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1 The II SYCAMCDRE Published By The Senior Class of Wabash High School Wabash, Indiana 1936 To our friends, in school and out- whose constant loyalty and guidance have helped us in attaining our goal-we dedicate this Sycamore. Dedication Editorial The Class of 1936 presents this Syca- more hoping that it is a publica- tion worthy of the school and that it will afford you many pleasant hours as you glance through the pages in the years to come. Qi he " Q25 gisg .42 Elie . Ea a- 'Q 23 Ee 5 1 E CDurSchoo1 Philip G. Mag Secretary Board 0 N r P :iucation And William H. Urschel Prvsident frederick M. Whisler Treasurer 7 HH "The amount of money one makes. on the average, is in proportion to the amount of time spent in school. But best of all, time well spent in school should give the basis for interpreting life in its broadest sense." Qur Superintendent Owen l. Neighbours Ili Gur Principal Leewell H. Carpenter "I hope that eac student may be better equipped for the respon- sibilities of citizenship by his four-year experience in Wabash High School." Cnr Faculty Bess T. Baer Phil N. Eskew Bertha T. Porter Marcia Snow Mary McCord Mildred Hipskind A. B. Krcm Eldon E. Barnhart Rex Sims TheronR.Tewksbury Claire E. Miller Odette Needham Cornelia Blayney Ruth lones Roy D. Black Raymond F. Struck Mary Biqqerstafi Mary lane Heinly Thelma Lynn Mildred E, Yopst GRADUATES We Qurselves HEY are almost gone now, those long-desired, cherished four yearr of high school life, and it is with an air of uncertainty and insecurit that we seniors view the future. Our lives arc more our own now than ever before, and how We'll shape them will depend entirely upon us. High school has probably offered us more helpful experiences an moral lessons than any other existing institution. It is here we hav changed from young irresponsible children into somewhat subdued, mor serious-minded young people. Of course, many factors have contribute to this transition, but the high school, with its teachers, activities, an other influences, has proved our greatest aid. So it is that we sadly bid farewell to this our friend and associate, Wa bash High School, that has so capably and beneficially started us on ou march into the future. OUR CFFICERS CHARLES SHOWALTER---President MARY WAKEFIELD---Vice-President MARY GOOD---Secretary-Treasurer Clyde Alexander Entered from Snuth Bend-4 Hi-Y Cordelia Bowlby Inter Nos M. C. L. G. A. A. Editor Sycamore 1936 Fred Baker Dorothy Brown Robert Beauchamp Debate Winner of State Inter Nos Declamation Hi-Y M. C. L. Madelyn Ashley Entered from Winamac-4 lohn G. Anderson Hi-Y Bernice Bridegroom G. A. A. C. D. S. Glee Club Sycamore Staff Virgil Ballard Lyre Club Leather Lungs Hi-Y Basketball Martha Brown William Dannacher Wrestling Athletic Board Hi-Y Leathfr Lungs Dramatic Club Sycamore Staff Ann Bush M. F- F. G. A. A. Home Economics Club William Fisher Glce Club Art Club lane Curtis Glee Club G. A. A. Robert E. Gackenheimer Mary Ellen Brunn G. A. A. Lyre C'ub Glce Club Lawrence Ferguson Helen Coomler Inter Nos Fleur de Lis G. A. A. M. C. L. Lyle Club Glee Club George Freeman Bettie Daugherty G. A. A. M. F. F. Debate Dramatic Club Keith Giver Band Orchestra Leather Lungs Lyre Club Helen Doran C. D. S. G. A. A. Glee Club Robert F. Hastings Fleur de Lis Sycamore Staff Dramatic Club Track Leather Lungs Kathryn Garner Dramatic Club G. A. A. Harold V. Howell Leather Lungs Anna Mary Day C. D. S. G. A. A. William Hartman Football Wrestling Leather Lungs lune Elshire Art Club G. A. A. Charles Haupt Leather Lungs Football Manager Kathryn Gamble M. F. F. Sycamore Staff' Art Club Glee Club Dramatic Club M, C. L. Senior Play G. A. A. Herbert lenks Mary Good Inter Nos M. C. L. G. A. A. Sycamore Staff Paul E. Lamale Art Club Band and Orchestra Lyre Club Hi-Y Inter Nos Dramatic Club Debate Sycamore Staff Senior Play Ruth Ann Guthrie M. F. F. C. D. S. Dramatic Club G. A. A. Richard Logan Football Basketball Track Inter Nos Leather Lungs Hi-Y Ann Elizabeth Gilbert Inter Nos M. F. F. Art Club Dramatic Club G. A. A. M, C. L. Parker C. Kuldau Leather Lungs Lyre Club Dramatic Club Glee Club Art Club Football Senior Play Madge Gordon Art Club Fleur de Lis Dramatic Club G. A. A. Sycamore Staff Senfor Play lack Lawson Football Hi-Y Leather Lungs Art Club Lorraine Hayden Robert Lutz Fleur de Lis Inter Nos Sycamore Staff Debate Eunice Hoffman Glee Club Walter McClintiC Dramatic Club Football Leather Lungs Track Basketball Evelyn Kessler Entered from Debate Chattanooga, Tenn.-4 M. C. L. Inter Nos Home Economics Club David Miller Leather Lungs Eileen Hipskind G. A. A. Lyre Club M. F. F. Dramatic Club Sycamore Staff Senior Play William Lutz Leather Lungs Football Basketball Track Ann Hoover M. F. F. M. C. L. Dramatic Club Art Club Inter Nos Glee Club Sycamore Staff Senior Play G. A. A. Everett C. Meyer Marjorie Miley Lyre Club G. A. A. Glce Club Orchestra William Milliner Dramatic Club Football Leather Lungs Basketball Ruth Pence Fleur de Lis Art Club M. C. L. Dramatic Club Inter Nos Sycamore Staff Robert Ridlon Lyre Club Band Orchestra Vivian Richard G. A. A. Glee Club George Simpson Lorene Snavely Dramatic Club Lyre Club G. A. A. M. C. L. Glee Club Band Orchestra Inter Nos Home Economics Club Mary Minniear Arthur Pittenqer Debate Dramatic Club Senior Play Sycamore Siaf Orange and Black Hi-Y M. C. L. Basketball Manager Fleur de Lis Inter Nos Doris Phillips Art Club G. A. A. Samuel Schlemmer Leather Lungs Basketball Football Caroline Scott Entered from M. C. L. Chippewa-4 Fleur de Lis G. A. A. Charles Showalter Football Basketball Track Athletic Board Hi-Y Leather Lungs Art Club Sycamore Staff Robert Smallwood Football Dramatic Club Leather Lungs Senior Play leannette Thompson G. A. A. Dramatic Club Fleur de Lis Sycamore Staff Richard Wilkerson Leather Lungs Track Wrestling Bettie Wass M. F. F. M. C. L. Dramatic Club Fleur de Lis G. A. A. Art Club Sycamore Siai Senior P.ay Virqinia Waye lane Worrel Art Club G. A. A. Mary l. Tate C. D. S. Glee Club Max Stevens Football Art Club Inter Nos Leather Lungs Band Lyre Club Sycamore Staff Mary E. Wakefield Fleur de Lis M. C. L. M. F. F. Sycamore Staff G. A. A. lohn Wright Elba Webster Glee Club G. A. A. Art Club Evelyn Webster Glee Club G. A. A. Senior Alphabet Athletic Logan Bachelor Schlemmer Cutie Gamble Dear Hoover Eager Showalter Farmer's daughter Scott Gabber Pence Handsome McCiintic Important Freeman Jealous .Bob Lutz Kissable Garner Loudest mouth Pittenger Monkey Anderson Nuisance Smallwood Obstinate Gilbert Playboy Dannacher Quixotic Gordon Romantic Hipskind Schnozzle Hastings Timid Bill Lutz Undaunted Miller Vivacious Wass Worker Bush Xemplary Good Yielding Thompson Zealous Snavely People who burn with love very often make fuels of themselves. Teacher fin classj : "Have I ever told this-a-one before ?" Class Qin choruslr 'tYes." "Good, Maybe youlll understand it this time? Teacher: "What is chemistry's outstanding contribution to the modern world ?" A Charles Showalter: "Blondes," Don't worry if you flunked-a zero is nothing. Curious old lady: "Why, you've lost your leg, haven't you ?" Cripple Clooking downlr "Well, darned if I haven't.', Ann Gilbert tunable to seej: "What is the first question on the board ?" Teacher: "Number one." Our Scotchman fries his bacon in LUX to keep it from shrinking. fEd: The Linotype operator may change shrinking to stinking . . . in which case we WOODBURY the bacon.J "Darling," he cried in tender tones, "I never loved but thee." . "Then we must part," the maiden said. "No amateurs for me." Qur Last Will and Testament E, the class of '36 of Wabash High School in Wabash County, Wa- bash, Indiana, do make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, that is to say: I, Eileen Hipskind, leave my ability to "go steady" to Velma Benson, I, Dick Logan, leave my way with the women to Bob Wakefield so that he may please all his admirers. I, Evelyn Kessler, leave my bashfulness to Dorothy Pontius so that she may calm down a little bit. I, Bud McClintic, leave my physique to Jack Wolf because he needs it. I, Mary Good, will my art of receiving help from the teachers to Mary Ann Wertenbcrger so that she may never need to worry about getting passing grades. I, Betty Wass, leave little McClintic to any girl who wants him. I, Bob Smallwood, will my ability as an actor to Jack Whitenack so that he may become a second James Cagney. I, Kathryn Gamble, will my amicable disposition to Opal Kamp. I, Ruth Pence, give some of my height to Annetta Jeffries. I, Arthur Pittenger, leave my reputation of a "Great Lover" to G. N. McVicker so that he may impress Jane with his romantic qualities. I, Helen Coomler, leave to June McCalla my voice so that she may achieve her ambitions in the music world. I, Ann Gilbert, leave Red Miller to the sophomores because I guess I am sorta robbing the cradle. I, Bill Dannacher, will my ability to fry hamburgers to Geneva Moss- man because Parker likes them. I, Madge Gordon, will my ability to get along in biology to Nancy Latchem. I, Virgil Ballard, will my friend, Paul Barrett, to anyone who can take my place. We, Ann Bush, Mary Tate and Jane Curtis, will our leap year success to any senior girls of 1940. We, Sam Schlemmer and Bill Lutz, do will the attractions at Urbana to the Yarnelle twins. We, the Seniors of 1936, will our places in the halls, classrooms, on athletic teams, in the clubs, and in all the places where we were so promi- nent to the under-classmen who may be able to fill them. In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seal this fifth day of June, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-six. Signed: The Seniors. 311 illilvmnriant Dc-31mer Anderson 1une 8, 1918 Qctober 15, 1934 UND ERGRAD UATES 1 1- Qur Successors Catherine Rhoades, Mary Miller, Virginia Worthen, Martha Betty Abernathy, Mary Anne Wertenberger, Bettee O'Brien, Ruth Curts, Bar- bara Sailors, Roberta Lester, Mary Ann Fishback, Marjorie Scott, Helen Kalb, Mary Schwab, Opal Kamp, Judy Dawes, Geneva Mosernan, Dorothy Pontius, Peggy Temple, Joan Welch, Martha Jones, Martha Kelch, Dorothy Showalter, Ed Yarnelle, John Hipskind, Joe Stewart, Paul Dotson, Kenneth Crouch. Paul Barrett, Woodrow Drook, Delbert Cole, Bill Thompson, Jack Hall, Wayne Jerdon, James Biggs, Robert Hipskind, Glyndon Hipskind, Lemoine Butler, Albert Hutchens, Robert Wakefield, Max Prewitt, Rich- ard Yarnelle, Ernest Paullus, Owen Neighbours, Max Ervin. Robert Wakefield Mary Schwab Owen Neighbours Miss Baer - lunior The luniors Lorene Crowder, Mary Cody, Mary Quick, Julia Haupert, Helen Rector, Angeline Walters, Betty Wilcox, Esther Lower, Evelyn Rehak, Velma Benson, Helen Thompson, Betty Brewer, Mary Jane Parker, Dessie Shockey, Marjorie Wilkerson, Evelyn Crist, Dorotha Harrold, Florence Ward, Muriel Hutchinson, Helen Valentine, Wilma Forbes, James Thomp- son, Truman Gidley, Charles England, Charles Wright, Gilbert Bailey, Harry Forbes, John Fitzpatrick, Robert Miller, Lemoine Burkholder, Al- bert Franklin. Officers - - President - Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer - Advisor The Sophomore Damon Bowlby - Barbara Sims - Barbara Sailors Betty Lou Cooksey Miss Biggerstaff Phyllis Purdy, Annetta Jeffries, Max Brunn, Robert Tewksbury, Richard Miller, Warren Sunday, Philip Magner, Rudolph Kessler, Adele Drill, June McCalla, Elinor Purdy, Geraldine France, Betty Alexander, Frances Leach, Donna Hipskind, Dona Runge, Betty McCune, Betty Lou Cooksey, Charlotte Kuhlow, Edna Martin, Ruth Christman, Eileen Benson, Kathryn Boles, Aileen Kester, Marjorie Stewart, Betty Craft, Betty De- Armond, Jean Metzger, Phyllis Bruce, Mary Cornelia Lines, Thelma Roush, Nora Brown, Robert Bennett, Jean Schlemmer, Phyllis Sampson, Lois Campbell, Grace Davidson, Betty Baldwin, Maxine Owen, Marjorie Coates, Audrey Powell, Lucille Baker, Joan Kegg, Betty Curtis, Homer Baumbauer, Dewey Creps, William Jones, Damon Bowlby, Fred Parks, Calvin Votaw, Fred Sunday, Robert Barnhart, Donald Harrold, Gordon Brooks, Thomas Jefferson, Eugene Morris, Richard Holmes. Sophomores Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor Ethel Goggans, Rosalie Mettler, Mary Jane Guthrie, Jean Harvey, Marcelle Moore, Martha Messer, Lillian Tyner, Bernice Van Dielen, Janet McCarter, Margaret Tholke, Elsie Long, Janet Daugherty, Marjorie Bear, Marjorie Grover, Caroline Kester, Claryce Summerland, Barbara Sims, Marie Waye, Maxine Draper, Betty Lou Lavengood, Ruth Shivers, Ruth Crowder, Marian Swan, Mary Jane Martin, Willodean Rhoades, Wilma Haw- ley, Audrey Hawley, Fred Green, lvondale Dohse, Galen Davenport, Jack Wolf, Robert Grindle, Donald Snyder, Annabelle Pottenger, Hazel Smith, Janice Leland, Robert Schnar, Virgil Weesner, Dian Jefferson, Harry Lawson, Robert Shambaugh, Floyd Sweet, Raymond Lutz, David Bailey, Jack Whitenaek, Robert Barsoda, Max Ramsey, Jack Green, Wayne Guern- eey. ,li all l al, all lag 5222 get 5 23255 M33 wi? 52:2 5: 353. :eil .la 532 iii 52 lb i r 3 ll i., 3 Sl 5 ui Th S Freshman Merlee Brothers Na.ncy Jean Latchem John Daywalt Miss Blayney I Frances Hipskind, Ruby Houser, Marjorie Riddell, Lucile Schlemmer, Mary Ellen Butterbaugh, Norma Dotson, Katherine Butler, Rosemary Hoffman, Betty Gordon, Jeanette Harner, Jean Baumbauer, Edith Jones, Doris Pickett, Mary Jane Bailey, Jewell Short, Eugenia Pavlos. Marguerite Urschel, Marian Fisher, Janet Walters, Joan Schaaf, Martha Kumley, Betty Frankstein, Thelma Forbes, Mary Tyner, Beatrice Stanton, John Magner, Bill Musser, Howard Wright, Bill Frushour, Paul Campbell, Jack Ball, John Daywalt, John Mossman, Jack Smurr, John Freeman, Mary Pettit, Margie Pinkerton, Mary Clark, Marguerite Wigner, Ruby Mettler. Robert Fordyce, Lawrence Bantham, Robert Delaplane, William Rumpf, John Garpow, Waye Baker, Robert Lehman, A. J. Holderbauxn, Donald Wertenberger, William Barrett, Howard Culver, William Coburn, Richard McClintic, Robert Eckman, Earl Middleton, Eugene Bone, Glenn, Baker, Eugene Thompson, Arnold Ervin, Rex Biggs. HE. ,. .' K,-4 ' his f Freshmen Officers - ' - President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer - Advisor Mary Snowberger, Roberta Figert, Thelma Danielson, Katherine Long, Hulda Koons, Helen Hart, Margaret Cole, Velma Lehman, Helen Miller, Pauline Purdy, Doris Schaaf, Jane Anthrop, Bessie Lehman, Jessie Lehman, Genevieve Ferguson, Edith Lawson, Betty Brock, Jeanette Miller, Tom Miller, Dean Swan, Gene Elshire, Jack Brewer, Donna Parks, Thelma Doran, Lorene Miller, Esther Walter, Ruth Casper, Joyce Summerland, Betty Aubertine, Helen Durnbaugh, Doris Dickson, Lavonne Dickover, Bonnie Wimmer, Gloria Broughton, William Guernsey, Robert Dawes, Le- roy Fierstos, Shirley Kinney, Harold Lewis, Howard Finnegan, Betty Bridegroom, Merlee Brothers, Eileen Snavely, Samuel Sposeep, Francis Vandegrift. Max Ribley, Donald Helm, John Coon, Loren Lilves, Vaughn Story, Manuel Sposeep, Jack Cross, Rex Anderson, Herman Morrs, Lennes Worrell, Bernard Plum, Paul Martin, Max Hutchens, Billy Baldwin, Ken- neth Alger, Paul Baker, Robert Shivers, Billy Sailors, Wayne Johnson. Robert Pittenger. 5 i asa b Q., . - eg, 2iHg'i,NC:, . San'-:filnuf mms .fr-nails: Zhi ummm anna i J ,i 2.5 if ai r M Q 1 5 5 i 1 tditmu l l l Qur School Calendar SEPTEMBER 1 Pupils begin getting used to rising early, preparatory to starting to school. 9 School starts. Everybody and his uncle ask everybody else and his uncle if they have a literature or chem- istry. Noblesville decides we're a jinx of the gridiron. 10 Frosh give free entertainment to the veterans by enter- ing the wrong classes. 13 Kokomo tried, but we tried harder. 19 Commercial Geographer Tewksbury explains why the ocean goes so near to the shore. OCTOBER 3 'Black drops glassware in the dark room. Was his face re . 10 Ann Gilbert gets stuck in a wastebasket at an Inter Nos party. 11 Incident on football schedule: Warsaw. 18 Teachers Institute. Students relax. NOVEMBER 1 Dick Logan blocks Peru's conversion-beats 'em 14-13. 8 Wabash raises last five year's score at Marion. 14 G. N. McVicker gets a black eye. 28 Turkey Day theme song: "Heaven, I'm in Heaven." 29 Hardwood season opens for Wabash at Peru with Wa- bash on the short end of a score 18-17. CSee Feb. 21st for revenge.D DECEMBER 18 P. T. A. Christmas Party. Parents, teachers, pupils leave at 11:30 P. M. 27 Wabash outslugs Marion but loses anyway. JANUARY 3 Rochester is defeated in an overtime. 4 Wabash turns on the heat: beats Manchester, then Hunt- ington in an overtime to win Four-Way Tourney. 10 Jeffersonville takes it on the chin. 17 Kernel Kuldau's Amateur Hour. 22 Brr--20 below--School does not close. FEBRUARY 1 Wabash surely had a bad case of jangled nerves when they played Tipton. D "Television and applause of Bob Lutz decide that Esther Walter is our best prospect. 15 Froebel stalls one whole overtime period to win. Heat wave--5 below--school closes for vacation. Most of us bachelors got through safely. 18 29 MARCH 3 Mr. Eskew approves knitting. 7 Wabash shows that they still know how to play basketball at the sectional. 14 Wabash retires its basketball team. 21 Spring comes "theoretically." 30 Senior play auditions. APRIL 1 Did you? 3 Senior play practice starts. 20 Pittenger, as "The Youngest," learns things. MAY 1 Spring comes "actually," 5 "The Youngest," senior play, is presented. 15 The "Sycamore" goes to press. 16 The Hi-Y Best Girl Banquet. Remember? 22 Carnival for Lungs. 23 Junior-Senior Banquet. Junior-Senior Prom fwe seniors hopel. JUNE 2 Exams begin. 5 Sq iors are given diplomas and a box of matches and orders ankil instructions to go out and set the world on fire. Com- menlcement. Our Annual Staff ,ii Editor-in-chief Assistant - Business Manager Assistant - Circulation Manager Assistant - Snapshot Editor Assistant - Society Editor Assistant - Photography Editor Assistant - Jokes and Calendar Editor Assistant - Art Editor Assistant Sports Editor Assistant Typist - Assistant Cordelia Bowlby Max Stevens - Ann Hoover William Dannacher Kathryn Gamble - Robert Lutz Jeannette Thompson Robert Hastings Madge Gordon - Ruth Pence - Mary Good Walter McClintic Paul Lamale Mary Wakefield Charles Showalter Bettie Wass Arthur Pittenger Robert Beauchamp Eileen Hipskind Bernice Bridegroom 1 i J 1 i 2 1 ,, ii Qur Mouthpiece 5 S The Orange And Black Staff Q Owen Neighbours ---- Editor 5 Bettee O'Brien - - - Assistant l John Hlpskmd Business and Circulation Managers Martha Kelch l Arthur Pittenger - - Sports Editor Jack Hall Arr Editor Ruth Curts iitggylilzzlbzlfters - Typists and Mimeograph Operators Q Peggy Temple Robert Beauchamp is Reporters j Dorothy Showalter l Q Miss Hipskind - Sponsor il Started as an experiment, the high school paper, the "Orange and i Black," proved to be very successful. The paper was published every A other Thursday and contained both general and personal news of the school. The staff was composed largely of juniors, and it is probable that i the "Orange and Black" will become an official activity of the junior class ' and a permanent feature of school life. l l 5 :I i Q 4 I I! 11 3 i , P 2.- CDRGANIZATICDNS S! i MJ T 5 H u 1 J- J w NV 'r H ,I P Fleur ole Lis OFFICERS: Ruth Pence President Mary Wakefield Vice President Bettie Wass ---- Secretary Miss Biggerstaff ---- Sponsor First Row: Betty Baker, Jeannette Thompson, Bettie Wass, Miss Bigger- staff, Ruth Pence, Mary Wakefield, Madge Gordon. Second Row: Roberta Lester, Helen Coomler, Dorothy Showalter, Martha Kelch, Caroline Scott, Geneva Mossman. Third Row: Robert Lutz, Robert Hastings, Arthur Pittenger, John Hip- skind. Inter Nos OFFICERS: Mary Good - President Cordelia Bowlby Vice President Ann Gilbert - - - Secretary-Treasurer Miss Blayney ---- Sponsor First Row: Lorene Snavely, Ann Hoover, Ann Gilbert, Cordelia Bowlby, Bettee O'Brien, Mary Good. Second Row: Betty Baker, Evelyn Kessler, Bob Wakefield, Ruth Pence, Helen Coomler, Miss Blayney. Third Row: Paul Lamale, Bob Lutz, Max Stevens, Arthur Pittenger, Dick Logan, Robert Beauchamp. Leather Lungs OFFICERS: John Fitzpatrick ---- President Walter McClintic Vice President Bill Dannacher Secretary-Treasurer Sam Schlemmer - - - Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. Barnhart ---- Sponsor First Row: Max Stevens, Jack Lawson, John Fitzpatrick, Sam Schlemmer, Robert Smallwood, -Virgil Ballard, Walter McClintic, Bill Dannacher. Second Row: Bill Lutz, Charles Showalter, John Hipskind, Parker Kul- dau, David Miller, Edward Yarnelle, Mr. Barnhart. Third Row: Harold Howell, Richard Yarnelle, Richard Lawson, Wayne Gidley, Robert Hastings, Richard Wilkerson, Gene Harvey, Keith Giver, Lawrence Horner, Charles Haupt. Absent: Dick Logan, Bill Milliner. OFFICERS: Bettie Wass ---- President Mary E. Wakefield Vice President Dorothy Showalter - -- Secretary-Treasurer Miss Jones, Miss Snow - - - Sponsors First Row: Helen Daugherty, Kathryn Boles, Margery Stewart, Jean Schlemmer, Marjorie Bear, Ann Gflbert, Ann Hoover, Bettie Wass, Kathryn Gamble, Ruth Curts, Barbara Sailors. Second Row: Lois Campbell, Miss Jones, Jean Metzger, Mary Wakefield, Ruth Ann Guthrie, Betty Daugherty, Ann Bush, Geneva Mossman, Dorothy Pontius, Judy Dawes, Loretta O'Brien, Miss Snow. Third Row: Phyllis Sampson, Bettie DeArmond, Eileen Hipskind, Martha Kelch, Dorothy Showalter, Grace Davidson, Peg Temple, Aileen Kester, Mary Anne Wertenberger, Petty Craft, Mar- tha Jones, Joan Welsh, Annetta Jeffries, Opal Kamp, Marjorie Grover. pp M. C. L. OFFICERS: Mary Schwab ---- - President Arthur Pittenger - Vice President Mary Wakefield - Secretary-Treasurer Robert Wakefield - - Sergeant-at-Arms Miss Hipskind, Mr. Carpenter - ----- Sponsors First Row: Jack Wolf, Wayne Guernsey. Second Row: Mary Gocd, G'oria Broughton, Marian Swan, Helen Durnbaugh, Bettee O'B Wertenberger, Geneva Mossrnanf Caroline Scott, Angeline Walters. Third Row: Miss Hipskind, Edith Jones, Ruth Crowder, Mary Schwab, Mary Wakefield, ricn, Mary Ann Helen Coomlex Ann Hoover, Bettie Wass, Cordelia Bowlby, Ruth Pence, Betty Wilcox, Helen Rector. Fourth Row: Evelyn Kessler, Lorene Snavely, Lorene Crowder, Julia Haupert, Owen Neighbours, Bob Wakefield, Arthur Pittfnger, Mr. Carpenter, Robert Barnhart, John Hipskind, Betty Lou Cook ey Martha Kelchl Dorothy Showalter, Betty McCune, Absent: Gordon Brooks, Albert Franklin, Kathryn Gamble, Marjorie Grover, Phyllis P Tholke. C. D. S. OFFICERS: Mary Anne Fishback Marjorie Scott - - ' Mary Tate - - Betty Wilcox Sergea Marjorie Wilkerson -------- Mr. Barnhart --------- urdy, Margaret President Secretary Treasurer nt-at-Arms Doorkeeper Sponsor First Row: Marjorie Wiilkerson, Evelyn Crist, Dessie Shockey, Joan Welsh, Martha Jones, Peg Temple Ruth Curts. Second Row: John Fitzpatrick' Helen Rector, Betty Wilcox, Bernice Bridegroorn, Helen Franklin, Mr. Barnhart. Third Row: Mary Miller, Anna Mary Day, Mary Tate, Ruth Ann Guthrie. Mary Anne ' jorie Scott. Absent: Angeline Walters. Doran, Albert Fishback, Mal Hi-Y OFFICERS: Charles Showalter -------- President Owen Neighbours Vice President Ernest Paullus - Secretary Robert Wakefield - Treasurer John Fitzpatrick - - - Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. Krom --------- Sponsor First Row: Wayne Guernsey, Gilbert Wilson. Second Row: Paul Barrett, Virgil Ballard, Bill Thompson, Mr. Krom, Charles Showalter, Philip Mag- ner, Joe Stewart' Robert Brauehamp. Third Row: Ernest Paullus, Paul Lamale, Robert Barnhart, Robert Wakefield, Arthur Pittenger. John Fitzpatrick. Fourth Row: Owen Neighbours, John Hipskind, Robert Tewksbury, Paul Dotson, Jack Lawson, John Anderson, Max Ervin, Jack Wolf. Absent: Robert Naugle, Clyde Alexander. Dramatic Club OFFICERS: Ann Hoover ------- - President Walter McClintic - - - - - Vice President Jeannette Thompson ------ Secretary-Treasurer Miss McCord --------- Sponsor First Row: Ernest Paullus, Paul Lamale, Jack Wolf, Robert Beauchamp, Wayne Guernsey, Gordon Brooks, Robert Pittenger, Robert Naugle, Owen Neighbours. Second Row: Parker Kuldau, Lorene Snavely, Jean Schlemmer, Margery Stewart, Opal Kamp, An- netta Jeffries, Marjorie Bear, Barbara Sims, Angeline Walters, Barbara Sailors, Betty Aubertine, Walter McClintic. Third Row: Helen Daugherty, Grace Davidson, Kathryn Gamble, Ann Hoover, Betty Daugherty, Betty Xgigoxa Ruth Pence, Julia Haupert, Betty McCune, Eileen Hipskind, Jeannette Thompson, Miss c or . Fourth Row: Arthur Pittenger. Esther Walter- Ann Gilbert, Ruth Ann Guthrie, Marjorie Grover, Judy Dawes, Velma Benson, Betty Curtis, Dessie Shockey- Mary Schwab, Madge Gordon, Geneva Mossman, Bettie Wass, Robert Smallwood. Art Club OFFICERS: Max Stevens ---- President Madge Gordon Vice President Ruth Pence Treasurer June Elshire ---- Secretary Miss Heinly ----- Sponsor First Row: Claryce Summerland, Kathryn Gamble, Max Stevens, Parker Kuldau, Ruth Pence, Doris Phillips. Second Row: Jack Lawson, Paul Lamale, Ann Hoover, Jack Hall, June El- shire, Miss Heinly. Third Row: Jane Worrel, Elba Webster, Marjorie Grover, Barbara Sims, Bettie Wass, Ann Gilbert, Madge Gordon. Absent: Charles Showalter. Home Economics Club OFFICERS: Dona Runge ---- President Elinor Purdy - - Secretary-Treasurer Lorene Snavely ---- Reporter Miss Miller ----- Sponsor First Row: Elinor Purdy, Jean Harvey, Dona Runge, Thelma Forbes, Bon- nie Wimmer, Gloria Broughton, Edna Martin. Second Row: Claryce Summerland, Ann Bush, Evelyn Kessler, Lorene Snavely, Norma Dotson, Betty Lavengood, Miss Miller. Third Row: Donna Hipskind, Betty Baldwin, Lucille Baker, Velma Leh- man, Elsie Long, Genevieve Ferguson. Absent? Madge Gordon, Cordelia Bowlby. Qrchestra and Band Miss Yopst-Director. First Row: Gloria Broughton, Jack Hall, Eugene Harvey, Robert Tewks- bury, Paul Dotson. Second Row: Robert Bennett, Lorene Snavely, Bob Schnar, Charlotte Kuh- low, Paul Martin, Robert Shivers, Eileen Snavely. Third Row: Robert Ridlon, Lennes Worrel, Max Prewitt, Max Stevens. Frederick Green, Wayne Jerdon. Lyre Club OFFICERS: Lorene Snavely - - - President Paul Barrett - Vice President Robert Ridlon - - - Secretary-Treasurer Miss Yopst ----- Sponsor First Row: Dorothy Showalter, Charlotte Kuhlow, Adele Drill, Marjorie Bear, Barbara Sims, Helen Valentine, Dorotlta Harrold, Lo- rene Snavely. Second Row: Eileen Hipskind, Marjorie Miley, Helen Coomler, Mary Ellen Brunn, Jack Hall, Parker Kuldau, Virgil Ballard, Paul Bar- rett. Third Row: Jack Green, Robert Ridlon, Paul Dotson, James Drill, Max Prewitt, Paul Lamale, Max Stevens, Wayne Jerdon. Debate Club First Row: Betty McCune, Roberta Lester, Betty Lou Cooksey, Barbara Sims, Donna Hipskind, Mr. Tewksbury, Coach. Second Row: Wayne Guernsey, Paul Lamale, Evelyn Kessler, Arthur Pit- tenger, Bettie Daugherty, John Fitzpatrick. Third Row: Bob Tewksbury, Jack Wolf, Owen Neighbours, Robert Beau- champ, Bob Pittenger. Resolved: that medical care should be made available to all people at public expense. The Debate Club has had a very prosperous year. In the course of thirty-six debates Wabash has been victorious for the most part. We take great pride in saying that we Won over Frankfort, the state debate champions of last year. Six members of the club will receive letters this year: John Fitzpatrick, Betty Cooksey, Bob Beauchamp, Owen Neighbours, Evelyn Kessler, and Arthur Pittenger. Other members will receive numerals for their success- ful work in the past year. ATHLETICS Football First Row: Paul Baker, Billy Rumpf, Rex Anderson, Calvin Votaw, Bob Beauchamp, Bob Pittenger, Paul Martin. Second Row: Richard Logan, Robert Smallwood, Charles Showalter, ter McClintic. William Milliner, Richard Yarnelle, Schlemmer. Third Row: Assistant-Coach Eskew, Ed Yarnelle, Virgil Ballard, Stevens, William Lutz, Parker Kuldau, Eugene Harvey, Lawson, Coach Struck. Wal- Sam Max Jack Fourth Row: Damon Bowlby, Paul Barrett, Lemoine Butler, Jack Cross, Richard lVIcClintic, James Biggs, Robert Shambaugh, Fred Sunday, John Fitzpatrick. FOOTBALL SCORES Wabash 19 Wabash 7 Wabash 44 Wabash 13 Wabash 46 Wabash 50 Wabash 0 Wabash 14 Wabash 41 Tot. Wabash 234 Av. Wabash 26 Noblesville Kokomo Logansport Huntington Warsaw Elwood Central Ft. Wayne 'Peru Marion Opponents Opponents lo In 6 O 0 0 0 0 'D 0 0 32 3.5 Meet Qur Football Review HE most successful football season of recent years rewarded the ef- forts of Coach Struck and his Apaches this year. They retained the Central Indiana Conference championship for the second consecutive year, and only one game held them from the coveted state championship. In the end they came out with a record of eight wins and one loss. The scores are found on the preceding page. As for individual performances, there were stars, of courseg in fact every man on the team starred in his own field, but no individual tried to detract from the team play by drawing attention to himself. Probably the most noticeable individual performance was that of Ed Yarnelle, who rammed his way to the berth of high scorer in the confer- ence, earning a place as half-back on the all-conference squad. Rich Yar- nclle served as interference for Ed when he wasn't out getting points for himself. Bill Milliner called them right and always brought that pigskin back a long way off these punts. Bud McClintic interfered and interfered. with the other team, and was worth his weight in gold to the team. Charles Showalter and Dick Logan could always be depended upon to be under those passes, or to clear the ends. Schlemmer would always have his man out of the way, as would Smallwood. Harvey never missedg his men knew he was out. Stevens, until he cracked his proboscis, smeared every play that came his way, and some that didn't3 and when he was out, Lutz ably filled his shoes. Last, but not least, Kuldau, one great center, put that ball when and where it was wanted. A great season, a great team, with a great coach, Dutch Struck, who always taught the boys to play good, clean football. l COACH "D U'l'CH" STRUCK Edward Yarnelle Junior All State Halfback William Milliner Senior Quarterback Honorable Mention? Sam Schlemmer Senior Tackle Richard Yarnelle Junior Halfback Third Team? William Lutz Senior Guard Gene Harvey Junior Guard Richard Logan Senior Second End Second Teamt Robert Smallwood Senior Tackle Walter McClintic Senior Fullback Max Stevens Senior Guard Parker Kuldau Senior Center Charles Showalter Senior End Honorable Mention Richard Lawson Junior Manager :EAU State Ratings Our Sectional Basketball Review HE Apache basketball season of 1935-36 was a succession of ups and downs. That they were "up" most of the time, however, is shown by the fact that they won sixteen games throughout the season and lost only ten. Some of those ten, though, were the very ones they wanted most to win. But then, on the other hand, included in those losses were three one-point games, one two-point, and one three-point, which scores denote hard-fought games. The high points of the season came in the Jeffersonville and Froebel games. This may seem odd at first, since we lost the latter, but, never- theless, in those two games the Apaches showed the stuff they were made of, and it looked pretty good to us. In fact, some of us thought it looked like "state" material, but the fates took it the other way and ordained Marion to defeat us in the regional. In this year's first eleven, there are four who will be back next year to take the team to the state championship. They are: E. Yarnelle, all- conference high scorer and forwardg R. Yarnelle, who really hit those long ones: Biggs, a promising center, and Drook. The rest, including Milliner, also all-conference: Showalter, a late but sure arrival on the regulars, Schlemmer, a hard worker: Ballard. who worked four years for his letterg McClintic, as dependable as he is handsomeg Logan, the fighting guard? and Lutz, who Worked on, even if he didn't get into many games, will all graduate this year, much to everyone-'s regret. It was, after all, a good season, in spite of everything. BASKETBALL SCORES Wabash 18 Peru 19 Wabash 28 Alexandria 25 Wabash 23 Decatur 24 Wabash 28 Huntington 24 Wabash 33 North Manchester 8 Wa bash 21 Warsaw 26 Wabash 19 Marion 20 Wabash 28 Rochester 25 Wabash 41 North Manchester 19 Wabash 26 Huntington 24 Wabash 20 Jeffersonville 18 Wabasli 27 Noblesville 28 Wabash 39 Huntington 19 Wabash 44 Bluffton 17 Wabash 35 Alexandria 34 Wabash 12 Tipton 39 Wabash 23 Elwood 11 Wabash 25 Marion 28 Wabash 23 Froebel fGaryJ 25 Wabash 29 Peru 21 Wabash 32 Kokomt 25 Wabash 34 Lagro 6 Wabash 36 Urbana 14 Wabash 42 Chippewa 4 Wabash 35 Lafontaine 22 Wabash 18 Marion 39 Champions Edward Yarnelle William Lutz All Conference Team Virgil Ballard Junior Senior Senior Forward Guard Forward All Conference Team Sam Schlemmer James Biggs Woodrow Drook Senior Junior Junior Guard Center Forward Richard Yarnelle Charles Showalter Walter McClinti Junior Senior Senior Guard Forward Center i William Milliner Arthur Pittenger Richard Logan Senior Senior Senior Guard Manager Guard "B" Squad First Row: Floyd Sweet, Warren Sunday, Robert Shambaugh, Fred Sun- day, Harry Lawson. Second Row: Paul Barrett, Robert Barnhart, Damon Bowlby, Homer Baumbauer. B SQUAD SCORES Wabash 22 Peru 20 Wabash 17 Alexandria 25 Wabash 22 Decatur 24 Wabash 21 Huntington 16 Wabash 25 North Manchester 20 Wabash 24 Warsaw 27 Wabash 12 Marion 29 Wabash 22 Rochester 27 Wabash 23 Huntington 14 Wabash 27 Warsaw 15 Wabash 30 North Judson 9 Wabash 16 Tipton 14 Wabash 16 Elwood 14 Wabash 15 Marion 21 Wabash 18 Chippewa 20 Wabash 25 Peru 23 Wabash 22 Alexandria 14 Wabash 23 Bluffton 16 Wabash 22 Kokomo 24 Wabash 20 Van Buren 25 3 4 1 i ,f,. ' 1. ,l is n ,r TI L if :ali i li i ,vga lil!- 'i M ll :Il slat Si lf, itfif iii' i: sl, Ei" tra .501 Z ' s Elii ' Q ,i Llg :QE ig' si if l Ii F p s E 1 n Y yi X i I3 ,s ii 7 .5 Ei lt' bite! Fl in i iii iii T555 il? -5.1 lvluir ww-af .v-ww ,illg iw. il, EEE 4555 K. iii I lg lit fi i 1,71 ali lt? Fil li lk Hit li ,E all il :lg li I Track First Row: Richard Logan, Warren Sunday, Woodrow Drook, Robert Beauchamp, Robert Wakefield, Robert Barnhart, Gene Kin- ney, Robert Bennett, Eugene Morris. Second Row: Richard Wilkerson, Lemoine Burkholder, Walter McClintic, Robert Gackenheimer, Jack Green, Harold Lewis, Fred Parks, Allen Coates. Third Row: Bernard Plum, Paul Dotson, Robert Miller, Bill Lutz, Rex Anderson, Robert Hastings, Richard McClintic, Charles Showalter, Everett Meyers, Thomas Jefferson, Eugene Layton. HE Apache track and field team turned in a very satisfactory record this season, which they capped by sending six men to the state meet. They won every dual and triangular meet with ease but were com- pelled to take fourth and third at the Delphi and Frankfort relays respec- tively. They placed third also in the sectional at Marion. Finally, two points in the state meet rewarded the efforts of the mile relay team who placed fifth in their heat. The conference meet has not been held yet as this goes to press. Charles Showalter proved high point rnan by consistently winning the shot put except in the state meet, he also gleaned several points from his efforts in the broad jump. Showalter, McClintic, Logan, Lutz, Gack- enheimer, and Wilkerson were the ones to go to Indianapolis. SCORES Wabash 58 Fairmount 51 Wabash 63 Peru 52 Wabash 58 Warsaw 39 Rochester 19 Wabash 78 Huntington 37 Wabash 23 Frankfort 39 Cwinner at Delphib Wabash lllfg Muncie 48 Cwinner at Frankfortj Sectional Wabash 35 4-5 Muncie - State Wabash 2 Horace Mann Wrestling Q "1 'l L . . fkffifiiii'-55d t Q g?s ?s,5fzisffats:z2 ,N 1frf1'if 'll?t iff., szgfilfifsf -',- .la .,,, 1 - yi n - w1gqt:.egas:lgafgggyw Wi' fi ' lififzif3i5i5,fff5s2?5i:?f1121., . A..s,F.,.q .. 1, . ifffsj. .2251 Tiifwt 413:-aw: 55.155 gigs? so fli'f'gif',f 1: -7 , 'nfcrs 11,-amgtsr li .1522,s'zi1szi1fs:,i5V1,m2as :ifp:i'i" ' H 1-fwfmslff-111' :QQIYL gytfgafraaz 53?12SQZif.S:S3y1:gw, Lag W-4.,. fi5222515523:.2gr.2fQ4zw ' 1 1'lW?riifi21 , . -'ZH' mrswf. zz., .gs.-f9'l.5'T?3'lSQo:i1fwl4ozeif ,A -'wmvl..m,?w-f.fWe3gsww-sfaww . L. "' ti?-wgfsgfa-fw,xL..m .. f , '- A, 5 u s . William Dannacher James Thompson Richard Wilkerson Lawrence Ferguson Snior-Captain Junior-125 Senior-115 Senior-135 Weight 110 Our wrestling team did very well this year, considering the fact that they had no regular coach. Tlfey won five of their seven scheduled matches. The above four are the ones who went to the state tournament at Bloomington this year. SCORES Wabash 21 Roanoke 15 Wabash 6 Muncie 30 Wabash 24 Roanoke 9 Wabash 3 Muncie 33 Wabash 20 South Bend 8 Wabash 28 Peru 5 Wabash 20 Peru 16 ---and Tennis A tennis team has been organized at Wabash High with the comple- tion of two new courts. So far this season it has turned in a nearly perfect record. It consists of Ed Yarnelle, Rich Yarnelle, William Thompson, and Floyd Sweet. Scores thus far in the season are: Wabash 2 Huntington 2 Ctiel Wabash Huntington 1 Wabash Marion 1 Wabash Peru 0 Wabash Huntington 1 Wabash Rochester 1 Wabash Marion 1 Wabash Gas City 0 Wabash Manchester College 6 1: il ll i I il il l i. 5 il a i sl l And Then Meet Girls' Athletic Association HE G. A. A. of Wabash High School was reorganized this year un- der a new state constitution and point system. Wabash High is one of the twenty-eight high schools in the state to belong to this or- ganization. One hundred and seventy-two girls became members the first semester, and thirty more joined the second semester, so that our mem- bership includes about ninety-eight percent of the high school girls. Points are received on the basis of participation in athletic activities. Thirty-five girls received their first awardg seventeen, their second, and five senior girls received the highest honor, the state plaque. These plaques were awarded at State Play Day at Muncie by Doctor Pittenger, Our Girl Winners of G. A. A. State Plaques First Row: Anna Mary Day, Eileen Hipskind. Second Row: Bettie Daugherty, Cordelia Bowlby, Mary Ellen Brunn. president of Ball State Teacher's College, to twenty-two girls from all over the state of Indiana. The juniors walked off with class honors in the Round Robin Tourna- ment in basketball, while the sophomores upset all previous records to take top honors in volley ball. As we go to press, the seniors seem about ready to take the baseball crown, but the "frosh" are giving thcm a pretty stiff fight for it. Several pleasant social events have been sponsored by this organiza- tion under the direction of the following officers: Eileen Hipskind - - - President Dorothy Showalter Vice President Phyllis Purdy Secretary Esther Walter Treasurer Miss Sn ow Sponsor Athletes lunior Basketball Champions Opal Kamp, Marjorie Wilkerson, Dorothy Showalter, Geneva Mossman, Mary Miller, Helen Kalb, Miss Snow, Evelyn Rehak, Evelyn Crist. Sophomore Volley Ball Champions Phyllis Bruce, Jean Schlemmer, Margery Stewart, Phyllis Purdy, Marjorie Coates, Maxine Owen, Bernice Van Dielen, Grace Davidson, Miss Snow, Barbara Sims, Aileen Kester, Kathryn Boles. To Qur Donors The Seniors of 1936 wish to thank the following people who have helped to make this publication possible. In return for their splendid cooperation, we ask our readers to patronize them. Autos and Accessories Cross Super Service Johnson Sales Co.-Ford Talbert Bros.--Dodge Auto and Factory Supplies Baber Supply Co. F. J. Rettig and Sons Bakery Superior Bakery Baking Powder Wabash Baking Powder Co. Battery Service Earl Overman Battery Service Beauty Parlor Orchid Beauty Parlor Billiard Parlor Haags Bottling Works Wabash Bottling Works Building Materials C. S. Baer Lumber Co. Yarnehe Lumber Co. Clothing Beitman and Wolf Inc. Dick's Haberdashery D. C. Lavengood J. C. Penney Co. Resneck Style Center L. H. Thompson Coal ' Reeves and Ferguson Coal Co. Coal, Tires, Radio Repair John Richards Dairy Walker's Dairy Products Co. Dickson Bros. Eagles Theatre Colonial Theatre Druggists Bradley Bros. Gackenheimer Pharmacy Hall's Drug Store Theatre Drug Store Five and Ten Cent Store Woolworth Funeral Homes Hoover Funeral Home Jones Funeral Home Furniture I. W. Lutz's Sons Sterling Furniture Co. Gift Shop The Baby Shop-Ann 1-Iuber The Cheerie Shop-Mildred Adams Groceries McNarney Bros. Scheerer Bros. Small Bros. The Kroger Grocery and Baking Co. Hardware Durnbaugh Hardware Co. Gamble Store King Hipskind Co. Schlemmer Bros. Wickenhiser Geedy Co. Ice Cream Morris Mossler Jewelry Malloch Jewelry Store Ross Jewel Shop Job Printing Mrs. Bert Martin Plain Dealer Press Laundry Hutchens Laundry Newstand Nottmyer Photographer Showalter Studio Plumbers Hess and Schlemmer Restaurants Central Cafe Dannacher's Green Hat Shining Parlor Wabash Shoe Parlor Shoe Stores G. 8x S. Shoe Store Hubert Miller Shoe Shop Personal Contributions Miss Thelma Lynn J. D. Conner, Jr. Milo Meredith T P D P Y C' Autographs

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