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64,31 4 ' . Wx .151 ' '4-1 .. 'J ,F I ll M fl" 74 ,vi ll , "' . , .19-1, 715. Hi' l ' I' .f :M iff . W!MIl 1 W fff Jimmy f 7 Wv""""' " A W I' 4 ' A f' 4 D f i Q M, ln' "" W ,W , 'W' "1f'Q ' 'I' 41 I-I -Il , 11'.fif'-' -- ' .ffgiqlirh y ,V - f 'W my I-l,,' 5f2?.F 1 , 1 I ' '. ,- "L!l'1 ':5 QL-- -1 - -,.1'.-"-.-'3f'ic"'r:" -- IQ If" 9-1 - 215 '- if , K - ' , b iff f eiiifzi-. if , Y- Y Q. ..- .Xi ' Y --' 'Z- . E ' ' Z - - - 1..--v ' " -- V 4,51 -My --Q - ' ' .- V XNNX Q! ,jX...f u-11-' . ff'- 2" j-1:24 1-""'4--'-3 L--l- ff CBI-l fl fl -.4"':::','- 1 v ami? mai? Me Senior Class 5' flgfz 5 fr Presen fs SH J glib ,.--.----..-., , ' QQ f A QF? Q 35?Z55fiFQ'if5i5? ,ffyj If " - Q ' '--4 .-g . f ' I f 7,77 ffffiffb 1l"f. . v ' 1 -H? 7 Q7 I' E5 gQti f' ' .ov 4jlfff"' "f, .- Q .-'4f ,, M iq 1 41' fi? ,N 1 ' 2 . 'f ' .. ' ' , -4 2 - H J " Q' wut ilk d' 1 fx gal fi, 4 - ff- L .-' 7 I I, Q 'I' I I I . 7:31 ' L 2' , J4-' Z- ,ff 4, '47 Q ,ff 52" M71 da ' 4 f ff' ' if 61 Z X C ' Q ' Y, , fx F., tg' ' '- , 4 ' , f ff' 5 3' Z X 267 QQ Q22 gav11zV' is if EM if ? Q F If Z X I 044, 7 f ,, email 'Z ff cfm V228 V 'Y N X R X Zi.: h X Kb S5 Qui.: f- f Q.,--w,-t,-3,..L"' lf: ' , ,.. -J -,-:":'.,- h- -I,--Q 'dn all-'Q-4 -1 - , -K .... ..--- .. ., ,, lA ff" 'QW f ' ffl EX 5 X f KY W X f if Zf w AZKXAX, , jfx l'H i. The 7953 JUNE 1, 1953 ,- 4 5 35fI7IA 2.-az -fbi, Nw i' j'?:f ' f 4, ' ' - uv: ' ff , 7 X ,aff-dl " Q? ! X -"",l:oQ ,f PE ', f,,f :M 5 2 l Z - Y! N X 4655 X 5: 5 f-Sf Xf-4 'Z' EX 0,95 'A figyfr i 53 X 41 X QW L Q". X 'N X XQDX X Q 3 1 Q X X XX X S -:Ea E! 'f 'i,3,' 4 Q ww-wwfwfff N -5? 122' ,- S I Q SXQV iff ,fr-E f ,jf I 'A M, lm I L fit, xr , W L ' f uw - Lv G' gil? j' I 5 ff ef 4" 'E "f ff si-,F kc f-an '-M, F i l' ""l"'-"W: 7 -- -f H55 -Qi' ""!ifT Q f 'Q if , 1 ' ' fiQf 129'-' -ggi! ,El Qhyhii Y TS ij 2 g ff5' 2 LQ: 1 1 7? if wR3?"4"' 1 5 FQ, Q a. F g fffas 'R af LQ L Ls cc 7 TD- f my 12 -43. tar WAHISCAN VOLUME 37 1953 PR06'Rv4M X Y 'P '11 Q - X 5 n 0 xx H 2 M XX O C Q X tg. QM . 4r-+ 2 :'w 0 U1 'U ' w' H' Q- va "' 5' . I 9- 9 'sa 2' . . . o 3- ra Ny . . 'G gg E, 5 5 Q 5' fi 5 xl v- ' D 5 - :s N .. - - 115 . . . I I I - Q I ZDIEJU- . . . . ' O fir-s S ,-,r-1-, " Xl UI P-4 2 D' gp Q 5 - Ht, ga U "' J 'o"?2'wa3ru N, vi '3mg"' E Vxfr B. -Ha'--"H I :NWN I O. ag. . . WNNVf 3 . . . Q s m E . . 2 . , I I . . U, . 5 EQ 3 X CN UI N r-1 I O Og Q S' N " 'C -"'-3 a wvq FP - E2 gg 3-U3 F! - 'Ein 5'u7 N U3 Q. Eau, 2- 0 9? zz S 2' Q' E' - Ra 2 2' ' 5" . ru' 5- ::' ' 5 U3 CX O . w xo S Pl P-5 . D95 Q xl r-1 OC W ..-S. YQ , gm - . " S . 53 I lx - 'T' ma ff' ua ,,.f F I ' Z -. "+- 1 F ,. ..h...,A.L.' :Fo I - - - -- Strong Men .... 108 Trapeze Artists . . 128 I F Crowd S 5 2. Y .Q X "' 1 Q1qx 1 ,N ,Sf-' , , D .. N-1:1-ew ..i Ads Index OUR DEDICATEE- September 5, 1946, brought to Wausau Senior High School a man whom we have all come to love and admire. Mr. Elton H. Boettcher, tenth principal of Wausau Senior High, was born in Bloomer, Wisconsin, where he attended elemen- tary and high school. After receiving his B.A. from Eau Claire State Teachers' College in 1929, he taught school at Granton, Elmwood, Chetek, and Chippewa Falls. In 1937 he was granted an M.A. from Iowa University and was selected prin- cipal of Wausau Junior High School the follow- ing fall. He is an active member of the Wausau Educa- tion Association, Secondary School Principals' As- sociation, National Education Association, and Lion's Club. Through his untiring efforts, Wau- sau High has continued to hold its high scholastic and athletic rating throughout the state and the Midwest. In spite of his many activities and varied interests, Mr. Boettcher still finds time to give his personal attention to teachers, students, and or- ganizations on our high school campus. To this congenial gentleman, sympathetic coun- cilor, understanding teacher, and very capable principal, we, the Seniors of 1953, dedicate this XVAHISCAN. E. H. B O E T T C H E R, Principal I. The duxlning Y wenties. 2 Hit first can. 4. lixnlilly picnic in .Yortlr woods. 8. Air. Hoellrller - Oulrlnorrmuu. lloufx lbix for .1 tulflnk Our dmlimlee. lm! in llve u'il1lvrm'.ts. liurnily pnrfmil. fiullghlff UFII41' Jlltl IJJJ, lloffv IUSZ fglynlfnu men! spmbrfs. ' 'F 7173- A I . , - if!! N ff' fffl' W8 fx ff" 5 Mfzif Sir. 'f W 'LL X-f75' :BWX ' f fl K 3 wt 1-N X 'W N X YQ? s lm X f N If - --Q' ,na f ll :gs as 'X .' 1 x ' h. 1 - R A -- diff ,- 5 N 'QP X, fe ,r ":af --.:::,,Yf K w U! , f ' f 'grfgfi - :,,, . . .X ,ff i f ff 'r X FK IW' I ' -1 '4 ' '7 if 1 f 5 Ai-Siff' -' f ff l W l wi 1 X"v'qy1 K W li ,, S ' ff' --- ' 16 1 P ff ' 1 I 41 9 w I 1 I H l ii lf' f Z 'ff I A IQ- Y N ' H5 W A x ,::.. ' , ff " - X Q -, , xm f ' - I ' 1 -:L f Siiqxlx Q af ff ff f di ,f I0 Q I , B + ., hr . A Xxx , NX X y f X N 1-2 - f X X , f ! ! If f -S ' , fr- . ff, :: ' If X 'fx- f 5, . X X 1 'fTv"if3- - f f ' J , New Bef , ., A!! A 1 , .yjf I .f A, linda , il' , N Are guage Canvas 5 ' R, , r V ' ' fl - , 1 kb" 1f2'1i',:z,Qfaf'f:sf,:n'?' 'V ' " l , ,Q If I 1' Thou 1, I me buliilffninig ,fn Pafude- K - Q! ' f I ff- l',, 3 my . 3 uf' pf ' -- --fx?" f 15 WZ " wall' "thi: 1, ."" 'fd 1f,,, E J ' J f 'ex Andenafn 'bfi x:"'d, 52? fm "ffl 1, Made' ,S A if f Z f Y, I I7 F1 'abalif ng' is anno fly-ge hffd ' f, f 21 0m ,D -Y .vwm ,4 lgugb. -Y e gr .. 1l':J'd'l,eaxfw?,,e to 8 fn ,he sing ffown 1 ,xx f ' 'X '7 N T1f"" 4 pig? "urge mwge y' ' - x f K 4' bay ride: 1241 pfayflizn up'l,e2Z'b4,,,s wah X A f ff ,, ,,,, 1 : n A d,e,,,,,f,gffg,,, 335512, Wagffffm, Ng Q., af f ' ' 0515 dy. 1 f My X RA PH1LU,,5 !, ,X IZ, gf! X N f xX ff' ' -'-Q 27 X X W' f ' '- 1-' Ib' 4' IV R' ---'- K A 7 A-5 0 il " . A A ff? , ' ' x ,gf ' ' i r f 'Q K WI, , ' ,H ,, ,fl , P 1 .iff J, QQ, a ' ,n , -- X513 ,,,....., A dj 3- 4 V , 117 - Zi, 2, ANN l, 1 Q ' fl' --- f .4 , 152 1-3:7 - 1' Tiitsi- 'Q W 0 . - ,, ,f , , Hfgfbofs M . lggzamms X j 3: .4 M AH g SQ EQEQREX 2' . X f f A x, J., ' , : M 6 4 f' ' I ' ff-, - xx .N 1,35 j ' x vu l 5 1 f 1 Lfx 1 xx, X 5 -Q ffm. QQ "NN 4 Xi ' cz If xx fr , ,X , .. ,Dj Z' X 0 I , 5' fi ' 2 ' .4 XXX N",' A ,pf ' ' 7 ,I f f - ' 2 N ' J X xiifrffvg 4 A4255 1. 2' 1' -5 Lim W- 2'5.af:! K 'gs '1f.fi if Q1 Q: , X Q' A xsm Ilgwig k yy, i 5 I .M ,g!7f,l ,cle , X I-in N ff .'n 7" " , , , ' Q , - 1 9 42555 '- -2: -lag? xx b f ? ' 7 - N X ' , '-- Y . , " 'Z ' , Xf' A Xxx ffl ff 1 ,J y 5 , - 12- .g iq KX I ,f 7 Q X Q X ,, f 'f Z - W 'f' .flwl -V ' All Qt Z ?H cr -? L J 'll 1'lll lpn Akey, WoelJlert If you have ever passed Room 207 the sixth period, you no doubt have seen the Wahiscan in the making. This year 1,540 yearbooks will be printed. Each book is composed of about 20,000 words of copy, 1,000 pictures and 100 drawings. THE N55 Editor-in-chief ,..... Associate Editor .s,,., Class Editors ,,.t., Activities Editors ....,.. Boys' Sports ,..l... Girls' Sports ..,.... Snapshots ...,. Artists ....,,..,....,.. Faculty Editor Index Editors .....,, STAFF Allen Akey Betty Woehlett Evon Beckwith Donna Mathwick Nancy O'Leary Billie Pennell Sam Murphy Carol Lepinski Dennis Schalow Lois Scheel Bob Larson Don Sherbert jim Hett, Ron Detert Charlotte Wfambold Sheila Drehmel Lenore Kreitz Nr- 1114 Top Row: Koxenlmuer, Lepinski, llvoelalerf, Murpby, Srlmlow, Drehmel, Larson, Kreitz. Second Row: Scheel, u7dfI1l10llf, Pennell, Berkwillv, Oeslreirb. O'Leury, fuufllufifk, A5rl1larenner, Lomlerrille. Bottom Row: Akey, Lallimer, Deferi, Heir, Sherberl. Z lx X 1 JOM' QR 'Q , f N I I WML if 5 ff!! f ff' y' ' f, y UMW Kgs f D f Z Z X Sl ?. , G. W. BANNERMAN Sllflfffllffillftffll of Svlnoolv BOARD OF EDUCATION DEAR STUDENTS: The publication of the 1952-53 Wahiscan marks the close of another school year, and it is a gen- uine pleasure to congratulate the entire editorial staff and faculty advisers on a task well done. The planning and successful completion of the school Year Book entails considerable hard work and re- quires the wholehearted co-operation of faculty, students and publishers. Teachers and students alike look forward to the dedication and distribution of the Wahiscan, and when the magic hour arrives, a sense of ex- pectancy permeates the entire student body. The dedication, examining the many interesting pages and securing numerous signatures provide a most exciting interlude in the school routine. A careful examination of the Year Book brings into focus the many and varied achievements of individual students' clubs, athletic teams, foren- sic groups and cultural organizations. We cannot help being impressed by the many splendid oppor- tunities provided by the school for self-improve- ment. It is clear that each student must plan care- fully through study, hard work and selective par- ticipation in the co-curricular activities in order to adequately prepare for the responsibilities which lie ahead. With sincere good wishes to the entire student body and faculty, Very truly yours, G. W. BANNERMAN, Sllperiulefldelll of Schools Killing i Hoellrlrcr, flllfrlllll, BVJIHI. Guenflfer, Llslllllfflllrlll Shmlmt Plirr. Serlmfrr, Linymi, Kiufwl. R.1ir,u'. Iifnllllllflflf. P.1gw1ko I lulmu .ihwnl 1 Dudley .mil lxulvlnnm. 9 E. A. ROESKE, Asst. Principal H. BOETTCHER, Principal ALICE TOBEY, Dean of Girfs CLIFFORD SIVENBY, Guidance Direclor Dear Students and Faculty of W.H.S..' Our school is composed of many people, numerous activities and miscel- laneous factors. Each plays an important role in the total picture and success of Wausau High. One of our most popular and out- standing activities is the yearly publica- tion, the Wahiscan. lt serves a real pur- pose by offering rich experiences for all those who aid in its compilation. Also, it furnishes a medium for students to be- come better acquainted in work and play, all of which tends to result in better school citizenship. Congratulations to the Wahiscan staff and faculty advisors for another well organized and beautiful an- nual! Again, it has been a pleasure to asso- ciate and work with both students and faculty during this past school year of 1952-1955. For each of you I wish an eventful, healthy and happy future. Cordially, E. H. BOETTCHER HARVEY RIDGE, Dean of Boys 10 ANDERSON BECKER BELLAS HERG HERTOLONE HESANT HJORKLUND BONVINCIN HOTSEORD HRANDT INIARY ANDERSON - M,A., Columbia, Home Economics-3 HS., Wisctmnsing Wtrrld History, Spanish . . . WIN BROCK- Cafeteria . . . LYDIA BECKER - M.A., La Crosse S.T.C., MEYER - M.ED., Minnesota: Director of Athletics and Michigan: Head of Girls Physical Education . . . HAROLD Physical Education . . . RAY BURTON - M.A., Iowag BELLAS - M.A., Northwesterng Bookkeeping, Deposit Salesmanship, Bookkeeping, Commercial Dept. Head . . . Fund . , . BEN BERG - M.A., Wisctxnsin: Modern Science, FLORENCE CARR - B.S., Wisctmnsing U. S. and Wtmrld Physics, Science Dept. Head . . . KATHLEEN BERTO- History . . . LOUISE DALE - B.S., Battle Creek: Home LONE - B.S.. Wisctwnsing English . . . LLOYD BESANT Nursing . . . LAWRENCE DIKE - B.ED., Whitewater - M.A., North Dakota, Wisctmnsin: Speech, English, Dru- s.T,C., Typing . . . MARY DRULINER - B.M., Wisctmn- matics . . . ,IANE BjORKLUND - M,A., Wisctmnsing Amer- sin: Vocal Music . . . JOHN DZUBAY - Ph.M., Wisctmn- ican Problems, U. S. History . . . ELDA BONVINCIN - sing Modern Science . . , CAROL FEILER - B.S., River B.S., Minnesota: German, Spanish, Dept. Head of Language Falls S.T.C.g English . . . ALLAN GABRILSKA - M.S., . . . MILTON BOTSEORD - B.ED., Eau Claire S.T.C., Carroll, Wisctvnsing Boys Physical Education . , . MARIE Northwestern: Math, Coaching . . . RAYOLA BRANDT - GEIST - HS., Minnesota, English. BROCKIVIEYER BURTON CARR DALE DIKE DRULINER DZUBAY EEILER GAHRILSKA GEIST 4'-.."' ll ll f"f,"L"" Riff www, GJETSON GRILL IIALSOR HEINRICH HENDERSON HULHERT IIYLKEMA G. JOHNSON H. A. JOHNSON KAGEI. MATHEXV GjETSON - M.S., Oshkosh S.T.C.. Stout In- LARSON - ILS.. Minnesotag Librarian . . . OLAF LEE - stitute: Drafting, Industrial Arts Dept. Head . . . K.R.N. M.A., Wisctmnsin: Wtmrld History, Social Science Dept. Head GRILL -- M.A., Wisctmnsin, Colorado, Music Dept .... . . . j. BART LUTTRELI. - M.A., River Falls S.T.C., JOSEPI-IINE I-IALSOR A M.A., Wisctmnsing English . . . Northwesterng Advanced Algebra, Plane Geometry . . . ER- ARTHUR HENDERSON A- M.A., La Crosse S.T.C., Iowa: VIN MARQUARDT - M.A., Lawrence, Columbia: Amer. U. S. History . . . VIRGINIA HULBERT - M.A., Law- Prob., Public Discussion, Director of Forensics, Debate rence, Wisctwnsinq Latin . , . BERNARD HYLKEMA - B.S., Coach . . . WII.I.IAM M. MAXWELL - M,ED., Colorado: River Iialls S.T.C.g Dept. Head of Agriculture . . . GEORGE Commercial Law, Economic Geography . . . A. E. McDON- .IOHNSON - A.M., Columbia: U. S. History . . . HARRY ELL - M.S., Wisctmnsing Mil. S.T.C.g Band . . . BETTY IOHNSON - M.A., Ripon, Wisctmnsin, Washingttvnz Chem- MERCER - B.S.. La Crosse S.T.C., Physical Education, Su- istry, Director of Visual Aids . . . VIRGINIA KAGEL - pervisor of Elementary Physical Education . . ELIZABETH B.E., Whitewater S.T.C.g Shorthand, Typing . . . EDMUND METZ - Secretary . . . INGRID METZLER - B.A,, Law- KIQELER i A.B., Ripong Driver Education . . . EMMA renceg English. KEELER LARSON Llili l.UTTREI.I. MARQUARD1 IVIAXXWELI. McDONEI.I. MERCER INIETZ METZLER QP-by I2 --4 NELMS NELSON OCKERLANDER OLSON PROCHASKA REINEIVIANN REYNOLDS RIDGE ROESKE ROSENHAUER CLARA NELMS - M.A., Minnesota: American Prohlems, lish . . , ETHEL SCHEURMANN - B.A., Lawrence, Wis- U. S. History INEZ NELSON - M.A., Columbia, Eng- consing French, English, Skyrocket Advisor . . . HOWARD lish . . . DORIS OCKERLANDER - B.S., Stevens Point SHAWL - M.A., Hamline, Minnesota: Geometry, Con- S.T.C.g Home Economics . . . ARTHUR OLSON - M.A.. sumers Math . . . JULIA SLETTEN - B.E., Whitewater Carroll. Michigan: Biology . . . GERTRUDE PROCHASKA S.T.C., Shorthand, Typing . . . WILLIAM SMILEY - M.S., - B.S., Wisconsin: Speech, English . . . CARLTON REINE- Grinnell, Ill.g Biology, Modern Science, Track Coach . . . MANN - B.S., Milwaukee S.T.C.g Art . . . ROBERT REY- ROBERT ST. CLAIR - B.S., Stout: General Motors . . . NOLDS - B.A., Wisconsing Bookkeeping, Typing . . . CLARA SUMNER - M.A., Eau Claire S.T.C., Minnesota: HARVEY RIDGE 3 Ph.M., Wisconsin, Modern Science, American Problems . . . ELLA SWAIN - M.A., Columbia: Dean of Boys . . . E. A. ROESKE -Ph.B., Ripon, Columhiag Shorthand, typing . . . CLIFFORD SWENBY - M.ED., Geometry, Vice Principal . . . GEORGE ROSENHAUER - Washington, Modern Science, Guidance Director . . . WAR- M.A., XVisconsin: English, journalism, Director of Puhlica- REN THOMAS i M.S., Stout: General Woodwork, tions . . . ARLENE ROSS - M.A., Ripon, Wfisconsing Eng- SCHEURMANN ROSS SIIAXVL SLETTEN SMILEY ST. CLAIR SUIVINER SXVAIN SXVIZNBY TIIOIWAS -af" .J 13 XVlfllVKAUl5 YOUNG XVOODS YELICH XVlfSTl.Ul5lD ZlliLSDORlf XVAl.l,ACli STIEGER TIEBOR DOROTHY XVEINKAUF - Secretary . . . CLIFFORD B.S., La Crosse S.T.C., Biology, Girls Phy. Fd. . . . MAR- VUESTLUND - M.A., Wisccwnsing English . . . STANLEY GARFT ZIELSDORF - M.A., Northwestern, English, Eng- WOOIDS - lVl.A,, Hamline, Minnesota, Columbiag Wmmrlcl lish Dept. Head . . . MARION XVALLACF - Secretary . . . History . . . THOMAS YELICH -- lVl,A., Superior S.T.C., MARTHA STFGER - City Nurse . . . IRVING TEBOR Iowa: U.S. History, Coach . . . MARJORIE YOUNG - -Social Wtvrker. mai ?5'+'?i kd' I. Mr, l0l7ll,HHl loving rriflr Iris inifr .uni lu'n itlmxn. -0. .Hin Plflllhllial .uid Aliu Alelzlw' orerlouk 1. Mr. Rmc'r1lt.1m'r. Mr. 1x1J.K'll'l'll, Mr. Rvimwmnn ,Him Geixlk z'lnl1.nm.uing lllfllllflll. .md Mr, Lev lmti for seromlx. 5. Mixx Young .and Min Uvlferlunder esforl Min A, Min Zwlsdorf 1li,tpl.1yx .1 lIIl'!lIt'HlII rnrizwl by our ll"iu'rm.rin .lt ilu' uvvalllfilll Day Celebration. primifml ul tlw Ryp, Nut. fwneuliml. 6, Om- tiring nur Luully Hier lo do ix e.:I.' I4 "' , ww U 7, ii 1 r.li.i ' Wm .A ..,. , inur- 1,5 HARVEY RAMTHUN, Chief Custodian To keep a school as large as ours here at Sr. High neat, clean, and in good work- ing order is a full time job for Mr. Har- vey Ramthun and his eight assistants. The custodian's work, which begins at six in the morning, does not end when our school day ends. There is still much to be done in cleaning up classrooms, sweeping corridors, washing windows, shoveling snow, and feeding those huge, hungry furnaces, so our school will be in ship shape condition for our student body of 1600 people the following day. We are grateful to the custodians for the immaculate condition in which they keep our school and campus. NW ARNER ISORCHARDT RAMTHUN W'lEKliR'l' KURTH PRI-ISIG ROEDER ZEMKE POI SNEEDEN ABSENT - GEORGE MASANZ faculty on Ag Parade X , f v K J M. l I 'Z gf Y flavv M x , 5 4 kg: ii xiii ' is y GQ I im l A15 lv - qv ip. f i ' V 1 ' :., ref' 'Ez -1"-fe r V f' JW' 021524 xx 5 4 ,, - Q fff 191 fc Xmiibg ' X f r' Q5 i 593 SQ iff 744 'P 1 Us ,el X ilfg X N06 71" 9 an R0lI.5'fdb0llf.5' 10 X x 3- To i K QUE li M X! W GY Q WW Q QQW QS K 4 1 Q 1 ,af Mr. 'l'lmma.v gives u demonstralivn YR Z Mis: Slelteu walchex will: an approving eye k S Q. K Mr. Dzubay, Miss B0r11'im'in, Miss Young and Min Beflolvne surrey X Q - lbe ximalinu. E l 4 Mixx Proclaaslea and pupils X W 4 5 Mr. Olxan vouxex ri smile from his friend X X 6 Mr. Harry johuxrm making hix own H-bomb X . ii.. , 7 Min Larson, nur amiable librarian F X , 8 Mix: Ofkerlumler gives JIJIIIP axsixlurlfe 5. , S- 5 Q S 9 Miss Zieldxdorf in aftinu ii Y f' A, ,N Y 10 Mr. St. Clair fasls a dubious glance i , ...MV MW I ' orF1c1sRs The Student Council consists of one member from each homeroom, president, vice-president, secretary who are elected at the beginning of each semester, and five commissioners who serve for a full year. The Council sponsors the Candy Sale, all- school dances, football hops, assemblies, and elections. They also take care of any other unexpected drives, dances, or other activities that come up during the year. Mr. E. A. Roeske is the adviser and helps the group in solving their problems. This year's Student Council has labored very industriously. Zohorouuvki, Srlmlau' Ziegler, !dt'k50lI COMMISSIONERS The five commissioners are chosen by the student body to head vitally impor- tant committees: publicity, pep, finance, social, and school affairs. Student government has become a dis- tinctive practice at WHS. Its members carry on the extensive work of govern- ment. The first Wednesday and third Monday, representatives meet to discuss student problems. Through the co-opera- tion of the students and the assistance of the Council, we find sanitary conditions throughout the school and an orderly stu- dent body. The Student Council is truly a democratic group which promotes the best interests of students. Slumliug: Zilz, Long Silliug: LrlIIlf7'Fl'fH6', Yunk. llulufrk STUDENT COUNCIL INSTALLATION I7 I . X' L 1 RlN62... Performers in a rirrus must go through strivt periods of training and rehearsals. The students who appear on have gone l 1. perzenee hy a day IWHS. whifh years, to do ready the following pages through surh an ex- atlending six periods and fire days a week al This slrirt training period, is ronfluded after three will enable these students their hes! when they are to undertake their impor- tant roles in life. C0455 01" 1953 It was just a short time ago that we came to WHS as green sophomores. Like most other under classmen we were scared and uneasy at all the newness - especially the huge buildings. Today we look back at those first days and feel amused. IVHS has an altogether different meaning to us now. It has grown to be a part of us, which we will miss greatly. Our Senior Class Play "Little Women," the exciting school dances, the many tough assignments and tests we managed to survive, and oh, those exciting football, basketball, baseball, and hockey games. With those memories and the knowledge of understanding, education, and human fellowship, which will be an asset to us in our future, we the senior class of 1953 close the doors of WHS behind us. 20 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President JIM SULLIVAN Vice President DENNIS SCHALOW Secretary JOANNE ACCOLA X 1 5Nx S- ABEI. ABITZ ACCOLA ACHTISRBERG AKEY AKEY ALBEE ALBRECIIT ALLEN FRED ABEL - Krauts, Math Club. People that talk too much . . . HELEN ABITZ - People loitering in halls . . . JOANNE ACCOLA - Choir accompanist, Dramatics, Sky- rocket. People who call me "jenn" . . . LEROY ACHTER- BERG - Getting up in the morning . . . ALLEN AKEY - Wahiscan Editor, President Quill and Scroll, Senior Class Play. Stop signs , . . LEROY AKEY - Top hatters, Home Room President, Band. Immature Senior High girls . . . JIM ALBEE . . . ROBERT ALBRECHT - Ski Club, Intramural Bowling, Baseball Manager. The Republican Party . . . CAR- MEN ALLEN - jr. Gregg, G.A.A. Assignments over holi- days . . . JEANNINE ALWIN - Cheerleader, Pep Club, Astronomy Club. Two-faced people . . . jOHN WILI.IAM ANDERSON - Chemistry Club, Conservation Club, Math ANDRESIIAK BARVUICK ALXVIN ANDERSON ANDERSON Club . , . MARY NELL ANDERSON - Student Council, Latin Club, jr. Gregg. Waiting for slow people . . . MICH- AEL ANDRESHAK - Ski Club. Dog poisoners . . . KAREN RAE ANTELI. - Latin Club, G.A.A. People who crack their gum . . . JAMES ASH - Forensics, Spanish Club, Radio Production Club. Homework on a weekend . . . JEANNE BABL - Student Council Rep., Youth Council Rep., F.T.A. Homework . . . WILLIAM BARWICK - Football, Pep Club, Noon Hour Softball. People talking during announcements . . . DONNA BAUMANN - jr. Girls Formal, Biology Club. People who crack gum . . . JEROME BECK - Biology Club, Conservation Club. Getting up in the morning . . . ART BECKER. ANTELL ASH BABL BAUMANN BECK BECKER 21 BORKENHAGEN BRADFISH BRADLEY BRANIYI' BRAUN BRECIILER EVON ANN BECKWITH - Student Council, Chemistry Club, Wahiscan editorial staff. Youse . . . jULlANNE BEDNORSKI - Book Club, Music Club, jr. Gregg. People talking during a movie . . . LORETTA BEGOLKE - Home room sec., Pep Club, Student Council. Talkative people . . . DOROTHY BENDER - G.A.A., Music Club, 1:20 Y-Teens. People with inflated egos . . . CARL BENNETT -- Foot- ball, Conservation Club, Student Council. Girls with short hair . . . NANCY BERG - F.T.A., Student Council, Music Club. Getting up in the morning . . . LOIS BETHKE - Sky rocket, Checking Comm., jr. Girls' Formal. A certain Casanova . . . MARY LEE BISSELL - Ski Club Sec,, Make- up Comm., jr. Girls' Formal. Lockers that won't open . . . ALAN BLACK -- Debate, Sr. Class play, Drama Club. People who borrow things . . . WILLIAM BOPE - Swing Choir, Play Comm., Music Club. Students who talk during BECKXVITII BEDNORSKI BEGOLKE BETHKE HISSELL BLACK These three words Wausau Senior High, will remain in my mind for some time to come. ln them are expressed the clean, wholesome living, the classes, ac- tivities and the fun of going to high school. In my estimation W.H.S. offers one of the finest chances for the youth of our day to advance himself to a higher point of living. The administration, faculty, and curriculum are one of the most outstanding in the state. The features I will miss most are the above named factors and most of all the students. Without the students' co-operation, it would lack school spirit, and the every- day enjoyment of going to high school. W.H.S. has helped me to BRAMER understand what makes people BRICK tick and to face the future. Allen Akey announcements . . . DONALD BORCHARDT - Noon hour Asst., Math. Club, Noon-hour baseball. Assignments over week ends . . . BERNITA MARIE BORKENHAGEN - G.A.A., jr. Gregg. Girls smoking . . . jEAN BORKEN- HAGEN - Monitor, Y-Teens. Staying home nights . . . FLORIAN BRADFISH - Activities period . . . SUE BRAD- LEY - jr. Girls' Formal, Student Council, Monitor. Week- ends without anything to do . . . MARALYN BRAMER - jr. Gregg, Library Club, Cafeteria. Home work on week ends . . . DARLENE BRANDT - Music Club. Cracking gum . . . KATHLEEN BRAUN - Ski Club, Publicity Comm., Y-Teens. Unfriendly people . . . FREDERIC BRECHLER - Skyrocket, Sr. Class play, Uthrotar. People who block the halls . . . CLAIRE BRICK - Sr. Class Play, Ski Club Sec.. jr. Prom Comm. Chairman. Unopenable locker 1165. BENDER BENNETT BERG BOPP BORCHARDT BORKENHAGEN it-. : 'W . 1' sf S To express in words how much I shall miss Wausau Senior High and the three wonderful and ex- citing years it has given me, is almost impossible. The education I received here was not only that which comes out of a book, but a much deeper and lasting kind, both socially and academically. Like the other Seniors, I'll miss making and being with my friends, both students and teach- ers, the rush in between classes, and the extra curricular activities most. I know that wherever I go - I will always be able to say with great pride - I went to Wausau Senior High. BUTTKE 'lean Babl CARLSON NANCY LEIGH BRUESS - Book Club, jr. Gregg. People who think they are better than everyone else . . . AARON BRUMMOND - Ski Club, U-Huh Club, Baseball. Home- work . . . DOROTHY LOUISE BRUNELL - jr. Gregg, Chemistry Club, Skyrocket. Homework . . . CHARLES BRUSHERT - Home Room President, Ski Club. Home- work on week ends . . . STANLEY BRZEZINSKI - Chess Club, Astronomy Club, Intramural Basketball. Activity peri- ods . . . GEORGE BUCHBERGER - Ski Club, Baseball. Homework . . . ERLAND BURCHARDT - Art Club, Con- servation Club. Intramural Basketball. Gossipping women . . . LEONA BUREK - Latin Club, jr. Gregg, Music Club. lm- proper grammatical expressions . , . SHARON BURGER - BRUESS BRUMMOND BRUNELL BURCHARDT BUREK BURGER CAIVIPION CAREY CAREY CARSWELI. CASIE CHECK Student Council, Latin Club, Monitor. Green-eyed monsters . . . KENNETH BURNS - Noon Hour Activities. Hi-Y Basketball. School work . . . PAT BUSCH - Hi-Y Basket- ball, Art Club . . . DELORES BUTLER - Monitor. Nosey people . . . LOUANN BUTTKE - Music Club, jr. Gregg, Home Economics Club. Wads of gum in a water fountain.. . KATHLEEN CAMPION - Music Club, Make-up Commit- tee, Book Club. People . . . ALICE CAREY . . . JOHANNA CAREY . . . TOM CARLSON - Football. Homework on week ends . . . MICHAEL CARSWELL - Hi-Y Basketball, Chemistry Club, Art Club . . . WILLIAM CASE - Hockey, Badger Boys' State, Ski Club. People who complain about school . . . LOUIE CHECK - Table Tennis. Girls who talk about other boys on dates. BRUSHERT BRZEZINSKI BUCHBERGER BURNS BUSCH BUTLER 23 "-w. 'TE' CHEREK CHRISTIAN CHRISTIANSON CHRISTIANSON CLAIRIVIORE COOPER CORRIGAN COTE CROYMANS CZECH DABROSKI TUSHKOWSKI EUGENE CHEREK - Astronomy Club, Chemistry Club, cuts . . . MARLENE CZECH - Library Club, Girls' Glee Squires. People who don't express their opinion about a dis- Club. Tests . . . EUGENE DABROSKI - School . . . cussed topic . . . THOMAS CHRISTIAN - Aviation Club. GENE TUSI-IKOXVSKI - Wahiscan Business Staff, Intra- Loud mouths . . . GERALD CHRISTIANSON - Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Art Club. Getting up for school on weekdays . . . SUE CHRISTIANSON - Book Club, As- tronomy Club, F. T. A. Weekend assignments . . . ESTHER CLAIRMORE - Skyrocket, Art Club, Home Economics Club. Boys who think friendly girls have crushes on them . . . MARGARET COOPER - Music Club, Sing Band, Book Club. Someone who quits school for no good reason . . . GEORGE CORRIGAN - Projectionists Club, Astronomy Club, Band. Trying to sleep on the hard desks in study hall . . . ALLAN COTE -- Kraut'5 I-Ii-Y Club, Hi-Y Basketball. bowling. The slowness of Sophomores and juniors in the halls . . . RICHARD CROYMANS - Intramural Basket- ball, Aeronautics Club, Art Club. Girls with poodle hair DALSKE DELISLE DENFELD DETERT DEUTCII DOEDE murals, Projectionist Club. Self-centered people . . . ROSE MARIE DALSKE - G.A.A., Student Council, F.T.A. Home- work . . . BARBARA DELISLE - German Club, Student Council, Sr. Y-Teens. "Yousef" . . . DAVE DENFELD - Leathernecks, Volleyball, Intramurals. Life in general . . . SHIRLEY ANN UTECHT - jr. 81 Sr. Gregg, Waugonian Council, Sr. Y-Teens. People who gossip . . . RONALD DE- TERT - Art Club Pres., Biology Club, Wahiscan. Show- offs . . . EVELYN DEUTCH - Student Council, German Club, Wahiscan Business Staff. Slowpokes . . . CAROL -IEAN DOEDE -- German Club, Orchestra, Wahiscan Busi- ness Staff. White socks with white bucks . . . DON DOEDE - Conservation Club, Football, Intramural Basketball. UTECHT DOEDE Q3- ,,.-. 537' It 24 DOLLOFF DONNIELLY DREHMEL DUNST IiIJW'ARDS IiGGIfRT JOAN DOLLOFF A G.A.A., jr. Gregg. Home work over weekends . . . WII.LIAM DONNELLY - Chess Club, French Club, Student Council. People who don't have a sense of humor . . . SI-IEILA DREHMEL - G.A.A., jr. 8: Sr. Gregg. Homework on weekends . . . ROGER DU FOUR - Ski Club. School . . .RAE ANN DUMONTE h French Club, Drama Club, Y-Teens. People who always bounce around . . . -IERRY DUNBAR - Homework on weekends . . . DONALD DUNST - Monitor, track. People stepping on my feet . . . JANE EDWARDS - Pep Club, Ski Club, G.A.A. Arguing with M.A.R .... YVONNE EGGERT - Book Club. Arguing politics . . . BOB ELBE - Bowling, Curling, Leathernecks. Getting up . . . MARGIIE ENGE- BRECHT - G.A.A., Sr. Gregg, Stuck-up people . . . GER- ERXVIN FECK ,ff OU FOUR DUMUNTE DI 'NISAK ELBF IiNGlilIRliCllT ERMIQLING TRUDE ERMELING - G.A.A., Monitor. People who have social hour on the staircase . . . PATRICIA ERWIN - Student Council, Pep Club, G.A.A. Noisy gum chewers . . . ALICE ESKER - jr. Gregg, Book Club, Sr. Class Play Comm. People who limit their conversation to one thing... jACK EVANS - Curling, Chemistry Club, Ski Club. Talk- ative people . . , KIRK EVENSON - Learhernecks, Tracks, Intramurals. The word ain't . . . MAVIS FECK - Student Council, Sr. Gregg, Music Club. People who constantly com- plain . . . FRED FENHAUS - Intramurals. People who complain . . . BARBARA FISTLFTR - G.A.A., Y-Teens, Pep Club. Unfriendly people . . . FLORENCE FLIEHS - G.A.A., Noon hour Y-Teens. People who wear pin striped SUIIS. ESKIER EVANS liVliNSON VENHAUS VISTLIER FLIIEIIS 435+ GOETSCI1 GOETSCH GOHDIES GRAEFE GRAMINSKI GRAVEEN GENE FOCHS - F.E.A., Conservation Club. Studious stu- dents . . . JOANNE FREIBERG - Music Club, F.T.A.. Skyrocket. Slow moving people who stop suddenly in the halls . . . JOHN FROMM - Music Club, Latin Club, Ger- man Club. The short time allowed for orchestra rehearsals . . . JERRY FUNK - Skyrocket, Forensics, Spanish Cluh. People who walk slow in the halls . . . DAVE GEHRING - Swing Choir. Seniors who act like Sophomores . . KATHLEEN ANN GEIER - G.A.A., Music Club. Gum in water fountains . . . JOAN GENRICH - Book Club. People who talk at the wrong time . . . BONNIE MAE GESKE - Music Club. Gum in water fountains . . . NANCY LEE GESKE - Junior Girls Formal, Latin Club, Student Coun- cil. Kids who walk slow in the corridors . . . GENROSE FOCIIS FREIHISRG FROIVIM CSENRICII GESKE GESKE I am very proud to claim Wau- sau as my alma mater. To me the entire school carries an atmos- phere of cheer and friendliness. Indeed I shall miss the smiles and greetings of the students I have known here. If it were possible, I should like to go back and be- gin my high school days all over. The crowded busses and halls, the football and basketball games, and most of all, locker trouble, will be my greatest losses upon leaving. Whatever the future may hold for me, I'm sure that Wau- sau High gave me the necessary preparation in order to advance Illy CHFCEF. VERCIMAK vo1.1.ENwr1oHt -Nancy Hubevle "JEAN" GOEDEN - Music Club, Girls Glee Club. Slow people in the halls . . . JERRY GOETSCH - Conservation Club. Assignments . . . JOY GOETSCI-I - Music Club. Holiday and weekend assignments . . . KENNETH GOETSCH - Conservation Club, Intramurals, Astronomy Club. Conceited women . . . LEROY GOETSCH - Intra- murals. Untalkative students . . . RICHARD GOHDES - Ski Club. Astronomy Club, Radio Club. Green hair . . . JOHN VERCIMAK - Boxing, Basketball, Golf . . . DAN GRAEFE - Bowling. People in general . . . GLENN GRA- MINSKE - Bowling, Intramurals. Women smokers . . . CAROL GRAVEEN - Library Club, Baton Twirling Club. stuck-up people . . . JOHN voLLENwE1DER - ski Club, Football, Basketball. FUNK GEHRING GEIER GOEDEN GOETSCH GOETSCH ILIKE OUR... W ausau Senior High School. A uditorium, in all its splendor. U pper classmen fI'm one of themj. S uperior teachers - not to be equaled. A ll-School activities. II under classmen in the balcony. I'LL MISS THOSE . . S uperlatives by Rosenhauer. Ii lusive unknowns by Luttrell. N eat discussions in Henderson's History. I nteresting disections conducted by Olson. O rchestra sessions with K.R.N. Grill. R oman reminiscences with Hulbert as guide. I'LL REMEMBER . . . H arrowing tests and successful UQ results I deas and ideals inspired by teachers G ood things to remember. H ey'!Wait!-I'n1 still here. HALMINIAK -Tom Harrison HARalsoN GAIL GRAVITTER - Skyrocket, G.A.A., Y-Teens. People always correcting me . . , CHARMAINE GREMLER - G.A.A., Music Club, Home Ec. Club. Girls wearing jeans . .. MARJORIE FULLER GREVENOW - Debate, State Baton Twirling, Ski Club. People who don't smile or say hello... ROBERT GREVENOW - Badger Boys State, Debate, Uth- rotar. People who refer to their hair as "them" . . . MAR- GARET GRIMM - F.T.A., Latin Club, Music Club. Fault- finding people . . . DELORES GRITZMACHER - Library Club, Home Ec. Club, Library staff. Stuck-up people . . . DAVID GROTH - Radio Club, Ski Club, Astronomy Club. Green hair . . . NANCY HABECK - Cheerleading, Student Council, jr. Prom. Talkative people . . . PAUL HAEHLKE - Conservation Club, H.R. Pres., Monitor. People who GRAVITTER GREMLER GREVENOW' GROTH IIABECK HAEHLKIS IIANNEMAN IIANSUN HARRIS HISGNA IIEIDIEMANN IlAIiMMIiRI,li think they are never wrong . . . MARY HAHN - G.A.A., Music Club, Swing Choir. People who stand around at dances . . . RONALD HAHN - Show-offs . . . JOAN HALKOSKI - Wahiscan Bus. Staff, Home room Sec., Bowling. People that like to show off . . . ROGER HAL- MINIAK - Dull classes . . . FLORENCE HANNEMAN - Music Club, jr, Gregg. Complaining people . . . JOANN HANSON - Student Council, Music Club. A toothpaste tube squeezed in the middle . . . SHIRLEY HARRIS - Groups standing in halls . . . TOM HARRISON - Uthrotar, Band Bt Orchestra, Tophatters . . . CHARLES HEGNA - Leathernecks . . . WILLIS HEIDEMANN - Basketball, Baseball, Football. School in general . . . ROGER HAFM- MERLE - Ski Club, Curling Club. Teachers in general... GRliVIiNOXV GRIMM GRI'I'ZIVIACI'IIiR IIAIIN IIAHN IIALKOSKI WV N! 27 HEINTZ HEINZ IIEINZ HII.DliBRAND'I' IIINZMANN HOEVS JUDITH HEINTZ - Future Teachers of America, Music Club, Book Club. People with sophisticated airs . . . BEV- ERLY HEINZ - G.A.A.. Junior Girls Formal, Music Club. People slamming other people's lockers shut . . . DARXVIN HEINZ - Camera Club. Too much homework . . . JIM HETT - Art Club Pres., Wahiscan Staff, Student Council. Cheap sentiment found in modern tunes . . . JAMES HET- TINGA - Boxing, Student Council, Noon hour Activities. Girls standing in the middle of the hall . . . ROBERT HIL- BER - Boxing, Conservation, Intramurals. More about in- tramurals . . . VIRGINE THELMA HILDEBRANDT - G.A.A., Music Club. People who block the stairs . . . EL- WOOD BUD HINZMANN - Math Club Sec., Intra- murals. Week-encl assignments . . . BENJAMIN HOEFS Q From eight o'clock A.M. to four o'clock P.M .... BETTY HOEFMANN - Music Club, F.T.A., G.A.A. Week end IIOLZEM IIOLZSCIIUII IIORNE IMM IVERSON JACOBSON W, 'W is i HETT HETTINGA HILBER IIOFEMANN HOFFMANN HOLMES assignments . . ROBERT HOFEMANN - Biology Club. Horse-play in the halls . . . JANET RUTH HOLMES - French Club, Swing Choir, Y-Teens. Dirty ash trays . . . BARBARA HOLZEM - Transfer from Merrill High School. Swing Choir. Conceited people . . . LOIS JEAN HOLZ- SCHUH - Pep Club, Home Ec. Club, G.A.A. Dancing with boys who hate to dance . . . RICHARD HORNE - Ski Club, Hockey Club. Week end assignments . . . DAVE HUSEBY - Swing Choir, Camera Club, Intramurals . . . Getting hands wet at the school's drinking fountains . . . VANGIE IMM - Choir, Music Club, Book Club. Long assignments , . . ROBERT IVERSON - Intramural Bowl- ing. Wtrnmen drivers . . . JOAN HELEN JACOBSON - G.A.A. Badger, Girls' State, Y-Teens. People who never smile . . . GORDON JAECKS - Uthrotar, Conservation Club, Chemistry Club. Show people in the halls. HUSEBY Jmzcks JAECKS JAECKS JAMES JOHNAS JOHNSON JOHNSON ROBERT JAECKS - Conservation Club, Choir, Tennis. People who aren't much but think they're everything . . . SHIRLEY JAECKS - Book Club, Jr., Sr. Gregg Club. Stu- dents dragging along in the halls . . . MARY JANE JAMES - Jr. Sr. Gregg, Music Club. People who brag . . . DAVE JENSEN - Conservation Club, Chess Club, Biology Club. Students that willingly tear down the character of fellow students . . . JIM JESTER - Leathernecks, Volleyball, Con- servation Club. Pessimists . , . VIC JOHNS - Tennis, Intra- murals, Camera Club. Girls that smoke . . . HARVEY JOHNAS - Conservation Club, Camera Club, Leathernecks. Monday mornings . . . CLARENCE JOHNSON - Camera Club, Chess Club, Orchestra. People who are too helpful . . . ROGER JOHNSON - Football, Uthrotar. Swing Choir. The "Swagger" type . . . BILL JOHNSON - Baseball, Hi KARPINSKE KELL 29 JENSEN JESTER JOHNS JOHNSON JONES KAMIENICK Y Club. Going to school . . . NANCY JONES -- Library Club. Music Club, Sr. Gregg. Males in levies . . . RUDOLPH KAMENICK - Bowling, Volleyball, Baseball. People who draw hasty conclusions . . . EUGENE KARPINSKE - U- Huh Club, Ski Club, Astronomy Club. Not enough water fountains . . . LUETTA KASTEN - Jr. Gregg, Book Club. Library Club. People who don't return books and magazines in the study halls , . . AUTUMN KAUFMAN - French Club. Latin Club. Baton Twirling. My cantankerous locker . . . GREGORY KAZMIER -- Astronomy Club, Football, Boxing. Slow moving crowds in the halls . . . RUSSELI. KENT - Curling, Uthrotar, Football. Wfomen drivers . . . ARI.EEN KESSEN - Jr. Gregg, French Club, Book Club. People who crack gum . . . DONALD KETTNER - F.F.A., Conservation Club, Chess Club. School . . . KASTEN KAUFMAN KAZMIER KENT KESSEN KliT'l'NliR ,Af Doubtful as I was, I was amaz- ed at how easily one could get along and really enjoy attending our Senior High School. The ex- tra time and effort which is given willingly and cheerfully by the capable teachers to anyone earn- estly seeking help or advice has seemed one of the outstanding features. The opportunities to get ahead in athletics, music, or any other field are open to everyone. The friends I have made among both teachers and students, I shall forever cherish. Many more sub- jects have been available to us than to the majority of high school students. l shall miss every- thing about Senior High after I'm gone. ---fuxliuc Prnziuski KNAPI7 KOLBECK -IOANNE KELI. - G,A.A., Music, jr. Gregg. Slow pokes . . . LOIS KETTNER - Music Club. Tests on Monday and slow pokes . . . EVELYN KUEK - Student Council, Wa- hiscan, Pep Club. Cracking gum . . . DELORES KING - Music Club, Home Ec. Club, Shovey people , . . KATH- LEEN KLEMAN 7 junior Girls' Formal, Music Club, Pep Club. People who make so much out of so little . . . DON- ALD KLEMM A- Intramurals. Conservation Club, Ski Tour- nament. Dancing . . . BARBARA KLIMEK - Student Coun- cil, Pep Club, Book Club. Coming home early on dates . . . ARNIE KLOS - Basketball, Football, Chess Club. School . . . VIRGINIA MAE KLUEINIDER - Library Club. F.T.A., Music Club. Students that brag about their grades . . . FREDERICK KLUEVER - Football Mgr., Basketball, Base- ball. Wtrrk . . . ROGER KLUEVER - Football Manager, RliT'l'NliR Klhllfli KING KLOS IiI.UliNDliR KLINEVIZR KNIPPEL KOBAK KOHNHORST KULBERG KOPP KOPPA Shamrocks Hi-Y Club, Baseball. My nickname fMeatj . . . CAROL KLUG - Book Club, jr. Gregg, Sr. Gregg. In- sufficient funds . . . SHARON JANICE KMEN - Usher, Wahiscan business staff, Book Club. Slow people in halls . . . DENNIS KNAPP . . . CAROL KNIPPEL - Music Club, Sing Band, Swing Choir. People who stand on the stairways to talk . . . ALICE KOBAK - Sing Band, Music Club, Sr. Gregg. Being called "Red" . . . WILBUR EARL KOHN- HORST - Ski Club. American-made motorcycles . . . MARI- AN KOLBECK - Music Club, Home Ec. Sr. Gregg . . . JEROME KOLBERG - F.F.A., Camera Club. English motor- cycles . . . jOYCE KOPP - Music Club, Home Ec., Sr. Gregg. People who don't keep appointments . . . RITA MAY KOPPA - jr. Gregg, G.A.A., Book Club. Dry skin. KLEMAN KLEMM KLIMEK KLUIEVER KLUG KMEN -'fi I think Wausau High has the largest amount of the best activ- ities that a school can offer. The students of WHS have so many opportunities to gain valuable experience in whatever field they choose, and I am glad that I could be a part of it for these three eventful years. The Skyrocket, forensics, the Senior Class Play, the clubs, Home Room 251 will be a part of me for many years. I hope I can continue with some of these activities when I go on to ,Q school. I will probably miss Mr. johnson and Mr. Marquardt the most. I think I learned things 5 from the classes that will be of real value to me wherever I go. -Mary Sweitzer KRUEGER KRYSHAR KUCIRIZK KUFAHI. KUJAXVA IKLIRSZIEXVSKI KURTII KURTZXVELI. JOANNE KOPPLIN - jr. Gregg, Sr. Gregg, Home Ec.. Club, Ski Club, Swimming . . . WILBUR KRUEGER P- Throwing gum in the bubblers . . . DAVID M. KOY - Bowling, Aviation, Hi-Y Basketball . . . DON KOY - Bowling, Leathernecks, Intramurals , . . JIM KOZLOVSKY - Conservation Club, Astronomy Club, Ski Club. Only one table saw for the Woodwork Course . . . KENNETH H. KRAIMER - Loud mouths . . . CHARLES KRAUSE - Leathernecks, Intramurals. People who over indulge . . . IRENE KRAUSE - German Club, Monitor, Biology Club. Back seat drivers . . . DONNA KROENING - Smart aleck drivers . , . JAMES H. KRONEWETTER - Ski Club. Harley-Davison Motorcycles . . . GILBERT KRUEGER - Chemistry Club, Loud mouthed people . . , PHYLLIS RUTH KRUEGER - H.R. Sec. Treas., Y-Teen Club, Music Club, Someone who stares . . . WALTER KRUEGER - Chess KOPPLIN ROY ROY KRAUSE KROIENING l'iRONIiNW"li'I"I'liR Student Council, German Club, Proiectionist Club, Girls. .. THOMAS KRYSHAK - Math Club, Leathernecks, Boxing. Too many big wheels rolling around . . . DONALD KUCI- REK - Chess Club, Hi-Y, Intramurals. Teachers that talk about themselves . . . GERALD KUFAHL - Chess Club, Ski Club, Camera Club. Teachers who give week-end assign- ments . . . ANN KUjAWA - Music Club. Hair used in the Plural . . . LEROY KURSZEWSKI - Proiectionist Club, Bowling, Intramurals. Alcoholic Women . . . NANCY KURTH - G.A.A., jr. Gregg, Student Council. Gossipping, even though I sometimes indulge in it . . . ROGER KURTZ- WEIL - Boxing, Biology Club, Aviation Club. Practical jokes . . KOZLOVSKY KRAIMISR KRAUSE KRUEGER KRUEGER l'iRI,lIiGER Xa , -waiiiue I 51 t .faa I 'ia LA FAVE LAHR LAMBRECHT l.ANGl lOlflf LA PORTE LARSON ELIZABETH LAEAVE - Costume Comm. Sr. class play, Checking Comm., Home Ec. Club . . . PATRICIA LAHR - Choir, German Club, Art Club. Getting up early . . . BON- NIE LAMBRECHT - Latin Club, G.A.A., Home Ec. Club. Talkative people . . . KATHLEEN LANDREVILLE - Wausau Day Queen, Badger Girls, Commissioner of School Activities. Waiting for buses . . . jIM WALDINGER - Track, Ski Club, H.R. Pres., Getting up in the morning . . . KENNETH LANGHOEF - Forensics, High Y . . . PHYL- LIS LANGHOEF - Skyrocket Business Staff, Camera Club, Student Council. Bells that don't ring on time at the end of a period . . . BERNARD LAPORTE - Ski Club, IVIotor- cycle Club . . . ROBERT LARSON - Wahiscan, Camera Club, Activities pictures. People, when posed, saying lim- burger instead of cheese . . . YVONNE LASALLE - Y- Teen, Student Council, Music Club. Bob 8: Ray . . . PHYL- Lliktlll I.l5vANoosKl I.l2VANDOSkI I.Iiw'ITZRli l.Ili'l'Z LITZIER LANDRIiVILl.Ii XVALDIIVGER LANGHOIII' LA SALLE LE GAULT LEITZKE LIS LE GAULT - E.H.A., Home Ec. Club. People who think they know it all . . . WILLIAM LEITZKE - Book Club, Camera Club. Too many unhappy people . . . ANNA- LEE LERCH - Choir, Pep Club, Music Club. Holding hands in school . . . LYLE LEVANDOSKI - Ski Club, In- tramurals, Math Club. World goes to fast . . . BILL LEV- ANDOSKI - Track, Ski Club, H.R. Pres., People who won't smile when spoken to . . . NANCY LEVIN - Music Club, Home Ee. Club., Sr. Y-Teen. Gum in the water foun- tains . . . CAROL LEWITZKE - jr. St Sr. Gregg, G.A.A. Waiting for someone . . . JOAN LIETZ - Latin Club, Music Club, Waugonian Council Students who won't smile in the hall . . . -IO ANN LITZER - Student Council, Class play, Forensics. It's in the book . . . DONALD LOEFFEL -- Choir, Ski Club, Pep Club. Students putting tucks in chairs. LliVI N LOE If If EI. AV" LONG LOVRIEN LUCAS LUEDTKE LUEDTKE LUNT MAAS MAIER MALONE MARQUARDT MARQUARDT MARSON GORDON LONG - Uthrotar, Comm. of Finance 84 School DALE MARQUARDT - Student Council, Hi-Y, H.R. Affairs, Tophatters. Students that don't smile and say hello Pres .... ARLENE MARSON - G.A.A., jr. Gregg, Mon- . . CAROLINE LOVRIEN - Skyrocket, Drama, Y-Teens. itor. Gum cracking . . . GORDON MARTEN - Chemis- People who don't like jeeps . . . jOE LUCAS - Projection- try Club, H.R. Pres., Biology Club. Unfrienclly people . . . ist Club. Engaged girls . . . DIANE LUEDTKE - Music LYLE MARTENS - Football, Track, Bancl. Studying in Club, Home Ec. Club, F.T.A. Club. Waiting for someone... study halls . . . ESTHER MARK - Orchestra, Art Club, LOIS LUEDTKE i Y-Teen, German Club, Home Ec. Club. German Club. People referring to hair as them . . . MARY Girls that smoke . . . ERNEST LUNT - Football, Track . .. MATHIE - G.A.A., Y-Teen, Careless grooming . . . DALE RONNIE MAAS - Band, Pep Club. The clay after the MATTESON - Leatherneck, Curling Club, Intramurals. night before . . . BETTY MAIER - Camera Club, H.R. Flyboys . . . COLLEEN McCORMICK - Ski Club, Music Sec., Skyrocket Bus. Staff. Ill-mannered people . . . jOI-IN Club, Y-Teens. Weekend assignments . . . XVILLIAM Mc- MALONE - H R. Pres., F.T.A., Camera Club. Overcrowdecl CRORY - Bowling. English . . . PHYLIS MCCUTCHEON gym at Hops . . CAROL MARQUARDT - G.A.A., Sr. - Astronomy Club, Pep Club, jr. Gregg. School on Mon- Class play committee Neck scarfs worn cowboy style . . . clay . . . MARTEN MARTIQNS MARK MATHIIL MATTESON MCCORMICK MCCRORY MCCUTCHEON 33 ff f X IM! f T S .ci ,. 1 -Br A V , These are baby snaps of people who are now mighty seniors. Hou' nmu ' are 'ou able to name? I If you gel sluck, turn lo page 106. I f 7 I -l l Jegjl, xi X . ii 7 ig! 34 g1, ,-Q. 1 f 4, ,.,-.-if ...,- 1-1- .l UD DD UU Nw XX X gg N1 0' lff ff X . if -' 2 ..? I 41 ri' 3 Z 7 Ballot box uustuffers. 3 Brerlaler and Akey - "O Happy Day."' 9 Dorf! they look happy? 10 james Sullivan, monitor-at-ufork. 1 1 35 Svhalou' and Sflaeel - Srboolworle? Extra-furrirular activity - RlJyr1er's. Ken Lalzglyoff ix tlyillleiflgf A working monitor? Brute Pollovl? relaxes after a bard day Thanks for a swell Sleyrocket, Mary. Tlaere be is - Uyayfle Zillman!! McGlNI.EY MEILAHN MIiII.AHN MEYER lVlliYliR MISKIN MARGO MCGINLEY - Skyrocket, Pep Club, Book Club. Kids who can't take a joke . . . CARLETON MEILAHN -- Leathernecks, Football. Cross Country. Backseat Drivers . . . MONA RAE MEILAHN - G.A.A., Art Club. Chewed gum in the drinking fountains . . . BETH MELANG - Band, H.R. Sec., Ski Club. Popping in study hall . . . ROBERT METTELKA - Shamrocks, Ski Club, French Club. Wtumen with no-Q . . . CHARLES j. MEURET - Chemistry Club, Radio Club, Projectionist Club. Monday mornings . . . LEONE MEYER - Drama Club, Y-Teens, Music Club. People who always look happy . . . SHIRLEY MEYER - G.A.A., jr. Gregg, Sr. Gregg. Gum in drinking fountains . . . ALAN MISKIN - Shamrock, Tennis, Chess Club. Teachers who require extra credit to get better than a C... VUILLIAM MITCHELL - Ski Club, Intramural Volleyball. Tests . . . jOHN MITCHKA - Student Council, Ski Club, MOHLNITZKY MONSON MOOTZ MORTENSON MORTISNSON MUCHA 'Qs MELANG NIETTELKA MEURET MITCHELL MITCHKA MITTELSTAEDT Shamrocks. Slow-moving people in halls . . . DON MIT- TELSTAEDT - Intramurals, Chess Club, Chemistry Club. People who move slowly in the halls . . . MARY LOU MOHLNITZKY - Y-Teens, G.A.A., Costume committee for Sr. Class play. Having to laugh at teacher's jokes . . . NANCY MONSON - Home Economics Club, Pep Club, Ski Club. Teachers who give homework over the weekend . . . LORRAINE MOOTZ - Biology Club, Jr. Gregg, Sr. Gregg. Gum in drinking fountains . . . BETTY MORAN - Home work . . . .IEANNE MORTENSON - Latin Club, Library Club, Jr. Gregg. Big wheels . . . ROBERT MOR- TENSON - Krouts, National Guards . . . ROBERT MU- CHA - Student Council, Track, Conservation Club. People who talk a lot, but don't say anything . . . MARY MUCKER- HEIDE - G.A.A., Skyrocket, Chemistry Club. People who slam my locker shut . . . MORAN l MUCKliRlllilDl1 LA MERE MULLEN MURPHY NERSVEEN NIEVINSKI NIEVINSKI LAWRENCE LAMERE . . . DONALD MULLEN - Home Economics Club, Intramural Bowling. "I don't wanna" . . . DAVID A. MURPHY - Football, Conservation Club, Squires. Boys with long hair . . . MARGARET PEGGIE NEESS - Ski Club, Music Club, Y-Teens. Boys with long hair . . . BETTY NELSON - Senior Gregg, Music Club, Home Room Sec. Little Miss Know it Alls . . . BYRON NELSON - Ski Club, Boxing, Intramural Basketball . . . ROBERT NERSVEEN - Latin Club, Chemistry Club, Squires. Slow people in the halls . . . EUGENE NIEVIN- SKI - Drakes, Leathernecks, Home Economics Club . . . LORRAINE NIEVINSKI - Skyrocket G.A.A., Drama Club. Short leaves given to sailors . . . JOHN NIXON - Hockey Mgr., Sound effects man, Aviation Club . . . Are you 21? . . ALICE NUSSBAUM - G.A.A., jr. and Sr. Gregg. Un- OESTREICH OPPERMAN NEESS NELSON NELSON NIXON NUSSISALJIRI NYLAND comfortable chairs in school . . . MARIAN NYLAND - Transfer from Eosston, Minn, Chorus, Pep Club. Younger sister . . . jO ANNE OESTREICH - Skyrocket, Wahiscan, Ski Club. Conceited kids . . . HELEN OHRMUNDT - G.A.A., Music Club, Guidance office work. Talkative people and Arlene . . BERNARD OLBRANTZ - People who think they're wheels and are nothing . . . CARLTON SWEIUE OLSON - Stage crew Pres. People who call me Carlton , . . DENNIS OPPERMANN - Football, Basket- ball, Shamrocks. Getting up at 7:50 . . . jIM OSTERBRINK - Cross Country, Track, Intramural basketball . . . GEORGE OSTROSKI - Seeing girls smoke . . . PATRICIA OTTO - G.A.A., jr. and Sr. Gregg. People wearing heels and ear- rings with jeans. OIIRMUNDT OLBRANTZ OLSON OS'l'liRBRINK OSTROSKI OTTO 37 -.ilrx 'JJ' YT? Nw. j tif fi PLAUTZ PLAVNICK POESKE POLL I'Ol.l.OCK POPHAI, PATRICIA PAGEL - Book Club, Library Club, Music Club. People who talk about themselves all the time . . . DORIS PARKIN - Majorette, Ski Club. Music Club. Un- friendly people . . . jOYCE PEDERSEN - Finance Com- mittee, Pep Club, G.A.A. People who aren't friendly in the halls . . . BILLIE PENNELL - Wahiscatn. All School Plays, Cheerleading. People who come to dances to holrl up the walls . . . ROSE MARY PEROUTKA - Home EC. Club, Sr. Gregg, Monitor. The Sophomores . . . VIRL PETERS . . . GARY PETERSON - Leathernecks. Dull study halls . . . RICHARD PETERSON - Shamrocks, Ski Club, Chemistry Club. Talkative people . . . jEROMli PFLIEGER - Drakes, Bowling, Home Ec. Club. Girls in levis . . . jOAN PIEPER - Skiing, F.T.A., Y-Teens. Sophomores and juniors trying to act intelligently . . . PATRICIA PIESHALLA - Book PAGEI. PARKIN PEDERSUN I'Ii'l'lfRSON PETERSON PI"l.IIiGlfR Wausau Senior High is and al- ways will be tops. The famous reputation the school has ac- quired during the year makes it a privilege to attend it. I imagine every one likes his or her school to a certain degree, but all schools haven't the facilities, school spirit, fine co-operation as we do here. My only hope is that I, along with the rest of my class- mates, have added in some small way to its reputation. I will miss, but not forget, the wonderful times, the many events, and the countless experiences provided me by the school. The friendliness and warmth shown by the faculty both in and out of school will be missed also. My education here has been quite extensive. Without it I couldn't look toward a future, but with it, I can. -Dave Streblou' POESKE POPHAI. Club, Library Club, Music Club. School work over the week- end . . . NANCY PIjAN - German Club, jr. Gregg, Sr. Class play Publicity Committee . . . ANITA PLAUTZ -- Library Club. German Club, G.A.A. People who crack their gum . . . KEN PLAVNICK - Track, Music Club, Intra- murals. Getting up in the morning while it's still dark out- side . . . GRACE POESKE - jr. Gregg. Homework over weekends . . . NANCY POESKE - jr. Gregg. Those long assignments . . . GLORIA POLL - G.A.A., jr. Gregg, Ski Club. Groups of people who don't welcome others . . . BRUCE POLLOCK - Football, German Club, Stags. People who take their leisure between classes . . . ELLEN POPHAL -Y-Teens, Latin Club, G.A.A. Discourteous people . . . jOYCE POPHAL - Ski Club, Pep Club, jr. Girls Formal. Talking about tests at dances . . . PENNELI. PEROUTKA PETERS PIIEPER PIESHALLA PUAN at it In my estimation, the oppor- tunity for extra-curricular activ- ity is the outstanding feature of Wausau High. Few schools in the country can offer as fine a pro- gram for character and physical advancement. Even fewer may boast of facilities as excellent as our new units or a staff of in- structors as effective as those I have been privileged to have. As students and future leaders of the world, we must remember the profits of erudition cannot be measured in terms of material gain. Education is a marionette to be manipulated to advantage by the individual. In truth, know- ledge erects the stairway to suc- cess. -Denny Scloalou' RANDRUP RESCH JAMES A. PORTER - Aviation Club, Track . . . ROGER R. POSPYCHALA - Music Club, Camera Club. Wtmnxen Bowlers . . . LEVI PRECHEL - Bowling, Baseball, Intra- mural. People that are always right . . . JOYCE E, PRIEBE - Jr. Gregg. Slow people . . . MARY ANN PRIEBE - Sr. Gregg, Music Club, Math Club. Loquacious people who don't allow my opinion . . . JAMES PRIEVE - Music Club, Krauts, Teachers without a sense of humor . . . JUSTINE PROZINSKI - Music Tournaments, Spring Play, Swing Choir. Bashful people . . . DONALD PUARIEA - Stage Crew, Band, Tophatters. A play with about six lighting di- rectors . . . ROSEMARY RADANDT - French Club, Ski Club. Pierced ears . . . IRENE RADKE - Ski Club, Music Club, Band. When people you know don't say hello . . . PORTER POSPYCHALA PRECHEI. PROZINSKI PUARIEA RADANDT -H., .rf REDETZKE REINCIS REISINGER RESCH RHYNER RICHMOND MARY RADTKE - Cheerleader, Wahiscan, Badger Girls' state. caddy Guys . . . EARL RAMTHUM - ski Club, rn- tramural . . . JANET RANDRUP - G.A.A., Sr. Gregg. Un- friendly people . . . MARGARET ANN REDETZKE - Soph. Class Sec., Decoration Co., Y-Teens. Those who laugh at others mistakes . . . MARILYN REINCE - G.A.A., F.T.A., Home EC. People who are conceited and show offs . . . JOHN REISINGER - Leathernecks, Music Club, The one that got away . . . BARBARA RESCH - Student Coun- cil, Jr. Gregg, Music. Malicious gossip . . . JOAN RESCH - Art Club, Astronomy Club, Music Club. Two faced people . . . JEROIVIE RHYNER . . . DONNA RICHMOND - Jr. Gregg, G.A.A., Home Ec. Pres., Conceited people . . . PRlliBli PRIEBE PRIEVIE RADKE RADTKE RAMTHUM RICHTER RIDGE RILEY ROSE ROSSENBACH ROTH jEANE RICHTER - Art Club, Home Economics Club, Bi- ology Club The seven o'clock alarm , , . JOHN RIDGE - Uthrotar, Curling Club, Math Club. Forced labor fhome- work included, . . . jEREDITI-I RILEY - Spring Play Music Club, Swing Choir. People who sing off key in choir . . . ALICE RILLING - Skyrocket, French Club, E.T.A. People who continually chew gum . . . MAXINE ROMACK - G.A.A., Ski Club, Music Club. People who stand in the middle of the corridor and talk . . . RICHARD RONEK - Intramurals, Chess Club . . . CARROLL ROSE - Intra- murals, Bowling, Hockey . . . BARBETTA ROSSENBACH - Book Club, G.A.A., jr. Gregg. jo's constant singing . . . BARBARA ROTH - Orchestra, Astronomy Club Sec., Stu- dent Council. Loquacious gum-chewers . . . JOHANNA ROTHENBERGER - Skyrocker, G.A.A., Monitor. Slow walkers in crowded halls . . . MARGARET RUETHER - SADOXVSKI SANDERS SCHALOXX7 SCHAVE SCHEEL SCHENZEL RILLING ROMACR RONEK RO'I'HENBliRGliR RUETHER RYAN jr. 84 Sr. Gregg, Library Club. People who talk during mov- ies . . . MARGARET RYAN . . . VALERIAN SAIJOWSKI, jR. -- Radio Club, Football, Choir. Students who walk slow . . . SHIRLEY SANDERS - G.A.A., Pep Club. Kids who don't cheer at ball games . . . DENNIS SCHALOW - Senior Class Vice Pres., Student Council Pres., Basketball, Giddy Girls Gabbing Garrulously about Gorgeous Guys . . . NAN- CY SCHALOW - Music Club, G.A.A., Guidance Office. People who talk too much . . . BARBARA SCHAVE - Ski Club, G.A.A., Music Club. To have people crack their gum . . . LOIS ANN SCHEEL - Cheerleader, Home Room Pres., Pep Club. Being called "RED" . . . BEVERLY JANE SCHENZEL - Monitor, Home Ec. Club, E.T.A. Girls that crack their gum . . . ARLENE E. SCHEWE - Music Club, Boys talking about their previous girl friends . . . SCHALOW' SCHEXVE HY 'Fifa SCHILLING SCHMIDT SCHOEPKE SCHREIBER SCHULTZ SCHUMACIIER ARTHUR SCHILLING - H.R. Pres. Kids talking in the middle of the stairway , . . ROGER SCHMIDT - Baseball, Bowling. Girls . . . XVAYNE SCHOEPKE - Math Club, Projectionist Club, transfer from Marinette. Wtmnien drivers . . . AUDREY SCHOMANN - Sr, Gregg, jr. Gregg, Li- brary Club. False accusations against myself . . . RAEBURN SCHOONOVER - Home Ec. Club. Conceited people . . . ELEANOR SCI-IRAM - Skyrocket, G.A.A., Student Coun- cil. Gum chewing in school . . . VERNON SCHREIBER - Golf team, Intramural Volleyball, Golf. Tests on Monday mornings . . . -IOANNE SCHULTZ - Music Club, Talent Show, Bowling. People who interrupt during a conversation . . . WAYNE SCHUMACHER - Curling, Leathernecks. Stuck up people . . . NANCY SCHUMANN A Sr. Class play, Tophatter vocalist, Ski Club. Conceited people . . . SHIRLEY SCHXWOCHO - Library Club, German Club, SIQTULA SHORT SCHOMANN SCHOONOVER SCHRAM SCHUMANN SCHVUOCHU SlfElfEI.DT Book Club. People who stop to talk on the stairs . . . MARY ANN SEEEELDT - G.A.A., Latin Club, Library Club . . . MAVIS SETULA - jr. Gregg, Sr. Gregg, G.A.A. People who dislike everything and don't want to do anything . . . SHIRLEY SEYMOUR - Library Club, Biology Club, Music Club. Homework on weekends . . . DOLORES SHAI.EW- SKI - Book Club, Music Club, Home Ec. Club. Getting up in the morning . . . DON SHERBERT - Sr. class play, Wa' hiscan, Act. Association Photographer. Constant cynics . . . MARLENE SHORT . . . EBEN SIECKERT - Track, Curl- ing Club, Trampoline team. Conceited girls . . . FRANKLIN SILLARS - Intramural Baseball, Volleyball, Drama Club. Boys that won't come out on the dance floor . . . TOM SCHLIESMAN - Chemistry Club, Activities pictures, Stu- dent Council. Weekencl without a party . . . SEYMOUR SIIALEXVSKI SHliRBIiR'I' SIECKERT SILLARS SCHLIESMAN 41 stmuoia seimour sPYcnAI.1.A stamina STIEBISR s'1'o1.Tz -IAMES SKALECKE - Football, Track, Math Club. Con- ceited people . . . DARLENE SKARE - Music Club, Home Room Sec., Wahiscan Business. People who talk constantly -so I can't . . . SALLY SLAGOSKI - Wahiscan Business, Social Comm., Music Club. Earrings with jeans - NANCY SMITH - Senior Class Play, Music Club, H.R. officer. No letter today . . . PHYLLIS SMITH - Library Club, Check- ing Comm., Music Club. Cracking gum . . . THOMAS SMITH w- Giggling girls . . . JOHN SNAPP - Ski Club, Chemistry Club. '52 Chevy's . . . PATRICIA SOBKOWIAK - Wfahiscan Business, Student Council, Pep Club. Conceited people . . . VIRGINIA SOBVICK - Music Club, Latin Club, Sr. Home Ec. Club. Poor Conversationalists . . . jOAN SORGES - Wztugtmnian Council, -Ir. Gregg, C.A.A. People SKALECKIE SKARE SLAGOSKI SNAPP SOBKOXVIAK SOBVICK Wausau Senior High has been a second home to me. Not only in actual time spent here, but also , .fi Il in the friendliness of the teachers, and the fun-lovingness of the students. Surely, school work wasn't the only thing to do at school. There was always time to serve on committees, prepare for 'A special activities, and have just 'V plain fun. I'll miss all these things A about Wausau and shall never X X forget them. STECKUNG -Betly Wfoehlert sToi.1'z who talk a lot and say nothing . . . CHARLES SOUKUP - Cross-Country, Track, Curling. Inebriates . . . RODERICK SOUKUP - Hockey, Chemistry Club, Ski Club. Slow people in the halls . . . ARLETTE SPAUDE - G.A.A. Music Club, Home Ec. Club. Impolite people . . . GAIL SPRAGUE - Too much home work . . . SALLY SPYCHAL- LA - Music Club, Home Ec. Club. Schmidts . . . DANIEL STECKLING - Aviation Club, German Club, Intramural Basketball. Conceitecl people . . . GRETCHEN STEFFKE - Sr. Class Play, French Club, Drama Club. Politics . . . CLIF- FORD STIEBER - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Soft- ball . . . DANNY STOLTZ . . . JEROME STOLTZ - H.R. Pres., Astronomy Club, Conservation Club. Home work over week ends . . . SMITH SMITH SMITH SORGES SOUKUP SOUKUP Q-,,.,-r My three years at W.H.S. have been filled with profitable experi- ences, in the class room and in extra-curricular activities. I don't think there is any particular thing I shall miss more than the whole fs atmosphere of school. The ner- vousness before tests, seeing the kids you know, and the satisfac- tion of being part of this school. Never again can such feelings be recaptured. I am especially grate- ful for the excellent opportuni- ties which have been offered to me, to prepare me for a future career in nursing. I, for one, shall always be proud to say "I gradu- ated from Wausau High." TESCH TESCII TESKE THOINIAS ,Virginia Wf,,1fg,,,,,, THoMPsoN THORN TOTH TRIEU ELIZABETH ANN STOLZE - Library Club, Latin Club, people . . . ELAINE TAPPER - G.A.A., Pep Club, Y- Jr. Gregg. Unasked for advice . , . MARVAY STOTMEIS- Teens. Waiting for people . . . DONALD TASCHE - Pro- TER - Choir, German Club, Music Club. Teachers that jectionist Club, F.F.A. . . ARNOLD TESCH - Intramurals. don't allow gum chewing . . . JOAN STRALKOWSKI - Conceited people . . . LEO TESCH - French Club, Soc. Student Council, Waugonian Council,jr. 8: Sr. Gregg. People Comm., Uthrotar. People who are too realistic . . . NOR- who complain . . . DAVE STREHLOW - Football, Basket- MAN TESKE - School, who likes it? . . . GENE THOMAS ball, Sec. of Student Council. Getting tackled around the - Football, Basketball. Sitting out fourth quarter of a foot- head . . . RAY SUCHOMSKI - Boxing. Wausau cops . . . ball game . . . SALLY THOMPSON - G.A.A., Ski Club, JAMES SULLIVAN - Soph., jr. 84 Sr. Class Pres., Sr. Class Pep Club. Short leaves sailors get . . . ELIZABETH THORN Play, Badger Boys State. Home work . . . RICHARD SUL- - Pep Club, G.A.A., jr. Gregg. Somebody cracking their LIVAN - Choir, Swing Choir. Rainy days . . . LEROY knuckles . . . MARY ANNE TOTH - Music Club, jr. SUSKE - Intramural Bowling. People that stare at me . . . Gregg. Getting caught in the tramways . . . WAYNE MARY SWEITZER - Debate, Editor of Skyrocket, Math TREU - Latin Club, Biology Club, Projectionist. Lipstick Club Pres. Waiting for people or things . . . RALPH SWEN- on drinking fountains . . . BY - Badger Boys State, Football, Uthrotar. Irresponsible STOLZIZ S'I'O'IiMIiISTIiR STRALKOXVSKI STREIILOW' SUCHOMSKI SULLIVAN SULLIVAN SUSKE SVVEITZER SWENBX' TAPPER TASCHE 43 'EJ J X UTECHT XVAGNER WAI.TI'IRS XVEBER XVEDEN XVEGNER SHIRLEY MAE UTECHT - Home Ec. Club, Music Club. Teachers who give loads of homework . . . RAYMOND XVAGNER - Ski Club, Intramurals. People who act bigger than they are . . . HARLAND WALTERS - Varsity Bas- ketball, Golf, Chess Club. Bashful girls . . . CHARLOTTE WAMBOLIJ - Wahiscan, Ladies Aux. Essay Contest, Chem- istry Club. People who deliberately try to embarrass others . . . BONNIE WAROSH - Sr. Class play, jr. Prom Com- mittee, Ski Club. Quarterbacks who don't give the football to fullbacks . . . CORINNE WEBER - Student Council, E.T.A., Music Club. People who use the expression, "l'lI clue ya" . . . JOAN WEBER - Home Ec. Club, Glee Club. Being called dimples . . . LYLE WEDEN - Projectionist Club, F.F.A., Noon Hour Assistant. Homework . . . DAR- OLD WEGNER - Intramural Baseball, Noon Hour As- sistant, Curling. People who don't smile . . . ALICE WEIN- WIiSENICK XVIDSTROM XVIENSCII XVILDE XVILL XVILSON WAIVIBOLD XVAROSH WEBER XV EINKAUII WIELSH WENZEI. KAUF - Latin Club, G.A.A.. Student Council. The word "hair" made plural . . . WILLIAM WELCH - Stage Crew, Projectionist. Going to bed . . . BARBARA WENZEL - Ski Club, Book Club, Wahiscan. Activities period . . . MAR- VIN WESENICQK . . . MARY LEE WIIJSTROM - Ski Club, Chemistry Club, German Club. Sarcastic people . . . SHIRLEY WIENSCH - Home EC. Club. "Bunching" in the halls . . . BOB WILCOTT - Boxing, Leathernecks, Bowling. Going to school . . . VILETTA WILIJE - G.A.A., jr. Gregg, jr. Y-Teens. Gum underneath chairs . . . -IOANN WILL - German Club, Latin Club, Skyrocket. Being dis- turbed , . . BARBARA WILSON -- French Club, Ski Club, Music Club. People who don't like good music . . . LOUIS WILSON - Music Club, Radio Club, Ski Club. People who brag about their fictitious experiences. XVILCOTT XVILSON '51 if '-it me WINETZKI XVISNIEXVSKI XVITTIG XVOJCIECHOXVSKI W'OLIfIi XVOLFGRAM JOSEPH WINETZKI - Ski Club, Astronomy Club, Radio Xvorkshop Club . . . ALICE WISNIEWSKI - G.A.A., Slow people . . . JIM XVITTIG - Art Club, Assembly Pro- grams, Noon Hour movies. Girls who poke in hallways . . . BETTY WOEHLERT - Associate Ed. Wahiscan, Sec. Quill and Scroll, Badger Girls. Kids I know in cars who honk and drive by . . . NANCY WOHLFAHRT - Music Club, Sr. Y-Teens. Bobby socks with dress shoes . . . KEN XVOHL- FORD - Student Council, Hi-Y, Astronomy Club , . . JAMES WOJCIECHOWSKI - Monday morning . . . RON- ALD WOLFE - Bowling, Ski Club, Horseshoe. Nurse's Training . . . VIRGINIA WOLFGRAM - Student Council, Chemistry Club, Wahiscan. School on Monday mornings . . . CLIFFORD WOLLER - Intramurals, Conservation Club, F.E.A ,... JOE XVRYCHA - Intramural Basketball. Week- YI INK ZASTROW' NVOEHLERT WOHLFAHRT XVOHLFORD XXlOI.I.ER XVRYCHA YONKER end assignments . . . JOHN YONKER - Track, Cross- Country. People who crack their gum . . . JEAN YUNK - Cheerleading, Commissioner of Pep, Play director. People calling me Red . . . MARION ZAHRT - Slow people in the halls . . . DON ZAMZOW - Boxing, Band and Or- chestra. Bowling. Going to bed and getting up . . . BONNIE ZANK - People in front of me who suddenly stop to talk . . . BOB ZASTROW - Curling, Intramural Baseball, Leathernecks. Assignments . . . RICHARD ZIEBELL - Hockey, Cross-Country, Leathernecks, Assignments . . . PERRY ZIEGLER - Badger Boys State, Student Council, Jr. Prom Comm. Untrue gossip . . . LAWRENCE ZIELIN- SKI - Table Tennis, Intramurals. Good looking Conceited teen-age girls. ZAIIR1 ZAMZOW' ZANK ZIEBELL ZIEGLER ZIELINSKI 45 .S'fNl0R5 ZILLMAN ZILLMAN ZILLMAN ZILZ ZIMMERMANN ZINZER ZOBOROVUSKI ZOCHER ZOROMSKI ZOROMSKI ZULEGER ZUNKER DAWN ZILLMAN M Y-Teens, German Club, Art Club, MYRON ZOBOROWSKI - Conservation Club, Uthrotar. Criticism without understanding . . . EDWARD ZILLMAN Student Council. Girls . . . LUELLA ZOCHER - G.A.A., - Football, Track, Hockey. People who don't appreciate jr. Gregg, Library. Slow people in the halls . . . MARVIN sports . . . WAYNE ZILLMAN - Football, Hockey, Krauts. ZOROMSKI - Basketball, Volleyball, Astronomy Club Teachers' jokes . . . DOUGLAS ZILZ - Commissioner of Pres. Mr. Besant saying, "Keep the roar down." . . . MARY Publicity, Debate, Uthrotar. Republicans . . . DELORES ZOROMSKI - Art Club, Music Club. Slow Sophomores. . . ZIMMERMAN - Wahiscan St Skyrocket Business Staffs, BEVERLY ZULEGER - Music Club. People who crack Latin Club, Music Club. Stuck-up people . . . GEORGE their gum . . . CHUCK ZUNKER, Senior Class Play, ZINZER - Aviation Club, Radio Club. Election of 1952 . . . Leathernecks. To me, XWausau Senior High is great. What I'll miss most is all the wonderful students I've met. I'll miss my participation in a few sports such as football and hockey. In Wausau High I got to know how to meet people. This will help me a lot in my future years. I have always looked forward to graduating from Wausau High. It is an honor to be a graduate of such an outstanding high school in the state. -Wayfze Zillman CAMERA-SHY SENIORS When all of the Senior portrait prints were in, we searched long and hard, called the studio, attempted to locate the students and arrange for another sitting, but were unable to find pictures of the following: Adams, Shirley Schmolze, Lois Dalski, Alfred Singer, Robert Desnoyers, Jack Sommerfeldt, Shirley Luedtke, Ruth Zick, William Radtke, Bonnie 46 J Row 5: B0pf, Krueger, Dzubay, Plarnick, Mueller, O'Brien, Murphy, Umlaoefer. Row 2: Srlailling, Wfoelalerl, DeLi5le, Grazfilter, Sweilzer, Bradley, Blurb, Sullivan, Akey. Row 1: Smillv, Arrolu, Parkin, Skud, Stephenson, Hunger, Keene, Larson, MrCar1by, Pennell. fAl1senI.' Sclmlow, Ziegler, Fellmlserj 'S-"'-"'.ws, "Laurel, Mississippi, here we come," were the last words said by the eager senior high students as they left April 2 on the 9:15 train for Laurel, Mississippi. They arrived at Waynesboro on Saturday, April 4, and were escorted to Laurel in a cavalcade of cars. This was the beginning of two glorious weeks greatly anti- cipated by our WHS delegation. Many of the churches, local organizations, and in- dividual families had luncheons and dinners for the group. Tours of the Masonite and oil refinery proved to be of great interest. Dances ranging from a street dance to the Magnolia Ball were on the evening pro- gram. Golf, tennis, swimming, and an unforgettable fox hunt were among the sporting events. A sight seeing tour of New Orleans was one of the main highlights of the whole program. They returned to Wausau on Sunday, April 19. 48 Ill 70 UWRH Row 5: Hart, Pou'er.v, Myr'ia'k, Berry, Morrixorz, Hammond, Harlmun, Cmnfill. Row 2: Valentine, Brutlen, Gillespie, Wfinzan, Sbepperd, Mrlnnis, White, Rixher. Row 1: Cameron, Stewart, Neely, W'ilrox, Landrum, Crllmbley, MrBride, Testermun, Hublmrd, Laurence. "Yea, Laurel, we welcome you." W'ith those words ringing in their ears, 26 southern boys and girls, ex- change students from Gardiner High School, Laurel, Mississippi, waving small confederate rebel flags, left a Milwaukee Road coach, to begin a fun-packed, action- filled, two-week exchange period in our city. The time was Sunday, February 8, 1953. "Now, y'all behave yourselves," said their two chaperones, Principal C. D. Boyd and Blanche Bailey, as the 26 "rebels" began their activities. What an action- packed two weeks! Attending WHS classes - recep- tions by civic groups - teas - pictures - Stunt Night - visits to local industries - a Sunday afternoon tour of Wausau - skiing on Rib Mt. - basketball, hockey, skating and nine stitches. What an educational and a wonderful time! Their visit came to an end when they left for their homes in the Deep South on Friday, February 20. sr 'M .S'7v4R5' of Me 5fNl0R CHI!! Row Row Row Row Streblow, Akey. Desrzoyers, Zillmtm, Heidmumz, Scbalow, Ziegler, Long, Sullivan. lVel.rlJ, Delerl, Hnseby, Brefbler, Black, Waelalerr, Drebmel, Harrisan. ' llyeber, Huberk, Lorrien, Berkwitb, Freiberg, Prozinslei, Pemlell, Kijek. Sleffke, Sweilzer, llyurosb, W'umbold, Lfmdrerille, Erwin, W'eir1kal4f. Arcola, Srbeel. Insert: ZillllII6'1lIIU171 And Nou' from the Homes of u!7dllSl1Il Wfe Bring You The PEERLESS PERFORMING PERFECTIONISTS f ff lf! M? lag le!-A Q K fl-lg lll M, -Q, is Neff ll l,. '1,Wil.Q Again the Vlfahiscan is proud to bring to its readers the outstanding Seniors of 1953. These people have helped to develop our school spirit by giving unselfish- ly of their time and energy to such activities as: art work, drama, debate, publications, choir, orchestra, band, athletics, student government, and forensics. The various concerts, the speech contest, the different sports, the senior class play, the Skyrocket, the Wahis- can, and the many committees behind the scenes were just a few of the many projects in which the Senior Class took a part. By participating in these extra activities, these people have gained much experience which will be of great benefit to them in their future years. Wfe are, there- fore, proud of our class and its ability to live up to the standards of the many senior classes of the past. We offer our congratulations to these PEERLESS PERFECTIONISTS and hope that they will continue with their individual scholastic and athletic achieve- ments. 50 in L., 'vfii DZUBAY. HEISER, SCHILLING 60455 0F 1954 Pressed corsages, dance cards, and rumpled bits of crepe paper, bring back pleasant mem- ories of our junior Prom. Few realize the many hours of planning and decorating by Dale Dzubay, Jim Schilling, and Margaret Hei- ser that went into making the Prom a great success. With the help of our able advisers, Mr. Reinemann and Mr. Gjetson, the Youth Building on April 24th obtained a real "April in Paris" effect. Yes, another school year is coming to a close. We, as juniors only have one more glorious year in good old WHS. To make the best of this last year, we vow to study hard, have our fun, and cooperate with our teachers in leav- ing Wausau High in the same high standing with which we entered it. 51 junior Class Officers DALE DZUBAY PRESIDENT ,IIM SCHILLING VICE-PRESIDENT MARGARET HEISER SECRETARY-TREASURER Mr. Reynolds, junior class adviser, presenfx candidates for class eleclion. .QS Junior ?,.f Mr. Ridge, 504 Row 5: E' Sfllfoeflerf A' Sfffwfdff, Svbvpf, P. Sfbnerk, Schilling, R. Sflmefk, M. Srlaaepke, Seulzerl, j. Srbeffler, Selsberg Row 2: Sumner, 5fbl"K' P- Sftflvaffr, PlJ. Seebafer, Srhull, Seiler, S. Stlnoepke, Srlmiz, R. Srhroeder, Stlmster. Row 1: Oxsig, Srlamieden, S1-bield, Seurers, M. Sfhoeder, B. Sflaoeder, D. Srlyeffler, Sflmbring, N. .. YQ S .wuz ro ruff w4 Jg' Row 5: 1. Erdmau, Dumdei, Delerl, Fellen, Berurd, Drumm, Doede, Ewerl, Bemzszek, DdYI1lfk, Dznbay. Row 2: D. Edwards, Slork, Delonay, Fenn, Ellingsou, Erdman, Eblert, Kofi, Fleex, Deffner. Row 1: Berard. C. Erluuzrds, Uettinger, Krause, Fulk, Wfanla, Kolberg, Kelley, Babl, Drews. Mr. Westlund, 2 1 -" 5 .4.. TSX A . e ns 2 Q Y 3 ' 2 A X i 52 Junior Miss Brandt, 161 Row 5: juedex, Kolvzka, jonen. Kulbes, fufkson, Ianikowski, Hundhausen, jugler, Kleinxfhmidl, losiger. Row Z: fester, juslemu, Kmiefik, Kleinheinz, Hutlenherg, Kerxlen. fensen, fordun, Hrohsky, Iafohson. Row lg Fulk, lunker, Klein, jahlonske, Iuskie, Kleiber, jones, Iunz. . . . W40540 H1619 Row QS: Sl. Clair, Sererson, Sieckerl, Slade, Slafhowiak, Sippl, Spanlon, Shawl, Skrzyprhak, Stiehef. Row 2: Slefkling, Sprague, LeGault, Steffen, Siewerl, Slanke, Skud, Shafranski, Sheldon, Soukup. Row 1: Spimller, R. Smith, R. Smith, V. Smith, Srhulfenhurg, Sleidlman, Slanlon, Sloan. Mr. Smiley, 505 53 Jllfllbff Miss Ockerlander, 356 Row 5: W'alters, Wea1'e1, Drake, Wfeinkauf, Venske, Wfeg ner, W'eeks, W. Whdzinski, D. llvadzinski. Row 2: Wfynerh, D. Wiegandt, Viergnlz, WuroslJ, W'andlke, Voigi, VanVuren, Weiser1berge1', Uyalfon, W'endorf. Row 1: WI?56I1il'k, Wflaite, Wfeber, Wfanla, Vollenwieder, Nialysik, Wallerx, Beilke. W5 NW .S'0N.S' AND DAUGHTER! Row 3: Hoefs, Hoff, 1. Hamon, Hinlz, B. Hanson, Holtzer, Kin, Hayes, Heller, Hoffman, Helling, Marlin. Row 2: Hirsrb, Hoff, Hinlze, Hoppe, Hlara, Herrmann, Hildebrandl, Harninlv, Holzem. Row 1' Hoppe, N. Hanson, Heller, Harrix, Heixer, Hinlz, Henning, Heil, Harlig, Heisler. Mr. Lee, 156 Q a 1 I 1 If 54 Junior Miss Kagel, 105 Row 3: Bullsflvmieder, Arzderxon, Lullimer, Birr. Anklum, B11Il7II4lI1!I, Bifping, Alwreusdorf, Berber, BB!l!l07Ski,Al,d!'ll, Bellwke. Row 2: Albee, Aldrirb, Bfzrlels, Aflaenreiner, Beilinger, Bubr, Beilke, Beam. Row 1: Befber, Ascbbremler, BurllJel5, P. BAIIIIIILIIIII, Bulvlezlu, Almen, B4u'u'iz'k, flJt'lJ6b7'00k, Albrerflt. 5'lN6 NU' PRAISI5 70 THE 570' Row 5: Randi, Rader, Roemke, Riiser, Srlmel, Suindou, Srfmel, Rnsrb, Ric'lJurzls, Sffmrnler, Rux. Row Z: Gulouuki, Radfbe, B, Sflmel. Rudolf, Sfbeel, Rbyner, Ryan, Rnlzouy Rirbmaml. Row 1: Lnebxlorf, Rolzlf, Suhr, Rosenfrefer, Sumuelx, Sz'lJu1'e,R11xflJ,Rog41lla, Reirb. Miss Prochaska, 216 3- 11- 'W V Q ai A if X , A v . W -t 55 Jambrs i- Miss Geist, 205 Row 5: Limglaoff, Tlviele, Autell, Lime, Lapinske, Limbs, Lelaml, Lellu, P. Lurwu, Mummber. rw., Row 2: Lamlaerl, Liltle, Llims, Lepinski, Leilermamz, Lillu, Lelymun, Lillie, Luedlke, Leormrrl, Lewilzke. Row 1: L11Porre, Lemke, Lasku, Mfffurllvy, Vexely, Lewomloski, Kurszewskf. Lizrsoiz, Luflvl. RED AND Wfilff Row 3: AIfCuml1er, Markrof, Klein, Mawson, A, Malueg, Mirlalig, Morteusori. MfCube, Meyer, Clmmpine. Row 2: Marks, MfDom11d, MfArllmr, Malueg, MrCu1lnm, D. Miller, Mirek, Mohr, Mimser, B. M01'fe1I50?1, Alogenseu. Row 1: G. Miller, Mlll'l7al, Golemlaiezuski, Mtlll7ll'il'k, IHrDo11alrl, M6l'ikdl5ki, Mornlaifzweg. Boerke. Mr. Rosenhauer, 207 56 Jumbrs X W. E Mr. Botsford, 107 Row 5: Bousley, N. BOI16l'k, Bliese, Boehm, Brea'lou', Corrlu, Buska, BVl417177'lllPIl!, Bush, Carlson. Row Z: Comzallu, Builer, Betka, Bytbimki, Brodjiexki, C. Bonerk, Sleplaenxou. A. Borski, Cbelllaerg, Cater. Row l: Borslfi, Brzezimki, Callulmn, Coel, Busku, B. B0l1l'l'k, Rodelmrer, Bloom, Barufb. fzrma fum f. Row 3: D. Goefxrlr, Gisselmau, Gossuge, Grohe, Grueniug, Prielipp,Hue1Le, Grolfmus, Goodirz, D. Goelsrb, Gorwilz, Gwidr, Gnumke. Row Z: Geske, Grofeluexrben, Garrlner, Gajeufsii, Gebrke, Gerzsmun,1.Hac'H2arllJ, Ganlke, Froslmur1,Hadly, Humerlu. Row 1: L. G06f5f!J, Hurklmrflv, Grebe, Graefe, Gaelzrmm, Frank, H4171lI?m1l11, A. Gajewski, Geiger, Gilberlson, Geurirlv. Mr. Marquardt, 151 57 .lambr w Miss Ross, 110 Row 5: Ernxl, Nelaring, Nulurus, Niglzur, Nimz, K, Mueller, A. Mueller, Murphy, A. Nilzsflse, D. Nifzsrhe, Nays, Norton. Row Z: Myxzka, Nylaolm, Oeslreifb, Oeslreirb, I. Nimz, Nielsen, Nutul, .Mullen, Niewinski, Muzynoski, Zimifk. Row l: Nuef, Ninnemun, S. Mueller, Muelrer, O'Leary, Musc'l1inxke, Nelson, R. Alueller, O'Keefe. s. Row 5: Dalum, Slolrneisler, Trelle, Tremel, Emerirk, Ijmlmefer, Uterbt, Teipner, N. Treiclyel, Allman, Degner. Row Z: Means, Tlrorpe, Trexs, Treu, Trantow, S. Thomas, Urban, Synnotf, Triltin, Trieweiler, Tufek, Tesflf. Row 1: Tapper, Slmllfouwbi, Towle, B. Treifbel, Swanson, Slone, Tritlin, H. Thomas, B. Treiclrel, Thompson. Miss Young, 510 58 Juniors Miss Bonvincin, 202 Row 3: E. Klimek, Kromrei, L. Krueger, R. Klimek, B. Krueger, Klumpyan, Kruxko, Kuhnerl, D. Krueger. Row 2: 1. Krueger, Kolokowski, Knupp, Kroening, I. Krueger, Kluemler, S. Kolmborsl, Kreiiz, Kraimer, Kmeu. Row 1: I. Knippel, 1. Krueger, C. Kobnborsl, Kulpinxki, Kreufz, Kappa, Kluerer, Kronbuegel, Klug. W5 PZEDGL' 0013 l0Yv4l77 Row 3: lVysm-ki, Zuuker. Zunk, lVim'l1ell, W'ilde, lVol1lforr1, lVilke, u701f,Zi7l1Il'k, Wfiller. Row 2: Young, llvolfe, L. llyilke, Yoran, W'umrlJ, Pflieger, W'irl, llyursler. Row 1: Yurzkberr, Zastrow, Zimmermann, W'orden, Krueger, llyilllviie, Ziegel, Zalm. Mr. Gabrilska, A3 J I eeeeee - 59 Junior Absentee: Row 3: Liebers, Trueder, Zunker, Herb, Bradberg, janz, Mutlice. Row 2: Flelrher, Londerrille, Koehler, lemon, Kublman, Kuehl, Smith. Row 1: Roeber, Bulz, LaFaz'e, Blair. FURJFVER - WfI0.S'v40 HMI! Row 5: Beese, Drews, Berna, Hoffman, Salzer, Dirkinxon, Wilke, Dorrinen. Row Z: Augustyn, Scbmutzler, Okonek, Mcfileuzfy, Lueisclnwuger, Reisxmann, Srbaelz. Row 1: Hassenfus, Hilber, Christensen, Bliexe, Keene. 60 Jumbrs Miss Zielsdorf, 210 Row 3: Plautz, Post, Pupenfus, Pradt, Peterman, Raab, Pelers, E. Olfo, B. Peterson, R. Otto, Pagel, Ryan, Raalz, Raddatz. Row 2: S. 0110, D. Poexke, Pd5ki6wifZ, Pelterson, Pelrowxbi, Pigeon, M. Peterson, A. Poeske, Piebl, Poi, Palesla, Ruascb. Row 1: Parsrb, Parker, Poplml, B. 0110, F. Poferxki, Radandl, Pieisrlaer, P. Poverski. JUBIUHVT J06'6'ZlN6' JONl0R5' This year we, the class of '54, were placed in positions of real responsibility. Among those to distinguish themselves in such fields as: student government, athletics, band, choir, orchestra, publications, forensics, and drama were: Nancy Achenreiner Donna Mathwick Dave Allard Phyllis Mucha Terry Anderson Nancy O'I.eary Beverly Balz Bob Severson Dale Dzubay Rita Skud Peter Genrich Irving Sumner Ronald janz Marion Walton Rita Jones Betty Weisenberger Lenore Kreitz Lee Witter Carol Lepinski DuWayne Zank Tom Leland These students represent the junior Class and its ability to help maintain the excellent reputation and high standards set by past junior Classes. To achieve this goal these students gave willingly of both their time and effort. We commend these juniors and hope they will continue their good work. 61 DWARFS of file BIG' 70P Feblhaber. Strele, Marqunrdt Sophomore Class Officers ROGER F EHLHABER PRESIDENT KARL MARQUARDT VICE-PRESIDENT 'IANICE STREK SECRETARY-TREASURER Newcomers - The Sopfzs . . . This year began under the superb leadership of our officers, Roger Fehlhaber, Karl Marquardt, and Janice Strek. The clothing drive, our largest undertaking, was a huge success. If when we arrived at senior high we had some distinguish- able characteristics such as popping eyes and gaping mouths, it was only due to the fact that we were afraid at any moment some of the rumors told us would unveil themselves before us. Our sophomore year was quite a transition for us. We made many new friends among students and teachers alike. Their friendship and expert advice aided us in overcoming whatever problems or difficulties arose. We gained much experience from classwork and extra- curricular activities. We are looking forward to our junior year when with continued effort and guidance we shall be given positions of prestige and honor. 62 CANDIDATES . ..5'0Pfi0MORf5 ! f f ,iff ...f Row 5: Geicr, Engmau. Ellie. Fruufe. R. FefJlfJal1er, Fletflwer, fb, P, Genrirla, Effu, EH16'?'it'l7. Row Z: Epding, Filzke, D. Felallmber, Iiggebrerbf, G. Genriter1,Ed5lr0m, Furl. Row 1: Fixlrer. Edwards, Froemmiug, SflJoea'er. Edellourg, FelSlJerfinski, Guiliker, Ernzelirzg, Egdubl. Miss Nelms, 335 Mrs. Scheurman. 215 Row 5: B. Krueger, Lulrr, Kari, 1. Krueger. Kulax, L. Kurlb, Lung, Lrmzbreclnt, Kroerzing. Row 2: Kufabl, Kumerow. F. Kurtlr, C. Lauglmff, Kulil, Kopp, I. Krueger, Krolikowski, Krause, Puulz, Ludwig. Row 1: L. Krueger, Lepinski, S. Luugboff, Laxku, j. Krueger, Lubediy, A. Krueger, L, Krueger, LuSul!e. Mr. Reine-mann, A-4 Row 5' Brand, Britleu, Brorzsleuiter, Bremmu, P. Brauderzberg, G. Brfuzdeulnurg, Bruelrling, D. Blofk, Row Z: N. Brown, M. Brown, Boetlrlver, Bopf, Boukoxki, B. Bramer. Raw 1: C. Borflmrdf, M. Bf1!77d6'7l!7lI1'g, Bradford. Bradley, Bobl. D. Bloflv. 65 5'0PlfQMOR55 . .. ,,,- P. ...,,,, 5'-35: ""f"'f 52.233 if Si a.z..w,.r:.:':.- , 1 ,ualndN. win:-'Z s f--'.:.'1'1-W---A-e:w"..... 5-.".-::r"' 1- ---- x'! " 1 ' -5 "Y--1 f NI" " wc 1 ..., , H12 ' ' R W.. , I l Q f v was P 'VX M 5 ... 'QQPX wh -g nf-fx Miss Halsor, 206 Row 3: D. Nelson, Meyer, Micblig, D. Nowak, Olsbonski, Milward, Mielke, Minkoff, Harder, Obrmundl, Mueller, O'Brien. Row Z: Mobelnitzky, Neilzke, Nein, O'Keefe, C. Nelson, Morris, Miller, Nuernlzerg, Middikowski, Mullen, Nienouu Row 1: L. Nowak, Nikolai, B. Nelson, S. Nelson, C. Olson, Mikkelson, Myrberg, Nalarus, Nienouf. Miss Nelson, 212 Row 5: Malzki, Merwin, Marquardr, Marks, Lyons, Manerke, Lillge, Meuret, H. Luedtke, McKeeban, Lund. Row 2: Martens, Meister, Manson, Malueg, S. Luedtke, Marquardt, Oslerbrink, Machel, Malak, Marx, Lorrien. Row 1: Lilzer, Marsb, Liebers, MrCartl1y, R. Luerk, Luelsfbufager, Magrerke, Maurer, Meilahn, Melanson, 1. Luedlke, Mailer. Miss Bertolone, 204 Row 5: Opicbka, Pauls, R, Pliskie, M. Peters, K. Peters, Oppef, Osborne, Plant, Phillips, Pagenkopf, Priebe, D. Paelzold, C. Paetzold. Row 2: Pontzloff, McDonald, Penn, Praedel, Pagel, Olson, Plier, L. Peterson, Plisrb, I. Peterson, Parsrb. Row 1: B. Pliskie, Parks, Papenfuss, Pagel, Perske, S. Priebe, C. Piersfballa. 64 N... ...50Pfi0MORf.9 sas E lg: ,Q , ,Qi ,,. fs' , ., 4 QM Q ff 5 'rf Mr. Row Row Row Row Row Row Mr. Row Row Row .Ma , K "Quad uw, JA 4.-'Q'-9 Dzubay, 302 3: jenson, Holtz, jaeger, Hoppe, Horak, Heise, jafkson, faerks, jivover, Hoff. 2: farobson, Hoffman, Hinlz, Hunger, Horn, Herrmann, jahnke, jofude, johns, facobxon. 1: Brunell, G. juefks, Heiser, jablonski, Hoffman, Henkelman, james, Henbelmen, Hinner. Mr. Gjetsnn, 5: Bauer, Bexxerl, Berurd, Berg, Slein, Beilke, Berk, Besxey, Banerk, Bigsby. 2: 1. Bauer, Bluskouwki, Bierbrauer, Barlel, Poskie, Svlalei, M. Azlamxki, Burwirk, Bliese, Bentley, Abilz. l: Aldridge, L. Adamski, Balnrofk, Bauman, Bigus, Belonke, Bennefl, Beyer, Henderson, 152 3: W'oller, Uvryrlnz, L. W'estplml, W'innie, WWII, Wfolfman, Zuslrow, Zirnmerer, Wolvlford, Le Pine. 2: Wfielorb, N. Zaslrow, Zalrrl, Wfolf, Wfeslrolt, Young, Wflviling, Wfolfe, K. Wfeslplml, Gollubxke, Wfolfgram. 1: Uvirke, Zunk. S. llveslphal, lluexlherg, Young, Kraimer, W'illiams, Wfilroll, Wfeso. 65 A-9 5'0PfIOMORE5. .. F g-,- ' fn ZA A 1 A z a ' .uggiflj Qi' W . ,, -I'- Sy K' " f ff S ' AJ '- '. s , W Y L v ,av i , - .ye if , 1 f i - ig rw? ' , ,. Mr. Lutlrell, 108 Row 5: 1. Srbeel, Svliroeder, WC Srbeel, Sclvenzel, Srlmflvir1ger. Salzwezlcl, Srlmiizlelleofcfr. Seefelzll, L. Sflvroerlcr. 1"ll5-WH, I. Sfbroeder, R. Sflmllz. Row Z: C. Sclvwede. Schmidt, Srblei, I. Srlmltz, A. Sflmlz, Sflwewe. Bolzlon, G. Sflmllz, M, Cramer, Sflwefflff. D- 5ff'l4'ffI0- Row l: Srboll, B. Srbullz, S. Srbmidf, Czerb, Sflwreiber, Sfll7:I6fB7', Sfbarnzfr, Srlioenemmz, Srboonorer. Miss Carr, 550 Row 5: Hanna, Heinz, Haskin, Gmreen, Hevk, Haexe, Gisselman, Gregory. Row 2: K. Goefsfb, Hanson, Bergmann, Glinierke, j. Hapke, R. Green, Grunde. W2 Gavin-lv. Row l: V. Hapbe, Goodwin, Guelsrln, Grilzmurber, Green, Gibson, Genz. Miss Anderson, 555 Row 5: Buxbu, Burek, Campbell, Bunlrofk, llrueger, I. Delerl, Delerl, Duwe, Dielzler, Row Z: Cola, Curpenier, Clurb, Dailey, Croyrnuns, Dixbrow, BlH'l'l74.l?'1if, Dfgner. Row l: Dulrisuf, Dreuxv, Dippnmnn, Clmmpine, Denzhmfle, Dodge, Bulzlalf. Cocl. 66 A, M in ,.,u,:-- ,, .. . 5'0Pff0MORf5 Qnl"W""' " fffx N we-4 Q1 all iipga ...m.,4 Miss Hulbert, 201 Row 5: Sala, Prigge, Rhyner, Rawson, T. Rohloff, Ridderbush, Rol0fl, D. Roloff, Royal, Randall, Baumgardl D, Rirhter, Ryan. Row 2: Rinka, Suhr, Saindon, Salzer, Pyan, Raymond, Radandl, Rehfeldf, Roemke, Rose, Pukix. Row I' Richmond, Radandt, Puariea, Rudolph, Rilz, Prock, Raduenzel, Remmel, Rahn, Roeder. M r. Yelich, 159 Row Row Row Row Row Row ' W'eiland, Urban, Tren, W'agner, lValdinger, Wfendorf, Thorn, Urmanski, Trelle, Toironen. : lVanla, W'eber, A. Wfeinkauf, Van Prooyan, Vander Wfall, lVerner, Tremel, Timm, W'eir, Frizzell, Vafhowiak, Wfallner, W'enzel. . G. Wfendl, B. Wfeekx, K. W'end1, D. W'allers, Towle, Treihel, f. Wallerx, P. Wfalfers, K. Wfeinkauf, B. Weeks, Mr. Wrmmmds, 160 I. Slrei, Slomske, Slrehlow, Sleffetllwgwl, Teige, Slade, Luehslorf, Texke. Sl. Clair, Suvhomski, Synnotl. R. Soubup, L. Seefeldi, j. Soukup, P. Spleltsfozer, Siege, -I Smith, Slerkling, Sniegoski, Ma'Candless, Sfurm, P. Smil J. : R. Soukup, Slrei, I. Sellung, G. Seehel, Slein, Sproixky, U. Senoragke, Sheploxki, L. Slollz, Sprague, S. Slollz. 67 50PfIOMORf5 III Miss Met ler 205 Row 3: Koenig, Knippel, Kobak, Plant, Knorr, Iuedes, Darling, I. Kese, Leitermann, Kloleow, Koehler, Andrae, Kell Klolb Row 2: W. Knapp, Ollo, L. Knapp, A. Kasten, Kastensscbmidl, Klall, R. Kasten, K. Klug, B. Klug, R. Koepp, H Kn pp joiude, Me Row 1: D. Kahn, LaPorIe, G. Knapp, Kaxmerrbak, C. Kulm, Kolbe, Kepling, Klade, Klade, G. Kexe, Heiser. Me Star-Studded Marquee Presents- X 0 o I I Exo'-9000 O 0 ta 0 G ov' Qesgoogill l 0 . 0 . I 0 , . Cl Go ? , ,lf 0 PI f I C ""' 0 f My . 9 ff! 7Qf H 0 ' t i 0 0 MAMA 0 UPGY d A IVG -- 0039-Qszlj 0 0 S nw,-as 0 0 . . 0 600 0 l 0. 0000 N -ooooopo oo ff oo co o ASX These three words fully describe our Soph- student did contribute a large amount of omore Aces. They excel in many fields! stu- spirit, co-operation, and work, these are dent government, debate, drama, sports, band, worthy of special mention: choir, orchestra, athletics. Although every Allen Opper john Ohrmundt jim O'Brien Ken Campbell Henry Timm David jackson Roger Fehlhaber Pat James Mary Wicke Tom France 68 Karl Marquardt Diane Treibel Sharon Disbrow Judy Emmerich Carole Edstrom x PY' v Let's have some help. Wlaat a way lo Sllllfllll. Lady in distress. Time for notes. IVbere's the fire? Ola my, did you see thai? Never wzderestimale ll woman Tou'le's vlaorus. Mirek gives the orders. Wm' 'fe 1 'Q' f Q " f' 'Q' v- , x 69 pf sf Speak, see and hear no evil. 7 The long and short of it. 8 W'ha1 mailer of man ix this? 9 The rise of knowledge . . . IU Oops, the fall of knowledge. ll Durndei - the Great Lover! 12 It takes two lo Tango! W'ha' hoppeu to you? "A-round lhe eorner-" The escape of Marks! Frieda Porerxki, Presx Hokey-Pokeyff 70 Good hcaz em' 1 Queen. RHV63... Eafh of the arts under the Big Top provides a dif- ferent variety of entertain- ment. The same fan he said for the I1L'fi'lf'ili6'S whirh take plate within and without our school. To provide for the wide assortment of in- terests, there are aftivities ranging from all-sfhool flames to more serious rlubs. All of these will ap- pear in the following pages. y ,: I' W BEST DRESSED EVELYN DEUTCH KEN PLAVNICK BEST ALL AROUND DENNIS SCHALOW MARY SWEITZER MOST ALAN ' BLACK BILLIE PENNELL XWITTIEST 72 TALKATIVE LEO TESCH CAROLYN LOVRIEN Me Seniors Present MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED TOM HARRISON JOAN ACCOLA MOST ATHLETIC DAVE STREHLOW JEAN YUNK Best 641: and 6'en fs MOST ILLIANT BETTY WOEHLERT MYRON ZOBOROWSKI FRIENDLIEST ggi? 73 BEST DANCER JOYCE POPHAL WAYNE ZILLMAN if S 4' I ' 7 L yf rf," vjrl, f , 40 YY JIM SULLIVAN KATHLEEN LANDREVILLE BEST LOOKING MIKE CARSWELL NANCY SCHUMAN ZAUDID lL'v4DfR5' BADGER BOYS BADGER GIRLS ai", 'Sf Slanding: Sullivan, Plavnick. Silling: Ziegler, Swenby, Case, Grerenow. BADGER BOYS AND GIRLS Each year several junior girls and boys are se- lected to represent our high school at the annual Badger Girls State, held at Madison, and the Bad- ger Boys State held at Ripon. They are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and citizenship. Besides holding mock elections, the girls hear various lectures on citizenship and cur- rent topics. They also take a trip to the state cap- itol, and hold a mock trial. The boys, who are div- ided into two political parties, hold nominating conventions and elections, the highest of which is governor. UTHROTAR Lei: lo righn Wfoehlerl, Halzeck, Lanzlrezfille, Radlke, farobson. UTHROTAR Each month past members of Uthrotar and mem- bers of the faculty select two boys to attend the meetings of the Wausau Rotary Club. The meetings which are held every Monday noon enable the boys to become acquainted with the aims and functions of the club, as well as the members. Besides this, they also benefit from the programs that are presented. The impressions that these boys receive of Rotary International are summarized at the end of the year. Q 5 J Row 3: johnson, Ziegler, Grotbaus, ldffki, Tffflfy KW!- Row 2: Schilling, Brefbler, Allard, Puariea, Zobrowski, Leland. Row 1: Zilz, Dzubay, Sumner, Harrison, Genrirb, Pradi. QUILL AND SCROLL Row 5: M14rplJy, Sc'lJaf0w, Drebmel, O'Lenry, Lepinski. Row Z: Delerl, Ifreilzerg, WdW1b0llf, MdflJU'il'k, liduuznls, Kfeilz, Genrifh, Edwarrlx. Row l: Berkuitly, Arfolu, Rodelmrer. Llznglwoff, Zimmernmun, Poi, Wfullorl. fflbsenl - Slwrberl, lVillerj. QUILL AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll is an International Honor Society for High School journalists. Each year outstanding members of the Wahiscan and Skyrocket Staffs are chosen for this honor, the highest award that can be given to a student writer. The elec- tion of new members takes place in the spring of the year. A tea is then held at which time the new members are formally admitted and allowed to wear the Quill and Scroll pin. SPECIAL AWARD WINNERS , . , . .. . . C 1 F 'I Mury Sweztzer Standing: Srlnllzng, Timm, Kiss, Cunzplzell, Iurkson, Blurb, F rd Film t .ei gynn r lj.A.R. Winner Genrifh, Lamherl. 0 mm am I e Sitting: Slmd, Kreilz, Disbrouu Sweifzer. National Foremir League 75 PffRlE.S'5 POBl!5flfR5. . . WAHISCAN ASSISTANTS Yomu, Lrillimer, Kijek, Winer, Newell. Rosenlaauer WAHISCAN ASSISTANTS Occasionally the work becomes too much for the Wahiscan staff to handle. At such times when the editors become too overworked, it is the Wfahiscan assistants that come to their aid. When the annuals arrive in the spring of the year, their help is needed again as the books ll1LlSt be sorted and then dis- tributed to the respective homerooms. WAHISCAN BUSINESS STAFF The Wahiscan Business staff not only provides the necessary funds to publish our year book, but it also gives the businessmen of Wausau a chance to advertise their products in the many homes into which these year books go. The work of the staff consists of soliciting ads and collecting the money for same. They must also lay out their section. Their contribution to the Wahiscan deserves a great deal of credit. BUSINESS STAFF l Dzubtfy Row 4: Slluilmlll, Black, Sleclelizzg, Tlzsbeoufgki, Burlels, Kmen, McCallum, Drebmel. Row 5: Almwz, Dellinger, Horgen, Treibel, Olson, Schreiber, ljggebrerlu. lbw 2: Slugoxki, Sobkowitzk, Btnrlbels, Mulueg, Pietsrlwr, McCt1rflJy, IVJIIIISCIJ. Row I: Srlmefer, Rolbenberger, Zimmermuml, Bfllllell, Dumb. ...N07f4Blf NfW5fi00ND5 SKYROCKET EDITORS I I S -1 Row 2: Edwards, Arcola, Genrirln, McGinley, Willlon, Edwards Row 1: Lorrien, Sweilzer, W'ei5enberger, Brechler. EDITORS AND ASSISTANTS The Skyrocket, which keeps the students up to date on school affairs, comes out every three weeks. However this past year there was a special issue de- voted to the student exchange program. Editor-in- chief was Mary Sweitzer, and the assistant editors were Betty Weisenberger and Fred Brechler. Be- sides there are the managing and city editors, and editors of the various columns such as news, humor, exchange, and boys' and girls' sports. BUSINESS STAFF Row 3: Poi, Pielxrber, Piehl, Brandenburg. Row 2: Pelerson, Langlaoff, Vollenufeider. Row 1: Freiberg, Frank, Rotbenberger, Brunell. BUSINESS STAFF The Skyrocket Business Staff puts in a great deal of work to bring you your student paper. It is neces- sary for them to solicit ads for each issue. This work is carried out by the business staff and their effi- cient business manager, Jo Freiberg. The annual publication's picnic is held in the spring of the year, at which time the traditional ball game between the Wfahiscan and Skyrocket staffs is played. SKYROCKET ASSISTANTS Q Ks.. Scbeurmann Row 4: Phillips, jackson, Marquardl, Nebring, Funk. Wfoodx Row 3: Srbmm, Srlnlei, Nein, McAleuz'y, Doede. Row 2: Mt'Cartl2y', Nluckerbcide, Gruriller, Boeltclver, Lepinski. Row 1: Mucha, Pigeon, Oeslreicln, Dodge, Killing. 77 VARSITY DEBATE SOPH DEBATE Slanzling: Black, Schilling, Kiss. Silling: Lamberl, Kreilz, Sweitzer, Geurivlv. fAb.rer1l.' Skudj. DEBATE The Wausau Senior High School varsity dehaters ex- perienced one of the most succesful years in the history of the school. They were winners in five out of six tourna- ments, winning three handsome championship trophies for their efforts. All but two of the squad were inexperienced debaters. They were coached by Mr. E. C. Marquardt. THE SEASONS RECORD Tournament Won Lost Eau Claire Kick-off .... ,,,,,, 1 0 2 Merrill Invitational ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 0 2 Wisconsin-Minnesota College ,,,,, ,,,,,, l l 1 Stevens Point District ,,,, ,,,,,...... , ,, S 1 Stevens Point Sectional , ,.i,., 5 .5 , 6 National Forensic League ..,,,, 2 Total Wins and Losses ..,, ,.....,..,.,,,.,,,,.... 4 5 ll Standing: jackson, Timm, Campbell. Sitting: Goeisrb, Disbrow, Srblei. ln the local speech contest covering seven different fields. twenty speakers were selected to represent Wausau in the Wisconsin Valley League Contest held at Amigo on March 10. Sixteen of these received the top "A" award and cap- tured the unofficial team championship of the tournament. While Wausau won sixteen "A's", the remaining fifteen were divided between the four other schools. This is an all-time record for Wausau High, surpassing last year's all-time record when twelve people won in the League Contest. In the district contest held at Wisconsin State College at Stevens Point where speakers competed for the right to enter the state finals, Wausau High again established an all-time record by winning twelve top "A" awards. The winners were David Allard, Nancie Christensen, Lenore Kreitz, Mary Sweitzer, Henry Timm, LeRoy Grohe, Douglas Zilz, Carla Rodehaver, Nancy McAleavy, Betty Woehlert. jerry Funk, and Pete Genrich. ln the state finals held at Madison, five of the ten speak- ers who represented Wausau won the top "A" award, while the other five received the "B" award. Standing: Bjorklund, Marquanll, Orker- Shmdi11g.' Timm, Sweilzer, Campbell, jackson, Genrirh, Berard, Funk, Zilz, lander. Silling, Geist, Proclmsku. Grohe, Allard, Clarisienren, Grolhaus. Silting: Kreilz, W'oelvlerl, Rodelmrer, Dislzrow, Landreeille, Grolelueschen. .. . BIG' 70P r4C'7lW7lf5' Z, 2"-0... - Q--1 Trying to find Laurel. All in a day's work. They're fixing their watches. "Ca11't have it."' Shades of Rita - the Lepinski sisters. Zuuleer is studying to be a mamfurzst. All aboard! P.--X I X . . . and they won by a uosef N 0 cheating now! f The grunt-and-groan boys. I W Puariea and Welsh - t V eleetrifians. 8 k 2 1' " Q' Swede, kee our e e 011 k A 7 Builer! P y y ! PD . IW!! ' 79 FROM FOKEMN lv4N60,46'E... Row 5: McKeel9an, Scbnerk, Salzer, Donnelly, Tesrb, Stade, jenron, Genricb Row 2: Horgen, Almen, Hoppe, Kerren, Lepinski, Kaufman, Sleffke, Rode- laarer, Rilling, Row l: Newell. janet, Clrrislenson, Dellinger, Heiser, lVil5on, Dumonle. SPANISH CLUB In this club Spanish students had an opportunity to increase their knowledge of Spain. Some of the various ways in which they accom- plished this were by playing Span- ish games and watching Spanish movies. They also, throughout the year, heard talks on the country and its customs. Officers of the club were: President, Jim Ash, Vice- President, Margaret Redetzkeg Sec- retary, jerry Funk, and Treasurer, Jean Callahan. GERMAN CLUB Sprechen Sie Deutch? Do you speak German? This is the only qualification to become a member of the German Club. The members of this group desire to increase their knowledge of Germany. In order to accomplish this they spend a great deal of time listening to German records and singing German songs. Talks on this country were also heard. Officers of the club were: President, Daisy Kreutzg Vice-Presi- dent, Sam Murphy, Secretary, joan- na Perske and Treasurer, Bob Greve- now. FRENCH CLUB Members of the French Club were given the privilege of gaining a broad background of French cus- toms and culture. Throughout the year various programs were held, including a number of parties which followed the pattern of French gai- ety. At the April meeting, the tradi- tional banquet was held and only French food was served. Officers of the club were: President, Bob Sal- zerg Vice-President and Treasurer, Peter Genrich, and Secretary, Mar- garet Heiser. Row 2: Brerlzler, Funk, Ash. Row l: Callalrmn, fensen, Rerletzke, R. Smith, Pennell. 80 o 0 0 BIOLOGY CLUB The field of insects, animals, and particularly frogs is especially fas- cinating to the members of the Bio- logy Club. A serious attitude was taken in regard to our natural re- sources, and the members plan to clean our school forest this coming summer. During the year, field trips were taken to the Stueber Dairy and the Biological lab at the University of Wisconsin Extension. Officers of the Club were: President, Karl Mar- quardtg Secretary, john Brand, and Treasurer, Tom France. CHEMISTRY CLUB The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to broaden the students in- terest in this field. This is accom- plished through outside speakers, student demonstrations, and field trips. The latter, which brings the members into contact with local in- dustries, gives them a knowledge of community activities. Officers of the Club were: President, Edward Zill- mang Vice President, Ralph Swenby, Secretary, Charlotte Wanlboldg and Treasurer, Mike Carswell. 70 FORH6'N BODlf5 Row 5: Punls, I'4YcUlt't', Sluale. Harkin, lVeekr. Rolnff, Sierkerl, Kuehler. Row 2: Dllll'8, Green, Uflo, Brneblirlg, St. Clair, l'ngl, Sterkliug f., Pagev- Kopf, Krnxko, ,Nleru'iu. Bfrlfllf. Row 1: Murqmzrdl, Srbnllz, Duilrimr, Zuxlrnir, Slf.'l'kliPlg D.. Dirhruu: Genrirb, unflfixlllli, Srmkujl, Row Row Row Row Row 5: Corrigan, Grulb, Gobdex, jeuren, Stnllz, Zuromrki, Goel.r4.'lJ, Carlson, Bfflflllliki, Zoborouwlel, jfmen, H1n1dlmu.ven. Row 2: lxaznlier. Dielzler, Kurpimki, Murbel, Keith, Zillnmn, Rolla, Smilb, Wlzdzirlski. Row 1: Chrixliuuxml, .'llrCufrl1enu, Alwin, Srblei, Muelrer, Stbaefer, Muller. : Sueuby, Prielepfr, Zillman, Soukufr C., illenrel, Sierkerl, Soukulw K., Marlin, Cursive I, Scbliesmau. Anderson, Evans. : Hanruu, Humerlu, Cherek, Krueger, Kleirlxrbmidt, Puariea, Hurrixwl. : Iillingrlm, Mr.-llea1'j, Hlazu. !dl'lI,7,flHI, Knl1ulmrxI. W"i4l5lrnn1, Tbonljl- you, Murkerbeide. Erdnmn. z lVumbold, llwvlfgmm, Berkzrillf, Kulmborrl, Nimlerlluu, Brnnell, ASTRONOMY CLUB Members of the Astronomy Club contrary to what some may have thought, did not spend all of their time gazing at the stars. Most of their time was spent studying the facts and principles of astronomy. The purpose of providing this in- formation was to create an interest in this field. Officers of the club were: President, Marvin Zoromskig Vice President, Dawn Zillmang Sec- retary and Treasurer, Barbara Roth. HIVL' ARTS. . . ART CLUB The large membership in the Art Club this past year, indicates that their aim of promoting an interest in this field is being accomplished. Besides spending their meetings en- gaged in the various art activities, they saw movies, carried on discus- sions, and went on field trips. They also sponsored a few of the fine art exhibits seen throughout the year. Officers of the Club were: President, Ronald Detertg Vice President, Bob Salzerg and Secretary, Esther Clair- IHOIC. LATIN CLUB Besides creating an interest in the classics, the Latin Club points out many different phases of Roman life and literature to its members. Plays, skits, and pantomines form a large part of their program, which also includes Latin games and songs. They contributed a great deal to the foreign language Christmas party. Officers of the Club were: Consuls, Tom France and Lee Witter, Scribes, Margaret Heiserg and Quaestor, Karl M arquardt. Row Row Row Row Sherbert Berard. Sillarx. Timm, Mlirplsvy, ,Nluelleiy Treirhel, Koehler, Nebring, Akey, Peiersan. Lui-rierz. Rodehaver, Porerski. Bahleda. C. Lepinxki. Kvauxe, Morris Dixbroug Weinbuuf, Srblei, Deltinger, Kreitz. Malbwirk, Slain. Poi, Pigeon, Sbafmmki, Groleluesrhen, Malueg. Synoil. Sleffkev Nierimki, Borxki, Callahan, Tou-le, Slralkowski. Miller. Nlucha, Edxlmnl, 1. Lejrimki, Parks. jones, Lamlerlille. Arcola, Tren, Dumonle. 82 DRAMA CLUB The Drama Club pro- vided an excellent oppor- tunity for its members to learn more about this fine art, and explore its various aspects. This was accom- plished by guest speakers and group activities. The members were given a dem- onstration on make up as well as the different types of drama and the styles of acting. Officers of this club were: President, Allen Akeyg Vice President Jo- anne Accolag and Secretary and Treasurer, Kathleen Landerville. .. . I-'0R NIL' f070Rf Row Row 5 : Row 2: Row 1 ' ll"oller, Rux, Heixe, Huyfs. Gwidl. Knorr, Larlghnff, Bemuzeskf, Suhvel, Krueger. Fletcher, Morienslnl. lincbr, Denfeld. Deffner, ll"flIt'I', Thorpe, Hmzxrm. .NlcDnnaId, Bousley. Sfbrnealer, Ruzlnlfvb. Pugel. Verlske. Bliexe, Dalxke. llwolfe, Sfeflwllmgeu, U"eudl, li tzdzinxki. Huff- llltxronzber, Bdllllldilil, Poulzlnff, Stlazzwde, Klllfllffl, UHFIIBVI. Rhyner, Tusflae. qL'lJlit.'SlIldPI, Prlgge, Opi4'lJku, Kujubl, Mogenxrm, Lune. Row Row Row Row Many of our future teach- ers probably belonged to the F.T.A. Club. In this club the members had a chance to learn more about the profession through edu- cational movies and speak- ers on different phases of teaching. They also held a patty and a special installa- tion service, but their big activity was a visit to the State Teachers' college at Stevens Point. Officers of Srhnllz, .-inderson, Jillllldll, Degner. Biajzillg. Murphy, K. Gioelxrb, laerkx, Zavlzflun Huehlke, Heise, Srbeel, SI. Clair. Hauer. Deffuer, Jlnrlenxeu. Biff, jensen, Zubm-uzrxki, Sfnllz. .S'rl1efller, j. Goelxrb. l'uu Slyke, Kay, Inter, Hilber, Larxwl, Uvilke. Klumfryun. Heck. Iirenxrm, U"r1Ilf'r', Heunell, Jleilulm, fulnms. Kurlz- ll'eil, Grohe. Bauman, llnilke, Kozlorxky, Pflieger, Pnnfzluff, Alngeuxeu. F. T. A. the Club were: President, john Malone, Vice Presi- Treasurer, Bud Hinzman. F . F . A. The members of F.F.A. desire to develop leadership and improve their way of farming so that in the future they will be good citizens in their community. This Chapter has been active in school forest management, garden seed sales, the F.F.A. speak- ing contest, and Fair work. Raising 200 chicks in an electric brooder this past spring was their main pro- ject of the year. Officers of the Club were: President, Russell Hayes, Vice President, Ronald Ruxg Secretary, james Knorr, Treasurer, Clark Wit- ter, and Reporter, Roger Thorpe. CONSERVATION Our Conservation Club believes that the best way to conserve our natural resources is by making good use of them. Valuable contributions have been made this past year, through tree planting, timber stand improvement, and study of hunting and fishing. In addition to this, they also set up a feeding plot and trans- plant bed at the school forest. Offi- cers of the Club were: President, Paul Haelke, Vice President, Don Doedeg Secretary, Myron Zoborow- ski and, Treasurer, Eugene Fochs. Row 4: I.unglJf1fl. Srbnun. Luedlke, W'uelvler'l. Radfke, Bruebling, Claerek, .lldl0Plf. Hinzmwm, Kryxlmk. Seiler, Pautz. Paxzkiewicz, Lilzer. dent Corrine wleber - S - Row 5: lireiherg, Kaufmun, Brock, Seehufer, Ste zhenxon, G 'll 1, P ll 1, l I ec Hoffnmu, Berg, lflneher, Babl. Pieper, Chrlxtiunson. nl N 0 ,M fefilfy, ElC3l'1OI' SCIIIZIIUQ Hfld Row 2: Kluemler, Jlflrlenxon, Srbullenherg, Taflller, Luedtke, Suhr, Killing 83 Reimv. Dulxke, HJHYIYIIIJVIYI, Rirbler. Row 1: Rirhmoml, LaSalle, Golrrrlhieuzvki, Vexely, Green, Scherlzel, Treicbel. SUPH? .S'6'L'RE7'4RlE5'... SENIOR GREGG The purpose of this club is to pro- vide the members with a chance to learn the job requirements of an of- fice worker through our local offices. This past year the Senior Gregg members gained valuable knowledge from guest speakers in regard to of- fice problems and stenographic work done abroad. They also raised money for the Waugonian Scholarship fund by selling ice cream bars at the bas- ketball games. Officers of this Club were: President, Mavis Feckg Vice President, Alice Kobakg Secretary and Treasurer, Sheila Drehmel. The Waugonian Council Representatives Row 3: Koppliu, Otto, Nelson, Leuitzke. Ruudrnll, Iuerkx, Semlu, Meyer. Row 2: S. xi. lllerbl, Priehe, jones, Ruelher, Srbrnuau, Engebrerhl, Muulz. were Joan Stralkowski and Carol Row 1: Stralknuyvki. james, fvlliiblllllll, Klug, Knlbetk, lierk. HOME ECONOMICS Members of the Home Economics Club devoted their time and ability to becoming gracious hosts and host- esses of the future. This was done by having strictly social gatherings at all their meetings. Each month six or more students planned a party at which time a number of games were played and prizes were awarded, with refreshments always providing the finishing touch. Officers of the Club were: President, Donna Rich- mond, Vice President, Patricia Sob- kowiakg Secretary, Shirley Mae Utechtg and Treasurer, Arlette Spaude. Row Row Row Row JR. GREGG The Junior Gregg members got to- gether once a month to learn the local requirements for stenographers and to get acquainted with business people in this area. Included in their programs were movies, speakers, and a party or picnic, the latter of which was held in the spring of the year. They also raised money for the Wau- gonian Council by selling candy at the school dances. Officers of this Club were: President, Barbara Schroeder, Vice President, Janice Ry- chinskig and Secretary-Treasurer, Daisy Kreutz. ll Slnychalla, R. Luedtke, Spaude. Meilahn, Mullen, Nierinxki, Laliare, Ising. Kopfzlin. Holzxrbulo, Sobuwiak, Kolbetk, Goylowski, L. Luedlke, Utecht, Bullke, D. Luedtlee, Arcola. Monson, Clairmure, Sbnleuwki, Slralkowxlei, Richmond, Bender, Schenzel. Reich, W'ieu.n'h, Scbnmmrer, Reinfe. Babl, Rirhler. 84 0 I I BOOK CLUB If everyone gave their honest re- action, it would not be surprising to see that most people do enjoy a good book. Especially interested in read- ing were the members of the Book Club, who conducted discussions and reviews at their monthly meetings. They were also given a chance to see the Marathon County Bookmobile, by accompanying it on one of its trips to a nearby school. Officers of the club were: President, Julianne Bednorskig Vice President, Margo Zastrowg and Secretary, jim Ash. LIBRARY Members of the Library Club can be recognized by the "book worm" pins which were purchased this past year. This club, which aids the mem- bers in becoming familiar with the library, held several book reviews and saw a movie. They also worked on a short play. Officers of the Club were: President, Carol Graveeng Vice President, Sharon Barthelsg Sec- retary, Lois Bartelsg and Treasurer, Sally Henning. 719555 C'0N6'6'N7Rv47f 1 k S Row 5: Ash, Mullen, Esker, Lillie, Wlalterx, lfenn, Bednorxki, Zarlrow, Funk. Row 2: Laut, 0'Keefe, I, Genrith, lfroslman, Kaslen, Eggerl, P. Genrirb, Sth mid! . Row 1: l"u.tl, Har'H1arll1, Genz, Klug, Mohilnilzky, Burrhardt, Hinner. Row 4: Row 5: Row 2: Row l: Kulil, Kaslen, Grareen, Ruelber, Bauer, Paxzkieuirz, Pagvl, Pixrballa, Barrels, u7lHl,YL'lJ, Hefxler, W'allw'x, .lHlll'lt'IlXlH1. fr1'lIIIIltll'IJ6l', Krueger, Barrels, Pllflljdl, Krrnneri, Henning, llneebi' Knezrjl, Plautz, Schumann, Zurlfer. flu' elzrnok, Heller, Knapp, Griznlarber, Smillf, llnenzel, Slnlze, 5clJu'nz'lm, Seifeldl. Belbke. Hanson, Hoppe, Laika, Krairner, Se-wr1o1u', Krueger, Hinlz. l Row 4 : Vogt, Halfzor, Raalz, laeckx, .-lnklarn, Kulas, Schlrlidlhrffer, Siefkerl. CHESS CLUB Each month the chess enthusiasts meet to improve their skill at this game. All the meetings are devoted exclusively to giving the members an opportunity to play each other as this is the best wav that they can im- prove their knowledge of the game. Officers of the Club were: Presi- dent, Russell Kentg Vice President, Dennis Knapp: Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Donnelly. Donnelly, Malueg, W'alIen, Kenl, Sierkerl, lobnxon, Brzezinrki. Row 5: Koy. Shawl, janz. Row 2: Sterkling, Pnnll, Scbramer, Knapp, Kluerer, Kufirek, Miskin, Stadt' Pukis, W'eiland, .lfleru'in, Kueblman, Teilmer, Kay, Kurizweil, lemon ' o 1 Soukup, Tremel, I.ueb.ttorf, Marlin. Row 1: jarobson, lvfbdfl, Jlatzke, Crflflifh, Fdwardx. Jlilllextaedl, Zilz, Becker. 85 ZHIRNING MORE. . . CAMERA CLUB It is very likely that you will find many of our camera enthusiasts in the Camera Club. Besides developing their skill in the art of taking pic- tures, they also improve their ability in developing, printing and enlarg- ing the pictures. Officers of the Club were: President, Allen Akeyg Vice President, Tom Lattimoreg Secretary, Susan Radandtg and Treasurer, Shel- don Papenfus. Row 3: Lutlimer, Krueger, SrlJrl1eder. Rader, Doede, Mueller, fabn, Heinz, Zunker, Akey, W'im1ie, Girxelman. Row Z: Egdahl, Kufubl, Papenlur. Ryan, Ruudall, fllallllle, Sbrrfinxki. Hel- Iinga, johnny, fmlriker, Huefr. Row l: Suhr. Knapp, Suhr, Lumlerrflle, Radandl. Poxkie. Hiulz, Roblf, Protla. Maier, Langboff. PROJECTIONIST CLUB Members of the Projectionist Club not only come to the aid of many distressed English teachers, but also create an interest among themselves in such things as motion picture pro- jectors, tape recorders, and film strip machines. Besides demonstrations and movies, a field trip was taken to some of our local theaters. They made their contribution to the ex- change program by interviewing students and by tape recording the programs. Officers of the Club were: President, Thomas Leland, Vice President, Donald Puarieag Secretary, james Hettinga, and Treasurer, Lyle Weden. MATH CLUB Those who tried to interpret things mathematically, were prob- ably members of the Math Club this past year. They were given an op- portunity to develop this interest fi, 4--fp through student and teacher demon- ' stration, which covered the slide rule and a study of topology. The mem- bers also took part in a field trip on computational machines. Officers of the Club were: President, Mary Sweitzerg Vice President, Ronald janzg Secretary, Bud Hinzmanng and Reporter, Duane Edwards. 86 G. A. A. Despite the large membership in G.A.A., the club was extremely ac- tive. Besides large basketball, volley- ball, and bowling tournaments, ping pong, and badminton, were also in- cluded in their schedule. Sports and activities are emphasized at the meet- ings through Iectures and movies. A number of parties were also enjoyed during the year, and money was raised for the Wfaugonian scholar- ships. Officers of the Club were: President, jean Yunkg Vice Presi- dent, Inez Pietscherg Secretary and Treasurer, jean Nimz. . . . AND PHIYIN6 SKI CLUB There is a great interest in skiing as may have been demonstrated when the Laurel students were here. The Ski Club members participated in four events, downhill, slalom, cross-country, and jumping in which awards were given to the winners. They also participated in the junior ski meets in the midwest. Officers of the Ski Club were: President, Dave Allard, Vice President, Jack Evansg Secretary, Mary Lee Bisellg and Treasurer, Fred Brechler. Row 5: Heinz, Nimz, Mufkerlleide, 'I'brunfuon, Pedersen, llueinbuuf Row 2: Srhmrn, sfslllkf, 0'Leury, Piel5a'lJ1:r, Smilb. Row l: Poll, Yank, Ziegtl, Gmriller. PEP CLUB "We'll fight for Wausau High!" This fight carried on by the Pep Club was largely responsible for our fine cheering section. Although it wouldn't be possible to have a cheer- ing section without coperation, it is necessary to stimulate this spirit at the right time. To carry this out, the members put on a number of pep assemblies and planned new cheers. Officers of the club were: President, Dave Raabg Vice President, Perry Ziegler, Secretary, Janice Strekg and Treasurer, Dennis Schalow. ,VWLU4 THEN NURS. . . SENIOR Y-TEENS JUNIOR Y-TEENS NOON HOUR Y-TEENS JUNIOR JINX Y-TEENS There is always something going on to keep high school girls busy outside of school. Y-Teens is one of these activities. The soph- omores and juniors have their meetings after school, while the seniors have meetings in the evening. Many different projects are undertaken by these clubs. The seniors had a big Valentine Dance for the Laurel Exchange Students. The juniors put on a skit to help promote Lost Lake Camp. The sophomores held a bake sale as a means of raising funds for their club. These undertakings are not only for the benefit of the Y-Teen members, but also to help others. This goal is accomplished by participating in many different service projects. SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS . . . fi-,V 6'RO0P5' 'iifgwa ROV' 5: Ellaus' Carsulell' Prinle' Row 3: Mailexnn, Nelson, Nlurphy, jesler, johnson, Za.vlrou'. RUW21 'll"'lem'm' Bunn' CU," Row 2: Erenrorz, Hegna, Meilahn, jolmax, Nieriuski. Row 1: 5"bHe5""m' Abel' Row 1: S4'lJn1l1m'IJer, Ziebell, llvilroll, Zunker, Krueger. H I - " Y " Q Would you like some fun this Friday "iw night? Well, come to the basketball hop at the "Y", Sound familiar? The Hop proceeds are used for scholarships given to any quali- fied high school graduate. Besides sponsor- ing hops and awarding scholarships they compete in the inter-club baseball and bas- ketball league. The spirit of the Hi-Y is rep- resented by its pledge "To create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian fel- lowship in school and the community." ,DI ASSYRIANS THQRPS ia' all Qui I i 5 ..-1 Row 3: Hmldlnanveu. fufksou. Pufreufux. ROW 5: W',,lf,,m,,' Minbonv sfade. Row 2: Dzubay. folnzslnl, Latiimer. Row 2: Ryan, jafkmu, Schroeder. Row 1: Hoff. Kuelal, U'itler. Row l: Pbillillx. Hoff, limnre, RI!-1'dl. 89 7:9555 P6'0Plf MAKE . . X X 'Tlfffgr ii, Y f 1..OlLY. .W 5 ERRHND if SERVICE! f QW' spxgshg ,- f g V V UN". MONITORS NOON HOUR ACTIVITIES Monitors play an important part in the every day functions of our school. Being picked on a volunteer basis, they register their free periods at the beginning of each semester. They are assigned to different posts throughout the school where they attend to such duties as distributing absentee lists, collecting attendance folders, and returning green passes, or es- corting guests and visitors to vari- ous destinations. ASSISTANTS Noon hour activities provide fine entertainment for students who eat their lunches at school. The five young men whom you see below are in charge of the various games, dances, movies, and gym equipment and have of- fered their time and efforts to making this program operate smoothly. PHOTOGRAPHERS The job of the Activities Pho- tographers is to see that all stu- dents have pictures on their ac- tivities tickets. These snaps are used as a means of identification for football games, basketball games, and the like. The "shutter- bugsv of this staff are responsible for the taking, developing, iden- tifying, cutting, sorting, stapling and distributing pictures of over 1,575 students. lemon, Slieber, Borclmrdr, W"eden. Hetlinga. RUW 23 Ldfffmf EVJYX' sfl'lie5"f""' , Row 1: Sherbert, lxmen, Wfemkanf, Lattzmer. 90 ...00R B16 70P BIG' mi ' l Row 2: McCormick, Klug, Slralkawski, Richmond. Row 5: Kfzippel, Hilber, Bopf, Winetzki. Row 1: jordan, Pielsrlaer, Drelmzel, Sclwrum. Row 2: Gerzsmurm, Knapp, Eggebrerbt, Kmen, S. Row 1: Kmeu, N., Slagvski, Pelrowski. VUAUGONIAN USHERS SOCIAL COUNCIL COMMITTEE The main purpose of the 'Wau- gonian Council is to raise money for scholarships for five or six graduating girls and boys. The way in which this purpose is achieved is through the annual Talent Show. The club is made up of seven members represent- ing the junior and Senior Gregg Clubs. the Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, Home Economics Club, and one Senior Y-Teen. SOCIAL COMMITTEE The ushers give of their extra time to perform various duties at our numerous football and bas- ketball games. These duties in- clude showing spectators to their reserved seats and passing out programs to both adults and stu- dents. The ushers are chosen on a volunteer basis receiving fifty cents per game for their services. 91 The details connected with the all-school dances and football hops are carried out by the mem- bers of the social committee. To accomplish this work more effi- ciently, the committee is divided into decorations, checking, tickets, chaperones, and publicity, each with their respective jobs. This committee made the Christmas Capers, Harvest Ball, Mardi Gras, and the Wausau Day Dances pos- sible. The results of their work were enjoyed by many. limi ' JM X f 1:1 Nl X 'l X ,Ill 'H ' 1 fn ,, ""' T N X 67 57 1 2 C -5 ' m! ,xv Wil ? 5'-2 V ei l f -C -, Z f h ex ,ji 1f:?,-if iii? QT- All School Hops Oet. Ori. Ort. Oct. Noz Sept. DA N C E I9 - Point Football Hop 3 - Rlainelanzler Football Hop 9 - llvausau Day Dance 10 - Eau Claire Football Hop 31 - Dads' Night I-I - Harvest Ball Der. I2 -- CALENDAR Der. 26 - junior Girls Feb. H - Valentine Dante Feb. I7 - Mardi Gray April I0 - Candy Danre April 2-l - junior Prom xwaao Christmas Capers 00 Sta e ln Me Aua'iforium Sept. I8 Sept. 19 Sepl. 30 Ori. I3 Nor. 4 wi 1 I-4 1 V X Nor. Il - The Romaufe of Wfords f X f CALENDAR Def. II - The Fight for Asia Der. 19 - Christmas Program fan. I6 - Pep Pro- gram Marrh 23 - Pruth MvFarlin Comer! April 27 - Immorlal Charafters of Diekens May I4 - Slight of Hand Artist 19' Wausau Day Queens 1952 lil lean Bllbf Clllife Brick ska ,g ,, WK? Lois Scbeel Kalbleeu Landreville Charlotte W'ambolzl The big event of the XX'ausau Day Program was the dance held the night before the game to the music of Ray Cramer and his orchestra. There was a well-planned pro- gram in the auditorium for those who did not wish to dance. This included a movie entitled "The Spirit of Stanford," a short performance by the Franklin School "Fun Band" and a brief talk by Miss Wisccmnsin, who was Miss jean Houston. The climax of the evening came when Kathy Landreville was crowned queen. Kathy also reigned over the football game and the hop which took place on Friday. 1: K LM All pp.. 4 it Q S t g l i" ff! lfff ifyf-xy El" ' i J ii y, A H PD Royalty reigns over the Eau Claire game. 94 Ill H030 D147 v4C'7'lVl7l6'5' Class of"65" Hobo Court Miss 'Okie made llae go round. Mrs. Druliuers Hobo Chorus. Neu ads in Burlap. Bums in abundance. ' 17 Wfausau Day wheels 7 ' 1' 4 g .lx-A ,---T-3-,L Q . HOBO DAY - On October 9, 1952, many strange-looking students were seen roving through the halls of Wausau Senior High School. The reason was the Hobo Day, which was part of the Wausau Day Program. The Hobo Court, announced at the assem- bly, was made up of the following: King - LeRoy Wolf, Queen -- Joan Lietz, Prince - Lee Witter, Princess - Carol Lee Edwards, Duke - Dale Ryan, and Dutchess - Mary Stone. Due to the whole- hearted co-operation of both teachers and pupils, Hobo Day was once again a tremendous success. 'X Vi? .YHNOR 611455 PHIY. .. L I T T L E W O M E N - Last November the senior class "donned the buskins" and presented Marian de Forest's play adap- tation of Louisa May Alc0tt's "Little Vffomenf' Thirteen girls and five boys pranced and paraded in gorgeous 19th century gowns and suits through two hours of a romantic comedy. The play centered around the teen-age lives of the March girls. From the tragedy of Beth's death to the serio-comic love affair of jo and Professor Baer, the comedy played lightly on the audience's emotions. Trick light- ing effects and an abstract outdoor set helped give zest to the pro- duction. The play provided nostalgia for the adults and fun for the students. The cast enjoyed the work and fun involved and especially liked the death scene. Besanl, Yunk Play Direrlorx 'X Nw Slanding: Sullivan, Wuroslz, Abey, Black, Brefbler, Schuman, Slanding: Puariea, Iaerks, Leland Wel5lJ Sherbert, Brick. Sitting: Sleffke, Smilb, Lilzer, Sweilzer. Siliing: Radlke, Erwin, Wfoeblert 96 .. . SPRING' P1147 Akey' Bemul' Wldmjh Allard, Groleluescheu ROMEO AND JULIET Q VUhat's the idea? - was the -general reaction when the students Q heard that "Romeo and Juliet" was to be done in formals and tux- X edoes and on platforms. However, the formal dress and the con- structivistic set and the area lighting proved that Shakespeare can S appear in modern garb and he effective. In keeping with the dress, Q.. 'A the actors used knives instead of swords for their fights. The au- dience "oohed and aahed" at the beautiful pictures continually created. The romantic tragedy fitted in well with Spring and showed the audience a love of another day. Called "The greatest , love story ever written, "Romeo and Juliet" thrilled and satisfied w the audiences. They were skillfully carried to the land of illusion hy Shakespeare's beautiful and effective poetry. 97 gg? -F A mniimzi .al 'I' A I I il JON!0R PROM 1953 Ap ri! in Paris The annual junior Prom, held at the Youth Building in Marathon Park on April 24, was the climax of the 1955 social season. The deco- rations theme was 'April in Paris', and Larry XVooclbury's orchestra furnished the music for the dancing which began at 8:50 o'clock. The GRAND MARCH, consisting of very intricate formations began at 10:50, a half hour later than usual. Preceding the event a number of coketail parties were held at homes of promgoers. The postprom party at the Wausau Club and the breakfast at Rih Mountain Shelter House sponsored by the Kiwanis Club were attended by more than 100 people. The various committees were headed by Nancy O'Leary and Elizabeth Reich, decorations, Carol Dettinger, program: Curtis jackson, publicity: Dale Weeks and Harry Spanton, lighting: jack Grothaus, properties, and Sharon Newell, refreshments and punch. PROM COMMITTEE Row 2: Grotballx, Salzer, Harmon, Smillw, HlI7ll1'f71IIl.9Ei1. 511113 Yllrell Dale Dlllbcly Row 1: Lepinsbi, Rolvlf, Seai'er.t, Scbnle, lfruuk, O'Konek, Reich. Rene: from the Nana' March rf Me Youth ?lIl'fdl'lIg Fuvultj D M L L,1.B 1? u ll 2111 f Ronald Iunz Direflor TOPHATTERS AND GLEE CLUBS An added attraction at the Farewell Assembly for the Laurel Ex- change students, was the fine concert presented by our dance or- chestra, the Tophatters. The efforts of the thirteen members and their capable leader, Ronald Janz, resulted in splendid entertain- ment which was appreciated by ail. Besides this, the Tophatters also played at a number of dances during the year and made a few recordings. The Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs are for beginners interested in choir work. The purpose of these groups is to provide its mem- bers with the fundamentals of vocal music and prepare them for the choir work which follows. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB BOYS GLEE CLUB Row Row Row Row Kin, Olxon, Horn, Eluling, Dixlvvmr, lrhllmber, Slnrm, Mirek. Meilalnz, ll"nlf. Lurllenler, Kuejzjr. .-lldrir'lJ, Gnlenlhierrxki, Stein, Parker, Clark, llerrmunn, Krueger, Stiller. Perxbe, Murxla, .HfDrnlalrl, xllbrerbl, ITIJIIPIQII, Nad, Iilurifle, Burzluff, limerick. llwilfflll, Jliller, ,llrf,tu'll1v, Dodge, W,t',lflliL'k, Srlmrnler, fuc't'k.r, Hillzer. 102 Rowlz Sullnmz Ken! jobmfm Bopf 'lerge Row l: Seuberl Burunk Hmffhy 'lrlzlermll W. C -co1g-o.aeug-,- -guhmu :CSE 35 C5805 ce-EE-agen. Bgug-U HV, ,Lf C-ol 2-5f1g-0 :gc cu ,gg 3D ..C'...r:'U,.QN were-luwo A-ag.CI I .2T5,,:sZ"3lS'E.2 c:'3i"'E'fi O -I Eiswsfig 25235 X Q .-4 UH- Q. Bw! 'DEM 4" 'SEQ 'U ' -1 .wiezgz Qinfif -GO.::v-H-'....+-f .n mf-11.. 4-'U-Qmuhu, HEQNO 'f 00553 i2'5'E'1J" SWG -:HU ml-HQJ Q0 UQJQAOJCA-'-1-1 NHL?-TNC Vw-513-v-n.E:3:0a':a -ag-'Dang ,EQ"E'7'E.Ef'J E 65'-A Humrogk Hiumeo QLNUNN u-1 Nu,-40 """Q.a -5 HQ OU ,Qu-5: O U H -5 Q 55v..g"'-- wgoumw 2: .-G+-"Ks .Eniwl Q '535'CHc:I"' C --E '5 O SOD-HO .EZ D-45.4-U uf . E Q-1o5g:"-1 -'wNC,'," C00 -U Q QQ.-020 QQ-1E N q"N"""E52E-D5 cev1"DLA -5- -.5 . zu HE-.-oc:sAwu5u.aNU0E:H'U gba-gwwcicgf ?,'::?6-8 ,-14-I 14:1-1 no U5 ': O.E'aL+-:EQ-E-EE :1'U,2u,Q3m:s:"EoSQq, QI-21' Pummoggxy-Uv QJESSEE-U MQZJE Awww.: mm -Qnmmw x 5 "fi K 'f it Y i? K fy u gl y A. XM.. .ww ,ga N Q ,f 5 cw V1 5 5: V1 5-J Ci' cu V5 o 54 CL. cu L4 'U C os -D aa -C H . I-TTQ 3.21. as ou-4 Eu u-'S O5 ani .Em 9:5 C' Em is ,EH 4-J as f s ' f 1 XB H Furthermore, band members also participate in many 5 smaller music organizations, such as the twirling corps, E- A- MfD0116'U Charlie's German Band, and the "T0phatters", to men- tion just a fe Band Direflor 913 'uc .1:... UI-4 gm 'P Q. 'Ego .LE E15 UQ ,TTI H-F Es L:-E ": C- .23 ,,,. Urs 22 -v-QP" 'UCI EEZ 2.2 :E io.. fl 05 EU CJ l-455 .gui EE He: I-1 u UJ,..,' 1956 CI 5-45 0,3 'Hd 25 QJGJ 'WG wan -ESQ, -E 4-I Ee .CIO CD73 :JCI Cru 4-'P .-CCI HC U 'U Dan LA:-1 5-E Q-2 Us Hi-1 P 50 E Zi, H. QE 5. nfl. CCIIS C COD CS r of th be HLIIU and the March of Dimes. A the for as piano soloist a-4 9-3 fx ru E .1 u 3 H 4-I LD U1 U5 Mi presented Q GJ fa GJ 5-4 3 m -. cd u u eu DQ u .-C G-I l-4 O '-A-1 'U GJ Ps. 33 Q-.rn -.- OSI' im mac ,aa fm vu.. -fs as A Vu E: UZ E: VC U3 EJLU .CPE Uv: :E ..- rf 4 A w u was their trip L. CU 99 rs 0 .-CI a-a '+- O 4-I C CVC big he T E .Q 3 lr L4 :x .r: 4-I I-4 QC .sz 4-J .... 3 Ps. c: Q 4: Q.. I" c .f U7 QJ .-CI u lis to hear IICHPO g21ICS dele hestra sent FC O he feature guest. T he stein as t string id-winter M and the YJ ..- C: .-1 -1 U KJ .-1 In E C 34 GJ 1- C 1- C 5 the s IO 11, ril AP E V 1' ma -Ci on 5-4 aa 3 V1 --4 FU r .-1 44 vu GJ U-4 T: 5 C CI 11 clinic. The ffllf Te Grill, Orvbestra Di .N R 2. K- ies E 'U C. GJ 617:05 Scen es of Performers . . . SNAP PANEL Freedom! Noon on the campus. Back to the salt mines. Oh, come now, girls. Hungry Have a leaf: Hmm, charm school! Another da is mer .y ' . No wonder he gets A' um study! Two-way stretch! s-W'hal a vs ay LOWER PANEL Artists Milward and Koy at work. Mr. Ralph Berlin and Future Drivers of America. Mr. Stevens, secretary of Wausau Paper Mills, Co., speaking to teachers on Blli Day. Mr. Reinemann and his talented art class. BABY SNAPS fSee page 3-U janet Holmes john Yonker Dave Strehlow Gordon Long jack Nixon Bill Levandoski Rosemary Radant Bob Zasrrow and Betty Wimehlert Ronald Derert Colleen McCormick and Tom Schliesman jean Richter Evon Beckwith Nancy Monson Perry Ziegler Ral h Swenby Carl, Bennett Mary Lee Bissell Barbara DeLisle Pegg Neess Charlotte Wantbcrld james Hettinga jane Edwards 106 14616081475 . . . Spine-tingling performanves were the fri- terion of the year's athletic' fontests. Physiral ability, mental roordination, and teamwork were brought into aftion by all of the participants. Coarhes, some- times resembling ringmasters with whip Marking and all, produced very ahle and suvfessful squads representing W'ausau High. Pride and honor were indeed up- held by the athletic marvels bearing W'ausau's Red and W'hite in Ihe Big Top of Inlerscholastif Sports. Honor, too, has been shown by the team's supporters, the students of Watisazz High, A year of highlight and splendor is portrayed on the following pages. Read, see, and be proud . . . VARSITY F007Bv4ll . . . llulfbuvk Dore Slrelrlou' 1151 on bix uuzy Io puydirl. I X x 1' 1 M, . . W, Q.. liulfburk Bob Sererxon H82 rollx belniml good blocking. UWVXUX .pi-5 S .".'."' i 3 Ski XVAUSAU 41 IVIARIIVETTIZ 7 XXIAUSAU 40 STIfVIfNS POINT 0 -' -' '-- -' - WAUSAU 41 RHINIfLANDIfR 6 " ""' " -- WAUSAU 52 VUISCOINISIINI RAPIDS 0 WAUSAU 48 EAU CLAIRE 6 XVAUSAU 59 IVIARSHFIELD 0 XWAUSAU 19 MERRILL 7 XWAUSAU 20 ANTIGO 6 - TLV i3 ., I - 34?-.iici-3 lr- 5':f-5':g?.41'5,-3' l if -ff?-1 " Srreblow KSU and End Willie Heidemafm in neu' dance step. Fullbuck lark Demoyerx 1232 explodes for six points. h f wmfs ' . 108 ...L'fif4MP5' f46'v4lN Row 5: Marlens, Carlson, Opper, Grolhaus, Skalerki, Kent, johnson, Marson, Zank, Goodin Row Z: Oilo, Allard, Sererxon, Thomas, Slrehlow, Desnoyers, Heidemann, W'ear'er, Zillman, Busku Obrmundl Row 1: Hanson, Rirlsler, Swenby, Bennelt, Roemke, Tremel, Felnlhaloer, Nylmlm, Klos. The 1952 Lumberjack football team was typical of those traditionally represent ing Wausau High. Coach Wfin Brockmeyer presented an aggressive squad well schooled in fundamentals and possessing a fierce determination that resulted in an unbeaten season. The jacks had speed, depth, and deception. W.V.C. champions, Wfausau was the highest scoring football machine among the state high schools averaging 35 points per game. Their 4 points allowed per game ranked second defensively. Five Jacks gained ALL-CONFERENCE honors and three were named to ALL-STATE teams. These three, all seniors, were backs Dave Strehlow C1952 captainj, jack Desnoyers, fullback and brilliant end Willie Heidemann. Lmemen Ed Otto and Ed Zillman were named with these three to the ALL-CONFERENCE squad. The team also showed fine reserve strength, promising a bright football future for Wausau High. COACHES MANAGERS Yelifla, Brockmeyer, Bolsford Goelsrh, Kluever, Umhoefer Kluever 109 Thomas - Quarlerback Severson - Halfbark Nyholm - Halfback Allard - Quarterback Slrehlow Halfbark Conference Smie T Dernoyerx Fullbark All Conference All Stale Zank - End Skalerlai WAUSAU 40 POINT 0 The jacks opened the 1952 WVC season with a bang by taming the Stevens Point Panthers, 40 to 0. Halfback Dave Strehlow gave a brilliant running exhibition that enabled him to cross the double-line for four T.D's. Jack Desnoyers hammered the other two across with Arnie Klos successful on four of his extra point attempts. Wausau's victory was es- pecially satisfying as revenge for the 7-0 defeat at Point in 1951. WAUSAU 41 RHINELANDER 6 The Hodag defense proved no great puzzle to the hardrun- ning Wausau backfield. The jacks romped for 441 yards at a phenomenal 10.7 yards per carry. Fullback jack Desnoyers sped for three scores while averaging 13.4 yards per crack. End Duane Zank and halfback jim Nyholm each scored once while Klos was again successful on four extra points. The re- maining point was garnered on a pass from Dave Allard to Tom Carlson after the final T.D. WAUSAU 52 WIS.RAPIDS 0 The powerful Wausau defense handcuffed the Red Raiders while five different Lumberjacks threaded their way to the promised land. The feats of the defensive line were almost unbelievable as the Rapids backs were held to only nine yards net. Strehlow, Desnoyers and Bob Severson each scored on runs. Tackle Ken! - Tarkle Ollo - Center - All-Conference 110 Mig 99 -v-all rr 1 s Klos - Quarterback johnson - End Carlson - End WAUSAU 39 MARSHFIELD 0 After a scoreless first quarter the Lumberjacks put on their winning shoes to top the tough Tigers. junior halfback Bob Severson played his most outstanding game of the season. Heidemmn Fullback Desnoyers smashed over twice and tossed a nifty End jump pass to Willie Heidemann for another. Three conver- All sions by Klos rounded out the jack scoring. Alert play by Co,,ye,e,,u, guard Gerald Roemke was a strong point in the defensive All magic of the Red and White. Sldfe WAUSAU 19 MERRILL 7 Wausau fans observed one of the finest games of the season as the jacks defeated Merrill in Wausau's last home show. The Bluejays showed an effective defense to lead 7 to 6 at the half. Hard running by Wausau's Desnoyers, Strehlow and Severson and solid line play finally led to a 19 to 7 victory. Klos converted once. WAUSAU 20 ANTIGO 6 Although held scoreless in the first period, the Lumber- Zillmlw jacks scored once in each of the last three quarters to insure Guard their capture of the Wisconsin Valley Conference Champion- All Ship- Conference Desnoyers plunged over from the one for Wausau's first score Later in the game, after a 46 yard run by Strehlow and a 17 yard scamper by Nyholm, Strehlow went over from the ten. Klos was again good for two extra points. Martens - Guard Opper - Guard Grollaaus - Tackle Goodin - End Buska - Guard 111 Nt. 19 Mn Inside and Mr. l 5 L ll ,IACK DESNOYFRS jack Desnoyers was described by Coach Brock- meyer as the key to the Wfausau attack. Jack played varsity ball for four years, seeing action as first string back in three of those years. XWVC scoring leader in 1952, jack was named to the ALL-CONFERENCE team in 1951 and '52 and was also named fullback on the 1952 ALL-STATE squad. A smashing, driving runner, jack was also a capable passer and a brilliant defensive per- former. His 4.9 rushing average was the best re- corded by a Red and Xwhite fullback since Brock took the coaching reins in 1939, eclipsing even the great Ben Bendrick's 4.6 record. 0afs1'a'e DAVF STREHLOW Dave Strehlow was perhaps the best all-around back in Wfausau gridiron history. Dave was named to the XWVC ALL-CONFERENCE team in 1951 and '52, Probably his most notable achievement was being named to the 1952 ALL-STATE first team. In his senior year, Dave gained 1556 yards in 144 carries for a superlative 9.4 average. Most noted for his running ability, few people recog- nized that he also led the team in passing. A solid defensive performer, Strehlow was an all-around all-out star and was ranked by Brock with the finest he has coached, a list including lilroy Hirsch, Ben Bendrick, and Ronnie Hoenisch. The "Hull" .ulds six in Ilw Poiul gunna Slrelwlou' on one of fum' 'I'.D. jaunls ugainsl Point. B TEAM .. . B07.S'FORD'5' B0,V5 Row 5: Peters, Drake, faecks, Hanson, Royal, Murson, Corda, Meurel, Burek. Row 2: Olarmzmdl, Garwilz, Felnllmber, Holtz, Klokow, Kexee, Srlmllz, Kichler, Gixselman, Tremel. Row 1: Miclalig, O'Brien, Knapp, Mueller, Srlvenzel, Brillen, Lyons, Seefelzll. BOTSFORD The Wausau Cross-country team, led by Coach Bill Smi- ley, brought home "All the bacon" in the '52 season. Vic- tors in four dual meets, the jack harriers closed their cam- paign by winning the Wliscon- sin Valley Conference champ- ionship. Individual winner was Wausau's Bill Hintz. Tom France was third and Jim Os- terbrink fifth with other XX'au- sau runners close behind. Rudy Botsford's junior Jacks lost only one contest during their '52 cam- Wfausau "-'-,q-,- 28 Rhinelander IVAA 0 paign, that to Stevens Point in their ' final game. The B's, showing con- Wausau ---'------ 14 Eau Claire -'---A-- 6 siderable poise and ability, gave indi- - cations of a bright football future for W'ausau's varsity. Congratulations are in order for Rudy and his squad for their fine season. Merrill ...,......,,,. 0 7 Wausau ,..------. 30 Wausau .,.,....,, 0 Stevens Point .. Row 5: Ziebell, Buxla, Big Tlmmler, Hoff, j. Row 2: Rux, Soukup, Human. Wfilke, jackson, Papenfus, Hoff, K., Rubow. Row 1: jaerkx, Hinlz, Osrerlzrink, Dalum. France, McDonald, Draeger, Kulax, Smiley 115 In Me fa!! of '52 football Cross founfry I. 2. 3. "That old gang of mine." All state balfbavk Dare Slrelyluu' in arlion. Botsfordlv B'x with Srlaalow playing drawbarle ,Av-D. 57 9 4. 5. 6. 8. N ylaolm rarrying the mail. Come bark here! All ronferenre fullbafk 'lack Des- noyers ready for action. "Uncle Tom" fasts a rrilifal eye during srrim- mage. "Hold tba! ligerf' "Run you fellows, run! run! fullfu and fb8Efl7Ig lil ffze fenfer Rlhg I. Ed Zillnlall-"The 1 o'rlovle jump." 2. jean Yunle-"The fireball express." 3. "W'e get a kirle out of you." Ar- nie Klos: 27 extra points, leivkoff - 46.1 yds. -I. Billie Pemzell - mouth open. 5. Allard and Ollo - "It lakes two to tangle." 6. "I kiss your feel, madamf' ff' 7. W'-S-H-S. lfdbak and A1ll'ill. Fight! 8. "Louie" Serersofz rolls agaifzsl the Hozlags. 9. Lois S019 e el, HOIHIIPIJ Girl of '52-'53." BR06'K.S" B145KE7EfR5'. . . "No horseshoesf' was C o a c h Brockmeyer's comment on the '52-'53 basketball season. Failure to hold small leads cost the team at least a half- dozen victories. These losses, all by fewer than five points, showed the reason for the mediocre, 7 won - 12 lost, record. However, the Jack's scrappy squad knocked off the Wis. Rapids team, league champs, in their first tournament game. S, ,f K l QN i wg ' AI1l,AXXX1,9 . '72 tl VECQ vp X ., ' ' xxx f X aj , Sis BASKETBALL COACHES S. js X., llfa H S . x . w Brockmeyer, Botsford Row 2: Klos, Goodin, Zank, Schalow, Ziegler, Kulas Row 1: Hadley, Heidemann, Streblow, Severson, Nybolm Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau 116 37 52 60 51 57 66 70 57 50 44 51 40 44 63 84 46 48 59 43 SEASON SUMMARY Rapids .......Marshfield .......Rhinelander .......Po1nt .......Antigo .......Merrill ,..,.,.Mosinee .......Tomahawk ..i.,..W'is. Rapids ......,Marshfield ......,Eau Claire .......Rhinelander .......Po1nt .......Antigo ,,.....Merrill .......Mosinee ,...,..Tomahawk Rapids Point .............. SCHALOXV STREHLOXX' YIH I FR SEVIERSON CAPTAIN IKUI Ab Slrehlnw Kulas ,. Hcidenmnn Guudin ,, Ziegler ,.,, Nylwlm Hadley ,. Zpmk Sevcrmn , Suhzaluw Klux ,, INDIVIDUAL SCORING F.G 71 , 48 56 .59 , , 54 ZLI 24 ,, Z5 , I4 8 AI F. T. Mode Mlssed 7I S0 19 21 47 ,SI 45 Z9 56 25 57 44 17 ll 12 Z2 I0 'I I2 9 I0 .ll P.F 6l 56 70 49 SI 42 18 48 I4 52 56 Point 209 Ili 120 ll8 II4 85 77 71 58 Z8 I6 Ave II. Il.o .1 .S .4 .5 .5 HADLEY GOODIN KLOS I-IFIDFMANN ZANK NYHOLM 117 B-THIM. . . Wausau's junior jack basketball team, coached by Rudy Botsford, tacked up ten wins against six losses for the '52-'53 sea- son. Only sophomores saw regular action with a few freshmen, Kittel, Gumness, Hildebrandt, and Nuernberg playing at times. Kulas, soph for- ward, started with the B's but graduated to a varsity post. The top scorers were Knapp, Ku- las, and O'Brien. Row Z: O'Brien, Gisselman, Luebxtorj, Kesee Row 1: Rirbler, Fehlbuber, Brillen, Knapp Q Q x ix 4 ,y f E AB B T ,W - E A M xi X! ills, I Wausau X ,J-f Wausau KP- Wausau Wausau MANAGERS Zimick, Weaifer, Allard Wfausau Wausau Wausau Wausau W'ausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wausau Wfausau 118 S C O R E S Wis. Rapids Marshfield Rhinelander Point Antigo Merrill Mosinee Tomahawk Wis. Rapids Marshfield Rhinelander Point Antigo Merrill Mosinee Tomahawk Right: Strehlow f52j scoring against Antigo. ...5'ff45'0N ftl6flll6fl75' Left: Wfausaufv Nyholm UIQ dribbling past Ro- man of Point. Right: Goodin shoots through a maxs of Marxhfield playerx. Sha- lou' KSU and Seversou UU ready to rebound. Left: Strehlow U22 drives in against Antigo. Partially obscured Wau- sau player ix Ziegler. Right: Captain Dare Strehlow dribbling past Litzou' of Point. 119 S E Wlflffk WONDfR.S' . . . c.. , .,,.a...rli:.c.ae..t. I --U wg-ix Row 3: Wilke, L., Nilsrbe, Ollrmundi, Cordu, Soukup, Zillmrm, Kurth, Siefkerl, Scbeffler, Walters. Row 2: Goetxrh, Roemkc, Case, Gosxage, Gixselnmrz, Randall, Wfilbe, G,, Zuslrauu Row 1: Kneblmun, Kahn, Hoff. llyiflig, Lewilzke, Bush, Wfilke, R. - - lvl I HOCKEY SCORES Wausau 2 Stevens Point 5 Wausau 2 Rhinelander 5 Wausau 1 Country Day 3 1 Wausau 5 Stevens Point 1 Wausau 4 Rhinelander 2 S K I I N G With its second anniversary our gliders captured second place awards in the state W.I.A.A. ski meet held on Rib Mt. Their director, Miss Bon- vincin, said they were good in every meet. Gerald Thiele placed first for individual hon- ors and thus was eligible for the National Ski Meet at Brighton, Utah. Outstanding performances were turned by Peter Marks and Chuck Slade. Row 3: Adank, Ryan, Claampine, Slade Row 2: Krusko, Schroeder, Lund, Heller HOCKEY The 2 won - 2 lost record tacked up by Coach Tom Yelich's hockey squad was good for a piece of the four way tie for the league title. The Red and White showed good play in their first three games, but lapses brought losses. The puckmen, thoroughly indoctrinated un- der fire, finished strong with two victories. Nitzsche and Kurth were the team's high scorers. Veteran goalie, Ed Zillman. '52- '53 record, 76 saves - I6 goals allowed. Row I: Egdalwl, W'olfe, Hinlz, Thiele, Marks. Insert: Miss B0l1l'il1t'iIl 120 . . . J0flN50N'5 LWRZIRS With its second year as a major sport, curling has brought the Wausau rinks much ice fame. The team en- tered two high scliool bon- spiels - one at Wfauwatosa and the other at Portage. The K Krueger rink copped first out of eight positions in the Round Robin. In the lead- man's bonspiel Neil Peterman took first, and in the mixed bonspiel the Krueger rink again captured first. In the in- vitational high schools round - robin our skip, Krueger, won the number one spot. With the use of the Wausau Curling Club's rinks for practice, our teams were able to beat Wau- watosa and Portage, our only outside meets. CURLING awww! ,M Row 2: Evans, R. johnson, H. joknyon, Kent, jtzerkx Row 1: Nilzsflae, Krueger, Klimek, Soukup ROUND-ROBIN PLAY Skip Games won Games Los! Perrenlage james Krueger ....... ..,. 6 1 857 Roger johnson ..,,,,, ,,,, 4 3 571 Russ Kent ......,,,...,... Y,.. 4 3 S71 Robert Klimek ..,,... ,,.. 4 3 S71 Richard Nitzsche ...,.. ,,,, 4 3 571 Jack Evans ,...,...,.. .... Z 5 285 Gordon jaecks ...., .,., 2 5 285 Charles Soukup ,,,.,,....,,.............. ,,........,,........... ,i,r 2 5 285 johnson demonstrating how slone should be laid. Skip Krueger delivering sione. 121 5Mllf,V'.S' 5PfED576'R5. . . Row 4: Row 5: Felton, Siekerl, Papenflls. Seefeldf, Deterl, lffeirzleullf, Lorrien Row Z: Mt-Ilwzalfl, Lezwzrloxki, Tremel, W'ol1lfor1l, Eduwrzls, Kryslmk Row l: lJl'tlIll'6, Ilinzxozz, Sonknp, Skulevki, lVolfe, Myszku, Slreblow, During early season work- outs, all indications pointed to an outstanding track season for Coach Bill Smiley and his red and white thinclads. In the track events there was lots of talent. The returning letter- men, jim Nyholm, last sea- son's high scorer, jim Skalecki, broad jump, Dave Strehlow and Bob Severson, sprinters, Ed Zillman, shot put, john Yonker, 440, and Rodger Goodin, shot put, made up the nucleus of the varsity team. at Bill Smiley Cautla sl Srlnnulzler, Srlmllz, Leilermlmn, Marks, Stefkling, Sielnerker, X 7' 'J Wfielofb, Yonlfer, Roemlee, Zillman, Iolms, Ziebell, jaerks, Iuefkx. Zimmerer, Murphy, Peters. Nylmlm, Sezwrson, Krusko, Sflmerk, Kirx. Porler, Marlin, Goodin. Wausau-Merrill ,,..,l,,.,,,,,.,.. April 10 at Wausau Wiscimnsin Valley Indoor ,,,,,,,.,,,,.,.,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,, April 17 at Wise-imnsin Rapids Marshfield-Merrill-Antigo .,.,.,,.,.,..,.,,,.,,r....,.,.r, April 25 at Wausau Peacock Relays ,,,.,.,,,.......,... May 2 at La Crosse Triangular Meet - Stevens Point, Merrill, Wausalu .... ..,.............,......... M ay 5 at Wausau Pentangular Meet - Stevens Point, Wisctmnsin Rapids, La Crosse, liau Claire, Wausau, May 9, at Eau Claire Wisccinsin Valley Conference ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, May 14 at Wausau Sectional ,.,. ,,,,, May Z5 at Stevens Point May 30 at Madison State ,,,,, Ed Zillman 0' Bill Lewmloskz Dixcus V' Captain 122 fnlz Kluerer S'lJorlslop Mv4XWHl'5' MLW Row 3 Tescla Allman, Kalbes, Gwidt, Sfieber, Draeger, Baumann, Rader, Blfrbberger, Minkoff, Drumm. Row 2 Burrburdl, Rirlmrds, Nigbur, Kleimrlamidf, Kurlly, Heller, johnson, Clarixlenson, Kulus, Rivbler, Amlermn. Row 1 Rubow, Sflvmidt, ll"ur5ler, Heidemunn, Mirblig, Kluerer, Lellu, Lewilzke, Knapp, Dllmdei. Our 1953 season saw only two experienced men returning. They were Schalow and Johnson. Blessed with numerous inexperi- enced but good prospects, Max- well looked for a second good season in the southern division. Last year our diamond-men won five and lost one to take second place after losing our playoff to Rapids. In the past five years our teams have a record of thirty-two wins and five losses. BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 27 ...,.................... Merrill at Wausau May 5 .... ...., M arshfield at Marshfield May 9 ..... .................... P oint at Point May 13 ...... ,,.., M arshfield at Wausau May 15 ...... ......... R apids at Rapids May 18 ...... ...... P oint at Wausau May ?? .,,. ..... R apids at Wausau s W Q Bill Maxwell C ouch 123 x foe Lella Cl1IrlJer TENNIS. . . April 25- Wausau at Point May 2- Wausau at La Crosse May 9- Wausau at Eau Claire May 12- Antigo at Wausau May 15- Point at Wausau May 20- Wisccmnsin Valley Meet at Wausau May 30- Sectional Meet june S and 6- State Meet T E N N I S T E A M Following the spring vacation our varsity racketeers began prac- ticing earlier than usual, with the hope of regaining the WVC ten- nis crown. Coach Robert St. Clair believed the boys looked good and he didn't expect too much trouble. With the return of five lettermen, our netmen were at a definite advantage. As this story goes to press, Rhinelander and Row 3: Adank, Graunke, Pelerman, Berk, Schroeder, Ryan Row 2: Hoff, Brand. Row 1: R. Hoff, Schmidlkofer, Hadley. Robert St. C oath Clair Stevens Point were expected to provide some stiff competition for our squad. Our number one and two positions were held re- spectively by Perry Ziegler and Bob Schmidlkofer. Additional lettermen of last year's squad were Doug Hadley, Russ Hoff, and Cary Bush. CU! Perry Ziegler Bob Srhmidlkofer No. 1 Man No. 2 Man 124 K Row 2: Damrow, Vercimak, Wfallers, Sfbael, Raul: Row 1: Drueger, Krueger, Klimek, Degner WSHS ENTERS ITS FIRST STATE WIAA VOLLEY BALL MEET After capturing first place in the W.V.C., Wausau High School team competed in its first state WIAA volley ball meet on April 4, at Madison. Our boys placed fourth in a field of eighteen teams. Wausau's outstanding players were set-up men, jim Jester, Clifford Stieber, and "spikers" Marvin Zoromski, and captain, Dave Denfeld. Zoromski was the best "slammer" in the meet. . . . 60 F SCHEDULE May 13 - Marshfield at Marshfield May 15 - Stevens Point at Wausau May Z0 - Wis. Valley Conference at Antigo May 22 - Antigo, Rhinelander at Wausau May 26 - Rhinelander at Rhinelander May 30 - Sectional june 5-6 - State A great asset to our golf team was the return of four lettermen. They are John Vercimak, Vernon Schreiber, Sheldon Damrow, and Dave Raab. Vercimak and Schrieber respectively hold one and two posi- tion. BOWLING On a home-to-home basis our bowlers won five out of nine games to beat Point, but they lost to Dorchester. High doubles games were rolled by Roger Schmidt and Ronald Wolfe for a series of 1013 pins. Singles champion was Roger Schmidt with a 213 game. -M... rv. 3 , 'A O I l 'M 5. W-I 5 . 5 pw ' 5 Q 1' I Row 2: Slieber, jolmx, Zoromxlei. Meuref, jexrer, Gabrilxka Row 2: Lezwmloski, Baumann, Siekerl, Treiclvel, Ruxvb Row 1: Tremel, Kazmier, Zunker, Dalske, Denfeld Row 2: W'olfe, Stork, Fleirber, Cbampine INTRAMURAZS I l I Mixkiu adflx one for the Senior A's. Galnrilslen, movie. and affevtiofzale voupley. The-y're laollerizzg be- nzuxe lwels lJ1n1c'lJi11g. , gf f 'Mm' We l .2 6 Champ Senior B's.' Gramimlzi, Martens, Zastrow, Slealerki, Steiber, Sfboepke. Noon laour Volley Ball Kings. Hey look! No ball! 4 X, ,,x,.-Lf fi' M1 N'3e,2T71'.xk " S A, .. y aw: M5 A Q, K 31 1.. S 6 QQ w ,wr 7, ' W an 4 1 A f. fm T Fx R 7 -A A ww w we V ' S J L- 'f'k -i K T' "'-- x f ffif' ,-W ife?-S ' 4 af Q is Qs., 5 W 3 1 Y q s xfgfwfgxl' f" 54.65, UBRH I . aw if ,ly :.:. , ,Q,: " 1 'klul lm fx L7 . .....,,. 3' :hwy V, Q P423 . ' ' 'G "" hw X 3 -3af"'f,,k f l, 1, f 2' If fi 4 .44 ,"" "'.,h ,Q U5 I , if' , - '- e- 5 , 6'17!s' Affzleffk' :4ssocMf1'on . . . G. A. A. The thud of 21 ball and the swish of shorts accompanied by the sound of at whistle from the gym floor marked another after-school session of girls' sports. The tournaments held by the Girls' Athletic Association included the follow- ing sports: bowling, ping-pong, basketball and free throw, volleyball and curling. Through these and other activities the members earn points toward either at pin or 11 "VU" HOME NURSING During one semester each senior girl is re- quired to take Home Nursing twice a week in place of active gym. Under the supervision of Mrs. Dale they learn how to cope with illness in the home. Dating, courtship and marriage are other subjects which are included in this course. RINGS ARCHERY I2 BADMINTON . . . The net goes up and the bird starts flying. Although the whole class does not have a chance to play, this is a favorite sport for many. PYRAMIDS . . . Squash! - and a perfect pyramid is but a heap of laughing or perhaps groan- ing girls. The acrobatic abilities of many of the girls are brought out in the head- stands, handstands and back-bends they do. . . . 6lRl5' SPORTS' VOLLEYBALL . . . During the first cold days in autumn, volleyball is played in the girls' gym classes. Classes divide into teams and a series of elim- ination contests are held. CALISTHENICS . . . For the most part calisthen- ics in girls' gym gives the girls a chance to test their exercise agility and slim those hips. Rhythm and co- ordination are developed by these exercises. Meerleaders of 1953 X in The most important job of lhe vbeer- lezulers is Io produce energy in the slu- :leul body in llae form of sfbool spir- il. Under lbe dir- eriion of M i 5 5 Ofleerlafzzler they also had charge of plau- uiug pep assemblies. Ill Performers ln ight Mvmeflff 1. W'lJat a :ray to sfratflf a bark. 1 fl 2. Need we .ray more. 3 One nay to get to beaz en -I Bark agam to lNzm 5 Slam kedl f Hold that pane' 7 Tau le 5 getting ahead zn our annual. 8. PLP Publzf Leanzng Poxt. J. Tu 0 saddles for the faralry. 12. Tbix is a gentleman? 15. Billy me Kid! I0 Sherbert bad a rough nzgbt Il. It must have been some- thing Jlae ate A .ll I Troopers 00 Me lor. . . Q41 1. Now. 1mw,Billie, d011'f point. 2. The virions eirfle! 3. Sophomores gtuffuzg the ballot box. Wfrzrkifzg? -I. Umhoefer and 'I mule- 3. Gab sexximz. 6. The male uni-fmz. 7. OPEN 'IHE DOOR! 8. Thzs IS the end! 9. That Gorzvztz gets into everything. IU. Stop - that tirklesf II. Attentzollf 12. They re rehearxnzg. 13. Peekaboo! nina 14. Otto and Otto display brotherly lore. 132 162 AdV6ffl:S'I'0g Directory for 1953 . . . A American Refrigeration Co. B Badger Garage .................. ,... Baerenwald's I.G.A. Food Market . . . Baumann Hardware Co. ......... , Benson Optical Co. ............ . Bissell Insurance Agency . Bowl-A-Dome ................,. C Central Cafe ..................... Central Plumbing and Heating Co. Citizen's State Bank ............... Cloverbelt Cooperative Services Community Bake Shop, Inc. . Culligan Soft Water ......... D Dale Industrial Co. . . . . . . . Desk Supply Co. Dopke Electric ..... ..... E Egdahls Ice 6: Fuel .......,.. Eldredge Camera Shop, Inc. .. Electrical Contracting Co. .. Emmons Stationery Co. Employer's Mutual ..... I-. Fair Store .................... Fashion Store ................ First American State Bank .... Franklin Savings and Loan Ass'n. .. French Slipper Shop .......... G General Telephone Company of Wisconsin . .. Genrich and Terwilliget ...... Grand Grebe Theatre ..... . Hardware ........ ,. . . . Green 's Dress Shop ......... Green Gumz Hall's H. 8t 's Hardware St Insurance Fuel Co. ...,........ . H Delicatessen .........,. M. Libman Co. .. Heineman Bros. ..... . Helke Furniture Co. .. 1-lellhake Printing Co. ..... Helling 8: Graff .............. Hennig - Parlser Music Co. Hollywood Theatre ......... Home Furniture Co. . . . . . . . I Inter-City Market .. Jaeger ,Ianke J Baking Co. .. ., . Book Store K Kennedy's Superette . . . . . . Kresge's .......,...... . . Agency Kickbush Grocery Co. Kryshak's Jewelry ....., . . L Lakeside Roller Rink .. Land O' Lakes ........... Langsdorf's Meat Market Laone Smartwear .....,. La Paul's Furs ......., Larson's Cleaners .... Larry's Shoe Repair .. Leaps' Greenhouse .. Lemke's ............ Linpark's Clothes .. Lohmar jewelers .. Lund Floral Co. . M Manecke jewelers .... ....... Manson Agency ..,... . . . Marathon Corporation . . Marathon Press , ...... . Marathon Travel Agency Marmei Corporation ,.... Marver Clothes Shop Marvin Beauty Shop .. 147 152 153 162 134 136 154 143 166 137 149 137 138 165 167 150 163 151 157 165 156 137 153 154 160 139 147 146 148 167 165 159 136 163 144 140 152 147 153 161 155 160 144 158 144 162 167 162 152 153 145 159 163 161 152 139 152 155 155 140 143 136 164 162 155 144 137 154 Meadow Rich Dairy, Inc. .. Miljay's ........................,,.. Miller's Super Market .........,,,,,, Milwaukee Cheese Co. .,........ . Minnesota Mining 84 Mfg. Company , ,. Mint Cafe ............ Mirman's Furniture .... Modern Shoe Store .... Mortenson Lumber Co. Mueller's jewelers ,.... N Nickle Hardware Supply Co. Nigbor's Furs ................ Northern Mattress Co. .......... . Northland Sporting Goods Co. .. North Side Bakery .....,..., North Side Bottling Works .. North Side Drugs .........., Northwestern Cleaners .......... O Opperman Insurance Agency, Inc. Orwant jewelers ...,.,.,.....,... P Palace Clothiers, Inc. . . .. . , . . Penney's Store ......... . . Perske Drugs ........, Petran jewelers ...,..... Philipp's Flower Shop . . . Pilot Printing Co. .,.. . Ploss Drug Company . . . . . , Porath Shoes ......... ...... R Radandt Furniture Co. . .... .. Radandt Grocery ...... .... Roe's Seed 8: Pet Shop Rog St Ken's Parts Shop ....... S Sears, Roebuck and Company Seidlers ....................... Seim Brothers .... ..........,....... . . Seipp's Super Service ...... Service Glass and Paint Co. ......... . Shepherd Bt Schaller Sporting Good , s Inc. Singer Sewing Machine Co. ............. . Sxppl Bros. ............................. . Skogmo Store .......................... Smith, Olsoneski, Puchner, 8: Tinkham .. Sneider's Creamery .....,............... South Side Drug Store ..,.............. Stueber Dairy ......... ....,, T Toburens ........ ...... Towle Studio .... .... Tradehome Shoes 29 Super Market .. V Voeltzke's Paint Store .. ..... .. Vogue Dress Shop ..... ....... W Wausau Auto Dealers ..,...... Wausau Daily Record-Herald .. Wausau Floral Co. ........ . Wausau Gas Co. ........ . Wausau Ice and Fuel Co. . ,.... . Wausau Implement Co. ............ . Wausau Laundry St Cleaners Co. . .. Wausau Oil Co. ................. . Wausau Paper Mills, Co. ........... . Wausau Plumbing 8: Heating Co. .. Wausau Tent 8: Awning Co. ...... . Wausau Theatre ................., West Hill Floral ............. Weydt's Drug Store ....,..... Wiechmann Hardware Company Winkelman's ..................... Wis. Auto Supply ............. Wisconsin Public Service .,..,. Wisconsin Vallev Trust Co. .. Wrights Music Store .......... Y Y.M.C.A. Z Zimmers Paint Store ... .... 138 160 152 166 147 138 157 146 145 161 145 138 139 146 157 159 140 141 139 167 166 146 154 148 147 153 148 150 165 154 136 141 166 157 151 158 158 162 161 152 166 159 143 144 150 160 151 136 158 166 144 135 141 143 155 159 150 163 145 158 137 157 153 145 139 151 142 141 140 143 167 153 146 wwf' Dolores Zimmerman Business Manager 1953 Wdfllzffdh !la'verfisem en fs Our deepest thanks to the business people of Wausau whose fine co-operation has made this yearbook possible. We are also grateful to Mr. John Dzubay, busi- ness adviser, who was ably assisted by Dolores Zimmerman, business manager, Sally Slagoski and Johanna Rothenberger, assistant business managers, and the fol- lowing ad solicitors: Pat Sobkowiak james Steckling Ruth Almen Carol Malueg jim Sullivan Carol Dettinger Lois Barrels Evie Deutsch Carla Rodehaver Inez Pietscher Kay Schreiber Nancy Zastrow Nancy Schaefer Sharon McCallum Susan Horgan Marlene I'gebrecht Joanne Perske Dianne Treibel Sharon McCarthy Alan Black Sheila Drehmel Gene Tushkowski Sharon Barthels Pat Wunsch Sharon Olson Sharon Kmen Carol Doede SPECTACLE CRAFTSMEN AND STYLISTS SINCE 1915 23, 502 First American State Bank Bldg. Telephone 5503 WAUSAU, WISCONSIN 134 Best Wishes To The GRADUATING CLASS from the WAUSAU AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION Beilke Automobile Co., Inc. Eggebrecht Motor Soles Ground Motor Co. Holl Goroge Corporation H. L. Holl Motor Co. Ryon Chevrolet Soles, Inc. Bob Wilson, Inc. Rosemurgy Motor Soles Wousou Goroge Willioms Nosh, Inc. 135 For You Will Always Find the Right Shoes Pet Supplies fo' SPN' O' mess Shop Latest Styles ROE SEED 8. PET SHOP Loweslpdces 518-2nd TRADEHOME SHOES COMPLIMENTS or BISSELL INSURANCE AGENCY BILL GUMZ FUEL Incorporated C O M P A N Y PHONE 3160 PHONE 3106 Moyer-Luiz Building - Wausau, Wisconsi RIVER DRIVE, wAusAu, wlsCoNslN J. N. MANSON AGENCY lncorporated INSURANCE P H O N E 5 2 'l 9 502 Third Street Wausau, Wisconsin 136 COMMUNITY BAKE S H O P S, IN C. 606 THIRD STREET Phone 5919 1942 GRAND AVENUE Phone 83139 WAUSAU, WISCONSIN Congratulations To the Class of I953 WAUSAU PLUMBING 8. HEATING COMPANY "Frigidaire" 626 THIRD STREET, WAUSAU, WISCONSIN Compnmems of BEST WISHES FROM MARVER CITIZEN'S STATE CLOTHES sHoP BANK 516 Third Street WAUSAU, WISCONSIN WAUSAU WISCONSIN Member Federal Reserve System Member F.D.I.C. For Food and Drink At Its Finest It's the MINT CAFE and WHITIES SUPPER CLUB NIGBOR'S Congratulations Wisconsin's Largest Furriers' Wausau Madison Manitowoc Eau Claire Stevens Point To The Class of 1953 IBA cuLuGAN sort WATER for the AMERICAN HOME CULLIGAN SOFT Milwaukee G'ee"BC'Y WATER SERVICE Berlin MEADOW Compliments of RICH DAIRY, INC. Fine Dairy Products Visit Our Dairy Bar on Grand Avenue 423 Grand Avenue : Phone 4108 : Wausau, Wisconsin 138 FRENCH SLIPPER SHOP BEST WISHES TO SENIOR CLASS 424 THIRD STREET OF 1953 America's Prettiest Footwear and Greatest Shoe Values Campus Rep. - Bob Grevenow S O P P E R M A N N BE T WISHES TO SENIOR CLASS E A E N C Y OF1953 INSURANC G , I N C . 7 L E A P S COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Telephone 5113 North Sixth Street Phone 4441 408 Tl-HRD ST' WAUSAU WISCONSIN For The HRestH ol Your LHe NORTHERN MATTRESS COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF MATTRESSES Furniture . . . Distributors Floor Coverings . . . Appliances Wausau, Wisconsin 139 1 iff xlxllf Q1 i X I E Qwo C1's -b l X Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of '53 - Wisconsin PUBLIC SERVICE Corporation I I lt's Quality , 1 A 1: , 'I 3: 3: 4' 4' 'I gt 1 Il Comes From if 51 1 41 41 'I fl 1: 1: 4 0 4 1: Helnemann's I: : ii Junior Shop 1, I I gi 11 4e..-ev...e-v..-..v.,..........Av.v.........,..l COMPLIMENTS OF N O R T H S I D E D R U G S 1702 SIXTH STREET Lonsdorf, R.Ph. Phone 5743 COMPLIMENTS or THE LUND FLORAL C 0 M P A N Y sToRE AND GREENHOUSE 1314 Grand Avenue iNexl to Memorial Hospital! PHONE 5183 0 OF A FRIEND R :xiii 8 KENT T5 SHOP 207 5 COTY STREET IN PANTS AND SLACKS for Reli VV I AN D CLEANING? B Cldgel' Lqundry 4 5!lVlCg IPPIOVED C0fn I Pete Laundry Service DOG GONE? 1 I ' A Ciassitied Ad in the Record-Hera id wiii tind him tor you! Ctassitied ads are iust one ot the many ser- vices pertormed by your newspaper. We're interested in YOU, in reporting YOUR activ- ities trom the time ot your birth announce- ment, high schooi and coiiege successes, your engagement and wedding pians and your y tater civic activities. Read the Record-Herald y every day tor important iocai, state, nationai g A and internationai news. K WAUSAU D RECORD-HERIXIIIIE, 141 gage As the years of your life pass and memories become more precious A the names below, Your Hi School Pals, become a valued treasure. Please accept this open memory page as our congratulations to the class of l953. QORQ Me faadualea 1' A . . 0 9 142 Meet Your Friends at CENTRAL CAFE PHONE 89235 102 Scott Street WAUSAU, WISCONSIN SNEIDER'S CONGRATULATES YOU! THE CREAMERY FOR . . . "That Good Milk and Ice Cream" Phone 3533 121 South 2nd A WAUSAU, WIS. WISCONSIN VALLEY TRUST COMPANY COMPLETE TRUST SERVICE Member of F.D.I.C. lt With Flowers for Every Occaso WAUSAU FLORAL COMPANY 815 Grand Avenue Specialize In Corsages PHONE 5189 Compliments of MANECKE JEWELERS 326 Washington JANKE BOOK W 9 S S T O R E Dresses from BOOKS - STATIONERY - OFFICE SUPPLIES S e V e n 1' e e n 510 Third Street - Wausau, Wisconsin 128 Scott Sf. PHONE 52I6 Congratulations Class of T953 INTER-CITY MARKET Schofield . . Wisconsin MARMET CORPORATION Manufacturers Aluminum Windows Aluminum Doors H.8KM. SOUTH SIDE LIBMAN COMPANY DRUG STORE 313 PLUMBER STREET R. w. Hertz, R.Ph.- Proprieto TELEPHONE 5638 1806 Grand Avenue, Wausau, wisconsin 144 WAUSAU OIL COMPANY Distributors of Texaco Petroleum Products WAUSAU, WISCONSIN NICKEL HARDWARE S U P P L Y C O. Dealers in General Hardware, Building Materials, Paints, Oils, Appliances, Etc. Office and Warehouse West End of Washington and Scott Sts. WAUSAU - - - WISCONSIN LANGSDORF'S MEAT MARKET Ralph Natarus, Prop. Dealer in All Kinds of FRESH AND SALT MEATS Phone 4413 North Third Avenue, Wausau, Wiscons Fashions in Flowers By Marien and Mel WEST HILL FLORAL Dial 3061 MORTENSON LUMBER CO. "Wausau's Oldest Supplier of Building Materials" Phone 5067 and 3036 . . . Wausau, Wisconsin Broadcasting Economy Facts Quality Paint, Fine Wallpaper Perlneyls and Expert Workmanship ln 0 ...ORWNC ,U Wausau I 120 .scorrsz ' GENRICH AND TERWILLIGER Attorneys-at-Law Security Building 403 Fourth Street . . Wausau, Wisconsin Fred W. Genrich, Jr. Herbert L. Terwilliger Emil A. Wakeen Walter H. Piehler Neil M. Conway "Us Moderns Sez" Patronize the MODERN SHOE STORE SPORTING GOODS CO caunzrz srnnrs aurrlrruu POPULAR PRIC E 5 146 PRINTING AND DIRECT ADVERTISING . HELLHAKE PRINTING Congratulations C 0 M P A N Y To The Class of I953 Gfeg H- Hellhake DIAL 6355 Third at Jefferson Wausau, Wiscons General Telephone Company I: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS O OF I953 Wisconsin Harolcl Philipp Flower Shop The finest flowers for all occasions Zenith Radios . . 525 3RD STREET - PHONE 88152 Kelvinator Refrigerators 8. Ranges A M E R I C A N Bob Philipp. . . Leu Philipp REFRIGERATION CO. Pfops- PHONE 3818 706 Third Street Wausau, Wisconsi Compliments of Minnesota Mining 81 Mfg. Company WAUSAU, WISCONSIN 147 1 1 Z I 1 I The THEATRE Your Show Place in Central Wisconsin PLOSS DRUG COMPANY The Prescription Druggists Phone 5069 512 Third Street Wausau, Wisconsin Petran Jewelers Next to the First American State Bank On 3rd Street Owner - Russell P t 148 GREETINGS from the COOPERATIVE MOVEMENT CLOVERBELT COOPERATIVE SERVICES Only System in America Which Returns the Eorni g To The Customer on a Purchase Basis. Phone 4226 or 5992 Lamps . . Shades . . Fixtures Electrical Contracting DOPKE ELECTRIC lFormerly Rillingsl 614 Third Street Telephone 3340 Compllmenlsof WAUSAU IMPLEMENT PORATH SHOES COMPANY 520 Third Street H. R. Rakow Featuring John Deere Farm Machines -Friendly sports De Laval Milkers -Friendly Teens Jamesway Barn Equipment and Gehl Silo Fill -The Famous Hf1friS lwfef WAUSAU, WISCONSIN Eatin' Time: Nothing flat! Y uality helcd I C E C R EA M At The Fountain At Your Parties At Your Home 150 It was fun ancI a pIeasure to work with you on this Wahiscan. Jim and Betty Towle WIECHMANN HARDWARE COMPANY ELDREDGE CAMERA S H O P, I N C. GENERAL HARDWARE 216 Scott St. - Wausau, Wisconsin HOUSEWARES - APPLIANCES "THE COMPLETE 119-123 WASHINGTON STREET PHOTOGRAPHIC STORE" WAUSAU, WIS. SEIM BROTHERS Your Home for pw Htl? HH Hart, Schaftner and Marx fdm C I. O T H E S Opposite The Court House 151 BADGER GARAGE -General Repairs- Gas . . .Oil 1502 Grand Avenue PHONE 3170 Men and Boys DRESS AND WORK SHOES LARRY'S SHOE REPAIR 2207 No. 6th St. WAUSAU Congratulations To The Class of "1953" H lk I The Old Reliable Furniture House 319 Fourth Street Congratulations To The Class of 1953 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS or 1953 ewefd L A K E S I D E ICE CREAM - BUTTER - BRICK R O L L E R R I N K AND COTTAGE CHEESE ROTHSCHILD, WISCONSIN Lemke Milk Products, 525 Fifth Ave. So M I L L E R ' S S U P E R M A R K E T MEATS - GROCERIES - PRODUCE LOCKERS FOR RENT J. C. Miller 81 Son Phone 5856 - 214 Third Street WAUSAU, WISCONSIN Buy All Popular Records HITS - CLASSICS - JAZZ SIPPL BROS. NEW MUSIC SHOP Thousands of Records - All Types COMPLIMENTS OF THE FOX WAUSAU THEATRE T H E P I L O T Printing and Publishing Company COMMERCIAL PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES - STATIONERY Telephone 5201 712 Third Street Wausau, Wisconsin HELLING s. GROEE .K A ' t ,... . ..... ...... - -- Gooo CLOTHES as ii ii 'E LA'u""'.I.'. Headquarters for 15,1-niinszil fgi VARSITY TOWN CLOTHES I ' 524 Third Street Wausau, Wisconsin Best Wishes To The Senior High and Class of 1953 Sponsors of Hi-Y Clubs Spend Your Leisure Time at The Wausau Young Men's Christian Assn. BAERENWALD'S I.G.A. FOOD MARKET A. R. Baerenwald, Prop. GROCERIES, FRUITS AND MEAT PRODUCTS PHONE 5284 1109 Sixth Street, Wausau, Wisconsi I. - COMPLIMENTS FASHION STORE Congratulations To The Class of 1953 JACK IE.G.I RADANDT onocenlss AND MEATS 71 1 Prospect Avenue Phone 4813 When you think of Drugs Congratulations Try PERSKE DRUGS First to the PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 301 Third St. Phone 21115 E. J. Perske WAUSAU, WISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1953 FROM FIRST AMERICAN STATE BANK Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Class of 1953 MARVIN BEAUTY SHOP Telephone 6101 508-U2 First Street Room 207 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 Wausau's Bowling Center THE BOWL-A-DOME See Our Jewelry Display- DIAMONDS - LOCKETS - CROSSES COMPLIMENTS OF PEARLS - WATCHES - WEDDING RINGS THE BRACELETS - CLOCKS H O L L Y W O O D L O H M A R : Jewelers AND IN THE TRUST CO. BLDG. - UPSTAIRS H W Y ' 2 9 D R I V E - I N Just 17 Steps Expert Watch Repair T H E A T R E S Byron F. Lohmar Joseph B. Lohmar ACCURATE! AUTOMATIC! THE MODERN WAY FOR COOKING, WATER HEATING, REFRIGERATION AND HOUSE HEATING Naturally It's Gas Wausau Gas Co., Div., Wisconsin Fuel 8. Light Co. 319 JACKSON ST. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 FROM LINPARK'S CLOTHES 501 3rd St. WAUSAU, WISCONSIN A TRAVEL AGENCY WORKS LIKE THIS Tour Co's, resorts and transportation co's. pay us commissions for business we book. The rate is the same to you. There is no charge for our service. A. c. LANGLOIS MARATHON TRAVEL AGENCY 4165 Third St. - Wausau, Wis. Opp. Courthouse Over Seim Bros. PHONE 4959 THESE GRADUATES . . . of the 1952-1953 Class of Wausau High School - and hundreds of other recent graduates of high schools throughout the country - have found career opportunities with the Employers Mutual insurance companies. We will be glad to discuss the insurance field with you, whether you are seeking employment or plan to take additional training. 156 RESIDENTIAL, INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL WIRING ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING COMPANY Phone 3085 I I I Clinton Street Wausau, Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 coNoRAruLArloNs CLASS or 1953 N O R T H S I D E WAUSAU TENT AND BAKERY A W N I N G C O. "Quality Home Made Products" 524 Scott St., Wausau, Wiscons'n PHONE 6190 PHONE 5374 1506 3rd Street Wausau, Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS TQ THE CLASS QF 1953 FROM Congratulations To The Class of 1953 S E I D L E R S Quality Clothes and NOTIONS 2 N. Third Avenue Wausau, Wiscon sin M I R M A N ' S Cor. 2nd and Washington, Wausau, Wis. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF i953 29-SUPER MARKET WAUSAU z 1 wiscoNslN SERVICE GLASS AND PAINT COMPANY A Pratt 8K Lambert Paint A Plate Glass A Auto Glass A Glass Block A Furniture Tops 409 So. 3rd Avenue PHONE 4889 PHONE 6344 SElPP'S SUPER SERVICE First Avenue and Clinton Street Wausau, Wisconsin TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Congratulations To The Class of "l953" JAEGER BAKING COMPANY "Quality Bakery Products" WAUSAU PAPER MILLS CO. Artisans of Fine Papers General Offices and Mills Brokaw, Wisconsin Executive Sales Offices Ill W. Washington Street, Chicago 2, Illinois Smith, Okoneski, Puchner, Tinkham I I . . . . . I Thorp Flnance BuIIdIng Wausau, WISCONSIN ' I I "FIRST FOR THIRST SINCE 1900" G R E E N , S H A R D W A R E I NORTH SIDE BOTTLING d I w o R K s an I So,,,,,,,,ks GREEN's INSURANCE I Tavern Supplies A G E N C Y I Glassware PHONE 5354 904 Grand Ave., Schofield Phone 92663 1504 3rd Street - Wausau, Wiscon I I coMPuMENTs or WAUSAU ICE AND I F U E L C O M P A N Y - .Beane SMARTWEAR PHONE ml I I . 315 Jefferson Street, Wausau, Wisconsin "Distinctive FasI1Ions" I , -sEsT WISHES TO THE CLASS or 1953- I I 159 4' COMPLIMENTS OF News we N0 FRANKLIN SAVINGS -N09 AND LOAN ASTN 329 Fourth Street Wausau, Wiscons ' Congratulations to The . 0 N CLASS or "ss" thang. Home FURNITURE X MN' COMPANY I08 Scott Street Wausau, Wiscons TOBURENS Photo Studio for Distinctive Portraits Phone 4766 408 Jackson Street Wausau, Wis. 160 LARSON'S CLEANERS Have Us Clean Your Clothes and Enioy Our Prompt Delivery Service Phone 3456 - 303 So. 2nd Avenue - Wausau, Wisconsin Compliments of SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 522 Third Street WAUSAU, WISCONSIN Compliments of MUELLER JEWELERS The Class Ring Store 3rd and Washington Sts. WAUSAU, WISCONSIN Your Favorite Shopping Center Now and Twenty Years Hence... Hennig-Parker Music Co. 407 Scott Street Good Luck . . . Good Health . . . God Bless You Congratulations Class of 1953 KENNEDY'S SUPERETTE 643 So. 3rd Avenue Wausau, Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1953 HI HAT? NO! HI PRICE? NO! HI QUALITY GEMS AND JEWELRY? YES! VAL KRYSHAK - Jewelers "Quality Jewelry Priced Right" 310 3rd Street K Second Floor COMPLIMENTS OF BAUMANN HARDWARE COMPANY THE FRIENDLY sToRE KRESGE'S D I M E S T O R E 320 THIRD smear IT PAYS TO PLAY Sflepbera' 5- Scfmller Sporting Goods, Inc. 212 Scott Street WAUSAU, WISCONSIN GREETINGS! MARATHON PRESS Complete Printing Service Letterpress . . . Lithography Artwork . . . Duplicating . . . Direct Mail 200 Park Avenue Telephone 4646 Wausau Laundry 8g Cleaners Co. 216 Forest Street Opposite City Hall Serving Wausau's Cleaning Needs For Over 50 Years IGGEST USIEST EST HALL'S DELICATESSEN OPEN DAILY INCLUDING SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS Ready To Serve You d Scott St. Phone 4487 COMPLIMENTS OF L A P A U L Manufacturing Furriers "Fine Furs" COAL - CHARCOAL WOOD - DOWFLAKE PHONE 4403 ALL SHELL OIL PRODUCTS PHONE 4430 BUILDING MATERIALS - Phone 95253 WAREHOUSES IN scHoFlELD A NATIONALLY KNOWN PRODUCT AND A NATIONALLY KNOWN TRADEMARK . . . WAXTEX The nationally distributed household waxed paper roll, is representative ofthe wide line of papers and packages manufactured for food preservation, handling and packaging by MARATHON CORPORATION Plants at ROTHSCHILD - WAUSAU MENOMINEE MARATHON MENASHA - ASHLAND MICHIGAN ONTARIO WISCONSIN CANADA OSWEGO, NEW YORK SUNNYSIDE, WASHINGTON 164 Cheap Furniture is EXPENSIVE and an Extravagance, When Quality Merchan- dise Can Be Bought For So Little at... RADANDT FURNITURE CO. Central Wisconsin's Largest Exclusive Home Furnishers Y Good Luck To The Class of 1953 STYLE SHOP 305 Third Street E M M O N S A Style For Style Minded Women STYLED RIGHT PRICED RIGHT STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES D A L E T. INDUSTRIAL coMPANY 528 h"d Shea' Tl h 4666 Equipment and Supplies eep one 211 First Street - Telephone 5985 Wausau - - Wlsconsln WAUSAU, WISCONSIN 165 Shop at ' SEARS I and i S A V E I Everyday Low Prices SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY I Retail Store 211 Washington Street The SKOGMO Store In Schofield CLOTHES FOR MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER AND BABY TOO THE PALACE CLOTHIERS, INC. Wausau's Largest Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishing Store WEST SIDE : : PHONE 3234 CENTRAL PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. LET us DO YOUR womc MILWAUKEE CHEESE CO I000 Townline Road I "We Serve You Best" STOKOL COAL STOKER DISTRIBUTORS OF Petro Oil Burners - Air Conditioning . Domesnc Wwe, Sygems Famous Milwaukee Brand DIAL 4153 CREAM CHEESE 'I04 Scott Street Wausau, Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OF VOELTZKE'S PAINT STORE WINDOW GLASS - FINE MIRRORS WALL PAPER AND PAINTS WAUSAU, WISCONSIN I PHONE 6143 I 1 17 Washington Street YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORE I Compliments of at ! I DESK SUPPLY COMPANY GREBE'S Your Marshall-Wells Store I 516 Scott Street 703-707 N. 3rd Avenue Wausau, Wis. Phones: 2-I393-3325 I ' I I I Make VAN I TY Your " B UY " word for Better Foods I I A. KICKBUSCH GROCERY CO. I - since 1860 ' "TELEVISION" I Famous for Performance RCA-Victor - Magnavox - Philco - Admiral O R W A N T ' ' ' J E W E L E R S I Complete Tower and Antenna Installation by Factory Trained Experts UA Treasure HOUS - H e of Gifts I Table Model Consoles and Combinations in Stock for Immediate Delivery. . WAUSAU I I I WISCONSIN WRlGHT'S MUSIC STORE 47 Years ln Business I 167 Sheila Drehmel, Lenore Kreitz Index Editors MMmMmwlmhw 1953 Fellow Performers: Few people realize that compiling the index for the Wahiscan is as big a job as drawing up nearly any of the other sec- tions. lt was a long and arduous task, but the burden of our work was made con- siderably lighter by all of the "characters" in 207. After twenty-one minutes of counting and recounting, we finally established this fact: there are exactly 1704 names in the 1953 Wahiscan! The name that appears most is Krueger with a total of nineteen times. Smith runs a poor second with ten, and Goetsch and Schroeder are tied for third with nine. The privileged persons who, we feel, have the hardest names to pronounce are Golembiewski, Paszkiewicz, Mecikalski, and Grzywacz. We hope you will forgive us for any errors concerning your name. We can as- INDEX... Abel, Fred 21. 89, 92 Abitz, Helen 21 Abitz, Virginia 65, 82 Abrams, Allen 9 Accola, Joanne 20,21,48,50,72,75,77,82,84, 91.103 Adamski, Lorraine 65 Adamski, Marcella 65 Achenreiner, Nancy 55,84 Achrerberg, LeRoy Z1 Adams, Shirley 46 Adank, Allan 120,124 Ahrensdorf, Arnold 55 Akey, Allen 7,21,22,35,48.50,82.86,92.96.97 Akey,1..eR0y 21 Albee, Emerson 55 Albee, James 21,103 Albrecht, Marilyn 55,86,102 Albrecht. Robert 21 Aldrich, Yvonne 55,84,102 Aldridge, Shirley 65 Allard, David 51,55.74,78,87,97,109,110, 115.118 Allen, Carmen 21 Allman, Harlan 58,133,123 Almen, Ruth 55,76,80,82,88,l34 Alwin, Jeannine 21,81,93,115 Anderson, John 21,81,83 Anderson, Mary 11,66 Anderson, Mary Nell Z1,82,103 Anderson, Terrance 17,55,98,l02,103,123 Andrae, Raymond 68 Andreshak, Michael 21 Anklam, David 55,85 Antell, Karen 21 Antell. Daniel 56 Aschbrenner. Marlene 7,17.18.55,88,103 Aschebrook, Phyllis 55.84.85 Ash, James 21,80,85 Augustyn, Leonard 60 Babcock, Barbara 65,88 Babl, Jean 21, Babl, Sally 52.82 Bahleda, Dixie 55,82 sure you that they were unintentional. Bahr, Janice 55,84 Ballschmieder, Kenneth 55 Balz, Beverly 60,82 Baneck, Walter 65 Bannerman, G. W. 9,17 Bartel, Verlyne 65 Barrels, Lois 55,76,85,88,l34 Barthels, Sharon 55,76,85,88,134 Barwick, Frances 65 Barwick, Phyllis 55,82 Barwick, William 17,21,79,102 Bauer, Joyce 65,85 Bauer, Peter 65,83 Bauman, Ann 65,82,88,90 Baumann. Delwaine 83 Baumann, Donna 21 Baumann, Gerald 55,123,125,127 Baumann, Patricia 55,84,92,103 Baumgardt, Jerome 67,86 Beam, Ralph 55 Beaumont, Robert 9 Becher, Nancy 55,70,82 Beck, Gerald 18,65,82,124 Beck, Jerome 21,83 Becker, Arthur 21 Becker, Franklin 55,85 Becker, Lydia 11,14 Beckwith, Evon 7,22,34,50.75,81,88,96 Bednorski, Ernest 55 Bednorski, Julianne 22,85 Beese, Donald 60,79 Beqolke, Loretta 18,22,88,106 Behnke. Dolores 65 Beilke, David 65 Beilke, Dolores 54,82 Beilke, Myrna Lou 55,103 Beitinger, Gloria 55,84 Bellas, Harold 11,16 Benaszeski. Leo 52.83 Bender, Dorothy 22,84,88 Bennett, Carl 18,2Z,34,83,91,109 Bennett, Gloria 65,82,88,102 Bentley Mildred 65 Berard, Charleen l8,52,70,82 Berard, Charles 52,69,86 168 Thank you- Lenore Kreitz and Sheila Drehmel Berard, William 65,78,82 Berg, Ben 11,16 Berg, Gerald 65 Berg, Nancy 22,83,88 Bergmann, Ray 66 Berna, James 60,86 Berry, Phillip 49 Bertolone, athleen l1,14,l6,64 Besant, Lloyd 11,l6,96,97 Bessert, George 65 Bessey, William 18,65 Bethke, Bernard 55 Bethke, Lois 22,85,88,91 Betka, Patricia 57 Beyer, Shirley 65 Bierbrauer, Lois 65,82,88,90,132 Bigsby, Philip 65 Bigthunder, lfred 79, 113 Bigus, Marigene 65 Birr, Donald 55,83 Bisping, Roger 55,83 Bissell, Mar Lee 22,34,87 Bjorklund, Jane 11,16,78 Black, Ann ZZ,48,50,72,75,76,7S,96,134 Blair, Richard 60 Blaskowski, Mary Jane 65 Bliese, Ann 60,82,88,98,106 Bliese, Ralph 57,83 Bliese, Virginia 65 Bloch, David 63 Bloch, Dorothy 63 Bloom, Phyllis 57 Boehm, Russell 18.57,86 Boerke, Shirley 56,82,103 Boettcher, E. H. 5,10,16,17.95 Boettcher, Frank 9 Boettcher, Janice 63,77,82,88,91 Bohl, Bonnie 63,88 Boldon, Louise 66 Boneck, Barbara 57,84 Boneck, Charlotte 57 Boneck, Norman 57 Bonkoski, Loretta 63 Bonvincin, Elda 11,l6,59,120 Bopf, Beverly 63 Gehrke, Bopf, William 22,48,91,l02,l03 Borchardt, Carol 63,85 Borchardt, Donald 22,90 Borchardt, Mrs. Ruth 15 Borkenhagen, Bermta 22,841,130 Borkenhagen, Jean 22 Borski, Arlene 57,90 Borski, Rose Marie 57,82 Boruch, Sondra 57,84,90 Botsford, Milton 1l,57,109,l13,1l6,1l8 Bousley, Richard 57,83 Braaten, Kaisa 49 Bradberg, Richard 60.97 Bradfish, Florian 22 Bradford, Marilyn 63,82 Bradley, Mary Lee 18,63,82,88,91 Bradley, Sue 22,48,88 Bramer, Bernitta 63 Bramer, Maralyn 22,130 Brand, gohn 63,81,124,l31 Branden erg, Peggy 18,63,82 Brandenburg, Gary 63 Brandenburg, Marlys 63 Brandt, Darlene 22 Brandt, Rawla l1,l4,53 Braun, F. . 9 Braun, Kathleen 22,35,88,106 Brechler, Frederic 22,35,50,74,77,80,87.96,97 nrediow, Eugene 57 Brennan, Margaret 63,82 Brick, Claire 22,88,94,96 Britten, Arvo 63,113,118 Brockmeyer, Win 11,16,109,112,116 Brodjneski, Georgianna 57,82 Bronsteatter, Melvin 63 Brown, Marlene 63,88 Brown, Nancy 63,82,88 Bruehling, Neal 63,81,83 Bruess, Nancy 23 Brummond, Robert 23,57 Brunell, Dorothy 23,76,77,81,88 Brunell, Jacqueline 65,82 Brushert, Charles 23 Brzezinski, Phyllis 57 Brzezinski, Stanley 23,81,85 Buchber er, George 23,123 Builer, iames 57,179 Burchardt, Erland 23,66,82,1Z3 Buntrock, John 66 Burek, Leona 23 Burek, Tom 66,113 Burger, Sharon 18,23 Burns, Kenneth 23,89 Burton, Raymond 11 Busch, Patrick 23,90 Bush, Gordon 57,113,124 Buska, Robert 57,109,111 Buska, Roland 66,127 Busko, Carol 57,78,88 Butler, Delores 23 Buttke, Lou Ann 23,84 Butzloff, Carole 66,102 Bychinski, Janice 18,57,84 Callahan, Jean 57,80,82 Cameron, Ethel Ann 49 Campbell, Kenneth 18,66,68,75,78 Campion, Kathleen 23,88,96 Carey, Alice 23 Carey, Johanna Z3 Carlson, Bruce 57,81 Carlson, Thomas 23,109,110,1l1 Carpenter, Gayle 66,102 Carr, Florence 11,66 Carswell, Michael 23,73,81,89 Case, William 23,74,120 Cater, Darrell 57 Champine, James 56,79,120,l25 Champine, Shirley 66 Check, Louie 23 Chellberg, Eugene 57 Cherek, Eugene 24,81,83 Christensen, Nancie 5l,60,78,80,88,97 Christian, Thomas Z4 Christianson, Gerald 24,82,123,127 Christianson, Sue 24,81,83 Clairmore, Esther 24,82,84,88,106 Clark, Delores 66,102 Coel, Dolores 57,82 Coel, Yvonne 66 Cooper, Margaret 24 Corazalla, Maxie 57 Corda, James 57,113,120 Corrigan, George 24,81,86 Cora, Kurt 66 Cote, Allan 24,89,90 Cramer, Maureen 66,232,126 Cranfill, Bob 49 Croymans, Carol l8,62,66,82,88,91,98 Croymans, Richard 24,82 Crumbley, Mary 49 Czech, Marjorie 66 Czech, Marlene 24 Dabtoski, Eugene 24 Dailey, Jean 66 Dale, Louise 11,14,130 Dalske, Alfred 46,83,125 Dalske, Rose Marie 18,24,83 Dalum, Robert 58,113 Damrow, Sheldon 125 Froemming, Barbara 63 Fromm, John 26,82 Frosrman, Shirley 57,85 Fulmer, Burton 9 Funk, Jerry 26,77,78,80,85 Fussell, Keith 66 Fust, Ramona 63,85 Darnick, Phillip 52 Deffner, Norman 52,83 Degner, Elmer 58,83 Degner, Lavern 66,106,125 DeLis1e, Barbara 18,24,34,48,88,96 Delonay, Corrine 52 Dembrack, Shirley 66 Denfeld, David 24,83,125 Desnoyers, Jack 46,50,93,108,109,110,111, 112,114 Detert, Aaron 52,122 Detert, Edward 66 Detert, John 66 Detert, Ronald 7,24,34,50,75,82 Detginger, Carol 52,76,8O,82,88,91,97,99,134, 1 9 Deutch, Evelyn 18,24,35,72,76,88,106,134 Dickenson, Lloyd 60 Dietzler, William 66,81 Dike, Lawrence 11 Dippmann, Marlene 66,82 Disbrow, Sharon 66,68,75,78,81,82,88,97,102 Dodge, Lois 66,77,88,102 Doede, Carol 24,35,77,80,106,134 Doede, Donald 24,83 Doede, Richard 52,69,86,149 Dolloff, Joan 25 Donnelly, William 25,35,80,85,91 Dorvinen, Harry 18,60 Draeger, Harold 66,113,11-4,123,125 Drake, Gary 54,113 Drehmel, Sheila 7,25,50,75,76,84,91,134.168 Drews, Dennis 52 Drews, Glorian 66 Drews, Ronald 60 Druliner, Mary 11,103 Drumm, David 52,69,123 Dudley, Mrs. R. J. 9 DuFour, Roger 25 Dumdei, Thomas 52,69,70,l23 Dumonte, Rae Ann 25,80,82,88,90,127 Dunbar, Jerry Z5 Dunst, Donald 25 Dutrisac, Diane 61,81,82 Duwe, Gerald 66,81 Dzubay, Dale 48,51,52,74,86,89,100,101,102 Dzubay, John 11,16,65,76,134 1 Edelburg, Lois 63 Edstrom, Carole 63,68,8Z,88 Edwards, Carol Lee 52,75,77,88,90,95,97,99 Edwards, Dianne 63 Edwards, Duane 5Z,75,77,85,86,122 Edwards, Jane 25,34,88 Effa, Lois 63,88 Egdahl, Lawrence 63,86,l20,132 Eggebrecht. Marlene 63,76,9l,l34 Eggert, Yvonne 25,85 Ehlert, Elaine 52,103 Elbe, Jack 18,63 Elbe, Robert 25 Ellingson, Lulu 52,81,82,88 Emerich, Judith 63,68,92,102 Emerich, Terrill 58 ,82 Engebrecht, Margie 25,84 Engman, William 63 Epding, Ardythe 18,63,88,102 Erdman, Beverly 52,81,88 Erdman, Ja 52,86 Ermeling, dyde 63 Ermeling, Gertrude 25 Ernst, Eugene 58 Erwin, Patricia 18,25,50,88,91,96,130 Esker, Alice 25,85 Evans, Jack 25,81,87,89,90,91,121 Evenson, Kirk 25,83,89 Ewert, Robert 52 Falk, Jo ce 52,84 Falk, Laxlerne 53 Feck, Mavis 25,84,91 Fehlhaber, Delores 63,102 Fehlhaber, Roger 48,62,63,68,82,109,113,118 Feiler, Carol 11,16,75 Felten, Fayette 63,85 Felton, Ronald 52,86,122 Fenn, Joal 52,85 Fenhaus, Fred 25 Fisher, Geraldine 63 Fistler, Barbara 25,88 Fitzke, Bernice 63 Flees, Delores 52,82 Fletcher, Gordon 63,83 Fletcher, Irving 60,125 Fliehs, Florence 25,88 Florine, Joyce 102 Fochs, Eugene 26,83 France, Tom 62,63,68,8l,82,89,91,102,l13, 114,122 Frank, Joyce 57,77,90 Freiberg, Joanne 26,50,75,77,83,88 169 Gaetzman, Betty 57,91,103,132 Gabrilska, Allan 11,59,125,126 Gajewski, Ann 57,84 Gajewski, Patricia 57 Gardener, Helen 57,84,103 Garriker, Harry 63,86 Gaulke, Alice 57 Gehring, David 26,103 Carole 57,84 Geier, Kathleen 26 Geier, Peter 63 Geiger, Joan 57,84 Geist, Marie 11,14,16,56,78 Genrich, Carol 63,82 Genrich, Joan 26,85 Genrich, Patricia 63,8l,85 Genrich, Peter 51,57,74,75,77,78,80 Gensman, Norrene 57,80,88,91,103 Genz, Mary 66,85 Geske, Barbara 57,82,88 Geske, Bonnie 26 Geske, Nancy 26,90 Gibson. Twylia 66,82.88 Gilbertson, Russell 57,82 Gillespie, Charles 49 Gisselman, David 57.86 Gisselman, Gerald 66,113,114,118,120 Gjetson, Mathew 12,51,65 Glinecki, Theodore 66 Goeden, Genrose 26,103 Goetsch, Carolyn 66,78,82,88 Goetsch, Dale 57,90 Goetsch, Duane 57 Goetsch, Jerry 26,83 Goetsch, Joy 26 Goetsch, Kenneth 26,8l,83 Goetsch, Lee Ann 57,84 Goetsch, LeRoy 26 Goetsch, Ronald 66,85,109,120,131 Goetsch, Wayne 16,66 Gohdes, Richard 26,81 Golembiewski, Lorraine 56,533,102 Gollubske, Margaret 65 Goodin, Roger 57,109,11I,116,117,122 Goodwin, Patricia 18,62,66,82,91 Gorwitz, Roger 57,80,113,132 Gossage, Wayne 57,80,120 Goytowski, Janet 84 Graefe, Dan 26 Graefe, Judith 57 Graminske, Glenn 26,126 Grande, John 66 Graunke, George 57,124,131 Graveen, Carol 26,85 Graveen, DuWayne 66 Gravitter, Gail 27,48,77,81,87,88 Green, Rita 66.83 Green, Robert 66,81 Gregory, Dennis 66,79,82,103 Gremler, Charmaine 27,88,90 Grevenow, Marjorie 27,35,70,88 Grevenow, Robert 20,27,74,80,91,93,105 Grill, K. R. N. 12,16 Grimm, Margaret 27,83 Gritzmacher, Delores 27,85 Gritzmacher, Fern 66,85 Grobe, Leroy 57,78,80,83 Grorelueschen, Lois 57,78,82,B8,97 Groth, David 27,81 Grothaus, Jack 17,18,57,74,78,109,1ll,131 Guenther, Anne 9 Gutowski, Joseph 55 Gwidt, James 57,83,123 Habeck. Nancy Lee 17,26,27,50,74,91,93 115,130 Hackbarth, Janice 57,84 Hackbarth, Phyllis 57,85 Hadley, Douglas 18,116,117,124 Haehlek, Arvid 57 Haehlke, Paul 27,83,90 Haemmerle, Roger 27 Haese, Eldrow 66 Haese, LaVonne 84 Hahn, Mary 27,103 Hahn, Ronald 27 Halkoski, Joan 27 Halminiak, Roger 27 Halsor. Josephine 12.14,64 Hamerla, David 57,81 Hammond, Roy 49 Hanna Frederick 66,86 Hannemann, Florence 27 Hannemann, Joyce 57,83 Hanson, Ben 18.i4.109,113,131 Hanson, JoAnn 27,66 Hanson, John 83,113,114,122 Hanson, John L. 54,81 Hanson, Norma 54,85 Hapke, John 66,127 Hapke, Vivian 66 Harder, John 64 Hamish, Gail 54,84 Harris, Linda 54 Harris, Shirley 27 Harrison, Thomas 27,50,72,74,81,86,102,106 Hart, David 49 Hartig, Shirley 54,84,103 Hartman, John 49 James, Patricia 65,68,82 Janikowski, Rodale 53,82 Janz, Patricia 53,84 Janz, Ronald 60,85,86,102 Jaskie, Jeanette 53 Jensen, David 18,29,81,83 Jensen, Louise 53.80.90 Jenson, Robert 65,85 Jenson, Wayne 60,80,86,90,126 Jester, James 29,83,89,125 Jester, Phyllis 53 Haskin, Richard 66,81,86 Hassenfus, Mary Ann 60 Hayes, Russell 54,83 Heck, Kenneth 66,80 Jirovec, Daniel 65 John, Vic 29,86,12Z,125 Johnas, Harvey 29,83,86,89 Johns, Arthur 65 Heck, Hegna, Robert 60.80 Charles 27,89 Heidmann, Willis 27,50,108,109,110,l1l. 116,1 17,123 Heil, Geraldine 54 Heintz, Heinz, Heinz, Judith 28,103 Beverly 28,35,87,90.103 Dale 66 Heinz, Darwin 28,86 Heise, Dale 65,83 Heiser, Barbara 65 Heiser, Margaret 51,54.80,82,88 Heisler, Delores 54,85,90 Heller, Earlene 54.84.85 Heller, Ronald 54,120,123 Helling, David 54 Johnson, Clarence 29,85 Johnson, George 12,16 Johnson, Harry 12,14,121 Jolugfop, Roger 29,74,s9,9s,1o2,1o3,109,u1, Johnson, Ronald 80,89 Johnson, William 29,123 Jojade, Joan 65 Jojade, Nancy 68 Jonen. James 53,81,82 Jones, Nancy 29,84,90 Jones, Rita 53,80,82.88,99 Henderson, Arthur 12,65 Henkelman, Esther 65,88 Henkelman. Janice 65 Henning, Selma 54,85 Herrmann, Alyce 65.82.102 Herrmann, Bette 54,69,80,88,131 Hett, James 7,28 Hetringa. James 28,34.86,90 Hilber, Joyce 60.84.102 Hilber, Robert 28,83,90.91 Hildebrandt, Nancy 54,84,88 Hildebrandt, Virgine 28 Hinner, Yvonne 65,85 Hintz, Amaryllis 65.86.88 Hintz, Lorraine 84,85 Hintz, William 54,90,113,1l4,120 Hintze, Sharon 54 Hinzmann, Elwood 28,83,86,127 Hirsch, James 54 Hlava, Jean 54,81 Hoefs. Benjamin 28 Hoefts, Bernard 54.86 Hoff, Donald 54,83 Hoff, Jerry 65,70,89,93,113,120.12-4.130 Hoff, Ru ssell 17,1B,54,89,l13,124 Hoffman, Betty 28,83 Hoffman, Gary 54 Hoffman, Phyllis 65 Hoffman, Richard 65 Hoffman, Robert 28 Hoffman, Wayne 60 Holczer, Gabor 54.80.85 Holmes, Janet 28,34,88,103 Holtz, Richard 65,113 Holzem, Barbara 28.54.103 Holzem, Roger 54 Holzschuh, Lois 28.84,88,l06 Hoppe, Barbara 54,80,82 Hoppe, Carol 54,84,85 Hoppe. Tom 65,82 Horak, Jack 18,65,82 Horgan, Suzanne 76,80,82,88,90,129,134 Horn, Carol 65,102,103 Horne. Richard 28 Hrobsky, Shirley 53 Hubbard, Nell 49 Hulbert, Virginia 12,67 Hundhausen, Arthur 53,81,82,89 Hunger, Sue 48,65,8Z Huseby, David 28,50,95,98,102,103 Huttenburg. Annette 53 Jordon, Jeanne 53,84,88,91 Josiger, Kenneth 53.82 Juedes, Larry 68 Juedes, LeRoy 53 Doroth 53 84 Junker, y , Justeson, Beatrice 53,84 Kaiel, Virginia 12,55 Ka n, Constance 68 Kahn, Richard 68,120 Kalbes, Gary 53.82.123 Kamenick, Rudolph 29 Karpinske, Eugene 29,81 Kasmerchak, Shirley 68 Kasten, Arletta 68 Kasten, Luetta 29,85 Kasten, Rita 68 Kastenschmidt, Anette 68,82,88 Katczka, James 53 Kaufman, Autumn 28,80,83 Kazmier, Gregory 29,81,86,125 Keeler, Edmund 12 Keene. Barbara 48,60,91,99,129 Kell, Elmer 68,86 Kell, Joanne 30 Kelley, Sonya Sue 52,88,129 Kent, Russell 17,29,74,85,98, 102,103,109,110, 121 Kepling, Patricia 68,82 Kersten, Shirley 53,84 Kesee, Gerald 68,113,114,118 Kesee, Geraldine 68,82,88 Kessen, Arleen 29,80 Kettner, Donald 29 Kettner, Lois 30 Kiiek, Evelyn 18.30,50,76,83,91 King, Delores 30,84 Kischel, D. M. 9 Kiss, Mary 102 Kiss. William 54.75,78,93,122,131 Klade, Betty 68,88 Klade, Genevieve 68 Klatt, Nancy 68 Kleiber, Carol 53 Klein, Donald 56 Klein, Jacqueline 53,103 Kleinheinz, Eileen 53,84 Kleinschmidt. Wayne 53,81,123 Kleman, Kathleen 30,88 Klemm, Donald 30 Klimek, Barbara 30 Klimek, Ellen 59.82 Klimek, Robert 16.18,59,121,125 Klokow, Don 68,113 Knippel, Lawrence 68,86,91,103 Knorr, James 68,83 Kobak, Alice 30,84 Kobak, Ernest 68 Koehler, Douglas 62,68,81,82 Koehler, John 60 Koenig, Arden 68 Koeppl, Ruth 68,85,102 Kohn orst, Carol 59.81,92 Kohnhorst, Shirley 59,81 Kohnhorst, Wilbur 30 Kolbe, Charlotte 18,68,82 Kolbeck, Marian 30,84 Kolberg, Janice 52,88,129 Kolberg, Jerome 30 Kolokowski, Betty 59,90,9l Kopp, Joyce 30 Kopp, Marilyn 63 Koppa, Janice 59,82 Koppa, Rita 30,103 Kopplin, Joanne 31,84 Kort, Carolyn 52,82 Kort, Roger 63 Koy, David 31,85 Koy, Donald 31.83.85 Kozlovsky, James 31,83 Kraimer, Elaine 59,84,85,106 Kraimer, Kenneth 31 Kraimer, Shirley 65 Krause, Annette 63,80,82,88 Krause, Caroline 52,84 Krause, Charles 31 Krause, Irene 31 Kreitz, Lenore 7,5l,59,75,78,82,8S,91,103 132,168 Kreutz, Daisy 59,80,84,88 Kroening, Beth 59,84,103 Kroening, Donna 31 Kroening, Sharon 63 Krolikowski, Cynthia 63 Kromrei, Lorraine 59,85 Kronbuegel, Betty 59 Kronenwetrer, James 31 Hylkema, Bernard 12 Imm, Vangie 28 Iversen, Robert 28 Jablonski, Patricia 53 Jablonski, Shirley 65 Jackson, Jackson, 102 Jacobson, Jacobson, Jacobson. lacobson, Jaecks, Jaecks. Jaecks, Jaecks, Jaecks. Jaecks, Jaeger, Jagler, Jahnke, James, Curtis 53,89,103,113 Joan 28,74,88 Nancy 53,81 Robert 65 Stanley 65.85.131 Arnold 85,122 Gordon 28.74.8331,96,113,121,122 Grace 65.102 Robert 29 Ronald 65,113 Shirley 29,84 Donald 65 Elroy 18,53,82 Carol 65 Mary Jane 29,84 David 17,62,65,68,75,77,78,86,89, Klos. Arnold 30,109.110,111,115, 116,11 7 Kloth, Ronald 68 Kluender, Patricia 59,84 Kluender, Virginia 30,83 Kluever, Barbara 59 Kluever, Frederick 30,109,123,127 Kluever, Roger 30,85,109 Klug, Audrey 59.84 Klug, Beverly 68,85 Klug, Carol Jean 30.84,91 Klug, Karen 68 Klumpyan, Joseph 59,83 Kmen, Neva,91 Kmen, Sharon 30,76,91,134 Kmiecik, Bernice 53 Knapp, Dennis 3035.85.86 Knapp, Geraldine 68 Knapp, Harriet 68,85 Knapp. Lewis 68,113.114,118,123 Knapp, Vietta 59.86,90,91 Knapp. Wayne 68 Knippel, Carol 30,103 Knippel, Joan 59,8432 170 Krueger, Ardelle 63,95 Krueger, Bonnie 63,90 Krueger, Dorothy 59,85,88,91 Krueger, Gilbert 31,48,81 Krueger, James 59,80,121,125 Krueger, James 63,83 Krueger, Jeanette 59.84 Krueger, Joan Rae 63 Krueger, Joann Vera 63 Krueger, Joyce 59.85 Krueger, Leila 63,88 Krueger, Lorraine 84 Krueger, Phyllis Eleanor 59 Krueger, Phyllis Ruth 31,88,103 Krueger, Lucille 63 Krueger, Walter 31,86 Krueger, Wilbur 31.80,86,89 Krueger, William 59 Krusko, Tom 59,8l,120,122 Kryshak, Thomas 31,83,86,122 Kucirek, Donald 31,85,90 Kuehl, Richard 60,89.90 Kuehlman, Raymond 85,120 Kufahl, Clifford 63,83 Kufahl, Gerald 31,86 Kuhlman, Edward 60 Kuhlman, Mrs. E. J. 9 Kuhnert, Robert 59,83 Kujawa, Ann 31 Kulas, Brian 63,85,86,113,116,11 Kulpinski, Mary Ann 59,84 Kumerow, Marilyn 63 Kurszewski, LeRoy 31,86 Kurszewski. Margaret 56.84 Kurth, Edwin 15 Kurth, Florence 63 Kurth, Lloyd 18,63,86,120,123 Kurth, Nancy 31 Kurtzweil, Roger Kutil, Mary Lou 31,3335 16,63,85 Laabs, Robert 56,86,97 Labedis, Margaret 63 Ladwig, Terry l8,63,86 LaFave, Arden 60 LaFave, Elizabeth Lahr, Patricia 32 Lahr, Vernon 63 Lambert, William 56,75,78,86 Lambrecht, Bonnie 52,7o,ss,9o Lambrecht, Bruce 63 LaMere, Lawrence 37 Lanilreville, Kathleen 9 32,84,91 Landrum, JoBeth 49 Lane, Vernon 56,83 Lang, Kenneth 63 Langhoff, Carol 63,83 Langhoff, Kenneth 32,35 Langhoff, Myron 56,83 Langhoff, Phyllis 32,75,77,86 Langhoff, Sylvia 63 7,118,123 17,32,50,73,74,78,82 Laginske, Robert 56 La orte, Bernard 32 LaPorte, Lorraine 56,84 LaPorre, Robert 68 Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, LaSalle, LaSalle, Laska, Laska, Lattimet, Laurenc Carol 56,82,88,97 Emma 12,16 Perry, 56,83 Ralph 9 Robert 7,32,86,90 Barbara 63.82 Yvonne 32,83 Lorraine 63,85 Margaret 56,84 Thomas 7,55.76,86,89,90,97 e, Marrianne 49 O'Brien, James 48,64,68,69,113,114,118 Michlig, Myron 56,l13,1 14,123 Laut, Barbara 85 Lee, Olaf 12,14,54 LeGault, Phyllis 32 LeGault, Shirley 53 Lehman, Jeanette 56,84 Leitermann, Layton 68 Leitermann, Lou Ann 56 Leitzke, William 32 Leland, Thomas 56,74,86,96 Lella, Joe 56,123 Lemke, Jean 56,84 Leonard, Shirley 56,82 LePine, Laurence 65 Lepinski, Carol 7,56,75,79,80,82,91,9 131,132 Lepinski, Joan 63,77,79,82,88,97 Lerch, Annalee 32,103 Levandoski, Lyle 32,236,125 Levandoski, William 32,34,122 Levin, Nancy 32,88 Lewandoski, Rita 56,84 Lewitzke, Carol 32,84 Lewitzke, William 56,120,123 Liebers, Arlene 64 Liebers, Herman 60 Lietz, Joan 32,82.95 Lilla, Jeanette 56,82 Lillge, Larry 64 Lillie, Gail 56,84 Little, Nancy 56,80,85,88 Litzer, Jo Ann 18,32,82,83,96 Litzer, Sharon 64,82,88 Loeffel, Donald 32,103 Londerville, Donald 60 Londerville, Lois 7,82,86 Long, Gordon 17,20,33,34,50,102 Lovrien, Carolyn 33,50,72,77,82,90,97 Lovrien, Clark 64,86,122 Lucas, Joseph 33 Lucas, Louise 18,56,84,131 Lucht, Marilyn 56,84 Miskin, Luebstorf, Lavern 67,80,85,l18 Luebstorf, Lucille 55 Lueck, Ruth 64 Luedtke, Diane 33.83,84 Luedtke, Howard 64 Luedtke, ,Iludith 64 Luedtke, ois 33,84,88 Luedtke, Rose Marie 56,84 Luedtke, Ruth 46.83,84 Luedtke, Shirley 64 Luetschwager, Frances 60,84 Luetschwager, Nancy 64 Lund, Peter 18,64,120 Lunt, Ernest 33 Lutttell. J. Bart 12,66 Lyon, Donald 64,103,113 Maas, Ronald 33 Machel, Jeanne 64,81 Macomber, Donald 56,83 Magrecke, Joan 64 Maier, Betty 33,86 Malak, Janet 64 Malone, John 33,83,86 Malueg, Allen 56,85 Malueg, Carol 56,76,88,90,103,134 Malueg, Carolyn 64,82 Markrof, Robert 56,70 Manecke, Wayne 64,86 Manser, Sylvia 56 Manson, Joanna 64,82,88 Marks, Peter 56,70,120 Marks, Thomas 64,122 Marquardt, Bonnie 64 Marquardt, Carol 33 Marquardt, Dale 33 Marquardt, Ervin 12,57,78 Marqgzardt, Karl 62,64,68,77,81,82,97 Mars , JoEllen 64,82,88,l02 Marson Arlene 33 Mammf John 113,114,109 Martens, Marten, Martens, Martin, Gloria 64 Gordon 33,81 Lyle 33,109,111,122,126 Eugene 54,85 Marx, Esther 33,82 Marx, Roberta 64 Masanz, Mathie, George 15 Mary 33.88 2,97, Mathwick, Donna 7,56,75,82,85,91,92,103, 132 Matter, David 64 Matteson, Dale 33,89 Mattice, Marvin 60 Matysik, Barbara 54 Matzke, Dean 64,85 Maurer, Claudia 64,81,88 Maxwell, William 12,14,123 McAleavy, Nancy 60,77,81,88,129 McArthur, Maureen 56,82 McBride, Patsy 49 McCabe, Clarence 56 McCallum, Sharon 18,56,76,99 McCandless, Betty 67,82 McCarthy, Patricia 18,48,64,88,102 Mccirthy, Sharon 56,76,77,88,90,92,103,l31, 13 McCormick, Colleen 33,34,88,91 McCror , William 33 Mcllumber, Alfred 56 McCutcheon, Phyllis 33,81 McDonald, Carole 56,90 McDonald, Constance 56,102 McDonald, Thomas 64,83,113,114,l22 McDonell, Eugene 12,104 McGinley, Margo 36,77 Mclnnis, Bonnie 49 McKeehan. Jerry 64,80 Means, Darrell 58 Mecikalski, Betty 56,103 Meilahn, Carleton 36,83,84,89 Meilahn, Janean 64,102 Meilahn, Mona Rae 36,82 Meister, Gloria 64 Melang, Beth 36 Melanson, Berjeta 64 Mercer, Betty 12 Nein. Ben 64,77 Neitzke, Shirley 64 Nelms, Clara 13,63 Nelson, Betty 37,84 Nelson, Beverly 64 Nelson, Byron 37,89 Nelson, Carol 64 Nelson, Dennis 64 Nelson, Inez 13,64 Nelson, Sandra 64 Nelson Virjean 58 79 82 Nersveen, Robert 37,81 Newell, Sharon 16,76,so,s2,ss,9z,97,9s,129 Nielsen, Carol 58,69 Merwin, James 64,81,85 Mettalka, Robert 36 Metz. Elizabeth 12 Metzler, Ingrid 12,14,68 Meuret, Charles 36,81,86,125 Meuret, Gerald 64,113 Meyer, Edward 56 Meyers, Jerome 64 Meyer, Leone 36,90 Meyer, Shirley 36,84 Meyers, Ronald 68 Michlig, Laverne 64 Midlikowski, Ruth 64 Mielke, John 64,81,103 Mikkelson, Betty 64 Miller, Daela 56,97.103 Nienow, Virginia 64 Nienow, Virginia 64 Nievinski, Eugene 37,84,89 Nievinski, Lorraine 37,82,103 Niewinski, Frances 58,69,82 Nigbur, Lawrence 58,70,123 Nikolai, Sandra 64 Nimz, Carl 16,58 Nimz, Jean 58,69,84,87,131 Ninneman, Faye 58,69,8l,88 Nitzsche, Arthur 18,58,69,70,120 Nitzsche, Richard 58,69 Nixon, Jack 34,37 Norton, Daniel 58,69 Nowak, Richard 64 Nowak, LaRae 64 Nuernberg, Janice 64,82,88,90 Nussbaum, Alice 37,85 Nyholm, James 58,l09,ll0,l11,1l4,ll6, ll7,ll9,122,l27 Nyland, Marian 37,106 Ockerlander, Doris 13,14,16,54,78,95,130 Oestreich, Mary 58 Oestrreich, Joanne 7,37,90 Oestrreich, Lorraine 18,58,69,77,90,129 Ohrmundt, Helen 37 Ohgmundt, John 64,68,69,l09,ll3,1l4,l20, I 2 O'Keefe, Glendene 64,85 O'Keefe, Joyce 58,69,79 Okonek, Louise 60 Olbrantz, Bernard 37 O'Leary, Nancy 7,51,58,69,75,84,87,88,92 Olshanski, David 64 Miller, Geraldine 56,82,l02 Olson. Arthur 13,16 Olson, Carlton 37,79 Olson, Carol Ann 64 Olson, Sharon 64,76,88,102,l34 Opichka, William 64,83 Miller, Linda 64,88 Milward, David 64,80 Minkoff, Howard 64,69,89,98,123 Mirek, Joanne 56,69,l02 Alan 36,85,127 Opper, Allen 64,68,109,111 Opgaermann, Denis 37,86 Os orne, Gordon 64 Ossig, Verdella 52 Osterbrink, Agnes 64 Osterbrink, James 37,113 Mitchell, William 36 Mitchka, John 18,36 Mittelstaedt. Donald 36,81,85 Mogensen, Harley 56,83 Mohelnitzky, Jacquelyn 64,85 Mohelnitzky, Mary 36 Mohr, Marsha 56,127 Monson, Nancy 34,36,84 Mootz, Lorraine 36,84 Moran, Betty 36 Mornhinweg, Ursula 56 Morris, JoAnn 18,64,80,82,88,91 Morrison, George 49 Mortenson, Beverly 56,82 Mortenson, Jeanne 36.83.85 Mortenson, Robert 36,89 Mortenson, Ronald 83 Mucha, Phyllis 56,77,82,l03,13l Ostroski, George 37 Otto, Beverly 61,90 Otto, Edwin 6l,l09,1l0,ll5,l32 Otto, Patricia 37,84 Otto Robert 68,81 om' Ronald 18,61,90,132 , Otto, Shirley 61,90 Paetzold, Carl 64,82 Paetzold, Donald 64 Pagel, Gerald 61,83 Pagel, Nancy 64 Pagel, Patricia 38.85 Pagel, Shirle 64,88 Pagenkogg, Igonald 64,81,82 Palesh, uriel 61,82 Papenfuss, Sludith 18,64,82,91 Mucha, Robert 36,103 Muckerheide, Mary 36,77,81,87,88 Mueller, Arthur 16,48,58,69,82,86,97 Mueller, Kenneth 58 Mueller, Rochelle 58 Mueller, Susan 58,69,84 Mueller, Thomas 64,69,82,113 Muelver, Beverly 58,69,79,81,82 Mullen, Donald 37,84 Mullen, Henrietta 58.69,82 Mullen, Murphy, David Jacqueline 64,85 l8,37,83,89,l22 Murphy, Samuel 7,48,58,69,70,75,80,82 Muschinski, Faye 58,69 Muzynoski, John 58,69 Myrick, Gordon 49 Myrberg, Phyllis 64 Myszka, David 58,122 Papenfus, heldon 61,86,89, 113,122 Parker Mary Kay 61,91,92,102 Parkin, Doris 38,48,88,90,106 Parks, Nola 64,82 Parsch, Charles 64 Parsch, Geraldine 61,84 Paszkiewicz, Jeanette 61,83,85 Pauls, Walter 64,81 Pautz, Mar Ann 63,83 Pederson, Jlbyce l8,38,87,88,91 Penn, Dona 64,88 Pennell, Billie 7,38,48,50,72,80,88,93,115, 130,132 Peroutka, Rose Mary 38,90 Perske, Joanna 64,80,102,134 Peterman, Neil 61,86,l24 Peters, Alfred 18,6l,113,114,122 Peters, Kenneth 64 Peters, Marvin 64 Naef, Geraldine 58,69,102 Nass, Ronald 58,69 Natal, Donna 58,69,84 Natarus, Bonnie 64,69,88,132 Natarus. Timothy 58 Neely, Peggy 49 Neess, Margaret 34.37,88 Nehring, Charles 58,77,82 171 Peters, Virl 38 Peterson, Gary 38 Peterson, John 64,82 Peterson, LaDonna 64 Peterson, Mary 61,77,99 Peterson, Richard 38 Peterson, Robert 61 Petrowski, Carol 61,91 Petterson , Frances 61 Pflieger, Jerome 38 Pflieger, Richard 59,83 Phillips, James 62,64,77,86,89,102 Piehl, Marilyn 61,77,8l,88,l29 Pieper, Joan 38,83 Pierschalla, Carol 64 Pieshalla, Patricia 38,85 Pietscher, Inez 61,76,77,84,87,91,134 Pigeon, Sandra 61,77,82 Pigan, Nancy 38,84 Plant, Robert 64 Plant, Wayne 18,68,102 Plautz, Anita 38,85 Plautz, Joseph 61 Plavnick, Kenneth 38.48,72,74,127 Plier, A. W. 9 Plier, Nancie 64,82 Plisch, Jacqueline 64,88 Pliskiew, Barbara 64 Pliskie, Richard 64 Poeske, Alice 61,103 Poeske, Donna 61,84 Poeske, Grace 38 Poeske, Nancy 38 Poi, Mrs. Elizabeth 15 Poi, Margaret 61,75,77.82 Poll, Gloria 18,38,82,87 Pollock. Bruce 35,38 Pontzloff, Delno 64,83 Pophal, Alice 61,85 Pophal, Ellen 38,83,88 Pophnl, Joyce 38,73 Porter, James 39,122 Posgychala, Roger 39 Pos ie. Carole 65,86,88,90,l32 Post, Donald 61 Poverski, Frieda 61.70,82 Poverski, Patricia 61,82,90 Powers, Stephen 49 Praedel, Kathryn 64,82,88 Pradt, Daniel 61,74,85,86 Prechel, Levi 39 Presig, Jacob 15 Priebe, 'Gene 64,86 Priebe, Joyce 39 Priebe, Mary Ann 39,84.86,88 Priebe, Sally 64 Prielipp, Robert 57.81 Raduenzel. Janis 67 Prieve, James 39.89 Prigge, Dennis 67,83 Prochaska, Gertrude 13,16,55,78 Prock, Vodus 67,83.86 Prozinski, Justine 30,39,50.93.93.l03 Puariea, Donald 39.74,79,81,86,96, Puariea, Marilyn 16,67 Pukis, Albert 67,85 Pyan, Duane 61 Pyan, Marie 67 Raab. David 51,61,87,125 Raasch, Janet 61 Raatz, Ronald 61.85 Radandt, Rosemary 34,39 Radandt, Susan 67.86 Radant, Darlene 61,91 Radant, Shirley 67 Raddatz. David 61 Rader, Larry 55.86,123 Radke, Ilene 39 Radtke, Bonnie 46,103 Radtke, DuWayne 55.83,86 Radtke, Marv 39,74,88,91,93,96,130 Rahn, Gloria 67.82 Rakow, H. R. 9 Ramthun, Earl 39 Ramthun, Harvey 15 Ramthun, Mrs. Mathilda 15 Randall, James 67.86.120 Randrup. Janet 39,84 Randt, Denver 55 Rawson, Dale 67,103 Raymond, Nancy 67 Redetzke, Margaret 39.80,88,90,91 ,1 Rehfeldt. Dorothy 67.90 Reich, Elizabeth 55.88,90,92,132 Reince, Marilyn 39.83.84 Reinemann. Carlton 13,14,51,63 Reisinger, John 39 Reissmann. Donald 60 Remmel. Sally 67 Resch, Barbara 39.82,84,90 Resch. Joan 39,8182 Reynolds, Robert 13.16,51 Rhyner, Eugene 67,83 Rhyner, Jerome 39 Rhvner, Raymond 55 Richards, Gerald 55,123 Richmond, Dale 55 Richmond, Donna 39,83,84,91,130 Richmond. Glenn 67 102 30 Richter, Donald 67.109,113,118,123,13 Richter, Jean 34.40,82.83,84 Ridderbush, William 67 Ridge, Harvey 10.13.52 Ridge, John 40,86,90 1 Rieman, Ginger, 98 Riiser, Tom 18,55 Riley, Jeredith 40 Rillmg Alice 40,77,80,83 Rinka, Kermit 67 Risher. Rose 49 Ritz, Patricia 67 Rodehaver, Carla 57,75,78,80,82,88,106, 134,149 Roeber, James 60 Roeder, Bonnie 67 Roeder, Mrs. Edna 15 Roemke, Gerald l8,55,l09,lll,l20,l22 Roemke, Jeannette 67,80,88 Roeske, E. A. 10.13,16 Rogalla, Joanne 55,84 Rohlf, Anne 55,86,88,97 Rohloff, Tommy 67 Roloff, Larry 67 Roloff, Richard 67,81,82 Romack, Maxine 40 Ronek, Richard 40 Rose, Carroll 40 Rose, Ronald 67 Rosenhauer, George 7,13,l4,56,76 Rosentreter, Marlene 55,84 Ross, Arlene 13,16,58 Rossemhach, Barbbetta 40 Roth, Barbara 40,81 Rothenberger, Johanna 40,76,77,90,130 Royal, Charles 67,86,89,113 Rubow. Donald 55,86,113,123 Rudolph, Donald 55,83 Rudolph, PaPtricia 67,130 Ruether, Margaret 4o.s4,s5,90 Rusch, Joanne 55 Rusch, Thomas 55.125 Rux, Ronald 55.83-86,113 Ryan, Dale 55,86,95,124 Ryan, Margaret 40 Ryan, Richard 67,80,89, 120 Sadowski, Valerian 40 Sahr, Margaret 67,83,86 Sahr, Virginia 55.86 Saindon, Phillip 55 Saindon, Shirley 67 St. Clair, Duanne 67-81 St. Clair, Robert 13.16,124 St. Clair, Rodney 53,83 Sala, Frederick 67 Salzer, Judith 67,102.103 Salzer, Robert 60,80,82,97 Salzwedel, Theodore 66 Samuels, Beatrice 88 Samuels, Bernadine 55 Sanders, Shirley 40 Schachinger. William 66 Schaefer. Nancy 66,76,81,86,l34 Schael, Bruce 55,86,125 Schael, Marvin 55 Schael, Myron 55 Schaetzl, William 60 Schalow. Dennis 7.17,20,35 ., 75.87,1l4.ll6,ll7 Schalow, Nancy 40 Scharmer, Harriet 18,66,102 Scharmer. Kenneth 55,85 Schave, Barbara 40 Schave, Nancy 55,103 Scheel, David 55 Scheel, James 66 Scheel, Lois 7,35,40,50,93,94.l15,130 Scheel. William 66.83 Scheffler, Alfred 66 Scheffler, Dolores 52,82,88.103 Scheffler, lerry Schenzel, Beverlv 40.83.84 Schenzel, Jim 66,113,114 Scheurman, Ethel 13,63,77 Schewe, Alene 40 Schewe, Marlene 66 Schield, Kathleen 52.86 Schilling, Arthur 41 Schilling. James 48.51.52,74,75,78,80 Schlag, Mary Ann 52.84 Schlei, Irene 66.77,78,81,82 Schlei, Mary Ann 65,232,132 Schliesman, Thomas 20,34,41,81,83, 89.90.91 Schmidlkofer. Robert 18,66.85,124 Schmidt, George 66 Schmidt, Roger 41.123 Schmidt, Sharon 66,85 Schmieden, Darlene 52,90 Schmolze, Lois 46 Schmitzler. Gail 60.88,92,103 Schneck, Phil 51,122 Ronald 52,80 nn 6 Schneck, Schoeder, A e 3 Schoeneman. Carol 66,88 Schoepke. Max 52 Schoepke, Shirley 52 Schoeoke, Schoman, Wavne 86.126 Audrev 41,84,85.90 Schoonover, Raeburn 41,84 172 Schoonover, Patricia 66 Schopf, Eugene 52 Schott, Audrey 66 Schram, Eleanor 41,77.83,87,91 Schreiber, Kay 66,76,88,134 Schreiber, Vernon 41 Schroeder, Allen 52 Schroeder, Barbara 52,84,88 Schroeder, Darold 66,82 Schroeder, Ernest 52 Schroeder, John 66,86,89,120 Schroeder, Laurel 66 Schroeder, Margaret 52,70,84 Schroeder, Roland 52,83 Schubring, Lyle 52 Schulz, Elizabeth 52,82 Schultz, Bonnie 66,92 Schultz, Geraldine 66 Schultz, Joanne 66 Schultz, Joanne Mary 16,41 Schultz, Millard 81,122 Schulz, Roger 66,83,113 Schulz, Annette 66 Schulz, leanette 52,82 Schumacher. Wayne 41.89 Schumann, Nancy 41,73,96 Schuster, Donald 52 Schuttenberg, Shirlev 5169.83 Schwede, Charles 66,83 Schwede, Donald 66 Schwocho, Shirley 41,85 Seavers, Gay Seefeldt, James 66,113,122 Seefeldt, Leslie 67 Seefeldt, Mary Ann 41,85 Seehafer, David 9 Seehafer, Patricia 52,84 Seehafer. Phyllis 52,83 Seiler, Carol 52,83 Sellung, Judith 67.88 Selsberg, Charles 52.70.90 Senoraske. Dianne 67,82,88 Setula, Mavis 41,84 Seubert, Allan 52,102 Seubert, Gail 67 Severson, Robert 53,69,80,108,109,110,111 1l5,ll6,ll7,122 Seymour. Shirley 41.85.88 Shafranski, Paulette 53.69,82.88,97,129 Shalewski, Dolores 41,84 Shawl, Dennis 53.69,85,97 Shawl, Howard 13 Sheldon, Jeanette 53,69,84 Shepperd, Sue 49 Sheptoski, Josephine 67 Sherbert, Donald 7,35,41,82,90,96,131 Sherfinski, Anthony 63,86 Short, Marlene 41 Sieckert, Eben 35,41.81,85,122 Sieckert, James 53.69,70,81,85,l20,125 Siewert, Doris 53,69,84 Sillars, Franklin 18,41,82,95,103 Singer, Robert 46 Sippl, Dennis 53,69 Skalecki. James 42,109,110,122,126 Skare, Darlene 42 Skrzypchak, Wayne 53.69.86 Skud, Rita 48,53.69.75,82,88 Slade, Charles 16.67.81,89,120.131 Slagoski, Sally 42,76,90,91,134 Sletten, lulia 13.16 Sloan. Mary 53,69.88,l03 Slomske, Janice 67 Smiley, Smith, Smith, Smith. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Snapp, William 13.53.1l3,l2Z Frederick 18,60.81 Joan 67 Nancy 35,42,79,88,96 Pegtzv 67 Phyllis 42.85 Ramona 53,132 Ruby 48.53.80,84,l32 Thomas 42 VerJean 16.53,87 John 42,103 Sneeden, Joseph 15 Sniegoski. Marv 67,82 Sobkow iak. Patricia 42,76,84,88,134 Sobvick, Virginia 42 Sommerfeldt. Shirley 46 Sorges, Soukup, Soukup, Soukup, Soukup, Soukuo, Joan 42 Charles 42.81.85,l13,12l,l22 lean 67.82,88,97 Parrick 53 l Robert 67.86 Roderick 42.81,120 Soukup, Russell 67.81 Soanton, Harry 53,79 Spaude, Arlette 42.84 Spindler. Gladys 53,82 Splettstozer. Patricia 67,82 Sprague, Beverly 53 Sprague, Enid 67 Sprague, Gail 42,132 Sproisky, Janet 67 Spychalla, Sally 42,84 Stachowiak, Frank 53,69 Stadt, John 53,69,80,85 Stanke, Janice 16,53,87,132 Stanton, Beverly 53,69,84 Steckling, Daniel 42 Steckling, Della 67,81 Sreckling. James 53,70,76,81,85,122,134 Steffen. Marilyn 53,84 Steffenhagen, Charles 67,83 Steffke, Gretchen 42,50,80,82,96,97 Stege, Rita 18,67,82,88 Steidtman, Patricia 53,69,90 Stein, Barbara 67,82,88,102 Stein, Neale 65 Stephenson. Nancy 48,57,83,88 Steppert, Barbara 82 Stevens, Clark 98 Stewart, Anita 49 Stieber, Clifford 42,86,90,123.125,126 Stieber, John 53 Stoltz, Daniel 42 Stoltz, Jerome 42,81,83,90 Stoltz, Lillian 67,90 Stoltz, Shirley 67,88 Srolze, Elizabeth 43,85,88 Stone, Mary 58.88,92,95 Stork. David. 52, 125 Stotmeister, Marvay 43,80 Stotmeister, Raymond 58 Stralkowski, Geraldine 58,82 Tucek, Frank 58 Tushkowski, Eugene 24,76,86,134 Umhoefer, Tom 48,58,109,132, Urban, Joyce 58 Urban, Roger 67,85,86 Urmanski, Geraldine 67 Utecht, Shirley Ann 24,84,88 Utecht, Shirley Mae 44 Utecht, Wayne 58 Vachowiak, David 67 Valentine, Therrill 49 Vanderwall, Bruce 67,86 VanProoyan, Norman 67,86 Van Slyke, John 83 Van Vuren, Carol 12,54,88,90,91,129 Venske, Frank 54,83 Vercimak, John 26,125 Vesely, Adeline 56,83 Viergutz, Delaine 54 Vogt, Roger 81,85 Voigt. Mary 54 Vollenweieder, Audrey 57,77,88,91 Vollenweider, John 26 Wfadzinski, David 54,81,97 Wadzinski. Wallace 54,83 Wagner, Patricia 67 Stralkowski, Joan 43,84,88,91 Srrehlow, David 34,38,43.50,73.82,108, 109, 1l0,111,112,1l4,ll5,116,117,122 Strehlow, Gerald 67 Strei, Helen 67 Strek, Janice 62.67,87,88,103,129 Sturm, Betty 67,102 Suchomski, Jerome 67 Suchomski. Raymond 43 Sullivan. James 20,35,43,48,50,73,74, 76.79,96.134 Sullivan, Richard 43,102,103 Sumner, Clara 13 Sumner, Irving 18,52,74,l02 Suske, LeRoy 43 Ta sche, Swain, Ella 13 Swanson, Shirley 58,87 Sweitzer. Mary 31,35,43,48,50,72,75,77, 78,86,96 Swenby Clifford 10,13 Swenby, Ralph 34,43,74,81,86.91,109 Synnott, lamie 67,82 Synnott Mary 58,84 Tapper, Edith 13.58.83 Tapper, Elaine 43.88 Donald 43,83,86 Zemke, Tebor, Irving 14 Teige, Glenn 67,102 Teipner, John 58,85 Tesch, Arlon 58.123 Tesch, Arnold 43 Tesch, Leo 43,72.74,80,91 Teske, Delmer 67.86 Teske, Norman 43 Testerman, Delores 49 Thiele. F. Gerald 56.120 Thomas, Eugene 43,109,110,1l2 Thomas, Hildegarde 58 Thomas, Sharon 58.86 Thomas. Warren 13.16 Thompson, Janel 58 Thompson, Sally 43.81,87,88,l03 Thorn, Carol June 67 Thorn, Elizabeth 43 Thorpe, Roger 58,83 Timm, Henry l8,67,68,75,78,82,95.97,103 Tobey, Alice 10 Toivonen, Raymond 67,82 Toth. Mary Ann 43.84 Towle, Mariorie 58,82,132 Towle, Viorene 67 Traeder. Donald 60 Trantow, Grace 58.84 Treibel. Diane 67,68.76.82,88,134,149 Treichel, Bernadine 58,83 Treichel, Betty 58,84 Treichel. Norman 18,58,82,125 Trelle. Maria 67 Trelle. Paul 58 Tremel. James 58.85,109,113,125 Tremel. Richard 67,122 Tress, Vivian 58,103 Treu, Jacquelyn 67.70,82 Treu, Marlene 58.82 Treu, Wayne 43,86 Trierweiler, Margaret 58,88 Trittin, Jean 58 Trittin. Judy 58.84.90 Wagner, Raymond 44 Waldinger, James 32 Waldinger, Rita 67,106,129 Wallace, Wallner Marian 12 DuWayne 67 Walters: Donna Mae 18,67,88 Wilcox, cganice 49 Wilde, erald 59 Wilde, Viletta 44 Wilke, Bernard 60,103 Wilke, Gregory 59,133,120 Wilke, Lorenz 59,83,86,97,1l3,120 Will, Charles 65 Will JoAnn 44 Willhite, Darlene 59,90 Williams, Helen 65,81 Walters, Harland 44,85,137 Walters, Janet 67,85 Walters, Jeanette 54 Walters, Merritt 54.82,125 Walters, Phyllis 67,85 Walton, Marion 18,54.75,77,91,97 Wambold, Charlotte 7,34,44,50,75,8l,94 Wandtke, Shirley 54 Wfanta, Adam 67-86 XVanta, Mary Ann 52,70 Wanta, Mary Eva 54,84 Warner, Herman 15 Warosh, Bonnie 47,50,96,97 Warosh, Carol 54 Wfeaver, Robert 54,109,118 Weber, Corinne l8,44,50,83,88,103 Weber, Dale 67 Wfeber, Ethel 54 Weber, Joan 44 Weber, Joyce 84,90 Weden, Lyle 44,83,86,90 Weeks, Beverly 67,69.82.85 Weeks, Dale 54,79,81,86 Weeks, Robert 67 Wegner, Darold 16,44 Wagner. Dean 54 Weiland, James 67-85,86 Weinkauf, Alan 67 Weinkauf, Alice 44,50,82,87,88,90,91 Weinkauf, Dorothy 14 Weinkauf, Karen 67.82,91 Weinkauf, Ronald 54,122 Weir, James 67 Weisenberger, Betty 51.54,77,99 Wekert. Mrs. Martha 15 Welsh, William 44,50.79,86,96,97 Wendorf, Bertie Lou 54 Wendorf, Charlotte 67 Wendt, Gerald 67 Wendt. Kenneth 67 Wenzel, Barbara 44 Wenzel, Donna 67,85 Werner. Thomas Wesenick, Evelyn Wesenic k. Marvin Weso. Marv Ann Westberg, Charlotte Westcott. Jacaueline 65 Westlund, Clifford 14.52 Westphal, Karen 65.80 Westphal, LaVern 65 Westphal, Sharon 65,88,92 Weynerh. Ronald 54 White, Harriet 54,103 White, Judy 49 Whiting. Sally l8,65,82.88 Wicke, Mary Lee 65.68.82 Widstrom, Mary 44,81,88 Wiegandr, LaVerne 54 Wieloch, John 65,122 Wiensch, Shirley 44,84,90 Wilcott, Beverly 65.102 Wilcott. Robert 44.89 173 Wilson, Barbara 44,80,103 Wilson, Louis 44 Wiman, Allison 49 Winchell, Walter 59 Winetzki, Joseph 45,91 Winnie, Gail 65,86 Wirt, Carroll 59,80 Wisniewski, Alice 45,130 Witter, Clark 83 Witter, Lee 59,76,80,82,89,95 Wittig, James 45,82,120 Woehlert, Bett 7,18,20,34,42,45,48,50,73, 74,78.83.88,96y Wohlfahrt, Nancy 45,88 Wohlford, Duane 65,122 Wohlford, Kenneth 18,35,45 Wohlford, Richard 59,92,132 Woiciechowski, James 45 Wolf, LeRoy 59,95 Wolf, Marie 65,70,102 Wolfe, Barbara 65 Wolfe, David 59,83,120 Wolfe, Ronald 45,122,125 Wolfgram, Virginia 43,45,81 Wolfgram. Roger 65 Woller, Carol 65 Wolfmman, Marvin 65,81,89,98 Wolfgram. Virginia 43,45,81 Wollet, Clifford 45,82,83 Woods, Stanley 14,16,67,77 Worden, Sally 59,131 Wrycha, Joe 45, 127 Wrycha, Stanley 65 Wunsch, Patricia 59,76,82,35.103,106. 129,131,134 Wurster, Cyrus 59,123 Wysocki, Ronald 59 Yelich, Thomas 14.67,109,114,120 Yonker, John 34,45,l22 Yotan, Sally 59,76,81,88,100,l0l,103,l3l Young, George 59.30 Young, Harrier 65,82,88 Young, Kathryn 65 Young, Marjorie 14,16,58 Yunk, Jean l7,45,73,87,88,91,93,96,93. 115.130 Yunkerr, Barbara 59,90,131 Zahn, Marion 18,59,91,129 Zahrt, Marion 45 Zahrt, Nancy 65 Zamzow. Donald 45,83,86 Zank, Barbara 65 Zank, Bonita 45 Zank, DuWayne 59,l09,110,112,116,l17 Zastrow Margo 81,85 Zastrow, Nancy 65.88.134 Zastrow, Robert 34,45 ,89 Zastrow, Sandra 59.84 Zastrow, William 65 Mrs. Elsie 15 Zielsdorf. Margaret 14,16,61 Zick, William 46 Ziebell, Richard 45,89,l13,122 Ziegel, Joan 59,84,87,90 Ziegler, Perry 17,34.45,48,50,74,87,116, 117,124 Zielinski, Lawrence 45 Zillman, Dawn 46,81.82.88 Zillman, Edward 46,50,81,l09,l10,l1l,112, 115,120,122 Zillman, Wayne 35,46,70,73,90,98 Zilz, Douglas 17,35,46,74,78,85 Zimick, Leon 59,118 Zimick. Richard 58,69 Zimmerer, Frederick 65,236,122 Zimmermann, Delores 46,50,75,76,130,149 Zimmermann, Virginia 59 Zinzer. George 46 Zoborowski, Ernest 18 Zoborowski, Myron 17,46,73,74,8l,83 Zocher, Luella 46,85 Zoromski, Marvin 46,81,125 Zoromski, Mary Ann 46 Zuleger, Beverly 46 Zunker, Charles 46,80,86,89,125 Zunker, Herman 60 Zunker, Orven 59,86 v4C'KNOWlED6MEN7.S' For many of us, school life is permanently ended. For all of us, Vfausau Senior High School will always remain in our hearts and minds. In years to come you may browse through this yearbook and recall many of the happy experiences in your high school days. The building of this yearbook has been a difficult job -- not quite so soft as one might imagine. For one person to attempt to write and lay out the entire book would be an impossibility. That is the job of the Wahiscan Staff, and I'm sure you will agree with me that they did an outstanding job. Besides the staff, I want to thank my Co-Editor, Betty Woehlert, who did an excellent piece of work. This yearbook would not be possible without the hard work of the Director of Publications, G. K. "Rosy" Rosenhauer. To Rosy go my sincere thanks and appre- ciation. I would also like to thank the following: John Dzubay, Business staff manager Delores Zimmerman, Business manager james Towle, Towle Studio, Photographer Patricia Kagel, Subscription manager Eldred Olson, Brock Engraving Co., Madison M. R. Fey, Fey Publishing Co., Wisconsin Rapids L. Spencer, S. K. Smith Co., Chicago National Book Binding Co., Stevens Point Hellhake Printery Wausau Daily Record-Herald, Photography Department Advertisers I appreciate the fine cooperation on the part of both the teachers and students in taking the pictures. M y sincere thanks, A L L E N A K E Y Editor-in-Chief 174 X- 'ff QQ vvn usnu sem OR HIGH W W ,.Jg,-N ,fx-I Z? in QI" Z":,'g' 5' 11 Z f if Offf ,Cl fl I' ' i -Q! - Ko T.I.'1'.L..

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