Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN)

 - Class of 1928

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Wabash High School - Sycamore Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Cover

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wir' 9" . U 9' . a . ' . 1 , ,'.,, .. -, ' ' - '-nf , . ' sql. : ,3 1-' 42' ,n vi 12- - , V . 3-x w ft' .' ' fl I, 1- . A V mi. ' .. 1 wr. -, .. - , , ,W f W, O X , 1 . - Q ll' 5' 145' ,. Q .f . -fn " ' H? 9 :V V, , :xu X 'wx' , 50- ' "4","S - N ' ' X: ' ,s . , .J , . . , ., 4 ' , 155' " ' QQ'P9' : .' O ' . -ga Q i , L, .1- A' f H1 ,nl . -u K M I. ,gn Fr J . 1 . A I 'nl-,s,,'4 . - 1' .- . sf rd!! , w-f.j,,J- fa V My-1 . LQ, --1 ' ky 1 .fm . . ,, Nw, .. -, , I,-I 1. i ' ai 4. fa dv: .F- .'--1. Y, 0. 1-. a , 1 ,-1'7" , ,ag .l,' V --w . , '.Vh -- -, J - 1 -, ,fr-.+,V .4 A. . 15'--,-9 ,f1 j 'af' 7 ' ' -+:f,4:f,ygfg. V-1 , ':fV-L,-, V. ' T. V, f .,g' V - -Q, ' .. AA . '1 ' 5 ' ' ' .Qg -.Vf,-1-5F14 gf ff. Huff !,,.'3,g5 '- 4 . . ' I ":'v- .. ' 6' f. .- 'L-1 S -1"'P - -W, :ef f. -4 . . X' :M-I f.,.,?3,m.i.-H: .-,I V fwl " :lu ' ' ,1'- 1 f w : ' V . f V -',-:,- -, 3 .- '. , I yu' . ,. K, V A - knw VV 1 A 1-1 :Ti ,.vfL:f1'jf f-15.55 V-1 Vg V ,, . 1-VV.vh43fVN , A - ,V V 'V.', Q-ft. 'Si -Lf,-. 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S. four and one-hall years Superintendent Wabash City Schools twelve and one-half years -.qnubn When the Old High School Building was built in 1894, many prominent citizens cf Wabash doubted that it was the duty of the public to educate children beyond the eighth grade. When the New High School Building was begun in 1925, everybody agreed that it was the duty to educate boys and girls through the High School grades. The question asked at this latter time was not, "Is it the duty of the public to build a high school building?" but "Where shall we build it?" The obligation to educate children in the High School was taken for granted. Now that the citizens of Wabash have furnished a splendidly equipped building, with competent teachers, the obligation rests upon boys and girls in High School to make the most of these opportunities. This can best be done by forming habits of study which will enable the student to get the most from the class-room. These habits must be supplemented by habits of conduct, formed through high school activities, which will lead to the highest type of citizenship.-Owen J. Neighbours. Y IIAYNARD C. DARNAL1,HPrinripr1l A.B. Indiana University University of Chicago Wabash High School 1019 '-1 ,,,.f-Q, , , ,,.- X., 5 V ff. '--- ESTELLA MooRE4SoviaI Svienre University of Chicago University of Tennessee Wabash High School 1901 -s--Z ,'r'f' PHILIP G. MAGNER-Physics and Chemistry A.B. Wabash College lVabash High School 1919 IQATHRYN NABER-Biology A.B. University of Illinois University of Colorado Wabash High School 1926 AIILDRED HIPSKIND-C011177ZCTfi0l Geog- raphy, History and English Ph. B. University of Chicago ll'abash High School 1925 ELDON E. BARNHARTTCOWWHIFTCIKZL Ph. B. University of Chicago Wabash High School 1917-18-19 REX SIMS-Shop Indiana University Indiana State Normal Wabash High School 1919 BERNICE HEETER-F'fEl7L7ll' and English, A.B. Otterbein College Wabash High School 1926 Spmzkiizg, j0lll'lIl1Zl-SHI fit KATHRYN TROXEL-History A.B. Manchester Follege Indiana University Wabash High School 1022 LoLA LANGSTON FENCE-I.ibrr1rian A.B. Indiana University Wahasli High School 1016-18-21 CoRNEL1.-x BL.-XYNEYfI.alfllI A.B. Indiana University Wahasli High School 1007 ESTHER GIBNEY-.llfztlzvnmtit-.v A.B. Indiana University Wabash High School 1026 N: , ,A T. R. TExv1csBL'Rv-English, Pulnlif B.S. Uolgate University llnhaili High Sfhool 1017 CJDETTE NEEDHAat-Conznzrrfiul Valparaiso University Indiana University Chicago University University of Colorado lYaliash High School 1021 Li- 1...-M ,.,f 1'-""' ' ' "rs"-ff '- ' ik?-,S ' -Jigga Y YQ 7uA K- GD -9,-Jen, ' ' G,...,..fvsi,,4 '.f.....,,,6 CVS-Agn-AN-e "Q-'x,--Gb-fx,---sz-'PX RUTH JONES-E71gli5h A.B. DePauw University Wabash High School 1920 DIARCIA SNOW-Physical Trai-ning A.B. University of Michigan Michigan State Normal College Wabash High School 1926 PAYNIOND F. STRUCK-Physical Train ing 1 A.B. DePauw University University of Illinois lVabash High School 1927 BESS T. BAER1.ZlfLZihFWZGf'fL7S B.S. DePauw University Wabash High School 1905 CLAIRE lX1ILLER'H0m6 Economics A.B. University of Illinois Wabash High School 1920 MARY JANE HEINLX'-,417'f Supervisor B.S. Columbia University Pratt Institute Wabash High School 1924 -rig-' ' I i 1? --H224 QQ. , 'mmf Qi? 115 -5 Q I... K , r K 'fig-Z f ' ' 'Q :H 'A ,,,,,,.. V KK ' ' 1 I' RV.-i I H A I l H1 .MA 1 H . f . xx v. A' 4' I 3 ' . A wtf- - X751 X. A' 3 U K'?-:Tn n . - -. K H" xX ' E-if 1 ' x S51 W X 'z , - .X - .XX ,, .R ,X an ! A --, "1 Y H A -, XX., X 'XXBH TN 4 ' 'I ' . K .'.- Q 'mfg I Y d Zig -is X Sf Yi Lv x f ff Rm ff f w .X : XJ f Q: g X? L YY ", -.. X yi I , A 4 Xxx S-X Y-fx , V --'V ' ' I 1 'xr ,IN y Q xx- 'x Q ,JT ' X- I 'X X. ' 4 . N ft','-. ..' K, lik W- uij xv, -- Q. 515:51 4 H' M 5 'XX 'XM x, I ' 11, 1 -N A -' if p5 I 1 I ' VY XX ' ll Q Q ff 1 : Q ' - - ' , ' " . 1 jiri.: y ,gf 4, Wfjgm M V ,K " " -V - .V H ' .71 -j L A il! J 1535, ffm. W Q A -L j A A f Rf, gif v' . N X' Q. V ,V bfi W' Y x ,TL I .'-A . - ' , ' ' '-.. . .Qu , V' '. ' ti' . n . V,-,dg ,gf - 4- , f ,ay -Am rv f 5- E lg: If f-- fi - -gpg F40 l V lv! rg'-If M ,3'?Q.7mn V, lf ' - A'Nf- -5- X V j J MX 4K' J! A.-if Q kb ff Q R, ya ,U W a lar:-was-1 nioioioioinia ni Qmingrzxphs IIHIHJ FEHHEIHHIIIIII if iw? HARRIET TISOVIC "Tizzie" President Senior Classg M. F. F.g School Basketball 'ZSQ Annual Staffg C. D. S.g Student Council. RALPH COMER "Comer" Pres. C. D. S.g Student Council '27- '2Sg Annual Staffg Treasurer junior Classg Vice-President Senior Class. shine Society. HELEN STOUFFER "Srouffer" NI. F. F.g Glee Clubg XV. A. A.g Sun- JACK RoB1NsoN 'fRobbfie" Leather Lungsg Wrestling 3 years. LIARCELLE SCHLEBI BIER "Slim" AYANDA SIXIYERS "U'mzder" Secretary-Treasurer Senior Classg President lNI. F. F.g Annual Staffg Treasurer Sunshine Society '251 Secre- ciety. tary Sunshine Society '26g Wabash Weekly StatTg W. A. A.g Student Council 'ZSQ Senior Play. President Junior Classg Student Coun- eil '27-'ZSQ Annual Staffg Wabash Weekly Staffg W. A. A.g Sunshine So- BI.-XRCELYN FISHBACK "Marne" V Treasurer C. D. S.g Annual Staffg CHARLES SHROYER "Charley" W. A. A.g Sunshine Societyg Senior Leather Lungs: Senior Play. Play. g 4--- -W .,,, ,w.,,...e,.. -Tak-.1 ff-.-V..-Z,-Y.-Ns,-,, x Xxx X 'x,:VV,y is ug EDWARD VICE "Ed" Football 4 yearsg Buskektbull 4 years Basketball Captain '26-'Z7g Wrest lingg Truck 2 yeursg "XY" Clubg Stu- dent Council '26-'27. SARAH SURIBIERLAND "Sally" M. F. F.g Sergeant-at-Arms C, D. S. School Basketball '273 W. A. A. Sunshine Societyg Annual Staffg Presi dent Sophomore Classg Yell Leader Senior Play. RUTH LONG "Rzz1lz.ir" Sunshine Societyg Glee Club. Ii.-XTHRYN OBRINGER "Kate" C. D. S.g M. F. F.g Annual Stat? Vice-President Sunshine Societyg W A. A. Aw ,.-,..f.-.- rig' C ,E ---- Y Grpxevrlzvii FOUNT,-NINE "Genn'v" lf. D. S.: Annual Stung Sunshine So- ciety. FRANCIS PURTFR "Pete" Leather Lungsg Football '27g Wttbusli Weekly Statlg Track '27g "XY" Clubg Senior Play. DELLA DAX'IDSl1N "D. .-1. D." W, A, A.g Sunshine Societyg Glee Club. JAMES EWING "Jim" Senior Plttyg Orchestrug Bllllll. ROBERT SMITH " Tex" Annual Stuffg Wnhusli Weekly Track '26-'28. ELIZABETH GI.AZIER "Ia1zey" C. D. S.g Sunshine Societyg XY STEXVART PETRY "Steam" lYrestling .3 yealrsg TruCk 3 Leather Lungsg "XY" Club. OPAL SWETQNIQY "Sweezzic" Opera Cluhg Sunshine Society. Staffg A. A. years: CLINTON OSTHIIXIER "Myrtle" "XV" Clubg Wrestlingg Football Track. HELEN BARNES UBt1l'l'1t'S'Vn Glee Cluhg Sunshine Societyg W. A, A PAUL JOHNSTON HJ011115f01IU frik -ears hAI'6tl1Ilg7jE'1l' An ViC'3Y'1i s' -wsgg - nuul Stuffg Football 2 years. ESTHER HLYAIBIER "Kid Hzimfmern W. A. A.g Sunshine Society. w Na' MARY ALICE CRAFT 211. A. C." M. F. F.g Secretary Glee Clubg W. A. A.g Sunshine Society. VICTOR Doxomx "Viz" Basketball Z yeursg Wabash Weekly Staffg Opera Club. ALYERDA FIERSTOS "Vcrda" C. D. S.g Annual Statfg Sunshine So- Ciety1 XY. A. A. LA MIUINE LATCHEM "I.u1r11" President Leather Lungsg Football 3 yeursg Athletic Board 'Z-lg Senior Pluyg Student Council '263 "XY" Clubg Yice - President Sophomore Clussg Yiee-President junior Class. AAQILLIS FRIICHRY "Dog-Fare" Leuthtr Lungsg Truck 'ZS. EsTHER THORNTON "Biddir" Sunshine Societyg XY. A. A. PAULINE SMITH "Snzi1ty" XY. A, Ag Cpera Clubg Sunshine So ciety. RI.-XRY BICN.-XRNI-LY "Shrimp" School Basketball '2og M. F. F. Glee Clubg Sunshine Soeietyg W. A Ag Wultusli Xleekly Staiit. DONALD BOXVLBY t'Shot Foot" Football Captain '27g Football '25 'Zo-'27g Vice-President Leather Lungs: Sergeant-at-Arms Leather Lungs Track '26-'27g Student Council '27 "KY" Club. CHARLOTTE BIAHAN "Rowena" Sunshine Societyg XY. A. A. FIAXINIE St'HL'LER "Snootzio" M. F. F.g Xl'abash lYeekly Staff, Treasurer Glee Clubg W. A. A.g Sun- shine Society. RlllllfR'F.A CRAFT t'Bobbie" M. F. F.g W. A. Ag Sunshine Society , W YYY' "g'+""e-H- . - I BIARY AYARRINGTON "Te1'ps'icIwre" Inter Nosg Annual Staffg Wfabash Weekly Staffg Sunshine Societyg W. A. A. DALE CRAWFORD "Buck" Leather Lungs. AI.-XRY ELLEN HIPSKIXD 'fHipskind" Inter Nosg W. A. A.g Sunshine So- ciety. GENE KNoTTs "K1zottsey" Treasurer Leather Lungs: Football 2 yearsg Wrestlingg UW." Club. - ' r---QM '-if ,...-.4--1-1:-:A-1 ...- FRANCES Homer. "Rosebud" W. A. A,3 Sunshine Society: Opera Yell Club. EDITH H.AR4WLD BICGINNIS "Mar" CLARK ROBERTS "Tide" Leuderg Leather Lungs. CHX 'lCo.x-ie" President Sunshine Socictyg W. A. A Annual Stuffg Opera Cluhg Wzthusli Truck '27g Football '26-'27q Basket- Weeklv StuHg Senior Pluvg Student hall '27g lYalJ11sl1 XYeekly Staff. Council ' 'I'n.n.x All-IEK "TiIIiv" JAMES FRY "Fr-v" C. D. S.g Annual Stuffg Sunshinu So- Ciety. Glue Clubg Opera Club. BURNIQTTI-1 We if rnu'ARn "Burnie" FRANK BIESSER "Frazzk" XI F. F.: KY. A. A.g Sunshine Sr llulmsli llbckly Staff. cicty. ,.-.-""""'-Afwf fir' Y' Y gi f " Sax. x,AL.,,W - Y -- - V -Y, SW , - - i Y - ,. ,Y-f" ff""'W ,-Lk Y.-f A ' --F N .4 'xx . ll -X' Jyafd SAM CAREY "Mfickiey' HELEN BENT "Maud" Intei Nosg M. F. F.g XV. A. A.g Sun- shine Society. HAROLD ODUBI "Odum" GENEVIEVE HAHN Hf67'L1'Z6j'H Track 2 yearsg Football '26. M. F. F. School Basketball team '27g Sunshine Societyg President W. A. Arg Student Council. YELMA UNGER --Min" STUART SRIALLXYOOD "Stu"' Glee Club: Sunshine Societvg W. A. A. Seffemfl' Leather Luni-151 Football '7 . Y '7 -7, Basketball -7. ESTHER ANDERSON "Bud" ROBERT CLARK HBUU' sunshine Societyg W. A. A, Glee C. D. S.g Annual Stull. Club. J.-mms EBBINGHOUSE " Shame" Leather Lungs. BIABLE SCoTTEN Wabash 'Weekly Staff: Sunshine So- ciety: Opera Club. JAMES LUTZ "Lut" ALICE O'BRIEN "Irish" Opera Cluh: Sunshine Society: W. A. A. ETHEL Coox "Connie" XY. A. A.: Sunshine Society. THELRIA Lows "Peg" M. F. F.: Sunshine Society: XY. A. A.: President Glee Cluh: Senior Play. BI.-XXINE CARNEY Annual Stan: Wabash Weekly Staff: Sunshine Society: XY. A. A.: Senior Play: Student Council 'Z8. FRED SQUIRES "lid" Leather Lungs: Ulu-ra Cluh: Foot- lrill '76-'77 t .. .. . FRANCES CARSO "D0Zly" Senior Playg C. D. S.g Sunshine S0- cietyg W. A. A.g Orchestra. JACK MILLER "Meat" :MIILDRED YOPST "Mid" Inter Nosg Annual Stuffg Opera Clubg Student Council. RUDERICK HIPSKIND "Rod" JAIXIES CRAFT "Jim" Leather Lungsg C. D. S. BIARIAN HIPSKIND "Sheep" C. D. S.g Sunshine Societyg Opera Club. ARRIAND BICEEL "'Bic" Annual Stuffg Band. HELEN DLTFFEX' 'fDuff" Inter Nosg Secretary Sunshine S0- Annuul Statffg Opera Club. cietyg XV. A. A. Nt, 7215- Y V1 - "I 'H " ' r"----- - GRA., v ..-wc - ' g i A' 'C A n"'ri,.,.,,,,,i.,J,,,.-,L ,NQs?,g,,?- , 1 Mmmnwhxr E e E' we E 'E'rer-ee 15 C' 'njglfglxe-.-.lege L- - ,R RX ,z W1r.m'R POTTINCFR ".1Ifikr" I.L'nn'rI1 BIZIAK "I.ud" Luuther Lungsg Annual Stnitg Wrcft- Batsketlmll Z yeursg Leather Lungsg ling. "W" Club. FRIED.-X BURGITT "Burg'in" Esrnm IQLINE "E.vf1wr" . Sunshim Sodetv' Sunshinc Sorietyg W. A. A.g Glcc Club. Kraxrxliu BAK1-211 "High Parker" Hmeiu' Kim: "Rf1ftIing" Leather Lungsg Wuliusli Weekly' "W"C'luI1g I.C'1.lfllt'I'LLl1'lQSQ liuskut- Stuffg Football 'ZS-'203 Wrestling lmllg Funtlmll '271 Wrestling YS. ,..j,.-ff-A - ln:-1 1. ini- :fini 11.2. 1 :.: cz zz iz:11:14121113-fi-vzfni-rg-fi--3 E : E ,.e ll? 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Irwin, Mary Esther jefferson, Ruth jones, Edward Knotts, Elsie Kramer, Lucille Kuffel, Mildred , XM, I -,Q--' i x-',,-5-,,.g.. Langston, Jennie Mae Lavengood, Bessie Lehman, Eva Lower, Elden Mabee, Samuel Mabee, William Maxwell, Paul McClain, Donald McCloud, Pauline McGinnis, Jerald McNarney, Mary Helen Messer, Harry Milliner, Robert Millican, Adoline Miser, Velma Morrow, Mary Alice Myers, Kelso Neighbours, Rayhue Palmer, Frances Payne, Kathryne Persly, Glenn Pontius, Louise Pottenger, Marion Ridgeway, Rhea Schlemmer, Edith Schornick, Margaret Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Marguerite Smith, Raymond Snavely, Robert Speidel, Gilbert Stettler, William Stevens, Shelby Stoops, Robert Sundheimer, Thomas Tyner, Wildus Yotaw, Roslind Wakeneld, Paul Walker, julia Watts, Henry White, Ruby Williams, Elizabeth Ann Woods, George Worthen, Helen Marie Yost, -Iosphine Young, Elmer FAX S-f S mmggwwww XJ 1 -4 A I 1 I 1 '4 V, f M!! Abernathy, lValter Baker, Geane Baker, Nora Baker, Ralph Barrus, Rosetta Bell, Louise Bickel, Dortha Bizjak, Amelia Bloomer, john Brewer, Celia Brown, Isabelle Bryant, Dortha Clark, Alice Clark, Neil Cole, Freda Cole, Mae Louise Comstock, James Cowles, Helen Crouch, jay Creps, Avis C ullers, George Curtis, Margaret Daugherty, Charles Davidson, Marian Delauter, Lera Mae Dotson, Chester Endres, Fredrick Fierstos, Idella Fishback, Vernon Fowler, Walter Garner, Vaughn Garpow, Cecelia Gerhart, Cecil Gift, Marian Graves, Sherman Grunewald, Clarence Hipskind, Edna Hipskind. Yivian Hodel, Fredrick Huffman, Horatio Hummer, Mary Hummer, Wilma Belle Hutchens, john Jefferies, Harriet jones, Robert jordan. Josephine Kendall, Mary Alice Kester, james Latchem, Charles Marks, Pauline Marshall, Clyde McCloud, Esther McNarney, Loretta Miller, Mary Alice Mullenix, Hilda Mullenix, Kenneth Murphy, Lorene Obringer, Loretta Oswalt, Reid Palmer, Alice Paullus, Howard Persly, Howard Ply, Ralph Pottenger, Howard Pressler, Helen Reed, Charles Rife, Mildred Roberts, Eleanor Rodabaugh, Roy Russell, Helen Schmalzried, George Schuler, Robert Scotten, Warren Shaffer, Mary Helen Showalter, Richard Slagle, Lee Smith, james Smith, Katherine Smyers, Robert Spahr, Ruth Sposeep, Isaac Stahl, Glenn Stanton, Everett Stineman, Harold Tomlinson, Lorin Cnger, Howard Walker, Dorothy Weimer, Mary Ellen Williams, Lorene Woods, Gladys Worthen, Frances Young, Rolland i i L 2 .--.--..:1v-- -' Sf? , 5! KA Q + Q IEDJEUHI IEIU IIW f" fin fn, Am, I., W K X 1 wr .. H Vw D i x I 5 N v 4 I 1 F E 1 s Q V 4 Adams, Nolan Alexander, Albert Alger, Louise Arford, Clarice Arford, Imogene Arford, William Aukschun, Carl Barnes, Robert Beeks, Vern Bent, Herbert Bently, Lucille Bizjak, William Brauneller, Margaret Brindle, Arthur Brooks, Helen Brunn, Maxine Carney, Mildred C arso, Anthony Comstock, Mary Crawford, Florence Crist, Alice lfamiand, Albert Davenport, George Dohse, Karless Dye, Delphene Eckman, Charles Eltzroth, Jessie Ferguson, Melvin Flinn, James Fountaine, Bernell Fowler, Betty Lou Freeman, Kenneth Gardner, Florence Gill, Juanita Gray, Dorothy Gurtner, lVendell Hahn, Herbert Harner, Leo Hawley, Kenneth Hipskind, Robert Hoch, Dean Holdermann, Helen Howell, Dorothy Howell, Thelma Huff, Rosanna Hutchens, Howard Jacobs, Marie Jefferies, Leah Ruth Jolmston, lYilliam Joy, Selma Kennedy, Glenn King, Mary Jane Lawrence, Mildred Leach, Richard Lehman, Christie Long, Kenneth Long, Opal Lower, Ross Lutz, Parmer Lynn, Dorothy fr,-,,.., P4 Wi ,-M?--if . .. ,vrx , llartin, James Martin, Kathryn Martin, Thomas Martin, Robert McCombs, Joe McCloud, Donald McCarter, Charles McCaniel, Paul McDowell, Donald McNeely, Jolm hIcVicker, Ruth Megenity, Kathleen Mendenhall, John Miller, Woodrow Milliner, Dorothy Miser, Frances Misner, Lucille Moore, Nedra Mylin, Treva Myers, Yetive Neighbours, Robert Newcomb, Byrl O'Brien, Quessie Plummer, Alfred Ply, Virginia Porter, Helen Rettig, Mildred Rish, Robert Rish, William Rudig, Irma Sabo, Augustine Schenkel, Raymond Schlemmer, Byron Schlemmer, Elizabeth Schlemmer, Estel Schornick, James Shivers, Paul Shoemaker, Charles Shoemaker, Francis Shonk, Helen Sloan, Bemard Smallwood, Jolm Smith, Maxine Smithee, Floyd Smurr, Dorothy Snoke, Clarence Sprinkle, Glenn Stone, Reta Stouffer, Mildred Strickler, Arthur Strickler, Clifford Sweares, Louise Temple, Leah Tutorow, Josephine Unger, Darwin Yotaw, Joseph Yrooman, Paul Wakeland, Mary Walter, Jolm lYebster, Ralph ,-, I Qxihleiirs Coach Raymond Struck Coach Struck came to Wabash this year as la. man of unusual ability, having been an "all- state" man in both football and basketball. He encountered the difiiculty of developing foot- ball and basketball teams largely from raw material and succeeded in producing first class teams. Besides teaching the boys to be good athletes he has taught them to be good sportsmen, and on every occasion that has arisen he has shown them how good sports- men conduct themselves. VVe are proud of our coach and believe that he is one of the best high school coaches in Indiana. ..q,mg,.. Wise old Benjamin Franklin once said: "Nature heals and the doctor takes the fee." That is to say, nature prescribes simple remedies for physical ailments- namely, exercise, temperance, fresh air, and needful rest. In equal proportion as man makes proper application of these remedies is he strong physically-and in a large sense, mentally and morally alert. In our present age, the common schools along with the home have been designated the dual guardians of our children through the first twelve years following babyhood. This guardianship carries with it a great responsibility--namely, to guarantee to all our children conscience, vision, and physique. In the past the schools have fulfilled their part of the ethical and intellectual training, but their record in providing for the physical care and development of our children has been rather poor. However much advancement has been made along this line during the last decade, and Wabash High School has not lingered behind. Our physical education program gives every boy and girl the opportunity to learn how to play various types of games and also enables these individuals to get plenty of exercise for their physical well being. Be- sides this, the school carries on interscholastic competition in four sports: football, basketball, wrestling and track. The members of these teams are chosen on their rc- spective merits and ability, and every boy in school is given a fair and equal chance to compete. Coach Struck. CAPTAIN DoNAI.n Bowusv Bowlby was Dick Miller's choice as center on the "all-statel' football team. All fans who have seen Bowlby perform certainly agree with Mr. Miller. By hard work and grim determination Bowlby attained this goal, always showing a fine spirit setting the example that a captain should for his team. It was his fnghtin' spirit that made Wabash a tightin' team. CAPTAIN HENRY XVATTS Henry certainly had the good of the basketball team at heart cooperating with the coach in making the season an outstanding success. In playing guard Henry was our mainstay, since his opponents seldom got past him for short shots. Besides playing basketball "Hank" has proved his merits in football and wrestling. Surely his loss will be felt next year. CAPTAIN RoBERT STOOPS Bob, a veteran with four years' experience, is most worthy of the title of "captain" The success of wrestling this year has been due, in a large measure, to the constant effort put forth by the captain. Bob has been without a peer, having won every match of the season and the state championship in the 125 pound class by a fall. When will W. H. S. tind a man to till Stoops' position? CAPTAIN Gaokon Woous lYoods, our track captain, has gained his position on his merit as a track star. He has been a letter-man in track since his freshman year, having specialized in the four-forty, half-mile, and as member of lYabash's famous relay teams, We believe Woods will lead us through a successful track season. -Z,- Y v ii Y ,Y ,miiww , - -Y, , ,. I l xi Y ffs. W5 refyf ., . . .M J sd- e3'Sss-ss . A A af ,--, -S -,.,.--1 A.: --.,4,:........f, , A Y , itil? - 'Pi"W"5 -. P r 0, f I' c , 3,I"-, SQNGQ, Y l v iff., ' , ' - , 4' 350- ' , . 1 . Q ..'- '- A' '. Nl. . Y jx. 4 ,, . .- . , . . . , A vt L H.. , x 4 ' 9 N ...L " .I V. ', - di: l sg' n . ,f, . 'S' 'f ' 1 .' .' 'P - 4 be 4 F , T. . '-M url, ' all' 'P C . . A li 1 ' . a. s -1 . , v ' - 3 1 A , . I ,, A '- ui 4 1 . ara' Z 'Q' Q - , 4, , . ffl' .rn Q A 'l-1 f 0 4 I 0 Q' .. F 1 . , . .Y Q 4 Q Q 'Q L 5 3 0 ri A , YN" FOOTBALL RESULTS FOR 1927 WVABASH vs HUNTINGTON A I Wabash lost her initial game of the season in going down to defeat before Hunt- ington by the narrow margin of 7-6. Numerous fumbles caused Wabash's downfall. WABASH vs Kor-:onto Kokomo proved to be too strong for Wabash at that period of the season. The result was a 13-O victory for Kokomo. WVABASH ys 'BIANUAL XVabash came out of her "slump" on "home-Coming day" with a glorious victory over the Capitol City Boys to the tune of 19-7. WVABASH vs GOSHEN The strong Goshen team, our Northern rivals, proved to be too weak for Wabash as the score will show: XVabash 7-Goshen O. WYABASH vs GARY The lads from the "Steel City," Gary, Continued to hold their supremacy over Wabash when they defeated our team 33-O. WYABASH ys FT. WVAYNE QSOUTH Sroizj In a hotly contested game from start to finish for every foot of ground, Wabash nosed out Ft. Wayne 7-6. Following this game the Ft. Wayne coach sent Wabash a message commenting on our good sportsmanship and the value of clean competition. WY.-KBASH vs LooANsPoRT Logansport certainly counted her chickens before they hatched when she asserted that she would beat Wabash at least thirty points. Quite the opposite happened, and lYabash won 32-0. WV.-XBASH ys PERU Peru came to Wabash entertaining great hopes of victory but returned home completely squelched. Had the day been more favorable Wabash would undoubtedly have made a larger score than 13-O. WYABASH vs BIARION Had Wabash started the game as she finished there Certainly would have been a different story to tell. As it happened, Marion came out with the long end of the score, 12-7. Z' 1 l i 1? -qi' is- WI In lb lull' -2 E Q -Z. ' YY. .., ,YKY,,,-,,,, 15534 Pr' g V, , X ,L L ..f- f"'fY -if-fff + ..., l .,., 4 u L! . .,,,,,,,,,-v Sept. Sept. Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov FOOTBALL SQUAD Battling" King ..... Jimmie Martin .,... Gene Knoots ..... Don Bowlby ....... Bob Stoops ............... Hank Watts ,.,,,,,.,.,.. Evidence" Smallwood "T" Cornell ...................... Johnstown" Wloods Pete Porter .....,..... jelly" Jones ,..... "Tony" Carso ......... "Latch" Latcheni ...... L. Tackle L. Guard Center R. Guard AR . Tackel R. End Q. Back H. Back H. Back F. Back H. Back .. Center Bizjak, Wakefield, Odum, H. McGinnis, G. McGinnis, Showalter, W. Abernathy, R. Abernathy, Garner, Ferguson, Hutchens, Pottenger, Finkenbiner, and Bahlor. RECORD OF GAZWES Huntington 7 13 Kokomo Manual Goshen .......................... .... 0 7 South Side of Ft. XX ayne 6 Logansport Peru O Marion t UW -"Me---v ef V. wi, , Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash 'Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash Wabash f l --TIL 111: -F L. . ' ?fr"""-.Ka lx., rn" f --' -' 'W' -L -A ,LL -- -AE ' SNALLWO OD ,SMITH BASKETBALL CAPTAIN-EL QAR50 .3 ,J 15 x 7: ,R 1 I CAUFAIN WAT T5 KING ! BIZJAK -Q lj, 'S O' X CORNH L LJ PLAYERS Raymond Smith ....... ........,.,........ ....,. F o rward Ludwik Bizjak ,,.,. ...,,, F orward Thomas Cornell ...,... Center Stewart Smallwood ...,., ,..,.. C enter Harry King ,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ..,,.r G uard Anthony Carso ................,..,....,.,..............,.....,................,, Guard Henry Watts ,,,.......,......,..rr.. r..r.er......r.,,e,..,Y,.,.r,.e.,.,,.........,.. G uard Paul Shivers, Victor Donovan, Harry J. Hutchens, Alfred Plummer, Raymond Schenkel, Donald MacDowell, and Robert Mattern. The basketball season this year has been one of the most successful in the history of NV. H. S. More enthusiasm has been shown and larger crowds have attended the games than in any preceding year. The district basketball tourney was held in Wfabash this year, for the iirst time. It was attended by record-breaking crowds and was a success in every phase. Although Wabash lost the tournament, she lost in a hard- fought game and demonstrated to the visitors the true type of sportsmanship. RECORD OF GAMES 'S zo ll' abash ...........,......,........... ,,.,.., lYabasli ............,......,.,,.... Wabash .... Wabash ..,, lVabash .... lllabash .... Wabash ..... Wabash .... Silver Lake ..... C hester ..,....., L i nlawn ...,... J onesboro ....... Roann ....,,....r..... N. Manchester ,.r..........,.,. Peru ...................................... . Ft. Wayne fNo rth Sidej ..... Wiabash ,.,. Elwood .............................. Vllabash .,,. Elwood ..,....., .... lVabash ...,. Jonesboro lVabash .,,. Warren ,....,. lVabash .... Huntington ..... Wabash .,., Peru ,.............,. . Wabash ..,,. Lagro .. ..,.......,.. .. Wabash ..,. lYabash .... N. Manchester Llnlawn .,,,., ,......, Wabash ,... Laketon .........,. Wabash .... Lincolnville .... Tozwncy lYabash .,..... 14 N. Manchester ..... I ...iii . Y W, i Xxx K 'xi WRESTLING 'N Comm ' JONES WATTS CAPTAIN STOODS DE:TI?Y gpm' OSTHIFTER Snavely, Petry, Pottinger, Gray. Pant. Stoops, King, Cornell, Knotts, Osthimer, Martin, Watts. Cant,-Elect Jones lYabash High School is again the proud possessor of the title, "State Champions," for wrestling in 1928, having amassed a total of 40 points at the state wrestling tournament held at Indiana University. Her nearest competitor, Bloomington, obtained but 29 points. The team secured revenge on Bloomington at the state for the defeat they handed us, the only defeat in our wrestling history. Although the team worked out Without a coach the greater part of the season, nevertheless, by constant and diligent training it has produced possibly the most successful season. All the matches this season, with a few exceptions, have been decisive victories for Wabash, showing her supremacy in this sport. A great amount of self-sacritice is required in training and making weight by the members of the team, and they deserve our highest praise. RECORD or MATCHES Wabash Lowell ..... 10 Wabash Muncie ..... 13 lYabash Muncie 6 lYabash Elkhart ,,.,, 0 Wabash Bedford ........ .. 31 Wabash Bloomington 40 Wabash Lallorte ..... 6 lVabash Bloomington Ji Total 1 Opponents ..... .,...... 1 3 9 - ,-..Y . .. .Q-. :vw .-. 1. TRACK -'+!1I'!+" Si111'e our lllllllllll goes to press liefore this yea1r's truck 511115011 closei. our l'l'l'UI'fl will Ili'Ct'S5llI'llf' he i111'c1111plete amd we End it 11eCess:1l'y tu IlL1lJllSll lust f'L'LlI'.S rt-mrcl. The 5111111 OL1tL'OUlC of lust ye:1r's seasoii was ll? follmvgz The district meet, l11-ld 11t lk-ru, was their victory as fur 11s puints were l'Ullt'L'l'llCfl. Fornell placed tirst i11 tl1e pole vault. Sll0XYl1llCl' seeonrl i11 the lllllf mile, :mtl Ferg11s1111 Seeoncl in the Shot put. The must notzilmle :1el1ieVe1111'11t was i11 tlie mile relay. XYo111ls. filSIllllllCI', Davis. :md Sliowulter ccmimwosecl the tCLlIl1, WiIN1i1111 the event i11 remrrl- lfreukimg time zmrl reprt-S1-11ti11g Wulmeli High Fclmul i11 tlu- state meet. The relay tt-11m flirl rt-11111rla11l1ly well i11 wimiing one uf the two ti1111ls 11t tl1e State meet in the mile relay. Lee Sliuwulter plneecl second i11 the lmlf mile r1m at I11cliz1n11poliS, taking the i11clividu:1l lwnors for Wailmsli. C'11111posecl of the same men, the team entert-cl the two-111ile relay 111 the Qlllll ago N11ti111111l 1111-et gmfl wun s1-1g1,111fl lmlzm-. 01 1 1 1 1n1:14n1:n14:1::1:1 1:1:1::1n14:1n1:'1 1 1 1 11 Q THE GRID-IRON TNIEDAL In 1923 the XVabash Athletic Association, seeing the value of scholarship along with athletics, gave its first award-the grid-iron medal-to James Schultz. A two- fold purpose is gained in awarding such a prize. First, scholarship is promoted among the athletes. In order to compete in the various sports the competitor must have passing grades in at least three subjects. Thus a second object is gained in helping to keep the athletes eligible. To receive this medal the student must have received letters in two sports, besides having attained the highest scholastic standing among his competitors. He is graded as a scholar by a system of points. HA-1-" counts tive points, "A" four, "B-I-" three, "B" two, and t'Bf" one. The lad having received two letters and the largest number of points is the successful young-man. In showing its interest and enthusiasm for the sports and athletes, the HW. A. A." has appropriated a fund which will be used in purchasing the medals. This fund is permanent and will run indetinitely. Those having received awards are: james Schultz ,,,,...... ..... 1 923 Hugh Hogan ..,., ...... 1 926 Charles Billington ..... ..... 1 924 Robert Schwab .... , ..... 1927 Francis Mills ,,,.... ,,,.. 1 925 E' , ...,., 1928 -10111 1 x1:f1:1n1:f1: 1 :1 1 11 11:14:10: 1.14 1 1-'gt-11-1 'Q GNQLS' BASKETBALL The 1027-ZS Girls' Basketliall season has proved a wholly successful one and has more firmly established athletics for girls in the history of Wabash High. Coming through in their second year of inter-school competition with thirteen wins and four losses, they gave a splendid account of themselves and were a Credit to the school whose colors they wore. The 1025 season prospects look even brighter with six letter girls hack and a host of brilliant reserve material, The guard positions will doulit- less remain the same. with Bickel and Brown performing regularly. The centers will he filled with Baum and Hoffman, while Shaffer of the reserve squad, should also show well. At the forward positions, Yost and Engle will he playing their third year on the team and should make it tough for their opponents. They will he pushed hard to hold their positions as regulars hy Ohringer, a coming star, and other reserve material from the under-classmen. With nine out of thirteen players hack in uniform and raving to go at the start of next season, the Snowlaalls should stage a complete "freeze out" in the 1028 basket- hall season. -- -L rftifll .N'11uit'. s Sw! . :Y '- it 15 M 'tx 1 A ' - .-41 .-f-,T--ww fur- a7'?R75?3'7ii' M Z . . ,l XF gr., Q-Q, f.,.X,,: .y , s I, ' , L-GJ.,--5.,k'.f" W I, W, ,,A:' Q ' ' lr ,, , H. I ' A 1,4 5 'Y , ,A QQ., . ' f ,J 1 55, ' f . l 4 g'r L, ,Q-if n 'Q f' f. II i I ,J 'QF .s ' . ' 4 He' .W 'ifi'K'j 4, N , 14. , 1: -G' ' k.. -'X' ""x ' T . 'I' -T ' in ".,.-gg -'flalg' 1 , ' I.. -'7 - xi L, .f L ' ,-,Sn . : ' '- '-gf H -:ff ' J" f' .B . J, wjlwg- Q A l u ' I QQ in 'Af J- '1 v. ' , i Y f' ' H' ,- r V-'IH .6 I sv . H 2' K. J ,i V: . . if If? Y Wi he-F14 A X 0' Tynd- . f., ' 'F 8 r 1: YOST TLSOVIC COAO-I SNOW .-Q 3. lf .mi CAPTAHNI BICKEL BROWN. Sl IMMFR AE BAUM HOFFMAN ENGLE CAPTAIN BICKEL Athletes come and go and the best are not remembered for long, but Bic" will go down in Wabash High Basketball history as one of the best guards and leaders the Orange and Black will ever have. She was the bulwark of the 'Snowball' de- fense, playing in every game of the season, and allowing but few baskets from her opponents. Bickel has two more years of varsity playing and should be an hall- state" guard. Her ability as a leader has been readily recognized by all-especially by her teammates who paid her tribute in re-electing her captain for the coming season. H TISOVIC Speed and an almost uncanny ability to hit the basket on long shots were the factors which made "Tizzy" one of the best girl forwards ever seen in action on our door. Her accurate pivots and deceptive dribbles, combined with her speed and aggressive playing, worried her opponents' guards continually. "Tizzy" was runner- up for high scoring honors, snaring ninety-five field goals during the season. Her loss to the team by graduation will be keenly felt and the coach will have a hard job to fill Tisovic's shoes in the forward position. S U JI .ll ERLAND "On deck' and fighting every second was our "Scilly"-as a running mate of Baum's at the center position. Her quick thinking and ready interpretation of the center signal play was an important factor in her offensive form of progressing the ball to the forward territory. Her accurate and snappy passes were indirectly the cause of many tallies during the season. We regret Sally is a Senior and will be lost to the squad next year, but her "old iight" spirit will remain with them forever. GIR1.'s BASKETBALL ScoREs Wabash ..... Chippewa 0 Wabash ,..., Somerset 1 W'aba sh ...... W'abash ..... Wabash ..... Chili ...... Mexico Roann 6 7 4 Wvabash ,,,,, Peru ........... 35 Chippewa Cancelled W'abash ...,. 19 Auburn ..... ------ 2 5 W'abash ,..... Auburn ..... 32 Wabash .,.,, Gas City ...... 7 Wabash ..... Gas City 5 W'abash ..... Swayzee ..... 14 Wabash ...... Chili ...... 1 W'abash ,.,,. Swayzee ..... 21 Wabash ..... Roann .... 0 W'abash ...,, Somerset 9 Wabash ...... Mexico ...................... ...... 1 4 Wabash ....... Peru ............................A.. 3 Games W'0n 4.,,.. Total W'abash Points ......... .... 6 95 Games Lost ..,,, Total Opponents Points 180 ,,,f' ,YY Yi- it 4 Average points per game, 40.8. ss ,V .J Xi ., -'fA- -i - - ' 'tres 1, ' A VOLLE Y BA LL INTER-CLASS TOURNARIENTS Immediately after the basketball season volley bull was taken up and the Sopho- more Clfiss, after showing some keen playing, succeeded in being the volley bull champs. A basketball tourney wus held at which much enthusiasm and eagerness were shown. Every class team was determined that it was going to be the champion. In the deciding game between the Juniors and the Seniors, the mighty Seniors Came forth victorious. f f ' Qmpg - ' 3 "2 ff? f W' iw If ' n,,-'J-Z H25 ag fffff Q31 ,gif , gf M P . IK iwwg 1 xy , fX K + H" X , mf X f..' rfqf .4Tqf!' kxN I ' N f ,W N Q ' f' m 'f R 1 f "A A ' 1 H ' K- 5 U X 1 K iff , - Q H ig W X Hn' XA? -X lm M W TX ,iff N if ' ...X 5 A ,K 1, 'Li' -'- I A'-fpjm 'K ' 1-4 K ,E. f'lw 7 5 lx! Nxf. KX iffy! 'i 43 'J AJXE- M f fzjw Exlygfk ff M-Q W xctriniwsz A .VXI 'A L S TA FF Editor-in-chief .... Assistant Y,,,,,Y,A,A,A,.,A,A.A Business Manager ,, Assistant AY,,,,,Y,.,,,,..., Circulation Manager Assistant ...........,...... Athletics .... Assistant ,,,,. Art ,...,,..,,,,..,.,,..i,,,,.. Assistant ........,....,,... Jokes and Calendar . Mareelle Schlemmer Robert Smith Wanda Smyers Kenneth Gray Mildred Yopst Ralph Comer Paul Johnston Harriet Tizovie . Roderick Hipskind Wilbur Pottenger Maxine Carney Assistant .................... .,... S ally Summerland Snapshots ....,.,..,.t,..,.,, Asststant ,............,....i..., Music and Dramatics Assistant ,,....t.,....,,.,...,,, Photography ..... Society ......,.tt. Typists .. ., Mary Warrington . ,....t,. Robert Clark Edith Cox Tilda Meek Armand Bickel Kathryn Obringer Alverda Fierstos Genevieve Fountains Marcelyn Fishbaek UI-lBi-1.S'H IVEEKL Y .S'T.lFF Editor ,.A,.,Y,,,,.,AA.,, Associate Editor Business Nuiiuger AY.,...., , f'ircul1ttion Manager A ,.... . ..,...,,., . ,-Xsslstxuit I lI'LLli1ltlU!l Mguiziut-r ,,,, , Iixtliguigo Editor ,,,,,,,AA,,, A, , .Xlumni Ifditor .,..A, SoCiCIj' Editor Sports Editor ,..... joke Editor ,i,. , Maxine Cirricy Hziruflle Sl'i1it'l11lNL'l' Frzintlis i'u"It'I' . ., xvlllllill Sniytlrs ,. Yittor Donovuli lltiry NYz1ri'ingtoll , Harold McGinnis ,, Mnxinc Scliulcr Ki-litm-r Haiku' .... Robert Smith Rvliorti-1's-H Vlinton Usthimt-r, Frtmk Nt-ist-11 Maury Bil'NLll'NL'f', lfilith Vox. SCHOOL BAND The school band, a new musical organization, under the directorship of Mr. Gordon has aided greatly in livening up the Crowds at basketball games. Even though small in number it is a 'tpeppyv organization. It is sincerely hoped that more will become interested in it and join the ranks of this little band. OPERA CLUB The O era Club a new feature along musical lines, was orvanized this 'ear and . P . J . - . . O . 5 , directed bv Mr, Grifhth Gordon. Their crowning jov was the presentation of "Whos Yer Girl,"' a Comic opera. 1 IV. II. S. ORL'I1E.SY'R.,l The High School Orchestra deserves a great deal of credit for the awakened interest in music throughout the school. The members have furnished music for assembly periods and put new life and interest into school music. Under the able directing of Mr. Griftith Gordon, the orchestra put on a concert at the school February 15th. It is hoped that in the coming years greater interest will he shown in this organization. GLEE CLUB Another musical organization which has also helped to increase the musical interest of the school is the Glee Club. lt has made several public appearances. It is hoped that in the future this organization will include all girls in the scliool who have any singing ability. ,J INTER NOS The Inter Nos Club. organized October 1023, composed of advance Latin stu- dents, carried out an active prograin this year under the able direction of Miss lilayney, Latin instructor. One of the features of the yef1r's aetivities was an Inter Nos Alumni Banquet, given for all former 1ll.lllllf:'I'S, This Club meets each month at the honie of a member. Some very entertaining and instructive programs wzre presented throughout the year. Ofticers are: Mildred Yopst, Presidentg Louise Pontius, Yiee-Presidentg Bessie Lavengood, Seeretary and Treasurer. The C. D. S., a Coininercial Department club, was organized in 1025 as a busi- ness and soeialelub. lfligibility is determined by a set standard in the p.-rson's gradgs and his general attitude. The present members are: Harriet Tisovic, Mareelyn Fishbaek, James Craft, Kathryn Obringer, Alverda Fierstos, Robert Clark, Sally Summerland, Tilda Meek. Genevieve Fountaine, Frances Curso, Elmer Young, lidith Sehleinmer, Elsie Knotts. Helen lYorthen, Marian Hipskind, lflizabeili Glazier, Thomas Hickey, Ralph Comer, Miss Needham, NIV. liarnhart and Mr. Darnall. S I 'NS H I .YE The Sunshine Club was established in llnbnsh High School in 1922. Every girl in school is a member of the society. Its purpose is to bring the girls together and create a lasting friendship. The main activity of the year was the banquet given in honor of the basketball girls. The officers are: Edith Cox ......,........ .,,,,,,,,,. P resident Kathryn Obringer ..... .,.... X 'ice-President Helen Duffey ............. ,,,,,.,. . Secretary Nancy Ann Cowgill ..... ,,..,,,,..,,,,,,,,,r......,,,,,,,., ,.,s T r ensurer Edith Burke ....,...,,,, ,,,,, L 'hitirmtm of Flower Committee Elizubetli Glatzier .,,., , ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,r,,,,,,,,, , A, ,,,,, Cflinimmn of Program Coullllittec Sponsors--Miss Moore, Miss Needham, Miss Gibney :md Miss Troxel. THE LEA THER LUNGS The Leather Lungs was organized four years ago for the purpose of promoting a better school spirit. It backs all school activities and along with the other organiza- tions stands by our teams in victory or defeat, encouraging them to do their best for XV. H. S. Their name certainly is fitting, especially at a pep session or an athletic event when they are yelling or otherwise giving their support to the teams. Each year they banquet the basketball men, thus showing their appreciation for their hard work during the season. This organization which is limited to fifty mem- bers is very fortunate in having sponsors so competent as Mr. Tewksbury and Mr. Carpenter. The officers are: Henry lYatts ,.......,.. .............. P T6Sid6l1f l.aMoine Latchem ..... ., Vice-President Stuart Smallwood ..... . ..... S'3CI'6t?U'fv' Gene Knotts ..,...... .... . . ...... Tre21Su1'Cr Donald Bowlby ,.,. Sergeant-at-Arms IV. A. A. This club, Womens' Athletic Association, organized in 1026, promotes more athletic activities among the girls of the High School. A letter is given after one hundred points have been olrtainccl by participating in various sports. The officers are: President ........,....,i..r , .,,. Genevieve Hahn Vice-President .... Mary Hoover Secretary ...... ...,. D ortha Bickel Treasurer ...,,, .,r,, It Iildred Rettig IV. CLFB The "W." Club was just organized this year, 14328. It is tt social club for all boys that have received major letters. The ohicers ore: President ...,.,,.......... Yice-President ..,... Treasurer .,,.,,..... Raymond Smith Gene Knotts Francis Porter Robert Sehuler Boll Stoops Stuart Slnallwood Edward Vice Henry Watts Thomas Cornell Donald Bowlhy Ludwik Bizjak BIEMBERS Robert jones George Wood Anthony Carso Farrar Aubertin Lztlloine Laitcliem Kenneth Gray james Martin Harry King Coach Struck Stewart Petry Howard Worth Clinton Osthimer Max Gray JI. F. F. , Three years ago the M. F. F. was organized to ltoost athletics in our school. Since then the Mystical Fun Finders have become the standards of loyalty and pep in our school. At every athletic event the M. F. F. girls are there ready to yell, and at the pep session they are out 100 fl to arouse enthusiasm among the other students and the townspeople. Before the Homecoming game they helped the Leather Lungs decorate the town for the occasion. Following the precedent of past years they gave Iiantluets for the football and wrestling teams. Their membership is limited, so they try to choose the girls who are most active in promoting good school spirit. Their success is aided materially by the never fail- ing, always increasing interest of Miss jones and Miss Snow. Much credit is also due their officers: Wanda Smyers. Vresirlent: Martha Biggerstaff, Vice-President: Dortha Bickel. Secretary-Treasurer. SENIOR fl-VLA Y "THE BRATH CAST Mrs. Forrester ...........,.........,,..... ........... ...,.. I I arcelyn Fishback MacMillan, her son, an author ,.,. ...,..,,,,,, F raneis Porter Stephen, her youngest son ..,.... ......... C harles Shroyer Bishop Ware, her brother ,t,,,,r .,,,,, L aMoine Latchem Mrs. XYare, his wife .....,..............,.........,......., ..... B Iaxine Carney Dorothy, his small daughter ......,.,...,.,...,.,....,... ,....,,,,,,,, E dith Cox jane Depew, an intellectual young woman ,,,.., ,,,..,Y,,.i,. T helma Lowe Angela Slnythe, a debutante ...i.,...................,. .,... S ally Summerland Timson, the butler ,,,,t,.,,,.t,...,,t,t...,.,.,,..,.,,,,,,,,, ..,........ h Iames Ewing Margot, the house-keeper ...... ,,,,, X Yanda Smyers The Brat .,,t,.,..,......,............ Frances Carso Steve Forrester, a younger son of Mrs. Forrester, was constantly being nagged by her and his older brother, MacMillan, because Mac was a celebrated novelist, and Steve drank and had been expelled from an Art School. Steve wanted to be a man. He wanted to go out West to Primrose, Wyoming, to the ranch his father left him, but his mother and brother thought he couldnt behave long enough. On this particular evening jane Depew, an intellectual young woman, and Angela Smythe, a young debutante, Mrs. Ware, and her husband, the Bishop, and their small daughter, Dorothy, called on Mrs. Forrester. While the men were absent from the room, the ladies talked about several subjects and particularly MacMillan, the catch of the season. Angela stated that she was going to marry Mac. She said that he hadnlt proposed, but whenever she willed it he would. Jane, who also loved Mac, was very sarcastic, and from this time on there was open warfare between the two women. This evening as the guests were leaving, Mac said he would take Angela home, for he was going to the police court to look for a type for his new book, "The Brat." Steve, being very much chagrined by the events of the evening, again partook of liquor when everyone was gone. Timson, the butler, who had loved his father very much, drank with the boy, and soon they were very drunk. Shortly after they had retired Mac came home leading and coaxing a dirty little girl, whom he called 'fThe Brat." He called his mother to see her and Steve also came downstairs leaning on Timson's shoulder. He was reprimanded by Mac and told to walk upstairs alone, but the Brat, a kind little creature at heart, rushed to the rescue and helped Steve upstairs. From that time on he drank no more. Several months later -lane and Angela came over to help Mrs. Forrester pre- pare for a charity ball. The work was to be done upstairs and Angela, pretending to call her maid, stayed downstairs. Hearing Mac coming she rushed to the daven- port and put her head in her arms. She told Mac that there was so much gossip being formulated about him, and that Jane had started it by saying that she had helped with his book and was going to marry him. Mac, very much overcome by this news, proposed to Angela. At this moment the Brat came downstairs sending Mac to his motherg then she and Angela discussed Mac. The Brat told Angela that Mac loved her and was going to marry her, to which Angela laughed merrily. Steve was looking for a suitcase and Margot, the house-keeper, found one and packed it for him. When the girls left, he came downstairs dressed for traveling, but he knew that tomorrow the Brat would be told to go as she had come, as Macs book was finished and he had no further use for her. The Brat bade him goodbye but didn't realize that she loved him instead of Mac until he had gone. Before he had left he told her not to forget Primrose, Wyoming. Everyone was gone to the charity ball except Timson. Hearing someone in the parlor he went in and there was Mr. Steve. He had come back to leave some money for the Brat. As another train didn't leave until morning, he went to his room to rest. Soon after, the Brat came in with Margot feeling very sad and downhearted because she was not allowed to dance and because Steve was gone. She had retired before the others came, although she did not know that Steve was here. Angela and Mac took this opportunity to announce their engagement, to which Dot shouted that her mother had said it would be lane. jane immediately demanded to know how Angela had done it, and Angela's deceit was disclosed. Mac was verv angry, but Angela would not break the engagement for she declared that she loved him. Mrs. Forrester and the Bishop left Angela and Mac alone but it helped matters not at all. Angela, in a great state of perturbation went home alone. After Angela had left, the Brat confronted Mac and told him that she was leaving, and also that Angela loved him. He made no objection and she did go. The Bishop and Mrs. Forrester re-entered the room followed shortly by Steve who de- manded to know where the Brat was. The Brat, who hadn't gone far, heard Steve's voice and rushed back. Steve asked her to be his wife. She rushed into his arms and answered. "I got you Steviel' And Mrs. Forrester fainted. Thanks to Mrs. Griffith F. Gordon,uThe Brat," the annual Senior play, was a huge success. This was Mrs. Gordon's first appearance in Wabash, as a director. and she showed ample evidence of previous training and experience, a fitting way to introduce herself to the public of Wabash. -Q J-,. ,,.,,-bs-, ,-. ,Y A .-f-Y . ,f-M ,rn I CALENDAR September Friday 30-Wleekly school paper becomes a reality. Homecoming game with Manual. October Monday 3-Fire! Fire! Fire! Idella Fierstos and Lorene Murphy turn on the fire alarm in the gym. Tuesday 4-Shot Bowlby, fOur Heroj, comes down the hall chewing his gum and grinning. lVonder Whatls on his mind? Wednesday S-The Biology class almost loses part of its zoo. For further information see any member of the fourth period class. Thursday 6-Bible classes are organized. Friday 7-Girls! Glee Club is organized. Monday 10-Clinton Osthimer stands in the hall "gassing" NVander Smyers. Probably some weighty matter. Thursday 13-"Rainbow Smith goes to sleep in Physics class. We wonder about whom he was dreaming. Friday 14-We are ready to send Goshen northward, with the short end of the score. Monday 17-Kentner Baker posts the following sign on the bulletin: For Sale-Bull- dog, Eats anything. Fond of children. Tuesday 18-Convocation. Organization of Bible classes announced. Wednesday 19-Coach Snow chooses the school team. Yea, Snoxvballs! Thursday and Friday 20-21-Vacation! Teachers go to State Teachers' Association meeting. Wednesday 26-Convocation. George Wfoods talks at length on the virtues and other- Wise of Mr. Darnall's FORD. Friday 28-Dietetics class luncheon. Monday 31-After weeks of concentration, Dortha Bickel has decided that Caesar died when he was assassinated. N ozfem ber Tuesday 1-Annual staff selected. Rah! Rah! Sycamore! Wednesday 2-Shelby Stevens is seen in the hall, crying-Shame on you, Ludwik. Thursday 3-Convocation. Friday 4-Pep meeting. Night shirt parade. Monday 1-First oflicial fire drill of the year. Tuesday S-Bank day, but no dray required. XVednesday 9-Rosalind Votaw and t'Tick" Roberts are seen standing behind a post talking. Friday 11-Game with Marion. Too bad, boys. Night school. Monday 14-Official Basketball practice starts. Wednesday 16-The Snowballs are working plenty hard. Thursday 17-Junior Red Cross collection. Friday 18-Glee club presents program at the Eagles Theatre. Snowballs defeat Chippewa. Monday 21-Captains and Assistants chosen to collect for Junior Red Cross. Tuesday 22-Bowlby and Stoops chosen on All State Teams by the Kokomo Dispatch. Fifteen for Bowlby and Stoops! lVednesday 23-We receive our laundry slips today-that is some do and some don't. Thursday 24-just when We think we can make both ends meet, somebody moves the ends. Tuesday 29-Bank day. 'tThat's where my money goes." 1-4- December Thursday 1-Twenty-four more days till Christmas. Shop early. Friday Z-First basketball game of the season. Silver Lake falls 40 to 20. Monday 5-'LTick" falls down trying to tickle Sally, and accomplishes the feat of dusting the hall. Vcclnesday 7-Miss Hipskind-"Which is correct: a herd or a drove of camels?" Vernon Fishback-L'Oh, I always thought they came in packs." Thursday 8-Mr. Darnall talks seventy minutes in commercial law class. Quite a diversion from the usual drag. Friday 9-Billy Gray struts down the hall, his vest unbuttoned showing his manly chest. Who's the lucky girl? Tuesday 13-Bank day. Bring your Christmas change. Wednesday 14-We hear a rumor that "Bobbie" Craft and "Stu" Smallwood are going to Paw Paw Township-where they will enjoy a big Christmas dinner. Thursday 15-Chemistry students suffer some of the horrors of the World War. The tragedy lies in the fact that they had no gas masks. Friday 16-Senior Class rings and pins arrive. Monday 19-Freshmen Latin classes hold vocabulary test in Miss Blayney's room. Tuesday 20-Shorthand class picnic. Marcelyn Fishback chokes on beans. Wednesday 21-Clinton Osthimer falls flat for Louise Fahl. For further information see Clinton. Thursday 22-Sweaters awarded to Porter, King, Knotts, Smallwood, Martin, Carso, and Gray. Christmas vacation begins today. January Monday 2-Miss Snow is snowbound on her way home from Michigan "Yea" for "Snowie." Tuesday 3-Last day to pay seventy-five cents for our Annual. Wednesday 4-Farrar A.-"You are the breath of my life." Marcelle S.-"Did it ever occur to you to hold your breath?" Thursday 5-Bob Printy comes back to coach the "Coachless Wonders." Friday 6-Convocation. Schedule for Semester tests announced. Monday 9-Bible Class at 7:20. The early bird gets the worm. Tuesday 10-Leather Lung meeting at the old gym. Wednesday 11-Found in the school paper: "A boy isn't a boy unless he's a regular feller and the girl isn't a girl unless she's a regular teller." Thursday 12-Band practice. Friday 13-Flying Dutchmen play Northside of Ft. Wayne there. Monday 16-Found-CWe know not whereji "Don't wrinkle your face and call it a grin for it's bad enough the shape it's now in." This applies to Freshmen. Tuesday 17-Mrs. Pence posts a notice of those who have overdue books. Don't rob the penny bank. Wednesday 18-First, second and third hour classes have semester test. Nuff sed! ! Thursday 19-More tests! l Friday 20-Vacation again, hurrahl l Teachers go to visit other schools. Tuesday 24-"WH Club banquet. We hear that Smallwood sings a solo and Bowlby gives a Spanish CFJ Dance. Friday 27- Tuesday .31-"W" Club meeting. February Thursday 2-Convocation-more elegant speeches. Friday 5-Snowballs play Gas City here. Another victory. Monday 6-Miss Naber takes her classes on a field trip-bugs and more bugs. lllednesday 8-Miss Moore.-"Now I wish to tax your memories." Ralph Comer.-4'Good Heavens, has it come to that?,' Friday 10-"Flying Dutchme-n" play Manchester. Wednesday 15-Wabash High has its first carnival. We see the freaks of the school in their native environment. Thursday 16-Snowballs add another victory-Roann. Friday 17--'tTlie Coachless lVor1ders" wrestle Muncie tomorrow night. Monday 20-Typewriting tests l l l ! Tuesday 21-Bank day again. Come on, you misers l I I Wednesday 22-Mrs. Pence, our librarian, is absent. Oh, the poor Library ! Z ! Friday 24-We meet Muncie tonight and grapple it out with them. Monday Z7-We hear favorable reports from the tests given 3rd and 4th hour type- writing classes, even though it is Monday. Tuesday ZS-"The Coachless lVonders" meet Elkhart. Wie are expecting them to bring home the bacon. Wednesday 29-Pep session and parade tonight in preparation for the tourney. Wie are for you, team. Wlarclzt Friday 2-First day of the Sectional Tournament. Nuff seddl l Monday 5-Coach Snow selects four class teams for the Volley Ball tournament. Tuesday 6-Bank day again. Don't forget your pennies. Wednesday 7-The brilliant C?j students of W. H. S. once more get their names on the bulletin. Thursday 8-Big murders. Where? Who? just the annual dissecting of frogs in the Biology classes. Friday 9-Convocation. Mrs. Sandifur speaks to the Sunshine girls. Monday 12-Carnival report published. The band ought to be very rich. Tuesday 13-Sunshine banquet for the Snowballs. Xliednesday 14-Thirty-five men report for Spring Football practice. Thursday 15-"The Coachless lVonders" go to Bloomington. And howl l Monday 19-Football schedule for 1928 announced. Yea, team! l Tuesday 20-t'Try-outs" for Senior Play are held. Wednesday 21-Laporte comes here to grapple. Thursday 22-Marcelle Schlemmer t'falls" for a wrestler from Lowell. Now after this watch your step. Marcelle. lYednesday 28-Ah, we have other developments! lYe see Pete and Helen talking very conhdentially. Friday 30-Vacation begins. No vacation for the cast of the Senior Play. A pri! Monday 9-Senior play is a big success. Who would have guessed we had such unique talent in our old W. H. S.? llednesday 11-Convocation. First girls' sweaters ever awarded in Xllabash High are given to: Bickel, Brown, Baum, Huffman, Summerland, Tizovic, Yost, Engle. Other letters were awarded to W. A. A. girls and Yell Leaders, and two sweaters to Smith and Aubertin. Thursday 12-Date of junior and Senior Banquet is announced. May 15. Friday 13-Annual goes to press. So long! hfleriiainrg YT! Q ua '3 wi 43-.r W H T f 5 nn . , X . ' 1 'n' .. 11, ' I Q ' A , I. 7 .-f. p - S f. I , 1 ! , J. I . - r'v li' f "ef, f. ,x-A 0 lp vs 4 1 1. ,,, . 1 . 9 J , ,l. .4 .V A . ""?f'4J , '-l'.n.,' :TW Q f"'1vG' . ' ., ,..+ 'gi' F11 , ' All va?- . -:gif I . sy-- .:-.V fx' -f-I, 4, . P 1'- 'I . g , 1 ' ,f-. A A' 'J fn , U ' I , 1 A 59' fu 'Z' - ' 4 . ,. ' 0 . 4 '11-' JN .1 'I fi," .5 ,,:vg,f'.Z7 il- ' ' "P if A 5. vm P, , raf- " A nf 1 A4 ' -v -, . ' 1' 1, .L ,Y I , - 1 .1 5 'qv' ,, 5, , 4 . ' ' -- ff .. A 4 1- i ,NI - . 'Y I v 1:, .- ,f ,I . ' Q. 'Q' "' . z- T- P1 -M" - '- pil' l' 1 til 'A- u't rl "5 H - gg!.'.:. Chas. E. Luckey Garage Storage, Gas, Oil and Accessories ALWAYS OPEN We Believe the Hu1SmoL1'7e To Be The Best Car In .gzfmerfca In It's Class Hess G Schlemmer plumZ71'ng and Heatfing 128 S. Wabash St. Telephone 59 Phone 6 S. Huntington St. Cvmlfwmenfs Dr. Don Harpham of E. Gackenheimer Druggist Phone 1394 "E YE ONLY" New Bradley Block Market Street Entrance i PH H 13w4 The saddest words Of Ruth or Lizzie Are just these four, The line is busy. Miss Blayney-HOh, what is the word for perplex?" Mary XN'arrington funder her breath? HCou1dn't find itf, Miss Blaney-"1'hat's it exactly, Mary. Confundei How did you know?" Dr. B. E. Walrod Osteopa tk 7.C ysfcfian Second Floor Masonic Temple Pnonn 14 Clarkas Grocery ii B. CLARK The Home goof! Eats Scheerer Bros. grocery and Market You can find everything in and out of season at our store. Quality goods and prompt service our motto PHONES 75 and 1113 G7'76'S Meat Market LEVVIS soon, Prop. FTESII 1171.61 Smolecl Meats Pr-roNEs 53 AND S24 1'Yb. XV.,xn.asi-I Lavengood's Busy Cash Dept. Store Dry Goods, Ready-to-wear, Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes For All The Family . I. - Prompt, Court:-ous Servive. K'XVe have what you want when you want it at the Right Price" .Steaks Chops 'ro osniaic Our Short Orders have withstood un ur passed the test of time Service Satfsfactfon Courtesy Rock City Restaurant GEO. HARRFL, Prop. Lunches Dinners Mary Alice hflorrmv-Good heavens Mose, we've iust run over a poor man. Stop! Stopln uhflose Worth-Keep still. You'll make everyone think this is the first time we were ever out in an auto." james lfwing---'6XVell, l guess l'll go try it again " lfrosh-HTry what again?" -lanies-ulry to get this Ford over that hill again." Bill-"XVhat do you give your wife every pay day." johri-Hlfxcusesf' may Brothers, Market Everything Good to Eat OUR MOTTO: "Quality and Service" Phones 15 :ind 157 Canal and Miami Streets Beitman, Wolf 81 Company NVearing Apparel For Every Memher of The Family, Yard Goods in all qualities. Furnishings for all the family. Shoes for Everybody. High Grades at Popular Prices Drink Bottled Carbonated Beverages Tlleyife pure H7161 WILOIESOTFIE Wabash Bottling Works XWCZLGSZL CIEGHZTS E. M Graves Telephone Us Motto: Tire Equfftment, Experience and time DES1,f8 To Do Good KWWL PLANTS I37 W. Market St, Phone 1150 Phone 239 840 N. Miami St. Phone 383 Mr. Darnall-HWbat cloesthis mean? Someone just called up and said you were unable to teach today." llflr, Tewksbury-UHal Hal The jokes on him. He wasn't supposed to call up until tomorrow. U ll lcompletely forgot myself. ln a moment of madness I tried to kiss her. Will she ever forgive me?" HShe will if you succeeded, but never if you didn,t." C. 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Mattern greetmg-9 PROPRIETOR C1'ty Barber 321015 Hfglz 5021007 .Students Geo. H1j5sL1'ncZ gkflways Su1S1Sort1'ng You C. C. Hiner W. H. 5. ? -T Norris fofzn foy Exquisite 01914125 CA FNDIES Candies Chas' Baff7""e' Q Hogiflwaifef Biiffa rcfs o f T D C1'gars Zi " ' Ca"J"eS Q-1 :.: , Vvqulnqz U 240 s. Wabash sr. Phone 1199 Know "I stole a kiss the other night, My conscience hurt alack, I think l'll have to go tonight, And give the darn thing back." Did you ever hear of Paul Revere? The guy who warned the town? He had nothing on some folks right here For spreading news around. 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Market St. Phone 50 Phone 1342 .. , , . , H -UWh l h 'r a woman singing H Dear God, ' prayed little Wlllle, Iclai my hangin ed please watch over Mama. and then She-uMe too! Over my carb.,- he added as an afterthought, And I H dunno as it would do any harm to keep RlCh2rCl Burnsfgaty Pontsl Do you an eye on the Old man-U want a nn!-sundae. Y H She- lalready have a dare bunday. The Wigger Co. FDPU1 C1157 rn Lb U7 -3 Z Ib 2: 71 rn '-3 U2 -I vw rn rf: -3 'e I O Z m Z E z UICK N192 it G. D. Schlemmer C. D. Schlemmer Phone 66 Red 782 Schlemmer Bros. Dealers ln Sheet Metal, Slate, Furnaces Harness and Hardware Special Attention to Roof, Gutter and Furnace Repairing Telephone 580 114 W. Canal St. Wholesalers and Retailers of Marian! Oils anal Gasoline Polk Co. Dorothy Milliner-ul think Senior boys are the nicest things. Did you see that one smile at me? ' Dorothy Gray-HYes, he was too polite to laugh." Son-HDad, what does the better-half mean ?" Father-'ijust what she says." Are you Hungary? Yes, Siam. Den Russia to the table, and l'll Fiji. All right, Sweden my coffee, and Den mark my bill. "Wanta go datin' Thursday night?" Naw, gettin' married Thursday night. "Well how about Friday 'Par The Farmers and Eagles anal Colonial Wabash National Theatres Ban k OF WABASH Capital, Surplus and Profits 8345.000 PRESENTING Resources 53,500,000 VVabash County's oldest and largest banking institution ' hntertainments that Accounts large and small weleoi-ned Eigilssglitgltrcltllliilinri our .tbility and willing- Entertal H The Young Man or Woman Who Begins Saving Early In Life, ls Taking The First Step Toward Success Start A Savings Account .Now lvazvaslz Coun ty Loan 65' Trust Co. "The Friendly Bank" Cozy Corner Shoe Shop Jimmy Stefanaros, Mgr. Hat Clean14ng and Shine Special Attention To Ladies' XVork Next To Eagle Cigar Ston- Tip-Top prices at top of hill, Quality, Service and Courtesy, Given to you with a will. Winchrcnnc-r's Cash Grocery ll S. Wabash Sr. Bob Smith-HGee, that's swell lip slick ya got on, kid." Thelma Haupt--"There you gol Always wantin' to rub it in," "Now l sit me up to cram, Before l take my next examg If I should die a nervous wreck, There'd he one less to Hunk by heck Geo. Lumaree Groceries and Fruits Home Plate For Good Eats 365 days of each year-All good and fresh-Delivered to your doo Phones 320 and 267 l'. Com1Sl1'ments of Kramer the Kfeaner czmm-f1Jfes,,',,,,-C1af,sa,'f,-ng Main 1232 3411 Harrison Arc. WABASH, INDIANA is E if i Rx 5 X, E Ex g EE ' QE: - 'l El. ES: 1 Ci :ia ... - 121 1 2:2 . 5 - 5 :: 5 : ' S Q EE E - ' 1 2 - 5 E ,E EE XE ., - wg: it ui 1' Q K 5 15 E5 EE 'gi v X 1 gi : ig 2 :E E5 :: 23 gg EE , EE :E 55 SX, EE EE 5- 1 ii 2 1 : S-," 2. 5 :Ea 5 .2 :- .1 EE 2 E.-5 E. vi 1 5, "' Eff-5 . 1:6-als 14 5 ' ' E EF?- 5 ' .f -" J? Q f It 1,3 pr Q pn w 5 , x fx , E wr-Fgiix f ff Hn A !5guv, ,- N , 'I ul, Qi dual lf m Creighton Hardware Co. Conner 69 CYOTLTL67' jewelers Wants your business for all kinds of Hardware, Tools and Supplles -Stationery Glass, Paints, Oils, Guns, Wallpaper Fishing Tackle, Seeds, etc. School Suppl?-es Helen Cowles--"You know, Sandy, Teacher-UWhat happens when the for two cents, I would throw this penny President dies?" away.'7 Wanda Smyers-"The Vice-president takes his place." B bAb h -"Wh d ' H now? Bilyihnat y at are you Omg Teacher- VVhat happens when the Bill Gray -Hlsooking fur a wife with Vlcipresldem diesfu a steady jobf, Wanda-"They - - they bury him.', ow for a Thrift Start UY most for your dollar! Pay cash and .you will gill iyggllf, probably like it so well that you will remain on the cash plan thereafter. Save money and save credit all a ll worry. Both are accomplished by paying cash. It's our recipe for Success and Prosperity. This store stands for Service. It is our life work to render as helpful service to all our customers as possible. To this end our cash and carry plan is of First importance. Selling for cash we sell for less! And by carrying your packages home, you help us in eliminating an ex- pensive delivery system. It is our principle to "pack every customer's dollar full of value and satisfaction"-to do everything possible in our buying and store management that will enable us to sell the best values obtainable anywhere, at the lowest possible prices! We're with you, one hundred per cent, for a Thrifty Start. JCPEiWiifC "qualxty-- always al n uaving', .Q7f.Wwmpf.wn 'oisnncrivz APPARELfbr womzu' To The Class of 1928 Hlyly Best XVishes" Frocls G 6 . , , Ernie Coats Suits - A ccessorfes Hotel Indiana Building Stew Smallwood-"But, Bobbie, don't you trust me?" Bobbie Craft-"Yes, Stew, I'll go to the ends of the earth with you, but I ab- solutely refuse to park on the way." Mary Alice Morrow-Hlylose has a trick car." Mush MCNarney-ul-l0wzat?" Mary Alice-lt plays dead in the most convenient places." Stevens Battery Service Distributors of Willard Batteries The Best Battery Built VVe Recharge, Repair and Service All Makes Cor. Wabash and Marker Sis. Phone 446 The gxlew For-rl fs a car for youtlz Low, Smart, Ralfslz, and As Sfeerfy As It Looies The Jozzmson .Safes Co. Ford DECIETS Com1Sf1'ments Wgkeltleld of Electric Shop .7l41'Ner,s Cash .Shoe Store -- DEAN WAKEFIELD Slzoes, Hose and Since q'2e15a1'r1'ng 75 VV. CANAL ST. 36 E. CANAL ST. PHONE 1358 Mary Ellen Hipskind CTO druggistD Stranger-USO you' re lost little man? "This vanishing cream is a fakef' Why llldn you hang on to your . H M Mother s skirt? DVUESMQ HOW Come? Youngster-UCouldn't reach it. Mary Ellen-"l've used it on my b liglf, lvllllef-llwhafls holdin Yuh nose for two weeks, and it is just as long ai-red Squires-HNuthin.,, as it Was." jack--'lSpineless, huh?" Good czprfntfng proves itself by the Results it gets, .Not Ivy tire glloney it Costs Mrs. Bert Martin ,Qzaiity pr1'nt1'ng 11 EAST CANAL STREET PHONE MAIN S16 .7x4cNarney Bros. Tires Vuleanizing M. Price 81 Son Fancy groceries ancf glfeats Y 'iwhere T112 pT7.C8S Are R1'gLt" Z6 VV. Market St. Phones 9 and 83 31 EAST MARKET ST. Jack Miller-HI used to be a draft HThe night was dark, and the wind Clerk." 6 it blew, 4 ,, . Bob Ahernathy- Howzat? VVhen up the street an ltalian flew. Jack- I opened and shut the And from his belt a knife he drew, windows." And cut a banana smack in two," Teacher-HAn 'A' grade is one to Absent-minded clerk Cas he kisses his be coveted." wifej-HNOW dear, we will dictate za Don Bolby-HThou shalt not covet," Couple letters." Stoops Bros' Clubber -Safes Co. Poultry, Feeds and Supplies of All Kinds Hservfce With A Smile" Seeds, Field, Garden and Lawn Grass ilwgvioirr i Lawn Fertilizer Miller Dog Feed Canary Bird Seed Qua71'ty At Low Cost 20 E- CANAL ST- 46 E. CANAL sr. PHONE MAIN sis LieQ6ff'S and Whitman? lvalmslzis Landmark Chocolates Fine Stationery Delicious Sodas Toastee Sandwiches Perfumes Toilet Goods 337LuCu0y Druggisfs- Yau SAVE and are SAFE lrading here .lld Hu 'S Avenue Grocery Falls Ave. and Maple St. Phone Main 111 Mr. Tewksbury-HI'll give you just one day to hand in that paper." Mush McNarney-UI-low about the Fourth of July. H c'Frog' ' Aubertineruhflay I have the last dance with you?,' Peg Lowe-Hrrhanks, you've already had it." Sally-HI'm awfully sorry but Dad says we mustn't see each other again." Eddie-UOh, that's all right. If he wants to cut down light bills, I'm willing to help. Darkness with you, dearest, is good enough for me. " The G. 65? 5. Shoe -Store Qua71'ty .Shoes Aciaxrs FOR MEN,S VValk-Over Shoes j. P. Smith Smart Shoes LADIES' . s S Slender Foot VVilber Loon Arch Finer Simplex Shoes Poll Parrot shoes for children Kayser Hose We Solicit Your Patronage H. O. Goodlander Manufacturerof Vefvet Ice Cream W. Slit! St. Phone Main 784 W. P. jones G S071 Funeral D7.TZCf0TS HOMER M. JONES qJrog5r1'etor Compliments -0p.. Superior Bakery 129 S. WABASH ST. Prof.-"Students of today have too much money. Now when I was young I started out as a barefoot boy." Frosh-UI wasn't born with shoes on either. U :'Father, how do they catch lunaticsfb' C - Q With face powder, beautiful dress- es, and pretty smiles, my son." Genevieve Fountaine-"Help, catch him, he tried to Hitt with me." Cop Conthecornerj-"Calm yourself, lady. There's plenty more left," UA freshman went to Hades once There was something he wished to learn They sent him back to earth again, He was too green to burn. Crystal Renee Beauty Shoppe 58 West Market Street Rear of Mrs. GiIlespie's Millinery Both pleased and happy you will be After filling an appointment with Crystal Renee. Skill, mingled with pride and utmost care Are essentials we use in dressing your hair Phone 1024 for appointments Ladies', Men's, Children's Hair Cutting Tremont Barber Shop Good X'Vork speaks for Itself I. W. Lutz 85 Son Big Four XVatch Inspector Furniture W . Macwonafd You get the girl, we do the rest. JE WELER LUTZ BLOCK Xvrst Market Street VVahash Your Team Uses our y SPGRTING GOODS VVe can satisfy you also King-Hipskind Co. Wanda Smyers-"Why does Miss Heeter insist on being married in an aeroplanefn Abe Sposeep-"Well, she's so con- ceited that she thinks that no coach on earth is good enough for her.', Jimmie Craftw-USee this stick pin? It belonged to a millionairef' Marcelyn Fishhack-"Who?', Jimmie-U XVoolworth. ' , Charlotte Mahan Cllomaticallyj-ul think the poets are right. lt's only in the great open spaces that we find our- selvesf' Tody King-HWell, we're twenty miles from anywhere, the sunls going down, and l've lost the map, so now's your chance' i Ed-HSay do you think you are talk- ing to a sapin Sally-UNO but l may be mistaken. " Marce Fishback-ul don't see why we tell Helen Duffy jokesg it doesn't do any good. " Maxine Carney-"lt's to make her happy in her old age." Clint Osthimer-HCan you keep a secret?,' M ose Worth-HI sure can." Clint-Hl'm sadly in need of tive bucks." Mose-"Don't worry. It is as if l heard nothing. U Miss Troxel- Cin ancient history, HMary, who do the ancients say sup- ported the world on his shoulders?" M ary McNarn ey- i 'Atlas. " Miss Troxel-"Correct, but if Atlas supported the entire world, who sup- ported Atlas?" Mary McNarney-Cslowlyl ' ' Why I would suppose he married a very rich wifef, ti -..-. .,, Manchester College has an ideal location, a beautiful campus, ample ath- letic grounds, good buildings and equipment. Recent additions include a Gymnasium, Auditorium, Library and Ladies' Home. The College of Liberal Arts offers a broad curriculum with special de- partments of Education, Business, Music and Art. The faculty is composed of forty teachers, well trained for their work. More than one thousand students are enrolled annually. Manchester College offers special advantages for young people of VVabash and surrounding counties. School activities include Chapel, Y. M. and Y. W., Deputation Teams, Literary Societies, Debating Clubs, Glee Clubs, Orchestra, Lecture Course, Moving Picture Programs, Athletic Schedules of major and minor games. Educational advantages are many. Expenses are moderate. You are invited to become a member of our school family. For catalogue and infor- mation, address, UTHO WINGER, President, North Manchester, lndiana MRS. BERT MARTIN. PRINTER "f'i"f' ll 11. CANAL ST., XVABASH. INDIANA

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