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7' v 1 MW' ab' 'K' '22, flu ' 'V 'v :iw , 4 'WH- wvf 'T -3 The Portion I9 9 Table of Contents Guldlng Hands 411 Senlors 12 31 Classes 3249 ACIIVIIICS 50 67 Athletlcs 78 81 Advertlsements. 92 111 School Life ....... 68-77 Guiding Hands Q7 mf ,.f'-""" Roy C Ketoham Pres: dent Florence G Frm Clerk "1 Board of Educatlon I would applaud thee to the very echo That should applaud agam Shakespeare To the Board of Educatlon o special wlshes and thanks Themr declslons are the ones that ,oxern all phases of our school llfe Thelrs are the prob lems of chooslnc and malntamm courses whlch wlll prepare us to meet the challen es of a rapldlx chan lnff world Wlth them rest the dec1s1ons 1n PTOXICIIFI well rounded extra currlcular opportun 1t1es The complexltles of proudm faclhtles to meet the demands of a ffrovun populatlon are num berless For these Jl1dlCl0US and tlreless efforts we salute the Board of Educatlon Toplvtt to rzght Xlhert L Canale Anthonx I' IJ1NIarro Jo eph F Ludemg Dr ,Ifhn Nlltrhell Bottom left to nah! lrvlne T Rohm on Robert T Wan Yleflt lame Lwn Mtornex Carletonl Re wea Trea urer dmlnlstratlon T e Hand that perl the ae a torexel 1 ld the time llmhe 0CC8QlOl13llX durln the rush of he school das me become aware of the ad mmlstratlon when the lon hand of dlS c1pl1ne reaches toward u But the admm xstrators do much more for us than thls Thew hold the kex to mnumerable hours spent IH Ullldlll and plannlnff Thelr pa tlence and mteffrlts are xmmeasurable Thex need no mtroductlon for we are alwass aware of thelr lmmltable presence 'Vlr E Joseph Keffan Nlr Ben F lnvraham Nlr Thomas Brook Nlr James Vanderpoel and Nlr Anthom Perrone hate truly earn ed conbratulatlons for a job well done The careful p1lot of m ro lim Schools Ben F Ingraham Jun1orSen1or y p p Hlgh School Prlncxpal er woe Bw ron Throubh the course of our wears here at Wapprngers we have come to reahze the true value of our gulclance coun selors Throu h thelr untlrlng efforts thev have ,gradually achleved somethm of whlch both we and they can be proud-character These u1d mv hands belong to none oth er than MISS Georglanna Gur nev Mlss Rosemary Laffln Wir Thomas Cavanaugh and Nfr Rlchard Jacobson Top rou. Jame L Nanderpoel A I JunlorSen1or Hugh Srhfol Prmclpal Xnthom P Perrone Nd mlm tratne -Xssl tant Thomas Brooks Attendance Offxrer Bottom rou. Culdance Personnel Georgl anna L Curnew Thomas J Caxanaugh Roseman T Laffm Rlchard Jacobson O O . 5' l'l u J LL' I sh ll lo key." J' S ' ' .- Q -' ' gl . t ' V h I n I' V U 4 - I 1: V . . 5 ' S- .- o u . U Y . n . I - z: c r:-' s X c- .Y M ' .4 ' ' C . . . . C . . . - A . S. . . , rr ' - O E, Joseph Kegan, Superintendent of gg u V - , B l. . y - 97 U . U . . . . D K A , 1 U' Y . ' . . U . z:- ' ff ' . K , . E X D I , ,s 1 iv!-, 'Q 5 J, ' . .SS. A -.J I - , r - A I .' ,' - v - ' li ,J 00 Let top to bottom Engllsh De partment Dennis J Hannan Chalrman Wllllam 'NIcAlduff Marguente Adams Rlchard Au dette Ralph Capasso Rtght top to bottom Henry Cussler Eu gene Cold Althea Orlando V1v1an Roberts Edxth Strmg am Mr Ralph Capasso Left top to bottom Sclence Department Douglas Dep pe Chaxrman LOUIS Clausen Davld Fosmxre Harold Gxbbs John Glass Rtght left to bottom Harvey Cold schmldt Wllllam Kalmowskx C Lloyd Mann Fellx Scardapane Harold Taylor Top left to nght Jumor Hlgh Core 'Nlyra Eventt Ellzabeth Lockwood Allce McAndrew James G Mead Bottom left to right Cathenne Oliva Julia Prout Louise Sakowlch Patrxck Vlgl0lll 'S' Nlxss Joanne Fontanella ff Mr. Eugene Gold a QW if -v -- A tif Ss t. 3 A ' W i 9 A - Left to right: Citizenship Edu- cation Department: Robert Ham- mond, Chairman: Marjorie Bain: Eugene Chamberlain: William Donohueg Jerome Haffner: Mar- guerite Hannon: Manfred Hock- muth: Stanley Kaminskig George Toomey: Charles W. Wells. J Mr. Thomas Macrini. Left top to bottom: Mathematics Department: Kermit R. Farr, Chairman: Elise Cusslerg Joanne Fontanellag George Hoppockg Leyden Wells. Right top to bottom: Commerce Department: Fred V. Damanda. Chaimiang Geraldine Davidsong Harold W. Meath: Richard Smith: Walter White. Top left to right: Vera Terpening, Librarian: Sarah P. Taylor: Special class: Thelma Hall, Reading: Walter Meier, Driver Training. Bottom left to right: Music Department: Donald L. Lockwood, Chairman: Anthony Frisina: Frank Paine: Emil Navor. Speech and Drama. A , ' V 4 , ,, I i ' Q. f . 1, 3 fri' , ,vii is V . t ' 1. l A' A 5 e W? t ' UU Left to rtght Home Economlcs De partment Florence S Camenga Bar bara W Russell Left to rtght Art Department A thony Caccamo Charrman Francls Weatherbee 4? Left top to bottom Language Department Elnzabeth Clear water Chairman Ann Grlf flths Sue .losephs Patrlcla Center top to bottom l dustrxal Arts Department Peter C Furnarl Chalrman John Flore Lawrence Fort Robert F Plggott Rzght top to bottom Physlcal Ed Department Thomas D MHCTIHI Chairman Angelma Bantuwams David Beverly Ehzabeth Pauquette Ronald Fortm Mr Em1lNavor Stewart Forde Mrs Ellse Cus ler Mr Denms Hannan .4 il 5 Mary Graham Nurse Dorothea Kelley Nurse William Wolfson Psychologist Joan Mxtchell Speech Theraprst Jean nette Conley Dental Hygtemst eFtFF t . t W t . ' Q ' 3 , t-,' vt, - " l l , , ' l t jg V W Murphy. Q I ' L, 1. .,f...g K XX Eti ,L A l al 'gil , 2 Il- , ,.v, Vktk ki , -VV I I '. 3 , V , 3,4 z ur. A 5, .U : , . P to uvygzi Q f A . i . , C ' X' CFL: " a ' Q' f f FR ' g y 4' ,,f , I , ' I CAFETERIA STAI- I- It goes wlthout saung that you of the cafeterxa staff are pretty popu lar wlth us We all know that much plannmg and preparatlon goes mto the wonderful lunches you prepare for us L Krahn A Damanda D CHIUCCI E Ferguson S Fusaro OFFICE STAFF Bl S DRIVERS Kneeling J Delaney 'N Fu aro E Bernstem Serond Rou G Don ley H lNenn1 J Alfano 1 Hund C B cker W S x Carrlgan Nl Olson R Wat on J 'Nloore J Delano Third Rou T Laffxn S 'Nlarmo What proflclency dwells ln the busy hands of the sec retarlesl Thelr skllled touch on a typwrxter transforms to llfe the otherwlse muted records so vltal to students and teachers allke To you we say many thanks for your va uable asslstance Left front to back H McClouskey F Gray B Frlday O Rozlch B Anderson Right front to back M Farley E Stevens M Van DeCa rr E TFHVIC Aff L. 1. 1- r if ,ft . "Q A, .i- ' -," . ':. s . g.' 3. ' ' ' leyg . e 1 '. ylestrig V -- 5- 2 c. .' ' . 5. Q. . . . , ' l- ':. 3. g.':. 'Q . .. :, g. 5. :. .. SENIIIIIS Mafimie Albert Charles W- AHJCIISOD Russell G. Allen "Margie" "Gunner" "Russ" Activities: Beacon Activities: Varsity Bas- Activities: Radio Club High School 9, 103 Li- brary Assistant 11, 12. Richard C, Amodeo 'iRichie" Activities: Stage Man- ager 12g Debate Soci- ety 9-113 Chess Club 93 Intramurals 9. 11. Anna Antoniolli "Anna" Activities: Varsity Cheerleader 123 Boost- er Club 123 Announce- ment Comm. 123 J. V. Cheerleader 113 C. O. Representative 10, 123 Leaders Club 11, 123 Prom Comm. 11: Moving-Up Day Skit 10: Intramurals 9-12. Richard Atkins ketball 11. 123 Varsity Soccer 9-123 Varsity Club 11, 123 1. V. Bas- ketball 9, 102 Dance Comm. 9-12. Ella C. Andresen "Kiki" Activities: Honor Soci- ety 123 Monitorial Board 123 Leaders Club 11, 121 Portico Business Staff 11, 12: Play Comm. 123 C. O. Representative 123 Prom Comm. 113 Ring Comm. 113 Class Of- ficer 10. Barbara Armstrong "Barbo" Activities: Honor Soci- ety 123 Monitorial Board 123 Play Busi- ness Manager 12g C. O. Representative 9, 10, 123 Prom Comm. 111 lntramurals 9-12. Dennis Beahan 113 Dramatics Club 9. John E. Andresen "John" Activities: Honor So- ciety 11. 12: Class Treasurer 123 Beauti- fication Comm. 123 C, 0. Representative 123 Varsity Track 10-123 Portico Sports Staff 11: Wapperian Report- er 113 Prom Comm. 11, 12. Anthony Samuel Asaro "Tony" Activities: Play Comm. 123 Monitorial Board 11, 123 Varsity Basket- ball 11, 123 Ring Comm. 113 C. O. Rep- resentative 10Q Dance Comm. 9, 103 .l. V. Basketball 9, 10. Donald R. Becker "Richie" "Den" "Beck" Activities: Intramurals Activities: Play Comltl. 0.10, 123 Model Airplane Club 93 Checker Club 93 Intramurals 9. Susan Berkerleg Edward Benes Janet Berger "Sue" "1if1die" "lan" Activities: 1. e ad e r s Actisities: Operetta 9: Club 9, 12: Library As- Photography Club 93 sistant 9, lntramurals 9. 10. Activities: Honor So- ciety 123 Wapperian News Etlillrr 11. 12: Play 12: fi, U. hin- ancial Comm. 113 Thespian Society 12: Library Assistant 9-123 Wlapperian Reporter 9- 113 Dramatics Club 9- 121 lntramurals 11. 12. Thomas J. Berta "Tom" Activities: Alt. St. Ali- chael9. 10: Poster Club 9. 10: Honor So- ciety 12: Play 12: C. O. Store Worker 12: fl. O. l1oosterClub 12: Cap and Gown Comm. 12: C. 0. lleautifiva- tion Comm. 12: Gallery Club 11. 12: Camera Club 12: Spanish Club 12. Beverly Ann Black "Prev" Activities: j, V. Cheer- leader 9: Varsity Cheerleader 10: Lead- ers Club 9: Dance Comm. 9. 10: C, O. Representative 9: Mov- ing-llp Day Comm. 9: Intramurals 9. 10. Joseph F. Brouthers "Joe" Activities: Radio-V i s- ual Club 9-12. Helen K. Castle "Shorty" Activities: Booster Club 12: Library .Assistant 9-12: Prom Comm. 11: Moving-Up Day Skit 10. Patricia Cleary "Pat" Activities: Dance Comm. 12: G. 0. Representative 10. Patricia Biasotti "Pat" Activities: Leaders Club 11, 12: Monitor- ial Board 12: Chorus 12: 1'sherette12: Square Dancing Club 9: Cap and Cown Comm. 12: Dance Comm. 9. Reid Allen Black "Reid" joseph ,lohn Burns "Joe" Raymond Chase ..Ray.. Patricia Cole "Pat" Activities: Library As- sistant 9-llg Dancing Club 9: Crafts Club 9. Harry Eugene Bittenbender "Harry" Activities: C. O. Store Worker 11. Roy A. Boyce "Roy" Activities: P o r t i t' o Photography Editor 11, 12: Portico ll a n c e Comm. 12: Wapperian Photgraphy Editor 11. Roger Allan Card "Rug" Activities: V a r s it y Football 11. 12: Varsi- ty Football Mgr. 12: J. V, Football 10: ll. A. C. 10-12. Cail Ann Christopher "Gail" Activities: 1. ll. Nl. Co- op. 12: Dance Comm. 121 Prom Comm. 11. Peter Collins "Pete" Activities: Wrestling 11. 12: Band 9, 10. ,Ioan Contratti "loco" Activities: Wapperian Typing Editor 11, 12: Wapperian Staff 11: Booster Club 11. 12: Library Assistant 9. 10. 12: Nloving-Ifp Day Skit 10: Leaders Club 10: Cheerleading Club 9: Intramurals 9. Mary Ann Crusie "Mac" Activities: Wapperian Reporter 10-12: Play Comm. 12: C. 0. Store Worker 12: C-. O. Fi- nancial Comm, 11: Prom Comm. 11: Dance Comm, 9, 10: Dancing Club 9: Intramurals 9- 12. .leanne Mae De Lancey "Jean" Susan Dilsandro L'Sue" Activities: Play Comm. 12: Announce- ment Comm, 12: Lead- ers Club 9-12: G. Store Worker 9-11: G. U. Representative 9. Raymond Dixon ..Ray.. Activities: Chess Club 10: Archery Club 9. 0. Elizabeth Denise Corwin 'LDenise" Activities: Cornwall-on- Hudson High School 9. 10: Intramurals 11. Clenford Davenport "Glen" Activities: Nlonitorial Board 12: Announce- ment Comm. 12: 1. V. Football 10: Dance Comm. 10. 11: Usher 11. Margaret L. Dethlefs "fN1aggot" Activities: P 0 rt ic o Editor -in - Chief 12: Honor Society 12: Monitorial Board 11, 12: All-State Band 9- 12: Band 9-12: All- County B a n d 9-12: Class President 10: Ring Comm, 11: Prom Co m m. 11: Dance Comm. 10: Chorus 9. 10: Operettas 9, 10. Eda Di Marco l'Edie" Activities: Dance Com- mittee 9. Frances E. Egenberger 'lFran" Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: Portico Typ- ing Erlitor 12: C. 0. Store Secretary 12: C. 0. Store Worker 12: Callery Club 12: Por- tico Dance Comm, 12: Portit-o Tying Staff 11: Play I'-herette 11: 1.i- brary Assistant 9-12: Chorus ll: All-State County Chorus ll: Moving-I'p Day Comm. 10: Dance Comm. 9: Intramurals 9, Anthony Costa "Tony" Activities: Debate So- ciety 12: Play Comm, 12: G. 0. Representa- tive 12: Intramurals 9- 12. C-uyDearing "Beaver" Activities: .I. V. Foot- ball 9, 10: Varsity Football 11, 12. Martha Ann Diesing "Marty" Activities: Varsity Cheerleader 12: J. V. Cheerleading Captain 11: Class Vice Presi- dent 10, 12: Class Sec- retary 11: Chorus 11: Prom Comm. 11, 12: C. 0. Representative 10: Intramurals 9-12. Marie-Ann DiNonno "Mimi" Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: Varsity Cheer- leader 11, 129 J. V. Cheerleader 10: An- nouncement Comm. 12: Prom Comm. 11: Dance Comm. 9. 10: Operetta 10: Dramatics Club 9. Charles William Einolf. Jr. "Charlie" Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: C. O. Repre- sentative l2: C. 0. Store Worker 12: Beau- tification Comm. 12: Chemistry Club 11: Camera Club 11: Sci- ence Fair 1O. ll: Radio Club 9: Science Club 9. David Eisenhart "Dave" Activities: Booster Club 12: lntramurals 9. Carol Ann Erickson "Carol" Activities: Twirl- ing Club 9: Intramur- als 10, 11. Harold Fisher 'LMoose" Activities: V ar s i t y Football 12: J. V. Foot- ball 9, 10: J. V. Base- ball 9: B. A. C. 9. Joan Gajdos Joan" Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: Class Secre- tary 12: Class Treas- urer 11: Prom Comm. 11: G. 0. Representa- tive 10-12: Intramurals 10-12. Herbert Allen Green "Al" Activities: J. V. Foot- ball 10: Varsity Foot- ball 11. John E. Emery "Jack" Activities: Class Presi dent 12: Class Vice President 11: Varsity Football 12: Monitorial Board 11, 12: Varsity Baseball 11: Ring Comm. 11: J. V. Base- ball 10. Lynda Every "Lynda" Activities: Booster Club 12: Wapperian Staff 11, 12: Wapperian Re- porter 11, 12: G. 0. Representative 11: In- tramurals 9-12, Stewart Forde 'LStew" Activities: Play 12: Portico Literary Staff 12: Wapperian Staff 12: Prom Comm. 11: Moving-Up Day Skit 9, 10: Operetta 9, 10: Men's Glee Club 9, 10: Debate 9: Card Club 9: Intramurals 9, 12. John Gildersleeve "Gilly" Activities: All - State Band 10-12: All-Coun- ty 10-12: Drum Major 11, 12: Prom Comm. 11: Play Comm. 12: J. V. Football 10. Carole Gail Greene "Candie" Activities: Portico Ac- tivities Editor l2: Play 12: Dance Comm. 12: Portico Dance Comm. 12: Library Assistant 10, 11: Spanish Club 11. lvilliam Epstein "Bill" Activities: Ca p and Gown Comm. 12: Prom Comm. 12: Spanish Club 9: Intramurals 9- 12. Willard C. Farley, Jr. uBiun Ronald Fortin "Ronnie" Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: G. O. Store Worker 12: Play 12: Thespian Society 11, 12: Wapperian 12: Booster Club 12: Gal- lery Club 11. 12, Robert William Govern "Bob" Activities: Science Fair 11: Chemistry Club 11. James E. Grosenbeck "Jim" Activities: Gallery Club 11: Football 10: lntra- murals 9, 10. Peter Gutschneider "Pete" Activities: Prom Comm. 123 D a n ce Comm. 123 Gallery Club 113 Usher 113 G. 0. Representative 93 Shop Club 9. Barbara C. Hendricks "Bobbie" Activities: Booster Club 122 Portico Business Staff 11, 123 Wapper- ian Typing Staff 11, 123 G. O. Representa- tive 113 Dance Comm. 9, 10. Nancy Hicks "Nan'c" Activities: Play Comm. 123 Leaders Club 11, 123 Band 9-123 Chorus 9, 103 Orchestra 9, 103 Wapperian Staff 9g In- tramurals 9-12. James Howard S6Jirn!9 Activities: Soccer 9, 10, 11, 123 Varsity Club 11, 12. John Husted "John" Activities: Dance Comm. 123 J. V. Foot- ball IOQ Intramurals 11. Paul Hannigan "Doc" Activities: Varsity Soc- cer 11. Ernest M. Henzler "Ernie" Activities: Varsity Football 11, 12g J. V. Football 9, 102 B. A. C. 9, 10: Intramurals 9, 10. Elizabeth Hill "Liz" Activities: Marjorette 11, 121 Dramatics Club 12, Gallery Club Treasurer 123 Chorus 9-11, Operettas 9, 10. John William Hughes "Bill" Activities: Varsity Soc- cer 9-123 J. V. Baseball 9-113 Intramurals 9, 10. Stephen Lee Hutman "Steve" Richard Harris "Rich" Activities: V a r s i t y Track 9-123 Thespian Society 10-123 Stage Crew 10-121 Audio-Vis- ual Club 9-123 Chorus 9. Harriet F. Hey "Harriet" Activities: Honor So- ciety 123 Leaders Club 9-123 Orchestra 9, 103 G. O. Representative l03 Wapperian Staff 9. Daniel B. Houston "Dan" Activities: C. O. Presi- dent 12, Honor Society 11, 123 Varsity Soccer 11, 123 Play 12g Class President 113 Prom Comm. 113 Ring Comm. 113 J. V. Basketball 10. James Husted 55Jim!9 Activities: Varsity Bas- ketball 11, 123 Soccer ll, 123 J. V. Basketball 9, 10: .I. V. Baseball 9, 10. Edwin John Hyatt KSEd1! Activities: Audio-Vis- ual Club 10-12. Elaine G. .Iaycox "Lanie" Activities: L e a d e r s Club 123 Booster Club 123 Cap and Gown Comm. 123 P fom Comm, 113 Intramurals 11. Anna Mae Johnson "Anna" Activities: G. A. C. 9- 12: Chorus 9. James Kennedy Bijimii Activities: Soccer 11, 123 Prom Comm. Co- Chairman 113 Baseball Mgr. 11: G. O. Repre- sentative 93 Intramur- als 9, 10. Herman Kluge "Blitz" Activities: V a r s i t y Football 123 Play 123 Honor Society 123 J. V. Football 9-113 B. A. C. 113 lNlen's Glee Club 103 Stage Crew 102 Dance Comm. 103 In- tramurals 9, 10. Vivian Knapp aviv.. Activities: S q u a r e Dancing Club 9. Linda M. Jaycox "Lin" Activities: Honor So- ciety 123 G. O. Repre- sentative 123 Play As- sistant Business Man- ager 123 Leaders Club 9-123 Leaders Club Secretary 113 Prom Comm. 113 Intramurals 11. Judith Helen Jordan "Judv" Activities: Honor So- ciety 123 Portico Liter- ary Staff 12: G. O. Store Worker 123 Wap- perian Staff 11, 123 Library Assistant 10. Margaret Ann Kerr "Peggy" Activities: V a r s i t y Cheerleader 12: Dance Comm. 123 J, V. Cheer- leader 113 Booster Club 123 Gallery Club 113 Dancing C l u b 103 Cheerleading Club 9. Barbara Joan Klump "Barb" Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: Portico Girls Sports Editor 12: Play Comm. 123 Play Prop- erties Comm. Chair- man 123 Announce- ment Comm. 12: Por- tico Dance Comm. 12g Prom Comm, 113 Dance Comm. 9, 103 G. O. Representative 93 Intramurals 9-11. Patricia Lee Kovacs "Pat" Activities: Honor So- ciety 123 Leaders Club '10-123 G. O. Repre- sentative IOQ Wapper- ian Staff 9, 103 Intra- murals 9-11. Janet Jenkins "Janet" Activities: Honor So- ciety 11, 122 Play 12: Leaders Club 11, 123 Prom Comm. 113 Dance Conun. 9, 103 Orchestra 103 Wapper- ian Business Staff 9. Robert Kalter nB0bn Activities: J. V. Foot- ball 93 Intramurals 9, 10. Georgette Ann Killmer "Georgie" Activities: B o o s t e r Club 123 Gallery Club 11, 123 G. O. Store Worker 113 Stage Crew 11, 123 J. V. Cheerleader 93 Intra- murals 9. James Knapp IIJ im!! Bonnie J. Kriscka "Bonnie" Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: Booster Club President 123 Portico Picture E d i to r 123 Prom Comm. 113 Play Comm. 123 Intramurals 11. John Lahey rtllackn Carol Margaret Leo "Cleo" Activities: Varsity Cheerleader 9-12: Var- sity Club 12: Varsity Cheerleading Captain 12: C. O. Representa- tive 9-11: G. O. Ad- vertising Comm. Chair- man 11: Dance Comm. 11: Moving-Up Day Skit 10: Chorus 9, 10: Dancing Club 9: In- tramurals 9-12. Beverly Ann Linkey "Bev" Activities: Library As- sistant 12g Gallery Club President 11: Gal- lery C 1 u b Program Chairman 11: Dance Comm. 9. William A. Loos "Bill" Activities: Cf, O. Rep- resentative 12: G. 0. Store Worker 12: C. O. Beautification Comm. 12: Soccer 11, 12: Intramurals 9, 10. Gerald Lutz lhlerryh Activities: V a r s i t y Football 12 C h e s s Club 9: Science Club 9, 10: Intramurals 9- 11. Richard William Lahey "Dick" Activities: Soccer 12: J. V. Football 11: G. 0. Representative 9, 11: Archery Club 9. Roberta Lewis "Bobbie-nl' Activities: Nott Ter- race High School 10: Niskayuna High School 11: Cheerleading Club 11: Leaders Club 11: Honor Society 11: Tri- Hi-Y 11: C. A. A. 11: Language Club 11: Math Club 11. Elizabeth Ann Litz "Betty" Activities: Play Ticket Comm. Chairman 12' Spanish Club 12: G. O. Store Worker 11, 12: Chorus 10, 12: Band 10: Debate So- ciety 10: Operetta 12: Intramurals 10-12. Fern Louise Losee "Foo-Foo" Activities: Chorus 12: Usherette 12: Dance Comm. 9, 11: Dancing Club 9: Intramurals 9. Edward McCaffery "Eddie" Activities: V a r s i t y Football 12: J. V. Football 10, 11: Intra- murals 9. 10. Linda Ellen Latham "Linda" Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: Play Usher- elle 12: Cv. 0. Store Worker 12: Portico Typing Staff 11: Con- cert Usherette 11. .Ioan Linge ",Ioanie" Activities: Oak- wood School 9: All- State Chorus 12: All- County Chorus 11: In- tramurals 10. Donna R. Lockwood "Donna" Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: All-State Band 10-12: All-Coun- ty Band 9-11: March- ing Band 9-12: G. O. Store Worker 12. Stephen Luty "Steve" Activities: J. V. Foot- ball 9, 10: Dance Comm. 10, 11: Intra- murals 9-12. Arthur M. McCluskey "der Fuhrer" Activities: Varsity Soc- cer 11, Gerard John McCluskey lbilerryvv James Mahoney uhm.. Activities: Basketball Mgr. 123 Intramurals 9-12. Judith Masterson "Judie" Activities: Dance Comm. 9, 10: Dancing Club 93 Photography Club 93 Chorus 9g In- tramurals 9, 10. Michael Mazochi "Mike" Activities: V a r s i t y Soccer 10-123 Varsity Baseball 11, 123 Var- sity Club 123 J. V. Bas- ketball 10. 113 J. V. Baseball 102 G. 0. Representative 9, 123 Varsity Track 9g Intra- murals 9. 10. Rosemarie Monteforte nR0.. Activities: P o r t i c o Typing Staff 111 Prom Comm. 113 D a nce Comm. 9-123 Dancing Club 9. Vincent McKay lLVinnyVV Anita A. Manos "Anita" Activities: "Wapperian Assistant Editor 11. 123 G. O. Publicity Comm. Chairman 123 Play Comm. Chairman 12: Booster Club 11. 123 G, O. Representa- tive 123 Prom Comm. 111 Intramurals 11. 12. William Stephen Masterson "Mung" Activities: Dance Comm. 103 Dancing Club 9g Football Mgr. 93 Intramurals 9. Barbara Ann Miller "Barb" Activities: Boos ter Club 123 Play Comm. 123 Library Assistant 9-123 Foreign Student Comm. 113 Wapperian Assistant Editor11, 123 Dramatics Club 9-113 Intramurals 9. Lewis Moraitis .Lew-, Activities: C. O. Moni- torial Board 123 G. O. Store Worker 123 C. 0. Representative 11. Charles J. Mahoney "Sam" Activities: Prom Comm. 11: Moving-Up Day Skit 10Q Intra- murals 9, 10. Sheila E. Mason "Sheila" Activities: intramurals 11. Patricia Ann Maurer "Pam" Activities: Portico Bus- iness Staff 9-113 Band 9-123 Chorus 9-123 Or- chestra 10-123 Dance Band 10-121 All-Coun- ty 9-123 All-State 9-123 Dance Comm. 103 Ope- rettas 9. 103 Cheer- leading Club 9, Vincent l., Molinaro "Molly" Edward L. Mulford "Peg Leg" Activities: Play 12: Stage Crew 123 Prom Comm. 122 Varsity Football 11. 123 Var- sity Club 123 J. V. Football 9. 103 B. A. C. Club 9. 103 Beau- tification Comm. 93 Chess Club 93 Intra- murals 9, 10. I . J Sandra Murphy usandyn Activities: D a n c i n g Club 9. Jeffrey Otto "Jeff" Activities: Monitorial Board 125 Wapperian Reporter 125 C. O. Beautification Comm. 125 Cap and Gown Comm. 125 Play Stage Mgr. 125 Usher 115 Science Club 95 Intra- murals 10. James N. Parsons ibJirnYl Activities: G. O. Busi- ness Manager 115 Vis- ual Education 125 Wap- perian Staff 105 Stage Crew 9-125 Typing Club 9. Bonnie Pawson l6B0n17 Activities: Intramurals 10, 11. Herbert David Petty "Dave" Activities: Varsity Club 125 Prom Comm. 11, 125 Varsity Soccer 11, 125 Varsity Track 95 Chess Club 95 ln- tramurals 9, 10. David C. Nevers "Dave" Activities: Prom Comm. 125 Booster Katherine Otterbach "Kathy" Activities: Wapperian Reporter 11, 125 Boost- Club 11: Play Comm. er Club 11, 125 G. 0. 125 C. O. Store Work- er 115 Intramurals 9, 10. Antoinette Mary Paino "Toni" Activities: Chorus 10- 125 All-State Chorus 115 All-County Chorus 115 Operetta 105 Dance Comm. 9. Beverly Paskell "Bev" Activities: A rl i n g- ton High School 9-115 Dramatics Club 115 Chorus 11. Robert Pearson i6BohU Financial Comm, 115 Intramurals 9-11. Thomas D. Palmatier NTOUIYI Activities: Beacon High 9, 10. Marion Jean Paskey "Marion" Activities: G. O. Sec- retary 125 Play Comm. 115 Foreign Student Comm. 10, 115 G. O. Store Worker 10, 115 Dramatics Club 105 Square Dancing Club 9. Roger C. Perry .tR0g,, Activities: Varsity Activities: Dover High Club 11. 12: Vafsift' School 9, 10. Track 9-125 Varsity 11- 12. .Iules Joseph Pigliacampi "Julie" Activities: Honor So- ciety 11, 125 Monitorial Board Captain 125 Var- sity Baseball 11, 125 Varsity Basketball 11, 125 Varsity Soccer, 11, 125 Ring Comm. 115 J. V. Baseball 9, 105 J. V. Basketball 9, 10. Carol Plimley "Carol" Activities: D a n c i n g Club 95 Intramurals 9-12. Patricia Podes "Pat" Activities: Honor So- ciety 123 I. B. M. Co- Op. 123 Portico Busi- ness Staff 123 Prom- Comm. 113 Debate So- ciety 11. Carol Ann Post "Carol" Activities: Usherette 123 Chorus 10-123 eretta 103 G. 0. Store Worker 9-11. Alexander Ricci "Ric" Activities: Poughkeep- sie High School 93 Play Comm. 12: Prom Comm. 123 Stage Crew 123 Intramurals 11. Robert H. Rose "Bob" Activities: G, O. Repre- sentative 123 Intramur- als 9, 10. Carlotta A. Sartori "Cookie" Activities: Danc- ing Club 93 Intramur- als 10, 11. Yvonne Ann Polito "Yvonne" Grace Ann Pollock "Grace" Activities: Play Comm. Activities: Band 93 In- 12: G. O. Representa- tramurals 9, 10. tive 103 Dancing Club 93 Dance Comm. 9, 10. Jo Ann Raffaele MJD., Activities: I. B. M, Co- 0p3 123 Play Comm. 123 Dance Comm. 123 Prom Comm. 113 Danc- ing Club 93 Intramur- als 11. Stephen R. Roach "Steve-0" Activities: Metal Shop Club 9: Intramurals 9. Carol Rubino "Carol" Activities: Dance Comm. 123 Dancing Club 93 Intramurals 9-11. Sandra Jeanne Saxon 'iSandi" Michael Rende "Mike" Activities: Play Comm. 123 Band 9-123 Orch- estra 9-11Q Chorus 9, 103 Varsity Baseball 11: .1. V. Football IOQ J. V. Baseball 105 Bi- ology Club 10. Bernard Roe "Bernie" Activities: Tottenville High School 9: Play 123 Dance Comm. 123 Marching Band 10, 113 Concert Band 10, 11. Rosemarie Salvati GROW! Activities: Dance Comm. 123 C. O. Store Worker 12: Pla y Comm. 123 P r o m Comm. 113 Dancing Club 9. Beverly M. Schultz st Bevn Activities: Usherette Activities: Dance 10, 11. Prom Comm. Comm. 10: Usherette 113 C. 0. Representa- 103 Dancing Club 9. tive 112 Leaders Club 9-123 Dramatics Club 9g Intramurals 9-12. N r A 1 K 4 .4 Y 1 . 1 In ' jx' V for Q fr ,vel-.1 1 if ,- Grace Marie Sciacca "Grace" Activities: Honor So- ciety 125 I. B. M. Co- Op. 125 Portico Typ- ing Staff 115 Dance Comm. 9-125 Prom Comm. 115 Dancing Club 95 Intramurals 11. Steven F. Shavkin "Steve" Activities: Play Comm. 125 Electronics Club 11, 12: J. V. Baseball 10. Ada Elizabeth Smart "Ada" Activities: Honor So- siety 11, 125 Wapper- ian Editor-in-Chief 11, 125 G, 0. Secretary 115 Play 125 Monitor- ial Board 125 Wapper- ian Associate Editor 10, 115 Library Assist- ant 9-11. Carl Spoerer "Carl" Activities: Honor So- ciety 125 Debate Soci- ety 9-125 Play 125 Var- sity Soccer 9-12: Wap- p e r i a n Photography Editor 12: Portico Dance C o m m. 125 Dance Comm. 12: Klon- itorial Board 11. 12: Prom C o m m. 11: Audio-Visual Club 9- 12. Regina Anne Tait ,,Reg.. Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: G. 0. Store Worker 12: P 1 a y Comm. 125 Wapperian Associate Editor ll, 125 G. O. Financial Comm. ll: Dance Comm. 9-12: Intra- murals 9-12. Glenn Scofield "Glenn" Activities: J. V. Bas- ketball 95 Intramurals 10. Christopher Simonetty "Buster" Activities: C a r cl i n- al Hayes High School 9-115 Math. Club 9-115 Spanish Club 9-115 In- tramurals 9-12. Russell Smith "Russ" Activities: Play Comm. 125 Varsity Football 11, 125 .I. V. Football 9, 105 B. A. C. 9-12. Earle Roy Stevens "Steve" Donna Ann Taylor i'D0n-Ann" Activities: Prom Comm. 11: Chorus 9- 12: Library Assistant 9-115 Operettas 9. 10: Dance Comm. 9. Sandra Joy Sedore "Sandy" Activities: Booster Club 125 Thespian Society 11, 125 Gallery Club 11, 12: Prom Comm, 115 Wapperiar typing staff 115 Ring Comm. 115 Dramatics Club 105 Library Assistant 9-125 Intramurals 10. Charles Sinsabaugb "Charlie" Activities: Intramurals 9, 10. Ronald Smyrski "Ron" Activities: Honor So- ciety l1, 125 Portico Sports Editor 125 Mon- itorial Board 125 Por- tico Dance Comm. 125 Announcement Comm. 125 Play Comm, 125 J. V. Baseball 105 G. O. Representative 9: Intramurals 9, 10. Mary Strobel 'LTina" Activities: Wapperian Business Manager 11. 12: Usherette 9-125 G. O, Store Worker ll- Q Prom Comm. ll. 12: Library Assistant 95 Debate Society 9, 105 Dancing Club 9. Dante Terralavoro HD. T." Activities: V a r s i t y Football 10-125 Play Comm. 125 Va rs i t y Club 11. 12: B. A. C. 9-125 Dance Comm. 115 Intramurals 10, 11. '73 Patricia Ann Timbo "Pat" Activities: Honor So- ciety 121 Prom Comm. 11: Dance Comm. 9. Elaine Ann Truax "I.anie" Activities: Prom Comm, 11: Dance Comm. 9. 10: Intra- murals 9. Ronald Yan Kleeck "Ronnie" Activities: J. V. Foot- ball 103 Dancing Club 93 Intramurals 9, 10. Lynn Martin Tonsing "Lynn" Activities: llonitorial Board 12: Varsity Base- ball 11: Prom. Comm. 11: 1. Y. Baseball 10. Dance Comm. 9: In- tramurals 9, Eleanor Valachovir "Ellie" Activities: Varsity Cheerleader 11, 12: Announcement Comm. 12: Prom Comm. 11: Portico Sports Staff 11: Ring Comm. 11: Leaders Club 11, 12: C. O. Representative 9: Intramurals 9-12. Nlarilyn Yan Zant "Marilyn" Activities' Play Comm. 123 C. O. Representa- tive 11, 12Q Leaders Club 9-123 Wapperian Business Staff 11, 12: Prom Comm. 113 Dance Comm. 9, 10. Usherette 11. Dwight Townsend "Dwight" Activities: J. V. Basket- ball 9. 10: Varsity Bas- ketball 11. 12: Intra- murals 9. 11. Elmer Stewart Yan Anden "Meri" Boseann Yerzi HRH.. Ac tivities: Dance Comm. 9. 12: 1'sheret- te 11. 123 Chorus 11. 123 Library Assistant 9-123 Moving-Lp Day Skit 9. 10: Intramur- als 9. Meta Von Borstel Mary Elizabeth Walsh Barbara WHN1611 'iN1eta" "Marv" "Bobbie" Activities: C. 0, Vice- A C t i v i t i e s: Dance 50111111652 ANNOUNCE- President 12: Honor Comm. 10: Intramurals men! CUIUYU- 121 Lead- Society 11. 12: Play 10-12. CTS Club 9-122 C- 0 123 Prom Comm, 113 Representative 10. Debate Society 9. 103 Dance Comm. 9. 10: Dramatics Club 9: In- tramurals 9-12. Carolvn Wesley "Carol" Activities: Honor So- ciety 12: Dance Comm. 123 Chorus 10-12: Op- eretta 103 1'sherette 11. .lean B. Westerfield "Jeanie" Activities: Honor So- ciety 11, 123 Portico Literary Editor 123 C. O. Representative 12: Wapperian Editorial Board 11. 123 Library Assistant 10-123 Jr. Red Cross Club 9. Theodore R. Wetzel "Ted" Activities: C. 0. Busi- ness Manager 12: C. O, Store Manager 123 Monitorial Board 123 Dance Comm. Chair- man 123 Varsity Soc- cer 11. 12: Beautifica- tion Comm. 111 Dance Comm. 113 Intramurals 9, 10. I? 'W' iff Marilyn Lucille Woisin "Marilyn" Activities: Usherette 11g Dance Comm. 9, 105 Dancing Club 9. William P. Wood "Woody" Activities: J. V. Base- ball 10g Electronics Club 11. James Richard Worthy "Rum" Activities: Dormo nt High School 95 Rox- borough High School 10: Tennis Club 93 Bas- ketball Mgr. 10. Donald A. Young ..Don.. Activities: D et roi t, Mich. 93 J. V. Foot- ball 9. Albertis Whitaker HAP! Activities: Portico Pho- tography Staff 12: Beautification Comm. 11: Science Fair 10: G. O. Representative 105 Photography Club 9-12 3 Shop Club 9: ln- tramurals 9. Joseph P, Williams, Jr. Hjoeff Activities: Beacon High School 9: Announce- ment Comm. 125 Porti- co Activities Staff 125 Play Comm. 123 Prom Comm. 113 Intramurals 10. IN MEMORIAM Fred Berinato Louis Bennato Front Joan Gajdos Bark Nlar tha Dxeslng Jack Emery John Andresen Front Row left to nght Mr T h o m a s Brooks Mrs Marj one Bam "f Senlor Class Offlcers and Advlsors Senlor Class Offxcers and Advlsors Nlam hands make I1 ht work The semor sear IS the most CXCIUHU and busy wear ln hl h school The job of fllllfl It wlth happy and pro fltable actlutles IS one that requlres several palrs of capable hands Our offlcers have been extremely suc cessful IU keepm our class mounv steadlly forward Thelr task howeser has been 11 htened bx the guldance and experlence of our two advlsors 'Vlrs MHYJOYIC Bam and 'Nlr Thomas Brook who hawe worked tirelessly to make our sear successful , , Eine. .. ,, 1- -15 .V :-. -V JJ" . . :J , 61,51 " Y, 2, sf.:-3 v , . Y ' V P . . gtg ' "'4 . L.: A ' 4 . , N 1 x w 1' f --4,05 Q , A . MN' -A . ,tr f M .gg A Tiff? A -1 Vrfazlt ii! ' , ,. mf ' ' 4 tai 1 . . Q C sa Y - as 1 g ' . .' 5 .v . .U . . . U . V. v - D ' c . . . U Y. . v v - C - C .. . . Y Y .U Y . 2 f c . r . 5. ' ' ' D ' X Jolly Juniors Whoop It Up! -5 aw, ,Z J' Margaret D e t h l e f s plants Sophomore Tree. Senior Class Histor "Thrust your hand to the sunf, This year's senior class has distinguished itself by being not only the largest class, but also one of the most success- ful classes ever to be graduated from Wappingers. We began our freshman year feeling very self-important as we, at last, became full-fledged members of the high school. This, however, soon turned to a feeling of dismay at having four or five different classes in widely separated sections of the building with only three minutes to get from one to another. We soon became accustomed to this and after entertaining the rest of the school on Freshman Day, we felt that nothing else could faze us. Eager and ambitious, we entered our sophomore year, ready to assume more responsibilities. We were the last sophomore class to conduct and enjoy the Freshman Day activities. It was during our sophomore year that the P. T. A. inaugurated the first Student Recognition trip. Eight sopho- mores were in the party that visited New York and saw "The Diary of Anne Frankf, Our next important task was to select the class rings so that we would be ablesto receive them early in our junior year. On Moving-Up Day, we planted the traditional Sophomore Tree and marked the half-way point in our high school career. We could not have started our junior year on a more exciting or promising note. Eight juniors were among those tapped for membership in the National Honor Society and C. Sartorig L. Dimong M. Dethlefsg B. Wardellg C. Post. s f ' i iri 4 Mk - , . 'ffe' my 1" N ' 14 . ,,..j4,, svyy 3 xg., '-3 Decorating for the Prom? Front Row, left to right: ,I. Kennedy I l. Emeryg L. Tonsing. Serond Row: C. Spor- Crl l. AUJFCFCIIL J. C8jllH'Z Nl. Diesing: K. Schittenoz D. Houslong B. Klump. X xr. .Qa- . . v . 'I' .I . af , Q ' 5 - gl up J, r if 1 5,1 If .I v gr-195, Rf. ..-,,, 14 " f- rl ' .vi . " eight juniors were in the P. T. A. Student Recognition group which went to New York to see "Sunrise at Campo- bellof' It was not long before our busy hands were soon displaying. yes. the much coveted class ring. More thrill- ing than all these other things was the Junior Prom. Queen Margaret Dethlefs gracefully reigned over her kingdom of the "Starlight Room." We soon began to realize that the time when we would be seniors was not far away. Suddenly. it was upon us. our last year. We were sen- iors, climbing ever-upward and faster. now. toward our goal. Early in the year. the National Honor Society tapped a record number of seniors for membership. In November. we presented that fabulous comedy. "Ever Since Eve." as our Senior Play. It couldn't help being a tremendous suc- cess and everyone connected with it had a thoroughly en- joyable and memorable time. This year. the P. T. A. trip to New York. by now an annual event. included many sen- iors who saw the Broadway smash-hit, "The Music Manf' The Senior Prom came and went all too quickly-our candle of high school life was burning low. Then came Class Night, and. finally, Commencement, the culmination of four busy and happy years. As we leave high school. we are impatient to set our feet firmly on the road that winds its way into the future. We feel that we have already begun to obey Kilmer's bid to "thrust your hand to the sunf' -- H- sgryy Nl? r tl j IUNUSEATJ 1 . R, Smyrskig 1. Andreson and J. Pigliacampi represent the honor students of this year's senior class. 7.173 xi- ,J . wi..--.tr :X 1- ' ' -to . -is S- -N s A '- -V 0' 1. A'- X. s T' W . U. R. Koenigg Miss Georgia Curneyg P. Damon: R. Fran Stringhamg R. Smyrski. Seated: A. Smartg R. Macrinig J. Andreseng J, Neenerg J. Chamberlain. First Row: J. Westerfieldg A. Leonard. ceseg A. Brown. Second Row: 1. Pigliacampi: D. Hous- tong 1. ,Ienkinsg M. VonBorstelg H. Egelg B. Bergerg V. 29 5414-5-0-L Who s Who MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ada Smart Danxel Houston MOST POPULAR Ted Wetzel Carol Leo MOST SCHOLARLY Ronald Smyrskr Janet Jenkins BEST LOOKING Emre Henzler Ella Andresen MOST DEPENDABLE John Andresen Margaret Dethlefe BEST DRESSED Tony Asaro Joan Gajdos MOST COURTEOUS Lynn Tonsing Pat Kovacks BEST DANCER Linda Jaycox ,lim Crossenbeck MOST TALKATIVE Anita Manos Roger Card MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Richard Amodeo Anna Antonielli MOST VERSATILE Al Ricci Barbara Armstrong CLASS CLOWN lim Worthy Martha Dxesmg NICEST HAIR Eleanor Nalchouc Robert Rose NICEST EYES Bernard Roe Barbara Wardell NIOST ATHLETIC, Nancy Hicks Julie Pigllacampi 'NICEST SNIILE ,lack Emerw Larol Green Whois Who -N Mix I - W 7 , . . no CLASSES ,Iumors Class Officers 11th Grade Kneelmg Dave Clark Pres Stand mg Ray Bocchmo Treas ,Ian Bailey Sec Ab sent V1ncentBankosk1 V Pres 34 Home Room 127 Ftrst Row R Pagllaro A Croft M C1r1llo D Watts R Clvitano M D1Camh1o N Clausen S Clark Second Row M Congdon M Con ary L Cecchmi B Danger field .l Cerone A DeMar co L Dix Thzrd Row J Crum R Cuchelo R Davis D Corrlgan M Rossi L Chamblee ,I Chase J Best Fourth Row M Clear J Costa G D1Camb1o P Coop er D Clarke L Detmer M Darrow Home Room 130 First Row: C. Lopez' K. Kel- ly' P. Lukin' B. Hendricks' D. Latham' P. Hewitt' J. Hot' V. Scarchilli' C. A. Hoppock' V. Longbard. Sec- ond Row: C. Heintzelmen' D, Hoag' T. Hinkle' .l. Lotti' J. Knight' B. Llaveria' C. King' D, Johnson' P. Lopez. Third Row: J. Leonard' M. Lahn' R. Linge' L. Horan' , Carlin' B. Houran' . Krakower' S, Ligotino. Four- th Row: J. Kerinsg F. ack- song J. Kehlg E. Kelleyg L. Heinnamang K. Knappg D. Langdon. Home Room 142 Fzrst Rou. ,I Smxth C Sch nelder J Solotar I Roara bough 'Nl Sllwetrl A Sewan P Rohm on B Bruno H Steweni E Recchla Second Rou. A 'Nolan J WIC ett P Rlchardson J Parker A Schellenber W Relyea E Pa key R Springfield S Co hen Thzrd Rou R Stangel 'NI Rambo ,I Roberts Rao D Sadler ,I Rellley D Spurlmg R Pagnucco Fourth Row R Relwea R Secchta C Straley E Seablom Rauch D Scofteld F RlCCl P Stam Home Room 148 First Row P Eagan M Fus aro B Relth P Golonka P Ros 'Nl Eagan J Pollock ,I Schwartz B Sarubln C Doughty NI Halpm Second Row R Gallx L Wheeler K Fernekees E Frederxcks C Ferrerl NI Fulmer B Grace B Carvan Thtrd Row P Eck R Holt S Farfaro Faulds .l Happel E Dzla dlak C Kmffen Fourth Row J Emanuel E Kozuba N Emolf F Edmond W Dun can A Hardeman D Gunn Home Room 205 First Rou, E 'NIcCarthy C Wanser N 'Nloore ,I Wloser B Nlyers NI Nlanfredo B Nlenconerl B 'llathew J 'Nlahon 'N Nlacomber Second Row C Nlorgan D Monaco L Scharfenberger S Nlaurer S 'Vlltchell B Planck Nl Nlorlarty J Wlorrls Third ow I NlcDonough Young C Fox K Nleybaum R Nlead R Owen Fourth Row ,I 'Vlacy B Phtlllps V Owen G MBCKCDZIC J 'NlacSorley Fzfth Row W Nltt chell ,I NIacSorley G Mac Niullen Junlors 35 ' 1: ': ' . V ' 9 ' - :,. 's Q.. , . sg . , . '-3 . . 3. k , . , . ,.. , . , . s ':. 1. - . .. , ,, ,. ,VL 2- 2- 1- ,. , :. jg. , . , . ,W. t. .- , l . . ,. - ,. ,. , . s,.. ,. , . ,. , . ,.. . . . ,. , . Y ' 7 ' QA- ,. t ert, . , . ,J. 5 . 7 . ' , . . . . , . , . ,. , . - , . , . . l yr . ..- ,. Z-- 1 .- 1 .. ,..t , . . , .. S, . .V . ,t., . , .. , . . -- 1 ., , . ,.. - , .. . R ': . . QA. y - v -A 9 .. , , . . . " .Y , . ,. , - , - s -1 1 .A ' r . Jumors 36 Home Room 218 First Row ,I Carr J W1Ck ham P Berner M Alello B Atkms A Angell P Benja mln J Bermato Serond Row C Bxaiottx C Baker J Ball ey A Capaaso 'VI Camely L lVlcKmstry P Barnum R Bocchmo Thzrd Row P Bart he 'VI Truax .l Bllalla B Bailey NI Groupe R Allred R Bolsover Fourth Row D Anderson B Bxasotu V Ban kOSkl H Boldrm L Carver S Becker Fzfth Row R Booth S Carpenter E Becker A Carr Home Room 236 Fzrst Row P Stephens D Palmatler H Plerce P Vur Chl0 D Wltte J Tanner L Townsend C Young S Wea ver E Welch Second Row R Townsend M Paolllll F Turner H Wolfe K Wood ar ,I Taylor P W1 cox Thzrd Row R Wlckman R Wllllams H Cohen J Van Voorhls I Perry ,I Palmer A Way Fourth Row C Uhle B Paskey F Toettcher IN MEMORIAM. Gerald S Chamberi I . . , . - , . . . , . 9 ' 9 ' I , . . . . e , . , . - , . . , . . , . A , . , . l, , . , . , . Q - - v Q A 1 , . , . - Y ' 7 - Y . . . . , . , . , . . . , . Y ' 5 ' ' 7 - s - s - , . . ' v 1 . . . . , . , . 7 ' 7 ' ' d, . , . l . . . , , 1 - , . v - 1 - n . . . . , . , . . Q ,, gg . 1 A, 'X YW, ,alia Home Room 134 Fzrst Row 'W Chatlob L Dean Newer: P Pray S Elxeen B Begor R Crawford ll NlmKlu kew berond Rau, D Pollcano ,I Newhall N Kee gan B Knlckerbocker K Buckley A Knowlden J Eck ert Thzrd Row L .laycox D Clarlt F ,lacob on lN Kub ch ,I Dahlxn N Quatrocloc chla 1 Nlackew Fourth Row R Bastlon ,I Yan Wagenen lN Edmtrom R Schultz E Do lnger T Smlth F D Bertu Home Room 144 irst Row: C. .fvraitiii Scianna' W. Williams- R. Ren- : .I. -ez '. Wlalihl '. Marino: L, Rubino: K. Ken- nedy. Second Roux: J. McCur- dy: Nl. Kotowsl-:iz B. Pinckney: J. Palmer: R. Lieberman: K eer.on: T. Chl: -. 0:5 A kop. Third Row: G, Choate: P ir my' C. William." N. lrin' er ff: '. rwn: . ex: R. Nlenconeri' R. Planck. Four- th Row: R. Moore' T. orn b c': J. Kaha: E. Smith: W Foutiz NI. Dos: P. Tomlinion Fifth Row: R. .lohngonz R. Oh- lerkin ' A. Soderman' J. Chri: 'e. ophomores Clas Offlners 10th Grade Kneelmg Thomas Smlth Treai Blll lorl V Prei Standmg 'Nlck Quattro clocchl Pres Nlahel l'ra tan Dec ophomores Home Room 203 Fzrsl Row P Young H Prag er B Adams D Cudak S HICRS D 'Vlorams NI Alello J Frledman H Post Second Row ,I Pullen F D1 Crego rxo B Benedetto T Tart L Beasxmer D Damanda E Bradford Third Row E Green R Peltzer R Ander son D Karan ,I Bracone R Slayton B Alfonso Fourth Row R Camenga F Roberts Home Room 234 Fzrst Row A Bently J Frank 'VI Frackltl P Ashwood R Roarabaough C Csenak P Hammond 'Ni VI vor A M Cuarmo Serond Row T Wll hams D Van Demark P Sldote L Pepper C Hamll to Y Hagen T Roger G Wendell Third Rou graham L Buger C Ca ton N ano T Petit -Xmmel ounx S Alherteon Fourth Rou. C Plotzkw C Rumph A Jack on C Nllckle P Bet Ruff D Drlscol Fzt Row D Dutcher R Chris topher E Peleter Home Room 223 FzrstRow V Fedenco J Tol son E Hxrsch J Contrattl M SPIZZO C Ackert T Rlch man P Hxza B Wetzel Sec ond Row K Damanda M Du Bots A Pucek P Ferrerl M Merke D Chatterton ,I W00lhC1SeI Thzrd Row C Waye J Manos W Maney L Morey C Baldwm B Hus Us B Hlnkle Fourth Row S Ver Berkmoes J Vlksne F ' :. Q . - Z - Z ' 3 - . an , Q . , . . :. 3 . ' - 'Q - a . ':- Y 1 7 ' 3 . 3 . - g. 5. 3 . , - . .. , . ' :. 'g. : - ' 1- ': . ' g. g.' 9. ':- . - :. g . '4 - 9 - ': . , . , 2- 3 . Z . g. 'g. 'g , ' . : :. ' : VnW V Millorg W. Warren. ' :. 3. 5 .. "3 . 3 . C - 'Z - 1...8' . l ,.- ' .3 . 1 . ' 1 . : . '- ns '. Q . 4 - ' . ' ':M.In- 1. :Y S : 1..I 3 . HJ.. - , - -- '5 - fl - Z ,. s 1, sg F. g . '. l. 'jh . . , . - Home Room 252 Fzrst Row R Perry C Baul W MUCCI R Cushlaw W Iorlc J MCVClgh B Janson D Paskey Second Row C Chckert H Hagenah W D1 Landro J Pullen R Munson J. Powers' N. Wittels. Third Row: M. Sinden' P. Odell' J. Hughes' B. Baker' I, Town- send' H. Davis. Fourth Row: D. Craig' P. Olson' A. Tallak- son' C. Johnson. une R In m 1 wt R Il R l B ower j NI nall D D11 omenlco -K R a l d 'Nllchalo kw I. Qfhnenler lx Terralaxero lx Hen ham l' Wlarmo Serond Rau N Brown L Qnnth Q C1anc1o lx He Fernandez J Fulton Thzrd Rou Y Wentvwrth J wan 4 Nandall ,l Paxne J om l1non B W1lcox E Nlu trd Fourth R u J Zeol1 T D ro R Tawlor D Fogarty P Darrow S Laub E Brancll Frith Row C Engelhard! D Cactamo H Lee R Ferland 'Sir Toomey Home Room Stage End Cafeteria First Row: M. Smith: R, Cor- aggio: M. Fanelli: K. Diaferia: D. Austin: R. Lee: C. Wolfe: C. Foster. Serond Row: T. Mul- len: .l, Buckley: E. Croom: C. Paul: F. Rankin: A. Cru- clele: J. Sidote. Third Row: R. Warren: T. Jordan: E. Mc- Closkey: W. Fenton. Sophomore s H1 on ZYO Fir. o ': ,l. oara1vao11gl1: l. r ' g , A 1 ' 3 . A Qian- Cl ' 1 . . Ji o 1' 1 D. Ki Twiillizingz Dsienkopgaill. ': '. Z' i '1 1 D. RQ 1 . . Q : . g : . T - ' 5 1 . 'A 1 . . lf, . 0 'z . 'Z . y- tr: . 5 : . ': Freshmen Cla Officer 9th Grade Kneeling Jane Polfinger V Pres Carol Quattrocchi Pres Standing Judy Mohan Treas Roberta Perlmi Sec Home Room 132 First Row A Friedman B Atkins S Sclanna L Fried man R PCI'lll"ll P Smith T 40 Speir Serond Row J Mohan J Allison B Swank T Van dermar D Wright S Wood ward C Diaferia Third Row D Scott H Farley C el Boccio R Carueo D Leach Fourth Row A Canella T Slocum W Alphou e R Bag, na Home Room 140 First Ron ,I Willun P Hem mgvwaw P Cermi lia R Rum ' K. Koenig' ,I. Miller' . Iami.ong Z. Senerance' J. Leg- gio. Serond Row: Y. Veling' D. Walrhz S. Smyrki' C. oe' C. Switz' C, Rankin: R. Wil- -: C. Yon Vliet. Third Row: F. Buckley' D. Wha en- . Vanderpoel' W, l'rquhart' . Chamber: J. Rawgon' . Snook. Fourth Row: D. Wali ' P. Cutmann: J. Feldsineg . Cooperg B. Nlorrisg D. Blayeng A, Stainkamp. Fifth Row: A. Knappg S. Emory: R. Fisherg D. Spragueg L. Crowell. Room Room 141 Ftrst Row NI Sramek E Hunt C Hughes J Wal h S Paskell B Wescott S Exery B Burgauoll B ClfW3l0 Sec ond Row S Mekeel L Fen ney W 'Nlekeel NI Chapman J Lasko E Johnson V Ben edetto J C1 xano Thzrd Row H Von Borstel R Greco L Cassldy R Denton E Yogel V Smlth Fourth Row P Hag en M C-lerloff D Bell R Deacon W Hetzner W Nlosh er R Buck Home Room 210 Fzrst Row J Sramek F Nlan fredo D Jxllard C uattro Cl0CChl C Carr Nl bork B Cates J Slckel P Sprmg er L Whxte Second Row I7 Nl1erQzwa C Palmatler J Ormehy J Planck A Oraettl gan L D1I.andro Rou Three V Hlne D Cooke J ald wm J Dolfmger A Salecker R Bartle on R Burnett G Owen Fourth Rou J Zeit cott uc Clarke J F1 Cher R Terra lawero W Hawlk Home Room 243 Fzrst Row K Dxehl NI Ken edy D Danko R Van Yleck J Scholefleld NI NlcCahe P Sclacca Y Fa clam Second Rou J Yan Swearmgen C Napoleon P Hawton J Dl worth S Sclanna S ear mg T Qcrner Thzrd Rau D Cochrane R Nlorgan K V11 hams E Dadonna S Saxelew 'I' Terralaxero Fourth Rou -X Town end H Po I J Delo W Wlver V Babcock Freshmen 41 ' ': . . 3 . 3 . 3 . ' s 3 . : - ' : - ' 'z 'Z . S - 3 : .- :. - 4 . 3 . 3 . - 3 . 's' . ' : - Z - I - ' 4 - : - ' 9 : - ' 9 - : - Q - 2 .A ' , . . ' : . 3 . , - : - ' : - Q - ' 'Q - 4 1 . JI 'L , . . . . 4 - , . . . . '3 . 3 . . '3 J, Albers: J. Twloczg C. Ea- 3 . ' , ' : . ' : . 3 . B - ' : . ' za. 1 , s 3 . 3 . H. S 3 J. B hee: J. 3 . 'S 3 . - , . . . 'Z D . z A I D z . : . ' : . ' 3 . . . 3 . ' 3 Y. S' '. ': . ' ' ' 3 . -l 1 - ,' 1 , i- ' 3 . ' 3 . D - , .V . . . 3 .. 3 . 7 ' V ' .Y 's 3 . S . 3 '. . 1' S: '. . i Freshmen 42 Home Room 233 Fzrst Row E Nlrller P Abra mowrtz S Rambo L Tlmbo C Coldlng D Parslow I Dro ney L Nlorrrs D Vurchlo C Cramer Second Row D Ha tala E Brownlow R Corrlgan C Krtt L Dixon J MCC-rog an S Crawford F Bechnold J Lamoree Th rd Row L Auf farth B DeFeo P Verzx E Cavaccmr P Maurer J Flsh er I Caswell R Conrad Four th Row R Petrovrts R Alto P Sarubbl J Scholefleld F Home Room 254 Frrst Row A Pollack J Do m1n1cus M Brugman B Far ley J Baldwm C Pxerce M KUCZYUISRI R Danlels M Bergman Serond Row W Ar kell C Mayen L Strrppel M Rymph L Keeley K Stammer C Hampe P Mon tgarl Third Row D Coy C Noto R Flsher R Farss S McDermott C Welch P Pask ey Fourth Row D Anderson G Wood L Stlles O Peter sen M Eck A Vogel Wolff NI Banyard HN NIENIORIAVVI "' W W ayne Mekeel , xi I ' 'fig I ,, 2 , . . - , . 3 . , . ' , . . , . , . I N ' Y ' V I 1 l t 1 . 5 1 ' 5 . B" f ', 5 - - , . , . . . 7 ' 5 ' ' q 1 1 1 1 ' 3 . 1 - 1 . , . . , . Brennan, J. Robinson. : . 3 . - 5 - Z - ' 3 ' Z - 2 - 3 . 3 . 1 - 1 - 5 . 3 . 3 . Z . Q - ' . : . 3 . 3 - 3 - 3 , 3 . 3 . . : . 3 . 1 - 3 - ' 9 . Q . 9 H 3 r . . '1'U"'19f. v 'I - 3 do Home Room 1:10 First Rau J Angelo D Mel v1s C Barzel D Anderson R Rlchardson Second Row D Puc1n1 J De mond R Burch J Bucklev Thzrd Rau 'Nl 0 Brlen E Fullx B Beneway L Warren Home Room 152 First Row: E. Meyere' B. Poti' S. Lopez: Cv. Hartg L. Wetzelg J. Laug B. Markusg J. Perusse. Second Row: C, Mayer: P, Ko- towskig C. Sindeng C. DiGia- comog J. Prayg J. Monaco: J. Thewg K, Raitio. Third Roux: M. Durhamg C. Hardyg M. Doughteryg M. Dotyg L. Col- hang P. Dorang S. Cilckert. Fourth Row: A. Froehlichg D. Whitey R. Williamsg J. Kegang A. Hornbeckg H. Touhey. 3th rade Cla Offlcere 8th Grade FIYQI Row Karen Hmlxle Sec Sally Jaycox V Pree Second Row Jame Butler Pres Paula Erlck on Treas 43 3th ra de Home Room 204 Fzrst Row F Costa D Sprrng er C Bruner P Scofleld I Porto E Drllmger ,I Cu rck T Chamblee Second Row A Ferrerl R Hu ted 'NI A Nlorrls S Frost L Berg C McDonough P Erick on S Cox Thzrd Row ,I Flemlng radford ,I Paige Sprm freld N Nlppe S ,lay cox Fourth Row H Berry R Anderson R Ronveaux R Nlessen H Lmes T Lrtz Home Room 219 First Row B Dauley R Van Pelt R Callahan G Carter R 'Nlontague R Ogden R Cary P Secor Second Row Nl Clarke R Johnson l, La mantra K Olson S Lent! K Secor W Lutw Th rd Row C Schule D Churchlll ,I Every E Wood J Warren L Brooker J Albrecht Four th Rou, Nl Hxr ch R Sabellr co E Nlead D Coodmote T Wood Home Room 213 Fzrst Row S Cuchelo F Beck E Gower M Andrews J DAngelo W Ryff 'VI L VanAllen M Hustls Second Row K Hrckle E Bldwell L A Mltchell J Llendersen M ,I Sorce Croenweger C Remrtz K Schnelder Thzrd Row G Bollmger W Foster R Fowler K Shatey R Scl lueter G Soderman W Bar ger Fourzh Row D Tfrll M Maltrsen D Fulmer R Mlller l .. ,. ' ,- ,. -- l,. ,. s ,. . .. ,. s ,r. -- -. -- - ., , . s, .. ., , LB ,. ,,C. .U. 1 .O I . .. -- . .. ,. ,. ,. , . .,. . 117,117 .. , . ,. ,,. , , a 1 . ,. ,r.. , . . -. - - - .. ,. , -- -Q- -- ,. . -. ,- Y . , . ,. - ,. ,. - . .. , . ,. ,. . -- -- , .. -- - - ,. , . .. ,. , ' ,.c,. ,. .7 . . ,. l.. . . -- -- f. ' . .,. ,. , . ,-- - ' ,. 'Q.. '- .,. ,.. ,. ,. Home Room Ba ement Cafeterra Fzrst Row 'I' Ca telos B Cameron 'Nl Zd1uch G Cer stenfeld D Berlnato P Mns worth F Glenn J SCI m Sec ond Row S Diehl D Buqh nell D Caccamo L Bxcknell NcC1nn C Poland Wm ht C Kerneghan Third ollm 1 B al W NI'IllIl'l D Wade Croshler Fourth Rou, D 'Nlac Wlullen NI Costa J Travls A Romano R Baglev 8th rade Home Room 'hUdll0l'll1IIl Fzrst Rau S Fredernk F Lahew B Pollock S Nloore P Pawler S Powell D Dlet trlch Second Row C 'Nlarch S John on 'NI Csenalx K 'Nlullakey D Walker R Deck er W Young Third Row R Rankln K Straley B Fltz patrlck 'Nl Peet C Rozboro Fourth Row P Nlentonerl R Moncrelff J Welah P D1 Nonno D D1Camb1o S Llp pert Home Room Kltchen Cafeterxa F1rstRou E Lambert J Ker naghan D 'Nlead K NIcDer mot R Shultls J Butler J Kher C 'tlatthew Second Rau C Anderson B Lutklns ahew S N IC alo lu Lxander R Rlchard on T Hagen Thzrd Rau. D Sterm J Kahara C Delanes J Pend leton Nl Potter 'N Sanford Fourth Rou -X Weber K Barbato F Thornton R N110 low H Lockwood ' ': . "'s3 .'3 - 1 .A 3 - ' ze. ' z . '- '. ': .. 3 -. s 3.. "3 . . , . , . - .Z ' C . .- ' 3.. 3 . ' . . .A , . .5 . K5 ' .- , . , . - s ' : . s 3 . 3.. ' 3 .1 - 2 - ' : - 3. 3. 's, - ': . ' 3 . C- : . 4 .' 4 T. rl ' 3 . 3 J. "ga . . ' Roux: Nl. Cruda3 M. Kozlarekg N.C 'SZC.Clll.S1 .B'l- ey3 '. S '3 . ' 3T, . 3.. 3 . '3 W ,. , . 1 4. . . ,. t3 . '3. 3. rs 3 .. 's. ': .. . : . '3 S. L j: ,.l'h sf? J. ' 3 . ' s 3 . . . . , . 3. jg. - ,-- ,.. - , .. . . , .. ,, . . 7th Grade Class Offlers 7th Grade Kneelmg Anthony DAmbros1o V Pres Pam Schwarz Pres Standmg Judy Wllkln Sec Ernest Stutzbach Treas 46 57' Home Room 101 Fzrst Row L Hawlk C Wilt chell J DOIUIIIICR M Fusaro R Ylllanl D Whltbeck C Franklln C Palazzo W Brownell R Garafalo Second Row 1 'Vlason R Gutmann K 'Nlurray J Hough D Hmk D Smith A Sands Stemard Thzrd Row A Zeoll 'Nl Calll P Schwarz A Sch nelder S Davenport J NIC Manus R Wells E Rnordan P Albertson Fourth Row L Newberry B D1Camb1o C Homa S Maple D Wendell lN 'Nlalone B WllklHS J Keller Fifth Row L Smsa baugh D 'Vlosher W Pazler Home Room 102 Flrst Row K Conklin R Savoy B Begor K Branson J Stephens lN Ea en R Ru R Schof1eld T Cushlaw .l Odell Seronri Row ,I Lanrm A Rxccx R Lorenz S Thew Hughe S 0 tern' R e nun D lhaferla Thzrd Rou lfffln J Patteron W c I rd R Nlullahex J Schrler ,I TICFUCW C Cugel ,I law er Fourth Row L James C, urn 0 ten NI Sc ar 1 Nlacw Klump S 'Nel on S Doughts F ith Row H Cro S Berrw S Addr H flulllx S Nc ew : . Z , .y . 3 , . ' : . ., 3 , I W ,WN l l l ' : . 3 .l '- : . ' ' 2 - : . " 'g . ' 3 . ' : - 4 - 1 . . : .A g . 3 .l 3 . 5 . ' - leg . ' 3 . g W. ' . ' : , 'Q . . 'g . g . - ' g . 3 . , - 4 . 5 . ' 9 Vg l . . g . 5 .. sg . ' 5 1. . 1 . ' ' Q . , .. , . . ' : . ' g . 3 - Z - Z . g ', g 3 . - hinog J. Sanford: S. Cooper: . , , . . , . . ' ': . -g .. ': T. sz .. s ' 3 .H - .I : D . .l . V: V. ,Qt ' : . s 3 '. NI - in 1 . . ji l 1 . ' jg '. 3 .3 . ': . ,g '. Xl 'sg ,l. s 3 , . h - chill: V. . jg B. 3 . A' s g . .f ': . ' ssg , gg . 'sz w .Q"':..lIvrj. Home Rum 104 rsl Rou l Baron R R arfaro -Xhwoo Terralaxarm bo dmg lon E vlllbll J W1 rn ut D Orm x Strmgfellow Second Rau G Ca cellg F Fraecatx -X ea gan A Robert ,I Carl on NI Crum B Nlend NI John on Thlrd Rou. T Oppenherm er C Frltz J Berger R Hor ton R Hagenah R Blschoff B Helm orlg R Nlorgan Four th Row ,l 'llcfann -X Berry Carr C Be L Stena baugh V Dzladxk J Schole field S Hebner Fzfth Row 'NI Rymph A DAmbr0z1o D Kellogg Home Room 106 Fzrst Row F Pease K Ro berts R Fernandez D Parge Ceralds B Baldwm Wetzelberger P OBr1en D Sldote Second Row C War dell R Nalle R Smlth Vln cent Egan A Srgnor Third Row NI Baker C 'llaw en ,I Nlarcellr B NI1ller E Warren S Grover N Vetter D Ettmger Fourth Row V HHlgh1S R Knapp D Vorn dran R Case G Sheffleld L Oughton E Pmcknev V Bohlmger Fzjth Row J Tot ten L Shevlln Home Room 110 Fzrst Row S Gifford S lflll Peterson R Brown Trawer E Slutwbach NI Hu! T Starr E Browne Vlmger R Reed Svrond Rau H006 f Berk C W Lau S Spencer Hlr ch R Lwnn P Wllllams Thzrd Rou B Xllller R Paw ne 'N NIcDonald C Yxlla D Allen J Benjamln 'N Scholl Fourth Rou, B Wxlllam C Pea e J Weatch K YanVart B Close J Lalumandrer R 'Nobe D Stalr Fzlth Rou, ,I Dwor clk D lv Bank R Traser D Dmmar 7th Grade 47 Fi -: .. ' 3 . Mill- er: .F :JUS ' dzl. ' 1: C, V' l ' : 1. Allls 2 . H s 3 . ulk' 3 D. S to n 1 . sbjg E. s -3 . . 'Q . . R - W. 3 . llg .D - J. 3 . " 3 B. : . ' Q S. Smithg S. Merkeg R. McClay. C. : . 1 J. ed: . 3 1 . '. 3 D. A. s : Q. 2 1. 'hire- sell: B, 2 V. 2 S. l 5 . ' . ': . ' s ' 3 R. zi "er 3 R. 7th Grade 48 Home Room 113 First Row D Van Anden S Touhey NI Selxg R Danger fleld R Kallsty H Utler W Matlchka Serond Row E Chase D Fanelll B N1E1lllS L Taft R Wellington N Pal mateer Third Row C McKay C Brlll M Castelos Home Room 201 Fzrst Row 'NI Northrup ,l Steee C ,lllard C uck R Damanda F Vlllforth ,l Sadler D Roarabaugh D Pat terson J Hannlgan Second R w S Bakes C Davs S Mayor W Berkey ,l Wetmll ler D Melandes R Stern V Tanner R Theurer Thzrd Row RMagdalaney G Gelsler S Munger ,l Don nelly S Scarberry D Bless 1n .l Collms E Stanton Ver Berkmoes R Smlth R Jennlngs Home Room 202 First Rou L Larson J Col her C Bellulle C McLaren M Nepfel R Reed G Flsher V Weber R Abramowltz S A16S1O A Holden J Burnett Second Row 1. Dahlln P NIacFarland A Urey C Toet er J Benes C Eles Nlartmus R Wlttel S Ryan hzrd Rau C Powle Fenny E Ander on L Ped re schl J Hardeman A Sa lecker B 'Nlocer P Boden Fourth Row L Eastman J Ross L Relyea R Bagnall S NIBCRCDZIC R Fnday 'NI Steflk l ' : . 3 . 3 A . ' 9 . - ' : . ' z - 4 . 9 . ': .. ' 4 . g . ' ' Q . - . . .A , . , . . l l ' ': . , g . 1: . ' z . B : . Q . ' g . 3 .1 3 . - g . ' . o : . 3 . 3 . 9 . 3 . '- S - 1 - Z - , . . . . , . ' : . : . - 5 . g . - Ag: . ' 2 - Fourth Row: D. Thompsong ,l 1 Q . Q . . . , . ' g .. " 3 ,, - 1 - 1 . ' z '- 4 - ' 4 , . , . - . . , A 3 . g . - tch g , .g . s ,Q C . ' : . " sg . T ' ': . ' S: R 3 . , s g . - S 'g . g . - , . . C . . 'z . 3 Z - I . 2 . . ' 3 , ' 3 . . 5 Aieifmf' Q V ,Q 7' QV . P my . ,Ar C 6 9 . ,,4At, av V S O I . g 1 fb Lv' xx xX X x ,Ax ' 0. , ' x . Q." xx X r. iff-'X 9 nv' l ACTIVITIES PORTICO ADYISORS ANU EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Front Row: Richard C. Smith, Busines Advisorg Anthony J. Caccamo, Art Ad- visor. Second Row: Margaret Dethlefs, Editor-in-Chiefg Vivian Roberts, Liter- ary Advisor. PICITRES. PHOTOGRAPHY. ART EDITORS B. Kriscka. Pictures Editorg R, Boyce. Photography Editorg L. Car- ver, Art Editor. PORTICO LITERARY STAFF Front Row: J. Jordang S. Forde. Serond Row: NI. Conaryg J, West- erfield, Literary lfditorg J. Smith. I' ui, 51' 5 -. lx, The Portico Unless you have attempted to publish a year- book, you have no idea of the amount of time, planning. and work that laboring hands must put into it. This yearas staff was selected last Moving-Cp Day. We immediately began our planning by talk- ing with our predecessors and receiving invaluable aid from their experience. ln spite of their harrow- ing descriptions of what seemed a monumental task, we hopefully began work in September. ln October. several members of our staff attended the Columbia Yearbook Conference at Columbia Lni- versity from which we gathered numerous sug- gestions for the Portico. By March. with the aid of our advisor. Nlr. Richard Smith. and our business advisor. Nlrs. Catherine Oliva. all of the copy was in and our job was finished. All of us who are members of the staff bring you the 1959 Portico with the hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we have en- joyed working on it. ll my BUSINESS STAFF EDITOR AND ADVISOR Susan Becker, Business Editor: Ca- therine Oliva, Business Advisor. Editors Editor-in-chief ,..,.. -.--NIargaret Dethlefs ' -Lynn Carver Art Editor e,..M.,,..,..,. Photography Editor ....,,,,, -Roy Boyce Photo Editor ....e.....,, Bonnie Kriscka Literary Editor--, ,.,, Jean Westerfield Typing Editor ,..,.... Frances Egenberger Girls Sports Editor .,..,, Barbara Klump Boys Sports Editor .....t Ronald Smyrski Activities Editor--- ..,, Carole Green Business Manager .... ..., S usan Becker PORTICO TYPINC AND ACTIVITIES STAFFS Front Rout B. Nlenconeriz NI. Nlanfredoz F. Ecenlierger. Typing Editor. Serond Rout: C. Greene. Activities Edi- tor: J. Williams: I.. Cecchini. SPORTS STAI-'FS Front Row: R. Smyr- eki. Boys' Sports Edi- tor: Y, Bankoski: J. Andresen. Second Row: B. Klump, Girls' Sports Editor: ,l. Faulds: N. Hicks. PORTICO BISINESS STAFF First Row: I. Kegan: C. Kniffen: I. MCC:-inn: C. Hardy: E. McCar- thy: J. Wickett: C, Thornton: C. Perry. Serond Roux: E. Andresen: E. Hunt: C. Kelly: R. Bischoff: C. Golding: A. Roberts: D. Sutton: J. I.avi: J. Allison. Third Row: S. Mc- Dermott: B. Hendricks: P. Podesg S. Brown: A. Sandell: K. Hess: R. Williams: P. Doran, i " 1 1 ,un ov: G O OFFICERS Left Column F Egenberger G O Store Secretary M Von Borstel Vice President F Toettcher Treasurer Right Col umn 'VI Paskey Secretary T Wetzel Business Manager D Houston President G.O. ADVISORS Front R 0 w, left to right: Mr. Walter White, Mr. Stanley Ka- minski. Second Row: Mr. Eugene Chamber- lain, Mr. Manfred Hockmuth. General Organization "'Tis yours with freer hand to givef' Charlotte Perry Acting as a bridge between the administration and the student body the General Organization has arranged and sponsored many worthwhile actu ities The General Organization sponsors the Wapperian which 1S obtained free of charge by those students hold mg G O membership cards These cards also entitle the holders to financial discounts at G O sponsored games plays dances, operettas and the G O Store The Council made up of elected homeroom repre sentatives is divided into committees and meets frequent ly to keep many activlties running smoothly Some of these committees are The Beautification Committee The Assembly Commlttee and The Foreign Student Com mittee The students are always aware of the steadying hand of the G O and sincerely appreciate the patient efforts of the officers and advisors Yukxko Yamakami D Houston Ejvind Bonderups 9 . .y.. 9 1 9 - - - 7 . , . ' 7 7 . Q . Q . yt 3- , . - C - . 9 ' i- 1 ' ' X Zi. , Q. , Q. , . SR. HIGH CO. Front Roux fwfr Io right: R. R11-ez I. xII'IiIll4IRPYZ NI. Kla- mvhi: NI. Harnlmg I., lIf'rm'I1i11i: P. l.11pf1L: Nl. Yan Zant: J. A11- mlre-en. Sf'1'Ul!ti Rolf: P. Ash- wuudg I.. Rubinng B. Arm- strong: E. Andrefen: I., ,lay- vwx: If Powell: J. llajdus. Thin! Row: J. Snlutar: A. An- tunellig E. Nlarinng I.. I.41reyg . ac'Iflveen: Il, Vurchis: . . Truex. Fourth Row: j, De't.' C. Eirlwlf' C. Brown' D. Hous- trn C' O Prel ent JI NIOR HICH C, O REPRENENTXTIXE5 Front Rou le H I0 right I Bur n L 11 ll A L11 en lgfllbf' 1 D e 1 Dax NI en nedw K K1en1g Serond Rou. Xlought 1n J Kegan Num 'NI Don K Qlammer Hawtun R Bartle on Cnuper Thlrd Rau -X Zeoh D Yan knden K Strales NI wmph IJ Y urrhl M 1 fl v7' 1 5 NI 1 'NI 17, 1. 1. . id . I I Y - I' - -I Y - 5, I CIIQ 1 ll l.l'ng: .. 111 4 ' .. A. 1 A. Kal-k': . IJ - I- Iri'h1 C. enpurt: . . K - I . L. Q . . . . G. I P, 3 I. s : D. RQ 3 , ' ' 411: . 'If n, Lf' ..5.",x:' 'f"' ' I I f , Q4 hiph- Front Row: Thomas Brooks, Advisorg L. Tonsingg L. Cawerg J. Ottog J. Moserg R. Smyrski R. Bocchinog G. Davenportg A. Smartg C. Spoererg J. Cajdosg D. Corrigang V. Bank oskig P. Biasottig T. Wetzelg B. Armstrongg B. Biasottig D. Clarke. Back Row: W. Paskey A. Asarog E. Andreseng J. Pigliacampig J. Emery. D. Houston F Andresen onitorial Board To keep order among l.4lO students is a hig under- taking. The monitors. with jules Pigliar-anipi as leader. are a selected few memhers of the student body is ho have proven themselves capable of upholding the respond- bility that goes with the jolt. Sins-e they are top students of the junior and senior classes. they must maintain a B ,average to remain at their posts. The duties performed by them include keeping order in the halls lietneen classes and controlling noise outside classrooms when elasses are in session. Running. hlocking traffic. and roisdiness are effectixely kept to a minimum lry our monitors. Hats off to the members of the monitorial ljoard. Y , ', . . - Q, , 1, . V, Y W ' 4 v 'Y V V f 'Q 143 V A I gh . "ff ' W ' 1 P mf., 'Sl-"" Q iwxgf + , I 'fi A W, ,. O . . U gg: F 4 i X M uf? fu 5,153 1. ,TQ fw ' 1? + b .L- fsmi ' ?W 4w W' YQJU-5 as 1' ' 1 43 fi Q ' 6 ff x 'i xii ,vlan w , X ,H Kxx .iv R X ff' 'x f - N ,f A If f Xkf xxx X5X ,U I H N I NL Q, A Q Mg A y 54 2 K V.. 3Q?"f 7 F21 . f I " ,. 'f 9 , . kQN..+f 5,35 aux . Q' U. "' Q-n 'N Q ' A, , N A .l gf-' I Q gil '55 Q fa' P' l 'ws-I' Mi' Varsity Club The members of the Varsity Club hold the highest athletic award given in Wappingers Central. Since it was first organized in l94-6, under Mr. Macrini, it has held high prestige in our school. No player of mediocre abil- ity has been allowed admission. Re- quirements are two years of a varsity sport plus one letter in that sport. These are not low standards. The aim of this fine society is to raise standards in athletics and reward outstanding indi- vidual athletes. Congratulations to the outstanding athletes of 1958-1959 who have been accomplished enough to be accepted by the Varsity Club. Front Row, left to right: Mr, Macrini: D. Terralarvero: B. Hughes: C. Leo: B. Pearson, M. Mazochi: .l. Kennedy: E. Paskey. Second Row: D. Houston: R. Harris: R. White: R. Stangel: D. Petty: C. Spoerer: E. W. Mitchell. Third Row: J. Husted: Heinamann: C. Albertson: R. Card: Leaders Club Once again the Girlls Leader's Club has successfully completed another year of gym class supervision and club proj- ects. Under the guidance of Miss Ban- tuvanis and the leadership of President Carol Leo. the club has worked "hand in hands, with the Physical Education Staff to teach other girls the sports, and even more important, the attitudes of a good participant. Besides working in the classes. the club held an in- duction for new leaders in September. sold pizza and pennants. and staged a comic basketball game for the student body. The money raised from their activities will be used for a scholar- ship for a girl showing the qualities of a good leader. The work that the club has done during the five years that it has existed shows us that it is of great benefit to all the students of Wappingers and sur- rounding schools. We certainly hope that it will continue its good work. Dolfinger: C. Dearing: .l. Andresen: E. Mulford: H. Cohen: J. Husted: R. Smith: E. llenzlcr: H. Boldrin: K. Knapp: J. Pigliacampi. L. LEADERS CLUB First Row: J. Faulds fTreasurerl: C. Leo tPresidentl: B. Wetzel fSecretaryl. Second Row: L. Rubino: D, Hoag: M. Van Zant: E. Valachovir: B. Wardell: S. Saxon: P. Vurchio: D. Vurchio: T. Richmond: T. Hinkle: P. Hewitt: D. Churchill: K. Olson: N. Hicks: C. Kniffen. Third Row: S. McDermott: K. Kennedy: M, DiCamhio: D. Michalosky: M. Spezzo: S, DiLandro: M. Conarv: C. Heintzelnian: L. Carver: J. Tanner: J. Mosher: P. Pray: D. Clark: P. Eagan: C. Thornton: Chatlos. Fourth Row: A. Antoinello: L. ,laycoxz U. Powell: B. Armstrong: J. Jenkins: E. Andresen: K. Koenig: S. Smyrski: P. Vanderpoel: D. Sabia: P. Hayton: D. Allred: ,l. Sadler: K. Branson: J, Mayer: K. Conklin. Fifth Row: B. Hinkle: P. Hemingway: C. Quattrochi: J. Baldwin' C. Jillard: B. Mosier: G. Tanner: N. Wettels: C. Baldwin: H. Hey: P. Biasotti: L. Raskoski: H. Farley: S. Hicks. Sixth Row: C. Wilson: C. Waye: ,l. Dilworth: M. A. Manfredo: C. Rankin: B. Begor: M. A. Scarchilli: S. Baker: S. Beckerleg: P. Kovacs: R. Wittels: J. Ross: L. laycox: K. B C 1 Terralavero. Serenth Rout H. Post: D. Berninato: .l. Scism: ,l. Lav: K. Raitio: L. Wetzel: . Dauley S. Scianna: l. Lianderl C. Springfield: S. Michalosky: M. Cservak: P. Albertson' Franklin. , . Booster Club "Let's have more s c h o o l spirit," says the Booster Club. Under the direction of Mrs. Adams with Madeline Fusaro acting as president. this fine organization does its best to promote more school spirit among Wappingers students. The members are responsible for all the posters seen on our c o r r i d o r walls advertising games. Several times members have painted themselves like Indians and assisted the cheer- leaders during football games. The success of this club has been evidenced by the number of students which have been turning out to "cheer for the teamf, Keep up the good work. Booster Club. BOOSTER CLUB Front Row K Femekees M Kerr S Clark V Longbard E Andresen Second Row J Cerrone A Capasso P Pease B Menconerr Third Rou E Dziadik M Moriarity E Jay cox B 'Vlxller Fourth Row M Fusaro J NIacSorley C Thornton G O Store Workers We lend our hands to help The G O Store workers represent a group of people who have volunteered their free time to serve in the General Organization Store and at the warious home frames Students appreciate be in able to purchase items at discount price Ex ery one that purchases somethlnff from the G O. Store serves the school while he serves himself. The G. O. Store. headed by Ted Wetzel is always active. Plans for a special stand for the sale of food at future football games have beeen proposed. If it is built, it will be further proof that the G. O. Store is an asset to our school. C. O. STORE WORKERS Front Row, left to right: B. Wetzel: C. Moraitis: N. Chatlosg M. Eusarog M. Halpin. Second Row: D. Lat- hamg P. Congdong J. .lordang C. Baldwin: L. Latham: D. Lockwood. Third Row: L. lloraitisg D. Eisenhartg W. Loosg P. Emeryg R. Tait. Fourlh Row: C. Einolfg T. Wetzel. Cheerleaders Everyone, especially the players, agrees that without the endless pep and spirit of the cheer- leaders it would be much harder to win. Special thanks to our varsity squad for the work they have done to promote school spirit. With Carol Leo as captain and ,lean Tanner as co-captain, the girls have plastered the walls with posters and letters reminding everyone to come and cheer at the games. New football costumes were purchased this year which will certainly keep them warm. Under the direction of Mrs. Russell, plans are being made for the Cheerleading Festival they plan to attend. Let us give them a big hand for their efforts. l,'10Y'1fIl'l'SF Starting Lei! from K. Diaferia: T, Richmond: I.. Dixong C. Del Boeviog ll. Gunn B. Hinkleg K. Stammer: B. Nlen- Coneri: P. Hammond: P. Hem- ingway. . . Cheerleaders :Xlthough the Junior Varsity squacl is comprised of younger girls with less experience. they do not lack the vim and vigor to spur the J. Y. teams to victory. Their captain. Pam Hemingway. has done a commenclalwle job with the help of the Co-captain, Betsy llinlile. in teaching them cheers and super- vising their efforts. We should let them know that their efforts do not go unnotieecl and that we hope to see many of them on Varsity' next year. Band It takes many students, all lending a helping hand, to make our band what it is today. This year, however, we found that our band members not only used their hands, but also their feet for something other than the usual march- ing which they did at our games. We were all quite proud of them when they did their routine at the halftime to the tune of "He's Cot the Whole World in His Hands." The band has also participated in several concerts this year. Thank you, band, for the stimulating performances at our football games as well as for the many other services which you render to us. Orchestra Our orchestra is an organization about which we, perhaps, hear too little. Organized in 1956, its purpose is to play great music on the instruments for which it was originally composed. Thus, all the instruments of a full symphony or- chestra are included. The orchestra meets three times a week, and membership is open to students of jun- ior and senior high school. Let us give these hardworking music enthusiasts a hand. Our orchestra may in- clude some of the great musicians of the future. 'Xxx' J' -. .rf ft 2454 af f 42 Am DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES Front Row, left to right: K. Terralaverog P, Vurchiog E. Marino. Second Row: E. Hillg L. Schneider. Third Row: C. Welchg J. Cilder- sleeveg L. Peet. Front Row, left to right: L. Dahlin, N. Chatlosg M, Riccobonog R. Brown, S. Rawson: M. Faulkner: J. Schole field: R. Dzitzerg Mr. Paine. Director Second Row: B. Begorg D. Melanderg .l. Forde: R, Gutmang B. Potig C Mayer: P. Vanderpoelg J. Cilder sleeve. Third Row: S. Blaweissg J. Lancto: C. Bellvilleg R. Sickelg J. Severance: H. Snookg D, Spurlingg R. Planckg B. Roe: 1. Faulds: D. Ep- pelg A. Reagan. Fourth Raw: L. Kap- lan' A Qpencer' Nl Qcarchilli' G Yeigler L Keelew R Ronxeaux F Jacobson Officers F Jacob on Pres lN Chatlo Y Pres J Cilder eeve Sec Trea First Row: F. Jacobson: N. Chatlos: D. McKenna: J. Tolson: D. Jillard: J. Schwartz: B. Cervallo: LQ Veling: J. Pollack: D. Austin: P. DiNonno: J, Mclxer: J. Birch: R. Pagnucco: C. Golding: D. Michalosky: P, Biasotti: F. Losee: F. Fowler: J. Faulds. Sec- ond Row: C. Watts: B. Garvin: C. Wesley: S. Niemcyk: P. Eagen: C. Carr: J. Dolfinger: C. Quattrochi: B. Zett: V. Owens: M. Sinden: V. Lom- bard: R. Verzi: M. A. Rymph: E. McCarthy: L, Peet. P. Maurer. Third Row: D. Hoag: R. Caruso: N. Lrgu- hartg H. Wolfe: E. Recchia: T. Pai- no: B. Litz: J. Severance: B. Luty: J. Mohan: Z. Severance: V. Van De Mark: J. Swank: R. Perlini: C. Ferrari: B. Planck: C. Baldwin: C. Thornton. Fourth Row: M. L. Stork: L. Feehey: S. Scianna: D. Moraitis: D. Taylor: H. Davis: L, Hunter: R. Springfield: R. Aderson: G. Sinden: L. Thew: M. Diesing: J. Linge: B. Dangerfield: J. Sickle: D. Leech: C. Baldwin: E. Brandl. Front Row, left to right: A. Sandell: L. Morey: L. Fried- man: J. Crawford: S. Frost: A. Mitchell: J. Henderson: N. Mayer. Second Row: J, Friedman: M. Ingraham: M. Berg- man: F. Glenn: A. Bentley: J. Cildersleeve. Third Row: M. Dethlefs: D. Lockwood: B. Poti: R. Miller: F, Lahey: S. Conary: B. Van Vleeck: P. Erickson: R. Williams: G. Matthews: J, Chamberlain: D. Spurling: A. Morris: A. Way: P. Hammond: A. Froehlich: F. Jackson. Fourth Row: S. Lobe: J. Dilworth: A. Damanda: R. Peltzer: F. Thorton: R, Ronveaux: H. Lockwood: C. Bruner: P. Maurer: H. Snook: R. Planck: C. Hampe: R. Bagnall: R. Ziegler: R. Van Pelt: L. Keeley: B. Bailer: N. Hicks: T. Chamblee: D- Fulmera J- F3uldS3 5. Rambo: J. Severance: P. Mauer. Chorus Hard work and perfection are the keynotes of our chorus. To become a member of the chorus, a person must have a singing ability, an understanding of sightreading, and the ability to hold a specific vocal part. Thus, the fine harmony which we hear at the Open House Program and at concerts is achieved by teamwork. All members are eligible for the All State Chorus, All State Sectionals and All County Chorus. Our chorus is one of the many fine organizations, working to bring culture and entertainment to our school. Front Row, left to dell. Second Row: H. Castle: B, Farl drinks. Third Row Touhey: H. Davis: right: P. Hammond: G. Wen H. Stevens: P. Hemingway ey: L. A. Schneider: B. Hen : J. Westerfierl: S. Savely: E B. Hendricks: Wittles: B. Linkey: S. Sedore: .l. Berger: Miss Terpenirtg Librarian. DEBATE SOCIETY Front Row, left to right: C. Spoerer: S. Millie gan: M. Conary: D. Fogarty: ,I. MacSorley. Scr- ond Row: J. Leonard: P. Abramowifz: R, Davis C. King: E. Brownlow. Third Row: R. Allred l. Deitz: Mr. Navor, Advisor: D. Driscoll. s 1 Librar Workers Whenever you go into the library to return or take out a book. you will find the hands of fellow students reaching across the desk to stamp your book take your returned book, or sign your library pass. Under the direction of Miss Vera Ter pening. the librarian. these stu dents give up their study halls and their free time before school and during their lunch periods to perform the many duties needed to keep the library run ning smoothly. Besides contri buting their s e r v i c e to the school, these students probably learn more about what makes a library tick. through actual ex perience. than they would ever learn through classroom theory Debate Soeie The members of the Wap pingers debate squad throughly enjoy preparing and presenting debates. This year the topic was HLabor.'7 Because of the excellent ex perience in speech and practice in thinking clearly and logical ly. members feel well rewarded for their labors. We now have a junior varsity and a varsity squad. divided according to experience and ability. There are about thirty members. seventeen of which have fulfilled requirements of the National Forensic League udio-Visual Club If you have seen a classroom movie or used the tape recorder, it was probably done through the courtesy of the Visual Edu- cation Club. These boys, under the direction of Mr. Deppe, keep things running smoothly where motion pictures, slides or film strips are concerned. They have been instructed thoroughly in the use of the complicated e q u i p m e nt in- volved. They are real trouble- shooters, and if any visual aid equipment goes askew, they will have it in focus in no time. Gallery Club "To foster an interest in ser- ious theaterf, is the principle purpose of the Gallery Club and all its activities are directed to that end. Members of the club have the opportunity of hearing lectures about the theater by various members of the English Depart- ment. Other activities include occasional trips to performances of the V a s s a r Experimental Theater. and the special show- ings of films such as Richard lll, Romeo and Juliet, and Juli- us Caesar. Although only two years old. this organization has exerted a strong cultural influence on our school. rj, Wife AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB Kneeling: R. Richardsong D, Smithg P. Wadeg S. Wright. Standing: J. Parsonsp C. Plotzkyg J Brouthersg E. Hyattg C. Gaston: A. Bentleyg Mr. Deppe, Advisor. GALLERY CLLB Front Row: P, Benjaming P. Lukensg J. Smithg J, Schwartz: M. Miller: F. Egenbergzer: H. Cast- le. Second Row: E. Brownlowg Bl. Fusaro: C. A Hoppockg L. Keeleyg A, Manos: J. Happel: E Hill. Third Row: R. Fortin: M. Von Borstel: J Leonardg R. Davis: B. Linkey: C, Killmer. Four- th Row: 1. Crosenheck: T. Berta Y. Owen: E Stevens: C. Clickert: S. Nlurphvg S. Sedore Fifth Row: S. Carpenter: J. Faulds. 3 SCHIIUL LIFE 52? 1 , qi ,fg f b 13. A , , -f ka 1 N if fx wifi ,J.- ' i. iv , ' Q . . 5 - 2 ,Q My 31- , .fig Q-2 96 'f ' ,sf -L .iz 'S V ' 35' Science Homemaking Department "Establish thou the work of our hands." Psalms Those hands will some- day perform the most im- portant work of all, that of establishing a happy home. The skills these girls learn in homemaking will always be of value to them. .' 6 Art Department "May no rude hand deface it.', Ellen Irwin Art and the knowledge and ap- preciation of it can certainly be included among those things which add to the enjoyment of life. A person need not have any talent in art in order to appreciate the many things created by the art classes. Left to Right:D. Karan, B. Biastottig I. Hustedg R. Holtg 1, Leonard, Mr. Taylorg R. Governg R. Davis. Department "Nature's own sweet and cunning handv Shakespeare With the increasing em- phasis placed on science, our science classes are not lagging behind. Under the direction of the Science Department, t h e s e stu- dents are uncovering some of the many fascinating secrets that nature has to yield. Commerce Industrial Arts Department "Tools were made, and born were hands." "Somewhere it shall feel a vanished hand." That could well be said about the keys on that typewriter. They feel the touch of flying fingers and then they do not. The typ- ing students learn what may be used in their fu- ture careers and what will also be of use throughout their lives. Y ICH William Blake Hands were born before tools were made, but these boys are learning to make the best possible use of both. Not only do the in- dustrial arts students learn the proper use of tools, but the vari- ous sections, notably the print shop, perform valuable services for the school. left to Right: F. Fanellig Mr. Piggottg P. Hanni- gang C. Mahoneyg P. Helfrich. Morning Pep Rally An example of the enthusiasm for our victor- ious football heroes is represented here. This early morning demonstration was spontaneously held by the band to rally suport for those grid- iron favorites. Left to right: R. VanPeltg B. Baileyg M, Bergmang J. Severance, R. Ronveauxg H. Lockwood, B. Roeg M. Conary. World Unity Yukiko Yamakami of Japan and Ejvind Bonderups of Denmark were our foreign students this year. Here the group, D. Houston, R. Fortin, host of Ejvindg Yukikog J. Jenkins, hostess of Yukikog M. Von Borstelg tour West Point. Electronic Brains? Four of our seniors with their IBM instructor, Harry J. Wilkinson, examine a unit of the T05 computer during their summer employment project at the Poughkeepsie plant of International Business Machines Corp. Left to right: Robert Rose, Mr. Wilkinson, Ronald Smyrski, Charles Einolf, and John Andreson. 'll . I 3 if 'N' 1 .- 3 my 46 r, V .Jb , N Vg Rig Q.. '? 1 ,3- . O 'Q' lk . K, - ' . . I B 5 l . . K 1 1. Q N1 y f Y ' O 1 I ' f ,I Wa. - 5. fl ,M 0.-3 fi lla.: Ik! rj 4 M , , Mir Q A :i4'if1a1" ff' ' A 1 ,,,,,,,,.,.-. V15 F 1 rff, . G 3 vi 1' A I . ,414 .. in av' W -vu- M - ,ws 'V' N'-it 1 Proms "On tiptoe, she lays her jeweled hand lightly in mine. Come, tread a stately measuref' With their air of elegant dignity, the annual junior and senior proms are eagerly awaited and prepared for months in advance. On May 23, 1958, the senior class presented their prom. Lovely Kathy McEnaney reigned over her "Kingdom Under the Sean while her subjects enjoyed one of the most unusual proms ever given. This year's junior class staged their prom in December with all the success and ingenuity of old pros. The Greek gods and goddesses gathered for a "Hellenic Holiday", on Mount Olympus. Venus, or rather Judy Wickett, ruled as queen of the goddesses as the guests danced before the his- toric Parthenon. Who could imagine a more marvelous way in which to begin and end the year? 5. I . Above: Class President, Anthony Campilii crowns Sr. Prom Queen Kathy Mclfnaney. Left: V. Bankoskig M, Truexg P. Vurchiog Queen Judy Wicketg K. Baker P. Pease. 73 IP' Marsha Conary. Speaker for 10th Grade. Josephine Lombard, Moving-Up Day Queen. James Woodwell. Speaker for 12th Grade. Jeannine Dilworth. Speaker for 8th Grade. in Moving- p Da ,YEL , .- 5 Ls- , .W Lv' I . 4 "Two by two, hand in hand we go." The preparations for this symbolic day require as much time and thought as the day itself. Elections must be held and candidates choseng a yearbook is publishedg decisions as to awards must be made, and a field day is planned by the Varsity Club. On the day itself, the new officers of the General Organ- ization are announced, members of new staffs for the Portico are introduced, the announcement of new cheerleaders is made, awards are presented, and the winners of the Varsity Club meet are proclaimed. The Queen, chosen in an election, presides over all these activities. This day is truly monu- mental and rewarding. Seated: Gail Andersong Katherine McEn- aneyg Mary Deising: Josephine Lombardg Mary Hardy: Jacqueline Schlag. x .9 alia. 9 '- Q 7 il N .1 :ff ,' 9' 'R Q Q lk Q 'J ,V Front Row, left to right: J. Jenkins: A, Smart: L Latham' P. Podes: C. Sciacca. Robert Prestong Paul O'Keefe1 Barbara Cook. P T A Student Recognltlon Plctures taken and school far behlnd the 59 Student RCCOgD1ll0H trrp was gally launched Lpon reachm New York we dxvlded One Group des cended upon the Melropolltan Museum of Art whlle the remamm crew toured New York on foot Thls venture culmmated at the automat where we lunched on the wonders ofthe put sour mckel m the slot and press world experlence After the show we were fortunate ln meetlnff the stars of the show Proudlw we exlted throufrh the sta e door From the make bellewe world of the theater we traw el ed to Chmatown and dlned w1th beneflt of chopstrcks at the Tox Wan Restuarant Gaxlw bedecked wlth exotlc sousemrs we started homeward PTA feasts Honor Students I l I I O . . , 7 , . U v v . . - D 7 ' P . . g L Y I . U . Then it was off to see the Music Man, an unforgettable l . ' V, V . . D - '. 1' ' C g v . e . . . , Front Row left to rzght M Von Borstel ,I Berger A Smart S Senlor Play Class of 1959 Whatsoever thy hand flndeth to do do lt wlth thy mlght A mal or achlevement of our senlor year was the produc tlon of the spectacular Ever Slnce Eve Not to be ranked merely as another event of the busy season its success was due largely to the acting genlus of the cast the capablllty of the commlttees and our guxdrng hand Mr Navor The story evolves from the compllcatxons of two love affalrs and the runmng of a newspaper Each role was smoothly portrayed and ln the end everyone llved happxly ever after Our congratulatlons to all who made the productlon suc cessfully posslble Cast Mrs Clover Janet Ienkms Johnny Clover Stewart Forde Mr Clover Ronald Fortm Spud Erwln Edward Mulford Martha Wlllard Janet Berger Susan Blake Meta Von Borstel Betsy Erwln Ada Smart Offlcer fCappyD Slmmons Bernard Roe Henry umn Thomas Berta Lucybelle Lee Carole Greene Preston Hughes Carl Spoerer Football Players Gerald Lutz Harold F1sher Herman Klu e ,lack Emery Forel n Students Hands Across the Sea Each xear throuvh the Forewn btudent Com mlttee of the General OTUHHIZHIIOU our school takes part m the Herald Trrbune forelffn student pro gram The Forelan Student Commlttee under the leadershlp of the GO XILC Preslclent be-'fan plan nlnfr for the w1s1t of our two forelffn students soon after the start of school lll September lNumerous letters were wrltten showcase drsplaxs arranfred and assemhlles planned At last the dar came lll Fehruarx when 'Nlxse Yulclko Yamskaml from Japan and Nlr Epmd Bonderups -from Denmark were w elcomed to W C S During thelr two week WISH Xukrko or Yama as she was called was a Guest of ,lanet Jenklns and E und stared at the home of Ronald Fortln Both Yama and Epmd NlS1tCCl a number of classes and wlsrted Texaco IBM and West Pomt as well as makln trlps to the elementary schools A hlffh polnt of thelr stay was the assembls durmvf whlch a panel dlscusslon took place 1n whlch representatlves from VHTIOUQ schools partlclpated Epmd plaxed a solo on the uolm and Yama presented a Japanese sonfr and dance fflvlnv us a fflrmpse of their respectlve cultures The forelfrn student program IS to be commend ed for the furthermv of mternatlonal understandmv and frlendshlp WFS? ...an-Ol Yama seems to be enjoung her star he I S particularly West Point U Here Yama charms as uzth a song from Japan Our mo torezgn students are shaun here wzth thezr hosls tn front ol the fascinating shoucase about their name lands Wonder uhat Ejzmrl thmlts about .1 77 9 Q . 'J , ,A Q , r ,W V - - -- -.Q ., . un 15 1 .Q f L- r ' ' 4 C. . K. ' ui ' 75 ' r: r ' , , u P 1 -, b ' ' 1 ' M f gs ' ' "' t I D V c- 2, . - f M ' E A I' in Y l Y E L Y- - 7 I - I f ' - . P I r. ., 1 . - 1 . 'l - - Y v Y- - r - at as 5 1 5 V . v D - 3 ,' v - J - I . . . L 5 Y .. ' . . .1 ., .. ' 5 zz- ' cr .V 7 J' za . . . . . ,AM c . - 1 . , M C P 4 f C- l U ra - 2: r ' , H 1: r: hx Ns- y Q '. 'T q X 1 . ' . ATHLETICS -H-I xv aww ,, , ':fgfqg.f? .r,. H ',,,,' f N223--4:,Q 7 k I S 25 543 22 37 Front Row, left to right: Mr. Toomeyg S. Cianciog B, Stangelg J. Komornickg D. Terralaworo G Dearingg B. Whiteg E. MCCafferyq K. KHHPPZ Mr. Macrini. Second Row: V. Banko ki H Boldrmg E, Dolfingerg H. Klugeg W. Duncang J, Mcljonoughg J. Lutzg V. Owensg B Bla om C Straley. Third Row: W. Paskeyg J. Emeryg B. Mitchellg G. Engelhardtg L. Heinemann R Smith E. Henzlerg E. Seabloomg H. Coheng R. Wickmang D. Clark. Varsity Football Again this year the Highland High School proved to be the nemesis of our Varsity team. For the second year in a row, Coach Macrini and his staff trained a team which seemed destined to win the DCSL title, and for the second year in a row, Highland upset the applecart by humbling our boys in the championship playoff. Even though we lost the championship, the team compiled a respectable record, including a 26-0 win over Arlington. -a WCS WCS WCS WCS WCS WCS WCS Results Peelcskill Hudson Roosevelt Beacon Saugerties Arlingion Highland .l.V. Football Under the coaching of Nlr. Beverly. the group of inexperienced freshmen and sophomores whipped themselves into a fine unit. Though not boasting a tremendous record. the fellows. none the less. performed admirably for W. C. S. All the bovs have every reason to be proud of themselves: they put all they had into every game they played. We'll be seeing you on the varsity next year. fellows. Results wcs opp. Qx Peekskill T 7 Roosevelt 21 T Saugerties 12 13 Arlington 21 19 Guy Deming Highland 13 l8 I J. V. FOOTBALL FVOM Rvw, lfff fl! fighll MY- B9V9l'lY1 R- -l0l'mS0l'1S A- Al' Wh Mackey. Third Row: .l. Christy: W. ,laycoxg R. Terrala phonsez B- Schultz: D- AndCTSUD1 .l- VHHWKZCHCHZ G- Irwin? vorog R. Slaytong J. Palmatierg A. Vogel. Fourth Row: J. Ful R. Van Der Ploegg Mr. Meier. Second R0u'1 .l. Wood: .l. De- tong G. Jackamonisg R. Bruceg W. Desormierg A. Puchekg J ITlODd2 E- 31CCluSkfy': N- OUHUTOCNZ D. Craig? .l- MBHOSL Centeranig T. Kornbreckg M. O'Brien. Manager. 1 3 Y ,, 2 My qw 'E K x J Nl If . 3' AL ,, D25 ri 1 C' HPS V lr J W' I A , V' 3 7 , ' T , , K 5 K -i ' W A Y S i .4 x - 'ffifw as R V X., -: "' f ' iz f ,,..,f ' , ,Q-, .. EZ Le Z r will f .,,f' ' , my 'Q 'G T , ' X 1. -.5 T' Q F M I f' f. YJ - 1, ' 75 1 ' H ' ' 1 f , 5 9 .l V Basketball This years team under the coaclung of 'Vlr Bemson displayed the flght and determlnatlon that make for an ex c1t1ng game Thelr wlnnmg was not always constant but many a close game was play ed and our team lost by a few polnts Most Important the squad malntamed good sports manshlp ln all their games The valuable experlence galned by these boys thls year should make for a good record for the Wapplngers Varslty next year Results W C S Sau uertles W C S Arlmgton W C S Beacon W C S Roosevelt W C S Sau uertles W C S Arlm ton w c s Beacogn D C S L Champlon Shlp Trophy W C S Roosey elt Front Row left to rzght D Cralg R Bagnall R Ferland ,lack on I Pullen C Ghckert L Sodemman J Van Wag W Ion T Smlth G Wood Second Row Wir Bemson F enen J Manos T Terralavoro D Rankin Mgr . .. 31 .........., g ' 39 . .. 38 ,.......... ' 50 . .. 39 ..d....... , 41 . .. 39 ...,,, ess, 17 . . . 4-8 ..,,..d,.., g ' 56 . .. 36 ,s....,...d ' 62 , , . .. 44 ....l..,,.. 51 v - - - . .. 48 .....,. -dd ' 37 83 C. Albertson scores for the Indians L. Heinnemann's out to make a TD Off and running! No "spare tires" here! wgMQJgkWl'!agSQ8Q Pre-game warmup Bill Ryff belts one in left- field Dwight and Julie try to inter- cept. A Haig. SOCCER - 111 l Front Row left to nght A Czerwlonka M Rambo J J Roblnson C Mahoney Thzrd Row Mr Wolfson A Sod Hughes D Mazoclu Second Row R Lahe E P k W d y as ey erman J Husted ,I Plgllacampx C Albertson D Hous Young J Fernandez R Pearson M M8ZOChl .l Kennedy ton C Spoerer C Meybaum B Hughes Mr Young Soccer Our 1958 soccer team under the very able coachlng of Mr McGovern was the best ln the school s hlstory There has been a growlng mterest ln soccer 1n the past few years ThlS has encouraged more boys to partlclpate ln the sport and as a re WCS WCS WCS WCS WCS WCS WCS WCS sult we had a team composed of enthuslastlc and experienced boys T-lllS trend has deflmtely pro duced good results as seen from thls year s record whlch placed us second ln the league Not only d1d we have a good team but four of our boys Jules P1gl13C8mpl Mlke MOZOChl Bob Pearson and Blll Hughes made the All County Team Results Oakwood N Y M A Roosevelt Rhmebeck lN Y 'VI A Poughkeepsle Roosevelt Rhmebeck l W.C.S. 3 ........... Anderson 0 . . . 2 ......... -- 0 . . . 0 ,.......... . . . . 0 . . . 0 ........t ,- 2 . . . 3 ......,... c ' 9 . . . 4 ..,.e...... '. .- . . 4- . . . 4- .... e.--..-c- ' 2 . . . 2 ......... Y- 2 . . . 2 ,......... f ' 4- ,L -- l TRACK Front Row left to nght R ODogerty R Stan W Weber W Atkms K Knapp H Cohen gel R Pearson E Paskey J Andresen J G D1 Camblo Thtrd Row W Brannan J Megna M Bombersback L Beasmxer Second Chambers A Bxrch G Terralaverro R Bas Row H Boldrm R Pagnucco ,I McDonough nan R Harrxs J Husted L Hememann Track Under the coachlng of Mr Mac r1n1 and Mr Meler Wapplngers cllmaxed a thfllllflg season by ty mg Saugertles at the county meet Thxs was the second year ln a row that Wappmgers has won the D RW C. S L track champlonshlp wlth out beneflt of a cmder track To wards the end of the season the pole vault was added to the track and fleld events Next season looks llke a great one as most of the boys will return You can be sure Wappmgers w1ll try to make thxs thelr thlrd consecutlve champlon R41 s 1p Wlnmng champlonshlps IS noth mg new for our boys They have won twelve of them ln the past fourteen years-all th1S without the beneflt of a track on whlch to practxce l . . U . , . b . . . - I P ,Q , AA . . ' Q 'Q - . , ' , Af . ' ' l ' l .- , , E go" ..,.V at 4 Q ' ' 7 - r, ""'6:, 2 a f . ' ' - . . Q f' y l X of f , N , 'S hz, Y' I ' Q , w . . . . , ' f " 2 V ' . X 1 ' Q h' . L X A J . . . . . l x -wg - fail x xt.. ' . u . J 1 ' X .l .V. Baseball Our J. V.'s, under the expert coaching of Mr. Richard Young, managed to pile up a walloping ten to one game victory for the season. Top hitter of the season was Fred Toettcher, with Butch Darrow running as close second. Other top contenders were Dick Ferland, Torn Smith and Nick Quattrochi. Number one pitcher of the season was Bob Booth. It looks as if this year's Varsity should be able to choose many good players from this squad. Results W.C.S. Opp. Highland 7 0 Poughkeepsie 9 6 Arlington 2 0 Beacon 5 3 Roosevelt 12 4- Peekskill 7 5 Arlington 12 0 Roosevelt 15 4 Poughkeepsie 9 8 Beacon 3 15 Front Row, left to right: N. Quattro- chig T. Rogersg G. Foster. Second Row: R. Boothg T. Smithg J. Manosg M. Darrowg W. Hughesg E. Smithg P. Helfrich. Third Row: B. Houx-ang L. Detmerg J. Kerinsg F. Toettcherg R. Ferlandg C. Straleyg Mr. Richard Young. Front Row, left to right: Mgr. J Kennedy, D. Riley, G. Brown, J Case, V. Murphy, G, Brown, J. Bia- sotti, S. Savely Mgr. Second Row: J. Emery, L. Tonsingv .l. Husted, J Pigliacampi, E. Dolfinger, H, Lee, E, Becker, Mr. Benison. Baseball Wappingers had a fairly good season last year, and under the coaching of Mr. Benison, came in second in The Dutchess County Scholastic League race. There were many exciting games played hard and well by the team. Jack Biasotti at- tained the highest batting average. behind him was Julie Pig- liacampi and Jack Emery. Throughout the entire season the boys showed the will to win and displayed good sportsman- ship. The returnees and those up from the IV look very tal- ented and should post a good record this year. Results W.C.S. Opp. Roosevelt 5 4 Saugerties 2 6 Arlington 3 0 Beacon 0 1 Arlington 6 6 Saugerties 5 7 Arlington l 4 Poughkeepsie 3 18 Beacon 10 3 I IRLS HOQKEY TEAM Kneelmg N Hxcks M Walsh Second Row A Manos B Muller ,l Sclsm 'NI Mclfaneny T Hmkle P Hewitt J 'Nlmall D llllard D Austen R Richardson Third 90 Row M Frascau D Scott D Kelly B Baldwm C Thornton K Woodard P Wllcox Fourth Row B Wilcox C Hoppock B Atluns J Cadjos J Faulds -V - . .. . Y - -. ,. ,. ,. , ., ,r. . .. , . 4. Q. . 1 . g.:,l. 3. 3. 3 . ,. g, g, g, 9 ..',. ,..g. -. . . ,p V. ., v. ' 7 , . .. .. , 7 ,.. C Kmffen Hockey Thus year approxlmately thlrty glrls trled out for hockey Under the able dxrectlon of MISS Ban tuwams and Mrs Pauquette the new glrl s physlcal educatlon teachers our hockey team exhlblted char acterlstlcs of a wlnmng team Although the team s vlctorxes were not constant thelr fme showmg of good spoltsmanshlp and school splrlt was one that could mvoke the prlde of Mlss Bantuvams Mrs Pauquette and Wapplngers Central School Front Row left to rzght S D1Landro C Rubmo B Pawson T Hmkle P Hewltt C Kmffen M Ingra olleyball Thls years glrls volleyball season opened on December 9 wlth approxlmately two hundred glrls trymg out Among the thlrteen lntramural teams were Devlls Angels Jelly Beaners M1CkCy and her Mouseketeers Pro Cons Vollettes Boppers Tlddle winks Chlpmunks Mxss B s Buzzers Gee Gee Hub Caps Scatterbralns and comlnv through wlth no lost games was Alvlnla and her Chxpmunks Several dlfferent teams represented our school agamst other schools such as Beacon Oakwood and Cold Sprlng The teams played well thls year and consrstently dlsplay ed talent and good sportsmanshlp ham Second Row C Bawldm B Farley D Austm S Becker N Hlcks J Faulds K Woodard Thani Row B Wllcox G Hoppock 91 , :. g. 3, . :, 5. 3.4 g. 3. 3. g. - g. .:. 3. . . ,. . ' s-1 1 2 . 9'v 9 9 ' . . ., -9 9 9's' 9 D 9 1 v ADVERTISEMENTS U12 lCtll.l'e5 388 Mom Street Poughkeepsne New York am 0145 anlefalf Sunce 1927 Francis T Wllllams S.. ff ,fx X ,sf Plumbln and Heatm i ,D 4 Elm St Flshklll N Y BEacon 9 4364 M s Coffee Shoppe Route 9 FlShklll. IN Y N-Qf gb es CONGRATULATIONS Graduates of 1959 May we rom your many frxends 1r1 extendlnq our best wlshes for your future success and happmess? The hopes of our commumty go w1th you 11'1 the years that he ahead And we IUVITG you to call on us too rf there IS any way m Wh1Ch we can be of help lol FISHKILL SAVINGS BANK F1shk111, New York Member F D I C I O . I oxx N 4, f f f U, .X i T! 1' A V V, , ' cr ' or ' 6 ' AFT .R U U Q - ,, 'Q' r x xFQ ' Y N A' L . ' f I X' p xrxd I I I - . . Hollclay Recreahon Center PP 9 24 AMF L N y Ckt Compllments of Wappmgers Falls Offlce The Flrst National Bank Of Poughkeepsle Three Convenient Locatlons MAIN OFFICE Mann af Cafharme Sf Vassar Off ce Raymond A e Wappmgers Falls Offuce Member FDIC T e Beasley Agency, Inc Besf of Luck fo flue Class of Green egen Pres 959 Complefe lnsura nce Ser Wapp ngers Falls AX 7 2400 I v . ' ' al' LaGrange Main Sf. af Mill Q. w , . l vice I CONGRATULATIONS Thornton s Servlce Station I66 W Mann St Wappmgers Falls N Y Ron Thornton Stan Thornton ROBERT LEE STORES Five and Ten Department Store Wappmgers Falls N Y Best Wushes to the Class ot I959 HENDERSON S Apparel Mary Smlth Prop MEWKILL S GROCERY Groceries Cold Soda lce Cream School Supplies Mnddlebush Rd Rust Craft Cards Schrattt s Candles Formost lce Cream Magazines and Newspapers TIBBS NEWS DEPOT Compliments T H E P T A Compllments A Friend l o o I Ladies' - Children's - Infants' I -u - ot ot I Marlon R G Smlth GIFTS Albany Posl' Rd Mlddlebush Rd N 8: S SUPPLY CORP WHOLESALERS Plumblng Heahng and lndus+rlalSupplles RD alll Flshkull NY Phone Beacon 94208 MEWKILL S GARAGE Hughsonvulle New York Thomas Marcogohn And Son General Conlracfors Blacklop Work Our Specially 20 Nelson Av Wapplngers Falls Phone AX 7 2804 AX 7 7542 Complumen'l's Sylvan Lake Telephone Company JOE S GROCERY Hughsonvllle N Y AX 7 9827 Free Delwery Open 7 Days a Week Camplele Lune of Groceries Cold Beer Socla and Colclculs I G a+ ' . 1 Sand - Slone - Gravel - Fill - S'l'oneclus'l' , I Popper Electrlc Company H F B h J enry oe m r Eleclrucal Conlrachng Resudenhal Commercial Induslrlal Refngerahon Elednc Gas Sales and Servuce on General Elecfrlc Appliances Repair Service Televlslon AX 7 3293 Gas Ranges Healers and Wa+er Healers S 8 Wesl' Mann + Member RSES Wappmgers Falls New Yorlc Phone AX 7 3755 Hopewell Hardware, Inc Eberhard Buulders, Inc Harclwares Housewares Sporhng Goods R01-Ile 55 Sherwm Wllluams Pamls and Toys Poughkeepsle N Y el CA 6 2643 Tel GL 4 2350 GL 4 3450 . . O Q C0mPlele Line of Wl'ln9 Maleflals Middlebush Rd. Wappingers Falls, N.Y . I 'YTITIII E? lim ,,m'fw-f"?' LW BER I imp., WWW R H Llnge Inc Lumber and Bulldmg Supplies GLobe 2 2222 Kefcham s Garage DE SOTO PLYMOUTH SALES SERVICE Flshklll New York BEST WISHES 'Io fha Class of I959 rom J C STRIPPEL 5 0 7 Mull S+ DI PRIMA FOOTWEAR Specralrzlng ln Childrens and Growrng Grrls Foolwear Simplex Jumpmg Jacks Jarmen Shoes for Men 2 E Main S+ AX77I40 FROZEN FOODS GROCERIES MEATS BEER Roufe 82 Hopewell Jci' NY I I 0 .Qi - SI.0 Hutmon's Grocery Store COMPLIMENTS of Sloper Willen Ambulance Servlce Shaker Travls 81 Quinn Inc Reluable Servlce Plumbing Heating Ventilating Contractors TIGR! 400 TIAX73322 shi P 9 I , 0 ll ' ' ll 4 e. - -2 e. - - 483 Main St. East Main Street Pou eepsie Wap in ers Falls Hudson Valley Upholstery D L Marmo Prop X lhii 7 EXPERT UPHOLSTERING FABRICS Uph lf AX72l95 R Sfyl g NEW FURNITURE Custom Mode to Your Specnfncahons Route 9D Hughsonvllle N Y D l ' If ' ,ll S u I R f ff R I I L A I P P E Cus'I'om Phone Cus+om C R Re- o s ery - - e- in O Y V E R BUD ADLER Mens 8: Boys Wear Cus+om Cleaners Flshlull N Y Beacor 9 772I Complumen+ De Pew and Schetter Agency, Inc Flshlull NY KING KONE Rou+es 9 and 52 Flshlull NY CONGRATULATIONS +0 fhe Class of I959 from +l1e Van Voorhls Bros, Inc CAMEO BEAUTY SA'-ON Comple+e lane of Building Ma+erlals ancl Lumber Fushlull N Y Beacon 9 42I7 3I W Mann S+ AX 7 2080 ROBERT G HUNT General Confracfor and Builder Fushlull NY of Soff lce Cream King-Size Hoi' Dogs . f PETER DORAN Hopewell Jc+ N Y CA 6 7005 THOMAS DORAN Wappmgers Falls NY AX 7 3405 Specializing ln Parlung Lois Over 25 Years Experience FISHKILL MEAT MARKET PRIME BEEF AND POULTRY KARL EHMERS HOMEMADE PORK PRODUCTS VAL MAR FOOD STORE FISHKILL NY OPEN ALL YEAR Poo Blll Bordos Flshklll Motel Congrafulahon fo The WAPPINGERS CENTRAL SCHOOL GRADUATES A FRIEND Rosemary Flower Shop FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Tel AX 7 2I20 I30 W Mann S+ Wapplngers Falls NY All Types of Pavemenf Markings C0mPllmen+5 of I-TV n I e a BEST WISHES FOITI DICK S MARKET 30 Soulh Ave Wappmgers Falls NY HOLLISTERS SHELL SERVICE 507 Soulh Roacl SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS GL 4 2244 BEST WISHES George Meyers PH G Prop Meyers Vlllage Pharmacy 7 E Mann Sf Wappmgers Falls NY Your Rexall Slore Prescrlphon Speclallsls The Blggesl Llllle Drug Slore an Dulclwess Counly Serving llns commumly for over I00 Years The Pendell Press RONALD LAv Prop DISTINCTIVE PRINTING Phone 30 473 Mann S+ Beacon N Y WITH BEST WISHES 'ro lhe Class of 59 rom Little Falls Traller Park Wappmgers Falls NY Compllmenls MIKE S GROCERY Hopewell Junclion New Yorlc f I I 0 I I I I.. of I ,,,f' Brlnkerhoff Garage Texaco Stahon Brlnkerhoff N Y Tel Beacon 9 739l 26'lh Year Serving fhe Public BEST WISHES CONGRATULATIONS rom io +he Class of I959 M Shwartz And Co mm The Home of Good Clofhes Poughkeepsie New York ' WL, t ' ' . 1 - w , I W. P A . , . Kwfw, I I O ' O O O O F ll ll COMPLIMENTS o Rymph Feed Stores Montfort Bros., Inc Concrefe Building Blocks if Sieel Sash Cinder Block Pa+io Blocks Fishkill, New York Beacon 9-73 I6 Over 100 Years Safe INSURANCE Service Frank and Bolton Inc BEACON 720 I I O o , o BOND HARDWARE ELM STREET Say It wlth Flowers Fnshlull NY. Beacon 9-4694 Saltford Qualsty The Saltford Flower Shop I8 Cannon S+ Poughkeepsie N Y Telephone GRover I0540 Puoneer Member W T h D I A t Flornst elegrap elvery ssocla non Real Es+a+e and Insurance Phone Beacon 9 7I I5 COMPLlMENTS Hunt s Square Deal Lumber Co Kelly s Meat Market PISH FOWL MEAT CHEESE Wapplngers Falls NY COMPLIMENTS WE DELIVER CORNER BARBER sl-lor AX 7 3753 Mann S+ and Route 9 Flshlull NY Fishkill, N.Y. of I I of FISHKILL BARBER SHOP EXPERT BARBERING Three Barbers on Dufy FusI1IuII N Y CONGRATULATIONS 'ro +I1e CLASS of I959 Pat DlDomlzo McCOMB S Commercial and SocnaI S+ahonery 27l Mann S+ree'f Poughkeepsie NY SUCCESS rom LEONE PIANOS FlsI1IuII New York S Beacon 94826 VILLAGE LAUNDROMAT I E Mann Wappmgers FaIIs N Y AX 7 3830 COMPLIMENTS FRIEND I I Sales and Service Tuning and Repairs I . . I Il . ' S+. F We Prog ess Nc, e Yeo DOCKQ PFOORESS PUBLISHEPS WNC ALBANY N Y I I Q I f I I I 1 I I I I I I ,. f ' 'Q Be" f r' ' - f

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