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Cwwg 1 1 ,, , I W! , A .. 1 I V ,V', V if f6.fA,,g, ZW jk Q5pf,'fZgi,g Z "i3lZZfg, 1 , Mwff M , A W2 Q Www? ff 91m O '! U5 ,9,fifWf Q3- if WM , fy if '42 if 7 1,57 L L , ' f W M k 3 ig V 'QYJQZQVJ 95 K R l 'i f ggi X3 N X S 5 Q gg 3? ,W ,.. SSE Q K, ,lwl - v QM SSR A . .VfL . . " i L r 5 5 ,JA ,,,,,4.g,g, g 2ff f ffffQ M W , M WL. fwj JCLQA7 will LMA WW, 1 .X . C U-fl ' ' X W 8 A JZ' Z E' :fMVf' aagqfwf Q WZ? M 833' X f Sfifliy K ' Q2 M SQ-,yy if by M556 Sr We si k ' W Q5 RQ - I L SSS5K 45i J? MMK f'f'g"' W 2 SL! A 'W My W WMS My UB. NEEX x1 , W ' , I 1 I , V ,. . Hr.: K ' -H '-'- - Jw- -4- ------T,---ra-w-- ,- ,W ,.. . ..... ,,,. , W. ,f.. -,..,,Y.- , . 2 l lm.. K. A.. , 4 'T ixyktmxvfq ii . A x D LGXJL lx .W wg 'QQ 3'-'f"V"' l G bw V 'N - ' ' -bm-sf Uv 'NF 5 ' N'34"UaNv"S A '- ' ' T Ubvfx Qsv'.'-9-QEQXNN'-N 3 'Yjk tif-BMX 5 I 4 wATERFoRn TowNsl-ur HIGH SCHQOL ,.f M + 1415 Crescent Lake Road ' f ' 'W ' 'ff "c,N,,.4 0 0 0 Rf V T ' 1 s 'Y' n J 1 Ponhac, Mlchlgaq P' f f , . I. f J, :ic -, V' ' 4'k. X 5 fi . Z IAJ ,-f fX3'f, , fig! 5 I I ' A", A P if Q. .f V' fi J is .FV JG .fig , Q1 ' l E I 1 N ,, ' 5 X 'WFX f 'Q A f J 1 f,' n nf . . L J' . MQ J' N 1' ,. . I r- 1 's W .- S -up -. ' x. 'J . . gf 'G X. sf E1 4 v X dy! 12 - . w. Q2 X xx Vvrb W VW W V- M V V V rl Y V V WWWWW W Q v H, ,,,,,,,.-,,.,.m,.-,,,,,,, -4-...W-,W. mutw2naL Ar, W ,JW wiv fy yppjeg wo! M kv'3"x0b v , - L WWW W ll ,i , .tiff'fKi?'f','lfl" tt' ,y.WWf- iii if W, t lil? it itil iii l itil Wits Qlwx csu .1 PREFACE 'ith September came the beginning of high school for the sophomores. They visioned but never realized the vastness of Waterford High. They got lost in the corridors and were orphaned wanderers from homerooms. New ad- iustments had to be made but as they faced new opportunities and privileges they became accus- tomed to their new life and quickly learned the routine. i he iuniors felt more assurance as they walked familar halls and were surrounded by their friends and teachers. With a much larger enrollment, they found every classroom in use every hour of the day. They were caught up in the whirl of activities and lost in new and inter- esting fields of knowledge as they began pre- paring for their long awaited senior year. aving returned for their final year, the seniors faced the promise of added responsi- bility. They found their days busy, packed to the last minute with work and fun. There were ab- sorbing activities of Student Council, athletic events, clubs, and dances to make every minute exciting. As seniors, they soon realized they would soon no longer hear the slam of locker doors and see familiar faces. They now looked toward the future and wondered what obstacles they would encounter. , o, with you the student in mind, we have prepared this T959 Waterlog. lt is your book, the result of many hour's work with a common pur- pose, the depicting of your life at Waterford Township High School in 1958-59, as you lived it day by day and as you will wish to remember it in the years to follow. Your work and play, your interests and education are painted for you in pictures and copy in this, Your T959 Waterlog. 35,3 - 5 -10 E2 i F' yi 5 Q5 1 lb? X X S G N 'lr W sf :X Qu EP - .J 6 ff if ,X RX X-Mx N P ,Nj . YQSQQ Q MEM 5 new at Administration Scholastic .... I 6-45 Students .... A - 48-I 03 Athletics .... I 06-I 33 Organizations . . 136-I 57 Activities .... 160176 55,5355 so ,W E gag F2 ' 3 S 'xd'!fg0'.g5 T93 gave, 3 ' 5 52'f?f?eE73?i if gi 2 if ' 535 N 1 a eaaiaiiiii 2535539 a as A 7 LW? f YQ Q N W V' 1 UP fcqkvjff 1 1 C W f , ypwjfjf it 5290 L , X , f ' . F? Y, ,. f 1 , , .,,k Q flyffx ,Mya a!,S.fa lc 1 477411,-if-5,, f'1Ly'G A214 7 , ' ,U ww Wlwfvx rfMf'f Aff , , 'VG ' .1 Vx" 4 M' A ff sy' - ' . fw' ' ' , ' ',',1.- 7 , ,4 ,, J N , if ' , . V, , , . f 'VA I . CQIQMF ff-1.4! L, L LL fn., V fl My KL4,-up L dy J -Z,,. r LX, 'fx--Cf' - 2,6 O! -4. c.4.ffL QM., XZC1 'C,ff4- Qkfgbyk-'C'A,,A. C ff GQ. rv-'Y 'L Paul E. Ripley A quiet modest fellow who instills confidence in everyone with his friendly smile and confi- dence-winning personality is Mr. Paul Ripley. He lent encouragement and enioyment to his English and Journalism classes when he taught at WTHS. Having charge of school publications since 1954, he gave willingly of his time in preparing publications. In him the students found a true friend with the rare quality of an even temper and an ability to see the other person's side of the question. With the conclusion of the first semester this year, he was named assistant principal of Isaac E. Crary Junior High School. To Mr. Ripley, a fine leader who automatically commands the re- spect of others, we wish the best of everything in the future. Donald E. Arsen A barrel of fun and personality is Mr. Don Arsen, former social studies instructor, who has won a place in the hearts of all. Who can forget his winning smile and friendly hello? During his nine years of teaching at Waterford High, he taught World History, American Govern- ment, Orientation and American History. Extra curricular activities with which he was associated are Hi-Y, Golf, and Senior Trip Club. His interests were truly in the Skippers and their activities. One could ioke and have fun with Mr. Arsen and respect him at the same time. After heading the Social Studies department at WTHS, he left at the end of the first semester to become principal of Waterford Village Elemen- tary School. Everyone will agree that our loss is their gain. To Mr. Arsen, a progressive edu- cator without being a revolutionary one, we send our best wishes. Many Decisions Made By Board The operation of our many schools in Water- ford Township and the decisions that have to be made concerning plans and policies lay in the hands of a capable Board of Education. Unselfish devotion to duty is the phrase that characterizes the Board of Education. The town- ship is fortunate in having experienced people to make vital decisions concerning the welfare of its young people. Also meeting with the elected Board mem- bers are Mr. William Shunck, superintendent of schools, and his two assistants Mr. James Den- herder, head of finance, and Dr. Chandos Reid, curriculum co-ordinator. Among the many matters that the Board handles, the planning of a new high school is one of the most important this year. We must truly congratulate our Board of Education for a job well done. MR. WILLIAM SHUNCK Superintendent of Schools DR. CHANDOS REID Curriculum Co-ordinator BOARD OF EDUCATION Waterford Township School Board of Education members, Mr. Marshall E. Smith, Mr. Frederick Poole, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Adams, Kpresidentj, Mr. Lester Carlson and Mr. Edmund L. Windeler. MR. JAMES DENHERDER Financial Director Administration Solves Situations at WTHS Mr. James Fry, Waterford Township High School's principal, known for his sincere friendship and efficient organization, is now in his second year at the princi- pal's desk. His unceasing leadership and stimulating incentive have guided Waterford toward the distinguished role it plays in the realm of high school education. He can be seen enioying himself at almost all school activities and sports events, despite his busy schedule. Mr. George Madden Mr. George Madden assumed the position of second assistant principal at the beginning of the second sem- ester. Previous to his assignment at Waterford Township High School Mr. Madden was assigned as assistant principal at Crary Junior High School, Waterford Town- ship. 1.1 Mr. James Fry Our assistant principal, Miss Helen Bulla, has been at Waterford since its formation in 1947. Because she has seen many students come and go, she could never begin to list those students whom she knew quite well and assisted in some way. Miss BuIla's iob includes mainly disciplinary actions, and advisory work with students. She works closely with Mr. Fry and is in charge of faculty assignments. Miss Helen Bulla Counselors' Advice of Great Value Our counselors here at Waterford are busy, con- stantly helping students with curriculum and other problems which arise throughout their high school career. They see, mainly, that the students are taking subiects suited to their ability and interest. Their wise insight into the nature of' students' many questions, makes them helpful counselors to all who seek their Mrs. Olive Spiess, attendance officer, keeps an accurate record of all those ab- sent and tardy during the year. aid. Often the counselors help students with problems outside of their school life. These usually have a defi- nite connection with schoolwork. They always find time to help a studentldesiring counsel. XY- ' ,f ' -JV :uh MN ', , fu f xl: gig' V. e f- Q . 9 . ,. -' fu Q . U I 1 Katy .. .J QP .J S I . Y ,if 9' R' Lf Y-X1 , l X91 M - M if Q. . U91 K Checking schedules and helping many of X the sophomores are among the various N' tasks of Mr. Byron Merritt. amd coun part of Mrs. Baber's X9 at school. Aiding students in their many scholastic problems is only one of Mrs. Joan Nick- man's many iobs. Almost every student is well aware of the difficult and tedious tasks performed by our office secretaries and bookkeeper. Their duties are varied, including constantly working closely with students, keeping scholastic records, receiving all telephone calls, taking care of all school correspondence, and in general, help- ing the school function properly. This year their iob has become more difficult with the sharp rise in stu- dent enrollment. 9 Mrs. the Our Office Is Run Efficiently Handling all financial records of the school and ordering all supplies for the bookstore and school keeps Mrs. Bertha Bryce busy. Emma Olson, records secretary, has responsibility of keeping school records. Miss Susan Canfield, office secretary, helps Mrs. Oakes with the general office work. lm.v.,a,s g..ixlzvf' A .K gswrf Doing general office work in the main office is the job of Mrs. Mary Oakes, office manager and secretary to Mr. Fry. . :Q , ,sm , ... ,G 2 5 ' I i . Q' 5 2 il l 5 j SEATED: Connie Fleming, Grace Hawley, Geraldine Gam- mage, Olive Mae Scales, Alice Morris, Mable McLeod, Hazel Milka. STANDING: Lilias Middleton, Eleanor Puglise, Cath- They Plan Tasty Meals 1 gps.. af erine Weed, Milly Kantarian, Neva McCallum, Beulah Sutton, Mary David, Margaret Green, Virginia Weaver, Dorothy Tallerday lnot shownl. Food Service personnel take time our for lunch. MRS. E. PUGLISE Staff Supervisor The preparation of fo od is a big task and requires tremendous equipment. i m They Keep Our Bulidings and Campus Neat Our cafeteria staff works diligently to prepare the noon-day meals for which they have earned top recognition in the state. Since the lunches require a great deal of careful planning, much effort goes into the preparation of the taste- tempting and very nutritious meals. Each year as the school population increases, their iob be- comes even more difficult. This year, with five lunch periods, it was an especially difficult task. The students at WTHS are particularly proud of the sparkling appeatance of their school, and much appreciation goes to the very capable maintenance staff. They not only efficiently care for the buildings and campus but help with all school functions. Harry Burgin, Earl Marks, Earl McKinney, Barney Larson, William Lennox, L. B. Gardner, Ward Newman, Ray Cooper, Night Engineer, Ray Spurrier, School Engineer. EARL MARKS Building Maintenance RAY SUPRRIER School Engineer BARNEY LARSON Outside Maintenance 3 1 1 Y t is the aim of our school that the "entire program of studies, activ- ities, and community services shall be so designed as to provide for many and varied living experiences." Our school courses are planned to meet the needs of the college preparatory stu- dntg to train the boy or girl who is interested in commercial or vocational workg to help the one who is not yet ready to decide on his future iob or profession. There is something here for every student. , - rf ' 5l'3lZZf3'5 Vg lg. k. : l'.z. fl' Q ft-was lx t"-ff ' ' ' , 1:5-:if Sl-I 4" is - f - 'f 1-fr.. .-'v5'.?6:'?' , 1. 5-'ffl is-2',z43 fx ..i . V7 . ., . .1 .-.-.-..-4.2-::23'lw:.4 .4 vial! 4-,, sX'n:j'?': fx 9 ,42Qiiffiv3f5Z"' ' 4-' 6-9 -SQALQ4 1 s 5 hjgZHff4,'f'f 'H ' L'-7 Cv'-1" Ag-5i.Q.lkihj 53 'fr2:wqS5z,, ,Q ,fitazwwfr 'Yfggnifi-1.344-Q yjg'1igq1f .m ,5f 'r'-'pgfeg 1 15,1f.g.s1.:.i.f.my9,1' 7 gffkfrtstgiff. ,xx iff,-f-nu ith- 1 It-Pm: if-l' 'Qa4!,g,,,15a .w.-"Nga U V .. x"P,'gJt F NL. - I. 4 "' rlv. - ,"- ' I ,, 7, 'f'1lff,:1.?i :flwgls - '-1 f.'1p"if'E'- WZ-e,1r,9-,-- " ' ,f,"-- kr A '-Q'-f ' .!:3' .'q,a1'3'f-x ,gr - kc if xgilf' ' 535135353 5, 4-m'4E5E:1' 25- ? r sqggr' e ,2f:??5'Tif3E5l15?f5f".a-'Liywgf-., mms?-'wv. ,31?l2::Pq1fr, 112'-F? fifsssi-ffwgfvf 255. sri? 'Qmgb-5,22-,.,3f ,U sa sf- " ga '31-.ig ,g,g-:n"',--'- M1 ' M1 ,,-U, .-ri 1 V rw - . .. VX- '-.Lf :V ricfeafzmae. i':s:f?-Wifff t. rl-1,Um.1 3- ., 1.2 :if .-.1-'H :- 1. :lbw illi?-2f:1?El'e I y y I J- -- ,xg th- .I - 4 5-. A-1 1-.' -. . ,,,1.,g. ":': -Inf. 'Q' -1 Frank Garland, Robert Smith, Mrs. Edwina Isaacson, Frank. Mrs. Marina Vackaro and Mrs. Mary McGe- John Coleman, Miss Norma Feiler, Miss Barbara Hee are not shown. Joan Menzer explains where in the United States the maiority ot cotton and tobacco is grown to Jim Luzod and Barb Harthun. Locating French West Africa during the study of the African continent in world geography is Tom LeBar, ...- ,gvtm K YW" is , .47 ,,' i D , World People and Problems,iiPast and Present "Give me liberty or give me death." This statement aroused thirteen colonies to fight for their independence securing the economic, political, and social conditions of the past and present. An understanding of the world and its policies are brought about through world history, American Government, economics, world geography, international relations, U.S. History and home and family living. World history is a survey course of the nations of the world 'from the beginning of time up to the present date. Political, economical and cul- tural history of each country is studied. American government details the basic governmental facts that were introduced in U.S. History. Some comparative governments and the fed- eral system are studied at various levels. Economics presents the essentials and basic facts of economics. Finance, production, distribution, consumption, labor, capitalism and American free enterprise are studied with emphasis. World geography is designed to give students some concepts of the world's climates, their causes and effects, adiustment of people to these climates, and effects of geography on current affairs. International Relations deals with contemporary international problems. Members of the United Nations are studied through a combination of discussions, lectures, and panels. U.S. History is a comprehensive study of our nation, beginning with the European background, developing from the original colonies through the War between the States, the period of Reconstruction of the South, to world affairs today. Home and family living is designed to help students better understand themselves and each other, and to prepare for marriage and family life. Getting along with the family, dating, engagement, marriage, home man- agement, and child care are studied. Panel and group discussions, film- strips, sociodramas, guest speakers, and extensive library research are used in presenting the material. Jim Hiffleld eXPl6If1S to Sandra 5pUI'l0Ck the Mr. Coleman discusses with his government class the STGPS Taken befflfe 6 bill Can be P55504 current world problems stressed in Time magazine David Klinke, Roger Johnson, Arthur Lake, Cecil Meyers. Knowledge Through Study and Practice "Books must follow science, and not science books." To solve the mysteries of environment and the physical world, students turn to books of science. Science classes that are offered are biology, phys- ical science, chemistry, and physics. Biology courses survey the various factors of the environment that affect living things, the effects of living things on the environment, the problems of health of the internal structures, the anat- omy of living things, including man, and the problems of inheritance. Physical science studies some theory and practical applications of chemistry, geology, physics, and astronomy. It offers knowledges of the world around us in order that everyone understand the social environment. Chemistry class consists of laboratory experiments and class discussion to help students gain new skills in the relation- ship between chemistry and everyday life. Physics is the study of physical laws and problems of machines, fluids, heat, sound, light, and electricity. Students apply the use of formulas and equations to the working of problems. Engaged in the study of centrifugal force are seniors Larry Brown, Marty Haviland, and Roger Ward. Jean 'SalathieI and Bill Davis take notes on the findings of the microscope in biology cass. pp-.-. ' 'ff' ' 4,42 I S-1 . . 1 wi A 1 L f 5 4 'I Y , ' ' ' Showing to his French ll class the correct translation of an English paragraph into French Mr. Edward Mott, French teacher points out some in- is Clark Lefurgy- Iterestrng ,facts about France to Mrs. Lioubitsa Siagris, a in eac er. We Learn to Communicate With Cur Neighbors "Language is the expression of ideas, and if the people of one country cannot preserve an identity of idea they cannot retain an identity of language." French and Latin classes provide a relationship as well as an understanding of various countries. French class offers a basic background in vocabulary, grammar principles, and pronunciation in coniunction with the study of France's history, literature, customs, and geo- graphy. Emphasis is placed upon conversation, im- promptu writings in French, short stories, reading from literary books chosen from a brief survey of French lit- erature and composition. Latin class provides a study of the structure of Latin in various aspects. Emphasis is placed on English derivatives and English grammar. Considerable reading is done in Latin literature, including Caesar. Attention is given to the customs and ideals of the Romans as reflected in their writings and their life. Both languages are used today either in religion, med- ical profession, service to foreign countries, or for the benefit of personal knowledge. Mrs. Siagris listens as Jim Owczarki, Mary Harding, Bruce Martin, and Sue Welch dispute the origin of a goddess during the study of Roman mythology. We Learn .lournalistic Techniques Journalism contributes to a general education teaching significant facts and providing educa- tional benefits for the school as a whole. Journal- ism refers both to the practice of preparing pub- lications and to the study of certain aspects of adult iournalism which have real educational value. The different areas of iournalism are in- troduced to the students, giving them certain broad understandings of the whole field of writ- ing and editing, as Well as the related fields con- cerned with producing a publication. PAUL RIPLEY Yearbook Advisor i As an extra-curricular activity, a student may I P participate in the preparation and publication of the school newspaper and annual. By so doing, a student may qualify for election to Quill and Scroll, an international honor society for high school iournalists showing superior ability. Not pictured is iournalism instructor Charles Reicks, who was ANCHOR advisor and in charge of printing all year, and, when Mr. Ripley left, assumed directorship of the News Bureau and Waterlog. MRS. BARBARA SHUPE wiwt l Newspaper Advisor IN' Cllllw i. NON a s GEORGE KRESSBACK SUSAN KUHN Pflnflng Advisor Yearbook Editor susan Memorable Happenings of School Year Recorded Editor-in-Chief ....... Assistant Editor ........ Business Manager ....... Scholastic Editor ..... Organization Editors Activities Editor ..... Sports Editor ..... Sports Staff ....... Senior Editor ..... Junior Editor ........... Sophomore Editor ...... Copy Editors ......... Art Editor ....... WATERLOG STAFF SUSAN KUHN SUSAN RENNIE CAROL VAN HORN GWEN HUNSINGER ALICE HARRELL ANDREA ALLISON MARY ELLEN TAYLOR TIM PATTERSON AL HARRELL RAY ROBINSON BARB BOENEMAN JANICE SMITH SUSAN BRYANT MARY ELLEN COTE' LAURA LEE SHERWOOD BETTY SUE STEEHLER Peggy Basore, Andrea Allison, Janice Smith, Sue Bryant, and Elaine Finkbeiner discuss Waterlog activity. CAROL VAN HORN Business Manager, Wateriog SUE RENNIE Assistant Editor, Waterlog 1g,,,,pa "ln..,' printing. Betty Steehler, Mary Ellen Cote', and Laurie Sherwood, Co-Editors of the 1960 Waterlog discuss plans for future yearbook production. The purpose of a yearbook is to provide a happy memory book of the school year for the average student, serve as a historical record of the school year and publicize the work of the school. Student interest in the school is stimulated and student loyalty increased through publication of a yearbook. Workers on the yearbook must make it their first choice of activity because staff work is exceedingly demanding. Barbara Boeneman and Mary Ellen Taylor discuss a page lay-out for this year's Waterlog From the business point of view, publishing a yearbook is mostly a problem of getting what might be called a large sum of money and then spend ing it wisely. The staff this year has collected over 35,000 from the sale of yearbooks This money is budgeted for photog raphy, covers, typesettmg and Inches, Headlines and Deadlines The Anchor serves as the voice of the student body of Waterford Township High School. All students of Waterford Township High School are provided with the opportunity of con- tributing to this publication, although the primary responsibility is within the journalism field. GAIL HESSE Editor, Anchor Production of a newspaper is a very complex business. There must be advertising, and there must be copy. Major contributions of copy come from the members ot the Journalism I and ll classes with occasional contribution from members outside the iournalism classes. Mike Featherstone and Jim Luzod discuss plans for fu- ture sports coverage in the Anchor. Henry Murray and Edward Bohlman have contributed many hours to printing activity. ANCHOR STAFF Editor-in-Chief ...... ..............................,............ ..... ..... G A I L HESSE Sports Staff ...... ................................................ J IM LUZOD MIKE FEATHERSTONE, GARY DODMAN Business Manager ,,,,., ................................... L YNNDA TURNER Advertising Staff ,,,,,,.,..,,,......... ...... C AROLE HOLCOMBE MARK BOE Exchange 8K Circulation Editors ...... ....... J OANN SMITH GARY GAYNOR Business management and advertising are both very M,,..,.....--Q .......................,,...........M......acaW... s,d.......,...,..o..., ..,.....-.............w-. K - .. V. J.. ,. , A .. . . .1 .M..,W, I S 1.2:-1, .ag :V -:-,F-4-fv'.ps: :vw.::-::f.,,::,'1g:.5 2.9.15,,,-,-,.-w,,,,:,5v,..-V i ' f , 5 , , , g ,,-, rz. , ,r .z ., M' f 1' ' - , . K- if-1:41 1.1 fs 3 , . ,fi , , 1-5 , K g K - my,-Mmm-,.tsw,,a,f-sexiI 'ff ' - , . f Q M 1. ft 7 i-14.51its.ffifst---if-zfswf . - H ' ' i . w,se.1',.-smpf: s. Was- 'uw vm: agg.-fy-sg-wi f' important in the field of Journalism. The business man- agement provides a complete and accurate account of expenditures. This involves' preparing a budget, follow- ing it, and knowing the financial condition of the paper at all times. Separate accounts are kept for the newspaper and the printing. Each account involves over fl53,000. The manager and workers are responsible for billing and the collection of bills of advertisements, correspondence, circulation within the school, and exchange with other schools throughout the United States. Advertising involves the learning of its principles. The advertising manager is in charge of his solicitors and must arrange the make-up of the advertisements for each issue and must also keep a record of the advertising so that advertisers can be billed and collections made. Most important, the newspaper depends on advertising for a fixed part of their revenue to insure the financial success of the paper. Our printing press, used for printing the Anchor, tickets for games, athletic schedules, programs for athletic events and productions, and stationery letterheads, was purchased last year-with the help of a loan of S600 from the class of '60, and was installed this summer for use this year. Work in the printing room in the "A" building is done by Ed Bohlman and Henry Murray under the sponsorship of Mr. George Kressback. Mr. Frank Smrcina, a professional printer from the Pontiac Typesetting Company, assisted in printing until they were familiar with the equipment. Other equipment purchased for the printing room was a type case, slug cutter, type, quoin keys, a couple of hand presses and other second hand equipment. We are one of only three schools in the area owning their own printing press. Mark Boe, Gary Gaynor, Carole Holcombe and Vonnie Stark of the Anchor staff discuss contracts for the sale of advertising. -+B--I JEAN REXFORD Chief, News Service Bureau We Inform the Public Knowing that the best news will interest the greatest number to the greatest extent, the News Bureau spends much time and effort in compiling it. Activities of Waterford High are reported to the Pontiac Daily Press, The Lakeland Tribune and Radio Sta- tion WPON, by the News Bureau correspondents. Linda Bollinger, Jim Luzod, Loetta Lyon, Karen Peterson, standing and Kerry Payne, Gary Dodman, seated, discuss forthcoming plans for the News Service Bureau. The public has demonstrated a definite interest in the happenings at Waterford Township High School. In try- ing to satisfy this interest the iournalism classes have established the News Service Bureau, which publishes a "news release" tri-weekly. 4 Q News releases from the service bureau are furnished to liegghggnofaqge 'lglggg V4?Zg?o:E'2i the Pontiac Press and Lakeland Tribune for regular publi- the News Service Bureau. cation on their school pages. Miss Mary Tsekery and Mrs. Lois Pety. "Art is indeed not the bread, but the wine of life." Art class is a basic course designed to in- troduce students to the use of various art media and to study the principles of design. Students are encouraged to work from their imagination as well as from scenes in real life. Their aim is to develop a keen awareness of everyday life and how it may be expressed in a creative, original manner. An emphasis is placed on techniques of painting and drawing. Class activities include drawing and sketching in ink, charcoal, pencil, chalk, and combinations of these, painting in Tempera, watercolor, and combinations of these, ceramics, use of potter's wheel, carving, coil, and ,slab methods, also sculpture, copper tooling, linoleum block print- ing, leather tooling, carving, stamping, and lac- ing, wood proiects, carving, burning, and paint- ing, design, realistic and abstract, studying ele- ments of design as they are used in work, they are color, line, shape, dark, light, texture and pattern, studying the principles of good design and good composition and applying them to work, interior design, cars, fashion design, furn- iture design, advertising and layout, block print- ing and clay. A group of arf students work on their linoleum block proiects. Creative Expression Gives Satisfaction Sketching a fall scene, Carol Shepard moves to the outdoors to capture the full color and mood. Nicholas Menghini, Mrs. Lela Long, Charles Wiseman. Math ls Essential In Our World Today "Add to golden numbers golden numbers." Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are mathematical principles that offer a challenge. Students accepting these challenges enroll in Al- gebra I and ll, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, General Mathematics and Business Arithmetic. Algebra I is the study of sign numbers and letters in mathematics. Equations are used to find unknown quantities. Formulas, fractions, and graphs are studied. Algebra II is applied to difficult work concern- ing powers, roots and quadratic fractions, linear equations, and series. It is a specialized course in Algebra to prepare students for advanced work in mathematics. Plane Geometry is the study of flat surfaces such as the triangle, parallelogram, and the circle. The writing of logical formal proofs of statements such as theorems, propositions and axioms are emphasized. Solid Geometry works with solid figures such as the prism, sphere, cylinder, and cone rather than with flat figures. Much is done with learn- ing how to find the volume and surface of such solid figures. In geometry class Jerry Andre and Nancy Hiller indusfriously Bud Cook explains the correct use of the demonstrate a test problem from the day before. slide rule as Mr. Wiseman listens intently WWE use ........,.---- lf' r S rgseuffl , SEATED: Miss Lulah McCully and Mrs. Maureen Losh. STAND- ING: Stephen Hubble, William Olmstead, Mrs. Beverly Southwell, Lynn Rohrer. "A man's success in business depends upon his power of getting people to believe he has something worthwhile to offer." Business courses are designed to aid students both professionally and personally. Business Arithmetic not only offers a thorough review of arithmetic fundamentals, but it also provides a back- ground for essential information and experience for use in bookkeeping, clerical practice, business management and consumer economics. Bank transactions, buying, per- sonal finance, borrowing, savings, investments and taxes are studied. Bookkeeping aids in setting up a system of record keep- ing in the home or in social and civic life. Commercial Law covers legal problems, laws of con- tracts, employer and employee relations, buyer and seller relationship, laws of sales, negotiable instruments, debtor and creditor relations, and insurance and property. Business Typing includes the typing of letters, an- nouncements, invitations, composition at the typewriter, manuscript writing with footnotes, outlining, different styles of business letters, the forms of punctuation, proper placement, spacing, addressing envelopes, use of carbon paper, and dictation directly to the typewriter. Practical Office Training consists of two practice sets containing checks, payroll forms, interoffice memos, tele- grams, legal forms, filing, alphabetic, numeric, geo- graphic, subject, triple automatic, soundex and decimal. Preparing for Tomorrow Personal Typing is designed to enable students to manipulate and care for the typewriter and to produce personal work with a reasonable degree of efficiency. Shorthand I -Es designed to develop students' ability to write shorthand as it is used to record the dictation of an ordinary businessman. The Gregg system is used. Shorthand ll and Transcription enables students to merge shorthand, typing, English skills, neatness, pleas- antness, courtesy, and poise in the production of mailable transcripts. Distributive Education trains individuals to perform competently in one or more areas of distribution. Sales techniques, store organization, merchandising, telephone usage, correct iob attitudes, advertising, display, store management, and also problems and proiects which are determined by the individuals' needs and interests are covered. Office Machines offers a working knowledge of office machines. Typing rules are stressed and information of general interest to the students is covered, such as office problems. Pre-Retail Training gives students a composite picture of the various marketing functions and their relationship to everyday living. The history of retailing, getting start- ed in retailing, opportunities in business, managing money, advertising, personality and salesmanship are stressed. Use of the dictaphone is mastered by Pat Rose Lucretia Creighton sketches a picture on the mimeo- h t h f. I scope for the weekly newspaper put out by the office machines class. as ts e ypes er ina letter for the week's prolect. and the Business World Sue Rae Johnson learns from practical office training that filing ability is essential in the business world. Carol Clark, Mary Giles, and Pauline Slade im- prove their speed and accuracy during a timed writing. FIRST ROW: J. Stodgel, R. Bruce, J. Jones, B. Durr, J. Langdon, J. Craven, D. Wennsfen, W. Barnharf. SECOND ROW: L. Souslin, L. Rose, R. Eriksen, D. Wilson, M. Miceli, J. Ryan, Nl. Mielke, H. Nicholie. THIRD ROW: J. Nicholas, R. Pratt, B. Ballard, D. Wilkens, D. Carey, R. Kifeley, L. Zegelien, D. Panks, B. Wolf. l l FIRST ROW: M. Chrysler, B. Looney, J. Barnard, L. Lawson, C. Lalone, S. Skibowski, A Heading, Diane Hewitt, L. Byinglon, K. Dickman, C. Barron. SECOND ROW: B. Miller, S MacAbee, B. Moriarty, S. Stieve, M. Nelson, B. Coe, K. Kantarian, L. Pearsall, H. Morris S. Mellick, J. Rickard. THlRD ROW: W. Barnharf, D. Panks, M. Moulfrup, R. Bruce, R. Durr J. Langdon, G. Jones, D. Wilson, J. Ryan, J. Craven. FOURTH ROW: M. Mielke, R. Eriksen D. Wilkins, J. Butler, M. Egres, F. Miceli, J. Willoughby. I 1 Singing is, of course, the pri- mary and best-loved business of the A Cappella choir. Under the skilled direction of Mr. Richard Meier, the choir delighted audi- ences this year with its inspiring music. The choir attended the Michi- gan School Vocal Association Choral Workshop at Wayne State University. Participating in as- semblies at Waterford as well as an exchange assembly at Pontiac Central High, presenting the op- eretta, "The Red Mill," Christmas and Spring Concerts were only a few of its activities. Vocal groups won a record- breaking number of firsts when they competed in the Vocal and Ensemble Festival at Wayne State University. The choir competi- tively performed at the Chorus Festival at Pontiac Northern High School, and won several honors entitling them to sing at the State Festival. SEATED: B. Wells, D. Wilson. STANDING: J. Barnard, L. Upchurch, A. Butler, E Coleman, B. Hull, H. Morris, S. VanDuesen, R. Vaughn. FIRST ROW: S. Williams, F. Spencer, J. Ledford, N. Messler, C. Schweigert, B. Cox, L. Up- church, L. Hensley, D. Sexton, S. Millar. SECOND ROW: L. Murphy, J. Prout, C. Kunse, B. Hull, B. Lewis, B. Wells, J. Moultrup, A. Butler, D. Gracey, S. Allen, S. Gregory. THIRD ROW: J. Stodgel, D. Wennsten, L. Jehle, D. Wisniewski, S. VanDuesen, S. Wilson, L. Kasten, C. Stottlemeyer, P. Patrick, J. Harnack. FOURTH ROW: S. Bouck, L. Zegelien B. Kiteley R. Pran, J. Nicholas, B. Wolf, L. Rose, D. carey, H. Bennett. ' ' 3' Jug' ff I .q f RICHARD MEIER Director Arlene Butler, Larry Rose and Sandy MacAbee practice for the choirs presentation of the "Red-Mill." FIRST ROW: W.'Barnl'1art, J. Craven, R. Eriksen, M. Mielke, D. Wennsten. SECOND ROW: H. Bennett, J. Nicholas, L. Rose, J. Langdon, L. Zegelien. The girls, boys, a nd mixed ensembles are com- posed of students selected from the choir. Their aim is specializing in finer sing- ing and performing for such functions as church and social club dinners. The ensembles also partici- pate in the spring festival and sing at the Michigan Association for School Li- brarians Festival at the University of Michigan. Their special aim this year was the Solo and Ensemble Festival held at Wayne State University on February 14. FIRST ROW: B. Wells, J. Harnack C Barron A Butler SECOND ROW L Rose W Burnhart, J. Nicholas, J. Langdon There's Music In The Air FIRST ROW: C. Akerley, P. Bennett, J. Prout, W. Vaughn V Studebaker N Tynan J Wyatt. SECOND ROW: L. Upchurch, A. Butler, L. Bylngton B Moriarty J Barnard THIRD ROW: B. Wells, C. Barron, H. Morris, J. Harnack, F. Spencer wamaum-wa-..,.. i wg.. .. . 'f .Q ,- Band practice on the football field during warm weather was a familiar sight. We Shall Have Music "Music is the world's only international language." When passing by the band room before rehearsal, one may wonder why Waterford is so proud of its March- ing Band. A confusion of toots, honks, squawks and muffled rumbles bears no resemblence to music! But a few minutes later, the band settles down to producing harmonious, ear-soothing music under under the capable direction of Mr. Don- ald Perrin. The Band played for all home football games and for the Waterford vs. South- field game this year. A portion of the Band also played at basketball games. Always ready for a command perform- ance, this year the Band played at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, as well as marching in the Police Parade in Pon- tiac, and playing for the pep assemblies. FIRST ROW: M. Kissick, L. Hanna, A. Roebke, N. Steward, D. Santala. SECOND ROW: J. Squires, K. Riddle, C. Moore, N. Koenig, B. Forbes, L. Trevethan, D. Sorenson, B. Warnecke, C. Kunse, J. Morgan, B. Feather- stone, S. Field, J. Mortimer, G. Coffey. THIRD ROW: N. Williamson, K. Simenson, D. Wallace, D. Hunt, F. Roth, B. Bartlebaough, B. Kiteley, D. Nita Steward, treasurer, Nancy Koenig, vice-president, Gayle Coffey, secretary, Mary McGinley, librarian, Louis Hanna, president. .W pw DONALD PERRIN Director Hewitt, B. Sutton, M. McGinley, D. Morgan, J. Mulanix, D. Bailey, B. Wearing, C. Cox, C. Walker, L. Schack. FOURTH ROW: D. Selberg, M. Gidley, C. Baden, P. Armstead, D. Haddon, A. Warthen, R. White, G. Gilbert, J. Delauter, B. Redmond, J. Gaff, J. Smith, T. Goddard, B. Bayma, J. Berglund, J. Ellis, J. Pelkey, G. Hale. Rene' Cook Carlene Cook Linda Murphy Batons, Personalities and Energy I Adding interest to our high school band this year were seven skilled maiorettes. In Their new uniforms of white slacks and crew necks, They marched at'all of our home football games ancl performed in a special program tor our annual Homecoming game. They also had the privilege of being chosen to march in the Fire Prevention Parade and the Police Parade in Pontiac. This being the last year for Rene' Cook and Linda Groves, only Carleen Cook, Linda Murphy, Janet Wohltiel, Donna Gracey, and Norma Bailey will be returning next year to continue their twirling and marching. gg ,Wy Janet Wohlfiel Linda Groves Donna Gracey No,-ma Bailey Sharon Frink reads a speech to be recorded by Bernie Greenwood. Self-Expression In Speaking and Acting "To speak much is one thing, to speak well is another." Speech class is designed not only to help students speak well but also to help them gain confidence, self-expression and poise in speaking effectively with and before others. Students achieve this purpose through parti- cipation in trials, panels, discussions, skits, de- bate, radio skits, interpretative Reading, club or- ganization, composing and presenting different types of speeches, conversation, pantomime, pre- senting plays for children such as "Sleeping Beauty," and by judging TV, radio programs, movies and plays. Speech students are preparing themselves for various phases of life other than public speaking or announcing. Expression of thought and idea are developed through speaking well. Jim Luzod and Chuck Bain paint V Miss Patty Looman and Robert Alexander scenery for a speech production. Explaining the types of para graphs to Mary Robertoy is Connie Olive. Ciss Roberts and Dave Wilson portray Lady Mc- Duff and McDuff during the study of Shake- spea re's Macbeth. Reading aloud to classmates qives students more self BSSUTBDCE. "To climb a steep hill takes a slow pace." Eng- lish is one of the steepest hills for students to climb, requiring four successfully complete years before graduation. To hasten the pace a college preparatory course is available to students with rapid comprehension. Complex grammatical concepts such as dia- gramming an infinitive or a gerund, coniugating a verb, denoting parallelism, or defining a simple, a compound, or a complex sentence are introduced in the field of grammar. A major emphasis is placed upon composition skills and techniques, a good paragraph development, or- ganization of thinking, and good sentence struc- ture through the writing of themes and research papers. Reference works, library, reading and vocabulary are stressed through the use of the Readers' Guide, card catalog. Shakespearean theaters, costumes, and cus- toms are portrayed by students during the study of "Julius Caesar." "The Telltale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe and "Silas Marner" by Eliot provide ample opportunity for interpretive reading and comprehension of thought. Grammar and literature are closely knit to- gether to prepare students for proper communi- cation with others and to enable them to work together by understanding others. Mrs. Shirley Long, Jack Anderson, Duward Chaffee, Miss Ruth Chamber- lin, Harold Hemming, Howard Bennetts, Mrs. Robin Thorell, Mrs. Barbara Shupe, Mrs. Arden Newell, Mrs. Beulah Smith, Mrs. Elsie Carter. Mrs. Thorell explains the fundamen tals of a critical analysis to Judy Mor timer. Grammar and Literature for Expression Jim Sandlin, Kathy Kantarian, and Tony Riabucha prepare a bulletin board for the further study of short stories by Edgar Allen Poe. Marvin Brackett, Buddy Mielke, Rose Marie Jones, June Morgan, and Mike Ewer do a comic version of Caesar and Cleopatra. MW Faye Reynolds finds it her iob to wash the dishes as Rosalie Meyers, Tribly Perry, Janice Jackson and Karen Fletcher enioy the results of their cooking. Regardless of her choice of a vocation, nearly every girl will wind up with a career as a homemaker. To pave the way, the home economics department offers several different courses. Students study the art of making a house a home, and find a common interest in cooking and sewing. WTHS girls learn in sewing that it's easy to-stretch the budget and be well dressed if they can make their own clothes. They find cooking is both an art and a science. Explored in the home ec- onomics courses, cooking can even satis- fy that creative urge. The girls learn to plan meals, prepare them appetizingly and serve them delightfully. Miss Mariorie Lugar Suits and Souffle', 0ur Specialties Sharon Madill, Judy Cooper, Judy Boyer, and Diane Weston learn that sewing requires a good deal of patience. Vocational Skills Learned ln Industrial Atmosphere Joe Green and Ed Bartle tune up a car motor during auto mechanics class. Students in drafting class work Indus triously at the drafting boards A full program of shop courses is available teaching students to work with their hands as well as their minds. In the Industrial Arts classes a student may learn to be a competent auto mechan- ic, a draftsman, cabinet maker and metal worker. The skills learned in the classes prepare the students for a voca- tion or avocation, whichever their choice may be in the fu- ture. George lfresbach and Donald Benson examine an experimental car being built by students in auto mechanics class. Gerald Wallace and Dave Freeman-Knot showni. Developing Physical Fitness "It is a poor sport that is not worth the candle!" Boys' Physical Education classes help build strong bodies, learn good sportsmanship, and prepare for extra curricular sports. Participa- tion in sports, enables boys to learn to work and enioy themselves together. Before a boy can graduate he must success- fully complete three years of physical education. This is one of the requirements placed upon WTHS by the North Central Accrediting Com- mittee. Dave Parker goes in for a lay-up during a practice session. The boys' program includes rules, fundamen- tals, demonstrations, and participation in the following: touch football, fleetball, basketball, volleyball, tumbling, gymnastics, softball, track, table tennis, calisthenics, speedball, and a variety of group and individual games and activities. Benny Weedon and Denny Burnia watch as Jim Paschke turns a backward hand flip and Sportsmanship "Win without boasting, lose without excuse!" Girls' Physical Education class not only stresses sportsman- ship but itralso provides variety in the daily curriculum of students. It provides an outlet for surplus energy and offers a chance for girls to get acquainted through healthful participation in various activities. . One of the requirements of the North Central Ac- crediting Committee is that all girls complete three successful years of physical education during their high school career. Our school, like many others, fol- lows this requirement for graduation. Girls who are unable to compete in the various sports offered because of physical disabilities partici- pate by keeping score and giving assistance. Girls' activities include field hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, badminton, table tennis, modern dance, square dance, tumbling, calisthenics, speed-a- way, archery and relay games. Among students in the physical education classes, archery is one of the most popular outdoor sports. Miss Mary Anne Blair and Miss Patricia Vannorsdall. Diane Golding reaches high to return the volleyball Skill Attained From Experience In the state of Michigan, all persons between the ages of sixteen and eighteen are required by law to successfully complete a supervised course in driver training before they can be issued a driver's license. Waterford offers this course, under the direction of trained instructors, free of charge to any student desiring this training. No credit towards the student's scholastic rec- ord is given but a certificate showing the student has passed all requirements for the course is issued. During the first few weeks of this one semes- ter course, classroom instruction is given to fa- miliarize the student with the mechanics and operation of a car. The remaining weeks are spent gaining experience through actual driving. Donald Beedle shows a driver training student the correct position of his hands when making a turn. Raymond Doekson, Alfred Cuthrell, Jack Fear, Waldo Ashley, and Donald Beedle. Y 4 Instructions are given to a driver training student by Donald Beedle. The four driver training cars were given by local merchants. Miss Avis Carey and Carroll Lanning. Deanna Schuier and Karen Hoyt assist in the library during their study halls. Hold Knowledge "Libraries are 'not made, they grow." The library at Waterford has been grow- ing for seven years. It was originated in T951 under the sponsorship of Miss Carey. 52,500 was the capital outlay to start it on its way. Today the board of education donates Sl .09 per student and the money from penal fines such as drunk driving also go to school libraries. 31,000 has been allocated for books this year. Over 5,000 books occupy the shelves of the library. lt is able to seat sixty stu- dents. Fifty-three different magazine sub- scriptions and four newspapers serve as periodicals. The purpose of the library extends beyond aiding students in reading, study and reference. Students create and fur- ther their interest and enjoyment in good reading material. They acquire skill in using reference books, the card catalog and the vertical file. Over 1,300 students use the library either for specific classes or for their own personal reading pleasure. A library can- not grow unless it is being used. When students use it,the library not only grows, but each student's knowledge also grows. W Avg," Vt Q I AY , K f , 1, X 1 yd' X V 1, T4-J' f vLjp NL V 2 ' J6 . , ,Q 4 I Q :QA - . fffsklzff.-.xy-f 'sf- .-, f B' xr? - V 5.-ff 2 954' -, . 1, ,-gt--9' -,. gif, 1 I 'N ' H T iff ka L , 'fi' x ww V' ., . V - A if R 'qi' ,I . . P' sf'-an H 4 Wm? figs' r q, f 4 if.f'fi1v5'iMf.gg gr w -1 ,pf -A fx U13 WN? .Aga xg E. yy: -A-T uh ,X my es g,'PA:?,,'fxv,?d-C2 fg3:L',a"3.:1.P' v-.qw iwfijfffg. vcqmu fs-4'1fh:1 uf- 52 f' V' k.5"5f"1'f 'X L S ry"fJ-1?-,.u-623 is "EJ-Xaixlrbs , ki ul r Ia-x,,,wm,152dqiSS gi,-:Jw-ali M fgazfif Y .Ffh ggi iw, .5- f 1 xwfu- X. au, 5: E v- 4. My K f' Mfwgfww Li xflfhv I 'fa A if-1 xiii M iq 2 PE ,M , u ffxra5n 'bf' ,b 1:51415 x 'V mx we- .VV '53 in x"v'.11 C., V' iv r, "7 A 1.1. . 1 .,,1-.., V'L:1L6,!'ig?1 21221 -, .. '-4: A, .V 1:'4 f'f..x-1:'VZ'.:1"' 321 - :is '.f-113521 .:fE3'i::'1Z'fi21b .1v.--- ::g,:. L- ..:,. , . 5-:2'.g'f1:'q'4.1:-.-4 z. Jil'-.5-3:-1--C212 ' - , ,. . 'i1t",:1i"', i91:A.miV-7RJ:g. 1 35' "L-'f t,'?By,xw72.,,Q:Iy-,f'- J,--A-,,' ,fp , w .-f 'w - 1 I , ' ""T 4 'K ' ' 'fha' :1r"'l-i " 'T.-T" '.'-.,,.. f-f f?l21g'VF4Z -373 , Mi. 17 any-:."'Kp-,sl , 5,14 , W , 'fp'--.j13fj,-1,1 .. 5.5.51-. u,g,'g:g".: -JM V11 -S.-iffy .:z1,f:,., wi ,1Vaa::' -5215 f- V ,ff '?C1fpa1?"'Vi.'.-'y : 1:11.-sf-XV5-if.: '?225fi,g:5:ff-V V, -:EfVgiff1i':f' - .. 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When they enter the school in the morning, the quiet halls suddenly vibrate with their vitality and enthusiasm. As the day progresses, their vivacity can be felt while they hurry from class to class or enjoy a good lunch and gab session. During class time the rooms almost burst with their suppressed energy mingled with their desire to learn. Finally the eagerly anticipated dismissal bell sounds. Now the school is lifeless, the students have gone. ,-af,-2. .K V:-i-555252-'X ii4FZf15Ei.55if.?4?Tfl' wig!-5 rw v'-'-lib-4.25s4ME'f "fuk ,.,-1.1 : rig, ips,-,Q ,'.1-9951: 'r'9+'7.:'-wb, .fkltgfbgfvf ,, .Y-. ,,r . IL, .. ,zvbnii .,,,A:,-,ggi u..7q. , R. Egrilifisg- M. :gg I ,ir zq., . .. -:H-,ag -. i A. My .V . lk-:K -.aljgm -f .pf 1.,.3,?!.f, -'iw-.-s .ww an -VA. -,gf P 'vii-fr"..,'.f33'g23,'fP . , 13H5Xe'r5f49f- 514 i -. if iff 'tiff' -451121 sf wr' .'-:.:ff..',, .. .. :iw-anw+'.m . '--45:5 '-23t1:vSZa'.f.:w+sP .sin rqq:-fifp'-' Zn-"ai u5g+-::'.'?i- nmqa--fsfav,4f, -2.31512--wsiumgsfa' essex-ffwggrrf: 'Jz..vg2,',7E-182153, 53151 ,Qu q,.gAiU.3.:cA,5,kQ-U Mffglgal, vl "-. . fi- N '-.. "-SH.. .5 f'Q::4f4S1'35'f -' 7- 9612"-.iii ' f?F,:'?1s5'26 " fc,-fo, -1 M H l d urerp Ron Newman, presidentp Ruthann Vaughn, M R h e, vice president. CLASS COLORS - Mint Green and White CLASS FLOWER - Lily of The Valley CLASS SONG - "May You Always" CLASS MOTTO - What we are is God's gift to usp what we become is our gift to God xx X V 8 X Senior Board SEATED C. Shafto, B. Bain, B. Hull, B. Daniels, B. Harris. STANDING: F. Spencer, S. Barningham, J Pllking ton M Absher, L. Brown, M.Adair, J. Lucia. Seniors Make Future Plans SENIOR CLASS HISTORY As sophomores, the graduating class of '59 was the first class to come from Isaac E. Crary Jr. High. To start their sophomore year, they elected Mike Penn, president, Jane Dovletian, vice president, Judy Moran, secretary, and John Studt, treasurer. Sponsors of the class were Miss Barbara Frank and Mrs. Laura Liimakka. During their sophomore year, the class held three dances, "Fall Frolic," "Cupid's Night Out," and a spring dance. After donating fifty dollars toward the financing of the exchange student to Europe and paying fifty dollars to the Student Council, which they were loaned to start their treasury, they ended their sophomore year with a balance of approximately 35650. To head their Junior year, they elected Tony Hiller, president, Mike Ewer, vice president, Karen Anderson, secretary, and Judy Kent, treasurer. Sponsoring the class were Miss Barbara Frank and Mr. Donald Gregory.. The first Junior spon- sored proiect of the year was a Sadie Hawkins dance, "Twirp Twirl." During the second semester, the class presented the annual Junior variety show, "Showboat Sputnik," and organized their Trip Club. Instead of the traditional Junior-Senior Banquet, they sponsored a Junior-Senior event. By the end of their Junior year, they had doubled their treasury. As Seniors, the class elected as officers, Ron Newman, president, Mona Richie, vice president, Ruth Ann Vaughn, secretary, and Martie Haviland, treasurer. Miss Barbara Frank was sponsor of the class. Following the annual tradition, they featured the Christmas dance, "Illusions in Ice." Highlighting the end of their year was the Senior Prom, "Claire de Lune," the trip to Mackinac Island, Skip day and last but not least, GRADUATION. MICHAEL ABSHER GARY ACHENBACH MARCIA ADAIR ALTHEA ALLEN KAREN ANDERSON LAWRENCE ANDERSON gr ,fy 73, ff 11 A iz- ,H hy, if . .' - Lf 'mas 5 Sax .AY NANCY ARMSTRONG FAYE ASH ANITA AXFORD BONNIE BAIN TERRY BALL CAROL BALLARD DONALD BALMER RICHARD BANFIELD SARA BARNINGHAM GWENDOLYN BELLAMY LARRY BENDALL RAYMOND BENNETT BRUCE BENTLEY RALPH BERGEMANN JOHN BERQUIST JUDITH BIEBEL DAVID BILLS ROBERT BLACK GLEN BARTLE ROBERT BEACH MARY BEALL RONALD BEARDSLEY SHARON BEAUREGARD i 5 e M 3 DIANNE BECKWTTH Q' fa? L ' - g fi' , 'Qi T 'LARRY BOWEN Ia? H '55 :Q 1:?,.Hs MQSX TE'-af'?.' 13.7 15 '. MH, ..., .V .Mm it . M293 '... LINDA BLAIR BARBARA BOENEMAN EDWARD BOHLMAN GEORGE BOWERS WILLIAM BOYD MARVIN BRACKETT JOE BRADY TOM BRADY DAVID BRESNAHAN JAMES BRIGGS SHIRLEY BROTHERTON LINDA BOLLINGER STANLEY BOUCK SANDRA BOUGINE FRANK BROWN GILBERT BROWN LARRY BROWN DARRYL BURLESON SALLY BURNS ARLENE BUTLER JANICE BUTTREY LINDA BYINGTON MARCIA CAMERON BARRY CAMPBELL CECIL CAMPBELL HAROLD CAMPBELL NANCY CAMPBELL ROBERT CAMPBELL CHARLES CANTERBURY RICHARD CARLSEN NANCY CARVER ELAINE CHAPMAN LAWRENCE CHAPMAN CLELAND CHARBONEAU BARBARA CLARK ROBERT CLARK DELORES CLOUTIER BRUCE COBB BARBARA COE JOYCE COFFEL KAREN COFFEY MICHAEL COMAS RENE COOK NANCY COON AVF' 'Hr' .IOH N DAWSON DONNA DEATON THELMA DEBARR EVELYN DEFORD WILLIAM DEMOTT KAREN DICKMAN JUDITH COOPER PAUL CORBEILLE LAWRENCE COTE JOAN COVENTRY KATHLEEN COX KAREN CRANDALL LUCRETIA CREIGHTON LINDA CUMMINGS BRENDA DANIELS Q -A . ,gg- f WW f ...mm I I . QM,-gb ,, .W 1 " - .wif-353 imm sa-.W ., , f- . , .I :ex ' . 7 .4mggg,,55, 1. In :Ll we , " :'1'1f"Si': :I-' -If- ' :wr mrzaaaf' ' ":':iltfS5?'u.j E,,'1,i21-IQ:-Q5 1 - I I . .-':. ::: . . ,::. , ,A, Q .V ,,g-h.f, www. ,mi x W 1 -f gx1fPS??QTPiss:fw2vX ' B' ' - GARY ELWELL RICHARD ERIKSEN ROBERT ERIKSEN LARRY ETTINGER BARBARA EVERETT ELIZABETH EVERY FLOYD DOBSON JANE DOVLETIAN DANIEL DUNAJ CHARLENE EARLS SHARON EASTON NANCY EDDY I ,. I, L--, ,I A Wm Mwlgwma 3:1 W-,WI ,s,,5A, P' 7: xifsr sff?-'1f:gf'..f1'i:'5, s5ifi5S5f'f?4?455227595k:?fP?lP2"5'3f45fZ2AfH?E5T5'kf5I?5T?5425i-1f'f?E ,5j12:Qg?'.C1,gl5,'3Ues'lq57'f5Q51.'I :!QAv2:4zL.1U7, I L" 1 Mx? z.,m,f3g:zg-'lwzr-13'.szl?Ew:': , ,, - ' N ' " f I ' L' J f 4 I , 2 .-4q, .vgfg- ' .TCL SANDRA EICHNER SHELBY ELLIOTT ROBERT ELLIXSON fefwfw JAMES EWER SALLY FAWCETT RICHARD FERGUSON THOMAS FIDLER RICHARD FINKBEINER GREGG FITZPATRICK WILLIAM FLEMING MIRIAM FORBES RONALD FRINK vu I Qi 1, , 'WH H EM if I WARREN FRUSHER RONALD FRY STEVE GABRIEL DAVID GARD DUANE GARDNER JAMES GIBSON EILEEN GILLOW GYLA GLASSPOOLE JANET GRAHAM MFNN DARLENE GRANT ELIZABETH GRANTHAM JOSEPH GREEN JANICE GREENLEAF SANDRA GREENWOOD CAROL GRIMES FREDERICK GROSS LINDA GROVES MATTHEW GROVES PATRICIA HADDEN MARY HAGERMAN SHARON HALVORSON MARLENE HAVILAND EDITH HEADING CHARLES HEATHCOTT NANCY HEATON LINNEA HEDLUND CAROL HEIPLE PATRICIA HEIPLE DENNIS HENSEY CHESTER HENSLEY LYNN HAMP LOUIS HANNA JUDITH HARNACK KAYE HARRINGTON REBECCA HARRIS LINDA HARRISON "Tl QQ - , . I A 4 b A.: Is-z,:'-xx ' IQ: 32 Y -,, A .fA. A .darn-gf' -'yr ,MMEV If 33556355 V f 55 DUANE HOOPER KAREN HOYT JUDITH HRUSKA Aff? MICHAEL HUBBELL CAROL HUFF BEVERLY HULL GARY JACKSON JAMES JACKSON KENT JIDOV IVAN HERR GAIL HESSE ANTHONY HILLER LAVERNE HINMAN GEORGE HOLDEN KIRK HOLTOM BONNIE JOHNSON ROSE MARIE JONES ROBERT JOYCE CHARLES JUDGE LYNDA KASTEN PATRICIA KENNY JUDY KENT ROBERT KITELEY GEORGE KLINGLER MICHAEL KNAACK RONNIE KOON KAY KORTHAUS SUSAN KUHN CAROLYN KUNSE JANET KUNSE CAROL LALGNE JOHN LAMBERTON ALICE LAZENBY SARA LeBAR WALTER LEONARD RICHARD LEWIS LILA LIIMATTA CAROL LIES ROBERT LIVINGSTON HOWARD LOVETT JULIA LUCIA PAUL LUND CHARLES LUND ROBERT LUTHER LYNDA LYND WAYNE MacALPlNE BEVERLY MAGUIRE DAVID MANNING BARBARA MARCH BARBARA MARTIN GEORGE MARTIN LOETTA LYON THOMAS MCALLISTER JERRY MCANNALLY LARRY MCCARTY JOYCE MCCULLOUGH LINDA McDOWELL DIANA MCINTOSH EVA MARIE McKEE DONALD MacALPlNE ANN MATTESON ALEX MAXIM I 'Qu' CAROLINE MAY MARION MEDLEN JAMES MEISSNER ROBERT MELLEMA SHARON MILLAR BETTY MILLER THOMAS MOORE JUDITH MORAN JUNE MORGAN KAREN MORGAN WENDELIN MEYER ROSALIE MEYERS MILTON MIELKE BARBARA MORIARTY JANET MORITZ HAZEL MORRIS MICHAEL MOULTRUP JAMES MULLIN MARY NELSON RONALD NEWMAN JACK NICHOLAS HARRY NICHOLIE JOHN NOONAN KAY OBERLEE MARILYNN OBERT REBECCA OLSON WAYNE ORR DIERDRE OSBORNE DAVID OSTRAND JUDITH OSWORTH JAMES PALMER DAVID PANKS BEVERLY PARDO GUY PASSMORE 'Ku HAROLD PATTERSON JAMES PATTERSON DAVID PAULIN LOIS PEARSALL MICHAEL PENN TRILBY PERRY SHARLEEN PETERS KAREN PETERSON BENEDETTE PETRUCCI NANCY RAYMOND SANDRA REAUME SHARON REITMEYER SUSAN RENNIE JEAN REXFORD FAY REYNOLDS GARY RICHARDS SHARON RICHARDSON MONA RICHIE JOHN PILKINTON ROY PINNER HOWARD POLLEY ROSALIE POLLINA LORETTA PRIEST JAMES PUGLISE GARY ROOT LAWRENCE ROSE ANN RUPERT VIVIAN RUSCH JOHN RUSSELL DEANNA RYDEN KAREN SAGE RICHARD SANDAGE MARGIE SANDUSKY JOHN SAUM ROBERT SAWDON KAYE SCHULER CONSTANCE SHAFTO PAULA SHAUL 4. iw? 5 ,gh 2 I If P bw 5521353 Q59 22 my ,FSS g,g., s::':w, fryQgfggsgjgszifss-432iffzisf,s2zIs2,.swgs2f..m5wgz I Ig:fp-gfigfgi-,gQg,3:fugjffxig 1 vi ' ,-Q 5:5-ggggiwazfwsevfffx'faiazzzfswaz Q-f,,,.f, I -- I A1 fs, 15211 gig-'f - H .V ,.Q,. , 41,14 1' ' if--ifw ffsfi-221:52 A ' , . -- . ' 5 gg f21.:w.w,.M f. I - .Q .s.zffaw'11wSv - - f f . .Q ' ' - , I V :: .I ' 'faux I H L 'a :za .5 fy in-wsf..:yff2g3Q.g , wfxissxzexxisgzff 'W If? , .. , W- . , I .'--':,g1w1sfg2 ' 1,1 V "1 I '- , :,.1f2ff'iL32 :? :: " 5, e 'S SET. Y 'QQ I 1' " ' - 'fs gg geese V, fig W f v L7' f. , Emmy f fm? ea , WILLIAM SHAW JAMES SHEA BEVERLY SHEPHARD CAROL SHEPHERD JAMES SHOLTE ELIZABETH SHOWERS RONALD SIAS KATHRYN SIMENSON SANDRA SKIBOWSKI CORINNE SMALL DOUGLAS SMITH GERALD SMITH JAMES SMITH JOANN SMITH SHARON SMITH CARL SOLDEN JUDITH SONCRAINTE SALLY SOVEREIGN FRANCES SPENCER SUZANNE SPRINGER JAMES STECK GERALD STEFFER JACK STEWART MILAN STITZ 4' AILLENE TIPPETT VALERIE TOWLE RICHARD TRAICOFF DELORIS TRAXLER LYNNDA TURNER SHARON UNDERWOOD LYNN STITZ CAROLYN STOTTLEMYER BONNIE STUART JOHN STUDT ONALEE SWEET ALBERT TAYLOR ELEANOR TAYLOR DEAN TEBO KAREN THOMPSON LAURA UPCHURCH RUTHANN USINGER MILTON VALDIVIA SHIRLEY VANDEUSEN CAROL VAN HORN KAY VAN HUIZEN RUTHANN VAUGHN WILLIAM VELZY CHARLES VERCH ROGER WARD JAMES WARNECKE LARRY WARNER THOMAS WARNER CAROL WATKINS VERNON WATTS VIRGINIA WELCH JOAN WELLINGTON CARL WEST ITIS n . '::v , ,. Lim I I :'V: LIIQ I ,hzgi A ,.,' I If ELSIE WESTERN PENNY WHITCOMB CAROLYN WHITMIRE CYDNEY WILLIAMS SALLY WILLIAMS SHARRON WILSON WAYNE WILSON LEKHQEK dw 1-r'-1-J. iw? DOROTHY WINTER DENNIS WISNIEWSKI '81 I -,, , ,. ,H Aa. W N wwf., ,pr .X - gi, ,, ,Ku ,I,, I I ii , M .Zi W, nl tw, f ,pq . . MARY WOLVERTON DONNA WOOD WILLIAM WOOD . w k , . L-J. i ig, IL 5551 ii, CAROL YOUNG SHARON YOUNG LANNY YOUNGER ROLAND ZILKA PAULA ZISMAN Valedictorian Salvfafvrian LANNY YQUN J BEVERLY HULL WMAM I ,, SMX' N' V, ,r I ,V "" If c: Zz ' Ad may A mg HUZQ ER 5 YUM! J W ,LINDA LLENf"Z9 WM' ALDf' INDKOZN J DALE SIMPSON ,-5' 4' 'AR VANTHES ff I CH L, H V D DONALD SKELTON j,g,,,4fuf ' J I, C I I2 Y BL,?f 'IQOBER IJLL JEANNE SKY f , ROBERT B YD CAROLYN JACKSON GARY IJPCOIT ROBERT BURT KATHY JONES JAMES WERT NEAL COOK WILLIAM KELLER DANIEL WHITE TED DUVEYOUNG DUANE EDWARDS TED ELWOOD MAX EVANS DOUGLAS HALL JAMES HATFIELD SALLY KEMPE BRUCE LEWIS MARY MURPHY MILES NURENBERG JACK PACE DAVID WILSON ROBERT WOOD GERALD WOODS HENRY WOODS JOHN YONOVICH PHYLLIS YOUNG SENIOR DIRECTORY ABSH ER, MICHAEL J. Cross Country 10, Track 10, Hi-Y ITreas. 111 lPres. 121, Sr. Board. ACHENBACH, GARY L. Bowling 10-12, Trip Club. ADAIR, MARCIA Future Teachers 10-11, GAA 10-12, Stu- dent Council 10, Trip Club, Sr. Board, Showboat, Christmas Dance. ALLEN, ALTHEA N. Cheerleading 10, Showboat, Choir, Dra- matics Club 10. ALLEN, LINDA ANDERSON, KAREN K. Student Council 10-11 Nice-Pres. 121, GAA 10 CBOard 11-121, Y-Teens 10 IVice Pres. 111 12, Jr. Board ISec.1, Bowling 10- 12, Letter Club 11-12, Showboat, Jr.-Sr. Event. ANDERSON, LARRY Football 10, Basketball 10, Bowling 12, Trip Club. ANTHES, CAROL ARMSTRONG, NANCY E. Bowling 10-12, Y-Teens 11-12, French Club 11, Social Workers 11, Literary Club 12. ASH, FAYE M. Christmas Dance. AXFORD, ANITA L. Showboat, Photography Club 11, Literary Club 12, GAA 10, Trip Club. BAIN, BONNIE L. Bowling fPres. 101 11-12, Dramatics Club 10-11, Sr. Board, GAA 10-12, Letter Club 11-12, Trip Club, Bookstore 12, Co-op. BALL, TERRY W. Football 10, Soph. Board, Baseball 10, Jr. Board, Showboat, Bowling 11, Sr. Board, Hi-Y 12. BALLARD, CAROL A. Co-op, Trip Club. BALMER, DONALD R. Visual Aids 11-12, Chemistry Club 11, Library Club 11-12, Trip Club. BANFIELD, RICHARD A. Varsity Club 11-12, Wrestling I1, Golf 11-12. BARNINGHAM, SARA L. Bowling 10-12, Jr. Board, French Club 12, Chemistry Club 11-12, Y-Teens 12, GAA 12, Showboat, Jr.-Sr. Event. BARTLE, GLEN E. Track 10-12, Cross Country 11-12, Varsity Club 11-12, Trip Club. BEACH, ROBERT K. Co-op tTreasurer1. BEALL, MARY BEARDSLEY, RONALD BEAUREGARD, SHARON M. Dramatics Club 11-12, Social Workers 12, Showboat, Trip Club, Christmas Dance. BEC KWITH, DIANNE M. Showboat, GAA 10, Dramatics Club 10, Choir 12, Anchor Staff 10-11, Christmas Dance. BELLAMY, GWENDOLYN S. GAA 10, Bowling 10. BENDALL, LARRY J. Dramatics Club 10. BENNETT, RAYMOND C. BENTLEY, BRUCE BERGEMANN, RALPH V. Hi-Y 11-12, Football 10-12, Band 10-11, Showboat. BERQUIST, HAROLD J. Chemistry Club 11-12, Showboat, Visual Aids 10, Trip Club, Photography Club 10. BIEBEL, JUDITH A. Showboat, Glee Club 10, Trip Club. BILLS, DAVID J. Hl-Y 12, Varsity Club 12, Track 10-12, Football 10. BLACK, ROBERT L. Varsity Club 12, Wrestling 11-12, Football 12, Track 12. BLAIN, LARRY Co-op, Body Builders 10-12, Choir 10-12, Bible Club 10-11, Trip Club. BLAIR, LINDA L. Social Workers 12, Dramatics Club 10-11, Christmas Dance. BOENEMAN, BARBARA A. Anchor Staff 12, Y-Teens 11-12, GAA 11- 12, Showboat, Waterlog Staff 12, Quill and Scroll 12, Trip Club. BOHLMAN, EDWARD W. Bible Club 10-11, Quill and Scroll 11-12, Bowling 12. BOLLINGER, LINDA J. Bowling 11-12, Dramatics Club 11, Trip Club, Christmas Dance. BOUCK, STANLEY R. Body Builders 10 Nice President 111, Choir. BOUGINE, SANDRA J. Dramatics Club 10, Library Club 10, Chem- istry Club 12, Showboat. BOWEN, LARRY A. Bowling 10-12, Basketball 11-12, Varsity Club 12. BOWERS, GEORGE BOYD, ROBERT G. Dramatics Club 11-12, Thespians 11-12, Showboat, Ski Club 12, Christmas Dance. BOYD, WILLIAM F. BRACKETT, MARVIN D. Showboat, Homecoming, Christmas Dance, Wrestling 11-12. BRADY, JOE BRADY, TOM F. BRESNAHAN, DAVID BRIGGS, JAMES A. Co-op 12, Varsity Club 11-12, Hi-Y 12, I0-12, Football 11, Trip Club. Bowling BROTHERTON, SHIRLEY BROWN FRANK I. BROWN, GILBERT BROWN LARRY P. Football Club 11 10-12, Basketball 10-12, Varsity -12, Visual Aids 11, Sr. Board BURLESON, DARRYL E. BURNS, SALLY L. GAA 10-12, Dramatics Club 11-12, Co-op, Thespians 12, Trip Club, Showboat, Library Club. BURT, ROBERT BUTLER, ARLENE BUTTREY, JANICE M. GAA 10, Y-Teens 11, Co-op. BYINGTON, LINDA E. Social Workers 11, Dramatics Club 12, Glee Club 11, Choir 12. CAMERON, MARCIA J. GAA 10-12, Thespians fPres. 121, Bowling 10-12, Bible Club 10-12, Showboat, Dra- matics Club 10-12, Glee Club 11, Letter Club 12, Trip Club, Photography Club 10. CAMPBELL, BARRY D. Football -10-12, Basketball 10-12, Track 10-12, Varsity Club 10-11 fSergeant-at- Arms 121, Hi-Y 10, Showboat. CAMPBELL, CECIL CAMPBELL, HAROLD CAMPBELL, NANCY L. Social Workers 12, Trip Club. CAMPBELL, ROBERT H. Co-op, Cross Country. CARLSEN, RICHARD A. Band 10-11, Debate 12, Showboat, Trip Club, Dramatics Club 12, Bowling 11 ITreas 121, Photography Club 10, Visual Aids 12. CARVER, NANCY CHAPMAN, ELAINE M. GAA 10-12, Letter Club 11-12, Trip Club, Choir 12. CHAPMAN, LARRY G. Varsity Club 12, Track 11, Cross Country 12. CHARBONEAU, CLELAND F. Football 10-12, Basketball 10-12, Golf 10- 12, Hi-Y 10-12, Christmas Dance, Show- boat, Co-op, Trip Club. CLARK, BARBARA K. Social Workers 12, Showboat, Trip Club. CLARK, ROBERT K. Band 10, Body Builders I1. CLOUTIER, DELORES A. Cheerleading10, Dramatics Club 10, Stu- dent Council 12, GAA 10-12, Letter Club 12. COBB, BRUCE W. Football 11-12, Track 10-12, Bowling 10, Photography Club 10, Student Council 12, Hi-Y 11-12, Band 10-11, Chemistry Club 11 COE, BARBARA COFFEL, JOYCE I. Student Council 12, Choir 11, Glee Club 10, Girls Trio 11-12, Girls Ensemble 10-12, GAA 12. COFFEY, KAREN L. Bowling 10, Showboat, Co-op. COMAS, MICHAEL G. Bowling 10-12, French Club 10. COOK, NEAL COOK, RENE M. Maiorette 11 fCaptain 121, Trip Club, Golf 11, GAA 10-12, Chemistry Club 11, Bowl- ing 11. COON, NANCY J. Bible Club 10-11, Future Nurses 11, Chemistry Club 12, Photography Club 11, Trip Club. COOPER, JUDITH A. Glee Club 12. CORBEILLE, PAUL C. Body Building Club 10. COTE, LARRY COVENTRY, JOAN H. Bible Club fSec. 101 11, Choir 10-12, Trip Club. COX, KATHLEEN S. Future Nurses 12, Dramatics Club 12, Chemistry Club 12, Literary Club 12, Y- Teens 11, Trip Club. CRANDALL, KAREN L. Choir 12, Co-op, Christmas Dance, Dra- matics Club. CREIGHTON, LUCRETTA A. Y-Teens 10-11, GAA 10-12, Trip Club, Showboat, Christmas Dance, Waterlog Staff 11-12, Anchor Staff 11-12. CUMMINGS, LINDA J. GAA 10-12, Golf 11, Bowling 12, Student Council 12, Showboat, Co-op, Trip Club. DANIELS, BRENDA J. Sr. Board, Jr. Board, Y-Teens 11 iTreas. 121, GAA 10-11, Christmas Dance. DAWSON, JOHN W. Soph. Board, Chemistry Club iPres. 111, Trip Club, Hi-Y KSec. 121. DEATON, DONNA M. Chemistry Club 11, Photography Club 10-11. DEBARR, THELMA M. GAA 10, Debate 10-12, Dramatics Club 10-12, Social Workers 12. DEFORD, EVELYN Bowling 10-12, Y-Teens Club fTreas. 101 11. DEMOTT, WILLIAM H. Bowling 11-12. DICKMAN, KAREN A. GAA 10-12, Bowling 10-12, Bible Club 10 fPres. 111, Trip Club, Choir 11-12, Letter Club 12, Photography Club 10. 10-12, Library DOBSON, FLOYD DOVLETIAN, JANE R. GAA 10, Soph. Board Nice Pres.1, Dra- matics Club 10-11, Debate 10, Showboat, Chemistry Club fRec. Sec. 111 QPres. 121, Student Council 1 1, Social Workers 11 fSec. 121, French Club 11. DUNAJ, DANIEL S. Football 10-11, Chemistry Club 11-12, Showboat, Trip Club QRep.1. DUVEYOUNG, TED EARLS, CHARLENE S. Library Club 10-11, Dramatics Club 10, Choir 12. EASTON, SHARON G. EDDY, NANCY J. EDWARDS, DUANE L. Co-op, Trip Club. EICHNER, SANDRA L. GAA 10-11, Bowling 10, Dramatics Club 10-11. ELLIOTT, SHELBY J. Co-op, Trip Club. ELLIXSON, ROBERT G. Football 10-12, Varsity Club 11-12, Hi-Y 12, Jr. Board. ELWELL, GARY R. Football 11-12, Hi-Y 12, Varsity Club 12. ELWOOD, TED M. ERIKSEN, RICHARD G. Student'Council 10-11, Dramatics Club 11, Showboat, Jr.-Sr. Event, Football 10, Base- ball 1O-l2, Hi-Y11-12. ERIKSEN, ROBERT L. Chemistry Club 11-12, Visual Aids 10-12 ETTINGER, LARRY D. Chemistry Club iSec. 111 CTreas. 121, Trip Club, Bookstore 12, Student Council 10. EVANS, MAX Football 10, Bowling 12, Hi-Y 11-12, Co- op, Soph. Board. svensrt, BARBARA R. Y-Teens 12. EVERY, ELIZABETH M. GAA 10-12, iBoard 11-121, Letter Club 11- 12, Soph. Board, Social Workers 11. EWER, JAMES M. Student Council 10, Track 10-12, Football 11-12, Showboat, Hi-Y 11 fTreas. 121, Var- sity Club 11 Nice Pres. 121, Jr. Board Nice Pres.1, Wrestling 11, French Club 10, Christmas Dance. FAWCETT, SALLY K. Bowling 10-11, Student Council 11, GAA 10-12, fBoard 101, Trip Club CSec.1, Chemis- try Club 12. FERGUSON, RICHARD L. FIDLER, THOMAS FINKBEINER, RICHARD Football 11-12, Hi-Y 11-12, Varsity Club 11-12. FITZPATRICK, GREGG B. Football 1 I, Showboat, Co-op, Jr.-Sr. Event, FLEMING, WILLIAM E. Weightlifting 10-11, Football 11, Track 12, Trip Club. FORBES, MIRIAM J. French Club 12, GAA 12. FRINK, RONALD FRUSHER, WARREN FRY, RONALD J. Sr. Board, Chemistry Club 11. GABRIEL, -STEVE Football 12. GARDNER, DUANE L. Photography Club 10, Co-op 12. GIBSON, JAMES O. Football 11, Track 10-11, Cross Country 12, Varsity Club 12. GILLOW, EILEEN M. Social Workers 12. GLASSPOOLE, GYLA Y-Teens 11-12, Jr. Board, GAA 12, Jr.-Sr. Event, Showboat. GRAHAM, JANET C. Y-Teens 10-11, GAA 10-11, Co-op. GRANT, DARLENE A. Bible Club CPres. 101iPres. 121. GRANTHAM, ELIZABETH GREEN, JOSEPH GREENLEAF, DINAH GREENWOOD, SANDRA L. GAA 10-11, Co-op, Y-Teens 10-11, Dra- matics Club 10-11, Showboat, Jr.-Sr. Event, Trip Club. GRIMES, CAROL A. GAA 10, Student Council 11, Photography Club 11, Trip Club, P.T.S.A. fSec. 121. GROSS FREDRICK R. Soph. Board, Student Council 12, Dramatics Club 11-12, Chemistry Club 11-12, Show- boat. GROVES, LINDA M. Maiorette 12. GROVES, MATTHEW GUSTINIS, PATRICIA A. Social Workers 12, Showboat, Trip Club. HADDEN, PATRICIA A. GAA 10-12, Y-Teens 1 1, Showboat. HAGERMAN, MARY E. Trip Club. HALL, DOUGLAS HALVORSON, SHARON K.- Y-Teens 11-12, Showboat 11, Trip Club, Waterlog Staff 12. HAMP, LYNN M. Co-op, Trip Club. HANNA, LOUIS B. Band 10-12, Track 10-12, Cross Country I1-12, Showboat, Varsity Club 12. HARNACK, JUDITH HARRINGTON, KAYE E. GAA 10-1 1, Co-op. HARRIS, REBECCA S. Y-Teens 1 1-12, Showboat, Sr, Board. HARRISON, LINDA M. GAA 10-12, Letter Club 11-12, Future Nurses 10-11 fSec. 121, Library Club 10, Bowling 10-11, Trip Club. HATFIELD, JAMES HAVILAND, MARLENE K. Sr. Board ITreas.1, Trip Club, Showboat, GAA 10, Chemistry Club 11, Local Ex- change Student 10. HEADING, EDITH A. Glee Club 11, Choir, Operetta 11-12. HEATHCOTT, CHARLES D. Showboat, Chemistry Club 11, Dramatics Club 1 1. HEATON, NANCY H. GAA 10-11, Y-Teens 10-11, Co-op, Trip Club. HEDLUND, LINNEA A. GAA IO-I1 ISec. 121, Bowling ISec. 10-111 12, French Club 11, Letter Club 11-12, Chemistry Club 12, Future Teachers 10. HEIPLE, CAROL A. HEIPLE, PATRICIA A. Soph. Board, Christmas Dance, Dramatics Club 11, Trip Club IRep.1. HENDERSON, DONALD HENSEY, DENNIS W. HENSLEY, CHESTER G. Cross Country 11-12, Track 11, Photog- raphy Club 10, Showboat. HERR, IVAN G. Body Building Club fTreas. 111, Football 10-11, Track '10. HESSE, GAIL M. Anchor Staff Editor 12, Dramatics Club 10, Student Council 10, GAA 10-11. HILLER, TONY L. Football 10-12, Basketball 10-12, Base- ball 10-12, Showboat, Student Council 11 lPres. 121, Jr. Board fPres.1, Hi-Y 11-12, Varsity Club 11-12, Local Exchange Stu- dent 10. HINMAN, LAVERNE H. HOLDEN, GEORGE HOLTOM, KIRK HOOD, CHARLES HOOPER, DUANE L. Football 10-12, Varsity Club 11-12, Base- ball 1O-12, Hi-Y 11-12, Showboat 11, Body Building Club 10-12. HOYT, KAREN E. Co-op, Trip Club. HRUSKA, JUDITH I. GAA 10-11, Soph. Board, Jr. Board, Dra- matics Club 10-11, Showboat. HUBBLE, MICHAEL E. Wrestling 11 fCaptain 121, Varsity Club 12, Track 12. HUFF, CAROL A. ' GAA 10-12, Letter Club 11-12, Future Nurses 10 fSec. 111 Nice Pres. 121, Bowl- ing 10-11, Trip Club. HULL, BEVERLY S. Sr. Board, Letter Club 11-12, Future Teach- ers 11-12, GAA 10-12, Dramatics Club 11-12, Social Workers 10. HULL, ROBERT JACKSON, CAROLYN JACKSON, GARY JACKSON, JAMES' JOHNSON, BONNIE J. Co-op, Trip Club, Y-Teens 10-11, Future Teachers 11 CSec. 121, Library Club ISec. 101 CPres. 111, Bowling ITreas. 10-111. JONES, KATHY JONES, ROSE MARIE Library Club 10-11, Bowling 10-11, Jr.-Sr. Event 10, Trip Club, Future Teachers 11- 12, Y-Teens 12, Literary Club 12, Library Assistants 10, Dramatics Club 10-12. JOYCE, ROBERT G. Student Council 12, Chemistry Club 11-12, Baseball 10. JUDGE, CHARLES KASTEN, LYNDA Y-Teens 10, GAA 10-11, Glee Club 10-11, Choir 12. KELLER, WILLIAM KEMPE, SALLY KENNY, PATRICIA J. GAA 10, Showboat, Dramatics Club 10. KENT, JUDY W. GAA 10-11 IPres. 121, Cheerleading 10- 12, Jr. Board fTreas.1, Trip Club, Jr.-Sr. Event, Letter Club 11-12, Showboat. KITELEY, ROBERT F. KLINGLER, GEORGE W. Band 11-12, Bible Club 11, Co-op Nice- Pres.1. KNAACK, MICHAEL Showboat. KOON, RONNIE Co-op. KORTHAUS, KAY Bowling 10, Co-op, Showboat. KUHN, SUSAN K. Student Council 11 lRec. Sec. 121, Water- log Ur. Editor1 11, IEditor-in-Chief 121, Y- Teens 10 ISec. 111, GAA 10-12, Letter Club 11-12, Quill and Scroll 11-12, Show- boat, Trip Club, Anchor Staff 11. KUNSE, CAROLYN GAA IO-12, Band I0-II, Choir 12, Bowl- ing 1O, Social Workers 12, Showboat, Chemistry Club 12, Trip Club. KUNSE, JANET Cheerleading 10-11 fCaptain 121, GAA 10- 12, Letter Club 12, French Club 11, Trip Club. LALONE, CAROL S. Dramatics Club 10, Bowling 10-12, Choir 11-12, Showboat, Social Workers 12. LAMBERTON, JOHN E. Band IO-11, Baseball 10-12, Photography Club 10-11, Anchor Staff 12. LAZENBY, ALICE M. GAA 10-1 1, Showboat. LEBAR, SARA E. Social Workers 10-12, Dramatics Club 11, GAA 11, Bowling 10. LEONARD, WALTER D. LEWIS, BRUCE LEWIS, RICHARD J. LIIMATTA, LILA M. Sophomore Board, Student Council 10, Y-Teens 12, Jr.-Sr. Event. LILES, CAROL A. French Club 10-12. LIVINGSTON, ROBERT LOVETT, HOWARD Showboat. LUCIA, JULIA S. Student Council 10-11, Sr. Board, GAA 10- 12, Letter Club 11-12, Y-Teens 10, Bowling 10-12, Homecoming, Band 10-11, Social Workers 12. LUND, CHARLES LUND, PAUL L. LUTHER, ROBERT Dramatics Club 10-11, Hi-Y 11, Showboat, Trip Club, Body Building Club 10-11. LYND, LYN DA M. Social Workers 11 fPres. 121, Photography Club 10. LYON, LOETTA L. Quill and Scroll KTreas. 121, Waterlog Staff 11-12, Anchor Staff II-I2, GAA IO-12, Showboat, Trip Club. McALLISTER, THOMAS A. Band 10, Trip Club, Bookstore IManager1, Chemistry Club 11-12, Dramatics Club 11 fPres. 121, Photography Club 11. McANNALLY, JERRY L. Baseball 11, Bowling 12. McCARTY, LARRY G. Bowling 10-12, Football 10, Baseball 10- 12, Basketball 12, Golf 12. McCOULLOUGH, JOYCE C. Student Council 12, Co-op, Bowling 10-12, Trip Club, GAA 10-12, Golf 11. McDOWELL, LINDA I.. Future Teachers 10, Bowling 10, Dramatics Club 10-12, GAA 10-12, French Club 11, Y-Teens 11-12, Letter Club 11-12, Stu- dent Council 1, Homecoming 11, Jr.-Sr. Event. McINTOSH, DIANA L. Bowling 10, Dramatics Club 11, Showboat, Anchor Staff 10-11, fEditor 121, Waterlog Staff 10-11, Trip Club 12, Quill and Scroll 11 iPres. 121. McKEE, EVA MARIE Y-Teens 12, Future Teachers 12. MACALPINE, DONALD L. Trip Club I2. MACALPINE, WAYNE umeuipzs, nsvsiuv J. Y-Teens 10-12, GAA 10-12, Showboat, Letter Club 11-I2, Future Teachers 10, Dramatics Club 10, Trip Club, Glee Club 11, Chemistry Club 12. MANNING, DAVID MARCH, BARBARA J. Student Council 12, Trip Club, Showboat, Homecoming, Y-Teens 10-11, Co-op. MARTIN, BARBARA J. GAA 10-12, Letter Club 11-12, Future Teachers 10,.Trip Club. MARTIN, GEORGE I. Choir 12, Operetta 12. MATTESON, ANN L. Future Teachers 11 fTreas. 121, Bible Club 10-11, Trip Club. MAXIM, ALEX MAY, CAROLINE A. Literary Club fSec. 121, Future Teachers 10. MEISSNER, JAMES C. Showboat 11, Baseball 11. MELLEMA, ROBERT C. Football 10-11. MEYER, WENDELIN P. Varsity Club 11 fSec. 121, Hi-Y 11-12, Football 10-12, Baseball 10-12, Basketball 10-12, Student Council 10-11, Showboat. MEYERS, ROSALIE A. MIELKE, MILTON A. Choir 10-12, Football 10-12, Hi-Y 11-12, Varsity Club 12, Showboat, Trip Club, Student Council 11, Glee Club 10-11. MILLAR, SHARON M. Showboat. MILLER, BETTY J. Bowling 1 1, Jr.-Sr. Event, Trip Club, Co-op. Moons, THOMAS A. I Waterlog Staff 12, Anchor Staff 1 1-12. MORAN, JUDY M. Soph. Board fSec.1, Student Council 11, lCor. Sec. 121, Showboat, French Club, Nice Pres. 101, Homecoming, GAA 10-12, Y-Teens 11, Jr.-Sr. Event. MORGAN, JUNE A. GAA 10-12, Band 10-12, Showboat, Dra- matics Club 11, Bowling 10, Social Workers 12. MORGAN, KAREN S. GAA 10-12, Sr. Board, Student Council 10-11, Future Nurses 11, Homecoming, Christmas Dance, Showboat. MORIARTY, BARBARA J. Glee Club IO, Choir 11-12, Ensemble 12, Showboat, Trip Club. MORRIS, HAZEL M. Glee Club 10, Bible Club 11, Ensemble 11-12, Choir 11-12. MOULTRUP, MICHAEL D. Showboat, Choir 11-12, Glee Club 11-12, Body Building Club 11, Operetta 12. MULLIN, JAMES E. Trip Club. MURPHY, MARY A. NELSON, MARY P. Future Nurses 10-11, Future Teachers 12, Library Club 10-11, Literary Club 12, French Club 12. NEWMAN, RONALD R. Student Council 10-12, Sr. Board lPres.1, Bowling 10-12, Hi-Y lSec. 101 11 fChaplain 121, Chemistry Club 11-12, French Club 10-11, Band 10, Football 11. NICHOLAS, JACK W. Choir 11-12, Glee Club 11-12, Co-op, Trip Club, Operetta 11-12. NICHOLIE, HARRY J. Varsity Club 11-12, Football 10-12, Wrest- ling 11-12, Track 10-12, Hi-Y 11-12, Dra- matics Club, Showboat, Choir 11-12, De- bate 11, Body Building Club 10-12. NOONAN, JOHN E. Basketball 11, Body Building Club 11, Trip Club. NURENBERG, MILES OBERLEE, KAY M. Y-Teens 11-12, GAA 11-12, Trip Club. OBERT, MARILYN J. Showboat, GAA 10-11, Y-Teens 10. OLSON, REBECCA R. Y-Teens 11, Bowling 12, Trip Club. ORR, WAYNE OSBORNE, DIERDRE Anchor Staff 11-12, Waterlog Staff 12, Bible Club 10-11, Social Workers 12, Fu- ture Nurses 12. OSTRAND, DAVID Cross Country 10, Co-op. OSWORTH, JUDITH N. Future Nurses 10-11. PACE, JACK PALMER, JAMES PANKS, DAVID Football 11-12, Choir 11-12, Trip Club, Hi-Y 11-12, Jr. Board, Chemistry Club 11, Showboat. PARDO, BEVERLY J. PASSMORE, GUY L. Football 10. PATTERSON, HAROLD A. Football 11-12, Basketball 10-11, Chemis- try Club 11, Hi-Y 12, varsiry Club 12, Trip Club. PATTERSON, JAMES L. Football 10-11, Basketball 10-12, Baseball 10-11, Bowling 10-11. PAULIN, DAVID I'I. Basketball 12, Trip Club. PEARSALL, LOIS J. Y-Teens 10-11, GAA 10-11, Trip Club, Homecoming, Co-op. PENN, MICHAEL J. Showboat, Soph. Board, Jr. Board, Hi-Y 11 Nice Pres. 121, Varsity Club 12, Baseball 11-12, Student Council 10. PERRY, TRILBY J. Bowling 10, Bible Club 11. PETERS, SHARLEEN A. GAA 11-12, Student Council 12, Trip Club. PETERSON, KAREN A. GAA 10-12, Band 10-11, Anchor Staff 11- 12, Waterlog Staff 11-12, Y-Teens 12, Dra- matics Club 10-12, Trip Club, Showboat, Social Workers 12. PETRUCCI, BENEDETTE A. GAA 10-12, Trip Club lRep.1, Soph. Board, Showboat, Jr.-Sr. Event. PILKINTON, JOHN E. Football 10, Sr. Board, Christmas Dance, Chemistry Club 11, Basketball 10, Trip Club. PINNER, ROY D. Co-op. POLLEY, HOWARD C. Band 10-12. POLLINA, ROSALIE GAA 11-12, Y-Teens 11-12. PRIEST, LORETTA G. GAA 10-12, Letter Club 11-12, Bookstore 11, Social Workers 11-12, Showboat, Library Club 10, Trip Club. PUGLISE, JAMES D. Soph. Board, Dramatics Club 10-12. RAYMOND, NANCY G. Dramatics Club 10-12, Thespians lSec. and Treas. 121. REAUME, SANDRA S. REITMEYER, SHARON L. Co-op, Y-Teens 1 1, Jr.-Sr. Event. RENNIE, SUSAN J. Student Council 12, Waterlog Managing Editor 12, GAA 11-12, Y-Teens 12, Show- boat, Dramatics Club 11, Anchor Staff 12, Trip Club, Quill and Scroll 12. REXFORD, JEAN A. Dramatics 10-12, Thespians 11 Nice Pres. 121, Debate 10-12, Quill and Scroll 11-12, News Bureau 12, Library Assistant 10, Showboat, Trip Club. REYNOLDS, FAYE A. Future Nurses 10-12, GAA 11-12, Show- boat, Trip Club lBookstore1, Homecoming. RICHARDS, GARY V. Body Building Club 10-11. RICHARDSON, SHARON A. Bowling 10-11, Dramatics Club 10, Show- boat. RICHIE, MONA M. Y-Teens 10-11, Sr. Board Nice Pres.1, Christmas Dance, Trip Club, Future Teach- ers 12, Dramatics Club 11-12, Showboat. RICHMOND, GARY V. Bowling 10. RICKMAN, BARBARA A. RITCHIE, TOM D. ROBERTS, JESSICA C. Anchor Staff 10-11, Waterlog Staff 10-11, Student Council 12, GAA 10-12, Letter Club 12, Quill and Scroll 11-12, Nice-Pres. 121, Bowling 10, Showboat, Homecoming, Social Workers 10, Ski Club 12. 79 ROBERTS, RUTH M. GAA 10-12, Letter Club 12. ROLLISON, GARY R. ROOT, GARY F. Baseball 10-12, Bowling 12, Homecoming. ROSE, LARRY R. Bowling 10-12, Choir 12, Jr. Board, French Club 10-11, Dramatics Club 10. ROSS, DAVID W. Baseball 10-12, Football IO-12, Basketball 11, Dramatics Club 11, Showboat, Chemis- try Club 11-12, Jr.-Sr. Event, Hi-Y 12. RUPERT, ANN F. Cheerleading 10, GAA 10-11, Dramatics Club 10-11, Y-Teens 10-11, Showboat, Future Nurses 11, Co-op CSec.1, Trip Club. RUSCH, VIVIAN L. GAA 10-12, Letter Club 12, Trip Club lTreas.1, Band lLibrarian 101 11, Future Teachersil. RUSSELL, JOHN RYDEN, DEANNA V. Dramatics Club 12, Library Assistant 11- 12. SAGE, KAREN S. Library Club 11. SANDAGE, RICHARD L. Co-op. SANDUSKY, MARGIE Bible Club 10. SAUM, JOHN W. Football 10-12, Baseball 10-11, Bowling 10-11, Showboat, Trip Club, Hi-Y 11-12, Golf 12, Varsity Club 12. SAWDON, ROBERT B. Football 10, Basketball IO, Showboat, Band 10-11. SHAFTO, CONNIE M. Sr. Board, Y-Teens 12, GAA 10-11, Bible Club 11, Christmas Dance, Trip Club. SCHULER, KAYE D. Social Workers 12, Library Assistant lTreas. 121. SHAUL, PAULA E. Co-op. SHAW, BILL L. Trip Club, Showboat, Co-op. SHEA, JAMES L. Football 10-11, Baseball 10, Bowling 11 lPres. 121. SHEPHARD, BEVERLY A. Co-op. SHEPHARD, CAROL A. Jr-Sr. Event, French Club 10-12, Showboat, Bowling 10-11, Dramatics Club 10-12, GAA 10-12. SHOLTE, JAMES F. Football 10-12, Baseball 10-12, Basketball 10, Varsity Club 12. SHOWERS, ELIZABETH A. Bowling 12, Social Workers 12. SIAS, RONALD J. Band 10-11, Hi-Y 12, Trip Club. SIMENSON, KATHRYN J. Band 10-12, Showboat, GAA 11-12, Y- Teens 11-12, Social Workers 11-12, Bible Club 10-11, Trip Club. SIMPSON, DALE SKELTON, DONALD SKIBOWSKI, SANDRA K. Y-Teens 10-11, Showboat, GAA 10-12, Letter Club 12, Trip Club. SKY, JEANNE SMALL, CORINNE E. Social Workers 10-11. SMITH, GERALD D. Track 11, Cross Country 11, Band 10-11. SMITH, JAMES D. Track 10-12, Varsity Club 11 lPres. 121, Hi-Y 10-11, Soph. Board, Jr. Board. SMITH, JOANN K. GAA 10-11, Waterlog Staff 11, Anchor Staff CBusiness Manager 121, Soph. Board, Trip Club, Student Council 10. SMITH, SHARON K. SOLDEN, CARL W. Football 11-12, Varsity Club 11 lTreas. 121, Track 11-12, Body Building Club 10. SONCRAINTE, JUDITH SOVERIGN, SALLY M. GAA 10-12, Showboat, Letter Club 11-12, Bible Club 11, Social Workers 12, Trip Club. SPENCER, FRANCES Student Council 10, Cheerleading lCaptain 101, GAA 10-12, Letter Club 11-12, French Club lTreas. 101 Nice Pres. 111 12, Future Teachers 10-12, Choir 10-12, Oper- etta 10-12, Jr. Board, Y-Teens 11-12, Bowl- ing 11 CSec. 121, Christmas Dance, Trip Club. SPRINGER, SUZANNE N. GAA 10-12, Cheerleading 11, Bowling 10, Letter Club lDirector 11-121, Trip Club. STECK, JAMES STEWART, JACK D. Jr. Board, Soph. Board, Student Council 12. STITZ, MILAN W. Basketball 10. STITZ, OWEN L. STOTTLEMEYER, CAROLYN L. Library Club 11, Showboat. STUART, BONNIE S. Soph. Board, Jr. Board, Student Council 12. STUDT, JOHN G. Soph. Board fTreas.1, Baseball 10-12, Bas- ketball Ii-12, Football IO, Hi-Y I0-I2 Varsity Club 11-12, Showboat, Trip Club. SWEET, ONALEE J. Student Council 10, Y-Teens 11, GAA 11 Showboat, Dramatics Club 10-11. TAYLOR, ALBERT J. Co-op, Chemistry Club 12. TAYLOR, ELEANOR R. Dramatics Club 10-11, Trip Club lRep.1 GAA 10-11. 1 1 TEBO, DEAN Co-op. THOMPSON, KAREN K. GAA 10-11, Y-Teens 11-12. TIPPETT, DORA A. Y-Teens 10-11, Anchor Staff 12. TOWLE, VALERIE K. Social Workers 12, Anchor Staff 11-12, Waterlog Staff 11, Showboat, Future Nurses 12. TRAICOFF, RICHARD W. Football 10, Track 11-12, Chemistry Club 11-12, Dramatics Club 11-12, Body Build- ing Club 10-11, Showboat, Varsity Club 12, Trip Club. TRAXLER, DELORES P. Bible Club 11, Social Workers 12. TURNER, LYNNDA F. GAA 10-11, Anchor Staff 11-12, Waterlog Staff 11, Showboat 11, Trip Club. UNDERWOOD, SHARON L. GAA 0-11 lTreas. 121, Letter Club 11-12, Showboat, Bible Club 10 lSec. 111, Trip Club. UPCHURCH, LAURA UPCOTT, GARY USINGER, RUTHANN Soph. Board, GAA 11, Y-Teens 11-12, Trip Club, Showboat, Christmas Dance, Ski Club 12. VALDIVIA, MILTON L. Co-op, Dramatics Club 10, 12. VAN DEUSEN, SHIRLEY A. Social Workers 12, Bowling 10, Showboat, Operetta 11-12, Choir 11-12, Homecom- ing, Trip Club. VAN HORN, CAROL A. Y-Teens 10-11, GAA 10-11, Trip Club, Waterlog Staff lBusiness Manager 121, Jr.- Sr. Event, Quill and Scroll 12, Co-op. VAN HUIZEN, KAY Chemistry Club 11-12, Photography Club 11, Trip Club. VAUGHN, RUTH A. Y-Teens 10-11 CPres. 121, Student Council 11, Sr. Board CSec.1 Showboat, Choir Board lPres. 121, GAA 10-12, Letter Club 12, Dramatics Club 10-11. VELZY, WILLIAM VERCH, CHARLES Baseball 12. VERH EY, WILLIAM P. VERMETT, MARY E. Library Club 10, GAA 11, Bowling 12. VOGL, BETTY J. Co-op, Homecoming, Student Council 10. VOUGHT,- CAROL Future Nurses 10 lTreas 111, Y-Teens 10- 12, GAA 10-12, Student Council 10, Show- boat, Letter Club 12, Trip Club, Dramatics Club 11, Chemistry Club 12. WALKER, GLORIA J. Bible Club 11, Social Workers 12. WALTER JERRY C. Basketball 11, Showboat, Track 11, Cross Country 10. WARD, ROGER A. Football 10-11, Showboat, Student Council 11, Trip Club. WARNECKE, JAMES D. Cross Country 10-11, Body Building Club 11, Co-op. WARNER, LARRY G. Track 10-12, Football 11-12, Varsity Club 11-12, Bowling 10-11, Band 10, Chemistry Club 11, Jr. Board. WARNER, THOMAS WATKINS, CAROL Ski Club 12. WATTS, VERNON WELCH, VIRGINIA L. Social Workers 11-12. WELLINGTON, JOAN WERT, JAMES WEST, CARL W. WESTERN, ELSIE M. WHITCOMB, PENNY M. Showboat, Trip Club. WHITE, DANIEL Bowling 10, Ensemble 11, Anchor Staff 10-11, Co-op, Operetta 10-11. WHITMIRE, WAN DA C. Showboat, GAA 10-11, French Club 11, Y-Teens 11. WILLIAMS, CYDNEY J. Cheerleading 10, GAA 10, Student Council 11, Quill and Scroll 11-12, Waterlog Staff 11, Showboat, Christmas Dance. WILLIAMS, SARAH L. GAA 10-12, Choir 11-12, Dramatics Club 10, Glee Club 10, Showboat, Y-Teens 11, Christmas Dance, Trip Club. WILSON, DAVID C. Dramatics Club 11-12, Thespians 12, Choir 10-11 CAssistant Director 121, Showboat, Student Council 12. WILSON, SHARRON J. Y-Teens 10-11, GAA 10-12, Bowling 11, Glee Club 11, Choir 12, Chemistry Club 12, Showboat, Trip Club. WILSON, WAYNE M. Wrestling 11. WINTER, DOROTHY A. Showboat, Cheerleading 10, Dramatics Club 10, Homecoming. WISNIEWSKI, DENNIS T. Hi-fi Club 11, Trip Club, Library Club 11, Visual Aids 10-12, Dramatics Club 10-12, Thespians 11-12. WOLVERTON, MARY B. Y-Teens 11, Dramatics Club 12, Trip Club. WOOD, DONNA L. Bowling 11, GAA 11. WOOD, ROBERT WOOD, WILLIAM H. Football 10, 12, Co-op 11-12, Trip Club Rent. WOODS, GERALD WOODS, HENRY YONOVICH, JOHN YOUNG, CAROL J. Student Council 10, Jr. Board 11, Show- boat. YOUNG, PHYLLIS S. Future Nurses 12. YOUNGER, LANNY D. Student Council 10 CPres. 111 12, Debate 10-11, Dramatics Club 10-12, Bowling 10- 12, Showboat, Golf 12, Hi-Y 12, Chemis- try Club 1 1. ZILKA, ROLAND H. Trip Club, Showboat, Soph. Board. ZISMAN, PAULA K. Soph. Board, Chemistry Club 11, Jr.-Sr. Event, Showboat, Trip Club, GAA 10-11, Homecoming, Y-Teens. 11, Band 10. Junior Board ,am SEATED: R. Newman, L. Tenuta, S. Gregory, J. Schroeder, S. MacAbee, R. Miller, A. Harrell. STANDING: E. Elliott, C. Saul, F. Boston, D. Parker, J. Hetherington, J. Turner, S. Faxon. Juniors Meet Old Friends and Faculty Janice McClain, treasurer, Bob Cooper, president, Georgia Sword, secretary, Jerry Andre, vice president. Beginning their Junior year, the class of '60 elected Bob Cooper president, Bob Diamond, vice president, Georgie Sword, secretary, and Janice McClain, treasurer. Sponsors of the class were Mrs. Elsie Carter and Mr. Duward Chaffee. "Turnabout," a Sadie Hawkins dance, held on November 21, was the first Jun- ior class sponsored clance of the year. Entertainment featured Paul Lennon, popular comedian- irnpressionist and singer accom- panied by Beverly Wells, Junior class member. On the nights of February 5 and 7, the annual Junior Showboat, the main money-making proiect of the class, was presented with "South Seas Showboat" as its theme. At the beginning of the second semester, the Juniors took over the bookstore. The appointed trip club officers were Jack Comas, president, Elaine Elliott, secretary, and Pat Herzina, treas- urer. "March Whirl," a masquer- ade dance held on March 20, was the last Junior sponsored dance of the year. ABEL, GARY ' ADAIR, BONNIE ADAMS, GEORGE AINSWORTH, ROY ALBRIGHT, JACQUELINE ALLEN, SANDRA ALLISON, ANDREA AUTHIER, SANDRA BABA, JULIE BACHUSZ, ROBERT BADEN, CAROL BADGER, SHARON BAHLING, ROGER ' BAILEY, DAVID BAILEY, DUANE BALL, CAROLYN BALLARD, PEGGY BARNARD, JANET BARNARD, ROLAND BARNHART, MARILYN BASORE, PEGGY lfis I ,, , V, R- , gli' BE w I W if is B? 'HE 2 - 1- '-" 111 ., I ' T113 "fig .' L: ' 7 -,,, LV QL: K Q1 Kg? I f' , Q i I" Q5 V I 'I L- ,. 'V . A f 'En-wggivzz, I Av -1 ' f -qy,.'I?iL' , I I I -gg? IY ME? . :wg .Iii W Y- 4 3 , Rx B- , W I iii 4 ,Y Il A .I 1, B ' W SA-' X Q I I B L ,ff Aww I 5 "-9' J JY L .- .. . H. O .J 1 ' 51 3 1 I JI' I H2395 VILLA. 5 W 3 ' ' ' 1 '1 B ,X I K' A M L' L? igiifk I BEACOM, SHIRLEY ,gs ,,, b 4 BEAUREOARD, SANDRA R , , iw BELL, MARILYN ILLLLAL BENDALL, JULAINE I BENFIELD, JAMES I Ag I BENNETT, HARRY BENNETT, REX I I, , BERGEMANN, KAREN ii BERTRAM, SHERRY IIS., LLL Q SAS if , BEST, JUDITI-I ' R ., LQ, BIOLER, SHARON M ,T ,M , BILLS, ROBERT ,L" , gg I BISKNER, JOSEPH " " A E+ f A BLACKBURN, SANDRA BODMER CHARLES BOMSTA ROGER ,,x, , BONE BETTE BOSTON, FRED BOWLES, DANIEL BOYER, JUDITH ' , BLAIR, CONNIE AWAII 4 r AI I , , BRADEN, CHARLOTTE P' . BRADFORD, RICHARD I BREAULT, ROY -, i" BREEDING, DALE BRODERS, THOMAS I I, A X . I BRONDIGE, JAMES I1 , , W1 I I , BROWN, CHARLES -1 BRYCE, WILLIAM Y- BURKHARDT, VERNON A BURNIA, DENNIS ' , I --" ' BURT, JUDY 'Rr I BUTLER, JERRY CADWALLADER, MICHAEL CALDWELL, DIANA I CAMPBELL, PATRICIA f - CANTERGIANI, KAY CAPPEL, LINDA CAREY, RICHARD .Z CARR, DANIEL CATO, SANDY CHEEK, CONNIE Kathy Kantarian, Jerry Lewis, and Janice Smith study United States History. CHEW, PAULINE CHRYSLER, MARION CLARK, CHARLENE CLEMENTS, ROGER CLOUSE, MARY CLOVER, GREG COFFEY, GAYLE COJOCAR, DIXIE COLE, BARBARA COLEMAN, ELAINE COLWELL, DAVID COMAS, JACK COMPTON, ANNE COOK, CARLEEN COOK, FREDERICK COOPER, DARRELL COOPER, ROBERT COREY, DAVID COSEY, GARY COTE', MARY COUSINOW, JEAN COX, BETTY CRONKRIGHT, CAROL CROWLEY, BETTY DAVIS, CLAUDETTE DAVIS, ELVIRA DEARBORN, ELDONNA DeBOER, SHIRLEY DENMAN, PAULINE DEVANEY, ROBERT DIAMOND, ROBERT DIECK, JAMES DIEDERICH, ROGER DIETRICH, GERALD DION, SHARON DODMAN, GARY DOOLIN, LINDA DOVRE, JULIA DOWSON, LARRY DOYDN, DAVE DWIRE, HARRY EASLEY, CHRIS EBEY, MARILYN EDWARDS, VICKY EHLERS, SHARLENE EICHBRECHT, GARY ELLIOTT, ELAINE ELLIS, GERALD ERIKSEN, BARRY EVANS, MARILYN EVANS, SHERRYL ' W 1 , 41- 'H . - ,.,. ii fgf , I 1 , , fr - :. Ir I 1 FRAWLEY, PATRICIA FRIEDLY, JOHN FRIZZLE, DIANA FROMN, JOHN FUCHS, BONNIE FULKERSON, RAYMOND GAFF, JOEL GAINER, JULIE GALPIN, DONALD GAMMAGE, RICHARD GARRETT, JOANN GARYET, NICHOLAS GASCO, GARY GAVETTE, LEONARD GAYLOCK, JAMES GAYNOR, GARY GEARY, MICHAEL GEMMELL, GERALD GIANNINI, MIKE GIANNINI, PETE GIBSON, PAUL GIDLEY, MAUREEN GILBERT, DONNA GILBERT, FRANK GOFF, THOMAS GOINS, RONALD GOLDING, DIANE GOODWIN, JERRY GOSCHKE, LESLIE GRACY, DONNA GRAHAM, GAIL GRANT, JACK GRANT, ROY GRASSI, CARL GREEN, EILEEN GREENTHAL, JUDY GREER, KAY GREGORY, SANDRA GREGORY, SHARON GRIGGS, PATSY GROVE, TERRY GROVES, FRED FARNUM, JOHN FAWCETT SUSAN FAXON, SARAH FINCANNON, JEAN FISHER, GARY FITZPATRICK, CLYDE FLEMING, NORMA FLENER, BETTY FORBES, SUSAN Carolyn Snyder works in the book gtorelduring her study hall fo earn money for her senior Trip. - s I . A AL,. J 6' K5 J IE M, gig ,E if 7+ Y- ,. . L+ A. A ,,. A I my-j 'I-' Mx., Ei? L- ibr? L 'S 235 Y, X 3' I . M 2 W 3 GUIZAR, VERA , L HADDON, JAMES 'Im gf E I-IAIGHT, RON I 5 I-IAINES, EMILY Mags... HALE, GARY gh 1 I-IALTER, JANICE HARRELL, ALICE R , , HARRELL, ELBERT HARRINGTON, JOANNE 3 M' HARTMAN, KRIS HAYNES, KATHY HEARN, SUE HEITMEYER, HELMAN, HELTMAN SUSAN HELTSLEY TOMMY HENDRY MARRIETTA HENLEY WAYNE ' HERZINA PATRICIA FJ, JOANN RICHARD I 1 I'-F'-ri' ' we I-IENSLEY, LINDA L 9 1 N L Si HETHERINGTON, JIM 42. M? I ' 2 Lr' Y R R 55' Ne ,LR V A 4. UI. . 1 WI 5.55155 I , , Y nf? I Q , , is I xt .J ,Q HI ,ii Q 33 Q45 f IIA A HEWEIT, DIANNE ' IIS -zl "" ' HEWITT, KAREN A AII ' , ,J Hll-UKER, ELEANOR I--' I I HOLIE'R?N'A5f'i,A F I Il -I AEEA , I f , HOLMES, JULIA -il HOLMES, KAREN I I If-'ff , 1 . - A HOOPER DONNA ,J ,, , i' - . E Fx' "',' f ' , .QRS ' , 9 Q I I-IORP, BONNIE Lw.,iq AAIIJ V, I . A 3-gk I-IORNSBY, LAWRENCE LI, I , . - , , HOWELL, SHARON Q., ,IL. ,.i 3 A HOYEs, DENNIS I1 A , e I-IUOI-IES, LAURA 37 I-IUMBAUOH, DONNA ,Y HUNSINGER, GWENDOLYN -A A f A HUTCHINGS, VIVIENNE Q , 6, HUTCI-IINsON, STEVEN I., IRVIN, ROBERT . JACOBSON, JUDY -TILE 5 FS 4-, , 5 ' l xii X . f I X . K. , , 7 53 5 ,L.I A In-1611411 J' ,, Y A 'FJ ,M gg ff E Su Jag , .4.. A M6 5 x JEH LE, LORANN JENKINS, DUDLEY JOHNSON, SUE JOHNSTON, JULITH JONES, GERALD KAINES, CAROL KANTARIAN, CATHERINE KEISER, MARCIA KELLY, CLAUDIA KERN, PATRICIA KILGORE, PAULA KING, JOAN KING, PATRICIA KLIMEK, JUDITH KNEISEL, CHRISTINE KNISLEY, KAROLYN KOENIG, NANCY KOLB, KATHLEEN KULICH, GARY KUMPULA, ALLEN KUMPULA, KAYE KUNSE, WILLIAM LaCLAIR, GARY MacLARTY, ARCHIE MCALLISTER, SHARON MCCLAIN, JANICE MCCLELLAN, KENNETH MCCORMICK, VIRGINIA MCCOY, LYNN MCGINLEY, MARY MCGINNIS, SHARON MCKENNA, SHARON MCKIM, NADINE MCKINNEY, JUDITH MCKINNON, JOAN MCNAB, JOHN MADILL, KAREN MADILL, SHARON MARBLE, LARRY -MARRIOT, JOHN MARTIN, BRENDA MATTESON, SUE MAWHINNEY, WILLIAM MAXFIELD, WILLIAM MAXWELL, BETTILU MAYO, JOSEPH MELLEMA, RODGER MELLICK, SHEILA MERAY, RICHARD MERCER, KATHLEEN MERZ, CAROL MESSLER, NANCY METHNER, CAROL MEYER, CAROL MILES, JACQUELINE MILLER, BARBARA MILLER, CLIFFORD MILLER, NORRIS MILLER, PATRICIA MITCHELL, GORDON MITCHELL, PATRICIA MOORE, CHRISTINE MORAN, DUANE MORTIMER, JUDITH MORTON, JAMES LAKE, MARYLYN LANCE, SANDRA LANG, AUDREY LANG, MIKE LANGDON, JOHN LARSON, ALAN LEDFORD, JANICE LEE, SANDRA LESSEL, CLAUDIA LEWIS, BEVERLY LEWIS, GERALD LILES, DONNA LIPPERT, SUE LOBB, CATHY LOCH, JUDITH LOONEY, BONNIE LOWE, ARLEY LOWRY, JACK LUXON, RICHARD LYNCH, BARBARA MacABEE, SANDRA Diane Golding signs in her guest at an after game dance. MOYSES, GARY MURPHY, LINDA MURPHY, MARGARET MURRAY HENRY .1 MURTHUM MARCIA MYERS RODGER vggg Ei, NEFF, WARREN gai RR'R f- f ' I -A NEWMAN, RUTH ., L . L 'I V NEWMARCH, BONNIE f 'i ii RRJT ,..- EEE? fawf :.,,.1,E fT .g Aulk RQ yxix ff R742 '--' , Yn'Y "': NIELSON, DAVID ,C .T I NIXONI CHARLES ' p I 'T NOBLE, SHARON Y P gg .gg NOLEN, SHARON "Y' ' J ,v ' MC . f A NURENBURG, THERESA 4 I T I 'V,V 3 A OBERT, KENNETI-I C R115 up 3 OLSON, JERRY I ., OSBORNE, GARNER C o'sHEA, KATHLEEN f CTT, SUZANNE f-' A I R PARKER, DAVID ,gf EKYR 2-- PARTRICK, PATRICIA g .IETE PASCHKE, JAMES PATTERSON, JON PATTISON, VIRGINIA PATTON, JUDITH PATTON, NANCY PAYNE, GARY PEARSALL, LINDA PERKINS, JOSEPH PERKIO, GARY PETERS, MAUREEN PETERSON, CAROL PETERSON, DEAN PIETRZAK, JANICE PLATZ, JUDY PLAUTZ, JOHN POFFENBERGER, WM. POTTER, BLAINE POTTER, NORMA PRATT, ROGER PRESTON, LOUIS PULLEYBLANK, RONALD RANDALL, ALAYNE RASK, PAUL RAUCH, BEVERLY RAY, EARL RAYSIN, YVONNE RETZLAFF, STEPHEN REXFORD, BRUCE REXFORD, PAT REYNOLDS, DARLENE ROTH, RAYMOND ROUSSEAU, DAVID RUELLE, ARTHUR RULE, BRUCE RULE, RONNIE RUPPRECHT, GERALD RUSS, SHARON RUSSELL, JOYCE RUTLEDGE, JAMES RYAN, JOHN RYDEN, VIVA ST. CLAIR, MARYLOU ST. DENNIS, JOAN ST. LAWRENCE, LINDA SANDLIN, JAMES SANTALA, DOREEN SAUL, CAROL SAYRE, DOUGLAS SCHACK, LAWRENCE SCHERBING, DOROTHY SCHROEDER, JERRI SCOTT, ROBERT SECAN, FRANK SELBERG, DONNA SEXTON, DEANNA SHAMBARGER, JOANN SHARETTE, ILENE SHELTON, CAROL SHERMAN, DAVID SHERWOOD, LAURALEE SHOOK, PEGGY SHUNCK, SALLY SIMMONS, JACK SIMPSON, CONNIE SIMPSON, JACK SIMPSON, RALPH SKY, CAROL SMITH, EVERETT SMITH, FRED SMITH, SHARON SMITHSON, DAVID SNEED, JUDY RIABUCHA, TONY RIDDLE, JOAN RISE, NOEL ROBERTS, GLENDA ROBERTSON, NANCY ROBINSON, RAY ROLFE, CONNIE ROLLISON, JAMES ROSE, PATRICIA Betty Sue Steehler hangs art work on bulletin boards in the halls. Gif , 1 : ' is 3 W, 1 It -Q- Iwi I ks, gpm QM ax! QE dig, ' s Q 'S , ,K Sf' L F sNYDER, CAROLYN D ,q., SNYDER, LESLIE , .:-' E.,:, A' sOUsLlN, LOWELL I SPITZER, JOE SPU R LOC K, DUAI N E , "L' 'YEL I SPURLOCK, SANDRA - xi? 55? X ' STANLEY, CA ROLYN I T, ' STARK, VONNIE STATTON, WILLIAM STAYTON, JOANNE STEEHLER, BETTY STEVENS, JUDITH STEWART, STANLEY STICKLER, DONALD STICKNEY, JOHN STIEBER, GARY STIREMAN, WILLIAM STOBBE, RANDALL STOCKER, DANIEL STOCKWELL, DIANA STRAINER, DAVID 'INY - ..,,, - 5 l 5 , 5,5 L h Lv I 1 A 2 ,A L." ' 4 1, 3 -,fix 1. 51 L. E J. . C Av ATE A Tfglufk Q, 'Ts E R A, J X :W ' , Es. W? , 4 wi? K, My E L. ' 4:--, V wi E 'D' Z IU' 'Q kr .I .L J + L ive W3 Ei 1' -.E .fm "T ,f gif , 53, . Q 'Q'- X.-iqgakgagyvnk ,. Au, aa E, IIE223 :ffflfi E. 151 5 5 I fs 3' f PR' 2 T QT I ISE ., sTRONG SALLY SWANSON KAREN A SWORD GEORGIA TARcHALsK1, MARY " TATU, CAROL TAYLOR, MARY STUART, NANCY 'f TEEUWISSEN, JOHN TENUTA, LORRAINE THOMAS, JANET THOMAS, ROBERT THOMAsON, CHARLES THORNTON, LYMAN TOLES, RONALD a g TUCKER, JAMES TURCSAK, VERONICA TURKOWSKT, RONALD Qhbl TURNER, JEANNETTE UNDERWOOD, TIMOTHY UPLEGGER, JAMES E , VAN HORN, DONNA I ,L VERNAN, BETTY ET VIDOR, KAREN ,,,,, ,,, TE A VILLARREAL, EMLLIA ,,,T ' ' voss, GEORGE , WAARA, BARRY J wAlNsCOTT, SUSAN WALKER, CHARLES I Q az' ggj 'i-, J gs ,,.,, .- J WALTON, DONNA ,, :2': WARTHEN' APRIL :LL WATSON, JOHN WATTS, ELLIS I 'I"l I I J" I WATTS' I-'NDA , A Y. , LL' WEEDON, BENSON 1 Q-,: WEILER, PATRICIA T .-,T-L WELLS, BEVERLY WESTNES, CAROL WETTLAUFER, WILLIAM 'jg E,,T WHEELER, COLLEEN ' T' WHITCOMB, DONNA WHITE, LINDA It Q ,.: , 5 SI .f,, T4 --1 3 11' WHITE, ROBERT WHITTEMORE, JONI WILDEY, WAYNE WILLIAMS, LEONARD WILLIAMSON: -NORMA WILLIAMSON, PATRICIA WILSON, FRANK WILSON, ILEANE WILSON, LUTHER WILSON, MARY WILSON, RODNEY WINDELL, CONSTANCE WINDELER, DONALD WINGER, JAMES WISNIEWSKI, DIANE WOLF, HENRY K WOOD, PATTY WOODWARD, JAMES WURL, THOMAS YARBER, DAVE ZELIASKO, AILEEN The class of '61, the largest sophomore class to come from lsaac E. Crary Junior High, be- gan the year by electing Bob Newman, president, Sue Mobey, vice president, Paulette Mac- Abee, secretary, and Carolyn Klender, treasurer. Sponsors of the class were Miss Lulah Mc- Cully and Mr. John Coleman. Two dances were sponsored by the class during the year, a Val- entine's dance, "Hearts in Rhythm," and a spring dance in April, as well as a pep assembly centered around the basketball game between Waterford and Southfield. The responsibility of publicizing the school sports ac- tivities, through the 1959 foot- ball season was accepted by the Sophomores. TI? Paulette MacAbee, secretary, Sue Mobey, vice president, Carolyn Klender, treasurer, Bob Newman, President. Sophomores Face New Facts and Faces SEATED: S. Swanson, L. Elwell, J. Menzer, J. Ballard, J. Pinner, C. Bell. STANDING: D. Coffey, D. Wallace, D. Klender, B. Bayma, M. Harrington, H. Savas, D. Copes, L. Harmes, J. Squires. W? J B ' . . Qsklsk L : Sophomore Board DAVID ACHA DUWAYNE AKER JUNE ACKERMAN ROBERT AKERLEY SUE AKERLEY GERALD ANDRE RAY ALTON LARRY APPLETON PATRICIA ARMSTEAD LYNDA ARNOLD ROBERT ATCHISON KARL ATKINS SANDRA BADEN WILLIAM BADEN L L-:B , H- - 7 . I - I I' In F "lg .334 J H L L ' 3:1 ,,,..u 0 Q . I ,-NX A 5, .5 1 4. W gf ,614 GARY BAILEY , 4 JEANETTE BAILEY an NORNIA BAILEY L .L .., WILMA BAILEY If ' PATRICIA BAKER 'E fs' ROBERT BAKER L BEVERLY BALLARD .M A IRLI A A RIIII Q! -1 BIBI Ig I BL'1 I L',I I5 If LLL ,FII ,.,.,... ffk I? M2 L3 , 'M M , I if L" :--:: -4 Y fa I x ' f L5 P: ' , AVIZ . KL :..' A . ' 'f-.BJ A az I' f L :RL I A 2,'.' . I 'fiz IIB I I , i ..,,A,. E : Ia L Lg ,,: , I 73 eg If T w tj Efi w k ,J A223 5 is I I II NRI AI L -I II A In I RA I I LL , . - ,. , S i, .,,.,, I I --:gk 1 4 A ,,, A I IL , .,,, , ,, , Lg. L ,L I 252355 az: if -, Kg L, 2Q:xff1mI5fII'Ii I' - 'Kwai -fi A JUDY BALLARD PAT BALLARD MARJO BALLARD WILLIAM BALLARD DARWIN BALDWIN DONALD BANKS FREEMAN BARBER HAROLD BARBER MARVIN BARNHART WAYNE BARNHART CARL BARNOWSKY WILLIAM BARRACO DUANE BAUMGRAS BEN BAYMA SUE BEAVER DARLENE BECK WILLIAM BELISLE BEVERLY BELL CAROL BELL CLIFFORD BELLANT DIANE BENEDICT TERRY BENEDICT LARRY BENNETT PEGGY BENNETT JOHN BERGLUND ROBERT BIGELOW TERRY BIGELOW SANDRA BIGGER JOYCE BIRKER RICHARD BIRON JUDY BOLLMAN LINDA BOWEN JOAN BOUGINE WILLIAM BOYER JAMES BOYER BRUCE BRADY CAROLYN BRANDT KATHLEEN BRAY KAREN BREEDING LEONORA BRESNAHAN SANDRA BRINEY ELWIN BROWN 1 JUDY BROWN SUE BRYANT ROYCE BU NCE BARBARA BUNNELL HARRIETTE BURGIN Students study together rooms during study hall. PATRICIA BURKHARDT RONALD BUTLER JERRY CALDWELL in fhe Committee . J 4.3 Wgsssaggx 1- M t 51" , f sf , , f i' , 1 Y-E I K 6 "',: I- li ::- , if 1:- I selet- is L- "Vs ' 5 L55 ' , t,,. - , 11:110- .3 ILL , "PF , 555 sg -fagff 2 s I ,L . L . :ECE 1 ,I 'las . Iggy - 5 R . Aw Q3 E .Es' , I tg B ,Lyme U' It-we Q is 4, I : fa ,. . Ezvf CHARLES CAMPBELL JACQUELINE CAMPBELL SHARON CANTERBURY LOIS CARLSON ROBERT CARTER JAMES CASPERS BARBARA CAVERLY DANIEL CHAMBERLAIN LORETTA CHAPMAN CAROL CLARK DENNIS CLINE DIANE CLOUSE ALDEAN COBBLE JERRY COE DARLENE COFFEY ARNOLD COLLINS BARBARA CONIBEAR WILLIAM COOK SHARON COOPER RICHARD COPES MICHAEL CORBIN WILLIAM COUTURE HUGH COVENTRY SUE COVERT JACK CRAVEN ANNE CREBASSA DAVID CROSS PENELOPE CULLEN CLARK CUMMING KARREN CUMMINGS MARYANNE CUTHRELL CYNTHIA DAHL ALFRED DAISLEY KAREN DALEY CECELIA DARIMONT JARED DAVIS SHEILA DAVIS WILLIAM DAVIS ALAN DAVISON DONNA DAWE GEORGE DE BARR ROBERT V DECONICK ' . .V ,, - .,,L2Qi6 -2321 - - V I I - , '-'- -"" ., M5 ,- ,,.. , ff ,. .,.. E: , H - W-m,a.ef:, L DEBORAH DICK HELEN DICKALL JAMES DICKERSON THOMAS DION MURL DODGE ELMER DOREY LEONARD DOREY WALLACE DOUGHTY DELORES DOYAN DOROTHY DRAPER ROGER DUFF CAROL DUNN KAREN DUNLAP ROBERT DURR RICHARD DURSO CAROLYN DUNNIGAN JO ELLEN DYE FRED ECKLUND DONNA EDWARDS MICHAEL EGRES DONALD ELLENBROOK DAVID ELLIOTT SUSAN ELLIOTT CORA ELLIS LINDA ELWELL EDWARD ELLSWORTH KAREN ERVIN JOANNE EVANS SALLY EVANS WARREN EVERETT BRUCE FALES SHARON FAUBLE JOE FALLS VICTOR FARNUM TIMOTHY FARRIS ROBERT FEATHERSTON SUZANNE FIELD BRUCE FINCANNON ELAINE FINKBEINER JANET FISCUS HILDA FISHER KAREN FLETCHER JAMES DELAUTER SALLY DELBRIDGE KENNETH DELDERFIELD RONALD DELDERFIELD LEROY DE MASELLIS DAVID DE MILNER JANET DENEEN KATHRYN DEWITT MAURREEN DIAMOND Nila Stewart practices on her fIute dur ing band. I LLIIII IJLILII L,LLII , F f- - If 5' ,pa -Y-W-I5 ffm- I RAYMOND FLETCHER kig, :,,A , WILLIAM FORBIS II WALTER FORBES I 'W STEPHANIE FRACK STEVEN FOSTER Lf.1 I 3' BARBARA EREELs LR- Rx I I cEc:ILIA FREEMAN ROBERT EREY NORMAN FROLING . CARLENE FULLER LAVONNE GADDIS GLENDA GAGE PATRICIA GALLAGHER ' FRED GAMEL , - I DONALD OARD CHARLOTTE GATES , DONALD GIBSON ff OARRY GILBERT .... THOMAS GILLIS ' ,Q LELAND OINTER MARY GLASSPOOLE Q" A I I .V .,,L ,K I"I I , , is A . I tu : AA .R ig I .+ 1 dr Wi! 4 Y 2 . L85 WH R 6 K vw Q Ii K ' 'i : ig. KI- .- If , IIB, ,E I.R,,,,,., A , 7. -In If.. :II AIR., -.W ELA '-1:I, I f -i-?I.s1'II?II LQ, E.. 4 , IR, I ,,,.,.,,. .M si? 2 B TE gn A . 5... ta, M ,. Rik fx rm, -I N: .mr .. .. sw fjgkwuzg:-if .A 5- , 1 Lg, QIIMR ,, 7 - , I Er. E , 'fi 'vi - W 7, , A Iifgk 'I' I IM A 'I R T I: I .W , I all , I BIB If 'if E 5 " O, .,... Q NAR F -R 2 T M ERI, 2' if' QWWQ In My ,xii E.1 Il U IT I R v'fI THOMAS GODDARD DAVID GOFF WARREN GOOCH ROGER CAROLYN GOODE WAYNE GOODWIN MARY GOSHEN KAYE GRANT GRAVES JANETTA GREEN LARRY GREEN LINDA MIKE GREENBLATT FRED GREENLEAF HALL GREENWOOD CLAUDE GREGORY GRIFFIN ALICE GRIGGS KATHERINE GROVES RICHARD GUILDS KATHLEEN HADDEN GARY HADSELL REX HAGOOD WILLIAM HAGERMAN SANDRA HAIRE STEVEN HALE DONNA HALL SUSAN HALL PAULINE HARDING DENNIS HARDY TIMOTHY HARE LARRY HARMS LYNDA HAROLD BRENDA HARRIS ELECTA HARRIS MAXINE HARRIS DONALD HARRISON MICHAEL HARRINGTON CARL HART CAROL HART JOYCE HART JUDITH HART BARBARA HARTHUN .IUDITH HARTMAN S, II"i' I Q-ILE 1551- -- E LYNDE HARTMAN SHARON HARTMAN JAMES HASKELL PATRICK HAWKE JERRY HAWTH ORNE JUDY HAWTHORNE DAWN HAYDEN JEAN HEDDEN SHARON HEDDEN BARRY HEIMBUCK CARL HEITMEYER JOHNNIE HENLEY ROBERT HEVERLY RICHARD HICKSON NANCY HILLER JANET HILLIKER SHARON HILLS I - I ,,h. , .. Aw - DWANE HOFFMAN 5 SI 'If' CAROLE HOLCOMB A I ' ANDREW HOLLIBAUGH DONALD HOLLIDAY JEAN HONHART LOIS HOOK DONALD HORTON CLAUDETTE HOSKINSON JAMES HUETER SHIRLEY HUETER W JOHN HORTON " EDWARD HUGHERY DOUGLAS HULL DIANA HUNT DIANA HUNT BARBARA HUNTER ROBERT HUTCHINSON PATRICIA HYATT MARIAN IRWIN JANICE JACKSON I V, LARRY JACKSON LINDA JACKSON SUSAN JACOBS KENNETH JACOBSON SIDNEY JANES id? 3 , .4fL, A M ,,,,II V L ,, . ,, wma A , E - 4 RICHARD JENKINSON ,.I A , I,E , MARILYN JENKINS I', I I I WILLIAM JENKINSON A AUSTIN JEWELL A ' I I I"'II FLORENCE JHARMARIQ Dux Aff J II1 - I BARBARA JOHNSON ,g"3giI' L I 1 I 1 A I. DANIEL JOHNS I 11 I JAMES JOHNSON A S J I I J JAKE JOHNSON I LINDA JOHNSON I,, II' SHARON JOHNSON I I IJL I IfI S, SANDRA JOHNSON :VP A I II I EISS f CARL JOHNSTON I V e 5 DANIEL JOHNSTON - I R I SAMANTRA JONES ANN JOSEPH I WILLIAM JUDGE I - ' ..,,L.J, ' LYNN KASLJBA A 1 ' MICHAEL KAINES DAVID KARL MILLICENT KARNS If? ..I'.. I E l 1 I :-J I Iv 55 1 I if I fm. sl' I I, , W .La 'I A X I .I. Gary Richard, senior, sells candy 'ro atn underclassman to make money for I'IIs senior trip. JERRY KEE ROBERT KEEL DONNA KELLOGG RITA KENT CAROL KENNERLY KAREN KIFER JUDY KING GLEN KINKLE MARTELL KINSER 39 3? IT I 'EAT g Q LINDA KIRBY W ELLEN KIRKHAM I , TARA KISER MARY KIssIcIc 4, 2 CAROLYN KLENDER 3 K ,Lg I DENNIS KLENDER , ANDREW KNAACK W 1? Y' KATHY KNISLEY CARL KOEHLER JAMES KOENIG EDWARD KRAPOHL WALTER KRESGE JOEL KRUSKIE DONALD KULICH KURT KUHNE MANFRED KUKOWSKI I ELAINE KUTSOQINIS MICHAEL LAEORM CLARK LEFURGY ' . ROBERT LANDRUM JACK LANGDON JAMES LAWRENCE LINDA LAWSON I JANET LECLAIR ILII: 1 JUDITH LANCE flv.. . CHARLES LENESCHMIDT CLAUDIA LILES ffm FULTON LEACH k d RODNEY LIONS THOMAS LITTLE ' DAVID LLOYD JAMES LLOYD THOMAS LLOYD '- ' MELLA LooNEY '92 I,b:i PATRICIA LONG MARNO LOUCKS WILLIAM LOWRY GLEN LUEHMAN JAMES LUTHER JOHN LUTTMAN JAMES LUZOD M PAULETTE MAC ABEE A A? RICHARD MARTIN DARRYL MARUICCI PATRICIA MAXON JACK MATERNA MICHAEL MAY ERNEST MAYS THOMAS MCARTHUR KAREN MC CLELLAN ERIC MCCLELLEND DANIEL MC GEHACHY SANDRA MC ILROY LINDA MCLARTY CAROL MC INTOSH STEVE MCLEOD BETTY MEDLEN JOHN MELER JOAN MENZER SANDRA MENZER JANET MERRILL MARIAN METHNER WILLIAM MIDDLETON FRANK MICELI LARRY MILES JOHN MILLER TIMOTHY MILLER EDWARD MINTON SUSAN MOBEY DANIEL MOBLEY ROBERT MONAHAN LARRY MOORE MARVIN MOGK ANNA MOREARTY DANIEL MOREARTY DONALD MORGAN WILLIAM MORRIS KAREN MORSE JEAN MORWOR JANE MOSS MARY MOSS MARISUE MORTON JANE MOULTRUP MARK MOULTRUP SANDRA MAJORS MICHAEL MANSOUR GERALDINE MARCH MARITHA MARCOS EDWARD MARKUM DONALD MARIETTA BRUCE MARTI CAROL MARTIN , , PENNY MARTIN Janet Hilliker makes up a mlssed test In the haII. 'B 1 'Y a 'Rf I Ik 176' .I 5 I Q I Q Q Q 1-E: if X ,, I. I :L I I ev -3, , ' Y a, -g" A 'sri ,I 21 ' ' , Q flbzf' if III Q ' 3. JAMES MULANIX PATRICK MULLIN MARILYN MURETT SANDRA NEDDO RICHARD NEDEAU MICHAEL NELSON ROBERT NESTOR JOEL NUESSEUDORFER STEVEN NEVALA JANET NEWCOMBE CAROLE NEWKIRK ROBERT NEWMAN JEANETTE NORTH JOEL NOVAK ., 'B Km T-rw z IL, V- , Fi, I, Sf-I . I ,, 2 L H 'EF , Rajiv ' -' I ' Q . ,..f:A ,Q ,1 JERRY OAKES In ,aA:QQ, -xzs ,P CONNIE OLIVE . I ,I TT I li SANDRA OLIVER , I .g ' RONALD O'NEIL I 'T JAMES OWCZARSKI f :g,, GARY OWENS f I A I ' THOMAS OWEN ATER ' ,, 3 . I -I ' I L , DONNA PALAZINI I AJNA I FRANK PALMER V - f Q I FLORENCE PARKER LARL I I RRRL - ,LL 5 PENNY PARKER 5 , LLL Y ROBERT PARKER ' S , DOUGLAS PARKS T Q: 1 ixnr A --+' - B ---- - I I MARY PARTAIN S, , , A CAROL PARTELLO JAMES PARTELLO I L-: if ,J JAMES PARTRICK I ,.YY...L LLJR CHARIES PAUL -'-. PHILLIP PAULIN M :"' ' LJTL A LTSALR ' ' KERRINA PAYNE Y,.,,. Qu GARRY PETERSCZIS I 9 -. -' I DIANE PETER N Q I THOMAS PETER 1 A 'RY RUTH PICKRELL fi' Q -'TT'q R JAMES PINKERTON T' - K I 5 JUDY PINNER HY Y 1 A LINDA PITTENTORF , I. RICHARD PITTMAN I Tif f-Q, , Fri . T +2 I KAREN POHL I I WALTER PRICE I LISL A R Y ISIE I ,L ANNE PRIESTLEY . R :,: iL,,:. -If FRED PROCTOR it ,-Iq' Q JOELLYN PROUT L II'R A SISTER A ir 1"T I NORMA PRUNTY L IILS Q I A BARBARA RAFALKO F4555 ., I IB :I A :if ROBERT READ BARRON REDMOND I J IL BB W FRANK REICH NOLDS I 'I kk' 4 E: El , --L I Mk' I A A I I EUGENE RIABUCHA MA IL TB JANINE RICH I I DONNA RICHARDSON Ra E4 my 4. JANETTA ROBERTSON I is EBBI 5 9 MARY ROBERTOY ,I, , 4.. A f 3517, fg ' sm ' wig., I BISIIIE I 11' ' I Pm. man' ww PATRICIA ROBERTS ROBBIE ROBERTS WILLIAM ROBERTSON FLORENCE ROBINSON wif 'S I ' 4. f I U 4Ai., W , X .IVV UQ .5,f,T':,f5ff"' :5:,,51:eE5 I if 'NIV lk ,Id E? x fl , is I. I SUSAN SHAW THOMAS SHEEHY FRED SHERMAN JERRY SHIELDS CHUCK SHRAM DAVID SIAS MICHAEL SICKELS MARILYN SIEGWART CAROL SIMMONS BARBARA SIMPSON LARRY SIVETS LARRY SKRINE PAULINE SLADE PATSY SLATON CAROL SMRCINA BARBARA SMITH DAVID SMITH JUDY SMITH NILA SMITH SANDRA SMITH SHARON SOLDWISH VICKIE SOLDWISH WAYNE SOMMERVILLE RONALD SONCRAINTE DOROTHY SORENSEN JOANNE SOVEREIGN VIRGINIA SPEARS DAVID SPIVEY JUDITH SQUIRES SANDRA SWANSEY SUE SUMMERS JOHN SUTTERS ROBERT SUTTON MARJORIE SUZOR NITA STEWARD SANDRA STEWART EDWARD STIGERS ARTHUR STODDARD SANDRA STROM CLARENCE STRONG HAROLD STOLTENBERG TERRANCE STRANGE L. , . -jk if X A ".: 5 ififel . , A. W, ,. 3' S ,jak 5 was 1 Q32 I 3 f., Q-if 1 512 T W L f we- 1 msg, If I K K 'K ' 'fi' I .5 11 'Lkq I -' '.'- ' y'igf'.iif :X-f I W W II KAREN SABELL RONALD SADLER EDWIN SAGE KAREN SAGE JEAN SALATHIEL HARRY SAVAS SUE SCHILLING NANCY SCHMANSKY WILLIAM SCHROFF BARRY SCHULER BONNIE SCHULZ KATHY SCHULTZ ROBERT SCHULTZ SANDRA SCRUGGS DONALD SECONDER SHARON SECORD CLAUDIA SEDROSKI .ROYZELLE SEXTON SANDRA SHAMBARGER KAREN SHANK MERLE SHAVER m l II'.E ..,, J: I 'tm 1- ,M ig a .Q J 7,3 . S is, QI J. III fmfiIf73-.in ' , IEQRAL Ink vi lin 'fa - fz,fff5m if " E A ,, 'K 4.- -f W an W' ,I,, . L R ,,I .J 25 V 15 ,Q T I I S ' ga Aim 13 2542, in "'v3: ,sI- asm ' 'if A ,f,. W -- , QM? ., f ' 5 These sophomores are ordering their class rings from the Balfore Company. VIRGINIA STUDEBAKER SHARON TAGGART LINDA TALABA LAVERNE TANDSKI CAROLYN TAPSCOTT GARY TATU RICHARD TAYLOR GAILA TEBO GLEN TERRY 1 I ::,221 l 2. Q il 1 . ' , -- Q22 f I L. , 1 4 ,gags - K .- . f --fmt ' 'S , J 71 'S 5? . .- , Ar 9 I , - :U V' ",. , ,LVW I PM 5 Z sm " I 4 SANDRA TEXTOR KEITH THATCHER CAROLYN THOMPSON JANICE THOMPSON SUE THOMPSON SHIRLEY TINKS PATRICIA TRACY ROBERT TRAXLER LARRY TREVETHAN DENNIS TRIPP ROBERT TUNNELL LEVEDA TURNBULL ROBERT TURNER GERRY TYLER JOAN TYLER NANCY TYNAN GERRY 'TYRER EVELYN URBONOVIE JAMES UNDERWOOD SHARON UPCOTT JERRY VADEN VICKIE VALENTINE ELEANOR VALLAD RICHARD VALLAD JAMES VANALSTINE RICHARD VANDUESEN GARY VANSCHOICK JAMES VAN SCOYOC DENNIS VASSLER WANDA VAUGHN ELIZABETH VORE JUDITH WAARA DONALD WAGNER MARILYN WAGNER RICHARD WAGNER MARGIE WALKER BONITA WALLACE CATHERINE WALLACE DAVID WALLACE WILLIAM WALTERS MARY WARD WILLIAM WARING MARJORIE WHITTEN JAMES WIGGINS CHARLOTTE WILDER CAROL WILDEY DAVID WILLIAMS 'CAROL WILLIAMS PEGGY WILLIAMS WILBERT WILLIAMSON JAMES WILLOUGBRY CAROL WILSON TERRY WILSON HENRY WILTFANG SALLY WILTON GLORIA WILTSE JANET WIRTH DENNIS WILKINS JANET WOHLFEIL SANDRA WOLOSON BRUCE WOOD JAMES WOODS KAREN WORDEN JUDITH WYATT SHARON YANSON EDWARD YOUNG SANDRA ZIETEK LELAND ZEGELIEN WAYNE ZILKA VIRGINIA WATSON JUDITH WEICHT MARY LOU WELLS SUE WELCH DONALD WENNSTEN DONNA WESTERN DONNA WESTPHAL EARL WHITE EDNA WHITE Sophonlores study quietly in the Iibrary dur mg their study halls. , ,, SQ f Q, 4 f v "" 1 .. wa W WJ Viva 'V ff " u r s may not have been the highest score, but the lessons we learn- ed mean much more We developed fine character and grew in our attitudes of good sportsmanship both as partici- pants and spectators Whether we had to sit out in the rain, snow, sleet, biting cold, or in a warm, humid, overcrowded gym- nasium, we were there, cheering for the Blue and Gold We were part of the pageantry, the spirit the thrill of athletic events V ' .. f liffi WH? t 1 ' 3935171 1+ 41 1+ tgagxggfgei ,w,, 'J ' , ,Q ll,-zu 5:-IK.. V. A' x Qggwwwiq ' 'gf 557' , , Wg?-'ef' of 1 'lm ', 1 " ' Amr 5":?"a'1L Q,'?1'?, ,V ."'7 'r,L lf l Hillel 1-all H'1lff"'7tf" 1 '!'6l5.?t""lff . , L, ., ffm- K 5, :W gxggifffw lg 4 'mqimf ' 'flfl 'li' My ,t 'flll'.'l,1L xi +15L'Tg1-,yn-:LQ hid xii.. Lxlcd-x 5,2313 wi Q fc s Q,wg,,L.,,,i3 P- fri -." P' at i f -., fr 1 Mkisihixgn ri ma zxflg, 111.gif 4x'g:,, , ,cd 15 Lf, -+941 if sw? H6-. , ,J q1'f'f4 , 'Pu I' rw 'L 33012- 'fi 2 1-Lmng L1 1-,gtg gy 1 3 " 952' ' 5 Q If WV" -1 f9f 1lf'h:lf-Q11 in HQ ra init. L Jr- x mask -r"'L"'l-" Cm D 'K lv "un " -a., t, x-ah n'-fa-.315 Wk? th '5T7gwg4"i-JJLIT A' ir 1 ,ll wlbf N 'F' ' D'-'4 v v A-It lip ,Q ,if A 1+ fA,,,,.,f ' I 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I . X Varsity football coach Dave Freeman closely watches a nightly scrimmage waiting for the right moment to send end, Dick Finkbeiner, into action. Pontiac Central Lapeer .. ...... ............-,-.......- Van Dyke ...... Farmington ..... ....... Berkley ...... Southfield ....... ....... Walled Lake ........ ....... Fordson ........... ....... Wayne ...... 1958 FOOTBALL SUMMARY Waterford ........ .... .... Waterford Waterford Waterford Waterford Waterford Waterford Waterford Waterford Skippers Suffer Eight Setbacks sv Mr. Nicholas Menghini, as- sistant varsity fo o t b a l l coach. Mr. Dave Freeman, head varsity football coach. Mr. Waldo Ashley, Water- ford's athletic director. The 1958 varsity football team - FIRST ROW: T. Goff, J. Sholte, H. Nicholie D. Panks, B. Nestor, B. Weedon, J. Saum, J. Hetherington, L. Warner SECOND ROW: M. Mielke, M. Ewer, VD. Hooper, C. Shram, H. Patterson, B. Ellixon, G. Elwell, B. Cobb. THIRD ROW: R. Bergeman, J. was seldom associated with football on the campus this fall as the Skippers had a bad year of 9 games. off the season the Skippers met Pontiac -r after playing the Chiefs even in the first half, 0-0, they fell beneath the war party sent out by the Chiefs in the second half 26-0. Apparently still shaken from the previous week the Skippers were no match for Lapeer losing by a 34-O score. Recovering somewhat from the fact that lightning does not strike twice in the same spot the Skippers took their first lnterlakes encounter over Van Dyke. Tony Hiller found himself on the receiving end of two touchdown aerials from Bill Bryce giving the Skippers the game 12-6. Displaying a fine first half for the homecoming crowd the Skippers fought the Falcons of Farmington to a score- less tie at intermission. This condition was not to prevail, however, as Farmington unleashed their power for 42 points holding the Skippers to six. Victory Waterford winning l Starting home and Hoke, D. Moran, B. Wood, B. Bryce, H. Wolf, T. Underwood, C Fitz patrick. FOURTH ROW: D. Finkbeiner, C. Solden, D. Windler, D. Gibson W. Meyer, L. Brown, T. Hiller, B. Black. Following the spoiling of the homecoming the Skippers took to the road and found the hospitality a bit rough. Berkley made the iourney home for the Skippers a sad one by defeating them 19-7. Once again the Skippers took to the road the follow- ing weekend and Southfield literally sunk the Skippers in a driving rainstorm 46-7. Waterford found their next opponent none the kinder as Walled Lake downed them 55-6. Taking their fourth iourney the Skippers met Fordson and the Tractors plowed them under 35-14. Harry Nicolie unleashed two long runs each netting him touchdowns. Waterford thein returned to what they thought was the friendly confines of their own stadium for the season's final. Wayne must not have known this for they treated the Skippers roughly sending three seniors to the hospital before attaining their 27-7 victory. An unidentified Waterford player is dropped by two Van Dyke Abes as end Tony Hiller approaches. Jim Hetherington, Henry Wolf, and Benny Weedon charge down path ready for rugged action against the Farmington Falcons. Bill Wood and Duane Hooper participate in the tossing of the coin prior to the start of the Farmington game. Wendy Meyer and Mike Kaines attempt to bring down Mike Agree of Farmington early in the game. Tony Hiller catches touchdown aerial from Bill Bryce during the Berkley encounter. Elbert Harrell, Bill Couture, and John Saum move in on Pon1iac's Harrison Munson. Tony Hiller tries To fiqhl his way past a host of Farmingion blockers. Duane Hooper looks on as Tony Hiller loosens up before The second half. lO9 X LZL- L, S f ,i ,V J. V.'s Take Two, Tie Two, Topple Twice 1958 JV FOOTBALL SUMMARY Pontiac Central .................. 6 Waterford ......-..--- Van Dyke ,,,,.,,,, .... 6 Waterford ...... Farmington .... .... 0 Waterford ...... Berkley ,,.,,,, .,.. 6 Waterford ...... Southfield .... .... I 3 Waterford ...... Walled Lake ..... .... I 3 Waterford ...... Lapeer ,,4.,,, .,,, 2 Waterford ...... The opening game of the JV's seven game schedule was played in the rain at Pontiac. The Skippers and the Chiefs fought to a 6-6 tie with Clyde Fitzpatrick getting the Waterford touch- clown on a pass from Bob Newman. The JV's didn't get their offense going in time to avoid getting their second straight tie, 6-6, this time with Van Dyke. Bob Newman sneaked over for the Skippers lone touchdown. Outplayed all the way, the Falcons just couldn't stop the Junior Varsity. The Skippers poured it on throughout the game with Clyde Fitzpatrick getting two touchdowns, and Bob Newman, Bob Carter, and Mike Kaines each scoring once for a 30-0 win. Berkley's Junior Varsity was the victim of the Skippers next uprising, 28-6. The JV's broke loose The 1958 junior varsity football team - FIRST ROW: B. Couture, D.P IDC E.S 'th D Gff H.Savas D Ba1le,J. au , . ooper, mi , . o , , . y Deitrich, J. Morton, B. Newman, A. Daisly, R. Bennett, A. Larsen. SECOND ROW: P. Giannini, N. Rise, R. Mellema, D. Parker, L. Hornsby, J. Comas, B. Ericson, N. Garyet, B. Akerly, D. Lloyd, 6 6 30 7 O 19 28 Sophomore halfback, Harry Savas drives drives through a host of Van Dyke tacklers. in the second nair after leading by 7 points and scored 3 touchdowns. Bob Newman, Harry Savas, Mike Kaines, Bob Carter got TD's for the Skippers. After an evenly match first half, the Southfield Jays punched across a second touchdown late in the game and the reserve Skippers iust couldn't get going again in time to score. Harry Savas scored the Skippers' lone touchdown, 7-I3. A crew of Vikings from Walled Lake gave the Junior Varsity its only shutout of the season by beating them 13-0 on the home field. By blocking a punt in the end zone late in the fourth quarter, the Lapeer Junior Varsity escaped being completely shutout by the Skippers on the Panther gridiron in the season closer. Mike Kaines scored twice and Bob Carter once for the Skippers in their I9-2 victory. T. McArthur, B. Carter, T. Peter. THIRD ROW: M. Kaines, R Suas L. Bennett, T. Farris, R. Bomsta, G. Abel, P. Rask, J. Koenig B Marti, B. Johnson, T. Wilson, M. Gianini. I I Ill Harriers Chalk up Six Victories CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE Visitors Waterford Thurston .......... . 34 27 Walled Lake ........ 37 20 Milford ............... 22 36 Van Dyke .................. 24 37 West Bloomfield ...... 24 34 Berkley ................... 26 31 Southfield .,..,.........,..... 25 33 Pontiac Central .............. 38 18 Orchard Lake CSt. Mary'si 19 43 , Waterford's cross country team played the role of the winner last fall as they won 6 of 9 meets. . Chester Hensley Larry Harms, and Larry Chapman strain for extra yards at the starting sprint against Pontiac in the two mile run. Waterford sent five boys to the Thurston Invitational and they were able to take fourth with four boys winning ribbons. Taking their first triangular in the history of Waterford Cross Country the Skippers beat Southfield and Farmington 25-33-27. Their third setback of the year came at the hands of the Pontiac Chiefs 18-38. The Skippers managed a third in the Inter-lakes conference meet. Larry Chapman took fifth and received a medal for his days work for the Skippers. Farmington Country Club, the site of the Regional Cross Country Meet, saw the Skippers nab 10th of 14 entries. Rounding out the season on a winning note the Skippers soundly trounced Orchard Lake St. Marys 19-43. t C C T Team - Foster, Chambeflaln, Lewis. Eichbreclmis Eurgmpmanl G' Dodmanl L ROW: A. Ruelle, J. Gibson, J. Gaff, D. Mahrle, Harms. SECOND ROW: L. Hanna, R. Butler, R- Robinson' Varsity Basketball Head Coach Gerry Wallace briefs Skippers during halftime. Waterford Cagers Take 5 of 16 1958-59 Varsity Basketball Team-KNEELING: John Studt, coach Wendy Meyer, Tony Hiller, Barry Campbell, Larry Bowen, Bill Gerry Wallace, Gary Eichbrecht. STANDING: Ray Robinson, Bryce, Dale Mahi-Ie, Harold Patterson, Gerry Lewis. ' 1 l l VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE - Wayne .............. Waterford Southfield Waterford F0rClSOr1 ....... Waterford ........ ....... Farmington ...... Waterford Berkley ............ Pontiac Northern Waterford Waterford Van Dyke ......,. Waterford Wal led Lake ...... Waterford Southfield ........ Waterford Farmington .... Waterford Berkley ............ Pontiac Northern Waterford Waterford Van Dyke ......... ....... W aterford Wayne ............ Waterford Walled Lake ....... .... W aterford ........ .... WAYNE: Two of the Skippers' losses were results of the non- league Wayne games. The Zebras took the first game by a score of 42-29, the second 54-48. FORDSON: The Waterford-Fordson game resulted in the third straight loss for the Skippers. Final score 60-39. SOUTHFIELD: The Southfield Blue Jays conquered the Skippers twice during the regular season play by the scores of 63-61 and 47-46 in a couple of heartbreakers. WALLED LAKE: Neighboring rival Walled Lake edged the Skippers in their first game 64-62, with the Skippers gaining revenge in the second game 59-50. PONTIAC NORTHERN: The Skippers netted two vic- tories from the Pontiac Northern Huskies in non-league play. The first game 80-57, the second 60-48. VANDYKE: The Van Dyke Abes and the Skippers split duringlthe regular Inter-lakes play. Van Dyke won the second game 44-43 with Waterford winning the first 55-40. FARMINGTON: The Farmington Falcons fell at the hands of the Skippers by the score of 49-48 in the season's first encounter. The second decision went to the Falcons by the score of 76-59. BERKLEY: The powerful Berkley Bears tasted two of their toughest games this season during Inter-lakes play. Although Berkley won both games by the scores of 62-59 and 47-44 "the hard-Iuck" Skippers did not concede defeat until the final buzzer. BENTLEY: In the District State Tournaments Waterford was totally outclassed by a powerful Bentley quintet, the final score 70-50. Hustler Ed Stigers, number 16, takes iump shot in Southfield game. John Studt, number 15, takes the ball from Pontiac Northern's Bruce Norton, number 5. , Awyf 1 ,LW , 3 fffif 1 e Qw fir? 'F Wifi: ff!! ,z W I s. vga. ,Q ri 6 jx! 5.- 53? 1958-59 J.V. Basketball Team - FIRST ROW: M. Giannini, A. Friedlv, B- Newman, J. Hoke, J- Andre, E. Riabucha, B- Sutton Ruelle, B. Weedon, D. Goff, B. Carter, H. Savas, T. Goff, W. Zilka, J- Gaff- D. Elliot. SECOND ROW: T. Wilson, J. Stickney, J. Delauter, J. J.V. Cagers Take Five J. V. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Wayne ..... ........,............. 4 1 Waterford .......... ..... 3 9 Southfield .... ....... 4 8 Waterford ....... ..... 4 4 Fordson -. .... 36 Waterford ....... ...... 2 9 Farmington ..... ....... 4 4 Waterford ....... ...... 4 0 Berkley ............... ....... 4 3 Waterford ....... ..... 4 i Pontiac. ,Northern ...... ....... 3 9 Waterford ....... ..... 3 6 Van Dyke .,.......... ....... 4 5 Waterford ....... ..... 5 0 Walled Lake ..... ....... 2 9 Waterford ....... ..... 3 9 Southfield .. ....... 58 Waterford ....... ..... 4 8 Farmington ..... ....... 5 O Waterford ....... ..... 3 7 Berkley ................. ....... 4 5 Waterford ....... ..... 4 l Pontiac Northern ...... ....... 4 4 Waterford ....... ..... 4 8 Van Dyke ............... ....... 3 7 Waterford ....... ..... 3 5 Wayne ........ ....... 4 9 Waterford ....... ..... 5 3 Walled Lake ..... ....... 5 4 Waterford ........ ..... 5 6 The Waterford reserve squad had a lot of bad luck in their midst this season. The J. V. cagers lost 10 of their fifteen games. Their five wins were over Van Dyke, Walled Lake twice, Pontiac Northern, and Wayne High Schools. In their losing struggles the reserve Skippers usually started the first half quite slowly and ended in a hot scoring spree. None of their losses could be considered as overpowering victories for their opponents, however, of the players who remained on the squad all season Dave Goff had the highest points per game average of 6.9 followed by Art Ruelle with a 6.8 and Dave Goff with a 6. Bob Newman and Jim Hoke were the only two reserves to be moved to the varsity squad this year. Hoke who played five J.V. games went to the varsity squad with a T2 point ave- rage. Both Gene Riabucha and Joel Goff who started the season somewhat slowly ended up the season showing considerable spark and excellent playing qualities. JV cagers Stickney, No. 19, and Riabucha, No. 6, attempt to block a shot by a Berkley cager. l Waterford Matmen Emerge With A 2-7 Record lm Pontiac Central Charles Casey, Bob Marvin Brackett Berkley .............. Southfield ...... Van Dyke .......... Walled Lake ...... Farmington ....... Edsel Ford .......... Wayne ...................... Pontiac Northern WRESTLING - FIRST ROW: David Sherman, Bob Featherston, Sherman, Don Morgan. SECOND ROW: Mr. Donald Dick Banfield, Bob Black, Bob Murphy, Carl Koehler, Mike Hubbell, captain. 39 Waterford ...... 45 Waterford 43 Waterford 34 Waterford 22 Waterford 44 Waterford 39 Waterford 15 Waterford 33 Waterford Carl Koehler tangles with a rough Berkley matman 13 .. 5 5 16 28 10 15 35 13 Skipper Bob Black attempts to roll a Pontiac Northern Husky. Waterford's wrestlilng team, which is in its second year of existence, emerged from dual competition with two wins and seven losses this year. Waterford lost to Pontiac Central, Berkley, Southfield, Van Dyke, Farmington, Edsel Ford, and Pontiac Northern. Their two victories were over Walled Lake 28-22 and Wayne 35-15. The Skippers took the fifth place bracket in the Inter- lakes Tournament, matching last year's results, with 37 points. Berkley decisively took first place with 106 points. This years captain, Mike Hubbell, was the high point man of the team with a sea- sons total of 29 points. Under the coaching of Mr. Donald Beedle the team experienced victory this year for the first time in their two seasons of existence. Last year's record was a 0-4-I in Inter Lakes competition. l?59 Track Team - FIRST ROW: L. chap-man, E. smifh, H. brecht, J- Comes, J. Smith, L- Hanna- FOURTH ROW A Nlcholle. SECOND ROW: J. Rutledge, L. Warner, T. Goff, E. Harrell, R. Meyers, J. Gibson, B. Campbell, A MacLarty H Biffle, D. Tripp, L. Harms, M. Sickels, T. Underwood. THIRD Wolf, C. Solden. ROW: B. White, B. Carter, M. Kaines, D. Traicoft, G. Eich- Trackmen Seek to Regain Title TRACK Watertord's track team is out for revenge this year to regain the Inter-Lakes track title. The Skippers had captured the crown three out of four years until last year when the strong Farm- ington Falcons took the title from them. Under the coaching of Al Cuthrell the Skippers took all of their Inter-Lakes dual meets last year because of their excellent depth. When they reached the lnter-Lakes, however, this depth was not an advantage. They needed the strong first- axnd second places to take the title. The competition is very rough but the Skippers are working hard to taste victory once again. The Skippers are very strong in many events but they are going to have to work hard to show well in some of their weaker areas. Mr. Al Cuthrell, head coach of the W terford track team. lil Up and over goes high iumper Jim Smith, who is participating in his last track Mar. 28 Apr. 7 Apr. I0 Apr. 14 Apr. 21 Apr. 28 Apr. 30 May 1 May 2 season before graduation. Huron Relays, Ypsilanti Wayne Pontiac Northern Royal Oak Donclero Southfield Pontiac Central Farmington Clarkston Central Michigan Relays A great amount ofskill and practice are re quired of pole vaulters Bob White, Ed Bartle, and Tom Goff. TRACK SCHEDULE May May May May May May May May 5 7 9 i2 13 16 20 21 Big Barry Campbell practices per fecting his form in the shot put Cranbrook Berkley Monroe Relays Milford and Clarenceville Van Dyke State Regionals Inter-Lakes Meets Undergraduate Meet Tim Underwood fleftl and Larry Warner practice the handoff as Mike Sickels, Bob Carter, and Harry Nicho- lie look on. VL- Hanna, M. Kaines, D. TraiC0ff, J- Gibson, J- COMES, G- Eiiih' Tim Underwood, Bob White, Bud Wolf, and Ardwie brecht, and L. Chapman wait for the gun to go off and the begin- Maclarfy Watch on-,er track action gwaifing fheir ning of their event. events. Coach AI Cuthrell checks times on the stopwatch as his trackmen look on. Hurdler Jim Smith shows good form as he takes the hurdle. Hurdler Jim Rutledge checks the clearance. 1n IL Chuck Canterbury, expected to be the number one man on the team this year, shows' good swinging form. GOLF The Waterford High golf team will go into action April I6 this year when they will meet the Pontiac Central Chiefs on their home course, Pontiac Country Club. The team will be under a new coach this year, Jim Amell. Mr. Amell served as the assistant coach last year. The team will play a few triangular meets as well as a number of practice meets. The triangular meets will be a new experience for the team this year. Skippers Tee up With New Coach Apr. Apr. e Apr. May May May May May May practice. l6 20 27 l 4 8 ll GOLF SCHEDULE Pontiac Central ......-.---------------------- H0019 Van Dyke ........----------- --------- H Ome Berkley, Walled Lake ..... ...... B erkley Farmington, Southfield .................. Home Farmington, Walled Lake ...... Farmington Van Dyke ......------------.------------------- H0me Southfield, Berkley .... ......... S0 Ufhfield I 5-i 6 State Regionals 23 Returning letterman Dick Banfield does some pre-season swinging State Finals Jim Am 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 ell April April April April April May May The National Pastime - Baseball BASEBALL SCHEDULE 9-Pontiac Central .. ....... Home 4:00 May 17-Pontiac Northern Away 4:00 May 21-Southfield .......... i ....... Home 4:00 MaY 24-Van Dyke .,..... . ....... Away 4:00 May 28-Farmington .... . ....... Away 4200 MHY l-Walled Lake ...... , ....... Home 4:00 May 5-Berkley .,.,,,, ,.......... H ome 4:00 May Southfield ...... Van Dyke ....,. Farmington .... Walled Lake .... Berkley ............ Pontiac Central Pontiac Northern Away Home Home Away Away Away Home 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 7:30 4:00 4:00 With a .311 batting average, aggressive shortstop John Studt had a fine season in '58. The Waterford High baseball team has hopes of bettering its 6-6 record of last year and of gaining the Inter-Lakes crown. Under the coach- ing of Dave Freeman the team will start action on April i7 facing Pontiac Northern and will finish the season facing the Huskies again on May 29. The team will play a I3 game schedule this year, playing all the Inter-Lakes conference teams twice. In addition they will meet Pontiac Central and Pontiac Northern in non-league play. The Skippers have a rough schedule but hope to come out on top at the end of regular season play. TONY HILLER 3rd Base JIM PASCHKE Pitcher MIKE PENN 2nd Base DUANE HOOPER ist Base DAVE ROSS Pitcher Jerry Schroeder Carolyn Ball Along with her many other activities, being captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders, has kept Janet Kunse very active. Cheering on the JV squad in her sophomore year and on the Varsity squad for the past two years, much of the credit for our fine cheerleading squad goes to Janet, who through experience has capably led the girls. Much enthusiasm was added at all football and basketball games as Janet led the other cheerleaders, students and spectators in numerous cheers and chants. Cheerleaders Add DonnaHumbaugh Janet Thomas These human dynamos,gener- ated enough pep to boost the moral of the crowd, even if the Learning new cheers and rou tines requires the girls to spend One Of two nights a week in team seemed in trouble. Attend- practice. They were hosts this ing every game, no matter what year to a cheerleading clinic at the-weather or distance, the girls Berkley. Comprised of both Jun- were models of good sportsman- ior and Senior' girls, they have ship. ln blue skirts and white sweaters, the girls made an im- pressive appearance along with their fight 'songs and novelty cheers. added much to athletic events and pep assemblies. Donna Humbaugh, Jerry Schroeder, Judy Kent, Janet Kunse, captain, Janet Thomas, Carolyn Ball. WATERFORD FIGHT SONG Stand up and cheer for the Skippers of our fleet, We'regoingtowinthisgame. I l Cheering since her lunior year, Judy find ul? and Thom lclr a Team lhal can T be beal Kent, the only other Varsity letter holder, en Vlclory 'S our allll' has displayed .much pep and enthusiasm when The Seas are Qellmg rough in stimulating school spirit as a cheerleader. And the going's getting tough, We'll sail on like men of old. So, look up! look out! stand up! and cheer and shout For the Waterford Blue and Gold. K MISS PATRICIA VAN NORSDALL Sponsor GAA Board CJ? 'TCT' 'TCT7 Carol Vought, Jean Salathiel, Diane Clouse, Sue Fawcett, Karen Anderson, Julie Dovre, Libby Every, Barb Cole, Sue Springer. We Improve Athletic Skills The Girls' Athletic Association gives sports-minded girls an opportunity to participate in various sports as an extra-curricular activity. As in former years, the GAA has one of the largest memberships in the school. The girls meet regularly for practice and for a playday. This year GAA offered field hockey, basketball, speed-away, volleyball, softball, bowling, badminton and golf. Inter-school contests are held in field hockey, bowling and basketball. Proiects sponsored by the club were Pop's Night, Mom's Night, an Easter Egg sale and a pep assembly. Concluding the activities for the year, a banquet is held honoring Sen- ior members at which time the Varsity blanket is given to the Senior girl who, in her three years of high school, has made the greatest contri- bution to GAA. Linnea Hedlund, secretary, Sharon Underwood, treasurer, Judy Kent, president. in IL Mrs. Robin Thorell, Miss Norma Feiler, and Miss Patricia Vannorsdall. V? 5 l Sue Springer, director Points Earned Afford Extra Recreation By the accumulation of the required 150 points, earned through participation in GAA activities, a GAA member automatically becomes a member of Letter Club. Members have the op- portunity to participate in extra recreation in addition to -the regular GAA program. Included in the activities for the year were a canoe trip on the Rifle River, attendance at a Gymnastic meet at the University of Michigan and a performance in Detroit of "My Fair Lady." FIRST ROW: C. Lobb, L. Every, L. Priest, S. Sovereign, K. Dickman, L. Har- rison, S. Underwood. SECOND ROW: S. Skibowski, S. Fawcett, B. Hull, R. Newman, C. Vought, S. Kuhn, J. Baba, C. Huff, S. Fawcett, R. Roberts. THIRD ROW: J. Cousinow, V. Rusch, D. Cloutier, K. Anderson, M. Cam- eron, G. Roberts, J. Patton, J. Lucia, K. Madill, J. Kent. up L 1. A hopeful look is expressed by Janet Thomas during Hoping for a strike, Karen Anderson calmly pauses before she releases the ball. an afternoon of bowling. Watching as Gyla Glasspoole explains to Sherry Bertram the correct grip of the club are Claudia Kelly, Susan Forbes, Carlene Cook, Donna Van Horn and Rene' Cook. 3 . FIRST ROW: M. Adair, S. Fawcett, C. Vought, S. Underwood, R. Newman, G. Redford ------ Roberts. SECOND ROW: J. Patton, R. Roberts, J. Kent, L. Every, S. Bertram, K. Madill, L. Hedlund, S. Springer. INTERSCHOOL FIELD HOCKEY Bloomfield .... .... Harper Woods Bloomfield .... Home-Lost Home-Tied Away-Lost Away-Won Glenda Roberts dribbles the ball down the field as the opposing team advances. Libby Every and a member of the opposing team take a bully during the final fleeting minutes of the game. l ...Lu Sue Springer goes high in the air to make her l shot count. INTERSCHOOL BASKETBALL Kingswood Berkley .... St. Freds ..... Ferndale ..... Berkley .... Home Won Away-Won Home-Lost Away-Won Home-Won St. Freds ..... Away-Lost Glenda Roberts, Sherry Bertram, Julie Johnston, Judy Parton, Linda Harrison Sharon Underwood Vivian Ri and Sue Fawcett. All wait anxiously as the ball is momentarily sus- pended in the air. KNEELING: Karen Madill and Karen Dickman. STANDING: Linnea Hedlund, Sue Springer, Marcia Adair, Carlene Cook, Ruth Newman and Sally Fawcett. i3 As the ball nears the goal GAA members fight to gain possession of the ball. GAA girls dry out after they were caught in a down pour At Christmas time GAA members sang carols at the hospitals. ers at the annual Pops' Night. The fathers proved quite a challenge for the gir s. A might wallop is displayed by one of the fath- Skiing proves to be Sue Fawcett's Winter sports prove exciting for Linnea Hedlund and Jean Salathiel. After a tiring but enioyable week end, The girls finish unpacking the car before they try out the slopes. the cars had to be packed again. At, Caberfae, Letter Club members pause before trying their skill on the slopes. arieTy is The spice of life. .--iiiisu TTVQYQYZ-'Sf-fir., +23-?-TZ - . z1i'T1,1I'f E-39253 - Wh - - h aTever BCTIVIT we C OOS6 To Ur- 45996-fT .-.'g.-,f.A,-pg .f,, ,Q -...rm Q,-,,,:--ayjscl, fr5:r-:ff..-5z1-- 'E-ff'-'u.'Ifr ' -I ff ' 'f"-- LHP- 1 'iv 4"?'9i,' h Th T 'T T ' ' "W'lfT ' 5'Tf2'fT1ff'?'T-T? sue, we ave e oppor unly o loin s, 'FZEC2-'?. f' lgficlql ?' 11j.pl:fjy:j7if.'g2F2l5" ff, v W ef,:fL51i1,v,LN-,.Fiiwv In our many organlzahons wlTl'1 oThers ,Azg'iG:,,-Z: , 4,.- N- H :.LE.:?i4gg -. aiggw h h ' T T C b' w o ave common In eres s. om ln- of -- X M ' ing work wiTh pleasure, we plan careers, produce plays, perform serv- ices, and gain The worThwhile exper- ience of working TogTher. UHGHHIZHTIUHS Cathy Kantarian, treasurer, Susan Kuhn recording secretary Tony Hiller president -lUClY MOVED, COFYESPOHCUHQ 5eCfefBl'Y: Karen Anderson, vice president Council Members Aid ln Governing the School "The world must be made safe for democracy!" Waterford's students learn and practice democ- racy in their student government, the Student Council. Procedures of the council are patterned after those of the national government. fRepre- sentatives are qualified members elected by home rooms, which they represent.J Sponsored by a faculty board of sixteen teachers with Mr. Howard Bennetts and Miss Ruth Chamberlin, the faculty chairmen, the council's aims and goals are to express student opinion on school affairs, to promote operation and understanding be- tween the faculty, the students, and the adminis- tration, and to maintain a fairness and balance among the various organizations in our school. The Student Council is also a service organization as well as a governmental one, and this year KM. sponsored the Homecoming, the March of Dimes vie. Dance, the after game dances, and regulated the 'swf' hall monitor system and concessions. Among other things it handled the printing and selling Z. of activity cards and student directories. fb FIRST ROW: C. Lobby M. Mossy L. Cummingsp S. MacAbeep S McKennay B. Bunnellp J. McClaing C. Kainesg P. MacAbeeg J Honhartp J. Mossg B. Conibear. SECOND ROW: L. McCoyp P Kidwellp J. Rickard, S. Elliorfg P. Hyattp J. Dovreg P. Burkhardh M. Richieg J. Salathielg C. Ballg B. Marchg B. Vernan. THIRD ROW: S. Ottp J. Stewartg B. Stuarfp J. McCulloughg 5. Petersg N. Hiller, Student Affairs Committee - C. Robertsg D. Clourierp M. Kainesp B. Cole. FOURTH ROW: S Rennieg B. Cooperp J. Boyerg L. Youngerp R. Joycep F. Grossy R Buncep J. Luzodp B. Sreehler. FIFTH ROW: B. Cookp B. Cobb J. Andrey B. Newmang R. Newmanp J. Hokep B. Redmondp D Wilson. FRED GROSS Chairman SEATED: Sharon McKenna, Susan Elliott and Mike Kaiunes. STANDING: Bruce Cobb, Bud Cook and Barb March. Julie Gainer, president, Tom Goddard, vice president, Jean Salathiel, secretary. We Strive for A Greater Appreciation of Books "Literature always anticipates life. It does not copy it but molds it to its purpose!" Formed this year for the purpose of encour- aging reading for enioyment, the Literary Club is sponsored by Miss Ruth Chamberlin and Mrs. Beulah Smith. Sharing books al- ready read, learning new fields of litera- ture, building up personal libraries, and building up the school library are the goals of the members. The club had special ac- tivities, including outside speakers and a visit to the University of Michigan. The club hopes to increase its membership in future years. Ski Enthusiasts Snowy Slopes Lure "Our motto is-Fun!" Newly formed this year the Ski Club has a rising membership. Spon- sored by Mr. Dave Freeman, the members meet at Mt. Grampian Ski Area, Tuesday nights from 3:00 to 8:00. During that time, beginners are given expert in- struction from qualified teachers. The advanced skiiers may prac- tice their skills on the more diffi- cult slopes. Snow making ma- chines are available to insure good skiing. The sponsor and members both hope to increase their membership. Carol Westness, president, Elaine Coleman, vice president Carolyn May, secretary, Virginia McCormick, treasurer FIRST ROW: J, Studt, B. Cook, G. Elwell, J. Herrington, D. Woodman. SECOND ROW: D. Chamberlin, B. Ellix- son, B. Newman, D. Hooper, N. Garyet. THIRD ROW: W. Meyer, L. Bowin, R. Bomsta, R. Finkbeiner, T. Ball, R. Bergemann. Pride In Performing Helpful Services "Variety is the spice of life!" One of the most active organizations in the school, the Hi-Y is sponsored by Mr. Lynn Rohrer and Mr. Charles Wiseman. They sponsor many activities, among the most important were a bike ,rodeo for grade school children in the area and the Easter assembly, The group also holds regular nights of recrea- tion at the Y.M.C.A. They strive to produce boys who are mentally, physically and spiritually sound. Many of the club meet- ings are held in the homes of the various members. Highlights of the year were the United Nations Trip to New York, summer camp at Torch Lake, and the H-Y Tri-Hi-Y Legislature at Lansing. Ron Newman, chaplain, Mike Absher, president, Mike Ewer, treasurer, John Daw son, secretary, Mike Penn, vice president Knot shownl. 139 FIRST ROW: S. McKenna, C. Hoffman, D. Santala, G. Wiltse, P. Mitchell, J. McKinney, P. Miller. THIRD ROW: N Schmansky Bennett, S. McGinnis, L. Lawson, G. Coffey. SECOND ROW: K. V. Guizar, K. Cox, J. Robertson, S. Matteson, J Platt V Mc Bray, K. Greer, S. Heddenp B. Adair, J. Squires, C. Wessness, P. Cormick, E. Finkbeiner. They Become Acquainted With Fields of Nursing "Health and cheerfulness mutually beget each other!" The twenty mem- bers of the Future Nurses Club, spon- sored by Mrs. Suzanne Baber and Miss Maiorie Lugar, aim to give themselves a better understanding of the many fields of nursing that they may pur- sue. During the year the club partici- pates in many varied activities. Rank- ing high on the list was their many visits to the hospitals in the area. Movies and guest speakers were fluent on the activity list. As a service, they contributed in making tray favors and cookies for the hospitals and sending Christmas cards to the patients. Carol Huff, vice president, Norma Williamson, presl dent, Ann Matteson, treasurer, Linda Harrison, secre tary. Preparing Today for Planned Teaching Careers "Education makes one an articulate member of the higher whole." Ap- proaching the achievement of being a teacher, members of Future Teachers investigate the problems they may face in the future. They do this through Cadet Teaching. The .new pro- gram consists of getting in touch with the teacher she may work with and if accepted during the first week, ob- serve the class in action. She may do actual teaching when the instructor feels she is ready to do so. Cadet Teaching is done throughout the ele- mentary and iunior high schools in the township. The maximum days of teaching are three per week or what- ever is most convenient for the in- structor, the class, or the cadet. The membership of Future Teachers is twenty students under the sponsor- ship of Miss Mary Tsekery and Mr. Arthur Lake. FIRST ROW: S. Evans. A. Allison. N. Crawford. S. MacAbee. S. Shunck. J.iMoss. E. McKee. S. Davis. SECOND ROW. M. Ballard. S. Hall. K. Knisley. J. Dovre. D.' Walton. G. Sword. J. North. Ml Richie. THlRD ROW: B. Hull. D. Hayden. K. Madill. K. Simen- son. F. Spencer. R. Jones. J. Rexford. M. Nelson. Barb Cole, president. Marilyn Lake, vice president. Susan Forbes, treasurer. Bonnie Johnson, secretary. TAI 1-vi "The Drama is the Book of the People!" Open to anyone in school, Dramatics Club handles the lighting, wardrobe, scenery properties, and cos- tumes of the club. The membership is over 100 and is sponsored by Miss Patty Looman and co-sponsored by Mrs. Shirley Long and Mr. Robert Alexander. lt handled the production of "Ten Little Indians" and "Teahouse of the August Moon" and also took part in "The Red Mill." On the agenda for the Christmas Banquet for its mem- bers were a dinner, a debate, a one- act play, and a record dance. Even after graduation one can remain a member and is entitled to attend any meeting or function of Dramatics. Carol Saul vice president Tom McAllister president John Teeuwlssen, business B. Adair, M. Harding, P. Bashore, M. Roberts, K. Shenck, S. Fawble, M. Clouse, P. Rexford, S. Briney, C. Klender. FOURTH ROW: D. Wennston, C. Knisley, J. Brown, B. Redmond, B. Boyd, G. Gaynor, J. Oakes, D. Wilson, E. Harris, B. Steehler. Their Efforts Bring Entertainment for All Dave Panks and Carol Merz, playing the part of Sandy Mac- Sbzes father and mother, try to calm her as she scolds Tom o . FIRST ROW: N. Tynan, J. Hart, C. Dahl, S. Hearne, M. Bell, J. Robinson, P. Ballard, L. Byington, J. Pinner, C. Merz, S. Sham- burger, L. Sherwood. SECOND ROW: C. Shepard, P. Williams, P. MacAbee, C. Gates, S. Grindec, V. Valentine, K. Peterson, C. Wilder, M. Siegwert, J. Mawhinney, S. Diamond, M, Evans, J. Schroeder. THIRD ROW: J. Evans, J. Rexford, E. Coleman, D. 1 f . . .ii K E77 Draper, J. Mobey, J. Ballard, D. DeBarr, N. L. Jehle, J. B. Schuler, Members of dramatics help to fit a costume for Bev Hull. North, J. Weicht, B. Hull, B. Hunter, S. Beaver, S. Bougine, L. Murphy. FOURTH' ROW: K. Mercer, B. Wagner, D. Chamberlin, F. Jharmark, C. Sedroski, T. Raymond, N. Robertson, J. Whittemore. FIFTH ROW: Mortimer, J. Ryan, C. Lefurgy, R. Myers, F. Barber, V. Studebaker, F. Greenleaf. 1,11 1-rv 1 , X I ll- ld Q 4-9 T FIRST ROW: A. Butler, .N. Raymond, B. Steehler, J. Rexford, P. Ballard. SECOND ROW: J. Ryan, D. Wismewski, B. Boyd, J. Teeuwissen, D. Wilson. The Ambitious Gain Honor Nancy Raymond, secretary-treasurer, Marcia Cameron, president. Jlean lgexford, vice president, Dave Wilson, pledge master lnoi s own . "The business of the dramatist is to keep himself out of sight, and to let nothing appear but his character!" Troop 995 of Thespians is supervised by Miss Party Looman. A National Honor Society, Thespians go hand in hand with Dramatics in the production of plays. To become a member one must achieve 35 points in his sopho- more year, 2i points in his iunior year, and ll points in his senior year. Any points achieved in preceeding years are carried to the next. Anything done to further the dramatics club earns a prospective member points. Having a leading role in a play will earn five points or doing most of the scenery work will earn the same amount. New members are accepted at the end of the year during a formal initiation. They Think, Decide and Speak "Error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it!" The topic that the debating squad of Waterford adopted was- "Resolved: That the United States should adopt the British system of education." The 20 members of the debate under the sponsorship of Miss Patty Looman entered the regional debates through the Interlake League which was held at the University of Michigan, and participated in the debate tour- naments held at Wayne State University in Sep- tember. Debaters also entered the general-state schedule and debated Detroit Pershing, Warren, Royal Oak Dondero, and Detroit Thurston high schools. Plaques are received from the University of Michigan and the Detroit Free Press by the team taking first place. Debaters aim for the promotion of critical thinking and skill in organ- izing and presenting a persuasive speech. E... 5,- Q.. ' t w Jane Dovletian stresses the advantages of the British educational system before her teammates. ll d G C Saul C Klender S Briney THIRD ROW B Cooper C Le FIRST ROW: W. Zilka, S. Diamond, J. Moultrap, M. Ba ar , . . , . r , . . I : . , . Macawa P. Ballard, S. Mobey, S. Nevala. SECOND ROW: J. furgy, D. Wilson, D. Carlson, J. Teeuwlssen, R. Bunce, T. Patter- Rexford, E. Finkbeiner, T. DeBarr, F. Jharmark, J. Whlttemore, son, B. Ballard. Jane Dovletian, secretary-treasurer, Larry Ettinger, president. FIRST ROW: C. Vought, S. Heltman, S. Under- wood, C. Hoffman, L. Hedlund, B. Maguire, N. Coon, P. Miller, B. Newmarch. SECOND ROW: K. Greer, P. Mitchell, B. Weedon, J. Haddon, J. Bader, R. Rule, C. Saul, P. Rexford. THIRD ROW: J. Wittemore, B. Cooper, S. Barn- ingham, L. Thornton, K. Cox, C. Kunse, R. The Laboratory Reveals Many Wonders "The most sensual and exciting of sciences, Chemistry!" Even in it's modern austerity, a chem- ical laboratory is the most fascinating place in the world to those lucky enough to possess strong curiousity and sense of smell." Giving students the chance to gain more knowledge and "know-how" outside of class time is the main purpose of Chemistry Club. With Mr. David Klinke as the sponsor, the club meets weekly. At these meetings students work on proi- ects and experiments, review for tests, and re- ceive additional help trom Mr. Klinke. Visiting various chemical companies and lab- oratories aids the students in their knowledge of chemical concepts. This year the club visited the Wyandotte Chemical Company, the Niki Base and Chrysler Research Laboratory. Myers, B. Poffenberger. FOURTH ROW: L. Frankowski, J. Berquist, B. Joyce, K. Van- Huizen, C. Cook, T, Riabucha, S. Wilson, D. Bailey. FIFTH ROW: T. McAllister, B. Maxfleld, R. Newman, J. Teeuwissen, G. Gaynor, R. Eriksen. 453' FIRST ROW: M. Forbes, D. Westphal, C. Liles, C. Shepherd, D. Kellogg, J. Bougine, M. Moss, S. Davis. SECOND ROW: K. Morse, J. King, C. Wildey, N. Steward, K. Bray, L. Turnbull, M. Kukowski, S. Mobey, D. Palazini. THIRD ROW: Knowledge Increased As A Common Interest Draws Them Together "L'homme s'avance selon sa culture'." CThe man advances according to his culture.J Teach- ing students more about the French language, customs, culture, and the people themselves is the main obiective of the French Club, sponsored by Mr. Edward Mott. The club supports a needy family in Nancy, France, sending them a Christ- mas package ot clothing and other necessities annually. They also send them the money earned by the members cooperation in working on con- cessions at football and basketball games and the dues collected. The members participated in an annual Christmas party, a toboggan party, and a trip to the University of Michigan to see a play presented by the University's French Club. J. Rich, S. Johnson, C. Wilson, D. Sorenson, C. Lefurgy, M. Ballard, S. Hall, V. Spears. FOURTH ROW: C. Liles, M. Nelson, C. Klen- der, J. Brown, S. Barningham, F. Spencer, K. Schultz, V. Hutchings. Betty Sue Steehler, secretary, Peggy Basore, treasurer, Beverly Rauch, vice president, Donna Liles, president. 1,17 u-n r 2 J.. 4. FIRST ROW: D. VanHorn, S. Forbes, C. Merz, N. Armstrong, J Garner, J. McClain, C. Kaines, C. Kelly, S. Heltman, S. Gregory L. Sherwood, E. McKee. SECOND ROW: J. King, S. Upcott, C. Sny: der, C. Shepherd, C. Meyer, J. Rickard, J. Turner, J. Fincannon R. Usinger, C. Shafto, J. Baba, W. Bailey. THIRD ROW: D. Gold ing, S. Mobey, B. Fuchs, B. Crowley, G. Glasspooler, R. Pollina S. Faxon, D. Caldwell, D. Mobey, K. Bray. FOURTH ROW: L Brenda -Daniels, treasurer, Elaine Elliott, club council repre- sentative, Ruthann Vaughn, president, Fran Spencer, club council representative: Cathy Kantarian, vice president: Cathy Lobb, secretary. l48 . Creighton, B. Boeneman, M. Seigwert, J. North, E. Fmkbemer C Olive, P. Bennett, J. Pietrazak, R. Jones, E. Deford, C Kantarian FIFTH ROW: C. Wilder, S. Beaver, N. Patton, S. Gregory S Ren , nie, V. Guizar, B. Cole, K. Peterson, B. Vernan, J Moran J - Moultrup, D. Draper. SIXTH ROW: K. Anderson, J Halter M , Cote', K. Simenson, J. Mortimer, Wm. Vaughn, J Brown K . Thompson, S. Barningham, C. Kneisle, J. Harrington S Ott Religion, Fellowship and Service "Service is a most rewarding virtuel" The basic functionsgof the Y-Teens are to help the needy, to promote stronger fellowship, to serve functions carried on at school or activities outside of school, to help raise funds for worthwhile purposes, and to live a clean, wholesome life as an example to others, in the best possible way. Y-Teens, sponsored by Mrs. Edwina Isaac- son, has an enrollment of eighty-two. Sup- plying a basket of food for a needy family, serving as hostesses at dances, and raising money for foreign needy children at the Y-Teen Festival in November were among the functions performed by the members. The club presented special programs, in- cluding movies, make-up demonstrations, guest speakers, and field trips, at their meetings. "The business of America is business!" Members of Co-op can easily under- stand what business means. Open only to seniors, Co-op gives many advant- ages to those who wish to secure iobs. Members take iobs and receive credits toward high school graduation. The fifty members of Co-op are sponsored by Mr. Stephen Hubbell. During the year Co-op students receive instruction on their iobs. They must work a mini- mum of 500 hours during the year to receive credit. Co-op students can ob- tain iobs in three phases: Retailing, Office, and Nurses Aide. At the end of the year, achievement records are presented to each Co-op student show- ing the number of hours satisfactorily completed for the course. 'mm I " Bob Mellema, sergeant-at-arms, Jim Briggs, president, Bob Beach, treas- urer, George Klingler, vice nresident, Ann Rupert, secretary Inot SITOWYU- Earning While Learning Proves Profitable FIRST ROW: B. Bain, B. Miller, K. Korthaus, L. Cummings, C. Ballard, P. Zisman, S. Burns B. March, A. Ruppert, P. Shaul, K. Crandall SECOND ROW, R. Koon, J. Graham, N. Os- worth- B. She hard- S. Elliott- K. Coffe - B I p I I YI ' Johnson, B. Nlaguire, K. Harrington, J. War- necke. THIRD ROW, A. Taylor, G. Fitzpatrick, D. White, II Tebo, S. Reitmeyer, S. Green- wood, L. Pearsall, V. LaClair, D. Roliff, C Charboneau. FOURTH ROW: N. Heaton, J Briggs, T. Fidler, D. Gardner, D. Ostrand, M. Valdivia, B. Vogl, R. Mellema, J. Buttrey FIFTH ROW: G. Klinger, D. Wisniewski, D. Smith, W. Wood, R. Beach, J. Nicholas, R Campbell, L. Hamp, R. Sandage. 1 I ...P 1? i FIRST ROW: E. Bartle, L. Warner, J. Studt, M. Mielke, D. Hooper, Chamberlin, R. Bergemann, B. Weedon, J. Gaff, J. Gibson, D H. Nicholle, L. Bowen, T. Hiller, C. Canterbury. SECOND ROW: Wlndler. FOURTH ROW: L. Hanna, A. Harrell, J. Hetherington B. Ellixson, H. Patterson, D. Finkbeiner, R. Robinson, C. Grassi, D. Moran, J. Saum, A. MacLarty. J. Paschke, D. Banfield, L. Brown. THIRD ROW: D. Bills, D. J' s wh, 'd ,M'k E , , , 5LEgnt,EZr5n3Ei?SE.iT's0.dei fililufifeiiily ?:.:::..lte:z:- Letter Winners Create Athletic Interest "Achievement in sports is a n achievement in life!" The thirty-five members of the Varsity Club, spon- sored by Mr. Dave Freeman, Mr. Al- fred Cuthrell, and Mr. Jack Anderson, encourage and stimulate school spirit in all sports, promote participation in sports, and maintain good sportsman- ship throughout the student body. To become a member one must earn a letter by participating in at least one of the sports offered by the school. This year they sponsored a Donkey Basketball game between the WTHS faculty and the Waterford Police Force. The purpose was to raise money for the athletic fund so that they might buy a proiector and film. I National Recognition Given to Journalists "If you wish to be a writer, write!" The main purpose of Quill and Scroll is to en- courage ancl reward individual achievement in Journalism and allied fields. The society has taken an active part in raising standards in this field and in directing the course of high school iournalism. lt is sponsored by Mrs. Barbara Shupe and Mr. Charles Reicks. To be a member of Quill and Scroll one must complete 40 hours of outside class work, have superior leadership qualities, and be in the upper one third of his class. There are now I7 members in this organiz- ation. Among their services to the school the members printed and distributed pro- grams for the football and basketball games. Jean Rexford, secretary, Ciss Roberts, vice president, Loetta Lyon, treasurer, Ed Bohlman, sergeant-at-arms, J. Smith, G. Hesse, M. Taylor, K. Peterson, A. Harrell, C. VanHorn, S. Diane MClnl0Shf PfeSiCl6f1T. Kuhn, B. Boeneman, C. Williams, R. Robinson. IJI Barb Coe, secretary-treasurer, Fran Spencer, president. FIRST ROW: J. Deneen, C. Tatu, I. Sharette, C. LaLone, L. Cummings, S. Swansey, S. Spurlock, B. Baine, J. Johnston. SECOND ROW: C. Kelly, C. Simpson, C. Bray, J. Gainer, L. McCoy, E. Deford, B. Bone, L. Hedlund, J. Salathiel. THIRD ROW: N. Armstrong, E. Bowling Pins: "Strike!" A strike is not the only thing members of the Girls' Bowling aim for. They also aim to promote a better understanding in the sport of bowling. Sportsmanship and teamwork is expressed constantly in Girls' Bowling. At the Land-O-Lakes Bowling Lanes on Monday afternoons, one is most likely to find the 50 members of this club along with the sponsor, Mr. David Klinke. Girls' Bowling participates in a Christmas Tournament and National Mailographics. Seasonal awards are presented for Hi-Team, Hi,Series, and Hi-Game. Showers, J. McCullough, R. Olson, K. Breed- ing, D. Coiocar, D. Coffey, P. Kidwell, C. Newkirk. FOURTH ROW: S. Briney, G. Roberts, K. Spalding, P. Miller, S. Barning- ham, M. Cameron, C. Cook, F. Jharmark, K. Anderson, J. Lucia. The Skippers' Target "Enjoyment dominates our life!" Boys Bowling, sponsored by Mr. Frank Garland, serves as an opportunity for boys to share in organized recreation, to develop true sportsmanship through keen competition, to develop a healthy social outlet, and to in- crease skill in a single sport. The bowlers meet Monday evenings at the Land-O-Lakes Bowling Lanes. Awards for bowling are presented by Mr. Garland at the annual banquet at the end of the year. FIRST ROW: L. Schack, J. Shea, J. Luzodp L. Appleton, B. Schuler, R. Nadeau, T. Little, D. Maruicci. SECOND ROW: J. Hueter, J. McNab, T. Heltsley, C. Olson, G. Root, J. Goodwin, Dick Carlsen, treasurer, Jim Shea, president, Tom Heltsley, secretary. W. Henley, E. Krapohl, D. Bailey. THIRD ROW: L. Ginter, R. Winkleman, L. Younger, R. New- man, G. Achenbach, C. Canterbury, L. Mc- Carty, J. McAnnally. urn IDJ l i. "Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge!" Hall monitors must have this wisdom in order to fulfill their duties, must be dependable, and must be able to work with students, faculty, and office staff. The records of the -volunteers are checked with the counselors. Upper classmen are given preference, but sopho- mores are not eliminated. Hall monitors must maintain a "C" average. If they fail to achieve this average, they are replaced by someone who can. This year over ninety members participated in this program under the sponsorship of Miss Ruth Chamberlin. It is the iob of these students to direct visi- tors about the school, to deliver messages for the office staff and teachers, to check students for passes, and to collect and keep records of admission slips. They Maintain School FIRST ROW L. Carlson, S. Smith, M. Forbes, C. Young, V. Ryden, S Eeaston R. Meyers, J. Parnell, A. Allison, F. Ash. SECOND ROW J Greenthal, N. Prunty, K. Knisley, P. Heiple, J. Evans, Ni Coon B Fuchs, J. Schroeder, M. Tarchalski, C. Shepherd. THIRD ROW P Campbell, G. Roberts, J. Doveletian, S. Rennie, J. Le- During a quiet moment, Deanna Ryden studies at her post. Policy Clair, K. Dunlap, C. Smrcina, J. Pietrazar, E. Elliott, D. Mobey. FOURTH ROW: M. McGinley, S. DeBoer, B. Cole, L. Murphy, K. Thompson, B. Rauch, P. Williamson, J. McKinnon, J. Patton. FIFTH ROW: J. Saum, R. Bergemann, T. Ball, J. Berquist, V. Burkhardt, B. Maxfield, D. Harrison, L. Rose, B. Cobb, A. Larson. FIRST ROW: D. Balmerg R. Ainsworthg D. Wis- niewskig J. Bader. SECOND ROW: R. Meyersg B. Erikseng C. Nixon, T. Underwoodg R. Carl- SOD. Training Gained Through Service to the School "The more you do, the more you can do!" The twelve members of the Audio Visual Aids serve the school by operating film proiectors whenever they may be needed. Other important iobs they perform are repairing film and record players and taking care of all records. The club is sponsored by Mr. Frank Garland and is run on a voluntary basis. Members work during their study halls, lunch hours, and classes when their aid is needed. Skilled training for becoming a film proiectionist is learned while they help others. Dick Carlsen checks tapes for defects before releasing the film for class- room use. T 5 l Their Efforts Aid in Efficiently Run Library "Books should conduce one of these three ends: wisdom, delight, use!" Sponsored by Miss Avis Carey, the twenty members, working in the library during their study halls, serve the school in many ways. These members aim to explore the limitless resources in books, to review books of fiction' and non-fiction before clubs, religious, civic, social, and educational groups, and to re- view books for local and school publications. They also aim to suggest worthwhile books to classmates and to suggest books that will enrich various courses in the school's curriculum. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Pauline Denman and Sandy Meyers replace books returned during the day. FIRST ROW: P. Denman, E. Green, S. Myers, D. Ryden. SECOND ROW: K. Wildey, D. Schuler, S. DeBoer, P. Gallagher, C. Newkirk. THIRD ROW: E. Ellsworth, M. St. Clair, J. Waara, S. Keith, M. Karns, D. Balmer. Problems of Humanity Learned Jane Dovletian, secretary: Lynda Lynd, president: Kathy Simen- son, treasurer: Ron Frink, vice president Knot shownl. FIRST ROW: J. Morgan: C. Cheek: L. Arnold: G. Walker: D. Caldwell: C. LaLone: P. Den man- N. Campbell: D. Stockwell- E. Gillow SECOND ROW: J. Miller: E. Showers: vi Welch: D. Schuler: J. Pietrzak: K. Hewitt: M Taylor: S. Diamond: M. Bell: P. Gustinis THIRD ROW: B. Crowley: K. Kumpula: L Hughes: M. Clouse: J. Cousinow: P. Campbell "After all, there is but one race-hu- manity!" Future Social Workers' Club hopes to attract those who are interested .in hu- man relations. Through its program it hopes to help its members develop in themselves a belief in dignity, worthiness of the indi- vidual, and acquaint them with many areas through which they may serve and work with people. The members visited the Train- ing School for Girls in Adrian, the State Hospital, Hawthorne Center, and the United Fund Office. Mrs. Spurlock, representing the Red Cross, spoke to the members at an October meeting to explain the social work- ers place in Red Cross work. The club spon- sors a teenage girl from the State Hospital for whom they give a birthday party. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Elsie Carter. J. Bendall: J. Fincannon: D. Rabdeau. FOURTH ROW: V. Towles: L. Blair: S. Frink: B. Adair: J. Patten: J. McKinnon: K. Peterson: C. Lewis: B. Campbell: J. Turner. FIFTH ROW: L. Priest: S. Beauregard: C. Kunse: S. VanDeusen: D. Weston: P. Williams: J. Lucia: S. Sovereign: J. Sovereign. 7 xcitement swept over the campus as the students planned and prepared for the many social events throughout the year. Girls in pretty dresses blended with beautiful deco- rations at our annual homecoming dance, Christmas dance, and senior prom. Sailors competed with the na- tives when they were shipwrecked on a South Seas island in junior showboat. Basketball games, football games, and assemblies also highlighted our busy days. 'f'-' - 1 1- 4 ' 1.:i"'llfH'I"'hG:17"1! , .- .fi-.,,j': ,fp U 3 , '11 1.1 In i Hr gif ,f N r,, Blj'1?q,1-Q J 4 if I Ayn Q A ur ,, -. J It E ,lt ., -its -raft 2 .1 fieiwfwkz ff '-fgfilkbd' aff' 1' t -iw ' 21' fre' A' ie, 'flflffei' fr 9-if . a+w1nf,"fH1, -ff-Mis' ,Q .. 't ,Wh sf?-Ev id.. din g! ffaifgff' M' i 13,559 Q Mfg? 1-,,gLy'lg7,wr5R ,LN ir Q-fl ' :mg g3,, 'j g3Y 5r f5fg.,fff5 j' , Az., . - ,A , , can . ...ss - . ws'- 1. ww l 4. rf 'XA .li I: Zgbii -1. " -, J .-:I '- , - P35555 P ' -. 2525 ..H. '- -- Uk. .:.f?t'.-JA s:2Sf'3sf.t:':y73vQ-93.5225-455555 .. I 5.5 ,Ia . 1.14 -1. .n.'4J.',.. 1 - ' li . ,rfl-'-5-:-1' fc' QE? is .mfir-thu 4' C ' 'Wfwma ,gAte'f?ff?' ''dwziewkcssffsisfzfif-H214 ...-se5:1.:f534 A . nsslmiaszwgwhti-tfsafs -if-f'r-:ies .wk 2W5'7!iuAf,f if'7'4-'Fatt-Q f5'5':4g.,y: ,-.NP y vi if -rfviwr-Pr.iZ1'k'f.PJ41' HNF, . -t 1.-" ':"'f,,fhx'?-ESQ' ni-243: ..,1 -.1525 4f.....,.,.-.,.,-1 -,, . .R.,, iiqvilflllfl fzifmki' ,.11:jifi.1-.-M 566'-'Gi-QE: 1, .ufflkm 358-1 .- - 'un ,-2,-'-, X "- 1 ,lu :1.".J'- ' .' ,.Li,,,,.Q V ,,.x,,5f-iw. .,.-. . V ' 'nl f rf ' fx'rRJu 1--as ' , 5.12- SQQJSR-1 r 4-Ny. '..:','4' 1- ."'-"' ' "' VL GY JZ?" . .. ' f- -w--a-N: 532,-Af: .12-n. .- wg-f.1',, 1' 1 .'2,-SH. , 'wg-3 1: qf--' fx- .fir u. 4- .m ggi' 'tiff . sf 922 ' -1' ,ts-.,-'fin -',..r' fs' ,- . f 'fl-V' j3g"'3ft1AJ:.g',7f?F 'Tag' ' 'L' lib PM ':7'.'i?Jy" if 'V 'l'4Ji'f!,'ai4L ,La-" " xf :auf M. -v 2 1:14 -f -' 1- 'lk' cf I f-JT. x ' ' J 14 A f si ' 525, v. -x ,J Y Vale dk 5? 45 .J .J 5 ,H ' M2152-rtllrsbffirl Sfitlffi i1zw"f"J' ,- ' V ' f, 5,1 2:32351.,.52:Z2'f5ff-1- -ff'- ' V 9 27. .4 52 I .2-L2,1.',.L9g.:...g.-Q., ':,'j,a-f'j- ' 6 .QQ if: 4..f5'g'.fg::-,L--:N 1 'ff-'fit Egg? , s f ' . 1 l , . .ffffflf lv'-9.-.1.'.f.a -r.1:'Z' lfifl-': jiyff-3' E j.5:.131 ,ik 2125555 '1?E?25ffl5'Q Q' Congratulations were given to Dick Fink- beiner after being announced as this year's homecoming king. Homecoming dominated the week-end of October TO and Tl at Waterford this year. A pep rally, fire works, bonfire, game, and after game dance marked the first day of this gala event, sponsored by the Student Council. At the end of Friday's school day a pep rally was held in the school's gymnas- ium. The main feature of this assembly was the announcement of the winners of the king and queen contest. The candi- dates, as their names were announced, took their position in the middle of the gymnasium. These candidates were nom- inated by the Senior Class. A school wide election was then held to determine who would be the "Royal Pair." The four people who were elected for the iunior and sophomore courts were also intro- duced. These four students were chosen from their individual classes. Fireworks lit up the sky, Friday eve- ning, while hundreds of students and parents waited for the bonfire to begin. Enthusiasm mounted as varsity cheer- leaders led cheers and chants around the bonfire. In the game that followed the Skippers were defeated by the Farming- ton Falcons. The queen and her court were driven around the football field at half time. Waterford's band gave a halftime show that helped put that extra sparkle into the event. An after game dance was held in the school gymnasium. Both Farmington and Waterford students were invited to at- tend the one hour record dance. Carol Kaines guards a Farmington Falcon during the pep assembly skit. Fourth Annual At the pep assembly, the student body respond ed to the cheers with enthusiasm. mfsmhw ggw,5Qgg,,,, c.. i x V i . . +MS...3Sn -. ,., I - iili lwc -vfis????i?6i757"Au:i::: .794 -.g s if I l' -- fg gsmwema. ' ifl .300 MIN SEC I2 00 T0 PLAY rn vnsnons 0 o Home 0 A DOWN I YARDS T0 G0 lf! sim? nu Standing are: Wendy Meyer, senior, Nancy Hiller, Bob Newman, sophomores, Bill Bryce Kathy Kantarian iuniorsg Tony Hiller, senior. Sitting are: Judy Moran ' ' 0 Susan Kuhn, Dick Finkbeiner and Barb Coe, seniors. I , 1 W .. il-A . I int-iff 2 H' fs ., , V? 5'1" , M All '11 IA - L -'l t iz! . . th j. . X , ,,', s : ' MM' .f ,rjxii if igtfi 5 A 1 W Q -,'- A Standing are: Jackie Winter and Chuck Kirken, last year's king and queen. Sitting are: Susan Kuhn and Dick Finkbeiner, this year's king and queen. "Castles in the Sky," this year's coronation ball, was the climax of the homecoming week-end fo r 1958. The semi-formal dance began at nine o'clock in the school audi- torium, one hour before the corona- tion of the king and queen. A beautiful castle on a white cloud, suspended from the ceiling, was the center piece for the decor- ations with glittering stars and crowns surrounding it throughout the auditorium. As the coronation time approached the king Dick Fink- beiner and queen Susan Kuhn and their courts ascended the stairs and took their positions on the stage. Pages followed, presenting last year's king and queen Chuck Kirken and Jackie Winter with the crowns. As Dick and Susan sat on their thrones they were crowned by the past king and queen. Couples dance To the music of Joe Grande and his orchestra. Susan Kuhn presents flowers To Karen An- derson, chairman of the event. Reign Over Gala Event Susan Kuhn Dick Finkbeiner f 1 Hula girls make a last minute check before their ap- pearance on the stage. Jeanette Turner, Carol Meyer, and Sue Fawcett chat with Mary Taylor before their Roaring Twenties number. Mary Alice Clouse, Betty Vernan and Karen Swanson skate to the Rhythmical "Skaters' Hula." ln South Seas Showboat, "South Seas Showboat," was the theme of this year's Junior variety show. Under the direc- tion of Miss Patty Looman, Show- boat was presented on the nights of February 5 and 7. Na- tives and swaying palms added tothe tropical setting lending an atmosphere of warmth and color to this year's production. The entire cast presented the grand finale As on all south sea islands, there was the traditional hula. Elvis Presley appeared in the person of Stuart Block. Skirts Rustle, Sailors Hustle Mary Alice Clouse tightens her skates for the Skalers Hula' Carlene Cook does a fast tap to "Almost Good." Couples gaily chat while en- ioying refreshments in the ori- ental atmosphere. Couples glided gracefully to the music of John Harwood and his orchestra. Entertainment included a solo by alumna, Bonnie Williams. Graduation is a memorable event for the seniors, their relatives and their friends. Senior Events PROM Traditionally, the senior prom highlights the students' senior year. After much planning and preparation by the seniors and faculty, the important big eve- ning arives. Seniors and their dates in "formals and tux," dance in a gayly decorated setting to the music of the orchestra. Sitting and chatting, while enioying re- freshments, the couples wonder how the year of many memories could have gone by so quickly. Ns i ssatt The moment arrives for the benediction and the sud- den realization that this moment, although on the surface a happy one, is in reality a momentous last gestu re. Bring .loya nce Each year the seniors at Waterford High look forward to one particular day with the greatest anxiety. This day, of course, is Graduation for which these students have long await- ed. For many, graduation is the start of a new life and for others it is the beginning of a higher education. The maiority of the seniors can be heard saying, "I sure am glad that I am through with high school." The realiza- tion of the importance of their com- pleted education and the tact that they were tree from the many prob- lems of lite are seen only after these students leave school. Ut is then and only then that these students realize the thanks they owe for an education in a democracy.l The moment when they will re- ceive their diplomas draws nearer. With their diplomas in hand, the seniors breathe a sigh of relief. Ruth Newman portrays the spirit of Waterford in GAA's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." ' 1 J f 5 tx 's f iii' QLQETL 'E ' ,t Bob Luther, Jim Rutledge, terson participated in the Entertainment Various school assemblies helped to make the school year a memorable one. Included in these were the assemblies given at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, as well as pep assemblies, given this year on a competition basis, with a trophy going to the class or organization presenting the best one. The annual Inter- Lakes talent assembly was held at Water- ford on February 27, with Van Dyke and Southfield High Schools participating. Another assembly, held annually in the spring, is the Inter-School talent assembly, with the Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors competing. Wendy Meyer and Tim Pat- Thanksgiving assembly. During the GAA pep assembly, Janet Kunse, captain of the varsity cheerleaders represented Waterford's Enthusiasm. gp. 1, , K 5 W z f 1- Q V f j Q at r . Q r 5 Z ,M Y' s L 3,1 1 s VI,w,iss.X 5132 433111 K " za A ' ,S f s... 1 1 -,iff ff- T271-vw V5-sf f .Q -xy 1 - g f. 51 7- A -f..f"'- aw- .Y mt - - - t exit? 2 J' 2 . - ,A th .. A 5 ,xg -gt . V 5 is A 1 1: all., . ff L' . - ' "I x . 1. :LQ---tt. -:I 2 '59 . Q. '32-21' tm' "'i'fr5 136218 A . s s is 1 I 5 5' -, ., ,,,, s :s+ww1sf:.s H K gg5,sQfgl.g1Qj3t,s, J E' ' year . . Choir members sang at various assemblies during the Provided for Students In an exchange assembly, Pontiac Central High sent members Varsity cheerleaders boost school spirit during a pep of its choral group to entertain Waterford students. assembly. fl ,.r E 2 2 f 1 E X K 21 ,Eg -tm Mr. Fry administers the oath of office to Student Council officers at the first assembly of the year. A L it We had We remember our comedians . . . The glistening hall . W , .f . . . and our Science Fair . . . People ancl Places Make Memorable Year . . . and the class lectures . . . 4 osffx kxyl rv-s gs.-NK . . . with the grand prize winner . . . During the school year many unusual happenings occur. Most of them are unex- pected and amusing as well as being un- usual. Every student realizes that these hap- penings lend a happy atmosphere to school life in general. You can usually depend on someone, somewhere to think of something to add hilarity to the situation. One picture is worth a thousand words in relating the many happy memories the students have had in their school life at WTHSA and the club parties . . . bi"""""'i'M 5 2 E 2 "T"-.M w and we always had the crowded telephone booths . . . and our cherished trophy case. Trip Club Board IH W.. B. Petrucci, M. Haviland, R. Cook, R. Zilka, R. Newman, J. Dawson, P. Heiple, L. Creighton, E. Taylor. Tom MacAllister, president, Vivian Rusch, treasurer, Sally Faw- cett, secretary. Trip Club's Efforts Make Mackinac A Reality With the organization of the Trip Club in Jan- uary of '58, the class of '59 took over the opera- tion of the bookstore, giving them an opportunity to earn money to finance their Senior trip to Mackinac Island. Trip Club officers elected were Tom McAllister, bookstore manager, Sally Faw- cett, secretary, and Vivian Rusch, treasurer. Spon- sors were Mr. Donald Arsen and Mr. Byron Merritt. To finance their trip, students sold magazine subscriptions, making a profit of 51674.95 In May of '58, orders for 5,017 boxes of Sanders' candy were taken. Candy sales totaled Si 75595. At Christmas, Sanders' candy was again sold, making the class of '59 the first class to have three money-making proiects. A "mk- A 1 2 wa' 3 y M , BEST NATURED . MOST SINCERE Sandy Skibowski E Karen Dickman Mike Penn Bruce Cobb MOST HUMOROUS MOST COURTEOUS Lynnda Turner Libby Every Dick Sandage Rick Erikson ' l - MOST DEPENDABLE MOST VALUABLE TO CLASS Karen Anderson Susan Kuhn Terry Ball Ron Newman MOST ALI. AROUND MOST ATHLETIC Judy Kent Sue Springer Tony Hiller Barry Campbell I '1 sflw . 'Q 1 L'q.,',.' MOST LIKELY MOST DIGNIFIED T0 SUCCEEDT Beta Petrucci Carol Young A John Dawson L Y my ounge' Mosr 'rAl.ENrEn cLAss runr Arlene Butler Sally Williams David Wilson Roger Ward a . .. M,,..a,W l f 4 ,wmv V ,, maui ,,, ,rf f xv s m l , W ,.....U N' 3 . 2 , . d M , 2 f 1' l , Y..,iw-wv"1""'. PRETTIEST EYES Rosalie Pollina Milton Mielke BEST SMILE Barb Coe Dick Ferguson MOST OPTIMISTIC Marcia Cameron Mike Knaack SHUTTER SHY FRIENDLIEST Ruthann Vaughn AI Taylor PRETTIEST HAIR Gyla Glasspoole Frank Brown A Abel, Gary-83, 111 Absher, Michael Jr.-50, 76, 49, 139 Acha, David-93 Achenbach, Gary-50, 76, 153 Ackerman, June-93 Adair, Bonr1itP83, 140, 142, 157 Adair, Marcia-50, 76, 49, 130, 131 Adams, George W.-83 Ainsworth, Harold-83, 155 Aker, Du Wayne-93 Akerley, Robert M.-93, 111, 118 Akerley, Shirley-33, 93 Albright, Jacqueline-83 Allen, Althea-50, 76 Allen, Linda-76 Allen, Sandra D.-31, 83 Allison, Andrea-83,161,141, 21,142,154 Alton, Ray-93 Anderson, Karen-50, 76, 163, 152, 129, 127, 148, 128, 136,174 Anderson, Lawrence-50, 76 Andre, Gerald-93, 27, 137, 117 Anthes, Carol-76 Appleton, Larry-93, 153 Armstead, Patricia-93, 34 Armstrong, Nancy-50, 76, 152, 148 Arnold, Lynda-93, 157 Ash, Faye-50, 76, 154 Atchison, Robert-93 Atkins, Karl D.-93 Authier, Sandra-83 Axford, Anitag-50, 76 B Baba, Julie-83, 148, 128 Bachusz, Robert-83 Baden, Carol Ann-83, 34 Baden, Sandra-93 Baden, William-93 Bader, James-155, 146 Badger, Sharon-83 Bahling, Roger-83 Bailey, David-83, 146, 111 Bailey, Duane-B3, 153, 35 Bailey, Gary-93 Bailey, Jeanette-93 Bailey, Nora-93, 36 Bailey, Wilma-93, 148 Bain, Bonnie-50, 76, 152, 149, 49 Bain, Charles-37 Baker, Patricia-93 Baker, Robert-93 Baldwin, Darwin--93 Ball, Carolyn-83, 124, 125, 137 Ball, Terry-50, 76, 139, 154, 174 Ballard, Beverly-93, 142, 143, 145 Ballard, Carol-50, 76, 149 Ballard, Judith K.-93, 92 Ballard, Mario-93, 141, 142, 147, 145 Ballard, Patricia-93, 144 Ballard, Peggy-83, 143, 145 Ballard, William-93, 30 Balmer, Donald-50, 76, 155, 156 Banfield, Richard-50, 76, 150, 122, 118 Banks, Donald-93 Barber, Freeman-93, 143 Barber, Harold-93 Barnard, Janet-83, 33, 31, 30 Barnard, Roland-83 Barnhart, Marilyn-83 Barnhart, Marvin-93 Barnhart, Wayne-93, 142, 32, 33, 30 Barningham, Sara-50, 76, 152, 146, 147, 148, 49 Barnowsky, Carl-93 Barraco, William-93 Barron, Constance-33, 30 Bartle, Glen-51, 76, 150, 41, 120, 119 Bartlebaugh, Robert-34 Basore, Peggy-83, 21, 142, 147 Baumgras, Duane-93 Bayma, Beniamin-93, 35, 92 Beach, Robert-51, 76, 149 Beacom, Shirley-83 Beall, Mary-51, 76 Beardsley, Ronald-51, 76 Beauregard, Sandra-B3 Beauregard, Sharon-51, 76, 157 Beaver, Carolyn-93, 148, 143 Beck, Darlene-93 Beckwith,'Diar1ne-51 , 76 Belisle, William-93 Bell, Beverly-93 Bell, Carol-93, 142, 92 INDEX Bell, Marilyn-B3,157,143 Bellamy, Gwendolyn-51, 76 Bellant, Clifford-93 Bendall, Julaine-83, 142, 157 Bendall, Larry-'57, 76 Benedict, Diane-93, 126, 142 Benedict, Terry-93 Benfield, James-83 Bennett, Harry-83, 32, 31 Bennett, Larry-93, 1 11 Bennett, Peggy-93, 140, 148, 33 Bennett, Ray-51, 76 Bennett, Rev-83 Bentley, Bruce-51, 76 Bennett, Rex-83 Bergemann, Ralph-51, 76, 150, 107, 139, 154 Berglund, John-93, 35 Berquist, John-51, 76, 146, 154 Bertram, Sherry-83, 129, 130, 131 Best, Judith-83 Biebel, Judith-51, 76 Bigelow, Roger-93 Bigelow, Roger-93 Bigelow, Terry-93 Bigger, Sandra-93 Bigler, Sharon-83 Bills, David-51, 76, 150 Bills, Robert-83 Birker, Joyce-93 Biron, Richard-93 Biskner, Joseph-83 Black, Robert-51, 76, 107, 1 18 Blackburn, Sandra-83 Blain, Larry-76 Blair, Connie-83 Blair, Linda-52, 76, 157 Block, Stuart-165 Bodmer, Charles-83 Boe, Mark-24 Boeneman, Barbara-52, 76, 151, 148, 22 Bohlman, Edward-52, 76, 23,151 Bollinger, Linda-52, 76, 25 Bollman, Judith-93 Bomsta, Roger-83, 139, 111 Bone, Bette-83, 152 Boston, Fred-83, 82 Bouck, Stanley-52, 76, 31 Bougine, Joan-93, 147, 143 Bougine, Sandra-52, 76 Bowen, Larry-52, 76, 150, 139, 114, 116 Bowen, Linda-93 Bowers, George-52, 76 Bowles, Daniel-83' Boyd, Robert-76, 144, 142 Boyd, William-52, 76 Boyer, Billy-93 Boyer, James-93, 137 Boyer, Judy-83, 40 Brackett, Marvin-52, 76, 39, 1 18 Braden, Charlotte-83 Bradford, Richard-83 Brady, Bruce-93 Brady, Joe-52, 76 Brady, Tom-52, 76 Brandt, Carolyn-93 Bray, Kathleenf93, 140, 152, 147, 148 Breault, Roy-83 Breeding, Dale-B3 Breeding, Karen-93, 152 Bresnahan, David-52, 76 Bresnahan, Leonora-93 Briggs, James-52, 76, 149 Briney, Sandra-93, 152, 142, 145 Broder, Thomas-83 Brondige, James-83 Brotherton, Shirley-52, 76 Brown, Charles-83, 118 Brown, Elwin-93 Brown, Frank-53, 76, 176 Brown, Gilbert-53, 76 Brown, Judith-94, 142, 147, 148 Brown, Larry-53, 76, 150, 18, 107, 49 Bruce, Robert-30 Bryant, Carol-94, 21 Bryce, William-83, 162, 110, 107, 114 Bunce, Royce-94, 137, 145 Bunnell, Barbara-94, 137 Burgin, Harriette-94, 142 Burkhardt, Patricia-94, 137 Burkhardt, Vernon-83, 154 Burleson, Darryl-53, 76 Burnia, Dennis-83, 42 Burns, Sally-53, 76, 149 Burt, Judy-83 Burt, Robert-76 Butler, Arlene-53, 76, 144, 142, 175, 32, 33, 31 Butler, Jerry-83, 30 Butler, Ronald-94, 112 Buttrey, Janice-53, 76, 149 Byington, Linda-53, 76, 143, 33, 30 C Cadwallader, Michael-83 Caldwell, Diana-83, 157, 148 Caldwell, Jerry-94 Cameron, Marcia-53, 76, 152, 144, 128, 176 Campbell, Barbara-94, 157 Campbell, Barrye53, 76, 150, 174, 114, 116, 120, 1 19 Campbell, Cecil-53, 76 Campbell, Charles494 Campbell, Harold-53, 76 Campbell, Jacqueline-94 Campbell, Nancy-53, 76, 157 Campbell, Patricia-83, 157, 154 Campbell, Robert-53, 76, 149 Canterbury, CharIesf53, 150, 153, 122 Canterbury, Sharon-94 Cantergiani, Guinna Kay-83 Cappel, Linda-83 Carey, Richard-83, 30, 31 Carlsen, Richard-54, 76, 155, 153, 145 Carlson, Lois-94, 154 Carr, Daniel-83 Carter, Robert-94, 111, 120, 119, 117 Carver, Nancy-54, 76 Casey, Gary-1 18 Caspers, James-94 Cato, Sandra-83 Caverly, Barbara-94 Chamberlain, Daniel-94,15O, 139, 143, 112 Chapman, Elaine-54, 76 Chapman, Lawrence-54, 76, 112, 121, 119 Chapman, Loretta-94, 126 Charboneau, Cleland-54, 76, 149 Cheek, Connie-83, 157 Chew, Pauline-84 Chrysler, Marion-84, 30 Clark, Barbaraf54, 76 Clark, Carol-29, 94 Clark, Charlene-B4 Clark, Robert-54, 76 Clements, Roger-B4 Cline, Dennis-94 Clouse, Diane-94, 127 Clouse, Mary+84, 164, 165, 142, 157 Cloutier, Delores-54, 76, 128, 137 Clover, Gregory-84 Cobb, Bruce-54, 77, 107, 137, 154, 173 Cobble, Rilda Aldean-94 Coe, Barbara-54, 77, 162, 152, 176, 30 Coe, Jerry-94 Coffel, Joyce-54, 77 Coffey, Darlene-152, 94, 92 Coffey, Gayle-140, 84, 35 Coffey, Karen-54, 77, 149 Coiocar, Dixie-152, 84 Cole, Barbara-141, 84, 127, 148,137, 154 Coleman, Elaine-138, 84, 143, 31 Collins, Arnold-94 Colwell, David-84 Comas, Jackf84,11l,121,119 Comas, Mike-54, 77, 118 Compton, Viola-84 Conibear, Barbara-94, 126, 137 Cook, Carleen-152, 84, 165, 36, 129,146, 131 Cook, Frederick-84, 139, 27, 137 Cook Neal-77 Cook, Rene Marie-54, 77, 36, 129, 172 Cook, William-94 Coon, Nancy-54, 77, 146, 154 Cooper, Darrell-84, 1 11 Cooper, Judith-55, 77, 40 Cooper, Robert-B4, 146, 137, 145, 82 Cooper, Sharon-94 Copes, RichardA94, 92 Corbeille, Paul-55, 77 Corbin, Michael-94 Corey, David-84 Cosey, Gary-84 Cote, Larry-55, 77 Cote, Mary-84, 148, 22 Cousinow, Jean-84, 157, 128 Couture, William-94, 109, 111 Coventry, Hugh-94 Coventry, Joan-55, 77 Covert, Vicki Sue-94 Cox, Betty-84, 31 Cox, Charlesv35 Cox, Kathleenv55, 77,140, 146 Crandall, Karen Lee-55, 77, 149 Craven, John-94, 32, 30 Crawford, Nancy-141 Crebassa, Anne-94 Creighton, Lucretia-55, 77, 29, 148, 172 Cronkright, Carolf84 Cross, Davidf94 Crowley, Betty-84, 157, 148 Cullen, Penelope-94 Cumming, Clark C.-94 Cummings, Karren E.-94 Cummings, Linda-55, 77, 152, 149, 137 Cuthrell, Maryanne-94 D Dahl, Cynthiae94, 143 Daisley, Alfred-94 Daley, Karen-94 Daniels, Brenda-55, 77, 148, 49 Darimont, Cecilia-94 Davis, Claudette J,-84 Davis, Elvira-84 Davis, JaredA94 Davis, Sheila-141, 94,147 Davis, William-94, 18 Davison, Alan-94 Dawe, Donna-94 Dawson, John-55, 77, 139, 172, 175 Dearborn, EldonnaA84 Deaton, Donna-55, 77 DeBarr, George-94, 16 DeBarr, Thelma-55, 77, 143, 145 DeBoer, Shirley J.-84,154,156 Deconick, Robert-94 Deford, Evelyne55, 77, 152, 148 Delauter, James-95, 34, 117 Delbridge, Sally-95, 126 Delderfield, Kenneth495 Delderfield, Ronald-95 DeMasellis, LeRoy-95 DeMilner, Davide95 DeMott, WilliamA55, 77 Deneen, Janet-152, 95 Denman, Paulinef84, 157, 156 Devaney, RoberteB4 DeWitt, Kathryn-95 Diamond, Maureen-95, 157, 143, 145 Diamond, Robert-B4, 82 Dick, Deborah-95 Dickall, Helen-95 Dickerson, James-95 Dickman, Karen-55, 77,128,173,131, 30 Dieck, James-84 Diederich, Roger-84 Dietrich, Gerald-84, 111 Dion, Sharon-84 Dion, Thomas-95 Dobson, Floyd-56, 77 Dodge, Murl-95 Dodman, Gary-84, 25, 1 12 Doolin, Lindav84 Dorey, Elmer-95 Dorey, Leonard-95 Doughty, Wallace-95 Doveletian, Jane-56, 77, 146, 157, 145, 154 Dovre, Julia-141, 84, 127,137 Dowson, Larry-84 Doyon, Delores-95 Doyon, Lanny David-B4 Draper, Dorothy-95, 148, 143 Duff, Roger-95 Dunai, Daniel-56, 77 Dunlap, Karen-95, 154 Dunn, Carol-95 Dunnigan, Carolyn-95 Durr, Robert-95, 30 Durso, Richard J.-95 Duveyoung, Ted-77 Dwire, Harry-84 Dye, Jo Ellen-95 E Earls, Charlene-56, 77 Easley, Chris-84 Easton, Sharon-56, 77, 154 Ebey, Marilyn-B4 Ecklund, Fred-95 Eddy, Nancy-56, 77 Edwards, Donna-95 Edwards, Duane-77 Edwards, Vicky-84 Egres, Michael-95, 30 Ehlers, Sharlene-84 Eichbrecht, Gary-84, 112, 114, 121, 119 Eichner, Sandra-56, 77 Ellenbrook, Donald-95 Elliott, David-95, 117 Elliott, Jessie-84, 148, 154, 82 Elliott, Shelby-56, 77, 149 Elliott, Susan-95, 126, 137 Ellis, Cora-95 Ellis, Gerald-84, 35 Ellixson, Robert-56, 77, 150, 107, 139 Ellsworth, Eddie-95, 156 Elwell, Gary-56, 77, 107, 139 Elwell, Linda-95, 92 Elwood, Theodore-77 Eriksen, Barry-84, 1 1 1 Eriksen, Richard-56, 77, 173, 32, 30 Eriksen, Robert-56, 77, 155 Ervin, Karen-95 Ettinger, Larry-56, 77, 146 Evans, Jo Anne-95, 143, 154 Evans, Marilyn-85, 143 Evans, Max-77 Evans, Sally-141, 95 Evans, Sherryl-84 Everett, Barbara-56, 77 Everett, Warren-95 Every, Elizabeth-56, 77, 127, 128, 130, 173, I32 Ewer, James-57, 77, 150, 39, 107, 139 F Fales, Bruce-95 Falls, Joe-95 Farnum, John-85 Farnum, Victor-95 Farris, Tim-95, 1 1 1 Fauble, Sharon-95, 142 Fawcett, Sally-57, 77, 128, 130, 172, 131 Fawcett, Susan-85, 164, 127, 128, 131, 133 Faxon Sarah-85, 148, 82 Featherston, Robert-95, 35, 1 18 Featherstone, Michael-23 Ferguson, Richard-57, 77, 176 Fidler, Thomas-57, 77, 149 Field, Suzanne-95, 35 Fincannon, Bruce-95 Fincannon, Jean-85, 157, 148 Finkbeiner, Elaine-140, 95, 126, 21, 148,145 Finkbeiner, Richard-57, 77, 160, 163, 162, 150, 107, 139, 106 Fiscus, Janet-95 Fisher, Gary-85 Fisher, Hilda-95 Fitzpatrick, Clyde-85, 107 Fitzpatrick, Gregg-57, 77, 149 Fleming, Norma-85 Fleming, William-57, 77 Flener, Betty-B5 Fletcher, Karen-95, 40 Fletcher, Ray-96 Forbes, Miriam-57, 77, 147, 154 Forbes, Susan-141, 85, 129, 148 Forbes, Walter-96 Forbis, William-96, 34 Foster, Stephen-96, 1 12 Frack, Stephanie-96 Frankowski, Leo-146 Frawley, Patricia-85 Freels, Barbara-96 Freeman, Cecilia-96 Frey, Robert-96 Friedly, John-85, 117 Frink, Ronald-57, 77 Frink, Sharon-37, 157 Frizzle, Diana-85 Froling, Norman-96 Fromn, John-85 Frusher, Warren-57, 77 Fry, Ronald-57, 77 Fuchs, Bonnie-85, 148, 154 Fulkerson, Ray-85 Fuller, Carlene-96 G Gabriel, Steve-57, 77 Gaddis, Lavonne-96 Gaff, Joel-85, 150, 34, 112, 117 Gage, Glenda-96 Gainer, Julie-138, 152, 85, 148 Gallagher, Patricia-96, 156 Galpin, Donald-85 Gamel, Frederick C.-96 Gammage, Richard-85 Gard, David-57 Gard, Don-96 ,INDEX Gardner, Duane-57, 77, 149 Garett, Joann-85 Garyet, Nicholas-85, 139, 111 Gasco, Gary-85 Gates, Charlotte-96, 143 Gavette, Leonard-85 Gaylock, James-B5 Gaynor, Gary-85, 146, 142, 24 Geary, Michaelv85 Gernmell, Gerald-85 Giannini, Michael-85,111,117 Giannini, Pete-85, 111 Gibson, Donald-96, 110, 107 Gibson, James-57, 77, 150, 112,121,119 Gibson, Paul-85 Gidley, Maureen-85, 34 Gilbert, Donna-85 Gilbert, Frank-85 Gilbert, Gary-96, 34 Giles, Mary-29 Gillis, Thornas-96 Gillow, Eileen-58, 77, 157 Ginter, Leland-96, 153 Glasspoole, Gyla-58, 77, 129, 148, 176 Glasspoole, Mary-96 Goddard, Thomas-96, 138, 35 Goff, David-96, 111, 117 Goff, Thomas-85, 107, 143, 120, 119, 117 Goins, Ronald-85 Golding, Diane-85, 88, 23, 148 Gooch, Warren-96 Goode, Carolyn-96 Goodwin, Jerry-85, 153 Goodwin, Wayne-96 Goschke, Leslie-85 Goshen, Mary-96, 142 Gracey, Donna-85, 36, 31 Graham, Gail-85 Graham, Janet-58, 77, 149 Grant, Darlene-58, 77 Grant, Jack-85 Grant, Kaye-96 Grant, Roy-85 Grantham, Elizabeth-58, 77 Grassi, Carl-85, 150 Graves, Roger-96 Green, Eileen-85, 142, 156 Green, Janetta F.-96 Green, Joseph-58, 77, 41 Green, Larry-96 Greenblatt, Michael-96 Greenleaf, Fred-96, 143 Greenleaf, Janice-58, 77 Greenthal, Judith-85, 142, 154 Greenwood, Hall-96, 37 Greenwood, Sandra-58, 77, 149 Greer, Kay-140, 85, V146 Gregory, Claude-96 Gregory, Sandra-85, 148 Gregory, Sharon-85, 148, 82, 31 Gridle, Sue-143 Griffin, Linda-96 Griggs, Alice-96 Griggs, Patsy-85 Grile, Mary-142 Grimes, Carol-58, 77 Gross, Frederick R.-58, 77, 137 Grove, Terry I.-85 Groves, Fred-85 Groves, Katherine-96 Groves, Linda-58, 77, 36 Groves, Matthew-58, 77 Guilds, Richard-96 Guizar, Vera-86, 140, 148 Gustinis, Patricia-77, 157 H Hadden, Kathleen-96 Hadden, Patricia-58, 77 Haddon, James-86, 146 Hadsell, Gary-96 Hagerman,-Mary-58, 77 Hagerman, William-96 Hagood, Rexford-96 Haight, Ronald-86 Haines, Emily-86 Haire, Sandra-96 Hale, Harold-86, 35 Hale, Steve-96 Hall, Donna-96 Hall, Douglas-77 Hall, Sue-96, 141,147 Halter, Janice-86, 148 Halvorson, Sharon-58, 77 Hamp, Lynn-59, 77, 149 Hanna, Louis-59, 77, 150, 34, 35, 112, 121, Harding, Pauline-96,19,142 Hardy, Dennis-96 Hare Timothy-96 Harms, Larry-96, 92, 112, 119 Harnack, Judith-59, 77, 33, 31 Harrell, Alice-86, 151, B2 Harrell, Elbert-86, 150, 109, 119 Harrington, Joanne-86, 148 Harrington, Kaye-59, 77, 149 Harrington, Michael-96, 92 Harris, Brenda-96 Harris, Electa-96, 142 Harris, Maxine-96 Harris, Rebecca-59, 78, 49 Harrison, Donald-96, 154 Harrison, Linda-59, 78, 140, 128, 131 Hart, Carl-96 Hart, Carol-96 Hart, Joyce-96, 143 Hart, Judy-96 Harthun, Barbara-96, 16 Hartman, Judy-96 Hartman, Kristine-86 Hartman, Lynde-97 Hartman, Sharon-97 Haskell, James-97 Hatfield, James-78, 17 Haviland, Marlene-59, 78, 18, 48, 172 Hawke, Patrick-97 Hawthorne, Jerry-97 Hawthorne, Judy-97 Hayden, Dawn-97, 141 Haynes, Kathryn-B6 Heading, Edith-59, 78, 30 Hearn, Susan-86, 143 Heathcott, Charles-59, 78 Heaton, Nancy-59, 78, 149 Hedden, Jean-97, 34 Hedden, Sharon-97, 140 Hedlund, Linnea-59, 78, 152, 146, 127, 130, 1 31 , 1 33 Heimbuch, Barry-97 Heiple, Carol-59, 78 Heiple, Patricia-59, 78, 154, 172 Heitmeyer, Carl-97 A Heitmeyer, JoAnn-86 Helman, Richard-86 Heltsey, Thomas-86, 153 Heltman, Susan-86, 146, 148 Henderson, Don-78 Hendry, Marietta-86 Henley, Johnnie-97 Henley, Wayne-86, 153 Hensey, Dennis-59, 78 Hensley, Chester G.-59, 78, 112 Hensley, Linda R.-86, 31 Hergina, Patricia-86 Herolcl, Linda-96 Herr, ivan-60, 78 Hesse, Gail-60, 78, 23, 151 Hetherington, James-86, 150, 108, 107, 139, 82 Heverly, Robert-97 Hewett, Dianne-86, 34, 30 Hewitt, Karen-86, 157 Hickson, Richard-97 Hiller, Anthony,-60, 78, 162, 150, 109, 108, 107,136,174,114,123 Hiller Nancy-97, 162, 126, 27, 137 Hilliker, Eleanor-86 Hilliker, Janet-97, 99 Hills, Sharon-97 Hinman, Laverne-60, 78 Hoffman, Cora-86, 140, 146 Hoffman, Dwane-97 Hoke, James-86, 107, 137, 117 Holcomb, Carole-97, 24 Holden, George-60, 78 Holladay, Danny-97 Hollibaugh, Andrew-97 Holmes, Julia-86 Holmes, Karen-B6 Holtom, Kirk-60, 78 Honhart, Jean-97, 126, 137 Hood, Charles-78 Hook, Lois-97 Hooper, Donna-86 Hooper, Duaneh60, 78, 150, 109, 108, 107, 139, 123 Hopp, Bonnie-86 Hornsby, Lawrence-86, 1 11 Horton, Donald-97 Horton, John-97 Hoskinson, Claudette-97, 142 Howell, Sharon-86 Hoyes, Dennis-86 Hoyt, Karen-60, 78, 45 Hruska, Judith-60, 78 Hubbell, Michael-60, 78, 118 Hueter, James--97, 153 Hueter, Shirley-97 Huff, Carol-60, 78, 140, 128 Hughes, Laura-86, 157 Hughey, Edward-97 Hull, Beverly-60, 78, 141, 49, 75, 128, 143, 31 Hull, Douglas-97 Hull, Robert-78 Humbaugh, Donna-86, 124, 125 Hunsinger, Gwen-86 Hunt, Diana-97, 34 Hunt, Diana-97 Hunter, Barbara-97, 143 Hutchings, Vivienne-86, 141 Hutchinson, Robert-97 Hutchinson, Steven-86 Hyatt, Patricia-97, 137 l lrvin, Robert-86 Irwin, Marian-97 J Jackson, Carolyn-78 Jackson, Gary-60, 78 Jackson, James-60, 78 Jackson, Janice-97, 40 Jackson, Larry-97 Jackson, Linda-97 Jacobs, Susan-97 Jacobson, Judy-86 Jacobson, Kenneth-97 Janes, Sidney-97 Jehle, Lorann-86, 143, 31 Jenkins, Dudley-86 Jenkins, Marilyn-97 Jenkinson, Richard-97 Jenkinson, William-97 Jewell, Austin-97 Jharmark, Florence-97, 152, 143, 145 Jidov, Kent-60 Johns, Daniel-97 Johnson, Barbara-97 Johnson, Bonnie-61, 78, 141, 149 Johnson, Buddy-111 Johnson, James L.-97 Johnson, James M.-97 Johnson, Linda-97 Johnson, Sandra-97, 147 Johnson, Sharon-97 Johnson, Sue Rae-86, 29 Johnston, Carl-97 Johnston, Daniel-97 Johnston, Julith-86, 152, 131 Jones, Gerald-86, 30 Jones, Kathleen-78 Jones, Rose Marie-61, 78, 141, 39, 14 Jones, Sa mantra-97 Joseph, Ann-97 Joyce, Robert-61, 78, 146, 137 Judge, Charles-61, 78 Judge, william-97 K 8 Kaines, Carol-86, 160, 148, 137 Kaines, Michael-97,108, l37,111,121,119 Kantarian, Catherine-86, 162, 84, 39, 148, 13 Karl, Dav id-97 Karns, Millicent-97, 156 Kasten, Lynda-61, 78, 31 Kasuba, Lynn-97 Kee, Jerry Ray-98 Keel, Robert-98 Keeler, William-78 Keiser, Marcia-86 Keith, Sharon-156 Kellogg, Donna-98, 126, 147 Kelly, Claudia-86, 152, 129, 148 Kempe, Sally-78 Kennerly, Carol-98 Kenny, Patricia-61, 78 Kent, Judy-61, 78, 127, 125, 128, Kent, Rita-98 Kern, Pat Kidwell, ricia-86 Patricia-152, 137 Kifer, Karen-98 Kilgore, Paula-86 King, Joa n-86, 147 130,174 6, 30 King, Judy-98, 148 King, Patricia-86 Kinkle, Glen-98 Kinser, Martell-98 Kirby, Linda-98 Kirkham, Ellen-98 Kiser, Tara-98 Kissick, Mary-98, 34 Kiteley, Robert-61, 78, 34, 30, 31 Klender, Carolyn-98, 142, 147, 92, 145 Klender, Dennis-98, 92 Klimik, Judy-86 Klingler, GeorgeA61, 78, 149 Knaack, Michael-61, 78, 176 Knaack, Willard-98 Kneisel, Christine-86, 148 Knisley, Karolyn-86, 141, 142, 154 Knisley, Kathy-98 Koehler, Carl-98, 1 18 Koenig, James-98, 1 11 Koenig, Nancy-86, 34, 35 Kolb, Kathleen-86 Koon, Ronnie-61, 78, 149 Korthaus, Kay-61, 78, 149 Krapohl, Edward-98, 153 Kresge, Walter-98 Kruskie, Joel-98 Kuhn, Susan-61, 78, 1,63,162,151, 20, 128, 136,174 Kuhne, Kurt-98 Kukowski, Manfred-98, 147 Kulich, Donald-98 Kulich, Gary-86 Kumpula, Allen-86 Kumpula, Kaye-86, 142, 157 Kunse, Carolyn-61, 78, 146, 157, 35, 31 Kunse, Janet-61, 78, 168, 124, 125 Kunse, William-86 Kutsoginis, Elaine-98 L LaCIair, Gary-86 LaForm, Michael-98 Lake, Marylyn-87, 141 LaLone, Carol-62, 78, 152, 157, 30 Lamberton, John E.-62, 78 Lance, Judy-98 Lance, Sandra-87 Landrum, Robert-98 Lang, Audrey-87 Lang, Michael-87 Langdon, Jack-98, 32, 33, 30 Langdon, John-87 Larson, Alan-87, 154, 111 Lawrence, James-98 Lawson, Linda-140, 98, 30 Lazenby, Alice-62, 78 Leach, Fulton-98 LeBar, Sara-62, 78 LeClair, Janet-98, 154 LeCIair, Rocky-149 Ledford, Janice-87, 31 Lee, Sandra-B7 Leturgy, Clark-98, 19, 147, 143, 145 Leneschmidt, Charles-98 Leonard, Walter D.-62, 78 Lessel, Claudia-87 Lewis, Beverly-87, 31 Lewis, Bruce-78 Lewis, Caroline-157 Lewis, Gerald-87, 84, 112, 114 Lewis, Richard-62, 78 Liimatta, Lila Marie-62, 78 Liles, Carol-62, 78, 147 Liles, Claudia-98, 147 Liles, Donna-87, 147 Lions, Rodney-98 Lippert, Susanne-87 Little, Tom-98, 153 Livingston, Robert-62, 78 Lloyd, David-98, 111 Lloyd, James-98 Lloyd, Thomas-98 Lobb, Cathy-87, 148, 128, 137 Loch, Judith-87 Long, Patricia-98 Looney, Bonnie-87, 30 Looney, Mella-98 Loucks, Marno-98, 142 Lovett, Howard-62, 78 Lowe, Arley-87 Lowry, Jack-87 Lowry, William-98 Lucia, Julia-62, 78, 152, 157, 49, 128 Luehmaan, Glenn-98 Lund, Charles-62, 78 Lund, Paul-62, 78 Luther, James-98 Luther, Robert-62, 78, 16B Luttman, John-98 Luxon, Richard-87 Luzod, James-98, 23, 37, 16, 153, 25 Lynch, Barbara-87 Lynd, Lynda-62, 78, 157 Lyon, Loetta-63, 78, 151, 25 M MacAbee, Paulette-98, 92, 137, 143 MacAbee, Sandra-87, 141, 142, 137, 32, 30 MacAlpine, Donald-63, 78 MacAlpine, Wayne-63, 78 MacLarty, Archie-87, 150, 121, 119 Madill, Karen-a87,141,12B,13O,131 Madill, Sharon-87, 40 Maguire, Beverly-63, 79, 146, 149 Mahrls, Dale-112,114,116 Maiors, Sandra-99 Manning, David-63, 79 Mansour, Michael-99 Marble, Larry-87 March, Barbara-63, 79, 149, 137 March, Geraldine-99, 145 Marcos, Maritha-99 Marcum, Edward-99 Marietta, Donald-99 Marriott, John-B7 Marti, Bruce-99, 111 Martin, Barbara-63, 79 Martin, Brenda-87 Martin, Carol-99 Martin, George-63, 79 Martin, Penny-99 Martin, Richard-99, 19 Maruicci, Darryl-99, 153 Materna, John-99 Matteson, Ann-64, 79, 140 Matteson, Sue-87, 140 Mawhinney, Judith-143 Mawhinney, William-87 Maxfield, William-87, 146, 154 Maxim, Alex-64, 79 Maxon, Patricia-99 Maxwell, Bettilu-87 May, Caroline-64, 79, 138 May, Michael-99 Mayes, Ernest-99 Mayo, Joseph-87 McAllister, Sharon-87 McAllister, Thomas-63, 78, 146, 142, McAnnally, Jerry-63, 78, 153 McArthur, Tom-99, 1 1 1 McCarty, Larry-63, 78, 153 McClain, Janice-87, 148, 137, 82 McClellan, Karen-99 McClellan, Kenneth-87 McClellend, Eric-99 McCormick, Virginia-87, 140, 138 McCoy, Lynne-87, 152, 137 McCullough, Joyce-63, 78, 152, 137 McDowell, Linda-63, 78 McGeachy, Daniel-99 McGinley, Mary-87, 35, 154 McGinnis, Sharon-87, 140 Mcllroy, Sandra-99 Mclntosh, Carole-99 Mclntosh, Diana-63, 78, 151 McKee, Eva-63, 78, 141 , 148 McKenna, Sharon-87, 140, 137 McKim, Nadinef87 McKinney, Judith-87, 140 McKinnon, Joan-87, 157, 154 McLarty, Linda-99 McLeod, Steve-99 McNabb, John-87, 153 Medlen, Betty-99 Medlen, Marion-64 Meissner, James-64, 79 Meler, John-99 Mellema, Robert-64, 79, 149 Mellema, Rodger-87, 111 Mellick, Sheila-87, 30 Menzer, Joan-161, 99, 16, 142, 92 Menzer, Sandra-99 Meray, Richard-87 Mercer, Kathleen-87, 143 Merrill, Janet-99 Merz, Carol-87, 148, 143 ,137 1 43, 82, 172 INDEX Messler, Nancy-87, 31 Methner, Carol-87 Methner, Marian-99 Meyer, Carol-87, 164, 148 Meyer, W 107, endelin-64, 79, 162, 150, 110, 108, 168, 139, 114 Meyers, Donald-155 Meyers, R osalie-64, 79, 40, 154 Middleton, William-99 Miceli, Frank-99, 30 Mielke, Milton-64, 79, 150, 39, 107, 176, 32, 30 Miles, Jacqueline-87 Miles, Larry-99 Millar, Sharon-64, 79, 31 Miller, Barbara-87, 82, 30 Miller, Betty-64, 79, 149 Miller, Clifford-87 Miller, Jo CarolY157 Miller, John-99 Miller, Norris-87 Miller, Patricia-87, 140, 152, 146 Miller, Timothy-99 Minton, Noel-99 Mitchell, Gordonw87 Mitchell, Pat-87, 140, 146 Mobey, D ianne-148, 154 Mobey, Susan-99, 147, 148, 92, 143, 145 Mobley, Daniel-99 Mogk, Marvin-99 Monahan, Robert-99 Moore, Christine-87, 34 Moore, Larry-99 Moore, Thomas-64, 79 Moran, Duane-87, 150, 107 Moran, Judith-64, 79, 162, 148, 136 Morearty, Anna-99 Morearty, Daniel-99 Morgan, Donald-99, 35, 1 18 Morgan, June Ann-64, 79, 39, 157, 35 Morgan, Karen-64, 79 Moriarty, Barbara-65, 79, 33, 30 Moritz, Janet-65 Morris, Hazel-65, 79, 33, 31, 30 Morris, William-99 Morse, Karen-99, 147 Nurenberg, Myles-79 Nuremberg, Theresa-88 O Oakes, Gerald-100, 142 Oberlee, Kay-65, 79 Obert, Kenneth-88 Obert, Marilynn-65, 79 Olive, Connie-100, 148, 38 Oliver, Sandra-100 Olsen, Jerry Carl-88 Olson, Christopher-153 Olson, Rebecca-65, 79, 152 O'Neil, Ronald R.-100 Orr, Wayne-65, 79 Osborne, Dierdre L.-65, 79 Osborne, Garner-88 O'Shea, Kathleen-88 Ostrand, David-66, 79, 149 Osworth, Judith-66, 79, 149 Ott, Suzanne-88, 148, 137 Owczarski, James-100, 19 Owen, Thomas-100 Owens, Gary-100 P Pace, Jack-79 Palazini, Donna-100, 147 Palmer, Frank-100 Palmer, James-66, 79 Panks, D avid-66, 79, 107, 143, 30 Pardo, Beverly-66, 79 Parker, David-88, 42, 82, 1 11 Parker, Florence-100 Mortimer, Judy-87, 39, 148, 35, 143 Morton, James-87, 1 11 Morton, Marisue-99 Morwor, Jean-99 Parker, Penny-100 Parker, Robert-100 Parks, Douglas-100 Parnell, Judith-100, 142, 154 Partain, Mary-100 Partello, Carol-100 Partello, James-100 Partrick, James-100 Partrick, Patricia-88, 31 Paschke, James-88, 150, 42, 123 Passrnore, Guy-66, 79 Patten, Judy-157 Patterson, Harold-66, 79, 150, 107, 114 Patterson, James-66, 79 Patterson, Jon Tim-88, 168, 145 Moss, Mary-99, 147, 137 Moss, Nora Jane-141, 99, 142, 137 Moultrup, Jane-99, 148, 145, 31 Moultrup, Michael-65, 79, 30 Moultrup, Mark-99 Moyses, Gary-88 Mulanix, James-100, 35, 118 Mullin, James-65, 79 Mullin, Patrick-100 Murett, Marilyn-100 Murphy, Linda-88, 36, 143, 154, 31 Murphy, Margaret-88 Murphy, Mary Ann-79 Murphy, Robert-1 18 Murray, Henry-88, 23 Murthurn, Marcia-88 Myers, Rodger-88, 146, 143, 1 19 Myers, Sa N ndra-156 Nadeau, Richard-100, 153 Neddo, Sandra-100 Neff, Warren-88 Nelson, Mary-65, 79, 141, 147, 30 Nelson, Michael-100 Nestor, Robert-100, 107 Neussendorfer, Joseph-100 Nevala, Steven-100, 145 Newcombe, Jannett-100 Newkirk, Carole-l100, 152, 156 Newman, Robert J.-100, 162, 139, 92, 137, 1 1 1, 1 17 Newman, Ronald-65, 79, 146, 153, 139, 48, 137, 172, 174 Newman, Ruth-88, 168, 128, 130, 82, 131 Newmarc Nicholas, h, Bonnie-88, 146 Jack-65, 79, 149, 32, 33, 30, 31 Nicholie, Harry-65, 79, 150, 107, 30, 120, 119 Nielson, David-88 Nixon, Charles C.-88, 155 Noble, Sh Nolen, Sh aron-161, 88,142 aron-88 Noonan, John-65, 79 North, Jeanette-100, 141, 148, 143 Novak, Joe-100 Pattison, Virginia-88 Patton, Patton, Paul, C Paulin, Paulin, Payne, Payne, Pearsal Pearsal Judy-88, 128, 130, 154, 131 Nancy-88, 148 harles-100, 111 David-66, 79 Phillip-100 Gary-88 Kerrina-100, 25 l, Linda-88, 30 I, Lois-66, 79, 149 Pelkey, Gerald-35 Penn, Michael-66, 79, 173, 123 Perkins, Joseph-88 Perkio, Gary-88 Perry, Tr may-66, 79, 40 Peter, Thomas-100, 1 1 1 Peters, Maureen-88 Peters, Sharleen-66, 79, 137 Peterson, Carol-88 Peterson, Dean-88 Peterson, Diane-100 Peterson, Gary-100 Peterson, Karen-66, 79, 151, 157, 148, 2 Petrucci, Benedette-66, 79, 172, 175 Pickrell, Ruth Ann-100 Pietrzak, JanicF88, 157, 148, 154 Pilkinton, John-67, 79, 49 Pinkerton, James-100 Pinner, J udy-100, 92, 143 Pinner, Roy-67, 79 Pittentur Pittman, f, Linda-100 Richard-100 Platz, Judy-140, 88 Plautz, John-88 Poffenberger, William-88, 146 Pohl, Karon-100 Polley, Howard-67, 79 Pollina, Rosalie-67, 79, 148, 176 Potter, Blaine-88 Potter, Norma-88 Pratt, Roger-88, 30, 31 Preston, Louis-88 Price, Walter-100 Priest, Loretta-67, 79, 157, 128 Priestly, Anne-100 5,143 Proctor, Frederick-100 Prout, Joellyn-100, 33, 31 Prunty, Norma-100, 154 Puglise, James-67, 79 Pulleyblank, Ronald-88 R Rafalko, Barbara-100 Randall, Alayne-B8 Rask, Paul-88, 111 Rauch, Beverly A.-88, 147, 154 Ray, Earl-88 Raymond, Nancy-67, 79, 144, 143 Raysin, Yvonne-88 Read, Robert-100 Reaume, Sandra-67, 79 Redmond, Barron-100, 142, 34, 137 Reich, Frank D.-100 Reitmeyer, Sharon-67, 79, 149 Rennie, Susan-67, 79, 21, 148, 137, 154 Retzlaff, Steve-88 Saum, John-69, 80, 150, 109, 107, 154 Savas, Harry-101, 92,111,117 Sawdon, Robert-69, 80 Sayre, Douglas-89 Schack, Lawrence-89, 153, 35 Scherbing, Dorothy-89 Schilling, Sue-101 Schmansky, Nancy-101, 140 Soncriante, Ronald-101 Sorenson, oDrothy-101, 147, 34 Souslin, Lowell-90, 30 Sovereign, Joanne-101, 157 Sovereign, Sally-70, 80, 157, 128 Spalding, Karen-152 Spears, Virginia-101, 147 Spencer, Frances-70, 80, 152, 141, 147, 148, 49, Schroeder, Jerri, 89, 124, 125, 143, 154, B2 Schroff, William-101 Schuler, Barry-101, 153, 143 Schuler Schuler, Kaye-69, 80 Schultz, Kathleen-101, 147 , Diane-45, 157, 156 Vidor, Karen-90 Rexford 8ruceh88 Rexford, Jean-67, 79, 141, 151, 144, 25, 143, 145 Rexford, Patricia-88, 146, 142 Reynolds, Darlene-88 Reynolds, Fay-67, 79, 40 Reynolds Roger-100 Riabucha, Anthony-89, 39, 146 Riabucha, Eugene-100, 117 Rich, Janine-100, 147 Richards, Gary-67, 79, 98 Richardson, Donna-100 Richardson, Sharon-67, 79 Richie, Mona-67, 79, 141, 142, 48, 137 Richmond, Gary-68, 79 Rickard, Judith-148, 137, 30 Rickman, Barbara-68, 79 Riddle, Joan Kay-89, 34 Rise, Noel-89, 1 1 1 Ritchie, Thomas-68, 79 Robertoy, Mary-100, 38 Roberts Roberts , Aubrey-142 Cecilia-68, 79,151, 38,137 Roberts, Glenda-152, 89, 128, 130, 154, 131 Roberts, Patricia-100 Roberts, Robert-100 Roberts, Ruth-68, 80, 128, 130 Robertson, Janetta-100, 140, 143 Robertson, Nancy-89, 143 Robertson, William-100 Robinson, Florence-100 Robinson, lsaac Ray-89, 150, 151, 112, 114 Schultz, Robert-101 Schulz, Bonnie-101 Schweigert, Kathleen-31 Scott, Robert-89 Scruggs, Sandra-101 Secan, Frank-89 Seconder, Donald-101 Secord, Sharon-101 Sedroski, Claudia-101, 143 Selberg, Donna Sue-89, 34 Sexton, Deanna-89, 31 Sexton, Royzelle-101 Shafto, Constance-69, 80, 148, 49 Shambarger, Joann-89 Shambarger, Sandra-101, 143 Shank, Karen-101, 142 Sharette, Ilene-152, 89 Shaul, Paula-69, 80, 149 Shaver, Merle-101 Shaw, Susan-101, 142 Shaw, William-69, 80 Shea, James-69, 80, 153 Sheehy, Tom-101 Shelton, Carol Lee-89 Shepherd, Beverly-69, 80, 149 Shepherd, Carol-69, 80, 26, 147, 148, 143, 1 Sherman, David-89, 118 Sherman, Fred-101, 118 Sherwood, Lauralee-89, 148, 22, 143 Shields, Jerry-101 Sholte, James-69, 80, 107 Shook, Peggy Ann-89 Showers, Elizabeth-69, 80, 152, 157 Shram, Charles-101,107 Shunck, Sarah-141, 89 Sias, David-101 Sias, Ronald-69, 80, 111 Sickels, Michael-101, 120, 119 Roebke, Anna-35 Rolfe, Connie-89 Rolitf, Donald-149 Rollison, Gary-68, 80 Rollison, James-89 Root, Gary-68, 80, 153 Rose, Lawrence-68, 80, 154, 32, 33, 30, 31 Rose, Patricia Lou-29, 89 Ross, Davidw68, 80, 123 Roth, Raymond-89, 34 Rousseau, David-89 Ruelle, Arthur-89, 112, 117 Rule, Bruce-89 Rule, Ronald-89,146 Rupert, Ann-68, 80, 149 Rupprecht, Gerald-89 Rusch, Vivian-68, 80, 128, 172,131 Russ, Sharon-B9 Russell, John R. 68, 80 Russell, Joyce-89 Rutledge, James-89, 168, 121, 119 Ryan, John-89, 144, 143, 30 Ryden, Deanna-68, 80, 154, 156 Ryden, Vicki-142 Ryden, Viva-89, 154 S Sabell, Karen-101 Sadler, Ronald-101 Sage, Edwin-101 Sage, Karen-68, 80 Sage, Karen-101 St. Clair, Mary Lou-89, 156 St. Dennis, Joan-89 St. Lawrence, Linda489 Salathiel, Jeanne-101, 138,152, 18, 127, 137, 133 Sandage, Richard-68, 80, 149, 173 Sandlin, James-89, 39 Sandusky, Margie-69, 80 Santala, Doreen-140, 89, 35 Saul, Carol-89, 146, 142, 145, B2 Siegwart, Simenson Simmons, Simmons, Simpson, Simpson, Simpson, Simpson, Simpson, Marilyn-101,148,143 , Kathryn-69, 80, 141 , 157,148, 34 Carol-101 James-89 Barbara-101 Connie-152, 89 Dale-80 Jack-89 Ralph-89 Sivets, Larry-101 Skelton, Don-80 Skibowski, Sandy-69, 80, 128, 173, 30 Skrine, Larry-101 Sky, Carol-89 Sky, Jeanne-80 Slade, Pauline-101, 29 Slaton, Patsy-101 Small, Corinne-70, 80 Smith Smith Barbara-101 David-101 Smith, Douglas-70, 149 Smith Everett-89, 1 1 1, 1 19 Smith, Fred-89 Smith, Gerald-70, 80 Smith James-70, 80,150, 34,171,120,121,119 Smith, Janice-84, 21, 151 Smith Jo Ann-70 BO Smith .Judy-101 Smith, Nihla-101 Smith Sandra-101, 154 Smith, Smith Smith Sharon-70, 80 Sharon-89 son, David-89 Smrcina, Carolf101, 154 Sneed, Judy-89 Snyder, Carolyn-90, 85, 148 Snyder, Leslie-90 Solden, Carle70, 80, 150, 107, 119 Soldwish, Sharon-101 saiawssh, Vickie-101 Somerville, Wayne-101 Soncriante, Judith-70, 80 33, 31 Spitzer, Joe-90 Spivey, David-101 Springer, Suzanne-70, 80, 127, 128, 130, 174, 131 Spurlock, Duaine-90 Spurlock, Sandra-90, 17, 152 Squires, Judy-101, 140, 34, 92 Stanley, Carolyn-90 Stark, Vonnie-90, 24 Statton, William-90 Stayton, Joanne-90 Steck, James-70, 80' Steehler, Betty Sue-90, 89, 144, 142, 147, 22, 137 Stefter, Gerald-70 Stevens, Judy-90 Stewart, Jack-70, 80, 137 Steward, Nita-101, 95, 147, 35 Stewart, Sandra-101 Stewart, Stanley-90 Stickler, Donald-90 Stickney, John-90, 1 17 Stieber, Gary-90 Stieve, Sherry-30 Stigers, Edward-101, 115 Stireman, William-90 Stitz, Lynn-71, 80 Stitz, Milan-70, 80 Stobbe, Randall-90 Stocker, Daniel-90 Stockwell, Diana-90, 157 Stoddard, Arthur-101 Stodgel, Joe-30, 31 Stoltenberg, Harold-101 Stotctlemyer, Carolyn-71, 80, 31 Strainer, David-90 Strange, Terrance-101 Strom, Sandra-101 Strong, Clarence-101 Strong, Sally-90 Stuart, Bonnie-71, 80, 137 Stuart, Nancy-90 Studebaker, Virginia-102, 143, 33 Studt, Johne71, 8O,150,1l5, 139,114,123 Summers, Suzanne-101 Sutter, John-101 Sutton, Robert-101, 34, 117 Suzor, Marjorie-101 Swansey, Sandra-101, 152, 92 Swanson, Karen-90, 164 Sweet, Onalee-71, 80 Sword, Georgia-90, 141, 82 'I' Taggart, Sharon-102 Talaba, Linda-102, 142 Tandski, Joyce-102 Tapscott, Carolyn-102 Tarchalski, Mary-90, 154 Tatu, Carol-90, 152 Tatu, Gary-102 Taylor, Albert-71, 80, 149, 176 Taylor, Eleanor-71, 80, 172 Taylor, Mary Ellen-90, 164, 151, 157, 22 Taylor, Richard-102 Tebo, Dean-71, 80, 149 Tebo, Gaila-192 Teeuwissen, John-90, 146, 144, 142, 145 Tenuta, Lorraine-90, 82 Terry, Glenn-102 Textor, Sandra-102 Thatcher, Keith-102 Thomas, Janet-90, 129, 124, 125 Thomas, Robert-90 Thomason, Charles-90 Thompson, Carolyn-102 Thompson, Janice-102 Thompson, Karen-71, 80, 148, 154 Thompson, Sue-102 Thornton, Lyman-90, 146 Tinkis, Shirley-102 Tippett, Aillene-71, 80 Toles, Ronald-90 Towle, Valerie-71, 80, 157 Tracy, Patricia-102 Traicoff, Richard-71, 80, 121, 119 Traxler, Deloris-71, 80, 157 Traxler, Robert-102 Trevethan, Larry-102, 34 Tripp, Dennis-102, 119 Tucker, James-90 Tunnell, Robert-102 Turcsak, Veronicai90 Turkowski, Ronald-90 Turnbull, Laveda-102, 147 Turner, Jeannette-90, 164, 157, 148, 82 Turner, Lynnda-71, 80, 173 Turner, Robert-102 Tyler, Gerry-102 Tyler, Joan-102 Tynan, Nancy-102, 143, 33 Tyrer, Gary-102 U Underwood, James-102 Underwood, Sharon-71, 80, 146, 127, 128 130,131 Underwood, Timothy-90, 155, 107, 120, 121 119 Upchurch, Laura-72, 80, 33, 31 Upcott, Gary-80 Upcott, Sharon-102, 148 Uplegger, James-90 Urbonovic, Evelyn-102 Usinger, Ruthann-72, 80, 148 V Vaden, Jery-102 Valdivia, Milton-72, 80, 149 Valentine, Vicki Jan-102, 143 Vallad, Eleanor-102 Vallad, Richard-102 Van Alstine, James-102 Van Deusen, Shirley-72, 80, 157, 31 Van Deusen, Richard-102 Van Horn, Carol-72, 80, 21 , 151 Van Horn, Donna-90, 129, 148 Van Huizen, Kay-72, 80, 146 Van Schoick, Gary- 102 Van Scoyoi, James-102 Vassler, Dennison-102 Vaughn, Ruth Ann-72, 80, 148, 48, 176, Vaughn, Sue-102, Velzy, William-72, 148, 33 80 Verch, Charles-72, 80 Verhey, William-7 Vermett, Mary-72, 2, BO 80 Vernan, Betty-90, 164, 148, 137 31 Villarreal, Emilia-90 Vogl, Betty-72, 80, 149 Vore, Elizabeth-102 Voss, George-90 Vought, Carol-72, 80, 146, 127, 128, 130 W Waara, Barry-90 Waara, Judith-102, 25, 156 Wagner, Donald-102 Wagner, Marilyn-102 Wagner, Richard-102, 143 Wainscott, Susan-90 Walker, Charles-90, 35 Walker, Gloria-72, 80, 157 Walker, Margie-102 Wallace, Bonita-102 Wallace, Catherine-102 Wallace, David-102, 34, 92 Walter, Jerry-72, 81 Walters, William-102 Walton, Donna-90, 141 Ward, Mary-102 Ward, Roger-73, 81, 18, 175 Waring, William-102, 35 Warnecke, James-73, 81 , 149 Warnecke, William-35 Warner, Larry-73, 81 , 150, 107, 120, 119 Warner, Thomas-73, 81 Warthen, April-90, 34 Watkins, Carol-73, 81 Watson, John-90 Watson, Virginia-103 Watts, Ellis-90 Watts, Linda-90 Watts, Vernon-73, B1 Weedon, Benson-90, 150, 146, 108, 107, 42 117 Weicht, Judith-103, 143 Weiler, Patricia-90 Welch, Sharon-103, 19 Welch, Virginia-73, 81, 157 Wellington, Joan-73, 81 Wells, Beverly-90, 33, 31 Wells, Mary Lou-103 Wennsten, Donald-103, 142, 32, 30, 31 Wert, James C,-81 West, Carl-73, 81 Western, Donna-103 Western, Elsie M.-73, 81 Westnes, Carolf90, 140, 138 Weston, Dianne-40, 157 Westphal, Donna-103, 147 Wettlaufer, William-90 Wheeler, Coleen-90 Whitcomb, Donna-90 Whitcomb, Penny-73, 81 White, Daniel-81, 149 White, Earl-103 White, Edna-103 White, Linda-90 White, Robert-90, 34, 120, 121, 119 Whitmire, Carolyn-73, 81 Whittemore, Joni-91, 146, 143, 145 Whitten, Marjorie-103 Wiggins, James-103 Wilder, Charlotte-103, 148, 143 Alexander, Robert-37 Amell, James-122 Anderson, Jack-39 Arsen, Donald-7 Ashley, Waldo-44, 106 Baber, Suzanne-10 Beedle, Donald-44, 118 Bennetts, Howard-39, 136 Benson, Donald-41 Blair, Mary Anne-23 Bryce, Bertha-1 1 Bulla, Helen-9 Canfield, Susan-11 Carey, Avis-45 Carter, Elsie-39 Chaffee, Durwood-39 Chamberlin, Ruth-39, 136 Coleman, John-17, 16 Audio Visual Aids-155 Board of Education-8 Boys' Bowling-153 Cheerleaders-124, 126 Chemistry Club-146 Ccrop Club-149 Wildey, Carol-103, 147, 156 Wildey, Wayne-91 Wilkins, Dennis-103, 30 Williams, Carolyn-103 Williams, Cydneyw73, 81,151 Williams, David-103 Williams, Leonard-91 Williams, Peggy-103, 157,143 Williams, Sally-73, B1,175, 31 Williamson, Norma-140, 91, 34 Williamson, Patricia-91, 154 Williamson, WiIbe'rte103 Willoughby, Jimmy-103, so Wilson, Carolv103, 147 Wilson, David-81, 144, 142, 38 31 , 30 Wilson, Frank-91 Wilson, lleanee91 Wilson, Luther-91 Wilson, Mary Lou-91 Wilson Rodney-91 Wilson Wilson Wilson , Sharron-73, 81, 146, 31 Terry E.-103, 111, 117 , Wayne-74, 81 Cooper, RaymondY13 cufhfeli, Alfred-44, 121, 119 Doekson, Raymond-44 Fear, John-110, 44 Feiler, Norma-16, 126, 128 Frank, Barbara-16 Freeman, David-110, 106 Fry, James-169, 9 Garland, Frank-16 Hemming, Harold-39 Hubbell, Stephen-28 Isaacson, Edwina-16 Johnson, Roger-18 Klinke, Davidl-18 Kressbach, George-20, 41 INDEX ,137,145,175, Wiltfang, Henry-103 Wilton, Sally-103 Wiltse, Gloria-140, 103 Windeler, Donald-91, 150, 107 Windell, Constance-91 Winger, James-91 Winkelman, RaymondA153 Winter, Dorothy AnnA74, 81 Wirth, Janet-103 Wisniewski, Dennis-74, 81 , 155, 144,149 Wisniewski, Diane-91, 31 Wohlfeil, Janet-103, 36 Wolf, Henry-91,1D8, 107, 30, 31,121,119 Woloson, Sandra-103 Wolverton, Marye74, 81 Wood, Bruce-103 Wood,-Donna-74, 81 Wood, Patty-91 Wood, Robert+B1 Wood, William-74, 81, 108,107,149 Woodman, David-139 Woods, Gerald-81 Woods, Henry-81 Woods, James-103 FACULTY Long, Shirley-39 Looman, Patty-37 Lcsh, Maureen-28 Lugar, Mariorie-40 McCully, Lulah-28 Madden, George-9 Meier, Richard-32 Menghini, Nicholas-27, 106 Merritt, Byron-10 Mott, Edward-19 Myers, Cecil-18 Newell, Arden-39 Nickman, Joan-10 Oakes, Mary K.-11 Olmstead, William-28 Lake, Arthur-18 Lanning, Carroll-45 Long, Lila-27 Olson, Emma-11 Perrin, Donald-35 Pety, Lois-26 Woodward, James-91 Worden, Kaaren-103 Wurl, Thomas-91 Wyatt, Judith-103, 33 Y Yanson, Sharon-103 Yarber, David-91 Yonovich, John-81 Young, Carol-74, 81, 154, 175 Young, Eddie-103 Young, Phyllis-81 Young, Sharon-74 Younger, Lanny-74, 81, 153, 75, 137 Z Zegelien, Leland-103, 32, 30, 31 Zeliasko, Aileen-91 Zietek, Sandra-103 Zilka, Roland-74, 81, 172 Zilka, Wayne-103,145,117 Zisman, Paula-74, 81, 149 Puglise, Eleanor-12 Ripley, Paul-20, 7 Rohrer, Lynn-28 Shupe, Barbara-39, 20 Siagris, Lioubitsa-19 Smith, Beulah-39 Smith, Robert-16 Southwell, Beverly-2B Spiess, Olive-10 Spurrier, Raymond-13 Thorell, Robin-39, 128 Tsekery, Mary-26 Vackaro, Marina-16 Vannorsdall, Patricia-23, 125, 128 Wallace, Gerald-42, 114 Wiseman, Charles-27 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS Debate Club-145 Dramatics Club-142, 143 French Club-147 Future Nurses' Club-140 Future Social Workers-157 Future Teachers' Club-141 GAA-127, 133 Girls' Bowling-152 Hall Monitors-154 Hi-Y-139 Literary Club-138 Quill and Scroll-151 M4 571,21 6' 5 l dw! 1 . J I If peel.. 1 J' 4416 L ,Y ,yfefce 441,54 , f f Quite 77 Ski Club-138 Student Affairs Committee-137 Student Council-169, 136, 137 Thespians-144 Varsity Club-150 Y-Teens-148 F x 1 X r t P 1 2 n I z s 'PM 1. wi 'X t WNY Wgwwifbnfk wt f 5j?zgg,37?3 at WL, ywwgfwv I . .s nfl! Zdxvwknxxgf A I - w ,J2,v www ' t WJ M F 'Wit 5,9 fd, rg I ' V WWW A YW? 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Suggestions in the Waterford Township High School - Waterlog Yearbook (Waterford, MI) collection:

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