .X 4 A+,-if A J Q .Qs fx HN-5? ...lxx .KLA li is It 1 if x, Vi V Qt fr . A Q Li ' N . , of -'J L. aw -. I 0, .i G i Vyys. di .. fix Ya., , ,F l 5 'W . C f D - A , :Y'.l"f : "QQ 5 Q,-asf J A J f a -, X l XX 49 1 .' tXYfi NN X WB , Junior Class Ufficers Throughout the year the class of '66 engaged in many activities which were beneficial to all. The Junior Class sponsored two social events - the Prom and the Junior Girls' Dance. Two committees of junior stu- dents worked on preparations for these events. The selection of the class rings was made by all candidates running for Junior Class offices. lt was felt that this group was best qualified to make the de- I X, ,f i-l' - A q 5 ui as , E 9 ,..-1.1111 President Dave Ullrich Vice-President Robert Brodhead Secretary Jacqueline Miller Junior Class Advisor Mr. Madison cisions because they were chosen as leaders of their class. The Junior Class tried to excell in all activities in which they were involved and to set high standards for all those who follow them at Wausau Senior High. To achieve this goal, many Juniors participated with high hopes of success in the National Merit Scholar- ship program and in the PSAT tests. Terry Ahrens, Patricia Albrecht, Barbara Allen, Jerry Allen, Knute Alstad, Esther Anderson, Edward Anderson, Gloria Anderson, Paul Anderson Susan Anklam, Nancy Arkens, Fran- cis Arndt, Allan Autio, John Ayres, John Babcock, John Bandock, Jackie Banik, Susan Banik Lorraine Baranowski, Joan Bau- mann, Russell Bauman, Sandra Bau- man, Tom Baumann, Chris Beatty, Louis Bebout, Karen Behm, Karen Beilke Mary Beilke, John Benson, Michael Benson, Dennis Bentz, James Berndt, Gary Berzill, Sandy Berzill, Jeanne Bettin, Mary Biehl Kathleen Bielen, Carol Bird, Rita Blaschka, Theodore Blaskowski, Barbara Bliese, Rick Bliese, Jack Bliss, Kathy Bloom, Mary Bloom Karen Bloomquist, Frank Bohman, Nancy Bombagi, Gary Bootz, David Borchardt, Lynn Borchardt, Patricia Bergklint, Richard Boreen, David Bornfleth Tom Borsavage, Andy Boruch, Cherie Berens, Gene Boushley, Pros- per Bousley, Danny Braatz, Dennis Brandenberg, Diana Brandenburg, Linda Brandenburg Carolyn Brendt, Donald Brandt, Barbara Bresnahan, Robby Brod- head, John Broker, Jamie Brose, Bill Brown, Tom Brown, Richard Brown Gene Brueggeman, Judith Buehler, Tom Builer, Robert Butenhoff, Jerry Buttke, Mary Camps, Geoffrey Can- field, Daniel Carlson, Jack Carlson Kirby Carpenter, Clark Casanova, Margaret Champine, Kurt Charbo- neau, James Cherek, Howard Chris- tensen, Beverly Christian, Bruce Clark, Jerome Clarkowski Donald Cline, Lois Cohodas, Colin Cook, Alan Cooper, Dale Dahlke, Dick Dalbeck, Tom Davis, Sally Day, Cindy Dean Denise Debalske, Dennis Debalske, Elaine Deffner, James Degner, Dale Deland, Marsha Didrickson, Sherrie Dietsche, Fred Dix, Nancy Dodson 0 f ' i' Inf R' K f - - I -fx is as ' xg-1-5. X - , ,,-' , Nh , ' lj 4: if Xb , by ' , -,,' JL? ' ' 4 1 A X Q 2. ' MN C' s l M T3 l l --f-v w L , , . , , . 8 KY ,ar , J l -Mg K' 4 S j' ' ., l W -H Q . 1 4: ,, l V , ..... K begins: vlkxx - "Mix mf- 8 0 :::-:l::1:Q:-'-'- X DQ xv:-1 1: , Q7 xg Q 1 ,. k yk ,. ,. ' f if ,f 'M' V ..f-.-L N' : 2 A I it C .I if ' . ' S , r Pa , 5 :J W 1, K K X S t ey ' K A ' iggf W "'- 'il , ' - i y . 1 "i' 1 it ' F K -N 3. . , if sw N A 'L A ,K , Q V . , , ' . --2 ' Q 'ff .IZ F as . ev 'W 'rf' sv ' ' if' I ., K 3, xi' ' :gl Tiwvlial is 4 ' ,. H--Q x , f, ' I ,-a'ni1s-effzeffl,-fi c , if '-at Q ,s l , g ' - X VLVLA .. I U f iff s fr . , wr -fl -Y A l 1 Q 3 9 20 Juniors Heclfled Soplzs And Hailed Senior u 4 4 S' r' 1 A A ' '- R , ,l ffl E 'ii-fr J J J 3 -J . ' V if 5 i ' J J J 4 .J ag G, t s 3 K .v-. " .,,:. ,. ,ft I ,L , -2 i , egg. ' 9 A ' ,-7? ,Q Z, ,, o as 1 ' .Q I J E H - gi if iff y- V ,gg ' Q4 C " , ,, g l il 'N' V " 3 'Dr' I i 4? , vii X ff l f ll J' J 6 J nl V' fi' ii Q . ' i 3 A I: K f:1,,.. at lg J t,,,,,, H A I. ' N' J A ii 5!iaaat3'G 'A 1 , lf' ' -x Y i' W ED V' , --, Avi i , ,f n .W Q Y ' 3 4 , Cad, 5 A ne. 'J . ' 1:3 ' R ...A -f.. V A V mf 'K X J 551,15 Q 9 tv 4 rr ef ? ' is 3' 1 Q.i s' 41 i 1 . Q 2 , , A L,,A, 1 my A V if " .., gms- , , 13 an milling... f - is 1 Christine Doede, Susan Doescher, Linda Drake, Van Driessen, Dave Dumdey, Richard Durkee, Roge Durkee, Tom Durkee, Jamie Dustin Donald Duwe, Dale Eggebrecht, John Eisenman, Charles Elston, Cheryl Endvick, Lloyd Engstrom, Randy Engstrom, Jack Erdman Larry Erdmann, David Estreen, Rich- ard Evans, Bill Evenson, John Fehl, Jeanne Felch, Juanita Felio, Luana Feltz, Richard Fenhaus Marcile Ferge, Laura Filber, Greg Finet, Allen Fitzke, Elmer Fitzke, Robert Flannery, Julie Foerster, Car- olyn Foland, Marilyn Foland Steve Foreen, Sue Forsmo, Mary Foss, Jay Freiberg, Alan Fritz, Kathy Fry, Jacque Fulmer, Coleen Gajew- ski, Georgia Gering 4 Ellen Garski, Mary Garski, Sheldon Geiger, Mary Geier, Mary Geske, Kathy Gettino, Gary Giese, Mary Giese, Sue Giese Lynn Gilbertson, Bonnie Glasel, Mar- lene Goede, Bonnie Goetsch, Bruce Goetsch, Donna Goetsch, Doris Goetsch, Joan Goetsch, Harley Goetsch Mary Gorman, Tim Gorman, Dawn Gorski, Kay Grabau, Clark Graebel, Scott Graebel, Willis Gresen, Richard Grasmick, Judy Green ' Virginia Green, Gary Grenier, Kath- erine Gribowski, Kay Groff, Kathy Grosinske, Pamela Groth, Marlys Gruening, Clark Guenther, Willmer Guillaume Shirley Gunderson, Mary Haase, Ronald Haebig, Corene Hagen, Kath- erine Hahn, Michael Halkoski, Alon- na Hanke, Larry Hanneman, Michael Hartjes ke, Judy Hett, Sherry Heidemann, Phyllis Hemmrich, Leonard Henkle- man, Catherine Hersch, Amy Het- tinga, Diane Hildebrandt QX4leaneUe Havlovick, Katherine Heahl- if Jan Hilmershausen, Julie Hitz, Barb- ara Hoeppner, William Hoessel, Peter Hoff, Sue Holbrook, Sharon Holder, Dale Hollinger, Mary Holtz Roberta Holup, Virginia Howard, John Huber, Rick Huber, Ann Hum- phrey, Mary Hunt, Robert Huppman, Marcia Hussong, Peggy Hutchison Jill Jackson, Bruce Jaecks, Marsha Jahnke, Judie Jakubowski, Mary Jones, Jeanne Jehn, Harold Jahs- mann, Virginia Jehn, Judith Jelen Richard Jenks, Kris J. Jensen, Kris M. Jensen, William Jensen, Charles Johanning, Carla Johnson, Douglas Johnson, Linda Johnson, William Johnson Sandra Johnson, Chuck Jojade, Barbara Jones, Chris Jones, Karin Josiger, Ruth Joss, James Juedes, Nancy Kasten, Louise Kardack Carol Kamin, Maxine Kalinoski, Jack Kemps, Kathleen Kent, Karen Kers- ten, Darlene Kettner, Diane Kittel, Michael Kleinschmidt, Diane Klemp Robert Klemp, Janice Klinger, Ken- neth Klinger, Carol Kluetz, Michael Kluetz, Cheryl Kluever, Sue Kluever, Jerome Klug, Paul Knippel Nancy Knoeck, Richard Koch, Bruce Koenig, Fredrick Koenig, Ben Koer- ten, Glenn Koffarnus, Terry Kohn- horst, Laurie Kolokowski, Marlene Kordus Howie Christensen, Doug Johnson, and Kay Schultz seemed to be enlightened as they reviewed the immensely profound history depart- ment of the school library. Histor- ical literature, though sometimes bewildering, proved to be debatable among these young scholars. ,, 1 4 m 'J .- hi' 5' 4, my ,. rg. H' ,g Nw . 1 f l . l ' .'- ' R NL x X . c , K N 1 ., , 'ffl P 15" 'E it J lx X I K X J f f fl A' V' - 5- 7' A Q? gif, :QL J .f:?5'm.l Ql ae ,v ,Sf , fl fs ' 2, ef , jfs X Q r P J F: IAX if ff XZ' , 2' X U or , 1 7. . 'l f 6 G J J ,- . J Q, 9 3. -as 3 .lfl .:, -'4 St ' ,U Q Q5 , if ' .- 5 'Ks 'X jf f- , 1 .K t -fi KA .' A tl 1 A ,--:nf 4 Q, ,gal P L ggi, 2, A ly i "Sire: I A 3 1 I 'X f v ,, ' In Q - rf isa ' ,i , gt H1 'I , I -Q 1 J J if J' f fx J w i , R - , 9 - , - , Q fd X , .xi J J 1, gg ! , Q "? J A I , 3 I - i ' 'ni way, Mg. , S, . A X M Yi fm J-ff W in fr 1. , ' " -' - R ' ,J ll iff lf i 1 Q A Va' K Q4 A fa f- ff? ,L L w. i--I I 5 t JA 52- lili l 4 W A tv , vt . . K' n , , T. 1.13 ' ' 2.21 ,ii if , I llg l f ' fd Marcia Kosmerchock, Pat Koy Sandy Koziel, Karen Kramer, Shirle Kramer, Karen Kranz, Donala Krause, Judy Krause, Sherry Krejc Gerald Krienke, Sue Kroeplin, Caro Krohn, Michael Krohn, John Kroen ing, Wayne Kroening, Donald Krue ger, John Krueger, Mark Kruegel David Krueger, Richard Krueger Margie Kryshak, Mary Kubowski Sandy Kufahl, Jeannie Kumbera Charlotte Kunzo, Terry Kurth, Dar La Certe Sue Lach, Coral Laffin, Mary La Haie, Norman Lambrecht, Denni Landrath, Brian Lanke, Mike Lanse Linda Larson, Garry Lashua Lynn Lattimer, Linda Lausten, Rox anne LaVake, Gerald Lawrence, Ala LeDue, Tim Lettermann, Lu An Lemke, Sonja Lemke, Thomas Lem ke Juanita Leopold, Charles Lepak Dennis Lerch, May Levandoski Doris Lewandoski, James Light, Fay Lippke, Andrea Lister, Calista Littl Christine Little, Mark Litzer, David Lonsdorf, Steve Lonsdorf, Russell Luedtke, Peggy Lueck, Richard Luet schwager, Donna Luncer, Bruce' Maaser Kenneth Maaske, George Macomber, Peggy Maley, Kathryn Marcott, Kar- en Marek, Sue Marquis, Tom Mar- schall, Craig Marson, Sharon Marten Juniors were given a chance to elect class officers from a qualified field of candidates during their class meeting held in the boys' gym. Last year's sophomore President Sheldon Geiger introduced all candidates to the class and allotted each presiden- tial candidate five minutes to speak about his qualifications. Junior Proudly Wore Their Class Rings ennifer Mathis, Pam Mathwich ruce Mattern, Mike McCormick, Da- id McDonald, Kathleen McDonell, ill McElrath, Paul Meidl, Ken Mes- nberg ile Metcalf, Kathleen Metz, Char eurett, lean Meurett, Kenneth eyer, Noel Meyers, Calvin Mientke, arold Millard, Gary Miller ackie Miller, Shirley Miller, George itchell, Robert Mootz, Kathy Mor- is, Clark Mortenson, Linda Mose- an, Daniel Mueller, Gail Mueller ary Mueller, Becky Nagler, Dale ass, Margie Neese, Albert Nelson, erald Nelson, Rodney Neubauer, ern Newman, Virginia Nichols onnie Nickel, David Nimz, James innemann, Kathy Noe, Sue Nowak, enneth Nutter, Joe Nylen, Susie bermeier, Jim Oblander athy 0'Conner, Diane Ohde, John hrmundt, Julie Oldenburg, Thomas lson, Pat 0'Neil, Judith Onheiber, ohn Opick, Kenneth Osborn obert Osheim, Pat Osswald, Joe strander, Eugene Ostrowski, Karl tto, Gloria Otto, Audrey Pagel, Faye agel, Marylou Palenik ohn Parker, Fern Pasholk, Janice aulson, Blair Peshak, Bill Peroutka, im Perry, Stan Peters, Joreen Petri, aryl Pfaff Susan Pijan, Leon Pittsley, Robert Plantiko, Sue Plantiko, Laurie Plautz, Sue Plisch, Cheryl Poeske, Bob Polege, Joan Porath Linda Porter, Linda Pospychalla, Betty Prast, Pamela Priller, David Preuss, Noel Preuss, Marsha Priebe, Marilyn Quade, Bruce Radant Sue Radant, Richard Raddatz. Janet Raddatz, John Radloff, Sharon Radt- ke, Pat Rainville, Marcia Ransom, Dick Rassmussen, Thomas Red- mond if ' . :Q J nt' V a. is K . -. ,Q 4. A . T., 1 egg, X X..- f J .1'.. l , 1 'N X" ' 41",1'Z1.-rv-tx FIC'-J i' I 'lf I I - J sl. hm GH- 34, Lg! , , , '72 'F Q' 'R 'U l nj P , ' ,, 'ii R, I 'f K l ' ! l' j J - ea., , . - f-ul 7 x K ' r .l g,e G J , - flsl G 5 J f K I 6 . V 2: 1 V G f- " , 4 A ri 15 i 13 is lf' 'J' uf K1 K I , Q K its f X lf .1 ' xi. '4 1 ' A Xe d ... , -6 '-...f - -Q X 'X .f .s A of l . .bi ,L ,A C AV K ,si "v-4' 3 f K Q 17 9 , . 3 . fi -A .,.f . may fv 'Z A . K' 1 A J A ' r - ' f 1 if ' 'Q A we-. ,l K, I . gg , A W X . K . K is ,Y : V l A gal JL, 4 ," '-V: fig A, E . ' A! i f"Nt its 5 , A M .1 , f X J -x, N2 f fl ,f , ' ' l if . . kwgr I ,qu -H I A ' 1 1 Q ' ' n Q wg A , - Al i s K Big: W '3 , x 3 'sr F' L .sig H - 'f 5 ,RA Un wary Boys Were Bait For Jr. Girls ' Dance 1 3 ' ' I . , , 5, , , -f , J 4 ,J - is V x.,-.1., f it Iwi Q ., xy!! l T ii if ,,, l l 'I - 4-h f , - I l 4, ,, ff' i if' X I," F 1' T i i av , J , i in 1 y - ' 1 r. .. A 3 3 Q F O f ' . f , ws A -3 1 7 4 , ' 5 A I see . Q :QI Q ,,:5 . 1 Qs 4 ' , V x .J - "' , , , ' i J 1 l ' . i -i - ,z r 1 A - 5 W J , L W f"" . fl G. T25 at Q.: f, K N I ""' , x ' rf 4 55? M. A ,',,. . my . Q fg , L 3 N 4 , ,Z A W -wi, , Jil- ,Q S f - ' - fx yn N , e .Q I ' A ' fv- Ff -gf 1 9 V B a , - ' 'A "N ffm A lf! fu wvsnx I., qs pl ..,. iykfjf 1 ' i ,. K all an ' ka' ' Q . -Q ef be -3 , lf- -r ,4 9 J it . , 5 if X I ' ,7 ,ff ' W f ,' ' , 6.33. V f X ffgif ' ' fr 'I f n 1 nlmunnm. 7, ,,, as J , , J A ig ,fy A .,, Q, 'Ev ug K A .- ' l ' ' Wi Q Q Qu r , X , Q I iv 4.1 ' S J Y ,4'!'fi:1e"iY.,422, i . J fl af J' 1, ie i.-it i R L ' V r Y. If , " if G '7 - X 'A A .ci A f W QQ ' to of , U 5 X f .s - :il Q J ..- ,N if , Jill Reinke, Craig Reineking, Dav Reynolds, Guy Reynolds, Wayn Richmond, Dennis Ringwelski, Dal Ritchie, Paulette Roble, Don Rocko Becky Roebuck, Norrel Roeder, Al len Roehl, John Rogalla, Rodne Rohde, Martha Rohloff, Joe Roh meyer, Mike Rolnecki, Sharon Rolof Stuart Rosemurgy, Larry Rothmeyer Roger Rothmeyer, Sandi Rothmeyer Carol Rowland, Dave Rozmenoski gtarl Rozmenoski, Dave Rusch, Su us Paul Russell, Gary Rux, Marliss Rux Beverly Rydell, Gerald Salzer, Ti Sandholm, Karen Sann, Patrici Sann, Jack Schade Mary Schaepe, Dixie Scheffler, Ja- nice Scheffler, Conrad Schepp, Dal Schepp, Linda Schield, Pamela Schield, Donald Schmidt, Gerald Schmidt Shirley Schmidt, Terry Schmidt, Sandra Schmoeckel, Carol Schoen- rock, Linda Schoepke, Michael Schott, Deborah Schranz, Nancy Schreiber, Susan Schubring Gary Schuetz, Beverly Schultz, Gary Schultz, John Schultz, Kay Schultz, Wayne Schultz, Virginia Schultz, Glenn Schulz, Karen Schumann Myron Schuster, Laurie Schwister, Rick Scott, Susan Scutkowski, Sue Seefeldt, Fred Seehafer, Steven See- hafer, James Sellung, Mike Semrau Waleen Semerau, Sue Servis, Dale Seymour, Brad Shannon, Dick Sheerar, Gary Sheldon, Alan Schil- ling, Janice Shovers, Nancy Simons David Sims, Thomas Slagoski, Greg Smith, Sandy Smith, Jeff Snook, Alan Spakoski, Janet Sparks, Duane Spiegel, Paul Spiegel Ronald Spulak, Jane Stachovak, Karl Stahmer, Mark Staples, Carol Steck- Iing, Dwight Steinke, Dennis Stencil, Ben Sternberg, Sherry Stiles vidently sophomore Chris Evans as just learning how to parallel ark, but fortunately experienced uniors Mike McCormick, Dave Ull- ich, and Dave Lonsdorf came to his escue by lifting the Volkswagen off he curb. Next time, boys, pick on omething your own size! uri Stolen, Carol Strehlow, Ralph turm, Judy Sudut, Pat Sullivan, Ra- hel Surges, Jim Swanson, Leslie wazee, Art Sweet herry Swift, Roger Sydow, Patricia yring, Neal Syvertson, Diane Ta- aka, Patricia Talcott, Carol Tanck, ary Tapper, Pam Tapper haron Tapper, Jeanette Taylor, rnest Terrio, Shirley Tesch, Karen eske, Jan Tessmer, Michael Tess- er, Gary Tetzlaff, Jerry Tetzlaff oan Tetzlaff, Pamela Thiel, Jacque- ine Thomas, Patrick Thomas, Gloria ilkens, Duwayne Toshner, Judy oule, Tom Tranetzki, John Trantow Mike Trantow, Alison Treibel, Diane reichel, James Treu, Gerald Trittin, Richard Tress, Dave Ullrich, Nancy Van Prooyen, Barb Van Rixel Sidney Veenstra, Elizabeth Vehlow, Dianne Ventzke, Nancy Viertel, Ka- thy Vigneau, Gloria Vilter, Linda Vogen, Peter Voigt, Robert Vor- walske Michael Wadinski, Lon Waldinger, Mary Wallace, Wendy Walterbach, Alan Weiland, Susan Weiland, Terry Weinberger, Lynn Weinke, Marlene Weinke ' Eileen Wendt, Wayne Wenzel, Paul Wergin, Linda Werth, Shirley Wes- enick, Jim West, James Westberg, Sandra Westberg, Tom Wetterneck 51 . ,xl 1 -Q . . "'ms,. 1 Si A , Qt., K If il 4? .. , r, H 0 if ,- Q, fa 4 V. , - N' ' f- ti 1 f sv is A " ' T 143' xl '-,' -1 4 -fl - 'wr ,Q 1 MQ: f 5511, mia YW , alsrfrrmlaifxas ' misfit, f 0.8 on F WA ? ' V 1 vu tr' '-' 'W' 0 is ,za ' 'T ' '? J, I, ffafire J ' ' Y' V .fff f , 1 . Sr i ff ' Ei-if 25.37-3 -7 .H 3- '.:v K M I f "Zia rv T T J tv we l . if .134 - A A fr Z 4 '! .., , ,M J T - fig T Q wi f X , ,rg , L , K .4 k . J' 1 fix' T E? -XV '+L 'TT T I wg, vt P5 ,si , w " - im X r uv- 0 ' K K X., 2-I H. 5 J H lin X ,A . V A I ' 33 ff gf X err f I 4 KP 6 , A, 4 N 'swsfi c 1 ya. J ' .1 '22 IW , K. 1.1 ' , . . -J ,, f A -.. .L - .' i . :..::f,5: . ' S . - x- - ,SQ V, . A . .Q g , h I Q 1 b x 1 U- , "' r 1' s I di a. ir K, K . - 4, a f ,, ll X fffrl I . v X -J we -gy fy. "' 'g t J .Q 5 6 I ., 1 i ,if ' -Q t , .. ' . xg 412: N - 'fs J 1 . A .1 f 'QQ Q 11 1 Y H. Q Y 2 ' I b , . g a , t, K. A L 54 " -M c,q5I5g:f,,fi,e5' K ,f f'-rrifgrfr-,g fi-'.zf.1w ,if 'C .spy Li.. -1 J . B K: 'A if V'xL fx A ' 1 , 'Q r ..-:-:' 1 li, 1 S 1 '--" I - :fh A NWA , N 'vi 6 I' a I3 M A - , .Wei I Q- . fn, W5 . .6 K ef- .1 ,, g p WF ,eff as lf-. , ' X' N ff , gr R353 , 6 E , ,A , F, N N ,,, Vg? Q , is ff' W J 13 EFF' A K , f an:,f,,:,:. I - r .ta ss 41 J , , j fs gel 1 T Y , j 5 it ietl ' 4' S l . f , an A v A K H . N... l i 57 - W , 3 ., , , J , .X I , , Gladys Wilde, Jeffery Wilk, Cassa dra Williams, Judy Willing, Elizabe Wilson, Elmer Wimmer, Terry Wi mer, Gerald Wik, Carol Woehlert Dianne Wolf, George Wolf, Orr Wolf, JoAnn Wolfe, Paul Wollenzie Randy Woller, Paulette Woodwar Luanne Wylie, Daniel Young Bob Zahn, Rosemary Zahn, Kat Zajackowski, Thomas Zaremba, Ga ry Zastrow, Gene Zastrow, Kar Zerneke, Carol Zernicke, Wayne Zi bell Mary Zietlow, David Zillman, Jero Zimick, Barry Zimmerman, Bever Zimmerman, Irene Zimmerman, Ka en Zimmerman, Sharon Zimmerma Jerome Zondlo Gary Zoromski, Ronald Zunke Janet Wunsch, Brian Becht, Lyn Besta, Kathleen Betts, Robert Bi kowski, Bonnie Blank, Faith Boelt Juniors Displayed Stril ing lmlividualism ..-,ii The office of Junior Class President carries with it honor and responsibility. Dave Ullrich, speaking before his classmates, demonstrated that he was qualified to accept both. Bill Jensen realized that he had to study long and hard to achieve high scholastic standing. However, he preferred the tried and true method of "readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic". Bill staunchly advocated McGuffey's Reader for all high school students. None of this modern education for him. enneth Brown, Carol Depper, Cin- y Depper, David Dolloff, Mike Dorn, anet Dunn, Sharon Dymora, Kath- Q gl een Fabel, Gail Frank t- Q ,I K .,, . , -- e ' 1 1-5. . K X K :,??'if'-Y?5?,'v i 'fiffvwflr 5 ' S Q . ffl: 5 ifffff 531,155 W I 7 KU' il ll il its arol Fochs, Daniel Gaulke, Faye uenther, Mike Gutowski, Ron Hae- ig, Georgiana Hoeppner, Russel ,,, A K , ollman, George Houghton, Dana l ef- ev W V ' vg 3 , 3, " son ' . Q "ce . X 4 Y sf .iss ,pr I 1 ij I . . J N1 ,, l iii f is if i K- . ichael Janisch, Bonnie Juhlke, it ' Nancy Keil, Cheryl Krause, Kathleen R ,,, A ohnhorst, Steven Kolubako, Julia f A Q, ,- , f urst, Linda Maring, Yvonne Mar- N "3 bf "rf x is ,. uardt , A A ' . Bonnie Miller, Gary Meyer, David , J it - 'Q ' is A' Nerad, John Obermann, Tom Par- L, .7 43, sons, Judith Risau, Sylvia Sanders, ' V , A K . ' Georgia Schmidt, Bruce Schofield J 5 ,rf s' J' ,5 W? . .mai I ,fr if Sue Shepherd, Stephanie Starzinskl 2 - cr, Dale Utech, Judy Wasley, Brian W REX 4 gy Wellsfry, Darcey Zubrick 4 W, ' - Q .fe - r s if t f f, Jr. P am Clima ed An Unforgettable Year JUNIOR TWINS Standing: Scott Graebel, Allen Fitzke, Mike Benson, Dave Lonsdorf, Sharon.Zimmerman,-Diana Brandenburg, Ghristine Little. Kneeling: Clark Graebel, Elmer Fitzke, John Benson, Steve Lonsdorf Karen Zimmerman, Linda Brandenburg, Calista Little. is President Rusty Rothman Vice-President Dan Yunk Sophomore Class Ufficers Sefffefafy Kathy Kev "Excuse me please, could you tell me how to get to room 213?" This type ot question was very common in the fall, but toward spring the sophomores advanced beyond the point of complete ignorance. Finally becom- ing oriented, they settled down to their first year at Wausau Senior High. As sophomores they claimed a share in W.H.S. It was their football team, their homecoming, their school Sophomore Class Advisor Mr. Solomonson song, and their spring play. They enjoyed the pleasures of high school life and accepted its disappointments. They even reconciled themselves to watching assem- blies on closed-circuit television! Next year as juniors, they will plunge into a wider realm of student activities, assuming the responsibil- ities and privileges of upperclassmen. Good luck sopho- mores - one year down, two to go! esley Abitz, Dale Ahrens, Kathleen hrens, Brian Aire, Daniel Aldrich, aureen Allen, Scot Allison, David nderson teve Anderson, Susan Anderson, arry Anklam, Robert Anklam, Sandy nklam, Greg Arps, Warren Asch- renner, Joan Augustine, Randy aker ohn Balgord, Robert Bandock, Jean aranowski, Thomas Bartlet, Tim- thy Bartlet, Allen Batten, Mary artlet, Mary Baum, Allan Baumann ouglas Baumann, Richard Bau- Sharon Baumann, Gerald Wayne Becker, Ruth Berk- ann, eck, ann, Bill Beese, Linda Beese, Tom eese Begge, Robert Behm, Karen Nancy Beilke, Tom Beilke, homas Belke, Nancy Belohlavek, everly Brendemuehl, Roger Barons ancy ielke, Klorma Bergman, Brian Bethke, Jane lair, Ken Blakewell, Frank Bloom, ary Blume, Jane Boehmer, Wayne oelter, Charles Borchardt andra Borchardt, Barbara Borsav- ge, David Borth, Linda Bowen, ndrea Brandenburg, Karen Bran- enburg, Douglas Bratton, James rehmer, Lyle Brick heryl Broecker, Bonnie Brown, inda Brown, Peter Brown, Timothy rown, Scott Buechler, Chris Bunk, ale Burnett, Mary Bush acqueline Busko, Cheryl Buss, raig Butenhoff, Barbara Buth, Pete utzow, Duane Colmes, Carl Camp, aren Campbell, Carol Carlson dward Carroll, Todd Carver, Grant asanova, Leanne Casperson, Pat- ick Chrouser, David Cigan, Carol Ieveland, Sara Connor, Kathleen 00k ennis Cooper, Mike Cronk, Paul sencsics, Daryl Cumber, Allan zeck, Laura Czerwinski, Mike Da- odar, Sara Dalnodar, Beverly Jau- rnig arlan Baumann Pauline Davis ichael Debroux Darlene Degner ehlinger Pamela Delf Michael Del lv, J' S , r 5 ,JJ ,, 1 . L m e-if K ,, ' X XY 9 f 'Xl ' ..,r . s ' L' - -- ,L-L. -- -4 3' ' lv ,L -v Q! A ,,,ef' , ,,,,,, ' - t -I f , 0 A A if ,,', ,L to frl " f a IP , l Q ,. X I -1 XL , ' , K, 4 A G, ,gr G lr . - V gk Qi, , l 5 I. 5 f ,., X f 'V ,2' fl ' , Q ' A - W G - 1, ' fy he vs' -' if .2 a T , :yi g ,gt o r Lia A ' X 1 h L. A I 'K is , 5 1 f l W Elf , ' . H 1 ' . ' V 51 ' gi Bief fe ' f Ji Q R in f ' K 1' . QM rl l is 'X 'fr lsr' 0 4 , , Q . .F 'P ' gi, Y 2 , l'iii . if ' 1 iff' 7 , W: ef v L, vu s V 5 3, ,.. l d ,, ,. , 5 Y Ag? ,xi 5 1 I iii Q 2iq1:+"' a . ft.: KV iw' it 'T I ,., 6 . X I wi' a,. . .A-.. my 5 I Kr A X f f 1 5 xy 1 1 . I' : if Y udy' Degner, Jack Dehaven, John I, G i 1 t o y A gi r 6, , ' ' - ll X TJ 5'--lil:-LI V I ' it A J: ll ' N E QQ.: iw. Wi.. 'f-'51 ' 1 7 "vA' I 'if nbeck Beatles And Bugs Dominate!! Supl: Studies is T 0 4 W D by V Q L.,. Y ' . e.,. ' - 1-L Q 9 6 I .41 2,3 ef lf ' E L " d ,,' q . ti L' sl A if f em Q 'J f xv' ,. tg, Xl gy, ' ti 'Qi - .Q ye' X i ' 'r 'ee 'e ' X , 'F ' ,P W ' 7 , 'ii if l 0 - Sikiifi f A, :li ' 'T 9 7 w K A K 1 ai- J 2 1 A lin V' f2-g fi J ,4 Q e e as . is , 1 I J y is ' all J ll!! if J' J1- l I , e., 4 T , QM veeee ,A 5 e-z 'F . I iq Sue DeMay, Jean Dern, Gary Pete son, Mary Deving, Sandy Deutc James Dickinson, Dorothy Dieb Jerald Dittmar, Steve Doede Robert Doede, Duane Doering, Ka Doering, Vernon Doering, Dav Domka, Lynn Domres, Karen Don hauer, John Dorn, David Drews James Drew, Joe Duncanson, Dav Durkee, John Dzubay, Lenny Eb sold, James Evans, Lawrence E wards, David Ehlert, Kristine Ehl Rebecca Eikeland, Dale Elford, Jo Ely, Diane Enkers, John Erickso Rosalie Etzkin, Sara Etzkin, Jam Euler, Chris Evans Jeff Evans, Judy Evans, Mary Eve son, Thomas Evjue, Kathleen Er Q-xman, Karen Erdman, Mary Erdma Kathleen Erdman, Clarence Felch Grace Fenhaus, Myles Fenske, bert Filtz, Steve Fink, Leon Fl burg, Kathleen Flieth, Marle ochs, Gail France, Patricia Fra Charles Freiberg, Marek Freita Richard Frigg. Steve Froehlic James Fust, Donald Gaedtke, Joy Gajewski, John Gall, Suzette Geg Jim Geiser, Gilbert Gilbertson, Pa ela Glasel, Michael Glenetzke, Rob Glimm, Dennis Goetsch, Kar Goetsch, Robin Goetsch, T Goetsch Patricia Goff, Chris Goralski, Ma Gould, Diane Graefe, Darlene Grae Charlene Goulet, Tom Gritzmach Karen Grunenwald, Dennis Gosse Shirley Grunenwald, Tom Grynie ski, Mark Guenther, Karen Gund son, Tyron Gunderson, Larry beck, Randy Hackbarth, Grant gen, Bill Hagenbucher Woodson Hagge, Carol Hahn, Kar Hahn, Jerome Hahn, Thomas Ha Shelby Halkoski, Michael Han Betsy Harper, Gaye Haupt Patti Hayes, Sally Hebron, Eugene Heckendorf, Wayne Heeren, Cheryl Hehling, Candy Helke, Gary Helmke, Connie Henke, Joann Hesse Bonnie Hoffman, Dennis Hoffman, Pam Hoffman, Ross Hoffman, Pen- ny Holbrook, Gwen Holzem, Judy Hook, Mary Hopkins, Carol Huber Dianne Hubert, George Hunstock, Patricia Huseby, David Hussong, Kathy Hussong, Bruce lmm, Mike Jablonski, Jane Jacobi, Marilyn Jaecks Diane Jahns, Brian Jehn, Joann Jehn, Lynell Jehn, Dave Jelmeland, Alan James, Mary Jenks, Susan Jirgl, Karen Johnson Dave Johnston, Dennis Jones, Joann Jones, Sally Jozik, Kathy Kabella, Robert Katcke, Sue Kamholz, Tom Kamrath, Gretchen Kasten Kay Kellbach, John Kellnhauser, Chuck Kellogg, Cathy Kempf, John Kennedy, Kandice Kent, Dale Ker- sten, Katherine Koskey, Dennis Ket- tunen Judy Knetter, Tom Kislow, Charleen Klug, Mary Kirk, Carol Kischel, Lin- da Kitchell, Susan Klein, Barbara Klemp, Don Klinger Barbara Klos, Diane Kluender, Dale Kluetz, Rudolph Kluz, Jennifer Knudson, Jo Anne Koeffler, Cheryl Kohnhorst, Lynn Kopp, Sue Korf Biology labs always provided the 3' sophomores with challenging experi- ments. Jerry Miller skillfully bal- anced the delicate weights while some fellow students pondered the mysteries of science. , ,, iii., J 2 Q I m xl .. SQ, if y P f ' iq .F I. Q, I Q , iw- Na Q? V 20 2413? J J' ' gs , ' ' Y , 5 Q3 g N ,E li r -, K F 1 S I 5. ,, 5 lk A ,. V I 4, TQ 1 " 1 ,kv V Q Q D L as Y is X 3' f 5 c xx ' i .--, ,,' sr ::.- . -7y. fam. y I f Ai. Y , It-inks J . -- 3 L J W , Kb', , Qgzfz bf mfs 4 .Q,,,.f' J J J I Vi JK ,. A ffl' ily if ff, W f H ,J it , . J '- A 5 if i J 'fl 3 ' W Q :-: J J M," is WJ Q is ' "'q,.' L aff ' ig tl Y X Ti ,A M , li M ' V A A ,,A , , f , 1 xi Q LVA T, , bv 1 gk . X Y? W 1 ., 'Q' kc R J L illr i? - , 31 s or if L, I' iw 5 I I a Bonnie Kranz, Cathie Krause, Gloria Krause, Joan Krause, Thomas Krause, John Krienke, Evonne Kroen- ing, Sue Kronenwetter Dennis Krueger, Gail Krueger, Mar- vin Krueger, Kathy Kruit, Leonard Kuehl, Wayne Kuether, Peter Kufahl, Roger Kufahl, Thomas Kulpinski Mike Kumbera, Beverly Kundo, Ron- ald Laatsch, Hanley Lambrecht, Lynne Lambrecht, Randell Lang, Richard Lang, Silas Langsdorf, Michael Lapinski Michael Laska, Jay Lattimer, Dana Lau, Michael Lawrence, Linda Law- ton, Barb Leffler, John Leipzig, Mary Lella, Richard Lemke Susan Lemke, Roger Lenzner, Den- nis Letto, Gene Lewandoski, Howie Lewis, Dick Lewitzke, Lyle Linscott, Sharon Little, Linda Livoti JoAnn Loiz, Paul Londerville, James Loos, John Luchman, Jerome Luedt- ke, Warren Main, David Maire, Greg Magnuson, Timothy Maley Ruth Marquis, Kathleen Marschall, Jerry Martin, Barbara Maszk, Pat Mathe, John Mathie, Michael Mathie, Gerald Mathisen, Lyle Mathwick Michael Mathwick, Robert Mathwick, Janice Matushak, Richard Mau, Steve McCabe, Susan McCullough, Edgar McEachron, Christine McGiv- ern, Paulette Mendrzycki Bewilderment, amazement, and guilt were written on the faces of Jack DeHaven, Jeff Evans, and Nancy Westgate. Some seniors at- tempted to direct them to the guid- ance office, but somehow they ended up in the boiler room. Only solbhomores could make this mis- ta e. ' Saplrs A waited Driving Tests With Uualms Mark Merkel, Roger Merwin, Gordon Meseke, Sandara Messenberg, Char- lene Metz, Margaret Meyer, Gary Miracle, Nancy Mohr, Kathy Monday Peter Monday, Thomas Monk, Robert Moore, Patter Morrison, Rita Mortenson, Terry Mortenson, Sue Mucha, Laurence Mueller, Phillip Mueller Ronnie Mueller, Max Nason, Kathy Neitzke, Richard Nelson, Duane Neubauer, David Neumann, Chris- tine Newmann, Terry Niewolny, Mon- ica Nikolai Bruce Nimz, Duane Ninnemann, Cindy Nimz, Norbert Ohde, Peter Nord, Judy Norton, Roger Nuern- berg, Karen Nutting, Larry 0'Conner Larry Offer, Tom Ohrmundt, Mary Ollhoff, Dawn Olmsted, James Ol- son, Wayne Olson, Christine Opick, Diane Ostrowski, Sharon Paetzold Bruce Pagel, Ronald Pagel, Joel Paulson, Stephen Papa, Kathy Par- ish, John Parlier, Marion Pasholk, Ann Passow, Gary Passow Cheryle Paszek, Wesley Pauls, Thom- as Pautz, Pamela Pellett, Mary Peters, Tom Peters, Judith Peter- son, Kelly Peterson, Loretta Peter- son Bob Petran, David Pet- rick, Kathlyne Pe rowski, .Mary Pfingston, Barry Piehl, Marvin Pil- grim, Karen Pittsley, James Plisch Ken Poppe, Michael Prain, Linda Preuss, Jerry Prentice, Kathleen Price, Allan Prochnow, Roger Pupp, Merlene Pyke, Carol Quade Bob Quaderer, Susan Raasch, Don- ald Raddatz, Susan Radke, Kenneth Radtke, Suzann Raduechl, Gary Ra- jek, Roger Randl, John Rasmussen Jean Raspel, Moreen Reavill, Mike Redmond, Jane Ryan, Dawn Russ, Peggy Rustl LeAnn Russett, Nancy Rixsch, Joe Ruthenberg f l .y' - Q xr ' 8 9. 'E S' ' J' f a- ' ' K T Q M X -s., 1 .l A :liz tr I i -J 'lm' '- 4 I ,. P ""fQ.fA ' . 'i L . 1 'i"ai-"'.1'31'--4w.fA...1 - H' 7 'J , , if ae i , 4 ' - gf fa ,:-a L 4 ' ,fWf'v'YiKh X ' I 6 Q Q ' at , rr XT' in , K - k, x W , llliliii.lliilf3illi'1 - l 'Mi . W K I Q S Q i N. Q, T li il I 6. 'lf - I L1 f kt: , 1 if , 4' 4, 'T i vi' .0 l , wt " '... i , ff . ' K , , A . IJ ,Q A LL I . .' . v. l 5-'el 71 s K . if Q . ' - .11 A K . A tl l K qi V - Sill sg, J 'ff 3 1 V L16- K' -fvrrvrrrzfrz Z -MQCQQQVVV1 NI' T55 a -W, N dv YK wh 4 5- 4' X, - 3: . 54 .. Mr tt - - as -f ' VI dx g , J Q! A dven turaus Students Slried The S apes gms-': 2: . . S EQ- X' ,. Y Q55-mgwyi , f f1 J ' l 5, K,--W , 1 -i . -:J M, 32- .rg-5 J V X, ,. fe Q gy! 'W 1 3 iela P 5523 QA ,41 3 'tar N. FI. -, fy . ef-is ,X ,aafksegzffi :SZEQXMWQ-If V Q , Q mw R, CV '. 5 ,Qfi-.f 4,11 af 4 iv we , i. 3? ,,, S , F 0 I ew -F qs g I , z ia. s ., 1 R". K 'nv E is-iff' , R ,.:, -. V X it 1 We Y if x , J ,QF is Us , SAK 5 . N., ss "" 1 EJ 2 if A vi xf M fir: ,ur 'f 'ff' N' 'v - ' , ,.,- Lvl- A my in gg if 7 , ..,.. ,xp ,. . , -:'--" -- - fx . ai.: fwxf if Kass pace ffm? umm... ' if J ,,, r J 5 li is E -,,-g 5 , I . K i ,P-. , ' I n Q s R V Q p ,gi g g g V HR, gg It 'Q' Lk k r 1 K f ' krrr' A Iyzi 'Gi' 'W I 'Q -Qi 'N .. .VA, , I -F' if l V I . ,A S-l g, , Y :E- E QII' , . 51 A . c X , .-E: s::F I Pat Reed, Gary Reetz, Christin Reich, Terry Rein, Jim Reinicke, Susan Reynolds, Ellen Rheinschmidt, Doreen Rhyner, James Rhyner Steve Rhyner, Thomas Rhyner, James Rice, Ann Richards, Cathy Richey, Floyd Ringwelski, Bob Ris- tow, Judith Ristow, Dennis Rodewald Kenneth Roeder, Dawn Rohde, John Rosenberg, Roger Rothenberger, Rusty Rothman, Dennis Rothmeyer, Richard Rounds, Tom Rounds, Pen- ny Rudell Harold Ruether, Dick Rupp, Ken- neth Salzman, Barbara Salzsieder, Craig Sandquist, Marrell Sann, Mar- della Sann, Patrick Schaefer, Patri- cia Schaller Bruce Schalow, Greg Shape, Carole Scheibe, Roy Schiefelbein, Rita Scheffler, Nancy Schlitz, Kermit Schmieden, Bernard Schmidt, Deede Schmidt Karen Schmidt, Linda Schmidt, Mary Schmitz, Patricia Schmitz, Su- san Schneck, Karen Schneider, Mary Schneider, Phillip Schnell, Dale Schnelle Fred Schoenfeldt, Arlene Schoen- rock, Dawn Schoenrock, Mike Schoepke, Charline Schreiber, Den- nis Schreiber, Tom Schroeder, Tom Schroeder, Jack Schuck Jay Schultz, Karen Schultz, Nancy Schultz, Karla Schulz, Peggy Schu- macher, lla Schumann, Jerome Schwartz, Dona Schwichtenberg, Barby Seegert Darlene Seehafer, Gary Seehafer, Judy Seidel, Jim Seidler, Paul Sen- oraske, Emmy Shannon, Robert Sha- vie, Daniel Shibilski, Kathleen Sielaff Linda Simmonson, Jennifer Simp- son, Robert Sippl, Janell Sischo, Nancy Skibba, Anthony Skic, Law- rence Smart, James Smith, Jane Smith Nan Smith, Mike Sadowski, Chuck Sparr, Joan Spatz, Jacqueline Spu- lak, Richard Stahmer, Pat Stanko- wski, Gerald Steckling, Jerel Steck- ling These sophomores seemed very in- tent and enthusiastic about their first Wausau Senior High class elec- tion. It brought the two junior high schools together, and a healthy rivalry resulted in a close race. Pres- idential speeches were a vital part of the program to acquaint the stu- dents with candidates from both Horace Mann and John Muir. Larry Steidinger, Fred Steinagel, Steve Steppert, Janice Stiel, Lauren Strehlow, Charles Strek, Gilbert Strek, David Stroik, Carol Stubbe Kay Stubbe, Leslie Stubbe, Carolyn Sturm, Marilyn Sturm, Bob Sundell, Thomas Tobaka, Tom Tonek, Carol Tasche, David Templeton Mary Teuke, Yvonne Thompson, Randall Thor, Tom Tiffany, James Timler, Jackie Traeger, Stephen Lragetzke, Pat Trantow, Cathy Trem- at Yvonne Trester, Nancy Treu, Pam- ela Treu, Joanne Tritten, Don Turner, Robert Tessmer, James Tuttle, Sher- rie Utech, Nancy Uttech Mary Van Ness, Carol Vilter, Deb- orah Viste, Alice Vogedes, Sheldon Voigt, Steven Wadzinski, Grace Wal- ters, Kim Walters, Patricia Walters Michael Warnick, John Washington, Sharon Weaver, Thomas Weaver, Eric Wendorf, Esther Weigand, Steven Weinke, Jill Wendorf, Lyle Wendt Gene Wenzel, Karl Westberg, Susan Wienandt, Beverly Weinkauf, Barb- ara Wiensch, Janet Weirauch, Alan Weisenback, Jerry Weltman, Sharon Wendt Gloria Wenzel, Marcia Wergin, Timo- thy Westfall, Nancy Westgate, Cheryl Wetzel, Richard Whaley, Harold Wienke, Le Roy Wiesner, Jim Weiss 1 r rw A Y 6 - 1 fx. ww I , 'f K' '- 'E z 5 viral.-Z.. ..s, X S 1 . 'Q af 0 V QA - I . H? 3 A 4., V4 X R 5 R 1 1 ip'-' Q h . . v . 1 Q Q -I Q Q 3 3 -.f y X R, If 'H ,- Q , 3 9 Q - X 2 fl- , if do " . X W :nail , cw ff.. L' f.,X ,f N -I ' 5525 l cf ll 1 g are ' Y ,X 5 L.. X ' 5 J ff? if if I 5 " ZX! y 1 rfb AI .K wif .-'- X:s, 'gina x :I D 167 Soplls Heigned From ,+ Their E alted Pe cl: .' -' , ' -Ei ,.. P al- ' ' . A -'S VJ! J " J ,- if J asia, i kglf , ':" E - I l' f x . If Q . l a 3 ii' - "' sll ' k -A ' T-:f ' ' , 2' ' L -I L J kV .. k M y My m x E H A ,.,,,: ',,.. Qi, L - - H' 2 ,, 3 ik V .Z W if yi , hx ' v -1 ' it A - , i K , -,S A ',gk ,XM 2 K :.. g ' - A , . lim. . "' G .,7 W 'K gi, I b - at . L . Aw, I ,1 K I VVA b ' iv, , af ii ,Q ,fx 5-' V K -N Q ' 51 i . if ae, , X A ' ' V l .. E i is 1- oo .,. 4 L L 'JE-f - B ' 1 'U A K' ' ,eff vmfl ' ' ' NN ' ' fav ' H . i 7 We l if , , t , ,i',j?g,,5 J ,X f, as My A 533, M, N I Qvt b in J "ft-. 54f.51'3'f4 " m", vi U K ' ' ,t iizsfassf l u i, 1 H , ,ge W 1 T ,V FV 1 1 ,- , E - Q! kkkx A ! k 1 U, eff, , ' BBQ S B f i' t 21, A L j 3 ' 5 . if ,, , 1, , ,,. V , QQ -z ,i mg win' A T X ,I GV P J, l lvi W Q f -- if ' X, 5-'gh ,, cf, I K, ...rv iz . ' ,MV -Q.-1 X 2435" mmm' 'K X K 1 L L ' ,, M y 'H -'3ifvlf"5' 8220.5 ffl 61 . J Joey,-,q3,,' is , 1 ,ff -f , .i, y ,,,, A 'asf-WAY' 1 P-ff2'5i'w 1.-wifi? F:MI9.Ua,,..,, ' X I l SP , ... 4 1, , L A ' so e , J, tx, Q W., mmQh n H it , Q ,iw X ' rf, ' 'i l ' A A' me , , , I i X I In It ,gl i ...I 5 '6 Qi., , .,. 1 ,W E i t A Rf, 4,5-. , ,,,, 31,2 1- W p' . -m' i f . , X 'xx A ' - ' - ji ooio , :- t , L if , , 1 f'-:'- B yy , " ,,' q w - , i 4l B ff ' . V J -, ' 1 ' : , ' , 'W "'- H - f, '1Sg,,- , ' ' ' 1- ,V , Q 5,ffj?'l,, v w, A ,ex I ,,,.:,,, 5 ..A,.,: N. ,M 5, ,.,,A.,v H . 4' 1 I . , 1 . ,. , N . B.. Allen Wilde, Alan Will, Michael Will Scott Williams, Carol Winkleman Wanda Witt, Darlene Woehlert, Phyl lis Woehlert, Beverly Wolf Patricia Wolf, Harlan Wolfe, Geral Woller, Joan Woller, Barbara Wood James Wood, Monica Woodward Sandra Worden, Carol Worden Mona Yocum, James Young, Do Yunk, Richard Zarda, Darlene Zas trow, Charles Zeinert, Gary Zemke Janet Zemke, Gretchen Ziebell Dennis Zimick, Jay Zinkevcz, Hen Zinser, Henry Zunker, Gary Branden burg, Amanda Campbell, Larry Coer per, Jeff Corbin, Roseann Czecho wlcz Diane Depper, David Dyson, Rob Erickson, Linda Fremming, Karen Fuss, Duane Gauger, Mary Gebauer, Sue Goetsch, Pat Goff Jerry Habeck, Jerome Hahn, Barb- ara Hall, Diane Hansen, Howard Heahlke, Phyllis Held, Gloria Jeske, Steve Kecbaugh, Russell Knobloc Karen Koppa, Vernon Kroeplin, Renee Le Grande, Marjean Letto, Ricky Lombard, Richard Marquardt, Daniel Mesenberg, Rosemary Miller, James Nelson Mary Orth, Tom Papendorf, Cather- ine Pelers, Allan Peterson, Chris Pospychalla, Thomas Porath, Daniel Ray, Dave Rhyner, Joe Richter Dennis Roeder, Jack Romanowski, Dennis Rosenau, Marilyn Schubring, Duane Schultz, Fred Steinagel, Caro- lyn Stone, Karen Sweeney, Harold Teige Karen Tessmer, Susan Thirsten, Lin- da Wajeski, Mary Waudby, Richard Weiland, Jerome Windorski, Karen Zastrow, Carol Zimbauer, Henry Zinser Paulette Banik, Thomas Barry, Ken- neth Baumann, Susan Beckman, Sheila Behrent, Linda Behringer, Renee Beste, Stephanie Bey, Gary Blume YMCA Red Hail Uffered A Change Ui Pace SOPHOMORE TWINS Top Row: James Smith, Timothy Bartelt, Chris Evans, Terry Mortenson, Roger Rothenberger. Bottom Row: Jane Smith, Thomas Bartelt, Jeff Evans, Rita Mortenson . 1 ..-,515 Q . . 5 .2,"Z5,.lQjg,:Q'.,igsi -- -.5 . -. i- . ' K l 1 2 i 5 f 1: . L , - Q, -.:. ,V . f':i.15'E3tFf i - 'Y Q -' it FIS l raei eiea E t li' . 2 N ,I l if s 5 E35 i Every year sophomores are confronted with new problems on the lowest rung of the ladder of success. Chuck Kellogg found locker combinations to be a cause of frustration. The newest section of the school's three buildings, the cafe- , teria and gym, provided modern facilities for the comfort of all Wausau High students. Sophomore Chris Evans was con- tent to relax with a sandwich and a telephone. g .M a qg R llihmf 41 if wqnnnd--Q s Wx , T, Q! la' W WH V' 4 Q Wm-.Q w 5, Q . 'ivy fr" Q ,. K A J .. 3:51 2-4 qgifjgf ., Q 33 MQ. ll- X Q 9 - , M f If algae-'phi Q - 1 4 .V fl? ' +1 qw. w K , .A - V., L. J av sf P 1' ax Q 1 4' Y x I . Q9 ' ' di ,Q Q X A M ra d I Sikh Q 'S 1' S l . gys Y W... , 0. "' f as QW, Q R Q s M ADVERT ISEMEIV T S Through the co-operation of many businessmen all over the city of Wausau who contributed to the adver- tising section, we the Lumberjacks are able to enjoy the 1965 WAHISCAN. The business staff, Mr. Dzu- bay, and the photographers also deserve credit. BUSINESS MANAGERS: Joann Olsen sue Yonkef6 , Q X at Q ff f 2 Qsfw c Q4 ' if . CL op Gi XGGQ H '31 EgclahI's Lumber -8. Fuel 1100 Grand Ave., Schofield and 300 Plumber 359-3434 842-4430 - ' X' ff? ff? . if ' , - , 1 1 ,fy ff ,ae X , if --f .. . f u ' " A 1 fir ,fr x A, ' ,I fqfj Zz! ,,fv..ZLQ,f'x.,j:'.-'ff' ,Q eff ,. ,.' if ,,.L.,f,.'xf,- 'YA f :- . V , R, .. X I -, 'fpri- ' 1 .-' f .,-- fa I , 1 f"""7, , -, . ,.-?ff 'Q' .---If-ifjci' 41 V, f ,A, , ,, , f, H W , ' ' X fvyfnfopgfg' K' iffgfgf, vii' fluff !',7 ffklflff. A. Q I ff-V7 MIA LI L- J J .-Q' 5 n 4' Af-r 51' f '17, f'M'l"d7"7 Q94 42,711 ,L , f""'f if .. J . "" . mayb J fi! A ,, 1 "Q'Qf-J' ,:.4fcfg..f'-'27 , 1' , X g '2i.ci'.:-Q ---'ff-f ' ,. -, ,,,14f".:1--J' ' , ,,iL.cLffLfU.fX ' W f,,WfA3Y - --ff--Q. 1.-Y.'g:?,i', -2 f ,gf-fzfz-ea- " . 1 1 ., , C ff-f' ' " . - If n f W Modpern Shoe f5torqe,f- ,- ,,f ,i-fT?zit.,-1.44:1-lil...-ff. ge-4-40.5, ,-f fr-.. ,M u -' 'f - . . V f Quality ghoes for the -entire famuly" ..f3.f:fQf"2 "f7ZZf1.521-2,-y1VQlT!1BSf9U' f 4-ff ,-.- ' ' f -of' - ' ' ' . 84575407 ,- ' V Kulqw L.K,'.-ff? Zffu -'Y il 'X 1' ff 'jf ,, ff . Lx. , f, ,, - I. 1.1 A , X . x up ,A K- . N W" VU' 5 . mf' o- f :QQ F-"K X fx .3 457' 5 f-S93 W5 L . 558 JY G ' FJ D :S of Q X - A f' Arpl iw 5, , xx A TJ' "iff 2 ',.f! 'TQ-if Lf' V V' mv A '75 Q-P ,- Av - M ef .J 3 - - :J on Q. , .L Q-f X' P5 ,of FJ if f e f am f' 'f I -' , Ki NA." Q. x LI' 0 4 rl V Y-.JK md Q 9 ' UW, 'H J ,' J' -L ,, -Q1 I ax f ' 31 f pf J .F-J K I by 33 wif Civ ' 3 .fa 0 ff if .NX-fs! ft! t Ke A 1 5 I., fx A 1' fi? 3 fl bv Lf' '3 KX M43 S 'F 1 X, , f , X N! x' f -J OJ C5 4,1 X7 .VX fi Kp TJ , 1 , 1 X...- WJ1 YE! ,fu .QU t Chartier Opperman and X 1 ff x xy I X Marathon Insurance Agency, Inc 427 - 4th Street 845-4865 Jaeger's 403 Washington 845-7058 - A - 1 1 . A ' 1 fl , ' , Franklin Savings 8: Loan -' 400 4th street 845-51 135 V .M ' I Day's Bowl-a-dome 1715 Stewart Avenue 848-2292 Eldredge 216 Scott 842-3638 Benson Optical lst National State Bank Bldg 845-7434 MiIiay's 600 3rd Street 842-3080 wwwgfg X , gm Sig EE 33 533 Q53 gf! 33 ga Lakewood spam 9 G d gi 35315 Q55 55 si 25343 ggi S3 E iii?-S3 70324 d Qi? 1' Nr We Congratuiate Wausau Senior High Graduating Seniors t , 'Q 1.5m a 49' . Wgppffal 1 ,fi ,Eff 4 .f F 0 i nf" ,eiufelv Thought for the future: "lf you like to be where things are happening, try Journalism!" The Wausau Daily Record-Herald 75 www Vzffyffg -gow' 24,4514 JEAAABAWWWWL wwf MZ' ew W WWWV- WWW Leap's Greenhcxwe 2900 N. em street 842-4441 I Shepard8QS X e I 9 Wjgk X 324 scott I 845-5432 f 7 VN W , I if A Wausau Laundry 84 Cleaners Paclygwff 1 of rica 216 Forest f 1241 . Washi to 842-2208 6 ! ?1ijiQqiiw5w9i - .. .. .. . H Y J , All Lk EN' f 0 Dixie Cream Donut Shop J LewisB Fr 232 6Mxm?3g32ffEg O 36 7 X if r I Q, Q l Morlenson 81 Sfone Lumber Co. 102 Bridge - 842-3036 Mirman's Home Furnishing Co. Don Fitzgerald Tailors 8. Cleaners 130 Washington 1703 6th Street 842-2261 842-4521 177 Winkelmcln's soo 3rd street - 845-6211 6 gi is WSAU TVZAIVFM Te 1:'1q1?,Qi 5 Channel 7 550 95.5 I 115 Mcmdoe 842-2111 714 sth street 845-4211 I 444122442 Qjffj 35 WW , f ff J 4,1 Bc1erenwuld'sIGA r ef if Badger "Everyday Low Pr1ces" I-aUnd'Y I llosgggvjireet ' Dyers Gnd Cleaners 22313-2224? I OWN CWVGwXO4fJef fl?-wg-gff ,Q mecgufgf 'fo -2640664 COVE. fyglifflxl '! fCJ Y QQ? 2 O Monecke-Randall Jewelers Don's Country Oven Bakery 320 Jackson 614 N. 3rd Avenue 845-6543 845-3644 . ,. I 1 ' x4 X. , 4 ' . ,r -' . X. . ' lf, .4 ', . I , 1 dl, T Q . 'ANJLGY-SOD Cleaners Home Furniture 5 3Q3 2nd Avenue 108 Scott - ' ,,a4'2-3455 842-4535 .fi :X A K ws Q' Lonsclorf's Norfh Side Drugs 1702 5th Street - 845-5319 Golden Hunger 319 Jefferson 845-6112 QWCWUQI ' MW wr fwjmwwgyww DA' 'W wwf! A 81 P Super Market F lippe !fwN 5Li51Z2'Z3" Mg MW 3233155581 f3mWL51 WW ff' if rp M ff W ff 0 Jjv W A Q15 ff M! ,dfzy 59 Dfw ff, W M75 f' , Lund Floral Co Pahlow S "Greenhouse Fresh Flowe 307 3rd Street 1314 Grand Avenue 845-4721 842-1212 l gy MACK! ,fl QM? If MZEO gif t7 , ' Wausau Oil Company Inc. f ax, 311-313 Br QM' 4797! "Peace of Mind Heating Services" 4 -4295 2514 3rd Street ,genre ffbfgg 2064. 845-1148 WMM was ' WZJWW6 affzldydc ffbffll heyyy 7? M Increase Your Recreational Pleasure I itlLQ usau-Made Products WORLD RECORD LURES Rattle Spoon charcoal FIRE STARTER P SOLD Lens Willow smut 7, X Q svzcmcuum ,1 ya ith." 1 x Pll1'0'l'l8Wk Q Irsxssafma' me Irtzozfsaazalfsaizf f2EfZF?12?iii2T miciiniogi 5755539 iii? Marathon Battery Company Marathon Bait Company Al Ebert Jewelers Sun Press 311 2nd Street 110 5th Street 847-2272 845-491 1 Q Peiran's Jewelers - 230 3rd street - 842-4383 41441111 W6 M5114 J. N. Monso A hc. 50 s I 4 3 2 treet ' -4 7 W ' I Woodson Y.M.C.A. Lf- 707 3rd Street Q!! 4 845-2177 NK f ' ' 1 1 f,xQfg1,y U ' X J I, A all' ff Q W 1151 N I ,1 , 1 4 1, K1 1 'kj g yxpjf vXyO!f'X ff 9 1 kk erXD1 cordtorsl c. 20 S 845 eso 5 to U 5, W ,f A RFQ by ju 4 DMB! df' I Franke Music School ' fkiyjj 1 . 8. Office Supply J 1 1 W 516 scott I- 'fi 842-1295 U' fqlk VN ,v of ,V ,ybek . "if Q fflji! Cloverbeli Cooperative - 1202 N.1stStreet - 845-7351 I EN 4 ,, 7 S Fine Papers from Magnewqte I 1 ' A If B N, K , Q.,,LfMa 1 W A J - 4 0 "TI I Processed FIbers T T" .- - , ,... F' Z' I T425 , I gy T ' . f .S . I 'fre I - . I, ' ' - f- -, -1 . 'W' "MS -4 I F 54 gif-IIfi.f"f I r's'r'-emftfftzifrf 'F I-.1'Ft?1fFh f 11-3 L- S T 1 5 If f ' S I If F 'lfsa di tg q,'IIfifT'IMgv!Ij5.'ix mill!! 1" 5 ' IQ " 'S -11, I, ,g-ffsgfi 4, 3 321 li' gferg-M Il , ez gf-, t, 4, 5 Q Efffgw g yg fr ,,K, 3 , U' "A 'eff - . eff . " W-1s I - - ' V- I .Q . "' ' Q sdlf ffiikfwsf I A... ' I fl5L51ff3EJIiIrgI 5?--1f'II,,fffe' 'P f 1 BSI It II - '- S13 X ' ' L ' 'T I I. '9,rmg51,pp Wm, -- , 'I u.'N1L,,V, ..-kj ,Ma,f, '-'qf,,., , "'T- .Sh Af- "r"'V' ,f 'Wei Q, A . g H? In IM ,, flnflgwmw.. , ul ., K I, fr-'I fM,.. A, 0 r A , ., d at M ' ' iw 'F ' ' I . '?- 'IU .ff ,' ' am ' " B. ' N 1' "N-S. Ea?-f -Nilf'-fe , is .S rag, 'Il I In Nu w.,1,. is Whmbnrl - ,Xu IMA, RN 14, : lrgiigzu v I F., . I I S 6 -. M Hz,-Q In 1 VI ,ezrryxlu . ., -V, ., l, th 'js' , - mmf: . t,if,.,Ns-H '- V I? 4 ,, 1, ' U 14. 1 .5 , Y f A VI nm 4323 . 1 ' rv ii gag!! I 4 X S . x JV. K W " I ,- K 'QI in x ii I -BI EW as 'es' T II S- - S ,I 1' . 'ifgfif 2 fix 5' ki, - -Ivey .fig . , -.- .,g,,,-,mm ,MM , 1,4 in , ' , ' - 'X - BOND - BOOK - NIINIEO BOND - OFFSET I - DUPLICATOR - ENVELOPE U Q , ,ess., . LEDGER . DRAWING gl - INDEX BRISTOL - BUSINESS FORM STOCK F KQADEWITFTXX - TEXT .. E 3 II- ft wAusAu PAPERAMILLS CQMPANY AT BROKAW, WISCONSIN 7 ,:E, I' Of ' 'I by I . X X S A ' , 0 I RIG o St t o Q Q Kryshak Jewelers, Inc. X X 5291 3rd Str 508 3rd Street 845-58 X I 842-1450 185154 NeIson's Rexall Drugs Wausau Theater 420 3rd Street 310 4th Street 845-4810 845-5651 -qv Zememlm 154646 peapfe. I I LasT year They were your classrnaTes aT anT surroundings, The friendly people, I WHS. Now They're working Tor Ernploy- and The chance for advancernenT aT Ern- ers MuTuals of Wausau. ployers NlUTuals. Ask Them how They like Their iobs . . . Our naTional "Wausau STory" ads say I how They Teel abouT working Tor one of ThaT we're "good people To do business The naTion's mosT imporTanT insurance wiTh". We Think you'll find us good ' I companies. Ask Thern abouT The pleas- people To work wiTh, Too. I I l I ..,. ""1 1 zr' Q T.. . I , Employers Muluals of Wausau 'f -'Aff' ", 1, I 3 T lfmhh UG dp pl t d b I S wlthrv I 7 Janke Book Store 510 3rd Street 845-5571 V11 K if :ff . 'W My Avy JV wb X MMG fl! 7 V X ' , ,X f V tv U MM of yy xX lf I - ' X, A5 VV f ' 1 if XXV W XJX r X o X , ,, 1 H ,Km ' 1 1 L ,fX . L WW mfr Lad8fLasslJ 'AV XX 0508 3rd tres X , 'XJ 84545509 C J X tx V ' , 'L M X XX JJ XTX XX Q gy' Pty' X X' X. XXV fX X VO' XxXyXXX X X Van's Shop-Rite Super Market 730 E. Wausau Avenue 845-6703 Wright's Music Store 531 Third Street 845-6069 WAUSAU, WISCONSIN J. C. Penney Company X , 427 3rd Street 842-2177 Sam's Pizza Palace 119 Clinton 842-3165 4:1 f fill 'L W M79 ' Kresge's'y"j dv-fl 75" W 401 3rd street MQ, 842-1218 E: Q' fxf.,a-ffA""'j44" ' fe Von's utch Oven Re 101 Scot 848 Marathon Savings 81 Loan fnwgffmfsaw 1WV'O5j N Wiaffw , fair ffm 'M Maia sTuEBER's '51 5 iii? if xwy 5 , ' J, 1' , Lf' , 'Q ,' W M J 354 12 M XM gf Helke Fu niture DaIe's Shopping Center 2201 Grand Avenue 845-7112 N , V .ET 5' WM 11T?'11gQ M 2"'3.Uf'IfvfIv"tN IN w 'Bw ff 'Q x X A 1 M g,?he'ya4-Z-1Wg4?a M24 1 111111 wzf, if v MCA Lew af vm N 1 '1 A SN X ' QOUNF SSFORMS CIGSGITICII1 T0 SYS Cy UA M XEQMIERTISING mmm B B th 4 1 I ' VK , ' .V c Q Y 'N ff lgnhinx n un l ' ' . 'N WE' 'J - ' ' f B , A ,, 'i 3 3270! C! gi fi 'AJ' ,JM 1 5kjxfJjq+XMQ5V N if ff is ff M if is wif kQ!06O7'f 2 K JV l V, X Al M Aw VN, uigjy CJR, jaw, gf fgjfjfof, i A if ,N ,Q FU M D 1 - ' Rigid T WAN ix Kyiv' 'Y YQ MLUL I , K ,HU ' U N , I1 J iii? if ,NM fi, in ' 'f if i Qfflfz bw' kj! 1 W ,IV I rf .ML UQJU Nb! MLVU r 4407 . -My vi W fx Q9 ima M ,Al SJC n 1 XX ' X f ,J mf X ' t'Q"7'Cf2'?.! gg? ffwws All MARATHON - Division of American Can Company TOBUREN'S PHOTO STUDIO 'K-Q, .1 SENIORS We as PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, enjoyed . serving you during YOUR HIGH SCHOOL career. I as ? 99,9 orb ,1,,,f3P,,,,"a XIZXX II 'E SGCIYIS Roebuck 81 Company 211 washington - 845-6261 .,-..., . . . .. . K . . 1L 3 ' I Mountain Lanes Elm street - 845-4331 Palace Clothiers 308 South lst Street 842-3234 ' Tapper's Dairy 915 Evergreen Road 845-5902 TQ Qc LL QQA A QQMM fl me fi , , A A i 7 EMMONS Stationery 81 Office Supply Co. 528 3rd Street 845-4131 1 N i J O.K. Gering Realtor f f AND Lx Clint West, Insurance 423 Thomas 2 845-7039 and 842-4215 l. Jerry's Music Supply 720 N. 3rd Avenue , 842-3881 " 7 Prcldel Drug Store 5 i "Prescription Specialist" F ' A 112 Clarke L 842-3800 A Q Wisconsin Public Service 3, 327 Jefferson Q 845f7261 w I .1 fC ex Cy ,J , - wb "'w'v"R Y 1 , A I gg yfvv - X 01 v X ,. . Q in 3 5 4. , Ks , . ? Sippl Brothers Inc. 735 3rd Avenue S. 845-4991 One Hour "MARTlNIZING" 2.22, , 2106 Grand Avenue V? 47 842-3362 J ' 7 ' f J Jaw Q! f MW! Bob's Musica Isle 229 3rd Street 842-3838 Wausau Concrete North 3rd street - 842-2288 6 SEIIIIUH DIHEC T UH Y RUSSELL L. ADERHOLD - Wrestling 25 Pro- iectionist 25 Stage Crew 25 Curling .3. JAMES ALBRIGHT - Camera 2,35 Conserva- tion Club 45 Filling Station Attendant. DIANE ALTMEYER - Pep Club 25 Book Club 25 G.A.A. 2-45 Curling 45 Modern Miss Club 45 Air Line Stewardess. ROBERT AMSRUD - Intramural Bowling 2- 4, Captain 45 Basketball 2-45 SKYROCKET Reporter 35 SKYROCKET Boys Sports Editor 45 Golf Team 3,45 Student Council 45 President of Future Business Leaders of America 45 Home Room Vice-President 45 Quill and Scroll 45 An Accountant. GARY ANDERSON - Baseball 25 Wrestling 2,35 Certified Public Accountant. LOU ANN ANDERSON - Pep Club 25 Span- ish Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2,45 Ski Club 35 Holi- day Dance Finance Comm. 35 Prom Deco- rations Comm. 35 WAHISCAN Business Staff 35 Co-assistant Manager 45 Y-Teens Treasurer 45 Veterinary Medicine. BILL ARVOLD - Advanced Math Club 2-45 Cross Country 2,35 Ski Club 2-45 Ski Team 2-45 Student Council 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Uthrotar5 Chemical En- gineer. FRED ASCHBRENNER - Conservation Club 45 Financial Business. JAMES BABCOCK - Golf Team 25 Ski Club 3,45 Navy Aviation. ROBERT BACH - College. MARY BACHHUBER - Forensics 25 Sopho- more Debate 25 G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 2,45 International Club 25 Tri-M 3,4, Historian 35 Student Council 35 Music Club -35 Bel- lamy Committee Chairman 45 SKYROCKET 3, Music Editor 45 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Biology Club 45 Nurse. PAMELA BADTEN - Homeroom Vice-Pres- ident 25 Pep Club 2,35 Secretary 35 Spring Style Show 35 International Club 45 Nurses Club 45 Wausau Eve Skit 45 Nurse. TERRY BAESEMAN - Electronics Club 25 Cross Country 25 Projectionist Club 3,45 Camera Club 35 Bowling 3,45 Teacher. MARK BALLSCHMIEDER - Student Council 25 Latin Club 25 Home Room President 35 Advanced Math Club 3,45 Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Golf 2-45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Madwoman of Chail- lot 35 Spring Play 45 Engineer. MARIJEAN BANDY - Modern Miss 4: G.A.A. 45 Secretary. JANE BANGLE - French Club 2.3: Pep Band 2-45 Book Club 35 G.A.A. 2-45 Secre- tary-Treasurer 45 Majorette 45 Holiday Dance Decorations Comm. 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Music Festival 3,45 Tri-M 3,45 Tea- house of the August Moon 45 Spring Play make-up 35 Quill and Scroll 45 WAHISCAN 3,4, Index Editor 45 Senior Seminar 45 Home Economist. NANCY BARANOWSKI - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg Club-35 Monitor 35 Senior Gregg Club 45 Modern Miss Club 45 Holiday Dance Decorations Comm. 35 Secretary. BONNIE BARTTELT - Pep Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2-45 Monitor 35 German Club 35 Interna- tional Club 45 Beautician. JEROME BARTTELT - Future Farmers of America 2-45 Junior Dairymen's Associa- tion 2-45 Vice-President 35 F.F.A. Chapter Treasurer 4. GARY BAUMAN - Ski Club 25 Future Teachers of America 2-45 President 3,45 Baseball 2-45 Basketball 2-45 Homeroom President 35 Uthrotar -35 Pep Club 45 Jun- ior Prom Comm. 35 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Social Worker. KATHLEEN BAUMAN - Book Club 35 Mod- ern Miss Club 45 Future Nurses Club 45 Beautician. ROXANNE BECKMAN - Pep Club 25 Make- up for Spring Play 25 Ski Club 2-45 Drama Club 2,35 Student Council 2,-35 Homeroom Secretary 25 G.A.A. 2-45 Prom Decorations Comm. 35 International Club 45 Safe Driver Award 45 Accountant. PATRICIA BEHR - Secretary. MARY BELKE - Future Nurses Club 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Chemistry Club 35 College. JERRY BELLAS - Track 2-45 Basketball 2,35 Math Club 2-45 Football 3,45 Uthrotar 35 Student Council 35 Co-chairman of Prom Decorations Comm. 35 Homeroom Vice- President 35 Housing Comm. for Bellamy 35 College. JILL BENEDITZ - Drama Club Secretary 25 Pep Club 25 Homeroom Secretary 25 G.A.A. 2-45 SKYROCKET Reporter 3, Feature Edi- tor 45 Prom Decorations Comm. 35 Chair- man of Finance for Holiday Dance 35 In- ternational Club 35 Future Nurses 3,45 Pro- perties Comm. of Spring Play 35 Home- room President 45 Guides and Information Comm. for Bellamy Award 45 Future Teachers 45 Wausau Eve Skits 45 Elemen- tary Education. CAROL BERGKLINT - Junior Gregg 32 Monitor 35 Senior Gregg 4, Vice-Presi- dent5 G.A.A. 45 Secretary. JACK BERNICK - Wrestling 35 Ski Club 3,45 Business Administration. ROBERT BETHKE - ROGER BETTS - Football 25 Alternate - Trees For Tomorrow 25 Interior-Exterior Decorator. BARBARA BEY - Operetta 25 Music Club 25 Monitor 2-45 Drama Club 35 Forensics 45 Airline Stewardess. SHERYL BIERBRAUER - Pep CIub5 Mod- ern Miss Club5 Fashion Merchandising. KRISTEN BLACKWOOD - G.A.A. 2,35 Mod- ern Miss Club 45 Hair Colorist. PHYLLIS BLASCHKA - Student Council 25 G.A.A. 25 Monitor 25 Homeroom Secretary 25 Junior Gregg Club Vice-President 35 Modern Miss Club Recording Secretary 45 Secretary. PAT BLISS - Debate 2-45 Forensics 2-45 International Club 2,45 G.A.A. 2-45 Student Council 35 Future Nurses 3,45 Publicity Comm. of Spring Play 35 Invitations Comm. of Holiday Dance 35 Decorations Comm. for Prom -35 Senior Seminar 45 Chairman of Bellamy Registration Comm. 45 SKYROCKET Reporter 45 Publicity Comm. of Senior Class Play 45 College. KATHY BOHL - Pep Club 25 Student Coun- cil 35 Co-chairman of Invitations Comm. for Holiday Dance 35 G.A.A. 3,45 Future Nurses 3,45 Bellamy Award Registration Comm. 45 Elementary Education. GARY BOHM - Conservation Club 25 Chem- istry Club 35 Intramural Bowling 3,45 Col- le e. LEURIE EVE BOMBAGI - Student Council 25 G.A.A. 25 Monitor 35 Cosmetologist. JO ANN BOOTZ - Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Monitor 3,45 G.A.A. 45 Secretary. WALTER BORCHARDT - Future Farmers of America 25 Draftsman. , SHERRY BORSAVAGE - Junior Gregg 35 Monitor 3,45 Modern Miss Club 45 Sec- retary. RONALD BORSKI - Bowling 45 Welder. CHUCK BORTH - Tophatters 2-45 Student Leader 45 Chemistry Club 35 Modern Music Masters 3,45 Music Club 3,45 Uthrotar 45 College. TERRY BORTH - Rifle Club 2? Chemistry Club -35 Physics Club 45 College. GARY BOUSHLEY - Air Force. BEVERLY BOYCE - Madwoman of Chaillot 35 G.A.A. 3,45 Pep Club 35 Spring Style Show 35 Student Council 35 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Ski Club 45 Interna- tional Club 4, Program Chairman 45 Wau- sau Eve Skit 45 Business Education Teacher. JOHN BOYD - Football 25 Camera Club 35 Conservation Club 45 Air Force Academy. GARY BRANDENBURG - Bowling 3,45 Chemistry 45 Spanish 45 College. KAREN BRANDT - Pep Club 25 Holiday Dance Invitations Comm. 35 G.A.A. 3,45 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Student Council 45 International Club 45 Receptionist. EGON BRECKNER - German Club 2,35 Mad- woman of Chaillot 35 Drama Club 45 Chem- istry Club 45 College. PATRICIA BRENDEMUEHL - Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Homemaker. MAYNARD BREUNIG - Future Farmers of America 2-45 Junior Dairymen's Assn. 2-4. DARLENE BRINKMANN - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 Junior Gregg Club 35 Senior Gregg Club 45 Modern Miss Club 45 Secretary. CALVIN BROWN - Air Force. DENNIS BROWN - Conservation Club 25 Intramural Baseball .3,45 Intramural Bas- ketball 45 lntramural Volleyball 3,45 Printer. JUDY BROWN - Ski Club 25 International Club 25 Modern Miss Club 45 Senior Gregg Club 45 Monitor 45 Secretary. MIKE BRUESS - German Club 25 Ski Club 2-45 College. 5 JIM BUCH - Ski Club 2-45 Intramural Bas- ketball 25 Wrestling 3. DENNIS BUEDDING - Homeroom Basket- ball 2,35 Conservation Club 2,35 Intra- mural Basketball 45 Accountant. YVONNE BUNDY - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 2,35 French Club 2,35 International Club 45 Student Council 45 Ski Club 45 College. BILL BURGER - Cross Country 2,35 Tri-M 2-45 Tennis 3,45 Physics Club 35 Advanced Math Club 45 Ski Club 45 Mechanical En- gineer. ' CHERI BURNETT - WAHISCAN Business Staff 25 Student Council 25 International Club 2-45 Monitor 25 Student Council Con- vention Comm. Chairman 35 Holiday Dance Decorations Comm. 35 SKYROCKET Assistant Business Manager 45 Senior Seminar 45 Y-Teens Club 45 Pep Club 2-45 French Club 45 Data Processing Operator. LYNN BUSS - Football 2-45 Basketball 25 Track 2-45 Biology 25 Rotary International 35 Curling Club 45 Intramural Basketball -3,45 Horticulturist. MELANIE BUTTKE - Modern Miss Club 45 Office Work. PAUL BUZZA - Tri-M 2-45 Music Club 2,35 Student Council 2,35 Ski Club 25 Swim- ming Team 25 Drum Major -3,45 German Club 35 Drama Club 45 Chemistry Club 45 Forensics 45 Natural Sciences. PAUL CABELKA - Latin Club 3,45 Swim Team 45 International Club 45 Homeroom Officer 45 Intramural Basketball 45 Home- room Basketball 45 Transfer from Neenah, Wis. 35 Certified Public Accountant. LOIS CAMPBELL - Future Nurses 2-45 French Club 35 Monitor 35 Homeroom Sec- retary 3,45 International Club 45 Nurse. MARY LOU CAMPBELL - G.A.A. 2-4: Pep Club 35 Monitor 3,45 Senior Gregg 45 Modern Miss Club 45 Secretary. THOMAS CAMPS - Basketball 25 Baseball 2-45 WAHISCAN 3, Sports Editor 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Chemistry Club President 35 Homeroom President 3,45 Uthrotar 35 Spanish Club 35 Conservation Club 2,45 Cross Country 25 Homeroom Basketball -3, 45 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Teacher. JAY CARLSON - Audio-Visual 2,45 Photo- grapher. PAMELA CARPENTER - Spanish Club 25 International Night Skit 25 Holiday Dance Invitations Comm. 35 International Club 45 Decorations Comm. 45 Chemistry Club 45 Monitor 45 Social Worker. CHRISTINE CARSPECKEN - SKYROCKET Feature Editor 35 News Editor 45 Student Council Commissioner of Publicity 45 G. A.A. 2-45 Publicity Director 35 Tri-M 25 French Club Secretary 2,35 Ski Club Treasurer 35 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Senior Seminar 45 Bellamy Award Publicity Comm. 45 U.W. Extension Summer Art Workshop 35 Art Club 45 N.C.T.E. Nomin- ation 35 Holiday Dance Decorations Comm. Chairman 35 Prom Decorations Comm. 35 Set Design Comm. for Senior Class Play 45 College. MARY CASE - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 2,35 Modern Miss Club 45 Accountant. TERRY CHAIGNOT - Debate 25 Latin Club 3,45 Curling Club 2-45 Homeroom Basket- ball 2-45 Golf 2-45 College. MARY CHAMPINE - Secretary. BONNIE CHRISTIAN - G.A.A. 2-4: Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Medical Sec- retary. NANCY CHRISTIAN - Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 25 German Club 3,45 International Club 35 SKYROCKET Reporter 3,45 Beautician. PATRICIA CHRUDIMSKY - Music Club 2,35 Monitor 3,45 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Stenographer. SHARON CLAIRMORE - G.A.A. 2,45 Beau- tician. MARION CLARK - Music Club 25 Spring Music Festival 2-45 Spanish Club 35 Tri- M 35 Chemistry Club 45 Musician. BILL CLIFFORD - Ski Club 2-4: Swimming 2-45 Archery Club 35 Biology Club 45 Pilot. JUDY CLOUTIER - G.A.A. 2,35 Drama Club Secretary 2,35 Pep Club 2,45 International Club Program Comm. 3,45 Ski Club 35 Wausau Eve Skit 45 College. DENNIS CLURE - German Club 2,35 Biol- ogy Club 25 Baseball 25 Business Manage- ment. ARLENE COLBY - G.A.A. 2-45 Senior Head of Curling 45 Drama Club 25 Student Coun- cil 25 Pep Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Fu- ture Nurses 45 Modern Miss Club 45 Col- lege. AUDREY COLCORD - G.A.A. 2-45 Drama Club 25 SKYROCKET Business Staff 3,45 Art Club 35 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Receptionist. MICHELLE COLCORD - G.A.A. 2-45 Book Club 25 Chemistry -35 WAHISCAN Business Staff 3.4: French Club 2-45 SKYROCKET Staff 3,45 Physics Club 45 Senior Seminar 45 French Major. ROGER COLESON - Badger Boys' State 35 Student Council 2-45 Prom Comm. 35 Ger- man Club 2-4, President 45 International Club 2,35 Sophomore Debate 25 Forensics 25 Bellamy Student Chairman 3,45 Lyceum 3,45 Senior Seminar 45 French Club 45 Varsity Debate 35 Homeroom Treasurer 45 History Major. TIM CORBIN - Swimming Team 2-45 Co- Captain 45 Homeroom President 25 Home- room Basketball 25 Ski Club 3,45 Student Council 35 Physics Club 35 Intramural Volleyball -35 Spanish Club 45 College. ANAIG COULOURAN - Exchange Student from France5 Student Council 45 Music Club 45 Ski Club 45 SKYROCKET Staff 45 G.A.A. 4. SANDI CRONCE - G.A.A. 2,35 Ski Club 35 Receptionist. FRAN CSENCSICS - Music Club 2,35 Mod- ern Miss Club 45 Receptionist. MARSHA CUTTING - SKYROCKET Staff 3, 4, Managing Editor 45 Senior Seminar 45 Debate 45 WAHISCAN Business Staff 45 Music Club 45 Ski Club 45 National Merit Letter of Commendation 45 Betty Crocker Homemaking Award 45 Transfer from Pros- pect, Ill. 35 Journalist. DAVID CZECH - Conservation Club 2-45 Mechanic. JUDY CZECK - Music Club 25 Spanish Club 35 Future Teachers 45 Pep Club 45 Teacher. DALE CZERWINSKI - Camera Club 35 Homeroom Secretary 45 Architect. CEAN CZERWINSKI - Camera Club 35 Homeroom Treasurer 45 Electrician. CRAIG DALLMANN - Conservation Club 25 International Club 35 Rifle Club 2,35 Ski Club 45 Archery Club 45 Business. SUSAN DAY - Student Council 35 SKY- ROCKET Reporter 3,45 Property Comm. of Senior Class Play 45 International Club 45 French Club 2,35 Y-Teens 45 Pep Club 25 Book Club 35 Senior Seminar 45 College. EDWARD DEAN - Football 25 Rifle Club 2, 35 Teacher. JOHN DEAN - Rifle Club 35 Swimming 45 Certified Public Accountant. SUE DEGNER - G.A.A. 2,45 Modern Miss Club 4. CHERYL DELF - G.A.A. 2-45 German Club 2,45 Forensics 2,35 Modern Miss Club 45 Christian Service. EDWARD DELF - Rifle Club 2,35 Conser- vation Club 45 Business. JUDITH DENFELD - Music Club 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Ski Club 45 Secretary. KATHRYN DENFELD - LEONARD DETERT - Rifle Club 2,35 Social Worker. PETER DIETSCHE - CHAR DI MUZIO - Beautician. CHARLES DITTMAR - Future Farmers of America 2-45 Junior Dairymen's Associa- tion 2-45 Air Force. DONNA DOEDE - SKYROCKET 2-4: Student Council 45 Latin Club 3,45 International Club 45 Student Council Decorations Comm. 45 Senior Seminar 45 G.A.A.5 Nurse. JAMES DOERING - Conservation Club 2, 3, Vice-President 45 Printer. KATHY DONNER - G.A.A. 2-45 Senior Head 45 Pep Club 25 Ski Club 3: Chemistry Club 45 Physical Education. CAROL DORNBRACK - G.A.A. 3,45 Modern Miss Club 45 Airline Stewardess. JOHN DRABES - Projectionist Club 25 Rifle Club 2,35 Architectural Designer. GARIE DUFECK - Homeroom Basketball -35 Intramural Basketball 35 Drafting. BOYCE DUFF - Transfer 4. SANDRA DUNN - Drama Club 25 G.A.A. 2, 35 Pep Club 2,35 International Club 35 Monitor 45 X-ray Technician. AUDREY DURANCEAU - G.A.A. 3,45 Mon- itor 35 Glee Club 45 Secretary. GEORGENA DURKEE - Pep Club 25 Stu- dent Council 35 lnternational Club 35 Mon- itor 45 English Major. PETER DYSON - Electronics Club 45 Ad- vanced Math Club 45 Transfer from Phil- adelphia, Pennsylvania 45 Chemical Re- search. CHRIS DZANBOZOFF - G.A.A. 3,45 Medical Assistant. BILL EDWARDS - Curling 2-45 Golf 2-45 German Club 2-45 Curling Club 2-45 Sopho- more Debate 25 Bowling 2-45 Homeroom President 45 College. DAVE EGGEBRECHT - Tennis 25 Conserva- tion Club 2,35 Uthrotar 45 Chemistry Club 45 International Club 45 Accountant. SHIRLEY EGGEBRECHT - Modern Miss Club 3,45 Office Work. CAROL EHLERT - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg 35 Pep Club 35 Book Club 45 Modern Miss Club 45 Secretary. SUE EHLKE - G.A.A. 2-45 Holiday Dance Invitations Comm. 35 German Club 35 Future Nurses 45 College. ANNA ENGEBRECHT - Student Council 25 Future Teachers 2-45 G.A.A. 2,35 SKY- ROCKET Staff 35 Book Club 45 Teacher. Tod Meyer found that some of the drinking fountains were just too low. ... BONNIE ENGELS - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Wausau Tech- nical Institute. DAVE ENGMAN - Art Club 2-45 Mechanic. KATHY ERICKSON - G.A.A. 2-45 Homeroom President 25 German Club 2-45 Interna- tional Club 3,45 College. DANIEL ERLANDSON - Camera Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Physics Club 3,45 For- estry. DOUGLAS ESCHENBACH - Swimming Team 25 Football 25 Archery Club 25 Rifle Club 35 Certified Public Accountant. ELAINE ETZKIN - Debate 2-45 Advanced Math Club 3,45 Forensics 2-45 WAHISCAN Business Staff 35 G.A.A. 2-45 Basic Math Club 25 Drama Club 25 German Club 2,35 Chemistry Club 45 National Merit Competi- tion Letter of Commendation 45 Mathe- matics Major. DENNIS EUEWSON - Conservation Club5 Automotive Engineer. WILBUR EULER - Future Teachers 2,35 Wrestling 2-45 Army. PAUL EVANS - Football 2-45 Pep Club 3,45 Homeroom President 2-45 International Club 45 College. DENNIS EWERT - Math Club 2,45 Rifle Club 35 Monitor 45 College. ANTOINETTE FALKOWSKI - G.A.A. 45 Air- line Stewardess. GEORGIANNA FEHL - Future Nurses 3,45 Forensics 35 Senior Seminar 45 G.A.A. 2-45 Nurse. JEANNE FEHL - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 Beautician. ROBERT FEHL - Cross Country 25 Rifle Club -35 College. DAVE FELCH - Future Farmers of America 2-4, Secretary 45 Junior Dairymen's Asso- ciation 2-4, President 3, Vice-President 45 Vocational Agriculture Teacher. WILLIAM FERGUSON - Track 2-45 Monitor 3,45 Automotive Engineer. MICHAEL FILTZ - Archery 2,35 Art Club 3. 4, Vice-President 45 Bowling 45 Art Teacher. ROBERT FINK - Swim Team 2-45 Ski Club 2-45 Drama Club 45 Madwoman of Chaillot 35 Class Play Selection Comm. 45 Tea- house of the August Moon 45 Engineering Technician. RONALD FISHER - Electronics Club 3,45 Intramural Bowling 3,45 Electronics Tech- mcian. SUSAN FLAKER - Debate 2,35 Basic Math Club 25 Advanced Math Club 45 Spanish Club 2,35 State Math Contest 3,45 Honor- able Mention5 Senior Seminar 45 G.A.A. 4: Chemistrv Club5 Medical Technologist. SHARON FORSMO - Future Nurses 2-45 Secretary 45 Music Club 3,45 German Club 2: G.A.A. 2: Homeroom Secretary5 Nurse. CHUCK FOX - Forensics 25 Football 2-45 French Club 3.45 Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Ski Club 2-4, President 35 Curling Club 2-45 Uthrotar .35 Student Council 45 Senior Seminar 4: Teahouse of the August Moon 4: Industrial Lawyer. IEE FRAEDRICH - Electronics Club 45 Electronics. RAYMOND FRAEDRICH - Chemistry Club 2-4: Vice-President 35 Advanced Math Club 45 Homeroom Vice-President 45 Col- lege. LYLE FREIBERG - Wrestling 25 Chemistry Club 2-45 Advanced Math Club 45 Navy. JIM FREMMING - Musician. JERRY FRICKENSTEIN - Ski Club 3,45 Sheet Metal Work. LINDA FROOM - Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 2,35 Sec- retary. MARILYN FUCHS - Chemistry Club 35 Senior Seminar 45 Tri-M 45 G.A.A. 45 Trans- fer from Antigo, Wisconsin 35 Social Work. SANDRA FUST - G.A.A. 3,45 Junior Gregg Club 35 Senior Gregg Club 45 Secretary. DANIEL GAJEWSKI - College. LAVONNE GAJEWSKI - Operetta 25 G.A.A. 45 Junior Gregg 45 Government Service. SUSAN GARDNER - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg5 Secretary. BARBARA GARSKE - G.A.A. 2-45 Bowling Award 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Interna- tional Club 35 Pep Club 25 Junior Gregg 35 Secretary. THOMAS GAUERKE - College. CHARLES GEHRKE - Curling Club 25 ln- tramural Basketball 2-45 College. ROBERT GEISEL - Biology Club 25 Golf Team 2-45 Pep Club 45 Nuclear Physisist. SUSAN GENRICH - G.A.A. 2,-35 Ski Club 3,45 Drama Club 35 SKYROCKET Reporter 45 Modern Miss Club 45 Monitor 45 Home- room Secretary 45 Secretary. GLORIA GEREAU - Advanced Math Club 2,35 German Club 35 Pep Club 25 Future Nurses 45 Modern Miss Club 45 Bible School and Music. JANE GERING - German Club 25 Future Nurses 2-45 Modern Miss Club 45 Nurse. DALE GERLACH - Ski Club 2-45 Curling Club 2-45 Residential Design. GRETA GIBCKE - Future Teachers 2-45 Math Club 25 Holiday Dance Invitations Comm. 35 Monitor 45 Bellamy Award Registration Comm. 45 Elementary Teacher. SANDRA GLASEL - Future Teachers 2-45 MONITOR 3,45 G.A.A. 25 Pep Club 25 SKY- ROCKET Reporter 45 Elementary Teacher. ENLD GLEASON - International Club 2,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Latin Club 3,45 Bellamy Scrap- book 45 Homeroom President 45 Foreign Service. JAMIE GOERTZ - German Club 2-45 Na- tional Merit Scholarship Finalist 45 Ad- vanced Math Club 45 Senior Seminar 45 College. GARY T. GOETSCH - Conservation Club 25 College. GARY W. GOETSCH - Rifle Club 2,35 Golf 2-45 Wrestling 25 Biology Club 25 Interna- tional Club 45 Business School. JACK GOETSCH - Student Council 25 Homeroom President 35 Basketball 2-45 Track 2-45 Biology Club 25 Homeroom Vice-President 25 Chemistry Club 35 Phy- sics Club 35 Astronomy Club 45 College. SALLY GOETSCH - Future Nurses 2,35 Secretary. SHARON GOETSCH - Homeroom Treasurer 2,35 G.A.A. 2-45 Spring Play Comm. 25 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Modern Miss Club 4, Recording Secretary5 Sten- ographer. JUNE GOHDES - Secretary. MARJORIE GOLDBERG - Tophatter Vocal- ist 35 G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 2,35 Drama Club 2-45 French Club 35 Homeroom President 45 Y-Teens Club 4, Interclub Representative 45 Elementary Teacher. DORA GORSKI - Art Club 2,45 Spring Play Props Comm. 25 Drama Club 2-45 Foren- sics 35 G.A.A. 2,35 Pep Club Skit 35 Set Design Comm. for Senior Class Play 45 Set Design Comm. for Tophatters 45 SKY- ROCKET Reporter 3,45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Student Council Publicity Comm. Chairman 45 Production Crew and Makeup Comm. of Spring Play 35 Social Worker. EVERETT GOODWIN - Advanced Math Club 2-45 Chemistry Club 25 Student Coun- cil 3,45 Safety Chairman 2,35 Track 2-45 Basketball 25 Physics Club 35 Uthrotar 35 Badger Boy's State 35 Astronomy Club 45 Cross Country 45 Bellamy Award Commit- tee 45 Professor. BARBARA GRABAU - Latin Club 3,45 Sec- retary. DONALD GRAEBEL - Automotive Engineer. CHARLES GRAEFE - Stone Mason. MARCIA GRAEFE - G.A.A. 2-45 Future Nurses 3,45 Modern Miss Club 45 Nurse. JUDITH GRAY - German Club 2,35 Future Teachers 25 Music Club 3,45 Tri-M 2-45 Student Council 45 Forensics 35 National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 45 Chem- istry Club 45 SKYROCKET Reporter 45 Sen- ior Seminar 45 National Science Founda- tion Summer Student 35 Science Major. CHARLES GREEN - Bowling 2-45 Home- room Basketball 2-45 Machinist. RONALD GREEN - Music Club 2-45 Attend Technical School. GARY GREENFIELD - Baseball 2-4: Chem- istry Club 35 Advanced Math Club 3,45 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Astronomy Club 45 College. SALLY GREENUP - G.A.A. 35 Nurse. Clark Stevens appeared oblivious to the sign above the band room phone. oi" 9 I 0' .' ,U HoNE -H' ' ISABUSINESS PENT Z' D . , . I . TIII5 E, sfUD , . I - FACULTY Us vm UNIT ' 'f' ' . lslNTHE6 .""" .f-'fa'-d ,,,,,.,,-f SHARON GREMLER - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 Junior Gregg Club Secretary-Treasurer 35 Senior Gregg Club President 45 Monitor 3,45 Airline Stewardess. MARILYN GRESENS - International Club 3,45 Junior Gregg Club 35 Art Club 45 G.A.A. 2-45 Spring Play Set Decorations 25 Senior Gregg Club 45 College. PAMELA GRITZMACHER - Spring Play Pro- perties Comm. 25 G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 Drama Club 25 German Club 35 SKYROCK- ET Business Staff 45 Modern Miss Club 45 College. . DORTHEA GROSINSKE - Spanish Club 2,35 Pep Club 25 SKYROCKET Business Staff 45 Student Council Social Affairs Publicity Comm.5 Art Club 45 G.A.A. 45 College. DENNIS GRUNENWALD - Future Farmers of America 2-45 Draftsman. LARRY GUMMO - 'Conservation Club 2-45 Bowling 2-45 Library Assistant 2,35 College. DENNIS GUTKNECHT - Automotive En- gineer. DENNIS GUTOWSKI - Welder. PAUL HABECK - Business. VIRGINIA HACKBARTH - Basic Math Club 25 Advanced Math Club 35 Elementary Teacher. KEN HAEBIG - Rifle Club5 Continue Ed- ucation. CHERYL HAFEMAN - G.A.A. 2-4: Interna- tional Club 2-45 SKYROCKET Reporter 3,45 SKYROCKET Business Staff 35 Art Club 45 Commercial Artist. - DAVID HAHN - International Club 3,45 Homeroom Officer 25 Business Field. STEVEN HALDER - Student Council 2: Ski Club 2-45 Homeroom President .35 Golf 2-4. , ALLEN HALL - Electronics Club: Field of Bible Ministry. ' KATHY HALL - Rifle Club 35 G.A.A. 3.4. SYLVIA HALL - Spanish Club 2: G.A.A. 27 International Club 35 Future Teachers 45 Art Club 45 Elementary Teacher. SUSAN HALVERSON - International Club 34: Future Nurses 45 Practical Nurse. JOEL HAMERS - Basic Math Club 25 Chem- istry Club 25 Advanced Math Club 3,43 Student Council 35 Physics Club 45 Elec- trical Engineer. GEORGIA HANNEMANN - Book Club 25 Glee Club 3,45 Music Club 45 Accountant. TOM HARDING - Continue Education. FAITH HARTKOPF - Student Council 25 Homeroom Secretary 3,45 Holiday Dance Invitations Comm. 35 Pep Club5 Senior Gregg Club 45 College. SUSAN HASSEL - Operetta 25 Music Club 2-45 German Club 35 Astronomy Club 45 Spring Music Festival 3,45 Singer. EUGENE HEISLER - Armed Forces. KAREN HEMMRICH - Art Club 45 Beau- tician, Green Bay College. PERRY HENCH - Armed Forces. PATRICIA HENDERSON - G.A.A. 2-45 For- ensics 25 Ski Club 4. JOANN HENKE - G.A.A. 2-45 Beautician. MARGO HENNIG - G.A.A. 2-4, President 45 Homeroom Secretary 25 German Club 2,35 Student Council 45 Physics Club 45 Moni- tor 45 Physical Education Teacher. WILLIAM HENSEL - Golf Team 2,35 Stu- dent Council 25 Drama Club 2-45 Intra- mural Sports 2-45 Math-Club 2,35 Mad- woman of Chaillot 35 Veterinarian. GAYLE HERNING - G.A.A. 2,45 Art Club 45 Secretary. PETER HESSERT - Cross Country 25 Curl- ing 2-45 Track 2-45 WAHISCAN 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Uthrotar 45 Lawyer. LYNDA HE'l'l'lNGA - Drama Club 25 Span- ish Club -35 Future Nurses 3,45 Modern Miss Club 45 Homeroom Officer 2-45 Bible School. TRUDY HEYER - Art Club 2-45 Decorations Comm. for Junior Prom 35 Camera Club 45 Photography. LARRY HINNER - Advanced Math Club 3: Biology Club 45 Coast Guard. EILEEN HINTZ - Future Teachers 2-45 His- torian 45 G.A.A. 2-45 Latin Club 25 Pep Club 3: Book Club 45 Elementary Teacher. VIRGINIA HINTZ - G.A.A. 2,37 Pep Club 2-45 Camera Club 45 Secretary. PETER HINTZE - Travel. DUANE HINZ - Secretary. KATHLEEN HOEFI' - Art Club 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Quill and Scroll 35 Tri-M 3,45 Music Club -3,45 SKYROCKET Business Staff 35 Student Council Art Decorations Comm. 45 Cheerleaders Sandy Ostring and Barb Wheeler, busily engaged in creating a lively poster to bolster school pep, were surprised by the WAHISCAN photographer. W M 5'-., 5 s,.x,ff-- ' ' . ....vs.I-.xx JS... - ...M - was Prom Decorations Comm. 35 Senior Sem- inar 45 Interior Design. DENNIS HOFFMAN - Homeroom Basket- ball5 Conservation Club 25 College. SHERRY HOFFMAN - International Club 2-45 German Club 2-45 Social Worker. WILLIAM HOLSTER - Projectionist Club 2, 35 Advanced Math Club 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 25 Homeroom President 25 Homeroom 'Basketball 35 Ski Club 45 Stu- dent Council 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Civil Engineer. RICHARD HOOK - Tophatters 2-45 Music Club 3,45 Businessman. KEN HUDSON - Future Farmers of Ameri- ca 2-45 Junior Dairymen's 2-45 Basketball 2-4. CHARLES HUEBNER - International Club 3,45 SKYROCKET Business Staff 3,45 Busi- nessman. KATHLEEN HUNSTOCK - Future Nurses 2-45 Spanish Club 35 Nurse. CHERYL IKEN - G.A.A. 2-45 Student Coun- cil 35 Future Nurses 3,45 Monitor 45 Paro- chial School Teacher. FR-ANK IMBACH - Basic Math Club 25 Ski Club 2-45 Advanced Math Club 3,45 Student Council 2,45 Homeroom Presi- dent 2. KRISTEN ISON - Doctor. BARBARA JACOBI - Junior Gregg 35 Mod- ern Miss Club 45 Office Work. RONNIE JACOBSON - Football 2-45 Wrest- ling 3,45 Tophatters Vocalist 2,45 Pep Club 45 Singer. LYLE JAEGLER - Rifle Club 35 Printer. LE ROY JAHNS - Baseball 25 Rifle Club 3: Ski Club 45 Marine Corps. SHARON JANIKOWSKI - G.A.A. 2-45 Glee Club 35 Business. LARRY JANIKOWSKI - Projectionist Club 2.35 Radio Electronics Club 2. STANLEY JAROVSKI - Intramural Basket- ball 2-45 Homeroom Basketball 3,45 Con- servation Club 45 Attend Wausau Tech- nical Institute. MARY LOU JAUERNIG - Future Nurses 2- 45 Monitor 3,45 Award for Service to the School .35 International Club 45 Nurse. FORREST JEHN - Camera Club 2-45 Chem- istrv Club 45 Chemist. THOMAS JEHN - Wrestling 2-45 Mechanical Engineer. RICHARD JELMELAND - Track, Manager 25 Football Manager 25 Pep Club 2-45 Ski Club 2-45 Curling Club 2-45 Homeroom Vice-President 45 Accountant. SANDRA JENKS - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. MARY JIRGL - Future Nurses 2,45 Book Club 35 Monitor 45 Practical Nurse. DONALD JOHNSON - Camera Club 35 ln- ternational Club 45 Teacher. SANDRA JONAS - Book Club 3,45 Moni- tor 3,45 Author. BRONWEN JONES - Basic Math Club 2: International Club 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Pep Club 35 Homeroom Secretary 35 Wahiscan Business Staff 45 Teacher. RON JONES - Basic Math Club 2: Ad- vanced Math Club 35 Ski Club 35 Home- room Vice-President 45 International Club 45 College. TERRY JORSTAD - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Y-Teens 45 Col- lege. .IOHN JOSEPH - Electronics Club 25 In- dustrial Teacher. MICHAEL JOSIGER - Baseball 2: Rifle Club 25 International Club 45 Work in Metals. DENNIS KAETTERHENRY - Student Coun- cil 2-45 Advanced Math Club 2-45 Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 National Merit Scholarship Commended Student 45 En- gineer. LINDA - KAHLER - G.A.A. 45 Advertiser. CAROL KALINOSKI - Basic Math Club 25 German Club 3-45 International Club 45 Student Council Alternate 45 Secondary School Teacher. 200 Different attitudes toward continuous practicing were displayed by various orchestra members, but all the musicians strived for perfection BARBARA KAMINSKI - Modern Miss 45 Secretary or Beautician. SCOTI' KAPUS - Baseball 2-45 Basketball 25 Student Council 25 Homeroom Athletic Officer 25 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Homeroom Basketball 2-45 General Math Club 25 University of Iowa - Physical Education Teacher. CRAIG KARR - Ski Club 2-45 President of Curling Club 2-45 Football Captain 2-45 Uthrotar 35 Varsity Curling 3,45 Student Council President 45 College. PAUL JAMES KENNEDY - Service. MARY KERSEMEIER - Junior Gregg 35 Sen- ior Gregg 45 International Club 45 G.A.A. 45 Secretary. KAREN KASTEN - G.A.A. 2-45 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 2-45 Holiday Dance ln- vitation Committee 35 Monitor 45 Drama Club 45 Future Nurses Club 45 Elementary School Teacher. DAVID KETTUNEN - Photography Club 25 Archery Club 25 Track 3,45 Latin Club 45 Minister. JAMES KISLOW - Student Council 25 Intra- mural Basketball 2-45 Football 3,45 Base- ball 3,45 Ski Club 35 Pep Club 45 Teacher. MARY LOU KITTEL - Music Club 2: Ma- jorette 2-45 G.A.A. 2,35 Spanish Club 35 Future Teachers Club 45 Pep Club 45 Gym Teacher. DAVE KLA'l'I' - College. HARLAND JAY KLEIBER - Golf 25 Volley- ball 2.-35 Intramural Basketball 35 Chem- istry Club 35 Homeroom Basketball 3,45 Physics Club 4. BETTY KLEINSCHMIDT - G.A.A. 25 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Practical Nurse. DALE A. KLINGBEIL - Accountant. JEROME KLINGER - Wrestling 35 Conser- vation Club 3,45 Farmer. ALLEN J. KLUCK - Homeroom Basketball 35 Bookkeeper. CAROL A. KNAACK - Future Teachers Club 25 Drama Club 2-45 Operetta 25 Mad Woman of Chaillot 35 Modern Music Mas- ters 3,45 Monitor 35 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Teacher. DAVE KNAPF - Marines. THOMAS KNETTER - Math Club 45 Ac- countant. JAMES KNIPPEL - DANIEL KOEHLER - Future Farmers of America 2,35 Air Force. MARK KOENING - Golf 3,45 Public Ac- countant. FRANK KOERTEN - Electronics Club 45 Draftsman. GARRETT KOERTEN - Drama Club 2-45 Biology Club 25 Physics Club 35 Student Council 3,45 Singing Evangelist. JAMES KOHNHORST - Conservation Club. BARBARA KOTTKE - G.A.A. 2-45 Modern Miss 45 IBM or Key Punch Operator. LLOYD KOVACH - Draftsman. STAN KOVACH - Physics Club 35 Chem- istry Club 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Primary or Secondary Teacher. KAREN KOZIEL - Modern Miss5 Operetta5 Travel. ANN KREILL - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club -35 Modern Miss 45 Accountant. BEVERLY KRIEHN - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Office Work. CYNTHIA M. KROENING - Modern Dance Club 25 Pep Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2-45 Modern Miss 45 Interior Decorating. JANICE KROENING - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. 4 CHERYL KROEPLIN - Operetta 25 G.A.A. 2,45 Bellamy Award Program 45 Practical Nurse. PETER KROLIKOWSKI - Student Council 25 Drama Club 2,35 Baseball 2-45 Curling 25 Chemistry Club 25 Basketball 35 Ger- man Club 35 Advanced Math Club 45 Tea- house of the August Moon 45 College - Psychology. JOHN J. KRUESER - Football 2-45 Base- ball 2,35 Wrestling 25 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Track 4. RUTH KRUEGER - Pep Club 2-45 G.A.A. 3,45 International Club 45 Monitor 45 Beau- tician. BRIAN KRUSKO - Rifle Club 25 Camera Club 35 Conservation Club 45 Mechanical Draftsman. LYNN M. KRAMARICK - Drama Club 25 Christmas Program 25 Pep Club 25 Operet- ta 25 G.A.A. 2-45 SKYROCKET Reporter 3,45 Junior Girls' Holiday Dance Invitations Committee 35 French Club 35 Monitor 3,45 Junior Gregg -35 International Club 45 Homeroom Secretary 45 Ski Club 45 Col- lege - Politics or Foreign Service. MARY JO KUMBERA - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg 35 Monitor 3,45 International Club 45 Accountant. JAMES KURTH - Trees for Tomorrow Camp 25 Projectionist Club 25 Homeroom Vice-President 2,45 Football 2-45 Biology Club 3,45 Ski Club 3,45 National Merit Scholarship Semi-finaIist5 Funeral Director. JANET KURTH - G.A.A. 25 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Modern Miss 45 Office Work. RICHARD KUSEL - French CIub5 Ski Club5 Wrestling5 Architecture. JACK KUTCHERA - Ski Club'4. GARY LAATSCH - Cross Country 25 Arch- ery Club 45 Draftsman. KURT LAFFIN - Future Farmers of Ameri- ca 25 Draftsman. SANDRA LAFFIN - Monitor 35 Secretarial Work. JOHN LANG - Book Club 25 International Club 2,45 Varsity Tennis 2-45 Debate 2-45 Latin Club 35 NCTE Award 35 Student Council Vice-President 45 Merit Test Semi- finalist 45 Ministry. LARRY G. LANGHOFF - Advanced Math Club 2,35 Projectionists Club 2-45 En- gineer. DAVID LANGSDORF - Stage Crew 2-45 Football 25 Prom Committee Chairman 35 PETE LARSEN - Football 2-45 Swimming 2, 35 Track 2-45 German Club 25 Uthrotar 35 Ski Club 3,45 International Club 45 Law. DIANE LARSON - G.A.A. 25 Modern Music Masters 2-45 State Music Festival 2-45 German Club 3,45 Special Piano Session of the Summer Music Clinic 45 College. TOM LARSON - Cross Country 2-45 Track 2-45 Advanced Math Club 2-45 Physics Club -35 Uthrotar 45 Chemistry Club 45 Mathematician. RONALD LASSOW - Tophatters 2-45 Home- room President 35 WAHISCAN 3,45 Editor 45 Uthrotar 45 Professional Musician. CHARLES LAWRENCE - Physics Club 45 Civil Engineer. BARBARA LAWSON - German Club 2-4: G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Band 2-45 Spring Play Make-up 3,45 Music Club 3,45 Student Council 35 Senior Play Make-up 45 Senior Seminar 45 Lyceum 45 Special Education. CHARLES LEMKE - Football 2-45 Track 2,35 Ski Club 3,45 Homeroom Vice-President 35 French Club 45 College. SUZANNE LEMKE - Senior Gregg 45 G.A.A. 45 Secretary. ROSALIE LENZ - G.A.A. 2,35 Future Teachers Club 25 Advanced Math Club 45 WAHISCAN Business Staff 45 Physics Club 45 Teaching. JUNE LEVANDOSKI - G.A.A. 2,35 French Club 35 Latin Club 45 International Club 45 Airline Stewardess. JANICE LEWITZKE - Junior Gregg 35 G.A. A. 35 Modern Miss 45 Office Work. NANCY LEE LEWITZKE - Student Council 25 Drama Club 25 G.A.A. 2,35 SKYROCKET Distribution Editor 3,45 Future Nurses Club 35 The Mad Woman of Chaillot 35 Modern Miss Club Secretary 45 WAHISCAN Busi- ness Staff 4. TIMOTHY LINDER - Peace Corps and Teaching. - TERRY LINDOW - Tophatters 3,45 Latin Club 3,45 Bowling 3,45 College. RICHARD DOUGLAS LITZER - Physics Club 35 Bowling 35 Camera Club Vice- President 45 College. JANET LOUISE LOMBARD - G.A.A. 25 Jun- ior Gregg 35 International Club 45 Ski Club 45 WAHISCAN Business Staff 45 Stu- dent Council 45 Legal Secretary. SUSAN LONDERVILLE - Camera Club 2: French Club 35 Art Club 35 International Club 45 Latin Club 45 College. PEGGY LOOS - Modern Miss 25 Interior Decorator. - MARY LORENZEN - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Monitor 45 In- ternational Club 45 Secretary. BARBARA LOUZE - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 35 Wausau Week Skit 35 Style Show and Tea 35 Ski Club 45 Wausau Week Queen 45 Model or Beautician. JUDY LUEDTKE - Junior Gregg -35 Inter- national Club 35 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. LLOYD LUEDTKE - Conservation Club 2-45 Biology Club 45 Conservation Work. GEORGIA LUND - CHARLOTTE MAAS - Pep Club 25 Spanish Club 25 Homeroom Secretary 25 Spring Play Properties Committee 25 Internation- al Night Skit 25 Sophomore Debate 25 Forensics 25 G.A.A. 2,35 SKYROCKET Re- porter 2,35 Student Council 2,35 Future Teachers of America State President 3,45 Future Teacher Club 3, President 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Junior Girls' Holiday Dance Publicity Committee 35 Ski Club 35 Spring Play Selection Committee 35 Student Council Finance Committee 45 Y-Teens 45 President 45 SKYROCKET Co-Editor 45 Uni- versity of Wisconsin. GREGORY MAAS - Latin Club 25 Football 25 Tennis 25 Baseball 35 Chemistry Club 35 Physics Club 45 International Club 45 SKYROCKET Reporter 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Teacher. CONSTANCE MADDEN - Modern Miss Club 45 Ski Club 45 Telephone Company. JUDITH ANN MADISON - G.A.A. 2,45 Ski Club 3,45 Modern Miss 45 Beautician. PAUL M. MAIRE - Chemistry Club 45 University Extension. WILLIAM MALAK - Ski Club 2-45 College. KATHLEEN MANUEL - Pep Club 25 Dra- ma Club 25 G.A.A. 25 SKYROCKET Business Staff 25 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 25 Ski Club 35 International Club 35 "B" Squad Cheerleader 35 Student Council 35 Prom Committee -35 Art Club 45 Future Teachers of America 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Senior Class Play Art Crew 45 Whitewater State University - Elementary Teacher. EDWARD MARCOTT - Swimming Team 2-45 Baseball 45 International Club 45 Chem- istry Club 45 Industrial Chemist. JEROME MARCOTTE - Art Club 2-4. Presi- dent 45 Auto Mechanic. DAVID MARQUARDT - Football 2-45 B6wl- ing 3,45 Army. SUSAN MARQUARDT - G.A.A. 2-45 Inter- national Club 2-45 Pep Club 25 Junior Girls' Invitation Committee 35 Future Nurses Club 45 Student Council 45 Nurs- mg. LYLE MARQUIS - Navy. PAUL MARTELL - Homeroom Basketball 3,45 Conservation Club 45 Intramural Bas- ketball 45 Wausau Technical School. DAVID MARTH - Class President 2,45 Foot- ball 2-45 Basketball 2-45 Tennis 2-45 For- ensics 2-45 Math Club 25 Tophatters Mas- ter of Ceremonies 25 National Oratorical Winner 35 Student Council Commissioner 35 German Club 35 Prom Publicity Com- mittee Co-Chairman 35 Pep Club 45 Bel- Iamy Award Committee Chairman 45 Min- istry. ANNE "CHRISTY" MASON - Student Council 25 Math Club 25 Prom Decoration Committee 35 Holiday Dance Decorations Committee 35 Pep Club -3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Monitor 45 Senior Seminar 45 Art Club 45 National Merit Scholarship Letter of Com- mendation 45 Bellamy Award Publicity Committee 45 College. GERALD MASZK - Future Farmers of America5 Farmer. TOM MATHWICH - Football 2,35 Ski Club 2.3. President 45 College. JERRY McCABE - Football 2-45 Baseball 2-45 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Uthrotar 35 Mechanical Engineering. EUEJMICCARTHY - G.A.A. 2-45 Modern Miss u . RENE McCULLOUGH - Football 2-45 Stage Crew 2-45 Swimming 25 Homeroom Bas- ketball 2-45 Sports Coach. ROBERT McELROY - Football 25 Ski Club 2-45 Curling Club 2,35 Football Manager 3,45 International Club 45 Accounting. LEWIS McGUlRE - Chemistry Club5 Elec- tronics Club5 Projectionist Club5 Electron- ics Engineer. MICHAEL G. McWATI'ERS - Vocational School. LAWRENCE MENDRZYCKI - Navy. RALPH MERWIN - Conservation Club5 BowIing5 Technician. GLORIA MESEKE - Monitor 2,45 Future Nurses Club 2, Secretary 3, President 45 G.A.A. 45 Registered Nurse. JOE METZ - Curling Club 25 Junior Girls' Decorations Committee 35 College. CAROL MEURETT - Future Nurses Club 25 International Club 35 Book Club 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Airline Hqstess. JOE MEYER - Intramural Basketball 2-45 Projectionist Club 3,45 Chemistry Club 45 Forestry. SANDRA MEYER - "B" Squad Cheer- leader 25 Sophomore Debate 25 Student Council 25 Pep Club 2-45 Spanish Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2-45 Wausau Eve Program 2-45 Junior Girls' Committee Chairman 35 Var- sity Cheerleading 3,4, Co-Captain 45 Wau- sau Week Committee 45 Senior Seminar 45 Math Major. TODD S. MEYER - Varsity Football 2-45 Wrestling 25 Track 2,35 Ski Club 2-45 Homeroom Treasurer 25 Forensics 3,45 In- ternational Club 45 Chemistry Club 45 For- estry or Teaching. MARILYNE MIDLIKOWSKI - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Secretary. ARLEEN MIELKE - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 Beautician. MARLYS MIENTKE - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg 35 Future Nurses Club 45 Home- room Secretary 45 Monitor 45 Nurse. One thing Jim Kurth liked in the cafeteria was milk - at least five cartons of it. .M,,..... 0 CHARLENE MIKKELSON - G.A.A. 2-45 Dra- ma Club 25 The Mad Woman of Chaillot 35 Student Council 35 Pep Club 35 Home- room Secretary 35 Ski Club 35 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 International Club 45 Beautician. ROBERT LLOYD MIKKELSON - Archery Club 2-4. KAY MILLER - Transfer5 Homeroom Treas- urer 35 Junior Girls' Holiday Dance Deco- rations Committee 35 Pep Club 35 G.A.A. 3,45 International Club 35 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Wausau Eve Skit 45 SKY- ROCKET Reporter 45 French Club 45 Phy- sics Club 45 Physical Therapist. LINDA MILLER - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 German Club 35 Physics Club 45 Senior Seminar 45 Medical Technology. JOHN A. MONDAY, JR. - Conservation Club -35 F.F.A. 45 Junior Dairymen's 45 Farmer. SIGRID SUSAN MORGAN - Art Club 2-45 Junior Prom Decorations Committee 35 Camera Club 45 Commercial Artist. ELSIENA C. MOSER - Modern Miss Club 45 Office Work. JUDITH MUELLER - G.A.A. 2-45 Student Council 35 Monitor 35 Chemistry Club 35 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Homeroom Vice- President 45 Nursing. KAREN MUELLER - Senior Gregg 45 Sec- retary. KATHRYN HELEN MUELLER - G.A.A. 3: Pep Club 25 Wausau Technical Institute. NANCY MUELLER - G.A.A. 2-4: Student Council Alternate 3,45 Drama Club 35 In- ternational Club 45 Pep Club 45 Ac- countant. JOANNE MUZYNOSKI - French Club 2: F.T.A. 35 Chemistry Club 35 Modern Miss 45 Office Work. RICHARD NAEF - Camera Club 35 Pro- jectionist Club 3,45 Track 3,45 Accountant. DAVID NASS - Archery Club 2-45 Physics Club 35 Further Schooling. PATRICIA NASS - G.A.A. 2-4: Pep Club 2-45 Drama Club 2-45 Student Council .3,45 SKYROCKET 3,45 Junior Girls' Decorations 35 Spring Play Make-Up 35 Elementary Teacher. CHERYL L. NELSON - Secretary. MARY KAY NELSON - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 Math Club 25 German Club 35 Future Nurses Club 45 College - Nursing. ROD NELSON - International Club 25 N.C.T.E. 45 SKYROCKET Reporter 45 Span- ish Club. 45 German Club 45 Senior Semin- ar 4 5Foreign Service. MARILYNN NELSON - WAHISCAN Business Staff 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 2,35 Home- room Secretary 2,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Junior Girls' Invitations Committee 35 Fu- ture Teachers Club 35 Senior Seminar 45 SKYROCKET Reporter 45 Biology Club 45 Future Nurses Club 45 College. ROSEMARYV NEMKE - Beautician. ROBERT NICKEL - Wrestling 25 Conserva- tion Club 2-45 Air Force. NANCY NIELSEN - G.A.A. 2,45 Ski Club 2-45 Drama Club 2,35 Homeroom Secre- tary 25 Student Council 45 Monitor 45 Beautician or Social Worker. JUDITH NIENOW - G.A.A. 25 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. CHERYL NIMZ - G.A.A. 2-45 International Club 25 Pep Club 35 WAHISCAN Business Staff -3,45 SKYROCKET Business Staff 45 Monitor 4. IAN NINNEMAN - Student Council 25 German Club 2,35 Future Nurses Club 25 Monitor 25 Holiday Dance Invitations Com- mittee Chairman 35 Future Teachers Club -3,4, Vice-President 35 G.A.A. 3,45 Y-Teens President 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 SKYROCKET Reporter 45 Home- room President 45 Wausau Eve Skit 45 College. DONALD W. NINNEMAN - Electrician. SUZANNE NINNEMANN - WAHISCAN Busi- ness Staff 2,45 Future Nurses Club 2-4, Vice-President 45 German Club 25 G.A.A. 2-45 Student Council 35 Skyrocket Reporter 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Drama Club 35 WAHISCAN editors Sue Ross and Peg Post were caught gathering ideas from other year- books, which was a common practice among experienced annual staffs. Prom Decorations Committee 35 Holiday Dance Decorations Committee 35 Home- room President 45 Senior Seminar 45 Stu- dent Decorations Committee 45 Registered Nurse. BOB NORBERG - The Man Who Came to Dinner 25 Drama Club 2-45 Forensics 2-45 Latin Club 25 Basketball 2,35 Tennis 2-45 Junior Class President 35 The Mad Woman of Chaillot 35 Physics Club 35 Spring Play 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Chem- istry Club 45 Safety Council Chairman 45 Medicine. JUDY NORTH - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep-Club 25 German Club 35 Monitor 3,45 Chemistry Club 45 College. SHARON NOVITZKE - Archery Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2-45 Art Club 3,45 Junior Girls' Decorations Committee -35 Junior Prom Decorations Committee 35 Camera Club 45 Modern Dancing Group 45 Board Mem- ber of Y.E.S. 45 Beauty Culture. MICHAEL NOWITZKE - Conservation Club 2-45 Sheetmetal Draftsman. RUTH NOWITZKE - Senior Gregg 45 Inter- national Club 45 Secretary. PAUL NUSSBAUM - International Club 2, 45 Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Civil Engineer. MARJORIE NUTTING - State Math Con- test Finalist 25 Honorable Mention 35 Fu- ture Nurses Club 2-45 Basic Math Club 25 G.A.A. 25 Spanish Club 35 Advanced Math Club 45 Publicity Committee Senior Class Play 45 Registered Nurse. THEA O'CONNOR - G.A.A. 2-45 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Legal Secretary. DANIEL OELKE - Archery Club 45 Drafts- man. JULIE OHRMUNDT - G.A.A. 2-45 German Club 45 Team Bowling Captain 2-45 Ele- mentary or German Teacher. BILL OHRMUNDT - Baseball 2-45 Football 25 Projectionist Club 25 Conservation Club 3,45 Wrestling 45 Barber or Business Man- agement. CLARK OLESON. - Student Council 25 Basketball 2-45 Tennis 2-45 Cross Country 2,35 German Club 35 Pep Club 45 College. BARBARA OLLHOFF - Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 2,35 Junior Gregg 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Business College. JOANN OLSEN - G.A.A. 2-4: Pep Club 25 Student Council 35 Forensics 3,45 WAHIS- CAN Business Staff 35 Manager 45 Ger- man Club 3,45 Junior Prom Committee .35 Advanced Math Club 45 Senior Seminar 4. BONNIE OLSON - Future Teachers Club 2-45 G.A.A. 35 Junior Girls' Decorations Committee 35 Primary Education Teacher. DANIEL OLSON -' Army. THOMAS ORTWEIN - Football 2-4: Wrest- ling 2,35 Track 2,35 Trees for Tomorrow Camp 25 Uthrotar 35 Ski Club 35 Student Council 35 Advanced Math Club 45 Physics Club 45 Electrical Engineer. SANDRA OSTRING - Pep Club 2,45 Drama Club 25 G.A.A. 2-45 Homeroom Secretary 25 Bellamy Award Housing Committee 3,45 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Treasurer 45 Homeroom President 35 International Club 3,45 Junior Girls' Holiday Dance Fi- nance Committee 35 Varsity Cheeerlead- ing 45 Homecoming Queen Court 45 Stu- dent Council Commissioner of Finance 45 SKYROCKET Typist 45 Nursing. LINDA PAGE - G.A.A. 2-45 Latin Club 2-45 Future Teachers Club 45 College. ARTHUR PAGEL - DIANE PAGEL - G.A.A. 2-45 German Club 35 Future Teachers Club 3,45 Monitor 35 Social Affairs Committee Chairman 35 WAHISCAN Business Staff 45 Elementary Teacher. GARY PALESH - Basic Math Club 25 Con- servation Camp Representative 25 Ad- vanced Math Club 45 Military Career. AARON L. PEPIN - MARY PEPKE - G.A.A. 2,35 Advanced Math Club 25 Pep Club 2,35 International Club The "Tea House of the August Moon" provided many senior students with the chance to become masters of the stage. 35 German Club 45 Modern Miss Club 45 College. MARGARET PERGOLSKI - GARY PETERS - Biology Club 45 Projection- ist Club 45 Football 45 Navy. MIKE PETERS - Basketball 2-45 Baseball 2,35 Football 2-45 Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent 25 Class Officer 25 Prom Committee 35 Pep Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Coaching. KENNETH PETERSON - Swimming 2,35 Cross Country 2,35 Golf 2-45 Student Coun- cil 2,45 Junior Class President 35 Prom Committee Chairman 35 Spanish Club 4, President 45 Pep Club 45 Teacher. JULAINE PETRI - Artist. JANET PETZOLD - G.A.A. 45 Modern Miss Club 45 Beautician. SUE PIERSCHALLA - G.A.A.5 Junior Gregg5 Senior Gregg: Secretary. DOUGLAS PITTSLEY - Advanced Math Club 2,45 Chemistry Club 2,45 Physics Club 35 College. CAROLYN PLAUTZ - G.A.A. 2-45 Archery Club 2,35 Book Club 3,45 Commercial Artist. PATRICIA PLISCH - Basic Math Club 25 G.A.A. 2-45 Drama Club 25 International Club 3,45 Pep Club 35 Student Council 35 Teacher. ROGER PLISCHKE - Ski Club 2-4: Cross Country 3,45 Track 35 Curling Club 45 Forensics 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Accountant. DONALD POLEGE - Basic Math Club 21 Advanced Math Club 35 Chemistry Club 35 Chemical Research. LOIS POPPE - G.A.A. 2-45 International Club 45 Homeroom Secretary 45 Teacher. GARY PORATH - Conservation Club 45 Air Force. MIKE PORTER - Biology Club 45 Projection- ist Club 45 Arc Welder. PEGGIE POST - "B" Squad Cheerleader 25 Pep Club 2-45 Spanish Club 25 Home- room President 25 Varsity Cheerleader 3. 45 International Club 35 Junior Girls' Fi- nance Committee 35 Mad Woman of Chail- lot 35 Student Council Secretary 45 Senior Seminar 45 Drama Club 45 WAHISCAN 45 Bellamy Award Committee Chairman 45 Homecoming Court 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 G.A.A.5 Student Council Workshop5 Cheerleading Camp5 College. JANIS PREHN - Homeroom Treasurer 25 Drama Club 25 Pep Club 2,45 G.A.A. 2-45 Student Council Alternate 35 International Club 35 Ski Club 35 Junior Girls' Finance Committee 35 Mad Woman of Chaillot 35 Senior Seminar 45 Student Council 45 Fu- ture Teachers Club 45 Bellamy Award Housing Committee 45 Senior Class Play Selection Committee 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 First Grade Teacher. RICHARD PRENTICE - PHYLLIS PUFAHL - G.A.A. 2-45 Monitor 2, 35 Future Nurses Club 35 International Club 45 Hair Stylist. JO ANN PUNKE - Madhatters Trophy 25 Modern Miss Club 45 Accountant. DAVE QUADERER - Track 25 Wrestling 2-45 Cross Country 35 Draftsman. PERRY RAASCH - Intramural Sports 2-45 Accountant. SUE RADANT - Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 2-45 International Club 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Junior Girls' Invitation Committee 35 Future Nurses Club 45 Nurse. WAYNE RADANT - German Club 35 Elec- tronics Club 45 Electrician. JUDY RADLOFF - Pep Club 25 Student Council Alternate 2,45 Junior Girls' Deco- rations Committee 35 G.A.A. 2-45 Chem- istry Club 35 Future Teachers Club 3,45 Senior Seminar 45 Physics Club 45 Ele- mentary Teacher. SANDRA RADLOFF - Drama Club 25 Home- room President 25 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 2-45 International Club 35 Junior Girls' Holiday Dance Finance Chairman 35 Ski Club 35 Future Teachers Club 45 Y-Teens 45 Medi- cal Technologist. BARBARA RADTKE - G.A.A. 2-4: Modern Miss Club 45 Senior Gregg 4, Secretary- Treasurer 45 Medical Assistant. RUTH RAKOW - Student Council 25 Pep Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2-45 Homeroom Presi- dent 35 Monitor 45 Future Nurses Club 45 Nurse. DIANNA RAUSCH - Drama 25 G.A.A. 2,35 Debate 25 Forensics 25 Monitor 2,45 Pep Club 3,45 Modern Miss Club 45 Cosme- tologist. MEDITH REAVILL - Pep Club 2,35 Drama Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2-45 Summer Music Clinic 25 Modern Music Masters 3,45 Prom Deco- rations Committee 35 Junior Girls' Decora- tions Committee 35 Student Council Pub- licity Committee 45 Senior Seminar 45 Homeroom President 45 Future Teachers of America 45 Speech Therapist. RON REEDE - Football 2-45 Baseball 2-45 Draftsman. MERION REETZ - Modern Miss 45 G.A.A. 45 College. DONNA REINKE - Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent 25 Monitor 25 Future Teachers of America 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Modern Miss Club 45 Elementary Teacher. JIM REKOWSKI - Mechanical Draftsman. THOMAS J. RHODA - Ski Club 2,35 Stu- dent Council Alternate 2,35 Wrestling 35 Student Council 4: Physics Club 45 Mech- anical Engineer. BONNIE RHYNER - Factory Work. PATSY RHYNER - G.A.A. 25 Junior Gregg 3: Senior Gregg 45 Secretarial Work. GINGER RIEMAN - Junior Girls Holiday Dance Decorations Committee 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Junior Gregg 45 G.A.A. 45 Monitor 45 Technical Institute. JOHN ROBERTS - SKYROCKET Reporter 4, Business Staff 3,45 Quill and Scroll 35 Forensics 3,45 The Mad Woman of Chaillot 35 Spring Play 45 Chemistry Club 35 Ad- vanced Math Club 35 Senior Seminar 45 Senior Class Play Selection Committee 45 Homeroom Secretary 45 WAHISCAN Busi- ness Staff 45 Drama Club 45 Bellamy Award Program Committee 45 Astronomy Club 45 Lycium 45 Chemist. ROALD ROLFSON - Modern Music Masters 2-4, President 45 Pep Band 2-45 Drama Club 25 German Club 2,35 Curling Club 2,35 Badger Boys' State 35 Homeroom President 35 Conducting Course 3,45 Chemistry Club 45 Music Club 45 WAHIS- CAN Staff 45 Optimist Boy of the Month 45 Uthrotar 45 The Mad Woman of Chaillot 45 Student Council 45 Tophatters 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 College - Sociology. RICHARD ROLOFF - Rifle Club 25 Archery Club 2,35 Business Administration. O4 DENNIS JAMES ROSENAU - Student Coun- cil 25 Archery Club 25 Swimming 25 Rifle Club 35 Business Administration. JANICE ARLENE ROSENKRANZ - Future Nurses of America 35 Book Club 35 Ski Club 45 G.A.A. 45 International Club 45 Executive Secretary. DARYLL ROSENTRETER - Wrestling 2. DIANNE ROSENTRETER - Book Club -35 G.A.A. 45 Secretary. MARLENE ROSS - Basic Math Club 25 G.A. A. 2,45 Advanced Math Club 35 Chemistry Club 35 Senior Seminar 45 International Club 45 German Club 45 Homeroom Vice- President 45 College. SUSAN ROSS - Student Council 25 Pep Club 25. Spanish Club 2,35 International Night 25 Chairman of Junior Girls' Cha- perone Committee 35 lnternational Club 35 G.A.A. 3,45 WAHISCAN Student Life Co-Editor 45 Senior Seminar 45 Wausau Week Queen Court 45 The Mad Wo- man of Chaillot 45 Future Teachers of America 45 Y-Teens 45 Publicity Commit- tee for Class Play 45 College-Elementary Teacher. LARRY ROTHENBERGER - Bookkeeper and Accountant. SHARON ROTHMAN - G.A.A. 25 Spanish Club 25 Pep Club 2,35 Modern Miss Club 45 Art Club 45 Major in Art. BARBARA ROUNDS - Ski Club 3: Senior Gregg 45 International Club 45 Secretary or Registered Nurse. KAY ROZELLE - Music Club 2,35 Pep Club 2,35 Modern Miss Club 45 Pep Band 2-45 Secretary. BONNIE LEA RUETHER - Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. KENNETH RUETHER - Business Manager. AUDREY RUSCH - Music Club 25 Pep Club 3,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Modern Miss Club 45 Secretary. DOROTHY RUSCH - TANGIE RUSCH - Biology Club 25 G.A.A. 45 Monitor 4. WILLIAM RUST - Football 25 Intramural Bowling 2,35 Intramural Basketball 25 Ger- man Club 25 Track 35 Chemistry Club 35 Archery Club 45 Astronomy Club 45 Home- room President 45 College. MICHAEL RYAN - Student Council 25 Golf 2-45 Drama Club 25 Chemistry Club 25 B-Team Basketball 25 Pep Club 3,45 ln- tramural Basketball 3,45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Test Engineer. DAN ST. CLAIR - Archery Club 45 Ski Club 45 Draftsman. ROBERT SANFORD - Cross Country 25 Tennis Team 2-45 Pep Band 2,35 Home- room Vice-President 2,35 Spanish Club 3, 45 Physics Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Uthrotar 45 Biology Major. LYLE SANN - Automotive Mechanic . JAMES SAVINSKI - Basic Math Club 2: Advanced Math Club 3,45 Physics Club 35 Astronomy Club 45 College. BENNETT SCHADE - German Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Intramural Basketball 35 Bowling 35 Homeroom Basketball 3,45 Astronomy Club 45 Archery Club President 45 College. JIM SCHAEFER - Cross Country 2,-35 Wrest- ling 2,35 Track 25 Homeroom Basketball 2,35 Intramural Basketball 35 Business College. WAYNE SCHEIBE - Track Team 25 Student Council 35 Basic Math Club 25 Advanced Math Club 3,45 Physics Club 35 Intra- mural Sports 2-45 Astronomy Club 45 Electronic Engineer. JANICE SCHALOW - Future Teachers 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Homeroom Vice-President 25 Homeroom Secretarv-Treasurer 35 German Club 3.4: WAHISCAN Business Staff 45 SKYROCKET Reporter 45 Student Council 45 Elementary Teacher. EVA SCHEFFLER - Student Council 25 Homeroom Secretary 25 Biology Club 25 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 25 Spanish Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 SKYROCKET Business Staff 45 Spanish Club Vice-President 45 Student Council Art Comm. 45 College. DONALD SCHEWE - Cross Country 2,45 Wrestling 2,35 College. SUE SCHIEFELBEIN - Student Council 25 G.A.A. 2-45 SKYROCKET Personality Edi- tor 45 Student Council Art Comm. Chair- man 45 Art Club 2-4, Secretary 45 SKY- ROCKET Reporter 35 Homecoming Art Comm. 45 Art Major. LOIS SCHILLING - G.A.A.5 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. DENNIS SCHLAG - Homeroom President 25 Carpenter. JULIE SCHLEI - Secretary. DAVID SCHMIDT - Conservation Club 45 Certified Public Accountant. JEANNE SCHMIDT - Drama Club 25 G.A.A. 25 Spanish Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 College. LUCY SCHMIDT - Junior Gregg .35 Senior Gregg 45 Private Secretary. SHIRLEY SCHMIDT - G.A.A. 2,35 Secretary. BRUCE SCHMOLZE - Spanish Club 35 Min- istry - Missionary. CAROL SCHNEIDERWENT - Drama Club 2,35 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 3,45 Monitor 45 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. RUSS SCHOENEMAN - Track 3,45 Cross Country 45 Electronics CIub5 Air Force. SUE SCHOENFELD - Camera Club 2, Sec- retary-Treasurer 35 Junior Gregg Club 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Monitor 45 Secretary. CAROL SCHOEPKE - Future Nurses 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Student Council 35 Drama Club 35 Homeroom Secretary 45 French Club 45 Nurse. PEARL SCHOEPKE - Art Club 2-45 Student Council 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Secretary. EDWARD SCHOESSOW - Projectionist Club 2-45 Certified Public Accountant and Data Processing Operator. SHARON SCHREIBER - Drama Club 2,35 G.A.A. 45 Social Science Teacher. MARY SCHREINER - G.A.A. 45 Bookkeeper. CAROL SCHROEDER - G.A.A. 45 Junior Gregg 45 Monitor 45 Attend Concordia Col- lege. BARBARA SCHUETZ - G.A.A. 2-45 Spanish Club 2,35 Pep Club 25 SKYROCKET Re- porter 3, Sports Editor 45 Ski Club 3,45 Junior Prom and Holiday Dance Decora- tions Comm. 35 Tri-M 45 WAHISCAN Sports Editor 45 Music Club 45 Physical Educa- tion Teacher. CHRISTINE SCHULT - G.A.A. 25 Student Council 2,35 Music Club 25 Operetta 35 Homeroom Secretary 2-45 WAHISCAN Business Staff 35 Latin Club 3, Secretary 45 Drama Club 45 Accountant. DONALD C. SCHULT - Future Farmers of America 3-45 Junior Dairymen's Associa- tion 2-45 Electronics. DONALD J. SCHULTZ - Archery Club 3,45 Projectionist Club 2-45 State Traffic Patrol. JAMES SCHULTZ - Track 2-45 Football 2-42 Pep Club 45 Wrestling 45 College. ROGER SCHULTZ - Conservation Club 45 Machinist. TERRI SCHULTZ - Beautician MARY SCHUMACHER - Debate 2-45 Ski Club 2-45 Drama Club 2,45 Badger Girls' State 35 Spanish Club 35 Student Council 35 Senior Seminar 45 Senior Class Play Properties Comm. 45 Social Worker. CHARLES SCHYMANSKI - Basketball 2: Advanced Math Club 2,35 Chemistry Club 2,45 Forensics 3,45 Physics Club 35 Tennis 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Junior Prom Publicity Chairman 35 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Drama Club 45 Tophatters 45 Dentistry or Pharmacy. SANDRA SCHYMANSKI - Pep Club 25 G.A. A. 25 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. ROBERT SCUTKOWSKI - College. BRIAN SEEFELD - Future Farmers of America 3,45 Junior Dairyman 35 Conser- vation Club 4. BRUCE SEEFELD - Future Farmers of America 2-45 Conservation Club 2-45 For- est Ranger. SHIRLEY SEEHAFER - Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Social Worker. THOMAS ,SEEHAFER - Intramural Basket- ball 2-45 Homeroom Basketball 3,45 Home- room Vice-President 45 Conservation Club 4. JANET SHANAK - Pep Club 25 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Stenographer. JUDY SHANAK - Pep Club 25 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Stenographer. KATHLEEN SHANNON - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 International Club 3,45 Homeroom Secretary 35 Student Council 45 College. JAYNE SHEIBRACK - G.A.A. 25 Camera Club 2-4, President 45 Art Club 3,45 Art Instructor. BILL SHEPHERD - Golf 2-45 Curling 2-45 Homeroom Vice-President 25 Homeroom President 35 Ski Club 2-45 Student Coun- cil 45 College. WILLIAM SHORT - Homeroom President 25 Tophatters 2-45 German Club 3,45 Music Club 3,45 Quill and Scroll 35 WAHISCAN 3,4, Associate Editor 45 Quill and Scroll President 45 Music Club President 45 Ar- chitect. JOAN SICKLER - Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. GARY SIEWERT - College. BARBARA SIGMUND - Future Nurses 2,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Practical Nurse. DANIEL SILLARS - Ski Club 2-45 Home- room President 45 Woodworking Field. JAMES SIPPL - Ski Club 25 Physics Club 35 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Homeroom Basketball 2-4, Captain 45 French Club 35 Intramural Volleyball 35 Bowling 35 Stu- dent Council 35 Chemistry Club 45 College. SANDY SLAMINSKI - G.A.A. 2-45 Official at Music Festival 35 Music Club 45 Hos- pital Work. JEAN SLEETER - Forensics 2,45 Drama Club 2-45 G.A.A. 2-4, Senior Head 45 Ski Club 25 Homeroom Secretary 25 Tri-M 3,45 German Club 35 Physics Club 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 College. JIM SMIT - Debate 2-45 Forensics 2,35 German Club 2,-35 Drama Club 2-45 The Man Who Came To Dinner 25 Madwoman of Chaillot 35 Spring Play 45 Cross Coun- try 45 Track 45 Student Council 35 Tea- house of the August Moon 45 SKYROCK- ET 3. LEORIN SMITH - Electronics Club 3,4, President 4. SHIRLEY SMITH - Future Nurses 25 Pep Club 25 Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. JUDY SONDEREGGER - Future Teachers 35 Chemistry Club 35 Physics Club 45 G.A.A. 45 Elementary Teacher. ROGER SPIECHER - The Man Who Came To Dinner 25 Madwoman of Chaillot 35 Art Club 45 Spring Play 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 High School Choir Director. DOROTHY STANGE - Art Club 2,45 Prom Decorations 35 Wausau Week Decorations5 Commercial Artist. JAMES STASNEY - Track 25 Astronomy Club 45 Accountant. 1 5 PATRICIA STECKLING - G.A.A. 2-45 Tri-M 2-45 Future Nurses 2-45 Music Club 2-45 Book Club 25 Pep Band 2-45 Student Council 45 Senior Seminar 45 Senior Class Play Properties Comm. 45 Nurse. SANDRA STEFFEN - Junior Gregg 35 Sen- ior Gregg 45 G.A.A. 3,45 Secretary. THOMAS STEIDLE - Archery 2,45 Baseball Letter Award 35 Wrestler 35 Chemistry Club 3,45 Navy Officer. MARY STEINER - SKYROCKET -3,45 Junior Gregg 35 G.A.A. 3,45 WAHISCAN Business Staff 45 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. ROGER STEINKE - Business. JOHN STREETER - Armed Services. BETTY LOU STROBACH - Book Club 2,35 Junior Gregg 35 Art Club 45 Court Steno- grapher. LINAE STROHKIRCH - Future Teachers 25 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 2,35 Junior Gregg 35 College. STEPHANIE STUBBE - Practical Nurse. RONALD STURM - Paper Mill, National Guard. PENNI SWANSON - G.A.A. 2-4: Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Monitor 45 Pri- vate Secretary. KAY SWARD - G.A.A. 35 Beautician. BARBARA TEMPLETON - F.T.A. 25 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 25 French Club 35 Monitor 45 Beautician. LARRY TESKE - Conservation Club 2-45 College. BOB TESSMER - Swimming Team 35 Art Club President 45 Further Schooling. STANLEY TESSMER - Student Council 35 Service. JOHN TETZLAFF - Football 2,35 Student Council 25 Forensics 2-45 Homeroom Of- ficer 2-45 German Club -35 International Club 45 Ski Club 45 Business Management. JON THAMES - Cross Country 25 Interna- tional Club 45 Ski Club 45 Business Man- agement. SUSAN THIEL - G.A.A. 2-45 Drama Club 35 International 45 Pep Club 4. THOMAS HARRIS - Spanish Club 4: Sales- man. SUSAN THOMASGARD - Spanish Club 2. 3, Secretary 35 Pep Club 2-4, President 45 "B" Squad Cheerleader 25 Homeroom Sec- retary 2,35 G.A.A. 2-45 Prom Decorations Co-Chairman 35 Junior Girls' Co-Chairman 35 Varsity Cheerleader 3,45 Co-Captain 45 Spring Play Committee 35 Student Coun- cil Commissioner of Pep 45 F.T.A. 45 Com- mittee Chairman for State F.T.A. Conven- tion 45 Bellamy Award Publicity Commit- tee 45 WAHISCAN Business Staff 45 Teach .Retarded Children. DAVID JOSEPH THORNWELL - Conserva- tion Club 2-45 Forester. DALE THURS - Baseball 25 Automobile Production Worker. JANE TIETZ - Junior Gregg Club 35 Senior Gregg Club 45 G.A.A. 45 Secretary. CAROLYN TIFFANY - G.A.A. 2-4: Pep Band 2,45 Ski Club 25 Future Nurses of Ameri- ca 25 Modern Music Masters 2-45 Latin Club 3.45 Junior Girls' Decorations Com- mittee 35 Senior Head of Softball 45 Senior Seminar 4: Senior Class Plav Props Com- mittee 4: Music Club 45 Art Club 45 Surgi- cal Nursing. NANCY TINKHAM - WAHISCAN Staff 3. Editor-in-Chief 45 Sophomore Debate '25 Varsity Debate -3,45 Forensics 2,35 Senior Seminar 45 Madwoman of Chaillot 35 Jr. Girls' Dance Decorations Co-Chairman 35 Bellamy Award Committee Chairman 45 Sr. Class Play Selection Committee 45 Ski Club 35 G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 Astronomy Club 45 Spanish Club 2,35 Drama Club 45 Prom Committee 35 Jr. Class Secretary 35 Student Council Representative 2,35 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Badger Girls' State 35 D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 4. Northwest U. RICHARD TOBY - Swimming Team 2,35 German Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 The Mad Woman of Chaillot 35 International Club 45 Spring Play 45 Teahouse of the August Moon 45 Ski Club 45 Business Psy- chologist. JOSEPH PETER TRANETZKE - Archery Club 25 Golf 2-45 Ski Club 45 Student Council 45 Architectural Draftsman. MICHAEL GEORGE TRANETZKI - Debate 2,35 Track 2-45 Forensics 2-45 The Mad Woman of Chaillot -35 Student Council 2,35 Cross Country 2,35 Biology Club 25 Lyceum 3,45 International Club President 45 Latin Club: Uthrotar 45 WAHISCAN Staff 45 Spring Play 45 Homeroom President 35 College. MARK TRANTOW - Archery Club 2,35 Ski Club 2,35 Service. DOUG TREMBATH - Track 2,45 Basketball 25 Ski Club 2-45 Cross Country 25 Student Council 2,35 Uthrotar 35 Spanish Club 45 Medical School. ROBERT UTECH - Rifle Club 25 College. GEROLYNN UTECHT - Camera Club 25 Junior Gregg 35 International Club 3,45 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. LINDA VAN ORNUM - Transfer from Osh- kosh, Wisconsin 35 SKYROCKET Reporter 35 F.T.A. 3,45 SKYROCKET Co-Editor 4: Student Council 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Y- Teens 45 Senior Class Play Publicity Chair- man 45 Bellamy Award Publicity and Registration Committee 45 Forensics 45 Student Council Alternate 45 Elementary School Supervisor. SHIRLEY VAN PROOYEN - Future Nurses of America 2,35 Candy Sale Winner 2,35 Spanish Club 35 International Club 45 Nurse. JUDY VAN SLETT - Spanish Club 25 IBM Work. CAROL VERGA - The Man Who Came To Dinner 25 Drama Club 2,35 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 2-45 Homeroom Secretary 25 Ski Club 3,45 Junior Girls' Decorations Com- mittee 35 International Club 45 Wausau Eve Skit 45 Monitor 45 Airline Stewardess. MARLENE VICKERMAN - Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. MERLIN VOELSKE - Bowling 45 Vocational School - Residential Drawing. THOMAS VOGEDES - F.T.A. 45 Ski Club: College. CONNIE VOIGT - G.A.A. 2-45 Student Coun- cil Decorations Committee 2,35 Student Council Alternate 25 Student Council 35 Drama Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Math Club 25 SKYROCKET Reporter 2-45 Homeroom Secretary 35 College. GALE H. VOLK - Projectionist'Club 2,35 Electronics Club 35 P.A. Director 35 Navy. DALE VOLKMAN - Baseball 2-45 Account- ant. JILL SUZANNE VON GNECHTEN - Home- room Secretary 25 Pep Club 25 Drama Club 2,35 G.A.A. 3,45 Forensics 35 International Club 45 Ski Club 45 Journalism. KRISTIE WADZINSKI - Artist. SUE WALTERS - G.A.A. 25 Junior Gregg 35 Monitor 35 Junior Girls' Decorations Com- mittee 35 Modern Miss Club 45 Homeroom Secretary 45 Executive Secretary. RICHARD WARNKE - Ski Club 3,45 Intra- mural Basketball 3,45 International Club 35 Future Teachers Club 45 Accountant. ALLAN WEINBERGER - Football 2,35 Wrest- ling 25 Homeroom President 45 Law En- forcement or Construction. STEVE WEINER - Debate 3,45 AFS Repre- sentative to Italy. DELORES WENDT - Book Club 35 G.A.A. 45 Typist. JIM WENZEL - Baseball 25 Intramural Bas- ketball 2,35 Homeroom Basketball 25 Pro- Jectionist Club 2,35 Business Administra- tion. BONNIE WESTBERG - Monitor 3,45 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Modern Miss Club 45 Nurse. PEGGY WESTGATE - G.A.A. 2-45 Pep Club 25 Spanish Club 2,35 Homeroom President 25 Student Council 35 Ski Club 35 Junior Girls' Decorations Committee 35 Prom Dec- orations Committee 35 SKYROCKET Re- porter and Typist 45 Y-Teens Vice-Presi- dent 45 F.T.A. 45 Senior Seminar 45 Kin- dergarden Teacher. DOROTHY WEYENETH - Drama Club 25 Forensics 25 French Club 3,45 SKYROCK- ET Reporter 3, Copy Editor 45 Music. BARBARA WHEELER - G.A.A. 2-45 French Club 2,35 Pep Club 2-45 "B" Squad Cheerleader Captain 35 WAHISCAN Busi- ness Staff 3, Co-Assistant Manager 45 Junior Prom Decorations Committee 35 Homeroom Secretary 35 Properties Com- mittee for Spring Play 35 Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer 45 Homecoming Queen Court 45 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Elemen- tary Teacher. JAMES T. WICKE - Chemistry Club 2, Vice- President 45 Tophatters 2-45 Music Club 2-45 Physics Club Vice-President 35 Modern Music Masters 3,45 Uthrotar 45 Student Council 45 Lyceum 45 Merit Scholarship Honorable Mention 45 Geologist. JOHN WIECHMANN - Football 2-45 Basket- ball 2,-35 Track 2-45 Ski Club 2,35 Interna- tional Club 25 Uthrotar 35 Chemistry Club 35 Pep Club 45 Curling Club 45 Vice-Presi- dent of Student Council 45 Homeroom President Homeroom Secretary5 Business Administration. BRUCE WIESMAN - Chemistry Club 25 Bowling 2-45 Track Manager 3,45 Pharmacy. ROBERT LEE WIESMAN - Navy. MARY WILDE - G.A.A. 2-45 Modern Music Masters 2-45 German Club 2,35 Spanish Club 3,45 Physics Club 45 College. MARY KAY WILL - Ski Club 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Future Nurses Club 35 International Club 45 Dental Assistant. SANDY WILL - Sophomore Secretary-Treas- urer 25 Student Council 25 German Club Secretary 25 Nurses Club 25 Commissioner of School Affairs 35 G.A.A. 35 Music Club Secretary-Treasurer 45 Astronomy Club 45 Nursing. SHARON WINKER - G.A.A. 35 Practical Nurse. LYNNETTE WIRT - Art Club 2: Student Council 35 Music Club 2-45 German Club 3,45 Elementary Education. TIMOTHY WOHLFAHRT - Homeroom Presi- dent 25 Cross Country 25 International Club 3,45 Pharmacy. DALE WOLLER - Ski Club 45 Mechanical Draftsman. DARLENE WOLLER - Modern Miss Club 43 Secretary. DARLENE WOOD - Modern Miss Club 45 G.A.A. 45 Beautician. MARY WORZELLA - Junior Gregg 35 Senior Gregg 45 Secretary. VERNON WRIGHT - Wrestling 25 Conser- vation Club .35 Bowling 3,45 College. JUDIE YACH - Music Club 3: G.A.A. 4: Modern Miss Club 45 Beautician. SUSAN YONKE - Spanish Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2,45 Pep Club 2,35 WAHISCAN Business Staff 3, Co-Manager 45 Y-Teens 45 Tea- house of the August Moon 45 College. THOMAS YOUTSOS - Curling Club 2-4: Ski Club 2-45 Bowling 25 Intramural Basketball Baseball Manager 25 Football 35 Golf SUZANNE YUNK - G.A.A. 2-45 Art Club 2. 45 German Club 35 Art School. SUSAN ZAJACKOWSKI - Transfer '35 Stu- dent Council 35 Latin Club 3, President 45 Wausau Eve Skits 3,45 Drama Club 35 Pep Club 35 SKYROCKET Reporter 3,45 Home- rom Vice-President 45 Senior Seminar 45 Future Teachers Club 45 G.A.A. 45 Tea- house of the August Moon 45 Junior Girls' Decorations Committee5 College. DIANN ZASTROW - Pep Club 25 French Club 2,-35 Book Club 35 Y-Teens 45 G.A.A. 45 Wausau Eve Skit 45 College. GARY LEE ZASTROW - Track 25 Intramural Basketball 2-45 Wrestling 35 Industrial Work. LYNN ZASTROW - Pep Club 25 French Club 2,35 Book Club 35 Y-Teens Secretary 45 G.A.A. 45 Volleyball Captain 45 Wausau Eve Program 45 La Crosse State - Gym Teacher. BETTY RAE ZERNICKE - Senior Gregg 45 Secretarial Work. DAVID FRED ZIMBAUER - Intramural Bas- ketball 2-45 Tennis 2-45 Homeroom Bas- ketball 2-45 Archery Club 35 Rifle Club 45 Industrial Work. 0 Cross Country .. .. . 96 Curling Club ... ... 81 Curling Team . . . J .104 Custodians ....... . 87 Administration . . . . . 16 Debate ,,,,,,,,,,. , , , 70 Archery Club .... . . 84 Drama Club ......... . . . 73 Art Club ......... . . 73 Exchange Students . . . . . . 40 Astronomy Club ..... . . 79 Football .......... . . . 90 Badger Boys' State .. 69 Forensics ............ ... 71 Badger Girls' State . . 69 French Club ,,,,,,,,,, ,, , 74 Band ............. .. 62 Future Business Leaders - Baseball .....,.. .... 1 10 of America ............ 76 Basketball ....... .. 98 Future Farmers of America . 85 Bellamy Award . . . . . 36 Future Nurses ........ . . . 82 Biology Club ............ 78 Future Teachers of America . 77 Book Club .............. 67 German Club ............ ' 75 Cafeteria Staff ........ f . 87 Girls Athletic Association 83 Camera Club .......... . 84 Girls ports. ...........,. 113 Cheerleaders ............ 2 Glee lub - ............ 65 Chemistry Club . . .... . 78 Golf ,..,....... . . .108 Choir .......... .., ... 65 Gr ......... .. . 76 Conservation Club . .... 79 a Department ..... 18 13.11. lr .1 t 1' . l U . A U .. r v 1 " , v lf I' V V - I -' Syl blfjgfp My Qycw ' G Fadllffy llld9X Gabrnska, Allan D. 22,111,127 Gehring. Ray 207.212 Genrick, Leslie H. 87 A ' Gessler, Gerald 19 Abrams, Allan 24 Anderson, Kenneth A 20,22,99, 101 Anderson, Ted 12 ' . Augspurger. Miss Carol K 20,22 B Baldi, Angela 7.43,211 Bannerman, Gilbert W 6.24.25 Baranowski, Edward, Jr. 17.20.58 Bartel, Dale R. 20,22 Beaumont, Robert 24 Becker, Miss Lydia E. 20,83 Beese, Arthur D. Bellamy, David Jr. 6 Bellas, Harold G. 20 Bennett, Brian C. 20,30,32.80.81 Berard, Jack 12 Bischoff, Mrs. Miriam L. 20 Blaschka, Wayne 12 Boettcher, E. H. 6,25 Bonvincin, Miss Elda P. 21.75, 102 ' Borchardt, Mrs. Ruth M. 87 Borski, Evelyn Mrs. 87 Brown, Fred W. 6.24.36 Brockmeyer, Win. O. C Camps. Mrs. Evelyn G. 87 Cornwell, Miss Judith Ann 21.42.50 Coyilf-:AMrs. Sandra K. 21.22,41. Curtis, Hugh F. 21 D Dike, Lawrence C. 21 Dix, Richard Lee 21.38,100.101. 106 Dodge. Charles 6 Drown. Donald A. 21.32.38 Dzubay, Mrs. Elena A. 21 Dzubay, John 22,32,58,78 E Eikeland, Mrs. Corinne J. 19 Evenstad. Ronald E. 22.63.101 Evjue. Nettie F Faust, Dr. Wilde F. 77 Fulmer, Burton 6,24 Furr, Larry N. 22.32.42 Gettrust, Ross P. 22,105 Gjetson, Mathew E. 22 Graebel, David 24 Griffin, Mrs. Judith 22 Groenewold, Roger 22,2-3.32.42 H Hagemann, Arthur J. 23,26,31, 32,79 Harkness, Jon L. 23,27,28,78 Hedblom, Miss Patricia 23.33.72 Heisler, William F. 87 Helmeid, Mrs. Bonnie 23 Henderson, Arthur L. 23,29 Herbst, Miss Lucy 41.71 Hoard, Miss Joan M. 23,32,73 Hodges, Mrs. Darlene 29 Holtz, Mrs. Marlene M. 23 Hoven, Rev. D. C. 6 Hughes, Allan 22,23 Hylkema, Bernard P. 23.38 I lhde, John L. 22,23,32,42.1O0 J Jaecks, Mrs. Eleanor J. 87 Johnson, Allen 23 Johnson, George R. 24.32.38 Johnson, Harry A. 14,24.81 Johnson, Lowell W. 24,83,90,92 K Kampfer, Donald C. 22,24,90 Keeler, Edmund L. 24.38.101 Kell, Mr. Elmer 24 Kickbusch, Elmer 87 Kiefer, Esther 22 Klinger. Mrs. Jeane L. 24 Krueger. Mrs. Josephine M. 87 L La Certe, Mrs. Norma B. 17,76 Laird, Melvin R. 6 Langbehn, Dale 22,24,32,42, 100,109 Larson. Emma C. 24,32,38,133 Lee.Olaf C. 24.32.38 Lien, Mrs. Sylvia 25 Luttrell. J. Bart 25,72 Homecoming Royalty . . . . 44 International Club . . . . . . . 80 Intramural Sports ........ 111 Junior Class Officers ...... 150 Junior Dairymen's .. . . . 85 Junior Girls' Dance . .. .. 47 Latin Club ...,..... .. 75 Lyceum .......... .. 80 Majorettes ...... .. 63 Math Clubs ........... .. 72 Modern Miss Club ........ 83 Modern Music Masters .... 66 Music Club ............. 66 National Honor Society .... 69 Orchestra ............... 64 Pep Band ........... . . 63 Pep Club .......... . . 83 Projectionist Club . . . . . 86 Prom .......... .. 50 Quill and Scroll .. .. 68 School Board .. .. 24 Senior Awards ... . . . .136 M Maas, Dr. Roger 6.24 McElrath, Mrs. Mary K. 24.25. 41,71 Madison, Jerry M. 25,-32,71,50 Marquardt, Ervin C. 12.25,32, 38,71 Marsh, Miss Jo Ellen 25,77 Marth, Mrs. Marian E. 25 Meidl, Paul 207 Meuret, Mrs. Kathleen A. 20.25. 31,32,71.83.115 Miller. Miss Margarette 6,36 Miller. Miss Suzan E. 22,25 Moody, Miss Madge L. 25 N Nelson, Miss Inez M. 26 O Okoneski, Miss Vida 24 Olson, Jack 6 P Palmer, Mrs. Susan 206 Pauls, Wesley C. Pischke, Karl D. 87 Pierce, Miss Margret M. 26,32 Plier, A. W. 24 Poulos, Chris G. 5,17,26,38 R Radcliffe, John H. 30,32,42 Radtke, Mrs. Selma H. 87 Rakow, H. C. 24 Ramthun, Hanley P. 87 Reinemann, Carlton H. 26,38,50, 73 Reitz, Herbert 22.26,32.41 Rennhak, Miss Helen M. 26,32, 50,76 Reynolds, Robert G. 16,-32.38 Ridge, Hanley J. 17,32 Riedeman, Miss Marlene 26,32, 71 Riege, David H. 9, 25,65 Roeder, Mrs. Edna L. 87 Rosenhauer, George K. 26.32, 58,59,101,206 Ross, Miss Arlene J. 27.32.38 Rothwell, Angus 6 S Sanford, Mrs. Thelma 27 Schadney, Miss Arzelee 27,32,46 Schaefer, Mr. Kenneth 24 Scheurman, Mrs. Ethel B. 27.32.38 Senior Class Play ......... 4 Senior Class Officers ..... 11 Senior Seminar ...... . . . 6 Ski Club .......... .... 8 Ski Team ............... 10 Skyrocket Staff .......... 6 Sophomore Class Officers . .16 Spanish Club ............ 7 Spring Play ............. 5 Stage Crew .... 8 Student Council . . . . . . . :- Swimming Team .. .... f Tennis Team ..... .... ' Tophatters ........ .... : ' TopTen PerCent... 5 1 10 4 Top Ten Seniors ... . . . .13 13 Track ........... .... 1 0 6 Uthrotar ....... . . . ' Wahiscan Staff . . . . . :I Wausau Week . . . . . . 41 Wrestling ..... .... 1 O Y-Teens .... . . . 8 Schubert, Mrs. Mary Ann 27,32, 76 Schubring, Mrs. Emma M. 87 Schumacher, Franklin V. 27,38 Scott, Miss Alma Lee 19.27.32 Seavers. Mrs. Marjorie 17 Seehafer, Mr. David 24 Shawl, Mr. Howard M. 27 Smiley, William A. 27,32,96,106 Smith, Charles 6 Smith, Paul 28.32.38 Sneeden, Mrs. Adeline 87 Solomonson, Allan G. 20.28,-32, 38,160 Sours, Mrs. Ruth W. 87 Staats, Donald R. 18,38 Stade, Ramon E. 28.80.118 Stelmahoske, Miss Isabelle E. 28.46.73 Swenby, Clifford P. 18.38 T Tank. Miss Nathalie M. 28.32.83 Taylor, Miss Georgia Lee 28.32 Taylor, Marshall R. 6.16,37.76 Tetzlaff, Mrs. Elvera R. 17 Thomas, Eugene D. 28.90.95 Tobie. Mrs. Susan B. 28 Toburen, Ray 212 Torresani, Jack A. 28.109 Trempe. Mrs. Beatrice M. 87 Trittin. Mrs. Margaret R. 87 U Ullrich, Mrs. J. W. 24 V Ventzke, Norman W. 87 Volk, Mrs. Janet M. 5.29 W Waterman, Mrs. Elsie K. 29 Watkins. Miss Nancy 32 Wekwert, Mrs. Martha 87 Wendorf, Mrs. Ruth 29 Westlund. Clifford H. 26.29.32 Whempner. Miss Janet 29 Wienke, Mrs. Lorraine M. 87 Woods. Stanley E. 29.30,38.50 Y Yelich, Thomas J. 29 Z Zepplin. Miss Mary 41 Zielsdorf. Miss Margaret E. 29,38 3' .. Student Index Abitz, Wesley 102,161 Aderhold, Russell 119 Ahrens, Dale 161 Ahrens, Kathleen 161 Ahrens, Terry 96,99,101,107,151 Aird, Brian 161 Albrecht, Patricia 63,151 Albright, James 79,119 Aldrich, Daniel 161 Allen, Barbara 76,151 Allen, David Allen, Maureen 161 Allen, Terry 47,96,102,107,151 Allison, Scot 161 Alstad, Knute 68,90,109,111,151 Altmeyer, Diane 119 Amsrud, Robert 57,61,68,76,110,119 Anderson, David 65,79,161 Anderson, Edward 151 Anderson, Esther 47,151,205 Anderson, Gary 119 Anderson, Gloria 65,151 Anderson, lou Ann 42,53,58,82,119,177, 192,193 Anderson, Paul 151 Arnold, Anderson, Steven 100,108,161 Anderson, Susan 161 Anklom, Larry 161 Anklom, Robert 161 Anklom, Sandra 56,57,63,161 Anklom, Susan 151 Arkens, Nancy 65,151 Arndt, Francis 151 lynn Arps, Gregory 105,161 Arvold, William 8,43,46,56,63,69,72,81, 83,102,118,119,137,203 Aschbrenner, Belly 149 Aschbrenner, Fredrick 79,105,119 Aschbrenner, Warren 161 Aschcraft, Ronnie 6,36 Augustine, Joan 161 Autio, Allan 84,151 Averett, Patti 38 Ayers, John 151 Babcock, James 119 Babcock, John 57,151 Bach, Robert 119 Bachhuber, Mary 8,34,61,65,6B,69,78,112, 119,137,138 Badten, Pamela 42,119 Baeseman, Terry 119 Bahringer, Linda Baker, Randy 161 Balgord, John 64,84,161,210 Ballschmieder, Mark 46,52,110,119 Bandock, John 151 Badock, Robert 161 Bandy, Mariiean 119 se, Linda 161 Baranowski, Edward, Jr. aranowski, Jean 161 aranowski, Lorraine 151 aranawski, Nancy 119 Barons, Roger 161 Barry, Thomas 168 artelt, Thomas 79,161,169 artelt, Timothy 79,161,169 arttelt, Bonnie 76,119 Barttelt, Jerome 85,119 arttelt, Mary 161 Batten, Alan 161 Baum, Mary 161 aumann, Allen 161 aumann, Douglas 95,161 aumann, Gary 46,77,99,109, Baumann, Harlan aumann, Janice 49,65,75,151 aumann, Kathleen 119 aumann, Kenneth 168 Baumann, Richard 84,161 Baumann, Russell 151 Baumann, Sondra 151 aumann, Sharon 161 aumann, Thomas 151 euny, christine 12,52,53,55,59,79,80,83, Q 151 kj Bebout, louis 151 echt, Braian 158 eck, Gerald 161 Becker, Wayne 63,103,161 Beckman, Roxanne 119,173 Beckmann, Ruth eckmann, Susan 168 se, Thomas 86,95,107,161 B se, William 103,161 gs, Nancy 161 B m, Karen 62,63,64,151 m, Robert 41,62,64,161 , Patricia 64,149 ent, Sheila 78,168 ringer, Linda 16B eilke, Karen E. 161 seiike, Karen F. 52,151 Beilke, Mary 70,71,151 eilke, Nancy 161 eilke, Thomas 161 Belke, Mary 119 Belke, Thomas 161 Bellamy, David 39 Bellas, Gerald 69,90,106,107,119,137, 141,147 Belohlavek, Nancy 161 Bembinster, William 149 aenedin, Jill 42,61,119,121, Benson, John 151,159 B nson, Nechael 151,159 e z, Dennis 76,79,151 B ens, Cherie 19,57,151 erens, Roger Bergklint, Carol 76,119 Bergklint, Patricia 76,151 Bergman, Norma 64,161 este, Lynne 158 este, Renee 168 ethice, Roger 149 ethke, Brian 161 ethke, Robert rn, Jeanne 52,64,127,151 Betts, Kathleen 65,158 etts, Roger 65,149 ey, Barbara 120 ey, Stephanie 168 iel, Mary 64,151 ielen, Kathleen 151 ierbrauer, Sheryl 120 Binkowski, Robert 105,158 'rd, Carol 151 119,173,194 -Aackwood, Kristin 28,65,120 Blair, Jane 65,161 Blakely, Jim 6 Blakewell, Kenneth 161 lank, Bonnie 52,158 Blaschka, Phyllis 76,82,120 Blaschka, Rita 56,71,151 Blaskowski, Theodore 151 Bliese, Barbara 151 liese, Fredrick 105,151 Bliss, John 21,81,104,110,151 Bliss, Patricia 60,70,7l,120,137 Bloom, Frank 161 Bloom, Kathryn 151 loom, Mary 65,151 loomquist, Karen 61,62,70,71,151 I , Gary 161,168 oe mer, Jane 161 Bo ter, Faith 65,158 Boelter, Marlene oelter, Wayne 161 Boettcher, Elton H. Bohl, Kathryn 120 Bohm, Gary 120 randenburg, Dennis 151 randenburg Diana 151,159 randenburg Gary 8,21,46,74,120 randenburg randenburg randenburg Gary L. 62,64,95,168 Karen 161 linda 151,159 randt, Carolyn 151 randt, Donald 76,151 Brandt, Karen 56,57,12O B on, Douglas 161 re ner, Egon 33,68,69,73,108,120,137 rehmer, James 84,161 rendemuehl, Beverly 161 rennan, James 149 drendemuehl, Patricia 121 Bersnahan, Barbara 151 Bresnahan, William 120 reunig, Maynard 121 Bricko, lyle 161 Brinkman, Darlene 121 Brodhead, Robert 68,75,87,108,l14,150, Broecker, Cheryl 161 Broecker, John 76,151 Brose, Jamie 73,112,151 drown, Bonnie 161 rown, Calvin 121 rown, Dennis 71,105,121 rown, Judith 121 rown, Kenneth 159 rown, linda 161 Bohman, Ralph 111.151 Bombagi, laura 120 Bombagi, Nancy -151 Bootz, Gary 151 Bootz, Joann 120,137 Borchardt, Charles 65,161 Borchardt, David 151 Borchardt, lynn 72,151 Borchardt, Sandra 161 orchardt, Walter 120 oreen, Richard 151 Bornfleth, David 151 Barsavage, Barbara 161 avage, Sherry 120 orsovage, Thomas 151 i, Ronald 120 138 , Charles 4a,49,62,6s,ce,12o orth, David 95,161 orth, Terry 120 oruch, Andrew 151 Baruch, Sally shley, Gary 120 o shley, Gene 151 ousley, Prosper 151 owen, Linda 57,161 rown, Peter 161 rown, Richard 107,151 rown, Thomas 110,151 rown, Timothy 161 William B. 96,151 rueggeman, Daniel 85,121 rueggeman, Gene 151 ruess, Michael 121 uch, James 121 uechler, Scott 104,110,161 uedding, Dennis 121 Buehler, Judith 64,75,l51 Buildr, Thomas 151 undy, Yvonne 56,57,121 urk, Christopher 161 urger, William 31,62,64,69,111,121, 137.210 Burnett, Cheryl 121 Burnett, Dale 161 usch, Daniel 149 ush, Mary 64,75,161,200 usko, Jacaualine 161 uss, Cheryl 57,161 151 usIs,3 Lynn 43,81,90,93,94,106,107,121, 3 utenhott, Craig 81,161 Bulenhotf, Robert 151 Bath, Barbara 161 uttke, Gerald 151 uttke, Melanie 64,121 utzow, Charles 161 Ulm, Paul 34,46,62,63,64,121,145,203 abelka, Paul 103,121 es, Duane 161 Bangle, Jane 2,7,46,59,62,6B,83,119,137, Berkmann, Ruth 161 ayce, Beverly 8,42,46,69,80,114,120,137, p, Caren 121 203,212 Berndt, James 41,151 138 amp, Carl 81,110,161 Banik, Jacqueline 151 f" Bernick, John 105,119 !Boyd, John 79,120 Cambell, Amanda 168 Banik, Paulette 168 4 Berzill, Gary 50,109,151 Braatz, Daniel 90,107,111,151 Cambell, Karen 161 Banik, Susan 151 Berzill, Sandra 151 randenburg, Andrea 56,161 ampbell, lois 65,121 Doug Johnson and Esther Anderson welcomed the Bellamy Award delegates with a toast at the Red Rail dinner-dance on Wednesday, Octo- ber 7. The hosts and delegates were treated to a dessert of lefse - Norwegian pastry. O Domres, Lynn 62,75,82,162 Donehauer, Karen 65,75,162 Donner, Kathleen 3,8,12,46,203 - Dorn, Dorn, John 62,162 Michael 159 Dornbrock, Carol 123 Dornbrack, John Drabes, John 123 Drake, Linda 152 Drews, David 84,162 Drews, James 162 Driessin, Van 68,81 ,1 09,1 52 Dufedk, Gary 111,149 Duff, Royce 124 A Dumdey, David 111,152 - Duncanson, Joel 57,81,162 Dunn, Dunn, Janet 159 Sandra 124 Duranceau, Audrey 64,124 Durkee, David 162 urkee, Georgena 124 urkee, Richard 152 ee, Roger 152 urkee, Thomas 152 Dustin, Jamie 152 Duwe, Donald 79,85,152 Duwe, Jedric 56,76,84,152 Dymora, Sharon 159 Dyson, David 69,168 Dyson, Peter 136,137,149 Dzanbozoff, Christine 124 zanbozoff, Natalie 5 Foerster, Julie 34,50,59,68,70,117,152, 207,212 Faland, Carolyn 152 V Foland, Marilyn 64,152 Fareen, Steven 152 Forsmo, Sharon 65,82,125,174 Farsmo, Susan 152 Foss, Mary 152 Fox, Charles 8,46,69,74,81,83,102,125 Fraedrich, Lee 125 Fraedrich, Raymond 31,125 France, Gail 162 Franck, Gail 21,159 Franck, Mark Frank, Patricia 162 Freiberg, Charles 162 Freiberg, Jay 152 Freiberg, Lyle 31,125 Freitag, Marek 162 Fremming, James 125 Fremming, Linda 168 Frickenstein, Gerald 125 Frigg, Richard 162 Fritz, Alan 76,105,107,152 Froehlich, Steven 107,162 Froom, Lindo 125 Fry, Kath-ryn 152 Fuchs, Marilyn 65,125 Fulmer, Jacquline 56,63,7O,71,152 Fuss, Karin 75,168 Fust, James 162 Fust, Sandra 125 Seniors listened attentively as class presidential candidates speeches and as vice-presidential and secretarial candidates introduced. Campbell, Mary Lou 121 Camps, Mary 7,62,63,64,151 Camps, Thomas 34,59,68,79,89,109,11l, 121,209,212 Canfield, Geoffrey 151 Carlson, Carol 115,161 Carlson, Daniel 151 Carlson, Jack 151 Carlson, Jay 121 Carpenter, Judith Carpenter, Pamela 122 Carpenter, Stuart 62,63,64,65,151 Carroll, Edward 85,161 Carspecken, Christine 9,56,69,122,136,137, 148 Carver, 'Todd 100,110,161 Casanova, Clark 151 -Casanova, Grant 63,70,75,107,161 Case, Mary 122 Casperson, Leanne 56,63,161 Cater, James Chaignot, Terry 75,81,110,122 Champine, Mafgaret 151 Champine, Mary 122 Charboneau, Curtis 151 Cherek, James 151 Christensen, Howard 8,48,63,65,68,73,75, 110,1 11,151 Christian, Beverly 56,57,151 Christian, Bonnie 122,137 Christian, Nancy 60,122 Chrouser, Patrick 70,161 Chrudimsky, Patricia 122 Cigan, David 57,63,107,161 Clairmore, Sharon 122 Clark, Bruce 107,151 Clark, Marion 64,122,200 Clorkcwski, Jerome 151 Cleveland, Carol 161 Clifford, William 46,52,78,103,122,188 Cline, Donald 31,151 Cloutier, Judith 42,122,138 Clure, Dennis 83,111,122 Coeper, Larry 168 Cohodas, Lois 151 Colby, Arlene 122 Colcord, Audrey 122 Colcord, Michelle 60,69,74,122,137,195 Colcord, Robert 149 Coleson, Roger 11,68,69,75,8O,122,127, 137,184 Conner, Sara'161 Cook, Colin 151 Cook, Donald 123 Cook, Kathleen 161 Cooper, Alan 56,57,151 Cooper, Dennis 161 Corbin, Jeffrey 168 Corbin, Timothy 103,123 Coulouarn, Anaig 40,56,57,69,74,80,115, 123,137 Cronce, Sandra 123 Cronk, Michael 161 ' Csencsics, Frances 64,82,123 Csencsics, 103,161 Cumber, Barbara Cumber, Daryl 161 Cumber, Wayne Cutting, Marsha 49,5B,68,70,123,136,137 208 Czechowicz, Rose Ann 168 Czeck, David 123 Czeck, Allen 95,161 Czeck, Judith 123 Czerwinski, Dale 123,132 Czerwinski, Dean 123,132 Czerwinski, Laura 161 ahlke, Dale 151 bec, Richard 151 allmann, Craig 84,123 Dalnodar, Michael 161 Dalnodar, Sara 70,161 Daumann, Harlan 161 Davis, Pauline 161 Davis, Thomas 151 Day, Sally 60,63,68,151 Day, Susan 60,68,69,123,137 Dean, Edward 123,132 Dean, John 103,123,132 Dean, Lucinda 151 Debalske, Denise 151 r'NDebalske, Dennis 151 ebroux, Michael 85,161 effner, Elaine 151 egner, Darlene 161 egner, James 151 egner, Judith 161 egner, Sue 64,123 DeHaven, Dara 113,123 DeHaven, Jack 95,161,164 Dehlinger, Jonathan 161 Dehnel, James 149 Deland, Dale 151 Delf, Cheryl 82,123 elf, Edward 79,123 Delf, Pamela 161 ellenbach, Michael 161 Suzanne 52,60,71,83,162 Judith 65,123 eMary, enfeld, enfeld, Kathryn 123 ,Depper, Carol 5O,159' Depper, Cynthia 159 epper, Diane 168 ern, Jean 162 etert, Leonard 123 Deutch, Sandra 52,56,58,162 Deuantier, Paul 6 Deving, Mary 162 Dickinson, James 162 Didrickson, Marsha 151 Ufebel, Dorothy 60,162 ietsche, Peter 149 le che, Sherrie 151 iMuzzio, Charles 149 ittman, Charles 85,123 ittmar, Jerald 84,162 Dix, Fredrich 151 odson, Nancy 62,151 :Doede, Christine 152 oede, -Donna 56,60,75,123 fi, ede, Robert 162 f rfb ede, sieve 109,162 D ering, Duane 162 oering, James 79,123 Doering, Kaye 162 Doering, Vernon 162 Doescher, Susan 63,152 Dolaff, David 33,64,86,159,20O Domka, David 162 gave were zubay, John 8,48,62,63,72,107,162 Ebersold, Larry 64,162 dens, James dwards, Lawrence 95,100,162 dwards, William 81,110,111,124 ggebrecht, Dale 152, ggebrecht, David 68,108,124,137 Eggebrecht, Shirley 124 Ehler, Kristine 162 hlert, Carol 124 hlert, David 162 hlke, Susan 124 ikeland, Rebecca 52,56,162 isenman, John 152 Elford, Dale 162 lford, Kenneth 149 lston, Charles 107,152 Ely, John 162 Endvick, Cheryl 152 Engebrecht, Anna 124,137 ngels, Bonnie 124 ngman, David 124 ngstrom, Lloyd 152 fxEngstrom, Randall 62,152 nkers, Dianne 62,162 rdman, Jack 88,90,95,99,152 Er man, Kathleen L. 162 Erdman, Kathleen S. 162 Erdman, Mary 65,162 Erdman, Karen 65,162 Erdma nn, Larry 79,85,152 Erickson, John 162 Erickson, Kathleen 124 ' son, Robert 95,168 Erlond son, Daniel 124 Eschenbach, Douglas 124 Essels, Gary 149 xlsireen, David 61,75,81,152 tzkin, Elaine 69,70,71,124,136,137 Etzkin, Rosalie 52,64,162,200 tzkin, Sarah 162 uler, James 105,162 Gaedtke, Donald 162 Gaiewski, Colleen 152 Gaiewski, Daniel 149 Gaiewski, Joyce 65,162 Gaiewski, Lavonne 125 Gall, John 41,95,162 Gardner, L. A. 39 Gardner, Susan 126 Garner, Virginia Garske, Barbara 126 Gorski, Carol Garskic, Ellen 152 Gorski, Mary 19,152 Gauerke, Thomas 109,111,126 Gauer, Duane 168 Gaulke, Daniel 95,159 Gebauer, Mary 168 Gehrke, Charles 76,126 Geier, Mclry 152 1 Geiger, Sheldon 52,96,99,101,152 ' Geiger, Suzette 162 Geiser, James 84.162 ' el, Robert 110,149 enrich Susan 60,126 Gereou,' Gloria 65,126 - Gering, Georgia 65,152 Gering, Jane 126 Gerlach, Dale 81,126 Geske, Mary 152 Gettino, Kathryn 112,114,152 Gibcke, Greta 126 Giese, Gary 83,90,105,152 Giese, Mary 152 Giese, Suzanne 152 Gilbertson, Gilbert 162 Gilbertsan, Lynn 50,57,63,112,152 Glasel, Bonnie 21,152 Glasel, Pamela 162 Glasel, Sandra 60,69,126,137 leason, Enid 69,75,76,126,137- lenetzke, Michael 162 limm, Robert 162 oede, Marlene 64,152 rtz, Jamie 57,69,126,136,137 uler, Wilbur 105,124 Evans, Christopher 56,95,100,108,162,169 Evans, James 162 Evans, Jeffrey 57,81 ,162,164,169 vans, Judith 162 vans, Paul 7,43,83,90,92,93,94,116,120, 124,147 'Qgvenc Richard 152 Qvanson, Dennis 148 venson, Mary 162 venson, William 152 'ue, Thomas 63,162 Ewert, Fabel, Dennis 69,124,137 Kathy 159 - Falkowski, Antoinette 124 Fehl, Georgianna 113,124 Fehl, Jean 124 Fehl, John 152 ehl, Robert 124 elch, Clarence 105,162 elch, David 85,124 elch, Jean 152 'NFelio, Juanita 152 eltz, Luana 152 enhaus, Grace 162 - nhaus, Richard 152 enske, Myles 162 Goetsch, Bonnie 7,62,63,65,152 Goetsch, Bruce 21,152 Goetsch, Dennis 162 - oet ch, Donna 152 etsc Doris 152 oets , Gary T. 126 oe sch, Gary W. 76,110,126 etsch, Harley 152 Goetsch, Joan 152 Goetsch, John 8,27,34,88,98,99,106,107, 126,172 Goetsch, Karen 162 Goetsch, Robin 162 Goetsch, Sally 126 Goetsch, Sharon 82,126 Goetsch, Susan 60,168 Goetsch, Thomas 65,162 Goff, Patricia 162,168 Gohdes, June 126 Goldlzerg, Mariorie 82,83,126,130,131,173 19 Goodwin, Everett 10,64,69,72,96,107,126, 128,136 Goralski, Chris 95,103,162 Gorman, Mary 152 Ferge, Marcile 152 Ferguson, William 124 Filber, Laura 152 iltz, Albert 162 , iltz, Michael 73,124 inet, Gregory 33,68,152 ink, John 95 - ink', Robert 46,103,125 ink, Steven 81,162 Gorman, Timothy 83,152 Gorski, Dawn 152 !Gorski, Dora 46,52,71,73,126 Gosse, Dennis 162 Gould, Mary 162 Goulet, Charlene 162 Goulet, Linda 126 Grabau, Barbara 75,149 Grabau, Kay 64,152 Graebel, Clark 86,96,110,152,159 Graebel, Donald 126 raebel, Scott 81,86,110,152,159 Graefe, Charles 126 , Graefe, Darlene 162 raefe, Diane 162 Graefe, Marcia 126 Fisher, Jerome Fisher, Ronald 125 'Fitzke, Alan 152,159 itzke, Elmer 152,159 laker, Susan 8,33,46,69,72,114,125,137, X. 203 X Elannery, Robert 84,102,152 lesburg, Leon 162 lieth, Kathleen 162 ochs, Carl ochs, - ochs, Carol 72,159 Marlene 162 rasmick, Richard 78,107,152 ray, Judith 56,60,63,69,79,126,136,137 reen, Charles 149 Green, Judith 152 Green, Ronald 62,126 offarnus Glenn 153 reen, Virginia 62,152 reenfield, Gary 109,126 ' reenup, lSara Lul Sally 127 remler, Sharon 76,127 renier, Gary 152 resen, Willis 152 resens, Marilyn 127 ribowski, Katherine 152 irtzmacher, Pamela 61,127 irtzmacher, Thomas 162 raff, Kay 152 rosinske, Dorothea 61,127 rosinske, Kathryn 61,68,152 rosnick, William roth, Pamela 152 ruening, Marlys 152 runenwald, Dennis 85,127 ruenwald, Karen 162 ruenwald, Shirley 162 ryniewski, Thomas 162 uenther, Clark 152 uenther, Faye 65,159 uenther, Mark 162 ullaume, Willmer 152 ummo, Lawrence 79,127 underson, Karen 162 underson, Shirley 152 underson, Tyrone 162 utknecht, Dennis 127 utowski, Dennis 149 utowski, Michael 159 aase, Mary 82,152 abeck, Jerry 168 abeck, Larry 162 abeck, Paul 127 ackbarth, Randy 162 ackbarth, Virginia 64,127 ackey, 105 aebig, Kenneth 127 aebig, Ronald 152,159 ateman, Cheryl 21,127 agen, Corene 65,152 agen, Grant 162 agenbucher, Edward 149 agenbucher, William 162 agge, A. Woodson 57,162 ahn ahn, ahn ahn, ahn ahni I Carol 56,63,162 David 57,62,127 Jerome 72,162,168 Karen 62,112,162 Katherine - 61 ,62,152 Thomas 72,162 alder, Steven 110,127 alkoski, Michael 57,152 alkoski, Shelby 115,162 all, Allen 149 all, Barbara 168 all, Kathleen 149 all, Sylvia 69,127,137 alverson, Susan 64,128 amann, Linda 82 ammers, Joel 128 anig, Michael 103,162 anke, Alanna 76,152 annemann, Georgia 64,128 annemann, Larry 68,152,212 ansen, Diane 168 arding, Thomas 128 -3 Hoffman, Pam 163 Hottman, Ross 163 Hoflman, Sheryl 129,137 Hoffmann, Dennis A. 72,163 Holbrook, Carol Holbrook, Penelope 163 Holbrook, Sue 153 Holbrook, Wayne 149 Holder, Sharon 153 Hollinger, Dale 153 ollman, Russell 159 Holster, William 46,129 Holtz, Mary 56,60,62,63,153 Holup, Roberta 50,153 nolzem, Dennis olzem, Gwen 163 Hook, Judith 62,63,163 Hook, Richard 48,62,63,65,129 Hopkins, Mary 163 Hosford, John 6 Hotchkiss, Larry oughton, George 72,159 ward, Virginia 153 Huber, Carol 163 Huber, John 153 Huber, Joseph 129 Hubert, Dianne 163 Hubert, Fichard 153 Hudson, Kenneth 10,85,98,99,101,129 Huebner, Charles 61,76,129 Huffman, Pamela Huffman, Robert Huhnstock, George 84,163 Huhnstock, Kathleen 129 Humphrey, Ann 53,61,68,70,71,80,153 Hunt, Mary 153 Huppman, Robert 153 Huseby, Patricia 163 Hussong, Cathy 163 Hussong, David 41,86,163 Hussong, Marcia 50,153 Hutchison, Edward utchison, Peggy 153 lken, Cheryl 41,129 Imbach, Frank 56,69,129,137 lmm, Bruce 163 lson, Dana 159 lson, Kristen 65,149 abolnski, Michael 163 ackson, Jill 83,153 cobi, Barbara 129 acobi, Jane 163 cksan, Ronnie 49,65,90,105,111,129 aecks, Bruce 153 Jaecks, Marilyn 163 Jaecks, William 149 Jaegler, Lyle 129 Jahnke, Marsha 56,57,77,153 QJahns, Dianna 65,163 Johns, Leroy 129 ahsman, Harold 153 akubowski, Judith 41,153 James, Alan 163 anikowski, Lawrence 129 anikowski, Sharon 65,129 Janisch, Michael 79,159 Jarovski, Stanley 79,129 Jauernig, Beverly 161 Kaiser, Herman 92 Kolinoski, Carol 130,137 Kolinoski, Maxine 72,153 Kamhloz, Sue 64,85,163 Kamin, Carol 153 Kaminski, Barbara 130 Kaminski, Virginia 130 Kamrath, Thomas 81,163 Kania, Gerald Kapus, on 111,130 Kardack, Louise 153 Kleinschmidt, Michael 14,78,90,93,94,107, 153 Klemp, Barbara 163 Iemp, Diane 153 lemp, Lyle I mp, Robert 81,153 ine, Douglas 68,69,131 Klinger, Don 96,163 Klinger, Janice 153' Klinger, Jerome 79,131 nglge'l, Dale 131 Karr, Craig 4,6,7,36,56,57,69,81,90,92, 93,94,130,137 Kaskavitch, Harold Kasten, Gretchen 163 Kasten, Karen 130 Kasten, Nancy 153 Katcke, Judith Katchke, Robert -Keebaugh, Steven 168 Kell, Nancy 159 Kell, Wilbert 149 Kellbach, Kay 163 Kellnhauser, John 71,163 ellogg, Charles 163,169 Kempf, Catherine 163 Kemps, Jack 84,153 Kennedy, John 163 Kennedy, Paul 149 ent, Kandice 65,163 ent, Kathleen 65,152 er eter Mary 130 ale 163 ersten, Karen 153 eskey, Katherine 52,60,73,160 Kettner, Darlene 64,153 Kettunen, David 75,107,130 Kettunen, Dennis 57,105,107,163 ing, Charlee 65 irk, Mary 163 ischel, Carol 56,63,163 islow, James 90,109,111,131 islow, Thomas 163 ittchell, Linda 64,74,163,200 Kittel, Diane 76,153 Klinger, Kenneth 79,153 s, Barbara 57,63,77,163 Klo inki, Gerald 131 Kluck, Allen 131 Kluender, Diane 163 Kluetz, Carol 153 luetz, Dale 163 luetz, Michael 65,78,153 ver, Cheryl 56,153 I eve , Susan 74,153 l , Ch leen 163 Klu Gary Klug, me 73,153 Klux, Rudolph 85,163 Knaack, Carol 46,65,131,203 Knaack, Paul 64,153 Knapp, David 131 Knetter, Judith 163 Knetter, Thomas 131 Knippel, James 131 Knippel, Paul 62,101,109 Knoblock, Russell 168 Knoeck, Nancy 57,153 nudson, Jenifer 163 och, Richard 153 Koeffler, Jo Ann 163 Koegler, Daniel 131 Koenig, Bruce 102,153 oenig, Frederick 63,65,84,153 Koenig, Mark 110,131 k,Koerten, Ben 153 Koerten, Frank 131 oerten, Garrett 57,65,73,131,192 arper, Elizabeth 52,58,162,178,183 arties, Michael 152 artkopf, Faith 128 assel, Susan 65,128 oupt, Gaye 162 avlovick, Jeanette 152 ayes, Patricia 56,57,58,163,180,185 eahlke, Howard 168 Heahlke, Katherine 152 Hebron, Sally 163 Heckendorf, Eugene 163 Heeren, Wayne 163 Hehling, Cheryl 163 Heidemann, Sheryl 152 Heisler, Eugene 128 Held, Phyllis 168 Heldt, Kenneth Helke, Candice 163 Helmke, Gary 105,163 Hemmrich,, Karen 128 Hemmrich, Phyllis 152 Hench, Perry 128 Henderson, Patricia 149 Henke, Constance 163 Henke, Joann 128 Henkelman, Leonard 152 Hennig, Margo 56,62,83,128 Hensel, William 53,110,128 Herning, Gayle 128 Hersch, Catherine 152 Hesse, Joann 163 Hessert, Peter 2,'l9,26,34,46,52,59,68, 128,212 Hett, Judith 152 Hettinga, Amy 152 Hettinga, Lynda 129 Hettinga, Thomas Heyer, Trudy 84,129 Hildebrandt, mane 76,159 Hilmershausen, Janet 153 Hinner, Lawrence 129 Hintz, Eileen 77,129 Hintz, Virginia 84,129 Hintze, Peter 129 Hinz, Duane 129 Hitz, Julianne 57,153 Hoeft, Kathleen 65,129 Hoeppner, Barbara 153 Hoeppner, Georgiana 159 l-loersch, Catherine Haessel, William 102,153 Hoff, Peter 79,153 Hoffman, Bonnie 163 Hoffman, Dennis L. 149 Jauern ig, Mary 129 Jehn, Brian 163 Jehn, Forrest 84,129,181 Jehn, Jeanne 153 ehn, Joann 163 ehn, Lynell 78,163 ehn, Thomas 105,129 ehn, Virginia 64,153 len, Judith 153 elmeland, David 81,163 eland, Richard 81,130 enks, Mary 163 Jenks, Richard 84,111,153 Jenks, Sandra 130 Jensen, Kristen J. 153 ensen, Kristin M. 76,153 ensen, eske, Gloria 78,168 irgil, Mary 130 irgil, Susan 65,163 Johanniing, Charles 153 Johnson, Bob 6,38 Johnson, Carla 153 Johnson, Donald 108,130 dohnson, Douglas 8,48,61,63,64,70,81,110, 111,153,205,210 ' hnson, Karen 163 ohnson, Linda 19,50,60,153 ohnson, Sandra 153 ohnson, William 153 ohnston, David 102,163 J ' Charles 86,153 as, dra 130 Jones, rbora 153 Jones, Bronwen 58,130,137,18B Jones, Christine 153 - Jones, Dennis 61,56,163 Jones, Douglas 149 ones, Joann 65,78,163 Jones, Mary 64,153 ones, Ronald 130 Jorstad, Terry 130 oseph, John 130 oseph, Sally 65 osiger, Karen 115,153 osiger, Michael 130 oss, Ruth 153 ozik, John ezik, Sally uedes, James 153 Juhlke, Bonnie 159 Kabella, Kathy 163 Kaetterhenry, Dennis 56,57,130,136,179 Kahler, Linda 65,130 William 33,68,79,153,158 Kittel, Mary 7,62,131 latt, David 131 Kleiber, Harland 131 I Kleiber, James lein, Susan 70,163 Kleinschmidt, Betty 131 orst Cheryl 76,159,163 Kathleen 76 ohnhorst Terry 153 1 -I 1 James 79,131 oh -- Ray Gehring, assisted by Dick Meidl, risked life and limb to supply 1 WAHISCAN editors with unique shots.. Kolpackl, Kenneth 131 Kolokowski, Lora 153 20 Kolubaka, Steven 159 Kopp, Lynn 163 Kappa, Karen 168 Koppa, Susan Kordus, Marlene 76,153 Korf, Susan 163 9 Koskey, Katherine 163 Kasmerchock, Marcia 52,58,60,62,74,80, 115,154 Kottke, Barbara 131 Kovach, Lloyd 131 Kovach, Stanley 46,132 Koy, Patricia 154 Koziel, Karen 132 Kreager, Roger Lemke Koziel, Kramer, Kramer Sandra 154 Karen 154 Shirley 154 Kranz, ' Bonnie 164 Kranz, Karen 73,154 Krause, Catherine 164 Krause, Cheryl 159 Krause, Donald 154 Krause, Gloria 164 Krause, Joan 164 Krause, Judith 65,154 Krause, Thomas 164 Kreill, Anne 82,132 Kreici, Sherry 75,154 Kriehn, Beverly 132 Krienke, Gerald 154 Krienke, John 95,102,164 Kroening, Cynthia 132 Kroening, Evonne 164 Kroening, Janice 132 Kroening, John 154 Kroening Stephen 110,164 Kroening, Wayne 154 Krueger, Ruth 132 Kruit, Kathleen 164 Krusko, Brian 132 Kryshak, Margaret 154 Krzmarcik, Lynn 60,132 Kubowski, Mary 154 Kubowski, Michael Kuehl, Leonard 95,105,164 Kuether, Wayne 164 Kufahl, Garry Kufahl, Peter 164 Kufahl, Roger 164 Kufahl, Sandra 154 Kulpinski, Thomas 164 Kumbera, Jeanne 19,154 Kumbera, Mary 132 Kundo, Beverly 164 Kunze, Charlotte 154 Kunze, Michael 132 Kurth, James 68,78,81,90,120,132,136,201 Kurth, Janet 132 Kurth, Julia 159 Kurth, Terry 154 Kusel, Richard 132 Kutchera, John 132 Kuvmera, Michael 95,164 Kyle, Elaine 132 Laatsch, Gary 84,132 Laatsch, Ronald 64,164 LaCerte, Daniel 64,81,104,1l0,111,154 Lach, Sue 75,154 Laffin, Coral 154 Laftin, Kurt 132 Laftin, Sandra 132 LaHaie, Mary 47,75,154 Lambrecht, Harvey 164 Lambrecht, Lynne 62,164 Lambrecht, Norman 154 Lassow, Ronald 8,48,49,59,63,68,117,133, 212 Lattimer, Jay 78,110,164 Lattimer, Lynn 154 Lau, Dana 164 Lausten, Linda 154 Lavake, Leroy Lavake, Roxanne 154 Lawonn, Sonia 164 Lawrence, Charles 133 Lawrence, Gerald 154 Lawrence, Michael 164 Lawson, Barbara 63,75,133 Lawton, Linda 65,164 Le Duc, Allen 84,154 Leffler, Barbara 52,56,58,70,164,183 LeGrande, Renee 168 Leipzig, John 95,164 Leitermann, James 56,154 Lella, Mary 164 Lemke, Charles 33,90,130,131,149 Lemke, Lu Ann 60,68,154 Lemke, Richard 164 Lemke, Sonia 154 Lemke, Susan 164 Lemke, Suzanne 133 Thomas 79 154 Lenz, Rosalie 69,133,137 Lenzner, Roger 164 Leopold, Juanita 154 Lepak, Charles 154 Lerch, Dennis 76,86,154 Letto, Dennis 164 Letto, Mariean 168 Levandoski, June 75,133 Levandoski, May 154 Lewandoski, Dennis 133 Lewandoski, Doris 154 Mathie, John 164 Mathie, Michael 164 Mathies, Jennifer 155 Mathisen, Gerald 164 Mathison, Virginia 6 Mathwick, Lyle 164 Mathwich, Michael 164 Mathwich, Pamela 53,56,60,155 Mathwich, Thomas 81,134 Mathwick, Robert 164 Matis, Delores Matis, Emil 149 Mattern, Bruce 21,155 Matushak, Janice 164 Mau, Richard 105,164 McCabe, Gerald 90,93,94,109,134 McCabe, Steven 174 McCarthy, Susan 134 McClellan, Kim McCormick, Michael 90,116,155 , McCullough, Rene 83,86,90,91,103,134 McCullough, Susan 57,164 McDonald, David 79,155 McDonald, Sue McDonell, Kathleen 155 McEachron, Edgar 48,49,63,70,164 McElrath, William 57,63,65,100,109,155 McElroy, Robert 93,120,134 McGivern, Christine 164 McGuire, Lewis 134 McWatters, Michael 134 Meidl, Paul 84,155 Mendrzycki, Lawrence 134 Mendrzucki, Paulette 164 Markel, Mark 81,165 Merwin, Edward 149 Merwin, Ralph 135 Merwin, Roger 65,165 Krae lin Cheryl 65,132 Landrath, Dennis 154 P 1 Kroeplin, Susan 154 Kroeplin, Vernon 168 Krohn, Carol 57,154 Krohn, Mechael 84,154 Kralikowski, Peter 46,98,109,132 Kranenwetter, Susan 57,164 Lang, John 5,56,69,70,80,108,133,136,137,208 Lang, Randell 164 Lang, Richard 70,164 Lange,,Brian 154 Lange, Michael 154 Langhoff, Larry 133 Lewandoski, Eugene 164 Lewis, Howard 103,164 Lewitzke, Janice 133 Lewitzke, Nancy 58,60,61,82,133 Lewitzke, Richard 95,164 Light, James 79,154 Lillicrap, Anne Meseke, Gloria 57,82,135 Krueger Krueger , Dennis 164 Donald 154 Krueger, Gail 164 Krueger, James 154 Krueger, John 43,93,132 Krueger Krueger , Mark 154 , Marvin 164 Krueger, Randy 154 Krueger, Richard 154 Langsdort, David 133 Langsdarf, Silas 164 Lopinski, Michael 164 Peter 8,46,90,130,131,133 Diane 62,65,69,133,137 Thomas 31 ,68,69,96,133,136,137 Larsen, Larson, Larson, Lindo 154 Larson, Lashua, Garry 154 Laska, Michael 164 Linder, Timothy 133 Lindow, Terrence 48,49,65,69,75,133,137 Linscott, Lyle 164 Lippke, Faye 76,154 Lister, Andrea 60,80,154 Little, Calista 154,159 Little, Christine 154,159 Little, Sharon 164 Litzer, Mark 154 Litzer, Richard 133 Livoti, Linda 164 Lochman, John Meseke, Gordon 165 Mesenberg, Daniel 168 Mesenberg, Gary Mesenberg, Kenneth 155 Mesenberg, Sandra 165 Metcalf, Nila 122,155 Metz, Charleen 165 Metz, Joe 135 Metz, Kathleen 155 Meurett, Carol 127,135 Meurett, Charlotte 155 Meurett, Jean 155 Meyer, Gary 159 Meyer, Joseph 110,135 Meyer, Kenneth 155 Meyer, Margaret 165 Meyer, Sandra 8,53,112,122,135 Meyer, Stewart Todd 71,90,92,120,130, John Lang typified many senior high students who sought moments of quiet reading and research in the library. Loiz, JoAnn 65,71,164 Lombard, Janet 56,58,133 Lombard, Ricky 168 Londerville, Paul 164 Londerville, Susan 75,133 Lonsdorf, David 68,95,154,159 Lonsdorf, Steven 68,81,96,104,114,154,159 Loos, Antoinette 133 Loos, James 95,105,164 Lorenzen, Mary 57,134 Louze, Barbara 7,43,45,134 Lowry, Laura 65 Luchman, John 164 lueck, Peggy 154 Lue'dtke, Jerome 164 Luedtke, Judy 134 Luedtke, Lloyd 79,134 Luedtke, Russell 154 Luetschwager, Richard 56,154 Lund, Georgia 134 Lunker, Donna 154 Maas, Charlotte 13,34,77,130,131,134,148 Maas, Gregory 46,60,68,134,203 Maaser, Bruce 8,48,54,62,64,70,78,154 Maaske, Kenneth 154 Macomber, George 154 Madden, Constance 134 Madison, Judith 134 Magnuson, Gregg 84,164 Main, Warren 84,164 Maier, Judith 131,1 Meyers, 35,197 Noel 155 Midlikowski, Marilyne 135 Mielke, Arleen 135 Mientke, Calvin 155 Mientke, Marlys 135 Mikkelson, Charleen 8,42,46,135 Mikkelson, Robert 135 Millard, Harold 155 Miller, Bonnie 159 Miller, Duane 119 Miller, Gary 155 Miller, Jacquelin 47,50,53,57,15O,155 Miller, Jerry 112,163 Miller, Kay 42,46,60,68,130,131,135,2 Miller, Linda 135 Miller, Norman Miller, Rose Mary 168 Miller, Shirley 155 Miracle, Gary 165 Mitchell, George 155 Mohr, Gary Mohr, Nancy 165 Monday, Jack 149 Monday, Kathleen 165 Monday, Peter 85,165 Monk, Thomas 165 Moore, Floyd Moore, Robert 165 Mootz, Robert 155 Morgan, Sigrid 84,138 Maier, Paul 134 Maire, David 164 Malak, William 134 Maley, Margaret 47,71,154 Maley Timothy 164 Maltbey, Constance Manuel, Kathleen 46,83,134,138 Morris, Jack 149 Morris, Kathleen 51,53,112,155 Morrison, Patricia 56,165 Mortenson, Clark 84,155 Mortenson, Rita 84,165,169 Mortenson, Terry 165,169 Moseman, Linda 50,60,155 Marcott, Edward 73,83,103,134 Marcott, Kathryn 154 Marcott, Terry Marcatte, Jerome 134 Marek, Karen 154 Maring, Linda 159 Marquardt, David 134 Marquardt, Richard 168 Marquardt, Susan 56,134 Marquardt, Yvonne 64,159 Marquis, Lyle 134 Marquis, Ruth 164 Marquis, Sue 64,154 Marschall, Kathleen 115,164 Marschall, Thomas 154 Moser, Mucha, Elsiena 138 Susan 165 Mueller, Daniel 79,85,155 Mueller, Gail 155 Mueller, Gary 155 Mueller, Judith 114,138 i Mueller, Karen 138 Mueller, Kathryn 64,138 Mueller Mueller Mueller , Laurene 165 , Nancy 115,137,138 Phillip 95,165 Mueller: Ronnie 95,165 Muzyna Naef, Nagler, ski, Joann 138 Richard 138 Rebecca 155 Morson, Craig 154 Martell, Paul 79,134 Marten , Gary 134 Marten, Sharon 154 Marthi David 6,37,69,90,92,93,94,99,118, 13 Martin, Jerry 164 Mason, Anne 60,68,69,83,127,134,136, 137,148 Maszk, Barbara 164 Maszk, Gerald 134 Mathe, Pat 164 Nason, Max 165 Nass, Dale 111,155 Nass, David 69,84,137,138 Nass, Patricia 56,57,60,13B Nead, Sandra Neese, Margaret 155 Neitzke, Kathleen 165 Nelson, Albert 155 Nelson, Cheryl 138 Nelson, Gerald 62,63,111,155, Nelson, Janes 168 Nelson, Marllynn 58,60,78,138 elso elso elso emk n,' Mary Kay 138 n, Richard 95,165 n, Rod 57,136,138 e, Rosemary 149 erad, David 159 eubauer, Duane 95,100,109,165 eubauer, Rodney 90,109,116,155 euman, David 165 eumann, Betty 64,149 ewman, Christine 57,70,71,165 ewman, Vernon 155 ichols, Virginia 76,155 ickel, Constance 155 ickel, Robert 138 ielsen, Nancy 56,138 ienow, Judith 138 iewnly, Terrence 165 ikolai, Monica 165 4 X S N ord, imz, imz, Bruce 84,165 Cheryl 58,138 imz, Cynthia 65,165 imz, David 155 imz, Sherrie 84,138 inneman, lan 2,42,46,60,77,82,138 inne inne inne innemann mann, Donald 139 mann, Duane 165 mann, James 65,155 82,139,184,209,212 oble oe, orbe r, Floyd 95 Kathleen 155 rg, Robert 7,11,43,46,56,71,83,135, 139,203 Peter 53,165 , Suzanne 2,55,58,59,60,78,79, orth, Judith 41,139 orton, Judy 165 ovitzke, Sharon 64,84,139 owak, Susan 155 owitzke, Michael 79,139 owitzke, Ruth 139 uerngerg, Roger 165 ussbaum, Paul 62,63,139 utter, Kenneth 155 utting, Karen 165 utting, Mariorie 69,137,139 ylen, Albert 86 ylen, Joe 155 berman, John 110,159 bermeier, Susan 155 plander, Harvey 90,107,155 'Brien, Janet 64,119 'Conner, Katherine 155 'Conner, larry 165 'Conner, Thea 139 elke, Daniel 84,139 ffer, larry 165 hde, Diane 64,155 hde, Norbert 165 hrmundt, JaJhn 155 hrmundt, Julie 114,139 hrmundt, Thomas 165 hrmundt, William 79,139 ldenburg, Julie 47,52,73,79,155,173 elson, Clark 27,33,99,108,139,141,172 184 llhoff, Barbara 139 Ilhaff, Mary 165 lie? Joann 53,58,68,69,72,137,138,139, 8 lmstead, Dawn 165 lsen, James 57,107,165 lson, Bonnie 139 1 lson, Daniel 139 lsan, Ison, Thomas 155 Wayne 165 ' Phil mi, 6,53 'Neil, Patricia 73,155 nheiber, Judith 155 nheiber, Steven nheiber, William 8,46,110,123 pick, Christine 165 pick, John 155 rth, Mary Ellen 168 rtwein, Thomas 90,93,107,139 sborn, Kenneth 155 sheim, Robert 155 sswald, Patricia 155 sswald, Steven 149 strander, Joseph 57,102,155 string, Sandro 7,43,44,56,112,114,116, 121,139,199 strowski, Diane'165 strowski, Eugene 155 strowski, Rosemary tto, Gloria 155 tto, Karl 48,49,63,101,155 ge, linda 69,75,135,139 etzold, Sharon 112,165 gel, Arthur 140 gel, Audrey 155 gel, Bruce 165 gel, Diane 58,140 gel, Faye 155 gel, Ronald 165 hl, Celestine lenik, Mary 155 Iesh, Gary 140 po, Stephen 165 pendorf, Thomas 168 rish, Katherine 165 rker, John 155 rlier, John 86,165 rsans Tom 73,102,110,159 sholk, Ferna - sholk, Marion 165 ssow, Anne 165 ssow, Gary 165 szek, Cheryle 165 uIs,' Wesley 165 ulson, Janice 155 ulson, Joel 165 utz, Thomas 165 X. AHISCAN editors: Sue Ninnemann, Sue Ross, Tom Camps, Julie Foerster, Bill Short, Nancy Tinkham, Peg Post, and Roald Rolfson earnestly considered the problems of yearbook lay-out. S Pelers, Catherine Pellett, Pamela 165 Pepin, Aaron 64,140 Pepin, Edward 123 Pepke, Mary 140 Pergolski, James 149 Pergolski, Margaret 149 Peroutka, William 155 Perry, James 21,68,109,155 eshak, Blair 155 K eters Alan 155 ters, Catherine rs, Gary 140 Peters, Mary 165 eters, Michael 10,74,90,99,101,110,140 eters, Thomas 78,165 eterson, Allan 168 eterson, Gary 62,162 Peterson, Judith 165 Peterson, Kelly 57,84,103,165 APeterson, Kenneth 14,57,74,122,140,176 Peterson, Loretta 65,,115,165 Petran, Robert 41,81,165 Petri, Cindy 62,65,165 Petri, Joreen 155 Petri, Julaine 140 etrick, .David 165 . etrowski, Kathlyne 33,165 etzold, Janet 140 faff, Caryl 60,75,155 'ngston, Mary 165 Pi l, Barry 165 bJPierschalla, Susan 140 Piian, Susan 155 Pilgrim, Marvin 165 k Pittsley, Douglas 140 Pittsley, Karen 56,165 Npmsiey, Leon 19,s4,15s Plantiko, Arthur 149 Plantiko, Robert 155 lantiko, Susan 155 Ploutz, Carolyn 140 Plautz, Laurie 155 Plisch, James 165 Nklisch, Patricia 140 Plisch, Suzanne 47,60,62,77,155 Plischke, Roger 46,47,52,81,96,102,110,140 h f Sroeske cheryl 155 x Polege Donald 140 Polese Robert 56155 oppe Kenneth 165 Poppe 1.ols 65140 Porath Gary 79140 Porath, Joan 50,155 Porath, Thomas 85,168 Porter, linda 155 Porter, Michael 78,140 Pospyc alla, Christine 168 ospycholla, Linda 155 t, Peggie 2,7,43,44,46,56,59,60,68,69, 1 2,121,137,138,140,202,209,212 owell, George rast, Betty 155 Prain, Michael 165 Prehn, Janis 34,46,56,140,173,184 Prentice, Jerry 165 Prentice, Richard 149 Preuss, David 155 Preuss, linda 165 Preuss, Noel 155 Price, Kathleen 165 Priebe, Marsha 155 Priller, Pamela 155 Prochnow, Allan 165 Pufahl, Phyllis 140 Punke, Joann 140 Pupp, Roger 165 Pyke, Merlene 165 Richey, Cathy 166 Richmond, Wayne 156 Richter, Joseph 64,168,200 Rieman, Ginger 142 Ringwelski, Dennis 156 Ringwelski, Floyd 166 lf' uade, Quade, Carol 165 Marilyn 57,155 Quaderer, David 140 Quaderer, Robert 95,105,107,165 Risau, Judith 159 Ristow, Judith 84,166 Ristow, Robert 166 Ritchie, Dale 156 Raasch, Perry 140 Ritchie, Kathleen 149 Raasch, Susan 165 Roberts, John 46,52,58,60,61,68,71,80 Radant, Bruce 155 142,190,193,203 Radant, Sue 69,137,140 Roble, Paulette 156 Radant, Susan 155 Rockow, Donald 155 ' Radant, Wayne 140,189,193 Rodewald, Dennis 84,105,166 Raddatz, Donald 107,165 Raddatz, Janet 155 Raddutz, Richard 155 Roebuc k, Rebecca 156 Roeder, Dennis 168 Roeder, Kenneth 100,101 ,109, 1 66 Roeder, Norvel 156 Roeh l, Allen 50,81 ,1 10,1 56 Rogalla, John 78,156 Rohde, Dawn 82,166 33 Radke, Susan 76,165 dloff, John 155 R dloff, Judith 141 Radloff, Sandra 53,141,174,192 Radtke, Barbara 141 Radtke, Kenneth 84,165 Radtke, Sharon 155 Raduechel, Michael 64,149 Raduechel, Susan 165 inville, Patricia 65,155 Rainville, Susan Raiek, Gary 165 Rakow, Ruth 83,141 andl, Roger 165 Ransom, Marcia 155 asmussen, Richard 65,73,155 Rasmusson, John 165 Raspel, Jean 165 ausch, Dianna 141 ay, Daniel 168 Reavill, Medith 65,127,137,141,184 Reavill, Moreen 114,165 edmond, Michael 86,165 Redmond, Thomas 155 eed, Patrick 100,101,108,166 Reede, Ronald 90,94,141 Reetz, Diane 141 Reetz, Gary 107,166 Reetz, Merion 141 Reetz, Nancy Reich, Christine 166 Rein, Terry 166 Reineking, Craig 52,53,56,75,102,155 Reinicke, James 95,166 Reinke, Donna 114,141 einke, Jillian 156 ekowski, James 141 ynolds, David 156 Reynolds, Guy 68,96,102,108,156 Reynolds, Susan 166 heinschmidt, Ellen Rohde, Rodney 79,155 Rohloff, Martha 156 Rohmeyer, Joseph 156 Rolfson, Roald 2,8,34,46,48,55,56,59,63,68 69,79,142,209,212 Rolnecki, Michael 81,156 Roloff, Richard 142 Roloff, Sharon 156 Romonowski, Jack 168 Romonowski, Judith 149 Rosemurgy, Stuart 81,90,'l10,156 Roseneau, gennis J. 142 Roseneau, ennis W. 168 Rosenberg, John 95,100,107,166 Rosenkranz, Janice 142 Rasentreter, Daryll 132,142 Rasentreter, Dionne 132,142 Ross, Marlene 142 Ross, Susan 2,7,34,35,43,44,46,53,59,68, 122,142,202,203,209,212 Rothenberger, Lawrence 142 Rothenberger, Roger 166,169 Rothman, Russell 5e,1eo,1a6,1a4 Rothman, Sharon 142 Rothmeyer, Dennis 95,166 Rothmeyer, Larry 156 Rothmeyer, Roger 156 Rothmeyer, Sandra 64,156 Rounds, Barbara 64,142 Rounds, Richard 166 Rounds, Thomas 56,81,166 Rowland, Carol 155 Roy, Marvin Rozelle, Kay 62,64,142,143 Rozmenoski, David 156 Rozmenoski, Stan 156 Rudell, Penelope 166 da, Thomas 56,141 Rhyner, Bonnie 64,141 Rhyner, David 168 Rhyner, Doreen 64,166 Rhyner, James 65,105,107,166 hyner, hyner, hyner, h ner John 95 Patsy 141 Stephen 84,107,166 Thomas 84,166 Y 1 ice, James 166 ichards, Ann 166 Richards, Lois 76,141 Ruether , Bonnie 142 Ruether, Harold 166 Ruether, Kenneth 142 ' Rupp, Richard 166 Rusch, Audrey 142 Rusch, David 56,81,156 Rusch, Dorothy 149 Rusch, leonn Rusch, Nancy 165 Rusch, Tangie 142 Russ, Dawn 165 Russell, Paul 156 . 211 A ,WW , A Intense concentration vyas displayed by musicians in the orchestra's string bass section during rehearsal for a fall performance. Russett, LeAnn 165 Rust, Margaret 62,165 Rust, Susan 156 Rust, William 78,8-1,142 Ruthenberg, Joseph 95,165 Rux, Gary 156 Rux, Marliss 156 Ryan, James 65 Ryan, Jane 165 Ryan, Michael 8,43,46,68,83,110,143, 147,184,203 r. Rydell, Michael Rydell, Beverly 61,68,156 Sodowski, Frank 123 Sadowski, Michael 166 St. Clair, Daniel 84,143 Salzer, Gerald 156 Salzman, Kenneth 48,49,52,62,73,166 Salzsieder, Barbara 166 Summon, Marlan Sanders, Sylvia 159 Sandholm, Tim 90,156 Sandquist, Craig 84,166 Sanford, Robert 68,74,108,143 Sann, Karen Sann, Lyle 85,143 Sann, Mardella 166 Sann, Marrell 166 Sann, Patricia 156 Savinski, James 143 Schade, Bennett 84,143 Schade, Jack 110,156 Schult, Schult, Schultz Christine 144 Donald 85,137,144 Donald 144 Schultzj Duane 168 Schultz, Gary 156 Schultz, James 90,92,93,105,107,144 Schultz, Jay 65,166 Schultz, John 156 Schultz, Karen 166 Schultz, Kay 47,62,64,156 Schultz, Nancy 166 Schultz, Roger Schultz, Terri 149 Schultz, Virginia 156 Schultz, Wayne 156 Schulz, Beverly 156 Schulz, Glenn 156 Schulz, James 148 Schulz, Karla 166 Schumacher, Mary 69,70,73,8O,115,137,144 Schumacher, Peggy 166 Schumann, Karen 156 Schumann, lla 166 Schumann, Paula 57 Schuster, Myron 79,158 Schutte Schwar nberg, Geraldine 119 tz, Jerome 166 Schwictenberg, Dona 65,70,166 Schwister, John 57,144 Schwister, Lauren 156 Schymanski, Charles 31,46,49,52,71,144 Schymanski, Sandra 64,145 Scott, Fredric 68,74,83,96,103,156,188 Scutow Scutow ski, Robert 145 ski, Susan 156 Seaquist, Charles 149 Seefeld, Brian 79,132,145 Seefeld, Bruce 79,132,145 Seefeldt, Sue Seegert, Barbara 166 Seehafer, Darlene 166 Seehafer, Fredrick 156 Seehafer, Gary 95,100,166 Seehafer, Shirley 65,145 Seehafer, Steven 79,156 Seehafer, Thomas 79,107,145 Seidel, Judith 58,166,189,193 Seidler,-James 107,166 Sellung, James 84,156 Semera u, Waleen 156 Semrau, Michael 99,101,109,156 Senoraske, Paul 166 Servis, Suzanne 59,60,75,156 Seymour, Dole 156 Shanak, Janet 64,65,145 Shanak, Judith 145 Shanno Shanna Shanna Shape, n, Bradley 81,96,107,156 n, Emily 53,57,166 n, Kathleen 57,145 Gregory 166 Shavie, Robert 95,166 Sheerar, Richard 48,49,63,156 Shelbrack, Mary 84,145 Sheldon, Gary 156 Steckling, Patricia 56,62,69,137,146 Steffen, Sandra 146 Steidinger, Larry 167 Steidel, Thomas 84,146 Steinagel, Fred 167,168 Steinagel, Gail Steiner, Mary 58,6O,146 Steinke, Dwight 156 Steinke, Roger 146 Stencil, Denis 107,156 Steppert, Steven 167 Sternberg, Bernard 63,65,96,107,156 Stevens, Clark 2,8,18,26,31,34,46,48,54 59,62,68,146,198,203,212 Stiel, Janice 167 Stilles, Sherry 114,156 Stolen, Turi 2,35,47,52,53,57,59,68,11 157,212 Stone, Carolyn 52,524,168 Schlund, Paul 143 Schmidt, Bernard 96,166 Schmidt, David 143 Schmidt, Deede 166 Schmidt, Donald 156 Schmidt, Georgia 159 Schmidt, Gerald 79,156 Schmidt, Jeanne 74,137,143 Schmidt, Karen 166 Schmidt, Linda 166 Schmidt, Lucy 143 Schmidt, Michael 79,143 Schmidt, Shirley Ann 156 Schmidt, Shirley Jean 143 Schmidt, Terry 64,68,90,107,156,210 Schmieden, Kermit 166 Shepherd, Susan 159 Shepherd, William 56,81,110,145,176 Shibilski, Daniel 166 Short, William 2,8,34,48,49,59,63,68,145, 209,212 Shavers, Janice 56,60 Sickler, Joan 145 Siegel, Duane Sielaff, Kathleen 166 Siewert, Gary 145 Sigmund, Barbara 145 Sillars, Daniel 148 Simons, Nancy 156 Simonson, Linda 166 Simpson, Jennifer 74,166 Sims, David 156 Schmirler, Jeanne 72,143 Schmitz, Mary 166 Schmitz, Patricia 166 Schmoeckel, Sandra 156 Schmolze, Bruce 144 Schneck, Susan 166 Schneider, Karen 166 Schneider, Mary 64,166 Schneiderwent, Carol 144 Schnell, Philip 166 Schnelle, Dale 166 Schoenborn, James 149 Schoeneman, Russell 107,144 Schoenfeld, Susan 144 Schoenfelt, Fred 81,166 Schoenrock, Arlene 166 Schaefer, James 143 Schaefer, Patrick 96,166 Schaepe, Mary 156 Schaller, Patricia 60,166 Schalow, Bruce 166 Schalow, Janice 56,58,60,115,143 Scheffler, Dixie 156 Scheffler, Eva 61,74,143 Scheffler, Janice 156 Scheffler, Rita 166 Scheibe, Carole 166 Scheibe, Wayne 53,143 Schepp, Conrad 156 Schepp, Dale 156 Schepp, Ervin Schepp, Wayne Schewe, Donald 96,143 Schiefelbein, Roy 166 Schoenrock, Carol 156 Schoenrock, Dawn 166 Schoepke, Carol 144 Schoepke, Linda 156 Schoepke, Mike 166 Schoepke, Pearl 144 Schoessow, Edward 86,144 Scholfield, Bruce 159 Schott, Michael 156 Schranz, Deborah 53,56,81,156 Schreiber, Charleen 166 Schreiber, Dennis 166 Schreiber, Nancy 76,156 Schreiber, Sharon 144 Schreiner, Mary 144 Schroeder, Carol 144 Schroeder Thomas A. 81,166 Schroederi Thomas E. 166 Sippl. Sipnl, Sischo, James 111,145 Robert 95,166 Janell 166 Skibba, Nancy 166 Skic, Anthony 107,166 Slagoski, Thomas 156 Slaminski, Sandro 145 Sleeter, Jean 46,63,64,80,115,145 Smit, James 46,49,69,70,71,73,96,107,136, Smart, Lawrence 166 137,145 Smith, Greg 156 Smith, James 166,169 Smith, Jane 166,169 Smith, leorin 146 Smith, Nancy 166 Smith, Sandra 156 Smith, Shirley 146 Snook, 156 Jeffrey 48,49,52,63,68,96,97,110, Sonderegger, Judith 146 Streeter, John 146 Strehlow, Carol 157 Strehlow, Lauren 167 Strek, Charles 167 Strek. Gilbert 167 Strobach, Betty 146 Strohkirch, Linae 146 Stroik, David 167 Stubbe, Carol 167 Stubbe, Gary 96,146 Stubbe, Kay 167 Stubbe, Leslie 167 Stubbe, Stephanie 146 Stullrieon, Douglas 3,12,19,31,54,78 96 1 6 Sturm, Carolyn K. 167 Sturm, Marilyn 167 Sturm, Ralph 79,157 Sturm, Judith 146 Sudut, Judith 157 Sullivan, Patricia 157 Sundell, Robert 167 Surges, Rachel 57,155 Swanson, Penni 113,146 Swanson, Timothy 155 Sward, Kay 146 Swozee, Leslie 41,49,157 Sweeney, Karen Sweet, Glenn 133,157 Swift, Sherry 157 Sydow, Syring, Roger 56,57,157 Patricia 157 Syvertson, Neal Tabako, Diane 157 Tabako, Thomas 167 Talcott, Patricia 157 Tanck, Carol 157 Tanck, Gail Tanck, Thomas 167 Tapper, Gary 157 Tapper, Pamela 76,157 Tapper, Sharon 157 Tashe, Carol 167 Taylor, Jeanette 157 Teige, Harold 168 Templeton, Barbara 146 Templeton, David 64,110,167,200 Terrio, Chester Terrio, Tesch, Tesch, Teske, Teske, Ernest 157 Gary 146,195 Shirley 73,157 Karen 157 Larry 79,146 Tessmer, Duane Tessmer, Janet 157 Tessmer, Karen 168 Tessmer, Michael 157 Tessmer, Robert L. 73,146 Tessmer, Robert S. 167 Tessmer, Stanley 146 Tetzlaff, Gary 110,157 Tetzlaff, Jerry 157 Tetzlaff, Joan 157 Tetzlaff, John 146 Teuke, Mary 56,167 Thames, Jon 146 Thiel, Pamela 157 Thiel, Susan 65,146 Thirsten, Susan 62,168 Thomas, Dennis 149 Thomas, Harris 74,147 Thomas, Jacqueline 157 . Thomas, Patrick 157 Thomasgard, Susan 56,58,69,112,125 13 138,1 47 Thompson, Yvonne 167 Spakoski, Alan 156 Sparks, Janet 56,6O,64,156,200 Sparr, Charles 63,166 Spotz, Joan 167 Spiecher, Roger 46,49,65,142,146,203 Spiegel, Duane Spiegel, Paul 31,156 Spulak, Jacqueline 166 Spulak, Ronald 156 Stachovak,- Jane 156 Stahmer, Karl 81,156 Stahmer, Richard 81,166 Stange, Dorothy 146 Thor, Randall 167 Thornewell, David 79,147 Thurs, Dale 147 Tietz, Jane 137,147 Tiffany, Carolyn 63,65,75,147 Tiffany, Thomas 70,167 Tilkens, Gloria 19,157 Timler, James 167 Tinkham, Nancy 2,34,54,58,59,69,70,83 122,130,131,136,137,147,209,212 Toby, Richard 46,64,147,203 Toshner, Duwayne 157 Towle, Judith 157 Traeger, Jacqueline 63,75,167 Tranetzke, Joseph 147 Tranetzke, Stephen 167 Tronetzki, Michael 56,59,61,6B,71,75,80, 97,106,107,117,147,149 Schiefelbein, Susan 61,68,73,143 Schield, linda 156 Schield, Pamela 156 Schilling, Alan 156 Schilling, Lois 143 Schlag, Dennis 143 Schlei, Julia 143 Schlitz, Nancy 56,57,166 212 Schroth, Sandra 57,78,144,188 Schubring, Marilyn 168 Schubring, Susan 156 Schubring, William 144 Schuck, Jack Schuetz, Barbara 34,59,60,63,68,89,113, 13O,131,139,144 Schuetz, Gary 90,156 Stankowski, Patricia 64,166 Staples, Mark 90,93,107,156 Starzin ski, Stephanie 159 Stasney, James 57,146 Steckling, Carol 64,156 Steckling, Donald Steckling, Gerald 84,166 Steckling, Jerel 107,166 Tranetzk Trantow, John 57,109 Trantow, Mark 147 Trantow, Michael 157 Trantow, Patricia 167 Treliggl, Alison 58,60,63,68,157,177180 Treichel, Diane 157 i, Thomas 68,75,96,107,157 Trembath, Catherine 21,47,52,57,62,83,112, 167 Trembath, Douglas 64,74,83,102,106,107, 125,139,147 Treptow, Michael 149 Tress, Richard 157 Trester, Yvonne 167 Treu, James 68,99,101,157 Treu, Nancy 167 Whaley, Richard 167 Wheeler, Barbara 43,44,58,68,112,118,122, 128,138,176,177,183,193,199 Wicke, James 8,31,32,48,49,63,65,69,79, 80,136,137,148 Wiechmann, John 7,27,57,81,83,90,92,106, lO7,130,131,139,147,148 Wienandt, Susan 63,167 Wienke, Harold 167 Treu, Neal 90,147 Treu, Pamela 70,167 Trigg, Richard Trittin, Gerald 157 Trittin, Joanne 167 Turner, Donald 167 Tuttle, James 167 Ullrich, David 51 ,68,88,96,98,99,107,l50, 155,158 Utech, Dale 21,74,159 Utech, Robert 147 Utech, Sherrie 167 Wienke, Wiensch, Marlene Barbara 167 Wiesman, Bruce 31,107,111,148 Wiesman, Robert 129 Wiesner, Leroy Wilde, Allen 105,168 Wilde, Gladys 158 Wilde, Mary 27,54,62,113,129,137 Wilk, Jeffery 158 Will, Alun 168 Will, Mary 129 Will, Michael 168 Utecht, Gerolynn 147 Uttech, Nancy 167 Van Ness, Mary 167 Van Ornum, Linda 57,69,71,137,1B7 VanProoyen, Nancy 157 VunProoyen, Shirley 147 Van Rixel, Barbara 157 Van Slett, Judith 147 Vaughan, Raymond Veenstra, Sidney 57,78,157 Vehlow, Elizabeth 157 Venske, Dale Venlzke, Dianne 62,157 Verga, Carol 42,124 Vickerman, Marlene 124 Viertel, Nancy 157 Vigneau, Kathleen 157 Viller, Carol 167 Vilter, Gloria 157 Viste, Deborah 0o,65,73,167 Voelske, Merlin 124 Vogedes, Alice 167 Vogedes, Thomas 148 Vogen, Linda 75,157 voaghi, Sheldon 167 Voigt, Connie 60,148 Voigt, Peter 157 Volk, Gale 148 Volkman, Dale 109,125 Von Gnechten, Jill 126 Vorwalske, Robert 65,157 Wadinski, Michael 31,50,157 Wadzinski, Kristie 149 Wadzinski, Steven 167 Waieski, Linda 168 Waldhort, Ralph Waldinger, Lon 74,96,157 Wallace, Mary 65,157 Wallner, James 120 Walterbach, Wendy 157 win, Ronald Will, Sandra 56,63,1-14,148 Williams, Cassandra 158 Williams, Scott 63,70,168 Willing, Judith 50,158 Wilson, Elizabeth 158 Wimmer, Elmer 158 Wimmer, Terry 158 Windorski, Jerome 168 Winfield, Gloria Jean 6 Winkleman, Carol 168 Winker, Sharon 148 Wirt, lynnette 62,64,69,137,148 Witt, Wanda 64,168,210 Wix, Gerald 83,158 Woehlert, Carol 158 Woehlert, Darlene 168 Woehlert, Phyllis 113,168 Wohlfahrt, Timothy 69,130,137 Woieski, Linda Wolf, Beverly 56,114,168 Wolf, Dianne 57,158 Wolf, Orrie 158 Wolf, Patricia 168 Wolfe, Harlan 168 Wolfe, Joann 158 Wolfe, William Wolff, George 158 Wollenzien, Paul 8,48,63,96,107,158 Woller, Dale 130 Woller, Darlene 135 Woller, Gerald 168 Woller, Jaan 168 Woller, Randy 158 Wood, Barbara 168 Wood, Darlene 140 Wood, James 168 Walters Walters , Grace 167 , Kim 64,167,200 Walters, Patricia 167 Walters, Susan 148 Warnick, Michael 78,167 Warnke, Richard 148 Warnke, Robert 148 Washington, John 167 Wasley, Judy 159 Waterbury, Jim 6 Waudby, Mary 168 Woodward, Monica 168 Woodward, Paulette 158 Worden, Carol 168 Worden, Sandra 168 Warzella, Anita Warzella, Mary 140 Wright, Vernon 140 Wunsch, Janet 158 Wunsch, Mary Weaver, Sharon 167 Weaver, Thomas 167 Weigand, Esther 167 Weiland, Alan 157 Weiland, Richard 168 Weiland, Susan 157 Weinberger, Allan 127 Weinberger, Terry 90,91,92,111,157 Weiner, Steven 40,56,57,69,7O,71,80,136, 137,145 Weinkauf, Beverly 167 Wylie, Luanne 53,158,184 Yach, Judith 65,138 Yocum, Yonke, Young Mona 168 Susan 46,58,121,138,177,192,193 Daniel 76,158 Young: James 168 Youtsos, Thomas 79,B1,110,139 Yunk, Daniel 95,105,I60,168 Yunk, Suzanne 142 Zahn, Robert 63,158 Zahn, Rosemary 114,158 Zaiackowski, Kathleen 158 Zaiackowski, Suzanne 42,46,142 Zaremba, Thomas 158 Zarda, Richard 103,168 Weinkuuf, Wayne 127 Weinke, Lynn 62,157 Weinke, Marleen 157 Weinke, Weinke, Sharon 149 Stephen 167 Weirauch, Janet 167 Weisner, Leroy 14 Weisner, William Weisenbeck, Alan 167 Weiss, James 84,167 Wellsfry, Brian 159 Wellman, Gerald 81,167 Wendorf, Jill 52,56,167 Wendorff, Eric 62,70,96,97,107,167 Wendt, Delores 148 Wendt, Eileen 157 Wendt, Lyle 167 Wendt, Sharon 167 Wenzel, Gene 62,167 Wenzel, Gloria 167 Wenzel, James 148 Wenzel, Wayne 68,83,90,107,157 Wergin, Marcia 65,167 Wergin Paul 83,96,102,157 Werth, I Linda 56,62,63,83,112,113,157 Wesnick, Shirley 157 West, James 110,157 Westberg Westberg Westberg Westberg , Bonnie 148 , James 157 , Kari 33,167 , Norman Westberg, Sandra 157 Westfall, Timothy 167 Westgate, Margaret 60,82,127,130,131 Westgate, Nancy 164,167 Wetterneck, Thomas 81,110,137 Wetzel, Cheryl 167 Weyeneth, Dorothy 61 ,69,126,137 Zarnke, Timothy 90,174,142 Zastrow, Albert Zastrow, Darlene 168 Zastrow, Diann 42,132,144 Zastrow, Garry R. 158 Zastrow, Gary L. 107,144 Zastrow, Gene 158 Zastrow, Karen 168 Zastrow, lynn 42,82,114,115,132,145 Zeidler, John Zeinert, Charles 168 Zemke, Gary 168 Zemke, Janet 168 Zemke, Wilbur Zerneke, Zernicke Karen 158 , Betty 148 Zernicke, Carol 158 Ziebell, Gretchen 57,168 Ziebell, Paul 148 Ziebell, Wayne 90,158 Zietlow, Mary 158 Zillman, David 158 Zimbauer, Carol Zimhauer, David 108,148 Zimick, Dennis 103.168 Zimick, Jerome 158 Zimmerman, Barry 158 Zimmerman, Beverly 158 Zimmerman, Karen 158,159,168 Zimmerman, Sharon 158,159 Zimmerman, Irene 158 Zinevcz, Jay 95,168 Zinevcz, leigh 62,63,64,149 Zinser, Henry 168 Zondlo, Jerome 158 Zoromski, Gary 158 Zubrick, Darcy 159 Zunker, Donna Zunker, Henry 84,100,168 Zunker, Ronald 159 ssegbwfhl -I gave ,t tg, 1 1 2 Needless to say the hard working WAHISCAN editorial staff was more than relieved to meet the publisher's last deadline. Sitting were: Peg Post Bill Short Turn Stolen and Clark Stevens Standing were Larry Hannemann, Ron Lassow, Nancy Tinkham, Sue Ross, Julie Foerster Roald Rolfson Sue Ninnemann Tom Camps Pete Hessert and Jane Bangle ' ACKIIIUIXWED l ff' rx 1 U my N Ray Gehrlng and Ray Toburen official WAHISCAN photograph A el' 9 tOl"3l aff I of enthusiasm deter ' Q5 , n i lity, truly made the 1965 WAHIS- g t 'biggest a d b st" WAHISCAN ever produced. of these ded'cat d and conscientious workers go my ncerest than . ll Without Mr. R senhauer's patient encouragement and willing advi , especially before those pressing deadlines, this b ok could never have been published. So heartfelt thanks go to "Rosy" also. Next on the list, but certainly not less important, is the Toburen Studio. Special thanks go to Ray Toburen and Ray Gehring who worked overtime to fulfill the al- most impossible requests of the editorial staff. Thanks also to Principal Marshall Taylor, who picked up S5300 for the colored picture on pages 2 and 3, to Mr. Reynolds and the office secretaries, who suffered through announcing hundreds of WAHISCAN pictures, to Mr. George Bush, who took the sophomore and junior portraits, to lVlrs. Hodges, who so capably managed yearbook distribution, to lVlr. Dzubay and the business staff, who produced an "A-OK" advertising section,, to the Wausau Daily Record-Herald photographers, who contributed numerous pictures, and especially to the Fey Publishing Company, the S. K. Smith Company, and the Boehm Bindery, who produced the end result. Wayan, Nancy Tinkham Editor-in-Chief ws Ngbgywdiy Sfimwggggiw ' 55i?MX QM y 15 V71 ,bm xo dad 49 42557 AQJZ 0 Ok 5 Ld ' LM! WK ' My , A -gbfliflfyw mm ' Q Mb Zfddvz' 474410 , WY W M Wgjwfw W1 'W' My M wfgmuWwi6,,,j,2Q, XMMQW fQfWQMqQ4MVW 2!5524wM WW M1 WW Wwwgijiyf W uw WW i2?5f6jy??fM ,DW QW ff x mf! 'V V' x VV! ELA Wg iff? OJ ,' x X L JW . f xy? ffv gf fi Xp My W xi My JIM Z MV VJ a Q? 0 'YMQPN5 cf. A xx 'Y , 9451! J 9' kj ' -U QA !,,yjQwA,f,n4 my A A I M4 My f A M Q W f'Pi r'5H PX VJ MCWOM f yW w Vg, YLMW9 ENN if jbjfjfgj Q Jaw J' if - f A 1 I, . 5 A 4' 1 I N.. 4, X Y' 3 M Q J S ,' -J L A , ,,- 4 W f 4 4 1- 3' A... " I n g X w- N ' 1' v I.. 1 a X 4 ' 1- , I 1" 'N 3 .4 "' ,X , J, u '1 1 v - N J w N- , f A x X , . w- N 0 N A A ,pq wr, A ' 1 g 3 A I x N rx x M J .- xr! Q13 I1 A N ll -I 3 H 3 x J , i K 1- N -. 's .4 v.. xl ,I x L. .J N - , " 1 k 'X 5 4 5 1' 5' ml - X 1- ' I ... ,, 1 " 5 V' 3 l K ' x N - 1 ' 5 - Y K f j 1- X A K f v-. .4 X ki' Q I K K PN I kr' N I s ,, f 1 , 4 ,X N Q. NN H, ' L 4 4 Y ' N K ' N ' ' ' N 1 . . , N - -. x I " Q V . i 4 1 K 1 Y I 1.1 L - Cz QNQ ' if f 'S-'B f No I :I MIL 7 15? E . ,- '1" TQ '-" Wi . I. 'Q xwfrv . A 'X , rf 7 gfi94i? jjj KU M 7 Mi VVA W9 M VFW V i Wffd Mj qlfy wliufii 'A A m f W NU 'QM if QQK Wyfy M W 19? 4 ,f 1 P X g JM Z X . 1 ,SV XV . V 1 Qi 3 , i - 7 , V rbewn Q79 W I x S20 'Q-,EI 5 'UQMLQ cw' ofa Off: YM SJW f in WM Q L UC ffm , ,M Nfl m V I I, 5,ic.g.eA,M,W '00 Wxmowg Q im I F X 15105, X LA GH Qld. xg SWEM ESITJQIZHJE, J f m'Mf wg Sam lv MP2 WMQ H T vw QM E You ' 5 lb YUM? QMQ s4Q. agar M3004 ,fb A QQDIML A lytffikh .- KPOUIO f , cs , . 'h f UJEFKM 6caiqgZvSiiMSTA6I 5506! I n T Wifwmv CWS T0 Msg., Q Q 1: q Ewa K , knots - A ffl A MQW? EBSQ D42 , MM QW QM M ,N WRWSFWX 5 WJWQMW if-1-5 ' MSSQL 1 ' 'K' V JV . :Q - 3-D u',3yrg.wf vim M M QQ- if ,bm W VMWMQ J , D ,bf VLALVL' if JU' I' 0 WJJJJV Aiwa M -LJW, X, 1 fi up f,fV'1yM NLT QWDITV QV, I pff' jj g ' C k ' I I pjqjjkjg? CJXV ' ' 'H ' i -,,:V.,,...L.T.... Lv H .M-, -A 1-HE: . pf X1- x 7 --f--V ..w1,v:L4 -' Y- -11 A 1 -za" V- - ,gf11,,j.g:.g,,f,w: -K Y, k- - 1 -' pf ' -'af -W ., . - my f.,..,f, 't'."vc6Ggg' --ei-f A fa, , A. ."- ' ,g A 1 4-' Y WJWRQQC is MW J v.4'.

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