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610 1' HE seq SVGA!!! U ! fm 3 IDD.:-. -1 'Wim v' Q ' A record remlnlscent of the p ,X people the places and the events of our Apache 1947-1948 school year at Wabash Hi h School, l p Wahaah Indiana X Xe I l 1 1 ' . 4 1, . bil,-li 9 ag , vi, YA X U l 1" I I' 1' X .4 ' 1 , , 1 it '5x'.' 'K-I:-HJ. 5-45 a ll ,ix 'mu' f 5-if' ' ,fc - if 'b F .n N ' Xlll',lR X . N 5 A X ,Q X .X r .xxx . ' 'xx' .. . . l' 4 V NX i ' ' 7 ,. ffx g f f , L 7 . I M 1 , I , If fl tl l l Q 45 'Al 4 I as . 1, , -. ,,,A. 1? i- ,,.,.- - - Y-77'-v -vw - -. v W V - W V Y--Y V 5 .A jl"0l'l'L jk? ,a RUQGLAZ Our .gilzoof Camiaufi ' I I gene fgbfof jew! .Sgmff gu5ine55 manager THE FACULTY OF OUR YEAR x n 'A 55 by flu, iv M va? S , zfiggl ff NK NH K X N gy aw, J, K Ulu ,, Lfll 'Q 17 "Q A-.Erik U If fix I ' In K '- 7 Yfwrm ,aj jc' Y x fi? . ff fi, wifi' .gig QPR f RQ vw N 'OXR XXV' X ' . A f 'Q J ff. 'fi' f V ' if X. gills +x Lf! K A '-'fgaig-K . T "fQX, 'AQN QA 1 K xv 5 I., .A XEXY fQxxu KN KN f"'!!S0 , 1 7 x Vf' . ,x X V,. 1 uiaerinfenclenf Leewell H. Carpenter ,Miami University, A. B. 'f University of Chicago, A. M. University of Michigan rincilaa Phil N. Eskew Oakland City College, A. B. Indiana University, M. S. NY Rettig Fults Beamer goarc! aicluca fion President ?-.W Nh. John V. Beamer Secretary -?4T Mr. Frank Rettig Treasurer .Pj Dr. George B. Fults .szzcrefariefi Nlrs. Dan VVilson Principafs Office Nlrs. XViIlis A. Lightfoot Superintendenfs Office CLC!! 5, Mary Adams A. B., College of VVooster. Ohio INI. A.. Columbia Univer- sity Latin, llflathernaties, Journalism Eldon E. Barnhart Ph. B.. University of Chi- cago Assistant Principal Commercial Avis llletzger, R. Grant County Hospital of Leonila Badger A. A B., Indiana University Spanish, English Lewis IVI. Kauffmann B. S., Ball State Teach- ers' College Boys' Adviser, History, Social Science Gladys Dove A. B., Indiana State Nursrng Indiana University School Nurse lliildred Hipskind Ph. B., University of Chi- Cago History. English A. R. Jinks A. B., Hanover College Arthur lord an Conserv a- tory Band. Glee Club. History College Librarian J. Austin Holloway B. S., Ball State Teach ers' College VVood Shop, Illechanical Drawing. Track Coach Ruth Jones A. B.. DePauw Univei sity Assistant Principal English Randall Lawson B. S., Butler University Educational Guidance Health, History Basketball Coach Galon R. Kliller .-X. B., Klanchcster Col lege Biology Pauline Nloreland B. S., Ball State leach ers' College College Physical Education Robert L. Ritchie .-X. B., Nlanchester Col lege Science John R. Tatum B. S., Indiana University Physical Education Football Coach Ve ra V. XVilson B. S., Columbia Univer- I sity BI. A., Columbia Univer- sity ' ' .-Xrt G2- -ze Claire llliller A. B., University of llli nois Home Economics . Cecilia E. Mills A. B., Xlanchester Col lege llathematics, English, Dramatics Odette eedham Valparaiso University Indiana University University of Chicago Colorado University Commercial Rex Sims Indiana 'University Indiana State Normal Central Normal Shop Theron R. Tewksbury B. S., Colgate University English, Speech Lutie Young A. B., Oxford College KI. S., Indiana University Girls' Adviser Nlathematics llfllldgii l"8l'l'l0l'YlA8I" . . fAe qoknclor of flue camlaufi in flze anc! fAe cafe! winfer ni9Af5 - Clfihff of 5now - icy wafgb - Aarfefgaff gamw. A GLINPSE OF THE CLASSES nk - -' Tn' ,J im N :Lf EVIL N 'Q HJ -4, X' I "-15 :M ! u AIR: 'ri 1 N.. E 422193 :V , -3 is -c Numa! ., A. L' 'L 1n"R K 5" rgfi il-1'-l'A'm.'Jg 2 3 A VZE ,.. L+? Q 'F ili I ' 3 , 4,4 ,. X .lL, X - al: - . ,L-h K , 1 ' " ATF , " I Y , ' Q1 4 I A , ,yn V "ff'EfvaL-g V, I : V . , f' if 4' Q St , j f -. 'I Qi - V, 3 A V QA , - - 5 P7 ' .. L enior L56 X Jack Fezunow, Athletic Boardg Colleen Hudkins, Secretary-TrCasu1'erg Larry Klartin, Vice-Presidentg Bob NIcDaniel President. O r O The embers of the dpache campfire are slowly dyingf and as they flieleer for the last fleeting moments, there is little time for a pause or a backward glance. In the fading glow of the firelight, as we senior Jpaches reflect upon the events of the past, we sense the value of experiences shared with one another. Our lives hafz'e been enriched by the association with our teachers and our classmates. 0ur best wishes to you freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Jlay your high school years be as pleasant as ours hawe been. ot 4- 0 Mig., Robert Allison - Academic Hai-Yg "VV" Club, Science Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Dramaticsg Or- ange and Black Staffg Thespian 3, 4, Los Airiigosg Football 3. 45 Junior Play, Sycamore Staff. Jack Baber - Academic Hi-Y, Science Club, M. C. A L., Camera Club, President 43 Los Ami- gosg Orange and Black Staffg Bas- ketbball 45 Sycamore Staff. Donald Louis Baldus - Academic Entered from Galveston, Indiana, January 24, 1947. Hi-Y, Debate. James Barnes - Academic Hi-Y, Dramatics. Betty Barrett - Commercial Tri Hi-Yg Library Clubg II. F. F.g G. A. A., president 33 Sycamore Staffg Junior Play. Corinne K. Beitman - Academic M. F. F.g G. A. A.g Dramaticsg Thespian 3, 4g Orange and Black Staffg Class Secretary 23 Sycamore Staff, Los Amigos. Barbara J. Bloxson - Academic Tri-Hi-Yg G. A. A., Library Club, Chorusg M. C. L.: Dramaticsg Thes- pian 3, 45 M. F. F.g Orange and Black Staff, Junior Play, Sycamore Staff. Jacqueline M. Brauneller - Academic Bandg Los Amigosg G. A. A.g Majorette 2, 3. Betty Browne - Academic Entered from Somerset, Indiana, September 1946. Band, Chorus. Robert G. Browne - Industrial Entered from Somerset, Indiana, September, 1946. 1. Dean Cassiday - Industrial Hi-Yg Science Club, "VV" Clubg Track 3g Basketball 4. Mary Cloud - Commercial G. A. A.g Home Economics Clubg Senior Scout. Bill Conyer - Academic Entered from Tilghman High School, Paducah, Kentucky, Feb- ruary, 1947. Hi-Yg Sycamore Staff. George Coon - Vocational Hi-Yg "VV" Clubg Dramaticsg Thes- pian 45 Athletic Board 2, Football 3, 4,3 First Team All-Conference -lg Honorable Nlention All-State -lg Basketball 3, 45 Sycamore Staff. John W. Corso - Academic Science Clubg Camera Clubg Library Clubg "W" Clubg Junior Red Cross Councilg Student Councilg Football Managerg Basketball Nlanager. James Crull - lndustrial Gene A. Crumley - Academic Hi-Y, presidentg Sgt.-at-Arms -l.: Dramaticsg Junior Playg Treasurer -lg Thespian -l Starg M. C. L.g Sy- camore Editor. Jerry Durnbaugh - Academic Hi-Yg Bandg Dramaticsg Thespiang Orangs and Black Staffg Los Ami- gosg Science Clubg Camera Clubg Student Councilg Junior Red Cross Council. Charles Dwver - Academic Dramaticsg Thespiang "VV" Clubg Basketball 3, -lg Football 3, -l. Janet Dwyer - Academic NI. F. F.g Editor-in-Chief of Orange and Black -lg G. A. A.g Library X Clubg Los Amigosg Cheer Leader 3 -l. 1 Dorothy Eltzroth - Commercial G. A. A.g Chorusg Senior Scout. Carole Jo Ferdinand - Commercial G. A. A.5 Bandg Library Clubg Orange and Black Staff. Sharon Louise Fishback - Commercial Entered from Lagro, Indiana, 1946. Muriel Lee Fisher - Academic G. A. A.g NI. F. F.g Dramaticsg Thespiang Chorusg ll. C. L.g Sci- ence Clubg Sycamore Staff. Louise Ford - Academic G. A. A.g NI. F. F., president -lg Thespiang Dramaticsg Los Amigosg NI. C. L.g Junior Playg Sycamore Staff. Patsy E. Foust - Academic Tri-Hi-Yg G. A. A.g KI. C. L. Donald Fraustcin - Industrial Mary B. Fulton - Academic G. A. A.g Bandg Chorusg Los Ami- gosg Klajorette 2, 3, -I-3 Senior Scout. Jack 'Otto Gardner - Academic Hi-Y Dramaticsg Sergeant-at-Arms Z9 Student Councilg Library Clubg Science Clubg .Associate Editor of Orange and Blackg Inter Nosg Ser- geant-at-Arms -lg Junior Playg Ten- nis -l-: Sycamore Staff. Barbara Geeting - Academic G. A. A.g Rl. F. F.g Library Club: Los Amigosg Junior Red Cross Councilg' Circulation Klanager of Orange and Blackg Nlajorette l, 2, 33 Cheer Leader -I-. Lawrence A. Gray - Academic Hi-Yg Science Clubg Library Clubg Los Amigosg Debateg Circulation Manager' of Orange and Black -l: Tennis -I-g Sycamore Staff: Cheer Leader. Calvin Greiner - Academic Hi-Y, vice-president -lg Band: Sci- ence Club, president 4. Ann Gurtner - Academic G. A. A.g lll. F. F.3 Chorusg Dra- maticsg Thespiang Orange and Black Staffg Junior Playg Sycamore Staff. A. Jean Halderman - Academic G. A.. A.3 Science Clubg Bandg Dra- maticsg Feature Editor of Orange and Black 33 Quill and Scroll: Sy- camore Staff. Onolee Harmon - Commercial G. A. A.g Chorus james H. Heizer - Academic Hi-Y, president -lg Debateg Football 4: All-Conference Second Team -l. Gerald Hopkins - Industrial Dramaticsg Thespiang Tennis. lVIarv Elizabeth Heyde - Commercial GIA. AJ Library Clubg Camera Club. Thomas Houlihan - Commercial Rita Colleen Hudkins - Academic G. A. A.g M. F. F.g Library Club: Student Council 33 Tri-Hi-Y: Dramaticsg Thespiang Orange and Black Staffg Chorus: Junior Play: Drum lllajorette 2, 3. Elaine R. Keller - Commercial G. A. A.g Library Clubg Chorusg Senior Scout. Robert E. LaFollette - lndustrial Hi-Yg Science Club. Charles Leeka - lndustrial Science Club. lVendell D. Leland - Academic ,Hi-Yg Orange and Black Staffg iiaskefbaii 4. Mary Ann Lux - Academic Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer 3, -lg Red Cross Councilg BI. F. F.g Los Amigosg Dramaticsg Thespiang Sycamore Staff. -lames David Xlartin - Academic Hi-Yg Bandg Dramaticsg Thespiang Red Cross Council: Science Clubg "YV" Clubg junior Playg Football -l-. Larry Nlartin - Academic Hi-Y, sergeant-at-arms -lg "XV" Clubg Library Clubg Student Coun- cilg Camera Club, vice-president -lg Class Vice-President -lg Dramaticsg Thespiang Junior Playg Football 2, 3, -lg Second Team All-Conference -lg Sycamore Staff. Donna Jean lvlather - Commercial G. A. A.g Library Clubg Student Council 2, 3g Class Secretary 1, 35 Sycamore Staff, Assistant Editor. Bob KIcDaniel - Academic Bandg 6'Wl' Club, president 3, -lg Red Cross Council: Student Council, vice-president, 3g Class President 1, -lg Junior Playg Football 3, -lg Cap- tain -lg First Team All-Conference 4-g Fourth Team All-State -lg Basket- ball -lg Athletic Board 3g Sycamore Staff. Robert V. hIcVicker - Academic Hi-Y, vice-president lg Student Council -lg Class President 3g Art Clubg Sycamore Staff. Betty Lou llliller - Commercial G. A. A.g Senior Scout Martha Ann Miller - Academic Entered from Urbana 19-l-55 Library Clubg lil. C. L.g Home Economics Clubg Tri-Hi-Y: Science Club. sec- retary 4. Peggy lVloore - Academic lll. F. F.g G. A. A.g Los Amigos, Dramatics Clubg Home Economics Clubg Red Cross Councilg Student Councilg Class Vice-President 2, 35 Library Clubg Orange and Black Staffg Sycamore Staff. VVilliam Stewart lilyers - Academic Entered from South Bend Riley 1946. Hi-Yg Bandg Science Clubg Camera Clubg Dramaticsg Junior Play. Helen C. Pearson - Academic G. A. A.g lil. F. F.g lll. C. L.g Tri- Hi-Yg Library Clubg Dramaticsg Thespiang Science Clubg Orange and Black Staffg Sycamore Staff. Robert VVesley Ply - Academic Hi-Yg Bandg Dramaticsg Thespiang "WH Clubg Junior Playg Football 3. 45 Second Team All-Conference 4. Earl Potter - Academic Entered from Cedar Rapids. Iowa. 1947. Football -lg Basketball 45 Hi- YQ "VV" Clubg Orange and Black: Student Council -l. Constance Joan Purdy - Commercial G. A. A., president -I-3 T'ri-Hi-YQ Red Cross Council: Senior Scout. Jerry Bernarr Rife - Academic Los Amigosg 'KVVU Clubg Inter Nos. president -lg Nl. C. L.3 Library Clubg Orange and Black Staffg Quill and Scrollg Track 3. -lg Sycamore Staffg Junior Play. Klarjorie Lois Ross - Commercial Bandg G. A. A.g Library Club: M. C. L. Shirley Ross - Commercial Library Clubg G. A. A.. vice-presi- dentg Tri-Hi-Yg Student Council. Darrell lf. Sanders - Academic Science Club, vice-presidentg Red Cross Council, vice-presidentg Los Amigosg HVVU Club: Track 2. 3. -l: Cross-Country -lf. John Schetzsle - Industrial Vocational Jack A. Scott - Academic Science Clubg Hi-Y. Chaplaing Los Amigosg Sycamore Staff. Business Manager. Pat Smith - Commercial Library Club, president 45 G. A. A.. Point lllanager 4. Rosie Helen Smith - Academic G. A. A.g Library Clubg Orange and Black Staffg Home Economics Club. Sarah Katherine Siders - Commercial Los Amigosg Library Clubg Glee Club. James A. Sterling - Academic Hi-Yg Orange and Black Staffg Football: HYVH Club. Frank S. Stephens, Jr. - Academic Hi-Y, secretary-treasurer -I-3 Ml. C. Lg Science Clubg Inter Nos, vice- president -lg Orange and Black Staff, Sports Editor 4-g Quill and Scrollg Tennis 4. Frances Lucille Snyder - Commercial G. A. A.g Library Club: Orange and Black Staff: Home Economics Club. Alice Strickler - Commercial Library Club. Joan Sundheimer - Academic G. A. A., Band 1, 2, M. C. L., Spanish Club, Ni. F. F., Tri-Hi-Y, vice-president 35 Sycamore Staff. Peggy Joann Tate - Academic G. A. A., Tri-Hi-Y, Red Cross Councilg Junior Play, Science Club, Library Club, Senior Scouts, presi- dent 3. Sue Wake - Commercial G. A. A., Library Club, Orange and Black. Doris Ludean Weaver - Commercial G. A. A., Senior Scouts. Anne Wiles - Academic Class Vice President, 15 Library Club, Student Council, Los Amigosg Dramaticsg Thespian, vice-president -I-5 Junior Play, Tri-Hi-Y, Syca- more Staff. llorris D. Williams - Industrial .Arts Orange and Black Jane Wimberly - Academic G. A. A., secretary 2, M. C. L.g Orange and Black, Circulation Man- ager 25 Los Amigos, Dramatics, sec- retary 3, 45 Thespian, secretary 43 Student Council, vice president 45 Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 3, secretary 43 M. F. F., secretary -I-3 Junior Playg Sycamore Staff. Bonnie Joan Winegardner - Commer- cial G. A. A., Library, secretary-treas- urer 35 Tri-Hi-Y. William G. Woodward - Academic Football 3, 45 Bandg Red Cross Council, Science Club, Los Amigos, Hi-Y, "W" Club. jwo Sociaf Mgkgglzfa of Qui' .S7cAoo! A Junior - .giznior prom Way, 1947 .14 jgpica! Jdffer- game lbance - 1948 ,Sin f7Ae 'I!Ua6a5l, Jvhgl. Cfamoomj The boys shown here laboring in the machine shop may he our future industrialists. - I If you have any leisure time, you may spend it here in quiet study. Concentration and rhythm produce speed and accuracy, which are most essential to good typing. The girls pictured here may full short of 7 . .. , , ' . '. Q Rernbrzmdtg nevertheleab they are fine mtratm. Every girl leari 'IS something about sewing even though she rnay not become a housewife. unior Cfariri Alexander, James Arnett. Ruth Backus, James Bain, Lowell Bakehorn, Truman Barnes, Beatrice Barrett, jack Beamer, Rosetta Bean, james Bitzel, john Bland, XVilliam Boardman. Patricia Brothers, Roy Brown, Norma Bryant. Gene Buehtel, Marie Burk, Patricia Burnsworth. Peggy Caldwell, Virginia Cales, XVinifred Carpenter, Richard Christle, jack Christman, Martha Clark, jeanie. Clark, XVilliam Clupper, Harold Collins, Lemoine Cramer, Phil Cross, Carolyn DeVault, Roh-ert Draper, Phyllis Durham, Norma Fearnow, jack Fields, Flcyd Forbef, james Ford. Helen Garpow, Virginia Graelmer, Nlarjorie Gray, Virginia Guhl, Dean Haines, Danny Hanna, Margaret Ha rris, james Hettmansperger, NV1lm1 Hetzler, Dorothy Hickey, james Hiner. Betty Hipsher, james Hipskind, joseph Hodel, Jerry Hopkins, Gerald Hornaday, Charlene Horner, Colleen Jacoby, James jones, Burton Kegg, Irene Kuffel, Virginia Lamm, Martha Landis, Mary jane LaSalle, Richard Lavengond, Louise Layton, Barbara Lightfoot, Rhoda Lower, Jackie Martin, Donald McVicker, jerry Merritt, Frank Milam, joan Milam, Norma Monce, Betty Moore, Fred Nix, Dorothy Oldenkamp, john Parrett, Virginia Patton, -low Pegg, Patricia Pence, VVilliam Purdy, Deloris Renharger, Phyllis Reynolds, Richard Russell, Sharlene Sager, john Schaaf, Barbara Smith, Shirley Snavely, Richard Sonda, Jo Thomas, George Thompson, john Thompson, Karl Touscany, Joyce Vrooman, Qnineth VVeaver, Galen VVelty, Joseph XVidmeyer, Susie XVilcox, Robert VVilson, Norma Yeater, Robert I 6 SOFA 0lfI'L0l"Q fdffff Amick, -lack Arnold, Dorothy Baker, Carolyn Ballard, jean Bellock, Marjorie Bender, Nancy Bergk, Irene Bickel, Jessie Bloxson, john Boardman, jonnilwil Bracken, john " Bramlett, Nancy Brannneler, Cleta Carpenter, Margaret Carpenter, Phyllis Cassiday, -lessie Cattin, Barbara Chipper, -lack Conrad, Doris Crnmley. ,loan Davis, David Devore, VVayne Dick, Patricia Driscoll, Dick Drook, Leonard Eltzrcth, Thelma Evans, Betty Fiant, Marjorie Forlres, Dorothy France, Howard Frehse, Rita Fry, Marjorie Gahel, Philip Gehle, YVilbur Gouvan. James Haskins, Agnes Hayes, Marilyn Haupert, Doris Herrell, Tommy Hettmansperger, jane Holloway, Ronald Kelly, Sheila Kiefaber, Mary Esther Kinerk, Robert King, Meredith Kintner, Gordon Knotts, Barbara Knott, Charles La Follette, Glen Leland, Vendetta Leland, Vernon Leonard, Richard Martin, Margery Martin, Raymond wi rf McAllister, Pat McDaniel, Marlin McVicker, Steve Moyer, Orville Munson, Mahlon Nangle, Mary Ann Ogan, Bob Oldenkamp, Jerry Oswalt, Mvary Uswalt, W'ilma Parker, Ted Penx7son,'Martha Pearson, Pat Pettit, Ted Phillips, Lawrence Phillips, Robert Ply, Bill Pressler, Barbara Reahard, Sally Ridenour, Shermadean Rife, Bill Rish, Mary Ann Ross, Jim Ross, M artha Scheerer, Bill Schlemmer, Barbara Schlemmer, Velma Shaw, Mary Donna Smith, David Smith, l.arry Snavely, Robert Snyder, Norma Sparke, Eloris Stephenson, Bob Strickler, Richard Strickler, VVilliam Sundheimer, Bob Thomas, Elwood Thomson, Dale Tyner, Carol Unger, George Van Dielen, Robert YVake, Marcia VValters, Norma VVampler, Dorcas VVashburn, Bob VVasson, Dorothy .VVeesner, Gary VVilliams, Don YVils0n, Kaye VVimberly, Isabel VVoodward, Jo Ann Young, Elwin Zumbaugh, John jI"85Al'l'lQl'l 5 Q55 F'CYfz"' l Adkins, P-africia Alexander, Robert Arnett, Paul Arnett, Rachel Barlow, Janice Barnes, Leon Bean, Edward Beauchamp, Patricia Bellock, Carolyn Bell, Thomas Bickel, Thomas Blair, Patricia Blockson, Lutricia Boardman, Peggy Bracken, Tom Brewer, Barbara Brinson, Buddie Brodbeck, Robert Brown, Harold Brunn, Don Carter, Margie Chamberlin, Claude Conover, Herbert Cooksey, Barbara Coon, Virginia Cowen, Steve Culver, Richard DeArmcnd, Delcris Dietsche, Herbert Eakright, Donald Elshire, Elizabeth Eltzroth, Calvin Matliias, Paul Everroad, Peggy Farris, Sill Fisher, Robert Fisher, YVendell Flack, Peggy Frazier, Flossie French, Albert Gamble, Tom Garrison, Loretta Gatchel, jack Gillen, Mary jo Good, Marcia Gray, Phyllis Guhl, Richard Hancock, Ronald Hapner, Don Harden, Colleen Harmon, Edithann Henry, Norma Anne I Hettmansperger, Buddy Hettmansperger, Kenneth Hettmansperge r, Richard Hetzler, Elizabeth Hiner, NVillis Holley, Darline Hornaday, Lois Keller, George Keller, jane King, Bob Koerner, Jo Ann Landis, Hughie Leland, Aleda Lintner, Frederick McAllister, Ronald Mettler, Anna Middleton, Carma Middleton, Estella Miles, Juanita Miller, Harold Milliner, Mary Ann Mills, Twylla Minniear, jean Moore, Artie Neal, XVanda 4 Overman, Gene Parrett, jack Patton, Stella Pegg, Donald Perry, james Pitts, Harry Papowski, Sonya Pries, Donald Raver, Marjorie Renharger, Jerry Reynolds, Dorothy Reynolds, Faith Ross, Donald Sfhaaf, Phyllis Seheerer, Phil Scheerer, Shirley Scott, Carol Shockey, Dave Simons, Mary Simpson, Rosanna Sinclair, ,Indy Slagel, Gloria Sloop, Richard Smith, Donna Smith, janet Snell, Glennis Stierwalt, Robert Strickler, Margaret Strine, jean Sundheimer, David Sutton, Boh Tlicmpson, Vernon Thomson, Mary Vardarnan, ljZll11ill'lS Vice, james Vice, Tom Voss, llarroll Vrcoman, james XVallaee, Sheryl Wlatson, David VVatson, Marjory XVay, LaVon VVeavcr, jack VVeaver, Mayno VVillingham, Laverne VVoodvvard, Joe Zeidler, Richard ,ff J li, It's World Series time. and we have a radio! .11 R "Q A A ks. --f f ' --he . -.4 .M .. .f-ab.. Don't hit me. please! Look pretty, Louise! A LOOK AT THE AETIVOTIES Y ww , T A Y' A' .::,'f 5 I Ap A ,Ay 9 ,x 5, X! Z , " 3? ' 2, nf vw W ! I, or X V unppl' I X 1 NU 1 f J 0 N. .. 1 A ' 4 ' 5-'X K WWW' .1 '-"- I K 1 ' In V X ' I Q .IZ ,Ill 1 s w X xx' 1, A X ,. , 4 X X XX il t 7.141.711-3 I , f nv QV.- gC6U'l'l0l"Q 'ff 4. Sycamore Editors Larry Martin, Jack Ba- ber, Jack Scott, Jane Wimberly, Gene Crum- ley, Betty Barrett, Bob McDaniel. Helen Pear- son. Sycamore Co-editors Row I Ann Gurtner, Barbara Bloxson, Mary Ann Lux, Colleen Hudkins, Jerry Rife. Corinne Beitman, Jean Ann Halderman. Donna Mather, Joan Sundheimer, M u r i e l Fisher. Row II Jack Gardner, Jim Heiz- er, Larry Gray, Wendell Leland, George Coon. Bob Allison. Bill Conyer. Peggy Moore. Anne Wiles. Absent: Louise Ford. Pang? ana! Qui! ana! Sci-0 Rosetta Beamer, Jerry Rite, Mrs. Adams, Janet Dwyer, Frank Stephens, Helen Ford, Jean Ann Halderman. Row 1: Dorothy Rey- nolds, Norma Henry, Judy Sinclair, Jack Gardner, Janet Dwy- er, Mrs. Adams, Frank Stephens, Helen Ford, Peggy Moore, Shirley Smith. Row 2: Ronald Holloway. Mary Jo Gillen, David Watson, Pat Pearson, Barbara Schlemmer, Martha Christman, Dorothy Hetzler, Phy- llis Renbarger, Steve Cowen. Row 3: Wendell Leland, Dick LaSalle, Jim Hip- sher, Carroll Voss, Je ry Rife, Jim Vice. Row 1: Anne A eau- champ, Martha Ross. Rosetta Beamer, Janet Dwyer, Jack Gardner, Mrs. Adams, J erry Rife, Louise Laven- good, Barbara Geeting, Helen Ford. Row 2: Virginia Gar- pow, Pat Burk, Mar- garet Hanna, Helen Pearson, John Olden- kamp, Frank Stephens, Jim Sterling. Row 3: Earl Potter, John Sager, John Thomp- son, Larry Gray, Frank Merritt. Absent: Jerry Hodel. The zealous hope of every young journalist is to become an active member of the national organization, Quill and Scroll. The requirements for this honorary organization are comparatively few but difficult to achieve. As a reward for working diligently on the Orange and Black staff, four students this year were made members of the Quill and Scroll: Ro- setta Beamer, Helen Ford, Jerry Rife, and Frank Stephens. The Hi-Y club. under the able sponsorship of Mr. Kauffmann, was one of the most active clubs this year. They started with their annual hayride, sponsored several dances, collected the largest Christmas food donation ever giv- en by VVabash students, and wound up with the traditional Best-Girl banquet. Officers were: Gene Crumley, president: Calvin Greiner. vice- presidentg Frank Stephens. secre- tary-treasurer: Jack Scott. chap- lain: and Larry hlartin. sergeant- at-arms. Hi-Y Seniors Row l: Mr. Kauffmann. Jack Scott. Robert Mc- Vicker. James Heizer. Gene Crumley. Calvin Greiner, Frank Steph- ens. Larry Martin. Row 2: Robert Allison, James Sterling. David Martin. Larry Gray, Earl Potter. Robert Ply. William Conyer. George Coon, Jack Ba' ber, Row 3: Don Baldus, Dean Cassiday, Jerry Durnbaugh. Wendell Leland. Stewart Myers. -Jack Gardner. Bill VVoodWard. Hi-Y Underclassmen Row 1: James Jacoby. Fred Moore, Joe Pat- ton. Bob Sundheimer. Don Williams. Larry Smith. Galen Weaver. Gary Weesner. Ted Parker. Row 2: Dick Carpenter. Bob Yeater, John Old' enkamp. Dick Rey- nolds. Vernon Leland. Bill Ply. Lemoine Col- lins. Steve McVieker. Row 3: Joe Welty, Jim Forbes, John Sager. John Thompson, Bob Ogan, Kaye Wilson. Dick LaSalle. Absent: James Bean. Phil Cramer, Floyd Fields. Jerry Hodel, Jer- ry McVieker, Bill Rife, Donald Ross, Bill Strick- ler. 94,4 The Girls, Athletic Association is open to all high school girls in- terested in fun and good sports. A total of twenty-five points must be earned each six weeks in order to remain in the organization. These points may he earned by participating in intramural sports. This year's G, A. A. was under the capable leadership of Con- stance Purdy, the senior president: Carol Trisler, vice-president: Phy- llis Carpenter, secretary: Sally Reahard, treasurer: Pat Smith. point manager. llfliss ltloreland is the sponsor. g i Row 1: Dorothy Wasson, Mary Helen Simons, Lois Hornaday, Aleda Leland, Barbara Cat- tin, Vendetta Leland, Constance Purdy, Phy- llis Carpenter, Carolyn Bellock, Virginia Coon, Norma Henry, Peggie Flack. Row 2: Sonya Popowski. Marcia Wake, Jo Son- da, Jean Strine, Vir- ginia Caldwell, Lutri- cia Blockson, Sheila Kelly, Donna Shaw, Nancy Bramlett, VVil- ma Oswalt, Joan Wood- ward. Row 1: Sally Reahard, Barbara Schaaf, Mar- tha Ross, Janet Dwyer, Peggy Burnsworth, Betty Hetzler, Shirley Scheerer, Loretta Ga- rison, Flossie Frazier, Phyllis Gray, Patricia Adkins, Barbara Bel- lock. Row 2: Dorothy Hetzler, Rosetta Beamer, Shar- lene Russell, Jessie Cassiday, D o r 0 t h y Forbes, Margaret Car- penter, Mary Ann Thomson, Jane Hett- mansperger, Virginia Parrett, Margaret Strickler, Patricia Pegg. Row 3: Phyllis Renbarg- er, Patricia Burk, Mary Esther Kiefaber. Doris Conrad, Bettv Barrett Bonnie Winegardner, Donna Mather, Shirley Ross, Cleta Brauneller, Joann Tate, Wilma Hettmansperger, Jackie Lower, Carolyn Baker. .7Le4laian5 The organization that recogniz- es outstanding students in the field of dramatics is Thespians. This year for the first time a formal initiation was held for all new members. ,U ramafiw An active and ambitious organi- zation which always seems to have plenty to do is the Dramatics Club, whose major production this year was Gilbert and Sullivanls "Pi- rates of Penzancefl Officers of the club this year were: President, Larry Nlarting vice-president, Anne Wilesg secre- tary, Jane Wimberl5'g treasurer, Gene Crumley. Thespians Row 1: Carolyn Cross, Muriel Fisher, Virginia Caldwell, Jane Wim- berly, Larry Martin, Anne Wiles, Gene Crumley, Rhoda Light- foot, Peggy Burns- Worth, Corinne Beit- rnan, Colleen Hudkins. Row 2: Barbara Blox- son, Mary Anne Lux, Jeanie Clark, Joyce Touscany, R o s e t t a Beamer, Charles Dwy- er, Robert Ply, Jerry Durnbaugh. Row 3: George Coon, Helen Pearson, Ann Gurtner, Robert Alli- son, David Martin, Jack Gardner. Dramaiics Row 1: Martha Pearson, Margery Martin, Joan Crumley, Mary Esther Kiefaber, Dorothy Nix, Dorothy Wasson, Ven- detta Leland, Mary Ann Naugle, Doris Haupert, Sheila Kelly. Row 2: David Watson. Gene Overman, Bill Ply, Richard Leonard. Joe Patton, Steve Mc- Vicker, Stewart Myers, Lemoine Collins, Galen Weaver, Don Williams. Student Council .sjfuclenf gounci With Dick Carpenter as presi- dent and lllr. Eskew as adviser, the Student Council has tried this year to bring about more coopera- tion among the student body. Its first-semester project was the pre- sentation of the Kryl Concert on November 4, and the second se- mester it sponsored a courtesy campaign. Other officers are: Jane VVim- berly, vice-president, and blary Donna Shaw, secretary-treasurer. unior Rc! 614055 blembers of the Junior Red Cross Council engaged in the usual activities this year. They conducted the annual membership drive, sold tuberculosis tags, and solicited a substantial amount for the Community Klarch of Dimes. Students who were ill or suffered bereavements received cards from the council. The newest projects were the purchase of a Nativity Scene and the making of posters for the lllarion Veterans' Admin- istraticn. bliss Hipskind is the Sponsor. Row l. Shirley Ross. Donna Shaw, Dick Car- penter, Mr. Eskevv, Jane Wimberly, Rita Frehse. Row 2: Martha Lamm, Bob Yeater, Steve Mc- Vicker, Jim Vice, Mary Ann Naugle. Mary Ann Milliner. Junior Red Cross Row 1: Anne Beau- champ, Darrell San- ders, Miss Hipskind, Judy Sinclair, Nancy Bender, Doris Haupert. Row 2: Jim Vrooman, Mary Ann Lux, Roland Holloway, B a r b a r a C o o k s e y, Winifred Cales. Marjorie Graeb- ner. Absent: Mary Ann Rish, Mary Ann Lux, John Corso. fi-J-.M Tri-Hi-Y, one of the most out- standing organizations in school, was organized in February, 1947, for sophomore, junior, and senior girls. They sponsored the Har- vest Ball in November and gave a Christmas party for the girls at Whitels Institute. In December they helped the Hi-Y collect can- ned foods for baskets for the needy. The second semester the girls campaigned for money for the World Youth Fund and held a carnival, which they would like to make a traditional affair. on W, Cai The adviser for Tri-Hi-Y is Miss Morelandg president, Shirley Smith: vice-president, Joan Sund- heimerg secretary, Jane Wimber- lyg treasurer, Mary Ann Lux, chaplain, Patsy Foust. Smaller this year than in former years, the Library Club has striven to keep each member actively en- gaged in assisting the librarian with her routine tasks. These members have profited individual- ly rather than in an organized group in learning proper library procedures. Try-Hi-Y Row 1: Colleen Hudkins, Rhoda Lightfoot, Jane Wimberly, S h i r 1 e y Smith, Joan Sundheim- er, Mary Ann Lux, Jo- ann Tate, Shirley Ross, Isabel Wimberly. Row 2: Nancy Bender, Connie Purdy, Martha Lamm, Phyllis Ren- barger, Jo Sonda, Mary Ann Naugle, Sheila Kelly, Bonnie Wine- gardner, Barbara Blox- son. Row 3: Shermadean Ridenour, R o s e t t a Beamer, Dorothy Hetz- ler, Martha Christman. Martha Miller, Helen Pearson, Betty Barrett, Anne Wiles. Absent: Patsy Foust, Mary Ann Rish, Quin- neth Vrooman. Library Row 1: Jackie Lower, Virginia Parrett, Wil- ma Hettmansperger, Susie Widmeyer, Bar- bara Schaaf, Sally Rea- hard. Row 2: Sharlene Horn- aday, Virginia Gray. Virginia Kuffel, Nancy Bramlett. Camera Club Seated: Barbara Schaaf, Virginia Gray, Larry Martin, Jack Baber, Bar- bara Schlemmer, Harold Clupper. Standing: Jerry Durn- baugh. Stewart Myers, Mr. Miller, John Corso. Rosetta Beamer, Jerry Rife, Mrs. Adams, Frank Stephens, Jack Gardner. Inter Nos avfllefa The Camera Club, under the direction of Mr. lNIiller, was or- ganized for the first time this year independently of the Science Club. The members worked hard selling ball-point pens and taking pictures in order to raise money for photographic equipment which the club needs. Jack Baber serves as president: Larry Martin as vice-president, and Virginia Gray as secretary- treasurer. ,gn fel' W05 Inter-Nos is composed of third and fourth-year Latin students. Their purpose is to arouse interest in the classics and provide social entertainment for themselves. This year they admitted deserving second-year Latin students as asso- ciate members. These members attend the meetings but are un- able to vote or hold office. Jerry Rife serves as president, with Frank Stephens as vice-presi- dent, Rosetta Beamer, secretary- treasurerg Jack Gardner, sergeant- at-armsg and lWrs. Adams, spon- sor. S. This year lll. F. F. organized as a booster club for junior and senior girls, had the largest mem- bership it has had in several years. At the close of football season. the girls served the traditional banquet for the lettermen and senior football boys. llliss Jones is the sponsor of the clubg presi- dent, Louise Ford: vice-president. Anne VViles: secretarr -treasurer. .lane VVimberly. WC! Among the clubs of XV. H. S. is the llfl. C. L., the honor society. Its membership consists of stu- dents who have been on at least one of the two six Weeks' honor rolls and on the semester honor roll ot the same grading period. llliss Young is the sponsor of this group. wr M. F. F. Row 1: Louise Laven- good, Barbara Geeting. Barbara Bloxson, Vir- ginia Caldwell, Jane Wimberly, Anne Wiles. Colleen Hudkins, Peg- gy Burnsworth, Joan Sundheimer, Muriel Fisher. Rhoda Light- foot. Row 2: Phyllis Renbarg- er, Jo Sanda, Norma Durham, Dorothy Nix. Dorothy Hetzler, Caro- lyn Cross, Betty Bar- rett, Corinne Beitman. Helen Pearson. Janet Dwyer. Row 3: Ann Gurtner. Shirley Smith, Wini- fred Cales, Jeanie Clark, Joyce Touscany. Rosetta Beamer, Mar- tha Christman, Helen Ford, Peggy Moore. Virginia Garpow. Mary Ann Lux. Absent: Carol Trisler. Quinneth Vrooman. Lou- ise Ford. Norma Brown. M. C. L. Row 1: Doris Haupert. Barbara Cattin, Patri- cia Pegg, Sharlene Rus- sell, Rhoda Lightfoot. Jerry Rife, Anne Wiles. Phyllis Renbarger, Dor- othy Nix, Betty I-liner. Nancy Bender. Row 2: Isabel Wimberly. Mary Ann Naugle. Shermadean Ridenour, Vendetta Leland, Hel- en Ford. Joan Crum- ley, Mary Esther Kief- aber, Rosetta Beamer. Dorothy Hetzler, Wini- fred Cales, Marjorie Graebner. Sheila Kel- ly. Row 3: Dick Reynolds. Galen Weaver, Gene Crumley, Frank Steph- ens. John Oldenkarnp. David Smith. Larry Smith. Ronald Hollo- Way. 1 Science Club Row 1: Jerry Durn- baugh, Jim Heizer, Martha Miller, Muriel Fisher, Barbara Blox- son, Helen Pearson, Phyllis Renbarger, Dor- othy Hetzler, Joann Tate, Bill Woodward, John Corso. Row 2: Mr. Ritchie, Cal- vin Greiner, Frank Stephens, Dick Rey- nolds, Bob Allison, Jack Gardner, Bob Ply, Dean Cassiday. Row 3 John Oldenkamp, Darrell Sanders, Jack Babei Harold Clupper, Stewart Myers, John Thompson Jack Scott, David Martin, Larry Karl Thompson, Hugh Landis J 1m Vice, Mr. Tewksbury Virginia Gray Winifred Cales, cien ce The Science Club, whose pur- pose is to promote extra-curricular interest in the advancement of science, worked on several proj- ects this year in order to sponsor a trip to Chicago in the spring. Cal- vin Greiner serves as presidentg Darrell Sanders as vice-presidentg Martha llfliller as secretary-treas- urerg Bob Allison as sergeant-ab arms. lllr. Ritchie is the sponsor. fbedafe One of the most time-consum- ing of all high school activities is debate, sponsored by hir. Tcwks- bury. The question debated this year was, i'Resolved that the Fed- eral Government should require the arbitration of labor disputes in all of the basic American in- dustriesf' In addition to its regular sched- ule, this group participated in a number of Junior-Town lyleeting programs, which are sponsored by station WOXVO. This yearls debaters were Karl Thompson, .Tim Vice, VVinifred Cales, Don Baldus, and Hughie Landis. Row 1: Norma Brown, Rlarjorie Ross. lllartha Pearson. Row 2: John Bracken, Lowell Bain, Jim Petry. lVlarlin McDaniel, Betty Hetzler. Row 3: lllarjorie Martin, George Keller, Jack ,Amick, Jerry Durnbaugh, Flwood Thomas. Harold Miller. Row -P: Betty Browne, Richard Hettmansper- ger, Richard Sloop. Jacqueline Brauneller. Raymond Martiii. Drum Major and lwajorettes David Wat.'o:i, lllary Fulton, Irene Pegg, Jackie Brauneller, Lutrieia Bloclzson, Louise Lavengood WABASH HIGH OFFICERS Captain --R, ..r,i Harold Clupper First Lieutenant .? Shirley Smith Second Lieutenant W,.-...l Jack Amick Sergeants ?.,..? Norma Brown, Jerry Durnbaugh, Phyllis Renbarger. Robert LaFollette. Corporals ..,. Dorothy Hetzler, Calvin Greiner, David lllartin, Stewart Nlyers, Ronald Holloway. Drum lVlajor i,,,,-..4, David lVatson DiI'CCf01' - 7 fn-, ,.,,Y,,,.. lllr. A. R, links Roxy 1: hlary Lou Osyyalt, U-orothy Hetzler, Shirley Smith. 'low 2: Barbara Pressler, Harold Clupper. David Wvation. Jim Vrooman. Phyllis Rt-nliarger. Pow 3: Robert LaFollerte, Kenneth Hettman- sperger, Tom Bell, Robert King, Fred Lintner. David Smith. Jack Clupper. Roxy -l-: David lllartin, Kelly Eltzroth, Calvin Greiner, Ronald Holloway, lVIr. links, dir- eetor. SCHOO BA D Chorus Row 1: llary Oswalt, Dorothy VVasson, Sharlene Hornaday, Virginia Caldwell Caldwell, Colleen Hudkins, Cleta Brauneller. Row 2: Ruth Arnett, Barbara Knotts, lllarcia Wzike, Carolyn Baker, Betty Browne Because Cornelia has the measl- es, Leo and Dick devise a plan to smuggle her off the ship. ' Cornelia and Emily try to im- press llonsieur DeLa Croix with their recitations and ballet. Cornelia Comforts Emily, who believes she has killed a man. Qs HOW' ,irlearfd mre youu an ag l0l"Q:5 ell EJ we .szniom WMA 30, 1948 Cas! of CSIIIIFIICIFFS Steward MM Jerry Durnbaugh lN'Irs. Skinner M. Helen Pearson Cornelia Otis Skinner -M Anne Wiles Otis Skinner M Jack Gardner M-. Louise Ford Purser M Emily Kimbrough Robert McDaniel Stewardess M Jean Ann Halderman Dick Winters M Bill Conyer Admiral M David Martin Harriet St. John Winifred Blaugh Barbara Bloxson M Jane Wimberly' Leo McEvoy M Larry Gray Inspector M Joann Tate Therese M Colleen Hudkins Madame Elise ...M Betty Barrett Monsieur DeLaCroix M Jerry Rife VVindow Cleaner ..-...M Larry Martin Proziurtion Smff Director ...MM lllrs. Vera Kinerk Stage Set Design -M.. Gene Crumley Stage Set Decoration Committee: Mary Ann Lux, Shrley Ross, Connie Purdy, Bonnie Winegardner, Joan Sundheimer, lVIorris Will- iams, Carol Jo Ferdinand. Stage Manager M Jack Scott Stage Crew: George Coon, Jack Fearnow, Cal- vin Greiner, Darrell Sanders, Gerald Hop- kins, Jim Sterling. Properties: Patsy Foust, Ann Gurtner, Robert Borwne, Muriel Fisher, Barbara Geeting, Janet Dwyer. Prompters: Corinne Beitman, Donna lllather, and Frank Stephens. Make-up: Miss Cecila Mills, Miss Ruth Jones, Mrs. E. A. Ford. Music by Hiarold Clupper, Dorothy Hetzler. Don Hapner, and Ronald Holloway. Faculty Advisory Comlmitteez Miss Ruth Jones, Miss Cecilia Mills, and lVIr. Phil N. Eskew. H005 fel' Sensing the need for a more wholehearted and concentrated cheering section at football and basketball games, a group of sopho- more girls organized the Booster Club in November of this year. Beginning with its eighteen char- ter members, the club appeared in a bloc at manv games, and the srirls could easilv be identified both bv their white blouses and bow ties and bv their effective and enthusi- Flftir' velling. Officers of the club were: lflary Esther Kiefaber, president: ,loan Crumlev, vice-president' Nanci' Bramlett. secretarvtreas- urer. ll-'Iiss Badger serves as soon- snr. Booster Club Row 1: Nancy Bender, Virginia Kuffel, Margery Martin, Joan Crumley, Mary Esther Kiefaber, Nancy Bram- -lett, Martha Ross, Bar- bara Schaaf, Sally Rea- hard, Mary Shaw, Dor- is Conrad. Row 2: Barbara Schlem- mer, Virginia Gray, Sheila Kelly, Doris Haupert, Mary Ann Naugle, Isabel VVim- berly, Martha Pearson, Rita Frehse, Patricia Pearson, Phyllis Car- W Club Row 1: Earl Potter James Sterling, Darrell Sanders, Jerry Rife, David Martin, Robert Ply, William Ply, Bill Woodward, John Cor- so. Row 2: Dean Cassiday, JohnOldenkarnp, Charles Dwyer, Robert Yeater, Larry Martin, James Heizer, Robert McDaniel, L e m o i n e Collins. Row 3: Bob Allison, Dale Thomson, Jim Hipsher, George Coon. Absent Jerry Hodel. CM All boys who win their awards in one of the three major sports? football, basketball, and track- are eligible to become members of the "VV" club. The club func- tions under the able sponsorship of Mr. Tatum, football coach, and Xlr. Lawson, basketball coach. Officers this year are: Presi- dent, Bob lWcDaniel: vice-presi- dent, Bob Yeaterg secretary-treas- urer, Larry Martin, sergeant-ab arms. John Corso. THE DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETIE5 b g . AIA W v 'v Ak ibn . -., Q . J ' . if joofdaff Row 1: Woodward, LaSalle, Sager, Dave lliartin, Leeka, Drook, Amick, Hettmansperger, Ster- ling, Herrell, Eltzroth. Row 2: Larry 'lVIartin, Hipsher, lXIcDaniel, Heizer, Hodel, Thompson,,Dwyer, Spence, hic- Vicker, Guhl, Alexander, Collins. Row 3: Assistant Coach Kauffmann, Thomson, Strickler, Potter, Fearnow, Coon, Ply, Sparks. Harris, Bland, Allison, DeVore, Coach John Tatum, lklanager Bill Ply. Losing only two contests of the nine games scheduled, VVabash High enjoyed its most suc- cessful football season since l9-IPZ. One of those defeats was to the Plymouth Pilgrims, who be- came Conference Champs. The Apaches' second loss was to their formidable rivals, the lNIarion Giants. Back of our successful season was the excellent combination of Tatum, Kauffman, and Law- son, our head coach, our assistant coach, and our scout, respectively. The efforts of these men, combined with the Willingness of the boys to work as a team, made the 1947 season a great success. Coach Tratum Assistant Coach Kauffinann ' BT 'Fl' I 'f u v Opponents VVabash Concordia 0 22 Elwood 0 13 Huntington 0 21 Howe 7 40 Plymouth 32 Z8 Peru 0 13 Hartford City 18 34- Bluffton 0 14 llarion 1 8 7 Next year Coach John Tatum will be fac- ing the serious problem of replacing the boys who graduate this year. To compensate for this loss he has a few returning lettermen who have shown ability and willingness to work. ln spite of this fact, the boys who are graduating will be greatly missed on the gridiron next year. Mr. Tatum's problem is much greater than in the past years, for he is losing nine of the starting eleven. Among those graduating are Bill Bland, 1Vabash Opponents Total score 192 75 First downs 118 67 Passes attempted 56 73 Passes completed 28 22 Pass percentage .500 .301 Yards passing 337 300 First downs passing 20 12 Penalties -11 19 Yards lost 310 155 Punts 18 28 Yards per punt 32.2 32.7 Yards rushing 2470 1280 Total offense 2807 1580 David llartin, George Coon, Jim Heizer, Bob Ply, Bob ll1cDaniel, Chuck Dwyer, Jack Fear- now, Larry Nlartin, Jim Sterling, Earl Potter, Bob Allison, and Lorin Sparks. Those who will return to bolster the next year's team are: Dale Thomson, Jim Hipsher, Jerry Hodel, Jim Harris and Lamoine Collins. For these boys and Coach Tatum, we, the sen- iors, sincerely hope that the next season will be a successful one. Sfarfing gguenr Bill Bland Dave llurtin Jim Heizer Hob Ply Senior-tackle Senior-guzrrd Senior-guard Senior-guard IMI-Conference All-Conference Second Team Second Team Jim Hipher George Coon Dale Thomson Junior-end 9enior-center Sophomore-end f' "-'Vf1iez"-wee A'l-Conference .A.1l-Conference Second Term Firm Team Second Team W..-..-up '1?"""GF . af' Larry Mzxrtin Chuck Dwyer Hob McDaniel Jack Fearnow Senior-halfback Senior-halfback Sen?or-quarterback Senior-fullback All-Conference All-Conference All-Conference Second Team First Team First Team All-State fourth team olz ffQI'l'I'l ell . . Lorin Sparks Earl Potter Lamoine Collins Jim Harris Senior-end Senior-tackle Junior-guard Junior-guard Jim Sterling Bill Ply Senior-end Sophomore-manager Bill Woodvx'ard Bob Allison Bob Yeater Jerry Hodel Senior-quarterback Senior-halfback Junior-halfback Junior-halfback Eaffefdaff - lzjamify Row 1: Galen Weaver, Dean Cassiday, Bob Sundheimer, Charles Dwyer, Jack Baber, Bob lVIc- Daniel, VVendell Leland. Row 2: Coach Randall Lawson, Earl Potter, George Coon, Jim Hipsher, Frank Nlerritt, Dale Thomson, Hugh Landis, Klanager. The VVabash Scalpers opened their '47-4-8 basketball season none too impressively, falling to Central of North Manchester 38 to 35 in a hard-fought struggle. The Lawsonmen couldn,t find the range against Kokomo the following week either, and they came away on the short end of a 38 to 18 score. After an intensive drill on fundamentals, the Orange and Black came back strong against the next four opponents. Huntington couldn't stop the determined Scalper crew in the last half, therefore, they dropped a 48 to 38 decision to them. Wabash journeyed to Hartford City and came back victorious, to even the seasons record to date at two even. Wabash continued on its winning ways with a 30 to 28 victory over Tip- ton. It took a 12-minute stall by the Scalpers to stave off a last ditch rally by the Blue Devils. ln one of the hottest ball games of the year, El- wood fell -I-3 to -ll the following week. In regular season play, the Scalpers dropped the next three to Rochester, Auburn, and Peru. However, on January 3, the Apaches entered the four-way tourney at Hartford City. They lost the afternoon game to the highly-touted Ti- gers of Alexandria but won the consolation af- fair from Hartford City Airedales, 40 to 36. The conference race wasn't decided until. the last game, in fact, the Scalpers turned the tide two times before by dropping the Plymouth Pilgrims in a grudge battle 46 to 44, and by los- ing the final game to Alexandria, giving them C. I. C. honors instead of Peru. James Hipsher, Bob McDaniel, and Dale Thomson led the team scoring througrout the year, for the most part. George Coon kept things moving with his vicious rebound tactics, while Galen Weaver, the play maker, added timely points when they were most needed. Charles Dwyer, the diminitive guard replace- ment, along with WVendell Leland, top substi- tute at a forward slot, sparked the team in many clove games. Sectional time saw Wabash take the first game from Lincolnville 61 to 38. The LaFon- tain? Cossacks gave the Scalpers more trouble than was expected hut didn't have enough to win. They fell 49 to 30, because of a last-quar- ter scoring spree by the Apaches. The Linlawn Pirates gave the Orange and Black another scareg but when the gun sounded, it was 59-50 Wabash. The winning column stopped here as they fell to the Sectional favorites, Chester. 51 to 39. With Hipsher, VVeaver, and Thomson re- tuxning next year. our chances look very good for winning our second CIC crown. Coming up for duty on the first two fives will be lwerritt. VVilson. LaSalle, VVilliams, and Ogan, who will bolster the squad considerably. SQCOHJ ia!!! .Q Row 1: Gary Weesner, Ronald Holloway, Dick Driscoll, Vernon Leland, Bill Scheerer, Larry Smith. Row 2: David Smith, Don Williams, Bob Ogan, Kaye Wilson, Dick LaSalle. "Bn BASKETBALL Wabash Papooses had a very successful sea- son losing 7 and winning ll. However, the last defeat of the season to Alexandria enabled the Wabash North lllanchester 24 I2 Kokomo 23 15 Huntington 18 19 Hartford City 16 29 Tipton 25 29 Elwood 27 28 Rochester 30 22 Auburn 33 22 Peru 18 23 Peru "B's" to be Conference Champs. Wabash ended the season in second place. If this is any indication of the seasons to come, Wabash can look forward to a bright future. Winamac 18 30 Burris fllflunciel 19 Z9 lllonticello 19 14 South Side Ft. Wayne 31 15 Marion . 19 31 Plymouth 23 33 Peru 21 28 Plymouth 29 3 I Alexandria 24 23 Wmkgz, V . 3 V . ww 5? A coma Lawson LELAND COON CFNEMONY THOMSON MGR. 'if , A, mvsu-w.n fi wnvm flag : Leonard, Oldenkamp, Fields, Smith, Bill Scheerer. : Rife, Dwyer, Cairns, Mr. Holloway, Ferguson, Parks, NVilliams, Fox. : Spence. Scott, John Oldenkamp, Holloway, Hickey, Sullivan, Barnett. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4: lklerritt, Ford, Emrick, VVilson, Bean. Sauders, Ogan. Row 5: Cassiday, Leland, Driscoll, Jones. The Wabash track team of 19-17 came through with a better than average season. James Parlzs, David Ford, Jack Sullivan, Darrell San- ders, and James Cairns, all returning lettermen, comprised the nucleus of the track squad. Although the team was the smallest in years, it was also the most powerful for its size. Add- ing Jerry Rife, dashman, and Burton Jones, a sophomore speedster, to the line-up gave Austin Holloway his crack half-mile relay team. With Dalton Barnett and James Emrick in the middle -distance, it was easy to get together a good mile- relay team. Dean Cassiday worked tirelessly in the half-mile, and James Bean, John Olden- kamp, Charles Dwyer, and Jim Hickey helped bolster the squad in their respective events. The Scalpers started things rolling with a convincing win over Chester. Wabash garnered 7716 points to the Panthers' 4156. The follow- ing week the Scalpers met much tougher compe- tition. The South YVhitley Bulldogs journeyed to VVabash only to be turned away 63 to 47. The meet was undecided until the half-mile relay team clinched the meet with a walk-away vic- tory. Wabash continued its winning ways, top- ping Central Catholic of Ft. Wayne by M point. The Scalpers met real trouble against Marion in a triangular affair along with Huntington. The lllarion thinly-clads, who couldn't be stopped. walked away with 76 points and the meet. The only dual meet loss was an upset to Hartford City. The Airedales edged the Scalp- ers 56 to 53. VVabash had more trouble than was expected in taming Peru 5756 to 5156. This time again, both relay teams had to come through in the grand finale in order to win. Burris of lVIuncie proved too much for the ten teams in the "B" class at the Muncie Re- lays. The Scalpers grabbed third place, how- ever, after a hard struggle with Warsaw. The 'Orange and Black squad found the going tough at the Kokomo Relays also. Here with 22 teams entered, VVabash nabbed only seventh position. The home team gained revenge over Hartford City in the conference meet held in Muncie. Though again, none were powerful enough to stop Burris' bid for top honors. The Scalpers walked away with the county track meet with 74 points. Chester and Central finished second and third respectively. VVith only veterans Jerry Rife and Darrell Sanders returning, the track outlook may not be too promising for Coach Austin Holloway in '-l-S. However, there are more than a dozen un- derclassmen coming up with possibilities, so we will just wait and see. l road Couniry Sliller, Leonard, Holloway, Xlerritt, Sanders, James Bean, Backus, Jerry Oldenlcamp, Bikzel, John Oldenkamp, Smith, Ed Bean, XVilliams. During the last four years cross-country, an only -l- in 2-l meets. old sport, has regained its popularity. Klr. This year's harriers hrought many honors Holloway undertook the task of coaching cross- to XVabash High, such as the CIAC champion- country in the Apache camp, and he did a marve- shipg second place in the sectionalg and twelfth lous job. In the last four years the team has lost in the state. PECL? CABBI' QZLCCJQPJ John Corso, Janet Dwyer, Barbara Geeting, Larry Gray 'lf +. ,., YW, gale! ,Slab 0 3 The,-we off! C. I. C. Cross Country runners dash for the pole position. Stay with it! Only one more mile. f ef swf 57,04 Freshman Squad Our future gridders "lX'Iac" and Larry Backfield pals. Look at the birdie! Are you ticklish, jerry? Bobbie and Ginnie, two glamour girls of Wabash High School A typical VV. H. S. student 'liaggug if Photography - - LOCKRIDOE STUDIO Rochester, Indiana MARTIN STUDIO SHOWALTER STUDIO SUNDAY,S STUDIO Wabash, Indiana Printers - - - HERALD - PRESS Wabash, Indiana ..!glfLt0gl"6Ll0A5 F """"" """"' 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I SPECIALIZED PLANNING AND ENGRAVING SERVICE FOR YEARBOOK STAFFS... 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