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Tb ?i :S2?'N'- i' fozuan ANNIUAIL if FACULTY iz Mr. Edward J, Miller Mrs, Ethyl Wendling CScience, Mathematics, Physical Ed.l CSpenish, English, Music? H. S, GraiuateCColumbien, Tiffinj 1925 Heidelberg College 1925-1929 Ohio State University-Summer-1937 Ghio State University Summer-1959 Killbuck High School Teacher 1929-194l' Walnut Creek High School 1941-1942 Miss Orpha D. Troyer fEnglish, Home Economics, German? Graduate Millcrsburg High School- 1922-County Normal-1933-Teacher Walnut Greek Rural Schoo1s-l923-26- Bluffton College-1936-29--Walnut Creek High School-1929 Goshen College - 1936-Ohio State University w IQQO Mansfield High School - 1921 Ashland College 1925-Madison High School Teacher 1935-26-Columbia University-1931-Lucas High School 1926-1953-Mansfield High School 1934-1958-Holmes County Music 1959 Music-1941--Walnut Greek High School - 1939-1942 L Mr. Themes F. Troyer N CSocin1 Science, Industrial Artsy Graduate Walnut Greek High School- 1927 --Student Kent State Univer- sity-1928-29 -Teacher Walnut Greek Rural Schools-1928-31--Kent State Graduate-1954-W.G. Rural Schools 1955-1957-Walnut Crook High School 1957- HSERVICE THAT TOUCHES THE UHOLE OF LIFE-BODY, MIND, AND SOUL-GIVES ONE A niornn .nm 5112.133 Artmmcilmxon or LIFE." lIQll 421 . ff E, ir -oluln Aw N 'UA IL if Q 253 ' 'fig ifxx xx Q.-ix fl-Q N- L 4'-ng 5 's 'E fl' u. 4:41 u, MISQTRGXYER TREE W0 Y "1 Owl GU, W: QV gflkg HQ' ErhiC+'Ll sg K 2 iw 'Kiki-5519? ' QW-H ef A N ' i ' 1, In .mix ll?X'f'E'CE lhfj'vV j!Jg'l37'f" 'fkfogfa A w x'i"fi Wi MQ- 'TRUYER ' 2,1 M. V kiffiilfifi .1 if f RW W f EfAfEff:ii5g T:f ,.W fdzfutix ni A f J'-mm ,N W...-4, , I 115 if gil, ix 1 'iff fvf ff X N"'K I Q U f yfiwyq, K 1 if X ,' if 1 A D A'e'WL""G' g . Q7 X-,514 'W 'Q Sw Q Fw? if Wiifgfnigwvw 3 EX jf Sglpeiiml H970 j X r'x,f.-fi V I 5 ge. if! ' X!! I 3 A X W Y j5,f1,q,.M. ,- f 5 f if LN ,!"""""'M.Q '57 fx Q ,KR X xkff' f""M X ffff Mmm! I f 'lf.Li"-,893 ' J 16' QL?" 7 1 1,2-L4 V K N Ulslmmj .,-'. t DIUID AxNN,UAxI t 'LQ -i' "i fi ' EVE? M 5 J sm Sl ip Q f 5 wx fc, WN i,QJZ1'V4,J ,f" ,- .... my ffm, X ' if ' g f 7Zyw7m,.f A 4ffv"7Zf' 42 A X Mfwffw f5'W'1 4' c'T lff ' N iw JL ' ' . if 'J E' I 'H Wuwl F ' 4 f L' ' ' "WS o f f ' X Zff' f 1 fffjif' X J,,-gf 'wi R. . L, 'f be 21 x J W f f ,Un V 'f fymm J.,-fl? lf:"L: if -DIUIIQ AxN.wUAxlL if X THE ANNUAL STAFF WAYNE GERBER --GOLLEEN BRAND--IMOGENE MILLERf-RUBY SHROCK-- OMA TRUYER--LILLIAN SUE TROYER--RUTH MAST--RICHARD HAMSHER. Yes, that was the staff, Not a very big crowd of us. -- Who was the editor and so forth? Well, I guess we were all a little of everything, Here come some of our experiences, Since Christmas we talked annual and had class meetings but we didn't get too much done. But after several more class meetings we actually got started at least. Our first lessons in salesmanship were to begin, Our first victims were the Millersburg stores, The first place we tackled brought us no results--rather discouraging for a beginning, But we mustered up enough courage to tackle the second place, Ah, our partners came out smiling from their first venture-why not? They had five dollars in their pockets. We trudged on. Life brings varied experiences and so does collect- ing advertising. Some said, nget outn evgn before we atated our business. QDid we look that bad?J Others said, athe Government takes half of our money already - what have we to advertise with yet?N CWe sympathized, went on.D Still others were just so helpful that we began to enjoy our job, Yes, back to the car we would go to exchange experiences with our fellow Hjobbersu, and then away we would go, Well, we left well satis- fied, for we appreciated everything. Yes, indeed, we surely did, It was Imogene's lucky day. Yes, she really worked hard and got s5o,oo worth of advertising in one day. Thanks, Imogene, you are our high-top business woman. She not only held the money as our treasurer, but collected her share of it too. By the way, Richard Hamsher, did you have a lucky day in advertising? Not by the looks of things. You must have dealt with unreasonable business men. ??????? And now we are ready to produce the written productions. We realy mean business now. All material must be in by April 15. Glass meetings-Q more class meetings--and still more. Notices appear on all boards - uMaterial must be in.W That's the spirit, Freshmen, you were really on time. --Material comes in -- slow but sure, we hope. Lillian and Colleen share honors for writing and writing some more, Thank you, it surely helped Miss Troyer typed as fast as she could and yet we had some last minute news, But now that we are finished, we hope that everyone will feel that the work was worth it, and probably the few gray hairs can be dyed, We hope everyone who receives an annual will get lots of enjoyment out of it. 1IQlI-4121 foluln ANNIIJAXIL ir ONETA HERSH ERGER Salutatorian President 4 Vice President 3 Soft Bell Team 3,4 County Scholarship 1,2,3,4 Mixed Ensemble 2,3,4 Girls' Ensemble 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Literary Contest 1,4 One Act Play 1,4 Peace Orntion Contest 2,3,4 County Peace Oretion Contest 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Honor Society 3,4 Librarian 3, Senior Scholarship 4 Uwit, pep, and seriousness combined, In this little lass we find.u MYHON GERBER Class Play 3,4 Basketball 3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Boys' Chorus l,2,3,4 nTrue humor issues not in laughter, But in still smiles which lie for deeper. OMA EIERSPDBERG-ER Vhledictorian Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,4 Girls' Ensemble 4 Peace Oretion 1,2,3,4 Class Secretary 4, Honor Society 3,4 Senior Scholarship 4 Literary Contest l,4 Class Play 3,4 Librarian 3 County Scholarship l,2,3,4' Kent Scholarship l,2,3,4 Soft Ball 3,4 Debate 3, Orchestra 5 WA firm mind, and willing heart, Always ready to do her pnrt.n 1:9421 CDIUID ANNIUAXIL 'k X Class Class Mixed Boys' nOh, why WILLIAM LENGACHER Vice President 2,4 Baseball 1,2 Play 5,4 , County Scholarship l,Z,3,4 Kent Scholarship 4 L' Senior Scholarship 4 Basket Ball 1,2,3 Vice President 4 Secretary 3 Chorus 3 Chorus 3 should life all labor be Not that I love study less, .N But one F 'FJ Mixed Peace Class must have his diversion.n DOROTHY SCHROCK ' Chorus l,2,Z,4 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4 Soft Ball 3,4 Oration 4 Play 3,4 Home Economics Secretary 3,4 Hot Lunch 2,5,4 HDorothy is right there when it comes rapid counting, Even if Class Class Mixed lBoys' she is only a HDotn.N RUSSELL MILLER Play 3,4 ' County Scholarship 1,2 Baseball 1,2 ?resident 2 Chorus l,2,3 Chorus l,2,3 Class Secretary 1 K nVitality, vigor, and vim Energy and sincerity, With courage, spells success for nim ' 1IQll4l2 , . 1,f"Qii'-Q-S55 if 10 IU ID Aw fs :UA IL if for Ss, lfgifs 55 : -ii ORPHA ELLEN MILLER Hot Lunch 2-5-4 Mixed Chorus l,2,5,4 Girls' Glee Club l,2,5,4 I Cheerleader 5 Mixed Ensemble 5,4 Girls' Ensemble 2,5,4 1 Peace Oretion 1 ' A Soft Bell 5,4 Class Play 5,4 nhenners are not idle, - But the fruit of loyal nature and n noble mind.u ' PAUL MILLER Class Play 5 Mixed Chorus 1,2,5,4 Mixed Ensemble 5,4 Boys' Glee Club l,3,5,4 County Scholarship 2,5 Baseball l,2,5 Basket Bell l,2,5 l Picture Machine Operetor 5,4 H nNever hurried, - Never worried, AlWQyS Ushootingn things.H NORMA zeoK Hot Lunch 2,5,4 Mixed Chorus 1,3,5,4 Girls' Glee Club l,2,5,4 Soft Bell 5,4 Class Secretary 1,2 Student Council 5,4 Honor Society 5,4 Class Play 5,4 One Act Play 1 Secretary of Home Economics Club 5, Treasurer of Hot Lunch 5 Sec. of Clee Club 2 Vice President 1 PmmrSmif2 Ulu the right place is her heart, And her hand is ready and willing.u ll 94121 I S 10 IU ID ANNIUAMIL aaufg . 'ii- r Lil., t 1 , k X x .Z ',.j"g. ' g-25 lim ug. x. M a N5 .r "' Vg- RICHARD GERBER Basket Ball Manager 5 Class Play 5 County Scholarship 4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,5,4 Boys' Chorus l,2,5,4 WA popular son of the soil, Stalwart, square, and straight forward.W VIOLET SUNDHEIMER Mixed Chorus l,2,5,4 Girls' Glee Club l,2,5,4 Glas Play 5,4 Soft Ball Team 5,4 Home Economics Treasurer 5,4 Honor Society 5,4 . Hot Lunch 2,5,4 UKind,courageous, and clever too, Quiet in all there is to do, She works and wins her way,H 1IQMlQ 1 ,fi - vfs- - 10 IU ID AXNNIUAIL V Q ss, LCE? W2-:li SENIOR CLASS HISTGRY In September, 1938, a group of twenty-one nervous, eagerufaced Hgreeniesu boarded the ship HEducationH which was journeying another of its numerous four year trips through the uSea of Wisdomn. The first several weeks were spent in stumbling around, awkwardly trying to find the rooms of the different recitations. Almost immediately we were ordered to elect class officers. The re- sults were: President, Marian Mastg Vice President, Norma Zookg Secretary, Doyle Shrock. Already in our first year, we began showing our literary abilities. Orphe,Ellen Miller was a contestant in the Peace Oration Contest. Oma Hcrshberger and Oneta Hershberger presented humorous readings, and Norma Zook, Marian Mast and Oneta Hcrshberger were actresses in the one act play. The bous too had their share of activity, as William Lengacher, Paul Miller, and Russell Miller entered basket ball and baseball activities. Oma Hershberger won first place in the county scholarship contest in English, We were sorry to have Ura Troyer and Firman Kaufmann drop out of the class at the end of the first semester. At the beginning of our second year, our membership was reduced to fifteen, when Paul Kaufmann and Ohlen Troyer failed to return, and Glendora Hacker and Marion Mast transferred to Sugar Creek. Again we went through the ordeal of our annual election. This year's officers were: Russell Miller, Presidentg William Lengacher, Vice President: and Norma Zook, Secretary. ' As the previous year, we had enntestants in the local Peace Contest and in the local and county sports events. Doyle Shrock was forced to leave school on account of illness. Our third year elections resulted as follows: Darold Miller, President: Oneta Hershberger, Vice President: William Lengacher, Secrctaryy Again several members of the class entered the Peace Contest, Luck was with us as Oneta Hershbergcr placed first, and Oma Hershberger second in the local contest. Oneta placed second in the county. The class had the privilege of publishing the UAnvil, end to present ilsmmj l reuule ANNIUAII. f I . ,,s.S'u the class play, nThe Old Crabn with all of the class members participating. Lest, but not least, we reached the beginning of our final year. Yes, at lest we reached the goal of becoming the dignified seniors, The year's officers were: Onete Hershberger, Presidentg William Lengacher, Vice ?resident: Derold Miller, Secretary. Since Derold transferred to Sugar Greek, the assistant Secretary, One Hershberger, took his place. Also we were sorry to lose Ruth Gardner end Doris Hostetler, Ruth was transferred to Dalton, end Doris decided she hed acquired enough education, Dorothy Shrock, Onetn Hershberger, and Oma Hershberger again entered the Peace contest. Onete rated first in both the local and county contest. Because of weather conditions and several other problems, she was unable to attend the contest et Columbus. William Lengecher won first place in the social science test in the county and sixth place in the general scholarship test in the county. Onetn Hershherger won second place, end Ome Hershberger second place in e county essay contest, We presented our last class play, uAunt Minnie from Minnesotn,W We spent the lest weeks and days preparing and attending the final climexes to our school year: baccalaureate, banquet and commencement, Thus we reached the harbor after e four-year trip on which we have done our best to acquire the knowledge we possibly could from the USen of Wisdomu, 3'F2i0lUKi49k?i0kPi1F!Hl4PC42'sP3P54SU!0l0k2f2i4liHl0i'Hk HThe surest way not to fail, is to determine to succeed.n MBurdens become light when cheerfully berne.n UNO one can produce greet things who is not thoroughly sincere with himSelf,u nlntegrity is the first step to grentness.u ll QI 41 2 1. .fghis 'DIIJIIQ ANNIUAIL '.-. ,msg me I z I , -r , 1 in li 1.14 - SENIOR PROPHECY May, 1953--Ten years have elapsed sinc mates. Ten years since we last met in that I wish I could see them again! g?9i 5 'T e I have last seen my class- little red school house. How Havin ac uired enou'h monev throu h thriftiness in working in the 5 U 5 beauty shop, I started out to see where the classmates, and where they had deposited th Taking my baggage to the nearest depot trip. Arriving in Cleveland for my first s hundry, but oh, I had a few blocks to walk Of course, it was easily possible to get a winds of fate had driven my em in this wide world. in New York, I started on my top, I was beginning to get to get to the nearest restaurant. taxi. I recognized immediately that it was Myron Gerber, one of my classmates. I was glad to have a little chat with him till we came to the nearest r As I sat down at the table, the waiter her what I wanted, Within a few seconds sh I took a.second glance at her, and who did estaurant. handed me a menu card. I told .D e had the food placed before me. I behold but Oneta Hershberger, another one of my classmates, dressed in a waitress' uniform. She certain- ly served many people in the time I needed liked her job as a waitress. I realized th that could carry trays of food without gett Arriving in Chicago a few days later, some of the new Chicago fashions. I entere lection, but to my misfortune and disappoin I was soon assured that I should not let it to eat my lunch. She said she at she was the type of girl ing nervous, I decided I would enjoy wearing d a dress shop and made my se- tment it was two sizes too large. worry me, because they had a very efficient seamstress who would be able to adjust it properly within a short time, They showed me to the sewing room, and upon seeing the seamstress, I thought that she looked familiar, We start Then I recognized her to be Violet Mae Sund in high school. I always knew Violet was g I started out on the open road again f cane to a large ranch where I saw many cowb ed a very casual conversation. heimer, my friend and classmate oing to be a seamstress. or the West, In a few days I oys. Inquiring around a little hit about the rancc, I was told that Richard Gerber, a classmate of 1942, ommdpmtofthe he hitchehiked to joying ny stay at the ranch because he didn the ranch, I left to scar Knowing that one of my classmates was the radio, I wanted to see her in person. Walking eitcriig the boradcesting zoom of tie steti Ellen Miller. Yes, she had the same musica Sacramento, I noticed a rather large building as a H1 e 'i ' , N' ' - ' I 1- a ' 1, wh l class at school. After Hswapping yarnsn wi stout man walking into the station. I ashe 1:9421 ranch. After meeting Richard, he explained to me that 't like farm life, After en- ch for my other classmates, in California, singing over about the streets in raido station, Upon should I sec but Orpha as when she was in my oi w o voice th her awhile, I noticed a d Orpha who this man was. She 'F' IDIIJID ANNIUAXIL ir said it was another of my former classmates, Paul Miller. He had constructed this radio broadcasting station. I was reluctant to leave another two of my classmates, but I desired to start home again. While traveling the distance from California to Oklahoma, I got into e train wreck. I was rushed to a hospital in Oklahoma. when I came to my senses again, I was lying on a hospital bed. Soon the head nurse entered. She smiled at me as if she knew me. And sure enough, it was Norma Zook. She told me I was rapidly recovering from my bruises., I told her I had to leave as soon as I had recovered. I took an airplane for Columbus. The pilot's features were familiar, but I could not recognize him. After stopping in Columbus, the pilot took off his cap, To my surprise it was Russell Miller, who had been steering the plane, another classmate of mine. 'Since I did.mot have much time to talk with him, I found myself wandering about the streets of Columbus. I saw signs concerning the state fair in Columbus, Having a weakness for entertainment, I went to the fair. Coming to one of the tents, I heard them announcing winners of a contest. The first prize winner was William Lengacher. That name sounded familiar. As the winner went up to get the award, he looked just like the same UBillH, that I used to know as a class- mate. After having congratulated him for making the finest cheese in the state, I thought I'd go back to the red school house to bring back pleasant memories. I took the train for the nearest place to Walnut Creek. But, to my surprise the train stopped in Walnut Creek. It had been only a nburg' in my school days, but it is now a prosperous city. Arriving at my destination, I began to look for that familiar school building, but I could not find it. I visited one of the schools. As I knocked at the door of the room, the teacher opened the door. I tried to identify her. Oh yes, it's Oma Hersh- berger who, I remembered, had gone to college to take an education course. I informed her that I had now seen all of my classmates. I started for home, glad to have met all of my former schoolmates in the school of life. --Dorothy Shrock A message from us, the Juniors, to you, the Seniors-- May your lives be even more successful than your prophecy predicts. 1lQlMl2 e 4.' jg,-5555, 'DIU ID AN N IU A IL 545.5555 125-is peice SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Seniors, members of the class of 1942, of the Walnut Creek High School, located in Walnut Creek Township, county of Holmes, in the United States of America, realize the approach of old age: but being sound of mind and liberal in disposition, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will end testament, hereby revoking all wills made by ns, We leave to the faculty such memories as they may have gleaned from their association with us, We, the Seniors, bequeath our cherished talents and traits to the following students-M Orpha Ellen Miller wills her vocal ability to Logan Shenemen, and her dey dreaming to Richard Hemsher, Richard Gerber wills his willingness to cooperate to Robert Schrock, and his nice bass voice to Truman Hershberger. Omn Eershberger wills her ability to make A's to Lillian Sne Troyer, end her tnlkntiveness to Deen Meehan. Myron Gerber wills his shyness to Billy Hostetler, and his quiet moods and his ability to "take in" to John Gerber. Norma Zook wills her quiet disposition to Joy Brand, and her giggle to Maxine Hershberger, Paul Miller wills his tenor voice to Merlin Troyer, and his me- chanical mindedness to John Eorrisberger, Jr. Dorothy Shrock wills her ability to count fest to Ruth Mast, and her jolly disposition to Rose Marie Jnberg. William Lengncher wills his eye for blondes to Wayne GGTUOT, 015 his methods of annoying the teachers to Luther Masta 1:9421 i' 'DIIJID ANNIIJAXII- .1155 Uir ' ' ' ifttffrs y J:-22? I- -- Oneta Hershberger wills her joking ability to Donald Miller, and her ability to make A's to Ruby Shrock, Russell Miller wills his studiousness to Eleanor Maust, and his stickwto-it-ive-ness to Evelyn Hershberger, Violet Mae Sundheimer wills her rapid pace to Irvin Miller, and her sewing ability to Lela Iberg. Signed by Class of 42. vlwkwwkrkvl am A H4 ftvk9sxw:1x4vkvkvi1vif OUR LINE UP Hilliam Lengacher -- the cheesemaker Richard Gerber - the husky one Onetg-Hershberger - the little but mighty one Dogothy Shrock - the giggling one Orpha Ellen Miller - the song bird Normn Zook - the helpful one PenL Miller - the radio fan HQssell Miller - the pessimist, sometimes Qma Hershberger - the eating one Myro H Gerber - the farmer lad Ygolet Sundheimer - the smiling one 1IQlD4l2 fri iii S -"NZ '5'3'-s- i I if IDIUID ANNIUAIL if , 'T L iv ,T L, COIIEIIENOEMENT PROGRAM CLASS OF 1942 WALNUT GREEK HIGH SGHOOL FFPFUFPKPIGHIHR Orchestre - HGiribirbinW--Pestalozza Processional UAidaF -- Verdi Invocation Rev. Alvin Miller Music Nhhen Love is Kindn Girls' Ensemble Salutatory Onets Hershberger Orchestre HMenuetto from Fifth Symphonyu--Schubert Glas History William Lengecher Music, Vocal Solo UAve Merien Orpha Miller Glass will Violet Sundheimer Orchestre HBlue Danuben Strauss Class Prophecy Dorothy Schrock Music, Vocel Trio nGarmene9 Wilson Orphe Miller, Ome Hershherger, Oneta Hershberger Class Poem Norma Zook Valedictory One Hershberger Music, Mixed Ensemble HSince First I sew Your Fecen -- Ford nEarly One Morningu English Folk Song Presentation of Diplomas John Lengacher Pres. Board of Education Music, Girls' Chorus HDream Sollern - Lee W Calm as the Hightn - Bohm Eenediction Rev. Ajvom Miller 1lQl4lQ1 M iig uf"'-Q Y :7 'silk , . , xt s .Q Q- 5: 7 5 i' 'DIIJ ID AN N IIJAXIL OUR LAST TRIBUTE TO OUR SCHOOL Hal, friends and neighbors, far and near, We've all our tasks completed. And now we'll lay our burdens here- We've from them graduated. We've studied hard for four long years, And met with tasks and problems. And now we're set for all the cheers, That accompany the emblems. Our teachers helped us to our goal, To which we have succeeded: Our parents too have played their role, And helped us where was needed. The time has come to bid adieu To teachers, friends, and schoolmates, And step into a world anew, Out through the threshold gates. nwxmswwmmxwsws USo hail to ye high school, Crimson and the gray, We pledge to thee, Our faith each day.N 119421 , 'fi' bg w . Q' 'k Q N-2 ,. ge-2-:Cs :Silt l 2: M 5-- 'If 'DIUID ANNIUAIL if K Q ' is -1 -NV' I 'x f ,. ...SQ ,C-'u- T. I' 6 HQ SENIORS NEEDS IDENTIFICATION OCCUPATION BY-WORD AE PRESENT Onete Hershberger Sleep nBetter Holfn Dating UAin't that - a hot onen Richard Gerber Slimness His laugh Raising coons Oh-Shaw Violet Mae Sundheimer Rimless Glasses Blue Hair Ribbon Lighting Oh, for Pete's lamps. sake. Paul Miller Excuse Blank Keys Radio Ye Gets Norma Zook Justice of Peace Her Giggle Hauling married By-Gully men. Russell Miller Musteche Facial Expression Ditch Digging Criminty Dutch Dorothy Shrook Height Curly Head Dressing Bald For Heevenf Head Sake Myron Gerber nOomphsu Wrist Watch Driving Muddy Oh-Gosh Roads Omn Hcrshberger Good Roads Braids Milking Goats Ifll be Why? Jiggered Bill Lengacher Carton of Luckies Match Chain Driving the Cussing uTrai1n Orphe,Miller Sympathy Blonde Dey Dreaming Gee-Get WSFWRXYWXRXHXX Mr. Troyer --uSoe here Bill, you onn't sleep in my class,n Bill L, - Thet's right, Mr. Troyer, but if you didn' t talk so loud I might be able to. 3XXWXkkRk8+88S Myron - Do you mean to soy all we have for dinner tonight is cheese? Oma -- Yes, deer, you see when the chops caught fire, and fell into the dessert, I had to use the soup to put it out. 1:9421 uh-N ::::I'N .fs-'5 .' -'X.x ..-ggs. 4,. x. L .L 'of 'D i . 'A' UUUIIQ AN N IUAIL Miss Troy Dorothy - Father -- Paul --UI Father -- Mr, Troye er-lCorrect this sentencen, It was nlt wasn't me that spilt the ink.U 1138888358 Hwell, son, how are your marks?u hey're under watergn T Paul -- "IB h Norma--NG Richard G. Russell--U Uwhat do you mean-under water?u elow WCM level,U wmsxwwmwmm .-1-1, . fs-'NN 7k' i"':Zii3 me that spilt the ink. -- Hwhatfs the most famous piece of wood in the world?N arlie McCarthy, I guess.n 5338338838 - Nhave you ever noticed that most successful men are bald?u Sure, tha.t's why they come out on top iX8Xi8Y888 nGome, members of the Senior Class, Each with diploma unfurled, Move over life, and let them pass Into your seething world.u 8333338888 Bill - NSometimcs I sit and think, And sometimes I just sit.N XSQXKSYWXX All of Us - HArguing is-gpg chief d Hg can't be wrong, gg must b 1:9421 .n elight, e right.n 5 GEJIIIQASSIIEES if 10 IU ID AXIQ N IUAIL if we vs,, ,Lasso -E 1523-'EE . JUNIOR CLASS OUR FUTURE LIES BEFORE US The number of pupils in our elassualas it may be trite, But we will show that when we go, boy, we'll be dynamite. The years ahead of us are long, and some they might be blue, But we will sjow in prose and verse what we propose to do. First of all thereis Imogene. We will put her in the lead- Wait, not so fast, we can't catch her-look at her gallant steed. For she is teaching riding now at Hurst's academy. She rides them high, she rides them low, she rides unflinchingly. If you should see her at her work among the handsome men, You'd see that life agrees with her and with her suitors ten, Next comes our Junior Romeo, the sheik of all our clan, Dick Hamsher's getting southern now-he'e down in Alabam. He socks the ball across the field: he always hits his mark, The Glevelond Indians shout with glee, nDick will be our spnrk.U The only trouble with his job, that we will notice here, Is that he's had to leave behind the one he holds most deer. Another member of our class has reached noteworthy fame, Shefs women's bowling champion now, Ona Troycr is her name, For she began her famous career, many years ago, And she has shown that practice firm, can help your game just so. The score is high, her pace is slow, she hits down many a pin, UOhU, people say with certainty, 0Treyer's sure to win.n lu 9421 SOPHS INVADE WALNUT CREEK The weather was quite windy yesterday when a group of fine looking young lads and lasses Q?U invaded the school building after a four month's vacation. a Instructions left behind by former Supt. J. H. Proper WOTG uWatGh those Sophomoresu, meaning watch their brilliant progress, we hope 2311 ULFFTYH SHEHEHEN A thrill was in store for everyone today when NLeftyU Logan Sheneman showed his superiority in baseball. He suddenly astounded everyone by showering the plate with strikes and balls surpassed only by those of Bob Feller. Said Coach USunnyW, Nthose Sophomores certainly have proven them- selves indispensable players.U Ahhh! HARD 'min , November 28, 1941 - All the Juniors are walking around with small cards showing their invitation to a party to be held at the home of Maxine 1:9421 'Ir 10 IU ID Am NIUAXIL if ,Sig :'2?'::EE Ag:::rEEE1 A milliner's shop is owned by Ruth Mast. Her customers do tell That ell her hats are the newest thing this side of Mnrmedell. She makes her hats from birds and flowers, benthers, ribbons end lnce, But always Ruth says with e typical grin, HThey ere made to flatter your face.n If you should ever visit her shop, with the desire to buy n het, V You'll find that hor prices are very high but her wit makes up for thot. Ruby Schrock's present occupation is really very thrilling, Picture taking is her job - her pictures sure are killing. Funny pauses of all things, this little miss requires, Of sailors, mice, and sealing wax, her camera never tires. When all the world is sed and glun, then Rubyis always cheery, For she has her pictures on the well to keep from getting dreary, A whiz on ice is Lillian Troyer, the skater of our crew, r-11.7 1--,, -.MA Y ,VHA ,An,,-AJY Y -- HJ ,HAY LL- -'AAAAMVJkh--A i if IDIUID ANNIUAIL 'K' 'fl-:Rigs tai::I22f yi , ff. u f- . - 4.,fi'55 Hershberger. The perty went off with e n.engn end ended with sweet cider. They ell enjoyed themselves that were present-et least they said so. Of course, one Junior could not come. He had Hheert feilureu. Say, Juniors, maybe there is some snow left along the fenceslfll ALL ON BOARD ' December 5, 1941- WAll on bodrd'. Yes sir, five Sophomores are ready to make the trip. Where to? Why, don't you knew? To Berlin of course. Wefre going to help give the program Cchepell et Berlin. Harry had the privilege of describing his visit with Hitler. Evelyn, Maxine and Rose Marie sang e trio with our pianist, Joy Brand et the piano. Berlin knew the Sophemores had the talent, lt PROGRAM ANNOUNCED J October 5, 1941 - nThe program will be turned over to the Sophomore class, n was the announcement made early in the morning of December 5, All the sophomores had sportsmanship and participated in the program. The pro- gram was in the form of n newspaper, A I SHOOT 'EM T November l5-February 27-Look at those Sephomores racing down that basketball court, Three Sophomores entered the basketball games and play- ed them well. They were Harry, Virgil and Robert Logan sits on the side- lines end cheers for the boys in his way as Donald Duck would cheer for Daisy. SUGAR SHORTAGET - YES 3 HDe you have eny suckers?H is the call heard every day by Miss Troyer. These hungr suckers are the Sophomore girls. One sucker is grape, one choeolete, one butterscotch, end one pineapple cocoenut. UA sucker n dey keeps the doctor awey,n SOPHOSOOPE GOES TO PRESS Extra! Extrnl Going to press today is the special edition of the HSophoscopen. This paper promises to be m sensational comeback to the Freshmen who stole their ideas 5 for the annual before they could put it into practice. As hes been suggested, the uSophoscopeU is being sent to the Congres- sional Library, Washington, D. C., and is being guarded by Mcnrthnris troops. YEA! JUNIORS NUTZ nThe games were thrilling, but the cheer lenders-ugh. , this from one of the spectators nt the class tournament, Anyone wishing to challenge the truth of the statement, ask the Sophomore girls for n demonstration. The Sophomore team was composed of uDukeu, nCookien, uLeftyn, Fritzu and nPinien. V The Sophomore quintet was defeated by the Junior Jumping Jives in their first encounter. U1 SOPHS SHINE Broadway was amazed this year when the Sophs showed their supremacy as actresses and actors. This was proven when Joy, Rose Marie, Harry, Virgil end nFritzn participated in plays given by the upper clnssmen, Said critics, UBetter Donald Duck, beweren. NQII42 . V - ..x Q. ' . X 1? 5 ' '70-sa' fi, ,--my J- " : rv.-5:-N if +0 IU ID AWN IUAXIL if + r its s ' L rnesmfmr Q- " Back Row QLeft to Rightj Second. Row QLeft to Rightb Dean Lengaeher William Hostetler Q Irvin Miller Clayton Horshborger Arthur Wilhelm Merlin Troyer Truman Hershberger John Gerber, Jr, Front Row Clreft to Right? Luther Mast Barbara Sundheimer Dean Meehan Donald Miller John Horrisborger, Jr. Richard Horrisborger Yriifbiitif Lela Iberg Eleanor Maust -........-..-.........-.........-...-...... Ne, the supposedly ngreen Freshmonn, get off to a good start in our attempt to prove that we are not so ugreenn as everyone thought. We won the high sehool class basket bell tournament by first defeat- ing the Seniors 28 - 24, and then the Juniors 50 - 47, in the finals. We think that that in itself proves we are not what could very easily be termed as Ugreenu. We think we're quite good, and not only in basketball! We furnished two managers, e cheerleader, five members of the baseball team, and seven members of the orchestra. S05 TAKE IT FROM US AND - BUY DEFENSE BONDS 1:9421 I .5 'A' 1DllJ IlQ AN N IUAIL 'A' VT YM , . - jg:-T F ., .QLV iiis, Q Q 'Q v if 1' - 1 D2 Q Q LQ lv 'D' Fl G , 'if ia? 'Pica nm N 5 5 3 f'f:eG12LW J Mi AM "l2f5f:'2L. Q". ' 79' L72 -3 . 6 N, ,"M:xx-, ..-ff I I Y "1 ,if ETA! is -.HH-,, i I gfgfi A. r1"x , Er' I I 3 YRX 1 "H - L 3 2L"""9fx g Q-W - f 1 X M ' xx . f f 2 w . ff' f'!f ,A-M J 1 Z ,4 H,-, 5 2,..- 'X I - l L W- f?:.2"f?f1 5, I X ' ,a,.-.f-f""H X H N19 f ..f--'J ..,., ... ,, , M N, Q .f gy f S 4, bw ,I 1. x x f I . 0 1 J I m. fix f f 'T'1!!'UN ! ff! if Lljyrk.-.-f' X l " ,Q"""' ' ' " ' . .-ff37'V, I H'--QT'.,. ,iff 'X I If ff l f1.ff4lYf:.g1fQ--mf-mf ' 7 Q13 , x :gy - , Y ' 0 zff x. M .,4.,x K l""JxXi i ' 5' ftffqifxlj fif73"l il 2 , Q1w'U5f'q D0 N Q LD , .M ,JR iff, . fi-f-.2 A 7 .-r' 5 I I A 'f' if 2 x YN" W fr ffywj F L. 1' rn xiii' I. WN fx Jr" 5 Am,-I 1 ADW W' 9 ILM 'srf-W.,-,riff fi-r ' fx-sl N613 5-4 if I -,H A h W. Ar., , aw Xu? Q A fn? 'V l .L ars-RL-L:N,5x1 cw WW XL f to 1 A . -1 - M , KJ ! I Q ' ,X ily p,-1.1. NJ Qt! X iam. Hill... I? N, NN-'0',,,v-v.. I .xt 'E 12,5 JL 1' xk ix HJ' , qsrtgb 0 ,7' il A L' . 0 N-""" fwf-I gf , xm am, Q, if T1 mg x is ' E691 gf' MQ- ' 1-ff '? fl". Tvf0AM1!5T JL 1-' . 3 ff I .H Q" I.. yy! . IA :,g:fpfw""r' W, T1LvN4k:,.f In Q52 in " 'I' 5 N' AR' Q ' l" "X s-:AJ . v df My N, -QM wx- xv v . Y! , X 4-j,1J",,,..4h Taieak Hgx 4539? 5? g'hW,,: f' , nf , 4 ,Y 1374? IC'-S3 A. . gs-.,, ,yu X r 'X ,ff .955 Nf' fm - 4 g K-Q, 4 '1 jf -ff, ,fn 1,24 5 2 -1 W fs: hd' i'P"'W 'ff ICQ ,-Q3 ,114 ,f"' 3 , ,, N -l-,fjlrl , .xl l 4. K I I N .V H f- H .-I 1 R, X- if V 2 ,I His ff' 1 ffl? Cy ,L I 2 , -fl2sf1f:?.J Ffa," gas jx!!! I I f W 4 ""7'JfWHXxX-f"j K I A A X g' "" , 1g54 E 1 nf NM., MR' 2f. ws,, f va- W f ' hifi -m HC' If M ff Ns f 3' t .1 'Q -.N Ku F -:v - 5 MJ, ' A . , f--.-...hv-:ui . R M 1 f Am Wh ff C' F96 L- 1 H1 T' F '72 . 7 3 1012 W Ms 0 X 1 If Ggyggivshlfv' CsFrg'?0 "vim ff'-X au. gmij X x' ,T-Q35 A b " fav -?lY51UI'-lG- AQ D' 1I 94121 Mf.5 Jzzm. liifzfiii 1r'T '- rl 1' QDIUIIQ ANNIUAXIL 1.1-"" 'A' t SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Back Row CLeft to Rightb second Row QLeft to Right LeeRoy Eeeehy Russell Miller Doran Horrisberger James Allen Miller Verne,Beeehy Elve Beeehy Loren Hershberger Junior Hostetler Lowell Hostetler Dwight Weaver Galen Gerber Donald Vogt Clyde Sundheimer Donald Shrock Robert Gerber Robert Gerber Eugene Hiller Dorcas Zook Sterling Troyer Emanuel Hershberger Gerald Hershberger Virgilia Hill Third Row CLeft to Righty Lyle Hostetler Martha Funk Lucille Flinner Betty Lengecher Doris Lengaoher Kathryn Gerber Anne Jean Shroek Mary Ellen Miller Erma Lou Miller PFPFUKHIUKII1PkHF2ifi0iHFi!S1X'fv6H0kSHk2kvi4 Did you say we were the wiggly bunch? ..... .,. . ...... Maybe we are. .......... We at least can pride ourselves on the feet of having the tall and short boy in our room. ...... ....HeNe you seen Donny V and Lee Roy together? . .... HVariety is the spice of lifo,U we say. nwhat do you have to.oet today?N Yes, thut's the daily question of some of our daily hot lunchers, even tho it is spread right before thom ........... Would glasses help? We doubt it. uqnmj 'Qgg: f DUD,ANNMAl i qgmg rxrrn i t six Gaines L ill -.. fly I T w Back new CLeft to Right? second not CLeft to Righty Aden Miller W Dennis Weaver A Claire Hershberger Ruth Snyder Alvin Deechy Dorothy Hershberger Lynn Hostetler Dorothy Zook Lowell Zook , Marilyn Gerber Richard Stutzman Rhea Mae Gerber Albert Beechy Dallas Hostetler Lorrell Mast W, J, Hershberger, Teacher Richard Hostetler First Row CLeft to Right! Shirley Troyer N .Anna Mae Stut zman Alice Iberg Marilyn Miller Lois Gerber Marilyn Weaver Gladys Mast Dorothy Mast Oletha Hamsher Do you think youill pass?.,..Wcn't it be exciting to be in high school! Did you know we had twins in our room?,.. Lois Gerber and Marilyn Miller. UThe Great Stone Facen-yes, that's tho story we CGladys, Dorothy, Marilyn W. and Alice? studied, but we didnlt win. Better luck next year, sixth grade.....Who's the best walker in our class???? Dallas Hostetler, of y course, for he walks to school every morning, and he isn't late either., Don't you think welre about the nicest looking crowd in the sohool?.... Just you watch for us next year, , 1lQlMl2:I if Qeluln ANNIUAIL if :::::3E-. :':?"'3: THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES --. ,F-A. -W4 . W ' ',,,.,.......-.-4-,.,T,l n..- ...Y . .... , -V V.. on-.. . 9 - - nh 1 Front Row QLeft to Right? Lizzie Reber A Gwendolyn Behler Alice Gerber Petty Hostetler Jeanette Shroek Dorothy Gerber Jane Stutzmsm Fyrne Miller Anette Heesher Emma Beeehy Gladys Miller Third Row Qtoft to Right? Arlen Hostetler Donald Hostetler Melvin Weaver Russell Lengaeher Robert Dean Troyer Wayne Gerber Vernon Beeehy Morris Hershberger Jay Miller f ' , S' fx, N Q A ir -6- I second new fLeft to Righty Eli Miller Lee Roy Mast Jerry Meet Mary Hershberger Arlene Miller 1 Donna Miller June Hostetler Mart Merraret Gerber e Mary Beechy Arie Reber Fourth Row QLeft to Right? Wayne Keser Douglas Baker Ted Horrisberger Elvin Middaugh Albert Troyer Kenneth Meehan Not in Picture - Raleh Sundheimer ,L Mrs. Carl Snyder --Teachers My, we had n lot of different tenehers....Yes, we had all kinds..... We really like chocolate milk......I drank three bottles one day. fNelvinU.....I did too, CJerryD.....Are we fmt?.. .......Good bye, Jeanette, sorry you moved to Sugar Greek..,..We.hnve e basketball team tOO.....Bussell Lengaeher is our official referee. Watch out fifth grade, we're coming very soon. llQIMl2 i DMD,ANNMAl i FIRST AND SECOND GRADES NY , -T, , Back Row CLoft to Right Patricia Kaser Loyal Gerber Keith Miller BeenielMiller Hershberger Gloria Ann Horrisberger Monroe Beeohy Buddy Miller Merlin Hershberger Aden Hostetler Pearl Miller, Teacher Second Row CLeft to Right Glenn Miller Charles Middaugh Patricia Jaberg Lorine Hamsher Barbara Jaberg Shirley Miller Mae Herehberger Wilbur Miller Eli Haber Clifford Middaugh Lois Mamet Carol Hostetler Front Row CLeft to Right, Jacob Beechy Glen Miller Bob Bahler Bobby Miller William Hostetler Ivan Mast Mabel Gerber Irma Hershberger Alberta Middaugh Esther Beoohy Susie Mast Did you hear us read? CFirst Gradel We really can...You ought to oe how fast we can run in the gym too with our stocking feot...... bet we could beat you,.....Did you see our zoo in our room?.... Watch out third grade-we're coming over to your room next year, G M942 fSeoond Gradel tb 5 -fs-xi 'D IU ID AN NLIUADLIL A GLANCE AT LAST YEAR'S ALUMNI When he was caught violating a traffic light and was Questioned by n policeman concerning it, Ralph Miller of the class of '41 said, quote, Uwhy is it that every time that I see a pretty girl, I forget to watch n the stoplights? In a recent letter received from Heidelberg College by some of Sue Mast's friends, she wrote that the subjects were very exciting, especially the tall ones with dark wavy heir ------n--- huh? Living on the first floor of the girls' dormitory at Goshen Gollege had been rather dull for Elsie Zeurcher until she began to see its pose sibilities. Why not use her room to advantage? The next evening her room-mute was awakened by Elsie's coming in late - not through the door, but through the window, Well, brains ere of value. When Howard Shrock was found to be spending so much time in the restaurnnt, he was asked why he preferred the restaurant to some other place. WYou see,N he said, NIt's the nearest I can get to wine, women fnd song.n If you chance to visit the Hhome of Trail BolognaF, in the coming months, you might be going for two reasons: to buy bolognn, or to see the person that sells it, Since Maxine Troyor has become a sales girl, . sales have taken e turn for the better. Ult must show better timesn, says Maxine. Could belll Wanted: To rent n cabin on some secluded lake. No outside communi- cntiens necessary.--Edward Hershberger -- Glenn lmmel. r Would it be possible that the advertisers are starting a ULoncly Heart Retreut?n Uhreed is the staff of life,N says Doran Hershberger. He is at present occupied driving d truck for the Sterling Bakery. He says with the present rubber shortage, he soon may be traveling his route with UOld Dobbinu. Hhy women customers will still be faithful,H sets Doran. The neighbors of Dorothy Mast have been complaining that they are kept awake all hours of the night by music from the piano. After Q few months of this noise, the neighbors have collected enough money to sound proof a room. When Dorothy henrd of the plan she exclaimed, Why but erenft the neighbors kindin They may be kind but to whom? Junior Mast was recently found speeding in the city limits of Massillon. Not only was he endangering his own life, but the life of others he was told. When asked about his reasons for speeding, he answered, Wwell, you see, I wnsn't driving myself, but she's learning fastJ' 1lQl 421 i35g'1A:5.5 - 1-gx 1'-'i 5 ,... . Q. ' d'd'WQ.y, dF'i-:Eel " u i' foluln AWNUAIL if NOW IS THE TIME FOR-5 Billy Hostetler to start practicing on his violin. Joy to stop talking so much. Mr. Troyer to begin another argument. Uma Hershberger to argue right back. Don to work for walter Iberg. Ruby to quit keeping such late hours, Me. Girk to try out with the Cleveland Indians. Oneta to make a will. Russell to stop flirting with his neighbor. Wayne to learn to tap dance. Rose Marie learn Ju Jitsi for self defense. Arthur to stop being sarcastic, Jorma to get chauffeur's license. Virgil to use his driver's license. Ona Troyer to make a speech in Spanish. I-larry to buy the "Soph" girls suckers. Ruth to go for rides in Fords. Bill to go to visit his home town Cnamely Trail? Lillian to go away Saturday nights. fCottermans7 Miss Troyer to stop worrying about hot luch. Colleen to organize that "hot" swing band. Fritz to win as Oscar for senior play practice. Dick Hamsher to take shrinking powder. RYSKXXSXXRXXYXSYSXYSWXWX Maxine -- It sure is raining cats and dogs. Evelyn -- Yes, I know. I just stepped in a poodle. XXXXZXXWSSXRXSXYYXYXXWXMW Orpha Ellen - What do you think would go well with my purple and gr een so cks? Dorothy -- High boots. Mr. Miller--Billy, if'you subtract 14 from ll7, what is the difference? Billy Hostetler--That's exactly the way I feel, What'S the difference. Eye Doctor--Qtesting Ona Hershberger's eyes, What line on the chart can you read? Oma Hershberger. nwhat chart?n l1lQIMlQ1 1U!" l- 2M3GlIHIN7JlI5fIIflElIE5S I . 22? w in --s if 'DID ID AXIQ N num IL if .1--'5" LITERARY 1 i LITERARY CGETESTANTS On January 28, the Walnut Creek High School sent eight oonteste ents to various schools throughout the county where contests were be- ing held to determine the outstanding pupils in the following events: Oral Interpretation of Poetry -- Ome Hershberger Humorous Readings -- Joy Brand Donald Miller Lola Iberg 'N Dramatic Reading -- ' Lillian Sue Troyer Oretory -- Imogene Miller Truman Hershberger Oneta Horshberger After results were tabulated from all the contests, it was found that Walnut Creek ngein came out on ton with one first, two seconds, and one third place. Imogene placed first in orntory, Joy second in humorous reading, Lillian Sue, second in humorous reading and Onetn third in oratory. The school and the community should be proud, not only of the winners, but the others who participated. It seems that in our school, instead of being forced into the various activities, the pupils wish totahe part. Let's do our utmost to keep it that way. uqnmj QP fhug 5 .fs-'55 i' 'D IU ID AN N otn lor PLAY contest: 'UA IL 4-ws. .- -1-"V: i' 1 -,.f.- 1.4-11. WMrs. O'Leery's Gown wes the title of the one act play selected by the Walnut Greek High School for the county contest, It was o play with an Irish setting that took place in Illinois, The characters in their roles were-- Mrs, O'Leery -- -Botsy O3Leery -- Emmett ovteatytt -- Mrs. Donahue -- Eileen Noonan -- Lide Noonen Professor P. Fornum- Colleen Brand Joy Brand Harry Gerber, Jrg Rose Marie Jeberg Lillian Sue Troyer -- AOnete Hershberger Donald Miller Mrs, OiLeery was expecting e gift from her friend-e hired girl or something like that, However, surprises will happeni At least o green cow arrived instead, And she kicked over the lantern and aroused the town gossip, Mrs, Donahue, Emmet, the son, was so beshful he never did get his proposal completed to Eileen, the belle of the town, but how could he possibly do so with his mischievbus kid sister continually interrupt- ing, She made things uncomfortable for all of them-especially Lido, the beshful little lady from town, But P, T. Fernum saved them all with his S1000 check for the cow, This play was given in three contests- Clerk -- Berlin -- Walnut Creek - et - - Clerk Cwinning second place? Lakeville -- Big Prairie -- Walnut Creek - at Walnut Creek twinning first plecel Nashville -- Killbuck -- Walnut Greek at Nashville twinning second place? Remember --- WI never do nothing, and I get scolded all the time! nNow keep looking et that newspeper.N Nwho iver heard of an Irish led that didn't know what to sey,N nI've got some candy for the cow. Do you think shefll like itTu UEmmet, do you want me to look at the newspaper egein?N UYou got to git rid of that monstrosity out in the barn,W HYou can't put anything over on Prof, P, T, Qernum, I'vQ been around e bit myself.W CONGRATULATIONS CAST - GOOD WORK tsnmj 7.-S A :52?-s- 1' fouuln ANNIUAIL y if SCHOLARSHIP TEAM Dean Lengacher-General Science Oma Troyer--Spanish-First Logan Sheneman-English lO Eleanor Maust-Spanish-Second Wayne Gerber - English ll Lela,Iberg - Algebra Truman Hershberger - English 9 - Second Harry Gerber -- English 10 Second Donald Miller -1 English 9 William Lengacher -- Civics-First Richard Hamsher - English ll Oma Hershberger-English l2-Second Maxine Hershberger--World History - Richard Gerber - Civics Joy Brand-World History - County First i Oneta Hershberger-English 12 John Gerber, Jr.-Algebra UEow many do we have on the county team? -Seven-- that's good - yes, we are interested in our scholarship -- and that isn't all - every single one of our competitors at Millersburg made a good showing -- no fpottomn places for us ever we hope N- yes, the thirdS and fourths were not on the team but we had plenty of them -- con- gratulations, Team, much luck at Kent.U ll QI 41 V Xxx 231 QL Y s in if eluln Awsuuixl if l , p y, f5 :-,X ::::? h 1 ,,..-H.: , I , nw, E THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB THE JOLLY ECKERS Everywhere girls were giggling in the halls. Excitement was in the air. Miss Troyer would speak to Mr. Miller: immediately a flock of girls would leave the study hall. The six girls in the Home Ee, were very inquisitive. Finally a committee of girls stepped up to the six outcasts, handed them slips of paper and retired hastily to the Home Ee. room, They glanced at their slips-a party! Hooray! But wait, There was a catch as usual. They were all to come dressed in very unsophisti- cated costumes. They were to come as children, On the appointed evening assembled in the Home Economics room were twenty-one of the cutest Nkids in town.U There were beribbened, becurled, and of course very babyishly dressed children. ' After a program which consisted of a recitation by Lillian Sue, speeches by Miss Troyer, Uwhat I Want to Do When I get Bigug Dorothy Shrock, Wwhy I don't Like Afternoon Napsug and a recipe by Rose Marie Jaberg, uHow to Make Mud Piesu: duets, Oneta and Ruth, UI've Got the Baby Sister Bluesng Oma H. and Orpha Ellen, WPlaymatesH: and group singing led by Coleen, we blew bubbles and played very many other in- teresting games. The winners received lovely suckers, etc, Refresh- ments were served, and we adjourned - agreeing to have our pictures taken the next day. Our next meeting was to be a sled ride, but as we could find no sled, no snow, we postponed it and attended a canning demonstration at Millersburg, 1IQl4l2:I L L: ' S w 'T l 5-":-Tr t I Q jg, if euuln AXIQ N IUAXIL if 1 After mi ' o T.-1-T igjft' V ssing a few meetings, we decid urselves a banquet. We all what. The only i Viola ' ed upon the idea of serving got together and decided who was to make ssue which was a debateable subject was ice cream, et disliked vanilla, but vanilla it was, We decided to have the banquet Jan. 50, and we all stayed after school to prepare the choicest tidbits. We chose Orpha Ellen as our host, and Oneta as our hostess, The table was beautifully decorated with red, white and blue as it was the eve of Pres, Roosevelt's birthday. The entire color scheme was carried out even in the ohinaware, Who was it that served the peas? Oh, yes, Ruth. Joy certainly appreciated the fact, although the rest got quite a laugh out of the scarcity of that food on Joy's plate, Q We were so well fed we didn't even mind washing the dishes, There is a saying, NAn army travels on its stomach,uv This could well apply to 'LLSQ A goal which we hoped to achieve was that of a small party for our mothers to show our gratitude for the help they had so unselfishly shown us all these years, May 15 found all the high school girls and their mothers assembled for an informal time. A program was given followed by games, after which refreshments were enjoyed by the entire group. May lst found fourteen hot lunch girls awaiting a bus which was to convey them on an educational tour to Canton. This tour was to climax the year, Many points of interest were visited, and the day was enjoyed by everyone. All the Home Ee. girls wish to thank Miss Troyer for her guidance, patience, and perseverance. We all learned many interesting as well worth while things during the past term, We realize we trying, but appreciate the way Miss Troyer cheerfully helped us over the . as were at tif overlooked . rough spot At the te ' 7-eq-Q v ' mes our mistakese so rmination of the sch on with a sigh of 'th ee - ool year satisfacti 1 eger antici , we look back over the past on, and look forward to the comi ,pation. . ng year E1i!PFIIUKlk29'PFII0i42k P14 1IQIl4lZ1 U. N. IL. xi Y 'T , " vllliiiiil in 5: f- - i' 'D IU ID AN N IUAX IL i SENIOR PLAY -'.-'iii' 5- , .Q-QQ .fs-'55 N xiii 1- -- The Senior class presented their lest play for their school life on Saturday evening, Merch 28th. ' The cast of characters follows: Aunt Minnie -- From Minnesota Mrs. Emily Evans -- Her sister Elvira Evans -- Onete Hershberger Norma Zook Ome Hershberger Mrsu Evans older daughter . Eva Evans -- Mrs. Evans younger Emery Eaton -- Eve's finance Guy Graham -- Elvira' s finance Silas Spencer -- Meyer of the town Patience Perkins -- Dorothy Shrock daughter William Lengecher Myron Gerber Virgil Troyer Orpha Ellen Miller Heads every committee in town Andy Andrews . -- Russell Miller Suiter of Aunt Minnie's Cornelia Curtis -- Violet Sundheimer Beck from the city Worthington Winter -- Robert Schrock Promoter Advertising Manager - Richard Gerber The thanks if the Senior Class are extended to Virgil Troyer end Robert Shrock, Sophomores, fer coming to their rescue when added characters were needed. "Now we.sn't that e het one?" 1:9421 N -X 'Dill ID AN N IUAXIL Ne ':S:!'hv: l:5I:7-x- n I 1 Q Y, N I -",' . 5' K lH:"J-sl' 'VJ-J"C5 , , Y ': ' fp": 'i VISUAL EDUCATION Nwell, now that film wesn't so bed, now was it?n nYes, but it could have been better.H Uhow, look here, you boys, quit throwing paper wedssn USh - there's Ere Troyer, behave yourself. Here comes the next show.U Ufhe First Congressu had begun, This was e picture of how congress was first started. Benjamin Franklin surely was e persuasive old men. Ee was one of the chief promoters of our legislative body. He told e joke when everyone else was red hot in nn argument. HSey do you remember when we had that movie about those men working in the timber when that men river, and he UI like those forests in the Eest?N I rather liked that one. Remember was trying to stand on that log as it floated down the fell in.N pictures on the animals in the zoo. I think those keep the children attentive too. They always have such clever II ll ll pictures et the beginning, that everyone gets e kick out of it. UOh yes, but the best one was that one about the scientists and the doctors. Remember when the announcer started out by saying that in the newspaper there is usually one place in the paper that everyone just skims over.H UThey gave some actual examples. It was so pitiful how that young girl lighted an oil stove and it exploded. That young girl's face was so pretty and then spoiled so badly. But these scientists end doctors had found n way to make her just H9421 -fg,:?j5i5, i Y 'DIIJIIQ AN N 'UA IL ir e 1v'b. i . f-.EE 1, -55 as beautiful as ever. Say that really is something! I even like the pictures of the different countries and how they live: especially India. I really would like to travel there and sit in one of the carriages with men pulling you instead of horses, WYou know, I liked about all of them -- say these bleachers are no seat of comfort.H nYou said it, and I just get a runner in my stocking.U But we are glad that every Friday afternoon we have the privilege of seeing all the films. Paul Miller and William Lengacher have taken the responsibility of running the machine, so without them we could not have had them. v viwlvtvk9sYf2t2i19F4H!4i0k250l4vkHkvi49Hk2tPkIk9H!f Between nine o'clock and the classes, When the week has rolled round to the end, Comes a pause in the day5s occupation, That is known as the chapel hour. UYes, we do appreciate that twenty minute Hpausen once a week, Itls the time when we stop a minute to receive a devotional thought from the Bible.--It is the time when we stop briefly to get in touch with our Maker.-- It is a time when we receive suggestions for a more wholesome living together as a body of students and teachers.-W In short, it is a time when we receive inspiration and guidance...We wouldn't want to dispense with this weekly chapel period.-Thanks to our democratic America which still gives us this privilege of spiritual inspiration,n - 1lQMlZ:I fyisxfzzg- ,. 25, rt L- Ns if forum ANNIUAIL To i :5:7-s- ORCHESTRA -..S Vi BACK ROW -- Mrs. Wendling - Directrese Saxophencs - - Snare Drum - Baritone Horn Valve Trombone Cornnet -- - FRONT ROW -- , Pianist - - - Clerinets -- - Violins - - - Lowell Hostetler Colleen Brand Dean Meehan Luther Mast Arthur Wilhelm ADoris Lengecher Shirley Troyer Douglas Baker Lela Iberg Loren Hershberger Betty Lengacher Dorothy Zook Joy Brand William Hostetler Lillian Sue Troyer Dean Lengacher Donald Miller The following members were eligible to enter the orchestra t the end of the year - Lucille Flinner--Clarinet Anna Jean Shrock - Trumpet Dorcas Zook - Trombone 1:9421 -qi A yi' w fflfjfufzils ' -Tl irq ,"r '- i' 'DFUID AN N IUAXIL ir N- " A:5:IF-y- 1 .,: :Q v3FI:EES: l lr- Q. OUR YEAR'S MUSIC PROGRAM UTHERE IS NO TRUER TRUTH OBTAINABLE BY MAN THAN COMES OF MUSIC9 The upon the e combin given us music program of the school has for the first time been organized basis of daily musical instruction. The very generous purchase of ation rediowphonograph and a beginning collection of records, has the opportunity for a course in music appreciation, This course begins in the third grade, and hes, this year, extended through the junior high school. The junior high school has e Girls' Glee Club and a Mixed Chorus, which meet each week. Each group has prepared a number of selections for public appearance. The high school groursinclude e Girls' Chorus of nineteen members, and a Boys' Chorus of sixteen members. The above mentioned groups combine to make the Mixed Chorus. The members. orchestra, an organization started lest year, consists of twenty The personell of the orchestra, as individuals and as a whole, have progressed greatly this year. The Sextette special vocal groups representing the high school are the Girls' composed of --------------- Orpha Ellen Miller Joy Brand Colleen Brand Onete Hershberger Oma Hershberger Ruth Mast and the Mixed Ensemble composed of -- Orphe Ellen Miller Sopranos Lillian Sue Troyer Ruth Mast -contrelto Oneta Hershberger P8111 el' qtengr Harry Gerber, Jr. Wayne Gerber - bass Truman Hershberger For the lest two years, the two special vocal groups sang in the dis- trict competiti6n each year, with the Mixed Ensemble being to the stnte finals. We hope to enter competition again this year. usmmj 'if .Y-' xfzhy ' ' -'TI 9, - a. S Q A .5-'RQ if foluln AXNNIUAIL -k MIXED CHORUS Beck Row Dean Lengecher John Horrisberger, Luther Mast Arthur Wilhelm William Hostetler Merlin Troyer John Gerber, Jr. Harry Gerber, Jr, Truman Hershberger Second Row - Rose Marie Jaberg Joy Brand Evelyn Herehberger Maxine Herehberger Barbara Sundheimer Eleanor Mnust Omn Troyer Imogene Mibler Ruth Mast Mrs. Wendling Third Row- Jr. Colleen Brand Dorothy Shrock Norma Zook Orpha Ellen Miller Violet Sundheimer Oma Hershberger Onetn Hershberger Lillian Sue Troyer Lele Iberg Front Row- Richnrd Horrisberger Virgil Troyer Myron Gerber Paul Miller Richard Gerber William Lengncher Wayne Gerber nMusic has charms to soothe tho savage breast.n--Well, yes, some- timee.-- I'm not so sure ours always does.- Did you hear that sqnnwk on that high note? Wow--Who was it? -- A rest -- oh, yes a rest -- that means to stop. I fear perhaps I was dreaming n bln. 1915412 1 1r- ::::7lg:: 'A' 'DIUID AXNNIUAXIL i' -L: 1, l nr. JUNIGR PLAY NSHEQS MY DAISYU The Junior class of the high school presented the three act comedy UShe's My Daisyn on the evening of April 25. The cast of characters follows:- Daisy Darling --Who is full of ideas Lillian Sue Troyer Donald Darling -Her husband Harry Gerber, Jr. Freddie Adair -- A friend of the Harling's Wayne Gerber Anne Adair -- His wife Ruth Mast Lucy Belle Barrett -- A bride at fifty-five Colleen Brand Peter Barrett -- Her husband Richard Hamsher Dr, Apple -- Who hills or cures Oma Troyer Queenie -- A mystery Imogene Miller Mrs. Snooks -- A terribly worried woman Rub Shrock The music for the play was furnished by the high school orchestras The thanks of the Junior Class goes to Harry Gerber, Jr.. a Sopho- more, who was willing to help them out in their characters since the class has only two boys in its ranks, what shall Daisy do when her Aunt who does not know she is married suddenly appears on the scene? -- She does plent. -- Her friends become roomers--her husband also--the Aunt is smart all right -- her husband is sic, at first -- Queenie is mysterious 1IQD-4121 x X X XQ K i I -5 ,- 1 I 1 ,553 -2 f ff' +5 H, ' 15' QA 5 4, M xy 1 1" ,Q 7 x f K J I ,fl '-sl W ,, ,: a we V w l -,l, ' ' -' s , , -A-1- - -V .- , , Y ..,:- 'Z 1,- 5 vi ,V , N X W M ff6xSE ww w Wu '11 A X 1 , 1 xw ,, ,I ,UI f if X M' 'f !' J, 1' xx Z hi ,MAY I r M X Y' '11 J' X -!, 1 ll ' xx .f R 1 3 , 0 'ii 1 K 'i !:..' .Z - 2? . 0 Tu ?i ,fri- ir +DlUtIlQ ANNIUAIL if BASKETBALL 'FRONT ROW: John Gerber, Jr. Virgil Troyer Richard Hnmsher, Captain Harry Gerber, Jr. Wayne Gerber Donald Shrock BACK ROW: William Hostetler, Manager Donald Miller Luther Mast Clayton Hershberger Richard Horrisberger Arthur Wilhelm, Manager Hfrlfilvkillilfiiifikdflkfsbkvk The best regards of the school go to Mr. Sundheimer, our coach, who was not able to be in school at the time of the picture. We are - very sorry that illness has made it necessary for him to discontinue his school for the present. We wish him a speedy and complete recovery 1IQl4l2:I wi' 'D IU ID Aw N 'mx IL ir Qgqgsgger r v 'E ii.-5?-EE With the opening of the basketball season, only one veteran re- W turned but there were able replacements. The Freshmen helped greatly: The team did not have as good rating as the year before, but everyone agreed that they had done well. They won 18 and lost 6, including the tournament. The complete scores and schedule are as follows: W. C. -w 39 W. C, --65 W. G. -- 42 W. C, -- 46 W. C. -- 50 W, C. -- 51 43 26 We C. -- 45 W. C, -- 45 W, C. -- 64 W. G. -- 4? W, G. -- 5O W. C. -- 54 W. G. -- 55 W. C. -- 55 W. C. -- W. C. -- w, o. -- ee w, cf, -- 52 W. C. -- 51 51 'wo Cu '- Dalton M 45 Lakeville - 58 Holmesville 46 Warsaw - 24 Lakeville - 25 Clark - 29 Berlin - 56 West Lafayette - 25 Millersburg - 50 Sugar Greek - 55 Nashville 58 Tucscarawas - 59 Berlin - 55 Clark - 20 Alumni - 22 Baltic - 52 Killbuck - 29 Big Prairie - 41 Warsaw - 24 West Lafayette - 59 W. C. -- 87 Glenmont - 50 W. C. -- 54 Dover Reserves - 57 Tournament-- W. G. - 59 Lakeville - 50 W, C, dv 33 Big Prairie - 58 lK2l0k2k'K9FPlUSiMHIkIk121Pi0!0bi'Hk1iHkSF CHEERLEADERS FOR 1942 Joy Brand Lillian Sue Troyer Lela Iberg WTO BRAG A LITTLE-TO SHOW UP WELL-TO GROW GENTLY IF IN LUCK- TO PUT UP, TO OWN UP, TO SHUT UP, IF BEATEN, THESE ARE THE VIRTUES OF A TRUE SPORTSMAN.W . Holmes 1:9421 4DlIJll2 XNNIU XII, ir 5-'NN - 13255: 'A' i A rx lx A BASEBALL 1 - Q L , I Front Row: Back Row: hrthur Wilhelm Logan Sheneman Virgil Troyer Richard Hamsher Harry Gerber, Jr. Wayne Gerber Truman Hershberger The fall schedule: Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct, 17 -- Baltic here -- W, C, -- 9 19 -- Clark here - - W. C. - 25 23 -- Berlin here -- W. G, - 6 50 -- Holmesville -- W. G. - 5 7 -- Big Prairie -- W. G, - 8 1:9421 Irvin Miller Richard Horrisberger Clayton Hershberger John Gerber, Jr. Merlin Troyer Luther Mast Donald Miller Baltic - 6 Clark - 8 Berlin - 2 Holmesville - 2 Big Prairie - 4 S Q gfx X. IC., l -v in 7 .XG ,fs-35 a.1'3'f2'el:Q.m.M 'ir 'DID ID AN N IUA IL ir 2. - T225 If , . Last year a league was organized among the schools of Holmes county. The teams winning the most games was the champion of the league. If this champion won again in the spring, it could particie pate in the tournament at Bridgeport, The winner last fall was Walnut Creek. This year there is no schedule for games since transportation is almost impossible for most schools, and probably no games will be played, emeeeswwwwwm MY FIRST TIME AT BAT It was a cool day in April when Walnut Creek played Clark, Clark was up first, but they didn't get any runs. H, Gerber was up to bat first, then four other players followed. Then came Mwm-M-, It was my first time at bat against another pitcher, I stepped up to the plateg I felt my knees shaking, Then the pitcher threw the ball. It was a ball QluckilyD-outside-and low. The pitcher threw again - it was a fast ball that came right above the knees. I swung, I thought I hit the ball, but when I looked, the catcher had the ball, QTOO bad.D That made the count one and oneg Again the pitcher threw. It was a nice slow one, and I swung as hard as I could,n Just then something cracked. I had actually hit the belle it was right over the short stop. I ran to first as fast as my legs could carry me. I did finally get there. - f It was a real thrill because it was the first hit I had ever made Miabmlgmw, ' Good Work, Luther Dismal 'A' folulle ANNIUAIL if t GRADE BASKETBALL At the beginning of the year 1941, the prospects of a good grade basketball team were rather poor, due to the many members of the 1940-41 squad graduating. After about four weeks of practice, the following were outstanding candidates for the team! Loren Hershberger, Robert Gerber, Donald Schrock, Clyde Sundheimer, James Allen Miller, Dwight Weaver and Doran Horrisberger. Others who were on the reserve squad werezl Eugene Miller, Gerald Hershberger, Richard Hostetler, Lyle Hostetler, Sterling Troyer, Lowell Zook, Lorrel Mast, and Robert Troyer. However with the new material getting into condition, a successful season was enjoyed by the team. They played 22 games, winning 16 and losing 6, as followsiv w. c, - 44 sugar creek Q5--eb 19 W. C. - ll Holmesville 15 W. C. - 40 Lakeville 6' W. C. - 19 W, G. Horseshoes 7 4 W. C, - 21 Berlin 15 W. C. - 51 West Lafayette 3 W. C. - ll Sugar Creek W 15 U. C. - 26 Apple Creek 17 W. G. - 38 Nashville 4 W. C. - 31 Apple Creek 9 W. C. - 18 Tuscarawas 20 W. C. 4 15 Berlin 18 W. C. - 24 Warsaw 15 W, C. - 22 West Lafayette 1 12 W. C. - 27 Clark 14 W. C. - 19 Baltic 12 W. C. - 31 W, C. Horsekhoes 5 W. G. - 21 Big Prairie 6 W. C, - 25 Ragersville 31 W. C. - 55 Ragersville 47 W. C. - 21 Holmesville 15 W. C. - 27 Berlin 26 At the close of the regular season, Walnut Greek, Berlin and Holmes- ville were tied for the league leadership. This necessitated a playhoff during the high school tournament at Millersburg, Walnut Creek drew Holmesville for its first opponent and out-played and out-scored its tall opponents to the tun of 21-15. Scores were rather evenly divided in this game with Loren getting 7, Bob 4, Dwight 5, James 4 and Donald 1. The thrilling game was the final with Berlin, which started as if Walnut Creek would be in for a bad evening. Berlin was ahead the entire evening with the exception of a part of the last minute, the quarters ending 2-O, 1143, 19-12 and 26-27. The features of the game were the remarkable shooting of Robert Gerber during 1le4Qj i' 10111112 Awww xl 4-Q :5::F-sis the last half, collecting 1-1 points, and the last minute shot of Lorenfs which won the game. We have a nice trophy to show for the victory. Most of the regulars will graduate, so next year's team will see some V new faces, Mr. W. J. Hershberger 8888088118 Mr. Troyer was driving with his wife in the back seat. He stalled his ear on a railroad track with the train coming. His wife yelled, UGO on, gohony' Mr. Troyer said, HYou've been driving all day from the back seat, I've get my end across, see what you can do with your end." 8888288813 John L.: HMy daughter plays the eornet.n Mr. Miller: Hls she a finished player?U John L.: HShe will be if the neighbors get at her.n 1138338881 Wayne -HDO you know what the water said to the hath rub?H Richard H. - Uho, what?U Wayne - NI'll give you a ring on Saturday night. Yxkkiiiiii HAre you Mr, Clayton Hershberger?U, asked the young man beside the coat rack," NEON, was the surprised reply. Nwell, I am,U came the retort, and that's my overcoat youfnbputting on.n YYYXYYXYFW Onete H, - Qin a hurry, to the bus driverl I say there, can't you go any faster? Bus Driver--Sure I can, but I've get to stay with the bus. SXXYRRXXYY Mr. Miller -- Who can name one important thing that we didn't have lOO years ago? Rose Marie -- Me. I 3888813388 1IQMlZ Ak 'iY if issfii li, - li ,g-its 'N Q 'lr 10111112 ANNIUAQIL if lf 1' T L-'Q ji V, E -f-M fs-E The secret? Miss Troyer's birthday. The Home Ee. girls are in the process of baking s cake. It was good too, 18 ---- Saturday was high school day at Ohio State University. Ohio State wins over Purdue 16-14. 20 --- Boys' first basket bell practice. Stiff muscles are in evi- dence although of course it wouldn't be admitted. 23 --- Cheer leaders elected. 28 -e- Puppet show nt the auditorium. Cen't remember much about it, At least it was n diversion. NOVEMBER -- Unn nNJoYs MUCH WHO IS THANKFUL ron LImTLE.W Cls news of November really so scarce or are the scribes n bit tired of their job? wefii let you guess.D 4 --- Junior class was entertained by the Sophomore class ot the home of Maxine Hershborger. Hallowe'en games in evidence. lO --- National Education Week observed in our school. Miss White, Gounty Health Nurse, speaker on principles of health, ll --- High School listened to Presidentfs speech from Arlington Memorial Cemetry, 12 --- Mr. Miller spoke on the subject of nStrengthening Our National Morale. l3.--- Mr. Wilson, superintendent of the Millersburg High School, is the speaker of the morning, 14 --- Basketball season opens at Dalton. BLANK----BLANK - ---- until Thanksgiving - then we eat. Yes, we needy nd n vacation. DECEMBER an WBetter watch out, Better not pout, Sante Claus is coming to town.H 5 -- We're beginning to think about Christmas, 15 -- Weire counting the days. 18 -- We exchanged names. Who do you have? The most handsome boy in school hes Lillinn's name. Who can it possibly be? The boys all think they are the one. Too bed--false alarm--it turned out to be e girl. 22 --- Itfs finally here. Our lest event of the pre-holiday affairs is n long ---- long ---- long program. Music groups are in charge. Good program just the same, Gifts-Oh, yes, we exchanged names. Well there were all kinds. Irvin even received -- what was it Irvin. Its giver--Bill. Sorry, but you will have to ndd the rest of the events for the year--we cen't think that far back. 1:9421 'lr foluln AXNNIIJAIL 'Ir T tk f""x yi J?- iaf-.' -. -fgiQ CALENDAR OF EVENTS SEPTEMBER - PEP--PEP--PEP - YES, WE HAVE LOTS OF IT FOR WE'RE JUST STARTING OUT THE YEAR OF 1942 in school, 3--The very first day of school has begun, We know the rules so 5... 9... 12- 17- 19- 25- 25 26- 29 OCTOBER l aL 7.. 15- 15- -..-Q we're off for a good start. Everyone rushes for front CTD seats, but it's no good for we are placed in alphabetical order. All the girls got dizzy at the fair, but the boys beat Berlin in the indoor game. Did anyone get soaked ??????T???????????? Home Economics display wins second place on entire display, and firsts and seconds on individual displays amounting to 38.50, Promise not to tell! 1 2 Arthur got zero on his General Science paper, A The Home Economics class canned lOO quarts of tomatoes all ready to be eaten when the cafeteria opens. Cake and ice cream for a specialty in the Home Ee. class today. Why? Norma's 17. Gongratulations Joy and Colleen, for winning first at the County Amateur program at Millersburg with Swiss selections sung in costume, It means a lot to Walnut Creek High. The home run of Richard Hamsher was surely super although he hit the cow, and scared it that its dignified tail stuck right into the air. -Hurrah! New the Spanish students are studying. Their books eww mdqn Loren Hershberger broke the best baseball bat while practicing. This was a very great loss. -Mrs. Wendling tubled down a couple of stair steps. Results? A noticeable scratch on her nose. , WE'RE STARTED NOW -- ALL READY FOR OCTOBER'S BRIGHT BLUE WEATHER. -Freshmen initiation--that's it. We want to start the month in properly. Lots of fun. Teachers conspicuous for their absence. Boys com to school bedecked in aprons. Fine kitchen maids they would make. Irvin Miller displays his talent by singing a duet with Barbara Sundheimer. Mr, Miller sings an initiation solo which we cannot hear, over from the Freshmen party. It rained-but it didn't rain the boys out of playing a winning baseball game against Big Prairie. It's the championship at thatu Kid party of the Home Economics club meets at the school. The gang really looks like kids when they lay aside their dignity and blow colored bubbles. Yes, the costumes at the kid party were good enough to merit a picture, Mystery-teacher locked out of Home Economics room, Urgent request to speak to Mrs. Uendling upstairs. Left game 1IQMlZ:I N-It 1, .. 'Ir 10111112 AXNNIUAXIL -pf scv, gag ,-at-EC 54'-l'3Ts - ' " Q "Q JANUAHX -wl942--WE'RE OFF ON A NEW FOOT, NEWS IS VERY FLUX NOW, 2 - Vacation plus candy must have given the boys real pep for they beat Tuscarawas, 5 - No sociology class. Why? Mr, Troyer shaved his mustache and sneezed, bursting a blood vessel. 6.- The Civics class took up a new type of class work - they listened to the President's speech. 8 - ulf Palm Olive Soap is good for the face, is it good for stoves toon, says Ruby Shrock, P, S, She couldn' t find the Ivory-it floats-soap. 115 e Mrs. Clyde Bahler gives the girls their first lesson in knitting. We hope we aren't too dull at learning, 15 - Many a student felt relieved this morning because all those with A's and B's were exempt. 16- Some of the Junior girls begin their first salesmanship by starts ing to get advertisements for the school annual. 19 - A schedule was produced by Mr. Miller so we could get in more activities for the second semester. We appreciate the saving it will mean to our tires if we won't need to come in so much evenings to practice. 20 w The orchestra received new orchestra books so now we expect real music. 22 - Too bad, but basket ball rules are to be obeyed. Several of the boys couldn't play with the rest of the team when we beat Killbuck tonight. 26 - Miss Brundige was at the school today to give a demonstration to the ladies of the community on electric appliances. 28 - Literary contest today. Lucky Walnut Creek! We received the most . points in the county. 30 - Red, white, and blue were the party colors of the Home Economics class as they gave themselves a party for the purpose of learning the proper etiquette at the table, FEBRUARY - OUR PATRIOTIC MONTH - SOME OF US HAVE BIRTHDAXS IN THIS MONTH TOO, 2 - Dean Lengacher returned to school again today after a long absence due to an operation which he had on his ear, 5 - Mr. Sundheimer and Mr, Hershberger were both absent today, Many of the students got teaching experiences that day. Who suffered most e the pupils or the teachers? We wonder? Reports have it that one teacher said, UI guess Ild better finish my sucker before I begin.n Who might hg have been? 9 - Clocks turn forward in school today, New time for beginning is nine o'clock. Can we sleep longer that way or can't we? ll - Wowiel In the Daily Reporter is our leading basket ball star -- our own Richard Hamsher. 16 - The Home Ee. girls are getting smarter every day. When it COMSS to doing dishes they had about 25 minutes left to "loaf." l8 - Students and teachers were held spell bound by a speech given by Mr, Cromby from Columbus. We really thank our health doctor of the county for bringing him in here to speak to us. ll QI 4121 3 4553, 'K' IDIU ID AN N IUA IL ir , ?5lgs. ' V TX: 5? - Mr. Cromby is Psychologist for the Ohio State Department of Health. 25- What a day for visitors. They all come at once. Mr. Egger, Miss White, some neighboring school girls, and the Inspector. 27 -A great game-yes, but it was lost to Big Prairie. MARCH THE BREEZY MONTH IS HERE AT LAST. WHAT WILL SOME OF THE STUDENTS BE L IKE NOW? 4 -Sad news reached the school--our basket ball coach has developed 2- 7.. 9... 11- 12- 16- 18- 25 25- 26- 27- 25 APRIL - 1... 4,- 8... .- Tubereulosis. Our sympathies to him and his family. Students walking around with sad looks on their faces. The hoard will decide whether we have school on Saturdays or not. P. S, It turned out NOT. Goody! Miss Troyer often wondered if she could make a basket, and so she tried. Whoopee-she made five goals out of six. The banners of the various classes flew when the class tourney was held. The freshmen won!!!I!!Z Accidents will happen, The one act play cast made their first appearance and lost to Berlin and beat Clark. - The play nMrs. O'Leary's Gown took hold tonight and won first place, Lakeville second, Big Prairie third. The Civics class had a debate today. This was the shortest 45 minutes they ever experienced, Killbuck nipped Walnut Creek by winning with their play. Tests, tests, and more tests. It is rather exciting for some to have patches on their arms. We surely appreciate the help the county health department is giving us. And to think it is all free to us. Letls cooperate in every way to show our appreciation. And when next Christmas comes around let's show it by buying Christmas seals. Some- one is paying for these benefits we are receiving just now. Every day in every way we're getting more and more--the-hot lunch room-for you see it's almost at an end. The seniors are really busy. Where can you find them? In the audi- torium morning, noon and night. But no wonder with all the diseases coming to interrupt them. At last it has come--the long looked for day--hot luch preparation is over. How glorious not to have Hpilesn of dishes to wash at noon, -Ona, Oneta, and Bill air their abilities in a senior scholarship test, Haunt Minnie from Minnesotan goes over with a big laugh. MOH, TO BE IM THE FIELD NOW THAT APRIL IS HERE.n It came and went and we hardly realized it. It's all fool's day you see. Mr. Troyer thinks the senior girls were a little ahead of the day with their gift. Every pupil tests gaye us some mental exercise. Eighteen Walnut Creek High School students took the scholarship tests at Millersburg, Good results, , Why is he out--does he have the measles or the mumps? That's the order of the day. Strangely enough, some have imaginary illnesses. uewmj N as 'DIU ID AN N IUAIL i- 1115 .zs-'55 f"?'f-i"J-Els. W ir is 15551: MHY 10 - llw 15w 16 17 BO - 24 25 - 1... 2.. 8.. 11 12 - 17 ZO- 21 - 92 AJ CAN IT BE POSSIBLE THAT IT .- .- 4Qug, 5 r Q- Another six week period ends. Teachers are struggling over scores. Pupils are wondering. Has this spring fever affected the grades ale ready? Next week those yellow cards will tell. Spelling contest for the eighth grade at Millersburg. Frantic last minute rush to get the annual material to Wooster on time. Oh for typists in the school! Miss Troyer is about dizzy with it. And still the measles and mumps come. The teachers are a hardyj lot-they don't even get them. Shakes and shivers in the hearts of the eighth graders of the town- ship for the state test is being given. You have our sympathies. But take it from us, you'll get harder ones yet in your lifetime. Juniors are taking their last breath on their play. Keep your fingers crossed. We don't want the measles. Eight month schools are over todayf It makes us get a little loned some for the good old out of doors, but it wonft he long now. Juniors present HShe's My Daisyn Q- Of course we dare not comment on it for we, the Juniors, are writing this. IS SO NEARLY CVERT SO SAYS THE calender. charters a bus to take them sight seeing pay for four months of cooking and dish The Home Economics class for a dey. Not too much washing. Good luck to you seven who are traveling to Kent. Did you think about it that seven is a lucky number? Let's hope it is for us, It really takes push to study these days. From the frying pan into the fire we go. We Juniors. No sooner are we done with one thing than we begin with another. Exams are on the way. Lucky brats that don't have to take them. Wo really believe the Seniors are going to leave us, at least they had their baccaleaureate tonighti Banquet tonight. We hope all goes well. Just another day to decorate. But just wait till next year. Commencement--and will we have a big dinner? We don't know yet at this writing. We are just hoping. Good-bye to l94l+42, you have really been a very pleasant and busy year. May you give us as good a one next year. Ikvkvlvkfkikfkvllivk ll QI 4121 --.- wg-v 5 X if rolullo Awwxuxl if H :2E?W-sie JPJIIZSE FREQUENT SAYINGS FROM HOT LUNCH Dorothy S, - NI hope I get the teble.n Colleen B. - WDon't tell me I have to carry up trays again?U Lillian -- HYeh, I rinse, don't expect me in oivics claes.u Ruth M.-- HI hope not that vegetable salad-What? Pea Soup- Oh boy! H Norma -- USuro I went a bottle of milk-oh, I forgot, l'm on e diet.U Violet S, --HWe want noodles.W Orphe E, WSay I'll take the rest of that salmon soup along home.u Imogene -- HI got the potato soup once, and thet's enough.n Mr. Troyer-- UI'll take anne eauoe.H Betty L. -- Hwhet do you have for dinner todoy?U Ona H. - Continues-Hwell, it's right there in front of you.H Doris L,--HI'll take two sandwiches. Jerry Meet - - HI want two bottles of milk.H Ruby S. - USay, Ted, you've got e tray full.n rea. E. Continues-!Ach, that ain't mucn.U Ona T.--More sandwiches, the basketball boys nren't here yet. Mies Troyer-Sure, Merlin will take some-he ien't so Usneahyn. Yee, it'e true, Donny ate thirty cents worth, and Billy drank four bottles of milk Cour faithful carrierel. 1385838388 Joy Brand was leaving a very expensive hotel after paying her I hill. On the way out she sew the sign, Hhave you left anything! I She called the hotel manager over. UThat eign's wrong, Hehe said, it should road, Hheve you anything left?n 31388388388 Q lIQIMlZ Igllllllgs +1-1 ANDVIIBHRQEMSINGIR sf ,552 irnie f DMD,ANNMAl ir 5 .,f"'f ii Q in - - -wma -1-an-vs-. ,.,-Age..-------A ---U A ' M - f Gommercial Bank Ernest Gross Elmer Widder Millersburg, Ohio Baltic, Ohio Sugar Greek, Ohio Roger Horrisberger Walnut Creek, Ohio Twin Maples Orchard Walnut Creek, Ohio Lee Troyer Walnut Creek, Ohio MSU. Troyer Walnut Creek, Ohio ROOFING H SPOUTING li GRINDING DONE AT YOUR OWN HOME AND A PORTABLE FEED REPAIRING GRINDER DEPENDABLE EURNADES li CALL r-' r" ' F XA r-' r' il X " P N V" F' LS: fdflfzi AAL fKQf5K WALNUT CREEK WALNTTT CREEK Phone 35E5 ii Phone 55F1l '.m,,i,, ,,,, , ii. -: wcrfnanrr, ' , - fn -i A- V 1 GOMPLIMENTS OE X BEACHYS F GAA DODGE AND PLYMOUTH WINESBURG, OHIO ,. ., Y , ,.l, ..,., T - Q S fd A fm: My GARVER f'.JJ..JA TWIN MAPLES ORCHARD APPLES X PEACHES PLUMS ff RASPBERRIES EVERGREENS A 1 TRQYER WALNUT CREEK, 0. BEDS CO. We have built our business of 7 75 years by giving values. Our cash coupons save you ZZ, We are here to serve. SUGAR CREEK AND STRASBURG Y , ,. :npv-un' nr. new NQD421 -QQNL-, 4155- , ,,, ..,.,.r-n Suger Ohio 'K' 4DlUIll2 AXNNIUAII. 'Ir SUMMARY OF ADVERTISERS As the Junior class of the Walnut Creek High School, we wish to e ni se oui Joreciation to the following people who so graciously responded with uvertisements and donations to our annual. We recommend them as forthy of your patronage, Lyman H, Kaser Douglas and Mishler Gerber Insurance Wm. J. Schindler ' Dundee Coal Company Kerch's Store Hostetler's Beauty and M and K Market Mauereris Bakery Sugar Creek Equity Baltic Lumber Company Shepfer and Moomaw Ralph E. Fair Moomaw Lumber Company J, W, Geokler and Son Glen Levengood R. D. Burger Odenkirk's Drugs Atlee Hostetler Dey Troyer Geib's Store Eureka Machine Company Lengacher's Cheese. Sugar Greek Milling Co Noah Schlabach Paul Beechy Garver'e'Brosg Walnut Greek Elevator Monroe Mast Furniture Bunker Hill Store Delmer Hecker Berlin Elevator Klingler'e Hodho I, G. A. O. E. Blanch J. J. Schrock Bill widder Firmon Hoetetler Jonas Keim Ralph Zookl Albert Horrisberger Everhart Funeral Barber Shop Paul Miller Radio Repair Schlabach's Store Maetls Store Hudson Shoe Store John Stevens Rainbow Restaurant Farmer Hub 1IQI4lQ Sugar Creek, Sugar-Creek, Sugar Creek, Shenesville, Dundee, Ohio Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Greek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Baltic, Ohio Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Creek, Farmerstown, Charm, Ohio Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Charm, Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Winesburg, Ohio Sugar Creek, Ohio Walnut Creek, Ohio Hillereburg, Berlin, Ohio Bunker Hill, Berlin, Ohio Hillersburg, Millersburg, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Ohio Ro TRO Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Walnut Creek, Ohio Walnut Creek, Ohio Shanesville, -Ohio Dundee, Ohio' Walnut Creek, Ohio Walnut Creek, Ohio Hillereburg, Ohio Millorsburg, Ohio Sugar Creek, Ohio Millershurg, Ohio ig INMQANNUAL f X2 t 5.53 2, 'Q Q- in r WA'I'CH'.SS'- EIA.-'CEI FIDZEAL GRADUAT-3101? , .ZBIRTHDAIYQW -RWD ICHHISTMHS GIFTS, COME IN AND SEE QU-R 7LI'NE OF ELG-INS, WALTHAMS, I-IAMILTONS AND OTHERS. PATRONIZE YOUR HOME JEWELER WHO CAN SERVICE THE WATCHES FOR YOU. NOAH NA SCH LAEM-XC M MU5U?A3,CRE3KH- OHAOM MO N . N N . A.OHIO.O QDENKiRKxS KLlNQLEFif5 V' f""' F f""s NYAL AND REXALL H PAINTS CHINAWARE REMEDIES Y SUGAR CREEK, oH1o 1 M1LLERsBUnG, OHIO GMM HP-RDWM O GLEN RQDHE R D BURGER A ' Q EVERYTHING IN FOODS ii! C Q91 Phone 54 sUc-.ua GREEK, OHIO 1 MILLERSBURG, OHIO 1:94121 ,qw -.A i' IDIIJ ID ANNIUAXII. i' -. ..Q-....-1,,Y.-,,,,-..., f----1- , ,.---1,1--3-H -,. , Y-Y Y ,. V Y ,i I F , .. W. WHEN IN FARNERSTOWN Trade at ...VI I ,....v F.: I ' J fx L... If, L I I IN SCHOOL OR IN LIFE IHDSTETLERSI mm .BE FAIR lvmfmsmowm, OHIO WWII: m'a4WwAM III: N'NSMWNfS S ' THIS AD QWISEI PAID FOR BY EUNKERLHLL aw is 3 X P , , R. E. mIoLD-oI-amz J fx fix U IA GENERAL MERCHANDISE I IZIIXI 'IA I' I LI: mLLERSE2ii'iI2HIO I wIL1IU'11 GREEK, OHIO ' A. , - . : I . ,A - I I I COMPLIMBNTS OF I . - 5 BERLIPI IMDSIETLER I ELEVATQR r' P fe Pg FJ I Ly -Ilif I BARBQKQDQA MNC? GRAIN - FEEDS - SEEDS , PHONES! I Berlin 14 F 3 SUGAR CREEK, OHIO I Millersburg 458 G ,FIJfFm- - FL ?S.,x -.FF In Iy,,w I.1,.w,LTTF , ,F,,LL IOSL FI ,M.L,,IH ,IL I NWDCUNAVV fRALPH E.FPMI? LUMBEFI CQ, BUILDING MATERIALS SHERNIN-WILLIAMS PAINT PHONE 25 F 21 Sugar Creek, Ohio 5 JOHN DEERE TRACTGRS AND FARMING IMPLEMENTS ELECTRIC FENGES SURGE MILKERS FARM IMPLEMENT TIRES Phone Z8 F 2 Sugar Crock, Ohi IIQII4lZ O -fi? ".',fw -ULN. K t '- ' 2:15.25 . - -Q. 5- 4-Q 5 'vu .fs 5. v fig I 'UlUID AXNNIUAXIL i' ".-I -.ijt It hL::EF:E COMPLIMENTS OF H X P r-' r-' F D I ' J JHSJHH NJ.LmCHROCK Q 0 fx I , J' MARDWOCJD FF ,., ,. Q J L.uM.Q,El4 SUGAR CREEK OHIO PHONE 26-F-6 PHONE BFE SUGAR CREEK oH1o A 1?-by I H7992 EVlERHAF4'T IFUNERJ-XL HQME, 1 N VAL, 1 D PJ F" f"f"' I ff, ,M ,Q , SHANESVILLE, OHIO I W, H. W! DDE R A GOOD PLACE TO BUY MEN'S Q BOY'S ffI'SUITS9Y'I H I r' - P grim In xx ff FZIQOIFREY I LE?XifZfXC?'!SE,R WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SWISS CHEESE MANUFACTURERS OF PROCESS SWISS CHEESE ii Sugar Creeks N f EJ MEATS N LE C K WEAR S FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY SPO AND SAVE NOW SUGAR cmmc. OHIO -:qrrf nulwr 1.x " ' - N 1 ohio f1IQIl4Z1 i' 1DlUIl2 ANNIIJAIL i 4.-A GOIIIJIIIMDUIS OF IUUMPLIMENIFS OI' H Q q QI E I ffj E UF! E K A I I ' f f- U I J V J If I: Iwxfxcf-ma If X SUGAR Umm, O. F. I -D N K Q Q D Phone 24F2 Y I CR FJ Y W HJ I II J fl J fd J UUGARCREEIQ WAL I P ,fx P fi G I-Ifxfms as G sf-1 OE SHG? THE BEST OF HARNESS SUGAR GIIUDII, OHIO AND SHOE REPAIR U-If I-G 1f f i I-H--A - . GG- , I f-D P5C5f134'1I.Hf f: -..I..,.. GONIPLIIVDEIWTS OF Q3 I - I H SHE PPE R 5QMfI,ZDM,1-W Y rl EI f - ' . F' r" BALHC LUMELER BINGO C 0 MANUFACTURERS OF l HIGH GRADE FACE BRICK' BALTIC, OHIO BALTIC 48 BUILDING BLOCKS IND DRAIN TILE A Sugar Creek, Oh io Phone 96 -Y -Ap-21' 'H--ff"-4' A I-GMM'-sfshwqwnnnunf---mfg-q4..4TY, ,,4,., I-,f1,:F, . ,,,Yn,f,,,.-WL V W A . COMPLIMEEJTS OF OOMPDIMDIIDS OF C 1 X , M K MAU R E R TS r f-J x GIQOCURK CO, TIAKERY SUGAR GIIIDK, OHIO SUGAR OIIDDK, OIIIO .1fQl4lQ1w4 A w4 if if 1DlUIlQ AXIN N IUAIL ir Lg :ETEE I 1 " IIOOIIIIO, SPOUIIIIG, Aszamswos SIIIIIIG OOIIPLIMIIIIIS OF R, ,s1 I C IOQIIAOES .AND IIHAIIIIIIO ,I D O U il-' -L1 A, l 534 H f"' V" K FI Mm-IIQI OUGAIQCIQIQIQ M MJ IQOIINO OOO l.G,fx, I rim: O, E, I3I9.ugI1, Mgr, 1 SugQi,f,1QQC?f' I IO1IiQ QI. A ,AA SE? QIFYF? 4 . I I. I. QT? I In I I SOSOIQIPLIMEIILPSIJFS I EMWTM ' :Tii I Mm I W 'S I In I GERBER WM, J, INSURANCE Q SCHINDLER A C: Y I HAIaIII:ss REPAIRIIIG AND sz-IOII SHOP SUGAR cm-III, OIIIO I I Shanesville, Ohio I H E I-J I- S U Qf-XR CR E EK VAIQMERTB EQUITY CO MANUFACTURERS OF EQUITY BEST FEEDS GRAIN, DEALERS IN FLOUR, FEED, SEEDS, SALT CEMENT AND COMMERCIAL FERTILIZERS MASTER' I . "I '-L'i IFEEDSM LYNX ff .a 5- C2 bi 0 IV' I fx IM 0 I 5 50, 00942 8 W , ' is - 1 5 M ,5. . Qemmiw, I ,v 4,,A I i X U ll 'P URWI I WIIULIIY FEED I CHDWS I AND FRIENDLY SERVICE F1 -nn I - Phone 55 l1IQMlQ1 I I i' 'DIUIIQ AN N IUAIL 'if COIJIPLIMENTS OF l B U pa H j L L W, ,J hfrzifzrsv-A f f-, 'I-frr'LRCH4!"f-4 C- UK Bfr 1-Y J Us 4 VJ fi! ,,X.....4. RJ .l'.'.fX N., W-I Q-if-ij, : f-, f-, ! gf xr 1 Jr-J Jr-1 -I SHANESVILLE, OHIO DELMER HECKER, MGR, U NNNN, GRAIN, and NfNNN11.1z.N3 U Phone 51 F 12 Berlin R.F,D. 5 I Millersburg, Ohio I FJ , A F ,- H ...s--V . W , ,--..-, .,.--f- ,,i, h-. , V, WL.- , fr ,. , W GQCNQLLNQ N Q L N N Q F' I 3. 5 F X P-Tl X fn I iff JJ1 I LLNLNN-.ufQ,5D FUNERAL HOME a NMBULNNON SNNVION N 5 ON NNN SQUARE Phone 45112 ' I Sugar Creek, Ohio 1 SUOAN ONNNN, OHIO ' .- - , - A W-, , ,77, 7 ,7i...-,,,,, O E , I X X RADIO SUPPLY HEADQ,UA.RTERS f- , C fl fx K N5 3 , f" FJ wx I rs 1 xfgivi-Y V L U U K N r - I N f 2 fn'uX ' , ff fix I L ju, lJfXUi.. U JXXULLSJQ h Service and Sales E Barrs-Mills - Ohio QUALITY FUNDS NND NLOUN ihh --'-Vh Ohh w-wh O - 5 CONGRATULATIONS i OHNNN E WALNUT ONNNN HIGH . SOHOOL mmsmoms I CLASS OF 1942 i i P F r" FJ r' r' 4 I .OKENNEjKD Dey Troyer I Q DEPARTMENT SNONN ?,Mi??Sf?Sbuff-fs Ohio O M1542 1 i' Qouuln AXNNIUAIL if E345 23A- ZBERLIN PHONE B452 wx I X1 U T f' f fd A 'f .f -..I . U, 4: rg J GARAGE EPAIR WORK ON ALL MAKES QETILITY smnvxcm GONKEYS Y--O FEEDS ESHELMAN BED ROSE FEEDS MURPHY CUT COST FEEDS .ALL TRIIHID AND NOT FOUND WANT ING 4 Q ,LX L -AC Cul smxsmcmoav couzzmmssr 1- -- 9 , A If A ' F F F FJ rd l 14.0. -4 Q O iq FMF' T U.: J J ,AK ,K E E if hULLHWG CQ. WALNUT CFEEK, omo ' b', Eugar Creek, A Ohio ' -.J HlLLSlDh TA.L.E3ERT HORRISBERGER COAL A Mocoamcx DEERING .MID CQ :mv IDEA FARM moulmmny BLIZZARD ENSILAG-E T CUTTERS f"' 1' X' XF- H' r-'r' f I NH ' 1' Dr 5' Lf-J Qosmwmm HUSKEIRS U-Xl VE' Jr V 'JK L Icwsffoim FENCE PHONE 41 F 4 SUGAR omni T UHIO T WALNUT cami, OHIO 1I 9421 i 1 x v I 5 Sass: 'lr I0 IU ID AXIQ .N :UA IL if thai -- lf s 'LI 'V' "YV YV H" ' Y ' "':"44- -' ' 1"-f'f:-T-fv---WM V:.:,--' ' W., W, V YV, COBIIPLIMITZFES OF i E XX i COMPLIMENTS ' X ' Pj r"f F" ' i .!ffXi..JXlUVCJX.f1L.C.Ji Q 03' ' I 1 . Y" 1""' X f X " r-J ll ro I.-' F.: V .1 -u X , x , x i .f1,.L1i, ffl fjix 1 J UNA, JS 5 MA i i P11666 64212 I WAYNE FEEDS, SEEDS I F, 1 I f-J JK oiifmmm-Ivxommz F S , I Q N 'J LIME - mwlitxzm Q -li 1 TILE - BUILDING BLOCK Qi X LJ Q: W A CUSTOM GRINDING R MIXING H it storm clams, OHIO I . I Walnut Crook, Ohio I F if li 6 I -I A I Lifmf 66 I I I .la KODAKS BROWNIFS CINE-KODAKS NEW OR USED LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD CAMERAS KODAK FILMS VERICRRONE SUPER XX FASTNAN REGULAR 3 KODACOLOR 5 FULL COLOR SNAPSROTS OF YOUR FAVORITE SUBJECTS 5 THAT'S MEAT FPOCH-MAKING KODACOLOR FILM BRINGS TO SNAPSHOOTING ! f Kodaoolor Film is loaded in any of tho most popular ' sizo roll-film cameras-exposed in good sunlight --A-6--amd. . brought in for developing and printing. Use it like black T and white film, Kodacolor film gives you color negatives E from which full-color prints on paper are made. 5 127 Size - 61.25 620 - 1230 size 31.50 116 - 616 size 31,75 1 Film prices include prooossing. Prints 404 each 5 x I I C I P, I f' f' " f" f""J ' I CCVILADACH 0 QIAQKEF 3 ' WALNUT CREEK, OHIO I I http I Il QI 4 Z1 Nalagaaphe oo1::::::r-c:::::b4:::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::: 0 01444 of 194.2 .May you lzave nzuclz lzeafflz aaa Izappiaess flze coming years. CHA5. H. WHITEMYER TEL. 123 LIBERTY STUDIES WDUSTER, DHID THIS ANNUAL AND PHOTOGRAPHS WERE MADE BY OUR STUDIOS . ,4,. q.h xt 4-nu. 5, 'A' 'DUIJIIQ AN NIUAIL '-.'. .ni ir ' S-I 43-5-155, :Z ' :,R-V-Q l::Egj-sz: WALNUT CREEK TOWNSHIP SCHOOL BOARD John lengaoher - President Sam Miller Eli Weaver Jones Miller Ray Mast Henry Schlabach - Clerk msmxsexsssxxxsxmxxxswwsxxxwsswxa WALNUT CREEK TO NSHIP GRADE TEACHERS Russell Brand - Trail Clayton Gerber - Gerber Valley Edith Troyer - Mast Roscoe Miller - Weaver Gloyse Hershberger - Chestnut Ridge WYXXYXMWXXKXWXHXKXWY1818858888838 WALNUT CREEK TOWNSHIP BUS DRIVERS Paul Kaser Moses Hostetler Xiiivwikkkikkii WALNUT GREEK SCHOOL JANITOR Earl Troyer 888888 nwheregs Earl? -- Why? -- I don't know how this camera works.n nDid you see Earl? -- How what? N- There's water coming down through the roof.n -- uThese lights won't work, whero's Eerl?U -- nMy, itis windy, I wonder if Earl will hold the door for the little ones?H UDid you see my hanky with money in it? -- Did you see my overshoes?U Yes, we appreciate our helpful, handy and pleasant janitor. 1lQll-4121 1 E 4 if 'DIIJID AXNNIIJAIL if '-fn, QQQ ,:: 1 : ' . EQ. fig? W Q Page Page TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 - 4 - Our School 6 - Executives 7 - 8 - Faculty 9 - Autographs 1O - Annual Staff 11 - 34 - Senior Pages CPictures-History-Prophecy-Will-Commeneement- miseellnneousl 25 26 - Junior Page 27 28 - Sophomores 29 30 - Freshmen 31 - Seventh and Eighth Grades - 53 - Fifth and Sixth Grades - 35 - Third and Fourth Grades - 54 - First and Second Grades 55 56 - 1940 - '41 Alumni 37 - 58 - Literary Contests - 39 - Scholarship Team 40 - 41 - Home Economies Club - 42 - Senior Play 43 - 44 - Visual Education-Chapel - 47 - Music COrchestrs,-lflixed Chorus - 48 - Junior Play 49 - 54 - Athletics CBaslcetball-3s,seb51.1-Grorlo Basketball? 55 - 69 - Calendar of Events 60 - "By the Wo,3,f" - 61 - Summary of our advertisers - 62 M - Advertisements H9421 N 5 'DIU IIQ AN N IIJAIL X H -h N- lQpn.g QQ " -. u Some where I reed s definition of Spirit. It goes like this: USpiritH,is that quality of an individuel that enables him to suffer untold hardships to protect those ideals which he holds more dear than life itself." , D In the Walnut Greek Schools there exists such a spirit. The Walnut Creek Spirit embodies: self-sacrifice, e will to win, hard work, patience, honesty, intelligence and respect for one thority. These qualities united for n common cause results in the some of human conducts This Spirit is our precious heritage, It does not belong to us alone, but to the boys and girls who have gone from our school into the ranks of life. It is loaned to us, to nurture and to cherish, to pass along undiminished so that each succeeding class may profit by its cumulative force, In this fashion, the traditions of the institution will go on in continued procession, showing the way to success and maintaining the standards of our school, To maintain these high standards end insure the continuation of the Walnut Creek Spirit, it is necessary for every pupil in the school to give without reserve to all school functions: to work to his capacity nt all times: to sacrifice for the common good, V Your obligation to the school does not end with graduation. Your actions, your deeds, in or out of school reflect the teachings ond ideals of our school, Any honor or dishonor that may come your way strengthens or weakens our school spirit. Dnly we can destroy it, We are blessed with this fine spirit. Few schools possess such a spirit, May this spirit continue ns long ns Walnut Creek Schools continue to be. 1lQMl21 5 4.-S li -7-Q ,ZS r fzfjffwsl 'Ir n n as 4- - 'Gr 'DIU ID AN N IUA IL 'K' yigtlgxfg g Q I THE WALNUT CREEK SCHCOL SPIRIT If it were possible to obtain the results of all the County contests in which Walnut Creek High School had participatedg if it were possible to equate scholastic, athletic, and forensic victor- iesg if then, by some mathematical formula we were able to arrive at an "all county rating" , I em sure Walnut Oreck High School would have one of the highest ratings in the County, Suppose we attempt to analyze the various factors that give our school this apparent superiority. , It is due to an extra large enrollment? Hardly. We are one of the smallest schools in Holmes County. Superior cultural becky ground? Perhaps not. Better equipped school? Ho, Thus, one by one, the individual factors are discarded until we arrive at the inevitable fact, that there exists in the Walnut Creek School that illusive, indcfinahlo something which I like to coll the Walnut Creek School Spirit. 1IQll4l2:I . '-'tiki -5X .f-5, 1-ug x f H - wk 10 IU ID ANNIUAIL ir :wax L 'E L2-5? DEDICATION WE THE JUNTOR GLASS OF WALNUT CREEK HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATE THIS HANVILH TO THE EEPARTH ING SEEIORS OF THE CLASS OF 1942, AS A TOKEN OE OUR SINCERE FRIENDSHIP. WE HOPE THE VOL- UME WILL BRING BACK PLEASANT MEMORIES IN FU- TURE YEARS. 1lQMlZ1 'k 'Ummm AWNIUAIL 1'-Q, f- ' - , ,J Y rl 5 A N V I L 1943 ?b.'blished. by The JUNIORS of WALNUT GREEK HIGH SCHUOL Volume Three Number' Thr-ee 1I 94121 'Ir by A Z ' 'E 5? c QW xgiffif K A 'ii' Ex-LIBRIS 1 L X g J, MM E5 W - f X ' 1' V 4 L ,CX X f ' QR Q i K NV Z, NU x , U, :jj T kit! ,WAX V , Q- c E ',

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