Washington Irving Intermediate School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Springfield, VA)

 - Class of 1965

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1965 volume:

Washington Irving School Springfield, Virginia 1965 Faculty Staff: Supervisor: Miss Mary Nunn Layouts: Miss Peggy Davis Copy: Mrs. Barbara Davis Cover; Miss Terry Franklin Photography: Mr. Frank Murensky Typing: Mrs. Valerie Fellows Publicity: Mrs. Phyllis Hanabury Student Staff: Layouts and Copy: Tom Leahy Mel Milbourn Patty Bandyk Jim Boress Diane Dix Brian Hermes Sherry Moody Karen Morris Cover: Gary Eckstein Rusty Edwards Vw Introducing: The Irving Administration, Roy I. Brooks Principal ■ 0 HI " . Col. Robert Fairweather Assistant Principal Guidance Mr. Frank Sardinia, Mr. George Leyda, Mrs. Marie Gurski. ' r Librarians Mrs. Dorothy Andrews, Mr. Ralph Lutz. Mr. Samuel Salamone Director of Guidance Mrs. Elinor Geisleman Nurse Faculty, and Staff Secretaries Mrs. Roberta Beck Mrs. Idell Swett Mrs. Ann Matney Custodians This is the night shift. Cafeteria The ladies takes a break. 3 Mr. Alfred Alexander Science Mrs. Helen Altice Home Arts Mrs. Maxie Arnett Mathematics Miss Harriette Barton ESG Mr. Michael Bodnar Science Mrs. Kathryn Bowers ESG Mr. Edward Broyles Band Director Mr. James Burton ESG Miss Brenda Crockett History Miss Sandra Crouch History Mr. Douglas Dalton Reading Mrs. Barbara Davis ESG Miss Peggy Davis Health and Physical Education Mr, John Dibble ESG Mrs. Margaret Dunbar Art Miss Katharine Farrar ESG Mrs. Valerie Fellows Mathematics Mr. Harold Flaherty Health and Industrial Arts Miss Terry Franklin Art Mr. Frank Gaylord Industrial Arts Mrs. Lura Gillis Home Arts Mrs. Joycelyn Gilmore English Mrs. Loretta Gornick ESG Mrs. Frances Gurski English Mrs. Phyllis Hanabury Mathematics Mr. Dean Harris Science Mr. Keith Harvey ESG Mrs. Harriette Johnson ESG Mrs. Elsie Jones ESG Mr. Joel Jones Health and Physical Education 1 X Mr. George Kaseman Special Education Capt. William Kirvan Mathematics Mr. George Leyda English Mrs. Peggy Looney Music Mr. Foster Morse Mathematics Mr. Michael Morton Industrial Arts Mr. Frank Murensky Health, Physical Education Mrs. Lola Northington Health, Home Economics Miss Mary Nunn English Mrs. Virginia Oaks Music Col. George Ruffin Science Mr. Merrill Sanford Mathematics Mr. Frank Sardinia English Miss Joanne Schubert History Mrs. Mary Shutters Health, Physical Education Mrs. Annie Lee Springer History Mr. Harvey Small Mathematics Mrs. Harriet Stegemerten English Mrs. Martha Stevenson French Mr. William Toone ESG Miss Jacqueline Vermette Spanish Capt. Charles Wayne Mathematics Lt. Col. Wilson White Science Mr. Glenn Will Science 7 Washington Irvings’ Legislative Body, This year the Student Co-operative Association has done the following things: 1. Revised the academic letter point system. 2. Adopted a South Vietnamese boy and sent him money and presents. 3. Sponsored an orientation program for seventh grade students. 4. Guided parents on Back-to-School Night. 5. Sponsored door decorating contest at Christmas. 6. Helped with building and grounds improvement. 7. Proposed and organized a new lunch seating arrangement. 8. Inducted new members into the National Junior Honor Society. 9. Sent delegates to district SCA conference in Quantico, Virginia. 10. Sent a delegate to the state conference at Richmond. 11. Held a contest for the school motto. 12. Landscaped area between the two wings. 13. Sponsor e4 r %ve to raise funds for the Kennedy library. Student govr ' 1 ' ' rings were held on Fridays in the Band Room, even during the late-bus r h was insured by new amendments to the school constitu¬ tion which prr J JfJBs for those absent without an excuse. One of the uigH , ■ the year for SCA members was the field trip Mrs. Springer, group sponsor, tookcL on in the spring. This is the first year that the SCA has gone on a field trip. 8 The Student Co-Operative Association Members are: Junior Bowling, Ricky Miller, Marty Coke, Marsha Waters, Mark Mahonen, Jill Kimberly, Mike Kirby, Diane Wade, Toni Youngblood, Sheila Fultz, Susan Pollen, Don Hawamoto, Roy Torrence, Andy Sailor, Laurie Williamson, Bob Sulukman, Drew Calvin, David Hess, Kay Talhelm, Cliff Gilespie, Bill Junk, Donna Jones, Mary Butler, David Wood, Dwight Hamner, Donna Shoemaker, Johnny Clark, Bobby Thomas, Marcia Cicero, John McHugh, Sheila Davis, Paul Sisk, Jane Bond, Mary Hawn, Donna Simmons, Allen Steinert, Peggy Ramsey, Jim Lyles, Denny Hennigan, Jane Jennings, Diane Dix, Tom Leahey, Don Vaughn, Mark Hatton, Jeff Burke, John Sherwood, Jeff Baskin, Robin Oldacre, Susan Gaston, Andy Mackel, Dale Sheads, Kathy Morgannon, Barbara Hayes, and Bill Anderson. 9 li SCA Officers. President, Jeff Armentrout Vice President, Sally Darden Treasurer, Scott Scheutz Secretary, Marty Darden Reporter, Greg Sweetland Em H 3 - Hj Favorite Publications: The Wisp, Our Paper, r 7 1 - ■ H jsj J Iff The major change in both publications this year was a shift to more student respon¬ sibility. WISP staffers glued up their own " dummy. " They said that it was like working a gluey jigsaw puzzle. Sketch Book people typed their own copy, and did the student and teacher sections all by themselves. The WISP dummy must be very accurate because it is photographed and the photo¬ graphs are used to print the paper. The Sketch Book student sections are the longest and most important part of that book. Staffers had to alphabetize and list over 1,300 names, draw up sheets to put them on, and see that they got to the typing staff. Pic¬ tures had to be numbered and labled for each page. This year ' s Sketch Book staff is listed in front of the book. The WISP editorial staff follows: Editor -- Sharon Patchak Feature Editor -- Donna Ohr Art Editors -- Tom Leahy, Karen Morris Club Editor -- Jess Totten Fashion Editor -- Patty Bandyk Literary Editor -- Jan Carson Sports Editors -- Sally Darden, James McNab, Wendy McRae, Dennis Talton. 10 And The Sketch Book, Our Annual I I Seventh Graders Prepare Student Section of Sketch Book. WISP Staff Plans To Deliver Christ¬ mas Issue. Editors of Both Approve Their Work. Mrs. Stegemerten And Staffers Have Varied Activities n n Irving Has Over Twenty Student Organizations Seventh Grade Art Club Eighth Grade Art Club Chess Club Current Events Club and Clubs Debate Club Future Nurses Club Future Teachers Club Home Arts Club Mathematics HI rfW • i a i [ 2 r , KvA 1 k 4 I A i AW A yojjrii lm r m 1 wLj wlk {r F‘ " Wk Hi a awB Patrols Photography Club Science Club Clinic Helpers Dining Hall Helpers Office Helpers Store Helpers Special Mention for Special Merit National Junior Honor Society Chris Barnes, Cindy Beall, Penny Bennett, Connie Braymer, Cathy Breori, Steven ' Carlson, Dana Charleston, Debra Davis, Martha Davis, Diane Dix, Shauna Dykes, Christine Fox, Linda French, Warren Goldstein, Rosemary Hamil¬ ton, Barbara Hayes, Denny Henigan, Theresa Jones, Sandy Lorey, Sharon McKim, Marianne Martin, Cheryl Moody, Ricky Morton, Drew Richardson, Donna Schumaker, Richard Seeker, Ken Shackley, Mary Stuckmeyer, Greg Sweerland, Jess Totten, Stephanie Underwood, Adrienne Wineberger, Mary Ann Wiseman. Seventh Grade “A” Students Ruth Loetterle, Mel Milbourn, Kathy Petrie, Linda Burgdorf, Ellen Lasser, Susan Gregory, Kane Lawson, John Shillingburg White Letter Winners Sharon Patchak Gail Harding All State Band Mark Monson, James Hastings, Eddie Bierly, John Farris, Paul Hanak, Jack Stone, Richard Seeke. Some Meritorious Monkey Shines 4r J i Washington Irving’s IP k ' ii 4 Irvihg ' s Cheerleaders 8th Grade Football Champs 7th Grade Football Champs Ready Set . . . Physical Fitness Plan 7th Grade Kickball Champs Friday Means Co-Rec. Ready to Score? Watch Your Heads! Volleyball ' s Exciting But . . . What Did We Do Wrong? More Volleyball . . . More Exercising! Where ' d I The Ball Go? The Older Generation Has Pep! Basketball Pros! Show ' em Mr. Jones VTT1I Irving’s Active Music Department Includes Seventh Grade Girls ' Chorus Eighth Grade Girls ' Chorus Boys ' Chorus Beginning Band Cadet Band Concert Band Reserve Band Mr. Broyles Directs Memorable Spring Events Include Science Fair, Science Fair Exhibits Because the Sketch Book is sent to the press in mid-February, spring events pictures show 1964 activities. Traditional events include a play, the 4-Arts program, an operetta, the Science Fair, the Spring Awards Assembly, and the end-of-the year dance. This year, as this book was being readied for the printer, Mr. Boyles and Mr. Will were asked about plans for the play and operetta. Both stated that the late bus shortage has prevented any real work on these projects, but hoped that the situation would be straightened in time. Mr. Will assured the editors that the Science Fair would be held as planned, and Mr. Sardinia commented that he was assigned to head the 4-Arts program. The 4-Arts program welds student art, writing, music and dance into one artistic whole by such methods as interpreting student poems in modern dance. The annual Science Fair is the showplace for Irving;s science tal¬ ent. Students may compete in any field of science. Winners compete in county, state, regional, and then national shows. The Spring Awards Assembly, like the winter one, honors all Stu¬ dents who have earned recognition for their achievements. i 24 4-Arts, Awards Assembly, and School Play i i. ▼ 1 $ Clifford looks " Just Ducky Some kicks from the 4-Arts Chorus Spring Awards Assembly School Has Many Organized Activities — Also Many Disorganized Ones William Aird Monica Albetolli Stanley Alderson Nathan Aldrich Maritza Aleman Shelton Alley Bill Anderson John Arnold Jeff Armentrout James Arnett Rickie Aylestock Jan Bagley Irving Eighth Grade Students Enjoyed Cliff Bagot John Baily Chris Banas Patty Bandyk Joe Barnhart Kim Barker Roger Barker Tucker Barlow Carol Batts Ronald Baumann Jim Baumgardner Karen Baumgartner Gary Baxter Cindy Beall Andy Beard Cathi Beauregard Joe Beicher James Benckert Julie Benckert Michael Benford Gail Benner Paul Bennett Penny Bennett Robert Bennett Rodney Berger George Best Thomas Bettis Allen Bevins Charlene Biddle Sharon Blevins Allison Blood Robert Boebel Ray Bohlayer Alan Boles Deborah Bokowski Larry Boley Bob Bolton Jane Bond John Bost Carey Bowed Bruce Boyd Wilson Boyd Games, Valentine Dance, and Graduation Judy Brader Susie Bragdon Connie Braymer Lisa Braun Michael Bray Judith Brennan Cathy Breon Sharon Brooks Thomas Brown Norman Brown Dennis Brown Dawn Brown Clifton Brown Suzanne Bullard David Bunch John Burgess Paul Buonviri Penny Burdette William Burnette Mary Butler Jeffrey Cain Sharon Cain George Campbell Linda Cantrell Steve Capar Skipper Capone Henry Carretta Steven Carlson Kitty Carney Debbie Carr Jan Carson Kathy Cassedy Steven Castleman Larry Challain Harry Chamberz Dana Charleston Hoyt Chick Greg Church Maria Cicero Leonard Cichowicz Mason Crim Bonita Clark John Clark Ralph Clark Randy Clark Dennis Clarkson Neva Clayton Janet Cobb Linda Coleman David Connelly Mark Connor Thomas Connor Cindy Conrad Roger Conway Gary Cosner Patty Corbin Jay Copan Lula Belle Cook Mike Courson Tom Courson Lee Cox Brenda Crank Danielle Crevier Don Crigler Donna Curtis Jonathan Daitz Sally Darden Denise Darnwell Debbie Davis Debra Davis Dee Davis Martha Davis Sheila Davis William Deal Shirley Deese Janice Delaney 1 1 Grade Harold Delaney Larry Delaney Carl Demory Brenda Devers Gary Devers Linda Devers Sandra Dicola Sylivia Dillion Dianne Dix Jennie Dixon Mike Dixon Brenda Dobson George Doe Michael Domingoes Jerry Dotson David Dowling Jill Dragotta Becky Dudley Barbara Dumais Terry Dunnavant Stephen Dupont Shawna Dykes Jeff Dykstra Haynes Earnhart Carol Eastman Herbert Easton Debbie Eckelberry Cathy Eckstien Tom Eddinger Debbie Edwards Sharon Elliott Kevin Engley Mark Estes Tim Etheridge John Eversole Susan Ewing Jan Farris Jay Farris Cindy Fauls Richard Fearing Marcella Featherall Patrick Featherstone Linda Ferrell Linda Finkle David Fisher Patty Fitzpatrick James Foster Marilyn Foster Mary Foster Christine Fox Louis Frelin Linda French Jef Francis Robert Froman Jackie Frost William Furrey Judy Fryberger Barbara Frye Don Galarowicz Earl Gardner Susan Gaston Robert Gauthier Ann Gentry Robert George Candace Gettler Donna Giarratana Edward Gibson Debbie Gibson Steve Gill Walt Gilliam Tom Gilmer John Gilreath Denise Girardi Linda Goins William Goldstein Meryle Gordon Gary Gore Karen Goslin Dianah Graves Reid Graves David Greer Robert Gregoria Jo Ann Grisham Carol Grissom Fred Hall Louis Hall Lynwood Hall Ronald Hall Barrie Hamilton Rosemary Hamilton Sheila Hammond Dwight Hamoer Paul Hanak Gail Harding Tom Hardy Linda Harner Glennis Harris Eddie Harrison Lar ry Harrison Susan Harrison Stephen Hart Timothy Hassell Jim Hastings Keith Hawes Sandra Hawley Mary Beth Hawn Neville Heishman Jim Hemby Denny Henigan Robin Hensley Thea Hermit Ann Herold Richard Herring Vicki Hersh Gail Hicks Allen Hill John Hill Larry Hill Mark Hilton Ray Hitt Stephen Hodge Richard Hoffman Victoria Hoffman Val Hogue Ricky Holbrook Shelly Hollister Patrick Holloman John Holly Richard Holomalia , Debbie Holt Frances Hood Mark Hoppe Helen Hokton Richard Hudson Dolores Hurley Arnold Huffman Thomas Hull Kenneth Hurdle Eddie Hutcherson Lisa Irving Cindy Isley Mark Jackorich Geoff James Dana Jenkins Joe Jenkins Janie Jennings Louis Jennings Robert Jennings Bill Johnson Karen Johnson Donna Jones Shelly Jones Theresa Jones Gary Kashurba Elaine Keating Robert Keet Larry Kelly Anita Kennedy Karen Kester Mark Kilby Tom Kile Vicki Kindred Pete King Bill Kirk Frances Kish Mike Kish Bill Kitchens John Kraus Rebecca Kraus Dana Krupa Jim Kuper Linnea Kwiecinski Marsha Lamb Kevin Lane Cheryl Lann Janice Laurents Jan Lautzenheiser Greg Layne Tom Leahey Carma Ledonne Bill Little Dorrance Long Sandy Lorey Richard Louk Barbara Luck James Lyles Mike Lynch David Lyon Robert Lyons Andrew Mackel Edward Mac Lucas Marilyn Madden Tommy Maddox Susan Mahoney Helen MaLouhos Lois Marshall William Marvin Diane Martzall Marilyn McAvoy Wallace McClanahan Kathy McClure Karen McConnell Pete McConnell Kathy McFadden Laura McGinty Cheryl McGovern John McHugh Sharon Me Kim Brian McKissack Brian McLaughlin Joan McMullen James McNab Geoffrey McNamara Diane McRae Carol McSpadden Barry McVay Randy Meade Rebecca Mears Robert Mears Marlene Mekus John Mercer Robert Mercer Yvonne Merrill Sandra Meyer Karen Miller Judy Moe Kathy Mogannam Sandy Monroe Mark Monson Sherry Moody Teresa Moody Becky Moon Ricky Mooney Jo Moore Michael Moran Pamela Moren Karen Morris David Morton Ricky Morton Linda Mowitt Eddie Mundy Kenneth Murphy Craig Musick Janice Myers Ricky Nay Mary Louise Neese Peggy Neese Porter Neese Greg Nelson Tim Nelson William Nelson Bobbi Newman George Nicholson David Nye Thomas O ' Baugh Richard O ' Brien Mary Odom Susan Odom Rockney O ' Donnell Craig Offutt Donna Ohr Nancy O’Mara Gary O ' Neill Lucky Orndorff Donna Orsini Mary Osborne Kathy Owens Bill Palmer Robert Palmer John Parker Ricky Park Tom Post Sharon Patchak James Patterson Chris Peterson Darlene Peverill Janet Pfalzqraf Carey Pfister Karen Pfister Dan Plazak Erston Plumley Anne Polley Grade Marc Poole Craig Poulsen Lewis Prather David Prewitt Peggy Ramsey Peggy Rands Nicky Ransem Deborah Reece Greg Reed Cherie Reid Kathy Reitman Mark Reitz Julie Reynolds Drew Richardson Carolyn Riggs Harold Risch Sandra Rittenhouse Mark Robertson Bobby Roberts David Roberts John F. Roberts Earl Rogers Emma Rogers Sherry Rogers Daryl Rose Janice Rose Anthony Roslund Susan Rubenstein Betty Ruff Jeff Runkle Chip Russell John Russell Bobby Russo Patty Ryan William Rydell Dana Salamone Patty Sallade Kerry Salyers Dave Scudder Nancy Saunders Cathy Schmid Donna Schumaker Joe Scully Linda Schwartz Ralph Scichilone David Seckinger Richard Seeker Diane Seeley Elaine Seibert Bill Selekman Kenny Shackley Rebecca Shankle Henry Shaver Sue Shaver Susanne Shaver Vicki Shaw Dale Sheads Mark Shepard Barbara Sher Maureen Sherrill Scott Sherrill David Shroyer Wanda Shultz Gary Simms Greg Simmermacher Donna Simmons Paul Sisk Brian Sixt Debbie Slade Ann Smith Carl Snodgrass Ross Snyder Bobby Sowell Kelly Sparks Lee Spradlin Sarah Spencer Cecelia Spittle George Stalk Douglas Stanley Steve Stark Allen Steinert Michael Stevens Dana Story Debbie Street Nancy Strobel Mary Ann Stuckmeyer Martha Strohm Scott Struthers Bill Sullivan Mary Ellen Swalm Marie Swart Susan Sweeting Greg Sweetland Robert Thomas i Grade Sandy Swobda Thomas Tazaleer Anita Thacker Wade Thomas Randy Thompson Linda Thrall John Todd Christine Tomarchio Jess Totten Nancy Trapani Charles Tri-ggs Billy Trisler Miriam Truitt Vera Tuck Karen Turner John Tyson Sharon Underwood Stephanie Underwood Dennis Valdez Donna Vice Lahuna Vieth Steve Viskochil Jerry Vogt Larry Walker Carol Ward Eddie Warndelt Robert Waters Bob Watson Greg Weekes Adrienne Weinberger Don Weir Todd Westberg Robert Westerberg Linda Weston Debbie White Jim White Jonathan White Linda Whitener Ricky Whittenberger Ruthie Wiener Bud Wilkinson Debbie Williams Kris Williams Mark Williams Mary Will.iams Teresa Williams Lon Wilson Michael Winfree Mary Anne Wiseman Joan Witherspoon John Witherspoon Rebecca Wohlford Eddie Wolfe Richard Wolfe Vivian Womble David Wood Sharyl Woodburn Brian Woodliff James Woodward Wanda Wooten Chester Young Janice Zebott Sue Zeldin Jan Zerack Robert Zullo Linda Bernard Kathleen Engley Jeff Francis Pam Treat Eddie Harmison Brendon Horton Barbara Hayes Linda Huclock Becky Kraus Marianne Martin Richard Maters Denise O ' Dorrahue Lee Pugh Hartwell Reed Peggy Robertson Darrell Sheets Debbie Street Cindy Taylor Don Vaughn Larry Verner Harless White Kathy Wilson Evelyn Babler Junior Bowling Steve Bullard Monta Dakin Jennifer Davis Glenn Gaggin Gerald Gebler James Gilreath Edgar Hodge Danny Isley Debbie Lackey Debbie Lipsy Billy Lloyd Cathie Long Patricia Marshall Neal Martin Cindy McClintock Mike Neish James Peeler Shelby Peters George Rasula Julia Sixth Cynthia Stokely Sandra Stone Kenny Weiss Franklin White Frances Wright 41 Seventh Grade Students Look Carol Aguilar Cathy Ahn Robert Alderson Ronnie Alberternst Bol Alexander Donald Allan Donald Allen Glenn Allen Edward Allen Linda Allen Linda Allen Bill Anderson Robert Anderson Shirley Anderson David Anelli Terry Apt Dana Augustus Gary Autrey Kristi Baatz Bruce Bachus Shearer Bailey Robert Baker Christine Ball Charles Barker Denise Barker James Barnes Margaret Barnes Jeffrey Baskin Brenda Bass Barry Baumgardner Robert Baxter Sammy Bayles Susan Beach Barbara Beloti Robert Belshaw Carol Brends Laurie Bernier Dennis Bieber Edward Bierly Robert Bisber Warren Blackburn Paul Blaylock Betsy Bodine Steve Bookout Jim Boress Susan Bost Bonnie Bowen Lola Brady Brian Brauckman Larry Breakiron Kathline Bredl Richard Bridgan Brenda Brogdon Keith Brosius Forward To Being Eighth Graders John Brozena Linda Brown Mark Brown William Brown Louis Brunner Gail Buczek Tom Buiger Steve Bullard Steven Bunn Sharon Burdette Linda Burgdorf Jeff Burke Chris Burnside Steve Burnett Sandra Butler Nancy Calhoun Drew Calvin Barbara Carlson David Carper Sally Carraro Helen Carrol Beth Carswell Susan Carter Pat Castellucci Vicky Chagnon Janet Chapman Connie Chase Susan Chase Thomas Cheezum Denise Christenson Suzanne Cicero John Cirillo Bette Citrenbaum Harriet Ciucci Janie Civille Beth Clardy Kelvin Clark Mary Clark Bonnie Clarke Robert Clark James Clifford Gaye Cochran Gary Coleman Jack Colby Ernest Coley Candy Compton Philip Connor Karen Cosner Ronald Costigan Nancy Cox Becky Craig Cynthia Craig Lee Crotty Colin Crandall Steve Cruse Vicki Cullison Elizabeth Culpepper Patrick Cunningham Cathy Cyrocki Pamela Dahlstrom Monta Lee Dakin John Dale Bridget Dalton Steve Daniels Martha Darden Stephen Darner Deborah Davis Leslie Davis Pamela Davis Penny Davis Kevin Day Perry Dellastatious Chris Dew Claudia Dermer Mark Deppe Jay De Young Barbara Dickenson Seventh Jody Deitz Gail Dittrich Michael Dix Ronald Dodson Lynda Domingoes Douglas Donahue Sheryl Dorser Brian Dorris Don Dorman Jacquelin Dove David Dougherty Deborah Downing Marion Dunn Kevin Dunn Bernard Easton Joe Echols Bill Eckhart Milton Edson Bobby Edwards David Edwards Diane Erbe Karen Etter Sharon Evans Nancy Evelyn Clinton Fairchild Gayle Farrish Teddy Fason Frances Featherall Ann Ferguson Kenny Filipovick Robin Fletcher Dayton Flick Larry Fols Beatrice Ford Debra Forseth Dalton Fox Joy Freschi John Frey Raymond Friedman Robert Franklin Sandra Franklin Michael Franks Gary Gaddy William Gagner Glenn Gates Larry Gaurnier Raymond Gauthier I Frank Geisel Mary Geisler Gregory Gibson Roxane Giesecke Debbie Gilbert James Gilreath Clifford Gillispie Linda Glaser Melody Gleichmann Bob Gloyd Judy Goffus Joanne Gonzales Wendell Goode Deborah Gough Thomas Graft James Gray Susan Gregory Jo Ann Gregorio Patty Griese Janet Gorgan Anna Marie Guglielmini Jill Gustafson John Hall Patti Halsey Gary Hamm David Hammond Barbara Hammond Carol Hancock Joe Handley Elizabeth Hanna Patricia Hanna Patrick Hanna Karen Harrell Barbara Harper Miriam Harris Mark Hatten Sharion Haxton James Hays Rebecca Hayslett Melba Hetlin Chris Heintz James Helbush Nancy Helwig Brenda Healy Joseph Henry Brian Hermes Steven Hermes Seventh Grade Janet Hernden Laura Harrell Vicki Herring Gabriele Herrmann Robert Herron David Hess Virginia Hess Tom Hicks Gareth Hilton John Hittinger Mark Hively Glenn Hockeiday Kathi Hoffman Lucretia Hollaway Christine Hollister Linda Horn Nancy Hopkins Ronnie Horsman Ronda Housholder Loretta Huffman Susan Hughes Stephanie Hundemer Carmen Jacobson Crystal James Marie Jean Kay Jennings Sylvia Jines Jane Johnson Tonya Johnson William Johnson Bill Jones Mike Jones Ralph Jordon Bill Junk Dan Kawamoto Kevin Keefe Jimmy Kelly Kolin Kelly Jill Kemerling James Kengla Dick Kerr Bill Kirby Mickel Kirby Dick Kirr Kemberly Kitterman Nancy Kleinschmidt Joanne Kranc Robert Kleist Ruby Kohne Sheila Koughan Jim Kraus Bill Kuper Stephen Kusterbeck Judy Kupis Kerry Lackey Don Lacey Mike Lane Cathy Lasser Ellen Lasser Alice Lawson Susan Lawrence Richard Leffell Steve Lehto Nancy Lentz Walter Lindberg Mark Littlewood Chris Lobi Ruth Loetterle Brenda Logan David Lorenson Robin Lorey Harry Lowe Craig Lowell Kathy Luck Eddie Lumpkins Elaine Lyles Bill Lynch Maureen Lynch Dick Lynch Bill Mahon Mike Malley Jeff Mann Frank Manning Judy Martinez Ronald Mason Tina Mathes Connie Matos i Kathleen Mathews Linda Mathewa David May Marsha Marz Louise Mazuchowski Sharon McAfee Michael McCarthy Roger McClendon Diane McClure Steve McCord Debbie McDaniel Stewart McDaniel Robert McDonald Belinda McGann Nancy Ginty Donald McGovern Daniel McGovern Steve McGraw Mark McIntyre Mikey McKay Kathy Me Knee Michael McManmon Rolf McQueary Michelle McRight Phillip McSparran Julia Medley Robin Merchant Mike Michela Terry Michela Thomas Mifflin Mel Milbourn Richard Miller George Milner Ralph Mitchell David Mitchem Katherine Moals Emily Moffatt Donna Moore Mike Moore Michele Morse Scott Mortimer Gail Mounts Mark Muhonen Kathy Mullen Howard Mullins Ma ry Mullins Sharon Mullins Edwin Murphy Peggy Myers Joe Napoli Dianna Nelson Richard Nelson Don Newell Jeanne Nichols Lynn Nichols Charles Nicholson John Nicholson Mike Noland JoAnne Nolen Colleen O’Sellann Robin Oldaker Patricia Ormsby Luis Orta David Osborn Victoria Osborn Jim Osborn Sandra Painter Grace Park Donald Parnell Kenny Parris Chalene Patterson Kenneth Patterson John Pavlovski Mary Pavlovski Micheal Pedigo Alta Perkins Craig Peters Stanley Peters Kathy Petrie Frank Pilotte Suzanne Pollen David Poole Mell Porter Leslie Potter Zander Potter Gregory Powell Michael Powers Sandra Powers Jack Prah Stephen Prall William Pridgen Martha Pruett Pam Pullen Tory Raichlen Becky Ramage Robert Ranney Katherine Ransom Muriel Rasmussen Charles Rawlings Robert Rayburn Dennis Rayfield Seventh Grade Patricia Reardon Mike Redmiles Bill Redmiles Juanita Reece Matthew Reily Kevin Reinhart Penny Reynolds Nancy Riggs Mike Robertson Vauna Robillard Mary Rollier Elin Roney Jan Rosenberg Ellen Ross Roberta Ross Randy Ross Randy Rutledge Tommy Ryan Robert Sanders Frank Santone Clara Sauenko Lynn Sawyer Andrew Saylor Diane Schaller Bud Schile Kurt Schoen Scott Scheutz Peter Schulte Larry Sedlak Earl Seekins Judith Seitzer Robert Selekman Lois Shapiro Tom Shauklas Jody Shelton Leslie Shepard John Sherwood John Shillingburg Pamela Shimer Louise Sigrist Steve Simmons Marilyn Simon Beverly Simpson Jeff Sinclair Denise Singer Michael Sinkinson Alex Siwik Stephen Sjorup Noel Slager Martin Smeltzer Becky Smith John Smith Kathy Smith Lauriston Smith Stephen Smith Paula Snodgrass Gene Snyder Bruce Stalk Janet Stangohr Jeff Steele Arthur Steffen Bruce Steinbacher Gail Sterling Marc Sterling Debra Sterner Thomas Stewart Sandy Stooke David Stouter Bill Stringfellow Peter Strohm Horace Stone Debra Starobin Kris Stubel Patti Sullivan Diane Sullivan Donna Suit Gilbert Swift Mary Syrett Gloria Szopiak Barbara Tull Marion Talhelm Dennis Talton Diane Taylor Patrick Taylor Peggy Taylor Mai Teng Eddit Thacker Elizabeth Thackston Susan Thigpen Patricia Thomas Stephen Tidball David Tolliver Charles Tonnacliff Roy Torrance Seventh j Grade Don Trent Connie Trothen Kathy Turner Virginia Vaugh n George Vieth Catherine Volz June Wagner Cindy Walls Debbie Walker Peter Walker Marsha Waters Mike Waring Alan Webb Pat Wefel Michael Wells Susan Wells Patricia Wenzel James Weyant Blaine Wheeler Sydney White Kathy Whitmore Gail Wilcox Micheal Wilkerson George Wilkerson Terry Williams Phyllis Williams Laurie Williamson Lynn Williamson Mike Willoughby Stuart Wilmarth Janet Winslow Dale Woelfl Dolores Wolfe David Wolfe Deana Woodbuff Nancy Woolfrey Nancy Wright Corey Wright Robert Wright Robert Wurth Wee Yee Sheryl Young Toni Youngblood Steven Zamberini Patty Zorack Kevin Zucker William Barnes John Brown Thomas Brown Richard Cummings Freddy Dean Carolyn Deane Kathy Fitzpatrick Sara Jane Green Lawrence Hoffman Ruth Hyndman Doug Jenkins James Johnson Grady Kiker Myra King Jerry Layne Virginia Leahey Roger Mckay Mark Mitchell Juanita Musser Patricia Patton Frank Poole Mary Reams Gary Reese Ardith Rose Danny Rothwell Donald Shifflett Roger Sorensen Diane Wade Wilbur Wayman Charles Williams 54 . Richard Arnold Barry Boyd Chanda Crevier Terry Croskery Elaine Dolan Susan Elliott Alan English Nancy Hagouer Thomas Hawkins Harbin Hill James Holloway Joseph Hughes Ronald Kamipski Marty Koch John Kraus Rusty Lindwall Wenda McRae Kathleen Murphy Anita Overstreet Denise Pietman Lynn Ray Greg Redwood Steve Risch Jeanne Snyder Sherrill Stultz Frances Turner Linda Turner Robert Winters Deborah Viar Patricia Zais

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