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Q W KM WQW J W LH! ff K Sw 75? Wu W MV xc 77 'fc J fy 4,5019 N1 I 51. F XX WW Nw X5 mf uw MMM? Wy Jim W V ' bf' V I4 ix 1? fx xx A, I ,, qi' . R3 ' ' . vb X , f 'A 2 Q . ' f N51 4 1' , UQ L 0 it X UA fx ' i 'ig U wi l L m 1, c, 4 KQV? M A i ' X v, r ff! i tx! EAW X J I fl ,i H ,xv L! X ml 1 f fx 53 , fl 'U' If 5 N' IA fi .NN gg'-fx ,,,,f ,. ,Ji , 4 A : Xby xlfvjw xy Y X: 5,6 Ly W ' fl fx xx l X xx MIX' 6 Ufiqlj PN V .1 X K N. F f X ix X Rf? N I X gk! 'xx A-U X ' X 1 N A 09 N31 I V V . XX J I X X ' ., ' '35 X Qs- X XJ -. x Wm 1 w! M, - v N X W K9 fx' rg ,Av-P"U ' X I7 M Ax , - 'V L M f U M UQ Vt 'N f 0 V ,J N W ig M W K , IARJ5' M WW x B,'m"' V: L? QCUXWOP? EDITDR SHARIJN CRAFT BUSINESS MANAGER KAY CAMP SPDNSUR MRS IDA VANEAMF 1951 WHH SH HIGH SHHHHl Page One Wabash, Indiana Hal. 43 -N 7 .hr 11. . "' .y . 1 .V lr 1'-'r-. ,caf- L 'war'- IN 'Li -ef-212 ':f.nf,1p 251537 ' .A J .r 'll 1,4 Y 'mfgcafz 'fi.3Ec- v aa 4? 1f"1'. -S " T' " 1' . - , 1-1, . a a" f-'f-ie-r' H '- f' ---A-M -- 1 '- O 'QQ-fx" Qnixwf .4 .,,... 9, w mx 'J Q I "j'5's't 'x' X We W 44. 'gh w 4' If ftjwg nf -r Mya H , ,W 'ff-S Hi 51 3 Q E I ff' fm I ivy. - 2-1 V A 1 -P 'FX 2r'Fgv V 45.4, , 5 . N f -1 1 , uw! ,I 5 3 fs 1 2 ' Ms 2 5 Q 3 . M 3 X - H' S ' 4 5 B. ,, -, 4 my X sv A iffy f MX I Q is Y' ' 'W' X -Q 'Z ' . i L1 . wflfi ., Q6 wx, Q . m f-' 4 X ww, V ' LMS, :fi 6 A . , , My A A Q ' f " 5? , g 6 X K, , . A A 'Essex ',u',,b JM' if , 5 ' Q4 W up Y , E ., 4 'W I Xi x in , -A if K, '. 1+ Afii"'f ' SW 1 K, Q f ' WW 'ff ' W P fQ?sfi?'SL WV A sw . i as x R W h W., V. 1 . wg " V ' U Rf' , ,sg , W ,N M gy SWR 4 Y: ' ,N4 if Q A . ,Q mv Art -9 my S bm wie we -F was if Q-1 4 ir f 'jgsw rm' W , M ,A Q m A3139 is And Its Scenic Campus ii i ff .Q e b 1 K, K, 4' 2 fg, m '15 3 'L 4 ,Qxwm 1' , , ' ,Q "1 in ,PA if Wi if n 'Q K 5 , W 2 nr. A I J 9 :H g . W' 4 " -. 4 Nh? , 1 k Q Jifk Q tx akin , Sl av "is Uv 2 We greatly enjoyed the halletime show at Peru. Everyone thought the merry-go-round was very outstanding. 2 CLARINET OUARTET and TRUMPET TRIO Front How: Dave DeLauter, Gcynel Miner, and Lee Bricker, 2nd Row: lohn Unger, lane Hamilton, Patricia Ross, and Pat Smith, BRASS SEXTET AND FLUTE QUARTET lst How: Karen Carr, Iudy Smith, Vickie Denney, and Carol Berg. 2nd Row: Gaynel Miner, Dave DeLauter, George Scheer- er, Greg Myers, Mike Bent, and Art Deyo. Brought lo llur School.. We are supremely proud of our band which has grown from a poorly organized institution to a state champion band. This, of course, could not have happened without an able director, hard work, and the talent of the many band groups. Gt the sixteen groups entered at the state band con- test by Wabash this year, eleven groups won state honors. Best of all, the Brass quintet and the Saxophone quintet won division one ratings. Page Five ......lhe Social life The Sycamore Dance was held at the West Ward gynasium. A very enjoyahfe pro- gram was presented, and refreshments were sold. The Latin Barquet was held at West Ward. The first year Latin students were the slaves while tlie second, third, and fourth year stu' dents were masters. Many specators seem extremely interested in the chess game which is being played at the canteen by Tom P. Hettmansperger and Dick Bird. The Sycamore King and Queen were lack Armie and Janice "":ates. They were Lic-cted by the senior class. The after game dance sponsored by the Sycamore attracted a large crowd. qi I1 fy 5 nw . .,., W., Ng A , M M. E NMMW4 V Q izi A. 5' S 4 'T 'Q 1' 'Q . Alan! N I Q 27 ,r 5 A M X I' Sxg 'UQ .EQ ,gf ,, 7 V ,ff-5' iv-MQ 3, I 'N 1 Popularity -I Heading our band we see five girls who are easily rec- ognized as Katie Brooks, Trudy Beyer, Elise Mattern, Sally Long, and Vickie Denney. They are the band majorettes. They have marched with the band for the last three years. The Homecoming Queen was Virginia Iacobs. Ginny was elected by the student body. The Track Queen was Margo Lockwood. She was elected by the track team. Page Nine ...lhis Magnificent One of the most beautiful and memorable events of the entire school year was the Iunior-Senior Banquet and Prom given by the junior dass and honoring the de- parting senior class. The seniors were treated first to a delicious banquet. Mr. Shana- han and Mr. Carpenter were hon- ored speakers. Afterwards, an impressive candlelight service was held for the seniors. For the prom the junior class chose a Iapanese theme, Saynora, a sorrowful farewell, dedicated to the seniors. The beauty of the occasion will long be remember- ed by all. 5 'NC ....-. K ' ' '52 '. . f"QX 4' f H -'ww 1 , A Rmb H A ' fy' 'Z f' H, mf t W J Wm 'U . f A'-' "-S' "-" .sax 1 .ff 'ka 1 -ff Q. .g wi if N ,Q X , ' 4' , Q A .4 ml' da- 9 0' - 7 Q . y fr Q 'E -1 at ' 'Q 'x' qw 'En-V 'f7H U',.1 ga' ax if up If ' 'fix' """M ww tv A .. ,H A . A af' Uh " 'L f 2 ' 6.15 n " ' fx ' slr ffm. X , X W... . I " 1 Ak Q? 3? -nr . a ' E Q i' ,, mm 's 6 3' Y. 'ff 5 S 2 - r I if' N ifrmmh Tj y T NX .f sqdgw WE? A' 3' as Q s ' ,f RW. M1 WX? X ,JV Y To Us ...... Karen Smith, Linda Gamble and Chuck Stephens seem engrossed in their broadcasting. Ann Gaunt, Tom Gurtner, Pat Smith, Vickie Denney, Beverly Beauchamp, Steve Iones, Dana Russell, Karen Smith, and Don Sink have participated in various speech contests all over Indiana. Mr. Oliver, Wallace Bahler, Don Sink, Ronnie Need' ham, Terry Mendenhall, lim Davis, Mike Hipskind, and Emil Hall are responsible lor our classroom movies. The following have praticipated in speech class: ls! Row: Ann Daugherty, Dana Russell, Pat Smith, Linda Gamble, Vickie Denney. 2nd Row: james Davis, Pat Cleary, Beverly Beauchamp, Kenny Hipsher, Ann Gaunt, Tom Gurtner. 3rd Row: Mrs. VanCamp, spon- sor: ferry Miller, Karen Smith, Don Sink, Gaynel Miner, and Steve Jones. Mr. Tatum is giving Dana Russell and Bob Wirkle' John a lesson in safety. ......The Varied Curriculum T Three important required subjects offer- ed in our school are Home Economics, Health, and Physical Education. Each of these courses offers or wide variety of activi ties for students. HOME ECONOMICS These students are learning how to give artificial ress piration. It may enable some oi them to save some- ones life. HEALTH lfm Hidenhour seems to he getting a lot of assistance from some members of MI. Tatum's health class. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION These boys are preoccupied with an exciting soccer game. ......lhe llppnrtunit Be careful, Phil: we don't want any explosions. These are a few ot Mr. BilI's future scientists. Remember, eyes on the copy! These are our future secretaries. The tradtional "THINK" sign in room 205 is a reminder to these math students to always an- alyze their problems before trying to solve them. Bookkeeping is an important part ot our Com- mercial department at W.H.S. These biology students learn about plants and aftirnals with the help ot the micro-projector. I ' 0 9 it qs ,:"xGk"' 'QQ r In Appl Ilurselves . . These Lotrn students seem to be very interested in cr horoseope rhcrrt. Some of these Spcrmsh students may be able to use their Spamsh when visitmg foreign countries. Merrrlee Brooks potrits out one of the "trouble spots" m Europe. ls Ffnglrsh really as boring as it seems to be here? 'YVA tif 1 rv is . I. .A'- .4 5' 3: ,:.., '-f:- V ', -"-v r L' '-.fv-I 'Jr' ..'-. n. 1. -- -, . -- '-.'-. -. -. Akvf .0-,'1. 'a,:'., ,rj - . f'-A, -I:-" X '::f::- ' - -fr"-11 X '-I"-.' -., . f g,:.,-:. I -I X !3'?'f!"-' - Hlttilltll-lllIl0 S We appreeiate the opportunities offered by organizations The organizations at Wabash High School have been a major factor in helping to build character, to promote leadership, and to give responsibility to our students. The business manager and editor of the 1957 SYCAMORE, Kay Camp and Sharon Craft, wish the best of luck to next year's edi- tor, Ann Daugherty, business manager, Patt Wingardner, and associate editor, Merrilee Brooks. fi ..rf-1'-"?r" ed '1 B A' wnivkzkgywuv . ynrvwf' A . v e 4. ' 4. 1 , E , Rr: V 'N jly. 1. N fs AQ F351- 119' ii Ja.. Q, Aww. ...W-, -vw'-' if 1 i 8 ,x, ,A NN ... 4. 7 lg wil X. ' ' , MW VL' 5 Q .vu QQ" J: .... ' .V -f if '52 1 jj .- K. gg Q f- - , , 'Q .. sv i it Q1 'ga:i W Wim 1 , '3 fn Q ' 1 vegvghfj . sl V I ' . l O - 'E Wf. ,ef S -1 . A ilu? 1 xg . 1 M , if I 19? Q if A af V r by . ' .. M, J 1 XX - - Y 'Q A 'K Af? 1 27' , vs ,1 3 an Q3 ' ' 4: ' ' f . 1 . J '-. -MH A Wi' " 'K -..mx .5 X ' V M ,JI 2 . V, x, f U 'X 8 I- sn, , 32 ig 29 Z, si' ' fn? f 52 Wd. w' , -341, ' -' 'P' 4 1 . 3 1 5 V fr, 54 , rr N V ig' X , s S.. ' ' WX xr jf if' Q2 Q 1 r 'ex X U "R x i 'X 5 isis if W 1 Q, Aw' X I 5 . ix K " rv .x 13" 'W ? f 1 wh' wad' L, wl 5 I 4 A SP Qf i 73 5' 1 ,. ff: X ' ' 1 ' 'c'- V , Ab B f 4 ,Q 4 Q N, y. , L ,L Q A X -:fig , is an ' K I bg 7: W 1 -1 Q V J 'V " ig f ' V Q ' . ' , V 3 ' X ' x fy V'.W R L f t , - A R f ' ' fl X 'W 1 ai! ' 6 .f YQ, i. Q Q .. Q Q A V' ix 5 ,, 9 25.2553 312252333 .ing A r A 1 fe as 3 Q. K 'qs Q W 35 W is 1, at 3 is Q 5 f M, Q , 4 , , s f 1 . MK Q Wiiggva-mf W -M ,,.W,,.,,,,,,A- J 'V' gf , , J ,. , 7 .,, -?-- gm ik' x P 4 - I 5 Q8 ff- ,Qt I? 5' ff? vw W ' " WTS.. 'fi' 6 I ,A ' E ' . 54? 7. 'r ' ff il?f23 7?Y7'77W Q 'I if W Q4 r mf! "Ja H ' Q f x 'E -Q1 'sm Jig..- 'K Q w lfrw 1 YSYA, X 'Y' ,Mr 4 I Q P Q A Y ik A, .1 if f Lfkgfkrf Q wfkgfsff. 3 M, 3 H' 1 if ' "..,,," , L, Q gg W 5 I Q,1 Q, ,f Q 5, I A j, ,- K Sgf . N.. 45 F , -f, ' -- A, . - ,. - -.. f .:. 4--, , f - ,W 5 - .af 1 1 4 . v Amt! S? 3 I gg f--. "" 4 '-in - www- X A4M I QQ.. lash Ilramatlst Strlves to Become a lhesplan I Ist row Nancy P rry Darlene Penn Nancy Parks loy Shepard Ellen Chamberlam Knsty Slayman Lrsa Kaxser 2nd row Beverly Smrth Carolyn Behny Becky Enyeart Joyce Pettlt Karen Pmkerton Llnda Pratt and MISS Mllls 'lid row Te ry Robinson Dean Ixnes Rxchard Knotts Clara Scheerer and Sally Coons The dramatxcs class IS preparmg a one act play These students are all Thesptans The above wcre members of the s n1or play cast They are Ist row Iudy Carr VlCklB Denney Phrlhp Norms Lxsa Kal er Kay Camp 2nd row Tom Gurtner Clara Scheerer Pat Smlth Ros1ta L1ghtb U ne Don Smk Karen Sm1th and Chuck THESPIANS Thesp1ans are chosen from students who have done outstandmg Work rn dramatlcs Pomts are earned by takmg part 1n plays stage work and student d1rect1ng Students must earn twenty pomts to become cz Thes plan Page Twenty three u I n o I V .. n C V A w f f .S ' - Q W 1 V . Stephens. - I E , . I t : r ' , ' , ' . l - - I t Honor Sooiet for luture Journalists QUILL AND SCROLL The Quill and Scroll is an honor society. To become a member of the Quill and Scroll, a student must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavor. Mrs. Squires, Donna Ragoske. Donna Bowman, Beverly Beauchamp, Doug Duker, Pat O'Connor, Marcia Kessler, Sharon Craft, Sandra Linton, Kay Camp, Ianice Dunsizer, Ianice Yeates, Carol Richwine. llrange and Illaok Keeps Students Intermed ORANGE AND BLACK The ORANGE AND BLACK, our school paper is published every three Weeks. Students enrolled in journalism class publish the paper. The journalism class is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors although freshmen may enroll with approval of the sponsor and prin- cipal Orange and Black editors have been: Skip Boisson, Donna Bowman, Nancy King, Carol Richwine, Pat Winegard- ner, Ianice Dunsizer, Donna Ragoske, Sandra Linton, Dixie D'1-Xrmond, Mrs. Squires, Sponsor. lst row: The O 6 B Stall has been Ianice Yeates, Marcia Kessler, Sandra Linton, Ianice Vrooman, Beverly Beauchamp, Linda Lehman, Ioan Bab- er, Donna Bowman. 2nd row: Skip Boisson. Nancy King. Eldia Lewis, Dixie D'Armond, Donna Ragoske, Linda Merriman, Karen Ta- tum, Jody Schlemmer. 3rd row: Butch Koerner, Delbert Mow- ery, Doug Duker, Carol Richwine, Patt Winecrardner, Ianice Dunsizer, Pat Der- rick, Ioan Culver, Mrs. Squires, Sponsor Pat O'Connor. Photographer- Ierry Miller. lhe SllIAMlllll is a Vital Part The Sycamore is a record of our high school life. The leaves of this year's annual record the events of our school year 1956-57. It is the responsibility of every senior to con- tribute in any way he can to the publication of the yearbook. The sponsorship of the annual is an ex- ceedingly difficult understaking. We appreci- ate the assistance which Mrs. VanCamp has given us, Without her it would have been im- possible for us to produce this annual. We also wish to thank the members of the faculty for their cooperation. EDITORS lst row: Carolyn Black, Ianice Dunsizer, Iudy Carr, Mary Fisher, Kay Camp, Iudy Miller. Sharon Craft. sponsor Mrs. VanCamp. 2nd row: Ierry Miller, Tom Gurtner, Pat Smith, Stephen Holthouse, David Ieiierson, Steve Iones, Don Sink. LAYOUT AND COPY STAFF Ist row: Iudy Carr, editor: Ioy Shepard, Donna Ragoske, Darlene Corso, Linda Gamble, Carolyn Black, editor. 2nd row: Marilyn Millican, Ruth Hoffman. Kathy Iohnson, Iariice Hettmansperger, Iudy Lee, Carol Richwine, Marge Parker. 3rd row: Pat Smith, editor. ADS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS Ist row: Kay Camp, Ann Gaunt, Sandra Vrooman, Lisa Kaiser, Sandra Linton, Clara Scheerer, Vickie Denney, Nancy King, Ianet Crow, editor: Virginia Iacobs, Gwen Hendrix. 2rd row: Don Sink, Tom Gurtner, editor: Charles Stephens, Tom P. Hettmansperger, David Iefierson, Tom W. Hettman- sperger, lack Armie. PHOTOGRAPHY, CLASSES AND SPORTS lst row: Karen Smith, Carol Aukschun. Marv Fisher, edi- tor: Sharon Pegg, Ianice Yeates, Marilyn Van Dielen, Iudy Miller, editor: Ianice Dunsizer, editor: Gaynel Miner. 2nd row: Steve Iones, editor: Ierry Miller, editor: Frank Tyner, Lindley Wert, Delbert Mowery. Stephen Holthouse, editor: Lee Yoder, Grant Long. ol Senior ctivities ,Aww Ann Armstrong Carol Aukschun my Sharon Craft Alice Daniels -sw Janice Dunsizer Mary Fisher Stephen Holthouse Kathrine Johnson Richard Bird thur Deyo nn Gaunt Grant Long Iudith Miller Michael Moore Donna Ragoske Carol Richwine Karen Smith Patrick Smith 'DY lver Students lioal NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society strives to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to en- courage service to others, to promote lead- ership, and to develop character. The club's main project this past year was to plan an alumni directory. The National Honor Society holds two in- ductions a year. The first induction for new members was held last October, and another was held in March. The club met once a month. The officers were: president, Grant Long: vice-president, Richard Bird: secre- tary Mary Fisher: treasurer, Ann Gaunt. The club sponsor is Miss Lutie Young. The Honor Society Board for this year has been, M Squires, Mr. Myers, Miss Young, Mr. Shanahan, and Mr. Barnhart. The Honor Society at work. Each meeting was made up of a special program plus the business meeting. Charles Stephens , Elizabeth Oswalt, absent Hi-Y Mixes Work, lun First Row: Tom P. Hettmansperger, Terry O'Brien, ser- geant at arms: Mr. Bill, sponsor: Tom Hodson, Hamlet Boisson, Terry Robinson, Phil Wert, Mike Fisher. Leslie Bricker, Tom W. Hettmansperger, vice-presidenl Steve Iones, president: David Ietlerson, secretary-treasurer. Second row: Tom Bowman, George Scheerer, Frank Tyner, Lindley Wert, Iack Armie, Kenny Hipsher, Howard Middleton, Richard Bird, Tom Gurtner, George Savage. Third row: Iim Gray, Mike Norris, Ike Duliy, Iohn Unger, Grant Long, Frank Bostic, Tom Baker, Phillip Nor- ris, Larry Eltzroth, Larry Renbarger. Delmar Frank. Fourth row: Robert Magner, Raymond Rizzo, David Willard, Charles Stephens, Dennis Haupert, Hoyt Mohr. Ierry Miller, Mike Hipskind, Iohn Wade, Stanley Lawrence. Fifth row: Iames Vickery, Larry Scott, Don Sink, Bruce Chamberlain, Dale Whitesel, Fred Frehse, Terry Long. Pat Cleary, Duke Gidley, Morris Dutley. , Sixth row: Douglas Duker, Ion Pullen, Lee Yoder. David Koenig, Ronald Arrick, Carl Brown, David Gacken- heimer, Tom O'Hara. Sevent row: Wally Bahler, Max Deeter. STUDENT COUNCIL First row: Iames Schlatter, Mike Norris, William Wilke, Susan Lavengood, secretary: Merrilee Brooks, Vickie Mis- er, Lynn Cross, Iulie Walters, Richard Bird, president. Second row: Iim Evans, David Gray, David Willard, vice-president: Dale Whitesel, Leslie Bricker, Ellen Chamberlain, Ann Daugherty, Barclay Lavengood. Third row: Iames Ridenour, Howard Middleton, Tom W. Hettmansperger, Iack Armie, and Tom Gurtner, treasurer. HI-Y Hi-Y strives to provide wholesome enter- tainment, good fellowship, and clean living. Doctors, ministers, and other men of the com- munity provided the programs of the club in its promotion of high Christian living. The Hi-Y's main activities were painting the streets for Homecomng and sponsoring the Best Girl Dance. llur term ei Government STUDENT COUNCIL With the guidance of Mrs. Squires and Mr. Myers, the Student Council gives W.H.S. stu- dents a voice in school functions. Their main project is the publication of the Apache Guide, which helps new students become acquainted with Wabash High. ' ' Iield et ltadie Strmulates Interest rn the lst row: N-wi Ri:-s Diana Blau, Ami Dtxuqlrmty, Mary lean Horner, Linda Grimble, Larry Sm-ltr ley, Tom P, I-lettrnanspeiqei, Dick Richardson, Mike Burton, Steve Fulwider. 2nd row: Carol Giandstatf, Indy McDowell, Susan liiethae, Karen Smith, Chuck Stephens, Grant Lcnq, Steve Iones, Allen Butnswoitli, Mike Fisher. 3rd row: Mi. Oliver, Sponsor, Steve Colors, Charles Keppel Bill Evans, Larry Young, llrriy R-enbarqer, Wally Buhler, Don Kelp.-l, Dori Sink, ltl.rr P well, tmcl Pte-ve Wtiltmzz ew Iiluh Provides Interest lst row: Miss Yoimfg, Sponsor, Kitten Smith, Pr: sw- iclf rttg Sciridicx Vloomari, Vive-I'r-essrtierrtg Itfy Shephard, Secretary-Treasurer, lance Vioomcirig Pailirnentarran, and Miss Dove, Sponsor. 2nd row: Patrick Sriiith, lim Davis, Sander Keppcl, Vickie Denriey, Dixie D'Armond, Sally Hhoadi, Gaynel Miner, Carolyn Blaclf, Lois Scotten, Kathy lolmsan, Gwen Hendrix, Clara Stiheeier, fflrcrrnri Cfztitt lolrrr Ilritier .md Rxrlraiid Kr.,tt:' RADIO WORKSHOP The Radio Workshop is a half-credit course for students with an interest in the field of radio broadcasting. The Wabash High School Radio Station which is located in the high school, is operated entirely by the students. They present a Wide va- riety of educational programs as well as giving complete cov- erage of the Apache football and basketball games. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Miss Lutie Young and Miss Gladys Dove have establish- ed a new organization at Wabash this year, the Future Teach- ers of America club. F. T. A. is composed of juniors and seniors who are in- terested in the teaching profession. By cadet teaching in the elementary schools, doing research Work, and participating in discussions on teaching, they learn more about this field of work and are helped to formulate their plans for the future. 1 SPANISH CLUB Seated: Darlene Corso, Sandra Linton, Denny lenks, Donald Sinlf, Mary Ann Greenwald. Standing, lst row: Carolyn Elrivk, Er'-nat: Krlanf er, Ann Armstrong, Dixie D'AxinCnd, Ann Daugh- erty, Sally Rlroads, Susan Dokau, iildia Lewis, Diana Bellack Susan Seitglo, Miss Sulinartv-r 1 Sponsor Second rcw: Max Carter, Delmar Frank, L1-if Biirker Deail Moore The Spanish and Latin Clubs enjoyed sing- ing Christmas Carols together. LATIN CLUB lst row: David Willard, Piflfsrtltntg Bain Glizr-1, Ian Pullf-n, Mike Norris, Gaim- Si-lift-1--1 M.1- iis Duttey, David Koenig, Stcr-eta:y-Tir-fisiif-r, 2nd row: Skirt Boison, Vive Fivsrdenty 'llini li fi- son, Lynn Milli: Vivkie Dr-nn-fy lun-r llrirr..lt.,:i, Frank Bastic, Dt,nn.s Hauptit, Mrs liwd, Suns -1 3rd row: Mefiiileo Biasl-fx, Bgvt-ily Cape-hind, l.i- len Clwirribeilxin Kristi Sltiyrnrin, l-I-xr-2-n Trrtuin, Iiilm VJaltf-i, Hosit 1 l itilitlu ruin- M iztlyx. C'.11t :I nian, Sue Luetliqe 4th row: Carol Mnllenix, Linda W'-rlrnd Egiirm- my Iran BO.i':lir.in, Sur- Bilvvvz, liidw' ff-'nl zz. rn'-r, Ktiif-n Vrirtizy Fur- Mt-nclmrlitill Pi' fr llluhs Mix Work With iun The Inter Nos is a club of students who have studied one or more years of Latin. The purpose of the club is to arouse interest and to provide enjoyment for its members. This year the club has sponsored dances, gone caroling, and held the annual Latin Banquet. The Spanish Club tries to provide Spanish students with a greater opportunity to use and learn the language and torment a more con- scientious picture of Latin-American culture. it 3.9 Ist row: lo Ellen Smith, Trudy Bever, Iudy Smith, Pat Iewell, Sandra Linton, Kay Camp, Dixie De Vore. 2nd row: Linda Ellis, Linda Merryman, Pat O'Coniier, Charles Iacobs, Iudy Carr, Dixie Lee, Miss Hipskind, spon- sor. Frd row: Susie Barrus, Iohn Norris, Marge Parker, Larry Smeltzley, Nancy Wintcrrowd. Jr. lied Cross lxpands IUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL The Iunior Red Cross Council not only con- ducted its annual drive for funds but also served as the high school representative for the March of Dimes and Tuberculosis Society. This year, in addition to the regular activi- tives, the council sponsored a clothing drive in December and prepared a chest of school and medical supplies to send overseas. Assistance is Appreciated LIBRARY CLUB There have been no special qualifications for membership in a library club - other than students' interest. However, there is a group of six student assistants who work in the li- brary, one each period, who checks books in and out and gives out needed information to other students. These assistants are Carol Camp, Merrilee Brooks, Susan Lavengood, Sue Barrus, Beverly Titus, Linda Horner, and Sondra Lawrence. Miss Dove, Sondra Lawrence, Linda Hamer, Beverly Titus, Marilee Brooks, Susan Lavengood, Carole Camp, Susie Bare rus. lst row M 1 A1 A1 11 K 11 11 1 1 W 1 B 11 1 Bm 1511 1 1111.111 ?nd rcw I l1 1 H14 41 ow LI ln-111 51h 1-cw Mll llaelledll Capable Spenser Mrs Dor1s McDonald wcrs the sponsor of GA A th1s yecrr The purpose of the G1rls Athletlc ASSOCICI t1on IS to promote good sportsmdnshlp and to further grrls rnterest 1n sports Th1s orqdnrzcz hon 1S open to any grrl mterested 1n sports Awcrrds are determrned by the number of po1nts c1cqu1red dunng the year row Il to 1 p 1 1 1 O11 lllce bln 1 2nd row to 1 1 111 1 31' row ll to rj row ll to rl W lIlllllll1msle11ard Hlgher Ideals The W Club IS on honorary sports orgczm zdtron To become cr member boys must ecrrn cr mcqor letter The purpose of the club 1S to uphold crnd further the 1dec1ls of good sporis munshrp Page Thuty three 1 zbl l1ly1i1111 l,.1.ci11 H11:1.1-1 Cfzmlf C1111 l. 11' K' f 111- lst , rl: 'I' zrg' mlb 1--11, l.E111 D1 xp'-I Hu1.111'- Moyv: 11, S1-117111111 11.:1g N1 11'y 11111, IT1-15:1-t :yy I 13:0 Y1,,11-1: KQV!-1A"ly llrf' V-'lf fllfvfiffdi Nl? R -7 'A 1 i lill .3 PY "1 'fzve l3'fs.dffr1g lVlGI-115 P-1151-1 l-'zwsld-11117 Sl131oti 151,111.13 lf 11- -J I-' '-flm 'A .lib .AAfY1'f'.i l'?.:1f.111d bum, .11111 11.111, Bug.--1' 11119 1'l1111:.so11, b11.1 A1l11111i:, l K C ' F-1. 11- 11- ' ll rl: W! Y ll' ,JW 1l-llllllc' l'.llly ldylllll lm Clldy . : YX111' El.1.1 P 11 CJ'C.1111' 1 V111111...,1 V: 111.-1 P111.. 11 ' ll' llll' ll." Egfvf' lg lE'fffYll"fg,! .WWI :ers 31.1111 ld ry 1-"Qc 53111111 Pete-zsgri I-Ii V1 E,ss F-lc.. W .y K ,, ., H vf'ff,T" 'Qifl 5i'y'jY'ljY,l f1,i"Q'Q"'if': F111k:1 1-31111. 1 M111'1d1-11l11ll, Sl1C1r:,11 G1o:2s1111'klv ll- :ff PC1314-1: ' '1'-"l"U"f "U','l 'l 'M' ,flly Zluw Lliul l llfl K "ZW fm" 5 :1:,', Lyn, Mix: Pwki 41h . :l.,.:.i ,f -Z 1 1111.111 1311.1 1, ..1r1',' P2171 Ijri . xizy flrd "W: ll li :11 C' X ll11t111'111 lJ-1111- 11, li".'11ly f11G:'.'1111'l-:lf ll' Ll' ll 1' l l l "1 Mill' " all rl' l :l"' 1' 1: 1 ll rrslzgnd Plavfs li11.'.'.'11 C. fzzy 511111-' E- '.'e1l'.' C.1,p-'-1:1111 f 1:1 1"11Iv1: 'ky lf1.y1e111 Eli 1111.111 lfltvzntl. P11111 .l,::1.' 1:11 1. h Y Z' 11.-1 1l11: 'X.1-:.- l.1f lmgly M 'l9l11-.1:,' ,:. F1111-I lr Q 4' 'v'd1 1 ' ou-J-, 1111511 lef.f'11lH1 B1 'liy 'xyf-1 Indy Sl. 1211 PQZ11. 4 is , ' ' T' l'-- li1:"f.1l'A P11'1.'J X 'vli K : V1 E3 1l:1 1 P zzz. ' 1:1-'ll G1 IL: l11'l2::. 11, :'1.-11. l f'-1- l'1'1vf 1? 11 '111- lf,pp lf l'11:: :y E-'1:.L1l1 lulx' P1 11,145 HIS l.f'I:1.11.i :fJiIlf'I :Q zliv-:gt o o .' ' . . , . . . , . . . . 'v ,v 'Z'- is -4, '4vv 4 A. ,I Iv. D. UA. F," :1'+'-41Aw-'- 11 '1 --.- A' gi. .- 4 .,, Q-12 - . rj if?" , 1. f . . r f T, -.Nm lHlH'ltIS We appreciate our athletic program. A great part of any school year is the athletic program. The athletes of our school represent us - our loyalty, our sportsman- ship, and our pride in ourselves and our school. Page Thirty-four 9, ii af SW 33 ,... ig i i v as C if anew ,,,,,, 4 Mmm P , ef? Q W.--.-.....,., 4.-1 uv ,ws f' , ,. , 4, .M " .vw W .. . M, A 4,,1Qfww9p.m '- if? 3 MQNWVK v lan, +.sg,f,,, P 4k W , mg M , .v J' ' , 5 J 'f ,M "' h , in I I A 1. lf' ,Af 6' vi 14. 4 Q, ,rm Q- IQ. OWS' SL -Ia. af QA E fm M 4, X, V 4 3?-so-9 SIM . ,V , . ri? Vw' '3 football Isl row: Bob Winklejohn, Mike Moore, David Gray, Ioe Lawson, Terry Robinson, Skip Boisson, Bob Beauchamp, Ierry Ferguson, Greg Myers, and Morris Duffy. 2nd row: Mike Norris, David Gackenheimer, Charles Ramey, Bob Risser, Dick Richardson, Tom Bowman, Bob Marks, Iohn Wade, Eddie Gribben, Iohn Unger, and Terry Enyeart. 31d row: Larry Eltzroth, lack Armie, Kenny Hipsher, lim Snavely, Nick l-lipskind, Duke Gidley, Larry Bizjack, Chuck Stephens, Max Deeter, Bob Magner, Terry O'Brien, and Tom I-lodson. 4th row: Dale Whitesel, Richard Bird, Kennv Miller, Steve Iones, Bill Hapner, Bruce Chamberlain. 'Wayne Whitehead, Iim Vickery, Terry Parreti, David Koenig, and Iohn Draper. 5th row: Mr. Tatum, Mr. Parks, Coaclzasg Doug Duker, Dave Harrison, Hal Hutchinson, lim Gray Lee Yoder, Dick Iorden, assistant coach and Lindley Wert. APACHES GAIN THIRD PLACE IN C. I. C. After experiencing three losing football seasons Wabash High School grabbed third place in the tight Central Indiana Conference race. This year's success was highlighted by the fact that the Apaches were not scored against in the last five games of the season. The big gun for the Wabash offense was halfback Larry Eltzroth. "Elzy" made carries totaing 824 yards for an average of 61.2 yards per carry. The strong defense shown by Wa- bash is supported by the fact that the total yards gained by opposing teams was only 1,812 yards compared with 2,610 yards made by the Apaches. The Apaches scored 153 points to the opponents 67. ln several games a lagging first-half ap- peared to be the Apache guidepost. The sec- ond half, however would be altogether dif- ferent. Returning to the field with high hopes and spirits, the team generally triumphed. Support is essssary For Final Success A striking picture this year was the black V-necked sweaters and white collars and gloves of the Booster Club, Made up of enthusiastic basketball fans, the club attended the athletic events. With the help of the varsity and B-team cheerleaders, who teach the club new yells at regular meetings, the enthusiastic club cheers the team on to victory. Officers: President -Susan Lavengood, Vice-PresidenteeDonna Bowman, Secretary and Treasurer Ann Daugherty, Sergeant-at Arms Karen Carr. f..,M.u.. . . , il 55 V -W gy .:,,.. 1 . 5?:f'-1, -n k is V QL: .23 1 nca 545 LCE 445 xNcHe NI LCE, ACH J if YK 'S ,K ,r""'? gn 11-1 QM!! 34' hu, dit 'wf'EE lst row: Tom Bowman, Ioe Lawson, Bob Magner, Bob Risser, and Terry Enyeart. 2nd row: Tom Hodson, manager Bob Glazier, lim Vickery, David Koenig. Nick Hip- skind, Max Deeter, and Iohn Unger, manager. Papnnses Have Winning Season The B team enjoyed a successful season under the direction of coach Iim Parks, The Papooses won ll and lost 7. One ot the best played games of the season was a 31-30 vic- tory over Peru. Several members of the team will be ready for the varsity next year. Besides the fun the boys received from playing, they experienced good sportsmanship and char acter development, Ist row: Max Wilkie, manager: Dennis Gillen, Eddie Lewis, Bill LaSalle, Larry Needham, Doug Eckhart, Larry Mattern. 2nd row: Charles Kramer, Bar- clay Lavengood. Richard Robin! ett, Bob Huston, Larry Leonard, Iim Ridenour, Gerald Vanland- ingham, Coach Austin Holloway. A H .Q-g::s2fj:g-Y: .:j"': . -- . 2 if , N 8 J J , -Q. i2Ef1l:E3fiiE:i:Q"- . 5, , 5552 iw-ff' QW . 'WWI w . ,Q--Q --1.,.n.. X " 4 9 LJN' mXiN4 Nghkf v x . Y Wmvil W Q E 1 ii 2 2 Q W3 va A , 'K' 4 f , ing 'Mal' ' 5. 'I ,Ji ,, 1 pu- if C T I 4 1 . .A K Q f 1 ' 4 I 1' y 4 I X 4 I 1 -u. sf i g"" ri - ' f? f3f",325Q gf' " Er Front row: Ealrluy All' 1. N311 p.-kind E111 H113 rf: 1 :L f:.:',' f'1tZ1:1tl1, ll11.l' ff- 'lzvz l 1,11 l-.l'1:1i: 1111i f7::.:. 2nd rcw: Dunn: Sanders Lft :y ntiziellei, Cole McC::i iss 2.111 '5'.'l11t:ff. Sadie l.. w.s, D1.1v.f.l Iii' ziicity, Richard Ke-:sl-i' tg. 13.1 1.21 llrvriiiis Hmip 1' 1 'l1 !Xttst.11 H111 . :' , :iz 'ft' 1 321 row: l,y1111 4'111f,1 S'-111 ll 11 lhwirg lf1'lLl.zIT ' lijizrii Liziy l.1.:yt.Q1. l5.ll EJ: .1 U.1'.'.d 'l'l1c711g :xi 4th row: K-riny Flligtt lit: Dy: .7 E't: l-lustoti 1:11 ' .,:1 E Q1 if-11-1 1 Ste-uw l 1:..i l.::1R11lf-111111 Back row: ll 1. lfrtfi- '. :. E1:'1l11 C1 11 f1:":l 1.1111 lraekmen Sweep Muncie Relays The thinly-clads of WHS had a terrific season this year. Besides winning the Muncie Relays, the Apaches brushed through the conference by a half point to win the CIC championship. Next year's track team will have a tough job of defending these titles. Apaches Win C.I.C. Crown Twenty-two candidates turned out for the cross country team. The squad included six seniors, nine juniors, one sophomore, and five freshmen. During the regular season they lost only one meet. They won the C.I.C. meet and placed second in the sectional. lst l'OW2 l.1: 3' lzyt w11 lU11ll11:r W11i1'l1"i': l-l Wllld Mirlfllwt' 11 i11.l li..111.,f- Playa-1. 7nd row: Dori Kegpel, Wally Exhlei' lizz. Davis, and Coach Austin l'lr3l,iw:','. lgfw 3 r 3 R. 31 ii. F Basketball Scores leethall Seeres Wabash ,.., .... 5 1 Wabash .,.. ,... 5 9 Wabash .... .... 5 3 Wabash .... . . , .48 Wabash .... .... 8 1 Wabash..,. Wabash. , . , .52 Wabash .... . . . Wabash . . . . . .70 Wabash .... .... Wabash. .. ....58 Wabash ..., .,.. Wabash. . , . . . Wabash. ., Wabash .... .... Wabash .... .... Wabash ..... ..... . . Wabash .,......,..... 83 60 Kokomo .... . . 57 Warsaw H' 4 H 51 Wabash .... Logansport . . . . . . 47 Wabash- - 4 f Marion ...... .. 60 VVabash. . . . N. Manchester . . . .. . 71 Wcbcshy 4 H Rochester ...... . . . 64 Huntington , . . . 47 Wabash' ' ' ' Burris ....... ,, 44 Wabash- -- Monticello . , . .. 63 Wabash. . . . Columbia City . . 48 Wobushy - 4 - Plymouth .... . . 64 Northwestern . . S5 Wabash 4 ' ' Mississinewa . . 89 Wabash' ' ' ' Ft. Wayne Central .,.. 83 Peru ,.............. , . 67 Alexandria ..,..,. . . Bl Tipton ....,.. . . 54 Hartford City Won 4-Way Tourney at Huntington. Won Sectional Tourney. .. ...GS Rochester , . Huntington . . . Culver ..... Plymouth . . . Peru ...,.... Hartford City .. Monticello .. . Marion ...., Alexandria . . Mississinewa ., lennis Seeres Wabash .... . . . Wabash .,.. . . Wabash .... , . . Wabash .... . . Wabash ..,. . , . Wabash .... . . Wabash .... . . Rochester .. Central . . . Elwood . . , Peru ,.,. Cenral . . Peru . . Tpton . . , Bell Seeres Placed Sth out of 10 in conference. Placed 9th out of 24 in sectional. lreell Seeres . 2 I 4 Vtlabash 60 Peru 49. . 0 Wabash 48 Marion 42 Huntington 56 ' Z Wabcsh 80 Alexandria 29 Warren 25 ' 6 Wabash 82 Mississinewa 27. - 3 Won Muncie relays with 39 points 8 teams competed Won conference with 3412 points 12 teams completed Placed 2nd in sectional 33 teams competed Won 14 gold medals in Loansport relays. Page Forty-seven 4-A 1 'V . - . .IPI , .sz ' - s' T,- r-.1-ree-.-iigf -" -1-'.fffk7" -Lvjf 'P-'-'rf -'A' ' - .' . . -1.1 X I 5-A 14 Cl SSIS We appreciate the cnoperatien of the student body. Encased in the following pages is the heart of this school - its students. We firmly believe that this year we have been richly rep- resented by all of them. fb 3, 'Whig ...Q JE a L. ,S ,F '2 .gf lr f .1 fi gh WW Y ,-rw' rv" g 'Rau . . -v-3 v , A ,. v . . 3 ,X '- Afgk gf F lvg a fig 43 fl... X J '- I X Q , ff , P M if' QTII as 4- Q' ' il. X. W r A N 'N 4 a x , .lmvgm 'LQ . X va ' . ,H hx, , 5 - N, I in ff .,fQy 8 4. 4 -4' X I , 4 ' 3' i Yi ,Q ,Q ,S '35 5' 61 RICHARD LEE ALEXANDER Academic Chorus 2 3 Football I IACK DENNIS ARMIE Academrc Booster Club 2 3 4 W Club 4 Iournallsm 2 I-I1Y 2 4 Football 2 4 Student Council 4 Athlehc Board Member I May Kxng 4 CAROL MARIE AUKSCHUN Ccmmerclal Boost Club 1 2 T 2 Sr Tn 3 Nattonal Honor Socxety 4 SYCAMORE Staff 'I HOMAS IEANE BAKER Ccmmercxal Scxence Club 4 Booster Club 2 3 Hx Y 3 4 Radlo Work hop 3 Track 3 Football I 2 Cross Country RICHARD IAWRENCE BIRD Academxc Scxence Club 3 4 W Club 2 3 4 Inter Nos Presxdent 2 H1Y 2 3 4 Nattonal Honor Socxety 3 Vxce rres dont 4 Tennxsl 2 4 Basketball l 2 4 Foctball l 2 3 4 Student Counctl Treasurer 2 Vlce Presvdent 3 Presxclent 4 Boy s State Class Pres d nt l Elk s Award IAVVRENCE IOSEDH BIZIACK General Attend ed Garheld Hts I-hgh School m 1955 Re entered xn 1956 Booster Club 3 W Club Basketball l Footballl CAROYLN ELIZABETH BLACK Academic Boost Club 1 2 I r Nos l I Tn Hx Sr Tn HIY 3 Spanxsh Club 3 4 SYCAMORE Staff Layout Editor Ir Red Cross I FTA 4 Cadet Teachmq 4 CARI WILLIAM BROWN IR Academnc Band Aw rd 3 HIY 4 Football 2 Boys S'ate IACQUEIINE ANN BURKE Comm rcxal Booster ub2 3 4 Chorusl 2 3 Ir TrI'I1Yl NANCY KAY CAMP Acadermc Scxence Club 3 4 Bocster Club 2 3 Quxll 6 Scroll 4 Inter Nos 3 Ir TrlH1Y l 2 Sr Tr1H1Y 3 4 SYCAMORE Stat! Busmess Edxtor Ir Red Cross 2 3 4 Vice Presxdent 3 Executxve Council 4 Cadet Teach mg 4 FTA 4 Semor Play Cast Elks Leader shlp Award Exchange Honor Student 4 IUDY ANN CARR Academ1cCommerclal Boost er Club l 2 3 Inter Nos 2 Ir Tr HxY l 2 Sr 'lrt H1Y 3 Vlce Presrdent 4 SYCAMORE Staff Copy Edrtor Radxo Workshop 2 Student Coun c Ir Red Cross 4 Semor Play Cast ROBERT BRUCE CHAMBERLAIN Academic En tered from Laqro High School xn 1955 Sctence Club 3 4 Booster Club 3 HIY 3 4 Track 4 Football 4 'YLVA DARLENE CORSO Academic Booster Club l 2 T 1Y Sr Tn H1 Spamsh Club 3 Presldent 4 SYCAMORE Stall SHARON ROSE CRAFT Academic Entered from Peru Hxah School nn 1954 Scxence Club 4 Boost er Club 2 3 4 Quill 6 Scroll 4 Ir Tr1HxY 2 Sr Tn H1 Y 3 4 Nahonal Honor Socrety 4 G A A 2 Presxdent 3 SYCAMORE Editor FTA Secre tary 4 Exchange Honor Student 3 Olhce Helper 4 Cadet Teachmq 4 ROGER ALLEN CRAMER Industnal Artie tv , : ,2. I l,..:"" : ,3, er , , a, 4: yr. .rl-Hi-Y 1, : . ' '..1-11-Y 5, 4, ' ' ' ' er U , . 3: nte , 2: r. '- 'ZY l, 2: Yfice A President 3: Outstandgq Band 'Student 3 -- e ' 7 Cl , , : , , : . i- '- , 2. - . I . - I. I i .,: ll: . I : ' ' . 1 ' U , . a: Ir ri-H1 1. 2, . '-Y a, 4: DAVID LEE ELTZROTH Industnal Fme Arts Band 2 LAWRENCE IOSEPI-I ELTZROTH Industrxal Arts Scxence Club 4 W Club 3 4 HxY 2 Trackl 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 Footballl 2 3 4 Frst Team All Conference Football 4 DOROTHY IEAN EI'I.ING Commerctal Booster Club l 3 T H Y MARJORIE ANN EVANS Commercxal SANDRA IEAN FINNELL Commercxal Booster Club 3 4 Chorus Z 3 4 MARY ANNA Fla'-IER Ccmmerclal Entered trcm Ieannette I-I gh School m 1956 Sclence Club 4 Chorus 3 4 Natxonal Honor Soclety 3 Secre tary 4 SYCAIVIORE Stall Faculty Editor IANET ELAINE CROW Commercxal Booster ub 2 3 Chorus I 2 3 Ir Trl H1 Y 1 2 Sr H1 Y 3 SYCAMORE Stal Actxvxtxes Edntcr AIICE MARGARET DANIELS Academxc Enter cd WHS ln 1956 Sc ence Club National Honor 'ocxety JAMES GORDON DAVIS Academc Scxence Club 3 4 W Club 2 3 4 Iournalxsm 2 Inter Nos Presxdent 3 Track 2 3 4 Basketball 3 lvfanager 4 Cross Country FT A 4 Boy s State MARY LOUISE DELAUTER Ccmmercxal Drama tcs 3 Booster Club 1 2 VICKIE DIANE DENNEY Academxc Sclence Club 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Malorette 2 3 4 Boost Club I 2 In s 4 Ir Trl H l 2 Sr Tn H1 Y 3 4 Cadet Teachmg 4 F T A 4 .mme Play Cast Exchange Honor Student KAREN VIRGINIA DlI.L Commercxal Booster ub 2 3 Chorusl 2 T JOHN LEVI DRAPER Fme Arts B nd I 2 3 Treasurer 4 W Club 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Athletic Board Member 4 Gus Dorcus Loyalty Award 4 Exchange Club Honor Student 4 IANICE ELAINE DUNSIZER Academ1cCommer ctal Booster Club 1 2 3 Quxll 6 Scr ll 3 4 Thespxan 3 4 Dramatxcs 3 Iournalxsm 3 4 Inter Nos 2 Ir Tr HIY 1 7 Sr 'l'r1H1Y 3 Na tlonal Honor Soclety 4 Iumor Play Cast SYCA MORE Stall Classes Edxtor Orange 6 Black Stall 3 Feature Edxtor 4 Office Helper 4 ANN EBBINGHOUSE Commerclul Band 1 2 3 4 Booster Clubl 2 3 Ir TrlH1Yl 2 Cl . : , , :-. '- .I : - Tri- er .-3, 45 'ter No 2, 3. Q '. ' '- i-vi F' Q - ' ' . 1 I I . I - I Cl , f , , eil: If 'ri-Hi-Y 1, 2 - ' 1 a , . : ' : - , ,I : ' --o , : . i- '- , .:' . '- '- :I 1 .,' f" " ,-: '- ,3,-42 , :JL ri- 1- 1, 2- ' MICHAEL LEWIS FISHER Academic Entered from Iennette High School in 1956 Science Club 4 H1Y 4 Radio Workshop 4 Track 3 DELMAR LAWRENCE FRANK Academic Science Club 4 Booster Club 2 3 Chorus 3 HiY 3 4 Spanish Club 3 4 WALTER FREDERICK FREHSE Academic HxY 2 3 4 Science Club 3 4 Chorusl 2 Football LINDA LOU GAMBLE Academic Commercial osterClub12 3 4 Ir T1H1Yl2 Sr i H1Y 3 4 SYCAMORE Staff Radio Workshop l 2 3 4 Ir Red Cross 2 Speech Contest E change Honor Student 4 ANN KING GAUNT Academic Science Club 3 4 Booster Clubl 2 3 4 President 3 Journal ism 2 Inter Nos 3 Ir TriH1Y l 2 Sr Tri HxY 3 President 4 National Honor Society 3 Treasur er 4 SYCAMORE Staff DAR City and County Award CAROL LUCY GRANDSTAFF Academic Science Cub 4 Band 1 2 Inte Nos 3 Ir TriH Y l HUd10 Workshop 3 4 MARY ANN GREENWALD Academic Entered trom Greensburg High School in 1955 Booster Club 3 Spanish Club 3 Sergeant At Arms 4 THOMAS TRUMAN GURTNER Academic Inter Nos 2 Science Club 3 4 Booster Clubl 2 3 4 Vice Pres1dent3 HIY 2 3 4 SYCAMORE Stat! Subscription Editor Radio Workshop 2 Track 2 3 Canteen Board l 2 3 President 4 Student Council Treasurer 4 Senior Play Cast State Piano Contest Elk s Leadershlp Award NMSC Award Exchange Honor Student 4 EMIL RAY HALL-Aca-demic: Entered from More- head High School in l955' Radio Worshop 3. DAVID LEE HARRISON-Industrial Arts: ' ' Club: Football l 2 3, 4. GWENDOLYN CHLOE HENDRIX-Academic-Com- mercial' Booster Club 1 2 3 4: Ir Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: SYCAMORE Staff- Ir. Red Cross 1: Girl's State: Cadet Teaching 4' B Team Cheerleader 2' Varsity Cheerleader 3 4. IANICE KAY HETTMANSPERGER-Academic: Bocster Club 3, 4: lnter Nos 3' SYCAMORE Stall' Home-maker ol Tomorrow Award. THOMAS PHILIP HETTMANSPERGER-Academic: Science Club 2, 3: President 4: Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Inter Nos 2: Hi-Y 2. 3: Claplain 4: SYCA- MORE Stall: Golf l, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3. THOMAS WILLIAM I-IETTMANSPERGER-Acm demic-Industrial Arts: Club: Hi-Y 2, Vice President 3 and 4: SYCAMORE Staff: Track 2: Basketball 2. 3, 4: Football l: Cross Country 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3: Class President 2, 4. RUTH ELLEN HOFFMAN-Commercial: Booster Club 2, 4: Ir. Trl-Hi-Y 2: Sr. Tri-I-Ii-Y 4: GA.A. 2: SYCAMORE Staff: County Spelling Contest 3, :ff 1? DONALD LEE KEPPEL-Commercial: Science Club 4' Booster Club 2, 4: "W Club 4: Radio Workshop 4: Track 3 4: Cross Country 4 SANDRA IANE KEPPEL-Academic: Science Club 3' Booster Club 1 2: Inter Nos 2: Ir. Tri-Hi-Y I 2' Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3 4: Cadet Teaching 4' F.T.A. 4: Exchange Club Honor Student 4. BRENDA KAY KILANDEH-Academic: Inter Nos 2' Spanish Club 3, 4: G.A.A. 3. NANCY IANE KING-Commercial: Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Iournalism: Ir. Tri-Hi-Y 1, Sergeant At Arms 2: Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: G.A A. 1, Secretary- Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, Secretary 4: SYC- AMORE Staff: Radio Workshop 3: Orange 6. Black Advertising Manager 3 PAUL DAVID KOERNER-Industrial Arts: Booster Club l, 2, 3: Science Club 4: Iournalism 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Cross Country I: Orange 6 Black Stat! 2, 3, 4: Exchange Club Honor Student 4. STANLEY DOUGLAS LAWRENCE-Academic: Science Club 3: Inter Nos 2: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Track l, 2: Basketball I: Football 1, 2, STEPHEN LOUIS HOLTHOUSE Industrial Arts lcxence Club 4 National Honor Society 4 SYCA MORE Stail Photography Editor WILLIAM HOUSTON Industrial Arts Booster Club Football I VIRGINIA GAIL IACOBS Commercial Chorus 2 3 4 Ir Tr1H1Yl 2 Sr Tr1H1Y 3 SYCAMORE Staxf lr Red Cross 3 Booster Club l Z 3 4 ecretary Treasurer 3 Homecoming Queen 4 Varsity Cheerleader 3 4 B Team Cheerleader 2 E change Club Honor Student 4 DAVID LEE JEFFERSON Academic Science Club 3 Vice President 4 Booster Club l 2 Inter Nos Secretary Treasurer 2 H1Y 2 3 Secretary Treas u er 4 SYCAMORE Stati DEAN LA'VIOINE IINES Indus nal Arts Drama tics 4 Th spian 4 Basketball l Football I 2 3 KATHY 'UE IOrINSON Academic Booster Club In s Ir Tr1H1Y Sr Tr1Hx Nat onal Honor Society 4 SYCAMORE Stat! Fcdet Teaching 4 F T A 4 County Spelling Con tes l S'1'ErHEN GUFFIN IONES Academic Science Club 3 Secretary Treasurer 4 Booster Club l 2 3 4 W Club 3 4 Chorus 2 Inter Nos 2 Hi Y 2 3 President 4 SYCAMORE Staff Sports Edt tor Radno Workshop 4 Track Z 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Exchange Club Honor Student 4 LISA CATHERINE KAISER Commercial Booster Clubl 2 3 4 Dramatics 3 4 Thesplan 3 4 Ir Tn H1 Y l 2 Sr Tr1H1Y 3 Sergeant At Arms 4 Iunxor Play Cast Senior Play Cast Canteen Board 3 4 Ir Red Cross 3 May Queen 3 B Team Cheerleader 3 Varsity Cheerleader 4 Ex change Club Honor Student 4 LOIS ANN KEFFABER-Academic: Entered trom I.agro High School in 1954: Band 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4: Sr. Tri-Hill 3, 4' GA.A 4. DIXIE ROSE LEE-Commercial: Booster Club 3, 4: Iournalism 2, 3: lr. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Sr. Ti-I-Ii-Y 4: SYCAMORE Staff: Ir. Red Cross: Orange 6 Black, Typist 3: Oltice Helper 4: G.A.A. 4: Ex- change Honor Student 4: B.P.W. Scholarship. IUDITI-I ANN LEE-Commercial: Booster Club 1. Z, 3, 4: Ir. Tri-Hi-Y l, 2: SYCAMORE Staff ROSITA CATHRYN LIGHTBOURNE-Academic: Entered from Noble in 1955: Thespian 3: Chorus l,2,3: Inter Nos 4: Sr Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Iunior Play Cast: Senior Play Cast: Ca-:let Teaching 4: County Spelling Champ 4. SANDRA SUE LINTON-Commercial: Booster Club I 2. 3, 4: Quill 6 Scroll 3, 4: Iournalism Z, 3, 4: Ir Tri-I'Ii-Y I, 2: Sr. Tri-I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Spanish Club, Vice President 4: SYCAMORE Staft: lr. Red Cross, Secretary 3, 4: Orange 6. Black, Business Manager and Associate Editor: Varsity Cheer- leader 4, GRANT ROBERT LONG-Academic: Science Club 2, 3, 4: Booste Club 3, 4: Inter Nos 2: Hi-Y 2, 3. 4: Naitonal Honor Society 3, President 4: SYCA- MORE Staff: Radio Workshop: Basketball 1: Football 1: Boys' State. TERRY ALLEN LONG-Academic Sc ence Club 3 4 HxY 2 3 4 Radio Workshop I 2 F ot ba 1 TERRY GORDON MCDONALD Industrial Arts Booster Club 2 W Club 2 3 4 I-I1Y 2 Track 2 3 Football l IUDITH LEE McDOWELL Academi Commerclal Science Club 3 Booster Club I 2 3 Ir TrxH1Y l 2 Radio Workshop CLARENCE RAYMOND MCNEELEY Commercial Track l Cross Country 4 E I E NANETTE MATTERN Ac demic Science Club 4 B nd 2 3 4 Student Dlrpctor 3 4 E ost r Club 1 2 3 4 Inter Nos 3 Ir Tri Y I 2 Sr Tr1H1Y 3 4 Ir Red Cross Vice President 2 Homecoming Queen 2 Exchange Honor Student 2 Drum Maiorette 2 3 4 Outstanding Band Member Award IERRY LEE MI'LER Commercial Band I 2 3 4 J urnczlzsm I 2 3 H1Y 4 SYCAMORE Stait Phctcgrahpy Editor Orange 6. Black Staff 1 2 3 IUDITH INLEHILLA MILLER Commercial Chorus 1 3 4 Ir Tri HxY 1 Vice President 2 Sr Tri H1Y 3 Secretary 4 National Honor Society 4 SYCAMORE Str-'H Classes Editor Class Secre tary Treasurer 3 4 MA'iI' YN SUE MILLICAN Academlc Booster ub l n er os I Tri 1 Tri Hi Y 3 G A A GAYNE MINER Academic Science Club 4 Bard Vice rresident 2 President 3 4 Boost r Clrb T I 2 Sr Tr1Hx rgeant At Arms 3 GAA 1 Vice Presx cnt 7 SYCAMORE Stat! Canteen Board Stu dent Co nc1l2 3 FTA 4 Cadet Teaching 4 Ex charge Honor Student 4 DELBERT MOWERY Ccmmercial Journalism 3 4 Student Ccuncl l Z 3 Orange :S Black 3 4 Moy Kng 3 Class President 3 Class Vice Presx dent 2 4 DONNA IEAN RAGOSKE Academxc Booster Clubl 2 3 Qu1ll6 Scroll Iournahsm Inter Nos Secretary Treasurer 3 lr Tn H1Yl 2 Sr Tn H1Y 3 4 SYCAMORE Stat! Ir Red Cross 3 Orange 6 Black Staff Feature Edxtor 2 News Edxtor 3 Edltor 4 Natxonal Honor Socxety 4 LAWRENCE D RENBARGER Academlc Science Club't B ster Club4 W Club 3 4 H1Y2 3 4 Radxo Workshop 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Basketball 12 Football 2 Cross Country 3 4 CAROL SUE RICHWINE Commercial Booster Club l 2 3 Quill 6. Scroll 3 4 lournalxsm 1 2 3 4 Ir Tr1I'I1Y 1 Treasurer 2 Natxonal Honor Soc ety 4 SYCAMORE Stat! Copy Edrtor Orange 6 Black Stott l 2 3 Busmess Staff Co Editor Exchange Club Honor Student 4 PATRICIA KAY ROSS Commercial Band l 2 oster Club 1 2 3 T Y 2 Trx H1 Y 3 4 G A A Treasurer 4 PATRICIA ANNE RUMPF Commercxal S Trl HIY 4 County Spellmg Contest CLARA L SCHEERER Commercxal Booster Club l 2 3 Thesp an 3 4 Dramatlcs 3 4 Ir Tr1HxY l 2 Sr Tr1H1Y 3 4 Iunxor Play Cast Sensor Play Cast SYCAMORE Stait FTA 4 Cadet Teachmg 4 Ir Red Cross I DIXIE LEE MYERS Commercxal Chorusl 2 3 PHILIP WINTER NORRIS Academrc Entered lrcm Port Clxnton Hlgh School In 1955 Sclence Club 3 4 Booster Club 3 4 HIY 3 4 Golf 3 4 Cross Country 3 Senxor Play Cast TERRY IAMES OBRIEN General W Club 3 4 H1Y 2 3 Sergeant At Arms 4 Track Basketball 2 3 4 lst Conference Team 4 Foot ball l 2 3 4 lst All Conference Team 4 Stu dent Councnl 1 2 Boys State Athletxc Board Member 3 Gus Darlas Award MARIORIE ANN PARKER Commercxal Booster ub 1 Z orus l Tl-!Y34GAAl23Presdenl4SYA MORE Stall Ir Red Cross 4 TERRY LEE PARRETT Industrxal Arts Football IULIA ANN PARKS Commercxal Bandl 2 3 4 Boster Clubl 2 3 4 Ir Tr1I'l1Yl G A SHARON LINELLE PEGG Commercxal Booster Club 2 3 Chorus l Ir 'l'r1H1Y 1 2 Sr Tr1H1Y 3 SYCAMORE Staff LLOYD HUGH PRATT Academic Entered from Kokomo I-hgh School ln 1954 Spanrsh Club 2 3 SHIRLEY ANN PURDY Commercxal Booster ubl 2 Chorusl 4 Ir Trxl-I1Yl GAA l LOIS ANN SCOTTEN Commerclal Booster Club l 2 3 Chorusl 2 3 4 lr Tr1HYl Secretay 2 Cadet Teachmg 4 FTA 4 Outstandmg Chor us Member 2 IOY SHEPHERD Wxthdrew DONALD FRANCIS SINK Ccmmerctal Club H1Y 2 3 4 Spansh Club Treasurer 4 SYCAMORE Staff Track 2 Golt l Basketball Manager 2 3 4 Boys State Semor Play Cast KAREN EILEEN SMITH Academxc Sctence Club 3 R nd 7 3 Booster Club l 2 3 4 Inter Nos 2 Ir TrxH1Y l 2 Sr Tn HIY 3 4 Natronal Honor Society 4 SYCAMORE Staff Radio Workshop I 2 3 4 Cadet Teachmg 4 FTA Presxdent 4 Speech Contests VFW Essay Contest 4 U N Assembly 3 GEORGE P SMITH Il Commercial Band 1 2 4 Llb armn 2 3 4 Booster Club l 2 3 Natlonal Honor Socrety 4 SYCAMORE Stall Copy Edxtor RCd10 Workshop 3 Secretary Treasurer 3 Semcr Play Cast FTA 4 Cadet Teachmg 4 Speech Contests Ir Town M ettng Boys State State Clarmet Contest State Plano Contest UN Assembly 3 Scxence Club 3 Elks Award IACK RAYMOND SNYDER Industrxal Arts CHARLES WILLIAM STEPHENS Academrc Club 3 4 Scrence Club 2 3 4 Booster Club 3 4 Inter Nosl 2 3 HxY 2 3 4 Natxonal Honor Sccrety 4 SYCAMORE Stat! Radxo Workshop l 2 3 4 Student Manager 4 Footballl 2 3 4 Ir Red Cross 2 Boys State Senxor Play Cast Class Secretay Treasurer 1 FRANK EDWARD TYNER Academxc Scxence Club 4 Booster Club 2 3 4 'W Club 2 3 4 H1Y 2 3 4 Football Manager l 2 MARILYN ANN VANDIELEN Commercxal Chor usl 2 3 4 Ir Tr1H1Yl 2 SYCAMORE Statt ROBERT E VANLANDINGI-IAM lndustrxal Arts Entered from Lagro Hxgh School rn 1955 Cross Country 4 SANDRA LEE VROOMAN Academic Scxence Club 3 4 Band I Booster Club 2 3 lournalrsm 2 Inter Nos 3 Ir Tr1I-I1Y l 2 Sr Tr1HxY 3 4 SYCAMORE Stall Orange 6 Black Stall 2 Cadet Teaching 4 FT A 4 Vice Presxdent 4 WILLIAM L WEBB Commercial Entered from Van Lexhr I-hgh School rn 1956 CHARLES LINDLEY WERT Commercxal Band l Bccster Club 1 2 3 4 W Club 4 Iournalxsm 2 3 4 H1Y 2 3 4 Spamsh Club 3 SYCAMORE 'tall Trcck 1 3 Golf 4 Football 1 2 Football Manager 4 Orange 6. Black 2 3 4 WAYNE PAUL VVHITEHEAD General Scxence uh 3 4 os er Club 2 3 4 W Clu HxY 2 3 4 Basketball Manager 2 Football l DA E ALLEN WHITESEI. Ccmmercxal W Club T ack 1 3 4 Baske ball 1 3 4 Fo b ll 2 3 4 CIC Honorable M ntlon Student Councxl 1 2 3 4 H1Y 2 .,: .- r 1 - .: nw., -:H -.: : .1 :.., 7.. 3.:'r' ,.: I '. e': ' - .:,.w,. Cl ,msec ..:""'b3,4: z'3'4,,, . . f - ,, 3,4:r..2.,: t .2,,: ot- fz e': .3,4 . ,. : W 1 aw' M WWW , 4:1 M ,Www Jixgigiilggfl .,,. .,.,.. , . y NK W 4 WWA ,W Am ww S ' rg m A 495,- H91 Q...!' 7'-vu-... -... , wg.. w-can w.. 'U M. 9 ik, Qvm, -fx li' af, ,ff I ' -4 lil fl '51 bf f-qu get i?z??f?f525i J.. 39' I 'X u...4wf A .,,m 9 Q 1 Ln- 36 1 flu 5. X 2: W ,Va H A ' " 'FSR I. ww . Qin L, we -. A Y , b , b :X 'R -A i f -2 ww! if J ' g, ,, if MSW 1 f J' zrff x I . x .wir W ,si K MW ,V A " fwfim ' IOHN ADAMS BOB ALLEN ANN ARMSTRONG RONNIE ARRICK AUDREY ASHMORI-I WALLY BAHLER BEVERIY BEAUCHAMP DIANA BELLOCK MIKE BENT TRUDY BEVER DIANE BLAIR FRANK BOSTIC DONNA BOWMAN LEROY BRAUNELLER MERRILEE BROOKS MAX CARTER PAT CLEARY MARILYN CLINGAMAN IERRY COBURN LYLE COOK IERRY COX IAMES CRAFT VIRGINIA CRAMER KAREN CURTIS ANN DAUGHERTY BOB DAVIS DON DAY DIXIE D ARMOND MARY DEHART MAX DEETER SUSAN DEKAU ARTHUR DEYO SUE ANN DIRRIM IANET DRISCOIL MORRIS DUFFEY Juniors The junlor class IS made up of one hun dred nmeieen members Iudgmg from the hne work they d1d on the 1un1or sen1or prom and banquet they w1l1 be a graduatmg class long remembered Thexr ofhcers 1nc1ude Pres1dent Ann Daugherty Vlce Pres1dent Douglas Duker Secretary Treasurer Donna Bowman Athletlc Board Kenney M111er 'M ,Tw ,4 JT, 'snr se """'?"" " ii H, 'MJ Ax-H5 L, vm .ag ff: ry Q, '1' Page Sxxty ..,V, I E I K 'rj W .Eb 44 , Ezl f if .:., I2 I .L y N ' I. Q K ,f L 2 . xl.. : 22: :,, ,, :.l IE: X aff ::,:IQ I - .,.. S' .... 1 H v..' A 1, 53: I .--V. I v'Vy..y I ,--- " '-1 -f-' , if '.-.5.:.'- , .,,..:,.,-- , ,J , , 1 -'Q-- fQ ' A . A . K A -.,, V- I. A "",.' ---- ' I R , ..:, if Qy., . X y.,, I R ,, , nb'n"n i eyyy I I - VKVV 'Q 2 -1554 ' - .,.,. sl I I A H, If If 1 Z, . DOUG DUKER PETER ENGLEMAN TERRY ENYEART 'gf L' f BARBARA EVANS fi BILL EVANS 'Qui SALLY GAUNT DUKE GIDLEY IIM GRAY EDDIE GRIBBEN IANE HAMILTON BILL HAPNER LINDA HARNER DENNIS HAUPERT ION HELFIN KENNY HIPSHER MIKE HIPSKIND NICK HIPSKIND 'wl- mg? ROGER HOFFMAN IEARELL HONEYCUTT LJ "' if Q Biff MARY HORNER -.N hz ,qv gf DENNY IINKS PAT IEWELL BOB KASTNER MARCIA KESSLER MARY LIZ KING RICHARD KNOTTS BOB KULB SUSAN LAVENGOOD SANDRA IAWRENCE LARRY LAYTON IANICE IEMING E' DIA LEWIS Q IANET LEWIS SALLY LONG SUSAN LUETHGE BOB MARKS IUDY MCPHEARSON ANN MENDENHALL I 1 TERRY MENDENHALL ,f HOWARD MIDDLETON KENNY MILLER LARRY MILLER IANICE MOELLER HOYT MOHR MIKE MOORE PCNNTE NEEDHAM PAT 0 CONNER TOM O HARA ELIZABETH OSWAIT NANCY PARKS NANCY PERRY GARY POOLE ION PULIEN SALLY RI-IOADS WAYNE RICHARDS 'nl Y :QE H ',V,,..V .:.A I ,-,: .5 . VA I IYB E I I B ' ,.,,: a Y ,Q Zu' .'.:, ry I YBL I I W' 1 x.:,,,, -.f' ' ., QQ "' .et J I I LILB I 21 - I .Lg-I ..., , ",, Ref, '- ',,,I I 'A 1:.,. .z R' 'I P5 K , .. I ,ff I' Vw ,f I GLORIA RICKMAN , Q, ELAINE ROBBINS BARBARA Boss A, NEVA Boss f 'Ii FU in was 'inn DANA RUSSELL GEORGE SAVAGE SUSAN SEIBLE IUDY SMITH PEGGY SMITH IIM SNAVELY LARRY STARBUCK SANDRA STEWART DON ULSHAFER IOHN UNGER DARLENE VANCAMP IANICE VROOMAN IOHN WADE BEVERLY WALKER IANICE WALTERS BILL WEESNER DAVE WILLARD DARLENE WILLIAMSON DALLAS WINCHESTER PATT WINEGARDNER DAVID ZOLMAN Iv, M4 vs. Page SIXIY two I I lllz Klzl V f IL ---- 3 f '... :" .:- A' it Y Q E',, fi I "'II,,A ,." ."- I I --':f , I. I n I ..::-- L . l"I1" ,,:.: :ga I 4 I- -" 11.1.31 . g - 5 f D 7 2 . :I ,fi S v 32 - ' H., jf s Z wndfww ui IUDY AARON BARBARA ADAMS DAVID ANDERSON IOAN BABER SU IE BARRU VIRGINIA BAYS BOB BEAUCHAMP IANICE BENSON CAROY BERG CRAIG BLACK LORA BLEVINS IEAN BOARDMAN Sophomores The class of "fifty-nine", composed of one hundred fifty-eight students is our second largest class They are very well represented rn all extra currrcular GCIIVIIIGS at Wabash H1gh Therr attrtude contrlbutes rnrghhly to our general school spmt The class offrcers prctured are Pres1dent Leshe Brrcker Vlce Presldent Davld Koenrq Secretary Treasurer Llnda Werland Athletrc Board Duane Keffaber '5v1 M sv SKIP BOISSON 'V I' SUE BONEWIT TOM BOWMAN 'UE BREWER LEE BRICKER CAROL BRITTAIN KATIE BROOKS IUDY BROTHERS MIKE BURTON BOB CANTRELL ELLEN CHAMBERLAIN PAT CHRISTY CAROL COLLINGE BEVER'Y COrELAND IANE COPPOCK ,nj LARRY COX ROBERTA COX STEVEN CULI ERS IOAN CULVER MARY CULVER I-IILDA DAMRON BILLIE DAUGHERTY Q?-Lan 4' 'Yi uk J YB A Page Sxxly four S S N A bzb. E M ., Lr rr 1 rIL I Braa Q -.,. ,.:..,?, V -':- k 3 .-,, -it - -"-,-- -V V' N 1 F - 5? .55 '::,.. .Q 5 .,.,. . ,, , Avt: 1 .:-,,l- Z A-,.---f- ,.,, B .. I .,:. E I kj .,,. 1 ...Q ' - -.":'. I' VIIZ I '12 N M LESHE BRICKER a'n,L ' O rrru A rerr I ll, 1 I ,. ,.:.... zg.. 121,155 fin . I uiil " sg H lb :fr-nz., I .irzz f fr J I , f LARRY DECKER IUDY DERCK PAT DERRICK MAX DILL IKE DUFFEY RUTH ANN ELTZROTH KENNEY ELLIOTT HAROLD ELDRIDGE LANCE ECKMAN BECKY DYER BOB ENGLEDOW BECKY ENYEART IIM EVANS EDITH EVERROAD IOY FEARNOW IERRY FERGUSON STEVE FULWIDER DAVE GACKENHEIMER BOB GLAZIER IUDY GORE kv? . .W A " I I ""' I ' ----' A ,W 1, N DAVE GRAY gf um BEVERLY GROSSNICKLE SUSAN HARRIS WAYNE HENDRIX NEVEN HETTMANSPERGER TOM HODSON GENE HOPKINS SALLY HOWENSTINE JERRY HUNT HAROLD HUTCI-IISON CHARLES IACOBS PEGGY IINKS RUBY IEWEL BARBARA IOBE MARILYN IOHNSON RoNN1r: KASTNER DUAN1: KEFFABER - CHARLES KEPPEL DAVID KOENIG If ' SALLY KOONS Qi. ,A z Ion LAWSON LINDA LAwsoN .. LARRY LEE A LINDA LEHMAN In ANN LINTON ' BETTY LYNN LINDA MccL1NT1c GLORIA MALLOCK ., 5 sYLv1A MAYFIELD TERRY MCLAUGHLIN BOB MAGNER LINDA MERRYMAN BOB MIDDLETON ROSALYN MIDDLETON I. D. MILLER .ew 'K 'W LYNN MILLER ELLEN MOORE CAROL MULLENIX GREG MYERS BILL MYERS BILL NEHER IOAN NIXON M., MIKE NORRIS "' SAM NORWOOD CHRISTINE ovERHoL'r DARLENE PENN was PAT PETERSON IUYCE PETITT KAREN PINK!-:RToN ,,,. IACK POOLE IOHN POWELL LINDA PRATT ROBERT PRESSLER BECKY PUTERBAUGH BARBARA QUEEN STEVE RAVER IIM REAHARD GARY RICE SALLY RICHARDS DICK RICHARDSON BOB RISSER RAYMOND RIZZO TERRY ROBISON LORA ROSS Y GEORGE SCHEERER IODY SCHLEMMER LARRY SCOTT Q4 fl in KRISTI SLAYMAN LARRY SMELTZLY Nw YM' BEVERLY SMITH CAROL SMITH IOHN SPARKS MONEEN SPEICHER IIM SPEIDEL CAROL '-'TOUT LARRY SUMPTER SANDRA SWITZER KAREN TATUM DAVE THOMPSON BEVERLY TITUS ALYCE TRISLER RICHARD TUCKER IAMES ULSHAFER IIM VICKERY ELIZABETH WALTER IULIE WALTER STEVE WALTER 1 SIDNEY WEBB LINDA WEILAND ,Q 'Id' .T S if Vi Hifi. M arm 1' U 'F inf' ,,-.,q- - Q --.- i I .Q ,.,a ::,-,. A- 2 31:51 1 .:,. : .... lap R E I I 7 -,.- A f-,,. 'P ' Q " ,", :-,,,.,: 2 '::: H ,."' , 5 "','v f YW I .,,,. . . ' ,P., I :ni Q.. E1 .,.. 1 ' ..., 1, P 6 ' ' 'Qi .ILI j :Ir A . ' I ,, A f . '-. , ' :IEW , cl-mm ES RAMEY A E ':"" :lv H .b.,. ff- nzl: ,--, :.l- A P TEN A PN. u. A, A hp f ,Y I Z . ":.V.. E 7 4 .. 3 , :b, 1 .. PP. . AP" 1 - '1-' 2 Z5 ...zg 4 :-.:. ., ., . fi ,.f: QJVS A ":::"-"'- I i In , I '-l, "1f , , ..,. :vv NE: Q A' ' 2-V. Q if 'P:- -':" 2 f.-- sh.,.. fx ,v,. . PHIL WERT IIM WILLIAMS IAMES WILSON Boa w1NxsL1oHN 5' z wk mc!-man wou' 'WV Page Sixty-seven its 'ui' IOE ARMSTRONG RENEE ARMSTRONG LOIS BAHLER MARILYN BAHLER IUDY BAKER PHIL BALDUS IOHN BALLARD ROBERT BARRUS IOYCE BARNETT PHILLIP BARNETT WILLIAM BARNES IODY BECKMAN HENRY BELL SANDRA BLACK BETTY BLEVINS LINDA BONEWIT DANNY BOONE LARRY BOONE MAURINE BOWTON LINDA BOWTON LOUISE BRADLEY GENE BRIM RONNIE BRINEGAR PAUL BROWN PHYLLIS BROWN VICKIE BRUNN CAROLE CAMP KAREN CARR RITA CARTER MIKE CHAMBERLAIN BARBARA CLUPPER ILENE COOPER PAM CORNELL RONALD CRIST Freshmen The freshman class of Wabash High seems to get larger with the coming of each September This September was certainly no exceptlon W1th one hundred erghty SIX freshmen enrolled at Wabash Hlgh The freshmen offrcers for 1956 57 are Presrdent hm Rrdenour VICE Presrdent Larry Leonard Athletrc Board Bob Houston Secretary Treasurer B111 Gray FQ vm no in 'S if 5 'WIP HP WW g ,Q qw wt' .gulf if QQ 1' if M Page Sxxty ezght E ., "'l A 35 dgfl if "" I ,,,. W .,.,, dog Qlll V Q Ex! .,.E, as E ,-- Q- -i-,Z ., A I .,.....,. I 4 E .1 I N 1. 1. wi srrsm as uuuub E llll . R. A n u u MADELYN Bosrlc P: .,v. if .P A.,: , I .. - Q.: i g , W Q fi QAVA E ,I , 1 ..., j ' T o 51, A' A u fu 'Ur ' ini -5 I - Z. 1 41 15 ,. - K ..,, 4 "' A :il A r'.,- Q' '..-"A Iii- H . I. '-'--V .1 V I ,,,:: , H ,--l "" A :II I g- if- jk I --:: E I- ,',vV f- 'Q' sf 1 S' LYNN CROSS DAVID CRULL DAVID DAUGHERTY TANYA DAVIS BOB DAY ww -mf CAROL DECKARD HANK DECKER DAVID DELAUTER usb' SHIRLEY DELAUTER DIXIE DeVORE IOHN DEAL ORE DILL TI-IEOD BEVERLY DOHSE wh. if BONNIE DOHSE IIM DRISCOLL .Q DIANNA DUFFEY VIRGINIA DUFFEY TOM DROOK .F W- mme' DOUGLAS ECKHART PAUL EDWARDS LINDA ELLIS BECKY ENGLAND CHERRY EVANS ELLA PAWLEY BETTE FRANCIS LARRY FRIEDERSDORF MARY GAMSBY ,A CAROLYN GANT RICHARD GIDLEY STEVE GIERKE DENNIS GILLEN Y 'H 'Q BILL can sl-:Anon GROSSNICKLE .4 35 is DON HALDERMAN IA CK HAMILTON LEROY HANSEN IANICE HARMON SANDRA HARRIS BECKY HARRISON NANCY I-IIATT 13' SARA HIPSKIND LINDA HOLDEN BOB HUSTON MABLE HYDENN MABLE HYDEN KENNETH JOHNSON IENENE IONES BILL KAISER CONNIE KEFFABER DICK KESSLER BEVERLY KING CHARLES KRAMER IUDY LAKE BILL LQSALLE BARCLAY LAVENGOOD if 'Q 'V I 3, fd' A,A, . , me ,pi ' f gif' 2 "" . SQ f" . '11 :Z J, ..,. i , 5 . ,. D I N 'MF ii N . ,p . . wir - - - .E ..,V H . , Q' DEARL MOORE IOHN MULLINS VERLIS NEAL HARRY NEEDHAM IOHN NORRIS GARY ORR KAREN OSTENDORI' HM PASCHALL IOHN PATTON DONNA PEARSON SANDRA PETERSON SHARON PHILLIPS STEVE PORTER RITA PUTERBAUGH IIM REAHARD DAVID RENBARGER BOB RICHARDS IIM RIDENOUR PHILLIP RINEARSON LINDA RISH RICHARD ROBINETT NANCY ROSS DEWAYNE SANDERS IIM SCHAAF HM SCHLATTER MARTHA SCHLEMMER IIM SCOTT MARY SHANAHAN TERRY SHALLEY IUDY SHAW BEVERLY SHEPLER CHARLENE SHOEMAKER FRIEDA SIMPSON GEORGE SIMPSON SALLY SINK KAYE LECKRONE DAVID LELAND LARRY LEONARD LARRY LESTER EDDIE LEWIS MARGO LOCKWOOD DOUG LONG SANDRA LOWE BILL MABEE ALLEN MARSHALL LARRY MATTERN SANDRA MATTERN COLE MCCOMBS SANDRA MCCUNE ALMA MENDENHALL DENNY MILLER IOYCE MILLER DAVID MILLICAN VICKIE MISER KAREN MOELLER -nr r-"4 iuaff vii'- -- WHL 1 555 ef AK ful .ar- lib- : A I ...f .gy I-Iffgw ani' xi 1 J. I f.,' " -:-, .... In at ig as xx 4 W K W . : .',,,:-V ...ML 4 .. ,L if '-.. Q I -:LAX qx ' I II? , . I - , Q .tll ,.,. ,:-II..- "R::' I - , D. I -I .,.-. - '- .. ff , I - .E if -, 'a,- :V , Y M Q, My if z 'I ---f .f 'T' YA " .:. - "'I.. if ""' ' ,':,.,5..:.., 4 , "' j xx K 115:15 Zi, f i E2+RI-RS 'I S.D.IDID, F 5. I Q, I ' ....v :A ... , A .. - :--E-1, I A PE ID ESD HP YVONNE SKAGGS IO ELLEN SMITH HELEN SPRADLIN CAROL STACKHOUSE MARGIE SNAVELY DAVID SOPHER GLENNA SPARKS IAMES STARBUCK LARRY STEEL FRED STONE ROBERTA STOOPS GENE STRICKLER LANA THEISS BARBARA THRUSH ANN SUMMERLAND Q nzx TEMPLE -H-f ,J ROBERT TEUSCH STEVEN THRUSH PAM TRISLER DIANE TURNER -UW' 4.2. A 'Qi 'iii' ,lk- 'HF' v-I BILL TUZA IUANITA TYNER GERALD VANLANDINGHAM IOYCE VANLANDINGHAM SUSAN VROOMAN ORDAN WADE MICHAEL WAGONER MARY ANN WATKINS MARY ANN WEBB MARY LOUISE WEBB COLIN WEESNER BEVERLY WHITE MAX WILKE STANLEY WILLIAMS MANCY WINTERROWD SHARON WINER VICKIE WOOD LANNY WRIGHT BONNIE WRIGHT SHARON ZOLMAN 'Bw , ' ,X I, "" I '-" i I ix , I-gag 'LU L I .,. lb.. s .- ISA, m , .., S' VAAW ,,,,,: gy M A ':QA-' . 4, .A A I uquu 'E , GERRY 'rvm-:B ah ., N In My I "'- I .'., A VVAVl V I 'P I ,IA . VM AY n-Afv 11' Htllllltt We appreciate our competent faculty. You will soon glimpse at those who have urged us on toward success. Without the guid- cmce of the faculty few of us could obtain the goals for which we strive. 1 UU 'Z ,vg- fl E .pf , F- ,QE Myne 4 r ' 2 Slew as ff- f Xt ., .. QSM? wh. l x K Ag 4 F A -,W :J ,fb ,VE ABU : . .,. T5 M Cl-'45' Q5 . , N,Mwe'f4 -.f:' ' 0- ....,,.,.,,. 4 5.4 ,...y-:- ,U 3 .,.:- 3: f I . 1 , .. if' "K , ii A 7 ........... S.: 2 S, 3 M- L A 3 X' Q , Qs 9 C- 1 ' t.:-gh Q S? f. ' . v kan- L... . 4-.Aw ' 2. N .xq ,..-V., ,,, 1 M .X E Rf leewell H. Carpenter Superintendent A B M1am1 Unrversrty MA Unlverslty of Chrcago Umversrty of Mlchlgan W1s consm Uruversrty Seheal Beard The School Board of the Wabash Hlgh School for the year 1956 1957 has been Treasurer Marshall C Henderson Hrtter Lcrvengood Iohn F Walter Secretary Jae l Shanahan Prrnerpal AB Manchester College MA Oh1o State Umversrty Indrana Unxverslty Pur due Unrverslty G. C. Baber-President: W. DIAIIHOUC- ELDON E BARNHART IACOB C BILL KATI-IRYN A BIRD B Accts Manchester Collcce Ph B BS Manchester College Butl r Uni AB Manchester College Latin Eng cipal Commercial GLADYS DOVE F EARL DUNN ROBERT L ELLIOTT AB Indiana State Teachers College Iowa State Teachers College BA BS MS Indiana State Teachers Col MS Indiana University Librarian MA Director of Bands lege Biology Uhniversithiz ot Chicago: Assfstant versity: Chemistry, Algebra. I lishzl I PORTIA HAUPERT MILDRED HIPSKIND I AUSTIN HOLLOWAY A B B S Marlon Colleqe Indrana Um Ph B Umversrty of Chrcaqo Am rr B S Ball State Teachers College Wood versrty Lewrs 6. Clark Umversl v Eng can Umversxty Uruversrty of Colorado Shop Mechamcal Drawmg Track lrsh Hrstory Coach ROSANNA HUFF IAMES IONES MARTHA B IONES ar am ollege Boys Physrcal AB lndrana Umversrty Umversrty of Boson Massachus tts MM Iordan Educcztrorm Basketball Coach Arrzona DePauw Umversrty Englrsh Conservatory Musrc B.S.M., Manchester College: A.I.M.E., A.B., E lh C : ' ' ' ' ' : ' ' ODETTE N KANTZER MARY CATHRINE MCCARTER DORIS MCDONALD Valparaiso Umversity Indiana Univer Bb Purdue University Foods Cloth AB Hanover College Girls Physical sity University of Chicago University 1 q A vanced Hom Economics Edt cation of Colorado Commercial PAUL MYERS CECILIA E MILLS IAMES OLIVER Colleqes BS MA Indiana Unrvers versi 1 Kent State Mata matics aid VVSKS R dro Station Manager ity History cmd Government Boys Eriglisli Ccunselor Manchester, Franklin, and Marshall A.B., Ma'chfster Colletrep Indiana Uni- R. Ed., Toledo University: Physics: ' '- "fi .. : le' 1 ' . 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AMERICAN ROCK WOOL BAXTERS TEXACO STATION BICKELS SHOE REPAIR BILLINGS BOGER THOMAS TIRE SERVICE BREWERS DAIRY BAR BROWN TRUCKING COMPANY KENNETH BOWTON BIETMAN 6 WOLF CENTRAL CUT RATE CHRONISTER S GROCERY CITIZENS ABSTRACT COMPANY CITY MEAT MARKET CLUPPER S DAIRY COBURN S VARIETY STORE CONTAINER CORPORATION OF AMERICA CREDIT BUREAU CROSS SALES 6. 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RECORD CENTER SCHEER COAL COMPANY SCHEERER BOTTLING PLANT SCHLEMMER BROS SCOTT S DIME STORE SEARS ROEBUCK :S COMPANY HOMER T SHOWALTER SMYER S GROCERY SOUTH SIDE GARAGE STEPHEN S ELECTRIC STORYS ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR SUSAN S SMALLWOOD TALBERT BROS GARAGE THOMPSON S WOMEN S APPARELL TEENAGER UNION RESTAURANT UTTER 6. HENDRIX VICE BROS PATTERN 6 FOUNDRY WABASH BUILDER SUPPLY WABASH CAFETERIA WABASH CASTINGS COMPANY WABASH COUNTY FARM BUREAU WABASH MOTOR PARTS WABASH R E M WALLAWAY CORP WASSMAN S DRESS SHOP WILKINSON LUMBER CO F W WOOLWORTH COMPANY WABASH WATER COMPANY WALTZ STUDIO PERU INDIANA YARNELL LUMBER COMPANY DR YODER FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN WABASH STANDARD GROCERY ff . . . C.

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