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A ' PANORANKAVOL. 33 2 Published by me students of A A WAS:-HNOTON HIGH SCHOOL ' O pHOENnx ARIZONA ,fr PRiNC!PAL JI Manoa F. v n 6 Q -E3 A SSISTANT PRINCIPALS A gf A Robert Thra h cj O O O O Sid Banley S-Q 1 DEAN OFSTUDENTS C2 Chuck O'Conner h 9 A R YEARBOOASTAFF ADVISER 'N akr. K 5 O A - OO A A Frank Taylor 2 O O OOEDOITOR , 96? X xgennifer Johnson V QCLAvOuTO hED'1TOR C AOQQA 1.9 O A OO Liga QSmOnd J, A H VQ-112553 PHOTOGRAPHER irr, ,..A, A Ag ,.::, : Q23 PHOTOGRAPHERS A Q A A A A A .+MikeGerma UQQN Afowfre rt 41 OO 1 John Kopke 5 , AhAh O -6 f,Slgavid Colon lj' ' A OA. -A :,.V -,-' - ,A,A 1' A 4 A ,X , In 1 2 1. , I 'A . V Aj ' 'mn QALAA., ' SHN' Afo A AA ,A Aho. A, A of 4 - mjwm' V,,, . ohoh A AQh lio O YQ OF CONTENTS if STUDENT LIFE? Arg' Q 1 Q v JUNQQRSOA553 lf' SOPHOMORES7O 2 gigs FRESHMEN 8Q 5 CLUBSQQ aXQw5OiiS AHONORS114 if QE SPORTS 122 FACULffy156 1 Y I x A A W X00 ODQQQ Jvjibrk' J'VJjipfgqj!+ffL!!frJJ pf Xp WVJ WXX NAPA K d1!7cwmf4L2f70f75 WU? '5fQ?3ryifb-. OJ 46 R fjcfd. N9,,J4J'+6! dw 'Y 0 6 L 1 24 we M M fwffw ff Qffwf VX,fi'f bjfffj MQXUQ known meh UHHQV gf' wx,i'2fiy6ffiQf5Jf ff A fmfj l1ffve.'fQW6fWfW ffflmj ,I 1 ' N I -1 09? ffpxggfzf diff , 0!wQrfm4w 9 for WW Ldffwf- Hn., Mm zwenforfed i +s bffffw 5 -5 ' S ff , fv cfm Qvem "ou WI m 'CJISQS Aw N 9 fm Q7 ff XQVN, 'Wg Jil, VME yi fi XQCJSJ K7f9a7f'SG! Pic9W7w'2lfY!lC?6V Erxbazgpw Vi? gefwb' , ly? -JV w ,gf W A 'LL ibm? '79 Jffrovm awry 197' Qjyigl f M NUOSM cbgg, fwmf Q gxgum X lo M LMS! Oh umm Grove! fqck Q, f W f KIT O, Ji' Qqvgfqx ffm awk QVQVQMIYQQ4 M597 SRV sic basking Grwy Q Q5 459 C525 X Eyjvvvgiisio A ,pof2S772v?N6gCU9Dgigy2OS9,5? Oy 5 X' Qtr USD by Qflflff W 53, Qimwggwvomwg 5539 K 5 Umofgm-wQq1+wmX9W'0 H Wwmmlmmwmgm xxx-POC? ' 5 RAMS WITH STYLE and .f ,QNDEN xx. X :B MF L+ IQQIL5 mcg ood mfpofg QA wtf Amy ,Q fwgh 7. eng? jUn,L+ IWNIQQLL. I, UQ'nf3lA YQQL 1665? op ICJLCLR . x X ffxahfigvwfxi-15.1512 YUM Delco., C011 M5 Q5-c,,,4,f7f, ,,,l6 ,9,QC!,14E,3,,4 N H165 Lcjgifl 5 1 PLE IEQEI-UJfq ,rl Q5 Lug Ufb. f A Y X 1 R6YVNL.fVL'0L.l2 fo? fm 1f,Nt jkk! L,4,f5f Cfq xxx nf-Hi 'ILQ LCUQ vm fgfg ao , 24 1.37 QFBB- 7561- 15,59 .fwwwwiiav V-wmmkxwwgwws ' K H qw?-Nffxb X XY X X N!! , X fix 'X X f 3 QAM N S J -x l Y! A X i fii iixxrx -l 0 Ni X QQRN QX 5 X M l1 Wg3 N ,' , f 5 Q Q 1 W D X U1gkCQmww!Yggvw X Z M Q N gf X 9' 1, 'L 5 V7 A 'lf Z5 XX-J x u MH , 7 Students With Style :Michelle Lespron se- cretly celebrates her birthday with milk and cookies. 4Dory Deyerle thinks Kelly Kortan looks cool in his football jersey and he agrees. i is? ii, ggi? S swear' 'hmwf' AChris Martorana discusses with s Jennifer Duran the importance of the pink trapper keeper. 4Tanya Logan, Tina Parker, and Teri Feldman say "We're proud to be freshmen." ,sa 1496 Q15 '22 V-. 'll Q X . A f ,? -WW. wk he 1731" ff. sf, , M,-'fi , i 1 Q 1-is 34' 4 ,ff 2 n ,,-J 4" .,A. iw ' 1 .., 2 rkry A Q Q? .y,y y , , WM ,,, f Q 'Q '5f4 L .I AAA, "" Wil' 2 film W g :sy 1 5 L-if gk ic! R VV M .K ,N 1 Q Z as Q3 qs I L ' f In B I ,V , A G , , U , WN mf ' :w,,1m:Xgm ' - 'T V X ' P '56 az asa 'if Qi v' 1 5. Y H15 4 2 L., W, ,,,. , ,.X. Wi- ' 22 X.2' eff-1: M 1 ffxi.z5n2 5 MN M Y A K , A, Y, , , , ,,,, . ,WW Q w N M54 Q 2 Q LW! W F24 1' il Q aww 121 i W:aW5f!Hl1i ai-1'F5H'Vl!i!'! :STQFASIIII i?,"'ii!Z.lill WHS FLAG .4-sr-r TV! 4 rn 1 u xg! n: ?sii' M'3iZ59I.ilI i!2r25Yz5JilaS!22 !!!sW'i'W-'E5 ? III!-JEIVQWQ f!'ii"'4lw1u vJ'mNLF'Ym.w,Y4F'N'3NW"WW.,'W P V 'W E x ,W3W.2?5MWwW3iMF:?Di1'WWW4W'v 'WNN9'5a6"WJa MNWNW7 JvWI!5?'N.1k WW WMM Melanie Kull, Washington High School twirler. Chad Perry is one of the many talented drum mers at WHS. we- ll 'c ve 1 1 1' r 'T . www WF, ,W 11 Y v-sift ff iw -1 4 x I 1' . , Q 4 "A 4: ww R .4 Q , 1. 'W - .qu f at 353 A 'sifggf' 1 'X Q E f I jiffff -ff' p uv 1 k f , A4 , 6 'W 4'1" f gf' J , '2' 4jQs5'L' fp l Vonda Morrison gazes through the looking glass fi Q ' 9 fi f Y Melissa Liebow daydreams of Wonderland. Melissa Nellis, Amy Peqvignot, Melinda Nellis, Karen Elliott, and Jessica Merritt. Ariana' Wai'-rAr.,,vX.Vr' ,e'i3?,ii!,- ws. fel 2' .F rs f' -Y' 3' MN I+"'l,. is If 1151? "'1Evii'lf i,2llQlTai1l'l.ii'..1v1wiee7HZ.i?wi w.Jv..2:.k7lZ.','t'3La i l3rsZlw'!riEEia1'T1.l1iQN'l!u.11,Fi,lraFtn volleyball masters. basketball aces. l Charlie Jonkosky and Ari Schwartz, tennis pros. Eileen Smidt and Michelle Becker, Tony Britton and Tom Reagan, Study Time or "5'ww,,.., my w . .lay Poulton begs Ms. Gendreau for the test answers. N X' ..Xx'ul x fi AWow, Look at him!! thinks Andrea Burgess. 4Tom Reagan dreams of the ultimate fieldgoal for Fridays game. f vJay Poulton gives his advise to Jon Anderson i 'i ' A lt Q while Alan Kirsh still thinks about it. 3,4 tv,-Q Ci I-' af" N -f is l vSx......,...,,,., ,ri at in Lg" -of -...Ms-gng.. FU NTIME? Ari Schwartz and Kevin Bunyan do the Shotgun dive. -5' 113 ifigfgifiv -,g t- siw' 'v f'7'iZ5f 'Q' H 21 . W q- , M, ATricia Smith prepares to bump the bail. 4Mike Hiddeson, Jim Cousins, and Joe Morgan seem happy with their kick- boards. 11 RAMS gi I, TAKE up A , x.L..w1., ' 1 -muh--f' 'W .uv is g , .Q V -- hh Jug, ,X .it-"'M K. f Y ,V , if .W n as uesmier Rodriguez asks "Are you sure this is nutritious?" 4This group of WHS students en- joy a little freetime to themselves. vGood friends and good food, what could be better? g 1'l Kenya Bonner asks Steve Anderson Are you sure you want to eat that?" vTina Stybr and Cheryl Taylor discuss boys over lunch, 'Out of Dustin Hafler, Tom Reagan, Chuck Consolian, Jason Andries, and Mike Tharpg Can you tell which one is doing their own thing? ii Ea A ,...- psy-' Cheri Wallace and Tracy Hol- loway spread sunshine on their way back to class. 4Kelli McCabe, Diana Elrich, and Traci McCabe discuss student council plans. vArlene Elliott deeply concen- trates on her studies. AMI! NN- T Diane Lujan, Jenny Leonard, Debby Leonard, and Kellie White chat while finishing their lunch. ii J 15131 xi, M l AMike Jaques and Pat Lynch have a quick toast during lunch. 4Trish Kiser and Julie Hebets have a few laughs before class. vCross Country takes off on a wild hunt. 1 HEADING HOME 1-Look, there is a Freshman down there. vHmmmm. I can't remember the combination, can you? Dori Warner is looking for her ride home. Freshman f f Tom Spencer is asking for vol- UI'1t22f'S. fn. , ATony Britton tries to get this freshman in the spirit of the as- sembly. 4Tom Spencer says "Alright bud Iet's go!" vHugh Chase and the freshmen are involved in a nice, clean game of water fighting. David Gooding says "Peek- a -boo." PEP ASSEMBLY A M ,gk Z1.??iZ3i'6TUIi it W5 V Warm ?,Z'5ll.Z2i'ii?Qli Q l' rim A :lair- EAA f , Wig ' t Q ff' Q13 11 Z 3 9: 5 5? j, if ag if fe Matt Ostland shows us his quality dental work. Christi Matthews demon- strates the correct way to "Twist 81 Shout." p i Q., fx? hx 'Q Vs .E f Q I . , 'Y f K - .ws 18 A Freshman shows us how to Ievitate blind- folded. Wendy Drucker begins the assem- bly by checking the microphone. Mr. Chase and Ms. Ringhiser finally tie the knot I l . r Tony Britton gives a look of ques- Washington Rams get EXCITED! tion to the audience, Jennifer Johnson, Karen Elliot, Kelly Dugan, and Jaimee Merritt seem to be tied up in the spoon-string relay. 1 l Mr. Sherba asks Mrs. Frew, "Do you approve of this?" Battle of ' ZE' , F ytt SYS K ,K tit XB vi E X 'Q x 'J N Y gg ,Q ' l V fn ,E w xt! Qs--Q-,zf In , Q- it - -7, y W M N .. 1 . aiytssi . 'MY A me ig xx 5 t Y-Skin,-ff Pat Lynch and Mike Jaques, "The Groovin to the Jackson five. Joe Boyle lets loose on the bass. Da' Boys doin a little Jaimee Merritt poses as an angel rappin. Let me hear you say aahhh! says Jerry Van Wie ,Q Q "Two bits four bits," cheers Adam Tharp. Mr. Homecoming, Tony Britton, displays his every graceful move. Wmmwmwwwm.-ggw, , .. T W ww ,.,,,.. c,,,s, M ,, M,,..., , . ,umm Q f Mr. Homecoming The hairiest girl in the world is Mike Tharp. Miss Hugh-Iacious Brian Cousins demon Heather! strates the Hula. IT1 F 1 1 Drama wins best float with "Rams In Wonderland." ll Ax 4 ' gf ,JL Giiii' W-Qli DM , "' , M 4 'xanga 5 A 2' K' 'i ai x ts a a a S Tm- r Translation "Rams Go To Germany." mm If W YA , A ' 'w, . 'M "' ' V, ' , . . f L 'L "', 'fx it rerf i M ri,-ram ,' W ,fl V ' r f z!zi":, " ...,,,,..,,,.,,, WW,W,5g,,z or M' Q Juniors hit rough waters. Cheer goes Oriental. fi, . A . 4 A, V , 592 f r" F' "Rams Go To Seoul, Korea" made by the senior class. The 1987-88 Homecoming King and Queen are Hugh Chase and Cami Prenevost. Standing in for Chandler Ames is Lex Beres handing Hugh his crown. Homecoming "1 5917? .V iicjgi b' 'X Q f lf 'oi f",m-Iziwvx Court Mya Johnson crowns this year's Homecoming Queen, Cami Prenevost. Standing in for Jason Chris- tenson is Doug Lyddon with Robyn Nakagawa as the ju- nior attendants. Standing in for Robert Potts is Steve Anderson with Heather Moore are the sophomore attendants. Benny Nixon and Bonnie Da- vidson are the freshman at- tendants. lv QL ..- iof aww! Led-K4 ,www ' ,LMM dig, GLU! ff 64 Q3QLfiM.I 9359, JL xV?PfI+ 'VXKUVL vgiewx wud AL QW W on g if CW OX V '- K 41 ,4 mf Qi Hugh Chase and Cami Prenevost, the 1988 Homecoming King and Queen. Photo by Updike St d Pi f' fl LDS . is vK , l WEN 'fx ! ' its is iq, 24,1 ?4 ig' " 7? 4-1 ..:aL. 45' Q 'R -...M f , , f A ,f J' ' 1 ' X N ' at .,,, , Ray Bishop poses as a brain surgeon. 11' A .ii sss "Jason" comes back to Washington in part 23, an- other chapter. iO ragga Jennifer Duffey, Jennifer Hatha- way, and Jojeana Scrivens reveal their true identities. Trent Renfrow and Brett Haehl anxiously Lauren Wright pre- wait for the bus to sides over her own lit- Woodstock. tle world. Q6 5 - Dan "Chaplin" Whitmer strolls to class. Chris Gardiner smiles when he hears that there "ain't no draft no more." THANKS -FOR- GIVING Jon Williams gives Mr. Kopke the last few coins making a record breaking total of 51,700 and 650 cans, h , I V Y R X X V L-4 .4 X X r 'ff 6 if lin e Q in N 5 i lil Gee, Charlie Jonkowsky, it looks W ' like you're going to need a shov- el. ill? 91 W4 Gordie Bleyl carefully counts up the '- fund raising profits. Q "Fish", "Carrot", and "Bean" in a picture, fresh- 27 ly packed. CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES Kenny Banks plays Santa Claus Mr. Johnson has a small snack at the Food Drive. between classes. Mr. Webb and Family, give WHS a Christmas greeting. Qgzwrwel y ,.r' I I, ' 3, I N N S P 1 , at it x I Z 3, la on tlk I BIOOCI Tom Neve watches as the doc- tor bandages the injection. Jennifer Jesberger is calm, cool, and collective. -vckf ' 'l fgefz-1' ,Q -57 x Brett Long can't bear to look at the needle. N'kKd' ' ddoM Ot I k' f h' encthusgstiizlidnonjgtilongwar e Y urray 6 mea COO les or IS You can tell Shawn Halcomb really enjoyed himself today! xxx M x X y, Tony Britton President Diana Ehrlich Vice President Carrie-wylhite Sherlene Jaco ' ' Secretary I reasurer Representative Darren Kuhnau Representative Virginia Feldman Representative Senior Officers Class Of 1988 BRITTON, ANTHONY WAYNE Ambition: Get into a shipwreck and end up on GiIligan's Island with Tom Reagan and do nothing but be a beach bum, drink coconut milk and eat Marianne's cooking and listen to the skipper yell at Gilligan, Activities: Basketball 1-Q-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, Football 1-2-4, Track 1, Student Council 4. EHRLICH, DIANA R. Ambition: To go to a U.C. school in California, learn how to spell, never grow up, and to live next door to Wendy. Activities: Tennis 1 -Q-3, Campus Committee Club 1 -Q, N.H.S. Q-3-4, Student Coun- cil 1-Q-3-4, Vice President 1-4, Representative 2-3. ,WHITE CARRIE ANN Ambition: Go to college and become the very Best that I can be to M.M., thanks for everything. I love you J.J., too bad we didn't achieve our H.S.S. goal. I'II never forget you, and never 4-get J.D., C.W,, or A.B., also thanks J.P. Activities: Marching Band 1- 2, W.A.A. 1-9-3-4, Dance Club Q-3, Cheerleading 3, H.O.E. 3, Jr. Class Rep. 3, Sr. Class Secretary 4, C.O.E. 4, F.B.L.A. 3-4, N,S.S.J, 4. Ambition: To go to college, travel the world, be a successful somebody, and never forget W.H.S. and my bestest buds - thanks for all the memories. Activities: Band 1-Q, Badminton Q, French Club 3-4, N.H.S. 9-3-4, Treasurer 4, Senior Class Treasurer. Ambition: To attend Phoenix College then a University in Colorado. To get to the point where adults do not misin- terpret everything I say. Snow ski at the finest resorts in the world with Ashlyn, Shawntae, Evie, Jem and Andy. Someday see 811 play pro football. Activities: Drama Club 1, Aquatics Club Q, Swim Team 2-4, CheerJ.V. 9, Varsity 3, Student Council Sr. Rep. 4, Track 1, German Club Q-3. KUHNAU, DARREN GORDON Ambition: I plan to attend U.C. Davis and graduate, then to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After that I plan to open the classiest animal clinic in Beverly Hills, and invite all of you to my house for a party. Activities: Marching Band 1-Q-3-4, Ten- nis 1-Q-3-4, N.H.S. 2-3-4, Diving 3-4, Sophomore Class Rep. Q, Junior Class Secretary 3, Senior Class Rep. 4, Bausch and Lomb Science Award 3, N.A.U. Presidential Award 3, Marching Band Publicity Manager 3, Boys State. FELDMAN, VIRGINIA ANN Ambition: To attend college, to remain the best of friends with my sisters - Carol 84 Terri, and live happily ever after with my prince charming CB.Z.D Activities: Senior Class Rep. 4, Bas- ketball 1-Q, Swimming 1, Thespian 1, Dance Club 9, German Club 2-3, J.V. Cheer 3. 31 ABRIL, CHRISTOPHER NICHOLAS Ambition: Go to college, marry and raise a family. Activities: Football 4. ACKERMAN, LISA MARIE Ambition: Going to college to become a lawyer. And to be a good wife and mother. LOUlSE Ambition: To go to college at U.S.C. or to a junior college and to start a career in business. Hopefully make lots of money and always be friends with M.A.J, and B.A. and T.P. AGUILAR, MARIO E. Ambition: I plan to further my education in college. Ac- tivities: Wrestling 1-Q-3, Dance 3-4, Football 1-Q. AGUIRRE TH MA Ambition: Attend some institute of higher learn- ing, ecome a doctor of head shrinking, move to Europe and join the Lost Generation. Eventually grow up, always smile and have fun. Activities: Mat Maids 1, Spanish Club 3-4, Close-Up 3. ANDERSON, JON MARK Ambition: Go to a small college, then possible a University to get a good education and then put it to use. To never forget my great friends CK.K., D.D,, K,F., J.B.,J and remember all the good times with Michelle. Thanks sweetie and good luck. Activities: Football 1-Q-3-4, Honor Roll 1-Q-3-4. ANDRIES, JASON DEAN Ambition: Go to college, get a degree in Physical Fitness, try to compete in Pro Sports. Activities: Football 1-3-4, Wrestling 1-4, Baseball 1-3-4. ARDRY, CHRIS .ANC-ELE, DAV LLEN Ambition: Join the fire dept, ARM , AWN RICHARD AZIMINEJAD, OMID Ambition: l'd like to go to college and have a successful career. Activities: Soccer 3-4, Honor Roll 3. BAKER, DAVID ALLAN Ambition: To academically acquire knowledge need- ed to become wealthy. To destroy Kristi, Debbie, and Carolyn's kingdom. To steal Kristi from Dutch, or vice versa. BAKER, JOEL Ambition: Get a job and have fun when l'm not working. BALES, FRANKLIN J. Ambition: Go to college. Activities: Marching Band 1- 2-3-4, Chess 4, Baseball 4, Track 4. BANKS, KEN DEAN Ambition: Goto college and major in criminal law and become a private detective, Activities: Wrestling 1-Q-3-4, Baseball 1-Q. BARBOUR, CHRISTOPHER Ambition: Attend Jr. College and a university then eventually receive a degree in hospital administration. Activities: F.B.L.A., Student Council Rep. ,B , Ambition: To go to a tech training school, learn a trade or go to college. BECKER, MICHELLE RENAE Ambition: To go to U ofA with Jilly Bean and Krists CYou McDees Freaks? and always be the best of friends. To remember all the football games with Shawna. Especially I want to remember all the great memories with Jon. Thanks for making H.S, great!!! Activities: Track 1 -Q, Vol- leyball 1-Q-3-4, Dance 3, Flagline 1-Q. Chris Abril Melissa Adams Mario ASUIIGV I Terri Aguirre Jason Andries If David' Angle Q Joel Baker Frank Bales Kenneth Banks Jon Anderson Omid Aziminejad David Baker Chris Barbour :. Michelle Becker f 1' ' . 5. Af Nathan Becktold I ,5 Martin Bejines A IP . . J' Mark Bible Audrey Biegel Melissa Borja ,,. g Jennifer Betts Em Linda Bi 'BW - lf" Margarita Bernal Marcus Bolton Raymond Bishop Ann Btoxb Brandt Jill Briden -x,,L,.,- gli' ECKTOLD NATHANIEL Ambition: Become a mechanic. Activities: Foo a . EIARANO P RENEE Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. o an Mom and Dad for everything. And to be best friends with D.S. for- ever. . BEIINES, MARTIN MAGANA Ambition: To go to work and bring my Mother QERNAL MARGIQIIAJSNASTASIA happiness. BETTS, JENNI mbition: To forever be happy with Doug, to go to sc oo or two more years, and to thank C.P., L.W., J.H. and T.W. for the best high school years ever. Activities: H.E.R.O. 4. . Bl LINDA BIBLE MARK WAXbLE.Ambition: To enter the military and to become a diesel mechanic. BIEGEL, AUDREY LYNNE Ambition: I want to go to M.U. in Columbia. Become a top veterinarian. Marry a rich man and own the BMW factory. Always to remember my very own OI Mine Beamer. Activities: Volleyball 1, Softball 1, German 3-4, Dance Club Q, Who's Who 4. BISHOP, RAY Ambition: To enter Junior college and then go o a our-year college. Activities: Choir 1-2-3-4, Drama 3, Speech 3, Solo Superior 1-Q-3, Ensemble Superior 1-Q-3. - OLT Ambition: To go to college and take over my Dad's business and I am going to own the most radical 4X4 track in town. Activities: Wrestling Q-3. Shanna Brookman BORJA, MELISSA A. Activities: To attend a college and always remember the fun times that Karen, Felicia and I had our Sophomore and Junior year. I hope we always stay in touch. That Chris and I may be successful in what ever we do. Activities: Band 1, FBLA 3-4, COE 4. BOWEN, ANN C. Ambition: To never forget the friends and memories I have tay with the "gang" and to one day abandon the "Mellow Yellow". To love LW., J.H., C,P., A.J. and T.W. forever. Activities: V.P. Public- ity H.E.R.O. 4. BRANDT Ambition: Join the National Guard Military Ordi- 'na'rTEE'then find a high payingjob, and make something of myself. Activities: Baseball 1-Q, Wrestling I, Spanish Club Q. BRIDEN, JILL SUZ E Ambition: To always be the best of friends with , hew, Nelly, Derel and of course the Long Baby. To always wear Liz- wear, and go to UofA and "keep the tradition". Also to learn how to speak like Shawn and to be Tamay's favorite senior always. I love you Bag CPeteJ. Activities: Volleyball I-Q-3-4, Softball 1-Q-3-4: Basketball 1-Q-3-4, Flagline 1-Q. BROOKMAN, SHANNA REBECCA Ambition: Go to NAU and graduate at the top of my class. Activities: National Honor Society 2-3-4, Honor Roll Q-3-4, FBLA Q, Key Club 3. BROOKMAN, TANYA LAGAIL Ambition: Go to college, open my own busi- ness, and live happily ever after with Tom Kaspor and all my cats. Activities: FBLA Q-3, French Club 2-3. Elaine J. Brown Ambition: To tour the world with Huey Lewis and prove that blondes are more fun. I also plan to make a lot of money and have a lot of fun. BRUCE, CATHERINE LE Ambition: Go to college, become a famous artist and stay with Vince. . BRUNELL, SCOT bition: Go into the Marines and go to co ege. BRUNER ll, MICHAEL DOUGLAS Ambition: To become smarter in automotives than the one and only "Doc," BURGGRAAF, JENNIFER RAE Ambition: To attend the University of Arizona and earn a degree in the field of journalism, To always remain friends with Paulynn, while I live my life to the fullest. As I continue my educa- tion, I hope that my faith in the Lord will continue to grow more and more. And to overall be a happy per- son. Activities: Adv. Band 1-Q-3-4, Tennis Q-3, Editor in Chief of Ram Page 4, Teen Gazette Correspondent 3- 4, National Honor Society Q-3-4, Honor Roll 1-Q-3-4, Band Treasurer 4. BULLER SAMAN Ambition: To work Activi- ties: Cross Country , a mirTtT:Sn 'I1f'B'55ketball 1-3-4, WAA 1-2-3-4, Softball 4. BQWART, ANNE MARIE Ambition: To go into the Air Force tant. I also want to be happy and healthy. Activities: Varsity Tennis 1-Q-4, Junior Var- sity Softball Q. BURR, TRACY LEIGH Ambition: To go to A.S.U. and major in Physica Therapy. To live God's will and keep Charlie in my heart forever. Activities: Softball 1-Q, Track 2-3- 4, Cross Country 3-4, J.V. Football Manager Q, WAA 1. Um Cathy Corral asks Michele D'An- gelo for a quick picture. Catherine L2 5 Mike Bruner Sam Buller e Bruce ' Burggraaf 4-SE J- K :l9' L , I, Cyl! ,bUwWCUa I I Q X34 1 , Uxuuswiqgim I Qifcgvi :X -its yi Dliiloiig : Anne Burkhart ,51- Trgcy,Buu, I Kristi-Jo Bushong Robert Caciola R.D. "By-GoIly" Davis W fy Vanessa Cannon Hugh Chase Q: i V1 John Chang May Chatila Angie Chav g I QM' Michael Cherry USH -JO Ambition: To never forget the high times at Jen's. Stay close to the friends who have put up with me. Never ever lose the special friendship I share with Jen Price. To be- come Rich so I can buy myself and Jen anything we desire. M.C. on Oct. 4. yeah! Activities: Dance Q-3-4, Dance Pres. 4, H.E.R.O. 4. CACIOLA, ROBERT JOHN Ambition: Attend tech. training school. CANNON, VANESSA L. Ambition: I hope to be someday married to my best friend, Shane Spears uccessful life together. CANTU, LETICIA Ambition: Attend college. Activities: District Spanish Award 1, Soccer 1. CHASE, HUG Ambition: Follow the foot steps of my stud idol. Activities: Wrestling 1-SZ-3-4. CH , JOHN VINCENT Ambition: To become a rich doctor and drive a mercedes. Activities: Soccer 4, N.H.S. 4. AY JULIA Ambition: Attend the university of Miami and excel at my education and career endeavors. ctivities: Swimming Q. C NE Ambition: To marry Ron Kroeger, to make him and myself happy. To go to college, get a good paying job, always do the best I can and I plan to remain best friends with K.N. Activities: Volleyball 1, Yearbook 1-Q-3-4, Dance 4. 5QQU Ambition: I plan to go to a college near some mountains where I can go backpacking all my life. Activities: Drama Club 1-3-4. Eric Christian Cassandra Collmar ,,..- Brian Cousins LQILSJQLI-12 1 9 X Nanci Clark B l f-V7 J . NF Abriel Cons br Jeff Conant I ' 5 5 I Frank Crawford Richard Cox Michael Crowley C Cathy Corral 'ffl' Laurie Curinga 7 Wd CHRISTIAN, ERIC E, Ambition: I plan to go to college in California and Major in ter college, I want to be wealthy and get married. Activi- ties: Football 1, H.E.R.O. 4, Yearbook 4, Science Club 1-Q. CHUNOWITZ, MICHELLE DANIELLE CLARK, MATHEW L. Ambition: To go in the Airforce and then go to N.A.U. And hopefully if I graduate to go on to be an Aerospace Engineer. Activities: Foot- ball 1-Q, Wrestling 1, Baseball 1-Q, CLARK, NANCI LEA Ambition: To become too tan, too successful, and too rich. Activities: French Club 1-Q, Honor Roll 1-Q, Spanish Club 1. CLOUSE LORI LYNN Ambition: Goto Cosmetology school, marry Danny Fyffe and own my Mercedes 560 SL Convertible. Activities: Student Council 1, Soft- ball 1. mbition: To get a good job and have a happy life. CODY, JENNIFER ANN Ambition: To attend a business school, and study secre- maivmrc'-"' COLLMAR, CASSANDRAjiAmbition: To be a "Cae-Lynn" for life and Spar- ly's girl forever! And go on to college and become the best English teacher ever. Activities: Volleyball 1-Q-3, Softball Q. CONANT, JEFFREY BRIAN Ambition: Take over Pop's business, then move to California and establish a killer life. Party with friends. CONS, ABRIEL Ambition: To be a fireman. Xu-Z, 36 QONSQLIAN, CHARLES JACOB Ambition: To graduate from college, Fly to the Bahamas and live in a grass shack on the beach with Tracy Burr for the rest of my life. To always be friends with B.Z., J.R., T.B., M.T., J.P., K.E. Activities: Football 1-Q-3-4, Baseball 1-Q-3-4, N.H.S. 1-Q-3-4, W.H.A. 1-Q-3-4. CCJQRAL CATHERINE C. Ambition: Go to college or Jr. college, pursue a Photo career and always stay friends with class of 88, L,J,A,B,J,A,K,D,N, and Mr. S. Activities: Photography 1-Q-3-4, Yearbook 1-Q-3-4. Head Photographer 4. CQUSINS BRIAN SCQIT Ambition: To succeed with life and be happy over alijcthlities: Track 3-4, Swimming 4. COX, RICHARD LEE Ambition: Attend P.C, and earn my airtransport pilot certifi- cate. L FORD, FRANK L Ambition: Go to college and become a physician and party for the rest of my life. Activities: Football 1-Q. CROWLEY, MICHAEL B. Ambition: To relax with self-hypnosis and someday becoming part of the Astroworld. To live my life the way I want it, not accord- ing to some comic book. CRUZ, LUIS EDGARD Ambition: College. Ambition: To attend college, lead a successful and fulfilling life, live life to its fullest, and marry rich. Activities: Dance 3-4, H.E.R.O. 4. , Ambition: To further my education, be happy, live, learn, laugh, love and be with friends forever, and thanx M.S.,C.W.,T.C. Activities: Swimming 1-Q-3-4, Softball Q-3, Basketball 2, H.E.R,O. Sec. 4, Choir 1-Q-3. D'ADDARIO,, TONY Ambition: Plan to go to college in Italy. Ambition: To go into cosmetology and to be with Nick "forever," also to stay friends with R.H., CE., N.R., FOR A LONG LONG TIME. I love you guys. LLEY Ambition: I want to go to Australia for a year of foreign ex- change, and then attend an Arizona University, To always be a ski bum with Brandy S. Activities: J.V. Badminton 1, Flag line Q, J.V. Volleyball mgr. 3, French Club 3, COE 4. DAVIS, R.D, Ambition: To go to college andfor the navy, and become a navy , never forget the donut daze of yearbook 3, avoid the northern freeway exit, and publish more Danny and Vern Saga's. Activities: Yearbook 3-4, Swimming 4. MER BOBBIE JO Ambition: To move out and get a good paying job and live my life fre . ' Ily made it, see mom and dad! C.A.B. Activities: HERO 4. N Ambition: Goto college and be happy the rest of my life, Activities: Football 1-Q-3, Wrestling 1-Q-3-4, Battle of the Band Q. DETERDING, MICHAEL Ambition: Attend Scripps Institute of Oceanography and learn to play with sharks. Activities: German Club 3-4. ,DEYERLE DORY Ambition: To live, love, and be extremely wealthy! Never for- get my great high school friends, especially one very special guy. Thanks K,K. you're the bestll DIANA, JULIE Ambition: To go on to college and be successful in what ever 11FTa'EI'ways be good friends with AJ, ct, cw, JJ, AB and Travis to . I Michele Diane H.A.T.K.J.T,A.B.H,W.Y. AND most of all I, L.Y.W.AMH Jamaica here we come! Activities: Volleyball 1-Q-3, Softball 1-Q, WAA1-Q-3-4, COE 4, COE Secretary 4, FBLA 1-Q-3-4. QIMES KELLY Ambition: To go to college at G.C.C. and become an accountant, or buyer. DONAIS, DANA Ambition: To attend a college or tech school, study hard and omotive technician in the world! Make mega-bucks and tell ev- eryone else to blow-off, Except for Mike Crowley. DONG, PAULY Ambition: Receive a Masters Degree at A.S.U. and to serve o s will, Activities: Advanced Band 1 -Q, NHS 2-3-4, J.V. Basketball 3, W.A.A. 1. DRUCKER, WENDY Ambition: To get accepted and attend the college of my munications, and become the next Jane Pauley on Good Morning America while balancing my home life with the man I love Next Door to my buddy Diana. Activities: Freshman Class Pres. 1, Sophomore Class Pres. Q, Student Body Secretary 3, Student body pres. 4, Speech club 1-Q-3-4, Girls State Rep. 3, Outstanding Junior of Arizona 3, Hugh O'Brien Rep. Q, National Honor Society Q-3-4. DUCHARME, BILL Ambition: To go to college and further my career in C.A.B. after that I plan to take a vacation for the rest of my life with L.O. Activities: C.A.B. 1-2-3-4. DUGAN, KELLI Ambition: To go to college, stay single, and retire. Activities: Spiritline 3-4, French club 1-Q. ix R. D. Davis PM , ' I fx - Tony D'Addario D An 1 ,E Wi, Shelley Darby Bobby Jo DeHamer ,iyktifj LW! i I . ..:.. . Mike Deterding Bryan DeJarnett DOFY DCYCVIC Paulynn Dong Dana Donais WCHUY DVUCKCV ,Q Julie Diana K 15? W 4 Bill Ducharme Kelly Dugan ' 37 Jenni n 5 r l Nathan Duty Kevin Ellis f Nicole Eancheffin Karen Elliot Arlene Elliot N Mark Estrada 9 me Carolyn Elo IW Dean Evans DURAN JENNIFER I Ambition: To be a lawyer for the criminally insane. To own a red and white jag. Always stay close to D.B.'s 1, Q, 81 4. Keep my "Perfect Friend" - CC.M.D and to go to Harvard with Cheryl. Activities: Dance Club 4. DUTY, NATHAN EANCHEFFIN, NICOLE ELLIOTT, ARLENE KAY Ambition: To become a cosmetologist and be the best mom little Justin could have. To be married forever and live life to the fullest, H Ambition: To marry my baby, Mark. Goto college. Remain buddies with Kelli and Shel. Keep dancing Mo White, Let's boogie our fat together. Thanks Mom and Dad. Activities: Dance Club 3-4, Varsity Cheer 3-4, Chorus 1. ELLIS KEVIN B. Ambition: To waste more time at college, accomplish my finan- cial goals, then retire and party hard in Tahiti. , mbition: To go to college, succeed in life, get married and to have a great life. I wish all my friends the best of luck. M.D., R.H., N.R. ENRIQUEZ, PI ., Ambition: To go to college marry at 30 to a rich gorgeous v. 38 Pia Enriquez Tom Esparza .I Jeff Farell guy and stay forever friends with Anita, Chel, Jenni, and Jennifer CJ9 Cap? Also to see Eddie again in Hawaii. Activities: Cheer 1 -2-3-4, Drama Club 1, Thespian 1. ESPARZA, THOMAS A. Ambition: Go to UofA and get a degree in engineering then, I want to become a pilot. Never stop StyIin'. Activities: Basketball 1, Track 1. , THONY Ambition: Live a happy life in the mountains with F., raise a bear cub and attend a college to become successful. Activities: Foot- ball 1-Q-3, Baseball 1-9-3. ' QAyi Ambition: To attend A.S.U. and major in criminology and always party with the crew, Activities: Football 1-Q-4, Wrestling 1, Track 1-4. Ambition: To finally graduate. Hit a junior college for a few and then up to N.A.U. To continue to party with Da Boys. Good Luck guys, C.H., J.H., M.M., AND G.S. F Ambition: Become manager and eventually owner of my own restaurant. 'I SSX . .i,, kk i xk 1 z .. f Carol Feldman Tift'- ' Richard Fife sf Craig Folkers ' gb Mike Gann 9-"ef FELDMAN, CAROL Ambition: To go to college, to be successful in whatever rry the man of my dreams. Have a happy life with healthy, beautiful children. To remain close with my family and to at least go on one date with B.C, Activities: Basketball 1, Chorus 1-Q, J.V. Cheer 3, Dance Q-3-4, French Club 3-4, FIFE, RICHARD Ambition: To stay with Beth and go to college. Activities: Foot- FINCHER KiM Ambition: Go to some college in Hawaii, be with "Cae Lynn" forever and always stay buds with J.B., M.B., N.H., and SA, Retire at Q0 with my rad mercedes on the island of Tahiti with Kevin. Eat your heart out Heather! Activities: Volleyball 1-Q-3-4, Softball Q-4, Track Q-3-4, GAA 1, Choir 1 -Q-3-4, Choir Club Pres. 4. FLEENOR, DEVIN Ambition: l plan to go to college, maybe try a career in music, and definitely get married someday. Activities: Basketball 1-Q-4, Track 1-Q, Student Council 1-Q, Key Club 1-Q-3-4, Football 1, Chorus 3-4, Drama Club 1- 2-4, Speech 1-Q. FOGT DONOVAN Ambition: Live a successful, fulfilling life, keeping myself and as many others as I can happy. Activities: Cross Country 1-9-3, Track 1- 2-3-4, Soccer 1-2, German Club 1-9-3-4. 'iliiwi-fl 5 Michael J. Friday Donova Devin Fleenor Carolyn Gallagher Kassi Martha Gastelo - FOLK Ambition: Going to college. Activities: Football 1 -Q-3-4, Track - -4, Basketball 1-9. FORSTER, KRISTA Ambition: To become president of a large corporation and . Move to New Jersey and marry Jon Bon Jovi. To always stay friends with Jill, Shel, Dory, Jon and Kelly Cmy rocker buddiesl, Activities: Vol- leyball 1-Q, Basketball 1. ,ly-Q,5L.MlKE Ambition: Major in commercial arts. Be the all time master of time, space, and dimension, Activities: Soccer 3-4. FULLER KASSLE Ambition: Join the navy, work for an airline, live in San Diego with Keith and be happy forever. Activities: Volleyball 1-Q-3-4, Softball 1-2, Track 1. GALLAGHER, CAROLYN Ambition: To have royal authority with Debbie and Kristi over our own little Kingdom, sail the seven seas, and to live in a shoe . . . try it. GANN, MIKEAL Ambition: To become an electronic technician. And become ard row. And to wrestle King Kong Bundy for the Heavy Weight Championship. GASTELO, MARTHA Ambition: Goto a designing school, and to wear my own ill be the only one to wear them. Activities: Peer Tutor. 39 QR 2 ,, 1 1 , . f 9 :,...,- ,- W1- - wh. iw f -ww f . , ., , Z A- Z V My W f ,, 1 PM f X 3 4 'C 4, , 7? . . . H Q 4' vw -f ., 1 7 Q "-,J --wi' QMZQHIE. '-1 v" PFW ' V N., v ww. ,,,, 1, , N,,,,,5 G , gh. X t ' ,A ,A Mm 71 Wig N W at E i ll V my fn Wff , , 1 ' f ,n ,Q 7 ' ,fr W" X , ,aqf ,, f W 9 . V ' 1 ' , , f Lp 41 ' Q' A , 5 , V . ik A f 41 ,Ahh 6 Mark Glassburn Giordano ' Ku. -Ad Mike German Caterina 2 rr L G t Lisa Green A Debbie Gri LT e: Elsa Gutierrez D tin Hafler Tom Haigh fi +1 GERMAN, MICHAEL Ambition: First go to college, hopefully U of A, get a nice comfortable job. Activities: Yearbook Q-3-4, Drama 3-4. GIORDANO, CAT Ambition: To go to Beauty college, to own a bar, and r rash with my band. Cory, l'll always love you. Activities: Cheer 1, Vocal club Q-3, Spanish club 3-4. GLASSBURN, MARK Ambition: To go to RSI Activities: Track. " GONZALEZ, JOSE G Ambition: To do absolutely nothing. To get a job that pays better than minimum wage. To have an affair with Lisa after she marries Dan, "Just kidding Dan!" Activities: Chess 3-4, H.E.R.O. 4, Peer Tutoring 3. GBANIFLEE Ambition: To get a good job and live happily ever after with Amy Heckenburg forever. Ambition: To attend U of A and to be successful in my career 4- but most of all, to marry Dan ancl to love him forever and always! I love you Babe! Activities: WAA 1, Volleyball 1, German club Q-3, Drama club 1. E Ambition: To live content in my "Golden Years" and for Krisy, Carolyn and myself to have royal authority over our own little kingdom. , Ambition: To graduate from a major university with honors in engineering. To become rich in life and wealthy in money so that I can start 42 Jose Gonzalez David Granniss Andrew S. Gross Viola Gr ck !5,TOl'i"ll'TlY ti"" my own backpacking business. To keep my legs in running condition. And above all, to stop at all stop signs for the rest of my life. Activities: Basketball 1, Tennis Q-3-4, FBLA Vice-President 3, NHS Q-3-4, Ram Packers V.P. Q, Latin Club 1-Q, ASU Medallion of Merit Award. GRYZBECK VlQLA Ambition: To follow in the footsteps of Mr. Rocky, Kopke and Krescow and be the best teacher anybody's ever seen. Thanx guys you're the greatest. Activities: Chorus 1, Mat Aids Q-3-4. GUTIERREZ, ELSA HAEHL, BRETT Ambition: Become a rich and famous actor. Activities: Theater arts 4. HAELER DUSTIN Ambition: Find a rich woman. Activities: Wrestling 1-Q-3-4, H,E.R.O. 4. HAIGH, TOM Ambition: To go to G.C.C. then to A.S.U. have a family, take over for God. HALE, TOMMY Ambition: To go to college and pursue a career in whatever fletd God directs me in. To keep in touch with my close friends and enter the World's largest Triathlon. Swim the Atlantic from Florida, tour Europe on a bi- cycle and jog from Spain to Italy. To retire and hang out with T.S. M.O. and B.O. Activities: Football 1-Q-3-4, Wrestling 1-Q, Track 1, German club Q-3. iww" ' Hammitt V Holly Anne Randall Hampton! Penny Hanka J John Hardin., 'HW I are Beckie Hards Chad R. Harman Ja a Hatcher Robin Hawkins- Julie Harding '46 i Chris Hays Robert Hazelett Dustin Heard Julie Hebets ga?" HALL, SHANNO .Ambitlon: I want to work to make a lot of money so I can emo . HAM Ambition: To become successful in whatever I chose to do and to always remain buddy'z with everyone that is way KXA cool. Ac- tivities: Yearbook 1-Q-3, H.E.R.O. 4. HAMPTON RANDALL EDWARD Ambition: Go to business institute or study business in college and become an accountant. Activities: Football 1, Chess 3-4, F.B.L.A. Q-3-4. I mbition: Move out with my best bud, pursue my ca- reer, find Mr, Right, have babies and C.A.B. I did it mom, ARDIN JOHN Ambition: To go to the U of Hawaii, and keep in touch with all my friends. To get tubed at pipeline in a 36 foot wave. HARDS, REBECCA TERESE. Ambition: Go on to college, live in the same place for more than 9 months. Go to Australia, and to stay best buds with Jimmer. Activities: Spanish club 1, Drama club 1, Drill Team Q. HARMAN, CHAD RICHARD Ambition: To be the next Jacques Cousteau and to be a locksmith, and T. A. P. forever. Activities: Soccer 1-Q. HA I CHER JANA LYNN Ambition: To always be friends with the girls, C.P., L.W., R.H., A,F., J.F., J.B., T.W., A.B., M,M., C,C., "the Guys" and the Bandetto Brothers, to have Cathy teach me the only way and to visit Debbie Griggs in her little country with a king! CLI 4-ever! Activities: Dance 2-3-4, HAWKINS ROBI SUE To go to college or cosmetology school and to stay est friends with J,H. and M.D. To stay with R.L. forever. HAYS, CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM Ambition: I plan to go to graphics school and then maybe become an illustrator or cartoonist. Be with my friends D.E., J.H., M.M, forever. If nothing else works out . . . Become a beach bum. H mbition: I intend to go to NAU to study for a mast- ers degree in Physical Therapy. I then hope to marry by 30 when I'm financially stable. HEBETS, JULIET ELIZABETH Ambition: To go to college, travel, be free and hap- py, and to become a wharf bum in San Francisco with a very special somebody who shares my love of Fish. Activities: Volleyball 1, N.H.S. Q-3-4, Drama 3-4, Speech 3-4, National Merit Scholar. 43 AmJjiS'S9HQ9fs be 1 Nick Heddings Tom Herdrich ' Y Matthew Hiner Shawn Holcomb Tracy Hollaway gfd Mike Hollenbeck Lf, .,. HECKENBERG AMY D Ambition: To always befriends with Lisa s. and rina M. and to marry Lee Grant and have the most wonderful life in the world together forever! I Love You Lee!!! Activities: Yearbook 9-3. L Ambition: To attend Northern Arizona Univer- sity. Activities: Wrestling I-Q-3-4, German Club 1-Q-3-4. HERDRICH, THOMAS Ambition: Go to a real school like college get o , settle own and get married to Stacey. HERMANN, RICHARD HENRY Ambition: To live my life as a dream. To remain with my one and only love, Scott, and never let my heart grow old. HERTZBERG PAUL MI Ambition: To attend college and major in Aero- space Engineering regarding becoming a pilot. Activities: Football 1. HETHERINGTON, MONICA LEA Ambition: To attend a university and major in advertising design. . Ambition: To attend U of A and hopefully become a major league baseball player. Activities: Baseball 1-3-4, W.W.A. 3-4. E Ambition: To go to college for two years then pursue my career. Activities: FBLA 2-3, Dance Club 4. l Ambition: Attend U of A, enjoy life to the fullest, and 44 Kristi Herrscher L , --L-,., 4? S-74 L Paul Hertzberg Ma-ilkjiicks Fri Dorothy Holmes Windy Hotchkiss QHVTG. fapw K.l,T. with Armchair, Bagboy, and O'grubby Sr. Activities: Wrestling 1-Q-3, Swimming 2, N.H.S. 3-4. E Ambition: Go to P.C. or G.C.C. to hopefully get into a medical career. Hang out with Puff and L.L. and have a great life. Activities: Track 1-2-3, H.O.E. 4, HOLLENBECK MICHAEL S. Ambition: To enter the armed forces after college and become a pilot, Become rich and live in Hawaii, wfa beautiful wife and my Jag. Activities: Swimming 1, Golf Q-3. HOLLOW mbition: To attend college and pursue a success- career. To never forget my high school year and the friends that will be with me forever. Activities: Softball 1-2-3-4, N.H.S. Q-3, Dance Club Q-3-4. lj-QLIQS DOROTHY LOUISE Ambition: To go to the Air Force, while there I will go to college, work for my Bachelors degree and become a USAF Pilot. Activities: V, Cross Country 1-2-3, JV Basketball 1-9, Mat Aid Q, FBLA 1-Q-3, C.O.E. 4, Qnd Team Cross Country Divisionals 2-3. HOT , Ambition: Visit all of my friends and relatives from around the country, during my free time. Then attend the U of A to study medi- cine. Activities: SADD 4. Keith Humphrey Becky Hurd Daniela Hreni Nj, ' "7 Tim Inman Lee Jamison Jennifer - t - Jesberger HRENIUC D HUMPHREY, KEITH ALLEN Ambition: To go to college and become a lawyer, make a lot of money, drive a Ferrari, and someday marry Madonna. HURD, BECKY J. Ambition: Cosmetology or Interior Design. Activities: Year- book, Honor for Art Projects. HWANG, HOWIE Ambition: Go to college and get a good job. HYATT, CRAIG STEVEN Ambition: I wish to fulfill all my dreams and goals, and live a happy life, Y Ambition: Attend B.Y.U. majoring in Business!Fi- nance, marry the most beautiful girl in the world after serving a mission. Be- come filthy rich and have a few spoiled children. Activities: N.H.S, Q-3-4, Marching Band 1-Q, Football 9. INM N Ambition: To marry Tawny and have a family and to live a perfect life with the woman of my dreams. Activities: Football 1. ISOM TONI MARIE Ambition: To go to Utah State, live on a ranch, and race horses in the Kentucky Derby. J EE CHARLES Ambition: To never take things too seriously and to succeed in anything at makes me rich. Activities: Tennis Q-3-4, Nat'I Honor Society Q-3-4, Nat'I Merit Scholar 4, A.P. Club Vice-Pres. 3, French Club 1-9- 3-4, French Club Vice-Pres. 3, T.W.O. Q-3-4, Conservative Caucus 4. 'dvi-,.4 ,tif George Husky Craig Hyatt YAG ' ,,,EM.HY-Q9 H62-Jin JD.-1' Jessica Johansson Jennifer Jo Johnson JARONIK, DAVE ERI Ambition: To attend a college or a technical school at ersity. Activities: HERO 4. JENKINS, DEITRES L. Ambition: Activities: Softball 1-3-4, Basketball 1-3, R.O.T.C. 1-Q. JESBERGER JENNIFER MAUREE Ambition: To attend college, Be the best mo er in the wor . o ma e up the long hours to Carrie for waiting outside G.S. window. Carrie, We didn't make our H.S.S. goal. Anne, I love you and I made it! To Julie and Ann, Bacon bits, To find my Romeo!!! Activities: Track 1, F.B.L.A. 1-2-3-4, Student Council 4, Dance 4, H.O.E. 3, C.O.E. 4. Ambition: I'm going home to Sweden to my other school and continue two more years or more. Activities: Choir 4, Spanish 4, JOHNSON JENNIFER JO Ambition: To attend N.A.U. Be a great roomie with Hed i, Never forget my cheer buds, especially R.N., S.T., C.M., and to be finally be happy forever. Activities: Girls Basketball 1, J.V. Spiritline Q, Yearbook 1- 2-3-4, Yearbook Editor 3-4, Varsity Spiritline 3-4. JOHNSON, TIM L. Ambition: To attend A.S.U. and become a Sportswriter. Ac- tivities: Basketball 1-4. JONES, LYLE WEST Activities: Basketball 1, Science Club Pres. Q. 45 Rodney KBBLZH Dean Keller ar N. . YV!! li 7 Kirby Kelley Donovan Kelly -- , x-,.,-J Ambition: Study criminal law and live on a beach front house. Activities: Football 1-Q-3-4, Wrestling 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-Q, Track 3. KELLEHER, MARClA JANE KELLEY Ambition: l'd like to go to college, build a mo ster truck, and be a ladies' man forever. Thanks to all my friends for their help. KELLEY MARVIN M. Ambition: Sell my A.T.C., move to Tahiti and party down with the boys, to own the most B.A. 4x4 in town. Activities: Football 1-Q, W.W.A. 2-3-4. KELLOGG, ERIN KAT Ambition: To get a job that suits my abilities. o always be best friends with Kathie and Lau- ren. To always be in love with S.P. and J.F. Activities: H.E.R.O. 4 KELLY DONOVAN F. Ambition: Finish college and have fun, to become a test driver for C and D and make tons of money. To never eat tomatoes. mbition: To own my own Chevy Silverado pick-up and stay good friends with Fletch, Never move out of my house and become pres, of Anheiser Busch, KAHN, TRAVIS SHANE 46 3 Alan Kirsch Marvin Kelley Sean Kelly KING, WES E. Ambition: Goto college, marry my 1Ei live happily ever after. KIRSCH mbition: To be remem- ered as a raring individual. To become the world's greatest sports broadcaster and jour- nalist. To remain friends with C.H,, J.P., KJ., J.V.L., S.D,, N.L., R.F., T.R., W.B,, and everyone else who knows l care for them. l wish the Class of 1988 the best of luck! Activities: Basketball Q, Newspaper 3-4, Sports Editor for Ram Page 4, Teen Gazette Correspondent 3-4, Teen Ga- zette Columnist 4, Tennis Q-3-4. ISISER TRISH Ci. Ambition: To go to U of A, be with gean, never be cute, and marry A.L.F. Ac- tivities: Drama Club 1-Q-3-4, Speech Team 2-3- 4, Drama Sec. 4, Drama Treasurer 3, Best Actress Award 3, NHS 3-4. KLEINFELD, RAN mbition: To attend co study to be a nurse. To keep in touch with all my friends. Marsha Kelleher Erin Kathleen Kellog Wes Kin J ' l ff.. fzgal M if -l " :' : A r i --. i Trishia Kiser Randi Dawn Kleinf ' Doris Korinek M... .L If is, 4 1 ga'- A M W3 . gf at 1 ' Nicholas Kordsiemon kghlkguaa- Mike Lauer Donold Lapp gifs' Ambition: Never lose my hot key to the executive bathroom, to get some kind of job in art, keep in touch with Bean and Fish, Avoid the northern freeway exit, loft my jive, and never stop freestyling. Activities: Yearbook Q-3-4, Yearbook Photographer 4, National Honor Society. KORDSIEMON, NICHOLAS SIEBLEN Ambition: To lan Lavender go to college, take medical classes, and become a paramedic. Activities: Football 1-4, Track 1-2- 3-4. KORINEK, DORIS BARBARA Ambition: To go to college in Vienna. Activities: Volleyball Manager 4. KORTAN RICHARD KEL Activities: Football 1- -3-4, Track 1-2-3, Honor Roll 1-Q-3-4, Deborah Lynn Leonard LABORIN, MARIE-ISABEL Ambition: To become a successflffaslion designer for women. To do the very best I can in what comes later for me in the future. Activities: Volleyball 1-3, Softball 1, Basketball 1, Basketball Mgr. 9-3, Volleyball Mgr. 3. LACHINI, BEN Ambition: To attend college and have fun at the same time. Maybe play soccer for a professional team, Become a successful Marie Laborin Ben Lachini EQEEEELLQ-UZ Vinh Le ,..i.--f person in the business world and get out of this state. Activi- ties: Swimming 3, Soccer 3-4, Tennis 4. LAPP mbition: To move to Hawaii, grow coconuts, and raise goldfish. LAUER, MICHAEL JUDE Ambition: To be a successful person d love my wife Mary Lauer forever. Ac- tivities: Football 1-Q-3-. LAURION, LAURA LEE Ambition: Stay best friends with D.D., go to college, become rich fast. Own piggy farm in Europe and stay sweet and single. Activities: Volleyball Q-3-4, Ten- nis 3-4, F.C.A. Q-3-4, U.S.V.B.A. Q-3-4, Diggers 3-4. L , H Ambition: Going into the Air Force. Then got to School to become a Radiologist techni- cian. Activities: HOE 3-4. LE P mbition: Go to a junior college and then t ansfer to A.S.U. My career job is engineering. LEON , H LY mbition: Go to the college of my choice, become a successful doctor, and travel the world. To forever drive up trees, to always remain friends with all my bestest buds Cyou know who you areb, and to someday find B.P. Activities: Band 1-Q-3, Junior Class Trea- surer 3, Student Body Treasurer 4, French Club 1-2-3-4, N.H.S. Q-3-4, N.H.S. Secretary 4, Badminton Q, Girls State 3, Ex-Fiddlerite 3, Regional Band 2-3, ASU Honor Band 4. 47 Jenifer Rebecca Beth ' I-E29-ala Zhnclg I E H . 5 Alex Lixandra Christina Lixandra C Lorena Lopez LEO JENNIFER REBECCA Ambition: To get out of Arizona and be- come filthy ric . c ivities: Student Body Pub, Man. 4, Diving 3-4, NHS Q-3-4, NHS Pub. Man. 4, Band 1-Q. Ambition: To marry K.S. and become a race car driver, to fly on SR71, become a world-known flutest, and eventually become President of the U.S. and have many kids so I can retire. Activities: March- ing Band 1,Q,3,4, Concert Band 1,Q,3,4, Regional Band 1,Q,3,4, A.S.U. Honor Band 3,4, Band President 4, C.O.E. Treasurer 4, All-State Band 3,4. LIND, KAYE LEE Ambition: To be very successful and make my first million before Q1, and to love R.N. forever. Kissy - Kissy, Activities: French Club Q, Volleyball 2, Cheerleading 3, Drama 1, Choir 3, Band 3, Freshman Presi- dent, Sophomore Student Council, Track 1, Danceline 3, Science Club 2. LINEWEAVER, MICHAEL D. Ambition: Attend college in California and hopefully play Baseball in college. Activities: Varsity Baseball 1-Q-3-4, Varsity Basketball 3, Varsity Soccer Q-3-4. LINTNER, MARY ELAINE Ambition: To attend college, buy a new car and get married to my sweetie. Activities: Cheer Squad 1-Q, FMA officer Q, Advisory Committee 1-9, Marching Band 1-Q-3, Thespians1-Q, NHS 2-3- 4, Student Council 1-2. 5 Ambition: To go to college or go to West Ger- many for professional soccer. LZCANDRU, CHRISTINA MICHELLE Ambition: Goto a traveling school and 48 Kaye Lind Mary Lintner John Lloyd Brett LOFIS Tiffany Lowery Cindy Lucer S become a stewardess, then go back to Europe and work for their airline Activities: Student of the Month. LL D JOHN E mbition: Maybe go into the Marines,then go into financial services. Activities: Freshman Football, Sophomore Wrestling. L , mbition: To remain a liberal forever, vote Doug for President, a world tour with T.W,O. Become an Architect and make oodles of money. Activities: T.W.O. Guitarist 1 -Q-3-4, Tennis Q-3-4, Soph- omore Class Rep. Q, Junior Class Pub Manager 3, Band 1-Q-3. bition: To be successful at whatever I do and most importantly, to be happy. To stay good friends with everyone I know, especially M.H. and T.H. Activities: Basketball Q, Tennis 9. LOPEZ, LORENA LOPEZ, JESUS LORENA Ambition: To go to college. Activities: Basketball Q, H.O.E. 4 OW bition: Hit college, then control life, be wild, rich, single and never grow mentally ill, old, boring, or average. Ac- tivities: French Club 1-Q-3-4. LUCAS, AMINA J. . Ambition: I plan to attend college and be a legal secre- tary or a loan officer. To marry and always love B.J.R. and to have many children. Activities: FBLA Q-3-4, FBLA President 3, Business Student of the Month 3. 'N 3 N Y-s I 5 Cl Kelly Lyall Diane Lujan ,, ,2AA V I xv- I . ' f . W rLI.yQr1S.,.f Jennifer McCall Z' .J Greg McGlockIin Michell LUJA LL Ambition: To go to college, to become com- etely rich in whatever I finally decide to do, To stay great friends with all my buds, and to never have anchovi pizza! Activities: Badminton 1-Q, Flag Line Q, Drama 1-Q-3, N.H.S. 3-4, Jr. Class Representative 3, Yearbook 4, WAA 1. LUNA, KRISTEN THERESA Ambition: To attend Arizona State University. To all my BK buds, I love you guys, you're The best. And of course to my bible, OPILOPUV YOPU OPALWOPAYS. Activities: Dance Club 1-2. Ambition: To go to college, start a career and be happy for the rest of my life, YN IN Ambition: Go to college then pursue a career in music, Get rich, Live forever. Activities: Football Q-3-4, Track Q-3-4, Jazz Ensemble 3-4, MarchingfConcert Band 1-Q-3. mbition: To someday complete the novel war and peace upstyle, Rid the world of cop wannabees, avoid the Northern freeway exit, never forget sliced backpack straps, and never lose my hot key to the executive bathroom. McCLELLA MARIE mbition: I would like to go to college for siness and writing. I'd like to be a Receptionist for a big business. I'd also like to write novels and short stories. mbition: Be a child psychologist. To always remember the single "playing the field" life!! Never forget R.C.!! Hope to meet up with my cowboy someday!! Never forget the D.B.'s, and carry on the D.B. tradition!! And never forget the trips to Cal. and Yuma! Always Kristin Luna Thom Lynch Kathleen McCoon Cheryl McDermid Timothy C, Chris Mahler McWilliam .. remember the sayings Danny oo Nanny and John, Eric say blizzard!! Ac- tivities: W.A.A. Q-3, Dance Club 2-3, Mat Aides Q, H.E.R.O. 4 McCOON K Ambition: To go to P.C. and then on to the U o A for a degree in medicine. Hopefully have a family and to keep in touch with Lauren, Erin, Shirl, and Spring. Activities: German Club 1-Q, H.O.C. 3, D.C.E. M mbition: To be a flight attendant with Felicia and bust her for letting friends fly free, and to be Jen's first client for the criminally insane, To always stay close with high school friends - espe- cially Chris, and the rest of the D.B.'s. Always remember Flea and Arby's!!! To keep my Harvard scholarship and marry a hot GQ with mega bucks. Activities: Yearbook Q, Dance Q-3-4, H.E.R.O. 4. MCCLUEN MICH mbition: To go to college, get rich, have fun, ive happily ever after with John Bonds. Activities: Girl's Basketball 1, Basketball Manager 1, J.V. Spiritline Q, French Club 2-3, N.H.S. 3-4, Stu- dent Council 1-3, Orchesis 3-4, W.A.A. 1. M N Ambition: To go to college and get a career orientatedjob which brings me great wealth, To one day get married and have many children. Activities: Vocal Club 1-Q-3-4, Dance Club 3-4. McW I mbition: To go to Glendale Community College and to have an adventurous relationship with Erica and to build up my Chevy. fr MAHLER, CHRISTOPHER L, Ambition: To attend A.S.U., get a job making l?! 49 A new year approaches And a new class heglns. For every cap that is thrown A future is captured- As the caps Come tumbling down MANGINO, TIMOTHY SHANE Ambition: Travel the world, Maybe become Pres. of the U.S. or the Pope. If all else fails go camping with all my buddies for life. "LATAMUS" Ac- tivities: Swimming 9, Cross Country 1. MARCELL, WANDA L. Ambition: To go to college. Major in music, stay best friends with Mas and David. After that get rich and marry the man of my dreams. Activities: Chorus 3. MARTIN, JENNIFER PRISCILLA Ambition: To never get a speeding ticket, party with Julie B. Joe, Nader K., and the Biss forever. And hope to god my mom won't find out I came home late. Activities: Swimming 1-Q, Track 1-2, COE 4, FBLA 4. MARTINEZ, MICHAEL ANTHONY Ambition: To go into se- lective Service. MARTINEZ, RICHARD ANDREW Ambition: Goto college at P.C. graduate from A,S.U. Become a Fireman, Activities: Baseball 1, Football 1-Q-3-4, Wrestling 1-Q-3-4, Track 3-4, State Power lifting Champion. MARTORANA, CHRISTINA MARIE Ambition: To own my own jag, take J.M. home for a change, be J.D.'s Qnd client 81 to remind Cheryl to pray. Never Forget "Danny" OO "Nanny" 81 "J.E.S.B." Lastly, stay very close to my high school friends. Activities: Dance Club Q-3-4, H.E.R.O. 4, Wanda Marcell W,A.A. Q-3-4, MASON, HARLEY THOMAS Ambition: Attend College. Activities: Asst. Manager for Basketball 1, Manager for Wrestling Q. MATHEWS, CORY W. Ambition: To attend a college in Arizona, Activi- ties: Football 1-Q, Basketball 1-Q-3. MATTHEWS, KRISTI LYNN Ambition: To always love Jerry. To be the Best that I can be. And to always keep happy. To have mucho bucks and go pigout with Marline. Activities: French Club 1-Q-3, Dance Club 3, G-Varsity Mat-Aides Q-3, DCE 4. MATTOON, KEVIN JOSEPH Ambition: Seek a career in Art. MAYSE, MELISSA NOELLE Ambition: To go to college, become a doc- tor, never forget my friends and be with my Teddy Bear forever. Activi- ties: Swimming 1-Q, Softball Q-3-4, Track Q-3-4. MAZUR, DEBORAH E, Ambition: To go to college and succeed in what- ever I do. Stay Friends forever with J.D., K.F., S.P., and T.M. Activities: Tennis 1-Q-3-4, N.H.S. Q, Honor Roll 1-9-3-4. MERRITT, JESSICA AIMEE Ambition: Become a Psychologist. Get Mar- ried and have my best friend Patsy be my maid of Honor, Major in Youth Ministry. Activities: French Club 1-2, Drama Q-3, Dance 4, Varsity Cheer Q-3-4, Captain 4. MEZA, ROMON: MILLER, JACQUELINE JOY Ambition: To judge and marry Mr. Calf. to always stand by the J9 Cap motto for men and love the cappers. HEY, HEY WHAT? To live without K,B, my teacher, but always love him. Tom- my R. never forget me. Activities: Basketball 1-2-3-4, Volleyball 1-9- 3-4. Christina Jennifer Martin Micheal Martinez Richard Martinez Harley Mason' ER Cory Mathews M6I'tOI'BI16 J 4" f-: H 6 R . x 1 Kristi Matthews Melissa Mayse 5WW?'W r.'f lyk, liz , Debbie Mazur Jessica Merritt Michale J. Metroz Romon Meza Jacque Miller gf, 4 22 Terry Miller Mike Mirenda Chris Moore Marissa Moran Kimberly L, Nash Lisa Neal David Newton. PM . . IB. MILLER, TERRY LEE Ambition: Make a career of the M.O.S. 95B Military Police of the A.A.N.G. after retirement at 45 travel country playing 9-ball billiards winning 5Og's at each tourna- ment. MIRENDA, MICHAEL PHILLIP Ambition: To stay friends with Weezer, Toph, Weinee, and Slax. Then go on with my life with a gorgeous woman. And make my mommy happy and enjoy schooling while I am still young, and most of all under- stand life. Activities: Baseball 1, Wrestling 1-Q, H.O.E. MOORE, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL Ambition: To go on to col- lege and continue sleeping in class. Keep my 1 point average up, and keep being a workaholic like the bubs, who chases all the women. Activities: Wrestling 1-2-3-4. MORAN, MARISSA LYNN Ambition: To go to college and ma- jor in the health careers field. To cruise through life with my two best friends Jenni and Jennifer, Activities: Track 1, Na- tional Honor Society 1-2-3, French Club Q-3, Science Club 3, Concert Band Q. NASH, KIMBERLY LYNN Ambition: To continue working at APS. Be the co-star in Top Gun part Q with David. "Stand By" Kristi forever. Marline please find my T.P, Activities: Softball 1-Q-3-4, Volleyball 1-Q-3, Basketball 1-Q, W.A.A. 1-Q-3-4, COE 4. NEAL, LISA LYNN Ambition: Goto college Activities: COE 4. NEVE, THOMAS JAMES Ambition: Complete college and find a career in the field of law. Activities: Spanish club Q, Key Thomas Neve Kristi Nolde Nuvangyaoma THE LOCKER My locker won't open Oh, what will I do? I may have to kick it again with my shoe. I shoved in my math book, I added my bag, Three rotten sandwiches, Gee, what a drag! I threw in my notebook, I crammed in some clothes, A big can of hairspray- That's how it goes! When will I learn that my locker can't hold everything? a career in the field of law, Activities: Spanish club Q, Key club 3, DCE 4. NOLDE, KRISTI PAULETTE Ambition: To be single and win the bet, to keep my "diamond dog", Dutch, wrapped around my finger, to have royal authority beside Carolyn and Debbie over our own little kingdom, and to defeat Sir David. NUVANGYAOMA, TIMOTHY L. NYLEEN, CHRISTOPHER PAUL Ambition: My plans are to go to a tec. school and get a Masters in architecture, and party hard. Activities: Football 1, Basketball I-Q, DCE 4. OLIVERIO, KENNETH WILLIAM Ambition: To graduate from law school and become a very wealthy lawyer. To stop stealing everything I see and keep a clean driving record, with my 383 magnum, l.4.3., and party until I make a mess. Activities: Base- ball 1-Q-3-4, Football Q-3-4. OSTLAND, MATHEW DANIEL Ambition: To get rich quick and get married and have two children. To always be one of the guys and to always be with the girls, "Original skins forever." Activities: Football I-Q-3-4, Wrestling 1-Q-3-4, Baseball 1-Q, Dance 3-4, Battle of the bands Q-4, Tim Chris Nyleen Billy Oliverio Matt Ostland Jody Pacheco Heidi Parisek Lucy Park 1 April Perez Pamela Parks Chad Perry Edward Petit Scott Pett Saksit Phan Duan OUTHENTHAPANYA, TOY B. Ambition: To work during the summer, then go to college. Cldaho State University? Activities: Track, Wrestling, Football. PACHECO JODY MARIE Ambition: To attend college, and become very suc- cessful. To stay best friends with lllene P. forever, and remember all the great times we had. Last, to marry Michael L. Murchland, have two kids, and a won- derful life. Activities, Freshman cheer 1, Latin Club 1 -Q, Speech Club 1 -Q, Drama Club 1-Q, COE 4, FBLA 4. PARISEK, HEIDI Ambition: To attend college with a major in Marine Biology. To always be close to my family and friends and never lose sight of my dreams Activities: Cheer 1,Q,3, Student Council 1,9,3,4, Softball 3,4, Basketball Q,3,4, Spanish Club 3,4. PARK, LUCY ALEXANDRA Ambition: To go to college, be successful, to see friends that I have met in high school. Activities: National Honor Society 9,3,4. PARKS, PAM MARIE Ambition: I plan to go to college somewhere and become a nice high school English teacher. To live in Colorado, to keep all my high school friends, and to always remember S.K. Activities: Freshman Representa- tive, Junior Varsity Spirit line. 2, Captain of J.V. Spiritline 3, H.E.R.O. Club 4 59 Phoewanchana Esta Polunsky William Pike PEPLINSKI, JENNIFER ANNE Ambition: I plan to work in Phoenix until I save enough money to move to California, where I plan to attend college and be- come an accountant for SSA. Activities: Drama Club 1,Q,4, Speech Club Q,4, PEREZ, APRIL M. PERRY, CHAD DOUGLAS Ambition: Hopefully become an Olympic High Jump- er and try the medical field. Activities: Marching band 1-Q-3-4, Concert band 1-Q-3-4, Soccer Q-3-4, Track 1 -Q-3-4, District High Jump Champ 3, State Qualifi- er Q-3 District Orchestra, Chorus 1. PETIT, EDDIE J. Ambition: To enter air Air Force and become an f-16 fighter pilot. PETT, SCOTT THOMAS Ambition: To become a successful business man, and be happily married. I would also like to tour the world with Yngwie Malmsteen. Activities: Football 1. POLUNSKY, ESTA Ambition: To become a successful accountant, marry the man of my dreams, have 2 kids and retire in the Bahamas. Also, always remain friends with Andi. Activities: Swimming Q-3-4 WAA1-2, Spanish Club 1 -Q, DCE 4. lllene Pomerantz Jason Poulton Chris Quiroz Nedine Ray Thomas Reagan POMERANTZ, ILLENE MICHELE Ambition: To go to college in S.D. and Major as a child psychologist. To stay best friends with Jody P. and follow in her and Mike's footsteps. To never forget our highschool years. Shmata to live for eternity. To have Eric be the most special part of my life forever. Activities: French Club Q-3, Orchesis - Dance Club Q-3-4, H.E.R.O. 4. POULTON JASON EDWARD Ambition: To go to Northern Arizona University to study Physical Therapy and go skiing, hiking, biking, etc. Activities: Football 1-Q-3-4, Basketball 1-Q, Track and Field 1-Q-3-4. PRENEVOST, CAMI YVONNE Ambition: Attend NAU and study business, to always remember my high school memories with the gang and spring break 87'. To never forget the meaning of a true friends and to love Tom always! L CLI 4-ever. Activities: Softball 1-Q-3-4, Track 1 -Q, Cross Country Q-4, Home- coming attendant 1-Q-3, Homecoming Queen 4 H.E.R.O. Club 4. PRICE, JENNIFER LYNN Ambition: To remember the high times at home with Kristi-Jo, to keep the two best friends anyone could ever have I love you Mike and Kristi. F.V. And to always remember Oct. 13, 7:30. To marry someone l'm stronger than. PULLIAM, KIMBERLY JOY Ambition: To go to P.C. then go to N.A.U. to, freeze and learn to ski. Activities: Marching Band 1-Q-3, Concert Band 1 -Q-3, Jazz Band Q-4, W.A.A. 1, German Club 3-4. QUIROZ, CHRISTOPHER JOHN Ambition: To make album covers and t-shirt de- signs for a couple of Phoenix bands. Hopefully get recognized by a major band Cami Prenevost Trent Renfrow Kimberly Pulliam Jennifer Price Keith Rauch Rosa Rodriguez K.C. Richardson or become a political cartoon artist. RAUCH, KEITH EDWARD Ambition: I want to drive race cars, move to San Diego and be with Kassie Fuller forever and live happily. Activities: Wrestling 1, Q, 3, 4. RAY, NEDINE Ambition: To carry on my name "Heffa", and remember my years at W.H.S. I love ya! Michele, Carolyn, Chris, and Julie I will never forget you guys! You're the BEST friends anyone could have. Activities: Softball 1, H.E.R.O. 4, Peer Tutor 3. REAGAN, THOMAS CLINTON Ambition: Study at a major University. Pursue my goals to the fullest and always remember my friends who have meant so much to me. Activities: Football 1-Q-3-4, Basketball 1-Q-3-4, Baseball 1-9-3-4, National Honor Society Q-3-4, S.A.W. Treasurer 4, F.B.L.A. 4. RENFROW, TRENT ARDEN Ambition: To be an actor. Activities: Football, Drama Club, Speech Club. RICHARDSON, KRISTOPHER CARL Ambition: I plan to go to college, and be- come a History professor. I will always do my best and try to figure out what is right. Activities: Basketball 1-Q, Tennis 3-4, Boys State 3, Marching Band 1- Q-3-4, Concert band 1-Q-3-4, Drum Major 3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, N.H.S. President 4. . RODRIGUEZ, ROSA MARIA Ambition: To go to college and be a nurse, so I can help my family. Activities: Softball 53 Leslie Romero Michael Romero Lisa Salas A Daniel Sanchez Dominic - B.E., A.D., T.G., C.B., and B.S, until I die! Stay cool buds!!! Activities: Freshman Representative 1, Volleyball 1, Drama Club 1, Theater 1-Q. SCRIVANO, PETER ALLEN Ambition: Attend A.S.U. and G.C.C. for an auto- motive degree. Blow up engines with my friends, Nick, Tim, Don, Colby, John, and Jerry, and to build the baddest Plymouth Fury around. 54 Phally Sar Greg Saxe ROMERO, LESLIE C. Ambition: Go to G.C.C., to study business and work in my uncle's insurance company. Activities: Peer Tutor 3- 4, FBLA 4. ROMERO, MICHAEL P. Ambition: To attend college. Activities: C.O.E. 4. SALAS, LUISA MARIE Ambition: To go to college. To have two kids and to become Mrs. Michael Runyon. To always support my little Christopher. To always stay friends with ershy and onky. Activi- ties: Cheer 1-913, Yearbook 1-9-3, Mat aide Treasurer 1. SANCHEZ, DANIEL Ambition: I plan to take a year off and do some traveling to foreign countries, then attend NAU and get a degree in either management or marketing. SANDOVAL, DOMINIC J. Ambition: To get a job. SANDS, ROBERT CAMERON Ambition: Attend Phoenix College and join the Phoenix Fire Department. CFiremanfParamedicD SAR, PHALLY Ambition: Activities: Dance 1-Q. SAXE, GREGORY PATRICK Ambition: I plan on being very very suc- cessful and have a wife and house on each coast. Activities: Foot- ball 1-Q-3, Swimming 4, Basketball 1-Q-3-4, Baseball 1-Q-3-4, Honor Roll 4, Drama 1-Q, FBLA 1-Q-3-4, Spanish Club 1-9. SCHULER, WILLIAM BRIAN Ambition: To attend college and major in Business Administration, and always remember all my friends from high school. Activities: Baseball 1-Q-3-4, NHS Q-3-4. SCHWARTZMEYER, SHAROLETTE IRENE Ambition: To get a job during the day in a bank, and still attend school during the night. Activities: Softball 1. SCHWEND, WENDY W. Ambition: To forever remember the Squids lux. Robert "Sandy" Sandoval Sands Jr. .W-mr Xb .,: B William Brian Schuler Schwartzmeyer Peter Scrivano Sharol Wendy Schwend SEAWELL, DAVID C. Ambition: To move to Hawaii and go to col- lege. Activities: H.O.E. 4. SETTLE, JON FLETCH Ambition: To keep my good friends with the wondertwins and to become assistant manager to McDonalds someday. To be a dedicated cruiser. To watch Sean finally drive his suburban. To talk Larry into naming his second son, Jon. Foot- ball 1-Q-3-4. SHAFFER, APRIL DAWN Ambition: To go to college. To become a lawyer and to travel around the world with my friends someday. Always remember life is a precious gift, so spend it wisely. Activi- ties: Basketball, Spanish Club, C.O.E. SHARP, BRYANT KENDAL Ambition: Army and then the Police Academy when I am Qi. SHIPMAN, TIMOTHY LEE Ambition: Military career. Activities: Bas- ketball 4, Track 4. SIEGLAFF, DOUGLAS HAROLD Ambition: Go to college to study a certain subject. To pursue a certain career. To declare indepen- dence near the end of my life. I want to write a book on the life of a cricket trainers. Activities: Golf 1-Q, German 3-4. SMIDT, EILEEN ANNE Ambition: I plan to goto a major university, get a degree in advertising or interior design and meet lots of hot men while l'm there. Activities: Volleyball 1-Q-3-4, Tennis 1-2-3- 4, Sophomore Class Secretary, Junior Class Vice-President, Girls State Alternate, President of Diggers 4. SMITH, CHRISTOPHER JAMES Ambition: To work at my dad's film studios, and go to a guitar tech. school. Become famous in a heavy metal band and become the best guitarist I can be. Bryant Sharp Tim Shipman Doug Sieglaff Chris Smith Leslie Smith Lori Smith Tawny Smith Jeff Souza Tom Spencer David Seawell YW A April Dawn Shaffer Eileen Smidt SMITH, LESLIE C. Ambition: Planning to go to college and work. SMITH, LORI A. Ambition: Keep my best friend CMH forever! keep on searchin for the perfect man. SMITH, TAWNY DELONE Ambition: To marry Tim and make him and the rest of my life family happy. To be close friends with Kristi Jo and T.K. forever. Activities: H.E.R.O., Vice-President 4. SOUZA, JEFFERY BRANT Activities: Ambition: To work at Garrett, Go to college. Invest in a lot of stock and retire at the age of 30 to travel the world. SPENCER, THOMAS W. Ambition: Go to college and become something worthwhile. Become a millionaire. Activities: Football 1-Q-3-4, Wrestling 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-9, Wrestling All Division Q-3-4, All State 3-4 55 , -. .Asf Karen Marie Spitler Jeff Staley April Steigner Marline Rose St. Ores Craig Summerfield SPITLER, KAREN MARIE Ambition: To goto college and major in business and always keep I.V. in my heart. Stay best friends with Flea and Mo and never forget the times with M.B., LS. and the summer of "87". Activities: Dance 3-4, W.A.A. 4, Drama Club 1-Q, Cheer 1, STALEY, JEFFREY ALAN Ambition: To go to G.C.C. and ASU. To always be best buds with H.L.H., H.H.j D.H., L.Z , MD., DZ , and more' To make my first Mill. by 25. STEIGNER, APRIL LYNN Ambition: Goto college and get a good job. Have a family and never forget electric jello, And to serve the lord. Activities: Student Council 1, Drama Club 1-Q-4, German Club 3-4 Yearbook 1, STERN, BRIAN T, Ambition: To go to college fora semester get my EMT diploma and go to the fire depart- ment and marry my high school sweetheart. STEWART, CHAD L. Go to the Marines. STUCKEY SUSANNE DENISE Ambition- I want to go to Grand Canyon College to become an elementary teacher or a social worker. Activities. Mask 8- Gavel Club 1-9-3, Flagline Q, Chorus Q-3. ST ORES, MARLINE ROSE Ambition: To go to college and be successful in everything I do, to learn from the past to complete the future. Most of all to spend the rest of my life with Shawn Eastham and keep my honey happy. Activities- Baseball Manager 42, W.A.A. Q, Dance 2-3 SUMMERFIELD, CRAIG MATTHEW Ambition: To take it easy for a year, then goto college Activities: Dra- ma 3-4 TA, TU CHUNG VAN Ambition: To go to work to help my family in Viet-nam and then go to college Activi- ties: Wrestling 3, Soccer 4. TAM, ELLEN SUET Ambition: I want to go to college TANG, TRINH KIM Ambition l'm going to college. TANQUARY, JOHN W Ambition- go to college and become a draftsman. Activities: French Club 1-Q THARP, ADAM MERLE Ambition: l'm going to Meat Cutters school in Utah. THARP, MICHAEL PAUL Ambition- I plan to attend N A.U. to learn about Physical Therapy, Stay buddies with Brian, Jason, Chuck, Tom, Tony, Tom and all the other fellas. YO! Activities: Football 1-9, Baseball 1-Q. THOMAS, JENNIFER KAHTLEEN Ambition: Go into computers. Bum around for years. Stay buddies with Leesa forever. Always find gorgeous cowboys to dance my legs off. Activities: W.A.A. 1-Q, Dance Q- 3 Tu-Ehung-van Ta THORPE, CHRISTA DEANNE Ambition: To go to college, become a successful business woman and marry the man of my dreams. Activities: French Club Q-3. ARMITAGE, HEATHER RENEE Ambition: Work, Kids, Married, Wife. Activities: Dance, Choir. R .5-.N - I 4 .Q 14" F' '. as-Ek Q x ks-3 Michael Tharp Jenn Thomas T Christa Thorpe Felicia Anne Valverde Kathleen Tucker Benny Valdez 56 so st i Q i YH K ix ,S X 5 may , . fi K - .4 S .Y- lfz . 2 .'.. Brian Stern Chad Stewart Susanne Stuckey Ellen Tam Trinh Tang Adam Tharp tions. And to Stay with S.S. forever. Activities: Band 1-Q-3-4, Drama 1-Q-3-4, Theater Tech. Director 4, S.A.D.D. 1-Q, District Orchestra 4, Pep Band 1-Q-3. TROUP, SCOTT A. Ambition: Take a vacation, then go to college and be successful and happy Be friends with T,A.O. Forever, TUCKER, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH Ambition: To work for a year and then goto A S.U. and get a degree in accounting. Activities: COE 4, FBLA 3-4. VALVERDE, FELICIA ANNE Ambition: I plan to attend Flight attendant school, Never forget "ARBY'S" with Cheryl. To stay bestest friends with Karen. And never forget about Matthew, Activities. Volleyball 1. LY JODI DELL Ambition: Get a good job, VAN GOETHEM, AV D CHARLES Ambition: To become a Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army: Graduate from Yale, Tell Kenny what life is really about. Succeed in owning a 930 twin turbo scope nose Porsche that runs on beer. Activities: Band 1-Q-3, Jazz Ensemble Q-3-4. VARGAS, MARIO LORENZO Ambition- To be with Trish forever. C.A.B, with all my night school pals. E Ambition: Go to college to be a teacher, always sing, to go out with M C., and David, Always stay best friends with Laurie Curringa. Activities: Cheer 1, Volleyball 1, Swim- ming 1, Choir 1-Q-3-4, Drama 1, Peer Tutor 4. David Transier Sam Trejo Scott Troup :----- f . f iiti N -. f s S-x ii-2--" 3 'iir . X -L 'K L ggggyg VV.. 5 . ,,., ...,., v . David C. Mario Vargas Candi Wahlborg Van Gothem 5 .. 'fi Jennifer Waitz I 'a Cheri Wallace Toni Waite Vienna Weiand Monique White Dan Whitmer WAITE, TONI MARIE Ambition To never forget the special friends and the unforgetable memories of W.H.S To always be with the "gang" and to someday go out with a stud like H.C., Activities: Varsity Tennis I-Q-3-4, Tennis Divisional Champion fDoublesD 3, Orchesis Q-3-4, Orchesis publicity Manager 4. WAITZ, JENNIFER LIND Ambition: To go to college in Cal. with "A" and lay on the beach everyday. To stay at Red Roof Inn with Shawntae, Ashlyn, Andy, and Jem, And go camping every summer with 'Da Boys And The Judge. To always have exactly the same love life as T.H. And be a JQ-CAPer forever. Activi: ties: Cheer 1, Varsity Cheer Q-3-4, WAA 1-Q-3-4, NHS Q-3-4, Drama Club 1 -2, Speech Team 1-Q, Orchesis 4 Senior Publicity Manager 4 'WALLACE CHEB DAWN Ambition: To go on to ASU, then law school and meet the 6'3'blond dream that will send me flowers. JQCAP forever and see ya at the reunion. Activities: National Honor Society 9:3-4, Modern Dance Q, Varsity Cheer 3, Athletics Club Q, DCE 4, German Club 3-4. WALLIS, NEIL MATTHEW Ambition: To enroll in business college and try to make more out of my life and make my parents proud. WALSH, VINCE E, Ambition: I plan to go on to college and hopefully be successful in life. Activities: Soccer 'IAQ-3-4. WARE, RICHARD THOMAS Ambition: l will go to college, learn a trade to become filthy rich, and move to Cal. and own many expensive cars. WEIAND, VIENNA M. Ambition: To make pretty good money at an easy job, then pack a couple of bags in my car and drive cross countryjust for the heck of it with my boyfriend. Activities: Softball 1, Track 1, Volleyball Q, Volleyball J.V. Captain 3. y mbition: To go to college and become a dentist. To be friends with onky and eenie, and to always love Manning. Thanks Mom! Robin, I love you too. Thanks Karen and Felicia! WHITMER, DAN O. Ambition: l plan to attend BYU, get several degrees in Aerospace Engineering, explain the universe in 50 words, marry a beautiful woman, have beautiful kids, and a great career, stick with God and always remember my school chums. Activities: Boy's State Delegate 3, HikingfBackpacking Club 9, Paleo Indians 3, State Math Contest Test Top 1 OK Q, National Honor Society Q-3-4, National Honor Society Publicity Manager 3, FBLA 3, Honor roll 1-Q-3-4, German Club 1-Q, Tennis 3-4. WILLARD, MICHAELA MARIE Ambition: l would like to get my degree in business and someday start my own company and love Johnny forever. Activities: COE 4, Track Q. WILSON, KENNETH MERRELL Ambition: To be a 'Semper Fi" forever and live a christian life. OOH-RAH. Activities: X Country Q-3-4, Chess 3-4. WING, JULIE RACHAEL Ambition: Attend College and get a degree in Marine Biology, Own a condo in so Shirley Wolff George D. Wratt Lisa Winters Laura Zamora Naomi Zigler Ken Young fit? Neil Wallace Vince Walsh Rick Ware -..,. Michaela Willard Kenneth Merrell Julie Wing Wilson San Diego, be honey-cakes forever, and watch Beth and Kevin get married. Activities: Swimming I-2, Honor Roll 3. W TERS LISA MARIE Ambition: To always remain friends with the gang, Cam, Jan, Jen, Moe, Tom, Toni, een, and Annie' . To have Cathy teach me the only way to live. CLI forever Activities: Softball 1-9- 3-4, Track 1. WOLF, SHIRLEY KAY Ambition: To move to California and marry K.C. To find a career that will keep my interest, but most of all, to always be happy. To stay friends with K.M. and C.H. Activities: Honor Roll 1-Q-3-4, N.H.s. Q43-4, French Club 1-Q, I-i.o.E. 3. WRATT, GEORGE D. Ambition: To be in a remake of the The Shining to always remember the Dunkin Donut Daze of yearbook. To avoid the Northern freeway exit. To bring a lawsuit against the fiend who blamed the plague on rats. To co-author the "Danny and Vern Saga" with R.D. Always be buds with R.D., J.K., CB., J.J., JC. K.H., L.O., D.S,, C.A., T.O., M.L., Ablaza, Dan, and Lazy. Activities: Mouseketeers 1-Q-3-4, Rat Race Participant - 3,4, Coachroach Carnivores 9-3-4, Yearbook Q-3-4, Freddie Krueger Fan Club I-2-3-4, Club Homeboy 4. WRIGHT, LAUREN MICHELE Ambition: ASU Activities: Volleyball Q-3-4, Basketball 142-3-4, Orchesis Dance Q-3-4, French Poetry Award Q. WUSICH, DAREN CREAGER Ambition: Attend a respectable university, make millions of dollars, and buy a mountain and ski the rest of my life, Activities. C.O,E. 4 Y NCEL Ambition: To go to a great college, be one ofthe best pole vaulters in the nation, be friends with D.H. and D.F. forever, be rich, drive my Lamborghini in style, 4 wheel forever, cherish my high school years and always remember the greatest coach ever, Bruce Frankie, Activities: Track 2- 3-4, Drama 1, DCE 4, 6th Division Pole Vault, 4th, YOUNG, KENNETH L. Ambition: To be covered in wealth, to be free and to see what the bird sees, and to be forever young and always happy. Activities: Football 1, COE 1,4. ZAMORA, LAURA D, Ambition: Go to College. ZIGLER, NAOMI R, Ambition: To keep in touch with all my friends. Pursue a career and eventually get married and have a beach home, kids and a dog. Activities: HERO. ZORN, BRIAN MATTHEW Ambition: To go to college and keep in touch with all of my high school buds. Activities: Football 1-Q, Track 3. Q' X Daren Creager Don Yates Wusich Lauren Wright Brian Zorn 57 , 'ii xW" Wx My W0 , II 'V Ckms CW 5 is 2 X 'Z ...' N ee Bob ,Aimee Mc Daniel Dial President Vice President 1 i Lisa Osman Treasurer Noah Davis Publicity Mark Manager J Bednorz U Representative N -.-rf, .- I O R Kristin Plumlee Representative --,,... . 4, ? . H , ,, VVVV H t i 7 is s is s 2 ' f l K 5 4,1 'rr' W"'., ji Angie Shawna Trisha Brett Jim Abrahain Algers. Almada. Amberson Anderson iiii ' V -"i 1' 4 I , ,, lv :Az 'i V , C l 5 James Roger Ella Tasha Breck Apley Arnott Bair Bamberl Cheryl Gilbert Arturo Mark Mark BeezleL, Bgarano Q Bejines Bernhardt Bickert It I riii T A e A 1 f' Cindy David Ann Terry Joseph my EQQL 'lf1'L?E., Luz Howe 1989 N wig. ls., s, Melissa Leibow Secretary Kelli .:.. 5:2 Representative - llitt J l Y ,K 11 ,kk O . F Melissa Coleman F Representative I ' c E R S yyyi ti,i J it 0 7 iiii xg 4, - Jane John Sheri AQQZLQQU. Anderson Andrist yyt yyyyy yyy s J tyyit y yys Stacey it Johnyee Jason .B.QLtQD- Beasley Beck ...sa ! Sherry Gordy Shelena Blackburn Bleyl, Bohling J ,l E5 ' ii li s J Angela Tiffany Don Bradt Brien Brimhall .f 'rr if si! Susan you 'QM I , W-33 J A lily? Gary Darcy Brown ff fj , fi 44 4 ' Y kkrgyl Q -, H, 4 It if Woodrow Carr x Dina Bryant Ben Ca rteledge ,J 2, UL, -,x, Todd David Heather Colon fi i PM E Julie Scott Pete Darrow Davidson, Davidson ::' Lisa Danielle John Dnhkini.. Doolittle ' .V A ,AN Marc John Melissa Eastman Edwards Ehrhardt J? 4,-it 1 if A rrst i t , P ,Hx rss , 1 S ff' l!nrf3zZ,fg?'. sig, ,V Y xi Doug Carla Lara ECQL Einch, Fitzgerald 1 J M Kandy Greg Miguel Gardner Garrison Gastelo .f"- - 60 Vlit f" " xfrff f 'lvf V s qw ii iffrfu ggi: -, Kevin Chris Bunyan Burger , f "rli'1Jl'fl V A ,.,, . ' Q12 .5 Steve Colin Chilcoat SMLGS. - , E 3 S K Joel Rick Contreras Coon ,?... f 1- Michelle Pamela Davis Wendy Gary Draper Dubell 1 L Avi Brenda Ellias Elliott Brian Falder Roberta Gastelo C-,,,,.x Jason Eowler- 4 we ,gy .Y fy! ii Alan Given N'-,J F 3 , .1 -A Eric Mike Kathie Jennifer mmm, ,-Q,-f-"-"" Daniel Q U ffy , uv, f Q Eric Eshelman Christine Frittony Mike Golden 1 - ff J ' Q . Qi 4' iv Kim Cam bell C -Q-f Q C Q .iii ' Q Mike CiOOt2I'1 Kris A Cutrone ff 'x I Stacia Dessaint 1 Cherie Dunbar ff 1 il' - 'v . 7 ni Margaret Falinski Casey Fromm Aaron Goldman Darryl Canfield C V' .A 6 ShBiOl'l6 M Damon Daricek 'link Tuan Doan John Dyck Debi Faul Q A 1 li ,W ,J ri , 3 Conrad GCHYVU grade. Penny Gooding Nicholas Sean Graham Greenleaf ,, i,,. Tracy David 559 .Hastings J w23fif? ' i sx?'!,E , giw:'fx. Huw Jacqueline Mary Hildebrant Hill ,W-l-M 1'1" Kari Russ Hulbert Karin Grossman gg 4 ff' Shannon Hatch mf'-'--J 1' ff f Shane Hinchcliff Melissa f J . 55 1 'D 1 ,M Jason David Halpert l-Emil-tan 1 Bob Angela Hawoaker Heath ,..... Julie Hiscox Jodi Holmes Rex Hansen Millard ,H,Qi3ll1- , 5 i if . f M, K Jamie Horn Matthew Hardin Anita Hendershot Lara Howard A ' I4 li ,Q a if V : . 4 x ' ' Y Kim V Chris Harley W-,, WW? ,i , J tif: Michael Hiddessen f- if I I Ari All' ., si! Matthew Howard Jason Mike Eric Scott Jacques James .Jeffers ,,,.,, Jenkins Johnson I I if Jim Jones - if?-lr, 'V is' V ,E ..,, r Daneen QL Eli 0' . 'J K Nicki Jones I , Kim MCIBDCC Kull Chuck Jonkosky Theresa Kelly VVAZA L A ,L V. J 'e V we, 1 Melissa V f i A I f fl ' lvl. fri, f Z- is J Kati Joanne Jorgensen Keaton . A T ' 2 R , Shawn Kinga Kesterson Kozlicka X ? . Lg -Z, I .L gf Donald Natalie Kari Dotty Tamara Noah Davis, Mike Clooten, and Scott Waite show us how they use their lunchtime. 62 l , l W l Wwe Den Le Michelle Lespron -i . e e if - ri Van My Linh s rw ,. f v Sonya Logan X Q i Dung Le Adam Levy ex-S., 5 f I rs Connie LH! f Q 2 5 -A j ... ,AJ Pat Lynch ,,,,. V V tx , f If I Shannon Leclair Stephanie Lichlyter Sally Liu Tim Shari Lehman Nikki t Sean Lloyd .,fl" fi, ,, ,'i' Rudy McCreight aaai li i V Christina Robert McKenzie Mace 5,2 David Monica Maron Martinez ' s. f is sf J N 7, A 1 ' ' 'Ili Stacy Katherine Maygre Measeles Christa Makism Raeleen 'EED22 Traci Meeks , bf, WHL K Sandi Marcinell xiii- A: Jason Mattingly Q' 7 16 James Miller Gean Brad Cheri Scott Millette Mills Moore MfQQ-LQ. Paul Mountcastle Henry Naranjo Tammy Moore 6-i.-. Tonya Mullinax Antoinette Tam Nguy Tricia Odiorne Q a Laura Ray Oldham Olson Dana Parker Tuan Ngu John Oemler ,-.f, if Ernie Ortega Laurie Parker. Dawn Patton Kd., Richard Nacinovich rm, I' Brandon Nelson 5 R, , , ' X . , Steve Ove rholser Chad Patten Becky Norton xl' if W i i i Amy Pequignot t..i.- Monica Quintero Bobby Roberts gig. Tiffany Kathy Qqtgn. Pearlstein :,. 9 ia f' J i viii April Laura Stephen Brenda Pitchford Pgt-el Porter Powell Monte David Melanie Powers Prescott Prescott gl' L.,-f-"' 6:55 .:.-im :- Sarah Rees Rick Rodinis gli? James Runton Marta Rangel Jennifer BELL, Grace Rosa 4 Becky Sabatini f-!,, Hans Schmidt Kim Rowell Margarita Santos , -il David Reed Wg? K: six ,L ff A " " Jw' Kirsten Rudorf X fi ra ...L i . f 1, ,, M., , ff it y John Schuster W 4- , an 1 ,, r ll W ,, 7 Mark Seaman Chris Sheats ..,--L Deanna Shumaker L ,,,, " , .wgz Lawrence Smith af Ari Schwartz --ll-f ,,, , ,L ,, Conan Seibel 'Im W if X 3 ' if Mark Sheeder Michael Simmy ,..-1-ff ,.,.. . .. ., , Q Christine 51111113-f Regina Schwind ,.... Julia Sell ff 5 Y Phil Sheilds .Q-,,....-f 1 , ZZ S E V Q Z i 47 M , H s 'gym 1 , : EIL Donald Simmons n gi Kandice 595341- l Y y 5 L .fy va .W I James Scott Hani Shatila gd, by Teresa Shoemaker ,,f ., f Q1 Lori Simmons Lisa Snow , Vff, ,H nm' M 5, ,, if Y""" "lsn't it a beautiful day out today?" ,L .1 Sh 75 'D il' M vw 'iv fx xx' f'.l but t fy! S f of Y Nm l A M X lil gif . gl 4, 1 N A X S 4 L sc. "So Alan, I hear ou're a a' ShelIY Laura Brett Jourdan movement " Y S mst the Mecham 'Fecal' Snow Snyder Spencer St. Ger- ' 'fe 'S"" maine ,,...., Jamie Stieglitz ,Q- John Summers Eric Teresa Sara Strachan Sullivan Swoboda Esequiel Tavarez Q Q I ' I Patsy zi' 7 Matf Thorn Thiergart ' f Shane Lowell Taylor Thompson 1 f Sheri Anesa Caren Trescartes Trevino Turner 1 ci,-X 5 .. . . f Toby Deneva Herminia Trevett Trevino Valdez L0 UE R5 la Jodi Vanleeuwen .T...-1, Chad Van Roekel ,if-4 VanNort Wie Christi Vaught ,- -2 M J.B. Walsh 5 ,, Herbert Yee .3 Tamie Wy 1...-ff Stacy a Vicente '-""T i Jason Eve Vincent Verdugo A Tamara Webber Willie yt Scott Waite Tracy Danny Weeks Wiens Patricia West H Jon s ti Candi Williams g' Witham Tom Wilson Janet i Wonderly :i t Herbie i" i "'i' David Zamar K 1 Zufall Teri zinus Ricneiie Zuzero X X O 35 3 . t 5 Beth ' Walker J ar ,fl sfziptt Christy Wood . .,...c ww-m , nuns-V.-.... s " - 133 PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Cory Anderson"" Chris Ayer-- Jodi Bakunin Mark Baskettx Cathy Beasleyf Sonya Beasonf' Janay Beene Jesse Bennett Tony Bianco Pha Bou Mitch Bullockff Mike Burger Andrea Burgess-A Luke Burnellf' Jose Bustamante Dena Chambers-" Jason Christenson Timothy Clark Tamera Cocherl Shana Combs Henry Compeau-1 Joel Contreras Tiffany Davis Le Den Alma Diaz""' Randi Dickey Erich Dittfach Shannon Evans Frances Franklin Mary Freeman Nancy Fry--f Kim Guyda Tracy Hackleman Ron Harrel Deborah Heide Monica Hetherington Darlene Hilb- Kim Howex Chi Huynh Willis Jackson Heidi Jenkins Miao Jiang Brynn Jones' Sheryl Josello Kris Kasik Mark Knudsen Ken Laub Patricia Le6"' Ronald Leigh Allison Leonard-' John Lyon Anthony Maine Diana Martinez Brent Martinezg Kevin Middleton Judson Miles Challie Miller Trina Miller Miguel Montero Jacquline Musgrave Phitsamai Nachampasak Matt Neidermanx- Giang Nguyen Tami Norstrom-f Stacy Olson Ronald Page Manh Pham Akmalyn Prak Khom Prak Renita Pyle Suzanne Quinones Leanne Rabinkoff Carlos Rangel James Sanko Jennifer Scheufleram Frederick Schroeder-- William Scott Troy See Tai Thai Thanh Thai Amy Thomas Ai Tran Nhi Tran Long Truong Rocio Var as Je erson Wa s Rachel Wathogoma Wendy Wells Jennifer Westberry .., M is g . " X ., r ' T ff, y g fa 2- ,ig if 'fl ' 'iff C xi ll' L C I i ,- K' ff . ' A A N f ' hw, Q fs y g X ' X if E 3, Q 'XM A x f' x -Mx 1 F W , ,mt fs f . N an .L . ,. ,, ..,, A, C 5F 4 . - 'f . cg Y I of ,R alfa ig S E, its , , f Six H- "5 X'xhzQP X W 1 Ckms Q' J N A if 'A -K 'T 1 K Cheryl Whitmer President f.,... O T 0 ITT O T 2 aff 5 I V94 f V V, av. Q 2 J Us C 2 .1 AW fi ' Va M. AXA in . ?!4:,3 Jun, 'Z--'2 Angela Acuna Craig Atkinson Adam Barnholt Clay Bishop Alicia Jacobo Treasurer ,.... V' iffy, Gayle Albers , K' r Amada Avila Laura BCBY V +1-an Linda Blankenship 52 -.f. fi- ff.::,,:- E: ' V : L A ,, ,, if ,Y I g"3tf r ex, f Stacey Dalgleish Representative -za V Vsifffgql -My 2 ' Angela Allen Jose Avila l ' Dale BCU-EFOS CW . . 1, 1 g Kelli McCabe Vice President if Ilana Kaufman Representative J X iiar ttti . J Troy Amy Andensen., Anderson 11 J J iii Randy Diana Baldridge Cecil Joe Berkshire Berkwitt 1990 We wx rr i s I i Jennifer Arce Secretary Q Melissa iii A is Swanson f ssa Publicity is Manager ' elf? , at My Traci I McCabe Representative Steve Anderson Joshua Baldwin Jason Adolfo Andizadef Chou Banxarath William ,Bleu-.f C 2 I' S ,Q ,: Mary Armstrong Trisha Barnes Cristina Bigge Chris Kenya Kurt Jim Kari Ann Rachel Blazer Bonner Bossert Borrelli Boys Brown yr Coleen Buchanan 4 ,, ' it' ,A - C L -v-I l "Ns Jennifer Calzada -. VJ Z M Cindy Cole ,- Christine Cross bf-4 W 43 Kristen Dorsey 72 7 N ' 1, i itz? 'W A J if 1 Ron Buckler Sandy Carey Kathy A P3255- X '2 ,g iff? Arthur Casillas J ig t I Danelle Julie Bunger Burke ,....5 Mindie Cate. C, sl ix Sherrie Chaney Trisha, Chris, 8g P. J.'s lunchtime ritual. F73 ' 'U Clint Collier mf W.. 1.3, I nf, Tom Darby J "R , James Dudine Z?-,.. Wade Collins Mide Dawson Jennifer Duffey P t Steven Connolly wx , TM 'ss C , J 'l 1? I Anthony DeFazio 5' 4 ,yi f Arg J Donald Duhamel Benjamin Contreras Q?--5 dv QM 11 , J 1 Q David Dewall if mmmmwlmncl Carrie Durand 4 ... 4' - -n w, ,.- L as 469 'iff 2 'ffl ' Chrissie Burns aw . Ata,W,+ , 4 Bounphamy Chanthavisouk 757 Somphandy Chanthavisouk l in C 'k" f ' Jason ws..- f z . V' 3? , Jennifer Corbin Brian Dobbins fl,- Q fr 'f' , 1? ' " ,M L Ziff WA? Mark Easton hm! ' I 2 HA 1 W, 1 5-, J 4 , ew Vincent Calio JJ H , " . 1. 7 5 9' ,f,x,!. Chanthavy Chanthavis OUK X f ? if-4: " 3 Y Phil Chavez M, 2 Mike A Clifford Jim CQQIJL- - .. l Patrick Hmm Ashlee Eisenstein Jennifer Evans i 'Half Tim Fruitman 'fmt J Damon Hafler A-my-,. 1 ' '64- I 1 , .f I , . ,L l ..w'n A Q ar , S X if xv sig' , . , MM , ., f Q, in " 2 W ,,,...? , , I 4' A f 1 f ig X J l li. 5 4 l A if nnnn , A Nicole Andrea Eric Brandon Adena ftaronh tt Fidle Flo d Forbes Franklin reric s Evere r F-Lf Mffd ii I 7" Q Delphina David Michael Larry Chris Justin Garcia Gortler Graham Grant QMSQ., Gflffln ,!.,...f f ly? "fff v may , f 1 A I: V, ,I ii? if J f if Q , , V Cristina Wanda Janet Ronda Virginia Alexandra Hall Hall Haney Hansen Harding Hart 02 33? 1 'f as 4 2 La 5 fir E . .. ,. F572 82? l l lli ilf.,-A, f'ii1i3,l"il' l A ll l'l"ll' '."'rh' ,l" ,J ' M ' f' .all l ,W if '-lim' ' Sophomores munching away at the oval. Q -dz., x -.fr ,f F' Chad Harvey Robert Hill Jennifer Hathaway J ,A,:Z :KH , ,a g Q ' Andy Hiner ,VJ ,V -3' ? Heather Hawkins c M 4 . X., A' , ,QQ . . , r , Aff Sebrina Hodges tl'--' Christina Heath .---"5 Qiao-Hong Huang William Heath ' 5 ' ,, , 6 ' ww f Matthew Huff fl iilriyy Amy Heatherly James Hunt Janice Henson X J My ff ? f iv Brandon Hurt 73 Hanh Huynh Barbara Jacobs Danielle Karle fx Robyn Kortman lf,-Lx wwi . WMA if -ii54ZiHN Jon Kronstedt oI ?f'f A ' Abby Lauletta Hien Huynh ini 3 ' "iff: Brenda 135.232 Holly Kleinfield Shannon Krantz ,,. ft Leah Lakey Justin ,21- i 1 'rw law ...- 48 Lan Todd Huynh Hyatt yy e llri Chris Ryan Jefferies Johnson Mede Hyde ...l Trina Johnson v1-.l-114? Rod McCreight says, "Don't touch my orange juice!" solx Z0 DETENWQN Roo m Qoi E5 'w c HPV 1 phi' ' Q f ill T 5 0 li- YA -A Q 1 5Thl N O lff! E .ful ' ll T i I ga l O-1 Nguyen Nhu 0 9 Le Le 74 mv, ,J - Buddy Jack , 125 a g j' 4 1 , xv Robert Jolly James Kobashi :if gg Joe Kraus Mary Lancendorfer as Binh Le Orasa Lertjanthuk Wi "2 Y " Mitch Jackson Sheba L?I'Efy Bounpang Komphabay 'V J Jason Kronstedt Todd Lankford L,rL Vzviz 1 ai 555, .frf: W Vislx. Minh Le il-' Udon Lertjanthuk Trung Lieu M' , ,, ,,,, 1 'E 7,4 Ameen Lucas 111.4 David McCray Eugene Macovei M .5 Monique Montanez -4-,,. may Tom Morgan Robert Mullenix Claudine Linnartz Q-,,.,... Aaron Ludwig Rod McCreight Robert Maloney 'E rr, , Vik X Heather Moore Yancey Morgan W, Tina Mullinax ng...-f' - XXX Xxf Kirsten 8K Jon at their best. ,, , .2 1 W 4 Scott Mike Troy Manning Martinelli Maskeli F-in -d., C f... ,3gf5Tm 3 Julie Burke studies quietly. Bernice Lopez rf' " ,,,,, "t', if William Luney Michael McVeigh rv.: ' ' Christi Matthews "'rfr v,,.. I. M Todd Moore - :il Jason Morrison .51 Robbyn Murdick -f-fl Kiem Lu 4 . , v' ' fl. S H- ' , . 1. A ' x 'wtf ', g 3 an aw . -... Minh LY We Karianne Macaule Michelle Montanez iii-,fi Joe Morgan Vonda Morrison f-"l -1' 2 Leslie Murphy 75 Sam Murphy f""'i- Jennifer Murray Mark Newton at ...4na17Y!' Mark Palacid kb,- Catalina Perez 76 Manual Perez ' 1"II' 5113 ,. 25337 ,L .-rm?-QDA ' Monica Nageloush "' .. if Canh Nguyen Srion Oen Thomas Otterson Julia Park Sonia Perez Sarah Nagle ,C ffN1' f X J' L..r4'a ' ' Q KSVQZPX, asian LY Nguyen 4, X 1 f af A 3 ,ii 1. 3 1 4 of if Melinda Nellis 'i-,Z A Q ...i if 4 'if f fl lf if .. 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Deanna Wild ,-..-.11 Chris Wright - ..4 Keith Yoos Brian Warner Jason Wiley ,,..,. lll f S Deann Wright Cecelia Weber Jason Williams Duong Yenxuan Brandon Hurt goes side-saddled. David Wells Steve Williams Kim i Yonghwan 79 Pictures Not Available Paul Alvarado Andrea Anthony Alejandra Avias Christine Arnold James Bagwell Antonio Bautista Scott Baxa Michael Bechtel Mamata Bhatt Darrol Bingman Billy Brandt Glynda Buska Sara Chamness Romona Chavarria Rose Chavarria Latisha Cherry Jerry Clark Michael Cline. April Caudriet Curtis Cousino Corey Craig Jay Demoniez The-Duy Do Ranulfo Escatel Francisca Espinoza Jason Espinoza Jason Fauci ' Shaun Ferris Thomas Fortier Gabriela Garcia Christopher Gardiner Laura Gonzales Kathy Goodman Mary Goodman Kimberly Gray Kimberly Haas Larry Hanaway Michael Hanna Patrick Hannigan Greg Hardin Charles Harwood Anjanette Heehan Nicole Hill Felisia Hogue Kiev Hung Edith lnzunza Morakoth Kittirath Christine Klink Nhung Le Phoung Le Jeffrey McCray Steve Marquez April Matlock Matthew Medlock Keri Medlyn Roberta Mirenda Roger Moreno Lynn Morris Melissa Murphy Michael Murphy Phuong Nguyen Tinh Nguyen Danielle Nolop Sara Oliver Angie Ostin . Tabitha Parker 5- Daniel Pena Thuy Pham Mark Ramirez Gary Rawlins Helena Rodriguez Robert Roxberry Denese Ruder Malaika Sallard Ricky Sanchez Jeremy Settle Donald Simmons Christina Smith Kelly Smith Colen Starnes Anissa Thorpe Mark Thrasher Steve Tober Tracy Trejo Brian Tuttle David Ulibarri Carlos Urutia Phil Vasquez Russell Verdugo Patrick Viers Dung Vo Tu Vuong Alison Watts Andy Wheat Tyran Williams Terry Wimer Cindy Witt Bret Woodward XT . wif? TLS S 5 Wi W' , W Ckms Willow Beres President 0 Thomas Willie ttxlills Jonathan Begg! ,Q Y I -as mtv A 2, Jennifer Boysen Erin Castelhand Treasurer Kevin Adams V, 334- I ,fi V My Tonya f Tanya Benavidez 1- Chris Bradley CH -t s ' ' :- xxx 5 ' ik 1 4 55+ E ' IJ ir I ,,.w,.,' K: ' 1 4, ' 1991 ss' Hallie Donna Humphrey Antilla Vice Secretary president ' Danielle M Jones D 1 Publicity ,Q ,ct Manager Edwards y Representative K3 Julie David DeLoera Gooding Representative Representative Bob Hale Representative 'rltr Q . 65 A C Y li -r l ..,. A Joe Lisa James David Christina Jeffrey Ajuilar Aguirre Akers Allen Alvira gy Anderson 1 J ,1, J gfiglii lf Christine Carlos Mary Ali Harlan Jeff Apley Baca Baradaran Bassham Beasley y ,,V , t x V A5 Vrrr A JJJ if A T f ,,, ...., H 5 ,, , . V V V1 . Q W, Aaron Brian Trina Paul Darren Tim Berry Bobico Bohac Boyce Boykin Ryan Guy Teffanie Carly Bryan Evelyn Brakemeyer Brown Brown Browner Bruner- Q Mike Mylinh Bui Burgess Brian Cherry Tara Coffman Mike Clark Kevin Colino Kathy Kelly Connors Cooley 84 avg, Amy Erin Seomava Dara Wendy Nidal Burkhart Butler Canas Chalfin Chapman Chatila Q Y I It IV D , lV "y?'g,,,! Anthony Chris Keely Chihanik Christenson Christmas Chris Coleman Gabriela Coronado 6 ,l A Leticia Cisneros Chaneque Coers Cherrie Collmar Thomas Combs Charles Erin Bonnie Cindy Donald Dalton Davinson Davis Davis Dazey ,J lbw I ' 1 I Patti Raissa Nicole Delaplane Devereux Denny Darren Wendy Donais Dorrance Amanda Michelle Gregory Deckard DeGeorge Dehamer Karen April Draper Ducharme Christina Dwinell 5 Y ii' I ,Q , i iam! Velvet Encinas Melissa Erickson Robert Magda Fairburn Falinski Hai-Yen Yen-Nhong Duong Duong J ,,n Kristen Elliot Chris Erlandsen Rendon Falls e X . -1 '12, 'j' - :.g5:::1:,:i " icss O I. . QI gs Q? 9 ANQR, .I 5 Q 5 i 2 3 2: U' 2 L. ? o 2 'B S N 2' - S' PF 3 U A fn Q 2 E, 5' J 3 rf :J an 3 H Feldman Fleischman Fleming Fogt Foreman 85 f ?? Y., K Jeff Forrester Bertha Garcia Jason Gast Tracy Halse Paul Scott Jill Steve Foster Fowler Fox Frank Cheri Garcia Gardner Jason Giorgio 'V i 1 ,,, P ,,, Iy' j 5 C ' K . Us 1 mf ...Q . is Christine Jenny Hannon Hays Douglas Heckenberg SE D Ei' iFfft5"'lii5vA 1 5 s c I Q 75 Mary Franklin Greg God oehere Blanca Hernandez .N .... C ,,,. , L F P Chris Frericks Danette Garner Sondra Healy Hernandez Michelle Hillis Scott Holloway 86 awry -... y lyyc al at Freshmen Dream about becoming upperclassmen. WY' Bill Frye Michelle Garrison Heather Gutmacher Dallas Heard i Chris Hewins Latrice Hogue ,,',- Heather Holman Adrian Holmes Deana Husky Mike Jenkins Robyn Jones Kristi Justice Robert Koch Tina Lake Monica Holt Jarrme Horn Carly Browner and Danielle Jones, having fun at the freshman assembly. Jennifer Jordan Tricia Kenney Kristen Kowal Phi Lam Banchong Khouanphet Sandra Kramer Carrie Lamb 5. Catalin Hreniuc ' ,1?,.. 2? Nate Huston W Jennifer Kronstedt Patrick Lawn Tobin Hudgins Van lsom Dave Jackson 41 f' 25 - I ,- V J Mikael Hughes Jason Iverson Jack Jamtgard Q- Melissa , Johnstonbaugh Wfiia- srrr J rss Ja i--fr llis srll I " ,,r' annum., r 5' 1-Ji SSI fl 4- V : t't1 M if 2 'ty if tit P' 4th Period P.E. heads out to the field. iii' it JJJJ a,, T A Tonga Tracy Le Lee - 'iiglllifm l. Matt Hunt Ti i 4 ' 1 we , 2 ff? ' yi Anna Jach ,iw Josh Jeffers Donna Jones Viet Kieu Michael Laieski Hieu Lieu 87 Arron Lingenfelter Christopher Lindsey Tonya Logan Chris Dawnelle Martinez Marvin Mark Magnuson Garry Matthews Mark Medrano Charlotte Monette Linda Morgan 'E Matt 88 Mroz Anna Lloyd if Andy Livingston . Brian Lloyd Guadalupe Krysten Lopez Lynch Kandy Amy Marble Martin Jennifer Erica Amy Jeremy Mathews McKibben McNitt Measeles A 0 Adam Tim Miller Miller Jeanette Moore Lucy MOl1t2S Aniiela I J Murphy 'J' Murray Ken Myers :J :easy 1 , . Zeke Nard Robert Nacinovich I mn Thuy Nguyen Arounyama Nounay . . V' .A Rf Jennifer Khamtauh Amy Oramus Outhenthapannah Pacenti 1.,,,, A 4 ee P c g'if 56?. Chris Rodgers ---M JW, . ,W W, ,W ,, , I V,,,kk VW Pam Polunsky V4 .M Heather Payne Paul Rodgers April A Naslund Tuan Nguyen fs Leonsio Navarro Benny Nixon iv Vriy Julie Newcomer Mitch Patterson Jeff Nicole Nyleen Oljuin A Y L, ' Jonna Robin Tina Parker Parker Parker ?QQ5?Wa 5 5 :EA .,'i, i R rrr Shannon Norm Petery Piontkowski Dawn Powers f 1 Q , Jesus Rodriguez Reed Reynolds W ' , if: M6 5 ' Eric Ruckman Chris Runyon 'Q T N ,gg at xi' v Veronica a as I N N Michey Sa i ii 1 , xv ..-if , K Barbie Spencer mr T Matthew Stockslader f i A1 T Emily Swoboda Cheryl Taylor if i Pham Trung 90 Angel Salguero if Brian Saxe Craig Stern Christine Stofer ,rr.r f W Jon Sydow Howie Taylor Armondo Kieth Salguero Samples Cory Schires Philip Schwartz f cooroff I ,fr f fs i. Patricia Heather Sanchez- Satterlee Vega g . :Z-Q . 4 ' Jessica Eliza th Smith Smithson X N "'rv K X gs , wwf , - Q 'KW' 1? ,f ffl 5 .xxx v V ' HT'-0 Robby Stewart Tina Stybr 1 ,lu X ', 4:,g1Zc"Z:bl My Q 003430 X Q X . If :Z f f I X ,I '32, 1 2 4 ig gf ,kg -, 42,7 f f 'i x W y I Ii' ' X 'lf 1 if ml, , wif' T - l lg Z l L N f 5 lx Q 4 li . Q4 X 'i f x 9 0 3 X5 ' w v Q14 V ,A if Paul Taylor 3 eff .... fz:,.,.,:qg QW: , .... W, ,,,f,k,, :,km5f6:,i 5 . A T Diep Truong far Jessica Turnbull 'HW' Hoang Thai Sergio Vargas L,,agL 1 ,, .. . 1 T, - .., . Phaedfa Tanner wa Wa if 5 it 2 gg .1 1 x Misti Timmerma AI Veronica n Tirado Andrew Z .-M 5 if .. --,if 7, get ref 4 Verdinelli Villaverde 5 T 4 si 2 .. fp Q. . ,gig ,J lan Saunders Melinda Soloman A ,,,,. :fn ., Z fff,,f 1p-' -- .3 f: 'kxfwwii ' Tina Still -- I-5 .QQ it it :ga W 6, 5? Michael Swichenberg A -" g A ., . f Carey Taylor arf 1 , , i 2 X Tho Tran .is C -if T Jon Vondomos V' f- " .,,. i s . J' NM , A N 1 Anhthu Lori Ernest Vuong Wahl Wahlborg A l L 1 W i :" ' T X ' QQ I" 1' A - Misty Mike Virgil Welker Welsh Wheeler a t ,JK Darci Sharakk Terri C Wolff Wood Woodhull o Michele P t Mus IC UTCS Charles Adams James Aflleje Yvonne Aguilar Swan Anderson Carlos Argaez Laila Barrios Bonnie Benton Candie Bowman Heather Brock Dave Burton Jill Cemper Stephanie Celaya Jiyan Choi Kim Chong Amy Collins Julie Combs Roberta Contreras Cheryl Davis Patricia Demmerle Sherri Ferguson Donald Fonzi Hai-Yen Duong Ruth Hamm Eron Hannon Lamika Hawkins Sothea Hout Erick Hernandez Lupe Hernandez Windy Hokanson Michell Householder Tricia Hovenga Wade Hughes .K , .f ::r,:ll kk ,,,:. an .. W is gif? ' -Q ' E, xim , , V 3 sf, sarl ' lf it . A QI 1.3,if11f?Q S f J 3 C . Dori Brandy Sharlene Noel Warner Watkins Waltkins Weaver A :.: J c R Michelle Heather Bill James Wilhardt Williams Wilmoth Witowski Hicolew CCCCCA Bret Darlene Mitzi Zanes Woodruff Woodward Wright K .. f ,:E. 3 r,'l' , M 4 I .F Not Available Zub Tricia Humphrey Edward Perry David Hursh Dung Pham Domingo lnfunte Robert Jacobs Tom Jarela Jason Johansen Christopher Johnson Jonathan Jurgens Viet Kieu Jill Kinsey Justin Lancy Curtis Lee Andrew Lindahl Criselda Madrid Gina Magnusson Duane Mattoon Pf4Marcy Felicitas Mederos Nathen Medlock Donovan Meeks Jonathan Meyers Teresa Mora Magdalena Moreno Guillermo Montano Jackie Mowery Amanda Murillo John Navazo Thanh Nguen Holly Nussle Gerry OConnell Daniel Oldham David Pena Jerry Poindexter Akmarina Prak Elizabeth Purnal Randy Rawlings Francisca Rodriguez Kyle Rosenthal Michelle Rousseau William Rusk Stephens Sachs Alfredo Sanchez Tyna Sandberg Chanthasone Savarath Melissa Schiller Laura Schroeder Kyle Sims Rhonda Spiering Aaron Stein Jamie Stephenson Jill Sullivan Mandy Tam Shonda Taylor Anh Tran Taich Tran Diep Truong Christina Turner My-Linh Van Phi Vu Darin Wagner Jeffrey Walters ASQ: W' X ,By PANORAMA STAFF '87-'88 , it ui' J 1 ' - 'TS -fl F- , ' 5 AVI -I X I H: A 2: QA A 'l 'I 2 74' 3 'fl J EL f Officers: Lisa Osman, Copy Editor, Jennifer L Q , p Johnson, Editor, John Kopke, Layout Editor :si ty L5iRN "- --- ' L 1 E' ' 5-if-fini' '-ff: J' .gf E' E - M,-f""',T.L1?::.-'ML '-:iiiaia:.::'- - -f-: 2- ff: -W Top row: Christine Ayer, Kari Hulbert, Jason Christenson, Tricia Odiorne, Melissa Ladwig, Patti Delaplane Middle row: Lisa Osman, Jennifer Johnson, John Kopke, Michael Mir- enda, R. D. Davis Bottom row: Melissa Leibow, Brandon Hurt, Diane Lujan 'T' my M.. i il l .... HONCDR Officers Top row: K. C, Richardson, President, Jenny Leonard, Vice Presi- dent Bottom row: Debby Leonard, Treasurer, Sherlene Jaco, Secretary Top row: Chuck Consolian, Mike Hiddeson, Jennifer Burgraff, Shelly Snow, Mary Hill, Jennifer DeMente, Brandon Nel- son, Bill Hyde, Matt Hiner, Jordan St, Germaine, Lee Jamison, K.C. Richardson Second row: Donny Simmons, Mark Seaman, Jodi Bakunin, Michelle Lespron, Jodi VanLeeuwen, Stephanie Lichlyter, Sue Tang, Melissa Leibow, Bob McDaniel, Lucy Parks, Mike Jacques, Ms. Ringhiser Third row: Tom Reagan, Gary Carpenter, Diane Lujan, Jenny Leonard, Sherlene Jaco, Debby Leonard, Julie Hlscox, Diana Ehrlich, Wendy Drucker, Darren Kuhnau Bottom row: Janet Won- derly, Andy Gross, Christy Wood, Lara Fitzgerald, Mark Bednorz, Kristin Plumlee Jessica Johansson SWEDEN Sweden is a small country compared to America. In Swe- den, I liked working with animals and people. I was a leader for "Agility", a new dog sport that comes from England. On weekends, I taught horseback riding for beginners. I would re- ally Iike to work with animals when l'm out of college. I don't have any particular hobbies. I train my dog during every free time I have and then there is homework, ofcourse. I really enjoy being here, it's a great experience for me and I love it! I E.. xii.-kj-3 Q as ' f "'?iEI:3f5 ' fm .1 1:33, 1- . 1a.ra-giawfg-r ' Jil? 'J "" '4 Q gy. . :A k f r'!.'l Coat of Arms of Sweden ww 5-we FOREIGN EXCHANGE Doris Korinek AUSTRIA Austria is a small country in the center of Europe. I grew up in Vienna, the capital, which is a melting pot of European cultures. All those different cultures made me interested in traveling. Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies. Others are listen- ing to music, dancing, sewing or knitting, and of course hanging around with my friends. Skiing, swimming, gymnastics,jogging, and going for walks are the main sports that l'm involved in. .. Austria's coat of arms Senior Officers: Top, Darren Kuhnau, Representa- tive, Diana Ehrlich, Vice-President. Bottom, Sher- lene Jaco, Treasurer, Ginny Feldman, Representa- tive, Doris Korinek, Foreign Exchange Student, Tony Britton, President, JenniferJesberger, Repre- sentative, Carrie White, Secretary, Jenni Waltz, Publicity Manager, Anita Wright, Representative. Junior Officers: Top: Mark Bednorz, Represen- tative, Kristen Plumlee, Representative, Melissa Leibow, Secretary, Bob McDaniel, President. Bottom: Melissa Coleman, Publicity Manager, Noah Davis, Representative, Kelli White, Repre- sentative, Aimee Dial, Vice-President. CNot Pic- tured: Lisa Osman, Treasurer.D STUDENT ,Af Sophomore Officers: Top: llana Kaufman, Repre- sentative, Kelli McCabe, Vice-President, Stacey Dalgleish, Representative, Traci McCabe, Repre- sentative Bottom: Melissa Swanson, Publicity Man- ager, Cheryl Whitmer, President, Jennifer Arce, Secretary, Robyn Peterman, Representative. 96 Freshman Officers: Top: Danielle Jones, Publici- ty Manager, Willow Beres, President, Bob Hale, Representative Bottom: Donna Antilla,.Secre- tary, Hallie Humphrey, Vice-President, Erin Cas- telhano, Treasurer. Student Body Officers: Top: Wendy Drucker, President, Jennifer Jesberger says I think I am going Debby Leonard, Treasurer, Jenny Leonard, Publicity Man- to be sick." ager, Heidi Parisek, Vice President. Bottom: Jodi Bakunin, COUNCIL Secretary. Lisa Winters and Hugh Chase say "cheese" for the camera. H Rams Go Swiss f - ,, 4 init J D I ff ffm 'B , D? gf- ' s f at , SADD HQrdQvs!' ' A ""'1--.....,, Top row: David Pena, Randall Hampton, Bob McDan- Escmiw 0. ,.., Top row: Mary Hill, Jennifer DeMente, Julie Hiscox Mid- dle row: Julie Burk, Julia Park, Janice Henson Bottom row: Ben Hill, Jacqui Hildebrandt iel, Craig Folkers Bottom row: Jon Hinton, David Gortler, Daniel Pena, Derick Fogt, Mike Bechtel. SADD officers Top row: Jacqui Hilde- brandt, Vice President, Julia Park, Sec- retary Bottom row: Mary Hill, Co-Trea- surer, Ben Hill, Co-Treasurer, Jennifer DeMente, President. s .. Qs. N ABottom: Kelli Dugan, Sue Tang, Melissa Nellis, Melinda Nellis, Robyn Nakag- awa, Karen Elliot Top: Jennifer Johnson, Christi Matthews, Cheri Moore, Mi- chelle Lespron, Jaimee Merritt lv-'dk ADavid Prescott assists Leah Lak- ey and Tom Wilson in spotting a high chair partner stunt during JV practice. if 3 A fllllllllllll vBottom: Kari Larson, Melissa Swanson, Heather Compeau Stacey Dalgleish, Becky Norton, Laura Oldham, Patsy Thier gart, Celia Weber Top: Anna Ramos, Tom Wilson, Gary Du bell, Chris Harley, Andy Arnott, David Prescott, Sam Garcia Leah Lakey l 99 Rampage Staff Rampage Editors: Top: Greg Garri- son, Business Manager, Christi . ' . . . . . McKenzie Mana in Editomennifer Rampage Staff. Top. Jennifer Burgraff, Janice Henson, Christi McKenzie , 8 S , , 4 Burrgraff Editorin Chiefshane Hin- Greg Garrison, Lisa Osman, Sara Swoboda Bottom. Jason Morrison Chdiffl :Axrt!Entertainmgnt Editor! Shane Hinchcliff, Ryan Johnson, Monica Hendershot, Jaquie Hildebrant Michael Friday Lisa Osman, Photo Editor, Jaquie Hil- debrandt, News Editor, Not Pic- tured: Tracy Harley, Features Editor Standing: lan Lavender, Lee Grant, Charlie Jonkoski, Shawn Holcomb, Robert Ha- zelett, Sandy Sands, Richard Martinez, Kneeling: John Hardin, Donovan Fogt, Amy Heckenberg, Jason Beck, Mike Tharp, Richard Cox, David Seawell, Danny Wiens. Sitting Monica Martinez, Pia Enriquez, Shelena Bohling, Stacia Dessaint, Janette 100 Kaplan, Randi Kleinfeld, Picture Not Available: Mike Mirenda, Anita Wright, Mel- issa Mayse, Mike Jacques. ABottom row: Santoi Hill, Sharolette Schwartzmeyer, Carol Feldman, Monique White, Toni Waite, Tracy Hol- loway, Karen Elliot, Sherlene Jaco, Dawnnelle Marvin, Randi Mayers, Nikki Coers, Heather Payne Top row: Connie Lire, Tracy Weeks, Julia Sells, Cherie Moore, Sally Lire, Cherie Dunbar, Evie Brush, Rachal Rewilo, Tina Parker, Stacy Dalgleish, Angela Allen, Lauren Gonzalez, Mellisa Ericson, Lucy Montes, Tara Coleman ADance officers: Toni Waite, Publicity Man- ager, Karen Elliot, Treasurer, Kristi Jo Bush- ong Cnot shownb, President 101 XM Am,-5 www Top row, Brett Spencer, Kati Jorgensen, Phil Chavez, Shari Lehman, Shannon LeClair, Brandon Nelson, Lisa Osman, Rick Rodinis. Bottom row: Mr. Gould, Cherie Colmar, Kim Grey, Herbert Yee, Mike Hiddessen, Mr. Schwartz. wiki FBLA Officers: Cherie Dunbar, Secretary, Kelli McCabe, Publicity Man- ager, Lisa Osman, President, Shari Lehman, Treasurer, Cnot pictured? Mike Hiddessen, Vice President. A. H ' A. fa fy, 3, . J .. ' . wt. . if T i f -L. 'P E , , . ., 3 HERO Officers Top row, Holly Hammitt, Historian, Cami Prenevost, His- torian, Eric Christian, Treasurer, Pam Parks, Treasurer. Bottom row, Ann Bowen, Vice President- Publicity, Tawny Smith, Vice President- Activi- ties, Dustin Hafler, President, Naomi Zigler, Parliamentarian, Laurie Cu- ringa, Secretary. Top row: Ed Petit, Dustin Hafler, Eric Christian, David Graniss, Chris Martorana, Cheryl McDermid, David Jaronik, Tedi Cud- deby, Jennifer McColl, Pam Parks, Laurie Curinga. Middle row: Isabell Laborin, Kristi-Jo Bushong, Holly Hammitt, Cami Prenevost, Ann Bowen, Jennifer Betts, Nedine Ray, Penny Hanka, Bobby Jo Dehamer, Mrs. Smith. Bottom row: Tawny Smith, Erin Kellogg, Naomi Zigler, Cassie Fuller. , .... , P w-Q7 I 4Top row: Jennifer Martin, Kenneth Young, Darren Wusich, Michael Romero, April Shaffer, Kelli Dugan, Kelly Lyall, Kathleen Tucker. Middle row: Ms, Weddle, Sharolette Schwartzmeyer, Beth Linch, Mary Lintner, Cindy Luceis, Lisa Neal, Dorothy Holmes, Robin Hawkins, Shelly Darley. Bottom row: Julie Diana, Melissa Borja, Carrie White, Jodi Pacheco, JenniferJesber- ger, Kim Nash, Jacque Miller, Debbie Mazur. Not shown: Carolyn Gallagher, Michaela Willard, Kristina Herrscher. -r- . 1 J 3 M ' . If 'S Z E V ,xg ' t ' it W 1 ADCE Officers Top row: Don Yates, Vice President, Tim Inman, Presi- ACOE Officers Top row: Beth Finch, Treasurer, Kelli Dugan, Historian, dent. Bottom row: Brian Stern, Historian, Cheri Wallace, Secretary, Chris Shelly Darby, Historian. Bottom row: Julie Diana, Secretary, Kenneth Nyleen, Treasurer. Young, President, Mary Lintner, Vice President, vTop row: Ms. Weddle, Don Yates, Tim Mangino, Brian Stern, Tim Inman, Chris Nyleen, Catherine Bruce. Middle row: Paulynn Dong, Esta Polunsky, Kristi Matthews, Viola Gryzbeck, Cheri Wallace, Caterina Giordano, Kathleen McCoon, Jill Briden. Bottom row: Mikeal Gann, Shannon Hall, Robert Caciola. Not shown: Tim McWilliams, Tom Neve, Jeff Souza, Krista Forster. 103 BAND WITH STYLE if sw ccttt , QSM lf ii gi-1 I Q HHS s ' Top row: Anita Hendershot, Wendy Draper, Amalia Kingsbury, Andrea Burgess, Michelle Davis, Carrie Duran, Kari Hulbert, Michelle Wilhardt, Pam Daisey, Jennifer Calzada, Johnee Beasley Third row: Steve Williams, Ben Hill, Chris Martinez, David Jackson, Kristen Elliott, Stephanie Petter, Skye Rodrizuez, Joe Kobert, Robert Nacinovich, Christina Hall, Beth Linck Second row: Christine Arnold, Darlene Wright, Sheba Jones, Angela Allen, Monica Quintero, Amy Martin, Julie Newcomer, Cindy Bolton, DeeAnn Wright, Julie Sell, Diana Baldridge, Shelly Snow, Jennifer Burggraaf First row: Jeremy Seawell, Raissa Devereux, David Transier, Mark Bible, Ray Olsen, Eve Vincent, Chad Perry, Rick Rodinis, Anna Jack, Matt Mroy Bottom row: Melanee Kull, K,C. Richardson C QA f X:., gi f lil ii i -A J i af" fx .5453 a ll "Toot-toot-toot" goes David Van ' i Goethem I I I V , HELLO ? QERH QEAH OKAQ ! CUHO CUA6 THAT? THE BAND DIRECTOR FROM THE HIGH SCHOOL! 1 ITCAJFY5 HE WANTS TO KNOIU HOUJ JININIQ CRN BE PRACTICING IF ALLT-IE LJGHT5 IN OUR HOUSE ARE OUT' 'Ii...lJllEiii iiIi'EiliIIiiU5IZZ .. 'iliiiilllllllllliiifiiimgggiggigslal z. I"' 'I V "lllIlll!.fIl!sl illllllllmllll il .I I , W .P 5' 1 ' ,J t ' f ' wa I I ,f f, P77 V ' . , t gm' I V W H 'V bl' ' W ffl! ' ra.: 'mfjhkf I '1 H , Y "I' 1 , "-f- , , " fff'v WWW" A"' ' 1. zlxiiriiddir EEE:5ELW5l'fi6 V Wi iffli-S7 I , N' M fr " Colin Chillag tries out his electric guitar ,, ,,,, J 2 'iff 27 at WY iw ,,H,::-.:,,,,,,,,,g5:m-- -.jgj :f J' f f -I'-iw W w w , " A , if .,,,, Becky Norton practices I Eve Vincent's ot the look cheer with the band. Jazz Band Top row: Richard Nacinovich, Frank Bales, Kim Pulliam, Mike Christensen Bottom row: Colin Chillag, Ray Olsen, Scott Ward, Chris Griego, Melanee Kull, Shawn Holcomb, Mike Clooten, Shelly Snow, Joe Kobert 12' fi ,, ,V ,wr f rg g P H CTC G RA P H Y , , ' he ' NXX, Cathy Corral, Head Photogra- pher, poses for a beautiful pic- ture. ...,,,.z , o h ,A Z WWW 2 2' , 5 , h,,i,i X W , I. ' M G AW 'I hh yy 1 M 1? ohhh it NR GQ , 5 jg in V V my WMM , I A Jhh if f 1 ae Top row: Ken Young, Toby Trevett, Mike German, David Colon Bottom row: John Kopke, Cathy Corral 106 WRESTLERETTES Front: Dotty Lauletta. Sitting: Tracy Weeks, Randi Byers, Kneeling: Sherry Blackburn, Viola Gryzbeck, Cherrie Collmar, Robin Peterman, Erin Dalton, Standing: Jennifer Hathaway, Candi Wahlburg, Sandra Healy, Anna Jack, Jamie Smith. X N Jennifer Hathaway says, "Now doesn't this job look fun?" Gosh l'm bored says, This is an interesting match, says, Tracy Weeks. H Cherrie Collmar won- Anna Jach SSYSI WOW! ders about those wrest What a hunk. Iers. DRAMA BEHIND Jeremy Seawell works the pin rail. Kristin Elliot makes a quick stitch before going onstage. if K X at fv THE SCENES . 5 ,S 91 'z r' 0 , P O Vonda Morrison applies the finishR touches. Robyn Jones, Cherrie Colmar, Karen Draper, and Sondra Healy take time out. Mike German displays his talent on the sound board. IN THE SPOTLIGHT NO PEEKING!!! K ' Mike Jacques plays the Mad Hatter with style. l Would you believe he was once a prince. il' T J f X 'wx Mike Cherry portrays a pensive cat- erpillar. K.,."s M "T: fe . I, g 2,2 T, S, o 6. f K. tg M - 5 K. 8, y 1 , 2 i , Q.. Rob Maloney blames Brett Haehl for spoiling his tarts. -ws-will' gui Top row: Matt Neadermann, Trent Renfrow, Melissa Swanson, Robert Maloney, Mike Jacques, Jill Fowler, Mike Cherry, Don Davis, Mike German. Fourth row: Eric Busboom, Kristin Elliott, Allen Givens, Wendy Drucker, Pat Lynch, Cheryl Whitmer, Julie Hebets, Janet Haney, Craig Sommerfield, Andrew Vallaverde, Sondra Healy, Scott Jeffers, Vonda Morrison, Sarah Rees, Alix Hart, Kinga Kozlicka, Sara Walters, Tammy Lazeer, Eric Eshelman, Jeremy Seawell, Mike Storms, Kevin Colino. Third row: Lara Fitzgerald, Stephanie Lichlyter, Karen Draper, Renee Fritton, Lisa Dobkins, Michelle Lespron, Shimaine Shepherd, Lara Howard, Melissa Lei- bow. Second row: Kristin Lynch, Nidal Chatila, Carrie Lamb, Nicole Denny, Brian Warner, Jason Rothkin, Jennifer Oramus, Velvet Encinas, Wendy Dorrance, Robyn Jones, Erin Dalton, Cherrie Colmar. Bottom Row: Trish Kiser. Speech and Drama Officers: Stephanie Lichlyter, Trish Kiser, Lara Howard, Erin Dalton, Vonda Morrison, Pat Lynch. XX Top row: Brett Ambersen, Pat Lynch, Vonda Morrison, Robert Maloney, Jason Rothkin. Middle row: Scott Jeffers, Cheryl Whitmer, Tammy Lazeer, Lara Howard, Lisa Dobkins, Sarah Rees, Trish Kiser. Bottom row: Michelle Lespron, Sara Walters, Melissa Leibow, Lara Fitzgerald, Renee Fritton, Stephanie Lichlyter, Kristin Lynch. V- no I NX will Advanced Ensemble Top row: Mrs. Vineyard, Jennifer Demente, Michael German, Devin Fleenor, Michael Manuel, Andrew Villaverde, Michael Cherry, David Zufall. Middle row: Mary Hill, Heather Thomas, Kim Fincher, Sheri Andrist, Jennifer Reid, Sarah Rees, Christine Stofer, Teri Shoemaker. Bottom row: Heather Payne, Marla McNamara, Laurie Curinga, Candace Wahlborg, Michael Graham, Raymond Bishop. row: Chairperson, Jennifer Reid, Secretary, Kim Fincher, President, Teri Shoemaker, Publicity Manager. Bottom row: Mary Hill, Treasurer, Jennifer Demente, Vice President, J O Marla McNamara, Publicity Manager, Con eP6Ch Top row: Sherr Neve, Laura nyder, Ivan Walker, Ryan Brakemeyer, Carey Taylor, Michael Cherry, Abril Perez, Amy Burkhart, Third row: Mrs. Vineyard, Teri Shoemaker, Tina Stybr, Sean Lloyd Nicholas Gra ew Villaverde, Randy Rawlins, Jessica Johanson, Elizabeth Smithson. Second row: Doreen Garcia, Michelle Zilius, Harlan Bassham, Mark Bassham, Rhonda Spiering, Anne Burkhart, Richelle Sebasty, Jana Scrivens, Wendy Morgan, Kenny Porter. Bottom row: Kristin Dorsey, Keely Christmas, Wendy Chapman, Angel Witts, Sebrae White, Lori Wahl, Michelle Hillis. Ar- i L2 5, Zi 4.1 .,A 'WN I Top: Janice Henson, Shannon LeClair, Kinga Kozlicka, Chad O'Connel, Tonya Logan, Terri Feldman, Danielle Marvin, Melissa Erickson Bottom: Mrs. German, Lee Jamison, Trisha Barnes, Robyn Nakagawa, Jim Cousins, Carol Feldman, Tricia Humphrey, Mikael Hughes, Nikki Jones, Adam Levy, llana Kaufman Latin Officers: Top: Zach Wells, SecretaryfTreasur- er, Ari Schwartz, Publicity Manager. Bottom: Noah Davis, President, Eve Vin- cent, Vice President. French Club French officers Top: Robyn Nakaqawa, Treasurer, Lee Jamison, President, Jim Cousins, Publicity Manager, CNot pictured Karen Elliotb Latin Club Latin Top: Zach Wells, Scott Waite, Steve Anderson, Ari Schwartz, Noah Davis, Scott Manning, Rex Hansen Bottom: Mrs. German, Ashlee Eisenstein, Julie Darrow, Teri Zulius, Eve Vincent. SPANISH 44, Gifs! E AOfficers Top row, Danny Wiens, Presi- dent, Herb Yee, Treasurer, Bottom row, Sherry Blackburn, Secretary, Don Lancen- ATop row: Mr. Randall Kleiser, Tara Cuffman, Jason Sprinkle, Herb Yee, Don Lancendorfer, Mrs. Josie dorfer, PUbliCitY MBVTGSCVJ P- J- Grundy. Middle Row: Cherie Gardner, Kandi Gardner, Sherry Blackburn, Danny Wiens, Brandon Nel- MOUVWCGSUC, WCC President mot DiC'fUf2C9' son, Don Duhamel. Bottom row: Julie Hiscox, Jojena Scrivens. F I ssoj, '- . 5 -Q , eyibvu AOfficers Top row, Hugh Chase, President, Middle row: Matt Neiderman, Vice President, Karin Grossman, Sports Director, Saksit Phoewanchana, Sports Director, Cheri Wallace, Sales Director, Audrey Beagel,'Publicity Manager, Chris Perry, Brian Warner, Social Director, Kim Pullium, Social Director, Sarah Rees, SecretaryfTreasurer, April Steig- ner, Publicity Manager. ATop row, Matt Neiderman, Mike Deterding, Doug Lyddon, Jim Scott, Karin Grossman, Saksit Phoewanchana, Cheri Wallace, Vienna Weiand, Audrey Beagel, Chris Perry, Hugh Chase, Eileen Pomerantz. Middle row: Julia Park, Johnyee Beasley, Brian Warner, Arcadia Parnell, Mr. Chase. Bottom row, Chris Turner, Kim Pullium, Sarah Rees, April Steigner, 113 X X1 q W 5 H NSW M 5 rn X STATE REGIONAL HONCDR CDRCHESTRA AND BAND i TOP: John Edwards, Mike Christiansen, Melanee Kull, Beth Linck. BOTTOM: Zack Wells, Shelly Snow, Chris l Martinez, Diana Baldridge. D y TGP 00 4 - GF , , ,x,, WASHINGTCJN QP ' are Q, G mr' he ' V42 W M ? if 5 I 'QE a t Q Ka y D ' 5 fQ f . r if Q J. 'f A , if 'Nw 5' if i 9' Qi Top row: Deborah Leonard, Sherlene Jaco, Wendy Drucker, Jennifer Waitz, Darren Kuh- nau. Bottom row: John Kopke, Shirley Wolff, Andrew Gross, Craig Hyatt, Paulynn Dong. 116 H 1 National Merit Finalists: Julie Hebets and Lee Jamison X h Ex S Ui? J ,QSM Jodi Van Leeuween N.A.U. Michelle Davis A.S.U. Medal President Award. lion Award. fm 45 ' ' ,, I f if ii l a. Shamb- lim Robert McDaniel U. of A. Outstanding Junior. 117 AMERICAN LEGICJN aims SWE Melissa Leibow CAIternateJ, Julie Hiscox CAIternateJ, Kristin Plumlee, Jodi Van Leeuwen, Michelle Davis CAIternateD BUYS STATE ,L 19' u as i i e i a ,W r. i 1 E r -1 . fi f u, ,E M X X Vf 75 , ff M 114 -s , mr r f A' iiis it ' 118 B McDaniel, Gary Carpenter, Ari Schwartz CAIternateD STATE REGICJNAL HONCDR CHGIR TOP: Mike Cherry, Michael Manual, Raymond Bishop. BOTTOM: Andrew Villaverde, Mary Hill, Candace Wahlborg. ROBERT EXCHANGE O. CLUB PADIAN OF AWARD AMERICA K.C. Richardson DAUGHTERS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION .Ji AW Jennifer Burggraaf SCOTTSDALE I DARE YOU SERTOMA Diane Lujan, John Kopke A dy G 120 - CM X. I '2X1rJ. 'I'v,.u,f P ly D g D Tom Spencer: Football: All State lst Team, Gazette: All State Qnd Team, Republic, All State Divi- sion lst Team, 1988 All Star Football Team, North Squad. Wrestling: Divisional Champ, Matt Ostland: Wrestling: State Champ, Divisional Champ. Foot- ball: All Division lst Team Eric Strachan: Cross Country: All State lst Team: All Division lst Team. Chad Patten: Golf: All Division lst Team. Sports Honors Richard Football: All State Qnd Team: All Division lst Team, Republic. Wrestling: Divi- sional Champ. Q-wif Jason Andries: Wrestling: Divi- sional Champ. Tracy Burr: Cross Country: All State lst Team, All Division lst Team. Ken Banks: Wrestling: State Run ner Up, Tracy Holloway: Softball: All Di vision lst Team, Shawna Akers: Softball: All sion lst Team. 1 Y - N NW 5 W lx XX X XX X VARSITY 11 5 mf Coach Perkins and Coach Chisman go over a few more winning plays during half time. ! '1 il "L ,, Tom Spencer and Chuck Consolian intensely listen to the referee tell the Glen- dale captains they have to wear their helmets during the game. was c - Matt Osland plays referee as the Rams score yet another touchdown. .Xi x. Protected by a wall of WHS players Kyle Evans rushes toward the end zone. mmm: ' 'mmm gf' mmm: Ewan w,,,,,,.w Q ww, 3 'T M 'T wxsnmmuer 75, te W , , T ASBIXUTUN V853 'mi wmxmazi " i M wlxmifll 1 ,rw Top row: Tom Hale, Tom Reagan, Jason Poulton, Rodney Kavan, Mark Bednorz, Matt Ostland, Tom Spencer, Jason Andries, Third row: Eli Krueger, Tony Britton, Donny Simmons, Chuck Consolian, Craig Folkers, Nick Kordsmin, Kelly Kortan, Second row: Mark Bickert, Kyle Evans, Chris Abril, Jason Christenson, Eric James, Robbie Potts, Richard Martinez, Pete Davinson, Bottom row: Billy Oliverio, Tom Lynch, Teresa Sullivan, Coach Perkins, Coach Candrea, Coach Chisman, Coach Johnson, Cathy Beasly, Mike Golden, Chris Sheats, Noah Davis. VARSITY The Rams execute vith ease another game winning play. The Washington Rams show their appreciation for many years of dedication as their statistics keeper, by presenting the team-signed-ball to Mr. Kopke. FCGTBALL 194 Craig Folkers prepares to be mummified by Coach f Farkus.v 'wk Kvle Evans gets his pick of which defender to plow over The Rams take a break during half time and listen to their coach's "Wisdom . Tony Britton prepares to clash with his feeble opponentm With the assistance of his teammates, Kyle Evans makes another victorious run for the Rams. FGOTBALL Top row: Cory Anderson, Tyron Williams, Adam Barnholdt, Keith Yoos, Jim Dudine, Jack Porter, Wade Collins, third row: Jason Kronstedt, Tom Smith, Stephen Olsen, Steve Anderson, Ameen Lucas, Matt Thorn, John Edwards, Mike Clifford second row: Gary Rawlings, Jon Ong, Chris Turner, Arthur Casillas, Steve Connolly, J. C. Kabashi, John Salas, bottom row: Adolfo Andrade, Eric Floyd, Jamie Smith, Coach Mike Farkus, Monique Montanez, Coach Loren McKenzie, Colleen Buchanan, Winston Terry, Michael Grahm, sitting: Mark Spittler, Vinay Singh, Matt Medlock J . V . Top row: Brian Bruner, Noel Weaver, Matt Mroz, Tom Combs, Carlos Artis, Joe DeHammck, Jeff Forrester, Paul Rodgers, Don Ponzi, third row: Mike Burgess, Curtis Lee, Jason Iverson, Toby Hudgins, Tony Chihanik, Brian Cherry, Randy Rawlins, Rod Alcoa, Charles Dazy second row: Jon Becktold, Rob Stewart, Jason Johanson, Mike Welsh, Mark Magnuson, Bob Hale, Steve Fox, Charles Adams, Nathan Medlock, bottom row: James Alcers, Matt Estrada, Benny Nixon, lan Saunders, Tonya Logan, Terri Feldman, Chris Erlandson, Paul Hernandez, Brian Saxe, Clint Evans. Mary Flill serves with grace. DeMente returns a serve with a form. L taiw- i A fi '42 - x -4 X. M 1 Top row: Mary Hill, Jacqui Hildebrant, Jennyfer DeMente, Bottom row: Julie Burke, Christi Vaught, Julia Park. fB5fHi'naE'5iEEaEQ'laridedfi i i i elowu an incbming birdie' W W v H TEAM I i t.. g A - in l L X My N Jim Cousins glides in for a landing. f we ,,f,,,7 .- W B254 ,,Y rf, , it J J , "'IWv'7Q r n i L, Q i C 'ii ,aa ' 'Q .. V' -.L W... C ,,,' M W' 1, " . , . I , rw , I - , ,,,, 47... KA . ,,,,, W., . I W M .gg 7 wt' 'V V fm Ui- ' , 4, f ad WW 3 7' ' ' ' " ' th h." . . . . . Laurie Curinga does her own version of praise e coac Adam Levy insists that It IS easler to get used to the water a little bit at a time. i Top row: James Apley, Mitch Jackson, Kevin Bunyan, Casey Fromm, R. D, Davis, Adam Levy, Greg Saxe, Ari Schwartz, Chris Gardiner, Mike Hiddessen, Jim Cousins, Joe Morgan, John Stuck- ey, Scott Howard, Brian Cousins, Monte Powers, Middle row: Gerry O'Connell, Laurie Curinga, Cindy Bolton, Wendy Wells, Claudine Linnartz, Stacia Dessaint, Kim Campbell, Mikael Hughes, Bottom row: Trisha Barnes, Janay Beene, Jenny Hays, Chris Apley, Dawn Foreman, Anita Wright, Trisha Humphrey, Not shown: Divers Darren Kuhnau, Jennifer Leonard , ,, 7 F' ' 7 ' "" ,, ' .x v w- 1422 V in s: 'ff , ,f W ' 'w Q Qs", u w t ' - W, ,,a1,',vm'?.j 5 , f'f-wr, f, Adam Levy practices his butterfly and his "honey mooner." I Q ,, .. . .sslfw 1 N , ,fu ' of w ,fs s . 1 . as t . W A3 N - f t ,Askew .,- ' arf' I , N kkk. 3, 3, 1 ..... Jiri, - . M., MW fm ., was - ts, :Qw , if -P my A .sig vGreg Saxe seemingly practices his back stroke, but really he is waving to the camera. vChris Gardiner prepares to splash an unsuspecting insect. is M .WMV is j , Q nr I' 9 S ir V f . l , fir 5' use s N "kts--2. E . ,Q f L . ,Y , V 5 V , V ,fl 'w,,, . , .....,, ...,, 7 Y .UW Q c, K 3 1... "U C' ' , It., V 4, H I ,,,, 1, is , W L VW: 1 fa , 'xv 'hw ,ff rf 'K . Em , V f vvvv Mikael Hughes hopes the wall is around here somewhere. 4R.D. Davis and James Apley wave to their coach as they complete their series of laps. mr 129 ,1- Z' 4 if vm-1 Y l Q! f Q , M 4, .W 1 fi' 3' Top row: John Anderson, Bob McDaniel, Eric Strachan, Coach Fox-Lange, Bottom row: Mike Bechtel Jourdan St. Germaine, Thomas Otterson I Top row: Gordon Bleyl, Daniel Pena, Steve Wil.- liams, Jim Scott, Chad O'ConneIl, Don Duhamel, Bottom row: Craig Sterne, Van Ison, Kent Willson, David Pena, Derick Fogt. ' g p, 5' 4 , ll C X e V? Q iii. 'I' , 1 ,ij m y j ... I I LLA ',I, A.,' I Q - M, 2- " if 3 . Atfvg' x , 1 . ,. I' Vii 1 A 4 1 " ' 'G' L 'WT "W '19 B ' i My ,MW .wp-M H ff A ,,,,,...,,-mam" "M 'MW ' V , CJ, -W.,,,t , J ,W , F M dnb ,V fffmnw I W, , 130 lt's the three-legged, two- headed, three-armed cross country monster. ' - S . - i X Q ,, new age? t. S I K, si I - 'I' S-vt, ' , ' " --.' I - ' ,F 7 J , h ,- K ' 1' J t ' tor' . K Q - ' :Q 4-7 t , 'x 1 cccci , as of xi , K ,. ...lk Q 3. -5 it t W . 2 fi K - , in k .xhk - E. '..' Q. iff K .QF . , sig an S K as aaas J t Bob McDaniel, Eric Strachan, and John Anderson all say "we're in perfect synchroniza- tion." 4lnstead of the traditional starting gun, they use the dismissal bell as they all start. CRCJSS "Help, Help a purple elephant is chasing us" says Cami Prenevost and Tracy Burr. 1 1 ww C as A , -2 i , ,M I , F n V,,,,,, :V E K . l i iiii A as H i .a , , , er, aa V A , A . i A V " 'A it 'W V, in 'vs-, , 97 "1 . i tm, f y f I iz' 4' i ,1s, 4 ' ' ZZ i - i p" - as ' - M e i rf 1 5 Top row: Coach Fox-Lange, Cami Prenevost, Tracy Burr, Christie McKenzie, Stephanie Petter, Bottom row: Amy Anderson, Angela Acuna, Ann Bowers, Lisa Aguirre. GIRLS it VARSITY Jourdan St. Germaine sprints for the victory. CCDUNTRY is "Hey coach that isn't the foot that hurts," says Jim Scott. Top row: Coach Sideris, Michelle Becker, Kim Fincher, Kristin Plumlee, Lauren Wright, Jill Briden, Mgr. Janet Wonderly, Middle row: Robyn Nakagawa, Laura Laurion, Eileen Smiclt, Bottom row: Shawna Akers, Kassie Fuller Jill Briden waves good-bye. 132 Robyn Nakagawa kneels for the occasion. 9 0 bar, Leslie Murphy 4JiIl Briden says "No, no l'm not ready yet!" Top row: Mgr. Tina Styor, Ronda Spiering, Kristin Kowal, Patricia Kenney, Kris Elliott, Jenni Kronstedt, Lori Wahl, Coach Frew Mid- dle row: Melissa Johnstonbaugh, Brandy Watkins, Willow Beres, Dawn Powers, Julie Newcomer, Tara Coffman, Sitting: Julie De- loera and Kristin Justice - Mgrs. Top row: Heather Moore, Tami Wahl, Carrie Durand, Julie Nolte, Lisa Whitaker Middle row: Christi Mathews, Angela Allen, Rhonda Hansen, Jennifer Robertson, Sue Tang, Jamie Stieglitz, Bottom row: Cherie Dun- ACTIGN Eileen Smidt and Kim Fincher show their teamwork. Russ Hunton 5 31 W V F iffy. 5 ,,. 'f 'WWW . T' Y 6 t A , 'ig if 'fy' Q if Q' K W . ' Left to right: Russ Hunton, Jeff Cambell, Chad Patton, Bill Ziski, Scott Foster, Scott Manning Chad Patton Scott Foster 134 , S T a Bill Ziski 1 - 5 44 ' 5 -if 5 , if ii: M S v is" 5. R MM ,too sf i-wwf ' 1 .4 'f 1, ' .. fs - 1 s gig., .cf Eg, if X L ' ,. in ! ,1.....3,. E - f. Q- . V 1 A.. M . sf M Q. .. in A A .x Q . , , W 7. t , 't'itt"tts',,,ifS,g3o 34. . 2 ' V " f X "4 Z1 IW' ,Wi L, '-but W-1 - . 3 , V to 54, - ,V i , so Q -tsif-1.-N ,, ,, I ' V, ' I , 4 s- .qw gxfiwts r- - 3 ,W ,, .L .... M, .maff -In f - W A 1 - 'fh ssfg H 'Z,1 ,.:.E ' T,-g h as .1 -'rf 7--'Q-,'fW,zf74f M" V 'W K I W ,,... Q... S ,X .M ,M . o., , ,,,,,, V L S ,, W - :um 713, " ' 4 W if 'tt S ', W . ,za at f M , V , , 5, N , fifiw- ,v Wfffwff A . -fn, ffwwff , n g ' ,. S W. i?:a:'wSw.?a?s I Top row: Carlos Artis, Kevin Bunyan, Brian Kays, Jason Fowler, Hans Schmidt, Mark Sea- man, Jourdan St. Germaine. Middle row: Jim Scott, Tom Reagan, Casey Fromm, Donny Simmons, Tony Britton. Bottom row: Managers: Jennifer Reid, Theresa Sullivan ti, R l X53 Ml j xi K! 6, K4 r.. 7 f ,aw , wi ,ff W' "' a ef ? Kevin Bunyan makes two points, despite An enthusiastic crowd shows their tremendous the"gan3" likeintentions oflndependence. support for the Rams. 135 BAS Tom Reagan lofts the ball over the unskilled opponents fortwo points. 136 RSIT AThe WHS spirit line shows their constructive abilities. 4"O.K., Who wants vCarlos Artis elo- it?" says Tony Brit- quently slamdunks the ton. ball. KETBALL Donny Simmons makes yet another free throw point. CTI Tony Britton towers over his feeble predators. Top row: John Anderson, Joe Berkwitt, Mark Spitler, Billy Heath, Matt Medlock, Jim Du- dine, Ameen Lucas, Bottom row: Steve Connolly, Jason Kronstedt, Robert Potts, Tyran Williams, Scott Waite, Jason Morrison, John Kronstedt SKETB LL Top row: Noel Weaver, Brian Lloyd, David Allen, Chris Rodgens, Darren Boyce, Bill Zieske, Rendon Falls Middle row: Paul Hernandez, Tim Boykin, Curtis Lee, Mike Burgess, Jason Johanson, Jon Becktold, Derrick Fogt, Bottom row: Managers: Terri Feldman, JenniferJor- dan, Tonya Logan Ernest Ortega defeats his opponent using his own version of twister. i 138 o Lg is Top row: Chris Moore, Tom Spencer, Matt Ostland, Rodney Kaven, Jason Andries, Richard Martinez, Mid- dle row: Eric Floyd, Stephen Anderson, Jim Borreili, Jason Clark, Gary Carpenter, Bottom row: Ken Banks, Nick Headings, Keith Rauch David Maron debates whether or not to toy with the dibilitated wrestler, or defeat him right way. Tom Spencer passes time by jumping rope because the other wrestler wimped out. Y up Steve Anderson tames the timid torpid colt.v X 5, 'S I' Q Q N XI A.. l Wv AJason Verdugo uses some fancy foot-work to confuse his foe. 4Ari Schwartz flies through the air with the greatest of ease. D ww C t X SQ 5 X mx 'N C 'Q x Q cg x N r Top row: Mr. Berger, Aaron Frerichs, Mrs. Levine, Gina Schwind, Mr. Gelling, Cindy Bolton, Cory Waugh, second row: Ari scnwartz, Chad Perry, Jason Verdugo, Mike Christensen, Ben Lachini, Joe Kobert, Greg Saxe, Third row: Mitch Pattersen, Mike Friday, Steve Olsen, Mitch Jackson, Omid Aziminejad, Don Lancendorfer, Wes Wade, Bottom row: Clay Bishop, Mark Riddle, Leoncio Navarro, Zach Wells, Chou Banxarath, Jose Bustamante --..,. Jason Verdugo dumofounds the wobbly legged opponent. SOFTBALL Cami Prenovost points with her bat to- wards Squaw Peak, signaling its intended destination. The catcher trembles uncontrollably as Lisa Winters steps up to oat. wx, Jill Briden warms up before Washington wins another game. 141 Top row: Coach Elaine Hunt, Heather Moore, Tami Wahl, Jill Briden, Julie Nolte, Robbyn Murdick, Cami f Prenovost, Coach Ed Perkins, Middle row: Melinda Nellis, Christie McKenzie, Heidi Parisek, Lisa Winters, hawna Akers, Bottom row: Lisa Aquirre, Tracy Holloway limi iiiiil Mi? J Christie McKenzie follows through after an inadequate feeble pitch is thrown by an unworthy opponent. vRobbyn Murdick prepares to score after WHS M Qi , g rg ,,t 5 makes another home run. . as K , . i f ...... . ,, .wg 1 mhgm, A TQ ' ...., L H n I i' X i it if f , W ,eivi , A . ,.f , ,, , Julie Nolte takes a strike on purpose, mocking the pitchers throwing abiliities I ,fi ,,,, ,, .,V , 9 if mumm, mum . Q L 1 M' 5 I K, J 5' , f ,Q , 1 i X109 Lee Jamison sets up to serve an- other ace. Standing: Adam Levy, Charley Jonkosky, Ben Hill, Andy Gross, Brett Long, Coach Randy Peterson Kneeling: Alan Kirsch, Ben LaChini, Lee Jamison, John Stuckey, Dan Whitmer Andy Gross returns a serve with the form of a pro. vStanding: Mitch Jackson, Ted Socia, Chris Perry, Jason Seaver, Kneeling: Herbert Yee, Jon Ong, Aarron Ludwig, David Gortler i J ...... O O v I F7 ' SiK'i39S!iTfifQ' 7 - Standing: Anne Burkart, Laura Laurion, Janet Wonderly, Heather Hawkins, Eileen Srnidt Kneeling: Toni Waite and Sue Tang, Robyn Nakagawa, Diana Erlich Tennis Standing: Claudene Lennartz, Deana Shu- maker, Ammie Munay Kneeling: Erin Castle- hano, Nhi Van AMS W Laura Laurion keeps her eye on the sus- pended tennis ball. QF - 4 n m:e!iix! EEEiFl '. I - E"2::aiaEzs:afa:::::!: I-IEEE' lfllllllll llll lIll:W'.h Wllllllllllllll lil! fisiummllils Ill IISIII ILIQWII lllll :IQ5f,!.lllllif,llI ll ll A . I L 'Wfilllliiilll ill r ' E . .. A 'Ii"'II IE?-VII III: I llllllllll Janet Wonderly shows how multitalented she is by waving and returning a serve at the same time. l Terri Boyce does her steady jump shot. Girls Heidi Parisek puts the ball into play. G S 2 Shooting for two Kristen Plumlee, 5 Back: Julie Wing, Kim Fincher, Jill Briden, Kristen Plumlee, Terri Boyce, Heidi Parisek. Front: Eve Vincent, Jennifer Reid, Christie McKenzie, Ann Bowers, Julie Nolte. A- J J 5 l xxilllllll D I xgl5lllNL'W 4 X! tll5lllllfW,y I xlilllllllvl l. , 14 4 mitral is 2 XXfJilllL'W,1f , TOP: Sheba Jones, Nicole Hill, Robbin Murdick, Carrie Durand, Jennifer Corbin, Alicia Jacobo. BOTTOM: Cherie Dunbar, Leslie Murphy, Delphina Garcia, Heather Moore, Rob- erta Miranda, Deanna Wild. TOP: Deanna Brown, Jennifer Kronstedt, Lori Wahl, Jenni Hays, Misty Welker, Kathy Con- nors, Charlotte Monette, Tanya Logan, Amy Martin. BOTTOM: Darlene Wright, Brandy Watkins, Jennifer Jordan, Linda Morgan, Danette Garner, Evie Brush, Willow Beres, Tina Parker, Terri Feldman. 1 D TRACK iff' A :Z . F2 ye.. rg ..,,. A Top: Eric Strachan, John Anderson, Tho- Kyle Evans and Donavon Fogt practice relentlessly to mas Otterson, Bottom: Van lsom, Mike be the best. Bechtel. BUYS Eric Floyd overcome with his Nike Airs. s gravity si f' L , 0 W , . ,ya V 4 N Chris Sheats and Donavon Fogt blur into action. vTop: Chris Sheats, Donavon Fogt, Lowell Thompson, Kyle Ev ans. Bottom: John Hinton, Winston Terry, Eric Floyd. Jumpers, Vaulters, Hurdlers, Top: Mike Christianson, Chad Perry, Don Yates, Kelly Kortan, Bottom: Bill Hyde, Mike Mroz, Brian Zorn. 3 -ff Brian Zorn gains speed to vault a mere 19 ft. Chad Perry soars over the bar effortlesslyy , Track Q Q D' .. - - :::?,w i fi ' T , M vb, KTWMQA H , '13 H VNE1' , f A A : J 1 ii ""' 3 we Whig- :- i n ' J V 1 .. ' '- . 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'jf 9 fi in l ' w A T 'Lv' 0,-.,,,,,,,,,...L, .wr ' " Christyiwood tells Shawna Akers to look straight ahead! 4MeIissa Mayse and Tracy Burr say, "Wonder twin powers, ACTlVATE!" 'Z Hl HO, HI HO, around the track, John Anderson and Eric Strachan, go. 1 V N " r crrr ,MW4 -AM T - f. T" a Q., X ' A A 1 ,rr ,rrr 2 A f f A A , .X T ,Lg ,- i M , - Waite, . M1 ,SMAMKNWM K V K g , c, . T i Q i H i , lr: fr, L ,Q I V ,L ,vt .,z,, ,V ii f at '--' if 9 T V 5 ' 5 V 1 F ,, ,A I. i A 4 Y X VV ,V.,. V A snawna Akers and Melissa Mayse swiftly leave the blocks. Q ,A ,S H Tracy Burr, Jane Anderson, and Angela Acuna are the three track 1 52 trio. VARSITY BASEBALL K? l Q rt :M-f s J. . . is Too iiawgi Chuc nsolian, Tom Reagan, Mark Hicks, Brian Schuler, Mark Seaman, Henry Eom au, Donnie Simmons, Jason Andries. Bottom Row: Mike Martinelli, Jon Williams, Jason Christenson, Monte Powers, Mike Golden, Gordie Bleyl, Tony Britton, iii! 0- ummm 4 ' l 4 , fi M A Mtr' Brian Schuler shows his flexibility at first base. at Q liiii r " , ,gi ,,,, M i it , A X J XX: ,,,, w" "!' Vgyy I Gordie Bleyl and Mike Golden perfect the double play. VARSITY v ,Q HY M , 3"'?'M:. gw"4pHuf . Y . Tom Reagan powerfully swings at the ty that he does it with his eves closed. 5 K 2-gf 'V ,V ,V I V qui iff" M fn: ,We wwhggabw an Tami " 41 .f,t.m, """T?'? Win if vTony Britton is so confident of his catch abili- L L, 3 W ,fp ,A "M if W , gf, 1-++v 'fn 4 aww ,fain 1 'Q' ii-, ,A M 4 , v 2i:smlw3g425iz'L",ff,,',, 40, uve.-w 1 4 . vw w,wam,." 'iffqjg' v-wrwfqyw ofzgs., xanuw, M , 4 M , kiik 7' K... 4-..,, small hurled object commonly known GS the baseball. E "'ff,Q4v.-'L 4 MH ,,i, , , ,, rll llll - , - 1, . my 15490111 V ' A llll V ' W' ' V' .N 4 5 , ,,,,,. , ,K ff 'QSM ,ff V' ""' ,,,.,,, i,,, X Z, " ' " 3, Wi, M? MV WM ,V ,... ,, V ,,s, V, , VVV, M, ff , Vf HW. A ,F , ,V,, ,, V V ... ' M Va M - imwvf V,,VfffLf1,w.4. ,ww , i fff',"M,,w"'lIs- 11' 2 W W? ' ' ' Q9 fi - L' New M, V ..., I ,VAZ , ,,,. 'W 'HW 2 Lf f 1 is 5' A ' A I if i V ,4gA:.imf ,,., .,, W 1 QM qw! Y , 'iff Vs M TW' Y if firfyn V "il--vv4""'3'j 'W 2 5 W WWW! fwnfifeng ' 2 Q w 7- d it X C x .fl X 333- X xg 6 A .ge Top Row: Brian Mansky, Jim Wilkins, Coach McKenzie, Jack Porter, Brian Dobbins, Tom Fortier. Middle Row: Joe Berkwitt, Robbie Potts, Jason Kronstedt, David Dewall, J.C. Kobashi, Joe Morgan, John Salas. Bottom Row: Pat Doolittle, Barry Van Wie, Chad Harvey, Jon Kronstedt, J.B. Walsh, Jerry Clark. J.V. FRGSH Standing: Mike Welsh, Steve Fox, Mike Burgess, Chris Rodgers, Bill Zieske, Jeff Beasley, Craig Godbehere. Kneeling: Ben Nixon, Paul Hernandez, Brian Saxe, Jim Witkowski, Chris Martinez, Tim Boykin, Scott Foster, Jason Johanson. ? r V? 1 Q' ' ' ih X GLENDALE UNICDN HIGH SCHCJGL DISTRICT GCDVERNING BGARD Richard D. Stapley, Presi- Bill Stout, Clerk dent John S. Campbell, Board Member Anne Schulz, Board Mem- ber Craig A. Trueblood, Board Member The five members of the Governing Board are elected by the community and legally charged with the responsibility of setting goals and establishing policies which will govern the operation of the district. Gerald E. George, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools The Superintendent and his staff, hired by the Governing Board, are responsible for operating the schools according to Governing Board policy. 157 Melba Vallas, Princi- pal D M I L 'T' L Sid Bailey, Assistant Principal for Stu- dent Services T R A T I Bob Thrasher, Assi- tant Principal for Operations and Re- sources Chuck O'Connor, Dean of Students Alice White, Secretary Ida Wiley, Secretary FACULTY Jim Adcox Danielle Belliveau fm is Sas Gxs r P , 5 'fs M X SYS an Q N' Q N X I Wilma Bender Ruth Boyle Jack Brookshire B B "i" Ir, i Pi B. ,zq ll e B ll ee L ., ,,,, it Qkfig.. .L 5 VZ.. Q f' ,, ' L nl yrik 'f7r" W K Sarina Buskirk Nick Candrea Ken Chase Simon CScherbaD says, "Put your hands on your hips." Is it Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Christofferson, or is it the gila monster imitation? . PeSSY Phyllis Frew Gendreau Dianne Ron German Gould 160 O Kit Barry Christofferson Draper John Drescher ' P ,N X 9011 ,D Mr. Draper stops Gary Matthews from changing his grades on the computer. Josie Craig Grundy Johnson ., V V ,- v I f ,rf Vic Sue Johnson Jordan Mrs. Frew and Mr. Scherba show us that three legs are better than two. . Q. Irene Randy Kemp Kleiser Jerry Ken Kopke Kreskow 161 I Susan Lamphiear Raul Lujan Loren McKenzie Martha Wilma Laurion Legg Mr. Scherba and Mr. Willeford enjoy dinner at the tailgate party. i f :E - 23:32 if -K a Warner Bob Morgan Nolan o I 6"Vl"lli X3 if is 'Fill he risk Tom Dianne Pagel Post Coaches Johnson and Farkas leisurely play marbles at half time. WZ'j"" Sheila Ringhiser Tim Rockey AI Louise Scherba Shea Ron Rogers bn- J , Chris :1 1NJ. Collie Sideris KX I Smith X alui 00 muse 08 , A , -f 8 ' t'4 a , 090 n 1 g . , 1 -" -1:19 :J-ti QS Judi Doug Soulvie Spencer ' ,ff ' 5 Dave Steve Frank Swerdfeger Tally Taylor 5 . x M g if , 5 9 r MQ 11 ,I if 'X Mr. Swerdfeger helps Jose Bustamante and Skye Rodriquez with their work. QNX N3 X91 . P6399 X99 Lorralne QQQ, F gill Doug Teetsq Q92 gwaawu 2 y Webb swf Neyssfffws X r n f .f WN QLQQ M35 reef X152 f "TQ Q,-JO' QVDKN.,-.Cd W5 Candy N XVQ QU? MS , gk Treat 5 547 fQ, f QP MD Q9 058' JNQ l sf Q fir.. J- fa - j ff Q Q In . xg so fairs , We IL' Q E ro S5 .ix , Alaflmt. Mr. Kreskow says, "Gee, the freshman are getting younger every year." 4' Donna White 'ff if? Diane Jack Weddle Willeford ... ii, pi. Mi N if w ,L-L 1 Wi J ,X wif- 1 i R EWAS H I N Gro N 'S , ,gr ,N mfr WL! J V0 - -if ,H f L,- f 4 1, T ff L i i ,rf 1 , . LU of i,, , fi if N iw if I 'N fx M X ff g 1 J H Z , V, i 1 J rv ' V, , f 1,1 i 1' ii- i,f , gf' WONDERFUL J 1 11 fl P, l zfjlli i 1,42 f in it i W 0 M E N 6m 7 . , ji, Maarilyn Becker, Ann Graham, Comput- Jackie Britt, Atten- Benay Rasmussen, Li CounseIor's Office er Room dance Office brary Liz Schweikart, Nurse , ,, , 'V ,,,, , , gf? ..,, ff 4 H, S91-c -X5 'N , wi W Awww ,E .L ,, Wie , , my Q' . K' N. f NNW Donna Theel, Bookstore v- Helen Goodrich, Copy Room 77? wwf! f WMM Epi M W W fi Mirffi UV ' ff Ui' G ff 4 W Harriet Trzeciak, Attendance Office 166 Sue Denson and Bonnie Green, CounseIor's Office Cafeteria Staff Top row: Betty Vargas, Freda Hull, Donna Quiroz, Middle row: Esther Weiand, Herta Zvetkoff, Diane Robert son, Bea Medrano, Judy Trohan Csupervisorb, Norma Lancendorfer, Nancy Watts Bottom row: Belva Peasha Bea Smith, Pam Francis, Colleen Lomas, Kathy Shaver, and Virginia Bejarano 'NV 5 f S 5 A Night Shift: Clyde B. Ryson, Jesse Lopez, George Cons, Asst. Foreman: Jack Van Gothem, and Foreman, Joe Aguilera Day Shift: Sal Rizzo, Joe DeMeo, Joe Lemon, Tom Alex- ander, Robin Robinson, Dave Blood x'-5 Awami EML 5 ff'-we fx ' E A 1 V ' , .. F3 ' ,. 1' It f , 1' g 1 y M A M ,f ,V , -Q"?f. ,,,, , .fn U' A ,. , , , 1 V " I , f 'G fe? f 1., A W V 1 W h,., . A, , 2 , , wh? , b ,M TEM f 4 -n . Jog" 555, " ' how ... Q , ' Nl . V f ff, I f' 'lf Q.- .ff A I f 1, ,f' 1 N , , -wr . ",3,., f. , WMM . . 1 ,., I , f DEDICATED TO ACHIEVEMENT ABCVE ALL Ruth Boyle Ruth Boyle began teaching at Washington High School ln 1966. After 5 giving the students at Washington QQ years of academic enrichment she is now retiring. The faculty, staff, and students at WHS wish her the best of luck in her retirement. X Loudene Ellis Loudene Ellis has taught at Washing- ton High School for 26 years. Mrs. Ellis has always been thought of as a teacher who really cares about her students and their academic growth. Everyone at Washington, faculty, staff, and students would like to wish her the happiest and 170 healthiest retirement possible. SSS? CEE'-"'3A 5f"2zf zQHg,1,lQ+ Q-QI' W CAL211 14169 WU3 V5 1w N XQVUXX9 Q55 E6 PM 51237 dm CUQVW ..a.caf.1Qn ms f SDQVUN -fvzx mov: J W VOLAP G E , A 1 V fl ' 's M, ' ec v I ' Ax 4 , KKK X Lfyf , f YK -f : :.- V to ff, 'f ' if IA A' ,QR NIOGIQC, ' : ' www i .Q V ' . - I 1 Y A E 171 X xfil. , kvk wk 5 N V Cy X ' , 1 5 A N Q XLK 1 1 L X If A' QL 2 K KYMW'ff ' 1 A fl, N J 'U lgv J N SL L59 L, f .ug V If 111' WJ A , 'ffzfx ' A, X 21,17 X' fm ul'-f ,I 1 L X MM ' L 1' . Wi my f I fb ,lf 1 ' A 7 V1 ,' W' " f ZLL Cvffrf ZLL A pix, ONJZQ L11 n gzf ,QL jj, ,nf l f kin ,IX ff41 f fVf,1nff7 J Aft N 1 !f X- llS L f V JQLCQIK . 2 L11 1 A if S - V D A '. DA 'N 1 .uwfg 1 ffm , fxgwfk Qxixii A ' QV A Q WW 3 55255 -- - 3 iam Utd :JS A '-4 gg f" G23 Jw k,.JgLGLCIJQl'Y0 JN is A 77161110-gj J 'gs A Q, iii A19 i J QJALAJ A x " , K., fox, A QA FX C 15, P 5 W WMU H Zi A 3 iff? A U q L Jmwq EL N f0J iQ 7c'fL J A I f- , A f W f N Lic! V030 La Jywcuf ll Aki, , ' ' X " uuum A, f AA -X g f- - " 'ffMA 1 L My b V 'lik LW 1 is "S iv V f A , M 54 im H -w W. A, Y I, I Lf ggi? vw rj, gb X,xL5 - , .- ' X A -, gg-P+ ex ,kgs J ' x v N x A 'Y QA MAA . A45J609c: fUw1vi 4 f J- W-W-w W 1 n Ax P A' h ' V' 20" V' fivoaifq ' ' - N ' WH.. XXL' . A t Xl X. A A 4 04 .JI I2 , 30 " X A A A60 A DC LQj 1?0 Www C21 A t M A U UQ JI MLQJW S QMIQQLW xofpvj A77 fm F3 Q5 C 5 , X I 5 A ky' l NA W, as W if 5 EX Xhx V 6 'J V., X wp ' 'l'k A U Q I N HQ e9 ' ff' Q- f uf NP' 'wig 1 .O JJ! 6 XKQ .A YALL 'wo RA ,QNX i , AH., X nl 5108 px r 0 CIN , h ,Dv ull S59 Jx , W ,bw I X P A xrzy I ', WI QA , A A K1 JAP Y ,Vg 'fs ' WU ' ughdg, -G gi? Q' 5 xflg Qt 5, A' W f Wifl' ' jk U5 K' An f 4 ww UKOSMK, ky , -,I ,A X, If O UC s ul lubx JU CJ 0 ki h U A 1 q 116 6, N Q vm, Nw R f- 1 'ju f A 2 A . Q XY N ' N. V ,, X, x ,J , X N fx J 7 X X' :M xl T V J XML M X X X X x X x x X ,S Y' 'V N mx X. Q., N A K 3 1'73'Lf' x X X X NN X X N X J Nw X x 'x 1 X X BXKT wx XJ X X xx 1 5. ' XE E 57 ,Q X", f' y ,, " , Tuff vJ9y' l xl , QA. ,. A QA ywi 'jsp 4 X , ulwx K Q ' J Q X 3 M . 5 X I 7 , ASX , A T? 4 I N N N f- N V 1 Qf - V ,V-D V- 'A k f 'AX :X f if " - kf Y, , W X W '7 , -19 ., Ky xr fx ,XX Q. XXX. 4 YL y F . F -y I N f ' f X mx w N X N R , E Q f AN Yjpiv at in Of, 37,0 V f,, f T!! E. A , J ,,j' SV P .W kk AX Qi my-,QV ,XJ 1 fi wdfww X A X F VGQ, ,5 5fpXig?LQglXhky5gj gig? ff ' I fxQgD fyix ' XJ Gi f? ' Ofgiwg 40- Ngipxj W9 W , NO Xjwigfggg, f X jigiiiglgy gif? f2f7QjyE3i9X! LDCXCX X Mswfw , 6 xx Q1 1 f "L '.' nf iff ,XX 'T X 1 AQ QU, flew by -.X if t X7 is iff f. 7YfQ- 3Y A M15 ! f4i1 lgxiliffLl1,,5 , ! By I I IDEAL BOY AND GIRL i WI uPPERcLAss GIRLS uNDERcLAss rr 1x SLU if I-9 Nancy Clark HAIR Jennifer Murray Lisa Winters EYES Jennifer Evans Aimee Dial g f LIPS Christina Hall I I Shelena BOhling vfjffllfl Al SEQSE I 4 VJ,4I1IgFfcmStaCy Dalgleigh I I , Melissa Leibow FIGLJRE -f I 'MOV' Christi Matthews Kim Kelly COMPLEXION llana Kaufman Heidi Parisek SMILE Tricia Barnes Anita Wright FRECKLES Gerry O'Connell Tracy Holloway DIMPLES Emily Swaboda . Tricia Odiorne DRESS Jennifer Arce QQ Kelli White WALK Heather Gutmacher Eilleen Smidt C. f , pc .Qs TALK Tina Bigge K Wendy Drucker Mem 'J 1 NU' -BRAINS Cheryl Whitmer Cathy Corral PERSONALITY Bonnie Davinson Jody Yan Leeugwen AMBITION Sarah Nagle I, 4 1? Stacia Dessaint SAM B ul lc-la, ,LAUGH Claudine Linnartz Christi Woods ATHLETICS Heather Moore J Melissa Ladwig LEGS Tricia Humphrey ' Jennifer Johnson SPIRIT We U W Willow Beres JH Richelle Zuzero BESTl.OQ.KlNGk mfN,,4lllsI1'QM Hallie Humphrey ,I ffl Ili 1 IIIIII Hugh Chase HAIR Sharrack Wood C9 Henry Compeau EYES Tony Peterson O 'U Travis Khan LIPS T.J. Moore NX Jason Christenson NOSE Mitch Jackson F ' VD Tom Spencer BODY Mark Easton Ik, Brian Flader COMPLEXION John Salas O0 Colin Chillag SMILE Art Casillas ' Matt Thorn FRECKLES Mike Welsh Dean Evans DRESS Bob Hale Alan Kirsch WALK Benny Nixon John Hardin TALK Greg Hardin Darren Kuhnau BRAINS Steve Connolly I Tom Hale PERSONALITY Ben Hill Thomas Reagan AMBITION Chad O'Connell Pat Lynch LAUGH Jason Morrison K Donny Simmons ATHLETICS Robby Potts A Billy Oliverio MUSTACHE Pat Doolittle J? Pete Davinson MUSCLES Jason Clark ,s .- Mike Hiddessen DIMPLES X Brian Luney 1 Mark Bednorz SPIRIT X' Brian Saxe W Richard Fife BEST LOOKING N Sf Jay Whitney X , R T3 M V, 'O Q' il lg Q Y W AW Q llllllill...l.,,,,' J ig , lei ' 'v r' , ' "'iJ,a as Q .5,v,,A X, 3 ifx ' , 7 fl is. O '47' ' ' Q9 I if 1 AHB-' 0 ' ' A was it Ili v , X ,f if i uc Bob Thrasher: for getting the Drama Club: for "Alice in Wonder- school ready on time. land." if I g --:5' :Si for excellent Eric Strachan: achievement in athletic ability. CCross Country? -1 E5 'GS' f9WARD Raul Lujan: for giving blood. Booster Club: for Tailgate party. Jennifer Johnson: for 4 years in yearbook and 9 years as year- book editor. '87-'ss PANoRAMA STAFF Advsior Frank Taylor Editor Jennifer Johnson Copy Editor J Lisa Osman Layout Editor John Kopke Head Photographer Cathy Corral Clubs Editor Melissa Leibow 176 Student Life Eric Christian Assistant Michael Mirenda Sports Editor R.D. Davis Assistant Jason Christenson Honors Editor Eric Christian Freshman Editor Melissa Ladwig Sophomore Editor Tricia Odiorne Assistant Brandon Hurt Junior Editor Chris Ayer Senior Editor Kari Hulbert Assistant Michael Mirenda Faculty Editor Diane Lujan Photographers: Mike German Toby Trevett John Kopke Julie Hebets David Wells Kenny Young David Colon ffV YwV wi, ,Q ,gf xg W wwf, Owmgy if 2 as XQQQJXO up Q00 4 xy 1,32 P Xf- fx XS , W F f 9' QiVifQ9Q2wD U? iiQ'S55f U f WX 15 fx JXE'UvS, QKQJQ Q05 U-1 L 5755 A925 Vx? afipfwb W W Q X3 fe, 45,5 i,?CTgJgQy fizo Hb Fxggyl-'L L Pg, 3? a:Rx , " G, ? E ' ' My l, MQ E E Wm ww TT ffggizi i, ff w!5w ffWW ! M f if wr? fp, , 4 if 2, N I - J LO AQ . p V 421, UQQQPUWQE fwwW AwJMTvmwm1f1 f Q- Mwmmmwwwwwmw TEC? 'Ymmwwwwmwwwwm .Q ck-,pnmpfkw ww UQQMCNJ f QP WU f'fmQfQ 'W' 'X R355 ? Av mpikfQf'i9 QW 'U Q TX ' W7 Hg Ky? M, M dgm XQXX X bm Q QGN . Swv Wm mmf .2-'-S, ,A F H , in X w E U1jWNmjC.5QUSYDqWWg Yjgwgywx rm w vff C7 E in A J fx . TQ - ' OW N11 J J 75wpQmxf"mfwf1 f fjxwf KUNG? W Eiiwwi W W V N W ww yfgjwfb, gm W My A14 V , J ff! f DWQX . - W Xdxgxidkbyg Emi SAPQNN 'XBTVHX7 x W A lm f M yg MEM q MPN! W w QKMQ NX 57 mu JMU K A 5 WULEHQSQ QW Wy E L vf W y X X by J J gi gk LXW A Mxm MH l A Uh W0 Wx JMR fs Sw N rw K A M 4? ' Q X O WW ' gf H qu f' ' dwfwvqb QQ X , X wax vzcwjb J mm ' 5 W M f WX i 53 f I 05 5 W f , O. K I WYWWQESQQX as ' QUNQJ Yi ,? . O fiv 6 D w- 0990 AEM M1 M, Of 3 5 O f V GQ! 's Ny X 1. , X x Q mg JJ QSBDDQDDZQQ 53262, 5459 O BJJJQODQ? . J? Qikx fo y ,m'Y,Q ggi 5? ,gpg QP 5? kj on 3 V5 fy' 525115 if 0fyQ5Jym2X,f'JjQfKf' fgJ 5XS3' Q5 by XQYLXQCOKO Ugg by Jw 2 . Ei bi XOXO 56+ N2 923 Q? Xa iff 2? gazifi 'ijifili Q? gum CZ if 584245 - ASNE E g K YF 335555 GQ fffi Q fEf5gg?,2?gif . X ,5x, , MQ M if OM A Gb We 503 I5 f1l x 40 2 1125 Eg 3 QMWA if MM 42 X V533 W0 X33 Mfflf gig if UQ jg M Eg as Www f eff, gif., QI! gg gy My W 5 X ' ' X' EU ff S3 gg QW k f DQZQU 35 peW"24M if Ti WLIIUW RWM, Wi Q-w 5 dw W mga L, 1 X 35,55 MQ9 VQSQH fb Q, cmw Gm +m1cpQQfv, QW QMlQ+fQL xg0Q,f aww? aw QM Qfflfwg ml www 251 11Q 1,f OJ M ' T- T1 QW PQ MQQQQM3 VQWQDQV QQ Qgmjgg NP WLL MHPQEUCDQXW Qikw QQ v RQ kNCLxlQk5'q- Lf Nr f + ffm WM LGU? 511+ www DQQJLQ ii3QL,Hv 44fwg Dem- Vffciwila, RQ QQV f mf,,Q .. .,.fl hw X ' , ggi? QQWQL QQQ, Jfkfygk ?k5 gcwxgigug Q5 WQU? NKQU T3jr'QL , LTJ,3Gi Q5r' A LQQUXCJQ Q UNQQGQ 'Liv A-hqlw gk 3 M 3 QVXCXDX QQ Nmap MCQQQ QL QH XP'efuJ 21,56 JM! gfwab 59 hQ4Mi?0 PML? Wu 3U5'5WWM6 3' ,MCD -owe l0QiNfH5VWf bw Mgmfa Cl VQQA QQCJNUJWCJA-Q, km WMQXQ vLVMl+ -MCM EO hllkj , LJQ fbQ++QQJCQ1fw SQQAJ 40511 M53 011215 gcbcad JUQA Ufwcxq, LJJQU 5XfNC2xVLQ ff Wfxfcww M0 222 775ffZ, wv45 , 0 74 R iw 255656 71 L, X! -jk -S Xwllfzfk Y J 2? if Q C 1 ' l. in l 64 gf RQ Ni XWQULQK fp A A 0 KX Nyvwk ,Q XV QQ fi 0 'XOQ Cf Qmd Q N0 NAT N X 'Q D ASD X KJ NY - ' Cx OQQ15 X U QP CN X QW wx M001 W K Q0 Rx ' X N QP GX 1 WC 5 WX VD Q Qfgjghwx MQX QW cg WKCHX Q Q51 sw Jn N b XQQX XXQQJ X Z L5 WX SWS Wx DQ x Q 0 Y N ,QN XQUK KXWOD X WW 63 EM Q LDQE px A NX KW 40 M CIN KJ Q S X QR LJ KW by FAQ VN L L? V UM bgwvk fx WWW W J Q99 X xlwf - 1 fx 3 ' K W , ' If y' w V 1 f ' 7 fl ,X -f" , J , V , . W , 1 f ff, 7,4 ,R ff bf ' 4 ,. "dx N- XX' 5' , f ' , ix f V, . in ,. X ff V Kdfgy K xx R L I K , ' I 1 1 "" - 1 1 ,W ' , ' -X 'X.KJ,,.1 gx ' ' , ' f 1 95 ' I I ' , f ' Q In If-4 N 4 I I 7 I I f H I ' fl JK' ,V f' X ' " I, . i ff, Alf! V! I ,A f , , ' X f, 'll IX. ' -V 11" . ,, 5 1 , - --. . V v.,z ' . 1 ' -., X -V 1 - ' '

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