Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN)

 - Class of 1945

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Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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fd-'MJ Y' '34 1-Iii, wif- L4-,.Gi-f-- , .jail ' V .i .. -,3'-f-f'i2f1'f'r 1 f,.f:. 4. - 9 .- -T"f".A.l f r.-:N3if.Q:3,1'-.,,gL,., X- f lf f-,eg H, LH, -5 4g3,.,,.3g . , ga dxf 4-f-M..-,.-,,..,--V. Y. . . ..--Wgxz. f , - ,J f LL - ' 1. , 'A 1 -' fm - .A 4 . ,,.f'. .3 ,, ,. f. , ,-ff ... -. if ,. 1- 5, . -- , -, , . - 15- wg- .-fq ,ff -11,--y - Yu gi -'.-wg'fv:f 1 7' ggi 3-., ,x.wi9'ff1 '-:pxgrfsffqf 46. 1,- '.if4f1zi5f271. ' A af f.-a, 1 nagig-. ' "fa ' ' 2-1: ,-1,-2'7" Q. V if 1- A - 'R f-bg -- , ' 14 .. ' 'K u ?,g, fi-31' "nf , +fp,.:.-at-gifiaf-H-W fu 1.4-fgfw " -- Q, .4 V A V 1,15 , 4 4 4 ' - r-'J ' ' V K i ff A f , --A 6, c3'ff-mzfi' flf,-f' ' ff 5' A . A -w......,M 445: 'W' I X ,Q 1 , ' AR- m . . 2. jf F' MFA! I U P . . 'f Q 11,5 A ,A -' ' f 1 .1 X - I if! .kk if , 'if' , juli I . V r , XL S ' Il? f if u iw' . A. -L, ,. .1 , Q f 13. lj ,Mr,q n,,. , ' .1 'J xr- . ,f --- 'K , Q ,aff jf' , uf, - if f f' ,Z vm. I .. . Tx. . by M, . I N WJ 1-1 EJ x L 'X -- ' YV X X . iq : 1 LL - ' , X - ' t ' IFN Ar Q S , xx , 7 ' Q N.:,...Q T .LM,mF , . 1' , A! with . 1. J- xx V 'lv 1 . , 4 A Q- 5 - 13 Y Y' "3 '+M- M - ,ji lx . ' ' . 0-'IU , 1 X f A' . . 2 'JF A 'Rs - EX L, J QQ ' A A' , E jf J V, fi'-:gix 6' 95 V V -1- -1. -.., aff.. 'ka My fx 4 Qvfg dm gl , . st wg ' , ' 4' 1 V 4 J ' V 2 -. . -V - u' " W' fr w x-J' -. 1' ' ' - " 'X' " 'J ' ' L. 'Z ,V . . f' 1- ' Q "'. - .. .1"I " TW : .. .x , . '.l 'ff Lim 1 -1-514' .X .,.,.-1.-.,-,-.-,-V, - fx: ',, fr. r. ,gf ,, -, - , xp -.1. - .QA b, D - .K .ir f .-3 - . , - - Vg.-. ,,.-. if ---, , . .,,.1,.l --ig' H- 1 QM,-. 1. -.lv . f: f v ,. 1' -' 5. ' 'f"'g"..,1 1-'l"" "P Si :"f4"2,' " 35- iv J" flu- ,.'-NEMA, E .i f-5"-1 3.2345 Efyiff?-gli'-'l.!:l.-.fixh r1i,TS?.." 3."1g' f- - '-'PK ' ii H 4 ' m . . ,, .,,, ,.., , , .- 1 . , L J, . : A . -,. - .., G,.,,7,-. ,1 L, 47 -M, -. A-4 r 23, 1- v Vf-QW" f" N. I I r u , v f .1 Y.- -J." X 1, f f . . ,S x X x Y. x . ' , 1 X " ' V I in ,A V - V . I - . ' W N ' - N e . ! A , 1 2 , , 1 I . ' fi , K w X ' , 1' N 1 , V. V' ' 1 -S V A V , m N x ' . 1 A , , , la- ' ' lv ' 1 . l " , X 1 , V ' t , -Q x' f. - 1 x Vx? 4 -. . X 1 XV x Y 1' , .x V V J 4 I Kv A 1 v , U I X I A 1 4 a N I Yu - VV A - QI, - , U A S,.,,x- - - x ' ' , x x , V ' ' 1 , J' A " l ' -I ' l 7' ' V' - I' VA I," -l., 'L' E, .-1 . V -, :V V 42, 1 - V V . '41 ' in . , I .1 I 1 I , . .-A V Q I t , I ' V 1' A .1 '- X ' " . ' Q K 1, A , x I ' ' ' , . 1 . 1 'VM . - 1 . X , - - - 5 , ff' ' ,x . 1 lm -' L ' -' 1 H ' . Q x 1 ' ' If . ' 1 ' ' f , V , Vx ,X Q' X ' X Tr . I 'r' ., V V - V. , , l J N' .. . . , ' ' 1 ' . ff' - 1 ' ' f V ' 1.3 Y' ri . " 1 , f 7. W X. - ' M , - ff 1 N 4 1 ., . ' , '- ' VJ ',. 11, 1 .W .-, g 'V . X ' I f ' 5 , . L . - -1 ' 5 T ' 1 - - .. V V ' jj ff ', v ' . Q . ' V - 1 Few-',"f ' fi . " , 1 I , Q 4 - W A 4 ' f V . I ,J ' ",:Z?i I. 7,092 - ' V A X A - x .V .H ff 67 1 f . ' 1. - A . ' A ' -r. , - .S " z V 7' W 4 0, V V .. , V. A 1 V V2 --- m. ' V .- V-1 , ,.,. VI V . ,l.- 'Q 1 .1' V N , ,ff P V X: A - w f- , ,Vi x , F .,.- V 1 .. - I. .1 I t ' l , . -su. " ' Tw ' 1 ' l I . ' ' . ' A -' ', 4 Q 1 .V V A ,K . '1 A N I x s V '.. - MA .' ' . -a-Q - - ' ' " - f 1 . H V . -' , -3, ,X ' gif - , ' M ' . 'h ' , ' ' ' lf- .-44 'J"u': 4.4-"' .- - ' ' f, 5.::.:A in ' I , . 45' .ax J ' Wei -Nl L H- -Q22 ' - -J. 51. 2 H K u JJ , .,.,:5r,. ' 1 1+ -A-31' A-L"-L X '!'r',L THH SYHAHHHH ww, 45 aww... ffuufibrzea mg, SQIIHOI' 6015.5 417 0 WAHASH HIGH SHHHHL YD.,l5.1.J5, fI,1aa.1.m CUNTENT CTLIHI Il ix5jt"lL17tiO Il' GUL145,45Qf6f CM Oaiiiw EP O Vtbf x 51701160 LS' ir ir -lr William Bowman -,-,- ..... E ditor-in-Chief Mary Alice Goodlander .... ..... A ssociate Editor Margaret Fedewa .... .... B usiness Manager . Jag. ' 'F we -it f.g,,, Ii.",s,A Q I .N . . . Q, A P- fx-Nw fl , , . -' ,L Q RW QW f ' 'wsfyc y x XL. Fifi A " J . i ,S is gp: If N A V A mm Q i 514.9 i 'x' -.. -. 'I' H if .r 5 'ful .: Yvl I1 .. A ' as 'xx qw "i.- ' af ' '-f. Q Q 1, , ' 5 X ' W Qi Y -s x X ' ' X- X kffi in M . . , Q . '. ',,i, KIM!- Y. 3 - ' ' : . A' v ' ' -- sf- . 4' L wr x -, X ,,1 Nu. Q V 'za . . X f K' Q , K XXI. ""? v-'W' . ' I YY! W silk' ...A . Y.. F A' .A ,Kg ., 2, . Q K: . V 'F 3 ,Q .xv x, . 1 .1 A " ,.-' . s 5 Q X x . . .3 its - M J' 9- F. .Q J. ., f 'Qs' " 1 .9"F'A 4 Y' i B Q if ,R Q1 .X-. tk .A ' z, . , .. - Q .a 1 Yficlkgjgi my . . .. 'K X 3. .Xi-s M W ' ' X xv, KK 'SQNN , Q X 4 -' xf 'W' 5+ ' , T , -X N . .K U 1 4 , M F3 as 'fs f '- '-x . 4 . N . dis PM '- V Qf ws X' 'A .31 ' . 1: S H ' ' : Q w i .af ' N , kk Q ' 4 N., w ,g 5' f' :N-Li -1, ' X1 Ns ' J ,., ,H , ',g 5ff.i,. 2 . KA ...Q K. Q ' , M1 fi , ' ' . ,wif 1 'fm .3 if 'Q 7 l .xv y, 1 j ff. . - -,' I 'f J v'K..,'4H.1 "iff va, yn f . J. ., A .,yf1x will x Qkx ky. S., . .,'4?5'Q'f', 5 1 Q ' f , , X Q3 'M ix -ksii, wi, ' . I 2.16- '7'Aw'v-vf' WN ,NK 'Q ' .-gig! SV, 'X b ,Q 7 '2 B - . ,Jag Au- Vx tw 9 v .rs Q Y WV' 'f IX Af. " . HN? ' ,ff . K Q 2 P' ,f K 'alla 'B .3 . Wx i I . . 5' 'rf-, . ' ig . 2 , S03 g Q iw.: ft. . ., N' . 4. Q , t . , K .. ,. jg ,S v 4, . J: g X , Q- D, 4 , M, . 4 A x . ? 'f g . nf .. . ' .fi . M rs . HV. 'J' fmsn. wi, f, , K, ld, , . ,fi M A A. .J ,, ,l ' - V vs 4, ,Q , ug , f- , Q N - x k ff' x -W , QM, Aff.: V' ,, kwa f 'N , K R f ...pbf Qxsvkg f Y, . gf. e + .' . N . X , .gy K Q Q P .H A ., QR ir: N ff, ,z , ..' f A VS, 5 '1'W'E"'ff"k'ff1 'jgifuf ' W QW. 'L 'gay 953: --' 'X 'dy 9' '35 L: N . gi .h Q ' f Y!-N X fl J x, ' We 35, 4: x V, is M X 'f 'K -fi A .-.xfdjx Qi v" 8, 1. , ., F ..-. . C l"""x ww 'X ff V A 'Q - A 'I . . . VM Y S Q Q .P 1 ,A wx. .' "WV , I " - HQ. "W W 'Q 'F 5: - ' m-M. fx Q X ki .X . , , 1 A I, I 3 R. 'Wg at 1 . - . 'l.. R O . 5 K ...SDuuwuw . .. CL! aff mamma mgwngf inf ifiow fmmf our mum M180 gave, Mm- swung, die, ,FM MK mwmmf dwoiimf 7DofzFclf TDM II, we, dgdiwiw MW Sywmmef 4945. titttt 'kir'k1kir'k 'k'k'k'k'kir CMLOA' ...Q .if 40, 4945 Lieutenant Paul Bishop 1933 New Guinea-February 19. 1944 Captain Duane Collinge 1938 Burma-September 30. 1944 1 I O Ihivaualay Ihanis ex-1943 Tarawa-November 20. 1943 U I l Private First Class James Rudolph Kessler 1938 Luzon-Ianuary 28. 1945 Staff-Sergeant Melvin Kuhlow 1935 France-Iuly 12. 1944 Captain Paul Lamale 1936 South Paciiic-February 24. 1944 100 Private First Class Franklin Machmer ex-1940 Luzon-February 10. 1945 iii Lieutenant Dwight McCrock1in 1937 In flight over Italy-September 3. 1943 Sergeant Raymond McPheeters ex-1939 France-February 4, 1945 Lieutenant Iames Neighbours, U. S. N. 1935 Negros Island-September 13. 1944 ill Private First Class Bernard E. Plum ex-1940 Iwo lima-February 27. 1945 Hit Lieutenant George Porter 1932 Philippine Prison Camp--May 21. 1943 ill Staff-Sergeant Willard Price 1942 Over Germany-October 6, 1944 Ili Sergeant Harold Rudicel 1940 France-December 19, 1944 T15 George Sabo ex-1937 Mindanao-March 10, 1945 Technical-Sergeaht .George Simpson Gennany-Niiiixmber 30, 1944 Technical-Sergegtglferbert Urschel Holland-October 3, 1944 Private First Class Robert Wolff 1942 Germany--December 1, 1944 yqcfnulndhazian T L 'A' OWEN l. NEIGHBOURS A. B., Westem Maryland College Ph. M., University of Chicago 'Ir s , s 5 ll,PQ1'f iliQ11Cl,Qfl1flf ,Of 1 Cldlif be 0,0'l.l6f c Wabash High School appreciates the efficient and enthusiastic direction of Mr. Owen I. Neighbours, who has been the superintendent of the Wabash Schools for twenty-nine years. Although his duties do not bring him into direct contact with the students, everyone in W. H. S. knows and respects Mr. Neighbours. The School Board is the policy-making body for the Schools. Under the leadership of Mr. Owen I. Neighbours, the superintendent of Wabash schools, with the cooperation of the teachers, elected by the board, the educational program is determined. The present board consists of Mr. Iohn V. Beamer, who has served nine years, Mr. F rank Rettig, who has served seven years: and Dr. George B. Fults, who has served five years. These men devote a great deal of time in conscientious service to the schools of Wabash. Miss Mary Little is the efficient clerk for the school board and the superintendent. 'kit . Sclfooll cq3OClf'lCl.f . - Mr. Iohn V. Beamer Mr. Frank Rettig Dr. George B. Fults President Secretary Treasurer ir LEEWELL H. CARPENTER A. B., Miami University A. M., University of Chicago 'k gpllllilqlfly ag C10 50 O O P Mrs. Perry Cross Your school administration appreciates deeply the sincere spirit of co-operation which you, the students and faculty, have given during the fourth school year of our country at war. Countless details have been added to the already heavy work of the office. These have been efficiently cleared largely through the loyal assistance of Mrs. Cross, the school secretary. Thank you, every- one, for this spirit at Wabash High School. .f,L,6CW6ll gf. Carpenter Quite often our school has been praised for attaining high goals and achievements: and usually the student body is the recipient of the praise. Thus, the real framework of the school, the faculty, has remained in the back- ground. Although these times are strenuous for the students, they are prob- ably more difficult for the faculty. We appreciate the spirit displayed by the teachers and our principal in endeavoring to cooperate with the students Wabash High School is tmly fortunate in possessing such a splendid and competent administration. 'k'A"k'k ELDON E. BABNHART Ph. B., University of Chicago Assistant Principal Commercial CORNELIA BLAYNEY A. B., Indiana University Latin, History AVIS CLARK, R. N. Grant County Hospital of Nursing Indiana University School Nurse E. W. EDELEN B. E., Dekalb College Biology, Ioumalism PHIL N. ESKEW A. B., Oakland City College M. S., Indiana University Boys' Advisor Social Science MARCII.E E. HAHN A. B., Manchester College Physical Education Silt MILDRED HIPSKIND Ph. B., University of Chicago History, English I. AUSTIN HOLLOWAY B. S., Ball State Teachers College Shop, Mechanical Drawing Track Coach VIRGINIA IACOBY A. B., DePauw University English, Spanish, French A. R. IINKS A. B., Hanover College Arthur Iordon Conservatory RUTH IONES A. B., DePauw University Vice Principal English RANDALL LAWSON A. B., Butler University Educational Guidance, Hea Basketball Coach itll! CLAIRE MILLER A. B., University of Illinois Home Economics CECILIA E. MILLS A. B., Manchester College Mathematics l ODE'I'TE NEEDHAM Valparaiso University Indiana University Chicago University Colorado University Commercial BERTHA T. PORTER St. Mary's Academy B. S., DePauw University Librarian Hlfvki ROBERT L. RITCHIE A. B., Manchester College Science REX SIMS Indiana University Indiana State Normal Central Nonnal Shop iii!! IOHN R. TATUM B. S., Indiana University Physical Education Football Coach THERON R. TEWKSBURY B. S., Colgate University English, Speech Skill: VERA U. WILSON B. S., Columbia University M. A., Columbia University Art LUTIE YOUNG A. B., Oxford College M. S., Indiana University Girls' Advisor Mathematics 6164491 Cx., V . c 2 flaw banter Cpllrbif ,o f 'l9Jf5 C Ever since our freshman days we seniors have looked forward to our senior year and graduation. Now with one almost over and the other near, with reluctance and nostalgia we approach our leaving Wabash High. There are many memories of friends, teachers, and experiences we hate to have be- come things of the past. But since we are leaving, we will never forget the pleasures the four years of high school have given us. 'lr 'A' 'A' if eww, Hiram, 'k Ioyce Bowlby ..... .... . -President Dan Cowen ....... Vice-President Marcella Moore .r.v,.. Sec.-Treas. Ray Fingerle .l.... Athletic Board i' Dan Ray Joyce Marcella HELEN M. ABSHIRE Rhinie Club: G. A. A.: M. F. F. ROBERT ADAMS Rhinie Club: Debate. DORIS ALEXANDER M. F. F.: G. A. A.: Rhinie Club: Art Club: Science Club: Band, Drum Ma- jorette: Senior Play. DONALD L. ANDERSON Science Club: Rhinie Club. lil MYRON BAKER Science Club: H.-Y: Football 4. DAVID E. BARNHART Library Club: Fleur-de-Lis: Student Council 4: Band Captain 4: Tennis. Captain l: W Club: Science Club: Track. MARTHA I. BARRUS M. F. F.: G. A. A.: Science Club. THELMA I. BENNETT Band: M. C. L., Secretary 4: C. D. S., Treasurer 4: Sycamore Staff. INGE BLUMENTHAL Debate: Orange and Black: M. F. F.: M. C. L.: Inter-Nos, Secretary-Treas- urer 3-4, Treasurer 4: Fleur-de-Lis: Li- brary Club: Rhinie Club: Senior Play. IOYCE BOWLBY M. F. F.: M. C. L., vice-president 4: G. A. A., Point Manager: C. D. S.: Student Council 3: Class President 4: Home Economics Club. WILLIAM E. BOWMAN Football 4: Hi-Y: W-Club: Sycamore, Editor: Dramatics: Iunior Red Cross Council 1: Senior Play. MARY ELIZABETH BROWN DEVONNE CASSIDAY Basketball: Major Letter 4. ROBERT L. CONNER Band, Drum Major 3-4: Student Coun- cil 3: Junior Red Cross Council 2: Rhinie Club: Hi-Y: M. C. L.: Track: Science Club: Sycamore Staff. BETTY l. COON G. A. A.: C. D. S.: M. F. F. DAN CAREY COWEN Rhinie Club: W-Club: Class Vice- President l: Sycamore Staff: Science Club: Iunior Red Cross Council 2: Student Council 3-4: Hi-Y, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Vice-President 4: Class Vice-President 4: Football, All Confer- ence 4, All State 4. BOB CRULL IAMES DAVIS DON DRAPER Band, Sergeant 4. DARL L. DHISCOLL Hi-Y: W-Club: Basketball. REX DURHAM Hi-Y. EILENE EAKRIGHT IANE ENYEART Entered from LaFontaine 1943: Band: M. F. F.: Dramaticsp Orange and Black, Circulation Manager: Library Club: Home Economics Club: G. A. A. LENA MAE EVANS Home Economics Club: Art Club: G. A. A. l. D. EWING MARGARET FEDEWA G. A. A.: M. F. F. Vice-President 4: Library Club, President 3, Vice-Pres- ident 4: Yell Leader 4: Sycamore Staff: Rhinie Club: Iunior Play: Sen- ior Play. RAY FINGERLE Student Council 3: W. Club: Track: Sycamore Staff: Athletic Board 4. TOM FREEMAN Hi-Y: C. D. S., President: Iunior Red Cross Council 3. IOAN FRY G. .A. A.: Art Club. ROSANA FULTS Rhinie Club, Secretary l: G. A. A.: Economics Club: Iunior Red Cross Council: Science Club: Senior Play: M. C. L. TED GASAWAY Science Club: Hi-Y. MARY ALICE GOODLANDER M. F. F.: G. A. A.: Rhinie Club. President: Dramatics: Science Club: Orange and Black: Fleur-de-Lis : Home Economics Club: Sycamore Staff, Assistant Editor: Library Club: Iunior Play: Senior Play. BEN GURTNER Rhinie Club: W. Club: Science Club: Library Club: Basketball: Track: Fleur-de-Lis: Athletic Board: Student Council 3: Iunior Red Cross Council. BETTY ANN GURTNER Rhinie Club, Secretary: Dramatics: Fleur-de-Lis: Sycamore Staff: Class Secretary 2: Student Council: Orange and Black: Iunior Play: Senior Play. ALICE M. HALE Entered from Senn, Chicago, Illinois, 1944: Cheer Leader: Dramatics: M. F. F. ELIZABETH HAMILTON Band: Home Economics Club: G.A.A. NATHAN HARTMAN Entered from Kokomo, 1943: Hi-Y: W. Club: Football: Basketball: Iunior Red Cross Council: Sycamore Staff. PATRICIA HAUK M. F. F.: G. A. A.: Library Club: Yell Leader 3: Class Secretary-Treasurer 3: Senior Play. MARY E. HAWLEY M. F. F.: G. A. A.: Hhinie Club: Art Club: Science Club: Orange and Black: Yell Leader 4: Home Econom- ics Club: Sycamore Staff: Library Club: Senior Play. ROBEHTA HAWLEY Entered from Peru in 1942: G. A. A. BRUCE HEHMAN PHYLLIS L. HIPSKIND M. F. F.: Inter-Nos: M. C. L.: G. A. A. Rhinie Club: Dramatics, Director 3: Art Club: Iunior Play 1: Iunior Play 3: Iunior Play, Assistant Director 4: Sen- ior Play. NORMA IEAN IEFFERSON Rhinie Club: G. A. A.: Sycamore Staff: Senior Play. IAMES IOHNSON Hi-Y: Band, Sergeant 4: Rhinie Club. BARBARA IONES M. F. F., President 4: M. C. L.: G. A. A.: C. D. S., Secretary 4: Rhinie Club: Student Council: Band, Sergeant 3, lst Lieutenant 4: Sycamore Staff' Senior Play. 1 IOHN KELLY Dramatics: Science Club: Hi-Y: Syca- more Staff: Track: Senior Play. WANDA MAE KIEFER Entered from P. A. Allen High School Bluffton, Indiana in 1945: G. A. A. Home Economics Club. 1 MARILYN IEAN KINTNER M. F. F.: M. C. L.: Iunior Red Cross Council: Home Economics Club: Band. IACK KIRBY Hi-Y: Science Club: Student Council 2: Library Club. MARTHA KUFFEL G. A. A.: Orange and Black, Circula- tion Manager 4. IOHN W. LONGSTRETH Basketball 4: Hi-Y, Chaplain 3, Sec- retary 4, President 4: Dramatics: Sci- ence Club, Vice-President 4: Sycamore Staff: Student Council 1, 2, 3: Fleur- de-Lis: W-Club: Rhinie Club: Debate: Tennis: Senior Play. WILLIAM L. MARKS Hi-Y, Chaplain 4: Art Club: Sycamore Staff: W-Club: Iunior Red Cross Council, Vice-President 4: Rhinie Club: Football, Honorable Mention All Conference, Honorable Mention All State. GENE MARTIN C. D. S. WILMA IEAN MARTIN G. A. A.: C. D. S.: Rhinie Club. RICHARD E. MARTINDALE Entered from Linlawn, 1943: Science Club: Iunior Red Cross Council 3. RUSSELL L. MEYER Science Club. IUNE. MILEY G. A. A.: Student Council 1: Rhinie Club: M. F. F. EDWIN MILLER Debate: Hi-Y. ROBERT L. MILLER M. C. L.: Science Club, President 4. MARCELLA MOORE G. A. A.: Sycamore Staff: Class Sec- retary 4: M. F. F.: Library Club: Art Club. CHARLES E. MYERS Class President 2: Hi-Y: Rhinie Club, Vice-President l. IAMES LEROY MCCUNE M. C. L.: Band: Senior Play. HELEN MCPHEARSON Entered from Urbana, 1942: G. A. A. NANCY MORROW Class President 1: Iunior Red Cross Council, Treasurer 4: M. F. F., Secre- tary 4: G. A. A., President 4, Treas- urer 1, Secretary 2: Band, Drum Ma- jor 2: Library Club, Secretary 3: Rhi- nie Club, Vice-President 1: Orange and Black, Business Manager 3: Syc- amore Staff: Senior Play: M. C. L. EILEEN PENN G. A. A. WILLIAM A. PITTS IRENE M. POWELL Entered from Somerset, 1942: G. A. A.: Band. HOMER PURDY Hi-Y: Band: Rhinie Club: Sycamore Staff: Football 4, Honorable Mention All State: Band, Sergeant: Senior Play. SAM REYNOLDS Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-arms 4: Iunior Red Cross Council, President 3: W-Club: Class President 2: Library Club: Rhi- nie Club: Football, Honorable Men- tion All Conference: Senior Play. ROBERT K. RHAMY M. C. L., President 4: Hi-Y: Inter Nos: Rhinie Club: Science Club: Eagle Scout. MARGARET ANN ROGGE G. A. A.: Art Club: Science Club: Home Economics Club, President 3, 4: M. F. F.: Rhinie Club: Library Club. CHARLES A. ROSS Science Club: Orange and Black, Cir- culation Manager 4: Hi-Y: Library Club: Dramatics: Iunior Red Cross Council 4: Student Council 3: Debate: Eagle Scout. VERA BOTH G. A. A.: Rhinie Club. LOIS SAMPSON Art Club: G. A. A.: M. F. F.: Library Club: Rhinie Club. CHARLES SCHEER Hi-Y. ROBERT SCHLEMMER Hi-Y, Vice-President 4: Science Club: Orange and Black: Sycamore Staff: Library Club: Debate: Rhinie Club: Senior Play. BETTY SCHULTZ G. A. A.,: M. F. F.: Band, Drum Ma- jorette 2, 3, 4. PAT SCHUSTER Library Club. ANNA SMITH C. D. S., Vice-President 4: Home Eco- nomics Club: Sycamore Staff: M. F. F. DOROTHY L. SMITH C. D. S.: M. F. F.: Home Economics Club: Iunior Red Cross Council 4: Sycamore Staff. ELOISE SMITH Entered from Urbana, 1944: Orange and Black: Editor-in-chief 4: Dramat- ics: Quill and Scroll: Home Econom- ics Club: Band: Senior Play. PHYLLIS STEPHAN G. A. A.: Art Club: Sycamore Staff, Assistant Art Editor: M. F. F.: Library Club: Rhinie Club. RICHARD STRICLER Hi-Y: Science Club, Secretary-Treas- urer 4: Library Club: Student Council 4 CARL SUNDHEIMER CAROL SWAN G. A. A.: M. C. L.: Art Club: Dra- matics, President4: Orange and Black, Feature Editor 3: Student Council 3: Sycamore Staff, Iunior Red Cross Council 4: M. F. F., Treasurer 4: Fleur- de-Lis: Rhinie Club: Library Club: Senior Play. LORIN E. SWEAZY Science Club: Band: Dramatics: Rhi- nie Club: Library Club: Art Club: Iunior Red Cross Council 2: Senior Play. MARY l. THOMPSON MARY BETH TURPEN G. A. A.: Sycamore Staff: Band, Drum Majorette: Library Club: C. D. S.: Senior Play. BETTY I. WEAVER G. A. A.: M. F. F. TOSEPH F. WEAVER Football 3: Basketball 1: Hi-Y, Presi- dent 4, Chaplain 4: Student Council, President4: Iunior Red Cross Council: W-Club, President 2, 3: Class Vice- President 3: Library Club, President 4: Bhinie Club, President 1. GEORGE F. WILSON Library Club. flu' iljosllllgf gJI.cQlll0'lUf . . SRlclluulf gRLI"l"l4Zll' f 5, Crpmill 2l, i927 SQPiQI1lgQ'L' 8, l9'7l'2 7' ' 22?K26X 'A 'A Science Club: Debate: Rhinie Club: Q-'E X Vfhwwi . W XQ V . w .QYN 1' 'kk k i . Vi .A X Y T .3 if 6' yym mir f""tff' P- . V11 UW 35 -fx, 1 4 HIL! Qliwfl Spring vacation was utilized in the usual way by the senior play cast. We practiced morning, aftemoon, and night with no let up. Came the gorgeous weather, we looked on from Room 210: came the rain, our refuge was still 210. Many of us lament vehemently the pleasures we gave up to this cause, but our complaining was part of the fun. We all know we'l1 never forget this ex- perience and will re-live it many times. "Ah! Men!" had its setting in 2050. The women had taken full reins of the government, while their husbands re- mained at home to take care of the family. The men had become quite feminine, even taking a liking to some frills and color in their garb: the women wore slacks all the time, and their tastes were reverting to the masculine line. Science was exerting an influence on machines of war, but was unable to solve the birth problem. The President was a war-monger, while a prominent isolationist, Senator Susan Betsford, was against the third term for the President, besides being against war. When the country was practically in the throes of war, the men headed by Vicky Lauderbeck tSusan's husbandl overthrew the government and saved us from war. Chadwick who came off the newly-discovered Cor- regidor, was a descendant of our Amer- ican heroes of this war: he became the President of the newly organized government and married the fonner President. Hodges, the butler ............ .. Hollingsworth, the houseboy .,.. .. Junior ...............,.....,... . .. Jetson, Susan's secretary .. ..... Susan Betsford. a senator ...,. Mary Major Betsford. Susan's aunt ......., Vicky Lauderbeck, Susan's husband... Mr. Pfeffer. of the Gent1emen's Civic League . .,...,..,............... . Adele Betsford, the senator's sister .... Lonny Esden, in Susan's employ ..,.. The Honorable Binks, another senator AH! MEN! Presented By The Senior Class April 3, 1945 CAST OF .. Nancy Morrow ..... Jack Kelly Colleen Hudkins Phyllis Hipskind Alice Goodlander .. Peggy Fedewa Jack Longstreth . James McCune Doris Alexander Lorin Sweazy Rfosana Fults CHARACTERS Snell. one of the Presidents staff Betty Ann Gurtner Henrietta Mason presidential secretary Eloise Smith Eleanor Z. Hazlitt President of the United States Carol Swan John Chadwick from another century Wm Bowman Countess Von Nau a foreign dip lomat Inge Blumenthall Herr Dittenhofer Homer Purdy Corporal of the Guards Norma Jefferson Guards and Members of the Presidential Party Robert Schlemmer Sam Reynolds Mary Beth Turpen Barbara Jones Pat Hauk Mary Hawley Betty Addington lean Allard Pete Allen Anna Lee Baer Harold Baker Peggy Barrett Donna Billington Tom Bowman Melvin Brill Sam Butterbaugh Barbara Carney Ianet Carter Iessie Clark Iosephine Clupper Wanda Courter Terry Cowen Alice Cramer Thelma Cramer Gale Crumrine Donna Dawes Stanley Ford Rosana Fults Helen Gillespie Carolyn Grindle Virginia Guthrie Doris Harmon Lowell Harner Betty Hiatt Dick Hipskind Paul Hipskind Ray Christle Willis Lewis Lawrence Iamerson lim Iones Phyllis Knotts Shirley Lundquist C llIllOI Cl' u .S .S f Iackie Manning Robert Martin Don Mather Richard Miller Martha Modricher Richard Niccum Ben Ohmart Albert Parker Elizabeth Pearson Wilma Petry Richard Purdy Bill Reynolds Peggy Ridenour Iohn Rockwell Marjorie Ross Tom Ross Virginia Schaff lane Scheerer Larry Scheerer Pat Schlemmer Roland Schul Helen Sele Rex Sims lohn Smith Ruth Story Truman Story if CLASS OFFICERS John Rockwell, President Tom Bowman, Vice President lean Vice, Secretary Terry Cowen, Athletic Board 'A' Eva Thompson Doug Tillotson Margaret Turpen lean Vice Betty Whiteside Billie Young Iack Young Mary Io Alexander Robert Banks Dalton Bamett Marilyn Baumbauer Iohn Beamer Nancy Bell Richard Bennett William Bird Marilyn Bowman Dorothy Boyer Betty Brauneller Effie Brill Iane Browne Lyde Burk Iim Caims Elizabeth Caskey Iack Cattin Nonna Chamness Cyril Clupper Mary Clupper Veva Crumrine Pegqy Dawes Dortha Deqering Iackie Deleplane Shirley Driscoll Fern Ellis Arthur Eltzroth Iames Emrick Ianet Emrick Emerson Erb Roxanna F eamow Charles Ferguson Mary F errie Priscilla F iant Marjorie Flynn David Ford Elizabeth Ford Richard Fox Glen Frieden Ierry Garrison Richard Gehle Rolland Gidley Robert Hale Charles Harlan David Harvey lanice Hauk Robert Heizer Iames Hettmansperger Sarah Hipskind Norma Hohl Willard Holloway Virginia Hoppes Dorotha Iacoby Hazel King Ioan Kinney Robert Klinger C putty Reinald Knotts Robert LaSalle Richard Lavenqood Ned Lavenqood Arthur Lehman Frances Lehman Marqaret Lewis Marjory Lynn Mary lVIiller Ioyce Minniear Ioan Mowrer Ioan McCune Wilma McDaniels lim Oqan lack Ovennan Esther Palmer Tom Parker lim Parks Tom Peterson lay Prewitt Constance Purdy Don Reynolds Alice Ross Forest Ross Dick Ross Walter Runkle Ella Russell Cecil Sailors Ann Schlemmer George Scholes Mary Alice Scott Bill Sellers Frances Snyder Waylene Smyers Iane Stephens Iohn Stineman Iack Sullivan Lois Swan Mary Iane Tomson Iuanita Treckman Iohn Troxel Beverly Vrooman Ann Walter Dick Wardwell Maurice Watson Thomas Weesner 'A' CLASS OFFICERS lim Parks, President Dick Fox, Vice President lane Browne, Sec.-Trees. lim Cairns, Athletic Board 'A' Ioan Windle Phillis Wilson Iack Younqlove Ioan Zumbauqh Robert Allison lack Baber Barbara Baker Don Baker lames Barnes Bernard Barrett Betty Barrett Corinne Beitman Norma Benner Bill Bland Quinette Bolsover Barbara Bloxson Iackie Brauneller Wanda Brinson Barbara Brooks Roy Brothers Glen Brown Orville Brown Dean Cassiday Shirley Cassiday Clara Chamberlain Mary Cloud Eleanor Cokl Delores Collins George Coon Iohn Corso Iohn Creps Donna Crull Iames Crull Gene Crumley Nellie Culver David Davis Helen Derck Robert DeVault Ianet Dwyer Wilbur Eakright Rebecca Elshire Dorothy Eltzroth Martha Eltzroth Nadine Eltzroth Pat Faust Iack Fearnow Rachel Ferguson Carol Ferdinand Muriel Fisher Bemeice Flora lames Forbes Dick Forbes LT V treo, -1-:nan Ci' asses! Louise Ford Don Cramer Mary Fulton Iack Gardner Iim Garrett Barbara Geeting Larry Gray Calvin Greiner Ann Gurtner lean Halderman Onolee Hannon Iim Harris Dwight Hentgen Wilma Hettmansperger Mary E. Heyde Marilyn Hileman Martha Hindel Bessie Holmes Gerald Hopkins Colleen Homer Thomas Houlihan Colleen Hudkins Leo Huston lim Iacoby Helen Iones Elaine Keller Edith Kendall Bill Knapp Robert LaFollette Charles Leeka Wendell Leland Robert Levsay Iackie Lower Barbara Martin David Martin Lawrence Martin Mary Middleton Rose Meister Harold Miley Betty Miller Fred Moore Peggy Moore Pat Mylin Ierry McVicker lane Niccum Virginia Parrett Helen Pearson Harold Penn Dorothy Phillips Robert Ply Constance Purdy Iohn Raiisnider Lee Richards Ierry Rife Ioan Rogers Marjorie Ross Shirley Ross Walter Ross Darrell Sanders Iohn Schetzle Iack Scott Mary Sechrist Shirley Shinogle Ann Short Pat Smith Vema Sparks Donald Spence Frank Stephens lim Sterling Mary Stoops Alice Strickler Ioan Sundheimer Ioan Tate George Thomas Betty Thompson Iack Thompson Rosella Trisler lim Turpen Sue Wake Sara Waye Doris Weaver Virginia Widmeyer Bob Williams Cleo Williams lane Wimberly Morris Williams Bonnie Winegardner Bill Woodward Patricia Zumbaugh 'A' CLASS OFFICERS Bob McDaniel, President Anne Wiles, Vice President h Donna Mat er, Secretary John Billinqton, Athleticlid, Qi ff we IIIIQIU, Gonlinued Z. .ta A ..., NW, -L - ' I 4. 1 Wg G4 x' ,x Jltef l9f'1'5 bycculiofcef blunl William Bowman, Editor Mary Goodlander, Assoc. Editor Barbara Iones, Circulation Mgr. Margaret Fedewa, Business Mgr. Betty Ann Gurtner, Literary Editor Iack Longstreth, Photography Ed. Dan Cowen, Athletics Editor Thelma Bennett, Typist Editor Marcella Moore, Art Editor Bob Schlemmer, Snapshot Editor Carol Swan, Snapshot Nancy Morrow, Literary Robert Conner, Circulation William Marks, Business Mary Hawley, Photography Phyllis Stephan, Art Mary Beth Turpen, Typist Homer Purdy, Athletics Anna Smith, Typist Ray Fingerle, Circulation Iohn Kelly, Business Dorothy Smith, Typist Nate Hartman, Photography Norma Iefterson, Typist inkivk Cnr C?I7lH'QClGIlOIlf With deep appreciation the staff wishes to thank Martha Goodlander Lippold for her kind assistance in the photography for our division pages. senior play spread, and the band page. 01LIIlHQf" Ll IlLlf gmllldgf On floor: Paul Hipskind, Charles Ross. Row one: Iane Enyeart, Pat Schlemmer, Margie Ross, Mary Ferrie, Donna Billington, Alice Ross, Donna Shockey, Iane Stephens. Row two: Ioan Mowrer, Eloise Smith, Dick Wardwell, Mr. Edelen, Dave Har' vey, Corinne Beitman, Elizabeth Ford. s flltlilll tlrlclt l354:1tJll, Donna Billington, Mr. Edelen, Elo- ise Smith, Margie Ross, Pat Schlemmer. tiff THE ORANGE AND BLACK In its fifty-second volume which represents twenty-six years of publication, The ORANGE and BLACK has long stood steadfast in the es- teem and leadership of the citizenry of Wabash High. With conscious effort the staff has en- deavored to produce an inspiring journal em- blematic of the zeal, patrotism, and forthright- ness of Wabash students. The year saw Mr. E. W. Edelen assume the sponsorship, Pat Schlemmer, Feature Editor, bring honor as the Executive Secretary of the I. H. S. P. A., five members attend the annual I. H. S. P. A. con- vention at Franklin, a rotogravure section add- ed as a supplement, and a rotating staff system invoked for the first semester. 1124141 QUILL AND SCROLL As an active chapter in the Quill and Scroll of the N. S. P. A. since 1941, Wabash has long been acclaimed in producing creative journal- ists. Though only four staff members were able to qualify the first semester, the same time- honored tradition was upheld. Ln this same spirit The ORANGE and BLACK was submitted to the National Scholastic Press Association for critical service wherein ratings are returned late in each school year. Quik' Cltltlblact Row one: Iean Vice, Betty Addington, Sarah Hipskind, Margaret Lewis, Nellie Culver, Phyllis Bundy, Frances Lehman, Sara Waye, Helen Derck, Rachel Ferguson. Bow two: Martha Hindel, Virginia Guthrie, Margaret Io Turpen, lean Allard, Alice Cramer, Peggy Barrett, Wil- ma Martin, lane Scheerer, Ianet Carter, Wilma McDaniel, Lyda Iane Burk, Doris Alexander. Row three: Betty Schultz, Cleo Williams, Phyl- lis Hipskind, Barbara Iones, Bo- sana Fults, Pat Schlemmer, Marge Ross, Peg Fedewa, Alice Ross, Donna Billington. Row one: Ann Schlemmer, Margaret Rogge, Peggy Moore, Anne Wiles, Nancy Morrow, Donna Shockey, Mary Hawley, Carol Swan, Pat Hauk. Row two: Dorotha Degering, Iackie Dela- plane, Mary Lou Fenie, Ruth Story, Mrs. Hahn, sponsor, Ioyce Bowlby, Marcella Moore, Doris Harmon, Ioan Kinney, Anna Lee Baer, Barbara Carney. How three: Ioan McCune, Martha Barrus, Shir- ley Driscoll, Marilyn Baumbauer, Iosephine Clupper, Betty Coon, Norma Iefferson. iriralr The G. A. A. fGirls' Athletic Associationl is nation-wide and is open to all high school girls. It sponsors intramural sports in an effort to promote good sportmanship. The point system by which girls may win their numerals and letters is arranged in this fashion: First Numeral .... ..l.. l 25 points Letter re.l...... .l,.. 2 50 points 350 points Chevron tFourth yearl- --400 points Sweater ............... These points may be earned through participating in intramural sports and skill tests, by bicycling, walking, hiking, bowling, skating, and in partici- pating in numerous other activities. Mrs. Hahn, director of girls' physical education, has sponsored the club this year. 1 . . cr.5AOClLlllOI1f Row one: Onolee Harmon, Pat Zumbaugh, Ioanne Zumbaugh, Peggy Dawes, Marjorie Flynn, Phillis Wilson, Quinette Bolsover, Iackie Braunel- ler. Bow two: Fern Iune Ellis, Elaine Keller, Mary Cloud, Dorthea Eltzroth, Priscilla Fiant, Mary Io Alexander, Veva Crumrine, Ella Mae Russell, Mary Fulton. Bow three: Betty Miller, Mary Miller, Anne Short, Ann Walter, Ianice Hauk, Marilyn Bowman, Lois Swan, lane Browne. Row one: Mary Alice Scott, Iuanita Treck- mann, Martha Modricker, Shirley Ross, Ianet Dwyer, Donna Math- ers, Bonnie Winegardner, Barbara Baker. Row two: Louise Ford, lean Ann Holderman, Helen Pearson, Colleen Hudkins, Hudkins, lane Wimberly, Corinne Beitman, loan Sundheimer, Mari- lyn Fisher, Dorothy Phillips. Row three: Ioan Tate, Barbara Bloxson, lane Niccum, Ann Gurtner, Betty Bar- rett, Sue Wake, Constance Purdy. 'ktir At an annual banquet ofthe G. A. A. the Honor Award a sllver cup IS given to the girl chosen as the most outstanding in scholastic athletic and extra-curricular activities. The girls having qualified for 1h1S award rn the past are: Dorothy Showalter- - Sims ....c., Barbara Frances Hipskind- ,- Eleanor Logan- -1-1 - Mary Gackenh eirner .,.. -, - - - Mary Pinkerton .,... Lavita Malott ,.... Elizabeth Brant ..... 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 x t35lllLlQlll cE1JllllCll7 Row one: Fred Parks, Dan Cowen, Ray Fin- gerle. How two: Bob Hale, Ioe Weaver, Mr. Car- penter, sponsor, Dave Barnhart, lack Gardner, Lawrence Martin. Bow three: Barbara Iones, Shirley Driscoll, Iane Stephens, Marjorie Flynn, Peggy Moore, Anne Wiles. fl-'F . 0 0 . t QS' llIllOI' zjxdil 10.5.5 QOUIICII Row one: Nancy Morrow, lane Browne, Mary Lou Ferrie, Sam Butter- baugh, Doris, Harmon, Ioan, Rogers, Dorothy Smith. Row two: Carol Swan, Barbara Carney, Dor- otha Degering, Bob McDaniels, Miss Hipskind, Pat Schlemmer. Betty Whiteside. Row three: Willard Holloway, Sam Reynolds, Bill Marks. tiki STUDENT COUNCIL Under the leadership of Mr. Carpenter, the Student Council has developed into a very ei- ficient policy-making body of representatives chosen from the activity period classes. It meets each Monday activity period in the prin- cipal's office to study and solve the problems that occur in our school. IUNIOR RED CROSS Activities of the Iunior Red Cross have centered around the schools-at-war program Through the efforts of this organization the school won the Minute Man Flag for purchase of stamps and bonds by 902 oi the students. Two successful campaigns for the purchase oi war equipment were conducted by the Iunior Red Cross Council. Miss Hipskind is the sponsor. 7 gpulutlu Don Reynolds, Quinette Bolsover, lean Allard, Iackie Manning, Inge Blumenthal, Margaret Io Turpen, lack Thompson, Mr. Tewksbury. gwltllllklllk' C-wlyllll Row one: Pat Schlemmer, lane Enyeart, Al- ice Ross, Donna Billington, Marge Ross, Margery Lynn, lane Ste' phens, Anne Wiles, Marge Flynn, Peggy Moore. Row two: Dick Hipskind, Ruth Story, Eloise Smith, Doug Tillotson, Carol Swan, lack Kelly, Miss Mills sponsor, Lois Swan, lane Browne, Anna Lee Baer, Iosephine Clupper, Phyl- lis Hipskind, Wilma McDaniels. Row three: lack Longstreth, Tom Bowman, Terry Cowen, Dick Fox, lack Gard- ner, Donna Shockey, Sam Butter- baugh, Mary Lou Ferrie, Marilyn Bowman, Ianice Hauk, Betty Ann Gurtner. Row four: Robert Klinger, Ierry Garrison, Willard Holloway, Bob Hale, Fred Parks, Richard Crumley, Alice Hale, lack Young, Ann Walter, Mary Io Alexander, Bud Sweazy. tx: :Li ::1 rl-Ill lU'l Qyzthx "Small in size, but powerful in minds", the members of the "Inter Nos" term their organ- ization, established in 1923 for the purpose of enhancing fellowship and knowledge. The re' quirement tor entering into the protective arms of its patron, Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom, is the successful completion of two years ot reci- tation, such as "hic, haec, hoc". Miss Blayney sponsors the Inter Nos. if . x. , .s ' . " r . A ' ' . S Q if 4 nf sfsss-Wfzfils '- 1 K il? Miss Blayney, Inge Blumenthal, Phyllis Hipskind, Iohn Rockwell. DEBATE There are some students in Wabash High School who, because they love to argue, use Debate as an excuse. This year was no ex- ception, and longer and louder argument en- sued on a question that concerned us directly, "Resolved: That the legal voting age should be reduced to l8." Mr. Tewksbury is the sponsor of debate. DRAMATICS The Dramatics Club consists ot two parts. One part takes roles in plays and does the necessary acting: the other part is referred to as the Board. Members of it take care of pro- duction, help get props, and do the backstage jobs. This year the Club helped the War Bond Drive by putting on a one-act play in convo- cation. Dickens' "Christmas Carol" was pre- sented as this year's Christmas play. Three one-act plays were given to give members ex- perience: one with an all-girl cast, another with an all-boy cast, and the other with a mixed cast. Miss Mills is sponsor. Tlt i -SU Row one: baugh, Melvin Brill. Row two: Bill Bird, Bill Reynolds, Iohn Rock- man, Darl Driscoll, Tom Bowman, Bob Martin. Row three: Tom Freeman, Bob Schlemmer, Doug Tillotson, Iack Longstreth, Dan Cowen, Bill Bowman, Ted Gasaway, Charles Ross, Richard Stricler, Iack Kirby, Don Reynolds. Row four: Richard Lavengood, Rex Durham, Richard Fox, Charles Ferguson, Dick Hipskind, Pete Allen, lack Kelly, Iohn Smith, Rex Sims, Stan Ford, Dave Harvey. Row five: Ben Ohmart, Charles Myers, Emer- son Erb, Ed Miller, Myron Baker, Iim Iohnson, Iohn Stineman, Bob Conner, Ierry Garrison, Bill Sel- lers, Paul Hipskind, Tom Parker, Iack Sullivan, Lowell Harner, Tom Peterson. J w Row one: H YD" time Richard Miller, Homer Purdy, Terry Cowen, lim Iones, Sam Butterbaugh, Melvin Bnll. Row two: Iohn Rockwell, Ben Gurtner, Bill Marks, Ioe Weaver, Fred Parks, SamReynolds, Nate Hartman lack Younglove, Devonne Cassiday. Row three: lack Longstreth, Mr. Tatum, Dan Cowen, Bill Bowman, Dave Barnhart, Iim Cairns, Ray Fingerle, Mr. Lawson, Darl Driscoll. tiki Hi-Y "To create, maintain, and extend through- out the school and community high standards of Christian Character". Yes, this has been the purpose ot this organization of Indiana for titty- tour years. And a part of this organization is the Hi-Y Club of Wabash Senior High. This club is one of the most active in our school, with a membership of nearly sixty, all of whom are boys of high scholastic standing from their sophomore year through the senior year. For several years the Hi-Y has been sponsored by Mr. Ritchie, who has faithfully worked with the Club members to exemplify the principles upon which the club is founded. 25: :If L11 W-CLUB Successor to the Leather Lungs, the W-Club is an honorary club for boys who win their major awards in the three major sports-too? ball, basketball, and track. Iohn Tatum, our football coach, is the sponsor, and Randall Lawson, our basketball coach, is his assistant. Richard Miller, Homer Purdy, Ter- ry Cowen, Iim Iones, Sam Butter- well, Bill Marks, Ioe Weaver, Mr. Ritchie, Sam Reynolds, Nate Hart- SUR. ff ff Row one: Ruth Story, Doris Alexander, Ioyce Bowlby, Marcella Moore, Anna Smith, Betty Schultz, Mary Haw- ley, Phyllis Stephan, Inge Blumen- thal, Margaret Bogge. Row two: Barbara Carney, lane Enyeart, Helen Abshire, Dorothy Smith, Peg Fedewa, Barbara Iones, Nancy Morrow, Carol Swan, Pat Hauk, Alice Hale. Row three: Lois Sampson, Mary Alice Good- lander, Pat Schlemmer, Elizabeth Pearson, Betty Coon, Martha Bar- rus, Phyllis Knotts, Anna Lee Baer, Phyllis Hipskind, Marylin Kintner, Miss Jones, sponsor. .Sill zu 'LH Glyn Row one: t Terry Cowen, Ioe Weaver, Peggy Fedewa, Mrs. Porter, Ioan Mc- Cune, Sam Reynolds, Charles " Ross, Ann Schlemmer, Ruth Story. Row two: Fred Parks, Sam Butterbaugh, Pat Hauk, Bob Schlemmer, Dan Cowen, lack Longstreth, Richard Stric- ler, lack Kirby, Paul Hipskind, Patricia Mylin, l0C1T1 Wlndle- Row three: Anne Wiles, Ianice Hauk, Mary Ferrie, Marilyn Bowman, Peggy Moore, Ann Walter, Lois Swan, lane Ann Browne, Virginia Hoppes, Waylene Smyers. iriri'-A' M. F. F. CLUB M. F. F. is a club composed of thirty-five girls from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Its purpose is to assist other booster clubs to create pep and enthusiasm at athletic games and to help generally in all school ac- tivities. This year the M. F. F. had the respon- sibility of keeping the Service Men's file up-to- date. Miss Iones sponsors this club. THB LIBRARY CLUB The library club is organized like any other school club of a non-administrative sort. There are no special qualifications for membership other than the student's interest. The library club's chief concern is the entertainment and enlightenment of its members, the encourage- ment of reading books which have cultural value and lead to wider appreciations. Mrs. Porter is the sponsor. ii:-ki' M. C. L. The M. C. L. is the scholastic honor society of W. H. S. The name Magna Cum Laude, means "with great praise". To gain member- ship into the Club, the prospective member must be on the honor roll three consecutive times. Under the leadership of Miss Young, the M. C. L. has engaged in several interesting projects beneficial to the school. In a very im- pressive ceromony the M. C. L. presented to our school a beautiful bronzite plaque, dedi- cated to our boys who have made the Su- preme Sacrifice in this war. l Qll. G Row one: Ioyce Bowlby, Nancy Morrow, Marjorie Lynn, lane Stephens, Elizabeth Ford, Inge Blumenthal. Row two: Marilyn Kintner, Thelma Bennett Veva Crumrine, Beverly Vrooman, Miss Young, lean Vice, Barbara Iones, loan Kinney. Row three: Iohn Beamer, David Ford, lim Mc- Cune, Iohn Rockwell, Stanley Ford, Bob Conner, Dave Harvey, Bob Miller. G. UW. Row one: Ianet Carter, Betty Whiteside. Gene Martin, Tom Freeman, Bar- bara Iones, Ann Smith, Thelma Bennett. Row two: lane Scheerer, Alice Cramer, Beth Turpen, Miss Needham, sponsor, Wilma Martin, Iackie Manning, Billie Young. if Row three: Helen Marie Gillespie, Barbara Carney, Anna Lee Baer, Dorothy Smith, Betty Coon. C. D. S. The C. D. S. is an honor society of Wabash High School composed of those students who are taking the Commercial Course, and who have maintained a high scholastic standing. Under the sponsorship of Miss Needham, the club has undertaken several projects. As a result of these projects, a few new machines have been added to the Commercial Depart- ment. The main purpose of the club is to cre- ate within the members a desire to develop good office qualities. , - l " L . L, ,l I Jlontef Ucartuntwaf Clulzf T Row one: Iackie Delaplane, Ann Schlem- mer, Miss Miller, Ruth Story, Mar- garet Rogge. Row two: Alice Cramer, lean Allard, Vir- ginia Guthrie, Iosephine Clupper, Dorotha Degering, Ioyce Bowlby, Marilyn Kintner, Donna Billington. bclcncc- Glyulzf Row one: lack Kelly, Ben Gurtner, Bob Con' ner, Dave Barnhart, Bob Schlem- mer, Terry Cowen, Myron Baker, Dick Martindale. Row two: Bill Reynolds, Ierry Garrison, Charles Ross, lack Longstreth, Bob Miller, Dick Stricler, Ted Gasaway, Lorin Sweazy, Don Reynolds. Row three: Dan Cowen, Iack Kirby, Ann Schlemmer, Doris Alexander, Mr. Ritchie, Rosana Fults, Ruth Story, Don Anderson, Ed Miller. THE SCIENCE CLUB Science builds the future as well as the present, and a school would be incomplete without the proper expression of scientific think- ing by those who are to create for the future. So with this thought the Science Club was formed again this year. Members all showed willingness to make the club a success, learning much from interesting demonstrations by the sponsor and members of the club. Thus ended another successful year tor the Science Club of W. H. S. under the sponsorship ot Mr. Ritchie. iririr HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The projects of the Home Economics Club for the last two years have been to assist the Iunior Red Cross Council in supplying the arti- cles needed in this time of distress. Utility bags for the Navy and "Mules" for the Army were the chief articles made by this group. The members are girls most interested in home making. Miss Miller is the sponsor. J Eg 19441945 lm CLARINETS: Barbara Carney, Beverly Vrooman, lim Iohnson, Mary Beth Turpen, Arthur Eltzroth, Bill Bird, Lyda lane Burk, Marjorie Ross, Cleo Williams, Wilma Hettmansperger. TROMBONES: Dave Barnhart, Don Draper, Iay Prewitt, Carol Ferdinand, Robert Ply. CORONETS: Gale Crumrine, Richard Wardwell, Homer Purdy, Ned Lavengood, Robert LaSalle, David Martin, lack Thompson. FRENCH HORNS: Barbara Iones, Wilma McDaniels, Nonna Chamness, Lenora Iacobs. FLUTES: Eloise Smith, Willard Holloway, Phyllis Knotts, Waylene Smyers, Elizabeth Pearson. OBOE: Ioan Sundheimer. BASSES: Robert Purdy, Calvin Griever. BASSOONS: Iosephine Clupper, Marilyn Kintner. BARITONES: Iohn Smith, Robert LaFolette. SAXOPHONES: Anna Lee Baer, Cyril Clupper, Dwight Hentgen, Marthea Hindel, Howard Harlan. DRUMS: Larry Scheerer, Robert McDaniels, lim Turpen. CYMBAL: Mary Io Alexander. TYMPANI: lim McCune. STRING BASS: Mary Clupper, i"k'k'A' Although the band was unable to travel extensively because of war conditions it was, nevertheless, engaged in many activities: for it was one ot the best marching bands Wabash has ever had. It marched for both the Democratic and Republican rallies, and the large crowd, which it succeeded in drawing, greatly appreciated the entertainment. The band played for all the home football games this year except the last at which the marching had to be called oft because of rain. However, it marched for the pep session the night before, and much credit can be given for its stirring up the pep and enthusiasm among the students. It also made those usually dull halves of basketball games something to look forward to. Two concerts given by the band this year were very well attended and appreciated. Several numbers that were especially well received by the au- dience were "The Thunderer", "The Barber of Seville", "Canadian Capers". and "His Honor". The band has held up exceptionally well under war-time conditions: for instruments are difficult to obtain, and also many students are working. Con- gratulations should go to Mr. links for his work in making the band a success: for although the personnel of the band fell from fifty eight last year to forty-six this year, the quality ofthe playing was not impaired. irirink BAND OFFICERS: Bob Conner, drum major: Homer Purdy, ser- geant: Iim Iohnson, sergeant: Gale Crumrine, sergeant: Don Draper, sergeant: Anna Lee Baer, second lieutenant: Barbara Iones, first lieutenant: David Bamhart, captain. ALBERT R. IINKS Director of W. H. S. Band DRUM MAIORETTES: Mary Beth Turpen, Ioan McCune, Betty Schultz, Doris Alexander, Iosephine Clupper. Nw-.4.,.., -u--..,, W-...W pn 4 M24 1 ,L 'jg 1 ' -.nu I ,JN HJ, 3 u 5 sv. 2522? M32 W f., v f ' ,Sw S M I :E -lb Q 2 " 5 . - 4 Y if 8. .. x .,,.. E. , 6, ,..., I Z nnlu , A ri d A - f X, , I-I x Aka gpm 4 Q 1 Q A f'f',kY6 s Scafpefco, tciiolgalillll -'- l 9 4 4 - How one: Wardwell, Butterbaugh, Hale, T. Parker, Sparks, Hipskind, manager, Brill, R. Laven- good, D. Reynolds, Smith, N. Lavengood, Carso, manager. Row two: Fox, Lewis, Tillotson, Stineman, Marks, Wilson, Parks, Younglove, Iones, A. Parker, Purdy. Row three: Assistant Coach Lawson, Bhamy, Martindale, Johnson, Ptunkle, Rockwell, S. Rey- nolds, D. Cowen, T. Cowen, Bowman, Hartman, Baker, Coach Tatum. 'ktti' The Orange and Black gridmen started their 1944 football campaign by scalping the Kokomo Kats 13 to 12. The spearhead of the Apache attack was carried on by "Little Dick" Wilson with "Kato" Marks, driving Apache fullback, "Fuzz" Butterbaugh, and quarterback "Freddy" Parks. The unspoken heroes of the game were the linemen, who blocked and tackled expertly although each was out-weighed thirty-five pounds. The following week the Elwood Panthers journeyed to the Apache field, only to be trounced 40 to 6, with most of our second and third team playing the last half. Seven days later the Huntington Vikings landed on the Wabash gridiron and pushed the Apaches back into their tepees by trouncing them 21 to 7. The Vikings later won the C. I. C. championship. The following week the Scalpers took to the road, invading the Warsaw Tigers' field, but the Tigers clawed their way to a 26 to 0 Win over the Scalpers. After this stinging defeat, the Scalpers felt very much depressed, and then on the following week, the Plymouth Pilgrims defeated the Apaches for the third straight loss of the season. This was too much for the Apaches, and they went on the war path defeating the Peni Bengals, October 13, 6 to 0 by a spectacular run by Wilson. October 20, theAlexandria gridders felt the wrath of the Apaches by being scalped 14 to 7. The following week the Apaches again proved their superior power over the Peru Tigers by defeating them again by a long run by Wilson in the closing minutes of the game. The final score being 6 to 0. The Scalpers climaxed their season with the home-coming game with Marion Giants with the traditional Victory Bell going to the winner. The game was played on a wet slippery field, but the Scalpers, having always been good "mudders," came through with a 14 to 12 win and the Victory Bell. The Apaches had a very successful season, coming through with six wins and three losses. FINAL C. I. C. STANDINGS Huntington ............................... 3 1 Wabash .... .-... 4 3 Warsaw .... ..... 2 2 Peru ....... ..... 2 2 Alexandria . - - - -- - l 1 Plymouth --- -----2 2 Elwood --- -----0 3 i' ul' 'A' 'Ir P . O. EQYIILYFCJ' 5511101 llll' fj'z!OillLI EQuQ1IltlQfIlf HGMER PURDY-senior-guard. All-conference and honorable mention all- state. Homer was a valuable man in the cegter of the line. His place will be hard to ill. DAN COWEN-senior-tackle. All-conference, fourth team all-state. Dan was a giant on the offense and defense. His vacancy will be hard to fill. BILL BOWMAN-senior-end. Bill was the boy who cleaned up the inter- ference on these end runs. He will be sorely missed next fall. BILL MARKS-senior-fullback. Honorable mention all-conference and all- state. Kato was a hard driving man that gained plenty of yardage. IOHN BOCKWELL-junior-end. "Rocky" was a big boy who did a big job well. He will be back for another shot next year. TIM BUTTERBAUGH-junior-half-back. Sam was the smallest man on the squad but was a steady and capable ball player. He will be back for another crack next year. DICK WILSON-senior-halfback. All-conference: honorable mention all-state. Honorary captain for the year. Dick was a fleet-footed Apache who scored most of our touch-downs. IIM PARKS-sophomore-quarter-back. He was an excellent offensive blocker and defensive tackler. Fred also did the kick- off chores for the Apaches. IACK YOUNGLOVE-sophomore-guard. lack will be a steady influence and a big help for the next two years. NATE HARTMAN-senior-end. "Ernie" was a steady man both on offense and defense. His pass catching was one of the highlights of the year. 41 ll IIM JONES-junior-guard. lim was a capable reserve who will be back next year. MELVIN BRILL-senior-guard. Honorable mention all-conference. A large man to fill a big job which he did capably. TERRY COWEN-junior-center. Honorable mention all-conference. Leroy's main job was getting the ball started, a job which he did well. He will be back next year. SAM REYNOLDS-senior-tackle. Honorable mention all-conference. Sam was a man who took care of his job well. He will be missed next year. g uk' Coach Tatum promised the boys that he would walk to Marion ii they defeated Marion in the home-coming battle. They did! So here he is, with Mayor Showalter, fulfilling his promise. The scene at right shows him after he has reached Marion and has been arrested for "stealing a game". Ctpaclleo in Sgaalgclliullly The Apaches under the able tutelage of Coach Randall Lawson enjoyed one of the best basketball seasons ever experienced by a Wabash basketball team. Starting with three lettermen, Weaver, Rockwell, and Gurtner, Coach Lawson built a high-geared, fast-breaking ball team that was good enough to gain recognition throughout the state several times during the season. By winning the Sectional the Apaches qualified for the Marion Regional. Here they defeated Fairmount, their afternoon opponent, but they fell before the formidable Kokomo "Kats" at night, thus ending the season for Wabash. The Apaches' first tussle was their annual opener with the North Man- chester Trojans. The game was a heart-breaker for Wabash fans, for the Apaches came out on the losing end of the score 26-25. The next encounter was with the Alex Tigers and was the first confer- ence game for the team. They played heads up ball all during the game and used their fast break to good advantage to smother Alexandria by a score of 48-28. The Apaches then traveled to Berry Bowl in Logansport to play the Logansport Berries, who at the time were rated as one of the ten toughest teams in the state. The game was close all the way through with Wabash again losing a game by one point. It was after this game that Coach Lawson earned his nickname "One-point Lawson." The Apaches' next game was with the highly'touted Huntington Vikings. This was the game that Coach Lawson said he wanted the team to win ior him. The boys did just that by bringing home a 49-35 victory. Rockwell, big Wabash center, scored 25 points in this game before leaving the game late in the fourth quarter. This game also started the Apaches on their ten-game winning streak. The Peru Tigers came to Wabash next and were sent home on the short end of the score 41-40. It was due to Weaver's last minute shot that Wabash took victory from what seemed to be defeat. Standing: Richard Miller, lim Iones, Bob Schlemmer, Nate Hartman, Stanley Ford, Darl Driscoll, Tom Bowman, Coach Randall Lawson. Kneeling: lack Longstreth, Iohn Rockwell, loe Weaver, Ben Gurtner, Devonne Cassiday. The Apaches then took on the Linlawn Pirates and handed them a 40-30 lacing. Warsaw came to Wabash with the hope of beating the Scalpers, but they couldn't quite turn the trick. The Apaches then journeyed to Elwood and downed a fighting Elwood team. They then duplicated their previous victory over Peru, but this time it was more convincing: the score was 52-28. On Ianuary 17, the Wabash cagers journeyed to Marion and adminis- tered a sound beating to the Marion Giants. The Burris Owls were next on the Wabash schedule, and Wabash barely squeaked by. The victory was due largely to the last minute basket of big Ioe Weaver. The next night Wabash went to Tipton and played another one of their one-point victories. It was after this game that little Devonne Cassiday was called into the Navy. The team had really appreciated little "Cotton's" contributions toward making it a success. The Rochester Zebras were beaten by Wabash by a score of 36-34. The Plymouth Pilgrims proved to be too tough for the Apaches and they sent the Scalpers home on the short end of a 52-39 score. The next two games were now conference games for the Apaches. They broke even in them, losing to S. S. of Fort Wayne 44-40 and defeating Monticello 62-48. It was in the latter game that Weaver and Rockwell scored 49 points between them. The next game with Rochester proved to be the climax of the season. If the team had defeated Rochester, they would have put Wabash at the top of the Conference. It was a very close game throughout, but Wabash was eked out of the Conference title by one point. The Apaches then wound up their season against the Kokomo Wildcats. The Kats proved to be a little more than Wabash could handle. The total for the season was eighteen wins and eight losses: a very creditable showing for the team. The team elected DeVonne Cassiday and Ben Gurtner Co-Captains for the year. Ioe Weaver and Iohn Rockwell were the two high scorers in the confer- ence, and they were both also named on the All-Conference basketball team. Ioe Weaver, Darl Driscoll, lack Long- streth, Nate Hartman and Ben Gurtner, all graduating this year, will be missed by the squad next year: but Iohn Rock- well, Stan Pord, Rich Miller, Tom Bow- man and Iim Iones will still be there to play for the Apaches. COACH RANDALL LAWSON XQ,y.AL.'!. Lk N.. i rlJA.v- 2 Q5 Q Z2 1 N 25 E 2 fs 5 S i ' 5 5 2 if ,E si xi 5 xc S ,v 3 S is 3 5? Z 2 2 3 5 3 S 5 gl S S S 3 Si S E B Z 2 3 E Q Q 5 5 E H S Q 5 E 2 v S 5 i s S 2 S H 5 5 2 I7 if PG if Q is jf 2 Q 3 T5 J C l affadfy fPu.p0o1ser5 "B" TEAM Sitting: Charles Ferguson, Dick Fox, manager: lack Younglove, Iohn Beamer, David Harvey. Standing: Emerson Erb, Doug Tillotson, Richard Miller, Iohn Smith, lim Parks, Iim Caims, Don Reynolds, manager. 'k'A"k'k The Apache Papooses had a fairly successful season, winning a majori- ty of their games. The Reserves showed that they could win where the chips were down, as shown by the score of a few games. The highlight of the Reserve schedule is the B. Team tourney. Although the Apache Papooses failed to win, they gave Huntington, the winner, stiff competition all the way through. Next year's varsity team should be a good one if the boys keep the same spirit and detennination to win as they displayed this year in their cool, steady playing. Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash 22 ............ HSBH fjjlkl ill 5CKQLlllaZf 27 ...... North Manchester Alexandria 13 28 1944-1945 "B" TEAM TOURNEY Huntington 41 ............... Akron 11 20 11 22 19 ----- ----- 1- OQUFSPOH 28 wnbnsh 27 .......-. Columbia City 19 ----- ---- 11 un1mg10n 15 Columbia City 21 .........., Akron 18 ----- -------- P em 20 Huntington 34 ..... .... W nbnsn 24 ..... ..... L inlawn 20 23 ..... ..... W arsaw 18 21 ..... .,.. E lwood 16 25 ..... .... P eru 22 20 ..... .... M arion 26 20 ..... ..... B urris 17 20 ..... ..... T ipton 22 26 ..... .... R ochester 24 34 ..1.. .... P lymouth 21 23 ...... .... R ochester 25 15 --------------- Kokomo 18 GLEN COOLMAN WON 9 - LOST 7 Coach 'Ir 'A' 'lr 'A' CL. . Jian!! . 's,,,-KG 70a an fttdafuiteft Row one: Dick Forbes, Charles Leeka, Ierry Hife. Bow two: lack Fearnow, Fred Moore, Iim Forbes, Darrel Sanders, George Coon, Lawrence Martin, lack Sullivan. Row three: Bob Hale, Willard Holloway, Iohn Beamer, Bill Sellers, lack Kelly, Stanley Ford, Bob Schlemmer, Pete Allen. Row four: Dave Bamhart, Lowell Harner, lim Parks, lim Iones, Richard Miller, Iohn Smith, Homer Purdy, Iack Younglove, Mr. Holloway. tiki Wabash has had the good fortune of having good track teams in the last few years, and it looks as if this year's team will be just as successful as the others have been. Having competed in only three meets by the time we go to press, the Scalpers showed good promise of developing into a challenging unit. In the first meet of the year with Chester, the boys walked off with the meet by a score of 63 to 47. In the second meet, ct triangular affair with Huntington and Gas City, the Apaches lost by a close score of 59 to 57M. In the county track meet at Alumni Field, the Apaches again came through with 75W points to Lagro's Slh, the only competing county school. The team boasted of few veterans at the start of the season. They had a few in Dick Miller, junior half-miler, Dave Barnhart, senior miler, and Ben Gurtner, senior hurdler. They came up with a good crew of underclassmen and seniors, such as Ford and Parks in the dashes: Kelly and Marks in the quarter mile, field events: Sullivan and Purdy in the distance runs and Iones, Schlemmer, Rockwell, Iones and Weaver in the field events. As we go to press, the season has not been completed: but we are sure that the team will give good account of themselves. ,if MNH QGHSFAMW "T'il1llW omufaciu fcefwf For the third consecutive year these manufacturers of Wabash have given special financial assistance to the production of the Sycamore The Staff oi 1945 greatly appreciates their help and wishes to acknowledge their contributions to this year s budget. American Rock Wool Corporation Asbestos Manufacturing Company Celotex Corporation Container Corporation of America G. M. Diehl Machine Works Eagle-Picher Lead Company Ford Meter Box Company, Incorporated General Electric Company General Tire and Rubber Company Laboratory Specialties Company Minneapolis-Honeywell Company Robertshaw-Thennostat Company Spencer Cardinal Cabinet Company Standard Foundry Company Standard Lime G Stone Company Vice Brothers Foundry Wabash Filing Supplies, Incorporated Wabash Machine G Tool Company B. Walter 61 Company QI.l.Qf'LCfllLI41i6f Our sincere thanks to the following business organizations and friends who have helped make our 1945 Sycamore possible. Airgood's Cash Grocery A. :S P. Tea Co. Baber Motor Supply Baer Lumber Co. Beauchamp :S Son, Ins. Beitman 6 Wolf Bickel Shoe Repair Boston Store Boyts News Stand Bradley Bros. Druggists Bromley Chevrolet Sales Brown Trucking Co. Butch's Men's Store Central Cafe Central Cut Rate Drug Co. City Meat Market Denney Motor Sales Dick's Men's Wear D. M. Ashby Dr. Arthur I. Steffen Dr. George B. Fults Dr. H. A. Pfeifer Dr. Iames Pearson Dr. L. W. Yoder Durnbaugh Hardware Co. Eagles Theatre F. I. King Frank A. Rettig Franklin Security Co. Frank S. Gurtner F . W. Woolworth Co. Gackenheimer Pharmacy Gamble Store G. F. Kintner, Optometrist Gillespie Millinery G1azier's Furniture Store G. T. Mahaney Guynn Shoe Store Hamburger Inn Homer T. Showalter Hotel Wabash Huff Bros., Printing Hutchens Laundry I. W. Lutz's Sons Iames Rhodes I. C. Penney Co. I. Ed Hipskind Iohn Richards -The Staff Iohnson Sales Co. King-Hipskind Co. Kroger Store Lawrence Nix Lewis Paint Shop Local Finance Corp. McNamey Bros. Mrs. Bert Martin Myers 61 Son, Iewelers Northem Indiana Public Service Co Ohmart Iewelry Store Perry Cross, DeSoto 6. Plymouth P. K. Department Store Plummer 6: Plummer Pontius Drug Store Public Service Co. of Indiana Reeves 6. Ferguson Rev. Leo A. Hoffmann Rock City Ross Iewel Shop Sam Maroz df Co. Scheerer's Grocery Schlemmer Bros. Schlemmer's Plumbing 61 Heating Scott 5 6: 10 Sears Roebuck 61 Co. Service Fuel 6: Supply Co. Snack Shop Stephen's Electric Sterling's Furniture Store Superior Bakery Talbert Bros. Teel's Drug Store The Diner The Home Appliance Store The Klondike I Thompson's Dress Shop Thompson's Electric G Gift Shop Tremont Barber Shop Union Coffee Shop Val-U Dress Shop Wabash Cleaners Wabash Ice 6. Fuel Wabash Music Store Wabash Produce Co. Wabash Sweet Shop Wassman's Dress Shop Yamelle Lumber Co. 1 1 f' - ll . X-'S-if :Q . A 5'?42'fi5:5x'fj5 3 ' A L -' ' , , ,-.5 : 4 .-. Hz. 4 .ra 1 r . f' ' '3 ,,, , , ., . l, X n -.3 J. -, 3 ' I A '. 5. f, ! L-,z U- , . '., .,,.k-,,4-- rbi.-..v , ,T 1 ". ez? Q., xhnx A., -, ,H 7, Q., ,Y . .., ,.",. W, ' ' -.', Y. . "gif .. ,, ., , 1 r"."1-,,..Z"T - T ,L algfe-.YL ' -f'.::1" 'A , -. -ww W- . ,,.:id.r ,, . 1-fiom:--A .- Q61 - 142.52 , - "'."'-1.i.4 4. , x.,,,-La L V--, - r-f-va: v, 5.4,-1, L, O X 1 A,-V 5 1 1 1 ' r f ' f 1 N li f , LMI- e 4' .ap " 'xl 11 'f' V N A' I In k -.- w , . X -. K, : Shah. "2-'. H' ff. h ,,4. 4'?f1'f?' A fff? ,'.' .9"45.fv.-I F kkii! . . ' x x--"H5.f ' -- 4-4: .f - , QA.. ggyn X31 . f - sg 'fa f ' A f lgZ',g5f..5. . I ' I: ',Lwf'1'!H.,I.:1". I' '22 I 4 h. ffvijf' . 1 zvgbrhw,-Fi, 'yi , gh" ' ' K, Q Q13 ,-:T X '- KN' by fx-Q ,F . :vb .g:,-hy, - " ' 'JSA A 'xl -W-1 -. .- fwY3..4as--fi + gg za, up .,g?4g,'?if2f,,iHgff5v7JL,Te:,L5iQ'T UPJSEY' - F5c2'f' .p'l1Q,A "1 "' ' " ' 'A ' ' 'Y ' .".,hQA-, 1 K ' ' '. 'C'-W? f Y f X' all Lili!! w v y . ,A Z.: ' . Q lhgff 7 fi .'.L- 'K fx '-' - ,"v, , ,W A ,., K, ,.m.f.v.1, ,, 11. 4,7 .'..g 'Vw M ,-.'- 3, gf. 'xx " 4' 5 A- .- k x 5, 4 .1 L. - I 5 , ll 1 - F v 1 " J .- 1 ,. ,L ..' H f . X hh ' . . ' ' ' 4 Y A , , X Q 'V , ' VV: 4 , . 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Suggestions in the Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) collection:

Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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