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I IEX ILIIIIBIDIIS KM ' 'AH' A -, ,Z V l.,1.,5j'y.qi1lfQN,..1ik ,w , . ,, 1, ,, "lQ6,4,5 'fW4x1-'-A lint' V - 2'f'I'N'w4 UW, ,vu ff' IN' f' ,, fm-' 6,,,QN, 'lf,jigQ,1W'N , W, ff .. Wg I JJ 417173 H'-"'mf'w' 'Ii' . I .2-4 Q W ' V fwfr: A, - 1' W f 'V I aIl+ '1 U .f4,f '0s I,,v ' 2'fff?f4 , ,.,:j,3ai?Ei1fNE.f' A'-' ,. 1 fe'-,gf - scHooL SONG , There is a school that's known to all, It's Walnut Creek our Hig We say that she is all right, Oh, say, she is a noble school, Our High School proud and fair: Of her name and her fame and her spirit mdgmm, You can hear most anywhere. Then hail to thee, we sing, old schooll We'll raise to thee three rousing cheers, And for our own dear sake, We'll give and take, And cherish thee throughout our years. So hail to thee, high school, Here's a song for thee. Glad hearts will love thee, through eternity, A health to thee, high school, Crimson and of gray, We pledge to thee our faith each day. IYEAEHDDDM1 THE APWHL. 1940 PUBLISHED by THE SENIOR CLASS of the WALNUT CREEK HIGH SCHOOL Volume One Number One II QI -41 'D VIEAUIQ Il3'D'DIli DEDICATION We, the Senior Glass of nineteen hundred and forty, dedicate this volume, the first annual of the Walnut Creek High School, to those whose unfail- ing efforts and help has made it possible for us to step into the world with our diplomas in our hands, and inspired us to gain a higher education. ll QI 4 'D YEADBUDM FOREWARD It's not the first milestone but the last that tells the story. We hope that this book, our last milestone, depicts the events of the last year as vividly as they remain in our minds. otlss or rio M940 VI EA ID IIBHD 'D Ili G O N T E N T S SCHOOL HISTORY CLASSES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS MISCELLANEOUS JOKES AND ADVERTISEMENTS 1lQlMl'D if IYIEAXIIQ :Bo-onli THE WALNUT CREEK HIGH SCHOOL Previous to the year 1915 when Percy Miller was teaching the upper grades he gave the upper grade students work equivelant to the ninth year, as, Algebra, German, Literature. This work was not recognized by the state since no high school had been established. A third grade high school was started in 1915-16 with Mr. Beechy as teacher. This lasted two years, 1915-16-17. Miss Nellie A. Yoder was added to the teaching staff for 1917-18, when the school was made a second grade high school. In 1923 it became a first grade school with three teachers. The new school building was erected during the summer of 1925. In the fall of 1957 the six-six plan was adoptedg that is, six years of grade school and six years of high school. Because of the in- crease of students and extra teacher had to be added to the teaching staff. We now have four high school teachers and quite an active, indus- trious school. illdfilf ll QI 4 'D i VIE A ID II3'D 'D Ili BRIEF HISTORY OF WALNUT GREEK Walnut Greek was laid out in 1826, with Sam Robinson as surveyor. J. B. Schrook, George Kaser, and David Funk also helped to plan the town and lay it out. The first house was not built, however, until l837. David Fate built and lived in the first house, he also became the first justice of the peace. . After several more people had built homes here, small business places started here and there. Soon there was a Cooperage, where Mr. Ridle now has his shop owned by Noah Troyer. A person by the name of Darredinger had a buggy shop where the garage is standing now. There was also at one time a tannery where Lester Flinner's barn is standingg a hotel where they live, owned by Andrew Gable. Ferd Scarr had the first butchershop which stood where W. R. Mastfs barn stands. The first store was in the cellar of the Jaberg house. Later, however, it was moved to the place where the bank is, and still later, where W. R. Mast's old store stood. The first school house, which was a town school builde ing, stood across the road from Leander Wilhelm's house. The school house was not there very long, however, there was another one built behind the house where Mr. and Mrs. John Harris live now. When that school building was no longer good enough, they built a new one where Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Troyer live. In l909 a two-room building was built on the grounds on which the high school now stands. In l936 the people built a real school, so they said. That is the school we are using now. The first name Walnut Greek ever had was New Garlise. The time came when the people of the town wanted a post office. Before New Garlise could have one, it's name had to be changed because there was also a New Carlise in Clark Township that had a post office. The people of the town got together to decide upon a new name. They reasoned like this: the town is in Walnut Creek Township and the Walnut Greek is so close by, so why not call it Walnut Greek? The people agreed to this name so they were ready for the post office. There was no special building for the post office at first, but they had it in the houses. The first post office Walnut Greek had was a house at the site of Lister Gerberfs home now with Melchair Buzzerd as the first post master. The last church service held in a house was in the year 1862. They then went to the church which stood where Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Troyer used to live. There used to be a cemetery behind the house, but during the Givil War the ll QI 41 1D - VIE A ID IBD 1DIIi BRIEF HISTORY OF WALNUT CREEK, CON5T bodies were taken out and laid elsewherer There was another church which stood where Emanual Hershberger lives. The oldest house that is standing in Walnut Creek to- day is the building W. R. Mast used to have for his hard- wares The oldest house in town that has never changed hands, or has always been in the hands of the same family, is the house in which the post office is now. That house and the house in which Thomas Troyer used to live are the two log cabins of Walnut Creek. Dr. Je A. Mast was the Walnut Creek's first doctor. He had his office where W. R. Mastfs new store is. The doctor s office was later moved to the house which is now occupied by Mr. and Hrs. Wilbur Hostetler. Then Dr. Stucky cameg he also used the same office. Drt Hide was in part- nership with Dr. Stucky for a while. After Dru Hide left Dr. Doornblazer became Dr. Stuckyfs partner. After several years, Dr. Doornblazer established an office of his own where Mr. Ridle has his shop. Then came Dr. Olmstead, using the same office, and after him came Dr. Bahler. Our town has been exceedingly fortunate in having had resident doctors almost continually, a rather unusual thing for small villages. Although the town has as yet very few businesses which employ many people, it is continually growing as is evidence by the new buildings being erected. The scenic beauty of its surroundings shall, no doubt, always be a factor induc- ing people to establish homes in Walnut Creek. INGIDENTS OF LONG AGO The AbsentHMinded Reverend The pastor of the Walnut Creek Church during the first few years of this century was visiting one evening at the home of a church member. One of the children, playing up- stairs, upset an oil lamp. Everyone grabbed buckets, filled them and ran for the fire. But, lo and behold, the pastor found upon reaching the fire that his bucket didn't have any bottom. The First Settler in Walnut Creek Township According to one of our oldest residents, a trapper who came from Pennsylvania, was the first to establish a home in Walnut Creek Township. He built his cabin in a clearing near the now abandoned Mast's School. He obtained his living by trapping the numberous wild animals which roamed through the forests at that time. ll QI 41 'D VIE AX ID Il31D 40 Ili 1 I. K y, Q 4' , 'ki EQQEU7 Q f C V' 6 ' 63M ff f fi? - ' A IAQ I 1' fi? . lm -:Mlm ,ff f . R Xikbrggl Qzgggigxff E M799 X A 'Q S' i Ae W,-:l,,. . ' 9' Mi t ,J u it 154 ' 5 'fl ... Q W ZIP viii? 'X X u YV ANVIL STAFF Editor-in-ohief--- Associate Editor-- Aotivity Reporters Sports --------- --- Subscription ------ Advertising ------- Glasses--- ---- - ---- ------------ Senior Reporters-- Art Editor -------- Typists ----------- Faculty Advisors-- -----Loren Hostetler -------Mattie Gerber ---------Ruth Miller Mary Miller -------Marion Weaver -------Mat ti e Gerber -------Betty Schrock Sarah Frances Miller --------Loretta Vogt Rollin Hamsher Junior Hecker - ------- Daniel Maust - ---- ------------- Loren Hostetler .......,....-.........-...-.-........ ll QI 41 'D Darold Miller ----Mr. J. H. Proper Miss Orpha Troyer VEADBUOM fii- anna THE FACULTY J. H. Proper, Huperintendent Danville High School, 1914 Denison Uhiveisity Oberlin Business Gollege Ohio University B. S, in Education, 1939 Mathematics Latin English History and Social Science Biological Science Physical Education Orpha Troyer Walnut Creek High School Holmes County Normal. Bluffton College, A. B. English History Home Economics German H940 .ei wig IIYIEAIIQ 1:3-o 'Dlli Thomas Troyer Walnut Creek High School Kent State University B. S. in Education Industrial Arts English Science Agriculture Ira Amstutz Dalton High School, 1935 Goshen College, A. B. Physical Science Mathematics Physical Education CGermanD Ethyl Johns Wendling CMrs. James Wendlingj Mansfield High School, l92l Ashland College, 1925 Columbia University, 1928 Life Certificate Latin Spanish English History Social Science Biology Music BOARD OF EDUCATION John Lengacher -------- President Eli Weaver ------- Vice President Ralph Bahler -------------- Clerk Samuel Miller Nathan Schrock Jonas A. Miller 1IQI4'D IIYIEAID II3'D'DIIi THE FAREWELL POEM UGoodbye, dear Walnut Creek High, goodbye! To you whose mighty Walls We've oome A The anchor of our hopes and fung To you, who when we seened to fall, Guided and helped us, one and allg To your teachers loyal, staunch and true, Anxiously teaching both me and youg To the Juniors and Sophomores left behind Worthwhile duties may you findg And to the Freshmen--donft let die I The things for which you've heard us oryg To all that stands for Walnut Greek High-- How hard it is to say Goodbyeln ---Billook--- - ll QI 41 'D VIE A ID IBID 'D IK LOREN HCSTETLER Class President 45 County S l43-3-45 Vice President 2, Kent Soho Baseball, lu3-4, Basketball Mixed Chorus, l-345443 Boy Soft Ball Team, 35-4, Paper School Letter, l-2-3-4, Class Play, 3-43 Senior Scholarship Test, 4 Editor of Annual, 43 Validictorian. BETTY SCHROCK Class President, lg Class Secretary, 45 Mixed Chorus, l-245-43 Girls Glee Club, l-2-3-43 School Letter, 5, Class Play, 3-4, Hot Lunch Treasurer, 33 County Scholarship Team, 3 Soft Ball Team, 5e4g Annual Staff, 4. MATTIE GERBER Class Vice President, 5-43 County Scholarship Team, l Mixed Chorus, l-2-B-43 Girls Glee Club, l-2-5-43 School Letter, 5, Paper Staff, 43 Librarian, 53 Class Play, 3-43 Hot Lunch Treasurer, 43 Assistant Editor of Annual ' IISID 4140 oholarship team, 9 3"'4S s Glee Club, l-2-3 Staff, 43 J -43 -5443 larship, l-3-53 ' VEADDDUM MARION WEAVER Class President, 35 School Letter, l-3-5-43 Vice President, lg Senior Scholarship Test, 4 Student Council, 53 Salutatoriang County Scholarship Team, 1-3-3-43 Mixed Chorus, l-2-3-43 Boys Glee Club, l-3-5-4, Kent Scholarship Team, l-2, Basketball, 3-43 Paper Staff, 3-43 Class Play, 3-43 Annual Staff, 4. MARY MILLER Cheer Leader, l-3, Mixed Chorus, l-2-5-43 Girls Glee Club, l-8-3-43 School Letter, 3-43 Class Play, 3-43 Annual Staff, 43 Soft Ball Team, 3-43 SARAH FRANCES MILLER Cheer Leader, 3-43 County Scholarship Team, 33 Glass Secretary, 33 Peace Oration, BHS-43 Mixed Chorus, l-2-3-43 Girls Glee Club, l-2-5-4, School Letter, 3-4, Paper Staff, 43 Class Play, 3-45 Annual Staff, 4, Soft Ball Team, 3-4. - F H949 VIE A ID IBD 'D Ili ROLLIN HAMSHER Basketball, lw3U5w43 Baseball, lw2M3'4, Softball Team, 5-4, School Letter, 3-5-43 Class Secretary, 53 Mixed Chorus, l-2-5-43 Boys Glee Club, l-2-5-43 Basketball Captain, Baseball Captain, 43 Class Play, 5-4. 5-43 RUTH MILLER eer Leader, 2-5-4, ass President, 33 Student Council, 43 Mixed Chorus, l-2-5-43 Girls Clee Club, l-2-5-43 School Letter, 2-5-4, Class Play, 3-43 Paper Staff, 3, Annual Stall, 4, Soft Ball Team, 5-4. A LORETTA VCCT County Scholarship Team, Hot Lunch Secretary, 3-4, Mixed Chorus, l-2, Girls Glee Club, 1-25 Paper Staff, 4, Class Play, 3-4, Softball Team, 5-43 School Letter, 4. JOHN HECKER, JR. Basketball, 1-2-5-43 Softball Team, 3-43 Mixed Chorus,.l-2-544, Boys Glee Club, l-2-3-43 School Letter, 5-43 Class Play, 5-4. ll SID 41 'D 2-3-4 NAME Mary Miller Betty Sohrook Loretta Vogt Mattie Gerber Ruth Miller Sarah FQ Miller Loren Hostetler Marion Weaver Rollin Hamsher Junior Heoker l VEADBDUM SENIOR STATISTICS Q3EAT.FiS.T.. Slapping Gfabbing Different from others Blushing Fainting Temper Getting red ears Talking Getting to school late Laughing EASL.El,ME. Riding in a Chev. Eating Riding in a V8 Giggling Listen to the Radio Reading Running Around Teasing Basketball Sleeping 214105 Pk!!! PFDIOICPFPFIY N940 SAYINGS AMQlTlQN nFor Crying Nurse Out Loudw WMy Wordu Housewife HDog gone netn the Love of Peten WFor nYean HO! Shawn WGome Onu UJudas Mightyn WGee Whiz WCome on Rollien Housewife A6 - Be an Qld Maid Air'SteW- ardess .Radio Singer -C's Aeronauotual Engineer Truck Driver Baseball Pitcher Traveling lwiaxln IB1D'DIli SENIOR CLASS PLAY At their last appearance on a program of this sort, the Seniors presented, WA Ready Made Family ' The name well applies to the Senior Class, and with its cooperation the play was made a success. Cast of Characters:-M Agnes Hartyn BOb-W -e-- M-- Harileee ---- Gracie-m---- Miss Lydiae- Henry Turner .--..- --------M-----------Hary Miller --W -H------------- Marion Weaver -----------H---eSarah F. Miller ------------------Ruth Hiller .-.......,..,....,.............,..-.......,..... ,................,........,.........-.-... --Hattie Gerber Loren Hostetler Doriseme---N se-------------e-- Betty Schrock Sammie ------------f-------- ---Junior Heoker Begonia -------------------- ---e Loretta Vogt Nicodemus He-e---e--e---H--e-- Rollin Hamsher rkviwsrkvsaulfiwkwkif WHY SEHIORS GET GHAY:H- l. Get paper and pencil, please. 3. I had my paper written and he forgot to ask for it 5. I didn't have a study period today. 4. Loren, aren't you whispering without permission? 5. Didn't you hear the bell? 6. Notebooks are due tomorrow. 7. Quiet now, Seniors! WHY TEACHERS GET GRAY:-- l. Do you have an extra pencil? 2. How far do we take? 5. I forgot my exercises at home. 4. How long shall my paper be? 5. I donft have time to study. 6. I don't know what to write about. 7. Did you finish checking our papers? Hr. Amstutz: HIt gives me great pleasure to give you 8511 on your physics test." Rollin: "why don't you make it iooai and get a real thrill out of it?U ll QD 41 'D VIE AID II31D'DIli CLASS HISTORY In September, nineteen hundred and thirty-six, fourteen freshmen entered the Walnut Greek High School. In addition to those graduating, there were David Hershberger, Floyd Schie, Mary Hostetler, and Ruth Siecrist. After a few weeks of school, we lost David and Floyd. During the second week we were initiated by the seniors. This consisted primarily of eating fish worms Cspaghettij and wearing the distinguishing mark of a band with a feather for a week. We felt ourselves de- cidedly less Hgreensu after this ordeal. We elected Betty Schrock as our president, and Mary Hostetler as our secretary. Four of our class members participated in the county scholarship test: Marion, in Biology, Mary and Mattie, in English, and Loren in Algebra. Marion and Loren each won first plac in the county test. In our Sophomore year we elected Ruth Miller as our president, and Sarah Frances Miller as our secre- tary. Our number decreased to ten when Mary Hostetler dropped out and Ruth Siecrist transferred to another school. We presented a one-act play and an original German playlet which proved quite successful. Again four of our class members participated in the scholarship test with Marion placing first and Loren second in General Science. Rollin Hamsher was a member of the varsity basketball squad. Sarah Fran- cis and Rollin helped to give the seniors a grand Usend offn by being an Indian waiter and waitress, respectively, at the Junior-Senior Banquet. September, nineteen hundred and thirty eight, found ten back as Juniors. This year we elected Marion Weaver as president and Rollin Hamsher as secretary. On April 8, l959, we presented a play named USonbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane.U This year six of our class members participated in the scholarship test with Loren Hostetler tieing for first and Marion Weaver second in American History. G Rollin Hamsher was elected Captain of the varsity basket il qv 4 fc VIE A ID Il31D 1DIIi SENIOR CLASS HISTORY, CON3T. ball team. Sarah Frances Miller won the local peace contest and represented us in the County. May l7, 1939, we gave the seniors a banquet which was the most beautiful that we have ever had in our school. After completing numerous guitars as favors, and painting the long motto chosen by the Seniors, HClimb, though the rocks be rugged,W and giving the Seniors a flowery Commencement, we felt quite ready to become dignified Seniors ourselves. In l939 we all came back as Seniors. We elected Loren Hostetler as our president and Betty Schrock as our secretary. After the first week of school we initiated the freshmen class. Sarah Frances Miller again participated in the local peace contest, rating second. Loren Hostetler and Rollin Hamsher played on the baseball team which won each game but one. All the boys of the Senior Class were part of the basket- ball squad that won the county tournament. Rollin Hamsher was again captain of the team. The four Senior boys surprised the Juniors by capturing the class tournament which they had won each year previous to this one. This year six members of our class participated in the scholarship test. Loren Hostetler and Marion Weaver took the scholarship test. In the County Scholarship Test Mattie Gerber and Marion Weaver participated in English, Loretta Vogt and Betty Schrock in Latin, and Loren Hostetler in Physics. May 4, we gave a three-act Senior play named HA Ready Made Family.H May l3, the Baccalaureate Services were held. May l6, the Juniors gave us a banquet which we enjoyed very much. May l7, 1940, the Commencement activities were held. These last few activities ended our high school life. To the Juniors we wish our best for the work which shall fall upon them as Seniors. QGPFPKPFDKUFIF IK 2321 1IQIl4l'D lwikxun :sto-can CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of Walnut Creek High School, do hereby leave our last declaration as we proceed on from school life into life's school. As we pass over the division we do hereby bequeath our abilities to those following us: To the teachers we bequeath our everlasting love and affection with the hope that they will give to the next class the same guidance and equity that they so generously gave us. To the Board of Education we will all our books, broken chairs, and desks, broken windows, and broken laboratory equipment. 'To the janitor we will all the things which need repairing, cleaning, and painting in order to keep him busy. 4 Sarah Frances Miller wills her musical notes to Colleen Brand, and her quick temper, which blows over in a few seconds, to Russell Miller. Ruth Miller wills her quiet talk and ability to make B's to Sue Mast. Mattie Gerber wills her ability as Home Economics treasurer and her blushing to Orpha Ellen Hiller. To Maxine Troyer, Mary Hiller wills her ability to memorize and her spicy but harmless remarks. Junior Hecker wills his graceful childlike and girlish nature to Paul Miller, and his speed to Myron Gerber. Loren Hostetler wills his swaggering, when he walks, and his lying in classes to Richard Gerber, and his ability to push a thing through to Daniel Maust. To Ralph Miller, Betty Schrock wills her taste for baked beans and to Lillian Sue Troyer she wills her ability to stick to something till it is finished. Loretta Vogt wills her imagination to Dorothy Mast, and her sickness whenever she is due on a program to Darold Uillero To Edward Hershberger, Rollin Hamsher wills his slow Manner of getting up in the morning, and his ability as a basketball captain. To Junior Mast, Marion Weaver wills his absolute dependability and his permission to come to school late to Howard Sohrock. We, the Senior Class of l94O, do hereby in our last declaration, written on one sheet of parchment, set our seal this 19th day of May, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred Forty. ll QI 4 'D VIE A ID IIBID 'D IK SENIOR CLASS MOTTO: UOut of the Harbor into Deep Ghannels FLOWER: American Beauty Rose COLORS: Wine and Silver GLASS POEM We, the Seniors, stop to think As the closing day draws near, Have we done our best to get the best The past days of every year? Our aim was to be successful, That aim is with us still, To leave this school well fitted Our place in life to fillo Sometimes the tasks were difficult, Our problems oft seemed vexing. As we cross the threshold, We are faced With problems more perplexing. Our younger-years and days of school Are fading into the past. A bit of advice to my classmatese- Grasp! while your chances last. We entered this school four years ago With vigor, vim, and strife. Tonight, with the same ambition, We enter the school of life. II QI 41 'D Q? ,a"L .c'.,l S. 1 ff we ire vb its 48 tin Y ff? t IN XL 'Q K J 45 o if calf' 1 IYIEAID II3'D'DIIi Sarah Frances Miller has just signel a contract to sing with Artie Shaw and his orchestra over the radio. Sheis second Bonnie Baker. Loren Hostetler has become the world's famous aeronauctual engineer. In fact he has received such a large fortune for his latest designs that he will be able to retire at the age of 55. Miller has decided to keep her air stewardess with the American Air Lines. Our blonde really will get a look over all the men to see Ruth job as an chance to which ones are the brave type. Rollin Hamsher plans to earn his liv- ing by pitching on a big league baseball team.- Don't laugh, he's going to give Bob Feller a bad chase. Loretta Vogt's only ambition is to make good in whatever occupation she unders takes after she leaves the Walnut Creek High School. My belief is that she will become a housewife. ll QI 41 'D VIE A ID IBID 'D Ili CLASS PRGPHEGY AS SEEN IN 1950 Flash!! The announcer is about to tell us who has become elected in important offices and who has succeeded in life. Let us now all be quiet and find out some Wdopen about the class of l94OI 1275 Ghl it is election time, so let's Iyfggzs L all listen to the radio and find out that f',fpf',,fEEEE Marion Weaver has been elected president -fi I PQ-sax of the United States. Our class is cer- ..,,. kgflli tainly proud of him. fry my--rx es T55 N' "agg- iQ3'Nl Warning: All you millionaires beware- X XQJCXX Mattie Gerber is determined to marry a :N luv, A millionaire even if she has to do the N"Lasv proposing. IU .fit XT'-ref? X UQXIE if N13-fixes SI In a large store in California is a very efficient young clerk behind the coun- I, ters. She is Betty Schrock and always Q , manages to sell something to you that you gg didn't want. V fl Tax CQUIA JJ IIN Now Junior Hecker has made quite a f name for himself already. Hefs taking Q I Clark Gable's part in WThe Broadway Smash f 5 of l95O.n im V g wi Mary Miller wants to be a nurse. So don't forget to give her a ring if you want a pretty nurse to nurse you to health again IIQII-490 - it IYIEAXIIQ 1:3-0-DM 6"M"TP HQCKQ W W 5.131 7 ! 25, ,1'j i Nvmymwlw , 5 2 g U XK+jaj X-fQMwN,,----mi:g,M,cRnw4 wx 3f3f99 'f 'i'1i1':ii4gi1T:i1 4-..,.,-. -,-,.. HOSTGTTMQRF FNQST f5H0? QE Ti xxk. YSMNS Q QQ U X ,,,,. .,....,,........ w.mV,,Xg-,,v,MXJ "'4,il'-E, M,- MM '-x" Ayr- ll 6 WKUWQB RK V Q Ynif X MwXN? QSi "ffP, 1 Q M' M , , 2 1 , CND .N W. A W' 1 f , fl i 1' 9 ' M iff J sf' QPQ, 1 W J X f x I If if J ..... A I ' U j x 4 W -wg X , We :wen ,PKRNNIJVFG WDW' VUTURQ H940 IZVIEAXIIQ lnwofolnj uk, xlb QM N , jr W 'N"""'55 9 va ga 1- f' 1 f ' " v 1' ,..- XI , A - , Ea 1 GRE , W , j QQ gg QM QE 5 c Y f QP fff' QM M, 1-4 Quay 'SHA W an YW Y V5 M2 SQXKX ooxwfllg I .... 4- -,-,- f,.i,,j?g4.,. L'T " A ,XL 'Q o ox RS Y Q v0 .V , NU ooXb N we. Yo Sw wr, , ,Q?T'f2flfQ1'f M '.', ' 2 X x R SP L ax wh-59 CNW? X WK MQ Q OO - ' gujxfg 1 rf 'fflffh -A F, .r pw nwA-,m- U NK. Vq -,. f ' ggavx 0 Bag ,XX X! ' ffK""0 -'U E U mmm B- Ny "fly 45 I .FBEEHD ,- 'V -'lf ,.,.-.. D U -f,mf, X 9 .1 ,,,,,,,... W NN, Q, TUWAISSN FP Z , 4 1 '. 17' Tkl 'fi Live M HJR vw 'H Z5 1 ff", lf fm? s QCMOGL. P5 ' -gqvzmwl W4 'T Wm 1IQIMl 'D 1 X ' f FU 'Wi WMWQK awww XX, 4 Yf?',f F42 Q 'Wim Sekooll As' MRP-Hi WQUXQ X.m4QTo SQQ VF. U W Ds NNY N 1 LASSES 'lla H N ill K XX - X 'ERS ' A ., - SF Q' Qifllif? fap uffrf Q X 1fif. 4:5ii35ff' X X 5' if, r Ligffw Hs, --fl" f1,,f-- QI., ' ' 5 1. S'?? "L1f!f-1" f' Vi -f-W4 -as 5'gf,Q+-f5'f N .iN:uv"" 527- , ,3p'i',,.f f r wfazfax- -f-N 12'-1 ' ' X I XA R V ' VIE A ID 'IDD 'D Ili 'WHL' 90 S. Back row -F left to right Faculty Advisor, Miss Troyer Glenn Immel Howard Sohrook Junior Mast Edward Hershberger Daniel Mast Front row - Elsie Zeurcher Sue Mast, Secretary Doran H Ralph Miller, ershberger, President Vice-President Maxine Troyer Absent when picture was taken - Dorothy Mast ll QI 41 'D VIE A ID II31D1DIIi .rumen HISTORY In the fall of 1988 a small group of happy CM boys and girls made their first business visit at the school house. By hard work, mingled with play,f- five of the original Walnut Greek first graders, plus eight others bravely entered the Walnut Greek High School. What the future held for these has been , partly revealed to us and the world. , Daniel Maust was elected president of the Freshmen class. These Freshmen began to demonstrate their abili- ties. Victor Stauffer and Sue Mast won second and third, respectively, in the Prince of Peace Contest. Dorothy ' Mast and Doran Hershberger won second and third in-that, order in the English Scholarship Tests at Millersburg, while Ralph Miller won first in Algebra. Victor Stauffer lef, Walnut Greek for Sugar Greek the latter part of the first semester, taking all his talent with him. Our thirteen was regained when Ralph Miller joined our ranks the second semester after moving from Dalton. Junior Mast was elected president of the Sophomore class. Maxine Troyer was elected secretary. Our class was again active in the County Scholarship Tests. Junior Mast was second in history, Dorothy second in English, and Doran was first in algebra, second in Kent, and sixth in the state. At the reorganization of the Junior year, Doran was elected president of the Junior Class and Sue was elected secretary. In the Prince of Peace Contest, Sue Mast won first in the elimination contest, first in the County, and ranked high in the district. We hope she will go even farther in her Senior year. By this time all the classmates know that Sue is the dramatist of the class. We were sorry to see Orpha Weaver leave school the first semester. We presented a three-act play entitled WThe Adven- tures of Tom Sawyer.n Six of our members helped to win the basketball tournament championship. ' The test of our ability of the year, however, came when it was time for us to duly help the Senior Class have a pleasant farewell to their school year. The banquet and the decorations for the baccalaureate and commencement exercises became an interesting, as well as busy, project for us. They provided a real test for our abilities and originality. It is only through the grace of the Seniors that we are able to introduce ourselves to you. It is only through their initiative and hard work that the annual Can be published. In consideration of this, we, the Junior Glass, hope their project is a wonderful success. ll QI! 4 'D VEADBDUM sornouoar oriss Back row - left to right Myron Gerber Paul Miller Richard Gerber Darold Miller Violet Mae Sundheimer Ruth Gardner Mr. Amstutz, Faculty Advisor Front row - Doris Hostetler Dorothy Schrock Oma Hershberger Russell Miller, President Norma Zook, ViceHPresident Oneta Hershberger Billy Lengacher - Absent when picture was taken - Orpha Ellen Miller SOPHOSCOPE Orpha Ellen Miller was born June 38, 1924, near Walnut Greek. Her first four years of school were spent at Cherry Ridge. She then was transferred to Walnut Greek, where she has remained ever since. Richard Gerber was born at Bunker Hill on September 15, 1924. He started school at Sugar Greek and later, also, came to Walnut Creek. H940 VIE A ID ll3'D 'D Ili SOPHCSCOBF, GOI TJ -'..-4.-.V---..., .... -..W -..,..-......p-v Russell Miller was born Aug ,He began his school life to finish his high schoc ust 5, lS24, near Walnut Cree at Walnut Creek where he expe l career. k. cts 1 Darold Niller was born a little west of Trail, Ohio, on 3 ,J1llYVdO, 1924. He started to School at Winesburg,and then W Changed tc Walnut Creek, A , Myron Gerber was born near Eaanesville on January ll, l9S4. He started to school at Cherry Ridge, stayed for four years and-transferred to the Walrut Creek school where he is a student at the present time. A 1PauliIviiller was born on June l'7, 19213, a few miles fnortheast Qf Walnut Creeko He began his school life at the New. Switzerland School and later joined the Walnut Creek ngang.N .Qu William Lengacher was born Augusf l7, 1924, at Killbuck. He had his first school training at Winfield, but the last three months of his first year were spent at Walnut Greek, where he has remained ever since. Ruth Gardner was born December 25, l924, near Dalton, Ohio. Her second to sixth years were attended at the Beach City School, From her sixth year to the present, she has used her studying ability at the Walnut Creek School. She now resides west of Trail, Ohio. Oma Hershberger was born September 4, l9Z4, near Walnut Creek where she began her school studies and hopes to finish them. Oneta Hershberger was born November 39, l924, near Mantua, Ohio, At an early age she moved close to Walnut Creek. For four years she went to school at Cherry Ridge then WHS transferred to Walnut Creek where she has studied ever since Doris Hostetler was born November l9, l925, about threee fourth mile from Walnut Creek. She began her schooling at Walnut Creek, At an early age she moved to Cherry Ridge, but she continued to come to Walnut Creek School. Dorothy Schrock was born March 27, l934, at the home where she now resides. She spent all her school days in Walnut Creek. Norma Zook was born September l7, l924, at the home in Wal- nut Creek where she now resides. She has spent all her energy in solving lessons in Walnut Creek School, Violet Mae Sundheimer was born near Walnut Creek. She ate tended the Chestnut Ridge School for eight years. She joined us as a Freshmen and remains with us yet. 1IQlMlfD K VIEAXID Il3'D'Dlli FRESHLEEN tiles Back row W-left to right Mr. Amstutz, Faculty Advisor Wayne Gerber Ruby Sohrook Anna Maust Richard Hamsher Front row - Colleen Brand Ruth Mast, President Oma Troyer, Secretary Lillian Sue Troyer Imogene Miller , ll QI 41 'U IZVIEAIIQ 113-0-onli FRESHMEN STATISTICS TT T 6 T NAME PAN HANDLE AMBITION OCCUPATION Oma Troyer Boots Be awper- Chewing gum fect 36 Colleen Brand See Convesville Opera Singer Skiiing Lillian Sue Troyer Nan Acrobat Going on hikes Imogene Miller Jean Jockeyi ' Horseback - riding Anna Maust Betsy Sell Insur- Study, more A ance study Ruby Schrock ? Old maid Dating Ruth Mast Bubbles Lawyer Blowing bubbles Richard Hamsher Dicky Minister Basketball Wayne Gerber Snipy Opera Singer Throwing paper wads L ,FAVORITE FAVOHITE NAME BY-WORD SONG FLOWER Oma Troyer Aw, you'.re 'TTNaltz Me Around Poppy kiddinf .Again Willie Colleen Brand Heavenly days Sweet and Low 4 O'clock Lillian s. fsroyer Say! Listen 4 on, no, John Lily of the ' here. .. VaIley Imogene Miller Go on! The Jolly Horse Switzer Nettle Anna Maust Land O' Annie Laurie Spring Goshen, A , T Beauty Ruby Schrock Oh! My gosh. Goodby My Lover Bleeding Ruth Mast Aw, quit it. Polly, Wolly Tiger Lily I I - T fDoodle Richard Hamsher Gee! Whiz. Little Bo-Peep Jack-in-the- i-- ' T Pulpit Wayne Gerber CGMUREY I Ain't Gwine Lady Slip- Crickets To Study War per ll SID 41 'D VIE A ID IIBID 'D IK SEVENTH 5 EIGHTH GRADES 1-an-I Baok row - left to right - Mr. Thomas Troyer, Advisory Logan Shenemang Virgil Troyerg Harry Gerber, Jrqg Robert Schroekg John Evrrrsberger, Jr.g John Gerber, Jr.g Luther Mast. Middle row - Irvin Millerg Merlin Troyerg Truman Hershbergerg Evelyn Hershbergerg Maxine Hershbergerg Joy Brandg I Eleanor Maustg Levi Ao Beachyg Eli L. Yoderg Levi Ja .Beaohye Front row - Billy Hostetlerg Richard Horrisbergerg Miriam Gardnerg Barbara Sundheimerg Lela Ibergg Ruby Gerberg Sarah Sohrookg Susan Beachyg Arthur Wil- helmg Dean Lengaoher. ll QI! 41 ID VIE A ID II3'D1DIli 5th A Sth GRADES Back row - Robert Gerber, Emanuel Hershberger, Galen Gerber, Junior Hoetetler, Donald Schrook, Robert Gerber, Paul Proper, Loren Hershberger. Middle row H Mr. Hershberger, Teacherg Ella Beaohyg Betty Yoderg Dorcas Zookg Donald Vogtg Barbara Troyerg Doran Horrisbergerg Lowell Hostetlerg James Allen Miller. Front row - Lee Roy Beachy, Betty Lengacher, Martha Funk, Anna Jean Sohrock, Doris Lengaoher, Elva Beaohy, Kathryn Gerber, Verna Beachy, Virginia Hill, Eugene Miller. Absent when picture was taken - Lucille Flinner Gerald Hershberger, Clyde Sundheimer. ll QI 41 'D VEADBDDM THIRD G FOURTH GRADES e S 5 Back row - left to right - Mr. Ralph Sundheimer, teacherg Dallas Hostetler, Albert Beachy, Paul Yoder, Lynn Hostetler, Richard Hoetetler, Dennis Weaver, Clair Hershberger, Lorrell Mast, Richard Stutzman, Lowell Zook. in Middle row - ' Aden Miller, Rea Mae Gerber, Shirley Troyer, Levi Troyer, Alvin Beachy, Dorothy Maust, Atlee Troyer, Jonas Troyer, Oletha Hamsher, Junior Bentz, Gladys Masto Front row-A Marylin Weaver, Ruth Snyder, Marylin Gerber, Alioe Iberg, Dorothy Zook, Marylin Miller, Marylin Zahner, Donna Gerber, Elva Yoder, Dorothy Hershr berger, Anna Mae Stutzman. H949 VIEAXID Il3'U'DIli FIRST at sroolvn GRADES F if s-- 5' rf 5 5: 4 ' 6 .lf v 'Q I , Back row - left to right - Wayne Kaser, Vernon Beaohy, Jay Miller, Douglas Baker, Bobby Troyer, Donald Hoetetler, Wayne Gerber, Abe Troyer, Luke Miller, Eli Miller, Morris Herehberger. Miss Pearl Miller, teacher. Middle row - Lee Roy Mast, Dorothy Gerber, Annetta Hamsher, Jane Stutzman, Mary Hershberger, Lizzie Raber, Lovina Troyer, Emma Beaohy, Jeanette Sohrook, Erma Bentz, Arlene Miller, Robert Dean Troyer, Doyle Weaver, Albert Troyer. Front row - Glenn Miller, Alice Gerber, Mary Beaohy, Betty Vogt, Mae Hershberger, Fyrne Miller, Arie Raber, 'Patty Hostetler, Melvin Weaver, June Hoetetler, Abie Troyer, Gwen Bahler, Gladys Miller, Andrew Yoder. Absent when picture takenz- Mary Yoder, Kenneth Maohan, Donna Jean Miller. 1IQlMl'U A- A Q ff' 4 'C AI WIEIDTIIISIINQ ig ' , .N .-: ' ' x A 1'-i 1Qi.,g1.f A J? l9fW f.iI.,.. f1.wL.,.3,:--,V nn 5 Q if a fs VEADBUUM BASKETBALL Ba5kj t to right Daniel Maust, Mgrg John Hecker, Jr.g Doran Hershbergerg Loren Hostetlerg Marion Weaver, Glenn Immelg Ralph Sundheimer, Coach. Front roW:-- Ralph Miller, Richard Hamsherg Edward Hershbergerg Rollin Hamsher, Captaing Junior Mast, Howard Sohrock. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Sk 22, 1959 ---a---H- -- a5, 1959------ -M-- - 17, 1959- 1, 1959- 2 -1959- 12f 1959-- --------- 5, 1940 ----------- 15, 1959- 6, 1940- 12, 1940- 19, 1940- VARSITY SCHEDULE 5 SCORE Lakeville Sugar Greek Fredericksburg 'Berlin Stone.0reek Big Prairie 'Nashville tG1ark Fredericksburg WKi1lbuck Dover Reserves 20, 1940 ----------- 'Big Prairie 33, 1940 ----------- 'Lakeville 26, 1940- 'Glenmont 50, 1940- Millersburg 1, 1940- Berlin 6, 1940- Stone Greek 95 1940 ----------- WHo1mesvil1e 16, 1940 ----------- 4Glenmont 23, 1940 ----------- ikillbuck 24, 1940 ----------- 4Berlin 1, 1940- WStrasburg League Games 4 Gounty Tournament H940 gg 0PP0NENr 46 20 57 52 57 32 19 28 38 24 57 52 65 4 55 27 25 24 51 17 12 50 55 34 46 26 81 19 29 57 51 50 22 20 45 37 48 20 55 26 38 25 21 55 H Sectional Tournament VIE A ID II31D'DIli RESERVE SCHEDULE K SCORE THEY NOV- 17, 1959 --w-------- ---Lakeviiie 5 NOV- 33, 1939 ---------- --Sugar Creek 18 NOV- 35, 1939 ----------- ---Fredericksburg ll Dec, T, 1959 ---------- ---- Berlin 15 Dee- 3, 1959--- ---w------- Stone Creek 31 Dee- 135 1959 ------------ --Big Praire ll Jan, 5, 1940 ----------- -Clark 19 Jen- 5, 1940 ----------- -Fredericksburg l7 Jan, 12, 1940 ----- 1 --------- K iiibuek 18 Jen- 30, 1940 ----------- ---Big Prairie 13 Jen- 36, 1940 ----------. -Lakeville 15 Jan- 50, 194O-- ------------ Millersburg l7 Feb- 1, 1940- ------------ -Berlin I7 Feb- 6, 1940 ------------- -Stone Creek 52 Feb- 9, 1940 4--m---------- Holmesville Bl BASKETBALL As a whole, the Walnut Creek Varsity Basketball team had a successful season. They won seventeen out of twenty-two games played which is a good record. After losing the county league championship they came back in the end and won the county tournament. They took the tournament from the league championship team in the finals by playing a cool headed and cooperative game. They had to work hard for everything they got, but finally came through victorious. The team had its successful season not by luck, but by hard work and patience. It was through the fine training of the squad, the never ending patience and skill of Coach Ralph Sundheimer, and the fine coopera- tion whioh existed between the coach and players that brought the results. . Besides winning the Tournament Championship Trophy, some of the players also won individual awards. One player, Edward Hershberger, was placed on the All County first team, and Captain Rollin Hamsher and Howard Schrook on the second team. They were awarded with individual trophies. The varsity teams consisted of Edward Hershberger and Howard Schrock as forwardsg Rollin Hamsher CCapt.D, centerg Junior Mast, Richard Hamsher, and Ralph Miller as guards. The last few games of the season were played without ther service of Junior Mast because of an in- jured ankle. However, his ankle got in playing condi- tion for the last two games of the county tournament. His absence from the team for a few games proved that he was a great benefit to the team. ll QI! 41 'D WYEADBDUM The second team consisting of Junior Hecker, Glenn Immel, Loren Hostetler, Marion Weaver, and Doran Hershberger also had a successful season. They won eleven out of sixteen games played, which was at good record. The second team was also coached by Ralph Sundheimer and showed a great deal of coopera4 tions ' Walnut Greek has had a successful season even with odds and ends such as lack of players and injuriestf We hope that next year the squad at Walnut Greek will have an even more successful season. ikikakvlfvkik CHEER LEADERS In the fall Ruth Miller, Sarah Frances Miller, and Lillian Sue Troyer were elected cheer leaders by ' osition the student body. When they received their p , they knew they had a difficult job on hand, but they certainly have done their job well. Ruth and Sarah eterans from last year, therefore they Frances were v were off with a good start. Whenever the Upepu left ' ' h e leaders the team, which was seldom, our faithful c e r brought it back with their rousing, vigorous cheers. I am sure the cheer leaders did a lot in helping the team Win their games. PEP SONG Fight3 fight! fight! For Walnut Creek Hi, Win the victory. Win the day for crimson and gray, Show us your best And you'll win from all the rests So on, on, on, on, fight to the end, Honor and glory, you must Wing So fight, fight, fight, For Walnut Creek Hi, and victory. H949 VIEAID II3'D'DIli BASEBALL Back row - left to right .Q Junior Heoker, Paul Miller, Richard Hamsher, Darold Miller, Russell Miller, Billy Len- gaoher, Wayne Gerber, Mr. Amstutz, Goach. Front row - Glenn lmmel, Howard Sohrock, Loren Hoetetler, Edward Hershberger, Rollin Hamsher, Junior Mast, Ralph Miller. BASEBALL SCHEDULE 5 SCORE Holmeeville Nashville Berlin Glenmont Beach City Mt. Eaton Big Prairie Beach City Mt. Eaton Berlin sept. 12, 1959 H 15, 1959--- ------ --2 H 19, 1959 H 22, 1959 H , "" """" H 29, 1959 oct 5, 1959 ------H----- il 9 N l2j 1959 ----.------- H 15, 1939-HHHMHMHHHVN Nashville llQMl1D THEY 10 7 4 2 4 ll ll 6 5 7 5 YEADBDDM BASQQALQ U e baseball season of this year was a pleasant one, ' Only one game was Hrained out.H The team was ful not only in winning games, but also in having indee . succes an enjgyable time in sportsmanship. 2 H'gh school baseball has a number of handicaps. ' , First, a good ball diamond is often not available, second, there as no known way of making it selfvsupportingg third, it is eldom that the entire squad is present for practice due to'homeworkC In our school these handicaps were met in theifollowing manner. The town team permitted us to use their diamond. We appreciate their kindness. It'is a good diamond which deserves care in its use. It is, how- ever, oo far away for noon practices. The financiali problems were solved by using the proceeds from the Fall FarmfEXhibit and some of the basketball game receipts.a The last handicap is hard to overcome, The farmers need the boys during this season, hence, we never demanded the presence of every player. Each boy when he was out for practice was placed in the position that he played in the game. This was the only solution of the problem in our case. The players turned into HBabe Ruthlsn in the Beach City gamer Three home runs, two three baggers, and a number of two-base hits was the record of that game. In the Big Praire game the score was ll to l2 in the fifth and sixth innings, and the boys allowed the opposing team to fill the bases with only one man out. The third out was a great relief to the coach and perhaps to the team, also. More could be said about the thrilling games but rather than telling about them, we hope you will see the future games thereby you will be able to enjoy the thrillers with us. Also, the softball tournament must not be forgotten. It was held at the fair last fall. Walnut Greek came through undefeated, handing the opposing teams three shut outs and winning for themselves the tournament and a trophy. BASEBALL LINEUP Rollin Hamsher ---------------- Manager and Pitcher Edward Hershberger--Assistant Manager and Catcher Howard Sohrock ----- M-n ---- ---H ---- M----First Base Junior Mast---N ------ W ------------ N---Second Base Loren Hostetleru --------------- H ------- Third Base Ralph Miller---M -------------a--- - ---- wShort Stop Richard Hamasher ----------------------- Left Field Doran Hershberger ---------- ---- ------ Genter Field Glenn Immel ------------------------- --Right Field Wayne Gerber ------------------------- Center Field Darold Miller ----------------- f ------- Right Field Paul Miller-H ------------H--e- -------- Right Field H940 VIE A ID Il31D1DIli GRADE BASKETBALL Sugar Creek . . .50 Walnut Creek .10 Berlin ..... 14 Walnut Creek .10 Fredricksburg. . 8 Walnut Creek .55 Baltic ..... 5 Walnut Creek. . 9 Big Prairie. . . 0 Walnut Creek .10 Glenmont . . 12 Walnut Creek .56 Berlin ...... 15 Walnut Creek .20 Holmesville. . . ll Walnut Creek .55 Clark. . . . 12 Walnut Creek .ll Nashville. . . 10 Walnut Creek .40 Big Prairie. . . 9 Walnut Creek .16 Fredricksburg. . 14 Walnut Creek. .55 Clark ...... -Z Walnut Creek L14 147 279 The Walnut Creek grade basketball team upheld its regu- lar annual reputation as being one of the best within the county. It enjoyed a very successful season during 1959 and 1940 as attested by the following facts: The team played 15 games and won 10 of them. It de- feated Berlin, Fredricksburg twice, Big Prairie twice, Clark Holmesville, Glenmont, Baltic, and Nashville, losing only to Sugar Creek, Berlin, and to Clark--all on foreign floors. It did not lose a single home game. It lost to Clark by one point, but obtained sweet revenge when it defeated them on the Millersburg floor as a preliminary game during the tournament by doubling the score on them. Berlin defeated us on their floor by only 4 points. An unusual score was recorded in our favor when we white-washed Big Prairie to the tune of 10 to 0. The boys who were the mainstays of A the team were Virgil Troyer and John Gerber as forwards, Robert Schrock as Center, and Harry Gerber and Donald Miller at guard. However, credit must also be given to the able substitutes who warmed the bench a good part of the time, and who will be called upon to take the place of those who will graduate into high school. ll QI 41 'D wwf Q TENTS fm r 9 .QQ V Ke 5 45' 1 1' ki ,, , , !1::.f J img QL- ' fx W -M ,Au '71 F A , E, X-mix ' 4 , . -2- f' Mlv? w 'ffffffffw- 1 P 'Y l . f i-- V..-f . , A..- V I k : -f 4 , , f .,dL,'13g"g4fQ1-1uw- J!!! 'ig 'gg-"Q 51 ,qgqfixim ll' I , 5. , '- '- l.: .. .. , :H I ' H V M -as V im' ' ' I ,:':'V-pg, A f 'ff " ' '- , .,',: -,-5--'e:m,:5J1fgfI', :I ws 52, , I ' ,.u'2'1:.1 in WX Fir I '-1-'ef-1 ff, 'vw ,Leia-..fff,m-. .. wfw " '9--:Ji-n'!ff 151-' wav.: ,ff " " -.1--1" . M .. ..1 ,v1:::,','5 ,-,f, :I yu ul-UL Q 34, f 1 -.1 . fy, up, 4 .:. ,fmfwu -A ff,-we.N,4a' , .1 UA ,gli IH !.Z. il ,ti . . If .W ,V wihiql My f da 'f , .f 27 my ,riffs ,ff M51 "1 -ga .un 1'-lf . f ,:ii'1--- ff 1 I 1 A 3 ' 4 k -.2 fiifail fr? xl' . L. ': Egg.-f'??Q7 --e'-:rig-7 Yagi ,- Q x I ' ' .- W ' -Q V -Q fix - , ,cf 4. E- v . 11""",- 5' . vga. Q4 v YEADEUDM I GIRLS GLEE CLUB Back row - left to right - Susan Beeohy, Doris Hostetler, Imogene Miller, Sue Mast, Dorothy Mast, Violet Sundheimer, Oma Hershberger, Lillian Sue Troyer, Betty Sohrock, Oneta Hersh- berger, Oma Troyer. Middle row - Ruth Gardner, Eleanor Maust, Ruby Gerber, Evelyn Hershberger, Maxine Hershberger, Joy Brand, Anna Maust, Colleen Brand, Sarah Frances Miller, Ruby Schrock, Mattie Gerber. Front row - Dorothy Sohrock, Lela Iberg, Miriam Gardner, Ruth Mast, Norma Zook, Maxine Troyer, Elsie Zeuroher, Ruth Miller, Mary Miller, Sarah Schroek, Mrs. Wendling Director. Absent when picture was taken W Orpha Ellen Miller N949 9 VIE A ID II31D'DIli BOYS GLEE CLUB Back row - left to right - Arthur Wilhelm, Wayne Gerber, Forrest Wilhelm, Paul Miller, Russell Miller, Truman Hershberger, Dean Hershberger. Middle row - Ralph Miller, Junior Mast, Edward Hershberger, Daniel Maust, Richard Gerber, Doran Hershberger, Mrs. Wend- ling, Director. Front row - Myron Gerber, Marion Weaver, John Hee Jr., Loren Hostetler, Rollin Hamsher, Darold Miller. IIQMUD -i i ker 1 VIE A ID IBID IUIK Music Our music for the year was under the direction of Mrs, Ethyl Wendling of Millersburg, Cur groups met for music twice weekly, Monday and Thursday. ' The Girls? Glee Club consiting of thirty members, elected Sarah Frances Miller as president and Lillian- Sqe Troyer as librarian. Doran Hershberger became the aocompaniesti I, The Boys? Glee Clubswas comprised of twenty-four members with Ralph Hiller acting as president and Edward Hershberger as librarian. Dorothy Mast accompanied this Club. The boys section was seemingly unbalanced at first since the tenor section was somewhat weakened, but they have been picking up rapidly. ' Fifty members took part in the mixed chorus of which Junior Mast was president and Ruth Miller librarian. Dorothy Mast was accompanist. These musical groups have made a number of appear- ances at school programs. Each group presented selections at the Peace Contest, at the Community Meetings, and at the Christmas Program, - Cn March 2, we entered a county music contest in which we presented a boys? ensemble, girls? ensemble, mixed ensemble, and four soloists: Colleen Brand, sopranog Doran Hershberger, baritoneg Sarah Francis Miller, con- traltog and Dorothy Mast, piano. A ll of these groups received a rating of either good or excellentu Three numbers, namely, the mixed ensemble, girls' ensemble, and soprano solo participated in the district contest. The mixed ensemble is eligible to participate in the state contest. March 22, featured our Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs and Mixed Chorus in a County Contest. All did splendidly in this contest. The Boys! Clee Club and the Mixed Chorus were rated excellent and the Girlsi Clee Club was rated superior, They are all eligible to compete in the District Contest at Kent, The musical groups very definitely enhanced the Baccalaureate and Commencement programs with their well- chosen selections. We appreciate that the music of our school is open to every student who wishes to participate rather than 3ust to a select few. Thus, we not only get to develop that talent which we may have, but also to learn an appreciation of music which is really good. we hope our music program may be enlarged to include instru- mental music. WMusic is weii said to be the speech of angeis.H -'gaflyles HMusic Washes away from the soul the dust of Svefyday life.HeAuerbach. II QI! 41 'D VIEAID 'II3fD'DIIi H SCHOLARSHIP TEAM Back row N left to right - NAME Paul Miller Harold Miller Billy Lengacher Marion Weaver Middle row M Doran Hershberger Russell Miller Anna Maust Oma Hershberger Oma Troyer Loren Hostetler Daniel Maust Front row H Sue Mast Lillian Sue Troyer Colleen Brand Oneta Hershberger Elsie Zeurcher Mattie Gerber Betty Schrock Loretta Vogt Absent when picture taken Dorothy Mast SUBJECT COUNTY RANK General Science World History General Science English-IV Plane Geometry World History Algebra I English II English I Physics Physics English III English I Algebra I English II Latin I English IV Latin II Latin II ,.. English III All those ranking first or second in County go to Kent on May 4 to compete in District Contest. ll QI 41 'D VEMDBDDM LITERARIES Every second Friday of the month a literary was held under the direction of the different classes. fwphe Seniors had somewhat of a difficulty in getting theim class present on literary days, but they entertained ,and anlighted us by giving us a debate on the subject, 1HResqlved: That the Closed Union Shop Will Best Promote the Qrogress and Satisfaction of the American People,W and H Pfqgram on a newspaper, among other things. f . yThe Juniors usually presented a varied program of 5 talks, readings, character sketches, instrumental and vocal groups of music, both humorous and serious. The class whole-heartedly cooperated in the presentation of the program. f ' There seemed to be a bit of hesitanoy on the part of the Sophomores in the presentation of their programs, Mis- understandings about numbers made it necessary for most of these programs to consist of musical numbers by the girls and impromptus and skits by the boys. Probably the most originality was shown in the pro- grams presented by the Freshmen. One of them consisted of an amateur radio program which included a group of varied and versatile numbers. Novelty numbers in music and speech enlivened the tone of the program. The seventh and eighth grades were very energetic in their literary work and entertained and instructed us by short playlets, essays, musical novelties, and recitations. Since no county literary contest was held during this year, we believe our local literaries have helped to give pupils the opportunity to develop their dramatics, literary, and musical abilities. ' CHAPEL The chapel programs on Tuesday of each week and Friday of every second week were arranged by a committee appointed by the student body. This consisted of Mattie Gerber, Junior Mast, Norma Zook, and Miss Troyer. These programs were given by the students, teachers, and quite often by speakers of the community and from a distance. Most of these meetings were of a devotional or instruc- tive nature with an occasional deviation to the humorous. As a whole, we all were greatly impressed by these programs and we wish to thank everyone who took part in giving them. T940 IYIEAXIIQ II3'D1DIIi THE WALNUT GREEK MESSENGER Editor-in-chief ----- Associate Editor ---- Senior Reporter ----- Junior Reporter ---- - --------- -- - --------- ----- Junior Mast ---------Doren Hershberger -------------Mattie Gerber Sophomore Reporter ----------- Oneta Hershberged Freshman Reporter ---------------- Colleen Brand Sports --------------------------- Marion Weaver Poet's Corner ------------- Sarah Frances Miller Wit d Humor --------------------- Imogene Miller Paper Exchange ------------------ +Maxine Hiller 1.f Advertisements ---------------------- Norma Zook Art Editors -e--------------------- Daniel Maust Comics ------------ -- Subscription Manager William Hochstetler - -e--------- Arthur Wilhelm - --------e-----e-- Sue Mast Printer --------------------- Edward Hershberger Typists ------------- -----------Loren Hostetler Darold Miller Doran Hershberger Hlfvkiifilfflfifflfilfik Elsie Zeuercher, The Walnut Creek Messenger was first edited and pub- lished two years ago. Mainly through the influence of Miss Troyer and through the cooperation of the pupils was the paper started. The Editor was Ralph Gardner, a Senior. The aim of this paper is to show our parents and friend who are interested in this school, what we are working and accomplishing in our classes. The material for the paper is furnished by the pupils and teachers and it is only through their cooperation that the paper can be published. Original themes, original poems, sports, and many other interesting subjects make up this small but interesting, we hope, paper which we call HThe Walnut Greek Hessenger.H 1IQl 4 'U S YEADBDDM AUDOBON SOCIETY Back row - left to right - Robert Sohrock, Myron Gerber, Paul Miller, Darold Miller, Richard Hamsher, Billy Lengacher, Wayne Gerber, Luther Mast, Russell Miller. Middle row - Daniel Maust, Glenn Immel, John Gerber, Jr., Merlin Troyer, Richard Horrisberger, Virgil Troyer, Billy Hostetler, Irvin Miller, Arthur Wilhelm, Ralph Miller, Edward Hershberger. Front row - Dean Lengacher, Maxine Hershberger, Oma Troyer, Imogene Miller, Lillian Sue Troyer, Oneta H ershberger, Ruth Mast, Norma Zook, Evelyn Hershberger, Mr. Amstutz. Absent when picture was taken - Or h p a Ellen Troyerv oHQ4D IIYIEAXID II31D'DIli THE AUDUBON SOCIETY First, I want to tell you what we really mean by an Audubon Society. In plain words, it is a study of birds. It has been in the Walnut Creek High School since l92S. , It was a lovely spring day when everyone was eager to have a Audubon Society. So that day Andrew Mast was elected president and Mattie Gerber was elected secre- tary. The students enrolled at that time are the folw lowing: Andrew Mast, Mattie Gerber, Ruth Miller, Sarah F. Miller, Rollin Hamsher, Nelson Schroek, Ralph Miller, Forrest Wilhelm, Glenn Immel, Edward Hershberger, Junior Mast, and Daniel Maust. In l959, they decided to join the National Associa- tion of Audubon Societies for Juniors. They all got badges which showed they were members. There are twenty- eight members which wer selected Mr. Amstutz as secretary. The members Troyer, Marian Mast, Gl Oneta Hershberger, Grph Norma Zook, Oma Troyer, Russel Miller, Richard e divided in two groups. They president and Norma Zook as were: Mr. Amstutz, Mr. Thomas endora Hecker, Oma Hershberger, a E. Miller, Doris Hostetler, Anna Naust, Sarah F. Miller, Hamsher, Darold Miller, Virgil Troyer, Daniel Maust, Ralph Miller, Edward Hershberger, Forrest Wilhelm, Glenn Immel, Robert Schrock, Paul Miller, Doyle Schrock, Myron Gerber, Richard Gerber, Paul Kaufman, William L The two groups had see the most birds. Th engacher. - a contest to see which would ese groups finally decided they wanted to get a set of books on birds for the library so in order to get enou The books are now in th gh money they had a cake walk. e library. Now this year in l94O, the Audubon Society is still carried on. The President is Wayne Gerber, Vice-Presiden William Lengaeherg secretary, Lillian Sue Troyer, Assiste ant Secretary, Norma Zo groups: namely, as the Eagles.H The Cardinals cher, William Lengacher ok. It is also divided into two NGardinalsU and the UAmerican are the following: Dean Lengaf , Richard Horrisberger, Arthur Wilhelm, Wayne Gerber, John Gerber, Jr., Orpha E. Miller, Gneta Hershberger, Norm Edward Hershberger, Mer Donny Miller, and Lilli a Zook, Ruth Mast, Ralph Miller, lin Troyer, William Hostetler, an Sue Troyer. The American Eagles are as follows: Virgil Troyer, Darold Miller, Richard Hamsher, Irvin Imogene Miller, Maxine Robert Schrock, Daniel Forrest Wilhelm, Luther Miller. Mr. Amstutz is the were present every time every Wednesday morning fast at 7:30 O'Clock, t Miller, Paul Miller, Oma Troyer, Hershberger, Evelyn Hershberger, Maust, Myron Gerber, Glenn Immel Mast, Dean Machan, and Russel advisor. Thus far nine boys and only one girl. We start at 6:00 o'clock and eat break- hen back to our studies. ll QI 41 'D ! t, YEADBDDM Back row - left to right - Miss Troyer, Mattie Gerber, Betty Schrock, Sue Mast, Violet Mae Sundheimer, Oma Hershn berger, Sarah Frances Miller, Ruth Miller. Front row - Dorothy Schrock, Oneta Hershberger, Norma Zook, Ruth Gardner, Doris Hostetler, Elsie Zeurcher, Maxine Troyer, Mary Miller, Loretta Vogt. Absent when picture was taken - Dorothy Mast, Orpha Ellen Miller. ' HOT LUNCH HThere is nothing better than the making of a true home, " We hope We have made your school year a bit more homelike because We have given you a warm lunch for your noon meal if you wished to eat with us. It's'lO:3O and six of us, with our teacher, ad- journ to the Home Economics room. Slips with the Work for the meal are lying face down upon the table. We draw to our luck and proceed to prepare soup, fry hamburg, mix fruit salad, or whatever has been our good or bad luck for that day. Hurrye-yes, quite often, for it's only ll:2O and already We hear footsteps coming down the hall. Now for a twenty-minute hustle, for the line of Weatersn is long, and at times our customers are very hungry and rather impatient. But at last even the late comers are served and We relax. Leisurely We six seat ourselves about the table with our food before us and have lots of fun for our hurry is all over and We, too, are by now exceedingly hungry. N949 VIE A ID IBID ID Ili HOT LUNCH, GGNIT. In the meantime, Miss Troyer is completing the sales and stacking the dishes as they are returned to the serving table. The six who have not prepared the meal are the dishwashers for the day. There job is really a job! Thirty minutes may lengthen to an hour before it is all completed and the room again hushed into silence and ready for those nextrasn here and there which must be done for the next day's meal. Yes, itfs real work to serve from thirty-five to ninetynfive people daily, even though our lunches are not elaborate, but we learn to work together and we get a great deal of enjoyment from it. I If you--pupils and parents--have appreciated our work, we are glad for WA word of appreciation is enjoyed by the wisest of men.W P. S. Certainly we cannot forget our carriers, Glenn Immel and Edward Hershberger, who faithfully H luggedn our supplies from the stores every morn- ing with never a frown, even when our order was incomplete and had to send them back. FREQUENT SAYINGS HEARD--- Mattie-- WLet's have apple salad tomorrow.H Elsie-W HOh, shucks, I have the soup againlu Sarah F.-- WIS the chocolate syrup cooked?U Mary-- WWho's going to carry up?W Maxine-- NOh, I believe it's time for them to come--let's hurry.W Dorothy-- HDo you have your Latin?N Sue-- Ccontinuesj NWas it hard?H Loretta-- WOh, I hope I don't get the table. I donzt feel very good today.N Ruthf- UOh, I hope and pray I don't get the soup.n Betty-- WHow much milk tomorrow?W CThanks to her ' for bringing it to us fresh daily.I IIQII4 'D I wiixnn II31D'Dlli JUNIOR GLASS PLAY The Junior Class chose nThe Adven as their yearfs presentation. This pl Mark Twain's famous novel of adventure. the Juniors were inexperienced, they s to portray humorous and serious oharac was successfully presented before a la MEMBERS OF THE GAS tures of Tom Sawyern ay was based on Though most of howed real ability ters. The play rge audience. T TOm Sawyer -------------------------- Ralph Miller Huckleberry Finn ----------------- BGCky Thatcher ------------------- Amy ............................,, Aunt Polly ----------------------- Alfred Temple -------------------- -H-Daniel Maust -Elsie Zeurcher --Maxine Troyer -------Sue Mast ----Junior Mast Joe Harper -------------------- Edward Hershberger Sydney ------------- ------------ Do ran Hershberger Gerber CSeniorj Miller CSeniorj Forrest Wilhelm --Howard Shrock Marv ------- --------- ----------------- Dorothy Mast Widow Douglas ------------ -Mattie Mrs. Harper ------.-..-... ..-guth Injun Joe ---- -------- ----.-.-.--. Judge Thatcher ----------- -------- vklkiivkiwkifiilvifhif JOKES Bush: uI'm going to stop drinking Ralph M.: UWhy so.U Bush: HI can't sleep in any of my Junior: WWhy are your socks on wrong side out?' coffee for breakfast.H classes anymore.H I Edward: HMy feet were hot, and I turned the hose on them.W JUNIOR FRUIT ralPh miller doRan hershberger sUe mast juNior mast maxinE troyer elSie zeurcher ll QI 41 'D I YIEANpilQp1JE4D'DIIi The following list of trophies was won by the Walnut Creek School in Music, Athletics, and Spelling. The school is very proud of its high-prized possessions, and has con- structed a new trophy case because the old one was not large enough to hold all the trophies. 1926 - Holmes County Basketball League Champions. 1950 - Holmes County Basketball League Champions. 1950 - Holmes County Basketball Tournament Champions. 1950 - Holmes County Winner Mixed Chorus. 1950 - Holmes County Winner Grammer Chorus. 1950 - Holmes County Winner Boys Chorus. 1951 - Holmes County Winner Boys Glee Club. 1951 - Holmes County Basketball League Champions. 1951 - Holmes County Track and Field Meet Winner. 1952 - Holmes County Track Champions. 1952 - Holmes County Basketball League Champions. 1953 - Holmes County Winner Upper Grade Chorus. 1952 - Holmes County Winner Girls Clee Club. .1952 - Holmes County Winner Mixed Chorus. 1952 - Holmes County Boys Glee Club. 1955 - Holmes County Winner Boys Track Meet. 1955 - Holmes County Basketball League Champions. 1955 - Holmes County Basketball Tournament Champions. 1955 - Tri-County Basketball Tournament CSemi-Finalsl. 1954 - Holmes County Basketball League Champions. 1955-56-57 - Holmes County Tournament Champions. 1956 - Holmes County Basketball League Champions. 1957 - Holmes County Basketball Tournament Champions. 1957 - Holmes County High School Spelling Contest. 1957 - Holmes County Winner Spring Festival. 1959 H Holmes County Fair Softball Tournament Winner. 1940 - Holmes County Basketball Tournament Champions. There are three music cups in the trophy case on which there is no year in which they were won or for what they WSI' G Won . ll SID 41 'D IZVIEAIIQ 11310101111 mv- 'lvrx V 'I' ,Lf kt t In I. I T-Ai X UQ DW" 'W 3 X BQVS 2 1 EU Laney!! M1 - ' YN "IA X ' fx ' Wx . ,- .- r' ' -X.. H ,xxlg i4!,,'fm -0451 x5 1 ,.4' Q Q A " L W o?'cQ'aX , KNSQQ' X Q W Q an .xx ff 'fm '- fr 'JUNID-R Mmsv SOGMHSY f,,,ff- x ff W! .XX X X .fc M., 'lx' U7 Aff' ff. f , ,K 'Rx . , J ,,- U4 I vA,. h If '::"""""- V .ff ' VY f' .573 lilv 5 ,I ' "fi , N 1 1 . X, f'f, f F ,E .X 2 ,. v tif- V- X eb . ,. 2 , if ,fl . "J ' ff' , .XE " 'M' X' x A 1 ,f"4Li",.1:-f"""7"' -- f ,f 'f " 'ny , f f ' '51 ff xv.. - XX, -4 -,I 'V ly' I Q Klf ,f Swv y Pg if ff I A ,.N. x Vi, 1' 1 A3253 "W QZMPYQ, W9 VLMQ1 , f fq 49 s ,QMM fzf W 2 1 IU k 4 qg353lLMiyMgMymv4gQZ, ff f ff ' C .. yo. kj. byi EA "' J Fume CD MRS X U I X 3 f x 7 L W l3lllqX' 'VS QQ' Nuhb f 7 Q Xl V" at L' 5 Y is x pf-.. X. V TL xxx fx' Q .3 Q c ffwpgt ,L ix , Q ' W xg lf' ,1 x I 6 4 WO WQQL fm Z he W -1 aff' ' ' -"N JW' flkf mQ SX QQ fj,,j,j1f' 1 A a X 1lQII4l'D One bu c Rollin Junior Rollin Coming lwfkxlu In-0-can A BIT or simon g to another: WQuick, run for your life. Here omes Mr. Amstutz and his biology olass.W H. UDo you like to play with blocks?U H. UNO, Why?N H. WThen quit scratching your head.n home from a basketball game, Glenn and Dick arguing about the Constitution of the United States. Glenn: UAW, you donft know nothing about the Constitution U Dick: HI do, too. I know all about it.V Glenn: nAll right. Name some part of it.H Dick: UThou shalt not kill.U Ed. UI saw a house with a wooden leg and a glass eye.U Bush: WHOW does he get around?W Ed- "o n a merry-go-round.U The Geometry Glass Anthem: My Geometry 'tis of thee, Thou book of misery, I h The The Cf thee I sing. ate the curves and angles, squares and new fandangles, pentagonal rectangles, Thy chalk and string. ....-..-..-....,....-.......-..-..- Freshmen stood on the burning deck But as far as I could learn They stood in perfect safety They were too green to burn. ...-.......................-.- Mr. Troyer was bending over his desk and grading some tes t papers when one of the 7th and 8th grade boys slipped up behind him and pushed a note into his hand. 11111 u TI he oyer looked up very stern but was surprised when Opened it and read: nHOnored Teacher ---- Yer pants is ripped.W ll QI 41 'D it VIE AID lI3'D'DIli September October November December MARCH OF EVENTS 5 School started--Rah, Rah! Seniors get choice window seats. 7--Holmes County Fair--Won the soft ball tourna- ment and received the trophy. l3--Defeated Holmesville in baseball. 15--Defeated Nashville in baseball. Seniors elected class officers. 19--Defeated Berlin in baseball. BO--Freshmen initiation. Pale Freshmen-- Chatty Sophomores--Jolly Juniors-- Dignified Seniors. Bl--Russel Nast, former student of W. C. addresses in Chapel. 22--Defeated Glenmont in baseball. 26--Defeated Beach City in baseball. 29--Defeated Mt. Eaton in baseball. 3--Defeated Big Praire in baseball. 6--Defeated Beach City in basebally Literary by Srs 9--Defeated Mt. Eaton in baseball. lO--Negro quartet from Mississippi entertains the school. ll--Senior party at Vogts. l2--Defeated by Berlin in baseball. l3--Defeated Nashville in baseball. BO--Rev. Jessie Short was speaker at Chapel. 31--Halloween festival under the direction of the baseball team. 3--Literary program given by Sophomore class. Peace Contest held at Walnut Creek. 3--Hunting season opened--5 day of school. lO--Cheerleaders elected. l7--Rev. Stauffer speaks on his trip to Europe. Defeated Lakeville in basketball. Literary program given by Freshmen. l8--Junior play-UThe Adventure of Tom Sawyer.H 22--Defeated Sugar Creek in basketball. B5--Thanksgiving vacation. 34--Thanksgiving vacation. 35--Defeated Fredricksburg in basketball. 28--Rev. Alvin Miller speaker in Chapel. 29--Community meeting. 50--Home Economics girls had Thanksgiving Dinner. l--Literary program given by Junior Hi. Defeated by Berlin in basketball. lO--Sue Mast wins County Peace Contest. ' ll--Chapel address by Levi Hartzler-Subject: HSpanish War.n l2--Defeated Big Praire in basketball. 15--Defeated Nashville in basketball. Literary program given by Senior class. ll QI! 4 'D VIEAXID lI31D'DIli December January February March MARCH OF EVENTS, CON'T. 22--Christmas program and exchange. Hot lunch girls overworked--95 people. Christmas vacation begins--sleeping and eating. 2--Vacation ended. 5 6 7 ... 11- 12- 15 16 --Defeated Clark in basketball. --Defeated Fredricksburg in basketball. -Sue Mast in District Peace Contest at Westerville -Examinations! EveryoneC?1 studying for once. -Examinations, con't. --Start of second semester. Rev. Paul Miller speaks in Chapel. --Defeated by Dover Reserves in basketball. l9--Literary program given by Juniors. 23--Defeated Lakeville in basketball. 26 3 --Defeated Glenmont in basketball. 0- 31 -Defeated by Millersburg in basketball --Community meeting. 2--Defeated by Berlin in basketball. 6 9 10- 16 16 25 CDid ground hog see his shadow?D --Defeated Stone Creek in basketball. --Defeated Holmesville in basketball. Rev. Venus Hershberger addressed Chapel. -Pie Plant Pete and Bashful Joe at school building Q l7--County tournament. --Defeated Glenmont at tournament. --Defeated Killbuck at tournament. 24--Defeated Berlin at tournament. QCOUNTY CHAMPS? 38 B9 1 2 7 .- --Community meeting. -Sectional tournament at Dover. --Defeated by Strasburg at tournament. I --Music contest at Millersburg. --Basketball team, cheer leaders, teachers enter- tained at Mr. Troyers home. ll--Bev. Hopper from Beach City speaks at Chapel. Seniors win class tournament. l3--Seniors migrate to Wooster for the day to have 14- their pictures taken. -Mattie Gerber suffers from eye affliction. Serious, huh! Probably caused by secret flight of Mattie and Betty to who knows where! 15--Literary program given by Seniors. 16 82 23 27 29 50- ..- ,- --Winners from Millersburg go to Alliance. Mixed ensemble--girls ensemble--solo by Colleen. --Hot lunch ceases. --Music contest at Millersburg. -Community meeting. -Literary program given by Juniors. -Senior scholarship test at Millersburg. ll QI 4 'D April 3 S 13 l9 B4 ,- lyltkxln II31D1DIIi1 MARCH OF EVENTS, CON'T --Every Pupil Test. -County scholarship test Winners of music contest go to Kent. Literary program given by Sophomores. Home Economics go to Canton to visit places connected with Home Economics work. -Grade school closes--quietness reigns. --Community meeting. 26--Literary program given by Freshmen. May 4--Senior play--HReady Made Family.H lO--Literary program given by Junior Hi. l2--Baccalaureate Service. 16--Junior-Senior Banquet. CGay colors in evidencej 17--Commencement exercise-Seniors present their own program. School out--vacation days are here again. FAREWELL TO SEHIOBS. SHKXPFPKFKUKPKUICFKHOKXHFPKPF ALUMNI CLASS OF l925 ADDRESS OCCUPATION Malvin Troyer Walnut Creek, Ohio Operates Feed Grinder Wayne Hostetler Walnut Creek, Ohio Doctor's Assistant Cloy Miller A. Barberton, Ohio Work at Green House Wallace Hamsher Berlin, Ohio Manager of Post Office Le Roy Farver Smithville, Ohio Farming Dona CHershbergerj Zook W. Creek, Ohio Domestic Gladys CHostetlerD Louisville, Ohio Domestic CLASS OF l9B4 Clayton Gerber Walnut Creek, Ohio Teacher Nettie Click Sugar Creek, Ohio Teacher Jacob Miller Pennsylvania WOIKS at GIGGH House Loyal Hostetler Smithville, Ohio Farming Paul Miller Charm, Ohio Clerk Sophia Chillerj Gerber Walnut Creek, O. Domestic Arleigh Schlabach Walnut Creek, Ohio Store Manager Verba Weaver CDeceasedj Class of l925 Ralph Beechy Dover, Ohio Teacher Amanda CHershbergerD Sommer Louisville, Ohio Domestic Roy Miller Berlin, Ohio Teacher John H. Miller Berlin, Ohio Teacher Laura fYoderJ Miller Berlin, Ohio Domestic Mary Duxa iniiiery Castle Cleveland, Ohio Nurse Edwand Schlabach Walnut Creek, Ohio Merchant Kermit Miller Dundee, Ohio Farming Class of l926 Ethel CHbrrishbergerj Kaufman Berlin, Ohio Domestic ll QI 4 'D lwikxln II3'D'DIli ' '71 Ann Irene CKaserj Hummel Elizabeth Doerschuk HildredCTroyerj Lehman Oscar Weaver Henry Mast Class of l927 Agnes CBahlerj Crawford William Schrook Opal Millerj Troyer Faye Hillerj Troyer Albert Xaser Wilbur Hostetler Lloyd Hostetler Thomas Troyer lass of l98S ALLDDHI, COlIlT ADDRESS Berlin, O. Jamestown, N. Orrville, O. Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek, Cleveland, O. Brazil, Ind. Walnut Creek, 'SI al nut Cr e ek , Charm, Ohio Walnut Creek, Dundee, Ohio Walnut Creek, Cordulal Clmmelj Studer CDeceasedj John Doerschuk Delmar Yoder Paul Farver New York City Baltic, O. Smithville, O. Bernice Chillerj Schrock Walnut Creek, Warren Miller Paul Gerber C1aSS of 1929 Laura CHastj Kaser Grace Millerj Dennis Irene Zookb Kendle Mary Cniiierb niiier Ralph Sundheimer Carl Hostetler Paul Kaser Dina CBlosserl Pauli Donald Shutt Class of 1930 Arlene CGerberD Mast Grace Glick Franklin Kendle Glenn Mast Herman Mast Ohlen Miller John Schrock Class of l95l Ralph Bitikofer HarrietCDoerschukD Clyde Hershberger Dennis Hershberger Esther Hershberger Smithville, O. Walnut Creek, Charm, O. Cleveland, O. Trail, O. Sugar Creek, O. Sugar Creek, O. Cleveland, O. Walnut Creek, O. Ht. Hope, O. Sugar Creek, O. Berlin, O. Sugar Creek, O. rraii, o. Walnut Creek, O. Walnut Creek, O. Edith Chillerj Hershberger Sugar Creek Walnut Creek, O. Hillersburg, O. Sugar Creek, O. O Millersburg, Walnut Creek, O. Sugar Creek, O Sugar Creek, O. ll QI 41 'D ,o. OCCUPATION Domestic Teacher Domestic Farming Brick Plant Work Nurse Truck Driver Domestic Domestic Teacher Garage Mechanic Farming Teacher Bankers Trust Co. Teacher Teacher Domestic Poultry Farm Elevator Mgr. Domestic Nurse Domestic Domestic Teacher Student School Bus Driver Domestic Undertaker Ass't. Domestic Teacher Butcher Amateur Radio Opr Farming Domestic Brick Plant work Unemployed Salesman Domestic Truck Driver Coal Miner House Work IYIEAXIIQ lsfofolli ALUMNI, oonfr. Class of l95l, Con't. Address Occupation Nora Hostetler Grosse Canton, O. Domestic Ralph Miller Sugar Creek, O. Farming Roscoe Miller Sugar Creek, O. Teacher Nancy Troyer Walnut Creek, O. At Home Alice Cweaverl Hershherger Walnut Creek, O. Domestic Irene CWeissj Fisher Baltic, Oi Domestic Alfred Zahner Sugar Creek, O. Farming Class of l93E Ernest Doersonik few York City Librarian Leon Click Columbus, O. Student Sarah LHershbergerj Kratzer Sugar Creek, O Domestic Virginia Lengacher Trail, Ohio At Home Daniel Mast Barrs Hills, O. Sugar Creek Mill Fay Mast Barrs Mills, O. At Home Howard Mast Fredrickstown Harness Shop Josephine lHastj Grosse Baltic, O, Domestic Ruby CHillerD Hiller Walnut Creek, O. Domestic Thomas Hiller Sugar Creek, O. Brick Plant Work Ruth Schlahach Walnut Creek, O. Music Teacher Loris Troyer Ravenna, O, News Reporter Class of l955 Cloyse Hershherger Walnut Creek, O. Teacher James Hershberger Walnut Creek, O. Brick Plant Forrest Hostetler Shanesville, O. Brick Plant Roger Horrishberger Walnut Creek, O. Barber Erdine CHostetlerj Horrishherger W. Creek, O.Domestic Russel Mast ' Hartford, Conn. Student Ralph HDauffH Hiller Walnut Creek, O. Farming Vera CSundheimerD Mast Hillersburg, O. Nurse 5 Domestic Junior Zehnder Sugar Creek, O. Restaurant Opr. Carrie CZehnderD Schlegel Baltic, O. Domestic Class of l934 Hugo Doerschuk Sugar Creek, O. Farming Sarah Doerschuk Sugar Creek, O. Home Work Lola Flinner Sugar Creek, O. Waitress W, O. Hershherger, Jr. Youngstown, O. Hilo Hostetler Trail, O8 Minnie Cnastl Andrews Hiddlehranch, O. Evelyn fHillerl Hishler Walnut Creek, O. Henry Troyer Class of l955 Delmer Hecker Miller Hershherger Sterling Horrishberger Opal Hostetler ,Q Victoria Lengacher Margaret CMastD Smucker Louisville, o. Clay Schrock Trail, O. N940 Berlin, O. Sugar Creek, O. Walnut Creek, O. TTail, O. . Killershurg, O. Walnut Creek, O. Radio Opr. Truck Driver Domestic Domestic Teacher Truck Driver Carpenter Hatchery House Work Office Work Domestic Farming YIEAIIQ II34D'DIli T ALUMNI, com' 'J . Glass of l936 Address Lester Glick Sterling, O. Herman Hershberger Walnut Greek, O Paul Hershberger Sugar Greek, O. BonnieCLengacherbMellinger Dundee, O. Lela Mast Esther Miller Pearl Miller Paul Neff Paul Schrock Ralph Schrock Ferman Snyder Edith Troyer Nellie CTroyerD Hecker Richard Zehnder ' Glass of 1937 Thomas Bahler Edison Gerber Tren Hershberger Ruth Hershberger Niles Mast Ruby Mast Francis Hiller Pauline Miller Wyman Sundheimer Howard Gardner Gerald Mast LesterrMiller Margrit Stauffer Glass of 1938 Nelson Schrock Andrew Mast Helen CSchrockj Douglas Glendora Schrock Carol Glick Mary Esther Hostetler Margaret Horrishherger Alice CHOstettlerH Mast Glass of l959 Ralph Gardner Eugene Hershberger Howard Hershherger Ralph Hershberger Titus Hershberger John Lengacher Payson Hiller Lillian schroek A 1' . Walnut Greek Walnut Greek Walnut Greek Shanesville, Walnut Greek Sugar Greek, Sugar Greek, Walnut Greek Berlin, O. Shanesville, Wooster, O. Walnut Greek , O , O , O O. , O O. O. , O O. , O Walnut Greek, O. Walnut Greek, O Walnut Greek, O. Barrs Mills, Sugar Greek, Walnut Greek Walnut Greek Trail, O. O. O. , O , O Walnut Greek, O. Sugar Greek, O. Sugar Greek, O. Walnut Greek ,o. Walnut Greek, O. Cleveland, O. Sugar Greek, Goshen, Ind. Wooster, O. Walnut Greek Millersburg, Trail, O. O. , O O. Louisville, O. O Sugar Greek, . Sugar Greek, G. Sugar Greek, O. Trail , Oo Sugar Greek, O. Sugar.Greek, O. ll QD 41 'D Occupation Truck Driver Garpenter Cheese Maker Domestic Home Work Glerk ' Teacher Brick Plant Painter Gheese Maker Farming Teacher Domestic Hatchery Student Electrician Glerk House Work Farming Clerk Glerk Home Work Farming At Home Gheese Maker Farming At Home Hatchery Elevator Domestic At Home Student House Work At Home Domestic Printer Butcher Farming Farming Farming Gheese Maker Farming House Work YEADBDUM I -4 l 1 ull' Q-'QQ Qt H940 VIEAX ID ll31D 'Dlli igowsiwssg Sometime ago a school teacher was telling his pupils that they should lead a good life. After talking to them a while he asked, WHow many of you want to go to heaven?N They all raised their hands except one. The teacher turned in surprise and said, NDQn't you, Johnny?U Johnny answered, WYes, but not with this hunch.H FFFFPFHFUF Bush was thrown over a fence by an enraged hull. He had just recovered when he noticed the bull pawing the ground and furiously tossing his head. ' Ulf it wasnft for your bowing and scraping,H said Bush, Wlfd think you threw me over on purpose.n BKBKSFPFPF Ralph Miller--- WWell, Virgil, your sister has given herself to me for a Christmas present. What do you think of that?N Virgil Troyer-H HThatYs what she done for Junior last year, an? he gave her hack 'fore Easter. I bet youfll do the same.N Wvkbkvhfk Russell Miller--- Nwhatl A little squirt like a wild animal trainer?U Billy Lengaoherw- UMy small size is the secret of my success. The lions are waiting for me to grow a little longer.U a s x s s ODE TO ALL HIGH SCHOOL BOYS To school And at Early to hed and To study The end Early to rise To learn Of the term And your girl goes More bunk To flunk With other guys. Ruth HDid Wes, vkfkvifviik was carrying home some eggs and dropped them. you break any?n asked her mother. said Ruth, NBut the shells came off some of them.H IH wk W4 H4 if Yrs, Yrs, Yrs, Yrs, Yrs, Yrs, rss, Yrs, ms, Yrsw O11 1IQll4l1D - - - 1 V 1 1. 7 l n t r E1 I. 1 i H w f r E Q E ? YEADDDUM , ine Sensor class wnolonoartiy thanks tho following fillt, business and professional men, for helping make ing publication of this annual, Hrno Anv11,W possible. HWHEN IN THE FUTURE YOU FIND YOU MUST BUY, CHOOSE A FIRM FROM THIS LIST AND GIVE 'EM A TRY. Widderfs Store Sugar Greek, A. P. Snyder Sugar Greek, R. D. Burger Sugar Greek, Gerber's Insurance Agency Sugar Greek, Gerher's Gash Store Sugar Greek, Obermillers 54-104-35g Store Sugar Greek, Seth Gerber . Baltic, Lester Gerber Walnut Greek, Walnut Greek Barber Shop Walnut Greek, Albert Horrisherger Walnut Greek, W. R. Mast Walnut Greek, Walnut Greek Elevator Walnut Greek, Sugar Greek Equity Sugar Greek, Sugar Greek Hatchery Sugar Greek, Odenkirks Drug Store Sugar Greek, O. E. Blaugh Sugar Greek, Douglas S Mishler Sugar Greek, Garver's Store Sugar Greek, G. E. Kerch's Shanesville, Everhart's Funeral Home Shanesville, Paul Kaser Millersburg, Geib's Store Sugar Greek, Wooster Feed Mfg. Company Wooster, Beechy's Garage Winesburg, Walnut Greek Garage Walnut Greek, Home Restaurant Millersburg, Maurer's Bakery Sugar Greek, Lloyd Troyer Trail, Hudson Shoe Store Millersburg, Rainbow Restaurant Millersburg, Commercial and Savings Bank Millersburg, Farmer-Hub Millershurg, S. P. Moomaw A Son Sugar Greek, Berlin Hatchery Berlin, Dr. G. T. Bahler Walnut Greek, Dr. Glyde Bahler Walnut Greek, Mose Hostetler Trail, Clarence Troye: Baltic, Sugar Creek Milling COUPON! Sugar Greek, Atlee Oswald Farmerstown, H940 Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio IVIEAIIQ ll31D1DIli:I CDIVIPIMENTS OF MAURER5 BAKERY BREAD-BULLS - PIE -- CAKE SUGAPICREEK 0. ,. -A A, ' ' A Ju-1 IW' WPILNUTCIEIEEK GARAGE YOURS --EGR SERVICE ' I CDMPLETE OVERI-IAULING GAS -- CII, - TIRES -- BATTERIES ACCESSDRIES--FISHING TACKLE WALNUTCREEIC O. CDMPLIMENTS DF RQME RESTAURANT WQQST ER I DINNERS ICE CREAM some I FEED I EUNGRES MFG. Sp ERISXEEIPAQTES I CQ, EARQEIETS ODMELIMENTSIOFS V STAR I BEECI-IYIS GARAGE FEEDS I DODGE 6 S PLYMOUTH WDDSTER5 0 N oH1o IIQMUD VEADDDUM AW. I, dei tit:-. , ,. I I . I ., R 9 5 A Q I ff' Q 2 I- , 7 Il A f y f J'7Ti4iiagg ,!f!! If' 4Z2Zff X X yf, gag' inf IARMERSTQWN QUALITY CHICKS BUY YOUR CHICKS FROM WELL BRED FLOCKS Phone 45-F-14 FARMERSTOWH HATCHERY SEE US FORH CONKEY'S Y-C FEEDS MURPHY'S CUT COST AND ' VIGfO-RAY HOG, CATTLE AND PUULTRY FEEDS CUSTOM GRINDING AED MIXING A SPECIALTY GIVE Us A TRIAL SUGAR CREEK, OHIO BALTIC 0, SUGARCREEKA MILLINC5 CO H949 VIE A ID II3 'D 'D Ili is H E L I ...Q-iv. ri... Carr-'r-' X IC-r' r-' MJ one f VIJQT One of the Walnut Creek Twp. school busses owned and opera- :TLER oufxrwf COAL TRUCKING 3 FERWLJZER ted by Mose J. Hcstetler CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF l94O Compliments of R Al N BO W E ff'-QT We maiirmfiiiihiiiiiiphs l R E STA U R AN T LIBERT Y W Mimlrassunc onrc Gn behalf of the Senior Classr of l94O the Walnut Greek High School, we sincerely thank the many merchants and advertisers whose fine cooper- ation and loyal support made W this annual possible. W Compliments of CLARENCE TROYER Q GENERAL MERCHANDISE sincerely hope the readers of - 8-T15 this annual will extend to ATHLETICS SUPPLIES you their patronage. n ly Phone 42-F-2 Baltic, O. ll QI! -41 'D lyrAEum00mj THE SUGARCREEK FARMERS EQUITY CO. MANUFACTURERS OF d A REA A AA"' A J L EQUITY RE ST FEEDS DEALERS IN feiiu. AWIASTER GRAIN SEEDS FEED iw EEQUE IPEETIIIIZEE , LIME BUILDING SIDEEIES ,. Q, I FEED AND FENCE I X QUALITY FEED AND I-'EIENUEY SERVICE PHONE 55 P O KASEP1 A CQIYIELIIVIENTS I QT WE DELIVER PULVERIZED LIME A Q El E AND AI HIQRE QUALITY CQAII R,P,D.4-4 A SUGAEGEEEK OHIO MILLERSBURG OHIO A AA 1I Ewa IYIEMQ IB-0101111 S P MOCDMAW O SCN SALES OSERVICE CHEVROLET FOR ECONGMICAL TEANSPORATION EQE 27 YEARS II SYIIBQII OF SAVIITG AUTHORIZED DEALERS EYEIT, TRYIT, BUY IT, TEL. 72 EAST MAIN ST. SUGARCREEK OHIO BEST WISHES BERLIN I HATCHEPIY wfo Wxw.. I MCDSES KAUFMAN, SENIOR CLASS ppmgpo OF 1940 PURE BREED I BABY CHICKS TI-IB FARMER I BERLIN QI-II0 U A H B PH. 2O'P'2 JR IIQI4 'D IYEADMMM Q ' -'J " I - I 11 , ' rl nal -- W.I-LWIDDER I AR SNYDEH GGQD PGH D MENS at BOYS SUITS S A L E S SHIRTS SNEATEHS, C NEOHNENH SHOES EOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY I S ERVICE AND SAVE HONEY SUOAHOHEEK SUOAHOHEEK OHIO OHIO I Sm GERBEBWW C, 1 R . D, B U RG E PT S Q C LIfg1"rsTI Of C O' EOE WHITE FEEDS 1111.57-T4 BALTI G OHIO SUOAHOHEEK OHIO Q3 E H 3 E H G E R B ER CASH INSURANCE STQRE 1 AGENCY SUGAHOHEEH OHIO SHO-AHOHEEH OHIO 1I QD 41 'D mn1a n-um ms-. IYEAD ,,,,T , . , V -V Allin ,Pr A AIR EXOHA GE PAYS AT BOTH EXDS LAST! b GENERAL ERCHANDISE EJERI THILG FOR THE HDI VQLUNTEER. FCC D STORE WAL NUTCREEK 0' GBERMILLERAS 5 -10' 257 STQRE in-nnnssuvu-rl monmj nil , 4 T GORMICK - DE RING TRAOTORS FARM MACHINERY CREAM SEPERATOR A IIKERS EW IDEA SPREADERS KEYSTONE RED TOP FARM FENCE ALBERT HGRRISBERGER WAAJNUTCIREEIS Q ODENKIRKXS DRUG STURE NYAL and REXALL RF EDIES ESLJCSZXLR CjPqEIEFi CD. SU ARGREEK CHIC in CompIimentsAcgfI C- E. KEHCH, DQUGLAS GRCCERY STORE A Cf MISHLER SHA SVILL OHIO SUGARCR K OHIQ 1I QI 4 'D -1.111- IYIEAID 11310-DM 1 Vw W V ., H E EVERHART F UNERA L H OM E AND mwmm SERWCEA SHANESVILLE OI-H0 WALNUTCREEK ELEVATGR FEED GRAIN SEEDS EEETILIZEEE LOO4 FOR THIS I-Q SEAL OF QUALITY WALNUTCREEKE GI-NO ,1l QI! -4140 VEADN NMY - - - ' ---'Y ri, . 1 A A I. In 'Jin 'Ind Q llnhpl.. ,T.l1ii,ubbghl..a.ag5-1O:nlnl-Iunntvsana Conmplimenglcqsyfg ' ELECTRIC GARVER BROS. u I SHOP gg CO. LESTER GERBER Prop, I I WALEUIOEEEE OHIO 3 HANDY STORE SAVE III ELEOIEIOAL ' Q SUGARGREEK OHIO SUPPLIES E E DEPENDABLE EEPSHANDISE WIHMNO 'EIIE+X+f VPLUMBIN? 2 il Y L 2 SEOOESIES HEATS EOIOES 5 .. STEEPRRS I SODSE ?URNlSHINGS Lin, APPL-AIU Q I FURNITURE DRY GOODS RE IEE . PA D A SEOES HARDWARE fx ETC. ROOFING M SPOUTING ASBESTOS SIDING I EOOE PAINTING and 'VVjLIJLQIjfF REPAIRING , n ISUGARCREEK QSHEPK RCKNWNG CO . . .I .. ,, . I-V,A,n ,ry A U-A SADSEE I SUOAPCPEEIQ I HATCHERY S H I BETTER BABY CHI CKS deal ers in POULTRY and EGGS f SUGARCREEK OHIO 1lQl4l'lD N - .......... --rc-94:-v--Y -,v-:hoc---v--,:l:--v-----:ba:----v 0 66244 of 7940 We wish you the greatest success and happiness through the coming years. LIBERTY STUDIOS . . . . Wooster, Ohio

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