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iw' WABASII X? PgO yall 1111111111 Il' lr n UI P' F E' Q :s Yom PE ,ox U Edt ANN DAUGHERTY c Ed t MEHRILEE BROOKS M ci cg r PATT WINEGARDNER MRS IDA JAN CAMP Jf 4 f K i I M 3 5 f 8 f , A J ' ', 4 5 , x I " ' fx X' 5 - 2 4' x bv .X X -ug 4 , - - I' i Xi 4 ' 'z 4' h 1 1 C I , . 1 ' X X A 1 f, - ? ! X . ,4 ! ,f xr . fffx C 'X U W VX f, A X ' ix f 'N F fn , ' XX X fx 'C 2 N 0 Y C 4 1, . ' X , I I ior, - ior, Business n e. Adviser, . ' cx e ne HE f 1215-19 E The green buds of springtime are shown in this scene. The falling leaves rustling under our feet as we walk to and from school, the unbelievable iairyland of winter, the blossoms of the lilac bushes in the spring, Water dripping from the trees-these are the scenes which are familiar to all of us. As seniors We will forever remember the chirping birds, planes droning overhead, bees buzzing into the rooms, and the beauty of our campus and school. aft' I , 4 'g, ' 9, l l X Ss f ifxj V H' 5-f ,I r Q gn , , A ,Y f q!'x"f , V' 4? ,av ,, ' V 'Z , z ,. 1 f , , 'iii ge 4 M' 6 Ss? ' X' -fm f W gf V ff Q ,,,f SVT. V Y N x I U 3 ' I 8 4' U? x Q fy U ' K 4' T , 4 QP s ' W Aipx X , 1 Irv,,.cA-ali ,j':', if -'Cya , 1 P ffm. 4 V. .,- 4- 1 1, ,cf , ' v "' 'J' '35 'SP' ' 5 'fr ' ff' '-'N -' A Y 3 WH ' '4' 0 ff. J -'pr' 1 4 "J-I i4-sl A ,, A 'L M ' V Jn. N ,f'l'f' sy ,, 'QV , 4 j f-'Q 'Z 1. 4 I ,V.f,6Qf-3,1 ,wwf v . 7 4 Q 3 ,wins K . :Il V! . fir, , I , .. ' nr .434 4 by v Ai A' ,f vf , W s ,uw 0--Q ,b,3L. nAf4"f ' yy, " p f' .. 5 . y " 'f 1 ' ,fwfr fbu.. l 1 X s ' 1 vp v AL J, 'X , , A " 1 I ,l - , 1 V' , A , U , 1 ' , bm 7536 2 A Q " bt, 'K N , i -. nf Q , -,ff Q W "A . ' 431' x Y 51 1 ' 91 ,N B ,, , M 4 5 . ' , a I , 'Lil ' g Qi! .K X Aslqh Y qvlgfp Q, I, 0' 'Y ' ff' ' r' .t '.-. -. .' 1' ig 7.4 Q , .,, , -22.1, L' I .Q-' - .fur ,.. 1 H. Q, A ,Vx,A,,1,,fw, -. '.' f "fl w!,g ff?" . ""'f'ffif,'1 , .F nip ' Y' Ng- 53, W!! 'haf ,ah 45,1 ,Q i 51 -I -1.344 sf q , ,v M ' 1 A ' 1 I , y I 1, ,59l,.4xf3'f ' - ' xffpk ,"723?., 4 I ,4 'I ft,,x,"J , 4 'Q-1,f,K1'P'L,, x ' 1 LZ 1, A Z1 , '1'v.'V.', . fn-,Qt , D, fff, . A 1 1:?r'?" xi f ,Jig v ga., 'Yu fr. Q . Vixgi HV ' If -' ..1'f,,.-5? 1 QL qfjlsfgffif U' . "nf 'U "V - '- "1 NN" ' " '41 " rs. 'fa ref: 1,142 fy.. -, - R ' ,wr mi gif ie, fF"7Z: fy N if f :sf P111 sw:1:pq? "'i4ns,.,,,,,,.-bm, A-A 442 , . f , Mi' 4""'hn-.,,,f.w ' ' WI 1,5 ,A , , , A 4" 4 1 x , zzz- , N I ui I ,fxg ,fy I ,.y,, ,1. , 6 YA 1, :af :fz 6 Zia N , 1 If , 1 Y Qi, "W Q f, fn. 5 ' f " M ,l. 9 I L -4 ' ,, 2 , V I . I J Q?" ffflvx .'- 'ff .. ' ,P ,Q A s -,142 , I., 1 , 7 , ,f M 5 ' :gn K ., f an ,, , 6,1 , A , Q , .1 yy? 'Z' L' '4 ' fa . - fa' f, 'W' 4 T ' hw, ,, Y, L - 1 , i 1 A 7 , , f 'W ' V 4 .' 1 , 'EEN' ff ,J w- i "-pl' , WM-'hr Mffw, a""i,,, ,h,-:?7:-, 5 I 6, 'Q ff 1 'r 'Rf' Qi' , qffgf 4 2 K1 . .' r ' ' W4 .' f S Q! wx " A X . Q 19- 5 , Af'?n . ff Nl, VY' W ' 'K U31 'A' .1 2 , . . I , Y 1 " W "0 ' K v f ax: ly I. . . 'igffzf " Ae gy I f, bl ,U , YJ, I . J . ., 2 '- . , ' Q 3 1 s 5 Y 'Z Jfwqrg Hutstandmg Achievements Are Well Ilewarded, v J 4- 65 19 ..... ,,4'-4 Honor and distinction for various achievements are bestowed on some deserving students of W H S These awards were for leadership for scholarship for special talents and abilities others were for outstanding performances in various sports Each is a distinguished honor in itself We at W H S are proud of these people and extend our hearty congratulations to them Beverly Smith Iohn Powell Best Thespians Arthur Deyo Valedictorian lane Vogel Honorary Salutatorian Pat Ie-well Delta Theta Tau Scholarship Dennis Haupert Lulu Baer Award Donna Bowman Luli Baer Award Elks Scholarship Elizab th Oswalt Scholarship to Ball State Ann Daugherty County and State Elks L adership Award Iare Vogel Kroger Scholar hip to Purdue Virginia Cramer Scholarship to Marion State Beauty School Susan Lavengood DAR Good Citizen, Second in County Elks Leader- ship Award: Doug Duker Scholarship to Indi- ana University: Mike Bent 'Scholarship to In- diana University: Arthur Deyo Scholarship to Taylor, Second in E1k's Most Valuable Student: Kurt Olson --Placed in National Merit Scholarship: Absent when picture was taken were: Frank Bostic Scholarship to Ball State: David Willard V-Scholarship to North Central College, First in Wabash County Most Valuable Student, Winner ot Blanket, Good Sportsmanship Award: Kenny Miller- Free Throw Award, Most Valuable Player Award in Basketball: Duke Gidley'-Gus Dorais Loyalty Award in Football: Don Yoder H-Low Medalist in Golt: Ronnie Arrick -4AH Scholarship to Purdue. Lr,,.,. ,,...+--W" ,,,.-4-M lixti Brijftz .f , f' 1 'K v 1214 Hagar is., . J 2551, Q-- - Inn. , A 4.. K My VIA, Y 1 1 Cf Q4 3 is gr? I 2 ,4 , 5 Y if ,I 5 42' 5 if Q! T' x gr News in, ... f s fe friendliness and Peise The annual crowning of kings cmd queens brightens the school year. Ianice Vrooman was elected Homecoming Queen and Iulie Walter was elected Track Queen. The Sycamore Staff sponsored a Break Away Dance. The girls asked the boys for dates, called for the boys, paid for the tickets, refreshments, etc. This was a different type of dance for W.H.S., but it proved very successful. lanice Vroornan and Ken Miller were elected Break Away king and queen. Highlighting the month of May is our annual May Festival. Dramatics and chorus participate in the program. Also a king and queen are elected. This year's happy couple were Karen Curtis and Howard Middleton. Our rnajorettes are chosen in their freshman year. They keep this honor during their four years of high school. They represent our school at football games and also in school and town parades. Page Six l Heap Satisfaction Sulutatoricn Elizabeth Oswczlt Break Away King and Queen Kenny Miller and lcrnice Vroczman May King and Queen Howard Middleton and Karen Curtis Track Queen Iulie Walter Homecoming Queen lcrnice Vroomczn Mcfjorettes Susie Bantham, Trudy Bever, Elizabeth Mcrltern, Sally Long 'fin Z Hur Pew Wew's And Dances Add To The lighter em hpaehe hetlvlt The dances throughout the school year h1gh11ght Apache act1v1t1es The comm1ttees work dlllgently to make the dances successful The students look forward to them w1th great ant1c1pat1on and enthuslasm The Tr1H1Y Fantas1que Ball the Homecomrng Dance the Sycamore Break Away the M111tary Ball the H1 Y Best Gul Dance and the Iunlor Sernor Prom W111 11V9 forever as chenshed memor1es These are some of the scenes from the 11 Iollowmq dances Best Gul Dance Break Away Dance FUHYGSIIQUG Ball Iun1OrSen1or Prom b Page Nme +1 n Best Cin! Dance, and the Military Ball. , l . 1 If -' : .' I 1 I 7 pi X , 1 15? 4 .f. - ,ff 331, 14 2 li! 151 'T' . H " Wx? .. i . I 11 A - 1 X. - l . ' if 1 W - Zvi -I b .4 7' Pr 1 1 , 0 v W 1 vw' -- 1 5 '44 1- 55- -- A X l, Q V' 1 av 1:34 A - , JL 1 9 ga- . m VL, '71 '51 il , 'I ,,. 'Qu W ":- 'Zin 2' ' fm Q a if Q im Connie Keffaber, David Leland, Sally Long, Elizabeth Mattern. Bob McLaughlin, Carol Mullenix, Greg Meyers, Bill Neher, Kurt Olson, Marcell Polk, Iohn Powell, Paula Pressler. Ion Pullen, Shirley Ranstead, Iim Reahard, Gloria Rickman, Iudy Ridge, Dick Robinett, Barbara Ross, George Scheerer, Yevonrze Skaggs, Iudy Smith, Lonnie Snowberger, Iohn Sutton, Iim Vickery, Susan Vrooman, Beverley Walker, Lou Ann Walker, Peter Walter, Iim Wilson, Don Yoder. The 65 plece Wabash High School Symphonic Band presents concerts throughout the school year. The Marching Band plays for football games, parades, and c'vic events. The Symphonic Band participates in state contests, plays at basketball games, and gives several concerts each year. New equipment purchased by the hard work and support of the Band Booster Club includes a tape recorder, hi-ii phonograph, and a miracle tuner. To an anonymous contributor, we say, "Thanks," for the piano given to the W.H.S. music department. Page Eleven Bend Secures Superior Hating MR. GERALD MILLER, our director Q , Q 'J ? 'B-QS 55353 'ff' 9 'P 9 9 f' 3. f 4- 5, .4 0' S AQ 1:3 Siiiqx U 5 I 1 - U A In lil it A5 Q ln. . 721 E ii 'Nix' L at A 81 lineal Music turnishes lntertainment The Girls' Chorus and the Mixed Chorus, under the direction of Miss Rosanna Huff, have had a very successful year. Those participating in either chorus for three years received an orange chenile The combined choruses have furnished music for a variety of occasions. A few of their activities have been the May Festival, church service, caroling parties, school convocation, and the baccalaureate service for the seniors. Several girl soloists have been featured at some of the programs. How One: Carolyn Perkins, Ioy Fearnow, Bonnie Raver, Paula Bishop, Tracy Temple, Lowell Figert, Iack Mendenhall, Max Carter, Stanley Williams, Hank Decker, Barbara Adams, Nancy Marsden, Beverly Smith, Doris Anderson, Iudy Gore. Row Two: Bette Francis, Nancy Harris, Sandy Mattern, Sandy Mabee, Barclay Lavengood, Iohn Patton, Steve Thrush, David Anderson, David Gackenheimer, Pam Cornell, Linda Lawson, Carolyn Wolf, Judy Brothers, Donna Pearson, Ruth Estes, Vicki Wood. Speech, latin, S Speech has been beneficial to many students. It has given them confidence to speak before a group, cmd they have learned to write, organize, and present their speeches with poise and dignity. The Latin students learn how English words are derived. They also learn many interesting facts about Rome and Roman customs. This course is helpful, since it is easier for a Latin student to figure out the meaning of a word without continuous dictionary help. In Spanish class the students learn to write and to speak Spanish. They also learn about some of the Spanish customs. Each student is given a Spanish name and is recognized by it-this adds some spice to the class. Max Willce seems to be occupied in helping Mrs. Bird sound out a Latin phrase. The class appears to be interesled in the lesson. Mr. Hunsberger helps Dave Gray, lulie Walter, and Iohn Norris Write their names in Spanish. George Kilander demonstrates the portrayal of a forceful speech. penish Prnve Interesting Mathematics and Histor Present A Challenge Although Mr. Bill seems to be trying very hard to explain this problem, loe Lawson appears to be at loss as to the solution. Karen Ostendor! points out one of Russia's satellite nations, Czechoslvalcia. United States history, world history, and social science keep Wabash High School students on their toes. There are many facts, dates, and names of famous people to be remembered. Current events is also a very important part of the history classes. For many students math is one of the most difficult subjects studied. General math, algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, solid geometry, and trigonometry are the courses offered at Wabash High School. Each is an individual study in its own right and requires a great deal of concentration and attention. Page Fifteen lnglish Works lnward Perfection The Enghsh courses offered at Wabash H1gh School cons1st of grammar lrterature composrtron and speech Students are prepared for college level study after complet1on of the courses Englrsh 1S made more 1nterest1ng by the com1cal anecdotes by Mrs Iones rn her classes and the l1vely dlscussrons 1n Mrs Van Camps classes themes whzle the semors prepare panels talks and debates on many drfferent toprcs Although only three years of Engl sh are requrred most students who are plannmg to Dave Thompson rs askmq Mrs Iones for her approval of hrs paper Thrs senror Enqlrsh panel consrsts of Mary Lrz Kmq Contlnue fhelf educcmon take the fourth Year Lmda Harner Pat OConner Dave Willard Ronnre Arrrck college preparatory course offered at Wabash Susan Dekau The juniors work very hard on their research s Home Economics W3 mu: These grrls can save money by makmg some of the clothes rn home economrcs class Eldra Lewrs 1 pmmng on her pattern whrle Ianet Drrscoll rs cuttmg her materzal and lean Boardman rs usmq the tracmq wheel Learmng all the rules ot etrquette rs stressed rn home economrcs classes Trammg rn the many phases of home economrcs adequately prepares the g1IlS for therr roles as future homemakers In thrs department at Wabash Hrgh School the grrls may learn to sew cook study d1fferent kmds of foods and practrce home management and ch ld care We are constantly remlnded of the home economrcs department when temptmg aromas from the k1tchen dr1ft slowly through the halls Page Sev ntpen :K M . --, av . mi ,f-fi . I 4 . . . 1 1 1 Q . 'I , I 'A Q ' in ,L r ' 4 P, ' , ' ii' jx .77 7 , , 2 4, 0 .- Q, + I I I ,, -. - ' D . 'Yssgqhw Machfne shop, wood shop, and vocational shop enable many boys to develop skills and gain experience valuable to them after graduation. A boy may learn to operate complex machines which will enable him to make many useful and vcluable things. Mechanical drawing centers the boys attention on scale and three-dimensional drawings, floor plans, and drawinqs of the parts of machines. The phases of mechanical drawing prepare the way for our future designers of houses, machines, and furniture. Mr. Holloway is showing Bob Allen how to operate one of the machines in the machine shop. Larry Scott and Leslie Bricker are making the new tool cabinet for wood shop. India inlc, drawing boards, squares, and hard lead pencils are some of the materials used in mechanical drawing. Shep and Mechanical Drawing Develop Skills 9? 'SF The art classes have proved that Wabash High School has much artistic talent. The students have helped the various organizations by making posters. The classes have experimented with clay, sculpturing, papier-mache, oil paints, and crayons. Miss Wilson has taught her students to display their talents in an inventive manner. The library is a great help to both the students and the faculty. There are books to suit everyone's taste and needs. Our library is equipped with several sets of reference books and encyclopedias. Ronnie Meyer and Robert Bairus are experimenting with wood carving and tile. Sally Howenstine is trying her hand at oil painting. Making posters is a very important part of art. lim Snavely is making a poster for the Can-Can Dance. Our library assistants this year have been Susan Lavengood, Kristi Slayman, Beverly Titus, Pam Cornell, and Linda Ellis. Art and lihrar lpand Hur Interests Bookkeeplng 15 Q Very worthwhlle Course Inside How Bob Allen Ianice Vrooman Mary Horner Ann Mendenhall Ianet Lewis Sandy Stewart Virginia Cramer Nancy Parks Eldra Lewis Marcia Kessler accurate records of buslness lransuctlons Ellzabeth O walt is working with the adding machine They receive actual office experlence by working with the records oi a model business The students learn the 1mportance of keeping Bookkeeping ond lplng lnoouroge Perfection students not only learn how to type but D Z l B b E Ed Le is Outside Row ave oma ar ara vans w are taught the Care of G typewriter how to Ins1deRow Bob Day Pat Christy Ierry Cox Charlotte transcribe and how to make manuscnpts Klutz stencils carbon packs and letters Sfgndmq Mrs Oliver teacher 41 i Page Twenty I O O Typing presents a definite challenge. The v s y ve l Drrver lrarnrng A 1907 dual control Burck has served L s the drrver trarnrng car for Wabash H gh School students Th1s 1S a step forward rn rnakrng the drrvers of tomorrow better drrvers Mr Tatum rnstructs the students rn class how to safely handle a car Later the tudents have a chance to put to use rn the form of actual drrvrng experrence the rnstructrons recerved rn the classroom Max Hobmett drsplays the plaque grven to hrm by the Chrcago Motor Club tor hrs co operatron wzth the Drrvers Trammg Department at WHS llurdance lntellrgence and aptrtude tests are grven rn the gurdance course These tests grve the student some rdea ot hrs abrlrty and talents rn varrous vocatrons and protessrons The rmportance of hrgh school and college trarnrng IS stressed and lob possrbrlrtres are d scussed Socral manners and responsrbrlrtres are also a part of the program Mrs Squires and her class are dzscussznq then mtellzgence and aptrtude tests Page Twenty two HH Health rs the study ot the functrons of the body the care of the body and the useful appllcatron of thrs knowledge Everythrng from artrfrcral resp ratron to the delrcate workrngs of the heart are rnvestrgated and drscussed Teachrng good care and proper use ot the body rs the prrmary purpose of the health course Mr Tatum rs explammq the fundamentals ol health to lVl1lce Knotts as the rest ot the class prepare therr lessons 0 0 0 ,. . r ,- :J 1 . . . . Q . , . . . . . W , ' I I -Z' y f ,xg '- , Our photographer caught these students off guard as they were announcing a program. WSKS Presents the Schools stivitiss The door in the lower hall marked "Radio Personnel Only" houses the Wabash City Schools' radio station, W.S.K.S. It is operated by high school students under the supervision of Mr. Iames Oliver. Radio workshop is a half-credit course designed to give students experience in all the phases of broadcasting. The students present a variety of educational programs and broadcast Apache football and basketball games. Seated Lett to Right: Leslie Bricker, Steve Fulwider, Beverly Dohse, Dana Russell, Mary Horner. Barbara Clupper, Karen Moeller, Bob Richards. Standing: Iames Oliver, sponsor: Dick Richardson, Bill Evans, Steve Cullers. Danny Boone. lim Starbuck, Bill Gray, Richard Tucker. Mike Burton. The mad scienlists are working on cz new formula. Ilieleg and Chemistry lxplere Plants, animals, skeltons, microscopes and formaldehyde distinguish the biology class from other classes at Wabash High School. Biology is the source that deals with the life growth, and reproduction of plants and animals. The highlight of the biology course is the dissecting of various animals in order to see exactly how their internal organs function. Chemistry deals mainly with the study of the elements and their compounds. This course, which is a college preparatory course, is offered to juniors and seniors. The study Page Twenty-to These biology students are looking at the parts of seeds through microscopes. the Elements ef ature of chemistry answers many questions which arfse everyday in our complex lives. The laboratory is under the auspices of Mr. Bill, chief beaker and test-tube washer of Wabash High School. ln the laboratory students do experiments which involve oxygen, hydrogen, potassium copper, carbon. and many of the other elements. This knowledge will be with the chemistry students for many years to come and will help them to better understand the ever changing world in which we live. LH' 4 V JV X P Ui WM g fx 4 fn 3E . ?Af11s, ,, 13g 1? f fi? 1 JW if if if , . gy Q32 "" 1 "" : 2 .915 ': 21 ,- 8 . W "+ HY' ,f s we HM Ms ,ngu- ww, in sf W f 'f 'ff' K p f ,qi fgE?, y: ,yf. 1m -f 2 sf xg, Ji 4 vw 1 3.3 S gi .6 .Q F Si x R . asf' A ,. , F? if 1 f ggg z f -ffzegiqgg T13 W 1? ? Sa' 1 m Q , Q, trlvmg lor lhe Best In ports Pa e T enty seven All athletes no matter what sport they are part1c1pat1ng rn try to make that sport one of the best In order to be a good athlete a boy must follow rules and regulatrons To be the best player 1n h1 sport he must practrce very hcrd and follow a SlI1Cl rouune Teamwork IS one of the most necessary thrngs a good team must have It IS rmpossrble for a team to w1n rf the members play 1nd1v1dually for themselves Boys who play for glory are not true athletes A true athlete plays for h s It rs the desrre of every Wabash H1gh School s udent to have hrs or her school rewarded the CIC All Sports Trophy whrch symbollzes superxorrty rn all phases of athletlcs Th1s year we lost thrs trophy to Plymouth by one srxth of a pornt We accepted defeat wrth grace Sportsmanshtp and loyalty have been pract1ced 1n every respect at Wabash Hlgh School Adherrng to these qualthcatrons we are always str1v1ng for the best 1n sports , ' 's i tefifn. ' 1 g w - . paches Malte A line Record Coach Tatum :fi K' ,s Managers Max Wilke, Tom Hodson, Bernie Dekau, Dave DeLauter. Despite the loss of half his letiermen through graduation, Coach Tatum had a winning record. Wabash had four wins, two losses, and one tie. Meeting Rochester, a highly rated team, the Apaches went on the warpath and surprised everyone by holding the Zebras in rein for a scoreless tie. Lady Luck was riding on Duke Gidley's shoulder during the 1-iuntington game. With only ten seconds to go in the game, Gidley soared into the air and tired a pass to lien Miller who bolted for the touchdown, winning Wabash their first GLC. game-thirteen to seven. Plymouth conquered Wabash with an overwhelming ground attack to win fourteen to thirteen. The Apaches, defending their goal post from the Peru Tigers, capitalized on the errors of the Peru team to keep them scoreless in a nineteen to zero game. ln the fifth game of the season the unsung heroes of football, the line, contributed sharp, accurate blocking to help our swift running back field outscore Warsaw twenty-seven to six. I. D. Miller, having donned his war paint, thrilled a large homecoming crowd by scoring a desperately needed point after the touchdown to defeat Monticello fourteen to thirteen. An underrated Mississinewa team made use of a fumble inside Wabash territory to "hit pay dirt" and win Wabash's final game by a score of thirteen to seven. Quarterback, Duke Gidley, capitalized on a powerful air attack to outscore our opponents ninety-three to fifty-three. Row One: Duke Gidley, Ken Hipsher, Bob Magner, lim Snavely, Iim Gray. Iim Ridenour, Mike Norris, Doug Duker, Ierry Ferguson, Bob Risser. Tow Two: Ken Miller, Dave Koenig, Larry Leonard, Bill Hapner, Nick Hipskind, Terry Enyeart, Bill LaSalle, Hal Hutchins, Leslie Bricker, I. D. Miller, Iohn Unger. Dick Robinett, Eddie Gribben. Row Three: Coach Tatum, Thom Drook, Max Deeter, Dave Daughtery, Iohn Patton, Larry Scott, Roger Wagner, Iohn Wade, Gerald Vanlandingham, Dave Gackenheimer, assistant coach Iordon. Row Four: Iim Vickery, Lynn Crutts, Dennis Gillen, Larry Mattern, Steve Gierke, Darrell Moore, Robert Barrus, Tom Bowman, Bob Day, Dave Renbarger, Larry Friedersdorf. Row Five: Bob Glazier, Colin Weesner, Iackson Hamilton, Phil Baldus, Dave Gray, Eddie Lewis, Iim Schlatter, Allen Marshall, Dick Richardson, Cole McCombs, Terry Robison, Bill Gray, Orlan Wade. Cheerleaders Create Seheel Spirit "Wabash Apaches! Go! . . . Fight! . . . Win!" resounds through the halls of Wabash High School during a Friday afternoon pep sesslon. These sessions are carefully planned by the cheerleaders and designed to create enthusiasm among the fans, and to reassure the team of our confidence in them. The role of a cheerleader is indeed an honorable one that entails many responsibilities. They must organize the Booster Club, plan pep sessions, create school spirit, make certain that good sportsmanship 's practiced by our fans, and plan the card section for the sectional 'ourney. "Hats off" to you Susan, Pat, Bobbie, and Dir-'ie for leading us through the 1957-58 athletic season. We're proud of you! 1958-59 Cheerleaders will be Pam Trisler, Virginia Duifey, Bonnie Dohse, and Diane Trrrncr. W 1957-58 cheerleaders were Pat Iewell, Dixie D'Armond, Bobbie Evans, and Susan Dekau. cw Coach Has Successful lcar The 1957 58 season under the super1or coachlng of B111 Peden was a very successful one for the Apaches The Apaches cllmaxed the season wrth a total of srxteen wrns and ten losses For the tenth year rn SUCCGSSIOD the Apaches re gned as sectlonal champs They retatned thelr crown by def at n L Vo ta ne '7'2 96 1n the fmal game Manchester and Noble Townshrp proved to be a threat to the Apaches by scorlng 55 Sl and 59 52 respectlvely In the afternoon game of the regronal our men scalped the Peru Tlgers 92 52 The Peden men ended the1r season that nrght by suffermg a 73 58 defeat by the Kokomo Wrldcats Graduatron vvrll cla1m several outstandmg sen1ors The ab1l1ty of Kenny lVI1ller Davtd Wrllard Larry Layton Terry Enyeart Wally Bahler and Max Deeter w1l1 long be remembered Added to the honor of havrng a wrnnlng season the Apaches had several outstandmg 1nd1v1dual players Dave Wrllard Kenny 'lflrller and I D Puller were named on tne thlrd team of the C I C Wally Bahler and Larry Layton were lrsted for honorable mentron As an add1t1onal honor Larry Layton Kenny M1ller and Dave Wrllard were chosen to be on the All Regronal Team at Kokomo The Chamber of Commerce Good Sportsrnanshrp Award was presented to Dave W1llard and Kenny M1ller was the recrprent of the Gus Dorars Loyalty Award Da e Koenrg Larry Layton I D Mrller Kenny M1ller Da e Wrllard Manager lohr' Unger Coach Brll Peden T X 1 A 1 Manager Tom Hodson T I ' I 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 . . , . . , , N. - , . - ,-9 .1 Q Q. I1 1. 1 .fo rv u , . . V . . ' I 1 1 - 1 v ' . . ' ' v ' 1 ' 77 66 79 ll lt-:am "B" team cheerleaders for the 1957-58 season were Ann Summerland, Margo Lockwood, Carol Deckard, and Virginia Duifey. The "B" team, under the capable direction of Coach Bob Light, started oft to a slow start: but as the season progressed they gained confidence and experience and ended their schedule with a record of six wins and twelve losses. One strong point of the "B" team was their strong defensive system which prevented their opponents from scoring. Coach Light was pleased with the team as they improved during the season and showed promise for gaining berths on the varsity squad next year. Although the boys had a losing season, they have gained much from their participation. They have acquired a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship which will help them in later years. These boys should furnish fine material for Coach Peden for the next several seasons. Row One: Larry Mattern, Alan Marshall, Eddie Lewis, Doug Eckhart. Cole lVlcCombs, lohn Deal, lim Schlatter, Manager. Row Two: Dennis Gillen, Dave Daugherty, Bill LaSalle, Rex Temple, lim Vickery, Larry Leonard, Dick Hobinett, Iim Ridenour, Barclay Lavengood, Thom Drook. Page Thirty-four Freshman Cheerleaders for the 1957458 season were Icy Leckrone, Iudy Forrest, lane Ferguson, Mary Snavely. This year's freshman basketball team had a poor season: they won only four games while dropping seven. Coach Austin Holloway groomed the boys for the competition they will encounter next year in the B and possibly the varsity teams. One striking point about the teams was its average height. If these boys keep growing, their competition will be in dire need of ladders to guard them. e I J freshman Basketball How One: Ierry Glass, Willard Hale, lack Mendenhall, Scotty Miller, Steve Lawrence, Tom Evans, lack Miller. Bill Wassman, Danny Elzroth. How Two: Bill Ridenour, Steve Oswalt. Dick Harvey, Don Yoder, A1 Plummer, Bill Van Roe, Mike Knotts, Dennis McCombs, Mr, Holloway, Coach. Page Thirty-tive PAC YELWK -:Z 7 24 I Ps 'Wu fl ifhfk. A " P I How One: Leslie Lake, Orlan Wade, Henry Bell, Tom Row Two: Dick Hawley, Denny Miller, Hank Decker Evans, Leslie Bricker, Larry Layton, Doug Eckhart, Iohn lim Ridenour, Max Deeter, Don Yoder, Tom Oldencamp Norris, Wally Bahler, I. D. Miller, Larry Leonard, Ronnie Arrick. Manager: Dennis Haupert, Cole McCombs Steve Oswalt, Gerald Vanlandingham. Larry Mattern, Dave Renbarger, Steve Lawrence Lonnie Snowberger, Dick Kessler, Iim Bahler. lhinlies Have a Successful Season The Apaches had a very successful track team this year. They won first place in four out of five of their scheduled meets. The team also took fourth place in the C.l.C. meet and had two members qualified for the regional, Larry Leonard and Bob Cantrell. Three records were broken this year by Kenny Miller and Bob Cantrell. Kenny ran the 120 low hurdles in Zl seconds and leaped 21 feet and 8V2 inches in the broad jump. Bob cleared the bar in the pole vault by ll feet and 4 inches for a new record. The track team will suffer the loss of Wally Bahler, Kenny Miller, Larry Layton, and Max Deeter because of graduation. However, with the reserve material of undergraduates Coach Holloway should have a good team during the year of 1958-59. Page Thirty-seven is ls D I otmon Will look lorward lo a Better Season Te n s Membe s are Tom Bowman Da e Willard Bob Glazier Dave Koenig Iohn Unger Dave Gray Mr Light Coach Coach Bob Lights net men had a rough schedule which is shown by their record of five losses and two wins. Although this was Mr. Light's first year as coach at Wabash High, he can be commended for the fine job he did in teaching the fundamentals to the boys who will be next year's prospective squad. Despite a poor showing during the regular season, the team tied for fifth place in the conference meet. Next year should be a different story for there are many fine boys to fill the shoes fe, we lf? QY-Q to K 12? of the graduating lettermen. Page Thirty-eight Golf Itoqulros Coordination The local hnksmen suffered defeat 1n all of the1r starts th1s year but a very competrtlve golf team IS expected for next year The four letter award wlnners Ike Duffey Don Yoder Lynn Crutts and B111 LaSalle w111 return for another season as a team Members of the Golf Team are Ike Dufiey B111 LaSalle Don Yoder Lynn Crutts Al Plummer Bob Beauchamp and Crarg Turner ..+ Page Thrrty nme O O O J Sl X I' A A , , f my W Ml ,713 ff . ' 122' W ts. 'Sw 1' 9 ww i1:.4'.I ., , 4:4 65 412-232-f""' , M .1 ,Q . E A Q, V A " 4 nf H 2- If A if f,5kx'?57,.Q. , f iw Qiyfnsgs QE . A W , Q A'1' as I 'www 90' '- i W: 'M 2 Q Sy ,fi ' 'ji' H . fi 4 .. - i" , f f 'M ,EL 7 4 f f x ,. v " Q, g Q 4 QA he NJ, ' . cf . 'gs 1 4 .'- Y Q-in wwf: ,f f , -1 1 Effff' iw X ,X QW 515521, 5:53155 f - q4W,.W, k .,4 fig: Neff- 4 ii 35.1256 , 5- N , ,vi Q - 32,8 Y BK , ff 8 1 ' ,QL T62 fi' , E53 324- ,wig M, , ff ,A Ag, WQW 'Wfw 5,31 1 'wfzf ww Mya ,W 9 W :sw , - - -6 Xiffl, 1 ,. 'L 'gy wi ffVg"Ei:,g,:-Qiiwggw. 2-.riff f fx m q1.g .f. .l " ,, . may mm 1 fi ,wfg?f,+, Q A . - A, - if f I ' f' 'Elef- N wk i5'ff'. .. RQ K A ky, Q' my 1 , ,Q f is 1 f 1 I"5i?Z5h? Q -L fin? .fp 1 2 im? is 2 :xx mi 'E QE' an Q ' M trlvmg For lhe Best In ch :ties Page Forty one At Wabash Htgh School there are many actrvttres sponsored by varxous clubs and orgamzatrons Every student has the opportumty to become a member of one or more clubs and may partrcxpate IH tts act1v1t1es Every club has some mam act1v1ty Some of these act1v1t1es are charrtable or for serv1ce whrle others are soc1al H1Y and Tr1 H1Y affthated wrth the YMCA are based on Chr1st1ar1 pr1nc1ples Each has hlgh 1deals to uphold Both organ1zat1ons have good w1ll protects wh1ch they plan each year The student counc1l IS a serv1ce club Workmg for the students faculty and clubs The offrcers members and sponsors of the clubs work to keep the1r club an act1ve and worthwh1le organlzauon Some of the Apache extra currtcular act1v1t1es 1nclude commuruty SGIVICS projects formal dances record hops convocatron programs teas banquets car washes and many ball games Q Q I O O lb V 1 xt , . : A , , , HI-Y lneeurages leadership The purpose of the Hi'Y club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christian Character. Hi-Y strives to provide wholesome entertainment, good fellowship, and clean living. Mr. Iacob Bill is the sponsor Hi-Y's main activities this year were painting the streets for the Wabash-Monticello Homecoming game and sponsoring the Best Girl Dance which was enjoyed by an enthusiastic crowd. Row One, Left to Right: Duke Gidley, Ronnie Arrick, Ierry Ferguson, Kenny Hipsher, Doug Duker, Wally Bahler How Two: Leslie Bricker, Ike Duifey, Ioe Lawson, Greg Meyers, Dave DeLauter, Philip Wert, Frank Bostic, Iim Cralt. Row Three: Iim Vickery, Dave Gray, Eddie Grihben, Iim Evans, Bob Beauchamp, Arthur Deyo. George Scheerer lohn Deal. How Four: Tom Hodson, Iohn Unger, Ion Pullen, Bob Risser, Dave Gackenheimer, Richard Tucker, Bob Magner. Charles Iacobs. Row Five: Nick Hipskind, Max Detter, Morris Dutfey. Tcm O'Hara, Dave Koenig, Thom Drook, Terry Enyeart, Iim Wilson. How Six: George Kilander, Tom Bowman, Hoyt Mohr, Bill Neher, Dennis Haupert, Mr. Bill, sponsor. and Clean li ing 'uw rf 2 ' ' '., QQ N rv 39" . V W ,,,. Q M f f.-xxx f' ,ww Q Q: ,J Q 7151 ' if Y f - J 'S' af . , ' ' 4 , 3' Q ISL ,E .f H' 3 Q ' W' vb if 7 v Q5 'P x ' 5 , 11 az' 2 1, S' , fr 13 2 1 M V I , ui Q, iw Q .-4 4' ' L 3 Q if mf' - f ivQ .u HF 01, - M Q , af Af' Q ,J my 'v 5 f Q ,,,,. li mb H ,NM Q :M , fp, 0 gf . ll . fig 1 QAM, 'si ' , mf 1 ff L fi ' W 1-V up wiv '.13g5mal,,,5g 5335 M W fy , 5 M. ,L, U'1 in ? fy ., Q 2 I Ziff M, V V 1 gil? Q 3 E K wg is Allw V V , , gf ,LQ ' "yy ,Sw ., y 2, T Row One: Margo Lockwood, secretary-treasurer: Colin Weesner, sergeant-ab arms: Max Wilke, vice-president: Barclay Lavengood. president. Row Two: Barbara lobe, Ianice Harmon, Connie Keitaber, Linda Ellis, David Leland, Bill Mabee. How Three: Lana Theiss, Bette Francis, Linda Rish. Carol Berg, Bill LaSalle, Larry Lester. Row Four: Carol Deckard, Sara Hipskind, Sandy Peterson, Gloria Rickman, David Gackenheimer, Dave Renbarger. Row Five' Iudy Smith Diane Turner Virginia Dutte , Ann Summerland, lim 4 1 1 Y Schlatter. Iackson Hamilton. Row Six: Sue Barrus, Rosemary Ferrier, Linda Lehman, Marceil Polk, Richard Robiriett, Dave Delauter. Row Seven: Karen Moeller, Elaine Robbins, Mrs. Bird. sponsor. Seated, Lett to Right: Steve Walter, Iohn Norris. treasurer: Iulie Walter, Elizabeth Walter. vice-president: Carol Stout, Alyce Trisler, Linda Merryman, Ioan Baber, Carol Collinge, secretary: Karen Pinkerton. Standing: Stanley Williams, Charles Ramey, Larry Starbuck, Bob Beauchamp, president: lim Evans, Wally Bahler, Dennis Gillen, Dave Gray, George Kilander. Mr. Hunsberger, sponsor, latin and Spanish Create ew Interest Projects of the Latin Club have been having candy sales, selling shakers, and sponsoring an after game dance. Proceeds from these projects were used to give the annual Roman banquet. Roman Holiday was the theme of the banquet. Students came dressed as various gods and goddesses and honored the Page Forty-four great Caesar and Calpurnia. Spanish Club met once a month in the homes of various members. The programs were based on Spanish themes and were very unusual. The club strived to have the meetings informal and enjoyable. Pow Ore: lane Vogel, Nancy Marsden, Iudy Aaron, loyce Pettit, Beverly Smith, Ellen Chamberlain, historian. Rcw Two: Mrs. Iones, sponsor, Dick Knotts, president, Doug Eckhart, Karen Pinkerton, Kristi Slayman. sccretary-treasurer: Becky Enyeart, Roberta Stoops. Ddrlere Penn, vice-president. Row Three: Ray Rizzo, Iohn Powell, George Kilander. Sally Koons, Hoyt Mohr, clerk: Bob Marks, Miss Mills. sponsor. lhespians Thespians is an organization that gives national recognition to students who have exceptional dramatic ability. ln order to become a Thespian a student rnust earn 20 pants in the acting, directing, or staging of a dramatic production. Any student earning over 70 points becomes an honor Thespian. The climax of the Thespian year is a banquet at which new Thespians are inducted. Booster Club "Yea, rah, Apaches, we're back of you." This is the cry of the Booster Club, a student group organized to back the athletic events at Wabash High School. Black sweaters, white collars, and white gloves are the distinguishing attire of the members who pledge themselves to attend each home game. Regular practice sessions are held and new yells and routines are planned, designed to bolster the spirits of the Apaches and to deflate the ego of the opponents. Good sportsmanship is the ultimate purpose of the club. Row One: Ronnie Arrick, Ion Pullen, Ann Summerland, Virginia Dutley, Sue Brewer, Linda Weilcmd, Lynn Miller, Karen Tatum, Iody Schlemmer, Kristi Slayman, Carol Stout, Iulie Walter, Alyce Trisler, Elizabeth Walter, Ioan Baber, Carol Collinge, Ann Linton, Ceorge Scheerer, Greg Myers. Row Two: lim Vickery, Linda Ellis, Margo Lockwood, Carol Deckard, Carol Brittain, Sue Bonewit, Karen Pinkerton, Ioyce Pet'it, Beverly Titus, Nancy Parks, Ruby Iewell, Sylvia Mayfield, Barbara Queen, Sally Koons, Linda Merryman, Linda Lehman, Charlotte Klutz, Bill Neher, Art Deyo. Row Three: lean Boardman, Susan Vrooman, lim Snavely, Sharon Phillips, Larry Scott, Ray Risso, Linda Pratt, Darlene Penn, Barbara lobe, Ioan Culver, Edith Everroad, Carol Mullenix, Becky Dyer, Pat Derrick, Linda McClintic, Susie Barrus, Becky Enyeart, Dave Leland, Iohn Deal. Row Four: Marceil Polk, Ianice Harmon, Denny Ienks, Sara Hipskind, Karen Ostendori, Lynn Cross, Carol Burton, Sandra Lowe, Marilyn Bahler, Roberta Cox, Ellen Chamberlain, Beverly Copeland, Roberta Stoops, Pat Ireland, Sharon Grossnickle, Linda Rish, Dave DeLauter, Wayne Hendrix. Row Five: Rosemarin Miller, Beverly Grossnickle, Bette Francis, Pam Cornell, Dianna Dultzy, Mary Webb, Shirley DeLauter, Sandy Switzer, Ioyce Vogel, Beverly Smith, Pat Peterson, David Anderson, Peggy Ienks, Donna Pearson, Vicki Miser, Sandy Mattern, David Gackenheimer, Garry Bryant, David Zolman. Row Six: Larry Brown, Iohn Sutton, Iudy Baker, Linda Bonewit, Dixie DeVore, Mary Ann Watkins, Glenna Heitz, Sharon Zolman, Vicki Wood, Iudy Beckman, Iudy Shaw, Sandy Harris, Nancy Hutchens, Cheryl Pinkerton, Beverly Randall, Phyllis Lewis, Iudy Airgood, Don Day. Row Seven: Dick Baxter, Jim Reahard, Pam Trisler, Diane Turner, Kaye Leckrone, Bonnie Dohse, Marge Snavely, Cherry Evans, Sally Sink, Lana Theiss, Martha Schlemmer, Beverly Shepler, Carole Camp, Sandra Black, Ioyce Miller, Tanya Davis, Becky England, Yevonne Skaggs, Rosemary Ferrier. Row Eight: Steve Henderson, Doug Long, Colin Weesner, Lonnie Snowberger, Craig Turner, Roger Wagoner, Sharon Miller, Nancy Shaver, Sue Ann Schlemmer, Monica Mahoney, Sandy Mabee, Paula Bishop, Doris McCune, Wanda Mullins, Iudy Bruce, Bonnie Wright, Io Smith, Barbara Ross, Iudy Aaron. Row Nine: Peter Walter, Don Yoder, Ruth Wolpert, Dianne Tyner, Carolyn Perkins, Ianice Treckman, Carol House, Dick Minnicus, Iohn Hipskind, Fred Hamilton, Doug Durnbaugh, Steve Oswalt, Dick Harvey, Linda Brown, Carol Hawkins, Louanne Walker, Connie Ketiaber, Sally Long, Trudy Bever, How Ten: Mary Schlemmer, Paula Pressler, Tracy Temple, Posie Walter, Rita Iewell, Mary Snavely, Ann Kiss, Iudy Forrest, Bernie Dekau, Elizabeth Mattern, Ioy Leckrone, Iane Ferguson, Ioyce Deifenbauqh, Sue Iohnson, Ellen Paschall, Pat Snell, Iudy Gaskill, Nancy Ross. l'W" Club Promotes Good Sportsmanship ?"' E ' How One: Dave Willard, Larry Layton, I. D. Miller, lim Viclcery, Wally Bahler, Gray, Iohn Unger, Dulce Gidley, Terry Gribben. Row Two: Tom Hodson, Dave DeLauter, Howard Middleton, Dcuq Eckhart, Iim Rizlenour, Hal Dave Koenig, Enyeart, Eddie Lynn Crutts, v---.-me ' -uetun,-. ff? Nick Hipskind, lim Hutchins, Bill l-lapner, Dick Kessler, Ronnie Arrick, Dennis Haupert, Ken Hipsher. Haw Three: Mr. Holloway, Mr. Light, lVlr. Pecen, Bob Clazier, Mr. Tatum, Larry Leonard, Leslie Bricker, Max Deeter, Bob Magner, Max Wilke. The Club is composed of boys who ' Q have won a major letter in any major sport in Q Q Q 5 . i ,:,' the Wabash High School athletic program. 5 A - , The purpose of the club is to uphold and if V further the ideals of good sportsmanship. This 3 club is sponsored by Mr. Shaw, Mr. Peden, 5 Mr. Tatum, Mr. Light, and Mr. Holloway. For the first time in several years the ,ml 4 Club held a picnic at Long Lake in May. Page Fortyrseven ,- Junior lied Cross The purpose of the Iunior Red Cross is to help those who are less fortunate than we. They have fulfilled this purpose by sending boxes filled with useful articles overseas. This year they collected facts of interest of our school and community. This was sent to a Middle East country. Row One, Left to Right: Carol Hawkins, Elaine Robbins, Elizabeth Matterri, Shirley Ranstead. Row Two: Karen Ostendorf, Marge Snavely, Kaye Leckrone, Lynn Cross. How Three: Lynn Miller, Charlotte Klutz, Edith Everroad, Marcia Kessler, secretary. Row Four: Mike Norris, Ioy Leckrone, treasurer: Trudy Bever, president. Row Five: Tom Bowman, Tom O'Hara, Charles Ramey, Miss Hipskind, sponsor. Absent When Picture Was Taken: Linda Bonewit. vice president. Science Club During this school year science has been in the headlines because of the satellites that have been launched by Russia and the United States. The Science Club has provided an opportunity for students who are interested in science to learn rnore about it. Most of the programs of this club consisted of scientific movies and demonstrations. Row One: Mr. Oliver, sponsor: Dennis Haupert, president: Merrilee Brooks, secretary-treasurer: Iohn Unger, vice-president. Row Two: Bob Maqner, Pat lewell, lane Hamilton, lane Vogel, Gloria Rickman, Dana Russell, lanice Moeller. Bill Neher. Row Three: Morris Dutfey, Dave Zolman, Iim Craft, Richard Tucker, Bob Winklejohn, Ike Duffy, Doug Duker, Wally Bahler, Art Deyo. Row Four: Kurt Olson, Steve Fulwider, Dick Knotts, Ronnie Arrick, Dave Willard, Bob Beauchamp, Ion Pullen. Row Five: Iearell Honeycutt. Bob Risser, lim Vickery, Duke Gidley, Nick Hipskind, Terry Enyeart. lluill and Scroll Sifting: Beverly Beauchamp, Pat O'Conner, Marcia Kessler, Ann Daugherty, Iody Schlemmer. Standing: Pat Derrick, Mrs. Smith, sponsorg Ioan Culvcr, Patt Winegardner, Doug Duker, Donna Bowman, Merrilee Brooks. Qu'll cmd Scroll is an international honorary society for high school journalists. To be chosen as a member, a journalist must prove not only his ability to write articles but also to accept responsibility and to cooperate with others. The students chosen must be in the upper one-third of their class. Quill and Scroll was organized in 1947 at Wabash High School. -4 lf' li Urange and lllacll The Orange and Black editors must shoulder many responsibilities by working diligently to meet the periodic deadlines. They, as Well as their staff, must collect information, Write articles, and make a dummy for each publication. This is an unending task. Left to Right: Pat O'Conner, Karen Tatum, Cole McCombs, Doug Duker, Marcia Kessler, Beverly Beauchamp. V Jn -'X S camnre The Sycamore is a record of our high school days. lt records our happiest moments as well as some of the sad ones. The Sycamore is like its namesake, forever changing, but undying, and forever remembered. It is a difficult but enjoyable task to produce the Sycamore. Under the capable sponsorship of Mrs. Ida Van Camp and the help of the staff, we have brought forth this ye-ar's Sycamore, We hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as We have enjoyed composing it. Editor, Ann Daugherty: sponsor, Mrs. Van Camp. Cofeditor, Merrilee Brooks: business manager, Pat Winegardner. Staff How One: Frank Bostic, Marlyn Clingaman, Sally Long, Janet Driscoll, Trudy Bever, Marcia Kessler, lane Hamilton. Sue Ann Dirrim. Row Two: Mrs. Van Camp, sponsorf Dennis Haupert, Iudy Smith. Beverly Beauchamp, Ianice Vrooman, Susan Lavengood, Elizabeth Oswalt, Linda Harner, Dana Russell. Row Three: Arthur Deyo, Ronnie Arrick, Sandy Stewart, Ion Pullen, Eldia Lewis, Susan Dekau, Mary Liz King. Row Four: Iohn Unger, George Kilander, Morris Duffey, Karen Curtis. ,' 1. it ..,4 1 4- : l ,. .wif li un..-Queen ilk t. l. . The Future Teachers of America, composed of juniors and seniors, is a relatively new organization at Wabash High School. lts purpose is to promote interest in the teaching profession. With Miss Gladys Dove and Mr. Loren Williams as sponsors, these students obtain first-hand experience through cadet teaching in the elementary schools and by participating in the club's special reports and discussions. Row One: Beverly Beauchamp, secretary-treasurer: Susan Lavergocd. presdcnt' Carol Berg, vice-president! Row Two: Lora Blevins, Elizabeth Walter, Ellen Chamberlain, Peggy Ienks, Virginia Bays. Row Three: Ioan Baber, Bobbie Evans, Dixie D'Armond. Janice Vrooman. Pow Four: Carol Mulle"ix Rosemary Ferrier, Sally Rhoads. Row Five: Sue Brewer, Karen Pinkerton, Gloria Rickman. Row Six: Kristi Slayman, Karen Tatum, Linda Weilland. Row Seven: Ronnie Arrick, Ann Daugherty, lean Boardman. Row Eight: Mr. Williams, Miss Dove, sponsors. Canteen Board Plans leenage Ileereatinn "Meeting at eight tonight," one canteen board member tells another. These canteen board members are elected in their freshman year and continue working on the board during the tour years of their high school career. Such decisions as when and where shall We hold our canteen are discussed. This board Row One: Leslie Bricker, Carol House, Diane Turner, also decides OD The kind and I11l1'T1lIJe1' of slgecretarygtreagurerf ignn Eiummerland. Bill LaSalle, Sue records to be bought, rewer, ue irrim, resi ent. Row Two: Duke Gidley, Mike Norris, vice-president: Iohn Parents of the elected board members are Dmok Aimed Plummer Ruth WO1 en June waiter 0150 members Of the board and help 10 . , p , , Susan Lavengood, Tom Drook, Max Deeier. make the plans for the year. Susie Barrus, Beverly Beauchamp, Carol Berg, Donna Bowman, Merrilee Brooks, Ellen Chamberlain, Marilyn Clinqaman, Carol Collinge, Pat Derrick Arthur Deyo, president: Bobbie Evans, treasurer: Bob Glazier, Beverly Grossnickle, lane Hamilton, Linda Hamer, Dennis Haupert, vice-president: Peggy Ienks, Dave Koenig, Linda Lehman, Sally Long. Elizabeth Oswalt, secretary: Iudy Smith, Iane Vogel, Dave Willard. ational Honor Societ To be elected to N.H.S. is the highest honor that a high school student can attain. To be eligible for membership a senior must have a 3.0 average. A junior must have a 3.5 average. ln addition to scholarship one rnust have such qualities as service, leadership, and character. lnitiations this year were held in the fall and the spring. ln the fall initiation thirteen seniors were inducted. Eight juniors and one senior were inducted in the spring. The highlight of the year was the picnic held at the city park. Elections for the coming year were held. .A wb: ' if , U If WW 'EXP Student Council The Student Council is perhaps, the most active organization at W.H.S. Its main objective is to serve the students and to create a better understanding between the faculty and students. Through the efforts of the council a coke machine was installed in the main hall. The profit from this was used to finance the student handbook. The council was in charge of Homecoming activities and made the float for the queen and her attendants. lt is the responsibility of the council to take charge of the school elections and to plan the convocations for the school year. Page Fifty-four Row One: Ion Pullen, treasurer: David Willard, president Susan Lavengood, secretary: Dave Koenig, vice-president. How Two: Karen Carr, Linda Lehman, Rita Iewell. Row Three: Sharon Miller, Pam Trisler, Merrilee Brooks, Beverly Grossnickle. How Four: Carol Deckard, Margo Lockwood, Ann Daughtery, Linda Weiland. Row Five: Max Wilke, Barclay Lavengood, Bill Neher, Bob Beauchamp. How Six: Steve Oswalt, Al Plummer, Howard Middleton, lim Ridenour. , y ! 5 l 5iiW.z.,,. 1 WP Z Wag we 7 we 4., . mm IIYCHH? , 'f?xV , E St' Qff .M -.g Wh X I 0 23 if E 4 E' Qfgg, Q 2 wif? 1 Wh, ! I 'iv Q., gm trwmg lor The Best In llur Classes Page F ity seven If all students studred as hard as Phll Wert seems to be domg we rmght have strarght A students Classes corne and go but all of them try to be the best class Tradrtronally the senror class 1S the best The senrors have that undefrned c1r that sornehmes fnghtens the underclassmen but we are sure that any semor would help at any t me some lrttle green freshman n drstress Each year the 1un1or class The theme and plans for the yunror sen or prom must be more outstandrng and more beautriul than ever before The whole class works on some phase of the prom The begrnnrng of each new school year IS always excmng The freshman class grows larger each 's ear The freshman g1rls are always rushed by the upperclass boys wh le the freshman boys wrsh they were old enough to drrve a car Through 1t all everyone has a wonderful t1me durrng hrs four years of school l O O , i A . competes with the preceding class. 1 . 1 . SUPERINTENDENT LEEWELL H CARPENTER AB Mxam Umversrty MA Umversrty of Chxcago Umversrty of Wrsconsrn Umversrty ol Mrch gan PRINCIPAL MAX H SHAW B S M S Indrana Un e stty M A Ohxo State Um ersrty Xa er Uruverszty Administration Promotes ldoootlon Ga l C Baber Albert W D A mond Mr Carpenter has been a part of the Wabash C1ty Schools from 1918 through 1958 He has served as a coach a teacher prmcrpal of the Wabash Iumor rhgh prmcrpal of the h1gh school and now supermtendent of the c1ty schools Mr Shaw has been prev1ously engaged as a head coach 1n football basketball and track a teacher assrstant prmcrpal and IS now the pr1nc1pal of Wabash Htgh School Srnce college he has spent four years 1n the Arr Force du ng World War ll four years n the teachmg profess1on at Urbana Oh o and seven years at Martmsvrlle Hrgh School The school board IS of utmost 1mportance to our school system These fme members of the board marie 1t possxble for all of us to eoloj our school days at Wabash Hrgh School Marshall C Henderson N Rrtter La ergood Iohn F Walter t -1' 4, ' ' ' ' : ' ivr':..,' 'v': ' ' ' 'Q ' ' 'i. vi ' '. O O G U Z . , . ,. .. , , , , , , , , . I1 , 5 ' ' : - - - 1 -1 , . . r , L-' ' . .'r r , v. . K. 2 S' ,abl Iacob Bill Kathryn A Bird Gladys Dove Robert L Ell ot IACOB C BILL B S Manchester College Butler University Ball State Teachers College Indiana University Chemistry Algebra KATHRYN A BIRD AB Manchester College Latin English ROBERT L ELLIOTT B S M S Indiana State Teachers College Biology PORTIA HAUPERT AB B S Marion College Indiana University Lewis and Clark College Ball State Teachers College English Portia Haupert SHIRLEY HIPSHER B S Ball State Teachers College English Speech MILDRED HIPSKIND Ph B University of Chicago M A Amencan University University ol Colorado History I AUSTIN I-IOLLOWAY B S Ball State Teachers College Machine Shop Track Coach ROSANNA HUFF MM Manchester College University of Washington Arthur Iordon Conservatory Music NILES HUNSBURGER A B Indiana State Teachers College English Spanish Shirley Hipsher Niles Hunsburger Rosanna Huff I Austin Holloway lVl1ldred Hipskmd Page F1fty mne as 43 . jf" C 5" my t ' 'Q ' fi, ' lr, Vut.,., ,AJ GLADYS DOVE: M.S., Indiana University: A.B., Indiana State Teachers College: Librarian. l Roberta Llghlfool Robert I-lqht Odette N Kantzer Martha B Iones MARTHA B IONES AB Indrana Unlvers1ty Un versrty of Arrzona DePauw English ODETTE N KANTZER Valpararso Un1vers1ty Ind1ar1a U IVGISIIY Umverslty of Chlcago Umversrty of Colorado Typmg Shorthand ROBERT LIGHT B S Ball State Teachers College Physrcal Educatlon Assrstant Basketball Coach ROBERTA LIGHTFOOT Secretary to Mr Carpenter MARY CATHERINE MCCARTER B S Purdue UHIVQISIIY M A Ball State Teachers College Indrana Umversrty Home Econom1cs Mary Catherme McCarter DORIS MCDONALD AB Hanover College Grrls Physxcal Educatxon GERALD H MILLER B S Manchester College Drploma rn Sacred Musrc Bethany Blbhcal Semmary 1n Chrcago M S Northwestern UHIVEISIIY Instrumental MUSIC CECILIA E MILLS AB Manchester College lndrana Central lndrana Unrversrty Kent State 1n Oh1o Mathematrcs Dramatrcs CHARLOTTE MILLS B S Eureka College M S Umversrty of lllmors Unrverslty oi Mlamz Math Reslgned at the ena of twelve Weeks due to rllness PAUL E MYERS B S M S lndlana Umverslty Manches er College Dons McDonald Pranklm College Government Economrcs Ass1stantPrmc1pal Ceralcl H Mrller Cecllla E Mllls Charlotte Mllls Paul E Myers Page Szx'y eff Mabel Olrver Iames Oliver William Peden Marguerlte Shaver MABEL OLIVER AB Manchester College Gregg College Commercial Ari hmetic Bookkeeping Typing IAMES OLIVE? B Ed To edo Uruversity Physics Rad o Wo kshop WILLIAM PEDEN B S M A Ball State Teachers College Oh o State Indiana University UH1V9I51lY of Louisvrlle Industrlal Ar s Ba k ball Coach MARQUERITE SI-IAVER Secretary to Principal ETHEL SMITH AB Manchester College Iournalxsm Home Econom Ethel Smith IOHN R TATUM B S Indiana University Driver Training Instructor Health Football Coach IDA VAN CAMP A B Manche ter College Indiana Umverslty Ball State Teachers College English History Sycamore Adviser LOREN L WILLIAMS B S Manchester College M S Indiana University Purdue University Ball State Teachers College General Business Dean of Boys 'VERA V WILSON B S M S Columbia University In New York City Indrana University Iohn rloplcms University in Balt more Art Dorothy Squires A Vera V Vlfrlson Loren L Willl ms Ida Van Camp Iohn R Tatum Page Sixtyo e e i A " . 1 ' ' r ' r I : .' ., 5 ' , 1 ics. DCROTHY SQUIRES: A.B., Indiana University: Guidance, Dean of G'rls. ' ' : : ' . ,f Y' JERRY LEE COX'-Academic: Science IAMES RICHARD CRAFT' fAcademic: VIRGINIA ELLEN CRAMERfBusiness: Club 3. Hi-Y- 4: Booster Club l: Science Club 4. lunlor TrifHi-Y l: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 4: Booster Club 1: G.A,A. 1: Chorus 2: Mixed Chorus 1: Scholarship to Marion State Beauty School. KAREN KAY CURTIS-Academic: DIXIE IEAN D'ARMONDe-Academic: ANN DAUGHERTY-Academic: Iunior Iunior Tri-Hi-Y l: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Sergeant-at-Arms Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Sergeant-at-Arms li Latin Club 3: Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4: 1: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Booster Club Treasurer 2: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Science Club 3: SYCAMORE Stait: l, 2, 3, 4: F,T.A. 3, 4: Cadet Teaching Chaplain 3: Spanish Club 3: Booster Exchange Club Honor Student 4: May 4: Orange and Black l, 2, 3: Exchange Club l, 2, 3, 4: Secretary-Treasurer 3? Queen 4, Editor 3: Oiiice Help 4: B-Team F.T.A. 4: Cadet Training: Science Cheerleader 3: Varsity Cheerleader 4: Club 3: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Girls' Trio l, 2, 4, State Tri-Hi-Y Council 2, 3: SYCAMORE Staff: Editor: Junior Red Cross 1: Quill and Scroll 4: Exchange Club Honor Student Z: Ottice Help 2: Class President 2, 3, 4: Radio Workshop 3: Elk's Local and State Leadership Winner. ROBERT LORIN DAVIS Industrial DONALD HOWARD DAY Business- MAX CURTIS DEETER--Academic: Arts: Football l, Z. General: Booster Club l, 4: Band 1, 2, HLY 2, 3, 4: Student Council l: 3, 4, Canteen Board 4: Class Vice-President 2: Athletic Board 1: Basketball 1: B-Team 2, 3: Varsity 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4: All Conference Second Team 4: Track I 4: "W" Club 3, 4, i x Qi' ,rp , We ml K Ali ro' 5 i l - V .E A f f .-. X 4 pi- H: ' by x y U1 4 I We didn't start out as old and wise teen-agers. As freshmen we were "pretty green." Some of the boys were initiated. while others escaped this ordeal. Going to the canteen for the first time was one of the most exciting events in this new life. Slumber parties were quite numerous and always ended with everyone sleeping the next day. Those were the good old times when we walked on dates or took our parents with us. Our sophomore year found us a little more wise. Some of us were beginning to drive cars. In our case we studied less than any other year and ran around constantly. As juniors we were quite busy planning for the junior-senior prom. The theme was "Sayonara," a Iapanese phrase meaning "farewell" or "parting of friends." The prom was held in the Honeywell Memorial. This year, our senior year, was very exciting. Football and basketball games, aftergame and formal dances, parties, canteen, senior play, king and queen elections, exams, baccalaureate and commencement kept us all very busy. Our senior play was "Father of the Bride" and was one of the best plays ever produced at W.H.S. Baccalaureate and commencement were both the beginning and end for us. Some of us will be answering our occupational interests in college or at jobs, while others will be planning their own homes. After going to school with each other for twelve long but enjoyable years we now go our separate ways. Ann Daugherty, President Iudy Smith, Vice-President Wally Bahler, Athletic Board Member Donna Bowman, Secretary-Treasurer 66 n a 99 le Serve In lhls llur lime Xe fr Si .ri 4:1-' , .A A .. Q ,X Quay Q, r. . it qibi Z Q. L. B 'ii-si 3' "Q xx ,V 1 ax 1 it gf! "i 6-U75 Q K' 5 l lar K V,A. ,.,,. I y -'fall Juniors Dave Koenig. President Dave Cray, Vice-President Bob Magner, Ahlejic Board Ruby Iewell, Secrefary-Treasurer Iudy Aaron Barbara Adams David Anderson loan Baber Susie Barrus V rqinia Bays B:b Beauchamp Carol Berg Craig Black Lora Blevins lean Boardman Skip Boisson Sue Bonewit Tom Bowman Larry Boone Sue Brewer Lee Bricker Leslie Bricker Carol Brittain Tudy Brothers Eleanor Burris Mike Burton Tulle Campbell Bob Cantrell Ellen Chamberlain Pat Christy Carol Collinqe Beverly Copeland loan Culver Larry Cox Steve Cullers Billie Dauqherty Pat Derrick Ike Duffey Becky Dyer Lance Eckman Harold Eldridge Kenny Elliott Ruthann Elzroth Peter Enqelman Bob Enqledow Becky Enyear! Ruth Estes lim Evans Edith Everroad loy Fearnow lerry Ferguson Rosemary Ferrier Steve Fulwider T'- Dave Gackenheimer Bob Glazier Iudy Gore Dave Gray Beverly Grossnickle Sue Harris loan Grover Wayne Hendrix Nevin Hettmcrnsperqer Tom Hodson Gene Hopkins Sally Howenstine Ierry Hunt Harold Hutchinson Charles Iacobs Peggy Ienks Ruby Iewell Barbara lobe Ronnie Kastner Duane Ketfaber Charles Keppel Charlotte Klutz Dove Koeniq Sally Koons Ioe Lawson Linda Lawson Larry Lee Linda Lehman Ann Linton Bob Maqner Gloria Malloch Sylvia Mayfield Linda McClintic Terry McLaughlin Linda Merryman B,ll Myers I. D. Miller Lynn Miller Rosmarin Miller Ellen Moore Carol Mullenix Greg Myers Bill Neher Mike Norris Sam Norwood Darlene Penn Pat Peterson Ioyce Pettit Karen Pinkerton 5 C. 1 'idx if f-,fbi ,. ff M, I X 1 - " .' 4 .,:,,,. w ,X Q, 6 W' 1 ,- 4, , V Q 6,1 ' -I 1 3' K V , V . Wai' fr A-' sa X as I 4 5 ii? as L ,af " 'S' , 1 D' 4 4 ., 117 L L , , X 'Z' , 2 g ,-' I 1 Qui , 1 r ll Mr mrmcnoutrrfc CMHHOIS IMYIML 3 es. -6 4, M ew A'-5 , ,..4 f .. ' fi' I 'lj m l M A ,E 'W ' 'WJ lg .I W., v i . f v,,. , I i 0 1 3 "'. 1 :,,. 1 . :jimi gg xg M y fi yn X: QV I ,VAQAI -I at lb .wg y fl V . iv V i 'r -f i 'X' ',- mfr 6' f' GE f' 7 rii l f f if? li 1. w.. .V ' ,U jg .saw C 5 4. 1 -f re' Q Sr .f 'wwf -1 Q- I I Q I ,A-- in Page Seventy-eight Marceil Polk Iohn Powell Linda Pratt Robert Pressler Barbara Queen Charles Ramey Steve Raver lim Reahard Gary Rice Dick Richardson Phil Rinearson Bob Risser Ray Rizzo Terry Robison George Scheerer Iody Schlemmer Larry Scott Kristi Slayman Beverly Smith Moneen Speicher Carol Stout Larry Sumpter Sandra Switzer Karen Tatum Dave Thompson Sally Thrush Beverly Titus Alyce Trisler Richard Tucker Iames Ulshaier Iim Vickery Ioyce Vogel Elizabeth Walter Iulie Walter Steve Walter Bill Weesner Linda Weilana Phil Wert lim Williams lim Wilson Bob Winlclejohn Richard Wolf Sophomores Larry Leonard, Athletic Board lim Ridenour, President Bonnie Dohse. Secretary-Treasurer Ann Summerland, Vice-President loe Armstrong Renee Armstrong Lois Bahler Marilyn Bahler Betty Bair ludy Baker Phil Baldus Iohn Ballard Phillip Barnett Robert Barrus Iudy Beckman Henry Bell Sandra Black Linda Bonewit Danny Boone Madelyn Bostic Louise Bradley Gene Brim Ronnie Brinegar Paul Brown Phyllis Brown Vicki Brunn Carole Camp Karen Carr Beta Carter Mike Chamberlain Barbara Clupper Pam Cornell Bill Cox Ronald Crist Lynn Cross David Crull Lynn Crutts Dave Daugherty Tanya Davis Bob Day Iohn Deal Carol Deckard Hank Decker fl lwf' K 1 w ,e vw qt, " ' ii: 'Vt ' W' f X -.X 1' K. -. .iv 4. 4 1-Lt. X 'C 'Fa mtl, , 2 list. 4 gg y -54 av 5 L r.. 5 ij in 3 ff, V .iffy xt., ' '.,:5- -,il 'ki All -:V ' ' f' V , 0 'ff V 25 i if f ' A :,,,, , l VA, A3 A 4.3 1-4, -t y-4 'gt -7 'l V '- 5 14 l r Kitt? . 1' ref! st, E - Xwv We X I 'Ca W K ef- 2' -I- i Pa-e Seventy-nine ,L 12? 1 H rl Nils'-'ll M 3 gl 62 . 6 " 'fr B tu! ll 'Cf sv , tri -, rf ,i h -v- I 1 l L. 1 'Sf' . 'L , Q 5 , -, Zz., J- B Av 1.., J J . JA 'H ga' ' 'S 5 it E i f ii ' -5' ' I f 'x , ,M - 5'f iv 4 M ' Q A .V X 3 xt. 'Qt , Y t N ' i , r ' E in' 1- Q 'X ""l k"' 'CH . ffl' ':" " Q wi! tty! L .JirsTXgi i ismQfiii,irA2r ' M Page Eighty E 5 4, 'W . 'fir xi Y - if ni I: Q, x -4 l David DeLauter Shirley DeLauter Dixie DeVore Max Dill Teddy Dill Beverly Dohse Bonnie Dohse Iim Driscoll Thom Drook Dianne Duffey V rqinia Duffey Douq Eckhart Linda Ellis Becky England Cherry Evans Hal Faulkner Bette Francis Larry Friedersdorl Carolvn Gan! Dick Gidley Dennis Gillen Bill Gray Sharon Grossnickle Iackson Hamilton Leroy Hansen Ianice Harmon Sandra Harris Becky Harrison Qara Hipskind Mabel Hyden Pat Ireland Ken Iohnson Marilyn Iohnson lenene Iones Bill Kaiser Connie Kelfaber Dick Kessler Charles Kramer Judy Lake Bill LaSalle Barclay Lavengood ., rwe Le:-k one David Leland Larry Leonard larry Lester Eddie Lewis Margo Lockwood Doug Long Sandra Lowe Bill Mabee Allen Marshall Larry Mattern Sandra Mattern Mote M1 Combs Denny Miller foyce Miller David Millican V cki Miser l-'aren Moeller Verlis Neal Iohn Norris Karen Ostendorf Iim Paschall Yohn Patton Donna Pearson Sandra Peterson Sharon Phillips , t.-fe Porter David Renbarqer Bob Richards lim Ridenour Linda Rish Wifhard Robinett Nancy Ross Dwayne Sanders lim Sclilatter Martha Schlemmer Terry Shalley 'udy Shaw Beverly Shepler I X. x -6 ah' I C. 7 'S' A 3' fr m ? aff f , ' WV X 2' 2 f " tfkul, 6 Xl".fxf-my E ax! 5 Page Eighty-one l i Q 'ig' 5 . - fr .S rr r W W rf , S x A1 I ....' -f , 1 l 1 'm,,,,,,.fX' 'l 'K In :fr ' . wif ' t X A Q var.. ' -'-2: 6 . - L' :wif-Q ' ' GA' . Qgkfl., "'A l V f W , rfrsimx fulfils W. Q ia 6' 'U 6 S Y as .,,' 1,1 be -ef e W if Q or i N 4 4 , 'A X g fig ,A 1 " ' at 8" V N Aix: A is Sig J as E , tb ff! 1 4 64, I V .l V N 'E' ' -..:2.-' ' ii ' v W I . :lc vi' .H I W V 55 f M 5 gt l 3 1 , , b , 5: LI 1'-.'+3:3l fi itkf W Q 5 1 1 - V-' in fr 0 e- at -if ' f - A it 1' "ll N 1 Page Eightlyetwo Charlene Shoemaker Steve Gierke Sally Sink Yevonne Skaggs Io Smith Marge Snavely David Sopher Glenna Sparks Carol Stackhouse lames Starbuck Larry Steele Fred Stone Hoberta Stoops Gene Strickler Ann Summerland Flex Temple Lana Theiss Steven Thrush Pam Trrsler Dlane Turner Iunior Tuza Ierry Tyner Iuanlta Tyner Gerald Vanlandinqharn Ioyce Vanlandinqham Susan Vrocman Orlan Wade Mickey Wagner Mary Ann Watktns Mary Ann Webb Mary Lou Webb Colin Weesner Beverly White Stanley Willrarns Max Wrlke Vlckx Wood Bonme Wrzqht Lannle Wrrfght Sharon Zolrnan 4,4 Lx fx A J, Q-'J K 1 fs,-I Page f' if -n Eightyethree an vs freshmen lane Ferguson Secretary Treasurer Al Plummer Athletic Board Dvflr Harvey Vrr-P Presvdefvf Steve Oswalt Preszdent Dennrs Auqood Iudy Arrqood Davrd Albert Hebert Allan Dons Anderson Carl Aukschun James Bahler Paul Baker Susre Bantham Carol Barnes Dick Baxter Betty Bedlcs Paul Bedlcs Ierry Benson Paula Brshop Betty Bland Gordon Bolmqer Wxllard Bolsover Larry Brown Lmda Brown Iudy Bruce Gary Bryant Carol Burton Pamela Clark Carolyn Cable Iudy Conrad Iohn Culbertson Iohn Damels Rex Dauqnerty Ioe Dexfenbouqh loyce Deltenbauqh Berme Dekau Robert Derck Larry Dyer James Drals Steven Drlscoll F 4' 4 f W , ,KH X i . ll Y , 1 , . f-f f -Q it .fr ssi W' r 'Q F if 4' ' , f it mal flier 1. . .A Q' I , 7""' is N Q, XXII. W flfifllln 727, MA, ' .1 1' Paoe Fiqhly-four mf M. -.sv ir xliiil 1sl f f i gi3Qf'i xtollt M l? Q '. ' VK- ,wrti'1't x 2- S411 I in .1 ON' fohn Droolc Douq Durnbauqh Ton Easterdoy Barbarc Edwards Donny Elzroth Torn Evans Ronald Fearnow Karen Fells lane Ferquson Buddy Fierstos Lowell Fiqert Steve Finnell lurriefs Fllnn ludv Forrest Keith Frank lohn Friedersdorl Shirley Garrett ludy Gaskill Daniel Gill Kathleen Gillvn lerry Glass Mike Gribben Put Grover Willard Hale Hersrhel Hall V.rq1l Hcll Fred Hamilton Emil Harris Ndncy Harris Dick Harvey Carol Howl-:ins Dirl-c Hawley Glenna Hertz Steve Henderson lohn Hipslcincl Robert H1psk.nd Dave Hoffman Carol House Earnest Hurt Craig Hutchins Nancy Hutchins B,1l Icy Rita Iewell Sue Iohnson Steve Kamp Larry Karn Richard Kinq Ann Kiss Mike Knotts Linda Kulb Leslie Lake Steve Lawrence Loretta Lawson Ioy Leckrone Bonnie Leonhard Phyllis Lewis lessee Linton Ierry Lundeen Sandra Mabee Monica Mahoney Elizabeth Mattern Dennis McCombs Doris McCune Bob McLaughlin lack Mendenhall Edith Middleton David Miller lack Miller Scottie Miller Sharon Miller Van Miller Carol Mannies 9-C si i. 5' x '..,. -' f W. " k l M Al i i y -9 M Y y -f' if L 'iff' ,ffl nf! . .. .1 n x' ,4 " gfd 4- CN. " 41 we as E'-1 pl y '.f ' X K' ' , 1 Y xi we lv-I G. Y '75 4,2 J:-Q F 11 +9 'gf ' U L , - X y Page Eighty-five Y x 5 sg, .1 'xg RLNJM Eli Fil N i list: iv IF Vp, , ' , 3- W 1 M 44-.of ' " -,R -V he wx! -M P ' Wi 7 we 'M' ur' fr f ', ""' . 4 q.:.v.' X M , 5 V aw' 4 ' ' f- J '14, 4 'f 'H ,v N Q 'f ff. 'sf f' - - M A ,-Q , ' 1 ' X ' R. Q' , . o -Q 9' nf ' ' u K ' , x 5 Sak I" 'A' 4:2 Q Ex 1, f- W cs, J L y -Y... k . r V ' ' V, WV: Mi, V , ru , x , - vi! XX P. an N . . . N-r Xa X 9 ,l f' ,, .g 1 'X ' 5 ig ' 155' 4 B 'X-'W .. . -4 Q .fn 9' . s. R4 -' fl 22. '31 'R ' 5 ' 2.1. 13 V" f'v.1Y. ,Q 4 A u., .J . J-ct,-,igrr V - - iii: U . Ferwgsev, , ...rr , ,, .g5,,,f3g3,g55,q Page Eighty-six Richard Minnicus Bob Milling Carolyn Moore lcrmes Moore Wanda Mullins Tom Oldenrarnp Sieve Oswal! Kirk Palmer Victor Purrett Ellen Paschail Carolyn Perkins Ruth Phillips Cheryl Pinkerton Alfred Plummer David Ply lerry Poole Jackie Poole Carol Potterf Paula Pressler Kerry Principe Beverly Randall Shirley Ranstead Bonnie Raver Iirn Reed Blll Richmond Bill Ridenour ludith Ridge Gerald Rinearson Sandra Rinearson Bonnie Russell Huqh Russell Mary Schlemmer Sue Ann Schlemrrie r Ronnm Scot! Bob Sr-ibert Nancy Shaver 9'5" Peggy Sxmpson Ierry Smlth Mary Snavel PGIIICIQ Snell Lonme Snowberger Ilm Spauldmq lohn Sutton Tracy Temple Eddxe Txtus Tamce Treckman Marteen Truplett Cralq Turner Betty Tuza Dxanne Tyner Bob Ulshafer B Il Van Roe Don Vogel Roger Wagner Louanne Walker peter Walter Posle Walter B11 V'r' vnan Don Webb Patty Webb Doug Wells Kay Werner Ken Wertenberqer Iohn Whlte Carolyn Wolf Ruth Wolpert Don Yoder Karen Zook -QQ' Ein illilvmnrmm Iudlth Carol Bruce We cannot say and we w1l1 not say that she IS dead she 1s lust away' Wlth a cheery sm11e and a wave of the hand she has wandered 1nto an unknown land Thmk of her stlll as the same we say She 15 not dead she IS just away' v Adapted from Iames W Rrley 3 4' ,o AW42' fY .J 4a-v 1 mul Page Enghty seven O x if , - ., - Y "W, 5 ,"' ly,n , 0 e he A V H, ' M "' " o f ' 1 5 ,f Q 1 6 1 :V XR 651 ' ' Ks' Q A' 12, i' F9065 1' 4 I il' 4 ll I 5' 4 f S I yr? V , n 5 ,6 as ' G . :,. ..,, 42 B' ' 12,1 "' 4 , m4f,,,i.g,' 7 ' ' 4 W I 'Ns l v WM iff. ali? 'r-if of 5 ,fr

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