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AS THE SUMMER ENDS the silent halls fill ivith baffled sophomores and with experienced juniors and seniors. Each comes or returns with tales of beach trips, mountain vacations, summer jobs, and the lazy days of sunning and eating. Eagerly or reluctantly they come together, blending individual talents and ambitions to create the vibrant personality of Page. Nineteen Hundred Sixty-Six Published by the Students of Walter Hines Page High School 2 BUCCANEER Volume Eight CONTENTS Curriculum . 18 Organizations . 50 Activities . 124 Athletics . 144 Classes . 164 Sponsors . 218 Conclusion . 232 Greensboro, North Carolina Editor Becky Rudd Business Manager 4SS7S(l Beth Douglas Mrs. Adelia Sams Mrs. Sams explains a rule of grammar to French student Becky Rudd. IN RECOGNITION of a keen wit, a dedicated pleasure in teaching French, and unlimited energy in extracurricular activities, we proudly dedicate the 1966 Buccaneer to Mrs. Adelia Sams. Mrs. Sams discusses yearbook prices with Mr. Ed Goldston, district manager of Hunter Pub¬ lishing Company. 4 THE SUCCESS OF PAGE is attributed to all of its members - the leaders, the followers- each giving the best of himself. Marshal Harriet Dayvault directs students from assembly. Homeroom representative Mary Anna Underwood leads her homeroom in a dis¬ cussion of the Junior Class project. Johnny King seeks the advice of his coun¬ selor, Mr. Wallace, concerning his second semester courses. 5 ir Kf Ginni Schenck puts the finishing touches on decorations for Ladies’ Night. Terry Hunsucker adds two points in a victory over cross-town rival Smith. BY INVOLVEMENT in diversified undertakings, each stude7it develops new dimensions of depth, experience, perspective, and purpose. Beth Godwin, Patricia Dalton, Lynn Osmer, Corliss McGinty, and Sharon Trull advertise a bus trip to the Burlington basketball game. 6 Nora Darnell, giving of her free time, checks out a book for Jimmy Lamb. Drum Major David Caviness leads the band onto the field for a colorful halftime show. Harvey Worley decorates the Christmas tree donated to the school by the Junior Ex¬ change Club. 7 Harriet Harris, Billy Weaver, and Lee Lee Brazeal apply their creativity to an original James Bond project. TALENTED STUDENTS create their own fonn of expression through the program of fine arts. Choir members improve their talents during rehearsal. Mary Lou Hinton busily applies make-up to Alan Moore before the play. 8 Creative writing student Lynnie Hicks is inspired by her class field trip to Buffalo Lake. Ben Wilson enjoys using his leisure time for reading. FOR ALL there come the quiet moments of puzzlement or reflection before life’s myriad proble7ns and decisions. Carol Vatz meditates during a few quiet moments in her busy day. 9 Mrs. Medlin displays the true Page spirit as she christens the YRC Pirate Ship. Cheerleaders lead the student body in a spirited cheer. 10 FANS spark school activities by the zest and pep of their support, by the pure exhuberance which they display . Pirate fans cheer their Number One team on to a big conference victory Libby King presents the key to Pep Land to David Rockwell. 11 LIGHT MOMENTS of relaxation offer a welcome break in the day. JV Cheerleaders Melissa Anderson and Susan Vestal lead the students in a cheer during an afternoon pep rally. Ivan Mothershead finds enjoyment in snow¬ ball fights during the winter. Lunch is the favorite time of day for many students. jay y : UPf I fl ' ' lij 12 Students enjoy dancing at the Twirp Open House. The Tams provide entertainment at Page’s successful James Bond Pirate Ball. MOMENTS OF JOY become the memories of tomorrow as dancing students enjoy the night. 13 Twirp Day squads gather for a quick gos¬ sip session before returning to class. Exchange student Isabel Pedraza speaks to the History Club about life in Peru. INNOVATION blends with tradition, and new faces mingle with familiar ones as the year unfolds. A new tradition is formed this year with the completion of the pirate ship. 14 Robert E. Li is amused at the thought of 20 inches of snow. Basketball co-captain Randy Jones cheerfully raises the Pirate victory flag. Austrian student Margret Shubert works to perfect her English in speech class. 15 STUDY, motivated by a desire to learn, broadened the receptive student mind while academic honors crowned scholastic achievement. Vick Phillips emphasizes the importance of scholarship during the Honor Society in¬ duction. Students take advantage of Page’s excellent language lab facilities to improve their French accents. Randy Dodson and Chuck Yancey vent their intellectual curiosity in the dissection of a frog for biology. 16 Sporty Haislip takes pride in keeping his school beautiful. PRIDE is shown both at public moments of success and in private actions of service. Happiness is being champions! 17 18 EACH STUDENT has his separate desires which demand extensive preparation to meet future ambitions. Page’s many-sided curriculum works to satisfy these individual needs. CURRICULUM 19 Dedicated administration offers experience, Mr. Philip J. Weaver A.B., Duke University M.A., UNC-CH Superintendent Mr. Robert A. Newton A.B., Guilford College Assistant Principal Inter-Service Club Council Advisor Pep Committee Advisor Bus Drivers Advisor SCHOOL BOARD. First row: Mr. Edward F. Lucas, Jr.; Mrs. T. C. Hoyle; Mr. Richard Hunter, chairman; Mr. R. M. Wilson; Dr. E. H. Evans. Second row: Mr. H. L. Allison; Mr. P. J. Weaver,’ superintendent; Mr. Robert R. Moseley. Page High School is now eight years old. In this length of time, our student body has more than tripled, growing from less than 500 in 1958 to nearly 1600 in 1965. This increased enroll¬ ment resulted in an addition to the professional staff in order to administer and supervise the curriculum and its related activities for a large compre¬ hensive high school. Our principal, Mr. Luther R. Med- lin, and his faculty combined the best of them leadership, experience, and dedication to duty, which provided an educational program at Page, rating second to none in our entire area. Mr. Robert Newton, assistant principal, Mrs. Arch Anna Ashley, dean of girls, and two very able secretaries, Mrs. Lucille Hill and Mrs. Ronnie Atwood, also belonged to the administrative staff. Also instrumental to a progressive academic year were a capable school superintendant, the school board, and an energetic PTSA. Mrs. Arch Anna Ashley B.S.S.A., UNC-G FSA Advisor Clerical Practice 20 I guidance and inspiration to a progressive student body Mrs. Bonnie B. Atwood Secretarial Science, King’s Business College Secretary Mr. Luther B. Medlin B.A., High Point College M.A., UNC-CH Principal Mrs. Lucille S. Hill A.B., Elon College Treasurer PTSA BOARD. First row: Mrs. Walthall, Mrs. Sockwell, Carol Perkerson, Mrs. Perkerson Mrs. Mate, Mrs. Shanks, Mrs Bell, Mrs. Wilder, Mrs. Schenk, Mrs. Preyer, Mrs. Cooke, Mrs Mills Mrs. Donaldson. Second row: Mrs. Starr, Mr. Phillips, Mrs. King, Mrs. Summers, Mr. Medlin’ Mrs. Holderness Mrs. Dayvault, Mr. Zimmerman, Mr. King, Mrs. Wallace, Jerry Anthony Mrs’ Senn, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Schenck. 21 Increased counseling To meet personal and academic re¬ quirements, Page had four counselors this year. The classes were divided among them in order to have an equal distribution between the counselors. Several counselors selected home¬ room representatives who met weekly and then transmitted to the home¬ rooms news of important approaching events and college information. These meetings kept the students well-in¬ formed about school and college news as well as prevented unnecessary visits to the counselors. Under the guidance of this depart¬ ment, numerous tests were adminis¬ tered. Students took SCAT-STEP, PSAT, National Merit, and SAT tests to determine their aptitudes and achievements. Miss Odell Smith B.S., Longwood College M.A., UNC-C Counselor FTA Advisor Civinettes Advisor Mrs. Lucile Shelhurne Hodnett A.B., Lynchburg College M.A., University of Virginia Counselor National Honor Society Sponsor FTA Advisor 22 staff provides additional encouragement and understanding Mr. Nelson R. Wallace A.B., M.Ed., UNC-CH Counselor Junior Exchange Club Advisor National Honor Society Advisor Youth Recreation Committee Advisor Mr. Pulliam helps Joy Wilder make out her second semester schedule. Mr. Wallace discusses the duties of a guidance assistant with Susan Leonard, Ann Perkerson, and Susan Schenk. Mr. Robert D. Pulliam B.S., Western Carolina M.Ed., UNC-G Counselor Interact Club Advisor 23 Library becomes nucleus for research and browsing For every student the library proved to be the center for research as well as for reading pleasure. Ap¬ proximately one thousand books re¬ ceived since last year offered ad¬ ditional reading enjoyment to the stu¬ dents. In addition to the ample supply of books, there were also seventy-five different magazines and three editions of newspapers for both daily use and reference work. Serving as the audio-visual center for the school, the library offered records, films, and projectors to supplement regular classroom activities. To help the librarians, approximately twenty students sacrificed their study periods to card and shelve books as well as to issue them. Mrs. Susan Rankin A.B., Salem College M.Ed., UNC-G Librarian Library Club Advisor Under Mr. Benson’s supervision, his class utilizes library facilities. Miss Florence P. Shelburne A library assistant hurriedly stamps Bill n C fJ le .p Thompson’s library slip before the bell rings. B.S., M.A., Peabody College Librarian Library Club Advisor 24 Juniors sail the seas in Mrs. Margaret O. Garrett B.A., M.Ed., UNC-G English Student Council Advisor Mr. Brian J. Benson A.B., Guilford College English Sue Harder and Marion Nichols use a scale model to explain the Shakespearean theatre to their English class. quest of Moby Dick With the commencement of school came new interests for each English student. For the sophomores, these were Julius Caesar and Silas Marner. Also studied were poetry, grammar, theme writing, and several recitations. Juniors were faced with the writing of original short stories, sonnets, author projects as well as their regular study of such works as Moby Dick and Our Town. American literature furnished the basis for the year’s work. Seniors were concerned mainly with English literature, as they studied Canterbury Tales, Macbeth, and Pygmalion. Student autobiogra¬ phies and research papers dominated the important written assignments. Mrs. Pollyanna W. Smith A.B., UNC-CH English Seniorettes Advisor Miss Jill Renee Smith B.A., Blue Mountain College English, Journalism Pages by Page Advisor Mrs. Ann M. Williams B.S., University of Rhode Island English Civinettes Advisor 25 Authentic costumes and figurines create atmosphere for scenes from The King and I, acted out by Scott Holman, Kathy Paul, Robert Hailey, and Bonnie Turner. Mr - Joseph Edward Robbins, Jr. B.A., Elon College English Page Playmakers Advisor Miss Gwendolyn E. Currin B.A., UNC-G English Junior Class Advisor O. Henry Juniors Advisor Marshal Advisor Mr. Woodrow Dennis Carney A.A., Wilmington College A.B., UNC-CH English Miss Anne P. Mclver A.B., UNC-G M.R.E., Presbyterian School of Christian Education English, Latin JCL Advisor Debating Club Advisor Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience stimu¬ lates Great Books discussion for Ann Austin, Andy Wilson, Jennifer Duliere, and Susan Bernstein. 26 Mrs. Sandra C. Stokes B.A., Campbell College English, Speech Anchor Club Advisor Debating Club Advisor Carson Graves exhibits his Advanced Placement English project by using the overhead projector. Mrs. Iris D. Hunsinger A.B., East Carolina College M.Ed., UNC-C English Mrs. Olive Betts B.A., Converse College M.A., Columbia University English Quill and Scroll Advisor Search for depth challenges A.P. students Advanced Placement English per¬ mitted exceptional students to achieve the college freshman level. Essays, author projects, theme writ¬ ing, poetry, and drama headlined the course of study which sought depth of understanding rather than a surface knowledge of the literary works studied. Mrs. Rebecca Chambers Teague A.B., Greensboro College English Seniorettes Advisor Quill and Scroll Advisor 27 History blends myth of past civilizations Mrs. Catherine H. Page A.B., Southwestern at Memphis History History Club Advisor Miss Linda Rankin A.B ., M.Ed., UNC-G History History Club Advisor Steve Kirkman explains his model of the Parthenon to classmate Billy Beerman. Mrs. Lois B. Puryear B.S., Wake Forest College History History Club Advisor Mr. John D. Morris B.A., Duke University History, Physical Education JV Football Coach Head Basketball Coach Tennis Coach - 28 with current events This year’s history classes at Page studied man’s past in order to gain a perspective of the present and the future. juniors delved into American his¬ tory with the aid of educational tele¬ vision. This course enlarged their scope of our country’s growth from the time of its discovery until today. Seniors studied world history, rang¬ ing from the earliest cavemen to ways of life throughout the world today. They also discussed their parallel reading in relation to their studies. Current events classes gave stu¬ dents the opportunity to increase their knowledge of world affairs. All these studies added to the students’ interests. Honors history student Janet Leister ar¬ ranges her collection of dolls. Mr. Eugene McGregor Morris A.B., Davidson College M.A.T., UNC-CH History JV Football Coach Ass’t. Basketball Coach Mrs. Jackie Bridges Upton A.B., Greensboro College History History Club Advisor Lyn McCoy informs her world history class that playing cards originated in the Middle Ages. 29 American Culture emphasizes fine arts of the twentieth century Carolyn Robbins points out interesting de¬ tails in a painting to her American Culture class. American Culture, a fine arts sur¬ vey course, introduced the student to various aspects of art, music, dance, drama, and creative writing. Em¬ phasis was placed on the background and development of fine arts in America in the twentieth century. Re¬ search in the cultures of ancient countries and their influence on American culture proved to be another interesting part of this course. Several times during the year, students were privileged to hear lectures given by guest speakers. Other highlights of the semester course included observing collections of paintings and sculptural works of art, and studying a unit on jazz, folk music, modem art and dance. Mrs. Carolyn W. Powell A.B., Central Methodist College American Culture, Vocal Music American Culture students Sterling Bryson, Carolyn Robbins, Hanes Boren, and Linda Maness hold a panel discussion on art. 30 Latin classes study grammar and contemplate Roman writings In the four-year Latin sequence, students first studied vocabulary and fundamental grammar, prepar¬ ing themselves to translate such works as Caesar’s Gallic Wars and The Aeneid in the advanced courses. Both French and Spanish courses used the modem audio-lingual ap¬ proach which stresses listening com¬ prehension and the development of conversational fluency. Access to the language laboratory- proved a major asset in developing students’ oral skills. These drills gave the teachers a chance to measure the precision and skill with which the individual students spoke as well as the progress of the entire class. Oral drills also aided the students in their diction. Katie Taylor daydreams about a Spanish bull fight as she examines a pair of bull horns. Mrs. Rosalind N. Brooks A.B., Columbia M.Ed., UNC-G Latin JCL Advisor Pat Gilbreath repeats oral drills in an attempt to improve her French accent. Mrs. Elizabeth Tyner A.B., Longwood College Spanish Spanish Club Advisor Student Council Advisor 31 ALM language program is expanded at Page Recently published audio-lingual materials with accompanying tapes and practice records completed the Spanish sequence in the fourth-year class. French fourth-year students read both literary and cultural selec¬ tions by great French authors while improving their conversational ability. Miss Nina Elizabeth Overton A.B., UNC-G Spanish Spanish Club Advisor Miss Eleanor Patricia Powell A.B., Duke University French O. Henry Juniors Advisor Latin student A1 Bennett reads about Cae¬ sar’s adventures in the Gallic Wars. Mrs. Adelia L. Sams A.B., Duke University Diplome Universite de Lyon French Buccaneer Advisor French Club Advisor French Honor Society Advisor Film Committee Advisor Mr. Jack Blaine Hanner B.A., Greensboro College French French Club Advisor French Honor Society Advisor 32 Third year French students cram for a short quiz. Miss Patricia Lupo B.A., M.A., Furman University Spanish Spanish Club Advisor Cale Greene displays her authentic Spanish cape to her class. Miss Anne P. Mclver A.B., UNC-G M.R.E., Presbyterian School of Christian Education Latin, English JCL Advisor Debating Club Advisor 33 Initiated this year, the Biological Science Mr. Harold Manning Evans A.B., Guilford College M.Ed., UNC-G Chemistry Hi-Y Club Advisor Senior Class Advisor Mr. Robert B. Kittenger B.S., Elon College Chemistry Junior Jaycees Advisor Mr. Robert E. Fredrick A.B., Guilford College Biology Football Coach Wrestling Coach Mrs. Patricia Holland Livengood B.S., Greensboro College Biology Sharon Thurman, Susan Vestal, and Anita McNulty explore the wonders of the inside of a frog. Premiering at Page was the Bio¬ logical Science Curriculum Study, which was an experimental program, consisting of an ordinary class and one of selected students, whose prog¬ ress was compared. Traditional ap¬ proaches used this year included a general study of man and his ana¬ tomy. Chemistry students worked specifi¬ cally on problem solving and labora¬ tory experiments. Physics pupils studied the kinds of forces, tying in the natural pheno mena. Selected students participated in the junior Science and Humanities Symposium and the Academic Con¬ test at the University of North Caro¬ lina. Mr. Clifton B. Barham, Jr. B.S., Wake Forest College M.A., UNC-CH Biology Junior Exchange Advisor Junior Engineers Advisor 34 Mr. John F. Charles B.S., Guilford College Physics, Geometry, Algebra Curriculum Study tests selected students i Patricia Campbell, Nancy Troxler, and Kathy Atwater wait tensely for the nuclear reaction. Billy Tankersley, Carolyn Throckmor¬ ton, and Ben Wilson run tests to find a new element. Mr. Jerry Lee Drake A.B., Elon College M.Ed., UNC-CH Biology Key Club Advisor JV Football Ass’t. Coach Swimming Head Coach Baseball Head Coach 35 Larry Roland looks toward his class for help in solving a difficult algebra problem. Mrs. Joyce M. King A.B., UNC-G M.Ed., UNC-G Algebra, Geometry Mr. Earl Wiley Ruth B.A., Catawba College Geometry Cross Country Coach JV Basketball Coach Mr. Carl F. Roten B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College Trigonometry, Geometry Jr. Jaycees Advisor Mr. Walter A. Midkiff B.S., High Point College Geometry, Algebra Sophomore Advisor Squares, triangles and rectangles Mrs. Kletzien willingly explains a complicated geometry theorem to Linda Brown. 36 Faith Gallimore is amused at the fact that she can instruct a geometry class for an hour. Mrs. Fannie N. Kletzien A.B., UNC-G Algebra, Geometry intrigue inquisitive geometry and trigonometry students B.A., Blue Mountain College M.B.A., University of Pennsylvania Algebra, Geometry This year the math department greatly extended to meet the needs of the new math program. By this program, algebra has become more specialized with the main emphasis on reasoning facts. College algebra offered students a concise review of elementary and intermediate algebra and combined with it the broader concepts of advanced algebra. More than six hundred students were taught geometry this year. This increase in enrollment was due to the suggestion to take geometry be¬ fore second year algebra. Advanced math students found trigonometry to be an essential course for those pursuing a mathe¬ matical career. Analytics, which com¬ bines analytic geometry with calcu¬ lus, was another course that was offered at Page. Mr. John F. Charles B.S., Guilford College Physics, Geometry, Algebra 37 Shorthand and typing Commercial education played a major part in Page’s vocational de¬ partment. Business Law and Busi¬ ness English were two courses that taught the student to apply es¬ sential principles to general and business work. Shorthand courses taught the basic points of the Gregg method. Many classes employed dic¬ tation to give practice in reading and writing shorthand symbols. A general course on a vocational level which tied together the other business courses was Clerical Office Practice. Business Information taught the fundamentals of business transactions, while students in Busi¬ ness Economics gained valuable ex¬ perience in considering and analyz¬ ing economic situations. Mrs. Nichols instructs Jennifer Roberts and Jackie Shelton in the art of bookkeeping. Typing students rush against time in taking a speed test. Mrs. Arch Anna Ashley B.S.S.A., UNC-G Clerical Practice FSA Advisor Mrs. Osa M. Galloway B.S., Western Carolina College Business English, Typing Senior Class Advisor 38 provide training for students with business Miss Nancy Elizabeth Crouse B.S., Pfeiffer College Business Law, Typing Jr. Jaycettes Advisor Mrs. June Hunt B.S., Catawba College M.E., UNC-G Business English, Typing Buccaneer Business Advisor Jackie Shelton and Linda Vaden learn some secrets of shorthand from Mrs. Nichols. ambitions Mrs. Mary I. Nichols B.S.S.A., UNC- G Bookkeeping, Business Law, Typing FSA Advisor Mrs. Willie Mae Hinton B.S., Limestone College Shorthand, Typing Pages by Page Business Advisor National Honor Society Advisor 39 Nassau trip stimulates musical talents of Mr. Robert H. Ellis B.S., High Point College M.A., Appalachian State College Chorus, Choir, Glee Club Pagettes Advisor Buccaneers Advisor Mr. Charles Robert Murph A.B., Lenoir Rhyne M.A., Appalachian State College Band Drummer Jack Froneberger accompanies choruses in Christmas assembly. Music courses offered Page stu¬ dents a means of outwardly expres¬ sing their inner emotions. In the fall, members of the band and choral departments co-operated in presenting a joint concert with Smith High School. Among trips made by the choir was one to Con¬ cord, North Carolina, where they performed at various churches. Representatives from Page’s orchestra traveled to Boone, North Carolina, to participate in the All- State Orchestra. In a program for the Bandmaster’s Association, band members preview¬ ed new musical arrangements. Also they presented Sunday afternoon concerts. Page hosted numerous choirs in a state-wide spring festival, closing the year on many achievements. Boys’ chorus listens to Doug Jones play Christmas carols. Miss Anne Shipwash B.M., M.Ed., UNC-G Assistant Band Director band members during summer Mr. Albert Chaffoo England Royal Academy of Music, London, Royal College of Music, London, England Royal Military School of Music, London, David Godwin and David Mintz discover that tuba practice is strenuous exercise for their tired lungs. Mrs. Kay E. Hensley B.M., UNC-G Orchestra Mr. Harry George Shipman A.B., UNC-CH M E.. UNC-CH Head Band Director Mrs. Carolyn W. Powell A.B., Central Methodist College Vocal Music, American Culture 41 Larry Lake concentrates his artistic ability on his pen sketch. Vicky Vanstory applies her knowledge of art in working on her project. Art department boasts nine winners in International Art Program Students welcomed art courses as an outlet for their creative expres¬ sion. They experimented in sculp¬ ture work, graphics, silk screen, lithography, and weaving, as well as painting and drawing. There were nine winners from Page in the International Art Pro¬ gram which was sponsored by the American National Red Cross. Three Gold Keys and eight certifi¬ cates of merit were awarded in con¬ nection with the Scholastic Art Awards. Mrs. Mary Cochrane Austin B.A., UNC-G Art American Red Cross Advisor Charles Vance expresses creativity in his nature painting. 42 Drama department successfully produces HARVEY Drama classes stressed teamwork and eo-operation in producing this year’s successful plays. Under the direction of Mr. Robbins, drama stu¬ dents became proficient in the arts of management and set-building, as well as in acting. Improving one’s reading was the subject of another course at Page. Both speed reading and reading com¬ prehension were emphasized. Speech class emphasized the at¬ tainment of a greater skill in com¬ munication, a mandatory need in this modem age, through a series of class conversational projects. Mrs. Sandra G. Stokes B.A., Campbell College English, Speech Anchor Club Advisor Debating Club Advisor Speech students welcome the chance to practice their diction in the warm autumn sun. Mr. Joseph Edward Robbins, Jr. B.A., Elon College Dramatics, English Page Haymakers Advisor Miss Jessie Ann Stewart A.B., UNC-G M.Ed., UNC-CH Reading Anchor Club Advisor 43 Danny Smith is determined to make a pie just like mother used to make. Home economics program initiates two-hour course in Page s curriculum To help develop knowledge, judg¬ ment, skill for establishing well- managed homes was the goal of the home economics program. This year, a two-hour course was added to the curriculum. Observation and partici¬ pation enriched learning experiences for students of home economics. In Child Development, instruction con¬ centrated on the study of the early child. Learning to better understand themselves and others, while con¬ centrating on the influences of per¬ sonal development was the goal of Family Life. Student interest in the domestic arts broadened in the Future Homemakers of America Club, in which many participated. Miss Martha Dash Artz B.S., Penn State M.S., UNC-G Vocational Foods Mrs. Kathryn Sugg B.S., Flora Macdonald Home Economics, Child Development FHA Advisor Miss Barbara Ann Wise B.S., Winthrop College Home Economics, Family Life 44 Sp ecial Education features discussion groups and individual projects Mr. Walter Wade Franklin A.B., High Point College English, History, Math Special education filled an impor¬ tant role in Page’s curriculum. Through instruction and special equipment, students were able to obtain valuable information in the areas of English, mathematics, and history. In the classroom, students participated in small discussion groups and worked on individual projects. Small classes made it pos¬ sible for each student to receive much individual attention and gui¬ dance from the teacher. Special edu¬ cation was only one of the many profitable courses offered at Page this year. Sylvia Robinson explains a math problem to her class. Mr. Franklin leads an attentive Special Education class in a discussion of current events. 45 Vocational students gain experience through work-study program Opportunity was the watchword for the DE and ICT students. The Vocational Education Department provided students with an oppor¬ tunity to continue scholastic progress while holding down a job in the com¬ munity. During the morning, students at¬ tended English classes and at least one other course related to the field in which they were working. On-the-job experience resulted from afternoon work at local firms and industries. Such training benefits both the individual and the com¬ munity. Mr. Donald Lee Stowe B.S., Appalachin M.Ed., UNC-A ICT, VIC Advisor Football, Wrestling, Baseball Coach Mrs. Rose C. Dewar B.S., Pfeiffer College COP VIC Advisor Mrs. Allene W. Hunter B.S., M.S., UNC-G DE, Marketing DECA Advisor Repairing jewelry demands careful concen¬ tration of DE student Junior Umfleet. Mrs. Clara F. Walthall B.S., Concord College DE, Marketing DECA Advisor 46 Drafting students work carefully on original house plans. Garage construction enthuses shop students Mr. Garlon O. Mann A.B., Elon College Shop, Carpentry Key Club Advisor Mr. Robert Lee Dailey B.S., Eastern Kentucky State College Drafting Jr. Civitan Advisor School Store Beginning and advanced studies in general shop and woodworking were presented by the shop depart¬ ment. Drafting, which was studied as a part of both woodworking and general shop, also was taught. Newest addition was a program in vocational carpentry, a two-hour program. Students gained experience by building a miniature garage and other projects. Mr. James Kyle Simmerman B.S., East Tennessee State University Shop, Drafting Hi-Y Club Advisor Bus Drivers Advisor 47 Fall and spring fitness tests measure stud ent ability and progress Miss Singleton helps Marianne Moore in a jumping exercise. Mr. Leslie F. Swanner A.B., Catawba College Director of Athletics Head Football, Golf Coach Mrs. Patricia M. Caldwell B.S., Wake Forest Physical Education Miss Rita Diane Singleton GAA Advisor B.S., UNC-G Physical Education Cheerleaders Advisor Mr. E. Mack Conrad B.S., High Point College Physical Education Various activities were offered to students taking physical education this year. Girls participated in in¬ dividual activities as well as team sports, such as volleyball, speedball and basketball. For the boys there was a curriculum consisting of foot¬ ball, volleyball, basketball and soft- ball. During the fall and spring both groups were given fitness tests in order that the progress of the stu¬ dents could be measured. Mr. Jack Mitchell B.S., M.A., Appalachian Physical Education Current Events Club Advisor Football, Track Coach 48 A driver training student pulls out of the parking space so she can try again. Parallel parking vexes Driver Training pupils As students approached the age to obtain driving privileges, they flocked to the driver training room to begin the six weeks of class study. They were required to take abun¬ dant notes and ponder over a few ' tests to acquire a thorough know¬ ledge of skills used on the road. Open road study followed class study. Finally, driving teachers pre- | sented qualified students with the t cherished driving certificate. Mr. Junie P. Thompson A.B., Eton College Driver Training JV Football Coach Mr. J. W. Wilder A.B., Oberlin College M.A., Columbia University Driver Training Mr. Samuel L. Morrow A.B., Catawba College Driver Training Safety Club Advisor Head Track Coach Varsity Football Backfield Coach Parallel parking is an intricate operation for any driver education student. 49 50 STUDENT PARTICIPATION in extra-curricular activities provides an outlet for personal interests and supplements academic pursuits. ORGANIZATIONS 51 Able Student Council stimulates interest and promotes unity Representative Weezie Bell reports on council activities to her homeroom. On behalf of the student body, David Rock¬ well presents a Christmas gift package to Mr. Dunaway. Under the leadership of David Rockwell, the Page Student Council continued to serve as a liaison be¬ tween the student body and faculty. It worked as a coordinator of all school activities while promoting cooperation, enthusiasm, and a feel¬ ing of unity between the students. Every day each of the 53 home¬ room representatives met in room A- 23 with their official business meet¬ ings conducted every Tuesday. On Wednesday morning the representa¬ tives reported to their homerooms and “talkback” was held in council on Wednesday afternoons. Individual committees were one of the most important working units in the council activities. Standing com¬ mittees with certain designated duties included Archives, Citizen¬ ship, Hospitality, House and Grounds, Publicity, and Scholarship. Many times during the year tem¬ porary committees were appointed to supplement the standing commit¬ tees. Among these were special com¬ mittees for Homecoming, the Pirate STUDENT COUNCIL. First row: Mrs. Garrett, advisor; David Rockwell, presi¬ dent. Perry Hicks, vice-president; Leigh Dillard, secretary; Scott Heritage, treasurer; Johnny King; Mrs. Tyner, advisor. Second row. Debbie Whitlow; Kathy Lowdermilk, Sharon Trull, Susan Bennett, Nancy Miller, Diane Walker, Mary Anna Underwood, Suzanne Robinson, Harriet Harris, Nancy Grosse, Ann Keever. Third row: Isabel Pedraza, Celia Snavely, Suzi Kemp, Cindy Sea- burg, Debbv Sears, Candy LeClair, Emily Stanfield, Kris Estrem, Connie Des¬ kins, Lynn Morrow, Beth Godwin, Beverly Allred. Fourth row: Lee Lee Brazeal, Janice Mack, Lynne Osmer, Joanie Anderson, Anne Willis, Carolyn Throck¬ morton, Roberta Josey, Lynnie Hicks, Sue Edwards, Weezie Bell, Dean Old¬ ham. Fifth row: Jon Crutchfield, Bill Butler, Rick Osmer, Sporty Haislip, Bill Weaver, Robert Hailey, Eddie Funk, Eddie New, Chip Hagan, Sparky Hitch¬ cock, Carol Perkerson, Cathy Atwater. Sixth row: Jerry Anthony, Dean Far¬ mer, Larry Marshall, Jim Holbrook, Dick Ramsey, Corliss McGinty, John Cheek, Bill Perrin, Steve Davis, David Batts, Gary Murphy, Steve Miller, Way- land Cooke. 52 among three classes Ball, the Talent Show, the Council Project, and Honor Code Week. Many activities were sponsored by the Student Council this year. Among these were the “Ugliest Man On Campus” contest, the Talent Show held in the spring, and Honor Code Week which reminded every¬ one of their obligations as Page stu¬ dents and faculty. One of the high¬ lights of the year was the Pirate Ball held in February which featured the Tams. Council representatives take advantage of their weekly study hall. Eddie Funk places Honor Code plaque on wall. Mary Anna Underwood listens to report on Pirate Ball committee plans by Sue Edwards. Chairman Alan Moore enjoys supervising workday activities. 53 Lynnie Hicks reports to council her home¬ room’s reaction to having the Tams for the Pirate Ball. Student Council engages the fabulous Chairman Corliss McGinty observes the mysterious bulletin board put up by her committee. Parliamentarian Chip Hagan and Mrs. Tyner discuss the major points of parliamentary procedure. Scott Heritage searches in the files for an old treasurer’s report. 54 Tams for the most successful Pirate Ball yet Libby King and Vick Phillips rehearse for homecoming activities. Page’s Executive Committee of the Student Council was made up of the school and class officers, the YRC and Pep Committee chairmen and the Inter-Service Council president. This committee met every Monday in the library conference room to plan the agenda for the official council meeting on Tuesday. Also, at the meetings, new ideas and plans for activities, assemblies, and pro¬ jects were looked into and the re¬ sults and information were presented to the whole council for its views. Mrs. Garrett and Mrs. Tyner helped with any problems or questions which came up. Any council committee chair¬ man who wished to meet with the Executive Committee was welcomed to come and discuss any questions or problems which arose in his com¬ mittee. During spring elections, Perry Hicks cam¬ paigns for the vice-presidency. i EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Seated: Dean Janice Mack contributes to “talkback” dis¬ cussion. David Rockwell presides over a typical council meeting. Oldham, Carol Perkerson, Perry Hicks, Mrs. Tyner, advisor; David Rockwell; Mrs. Gar¬ rett, advisor; Leigh Dillard; Jerry Anthony. Standing: Scott Heritage, Steve Miller, Dean Farmer, Gary Murphy. 55 YRC. First row: Kathy Atwater, Dean Farmer, Johnny King, Suzanne Robinson, Susan Taylor, Mary Moore. Second row: Phyllis Lineberry, Libby Whitsett, Beth Douglas, Debbie Whitlow, Cathy Lowdermilk. Third row: Janet McLean, Carol Perkerson, Libby Broadwell, Kay Lind. Fourth row: Larry Roland, David Taylor, Jerry Anthony, Allan Hooker, Locke Bell. Kay Boyd puzzles over a YRC report. Kay Lind and David Rockwell seem to be enjoying themselves at Page’s Tubotheque. Page Youth Recreation Anthony’s Legions, alias the Youth Recreation Council, was launched early and continued full force throughout the remainder of the year. In the latter months of summer, the legioneers combined their talents and labor to build a mammoth pirate ship. Buccaneer II was unveiled during the football season at the pre- Grimsley game pep rally . Such combos as “Chester May- field and the Casuals,” “The Fabu¬ lous Five,” and “The Magnificents” performed at the open house dances. Another new feature was t he “Tubotheque,” an on-the-spot radio show from the post-game celebra¬ tions. David Taylor casually gives a morning YRC report. 56 Committee introduces the Tubotheque to student body 57 Fabulous Five entertains at the home ' coming dance. Pep Committee members Cathy Jones and David Taylor report progress on sale of buf¬ fet tickets to Ann Keever. At the pre-game buffet, Judy Womack and Sally Woodroof open soft drink bottles. Spirited boosters of Jimmy Friesinger buys his ticket to an away game from Ann Keever. Morrie Hitchcock uses her sign-painting talent on a pep poster. PEP COMMITTEE. First row: Vicky Yeatts, Sharon Trull, Terry Kellar, Patricia Little, Lula Sipsis, Cordy Leister, Cindy Nelson, Ann Keever, Anne Perkerson, Lyn McCoy, Linda Brown, Beth God¬ win, Beba Golden, Dorothy Holderness, Ann Hough. Second row: Shirley Keel, Patricia Dalton, Morrie Hitchcock, Carol Perkerson, Norma Hale, Carol Myrick, Betty Elmore, Yvonne Neller, David Taylor, Judy Womack, Lynne Osmer, Corliss McGinty, Cathy Jones, Sally Woodroof, Janet Leister, Pat Gilbreath, Ann New. 58 Pep Committee paint big Page sign for Grimsley football game Paint-splattered signs and posters encouraging spirit and enthusiasm were plastered on walls throughout the school by the dedicated members of the Pep Committee. These signs advertised athletic activities as well as various other projects and events. The committee not only designed the spirit-boosting banners, but also was responsible for seeing that the vic¬ tory bell was present at all home games. To encourage attendance at every athletic event, the Pep Committee chartered buses to take enthusias¬ tic fans to away games. To add to the excitement preced¬ ing the Page-Grimsley basketball game, the committee sponsored a buffet dinner. These and other activi¬ ties boosted the spirit of the entire student body. Judy Womack, Sally Woodroof, and Ellen Preyer paint basketball players for Pep Land. I Enjoying the Pep Committee’s hospitality are Sue Edwards, Nick Eanes, Bill Beerman, and Rad Kivette. Senior Eddie New gets his plate at the pre¬ game buffet. 59 HONOR SOCIETY. First row: Mr. Wallace, advisor; Connie Abrams, treasurer; Karin Kirksey, secretary; Lynne Osmer, vice-presi¬ dent; Susan Bernstein, president; Mrs. Hinton, advisor. Second row: Cynthia Hubbard, Carol Vatz, Martha Murray, Libby Whitsett, Jennifer Duliere, Annette Greene, Katie Taylor, Sue Edwards. Third row: Coleen Nardoci, Lynne Brewer, Weezie Bell, Libby King, Diane Mensel, Anne Howard Brown, Celia Snavely, Dacia Hill. Fourth row: Ruth Schenk, Becky Shelton, Dorothy Holdemess, Susan Baker, Janet McLean, Beth Douglas, Suzi Kemp, Patricia Barts, Ann Keever. Fifth row: John Cheek, David Shanks, Steve Miller, Perry Hicks, Vick Phillips, Becky Rudd, David Rockwell, Larry Williams, Terry Hough. Susan Bernstein tutors Robert Li, who is learning a new language. Susan Bernstein presides over Honor Society meeting while Lynne Osmer looks on. Perry Hicks and Ruth Schenk babysit with children for parents during PTSA meeting. 60 Honor Society offers tutoring service to students during study halls To uphold its standards of charac¬ ter, scholarship, leadership, and ser¬ vice, the Torchbearers Chapter of the NHS both continued and instigated many projects. In addition to conduct¬ ing biannual inductions of students, student tutoring and PTSA babysit¬ ting services were offered, eight Stu- dents-of-the-Month were selected, and Page’s Peace Corps school in Colombia was sent teaching material. New undertakings included spon¬ sorship of a Great Books Discussion group, a lecture series, and a recep¬ tion for honor roll students. During fall induction, David Shanks searches for the new member whom he is to tap. Jennifer Duliere lights white candle for character. Honor Society induction opens with address by Susan Bernstein, president. 61 YEARBOOK. First row: Maria Gondra, Dianna Batts, Linda Brown, Beth Godwin, Louise Flu- harty, Beth Douglas, Susan Donaldson, Alison Adkins. Second row: Mrs. Hunt, advisor; Ruth Schenk, Carol Phillips, Jessie Elcock, Becky Rudd, Carson Graves, Susan Taylor, Pat Senn, Jane Kirkman, Janet Leister, Mrs. Sams, advisor. Hunter representative Mrs. Walker checks layout with Becky Rudd, editor. While Janet Leister, Pat Senn, and Maria Gondra work busily, Susan Donaldson and Beth Godwin go over newly-written copy with Ruth Schenk. Carol Phillips searches frantically for missing organization pictures. 62 BUCCANEER staff strives to produce another award-winning yearbook Year after year the Buccaneer staff has had to work hard to fulfill stu¬ dent expectations and to live up to the excellent standards of preceding editions. The seventeen industrious members of this year’s staff began work early with assistance from per¬ sonnel from Hunter Publishing Com¬ pany and guidance from advisors. As usual, there were late hours and anxieties over copy, pictures, fi¬ nances and deadlines. As each page took form, however, the staff felt its reward in the completion of this—the story of Page 1965-66. Janet Leister ogles picture money. Photographer Carson Graves snaps another picture. Picture layout is tedious work for staff members Susan Taylor, Linda Brown, and Jessie Elcock. I Mrs. Sams coaches Susan Taylor in the fine art of caption-writing. 63 PAGES BY PAGE sponsors investigation of New columns, a lively writing style, and an experimental layout marked the ’65-’66 version of the school newspaper, Pages by Page. Its hard-working staff published fourteen editions during the year with special issues at Christmas and Easter. Broad coverage of school activities was the goal. Also, they tried to men¬ tion or feature as many students as possible. Editorial pages stimulated student thought in each edition, Randy Matthews interviews exchange stu¬ dent Margret Schubert for a newspaper article. Editor Bettie Altvater checks an editorial before it goes in the paper . Wilbur Parrot finds his article in the newspaper amusing. 64 I classroom cheating while in-depth studies were made revealing student attitudes toward su ch problems as cheating and test¬ ing. Symposiums, sponsored by the newspaper, tested student opinions on school issues. " Guess Who,” featuring teachers, was a popular new column; it was established to foster closer student- teacher relationships. “Pirate Peers,” krix, and the telephone columns were also interesting. PAGES BY PAGE. First row: Jimmy Brady; Bettie Altvater; Wilbur Parrot; Mrs. Hinton, advisor. Second row: Miss Smith, advisor; Elaine Kivett; Sarah Lane. Third row: Sharon Boswell, Gary Marschall, Ann Maiden. Fourth row: Phyllis Everage, Bill English, Carol Cooper. Staff members Ann Maiden, Gary Mars¬ chall, and Randy Matthews sort newspapers by homeroom. Newspaper staff talks over new ideas for an upcoming edition. Gary Marschall and Bettie Altvater examine a picture for the newspaper. mm 65 J V Pep Committee gives medal to undefeated J V football team junior varsity pep committee had a great deal to do with the results of the junior varsity games. Organ¬ ized by sophomore class president, Carol Perkerson, the committee painted eye-catching posters to re¬ mind students of the games, pre¬ sented awards to the teams, and even aroused the enthusiasm of the jun¬ iors and seniors. These thirty-four sophomores showed great spirit and cooperation in supporting their teams. Judy Hellen, Cathy Lowdermilk, Kathy Helms, Anne Maness, and Debbie Whitlow plan posters for the next JV game. Bobby Senn, co-chairman of the JV Pep Committee, considers a suggestion made by one of the members. Co-chairmen Bobby Senn and Cathy Low¬ dermilk present JV football team with an over-sized medal. JV PEP COMMITTEE. First row: Sandra Turner, Debbie Sears, Bobby Senn, Cathy Lowdermilk, Judy Hellen. Second row: Cindy Seaburg, Sandra Cox, Nancy Moore, Anne Maness, Lee Belmore, Judy Edwards, Debbie Whitlow. Third row: Judy Roland, Cathy Baumgarner, Cathy Helms, Sally Conti, Carol Perkerson, Martha Ann Stroud, Lucia Drury. 66 ANCHOR CLUB. First row: Nita Riley, president; Lynne King, I. vice-president; Linda Stedman, secretary; Peggy Stewart. Second row: Judy Richert, Marquita Matherly, Kathy Ballard, Phyllis Hyman, Louise Fluharty, Dee Lambeth, Maureen Fickling, Peggy Gleason. Third row: Sharon Spencer, Deborah Smith, Kathryn Tip- ton, Sharon Boswell, Nancy Ray, Phyllis Lineberry, Faye Batts, Brenda Bradshaw, Diane Campbell. Fourth row: Kim Newnam, Ann Maiden, Annette Greene, Faith Gallimore, Karen Christopher, Pam Taylor, Janice Lowdermilk, Terry Hunsucker, Ginger Johnson. Anchor Club collects for White Cane Drive To develop leadership and initia¬ tive while serving the community was the major wish of this year’s Anchor Club members. They de¬ veloped citizenship through service. Early in the year, Anchors parti¬ cipated in the White Cane Drive and the Muscular Dystrophy Drive. Later the club sponsored a bake sale as its money-making project. Guest speakers at the monthly din¬ ner meetings discuss diverse com¬ munity problems. Nita Riley speaks to Anchor Club at dinner meeting. Sharon Spencer, Nancy Ray, Lynne King, and Karen Christopher sing Hark the Herald at Evergreen Rest Home. Some of the members of the club carol in the sick ward at Evergreen Rest Home. 67 CIVINETTES. First row: Sue Edwards, president; Martha Murray, vice-president; Carol Vatz, secretary; Libby King, chaplain. Second row: Beth Douglas, Cathy Jones, Perry Hicks, Ruth Schenk, Linda Ruth Brown, Diane Mensel, Alison Adkins, Suzi Kemp, Celia Snavely, Rachel Bernstein. Third row: Isabel Pedraza, Cathy Low- dermilk, Anne New, Leigh Dillard, Mary Charles Cheek, Patricia Fox, Kathy Atwater, Sherry Sockwell, Edith Oldham, Fran Starr, Lisa McCormick. Fourth row: Mrs. Williams, advisor; Susan Bern¬ stein, Margaret Drury, Martha Ann Stroud, Carol Perkerson, Christy King, Debbie Ludwick, Susan Baker, Lucie White, Miss Smith, advisor. Perry Hicks makes a fruitcake sale to Mrs. Sams. Celia Snavely wraps Christmas gift for child at Camp Butner. President Sue Edwards conducts a Civinette meeting. 68 Civinettes serve as collection agency to sponsor American Field Service exchange student Through their programs and through community activities, the Civinettes kept in mind their theme, “To light a candle.” They held joint dinner meetings with the Civitans once a month. These groups served as the collecting agency for the Forign Exchange Pro¬ gram. With the money earned by the sell of Claxton fruitcakes, the Civinettes started a foreign student fund. For their main project, the club helped in “Operation Santa Claus” by wrap¬ ping gifts to be given to the patients at Butner. Civinette officers and advisors are introduced to new club members. Sue Edwards and Allison Adkins prepare Christmas gifts for Camp Butner. Linda Brown finishes posting a schedule of coming events. 69 Bill Beerman presents Civitan International President Dr. John Pate with a copy of the handbook. Civitans give Christmas party for children Junior Civitans again published the Student Handbook and a sche¬ dule of sports events for the student body. With the Civinettes, they gathered support for the foreign ex¬ change students. As a money-making project, the Civitans sold Halloween candy. For a community project, much help was volunteered in work¬ ing with mentally retarded children. During a visit to Greensboro, Dr. John Pate, Civitan International president, came to Page and was honored at a reception by the Junior Civitans, the Civinettes, and the Choir. Jimmy Folds bestows a young boy with a Christmas gift as Scott Lee and Stewart Rogers look on. Keeping track of the games will be an easy job for Corliss McGinty after the presenta¬ tion of her sports schedule by Eddie New. JUNIOR CIVITANS. First row: Vick Phillips, vice-president; Dean Farmer, Sportv Haislip, secretary-treasurer; Bill Beerman, presi¬ dent; Chip Hagen, chaplain; Eddie New, sergeant-at-arms. Second row: Stewart Rogers, Jimmy Friesinger, Johnny King, Bill Kinney, Scott Lee, Henry Liles, Rubin Maness, Leger Meyland. Third row: John Wallace, Pete Davenport, John Stanley, Alan Moore, Rad Kivette, Richard Neal, Steve Miller, Jerry Anthony. Fourth row: Dean Oldham, Robert Worth, Robert Tate, David Taylor, Jimmy Folds, Herby Mashburn, Geoff King, Randy Jones. 70 from the Smith Homes Community Center Civitans Hardee Mills, Rad Kivette, and Billy Beerman admire the handbook their club compiled. A visit by Santa Claus provides delight for all the children at the Christmas party. A child is amused by a balloon which Jimmy Folds and John Wallace are giving him. Butch McLean, a pro hockey player, talks with children whom the Civitans took to the game. 71 Junior Exchange reaps profits through annual project—sale of Christmas trees This fall the Junior Exchange Club opened their activities by sup¬ plying a red and white bus for pull¬ ing the pirate ship at games. In ad¬ dition, a new activity board was built to publicize important school events. Later, at the service club assembly, they explained club achievements and plans to prospective members. During the Christmas holidays, the club held its money-making project, selling Christmas trees. Operation of a booth in the spring Teen-age Carn¬ ival ended another successful year. Harry Watson, Bill Weaver, and Roddy Brooks entertain fellow students while presenting club ideas at assembly. In the front lobby, David Rockwell enjoys decorating Christmas tree sponsored by the Exchange Club. Prior to Christmas tree sale, Greg Weiner and Roddy Brooks get prepared. 72 JUNIOR EXCHANGE. First row: Mr. Ruth, advisor; Mr. Wallace, advisor; Gary Murphy, president; Roddy Brooks, vice-president; Doug Berry, secretary; Wiley Brown, chaplain; Bobby Beerman, Dick Ramsey, Hank Wilkinson, Steve Molodet, Russell Doss, Skip¬ per Vaughn, Rich Keyes, Barry Boyce. Second row: Scott Heritage, Guy Beattie, Bobby Dickerson, Chip Graves, Hal Routh, Bill Weaver, David Williams, Bobby Higgins, Richard Starmer, Manny Manieri, Larry Roland, Greg Weiner, Tommy Henson, David Worth, Don McLean, Johnny Kontoulas, Doug Banner, Phil Hervey, treasurer. 73 Hi-Y contributes Walter Hines Page Senior President David Shanks presents Hi-Y members with the candy for their fund-raising project. Members of the Hi-Y Club, under the leadership of advisor Mr. Harold Evans, combined time and effort to continue as one of the outstanding service clubs at Page. Projects under¬ taken by the club benefitted not only the school, but also the community. Selling chocolate after-dinner mints financed all the service pro¬ grams, such as participation in the Blue Ridge Development Fund. Page’s chapter was the first in North Carolina to contribute to this fund. Most of the money, however, was spent for Page services. Enthusiasm and energy exerted by the Hi-Y members made each club endeavor a success. Hi-Y members enjoy dinner meeting at Hot Shoppe. Larry Cone gives Margret Shubert a Hi-Y pocket calendar. Mr. Evans and Mr. Simmerman help Larry Cone, Scott Manring, and David Shanks plan for their candy sales. 74 High School sign with profits from sale of mints HI-Y. First row: Mr. Evans, advisor; David McLean, secretary; Larry Cone, vice-president; Gus Summers, chaplain; David Shanks, president; Scott Manring, treasurer; David Rockwell; Mr. Simmer- man, advisor. Second row: Allan Seager, Jay Kelly, Rick Booth, Kenny Purgason, Terry Young, Don Winslow, Eddie Sossaman, Mike Bray. Third row: Bill Butler, John Andrews, Billy Crews, Dee Ham, Garland Campbell, Allen Hooker, Jim Holbrook, Julian Rankin, Clint Harris. David Shanks presides at monthly dinner meetings. 75 Interact Club sponsors assembly Kenneth Parsons presides over an Interact Club meeting. Interact Club promoted safe driving this year by having posters in the halls, and by sponsoring a speaker and a film on safe driving at a special assembly. It also chose a Page Driver of the Day during Safety Week. Interacts other projects included selling Page license plates, partici¬ pating in the beautification project, and cleaning Sherwood parking lot. It also had the International Under¬ standing Project. Larry Jones inspects cars for Interact Safe Driving project. iy-- v.-fSWSr Ken Parsons, Richard Hinson, and Bob Frazier attempt to mend a broken bird bath. INTERACT. First row: Ken Parsons, president; Richard Hinson, vice-president; Tim McAdoo, secretary; Bob Frazier, treasurer. Second row: Johnny Phoenix, Vic Schoolfield, Garry Franklin, Tim Thornburg, Randy Teague, James Morgan, Robert Hailey, Rod Edens. Third row: Larry Jones, Gwyn Ingle, John Shepard, Marcus Carr, Joe Williford, Ricky Cartledge, Wilbur Parrot, Jimmy Hudson, Mike Osborne. 76 Officers Kenneth Parsons, Richard Hinson, and Bob Frazier consult with advisors Mr. E. M. Sel¬ lars and Mr. Pulliam. Committee chairmen Vic Schoolfield and Sparky Hitchcock confer about a future meeting. Interact club member Richard Hinson instructs Kathy Jones in safe driving methods. 77 John Cheek explains activities to Jr. Jaycee members. Joe Smith and Dewey Bridges practice in anticipation of the GGO. 78 JUNIOR JAYCEES. First row: Art Murphy, Steve Coldiron, Bryan Cofer, Dewey Bridges, Courtney Middleton, Billy Tankersley, treas¬ urer; Wheeler Anderson, secretary; Rick Remmey, vice-president; John Cheek, president. Second row: Jimmy Lamb, Alan Cockman; Mr. Roten, advisor; Mr. Kittenger, advisor; Rick Latham, Joe Smith, Don Newman, David Lawrence, Bill English, Jimmy Brady, Bob Nordbruch, Steve DeBusk. Jr. Jaycees help to beautify grounds by painting campus trash cans Striving to aid and improve Page and the community, the junior jay¬ cees exerted much energy and spent a maximum amount of time indulging in various service projects. Painting the trash cans and the parking areas at school were two of the beneficial services rendered by this hard¬ working club. In order to combine fun with pro¬ fitable labor, the junior jaycees willingly offered aid to the jaycees during the Greater Greensboro Open Golf Tournament. Profits received from this job and the other money¬ making projects were used to pay for their service projects. Under the direction of Mr. Kittenger and Mr. Roten, advisors, the junior jaycees had a most rewarding year. Clean trash can is displayed by Jaycee members Steve Coldiron and Art Murphy. John Cheek, president of Junior Jaycees, ac¬ quaints new students with his club’s activi¬ ties during the service club assembly. 79 JAYCETTES. First row: Vicky Voncannon, president; Angela Hoff- ler, vice-president; Nancy Crosse, treasurer; Darlene Shelton, secre¬ tary. Second row: Elaine Kivett, Phyllis Mammer, Mary Moore, Mary Anna Underwood, Paula Morgan, Sandy Euforbia, Phyllis Powell. Third row: Anita Rierson, Lynne Morrow, Karin Kirksey, Susan Wilson, Renee Bancroft, Carol Patterson. Fourth row: Sandra Mayn¬ ard, Kathy Sirkel, Susan Leonard, Lorraine Arons, Linda Julian, Diane Walker, Mrs. Trogdon, advisor; Miss Crouse, advisor. Members give strict attention to the busi¬ ness being conducted during regular meet¬ ings. Sandra Maynard examines a box of spirit- boosting Page buttons. Jaycettes Vicki VonCannon, Phyllis Powell, and Anita Rierson honor teachers by placing apples in their boxes. 80 Jaycettes honor teachers with Santa Claus apples at Christmas I Sue Leonard packs food for a family Christ- ! mas gift. Members of the Page Jr. Jaycettes donated countless hours of service to the school and community. They boosted school spirit by furnishing balloons for the student body at the Page-Grimsley football game. For the Page-Grimsley basketball game, a card section was organized. During the Christmas season, the Jaycettes decorated apples for the teachers. For their money-making project, the Jaycettes sold school pins with the inscription “Go Pirates!” Club members also helped the community by collecting for several drives, dressing dolls for the Empty Stocking Fund, and helping a needy family. By running errands, the Jay¬ cettes helped make the GGO golf tournament a great success. Renee Bancroft and Nancy Miller boost school spirit by selling Page Pirates buttons. Kathy Sirkel, Nancy Miller, Susan Wilson, and Renee Bancroft add to beautification program by helping to clean around shrubbery. President Vicki VonCannon conducts Jay- cette meeting. Enthusiastic members of Key Club boost school spirit by selling KEY CLUB. First row: Larry Murray, vice-president; Norman Block, secretary; Mack Mann, treasurer; Teddy Koenig; Pete Pearce; Thorne White; Jackie Crutchfield; David Millikan. S ecorid row: Phil Roe, Charles Lance, Billy Bandy, Charles Vance, Steve Wilkin¬ son, Tom Suddreth, Terry Hough. Third row: Alex Mann, Karl Ljung, Danny Pearce, Teddy Ravenel, Steve Meador, David Bean, Bobby Hopkins. Fourth row: Chris Taylor, Chris Thore, Bobby Stockard. 82 ribbons for games Members of the Page Key Club displayed initiative and enthusiasm through their service to the student body and Greensboro. They began the year by presenting a new flag pole to the school and by selling booster ribbons for athletic events. Annual projects included prepar¬ ing and distributing YRC identifica¬ tion cards, honor code cards, and a student directory. Collecting for the Tuberculosis and Heart Fund drives provided community service. Steve Cirba and Norman Block lead discus¬ sion of club handbook. Steve Cirba congratulates Mr. Stowe on his receiving the dedication in the Key Club directory. Candidates for school mascot pose for snap before voting takes place. Steve Cirba displays the student directories compiled by the Key Club members. 83 Participating in tutoring project, Anne Howard Brown helps struggling student with spelling. Lynne Osmer and Lynnie Hicks plan for clean-up day. O. Henry Juniors undertake the beneficial project of tutoring In its effort to benefit Page and our community, the members of the O. Henry Juniors Club exhibited their enthusiasm and hard-working ability this past year. Members helped with the Tuber¬ culosis, White Cane, and Heart Fund drives; and during the Christmas sea¬ son, some members worked at the Santa House in the Friendly Shop¬ ping Center. For their main projects of the year, the O. Henry Juniors tutored underprivileged children at the White Oak Community Center and also contributed to the statewide Gold Door project. Pam Holderness presides over planning ses¬ sion for tutoring project. Ruth Shuping, Sally Woodruff, and Becky Shelton add interest with a skit during the service club assembly. 84 O. HENRY JUNIORS. First row: Pam Holderness, president; Ellen Preyer, vice-president; Betty Jo Guill, secretary; Cissy Bailey, treas¬ urer; Harriet Dayvault; Anne Howard Brown. Second row: Cathie Henson, Nancy Moore, Ann Maness, Harriet Holderness, Judy Wo¬ mack, Rhonda Cashwell. Wanda Brooks, Linda Reid Brown, Dorothy underprivileged children at the Holderness. Third row: Weezie Bell, Lynne Osmer, Ginni Schenek, Myra Comer, Ginger Campbell, Beth Godwin, Ruth Shuping, Sally Woodroof. Fourth row: Miss Currin, advisor; Susan Taylor, Lynnie Hicks, Cathy Kingsbury, Agnes Thorne, Becky Shelton, Morrie Hitchcock, Marty Squires, Miss Powell, advisor. White Oak Community Center i Ellen Preyer stirs batter for Pancake Break¬ fast. Lively discussion occupies attention at monthly business meeting. 85 Monogram Club members run the concession Known by their red jackets, the members of the Monogram Club achieved that privilege by partici¬ pating in a sport and earning a let¬ ter. This year the new members’ let¬ ters were paid for by the club. Monogram Club sponsored the new cheerleaders’ stand on the foot¬ ball field and sold programs. Mem¬ bers also ushered at basketball games and worked behind the con¬ cession stand. With all these proj¬ ects, the Monogram Club greatly boosted school spirit in many ways. Gary Murphy and Randy Jones demonstrate aggressive style of basketball to Corliss McGinty at Ladies’ Night. Sporty Haislip watches industrious conces¬ sion stand operators, Sparky Hitchcock and Mike Osborne. MONOGRAM CLUB. First row: Mr. Swanner, advisor; Jimmy Folds, president; David Batts, secretary-treasurer; Bryan Cofer, vice- president; Gary Murphy, sergeant-at-arms; Manny Manieri, chair- lain. Second row: Page Dunlap, Jimmy Friesinger, Herby Mash- burn, Randy Jones, Rad Kivette, Butch Ferguson, Garry Franklin. Third row: Dean Farmer, Sporty Haislip, Tom Suddreth, Bill Beer- man, David Rockwell, Ken Johnson, John Cheek. 86 stands during the home Page basketball games Happy Jimmy Friesinger gets a well-deserved “P” from Coach Swanner. Monogram Club member Mike Osborne sells cokes at the concession stand during half¬ time. David Batts, Jimmy Folds, Ken Johnson, and Jimmy Friesinger divide up programs which they will sell at tonight’s game. 87 Seniorettes entertain children at the Cerebral Palsy School Anxious Seniorettes Sandy Moore, Eleanor Bernau, and Gwen Smith examine the presents at their annual Christmas party. Seniorettes, a new service club at Page, was officially recognized in August at the state convention of all junior women’s clubs. Suzanne Rob¬ inson, club president, was elected a state officer. Members participated in the statewide Golden Door Project for mentally retarded children. During the Christmas season, members sold Christmas cards as the major project for the club. Also, old clothing was collected and sent to a family in Kentucky in exchange for holly, firs, and other evergreens used in decorations. At four different times during the year, Seniorettes sponsored parties for the Cerebral Palsy school chil¬ dren. SENIORETTES. First row: Mrs. Teague, advisor; Suzanne Robin¬ son, president; Sherry Rolader, vice-president; Becky Rudd, secre¬ tary; Carolyn Bruce, treasurer; Mrs. Smith, advisor. Second row: Judy Hellen, Diana Karas, Claire Brown, Gwen Smith, Susan Donaldson, Lynne Pridemore, Jane Robinson. Third row: Alice Klemm, Coleen Nardoci, Lynne Brewer, Ginny Hollins, Joy Wilder, Tennie Ham, Becky Barney, Margaret Schubert, Linda Rogers Fourth row: Debby McDuffie, Carolyn Throckmorton, Pat Senn, Betty Matthews, Deas Capehart, Eleanor Bernau, Cindy Moffitt, Cynthia Moore, Janelle Brown, Gail Greene. 88 Inter-Service Club Council stages annual service club assembly Coordination of club activities and projects was the function of the In¬ ter-Service Club Council. Each serv¬ ice club was represented by its presi¬ dent in the weekly council. In the fall the Council presented an assembly to acquaint the student body with each member club. Various school and community projects were launched as a result of cooperation through the Council. Gary Murphy, president of Inter-Service Club Council, seems surprised at a new project being suggested. INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL. First row: Gary Murphy, president; Sue Edwards, vice-president; Pam Holderness, recording secretary; Suzanne Robinson, project secre¬ tary; Ken Parsons, treasurer. Second row: John Cheek, Emily Stanfield, David Shanks, Vickie VonCannon, Nita Riley, Mr. Newton, advisor. Victory flag reminds Gary Murphy, Pam Holderness, Sue Edwards, Nita Riley, and John Cheek of Page’s recent basketball victory. 89 Jr. Marshals efficiently direct increased student body into assemblies Marshal Patricia Little awaits influx of students into auditorium. Junior Marshals this year faced the biggest student body in the history of Page. It was the duty of these elected juniors to seat this large en¬ rollment into the provided seating arrangements. Not only school as¬ semblies, but also Drama Club pro¬ ductions, PTSA meetings, and musi¬ cal programs required the marshals’ presence. Under the guidance of Chief Marshal Alan Moore, they ef¬ ficiently carried out their duties. Chief Marshal Alan Moore directs traffic flow into the auditorium. MARSHALS. First row: Lucie White, Alison Adkins, Harriet Day- vault, Patricia Little, Alan Moore, chief; Judy Womack, Nancy Troxler, Linda Reid Brown, Mary Anna Underwood, Miss Currin, advisor. Second row: Tim McAdoo, Doug Berry, Norman Block, David Bean, David Batts, Sparky Hitchcock. 90 Squads prevail in keeping down confusion in the halls Composed of twenty-three mem¬ bers, the squads were responsible for the smooth flow of traffic in the halls. These boys were chosen by Traffic Chief Dean Oldham and Mr. New¬ ton on the basis of their grades and abilities. By designating certain stairways as one-way, students were able to change classes with more ease and speed. The squads’ help was also em¬ ployed during fire drills, assemblies, and pep rallies. Squads Eddie New and Vick Phillips display their gentlemanly traits during the change of classes. Traffic chief Dean Oldham surveys the hall during change of classes. SQUADS. First column: Jimmy Friesinger, Herb Mashbum, Billy Beerman, John Wal¬ lace, Teddy Ravenel, Doug Berry, Pete Dav¬ enport. Second column: Dean Oldham, chief; Alan Moore, Dean Farmer, John Rich- tarik, Chip Hagan, Larry Williams, Larry Roland, Scott Heritage. Third column: Eddie New, Randy Jones, Jimmy Folds, David Batts, Tim McAdoo, David Rockwell, Steve Miller, Gary Murphy. 91 CHOIR. First row: Judy Richert, Diana Karas, Cheryl Quate, Ava Daves, Teema Cox, Suzie Bruton, Jane Teague, Sharon Spencer, Jane Hope, Francis King, Christine Lummis, Deborah Harris, Susan Farquhar, Linda Boswell, Wilma Hutchins. Second row: Nancy Miller, Janice Kohl, Sandra Maynard, Becky Williford, Jackie Edmonds, Janet McLean, Kay Lewis, Kathy Sirkel, Linda Pruitt, Becky Matthews, Bonnie Turner, Deas Capehart, Lucille Jarvis, Carol Jarvis, Renee Bancroft. Third row: Mike Pearman, Greg Hodgin, George Elam, Larry Pearman, Chris Wood, Ronnie Vernon, Butch Ferguson, Jan Powell, Arthur Murphy, Steve Kirkman, Chris Cole, Ricky Leonard, Junior Loy, Larry Anderson. Fourth row: Andy Swepston, Tim McAdoo, Vick Phil¬ lips, Richard Smith, Wiley Brown, Robert Dixon, Paul Williford, Charles Ar¬ rington, Jerry Lindsay, John Dixon, Curtis Coble, Steve Ballard, Buddy Wil¬ liams, Larry Roland, Steve McKinney. Choir entertains students at elementary and Ava Daves and Jane Hope prepare for small ensemble trip to Mars Hill. Mr. Ellis solemnly cues his waiting choir. 92 Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Powell, Har¬ riet Dayvault and Susan Taylor exercise their golden throats. junior high schools Kay Lewis, Janet McLean, Richard Smith, and Chris Woods toil over difficult music. Members of the choir were select¬ ed by audition from junior and senior students. Various activities included joint concerts with Smith and Con¬ cord High School choirs. At Christ¬ mas the choir gave concerts at sev¬ eral junior high and elementary schools in the city. A joint perform¬ ance with the choruses and Drama Club climaxed the yuletide season. The choir received a superior rating at the Spring Contest. Funds for these undertakings were provided by the selling of candy and by concert admissions fees. Daily rehearsal is a must for Page’s choir. Performances reveal the unbending labors of these young musicians. 93 GIRLS’ CHORUS. First row: Susan Semino, Diana Karas, Ava Daves, Pat Caudle, Ann Brown, Elizabeth Cooper, Susan Farquhar, Teema Cox, Linda Boswell, Wilma Hutchens, Judy Richert, Cheryl Quate. Second row: Deborah Harris, Betty White, Lynn O’Terrell, Sarah Caviness, Frances King, Nancy Miller, Sharon Spencer, Jane Teague, Susie Bruton, Chris Lummis, Judy Phil¬ lips, Martha Thompson, Willa Clonch, Sharon Burdo, Mary Wilson. Third row: Jane Hope, Cindy Sams, Marsha Highfill, Janet Vaughn, Maureen Fielding, Lvnne King, Becky Hollifield, Becky Matthews, Sherry Deal, Terry StuttS, Vail Rhew, Debbie Strickland, Cynthia Robbins, Sherry Preddy, Vickie High- field, Renee Bancroft, Janice Kohl. Fotirth row: Lucille Jarvis, Kay Lewis, Janet McLean, Becky Patterson, Harriet Dayvault, Susan Taylor, Peggy Powell, Kathy Sirkel, Betty Stanley, Penny Haralson, Marsha Gray, Sandra Maynard, Janie Shephard, Jackie Edmonds, Linda Pruitt, Carol Jarvis, Bonnie Turner. Boys’ Chorus practices for a performance. Combined choruses entertain student body at Christmas assembly Girls’ and boys’ chorus is a course for the study of various types of mu¬ sic and its appreciation. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Ellis, with the assistance of Mr. Ronald Rray from Greensboro College, the choruses worked very diligently this year. Ex¬ tensive daily practice readied them for their joint performances with the choir at Christmas and in the spring. These groups also participated in the Spring contest. These various activi¬ ties resulted in a very prosperous year for the chorus. BOYS’ CHORUS. First row: Greg Causey, Bob Blair, Junior Loy, Jan Powell, Gene Weisner, William Idol, Greg Hodgin, Tommy Schnabel, Mike Hodgin. Second row: Mike Pearman, Tim McAdoo, Charles Griggs, Bill King, Butch Ferguson, Bruce Hester, Andy Swepston, Larry Pearman, Ronnie Vernon. Larry Anderson, Ricky Belch. Third row: Johnny Gideon, Ronny Love, Richard Smith, Ken Rogers, Steve McKinney, Steve Ballard, Eddie Richardson, Chris Cole, Steve Kirkman, Chris Wood, George Elam, Arthur Murphy. Fourth row: Richard Henlev, Vick Phillips, Wiley Brown, Chuck Schorr, Jerry Lindsay, Charles Arrington, Paul Williford, John Dixon, Doug Jones, Robert Dixon, David Holliday, Curtis Cable, Larry Roland, Buddy Williams. 94 Orchestra performs at National Honor Society Assembly Providing music for several school programs, such as the Honor Society inductions, was not the only task of the Page orchestra. They also made extensive studies of orchestral litera¬ ture in order to increase their knowl¬ edge of music. These efforts, participation in out¬ side orchestral competition and pro¬ grams made the orchestra a valuable part of school life at Page. A difficult musical passage demands the con¬ centration of violinist Mary Charles Cheek. Betty Jo Guill practices violin in preparation for a concert. Mr. Shipman conducts Orchestra during the Honor Society induction. ORCHESTRA. First row: Debbie Ludwick, Nancy Smith, Jannette Fran Starr, Susan Long, Vic Schoolfield, Becky Troxler, Susan Gaither, Anita Rierson, Annette Gaither, Barbara Anthony, Brenda Bennett, Carolyn Cox, Mike Bray, Tommv Honeycutt, Jimmy Chil- Bradshaw. Second row: Mr. Chaffoo, Jack Froneberger, Bill Munyan, ton, Lynn Berrier, Lloyd Eubanks, Mike Hill. 95 BAND. First row: Frann Starr, Bill Munyan, Bobby Hopkins, Wayne Under¬ wood, Marsha Wood, Carolyn Bruce, Carolyn Cox, Becky Troxler, Nancy Sasser. Second row: Ricky Smith, Melinda Eaton, Chuck Yancey, Harold Hin- shaw, Keith Orrell, Linda Martin, Brenda Bradshaw, Vic Schoolfield, Johnny Phoenix, Susan Bennett, Larry Bums, Lynn Barrier, Charles McIntosh, Page Dunlap. Third row: Lynda Kirkman, Carolyn Patteson, Nancy Caddell, Sharon Murray, Linda Clayton, Ronnie Powers, Wayne Foster, Robert Allen, Danny Underwood, Pat Phoenix, Susan Long, Vicki VonCannon, Sid Jenkins, Phillip Mr. Shipman directs band as they practice for upcoming assembly. MAJORETTES. Vickie VonCannon, head majorette; Pat Phoenix, Linda Martin, Linda Clayton, Sharon Murray, Susan Clark. Band member Susan Clark perform tap dance for student body. 96 Whitt, William Brown, Danny Holder, Tommy Honeycutt, John Wallis, Anita Aikins, Norris Aikins. Fourth row: Mary Sue Baines, Mike Bray, Steve Ingold, Hal Caviness, Jimmy Chilton. Standing: Jack Froneberger, David Caviness, David Mintz, David Godwin, Leger Meyland, Dennis Lee, Frank Hilliard, Garry Franklin. Symphony Band plays modern and classical music in its concerts Symphonic music at Page High School is not only a result of a com¬ bined effort of many talented stu¬ dents, but also of single efforts on the part of each individual to fulfill his responsibility to die group as a whole. Page’s Symphony Band, under the direction of Mr. Harry Shipman, gave many stirring performances of mod¬ ern and classical music during the combined concerts with the Page Choir and local junior high school bands. Individual attention to each student was given by the assistant band directors who tested each in¬ dividual’s playing ability with week¬ ly playing assignments. Such assign¬ ments called for much private work in practice rooms. Pep Band contributes music to help build spirit at pep rally. Carl Bailey strives to improve his tonal quality while practicing his trumpet steps. 97 Page Band sponsors Mid-Winter Follies and Dance for semester break Page’s Marching Pirates, as the marching unit of the Page band is called, performed each halftime show of the football season with the skill that could only be the result of long hours spent after school in prepara¬ tion for each performance. Routines and the formation of a straight line required continued effort from these Marching Pirates. Pep was the watch word of an out¬ growth of the Marching Band called the Pep Band. Popular and school- spirited music played by them dur¬ ing pep rallies, basketball games, and victory flag raising added much to the pep of the student body. PEP BAND. First row: Robert Allen, Garry Franklin, Bill Munyan, Carson Graves. Sec¬ ond row: Danny Holder, Carl Bailey, Norris Aikens. Third row: David Caviness, David Mince, Ricky Smith. 98 Wildly enthusiastic cheerleaders lead the Pi¬ rates to another gridiron battle as the band plays the fight song. BAND. First row: Pat Phoenix; Linda Martin; David Caviness, drum major; Vickie Voncannon, head majorette; Sharon Murray; Susan Clark. Second row: Phillip Whitt; Sid Jenkins; Mary Sue Baines; Mike Bray; Robert Allen; Susan Long; Bill Munyan; Fran Starr; Mr. Shipman, advisor. Third row: Becky Pat¬ terson, Phyllis Whitt, Jerry Vaughn, Linda Kirkman, Nancy Cadell, Carolyn Patteson, Wayne Underwood, Keith Oral. Fourth row: Harold Hinshaw, Charles Vaughn, Carolyn Cox, Nancy Sasser, Carol Patterson, Johnny Phoenix, Janet Webster, Vic Schoolfield. Fifth row: Dennis Lee, David Godwin, Susan Bennet, Brenda Bradshaw, Garry Franklin, Chipper Thomas, Frank Hilliard, Jack Frone- berger. Sixth row: Shirley Slade, Barbara Long, Melinda Eaton, Larry Bums, Lynn Berrier, Tommy Honeycutt, Carl Bailey, Robert Helms. Seventh row: Danny Holder, Anita Aikens, Norris Aikens. 99 DECA club members Sponsored by the Distributive Ed¬ ucation work-training program, the DECA club was open to those stu¬ dents interested in careers in market¬ ing and in merchandise distribution. Club members attended the state convention, where they participated in such contests as sales demonstra¬ tions and job interviews. Other activities included National DECA Week, selection of the DECA student of the year, a radio program, and spring recruiting for new mem¬ bers. Completing a busy year was the annual employer-employee ban¬ quet. Dianne Jones and Kenneth Wright sell a DECA calendar to Dianna Batts. DECA student Robert Dunn works hard at his part-time job. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION. First roiv: Mrs. Hunter, advisor; Ronnie Jackson, president; Billy Williams, vice-president; Jane Allen, secretary; Margie Cox, treasurer; Dianne Jones, publicity chairman; Mrs. Walthall, advisor. Second row: Bill Hamilton, Vir¬ gil Cooper, Jimmy Gerringer, Barbara Meldau, Don Isley, Louise Barton, John Lumley, O. D. Chambers. Third row: Iris Wyrick, Norman Baker, Danny Doak, Calvin Spillman, Rigdon Brown, Cur¬ tis Warf, Ricky Belch, Margaret Cable. Fourth row: Tim Johnson, Robert Smith, Jerry Davenport, R. W. Roberts, Charles Hunt, Jerry Ashley, Wayne Causey. Fifth row: Larry Higgins, Jane Gordon, Glenyce Mincey, Kenneth Wright, Trigger Crews, Mary Parham, Diane Jones, Randall Taylor. 100 take part in job contests at state convention Diane Jones and Donald Isley play records at the DECA Christmas party. “V Norman Baker busily sacks groceries on a hectic Friday afternoon. DECA officers Margie Cox, Billy Williams, Ronnie Jackson, and Jane Allen plan future club ac¬ tivities with Mrs. Walthall. 101 Jimmy Williams adjusts spotlight before a dramatic presentation. Mary Lou Hinton applies make-up to Alan Moore’s eyes. 102 HARVEY kicks off successful season for Drama Club Jimmy Williams, stage manager, adjusts lights in control booth. Harvey, the Pulitzer-Prize winning play, proved a successful beginning for the Dramatics Club year. The club worked on three one-act plays, which were written, directed, and produced by Page students. Other projects during the year included the presentation of two plays on radio. Members made several trips to drama workshops to see and to learn new acting techniques. Other trips brought members to local theaters to observe other players. They entered two one-act plays for competition in the State Drama Festival in the spring, A member of the city-wide Drama Board, the Dramatics Club developed and broadened its re¬ sources in bringing fine quality plays to the students. DRAMA CLUB. First row: Bill Keen, president; Linda Maness, vice-president; Richard Hinson, secretary; Jimmy Williams, treas¬ urer; Carol Nursey, Sharon Boswell, Billy Fields, Maureen Fickling, Sharon Burdo, Mr. Robbins, advisor. Second row: Harry Watson, Melissa Anderson, Joanie Anderson, Lucille Hall, Cindy Bailey, Karen Jones, Marquita Matherly, Becky Sullivan, Martha Carter, Jan Teeter, Gail Pearman. Third row: Marsha Highfill, Wingate Hob- good, Donna Lamson, Vicky Elder, Diane Campbell, Becky Willi¬ ford, Eleanor Bernau, David Taylor, Alan Moore, Linda Barlow, Julian Carington, Terry Keller, Cathie Henson. 103 Alan Moore presents his rebuttal during a debate. Debate Club argues labor-management policies Headed by Alan Moore, and coached by Miss Mclver and Mrs. Stokes, this year’s Debate Club at¬ tended outside competition as well as presented a practice debate in an assembly for the student body. This year’s National High School Debating topic, the labor-manage¬ ment policies of the U. S., was the subject for the North Carolina High School Debating Union and for a contest at Wake Forest College. The club hopes to interest students in their activities by next year. DEBATE CLUB. First row: Barbara An¬ thony, Alan Moore, president; Lucie White. Second row: Beth Godwin, Cindy Nelson. Third row: Connie Abrams, Meri-Li Doug¬ las, Mrs. Mclver, advisor; Mrs. Stokes, ad¬ visor. Fourth row: Sandra Causey, Susan Bennett, Bruce Wiley. Fifth row: Terry Hough, Stewart Rogers. Sixth row: Clint Harris, Susan Taylor, Hardee Mills. Seventh row: David Taylor, Harry Watson, Dan Liv¬ ingston. 104 FHA prepares for district convention Future Homemakers of America worked towards their goal of im¬ proving personal, family, and com¬ munity living. Their activities in¬ cluded preparing the backdrop for the stage at the district convention, making decorations for the Ever¬ greens Nursing Home, giving a Mother-Daughter banquet, and at¬ tending the state rally. Barbara Key presides over an FHA meeting. FHA. First row: Barbara Key, president; Bobbie Ambrose, vice-president; Mary Frances Lumley, secretary; Yvonne Reed, treasurer; Edith Thomas, Margie Cox, Jane Allen. Second row: Una Coffee, Ruth Lumley, Shelia Gipson, Carleane Kearney, Becky Patterson, Phyllis Hawks. Third row: Mrs. Wise, advisor; Rebecca Eaton, Margaret Allen, Jule Evans, Pat Barts. Film Committee opens season with LA STRADA Starting the year with La Strada, an Italian film, the Film Committee followed it, second semester, with The Mouse that Roared. The Film Committee tried to promote interest in current artistic trends by showing these movies. Carson Graves prepares the film for a show¬ ing of “La Strada.” FILM COMMITTEE. First row: Jackie Edmonds, Suzi Kemp, Nancy Troxler, Carolyn Bruce, Maria Gondra, Angela Hoffler, Katie Taylor. Second row: Harry Watson, Linda Rogers, Lucie White, Karin Kirksey, Jennifer Duliere, Carson Graves, David Taylor. 105 FTA. First row: Celia Snavely, president; Nancy Miller, vice-presi¬ dent; Jennifer Duliere, secretary; Mary Anna Underwood, treasurer; Jane Robinson; Miss Smith, advisor. Second row: Kay Boyd, Brenda Bradshaw, Meri-Li Douglas, Louise Fluharty, Jo Ann Owens, Jan- nette Gaither, Theresa Vail, Lynn Berrier, Cherlynn Bean, Martha Murray, Wilma Hutchens, Rachel Bernstein. Third row: Robert Hailey, Becky Shelton, Ellen Preyer, Carolyn Throckmorton, Carol Myrick, Sherry Sockwell, Renee Bancroft, Becky Williford, Sandra Causey, Sallie Stephenson, Susan Wilson. Fourth row: Susan Schenk, Henry Liles, Ruth Schenk, Pat Senn, Anne Perkerson, Becky Rudd, Janice Mack, Angela Hoffler, Betty Matthews, Eleanor Bernau, Linda Pruitt, Nancy Grosse, Terry Hunsucker, Annette Gaither. Students prepare for teaching careers through FTA activities Betty Jo Guill serves Jennifer Duliere and Celia Snavely at FTA party. Formed to promote interest in teaching careers, the P. J. Weaver Chapter of the Future Teachers of America acted as a link in the stu¬ dent-teacher relationship at Page. Membership was open to all stu¬ dents interested in any phase of the teaching profession. This year the FTA helped teachers with routine paper work. Club mem¬ bers entered biographies of promi¬ nent North Carolina educators, either retired or deceased, in the Horace Mann Best Biography Con¬ test. Monthly meetings were planned by the officers and advisors to han¬ dle business and to provide informa¬ tion programs. College students who spoke on student teaching and the requirements of college FTA activi¬ ties were featured at meetings. Highlighting the FTA year was Teacher Appreciation Week, during which the organization presented an assembly and honored the faculty at a tea. FTA members listen to minutes given by Jennifer Duliere. 106 New members listen to oath at induction meeting. FSA members type to aid the teachers Sponsored by the National Secre¬ taries Association, the Future Secre¬ taries Association proved to be an asset to the school. As a money-mak¬ ing project, the members typed ma¬ terials for the teachers as well as for various clubs. To become a member of the club, a girl must have a B average in her sehoolwork, unquestionable charac¬ ter and integrity, and a desire to fur¬ ther her knowledge in the secretarial field. FSA. First row: Jeannie Pruitt, Patricia Barts, president; Jo Mane Ritter, vice-president; Elaine Kivett, secretary; Helen Landreth, treasurer; Pat Phoenix, Becky Thompson. Second row: Mrs. Ashley, advisor; Janet Turner, Carol Woods, Sharon Beck, Vickie Donnell, Darlene Roberts, Ann Haves, Jane Allen, Evelyn Sucky, Mary Fran¬ ces Lumley, Linda Meaders, Mrs. Nichols, advisor. 107 COP. First row: Mrs. Dewar, advisor; Brenda Riddle, Mary Williams, vice-president; Wanda Ross, secretary; Doretha Wilson, treasurer. Second row: Judy Goodwin, Judy Jordan, Mildred Clonch, Nora Darnell, Vickie Donnell, Jeanie Pruitt, Janice Carter, Darlene Roberts, Mary Anna Weaver. Third row: Patricia Barts, Sally Ann May, Janet Turner, Linda Meaders, Diane Gerringer, Evelyn Sucky, Linda Pruitt, Jo Marie Ritter, Grace Ward. Fourth row: Beth Nichols, Sarah Isley, Brenda Baker, Kay Baldwin, Phyllis Kirkman, Mary Frances Lumley, Ann Brady, Carol Olsen, Gloria Thorsen, Mary Smith. Newly oriented COP Club maintains standards of Page Service Club At installation, Mrs. Riddle, advisor, welcomes girls to new organization while Jane Roberson, president, waits to begin her official duties. Mary Williams reads minutes at COP instal¬ lation meeting. Page added a new club this year, the Cooperative Office Practice Club, organized for interested students tak¬ ing Cooperative Office Practice. Members attended a monthly busi¬ ness meeting to learn about new of¬ fice concepts. At Christmas, the Club sponsored a needy family. In the spring, the members held a banquet for the bosses for whom they worked part-time. It was a successful first year. 108 VIC. First row: Mr. Stowe, advisor; Carolyn Robbins, president; Ritter, Mike Ozment, Patricia Barber, Barbara Key, Annette Phillips, Danny Basham, vice-president; Phyllis Hawks, secretary; Joyce Faye Church. Third row: Charles Brown, Mike Barham, Buddy Burton, treasurer; Donna Wolfe. Second row: Sheila Gibson, Larry Poole, Donald Lackey, Richard Lemmons, Junior Umfleet. VICA members attend state meeting in Raleigh Ambitious students participating in the Industrial Cooperative Train¬ ing program were able to join the Page chapter of the Vocational In¬ dustrial Clubs of America. To serve the community this year, the club aided the needy at Christmas. During the course of the school year, the district convention held in Burlington and the state convention held in Raleigh were attended by the students. A Bosses’ Banquet in honor of the students’ employers closed the activities for the year. Nurses’ Aide Ruth McLaird keeps young patient amused during stay at Cone Hospital, Annette Phillips feeds infant as part of her duties in nursery. 109 Foreign exchange students convey customs To enrich knowledge of current problems and events as well as past ones was the announced goal for the History Club during the 1965-1966 school year. Monthly meetings held on Thursday night included speakers of excellent background and experi¬ ence, such as Mr. Russell Jackson, a missionary in Southern Rhodesia. The December meeting was high¬ lighted by Page’s three foreign stu¬ dents, who presented informal talks on holiday customs in their native countries. All of the history teachers served as advisors for the club, and they assisted the Executive Council in planning meetings and programs. The club contributed to the Foreign Exchange Student Program Fund to sponsor a student at Page and bought much-needed history books for the library. As an extra-curricu¬ lar activity, the History Club proved to be beneficial in both school work and social activities. At the second meeting of the History Club, Mr. VonCannon shows slides on his trip to Costa Rica. HISTORY CLUB. First row: Mrs. Puryear. advisor; Mrs. Page, advisor; Manny Manieri, president; Dianna Batts, vice-president; Jane Hope, secretary; Bill Weaver, treasurer; Mrs. Rankin, advisor; Mrs. Upton, advisor. Second row: Nancy Carr, Sharon Freiberg, Patricia Campbell, Susan Berrier, Jeannette Rankin, Sandra Maynard, Diane Walker, Mary Anne Underwood, Suzanne Robinson, Betty Elmore, Marilyn Moore. Third row: Susan Farquhar, Tina Hoffman, Mary Jo Brooks, Sherry Sockwell, Darlene Shelton, Susan Hun- sucker, Betty Jo Quill, Janice Mack, Agnes Thome, Beth Godwin, Sally Evatt. Fourth row: Chris Murphy, Sherry Rolader, Kay Boyd, Kay Lind, Keith Richardson, Barbara Anthony, Margaret Drury, Anne Willis, Leigh Dillard, Mary Charles Cheek, Cathy Jones, Dean Farmer. Fifth row: Mary Moore, Anne Maiden, Ann Nulsen, Annette Gaither, Phyllis Powell, Anita Rierson, Jannette Gaither, Deborah Cockman, Susan Harper, Rebecca Cohen, Joy Wil¬ der, Sarah Jo Wood. Sixth row : Myra Comer, Sue Harder, Laura White, Dale Hudson, Ivan Mothershead, David Taylor, Jimmy Folds, John White, Ricky Estridge, Paul Puryear, David Lindley, Lorraine Arons. Seventh row: Anne Hough, Debby McDuffie, Linda Boswell, Bill Beerman, Sterling McLaughlin, Russell Doss, John Richtarik, Jack Brewer, Gary Norman, Bobby Jordan, Steven O’Steen, Pat Gilbreath, Harry Watson, George Maxwell, Teddy Ravenel, John Shepherd, Lindsay Lamson, Marcus Carr, David Shanks, Larry Cone, Cathie Henson, Carol Phillips, Rita Reaves. Ninth row: Jennifer Duliere, Phyllis Lineberry, Sandra Causey, Lyn McCoy, Cliff Schmit, Marsha Reynolds, Annette Greene, Brenda Baker, Ruth Ann Foster, Marie Moore, Mary Sue Baines, Steve Kirkman, Patricia Little, Carol Myrick. Tenth row: Kim Newman, Sherry Spencer, Tennie Ham, Diana Karas, Norma Hale, Susan Schenk, Blossom White, Anne Perkerson, Randy Matthews, Lynn Harris, Carson Graves, Terry Hough, Sporty Haislip, Kathy Atwater, Ann Wilson. no at pre-Christmas History Club meeting Officers and advisors of the History Club discuss plans for the next meeting. Mrs. Jackson, a missionary nurse, discusses her work with the natives of Rhodesia. Mr. Russell Jackson speaks to the History Club on his years in the bush country of Rhodesia. During December meeting, Isabel Pedraza tells members about Christmas customs in Peru. The club has several worthwhile visitors, including Mrs. Mary Gamble, who shares her recent visit to Ethiopia with them. Ill Jr. Classical League plans Roman Banquet for spring meeting President Anne Perkerson calls a meeting of the Junior Classical League to order. Students interested in Latin were able to join the Junior Classical League. The purpose of the club was to pro¬ mote interest of Latin among students. It also provided a way to learn about the culture and history of ancient Rome. With reports on the culture of Rome and Christmas carols sung in Latin, the annual Christmas party was a success. In April there was the annual, eagerly- awaited Roman banquet. Another custom of the club was sending delegates to the state meet¬ ing which met in Chapel Hill. All of these traditional meetings, plus a few others in which the Roman world was discussed, helped to inspire students in the study of Latin. Can dell, Anne Howard Brown, Linda Miller, Melissa Newton, Barbara Long, Sandy Harris, Steve McKinney. Fifth row: Mary Charles Cheek, Robin Thomas, Sharon Freiburg, Linda Rogers, Celia Snavely, Becky Barney, Jay Gertz. Sixth row: Leigh Dillard, Kathy Long, Teema Cox, Patricia Little, Cathie Henson, Kathryn Tipton, Vicky Yeates, Melissa Anderson, Judy Hellen, Johnny McCulloh, Betty Jo Guill. Seventh row: Anne Willis, Janet Leister, Dennis Thomas, Chris Cole, Randy Matthews, Kay Lewis, Joyce Motley, Ken Brown, Sue Leonard, Beth Douglas. JCL. First row: Miss Brooks, advisor; Miss Mclver, advisor; Anne Perkerson, president; Sandra Causey, vice-president; Lisa McCormick, treasurer. Second row: Dick Ramsey, Ginni Schenck, Mary Moore, Kay Lind, Cathy Jones, Jackie Edmonds, Leslie McCaskle, Elaine Conti, Melissa Thompson, Connie Abrams, Cindy Bailey, Ricky Cartledge. Third row: Rick Osmer, Wilma Hutchens, Debbie McDuffie, Judy Womack, Joy Wilder, Johnny Gideon, Tommy Schnabel, Gary Norman, Dorene Estrem, Mary Sue Baynes, Harriet Dayvault, Jimmy Brady. Fourth row: Len McLendon, Libby King, Susan Bennett, Janice Flynn, Nancy 112 SPANISH CLUB. First row: Miss Lupo, advisor; Cherlynn Beam; Donna Lam- son; Sharon Burdo; Dean Oldham; Brenda Bradshaw, president; Ann Keever, vice-president; Larry Roland, secretary; Sally Stephenson, treasurer. Second row: Rita Reaves, Ginger Johnson, Connie Deskins, Jo Anne Owens, Susan Donaldson, Susan Berrier, Mary Anna Underwood, Carol Myrick, Patricia Little, Cathie Hen¬ son. Third row: Susan Michels, Karen Ellington, Annette Gaither, Sherry Sock- well, Steve Kirkman, Lyn McCoy, David Lindley, Lindsay Lamson, Mike Oldham. Fourth row: Debbie Sears, Cynthia Nelson, Faith Gallimore, Linda Julian, Ruth Ann Foster, Janette Gaither, Marsha Reynolds, Brenda Baker, Annette Green, Judy Murphy, Ann Cole, Kay Boyd. Fifth row: Vickie Voncannon, Norma Hale, Russell Doss, Locke Bell, Cathy Paul, David Clarke, Bobby Jordan, Jack Brewer, Don Winslow, Gayle Green, Coleen Nardoci, Sherry Yates. Sixth row: Wilbur Spanish Club tells of trip to Parrott, Tim McAdoo, John Ricktarick, Rad Kivette, David Bune, Julian Carring¬ ton, Blossom White, Janice Kohl, Mike H ill, Ronnie Vernon, Emily Sharpe. Seventh row: Donna Umfleet, Ivan Mothershead, Eddie Robinson, Ken Hinson, Bobby Banner, Bobby Beerman, Pete Pearce, Kay Anthony, Jessie Elcock, Chris Murphy, Susan Schenk, Rick Remmey, Linda Johnson. Eighth row: Phyllis Line- berry, Carol Hubbard, Joyce Boyd, Gloria McKinney, Betsy Hinshaw, Greg Winer, Cathy Helms, Louise Miller, Kay Bobbit, Deborah Harris, Chris Lum- rnis, Alan Cockman, Sharon Murray. Ninth row: Yvonne Neller, Lynne Brewer, Bonnie Ham, Carol Campbell, Brenda Fry, Alice Klemm, Edith Oldham, Sandra Woods, Sherry Sugg, June Fenton, Pat McDonough, Penny Haralson, Wayne Underwood, Ronnie Pugh. Spanish-speaking countries Interest was essential in order to participate fully in this year s Spanish Club, organized to expand the students classroom conversation and knowledge of the language. Each meeting enrich¬ ed the members’ appreciation of music, art, and customs of Spanish-speaking countries. Members participated in the club s traditional undertaking, that of sending a Care package to an underprivileged country overseas. Also, Spanish sub¬ scriptions of Life and Readers Digest were attained from the club’s treasury for classroom use. Spanish Club advisor Miss Overton shows the dolls that she purchased during her visit to Madrid. President Brenda Bradshaw admires the at¬ tractive bulletin board done by Spanish stu¬ dent Rad Kivette. 113 Le Cercle Franc;ais presents French movie at a monthly meeting Providing Page’s French students with a fuller knowledge of French cul¬ ture was the aim of Le Cercle Francais. French Club supplemented school studies with a French movie and a Christmas party complete with folk dances. La Societe Honoraire de Francais recognized French students of high academic achievement. Page’s chapter of the nation-wide society published a French newspaper consisting of car¬ toons, poetry, and other articles con¬ tributed by members. This newspaper, entitled La Vie, was distributed to all students who were taking French. David Taylor prepares programs for a monthly business meeting. FQENCH CLUB. First row: Mr. Hanner, advisor; Ginger Whitford; Judy Strouth; Theresa Sewell; Becky Rudd; Luci White; Laura White; Lynnie Hicks, president; Judy Helen; Becky Troxler; Harriet Harris; Barbara Anthony; Mrs. Sams, advisor. Second row: Sandra Cox, Sandra Hollins, Judy Roland, Sharon Evick, Ann Maness, Carol Perkerson, Mary Vance, Lucia Drury, Marty Squires, Judy Edwards, Lee Bellmore, Linda Mendenhall, Robin Mack, Martha Murray. Third row: Cordv Leister, Sylvia Stanley, Jennifer Lawning, Janie Shephard, Patricia Dalton, Morrie Hitchcock, Emily Stanfield, Patricia Fox, Ginger Campbell, Betty Elmore, Marilyn Moore, Sandra Maynard, Reba Golden, Carol Vatz. Fourth row: Kurt Hertle, Patricia Campbell, Vickie Mahala, Maxine Higgins, Harriet Holdemess, Martha Ann Stroud, Nancy Moore, Susan Farquhar, Rachel Gregory, Susan Baysinger, Marie Britton, Becky Williams, Rebecca Cohen, Sally Woodroof, Beth Godwin, Janet Webster. Fifth row: Janelle Brown, Nancy Smith, Sally May, Carol Patterson, Janet Leister, Sarah Jo Wood, Cynthia Moore, Dawne Stanley, Lyn McCoy, Brenda Bradshaw, Lucille Hall, Melissa Anderson, Anne Howard Brown, Weezie Bell, Jane Hope, Linda Ruth Brown. Sixth row : Maria Gondra, Beth Douglas, Kay Lind, Ginnie Schenk, Pat Senn, Margaret Drury, Anne Willis, Sharon Freiberg, Sally Evatt, Sue Harder, Sue Edwards, Terry Hunsucker, Debbie McDuffie, Anne Perkerson, Ann Wilson, Louise Fluharty, Ann Keever. Seventh row: Alan Moore, Dale Hudson, Terry Young, Bill Caviness, Larry Williams, David Taylor, Dean Farmer, Bill Beerman, David Shanks, Vance Kinlaw, Henry Liles, Bill Butler, Bobby Senn, John Shepard, Chris Estem, Lura Ellis, Donna Alieva, Linda Reid Brown. 114 French H onor Society installs thirteen FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY. First row: Katie Taylor, vice-president; Jerry Anthony, president; Maria Gondra, secretary-treasurer. Second row: Mrs. Adelia Sams, advisor; Lyn McCoy; Martha Murray; Weezie Bell; Sue Edwards; Celia Snavely. Third row: Lisa McCormick, Carol Vatz, Ann Howard Brown, Libby King, Jennifer Duliere, Dorothy Holderness, Sharon Freiberg. Fourth row: Beth Godwin, Ruth Schenk, Anne Keever, Susan Bernstein, Beth Douglas, Lucie White. Fifth row: Louise Fluharty, Sue Harder, Alan Moore, Kay Lind, Becky Rudd, Ann Wil¬ lis, Carolyn Throckmorton, Janet Leister. French Club members seem totally engrossed in the movie Assassins et Voleurs. Co-president Lynnie Hicks moves chairs in preparation for meeting. New members Beth Godwin, Sharon Freiberg, and Louise Fluharty light candles during induc¬ tion ceremony. 115 Medical Club visit technicians laboratory at Cone Hospital This year the Medical Club at Page widened its interests while at the same time gave service to the community by collecting for the Heart Fund. Speak¬ ers on psychology, psychiatry, and pathology enlarged the members’ in¬ sight into the large scope of health- related careers. Toward the end of the year members attended the annual State Health Careers Congress in Raleigh. A lab technician from Cone Hospital instructs Susan Baker in microscopic techniques. Donna Alieva, Susan Baker, and Kris Estrem analyze a biological experiment. MEDICAL CLUB. First row: Mrs. Trogdon, advisor; Susan Baker, president; Barbara Anthony, vice-president; Betty Jo Guill, corres¬ ponding secretary; Linda Miller, recording secretary; Maria Gondra, treasurer; Carolyn Buce, program chairman. Second row: Faye fjatts, Norma Hale, Kristine Estrem, Patricia Campbell, Susan Berrier, Betty Cameron, Yvonne Franklin. Third row: Randy Matthews, Sally Conti, Carol Perkerson, Karen Christopher, Janelle Brown, Tennie Ham, Ann Howard Brown, Patsy Phillips, Susan Baysinger, Rod Edens. 116 Red Cross conducts paperback drive for veterans’ hospitals In its third active year, the Page High School Red Cross continued to promote the interests of the students in community. Evergreen entertainment, a collection of paperback books for the military men in hospitals, and friend¬ ship boxes for the children in Viet Nam were some of their service projects during the year. The major project of the year was the school-to-school pro¬ gram in which a scrapbook of the ac¬ tivities and events at Page was sent to another school. Members of the Executive Committee, Mrs. Austin, Becky Shelton, and Cathy Kingsbury, go over plans for a future meeting. RED CROSS. First row: Becky Shelton, president; Cathy Kingsbury, vice-president; Anne Nulsen, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Austin, advisor; Rebecca Cohen; Eleanor Bemau; Martha Carter; June Fenton; Dale Stevens; Mary Anna Underwood; Susan Early; Isabel Pedraza; Janice Flynn. Second row: Marion Nichols, Marsha Reynolds, Sandi Moore, Sherry Rolader, Carolyn Throckmorton, Sue Leonard, Margaret Schu¬ bert, Phyllis Everage, Sandy Causey, Phyllis Lineberry, Kim Newnam, Linda Byrd, Betty Mathews, Bill Rogers, Bill Gamble, Jane Kirkman. Sandy Causey, Mrs. Austin, and Phyllis Line- berry stack and tie books for the Veteran’s Hospital. Using her artistic ability, Isabel Pedraza puts the finishing touches on a poster adver¬ tising their project. I I I II LI 117 Quill and Scroll compiles mimeographed literary booklet Jennifer Duliere proofreads a paper to be included in club’s literary magazine. Literary interest was stimulated at Page High School by the Quill and Scroll, an honor society for high school journalists. Members of Quill and Scroll strived to encourage and improve the creative writing not only of them¬ selves, but also of the entire student body. Monthly meetings, during which discussions of materials submitted by members, were led by President Katie Taylor, improved the skills of each member. A literary magazine compiled and published by the Quill and Scroll was sold to the student body. To be eligible for membership, stu¬ dents must be a junior or senior, rank in the top one third of their class, and be recommended by their supervisor for superior work in some phase of journalism. Katie Taylor welcomes new member Carolyn Bruce with pin and card during induction ceremony. QUILL AND SCROLL. First row: Mrs. Betts, advisor; Katie Taylor, president; Jen¬ nifer Duliere, vice-president; Carson Graves, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Teague, advisor. Second row: Carolyn Bruce, Nancy Troxler, Sharon Freiburg, Bruce Wiley, Connie Abrams, Jane Hope. Third row: Terry Hun- sucker, Karin Kirksey, Becky Shelton, Angela Hoffler, Susan Bernstein, Lyn McCoy, Martha Murray. Fourth row: Linda Stedman, Ellen Preyer, Cathy Kingsbury, Betty Altvater, John Shepard, Harry Watson, Alan Moore, Wes¬ ley Murry, Lucie White. 118 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS. First row: Miss Rankin, librarian; Judy Forsythe; Brenda Oakley; Mary Jo Brooks; Martha Carta; Nora Darnell; Stona Adeox; Melissa Anderson; Beth Nichols; Marilyn Newman; Miss Shelburne, librarian. Second row: Ronnie Pugh, Bill Rogers, Russell Doss, Jerry Smith, Tommy Farquhar, Ronnie Davenport. Library, office assistants aid in coordinating administration Office assistants, who volunteered from their study halls, helped the coun¬ selors, secretaries, and teachers in the attendance office by filing and running errands. These aides also added to office efficiency by copying schedules, answering the telephone, greeting visitors to the school, and collecting absentee reports. Library assistants also gave up their study halls to help the librarians. Duties included shelving books, filing cards, and stamping books. Brenda Oakley checks out books for Marty Squires. OFFICE ASSISTANTS. First row: Laura White, Vickie Clark, Celia Snavely, Linda Johnson. Shelia Cecil, llaine Kivette, Darleane Shelton. Cheryl Quate, David Rockwell. Second row: Mrs. Hill, secretary; Joy Wider Warilyn Moore: Betty Elmore, Mary Parham; Judy Richert; Sandi Moore; Miss Smith, counselor; Becky Shelton Vfary Rhodes. Third row: Mr. Wallace, counselor; Mrs. Atwood, secretary; Coleen Nardoci; Renee Bancroft Sally May; Carol Patterson; Betty Jo Guill; Phyllis Everage; Becky Sullivan. Phyllis Lineberry; Lula Sipsis ngela Hoffler; Anne Perkerson; Connie Abrams; Mrs. Hodnett, counselor; Mr. Pulliam counselor. Fourth rote, sue Schenk, Becky Barney, Janet McLean, Sally Evatt, Becky Williford, Janice Mack, Sherry Rolader, Betty Matthews, Carleane Kearney, Jan Teeter, Dacia Hill. 119 ROADRUNNERS. First row: Johnny Bethea, Mike Thompson, Hal Caviness. Second row: Mr. Simmerman, advisor; Ronnie Powers, Rodney McDowell; Jerry Stanley; Steve Mason; Sammy Allred; David Caviness; Larry Willett; Carl Bailey; Charlie Brown; Danny Underwood; Suttie Ritter; Ross Grey; Charles Thompson; Kay Pitchford. Third row: Ralph Turner; Joe Williford; W ayne Umfleet; Maxie McCallister; Jerry Lindsey; William Issac; Dan Livingston; Larry Jones; Dick Benton; David Holiday; Jimmy Newman; Jimmy Patterson; David Brown; Mr. Newton, advisor. Roadrunners usher at home football games Fellow bus drivers Johnny Bethea, Jerry Lindsey, and Danny Underwood urge Mike Thompson into his bus to begin tire day’s routine trip. Driving Page’s school buses was the daily job of the Roadrunners. After undergoing instruction in the safe handling of buses, these student drivers transported pupils from junior high schools as well as from Page. Advised by Mr. Newton, the Roadrunners com¬ piled one of the best school bus records in the area. Activities other than driving the orange buses included monthly dinner meetings and acting as ushers at home football games. Mr. Simmerman discusses bus problems with Ross Grey before he leaves school on his afternoon route. Page students view the same scenery as they arrive at school every day for nine months. 120 GAA sells shakers to raise funds for basketball uniforms Letha Umfleet makes big sale with Sporty Haislip, Bill Beerman, and Kenneth Parsons. GAA. First row: Mrs. Caldwell, advisor; Sallie Stephenson, president; Cynthia Hubbard, vice-president; Sylvia Kontulous, secretary; Edith Oldham, treasurer; Terry Hunsucker, points secretary ' ; Miss Singleton, advisor. Second row: Cathy Ballard, Connie Copland, Judy Murphy .Marquita Matherly, Karen Jones, Lynn Berner, Susan Baysinger, Carol Cooper. Third row: Sandra Turner, Jo Anne Parrish, Cathy Long, Linda Ross, Phyllis Whitt, Libby Broadwell, Janice Gardner, Pat Phoenix. Fourth row iRachel Gregory, Fran Mills, Ginger Underwood, WJlla Clonch, Melinda Eaton, Virginia Walden, Donna Umfleet, Sylvia Neal, Judy Phillips. Fifth row: Carol Plumps, Terrie Jessup, Sherry Preddy, Sandra Caudle, Bonnie Bethea, Sandy Causey, Phyllis Lineberry, Marsha Highhll, Cindy Pickard. Sixth row: Ginger Whitford, June Fenton, Sylvia Stanley, Judy Strouth, Linda Simmons, Dianne Michaels, Susan Hunsucker, Susan Michael, Debbie Smith, Kathy Paul, Debbie Whitlowe. To begin its slate of events for the year, the Girls’ Athletic Association held volleyball playdays for both junior and senior high schools in the Greens¬ boro area. Later in the fall girls sold red and white shakers to promote schools spirit and to raise funds. This year uniforms were purchased for the girls’ basketball team. In the spring, G.A.A. members participated in two state playdays held at UNC-G and High Point. Cynthia Hubbard aims for another two points in close game with Grimsley. 121 Cheerleaders head With pep and enthusiam the Page cheerleaders sparked Pirate spirit at the various athletic activities. Not only did they provide the student body with entertaining pep rallies, but they also encouraged student attendance to many sports activities. These vivacious ten sponsored the Miss School Spirit Contest and intro¬ duced Pep Land to the students. Pep Land recognized those who truly pos¬ sessed school spirit, and also boosted the enthusiasm of many lax supporters. Cheerleaders spent several after¬ noons painting the newly acquired cheerleading stand, which was put to use during home football games. By selling corsages for the Home¬ coming Game, the cheerleaders earned money to give parties honoring the teams. With boundless energy, the cheerleaders kin¬ dle Page to its first Central 4-A basketball championship. 122 Pirate caravans to football and basketball games with Grimsley CHEERLEADERS. First row: Ruth Shuping, Cissy Bailey, Christy King, Ginger Campbell, Patricia Fox. Second row: Ginni Schenck; Harvey Worley; Pam Holderness, head; Libby King, ass’t. head; Martha Murray. Rhonda Cashwell helps celebrate another victory for the Pirates. Harvey Worley, Pam Holderness, Patricia Fox and Ginger Campbell lead student body in traditional raising of the victory flag. Cheerleaders lead “Hail to the Buccaneer” JV CHEERLEADERS. Wanda Brooks; Rhonda Cashwell; Sandie Coldiron; Harriet Holderness, head; Mary Vance; Susan Vestal; Melissa Thompson. 123 124 LINGERING IN MEMORY are the special moments- homecoming and senior teas, elections and dances. ACTIVITIES 125 Buccaneer sponsors third election of Outstanding Seniors ELEANOR BERNAU Creativity coupled with hard work has earned for Eleanor outstanding recognition in the field of art. Her creativity also extends to the fields of drama and writing. JOHN CHEEK As co-captain of the football team, a member of the wrestling team, and a member of the track team, John dis¬ plays his well-rounded athletic ability. John ' s talents are not confined to ath¬ letics, for he is also a superior student. SUSAN BERNSTEIN In any tight situation, it is Susan who can be relied upon to come up with a feasible solution. Susan’s unshakable convictions and dependability have helped in her role as president of the Honor Society. For the third year the Page Buccaneer is proud to recognize those twenty seniors who are representatives of excellence in scholarship, athletics, art, leadership, drama, music, and school spirit. These Outstanding Seniors were chosen by both the senior class and a faculty committee. After candi¬ dates were nominated in homeroom, each senior indicated his choices from the qualifying nominees. Selection from the final list was then made by the faculty committee. 126 BETH DOUGLAS With her unique sense of humor and bubbling personality, Beth is a valued member of every group to which she belongs. Scholarship, hard work, and fun are equal parts of her character. Twenty members of the Class of 1966 are considered outstanding by their classmates PAGE DUNLAP Hard work and practice have given Page equal skill in playing the horn and contributing to a football victory. Not only did Page serve as president of the band, but he also contributed in a quiet way to many school activi¬ ties. SPOBTY HAISLIP All phases of school life are incorp¬ orated in Sporty’s service to Page. He has served on the Student Council, has been a class officer and a class Best Citizen, besides being a member of the Monogram Club for his wrestling. 127 Outstanding Seniors excel in varied phases of Page activity PERRY HICKS Perry’s natural poise and gregarious nature suit her to her office as vice- president of the student body. In plan¬ ning assemblies and in her studies, Perry utilizes both organization and hard work. DOROTHY HOLDERNESS In the field of mathematics, Dorothy has shown a superior aptitude and genuine interest. Her unpretentious¬ ness is a definite part of her personality and has won for her admiration of many. PAM HOLDERNESS The inspiring force behind the sports fans’ good spirits is Pam, head cheer¬ leader. She has retained her pleasant countenance all through school, and many people are able to call her a friend. 128 STEVE MILLER Steve’s quiet manner and self-compo¬ sure lend themselves to his forceful leadership. Whether conducting a senior class meeting or delegating re¬ sponsibility, Steve’s first concern has been for his class. ANN KEEVER As chairman of the Pep Committee, Ann has ably administered a group which boosted school spirit. She was responsible for many outside activities and was a great asset to the school. GARY MURPHY Gary’s terrific ability in basketball has made him a favorite with the fans. With a supreme effort and conscientousness, Gary endeavors to do well in all that he attempts. LIBRY KING Versatility is the key word to Libby’s contributions. She is recognized by others for her school spirit, service, beauty and scholarship. 129 Selected seniors use their abilities in guiding MARTHA MURRAY Martha’s flair for dramatics is not re¬ stricted to the stage but encompasses all of her activities. Her hard work and perserverance in both her studies and her outside activities reflect her genuine interest. EDDIE NEW By spontaneous actions, Eddie makes people see the humorous side of all situations. Through his service to Page and interest in others, Eddie is one of the more active members of his class. VICK PHILLIPS Besides being a skillful guitarist, Vick also displays singing talent by being a member of the choir. Always ready with a quick retort, Vick is the master of any situation. 130 fellow students through daily routine at Page DAVID ROCKWELL Not only is David a competent link between the administration and stu¬ dent body as student body president, but he also serves as a high example for others. A red and white beanie personified David’s overflowing school spirit. LARRY ROLAND Although Larry is known for his good nature and ability to get along with all kinds of people, he is also known for his hard work behind the scenes. Larry is an officer of his class and a contributing member of the choir and YRC, as well as the baseball team. DAVID SHANKS Possessing a keen analytical mind, David has had natural success in science and math. He is equally effec¬ tive whether conducting a physics ex¬ periment or solving a problem in analytics. CELIA SNAVELY Celia’s dedication and sincerity have gained for her many high honors. In addition to serving ably as president of FTA, Celia has been on the Student Council and has been a member of various other organizations. 131 Libby King crowned queen in Homecoming halftime ceremony Libby King Queen Homecoming 1965 was highlighted by a victory over Reynolds, the an¬ nouncement of Senior Superlatives, and the crowning of Homecoming queen. During halftime, the Homecoming representatives and their escorts were presented through a heart formed by the band. After the presentation of all the girls, it was announced that Vicki VonCannon was maid of honor and Libby King was Homecoming queen of 1965. After the game, the Fabulous Five played for the Homecoming dance. The dance was climaxed by the an¬ nouncement of the Senior Superlatives. At pre-game pep rally, Coach Swanner speaks to students. Vicki VonCannon Maid of Honor Libby King cheers enthusiastically. 132 VonCannon, King, and Cashwell attend queen Vick Phillips and David Rockwell crown Libby King homecoming queen during special halftime ceremonies. Christy King Junior Representative Rhonda Cashwell Sophomore Representative Mary Vance and Susan Vestal arrange cor¬ sages for Homecoming. 133 Pirates down Reynolds in exciting Homecoming game Weezie Bell Jane Hope Ann Keever Harvey Worley and Mack Mann gaze happily at the crowning of Libby King. 134 Rad Kivette (25), Jimmy Robinson (80), and Joe Smith (55) surge ahead of Reynolds’ players. £ Bill Munyan and Garry Franklin paint a sign for Homecoming open house combo, the Fabulous Kay Lind Five. Harvey Worley Monica Slate Martha Murray 135 Exceptionally qualified students are showered with diversified Each spring, students who have ex¬ celled in scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and talent are recognized on Awards Day with plaques, cups, trophies, certificates, or words of con¬ gratulations. Bobby Heise received the Eskridge Best All-Around Award. Selected for the Sophomore Class Award was Andy Swepston. The Civitan’s Best Citizen Award went to Clem Medley. Pan Holyfield was the recipient of the Page Ben L. Smith Award. Because of his academic excellence, David Garvin was honored with the John Motley Morehead Scholarship. Bobbie Cahill received the Iris David Hunsinger Journalism Cup. Mollie De- Vane was awarded the Margaret Gar¬ rett English Cup for the highest three- year average in English. 1 | | | ; t ii i ■iV | fj§ II • l-l ! | 11 II 1 ; f: . I t I || ' ■; j 1? ip 18 ■ jib t • a ■; . t 1 » f - jLt •• ' -JiMp i 1 R|j ■■ v | . vl jp % If H IB; f r ] J ’ i " f | i Shining trophies are displayed before presentation on Awards Day. Swep Swepston receives “Almost” Award from Coach Swanner. Mr. Richard Hammer recognizes Dave Gar¬ vin, Morehead Scholarship winner, with a certificate of merit. Donald McRae Sophomore Class Award is presented to Andy Swepston by Mr. Medlin. Bruce Kappel accepts Malcolm McLoud Science Trophy from Mr. Evans. 136 honors of merit on Awards Day in the spring Lynda Latham, David Cozart, and Crit Harley receive Sears Roebuck scholarships from Mr. Edwin Booth. ffT ' lb 11: M ' r t iU.-ifi Mr. Medlin awards Sally Reilly, first place winner, and Franklin Spence, second place winner, the trophy for the Civitan Essay Contest. Mr. Bill Glascow presents PTA City Council Award for Achievement to Celia Snavely. Martha Lee accepts the Buccaneer Award for outstanding work on the yearbook from Mrs. Sams. Allan Troxler is presented the National String Orchestra Award by Dr. Artly. Mr. Bill Brewer gives Jr. Jaycee’s Most Ath¬ letic Award to Clem Medley. 137 Spring elections produce capable and enthusiastic leaders Along with warming weather in the spring came student body elections. Officers for the junior and senior classes as well as the Student Coopera¬ tive Association were chosen in this election. Sophomore elections were con¬ ducted in the fall. Through the process of self-nomina¬ tion, students who wished to rim filed for their selected offices. A week of en¬ thusiastic campaigning and an infor¬ mative election assembly preceeded the actual voting. After registration and careful consideration, the primary ballots were cast. With two candidates left for each office, the final voting selected the Page leaders. Leigh Dillard, successful candidate for stu¬ dent council treasurer, presents her plat¬ form to the student body. Booster Tom Morphis offers his candidate’s qualification of “experience” with the assistance of Lindy Murray. Carl Bailey, Scottie Lavender, and David Clark pep up campaign assembly. Jerry Anthony, victorious candidate for YRC chairman, proposes plans for next year’s activities. Dean Oldham, candidate for traffic chief, presents new ideas for keeping order in halls. 138 Assemblies provide programs of interest and amusement l " | £ 1 ' I I flttbf % V ,«l lib [ ' i mlWn $ i Through the efforts of Perry Hicks, Student Council vice-president, Page students and faculty members had the opportunity of hearing numerous out¬ standing speakers in a variety of as¬ sembly programs. Reverend Bob Moore, as featured speaker, the Gate¬ way Trio, and the introduction of the foreign exchange students highlighted the first assembly. Speakers at various programs included the following: Mr. Duncan Stevens, representing Junior Achievement; Mr. A1 Long from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Dr. Thomas Haggai, who spoke on the Honor Code; Dr. E. T. McSwain during National Education week; Dr. Frank Snider, who spoke on traffic safety; and Dr. Samuel Smith, whose topic was Africa. Other assemblies, such as Honor Society inductions, and the Choir Christmas program stressed fun and merit. Martha Murray receives her Quill and Scroll pin from Katie Taylor as Jennifer Duliere and inductee Alan Moore look on. Jimmy Hombuckle, elected Ugliest Man on Campus, and his court await the announcement of the other finalists in the contest. Dr. Haggai addresses Page student body in the Honor Code assembly. Robert E. Li, student from Formosa, receives Bruce Kappel speaks to Page students about his trip to Colombia, South America, as a represen- recognition from Mr. Medlin. tative in the Peace Corps School-to-School Program. 139 Band hosts Follies and Dance Susan Bennett entertains at the Midwinter’s Follies and Dance sponsored by the Page Band. On January 24, during the semester break, the Page High School Band sponsored the Mid-Winters Follies and Dance. Two combos, the Shifters and the Null Set, provided music. During the dance a floor show, consisting of dancers, singers, and an ensemble with Mr. Shipman and friends, presented entertainment to the guests. Page students enjoy themselves at Midwinter Follies and Dance. 140 Tams and “James Bond theme provide pleasure at Pirate Ball Students await the return of the Tams. The Cavaliers provide music during the Tams’ break. Page’s 1966 Pirate Ball will long be remembered as “the best one yet.” The James Bond theme was effectively created by the mystery of the ocean depths induced by a revolving light re¬ flecting on an underwater scene, a vault door as an entrance, the “casino” re¬ freshment table, shooting targets, and travel posters. Entertainment for the semi-formal dance was provided by the Tams, who were backed by the Cava¬ liers. The Student Council’s tremen¬ dous effort in sponsoring the ball proved to be a sparkling success. Dancers enjoy refreshments during inter¬ mission. Students crowd to see the first appearance of the Tams. 141 Se niors celebrate last days at Page with June Class Day party The Class Day picnic gave seniors a chance to relax and enjoy the fruits of three years of labor. Having the festivi¬ ties in the Sherwood Park Club gave the seniors an opportunity to play soft- ball, tennis, basketball, go swimming, or just rest in the sun. Later in the evening, the Shifters provided the seniors with music for their last dance as Page students. Seniors mix sun and fun at Sherwood Park on Class Day. The Class Tea decorations await the arrival of the seniors. Departing seniors greet their high school teachers at the Senior i Class Tea. Seniors think a hill is just the place for signing yearbooks on Class Day! 142 Seniors reveal mixed emotions, memories in June graduation Graduation night ended three years of fun and study. Graduating seniors were challenged by an inspiring speak¬ er to create a better world. The Faculty Scholarship Cup was presented to David Garvin for his ex¬ cellent scholastic record, while Frank¬ lin Spence received the Luther R. Med- lin Leadership Award. The presenta¬ tion of diplomas highlighted the evening. Seniors solemnly prepare to march into graduation exercises. Graduating seniors Tom English, Loretta Hamlin, and Butch Elkins make final adjustments before graduation. David Gipson, Mr. Medlin, Mr. Robbins, and Dr. Danieley discuss program for graduation exercise. 143 144 COMPETITION through Page’s athletic program gives the student the opportunity to develop ability, sportsmanship, and spirit. ATHLETICS 145 Co-captains Steve Cirba and John Cheek usher FOOTBALL TEAM. First row: John Wallace, Billy Bandy, Gus Summers, Steve Meador. Second row: Steve Cirba, Thris Thor, Don Winslow, Steve Simpson, Alton Bennet, Mike Wilkinson, Tony Harris, Charles Vance, Danny Pierce, Scott Manring. Third row: Jimmy Lamb, Steve Wilkinson, Maurice Wadlington, Webb Cooper, Doug Jones, Paul Williford, Joe Smith, Claude Porter, Andy Boxnran, Bob Dickerson, Ben Brown. Fourth row: Bob Kime, Steve DeBusk, Don Newnam, Kenneth Metts, Teddy Koenig, Sparky Hitchcock, David Miller, Jimmy Chilton, David Trull, Bob Stockard, Steve Dean. Fifth row: Page Dunlap, Mike Osborne, Bobby Godfrey, Jimmy Bobbins, Jon Dixon, Bobert Dixon, John Cheek, Larry Wells, David McLean, Teddy Bavenel, Ken Johnson. Scoreboard Asheboro 19 Thomasville 21 North Forsyth 14 Smith 0 High Point 9 Grimsley 12 East Forsyth 34 Reynolds 6 Burlington 0 West Forsyth 39 Page 7 Page 6 Page 6 Page 27 Page 6 Page 13 Page 18 Page 12 Page 13 Page 21 Ecstatic Page players and fans flood the field after victory over Grimsley. 146 city championship into Page s 65 football season Early season losses to Asheboro and Thomasville were avenged by a stun¬ ning victory over Smith 27-0. Stopping ground attack and using passes added to the defense of the Page team. Fol¬ lowing a loss to High Point, Page top¬ ped Grimsley, the traditional rival, 13- 12. Rad Kivette made the extra win¬ ning kick. Homecoming game brought elated faces when Page topped Reynolds 12- 6. Rad Kivette and Steve Wilkinson saved the game by outstanding ground work. When Page overcame Burlington 13- 0, it added another win. However, the last game resulted in a defeat to West Forsyth 39-21. The overall standing was four wins and six losses. Coach Swanner advises able quarterback Steve Meador (44). Pirate halfback Rad Kivette (25) uses his running ability to gain yardage for Page. Attempting to score, fullback Tony Harris (32) plunges through enemy lines. A pre-game pep talk by Coach Swanner gives the team confidence. 147 Many outstanding juniors will return to Page team next year Ecstatic coaches Swanner and Stowe hold the game-winning ball after Page’s glorious romp over Grimsley. Rad Kivette (25) sends the ball sailing over the goal posts after Page’s winning touchdown against Grimsley. Although the football season was not a winning one, the Pirates copped the City Championship (over Grimsley and Smith.) Strong determination and the coaching staff, headed by Coaches Swanner and Stowe, brought out the boys’ fighting spirit. Team enthusiasm and conscientiousness brought forth much praise from students attending the games. Co-captains Steve Cirba (20) and John Cheek (83) wait to meet leaders of the opposing team. Page quarterbacks Gus Summers (13) and Steve Meador (14) head for playing field. 148 Coach Morris leads Junior Varsity Football players to their first undefeated season Led by Coaches Mac Morris, John Morris, Jerry Drake, and J. P. Thomp¬ son, the ’66 Baby Bucs sported their first undefeated 9-0 record. This victorious team consisted of twenty-one outstanding boys, each con¬ tributing equally to the team’s success. Junior Varsity football season began with a decisive 19-7 victory over Salis¬ bury. Later the team traveled to Bur¬ lington to experience another 13-12 win, one of the most exciting games in Page’s history. After a tremendous 26-0 defeat over Grimsley, the Baby Bucs wrapped up their record-break¬ ing season with a final 20-7 victory over West Forsyth. Coach John Morris intensely follows the action of his Baby Bucs. JV FOOTBALL TEAM. First row: Mike Owens, Leger Meyland, Frank Smith, Dan Beesley, Steve Dixon, Bay Pullian, Phillip Scroggins. Second row: Rick Roberts, Richard Neal, Len Mc¬ Lendon, Jimmy Watkins, Jon Crutchfield, George Umfleet. Third row: Jim Holbrook, Geoff King, Jim Staton, Dennis Ivey, Wayne Foster, Roger Oates, Van Lane. 149 Led by co-captains Jones and Folds, Pirates Dean Oldham (10) attempts an outside jump shot during pre-game activities. This year the cry, “We’re number one,” rang through Page’s halls. Page’s basketball team climbed to the top of the 4-A conference. After losing to En- loe in a non-conference game, Page defeated conference rivals Smith and High Point. One heart-breaking loss to Grimsley by four points marred the long line of victories until it was avenged by the long-awaited victory in the second Grimsley game. East Forsyth was the second conference loss; the defeat of Burlington assured the number one spot. Effort by the team plus the training by Coach Morris produced the desired result—victory. Page starter Bobby Roberson (41) drives down court leaving a surprised Smith player in the background. BASKETBALL TEAM. First row: Karl Ljung, Gary Murphy, Jimmy Folds, Randy Jones, Dean Oldham. Second row: Robert Kime, Pete Davenport, Teddy Ravenel, Bobby Roberson, Larry Jones, Doug Berry, Jimmy Friesinger. 150 gain number one position in the conference Coaches John and Mack Morris give starter Randy Jones (22) some last minute instructions while Doug Berry, Herby Mashburn, and Pete Davenport look on. Scoreboard S. Mecklenburg 46 Wilson 50 Raleigh Enloe 55 Raleigh Rroughton 46 Salisbury 43 Salisbury 52 Smith 42 High Point 50 Grimsley 46 E. Forsyth 47 Burlington 46 Reynolds 46 W. Forsyth 52 Smith 50 High Point 49 Grimsley 44 E. Forsyth 50 Reynolds 34 Burlington 54 W. Forsyth 49 Page 50 Page 61 Page 48 Page 66 Page 51 Page 57 Page 65 Page 68 Page 41 Page 61 Page 55 Page 67 Page 53 Page 58 Page 74 Page 60 Page 47 Page 42 Page 66 Page 65 151 JV BASKETBALL TEAM. First row: Coach Ruth, Geoff King. Second Rick Osmer, Bill Buchanan, Mike Oldham, Pete Pearce, David Worth, row: Jackie Crutchfield, Dick Ramsey, Steve Molodet, Robert Tate, Bill Butler, John Primm, Richard Neal. Second victory over Salisbury highlights Baby Bucs’ season Tony Harris (32) and Rick Osmer (14) struggle to get the ball from a Reynolds opponent. Jackie Crutchfield (20) drives in for a lay¬ up in the Grimsley game. Enthusiasm and determination drove Coach Ruth’s Junior Varsity basketball team into bringing a fine record to Page. Although the team often suffered for lack of height, the Baby Bucs’ spirit and teamwork proved tough competi¬ tion for opposing teams. The highlights of the season were the two big wins over Salisbury. Such players as Geoff King, Jackie Crutchfield, Mike Oldham, Steve Molodet, and Robert Tate, usual¬ ly on the starting line-up for the Junior Varsity, will provide fine material for the ’66-’67 Varsity basketball team. 152 Savage merits Outstanding Player award Coach Don Stowe’s Page Pirates finished third in the Central 4-A Con¬ ference with a won-lost record of 9 to 7. Six regulars were back from last year’s team to add experience to the season. Pitching was a toss-up between senior Tom Ramsey and sophomore southpaw David Batts. Page’s nine in¬ cluded catcher Greg Allen and out¬ fielders Phil Phillips, Clem Medley, and Frank Savage along with infielders Jack Underwood, Buddy Mitchell, Rick Lambeth, and Danny Phillips. Frank Savage received recognition for being the outstanding player while Clem Medley claimed the title of best hitter. BASEBALL TEAM. First row: John Smith, manager; David Batts; Buddy Mitchell; Dean Old¬ ham; Clem Medley; Bob Heise; Danny Phillips; Gus Summers. Second row: Coach Stowe, Bob Swink, Keith Morris, Rick Lambeth, jimmy Kennedy, Greg Allen, Frank Savage, Steve Rex, Tom Ramsey, Phil Phillips, Jack Underwood. Dean Oldham slams a homer in the Smith game. Gus Summers attempts to catch a ball during the warm-up exercises before the Page- Grimsley game. Catcher Greg Allen waits for a practice pitch from the mound. David Batts prepares to stun the batter with a fast pitch. 153 Pirate sluggers gain number 3 position in central 4-A conference Scoreboard Smith 13 Page 12 Smith 6 Page 4 Salisbury 2 Page 0 Grimsley 7 Page 1 Reynolds 1 Page 10 Lexington 1 Page 2 Burlington 2 Page 13 High Point 15 Page 16 Reynolds 4 Page 6 High Point 2 Page 1 Salisbury 3 Page 9 Gray 8 Page 3 Lexington 4 Page 5 Gray 8 Page 2 Rurlington 7 Page 8 Grimsley 2 Page 5 Catcher Danny Phillips warms up while await¬ ing a Grimsley batter. Throwing a fast ball is easy for David Batts. 154 JV players highlight season with outstanding 20-0 victory over cross-town rival Grimsley JV baseball players showed potential for becoming an outstanding team for the future. Its strongest point was hit¬ ting with seven regulars over the .300 mark; two of these were over the .400. Players who were consistent through¬ out the year were Rogers Rees, Jimmy Friesinger, Bobby Godfrey, Byron Ken¬ nedy, John Wallace, Richard Smith, and Barry Councilman. Each of them showed potential for becoming starters on next year’s varsity squad. Page JV’s finished the season with a 9-5 record. Highlight of the season was a 20-0 victory over Grimsley. Runner Bill English (6) takes a lead off first base in an attempt to put another run on the scoreboard. JV BASEBALL TEAM. First row: Tohn Wallace, Bob Frazier, Larry Roland, Barry Councilman, Richard Smith. Second row: Dale Councilman, Jimmy Friesinger, Bob Godfrey Sparky Hitch¬ cock, Stanley Braswell, David Mintz. Third row: Maurice Wadlington, Tim Thornbum, Don Bailey, Chris Thore, Joe Smith, Bill English. 155 Under tutelage of Coach Morris, netters place high in conference Pete Davenport demonstrates his smooth style as he hits a backhand shot. Bill Beerman attempts a difficult backhand shot. Watch out! Here it comes, Paul Brewer. While practicing his serve, Franklin Spence is observed at pregame warmups. Led by returnees Franklin Spence, Don Burton, and Dave Garvin, the Page tennis team compiled an excel¬ lent won-loss record. Backhands, fore¬ hands, and serves received special at¬ tention under the tutelage of Coach John Morris. In addition to Page’s high finish in the Central 4-A Conference, two mem¬ bers of the team, Franklin Spence and Dave Garvin, placed high in the state 4-A tournament for secondary schools. Dave Garvin attempts to return a difficult forehand shot. 156 Page swimmers clinch second position in city-wide meet Bill Weaver amazes judges with his diving abilities. Jay Kelly collects points for the Page team with a difficult back dive. Early each winter morning, members of tlie Page swimming team could be found practicing their wet sport in the pool at the Cone Recreation Center. Then they went home to breakfast before coming to school. This practice, combined with the coaching of Mr. Wade Franklin, led to an impressive season in the Central 4-A Conference for the tankmen. In a combined city-wide meet the Page swimmers turned in a close second, losing out only to State Cham¬ pion Grimsley. Good start for Page swimmers Bill Kenney and David McLean adds those extra few inches needed to win. SWIMMING TEAM. First row: Garry Franklin, Andy Boxman. Wallace, David McLean. Third row: Johnny King, Bill Weaver, Rick Second row: Bill Bush, Paul Puryear, Jack Brewer, Len McLendon, Harper, Bob Mensel, David Dunker, Bill Gamble, Bill Kinney, Tommy Bob Nordbruch, Julian Covington, Dean Farmer, David Taylor, John Henson, Ricky Smith. 157 WRESTLING TEAM. First row: Frank Smith, Andy Swepston, Robert Hailey, Greg Laeklen, Vic Schoolfield, Johnny Phoenix, Ronnie Poston. Second row: Vic Strader, Wayne Foster, Conrad Hicks, Mike Wilkinson, Punk Kennedy, Joe Smith, John Cheek, Maurice Wadlington. Victory over Grimsley wrestlers caps successful season for Page Page’s wrestling team began practice in November with only two experienced wrestlers. The team had to rely on inexperienced sophomores and juniors who exceeded all expectations and did a tremendous job. New team members quickly learned the techniques and steadily improved throughout the sea¬ son, while the seniors kept the squad intact and displayed fine leadership. Their dedication and hard work pro¬ duced a fine record. John Cheek fiercely grapples a Smith wrestler. Page wrestler Johnny Phoenix and his Reynolds opponent maneuver for position. 158 Page golfers participate in conference competition With the first signs of spring, the Page golf team began practicing. Each week six members of the team partici¬ pated in a match with other teams in the 4-A Conference. During the season, Page golfers challenged Burlington, Grimsley, High Point, Salisbury, Lexington, Reynolds, and Gray. Games were played at various places, including Blair Park in High Point, Lexington Country Club, and Forsyth Country Club. At the end of the season, Ricky La- Fata was selected for the Most Im¬ proved Golfer Award, and Wes Graves was awarded the Most Outstanding Golfer trophy. Wes Graves concentrates on putting. m GOLF TEAM. First raw: Manny Manieri, Alan Moore, Herbie Mashbum, Gary Murphy, Teddy Ravenel, Dewey Bridges. Second row: Dud Jones, Clyde Pritchett, Wheeler Anderson, Rick Booth, Nicky Emanuel, Randy Jones. Wes Graves and Randy Jones follow the path leading to the next tee. Gary Murphy takes time out to practice his putting accuracy on the practice green at Starmount Country Club. 159 TRACK TEAM. First row: Mr. Morrow, coach; Brent Lloyd; Mike Wilkinson; Steve Cirba; Johnny Bethea; Bill Munyan; Don Winslow; Andy Swepston; Wallace Fouchee; David Rockwell; Jim English; Steve Wilkinson; Mr. Mitchell, coach. Second row: Tom Suddreth; David Trull; Jimmy Lamb; Jimmy McDaniels; Bob Nordbruch; Paul Williford; Kenneth Metts; Gary Tolbert; Ivan Mothershead; Robert Kime; David Bean; Mr. Thompson, coach. Third row: Wayne Franklin, Terry Lee; Charles Lance, Danny Pearce, Lee Swepston, Don Ray, Ken Johnson,; Larry Wells, Steve Forrest, John Cheek, Clay Rumble. Placing high in Duke-Durham relays, Coach Morrow times the Page runners in a meet with Grimsley. Page runners finish 4th in conference play Page cindermen, determined to make this year their best, traveled across town to the City Schools’ stadium everyday to practice. The squad had the largest number of participants that it has ever had. Top scorers for the sea¬ son were Steve Cirba, Clay Rumble, David Ensley, and Steve Forrest. At the Duke-Durham relays, the David Bean pulls ahead by a slim margin in a triangle meet with Smith and High Point. team encountered squads from Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Page won third and fourth places. Page finished fourth in the 4-A Con¬ ference. Clay Rumble placed first in the sectional track meet. He later repre¬ sented Page at the state track meet in Winston-Salem. 160 Coach Ruth leads Page s first cross-country team to 4-1 record Although this was the first year for a cross-country team at Page, it was supported by its thirty-five members with much determination to become a success. Coach Ruth stimulated the boys’ interest in track. Early in the season the team was invited to the Wake Forest Invitational Cross-Country Meet, where the boys finished with an impressive fourth place standing. The team completed the sea¬ son with an excellent 4-1 record. Runners near the finish fine after a grueling race. Coach Ruth rehashes a successful race with Gary Murphy. Cross-countrymen Robert Worth, Randy Jones, Gary Murphy and Coach Ruth relax just before a meet. I CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. First row: Mr. Ruth, coach; Robert Tate; Jimmy Folds; Gary Murphy; Randy Jones; Steve Molodet; Andy Swepston; Doug Berry; Robert Worth; Dean Oldham. Second row: Jackie Crutchfield, Herb Mashburn, Scott Lee, Jimmy Friesmger, Thome White Dick Ramsey, Ricky Osmer, Bob Roberson, Russell Doss Third row: Curt Hertle, Mike Oldham, Pete Pearce John Pnmm, Bruce Wiley, Bill Butler, David Bean, Larry Jones, Chip Hagan. 161 Coach Singleton points out decisive game strategy. In a volleyball game with Grimsley, Sylvia Kontoulas returns an overhand serve. Cynthia Hubbard GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM. First row: Nancy McKnight; Sylvia Kontoulas; Edith Oldham; Cynthia Hubbard; Yogi Hubbard, mascot; Miss Singleton, coach. Second row: Dianna Batts, scorer; Sallie Stevenson; Bonnie Bethea; Debbie Smith; Janice Burton, Virginia Walden. Third row: Susan Basinger, manager; Linda Rich; Terry Hunsucker; Ginger Underwood; Carol Phillips; Melinda Eaton. 162 leads girls’ basketball team to success Selection of the members of the vol¬ leyball squad marked the beginning of the girls’ athletic events of the year. In die annual volleyball playday held at Page, the team tied for third place. During speedball season, Page suf¬ fered one loss to Grimsley while win¬ ning over Smith 14-7. With the coming of December, all efforts turned to basketball. Early in Giving her last ounce of energy, Cynthia Hubbard races for the finish line. the season, the team received new uni¬ forms purchased by the GAA. Al¬ though lacking in height, the girls formed a fast and well-balanced team. Outstanding victories were gained over Smith and Curry. In the spring, girls participated in the two state playdays held at UNC-G and High Point. Sallie Stevenson watches Bonnie Bethea re¬ turn a serve in a volleyball game with Park¬ land. Terry Hunsucker crosses the finish line only a few feet ahead of her opponent. A good start puts Terry Stutts in front by a close margin. Page female athletes relax after play-day at UNC-G. 163 INDIVIDUAL efforts, ambitions, achievements, spirit, and dreams radiate from the members of the student body. It is the difference in personality and goals that mark the CLASSES 165 Sophomore class outnumbers any other in history of Page Septembe r brought the arrival of the largest sophomore class in Page’s history. After the first bewildering days, members of the class of 1968 began to mold themselves into a co¬ hesive unit. Their opening activity was the election campaign which resulted in the selection of Carol Perkerson as their president. She led her class¬ mates to a new record in selling “World’s Finest Chocolate,” the tra¬ ditional sophomore money-making project. Another highlight was the pep committee, organized to support sophomore student activities. As individuals, and as a group, the sophomores studied diligently and anticipated junior status and senior leadership. Perhaps their greatest achievement was that they became a part of Page’s personality. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. First row: Miss Livengood, advisor; Mr. Midkiff, advisor. Second row: Henry Liles, treasurer; Carol Perkerson, president; Sharon Trull, secretary; Rubin Maness, vice-presi¬ dent. Orientation introduces Page’s newest pirates to Alma Mater. Diirincr foil oamniirm r orrvl Por. 166 Dorothy Adams Stonna Adcox Anita Aikens Jimmy Allen Robert Allen Cathy Alieva Steve Alexander Steve Allred Corrine Alston Camelia Ammons Richard Ammons Joan Anderson Melissa Anderson John Andrew L. A. Andrews Suzanne Apple Cheryl Arnold Linda Autry Phillip Ayers Cynthia Bailey Wanda Baker Kathy Ballard Lee Barnes Kathy Baumgamer Carolyn Baynes Sherry Bean Jennette Beane Bobby Beerman Locke Bell Sheila Bell Lee Belmore Susan Bennett Shirley Berkely Rachel Bernstein Marsha Berry Ronnie Beverly Nancy Bishop Ronald Bishop Robert Blair Barbara Bobbitt Phyllis Booker Gayle Bowman 167 Flossie Boyd Wanda Brooks Sherri Bumgarner Diane Campbell Sandra Caudle Sarah Caviness Wallace Bracknell Barbara Brown David Bunn Garland Campbell Terry Causey Artie Chaderton Kim Bradshaw Janet Brown Alvin Buntin Bobby Carelock Carolyn Brady Susan Brown Sharon Burdo Julian Carrington Mike Bray Judy Bruce Bill Butler Linda Cartledge Libby Broadwell David Bryant Nancy Caddell Rhonda Cashwell Alice Brooks Bill Buchanan Lina Caffey Renee Cato Kurt Hertle and Missy Neas eagerly examine a bar of “World’s Finest Chocolate” as Keith Hobbs and Doug McCorkle curiously look on. 168 Charlotte Chambers Lolita Chavis Karen Christopher Robert Church Charlotte Clark Juanita Clark Rh onda Cashwell represents class in Homecoming Court Jeanette Cobb Terry Cobia Alan Colwell Charles Connelly Jack Council Alice Cox Michael Crawford Billy Crews Patricia Dalton Ronnie Davenport Gayle Cockman Linda Conners Danny Cox George Crump Rett Davis Pamelia Coe Sally Conti Douglas Cox Jackie Crutchfield Steve Davis Sandy Coldiron Barden Cooke Jackie Cox Jon Crutchfield Sandi Diesem Steve Cole Evelyn Cooke Sandra Cox Kathy Culbreath Mark Dixon Greg Coley Connie Copeland Linda Craddock Barbara Dagenhart Steve Dixon 169 Randy Dodson Lester Douglas Lyanne Driver Lucia Drury Debbie Farman Melinda Eaton Thomas Edmonson Judy Edwards Karen Ellington Mary Elliott Lura Ellis Dorene Estrem Record sale of ‘World s Finest Chocolate boosts treasury Sandy Euforbia Janis Flynn Mary Fuller Randy Gaulden Sharon Evick Judy Forsythe Eddie Funk John Gideon Tommy Farquhar Kathy Foster Ray Gales Peggy Gleason Wordest Felts Wayne Foster Bill Gamble Lynda Gossin June Fenton Leon Franklin Karen Gardner Linda Grant Maureen Fickling Yvonne Franklin Steven Gardner Emry Green Barbara Fields Deborah French Janice Gamer Rita Green 170 Rachel Gregory Judy Griffin Jane Griggs Hugh Haley Lucille Hall Bonnie Ham Sandy Harris Tony Harris Pat Harrison Ruth Griggs Dee Ham Daphne Hauser Rick Grubb Beth Hammonds Judy Hellon William Gulledge Robert, Hailey Ricky Harper Harriet Harris Kathy Helms Rita Henley Les McCaskill enlightens his biology class with his brilliant oration. Thomas Henson Ricky Hermanson Linda Hicks Maxine Higgins Dianne Hightower Michael Hill Kurt Hertle Marsha Highfill Phill Hill Conrad Hicks Vicki Lynn Highfill Betsy Hinshaw 171 Mary Lou Hinton Morrie Hitchcock Keith Hobbs Wingate Hobgood Joy Hodgin James Holbrook Harriet Holderness Ginny Hollins Scott Holman Jerry Sue Jessup Charles Jones Doug Jones Shirley Keel Terry Kellar Jay Kelly Warren Kersey Geoffrey King William King Becky Holt Keith Holt Becky Holyfield Tommy Honeycutt Bill Horne Sue Howell Gwyn Ingle David Jackson Debora Jackson Linda Jackson Lucille Jarvis Sidney Jenkins Keith Hobbs is up to one of his mischievous tricks. 172 Vance Kinlaw Bill Kinney Lynda Kirkman Ralph Kirkman Joan Knighten Candy Le Clair Donna Lamson Van Lane Jenny Lanning Gayle Larimore Debbie Lavasque Kenneth Lawson Led by Harriet Holderness, JV cheerleaders spark sophomore spirit Charles Leathead Dennis Lee Scott Lee Mike Lefler Kelly Leonard Tommy Leonard Phyllis Lewellyn Kay Lewis Robert Li Henry Liles Janis Lindsey Barbara Long Cordy Leister Ronald Love Cathy Lowdermilk Steve Lowe Bob Luebke Betty Mabe Robin Mack Vickie Mahala Ann Maness Rubin Maness Susan Maness Robert Mangham Susan Mann Larry Marshall Marion Maser Robert Mason 173 Mike Matherly Betty Matthens Patricia McAdoo Sharon McAdoo Margaret McBride Les McCaskill Doug McCorkle Kathy McFarland Charlie McIntosh Joey McIntyre Gloria McKinney Nancy McKnight Archie McLaughlin Len McLendon Anita McNulty Linda McPheron Linda Mendenhall Robert Mensel Ledger Meyland Diahann Michael Susan Michael Billy Middleton Fran Mills Hardee Mills Steve Molodet Nancy Moore James Morgan Paula Morgan Linda Morton Joyce Motley James Mulvey Gail Murphy Judy Murphy Ann Myers Cynthia Neal Richard Neal Sylvia Neal Missy Neas Linda Neblack LaMarr Neese Cynthia Nelson George Nelson 174 Dissecting a crawfish demands careful concentration from Lee Belmore and Lee Barnes. Sophomores choose Perkerson, Maness, Trull, and Liles as officers Lynn O’Ferrel Mike Oldham Charles Orrell Ricky Osmer Bill Overman Mike Owens Jay Ozment Gail Parish Jimmy Parrish Karen Paschal Carolyn Patterson Kathy Paul Ricky Paul Albert Pearce Pete Pearce Paulette Pearman David Pegram Ricky Pegram Carol Perkerson Ben Phillips Judy Phillips Patsy Phillips Steve Phillips Johnny Phoenix 175 Cynthia Pickard Jerry Preddy Cecil Pickier Billy Player Sherry Preddy Mary Ann Prevette Donna Poe John Primm Karen Pope Ronnie Poston Peggy Powell Ronnie Pugh Linda Rainey Richard Ramsey Nancy Ray Mike Rich Cathy Rink Gayle Roberts Vail Rhen Eddie Richardson Carolyn Ritter Jeff Roberts Christine Rice Sandra Riddle Cynthia Robbins Ricky Roberts Paula Rice Diane Ridge Esther Roberts Anna Robinson Many sophomores forfeit study halls to profit from Driver s Education courses In library reference nook, research notes are taken by Vicky Highfill. 170 Sylvia Robinson Bill Rogers Stewart Rogers Judy Roland Don Ross Melinda Ross Cindy Sams Johnny Sams Tom Sawyer Tom Schnabel Philip Scoggins Cindy Seaburg Debbie Sears Susan Semino Bobby Senn Teresa Sewell Carolyn Shelton Janie Shepherd Carol Simpson Pam Sims Shirley Slade Debbie Smith Frank Smith Gwen Smith Nancy Smith Robert Smith Peggy Solomon Eddie Sossaman Jimmy Southern Catherine Spence Marty Squires Emily Stanfield Ben Stanley Betty Stanley Danne Stanley Richard Starmer Jim Staton Deborah Strickland Martha Ann Stroud Sherry Suggs Celia Sullivan Joe Sutphin 177 Renee Tallevast Robert Tate George Taylor Jan Teeter Jan Terrell Harry Thomas Robin Thomas Bill Thompson Melissa Thompson Sherelene Thompson Bruce Thrift Gibson Thrift Sharon Thurman Kathy Tipton SCAT-STEP tests measure ability and achievement Becky Troxler Mark Trull Sharon Trull Galen Tucker David Tumlin Bonnie Turner David Turner Sandra Turner Donna Umfleet George Umfleet Mary Vance Janet Vaughn Jerry Vaughn Vivian Verney Barry Vernon Ray Vernon Susan Vestal Jim Wagoner Virginia Wallen Lloyd Ward Don Warren Winford Way Janet Webster Robert Webster f © , 1 178 Edward Weiner Debbie Whisnant Betty White Thorne White Ginger Whitford Linda Whitley Locke Bell, Sandra Turner, Patsy Elcock, Cindy Seaburg, and Susan Bennett aid in first Saturday clean up. Debbie Whitlow Willie Wiles John Wilkinson Debbie Williams Rebecca Williams Andy Wilson Jerry Wilson Townes Wine Chris Wood Marsha Wood Robert Wood Jennifer Woods Ronald Woods Susan Woods David Worth Robert Worth Martha Wrenn Wayne Wrightson Jimmie Wyrick Maurica Wyrick Roger Yates Vickie Yeatts Carol York Jim York 179 Class of 1967 finds itself one step nearer graduation With the confidence that conies from familiar places, juniors re¬ turned to Page for what proved to be a busy year. In addition to classes and the usual school events, the year included cer¬ tain activities especially for juniors. October, for example, saw the yearly PSAT, practical preparation for the all-important SAT’s next year. Greatest thrill of the year was the advent of class rings on November 16, 1965. Now class members felt that they could really be distin¬ guished from the lowly sophomores. These juniors refused to accept the traditional sales of chocolate mints. After a barbecue sale was proposed, it was adopted and ended in an over¬ whelming success. First row: Miss Currin, advisor; Su¬ san Taylor, secretary; Johnny King, vice-president. Second row: Phil Her- vey treasurer; Dean Farmer, presi¬ dent; Mr. Barham, advisor. Johnny King, Dean Farmer, and Phil Hervey tabulate receipts from the Junior Class Bar¬ becue Sale. 180 Greg Ackley William Allred Kathy Atwater Alison Adkins Bobbi Ambrose Wayne Atwood Gene Alexander Ronnie Amos Moir Ayers David Alberty Barbara Anthony Troy Ayers Margaret Allen Kay Anthony Cissy Bailey Donna Alieva Vicki Archer James Bailey Norman Baker Becky Barney Susan Ball Susan Barrier Renee Bancroft Danny Basham Doug Banner Susan Basinger Barry Barbee David Batts Linda Barlow Mary Sue Baynes 181 David Bean Cherlyne Beane Guy Beattie Terri Beaver John Beesley Sharon Beck Doug Berry Jeanette Barry Bonnie Bethea Norman Block Sharon Boswell Bobby Bowen Jimmy Brady Stan Braswell Lee Lee Brazeal Anna Marie Brittain Dixie Brooks Charles Brown Jerome Brown Ken Brown Linda Reid Brown Linda Ruth Brown Phyllis Brown Ricky Brown Carolyn Bruce Susie Bruton Ray Bunn Larry Burns Bill Bush Robert Butler 182 Drum major David Caviness leads Page Marching Band The magic of class rings captures the imagination of juniors Beth Godwin, Kenneth Metts, Linda Brown and Alex Mann. Curtis Cable Ginger Campbell John Caudle Jeannie Church Deborah Cockman Bettye Cameron Patricia Campbell Sandi Causey Eloise Clark Rebecca Cohen Marcus Carr Nancy Carr Martha Carter Ricky Cartledge Bill Caviness David Caviness Mary Charles Cheek Jimmie Chilton Susan Clark David Clarke Linda Clayton Willa Clonch 183 Steve Coldiron Chris Cole Dennis Coleman Linda Collins Phil Cook Wayland Cooke Dennis Cooper Elizabeth Cooper Webb Cooper Eddie Couch Barry Councilman Carolyn Cox Leigh Dillard serves as Secretary of the Student Council Tema Cox Katheryn Cranford Paul Dalton Jerry Davenport Pete Davenport Steve Davis Harriet Dayvault Sherrie Deal Steve DeBusk Connie Deskins Leigh Dillard Danny Doak Nancy Dodson Susan Donaldson Margaret Drury Shelvie Dupree Valerie Dyson Rod Edens 184 p 4 4II Jackie Edmonds Bill English Susan Farquhar Molly Edwards Felix Euforbia Bill Fields Jessie Elcock Gewel Evans Louise Fluharty Vickie Elder Sally Evatt Ann Foster Betty Elmore Bill Farmer Ruth Ann Foster Cynthia Elmore Dean Farmer Wallace Fouche Arrival of class rings points Juniors toward Senior responsibilities Patricia Fox Candy Foxworth Ken Frazier Johnny Freeman Sharon Freiberg Brenda Fuller Vivian Fuller Johnny Fuquay Annette Gaither Jannette Gaither Faith Gallimore Jay Gertz 185 Juniors assume leadership in building school spirit Bobby Godfrey Vivian Graves Nancy Grosse Susan Harper Doug Hartzoge Beth Godwin Ross Gray Eddie Hadnott David Harrell Sammy Harvell Chipper Graves Gale Green Skipper Hailey Lynn Harris Pam Hawkins Library facilities provide source of concentration for Bob Stockard Dexter Hamilton Ray Harris Ann Hayes Penny Haralson Wayne Harris Frances Hayes Jerry Harper Glenda Harrison Cathie Henson 186 Scott Heritage Phil Hervey Bruce Hester Joy Hester PSAT provide experience and preparation for College Boards Bobby Higgins Mike Hodgin Joan Hori Terry Hunsucker Michael Hill Tina Hoffman Dianne Horton Susan Hunsucker Frank Hilliard Danny Holder Lanny Hoskins Charles Hunt Bichard Hinson June Holder Sylvia Hudson Bicky Hunt Sparky Hitchcock Margie Hollander Donald Hughey Steve Ingold Cathy Hodgin Bobby Hopkins John Hunsinger William Isaac 187 Pat Jackson Sam Jackson Eddie Jarrett Carole Jarvis Brenda Jeffries New year brings privilege of lunching out Gerald Jobe Cynthia Johnson Dianne Johnson Ginger Johnson Kenneth Johnson Margaret Johnson 1 ini Johnson Catherine Jones Dudley Jones Karen Jones Larry Jones Larry Jones Ronnie Jones Tom Jones Bob Jordan Roberta Josey Linda Julian Linda Key Michal Key Rich Keyes Robert Kime Christy King Frances King Johnny King 188 Bari Kinney Lindsay Lamson David Leonard Susan Long Jane Kirkman Sarah Lane Arthur Lewis Junior Loy Alice Klemm Craig Laughlin Phyllis Lineberry Debbie Ludwick Janice Kohl Andrew Leard Patricia Little Ruth Lumley Johnny Kontoulas William Lee Wanda Lockamy Christine Lumus Lisa McCormick Dee Lambeth Janet Leister Kathy Long Tim McAdoo John McCullough Diligently laboring to complete an assignment, Kathy Atwater and Bill Weaver wisely use class time. Donna Mason Steve Meador Benny Milam Linda Miller Nancy Miller Sandra Maynard Kenneth Metts David Miller Lois Miller David Millikan Wiliam Mintz Alan Moore Gary Moore Marilyn Moore Mary Moore Clarence Morrow Alan Moore assumes the responsibility for seat¬ ing the entire student body in assemblies. 190 Chief Marshal Alan Moore supervises orderly assemblies Lynne Morrow Don Newnam Steven O’Steen Sheila Parrish Sandy Phillips Arthur Murphy Gary Norman Bob Ow en Walter Pate Robert Plante Sharon Murray Carol Nursey Jimmy Owen James Patterson Buddy Poole Carol Myrick Edith Oldham Jo Ann Owen Larry Pearman Johnie Pratt Yvonne Neller Kathy Oliver Margaret Ozment Cecil Peck Clyde Pritchett Charles Newnam Mike Osborne Jackie Parrish Nancy Peele Paul Puryear 191 Cheryl Quate Sherry Rayle Michael Rhodes Bobby Roberson Eddie Robertson Teddy Ravenel Rita Reaves Linda Rich Jennifer Roberts Jane Robinson Donald Ray Rita Reid Bob Roberson Raymond Roberts Phil Roe Kenneth Rogers Ronald Russ Linda Rogers Patricia Sams Hal Routh Margret Schubert Officers Farmer, King, Taylor, Allan Seager Linda Shepherd Ruth Shuping Ona Sequeira Jo-Anne Sheppard Becky Sides John Shepard Linda Shupe Steve Simpson 192 and Hervey lead activities of class of 1967 Junior cooks prepare barbecue at the Policeman’s Club. Pattie Smith Sharon Spencer Terry Stevenson Rickey Smith Deborah Stanley Peggy Stewart Robert Smith John Stanley Bob Stockard John Snipes Lataine Stanley Lawson Stout Virginia Southern Sylvia Stanley Vic Strader Patricia Snow Fran Starr Judy Strouth 193 Terry Stutts Jackie Styers Pamela Taylor Susan Taylor Agnes Thome Gene Treadway Tom Suddreth Becky Thompson Nancy Troxler Nancy Suggs Martha Thompson James Turner Andy Swepston Chris Thore Ginger Underwood David Taylor Tim Thornburg Mary Anna Underwood Sharon Boswell and Harry Watson co-star in Harvey Wayne Underwood Theresa Vail John Wallace Harry Watson Mike VanOrmer Bill Weaver Russell Varner Gloria Welch Skipper Vaughan Larry Wells Maurice Wadlington Mary Wells 194 Chuck Westmoreland Linda Whisnant Blossom White Walker White Joy Wilder Bruce Wiley Lucie White Annette Wilkins Juniors David Taylor and Margaret Drury use guidance lounge for early morning study. Christy King represents Juniors in Homecoming Court Danny Wilkins Larry Willitt Donald Winslow Mike Wilkinson Ann Wilson Judy Womack Steve Wilkinson Margaret Wilson Carol Wood Barbara Williams Mary Wilson Sarah Jo Wood David Williams Susan Wilson Sally Woodroof Anne Willis Lee Wimbs Ronnie Wright 195 Steve Miller heads the Class of 1966 during its final year at Page What does being a Page High Senior mean? It is showing concern for the future by filling out college applications or hunting for a job. It is raising money for a gift to the school by selling mints. It is having special privileges: being the first to leave assemblies, enjoying the senior picnic and, being honored at the faculty tea at the end of the year. Early in the year, seniors were measured for caps and gowns and began to plan class day. Certain ac¬ tivities, such as basketball games, homecoming, and singing the alma mater, took on special meaning dur¬ ing senior year. Also, spring brought the last senior dance, the prom given by the juniors. Well-practiced graduation was the final climax of this senior year. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. First row: Dacia Hill, treasurer; Steve Miller, president; Lynne Brewer, secretary. Second row: Mrs. Galloway, advisor; Larry Roland, vice- president; Mr. Evans, advisor. Mrs. Page measures Chip Hagan for his cap and gown. Linda Johnson and Phyllis Hyman discuss opportunities for scholarships. 196 CONNIE ABRAMS BEVERLY ALLRED JERRY ANTHONY BRENDA H. BAKER CHRIS BARBER WINNIE AGEON BETTIE ALTVATER GARY APPLE SUSAN BAKER JUDY BARBER NORRIS AIKEN MARY AMICK LORRAINE ARONS ALYCE BALDWIN PATRICIA BARBER TONY ALBERTY WHEELER ANDERSON ETHELDA ARRINGTON STEVE BALLARD MICHAEL BARHAM JANE ALLEN LARRY ANDERSON BRENDA C. BAKER BILL BANDY LOUISE BARTON 197 PATRICIA BARTS ELOISE BELL RICK BOOTH BRENDA BRADSHAW CHARLES BRADY DIANNA BATTS ELEANOR BERNAU LINDA BOSWELL ANN BRADY JOHN BRADY FAYE BATTS SUSAN BERNSTEIN BARRY BOYCE EDDIE BAYNES JOHNNY BETHEA JANE BOYD BILL BEERMAN JESSE BLEDSOE KAY BOYD Most Intellectual: David Shanks, Celia Snavely 198 JAMES BRANNOCK BEN BROWN LYNNE BREWER BOYD BROWN MARY JO BROOKS CLAIRE BROWN RODDY BROOKS DAVID BROWN ANNE HOWARD BROWN GARY BROWN JANELLE BROWN JOYCE BUNTON CAROL CAMPBELL H. LEE BROWN JANICE BURTON DEAS CAPEHART Jerry Anthony commands his legions in sponsoring recreation at open houses RIC.DON BROWN LINDA BYRD WILEY BROWN MARGARET CABLE WILLIAM BROWN ANN CAMPBELL 199 TANICE CARTER O. D. CHAMBERS TOYCE CATES CAROL CHEEK PATRICIA CAUDLE JOHN CHEEK SHELIA CAUSEY HAL FAYE CHURCH STEVE usan Bernstein presides over 1965-1966 Honor Society VICKIE CLARK BRYAN COFER ANNE COLE JOY COLE MYRA COMER LARRY CONE ELAINE CONTI GREG COOPER VIRGIL COOPER DALE COUNCILMAN MARGARIE COX SHERMAN COX 200 MIKE CRABTREE AVA DAVES VICKIE DONNELL RHONDA CREED WILLIAM DEXHEIMER RUSSELL DOSS TRIGGER CREWS BOBBY DICKERSON BETH DOUGLAS Most Dependable: Dean Oldham, Sue Edwards MERI-LI DOUGLAS PAGE DUNLAP BECKY EATON GEORGE ELAM PHYLLIS EVERAGE JENNIFER DULIERE SUSAN EARLY SUE EDWARDS DIANNE ELLIS DORIS EVANS 201 RICKY ESTRIDGE JIMMY FOY BRENDA FRY KRISTINE ESTREM CARRY FRANKLIN LINDA GALES NICKY EMANUEL ROBERT FRAZIER CHRIS GALLAGHER LARRY FERGUSON STEVE FRAZIER CARNETT GARDNER JIMMY FOLDS JAMES FRIESINGER MARY GARDNER Wittiest: Corliss McGinty, Eddie New LAURA GERRINGER DANNY GIBSON PATRICIA GILBREATH JANICE GILLILAND 202 Best All Around: Libby King, Steve Cirba Student government VP Perry Hicks arranges assemblies JONI GRAY LEE GUARD MARSHA GRAY CHARLES GRIGGS H. D. GREEN BETTY JO GUILL ANNETTE GREENE JOYCE GULLEY WILLIAM GREGORY CHIP HAGAN 203 NORMA HALE TENNIE HAM BILL HAMILTON JANET HAMMER PHYLLIS HAMMER SUE HARDER CLINT HARRIS BEVERLY HARVEY LYNNIE HICKS PERRY HICKS Best Looking: Jimmy Folds, Kay Lind Pam Holderness as head cheerleader officially opens the Pirates Pep Land PHYLLIS HAWKS LARRY HIGGINS SHEILA HEPLER DACIA HILL KAY HICKS BRENDA HIPP 204 WILEY HITCHCOCK GREGG HODGIN ANGELA HOFFLER DOROTHY HOLDERNESS PAM HOLDERNESS ALLEN HOOKER JIMMY HUDSON WILLIAM IDOL DIANE JONES JANE HOPE JOHN HUGHES DONALD ISLEY PATSY JONES ANNE HOUGH DAVID HUNTLEY SARAH ISLEY RANDY JONES TERRY HOUGH WILMA HUTCHISON RONNIE JACKSON JUDY JORDAN CYNTHIA HUBBARD PHYLLIS HYMAN LINDA JOHNSON DIANA KARAS 205 CARLEANE KEARNEY LIBBY KING KARIN KIRKSEY DON L ACKEY ANN KEEVER LYNNE KING TANA KIRZINGER RICK LAMBETH SUZI KEMP CATHY KINGSBURY ELAINE KIVETT HELEN LANDRETH BARBARA KEY PHYLLIS KIRKMAN RAD KIVETTE DAVID LAWRENCE GARY KEY STEVE KIRKMAN SYLVIA KONTOULAS WAYNE LEACH CHARLES LEE SUSAN LEONARD J. M. LESTER KAY LIND 206 Seniors peddle chocolate dinner mints to finance class project DAVID LINDLEY KEN LONG JOHN LUMLEY JERRY LINDSEY MIKE LOWDER KARL LJUNG NANCY LINEBERRY CYNTHIA LOWE JANICE MACK DAN LIVINGSTON EDWARD LOWMAN ANN MAIDEN BRENT LLOYD FRANCES LUMLEY LINDA MANESS Friendliest: Sporty Haislip, Dorothy Holderness 207 Most Talented: Scott Manring, Vickie VonCannon HERB MASHBURN JEAN MAY JOHN McCORMICK MARQUITA MATHERLY SALLY MAY LYN McCOY BETTY MATTHEWS DEBORAH MAYS jimmy McDaniel RANDY MATTHEWS max McAllister Patricia McDonough PATRICIA MANESS MANNY MANIERI MACK MANN SCOTT MANRING GARY MARSCHALL 208 CORLISS McGINTY RUTH McLAIRD STERLING BARBARA MELDAU DIANE MENSEL McLAUGHLIN COURTNEY MIDDLETON Five seniors are selected semi-finalists by National Merit Scholarship Corporation Most Courteous: Larry Roland, Dacia Hill JANET McLEAN STEVE MILLER MIKE MOODY MARIE MOORE SUSAN MORRISON LINDA MEDDERS CINDY MOFFITT CYNTHIA MOORE SANDI MOORE JUDY MORPHIS 209 IVAN MOTHERSHEAD BABS MULVEY BILL MUNYAN GARY MURPHY CHRIS MURPHY WESLEY MURRAY MARTHA MURRAY GLENDA NALL Traffic Chief Dean Oldman handles congestion in halls COLEEN NARDOCI KIM NEWNAM BRENDA OAKLEY GEORGE NEAL MARILYN NEWNAM DEAN OLDHAM WANDA NEAL MARION NICHOLS CAROL OLSEN EDDIE NEW BOB NORDBRUCH LYNNE OSMER TIMMY NEWMAN ANNE NULSEN RAY OVERMAN 210 Best Personality: Page Dunlap, Martha Murray ISABEL PEDBAZA SANDRA PEEK ANNE PERKERSON PAUL PERREIRA ANNETTE PHILLIPS CAROL PHILLIPS VICK PHILLIPS PAT PHOENIX JAMES POOLE MIKE OZMENT MARY PARHAM JO ANNE PARRISH KENNETH PARSON REBECCA PATTERSON PAM PARDUE PENNY PARKER WILBUR PARROTT CAROL PATTERSON BRUCE PEARMAN 211 Bettie Altvater and Becky Rudd direct school publications CHARLES QUESINBERRY ELLEN PREYER DOUCLAS REID KEN PURGASON RONALD POWERS RICK REMMEY JEAN PRUITT PHYLLIS POWELL TOMMY REMMEY Most Athletic: Rad Kivett, Cynthia Hubbard LINDA PRUITT JAN POWELL MARSHA REYNOLDS KEITH RICHARDSON JOHN RICHTARIK LYNNE PRIDEMORE JEANETTE RANKIN MARY RHODES JUDY RICHERT BRENDA RIDDLE 212 ANITA RIERSON NITA RILEY JO MARIE RITTER SUTTIE RITTER Most Popular: Bill Beerman, Pam Holdemess CAROLYN ROBBINS DAVID ROCKWELL BECKY RUDD JANE ROBERSON SHERRY ROLADER NANCY SASSER DARLENE ROBERTS LARRY ROLAND GINNI SCHENCK GARY ROBERTSON WANDA ROSS RUTH SCHENK SUZANNE ROBINSON BETTY JO ROYAL SUSAN SCHENK 213 VIC SCHOOLFIELD CLIFF SCHMIDT CHUCK SCHORR SANDRA SCOTT EUGENE SEABERG PAT SENN Libby King reigns over Homecoming Most Original: Claire Brown, Vick Phillips DAVID SHANKS JANIS SHROPSHIRE EMILY SHARPE JUDY SIMMONS BECKY SHELTON LULA SIPSIS DARLENE SHELTON MONICA SLATE 1ACKIE SHELTON GEORGIE SLOAN 214 LYNDA SMITH SHERRY SOCKWELL JERRY STANLEY DALE STEVENS BILLY TANKERSLEY RICHARD SMITH JERRY SOUTHERN LYNDA STEDMAN REBECCA SULLIVAN KATIE TAYLOR CELIA SNAVELY JUDY SOUTHERN SALLIE STEPHENSON GUS SUMMERS RANDALL TAYLOR JANE TEAGUE LARRY THOMPSON TOMMY THOMPSON GLORIA THORNSEN DAVID TRULL NIETA THOMAS MIKE THOMPSON JEAN THORNBRO CAROLYN THROCKMORTON MICHAEL TRULL 215 David Rockwell directs Student Council JANET TURNER WILLIAM UNDERWOOD CAROL VATZ DONNA WADE GRACE WARD JUNIOR UMFLEET AL VADEN RONNIE VERNON DIANE WALKER LYNDA WARD DANNIE UNDERWOOD VICKY VANSTORY VICKIE VONCANNON NANCY WALL MARY WEAVER GENE WEISNER LAURA WHITE PHILLIP WHITT DANIEL WILKINS LARRY WILLIAMS JOHN NY WHITE LIBBY WHITSETT PHYLLIS WHITT JIMMY WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS 216 WILLIAM WILLIAMS PAUL WILLIFORD DORETHA WILSON CHARLOTTE WINFREE SANDRA WOODS JOE WILLIFORD REBECCA WILLIFORD LOUISE WILSON BARBARA WISE HARVEY WORLEY Most Likely to Succeed: David Rockwell, Susan Bernstein KENNETH WRIGHT JIMMY YORK IRIS WYRICK ALLEN ZIMMERMAN SHERRY YATES MAYNARD ZIMMERMAN 217 218 INNOVATION, experimentation and co-operation marked the advertising campaign for the 1966 BUCCANEER. Sixteen high schools combined fund-raising efforts to constitute Operation Scholastic App reciation. SPONSORS 219 OPERATION SCHOLASTIC APPRECIATION A-l Blind Company A-l Curb Market A. B. Christopher Plumbing Co. A. P. Hubbard Corp. A. W. Higgins Furniture Company A U Mobile Homes Acme Printing Company Air Products Chemicals, Inc. Alexander Motors of Greensboro All State Industries Allen Displays, Inc. Allen Furniture Boat Co. Allred’s Service Station and Grocery American Agriculture Chemical Co. American Bakeries Company Amos Insurance Agency, Inc. Anderson Insurance Agency Anderson Realty Company Appliance T. V. Center Arnold Vault Company Art Specialty Shop Aspden Associates Atlantic Office Supply Co. Atlas Fence Window Co. Austin-Berryhill, Inc. B. C. Boyles, Jr., General Contractor B H Grocery Baldwin-Garrett Company Bamby Bakers, Inc. Bank of Gibsonville Banner-Trulove Company Barbee Agency Barth’s Men’s Shop Bartlett Funeral Home Belk’s Department Store Ben’s Garage Ben L. Smith, Jr. Associates Bennett Sales Corporation Beroth Realty Company Berry Coal Oil Company Bessemer Improvement Co. Best Street Superette Biff-Burger Binswanger Glass Co., Inc. Bishop Block Barber Shop Black Cadillac-Olds, Inc. Blackwood Realty Company Blue Bell, Incorporated Blue Gem Manufacturing Co. Bo Teeter’s Gulf Service Station Bonanza Sirloin Pit Bonitz Insulation Company Boone Soda Shop Borden Company Boren Clay Products Company Bowman Greeson Variety Store Bowman’s Florist Brady Sales Service, Inc. Breedlove Radiator Service Brewer Paint Wallpaper Company Bride’s Formal Dresses, Inc. Bridge’s Furniture Company Brinsfield Lincoln-Mercury Brown-Gardiner Drug Co., Inc. Brownhill’s Bruce-Terminix Company Buchanan Esso Service Bullock Humble, Inc. Burke’s Ben Franklin Store Burke’s Department Store Burl ington Industries, Inc. Burnette’s Cleaners Bus Station Barber Shop Calco Distributors, Inc. Callender’s Flooring Co. Canter Electric Company Carl’s Esso Service Carolina Fabric Label Corp. Carolina Quality Block Corp. Carolina Steel Corporation Central Oil Company Chas. Pfizer Company Choo-Choo Justice Insurance Agency Cinderella Cleaners, Inc. Cinema Theatre City ’66 Service Station City Rambler Company Clendenin, Wrenn Kirkman Coble Plumbing Heating Co. Coble Sporting Goods Co., Inc. Cochran Restaurant Equipment Co. Coliseum Motel Coliseum Sunoco Collson-Murray Company Colon’s Grocery Colonial Stores, Inc. Columbia Laundry Co., Inc. Community Barber Shop Community Funeral Home Community Heating Plumbing Co. Cone Mills Corporation Contessa, Ltd. Corrugated Specialties, Inc. Crawford Company, Insurance Crescent Electric Supply Corporation Crutclffield-Browning Drug Store Curtis Packing Company D. H. Butcher, D.D.S. D S Atlantic Tire Sales Dale Carnegie Courses Daniel Construction Co. of North Carolina Daniel Taxi Company Daphne’s Beauty Shop Davis Barber Shop Deal Printing Co., Inc. Dees Equipment Company Delta Construction Company Demps Saw Tool Company Deno’s DeSoto Chemical Coatings, Inc. Dick’s Ice Cream Company Dillard Paper Company Direct, Inc. Dixie Belle Textiles, Inc. Dixie Machine Tool Company Dixie Sales Company Dr. Luther H. Butler Dr. Grabow Pipes Dr. Jean McAlister Don Smith Dry Cleaning Dow Corning Corporation Duke Power Company Dwight Charlie’s Drive-In Eckerd’s Drugs Edmonds Drug, Inc. Ellis Beauty Shoppe Engineered Plastics, Inc. Ethel’s Bake Shop Eulyss R. Troxler, M.D. F. D. Lewis Son, Inc. Farmer’s Cooperative Exchange Fashion Shop Fiberglass Industries First Union National Bank Fisher-Harrison Printing Company Fleishman’s Clothing Closet Florida Bakery Forbis Dick Funeral Home Ford Body Co., Inc. Foremost Scr een Print, Inc. Formal Wear Shop Founders Furniture, Inc. Fred Ayers Music Company Friden, Incorporated G B Radiator Service Garland Hutchins Gate City Motor Co. Gate City Pharmacy Gate City Savings Loan Assn. Gene Lashley, Incorporated General Radio Service 220 George C. Brown : Co., Inc. George D. Davis, C.L.U. George’s Cafe George’s Mobile Homes Gibbs Machine Co., Inc. Gibsonville Churches Gibsonville Drug Company Gibsonville Food Center Gibsonville High School Gibsonville Insurance Company Gilliam’s Florist Gilmore Plant Bulb Co., Inc. Gin-Ettes Glascock Distributing Company, Inc. Glasgow-Graham, Inc. Glenwood Flower Shop Glenwood Variety Shop Godwin Insurance Agency Gospel Book Store Green’s Supper Club Greensboro Awning Co. Greensboro Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Greensboro Drug Co., Inc. Greensboro Manufacturing Corp. Greensboro Plumbing Company Greensboro Printing Company Greensboro School of Beauty Culture Greensboro War Memorial Auditorium Coliseum Guilford Builders Supply Co., Inc. Guilford Dairy Cooperative Assn. Guilford Galleries, Inc. Guilford Mills, Inc. Guy Hill, Inc. Guy M. Turner, Inc. H. D. Lee Grocery Esso H. L. Coble Construction Co. H R Block Company Hall c McChesney, Inc. Hall-Putnam Clothing Company Ham’s Sundry Store Hanes-Lineberry Funeral Service Hanover Shoes Hardin Oil Company Harper’s Jewelry Store Harris Service Station Harry D. Kellet, Inc. Hart Hardware Company Hemphill Fuel Service Henry’s Barbecue Hertz System, Inc. Hickory Farm Store Higgins Cycle Shop Hillsdale Barber Shop Hodge Carpet Co., Inc. Hodgin Roofing Supply Co. Holiday Inn - North Holiday Inn - South Home Drug Store, Inc. Home Federal Savings Loan Assn. Home T. V. Service Honey’s of Greensboro Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge and Restaurant Howard L. Little, M.D. Hy-Way Cottage Ice Delivery Company Industrial Plastics, Inc. Industrial Truck Sales Service, Inc. Ireland’s Service Station f. D. Wilkins Company J. P. Stevens Co., Inc. Jack Tom’s Grocery Jay’s Fine Foods Jefferson Realty Insurance Co. Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Co. Jefferson Standard-Greensboro Agency Jessup Company Jim Pinnix Homes John Etchison’s Service Station John Overman — Painters John S. McRae Company John Robbins Motor Company John R. Taylor Company Johnson Aulbert Clothing Company Johnston’s Grocery Journey’s End Motel Julian Recreation Center K W Cabinet Shop K W ' Cafeteria of Greensboro, Inc. Kaley’s Kavanagh-Smith Company Kay Jewelers King Music Company King-Zane Pontiac Kinney-Keesee Office Supply, Inc. Kirk’s Sineath Motor Company Knight Products Company Kriegsman’s, Inc. Kyle’s Friendly Service Station L. L. Holt Spreader Service L. W. Routh Construction Company Lambert’s Barbecue Drive-In Lambeth Construction Company Lambeth-Troxler Funeral Home Lane Rexall Drug Store Lane’s Laundry Laurie’s, Inc. Lee Lee, Attorneys Lib’s Beauty Shop Libby Hill Seafood Restaurants Liberty Hosiery Mills, Inc. Loewenstein-Atkinson, Architects Loflin Funeral Home Lonnie E. Simpson Lowdermilk Realty Company M. L. Eakes, Inc. M M Barber Shop Mabe’s Garage Made-Rite Sandwich Co. Magic Shoe Service Manpower, Inc. Mansfield Cloverfarm Mason Florists, Inc. Matkins Auto Glass Seat Covers Mayrand, Inc. McFalls-Hillsdale Park Drug Co. McKinney General Store McKnight Hardware Co. McLeansville Grocery Medical Center Pharmacy Midway Service Station Miller Furniture Company Mitchell Construction Co. Mitchell-Fry Insurance Agency Modern Beauty Shop Modem Metal Products Co. Modernistic Beauty Salon Monnett Carpet Shop Monroe’s Drive-In Montaldo’s of Greensboro, Inc. Montgomery-Green Company Moore Music Company Moore Realty Mortgage Company Morgan Sons Poultry Co., Inc. Morrow Piano and Organ Company Mother Murphy’s Labs, Inc. Mur-Rock Grocery Murphy Service Grocery Murray Candy Company National Cash Register Co. New Home Building Supply Co. Newman Machine Co., Inc. Nickie’s Grill Nolan’s Barber Shop North Carolina Broadcasting Co., Inc. North Carolina Dyeing Finishing Co., Inc. North State Chevrolet Co.. Inc. Nuckles Restaurant O. Norris Smith, M.D. Oakwood Trailer Sales Corp. Odell Mill Supply Company Old Hickory Barbecue Otto Zenke, Inc. Park Drive In Peggy’s Style Salon Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Pet Milk Co. — Dairy Division Pete’s Grill Phipps Hardware Company 221 Piedmont Framing Company Piedmont Jewelers Piedmont Loan Co., Inc. Piedmont Outdoor Advertising Company Pilot Life Insurance Company Pine’s Par-Three Golf Course Driving Range Pinecroft Barber Shop Pleasant Garden Drug Store, Inc. Poole Insurance Agency, Inc. Powell’s Shoe Store Prago-Guyes, Inc. Price’s Auto Service Quaker Village Furniture Company Ragland-Pierce Funeral Service Ready-Mixed Concrete Company Remco Supply, Inc. Rierson Welding Service Ronette’s Fabrics Ross Jewelers Ruby Lee Beauty Shop Ruby’s Beauty Shop Rucker Wholesale Company Ruffin Ruffin Realty Company S. E. Maness S F Battery Sales S. F. Ravenel, M.D. S. H. Kress Company S. LaRose, Inc. S. T. Wyrick Company S : W Motor Lines, Inc. Sachs Shoe Store, Inc. Saferight’s Self-Service Grocery Sampson’s Pharmacy Sands Vending Machine Service Saslow’s Jewelry Store Scott’s Beauty Salon Scruggs Florist Sealtest Foods Division of National Dairy Products Corp. Senn, Willard Senn Service Barber Shop Service Dry Cleaners Settlemyre Used Cars 7-Day Super Market Sasser’s Garage Schenck Company Shamrock Corporation Shoffner’s General Merchandise Shoffner’s Radio T.V. Showfety’s, Inc. Siler’s 6-12 Curb Market Smith’s Ranch Motel Smitty’s Curb Market Southern Air Brake Equipment Co. Southern Auto Service Co. Southern Bell Telephone Telegraph Co. Southern Building Maintenance Co., Inc. Southern Converting Company Southern Electric Service Co., Inc. Southern Food Service Southern Life Insurance Company Southern Optical Company Southern Oxygen Company Southern Photo Print Supply Co. Southern Printing Company Southern Waste Paper Co. Southland Musical Merchandise Corp. Southside Hardware Company Sparky’s Harley-Davidson Sales Service Spring Garden Gulf Service Station Spring Garden Phillips ’66 Service Station Springwood Textiles, Inc. Staley’s Lake Stamey’s Barbecue Stancil’s 421 Trailer Park Standard Duplicating Printing Co. Stanley’s Shoes, Inc. Starmount Company Starr Davis Company, Inc. Starr Electric Company State Distributing Company State Engineering Sales Co. Stokesdale Electric Company Stokesdale Milling Company Stout Construction Company Style-Craft Style-Knit, Inc. Summerfield Auto Parts Summit Furniture Company Sun Coal Seed Company Super Bi-Rite Markets Superior Stone Company Swain’s Charcoal Steak House Swift Company-Poultry Plant T A Trucking Company Tate Cleaners Terrell’s Cabinet Shop Textile Loom Reed Co., Inc. Thalhimer’s The College Shop The Ellison Company The Hub of Greensboro, Ltd. The Meyer’s Company The Remnant Shop The Selectrocom Corporation The Slack Shop The Village Shoppe Thompson-Arthur Paving Co. Thornton Furniture Company Tickle Furniture Company Time Loan Finance Co., Inc. Toby’s Drive Inn Tom Boone, Tailors and Formals Tony’s Pizza Town Country Gifts Traders Chevrolet Company Tri-City Trailer Repair Troxler Hosiery Co. United Tire Supply Universal Travel Service Valley Park Grocery Vanstory Clothing Company Vaughn’s Department Store Vestal’s Florist Gifts Vickrey Brothers Construction C o. Village Flower Shop W. F. Fancourt Company W. Glenn Lewis, M.D. W. E. Stanley Pension Planning Co., Inc. Wade’s Dry Cleaning Company Wade’s Jewelers Wagoner Tractor Equipment Co. Ward’s Golden Gate Barber Service Waugh Motor Company Waynick Insurance Company WEAL, Inc. Welch Fuel Oil Company West Building Supply, Inc. Western Auto Supply Company Western Litho Plate Supply Company Will’s Book Store William T. Grimsley, M.D. Williams Steel Co., Inc. Wilson-Pickett, Inc. Woods Furniture Company Y.M.C.A. Yost Little Realty Insurance Co. Young’s Landscape Service Younts-DeBoe Company Younts Printing Service 222 Senior Directory Explanatory Notes: DECA Distributive Education Clubs of America VIC Vocational Industrial Clubs FHA Future Homemakers of America ) i Future Teachers of America GAA Girls’ Athletic Association J I- Junior Classical League (Latin Club) YRC Youth Recreation Committee FOTC Friends of the Court CONSTANCE HELEN ABRAMS (CONNIE) Honor Society 3, Treas. 4, Special Honor Roll 3, 4. Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Guidance Ass ' t. 4 Choru 2. ETA 2, Treas. 3; Debate Club 4. Quill and Scroll 3, 4. WINIFRED ANNE ACEON (WENDY) Chorus 2. NORRIS JAMES AIKEN’S Band 3, 4. Pep Band 4, JV Football 3. JAMES TONY ALBERTY (TONY) Chorus 2, 3; History Club 3. JANE MARIE ALLEN Regular Honor Roll 2; Seniorettes 3; FSA 3, 4; P HA 4, DECA 3, Sec. 4; D.E. Student of the Year 3, 4, Y-Teens 2. LEON GREG ALLEN Monogram Club 4; Baseball 4; Football 4. BEVERLY JO ALLRED Student Council Rep. 4; HR Officer 2, 3; Chorus Pres. 2; Choir 3, 4. Jaycettes 2, 3. ELIZABETH MILLER ALTVATER (BETTIE) HR Officer 2, 3; Pages Rty Page 3, Editor 4. Regu¬ lar Honor Roll 2. 3; History Club 3, 4; Swim¬ ming 2. JOHN WHEELER ANDERSON Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; History Club 3, 4. Jr. Jaycees 3. VP 4. Golf 2, 3. JEROME HENRY ANTHONY (JERRY) Student Council Hep. 2; YRC 3. Chairman 4, Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2. 3; History Club 3, Society Honoraire de Francais 3, Pres. 4; Civilians 2. Sec. 3, 4; JV Football 2. GARY TANCFORD APPLE Regular Honor Roll 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3. LORRAINE RHEA ARONS HR Officer 3, 4. FOTC 4; History Club 4, Span¬ ish Club 2, Jaycettes 3. 4. CHARLES EVANS ARRINGTON (CHARLIE) Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4. JO ETHELDA ARRINGTON Chorus 2. CARL EDWARD BAILEY Band 2, 3. 4, Orchestra 2, 3; Roadrunners 2, 3, 4. JERRY ALLEN BA IN Spanish Club 2; Baseball 2; Tennis 2. BRENDA CAROL BAKER Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, History Club 4; Span¬ ish Club 3, 4. BRENDA HOBBS BAKER DECA 3; VIC 4. SUSAN FRANCIS BAKER HR Officer 4. Regular Honor Roll 2. 3, 4. Office Ass’t 2. FOTC 3, 4. History Club 3; French Club 3. 4 JCL 2. Medical Club 2. Sec. 3. Pres. 4, Civinettes 4, Honor Society 4. ALYCE KAY BALDWIN HR Officer 3. DECA Ass ' t. VP 3, VIC 4. Picking up chocolate dinner mints begins senior class project for Sherry Sockwell, Handy Teague, Clifford Schmidt, Glenda Nall, and Brooks t’ndcrwood. .STEPHEN RUSTIN BALLARD (STEVE) Regular Honor Roll 2; Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4, History Club 3. WILLIAM BELL BANDY (BILL) HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, Key Club 2, Monogram Club 4, Golf 4, JV Basketball 2, JV ' Football 2; Football 3, 4. CHRIS BARBER Chorus 2; Choir 3; Roadrunners 3. PATRICIA JEAN BARBER FHA 4; VIC 4. MICHAEL RAY BARHAM VIC 4. MARY LOUISE BARTON DECA 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN BARTS (PAT) Special Honor Roll 4; Regular Honor Roll 3, 4; FSA 3, Pres. 4; COP 4; Honor Society 4. ALICE FAYE BATTS Student Council Rep. 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 4; Spanish Club 2; Medical Club 4; Y-Teens 2, Girls State 3; Anchor Club 4; Class Day Com¬ mittee 4. DIANNA LEIGH BATTS Buccaneer 4; FOTC 4; Class Day Committee 4; Special Honor Roll 3, Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. History Club VP 4; Y-Teens 2; Girls State 3. EDWARD PHILLIPS BAYNES (EDDIE) Pep Committee 2; Panes By Page 3; History Club 3. WILLIAM BEERMAN (BILL) Student Council Rep. 2; Squad 4; HR Officer 2, 3; YCCA 3; Class Best Citizen 2; Marshal 3; Regular Honor Roll 2: History Club 4. Inter-Service Coun¬ cil 4. Civitans 2, 3, Pres. 4; Governor N.C. Dis¬ trict 4; Monogram Club 4; Tennis 3; Superlative 4. ELOISE ADAMS BELL (WEEZIE) Student Council Rep. 4; Pep Committee 3; YRC 2, Honor Society 3, 4; YCCA 4. Special Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2. 3; Guidance Ass’t. 3; History Club 3; French Club 2, 3, 4; JCL 2, 3; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; O. Henry Juniors 4. Homecoming Court 4, Class Day Committee Chairman 4. CEORCE ALTON BENNETT Regular Honor Roll 4. Inter-Service Club Council 3, 4; Interact 3, 4, Football 4. RICHARD WAYNE BENTON (DICK) Roadrunners 3. 4, Jr. Exchange Club 2. JV Base¬ ball 2, JV Basketball 2. JV Football 2. ELEANOR JANE BERNAU Student Council Rep. 3. HR Officer 2. 4. Regular Honor Roll 3, 4, FTA 4; Dramatics Club 4. Seniorettes 3, 4. SUSAN RENEE BERNSTEIN HR Officer 2. Honor Society 3, Pres. 4. Jr. Mar¬ shal 3; Special Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Office Ass’t. 2. Inter-Service Club Coun cil Treas. 3; Civinettes 2, 3, 4; Superlative 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 4. JOHNNY GRAHAM BETHEA Roadrunners 3, 4, Track 3. JESSE BLEDSOE Baseball 2. ERICK JEROME BOOTH (RICK) Key Club 2, 4; Coif 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2; Chess Club 2. HANES ADAMS BOREN HR Officer 4; Chorus 4; Key Club 4. LINDA FAYE BOSWELL Special Honor Roll 2, 3. Regular Honor Roll 3. Chorus 3; Choir 4; History Club 4, French Club 2, 3. ADRIAN FRANK BOXMAN (ANDY) Band 2. Monogram Club 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4. Baseball 4, Football 2, 3, 4. BARRY RUSSELL BOYCE Regular Honor Roll 2, Jr. Exchange Club 3, 4; Jr. Achievement 4. KATHERINE BOYD (KAY) V RC. 4; GAA 2, FTA 4, History Club 3, 4. Span¬ ish Club 3, 4. KATHRYN JANE BOYD Regular Honor Roll 2, French Club 2. Medical Club 2, 3, 4; Red Cross 2. BRENDA FRANCES BRADSHAW Class Officer 3; HR Officer 2. 3, 4. Pages By Page 3; Regular Honor Roll 3; Band 2. 3, 4. Orchestra 2, 3, Pres. 4. All State Orchestra 2. 3. 4. FTA 3, 4, History Club 3. Pres. 4. Spanish Club Pres. 4. 223 CHARLES THOMAS BRADY (CHARLIE) Chorus 2, 3; Choir 4; Roadrunners 2, VP 3. JOHN MANLEY BRADY (JOHNNY) Office Ass’t. 2; VIC 3, 4. MILLICENT ANN BRADY Regular Honor Roll 4; Library Ass’t. 3; History Club 3; French Club 2; COP 4. JAMES ALLEN BRANNOCK History Club 3; Wrestling 4. HARVEY VERNON BRASWELL HARRIETT LYNNE BREWER Senior Class Sec. 4; HR Officer 2, 3; Class Day Committee 4; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; JCL 2; Seniorettes 3, 4; Honor Society 4. DEWEY BRIDGES HR Officer 3, 4; Jr. Jaycees 3, 4; Golf 3, 4. JAMES BROOKS (RODDY) Student Council Rep. 3; Inter-Service Club Coun¬ cil 3, 4; Jr. Exchange 2, Chaplain 3, VP 4. MARY JO BROOKS Library Ass’t. 3, 4; Chorus 2; History Club 3, 4. ANNE HOWARD BROWN Student Council Rep. 3; Jr. Marshal 3; Regular Honor Roll 3; French Club Sec. 3, 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; Medical Club 2, 3, 4; O. Henry Juniors 3, 4; Intramural Council 2; Guidance Council Rep. 4; Honor Society 4. BENJAMIN WILSON BROWN, JR. (BEN) Football 3, 4. BOYD EDWIN BROWN JV Baseball 3. CLAIRE COOLEY BROWN HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Seniorettes 3, 4; Superla¬ tive 4. GARY RIGDON BROWN DECA 4. HERMAN DAVID BROWN HR Officer 2; Band 2, 3; Pep Band 2, 3; History Club 3; Spanish Club 2; VIC 3; Roadrunners 2, 3, 4. JANELLE BROWN Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 3; French Club 3, 4; Seniorettes 3, 4. VICTOR BROWN (VICK) WILEY GRISSOM BROWN (WILEY) Chorus 2, 3; Choir 4; History Club 3; Jr. Ex¬ change Club 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM EVERETT BROWN Regular Honor Roll 2; Band 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2. ROGER DALE BUCKLOO Transferred from Ben Lippen High School (Texas). JOYCE ELIABETH BUNTON Transferred from Nantucket, Massachusetts, VIC 4. JANICE FAY BURTON FHA 3, GAA 3. DON FRANKLIN BUTNER Key Club 2; JV Basketball 2; Basketball 3. MARGARET CAROL CABLE Chorus 2, 3; VIC 4. CAROL ANN CAMPBELL Regular Honor Roll 2; FT A 4; Spanish Club 4; JCL 2. CHERYL ANN CAMPBELL HR Officer 2, 3; History Club 3; French Club 3. DEAS BOYKIN CAPEHART HR Officer 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4; Seniorettes 3, 4; FTA 4; History Club 4; French Club 2; Inter-Service Club Council 3, 4; Intramurals 2. JANICE KING CARTER Regular Honor Roll 2; JV Cheerleader 2; Office Ass’t. 3. JOYCE REED CATES Library Ass’t. 3; Chorus 2; History Club 3; French Club 4. PATRICIA DAWN CAUDLE Chorus 2, 4. SHEILA ANN CAUSEY Special Honor Roll 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 3; History Club 4. HAL THURMAN CAVINESS Band 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 3; Roadrunners 2, 3, Pres. 4. OVA DEAN CHAMBERS (O. D.) DECA 4. JOHN EDWARD CHEEK Student Council Rep. 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Class Best Citizen 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; History Club 3; Inter-Service Club Council 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Jr. Jaycees 2, 3, Pres. 4; Track 2, 3, 4; JV Football 2; Football 3, Co- Captain 4. LYNDA CAROL CHEEK Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; FHA 2; History Club; French Club 3. ALICE FAYE CHURCH Regular Honor Roll 2, 4; JCL 2; DECA 4. VICTORIA LEE CLARK (VICKI) Guidance Ass’t. 4; JCL 2. MILDRED LOUISE CLONCH Library Ass’t. 2, 3, 4; Choir 2. BRYAN ALAN COFER HR Officer 3; Squad 4; Band 3, 4; FOTC 3; History Club 3; Jr. Jaycees 4; Wrestling 3; Football 3, 4; Track 3. CAROL JOY COLE HR Officer 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 2; History Club 3; JCL 2; Medical Club 4. A look of pure delight crosses the face of Beth Douglas as she finishes her term paper. ZOLA ANN COLE HR Officer 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2; FSA 3; History Club 3; Spanish Club 4. MYRA JEAN COMER HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; History Club 3, 4; French Club 2, 3; O. Henry Juniors 3, 4. LAWRENCE MARTIN CONE (LARRY) History Club 4; Spanish Club 3; Hi-Y Club 2,3,4. JOSEPHINE ELAINE CONTI Chorus 2; GAA 2. VIRGIL FRANCIS COOPER Regular Honor Roll 2; DECA 4. DALE OSBORN COUNCILMAN Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; History ' Club 3; French Club 2, 3; JV Baseball 2; Baseball 3. SHERMAN BRYAN COX (ROCKY) MARCUS MICHAEL CRABTREE (MIKE) HR Officer 2; Office Ass’t. 3; Choir 2, 3, 4; Buc¬ caneers 4; History Club 3. RHONDA FAYE CREED DANNY EUGENE CREWS (TRIGGER) Chorus 3, 4; DECA 4; Jr. Exchange Club 2, 3. LOUIS CLIFFORD DANIEL NORA MAE DARNELL Library Ass’t. 2, 3, 4; FOTC 2, 3, 4; FHA 3; His¬ tory Club 3. AVA DAWN DAVES Regular Honor Roll 2; Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4; Mad¬ rigals 3; History Club 4; French Club 2, 3. WILLIAM LEWIS DEXHEIMER Student Council Rep. 3; Regular Honor Roll 2; Band 2; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3. ROBERT LEWIS DICKERSON (BOBBY) HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2; History Club 3; Dramatics Club 2; Jr. Exchange Club 3, 4; Football 3, 4. GREGORY KARSON DODD (GREG) HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2; Choir 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 4; History Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Key Club 4; Monogram Club 4; Wrestling 4; Football 2, 4; Basketball Manager 4. VICKIE DIANE DONNELL Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Office Ass’t. 2, 3; FSA 3, 4. WALTER RUSSELL DOSS Library Ass’t. 4; Cross Country 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Jr. Exchange Club 3, 4; Swim¬ ming 4; Wrestling 4. ELIZABETH NEAL DOUGLAS (BETH) Student Council Rep. 2; YRC 2, 3, 4; Honor So¬ ciety 3, 4; Buccaneer 3, Business Manager 4; Class Best Citizen 2, 3; Special Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; His¬ tory Club 3; French Club 2, 3, 4; Societe Hon¬ oraire de Francais 3, 4; JCL 2, 3, 4; Civinettes 2, 3, 4; Class Day Committee 4. MERI-LI DOUGLAS Regular Honor Roll 2; FOTC 4; Film Committee 4; GAA 4; Debating Club 4; Dramatics Club 2; Swimming 2; Great Books Club 4. JENNIFER ANN DULIERE 1IR Officer 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Buccaneer 3; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; FTA 3, Sec. 4; History Club 3, 4; Societe Hon¬ oraire de Francais 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, VP 4; O. Henry Juniors 3. FRANK PAGE DUNLAP JR. HR Officer 2, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 4; Pep Band 3; JV Football 2; Football 3, 4; Track 2; Superlative 4. SUSAN DIANE EARLY HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Class Day Committee 4, Reg¬ ular Honor Roll 4; Jaycettes 2, 3; Red Cross 4. ROBERT WINTON E ARM AN (HERMAN) Transferred from Peterstown, West Virginia. REBECCA ANN EATON (BECKY) FHA 3, 4. SUE ELLA EDWARDS Student Council Rep. 2, 3, 4; Student Body Sec. 3; Class VP 2; Honor Society 3, 4; YCCA 3; Class Best Citizen 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; JV Cheer¬ leader 2; FOTC 4; History Club 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; Inter- Service Club Council 4; Civinettes 2, 3, Pres. 4; Superlative 4. GEORGE ELAM Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4; Football 2, 3. ELSIE DIANE ELLIS NICHOLAS EMANUEL (NICKY) HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2; Golf 2, 3, 4. DAVID FREDRICK ENSLEY (DAVE) Chorus 3; Track 2, 3, 4. KRISTINE ESTREM (KRIS) Student Council Rep. 4; HR Officer 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Medical Club 3, 4. RICKY BRYANT ESTRIDGE (RICK) HR Officer 2; FT A 4; Spanish Club 3. PHYLLIS KAY EVERAGE Pages by Page 4; Office Ass’t. 4; History Club 4; JCL 2; Red Cross 4. DAVID HERBERT FAIRCLOTH HR Officer 4. GARLAND EUGENE FIELDS HR Officer 4; History Club 4. IRA JAMES FOLDS (JIMMY) HR Officer 2, 4; Squad 2, 3, 4; Class Best Citizen 3; Regular Honor Roll 2; Band 2, 3; Cross Country 4; History Club 3, 4; JCL 2, 3; Civitans 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Super¬ lative 4. WILLIAM GRAY FOMBERG (BILL) Pages by Page 3, 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4. GARRY LYNN FRANKLIN HR Officer 3; Choir 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3; Pep Band 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Interact Club 3, 4; Qolf 2, 3, 4. ROBERT LUTHER FRAZIER (BOB) Interact Club 3, Sec. 4; JV Baseball 2, 3; Baseball 4; Football 3, 4. STEVEN MICHAEL FRAZIER (STEVE) Swimming 4; JV Baseball 3; Baseball 4. JAMES ESTES FRIESINGER (JIMMY) HR Officer 3; Squad 4; Cross Country 4; Civitans 2, 3. 4; Monogram Club 4; JV Baseball 2; Base¬ ball 3, 4; JV Basketball 2; Basketball 3, 4. JOHN ALEXANDER FRONEBERGER (JACK) Regular Honor Roll 2; Band 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4. BRENDA KAY FRY Spanish Club 4. LINDA KAY GALES Library Ass’t. 2; Chorus 2, 3. MARTHA CHRIS GALLAGHER Class Day Committee 4; French Club 4. GARDNER ELLIS GARDNER (CARNETT) Office Ass’t. 2; Track 2. MARY STEPHANIE GARDNER HR Officer 2; Chorus 2, 3, 4; GAA 2, 3. JAMES DANIEL GERRINGER (JIMMY) Chorus 2; Choir 3; DEC A 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4. LAURA DIANE GERRINGER GAA 2; COP 4. DANNY LEE GIBSON HR Officer 2, 3, 4; History Club 3; Golf 4. PATRICIA GALE GILBREATH Pep Committee 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Chorus 2; History Club 4; JCL 2. JANICE MARIE GILLILAND REBA JACKSON GOLDEN (REBA) Pep Committee 4; Guidance Ass’t. 4; FOTC 4; History Club 4; French Club 2, 4; HR Officer 2. MARIA INES GONDRA Buccaneer 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; FOTC 2, 3, 4; Film Committee 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, Sec.-Treas. 4, Medical Club 2, 3, Treas. 4. JUDY MARIE GOODWIN HR Officer 2, 3. JANE CAROL GORDON (JANIE) Chorus 4; DECA 4; Roadrunners 3. JOHN CARSON GRAVES Buccaneer 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3; Pep Band 3, 4; Film Committee 4; History Club 3, 4; JCL 2; Quill and Scroll 3, Sec.-Treas. 4; Class Day Committee 4; Great Books 4. MARSHA ANNE GRAY Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4; JV Cheerleader 2; JCL 2; Dramatics Club 2. HAROLD DOWDY GREEN (H. D.) SYLVIA ANNETTE GREENE HR Officer 4; Special Honor Roll 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Library Ass’t. 3; History Club 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Anchor Club 3, 4; Honor Society 4. WILLIAM RAY GREGORY JR. (BUDDY) JONI ELIZABETH GREY Regular Honor Roll 3. CHARLES RAY GRIGGS Chorus 3, 4. LEE NELSON GUARD Band 2, 3. ELIZABETH JOANNE GUILL (BETTY JO) Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 4; French Club 2; JCL 3, 4; Medical Club 3, Sec. 4; O. Henry Juniors 2, 3, Second VP 4; FOTC 3, 4; GAA 2; FTA 3, 4; History Club 4. KATHRYN JOYCE GULLEY CHARLES TILDEN HAGAN (CHIP) Student Council Rep. 3, Parliamentarian 4; HR Officer 2, 4; Squad 4; YCCA 3, Chairman 4; Class Day Committee 4; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; French Club 4; JCL 2, 3; Debating Club 2; Civitans 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; Wrestling 3, 4; FOTC 3; Cross Country ' 4; His¬ tory Club 2, 3; Tennis 3. RAYMOND GLENN HAISLIP (SPORTY) Student Council Rep. 4; Class VP 3; HR Officer 2; Superlative 4; YCCA 3; Class Best Citizen 3; Reg¬ ular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Band 2; Civitans 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Wrestling 3, 4; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Homecoming Committee 4. NORMA LEIGH HALE Pep Committee 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Chorus 2; History Club 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Medical Club 4. DAN ALLEN HAMILTON Transferred from Northeast High School. WILLIAM BANNER HAMILTON (BILL) DECA 3, 4. LYNN PHYLLIS HAMMER Jaycettes 4. Kay Boyd and Vickie VonCannon assist in campus clean-up. SUE MARIE HARDER Special Honor Roll 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; GAA 2; History Club 4; French Club 3, 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; Jaycettes 3. JAMES CLINT HARRIS Debating Club 4; Dramatics Club 4. BEVERLY JO HARVEY Regular Honor Roll 3; French Club 3. PHYLISS ELAINE HAWKS Regular Honor Roll 3; Library Ass’t. 3; FHA 2, 3, 4; History Club 3; French Club 2, 3; VIC Sec. 4. ROBERT ALEX HEATH (BOBBY) Football 3. ANDREA KAY HICKS (ANDY) MARY ETHLYN HICKS (LYNNIE) Student Council Rep. 4; HR Officer 2, 3; Pep Committee 3; YCCA 4; Class Best Citizen 2; Regular Honor Roll 2; Guidance Ass’t. 3; JV Cheerleader 2; GAA 2; History Club 3; French Club 3, 4; O. Henry Juniors 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 4. PERRY BIEDENHORN HICKS Student Council Rep. 2; Student Body VP 4; HR Officer 2, Pep Committee 2, 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Jr. Marshal 3; Class Day Committee 4; Special Honor Roll 3. Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guid¬ ance Ass’t. 3; FOTC 4; GAA 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; JCL 2; Civinettes 3, 4; Volleyball 2, 3. LARRY NEAL HIGGINS CAROLYN DACIA HILL Student Council Rep. 3; Class Treas. 3, 4; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Class Best Citizen 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Office Ass’t. 2, 3, 4; History Club 2; Superlative 4; Honor Society 4. BRENDA KAY HIPP Regular Honor Roll 2; Guidance Ass’t. 3; FTA 3; History Club 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; DECA 4. WILEY WALTER HITCHCOCK JV Football 2. JOHN GREG HODGIN Office Ass’t. 2; Choir 2, 3, 4; History Club 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2; Football 4. MARY ANGELA HOFFLER HR Officer 2; Buccaneer 3; Jr. Marshal 3; Special Honor Roll 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guid¬ ance Ass’t. 4; Chorus 2; FTA 3, 4; History Club 3; JCL 2, 3, 4; Medical Club 2; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Jaycettes 3, VP 4. Jane Hope helps liven the campaign for Steve Miller. 225 DOROTHY HINES HOLDERNESS Student Body Treas. 3; HR Officer 2, 4; Pep Committee 4; Class Best Citizen 2; Special Honor Roll 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; History Club 3; French Club 3; JCL 2, 3; O. Henry Jun¬ iors 2, Sec. 3, 4; Superlative 4; Honor Society 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 4. PAMELA LOUISE HOLDERNESS (PAM) Regular Honor Roll 2; Guidance Ass’t. 2; Cheer¬ leader 3, Head 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; JCL 2; O. Henry Juniors 2, 3, Pres. 4; Homecoming Court 4; Superlative 4. DAVID LESTER HOLLIDAY Chorus 3; Roadrunners 4. ALLEN BENJAMIN HOOKER YRC 4; Pages By Page 4; Regular Honor Roll 3; JV Football 3; Junior Achievement 4. MARTHA JANE HOPE HR Officer 2, 3; Pep Committee 2, 3; YCCA 3, 4; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4; FOTC 3, 4; History Club 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; JCL 2; Homecoming Court 4. JUDY JONES HR Officer 3; Library Ass’t. 3; Chorus 3. PATSY ANN JONES Choir 3; DECA 4. JUDY LEE JORDAN Y-Teens 2. DIANA KARAS Chorus 2, 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; French Club 2, 3; Seniorettes 3, 4; History Club 4. SYLVIA CARLENE KEARNEY Office Ass’t. 4; FHA 3, 4. BEVERLY ANN KEEVER Student Council Rep. 2; HR Officer 3, 4; Pep Committee 2, 3, Chairman 4; Homecoming Court 4; Class Day Committee 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 3; French Club 3, 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; O. Henry Juniors 3, 4; FOTC 3; History Club 3; Spanish Club Sec. 4; Honor Society 4. KARIN ELAINE KIRKSEY Honor Society 3, 4; Special Honor Roll 3; Regular Honor Roll 3, 4; JCL 3; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Jaycettes 3, 4; FOTC 4; Film Committee 4; GAA 3; Spanish Club 3, 4. JANICE ELAINE KIVETTE Pages By Page 4; Regular Honor Roll 2; Office Ass’t. 3, 4; FSA 4. RADMAN WALTER KIVETTE (RAD) HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Pages By Page 2; Class Best Citizen 3; Choir 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Civitans 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2; Superlative 4. SYLVIA JANE KONTOULAS Chorus 2; GAA 2, 3, 4. DONALD FORREST LACKEY (DON) VIC 4. GREGORY FLYNN LACKLEN (GREG) JAMES LAMB (JIMMY) Jr. Jaycees 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4. ANNE PRESTON HOUGH Pep Committee 4; Regular Honor Roll 2; Band 2, 3; History Club 4; French Club 4; JCL 2. TERRANCE LEE HOUGH (TERRY) Honor Society 3, 4; Special Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3; FOTC 4; History Club 4; JCL 2; De¬ bating Club 4; Key Club 4. CYNTHIA LEE HUBBARD HR Officer 4; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 3, 4; GAA 2, Sec. 3, VP 4; Superlative 4; Honor Society 4. JIMMY DALE HUDSON Special Honor Roll 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Interact Club 4. MINNIE LOTTIE PEARL HUDSON GAA 3. JOHN TENNON HUGHES WILMA JEAN HUTCHINSON Library Ass’t. 3; Chorus 3; Choir 4; FTA 2, 3, 4; JCL 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS HELEN HYMAN HR Officer 4; Regular Honor Roll 3; FOTC 3, 4; History Club 3; French Club 3; Anchor Club 2, 3, 4; Swimming 2, 3. ROBERT HYME (BUTCH) JV Basketball 3. WILLIAM ANDREW IDOL Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4. DONALD WAYNE ISLEY (BO) Band 2, 3; DECA 4. SARAH LYMAN ISLEY BARRY LEE JACKSON Chorus 4; Wrestling 2, 3; Football 3. RONALD CHARLES JACKSON (RONNIE) DECA 3, Pres. 4. LINDA SUE JOHNSON Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; GAA 2; Spanish Club 3, 4. ANGELA DIANE JONES DECA 4. CHARLES RICHARD JONES GEORGE RANDOLPH JONES (RANDY) HR Officer 2, 3, 4; YRC 3; Squad 2, 3, 4; Class Best Citizen 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 4; History Club 3; JCL 2, 3; Medical Club 3; Civitans 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Golf 2, 3; Tennis 4; Basketball 3, 4; JV Basket¬ ball 2. Seniors labor over SAT’s. KAROLYN SUE KEMP (SUZIE) Student Council Rep. 3, 4; YCCA 4; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; FOTC 2, 3, 4; Film Committee 4; GAA 2, 3; JCL 2; Medical Club 2, 3, 4; Civinettes 3, 4; Honor Society 4. BARBARA ANN KEY Libary Ass’t. 3; FHA 3, 4; VIC 4. GARY VAN KEY Band 2. ELIZABETH HARDING KING (LIBBY) HR Officer 2; Honor Society 3, 4; Homecoming Court 2, 3, Queen 4; YCCA 3, 4; Class Best Citi¬ zen 2; Special Honor Roll 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; JCL 2, 3; Civinettes 2, 3, Chaplain 4. MYRA LYNN KING Office Ass’t. 4; Chorus 4; Anchor Club 2, Treas. 3. V.P. 4. CATHERINE LYON KINGSBURY (CATHY) Pep Committee 3, 4; HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 2; GAA 4; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; O. Henry Juniors 4; Red Cross 3. 4. PHYLLIS DAWN KIRKMAN Regular Honor Roll 4. STEVEN LINDSAY KIRKMAN HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2; Chorus 3; Choir 4; History Club 4; Spanish Club 4. WILLIAM RICKY LAMBETH (RICK) Student Council Rep. 2; Squad 2; Special Honor Roll 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2; Monogram Club 4; Jr. Jaycees 2, 3, 4; JV Baseball 2; Baseball 3. HELEN RUTH LANDRETH Office Ass’t. 3; FSA 3, 4. ROGER LANNING Lynn Osmer taps Dorothy Holderness in fall Honor Society induction. JOHN LEE LATHAM Band 2, 3; Pep Band 2; Cross Country 4; JV Foot¬ ball 2. DAVID FULTON LAWRENCE Jr. Jaycees 3, 4; Homeroom Officer 3. WAYNE ALAN LEACH Track 3, 4. SUSAN ANN LEONARD Regular Honor Roll 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 4; JCL 2, 3, 4; Jaycettes 2, 3, 4; FTA 3; History Club 3, 4. MICHAEL LESTER Band 2, 3. 226 ELIZABETH KAY LIND Student Council Rep. 3; HR Officer 2, 4; YRC 4; Homecoming Court 4; YCCA 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Guidance Ass’t. 2, 3; Chorus 2; French Club 2, 3, 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; JCL 3; History Club 3, 4; Superlative 4. DAVID ANDREW LINDLEY HR Officer 3; Regular Honor Roll 2; Band 2; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. JERRY COLE LINDSAY Library Ass’t. 2, 3; Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4; Road- runners 3, 4; Civitans 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4. NANCY LOUISE LINEBERRY DANIEL ALBERT LIVINGSTON Regular Honor Roll 2; Band 2, 3; Debating Club 2, 3, 4; Roadrunners 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. KARL ALVIN LJUNG HR Officer 2, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; JV Football 2; Football 3; Track 2; JV Basketball 2; Basket¬ ball 3, 4. BRENT THOMAS LLOYD Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; JCL 2; Track 2, 3, 4. GARLAND CLEM LOCKAMY HR Officer 2; Chorus 3; Roadrunners 2; Swimming 3; Spanish Club 2; Track 3; History Club 3 . Vic Schoolfield is presented Page’s first “Pirate of the Week” award by Mr. Medlin. CORLISS MILLER McGINTY Student Council Rep. 4; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Pep Committee 4; Regular Honor Roll 2; Mascot 4; French Club 2, 3; History Club 3; Superlative 4. HAZEL RUTH McLAIRD Library Ass’t. 2; Chorus 2; Dramatics Club 2, 3; VIC 4. STERLING LESTER McLAUGHLIN (KIP) JCL 3; Hi-Y Club 4; History Club 4. JANET GREY McLEAN HR Officer 3; YRC 4; Class Best Citizen 3; Special Honor Roll 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Office Ass’t. 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; French Club 3; JCL 2; Civinettes 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 4. JANICE MACK Student Council Rep. 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Office Ass’t. 2, 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 2; Chorus 2; FTA 4; History Club 4; Spanish Club 2. DONNA DEE MACKAY Regular Honor Roll 2, 4; Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4. LAURA ANN MAIDEN HR Officer 4; Pages By Page 4; French Club 2, 3; History Club 4. MICHAEL MANDRANO HR Officer 2; Spanish Club 4. LINDA ROBBINS MANESS HR Officer 2, 3; Class Day Committee 4; Debating Club 2; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 2, 3. ROBERT MICHAEL LOWDER Regular Honor Roll 3, 4; JCL 2; History Club 3. PATRICIA ANNETTE MANESS (PAT) VIC 4; ICT 4. CYNTHIA ANNE LOWE (CINDY) Chorus 4; French Club 2, 3; History Club 3. EDWARD ARNOLD LOWMAN RAYMOND EDWARD MANIERI (MANNY) Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Jr. Exchange Club 4; Golf 2, 3, 4; Swim¬ ming 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 4; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; JV Football 2. JOHN WAYNE LUMLEY DECCA 4. MARY FRANCIS LUMLEY Regular Honor Roll 4; Office Ass ' t. 3; Medical Club 4; FSA 3; FHA 3, 4; COP 4. HIRAM WESLEY McALLISTER (MAX) Roadrunners 3, 4; History Club 3. JIMMIE LEE McDANIEL Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; Track 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA LYNN McDONOUGH (PAT) History Club 3; Spanish Club 4. ROBERT McIVER MANN (MACK) Key Club 3, 4. SCOTT THOMAS MANRING Student Council Rep. 2; HR Officer 2, 3; Squad 2; Jr. Marshal 3; Class Day Committee 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; French Club 2; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Swimming 2, 3, 4; JV Baseball 2; History Club 2, 3, 4; JV Tennis 2; Tennis 3, 4; Superlative 4. GARY WALTER MARSCHALL Pages By Page 4; Wrestling 2. HERBERT MARION MASHBURN (HERB) HR Officer 2; Squad 2; YCCA 4; Jr. Marshal 3; Special Honor Roll 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; JCL 2; Civitans 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; Golf 3. 4; Cross Country ' 4; History Club 3; Basketball 3, 4; JV Basketball 2. STEPHEN MORRIS MASON (STEVE) Library Ass’t. 2; Roadrunners 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4. MARQUITA ANNE MATHERLY (SKEETER) HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2; JCL 2; Dra¬ matics Club 4; GAA 4. MARTHA ELIZABETH MATTHEWS (BETTIE) HR Officer 4; Regular Honor Roll 2; Guidance Ass’t. 4; Medical Club 4; Seniorettes 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; History Club 3. MILTON RANDITT MATTHEWS (RANDY) Medical Club 3, 4; History Club 4; Spanish Club 2. SALLY ANNE MAY Buccaneer 3; Regular Honor Roll 3; Office Ass’t. 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; JCL 2. HENRY LAWRENCE MAYNARD DEBORAH JANE MAYS (DEBBIE) Special Honor Roll 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; JCL 2; COP 4. LINDA JEAN MEDDERS Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; FSA 3, 4; COP 4. BARBARA KAY MELDAU DECA 4. DIANE RUTH MENSEL Student Council Rep. 2; HR Officer 3, 4; Class Best Citizen 2; Special Honor Roll 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Civinettes 2, 3, 4; Honor So¬ ciety 4. COURTNEY MIDDLETON Jr. Jaycees 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3. STEPHEN MAURICE MILLER (STEVE) Student Council Rep. 2; HR Officer 3; Class Pres. 4; Squad 4; Jr. Marshal 3; Class Day Committee 4; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 3, 4; FOTC 2, 3, 4; JCL 2; Medical Club 3; Civitians 3, 4; Honor Society 4. GLENYCE KAY MINCEY LUCINDA WRENN MOFFITT (CINDY) Seniorettes 3, 4; History Club 3. GEORGE MIKE MOODY HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 3; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2; History Club 3; Spanish Club 2; JV Basketball 2; Basketball 3. CYNTHIA DIANE MOORE Band 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; JCL 2; Seniorettes 3, 4; FOTC 3; History Club 3, 4. HARRIET MARIE MOORE Library Ass’t. 2, 3; Seniorettes 3, 4; History Club 4. MARY SANDIA MOORE (SANDI) Office Ass’t. 3, 4; Chorus 2; French Club 2, 3; Swimming 2; Seniorettes 3, 4; FTA 4; Red Cross 2, 3, Treas. 4. JUDY LEE MORPHIS SUSAN JANE MORRISON CHARLES IVAN MOTHERSHEAD HR Officer 4; Debating Club 3, 4; History Club 3, 4. BARBARA LEE MULVEY (BABS) Band 2; Majorettes 2; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4; Swimming 2; GAA 2; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2. WILLIAM AMMONS MUNYAN (BILL) Band 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 3, Leader 4; Swimming 4; History Club 4; Track 3, 4. GARY MURPHY Squad 4; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; JCL 2; Inter-Service Club Council Pres. 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Jr. Exchange Club 2, VP 3, Pres. 4; Golf 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 4; JV Basketball 2; Basketball 3, 4. 227 HARRY WESLEY MURRAY Regular Honor Roll 2; Library Ass’t. 4; JCL 2, 3. MARTHA ALLEN MURRAY (MATHA) Student Council Rep. 3; HR Officer 2; Pep Com¬ mittee 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Homecoming Court 4; YCCA 4; Class Best Citizen 3; Jr. Marshal 3; Special Honor Roll 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guidance Ass”t. 2; Cheerleader 4; FOTC 2, 3, 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; FTA 4; History Club 3; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Civinettes 3, VP 4; Superlative 4. SUSAN LAURA MURRAY WILLIAM LARRY MURRAY HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2; Key Club 2, 3, VP 4; JV Basketball 2. GLENDA DENISE NALL Y-Teens 2. COLEEN SUE NARDOCI Special Honor Roll 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 3, 4; Medical Club 2; Seniorettes 3, 4; FOTC 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Jr. Science and Humanities Symposium; Honor Society 4. GEORGE ALLEN NEAL Wrestling 2, 3. WANDA LEE NEAL EDGAR THOMAS NEW (EDDIE) Student Council Rep. 2, 3, 4; YRC 3; Squad 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; JCL 2; Civitans 2, 3, 4; Superlative 4. JAMES HOWARD NEWMAN (JIM) JCL 2,3; Roadrunners 3, 4; FOTC 4; History Club 2, 3. KIMBERLY JOY NEWNAM (KIM) HR Officer 3; JCL 2; Medical Club 2; Red Cross 3, 4. MARILYN JANE NEWNAM Regular Honor Roll 3; Library Ass’t. 4. ELIZABETH ALBERTA NICHOLS Library Ass’t. 2, 3, 4. MARION BLEDSOE NICHOLS FOTC 4; History Club 4; Spanish Club 3, 4, Red Cross 3, 4. ROBERT THOMAS NORDBRUCH (BOB) Regular Honor Roll 2; Jr. Jaycees 2, 3, 4; Swim¬ ming 4; Wrestling 2, 3; Spanish Club 2; Track 3. GEORGE EMERSON NORMAN HR Officer 3, 4; Hi-Y Club 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Tennis 4. ANNE HELENE NULSEN HR Officer 2, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Red Cross, Sec- Treas. 4. BRENDA FAYE OAKLEY Library Ass’t. 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 2; FHA 2; GAA 2. DEAN WESLEY OLDHAM Traffic Chief 4; HR Officer 2; Squad 3, 4; Jr. Marshal 3; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 3; Civitans 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; JV Baseball 2; JV Basketball 2; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; Cross Country 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Track 4; Superlative 4. James Mansfiield Elliot, Esquire, A-Go-Go, makes the Page scene with player-of-the- week Page Dunlap. CAROL FAYE OLSEN LYNN ELLEN OSMER Student Council Rep. 4; HR Officer 2, 3; Pep Com¬ mittee 3,4; Honor Society 3, VP 4; YCCA 3; Spe¬ cial Honor Roll 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 4; Guidance Ass’t. 3; O. Henry Juniors 3, 4; Red Cross 2; History Club 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Sci¬ ence Round Table 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH RAY OVERTON Roadrunners 3, 4. MICHAEL POOLE OZMENT Chorus 2; VIC 3, 4; Tennis 2. MARY GREY PARHAM Office Ass’t. 2, 3, 4; DECA 4. PENELOPE EVERLYN PARKER (PENNY) HR Officer 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3; Medical Club 2, 3; Y-Teens 2; History Club 3. JOANNE PARRISH Office Ass’t. 4. WILBER LAVOISIA PARROTT Pages By Page 2, 3, 4; Medical Club 2; Interact Club 2, 3, Board of Directors 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. LLOYD KENNETH PARSON Regular Honor Roll 2; Band 2; Inter-Service Club Council 3; Treas. 4; Interact Club 2, VP 3, Pres. 4. CAROL SUE PATTERSON Guidance Ass’t. 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; JCL 2; Jaycettes 2, 3, 4; FOTC 4; History Club 3. REBECCA JEAN PATTERSON (BECKY) Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Medical Club 4; FHA 4. MICHAEL THOMAS PEARMAN HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4; Buccaneers 3, 4. MARIA ISABEL PEDRAZA Regular Honor Roll 4; Civinettes 4; Red Cross 4. SANDRA MARIE PEEK FHA 4. WINIFRED ANNE PERKERSON Student Council Rep. 2; HR Officer 4; Pep Com¬ mittee 2, 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guid¬ ance Ass’t. 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; JCL 2, 3, Pres. 4; FOTC 3; FTA 3, 4; History Club 3, 4. FRANK PAUL PERREIRA Choir 2, 3, 4. ROBERT PULLEN PERRIN (BOB) Tennis 3; JV Basketball 2. ANNETTE ELLEN PHILLIPS Regular Honor Roll 2; Medical Club 2, 3, 4; VIC 4; Swimming 2; History Club 3; Spanish Club 2. CAROL JOYCE PHILLIPS HR Officer 3, 4; Buccaneer 4; Regular Honor Roll 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 2, 3; Y-Teens VP 2; FOTC 3, 4; GAA 2, 3, 4; History Club 3, Publicity Chairman 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Class Day Com¬ mittee 4. JAMES VICK PHILLIPS Class Pres. 2; HR Officer 2; YRC 2; Squad 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; YCCA 3, 4; Jr. Marshal 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Choir 4; Band 2; JCL 2; Civitans 2, 3, 4; Swimming 2, 3, 4; FOTC 2, 3; Superlative 4. PATRICIA ADELAIDE PHOENIX Class Treas. 2; Band 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 2; Co-Head Majorette 4; FSA 3, Chaplain 4; FHA 4; GAA 2, 3, 4. JAMES LARRY POOLE Swimming 4. CLAUDE PORTER Wrestling 3, 4; JV Baseball 2; Baseball 4; Spanish Club 2; JV Football 2; Football 3,4. JAN HERSCHEL POWELL Chorus 2, 3; Choir 4. PHYLIS ELAINE POWELL Jaycettes 2, 3, 4; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 3. RONALD WAYNE POWERS (RONNIE) Regular Honor Roll 2; Band 2,3,4; Roadrunners 3, 4. 228 John Cheek and Rad Kivette relax in the locker room after a grueling football game. MARY ELLEN PREYER Pep Committee 4; Class Best Citizen 2; Regular Honor Roll 2; Guidance Ass’t. 2, 3; French Club 3; O. Henry Juniors 2, 3, First VP 4; FOTC 3; FTA 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 3, 4. LYNNE PATRICIA PRIDEMORE Regular Honor Roll 3, 4; Library Ass’t. 2, 3, 4; Chorus 4; Seniorettes 3, 4. FRED PROCTOR LINDA DIANE PRUITT Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2; Choir 4; Medical Club 2, 3; FTA 2, 3, 4; COP 4. LINDA JEAN PRUITT (JEANNE) Pages By Page 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Medical Club 2. KENNETH ROBERT PURGASON (KEN) Pages By Page 2; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 4. CHARLES DUBRA QUESINBERRY Regular Honor Roll 2; Jr. Jaycees 3, 4. GWENDOLYN JEANETTE RANKIN Special Honor Roll 3; Regular Honor Roll 3, 4; French Club 3; FHA 3; History Club 3, 4. DOUGLAS WAYNE REID (DOUG) RICHARD C. REMMEY (RICK) Regular Honor Roll 2; Jr. Jaycees 2, 3, Treas. 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 4. THOMAS RICHARD REMMEY (TOMMY) MARSHA CLAIRE REYNOLDS FTA 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 3, 4. MARY BURRUSS RHODES Guidance Ass’t. 4; Inter-Service Club Council 2; Jaycettes 2, 3. KEITH CAMERON RICHARDSON HR Officer 3; FOTC 3; GAA 3; History Club 3, 4. JUDITH DIANNE RICHERT (JUDY) Regular Honor Roll 2; Guidance Ass’t. 2; Chorus 2, 3; Choir 4; Dramatics Club 3; Jaycettes 2, 3; History Club 3; Anchor Club 4. JOHN RICHTARIK Squad 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Band 2; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. BRENDA DIANE RIDDLE ANITA DAWN RIERSON Orchestra 3, 4; Jaycettes 2, 3, 4; History Club 3, 4. JUANITA RILEY (NITA) HR Officer 3, 4; French Club 3; Inter-Service Club Council 4; Anchor Club 3, Pres. 4. MARY JO RITTER Chorus 3; FSA 3, VP 4; History Club 3; COP 4. SUTTIE HERBERT RITTER Chorus 2, 3; Roadrunners 3, 4. CAROLYN LOUISE ROBBINS Regular Honor Roll 4; VIC Pres. 4. JIMMY BRYANT ROBBINS Track 2, 3, 4; JV Football 2; Football 3,4. JANE SUSAN ROBERSON HR Officer 3, 4; Library Ass’t. 3; COP Pres. 4. NANCY DARLENE ROBERTS DECA 4; FSA 3; COP 4. GARY EDWARD ROBERTSON VIC 4; Wrestling 2, 3; Baseball 2; JV Football 2; Football 3. SUZANNE GILBERT ROBINSON Student Council Rep. 3, 4; HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; YRC 4; French Club 2, 3; Inter- Service Club Council 3, 4; Seniorettes 3, Pres. 4; History Club 3, 4. DAVID ALLEN ROCKWELL Student Body Pres. 4; Class Pres. 3; HR Officer 2; YRC 3; Squad 3, 4; Superlative 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Office Ass’t. 4; JCL 2; Debating Club 3; Inter-Service Club Council 3; Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; JV Football 2; Track 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 4; Special Honor Roll 4. SHERRON ELAINE ROLADER (SHERRY) Pep Committee 3; Regular Honor Roll 2; Office Ass’t. 3, 4; French Club 2; Medical Club 3, 4; Seniorettes 3, 4; FOTC 3, 4; History Club 3, 4. LARRY BLAKE ROLAND Class VP 4; HR Pres. 3, 4; YRC 4; Squad 4; Jr. Marshal 3; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Chorus 2; Choir Treas. 4; Buccaneers 4; Jr. Exchange Club 2, 3, 4; JV Baseball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 4; FOTC 3, 4; JV Football 2; Spanish Club 2, 3, Treas. 4; Superlative 4. 229 WANDA KAYE ROSS HR Officer 3, 4; COP Treas. 4. BETTY JO ROYAL Deca 3. REBECCA ANNE RUDD (BECKY) Buccaneer Editor 4; Special Honor Roll 3, 4; Regu¬ lar Honor Roll 2, 3; French Club 2, 3, Sec. 4; JCL 2; Seniorettes 3, Sec. 4; FTA 3, 4; History Club 3; Societe Honoraire de Francais 4; Honor Society 4. NANCY GAYLE SASSER Special Honor Roll 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Library Ass’t. 2; Band 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; French Club 3; Euterpe Symphonia 2, 3, 4; His¬ tory Club 3. VIRGINIA SAWYER SCHENCK (GINNI) Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Chorus 2; Cheerleader 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; JCL 3, 4; O. Henry Juniors 4; History Club 3. RUTH AMELIA SCHENK Class Sec. 2; HR Officer 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Buccaneer 3, 4; Jr. Marshal 3; Special Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; Civi- nettes 3, 4; FTA 2, 3, 4; History Club 3. Becky Shelton searches for inspiration by the shore of Buffalo Lake. SUSAN RHYNE SCHENK Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Guidance Ass’t. 4; Chorus 2; FTA 3, 4; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. CLIFFORD PAUL SCHMIDT (CLIFF) HR Officer 2; Library Ass’t. 2; Interact Club 2; JV Swimming 2; Swimming 3; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. VICTOR GAYLEN SCHOOLFIELD (VIC) HR Officer 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Interact Club 3, 4; Wrestling 3, 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 2; Pirate of the Week 4. CHARLES LAWRENCE SCHORR (CHUCK) Chorus 3, 4. SANDRA SUE SCOTT Student Council Rep. 2. ALVIN EUGENE SEABERG (GENE) Wrestling 3; Track 2. PATRICIA WOODWARD SENN (PAT) Buccaneer 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 3; YCCA 4; French Club 3, 4; JCL 2; Medical Club 2; Seniorettes 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; His¬ tory Club 3. DAVID O’NEAL SHANKS Honor Society 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Special Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Inter-Service Club Council 4; Hi-Y Club 2, Pres. 4; History Club 3, 4; Superlative 4. EMILY ROSE SHARPE HR Officer 4; Guidance Ass’t. 2; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. DARLENE RHEA SHELTON HR Officer 2, 4; Class Day Committee 4; Library Ass’t. 2; Office Ass’t. 3, 4; Jaycettes 2, 3, Sec. 4; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 3. JACKIE MARIE SHELTON Chorus 2, 3; Y-Teens 2; FHA 2. REBECCA RUTH SHELTON (BECKY) HR Officer 3; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 4; Chorus 2; JCL 2; Medical Club 2, Pres. 3; O.Henry Juniors 2, 3, 4; FOTC 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; Red Cross 2, 3, Pres. 4; Honor Society 4. JANIS COLLEEN SHROPSHIRE FSA 3; COP 4. JUDEE ANNE SIMMONS LULA SIPSIS HR Officer 4; Pep Committee 4; Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 3, 4; French Club 2, 3; History Club 3. MONICA LEIGH SLATE HR Officer 2; Band 2, 3; Majorette 2, Head 3; Medical Club 4; FOTC 3, 4; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Homecoming Court 4. SHERYL LEA SOCKWELL (SHERRY) Civinettes 2, 3, 4; FTA 4; History Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. JERRY WAYNE SOUTHERN JUDY ANN SOUTHERN LYNDA GAYLE SMITH FHA 2. MARY AMICK SMITH DECA 3; COP 4. RICHARD BLAINE SMITH HR Officer 3; Chorus 2; Choir 3, 4; JV Baseball 2, 3; Baseball 4. CELIA ANN SNAVELY Student Council Rep. 2, 3, 4; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Pep Committee 2; Honor Society 3, 4; Best Citizen 2, 3; Jr. Marshal 3; Special Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Guidance Ass’t. 3, 4; French Club 2; JCL 2, V.P. 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Civinettes 2, Treas. 3, 4; FTA 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; History Club 3; Su¬ perlative 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 4. JERRY WAYNE STANLEY Roadrunners 2, 3, 4. LINDA FAYE STEDMAN Pages By Page 2, 3, 4; YCCA 2, 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Chorus 2, 3; Anchor Club 2, 3, 4; Teenage Record 4. SALLIE AYCOCK STEPHENSON Regular Honor Roll 3; Orchestra 2, 3; GAA 2, VP 3, Pres. 4; FTA 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 3, 4. EDITH DALE STEVENS HR Officer 2; Band 2, 3. EVELYN JEAN SUCKY VIC 4; Film Committee 4; GAA 2, 3. MARGARET REBECCA SULLIVAN (BECKY) Office Ass’t. 4; Orchestra 2; Dramatics 2, 3, 4; GAA 2. GUS HARDY SUMMERS Regular Honor Roll 2, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3; Sergeant of Arms 4; Baseball 3; JV Baseball 2; JV Football 2; Football 3, 4. WILLIAM LITTLE TANKERSLEY (BILL) Regular Honor Roll 2, 4; French Club 2, 3; Jr. Jaycees 3, 4; History Club 2, 3. CHARLES CHRISTIAN TAYLOR (CHRIS) Key Club 4; Junior Achievement 4. GLORIA LOUISE TAYLOR KATHERINE BAIRD TAYLOR (KATIE) HR Officer 2; Honor Society 3, 4; Special Honor Roll 2, 4; Regular Honor Roll 3; Societe Hon¬ oraire de Francais 2, 3; VP 4; Dramatics Club 2, 3; Medical Club 2; Quill and Scroll 3, Pres. 4; Civinettes 3; Film Committee 2, 3, Chairman 4. RANDEL TAYLOR RANDY DEAN TEAGUE Interact Club 3, 4; Tennis 3. DENNIS CLAY THOMAS HR Officer 2; JV Football 2. NIETA GAIL THOMAS FHA Reporter 4. CHARLES THOMPSON Choir 2, 3; VIC 2, 3, 4. LARRY VIRGIL THOMPSON Monogram Club 2; Spanish Club 4; JV Football 2. ROY MICHAEL THOMPSON Roadrunners 2, 3, 4. THOMAS EDWARD THOMPSON 230 GLORIA JEAN THORNBRO French Club 3. GLORIA IRENE THORSEN DAVID LEE TRULL Track 3. MIKE STOKES TRULL Special Honor Roll 2; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. JANET LYNN TURNER Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Office Ass’t. 3; VIC 4; Jaycettes 2, 3, 4; FOTC 3; FSA 3, 4; History Club 3. HARRY CLYDE UMFLEET HR Officer 2, 3, 4; VIC 4; Jr. Jaycees 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3. WAYNE CLEO UMFLEET Roadrunners 3, 4; History Club 3. DANNIE LEE UNDERWOOD Band 2, 3, 4; Roadrunners 3, 4. WILLIAM BROOKS UNDERWOOD ALFRED LEWIS VADEN HR Officer 3; Regular Honor Roll 2; DECA Officer 4; History Club 3. CHARLES ROBERTS VANCE HR Officer 2; Key Club 3, 4 4; Monogram Club 4; Wrestling 3; JV Football 2; Football 3, 4; Track 2. VICKY VADEN VANSTORY HR Officer 2, 3; History Club 3. BARBARA CAROL VATZ Student Council Rep. 2; HR Officer 4; Honor So¬ ciety 3, 4; YCCA 4; Class Best Citizen 3; Jr. Mar¬ shal 3; Special Honor Roll 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Civinettes 2, 3, Sec. 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; JCL 2; History Club 3; Societe Honoraire de Francais 4. RONALD FRANKLIN VERNON Choir 4; Spanish Club 3, 4. VICTORIA EMILY VonCANNON HR Officer 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Majorettes 2, 3, 4; Jaycettes 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Homecoming Court 4; Superlative 4. DONNA LEWIS WADE Chorus 2, 3, 4. SYLVIA DIANN WALKER Student Council Rep. 3, 4; HR Officer 3, 4; Mar¬ shal 3; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Band 3; Jaycettes 4; History Club 4; Lettergirl 3. JOHN WILLIAM WALL Squad 2; Guidance Ass’t. 2; Roadrunners 2. NANCY ELIZABETH WALL HR Officer 2. GRACE EUGENIA WARD LYNDA CAROL WARD Chorus 3. MARYANNA WEAVER Chorus 2. THOMAS JACOBS WEBB (TOMMY) FOTC 3, 4. WATTER EUGENE WEISNER (GENE) Chorus 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND MARL WESTCOTT Band 2, 3; Roadrunners 3, 4. JOHN FRANK WHITE (JOHNNY) HR Officer 2; Library Ass’t. 2; Medical Club 2, 3; History Club 4; Spanish Club 2. MARY ELIZABETH WHITSETT (LIBBY) Student Council Rep. 2; HR Officer 3; YRC 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; French Club 3; Seniorettes 3. PHILIP KELLY WHITT (PHIL) Band 2, 3, 4. PHYLIS LEE WHITT Office Ass’t. 4; Band 2, 3, 4. DANNY LLOYD WILKINS Track 2. LARRY ALAN WILLIAMS Honor Society 3, 4; Squad 4; Special Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Regular Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3; French Club 3, 4; Jr. Jaycees 2, 3. MARY HUNTER WILLIAMS Student Council Rep. 3; HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2; Guidance Ass’t. 2; Chorus 2; Medi¬ cal Club 2; History Club 3. WILLIAM MORTON WILLIAMS (BILLY) Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; Medical Club 3; DECA 4. JOSEPH NEWTON WILLIFORD (JOE) Student Council Rep. 3; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Regu¬ lar Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Roadrunners 2, 3, 4; Interact 4. REBECCA ANN WILLIFORD Guidance Ass’t. 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; French Club 3; Dramatics Club 4; FOTC 3, 4; FT A 3, 4. BENJAMIN ESKRIDGE WILSON, JR. (BEN) Pages By Page 3; Regular Honor Roll 2; Debate Club 2, 3; Medical Club 2, 3; Film Committee 3, 4; Track 2; Jr. Engineers 2. DORETHA LEA WILSON VIC 4. Suzi Kemp, David Shanks, Maria Gondra, and Steve Miller dine by candlelight in the cafeteria. CHARLOTTE ANN WINFREE BARBARA ANN WISE Regular Honor Roll 2, 3; JCL 2; Medical Club 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH FULTON WITHERSPOON (JOE) HR Officer 2; Regular Honor Roll 2. SANDRA DARLENE WOODS Library Ass’t. 3. ADA HARVEY WORLEY HR Officer 2, 3; Regular Honor Roll 2; Cheer¬ leader 2, 3, 4; History Club 3; Spanish Club 3; JCL 2; Homecoming Court 4. JAMES RUSSELL WORRELL (JIM) Student Council Rep. 4; Pages By Page 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4. KENNETH DALLAS WRIGHT DECA 4. IRIS IRENE WYRICK DECA 3, 4. JOHN WILLIAM WYRICK (JOHNNY) SHERRIDAN SUE YATES (SHERRY) French Club 2; History Club 3; Spanish Club 3, 4. JIMMY MAX YORK VIC 4. ALLAN MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN SARAH LOUISE WILSON HR Officer 2; Chorus 2, 3; VIC 4. 231 232 YEAR’S END means a time for evaluating past performances and a time for anticipating the future. CONCLUSION 233 YEARBOOK SIGNING parties and awards, senior activities and graduation — such moments terminate the year and become tomorrow’s past. WELCOME ' Sg-wing party Wiley Brown pins a corsage on Becky Shel¬ ton as part of the festivities of Prom night. Twirp Day squads Sue Edwards and Ann Keever await the rush of students as they leave for the day. Students anticipate sunshine, sand, and fun as they leave for the traditional beach week¬ end. 234 Morehead Scholarship winners David Rockwell and Vick Phillips, and Reynolds Scholarship win¬ ner Celia Snavely celebrate after hearing the good news. A Pep Committee sign expresses Page’s senti¬ ments toward its first basketball conference championship. Seniors Chip Hagan, Jimmy Frie- singer, and Jimmy Folds post their last club announcement on the ac¬ tivity board. 235 Trudi Schweitzer and Martha Lee serve cokes at the yearbook signing party. Spring storm brings an end to a tall pine and to a gift from a former senior class. w, I 1 V i r 7 ‘ J -2 wl V | ' fM vr I N Glimpses of the past year pass before Fran Starr as she signs a friend’s yearbook. I A wooden pirate, carved and presented by Mr. Dean Shelton, is the newest addition to the pirate family. 236 Gayla Pegg, Becky Dagenhart, Kathy Moore, and Gayle Caldwell enjoy playing cards at the senior picnic. Thank heavens we made itl 237 FACULTY AND STUDENT INDEX Abrams, Connie . 60, 104, 197 Ackley, Gregory 181 Adams, Dorothy . 167 Adcox, Stenna . 167 Adkins, Alison . 62, 68, 69, 90, 181 Ageon, Winnie . 197 Aikens, Anita . 96, 99, 167 Aikens, Norris . 96, 98, 99, 197 Alberty, David . 181 Alberty, Tony . 197 Alexander, Gene . 181 Alexander, Stephen . 167 Allen, James . 167 Allen, Jane . 100, 104, 107, 197 Allen, Margaret . 104, 181 Allen, Robert . 96, 98, 99, 167 Alieva, Cathy . . .. 167 Alieva, Donna . 181 Allred, Beverly .52, 197 Allred, Steve . 167 Allred, William 120, 181 Alston, Corrine . 167 Altvater, Bettie . 64, 65, 197 Ambrose, Barbara . 104, 181 Amick, Mary . 197 Ammons, Camelia . 167 Ammons, Richard . 167 Amos, Ronald 181 Anderson, Joanie . 52, 103, 167 Anderson, John . 97, 159, 197 Anderson, Larry . 92, 94, 197 Anderson, Melissa . 12, 103, 167 Andrew, John . 75, 167 Andrews, L. A. . 167 Anthony, Barbara. 95, 104, 110, 181 Anthony, Jerry . 52, 55, 56, 70, 138, 197 Anthony, Katherine . 181 Apple, Gary . 197 Apple, Suzanne. 167 Archer, Vicki . 181 Arnold, Cheryl . 167 Arons, Lorraine. 80, 110, 197 Arrington, Charles 92, 94 Arrington, Ethelda . 197 Artz, Mrs. Martha Dash 44 Ashley, Mrs. Arch Anna . 20, 38, 107 Ashley, Jerry. 100 Atwater, Kathy 35, 52, 58, 68, 110, 180, 181, 189 Atwood, Mrs. Bonnie B. . 21 Atwood, Wayne . 181 Austin, Ann 26 Austin, Mrs. Mary Cochrane . 42 Autry, Linda . 167 Ayers, Moir 181 Ayers, Philip 167 Ayers, Troy 181 B Bailey, Carl . Bailey, Cynthia .... Bailey, Jaenn . Bailey, James. Baker, Brenda . Baker, Brenda Hobbs Baker, Norman . Baker, Susan . Baker, Wanda . . . . Baldwin, Kay . Ball, Susan . Ballard, Kathryn . . . Ballard, Stephen . . Bancroft, Renee .... 97, 98, 99, 120, 138 . 103, 167 85, 181 155, 181 . 110, 197 . 108, 197 100, 101, 181 60, 68, 197 167 . 108, 197 . 181 67, 167 92, 94, 197 80, 81, 92, 106, 181 Bandy, Bill 146, 197 Banner, Doug . 73, 181 Barbee, Barry. 181 Barber, Chris . 197 Barber, Judith . 197 Barber, Patricia 109, 197 Barham, Mr. Clifton 34, 180 Barham, Michael . 109, 197 Barlow, Linda 103, 181 Barnes, Lee . 175 Barney, Becky . 88, 181 Barrier, Susan 110, 181 Barton, Louise . 100, 105, 197 Barts, Pat 60, 104, 107, 108, 198 Basham, Danny . 109, 181 Basinger, Susan . 181 Batts, David 52, 86, 87, 90, 91, 153, 181 Batts, Dianna. 62, 100, 110, 162, 198 Batts, Faye . 67, 198 Baumgamer, Kathy . 66 Baynes, Carolyn 167 Baynes, Eddie . 198 Baynes, Mary Sue . 96, 99, 110, 181 Bean, David 82, 90, 160, 161, 182 Beane, Cherlyn 106, 167, 182 Beane, Jennette . 167 Beasley, Danny . 149 Beattie, Guy . 73, 182 Beaver, Terry . 182 Beck, Sharon 107, 182 Beerman, Bill 28, 59, 70, 71, 86, 91, 110 156, 198, 213 Beerman, Robert . 73, 167 Beesley, John . 182 Belch, Ricky 94, 100 Bell, Eloise (Weezie) 52, 60, 85, 134, 198 Bell, Locke . 56, 167, 179 Bell, Sheila . 167 Belmore, Katherine. 66, 167, 175 Bennett, Alton . 32, 146 Bennett, Susan 52, 95, 96, 99, 104, 140, 167 Benson, Mr. Brian .. 24, 25 Benton, Dick . 120 Berkley, Shirley . 167 Bemau, Eleanor . 88, 103, 106, 126, 198 Bernstein, Rachel . 68, 106, 167 Bernstein, Susan . 26, 60, 61, 68, 126, 198, 217 Berrier, Lynn . 95, 96, 99, 106 Berry, Doug 73, 90, 91, 150, 161, 182 Berry, Jeanette . 182 Berry, Marsha 167 Bethea, Bonnie . 162, 163, 182 Bethea, Johnny 120, 160, 198 Betts, Mrs. Olive . 27 Beverly, Ronnie . 167 Bishop, Nancy . 167 Bishop, Ronald .. 167 Blair, Robert . 94, 167 Bledsoe, Jesse . 198 Block, Norman . 82, 83, 90, 182 Bobbit, Barbara 167 Booker, Phyllis . 167 Booth, Erick 75, 159, 198 Boren, Hanes . 30 Boswell, Linda . 92, 94, 110, 198 Boswell, Sharon 65, 67, 103, 182 Bowen, Bobby .182 Bowers, Ronnie . 99 Bowman, Gayle. 167 Boxman, Andy 146, 152 Boyce, Barry. 73, 198 Boyd, Jane . 198 Boyd, Joyce 168 Boyd, Kay 56, 106, 110, 198 Bracknell, Wallace 168 Bradshaw, Brenda . 67, 94, 96, 99, 106, 198 Bradshaw, Frank .168 Brady, Ann 198 Brady, Carolyn 108, 168 Brady, Charles 198 Brady, Jimmy . 65, 79, 182 Brady, John . 198 Brannock, James. 199 Braswell, Stanley 155, 182 Bray, Mike . 75, 95, 96, 99, 168 Brazeal, Lee Lee . 8, 52, 182 Brewer, John 110, 157 Brewer, Lynne 60, 88, 196, 198 Bridges, Dewey 78, 79 Brittain, Anna .182 Broadwell, Elizabeth . Brooks, Alice . Brooks, Dixie Lee . . . Brooks, James . Brooks, Mary Jo ... Brooks, Mrs. Rosalind Brooks, Wanda . Brown, Anne Howard Brown, Barbara . Brown, Ben . Brown, Boyd Brown, Charles . Brown, Claire . Brown, David . Brown, Gary . Brown, H. Lee Brown, Janelle . Brown, Janet . Brown, Jerome . Brown, Kenneth . Brown, Linda Reid . . Brown, Linda Ruth 36, Brown, Phyllis . Brown, Richard . Brown, Rigdon . Brown, Susan . Brown, Wiley . Brown, William . Bruce, Carolyn. Bruce, Judy . Bruton, Lynda . Bryant, David . Bryson, Sterling . . . . Buchanan, Bill . Bunn, David . Bunn, Homer . Bunton, Alvin . Bunton, Joyce . Bumgarner, Laurie . . Burdo, Sharon . Burns, Larry . Burton, Janice . Burton, Joyce . Bush, William . Butler, Robert . Butler, William . Byrd, Linda . 56, 168 . 168 . 182 71, 73, 198 110, 198 . 31 . 85, 168 . 60, 84, 85, 198 . 168 . 146, 198 . 198 109, 120, 182 . 88, 198, 214 . 120, 198 .198 . 198 . 88, 198 . 168 . 182 . 182 . 85, 90, 182 58, 62, 63, 68, 69, 182, 183 . 94, 182 . 182 . 100, 198 . 168 . 73, 92, 198 . 96, 198 . 88, 96, 105, 182 . 168 . 92, 94, 182 . 168 . 30 . 152, 168 . 168 . 182 .168 . 198 168 94, 103, 168 . 96, 99, 182 . 162, 198 . 109 . 151, 182 . 182 . 52, 152, 161, 168 . 198 C Cable, Margaret . Cable, William . Caddell, Nancy . Caffey, Una . Caldwell, Mrs. Patricia M. . Cameron, Bettye . Campbell, Carol Ann . Campbell, Cheryl Ann . Campbell, Diane Marie . Campbell, Garland . Campbell, Patricia . Campbell, Virginia . Capehart, Deas . Carelock, Robert . Carney, Mr. Woodrow Dennis . Carr, Marcus . Carr, Nancy . Carrington, Julian . Carter, Janice . Carter, Martha. Cartledge, Linda . Cartledge, Richard . Cashwell, Rhonda . Cates, Joyce . Cato, Miriam . Caudle, John . Caudle, Pat . Caudle, Sandra . Causey, Robert. Causey, Sandra . Causey, Sheila . Causey, Susan . Causey, Terry . Causey, Thomas . Caviness, David . 6, 96, 98, Caviness, Hal . Caviness, Sarah . Caviness, William . Chadderton, Arthur . Chaffoo, Dr. Albert . Chambers, Charlotte . Chambers, O. D. . Charles, Mr. John F. .199 92, 94, 183 96, 99, 168 . 104, 168 . 48 . 183 . 199 . 199 67, 168 . . 75, 168 35, 110, 183 _ 85, 183 88, 92, 199 . 168 . 26 76, 110, 183 110, 183 . 103, 168 . 108, 200 . . 103, 183 168 .... 76, 183 85, 133, 168 . 200 .168 . 183 . 94, 200 168, 183 . 100 . 106 , no 200 . 104 . 168 . 94 99, 120, 183 96, 120, 200 . . . 94, 168 . 183 168 41, 95 169 100, 200 37 238 Chavis, Lolcta 169 Cheek, John 52, 60, 78, 79, 86, 89, 126, 146 148, 158, 160, 200 Cheek, Lynda Carol 200 Cheek, Mary . 68, 94, 110, 183 Chilton, Jimmie . 95, 96, 146, 183 Christopher, Karen . 67, 169 Church, Alice . 109, 200 Church, Jeannie 113 Church, Robert . 169 Cirba, Steve . . 83, 146, 148, 160, 200, 203 Clark, Charlotte 169 Clark, Eloise . 183 Clark, Juanita . 169 Clark, Susan . 96, 98, 183 Clark, Vicky . 200 Clarke, David . 183 Clayton, Linda. . 96, 183 Clonch, Mildred 108 Clonch, Willa . 94, 183 Cobb, Jeanette . 169 Cobia, Grant 169 Cockman, Deborah . 110, 183 Cockman, Gayle . 169 Cockman, Phillip . 79 Coe, Pamela . 169 Cofer, Bryan 79, 86, 200 Cohen, Rebecca . 110, 183 Coldiron, Sandy . 169 Coldiron, Steve 79, 184 Cole, Joy . 200 Cole, Gary . 92, 94, 184 Cole, Steve . 169 Cole, Zola . 200 Coleman, Dennis 184 Coley, Gregory . 169 Collins, Carl . 184 Colwell, Alan . 169 Comer, Myra . 85, 110, 200 Cone, Lawrence . 74, 75, 110, 200 Connelly, Charles Edward. 169 Conner, Linda Fay . 169 Conrad, Mr. E. Mack . 48 Conti, Josephine Elaine 200 Conti, Sally. 66, 169 Cook, James . 184 Cooke, Arthur Wayland.52, 184 Cooke, Barden 169 Cooke, Evelyn Sue 169 Cooper, Carol . 65 Cooper, Dennis Lloyd 184 Cooper, Elizabeth . 94, 184 Cooper, Greg Charles . 200 Cooper, Virgil 100, 200 Cooper, Webb . 146, 184 Copeland, Connie . 169 Couch, Eddie. 184 Councilman, Barry 155, 184 Councilman, Dale. 155, 200 Covington, Julian . 157 Cox, Alice . 169 Cox, Carolyn . 95, 96, 99, 184 Cox, Danny Lee . 169 Cox, Douglas . 169 Cox, Jackie 169 Cox, Marjorie Eloise . 100, 104, 200 Cox, Sandra Lynn . 66, 169 Cox, Sherman . 200 Cox, Tema . 92, 94, 184 Crabtree, Marcus . 201 Craddock, Linda 169 Cranford, Katheryn . 184 Crawford, Michael Thomas . 169 Creed, Rhonda . 201 Crews, Danny 100, 201 Crews, Billy . 75, 169 Crouse , Miss Nancy 39, 80 Crump, George . 169 Crutchfield, Jackie 82, 152, 161, 169 Crutchfield, Jon . 52, 149, 169 Culbreth, Kathryn 169 Cttrrin, Miss Gwendolyn 26, 85, 90, 180 D Dagenhart, Barbara 169 Dailey, Robert Lee . 47 Dalton, Patricia 6, 58, 169 Dalton, Paul 184 Dandliker, Miss Ronda 41 Darnell, Nora 7, 108 Davenport, Jerry .184 Davenport, Pete 70, 91, 150, 151, 156, 184 Davenport, Ronnie Wayne.100, 169 Daves, Ava . 92, 94, 201 Davis, Junius Everett . 169 Davis, Steve Arnold . 52, 169, 184 Dayvault, Harriet 5, 85, 90, 93, 94, 184 Deal, Sherrie . 94, 184 Dean, Steve . 146 Debusk, Steve . 79, 146, 184 Deskins, Connie . 52, 184 Dewar, Mrs. Rose . 46, 108 Dexheimer, William . 201 Dickerson, Bobby . 73, 146, 201 Diesem, Sandra . 169 Dillard, Leigh . 52, 55, 68, 110, 138, 184 Dixon, Jon 92, 94, 146 Dixon, Mark Stephen . 169 Dixon, Robert . 92, 94, 146 Dixon, Steven Wayne. 149, 169 Doak, Danny Lee . 100, 184 Dodson, Nancy Sue . 184 Dodson, Randall . . 16, 170 Donaldson, Susan . 62, 88, 184 Donnell, Vicki D. 107, 201 Doss, Russell . 73, 110, 161, 201 Douglas, Beth . 56, 60, 62, 68, 112, 114 115, 127, 201, 224 Douglas, Lester Bannard . 170 Douglas, Meri-Li . 104, 106, 201 Drake, Mr. Jerry . 35 Driver, Patricia Lyanne . 170 Drury, Lucia D. . 66, 170 Drury, Margaret . 68, 110, 184, 195 Duliere, Jennifer . 26, 60, 61, 105, 106, 110, 201 Dunker, David . 157 Dunlap, Page . 86, 96, 127, 146, 201, 211 Dunn, Robert . 100 Dupree, Shelvie Jean . 184 Dyson, Valerie. 184 E Eanes, Nicky . 59 Early, Susan .201 Earman, Deborah . 170 Eaton, Melinda . 96, 99, 170 Eaton, Rebecca .201 Edens, Roderick . 76, 184 Edmonds, Jacqueline . 92, 94, 105, 185 Edmondson, Thomas . 170 Edwards, Judy . 66, 170 Edwards, Molly . 185 Edwards, Sue 52, 53, 59, 60, 68, 69, 89, 201 Elam, George . 201 Elcock, Jessie . 62, 63, 185 Elder, Vickie 102, 103, 185 Ellington, Karen . 170 Elliott, Mary . 170 Ellis, Dianne . 201 Ellis, Lura . 170 Ellis, Mr. Robert H .40, 93 Elmore, Betty . 58, 110, 185 Elmore, Cynthia .185 Emanuel, Nicky. 159, 202 English, Bill 65, 78, 79, 155, 160, 185 Estrem, Dorene . 170 Estrem, Kristine . 52, 202 Estridge, Ricky. 110, 202 Eubanks, Lloyd . 95 Euforbia, Felix . 185 Euforbia, Sandra . 80, 170 Evans, Doris . 201 Evans, Gewel . 105, 185 Evans, Mr. Harold M . 34, 74, 75, 196 Evatt, Sally . 110, 185 Everage, Phyllis 65, 201 Evick, Sharon . 170 F Farmer, Dean 52, 55, 56, 57, 70, 86, 91 110, 157, 180, 185 Farmer, William. 185 Farquhar, Susan . 92, 94, 110, 185 Farquhar, Thomas. .170 Felts, Cran 170 Fenton, June.170 Ferguson, Lawrence 86, 92, 94, 202 Fickling, Maureen 67, 94, 103, 170 Fields, Barbara 170 Fields, William 103, 185 Fluharty, Louise . 62, 67, 106, 185 Flynn, Janis 170 Folds, Jimmy 70, 71, 86, 87, 91, 150 151, 202, 204 Forsythe, Judy .170 Foster, Ann . 185 Foster, Katherine . 170 Foster, Ruth. 110, 185 Foster, Wayne . 149, 158, 170 Fouche, Eugene . 160, 185 Fox, Patricia . 68, 185 Foxworth, Candy . 185 Foy, Jimmy . 202 Franklin, Garry 76, 86, 96, 99, 135 157, 202 Franklin, Leon . 170 Franklin, Mr. Walter Wade 45 Franklin, Yvonne . 170 Frazier, Ken William . 185 Frazier, Robert . 76, 155, 202 Frazier, Steven . 202 Freeman, Gary . 185 Freiberg, Sharon 110, 185 French, Deborah . 170 Friesinger, James. 58, 70, 86, 87, 91, 150 155, 202 Froneburger, Jack. 40, 95, 96, 99 Fry, Brenda . 202 Fuller, Brenda . 185 Fuller, Mary . 170 Fuller, Vivian . 185 Funk, Edward . 52, 53, 170 Fuquay, John . 185 G Gaither, Annette . 95, 106, 110, 185 Gaither, Jannette . 95, 106, 110, 185 Gales, Linda . 202 Gales, Ray . 170 Gallagher, Chris . 202 Gallimore, Faith 37, 67, 185 Galloway, Mrs. Osa . 38, 196 Gamble, William.157, 170 Gardner, Camett . 202 Gardner, Mary . 202 Gardner, Paul . 170 Garner, Janice . 170 Gamer, Karen . 170 Garrett, Mrs. Margaret . 25, 52, 55 Gaulden, Randy 170 Gerringer, James 100 Gerringer, Laura Dianne . 108, 202 Gertz, Jay . 185 Gibson, Danny Lee . 202 Gibson, Shelia . 105, 109 Gideon, Johnny . . 94, 170 Gilbreath, Pat . 31, 58, 110, 202 Gilliland, Janice Marie . 202 Gleason, Peggy 67, 170 Godfrey, Robert . 146, 155, 186 Godwin, Beth 6, 52, 58, 62, 104, 110, 183, 186 Godwin, David . . 41 Godwin, Johnny.96, 99 Golden, Reba . 58 Gondra, Marie . 62, 105, 203 Goodwin, Judy Marie . 108, 203 Gordon, Janie . 100, 203 Gossin, Lynda 170 Grant, Linda . 170 Graves, Carson 27, 62, 63, 98, 105, 110, 203 Graves, Vivian . 186 Graves, Wylie . 186, 73 Gray, Elbert Ross.120, 186 Gray, Marsha . 94, 203 Green, Emry . 170 Green, Harold . 203 Green, Rita.170 Greene, Annette 60, 67, 110, 203 Greene, Gale. 33, 88, 186 Gregory, Rachel . . . . . 171 Gregory, William . 203 Grey, Joni.203 Griffin, Judy 171 Griggs, Charles . 94, 203 Griggs, Jane 171 Griggs, Ruth . .171 Grosse, Nancy. 52, 80, 106, 186 Grubb, Rick .171 Guard, Lee. 203 Guill, Betty Jo 85, 95, 106, 110, 203 Gulledge, Bill 171 Gulley, Katherine . .203 H Hadnott, Edward 186 239 Hagan, Charles 52, 54, 70, 91, 161, 196, 203 Hailey, Robert 26, 52, 76, 106, 158, 171, 186 Haislip, Raymond 17, 52, 70, 86, 110, 127, 207 Hale, Norma . 56, 110, 204 Haley, Hugh . 171 Hall, Lucille. 103, 171 Ham, Bonnie . 171 Ham, Dee . 75, 171 Ham, Tennie . 88, 110, 204 Hamilton, Charles . .186 Hamilton, William . 100, 204 Hammer, Janet 204 Hammer, Phyllis . 80, 204 Hammonds, Beth . 171 Hanner, Mr. Jack . 32 Haralson, Patricia . 94, 186 Harder, Sue . 25, 110, 204 Harp, Susan . 110, 186 Harper, Jerry . 186 Harper, Ricky . 157, 171 Harrell, David . 186 Harris, Casandra . 171 Harris, Deborah . 92, 94 Harris, Harriett 8, 52, 171 Harris, James . 75, 104, 204 Harris, Jerry . 110, 186 Harris, Raymond . 186 Harris, Tony 146, 147, 171 Harris, Wayne . 186 Harrison, Glenda . 186 Harrison, Patricia . 171 Hartzog, Douglas . 186 Harvell, Sammy . 186 Harvey, Beverly 204 Hauser, Daphne . 171 Hawkins, Pam 186 Hawks, Phyllis. 105, 109, 204 Hayes, Ann 107, 186 Hayes, Frances.186 Hellen, Judith . 66, 88, 171 Helms, Mary . 66, 171 Helms, Robert . 99 Henley, Richard . 94 Henley, Rita . 171 Hensley, Mrs. Kay E . 41, 95 Henson, Charlotte 85, 110, 186 Henson, James . 157 Henson, Thomas . 73, 171 Hepler, Shelia . 204 Heritage, Scott 52, 54, 55, 73, 91, 187 Hermanson, Ricky 171 Hertle, Kurt . 161, 168, 171 Hervey, Phil 73, 180, 187 Hester, Joy . 187 Hester, Melvin . 94, 187 Hester, Susan 187 Hicks, Conrad . 171 Hicks, Jerry . 187 Hicks, Linda 171, 204 Hicks, Lynnie 9, 52, 54, 84, 85, 134, 204 Hicks, Perry 52, 55, 60, 68, 128, 204 Higgins, Larry 100, 204 Higgins, Maxine . 171 Higgins, Robert 73, 187 Highfill, Marsha 94, 103, 171 Highfill, Vickie 94, 171, 176 Hightower, Dianne 171 Hill, Dacia 60, 196, 204, 209 Hill, James . 75, 171, 187 Hill, Mrs. Lucille S . 21 Hill, Phil . 171 Hilliard, Frank . 96, 99, 187 Hinshaw, Mary . 171 Hinshaw, William . 96, 99 Hinson, Richard . 76, 77, 103, 187 Hinton, Mary Lou . 8, 102, 172 Hinton, Mrs. Willie Mae . 39, 60, 65 Hipp, Brenda . 204 Hitchcock, Cassandra. 58, 85, 172 Hitchcock, Weldon 52, 77, 86, 90, 146, 155, 187 Hitchcock, Wiley .. 205 Hobbs, Keith . 168, 172 Hobgood, James. 103, 172 Hodgin, Cathy . 187 Hodgin, John . 92, 94, 205 Hodgin, Joy .172 Hodgin, Michael . 94, 187 Hodnett, Mrs. Lucile . 22 Hoffler, Angela 80, 105, 106, 205 Hoffman, Christine . 110, 187 Holbrook, James. 52, 75, 149, 172 Holder, Dan .. . 96, 98, 187 Holder, Harriet . 187 Holderness, Dorothy . . 58, 60, 85, 128, 205, 207 Holdemess, Harriet .85, 172 Holderness, Pam 84, 85, 89, 128, 134, 205, 214 Holiday, David . 120 Hollander, Margie . 187 Holliday, David . 94 Hollifield, Vickie . 94 Hollins, Virginia . 88, 172 Holman, Walter . 26, 172 Holt, Keith . 172 Holt, Rebecca . 172 Holyfield, Rebecca . 172 Honeycutt, Thomas . 95, 96, 99, 176 Hooker, Allen . 56, 75, 205 Hope, Jane . 92, 94, 110, 134, 205 Hopkins, Bobby. 82, 96, 187 Hori, Wanda 187 Horne, William . 172 Horton, Phyllis . 187 Hoskins, Ernest .187 Hough, Anne. 58, 110, 205 Hough, Terry . 60, 82, 104, 110, 205 Howell, Evelyn . 172 Hubbard, Cynthia 60, 162, 163, 205, 212 Hudson, Jimmy . 76, 110, 205 Hudson, Sylvia . 187 Hughes, John . 205 Hughey, Donald . 187 H unsinger, Mrs. Iris . 27 Hunsinger, John . 187 Hunsucker, Susan. 110 Hunsucker, Terry 6, 67, 106, 162, 163, 187 Hunt, Charles . 100 Hunt, Mrs. June . . . . 39, 62 Hunter, Mrs. Allene 46, 100 Huntley, David . . 205 Hutchinson, Wilma . 92, 94, 106, 205 Hyman, Phyllis . I . 67, 196, 205 Idol, William 94, 205 Ingle, Gwyn. 79, 172 Ingold, Steve . 96, 187 Isley, Donald . 100 , 101 , 205 Isley, Sarah . 108, 205 Issac, William 120 , 187 Ivey, Dennis. j 149 Jackson, Charles . 100 , 205 Jackson, David . 172 Jackson, Debora 172 Jackson, Linda . 172 Jackson, Patricia . . 188 Jackson, Sam . 188 Jarrett, Eddie. 188 Jarvis, Ann . 92 Jarvis, Carol . . ... 92 , 94, 188 Jarvis, Lucille . 94, 172 Jeffries, Brenda . 188 Jenkins, Sidney . 96, 98 , 99, 172 Jessup, Jerry 172 Jobe, Gerald . 188 Johnson, Cynthia . 188 Johnson, Fred . 188 Johnson, Kenneth. . 86, 87, 146, 160, 188 Johnson, Linda 196, 205 Johnson, Margaret 188 Johnson, Tim . 100 Johnson, Virginia . . . . 67, 188 Jones, Angela . 100 , 101 , 205 Jones, Cathy . .58, 68 , 77, 110 , 188 Jones, Charles . 172 Jones, Diane . 188 Jones, Dudley. 159, 188 Jones, George Randy . . . . 75, 70, 86, 150, 151 159, 161, 205 Jones, Karen 103, 188 Jones, Larry . . 76 , 150, 161, 188 Jones, Patsy . 205 Jones, Ralph . 94, 146, 172 Jones, Robert 188 Jones, Ronnie . 188 Jones, Tom 188 Jordan, Judy . 108, 205 Jordan, Robert 110 , 188 Josey, Roberta 52, 188 Julian, Linda. 80, 188 K Karas, Diana. . 88 92, 94, 110, 205 Kearney, Charlene . . . ... 206 Keel, Shirley . 58, 172 Keen, William . 103 Keever, Ann . 52, 58, 60, 129, 134, 206 Kellar, Mary . .... 58, 103, 172 Kelly, Jay . . . 75, 157, 172 Kemp, Suzi . . 52 , 60, 68, 105, 205 Kennedy, Byron .... .... 158 Kersey, Warren. . 172 Key, Barbara 105, 109, 206 Key, Gary . 206 Key, Linda . .... 188 Keyes, Richard . 73, 188 Kime, Bob . 146, 150, 160, 188 King, Christy . . . . 68, 133, 188 King, Frances . . . 92, 94, 188 King, Geoffrey. 70, 149, 152, 172 King, Johnny 5, 52, 56, 70, 157, 180, 188 King, Mrs. Joyce M. .... 36 King, Libby . 11 55, 60, 68, 129, 132 133, 203, 206 King, Lynne .... 67, 94, 206 King, William . 94, 172 Kingsbury, Cathy . . . 85, 206 Kinlaw, Vance . . 173 Kinney, Bari . _ 189 Kinney, Bill . .... 70, 157, 173 Kirkman, Jane . 62, 189 Kirkman, Lynda . .... 96 99, 173 Kirkman, Phyllis .... 108, 206 Kirkman, Ralph . . . .... 173 Kirkman, Steve 28, 92, 110, 206 Kirksey, Karin . 60, 80, 105, 206 Kirzinger, Tana , . . . 206 Kittinger, Mr. Robert 34, 79 Kivett, Elaine . 65, 80, 107, 206 Kivette, Rad . 59, 70 71, 86, 125, 147 148, 206, 212 Klemm, Alice . 88, 189 Kletzien, Mrs. Fannie N. 36, 37 Knighten, Joan .... . . . . 173 Koenig, Teddy . 82, 146 Kohl, Janice . 92 94, 189 Kontoulas, Johnny . . , 73, 189 Kontoulas, Sylvia. 162, 206 L Lackey, Donald F. 109, 206 Lacklen, Greg Flynn , . . 158 Lake, Lawrence Perry ... 42 Lamb, James V. 7, 79, 146, 160 Lambeth, Dorothea , . 67, 189 Lambeth, William Ricky 153, 206 Lamson, Donna Gail 103, 173 Lamson, Lindsay . . . 110, 189 Lance, Charles . 82, 160 Landreth, Helen Ruth 107, 206 Lane, Sarah 65, 189 Lane, Van McKibben 147, 173 Lanning, Jenny L. ... 173 Larimore, Cynthia G. 173 Laughlin, Craig . . . . 189 Lattham, John L. Ill 79 Lavasque, Deborah . . ... 173 Lawrence, David . . . . . 206 Lawson, Kenneth . . . . 173 206 Leathead, Charles 173 LeClair, Candy . 52, 173 Leard, Andy 189 Lee, Charles . 206 Lee, Dennis. 96, 99, 173 Lee, Scott 70, 161, 173 Lee, Sonny. . . 189 Lefler, Mike ... 173 Leister, Cordy . 58, 173 Leister, Janet 29, 58, 62, 63, 189 Lemmons, Richard . 109 Leonard, David 189 Leonard, John 173 Leonard, Richard . 92 Leonard, Susan 23, 80, 81, 206 Leonard, Thomas 173 Lester, James . 206 Lewellyn, Phyllis 173 Lewis, Arthur 189 Lewis, Kay 92, 93, 94, 173 Li, Robert . 15. 60, 139, 173 Liles, Henry 70, 106, 166 240 Patricia 56, 110, 135, 204, 110 , 92, 94, 120, 56, 67, 110, 58, 90, 110, 34, 104, 120, 82, 150, 160, 99, 95, 96, 98, 94, 206 206 173 206 206 189 189 166 206 206 206 189 173 189 189 206 173 206 Lind, Kay Lindley, David Lindsey, Janis Lindsey, Jerry Lineberry, Nancy Lineberry, Phyllis Little, Patricia Livengood, Mrs. Livingston, Dan Ljung, Karl Lloyd, Brennie Lockamy, Wanda Long, Barbara Long, Brenda Long, Kathy Long, Ken Love, Ronald Lowder, Robert Lowdermilk, Catherine Lowdermilk, Janice Lowe, Cynthia Lowman, Edward Loy, Junior Ludwick, Debbie Luebke, Robert Lumley, John Lumley, Mary Francis Lumley, Ruth Ann . Lummis, Christine Lupo, Miss Patricia 52, 56, 66, 68, 173 67 206 . 206 . 92, 94, 189 68 , 95, 189 . 173 100 , 206 105, 107, 108, 206 . 105, 189 92, 94, 189 . 33 M Mabe, Betty Lois Mack, Janice . Mack, Robin Mahala, Vickie Prince Maiden, Laura Ann Maloy, Donald Maness, Anne Osborne Maness, Linda Robbins Maness, Patricia Maness, Rubin Maness, Susan Gail Mangham, Robert H. Manieri, Manny . Mann, Alex. Mann, Garlon Mann, Susan Mann, Robert Manring, Scott Marlon, Donald Marschall, Gary Marshall, Larry Martin, Linda Martin, William Mashbum, Herbie Mason, Donna . Mason, Marion Ruth Mason, Morris ...... Mason, Robert Matherly, Marquita Matherly, Michael Matthews, Martha Matthews, Myra Matthews, Randy Maxwell, George May, Phyllis. May, Sally Maynard, Sandra Mays, Deborah . McAdoo, Sharon McAdoo, Tim . McAllister, Hiram . . McBride, Mary McCaskill, Les McCorkle, Doug McCormick, John McCormick, Lisa McCoy, Lyn McCullough, John McDaniel, Jimmie McDonough, Patricia McDbwell, Rodney . . McDuffie, Deborah McFarland, Katherine McGinty, Corliss . 6, 173 . 52, 55, 106, 206 . 173 173 65, 67, 110, 206 . 190 66, 85, 173 . 30, 103, 206 208 70, 166, 173 . 173 173 73, 86, 110, 159, 208 . 82, 183, 190 . 47 173 82, 134, 208 . 74, 75, 82, 146, 208 190 . 65, 208 52, 173 96, 99, 190 190 70, 86, 91, 151, 161, 208 .190 . 173 . 120 . 173 . 67, 103, 208 174 . 88, 106, 208 92, 94 64, 110, 208 . 110 . 208 . 108, 208 . 80, 92, 94, 110, 190 .208 . 174 76, 77, 90, 91, 92, 94, 189 . 120, 208 .174 171, 174 .168, 174 . 208 . . 68 29, 58, 110, 208 189 160, 208 . .208 . 120, 190 88, 110, 190 .174 10, 52, 54, 58, 70, 86, 202 McIntosh, Charles McIntyre, Joey Melver. Miss Anne 208 96, 174 174 26, 33, 104 92, 94, 162, 109, 110 , 46, 75, 157, .73, 56, 60, 92, 93, 94, 149, 157, 34, 146, 147, 148, . 107, 108, 21, 136, 137, 139, 100 , 60, 68, .157, 160, 183, 70, 96, 149, 146, McKinney, Gloria Doyle McKinney, Steve McKnight, Nancy . McLaird, Hazel McLaughlin, Archie McLaughlin, Sterling McLean, David McLean, Donald McLean, Janet . McLendon, Lennox McNulty, Anita McPherson, Linda Meador, Steve . Medders, Linda Mcdlin, Mr. Luther Meldau, Barbara Mendenhall, Linda Mensel, Dianne. Mensel, Robert Alan Metts, Kenneth Meyland, Leger. Michael, Diahann Michael, Susan Middleton, Billy Middleton, Courtney Midkiff, Mr. Walter Milam, Benny Miller, David Miller, Lois . Miller, Linda Miller, Nancy . 52, 81, 92, 94, 106, Miller, Steve . 52, 55, 60, 70, 91, 129, 196, Millikan, David . 82, Mills, Frances. Mills, Hardee. 71, 104, Mincey, Glency Mintz, David 41, 96, 98, 155, Mitchell, Mr. Jack 48, Moffit, Lucinda 88, Molodet, Steve 73, 152, 161, Moody, George Moore, Alan . 8, 53, 70, 90, 91, 102, 104, 159, Moore, Cynthia . 66, 88, Moore, Gary . Moore, Marie 110, Moore, Marilyn Moore, Mary 56, 80, 110, Moore, Nancy 85, Moore, Sandy 88, Morgan, James . 76, Morgan, Paula 80, Morphis, Judy Morris, Mr. John D. Morris, Mr. McGregor Morrow, Lynne Morrow, Mr. Samuel L Morrow, Wade Morton, Linda . Mothershead, Ivan Motley, Joyce . Mulvey, Barbara Lee Mulvey, James Munyan, William 95, 96, 99, 135, 160, Murphy, Mr. Charles Robert 40 Murphy, Christine 110, . 28, 29, 149, 52, 80, 49, 12 , 110, 160, Murphy, Arthur Murphy, Gail Murphy, Gary 78, 79, 92, 94, 52, 55, 73, 86, 89 129, 150, 159, Murphy, Judith Murray, Harry Wesley Murray, Larry Murray, Martha . Murray, Sharon Myers, Ann Myrick, Carol Nall, Glenda Nardoci, Colleen Neal, Cynthia . Neal, George Neal, Richard Neal, Sylvia Neal, Wanda Neas, Missy Neese, LaMarr Neller, Yvonne Nelson, Cynthia Nelson, George 60, 68, 106, 130, 135, 210, 96, 99, 58, 106, 110, 174 190 174 209 174 209 190 190 209 174 174 174 190 209 143 209 174 209 174 190 174 174 174 174 209 166 190 190 190 190 190 209 190 174 174 100 190 160 209 174 209 103 190 209 190 209 190 190 174 209 174 174 209 151 151 191 160 190 174 210 174 210 174 210 99 210 191 174 , 91 161 174 210 82 211 191 174 191 New, Anne New, Eddie Newman, Don Newman, James Newman, Kimberly Newnam, Charles Newnam, Don Newnam, Marilyn Newton, Melissa Newton, Mr. Robert Niblock, Linda Nichols, Elizabeth Nichols, Marion Nichols, Mrs. Mary Noble, Steve Nordbruch, Bob Nordbruch, Laura Norman, Gary Nulsen, Anne Nursey, Ca rol Oakley, Brenda Oates, Roger O’Ferrell, Lynn Oldham, Dean Oldham, Edith Oldham, Mike Oliver, Kathy Olsen, Carol Orrell, Charles Osborne, Mike Osmer, Lynne Osmer, Richard O’Steen, Steven O’Terrell, Lynn Overman, Joseph Overman, William Overton, Miss Nina Owen, James Owen, Linda Owen, Robert Owens, Mike Ozment, Julius Ozment, Margaret Ozment, Michael Page, Mrs. Catherine Pardue, Pamela Parham, Mary Parker, Penny Parrish, Jackie Parrish, James Parrish, Joanne Parrish, Sandra Parrish, Sheila Parrott, W’ilbur Parson, Lloyd Paschal, Karen . Pate, Walter Patterson, Carol Patterson, Carolyn Patterson, James Patterson, Rebecca Paul, Kathryn Paul, Richard Pearce, Albert Pearce, Pete Pearman, Bruce Pearman, Larry Pearman, Mike Pearman, Paulette Peck, Cecil Pedraza, Isabel Peek, Sandra Peele, Nancy Pegram, David Pegram, Rickey Perkerson, Anne 68 , 52, 58, 59, 70, 91, 202, . 79, 120 , . 67, 110, 89, 25, . 38, 157, 160, . 110 , . 110 , 103, 52, 55, 70, 91, 138. 153, 161, 201, . 68, 162, . 152, 161, .96, . 76, 86, 87, 6 , 52, 58, 60, 84, 85, 52, 152, 161, 110 , 106, 149, 109, 28, 100 , 175 210 191 210 210 191 146 210 175 120 174 108 210 107 175 210 175 191 210 191 210 149 175 150 210 191 175 191 210 175 191 210 175 191 94 210 175 32 191 191 191 175 175 191 211 110 211 211 211 191 . 175 211 .175 . 191 64, 65, 76, 211 76, 77, 89, 211 175 191 80, 99, 211 96, 99, 175 120, 191 94, 105, 211 26, 175 175 . 82, 175 . 82, 152, 161, 175 211 92, 94, 191 92, 94 175 191 14, 52, 68, 111, 211 . 211 191 . 175 . 175 23, 58, 68, 106, 110, 211 60, 88, 210 Perkerson, Carol 52, 55, 56, 58, 66, 166, 175 174 Perreira, Frank 211 70, 210 Perrin, William 52 49, 152, 174 Phillips, Annette 109, 211 174 Phillips, Ben 175 210 Phillips, Carol 62, 110, 162, 211 168, 174 Phillips, Judy 94, 175 174 Phillips, Sandra 191 58, 191 Phillips, Steve 175 58, 104, 174 Phillips, Vick 16, 55, 60, 70, 82, 91 174 92, 94, 131, 133, 211, 214 241 Phoenix, John . Phoenix, Patricia Pickard, Cynthia . . Pickier, Cecil . Pierce, Danny . Plante, Robert . Player, Billy . Poe, Donna . Poole, Bernard . Poole, James . Pope, Karen . Porter, Claude . Poston, Ronnie . Powell, Mrs. Carolyn Powell, Jan Powell, Miss Patricia Powell, Peggy . Powell, Phyllis . Powers, Ronald . Pratt, Johnny . Preddy, Jerry . Preddy, Sherry . Prevette, Mary Ann Preyer, Ellen . Pridemore, Patricia Primm, John . Pritchett, Clyde ... Pruitt, Linda Diane Pruitt, Linda Jean . . Pugh, Ronnie . Pulliam, Mr. Robert Purgason, Kenneth . Puryear, Mrs. Lois Puryear, Paul. . 96, 158, 175 . 96, 99, 211 . 176 . 176 146 191 . 176 176 109, 191 . 211 176 . 24, 146 158, 176 . 30, 41, 93 . 92, 94, 212 . 32, 85 . 94, 176 80, 110, 212 . 96, 120, 212 . 191 . 176 . 94, 176 . 176 59, 85, 106, 212 . 88, 212 152, 161, 176 159, 191 92, 94, 106, 108, 212 107, 108, 212 . 176 23, 77 .75, 212 . 28, 110 110, 157, 191 Quate, Cheryl ... Quesinberry, Charles Rainey, Lynn . Ramsey, Richard Rankin, Miss Linda Rankin, Jeanette Rankin, Julian . . Rankin, Mrs. Susan Ravenel, Theodore Ray, Donald Ray, Nancy . Rayle, Sheron Reaves, Rita . Reid, Douglas Reid, Yvonne Remmey, Richard Remmey, Tommy . Reynolds, Marsha Rhew, Vail . Rhodes, George Rhodes, Mary ... Rice, Christine . . Rice, Paula Rich, Linda . Richardson, James Richardson, Keith Richert, Judith Richtarik, John . . Riddle, Brenda Riddle, Sandra . Ridge, Diane . Rierson, Anita . Riley, Juanita . Rink, Cathy . Ritter, Carolyn . . . . Ritter, Jo Marie . . . Ritter, Larry . Ritter, Suttie . Robbins, Carolyn . Robbins, Cynthia . Robbins, Jimmy . . . . Robbins, Mr. Joseph Roberson, Bobby Roberson, Jane .... Roberts, Darlene . . Roberts, Esther ... Roberts, Gayle . . Roberts, Jeffrey . . . Roberts, Jennifer Roberts, Raymond Roberts, Ricky . Robertson, Carl Q 92, 94, 192 . 212 R . 176 52, 73, 152, 161, 176 . 28 . 110 , 212 . 75 . 24, 110 82, 91, 110, 146, 150, 159 192 . 160, 192 . 67 192 110, 192 . 212 . 105, 192 .79, 212 . 212 . 110, 212 . 94, 176 . 192 212 . 176 . 176 . 164, 192 . 94, 176 110, 212 . 67, 92, 94, 212 . 91, 110, 212 . 108, 212 . 176 . 176 . 80, 95, 110, 213 67, 89, 213 . 176 . 176 . 107, 108, 213 . 109 . 120, 212 . 109, 213 . 94, 176 135, 146 . 26, 43, 103, 143 . 150, 161, 192 . 108, 213 106, 108, 212 176 . 176 176 . 38, 192 . 100, 192 149, 176 192 213 176 88 , 106, 192 . 36 Robertson, Gary . Robinson, Anna . Robinson, Caryl. Robinson, Mary . Robinson, Suzanne . 52, 53, 88, 89, 110, 213 Robinson, Sylvia .. 45, 177 Rockwell, David 11, 52, 55, 56, 60, 70, 75, 86 91, 131, 133, 160, 213, 217 Roe, Phillip . 82, 192 Rogers, Kenneth . 94, 192 Rogers, Linda . 88, 105, 192 Rogers, Stewart . 70, 104, 177 Rogers, William. 177 Rolader, Sherron . 88, 110, 213 Roland, Judith 66, 177 Roland, Larry 36, 56, 73, 91, 92, 94, 131 155, 196, 209, 213 Ross, Don 177 Ross, Melinda . 177 Ross, Wanda . 106, 213 Roten, Mr. Carl . 36, 79 Routh, Hal . 73, 192 Royal, Betty Jo .213 Rudd, Becky . 4, 60, 62, 88, 106, 213 Russ, Ronald . 192 Ruth, Mr. Earl Wiley 36, 73, 152, 161 S Sams, Mrs. Adclia 4, 32, 62, 63, 137, 196 Sams, Cynthia . 94, 177 Sams, Patricia . 192 Sasser, Nancy . 96, 99, 213 Schenck, Ginni . 6, 85, 213 Schenk, Ruth 60, 62, 68, 106, 213 Schenk, Susan . 23, 106, 110, 213 Schmidt, Clifford 110, 214 Schnabel, Tommy . 94 Schoolfield, Vic . 76, 77, 95, 96, 158, 214 Schorr, Charles . 94, 214 Schubert, Margret . 64, 88, 192 Scoggins, Philip . 149 Scott, Sandra .214 Seaburg, Cynthia . 52, 66, 177, 179 Seaburg, Eugene . 214 Seager, Allan . 192 Sears, Deborah . 52, 66, 177 Semino, Susan . 94, 177 Senn, Pat . 62, 88, 106, 214 Senn, Robert. 66 Sequeira, Ona . 192 Shanks, David . 60, 61, 74, 75, 89, 110, 131 198, 214 Sharpe, Emily . 214 Shelburne, Miss Florence . 24 Shelton, Darlene 80, 110, 214 Shelton, Jackie 38, 39, 214 Shelton, Rebecca . 60, 84, 85, 106, 214 Shephard, Janie 94 Shepard, John 76, 110, 192 Shepherd, Linda . 192 Sheppard, Jo Ann . 192 Shipman, Mr. Harry 41, 95, 96 Shipwash, Miss Anne . 40 Shupe, Linda. 192 Shuping, Ruth 84, 192 Sides, Becky 192 Simmerman, Mr. James 47, 74, 75, 120 Simmons, Judy .214 Simpson, Carol . 177 Simpson, Steve 146, 192 Sims, Pam . 177 Singleton, Miss Rita 48, 162 Sipsis, Lula. 58, 214 Sirkel, Kathy . 80, 81, 92, 94, 193 Slade, Shirley 99, 177 Slate, Monica . 135, 214 Sloan, Georgie . 214 Smith, Danny 44, 193 Smith, Deborah 67, 162, 177 Smith, Miss Ernestine . 38 Smith, Frank 149, 158, 177 Smith, Miss, Jill Renee . 25 Smith, Joe 78, 79, 135, 146, 155, 158, 193 Smith, John Michael. 193 Smith, Lynda . 215 Smith, Mary Gwen 88, 108, 177 Smith, Nancy. 95, 177 Smith, Miss Odell 22, 68 Smith, Patricia. 193 Smith, Mrs. Pollyanna . 25, 88 Smith, Richard 92, 93, 94, 155, 215 Smith, Ricky S. 96, 98, 157, 193 Smith, Robert Allen 177, 193 Snavely, Celia 52, 60, 106, 131, 137, 198, 215 Snipes, Johnny . 193 Snow, Patricia . 193 Sockwell, Sherry 68, 106, 110, 215 Solomon, Peggy 177 Sossaman, Edward . 25, 177 Southern, James .177 Southern, Jerry . 215 Southern, Judy. 215 Southern, Virginia . 193 Spence, Catherine . 177 Spencer, Sharon 67, 94, 110, 193 Spillman, Calvin 100 Squires, Martha Ann 85, 177 Stanfield, Emily . 52, 89, 177 Stanley, Ben . 177 Stanley, Betty.94, 177 Stanley, Deborah . 193 Stanley, Jerry . 120, 215 Stanley, John . 70, 193 Stanley, Maria . 193 Stanley, Sylvia . 193 Stanley, Theresa . 177 Starmer, Richard . 73, 177 Starr, Fran 68, 94, 96, 99, 193 Staton, James . 149, 177 Stedman, Lynda . 67, 215 Stephenson, Sallie . 106, 162, 163, 215 Stevens, Edith . 215 Stevenson, Terri . 193 Stewart, Miss Jessie Ann . 43 Stewart, Peggy . 67 Stockard, Bob 82, 146, 186, 193 Stokes, Mrs. Sandra . 27, 43, 104 Stout, Butch .. 193 Stowe, Mr. Donald 46, 83, 109, 148, 153 Strader, Victor . 158, 193 Strickland, Deborah . 94, 177 Stroud, Martha . 66, 68, 177 Strouth, Judy . 193 Stutts, Terry . 94, 163, 194 Styers, Jackie . 194 Sucky, Evelyn . 107, 108 Suddreth, Clyde . 82, 86, 160, 194 Sugg, Miss Kathryn . 44 Suggs, Nancy . 194 Suggs, Sherry . 177 Sullivan, Celia . 177 Sullivan, Margaret . 103, 215 Summers, Gus 75, 146, 148, 153, 215 Sutphin, Joe . 177 Swanner Mr. Leslie . 48, 86, 132, 136, 147, 148 Swepston, Anderson 92, 94, 158, 160, 161, 194 T Tallevast, Renee . 178 Tankersley, Bill . 35, 79, 215 Tate, Robert . 70, 152, 161, 178 Taylor, Charles . 82 Taylor, David 56, 58, 70, 104, 105, 110, 157, 194, 195 Taylor, George . 178 Taylor, Katherine . 31, 60, 105, 215 Taylor, Pamela . 67, 194 Taylor, Randall . 100, 215 Taylor, Susan 52, 62, 63, 85, 92, 94, 104, 180, 194 Teague, Jane . 92, 94, 215 Teague, Randy . 76, 77 Teague, Mrs. Rebecca . 27, 77, 88 Teeter, Jan . 103, 178 Terrell, Jan . 178 Thomas, Barbara . 178 Thomas, Chipper . 99 Thomas, H. W. . 178 Thomas, Nieta . 215 Thompson, Charles 120 Thompson, Mr. Junie P . 49, 160 Thompson, Larry . 215 Thompson, Martha.94, 194 Thompson, Mike . 120, 215 Thompson, Rebecca. 106, 194 Thompson, Sara.178 Thompson, Sherlene . 178 Thompson, Tommy .215 Thompson, William . 178 Thore, Jerry. 82, 146, 155, 194 Thombro, Jean .215 Thornburg, Tim 76, 155, 194 Thorne, Agnes 85, 110, 194 242 Thorsen, Gloria . Thrift, Benjamin . Thrift, Bruce. Throckmorton, Carolyn Thurmond, Sharon . Tipton, Kathryn . Treadway, John . Trogdon, Mrs. Verna Troxler, Nancy . Troxler, Rebecca . Trull, David .. Trull, Mark . Trull, Mike Trull, Sharon . Tucker, Galen . Tumlin, David . Turner, Bonnie. Turner, David . Turner, James . Turner, Janet . Turner, Ronald. Turner, Sandra . Tyner, Mrs. Elizabeth U . 108, 215 . 178 . 178 35, 52, 88, 106, 215 . 34, 178 . 67, 178 . 194 .35, 80 35, 90, 105, 194 95, 96, 178 . 146, 160, 215 . 178 . 215 6, 52, 58, 166, 178 . 178 . 178 . 26, 94, 178 . 170 . 120, 194 . 106, 108, 216 . 92 . 66, 178, 179 31, 52, 54, 55 Umfleet, Donna Umfleet, George . Umfleet, Harry . Umfleet, Wayne. Underwood, Dannie Underwood, Mary Anna 5, 52, 53, 80, 46, Underwood, Media Underwood, Wayne Underwood, William Upton, Mrs. Jackie 96, Vaden, A1 . Vaden, Linda Kaye . Vail, Theresa Jane Vance, Charles Vance, Mary Currell . Van Osmer, Michael Vanstory, Vickie . Varner, Russell Lee . Vatz, Carol . 9, 60, Vaughan, Skipper . Vaughn, Charles . Vaughn, Janet Lynn . Vaughn, Jerry Lee . Vemey, Vivian Ann . Vernon, Barry Thomas Vernon, Cleo Ray Vernon, Ronnie . 92, Vestal, Susan Marie 12, 34, Von Cannon, Vickie 80, 81, 89, 96, 98, 149, 109, 96, , 90, 110 , 120 , 29, 101 , 106, 42, 133, 42, 68 , 73, 94, 99, 94, 133, 99, 208, 178 178 216 120 216 106 194 194 194 216 110 216 39 194 146 178 194 216 194 216 194 99 178 178 178 178 178 216 178 132, 216 Wade, Donna Wadlington, Maurice Wadlington, William Wagoner, James Walden, Virginia Walker, Diane . Wall, Nancy Wallace, Mr. Nelson Wallace, John . Wallen, Virginia Walthall, Mrs. Clara Ward, Grace . Ward, Lloyd . . Ward, Lynda . Warf, Curtis . Warren, Michael Watkins, James Watson, Harry Way, Winford . Weaver, Mary Anna Weaver, Mr. Phillip Weaver, William Webster, Janet Webster, Robert Weiner, Gregg Weisner, Gene Welch, Gloria Wells, Larry Wells, Mary W . 216 146, 155, 158 . 146, 194 178 162 52, 80, 110, 216 . 216 . 5, 23, 60, 73 70, 71, 91, 96, 146 155, 157, 194 . 178 . 46 . 108, 216 . 178 . .216 . 100 . 178 . 149 71, 102, 103, 104, 105 110, 194 . 178 216 20 8, 52, 70, 73, 110, 157 189, 194 99, 178 178 . 73, 179 94, 216 . 194 . 146, 160, 194 194 Westmoreland, Charles . 195 Whisnant, Debbie . . . . 179, 195 White, Betty . . 94, 179 White, Blossom . . 110, 195 White, John . 110, 216 White, Laura . . 110, 216 White, Lucie. 68, 90, 104, 105, 195 White, Thome . . 161, 1 79 195 Whitford, Virginia . . . . 179 Whitley, Lynda . . 179 Whitlow, Deborah 52, 65, 66, 179 Whitsett, Libby . . 56, 60, 216 Whitt, Phillip . . 96, 98, 99, 216 Whitt, Phyllis . . 99, 216 Wilder, Joy . . 23, 110, 195 Wilder, Mr. J. W. . 49, 88 Wiles, Willie . . 179 Wiley, Bruce . 104, 161, 195 Wilkins, Danny . .216 Wilkins, Danny S. . 195 Wilkins, Rita 195 Wilkinson, Hank . . 73 Wilkinson, John 179 Wilkinson, Michael 146, 158, 160, 195 Wilkinson, Steve 82, 146, 160, 195 Willet, Larry . . 120, 195 Williams, Mrs. Ann 25, 68 Williams, Barbara 195 Williams, David . . . . 195 Williams, David Lynn . 73 Williams, Deborah . . 179 Williams, Jimmy 102, 103, 216 Williams, Larry . .60, 91, 216 Williams, Mary . . 108, 216 Williams, Rebecca 179 Williams, William . 92, 94, 100, 217 Williford, Joe. . 120, 127 Williford, Paul 76, 92, 94, 146, 160, 217 Williford, Rebecca . 92, 103, 106, 217 Willis, Anne . .52, 110, 195 Wilson, Andrew . . 26, 110, 179 Wilson, Ben .9, 35 Wilson, Doretha . . 108, 217 Wilson, Elizabeth . . . .195 Wilson, Jerry . 179 Wilson, Louise .217 Wilson, Margaret . 195 Wislon, Mary . .94, 195 Wilson, Susan 80, 81, 106, 195 Wimbs, Martin L. 195 Wine, C. Townes 179 Winfree, Charlotte .217 Winslow, Donald 75, 146, 160, 195 Wise, Miss Barbara Ann 45, 105 Wise, Barbara .217 Wolfe, Donna . . 109 Womack, Juliet 58, 59, 85, 90, 195 Wood, Carol J. 117, 195 Wood, Christopher 179 Wood, Marsha L. 96, 179 Wood, Robert E. Ill 179 Wood, Sarah Jo 88, 110, 195 Woodroof, Sarah M. 58, 59, 84, 85, 195 Woods, Chris . . 93, 94 Woods, Jennifer A. 179 Woods, Ronald D. 179 Woods, Sandra. 217 Woods, Susan R. . 179 Worley, Harvey . . . 7, 134, 135, 217 Worth, David M. . 73, 152, 179 Worth, Robert P. 70, 161, 179 Wrenn, Martha A. . 179 Wright, Kenneth 100, 217 Wright, Ronald J. . . 195 Wrightson, Wayne. 179 Wyrick, Iris . 100, 217 Wyrick, James Milton 179 Wyrick, Maurice Ellen 179 Y Yancey, Charles 16, 96 Yates, Roger 179 Yates, Sherry S. 217 Yeatts, Victoria Jean 58, 179 York, Carol Rebecca 179 York, James 179 York, Jimmy 217 Young, Terry 75 Z Zimmerman, Allen 217 Zimmerman, Maynard 217 FEATURES AND ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Administration 20, 21 Anchor Club . 67 Assemblies 139, 140 Awards . 136, 137 Band . 96-99 Baseball, JV . .155 Baseball, Varsity 153, 154 Basketball, JV 152 Basketball, Varsity 150, 151 Buccaneer 62, 63 Cheerleaders 122, 123 Choir 92 Choruses 93, 94 Civinettes 68, 69 Civitans 70, 71 Class Day 70, 71 COP 108 Counselors 22, 23 Cross Country 161 Debate Club 104 DECA 100, 101 Dedication 4 Dramatics Club 102, 103 Elections. 138 Film Committee 105 Football, JV 149 Football, Varsity 146-148 Foreign Students 14, 15 French Club 114 FHA .105 FSA 107 FT A .106 GAA 121 Girls’ Sports 162, 163 Golf .159 Graduation 143 History Club 110, 111 Hi-Y . . 74, 75 Homecoming 132-135 Honor Society 60, 61 Interact 76, 77 Inter-Service Club Council 89 JCL 112 Jr. Exchange 72, 73 Jr. Jaycees 78, 79 Jr. Jaycettes . 80, 81 JV Pep Committee 66 Key Club 82, 83 Library Assistant 119 Marshals 90 Medical Club 116 Monogram Club 86, 87 Office Assistant 119 O. Henry Juniors 84, 85 Orchestra 85 Outstanding Seniors 126-131 Pages by Page 64, 65 Pep Committee 58, 59 Pirate Ball. 141 Quill and Scroll 118 Red Cross .117 Roadrunners 120 Senior Directory 224-231 Seniorettes . 88 Societe Honoraire de Francais 115 Spanish Club 113 Squads 91 Student Council 52-55 Swimming 157 Tennis 156 Track 160 VIC 109 Wrestling 158 YRC 56, 57 243 Letter From The Editor As the year draws to a close, and the 1966 Buccaneer goes to press, words of ap¬ preciation and thanks are due to the many people who made this edition possible: To each member of the staff, special thanks for working willingly during year¬ book periods and after school. To Beth Douglas for her capable management of business affairs, and to Ruth Schenk for outstanding subscription and picture campaigns, and to both for their valuable assistance to the editorial staff. To Mrs. Sams for her patience, concern, and unending resource of ideas. To Mrs. Hunt for her capable direction and supervision of the business staff. To Hunter Publishing Company, and especially Mrs. Walker and Mr. Gold- ston, for their guidance and suggestions. To the administration and faculty for their cooperation. To Mr. Atkinson and the Greensboro newspaper s for much-needed photographs. To all non-staff members who helped with typing, pictures, and the various sales and collection campaigns. Finally, to the entire student body for their support of our publication. Becky Rudd 333 INDIANA AVENUE WINSTON SALEM, N C

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