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word from Uur QJri1zcipa! The school-year 1941-42 ranks high in historic interest. The term opened with our country still at peace but with an added consciousness of increasing preparation for war. December Seventh and Pearl Harbor accelerat- ed every activity at Wabash High School and the patriotic motif at once became the popular and dom- inant theme. Every individual, group, and organization is keeping faith with those who have left the corridors of W. H. S. and are now in the armed forces of the United States. Wherever these men may be, in this country or in remote and far-flung corners of the earth, we send a prayer for their courage, their safety, and their very lives. ffwwe Principal SCHOOL NURSE ENGLISH AVIS CLARK, R. N. THERON TEWKSBURY English MUSIC AND ART RUTH JONES Girls' Advisor English VERA V. WILSON Art SCIENCE A. R. JINKS 'V Music X 21, ' -f f KM, ROY D. BLACK 4 Q., il-,, X Physicsg Chemistry SOCIAL STUDIES CORNELIA BLAYNEY History Latin MILDRED HIPSKIND English History PHIL N. ESKEW History Ass't. Football Coach MATHEMATICS MARY MCCORD Mathematics English LAWRENCE RAGER Mathematics ENGLISH PHYSICAL EDUCATION CECILIA MILLS Englishg Mathematics ' I 1 G GEORGIA VORGANG J 1 QNSAXS Physical Education 3355! R' TAT .1 Ot Y I QQYX? Coifwi b-111 coafifv YQJAHLL 595 QC? fo? MARY BIGGERSTAFF Y Englishg French SCIENCE its COMMERCIAL X xx X I X I f . N f x XX Xx X Q -XX X C x :SX QS A. B. KROM - Biology 'iQ VOCATIONAL ELDON E. BARNHART Assistant Principal Commercial , , sf f 4' , ' .-ax - ' X 4, I I lf-'r 1 V h Xl A ODETTE L. NEEDHAM Commercial REX SIMS Shop CLAIRE MILLER Home Economics LIBRARY xi? T. PORTER Librarian -SENIORS President-Paul Bowlby Vice-President-Jim Hauk Athletic Board-Dick Tewksbury Secretary-Treasurer-Georgia Cowen SOPHOMORES President-George Rockwell Vice-President-Tom Naugle Athletic Board-Don Tyte Secretary-Treasurer-Phyllis Howard JUNIORS President-Frank Hettmansperger Vice-President-Richard Jefferson Athletic Board-Don Baer Secretary-Treasurer-Donna Sweet FRESHMEN President-Nancy Morrow Vice-President-Dan Cowen Athletic Board-Ben Gurtner Secretary-Treasurer-Betty Gurtner SENIORS MARY KATHERINE BURWELL ROBERT A. ANDERSON Inter Nos, Vice-President 4. L 4 CORNELIA ALEXANDER M. F. F., President 43 G. A. A., President 45 Art Clubg Home Economics Clubg Senior Play. ROBERT GENE ALGER Science Club. BETTY COLBERT Bandg Dramatic Clubg Student Council 33 M. F. F.g Science Clubg Junior Red Cross Council 45 Orange and Black Staff, Most outstanding girl band member 2. ROBERT BRIDEGROOM Basketball, Football, All-Confer- ence 43 "W" Club, President 45 Student Council 45 Orange and Black Staff. LORETTA CALLEGAN G. A. A. PAUL BOWLBY Class Vice-President 13 Foot- ballg Class President 2, 43 Stu- dent Council, Vice-President 4g M. C. L., President 3. BEVERLY COLLINGE G. A. A., Treasurer 1, Vice- President 35 Senior Playg Junior Red Cross Council, Vice-Presi- dent 15 Home Economics Clubg Glee Clubg Art Clubg M. F. F.g Orange and Black Staff, Busi- ness Manager 4: Sycamore Staff. JOE CHRISTLE Hi-Y, President 4: Junior Red Cross Council 4. 3. VONDA MARINE DRAPER Band' Inte' Nos' G. A. A.g Glee Clubg, M. Ii. F. ' EUGENE COPELAND SENIORS is GEORGIA SUE COWEN Entered from Marion 1941. M. F. F.: Science Clubg Orange and Black Staffg G. A. A.g Class Secretary-Treasurer 43 Senior Play. JIM COKL Science Clubg Hi-Yg Senior Play. MERIBELLE DUNFEE G. A. A.: M. F. F.g Art Club Dramatic Club. OREN CULVER Football, all-conference 4. ,-are RICHARD CHARLES EUBANK Science Club, President 43 M. C. L.g Senior Play. MARY JEAN GEHLE G. A. A. 'Hn-I v JEAN GURTNER Bandg G. A. A., Treasurer 2g M. F. F., Secretary 4g C. D. S., Treasurer 3g Science Club, Sec- retary-Treasurer 43 Sycamore Staff. GLEN M. FRY SENIORS KATHRYN FISHER Drum Majoretteg M. I". F.g G. A. A.3 Home Economics Clubg Dramatic Clubg Art Club. FRANK DAUGHERTY "W" Clubg Junior Red Cross Councilg Football 5 Basketball Managerg Senior Play. MARGARET GOODLANDER M. F. F.g Student Council 43 Sycamore Staffg Junior Red Cross Council, President 13 G. A. A. EARL FIGERT l , i I ALICE JANE HIPSKIND G. A. A.g M. F. F.g Art Clubg Senior Play. SENIORS LAWRENCE EUGENE GAULT Footballg Library Club. ROMA KNOTTS Library Club, Secretary-Treas- urer 45 Bandg Home Economics Clubg G. A. A.g Sycamore Staff. CURTISS HENTGEN Band, Second Lieutenantg Science amore Staff Editor Olubg Syc , 9 Junior Red Cross Council, Treas- urer 4g Orange and Black Staffg Dramatic Clubg M. C. L. i A I 0 1 r 3 MARIE HOFFMAN G. A. A.g Sycamore Staffg C. D. S., Treasurer 4. JAMES HAUK Hi-Y, President 4, Secretary 33 "W" Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 3g M. C. L., Vice-President 43 Fleur de Lisg Class Secretary-Treasuv er 29 Class Vice-President 45 Footballg Orange and Black Staffg Student Council 35 De- bateg Senior Play. ELLEN L. KNEE Entered from Somerset 1941g G. A. A.g Library Club. JOYCE WRIGHT HUFF Bandg M. F. F.: G. A. A.g Student Council 3. X? +1 .g if uk 3' ? SENIORS ESTHER LEWIS G. A. A. JERRY HUTCHENS Band, Sergeant-at-Arms 43 Hi- Y, Vice-President 4. BETTY KRAMER G. A. A.: Library Clubg Orange and Black Staff. JACK HOWARD Inter Nos, President 43 "W" Club, Secretary - Treasurer 45 Footballg Senior Play: Class Vice-President 2. MARJORIE MALOTT G. A. A.3 Library Club, Presi- dent 4g M. F. F.g Sycamore Staff: Senior Play. ROBERT MILLER Football, All-Conference 4, All- State 43 Trackg Junior Red Cross Council, Vice-President 45 Class Vice-President 4. ANN MAGNER Band, Treasurerg Junior Red Cross Council 3g Library Clubg Science Clubg M. F. F.g Orange and Black Statfg Sycamore Staff g G. A. A.g Senior Play. JAMES WILLIAM KOONS Dramatic Clubg Bandg Syca- more Staff. SENIORS DORIS MILLER G. A. A.5 M. F. F. JAMES MYLIN Athletic Board 25 Hi-Y. F uw LOIS LEE MORROW Class President 35 Orange and Black Staff, Editor 35 Sycamore Staffg M. F. F., Treasurer 45 Band, Sergeant5 Fleur de Lis, President 45 Junior Red Cross Councilg G. A. A. ROBERT MCPHERSON Fleur de Lis5 Art Clubg Drama- tic Clubg Sycamore Staffg Junior Red Cross Council 25 M. C. L.5 Inter Nos5 Senior Play. LL HELEN MILLHOUSE M. F. F.5 Art Club5 Dramatic Club5 G. A. A.5 Glee Club5 Home Economics Club. DONALD MCDANIELS fx V VIRGINIA E. NAIL Sycamore Staff, Assistant Edi- tor5 Fleur de Lisg Student Coun- cil, Vice-President 35 M. F. F.5 G. A. A.5 Red Cross Council 25 Science Club, Vice-President 45 Home Economics Club5 M. C. L.5 Orange and Black Staff5 Senior Play. WILLARD PRICE Hi-Y5 "W" Club5 Inter Nos, President 45 Fleur de Lis5 Science Club, President 45 Dra- matic Club5 Orange and Black Staff5 Sycamore Staff5 Tennis, C. I. C. Champion 2, 35 Senior Play. SENIORS' MARY PINKERTON G. A. A.g M. F. F.: C. D. S., President 4g Student Council, Secretary 43 Sycamore Staff. BILL ROGGE Football Manager 2, 3g Junior Red Cross Council 33 Student Council 4. JANET OWEN M. F. F.: Library Clubg G. A. A.g Art Clubg Home Economics Club. EARL RAVENSCROFT Science Club. RUTH REHAK Bandg M. F. F. DAVID SARTEN LILLIAN E. QUICK Art Clubg Home Economics Clubg M. F. F.g G. A. A.g Library Clubg Senior Play. DONALD LEE RUMPF Entered from Peru 1940g Band 3. ANN SCHOLES C. D. S.g M. C. L.g Sycamore Stalfg Junior Red Cross Council, 4. RICHARD TEWKSBURY Hi-Y, Secretary - Treasurer 45 "W" Club, Student Council, Ser- geant-at-Arms 2, Bandg Science Club, Treasurer 43 Orange and Black Staff, Basketballg Track, Football, All-Conference 33 Sen- ior Play. SENIORS ,NN 713 Milt' Q I . '96- ff DE LORIS JUNE SHOCKEY Dramatic Club: G. A. A.g M. C. L.g C. D. S., Secretary 35 Orange and Black Staff, Sycamore Staff, Senior Play. BERNARD VAN DIELEN Athletic Board, President 43 Basketball. NANCY SCHULTZ G. A. A., Art Club. JACK TITUS Library Club. :H DORCAS SMITH Entered from Bremen 1940. Orange and Black Staff, Inter Nos. CHARLES NORBERT VAN ROY Science Club. 0 SENIORS EDITH ELLEN THOMPSON Art Clubg G. A. A.g Glee Clubg Library Clubg Science Club. GAIL VAN DEGRIFT Junior Red Cross Council lg G. A. A.g Fleur de Lisg M. F. F., Vice-President 4 5 Orange and Black Staifg Student Council, President 43 Library Club, Sec- retary 3: Sycamore Staffg Dra- matic Clubg Senior Play. DOREEN SMITH M. F. F.3 Junior Red Cross Council 3g Band, Sergeantg Syc- . amore Staffg Senior Play. AUDREY TATE G. A. A. ZETTA WOODWARD M. F. F.g G. A. A.: Library Clubg Home Economics Club. DORTHA ZIN N Bandg Glee Club. MERI WHISLER G. A. A.g M. F. F.g Dramatic Clubg Orange and Black Staffg Art Clubg Fleur de Lis, Secre- tary 49 Sycamore Staff. WILMA WILSON G. A. A.g Library Club. .gn lffemotllzm We pause here to dedicate this page to the memory of two former classmates. CHRISTIAN G. LEHMAN Died March 6, 1941 DONALD L. RUMPF Died April 17, 1942 JUNJORS Row onez Lewis Anderson, Verie Wiiiiams, Ann Cowen, Bonita Gasaway, Dorothy Smaii, Mona Barnes, Betty Shepard, Jniia Kinney, Herbert Snndheimer, John Coki. Row two: Biii Owens, Miriam Weitzei, Doris Dickover, Jean Short, Treya Miiier, Eioise Stewart, Donna Sweet, Layita Maiott, Robert Rowen- stine. Row three: Robert Rerreii, Jerry Story, George Price, Biii Barrett, James McVicker, Robert Franstein, Robert Pnhey, Gien Rohrer. Row onez Charies Baumbaner, Richard Jefferson, Richard Wood, Biii Martin, Jackie Dickson, Reien Streng, Eugene Myers, Durwood Rar- roid, Don Baer. Row two: Susie Butterbaugh, Dorothy Aiexander, Mary Ann Freeman, Doris Oswait, Joyce Buff, Caroiyn Routt, Ruth Lavengood, Betty Fiant. Maxine Widemeyer. Row three: Richard Baumbauer, James Reynoids, Robert Story, Donaid Barrett, Jim -Reynoids, Biii Sayior, Richard Harreii, Robert Simons, Raiph Waiker. J UNI ORS Row one: Richard Miley, Edwina Allen, Marjorie JHCObS, Martha Gidley, Jane Kisner, Lila Alber, Jean Walter, Evelyn Coburn, Gladys Unger, Helen Geeting, Donald Colvin. Row two: Harold Carney, Cecil Sanders, Elbert Fingerle, James Sullivan, Susanne Hipskind, Marie Martin, Lois Stephan, Robert Chamness, Kenneth Collins. Row three: Lawrence Lewis, Ramon Alexander, Jack Greulich, Robert Snyder, Robert Lower, Richard Shroyer, Richard Paullus. Row one: Thom Wertenberger, Fred Hoefer, Marguerite Harris, Mabe Thompson, Betty Helm, Ruth Rhamy, Norma Lynn, Pattie Aubertin Ruth Wigner, Jane Hoy, Martha Pitts. Row two: Norman Hipskind, James Brill, Marvin Smith, Gene Parker Darrell Cassiday, Audrey Scott, Glenadine Davenport, Helen Norwood, Shirley Gidley, Bette Guttrich, Lois Smith, Dorothy Hall. Row three: Walter Garrison, Roland McDaniels, Gene Hipskind, Marland Coburn, Robert Shively, Dan Shoclcey, Harold Farthing, Frank Hett- mansperger, Max Simons, William Weaver, John Guthrie. l SOPHOMORES Howard, Eiizabeth Brant, Keith Car- Suiiiv an, Kathryn Watson, ow one: Ariene Suddarth, Phyiiis mack, Arthur Oy eraa, Howard Dodge, Mary Peggy Tyner, Betty Harmon. Row two: Jack Fieshood, F-iieen Herrick, Jean Coie, Kathieen Raiisnider, Jean Ann Stephanatos, Martha Heyde, Rosaiie Baiiey, Aiice Miiier, Mariiyn Baker, Miidred Yarneiie. Biii Trisier, Richard Bruce, Ted Martin, Tom Fedewa, Robert ' Ted Gasaway, Devonne Cassiday, Junior Miiier, Row three: Christie, Jim Davis, Don Anderson F-dna Rita Corneii, Marieita Line, Juiianna Jones, Caroiyn Row one: Charies Ross, Mary Duncan, Meibadine Backus, Betty Hickey, Ruth Gauit, ireian, John Puiiey. Row twoz Jarnes Watson, Ciiiiord Jones, Jean Barrus, Betty Weaver, Peggy Carnpbeii, F-iizabeth Brown, Jean Sneii, Mary Jane Thompson, Lois Launder, Haroid Forbes, Bob Merrick. b Fuiwider, Frank Yiurnrner, Don Tyte, John Ford, Richard Jack Carpenter, Jack Campbeii. Row three: Bo Grimm, Dick Wiison, SOPHOMORES Row one: Jim Wagner, Ray Fingerle, Marjorie Brooks, Barbara Kilander Juanita Hmer, Jo Ann Schlegelmilch, Annabelle Yost, Mary Eltzroth: ' Betty Adams, Bob Crull, Carl Sundheimer. Row two: Bill Marks, Joe Bakehorn, Mary Clevenger, Betty Rose Martin, Joan Merritt, Marilyn Cairns, Bernice Knotts, Lois Wiles, Marian Gar- rison, Miram Fox, Doris Story, James Anliker. Row three: Dick Crumrine, elim Votaw, Carl Waite, George Parks, Bob Brownell, Carl Kendall, Richard Shively, Bob DeFord, Bob Thompson, Donald Martin. Row one: Jack Malott, Don Knable, Marguerite Brothers, Thelma Guttrich Joan Rettig-, Marilyn Latchem, Virginia Ford, Patty Hauk, Marvelean Younglove, Martha Middleton, Kathryn Barrus. Row two: Everett Coburn, Dick Kilgore, Kathryn Gillespie, Evelyn Horner, Bonnie Bates, Betty Bolsover, Georgianna Dalfer, June Miley, Charles Johnson, George Rockwell, Tom Naugle. Row three: Jack Butler, Don Cramer, Riley Eltzroth, Robert Houlihan, Jack Hale, Garl Harrold, Dick Ross, Bob Parker, Bob Jones, Bob Grimm. Y if 4 4' 4 1+ if 3 if ik 4 Yi' X- FRESHMEN Row one: Phyiiis Stephan, Doris Aiexander, Peggy Fedewa, Barbara Jones, Theima Bennett, Virginia Schaai, Norma Jeiferson, Wiima Martin, Margery Benn, irene Foweii, Frances Sanders. Row two: Fhii Schiemmer, J ack Jacoby, Gene Myers, Mary Hawiey, Theima Cievenger, Joyce Bowiby, Charies Scheer, Tom Freeman, Lorin Sweazy, Lawrence Moore. Row three: Robert Adams, John Lehman, Robert Rhamy, Wiiiis Lewis, Myron Baker, Donaid Draper, Bob France. Row one: Dorothy Sherman, Phyiiis Hipskind, Nancy Morrow, Mary Aiice Goodiander, Caroi Swan, Joan Schipper, Lois Sampson, Nora Bone, Eiiene Eakright, Norma Boardman, Mary Beth Turpen, Betty Schultz. Row two: J im Sparks, Rex Durham, Ann Smith, Dorothy Smith, Rosanna McAiiister, Heien Abshire, Shiriey Woicott, Janette Rohrer, Biii Bow- man, Biii Weitzei. Row three: Biii Pitts, Edwin Miiier, Dari Driscoii, Everett Bariow, Kenneth Ward, George Wiison, James Johnson, Eugene Myers. FRESHMEN Row one: Robert Conner, Dick Barrett, Barbara Folsom, Sam Reynolds Patsy Schuster, John Ewing, Vera Harden, Andy Patton E Charles Derck, Ben Gurtner. Row two: Margaret Rogge Kuffel M re, Gwendolyn Richards, Martha c er, Betty Ann Gurtner, Lucille Mclntosh, Win- 1 ben. Row three: Duane Pavey, Bruce Herman Ray Christle. , Bob Miller, H oward Phillips, Row one: Elizabeth Hamilton, Lavonne Husto Weaver, May Evans Joan F Marilyn Ki n, Inge Blumenthal, Evelyn , ry, Vera Roth, Betty Coon, Marian WoliT, ntner. Row two: Nevin Horner, Orion Sparks, Jack Kirby, Dan Cowen, Richard Strickler, Bob Baker, Dave Barnhart. Row three: Bob Schlemmer, Jack Lon t Homer Purdy. gs reth, Joe Wea ver, Junior Elzroth, I , velyn Fox, , Marcella Moo , artha Modri lf nie Gr'b EAR FBESHMEN MJD-Y Bow one: Nevin White, Armin Bhoads, J irn Bntterbaugh, Bichard Camp- beii, Bob McVicker, Dorothy Fingerie, Donna Shockey, Janet Creps, Barbara Bichwine, Fern June Eiiis, Mary Buth Aiber, Patsy Jefferson. two' Don Sayior, Virginia Hancock, Ethei Mae Bowers, Joan Strong. Whiteside, Dorothy Coie, Eva Thompson, Joan B-ow . P gy Barrett, Betty ' ' , Harry Hohnes. ' McCune, Busseii es Waye, Josephine Levisey Bow three: Bob Sioop, Charies Snyder, Jack Pettit, James Myers, Richard Sanders, Jirn Lower, Bichard Barrett, Cecii Jacobs Frank Gouvan. MID-YEAR FBESHMEN i. Q aff' if ,,+jr v ' a N AWN f c,E il baugh Joan Strong, B Fingerie,Bichard Barrett, Bow one Jim Butter , anet Creps,Barbara Bichwine.Dorothy A QV A xx W M Row two J E N I O R Popularity Winners S :r A S Bev Collinge, Marge Malott, Jim Hauk, Dick Tewksbury. u N I o R S Frank Hettmansperger, Jane Kis- ner, Pat Aubertin, John Cokl. Bernard Van Dielen, Paul Bowlby, ginia Ford, George Parks. Don Tyte, Marilyn Latchem, Vir- Alice Hipskind, Lois Morrow. P R E S H M E N Jim Sullivan, Lavita Malott, Pat Aubertin, Don Baer. Jack Longstreth, Carol Swan, June S o P H o N o R E S Charles Johnson, Miriam Fox, Dick Miley, Joe Weaver. Ross, Marilyn Baker Qabsent '-3' O 5 'E. 0 FY 5 Q 3' FUQHIFJUOW Best all-round boy. Best all-round girl. Most attractive girl. Most handsome boy. Best-dressed boy in halls. Best-dressed girl in halls. Best girl in sports. Best boy in sports. Ben Gurtner, Marcella Moore Nancy Morrow, Dan Cowen. 'YP :-41 1 an 5, G3c59""' It if ,lp allllhl i l l , ? SYCAMORE STAFF er, Meri Whisler, Margaret Goodlander, ne' Lois Morrow, Jean Gurtn Row o . Beverly Collinge. Row two: Doreen Smith, Margery Malott, Paul Bowlby, Bill Owens, Anne Magner. Row one: June Shockey, Willard Price, Marie Hoffman, Robert McPherson, Gail Vandegrift. Row two: Roma Knotts, Mary Pinkerton, Anne Scholes, Miss Jones sponsor, Bill Koons. can oUn'risS RENT Editor N ML vugggiige Editor f ...Q ORANGE AND BLAC K STAFF Row one: Bonita Gasaway, Lois Morrow S ' Cairns Elizabeth B , usie Butterbaugh, Marilyn , rant, Bev Collinge, Pat Aubertin M 'l Row two: Miss Biggei-staff , ari yn Baker. , sponsorg Charles Johnson, Jean Walter An Cowen, Doris Oswalt, Virginia Ford Ruth Dorcas Smith Rob , n , Rhamy, Anna Magner, , ert Rhamy, Tom Fedewa, Jim Anlilrer. Row three: Jane Kisner Dor th , o y Small, Meri Whisl Betty Kramer, Sue C er, Susanne Hipskind, owen, Jack Hale. Vfx Charter Members of "QUILL and SCROLL" Edwina Allen, Bill Norma Lynn New Members Ruth Rhamy Beverl Owens, y Collinge R CTL STUDENT COUN ow one: Karnes Reynoids, Ted Martin, Mr. Carpenter, sponsor, Gaii Van- degriit, nresidentg Mary Pinkerton, secretary 3 Biii Rogge. Don Baer, Donna Sweet, Lavita Maiott, Jean Ann Stephanatos, aret Goodiander, June Miiey. i Owens, Jack Longstreth. der, treasurer. Row two: ireian, Marg hockey , Bii win Aiexan Caroiyn Row three: Jack Haie, Dan S ' aui Bowiby vice-president, Dar Absent. Y sawn 6, Row one: Jirn Reynoids, George Price, Richard Woods. two: .Kohn Goki, Don Baer, Jack Haie, vice-presidentp Jack Howar Frank Hettrnansperger, secretary-treasurer, Haroid Car- Thorn Wertenberger, Eugene L. Myers. ' er Bob Fuiwider, Ciifiord rreii Cassiday . Row resident, t-at-arms, rb Sundherrn , tt Coburn, Da e Yarks, P ney, sergean Row three: Frank Daugherty, He Jones, Lewis Anderson, Dick Bruce, Evere Row tour: Bob Fraustein, Dan Shockey, Haroid Farthing, Georg Frank Piurnrner, George Rockweii, Charies Liohnson, Mr. Gunning sponsor. FLEURfDE-LIS Row one: Virginia Nail, Lois Morrow, president, Miss Bi Meri Whisler, secretary-treasurer, N Row two: Dorothy S Rob ggerstaii sponsor, orma Lynn, Lila Alber. mall, Pat Aubertin Bonit ert McPherson, Jim Anlik Vandegrift D , a Gasaway, J er, Susanne H' ' , orothy Alex Row three: J ' V ean Walter, ipskind, Jane Kisner, Gail ander. im Hank, Willard Price, Fred Hoefer. IN TER NOS onda Draper, -D orothy Small, secretar dentg Miss Blayney presid atv yawn 9 y-treasurer, J , sponsorg D ' ent. ack Howard, presi orcas Smith, Bob Ander ' SOD, V109- 11 ru. c. L. Bow one: Curtiss Hentgen, Jane Kisner, vice-presidentg Dan Shockey, presidentg Mr. Krom, soonsorg Virginia Ford, secretaryg George Bockweii, treasurer. Row two: Betty Bose Martin, Kathieen Raiisnider, Bonita Gasaway, Lois Morrow, Norma Lynn, Marguerite Brothers, Joan Rettig, Caroiyn ire- ian, Nancy Morrow, Caroi Swan, Mariiyn Cairns. Bow three: Eugene Myers, Richard Eubank, Edwina Aiien, Miriam Fox, Biii Gwens, Tom Fedewa. HUME ECONGMXCS CLUB Bow one: Heien Miiihouse, Susie Butterbaugh, secretaryg Miss Miiier, sponsory Ruth Bhamy, presidentg Marie Martin, treasurer. Bow two: Bonita Gasaway, Jackie Dickson, Liiiian Quick, Dorothy Smith, Anna Smith, Lois Smith, Jane Hoy. CAMERA CLUB Row one: Max Simons, Joan Rettig, Lawrence Lewis,.secretary-treasurer, Mr. Black, sponsor: Norman Hipskind, vice-president, Lewis Ander- son. Row two: Robert Herrell, John Ford, Donald Parrett, Bill Owens, presi- dent: Robert Howenstine, Robert Simons, Robert Alger. SCIENCE CLUB Row one: Jean Gurtner, Ann Cowen, secretary, Richard Tewksbury treasurer, Richard Eubank, president, Bill Owens, vice-president Katie Watson, Curtiss Hentgen, Edwina Allen. ' Row two: Norbert Van Roy, Mr. Black, sponsor, Max Simons, Joan Rettig, Barbara Kilander, Betty Harmon, Peggy Tyner, Norman Hipskind, Lewis Anderson, Robert Alger, De Vonne Cassiday. Row three: Willard Price, Lawrence Lewis, Robert Simons, John Ford, Don Parrett, Robert Chamness, Robert Howenstine, Dan Shockey, Sue Cowen, James Cold, Earl Ravenscroft. i LKBBABY CLUB Bow one: Howard Dodge, George Wiison, Joe Weaver, George Price, Sam Beynoids, Dave Barnhart, Keith Carmack. Bow two: George Bockweii, Wiima Wiison, Edith Thompson, Ptoma Knotts, secretary -treasurer 3 Marjorie Maiott, president: Mrs. Porter, sponsor: Virginia Ford, vice-president: Annabeiie Yost, Aiice Plipskind, Eiiza- heth Brant. Bow three: Patsy Schuster, Zetta Woodward, Shiriey Gidiey, Caroi Swan, Mariiyn Baker, Janet Owens, Liiiian Quick, Ann Magner, Betty Kramer, Miriam Fox, Don Tyte, Nancy Morrow, Mary Aiice Good- Xander. Bow four: Mariiyn Cairns, Peggy Pedewa, Mary Hawiey, Mary Beth Tur- pen, 'Lois Sampson, Frankiin Piummer, Joan Merritt, Betty Ann dman, Margaret Ptogge, Marceiia Moore, Eiien Gurtner, Norma Boar Knee, Buth Lavengood. JUNICB BED CROSS CUUNCXL t' Hentgen treasurer: Mariiyn Baker, secretary? Miss t Bob Miiier vice-president. Bow one: .Cur iss , Hipskind, sponsor: Norma Lynn, presiden 3 , Bow two: John Ford, Dorothy Smaii, Joan Merritt, Barbara Poisom, Heien Geeting, Lois Launder, Miriam Fox. n Dan Cowen, Sam Beynoids, Joe Christie, Biii Bow three: Biii Bowma , t Lois Smith, Ann Schoies. Weaver, Betty Coiber , DRAMATKB Row one: Phyllis Hipskind, Margie Brooks, June Shockey, Willard Price, Miss McCord, sponsor, Robert McPherson, Gail Vandegrift, Mary Hawley. Row two: Barbara Folsom, Joan Rettig, Jane Hoy, Lois Smith, Betty Gut- trich, Kathryn Fisher, Meribelle Dunfee, Donna Sweet, Ruth Wigner, Curtiss Hentgen, Herbert Sundheimer. Row three: Bill B owman, Dorothy Sherman, Shannie Sullivan, Elizabeth Brant, Bill Koons, Marilyn Latchern, Edna Rita Cornell, Dorothy Alex- ander, Lee Fleshood. DEBATE Row one: Lila Alber, Norma Lynn I coach' J lf , nge Blumenthal, Mr. T wk bu , ac Butler, Jim Hauk, Norman Hipskind. e S ry Row two: Betty Shepard, Marilyn Kintner, Betty Fiant, Robert Adams, Edwin Miller, Robert Schlemmer, Jack Longstreth. Resolved: That every able bod ' - ied male citizen sh year of military trainin ' ould have at least one g before reaching the age of 20. WINNERS IN STATE CQNTEST: E V 4 C aka QQ Q y X , f Q . I X ' V A.: . .A , . . U F ' x N i fy" Q? R . ,At ii v . , :3 A X l :ln 1 , 'Q l I I - .5 '. 'li 1153? QW ' I ,V f ' A ' A.iL 'P L ' ' - ' Af X N ' N ' A Q gl .1 h X . . X' . E Q XS K A , , Q' 'L X A J A H X kL.,X N . M .. , ,Lx K V si S SX? X XX 1, V 1 V X. 1 , , -. x X ,Q x , - R . xx -. x 1 Q If X. x Q N S N X, K . GUR CONSECUTIVE YEARS ff' f is , " gf in Q F' gm NY' 1 LQ A , 9 , A. ' IN Y ,,, ' 3 Q, U 1 ' -f H-X I . af? S' L, Q I I ' 1 ,n f A mil M.F.F. Bow one: Dorothy Smaii, Susanne Bipskind, Jane Kisner, Meri Whisier, Jackie Dickson, Susie Butterhaugh. Bow two: Heien Miiihouse, Bonita Gasaway, Miss Vorgang, sponsor, Jean ' ' ' G 'i V d riit Gurtner, secretary, Corneha Aiexander, president, ai an eg , vice-president, Lois Morrow, treasurer, Margaret Goodiander. Bow three: Virginia Naii, Bey Coiiinge, Norma Lynn, Buth Bhamy, Donna ' ' ' ' u'ck Zetta Woodward, Sweet, Doris Oswait, Buth Wigner, Liihan Q i , Janet Owen, Miss Jones, sponsor, Jean Waiter, Anna Magner, Mary Binkerton, Doris Miiier. Pat Aubertin A n Cowen Sue Cowen Betty Coibert, Doreen Bow tour: , n , , Smith, Ruth Behak, Joyce Buff, Vonda Draper, Meribeiie Duniee, Kathryn Fisher, Aiice Bipskind, Marjorie Maiott. Bi-Y Bow one: Mariand Coburn, Jim Briii, Tom Fedewa, Jim Suiiivan, Dick Baumbauer, Don Knabie, Jim Watson. Bow two: Biii Owens, Norman Hipskind, Biii Martin, treasurer, Richard Tewksbury, secretary ', Mr. Baszer, sponsor, Joe Christie, president, Bay Aiexander, vice-president, Fred Hoeter. Bow three: Jerry Hutchens, Lawrence Lewis, Richard Crumrine, Gene Parker, Jim Aniiker, Lee Fieshood, Jim Beynoids, Bob Howenstine, Biii Baker, Wiiiard Price, Jim Hauk. Bow tour: Biii Weaver. sergeant-at-arms, Don Tyte. Howard Dodge, Jim McVicker, Donaid Barrett, Biii Sayiors, Jim Myiin, James Coki. RHINIE CLUB Row one: Marcella Moore, Margaret Ann Rogge, Lucille Mclntosh, Mary Hawley, Phyllis Stephan, Doris Alexander, Marjorie Penn. Row two: Barbara Jones, Helen Abshire, Shirley Wolcott Marian W lff' I 0 ! Homer Purdy, James Johnson, Norma Jefferson, Wilma Martin, Vera Lee Roth. Row three: George Wilson, Robert Baker, Sam Reynolds, Ben Gurtner, Robert Rhamy, Duane Pavey. Row one: Joe Weaver, president B 5 Dan Cowen, secr t e ary B 5 Mary Alice Goodlander, president A' Nancy M ' , orrow, vice-president A' Carol Swan treasurerA' Pe F A , , ggy edewa, secretary Ag Betty Ann Ciurtner, A treasurer B: Eugene Myers, vice-president B. Row two: Norma Boardman, Mary Beth T urpen, Lois Sampson, Joan Schipper, Miss Mills, sponsor 5 Rosanna McAllister, Dorothy Sherman, Phyllis Hipskind. Row three: Robert Schlemmer, Rex Durham, Robert Adams, Jack Long- streth, Robert Conner. C. D. S. Bow one: Layita Maiott, secretary: Audrey Scott, doorkeeper: Miss Need- ham, sponsor: Mr. Barnhart, sponsor: Mary Pinkerton, president: Marie Hoffman, treasurer: James Suhivan, sergeant-at-arms. Bow two: June Shochey, Jean Gurtner, Betty Guttrich, Dorothy Aiexan- der, Katie Watson, Bernice Knotts, Marguerite Brothers, Catherine Giiiespie, Lois Wiies, Heien Greeting, Doris Story, Barbara Kiiander, Ann Schoies. Bow three: Tom Fedewa, Edwina Aiien, Edna Bita Corneh, Phyiiis Howard, Kathieen Baitsnider, Betty Bose Martin, Betty Shepard, Gienadine Davenport, Treva Miiier, Betty Hickey. Am own Bow one: Bonita Gasaway, Heien Miiihouse, Tom Fedewa, Don Coivin, president ', Shannie Suiiivan, secretary-treasurer: Bob Shiyeiy, Joan Merritt. Bow two: Miidred Yarnehe, Meribeiie Duniee, Bev Cohinge, Kathryn Fisher, Marieita Line, yice-president: Miss Wiison, sponsor: Edith Thompson, Caroiyn ireian, Caroi Swan, Bobert McPherson, Nancy Schuitz. Bow three: Mary Ann Freeman, Mary Duncan, Edna Rita Corneii, Phyiiis M t' Mary Cieyenger, Mariiyn Latchern, Howard, Betty Bose ar in, Bhyiiis Stephan, Mary Hawiey, Martha Heyde. , 4 f: ,,,r. S . Gi V ,, I , 'Yu af. x ffv X x B s .' -.I 1 2 'E Q 5" 2 ' r v ffl 1 2 ' Z? 1 , r Q l kr: 'I-, -1 - .1 ? "i. yQ 'Sill I J 2 "W fx lbw fur L--' wr 2 -s fl 5: 'Ju 'f QA' es 352301111 M 4, az: ,J hi' -i iffnfwf a F Y 4 Q L- xx! U i 1 3 Mx-fav: ' 3 V 23' 'tl ' UQ I X i lik , 1 a M M ' 'pf ' A Hefii zpg f if,? JP, 'wi -6 g :Z is D24 1 I 4 f, 2 X I QT 5 2 I 1 Y ri . f- I 1 4 5-5 L91 'fi 1 2 U fi 2' 'f ' ff 5 F fx -Z ' Q T7 T' f N T X, - --:M Y 2, "' 5- f E '1 Z f 1 ---J :-5 ff . 3-2-,Jai ?' X J' fl ff .. - f N. X , ' 5- x X 4 7 In V!-if ixx X If 1 X I Q- -'f Z! , R X 0 K I ' .f ,f X' x X w -1 , Q4 , , . ,sg J! Z Z S - "VV -'xx' """ -,-,A V, 4 E' -? i ---2 i as 'fi gg! : :L , ,a E -1 LQ I-4 1 Li ff-f"j-T-1 'iii'-I -,: 5' iw - 'sv ii, fig. .-.- ---A- YS E ' l . ' ll 0,Q,lYvl Lo-lo lqhfaf QM' , x ,V Q , 'Z' l 1 Z' ' an ...Q 5- JOHN R. TATUM Coach f .--x ns I -. , S A,-""' x,....-" -Q- 1. 'S .-.Q-wx X .,,-N Fl FOOTBALL '41 SEASON BOB SHEPHARD Manager PHIL N. ESKEW FOOTBALL RECORD 1941 Am Coach OPPONENT Kokomo 7 Mishawaka 26 Elwood 0 Huntington 21 Warsaw 6 Plymouth 0 Peru 0 Rensselaer 8 Marion 14 188 Lawrence Gault-End Jack Howard-Tackle 'Harold Carney-Guard fvarsiiy Paul Bowlby-Center 'Bob Bridegroom-Quarterback Fred Hoefer-Tackle " All Conference. 'H All Conference Alexander-End "4 'Bob Miller-Guard and all State. Richard Tewksbury-Halfback Don Baer-Quarterback fvczrsufy Robert Hel rell Tackle George Parks Fullback Richard Jefferson Halfback Dan Shockey Center Jim Hauk-Halfback "' All Conference. 'H' All Conference and all State 'Oren Culver-Fullback rvarsify .jaslzefbaff ---"""'-fa XX Frank Hettmansperger-Guard Darrell Cassiday-Forward Richard Tew'ksbury-Guard Donald Tyte-Forward Joe Weaver-Forward Bernard Van Dielen-Center Harold Farthing-Forward Don Baer-Guard KENNETH GUNNING BILL WEAVER Coach Louis ANDERSON Managers SSB!! SQU AD Parks, George Brice, Bm Bow one: Bob Lower, Bob Fxnwider, George Weaver, manager. Bow two: Jim Votaw, Dan Sbookey, Coach Gunning, Howard Dodge, Frank Phmlrner. FBESBMAN SQD AD 2 Bow one: Gene Myers, Dave Barnbart, DarX Driscon, DeVonne Gassiday, Bay Fingede. CXarence Miner, Ben Gurtner, Bob Baker, Dan Bow two 1 CbarXes Boss, Cowen. TENNIS '-dk Row one: Bob Schlemmer, Willard Price, Rex Durham, Dave Barnhart. Row two: Jack Longstreth, Gene Parker, John Ford, Bob Conner, Mr. Coolman, coach. TRACK :J Row one: Ray .Fingerle, Herb Sundheimer, Bob Fraustein, Gene Myers George Price, Clifford Jones, George Parks, Arthur Overaa, Bob Christle, Devonne Cassiday. Row two: Harold Far-thing, Joe Weaver, Bob Miller, Franklin Plummer, Dave Jefferson, Keith Carmack, Ramon Alexander, Ted Martin, Dick Ross. I a 5 'Wm ,VL X-l .. 1 1 1 4 S Q i 4 Q 1 Q 3 5 u 'S ' -iii: . . 1,4 A 2 gm A g lv- -'G 3 . 'Q BOYS' INTRAMURAL VVINNERS IN BASKETBALL TGURNAMENT "MINUTE MEN" Row one: Rich J efferson, Art Overaa, Louis Anderson, Harold Carney. Row two: George Rockwell, Robert Herrell, Jack Greulich, Dave Jefferson RUNNERS UP "GREEN MERETIES' SW Row one: Bill Martin, Elbert Fingerle. Row two: Ramon Alexander, Jack Pettit, Jim Hauk 1 """'-'un si,-L 1-im, -ii. WINNERS OF VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT "You All" Captain-Margie Malott Doris Oswalt Meri Whisler Patty Hauk Ann Cowen Audrey Tate Donna Sweet Joan Schlegelmilch June Shockey ""-- GIRLS' MISS GEORGIA VORGANG Physical Ed. Instructor ACTIVITIES of '41-'42 I w 1' X ,f if 1 Q X lil I.-I I 'fllll WINNERS OF BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT "Whiz Kids" Captain-Esther Lewis June Miley Lavita Malott Doris Miller Betty Kramer Norma Lynn Betty Harmon Mary Pinkerton G. A. A. Bow one: Doris Miiier, Dorothy Haii, Susie Butterbaugh, Donna Sweet, Edna Bita Corneii, Dorothy Fingerie, Vonda Draper, Joan Sehiegei- rniich, Doris Aiexander, Betty Schuitz, Mary Cievenger, Betty Bose Martin. Bow two: Martha Modricker, Dorothy Aiexander, Eveiyn Coburn, Giadys Unger, Mary Hawiey, Yhyiiis Stephan, Audrey Tate, Jean Short, Margaret Ann Bogge, Betty Ann Gurtner, Luciiie Mcintosh. Bow three: Mariiyn Cairns, Shiriey Gidiey, Z-etta Woodward, Janet Owen, Theirna Guttrich, Betty Boisoyer, Bonnie Bates, Jean Goie, Mary Pinkerton. Bow one: Shannie Suiiivan, Betty Harmon, Mariiyn Baker, Miriam Fox, Barbara Kiiander, Lavita Maiott, vice-president: Miss Vorgang, spon- sorg Corneiia Aiexander, presidentg Joan Merritt, secretaryg Nancy Morrow, treasurer: Joan Schipper, Betty Shepard. Bow two: Patty Hank, Margie Maiott, Betty Whiteside, Buth Wigner, Horna Knotts, Virginia Naii, Aiice Hipskind, Beyeriy Goiiinge, Eiien Knee, Virginia Sehaai, Susie Hipskind. Bow three: Leyonne Huston, Marie Martin, Phyiiis Howard, Doris Oswait, Giendoiyn Richards, Heien Streng, Doris Dickoyer, June Miiey, Martha Pitts, Jane Kisner, Heien Miiihouse. Row one: Nancy Schultz, Rosanna McAllister, Norma Boardman, Betty Weaver, Helen Geeting, Wilma Wilson, June Shockey, Lillian Quick, Edith Thompson, Peggy Tyner, Peggy Fedewa, Donna Shockey. Row two: Norma Lynn, Pat Aubertin, Bonita Gasaway, Ann Cowen, Meri Whisler, Dorothy Small, Jean Walter, Jackie Dickson, Winnie Gribben, C arolyn Routt, Dorothy Cole. Row three: Sue Cowen, Betty Kramer, Betty Hickey, Betty Fiant, Audrey Scott, Glenadine Davenport, Marie Hoffman, Elizabeth Brant, Marilyn Latchem. SWEATER WINNERS 350 or More Points Dorothy Hall .1 , Jane Kisner '-N-+s-M Lavita Malott """"'7:""':fv' Q 5- M Betty Kramer ,,""'i,,:'j, , , shffiey Gidley --L. MK.. B df 'W ' J 'sk L"-W V , ' ' W Audrey Tate .s"""""k"" 9 -'vt 4 s ' A -Q"-Q., s--.V A .ix '- iy ,N !f,.....- ,H :Su i Y Y we , I ,al , ,L , ,N 51-Hs..-sw Q g -4 '- ...,. NV I N"-Jlfg. a ' .N J. .5 -A V 1, -- ' 53.5,-., -. ,N I V ' V 1 -J Qu . Nik vs - . Q X 'V -H--'Nw-' 33' A . f a v -N . ...., ..., 3- f,,', . ,,.f ps, N V , A ?v r f .-. ,, ..,... 2. , Q, V I Q-.. -TL. 'F 5f ' ' 'fl' g, f W? A , va., J a , vlx. , ws. 1 x -Aw: , . :Ns -H as it t Ts f 'Q gffgiiv , M If .1 . I 1 J- " '--'W 4 0 ,11','K ? '5 'I ll? """'Fi! vii x f 5 4 A . W fill i 4 I ' ' , t A .,.v. ... 4 1 J I i . Am R V ?""4 fI' Dlx.. 1 ' F, we ' ' -f M ' ' ,Q 1,1 ' 1 J 2 J , THE 6400" GIRLS GET 57 CHEVRONS Doris Miller Lillian Quick June Shockey Margie Maloft Marie Hoffman Meri Whisler ff" we ' 1'-es Q U Q. My A g f 1- 2: W" WINNERS 250 or More Points Marilyn Baker Barbara Kilander Betty Hickey Wilma Wilson Joan Schelegelmilch Susanne Hipskind Janet Owen Audrey Scott Jeanne Short Betty Kramer 1 2 3. 4 5 6 7 Baseball poise Tennis players Fun makers Miss Vorgang What have you? A mix-up Soccer game X , 3 7 NUMERAL WINNERS 150 or Mon Points June Miley Barbara Kilander Marilyn Baker Helen Streng Betty Harmon Betty Shepard Virginia Ford Ruth Wigner Carolyn Routt Glenadine Davenport Elizabeth Brant Thelma Guttrich Betty Fiant Peggy Tyner Track runners Grace in bowling Gym "cuties" Tennis technique x l it 0 W1 ' ,-ig.-i-ii? ....... 'I C ie-M2 lggQ'ii,pa'g,g. T 5 , A z , , 1 i gms '. up IW! ms-B , . f. I MEP A- , WE PRESENT Phyllis, fname unknownj, and Bertha, the youngest high school students. Ossie, Dot, and Dunfee welcome spring on a sunny day. Bev's legs, Wilma, Mary Katherine, Betty K. and Nancy, Art Students. Betty Ann and Phil, Teacher Eskew's pets. Tom, Bill and Elb show who's boss. Shorty, Bob, Dick and Ralph. Miss Needham, after office hours. Just girls playing leap frog. Hi-Y out numbers M. F. F. Where did you come from, Norma? Jim and Goodie, Good? Miriam, basketball queen 1941 Our alma mater. Pals, Marielta and Marge. Looks happy, don't you think? Yours, Jim? True love. Mr. Gunning and boys. Guzzy, Pat, and Bake, now pa -42. rted ,qmqp---v-V-.-N...-..Y-,.....,. ....-,.. . . , AL, ' lr gxfifiii ,Ng -. , 1 1" I il V -'ls JXN kg ' 4-QV' - I 1 I , '11 if Ii +L. - -nuns! 1. Y - f J f Jfflh f ,fWjhMf..., hahlk yous 'Donor-5, , .fP"ll.2...'+Yf.... Q.0u:L1: H 'Q Allisbaugh Trucking Company A. L. Rudicel Armand Bickel Shoe Repair Beitman 8: Wolf Big Four Coal Company Boston Store Bradley Brothers Bromley Chevrolet Sales Brunswick Club Butch's Central Cafe Central Cut Rate C. G. Grubb Chauncy Airgood City Meat Market Container Corporation Cutshall's Drug Store Denney Motor Sales Dick's Haberdashery Durnbaugh Hardware Company Eagles Theatre F. A. Guynn Fasnacht's Jewelry Store F. J. Rettig 8: Son Ford Meter Box Frank K. Daugherty Franklin Security Company Fudge 81 Merritt, Insurance F. W. Woolworth Gackenheimer Pharmacy Gillespie's Millinery Haifner's 5 Sz 10c Store Harold S. Raifsnider Hess 81 Schlemmer Home Appliance Store Homer T. Showalter, Insurance Honeywell Regulator Company Howell Coal Company Hutf Brothers, Printers Huff's Market Hutchen's Laundry I. W. Lutz's Sons James W. Rhodes, Insurance J. C. Penney Company n The Staff . I- - . ,"'Y',i'fx f I-' '1' .- , I . ff' ' ' 1' f,.,g2" ,LA I f,z ' fry' f."' A -' John Richards Johnson Sales King-Hipskind Hardware Company Kroger Grocery 8: Baking Company Leppert Bus Company Le Towne Beauty Shop Lewis Paint Shop Louis Wolf, Insurance McNarney Brothers Grocery Miller Shoe Repair Montgomery Ward Company Mr. Ed. Little Mrs. Bert Martin, Printer Northern Indiana Power Company Oliver Showalter, Photographer Perry Cross P. K. Department Store Reeves 81 Ferguson Coal Company Ross Jewel Shop Sam Maroz Schlemmer Brothers Schlemmer Sales Scotts 5 8: 10c Store Sears, Roebuck 8: Company Scheerer Brothers Grocery Small Brothers Grocery Snack Shop Sweet Shop Talbert Brothers The Beacon Thompson's Dress Shop Thompson's Electric Shop Tremont Barber Shop Union Coffee Shop Wabash Bottling Works Wabash Cabinet Company Wabash Produce Company Wabash Shoe Parlor Ward Beauchamp 81 Sons, Insurance Wassman's Dress Shop W. C. Pontius Whittenberger Market Yarnelle Lumber Company ' 1 M4 " r x 4 ,1 .' 1- 4 5 , 1 1 v. F: V N -,., ,T ' 'nu 1 Q1 s.V!- ' CH 1. ,f, QL' .-, . II. -.v ag 7 . .1 + vc 'ff J 5,1 ,A i' " ' mil: l To our alumni who are enlisted on land, in the air, and on the seag to those employed behind the scenes in factor- ies-to all who are defending their country with the Spirit of the America they are fighting to preserve ........ We, the class of 1942, dedicate this Sycamore. 2' ? H if Sk 'Q 'Q' 3- Q.. if 4 4' 4 1+ if 3 if ik 4 Yi' X- r x x ! 5 1 1 4 I Q 5 1 I 1 1 1 f i 3 i I r w V I E 1 . D I F 5 s z 5 Z F 2 , 4 I i 3 a 1 5 2 9 . 1 . i I i 5 9 E 5 I .'nmx'w-1.1nw-qs-'1.. ww' rr r-.mn ,.,m,,,. mg Y- zu. gm ,gy , , H ,,-. 1510. ,.1:r.,,-5 :A rw- .r -N.: .v wf 1 1 1 1. ' 'Y vu" :,1. -. s.f,. ff , ::'.,, .,,p-' fp- --'nw -1.:-u ,. :-f 1- nf :-.f . 1 v 1- ' Curtiss Hentgen Virginia Nail Co-Editors Willard Price Ann Magnet Business Managers

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