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ff x DEDICITION WE , THE JUNIOR CL-SS OF NINE TEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-SIX DE ICATE THIS HANVILH TO THE DEQ P-,:z'12rQi 5122-11033. Howl 111 Yfgdzas TO com TUIS 'u.NvIL" 'TILL BRINQ ELQPPY 1.1:-Lvoizlnfs our THLIR 5911013 YL? IN HIGH SCHOOL. 9- D r W , i , A TRIUUTE TG TVL FALUU? CRLEK FICE ECHGOL I was asked recently to write e tribute tothe Walnut Creek High School , in which 1 mes to of the good points shout school which bring out some ere sometimes f0?EOtten or laid aside. when I heewc the wordsufor- gotten or laid esideu, I decided I so ld. I wish to steae that I owe walnut Creek High School very much , more than I can ever repay. Ihe teachers and students are very friendly and exceecingly nice, which I learned the first afternoon I was here. The scgpol is very well disciplined and ranks high in schfoastic ability, es tell es ethletically , which Q of first importance to make the student enjoy school. Secondly, the teachers take sn interest in the stud- ents individually. One student gets no more credit than he deserves, and likewise another student gets no less than he deserves as I have seen happen in other schools. The students can teke part in peace contests, poetry contests, and other sociel activities of which I had not heard until I came to Walnut ' Creek Township. As e discipline messnre, the students ere not asked to trite e problem SG to SOO times every time they have e mathematical error, eng they are highly com- menced when they do something good. This gives them an inspiration to work harder, end lets them enjoy school. , The has The the We of to slogan of this ycsr's school , which Fr. Filler repeatedly given us , is : We will strive to bring into all our school work - Faith ,- Understanding Tru th Tolerance se principles I have found Hinysracticeu in the Walnut Creek Sigh School. - Gene Heswell thank Gene , who has become en active member us as e school group , for this worthy tribute our school. - The Juniors TFL ATVII STAFF The Juniors composed the Anvil staff, Hers we are 3' Lowell Hostetler Lucille Flinner liary Ellen liller lErwaFwm Corvlc ?ershberger hugene riller Robert Cerner Doran Forrisberger Fred Schrock Keith killer All of the Juniors helped to get advertisements for the annual. At first we were a bit reluctant to Htacklsn business men for those Hadsn, but ws found it fun Pfter we began for we foxno most of them very congenial. In fact Clyde enjoyed it so much when he was s'Ssnior that in spits of the fact that no is s dignificc Senior he sccomponied us on our first trip to Iillersborgu we highly appreciated his expsrisncsn assistance. Our secretary, isry illcn, cas responsible for the corresponCence,f-lthongh Tiss Troysr did some of it at her rsqnsstfrory gllsn'sJ. Kgith Hiller was assigned the task of kcnpinf the cal- endar oi events. When things became rusting at the end, Lucille sssistcc. Doran and Lowell Gio fll the art cork connected with the annual. Robert, Doran, ond Lowell also drew up all advertisement cpgss. Gcrsld was sovertising nsnsgcr, one therefore kept a rccoro of all the annual oroers. Robert, ctr treasurer, had thc difficult task of keep- ing all our accounts straight. Martha, Fred, and Eugene had no spcoial jobs but they willingly lent their assistance to any extra tasks which presented themselves along the way. Jiss Qroysr, our Junior advisor, did all the typing, ann directed ths work of the annual. He, the Junior Class, went to express our spprcciftion, for without her assist ance we could have had no annual. Our thsnxs also 5- io the soniors ond other members of the student body and faculty who wrote nstcfisl for the ycsrbook. A Liberty Studio was rcsponsibls for the pictures and t thc Printogrsph Company for the annual picture P32CS. .nun- YV wg MW 3 Q 1 X FACULTY HRSRUTH mu:-fmw ,mssoawm -rno-een, REV.HuB-ERT smmw , MR.EnwAP.D J. WLLER THE HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ' It is next to impossible to convert flesh and blood into stark facts and statistics. Therefore, since teachers are real people - not just degrees, teaching experience, depots of know ledge, or robots - they cannot be fully known, understood, or appreciated by giving statistics only. The teachers of Walnut Creek High School , being people, show characteristics, individuel differences, personal likes and dislikes just rs the students whom they meet in the class rooms. The teachers ere only four in number, but they present to'the students o wide vfriety of ideas, preferences in social and religious outlooks thot certainly should give the students an opportunity tc broaden their conception of Amer- icon life in its various phases. Within the faculty we find si mixture of creeds ond beliefs. One is c member of the Roman Catholic Church, another c Menn- onite, the third is F member of the Evangelical ond Reformed Church, cnc the lest o minister in the Christian Church. Three of the teachers are married, three live in small towns, one on o form, three live owny from Walnut Creek, one in the town. Their hobbies or diversions run the gnmut from tecchinp and directing Summer Bible Schools, throuph Young People's Institutes, piano ond trombone playing, membership in the omoteur mrgicifn society, fishing, news reporting, borbering, end masculine cookery. ' It is interesting to notice that, along with the differ- ences, the frculty members hrve mcny similrrities. There ere only three yecrs, eight months, ond ten dcys difference in their ages. All four acquired their beccclsureste degrees from colleges maintained Ly Protestant Churches, Those colleges are : Heidelberg, Bluffton, Johnson Bible College, ond Wooster. All teachers also have had further professional training ot one time or another during summer sessions at the following institutions : Ohio University, Ohio State, Oberlin, Wilmington, Washington - Jefferson, Since the terchers fre so nerr the srme nge, they were oll in high school at the some time, end curiously enough, world conditions nt thot time were quite compfrrble to those of the present, Since the tenchers, rs high school students, exper- ienced the First World Wfr ond the resulting uphervrl in soc- ial, morcl, and politicfl life, they con rerlize ond oppreci- ,ate the problems their students fre forced to frce and solve in this dry of the Second World Wfr and its resulting hfvoc throughout the world. The students of the year 1945 - l946 will be able to comprehend the preceding strtement more fully about twenty yecrs from now. - Here, then, people. They heve hed their aims es tenchers striven to realize these sims, How well they ed will be evident in the lives of those who ll their feet . The The The The The The The The The The is the frculty -- presenter' ns ordinery and have hfve succeei- Uset et - Ruth Mumrw THE TEnCHER'S CHALLENGE teacher is e prophet, He lays the fsuneetiwns cf tomorrow. teacher is rn artist. He works with the precious clry of unfolEing personrlity, teecher is r friend. His herrt responCs to the frith fnC devotion of his stufents. teacher is 5 citizen, He is selectec fn6 licenseC for the improvement nf society. teacher is sn interpreter. Out of his meturer fnf wicer life he seeks to guife the young, tefcher is 5 builder. works with the higher :nd finer vflues of civilizrtion. He tercher is e culture berrer. leeds the wry to worthier manners, higher intelligence, - He teecher is e planner. sees the young lives before him as Q pert of e grert system which shell grow stronger in the light of truth. He teacher is e pioneer. He is winning nut, tercher is r believer. . . He has abiding faith in the improvebility of the rece. -- Selected Walnut Creek Township Board of Education - John Lengecher - Sem Miller Jonas Miller Rey Mast Albert Ksser President Walnut Creek Tflwnship Teachers - Gerber Valley - Roscoe Miller Trail - Russell Brand Weevers R - Mrs. Artie Brend Chestnut Ridge - Cloyse Hershberger Walnut Creek Township Bus Drivers - - Hose Hostetler Paul G. Kaser Walnut Creek School Janitor and Industrial Arts - NYour left Earl Gene Earl Earl Troyer ----n--. influence is your life's footprints behind for others to follow.H -nguo- - What is your opinion of A. Lincoln ? H. - It's e good car, but I like e Packer better. - Didn't you know that 12 inches makes e foot, Doran ? Doran Cefter a whilel Say, Earl, Eugene needs R bawling out. He just stepped on my twelve inches. w -x r ,. P I: omorav uma cm-me sunnnfmfa ANNA -SGHROOCK LOREN HERSillElGfR LVLE I-IOSTETLER 393 ZOOK DORIS LENGHCIIER JAHES MILLER KRTHRYN GERBER RUSSELL HIGHER RUSSELL xs A FRESNMAN am Because or Pmuoucaeo n.m.c-sassy, 4-+5 as QNABLE 'ro ATTEND ScH0Q1...Rmiw 15 TOTQRED RT Nc:-ME. DOROTHY MILLER DGRCAS zoox KATHRYN GERBER IXLE HOSTETLER SENIOR STATISTICS Valedictorian Class President 4 Vice President 3 Hot Lu ch 2 - 3 -44 Librarian 3 Mixed Chorus 2 - BSD Girls' Chorus 1-2-3-4 Glass Play 3-4 Anvil Staff 3 Searchlight Staff l General Scholarship T District Scholarship Senior Scholarship 4- Declametion Contest 8 School Letter 3-4 Class Secretary 3 Girls' Chorus 1-2-3-4 .Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Crchestre 1 ' Cheer Leader l-2-3-4 Anvil Staff 3 ' Class Play 3-4 Girls' Softbell Team Senior Scholarship Hot Lunch 2-3-4 Genercl Schol rship c. 51 T School Letter 1-2-3-4 Home Economics Club T Glass Secretary 2- - Mixed CTIOTUS 2m-3'4 Treos. 4 .4 sam-l-2-3-4 Team 4 Third in County -4 I 2-3 sem 2 reasurer - l Girls' Chorus l-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4' Anvil Staff 3 Senior Scholarship Girls' Softball Team Hot Lunch 2-3-4 Senior Scholarship Scholarship Team 2-4 Softball Team 4 Basketball Team 3 Basketball Manager 4 Mixed Chorys 2-4 Girls' Chorus 1-2-4 Class Plsy 3-4 School Letter 4 Anvil Staff 3 2-3 LOREN HERSHBERGER - Vice President 2 - ' sketb ll 1 2 3 4 Be 3 --- Captain All Star County Team 4 School Letter 3-4 Softball 3-4 General Scholarship Team Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Boys' Chorus l-2-3 Boys' Octette 2 Class Play 3-4 Anvil Staff'3 Senior Scholarship 4 CLYDE SUNDHEIMER - Selutetorian Class President l-3 Basketball 3-4 Basketball Manager l-2 School Letter 1-2-3-4 Softball 3-4 General Scholarship Team District Scholarship 4 Anvil staff 3 Class Play l-3-4 Searchlight Staff Mixed Chorus 1-3-4 Boys' Chorus 1-2-3 Boys' Octette 2 , Declamation 4 Senior Scholarship JAMES ALLEN MILLER - 1 4 - Basketball 2-3-4 County All Star Team 4 School Letter 3-4 Softball 3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Ann?-D. Jean S-ChI'OCk Boys' Chorus 1-2-3 Boys' Octeste 2 Class Play 3-4 Anvil Stafi'3 Senior Scholarship Class President 2 Class Secretary 4 Anvil Staff 3 Softball Team 2-3 f. Girls' Chorus 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Scholarship Team 2-3-4 Orchestra 1 -Hot Lunch 2-3-4 School Letter 4 Senior Scholarship 4 Librarian 4 B 3 1-2-3-4 ourth in County DORIS LENGACHER - Vice President l Girls' Chorus l-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Orchestra l Cheerleader 3-4 Declemation Contest 3 Class Play 3-4 Anvil Staff 3 Girls' So.ftball Team 2-3 Senior Scholarship 4 Hot Lunch 2-3-4 General Scholarship 4 School Letter 3-4 samurai Loren's Elegy I woke to look upon r frce Silent, white, ond cold, Oh, friend, the rgony I felt Cen never hflf be told. We'd lived together but C yerr, Too soon, it seemed, to see Those gentle hrnds outstretched :nd still, That toiled so herd for me. My wcking thoughts had been of one Who now to sleep had dropped, 'Twes herd to realize, oh, friend, My Ingersoll had stopped. - From The Goblin My Bonnie bent over the grs tfnk, The height of its contents to see, She lighted 2 mftch to assist her - O bring brck my bonnie to me. Ulf you went to keep steep: dwn't get into the hrbit of blowing it off continurlly,H Ult wry be that fruits feel pain, rs the scientist seys, but the grfpefruit is the only one that crn hit beck.H Ulf you ere too smell to do grert things, perhfps you can do smell things in 5 greft wey,U BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM- Processional ------------ Invocation -------------- Music - . 'lW'GoC and In -- -----Ruth Mumaw -----Rev. A.W.Mil1er -- I.B.Sergei iHSend Out the Lightn - Charles Gounod - Mixed Chorus Silver Offering for Holme Baccalaureate Address ---- Music - HThe Heavens Res nSteal Aweyu Be nediction-- ----------- s County Library ----Revf Russell Mast Wadsworth, Ohio oundn - Beethoven - Negro Spiritual Mixed Chorus ----Rev. Miller confntfmrcsrsm PROGRAM Processional ------- ---- - Invocation -------------- Music - UTQ a Wild Rosen UThis Is My Cou tryu- ------Ruth Mumaw ------Rev. A.W,Miller Edward Mc, Dowall Fred Waring err, - Girls' Chorus Salutstory. - , Music ------------------ Valedictory ------------ Class Address ------------- Presentation of Diplomas------ Benedj-Ction .........-.......,.........-..--..... abacus-an an-wqnqna can-can . -sv - Senior Class Dorothy Miller --- Rev. Paul Ebert John Lengevher Rev. Miller -is - ---wq-,-V-He. V. --V WvH'T SENIOR CL4SS POEM We, the clrss of forty-six, Are but e group of nine, That strive to better, not self, But all, And rise to onswer Cuty's coll, inc. on the rf-om: of life to climb To higher planes. To face life's sorrows anC life's joys, We know will come in this life Ofoms. Not for self but for ell, This motto we have chosen, b A motto we shall strive to keep, A And help the others in time of need. A motto we shall always remember, To help ond gtide us in life's endeavor - Dorcas Zook Our outlook in life has a greet Cefl to Co with what life is - perhaps for more than we Cream. One looking through prison hers sow mud, while onother sow stars, People usually see what they are looking for, an-Q--an My prayer is , Gaily FS I live, p HGQC, make me worty of my friends JH """""""l THE SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY As I think beck over the school days, which I enjoyed so much, I think r has held in store have been through in their desks in In the corner first severrl years that he was out of school, he worked for his ded driving truck. Then he becrme interested in ' baseball, Did you hear about the grert strike out king yet ? Well, if you didn't, he is no other than Loren Him- self. The other dey he struck out four times right in 2 row He is playing for the Mud Valley Mud Vens, end doing r ' fairly good job, I think his srlory is :round 390 a year. Remember how he used to hunt snipes ?????? bout my classmates and what the world for them in the twenty yerrs that they school, I still plainly see them sitting the study hell. sect set Loren UPineyN Hershberger. The In the next sect set James WJimH Allen Miller, Now there's c men who hed brfwn and muscle to spore, end he mode use of it too. He spent three yenrs on his father's farm, end then he turned to wrestling. Today he is the worl world's wrestling chrmp, He is known rs Killer - Diller - Miller. Occupying the next sert was Anno Jenn Schrock. Anna , nfter she left school, disnppeered,'and I diCn't hear a word about her until the other week. And what do you think she was'doing ? She was operating a divorce bureau in Reno Arizona. What I wonder is if she went there on real busi- ness or just as r job. . The next sect wee occupied by Doris Lengacher, Doris is really famous now-e-days, She is a populcr movie star in in Hollywood, She is married of course. I don't know her husbanC's name, but I think he runs some kind of an impli- ment'joh, The next sent was taken by Dorothy'Miller, Remember mrke'A's in high school, She really got ation. Well, she went through Ohio State getting the same grades, She is using teach the pupils in the some room where rnd studied. I think her'husbnnd's occu- how she used to herself rn educ University with her training to she once slrved pation is driving r truck. Dorcas Zook srt in the next sect. As soon as she gradurted from school, she wrs married to cn ex-service men. Since they were both interested in trrveling, they made 5 trip around the world. Then they settled in New York where they ere running e model's bureau. med o C G ' Lyle Hostetler occupied the other'corner sect. Because he took geometry, trigonometry, :nd physics in school, he hrs become one of the best engineers in the United States. Do you remember how he was rlwcys trying to do something behind the tercher's hrxk, and he'always got caught? Well, he is still up to his usual tricks. The other Cay he was cau5ht'trying to pick pocket the president of the United States, Next was Kfthryn Gerber. Kethryn stryed with her prrents u til she was thirty years old. Then she got married to some fhrmer, end they settled down. up to now she hrs ten child- reng One set of quintuplets, rnC r set of twins. Quite r family, isn't it ? Lrst but not least cones Clyde Suniheiner. This fellow turned to politics rs soon rs he left school. When he was 35, he was governor of Ohio. At the rfe of 45 he wrs pres- ident of the United Strtes. The only hed thing shout it was that it was :ll 5 Green, but he rerlly is doing some- thing. Just what nobody knows. But if you go to Lower Slobbie you will probably find out. - Clyde Sundheimer Mr. Miller - What is the :ost potent poison? Lyle - The nirplrne - one drop - you're dead , NT. Smith - This jrr contains a deadly poison, what steps would you tske if it escaped ? Loren - Long ones. - What CiC you write on my exrminstion James Allen -paper, Ncdam ? Teacher - I asked you to write more clerrly, NEvery day is the best day of the year, Write it on your heert.H WThe happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.n Gallup: I OUR CLASS HISTORY , In September , 1942, e group of Hgreenn pupils entered the halls of the Wrlnut Creek High School. There were four- teen of us. In addition to those now gredueting, were - Galen Gerber, Dwight Weaver, Donald Schrock, Junior Hos - tetler, and Mary Ellen Miller, By the time we thought we were going rather smoothly, the Seniors thought we were still too Hgreenn, so they ini- ated us, p ' Time came to organize our class. We elected Clyde Su d- heimer es presicent, Doris Lengecher es vice president, end Mary Ellen Miller as secretery, We hed two pupils enter the English Scholarship test - Dorothy Miller and Clyde Sundheimer, Dorothy won fourth place in the county. As we entered our sophomore year, we were sorry to see that three of our former students didn't return, This year we elected Anna Jean Schrock as president, Loren Hershberger as vice president, and Kethryn Gerber es secretrry, We had six entrances to the scholarship tests this yeerg Dorothy, Anne Jean, Loren, end Dorcas took the English test, Dorothy and Lyle took the algebra. Anne Jean took World His- tory, end'Clyde General Science. Clyde renked third in the C ounty . we entered our Junior yeer with much embition because ' we knew plenty of work fell on the shoulders of the Juniors, Two more members dropped out of our class, This year our officers consisted of Clyde, Dorothy, end Dorcrs. Dorothy, Clyde, rnd Anna Jenn took the scholarship tests with Dorothy winning honorable mention in geometry in the state. We gave 2 ploy Unlibi Billn. It was e success 1 We rlso published the annual. The Seniors were entertfined with a banquet. This was by for the busiest year in our school career, Ai lest we became dignified Seniors. Dorothy, Merlin Troyer Cwho joined us at the beginning of the yerr but left shortly efteri and Anne Jenn served as our class officers, In the Senior Scholarship test which we all took, Dorothy ranked third in the county, end Clyde fourth, The class play, the commencement services, and the final farewell exercises culminated our lest days at the school, AS we leave the school, we hope we hrve achieved as much as ossible P - Kathryn Gerber SENIOR CP l We, the Senior Glass of XSS WILL Walnut Creek High School, do h hereby leave our lest Cecliretion, as we leave school life, and do hereby bequeeth our cherished abilities to those following us, To the teachers we bequeath our everlrsting affection and hope they will give the same guidance to the classes following as they have given us. To the school borrd we lefve ell our books, broken chairs, and broken loborrtory equipment, We will to the Jmnitns rll things which need to be re- paired and hope next year his burden will be lighter, To the following students we will our cherished trrits- Dorothy Miller wills her ability to mrke A's to Marilyn Weaver, and her saucy remarks to Richrrd Hostetler. To Shirley Troyer, Clyde Sundheimer wills his speed, and his pestering moments to Dnllas Hostetler, Loren Hershberger wills and Doris his curly heir to Gene Hoswell, his eptness at brsketbell to Robert Gerber. Lengncher wills her boy shyness C?J to Anne Moe Stutzmcn, and her :bility to est to Dennis Wecver, To Doran Horrisberger, Dorcss Zook wills her stick-to- it-ive-ness, end her stature to Mrrilyn Zshner, Lyle Hostetler wills his love for music to Fred Schrock and his serious thoughts to Lowell Hostetler, Kathryn Gerber wills her drintiness to Lois Gerber, and her studiousness to Gerfld Hershberger, James Allen Miller will er in Economics to ke basketball captrin to To Marilyn Miller, Annu sion to be tordy, and 1 Gladys Most, We hope you will :ccept very greciously. We, the Seniors, class of 19 laration, place our seal on the year of our Lord, 1946. s his rbility to be o good guess ith Miller, and his aptness ss Eugene Miller, permise Jean Schrock wills her her ability PS librarian to these cs we hfve given them - st dec- 46, do her eby in our lr this seventeenth Cry of - Senior Class Per. - Anna Jenn Schrock 7 SENIOR cuties PLAY m qoH.NgYsGET ,YQUBGGLBL - THREE CT comnny Birdie Blotz-------------Anne Jean Schrock The Hired Girl Adelaide Chefford ---- ----Dorothy Miller An Agfressive Widow Polly Chefford ----------- Doris Lengncher Her Attractive Daughter Charlie Chrfford ---- ----- Clyde Sundheimer Pol1y's Pe ppery Uncle Lucius Lrrrebee- -------- -Lyle Hostetler With brrwn but no brrins Gertrude Northupe -------- Dorces Zook A Designing Nurse Innbeth Easley ------- ----Kethryn Gerber Just P little Southern Girl Hokey Polk- -------------- Jfmes Allen Miller With brrins but no brnwn Johnny Goodman ----------- Loren Hershberger The surprise guest Director- ------- -- ----Miss Troyer Music-r-- ----- - ------- --Znugg Sisters Lucius - Ckisring pillow? Oh, Polly Wolly, I love ' you go, Dolly - She's not 0 peach from Georgia, she'e n prune from Nnnnesote. Johnny - A very edible looking dog, Feels nice and tender too 3 ' I Birdie - That there Cog has the encyclophoby A if he bites us we'l1 all get rabbits. Inabeth - I talk just like n hewn end bred South- unuh - don't I ? Charlie - I been struck with a stroke in the hips. Quick cell the doctor, My timefs come, I'm dying, No, you ain't dying, you're squatting ini fresh varnish. , Birdie - Hokey - ' y is everyone glaring et me Wh tegious or something ? ? Am I Con'- Did you ever est a nice fat juicy prairie dog ? with plenty of grevy and sweet pota- Johnny - toes, And baked rattlesnake can pickle and slice it just Inebeth - If she takes off another g ' definitely swoon. Hokey - Maybe I'd better go end hunt Adelaide - He. He. It's your compfny care for, Gert Northup, Gertrude - Don't dell me Gert. Adelaide - Don't cell me Ad J Gertrude Charles - Oh, you make me tired, you know, you like pineapple rment I shall him 2 barrel. he doesn't i - Did that sworgley - swanked son of r ser- dine put you up to essassinctin' me in the beck with 5 railroad spike ? geno- Never hit Q man when he's down, He might get back up. My feet were sticking out of the covers. Why didn't you pull hhem in, ' I ain't putting those cold things in bed with me. Biology what do the robins eat, Mummy ? Worms, deer. And what do the worms eat ?' The deed robins, Carling. I , Q JUNIOR CLASS BACK Row: GERALD aeasueeeaen , comm mamsaeeaea, list-irru MuLLEP-,Euaeme MILLER. FRED SHRQQK. FRONT ROW: MARTHFX FLBIOH, RDQQERT GERBER ,MRRQ MILLER, Loweu. HosTs'n..ER , L.uccL1..E FLSNNEH. ' " "" "' mi ai mf: M -L-1-L1 - QZSIQLM, .Navi THE JUNIOR CLASS OF 1946 Our class is composed of ten members, Seven of them are boys. That doesn't mean , however, that we rule the class. Though we cause the teachers a little trouble once in a while, they themselves admit we're a pretty good class to work with. A We presented our class play entitled HThe Deacon Slipsu on October 24. By the looks and words of some of the Seni- ors, we think they were just e little jealous because we did make a neat sum of profit on it. It was more than just a financial success too. All of the cast got 2 lot of en- joyment from the production, The cast was assfollows - neocon Slips --- --------- Keith Miller Leslie Jerksome ------ ---Lowell Hostetler Mildred ----------------- Lucille Flinner Freta Slips ------------- Mary Ellen Miller Mrs, Moredough ----------- Martha Funk . Mr, Ringling ------------ Fred Schrock Harold----- ---------- ---- Gerald Hershberger Don ----------- ----------- Doran Horrisberger Mr. Brown ---- ------ - ---- -Eugene Miller Paul Hearman- ------ W. ----- Robert Gerber l The story is about the old Deacon Slips, a backwoods old man from Center Square, Missouri, who came to see his niece Mildred. A sconndrel named Mr, Ringling knows that there is oil on Mildred's farm and is trying to buy it from her, He tries every method he can think of to force her to sell the place, but through the efforts of the Deacon end the Udetectiven Wprk of the UCayugaU srlve salesmen, Leslie Jerksome. She is saved. At the end, Leslie has Freta as his own, and the Deacon has Mrs. Moredough, Paul has Mildred, rnd the lrw has the two scoundrels, Mr. Ringling and his son, I A JUNIOR RESIGME Nhme Life Ambition Lowell Hostetler Keith Miller LucilleAFlinner Mary Ellen Miller Martha Funk Eugene Miller Robert Gerber Doran Horrisberger Fred Schrock Gera1dFHershberger Name Lowell --- Keith--- Lucille--- Mary Ellen Martha ---- Eugene ---- Robe rt--- Doran ----- Fred ------ Gerrld ---- A There is only one rule for Nickname Drive Truck Johnnj FF Mechanic Windy Bookkeeper Lucy Singer Litches Housewife Mart Drive a HSemiH Painter Game Hunter Bob Make Swiss Cheese Impliments Be r husband Fritz ' Horse Doctor General Hobby - ------ Being tardy --------- Talking - -------- Being whistled at ---------- Bakeries ----- --- Reading ---------- Eating ---------- Studying ---------- Hunting ---------- Hunting ---------- Sleeping aunannnansoan-3 talker : learn how to listen, being a good, 9 ,fw- SOPHOMORE CLASS Brack Row: ooamw-W Hensnasnaen ,cfm-Jwuq mom DOROTHY MFNUST ,MARH..'1'M GERBL-:R ,GLADQS mnsv. F Rom' Row 1 AN mm MAE S1uTz.MA+.1, emma HERSHBQRIAER, BERNARD sms ,DALLAS Hosfa1L5R,Mm2:1LQu wsewek Marilyn Gerber Clair Hershberger Dorothy Hershberger Dalles Hostetler Gladys Mast Dorothy Meust Bernard Sdhie Anna Mae Stutz Marilyn Weover TDGR THE SOPHOMORE CLHSS Name Occupation Ambition Helping others Housewife Making straight 3'a, Work on : fruit farm Studying Old Moie 5 Keeping Gladys Company President of U.Gi' Making up her mind A White House Sec. H Getting sick Merrying o Pennsyl- vania coal miner Going to Sugrr Creek Hove 3 wife ' Looking for e mon Own 9 store Waiting for the train Secretary of lobor Dating Millionsire's wife Dorothy Zook Nome Marilyn G. Clair q Dorothy H. Dallas Gladys Dorothy M, Bernard Anno Moe ' Marilyn W. Dorothy Z. Brand Spud Chuh Hershy V Host Most Dot Schie Annie Rello Zook Identification Lough Dimples Pigeon toes- Blue eyes Talk Blonde - blue eyes Big feet Long steps - nervous Cheery smile Sleepy Name By-Word Marilyn G Gee whiz Clair Judas Dorothy H J iminy Dalles Dfrn Gladys Judes Priest Dorothy M. Itchinf? Bernard Cripe Anne Mae Oh shucks Marilyn W Chomp - Chomp Dorothy z Litches Just Imagine - Q-lumen Merilyn G. not having her lessons Clair getting 0 HBH Dorothy H. not having? books to 'Dalles not answering Gladys U Gladys not giggling or lc Dorothy M. not grinning mischievously ' Anna Mae sitting still two minutes Greatest Frult Getting the colc Too beshful Sleeping Swearing Chewing gum Day dreaming Skipping school Talking Teosing J Too many totes carry home questions ughing to you Marilyn W. not having e merry twinkle in her eyes Dorothy Z. getting eight hours sleep ana-.mmap WJust pause 6 bit and see if you fit In the class thet's pictured here For it's never too late to clef And start on 5 record clerr, - Collins n the slate ll SF 1 41 Q 1 Y mf 4 gk,fEe?ff1 ' s I gm, N is ,g I 1 , Lv ' ,Ma . .5.g.-:,,:M'E:E-tmEkE,2..a5:. 1 , A X , ,Nw W .,., A ,, gm . H 4 fi , 1- X ...ww Nw Q ,,v., .... - P1 2 Q. ggggifk , Mfr ,.M--W" ' A. 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S 125 gfibfi if f W' 32 E- 'E is 4,5 i1m1.11f1MW 2 'W WMWWE, VY Si? 112. 2 Q ,,, 4 A A, ww F1 'fzwiif-ff 235' 'Q 1 g,,W,w..w ,N ,Mm yni ,,,Ww 5 'Q 121-sff1fff"'f"x'-nf? ,W lg I ,gwymfww MM gggqggwl, 4? 3? Q gxigxmxk A Qi , ggzxwf E if IE ,Q 3 3 W 1 1 Ihr EQ , 11- W ,D z 5 x,,,5..2w Wwhgsjagy XWMWY in 355 f ,WH f 1 is 5 wi? ww' M 2. 14111153143 awe 11 23fff1WEg 2 if 1 if 25 1 SE BE if 55 if 5 if 45 , Q S 12 3 51e2w5a43i s Q fi 2 si gi S azzggzggzxfwf Niiigixisf . A amiga, 1 1 15 Q 3525 MW 1 Jawa 53 f 1 may "2 Q51 1 Q 1 1 li S fe w 2 s W M 31 1 ,M , s ' ' -1 ,. , 1 116 5 41 , w. ' 1 am ff: Vgsitw. 3 g M iigz gggmigkgf' '?sXlf5?sf'ifg?gg3,556kt11.,gzimgcwy 2 f 1 1 fy ' Lfszw -:gn ., 1 a S 51,3 :af 5 1 1 2f' 72'E! W1 1 Q V V.,. fi? 1 3352333 1 'sxissiwieifzzf 112 1' EE '34 5 5 fi15g5'gliw4f '5'LQAT4A115Ylfil, 1 ?f?2l1.1E' 4 " 5 1,1 Elm' 1 1155 'WA' A fjrfgvgf E 515211 1. 4 vw? E 11h W Lgggasf x L , .mg 1g.y, 'hid H. 3 '- 'wig ,e " gifzimy x " ' 1131"f Q W: 121 A . z X 1. gawg i g , , 1 1.15 M w , - , , fg gy, ,MMWMWW il 'Q WM .,1w.W,,.,W, MQ 1 9 U1 K M K QIL ZEE 1' ' ,:g:'?gE, 1 2 ig 1 WL? 1: K. ,Wm E: SE P- -5- ,wk Ma: :.,,3:e: ff 1 5 Q 1 gk is ww 4 5 mgem if-Wm ,J v 4 ?"'15"g mm Nuo 1, .- -'-' ,g ' f'25f', 4 5 5 55 , ' 1 .Wm s "Y 'U Jin 'fy wx U ' w 4 YQSSM Vw fl JZ? ,XY if 4 5 1 dw fm fmx tm' 5 W grggifiwi Rf 5133 5 A' Z , lg , , 3 3Q s1a 55gfs Rim: A 2fE11fSf5f :ig Q 21252555 if 3 212 a3sEE 5i gg . 5 J1!':'3'11Q 3 NM: M-" 1 ig, . . : - A W www 1W.hg2TNf 1 W, SW A :M af 1, V W e I z g1?f1:fwa f' ' A X H U E f n M FREsn-:MAN CLASS BAQK Row: DENNIS WEAVER, THOMAS weaves ,LQNM HQSTETLER , GENE Hasweim. , LQWE Lx. LOQK4. , 0-NE BRAND, L.oR.REL. MAST,RtCHRRU HQSTETLER, FRoN'Y'Row1 S1-MRLEQ TRQQEWMARQLQM 2-CAHNEK ,RHER mae QERBE3, om.e'mA Hamsue:n,maau..vw MILLER L-CNS GE.RBER,DQNNA GERBER. THE FRESHMAN CLnSS Ten years from now - Shirley Troyer - eating ice cubes Dennis Weaver - working in the Walnut Creek Garage Lorrell Mast L still going beck to Trail every night Lowell Zook - working as clerk in Schlebach's store Kue Brand - having his own outfit end running 0 pickup bailer Richard Hostetler - has just been given his wings Thomas Weaver - owns farm of l8O acres D M rilyn Miller - Did you see herfin her new uniform ? Wow 3 Nhrilyn Zahner - has her own beauty shop. Cen she give waves ? Oletha Hcmsher - teaching school rt Gerber Vrlley. Lois Gerber - working in an office for r millionaire boss Gene Hoswell - writing the book entitles HScnrlet Dcwnu Rhea Mae Gerber - waiting for the train to come in J Donna Gerber - likes to sell anything I Beware customers. Characteristics - Thomas - likes to slump down in his chair Lowell - always hes something to say Richard - a coming basketball star ' Lorrell - our professional artist Kue'- Such waves I Dennis - likes to Hjiggleu sects Gene - full of fun - writes well Shirley + our class giggler Rhea Mae - Coesn't like General Science lg,-i ,lc S, ,mg Gletha - likes to hrve her nose in r book Marilyn Z. - likes to chum with Potty Marilyn M. - Hingus Foy heir cut Lois - our young post mistress Donna - likes English very much Russell - a smart young Freshman Person Shirley Dennis Lorrell Lowell Kue Richard Thomas Marilyn M Marilyn Z Rhea Mae Olethc Lois A Donna Gene Russell Ambition Housewife Mechanic Bachelor Aeronauticol Engineer Own n 20C :Je farm airplane pilot Farmer Air Hostess Beoutricifn Nurse Teacher Secretory Clerk Former Artist --gn---n Best Likes Subject ' English Algebra Physical Education Physical Education Algebra Physiccl Education Genernl Science Physical Education English English English Physicrl Education English Study Hall Algebra Our message to you is - be courogeous I puma-nun-nun , M M ,qw V ,QQMIWN Aly ,ww N ,M.w-wvwxm ,,.,, , Q ,X xy My iw 3 'iw ww,,,Mn"'Mm 'mmifg awww ,wi d'3Q:vr?43W "' y 3?w ,s:.:Ag.v:. ...,. A :fy N4 F lg' , 59556 W E Mi 3 NAV ' WMMN ffW1T ,w ii 'V' A? f'wivf"'W M wb , ww' 'N Q ' E W 4Mmf1pwgjiZQ,,w ' gill. Y QQQZW,-w fmg ,arm Q M3 2 .Q G U ' 3 .bw , U , lyji Vv fa ,Zg g2" g5.gQ1iLiwN:Sx1, ,ui 2 k ig Ki ,QW ,JWM M. W V, "" 143 X Wim 70, ,ww X L SEVENTH EIGHTH GRADE Frm-I snxfrn GRADE THE SEVENTH QND EIGHTH GRADES Wayne Kcser - good nrtured - biggest in the class Douglas Baker - gives interesting reports - likes history Mary Beechy - e little on the quiet side - Q good student Margaret Gerber - 0 whiz ot mathematics Annette Hamsher - Enjoys physical education Arlene Miller - likes to tclk to Mary in science class Arlen Hostetler - h Trumnn Mlller enoug nlike to be twins Jay Miller - an outsider - never likes to be in the group James Shonk - He's absent - but when he's here he means business in the wrong way Mary Yoder - always has her arithmetic Donna Jenn Miller - hongs around the boys 2 lot June Hostetler - brunette - one of those Trail girls Lovin: Troyer - always hits high flyers - no grounders Jones Yoder - doesn't wont anything written about himself Ted Horrisberger - class president - basketball center Bob Troyer - captain of'beshetboll team Emma Beechy - the artist of our class Potty Hostetler - our storekeeper Eli Miller Andy Yoder Kenneth Meehan - o good arithmetic student Betty Lou Stutzman - one of the tallest girls Fyrne Miller - our tiny platinum blond Alice Gerber - the youngest of the girls Luke Miller - likes to ploy football Laurethc Schrock - good bei' player , Maurice Hershberger - our future truck driver Aden Schrook - trying for the Akron Beacon Journal contest Melvin Weaver - manager of the basketball team Delon Miller - HPorkyU - oje of the biggest boys Dorothy Gerber - she really likes to laugh Wayne Gerber - Uweinern - our tractor driver June Stutzmnn - the fortune teller Mary Shetler - e fine example of neetness - Our hs-rd working farmers - Gwen Bohler - Secretary THE FIFTH AND SIXTH GRnDES Tuesiry, September 4, merkeC the opening of our school when twenty-seven young nmericrns, twelve boys enf fifteen girls, founi their way into the hells of lerrning, Ten of them were repeaters from the yerr previous :ne seventeen were new and reedy to be initiftei into their new surrounC- ings. For severfl months these young Cisciples were together with no losses nor odtitions, Then beginning the eighth month, John and nmos Grrber came into our school, hoving formerly ettendei et Richville in Strrk County. Johrm ' good student - almost P whiz, ' Actually we are r good and respectrble group of young- sters, rni we hope to be rewrrCee for our good work :nd re- spectability by hrving rn outing some time this spring. Last year found us wading through snow Crifts ind this yerr the Ufluu coused us to lose several weeks, Gur fifth grrce wee on the Honor Roll in the December Ewery Pupil Tests and both grodes hope to make it in the April tests, In the spelling tests conducted over the county Jacob Beechy rnd Bene Berchy wert blue ribbon winners in the fifth grade, and Gloria Ann Horrisberger ane Corolyn Schrock were given red ribbons, John Gerber wes the only blue ribbon winner in the sixth grade with 2 perfect score, Lost yesr Aden Hostetler was the smartest geography student in the fifth grate, winning Q mop for our room, but this is written too early to give results in this contest. We have high hopes , however, We woulo like to have you become rcqueinteC with us so here we ere - Bobby and Budty, twins, but eifferent - Bob, studious, elwfys ready for on rrgument - Jecob, reoder- Bene, quiet - Enos, slow- Katie, moCest - Neve, o tease - Merlin, husky - Carole, always Cheod - UHey, Mr, Hershberger,H William - good walker, Gloria - Patsy K, , industrious - Lois, happy - Wilbur, somewhet lezy - Carolyn, little but mighty - Amos, sleepy - RioherC, future besketboll strr - Patsy end Brrborr, twins, like two pers in 9 pod - Loyal, quiet and studious - Glenn end Gleiys, twins but different - Shirley, rosy cheeks - Lorene, slow - Mes, giggles - Aien, broiny - Mary, reserved - John, A student. - W,J.HERSHBERGER TEQCHER THIRD FOURTH GRADE PRIMARY GRADES THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES I Thirty-two pupils started in their school year in our room, but three left and several new ones came in, Billy Hostetler, Robert Bergdorf, end Joy Hostetler left during the first semester. Pauline Miller end Fannie Gerber enter- ed during the second semester. We now hrve eighteen in third grade and thirteen in fourth grade, I We heve thirty-one inour room, but only twenty-seven names because we have two Betty's, end two others whose nemes and Gene. Here you can meet ell of us - we neet to remember two Sue's, two Mable' , sound alike - Jean 1 Fannie Gerber Charlene Gerber WmeGmbw Mable Gerber Marian Gerber Mable Hershberger Doran Hostetler Sally Hostetler Joan Hostetler Jerry Ledrech Earl Mast Ivan Miller Niva Miller Surah Miller Sue Miller Paul Shettler Betty Weaver Roman Yoder Anna Byler Billy Flinner Erma Hershberger Theron Hershberger Gene Hostetler Barbara Miller Max Miller Philip Miller Pauline Miller Sue Schrock Jenn Stutzmcn Betty Yoder Daniel Yoder our new girl You should see her swing Q Sue ? No, it's June, Cen she go when we ploy robbigwg has reed elmost 200 books and stories works slowly our A student the only one from town got honoreble mention in poetry contest likes kites doesn't talk much Hove you ever seen him hurry? likes to tense wears n smile ' Jmw'?No,itm mm. doesn't like whooping cough. has curly heir likes to eat ice cream in the m morning left us but ceme back our doorkeeper ' Can you get both feet on your cheir ? get brck - hervy hitter I another heevy hitter. likes horses likes to ploy basketball keeps us entertained at noon does her work neetly can reed fest ents slowly - as everyone shoul a good peste brush cleaner very pleasant - EDITH TROYER TEACHER FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Henry Beechy -- William Beechy -- Is that mischief in his eye ? a pleasant disposition elwnys Jchn Brown No they're not twins 3 Walter Brown ' Jacob Byler -- Jemima Byler -- Larry Flinner -- Billy Forester -- Nelson Hershberger Rey Hershberger -- Philip Horrisberger Paul Most -- Roy Mast -- Dunne Miller -- Larry Miller -- Shirley Troyer -- Katie Yoder Sara Yoder Donald Grasse Dcviv Gresse ann. Cherles Keser -- Maurice Miller Wayne Miller Joe Miller 4-- as one Mnrlnnd Gerber - Mnicus Hamsher Ezra Byler Kay Hostetler an-n --n na.. so beshful J sparkling eyes end P shy smile Did anyone find his tennis shoe strings ? ' He puts his boots on by himself. Writing is He hrs the - Brsketbcll game. A Hmenu of fun. ' nicest freckles. is such an intersting few words. knows his rrithmetic e lively fellow Q fine rerder the tiniest less in our room Prim rnd well behaved dependable end kind came to us from the Akron Schools How he cen leugh TJ!! n good worker Don't turn around in your seat ? likes to talk about his trip to Michigan e good bell pleyer enother'good bell player makes cardboard trucks and animals she reed the books in our library almost all Gwendolyn Hershberger - neat in all her work Gwendolyn Miller -- Annie Hostetler -- Betty Troyer -- Ruth Troyer -- Mbrthe Gerber -- Janet Flinner -- Marilyn Hershberger - can answer arithmetic Julia Zook -- cheery end talkative likes spelling tests our tallest girl Watch me run ! always speaking softly a friendly girl combine- tions quickly, does fine color work - ESTHER mittee TEACHER W '? ' 1f3Qa?ff?b5 ' Q. aiiiyag' - sig is gsgggffy- ,, ,. WA, V ,Vp ?QE9i?w:2, ? ' W 95" nQ,2, ,v4. 4 swag: 2 2 4w5wQ.,ifi'wZ1?ffigi52f?2: 53535 4 iii? 'J ' ,Q 'W Pisa? if ,ii ,,,,,.,,,,W,v , :Q . SEE? S3 W A BJ 5 W' wif Weiss :N ,. x V EYE- ffm M M-mums'-n.WW. mt 5 'iaEgga g E g5 Emi .."""..". ,... ...'w""...:m... .. ..- my if W f ?Z'1!'fx,,-'-32 w ...,M.-..-..n. H. - ummm- . N V af-I .'E A552 Q2 . lim '?'i153355N1s3fN" fi 5iiig?5i2f ""'33T"' "' - """"' - N' M Q-'QMWZW if H vwexxmgmf 2, SQ , 5555 'IFS'-,,,,:,..w':."f:...-. ..., 'WW M Q Mrf Wm swf E12Q13f,3gQggig5gQgiilz2zxlg214.Vf ? Y i s gf f , "'M"' ,mm tw' " M-My ,gg --"" '-1 is 45535 wif? " WWW M :Big fig +, WEE mfg., twig . M, ff.: I r M1 3 wwawsi wg gz g yg gmi Em x'Lgg,E,g'55 'E ' ' , " W 'vii Fw f, ' - + Jivff' ,il . ,NYS ,A , WZ? -'-- , Q EEE is I3 1. fg 23 H Flin fini QW? , , WWZQQQBX 6555! " 1 we ai iiwww W 212- ' ' wI2anNQ1:w26v3?5ifH-Gaim!iinwq Www "" wwf E1 , ' M2952 gin QW m?5Z?ieziQgffen1'?"2b f Hsy.,Ei2ggMffifEWffWi'w ' ff R few- ?7sW2zff'ffSfWKYNV miggwiwili K 255 Q Y is N. a. " wfAQmEa:Mf?2fwA Wwfiig 'QM W 3555452 .. .qggifgggm M em'wwa'wiwS53 wsm5'g5"aU1g32if1Qgzigfm' 1,'1w1,Wfe2msLgKQ ,gi if I s mes ,HHS QE' 1 a rfwealfwzf ggfjggpggmgzggggffigfi. egg?gang,fgZzS,sq.,:giTg,m,3gfQ,P -4:-:icy xw3fm5r3'Q'm?1,2e5EsSg ggifghg wig. ii?ffE?f5??E?2i3ifi:i?iQ52g'Esffii'M2shQWEMEEE A Wifazwgi iesk 'EES' AE? if P we U ' N 'N E5 ' 'viva 1 5 N W W M " 'Q , 5'Xg3L"gw'? arf ,. 13? Efiwiiwii 'RWE' EV 7 54" 5517! wwf? aliwffefxf' , -a s. -2 !x 5 gw gg 5 953. egifig QQQ31' N V '-2. 2 1,5 .1 2'Q5,ggiQ,iE?E,TiE? ' M Q ,, - Miweivim wi A ,C 5, -" 2 iv sig wx Y 54,'4"h'si4',i4WfQ' ' HVQWW 31- VN if ?5f3'- 1fL'gftS3Ei:iT1L5i6E . s 2111, .5 QM 6554. 93 g'-5 wmfgisiiwiv ,:2Q1Smi?" WT 5- -25 ' 51525352 JE,4mEffbsw'1mQL4-" gwQg,..g'zi E Q5 vyi,!?Sgi2:'iiEU,ggiEiW5ii5'???i:, ff:w,4g5mE2gEf 535 -21'fiT'Q5'fefW?L W ii? 35 P5'f'E'FW5SE:"!3Q f557?E43?!2:i W7 'Y I-'flzf ' A ykflfqiflgrxfn ' rw, R f v ' wi K Q ,Q w Awyf 3'QbQQYff5Mm'wf S - 'x I W H Q mir' WMV?-" 4 ELS igigaiimii 52 - "?5:sQ25ve??3 ef Q3 - Exgwsi 935' ig? QE 15 W' 'qiiQ?3K3E2W . wi mmf, Nm sg is Q ri? gi, 151: 12,3 ,ME 5 mfmw v ' ,':1VL4-,QWQP W ?':gvmqg.1w,sw,1 wiwiiim Sgfgmi was ggi! gm, 2 gw. wif 51? 45lxV3EffW7'. fx: 5S.,i,a:NXy Eg iq' AQEQQQSQQ: jrggzarw' wif PF1iz::1ff:w,ii'if y ,,W,.,tax,.,w G . M, ,Q , 5 V Q W 4 N we uf 5 1, bw saw? Q wff:42::QqW:53x gy, :ga 525, fe,-5552v,zeaxs?fmm,, mg 'wg 1 wr. afgwgw. A A f,.Wvgm,fg3eNSgEg4gQ1535253 g,Qsg,Kg-wfsggfzf Q A Waixzififwii Jiaggiiifihf , w zz 'sy ?'iwrTEQ,4 be 5352 QS: fizwgi we . ,z ,wg W1 wvgmh.w1QSw.f.4LQwwf, M' 0 fxfw.,f,..v,V,w.swN, :M V xf,12wg,gv'-..5w:, A SCHOLARSHIP TEA HOT LUNCH GIRLS SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP TEST An announcement by Mr. Miller that all the Walnut Creek Seniors would be required to take the Senior Scholar- ship tests was received with groans and worried looks. However they Cid J This gave each Senior e fair chance to measure his ability in the varied fields which he had studied'6uring his high school years with other state Seniors, Dorothy Miller rated third in the county and Clyde Sundheimer fourth. These two will receive state cerpificates of award with eight'others from the county. We extend our compliments to them. ' THE GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP TESTS On April 12, all of the students took tests prepared by'the state in various subjects in which they ere enroll- ed. This test was edministred for the purpose of deter- mining which student rated highest in the class, end there- fore would represent us at Wooster on May 3 in the District Scholarship Test, The following students are our representatives - English 9 ---------- Donna Gerber English lO -------- Dorothy Hershberger English ll -------- Keith Miller English 12 -------- Dorothy Miller Algebra l --------- Lorrell Mast Algebra ll -------- Dorothy Miller General Science --- Clair Hershberger Chemistry --------- Lowell Hostetler Social Studies ---- Clyde Sundheimer Iran-an-:ann USuccess can only be reached by climbing e very steep hill, Climb little by little, but never turn beck or stand still.H V Station E A T Presents News Flashes of the Lunoh Program of 1945 - 1945 MARY TROYER - DGRIS SCHROCK Special Cooks DORGTHY MILLER Treasurer Doris Lengacher Lucille Flinner Dorothy Dorcas Zook Martha Funk Dorothy Kathryn Gerber Mary Ellen Miller Dorothy Anna Jean Sohrock Gladys Mast Marilyn A Anna Mae Stutzman Marilyn Weaver A Servers and Dishwashers Loren Hershberger Lowell Zook A Carriers Mr. Miller Mr. Smith i Milk Deliverers The Entire School Eaters Approximate Number of meals served - 14,000 I Received from government checks CW.F.A.D - 1 Received from lunch tickets - Total - Expenses - WM' fr.-OSS - 7243 -'v'+42M?1v"-4-1 "vfs+'5g1,:,.,, .--41-:ug I 1'- Clyde Sundheimer Kitchen Mapper Final Event of Year Mother - Daughter Banquet Hershberger Maust Zook Gerber 1o47:es igeeg as 2414.31 1 2444351 30.20 ORATOHY THE PRINCE OF PEACE CONTEST n'November 15, the annual prince of Peace contest was held, in the Walnut Creek High School. Five'very cap- able students were participants in this contest. By name they were - Marilyn Miller, Donna Gerber, Dorothy Hersh- berger, and Keith Miller. The contestants all had close scores, but Keith Miller was declared the winner and Donna Gerber the alternate. In December Keith participated in the county contest at Killbuck. He lost, but made up for it by winning the county declomation contest in oretions - Keith Miller THE LITERARY CONTEST On Merch 20, thirteen Welnut'Creek students partic- ipated in e local literary contest. The following present- ed declemations - Orations - Keith Miller Clyde Sundheimer Dalles Hostetler Clsir Hershberher Dramatic e Reading Dorothy Zook Dorothy Hershberger Anna Mae Stutzman Donna Gerber Rhea Mae Gerber Marilyn Miller Humorous Readings Lois Gerber Dorothy Miller Martha Funk H The winners were : Keith Miller, Clyde Sundheimer, Lois Gerber, Dorothy Miller, Dorothy Zook, and Marilyn Miller. Judges for the evening were E.J.Miller, Claude Zimmerman, end W.R.Msst. The above winners traveled to Killbuck on March 29 to meet'whe winners of the other schools in e county contest. There were 49 participants. Each person rel peated his reading three times to s different judge. A delicious steak dinner followed, and after e fifteen ' minute wait the winners for the afternoon were declared, K The Walnut Creek students who were afternoon winners were : Dorothy Miller, Dorothy Zook, Lois Gerber, and Keith Miller. The evening winners consisted of Keith Miller - Oration Donis Patterson - Holemesville, Humorous Reading'- and Wanda Schopfert from Killbuck - Dramatic Reading. ' We who participated in this contest enjoyed tremen- dously the experience which this activity gave us, and the privilege which it provided in meeting the representatives of other schools in a social wayg We hope next year a sim- ilar project will be carried out, - Marilyn Miller SPELLING CONTESTS 3500 words - difficult ones at that - are quite a task to attempt to wade through, but when the Akron Beacon Journal announded such a contest for the grades from five to eight four eighth grade students tackled the task in the true Walnut Creek spirit. On Tuesday afternoon, April 21, Mary Margaret Gefber, Mary Beechy, Jerry Mast, and June Hostetler went'to Holmesville to participate in the county con- test. A wditten contest'of fifty words was first given to to all the participants. From this'group twelve were selected to enter the oral contest. Margaret Gerber and Mary Beachy qualified for this contest. Had there been one more'participant in the oral group Jerry would have quali- fied. Margaret was one of the three selected to represent the county in the contest at Akron since'she was one of the three remaining on the floor the longest, The dentist was having trouble getting Doris Leng- acher to open her mouth so that he could extract a tooth. After listening to repeated assurances that it would not hurt, the lass wiped her tear-stained face and said, Ulf it it doesnft hurt, let me see you pull one of youre." Oletha had lost two front teeth. Upon being asked how she felt with two teeth missing, she replied, Hmy mouth feels lonesome.N :an g gain, 221526 M1 M KA ' 4 Ygmga ,gm GEEK w wi ZQZEQ4 My: my ,U 1 f Y An Q ,aim U, gf Q25 PE Y M BASKETBALL TEA CH EER LEADERS BASKETBALL At the end of the 1944 - 1945 season, many people said that Walnut Creek would not have much of e team the next season, because the first six were lost by graduation. However, this was proved wrong for we mrde e record of 14 wins and 5 losses. The'stnrting.line up for all games was L. Hershher- ger and R. Gerber at forwards, C. Sundheimer at center, J. Miller and D. Horrisberger at guards. we started out the season with victories over Lake ville, Killbuck, Big Prairie, and Glenmont, Nashville de feuted us in the next game which was e non-league game, There was quite a lay off on account of the flu epedemic which hit the county, Q 1 Still stale from the long vocation, but lost to Mill- ersburg but rallied rnd defeated our old foe Berlin, Then came 0 new term - Midvrle. They defeated us in Q close game. Then came Nashville, Holmesville,'end Sugar Creek for the first time in the lest four years, Shreve - onother'new defeated us in the cleanest game any opponent played all season. We finished the regular season by defeating Lake ville, Clerk, end Berlin. By winning the undisputed league championship, W. has now won 3O straight lergue games in the last four years. Let's hope it keeps going, In the tournament we defected Holmesville, and Nhshville, and Berlin for the Holmes County tourney. We were then ushered out of the tournament by r strong Tusc erawas team at Dover, Following are the scores - W,C. - 50 Lekeville - 23 W.C. - 45 Killhuck - 20 W.C. - 54 Big Prairie 16 W,C. - 52 Glenmont - 19 W.C, - 37 Neshville - 43 W.C. - 41 Millershurg 45 W.C, - 35 Berlin - 24 W.C. - 37 Midvale - 41 W.C. - 41 Nashville - 25 W.C. - 52 Holmesville 27 Sugar Creek Shreve Lakeville Clark Berlin Holmesville Nashville Berlin Tusky Total - W,C. - 897 Visitors - 641 The versity was reenforced by the reserves who did well - winning 13 end losing 2 teem- C. - 40 - 50 - 38 - 46 - 21 - 33 - 39 - 43 49 PS WIS! I i9 kiiitteie I 51-Z, 351814 I 52 Iigsiliiiiiie I 32 m v v A " 1 1- F, n W.C. - 33 Big Prairie - 16 W.C. 36 Sugar Creek - 20 ' Glenmqnt " 7 wicca Shreve - W.C. - 35 Nashville -'30 fM.C. 39 Lakeville - 24 .W.C. - M111GTSbUTE - 27 W.C. 27 Clark - 14 W.C. - 25 Berlin - 23 W.C. 28 Berlin - 30 W.C. - Midvale - 27 W.C. Total - W.C. - 458 Visitors - 345 Individual Scoring -- ----- L Her-shberger - 254 Hershberger - 77A J Miller - 185 Zook - 148 C Sundheimer - 143 Mast - 75 R. Gerber - 136 Hostetler - 27 D Horrisberger' 90 Hostetler - 57 E Miller - 140 Hostetler - 4 In the fouls shooting department, R. Gerber led the group with a .583 average. Name Attempts Made Average R Gerber 42 5583 L Hershberger 40 .570 J Miller 29 .440 D Horrisberger 22 .431 C Sundheimer 19 .333 Total 317 . 152 .eso THE CQASS TOURNAMENT This year's classtournement proved to he a thrilling ' affair in its closing stages. When the schedule was drawn upy the freshmen drew the seniors and the sophomores had the juniors. In the freshmen - senior game, the seniors liter- ally swamped the frosh - 73 - 27. Sundheimer'led the scoring with 33 points. Hershherger'was next with 18, The juniors also defeated the sophs in e lop-sided contest - 74 - 23. Horrisherger led the victors with 23 points. The final game proved to be far different from the' other two games. The game was hotly contested all the way, with the seniors finally winning out - 38 - 37. Sundheimer again led the scoring with 18 points. The officials were Paul Gerber and Gerald Mast. A trophy was'presented to the victors. It All ball season in their seasons. can he seen in the trophy case. in all, 1 think Walnut Creek had a'good basket- ! in the county and intermural games. Here's hoplng that the teams of the future will have even greater success u -- Clyde Sundheimer At echer, task o lot of girls This s for Lu In year letters either pin, Lucill Dorcas The Cheerleaders the beginning of this basketbhll season, Doris Leng- Lucille Fliwner, gnc Dorcas Zook again took up the I cheerleading. It tes loses of fun, but we ned'a' herd work. And believe me in close games, I thins we use just as much energy as the boys on the floor do. This s eeson meds two yeers of cheerleading for Doris, two cille, and four for Dorcas. -s before the cheerleaders received large eight inch for their work, but this yeir we had the choice of Q school letters or a smell gold pin. We chose the gole e end uoris carried the load by them selves while was in the hospittl for an operation. Doris end I regret that we cannot he been next year because, we really enjoyed it, but the best of luck to the cheer leec- ers for next year. GY ceurse when yon cheer lead yon have some embarrassing moments. Here are soar vhich me girls Axe. Doris - I was never'so emberrses d as I was the night we play- ed Berlin st Berlin, in the lead-45 season. You know the games with Berlin are usually exciting, well, anyway, I know this game surely wesn't uninteresting, as every person there was tense. Of course we chetrleeeers were a little more excited than say of the fans. There was time out, and we had finished a cheer. Berlin did one, and we decided'to do another. The whistle blew, it was 'dns to olsy sgein. Schesrtr, the rtie ee, told us to get off the floor- we could cheerleed some other tire. Well, we set down but we didn 't feel too happy about the idea, That hcsn't happened before or since. Lucille - One of my embarrassing experiences was the time when W6 got Up to do s cheer, while the boys ters practic- ing. Just es I turned around, I bumoed Hsmacku into a pleye er. He smiled and I blushed. We wished I emight disappear just then. - Dorcas - The one embsrrsssing experience that I shall never forget is the time that we played Holnesville and we gave tht cheer,N Gets - op- Napoleon --U when me came to Ucsn--+ beat Walnut Creehn, I said xillhuck iHStCHd of Holmesville, You all Know how my voice carries, well, everyone heard what I had seie and started to laugh. I didn't realize I had made the mistake until 1 set down, and Doris told me what I Cid, If I ever wishes for Q hole in the floor I did then. - Dorcas Zook GRADE BHSKETBULL The grade team started p qoctice with only one re- turning plcyer'with practice, This was Robert Deon Troyer. The rest of the places were filled hy Luke Miller, Ted Hor- risherger, Truman Miller, Delon Miller, Maurice Hershherger, Donald Hostetler, Arlen Hostetler, Jerry Most, and Douglas Baker, X During the season, the team plryed twelve games winning nine and losing three. They won from Lakeville, Midvale, Nashville twice, Berlin, Glenmont, Holmesville, Clark, and Big Prairie, They lost to Berlin, Sugar Creek, and Rogers- ville. Prospects for o good team next yerr are promising. Possibly only one regular player will he lost to the team. Through the efforts of our genial superintendent, Mr. Miller, we received new suits this year. Our trunks were not very srtisfcctory, so they will he replaced with new shiny ones for next year. We hope also to have warm-up packets for next year. Wouldn't that he swell J We went to express our appreciation to our superin- tendent for allowing us to play for we know that at many places they do not have this privilege. We hope some dey to represent our high school in gaining glory and honor for our Alma Mater. ' - W.J.HEESHBERGER COnCH soF'r BALL Baca Row: GERALD HERSHBE RQER . Baumann sms, homage. Hot-NETLEB. , LQLE HQQQTBYLER MIDDLE 'RDWZ IQRREL. MAST. LOWGFLL. 'ZQOK , DALLAS W. Hosven.eR ,FRED 'smmcm ,m-mean HQSTETLER, uw FRQNT Row: moan: HoRmsaf.sc-.BRURQBERT 658858. A 6.1.9065 sumnmeaen ,MREM HE-WsHB2RCgEfR,3nmes Mn.s,e:R SOFTBALL In the beginning of the year 1945 - 1946 we started' our high school athletic program. with playing softball. We started with a new team since last year most of them had graduated. We started in this fashion - Dalles, catcher Loren, pitcher 5 Gerald, first base 5 Robert, second 5 Doran, short-stop 5 Clyde, third 5 James, left field 5 Bernard, center field 5 Fred, right field 5 and Lowell H. , roaming short, After losing the first game, to Sugar Creek, we - changed our defense to Jim, catch 5 Robert, first 5 Dick, second, gereld, left field, and Dallas right field. We went on to win the rest of the games. They were as follows- W.C. 4 Sugar Creek 7 W.C. 24 Killbuck 4 W.C. 5 Sugar Creek 3 W.C. 8 Holmesville 4 'Many of the games that we had scheduled were Urained 1 I A - Gut . In the spring we have again with the members about the same. Eugene, first 5 Lowell Z., right formed a soft ball team These ere the exceptions - field 5 Lyle, catcher, Since the new ruling says that there shall be no roaming short, we have one less onizhe team., - We found some old baseball suits end ere wearing them this spring. Some might have holes in them, and they are patched up rather much, but they serve the purpose, Since we play most of our games away from home, some kind of transportation must be found. Usuelly ones of the fellows brings his pick-up to school and so we jump on the back and go. We started where we left off lest fell and contin- ued to have e very good season, The scores of the games are es follows - T w,c. 12 ' V.C, Cl As this annual to be played on May grounds. And so closes We ere looking forw c. El 25 Big Prairie - l Y ark O Cforfeitb N.C. 12 Killbuck 8 goes to press there is one gems yet 13 with Nashville on our home f u nother successful softball season. rd to as good 1 season next year. - Gerald Hershberger A GLANCE AT VFE ALUVWI OF TIL CIAS5 OF 1945 The graduating class of 1945 presented to the world fourteen good laborers in various vocations. 'We one ARTFUA H5330 xILH1Lz is learning the mechanic trace first hand. Whenever you want your cnr filled 3 witn good gas, just call on Uartn. Ha seams to like his Job very vcll, nspecinlly the grossing jobs. JOVN 653331, JUNIOR is driving truck for the Finzcr Brothers Br1cx'flant. I'm surn no has stan every little corner in Ohio. Ee hruln brick fron morning to avcning- a tiresome job, mc know, We still find BA FLEA SUUDWLIbQE at her home on Sunny Slope. Sho scams to have chosen housc work for her task thus far - a vtry worthy task, we say. 'JOHN HGRQISBLQCLT, JUWIUR was taken into thc'srmy for - about four months until he got his discharge. Ho oocic- ed army life wnsn't for him. He is now in the chicken business, which he seems to like n bit batter. LUTILQ IAS? is working for his and on thc farm, Thisl work he seems to likt bccwusc of nll'the help he has. Milking como is L specialty with him. We were greatly plcasud with the help of DOQI3 QCWYOCK in the proparrtion of not lunches this winter, Besides this she has Lbly rssistc6'in xccping house at home - an unusually fine practice. TRLHAN'ULR3HJiRQL1 is taxing 2 pr:-medical course at Goshen College. We orc looking forward to the time when Truman may return to Walnut Creek to supply our community with a much-no dec ooctor. We still find 3109333 HOZRISEMRCMQ exploycd by his dad. Ht stems to be getting Slang vcry well with using his mechanical ability and driving his now truck. ELEANOA LAKE? is putting her bookkeeping into nffect by Ukecping noaksn in hor fathcr's garage. Sho is also employed by Jancrg's rfstrurant in which she is serving as cook. , DGWALU IILLAR is not in the United States Envy. NDonnyN you know, cnlistfd in thc navy in Hay 1945, rignt be- fort school cloetc. me scams to no doing all right tnerc as he has boon pronptcn to Scannn first class. DLA? rACHAT is rsturnihf to the University of Cincinnatti to start his thirc tors. Aitsr starting his thirc term . hc had to have his sppcndix removes in January, Us basil . seven seeks until hc becomes a sophoxorc. IAVIH LILLmi is nom in the company of Uncle Sam. Fa is s buck privatc in css army. Us is now stationed in Nsshinga ton where hs may volunteer to go overseas if he gots too tired of the United States. IILIIAL-HWILLU UOSTLTLQQ is still helping his father on if thc farm. Fe also takes cars of 5 milk route whsrs he earns most of his Lousy. Hs says that he cocsn't like farming su well. Vs is still interested in his hobby of' taking pictures as evidenced when he visited the school. . CLAYTOH Fi ills CMR, the husky farmsf'from Cursor Valley, is helping his father on the farm. There is plenty of work zi' for both of them as his father has 9 sawmill, two thrash- ing machines, 5 corn shredder, etc., which affords them work all year round. Compiled by Doran Norrisbsrgsr and Frsd Schrock WA poor old Robin in a Irrch rsin, Cold and becrsggled, was heard to comolwin : WThis early bird stunt is not Business-like, ' when the sun and the morn are both on L strixs.H To a T5 Qill Crinkls, crinkls, little bill, Goodness, gracious, you look ill 1 Ars you losing all your poser ? You seem msakcr hour by hour. uwow that prices are so high, 1'm so tires that I coolo dis. I just circulate all day g Ho ons dures put ms away. When the evening board is sat With thc fruit of futhsr's swcst, ly still voicu is hushed rod Soill - I sm in the outchsr's till. And no matter mhsrc I go, People disrcgurd ms so 5 I don'L scam to count for much 'mongst the profitcsrs :no such,U Bill, take heart, yolr luck may change, I'11 admit the timos arc strange. ?hough you're task, I love you still - Crinkls, crinklc, little bill. - Muwcmmulwlwlrf .un--Mnvummfmma ., I. .N gmmumvimfg - '-U' C , ,ff ' 1 h . ., . X! .J - Sept.4 Another school year begen. Wewere glad to welcome back two former members-Merlin Troyer and Mcry E. Miller Sept.5+Ee acquainted ourselves with our teachersfwonder who that "Elini Chu?-'r'lL9S Sept.6sGot our books and organized clssses. Sept.7- Hooray! No school. Tescherb Meeting. Sept.lO Seniors and Freshmen tyke Intelligence Test. Sept.l2 Sept.l3 Sept.l4 Sept.l7 off too Sept.l9 Juniors pick out pleyNThe Deacon Elipsu Lost Bell game to Sug.r Creek. Tough luck. Rain.Nogqme.Lucky for Big Prerie. Our h onorable Fresnman were initiated. They got easy-so say the Juniors. Picture shows.For once me get them first. Sept.2l-Ee beat the psnts off Killbuck. Sept.24 Sugar Creek finally got thier retch.1e beat 5-3 S ept.27- The Juniors got thier play books. Such lessons Sept.28.fhe Seniors are ell missing. Lovell Hostetler had hims elf vernisheu this morning. ,L . -P. ,n,cw.M4M. . fn, ,, a---'--' , - .X 'Mei -- f--W --w- A-w a-fi , fl: Q z: 1 ,L Wh --s ' "-' b -H-V'-In-,-,... .-4 ,L . X' ' r ....--- .X ff W X -Ak A M, - IL iw i ""'u! 15... W ,,,, , ,, ,...-a...,,,..,.-.-- -1----'M L P' , be "' A llfklv ,J , Q, , J '- Aa if X QQTCJN-,EER of .,. Y,VV Y - E GCT. li?-'5uw.HoV6 TRQ QUT QL!-Mi VKAWVS, Demi- Sewwasv 6,1221 T.PJ.Su0'fe U Oa1.k'l-Summa K-mxlxq PRAQTNSE YSEWUS- yivxbv aff ,E X' . mama rw-J M: 190' Hwexhalffbobkki og. .-. Q wwaw QXQQEML. My 0,v.fX Xfhifvikuf- Ui-f Okwfuv-'vx xv-izvf.. ' LETS WT TQ I , c we X4 -'1. 1 what Whllifw "AA gp-' ' A X , wma, N L if fy fx' ,lf ,-, 7 0 fry ff 9 222 y QW , 4m UUE N-WND 'YD GET Vi' 007' Qglgm QM Gramm or we e,HERQxFFj lgftgfgs ,,.. XJ u 5 Teachers decide students src not busy enough. Nov, L 'D ,mm Larger lessons ern ossigned. Prince of Pence ',',5 books arrive. ' Nov. 7 - Contestants relax - contest held this cvaniog. ' 1 Keith Tiller winner. Congrstulftions, ' ' Nov, 9 - The Bugle goes on sslc. Prepared by the Frsshmsn. ' V Fins edition - lst's have more issues of the paper, EXTRA fREPsD KT f Novg 12 v Legal Holiday - hoorfy - hooray. Nov. 12 - Beginning of National sducvtion Week. ' Nova 14 - Rev. Jesse Short addresses the students today. Novf,15-Q Sociology class visits the Apple Creek 3tfte'School Novg 16 - We boat Killbuck. Varsity 322. Reserves lost, Nov, 19 - Two lanky l9s5 Seniors gr cs the school with their - presence - Luther Mast and Clayton Fsrshbcrgsr, Nov, 20 - Sophomorss give talks. Prove interesting. Wondsr'shst urs wrong with Dorothy Hsrshbergsr's partner in indiana ? Nov. 21 - Everybody rsstlsss for vocation. Nov. 21 - 23 - Ver, Thanksgiving vscrtion. N Nov. 56 - Miss Suzanne Killer visits 'V school. Remember, boys, she's -fs I . H . ff PFFT' -I yosng' U vm s xkfd. Nov, sl - Boys get Nslomn. :1SS n1LlCP '.. says she doesn't lika boys- , A they make faccs'st hor, Eov, 28 - Sophomoros get contract york at lost, Eov, 29 - Two Senior girls take trip to Hassilon, Hill they corr back ?????? 1 Nov. 30 - Er. pillar is not in school. Dec, l 4 Absence is on thc op-grads. Dec. 3 - Kors stuocnts ill with the flu. Every Fupil Tests :rs sdmlnistereo to the survivors, Dec, 4 - School closed, wslns 50 X A - x s -'- sglf -u '1 - ssmw ,W Q., ScHooa.4scx.oSED " C25 , I . 1 t .c.,.g,5 , f"'1 -.4 gf. - --'. . . ...... J-f ,YJ Q15 gd, If if w..,' ' :J-, v x"' 18" .... . . - . , , .,:.,. , .. , inn S -f 5 i, n :lv 'lv W n S a -ww" Jen. 2 - Skulldrudgery 2: Back to school. ffkizx Jan. 3 - Christmas exchange , Maybe 'f it's ,Just bit late, but we O " H not .- , - Qt! have Lo- shopping dffys till Christmzs,' ' Jen. 4 - 9 - Expectancy rules in school. Tomorrow big night. ' Big game - we 'lay Berlin. ' Jan. 10 - Berlinf there's something wrong, We shouldn't have beet tncm tnat.far.' ell, anyway me beat them, Jan. 11 - Not very etudious. Too excited from lest night'e . ' ' gemc. Jan. le - Seventh grade boys go on strike. Seems they donSt like to behave, THEN NEVER- DKD STUDQ, OI-J STRW Jan. IQZXQ-17 - All er: earnestly at work. Exams soon. xx! l" . . . . T xx . o - f .Q T'w Jen. is - 52:32. Wee in more 11: f G Well, I'm glam thet's ovary . 1 . , Jan. 21 Resume school with 1 bong, Secowd semeetczfbcgins. New cou?ee-Economice- is introduced. h Jan. 22 - Cece to school found out Herlin beet Nashville on their home floor. We aren't saying anything or getting ideas, but me boat Rcrlin. Jan. 23 - All getting in condition. Tomorrow night we play ' Nashville. ' Z Jang 24- Eashville is skinned. Guess wf beat them. Jang 25 - Teachers' Meeting - get out of school at 2:30. Jang 28 - Holmeoville beaten Hall to eticksn. ' Jan. E9 - Sugar Crock is canned. So fer good record, Jan. 30 - Shreve wants honor of playing us, fazsif? x Feb. 1 - Johhnny-cuts finper'playing with 'cdustriel sew. Brace up Johnny, it cuts like butter. M yeh. 4 - Lakeville defeated. That league trophy woulo ' better be good, Feb. 5-6-7 Pep talks are given, and strength is reeorveo for the week ond. Feb. 8 - Beet Clark. 30th. consecutive league game. ' ,Feb. ll - Berlin beaten. Kolmesville our drew ln tourna- ment, Thomas feints in study hall. what a dey 2 f 6' J'iLf Feb. 12 - Gene Iaswcll entertains basketball affrl, In N team at spaghetti supper. Good XR Y 2 FNNEQ spaghetti, wasn't it. of' xx V v f X Feb. 13 - Junior class begins work on school popcvg Some are not so prompt so mill not go to press immedi- Gtaelyo h Feb. 14 - Valentine day, Girls had heart sisters all seek. Frsshcmn receive vclcntincs from their unseen classmate Russell Hacker. Feb. 15 - Tournament 'tsrts, So also the hoarse voicss. Feb. 18 - Best Rolmssvillc. Here ms come Nashville. Feb. 19 - hr. Miller absent - illness in family, Feb. 20 - 21 - Boys better rest your arms. That buckshot is I H going to gst someone cxpslleo yet. , N ' Feb. 22- Wsshington's birthday. Thanks to the sophomores who ga-.ve assembly prograp, ws know more about him ' than ever. Feb. 25 - Berling defeated. uvcryona hgnpy, Feb. 26-27-28 - Anxiety fills school. Tournsmcnt drawings epgmwl' orc announced. Declcmations arrive. I -- HQBILLIQM BACDYERM f X NNN Har. 1 - Lyle Dean gives us s sample of His Ulung powern in the study hall. Mixtd chorus meets. We hope Tuscarawas will be beaten this evening. ' Kar. 4. - Tusky nous it! Think about class tournament. .1 ,. .. 13.1" . LET. lsr. 1: Q uf' g Q .1 Q I har. 5 Frcshies bcsts Sophs. Juniors beat 'Hfsn. Dossn't psy to be cocky. Seniors beat Frsshmcn. Juniors best Sophomorcs. CP Q 5 7 - S - Community Instituto. Yr. Nsltcrs gives tolx and snows pictures. ll - First cl ss tourney. Scniors beat Freshmen. ' Toogh luck, Frsshics, you'll have mort chances. 12- 13 - Squads get in tuna, I ' 14 - Seniors win. Juniors will got it next Year. 2 15 - Last day of school for neck. 1gL'!gLAil Kar, 18 - far. 15 - Qirthday party for .- ' Kuo Grand. ?crs you surprised , I 1 BL1qHf Kas ? f.E'I'C1?. is the :south for f ' Freshman birthdays. 19 - Dsclsmations resounding in builcing. At least . . .Q . we are important enough to cncrgc ccmlcsion. har. el Ear. 22- Msr. 25 har. 27 lar. 28 Aprg 1 ' - Dtclsmation conttst. Good vork, - Teachers in good mood - check dey for they - pert holioey for us - 2:30 dismissal. Another brief holiday. ' - Boys start work on ball diamond. Keep it up. 'bs 9"- aefi s 'N45 lar. 26 - What's the matter, Fury hllcn '-'f' Did you find out not all mice src reel. - Our second trial nt the :very Pupil tests. - Literary stuocnts go to Killhuck. Good results' from J.C. Physical Education for the afternoon. Only two teachers left. Tho nt Killbuck. - rd at on pe. I X Vo X9 ,. on f QR, ' wwf' . , B A" NX ,ji fs, . Children must go over town :gain for lunch. Odd wssn't it. Henri Keith won orntoricsl contest. Receives medal. April 2 3- Day well spent. Juniors plan for banquet, Q if .. ss , f af55 "' Q5 . H ., A . w -oltb gp April Q - ur. Levengooo spears in. i sfffpijrgo quditorium. Study hall is ' W K f Lflflsgg D Apr. 5 - sell club organized. First term plays second. Second term loses. ' Apr. 3 - Rainy Gay. Play b skctbnll in gymg Apr. 9 - Flay Big Freirie. Good luck, gang. Apr. lO'- Bcat 25 - 1 Hens chorus makes first appearance ' at community meeting. Freshmen show their fine April is April 17 April 18 April 19 talent in UTen Percent Tommyn a one ect ploy. - We were to have a ball game with Clark, but they never showed up, ' Some of the boys also went snipe hunting. Greet fun, isn't it boys ? - Usual dey. - Teachers' meeting at 2:30. - Good Friday. Some boys thought it was good fishing. ' -' 'rz: 's"- f April 22 - Hlestern the ventriloquist was here. - No more English this week on account of play practice. April 23 - Ball game postponed with Sugar Creek. Rain. if Spelling contest at Holmesville. e April 24 - Ball game with Killbuck. W.C. wins - 12 - 8. April 26 - Senior play HJohnny, Get your Girln. A great success J Zaugg sisters furnish music. April 29 - Ball game with Nashville. Sad stwrv - lO - ll April 30 - Ball game with Sugar Creek. Piney gives up pitching, Sunny takes mound. Xing!! ,Ziff Ni! 5 ,,.... ..,.. , Ui2'? U 4 , . 5 ,j ,CQ May l - Why were the Seniors all R ,' ',', Q37 absent ? Juniors decorate iff I N for banquet. Fred decides A to give himself a hair cut in the drill press. May 3 - Ball game at Killbuck - W.C. win - 7 - 5 May B - Junior Senior banquet. Some fine awards made by Mr. Miller - remember boys. K May 7 - Mother Daughter 'anquet. Good time I! Every mother and daughter present, May 8 - American Govennment class visits Massilon Mental Hospital after trial at Phila. was postponed. Very profitable trip, May 9 The Home bc. girls of Walnut Creek and Berlin have a friendly Uget-togetheru, 'N , Xu I May 10 - Debate and cake walk at 4ffg50 DDRCA5' school. Sponsored by the 5 !?k fifth and sixth grade 47 t D . room. ltwifgqlj w .J May 12 - Baccalaureate exercises. H s x'Svfj May 16 - Examination Day. Whew J Such tests. p May 17 - Seniors say good-bye. Commencement exercises. Ney 20 - The final day. Report cards 321' H r 'Wig Q3 JN: raiiim XX Ng, is wma We wish to thank the following people in business who helped fmake this annual possible by their advertisements nd donations - Lloyd Troyer The Farmer Hub Adams Bankp Quaker Restaurant Fred P. Potschner Logsdon Hatchery Sugar Creek Milling Company Fred E.Reed Rainbow Restaurant Miller's Sohio Station Walnut Creek Elevator Thomas Miller Harris Jewelry Store Huffman Motor Sales Badgers, Pyers, Miller Holmes Radio and Electric Bunker Hill Jtore J.J.Schrock Commercail and Savings Bank Trail Blacksmith Shop Wayt's Restaurant Miller's Restaurant Lee Troyer Wooster Business College Krieg Dry Cleaning Ray Everhart R.DgBurger Dan7Hershberger W.C.Blacksmith Shop Sphlabach's Store p J.A.Bixler Orie Cswa ld Atlee Hostetler Donations - Dewitt's Drug Store Gulf Service Station Monroe Mast Estill Miller's Restaurant K.G.Walker James Miller Mose Hostetler Don Gensemer Walter Miller Glen Rhode Martins Jewelry Paul O. Xaser Russell Theater Nusbaum's Hunter Funerrl Home Home Hestaurant Mote's Dairy Snyder Sales and Service Wurthman and Boyd Hummel's Bunker Hill Feeds and Crain Supply Norman's Bakery Seese Shoe Store Brenner's Department Store Calhoun Machine Shop Mast's Store A.P.Snyder Albert Horrisberger Beechy's Garage Elliott Funeral Home John Rem Garver Brothers C.A.Kuhn Charles Zollar Schlabach's Store malmm, Noah N. Schlabach Arthur Miller Strome's Drug Store Frank S, Barber Shop Rottman's Drug Store Miller Studio J.C.Penney . , gm X.. mann-.-.-.man vu n nw: vmvumu nmwu 11 nu u an un an 4-mmuuun n xl uns sn ol I v 4 In nur an ul II 'fill I 1 'vi '1'!" ,-. ? 5 .- I ,...A -.....J xx -JAN-J, K..- 5. .J K... .. - K... K..- ...J """"""'N 3 5 1 2 1 5 . ' ' 1 1 , - 4 X 1- E f 'N'?I'Vf' E f . I I 1... 2 , ,. i . E "X 1 X . 5 2 e J LJ , 5 an S 2 i E Q E 1 5 . i E :- E SQLD BY LLL! U 1 1xxJ Flax . . . - S . 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Suggestions in the Walnut Creek High School - Anvil Yearbook (Walnut Creek, OH) collection:

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