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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1951 volume:

y Y I I X X , ,- -X fm. , A we 'im- -.fv S 'SNA if ..,. 1951 Sycamore 6a5A SCAOOX 1R?"i-x Fr, I 4 y A Mll f Q "4 d W C Edilurs ,QQ Q f v c 1 M f mage: d G hl C M nager X f if mt mr, rv f f 34 I X X V W 5 ",,k4'!'4 -A f -jx f f ' 'X P LH M 1534? Y nnhl ff' N I f R - V4 5 A X 071 fke LHIILJ O! fke WGLGJL Shopping in the old home town. Relaxing, with our friends, along the Wabash, in me cify of waLMA Page Two ia fAe Sion! Class is almost ready lo siari, but ihere's always time to cha! in the main hall. 41 4 Wu, M " 'YM y ? gi LQ 5 Page Thu-ne 'Wx gf? 'Qs N1 A ...Q fu 'S B f' 2 , ww . NY A nu, 3. ' f--7-L Q 'fri' mf' .lL""1:" 'M' 'W 1, , X ,Lum-H , V W 4' . M -. If Q L 9 i. w N, .3 vw :gm ' -' gif . 5 'L 5 N, One quiel hour of study ? ? ? MAMA in ezlucafiona f We learn to drive - and we need io. Page Five Remember, speed with no errors, girls. Isn't that amazing? walaah id includfrioua Page Slx It's ihe canleen for a Saturday night of fun. llfljaLa5A i6 recreafiona Il's sure to help y o u r posture, girls. Page Seven xi? Ei. A n J' Mb A, Q,i .vb v Xb was W N Q H f .IH nl ll -.5 X Administrators Faculty Classes IIDE ISSUE B Maynn Weaver ADMINISTRATORS During his tive years as the superintendent ot the Wabash City Schools Mr. Carpenter has shown an unusual administrative ability and a remarkable understanding ot school problems. At the present time he is keenly interested in helping to plan and supervise the construction ol a much-needed elementary building. Phil Eskew, popular principal ot our school, rates high among Indiana educators. His interest in sports has won for him the presidency ot the I. H. S. A. A. Council. Although Phil keeps his hand on the throttle and maintains order, he enjoys taking part in school activities - such as leading yells in convocation. LEEWELI. H. CARPENTER Miami University, A.B. University al Chicago, MA. PHIL N. ESKEW Oakland City College, A.B. Indiana University, M.S. Page Ten BOARD of EDUCATIGN The concern of the school board at present is the erect- ing of a new elementary school building. Carefully and regularly they study blueprints. Frank A. Hsltig Laurence J. Gray Dr George H Pulls Secretary Mrs. Lightloot and Mrs. Wilson, a friendly, congeni- al team, cheertully bear the clerical responsibilities and no-operate to make the ot- :ice machinery run smooth- y. President Treasurer Page Eleven FACULTY Eldon E. Barnhart Assistant Principal Commercial Mildred Hipskind American University History, English J can Holman Physical Education A. R. Jinks A.B,, Hanover College Arthur Jordan Conser Band, History Ruth Jones Assistant Principal English Paul Lemke Spanish, English, Gui Page Twelve Ph.B., University ot Chicago Gladys Dove A.B., Indiana State Teachers' Col lege: M.S., Indiana University Librarian Ph.B., University ol Chicago J. Austin Holloway B.S., Bull State Teachers' College Wood Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Track Coach B.S.. Butler University Rosanna Hutt E.P.S.M,, Manchester College M.M., Jordan Conservatory Chorus vatory Martha B. Jones A,B., Indiana University DePauw University University ol Arizona English, Speech, Girls' Adviser A.B., DePauw University Lewis Kauttmann . B.S., Ball State Teachers' Collage M.S., Indiana University History, Social Science, Boys' Adviser B.S.. Northwestern University dance Avis C. Metzger li.N., Grant County Hospital ot Nursing B.S., Indiana University School Nursa Claire Miller A.B., University ol Illi Home Economics Cecilia E. Mills A.B., Manchester Colle Mathematics, English. Odeite Needham Valparaiso University Indiana University University ol Chicago University ol Colorado Commercial Rex Sims Indiana University Indiana State Normal Central Normal Shop John R. Tatum B.S., Indiana University English. Health Football Coach Vera V. Wilson B.S., Columbia Unlver MA., Columbia Untvar Art ge stty FACULTY noia Galon R. Miller LB., Manchester College MA., Ball Stats Teachers' Biology Collage Dramatics Marietta Moore A.B., Wheaton College University ot Michigan Latin, English James Oliver B.Ed., Toledo University Physics, Chemistry, Elactriclty Ward Smith A.B., DePauw University Physical Education Basketball Coach Grant E. Weaver A.B., Juanita Collage B.D., Juanita College Drivers' Training sity Lutie Young A.B., Oxtord College M.S., Indiana University Mathematics Page Thirteen Richard Guhl Mayno Weaver Janet Smith Jerry Renbarger President Vice-President Secretary Athletic Board Member CLASS of 1951 It is hard for us seniors to realize that tour short years have passed since the members of the 1951 graduating class stepped shyly through the portals of Wahash High School. Little did we dream of the many experiences, both fascinating and trying, that we would encounter, or of the responsibilities we would learn to shoulder. Yes, there were rough spots, hut the memory ot foot- ball and basketball nights, of May Festival campaigns, ot decorating for the Junior Prom, and the tired, happy feeling at ibe end of a successful basketball tourney will always leave a warm spot in our hearts. In the years to come, it is our hope that we will measure up to the dreams and expectations ot our high school teachers and ot our fellow classmates and that we will do our part in creating a more peaceful, pros- perous world. Page Fourteen 'T I' LUTRICIA BLUCKSUN - Commercial sei.-mv rump nmnnaxmg .num-r I-in-p rnmvm rum: 'rn-in-v: unmy cum: ALI-'. F.: lI..I..L2 Ihrnd: llnjnh'Ill', Si-nlur Swulll Stmlrnl l'uunrIl: Runsu-r l'lu!l. TOM BRACKEN - Academic in-vp sr-I.-A.-A vnu-1 Inter my 1-mms. ROBERT BRODBECK - Academic srl.-A.-.Y vnu-: ummm- .nm nnwl.: srmmm mfr, auimnfas mining.-rg xi.c,L.g 1-1101-mg summz ummm: lull-r mf: spr-me sl-Amr vm- msn. DUN E. BRUNN - Academic JACK AMBER - General RACHEL ARNETT - Academic LEON BARNES -- Vocational EII BEAN - General ANNE BEAUCHAMP -- Academic THOMAS J, BELL - General sr-rum-nun, CARULYN BELLOCK - Commercial THOMAS RAY BICKEL - Vacalianal ll.A.,I.. Ylw-I'l4'alilvllI: Svulnr Sunil: llmwlvr l'Illlr, I'Inh'rl'4l lmnl Youliwi Illgll S1-Iiunl. llunxvlllvv Tl'nnr'sSFC', Septvlllbfr. 1949. Salem- Uluhz Syrnumrr sum: rlmrux: lm-Ar N--sg Spanish rluh. llnumnllrrii Unnml' nnrl Black: Sxrnlllnrc Stuff. Fully Enlilnr: 5I.C,II.: Trlrllll Treasurer: ALI-'.I"-: Junlnr Rell Vrnxi Vuunril. Vive-l'rvsIIk'n! 3. I'NSldcnI. H Inlrr XM: Slwrrll: Ilwshrl l'Iuh: Falls-l Tmrllllm: S1-nhwr I'l.ly Past. sri.-me rum: symnm sm, Sunnalml mm-rp fnniem mu, Prusluenz: nina PATRICIA BLAIR - Commercial c,A..x.: swim- mm: nrmsm cum. Q A in-iw w-rl-mg sl-aww cum: lmnmuivs: Tn..-,lin-Ay .umm vm: mar-Aix, 'mm . Tarun ,xml-i-1-nr-.vm 4: Finn rn-mum 2: 1-1...-A: sumfm rmmnu anna Wurkslmp. Y mama ANN cAa'rca - Commercial 5 -Q Cana-ri. vnu.. BARBARA ELIZABETH cuoxcsrsr - Academic m I ' sm-nl-A rum: nmnnmfsp umm- An.: ummm: syA....m sum: in-,1..: -rnyxurvp I lll,I".l'.: Jlllillvr Ilfrl Cmss 1'0illwllZ SIulli'llL1'0illwIl: Inlvr Nui, Fl'rrl'lllfF: IlmIsh'r N , cum, im-AAA-nm: I-Ain-I Tv..l-nina: sms.-f 1-ny rm. VIRGINIA I., CUUN - Commercial urimrl.-Ap min-Y: xx.r.r.q u,x .Lg smmr S.-nu. vm,rma.m.-nl: rum-an-r run., , csoncs A. corn - vmnml 6 - ' 3 . , f Enlvn-nl num in-A.-r x'n.-Arinml Illgll sim-1, Am... uma. mens. nn-v: smn--A - j Mft A 1 A V. px cum: nmmmnfsp 'I'lu'Slwi:ui: .1-mmf mn: symlmw mn: cmmls: .umm urn llrnas A ,4gf31::,rQ ' ,Ag 5 UWA -ah ' , A funn.-ll. M ' ' A. f"'J ' ' ' rf: "SW 'Q 'QL' ' 1 .V ' KELLY ELTZRUTH - General ' ' - A , A I , A - - Ill-Y: w-rum: sr-A-nw clung Foullmll: ,umm mmm Member 2: rms vm- pl ' 1, 43 ' ' ' rrmarm 3: 11.-ml, Svrgr-ani: nun.-f lc.-.1 my mmm. A 23 A it 3 J j 9 KL tk A . A 4 I Page Fifteen PHYLLIS ANN GRAY - Commercial lmmmurs: Simnmn- sun: 'rn-Ili-i': M.F.F.: G.A..i.: S-mln: S.-num, Prrsi-1-an 4 nwm rim, , RICHARD GUHI.. - Academic IIIAT, Surgrrilxl-All-.lrllls 4: Sirxuuun' Stuff: Plas llffircr, l'l'l'SIrlr'nL I. Yi4'---l'rn'sl- dm-nt 2: Junior Rm frm funn.-ll: Summa vuuueil: hm-r Nm. DUN HAPNER - Commercial mms. COLLEEN HARDEN - Commercial 0r.muv mm sim: l.iur1n- rim.: 1-lr.-ms, EDITHANN HARMON - Academic sl-mm crux.: xxmmrrmx: n.,x.x,, sd-will cum: sr-amish cum. JAMES C, HAYES - Vocalinnal I-mum: inxm xlurklv, nur. THOMAS HAYS - Academic mm-mx rr.--rr mn-pure. 1'mn.-A-N, wsu. STANTON HEETER - Commercial Enlurml mm. Luk-ran. uns. BUD HETTMANSPERGER - Academic Ill-Y, Svrrccnlllrnl-Alnis Ili ll'-lfllllvi Fmillmll. Flrst Team All-Uonlvrenrc 4: Clam ofncvrg ,uhh-Lic lhmhl Munn-r :ig nmmrr l'lub. IT nml Tn-nsurvr IZ Inlrv Rus: Ilnnerlcl PEGGY EVERROAD - Commercial l.Ihmr5' muh: c:,A.A. JOHN WILLIAM FARRIS - Academic in-Vg lirnnmlirs. ROBERT HARRY FISHER - Industrial lux: sr-1.-nw rum: rum'-mars: mum: lhn.mr-r: lu-no xm1.srmp. PEGGIE JOANN FLACK - Commercial srl.-nw 1'1un:um.mm: Timpirm: .mmnr lhmslvf CIIIIP. FLDSSIE FRAZIER - Academic iam-mm: umm -ma num: rmpllmp A.: Vlmrus: lmcr x.-sp umm.-r rum. TOM GAMRLE -- Academic Ill-Y: ll'-Fllllr: Srionci' Cllxlli Ymlllull: Sr-mm: S--ninr PIU Cm. PIU: M.C.L.: Llllrnn' Club: G.A.A.: Junior PI-HY! Sirmlnute Slaffi !l,l".F'.7 G.A. Slhinxorf Staff? M.l'.l..l Track: Stnlu! l Smfli Trlflll-Y: RI.i-'.l-Y? G,.l.4ll Cllnnlei LURETTA GARHISON - Cnmmercie HA'lt'Ill'l' l'IlIllI lVYarll:llll'h1 5!'l'ilI!llII'l' lluuslvr I'llIll. MARY JO GILLEN - Academic llrzlllnlllrnl Ornngv :mul lllmrkl Sycullunrc .mn srnnl: nrmsu-r Ulnhg Tw-n rmrm-n SLIU: Trl-Ili-Y. Sccrrllfy 2. 3. ll llulll I Slxunlsll Club: Srnlrlr l'l:U' fail. MARCIA LYNN GUUD - Academic sr-lr-nw vluu: llrmuatirsz vmngr- mul M.l'.l-'.: lutvr NDS, Trvnsllnir Il. li Qi lilzlrki 53'r:lIu0l0 Slnlf: ll.1'.l..: Trl-lll-Y: Iill nml Srrlilli Rmslcr Flllh. Scnlnr Plul' Page Sixleen PAUL KIRBY - Vncaliunal 'rr.u.ar.-m.i fmin l'r!i:mn. si-pi.-mm-r. ww. .IU ANN KOERNER - Academic s.-rr-.rr-Q cum: rmrmma: Jimi.-r vm: Siwirrmrc surf: ru-.r..: Trrfirrwv: nr.:-ti-'.: lrllrr N052 llllnalvr l'llxIh: Slliilllxll 4'Illlr. Sl'1'r1'!lllY-Tlmsurvr 32 Scnlull PIAY fail. ALEDA ANNE LELAND - Academic and Commercial sr-I.-in--1 vmh: ximumirs: 'l'lwa1,r::::: ,lmiiur my: symmw sniff: Bl.l',L.: 'Trl-Ill-Y: il,P,v.: G..i.A.: Salim- mul: li:-mer club: spanish club, Sem-tnry-Treasurer 4. JOHN FREDERICK LINTNER - Academic s,.-mm sian: xu-.1,.: small: limi, :na rmim-.:ni 4: rum mrs, smile 4. MARY ANN MILLINER - Academic si-i-nw vim.: nmnracri-S: 'riw5,.irii:: .I-mm rm: s,f:.mm.- sian: nr.c.L,: 'mim': ima.: rim s-Ira-my-Tumi.:-ar 1: Jumfir mn rms miami, Swim 2: sum-::zcnnm11: :eww clan: simian: cum, sa-m:iry-Tr.-:rarim 2, 3. TWYLLA JEAN MILLS - Commercial iifmilm: .uma-r my: xuzr.: nam, ii'nmim,i: umm cum. JEAN MINNIEAR - Commercial xr.P.P.: Swnlnr Smut. msiriem 2, WANDA LOIS NEAL - Commercial ramirry ruin: Clmrns. BEVERLY OLMSTEAD - Commercial 'rmim-mir friun vnmm, si-mammi-. luis, rirmniziaa: Juniar Pi-uf Ss.-iumrf sunr: ni-in-rp ir.P.v.: nr.c.l.,: cum- mlm. KENNETH HETTMANSPERGER - Induslrial Ili-Y: W-l'Iuli: Srl-uri' l'Ivlli: Fmillmlli M.l'.l..: l'alrlw'r:A Chilli lhskelballi Rand ISI I,Ivlllvll1llii 4: Tr.n-R: All-l'0lif1'rn'ill'r' I"lNlllmIl Swulul Tumi Hclmrablx' Mc-n llml All-314111. RICHARD L. HETTMANSPERGER anim. s-ir.:-.mi :z, 4. BETTY HETZLER - Academic S.-li-iw rum: lir.:m:ni-ag umngr :ual l.iIir.il'l' Vinh: Al I",l".: GALA., l'IvSIil rum. - Academic Rlilrkl Symlnllw Stllfi Tri-Ili-Y. fhllllalll d ELIZABETH ANN HOFFMAN - General lun. DARLINE HULLEY - Commercial i.:v.f.m- 1-im.: n..x,.x. LUIS HORNADAY - Academic and Commercial si-ii-iw Vinh: lrr:mi.irii-w: lhmuzv :nm lllavki Simnlurv Stall. Club Pllilnr: M.lJ.L, Tn-Ili-Y: Au-'.F.: li,,l..i,: Inh-r Nea: suse--ng Roaster Club, Secremaryfrraisuirer. GEORGE F, KELLER - Industrial Ili-Y: ll.uul JANE KELLER - Academic liimr- :um lu...-L: amnirm- sim: x 1'mI.r.-in :r: s:i.u:ial: rum, ROBERT G. KING - Induslrial Ili-Y: llrilul. Page Seventeen l.l'.I..: Trl-III-Y: ll I-IIE: lhmcrrr Fluh, Ylcv ful. 42 l'illlil M:ul,lKvl' 2. Ri Ilanili Bmalrf CAROL SEOTT - Commercial r.n.mn- rum. MARY HELEN SIMONS - Academic llrllllallril Jrrnivr P1201 AI.l'.I".: lI..l..X,2 Vhorllii Smlliilx flllhg Ilnnilcr CIVIL .IUDITH J. SINCLAIR - Academic sri-we rim.: Drumativs: rrwapsrrn: lmmgv ,mu Black: .1--.rim umm sm.-rm smug an-,r..i 'nr-ui-v. r-n-num :a. 4, and sim x'iw-r'm1.wnr zr: .umm nm cms: rr-mir-rr. r-miriam rp lnrvr xuag ar-om crm-g Canlrvin Comnulrce: scum r-my PIISI. GLORIA SLAGAL - Commercial 4-nr-nm: lunmrafs: Lllnry vm.: rrmhm rum: our .L RICHARD SLOOP - General ul-va vm-ms: umm JANET SMITH - Commercial srlvm Flubi urwum: smmm sua. Ti-ping Editor: Al.C.L.: Trl-III-Y: crm secrmn--'rmsnrer 3, 4: a-mm rum: sim-mi: Swansea cron. RICHARD SNAVELY - Induslrial uw: Science cum: Junior nm my mm.-il. GLENISS SNELL - Academic .rumor um mu vmulp :mmf club: swim- cum. ROBERT M. STIERWALT, JR. - Academic w-cn-ur s.-rem cum: mmm, smmm Staff. JACK PARRETT - Vocational mrmrr xr..-.gr-r. JIM PETRY - Academic Ill-Y. sr-rrelnry 4: Sfhlnfn rlub: llnunallrsi Tm-spun: Junior Plug Syrumoru sua: Rand: Srrllnr Smut: Junior Hcd Vmis Cnrlnrlll Inter Nos: Rldlo Wvrhxhopg Scnlur vm' vim. ROBERT PHILLIPS - Vncalional MARY JANE PUTTERF - Commercial lffrrlvnwl from Linlrmu Illgll Srlrmrl l!lIIl. Srivllre Flrrlv: 'I'rI-lll-Y. MARJORIE CHRISTINE RAVER - Commercial smmrm- mfr: Lu-my crm.: vim-. JERRY WAYNE RENBARGER - Academic lu-v: wrml., va-ffr'n-Si.1m1 :rg sfimmm mmf: mimi: syn-nm am: :mm- mur: vi..-Q r-f--mir-.ir 1: ,uni-11.1 rr.-.rm xlfnn--r 1: 'rmxg .xii-r'.-Irv.-mm I-mrulr. s.-.-.-mr Tmm za 4: ,ilu-r-.,1rf.rf.-nw l!:ifkvrh.nll, sr-.-mm 'mm 45 sr-no-r r-my cfm. DOROTHY REYNOLDS - Academic S.-11-mv rlnhg Ilranmius: 4mmm- and rum-kc SM-unvurc Sum: lI.l'.l..: mum-m liluhp Triklll-Y: ll.r.l-1: lm-rr Nu.: Rrmcrvr Club, FAITH Z. REYNOLDS i Academic sfrmr-Q rum: si.-.rin-wr sim: AI.l'.I.,: 'rnelli-Y: AI.F.I-'.: rum xus: :mmf cum. SHIRLEY SCHEERER - Commercial Svlvllre 1'IlIlYJ ll l".l".: ll .l,.I.Z l'Ylnlllii Illuuilvl' Vllllv. A I Page Eighteen JAMES DAVID VIIOOMAN - Academic nm: nwmn. s.-.-mm I: sr-mrw vlan: lummll, rim 1'--.rm .ill-rumfemurw ::. 4: lim.-llv.rll: rlmnrs: umm: 'rml.: milf, .umm lm Crow mum-ll: seminar Umm' I-il: mmm. mlm, r'mi-rum :rg Sr-ulor vm img ,ill-enum-em-v 1r,m.Qllv.r1l Frm 'mm 1. . MARILOU VROOMAN - Commercial lim-'ml mm: l.luI:run High si-hm-l 121411, llr.lm:mr-sz .Inninr Play: syeannurv sun: lrmriu iwrxxlmv. SIIERYL JEAN WALLACE - Academic 1:m.m1rr-S: TI.-r,,-cm: mmf.. cum: xl.r-nrt: 1:..r..r.: rum NUS: main rr'0fmn.m: smmcrr vim.: 1r.a-sw cum. DAVID M, WATSON - Academic na-r: lummrirwg 'rhespmnp Ornngc ana rum: .mmur my: syuamom sm: nl.c. r..: 4-umm: lhunli nr-um Mulur: spanish mini. rw.-srrrmi ::: swam my mm. MAYNO JOYCE WEAVER - Academic si-mm ri-nl: :mimic-5: Syl-mn.-N sim: in-.l.: 'merrr-Y, chaplain 3. vm- r-:-siuvm 1: rim im-mir-.rr :L r'n-vfr-:mill-ur Ir: Ulmrrs: si-:limi cmmrrr. S--I-rvl' rin-,'rwmrf.'r xx: rrmmvr vnu.: mm.-in, s.-rr.1mw-'rn-.mm-r :r. LAVERNE WILLINGHAM - Vocational MARGARET STRICKLER - Academic rmnmrlfs: m:..x,A.: Senior smm. DORIS STRINGER - General mm-ir mm r.-nn min sr-xml mn. DAVID SUNDI-IEIMER - General rmmmmf: Jimi-If mr: rzlmem cum. MARY ANN THOMSON - Cammarcial in.-umm: sr-mmf sum: umm-I. crm.: xu'.r.: u..x..x.: umm crimp mam rr'mr.sxm1l: similar. num. VERNON THOMPSON - Vocalional DAMARIS .IEANNE VARDAMAN - Commercial Llllrain' Vllllx. JAMES VICE, JR. - Academic si-I.-nw crm.: Ilr.1nx:rlles: armani., vmerrmum 4: nl-me mm rum: mum r:-mir 4: 4-me x'rw4r-miami 1: si-umm sun. rin-:imma mlm: M.c.r..: smrmu crmnrrug in-1-.rm rum Nm, rmanwn 12. 4: u-nu mm si-mil: rrmm- cum: swim rm- um, TOM VICE - Academic na-rp wermn-: slam.-4 rum: nmrmrfs: 'rimprang 1-mimi: rum.-r rm-3 Syca- more sm: rmmiuhlix: Charm: sim.-m ummrr: 'rn-rin: si-nnmr crux., CARROLL E. VOSS - Academic ur-r. s.mr.m--'rrr-amrvf as, r'lrvr-f.-mime 4: w-mn: serum cum: name ma III.lrk. Spnrli Ifllllor: Ifwillnlli Syr.lnlm'r SUIT. SWHS Iidllllri !I,l',I.,: Band: nm: mn- mm: Jnniur mu rn-ss council: rum Nos: num mm sfm11:semf rw mum. Page Nineteen Scene - High School Gym Event -- Juniox-Senior Prom 1950 Scene - Honeywell Memorial Event - Commencement 1950 Page Twenty CLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR Reber! Mailern President Mary Margaret Harvey Secretary-Treasurer Skip Osihimer Alhlelic Board Member Jim Sampson Vice-Presidenl SOPHOMORE Tum Maliern President Bern Hesse Vice-President Tom Dunfee Secretary-Treasurer Jay Huffman Alhleliv: Board Member FRESHMAN Dick Walperl President Don Siegel Vice-President ' Linda Gray Secralsry-Treasurer ' Jim Armstrong Alhlelic Board Member Page Twenty-One JUNIQRS Heber! Alexander Esther Allishaugh Ralph Arneii Marlan Badgell David Barneii Neil Barnhari Marion Bell Paul Bender Lois Bennet! Lois Bird Lyle Boardman Nancy Bona Barbara Bonewii Barbara Bowman Carol Brown Jim Carney Marilyn Carpenter Rosalie Carter Richard Chrislman Richard Clark Lois Cloud Nancy Colo Jay Coppnck Sylvia Corso Ronald Dealer Charles Dennislnn Wayne Devaul! Colleen Draper Bill Evans Mary Fawley Jerry Garner llia Gehbing Sam George Judy Good Palsy Harmon Mary Harvey I twig 1' . 6' A 1 fi , I si I , ,fl 4 l 1 Q . f ,X ' -tl' A 3 -. ,lx C ,Q 3 ,N G ? ' ' .' 1 ' i C A " rw 5 'P ' y is V " - haf' wr ' lvl . 9, .4 A y U-af, I. , , ry :f ' -i.iL'f-.grin S- , xg SQ? fi, . if - C 'E ' if ' 1 , 3"fiT'1 I, lg ' v 1 - 4 1 .1 , , 4.-w W x- - .Q A 9 l XXXL Q , - A- ,R r. in -. I 72' xl 01 l , ' I K Y y L " ' : ji - f V , 'lfllg-f' . Page Twenty-Two 22 - .,f. I 2 ' I 1 . e .3 A . ' "5 ' fin, ff, ., Q-XX - L2 Q , fA 6- -f 'fr 'N ff fl 1'- C 5 fi- X - rd-1 - ' ff 1 f .1 A, 1' H l. , 'N d " ' ff T41'4J'145.4 A 4 , , s I iffg . fig ,.- f an ,ff ' 1 n x l ff , ,i 1" 5. 4 4 f L Q J 1 J 4' X + v x- M I A 'gf f ' 45 S9 4- ,?if'W an .ff f, L Q11 Liiif' Nr"- QJ - T' I v ' - X 2, f ' i". NM Q I Q' V1 .K ,, ,ei mfs 6 Q .- " -- f. Q5 " J . L L ,f 'LF 4 'ff ,, ' 1 - Q ..-' - 75 , A m f A ' 1 Twenty-Three Page JU 10115 ,lm-, lm.-4 11.-ur Ilvur! J.. .um In-S: um u.-nn.-r rr.-.1 llluln lurxmr.. lla.-p-mu.-1 J.-ny 1:11-,mmm-I l...rn- llmw.-f r:m.- mm.-r rn-m I-Iuvl llmmlns vu-.nm .lm-any K.uInm .llukrl slmlry .hmnsnn Mark' Kaiwr .Im-k Kell:-I Kath' Kllxvrk Rnrhnnl Klnshflk llirl. 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Lnrrx' llnrxm-my In-uv llnrm-r Mxmlmrvl llmlxlnll .lu Ann .links rvn- ,Innes Imrrx' K1-mr .mlm-S Klmy 'rum I.nlnl mm lgm-mm: ln-mn LN ummm Inna n.-mmw mms mmm M.-mmm lcxmu..-in xnnum-m J...-x. xnmln-nm K--mmn xlmuu-um lum- Mmmnn nw-rn Mu.-. nl-.fm xml,-r ,mm Mum xunuu M...-nl-r lurk xlm-wry .l.-hu Alum xlnrlnn xlm-rv Wlllllal Rlnxqyllrw lmrl-um Al.-nrvr Nun Aww-r lllrmml Almvyvr Amrun Mull:-ndurz lluhm llnilvll xlnrlbn xlms .U.rrl.lml Myers I..mmw.- 0-nm In-ny tn.-rumn llivk lhwn 1'umllu Alvu-ns .mlm l'--,nsfm 1'.ll'lvl Pllilliyui .u..n... my x.m--y rnu..r SIl.lmn l'uKl:'rl Mnrlml Imwr .lrrrl lllxmulva !l.niAI Kish .lnhn NIJ! Mary Rm: l'nrnl lkixwr lumym- Ross sulvln snlyor lllll Sf-Imhz Pllzzrlvs Shruhr In-n Smal- Krlsnn Sluluvnll 1.-um Smith Nimnw swam lhunnnn swim sm- snmn .1.-Im sum.-xx l',xml smumfm-r nuumlv sums xmmln swme rn-.l.Lv Squingf uv.-ml-n sm rllmvm summer llwml scrmxvr 1:mv.n -:umm ll.-lm 1'.'-mx. mmm. 1'.-mmw 1-mm.-5 xwm.-r lmuw vm nm-llm xx-mm mu mmm 1,111-In wimm-la um xmpm um, hun-5 rfmn zxmn-rr Lois Bird and Bob Maiiem reigned when May came around in ISSU, X Hi, jfgx .4 In ihe Iall il wax Mary Jn Gillen who was crowned Homecoming Gunn. 31 Page Twenty-Elght -'P Page Twenty-Nlno it 'Gieai Caesar's Ghosi"! anoilxer Junior Play triumph. Better gai lu class, boys! Two skilled machinists? Thai hill's a long climb, brulher, The Hawes! Ball, s big fall evanl. 'Q .1 'Z . WHS SPORTS 559. N f-w A 'A fi? Q2 3 1 fs? WW C NHL? www EJ XNJ!! Ng I N resssnvzu 4 XV WO I 5'runENr5 j , IM X Qzx L RE J 5 K2 ff 7 X Nl A , W X - 'V vm in N ' Q F X Y A ' f 'i3f - E N THE 1950 APACHE FGOTBALL SEASON The Apache football team opened its season in a successful manner by trouncing Sheri- dan 34-12. This strong start paved the way for a 7-2 record, which gave our team third place in the conference. The only losses were at the hands of Plymouth and Hartford City, who tied for the conference championship, For the third consecutive year the Apaches retained the Victory Bell by whipping Marion 21fl2. On the All-Conference team there were more Apaches than representatives from any other teams. Those named on the first team were Jim Vrooman, quarterback, and Bud Hett- mansperger, left tackle. The boys named for the second team berths were Ken Hettmans- perger, center, Beryle Miller, right tackle, and Jerry Renharger, right halfback. Gene Mil- ler, left guard, and Don Brunn, left halfback, placed on the third team. Brnnn, with 41 points, was also high scorer for the Apaches. HOW ONE: Coppock, Voss, Gamble. K. Hettmansperger, Eltzroth, Stierwall, G. Miller, Renharger, Brunn, Vmoman, Barnhart. ROW TWU: B. Miller, Deeter, B. Matterrt, Gamer, King, Jacoby, Boardman, Baker, Amick, Bnsse, Usthimer, Willingham, B llettmansperger. BUW THREE: Drcok, Brady, Wclpert, Corso, Stephens, T. Mattern, Carney, Kuldau, Connell, Flynn, Hodel, McPherson, Barnett Christman, Parrett, Bender, Brady, Kramer, Gillen, Hnwell, Huffman, Mylin, Rubinett, Winningham, Duntee, Evans. Page Thirty-Two Apaches Jim Vruoman and Bob Matrern closing in lor the scalp. Ken Hettmansperger receiving the Dorais Loyalty Trophy lzom Gus Dorais. High-scorer Don Bruno going over lor a touchdown in the Elwood game. Apache Season Record Sheridan 'Elwood Concordia Huntington Monticello Plymouth 'Peru 'Hartford City Marion Q Q " Denotes C, I. C. game Page Thirty-Three Don Brunn Senior - Halfback 3rd Team All-C.I,C. Kelly Elizroih Senior - Guard Tom Gamble Senior - End Bud Hellmansperger Senior - Tackle Isl Team All'C.I.C, 41h Team All-Slale Ken Hellmansperger Senior - Cenler 2nd Team All-C.I.C. Derais Lnyally Trophy Gridiron Award Honorary Captain Jerry Henbarger Senior - Hallhaek 2nd Team All-C.l.C. Bob Srierwall Senior - Tackle Tom Vice Senior - Quarterback Jack Parreli Senior - Manager Jim Vrooman Senior - Uuarierhack lsl Team All-C.I.C. Carroll Voss Senior - Hallhack Page Thirty-Four wi' .ggi Y amy ' Page Thirty-Flve Bud Baker Sophomore - Guard Neil Barnhari Junior - End Bern Basse Sophomore - Ouarlerhnck Jay Coppock Junior - End Bud Deeier Junlor - End Jerry Garner Junior - Center Bob Maiiern Junior - Fullhnck Beryle Miller Junior - Tackle 2nd Team All-CLC. Gene Miller Junior - Guard 3rd Team All-C.I.C, Skip Osihimer Junior - Halihack Coach John Tulum SECTION AL CHAMPS .XX . I t How Une: Charles Horner, Wayne Lalollatte, Managers. RDW TWU: Bob Mattern, Bud Deeter, Gene Miller, Jerry Hanha Jet, Jim Vrooman. HUW THREE: Coach Ward Smith, Berne Basse, Tom Vice, Skip Uslhimer, Tom Hays, Neil Bernbarl, Duane Uevaull, Bill Evans. 1930-51 Bxsketball Season The Wabash Apaches enioyed a very successlul hardwood year, finishing the season with a 16-9 record and placing :econd in the Central Indiana Conference. In the season opener with North Manchester. the Apaches scored an impressive Sl-48 victory. Another outstanding score ol the season came when the Apaches upset highly- touted Howe ol indianapolis 48-43. In the conlerenca the Apaches won eight and lost two. Those two losses were to Elwood and to Muncie Burris each by only two points. The Smith-coached men also won the Wabash Sectional Tourney Crown. They delealed South Whitley E2-43 io the final game. ln tba regional at Kokomo they were beaten by Pem. North Manchester Kokomo Warsaw 'Huntington Hartlord City Elwood Rochester Decatur Sheridan Howe Indianapolis Burris Muncie Tipton Monticello Marion 'Plymouth 'Penr Auburn 'Alexandria Denotes C. I. C. game. Page Thlrty-Six They 48 43 45 Sl 37 47 33 54 43 43 Bl 43 54 55 48 45 49 51 Glen Coolman, reliable and capehle Apache "B" team coach. Mama Mullendore and Linda Gray, cheerleaders tor the Pepeeses. 'B' TEAM SEASON The l850-51 Apache "B" squad tinished their season with a 10-I0 record. This is a line record considering the tact that they were not ehle to practice together many times because several ol the boys practiced with the varsity. The Paponses also wen a "B" team tourney which was held between teams from Warsaw, Columhia City, and Chester. They deieated Cnlumhie City, 3634, in the linal game, These buys have gained valuahle experience lrom this seasnn's play and will he tine material lor Coach Ward Smith to work with next year. "B" Squad 4 HOW ONE: Max Miller, Tom Duntee, Virgil Mylin, Bob Armstrong, Manager, Jay Huffman, Dennis Olmstead, Jack Vrouman. ROW TWO: James Gillen, Ted Ply, Jim Droek, Dean Gurtner, Sam Connell. Tum Mattern. Page Thirty-Seven NJ X fr 1. like .---at-L . fl, .fe it s 'Q g P if Q ' i f .,,-have V 4 1' .Z i fha ' 'B Gena Miller Duane Davault Bud Deeter Junior - Forward Junior - Guard Junior - Center 2nd team All'C.l.C. This year's varsity basketball squad was composed mainly ol iuniors and sophomores. Next year Coach Smith should have a good ball club, due largely to the help the seniors gave this year's juniors. The clever rebounding ol Jim Vrooman and Tom Hays has been noteworthy. The beautiful floor work and hall handling ot Jerry Renharger and Tom Vice, as well as the Iatter's scoring sprees at Peru and in the sectional against Urbana, cannot be forgotten. N l Ward Smith Jerry llanbargar Jim Vrooman Coach Senior - Guard Senior - Forward 2nd team All-C.l.C. lst team All-C.l.C. Dnrais Loyalty Trophy Page Thlrty-Eight , x 'Q . Ai F, ' l Bob Mattern Neil Barnhart Berne Bassa Junior - Guard Junior - Center Sophomore - Guard Sportsmanship Award At the annual basketball banquet given by the service clubs of Wabash, Jim Vrooman received the Dorais Loyalty Trophy. Tom Vice won the Lions' Free Throw Award: and tor the second consecutive year Robert Mattern received the Sportsmanship Award, given by the Chamber ot Commerce. A berth on the All-Conference lirst team was won by Jim Vrooman. Jerry Henharger and Gene Miller were placed on the C. I. C. second team. Tom Hays Tom Vice Wayne Latollette ' Senior - Center Senior - Forward Student Manager Free Throw Award Page Thirty-Nlne 1951 TRACK SQUAD ROW ONE: Jerry Garner, Larry Hornaday, Dwayne Ross, Sam George. Curtis Smith, Bob Mattern, Jim Carney, Tom Laird, Jim Kirby, Raymond Gill, Bob Yeates. ROW TWD: Assistant Coach Jim Jonas, Raymond White, Austia Russell, Max Miller, Richard Christman, Tom Gamble, Jim Vrooman, Jay Huttman, Nail Burnhart, .lim Sampson, Skip Osthimer, Carroll Voss, Bob Sanders, Leonard Merrick, Coach Austin Holloway. Track Season The 1951 track season got oil to a good start when the Apaches defeated the Chester Panthers on our own oval to the tune of S8-41. Outstanding in that meet and others during the season were Tom Hays in the halt mile, Max Miller in the mile, and Jerry Renbarger in the quarter mile. The prowess ot Jim Vrooman as high jumper and shot putter, the agility of Skip Osthimer, junior dashman, as well as the swittness ot Tom Gamble and Carroll Voss in the quarter mile and hurdles, respectively, are worthy ot praise. The 1950 track season for our cinder men opened in a similar fashion, with almost the same score against Chester. In a triangular meet that year with Marion and Huntington, the Apaches placed second, with Leonard Drook and Ted Parker as high scorers. Again, in a meet with Peru, our team scored 7BMi points to Peru's 3Wa. Other achievements tor the 1950 track team were placing tilth in the Kokomo Relays and third in a conference meet. The Apaches also won the county meet with a score of 79 points. In the last dual meet of the season the Apaches just barely slid hy. They managed to top Mississ- inewa 57-52. The meet was undecided until the mile relay, which was won by Drook, Smith, Wil- liams, and Parker ot Wabash. Page Forty 1950 CROSS COUNTRY SEASON Cross Co Although there were not many bays out lor cross- oountry this year, the season was vary successlul. The hoys that were out lor other sports, it not mnre. The Apache thinly clads placed second in the conlerence cross- country meet in which seven teams participated. This con- tributed six points towards the All-Sports Trophy. During the season the cinder men ran a total ol six dual meets, al which they won three. In the nine-team sectional at Ft. Wayne. the Apaches placed third, These runners have worked hard and accomplished much. They are to he congratulated lor their line joh. Veteran-hurdler Carroll Voss leading on the first hurdle in the Mississinewa meet. untry Record Eastern Howard Peru Muncie Central Kokomo Mississinewa Fairmount C.l.C. K7 teams! Sectional C8 taamsl Cross Country Team We They 27 30 I5 40 35 15 40 17 34 21 I4 41 Wahash 2nd Wahash 3rd ROW ONE: Austin Russell, Robert Sanders, Leonard Merrick. HOW TWU: Max Miller, Tom Hays, Harold Miller, Gena Millar, Coach Austin Holloway. Page Forty-One BOOSTER CLUB Although the Booster Club is only tour years old, it has accomplished a great deal lor the school. Athletic teams have benefited hy the enthusiasm which the Boosters have created hy their spirited yelling, APACHE CHEERLEADERS The three cheerleaders, who led the school cheering section throughout the football and basketball sea- sons, have worked hard to keep morale high among tans. They have been present at all games, whether at ' ' h h H' h School home or away from home. They deserve the praise and congratulations ot every Wa as ig student. hex, x x K, Nl Q 4 .....f"',v ,f-. ,.f Katie Kinerk Phon Hudkins Judy Good Page Fo rty-Two BOOSTER CLUB Wanda Spence, Peg Heltmansperger, Rosemary Lee, Elaine Mattern, Beverly Myers, Thomas Laird, Nancy Bone, Cynthia Stapler, Kay Devore, Kathy Driscoll, Jim C. Hayes, Sue Longstreth, Carol Lanlz, Jere' Hawley, Virginia Black, Jerry Rhodes, Bobby Yeates, Edna Mullet, Gloria Miller, Marna Mullandore, Carol Snowberger, Elsie Carter, Mary Burke, Glenna Slagal, Carol Risser, Marilyn Myers, Jean Snavely Linda Gray, Diane Vice, Paula Harnish, Carolyn Tous- oany, Alice Enyeari, Beverlee Sunday, Esther Allishaugh, Jo Ann Hess, Barbara Hippensteel, Nancy Cole, Raymond White, Barbara Booth, Bill Mcllanlel, Marilyna Moeller, Barbara Bowman, Carol Rettig, Janis McDowell, Linda Lannder, Janet Blnckson, Janice Richwine, .lo Ann Glauve, Lynn Manley, Mary Fawley, Patsy Harrnan, Barnita Neal, Paul Bandar, Dave Barnett, Sam George Lyle Boardman, Barbara Bunewit, Bette Henry, Mary Bonawil, Linda Wintrede, Sheila Salyer, Sandra Hipsher, Gladys Grandslali, Garol Phillips, Jim Burnswarth, Shirley Hentgen, Marilyn Purdy, Larry Hoover, Jerry Brady, Kenneth Burkholder, Carlos Schelzle, David Brady, Bill Fleck, Natalie Smith, Martha Bird, Marilyn Haupert, Nancy Potterl, Martha Ravar, Pal Barrus, llta Gebhing, Carol Zim- mer, Ann Alexander, Margaret Houston, Janice Bizjaak, Phyllis Akers, Anne Mahaney, Kay Parker, Joann Williams, Lois Bird, Carol Brown, Mary Harvey, Shirley Johnson, Barbara White, Doro- thy Unger, Sylvia Corso, Gertrude Cowen, Frances Unger, Becky Elliol. Evelyn Deyo, Janice Solteerer, Jane Hippensteel, Jean Slaver, Pat Ballock, Pat Hamilton, Wanda Neal, Mary Helen Simons. Edithann Harmon, Glaniss Snell, Sylvia Browne, Barbarann Mowrer, Basie Carter, Wilma Morphaw, Norman Brown, John Wire, Marilyn Carpenter, Darline Holley, Jean Minniaar. Mika Cunningham, John Miner, Larry Hornaday, Baverly Young, Joann Day, Beatrice Story. Jean Hetzler, Gloria Slagal, Max llobhinetl, Pat Elshire, Marian Badgett, Helen Felts, Shirley Bishop, Jo Ann Wldmeyer, Nick King. Nila Mowrer, Orvilla Voira, Sue Coltingham. Page Forty-Three I1 X wg! lhx aff if X sis.. 9 f 4, :Fi V f. E . ,. 2 ,f- ' v 1 , W... A. I ,y s 1: . , , r ' eff' 3 , t is-jx iw, . S ' 'H-1:35 , ' w H , , 'z':..f.f ' 4 ' , ',.,N .. 1z....,Qf K fl? ' ' !'fsf.2Z'f6f.,' ?:f5f"fQ' In-..G""1.W. '? 0' iff: QR 1""" ' M. . y.i..:'lr':,.t . ,LM 5 It V .N 4j,:.f.,,ggW:. . ffgvffi .' ' , . - . 'V ' :',2"'?-I., f V. . 1...J 5' .imp ' k ,. , . ..,, . .... , .,.. .. . '15 :UL W ' . , f K :'ftx:,f.: 1'-'z :,:."'1:2f.i.""1,g2.iw'i , ' 222223,'-:Ef?,vrmx.3"' Mxsfiff 3 'f'f51QiJ,Q'v:'ff'fQ'2' 'iff"',.'Q:'figf':b,-,5?iw'i"!ff, ' , f- 1 an-g I: mg,. :, zj:qy-it',1ii'y5wg-HQ-21, W5'?gii.LE Q Q if: if an b . f F5g."'g.1g?1i1+Z'gPiffSv53YQxf:'i4?,ifr5':!l If TT- - V f 4345 -1119" 2? 2 f ' W F P 'L'KisifCfgz3zQ'QaisQVfQi'w2217i1?'-Q. .ffixsfrifgl 'WQL?xiI3x"f5'fx.if-f5K2" Wv .'?.'5fIy:3s.EQ, s-- fe-Jwyw fs . . xgifgiffjgsjf f5gQfi,2fv,gg1:1ff,a,f15f55 ywiif-w'?g,gm?ssv,i5 ' Lgzwgo a-rMgf5'1H gy- A W -.gjj-M A 4 Q my g pug, g . Ag' u A. 1 . :ug Q 'V .Q Q W. ,,,, riiggw g? M . V Xp .:'gLg5?-gfsgaf V 5'f'ff21WQ3f5vi-5+2,g ,,,,,' ,' sw ' 2-Q Zgggif W. ,,L,,. . .2,. ., W .. . . .L ..,,, ,, P , . , L Q w.,a,f:eM2 Qff:f1v-ng :g2'efw?:"wft:f2'fA .15:12-fA.f1'.?iwa ff 35415 5 .'4?Q,5?m: QQ' '- wx ' '.f:ji5:x?e?52M'w f.l'ff?x'5 W fn: , Q .i f5"'X::X,'s'ff1iEg5',1!'s:k'5iqgvxff3,Q:'?Ti"fgg1lj , 5,15 1 . .. X5 ig Quiz,-,.:,,zfX.u. f., 3 -fra, 1 T.. Q W- .Xa Eg. .Hfc,.w:w?.'3E1g QM.. 9 f . f. , rigs , . :Y . " fn' M, 3. ,. N13 , "rfb s W 2' - r . ' -r. 1. - wx. . - ffe fazif -an''HQivgzizfzmz.ffw??:?M.N, Y ,is . ::ws3,f.1'f wxlgagf,i3a:a'4,.zx.,W- mr N- 4.,x "-july New:L:Q5vegff1,r5g'gi.4j-Yi' 'f.x,Qy,, wgggwdwf 133- 1 ' H + - f M - v fm M ff xfwf -Q R M ' :.. .S ISK! -i:Z,2!.!' 1 1, 41511 'Q V U WHS AGTIVITES I ! ' iw' 2,5,54,. ,-., 7 :,,.,,. -.-. . FE:-1333 1 A M2 r.-" - V K' as Q ? W E V' 3.1, ,In l ug: g 9 gy g Los Hcmadsy Club Ed in P g F tyFlve Business Jim Vice, Circulation Manager, Flossir: Frazier, .lo Ann Koerner, Faith Reynolds. Robert Brodheck, Business Managerg Bud Hetimansperger, Jane Keller. Tom Vice. Richard Guhl, Concession Manager: George Cope, Belly Heizler, Jim Petry. Janet Smith, Head Typist, Colleen Harden, Phyllis Gray, Loretta Garrison. SYCAMORE STAFF Editorial Mary Ann Milliner and David Watson, Co-editors. Anne Beauchamp, Copy Editor, Rachel Arnett, Beverly Ulmslead, Judy Sinclair. Carroll Voss, Athletic Editor, Tom Gamble, Tom Hays, Bob Stierwatt, Mary Ju Gillen, Art Editor: Fred Lint- ner, Dorothy Reynolds. Lois l-lornaday, Eluh Editor, Marcia Good, Marjorie Raver, Barbara Cooksey, Mayne Weaver, Photography Editor, Mary Jane Potterl, Jerry llenbarg- er, Marilou Vroomau. Tom Bell, Snapshot Editor: .lim Hays, Aleda Leland, Kenny Hettmans- perger, Mary Ann Thomson. Page Forty-Six Orange and Black ROW TWO: Miss Moore, Terry Harden, Tam Bell, Ernie Clark, Lalan Philpalt, Shirley Johnson, Jo Ann Jinks. Diane Vice, Colleen Harden, Miss Dove. ROW ONE: Carol Pegg, Marian Badgelt, David Barnett, Marcia Good, Anne Mahoney, Phan Earl Hudkins, Jim Vice, Jera' Hawley, Mary Harvey, Lois Bird, Joan Williams. Quill and Scroll ROW TWU: Carroll Voss, Phon Earl Hudkins, Jim Vice. ROW 0NEz Mary Ja Gillen, Mary Harvey, Miss Dove, Anne Mahoney, Marcia Good, Lalan Philpott. Sponsor: Miss Dove. Editor ....,,... ,,,, P hon Hudkins Feature Editor .,.....,,,,.. Jim Vice Sports Editor ..,,..,. Marian Badgetl Circulation Manager ,.. David Barnett Advertising Manager ..., Marcia Good Exchange Editor .e,.,.,,,, Mary Margaret Harvey News Editor ..,.,,... Anne Mahoney Sponsor Y.. ,., Miss Dave Student Council T0 afford opporlunilies lor sludenl participation in school administration HOW TWO: Pele Jones, Dick Howell, James Gillen, Bah Brodhenk, Bill Evans, Mr. Eskew, ROW UNE: Helen Brinson, Ramona Smith, Sally Balrer, Don Bruno, Jim Vroomun, Lois Bird, Dorothy Unger, Diana Vice. Junior Red Cross T0 assume responsibility lor conducting campaigns for humanilarian purposes BOW TWO: Kelson Slayman, David Brady, John Miner, Kelly Eltzroth, Dun Wolperl, Jim Armstrong, John Moore, Lois Cloud, Miss Hipskind. HOW UNE: John Rish, Tom Mallern, Jay Huffman, Anne Beauchamp. Mary Harvey, Gleniss Snell, Barbara Hip- penslesl, Kay Parker. Absent from the piulure: Lutricia Blockson. Officers President ...,,. ,.., J im Vrooman Vice-Presidanl .,...,..,., Bud Dealer Secralary-Treasurer .....,. Lols Bird Sponsor ............ ,.,. M r. Eskew Officers President .....,,,,i Anne Beauchamp Vice-Preridanl ,,., .,,, J ay Huffman Secretary Ms. ..., Mary Harvey Treasurer ,., ... Tom Maltern Sponsor .,... ..,., M iss Hipskinrl Page Forty-Elght Dramatics T0 encourage and creaie inieresl in dramatic all among ihe high school siudenls HUW THREE: Lawrence Oswali. Bill Farris, Dave Sund- igeimer, John Wire, Cnriis Smith, Charles Horner, Bill vans. ROW TWU: Don Brunn, Anne Mahoney, Mary Kaiser, Katie Kinerk, Ju Ann Hess, Barbara Hipponslael, Sylvia Browne, Rosemary Lee, Miss Mills, Virgil Mylin, Skip Uslhlmer. ROW ONE: Jim Sampson, Tom Gouvan, Barhara While, Shirley Johnson, Anna Beauchamp, Mary Helen Simons, Flossie Frazier, lris Slarhuck, Sue Browne, David Wal- son, Dick Wire, Wayne LaFolleile. Thespian T0 bestow naiional recogniiion upon those who have achieved high rank in Drnmaiics ROW TWO: George Cope, Jim Peiry, Dave Sundheimer, Don Brunn, David Watson, Jim Vice, Tam Vice. ROW ONE: Judy Sinclair, Mary Ann Mllliner, Miss Mills, Flossie Frazier, Peg Flack, Aleda Leland. Sponsor: Miss Mills. Officers Presidenl ...s.. ..... B arbara While Vice-President ........ Flossie Frazier Saoraiary-Treasurer -. Shirley Johnson Sergeant-al-Arms ...... Skip Dsihimer Sponsor ,......s.. .... M iss Mills Page Fdriy-Nlne M. C. L. T0 conler honor upon those who lead in scholarship and character ROW FOUR: Marian Badgett, Anne Mahaney, Marcia Good, Berne Basse, Donald Voss, Raymond White, Don Wolperi, Carroll Voss, Bah Mattarn, Robert Brodheok, David Wat- son, Tom Maltern, Janet Smith. ROW THREE: Jane Keller, Mary Ann Millinar, Rachel Arnett, Gleniss Snell, Joan Williams, Lois Bird, Lois Cloud. Esther Allisbaugh, Jo Ann Kuerner, Beverly Olmstead, Lois llornaday, Peg Flack, Lutrioia Blockson, Mies Young, ROW TWU: Mary Kaiser, Lalan Philpott, Kothro Jinlrs, Pat Haupert, Barbara Hippensteal, Jere' Hawley, Sue Jinlrs, Elaine Mattern, Jo Ann Clauve, Janice Scheerer, Jean Staver, Lynn Manley, Kay Parker. ROW UNE: Anne Beauchamp, Barbara Cookaey. Fred Lint- ner, Jim Vice, Mayoo Weaver, Dorothy Reynolds. Sponsor: Miss Young. T0 assist other booster clubs to creaie pep and en- thusiasm and to help generally in all school activities ROW TWO: Miss Jones, Belly Heizler, Dorothy Reynolds, .Io Ann Koeruer, Lois Hornaday, Shirley Scheerer, Loretta Garrison, Alada Leland, Phyllis Gray, Mary Helen Simons, Faith Reynolds, Flossie Frazier, Miss Hipskind. RUW ONE: Mary Jo Gillen, Jane Keller, Barbara Cooksey, Marcia Good, Mary Aan Millinar, Anne Beauchamp. Beverly Dlmslead, Lalricia Rlookson, Virginia Coon, Judy Sinclair, Sponsors: Miss Jones, Miss Hipskind. Page Fifty Radio Workshop T0 develop knowledge in lhe operation and main- tenance ol radio broadcasting ROW TWO: Dwayne Ross, Pete Jones, Bob Fisher, Jim Petry, Kelson Slayman, Mike Cunningham, Gilbert Tal- mage, Mr. Miller. RDW ONE: John Miner, Connie Owens, Sally Baker, Bob Stierwalt, Peggy Hettmansperger, Beverly Myers, Robert Halderman. Sponsors: Mr. Oliver and Mr. Miller. Speech Club T0 help the students gain conlidence in meeting the problems of speech in everyday lile ROW TWO: Peler Lavengoad, Dick Howell, Richard l-lays, Dean Gartner, David Brady, Fred Linlner, Ted Ply, Carlos Schetzsle, A. J. Curso, Rachel Arnett, Mrs, Jones. ROW ONE: Halen Pells, Sue Lnngstreth, Carol Lantz, Lynn Manley, Marilyn Purdy, Judy McClure, Kallir n Drise coll, Catherine Teusch, Anna Beauchamp, Mary .lu Gillan. Sponsor: Mrs. Jonas. Pager Fifty-One Hi-Y TIJ create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards ol Christian character ROW THREE: Jim Carney, David Barnett, Bud Deeter, John Wire, Tom Vice, Bch Fisher, Raymond White, Ernie Clark, Sam George, Paul Render, Richard Christman. ROW TWO: Bill Farris, Bill Hetzler, Kelly Eltzroth, Jim Sampson, Den Bmnn, Bula King, David Watson, Neil Barnhart, Richard Sleep, George Keller, Dannts Phil- putt, Bud Hettmansperger. ROW UNE: Marlen Badgett, Tom Gamble, Jerrv Renharger. Jim Vroeman, Tum Bracken, Bch Mettern. Carrell Voss. Richard Guhl, Kenny Hettmensperger. Bill Evans, Phan Earl Hudkins, Mr. Kaullmann. Pledges ROW THREE: Jay Huttmen, Buddy Baker, Dean Gurtner, Denny Ulmstead, James Gillen, Max Mlller, Larry Amiclr. RUW TWU: Curtis Smith, Charles Horner, Berne Besse, Virgil Mylin, Marvin Winningham, Tom Dunlee. Austin Russell, Bah Sanders, David Knotts, Tom Metlern, Loren Dale, John Hodel, Jerry Hippensteel. ROW ONE: Donald Voss, Larry Hoover, Woody Beldus, Bob Turley, A. J. Corso, Terry Plum, Lyle Boardman, Tam Sherping, Tad Ply, Sem Stephens, Dick Howell, Mr. Kaultmann. Officers President .........,,,,, Bob Mattern N Vice-President ........., Cerrell Voss Secretary-Treasurer ,.,,.. Jim Petry Chaplain ,............ Duane Devault Sergeant-at-Arms ...,,, Richard Guhl Spnnsnr ,.,,,,,..,,... Mr. Keutfmann Page Flfty-Two TRI-Hi-Y Senior Tri-Hi-Y To inslill a grealer inleresi in the principles ol Christian living ROW THREE: Marcia Good, Jo Ann Koerner, Beverlee Suna day, Barbara Hippensieel, Eynihia Slepler, Barbara Wlriia, Shirley Johnson, Sarah Peterson, Jo Ann Hess, Esiher Allisbaugh, Virginia Coon, Mary Jane Pollerl, Palsy Harmon. ROW TWU: Miss Young, Lois Hornadey, Faiih Reynolds, Barbara Coolrsix, Lalan Philpeii, Kaihrn Jinks, Gerl- rude Cowen, ary Harvey, Janice McDowell, Carol Brown, Lois Bird, Daroihy Unger, Sylvia Corso, Mary Fawley, ROW ONE: Mary Ann Milliner, Anne Mahaney, Beverly Dlmsiead, Lulricia Blozkson, Katie Kinerlr, Belly Holz- ler, Judy Sinclair, Mayno Weaver, .Ioan Williams, Mary Jo Gillen, Anne Beauchamp, Dorolhy Reynolds. Junior Tri-H1-Y ROW FOUR: Nancy Smyers, Mariorie Lowe, Dora Rell, Con- nie Owens, Marilyn Purdy, Nila Mowrer, .lo Ann Jinks, Joyce Durnhaugh, Gloria Miller, Paula Harnish, Helen Fells, Janice Scheerer, Barbara Raahard, Janice Rich- wine, Jo Ann Clauve. ROWTHREE: Sally Baker, .lean Snavely, Linda Gray, Marilyn Burnworih, Marymae Ball, Marlha Bird, Diane Vica, Barbara Mowrer, Nancy Poliarl, Sue Lnngslrelh, Peggy l-lalimansparger, Jean Slaver, Carolyn Gamhle, Joan Siowari, Sylvia Browne, Rosemary Lee, Linda Winiroda, Mizs Moore. ROW TWD: Susan Hodel, Beverly Myers, Marilyn Moeller, Naialie Smith, Ramona Smith, Virginia Black, Jere' Hawley, Sue Jinks, Carol Lanlz, Elaine Mallern, .lane Hippensieel, Becky Elliull, Evalyn Deyo, Kay Parker. ROW ONE: Pal Hauperi, Marilyn Hauperi, Jean l-leizler, Sheila Salyer, Carol Phillips, Belly Ovarman, Frances Unger, Jo Ann Anderson, Lynn Manley. Sezreiary ,,,.. Sponsor ,,., Page Fifty-Three Sergeant-ai-Arms ,,,,,, Sponsor .,.,...,, . , Sergeant-ai-Arms Vai.. Chaplain .,....,. .,. Officers Presideni ..,..Y. ..,.. J udy Sinclair Vice-President ,,,,.... Mayne Weaver Secrelary ,,,,a,.,.o.a Mary Jo Gillen Treasurer ,,,,, .Ioan Williams Chaplain a,a,.a., a,,, B eiiy l-lelzler . Kaiie Kinerk ,, Miss Young Offif'e1's President ...,,,, ...,, J ere' Hawley Vice-President ,.aaaa,..... Sue Jinlrs Elaine Mailern Treasurer .,.,.,... ... Carol Lanlz Ramona Smilh Virginia Black ,, Mis Moore Library Club T0 assist in the performance ol various library duties and responsibilities ROW TWU: Miss Dove, Susan Hodel, Wanda Neal, Marioria Raver, Judy McClure, Elaine Mattern, Mary Harvey, Katia Kinerlr, Linda Launder, Lois Bird. ROW ONE: Gloria Slagal, Carol Scott, Martha Raver, Bern- ita Neal, Pat Haupert, Kay Devore, Kathryn Driscoll, Darlene Holley, Jean Mlnniear, Barbara Bowman. Science Club T0 probe into the unknown in order to learn the secrets science possesses ROW FOUR: Jay llutlman, Kelly Eltzroth, Kenny Hettmans- perger, Tom Vice, Jim Vice, Tom Bracken, Carroll Voss, Dick Howell. Terry Plum, Bob Brodheclr. Raymond White, Von Kuldau, James Gillen. ROW THREE: Mr. Uliver, Jerry Renharger, Bob Fisher, Larry Amiclt, Lester Ratclilt, Bob Stierwalt, Bob Matt- ern, Ernie Clark, Don Brnnn, Ted Ply, Dean Gurtner, Jim Vrooman. Rachel Arnett. RDW TWU: Lois Hurnaday, Jo Ann Hess, Barbara Hippen- steel. Jo Ann Koerner, Mayan Weaver, Mary Ann Mill- lner. Lutrlcia Bluclrson. Loretta Garrison, Janet Smlth, Barbara Conksey. Shirley Scheerer, Marcia Good, Dor- othy Reynolds. ROW ONE: John Hodel, Boh Turley, Bill Evans, Phon Earl Hudkins, Tom Mattern, Officers President ..,.,..... Kathryn Driscoll Vice-President ...,....... Kay Devore Secretary-Treasurer ,.... Pat Hnupert Sponsor ,..,........ .,a. M iss Dove Officers President ....,,..,a....,,. Jim Fairy Vice.Prosident ,.,. Mary Ann Milliner Secretary-Treasurer ., Maynn Weaver Page Fifty-Four Spanish Club T0 provide Spanish siudenis the opporluniiy lo use ihe language and lo learn the ideals of Pan- Americanism ROW TWU: Mr. Lemke, Larry Hoover, Tom Vice, Raymond While, John Wire, Jerry Hipponsieel, Charles Dennlslon, Anne Mahaney, Mary Helen Simons, Lois Cloud, Colleen Draper. Lois Benneil. ROW ONE: Jane Keller, Pal Blair, Carolyn Bellock, Kalhro Jinks, Kaiie Kinerk, Shirley Johnson, Gleniss Snell. Ediihann Harmon, Aleda Leland, Lynn Manley, Belle Henry. Sue Browne. Inter Nos T0 arouse inleresl in lhe Latin classics and io pro- vide :czial enioyment among iis members RUW T'VD: Miss Moore, David Brady, Neil Rarnhari, Bob Mallern, Ernie C'a'k. Berne Bare, Jim Vice, Fred Lin!- ner, Jerry Garner, Phon Earl Hudkins, Dennis Philpo'l, Arlhur Lumm, Carlos Schoizsle, Marlan Badgelt. RDW UNE: Sarah P-farsoa, Lalan Phllpoil, Gorlrnda Cowen, Susan Hodel, Jere' Hawley, Virginia Black, Marcia Good Barbara Booth, Gloria Siarhnck, Paula Harnish, Jo Ann Clauve, Janice Sahearer, Evalyn Deyo, Carol Lanlz. Officers FIRST YEAR President ,,,,, ,,,., K aiie Kinerk Vice-President ,,,,,, ,, Kallrro Jinks Secrelary-Treasurern Shirley Johnson SECOND YEAR Presideni ,,,,,,,,,,..,, Gleniss Snell Vice4Prasiden! ,,... Ediihann Harmon Secretary-Treasurer ,,,, Aleda Leland Sponsor ,,..,,., . ,,...,,,. Mr. Leml-re Officers Pre'idenl W, .,ss s.es,.... J im Vina Senreiarv e,e,s , ,... Fred Lininer Treasurer .,,,, ,., Marcia Good Sponsor .,,. .,, Miss Moore Page Flfty-FIV! David Walsan Lalnn Philpnl! Connie Owens Dr Sus .links ,.,.. .... Knlhro Jlnks ..,. ,. um Maior Maiurelle Maiorelle Mniomie Mniorelle Band Officers ROW ONE: Fred Linlner, Lieulennnlg Hamld Mil- ler. Captain: Kenny Hetlmansperger. Lienten Bnl. ROW TWO: Tom Ball, Sergeanly Kelly Ellzrulh Sexgeanlg Dick Hellmansperger, Sergeant John Sarlen, Sergeant. Page Flfty-Six Wnbnsli High School Band TIJ entertain the public at athletic contests, and to pro- vide worthwhile concerts throughout the year. ROW ONE: Charles Kohler, Dennis Philpott, Betty Uverman, Lalan Philpott, Connie Owens, Ramona Smith, Patricia Hauperi, Kaihro Jinkt. ROW TWO: Susan Hadel, Joan Clupper, Marilyn Burnworth, John Sarlen, Donald Voss, Joyce Durnhaugh, Bill Hetzler, Jim Sampson, Marion Bell, David Watson, Lawrence Uswalt. ROW THREE: Sua Hlppenslael, Carolyn Gamble, Marymae Ball, Sue Jinks, Harold Miller, Jo Ann Jinks, Kenny Hetlmansperger, David Knotts, David Denniston, Gilbert Talmage, John Wire, Frederick Lintner. ROW FOUR: Jim Carney, Richard Wire, Peter Lavengood, Marjorie Lowe, Bob Armstrong, Barham Reahard. ROW FIVE: Jim Martin, Woody Baldus, Bob Turley, Dick Heltmansperger, Richard Christman, Richard Sloop. Tum Bell, Don Hapner, Kelly Eltzroth, Sally Baker. Director - A. R. Jinks Page Flfiy-Seven Wabash High School Mixed Chorus T0 develop an appreciation tor choral music and to provide us with many worthwhile programs ROW ONE: Patricia Hauperl, Dora Bell, Patricia Hamilton, Belle Henry. Marjorie Rover, Sue Brown, Mary Helen Simons, Mar' garet Bnmgardner, Natalie Smith, Lois Bennett, Wanda Neal, Nancy Polterl, Sally Baker, Mama Lou Mullendore, Flossie Frazier, Carol Hisser, Barbara Reahard, Wilma Morphew. ROW TWU: Nancy Cole, Dorothy Derck, Sylvia Browne, Linda Winlrode, Sue Longstreth, Marlin Duitey, Richard Hays, James Kneller, Virgil Mylin, Clinton Osthimer, Riohard Wire, Curtis Smith, Ramona Smith, Jane Hippensteel. RUW THREE: Colleen Harden, Elsie Carter, Rosalie Carter, Bill Evans, David Knotts, Charles Horner, Lawrence Umwelt, David Watson, lite Gebbing, Martha Rover, Jean Stover, Eerrrita Neal, Sarah Peterson. At the piano - Miss Rosanna Hutt, director. Page Fifty-Eight W Club T0 uphold and better the ideals of Wabash sports- manship ROW TWO: Dun Bninn, Kenny Hellmansperger, Bob Slier- walt, Bud Deeter, Tom Gamble, Carroll Voss, Harald M ller, Bob Maltern, Bane Miller, Tom Vice. ROW ONE: Jerry Renharger, Jim Vrooman, Bud Heltmanse perger, Mr. Holloway, Mr. Smith, Mr. Tatman, Kelly Eltuoth, Beryle Millar. Sponsors: Mr. Tatum, Mr. Smith, Mr. Holloway. G. A. A. 'ID inspire in our girls the methods and ideals ol clean sportsmanship ROW POUR: Marilyn Purdy, Kathryn Driscoll, Shirley Hentgen Carnl Snuwherger, Pat Balluuk, Jo Ann Clauva, Rosalie Carter, Kay Devnre, Elizahaih Sala, Marylin Carpenler, Ramona Richards, Mary Braunollar, Virginia Banks, Janei Blnckson. BOW THREE: l-'lnssie Frazier, Elsie Carter, Bernita Neal, Caiherina Teusch, Judy Molllure, Joan Day, Baalrice Story, Martha Raver, Peggy Halimansperger, Nancy Smyars, Janine Rlehwinn, Mary Halen Simons, Joan Widmayar, Linda Wintroda. ROW TWU: Beverly Myers, Mary Halen Burke, Paula Hamish. Pat Haupart, Barbara While, Shirley Johnson. Betty Hetxler, Carolyn Bullock, Edlthann Harman, Lutrl- nia Bloclrson, Sharon Puttari, Kay Parker. Lynn Manley. HOW UNE: Pat Blair, Iris Slarhnck, Palsy Harmon, Sheila Salyer, Helen Brinsnn. Nancy Fry. Officers President ....,.., ..., B elly Helzler Vice-President ....... Carolyn Bellock Secretary-Treasurer - Edilhann Hannon Poinl Manager .,,,,. Shirley Johnson Sponsor ,..,,., ,.,,. M iss Holman Page Fifty-Nine "A iire, il's a Ere, Daddy!" "I Enally go! a hold ol my cow and siarl- ed out." April 26, 1951 THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE Wabash High School PRESENTS 'ZIMIIJMIY TUAW" By William Roos Cal! ilu order of appearance! Frieda ,..,,,..,,,. Herherl Gage ..,, Sarah Gage ..,,.,A Paula Gage ,.,, Marge Gage .,..,., AA,,, Barbara Gage ,.... George Husled ,,., Jonathan Rockwood Malhilda Rockwood Mr. Loomis ....Y...., Uncle Waller ....., Malt Rockwood ..,. Carson ,......, ,, Consiahle .,.,, Page Sixty Barbara Cnoksey ....,. Jim Vice . Mary .lo Gillen Jo Ann Kuerner Anne Beauchamp , ,,Y..,. Marcia Good James Vrooman ,l..,.,- Jim Pelry ..... Judy Sinclair ,.., Carroll Voss ,.... David Waison ...,A... Tom Gamble Roher! Brcdheck Jerry Renharger Dlreclur - Mrs. Vera Kinerk. Promplers - Mayne Weaver, Belly Helzler. Stage Manager - Bud llelimanspsrger. Production Staff "My radio? No, con- laund il, l draw ihe line there!" "Yep, Mrs. Gorley had her hsby. She ain'l expeclin' no more." Siage Crew - Richard Sloop, Haber! H. Fisher, Tum Bracken, Jim C. Hayes, Paul Kirby, Laverne Willingham, Jerry Benlaarger. Slage Sei Commiliea - Jane Keller, Fred Liainar, Bill Parris, Pal Bloclrsnn, Darline Halley, Properiies Cammillee - Flnssia Frazier, Jane! Smilh, Luis Hornaday, Failh Reynolds, Twylla Mills, Ediihann Harmon, Mary Helen Simons. Tom Bell. Make-up - Mrs. E, A. Ford, Miss Ruih Jones. Music by Dick Hellmansparger and his orcheslra. Page Sixty-O ns The inleresl hook proves imporlnnl. A hit oi candy before lunch? Raher! Ellioii re- placed Mr. Miller in lhe biology deparl- ment. See you Saturday nighl al 7:00. Mrs. Bloxsun serves delicious meals in the schonl caleieria, Pick up ihal paper! or don'I play hooky! Page Sixty-Two These are the sponsors who have made possible the publication ol gr-atatul lor their loyal support. A. F. Billings Co. Airgood's Grocery Allisbaugh Motors American Rock Wool Plant A 8: P Tea Company Armie Bros. Baber Motor Supply Beacon Cale Beitman and Wolt Bickel Shoe Repair Birkett's Sporting Goods Boston Store, Brewer's Milk Co. Bricker's Service Station Bud's Service Station Burney's Radio 8: Television S Butch's Men's Store B. Walter 8: Co. Carter 8: Pegg Central Cut Rate Drug Co. Chronister's Grocery Citizens Abstract Co. City Meat Market C. N. Hetzner, Jeweler Cole Automotive Supply Co. Container Corporation Cradle Sr Tot Shop Cross Sales Sr Service Culligan Soft Water Service Deluxe Coils, Inc. Denney Motor Sales Devault Standard Service D. Sr H. Variety Store Dickover Roofing Co. Dick's Men's Wear Downs 8r Wiles Dr. F. M. Bent, Dentist Dr G, B. Fults Dr. H. L. Grossnickle Dr. William E. Pearson Dr. H. A. Pleiler Dr. Manuel Speseep Dr. L. W Yoder Durnbaugh Hardware Co. ales SPUNSUIIS Eagle Picher Co. Epp's Drive lnn Falls Avenue Market Fasnacht's Jewelry Store Fedewa Appliance Store First National Bank Fishback Auto Electric Service F. J. Rettig B Sons Fleshood's Standard Service Ford Meter Box Co. Frank, The Barber Frieden Motor Service F. W. Woulworth Co. Gackenheimer Pharmacies Gay's Grocery General Electric Co. General Tire Geyer Motor Sales G. M. Diehl Machine Works Grindle's D-X Gurtner's Locker Plant Gus Dorais Chevrolet, Inc. Haupert Cleaners Henderson's Hiner 8: Tate Garage Hipskind Insurance Agency Hoffman Nursery H Kr M Auto Sales Hutchen's Laundry 81 Dry Cleaners Indiana Gas 81 Water Co., lnc. James Hhoads, Insurance J. C. Penney Co. John Richards Tire Co. Johnson Marathon Service Jones' Garage King-Hipskind Co. Kothe, Welles, 81 Hauer Kramer the Kleaner Launder's Orchard Laurence Gray Co. LeVay 81 Seaman, lnc. Page Sixty-Three our annual and to whom we are exceedingly - Bah Brodbock. Business Manager Lewis Paint Shop Long's Cate Lutz Furniture Co. Mabanay Motors, Inc. Maurer Pure Oil Service Mctlarney Bros. Meek's Bakery Midwest Rock Wool Corp. Milliner Printing Co. Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co. Minnicus liealgas Mitting's Greenhouse Mohr's Furniture Store Mrs, Bert Martin Mullett's Service Station Myers Gr Sons Jewelers Northern Indiana Public Service Co. Ugan's Grocery P. K. Department Store Pontius Drug Store Purdy's Real Gas Reed's Velvet Ice Cream Co. llenbarger's Market Resneck's H. G. Miller, Insurance Hogge's Grocery Ross Jewel Shop Rouch's Record Bar Huwan's Texaco Service Russell Baker 81 Son Sears-Roebuck 8: Co. Service Fuel 8: Supply Co., Inc. Scheerer Bottling Co. Scheerer's Grocery Schlemmer Bros. Schlemmer's Plumbing 8: Heating Schnepp's Service Station Shaw Tractor Sales Srnyers' West Side Market Sonda's Greenhouse South Side Garage Spencer-Cardinal Standard Food Market Standard Foundry Co., Inc. Stephens Beck Coal Stephens Electric Sterling's Furniture Co. Talhert Brothers The Diner The Pratt Studio Thompson's Women's Apparel Thrift Clothing 8: Shoes SPIINSIIIIS Twentieth Century Recreation United Automotive Service Unger Trucking Co. Vice Bros. Pattern Shop 81 Foundry Vrooman Bros. Mobil Oil Wabash Beauty Shop Wabash Cafeteria Wabash Co. Farm Bureau Co-op Wabash Machine 81 Tool Works RAVINGS B00 Wabash Plain Dealer 8: T Wabash Produce Co. Wabash Sales 8: Service Wabash Shoe Parlor Wabash Sweet Shop Wabash Transit Lines Ward Beauchamp 8: Son imes Star Wassman's Ladies' Wearing Apparel W. D. Lynn, Insurance Wilcox Home 8: Auto Supplies Wilkinson Lumber Co. Yarnelle Lumber Co. EN G IN THIS K at ,, .... ,-..a . w 1Jt..-- .1- r v C' a t C' INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY- INC. Robert Brodbeck - Business Manager Mary Jo Gillen - Art Editor Janet Smith - Head Typist PHOTOGRAPHERS Tom Bell - Staff Photographer Pratt Studio Lockridge Studio PRINTER Milliner Printing Company Page Sixty-Four .L ,wk 55' ,-fQ5i3:,g1.. X vi- .r m f, W. We- -.Mm 1 ' ignms- 'W .1-Wx U, , W ' -:Y ,Q Q . K Q' , A vi w,,.,'45w ,,'. H -'YS 11 w' 'XD LN ' . , 4 . L1 ,wr M, .33 - 3.1 -,I , W 4 " , ,,, In 44 fmww M1 .,,, ,W fr' .:as:,,.m1,-,,..gf.,, -vw,.-Wm,:w,,::,W,-,1,5,M.,,,,-,,,,,,,, f 1 ,I I 31 f 1 E I ,,

Suggestions in the Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) collection:

Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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