Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN)

 - Class of 1953

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Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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.fwzihq :iIs?QE1'Uus-1.15-'D' A "'a5-4Lq.-515'-:imp S5 g f if 5- 1 1 I ' 1 V LC ,1- ,rv 1- L+ fi 4 in 3 il, 1 1 X .. . AIX JH .. I- - 'r.. FN , . , A w HJ, H ,. Img. Y 'I i . fig H14 11 Tn , ' 1 , " 3' 'I'-'-i . 1 1 ' n A' I ," V fi" 24" ' I3 1 iV I 1 V 1 fl '3 1' Q .1 gil. ilrf L' ...Q ,, A an xx ,f ' . . N29 'J Tiff- ,df 1.-112 -f l 1.9 i - . 'T 1 .' ' X .71 . ,,x .J . , I I , . . 5' W , TV . I . 1 C w w p I 4 .. 1 Apu,-.L--,,4'f7f. - 'r A 1 .:' ' Ze Sycamore larwenfecf 4, Me Cfaaa 0 7953 ,M!aAa4A .JLhgl1 564005 wma, Jndzana f Q ecfionfi of llfljagadlz .S7cAoo!. . . you wi!! CD EDITCIRS afwagd Ae in our foncfedf memoriefi. Pg Th r Am ggsg -. if Alflf, I ' Foreword It is pleasant indeed to ponder upon the pool of memory and see the various occasions which are reflected there. Contained between these covers are pages of familiar scenes re- fleeting the memories of our past year. Fond memories are to be enjoyedg do not linger here - - read on. fi lcsc 2 Page Five Wabash High School Song We're loyal to you, Wabash High, We're all staunch and true, Wabash High. We'l1 back you to stand 'gainst the best in the land, For We know you've got sand, Wabash High. Go smash that blockade, Wabash High, Go crashing ahead, Wabash High. Our team is our fame protector, Oh, boys, We all expect a victory from you, Wabash High i Page Six :Lv S0 Jr, EM lb mum Q 2' ,-ff: xx Q -f fr , 3:2 27 7 Q LJ M 3 3, g D c X fc f E X if f N 5 R YQ W M iff, :N BGARD OF EDUCATIQN DR. GEORGE B. FULTS MR. FRANK RETTIG MR. LAURENCE J. GRAY Secretary President in-H Page Eight Treasurer SECRETARIES MRS. WILLIS LIGHTFOOT Office of the Superintendent MRS. GEORGE SHAVER Office ot the Principal PRINCIPAL MH. JOE SHANAHAN A.B., Manchesier College M.A., Ohio Staie University ' 1 SUPERINTENDENT LEEWELL H. CARPENTER AB., Miami Universiiy AM., Universiiy of Chicago University of Michigan University of Wisconsin Page Nine FACULTY ELDON E. BARNHART GLADYS DOVE Ph.B., University of Chicago A.B., Indiana State Teachers' Assistant Principal College Commercial MS. Indiana University Librarian KATHRYN A. BIRD A.B., Manchester College Latin, English ROBERT L. ELLIOTT J. AUSTIN HOLLOWAY B.S., Indiana State Teachers' B.S., Ball State Teachers' College College Biology Wood Shop, Mechanical Draw- ing, Track Coach IVIILDRED HIPSKIND Ph.B., University ot Chicago American University History, English ROSANNA HUFF MARTHA B. JONES B.S.M., Manchester College A.B., Indiana University MM., Jordan Conservatory DePauw University Chorus University ot Arizona English, Girls' Adviser A. R. JINKS A.B., Hanover College Arthur Jordan Conservatory Band, History RUTH JONES LEWIS KAUEFMANN A.B., DePauw University BS., Ball State Teachers' Assistant Principal College English MS., Indiana University Social Studies, Educational Guidance, Boys' Adviser ODETTE N. KANTZER Valparaiso University Indiana University University ot Chicago University ot Colorado Commercial Wabash High School is trulg fortunate in possessing such splendid and competent instruc- tors, who, through their patience and kindly ad- vice, have guided us safely along the path to graduation. Page Ten FACULTY Praise for our school usually has been cli- 'rectecl towarcl the student body, while the fac- ulty has remaihecl in the baclcgrouucl. We ap- preciate the encouieagement and spirit of co- 0pe1'at'1'02z of our principal ancl teachers lu help- iug us to achieve high goals. Page Eleven LeNORE LEWIS AVIS C. METZGER B.S., Ball State Teachers' R.N., Granty County Hospi- College tal ol Nursing Physical Education B.S., Indiana University School Nurse NANCY M. MERTZ A.B., Manchester College English, Spanish CECILIA E. MILLS JAMES OLIVER A,B., Manchester College B.Ed., Toledo University Mathematics, Dramatics Physics, Chemistry Electri city, W.S.K.S. Manager CLAIRE MILLER A.B., University of Illinois Home Economics REX SIMS DOROTHY B. SOUIRES Indiana University A.B., Indiana University Indiana State Normal English, Journalism Central Normal Shop WARD SMITH A.B. DePauw University Physical Education Basketball Coach JOHN R. TATUM LUTIE YOUNG B.S., Indiana University A.B., Oxford College Health, Driver's Training M.S., Indiana University Football Coach Mathematics VERA V. WILSON B.S., Columbia University M.A., Columbia University Art. SENIOR CLASS QFFICERS V JAY HUFFMAN TOM MATTERN LARRY AMICK TED PLY President Vice-Presideni Secretary-Treasurer Aihleiic Board The Senior Class of '53 The faculty at Wabash High, Sincerely hopes that you Our classmates and our friends, Will cherish as a treasure Activities and studies, too, This recorcl, as we clo. Are clear as this year encls. For ioe'i1e einbocliecl in this book, Ancl if in future years your glance Imprinted on each page, Shoulcl scan these pages oler, A high-school life u1e'll not forget, May olays at Wabash High return Though it may cliin with age. Through this, your Sycamore. Page Twelve SEN IORS LARRY D. AMICK-Academic, Hi-Y, president 4, Science Club, president 4, Class secretary-treasurer 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Sycamore Statt, snapshot editor, Radio Workshop 2, 3, 4, Exchange Club Honor Student 3, Colt 3, 4, Junior Play, Speech, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, "W" Club, JU ANN ANDERSON-Academic, Entered 1950 trom Chippewa High School, Tri-Hi-Y, Science Club, Library Club, Band, Majorette 4. WUODWARD H. BALDUS-Academic, Science Club, Football 1, Sycamore Stall, concessions manager, Radio Workshop, In- tramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Tennis 3, 4. VIRGINIA L. BANKS-Commercial, G.A,A., Tri-l-li-Y. PAT A. BARRUS-Commercial, Booster Club. BERNE BASSE-Academic, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, Science Club, Inter Nos, Class vice-president 2, M.C.L., "W" Club, Gridiron Medal, Boys' State. VIRGINIA ANNE BLACK-Academic, Class secretary-treasurer 1, 3, Inter Nos, Science Club, Spanish Club, Booster Club, Tri-Hi-Y, chaplain 2, 3, treasurer 4, Canteen Secretary- treasurer 2, 3, Orange 8: Black, business manager 3, Syca- more Statt, Radio Workshop, Junior Red Cross Council, treasurer 1, Student Council, Exchange Club Honor Stu- dent 2. MARY RUTH BONEWIT-Commercial, Tri-HIAY, CAA., Booster Club. DAVID R. BRADY-Academic, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, Sci- ence Club, Speech, Junior Red Cross Council, Junior Play, Inter Nos, Dramatics, "W" Club, Intramural Basketball, Booster Club, Senior Play. JERRY T. BRADY-Industrial, Science Club, "W" Club, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club. JAMES E. BURKE-Industrial. KENNETH L. BURKHDLDER-Academic, Football 1, Intramural Basketball, Booster Club, Science Club, Radio Workshop, Senior Play. JIM BURNSWURTII-Commercial, Hi-Y, Booster Club. CATHERINE CAMPBELL-Commercial, Entered from Urbana 1952, Booster Club. ROGER CARPENTER-Vocational. J0 ANN CLAUVE-Academic, Tri-Hi-Y, sergeant-at-arms 4, In- ter Nos, Ouill 8r Scroll, M.C.L., G.A.A., Junior Red Cross Council 3, 4, president 4, Sycamore Stalt, co-editor, Span- ish Club, Booster Club, "B" Team Yell Leader 1, Orange 8: Black, Girls' State. LUIS COLDREN-Commercial, Entered from Lagro 1952, Tri-Hi-Y. A. J. CORSIJ-Academic, Sycamore Stall, Hi-Y, Radio Workshop, Spanish Club, Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball Manager 3, 4, Speech, "W" Club, Science Club, vice-president 4. SENIORS LIIIIEN LEE DALE-Academic, Oranqe gl Black, Dramatics, Stu- dent Council 4, Hi-Y, Science Club, Radio Workshop. JOANN E. DAY-Commercial, GAA., Booster Club, Student Council. DDRUTIIY IIEIICII-Academic-Commercial, CAA., Booster Club, Tri-Hi-Y. KAY DeVOBE-Commercial, C.A.A., Library Club, vice-president 2, Chorus Z, 3, Dramatics, Tri-Hi-Y, "B" Team Yell Lead- er, Booster Club, Sycamore Statt. EVALYN PIIYLLIS DEYO-Academic-Commercial, Entered from Noblesville 1950, Tri-Hi-Y, Booster Club, Inter Nos, M.C.L., Chorus. IIATIIIIYN DIIISCOLL-Commercial, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, Library Club, president 3, secretary-treasurer, Spanish Club, Speech. JAMES M. DIIDUK-Industrial, Football l, 2, 3, Junior Play. TIIGMAS LEE IIIINI-'EE-Vocational, "W" Club, Science Club, Hi- Y, secretary-treasurer 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Track 3. IIEBECCA ELLIDTT-Academic, Tri-Hi-Y, Booster Club, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4. IIELEN J. FELTS-Academic, Booster Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Speech 2, Spanish Club. CAIIIILYN L. GAMBLE-Commercial, Band, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Club, Booster Club. JAMES C. GILLEN-Academic, Football l, 2, 3 ,4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Golf l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross Council l, Student Council 2, Athletic Board 3, Junior Play, Science Club, Hi- Y, Sycamore Statt, circulation editor, Radio Workshop, "W" Club, Spanish Club, Senior Play. IIEAUTTA GIIUSCUST-Commercial, Entered from Lagro 1952, Tri--Hi-Y, Band, Spanish Club, Dramatics. DEAN I". GUIITNEII-Academic, Football 1, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Club Tennis Z, 3, 4, Speech, Hi-Y, Science Club, Spanish , vice-president 4, "W" Club. PATRICIA IIAMILTDN-Commercial, Booster Club, Chorus. PAIJLA ANN IIAIINISII-Academic Tri-Hi-Y- C.A.A. vice- resi- . I P dent 3, Inter Nos, Booster Club, Sycamore Statt. PATRICIA ANN IIAIIPEII1'-Commercial, Dramatics, secretary 4, Thespian, vice-president 4, Junior Play, Chorus, Band, sergeant 4, G.A.A., Tri-Hi-Y, Library Club, Science Club, Sycamore Statl, M.C.L., Senior Play. JEIIE' CAIIOL IIAWLEY-Academic, Tri-Hi-Y, president 2, vice- president 3, Student Council, president 3, Booster Club, In- ter Nos, Science Club, Exchange Club Honor Student 2, Orange 81 Black, business manager 2, feature editor, l se- mester, editor, 3 semesters, Ouill Sr Scroll, Dramatics, Junior Play, Sycamore Statt, M.C.L., Senior Play. SENIORS RICHARD HAYS-Academic, Entered from Memphis, Tennessee, April 1950, Dramatics, Spanish Club, Chorus, Junior Play, Speech, SHIRLEY MAE HENTGEN-Commercial, CAA., point manager 3, Library Club, vice president 3, Booster Club, "B" Team Yell Leader l, 2, Spanish Club. MARGARET HETTMANSPERGER-Academic, CAA., Tri-Hi-Y, Booster Club, Radio Workshop. JANE HIPPENSTEEL-Commercial, Chorus, Booster Club: Tri-Hi-Y JOHN HODEL-Academic, Junior Red Cross Council 1, Science Club, Hi-Y, Camera Club, Student Council 2. SUSAN ELAINE HODEL-Academic, Band, sergeant 4, Tri-Hi-Y, Sycamore Statt, Library Club, lnter Nos, C.A.A., Science Club. CHARLES EDWARD HORNER-Academic-Industrial, Chorus, "W" Club, Thespian, Dramatics, Junior Play, Hi-Y, Basketball Manager 2, Speech. DICK HOWELL-Academic, Football l, Z, 3, 4, Camera Club, Spanish Club, Hi-Y, Speech, Science Club, "W" Club. JAY HUFFIVIAN-Academic, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4, Football All-Conference Third Team 3, Football All-Conlerence First Team 4, Basketball All-Con- terence Second Team 4, All-State-Football Team 4: Gus Dorais Football Trophy, "W" Club, president 4, Camera Club, Science Club, Red Cross Council l, 2, vice-president 2, Radio Workshop, Athletic Board 2, Class President 3, 4, Sycamore Staff, sports editor, Boys' State, Gus Dorais Basketball Trophy, Sportsmanship Award. JOHN JACOBY-Industrial. SUE .IINHS-Academic, Chorus, Orange Sz Black, Tri-Hi-Y, vice president 2, secretary 3, Band, sergeant 3, tirst lieutenant 4, Drum Majorette 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, M.C.L., Sycamore Staff, Canteen Board, Senior Play. DAVID KNOTTS-Academic-Industrial, Band, sergeant 3, 4, Chor- us, Hi-Y, Speech. VON D. HULDAU-Academic, Football l, 2, Science Club. CAROL ANN LANTZ-Academic, Booster Club, Tri-Hi-Y, secre- tary 4, Junior Red Cross Council 3, 4, vice-president 3, secretary 4, Science Club, secretary 4, Speech, Dramatics, Junior Play, Inter Nos, Class Vice-President l, Syca- more Statt, Senior Play. ROSEMARY LEE-Academic, Tri-Hi-Y, Science Club, Dramatics, Thespian, president 4, Latin Club, Radio Workshop, Junior Play, Sycamore Statt, C.A.A., Booster Club, Rotary Speech Contest, Senior Play Committee, chairman, Junior Classical League, Senior Play. MARY LOUISE LEONARD-Academic, Entered from Lagro, Indi- ana, l95l, Tri-Hi-Y, Band, second lieutenant, Science Club. PATRICIA ANN LEONARD-Academic, Entered from Lagro, Indi- ana, 1951, Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Science Club. SUSAN LONGSTRETH-Academic, Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus, Spanish Club, Orange 8: Black, Sycamore Staff, Speech, Canteen Board 2, Booster Club. SENHORS MARJDRIE KAY LDWE-Academic, Entered from Rochester, ln- diana, 1949, Band, Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Play, Drama- tics, Thespian, Inter Nos, Science Club, Senior Play. A. GLENN IVIcNEELEY-Vocational, Science Club. LYNN FRANCES IVIANLEY-General, Booster Club, Journalism, Tri-Hi-Y, Science Club, C.A.A., M.C.L., Speech Club, Dra- matics, Junior Play. ELAINE LAYNETTE IVIATTERN-Academic, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Student Council, Junior Tri-Hi-Y, secretary 2, Senior Tri-Hi-Y, president 4, Booster Club, M.C.L., Sycamore Staff, copy editor, Senior Play. THOMAS J. IVIATTERN-Academic, Class President 1, 2, Class vice-president 3, Athletic Board 4, Basketball, Student Council, president 4, Hi-Y, vice-president 4, Speech, Science Club, Spanish Club, Sycamore Stall, business manager, Red Cross Council 2, M.C.L., Football l,2. NDEL LEONARD IVIERRICK-Academic, Hi-Y, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, PATRICIA METCALI'-Academic, Entered from Markle, Indiana, 1952. MAX LEE MILLER-Academic, Hi-Y, "W" Club, Cross-Country 1 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2. BEVERLY RAY MYERS-Academic, Booster Club, G,A.A., Tri-Hi- Y, Inter Nos, Dramatics, Radio Workshop, Junior Play Senior Play. 1 I YIRGIL IVIYLIN-Academic, Hi-Y, Science Club, Dramatics, Thes- pian, Junior Play, Chorus, Sycamore Stalt, photography, "W" Club, Track 1, 2, Tennis 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball All-Conference 2nd Team 4, Senior Play. BERNITA ALINE NEAL-Commercial, G.A.A., Library Club' Booster Club, Chorus, Senior Play, 1 DENNY DLMSTEAD-Academic, Science Club, Hi-Y, Basketball l, 2, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Football 1, Dramatics, Radio Workshop, Sycamore Stalt. IIAY PARKER-Academic, Junior Red Cross, Booster Club, presi- dent 3, Tri-Hi-Y, M.C.L., C.A.A., Sycamore Statt. CARULYN PETTERSDN-Commercial, Entered lrom Peru, Indi- ana, 1951, Booster Club. TERRY A. PLIIIVI-Industrial, Hi-Y, Science Club, Booster Club, Speech Club, Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, Track l, lntra- mural Basketball. CIIARLES EDWARD PLY-Academic, Hi-Y, Student Council, vice president 4, Speech Club, Science Club, "W" Club, vice president, secretary-treasurer 4, Athletic Board l, Class vice president 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball l, 3, 4, All-Conference lst Team. LAWRENCE M. PURDY-Industrial. MARILYN MAY PURDY-Academic, Tri-1-li-Y, Speech, Drama- tics, Junior Play, G,A,A., Spanish Club, Booster Club. SEN IORS LESTER R. RATCLIFF-Academic, Science Club, Football l, Z. BARBARA KAY REAI-IARD-Academic' Tri-Hi-Y: Senior Girl Scouts, secretary 2, 3, Chorus: G.A.A., Booster Club, Inter Nos, MCL., Sycamore Statt, Band, Librarian 3, secretary 4: Senior Play. .IANICE ANN RICIIWINE-Academic: G.A.A.: MCL., Soanish Club, president 4- Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Girl Scouts, president 3, Student Council l, Booster Club, MAX L. RUBINETT-Industrial: Entered from Butler, Indiana, l948, Science Club, Football 2, 3: Journalism, Speech, Booster Club, Camera Club, Inter Nos, JANICE LOUISE SCIIEERER-Academic, Tri-Hi-Y, Inter Nos, Booster Club, Senior Girl Scouts, viceapresident 3, MCL., Science Club, Junior Red Cross Council 3, Girls' State, Syc- amore Statt, typing editor, Senior Play. AUSTIN LAVELL RUSSELL-Vocational, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross- Country l, Z, 3, 4, Hi-Y. CARLUS R. SCIIETZSLE-Academic, Football l, Dramatics, Thes- pian, Senior Play. RICHARD SCOTTEN-Industrial Arts. GLENNA SLAGAL-Commercial, Booster Club. IRIS STARBUCK-Commercial, Student Council, Booster Club, GAA., Dramaiics, Library Club. LUIS JEAN STAVER-Commercial, Booster Club, Tri-l'li-Y, .lunior Bed Cross Council 3, 4, MCL., Sycamore Statt. SAMUEL L. STEPHENS-Academic, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf l, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club, Science Club, Inter Nos, "W" Club, Hi- Y, :ergeant-at-arms 4, Sycamore Statt. JOAN E. STEWART-Commercial, G.A.A., Booster Club, Tri-Hi-Y. BEATRICE E. STORY-Commercial, G.A.A., Booster Club, ROBERT L. TURLEY-Academic, Band, Captain 4, Science Club, Hi-Y, Camera Club. DUNALD L. VUSS-Academic, Sycamore Staff, co-editor, Ouill 8: Scroll, Band, Student Council 3, Junior Red Cross Council 2, MCL., Hi-Y, secretary 4, Science Club, inter Nos, Track 1, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Camera Club, Boys' State. JACK L. VRDIIIMAN-Academic, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Football l, Science Club. TIIUMAS L. WIIITMYRE-Academic, Entered from Somerset, 1952, Hi-Y. MARVIN C. WINNINCHAM-Commercial, Football 2, 4, Hi-Y, "W" Club. SOPHOMCRE DUANE NAYROCKER - President LEON DeLAUTER - Vice-President JOE BILL CARTER - Secretary- Treasurer. SHELDON BRICKER - Athletic Board FRESHMAN JOE DEETER - President SUZANNE MILLINER - Vice-Presi- dent JOHN KOENIG - Secretary-Treasurer JERRY HIPSHER - Athletic Board CLASS OFFICERS IUNIOR DICK WOLPERT - President JIM ARMSTRONG - Vice-President SALLY BAKER - Secretary-Treasurer DON SLAGAL - Athletic Board IUNIORS Page Twenty PHYLLIS AKERS ANN ALEXANDER JAMES ARMSTRONG ROBERT ARMSTRONG DAVID BAKER SALLY BAKER MARYMAE BALL DORA BELL PAT BELLOCK MARTHA BIRD JANICE BIZJACK JANET BLOCKSON BYRON BRUNN MARILYN BURNWORTH ELSIE CARTER MARK CHRISTIAN JOAN CLUPPER KAY CONLEY EARL COON MARTIN DUFFEY JOYCE DURNBAUGH MERLE ELLIS RONALD ELTZROTH ALICE ENYEART BILL FLECK REX FRANCE NANCY FRY RAYMOND GILL LARRY GLASS GLADYS GRANDSTAFF LINDA GRAY ROBERT HALDERMAN MARILYN HAUPERT TERRY HARDEN LARRY HORNADAY DONALD HEETER JEAN HETZLER SUE HIPPENSTEEL SANDRA HIPSHER BETTE HORNER MARGARET HOUSTON PATSY JENKINS JO ANN JINKS PETE JONES NICK KING JAMES KIRBY JIM KNELLER TOM LAIRD PETER LAVENGOOD ROBERT LEE BARBARA LEWIS DeWAYNE LEWIS BILL MCDANIEL ELIZABETH MIDDLETON IUNIORS 41 Q mfg Im " " .HR WI Page Twenty-One JACK MIDDLETON KENNETH MIDDLETON GLORIA MILLER MARILYNE MOELLER .IOHN MOORE MARION MOORE WILMA MORPHEW BARBARANN MOWRER NILA MOWRER CLENORA MOYER MARNA MULLENDORE MARILYN MYERS MARLAND MYERS LAWRENCE OSWALT BETTY OVERMAN CONNIE OWENS CARL PARRETT CAROL PHILLIPS .IOHN PLY NANCY POTTERF SHARON POTTERF MARIAN RAVER DAVID RISH JOHN RISH CAROLE RISSER DWAYNE ROSS CHARLES SHROYER CONNIE SILLS DON SLAGAL SHEILA SALYER KELSON SLAYMAN JOHN L. SMITH NATALIE SMITH RAMONA SMITH SUE SMITH .IEANNE SNAVELY CAROL SNOWBERGER WANDA SPENCE CLIFFORD STRICKLER HOWARD STRICKLER FRED SOUIRES GILBERT TALMAGE CAROLYN TOUSCANY FRANCES UNGER DIANE VICE DICK WOLPERT BOBBY YEATES CAROL ZIMMER SOPHQMQRES SHIRLEY BAKEHORN HARRY BALDUS GEORGE BARRETT SHIRLEY BAXTER BILL BELL JOAN BENSON BARBARA BLACK JANE BLAIR RALPH BRICKER SHELDON BRICKER PATTY BURKHOLDER JANET CAMPBELL HATTIE CANTRELL JOE BILL CARTER CECILE CLAEYS KAY CLAUVE JOHN CLEVENGER NANCY CLINGAMAN BARBARA COATES LAWRENCE COON TERRY COOPER RAYMOND CRAIG JANICE CRAMER ELLEN CURLESS JIM DAVIS LEON DeLAUTER EUGENE DuVALL HESSEL DeVORE CHARLES DOWNEY TOM DRISCOLL BECKY DUGAN PAUL ECKELBARGER BOB FERRIE JIM FINNELL DONALD FLYNN RONALD FLYNN SHARON FULWIDER GLENDA GARNER SHIRLEY GATCHEL RUSTY GRAY JIM GURTNER ROBERT HAMILTON ED HAMILTON JOANNA HAMILTON ELAINE HANSEN PHIL HAPNER DOROTHY HETTMANSPERGER JANET HODEL Page Twenty-Two JIM HORNER GLORIA HOFFMAN BUEFORD HUSTON JUANITA HUSTON BARBARA JOHNSON DING JOHNSON SOPI-IOMQRES Page Tweniy-Three LII 'AWS ' I M x 3 SHARON JOHNSON SYLVIA KAISER DONNA KNOTTS PHILLIP KUFFEL RALPH LaFOLLETTE DON LEACH LARRY LEHMAN ETHEL LEWIS PEGGY LEWIS DORIS LOWER DAVID LUMM JIM LUTZ JUDY MARKS JOHN MARSH CAROLYN MCPHEARSON LARRY MENDENHALL GEORGE MIDDLETON BILL MILLER CLAYTON MYERS DUANE NAYROCKER LARRY NEAL DUANE OHMART ALICE ORR JOYCE ORR CLARENCE OWEN BARBARA PEARSON LARRY PEGG SHIRLEY PENN CHARLES PHILLIPS BOBBY PITTS GERALDINE PRIES JOHN RETTIG PEGGY RICE DICK RISH MARCIA ROBINETT CAROLYN ROSS MARY BELLE RUNKLE BILL SCHULTZ JIM SIPE DALE SMITH JOHN PAUL SMITH MARY SPEIDEL BARBARA STRICKLER DON SUNDHEIMER TOM TURLEY JOAN VICE COLLEEN VOGT DAVID WAKEFIELD BEVERLY WIESENDANGER JANICE WILLIAMS ELAINE WILSON SALLY WIRE DAN WISE SHIRLEY WRIGHT 5 4. OD ODN FRESHMEN s f Y L l.-, A , ' ' if I ., 5. WO 46 by D N N K, ,l , ! f , :G '5- ' M . if -V, ..., , , fi 1? A X wf 4 .Qs M ls Page Tweniy-Four l'HYl.I,1S ADAMS I'IIYI.I,lS .Xl.'I'llOI'l" SIIICIIA AIXFNIAN DON .XlC3IS'l'liUNli .Il'DY IEAILI-IY SHARON ILXIQIGIE WlI.l,l.Ul l4,Xlil'lR RAl.l'Il ILKKICIIIIIEN JIM I4.Xl,l.,XliIl KARIQN ILXHNICS YICRA ISICIIKICY DAYIII ISIVKICI. KI'INNlC'I'II WIiIl!Il'l' NANVY HISIIOI' LINDA li1Z.IM'K DIANA HOISSON JOHN HONl'lWI'l' HIFHAKII ISli.Xl'KI'IN .LUIIGS IEKAIIX' SHARON BRIGHT GARY HIIINSON l.,XRIlY IHIOUKS RILI. BVICS JOHN CIARK WICLIION l'Ol,DIil'IN .IOIIN 4'Rl'MlRINI'I llI'I'.X l'l'R'l'lS JI'llY DAVIS MARY DAY JOE IDl'Il'l'l'I'IlK KAREN DICNNY ROS!-I DR.U'ICll K.Vl'Hl,l'IlCN DI'I"I"l'IY WINIVIIIGID Ill'N1'AN .IICKRY DVNSIZICII SIIIRLEY DYICR PIIYLLIS l'IL'l'ZliO'l'H JACKIIC ICNGLICDOW LYLIC ICTLING DONALD FAWIJIY IKIUIIARII FORD .IDI FI'LWIDl'IIC .IOSI-IPHINE HAl'N'I' PEGGY GH.-XNllS'l'AFF DAN GILLICN SHARON GRAY LOIS GILXVICS YIVKI lilil'1ICNG.XKIl HON lilKII"l"I'l'll LXHHX' GICUIAI S,Xl.l.Y IIALIC IIONNIIG ll.UIll,'I'ON .IICRICY HAIQICIS SIIARIIN III-Il'I'l'l'IH IARIKY HINICH .IICKICY IIIl'SlllCIi Rl.XICl.l'INl'I HIPS HHSI'l'.X IIIVSKIND I-iIl.l, llOl,l,I1lY .IOHN IIOVLIIIAN .Il'I,IA .lM'OliSlCN RICALIS KI'IIGI"bIR HILL KICFFAISIGR IIICIIHGIAI KILANDICR JOHN KOICNHI FRESHMEN 11'.x1'x1: 111mnx4'111:1: mxxx' 1.1114 ,1.1x1: 1.1:11'1s R sgagyka ' I .11:1:1n' 1.1u11'1' .xxx 1,1x111:1c Xl,Xll'l'II.I I.IX'l'XI-IIC 5 5I.III'l'II.I LYNN 1 IZILI, 5l.XXI,ICY Iillll lI.Vl"l'IIIGII' l'.XIlllI. SIAYI-'II-1l.ll .IIXI 3Im'NI'II-ILICY . . NI1 u . '. . 'NC 1IcWl " .' CLICY . 1 I ,i"UX .,,.. IHIY I IIILIQIIIII SVZANXE MIIIIXICR I'A'l'IiIL'IA MOI-ll.Ll'IIi IPUIITIII-IA BIINIIII I-4I'I'I'TY RIHWI-IRI .l0IlI'. IlIl.I,I-,. . SANIIIM x1Y1:11s .XXX OIIXIAIFI' SIIIKIII-II' I'.I'I"l'UN .IINI I'l'Il,l"IiI'IY DON I'IIIl.l.II'S IIl"I'lI I'I'l"l'S IlIl'lI.Ilill PUWI-Il,I. ILXYIIP l'I'llIlX' I'.I'I'III1'I.I llIiAII.IIIIb .IICIIIIY IIIFIIAIIIDS ILIIII' IIIIH-IX0l'Il NICLSUN IKIIPICN0l'II IEIQYIGIIIII' IKISII I..IIIIlY IIIPIGIIIXS I1l'2'l'IIl'INI'I IKOS:: LICWIS ROW .IANIC SIIROI'l'lIi MARY S.IR'l'IiX MARY SUHIQIBI-ll. INA SVUTT I'.II'L SVIIIPEFI' Vlllilb SIXVIAIII HILL SKICAXS I'Il,IZ.IlSIC'l'II SMITH RIAIIILYX SMITH RIAIKIIIYN SXAYIiI.Y ,ll-IIIIKI' SXOWRl"lI19I'lI! l'AlIXlICl.I..X SVICKIIS .I.IXI'I'l' SQVIIIICS INDY S'l'l4lYICNS I'lIlI.l,II' S'I'lll"I' IlW.II'Nl'I 'I'IIIQl'SII I l,II.I-I 'I'Y'I'Ii W 5 .IM'Ql Iul.INI', MISS S'I'l'II'IC YIHNINLIN II 1 SH II' . "I I'l4IGliI' WII.I.I.UIS BILL WIBIICI-1lII,Y , IIlI.I, WIN'I'RlII1Ii XUIDIA WRIIIIIT SAILXII ZINX Page Tweniy-Five .911 mm oriam .gjfzaron UQJ fflefngef of tAe of jedmafy 14, 1953 PgT S 01954 12 o'Q9QC5GxgQL o 5- i I K x, aW'l-xH,mf..4-. W A115 ,JZ I L -far , uf D ZX Q Q .. , 'fof X if X.. ' X5 x . 1 X if 1 1 A S Lf ff su 1 I I fl HHNX Q 1 H U X. s I . I 1 2: x v V261 N-'Q A, 4 Q3 5 J 'P A 2 X ' 5- , .-,,, 2 ly V 1,327 xx M?" A '. ti HX X: lj 1 E b: M I j f " ' ' H N x H . First Downs 7,,, .. First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing Passes Attempted .. Passes Completed .- Passes Intercepted s,ss Fumbles .- ,s,7 Fumbles Recovered Punts ,,e.w., Punt Yardage .- Penalties rrrr Yards Lost Yards Passing Yards Rushing . Total Offense .. Coach John Tatum All right, boys. We've played around long enough" STATISTICS Wabash Opponents 101 59 .. 86 43 .- 16 16 .. 56 95 .. 24 34 .- 8 12 -- 14 22 -. 8 12 ,A , -- 28 27 800 848 188 145 160 168 396 423 ...l959 1172 -..2035 1282 1952 POCDTBALL SEASON The Wabash Apaches opened the 1953 season at Logansport. The Berries were pick- ed to be "loaded," but the Apaches scored three quick touchdowns in the second quar- ter and held the Berries off the remainder of the way. The next Friday, Wabash had little trouble in racking up its second win as it ground out 359 yards on the turf to rap Concordia of Fort Wayne 34-18. Two weeks later the Apaches opened the defense of the conference title at home against Huntington. When Dick Wolpert dashed 33 yards with 58 seconds left in the third quarter, it marked the first time that the Vikings had been scored upon all year. The roof caved in, in the fourth quarter, and Wabash went on to win 25-13. The next week, the Apaches started thinking about the Peru game, which was two weeks away, and they were stopped in their tracks by an Elwood team that just wouldn't stop driving. The Apaches bounced back the next week to beat Plymouth for the second straight year. The 1952 Champions ot C.l.A.C., the Peru Tigers, were the next victims of the Apaches by the score of 15-U. The Tigers were held to a net of 65 yards as they went down to their only defeat of the season. The following Friday, Wabash scored 35 mark- ers in the first half and played defense for the rest of the game, as they defeated Hart- ford City, 35-U. The annual "Victory Bell" game was also the last for these seniors: Bern Basse, Bud Baker, Larry Amick, James Cillen, Dick Howell, Jay Huffman, Dave Brady, Jerry Brady, Sam Stephens, Tom Dunfee, Virgil Mylin, and Ted Ply. These boys weren't disappointed, for the Apaches scored 26 points the first half and coasted to an easy 40-13 win. Coach John Tatum's boys finished another successful season - 7 wins - l loss. This record gave them a second place tie in the conference with Elwood. Coach Tatum will have several returning lettermeng and with the help of his assistants, Jim Jones, A1 Franklin, and Ward Smith, he will certainly have another fine team next year. Page Twenty-Eight 1 Row one: Duane Nayrocker, Ed Hamilton, Sheldon Bricker, John Rish, Merle Ellis, Earl Coon, Dick Wolpert, Don Slagal, Hessel DeVore, Raymond Gill, Rex France, Bobby Yeates, Byron Brunn, James Armstrong, Dick Howell, David Brady, Bud Baker, Kelson Slayman, Dwayne Ross, Bern Basse, Charles Ply, Ronald Elizroth, Jay Huffman. Row two: Charles Downey, Larry Lehman, John Retlig, Cliflord Strickler, Bob Ferrie, Howard Strickler, Robert Armstrong, Larry Hornaday, Fred Squires, Dan Wise, Larry Amick, George Barrett, Virgil Mylin, James Gillen, Jerry Brady, Jim Gurtner, Ronald Flynn, Larry Neal, Ding Johnson, Don Leach, Donald Flynn, Lawrence Coon. W. H. S. Opponents 20 .,,. .... L oganspori -. . 7 34- . Concordia -- - --- 18 25--. .... Huntington - -- --- 13 0-- Elwood - - - 13 20-.. -.-.Plymouth - . . - 7 15- - -.-.Peru -- U 35-. .Hartford City --- U 4U-- - ---- Marion --., --- 13 189 Totals 7l Page Twenty-Nine JAMES GILLEN Senior - Center SAM STEPHENS Senior - Guard TED PLY Senior - Tackle First Team All-Conference DICK WOLPERT Junior - Ouarterback MERLE ELLIS BOBBY YEATES Junior - Tackle Junior - Guard GEORGE BARRETT EARL COON Sophomore - End Junior - End DWAYNE "Butch" ROSS KELSON SLAYMAN Junior - Haltback Junior - Quarterback Page Thirty REX FRANCE Junior - Halthack First Team A11-Conference DICK HOWELL Senior - Center HESSEL DeVORE Sophomore - Ouarterback DON SLAGAL Junior - Halthack BUD BAKER DAVID BRADY JERRY BRADY BYRON BRUNN Senior - Guard Senior - Guard Senior - Halfback Junior H Center Honorable Mention All-State VIRGIL MYLIN RAYMOND GILL LARRY "Toad" AMICK RONALD ELTZROTH Senior -Q End Junior - Fullback Senior - Tackle Junior - Guard JAMES ARMSTRONG BERN BASSE JAY HUFFMAN TOM DUNFEE Junior - End Senior - Fullhack Senior - Tackle Senior - Halfbagk Third Team All-Conference Gridiron Medal Firsi Team All-Conferenceg Firsi Team All-Siaieg Honorary Captaing Dorais Loyalty Trophy, JACK MIDDLETON PETER LAVENGOOD Manager Manager Page Thirty-One APACHE VARSITY Row one: Dean Gurtner, Earl Coon, Ted Ply, Jay Huffman, Virgil Mylin, James Armstrong, Merle Ellis. Row two: Manager Anthony Corso, Dick Wolpert, Bern Basse, Dwayne Ross, Jack Vrooman, Tom Mattern, Coach Ward Smith. 1952-53 Basketball Season The 1952-53 season was another bright one for Coach Smith's Apaches. After splitting their first six games, the Apaches hit their stride and lost only two of the next eleven. Both of these losses were to the Peru Tigers by a total of four points. The Apache team didn't seem to click so well at the end of the season, it lost two of the three games played. Among the high-lights of the season were the victories over Silver Creek and Marion. Silver Creek, one of the top twenty teams in the state, was stopped by Wabash with the score of 49-45. Hit- ting at a .349 clip, the Apaches eked out a 68-65 overtime victory at Marion. This was probably the most thrilling game of the season. The Apaches won a fifth-place berth in the conference with a record of five wins and five losses. For the fifth year in succession the Wabash team was crowned Sectional Champion. The Apach- es had to come from behind for the second consecu- tive year to defeat South Whitley 55-53. Leading all the way, Wabash defeated North Manchester in the final game by a score of 58-45. The end of the Apache season came with the defeat by the Sheri- dan Blackhawks at Kokomo. The score was 49-42. Page Thirty-Two ' Q v- x 'a: Y fi. ,Ny its 4 f' r 5' A fi lylm goes up for the nets after the sectional All eyes are on the ball as we heat Manchester in the tirst game ot the season final with North Manchester The Apaches will suffer the loss of several good players who will graduate this year. Virgil Mylin, Bern Basse, Jack Vrooman, Tom Mattern, Jay Huffman, Ted Ply, and Dean Gurtner will be hard to replace. Two Apaches, Virgil Mylin and Jay Huffman, were named to the All-Conference second team. Virgil was also selected by the Scribes to the All- Regional team at Kokomo. Jay, the honorary cap- tain tor the season, was recipient of the Gus Dorais Trophy and the Chamber ot Commerce Sportsman- ship Award. The tree-throw trophy went to Jim Armstrong who had a percentage ot .649 Wabash Opponents 85 ...,.,, Manchester -,, ,,..r ,, B2 49 ..... Kokomo H, ---, 79 49 .,,.. Warsaw ,,,.,. ,... 3 5 55 ..,.. Huntington ..... ...., 8 U BU ..... ..... H arttord City -W ,---- 52 43 ,...r ..,,. E lwood ,r.,.. .,,. 5 5 62 ..... ...,, W inamac ,,... ,,... 3 3 75 ,.... Rochester H ,,,v 49 42 ..... ...,. D elphi ,,,.. ,--- 38 51 ,,...,,,,,,..,., .Muncie Burris ,,,,, 39 45 ..,,,,,.......,, ,Monticello .,,, .... 3 3 68 Covertimet ....., ,Marion ..,,. ,..., S 5 52 ...,.,,.....,,,,, Plymouth .,., .... 4 5 50 ...,...,... r,,,, P eru ..,,., ,,,.. ,..,, 5 2 49 .,,,, Silver Creek .,.. ,,,, 4 5 47 ...r, Alexandria ..... ..., 6 3 53 ...., Tipton .,,,,,,,,.., ..,, S 2 B5 ..... Noblesville .....,,,, ..,, E 8 Peru Tourney 54 ...,, Peru ,..,.,,,,,,.,. ...,, 5 8 E3 ...,. Rochester , ,,,e.. .,., 4 7 Sectional 55 ...,. South Whitley ,.... ..,., 5 3 80 ...., Chester ,,,,,,,,, ..., B 3 48 ..,,, LaFontaine ,-, --,- 42 58 ...,, Manchester ,-- ---- 45 Regional 42 ...,, Sheridan w,V- - -gA, 49 Page Thirty-Three if F Zicgfa 2 Q :zv 3 gf Es i, Dick Wolperf ax - M A kd ' ---- V W ' K. - Page Thirty-Four Jam Qur+her,Mqr MAX 1, :ii -. x if Af' 4 3. ::,. , ' H 1 we 4f 512651: XV eiilz Xhrqil Mviin Page Thiriy-Five Row one: Dale Smith, Kelson Slayman, Joe Bill Carter, George Barrett, John Clevenger, Fred Squires, Ding Johnson. Row two: Hessel DeVore, Bill Bell, Mr. Coolman, coach, John Moore, Sheldon Bricker. TEAM The Wabash Papooses, coached by Mr. Coolman, closed the season with a record ot 10 wins and 9 losses. These boys showed tine spirit and a lot of scrap. Next year they will be the Apaches, and we know that they will come through with flying colors. Team Cheerleaders JANET CAMPBELL PATTY BURKHOLDER GERALDINE PRIES JANET HODEL Page Thirty-Six Booster Club The athletic department ol Wabash High School wishes to thank the Booster Club, which was sponsored by Mrs Mertz and led by the four girls pictured below. Without the enthusiastic support oi the Boosters, the Apaches probably would not have had such a good season. The Sycamore regrets the unavoidable omission of the Booster Club picture. l'IlYl.I.lS .XKKIKS Members K.k'l'lll.l'IIiX ltI'l"l'I-XY WA YXIC l,llYttXl'lll-Ill lili'I'llIiXI-I truss .xxx .ll.l1:x.lxlll-:lr lsl-zvlcl' nl'l:.lx llulcls llowl-:lc l'.illol.l'x mass l-lll'l.l,ls .ll.'l'llol'lf .lllwl-1 ltI'llXI4.Xl'liIl ltltX.Xl,Il l.l:.ll'll 3lllmll.gl,lllg lll-xml will .llrxlwrlroxlz lalcvlil' llIl.I.I4l'l"l' l:.llcl:.xl:.x l.l:wls llllln' slllrl-lgx .II'llY l:.xll.lll' lmx.ll,lr l-Il.'l'ZlI0'l'lI l-:'l'lll:l. l.l:wls lllq'l-ll-Y Sl'lI,XAl4' ll.llcl'll.ll: ll,ll.l, ,xl.1l'l: ICXYI-I.Xlt'l' ,lllxl-3 l,l:wls ryl suvlvl- ,llll l4.ll.l..llllw lmx.ll,ll l4'.XWl,l-IY 5l,klt'l'llA l.lx'l'Nl-:la .llxlg slllcorl-:ll s.xl.l,l' lulillzlc lane rl-:lclclla .IANIIAIS I.I"I'Z rlrl-:ll SINl'l.A1ll lulllcx lellcxlcs lr1l'll.ll:ll lfllltlt l4ll,I, xl.xxl.l:l' .llxl Sll'lG l'A'l' H.Kltltl'S xxxvl' lflrl' ,7I'llY xlllllas xll'l'.ll,ll4: SlII'l'll slllllllgl' BAX'l'IClt .llll FI'I,WIlYlClt ell,l. lllrllllxll-il, MMUXA mlm l-.xl'l:li'l.l HlCl,l,0K'K lllllzxlm ullrxlcl: .l,ll"c Xllltltl.l-I'l'4IN JMNXI, gxlwlm- sl'z.lxxlc l4l'1X'll .solar l:lll'x'l' sllllcllzl' llllllll,l-:ws MARILYN SSM-,QIN IPMIIP B1l'lxl.l. lux llll.l,lcx4 lil-,l"l'Il4. 5lIl.l,I-.ll l.ARl,L m,wH,43Rm3R xl.llr1'll.l lslnlw VIUKI lllclzllxllllrll l:l.on1,l xlrl.lll4:lr MXN S,.,NlH ,l.lx1l'l: llIZ,l,Xl'K s.ll,l.l' ll.XI.l'I srxllxxl-3 llllll.lwl-:lr MNH. ,QI-IRES l.lxll.l elz.l.ll'K IHINXIIAI H.KM1I.'l'4IX ll.ll:ll,l'xl: llol4:Ll,l:lr Hmmm .l.HmmX la.xllls.ll:,l lelnlvlc l'.X'l' ll.lllll.'l'ox l'.X'l'Klt'1.X Mlll1Il.l.l-Ili mR,,u-N T,,m.AX, .l.lxl: l:l..xIlr lsl-1x'lclrl.l' llllllxlsll lmlr'l'lllcll Nlllllltl-1 ,-Rpm-,CS ,-N,,,.3,, lll.lx.l l-:orssox ll.lll1l,l'x ll.ll'l'l-1l:'l' lVII.Xl.X Nlllltl'lllfIll' Immc WW: .llIllX l:llxl4:wl'l' llolco'l'lll' lll4:'l"l'll.lxsl'l-:lull-:ll l:.llil4.xl:.l 5lllWltl'Ilt , , ,- Al,XltY lsnxlall'l'r ,llalx llll'rzl.l:ll il.lllll.l'x llrlclcs ""'l5 lIl,"',, ItI4'll.kltlt l4lllxl'Kl:N .IANIC IlIl'l'l'INS'l'l41l-Il. lllnxll: x.xl'lrul'l4l':l: -'.gX',lE1l'A WM , l'.X'l' lsl'l:l4lllll.lrl:l: Sl'l'I llll'l'l'lNS'l'l-Illl, Iil'lltNl'l'.X XIAIAI. i',"'l"1.lKf"'l,lq9, .l.lxl:'r lxllll-lsl-11.1. ll.llrl,l4:xl4: lIIl'SlIl1llt lvlxlxlc lllIXl.klt'l' "h-Y"f'AT ll-ll1',"Al' ll.l'l"l'll: l'.lN'l'ltl-Il.l. slxlllrll llll'Slll4Ilt .lol'l'l-: llltlt ""',lT"g ll,1lA't"' l .Il'l,I.K l'.llll'l':x'l'l-:lc lmsl'l'.x ll1l'SIilNll sllllll.l-Ll' l'llIXN -'-lfylf F1 'll'-U-WT l'lii'lI.l'I l'l,,ll1l's .l,lxlc'l' Iltllllil. l'Allltl. l-llll,l,ll-s lil-.l.4,l1 llllmlllils 'l'lloil.ls l'l,.XlCK lll,0ltl.X Il0l"l'Nl.lN l:l"l'll l'l'l"l'S ""el'N"gll1"?"5, lin' l'l..ll'x'l-: .Lllllcs lIllllXlClt lll:l:.ll.lllxl-: I'ltll'IS 'HU' llm"""l'Al xlxrl' l'l.lxll.xll.xx ll.llrl:.llll:'l' lllIl'S'l'lIN illlrlxx ll.XYI'Ilt s.ll.l,l' Wlltl-l u,llcl:,xlr.l l'o.l'l'l4:s ll.lltliAll.X .uullxsux l'.l'l'ltll'I,X l:l-:,xll,ll:'+ lux lvlsl-3 .llIllN 4'lil'XlltlYli SILKIHIX .lollxsox l'l'Ill4lY ltll'I'1 xolcul ll'lcll:ll'l' ll:l,l,l:x l'l'lcl.l-:ss lll:.xl.ls lrlcl-:lfl-:lc .lllLltltY l:ll'll.ll:lls sllll:l,l-:l Wllllllll' llllrl' lm' IilI,l, lil'Il"l"AIil'Ilt lcl-:vl-:lll.l' ltlSll liltlt l'l'I.X'l'lCS l:l1xl,l'x lllCYO l-.x'l"l'l' Iilltlil' llll'K ltlSll l'.XltlIll zllllll-:lr l4.vl'lll:lll'x I!lllSl'ltl.l. 'I'lIllAl.XS l..ill:ll l'.lli4ll.l'I lclsslzll sllrl zlxx OFFICERS Nancy Pottert - Presldent Connie Owens - Vice-President Ramona Smith - Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Mertz Sponsor VARSITY CHEERLEADERS MARCIA BUBINETT MARNA MULLENDORE SYLVIA KAISER LINDA GRAY Page Thirty-Seven CROSS COUNTRY Row one: Austin Russell, Tom Laird, George Middleton, Duane Ohmart. Row two: Coach Austin Holloway, Leonard Merrick, John Marsh, Max Miller, Joe Bill Carter, .lim Kirby. The 1952 cross-country team, under the able coaching of Austin Holloway, had another successful sea- son. The team ran 10 dual meets and lost only one, this being to Kokomo. They added precious points to the all-sports trophy race by placing second in the Conference meet. At the Sectional at Fort Wayne, against the tourteen best teams ol northeastern Indiana, the team placed third. With this good showing Wabash closed a very successful season. TENNIS Row one: Don Voss, Bill Schultz, Jim Gurtner, Duane Nayrocker, Rusty Gray. Row two: Woody Baldus, Charles Ply, Virgil Mylin, Dean Gurtner, Dick Wolpert. Mr. Coolman, Coach. TRACK Raw une: George Middleton, Phillip Stout, Gary Ridenour, Jerry Light, Don Stevens, Bill Holley, James Pelfrey, Tom Laird. Row two: George Kilander, George Barrett, Hessel DeVore, Duane Ohmart, John Marsh, Jay Huffman, Dwayne Ross, Leonard Merrick, Joe Deeter Lawrence Coon. Row three: Larry Glass, Kelson Slayman, Rex France, Ronald Flynn, Tom Clark, Joe Bill Carter, James Kirby, Max Miller, Larry Neal Donald Flynn, Mr. Holloway, Coach. The 1953 track season had just gotten under way when this article was written. Wabash had journ- eyed to Elwood and defeated them by the score ot 57-54. This year's team doesn't have too much ex- perience, but after its tirst showing it looks as it April 8 uu,, Elwood April 13 .. Alexandria April 18 .,.......,.......... Muncie Relays April 20 Marion, Huntington, at .......... Marion April 25 a.l......,..,..,...... Kokomo Relays April 27 so Mississinewa things might not be too bad. Everyone hopes that Coach Holloway's boys will have a great season. As usual, the Apaches have another tough track schedule: April 28 County Meet at Wabash May l ,.,.,.,l..ll., ..., C onference May 5 u,uuu,uu, uuuu M arion Relays May 9 Sectional ..l. Huntington May 16 Regional .e.. Fort Wayne May 23 State ,... Indianapolis Page Thirty-Nine W CLUB How one: Dean Gurtner, Virgil Mylin, Ted Ply, Austin Holloway, track coach, Ward Smith, basketball coach, John Tatum, football coach, Jay Huitman, Marvin Winningham, Anthony Corso, Jerry Brady. Row two: George Barrett, David Brady, Max Miller, Austin Russell, Leonard Merrick, Hessel DeVore, Rex France, James Gillen, Denny Ulmstead, Dick Howell, Sam Stephens, Merle Ellis, Dick Wolpert, Dwayne Boss, Tom Dunlee. Bow three: Peter Lavengood, Kelson Slavman, Earl Coon, James Armstrong, Ronald Eltzroth, Robert Sanders, Don Slagal, Byron Brunn, Bobby Yeates, Jack Middleton, Raymond Gill, Larry Amick, Joe Bill Carter, Bud Baker. GOLF TEAM Bow one: James Gillen, Charles Shroyer, Bill Bues, Danny Gillen, Row two: Mark Christian, Nick King, Larry Amick, Sam Stephens, Gary Hidenour. Mr. Tatum, Coach. Page Forty my X 3' ff fff f N fx F Q MUBKW O 1 N B Y yt S- 0 U f I .ll , ll , I 5 ASX 4 , A if -. .1-' ' . r f L f in ' I IX I l n A! 4 ' ' X D W I ' f f 6 tg -ff.. Q fag... HX V 5 ff 2 : X5 Q s G Q NX fb SA 3-lv SX S S ,f S 9 X6 S xg Q X Q 0 GX KX I Q S xq N ' V XX XX X x x 5 X 0 XX S Q Q x xx X X Pvflpyl' I X Qul cj-0 1 to ' f 6 X ' X s . .f K ' m8 , Pg F iyU ELAINE MATTERN President RAMONA SMITH Vice President CAROL LANTZ Secretary VIRGINIA BLACK Treasurer LINDA GRAY Chaplain JO ANN CLAUVE Sergeant-at-Arms MISS YOUNG Sponsor SENIOR TRI-HI-Y Row one: Carolyn Gamble, Jo Ann Anderson, Patricia Haupert, Virginia Black, Miss Young, Elaine Maitern, Ramona Smith, Jo Ann Clauve, Linda Gray, Carol Lantz, Becky Elliott. Row two: Peggy Hettmansperger, Mary Leonard, Patricia Leonard, Keautta Groscosi, Kay DeVore, Lois Coldren, Evalyn Deyo, Kay Parker, Paula Harnish, Mary Bonewit, Jean Staver, Lynn Manley. Row three: Marjorie Lowe, Susan Hodel, Sue Jinks, Jere' Hawley, Rosemary Lee, Janice Scheerer, Susan Longslreih, Jane Hippen- steel, Barbara K. Reahard, Virginia Banks, Helen Fells. Bow one: Wilma Morphew, Sandra Hipsher, Joan Clupper, Gloria Carolyn Touscany, Marilyn Haupert, Natalie Smith. Bow two: Sally Baker, Diane Vice, Nila Mowrer, Marymae Ball, Joyce Durnhaugh, Alice Enyeart, Barbarann Mowrer. Row three: Marilyn Burnworth, Frances Unger, Jeanne Snavely, Clean speech, clean sports, clean scliolamship, TM-H12 Y. Page Forty-Two Miller, Pal Bellock, Carol Risser, Carol Phillips, Jean Hetzler, Jo Ann Jinks, Margaret Houston, Marilyne Moeller, Carol Zimmer, Connie Owens, Marna Mullendore, Martha Bird, Nancy Potterf. cmd clean living are the stanflowds of IUNIOR TRI-I-H-Y Row one: Phyllis Althoti, Norma Wright, Marcia Rohinett, Kay Clauve, Donna Knotts, Mrs. Bird, Nancy Clingaman, Becky Dugan, Shirley Baxter, Dorothy Hettmansperger, Barbara Black. Row two: Carol Maytield, Sharon Gray, Barbara Coates, Ethel Lewis, Judy Marks, Doris Lower, Joan Vice, Julia Carpenter, Shirley Penn, Gloria Hottman, Peggy Rice, Beverly Hamish. Bow three: Geraldine Pries, Sylvia Kaiser, Sally Wire, Janet Hodel, Patty Burkholder, Janet Campbell, Sharon Johnson, Shirley Wright, Joan Benson, Joyce Orr, Carolyn Ross, Janice Williams. Row one: Janet Squires, Beverly Rish, Rita Curtis, Vicki Greengard, Ina Scott, Ann Linder, Diana Boisson, Judy Davis, Martha Lynn, Jacqueline Voss, Peggy Williams. Row two: Josephine Gaunt, Jane Shroyer, Suzanne Bent, Patricia Reahard, Barbara Thomson, Realis Keeler, Karen Denney, Sarah Zinn, Marlene Hipsher, Sally Hale, Martha Lintner, Bettie Miller. Row three: Ruth Pitts, Suzanne Milliner, Mary Day, Karen Barnes, Marilyn Snavely, Kathleen Duttey, Louise Wilke, Bethene Ross, Mary Sarten, Joyce Mullenix, Sharon Bright, Patricia Moeller, Judy Bailey, Mary Scheibel. DONNA KNOTTS President NANCY CLINGAMAN Vice-President MARCIA ROBINETT Secretary SHIRLEY BAXTER Treasurer BECKY DUGAN Chaplain KAY CLAUVE Sergeant-at-Arms MRS. BIRD Sponsor Jzmior Tri-Hi-Y, the C'I?CLpf6'l' for freslmzaiz and SOjJ1IO'77?0l'6 girls, also creates an in- terest in the 1Jl'Z.IIC'TjJI6-S of Clzristlzmz lwmg. Page Forty-Three INTER NGS Row one: Sylvia Kaiser, Barbara Black, Kav Glauve, Kelron Slayman, Mrs. Bird, Jim Armstrong, Joyce Durnbaugh, Martha Bird, Carol Zimmer, Barbara Johnson. How two: Barbara Reahard, Doris Lower, Peggy Rice, Becky Dugan, Donna Knotts, Nancy Clingaman, Joyce Orr, Joann Hamilton, Sharon Fulwider, Barbara Coates. Rosemary Lee. Bow three: Charles Shroyer, Jim Sipe, Rusiy Gray, Leon DeLauter, Dan Wise, Bill McDaniels, Jack Mid- dleton, Dick Wolpert, Bill Schultz. SPANISH CLUB Bow one: Helen Fells, Virginia Black, Tom Mattern, Dean Gurtner, Mrs. Mertz, Janice Richwine, Richard Hays, A. J, Corso, Sue Longstreth, Elaine Mattern. Row two: Linda Gray, Earl Coon, Gilbert Talmage, JoAnn Jinks, Sue Jinks, Dick Howell, Kathy Driscoll, Sue Smith, Mark Christian, Lawrence Oswalt, Keautta Groscost. Page Forty-I-'our MARTHA BIRD President KELSON SLAYMAN Vive-President JOYCE DURNBAUGH Secreiary-Treasurer JAMES ARMSTRONG Sergeant-at-Arms Imfer Nos is an or- gcwzizcnton. for Latin students to iizicpease inteiest in the study of their subject amd to proizide enjoyment for its members. JANICE RICHWINE President DEAN GURTNER Vice-President TOM MATTERN Secretary-Treasurer RICHARD HAYS Song Leader The Spanislz Club pro- vides stiideints with opportfzuzities to lecoru. more fluent Spemisli speech cmd to study the customs mid be- liefs of the Spanish- speakiiig people. LARRY AMICK President ANTHONY CORSO Vice-President CAROL LANTZ Secretary-Treasurer MR. OLIVER Sponsor SCIENCE CLUB Row one: Jo Ann Anderson, Susan Hodel, Patricia Haupert, Mr. Oliver, Larry Amick, Carol Lantz, An- thony Corso, Sandra Hipsher, Wilma Morphew, Carolyn Touscany. Row two: Ted Ply, Lynn Manley, Rosemary Lee, Virginia Black, Alice Enyeart, Carol Zimmer, Joan Clupper, Tom Mattern. Row three: Woody Baldus, Bern Basse, Loren Dale, Virgil Mylin, Sam Stephens, Denny Olmstead, Dick Howell. Row one: Sue Jinks, Mary Leonard, Patricia Leonard, Marna Mullendore, Margaret Houston, Nancy Pot- tert, Marilyne Moeller, Janice Scheerer, Jere' Hawley, Marjorie Lowe, Row two: Jerry Brady, Glen McNeeley, Jack Vrooman, Tom Laird, Ronald Eltzroth, Peter Lavengood, David Brady, Bob Turley. Row three: Don Voss, Kenneth Burkholder, Lester Ratclift, Robert Halderman, Von Kuldau The Science Club enables students to unclerstancl science and the secrets if posses ses. Page Forty-Five STUDENT COUNCIL Row one: Larry Hiner, Ramona Smith, Sharon Bright, Hessel DeVore, Tom Mattern Charles Ply Nancv Pottert Dorothy Hettman sperger, Geraldine Pries. Row two: Tom Laird, Gary Ridenour, Martin Duftey, Loren Dale, Mr. Shanahan, sponsor Kenneth Wright Steve Vrooman Lyle Etling IUNIQR RED CROSS Bow one: Don Slagal, Suzanne Milliner, Carol Lantz, JoAnn Clauve, Miss Hlpskind sponsor Martha Bird Linda Gray .lean Staver .loan Vice. Row two: Martha Lynn, Diana Boisson, Donna Knotts, Nancy Clingaman, Jack Middleton Richard Ford Janet Squires Marcia Rohr nett. TOM MATTERN President CHARLES PLY Vice-President RAMONA SMITH Secretary-Treasurer MR. SHANAHAN Sponsor The Student Council, through the elected voice of each home room, is e democratic organ- zation to aid in school affairs. JO ANN CLAUVE President LINDA GRAY Vice-President CAROL LANTZ Secretary MARTHA BIRD Treasurer MISS HIPSKIND Sponsor The Junior Red Cross Council members, elected hy home rooms, conduct drives Cor campaignsl tor the collection of money and clothing for the Red Cross and other philan- thropic organizations. Page Forty-Six LARRY AMICK Presideni TOM MATTERN Vice-President DUN VOSS Secretary-Treasurer RONALD ELTZROTH Chaplain SAM STEPHENS Sergeani-al-Arms MR. KAUPPMANN Sponsor l-ll-Y Row three: Charles Shroyer, Bern Basse, Ted Ply, Jay Huffman, Virgil Mylin, Bud Baker, John Hodel, Byron Brunn, Woody Bal- dus, Don Slagal, Row two: Earl Coon. Terry Plum, Max Miller, Dean Gurlner, Charles Horner, Denny Dlmslead, Dick Howell, James Cillen, Mark Chrisiian, Fred Squires. Row one: Austin Russell, Leonard Merrick, Don Voss, Mr. Kaufimann, Larry Amick, Tom Maltern, Ronald Elizrolh, Sam Slep- hens, Loren Dale, Anihony Corso, Bob Turley. Bow three: Duane Nayrocker, Dick Wolperi, Dwayne Ross, Larry Hornaday, Bobby Yeales, Gilberl Talmage, James Armstrong, Roberi Halderman, George Barrett, Joe Bill Carter, Jim Sipe, John Clevenger, John Marsh, Tom Laird. Row Iwo: Pete Jones, Rusly Gray, Sheldon Bricker, Leon DeLauier, Hessel DeVore, Dan Wise, Robert Armstrong, John Moore, Ding Johnson, Kelson Slayman, Bill Schultz. Row one: Charles Downey, Jim Curlner, Robert Hamilton, Harold Layman, Marlin Dufley, Nick King, John Rish, Peter Lavengood, John Pegg, Tom Turley. The principles of Hi-Y are to create, rlzairztairzr, and extend rfhroughouf the hofmc' school, and commzlrzzity, high sta,11clm'ds of C'lu'istia1z charcrcfeer. S l , x-dn. ii Hll 'Z -:.:.Q Ffa' I Page Forly-Seven P' G. A. A. How one: Elaine Hansen, Cecile Claeys, Janice Bizjack, Joan Vice, Carol Snowberger, Pat Bellock, Sally Hale, Wanda Spence, Sharon Gray, Sheila Altman, Iris Starbuck, Patricia Haupert. Bow two: Dorothy Derck, Linda Bizjack. Beverly Harnish, Janice Richwine, Joan Stewart, Paula Hamish, Elaine Mattern, Marna Mullen- dore, Jo Ann Day, Beatrice Story, Shirley Hentgen. Row three: Julia Carpenter, Margaret Houston, Barbara Coates, Ethel Lewis, Virginia Banks, Elsie Carter, Joyce Orr, Glenora Moyer, Sally Wire, Joan Benson, Joanna Hamilton, Lynn Manley. JOYUE onn ....... ..... P resident y JANICE BIZJACK .... ...... v me-President CECILE CLAEYS secretary-Treasurer J MISS LEWIS .,,,... ,,,.,........ S ponsor G.A.A.'is an organization which provides competition and recreation for athletic girls. ll W After many nerve-racking attempts in all kinds of weather members of the Driver Training class become safe and trust- worthy drivers. Page Forty-Eight Page Forty-Nine SYCAMORE STAFF C0-EDITORS Jo Ann Clauve Don Voss We are grateful to Miss .Tones for her help and guidance during ihe year. You saw her and her assislanls - Miss Dove, Miss Hipskind, and Mr. Ellioli - - working beside us seniors as we sold concessions. We thank ihem for iheir hard work and paiience. Assistant Sycamore Editors Row one: Barbara K. Reahard, Virginia Black, Sue Jinks, Jean Staver, Jere' Hawley, Carol Laniz, Pairicia Hauperi. Row Iwo: Denny Olmsiead, Sam Stephens, Susan Longslreih, Kay Parker, Paula Harnish, Peggy Heiimansperger, Beairice Story, Anihony Corso, Bern Basse. Page Filly LARRY EDITORIAL STAFF VIRGIL BUSINESS STAFF JANICE WOODY JAMES JAY HUFFMAN Athletics AMICK Snapshots JO ANN ANDERSON Club ELAINE MATTERN Copy TOM MATTERN Business MYLIN Photography SCHEERER Typist BALDUS Concessions GILLEN Circulation The 1953 staff presents to you this year's Sycamore, hoping that it will recall many pleasant ineinories of your high seliool days. We are quite proud of our book and we hope that you will enjoy it. Page Fifty-One QUILL AND SCROLL How one: Fred Squires, Jere' Hawley, Dick Wolpert. Row two: Don Voss, Jo Ann Clauve, Linda Gray. ORANGE AND BLACK EDITORS How one: Linda Gray, Fred Squires, Jere' Hawley, Dick Wolpert Barhararin Mowrer Row two: Earl Coon, Joan Vice, Gladys Grandstafl, Shirley Baxter Nick King Ouill and Scroll is the international honor society for journalism students. The Orange and Black gives studenis experience in news- paper work by pub- lishing a school pa- per which is tree to each student. This paper is made pos- sible through the courtesy of the Wa- bash merchants. Page Fifty-Two ORANGE Sc BLACK Row Row Row Row Editorial two: Janet Squires, Duane Nayrocker, John Koenig, Rich 1rd Ford, Bill Wimherly, Mrs. Squires, sponsor. one: Louise Wilke, Diana Boisson, Kathleen Duftey, Barbara Black. two: Marilyn Snavely, Dorothy Hettmansperger, Doris Lower, Gloria Holtman, Sylvia Kaiser. Editor-in-Chief r.... ... Associate Editor News Editor .. Feature Editor Sport Editor 7 Photographer .. one: Karen Barnes, Vicki Greengard, Josephine Gaunt, Phyllis Althott. MAJQR JERE' HAWLEY DICK WDLPERT FRED SOUIRES . LINDA GRAY EARL CDDN . L... NICK KING Page Fifty STAFF Cartoonist .r.rr.. Business Manager .. Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Exchange Editor Head Typist ..... -Three Srfitt Business Smit JOAN VICE GLORIA HOFFMAN BARBARANN MOWRER .. . MARYMAE BALL SHIRLEY BAXTER GLADYS GRANDSTAFF Bow one: Robert Matthew, Carolyn Gamble, Joyce Mullenix, Betty Schaat, Ann Linder, Betty Uverman, Juanita Huston, Beverly Wiesendanger, Susan Hodel, Danny Lee. Row two: John Paul Smith, Mary Leonard, Donna Knotts, Patricia Leonard, .lo Ann Jinks, Joan Clupper, Tom Turley, Don Phillips, Keautta Groscost. Row three: Bill Bell, Tom Webb, Lawrence Oswalt, Jerry Dunsizer, David Knotts, Ralph LaFolleite, Harry Balclus, Bob Turley, Louie Row. The Wabash High School Band, under the able direction of Mr. A. R. Jinks, displayed spectacular routines at the home football games and also provided entertainment at the base ketball games. This organization has been Very busy participating in many public affairs. The band provided special entertainment for the citizens of Wah bash this year by bringing the Pur-- due Military Band here. Page Fifty-Four Sue Jinks, majoretie, Lawrence Oswalt, drum major, Jo Ann Anderson, majorette. OEEICERS How one: Sergeant Lawrence Oswalt, Sergeant Susan Hodel, Sergeant Patricia Haupert, Sergeant David Knotts. Row two: Captain Robert Turley, First Lieuten- ant Sue Jinks, Second Lieutenant Mary Leonard. SENIQR MEMBERS Row one: Barbara Heahard, Mary Leonard, Carolyn Gamble, Jo Ann Anderson, Patricia Leonard, Sue Jinks. Row two: Susan Hodel, Keauita Groscost, David Knotts, Robert Turley, Patricia Haupert. Page Pitty-Five GIRLS, CHORUS How one: Carolyn McPhearson, Peggy Lewis, Sue Myers, Barbara Coates, Martha Lynn, Joyce Orr, Nancy Pottert, Ethel Lewis. Bow two: Elizabeth Middleton, Mary Lee Speidel, Juanita Huston, Cecile Claeys, Sharon Pottert, Miss Hutt, Elsie Carter, Opha Jane Lewis, Shirley Wright, Beverly Wiesendanger, Elaine Hansen. MIXED CHORUS Row one: Sheila Salyer, Wayne LaVoncher, Janice Cramer, Becky Elliott, Sharon Fulwider, Phyllis Akers, Marybelle Runkle, Miss Hutt, Peggy Grandstatt, Sue Smith, Jane Blair, Keautta Groscost, Dora Bell, Donald Fawley. Row two: Pat Hamilton, Dick Rish, Tom Webb, Sharon Johnson, Marna Mullendore, Gilbert Talmage, Lawrence Oswalt, Jim Burns- worth, Ann Alexander, Jim Kneller, Ramona Smith, Phillip Stout, John Rish, Glenora Moyer, Natalie Smith, Ann Ohmart, Betty Mowery, Shirley Middleton, Patricia Haupert. Membership in the Girls' Chorus and the Mixed ed music tor a variety ot functions - - church ser- Chorus is open to all high school students. Those vices, caroling parties, school convocations, and the who participate lor three years are awarded orange religious service for the seniors chenille W's. The combined choruses have furnish- Page Fifty-Six GIRLS' SEXTET Girls' Sexlet: Patricia Haupert, Natalie Smith, Donna Knotts, Sally Wire, Joan Vice, Marjorie Lowe. The gay singing heard in the halls Monday evenings after school probably was made by the sextet, GIRLS' TRIO Girls' Trio: Marna Lou Mutlendore, Ramona Smith, Sally Baker. The popularity of the Girls' Trio, which has been organized for three years, is proved by invitations to appear on programs Cfor school, civic, and religious organizationsl both in and out ol school. BARBERS Row one: Phillip Stout, Lawrence Oswalt, James Kneller, Howard Strickler, Larry Hiner. Row two: Donald Fawtey, Tom Webb, David Knotts, James Burnsworth, Wayne LaVoncher. The Barbers is a group ol fellows who enjoy harmonizing in a barbershop style. Page Fifty-Seven PHUDUCTIUN STAFF Director: Mrs. Van Wilson Stage Committee: Charles Horner, Kenneth Burl-rholder, co-chair- meng Larry Amick, John Hodel. Properties: Sue Longstreth, chair- mang Jean Staverg .lo Ann Clauve, Lynn Manley, Max Miller. Prompters: Marilyn Purdy and Kay DeVore. Make-up: Mrs. E. A. Ford, Vir- ginia Black, Kay Parker. Ticket Committee: Don Voss, chairmang Janice Richwine, Austin Russell, Carolyn Gamble. Ushers: Members of the Senior Class. Music: Robert Turley and his Band. Faculty Advisory Committee: Miss Ruth Jones and Miss Cecilia Mills. SENIOR PLAY 'LMCH Arc Like Street Cars, Honeywell Memorial Building April B, 1953 The Mason Family Page Fifty-Eight CAST 01' CHARACTERS Mrs. Mason Mr. Mason Maudie -W ,,,-. Janice Scheerer -,-,,,,,- .lim Gillen WW, Patricia Haupert Sylvia ,.. ......... Rosemary Lee Joy ,... UW Beverly Myers Alix -.- ,,,,,,,, Jere' Hawley Julie .-.., ,,,, Barbara Reahard Lysbeth ,- ,.,,,, Marjorie Lowe Mrs. White ,.,....,., Sue .links Mrs. Allen ,,,,,, Elaine Mattern Mrs, Day ,... . ..,, , Carol Lantz Davy M... W ,,,,, Virgil Mylin Chl ,,.,.... ...t. A nthony Corso Jerry ,,,.,. Ted ,,,,,, Margaret ,,,. Kenneth Burkholder ,.. ..,. David Brady .. Bernita Neal "Who's going to come crawla ing through that door, cring- ing, and pleading?" "You've been asking for this for sixteen years. Of all the conceited, meddling self-im- portant, spoiled hrats." "We've come to tell you why our daughters no longer care to associate with your daugh- ter, or even he seen with her." Page Fifty-Nine QZZ,2VwZr!rzfdL W W Page Sixiy TI-IESPIAN PLEDGES ROSEMARY LEE President PATRICIA HAUPERT ViceePresident ALICE ENYEART Secretary-Treasurer LAWRENCE OSWALT Clerk Row one: Martha Bird, Ramona Smith, Marilyn Haupert, Keautta Groscost, Jean Hetzler, Natalie Smith. Row two: Dwayne Ross, Kelson Slayman, Gilbert Talmage, Robert Hamilton. THESPIANS Row one: Charles Horner, Alice Enyeart, Rosemary Lee, Tom Laird, Virgil Mylin, Lawrence Oswalt, Patricia Haupert, Carlos Schetzsle. DRAMATICS CLUB Row one: .Iean'Hetzler, Dwayne Ross, Patricia Haupert, Bill McDaniel, Miss Mills, Lawrence Oswalt, Alice Enyeart, Ramona Smith, Kay DeVore, Carolyn Touscany. Row two: Robert Hamilton, Sharon Johnson, Martha Bird, Natalie Smith, Jim Kneller, Keautta Groscost, Barbara Black, Judy Marks, Pat Bellock, Gloria Miller. Row three: Janet Hodel, Patty Burkholder, Martin Dulley, Kelson Slayman, Gilbert Talmage, Carol Snowberger, Jane Blair, Marilyn Haupert, ALICE ENYEART President LAWRENCE OSWALT Vice-President PATRICIA HAUPERT Secretary-Treasurer DWAYNE ROSS Sergeant-at-Arms BILL McDANIEL Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms NATALIE SMITH Historian MISS MILLS Sponsor Page Sixty-One We wish to express our gratitude to the following business organizations auol frieuols wliose loyal support has made possible the publication of the 1953 Sycamore. A. F. Billings Company A. Cr P. Store Armie Bros. Grocery Baber Motor Supply Baer Lumber Company Bechtol's Grocery Beitman and Wolf Bickel Shoe Repair Bob and Kenny's Service Station Boston Store, Inc. Brewer's Milk Company Bricker's Service Station Bryant Standard Service Butch's Men's Store B. Walter and Co. Carter Sales and Service Central Cut Hate Drug Co. Chronister's Grocery Cities Service City Meat Market Clark's Grocery Claude L. Pegg Container Corporation Cradle and Tot Shop Criston's Daugherty Elevator Deluxe Coils, Inc. Dennis Film Bureau Denney Motor Sales Dick's Men's Wear Diehl Machine Works, Inc. Downs and Wiles Dr. D. J. Myers, D. V. M. Dr. F. M. Bent Dr. J. V. Derrick Tom Mattern, Business Manager. Dr. L. W. Yoder Dr. Manual Sposeep Dr. W. E. Pearson Durnhaugh Hardware Co. Duvall's Standard Service Eagle-Picher Co. E. M. Weesner, Attorney Eppley's Market Falls Avenue Market Farm Bureau Fasnacht's Jewelry Store First National Bank Fishback Auto Electric Service F. J. Hettig and Sons Ford Meter Box Frank's A. and W. Frieden Motor Service F. W. Plummer - Attorney F. W. Woolworth Co. Gackenheimer Pharmacy General Tire Geyer Motor Sales Glazier's Furniture Store Green Gables Gus Dorais Chevrolet Hat Box Haupert Cleaners Henderson's Hilltop Servicenter Mobilgas Hiner 8: Tate Garage H. 81 M. Auto Sales Hottman Nursery Hoosier Point Hoover 8: Miner Funeral Home Huhscher Jewelry Store Page Sixty-Two Hutchens Laundry gl Dry Cleaners Indiana Gas 81 Water Co. James Pthoads, Ins. John Richards Tire Shop Johnson's Marathon Service King 8: Hipskind Kramer the Kleaner Lawrence Hettmansperger Lewis Paint Shop Lutz's Furniture Co. Mahaney Motors, Inc. Maurer Pure Dil Service Meek's Bakery Mid-West Rock Wool Corp. Milliner Printing Co., Minneapolis Honeywell Reg. Co. Mitting's Greenhouse Mrs. Bert Martin, Printing Dltice Myers Sz Son, Jewelers Ugan's Grocery Ogan's Used Car Service J. C. Penney Co. Pauline Pratt Studio Public Service Co. of Indiana Purdy's Real Gas Raymark Products Co. Record Bar B. G. Miller, Beal Estate 8: Insurance Bobinett Buick, Inc. Bogge's Grocery Boss Jewelry Shop Bowan's Auto Laundry Scheerer Bottling Co. Schlemmer Brothers Schlemmer Plumbing 81 Heating Scott's Sear's Roebuck gl Co. S. E. Burns Shaw Tractor Sales Smyers' West Side Market Snack Shop Sonda's Greenhouse South Side Garage Spencer-Cardinal Standard Food Market Stephen's Electric Sterling's Furniture Co. Talbert Brothers Thompson's Electric Thompson's Wearing Apparel Tremont Barber Shop Unger Trucking Co. Utter Sz Hendrix wings in this ltltll ll Wabash Plain Dealer Wabash Produce Co. Wabash Sweet Shop Ward Beauchamp 81 Son Wassman's W. D. Lynn, Beal Estate Wilcox Home 81 Auto Wilkinson Lumber Co. Whitey's Service Station Yarnelle Lumber Co. PUBLICATION DIVISION INDIANAPOLIS ENGIIAVING COMPANY, INC 222 EAST F? EE I DI F S t DI If ,w . t S I I Page Sixty-Three 8: Insure An. cmtograplfs Cl, precious thing Frome "Gable" or from "Peck.', It'S better yet - - more tvccluable - - When written on CL cheek! So scratch your name upon this page With pen and ink - - and then, When yonfpe beeome immortal, Foe proof I knew you '4zz'!zen',.' Page Sixiy-Four -, T4 .43 '-v5p.43,,,-lax,-K 3ygg'r'n55gfw'-'we55,q4E1sb1-e.- gy- .- v swmggngwg' ,- 25- 5,93ia,':!gv.a-0551149-:.-,?,."" 2' 'XX .. '- J.- ,, Mg? P' A ,--Q..,.' ,.. K- , ,.,,, AQ- . ' , ,. 1 A I ,J F' , .. ,, ,,.,,.-- F v I V9 4 , 1 1 Y. ye' U56 vu 4 - E "ill Y ? E tx EE xii F 6 T ffl Q -N . K V l . il L , fx- i5 X xs-:St Ty ri if 'fog . f 53 . Nfcis

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