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1 l X 1 A B I X O 1 I 5 I u l 1 1 I wa. K 0 ! . a 9 , 1 0 F U 1' X .4 ' "FI-1 , ,lx Tk " 0 " f' K a.,'. , ,R O 0' K 4 - ., lii""f:fs5:'?!Q . Oxm ,. A., S 3 p E 5 d, Spartans catch up on the latest fads, fash g p d Whiz TGRCH 1987 Volume 31 W.W.Samue1l High School 1 Spartan Drive Dallas, Texas 75217 391-1134 'Es . - "P.af:gaf,1.'l L fs-la A-" k"' ' . . 1-.:1,g:s-.2Lf"-lies' . - ' , ... Rosalie York puts on a scary face at the Band Haunted House. 'I I : Catchfhewave . Dazzling, contemporary' sounds and fashion were on the minds of the Spartans.. ' -A . -1. At Samuell, the students kept an open mind about music. Steven lenn- ings said, "I liked just about all kinds of music except country." Sherri Waf- ford added, "I didn't have any favorites, but I did like 38 Specialf' Rock and pop became very popular .this year. Margo Carrillo said, "I listened to KEGL and my favorite group was Duran Duran." "I enjoyed listening to Bon Jovi," said Brice Buckley. Charles jones said, "Most of the time I listened to rhythm and blues, 90.9." ' . '- Fashion and fads, keeping up with the latest style, and keeping up with 1 2 .Beginnings I - 1 1. 4 Arlene' Ioiies waits 'for Ms. McFarland to start Theater. Arts I fifth period. , - . 1 the latest designer fashions was im- portant' to some' of the-Spartans. Rick Iurica said, "I liked wearing oversized sweaters and tight shorts." Francisco Correa said, "Light blues and faded denim were popular this year. I was glad because :that is what I liked wearing,f'. e ' ' Designer labels were very popular. Brandsg., like Guess, Coca-Cola, Gehevrra, Levi's, and Iordache were among the top favorites. Tom Stuart said, "I think that. my favorite was probably Guess." Iason Penland add? ed, "I wear a lot of Levi's. They fit well, and they're very stylish." Amy Carroll said, "lordache was my favorite. I liked the regular brand and the faded denim." K, x- x ' p . . '+,.' ' S . L. .- .,1.4.-'L . r' I . ..........,.s.-'..,.t..s,., ,.....,...s,-. sf . . ... .. . ..-ua L4..-H 1 a l l Missi Braswell is all "wrapped up" in 7:00 am di practices - ' ' ' 2 ! Chuck' Love is caught red-handed "without" camera at the Mesquite game. - . A AY, . 1 , A A -Sn ,N i 5 S g ., K fat v- 'affirm BU., its .Q , Spartan Image, Lance Phillips, with the help of Shaynor Newsome and Tommy Courson, leads the varsity on the field at Homecoming. ISS. ,, Penland works on "Growth of the English in Ms. Adams' third period English IV Chris Muir and jimmy Coronado beat. the crowd and leave school a little early. Robert Davis runs for his chance for 525.00 by being on time to Ms. Gambrell's second period English Ill class. I Beginnings 3 -,: 1 . ...X ' ...,.. .-.,.-1.4: Terrence Culberson peeks around the comer to make sure he doesn t miss anything in Mr. Richards world geography class. 4 i r: J-EMT! Starlet officers Sherri Wafford C thia Es inoza, Monica Hamilton, and Marcella Smith, show off 1 I YH P Homecoming mums at the BA game. Catchthe Spartans Spartans spent some of their spare time working, playing sports, and go- ing to school functions such as the Back-to-School Bash and the musical, Damn Yankees . Iobs and sports were important to many Spartans. Rudy Cortez said, "I spent most of my free time working, so when I was not at school, I was working on cars." Rick Iurica added, "I have been workingxat Iack-in-the- Box, but I'm looking for another job." Baseball, soccer, and football, both in and out of school, have become popular past times. Danny -Dom- inguez said, "The first semester I was working half a day, but the second semester I wanted to play baseball, so I went to school full time." George Beeton added, "I played baseball for 4 Beginnings -'. Q the school, and we did real well. The baseball team is always good." There were other things, such as watching the thespians or the choir, that Samuell students enjoyed. Clay Carroll said, "My English class saw a play, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, that the thespians produced, and we thought it was good." Keithia Broiles added, "Ioey and I went to the musical, Damn Yankees, and we had a good time." School dances were a part of the Spartans' social life. Sandra Gudino said, "The best dance I went to was the Back-to-School Bash. Everyone and everything was lively and fun." Brice Buckley added, "I had a good time Q at all of our school dances because I was with my friends." Cecilia Guerra enjoys a third quarter break coke and a hotdog at the Mesquite game. Y :DD 5 fc ,W nn, if if ww E . '. -ff 'lv ,wif ' L 'K F 'W l' ' f, In xkq ' f V, , K giafffz g,f""! 3' I Q Luv' ...A A ! ! K g Z -1, Q ,. E IJ' i .. -f'I.'-f..', Zachary and Missi Braswell have "Buming Hearts" at the Homecoming assembly. i hnny Dominguez works overtime on project aduation in student council. - julie Cranberry always does her GV in chemistry. , 1 1 While on duty, Dawn Scott and Rodney Washington get a glimpse of the Woodrow Wilson game. ' Craig Stout and Michael jones teach themselves the basics of drumming in first period band. Lorraine Rodriguez and Lucy Chang catch up on the latest gossip in third period pre-calculus. Begmnmgs 7 Catch theweekends Cruising, clubbing, and dating were how the Spartans spent their weekends. From Galloway to Green- ville, Samuell students and their friends could be found. "I usually went cruising on Galloway with my friends," exclaim- ed George Beeton. Carl Campbell ad- ded, "I cruised Galloway in my? new car." t t ' A ' There were some students who lik- ed to go to clubs. Vernon Taylor said, "I liked going to clubs because it gave me a chance to meet new people." Angela Martel added, "I started going to clubs like Amnesia with my friend, LisawBraswell. We had fun and meta Marilyn Day, Tammy Butts, Sharla Wright, .and Stacey Reames play -"Land of a Thousand Dancesf at the Roosevelt 8 Beginnings lot of peop1e." Joann Tabaniag stated, "Students from Samuell went to Monopoly's on Sunday evenings. It was something different and fun." Dinner, a movie, or -a long drive was what a usual date consisted of. Chris Muir said, "On a date, I would take my date to eat and then to a movie." Adrian Sims added, "Most of the time, we went to eat and then to a party or riding around." Cynthia Espinoza said, "I would go out with Michael, and we would usually dou- ble with another couple. We always went out to eat and then sometimes we would see a movie." Curfey Goldman hustles .against the Bryan Adams defense. Peter Otubu listens intently to Ms. Reed's ex- planation of French diction in seventh period. For Shawn Webb, at the fair, one man's trash another man's treasure. . .11 gil., - .me - -r W- .2 .:. ' 1' -frm.,-, J." 0 pay'- .' 'fy' ' . 1 b, 4,24 :K Warren Fields intensely listens to instructions from Susan Davis performs a hoop routine to Mr. Allen in seventh period general drafting. "Taurus" at the Mesquite game. C ffl 1 Robert Davis, Shady Carter, William Pipkins, and Kevin McCullough proudly present the colors at the BA pep assembly. Crissy Ortiz and Shayrior Newsome price I clothes at the Senior Rummage Sale. V 1 1 . c 4 if W N Cristal Miles and Russell Ansley delight in the eight hundred ' 5 dollars made at the Senior Rummage Sale. I Beginnings 9 ' 1 Mi ALMA MATER Hail, Samuell High! Hail, Samuell High! This song to thee we sing. We pledge to thee our loyalty As loud our praises ring. For always to the Gold and Blue Our hearts will still be true. As fighting Spartans we will cry Our love for Samuell High. Ioumalism students, Alien Christian Tracie Hampton Lisa Serrata and Angela jones flip through a Texas Monthly for layout ideas 'f V' mn. , l Tommy Courson consoles himself with his win-dana after I The Homecoming Dance ends a little early for Chris Terrell and Erica Whitmore the Spartans loss to the Apaches. 10 Beginnings r Lisa McCoy, Alicia Askew, jason Penland, and Craig jones dance the night away to "Heart's on the Back-to-School Bash while Robert Bailey looks for a good shot for the TORCH . STUDENTS 12 Activities iaynor Newsome and Amy Smelser enjoy a slow Luce to "Glory of Love" at the Homecoming nce. Theater productions, the Starlet spring ww, Razz-Ma-Tazz, prom, graduation, Wd many other activities were a part of je at Samuell. Whether students were the activity or a part of the audience, ey were becoming involved. joey Her- Lndez said, "I went to the musical, amn Yankees, and I enjoyed myself. A t of my friends were in it, so I felt like I as." Students took their time before school id after school to participate in these lfents, Kelly Walker said, "I spent a lot time before school, during lunch, and "Those Were the Good Old Days" for Russell Ansley and the Damn Yankees. after school developing pictures for the newspaper. It was something I wanted to do." Spectators were important too. Gregg Suttle said, "I was new to the school, and I became involved in theater arts. I enjoyed going to performances." The seniors especially enjoyed the prom and graduation. Robert Bailey said, "The prom was super. It was as good as I expectedf' Shawn Webb added, "I was ready for graduation. It was great to feel free." Terry Carol goes for the one ball at the fair. Activities 13 One rainy bash Lights flashing, students dancing, and music blaring started the Back-to- School Bash for the 1986-1987 school year. The bash, sponsored by the stu- dent council, was a great success and the first social event of the year. It was held Friday, September 5th, from 10:30 p.m. until 12:30 p.m. in the school lunchroom. After the North Mesquite game, sparks flew from the dance floor as students danced to the music of Dj Anthony Smith returns to Samuell to jam the night away to Walking in the Rain" with Valicia Henderson. Jimmy Coronado is on the lookout for a dance partner to "Take My Breath Away". 14 Back to School Bash Bryron Parker. Despite the heavy rain, the crowd's spirits were not dampened. It was a night for new friendships to bloom and old friend- ships to be renewed. Kevan Ferguson said, "lt's the best dance we've had since I've been here because people were dancing, and no one was sitting down. I had fun and the music was great." Chris Muir add- ed, "lt was good, and the music was good. There was a real nice turn out." ,ppp vi i Roger Finley listens as little brother, Randy Finley, asks for advice. 4 -3 Reva Davis raps to "Word Up." Kimberly Utley and Mark Lofton enjoy a cok break, while james Smith fills them in on hi summer. I 3 'W f. E v , IQ. ,fhA V ny, .1 'Q Q??gf'7 'Q' " mil, 1' N., L ' 55-Wyrtrf T? e 'r- - - 'f ,. -V x 1 t . i ,.x 'erry Carol is head over heels about the fair's one ,undredth birthday. A century of fun The Looping Star, the Texas Star, the Orbitor, the laser light show, the Chinese Exibit, the Chinese acrobats, and the Magna Charta were among some of the main attractions when the Spartans took a break from school on Friday, October 3rd, to take advan- tage of the DISD High School Fair Day and celebrate the fair's hun- dredth birthday. Those who went had to put up with a cloudy but dry day. Alisa Riley said, "I liked the fair because I went on my birthday, and I rode a lot of rides." Glenn Stone y 6,1 i I Aa? I ig 5 1 At the fair, Lori Hoppert and Sherri Wafford try their hand at the bean bag toss. added, "I thought the automobile building was the best part of the whole fair." Bryan Carlisle said, "I thought that it was fun and different because of the Chinese acrobatsf' Although many people enjoyed the fair, not everyone was satisfied. Robert Stephens said, "I thought that too many people were saying how great it would be, but when it started, it was not very good." Lori Hoppert added, "The rides were fun, the food was not good, and it was too expensive." r Outside the Hall of State, William Roberson, Adriane Iames, Renita Otis, and David Piper admire the Goddess of Liberty from atop the Capital. Fair Day 15 " We've got a show for you" Fun filled days and nights were spent working on Razz-Ma-Tazz, the annual concert choir show, which took place September 20th. "Although the one and only rehearsal they had gave everyone a scare, the actual show was superb," said Amy Smelser. Wes Cox said, "It was excellent, and it showed the quality of the senior class." Cheles Rhynes said, "It was entertaining. I thought Russell Ansley did an excellent job." Annette Garcia, a member of IESTERSL added, "It was enjoyable. I had a lot of fun entertain- ing the people." Group dances were presented by the seniors, Starlet officers, and the varsity cheerleaders and banner team. Laura Woody, Terry Carol, Ricky Martin, and Veronica Williams per- formed solos. Cristal Miles said, "Shawn Webb stunned the audience with his solo, 'She's Always a Woman'." This year's show had a lot of variety, from Allen Christian's lip syncing to "jail House Rock" to Russell Ansley playing 'fMostly Mozart" on baritone. This year's emcees were Russell Ansley, Terry Carol, Ricky Martin, Cristal Miles, Billy Robinson, Shawn Webb, and Iohn White. Mr.Cannon directed the show and Ms.McFarland assisted. The IESTERS! like "Singing in the Rain." 16 Razz Ma-Tazz if-1 It's "Mostly Mozart" for Russell Ansley. +A 1 if 1 ll Veronica Williams sings "The Greatest Love of All." Cristal Miles catches the attention of two old men fTerry Carol and Russell Ansleyj. Allen QElvisJ Christian does the Ujailhouse Rock," A "Everywhere You Co" is where Laura Woody will be. The Concert Choir " . . .has a show for you." 4 lt M M 4 ,N A E X yi ANZ' I ' wi ,V ' - in .71 I W, ' V 1 s 5 i X j i , i K I l , awww Av 'W rg, t ,, ,V 4. Monica Hamilton and Cynthia Espinoza put Lance Phillips and Robert Bailey are just a cou- Crissy Ortiz and Shawn Webb "Walk This their "Body and Soulw into the Starlet officers ple of"Nasty Boys." Way!! in the senior dance. routine. Razz'Ma-Tazz 17 I C , The sp1r1t of 86 Homecoming week was filled with excitement for everyone. The student council sponsored spirit days that in- volved the whole student body. This included a Hawaiian day, 50's day, suspenders day, camouflage day, and a blue and gold day. The homecoming pep assembly was held during first period classes at 9:00 am. The Spartans were very ex- cited about having an assembly dur- ing school. Curtis Pena said, "lt was a lot more fun because it was during the day". The student council also sponsored a homecoming float competition that was judged by selected teachers and A .Q Q-1 ng ' ..i- rf' hi 1 The Blue jacket officers, Cecilia Guerra, Lori Hoppe-rt, Tam- my Garrison and jennifer lolley, present their sponsors with certificates of appreciation at the homecoming assembly. 18 Homecoming students. The math team had the win- ning float with the theme "Divide the Cougars." All of the float entrees were presented to the student body during the assembly and the first, second, and third place winners were presented at the pre-game show. The Spartans played an exceptional game Friday, October 17th, against the Bryan Adams Cougars even though they were defeated six to seven. Sandra Morrison said, "It was a good game, and it kept me on the edge of my seat." Marco Luna added, " They had the spirit to win, but they just could not pull through." 5 L On Nerd Day, David Ford is dressed and ready another day. 1g ZW. A 13, , m Mark Busby helps Otis Whitmore carry the ll toward the BA end zone Brian jones, Michelle Wilson, Ieff Gilbreath, Shannon Killebrew, and Tina Shields proudly wheel DEC spirit float across the stage. V. V -- , . . f ff- N, alle, f -, I f. , iiii lun... , I , PAM-A t I fl fl M ! 5 gi 'F l j l Li 'fy A fjff lx During half-time, the Spartan band plays "I l Feel for You." 6 MV' V . Lisa McElhaney agrees to be Carl Campbell's "homecoming honey." E25 Varsity is ready to tackle BA in the Second i 1 . 'F' in Mr, Askew and Alicia Askew get last minute in- The Starlet officers, Sherri Watford, Marcella The varsity cheerleaders are stacked with homecoming spirit structions from Monica Hamilton. Smith, Cynthia Espinoza, and Monica Hamilton, perform to "Burning Heart." Homecoming 19 Queen of the crop Spirits were high as Spartan fans anxiously awaited the announcement of the Homecoming Court at the pre- game show at the Bryan Adams game. Members of the court were escorted on the field by their fathers. Then the 1985 Homecoming Queen, Bridget Donahue, crowned Cynthia Espinoza, the 1986 Homecoming Queen, to the roar of the crowd. The queen and her court were also presented at the Homecoming Dance which was held at the Holiday Inn in Garland on the following night. This gave those students who missed the pre-game show a chance to get a good look at the queen and her court. Cynthia Espinoza said, "l was ex- cited and overjoyed because I did not expect to be elected queen, especially with the others that were nominated." Adriane james said, "lt was a lot of fun, and even though I did not win, l was proud of myself for making court. lt made my senior year special." Each class chose two represen- tatives for the Homecoming Court, except the senior class, who chose five representatives. The top three seniors were on the court and the one with the most votes became Homecoming Queen. The 1986-87 Homecoming Court is presented at the Homecoming Dance. 20 Homecoming Court Otis Whitmore and Cornelia Darden escort Rhond Hoard and Adriane james. David Ford escorts senior Queen Cy Espinoza. Mark Busby and Carl Campbell escort Robyn Caylor and Sheila Arrington. Espinoza escorts Homecoming Queen Cynthia Espinoza at the pre-game show. Michael Rogers escorts Alicia Askew and Deedra Brown. Rhonda Hoard, escorted by Otis Whitmore, is presented at the Homecoming Dance. Homecoming Court 21 Deanie Arredondo and David Kearby wait for the presenta- if di mm of the Homecoming Court' Carl Campbell and Sheila Arrington and Ricky Martin and Ioann Tabaniag dance to "Secret Lovers. A holiday out at the Holiday Inn Glamorously dressed Spartans made their way to the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, October 18th. The student council sponsored dance was held from 8 p.m. to 12 midnight at the Holiday Inn in Garland. Many Spartans made an evening of the affair. They dined out before the dance. Some of the favorite dinner spots were Gallaghers and Bennigans. Craig Jones said, "We went to Steak n' Ale with about five other couples. It 22 Homecoming Dance was nice." Lori Zachary added, "My date took me to Southern Kitchen. That was the first time I had been there, and I liked it." Party Elite provided the sound for the dance. Ioel Cruz said, "The dance was okay except the music was too slow," "I was impressed by the students' dress. Everyone looked very nice," said Ms. Ortiz, a chaperone at the dance. 2 Pm Ladonna Norris and Kenneth Tatum dance "Friends and Lovers", i ,Ati . mn -5 .sf ', Angela jones and Bryan Carlisle listen to the "Rumors" Ford and Cynthia Espinoza ' What Love Is." . Want to Spartans "Twist and Shout." sa McCoy, Kevan Ferguson, Brian jones, Crystal Woods, Saunia Magee, and Wesley Cox line up to have eir pictures taken. Early in the evening, Christopher Terrell sweet talks Erica Whitmore. Homecoming Dance 23 24 Musical Lola QSherri Waffordj is curious to find out if joe likes music and dancing. Van Buren CRicky Martini tells Rocky fAlbert Paredesj and Welch QGlenn Stonej that all they need is hear Darn those Damn Yankees Danzn Yankees , hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet arrived on the Samuell stage on November 21st and 22nd. Spartans saw an old man sell his soul to the devil for the pennant. Shawn Webb said, "lt was the best show that we have ever done." This was the at- titude of most of the cast and crew. The words "sparkle plenty" could always be heard from Mr. Cannon. Mr. Cannon said that he was very pleased with the outcome of the show. Ms. McFarland assisted Mr. Cannon with the musical by choreographing all the songs. "I was impressed with the growth of the students that were involved," said Ms. McFarland. Tryouts for the show began on Oc- tober Znd and practice began on Oc- tober 5th, "I was happy to be a part of the show through my attendance. It was excellent, and I think it should have been shown more times," said Paul Fredrick. This year, the cast and crew dedicated the show to Shawn Webb. Mr. Applegate fRussell Ansleyj tries to Joe Boyd CTerry Carolj to sell his soul to the devil. Ioe Hardy fShawn Webbj is convinced by QSherri Waffordj that they are "Two Lost Souls. T z fi nla QSherri Waffordj proves to Ioe Hardy tShawn ebbj that "Whatever l.ola Wants, Lola Gets." baseball players QChris Muir, Billy Robinson, Lance Phillips, Ricky Martin, Albert Paredes, and Allen Christianj can't believe how far joe Hardy can hit the Doris fAnnette Garciaj and Sister fCristal Milesl are dressed and ready for the big game. The young fans Uudy Brister, Stacy Barnhart, Tommy Courson, and Rachel Siskl listen anxiously for the result ofthe baseball game. Musical 25 s 1 t Mr, Applegate QRussell Ansleyj reminisces with Lola QSherri The show ends with a standing ovation for the cast. Waffordj about the good old days. 26 Musical The baseball players can't seem to keep their minds on the game. The baseball fans cannot decide whether he is safe or out. usd,-'1R'1 Gloria flsori Hoppertj tries to convince Van fRicky Martinj that there is something fishy joe Hardy. lZ'.."r ,A . J l , ,- r c - as leg QLaura Woodyj learns from her husband Ioe Boyd fTerry Caroll that all the Senators need is one long all hitter. 'lltwu e Hardy Shawn Webhj sings "A Man Doesn't The sound of the baseball being hit is music to ow." Mr. Applegates fRussell Ansleyj ears. ,. - Q ,Q v ' ! , ' f ll Il-'E . M, The guard QTommy Coursonj keeps the fans fDax Williams and Rachel Siskj out of the trial. 'Til l While Lynch QReva Davisj watches, Sister fCristal Milesj and Doris QAnnette Garciaj try to get an autograph from Welch QGlenn Stoney. Musical 27 ...e aw., , ss.,--X A class act Writing, producing, and acting were what the thespians did each day. It was a learning experience for the thespians, but it was also fun. Ter- rence Culberson said, "It was nice to find something that was interesting to learn and fun to do." Some of the plays that the thes- pians produced were A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A Christmas Carol, Children of a Lesser God, and A Company of Wayward Saints. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum was a play that delt with the comedies of classical Roman theater. A wealthy young man, Hero, fell in love with a Courtesan, Philia. Hero's parents left town and put Hero in the care of their slave, Psuedolus. Philia fMissey Pinnekinsj 'listens as Hero QMichea1 Williamsj expresses his deep love. Sarah QRobin Klimpelj signs to Iames fOtis Whitmorej in a scene from Children ofA Lesser God. 28 Thespian Plays In exchange for his freedom, Psuedolus agreed to help Hero attain Philia. ln the end, Hero got Philia, Philia got happiness, Psuedolus got his freedom, and everyone was happy in this delightful comedy. In Children of a Lesser God, a male speech teacher, named james, fell in love with a deaf girl, named Sarah, who was a high school drop out. Sarah and james marry, but find that their worlds of sound and silence do not coincide. Only love and compas- sion held them together, but that seemed to be enough. Otis Whitmore said, "It was a very important play to research, and it took a lot of work to learn all the sign language necessary to perform the part." W9 ig fri its '35 , , fi W 5 Reva Davis and Chris Champion enter fifth Theater Arts I to begin a scene from Camelot .,...... ,V I , 6 . , . .,,. A funny thing ha pened to Marcel Davis, Terrence Culberson, Cheles Rhynes, and Otis Whitmore on P way to the forum. 3 ..... 'T x ,A icey Yates hoards her crackers and cheese so she m't have to share. enda Billings enjoys a bite of her brownie at the JRCH Coke Party. 'anda Edwards explains to Dottie Bellah that Coke tbetter than Pepsi. A Coke celebration The TORCH staff celebrated their "Catch the Wave" theme with a Coke party on February 26th, during their sixth and seventh period classes. Billy Robinson said, "I had a lot of fun that day. It was a big change from working every day. We got to sit down and drink Coke!" This was a welcomed break for the staff who usually spent all fifty-five minutes of the class time working diligently on their layouts, getting quotes, writing copy, or identifying pictures. Vanda Edwards said, "We usually got in trouble for playing while we worked, but at the party, Robert Bailey tries to consume a whole Coke without touching the can. playing was working." The Coke party consisted of, of course, Coca-Cola and brownies that were provided for the students by their sponsors Ms. McCollum and Ms. Dailey. Crissy Ortiz said, "We had a real good time at the Coke party ex- cept that Shawn Webb started a brownie fight with me, and I had to go home covered in brownie." Ms. Dailey said, "We had the Coke party to celebrate the theme of the year- book. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, and I thought that was really nice." With a Coke, john White and loann Tabaniag toast the theme of the 1987 yearbook, "Catch the Wave". Danny Dominguez watches Michael Rogers try to sneak a brownie. Coke Party 29 Winter wonderland welcomed Qne of the top social events of the year for the deaf population at Samuell was the Winter Dance spon- sored by the Iunior NAD. The dance was held on Friday, December12th, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Ms. Hill said,"It was like a homecoming for the deaf. Ex-teachers and students came to the dance." Decorations, food, and music were all organized by the students. They even organized a dance contest. Crystal Woods, Karrie Miller, Chan- tay Durham, Shelisa Scott, and Catrina Brown were the winners of the contest. Chantay Durham said, "The dance was good, and the contest was fun too." The music was provided by Robert Grimmett. Crystal Woods said, "I en- joyed the music even though there was a forty-five minute delay." The Winter Dance king and queen were Matthew Martinez and Anita Thomp- son. The other senior court members were Mario Martinez and Denise Kuehne. jennifer Harvey shows Carl Campbell how dance and at the same time. ..w.,Ww.ww-w-w--- Crystal Woods, Karrie Miller, Chantay Durham, Catrina Brown, and Shelisa Scott dance to "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" 30 DeafWmter Dance ft' Hy 'eel i it is ff A ' ' lf , I Spencer and Mario Martinez say don't as-M., , A ,, Lakiesha Russell, Debresha Walls, and Shenequa Dean are in "Control," Me Out. - -1 't pile 'ft M M- t ,Pc , M32 p H - 2 ,'A' 1,, l V 3 if if 'X A N D , J' ' V. ' ' Shenequa Dean and Catrina Brown wait anx- Albert Vega and Matthew Martinez help ...,5- deaf teacher of the month. Qi. 1, Q we W, he 222, iously for their tum to perform. themselves to some punch. Preston waits to announce Ms. Ian Williams The queen and king and the court are presented at the Winter Dance. L ..,..T Deaf Winter Dance 31 4.1111 Ms Miller Albert Vega, and Stacy Wagner try to decide where they should put the tree for the Christmas play. Spartans celebra The holiday spirit was in the air weeks before winter vacation began. Spartans were busy with Christmas shopping and making wish lists. Student council adopted a needy family and collected and took gifts, colthing, and food to the family. They also sponsored a door decorating con- test. Each first period class decorated their door. Ms. Gambrell's first period class won first prize. Her class re- ceived a cake. Several of the deaf education classes had Christmas plays. Michael Rogers said, "I saw the Christmas play Ms, Dailey's class put 32 Winter Holiday te Amy Smelser Ioann Tabaniag john White, Tracie Hampton, Monica Hamilton, and Russell ,I f" 5 .ff ' ff. I I I I decorate the student council Christmas tree. SHOW on. It was funny." On December 18th, one day before the Christmas break, it snowed, giv- ing Spartans thoughts of a white Christmas. Cynthia Wallace said, "I was surprised when I woke up and saw the snow. It looked so pretty see- ing everything covered with snow." Shawn Webb added, "My first words were 'all right, snowball fight'." Students and teachers spent the holidays in different ways. Some traveled to see relatives in other cities, while others slept late and just relaxed. ff On Thursday, December 18th, Craig jones Lance Phillips enjoy a snowball fight. ivis Caro dances to Michael Iackson's "Beat It". ff ,, ,,,, V ' Ita Thompson, Veronica Alanis, and Karrie lerare"AttheHop". We feel the beat The twenty-eight deaf theater arts students produced a very good pro- gram on March 20th, during seventh period. It took the group about six weeks to prepare for the program. Ms. Dailey said, "The students were very nervous before the program, but once they got out on stage, they opened up." The hearing took a lot of things for granted, such as listening to the beat of a song and dancing to that beat. The hearing-impaired have to memorize the beat to the songs they are dancing to. Karrie Miller said, "I was in the program for two years, and it was great. We had fun working on K tl! Shenequa Dean and Cheryl Baker wonder "What Have You Done for Me Lately?". it, but it took a lot of time." Veronica Alanis said, "I was a little nervous at first, but then I got used to it. I en- joyed performing for the other students." The deaf theater arts class was not all fun and games. It was like any other class. They had homework, tests, and studied particular aspects of the theater. When they were prepar- ing for the program, their concentra- tion was focused on their perfor- mance. Travis Caro said, "My favorite dance was 'Beat It'. I liked imitating Michael Iacksonf' Ricky Tanajara ad- ded, "I thought it was fun watching the girls. They were wonderful." Deserie French, Tara Gray, Travis Caro, and Catrina Brown are in "Control". Deaf Theater Arts Program 33 Two hearts beat as one Exciting and fun were words used by many students to describe the Valentine Dance that was held on February 7th, at the Dallas Hilton Hotel, downtown. The dance, spon- sored by the student council, was held from 8 pm to 12 midnight, and the cost was 257.50 a ticket. Tracie Hamp- ton said, "The Hilton was very beautiful, it was nice to have it off campus." B - The music and the disc jockey, Mar- shall Argrovitz, had everyone on the dance floor. Lorraine Rodriguez said, "I enjoyed the dance very much, the DI kept the crowd and their spirits alive." Michael Rogers said, "The dance was excellent, and the DI was It's "Glory of Love" for Cyndy Schmidt and jason Penland. 34 Valentine Dance the best in Samuell's history." The Valentine Court was presented at the dance and the king and queen were announced. The queen was Cristal Miles, and the king was Iasper Moore. Cristal Miles stated, "I was honored to be voted Valentine Queen. The student body will never know how many fond memories they added to my senior year." Everyone seemed very enthused and pleased with the dance. Danny Dominguez stated, "The dance was impressive and well-planned. The student council did a great job". Billy Robinson added, "I had a great time and the DI was dynamite". The 1987 Valentine King and Queen are Moore and Cristal Miles. Stephanie Beers waits for the court to be presented while Troy Brewer asks Christy Matthews for the dance. SEN IORS: Carl Campbell, Sandy Staab, Brian Iones, and Laura Powell. fi- is Xu IUNIORS: Cary Blair, Amy Smelser, Craig Blair, and Lisa Curlin. SOPHOMORES: Michael Bailey, Lisa Hall, Paul Bohme, and Shanna Vines. FRESHMEN: Alfred Martinez, Temby Tumer, Isaac Clark, and Lisa McCoy. Eerrenski Woodley tries to show Claudia Davila ow to do the whop to Control . Sean johnson and Christine I-locker dance to "A Brand New Lover". Charles Taylor, Keith Lewis, Yolonzo Moore, and David jones do the snake to "Hit and Run." Valentine Dance 35 A Company of Wayward Saints The one act play, A Company of Wayward Saints, was a great success. The cast won first place in district and advanced to regionals. This play was based on the traditional Commedia Dell' Arte Theater of Italy and France. The play was written by George Her- man. Ms. McFarland stated, "I was very pleased. The company worked with a professional demeanor for six weeks, and their ability as performers improved." In the play, the company presented the whole history of man. They depicted the history of "Everyman" in birth, adolesence, marriage, and death. It was a mosaic of the profes- sion of life, redeemed by humor and human understanding. The first part was an amusing slapstick entertain- ment, and the second part made a point about how pride and arrogance destroyed collective efforts. The cast consisted of nine characters who performed in the style Adam fCregg Suttlej and Eve fAlphie Rodriguezj are tempted by the snake CMarce1 Davisj. 36 A Company ofWayward Saints of improvisation. Cheles Rhynes said, "I was Pantalone. We all had fun per- forming, and I thought it was an enlightening experience. The cast was great to work with." Pam Davis stated, "We rehearsed for two months. It was hard at first because the play was so different, but we worked through it, and the play was a great success." Everyone seemed to enjoy the play. The cast, crew, ushers, spectators, and the director, Ms. McFarland, were all pleased with the performance. Dwayne Watson said, "I thought the play was hilarious, and it was good. The cast was outstanding." Michelle Foster said, "I especially liked the per- son who played Isabella, Alphie Rodriguez, because she was a good actress." Karen Garrison added, "I thought it was really good. Pam Davis was funny, and her clothes were hilarious. She made the play." -Y-4. 4 hung., Tristana fGregg Suttlej and Dottore fFred Hallj listen while Harlequin fOtis Whitmorej in- troduces Commedia Dell' Arte. Q Scapino QMarcel Davisj introduces A Company Wayward Saints. lil The two lovers QGregg Suttle amd Alpi- Rodriguezj greet each other. fter the assembly, Bill Hasty, Christia Fuller, LeTracy Thomas, Dr. Criner, Ricky Phillips, and Deidra Walton discuss the curriculum at Texas Southem University. emy Bigham Doris Sandifer Marlon Walker lhita Williamson, and Marco Luna watch artist, r. Arthello Beck, sketch a student. Informing, entertaining, Samuell was successful in present- ing a variety of activities and pro- grams designed to recognize the achievements of Black Americans. Vanda Edwards stated, "I was glad they gave appropriate recognition to Black Americans." c February was the designated Black History Month, and Ms. Walker was the chairman of the Cultural Awareness Committee. There were several activities planned including an art display, guest speakers, an essay contest, and announcements about the contributions of Black Americans. AA 5, Kelly Martinez has problems with the ladder while putting up a sign advertising the Black Dance Theater's upcoming performance. and challenging To culminate the activities for Black History Month, the Dallas Black Dance Theater performed at Samuell Friday evening, February 28th. Ms. McFarland said, "It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to work with such talented dancers." Ms. Wormley added, "Black Dance Theater was an exciting art form. The Cultural Arts Committee was com- mended for their effort put into the program. I thought the attitude of the students should have been more receptive and less apathetic." Black History Month 37 The seniors 1Cristal Miles, Missi Braswell, Monica Hamiltonj "Hokey I'okey" around. Starlets in revue Although it seemed like it would never get here, the Starlet show final- ly arrived. The original date for the show was March 27th, but due to stage and rehearsal complications, it was postponed until April 24th at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium. Russell Ansley stated, "It was the best show I have ever seen in my four years at Samuellf' Even though the Starlets did not have much time to practice on the stage, the show seemed to go very well, and both students and parents were very pleased. Tracie Hampton said, "The show took a lot of work and extra time because of problems 38 Starlet Revue Annette Garcia is "Somewhere in the World." The 1987 Sta with the backdrop and music, but it turned out to be real good." Cynthia Espinoza added, "I felt the long prac- tices paid off, and the show was a col- lection of our hard work during the year." The sound, stage lights, and cur- tains were operated by Ms. McFarland and her class. Tammy and Sherri Davenport operated the spotlights. julie Cranberry said, "The Starlet show was put together very well. Everyone that I was with really en- joyed it." Gregg Suttle added, "I liked working with the Starlets. It was nice to be part of something like their show." "All at Once" it's Floyce Whitehead ,Tv V 4 rlets are in "America The sophomores fCharee jones and lana dance to "I'm Losin' You." ,,, if if 21 if 'P I Y , ,, . 1, My , 'Q ' ' I A 1' f 1 V 7,1 23? , K 1 ff, "' ' ' 3 ' . A :si':A,w'- ' fa R 3 - '-b- -'PY 1' 191' 5147 . f lak?" , 14" 1 ff' 'Av fd. , .,- , my rg, -fm.. H.. ,i 1 . ix . - 4 w A fr: , V- . 4,5 ," 'N A bfwzww , rf L. QA 1 - f-vvawm Af 45 fo , 5 4., ,Vcf Q. . Q. , 44- 7' - A xx , 1 'A 4 4 A A ' A I f 4 ' I! fp' Cf . 3' . afpfg ' 44 .fx A f. . I . u '.-:I -..:.s"0, , A. . :F ' f'f""" ' -r . '.- 'L . Q - 414 L,--'Z' 0 if - .,-Q 2' 1 'E- if .', 0' w 1. M.. .A A 'QQ 4 J- . ax' v" 0IllCa x . A., xl' eedo 1 'WJ " ,srlf . '-f'-Q1 1 ,- 'A 'nhl in-7 ' f Pvs S K -x 0 . K .,mvv. w- rf .. ., ,, 1' f f - fm VN Rl! ,. fm A P? A Q' ig ' If Q: E Q , ii?"- r' , KV K: ' ' , 1 9 K ' ' -'xl-xv -.m 'A . . . F . :- - wmv . Q'.:,,cx,r , 3: ' . 3 a ' . 'ff-if 1 '. W , , rg-if' Q. , , my x 4. .1 . M , Q v I 5. ay ' 1 ',- ., . f , ' ww. if W 4. .M a , 76 ' ,. ,,, , ' Q5 v V w , ' V 1 A sy: t 4 , - fr. L , I 2414: F " - . ga 'A 5 at 5211 " ,. 'Nw ' ' aw 5 A92 ' V fl f Q - f , H' v ' : " . y x wr-13. , A, V ,gg Si ,.1"'- Q i .6 in ,' M ' . " ' f' ' yr , . .-:Fha Ai? -- A -f' iw vi ' 3, A -"4 ,gf uf 'mir W V-at w if Mn. W , 4 f , 'Z fwfr f 'f -mm.. I ,,-, ,W.A W, s im., Facult whips students This time the faculty didn't just watch the students. They played against them. The studentffaculty basketball game was held in March during seventh period. "lt was very enjoyable but tiring," stated Coach Pierce. Both teams agreed that it was a good game, but as to which side should have won, this was not agreed upon. Coach Peterson said, "We did our usual job and beat up on the seniors." Otis Whitmore added, "The W,-.,W. ,W W I Coach johnson dribbles down the court to make the winning point. 5 Coach Pierce tries to pass the ball while F.T. Pratt and Otis Whitmore block. 40 Studentfliaculty Basketball game was played with the idea of good sportsmanship. We, the students, played to have fun, not to win." The game ended with the faculty ahead 37 to 28. Arthur Williams said, "Life just doesn't seem fair." Coach johnson stated, "The game was a lot of fun. They could have won, they just gave us old guys a break." Coach Grounds said, "It was a fun event, and I just loved making shots." r Q., f I V ,,, 6' i 2 if f W 4 1 W Q X ' pl' 4, v ' 1 ., 46' 5 ff ff v v, J an 5 W fi az," X, i ff Q n Q? if ,,, 4 12 . ,.. , 'QQ ' A . Bruce jones goes for a jump ball against Pierce. Coa twmx.,-Q N Marcel Davis attacks the basket. s--MW- rathy Freeman and Bryant Williams dance to "Shy kie Busby waits anxiously for the announce- Ent of the court. Ml lust hanging out It was a night to remember for the special education students who held their spring dance on Friday, May lst, from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria. All students were allowed to participate in the corona- tion, and the winners were chosen at random by Dr. Hughey. The theme for the dance was lust Hanging Out. Angela Ruelas said, "I enjoyed the rap music they played." Ms. Ray said, "It was an exceptional dance for exceptional students." The king and queen were Darron Williams and Karen Davis, the prince and rf . A Prince, johnny Smith, shows off his ribbon to princess were johnny Smith and An- nabell Ortiz, and the duke and duchess were Bryant Williams and Cathy Freeman. The king and queen received trophies, and the rest of the court received ribbons. Refreshments such as finger sand- wiches, chips, cookies, peanuts, cake, and punch were provided for the students. Darron Williams stated, "I had fun at the dance, and I was sur- prised to get king. The trophy was nice." Karen Davis added, "I was glad I got queen since it was my last year at Samuell." . , - ' 5 v1'f1ww'eremfzafafavfar:1za:1zfazfsf151 ,, " A ftwnasfreti.,wwfzxsrffftitfizzm. - 41' ' Q is va ,fc Angela Ruelas and Travis Sanders slow dance X Karen Davis and Darron Williams are excited to "You've Got It All." K - about being named queen and king. is Q if A Qi X9 Q ,VXA 0 fl Spring Dance 41 ff I Risky business lt was risky business for the juniors to hold their dance in the school cafeteria on Friday, March 13th. The money raised from this dance went into their fund for next year to help with their senior activities. Lori Zachary said, "I felt the dance was financially successful. The purpose of the dance, of course, was to have a good time. Generally, this held true for our dance. There were a few pro- blems, but we had a good time." From 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., D1 Robert Grimmett produced dynamic 3 as-2. Angela jones and Robin Fowler "Get Into The Groove". It's Amy Smelser's bad luck to arrive late to the Bad Luck Bash. 42 junior Dance sounds for students to dance to. joann Tabaniag stated, "The junior dance was a fun way to raise money for the senior class of 1988. The music was good until the amplifier broke, but the dance went well anyway." "I enjoyed the dance. There were problems with the sound equipment, but that was just typical for Friday the 13th. We made good money for our class fund," said Bill Hasty. The junior class earned about eight hundred dollars and had a good time. Shanna Vines and jimmy Coronado slow dance "Let's Wait Awhile". Terrence Culberson anxiously waits for Lucret Ieremy Martin and Kelly Fitzgerald slow dance Taylor and Ioann Tabaniag to serve him a drink. to "Love You Down". QQ While Lori Zachary, Keithia Broiles, and Tracie Hampton gossip, Kenneth Black waits so he can ask one them to dance. Ye 2, f Q f p-if , ,',, E st' 'T ...,..-Q -4.-1. 5 e , ,iihvz The junior favorites are Amy Smelser and Iimmy Coronado. 245152 ni V ue freshman favorites are Damon Samford and sa McCoy. .!Q,t53ggg', V, A k f .1 -AZ. ' N .Q f 1 ,ffl v, . 1" The sophomore favorites are Tarita Young and IoAnthony McGee. Favorites announced Being chosen by their peers was an honor to the underclassmen favorites who were announced at the awards assembly on May 8th, Each class voted fora boy and a girl from their grade level as their favorites. The win- ners from each grade received a cer- tificate at the awards assembly. The junior class favorites were Amy Smelser and Jimmy Coronado. Sophomore class favorites were Tarita Young and IoAnthony McGee, and the freshman class favorites were Lisa McCoy and Damon Samford. Tarita Young stated, "I was very surprised, and I'm glad everyone thought enough of me to vote for me as a favorite." Amy Smelser added, "I was surprised to hear my name announced. I never expected to receive such an honor." Most students seemed to agree that the choice of favorites went to the right students. Chris Muir said, "I thought that everyone who was chosen earned the title." Shanna Vines said, "I thought everyone that was picked deserved it." Underclassmen Favorites 43 A jam, Jamaican Fresh air and enthusiasm filled the courtyard as Spartans danced at the Jamaican Iam that was held on Friday, April 10th, sponsored by the student council, ' Non-alcoholic pina coladas were served to help keep spirits in the Iamaican mood. Kristy Cobb said, "l had fun at the dance, and I liked the pina coladasf' "The decorations and the pina coladas at the dance were great. I especially liked the little pineapples," stated Tonya Vail. Loud music with a dancing beat could be heard coming from the .A q ,ts "t sfsifll ' .DTR fi .i fi . t t 'ff it ll iiii sssas .a.i ai.n K K -- -:s- -saws - k .... :EQ x , h W egg, sq Robert Bailey and Cristal Miles watch Crissy Ortiz White'slei. admire Iohn U' X r , + .sew Xt , gre We it it si ,QP ' Michelle Pierson and Michael Rogers dance to "Brand New Lover." 44 jamaican lam style courtyard. Most students seemed to be pleased with the Dj, Gus Care rizales. "The dance was a real success, and everything really looked nice. The DI was the best yet," said Allen Christian. Robert Bailey added, "The music made the dance a success. It had a beat to it that made everyone want to get up and dance." "lt was a great way to start off the new season," said Crissy Ortiz. Terry Carol said, "The Iamaican Iam had to be the best dance we had. Nothing beats dancing under the stars on a cool spring night." Samantha Worley, Annette Garcia, and Stefanie Smith dance to "Head to Toe." li agar . . se..,rf1,a.. 5, Stacey Yates, Angela Lovejoy, Christy Mil Deedra Brown, Amy Clement, and Annette Gar are "Dancing on the Ceiling." Carlette Armstrong and Lashun Hall patiently w for someone to buy a pina colada. Q Y . i rw -Q la ei 'K 4 . 1 it --'- 2 W.-1 Q .'-- . Dr. Hughey gets a "wop" lesson from Shupon Mitchell, Alicia Chambers, Danata Soles, and Melar Banks. s 2 i I ' 4 t 1 ii. F 'lumix A YKWIA, L, ,:.. i,,W,a,,, ,,.. tam.-M me 1 .. . . QRN, . NWC T' tl HE' 1? Laura Loeb signs her qualifications for senior class secretary while Ms. Allison interprets. n Davis, candidate for vice-president, greets her is with a smile of confidence. Changing of the guard Candidates stated the facts, their beliefs, and what they planned to do for their class and the school. The stu- dent council assembly was held on April 7th to elect class and student body officers and representatives for next year. Carrie Stone said, "The assembly definitely helped me decide who I wanted to vote for." The candidates gave one to two minute speeches and announced what office they were running for. "It helped me see the different can- didates because sometimes I saw posters in the hall and didn't know :nu al NRSYGARS rn Lori Zachary makes campaign promises in the student council elections. 1 , f f ' 3 it I s ft , Q Q- ff c I I I V' 5 1 I 5 s ' H - 'E-' fi A i f , v -,, ,e . 4 , t .. Bill Hasty, Eric Woods, Claudia Davila, and Ioann Tabaniag wait anxiously to give their campaign speeches. who the students were," said Cheles Rhynes. Lisa McCoy added, "I liked listening to the people, but some of the students in the audience were rude." "If the candidates were prepared, this was when we found out. It also helped me decide who I was going to choose. I didn't want anyone who wasn't sure of themselves," said Faith Tomlinson. Claudia Davila stated, "I was nervous at first, but I think that helped me." Bill Hasty added, "The assembly went very well, and the stu- dent body was well behaved." Student Council Election 45 IESTERS!-the final curtain The JESTERSI Show was a night for the IESTERS! to shine, sparkle, and show what they could do. Gn May 18th, in the school auditorium, the 1986-1987 JESTERS! had their last performance, and the next year's IESTERS! were announced. Mr. Can- non said, "Everything went excellent this year. lt was the best show since l've been here. l had a lot of great talent." The IESTERS! worked hard and practiced everyday during fifth period. Billy Robinson said, "l really enjoyed practicing on the show. We all had a lot of fun." Russell Ansley K Q . Q ' Shawn Webb "Doesn't Mind the Thorns as Long as There ls a Rose." 46 IESTERS! Show stated, "Being in the show was fun because the choreography was dif- ferent." Cristal Miles added, "1 en- joyed working on the show because we sang a lot of good songs." There were many fine acts per- formed by the IESTERSY. Among these were Billy Robinson singing "Ocean Front Property", Katie Karlen and Russell Ansley singing "Always", and Elisa Thompson and Albert Paredes singing "Endless Love." julie Cranberry stated, "I enjoyed the show because it seemed to be organ- ized and without problems." . Sherri Wafford dreams of being a "Ballerina Girl." 3 ts E E Sherri Wafford, john White, and Marcella Shawn Webb and Elisa Thompson know powerful beat. Ricky Martin tells Shawn Webb, Terry Carol, Albert Paredes, and Billy Robinson about the "Deep i Women." Kerry goes coast to coast in the basketball Special kids do special things Special games were sponsored for special students by a special group. The Allied Youth sponsored the Special Olympics for the Special Education Department on April 25th, at the Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center. The event included such ac- tivities as the basketball shoot, wheelchair race, and running relay. Participation was good and many students felt honored to be a part of it. Terry Carol said, "It made me feel David Ford pushes Katherine Cato to a victory in the wheelchair race. good knowing that I was doing something to help others." Michael Rogers added, "It was very moving seeing the joy on the faces of all those kids." The event was also supported by students who weren't involved with it. Brenda Billings stated, "I thought it was great to see that people really care enough to make sure that everybody gets to enjoy life." Michael Rogers helps Ricardo Pineda in the relays. Laura Woody cheers Christopher Brown and Willie Taylor in the wheelchair relay. C Special Olympics 47 Funn how time flies It was a memorable evening for the IROTC who held their military ball on Saturday, May 2nd, at the Marriott Hotel. The events took place from 7:30 p.mf until 12:00. Damita King said, "I had an excellent time at the military ball. The room was pretty, and the music was good." The evening began with a receiving line, followed by dinner, the awards ceremony, a break, the crowning of the queen, and the dance. Earnest Hughes said, "To me, the military ball was spectacular. Everything went great." The theme for the dance was "Funny How Time Flies When You're Having Fun." At 9:25 p.m., army instructor, lst Robert Davis kisses the hand of the Mistress of Damita Sgt. Henry T. Bivins, crowned the queen and her court. The queen was Christia Fuller, and the runner-up was Deborah Wilson. The princess was Gayla Knowles, and the runner-up was Latisha Wheaton. LaTracy Thomas said, 'tl thought that the crowning of the queen went well." Several awards were given at the ball. Robert Davis received the Distinguished Cadet Award, Cynthia Tolbert of LD1 and Derrick Todd of LD2 received the Superior Cadet Award. The Scholastic Excellence Award was given to Warren Fields of LD1, Gayla Knowles of LD2, Damita King of LD3, and Deborah Wilson of LD4. Mr. Bill Morgan presents the Sons of American Revolution Award to Leticia Martinez. X Princess candidate Carmen Duncan is escorted Kevin f. .a The Military Ball court are Deborah Wilson, Cynthia Tolbert, LaTracy Thomas, Dawn Scott, Lucretia Taylor, Christia Fuller is announced as queen of Tonya Smith, Christia Fuller, Gayla Knowles, Latisha Wheaton, Carmen Duncan, Darla Bell, Hazel Haynes, and Military Ball. Dolores Morales. 48 Military Ball -if ' l mita King, Warren Fields, Gayla Knowles, and Deborah Wilson receive Academic Achievement Robert Davis and Les McFarland present the fards from Ms. Best in Texas e' N- 5157-zYif'.,fY' ..b Frazier Reed enjoys his meal of beef stroganoff, potatoes, marinated vegetables, and rolls. David Piper, Christia Fuller, Gayla Knowles, and Den'ick Todd dance to "Always." Military Ball 49 Competing with The competition at UIL was tough, but the Spartans did very well. There were many students who participated in the all-day event at Skyline High School on Saturday, March 14th. Students who did exceptionally well and placed first, second, or third ad- vanced to regionals at Dallas Baptist University on April 25th. Ms. Thomas said, "UIL was tough competition. It was hard, and many students seemed to get nervous when they got there." Kathleen Slaven said, "UIL made me very nervous, but I did enjoy it." Cecilia Guerra added, "I thought it was a good experience because I got to see how good I was compared to students from other schools." Shenekqua Robertson added, "I felt that UIL was one of the most in- teresting competitions that took i 't he best place." The events in which the Spartans entered were: speech, journalism, English, math, business, and science. Chad Heddin said, "Being in the UIL competition was a valuable ex- perience." Students were drilled and coached by various teachers including Ms. McFarland, Ms. Bell, Ms. Adams, Ms. Braden, Ms. Russell, Ms. Thomas, Mr. Nicholson and Ms. Carron. Tommy Courson, Earl McGib- boney, jason Penland, Ray Hulse, Cheles Rhynes, Shenekqua Robert- son, Pam Davis, Curtis Pena, Bill Has- ty and Ron Chaney all advanced to regionals. Tommy Courson, who placed third in ready writing, said, "Participating in the UIL competition was an enriching experience." Debate: Ron Chaney. Typing: Cecilia Guerra, Virlesia Watts. journalism: Ray Hulse, Tommy Courson, Kathleen Slaven, Chad Heddin. 50 UIL Shorthand: Rhonda Miller. Spelling: Venetta Gipson, jason Penland. Q i wi N4 ' if if K wk L, Science: Terry Carol, David Ford. Math: Bill Hasty, Terry Carol, Curtis Pena, Hien Nguyen. 44 -we eech:F10ntRow- Lori Guerra, Pam Davis, Shenekqua Robertson. Back Row- Cheles Rhynes, Otis Whit- Ready Writing: Tommy Courson, H9CfOr AmadOr, Clay ure, Gregg Suttle. Carroll. Ki UIL 51 HY 4? A step toward perfection Anticipation, nervousness, and ex- citement were felt by many students as they waited for the honor roll, outstanding students, superlatives, and scholarships to be announced at the May 8th, awards assembly. Faith Tomlinson said, "I received an award for lettering in swimming, and it made me feel very good about myself." Carrie Stone added, "I was given an award for helping special education students and for par- ticipating in SADD." The 1987-1988 student body of- ficers were in charge of organizing and presenting the assembly. Most people were pleased with the agenda for the program. Russell Ansley stated, "The assembly ran smoothly, but it was rather long." Vanda Ed- Shenekqua Robertson shows off her trophies for outstanding work in theater. 52 Awards Assembly wards said, "The program was well organized, and the awards were well deserved." Barbra Dempsey added, "Some assemblies can get wild, but this one was calm and in control." Ms. Rhoads said, "The assembly was very well planned and executed." A variety of awards were given in- cluding UIL awards, perfect atten- dance awards, and athletic awards. Shaynor Newsome stated, "I received the Presidential Fitness Award, UIL Scholar Award, and Superlative. Those awards made my day." Adrian Sims said, "My track award gave me a wonderful sense of accomplishment." Not pictured are Otis Whitmore, Outstanding Drama Student and Nathalie Prieur, Outstanding ln- dustrial Arts Student. Kelly Hurley receives the Presidential Academic Award from Lori Hoppert and B111 Hasty I? ,.. Missi Braswell Carl Campbell Vanessa Camper Sherrie Cosby Tommy Courson Karen Davis David Ford Social Studies Athletics Home Economics Art English Special Education Mathematics and Science ,mt .1 10 5 Misty Lybrand Ricky Martin Business Chorus ,f ,, Dwi ' l !! H? .. ,, " Brenda Fortner Latin Spanish f Cox, Curtis Pena, and Hector Salazar 'eive math team awards from Bill Hasty. Curtis Pena Mathematics . 'sig :Y-ef i 'X Q: R 1 X X i- ee Tracie Hampton Marshall Vance P.E. XXX I ! 11 5' I . Ms. Craig presents Jason Penland with a three thousand dollar academic scholarship to East Texas Baptist University. David Piper Glenn Stone Angela Sudkamp Stacy Wagner ROTC German French Deaf Education ...- Senior Superlatives David Jocoy, Robert Bailey, Dee Wedgeworth, and Yolanda jackson receive certificates. Dr. Hughey receives the W.T. White Team Trophy from Walter Carter. Awards Assembly 53 A new breed The traditional Blue and Gold game, held on May 22nd, was a beginning for some and the ending for others. Billy Watson said, "I enjoyed the game because there were a lot of Spartans there, and we finally won a game." While the 1986-1987 varsity cheerleaders, banner team, Spartan Image and senior Starlets had their last performances, the 1987-1988 var- sity cheerleaders and Starlets were both anxious and nervous about their first performances. Corian Lemmon said, "I enjoyed the half time show. It was very enjoyable." Also, during half time, the senior athletes were recognized, along with the announce- The deaf cheerleaders dance to "Tequelia." rw Allen Christian, Bill Hasty, and Gina McCoppin play "Toronado". 54 BluefGold Game ment of the 1987-1988 Spartan Image and banner team. The band also had their last chance to perform. They played "Off the Line", "I Feel For You", and "Land of a Thousand Dances." The game was a time for the Spar- tans to gather, pay homage to the new, and say goodbye to the old. Terry Withrow stated, "The game was good, but I liked watching half time and talking to my friends." Ieff Cox added, "Half time was great. I didn't pay much attention to the game because I knew we would win." As the game ended, the Blue team defeated the Gold team by a score of 16 to 7. sg -X i W Lance Phillips charges onto the field for the time Roy Fleming cuts to the inside to escape from Danny Goines. .lb v sa 5 '- -elm' ,235-S-1' T ff., 'INN K e sf zu ' ' 'wx J aff as , Tommy Courson knows the Spartans are "forever Keithia Broiles and Claudia Davila know Timothy Fields runs interference for Roy Flem- he best." What's So ing on a retum. 'sf The senior athletes celebrate at half time. Cindy Aynes asks Who Are the Spartans? The senior Starlets are straight "Out of Egypt" at half time of the BluefGold game. B1uefGold Game 55 Seniors "Never Say Goodbye" An elegant ballroom, good music, and a nice dinner made the senior prom a night to remember. Everyone began arriving at the Registry Hotel at 7:30 p.m. on May 16th. Tickets, which were 5835.00 a person, provided each person a dinner, dancing, a prom pic- ture frame, and a key chain that resembled the tickets. Gloria Iohnson stated, "I really enjoyed the prom. It was something that I will remember forever." Dinner, which was served at 8:30, consisted of a salad, cornish hen stuffed with wild rice, green beans, carrots, and apple strudel for dessert. Ray Hulse said, "I thought the dinner was great. It was very well prepared, and I enjoyed it thoroughly." The Grand March began at 10:00 p.m. This was a time for the seniors to be presented and recognized. Crissy Ortiz said, "The Grand March was special to me because I marched with a good friend of mine, Kevan William Roberson and Patrice Webb anxiously wait for favorites to be announced. 56 Prom Ferguson. It was something I'll always remember." Only seniors from Samuell could participate in this ac- tivity, so it made the march even more special. Cynthia Espinoza and john White announced the seniors. This was followed by the senior TORCH staff members announcing senior favorites. Special memories that the seniors would remember for a long time were made that night. Lisa Braswell said, "I thought that all of the preparations for the prom were excellent, everything was great." Cynthia Espinoza stated, "The Registry was the perfect setting for such a memorable event." The fun did not stop at 1:00 a.m. when the dance ended. The seniors and their dates found other places to celebrate. Tommy Courson said, "I went to the Sheraton and enjoyed the company of my friends." Vanda Ed- wards said, "We went to the West End and rode the horse and carriage." Lance Phillips and Monica Hamilton can't wait to cruise in the corvette after the prom. sif. Michael Paschall steals a quick kiss from Cynthia Espinoza. 45 Darren Veail and Chantay Durham are "Somewhere Out There." if E 1 V ig? t qw-Qlcjt .x , f il: i Ttylllg. locoy and Annette Garcia keep the heat to Patrick Baty escorts Stacy Nerhood in the Grand March, Russell Finley and Angela Sudkamp "Always" make memories, Shawn Webb and Vanda Edwards announce Most Handsome and Most Beautiful. . -ia' af 1.- X X 9 X-VS ,N-' X1 L51"lX Brenda Billings and Daryl Miller cut loose to "Twist and Shout" at the Registry. Prom 57 After a delicious meal, Lorraine Rodriguez sits Derrick Woodard does the "jail House Rock." Kevan Ferguson and Crissy Ortiz are back and the DI the Grand March. l ' gg, ' it vs ,,, l 73' 1,f'f?Ef:' T, ' ' W ss '- if i M ,,W' ,X . 'r "2 rl -J, he fe N vs Q' ' 1. While en'o in their meal, Hu o Saucedo and Theresa Meza watch the dancers on the dance floor. Eames' Pena and Gloria Diaz make memories 1 Y g g the prom. 58 Prom Billy Robinson, Ricky Martin, and Shawn Webb remind the 1987 seniors to "Respect Yourself." 3 ii X Heidi Cook and Shaynor Newsome discuss after prom plans. -5' if A JR he Supremes, Felicia Woods, Stephanie Benson, and Adriane james lip synch t ogetherf' 0 "Someday We'll Be "f'l":kv'hgJ',, if w -9' 1 a'x ' john White asks Cristal Miles if he can eat her apple strudel. W '. Katrina Wade rice. av enjoys her comish hen and wild Prom 59 , 1- Seniorf .felectfavoritef The announcement of the .renior favoritet had been anticipated jhr a long tirne, but the tirnefinally arrived at the protn on May 16th. After the grand rnarch, the .renior inetnberf W' the TORCH Jtaf announced favoritef. The .renior TORCH rnetnbert were Robert Bailey, Billy Robinfon, Donovan Tanner, Michael Rogerf, Bonny Niccollf, Danny Dominguez, Cynthia Efpinoza, Vanda Edwards, Dottie Bellah, john White, Lorraine Rodriguez, Monica Hamilton, Terry Carol, Brenda Bill- ingf, Raffell Anfley, Critfy Ortiz, Criftal Milef, Chuck Love, Barbra Detnpfey, and Shawn Webb. Being Jelected df a ienior favorite wat a fpecial honor becatue these Jtttdentt were voted on by their peert. Cynthia Efpinoza, Min Satnnell, faid, "I wat very amazed when it wat announced. Getting Min Satnttell wax an honor." Rttffell Anfley, Mott Dependable, added "You can depend on ine. " "I wat Jttrprifed and excited, " faid Brenda Billingf, Rttnnerdtp Mott School Spirit. Carl Campbell said, HI way very proud to receive runner-up fbr Moet Athletic. " Sherri Wayftrd added, 'Alt wa: neat to get Moft Talented, bot what rnade it neater wat getting the award with Shawn." The winnerf and rtznnerf-ap each received certijicatet and had their pic- tvref taken after they were announced. Michael Roger: and Barbra Dentpfey announce jeff and Keidra Moore dJ Bef! Dreued. -. we Q, , , '7 2 , 7 - Mr. and Miss Samuell Most Likely To Succeed Lance Phillips Monica Hamilton Cynthia Espinoza Terry Carol 60 Favorxtes Most Dependable Most Talented Russell Ansley Sherri Wufford Vanda Edwards Shawn Webb Most Beautiful Most Athletic Laura Powell Yolanda jackson Most Handsome james Higgins Shaynor Newsome Braun Porter Favorites 61 s 2, ow, 1135 1m11s1,11 fx-115511 11e2'wf'i ww " ox ll 1,, si' X., 4 f 3-ww: ,, lass 1 55111:-1: 1 ' 1 m1w,,11Q,,1 1, ol, LL.,, 1111. 11,1111 75? 'L' FEE 1421 1 Best Dressed Most School Spmt jeff Tatum Sandy Staab Kezdra Moore Robert Buzley in 11.12, 1' 115 13- .11 f,,-f 1 in a Q1 1:7 1:11 .L in P10 in 1121 1 8241, I ,, V62 Favorites Friendliest Wittiest jason Penland Donna Davis Cristal Miles Brian Iones Mr, and Miss Samuel! Most Dependable Most Likely To SLICCCCCI MOSt Talented Fwd Hull Angglg Sydkgmjm Diet w'6dXEll'flffb Iii! Sleward Mini Bmiufell David Ford john Whiie Ori: Whitnzare Floyre Whitehead 'K 5 :X ar X Friendliest Wictiesr Arthur William! Criny Ortiz Lim Bmfwcll Mi,-had Rngcrf Best Dressed Most Athletic Most School Spirit Pairirk Baly Stephanie Benmn Brenda Billing! LaRfmda Reevef Carl Campbell Tommy Cannon Favorxtes Seniors of '87 are spectacular The Senior Spectacular was an event no one missed. This was when the class of 1987 said good-bye to their friends, classmates, teachers, and other school personnel. The show was presented on Friday, May 29th, at 7:30 p.m. for the parents and on Mon- day, Iune 1st, for the students at school. Alfred Martinez said, "The assembly was really funny. I enjoyed it more than I have any of the others." The chairman of the senior assembly committee was Mr. Iack Cannon. Mr. Cannon said, "The show went as well as could be expected. The technical aspects were the best they had ever been." There were fif- teen acts in the show, as well as the traditional student body president's farewell and the senior class presi- dent's farewell. Honor graduates and scholarships were announced, along with the final cheer by the varsity cheerleaders, the presentation of the time capsule, and the final singing of the alma mater which ended the Senior Spectacular. Everyone seemed to enjoy the assembly. Michael Reagan said, "It was surprisingly good. Otis Whitmore was a trip." Coach Miller added, "The show was really good, and the Starlets were excellent." There were several emcees for the show. They were Robert Bailey, Marcel Davis, Fred Hall, Ray Hulse, Ricky Martin, Billy Robinson, Mitch Rogers, Brenda Watts, Shawn Webb, Otis Whitmore, and Arthur Williams. Crai Iones Wes Cox Dan Dominguez, Roger Finley, and Iason Penland jam while Carl Campbell 8 I f HY ,. ,,.,,.. ...,.. .. .. Jennifer Graham sings "Nobody". Kelly Walker jason Penland, and Kevan Ferguson play while Jeff Tatum and Braun Porter look for "My Girl." Cynthia Espinoza loves "Breaking Out." Brian jones sings ' Paranoia. 64 Senior Spectacular Jewel Benjamin, LeQuisa Iohnson, and Whitehead reebok i 4 3 Si, .E .,.. il-I-I-L .cw A X A,g? ..,. 5 hael Rogers doesn't kn I bring. 332' 9 if if, .JM ff? Xxx 'J l M6 Terry Carol, Monica Hamilton, and Lucy Chang are nresented with srhnlarshins, The varsity cheerleaders do Let's Go Spartans for the last time. Anita Thompson, Erbie Iohnson, Chantay Durham, and Debresha Walls are "Fast Girls." Russell Ansley, senior class president, con- gratulates the seniors on being the best. 66 Senior Spectacular Stacy Wagner knows that "Somewhere Out Th awaits success for the seniors. The senior IESTERS! sing "Showing Us the Way" to their parents. 1' wgymzgvfvfr Q 4, .L W- ,'.b.. ' T The senior Starlets dance their way "Out of Egypt." The senior choir members tell the seniors to always "Reach For a Star." Eeeaiggifziatggievriig, 222323, to get good fr' f Q ' 5 , T r 'iiifmkis White, student body president, says goodbye The seniors sing the alma mater for the last time. the student body. Senior Spectacular 67 Seniors shine Teachers saw students every day at their best and at their worst, under great pressure and in informal situa- tions. Some students performed well for one teacher while others perform- ed well for many teachers. Of the two hundred and seventy-one students in the class of 1987, 89 students were nominated by the faculty as being superlative seniors. Of those 89, twenty-four received three votes or more and were selected for Senior Superlative. In nominating, teachers considered responsibility, depen- dability, peer rapport, attitude, and citizenship. Ms. McCollum commented, "I real- ly had to think before I wrote down my nominations. I had many fine seniors who deserved to be recogniz- ed. Some students I really felt deserv- ed it were not nominated by other teachers." Mr. Richards added, "I had three excellent students. I knew exact- ly who I wanted to nominate." Lucy Chang NHS-Student Directory Chairman, Allied Youth, Spanish Club, French Club, Latin Club-Pres., Sr. Pub, Camp Enterprise, Academic Decathlon, "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll. 68 Superlatives Tony Cervantes said, "I was sur- prised when I was selected a Senior Superlative. I had only been at Samuell one year, so I really didn't know a lot of teachers, and, therefore, I never expected it." Yolanda Iackson said, "I was both pleased and surpris- ed. I was proud that I was selected." Robert Bailey said, "I was proud. It made me realize all my hard work these last four years had paid off." Lucy Chang said, "My first thought was about how proud my parents would be." Curtis Pena added, "I couldn't believe it. When they an- nounced my name, I said to myself 'That's mel"' The twenty-four superlatives were announced on Friday, May 8th in the awards assembly. Junior TORCH members Tracie Hampton and Amy Smelser announced the winners, while Ricky Phillips and Ioann Tabaniag presented the winners with certificates. Danny Dominguez V. Baseball, Student Council, Sr. Pub, TORCH , FCA, Woods and Waters, Executive Assistants Program, FHA. . : 2 I 1 5 Iohn White Student Council-Pres., NHS-Sec., Banner 'I Allied Youth, IESTERS!-Sec., FHA-Sec., P SAC, TORCH , Sr. Pub, "A" Honor Honor Roll, Razz-Ma-Tuzz-Emcee, IESTERS! Senior Assembly. -aa, . ng ............!. sawn' 4,ffg5s'1a..f .t uwfayfwfaww ,si . .. Monica Hamilton Starlets-Capt., Starlet Revue, Razz-Ma-Tazz , St- dent Council-V. Pres., TORCH -Editor-in-chit Who's Who in American Drill Teams, NHS-Trea Allied Youth, FCA. I' Russell Ansley SCOA, Concert Choir, Allied Youth-Treas., lSTERS!, NHS-V. Pres., TORCH , Sr. Pub, Damn znkees , Razz-Ma-Tuzz -Emcee, Sr. Class Pres., IA, Student Council. X, if lu jason Penland NHS-Pres., Banner Team, Allied Youth, "A" onor Roll, "B" Honor Roll, FCA, Soccer-All City cademic Athletic Team, Camp Enterprise, Sr. ub, Lab Band. Brenda Billings V. Cheerleader, Woods and Waters, TORCH , Sr. Pub, Soccer, Razz-Ma-Tuzz , "B" Honor Roll. Keidra Moore DECA-Chairperson, Student Council. ' A.-.v ' ,, -MC W T f ag S- v- . 0 rm. M...-. Dee Wedgeworth Sr. Pub, Track, N HS. iEi,f' 5, Iris Steward Starlets, NHS, Razz-Mu-Tazz , Starlet Revue. Superlatives 69 V f if ly 1 fdii. .. ' 5 , f , 45 4 I Q 2 lllf if rm W"'W-mum -CIJZLM, W, f 4 we ff1., . M Q, ,i M' ' V riff 'Y f.. 745' L - fc' , . :QQ , E . 'M , ll 'Ui , t V x x W. l ' Shaynor Newsome Damn Yankees , Banner Team, Allied Youth, FCA-Pres., V. Baseball-Tri-Capt. X. fc '5' IE V- - 5 x5.Q..,,. i ., ..,..., .whirl K . i isxi . , , - -:fziizw-V v1ssrmwrsW,..,,.. .. 1 12-fifizmesxsffssssfr01,7 ww 1 -1'A1-151.11:af:z,1e,.1,-...et i as Superlatives Q i David jacoy Iunior NAD, "B" Honor Roll, l Tony Cervantes V. Football, Powerlifting. 5 . W0 fe!! lf if "'l'li'. i ! .0 .s ff ' kkrbkk 1 Cynthia Espinoza Student Council, Student Body-Sec., Starlets-lst Sr. Lieut., Sr. Pub, Starlet Revue, Homecoming Queen, Razz-Mu-Tazz, Allied Youth, TORCH , "B" Honor Roll. ,gtrg Stacy Wagner Tennis, V. Volleyball, junior NAD, V. Basket- ball, "B" Honor Roll. : A ,--1 Crissy Ortiz NHS, French Club, Sentinel-Asst. Editor TORCH-Copy Editor, Razz-Mu-Tazz , FCA, Studen Council, PAC, Starlets, Sr. Pub. Michael Rogers V. Football, Soccer, Swim Team, Allied Youth FCA, TORCH , NHS. Yolanda jackson 1. Volleyball-All-District, Allied Youth, V. sketball. Robert Bailey Zazz-Mu-Tazz, Student Council, Sr. Class-V, es., Soccer-Capt., Tennis, TORCH, V. eerleader, Allied Youth, FCA, Sr. Pub, "B" inor Roll, Woods and Waters, NHS. af' Matthew Martinez Soccer, Pep Club, Tennis, junior NAD. . Iio Dottie Bellah Damn Yankees , Student Council, PAC, Con- cert Choir, Razz-Ma-Tuzz , Starlets-Head Mgr., FHA-Pres., TORCH, NHS, "A" Honor Roll, "BH Honor Roll, UIL, Sr. Pub. t,..,...M- 1 .fm we Curtis Pena Math Team, Academic Decathlon, Perfect Attendance. Mitch Rogers NHS, Golf, French Club. David Ford Allied Youth, Swim TeamACapt., V. Football, Woods and Waters, Sr. Pub, Student Council, All-City Athletic Academic Team, FCA. Su perlatives 71 Seniors beat the The Cedar Canyon Club was the site for the senior picnic. Sponsored by the PTA, the picnic was held from four p.m. to eight p.m. on Wednes- day, Iune 3rd. The seniors had the op- portunity to bring a guest if they wished. The pool provided the seniors with many activities such as stunt diving, playing with the beachball and the volleyball in the water, and sun- bathing on the deck. The only near tragedy was when Roger Fortner jumped off the diving board into the deep end of the pool when he could not swim. Seniors also played soft- ' fl it if ,.,. 'Y N ' - rw , ,.. .. :Q ' .r-'mx ' -t -- P' W N+ , ...,. , f . 22:7 ..:fTl""'12Ei.:::z - Fonda Sims dreams of being an olympic diver. X Vanda Edwards, Crissy Ortiz, and Cynthia Espinoza try to catch Dottie Bellah as they race down the slide. 72 Senior Picnic heat ball, volleyball, frisbee, ping pong, and video games. The big slide also attracted many seniors. Kevan Ferguson said, "I had a good time. There were a lot of things to do, and that made it fun." Dinner was served at about 5:30 p.m. It included barbeque brisket, baked beans, potato salad, bread, pickles, and fried pies. Cristal Miles said, "I had fun swimming, getting on the slide, and walking around the park." Monica Hamilton added, "It was fun because there were a variety of things to do that kept everything going." Gabino Delgado pitches the third strike of the softball game. Christia Fuller wonders who pushed her in the pool. Laura Powell gets some tips from Newsome on how to play safe baseball. 5 A 1 Matthew Martinez and Stacy Wagner discuss long it will be until the barbeque is served. Russell Ansley stretches over Bonnie Niccolls score a point. -,- .S sag K Sur nette Garcia, Michelle Pierson, and Michael gers discuss graduation parties. " If! 'T 1 ' '-pr ----wnugl - +1"'.., - - 7' K b LL sw? Craig jones shows the seniors how to do a flip. ,in 4 -1-P QQ' , 45 sl' -n B.. . Q,-I. , Lv if. 44 5 V13 is I-M rflgie ' .f I i K X David locoy's car won't go fast enough to catch Cristal Miles Ada Chapman and Tina Shields tum to Yolanda Crear for the latest gossip. Eamest Monette, William Roberson, and Patrick Baty check out the girls in swimsuits. I 4 gr" Iris Steward looks for the sea monster in the creek. Senior Picnic 73 is 15 if Seniors at the top A fantastic view, special entertain- ment, and good food were what the seniors encountered at the senior lun- cheon. It was held at the Top of the Dome at Antares on Iune 2nd, at 11:30 a.m. The meal consisted of salad, fruit cocktail, sirloin steak, baked potato, broccoli, rolls, and chocolate mousse for dessert. Bonny Niccolls said, "It was the first time I had been there, and I enjoyed the view and the rotating floor. The food was great. I liked it even better than the prom food." Barbra Dempsey said, "I loved it. The atmosphere was neat, and the entertainment was good. I was an hour late because I got lost." The entertainment was special because it was our own students. Shawn Webb, accompanied by Mr. Cannon, and Russell Ansley, accom- panied by Monica Hamilton, provided the entertainment. Shawn Webb said, "I was honored that I was asked to sing at the luncheon. It was really nice." Russell Ansley added, "I was a bit nervous at first, but with a smile of encouragement from my friends, I was fine." Billy Robinson, Mitchell Rogers, Sherri Wafford, Ray Hulse, Ricky Martin, and Shawn Webb anticipate the main course. 74 Senior Luncheon Russell Ansley entertains the seniors with j Times a Lady." 1 241 sv K Eamest Monette enjoys his fruit cocktail. Missi Braswell and Lisa Braswell enjoy the view from the Top of the Dome. Tina Smith and Kealine Vita listen to Mrs. Penland's welcoming speech. 1 ' L'Lf', Y. z .mf le ,, 5 if if f A ., ' L:,, ff y ' if T lllt .,,, . A Li" ff' l - as f ' V A, WM , Y T .,.L - - r Crissy Ortiz watches her step while leaving the Mrs. Wade gives advice to Katrina Wade and jennifer Massey. service n White, Rev. joe D. Iohnson, Dr. Hughey, and sse watch the seniors march in. pired seniors listen to Rev. joe D. Iohnson's ser- .n on the importance of education. Baccalaureate-a sermon in sign The Baccalaureate service, which was held on Sunday afternoon, May 31st, at 2:30 p.m., began with the presentation of the colors and the pledge of allegiance. Russell Ansley, the senior class president, then gave the invocation, followed by two choral selections, "Prayer of Gratitude" and "O Be Joyful." The sermon was given by Rev. Ioe D. johnson, the Minister of the Silent Church at First Baptist Church of Dallas. In his sermon, he emphasized the importance of a good education and the dedication it takes to receive it. The benediction was then given by john White, the student body presi- dent. The service ended with the con- cert choir singing, "The Lord Bless You and Keep You." Ms. Russell stated, "It was a good service and everything went as planned." "I thought it was very well organiz- ed, and it gave me a chance to wear my cap and gown," said Vanda Ed- wards. Joann Tabaniag said, "I went to Baccalaureate to see my friends, and I thought that it was special because the minister signed the whole sermon." Iohn White added, "The sermon was inspirational, and it was interesting the way he signed and talked at the same time." Baccalaureate 75 High Honors: Front Row- Kealine Vita, Dee Wedgeworth, Traci Barber, Angela Sudkamp, David F01 Mitchell Rogers, john White, Monica Hamilton. Back Row- Yolanda Crear, Terry Carol, Lucy Chang, Toi Cervantes, Iason Penland, Magaly Garcia. Seniors make the grade Honor, high honor, and highest honor graduates were announced on Iune lst after the senior assembly. There were thirty-five honor graduates, fourteen high honor graduates, and one student who graduated with highest honors. These positions were determined by the stu- dent's grade point average. To graduate with honors, a student had to have a grade point average of 85 to 89.9, for high honors, a student had to have a 90 to 94.9 grade point average, and for highest honors, a student had to have a 95 grade point average or above. Following the announcement of the honor graduates, Dr. Hughey an- nounced Terry Carol as Salutatorian and Monica Hamilton as Valedic- 76 High Honors torian. These two students were rank- ed number one and two in a class of two hundred seventy-two. Valedic- torian, Monica Hamilton said, "I was really relieved when they finally an- nounced Valedictorian and Salutatorian. I had worked hard. I was proud of myself." Honor graduate, Michael Rogers said, "It was a proud moment when I graduated with honors. That was something I will look back on with fond memories." Honor graduate, Danny Dominguez said, "My parents were proud because I graduated with honors." High honor graduate not pictured was Rosa Hernandez. Honor graduates not pictured were Missi Braswell, Cynthia Ezpinoza, Hae-Sun Lee, Rhonda Miller, and Crissy Ortiz. I Terry Carol and Monica Hamilton reap rewards of twelve long years of work by bei named salutatorian and valedictorian. l ra. t' 2 -V' 1. ,,,,,,,,f,,,g,,y,,,, ,.,,, ..,, ,W , iors: Front Row- Curtis Pena, Shaynor Newsome, Tommy Mills, Ricky Martin, Ray Hulse, Roger Finley, jeff Gilbreath, Michelle Pierson, Danny Dominguez, hael Rogers, Khristy Vines, Billy Robinson, Glenn Stone, Russell Ansley, Floyce Whitehead. Buck Row-Shannon Killebrew, Iris Steward, Cristal Miles, Lor- e Rodriguez, Keidra Moore, Brian Iones, Tashun Creag, Robert Bailey, Carl Campbell, Clay Carroll, Michelle Wilson, Cindy Aynes, Dottie Bellah, Sherri Fford. Fyt. Y Valedictorian Monica Hamilton As Terry Carol admires his salutatorian medallion, Dr. Hughey presents Monica Hamilton with the valedictorian medallion at senior assembly on Monday, Iune lst. Highest Honors Misty Lybrand Salutatorian Terry Carol Honors 77 Apenn for our diploma Commencement wasn't the end, it was the beginning for the senior class of 1987 who graduated from Loos Fieldhouse on Saturday, Iune 6th at 2:00 p.m. The invocation was given by Monica Hamilton, and the concert choir sang "Sing Unto God", "For the Beauty of the Earth", and "Go Ye Now In Peace". Danny Dominguez said, "The guests were very nice. There weren't any loud horns or bells." Dr. Hughey welcomed everyone, and then Ms. Hawkins presented the Distinguished Graduate Award to Mr. David Grounds, a graduate of the class of 1967. In his speech, Mr. Grounds emphasized the importance of relationships in life. He recalled his relationships with both the seniors of 1987 and Ms. Adams, his junior and senior English teacher, who inspired him to become a teacher. Shaynor Newsome said, "It Iorraine Rodriguez and Michael Rogers discuss their plans after graduation. LaRonda Reeves makes sure her name is on the graduation list. 78 Graduation was nice to have someone we all know to speak to us. lt made the graduation special because we were all friends, and we knew what he was talking about." Richard Curry, a member of the DISD Board of Educa- tion, presented the diplomas. The graduation concluded with the alma mater, the benediction by Terry Carol, and the recessional, "Trium- phal March from Aida." Curtis Pena said, "It's finally over." Unikki Williams stated, "My senior year went by really fast." Some students presented Mr.Curry with a penny in return for their diploma and after the ceremony, several threw their caps in the air. Shawn Webb said, "I slapped a penny in his hand in exchange for my diploma. I think he had a pocket full of pennies." The class of 1987 is together for the la t time Smiling with relief, Angela Sudkamp is glad Ms Adams and Ms McCollum help Kealine graduation has finally arrived. take 'ter first step to the future wwf S: N -4 an , 9 A aa J' as , .K . . . f Q - "S" V 'aw ,fi ', Q,- wz A , -F15 X Wan fe "" ., 752 .im A 4.7 t ., Y. m 13 QQ, aiu H, ,,,,, K V Muni' , ' aw ,K MWFEZEQF is Saws -b.r., f 'Y L if Lance Phillips, Missey Pinnekins, Casey Mitchell, and Donald Mokry sing the Alma Mater for the last time. Leticia Martinez says, "Mom, I got my diploma." 80 Graduation Danny Dominguez gets a last hug before graduation from Cynthia Espinoza. It's obvious that Iennifer Massey made it. Brenda Billings and Hector Salazar march with "Pomp and Circumstancef' Curtis Pena contemplates his future. Lucy Chang makes sure her hat is flat on her hea l N iz ice Phillips admires Monica Hamilton's valedic- ' Dottie Bellah smiles at the thou ht of lan medal. 8 graduation. i l 'i A . Av: 'ge aj . V' Keidra Moore gets a headache at the thought of leaving Samuell. Dorothy Wooten and April King march out to "Triumphal March from Aida." Dr. Hughey gives some words of wisdom to Ray Hulse, Brian jones, 1effGilbreath, and Roger Finley. Graduation 81 82 Sports Carl Campbell tries to maintain control of the ball against Bryan Adams Villiam Roberson concentrates as he shoots a free hrow against the Cougars. Keeping in shape, attending early morning practices, and keeping up grades were all necessary to par- ticipate in athletics at Samuell. Girls and boys participated in a variety of team and individual sports. Re- gardless of whether a student chose an individual or a team sport, hard work and dedication were necessary. Team sports included football, girls' and boys' basketball, girls' and boys' soccer, and baseball. David Wilson said, "I played football, and I think that the 'no pass, no play' rule made Yolanda jackson spikes the ball against the Raiders with assistance from Stacy Wagner. the players who wanted to play work harder on their schoolwork." Carl Campbell added, "I played both foot- ball and soccer. I enjoyed working and pulling together with a group. It made both soccer and football more fun." Individual sports included cross country, track, swimming, powerlift- ing, and tennis. Samantha Worley said, "I played tennis because it was fun, and it kept me in shape. I liked the competition and the compan- ionship." mfwwnttfar, , ,gzfgg , , W, 4n.,- During seventh period baseball, Shaynor Newsome practices his batting skills. Sports 83 4? 'nur' ba You fa .C if f f Front Row: jay Moser, Robert Nobles, Derrick johnson, Carl Campbell, Charles Bowen, Fred Hall, Hubert Reece, Max Taub, Earl McGibboney. Row 2: Rick Ansley, Roy Waters, David jones, Arthur Williams, Keith Lewis, Shamond Cozine, Tony johnson, Oliver London, Ron Chaney, Tony Cervantes. Row 3: Coat Grounds, Coach Smith, Coach Stokes, Alphie Kirkendoff, jay Spears, Ronnie Land, Mark Busby, jeff Stephens, David Ford, Anthony Greenlee, Eric Menefs Ray Hulse, Bruce jones, Coach johnson, Coach Pasqua. Back Row: Dax Williams, Otis Whitmore, Eldred Harris, Eric Woods, Michael Rogers, Comelia Darde Ricky Martin, Roosevelt Gray, Yolonzo Moore, jerry Darden. Varsity struggles through winless season Although the Spartans ended the season with a disappointing 0-10 record, there was a victory of the spirit for the varsity football team. The team went into each game with the attitude that they could win this one. As the season passed and the losses con- tinued to pile up, they did not give up but continued to be up, ready, and op- timistic. According to Cornelia Darden, "The team won a victory of the heart and mind. We kept trying and learned to never give up. We will be better men for this." The team practiced many long and hard hours preparing for the season. The Spartan team had many tactics that they planned to use on their op- ponents, but nothing seemed to go 84 Varsity Football their way. Bruce jones said, "We had a great season, but everything we were trying to do did not work the way we had planned." The team was determined to learn from their mistakes, and they grew together in spirit, ability, and strength. Ricky Martin stated, "We tried to start fresh after each loss and prepare ourselves for a victory the next week." Four varsity players were chosen to the All-District Football Team: First Team-jeff Stephens, Second Team- Eldred Harris, Ricky Martin, and Otis Whitmore. Eldred Harris said, "I felt very proud to be on the All-District team because l had never gotten anything like that before." ' V 'f ff-tiff ft ww rf .ft ..,. 1 I . ff1.,i,a1.z Fred Hall returns a kickoff against Skyline. ,.,. , ally, I ! I . f 1, W ,E I 'fl H 3,1 :- , I W5 5 gint xii? ,. .L EE , , 2 ' Q will Fl. . an 5. 2 ,. f El gfgg "ITE: a' ' W Sis.: ' -. ," , T as A , . . . ' H 54' A . . it T ,N 'itt , , , V '.,' . ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,l g all :QV 4 A, 2 W L -hh Lu' Coach johnson, Coach Smith, Coach Stokes, Coach Pasqua, Coach Grounds f Rig if of Otis Whitmore struggles to put the Spartans in a scoring position against Bryan Adams. mln y7ggQQ2 2 , , 2 225 The pain of defeat at the hands of Skyline is more than Charles Bowen can bear. Eldred Harris, Ricky Martin, and Coach Grounds discuss defensive strategy against SOC. Varsity Football 85 I X ""'MM Varsity managers, Max Taub and lay Moser, wait for their duties to begin at the Skyline game. 86 Varsity Football jeff Stephens knows the agony of defeat at the SOC game. D i ! E n K K 5 E Q i i Q 'A '1 lt,s y - L ll'Q' j 271.2 W litt ,,l,f Vffyk h '1,, The offense snaps the ball starting a new season against North Mesquite. 2 my Eldred Harris morns after the loss to South Garland. At the Roosevelt game, with help from Rob 6 Nobles and Oliver London, Otis Whitmo sacrifices all for a first down, , C BJ Carl Campbell Eldred Harris Tony Cervantes Roy Waters Fred Hall Alphie Kirkendoff Otis Whitmore Kicker Cornerback Strong Saftey Wide Receiver Comerback Tailback Fullback ' J CJ .E 5 f A 3 If I ', na' V' I I ' Q 1 W A' ' rlea Ls ,H 'Q' - U 'A Ricky Martin Arthur Williams David Ford Ray Hulse Michael Rogers jeff Stephens Cornelia Darden Linebacker Guard Guard Guard Guard Linebacker End Bruce jones The defense neutralizes North Mesquite. Defensive End - pi. c 4,49 15 4 .ii, i ,N ,, ,, y k , ,, A , ,fs 'es- PM gainst Mesquite, Tony Cervantes prepares to Patiently, Oliver London, Shamond Cozine, Alphie Kirkendoff and Michael Rogers advance to the epel the Skeeters attack. David jones, and left' Stephens await the South center of the field for the coin toss at the Mesquite Garland offense. game. Varsity Football 87 i ' t. f Z 5 E 5 2 Front Row: Calvert Nelson, Bruce Anderson, Craig Vance, Brandon Evans, Tim Fields, Michael Bailey, Oscie Iohnson, Brian Hauerwas, David Cox. Row 2: T Price, Lupe Garza, David Wilson, Bill Young, Aubrey Lee, Brian Moncrief, Duane Cleere, Donald Carter, Jeremy Bigham, Cralig Blair, Terrance Wade, Wil Bailey. Row 3: Coach Oli hant, Davidy Moon, Charles Taylor, Corey Dickerson, Walter Carter, Kevin McCullough, Ierry Sands, erman I-Ia nes, Michael Wa ren, Chad Heddin, Napolleon Robertson, Coach Pierce. Back Row: Paul Bohme, Troy Brewer, Thomas Walton, Derrick Lockett, Torrey Bell, Tim William Chris Robinson, Willie Clayborne, Edwin Lara. ., B NZM, ,, ,.,,,,, E .PK .R .,,, E SCOREBOARD . ...nc H fl Opponent Samuell j Vynyyvyyw W N. Mesquite 27-0 "' " S. Garland 27-14 Mesquite 12-6 ,, Woodrow Wilson 13-18 Iesuit 6-31 Skyline 14-20 Bryan Adams 12-36 SOC 28-6 Roosevelt 41-8 Spruce 51-0 V works hard for It was a disappointing season for the junior varsity football team due to the "no-pass, no-play" rule. The team was doing very well until the six weeks grades came out and many of the players became ineligible. The junior varsity started the season with 36 players, but they lost ten players due to grades. The Spartans ended the season with a 4-6 record. Coach Oliphant said, "Six defen- 88 IV Football Brian Moncrief, with the help of Aubrey Lee, Willie Clayborne, Corey Dickerson, and Torrey Bell, begl the assault against Woodrow Wilson. split season sive starters were lost, and four offen- sive starters were lost. That really hurt us." Before grades came out, the junior varsity had been victorious in their last four games. Ierry Sands added, "We had an excellent season, but it could have been better if we had worked a little harder and practiced more." Herman Haynes goes for six against Iesuit l l V Freshmen prove their worthiness Spirit was high as the freshmen had school. Rudy Sanchez said, "The their first chance at high school foot- season was great. We had a good ball. The Spartans had an exciting time, and I'm looking forward to next season that ended with a 5-4 record. year. I have not stopped working Todd jones said, "I was real excited to hard, and I plan to continue." be playing football this year, and I Damon Samford said, "It was a real gave it my best shot." exciting season for me, but when it The freshmen practiced long, hard came down to the end, we did not hours during seventh period and after stick together." G .....- V. .SPX . SCOREBOARD Opponent Samuell T and pq., South Garland 32-7 i H Mesquite 38-0 Pinkston 0-22 jesuit 0-32 Skyline 6-34 Bryan Adams 0-6 SOC 26-0 Roosevelt 0-10 Spruce 21-0 preparation for the first district game against Against Mesquite, blockers Tim Ehrenberger and Patrick cyliner Ricardo Lara goes for a ffbombff Madkins watch as Roy Fleming makes it to the twenty. 'ont Row: Alfred Thompson, Von Luckey, Danny Goines, Stevie Below, Buck Martin, Wymon Wamsley, john Songer, Roy Fleming, Troy Richardson. Row 2: idie Marsh, Rudy Sanchez, Keith Anglin, Chris Yates, Edmond Page, Marcus jackson, Bryan Carlisle, George Gutierrez, Ricardo Lara, Rodrick Boddie, julian artin. Row 3: Coach Peterson, Harold Lockhart, Demerrick Nelson, Damon Samford, Todd Massey, Dennis Sadler, Greg Bowers, jacob Macon, Cary Robert- tn, Coach Miller . Back Row: Stuart Rollerson, Patrick Madkins, Artez Tate, William Callaway, Michael Weir, Bradford Browning, Tim Ehrenberger, Todd nes, james Evans. Freshman Football 89 Cross country sets the pace Although it took seven members for a-team, the Spartan cross country team had only four runners. They all competed in every meet and pulled the slack of not having a full team. The team competed in five meets throughout the months of September and October. In cross country the boys ran three miles while the girls ran two. Throughout the season, the best time of the boys was held by Michael Clayton, who ran the three mile race in 18 minutes and 27 seconds. Saunia Magee ran the fastest Paul Bohme struggles to complete another grueling three mile race. two miles for Samuell. Her time was 15 minutes and 52 seconds in the district meet. This time was good enough for an eleventh place district finish. "Even though the numbers don't show it, the effort and determination of the team members was award win- ning. It takes stamina, determination, and pride to run cross country," said Coach Ballard. "Both of these factors were present in each of the runners efforts." The pain sets in as Michael Clayton finishes l third mile ,tw , .f " 5 at N . . '3 3? 'wg' W., Q li-fb ., ff? '??4'., ,,.. wg, fe , .,,.t I . s fsiii iff.: stri iwwvfitgf.. t- f Tr if . mf ...i r i ae. . pri, - - . , .Q M ,... :at ' e T . at 6 f f 14' ma. f ' ir ,e ' Christy May and Saunia Magee discuss their Christy May and Saunia Magee take off for the two mile race at Norbuck. strategies in the upcoming race. 90 Cross Country Ro Row: Dhanheen McDowell, LaTongela Anderson, Carlette Armstrong, Cassandra Knight. Back Coach Lopez, Stacy Wagner, Stephanie Murry, Angela Tate, Yolanda jackson, Reva Davis. t f :JZ yf fff v , 4' C4 a W 3 osevelt 29 ff 55 1 2 1, 2 ' l ee 'vfwfzw r i 2 5" ewfr- f E: , .22 Eirittwatf- ti.fv . t r f L f kf'f r 3 Q . W ,,,., , f , - f V., t'n" s E 42,9 Opponent Skyline ,J ,t,. ,.,, . ,I Spruce f af 32 SOC Skyline B VY Spruce Ro an Adams osevelt Bryan Adams was f X6 at 2 .4 I , V' W I Zwwm , , Mawr 0-2 1-1 O-2 Dhanheen McDowell playfully awaits the start of the second game against SOC. i u F X i X i A l "L AW' , ,W Yolanda jackson goes for the kill against Bryan Adams. f,f",?f?f'fsf . f1'4i,u,3 il i V ,Mg ,ti Stacy Wagner waits for the serve from Roosevelt. Varsity falls short of expectations Even though they had a terrific pre-season, the varsity volleyball team fell short of their district goals. After starting off with 10 wins and no losses, the girls entered district play with their heads high. What seemed like the most promise ing season in W.W. Samuell volleyball history turned into a year in which the lady Spartans split the district record down the middle. Angela Tate said,"l feel that we lost our momentum, at crucial times, when we really needed it." Yolanda jackson said, "lt seemed that when district play began, our ef- fort and team spirit had dropped conf siderably. When we began, we were a team. We played as one, but at the end, we were just six individuals." Carlette Armstrong said,"Hopefully those of us returning will be in- fluenced by the team's prefseason performance and carry the energy of this year into next year." Varsity Vollt vbill 91 Varsity falls short in district play Long days and hard work seemed to pay off for the boys' varsity basket- ball team. The team placed third in district and won the consolation bracket in the Arlington Classic. Practicing three and a half hours a day since November, the basketball team could not seem to pull out a vic- tory over their toughest competition, Skyline. Coach Scott said, "We had a Patrick Baty shoots his free throw against Skyline. 92 Boys Varsity Basketball good season, but our worst game was against Skyline. We could have done better." The players felt good about their team and their coach. "Coach Scott was a good coach. Sometimes we didn't agree, but we knew it was for our best interest," said Fredrick Reese. "We played good together, and we had fun," added Kevin Bedford. ' " x William Roberson hoops it up against Adams. xwvs A. sf? time is me 65-57 if Darrell jones adds two to the score as the Spar- tans defeat the Cougars. Front Row: jerald jackson, Darrell jones, Patrick Baty, Keith Ausborne, William Roberson. Back Row: Poullard, Tony Rhodes, Earnest Monette, Russell Barlow, Antwane Hampton, james Higgins, Menefee, Derrick Cooper, Coach Scott. , 14-f Against Bryan Adams, Yolanda Jackson has trouble passing the ball to Stacy Wagner. 91 aff 1 ' M if ,W if 72 5 ,hm W far 58 ,J "" K 4, Q M mm' mm- W ' "WN 'i3ff'Q?l5ii - H .l1L"'AI'2f'M' - 'M"Wd65fW, . ' rlette Armstrong hoops it up against Bryan ams for two. SOC Skyline S iss Reva Davis shoots her free throw against Spruce. The hoop was hot Nothing seemed to disturb the girls varsity basketball team, not even their daily practice during third and fourth period. They were able to keep their minds on grades but concentrate on basketball when the time came. The girls respected and admired Coach Crafton. LaShun Hall said, "Coach Crafton always wanted us to be winners, but we also learned good sportsmanship." The team finished the season with a 14-8 record, and they finished with a Front Row: LaShun Hall, Angela Tate, Stephanie Murry Carlette Armstrong. Back Row: Cassandra Knight Yolanda jackson, Kristi Vaden ,Reva Davis, Stacy Wagner 6-4 record in district. Yolanda Jackson said, "We had a real good season. Coach Crafton supported us all the way." Although the girls team had a good season, each girl had her own opinion on who their toughest competition was. Reva Davis said, "I think our toughest competition was SOC." Kristi Vaden said, "I think that our toughest game was when we played Roosevelt." Girls' Varsity Basketball 93 ot in the big time et The boys' and girls' junior varsity basketball team started the season off well. The boys' team ended district play with a 9 to I record and were district champions. Coach Oliphant said, "The team did super. I was very proud of them." The girls' junior varsity team had a good season too. They ended their season with a 4 to 5 record. Coach Lopez said, "The girls worked hard all season long. They were a good bunch of kids." Msfill, L 1 K IV Basketball: Front Row- Coach Lopez, Melanie Banks, Tamikki johnson, Kathy Wesley. Back Row - Monica Moore, Donna Copeland, Dhanheen McDowell, Stephanie Murry, Tonya Sheffield. 94 Basketball The Spartans' junior varsity teams did well and kept up Samuell's tradi- tion of good players, good playing, and good sportsmanship. Marcus Gulley said, "We had a good season. It was interesting, I learned a lot, and I enjoyed myself." The freshman boys' basketball team was a fresh addition to the group. They finished the year with a 5 to 3 record. The boys enjoyed being Spartans and were ready to show what they could do. Monica Moore practices her free throw in tl period athletics. IV Basketball: Front Row- Charles King, Willis Fields. Back Row- William Turner, Thomas Collins, Mai Gulley, Richard Benjamin, Mark Higgins, Yolonzo Moore, Carl Hoskins, Coach Oliphant. 22 Freshmen Basketball: Front Row- Billy Duffey, Bennie Harden, james Yates, Isaac Clark, Edmond 4 Willie Mundine, john Robinson. Back Row 2- Harold Lockhart, Lennell Beverly, jacob Macon, l Washington, Gary Roberson, William Callaway, Chekobi Lockett, Coach Peterson. ' xi! A ll 1,5 fx g I Q 'S s 3 lr ...sk ...t fly... jimmy Coronado drives the ball off the tee. Willie Claybome slices the ball down the fairway. ot just for guys For the first time in Samuell's history, the golf team was not made up entirely of guys. Stephnee Bailey, the first and only girl, joined the team this year. Coach Tallet said, "I hope other girls will join the team and see that it's not just a man's game." Golf was tedious work for the Spartans. Precision, accuracy, patience, and concentration were necessary for a good game. Mitchell Rogers said, "I enjoyed playing golf for Samuell. We had a lot of fun, and I met some nice people." There were seven members on Coach Tallet's team, and they practic- Front Row: Iimmy Coronado, Stephnee Bailey Back Row Daniel Vasquez, Mitchell Rogers, Coach Tallet, David jones Mark Cantu, Willie Claybome. ed every day at Keystone Golf Course. jimmy Coronado stated, "Not many people knew about the golf team, but it was a lot of fun anyway." The team attended several tour- naments including the Skyline golf tournament and the Roosevelt golf tournament. Advantages to being a member of the golf team included getting to be outside, enjoying the sport on a beautiful spring afternoon, and get- ting the afternoon off if it rained. Mr Tallet, the coach, said, "I enjoyed playing golf myself. By being the golf coach, I got to play and teach." Golf Team 95 Michael Rogers comes through with a great forward dive against Spruce. H , , we 1 .,-' f I I V V 'reeer , S 't ' R . t . ,-" fy , . N -,, I 1 .V . N , .. 0 . 0 t 2 , ' ' at . . , t. 2 ,ft 'V ' ' 1 'W r ,L . . ky., 'V an R W I ef" 'H t eeeo 1 i . t ""'h 'R , . I V. if , R V . H W 4 ,I . hrrr: r t l fy ' oeer 2, . ' l P. R ..,,,,mW . , fi' Front Row: Saunia Magee, Carrie Murry, Lisa McCoy, Charla Carbaugh, Cindy Rabal, Faith Tomlins Marcella Smith. Row 2: Ms. Ballard, Max Taub, George Soliz, Christopher Robb, Kyle Bratcher, Dj Stevens, Ms. Hatch. Back Row: Randy Finley, Bill Hasty, Mark Busby, David Ford, Michael Rogers, Glei Stone. Swim team takes a dive Relaxing, preparing both the mind and body, and listening for the sound of the gun were steps that the swim- mers followed before their particular events at a meet. Swimmers had from November to March to swim and twenty-two events from which to choose. Coach Ballard and assistant coach Ms. Hatch had their team swimming 3000 to 5000 yards a day. Each swim- mer was also required to learn four different strokes. Marcella Smith said, 96 Swim Team "It was a sport that helped keep me in shape, and I had fun at the same time." David Ford said, "I thought the swim team did well, and we had a lot of talented members." Max Taub add- ed, "Swimming brought out the best in me and made me perform to the best of my ability". The swim team ended the season in sixth place in district. Seven boys and four girls qualified to attend the district meet. Max Taub makes a big splash with a back dive the Spruce meet. . In practice, Marcella Smith warms up by swimi ing five lengths of the pool. iii.. be ta. X 1 ' 1 S X X S t a -1 -- , - -'- L 'V i 'gig .mst l Bill Hasty butterflies his way to the finish line. Glenn Stone shows his speed against Spruce. 391 F We Max Taub shows his grace in a pike dive at the Spruce meet. . 'N N Q, N Cindy Rabal is off to a good start in the 100 meter free style against Spruce. . gyzi S . W ti'ii s-e. ' i' qi' .sa . Faith Tomlinson comes in ninth in the breast stroke at district. " 4 ,Qs gkg. Q K V F5 .. Bill Hasty, Paul Otubu, Peter Otubu, and Mark Busby wait anxiously for their turn to swim. Swim Team 97 . 'W .. Stephanie Benson, Valicia Henderson, Unikki Williams, and Gloria johnson are proud after getting second place in the 440 relay. it iw 4. .aK,Q- sg , ... H fi l s .' , M! K g g sw .Ks IKKXKYQ 5 w. A K sa 'Kg K KK jK!KK.K ix., f l S fi 1 4 . I K -3 Kg-v ai. 3 Q' 4 wg.: - 4 o - -..Y , V Gloria johnson, Stephanie Benson, Valicia Henderson, and nikki Williams practice passing the baton for the 440 relay. Hot on the track The size of the girls' track team was not important, it was their ability that mattered, and the lady Spartans had plenty of that. The girls proved themselves at both the district finals and regionals. Stephanie Benson said, "We worked hard because our target was to go to regionals." The girls' track team was headed by Coach Miller. Coach Miller said, "Track was a really tough sport that a 98 Glrls Track ' L m fx 'f A M .. X.. , Front Row: Stephanie Benson, Adrian Sims, Valicia Henderson, Tamikki johnson, Audrey Lee. B Row: Coach Miller, Unikki Williams, Kassondra Parker, Gloria Iohnson, LaTisha Wheaton. ,,,. 4 f . . f1..f.s.f -f Q .. . N-. X K .K, K 2 ts., K f ' V " J . ' ,,., 4. . , . 1. lc.. .. - js' .. . f .uf We . as . A .- .sl Kgggaj- . K Q8 X ',.. if K K, "'.:t'?'iY.ss-'QQY 1 Audrey Lee, Unikki Williams, and Kassondra Parker practice the 200 meter run. lot of people couldn't handle. I thought the girls did rather well con- sidering the size of the team. They held their own, and I was proud of them." The team practiced seventh period and after school to participate in events such as the 400 meter relay, the 800 meter relay, and the mile relay. Kj, 'Q J . : K K K . p w ,s. 43 Q Q , .. K K. vf-Q: A K Lp.. . ,. ' ' S ,,. , . A 'Q-are . . A ss K.4.f'v K .... , - qaasfk f K, Ks K is KK Hurdlers, Stephanie Benson and Valicia Henc son stretch out. I ..,.. 5 -..E :walt Tamikki Johnson, Kassondra Parker, and LaTis Wheaton slowly make their way back to the sta ing line. cy -' In the fast lane Nothing could slow down the boys' A track team. Headed by Coach Stokes, g g the twenty-five member team proved " that hard work paid off. Marcus I A ' Iackson said, "The boys' track team gg . N yggg g . if . had a very successful year. The team . yy M p Q worked well together, and they fi fy.. dedicated themselves to running ' g g 1-if! . traCk." .2 X X A y 'S-.U-:tin The team attended several meets ' 'sp,,,feyg::5.A . . . . . sg . ccc ss, .21 SALWH including the Spruce Invitational and J the W. T. White Invitational. K Y' K i".'.:51f?f1ff :Z Vt 1 'kwf-M I is ' ' .srs " ttic Although there were only two 1 'Q ' "iA' MQW - ' . at seniors, the Spartan track team had ' . . f some very promising underclassmen. I 1 N, , ' ig Aubrey Lee said, "I enjoyed running Chris Rodriguez warms up before practice starts. . st . ,ccy to , . C ":' -. - '-f' +2 ' . I . X lgglit ,., 4 . ,ts ,E g f. N is ., gy, I Lg: iaaaplx 1, .. if 1 0 , 1 ,,ct fe 1 K is 5 'S I its 2 r I , . 1 Q f ' gg 5 '15, A f ' . - 2 . igtgsfaf.-,ff 'R i .1 . . S 1. slti T r . "liver A - Q,::, -fn 4 f . "':7I'W5fi3 .1 H 3 M A K K .g "5ff2ggf ,. it f " . . I :fit -, .ea ... ft Er , - X .. F . I W fl if 1 .iifigfslilmu 0550 J" . 'A ' vi r ,. " t W X - ' lft.zff1:f- .ffafiiii T - it x Q. . . 1 . fx.: ,af Q -Q M 'Qfisfi-i',f.'t2g 4'w - 'V f ' ' f ,, .Ni 1 ffwwo 'f'n,.f""V. '. ,fy 1. js " ' 'ygyig 'swf if 'gba A ' 4' . K wifi? , nj, .A'3,f..'b'A3 .,. .fag W' it Y it . - . -.1 ,assi h . if 3 'lui' 9' . s IYZMTQ ' 9,0 J- 5 - "il Y' . ' . . mn t -. aa'-.QS:.5fi'-.??fg. K ' '. . 1 1 practice, Calvert Nelson passes all of his team- .ates in the 400 meter dash. Marcus Jackson warms up before attempting the hurdles. a.,,.f-:gs Q. ... . . ' ,Q-k 3. vp , -,M P. .- - 3. ,K . .-.v .. 5.4, Na. - at ,Jv. ua , g - W K lfga - - if K f , .Af gi 'l ,' 1.4 5 i :az g. Q . in ' ,? ,f,r i. Q .A -A .px .xg V. as , ft .cgbff-ha, A . v .gy . Wi? 'ricky Y it V.. U R' f if Q, k X S' 4 " Q, ,. ,gr N ,Q W, an lf t f- K ' avi' ' .Q Fr ' K '5 Q , i s 4 5' t " Q S X 1 Q g, X i ' 5 ge , B ' 5 3 -S , S g H ' 14 ' l Q k K 2 r ' .. in 6 I I ' "N X ami .t 1 W, I R 9 5 I Q : ' 1 Eg me Y: Sw E E 'ont Row: Derrick Iohnson, IoAnthony McGee, Reginald Carthon, Corey Dickerson, Eric Henderson, arcus Jackson. Row 2: Demerrick Nelson, Aubrey Lee, Chris Rodriguez, Gregory Thomas, Calvert elson, Kenneth Goodson, Donovan Tanner, Coach Stokes. Back Row: William Roberson, Walter Carter, erman Haynes, Corey Smith. track. We had a good team, and we worked together well. Most of us were underclassmen, but that just gave us something to look forward to " Several members on the team did exceptionally well. Corey Dickerson had the fastest time in the state of Texas in the 110 meter high hurdles. Eric Henderson in the 400 meter dash, Marcus Iackson in the 300 meter hurdles, IoAnthony McGee in the 200 meter dash, Demerrick Nelson in the 200 meter hurdles, and Walter Carter in the 300 meter hurdles were among the team's most promising members. Q -gi I K 'iii 1 T- ..a. - 1 - ,.-.w....,,.-as-..v1m..s-.isa 5 sua.. f F 1355 .mf , I x . x . While Tyrone Langford watches, Gregory Thomas Walter Carter, Reginald Carthon, john Iones, and Bill Seales stretch out before practice. Boys Track 99 Lisa Braswell and Laura Powell help Angela Martel get psyched up before the Skyline game. Marla Jackson Row 2 Cynthia Rodriguez LaChaundra Kemp Laurie Dawson Laura Powell Rhor Front Row: Brenda Billings, Lisa Hall, Christy May, Angela Martel, Lisa Braswell, Valicia I-lenders P ' ' I I I I Miller, Ms. ogoda. Back Row: Pam Nance, Stephanie Beers, Christian Young, Vanessa Spencer. Mg K . ,.,. . .,...., ag. x 9 ""' . . ii' ,-..i' Q ' a ' 1 -22f.-- 1,E:- Ti Q N21 a 1 ' . te tr aaa, . aaar T' ff- is 4-xx.-' fe Ei. ki K ..,. . t 2 s 'B -B A F T W' A aa,, assl a,,aaa,, . g A! a,,re . S ,,.,.. . . ' - ,,N..c..,.,....qn.vN--- .W - - f K t T .c,. t 5 - A Qr- ' -f-- Rhonda Mlllef, Pam Name, Lisa BFHSWBH, MS- Pogoda, Lisa Rhonda Miller and Laura Powell go toward the Brenda Billings defends the goal by clearing gggmgrgdtggephanle Beers Walk off the field after defeatmg Skyline goal to make the winning point. ball to mid field during the Skyline game. Girls advance to Heading, passing, and dribbling are techniques that the girls' soccer team practiced until they were perfected. Marla Jackson said, "I think we all played very well. We couldn't have done it without Ms. Pogoda. She pushed us to work hard." The girls' team entered two tour- naments. They won the consolation bracket in both the Adamson and Sunset tournaments. "Everyone on the team had a good attitude. That counted a lot with our coach, and it also helped us work together as a team," said Laurie Dawson. The fifteen player team was coached by Ms. Pogoda. Practice was 100 Girls Soccer bi-district held on Wednesdays after school. LaChaundra Kemp said, "I thought we were a good team because we practiced very hard, and we played as a team." Bryan Adams and Skyline were the team's toughest competition. Brenda Billings said, "BA was very good, but we worked hard and played well together." Angela Martel said, "We had played soccer with some girls from Skyline so we knew that they would give us a good game." The girls' soccer team finished in second place with a record of 8 wins and 2 losses. This record allowed them to go to bi-district playoffs. sl lift. ei fs favs Pam Nance attempts to take the ball away from t SOC player. Opponent Skyline Roosevelt SOC BA Sprufe Skyline Roosevelt SOC BA Spruce SCOREBOARD Samuell 0-4 1-8 0-1 3-2 0-8 0-2 1-8 0-7 5-0 0-3 Marla jackson supports the team by yelling at the SOC game. Vanessa Spencer defends her goal by beating BA to the ball. , ,,- .1 DJ. ' N ,,4.,..,'---4. 4 ,.'-- rl' K 1 . Y- 1 p f' 'gk' A' ..4- -. i- --f Z1 A 'C'-' - I . . , . . . ' ar' J J ' fl v A . 'Q Q 1, .. l , af. . 0 - 3 NV V 1, D as .N Q if i itll, + .. s. ,gg s "' .M Laura Powell kicks the ball toward the center to make her point at the Skyline game. 4 i A j , , N ' 'tt' X Cynthia Rodriguez tries to keep warm as she awaits her tum to sub at the BA game. .. .1 i.ii it N ? ji ,-,. ., , V .,., V 2 . 1 H I f ii Q. 3, 1' ,,., 0, ,V ww 1 ' li 'Q M Q ? . A I, M i ,, X 1 I f Lt "'f,,, A ' t A ' A 'A A R Y v .. s r 'ft Yi.. ----+... Lisa Braswell, Christian Young, and Laura Powell try to regain control of the ball from a Skyline player. Girls' Soccer 101 SCOREBOARD Peter Otubu, Iason Penland, Robert Bailey, and Michael Rogers watch as Paul Otubu clears the ball awa during the Bryan Adams game. OPPOHCIU Samuell Skyline 3-2 Spruce 2-6 Bryan Adams 5-1 SOC 0-1 Roosevelt 2-7 Skyline 0-4 Spruce 3-4 Bryan Adams 5-1 SOC 0-10 Roosevelt 2-5 Skyline 2-1 Front Row: Michael Reagan, Billy Watson, George Lopez, Craig jones, Corian Lemmon, Michael Rogers, Michael Bailey, Alfred Martinez, jeff Cox, Peter Otubu. Back Row: Coach Miller, Paul Bohme, Jason Penland, Christopher Sigman, Robert Bailey, Paul Otubu, Marcus Gulley, Terry Withrow, Philip Parrish, Dale Stevens, Matthew Martinez, Michael Weir, Todd Iones, Charles Taylor. Another Winning season From Ianuary to March, first period and after school, the boys' soccer team practiced and worked together as a team. The team finished third in district with seven wins and four losses. Peter Otubu said, "We did very well. We had a lot of good players who worked and played well together." Coach Miller was very pleased with the season the boys had. Practice seemed to pay off for the twenty-four player team. Craig Iones stated, "I think we did rather well, but it was all because of Coach Miller's help. He worked us hard, but it was worth it." 102 Boys Soccer Carl Campbell said, "Dedication from everyone was what held us together. Everyone on the team loved playing, so they really gave it their all." It wasn't just a sport or game to this team, it was something that they en- joyed doing. Marcus Gulley said, "The team did excellent. We concen- trated on working as a team. Sometimes we seemed to lack con- fidence, but we never gave up.' Michael Rogers added, "We had a superb team. We worked hard for, and deserved, everything we received." 1 S Q . Carl Campbell and Terry Withrow go on the attac against Duncanville. Michael Rogers makes a critical save in the 4-0 wi against Skyline. arcel Davis, inspired by Anthony Stephens, Lepares for regionals by doing "reps" of 180 unds. Powerlifters give 110 percent One of the brightest spots in the athletic department was the powerlifting team. This year promised and provided the Spartans with a team to be proud of. One of the hap- piest moments of the year was when all eight team members qualified for the regional meet. All eight members finished in the top ten in their weight classification in North Texas. "They were the hardest working bunch I have had," said Coach Grounds. This year many school records were broken by the senior members. Ricky Martin, Marcel Davis, and Robert ek V' I- ff-W, li5"L-r- 1 Anthony Greenlee watches as Anthony Stephens bench presses 170 pounds. Coonrod all set new records for their weight class in the squat, bench press, dead lift, and total points. Marcel Davis and Robert Coonrod held all previous weight records for the school before this year. "It was clear that this year's team was the best all around team in Samuell history," stated Ricky Martin. Marcel Davis, defending regional champion, returned this year to de- fend his title. It was clear that the team, made up of six seniors and two sophomores, gave one hundred and ten percent. Oliver London needs no help bench pressing 150 pounds Front Row: Tony Cervantes, Marcel Davis. Row 2: Oliver London, Coach Grounds, An- thony Greenlee. Back Row: Ricky Martin, An- thony Stephens. Powerlifting 103 ':,1'1M' l .- I .Qi ' 7 ggfif ,f 'I , i"'IiQ5Q., 125 , W A 5 .51 ' ' -' H ' .. ,.,,, ..,,.f,,-, ft , yiw.. ., v at, .,w,, .ra - ,.f,. W - . w ':2..f1 ' t?ixf54Sf5f?Y'HI1Fffii'.!f,:f?g5, ' iii .N WESZMS' - f,, . 'f v2iii,55 H5i' iw' , I .M W,.,.-.1,g..g,A,z..H2 I -.Mtv ' . g gi " ' , I' M- ,M ,Vit-Fifi ? if-P' 'ff 1"1"'f.gf ' WZ255115 wg , I f , . 'Q ,. ,.g,:-.vw gf ' :V 1 ff -. ' . f j.j L, ' ' Q. ., V 5 , . ,Y leg' tw" wifi N ., , .,,..,,. . V J Karlan Shuller retreats to the end line to make a shot In practice, joey Hemandez serves the ball with all he's got. ll . . .,g:.... .r .s., . wi .,...,.c.,..s. Igcwscmw Front Row: Ioann Tabaniag, Samantha Worley, Karlan Shuller, Stacy Wagner, Maryann Tabaniag, Nathalie Prieur. Back Row: Ms. Branch, Robert Bailey, Craig jones, Be Mai, joey Hemandez, Alonso Arteaga. Stacy Wagner and Robert Bailey warm- Tennis-a game for life Intense workouts, practicing on volleys, backhands, forehands, serves, and agility described a typical practice for the tennis team. Ioey Her- nandez said, "I liked practicing because it enabled me to work on technique." Practice started in january, and the season ended in April, but the Spar- tans could not seem to get enough. Ioann Tabaniag said, "I loved playing tennis, but the season never seemed to be long enough." Ms. Branch, the tennis coach, had twelve players on the team. Craig tones said, "We had a good season, 'ut that was because we practiced a io.. We practiced from January to U4 Tennis Team April every afternoon. I guess it was all worth it." The girls' team won the Girls' District Tennis Championship on Saturday, April 18th. Senior Stacy Wagner placed second in girls' singles and juniors Karlan Shuller and Samantha Worley placed first in girls' doubles. Ms. Branch said, "My girls were seeded in the district tourna- ment to place this way. I hoped they would do this well, but they had some tough competition. Each match was a three set match. Stacy Wagner, in winning the second set, really gave Dawn Smith from Skyline a good match. I was really proud and excited." up before the match against Skyline. S S From the back line, Samantha Worley retums one against Bryan Adams. Q , V !'i.,?, Tix ' . fi' I bf tg A if i 43' Y yann Tabaniag shows Ms. Branch that she can In practice, Be Mai works on his backhand, nigh and low. WD i Gs.. H I , +-, X, Craig jones slams one over the net. Stacy Wagner warms-up with an underhand retum. ,a -21 K Nathalie Prieur is a little digusted after missing a ball. Tennis Team 105 Still a hit Hard work and perseverance helped the Spartan varsity baseball team realize what they could do. Tom Stuart said, t'Everyone on the team had a good attitudeg we all worked together." Danny Dominguez added, "The seniors had played together for four years and worked real hard to get where we were." Lance Phillips, one of the top players in the district, said, 'tThe baseball team had great senior leadership. Led with seven seniors, they pulled off a very successful season. I feel we were very lucky to have a coach that did not just tell us what to dog he showed us." SCOREBOARD Opponent Samuell Spruce 6-5 SOC 3-21 Skyline 1 1 -4 Bryan Adams 4-6 Roosevelt 3-18 Spruce 4-6 SOC 1-26 Skyline 5-6 Bryan Adams 11-8 Roosevelt 0- 11 Underclassmen: Front Row- Craig Blair, Cary Blair, Steve Solano, Homer Salazar, Roy Fleming. Back Row-Kenneth Athey, jeremy Washington, Omar Washington, jay Spears, Eric McPherson. 106 Varsity Baseball The Spartan varsity baseball team finished the season with a seven win and three loss record which put them in second place in district. Shaynor Newsome said, "It was a special year to me. The team grew close." Kenneth Athey added, "We wanted and work- ed hard to get into the playoffs." Although Coach johnson worked them hard, the players had a great deal of respect for Coach johnson, the varsity baseball coach. Carl Campbell said, "He was who brought us together and showed us how to work together as a team." Kenneth Athey's curve ball bewllders the Skyline batters mar Washington gets the winning hit against - its Eric McPherson safely slides into third base zyline. R- Armando Martinez is safe after an attempted pick-off by Skyline. Tom Stuart follows through on a strike three pitch against Bishop Lynch. I Ylxn it V V f t I t a t 't'i ili ' " 'i't ' '7iii 1 N. , . ,V V fl .,,,,, ' l . ,,., A V 7 V? '1' . V . 'M' fo," . if 'p r y --,- .V is if A VV V Vg , gi Q 't" f 2 ' ' -:-,-Qfwt s, N. , ,,,,, A ,,l,s Msg, V' Vg, V A V , ,W aes f V V ' V- Vis. .V V , I Q, Carl Campbell slams one for a base hit against Skyline. C V ,. Vt 4 L ,,t,,. X 1 V , i . ,, ,G .V " 5' VV ri V C f f t',' . .V " , U Q ,, , W "W ,,,,' ,,. "iZfif,L,," , W 'H M V A L , '- t," V , ,," ' , "i-',-- " ,, V .,,, if V- V rr"' V "N" ' , V V ,, V ,,.. . V V frf- 'V V tw' V V V , t , ,il Q Vatl wav L 1 M H--I" -"' ' , i' I ,, W ,, A 'K V, V " ' V V 1 l?fgV"" "' 7 X Vi' -V-V . , V .t MM ' V V1 , , V V ' V ', ...V ef, ,A I I A T . A tr X W I J A C, V ,,,.VV11:V, I I V , H Ilhr f"?',,gr'fl'f3,l95f?, fig V, ' , I Q' V 15 7"f' V 'l 'E 1' V ll ,,, " ' "' l .-VZ1'V1QV,,1il ' l V ",- -V H 1 , Vi ,. f vf I , , .- , V W gm VVVVV 7 , VVVV Ik , 3374 I Vt L, 'i A, su jr V' Ji :V V x' V - VV. A , -qi , gwavg , Qt . '-.Q-'V V V V MV, ,H 1. C, - Va. faseah fa' gf' 5 31':V'f"e ff 1 The 2 1,23 4 ' t .V -V V A - 4 .V A In V f ',,- .- ... ,V , xx V 4-' r V . 4 V: W V V 1" .f VV" '1 ' V-wif V 7 'fV, ,Vf 4 4 V AY' VV V7 " V V -1 P? Vw-V 'tn ? - --ss? ,ZW A sp 'ffl' V 6 .V 'A "FV 7 ' ' fi 3'-2, AVfE543'l5f'1"'5W.,- 'Q' VV ' " c , ' V H,--C Q.. -.J 'V Y V' ,' '?' Viz "f , WV ' ,Va V -'43 ,- 't' ' ' JV Ve " ,,, gg, wif .3-vrrgfk' V QM ple, , ., t ,, , .vw I V2 ti,2i?33w?T' , ' TTf" V 'V V'-' 3? V F' , M 25" ' Q 41 ,f i' Qf A. V V' f' ' ff2,2!ewwV.w W -'1 VV. ' V A emi ,g ' L" -f., V NV VV V' .f V V4., n , Q, :V 1 , W "V71'j - f,,fV, j:vV.f'f?fi' N" , . V ,- ff I 'Q 5 ' A if ,L , o r-qV., f 'V 4' wtf' VV .VVVVVM L,,, IV Q f I N VV: V fV . ' V' I H V if rr YV l' ,VV ig- i ,V V' ' V ts- Q-ilf -Vw " '. " ,, V ,' 'im 'f "VV V ' V V dwg, Carl Campbell Danny Dominguez Armando Martinez Shaynor Newsome Second Base Right Field Center Field First Base Lance Phillips Catcher Hector Salazar Tom Stuart Shortstop Third Base Varsity Baseball 1 .JH Danny Dominguez connects with the ball against Bryan Adams. 3 i N ,... - .,....,w. w. ff , e ,.- .e f' 25 ' 't ' ' e as A at L H. srwlw -'i ,-" . Y! sg, if 5' H1 - . K K it ' 5 1 5, 1? . is K , . ' 'S .2-Ss. -:swim -. . 1' X.a:s.s-f , M- -,. K, . . ... X A P X X 1 ,Q ., . xi NW" ' ' -Q'-sf.. .1 " v - - , - : ' A 7 ' x " . 51' A ,WT .t , P i ".' , .. , h . .,g,J,..is,M: Lkt. K V' . lH'm,s,:r . e . .fa af ff H' .,.. The team celebrates after a home run against Skyline. Lance Phillips hits another home run against SOC. 108 Varsity Baseball jeremy Washin ton defends first base closely against Bryan A ams. Cary Bl game. air practices his hitting before the awk-ry ft A ll KJ . 4 Shaynor Newsome stretches to make the out against Skyline. My Vw . ffefvi. M. , l l I fy A 4"G . Y ,,, I., -- . , .I I V----.L Ricardo Lara, Curtis Mills, and Richard Dorsey warm up before playing North Mesquite. gremy Martin Suits up for the Fust game against pnxce. - I is- g ' lx -, - f .v ",1 if ' , i , Y, . , Qi, .2 ,, in 'li . 'S' A sit' ktla I Q ' wk ai T1 2 I - ' " R gi K L xglg in K. , v W .Q L News e f . ,r,a , is I ,...., .. .nxt A 33. . I Q ' 1 Bryan Carlisle holds Spruce's runner C1052 to the The team talks strategy before the Seagoville Richard Dorsey takesa swing against Sunset. 'a8- game. illl tiilei ' if ll ll f s SCOREBOARD A Ol' G Ort O onent Samueu The IV baseball coach, Coach sophomores, and eight freshmen. pp Pierce, was a great help to the players. Jeremy Martin said, "The baseball ., Lakeview y 8,6 Tommy Carroll stated, "We played team couldn't have done it without Sunset W ie,, t ,ff aett t hard and gave all we had, but we the freshmen." North Mes nite 6-3 couldn't have done it without Coach It was a hard season for the IV I Rockwau q 18410 Pierce there to support us everyday." baseball team who ended the year .rem le Christian 12-10 Curtis Mills added, "I thought the with four wins and six losses. I.D. Temgle Christian 8-12 year was successful, and in the future, Yates said, "I like playing baseball, Skyline y.e. t Spruce eae Seagoville ' aiiti I s Seagoville 19-1 2 0410 7-3 the team will improve because of Coach Pierce and the other coaches. They really helped us by always being there." Of the twenty-six player team, there were nine juniors, nine and it made me keep my grades up and work hard." Bryan Carlisle added, "We had a fairly successful season, and I think it was a challeng- ing season." IV Baseball 109 1 10 People PEOPLE EZ? 77 , Tommy Courson and Carl Campbell are warned by Ms. Adams not to help Tom Stuart while he makes the Medieval Fact Test. t the South Garland game, Barbra Dempsey waits catch a picture of the varsity after half time. Seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and the faculty and staff were all important at Samuell. Each individual added something to daily life. Seniors were the leaders in the classroom and in extra-curricular ac- tivities. The seniors set an example for the underclassmen. Vanda Edwards said, "Samuell is moving forward. If students continued to work on their grades and participated in school ac- tivities, our goal for being high achievers would continue." Next in line and ready to take over were the juniors. Enthusiastic about the year, the juniors showed their spirit and support by becoming in- volved. Laura Woody said, "I loved X 1 ..t. '..,,,A 1 .,i.Q P fs f M. Before the 8:30 am tardy bell, Susan Davis and Tonya Norvell catch up on the weekend news. Sarnuell and being involved in choir. More people should have become in- volved because it adds nice memories." Sophomores and freshmen also had their place at Samuell. They kept themselves busy with freshmen and IV athletics, theater arts, and other ac- tivities. Monica jackson said, "Samuell had its faults, but its good points outweighed its bad." Lisa Mc- Coy added, "Samuel1 is really a great school, and I love it." Faculty members guided and sup- ported students in academics and ex- tra curricular activities. Coach Scott said, "Samuell was great and so were the students. I couldn't think of any place else I would rather be." It ee? Aubrey Lee tunes up his musical skills during sixth period. People 1 11 112 Seniors SENIOR The senior class was very close, and they had a way of making little things very special. Danny Dominguez said, "I remember when some of the seniors went door-to-door collecting canned goods for a needy family. Our class won the contest, and we also helped the needy. It made me feel good." Iohn White added, "When I look back on my senior year, I remember the friends I made and especially the Johnston family." On Novemberf17th, the seniors had Chuck Love romances Monica Hamilton at the Homecoming Dance. WW cap and gown orders taken. Donna Davis said, "Ordering my cap and gown was important to me because it made me feel like I was finally going somewhere." The seniors had fun and learned many things, but the time came, and they had to let go. Ray Hulse said, "I was ready to graduate, but I will miss my friends a lot." Gloria Diaz added, "I looked forward to walking across the stage and actually being handed my diploma." K The senior class officers are president Russ Ansley, vice-president Robert Bailey, secret. April King, and treasurer Brian jones. Q , . P u-.- Iosett Aguirre Laura Aguirre Latongela Anderson Will Anglin 19 Kager Atkins Linda Auston Cindy Aynes Robert Bailey Traci Barber Don Barr Kim Baskin Tina Bedwell Dottie Bellah Iewel Benjamin Sonja Bates Stephanie Benson 2 4 iii A Russell Ansley wit 'W 'gym Cheryl Baker SA ,lv- ff' A Patrick Baty Brenda Billings Seniors 113 Bryan Blanton Toni Boland Kimberly Branson ii'-ex . if some advice from Cynthia Espinoza Lisa Braswell Missi Braswell Kevin Brisendine E0fH9lia Darden OW to 'yi ..,, Q. K Q .iid i Marie Brown Monica Brown Rodney Brown Iennifer Buchanan Rodney Burnham Carl Campbell Vanessa Camper Lewis Canada Terry Carol Patricia Seniors , KW ' 4 3 9 Tony Cervantes Lucy Chang Ada Chapman fbi' 'Q tw ,.1 Shelley Collier Crisi Cook Sherrie Cosby J "Ti Ricky Covington Wesley Cox Tashun Creag mril King shares her Macbeth notes with Tony Cervantes, while Russell Barlow works on his onge activity. Greg Cherry '33 Twana Cosby ...pf Yolanda Crear W 'Ii Terrence Culberson s will Anthony Choice Tommy Courson joel Cruz Q2 f-.Qs Susan Dale Seniors 115 Cornelia Darden Donna Davis Danny Dominguez Michael Dorman Chantay Durham Vanda Edwards Aric English Cynthia Espinoza LJ 'Huw Karen Davis Barbra Dempsey Gloria Diaz Shawn Webb, Shaynor Newsome, and Tommy Courson discuss the Spartan baseball team's pi spects for the upcoming year. i iia, Q ,pn 1? 1 n. W , Kevan Ferguson Seniors Roger Finley David Ford Roger Fortner Farron Foster Stacy Franklin p Christia Fuller Annette Garcia Ieff Gilbreath Nancy Goans Exif ' .,. 1 X I AW.- Lhonda Hoard takes a break at the Senior Rummage Sale on aturday, September 20th. G8 -917' Magaly Garcia Rodolfo Garcia Sylvia Garcia 1,05 -4" Lisa Goodson jennifer Graham Chappell Grant Adrian Gudino Stephanie Hall Cynthia Hamilton ,ad Monica Hamilton Antwane Hampton David Harvey Seniors 117 sm Wd M:-A Rhonda Hoard Valencia Hollins Ray Hulse Kelly Hurley Angela Iackson awe? Jerald jackson Yolanda Iackson Adriane james Dav1d Iocoy Erbie Iohnson LeQuisa johnson Arbreda Holmes Charlotte Houston .V v,' 5 i R Y In TORCH, Vanda Edwards is the senior Alecia jones '199' In A lunch, Michael Rogers and Lance Phillips d0n't seem to object Ray jones aff? Roland Leal vi mari MJ 4? L--gl f0 the SCl100l f00d- Craig jones Michael jones fwrbs -1' 4579 Donald Joplin Shannon Killebrew April King Denise Kuehne Hae-Sun Lee Kevin Long Chuck Love Misty Lybrand :lt ss, 410 an . Lu f Tenesa Manning Ricky Martin George Martinez Mario Martinez Matthew Martinez Seniors Iennifer Massey Belinda Mays Gina McCoppin ! ,M s r f L,"" - -Q-W Tonya MCCOY Melvin MCKil1ney Christene McMullen During seventh period, Lucy Chang and Terrence Culbersc da jackson discuss weekend plans. ,, Kathy McWilliams Theresa Meza Cristal Miles Rhonda Miller Tommy Mills Casey Mitchell Donald Mokry Ronald Mokry Iasper Moore Keidra Moore 120 Seniors -s-5, eff Sandra Morrison james Nealey - ffx ' scuss their Spanish homework while Brice Buckley and Yolan- Shaynor Newsome Kim Nguyen Us V7 l Bonny Niccolls jamie Norris Ladonna Norris Paul Olvera Elvira Otis Renita Otis Hangvarak Ouk Darren Parramore Stacy Nerhood .agp My Nguyen Crissy Ortiz Philip Parrish Seniors 121 X, Curtis Pena Jason Penland Monica Brown studies a pattern for a new dress in Ms. Armstrong's homemaking class. Melida Perez Dana Perkins Lance Phillips Michelle Pierson David Piper Charleen Plafcan Braun Porter Laura Powell Missey Pinnekins F.T. Pratt Viviana Prieur Misti Ransom Victoria Rawlins LaRonda Reeves William Roberson Seniors 'Q 42 - 1 . ' Billy Robinson Kenneth Robinson Lorraine Rodriguez 'Kkpf Michael Rogers Mitchell Rogers is :mfg Hector Salazar Hugo Sauceda Tyrone Ross Debra Ruelas George Ruelas ,,',,i I . ' ' 'W QQ, In choir, Dottie Bellah tells Annette Garcia how to pick up guys, jimmy Scoggins Corey Shaw Shannon Shaw Susan Shewmake Seniors A+ f 0, t X 40 ff 5 it l Tina Shields Iohn Sholars joey Sill Adrian Sims l Tina Smith Yolanda Smith Seniors Sandy Staab Trepasco Stanton , - ""t - 'mi "WEE .'k- ,A it ' ,5,9,,lL S A ,,,,,k ,,,, A " fi When it comes to research papers, Iohn White,Russell Ansley, and Danny Dominguez think g heads are better than one. Fonda Sims Sonya Smart Lance Smith f Q Ruth Smitty Mechelle Spencer Vanessa Spencer Z Greg Stegall Rita Stephens Iris Steward 'Z' 1' Richard Stewart Tasha Stinson Glenn Stone Tom Stuart Angela Sudkamp Donovan Tanner Angela Tate jeff Tatum Nona Taylor Anita Thompson .. ,ef- ' ya iobert bailey is always on the lookout for a good picture for the TORCH. Derrick Todd Glenn Townsend Michael Turner 6.0 David Vance Darren Veail james Venters Seniors 125 Khristy Vines Kealine Vita Vi? Katrina Wade Sherri Wafford , , Deidra Walton Ianice Ward Seniors J , Iohn White Floyce Whitehead Carl Campbell, Robert Bailey, Razz-Ma-Tazz. Stacy Wagner Roy Waters Tim Wilkes att l ttitfti .Q-f'w Craig Iones, and David Ford practice the senior dance befc Kelly Walker Shawn Webb Arthur Williams Debresha Walls Q "-9 Dee Wedgeworth Sharhonda Williams .jihs A .. , FQ N I R Unikki Williams Veronica Williams Deborah Wilson Michael Wilson Michelle Wilson ggi 1 , , ., .4k. ,, , K gwrg-,gy,,ggM.r - -WMM - f fs um: - H f A M.:L g, "f. . . -A-W-W A V t if Q l t W 1 , . . 't Gs wr-'fffw ' ' f' 1, V i ai? i K Sale 87 ...., Patrice Wilson H A ,. i A waz V , W 7 . . V VVVV 'V V Va V ,,,, VV,., V ,V V , ,K ,ar ' H A D , V n i -. . l Seniors advertise the Senior Rummage Sale. Deborah Wood QW F YJ Q--'f' ay Derrick Woodard Felicia Woods Dorothy Wooten Yolanda Wright Marty Yates Seniors 127 Forward march The ROTC won the Gold Star Honor Unit with Distinction at the State Fair of Texas in October. Outstanding drills, exceptional knowledge, and sharp appearance earned them this honor and the ROTC board trophy. They received a 98.5 in federal inspection. Msg. Quinn said, 'fWe felt nine feet tall." Leticia Martinez added, "Everybody had a positive attitude. I couldn't wait to tell the others." Short, blonde, and smart Don't let looks fool you. Terry Carol was a commended student from National Merit Scholarship. He received this honor for his high score of 1260 on his Pre-Student Achieve- ment Test. He wasn't trying for it, but he was trying to do well. Terry was recognized with a certificate and with an announcement over the public ad- dress system. He said, "l felt really good about myself for achieving this honor." 128 Seniors Works hard for his money David Vance won first place in state in the Vehicle and Petroleum Marketing Area II at the Lincoln Hotel. David had a test of one hun- dred written questions and two oral questions. He went to New Orleans for the DECA nationals. Ms. Stratton said, "I was very proud of him. He really matured and became very suc- cessful in the two years I had him in class." David added, "I was very pleased with the results. I really had not expected to win." ,ff NDP' Aggie in green Crissy Ortiz received the Presi- dent's Achievement Award from Texas A 8: M. She was nominated by her counselor, Ms. Vega. Crissy will receive 52,500 a year for four years, for a total of EB10,000. Ms. Vega com- mented, "I was real excited for Crissy, she worked hard for the scholarship this semester. She was highly qualified for the scholarship, even though the competition was tough." When asked how she felt, Crissy replied, "I was excited. It was an honor. I think I'm really going to en- joy going to school there." .Nj if . if Xlot just an athlete Yolanda jackson was not just another basketball player. Yolanda ,von first place in the DXFW Afro- Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics. She had to write two programs and show how one was more efficient. The competi- :ion was steep with many talented people competing. Yolanda said, "I as very excited about winning, Especially about going to New York in june." if File name: DEE Dee Wedgeworth had a good command when it came to com- puters. She placed third in the DXFW Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics. She had to explain a computer science program. Dee wasn't very optimistic about win- ning. Dee said, "I was excited about winning, especially since this was the first thing like this I had ever won." She competed against students from all over the district. ae' f544"' af, 1: I inf On your mark . . . write Tommy Courson, the only nominee to represent W.W. Samuell High School, won the National Coun- cil of Teachers of English Writing Award. He had to write an elaborate essay on a topic of his choice. He chose evil. He admitted he didn't ex- pect to win because of the steep com- petition of 7000 entries with only 600 winners. Ms. Adams said, "Tommy had a truly exceptional talent for writing. I was not surprised that he won." Tommy was recognized at the Dallas School Board meeting in April. In the BIG league jeff Stephens was going all the way with his football talent. He was awarded a full scholarship to Oklahoma State University. Coach Smith said, "I felt like Ieff could have gone to any major university his grades would allow, but he chose a fine school in OSU, and he should do well." Ieff was equally excited about the news. He said, "I stuck with foot- ball, and they felt like I could con- tribute to their program. All the work I put in finally paid off. Besides, I'm excited about going and banging heads with the big boys." Seniors 129 130 julnurs UNIORS Passing grades, good PSAT scores, a more demanding course load, and more responsibility faced the junior class. Bill Hasty said, "I was glad to finally be a junior, but there seemed to be a lot of things to do and no time to do them." December 8th was an exciting day for many juniors. Senior rings were delivered in the lunchroom. Tracie Hampton said, "I was real excited to 'SS' T ln fourth period choir, Keithia Broiles tells Laura Woody, Allen Christian, and Lori Guerra about weekend . finally get my senior ring. lt made me realize that graduation was not far away." juniors also faced the results of the TEAMS test. Graduation depended on a passing score. On December Sth the students received their scores in homeroom. LaTracy Thomas said, "I was kind of nervous about getting my scores back, but everything turned out okay." junior class officers are president Bill Ha secretary Laura Loeb, and vice-president I Davis. 'iv is Y V Q im X iaii , , as ir a Q 1. , ft' i l . 'M K A in Q ,- ..' V 1 S ,f-ie ? t 2-. ,K t ,... 1. 4 .QQ Q3 ,K , , i . f -1-- N - :Jw uv, :aff A i A1 x .I K 4 ia ar 'W W I V,kk K .f . . .,,.... . i W . V it :QR X NT' x9 ia t ,...,.xW ,, Y- ? 5, K X. si tr fa 6515. it j T ' as is -it .. 1 u- .. , , H . D f Q 'SL A K M, . W. r ,ff 1 ,'.-ivhjslw' ,Ig 6 fi? X 'S 91 N. it 'ff af lv Q , A4 f , -Qi 77: f fi f 12.3 1 A is e Q x 9 C fix if " M , Y 4 8 J xg J F 'l i i . 4 g v Q ' David Adkins Mauro Alanis Roshanie Alexander Manuel Alvarez Hector Amador Lee Ammons Bruce Anderson David Anderson Carlette Armstrong Chavela Armstrong joni Arnold Deanie Arredondo Stephnee Bailey Kenneth Beasley Kevin Bedford Stephanie Beers Tania Benavidez Richard Benjamin Donna Birdwell Pamela Black Cary Blair Craig Blair Bobbie Boyte Steve Briggs Keithia Broiles Derrick Broxton Mark Busby jennifer Buchanan Arthur Cardenas Thomas Carroll jeffrey Carrozza Shady Carter Katherine Cato Allen Christian Frank Cipriano Duane Coleman Tom Collins Bill Combel Melissa Contreras Shannon Cooley Robert Coonrod Dernck Cooper jimmy Coronado Shamond Cozine Richard Crawford Terrence Culberson Lisa Curlin Claudia Davila Cindy Davis jac uelin Davis LHSIOD Davis Pam Davis Reva Davis Robert Davis Susan Davis Corey Dickerson jerilyn Everett Perry Fields Rhonda Finley Leisha Finney Gloria Flakes Susan Fortner Robin Fowler Paul Fredrick Deserie French Contrina Fuller Benetta Gaston Sarah Gibbs Kenneth Goodson Chap ell Grant Tara Gray Robert Grimmett Cecilia Guerra Lori Guerra Tracie Hampton Thomas Hannon jennifer Harvey Bill Hasty Brian Hauerwas julie Hein 132 juniors Eric Henderson Robin Henderson Valicia Henderson jose h Hernandez Rlapoleon Hill David Holden Priscilla Hope Lori Hoppert Cathy Howeth LaVunya Hyder Robert jack Anner jackson , Eric jackson ' Marla jackson Paula john Christina johnson I W Becky jones David jones james jones Krissie jones Sharla jones justin jousan Shannon judd LaChaundra Kemp Sherry Kennedy Terrence Kennedy Alex Kerbow Damita Kin Robin Klimpeq Cassandra Knight Laura Kovacs Carol Kristof Floyd johnson ' V C Tony johnson V,t: .n ' ' An ela jones " - ' , Ariane jones ' f .-, ' '.., , ,V Q " 1 5"i'E:f Yi. Ex 9 . if Q are L teat fsl 1?ssjW f 'SM , . H ---- , U 46' H. , V 'tw --- . x I. af! ' , t K , Y 2 Am' 72 '... 9 F A fl' as Q I , ,rs , ,,,, zivi .... , , 5... l - H 6 0, 3 , 6' , V l if 'A ii ' z ,X ,f Jaw Ae! " f3QQQ!WV2w ,Mgr t 4. 3 . AQ, ,-QQ! I: ., f' l :Ei H Q .5 4 Q flgwimvlii' A .fl mf. "l'sff'r,W' wwe lr'Ql'QilLef3fh.,,,' "' s'!"'fi-'N C fwff" , :Sala -mf N l 'Javffn .'5,"i.' 'mf mfr itat il '-. Fredrick Reese puts his folder together at the last minute for English IV, We 'NN av. QQ fx ... Q.. A 3 W' ' ,, ,,, ,, Q 'J .gp 4 .NJ Ronnie Land Khristina Lefils Laura Loeb Chellita Lott Lisa Mallard Paytron Mathis n iv , sv., Q. ii Q -- WW? Angela Martel Randall Martin Armando Martinez George Martinez Kevin McCullough Earl McCibboneV Daralynn McMillan Eric McPherson Shena Medlock David Mejia Harold Merrell Karrie Miller Curtis Mills Chenay Mitchell WSZYUR A 3-J, .- an K ii, si., . f- 'elf ' -M , - The jV cheerleaders "get that quarterback" at the BA game. xlarlette Armstrong serves against Spruce, james Mitchell Senaida Molina Doris Montalvo Monica Moore Alex Moreno Tara Muckelroy Chris Muir Stephanie Murry Anthon Myles jeff Neal Albert Paredes Patrick Parker Sandy Patterson Hector Pena Corey Perry Ricky Phillips juniors 133 134 juniors Ricardo Pineda ' Alicia Potts ' R. V 1 .,,v R """,' g Q QW 'VM Qi 29' . if QW' Z I 2-4 4 . Brian Quinn A--i" f R Annette Ragsclale Vf -"i' 'ti 1 Vi 2 I LaShunda Rayson .V ,LLM ig ,eff W' V V Michael Reagan gf i 'f - R 1 ,ii,: I Hubert Reece VLL1 " . ii' w . R - ' Shane Reese ' ' ffg F13jf5'f5Rl RR ' ,fifffi f' , P . I !R, if Fredrick Reese I VV -r'f V VR R. ,A R i ei i VR,: Julian Reyes X ic RR Tony Rhodes 7 gt - I Cheles Rhynes 1 It i R' . I ' Q iii' Susan Robertson Rf ' Antonio Robinson f fi ,V wma IRT' Q ,iesi 1 ,:i,. , c.si I R i,i. R R rin i's i c iii iirirclrr Edward Robinson V'.'i V 'iyrkyyi I ,E ,-'f'V V V ,,,,V VVV Darrin Sadiiief I I Homer Salazar A if ' ' " V,'VVV ff' "J 'KR Charletta Sampson V M L I ' lmothy Scoggms M' :V ' .. V ' m g ,,V, Cindy Davis hopes she can get all her stuff 2 IR . if li her locker 'ffizfffi f'IfT QT' I I , R- 'i ii,e I ,,e, A 1 aiee Tanya Scott VV R VV R aacc VVca R R Tonya Sheffield Ff"V Vi. 'Eff R- . V , 'RSVP V Q ' V "" : Susan Shewmake R VV, VV R RVRVV V VRV R V ,n g V V . V V Karlan Shuller ' I i .RVRVVVV ff l - fi? fV ' 7 .Q V . dw 1 Morris Simmons RR VV v " A R Vicente Sisnano f if f A, V . :rs Q I R Kathleen laven V ' ,.. V V ix V 2, V if Iuniors have favorites juniors had favorite places to eat, favorite foods, favorite TV shows, and favorite movies. The most popular place to eat was Chili's. Juniors liked pizza. juniors could not agree on a favorite TV show. Most of the juniors liked Top Gun and About Last Night . Ioann Tabaniag said, " I liked Chili's because the food was good. My favorite TV show was Moonlighting , and I liked the movie About Last Night Amy Smelser said, " Taco Bell was my favorite place to eat. I liked to watch Growing Pains , and my favorite movie was Top Gun ." Khristina Lefils said, "I liked Chili's because the food was good. I liked Growing Pains , and my favorite movie was An American Tale. Claudia Davila said, "I like Who's the Boss? because it was a funny show. I loved to go to Chili's. Their food was good. My favorite movie was Soulmun At the first PTA meeting, Spanish Club has to offer, Cecilia Guerra shows parents what th i 1 Q ,,,g,5rf3y,frW4 , 5 ' , ,Q"Wf1,g,'1i,f1, A i"1,'w:,,j,, Amy Smelser Marcella Smith Stefanie Smith George Soliz X T st: 14 Q + all F . V V L, - , ,G f- q -' J lay Spears r-,rrlfxi X - H ' by Alan Starr at 1. My "i' Robert Stephens f V ii 4 ' Michael Suhr A A ' Ioann Tabaniag J' l Tyrone Tatum u " wx' X l Max Tallb X ' ' f T f 'Tax V M , Keith Ta lor ucre ia ay or y LaTrac Thomas ,J an 45351 1 , 571 f ,gif -A Yolanda Thomas W 1' T if Stephen Thorpe . " 1 E V 7 Van Kien To A kg.. K V M5 m X A I Cynthia Tolbert , , - 1, V A4 rl ky Vyrr V 5 If , , .- i 44,1 .5 , A V V' ,. my , ,4 , I is ET.: . -. 0 I-1 , . L , , - , 3 if in if-'I J , ws it ,,, I 2' K 2,5-f 4W j P4 6 H 4, 5 A W 6 H' N lv, +L? g df o- -. , T , al, f We ii' 'ii. f :fi iiti l ii 'iii L , I ,,,i 3 L,,, ,1,t r - f, 924' - .W r ,V u ' f, ff- 9 D . ' ., ! 3 f w G 6 - A , nl N 'X s ,at 1 S' ' l ,,i' .L U Q ,, ,,.Lk I 5 5 , , 1? 'IH N73 "l5i.ii' 1 In ! Q Ricky Phillips celebrates the end of TORCH K ' 3 , ,vw camp at Caulfielcl's. ' Lit- HL. -at If ,... V H H JV , "A , r - ' A Iennifer Harvey finishes her sponge activity in Ms, McCollum's class. Dana Troncoso Tommie Tyler Kristi Vaden Letisia Vasquez Victor Vela Treasa Walker Michael Warren Billy Watson Tommy Watson Son a Webb Marli Welch Philli White Billy Williams Dax Williams A I jessie Williams Robert Williams Terry Withrow Donise Wood Eric Woods Laura Wood Samantha Vslbrley Teresa Wright john W ysocki Lori Zachary juniors 135 fi - i During. passinglpafiai Patrice Shanilquia Adams, Teresa Sirrimons, and Moniea Reeves ttheirhomewGrltfforMs. A1f1'I'tStf0fTtg'S chitddevelopmentclass. ' h , l i mkA' ,A l . - . .. k,kk, kk I K SOPHOMORES The trendy sophomores began to prove that they were not 'fbabiesu any l l it longer. To the sophomores, grades were important, but so were fashions and the latest couples., Lisa McE1haney said, "I really liked going shopping and seeing who was at the mall. Then I went home and tried, to do my homework." s Many students found that their sophomore year was the right time to 1 36 Sophomores get :involved in clubs and organizai tions. Lisalliall said, 'flwas really glad Iinade JV eheerleader. It hasbeen a lot of fun." Toni Polk said, t"The most important thing to me wasbeing in- volved inechoir. We had al lot of fun together" Jana Rener added, "I was happy when I made drill. We worked hard, ibutlwe also had some great times. Drill made me work harder in' everything I did." s . The sophomore class president is Ron Chaney, 1 Z I K 0 L ff' X , I f R ti Kg? s 45 rw 11:7 L Q :fl lf. i f R A ' ii Y .., K 'NH ,, N' mf'1AL a . .i X 1 iss f ' 5 A K -g Q J ' xt -1:1 A x. 'sc-iw K A -aff ' vii'-ilgwx , . -.' 1.ef:ii-5ii1,.,.,,-f,,i.tEg . - t . H, tr SFA 'J x-gf Q we , , 1 i ,'., iii 4 L as ... 45, 3 X X gre ' 'xr - K Q L 5 fy L Us CT' M ., , Q ig, L f , me W ? f 2 FT: . R33 F . ' 5 i g . ., , x . 4 d I 1 l .1 s .. 'N al A J Q WP.. ,Q if -of J ,,, . 4 Q. ,sz W rr A L If" ' , . It me .V rt Niki - if ii ' B , of X If is ' 'mf gt w v L W. . 4 ' sf - 5 i 'Q SESS l ' Qi N5 'if 5 9 gi .h 1 '91 ":-Y if X X A 4 f Q2 Steve Aldaco Bart Alexander Gentish Anderson Sheila Arrington Kenneth Athey Vera Aver ' Anna Ayaiya Lisa Ayala Michael Bailey Willie Bailey Danny Baird Robert Bale Stacy Barnhart Ryan Beauchamp Donna Beckham George Beeton Darla Bell Gregory Bell Torre Bell Angela Bennett jeremy Bigham Chris Biles Bill f Blunt Walter Bobien Erick Boger Paul Bohme Derilyn Bolton Clememet Boston Latoya Bowman Gwendolyn Brewer Troy Brewer Felicia Burton Tammy Butts Demetric Campbell Mark Cantu Diane Carrillo Amy Carroll Donald Carter Walter Carter Reginald Carthon Alma Castillo Robyn Ca lor Timothy Gfhambers Ron Chane Willie Clayborne Tonya Click Kristy Cobb Deann Collins Sandra Contreras Kerry Coonrod Donna Copeland Angie Courson David Cox jeff Cox Melissa Crowder Fredrick Crutchfield Sedric Crutchfield jerry Darden Evelyn Davidson Robert Davidson Bennetta Davis Timoth Davis Laurie Dawson Marilyn Day Micky Deleon Shondra Dotson Carmen Duncan Robert Duncan Isaac Elnoris Carlos Es inoza Larry Fiellds Willis Fields Iimmy Finney Traci Fitch Kelly Fitzgerald Darnella Ford Brenda Fortner Douglas Foster Cathy Freeman Vinson Gantt Sophomores 13 7 Edward Garcia Tommy Garcia Wendi Garee Tammy Garrison Brent Going Debra Gornez Debra Gonzalez Julie Granberry Roosevelt Gray Cara Mia Green Shundra Gates iii l X 'U , we 1 - 'ss are C. in ei i of eeeer eeri 5 eeae 'e J' Nxxk . rrla ri r J' K - ,,. . -- 1,s.W.....wef-V .... ,,,. ,.. W.. 3.31,1....Nassa.M,st.t,t..tNr,e,,,,.,, ' H f .as T Laura Green V Lx,,x Anthony Greenlee 1 ? f Ramon Guerra Regina Guerra fx ",, Joe Guerrero A , J Lisa Hall . . , iai.ri 1 , Washonda Hall Marquita Hankins Eugenia Harper had Heddin Sokha Hem Amber Henderson Darnell Henries Shawn Hicks LaShun Hall Napoleon Hill odney Hill Brandy Hipp E wS 5 X it Q5 Christine Hocker .S Elizabeth Honaker Shelley Hooker QS Quevonnas Hopkins Allen Hughes Jamie Hukill Richard Hullett Curtis Hunter Lachoy Jackson Monica Jackson Rggina Jackson anita James Sheree Jarvis Christie jenkins Adrian Johnson Derick Johnson Derrick Johnson Ke dra Johnson Xara Johnson Jennifer Jolley Alicia Jones Sophomores dress to impress Sophomores had to start setting ex- amples for the freshmen. Sophomores wore anything from blue jeans and a tee shirt to a suit or a dress, but the sophomores were in fashion. The more popular places to shop were Sanger Harris, Bloomingdales, Dillards, and Joskes. Cynthia Wallace said "l liked to buy from these stores because they carried all the latest fashions." Reginald Carthon stated, "My favorite styles were Generra and Willy Wear." 138 Sophomores Q In c,t,. it ,,..,. ig, , .. 3- ,rt J tltf"+f 'W x K K E3 P' r' wr '33 N ra. it 'Q X -M- ax - ..1,.1 ,ix A .4 .X , .W --..: df L .11 ,if s N tt p ppp N. V . ii i G it at Bm 'z Xl? , Domingo Vega works diligently on his art project for Ms. Robertson's seventh period class. W.W.,....rr.as.t....tN,w-swag Q ay! ei .nh Angela jones Charee jones Deana jones Cala jones john jones A lf ,ll v,.,, f 1 . Lance jones Marvin jones Richard jurica Katie Karlen james Kelly Cathy Kestler Brandy Kirchenbauer Lisa Krannich Tricia Lackey Edwin Lara james Leaks Aubrey Lee Audrey Lee Charles Lee ' Benjamin Kiker Karol Kilgore ' ' .4 ' j ' Charles King Q' f ,W A i Felita King F If Michelle Kirksey ' ,, xy 5 X , Gayla Knowles '.: , ' 'X - . l L ,, ilfiiiljisf M 4 'L 'i., X " ' If age, Ll L MF? fd L- V og 4-,. onya Vail, Deann Collins, Calvert Nelson, Troy Brewer, Sedric Crutchfield, and Ron Chaney get a re break" from Coach Stokes' first period biology class. 3 iv 4, zwfiyx W 'ff ,f H - ' A:-,L , if W4 , Q., f rw . 'W' ff- , .gi . -w ,fv f - 1 ' V '1 V .x Ev X735 fd 1 sms,-'T 'cw f-V, Helena Lee Keith Lewis Derrick Lockett Oliver London Kimberly Love Marco Luna Christian Luneborg Dona Magee Be Mai javier Marin Carlos Martinez joe Martinez Lando Martinez Sophomores 139 Mercedes Martinez Richard Maxey Christ May Terri Mcxnally Yolanda McCrar Dhanheen McDowell Lisa McElhaney IoAnthony McGee Angela McGraw Diana Medina Cressie Menefee f A Eric Menefee Christopher Meredith I Da l Miller Ieffreyrlflitchell , l Vivika Mitchell - 2' . 5-S , Brian Moncrief ' V V -l- David Moon R , ' M i Kelvin Moore Yolonzo Moore I Dolores Morales - Ron Morgan Beatrice Morris Demonti Morris Dennis Morris Rebecca Morua Terra Moton Derrek Mu hrey Gregoryrfflyles . 4 e t fi M 'W W W V " -s5,T1b 2 rvflfnf ' ' " ' ' My f Q rx yy, Calvert Nelson Michael Newell jimmy Newsom Lisa Nims Robert Nobles Debbie Oatman I 3 I W s :am jamie Nava W A F Annabell Ortiz l Winning your teachers' respect Most sophomores felt that it was a good idea to win their teachers' respect, or in other words become the "teacher's pet." Some sophomores said that winning their teachers' respect made them feel that they would receive better grades. When asked how to go about getting on a teacher's good side, Rick Iurica said, "By doing all your homework and not talking during class." He also said that it was sometimes hard to do, but he still tried. Amy Carroll said, "Paying attention in class is a sure way to win your teacher over." Others said just to act nice to your teachers and agree with everything they say. Some sophomores said that they didn't like being the "teacher's pet" because they were teased by their friends. All in all, however, being a "teacher's pet" made a student a lot more confident every six weeks when grades came out. 140 Sophomores l? 5 1 , as is .Et 'tu' , The Spartans' loss to North Mesquite puts Carrie Stone into a daze. G7 K4 VtVk,k ,, ., , J 1 Q . 'Q f 'tr fll' l Us L. Y l Y 2. 9 M.. f Kassondra Parker Crystal Pearson Iacquelyn Peavy Mark Pena Angela Pennie Edward Perez I Monica Perez V . Nancy Perez Teresa Pettis Terry Phillips ' . Darrin Polk ig as S 51 Q, . 'mf Lv ,gf . 4 A S y l up 'H i at it f ' K ,fi XJ n 5 'fQ,,' ,f 'llxl QA gg yyyii : , . , V' 09' 1 - x p , W, i i I ni X S '121 f. "'i -r,' ,, " l , ez 1 P. fs. K .fs c I- ' , Q ' as aw .. ff N as ,, 4 0 1, as In n v , ., at 7 .gm-V 'I f f J f ' ' . ,HW f Q was tg-NF., VN Wfkngtl ,tv r - f 2 .V In I .,..f,,1, , , WL. 3 .-4 1 ,S , Q S as A . N if - - 2 - i f .A H51 Nw - it Brian Moncrief gets a kick out of Spartan football at IV practice after SCHOOL Toni Polk I.B. Poullard Renella Poullard Pete Prasad D'Lisa Preston Charles Price Nathalie Prieur I Q . - nw e 1 j 1 'er 3 4 HU lt Bryan Primm Sinayone Pritchett Came Quinn Cind Rabal Lisa lgamirez Stacey Reames Sandra Redding Monica Reeves Iana Rener Louis Ricarte Laquanda Richard Alisa Riley Cary Robertson Shenekqua Robertson Christopher Robinson Sharon Rochelle Shanda Rodigers Cynthia Ro riguez Paulina Rodriguez Eureka Ross Deborah Ruiz Salvador Ruiz Mary Sample Erica Samples Doris Sandifer Lori Sandlin jerry Sands Ernestine Saucedo Kevin Schmidt Shelisa Scott Bill Seales Debb e Seifert Lisa Slerrata james Shavers Christopher Sigman Kevin Simpson Sophomores 141 Daralyn Skyler Detra Smith Steve Solano Patti Sgeights lnita priggs Lisa Spriggs Sonya Steve Carrie Stone Demetria Story Craig Stout Ionathan Summers Maryann Tabaniag Tracy Taylor Willie Taylor Araceli Teniente Daphne Thomas Elonda Thomas Gregory Thomas Elisa hompson Leonard Thompson Stevon Ti pens Christi 'lliicker Tania Tucker William Turner Tonya Vail Marshall Vance Daniel Vas uez Albert Vega Domin o Vega Guillermoifelasco Angela Vines Keith Vines Shanna Vines Stephanie Wade Terrance Wade Dwlzyne Walker erri Walker Mark Walker Cynthia Wallace ambra Waller Thomas Walton Andre Washiniton Sharon Wat ins Rhonda Webber KathyVWeir Deanna elch Emest West Iames Westbrook Charles Whatley Lashunda White Erica Whitmore Bernesten Williams Bryant Williams Charlie Williams Frederick Williams 142 Sophomores 'F , H -,. P' -U - ffl' . I LW f , il 1, ' AP, , 7 VV 'N 'Y ' A '- 'F' ,Lt ty,ty, ,S it 5 ,rr 1 i 9' t.t Q 1 f ctl rli . ,mul Qu! 5 2 Q . li ii M 1 Z Pf' ,ff eh , - ,Q f W r.. I 'w ' .9 . , zz A .429 I ii ' 1 iw 0 I '91 if tg, ,L 2 , , v', ,V ,T C .. as lv . . Y , .i attt if f - ' ,.,,,, . ' .av I Ax .aw . v N S 5 Q. ,1-V. ra , ' v . ' ,Q K i 'Si X xii' R Wzm, 7 ' 'nffii S i 5 -, . wx x 6 'pta ,ee J ei? Mi 2 2: t 'YS W 1 I, Y-V H fy , 2 4- 4 'af , MJ ax f 3555, f La 1 ' I vf U' 2 - 5, X ,w-nw.. ' .' we Z at . . .3 ,f,fV - r 'M K 4 if If ig, -.av 1 1' i f ' Q, 4795535 ff. ,x it hi ...r .nf - Q., - ,, ' ,4 - U wiffr, 1 Us ,Ag a te H W ? ' 7 a 54' 3' Uv -1, ,hat it V .- fr x v 5 , i H i, X V Virr S 45 it , ' 5, 519 1 A I ,iv uf gm if x fill' TCF? " 'Q f WY ' tlttt NI T -MA ll ac ' sf ttk k b k tth H M. ,q 2. j- -.N fg ou aea" " ' 'Xi V ! Ab -exif-Qs erri na yan raig co e rea a e omecoming the Holiday Inn. 'ww----........, . Q.-'ff' .f-"" .H ixs Q5 Iarol Kilgore studies her notes on the way to Mr. Nicholson's sixth period hemistry class. Tabitha Williams Timothy Williams Veronica Williams Anita Williamson David Wilson Ferrenski Woodley 46 if Crystal Woods Lisa Wood Todd Woollverton 'w ff W 0 ffm M!! I t 3 ' A i K Z, , , f . 1 sf", , Leanna Worley A Stacey Yates in Q? Y , 1 . Rosalie York Billy Youn Christian young Rhonda Young Sophomores sweep the town What did sophomores do with their extra time when they were not doing school work? Some found going out to be an escape from their troubles. Where did they go? Eating out or seeing a good movie was nice. Some went to Chili's while others went to Bennigan's, IT McCords, and the list goes on. Amber Henderson said, "Chili's was one place to sit down, relax, and eat good food. The Town East UA VI was a popular theater with the sophomores. Thomas Walton said, "Watching a good movie just took my mind off of the worries of school work." "Cruising" was another favorite among sophomores. They were found cruising everywhere from Galloway to the downtown area. Although some sophomores weren't old enough to drive or didn't have a car, they found other ways of getting around, such as friends, upperclassmen, and even mom or dad. Sophomores 143 V s FRESHME Passing the TEAMS test, finding all their classes the first week of school, deciding which club or sport they wanted to participate in, and ad- justing to being the youngest were all things the freshmen faced in their first year in high school. Starting all over again was something that the freshmen had to deal with. The bottom of the totem 144 Freshmen 1 it r -9 yn M , in is get is g Q is sAt1t Q ii if ,W., . 5 1 I if ...- t t t , tgt 5 if was 1 Alicia Askew, Tina Bradley, Dawn Davis, Charla Carbaugh, Temby Tumer, Lisa McCoy, and Iudy Brist think introduction to drill is as fun as a barrel of monkeys. X Ni' pole did not seem bad to some students. Michelle Solano said, "It was different from middle school, but I liked it. I had to start somewhere." Being a freshmen was a chance to meet new people, laugh with the up- perclassmen about freshman jokes, and become involved with the school. Alicia Askew said, "Seniors were known because they were the leaders, and freshmen were known because they were new," Iudy Brister added, "I didn't like being a freshman because all the seniors told us what to do." xxx Freshman class officers are secretary Temby Turner, vice-president David Kearby president Karen Garrison. ss R x ,X ff, X5 ,,-r fllxl ,Q I N H L If . ' i ' J W s RN, Q j f' f' fy if ' Li L C 5-M V , ch U' A i , . t ' ,Q " ' , ilu N31 , " .,..-7, C., ,A 3 I IJ ,. ' W 11.1 A -- .Q .wg - -P . A , I f sf 4 . . ' 1 1 S :eg ' ' ani J . News . is 'lib' ,rf .Ile " 5, . ia ' -ff we it Q" D fff'.Q ' I "' ' l fi Q X 2 gi' l ' ' ,av-1 he K . I Mais 'lm A W . L f ,st ,ses sat- -A X- 13" t ' . .. M ,B - kb V, .k,q . x 3. A i , ,P . 3 A f, -3 I f rg X .. . it Q 7: ,, A 'C A , . "' S: :Q ' I M +- li w ,1 , ' Q H fre 5-A r . --1 sttrr i .5 K x ' V , . , . ' V it . s -g , Y ' Q ' 11255 J g G n gi L . .Ak - l e g g ltrlat l B l B i ag .K S in r J , H rn iw C L V ws. I he iff' ' . l 3 5 - it C X lb-. AX 4 All Oi is it A V h is . i r I A- if 4" :S 4- 4' gi' :Q K .L "' ' . 3 . ,...',,: -" I , in ' 1' -li ' . f ' wi, if -r X: 'EF' ' :ri is Q -. .L e A B wir , z 'Wikia r ani uia Adams roy Adkins il guirre Maria Alanis Alex Ale ria Richie Agen Marla Allman Preti Amin Fred Anderson Ieannie Anderson Susan Andrews Glenn Anglin e rie Arnold fgklicia Aske C NSkl'iflW"1'2xry Raymond Avi a Rita Bagley Evelyn Ba er Melanie Banks Maria Barajas Tiffany Barkman Penny Barlow Matthew Bamard Angela Barton Raymond Baty Brandon Baylock Tad Beddow jimmy Beeton Stevie Below Douglas Bennett Librado Bermudez Tara Berry Lennell Beverly Amy Bishop Kenny Bishop Kenneth Black Nicol la lock S ani Bollu t a o on Donnis Boston Rosalyn Boulware Gregory Bowers Tina Bradley Kyle Bratcher Reginald Brazil Christopher Brewer Maggie Bridger Iudy Brister rf'-'Ya evin Brister 1 Kristie roi es james Brooks Catrina Brown David Brown Deedra Brown Erica Brown Kateka Brown Quentez Brown Ton a Brown Bracliord Browning Mamie Broxton lohnng Bullard Brian utler Renee Butler Elizabeth Calhoun William Callaway Charla Carbaugh Bryan Carlisle Travis Caro Anthony Carroll Konnie Carter Will Carter Sonia Castellano Alfred Cavazos Iesenia Cazares Alicia Chambers Kate Chambers Christoi her Champion o n ave Kathy Cheney Freshmen 145 Derrick Cherry Shenequa Childress Delicia Choice Carolyn Christensen Jorge Cisneros is 35" 'Viigfliii . ' Wm, X Isaac Clark , Amy Clement ' l ' 5' " Roderick Clements r ff- 1' V t at s. ,. 5, 1 Teresa Clements A ' ' Ginger Cobb W is '--r,- I A Y 41 Sherry Coble W .ix , ries ,KK A " ' itll fill baqk W Darketsha Cochran C ' . C Amy Collins R - Iacquelin Collins flu, n g gg V N 1 Q Doris Cook fs, 2. .skff"' A sf. L ,T V i gif Q Selena Cooper L .' ' Richard Corgill .AAlA A , QQ , by I A Chris Comelius ,A .,k. 'D 3 W . if L ' Francisco Correa my .. A ' F I 3 Rudy Cortez X Diana Coulter W - , Derrick Crawford r - ' Kathryn Crowley tg d ii 1 at ' Kristina Daniels A f I "' Armando Davila el 1 A .., . Angela Davis 9 .. X ii X .tt,ttt K t t,,l , B9ftfaf1.d,DQXiS t C at R t Q-kQQV1lPgXilS,i' ' gi' N A "TQ QQ.. ,, .t Ericka Davis K I "' U X," gt- W jeremy Davis " . .f r- . Q 7 C vi K R eteete 3 at Shenequa Dean Q X . 1 Z - 1 K Leone1De1arosa ' ' C lpn" if , A 'f 1 i Sandra Denman 5 ' f 43- A ft t -' Robert Dominguez ' ' A - -1 i"'- ' ' A g li S Clay Domstead g ,K A A , , V. Andretta Doss X , 2 V K v 1' ' Sonja Dotson A g -,.AA M 5 h ,, f 5, Michael Downum is f ' 2 V """""""Wf- IVA ,.. K . - ,! t Q- S 1 A Billy Duffey - - - X t., Sam Dugger 3,5 ' Michael Duncan ggfgg Shane Dundas L r Q' Q t, 3 a Iason Eaton Hassin Ebrahimi Patrick Echols Timothy Ehrenberger Tanisha Elliott Donald English Christina Epperson 146 Freshmen Stephen Ernesti Q rs . I X 55' A E i fi t I H 1 I L .FB - nk . 3, it Y xy 1 gil" N. Marvin Dawson contemplates his life as a freshman in lv McFarland's theater arts class. i at Q eg 1 Y , ox , F 1 t s ,.-is A W I ,,. . ,x r , rig f 'L .:- --22552 s if x H . ...-J' .S X fs n F 9 if Q, 1 gf. , Fla, IM if Fx A -r A . in ' 2 8 Miz . I tg, J 1 . may A. M , ' 3 ' V . , , Li, ,, y , , 5, r rirr W Ewa K l I """i if' V t 6 Ivy w gk? fm .1 Mi, I 4 .. wx., 95 E- f 1 'M 2 7 it 'ff we If 5 fi -f , ,W-fy I I t u 1 Vvyyy fx Earl ,, I, ,, v ,xiezw .v'15U', if t, .3nf 'hi' W arl Force is in no mood for a fire drill in Ms. opez s sixth period class. ' T9 all' By F 4, Q Abigail Escalona Stephen Escalona , 'anya Escobar Ronn ' Farmer Dona i ierguson a. an Few Keith Fields Warren Fields ,..l J Q Q L . N 1 gf, Randy Finley it t Iames Finney P W Tijuania Finney 5 Ierem Fishbeck Ro Flleming Kelyin Flower Carl Force . si: tu. . ix, is X 2 ' -.. ' in-...f . Yi W . X l t n.,. - w f ' ' -M' if ' K K aisle -at ga It .. ffl' ff? .M .vm I es: A L f K -1 -- X i X t T I I . .'.k S x t r . .fl F3 . Sharon Ford Tina Foster Felicia Fuller Mana Galaviz Tamara Gamino Rosa Garcia Karen Garrison Pamela Gatzke Fayralen Gibson Sean Gilles ie Kimberley odbey Daniel Goines Curfey Goldman Zulema Gonzalez Tina Gorman Kevin Green Darrell Griffin Van Griffin Robin Grimmett Sandra Gudino Rosario Guevara George Gutierrez Daphne Hall Kimberly Hall Tenequa Hall Iva Hamilton Darrel Hammond Ioyce Hand Tina Hare Tammy Harris Phillip Hart Ted Hart Antarian Hasty Monica Hawkins Suzie Hawkins Lakeisha Hayes Hazel Haynes Derren Head Andre Henderson Eric Henderson juan Hernandez Christopher Hewitt jennifer Hicks Benton Hodson Freshmen 147 148 Freshmen Cecil Hodson David Holden Cecia Holman Kim Hornsby Keithain Howard "',' My ' 'V , gy .Q .r X, Z: 2 A 11 ' if , , ,. ti. o g " a A . ,. Q f , M ' I L Hollie Hulsey 'fi V Ivan Ibanez , , V Michael Iglinsky A V ff , , Benjamin Ingram I 'Q - I I , few' G, V 5. nf Iacquelin Irvin V ffl- QEQVVJ W .2 ' , -y it Carla Iackson ' if LV ' , '1li ,- f Mffffuslafkson lai llloll elm ..,aa Miguel jackson - gn, l' i David Iakubiec V 1 Vff V Dedrick jenkins 5 ' A ' -V ' DetraI0h1'1sOn 4' I 1- 3 LV-' 1. A V L: i x .f Freedom johnson " ' QW? x sf' V Z l V F Lisalohnson , " X- 1 I , .6 I :, Robert Johnson ,, ,,,, , Li I ' VV V V I VV V 'Zak A Lag Tamikkilohnson -' if ,,,' ' ' Brand Iones , Charleys Jones L L 1 ,V A I john jones H t V ' A 4 an F Maryland Jones 2 QI! v " I Sonya Jones V Q x ', W' Todd Jones A, 1 , l'1 in gal L 5, Yatin Kapadia A H X , Ali Karim David Kearby V I Peter Kent ' . - ,di Q Cecilia Kerbow it I- VK in F . ' 2' Huey Kerry I ' A V' ' Q I 7 Eg Reginald Kimbro f ,l I A N Q V4 VV V V Iase Kinser ' ' a. V W. A ' I XX I my Kinser ris iie I , I Michael Kountz lllll llll " -i"" '-'i-f L' , ,l'. 2 ku ' Myli-s-sa Langford I ,E gi ' is ' V' Floyd Langston ,, 'V A V ' 1 ' 'V tsl-leycwerxseien' . I -I 55: ' if 'S ' V vt A ' 'l Edward Lanning ,V ' FV! -rig, ,, ,594 V- . , Ricardo Lara , . L me H AV, f - Cory Lemmon X' uf k " L' ' ,, 1 ,i ' 'F i ,M Terry Levels Anthon Lewis ' Feliciyai Lewis I Latorsha Lewis , Shanavy Lewis - ... V M lr Alfredo Limon W W, w I 'V Bryan Linton ' 1 Saronna Little ' - L , lrr 'ffQff,1'a 1: Chekobi Lockett il I' I W - V Harold Lockhart yr. ,Q V - 1, M 'V H P' Mark Lofton 1 'E' Vf "I George Lopez 7 VV ff V 1 1: . I I feae H I i't" 'tf' ' iil V Melissa Lopez ,T I 'fiitit' Sophia Lopez I ,, " ' f,Va.m.ellLott ,V ,," I , 5' ' Qlohn Lovan ,V , ' , N Q - l 'infra c' D' Nm Q F as , ' " 5 I ' lx VY! l lk Angela Lovejoy Kimberly Lowe Jason Lowry Ionathon Loy At freshman orientation, Alicia Askew and Lisa McCoy get thi first look at Spartan traditions. Champion meditates in Ms. McFarland's fifth period t E' 1 x x as T T -fs at i ,QQ-. C H., . - . ff. -- -fs N .. -e . -"- 2 . . l v' fm A 1 1, . z 4- x E , - '1 ww Q X cg M id L , X . C 'V at 1 " . f ' - V. ., K " Q0 ' A .1 :E v heater arts class. U X K 1 ' .. I I . M of 2 C I - X Q ' V l , Von Luckey T , ,s1... .. T C .L-:l.. .lt 11S. :LI 9 1 Q ..XW 5 11- C W,-T E T Shannon Macias Iacob Macon X 'Q , 3'5" : ,gil A 2 ' "N Pwr C if ni , T. A I M 5 Q' 1 ' 2 p 4. af, . 1 Q1 I ' K ' Q K . Q f N L L .. Vx "Y 'F .,,Ii. o a c' ' ,,, F 'F if wglil. o..,1o,. Q ." Patrick Madkins Saunia Magee Adrene Ma oy Iulissa Mancillas Francisco Marin Becky Marines Eddie Marsh Felicia Marshall Ieremy Martin Iulian Martin QA1fred Martmezlj CQ Kelly Martinez Sofia Martinez .., ,X o Massey Timothy Mathis jennifer May Lara McCann Tonya McCarver Lisa McCoy Brian McGriff Teresa McKinne Thomas Mcmullln james McShane Christopher Michels Cheena Middleton Torsha Minafee Kajuana Mitchell Shupon Mitchell Roberto Montalvo Larry Montgomery Christopher Moore William Moore james Morales Roel Moreno Veronica Moreno Marcus Morgan Iay',Moser7 ,, ff mmieMullenf Sonja 'TEry Chris Murp y Carrie Murry David Murry Pamela Nance Demerrick Nelson Freshmen 149 Veronica Phillips johnny Points Paul Pope Katina Potts Charles Powell Robert Provine Tonya Putman Tonya Raine , .Aloe Ramirez ,Qarnantha Ramsey In'rY1yRaEbefry Frazier Reed S f fy f I Sharonda Newton A A Neil Nicholas VV ' on a Norvell V M' b Ki "ng Mark Olvera 1' r 'W ' o,,, ,L . , :tt Tasha Orr C' ll' Ingrid ous W y C Lisa Owen j: V A ,t -V 735' ,gl A V Edmond Page 1 ' , 4. 'Q ,253 Z A C, Tomas Paiz 32 'Hey' 'f 5 J' C ' ' Jorge Paz I4 Q ' Q Robert Perez V' 9 ' M KA E Allan Perkins V F 77' at james Perry ,H -V - 2 Kevin Perry A. I "" V Michael Perry ' 'P 5 ' Patrice Pettigrew j ,ail fl l M Robert Petty - 9 C ' I , Q 'Z i a ., ' 5 'vii 5 , , ! Alfonzo Reeves Iorge, Reina L I5Qf!Q,B,'ilTl9f Patricia Reyes Antonia Reyna Karina Reyna Troy Richardson Sherita Rischer Christopher Robb Andrew Roberts Charles Roberts Clifford Roberts Philip Roberts Charlotte Robinson john Robinson Samuel Robinson 150 Freshmen P -li tu an ,Oz xg.:-1, I 173 ' N -Q f, X f , X' 1- 6 :" :'2tl1f s V ': " c x R i llil' C . I -C Tonia Echols avoids Mr. Blair, Mr. Espinosa, and Ms. Wormle ' ' when she doesn't have a pass. the M ements, t Q W 5 X -v ,Ek wx X at 3' 3 'Xt do '54 esquite game, Edward Lan ., R , . T f tg, , ning borrows io Rza-gilt j so X tae -t Y 7 X ,Q . it .. A , 1: ,.k. , . A K A 9 5 ,.,, sk. y E. ta A v five dollars from Roderick Tammi Robinson K . K' Alfredo Rodriguez gl jason Rogers Stuart Rollerson judy Romo Teresa Romo Michele Rosales Larunc-11 liqss Angela Ruelaisg Sharon Ruelg ,A . 5 leashTa'Rusk 'T I . 1 -i t r r 'fra it T -it SKS L' f ' . 'K T Vkkk K K .r:g:E:za.- T I I Q, 'K 5 Rb' .. V eeee if T o rig ,yi an 11 ix , . I K 'I i i"ll 5' S 3 V., - 135 g, , ,. - -A ee.. f h 'A 1 snag J e M I 'S ' EF? R 2 ae- of -if V , . 5- b yy Y S, 'X K tif if K . J 5 V ' eoell 1 iri' S 1. S iia 2 erra as t ,T K M K ef ' 5' ffifi W' - T 1 Q' . i"- sf- ggi , 4 K K 1 '-, ? 3 1 KL, ,.. I X V , . , , Lakiesha Russell Rob n Russell Trisllia Russell h rl adler Max Sadler Laura aenz Antonio Salazar Damon Samford Cheree Samuels Rudy Sanchez Martin Sanders Rgnalcwangefs ffravis Sanders' - oigfsimfeaf Sheri Schmidt 0 Tracie Scott Charles Shanz 'Q epherti fBarbara Shipi David Shu fz Timoth Shumaker Danna Siddall Michael Singleton Rachel Sisk ,EarL5lQlt9r1, as 5B Vickie Sloan Debra Smith Harlena Smith lohnn Smith Michelle Smith Teresa Smith Timothy Smith Michelle Solano Danata Soles losefa Solis Pablo Solis lohn Paul Songer Dalondris Spencer Vincent Spurling Vincent Starling Tony Stephens Dale Stevens Teresa Steward jennifer Stewart Kevin Stutts Patrice Sutton Freshmen 151 Reginal Thomas Winfred Thompkins Alfred Thompson Pat Thormer Waymon Tierney Maria Trejo Sylvia Trejo Ronnie Trent Concepcion Trevino Temby Tumer Mark Turnipseed Kimberly Utley Richard Utley Joe Valdez Tern Vega Ruth Velez Joyce Villalobos Michael Tuck Sharon Tulley Shalindra Tumer i Faith Tomlinson Ricardo Tanajara Emanual Targton Artez Tate Manual Tavarez Camelia Taylor , awww, www , ff f mm? :"2'f?s'ilfQ"i , ,, f 'gizj',,Qf.- ,,.,, ..,..............f ur I , ' TX if ,L . swf. nh' dh- 7' 152 Freshmen .uv At the freshman election assembly, Kim Godbey, Randy Finley, and Deedra Brown wait anxiously for their tum to be introduced i X . X W r Lori Villarreal . xv- john Wade Lawrence Wafford ,,,..-i ,ldy Brister and Melissa Wilkes make good use of their time in sixth period Blue acket study hall. 'F if . i ,,, if tw .Q 'Q Y f an XOQI f ff? , J LSHQ it C eiiiiii D E1 K bk la 1 1: i- . no L Il,eel to C , .V t I Q I ,f , . , as RSL-1 'gli A5 A it inf it C eleeee at gggg w x ., Q ' of .A ' ' '44 ' - ai --.,., ..,.. .. ,..,.,... s V,x.V, . i. xx K , k M9 tv w . . 'rx Q, 5 Marlon Walker Shajuana Walker Iacqelyn Wallace Wymon Wamsley Kimberly Ward Janice Washington ' jeremy Washington Kenneth Washington Micheal Washington Omar Washington Toni Washington 3 Fri 'Q Q x Marcus Watson . Mary Watson . ef . Ryan Watson r Y. Michael Weir Y Cynthia Wells Y 2 9- Larry Whatley C " ' 'X Q, I " Q . .. . l E f 5 Q, 'iffy we Q! , l 35 Sit t 15 an Y K :av S. H' D it isit 'rrtee a to C ,,:: - 1-. -C, stem." Qzffv- vs. -- ::.,,-:. ,. . .. kg X 5 k y t l C gyze ,r ' 9 , 1' an fu ,-1 - it U ' 1 T -1-, if X . .. . X ., i gr. -A 5 Y ,-. Qifg X W KX. as . 51 3 v' ' 1 Latisha Wheaton Aderiana Whitaker Bobby White Yolanda White 'r Craig Whitfield aj' Christo her Whitten Randy lizlier Tatanisha Wilbum Howard Wilkerson 6 Terry Wilkerson 'Melissa Wilkes ' cEEszffwi2rvv11-tai Chandra Williams Daphne Williams . .. I Darron Williams ,la Ieffery Williams Kenneth Williams Lisa Williams Marsha Williams A Monica Williams Terry Williams Tiffan Williams Timotii Williams Waver Williams Qtr -f. C 'fi -1 5 - . arf: Donald Wilson Larry Woodall Debra Woods Sharla Wright Christopher Yates james Yates Maria Ybarra f Q, ram, A x Tarita Young ull sg. Q x l X W 2 . ' -- Y Ci, ' C ,, ., , ' 'fi . gt' 1 'gig 1 , 5 U.-,i, Q. I 1. . ,tt,, gi , 3 . sr. --mm ,...... .. . , Freshmen 153 154 Faculty TEACHER Grading papers, making out lesson plans, attending meetingsi tutoring, and sponsoring clubs kept teachers busy. Teachers arrived early and stayed late to help students. New teachers felt relaxed and at home with the Spartans. Ms. Alex- ander said, 'II liked my rfirst year at Samuell. It was a lot better than elementary school." Ms. Gibbs said, V ---W --- K,-. , . .,-,ftt sr. ha ls. I 4 QW' Bruner, Ms. Marshalll and Ms. Gipson discuss the changes in first, fourtln and seventh period stu y if . "I felt like I was in heaven. I liked the positive atmosphere of the students and the teachers." " This year was a learning experience as well as a challenge," added Ms. Miller. s Veteran teachers alsohad positive feelings about teaching at Samuell. Ms. Dailey said, "I liked being one of the advisorsforl the yearbook. I felt like I learned right along with the students." Ms. Russell added, "Teaching was a challenge. I enjoyed it because there was a variety in what I did, and most of all, I enjoyed the students and helping the math club." On fifties day, relives the past. Ms. Serpas gets organized A ZW, 1, Ms. Betty Abbott Ms. Linda Adams Study Hall English, Varsity Cheerleading, Banner Team, Senior Pub Ms. Becky Anderson Deaf Education, English, Reading Ms. Ioyce Armstrong Homemaking, FHA Ms. Jolene Aicklen VOE, OEA Ms. Pam Arthur Calculus, Geometry, Student Council 'J ':,iff5ff'-me 4 J, 1 1 . , ,K f E 'M ha ,,G , -K , :Y , ..., 4 ? "K "' 4 ,U 1 QI? Y ! 4 A X 3 Ms. Iill Alexander Health, History, JV Cheerleading ff Ms. janet Asrat English Mr. Benny Allen Drafting, Architecture 'gs 'ww-9' E , Ms. Donna Allison Interpreter Ms. Gen Ballard Govemment, Cross Country, Swimming Ms. Retha Barrett CVAE English Mn Q ia 3 --1 req ""'-' Mr. joe Barziza Ms. Betty Bell lst Sergeant Henry Ms. Peggy Braden Ms. Susie Branch Algebra English, joumalism, Bivins EngljihaSenior Pigi Accounting, Business, The Sentinel , NHS ROTC v7'. 1 if " A X Tennis .N1'fi ewwft a, 5 12? QWJW, 3 Q ' W ff2MWMWf 4... W I V' I 155. 1, f r A Ms. Dorothy Brown Ms. Pat Brown Mr. james Bruner Ms. Cathy Butler Algebra, Pre-Calculus HECE, HERO A-G Counselor Correlative Language Arts asv ,v wr? Mr. jack Cannon Choir, IESTERSL Samuell Singers ,fd Mr. Iames Broussard Head Custodian, Building Engineer Mr. Heliodoro Cantu Plastics Ms. Gerry Carron Mr. joe Chappell Mr. Tony Chenevert Ms. Virginia Cobb Mr. Lester Coleman Mr. Marcus Coleman Reading Improvement, Physical Science Correlative Language Media Center Clerk Consumer Math Algebra Arts Speech Faculty 155 .. .a...N,.. ... ee ? - Q 1' sf "' 'K .3-PM 5 , Q: 1 - 'E k k 3 xg X 5. as ,wa XXV WH? f .Q ' ,,L, X. Qil. .... L V S ,,, we is 2 ,mir af ' Mr. Dave Crafton Woodshop, Girls' IV Volleyball, Girls' V Basketball Ms. Irene Dabney FOM, CCC wzafzug -- . ,':k , Q Yi Vl' 11 V'll Q CVCC Ms. Tracy Dailey Deaf Education, Reading, English, TORCH ,,.. fqf' 4 .af ,- 7 92 Ms. Vivian Daniels Typing Ms. Erma Evans CVAE Math, Algebra 156 Faculty Ms. Rosie Davila World History .. --f- asap, k Y 'lzfpz ,..' 5 Mr. Fred Fagan Deaf Education, Ceramics Ms.McDerrnott and Ms.Dailey "interpret" the freshman grades. 11 Mr. A. D. Davis Algebra Ms. Helen Davis Ms. Karen Dunbar Ms. Floy Epps Media Specialist Deaf Education, Math Principals Secretary ,......c, iiii an M we fx N555 5 Q A Q S , .... 1. N- as Sis 'EWWXWJE KX Ny X ,,, Z ,......,... it xiao a Q Y is ESM X 3 X Ms. Mary Fanner Mr. Lyndon Foster Ms. Lina Freeman Ms. Carolyn Fulton Homemaking, FHA Metal Shop, Power Special Education Media Specialist Mechanics 51 if Ms. jean Gambrell Ms. Darlene Garner Ms. Laura Gipson English, Blue jackets Instructional Aide Study Hall rx at Dr. Olan Hankins Physical Science, German, Latin Ms. jessie Hall English '77 Ms. Mary Hawkins Consumer Ed., Housing, FHA O' lin' I Ms. Susan Greer Interpreter Yr Ms. Robin Hill Deaf Education, Directed Studies, Biology, Health 5 N, to ' r it Ms. Darla jakubiec Ms. Cyndy jaremko Mr. jeff johnson Mr. Phillip jones Deaf Education, SUD Speech History, Baseball Physical Science '5an-Q--Q Q- md' ,,,,.,2f1 ' ..ff':" Q, Lamuell alumni, Mr. johnson, Ms. Serpas, Mr. Grounds, MY. PGSQUH, MT. Scott, Mr. Smith, Mr. Blair, fls. Aicklen, and Ms. Williams are honored at the homecoming assembly. W' .ws - v 5 i.--ik, ,4- Ms. Excell Croggs Mr. David Grounds English Biology, Football, Powerlifting -Q-, . .- -. 5- Q 1 D QR, L Ms. Lillian Hubbard Ms. Gwen Hughes Deaf Education Principal's Clerk Counselor .N 3 iw xi X Ms. Reva Kelley Ms. Audrey King Teachers Aide Ph-Z Counselor ii-vs 5, C7 'tr I f 'Eff-in . . 1 N , N '- qu - t X, I N355 x I-f X lx Ms. Beverly Long Ms. Dorrie Lopez School Community Deaf Education, Guidance Center Volleyball i Ms. Rita Lopez Ms. Debbie Phelps Special Education Lynd PE, Starlets Faculty 157 K x sgm QQ Q WX ss XX I R is was N HSN isp X it K s Q 4 E. X f . -l.. .. x i?"N'x X Ms. Mary Marshall Ms. Mary Kay Ms. Mary McDermott Ms. Mary McFarland Ms. Cheryl Miller Counselors' Secretary McCollum Deaf Education, US Theater Arts, Speech, Deaf Education, English, TORCH History Thespians Physical Science, English, Reading V5 ifr A 1 i. Mr. joe Miller Psychology, Sociology Boys' Soccer, Girls' Track GX, X X3 Q Xb k ss .N . i 'Da 2 T Ms. Tammy Miller Ms. Joyce Mitchell Mr. Mike Mitchell Ms. Ienell Neighbors Mr. H.A. Nicholson Ms. Carolyn Northcul English, Reading Teachers' Aide Deaf Education, Clinic Chemistry, Physics, Special Education Improvement Reading, English Physical Science Counselor .....a.,.:-'2+.X Ms. Beverly O'Pry Mr. Charles Osler Mr. Paul Pasqua Ms. Elaine Penix Ms. Laura Perez Mr. Melvin Peterson Physical Science Deaf Education, PE, Football Deaf Education, Assistant Principals' PE, Freshman Football Program Specialist Government, History Clerk eshman Basketball, ..s 1 ,..,,.. 158 Faculty il . J ,silk if Ms. Kim Piering Deaf Education, Directed Study Ms. Florence Pipkins Algebra he 7 'B '- ..... I X Ms. Nanci Pogoda Ms. Kristina Ray Ms.Gambre11 warns her third period English III class that weekly joumals will not be accepted late SUD, Girls' Soccer Special Education so t X . is 1 we h'Lh W is if A It ,N I ff, A t X ' . ,K A 1 'F f I S S S 1 ' . ' " Ms. Armstrong gives Reva Davis some tips on sewing her shirt. il' Z Z V5 v l Ms. Iudy Serpas Mr. Arvel Smith Ms. Connie Smith Ms. Linda Solomon Spanish, Blue jackets, PE, Football, Head Interpreter DRSD Diagnostician NHS Coach PM MCM X 'V' J Ms. Iuanita Reed French, French Club, ' 1 NHS V 'Y K J. Ms. Becky Robertson Art, Art Club Ms. Pat Russell Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Math Club Ms. Gayle Rhoads Spanish, Allied Youth 1 ,, - Ms. Sandy Rouse Interpreter g Mm Mr. Doug Scott Health, Basketball Mr. Iuan Sosa Spanish Club C111 Ms. Eddie Stafford English Ms. Bonnie Stratton Ms. Mary Sunderland Mr. Bob Sybert Mr. George Tallet Ms. Minnie Tenorio Ms. Ianet Thomas Distributive Education, Head Nurse Computer Math Deaf Education, VAC, Dean's Clerk Typing, Shorthand DECA Golf Faculty 159 ,',,,.,b I X I A Mr. Chester Mr. Earl Thompson Mr. Mike Thornton Thompson Intermediary US History, Developmental Center Interpreter Government gm V, 7' Y '7 7' L t I . Ms. Ianie Vega Ms. Mary Vines H-Pe Counselor Interpreter A ,f 5 Ms. Michelle Von Rabenau Interpreter 160 Faculty Ms. Mary Tobola I Ms. lane Trollinger Ms. Ellen Vanderslice SUD, Deaf Study Hall Deaf Education, Math Cheerleaders ,XALQX A Mr. Carl Wallace Mr. Bill Wartes Ms. Amalie Wheat Biology Band, Lab Band Interpreter "en, It . :I . I - mfs Ms. Ian Williams Ms. Sandra Williams Deaf Education, Special Education Theater Arts, Consumer Education ,as T7 Mr. Iohnnie Wilson Ms. Karen Withrow Algebra Interpreter 1191-HQa Ms. Brenda Yoder Cindy Davis receives some ideas for her Scarlet Letter project from Ms. Asrat in seventh period Engl III SUD ' I-IXIJL Mrs. Mary Sunderland. Q 2 Irs. Penland presents Nancy Garza with an "A" onor roll ribbon. Row: Mrs. Dalinda Zachar , Mrs. Ruthie Newell, Mrs. Brenda Penland, Mrs. Linda Busby, Mrs. Wallace. Row 2: Mrs. june liobinson, Mrs. Nina Smith, Mrs. Regina Reames, Mrs. Mildred Stone. 3: Mrs. Donna Brown, Mrs. Wynema Hamilton, Mrs. Donna Smith, Mrs. Barbara Carol, Mrs, lune Mrs. Joyce Hauerwas. Back Row: Mrs. Ruth Ann Barr, Mrs. Lana Thompson, Mrs. Emestine Mrs. Penland congratulates David Ford for making the "B" honor roll. PTA - more than an association Selling "windannas" during foot- ball season, selling popcorn after school, selling refreshments at the musical, Damn Yankees , furnishing a complete Thanksgiving dinner to a family from Samuell, and giving presents to needy children at Christmas, the PTA was very active this year. The PTA nominated the nurse, Mrs. Mary Sunderland, for the Apple of the Month award which she won over all the nurses in the district. In April, they held teacher apprecia- tion activities. The program, planned by the pro- gram chairperson, Mrs. Nina Smith, involved more student and parent participation. Mrs. Retha Wallace said, "The PTA programs were ex- citing and varied. I joined PTA to help my daughter. Samuell had a fantastic PTA." The PTA received an Increased Membership award from the state by increasing their membership by ten percent. The president, Mrs. Brenda Penland, received the Life Member- ship award for her dedication and service. Mrs. Penland said, "I was very pleased to receive the Life Membership. Serving as president of PTA for the past two years has been a pleasure. I graduated from Samuell in 1958 so it meant even more to me. It was a gratifying experience." The PTA was also involved in senior activities. They sponsored the senior luncheon which was held at the Anatares at Reunion Tower on june Znd. They also sponsored the senior picnic which was held at the Cedar Canyon Dude Ranch on june 3rd, and they planned baccalaureate. Mrs. Wynema Hamilton said, "PTA was concerned with helping students learn and enjoy their high school years. I benefitted from PTA because I was involved in making decisions that helped students." Ms. McCollum add- ed, "It was nice to be a part of the PTA and to have the support of the parents. That involvement made the difference." PTA 161 LETTER FROM THE PRINCIPAL: The school year 1986-1987 has brought more notoriety and success to the Spar- tans through academic achievement and effort toward success. Our enrollment has been on the increase for the past three years, which brought many new members to our student body as well as our community. This was a challenge to all of us who have the Spartan Spirit to make sure we spread that spirit of unity, loyalty, and tradition throughout our school. Everybody was truly somebody at W. W. Samuell. What an honor to be a part of it. Let's hold on to it by making sure everyone is a part of it! Thank you Spartans for your support and encouragement. You are the BEST. May you know every success and much happiness. TO THE TORCH STAFF: What a new exciting year! Imagine a computer to help with the TORCH . You can really turn out the pages now, right? Thank you for your quality of work as well as the quantity. Ms. McCollum con- tinues to maintain the highest of standards. These standards of excellence con- tinue to set the pace toward individual and school success. Your hard work, leadership, and support of the total school program is ap- preciated and recognized. Thank you TORCH Staff-1987 Sincerely, 2"-rf-'Mfr jim Hughey Principal Dr. Hughey and Mr. Blair look over the February calendar. 162 Principals DW 9914040 W mm Dr. james Hughey Ms. Becky Robertson and Dr. Hughey enjoy th Spruce game. Mr. Blair and I. B. Poullard watch the Spartan struggle against the Bears. I aw . ,or N Tc J qfrtlb'-I JL Mcifdi I I i Mr. Charles Blair Mr. Ice Espinosa the Success Assembly, Ms. Wormley introduces ott West. f-A Mr. Espinosa, Ms. Wormley, and Mr. Blair, the frowns disappear and the smiles appear at 4:00 pm. Ms. Christine Wormley Mr. Espinosa tells his wife what he wants for dinner. Encouraging success Enthusiastic, hard working, and positive, the principals set the pace. The student body and faculty were united through their leadership. Time on task was the major emphasis. In another year of change, Dr. Hughey actively provided leadership and minimized stressful situations. Dr. Hughey said, "It was a fast year and a real, real fine year. A lot hap- pened, but everything settled down, and the students adjusted. The students had a positive attitude. Each six weeks we had fewer students fail- ing a course. We made progress." Dr. Hughey had three assistants. Mr. Blair, in his second year at Samuell, stated, "I have had an ex- cellent year. The students were polite, courteous, and they didn't argue. I didn't hear profanity in the halls." Mr. Espinosa, who came to Samuell from Kimball, was only here a short time. In February, Mr. Espinosa went to Boude Storey and was replaced by a forrner Samuell assistant principal, Mr. jones. Ms. Wormley, the Dean of Instruc- tion, was also new to Samuell. Ms. Wormley, who came from California, said, 'tThis year was a learning ex- perience for me. DISD was a much different and much larger district than from where I came. The students, however, were the same. I am a stu- dent oriented person, and I kept the students' needs up front. I devoted my time catering to their needs." Principals 163 In dedication to Ms. Christine Wormley and Mr. H. A. Nicholson Ms. Christine Wormley and Mr. H. A. Nicholson were selected by the senior class and the TORCH staff as the dedicatees of the 1987 TORCH. Ms. Wormley came to Samuell in September of 1986, as Dean of In- struction. It was some of the little things she did, such as a thought for the day, her pep talks, and the small rewards that made her special to the students. LaTracy Thomas said, "Everything she did was for the students. That made me feel good that someone cared." Ms. McCollum add- ed, "From the first day of school, it was evident Ms. Wormley was en- thusiastic and was going to get involv- ed. She was an asset to Samuell." Ms. Wormley attended many extra-curricular activities. She was seen at football games, basketball games, and other sporting events as well as at dances and theater produc- tions. Ms. Wormley could be found in the halls or in the classroom checking to see if students were spending time on task. Dottie Bellah said, "Ms. Wormley always had a smile on her face and a kind word." Mr. Nicholson came to Samuell in 1959. He taught physics, chemistry, and physical science. Michael Rogers said, "I had Mr. Nicholson for physics. I wouldn't have taken a fourth year of science if it had not been for him." Mr. Nicholson's dedication as a teacher was evident. He arrived at seven in the morning and was at school until six or later helping students, setting up experiments, grading papers, and planning lessons. Ms. Opry said, "Mr, Nicholson spent many hours working with students. When many teachers were studying for the TECAT, Mr. Nicholson said his students were more important, and he would take it again if he had to, but he wouldn't spend time he needed to devote to his students to study for himself." Mr. Crafton add- ed, "Mr. Nicholson was one of the most dedicated teachers in the DISD. He was an outstanding person." Monica Hamilton said, "He was quiet, but his presence was immediately felt." Ms. Wormley and Mr. Nicholson were respected and liked by students and faculty. Their dedication, en- couragement, perseverence, and friendship made them worthy reci- pients of the dedication. Mitch Rogers asks Mr. Nicholson to explain h the umbrella works. Mr. Nicholson stays after school to grade pap for his chemistry classes. P " Ms Wormley checks attendance to see who will be the lucky Ms. Christine Wormley Mr. Herbert Nicholson twenty five dollar winner. 164 Dedication r 2 Mr. Nicholson and Ms. Wormley discuss the science scores on the STEELS test. At the fair, Renee Skidmore, Christie jenkins, Lisa Hall, Stephanie Beers, David Current and Shawn Webb isten to one of Mr. Nicholson's lectures, but this time it's about automobiles instead of chemistry. f l Q, , . X TX' -iff. .. ,sri saii. W 3-1 i so zifgqrrxzsisw,-...X-1r"M "L, Lili- s X rf. ,. K 5 1, Ms. Wormley and Benetta Gaston look at the literary display for Black History Month. Dedication 165 Q X n .. O95 . we . A - ., A . O 4 e ee O Q A-We A 1 :1sfff?1nnuh ' At the Bryan Adams game, Blue jackets Pee Wee Herman to "Tequila" ORGANIZATIONS 166 Organizations igrid Otis plays "I'm Your Man" at the Woodrow Jilson game. Becoming involved in activities at the chool was a top priority for many tudents at Samuell. It was a way to how spirit and ability. April King said, 'I was a IV cheerleader, and, then, I iecame a Starlet. I made a lot of good 'ends in drill. We worked hard, but it aid off." "Being on The Sentinel staff was a Ihrill. It got rough at times, but :verything always worked out," said Pasha Stinson. Spartans felt a need to aelong and these clubs filled that need. In Damn Yankees , Lola fSherri Waffordj tells Ioe QShawn Webby that she has joined his fan club. Terri Vega added, "I liked being in Blue Jackets. It gave me a chance to meet new people and show my school spirit." Through these organizations, Spartans could show off their talents and abilities. Kevan Ferguson said, "I loved playing the drums, and band has given me the chance to play in front of a lot of peo- ple." Shawn Webb added, "Choir and IESTERS! were very important to me. l've always enjoyed singing, and choir has given me many opportunities to display my talent." In student council, Roger Finley "tries on" his cage the wildcats shirt. Organizations I67 More than just an honor One of the highest honors a student could receive was to' become a member of the National Honor Society. Leader- ship, scholarship, character, and service were four qualities held in high esteem by the society. Iason Penland said, "Be- ing inducted into the National Honor Society was a thrill, but being elected president was an even greater honor." The induction of new members was held on March 5th at 7:00 pm in the auditorium. Iris Steward said, "Becom- ing a member of NHS was very special to me. It was something I will remember for the rest of my life." Amy Smelser said, "I was so surprised! I kept thinking to myself about how happy and proud my mom would be." Part of the society's responsibility was to publish the student directory and help with preparations for graduation. "NHS was an honor I was happy to receive, and I was glad I was able to participate to the fullest extent. Helping at gradua- tion was a lot of fun," said Mitchell Rogers. if is ' f - J At an after school meeting, Lori Zachary impatiently for the discussion, about who do what at the installation ceremony, to end. ,av- I I A l Jason Penland Russell Ansley john White Monica Hamilton Mitchell Rogers ,, 8521? Sglmgt "' President ""' Vice President "' Secretary "' Treasurer " Reporter Chgrmgric Cry ,- ,I . 1' -. an 4mm '1 President Iason Penland and Ms. Serpas bring the NHS meeting to order so they can discuss directory sales. 168 NHS I . . Front Row: Marcella Smith, Tracie Hampton, Robin Klimpel, Lori Zachary, Kathleen Slaven, ' Loeb. Row 2: Craig Blair, Albert Paredes, Hubert Reese, Gloria Flakes, Cecilia Guerra, Hector Max Taub, Karlan Shuller. Back Row: Lori Hoppert, Bill Hasty, Allen Christian, Robert Davis, Otubu, Cary Blair, Brian Hauervvas, Amy Smelser, Earl McGibboney. . Wormley hands Katie Karlen her member- p card and congratulates her. W 3 ' v Robert Bailey ' Dottie Bellah " Carl Campbell ' Tashun Creag Cristal Miles ' iii bg . 1 Kte a .w e 1 S . eee w .. . t-,' X C ' 2 Crissy Ortiz "' Curtis Pena ' Michelle Pierson ' Michael Rogers ' Iris Steward "' Glenn Stone ' Angela Sudkamp ' Dee Wedgeworth "' Floyce Whitehead " Michelle Wilson " SE VA Mg On February the 18th, after a long day of shool, Ms, Bell and Ms. Reed are ready for the NHS meeting to be over so they can go home. NHS 169 X J 6 I 'Q as n'sv 1l Q F' 'viii Bailey and Lance Phillips look over the at the student council meeting. Leaders in action Members of the student council were the leaders of the school. These students were respected and looked up to by their peers. "I was very pro- ud to be elected as a member of stu- dent council. Since I was elected by other students, I felt it was my respon- sibility to look out for their best in- terest," said Shawn Webb. Many of the dances were sponsored by the stu- dent council. They sponsored the Back-to-School Bash held in September, the Homecoming Dance held in October, the Valentine Dance held in February, and the Spring Dance held in April. Their service activities included a canned good drive in December, an adopt-a-family activity at Christmas, and the blood drive in April. Dottie Bellah said, "It made me feel good tin White, Cynthia Espinoza, Ioann Tabaniag, and Monica Hamilton call the September meeting to der. ieila Arrington and Jeff Cox wait patiently for the :tober meeting to start. S., Russell Ansley and Shawn Webb identify a pic- ture forthe student council pages. that the students at Samuell wanted to help people in need." Being a part of student council was an honor, but also a lot of hard work. julie Cranberry said, "I wanted to join student council because it gave me opportunities to help our school and our community." "I was very proud of the council this year. We achieved many of our goals, and we worked closely together. I really enjoyed mak- ing banners and posters during fourth period," said john White. The sponsor of student council was Ms. Arthur. She stated, "I have been very proud of this year's council. They tried to initiate new ideas. Because of their initiative, we have participated in more activities and won a state award for service." During Homecoming week on camouflage day, Danny Dominguez comes prepared and gets his points in student council. Student Council 171 Reva Davis smiles over the student council's SMILE award received from TASC. ' fur S Khristina Lefils works on the teacher of the month ballots. Sophomore Class: Front Row- Stacey Yates, Kristy Cobb, Lori Sandlin. Row 2- Maryann Tabaniag, julie Cranberry, LaShun Hall, Derilyn Bolton. Back Row-Jeff Cox, Elisa Thompson, Tonya Vail, Craig Stout, Sheila Arrington. 172 Student Council Qt 11 43 S E Q Q Roger Finley,Claudia Davila, and Khristina Lefils contemplate on whether to wear stripes or dots on Cag the Cougars Day. . .- -'W fe 1, fr , , awe.. C ffiiskaai 1 Freshman Class: Karen Garrison, Randy Finle Tamara Camino, Deedra Brown, Temby Turner. Monica Hamilton and Cynthia Espinoza listen to suggestions for the Valentine Dance theme. nior Class: Front Row- Khristina Lefils, Lori xchary, Laura Loeb. Row 2-Carlette Armstrong, nshunda Rayson, Pam Davis, Buck Row- Bill Has- , Cheles Rhynes, Lori Hoppert, Claudia Davila. Craig Iones, Brian jones, Lance Phillips, and Sheila Arrington plan for the upcoming blood drive. Karen Garrison waits patiently to give her speech during freshmen elections. ,ffm I ,AA4 Z7 At PTA open house, john White and loann Tabaniag discuss "after PTA plans" while showing what student council has to offer. v E. W - . yss..1,s, ...A f 1 '- ' SHE: sf ix s Ei - . new if -sk ' F' 'X 24:35 W, . X no K f 'li it ,rf X i sig' 1 . ' 3 1 3' .' " 7 x l 2 V N v. X i. Ms. Arthur, Ms. Bell, Ms, Serpas, and Officer Carol wait for the Back-to-School Bash to begin. Stacey Yates delivers Valagrams to Ms. Asrat's fourth period. X 3 ox.. Senior Class: Front Row- Craig jones, Carl Campbell, Robert Bailey, Keidra Moore, Crissy Ortiz. Row 2- Dottie Bellah, Terry Carol, Floyce Whitehead, Arthur Williams. Buck Row- Russell Ansley, Danny Dominguez, Lance Phillips, Roger Finley, Shawn Webb. ' Student Council 173 V W Lori Zachary explains the Halloween sack teacher appreciation project. On PTA organization night, Crissy Ortiz and Iohn White "dip" to the music. Monica Hamilton discusses the April 7th schedule for student council elections. Ya 4 During fourth period, Ioann Tabaniag and Cyntl Danny Dominguez presents the student coun float at the Homecoming assembly. , , X, , , E, , , 4 4 5 5 1 I , ax , .gr Student Council: Front Row- Ms. Arthur, John White, Monica Hamilton, Cynthia Espinoza, Joann Tabaniag. Row 2- Carlette Armstrong, Lashunda Rayson, Laura Loeb, Ter by Turner, Tamara Camino, Karen Garrison, Lori Sandlin, Lori Zachary, Carl Campbell, Kristy Cobb, Stacey Yates, Khristina Lefils, Maryann Tabaniag, Tonya Click, Cra Jones. Row 3- Michael Bailey, Craig Stout, Dottie Bellah, Sheila Arrington, Pam Davis, Keidra Moore, Deedra Brown, Randy Finley, Robert Bailey, julie Cranberry, Crissy C tiz, Tonya Vail, Claudia Davila, Terry Carol, jeff Cox, Derilyn Bolton. Back Row- Danny Dominguez, Reva Davis, Lori l-loppert, Floyce Whitehead, Elisa Thompson, Russ. Ansley, David Ford, Shawn Webb, Roger Finley, Lance Phillips, Bill Hasty, Ron Chaney, Cheles Rhynes, Arthur Williams, Bnan Iones. 174 Student Council if E I li ' s X . r Ji i s I , I- lg- ,Q I .57 Y' 'In t x Russell Ansley changes the marque to keep it up to date. ' I 7:45, president john White rushes to make it on me to the student council meeting. ! ' 3 - ug.: , 'z ,ff 'sa was Student body officers are treasurer Ioann Tabaniag, vice-president Monica Hamilton, president john White, secretary Cynthia Espinoza, and sponsor Ms. Arthur. Dottie Bellah heads to t the Valentine Dance. Danny Dominguez, Kristy Cobb Carl Campbell Lori Zachary, Tommy Courson Craig Iones and Robert Bailey have fun at Six Flags during Project Graduation AY surpasses with pass "just say no" was a phrase used by many allied youth members. Educating their peers and middle school students about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse was their main goal. jason Penland said, "Being a part of allied youth was rewarding because we had the chance to help young people make decisions that will affect their entire lives." Allied youth members were involv- ed in a training session in November. In December members went to Florence and in February to Hood to discuss the affects of alcohol and drug abuse with groups in science classes. Monica Hamilton said,"I enjoyed go- ing to Florence. lt was really an eye- opening experience. I couldn't believe some of the stories they told about how drugs and alcohol affected their lives." Allied youth members worked in cooperation with the newly estab- lished Pupil Assistance Support Systems led by Dr. Suggs and Ms. Choice. Members attended a workshop on drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancy, and peer pressure. julie Granberry said, "The workshop was interesting and informative. It gave me confidence and made me think." Ms. Rhoads and Ms. Sunderland sponsored allied youth. PIM wwf m flu-W, On organization night after the October P' meeting, jason Penland represents allied youth. 1' 5 K A 5 'f 4 K A ,aw I . Front Row: Roger Finley, Ray Hulse. Row 2: Sharla jones, Karol Kilgore, Michelle Kirksey, Maryann Tabaniag, Robin Klimpel, Laura Woody, Crissy Ort Crystal Miles, Stefanie Smith, Kathleen Slaven. Row 3: Ms. Rhoads, Kristy Cobb, joann Tabaniag, Max Taub, Marcella Smith, Tracie Hampton, Keithia Broilf Donise Wood, Katie Karlen, Lucy Chang, julie Granberry, Lorriane Rodriguez, Sherri Wafford, Annette Garcia, I.ori Guerra. Row 4: Ms. Sunderland, Eli Thompson, Kristi Vaden, Earl McGibboney, Glenn Stone, Christian Young, Deborah Wood, Rhonda Finley, Robert Bailey, Amber Henderson, Cynthia Espinoz Wesley Cox, Terry Carol. Back Row: Lori Hoppert, jason Penland, Mitch Rogers, Bill Hasty, Mark Busby, john White, Shaynor Newsome, jeff Cox, Tomn Courson, Monica Hamilton, Michael jones. 176 Allied Youth sf. asf?- -fg id I Russell Ansley, Cynthia Espinoza, and Roger Finley enjoy the fine food at the Loews Anatole, A IS. 'Q open house, allied youth members gossip r PASS presentation. before l M, ,,,, H f ,pw lrv Dr. Suggs and Ms. Choice discuss the PASS program at the October PTA meeting. NDI IU EXCEEH Bllllll PERSONS ' us ima mon t 923-ff' Roger Finley and Robert Bailey listen attentively while Ms. Rhoads discusses the trip to Florence. 4 I f In an allied youth meeting, Bill Hasty approves of peer counseling for drug users. L . I 4 5 we 'Q , r -U ' Mn Keithia Broiles, Tracie Hampton, Bill Hasty, and Stefanie Smith vote to go to Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner. QQWYV' f 1 David Ford quickly gathers his homework before rushing off to an afternoon meeting. Allied Youth 177 More than spirit Practicing every morning at 7:40 continuing through first period, mastering pom-pon routines, perfec- ting cheers, painting a Spartan run- through each week - these were just a few of the duties that occupied the time of the varsity cheerleaders, ban- ner team, and Spartan Image. Shaynor Newsome said, "It has been fun. I have made some long lasting friendships." The seven cheerleaders and their sponsor, Ms. Adams, attended NCA Cheerleading camp at SMU in August. They received four blue rib- bons, one red ribbon, and the Spirit Stick. Ms. Adams said, "At camp, the cheerleaders worked well together and they improved more than any other squad I have had." Cindy Aynes said, "It was a new and ex- citing experience, and we learned a lot about each other," Billy Robinson ad- ded, "Camp was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it because we learned a lot." Varsity cheerleaders, the banner team, and the Spartan Image attended all major varsity sporting events and other minor sporting events. Tommy Courson said, "I liked the football games best. I liked being close to the field and seeing the plays." Iohn White said, "I liked the basketball games because we were able to ex- perience the winning feeling." They also performed at seven pep assemblies. Brenda Billings said, "Per- forming at the pep assemblies was fun because it promoted school spirit." Sandy Staab lets everyone know now Spartan From Samuell High at the Skvline Varsity Cheerleaders and Banner Team: Front Row- Lisa Braswell, Cindy Aynes, Brenda Billings, LeQuisa johnson, Sandy Staab, Bark Row- I.or ' Rodriguez, Shaynor Newsome, Robert Bailey, Billy Robinson, Lance Phillips, john White, jason Penland, Tommy Courson. 178 CheerleadersfBanner Team Braswell wonders if the second halt' of the Varsity cheerleaders and banner team watch the Skylites perform before the game. A, I ,T use " s . i ,, Robert Bailey finds out there is another basket- Ms. Adams gives Lisa Braswell and Sandy game will be better than the first ball game on Friday. Staab instructions before a pep assembly. 3 I than i' fl N-A , f4!'1f'f Varsity cheerleaders have plenty of Spirit at the Bryan Adams game. Spartan Image Lance Phillips Cheerleadersfllanner Team 179 Lisa Braswell and Brenda Billings discuss Sandy's whereabouts during the SOC game. ii! YZ, 1- The cheerleaders and banner team hold up the Spartan lm- age at the Woodrow game. A 5 5 AP' me T e pf 1 fr ' if 1 . 1 3,-3-"nfl su gf. 9. M17 Tommy Courson and Iohn White take their usual seats for another one of "those" games. 180 Chet-rlvadvrsfBannm-r Tm-am NN N, m7NWM.M"m+ 1,55 5 itii. . aratat , L. lg W... ' ,ell .. "Nr A W'tt ffff , t,,,,, ig ,Y ' rrtr , ,.. I 2 E ? Y 5 Q Banner Team: jason Penland, Lance Phillips, john White, Tommy Courson, Lorraine Rodriguez, Shay: Newsome. Banner Team Banner Team Shaynor Newsome Lorraine Rodriguez 1 E ., . N33 H. ,. l ' 4, k ' nce Phillips looks for his "latest" girlfriend in estands, w Varsity cheerleaders and banner team Pee Wee to "Tequila" at the Woodrow game. 'X ly Robinson, Robert Bailey, Lance Phillips, Tom- f Courson, Shaynor Newsome, and john White ly in the rain at the North Mesquite ganie. " ' 1.1 2 i..-'A . . h NI. I, - Banner Team john White Banner Team jason Penland i K , L ill., Robert Bailey and jason Penland try to stay in Banner Team the lines as they paint the banner. Tommy Courson CheerleadersfBanner Team 181 During open house LeQu1sa johnson Sandy Staab and Lorrame Rodrlguez assure john Whxte he made good declsxon - '-I 'i Varsity Cheerleaders Brenda Brllmgs Sandy Staab Robert Balley LeQu1sajohnson Brlly Robmson Lxs Braswell Clndyfxynes A r. "fel fv- sf i, .. QTIQV 7 ii ' v ,, ,. 1-. , S .Q it ' 'Bl' the SOC game, Billy Robinson waits for the LeQuisa johnson "holds that line" against the d to finish playing before starting a cheer. South Garland Colonels. ,,, EA? , At the Woodrow game, the varsity cheerleaders get the fans' attention. W Cheerleader Cindy Aynes Lorraine Rodriguez, john White, and Tommy Courson watch the Spartans chalk another one up in the loss column. Cheerleader Billy Robinson CheerleadersfBanner Team l 83 184 Starlets ,xl .,.,-4 ' 44 Lt-111 new xv C .- ----o--...g-dlf i 1986-1987 Starlets As good as the best The Starlets spent a good part of the summer dancing, kicking, marching, and surviving the heat. The drill at- tended camp at SMU in june. "1 look- ed forward to drill camp because that was when we really got to know each other," said Crissy Ortiz. The hard work paid off for the Starlets. The team won the Sweepstakes award which was ac- quired by receiving a first division rating in the three categories of home routine, marching, and a routine learned at camp. Cristal Miles said, "I was glad that we won Sweepstakes my senior year. It made camp very special." A total of 75 ribbons were won by individual members for outstanding achievement in dancing and mar- ching. Upon receiving a plaque for outstanding marching, Missi Braswell said, "I didn't expect to win because I was having too much fun." The officers also attended camp in june and received a first division rating. Captain Monica Hamilton was chosen as a member of Who's Who in American Drill Teams. Monica Hamilton said, "Receiving Who's Who was a great honor. It was ex- citing performing at the Maverick game, shopping at the West End Market Place, and going to South Fork." All of this was in preparation for the coming year. The Starlets kept up the good work during summer prac- tice, football season, competitions, and the spring show. Stefanie Smith said, "Being in drill has taught me responsibility and values." 1 l l At Razz-Ma-Tazz dress rehearsal, C Espinoza gets a helping hand from Hamilton while Marcella Smith watches. X. .' '1 , t :cy ,Q 5 x .' -1 .iz 1 , 'r J f 1 sp S, li 3 '? I I 5, U S. ' lf, 1' xi, JNQN , ' . ' v f" ,.,f :gf 1. f ' 'f at . Ms. Debbie Lynd Director 'Hull ' X. it Wk, , H an . 5 W w 3 nh i 'I l ft W Hxlm Q kit X 3 n lfxs ., S t the BA game,Iris Steward flips over "Durango" Starlet Officers: Monica Ha Monica Hamilton Cynthia Espinoza Captain lst Sr. Lieutenant milton, Cynthia Espinoza, Marcella Smith. Rain doesn't stop Tracie Hampton, Stefanie Smith, and Keithia Broiles from enjoying the Mesquite game. Starlets 185 4084. rv: 'QW sn :si A f , isle s ,Nik WWE' Missi Braswell Annette Garcia April King Cristal Miles Ms. Lynd thinks that some of those Starlets won't see the field next week. ,AM - Joann Tabaniag, Sherri Wafford, Crissy Ortiz, and Lisa McElhaney tries to entertain Mr. Wartes and the band at the Spruce game. Sheila Arrington perfect "Off the Line" at morning field practice. 186 Starlets tim. .- X' JI V V no .rs-L K A 4 ' , ' Crissy Ortiz Michelle Pierson Iris Steward - A ',..m,-fe: ,QV A f f 1'-.. .mums ,, M.. ,.,..,. ,,,., ,I ,. , --M-enema V- ,,......---- Tracie Hampton, Ms. Lynd, Dottie Bellah, and Yolanda Lrear contemplate the Starlets' halftime performance at the South Garland game. The Starlets melt 1nl0 the ending pose of "Burning Heart" at the North Mesquite game. . M.. , 'nw he , if 121+-5 -4.2 .V-Q .pant ,si Floyce Whitehead , ,, , -,.......r.a1 innwasaw.unv4q.u.,v.fe. --,, ,,.. ..t....,.A an ln 'nl' Liv' ,Z X. , 5 f ' l I S 1 : lift: " 4 Michelle Pierson, Floyce Whitehead, Amy Smelser, and Elisa Thompson are disappointed at the outcome of the Homecoming game, Starlets 187 Amy Smelser, Lori Zachary, and April King try to escape from working in the concession stand at the Fair. Sherri Wafford marches off the field to "SP" at the Roosevelt game. 188 Starlets H Q. l ls I g ,,, ll ' M32 l WTF -' l l at JF Q 1 ' , '5 7'f ' f'-fY?" 1rfL 5 - R s 1"- -, . . - , b AM4k.5lQf fr Q... an WM, Seniors: April King, Michelle Pierson, Missi Braswell, Cristal Miles, Monica Hamilton, Crissy Ortiz, Cyr thia Espinoza, Iris Steward, Annette Garcia, and Floyce Whitehead. l , Q-it l ' 1 l . . V, px 41. A .-.pl Councilz Monica Hamilton, Missi Braswell, Ms. Debbie Lynd, Cynthia Espinoza, Cristal Miles, Michelf Pierson, Floyce Whitehead, Dottie Bellah, April King, Marcella Smith, and Crissy Ortiz. M . ,,...,sx-"" i Charee jones gets in beginning position for practice at the field. Missi Braswell keeps the Spartan spirit at Skyline game. l l l X i i Q- . . f Q is-1 . X 5 v 'S 22 Q if 9' T- ' ,tb Stefanie Smith, Cindy Davis, Lori Zachary, Marcella Smith, Robin Klimpel, Joann Tabaniag, and Ms. Lynd and Monica Hamilton enjoy the Smelser. Who's WhofAll American performance. C I-w,,,,, Miles, Robin Klimpel, and Dona Magee Sophomores: Sheila Arrington, Angela McGraw, Kristy Cobb, Elisa Thompson, Jana Rener, Dona at Homecoming with a cape routine. Magee, Lisa McElhaney, and Charee jones. Managers: Keithia Broiles, Tracie Hampton, Dottie Bellah, and Yolanda Crear. Starlets 189 Blue Jackets add spirit Hands clapping, feet stomping, pom- pons waving, and voices yelling, the ninety-five Blue Jackets were visible at every football game. Blue Jackets chose a football player of the week, made posters, and decorated the halls at Homecoming. The sponsors of the Blue Jackets were Ms. Jean Gambrell and Ms. Judy Serpas. Blue Jackets met every day sixth period during the fall semester. Ms. Cwambrell said, "lt was a different year. We had some girls not serious about the organization, but the group as a whole was very enjoyable to work with. I will Officers: Front Row- Jennifer Jolley, Lori Sandlin. Buck Row- Cecilia Guerra, Lori Hoppert, Tonya Click. 190 Blue Jackets miss them." Ms. Serpas said, "As a whole, Blue Jackets were a fun, worth- while organization. It was a shame that a few members brought down the morale and reputation of the entire group. Most of the girls were very cooperative and fun to work with." This year the officers were president - Lori Hoppert, secretary- Tonya Click, treasurer - Lori Sandlin, and reporter - Cecilia Guerra. Lori Hoppert said, "The Blue Jackets this year were a fun and exciting group. This year's members were very cooperative and energetic, and it was a learning experience." i l i Sponsors: Ms. Judy Serpas, Ms. Jean Gambrell. I f 4 ff? 4 ef s J A., X y t E - f Eff . If 35 . ft ffm fc g H At the Homecoming assembly, Blue Jacket of th Week, Lisa Ramirez gets a hug from Jennifer Jolley I, Q- 3 Q 1 ,,,.,.. ,i.t if 3 L . ' gm-.: i il f Ykl - 1 'Q-ii--ff sl J - J .. r - eir .4 " 5-ff e e J I gi' f 1 W' AA,' K, 5 ' X .-vraemmamlivlwl A I I Mm. , ..,. .,...a...,,N...v-f' .W W ,,.., ,,,,,,,,..,.,, . , W if - Q A ..,. .,, .,., Blue Jackets show their spirit at the Homecoming game. t E' T. 5 5 Jw F: Front Row- Terri McAnally, jennifer Hicks, Alice Medina. Row 2- Lori llarreal, Sharon Ford. Back Row- Sonja Dotson, Angela Barton, Felicia lrton rw H: Front Row- Cheena Middleton, Toni Boland. Back Row-Tonya Mc- nrver, Melissa Wilkes, Debra Woods. nw E: Front Row- Sandra Denman. Row 2 - Faith imlinson, Rachel Sisk, Nicole Blaylock. Row 3 - iy Brister, Pamela Catzke. Back Row- Marla lman, jennifer Stewart, Angela Lovejoy. W , V 12, 1 Row C: Front Row- Lisa Ramirez, Row 2 - Zulema Gonzalez, Terri Vega. Back Rau' - lennifer May, Aderiana Whitaker, Patrice Shepherd. Row D: Front Row- Carrie Murry, Lisa McCoy, Deanie Ai-redondo. Row 2- Dawn Davis, Tina Bradley. Buck Row- Deedra Brown, Alicia Askew, Kristie Broiles. l 5 i Z 4 Z, Row G: Front Row- Danna Siddall. Row 2 - Cynthia Wallace. Row 3- Daphne Williams, Katina Potts. Back Row-Samantha Ramsey, Sonya jones, Tonia Echols. Row A: Front Row- Darketsha Cochran. Row 2 - Monica Williams, Ronda Day, Tracie Scott. Row 3 - Alicia Chambers, Shalindra Turner. Buck Row - Tiffany Williams, Tijuania Finney, Shupon Mitchell. Blue jackets 191 ,Q jg E l at Row I: Front Row- Doris Cook. Row 2 - Torsha Minafee, jennifer Edwards, Back Row - Shanda Rodgers. wk Wal. Sonya jones, Aderiana Whitaker, Darketsha Cochran, Alicia Chambers, Tijuania Finney, and Tracie Scott wait for atten- dance to be taken. 1 F 5, 2? 5 f A Z , i 5 2 5 2 Lori Villarreal decorates the library hall for Homecoming. Adams game. 192 Blue jackets , "1 Q 5 y Row B Front Row- Tonya Raine, Karen Garrison, Sherry Coble. Row 2- Tere Clements, Temby Turner. Back Row- Kimberly Willard, Amy Bishop, She Schmidt, Tonya Click, Tammy Garrison, Cecilia Guerra, jennifer Jolley, and Lori Hoppert bunny hop at the Bryz The band concentrates on 'parade rest' at the Mesquite game. Twirlersz Kim Love, Susan Davis. if I 4 f ff Cox concentrates on his marching techniques he plays "Taurus," Clarinets: Front Row- Michelle Kirksey, iw-it -nt ,....l..-4"-7' Buck Row- Deborah Wood, Maryann Pam Davis 4' Kevan Ferguson plays the "Fight Song" at Daryl Miller, Deborah Wood, and Kim Love imitate the Freshman Orientation. "redrum" at the Band Haunted House. Tuning up -- not out Trumpets blaring, drums beating, and tubas tooting faced Spartan band members at seven every morning for eleven weeks. The band, under the direction of Mr. Bill Wartes, started the year in August with three weeks of four hour daily practices in preparation for the marching season. Alto saxophonist Iulie Cranberry said, "Morning practices were really rough but were necessary. They were worth it because I enjoyed the football games and being able to have fun and still promote school spirit." The Spartan band had several per- formances other than at football games. They participated in UIL con- test in DeSoto in October. In December, they performed "Sleigh Ride", "Cantique de Noel", and three Christmas songs arranged by Mr. Frank Todd. In january, the band played for IBM at the Summit Hotel. "The Band improved a great deal this year, and they continued to strive for musical excellence," stated baritonist Russell Ansley. Drummer George Carey added, "It was a fun year, but I feel the band deserved more credit than they were given." Band 193 Drum Corps: Front Row- Daryl Miller. Row 2- Michael Newell, Craig Jones. Buck Row- Ferrenski Woodley, Kevan Ferguson, George Carey. 194 Band - k, .,,. x 'D nu ,f J, 'I jeff Tatum waits for his 1986-1987 debut drum major at the North Mesquite game, Saxophones: Front Row- Pete Prasad, Rosalie York, julie Cranberry. Back Deborah Wood, Bill Hasty, Angela Kelley. -...lu Russell Ansley plays "Durango", his favorite song, during the first quarter warm-up at the Bryan game. ' Front Row- Tammy Butts, Quevonnas Hopkins, Sharla Wright. Buck Ingrid Otis, Kateka Brown, Marilyn Day, Stacey Reames, Kirsten Brass: Front Row- Sam Robinson, Kevin Brisendine, Vicente Sipriano. Row- Billy Watson, Cheles Rhynes, jeff Cox. she plays the solo in "On Broadway", Gina McCoppin stares into the filled with spectators. . Trumpets: Front Row- Gina McCoppin. Back Row- Carlos Espinoza, Craig Stout, Michael lones, Sheila Hines. Deborah Wood and julie Cranberry "tune-up" before they play the Alma Mater at the Jesuit game. Band 195 , . Crystal Woods and Chantay Durham have got that Spirit at the Mesquite game. S1g1'1S of sp1r1t A special group added to the Spar- tan spirit, Five deaf cheerleaders signed cheers to the deaf student body at pep assemblies and football games. Karrie Miller said, "Being a deaf cheerleader was hard because I had to add sign language to the movements and keep up with the varsity cheerleaders." Debresha Walls added, "It was hard in class because we had performance and written tests every Friday." Crystal Woods said, "I enjoyed bee ing a deaf cheerleader, and it was a real honor being electedf' Chantay Durham added, "It was my second time to be a cheerleader and that 196 Deaf Cheerleaders Crystal Woods, D'Lisa Preston, Karrie Miller, Chantay Durham and Debresha Walls wait for a sign their sponsor. made it easier. I had more confidence, and I knew many of the yells." D'Lisa Preston said, "It was my first year be- ing a cheerleader. I thought I was go- ing to be nervous, but instead I was just excited about performing on the field." The sponsor, Ms. Tobola said, "It was a privilege to be sponsor and rewarding for me to see their im- provements: physically, socially, and mentally." Yolanzo Moore said, "I was just glad we had deaf cheerleaders this year since we didn't have them last year. I was more in- terested in pep assemblies." Ifarrie Miller and D'Lisa Preston say HELLO at Homecoming assembly. y s ie 1986-87 deaf Cheerleaders are Debresha Walls, Chantay Durham, D'l.isa Preston, Karrie Miller, and 'ystal Woods. x ' D Q l li, 5' il 1 H frvstal Woods and Chantay Durham watt' tarlets at half time at the Sprure game. X h the is Deaf cheerleaders "get down" at the BA game. af ""'?0n0um , Chantay Durham is really nervous cheerleading at the first football game against North Mesquite. " riwir' pr, ,A Gr ' ' ? .VQMRQJK Q ,, T M I F, 'Z 5:55 f ' W ..g ' 'll' X ' P-bw, A " .g A .. 4 , , W W .- W I y, .mail tr' I A M if 1 ' Q. N .J ' wifi' V of 1 V- Y I 3771? , ,., , V P P br .if b if A Q - 1, .Q mr-.W t ,Q ' If In f " t y, A 1, A k . ,1 ,n zgzwap xl wil 91 Arn V V I -'S e f . P ,R 'i"w,, a, . f ' r e sink, ' ff.-' ., -ali' tmflvzift I , rf' Sl! 1 1 4 ,X - , , n .- F -','1'? 'V '52 . If .AA A 7 w ,1 W 'Z ' ,Q fi , '. " 1 ' 1 " ' ' ff :VW .fm Y' My V 2, Q I -Q BQ if eff, ,l at 4 w fri, tvravsft i 1 w?"Z-fn I ,Q L4 NM 4M ,U sas 5 if fi - f ' if 1, - P 5 'T ' , lx Q34 W' .3 ' if At the Skyline game Debresha Walls, Chantay Durham, Kar- rie Miller, and D'Lisa Preston "won't be defeated." P, ,.. if " I Q ,wagner L At the Homecoming assembly, D'l,isa Preston, Crystal Woods, Karrie Miller, and Debresha Walls "stomp and clap." Deaf Cheerleaders 197 Better than the rest Reserve Officer Training Corps is a military organization that teaches skills such as marksmanship, first aid, military tactics, and survival. But it was more than just thatp they were taught leadership, self-confidence, and discipline. Alfredo Flores said, "ROTC was something that all students should experience. We became leaders in there." At their annual Federal Inspection, the ROTC received a score of 98.5 which was the highest score given in the state of Texas. Deborah Wilson said, "We worked very hard, but we .4 Q 5 N. Color Guard: Sharia Robinson, Shady Carter, Allen Hughes, Derrick Todd, William Pipkins, .. K ,W lu'-.W , Rifle Team: Front Row- Lucretia Taylor, Christia Fuller, Deborah Wilson. Buck Row- Sharia Robinson, William Pipkins, Robert Davis, Alfredo Flores. 198 ROTC felt like we didn't receive adequate recognition." They received many other honors such as the "best over all drill team" for the girls, second place in the Color Guard Competition, and the Gold Star Honor Unit with Distinction. The ROTC also represented Samuell at several activities which in- cluded the New Year's Day Parade, the Martin Luther King Parade, and the Governor's Day Parade. T. 1. Lang said, "ROTC taught me self-respect and responsibility and made me feel good." - 'Q' xx wwsl Christia Fuller practices intensely for the dri competition. Company C: Front Row- Ramon Guerra, Yolanda Tyson, LaChaundra Kemp, Roberf"Davis, Floyr Langston, Daniel Vasquez, Kevin McCullough. Row Z- Holly Harris, Teashia Rusk, Maria Barajas Veronica Moreno, LaKeisha Hayes, Shanavy Lewis, Warren Fields. Row 3-Erica Whitmore, Kim Homsby jrandon Baylock, Iohn Lovan, Darketsha Cochran, Selena Cooper, Donnis Boston. Row 4- Reginald Ken nybrew, Christopher Whitten, Pablo Solis, Napoleon Robertson, Billy Young, Kelvin Moore, Levie Smith Adrianna Aguirre. Buck Row-1stSqt. Bivins, Maj. Swearingen, Msg. Quinn. rf Company E: Front Row- Damita King, Leticia Martinez, David Piper, Darla Bell, Winfred Thompkins Gayla Knowles, William Pipkins, Shady Carter. Row 2- Mamie Broxton, Rosario Guevara, Sophia Lopez Danata Soles, loyce Villalobos, Maria Galaviz. Row 3- Kate Chambers, Harlen Buhler, Michelle Solano Vickie Sloan, Sabrina Rowe, Bernesten Williams. Row 4- Charles jones, Veronica Phillips, Larry Woodall Patrice Pettigrew, Mylissa Langford, Larry Whatley. Row 5- Iase Kinser, Douglas Foster, George Carey Anthony Lewis, johnny Baxter, Frazier Reed. Back Row- Msg. Quinn, lst Sgt. Bivins, Maj. Swearingen. ft-jim L , 'PQ ,Q -A B: Front Row- Christia Fuller, Earnest Hughes, Robert Jack, Will Carter, Sharia Robinson, Morales, Javier Marin. Row 2- Pete Prasad, Camelia Taylor, Monica Jackson, Hazel Haynes, Bryan ides, Antarian Hasty, Donald English. Row 3- Richie Allen, Clifford Roberts, Sherita Rischer, Shane ichmon Latisha Wheaton, Brandy Jones, Maggie Bridger. Row 4- Tyren Lang, Billy Williams, Marcus Kevin Schmidt, Gentish Anderson, Kimberly Hall, Francisco Marin. Back Row- Msg. Quinn, lst is, Maj. Swearingen. Til i , asrsai ... My rf 'lWHiaq,,,,, Tompany D: Front Row- Vincent Olvera, Lisa Curlin, Donna Beckham, Allen Hughes, Aldora Flores, veborah Wilson, Lucretia Taylor. Row 2- Christopher Hewitt, Jeffery Williams, Sedric Crutchfield, Felicia lernandez, Cynthia Tolbert, Clememet Boston. Row 3- Jeannie Anderson, Andretta Doss, Terrie Arnold, rremy Davis, Reginald Kennybrew, Robert Dominguez, Row 4- Msg. Quinn, Joyce Hand, Anthony tephens, Micheal Washington, Earl Skelton, Van Kien To. Back Row- lst. Sgt. Bivins, Sean Gillespie, imes Morales, g I tl? I -:ii A s.f,.,, I . ' "M , 'ompany A: Front Row- Richard Benjamin, Carmen Duncan, Christopher Kirksey, Dawn Scott, Derrick odd, David Anderson. Row 2- Joe Ramirez, Carla Jackson, Monica Hawkins, Maryland Jones, Joe Valdez, olanda Brown, Derrick Johnson, Eric Jackson. Row 3- lst. Sgt. Bivins, Detra Johnson, Angela Bennett, Tif- iny Barkman, Jacquelyn Peavy, Thomas McMullen, Keith Lewis, Alejandro Alegria, Hassin Ebrahimi. ow 4- George Gutierrez, Shani Bolluyt, Delicia Choice, Felicia Lewis, Dalondris Spencer, Curtis Hunter, ertrand Davis, Matthew Barnard, Back Row- Kevlin Flowers, Charlotte Robinson, John Jones, Edmond age, Reginald Whitmore, Mark Olvera, Maj. Sweanngen, Msg. Quinn. Deborah Wilson, Lisa Curlin, Darla Bell, Veronica Phillips, and Yolanda Tyson prepare for drill inspection. Staff and Assistants: Front Row- David Piper, Allen Hughes, Deborah Wilson. Row 2- Damita King, Leticia Martinez, Der- rick Todd, Lucretia Taylor. Back Row- Jase Kinser, Williams Pipkins, Angela Bennett. ' The Color Guard, Robert Davis, Shady Carter, William Pipkins, and Kevin McCullough, leads the pledge at the BA pep assembly. ROTC 199 IESTERS! - a class act Getting the words and steps down to perfection and making sure that their boxes and uniforms were ready was a routine assignment for the class act called the IESTERSL Billy Robin- son said, "I enjoyed being in IESTERS! because I liked to entertain people." The IESTERS! attended several competitions. Among these were the DISD solofensemble contest at Samuell and the UIL solofensemble contest at Thomas jefferson. Away from Samuell, the IESTERS! per- S- Albert Paredes and Shen-i Wafford. E- Paul Fredrick and Annette Garcia. 200 IESTERS! formed at several churches, lodges, malls, and elementary and junior high schools. The IESTERSI also participated in many events at Samuell including PTA meetings, Razz-Ma-Tazz, the Christmas Show, the Spring Concert, Senior Assembly, and the IESTERS! Show. Glenn Stone said, UIESTERS! was a group that I was glad I was a part of." Mr. Cannon said, "I enjoyed working with this group because they were capable of just about anything." K X H In L 5 H Y' t I' li i !- Marcella Smith and john White. E- Katie Karlen and Ricky Martin. R- Cristal Miles and Terry Carol. x ffh i 'sz ,ff W f , 1 1 'P' The 1986-1987 IESTERSl are a class act at the February PTA meeting. Billy Robinson and Robyn Caylor. T Shawn Webb and Elisa Thompson. Elisa Thompson waits for Mr. Cannon to get to I- Laura Woody and Russell Ansley. JESTERS! are a "Hard Habit to Break" at Razz-Ma-Tazz. Paul Fredrick and Iohn White wait for Mr. Cannon while Shawn Webb and Cristal Miles discuss Razz-Ma-Tazz. Marcella Smith says, "We'll do it my way or no when discussing Razz-Ma-Tazz. IESTERS! 201 Front Row: Christy May, Annette Garcia, Christine Hocker, Toni Polk, Alma Castillo. Row 2: jewel Benjamin, Paul Fredrick, Evelyn Davidson, Billy Robins Sherri Wafford, Shawn Webb, Stacy Barnhart, Teny Carol, Lashunda White, Roger Fortner, Lori Guerra. Back Row: james Venters, Laura Woody, jeff C Robyn Caylor, Allen Christian, Dottie Bellah, Lance Phillips, Barbra Dempsey, Russell Ansley, Keithia Broiles, Ricky Martin. More than a song Being a member of choir involved more than singing a song. Learning to read and write music, performing in front of audiences, and preparing themselves for advanced choir classes was a learning experience for the choir. Allen Christian said, "I really enjoyed singing, learning, and mak- ing new friends. We had fun when we sang." Dottie Bellah added, "I feel as if being in choir helped to mature my voice. I really enjoyed it." The choir performed at several school activities such as Razz-Ma- Tazz, the choir Christmas show, and the choir spring show. Keithia Broiles said, "I had fun performing in front of an audience." They also attended the DISD and UIL choir contests. Laura Woody said, "I liked being in choir because I liked the competition at contests." Barbra Dempsey added, "I feel choir was one of my biggest achievements." With Mr. Cannon's support, the choir was inspired to do their very best. Lori Guerra said, "I enjoyed be- ing under the direction of Mr. Can- non. He had a lot of confidence in us." Ricky Martin added, "I liked Mr. Cannon's ability to get serious during 202 Concert Choir contests." The highlight of the year for choir members was the presentation of the musical Damn Yankees on November 21st and 22nd, Tryouts for the musical were held on October 2nd, The cast and crew spent seven weeks gathering props, rehearsing lines and songs, and getting costumes in preparation for the big night. In dress rehearsal, held on November 20th, all last minute details were taken care of so that opening night was almost a flawless performance. "Coming up for rehearsal every night from six until ten took a toll on some of my school work, but I survived and the show was a success," said Shawn Webb. After the musical was over, Dr. Hughey added, "It was one of the best musicals that I have seen in a long time." The last performances of the choir were at senoir assembly when the senoirs sang for the last time on the Samuell stage and at graduation when they sang for the last time as a group. Robyn Caylor said, "It was really sad to see all of the senoir choir members leave." Keithia Broiles waits anxiously for her tum sightread. 3 'F r ,v Haha., W sum fn-N4 WM- : Q - . Amr E.O.A.- Front Row: Jeff Cox. Row 2: Allen Christian, Paul Fredrick. Row 3: James Venters, Billy Robinson, awn Webb, Ricky Martin, Terry Carol. Buck Row: Roger Fortner, Russell Ansley, Lance Phillips, i in 3 3752 Xia? g L. . h J . I Laura Woody and Robyn Caylor practice "Musick's Empire" for UIL contest in fourth period choir. Lance Phillips daydreams about making a first division at DISD contest. aug , We Y r -er Y 'ug gg, Officers- Front Row: Billy Robinson, Sherri Wafford, Ricky Martin. Back Row: Lance Phillips, Russell Ansley, Shawn Webb. Concert Choir 203 l W, ,..-,, L, .. Z5 gg 'fr W 12 W5 204 CCC -W... C C ffl"-"" Suzann Chapman studies hard to make extra points for CCC. Conduct for life The Classroom Conduct Committee promoted excellent conduct in the classroom. This was done through banking activities each Friday in all FOM classes. They paid fines for im- proper conduct and received dividends for proper conduct. They took pride in knowing that they were "somebody," The CCC's creed was "I'm somebody, I'm responsible, I made a commitment, I know the rules, and I may be young, but I'm somebody." Confidence was gained by the students. Shupon Mitchell said, "CCC taught me that we could do anything we wanted if we put our mind to it." Lewis, Elizabeth Gonzales, Ada tinez, Camelia Taylor, Darketsha Cochran, Katina Potts. Back Row: Winfred Thompkins, Theang Antonio Salazar, Maria Ybarra, Monica Hawkins, Shupon Mitchell, Tonia Echols, jackie Mask, Front Row: Annette Dabney, Adrianna Aguirre. Sofia Martinez said, "I wised up when I was in CCC. Their principles made me think about what I should have done." Marshall Thomas added, "The CCC gave me confidence. We were never put down, we were told good things, not bad." This group was a unique group. The coordinator, Ms. Dabney, boosted the students when times got rough and kept everyone's spirits high. Shanavy Lewis said, "We were told that we never failed until we stopped trying and so we never stopped trying." Reginald Brazil added, "CCC was a good group. They made people feel good about themselves." Row 2: Sofia M Ms. Dabney explains to Patrick Echols and Olvera how to balance their CCC checkbooks. . k,..'IT-Q Dylan Langreder and Mary Watson review conduct reports in sixth period CCC. hane Dundas does the Pee Wee Herman at the eaf theater arts program. Gotta dance Approaching the rehearsal room of the deaf theater arts class, one was greeted with muffled music. When the door was opened, the music got louder and was accompanied by "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight . . . " the dancer's cadence. Dancers glided by going through their paces, checking their moves in the mirror. In the middle of it all, director Ms. Ian Williams watched, of- fering advice or words of encourage- ment as members of the troupe ex- pressed their creativity through dance. Dancing was only a part of theater arts. Acting, costuming, and g- .. make-up were also included in the curriculum. Rosie Boulware said, "We learned about the history of theater and that made what we were doing seem more important." Crystal Woods said, "I liked deaf theater arts because it was fun to do the dances, and I liked the other parts of the class." "We learned a lot of different types of dance, like ballet, jazz, and modern. It was all mixed together," said Mechelle Spencer. Cheryl Baker added, "I liked acting because it was fun. It was a different way to express myself." -sift' if .s. IS .,. -ffl X' l : aff se'e f i'. . - . . A lik i IN' l '.,-. . -... .... Xtra- . . rt 4.-:, 1 A e g ef S5592--tu.. '-te X- it Q "' I A " . I n g , - J-. XX .fa :ki It . - fi gf at h - Y A ,i t ...... . I iiiii iliili' , it . 1 Q - M krkk .5 .2 aPTA meeting, the seniors Mario Martinez, Anita Thompson, Mechelle Spencer, and jennifer Harvey "Stop in the Name of Love" for Lakiesha I to "Count Me Out". Russell and Katrina Brown. L-.,.,4 Front Row: Tina Foster, Shenequa Dean, Michele Rosales, Abigail Escalona. Row 2: Veronica Alanis, Karrie Miller and Anita Thompson dance to "Word Up amy Collins, Mario Martinez, Laura Loeb, Crystal Woods, D'Lisa Preston, Cynthia Wells, Rosa Garcia. ow 3: Tara Gray, Jennifer Harvey, Rosalyn Boulware, Travis Caro, Melissa Crowder, Shane Dundas, Carrie Miller, Deserie French. Ms. Williams. Back Row: Mechelle Spencer, Cheryl Baker, Anita Thomp- on, Lakiesha Russell, Katrina Brown, Shelisa Scott, Erbie Johnson. Deaf Theater Arts 205 ot just for girls An installation ceremony, a Hallo- ween party, a reception, a two day leadership conference for officers, a career workshop during FHA week, and a senior reception were a few of the social activities for members of Future Homemakers of America. They also participated in World Food Day. They collected canned goods for a family at Thanksgiving, and they collected food, toys, and clothing at Christmas. FHA prepared students for the future. Not only girls but boys as well benefitted from FHA. William Rober- son said, "I joined FHA because I wanted to. It was lots of fun, and I learned a lot of handy things that most guys don't know how to do." Part of the large representation of FHA was due to its sponsors, Ms. -E , , V.. I l - N-I ' During the mock wedding, bridesmaids Contrina Fuller, Monica Brown, and Beatrice Morris secretly dream of their own wedding. 206 FHA Evans, Ms. Hawkins, Ms. Fanner, and Ms. Armstrong. Mercedes Martinez stated, "Ms, Hawkins encouraged me to join FHA. I learned about domestic issues." Toni Boland said, "I joined FHA because my mother was a member. It taught me how to get along well with people because we worked be so closely together." It was a learning experience to be a member of the FHA. Unikki Williams said, "I joined FHA because I heard it was fun. I learned many things like how to raise a family and also how to cook and provide for a family." Iohn White added, "I joined FI-IA because I wanted to enhance my consumer skills." Monica Brown said, "FHA was very educational, and I met a lot of new people." Temby Tumer has fun evaluating the kitchen ing first period homemaking. I Chapter 1: Front Row- Monica Williams, Dona Magee, Chenay Mitchell, Regina Jackson, Laura Row 2- Shanavy Lewis, Tonya Raine, Adrian Sims, Monica Brown, Theresa Meza. Row 3- joel Cruz, trina Fuller, Tiffany Williams, Yolanda Thomas, Pam Davis, Deborah Hayes, Lando Martinez. Row Alicia Chambers, Terra Moton, Angela Bolton, Leticia Martinez, Gloria Flakes, Tara Muckelroy, Ms. ner. Back Row- Angela Kelley, Christia Fuller, Donise Wood, Kelly Walker, Glenn Townsend, Br Hipp, Michael jones. .sf A 5 3' s if 0 Q is 5 I 4 t nl-F-12 Unikki Williams and Kirsten Thomas work on a bridal display for their extended leaming project. Emestine Saucedo works on a table centerpiece for Ms. Evans' food and nutrition class. 'YN V ,Q ipter 2: Front Row- Detra Smith, Lorraine Rodriguez, Terri McAnal1y, Ferrenski Woodley, Rhonda ng, Stefanie Smith, Ms. Hawkins. Buck Row- Carlette Armstrong, Cindy Aynes, Ioel Cruz, Dottie ah, Christia Fuller, John White, Nicholas Ramirez, Brice Buckley. Q. .,,. . Ieannie Anderson prepares for her leamer stan- dards test. FHA 207 For Tasha Stinson, William Roberson, Laura Aguirre, and Michael jones, it is a double ring ceremony at the mock wedding. A , X5 gm K Randy Finley, Steven Dyer, Marla Allman, and Pamela Gatzke work on their housing unit in sixth period homemaking. 208 FHA Chapter 4: Front Row- Lisa Serrata, Monica Brown, Debra Weathersby, Mark Walker, Dona Mag Kimberly Branson. Row 2- Ms. Armstrong, Sharon Crimes, Valicia Henderson, Terra Moton, Mamie Br ton, Monica Jackson, Stephanie Wade. Back Row- Rodolfo Garcia, Nicholas Ramirez, Melissa Contre Donovan Tanner, Unikki Williams, Vanda Edwards. - bf b '-5031 . .i ' Twana Cosby is pleased with her grade in Ms. Hawkins' consumer education class. Martinez and Laura Aguirre are nervous as Lloyd Langston, Lisa Spriggs, and Harold walk down the aisle at the mock wedding. johnson wait for the next FHA officer. XLJQ .. b C, iffcll I i try 44 Susan Dale looks out the window and gets spring fever in Ms. Hawkins' housing class. ' 4 ? During the installation ceremony, FHA ribbon from jennifer May. ,,. a .I . V 1 F. SSQJQ . fa., Q15-s 5. Harold johnson receives a 5 sa . N ,-' L , 1 X , .1-. ,-at hapter 3: Front Row- Sotora Cleveland, Lloyd Langston, joyce Villalobos, Chellita Lott. Row 2- LaKenya Sandra Denman double checks her recipe to be itt, Hazel Haynes, Sharon Ford, jennifer May, Danna Siddall, Tracie Scott. Row 3- Ms. Evans, Inita sure she has put the correct ingredients in the nriggs, Sonja Dotson, Evelyn Davidson, Mary Watson, Starlett jackson, Toni Boland. Back Row- joey Sill, punch, onald Wilson, Bruce jones, Lisa Spriggs, Curtis Hunter, Maggie Bridger. FHA 209 t l -, f. it Bl it El - I f e wwe I ,f at rl 3? K v W , . V fn W 2 N ll Troy Brewer, Manuel Alvarez, and Ron Chaney practice their rendering skills by sketching Iames Venters. Front Row: Manuel Alvarez, Melissa Contreras, Georgie Cornelius, LaRonda Reeves, Ricky Coving Row 2: Sedric Crutchfield, Laura Aguirre, Magaly Garcia, Kevin Long, Tania Tucker. Back Row: Robertson, james Venters, Mauro Alanis, Femando Martinez, Christian Luneborg. Detra Smith works on her shading technique in seventh period art class. A designing group It wasn't just a class for the art club members. Although they competed as a class, the club spent time after school hours working on their sketches. Brenda Fortner said, "We did a lot of interesting things. It was fun and challenging." Ron Chaney stated, "Art was an experience everyone should have encountered." The club visited several places in- cluding the art museum, the Museum of Natural History, and the West End Market Place to do sketches. Detra Smith said, "We had fun observing the Henry Moore Stake Hitch 210 Art Club sculpture at the museum." Iames Venters said, "The thing I enjoyed the most was designing the windows at McDonald's for Christmas." There were twenty members in the club, and the sponsor was Ms. Robert- son. Some members helped out at the John Quincy Adams Elementary school carnival by painting kid's faces. Georgie Cornelius said, "I was the art club president, and we had a great time working together." Laura Aguirre added, "Being in the art club was a good experience. I never knew that art could be so interesting." KVAW5 Tamiko Byrom displays her artwork during si period art class. Say it with an accent Unusual, differnt, and fun were words to describe the German language and the club. Stefanie Smith said, "It was a fun and good ex- perience, and we always got into dif- fernt discussions about German scien- tists and chemists." Dawn Scott add- ed, "German was very unique. I loved it because it was different." Dr. Hankins, the German club sponsor, was respected and admired by his students. Georgie Cornelius said, "Dr, Hankins was the perfect person to teach German and be the sponsor of the club. We had fun together learning and practicing our German." Dr. Hankins could speak four languages and was familiar with mn Hankins and Angela jones discuss plans for .nner at Kuby's. efanie Smith and Yvette Hollis leam to write teir names in German. moral ' wr. . Q1 .' J 1, 3 . f 3' at ' f , 3' .. - J S 0 ont Row: Brenda Fortner, Angela jones. Row 2: Georgie Comelius, Karina Reyna, Stefanie Smith, 'ette Hollis, Dawn Scott, Dr. Hankins. Row 3: Glenn Stone, Pete Prasad, Michael Clayton, Fernando artinez, Walter Bobien, Paul Fredrick. Back Row: Michael Perry, Earl McGibboney. eight. Mike Perry stated, "I liked Ger- man because most of my family was from Germany, and they wanted me to be able to speak the language." The difficulty of the language necessitated complete concentration from the students. They studied con- versation and formal words and their tenses. Debbye Seifert said, "Being in the German club was fun. I liked it because it was different. It seemed like everyone else was taking Spanish and French, and I wanted to be dif- ferent." Yvette Hollis added, "You had to really pay attention to Dr. Hankins. We learned a lot about the German tradition." Brenda Fortner thinks selling Gummy Bears from Germany is a good money maker. German Club 211 Deedra Brown is happy about the Spanish Club's decision to go to San Antonio. A touch of Spain "Nadie Es Perfecto", meaning "Nobody is Perfect", was the motto of the Spanish Club. There were twenty-five members in the club, and Mr. Sosa was the sponsor. Alfred Martinez said, "I liked the Spanish culture, and I thought that being a member of the Spanish Club would help me learn more about the Spanish background." The Spanish Club celebrated by having a gathering at Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant, a Christmas party at school, and a Halloween party after school. Ricky Phillips said, "The 212 Spanish Club A S l 5 R fatal' 4-A Q W ,-'imma Front Row: Ruth Velez, Cecilia Guerra, Elisa Thompson, Terri Vega. Row 2: Terri McAnally, Patrice S1 ton, Eugenia Harper, Darla Bell, Debbie Oatman, Theresa Meza, Olga Sauceda. Row 3: Rosario Gueva Alfred Martinez, Kelly Fitzgerald, Stephanie Wade, Treasa Walker, Lisa McCoy, Deedra Brown, Ieffe Neal. Back Row: Mr. Sosa, Albert Paredes, Craig Stout, Ricky Phillips, Shane Reese, Tommy Garc Domingo Vega, Alicia Askew. Spainish Club always had fun when we got together." Some of the students in the club at- tended the Pan American Student Forum Convention in San Antonio on March 27th, 28th, and 29th. The club members had several fund raisers to help with the cost of the trip. Alicia Askew said,"I met a lot of new people and made new friends. lt was dif- ferent because we learned while we had fun." Every Monday afternoon at 4:15 the art of Spanish cultural dance was taught in the auditorium. Alicia Askew waits patiently for the Span meeting to start. Vx l - ry 1 .-,ia - ,iss ' ' W. .,,,.,N X K Rosario Guevara listens intently as Mr. Sosa talks about their to San Antonio. 5 A 2 ii "':""!3fi- lfred Martinez, Suzann Chapman, Ricky Phillips, joann Tabaniag, Mr. Sosa, and Carrie Stone discuss M , S ,e agenda for the next meeting. L ex , I 5 ' f , W 1 i 1 1 S ' ' ,Q M- M T " 'f X155 ' -, Y Q Nr We 44 ' ' M, :R ., . 4 ' ,W 'izlifi viii' 'S 2 - X ' . ,K ! 2 . , ' ' . ' as , "' " ' A s Tl, ttliiff A .:" ' , ' . V +4 ,- . .jxfw 5 ' ,KE 'guy x 3 QLVV .V '5 fix , 5 1' .R L, 'r,rVk, - , , V V - UE, ' 'V - ,. K ,, I , , . 4 V- ' 25 5 1 I , S - 3 i , , fl -' .f S Y M ,s . , isa Thompson ftreasurerj, Ruth Velez fsecretaryj, Mr. Sosa fsponsorj, Terri Vega fvice-presidentj, Theresa Meza waits patiently for everyone to ecilia Guerra fPl'9Sid9I'l0- enter the room to begin the meeting, Spanish Club 213 An international affair There were fifty-six members in "Le Cercle Francais". Ms. Reed, the sponsor, said, "They were a good bunch of students. I appreciated hav- ing such wonderful students in the club". The French Club members, who were also in the class, prepared and studied a complete unit on Christmas in France, known to French students as "Noel en Francais". A revillion was also held. Many French style cuisines were furnished and consumed by the students. Kristy Cobb said, "Le revillion was always real nice, and it 150 cans were collected and donated to the Salvation Army. Cindy Aynes said, "The French Club did a lot of nice things for needy people. It made me feel good. I knew French was the language of love, and the club really proved that it was." Their spring banquet was held in April. Dining at French restaurants was a good experience for the Spar- tans who wanted to expand their horizons. Iulie Cranberry stated, "I felt that being in the French Club in- creased my understanding of the French culture." Max Taub said, "I Q2 was a chance to taste some French plan on visiting France someday, and .T foods." the French Club helped to prepare me - The French Club continued with their annual canned food drive. Over for the French life." A If 1 y My Nguyen enjoys the French cuisine served at tl mock family reunion. Front Row: Angela Sudkamp, Cindy Aynes, Kathleen Slaven, Cristal Miles, Row 2: Rhonda Young, Judy Brister, Crissy Ortiz, Michelle Kirksey, Mitchell Roger Julie Cranberry, Kristy Cobb, Angela Lovejoy. Row 3: Ms. Reed,Melissa Wilkes, Lucy Chang, Van Kien To, Guillermo Velasco, Karol Kilgore, Lorrair Rodriguez, My Nguyen, Lisa Owen, Ms. Vines. Back Row: Edwin Lara, jeff Cox, David Iocoy, Cheles Rhynes, Melvin McKinney, Tricia Lackey, Debra Wood loanthony McGee. 214 French Club 1-1' 1 .' 1 Angela Lovejoy, Keith Ausbome, and Nicole s. Reed helps Adriane james translate while My Blaylock work on designs for their cards. guyen checks her answers. Ms. Reed helps Lorraine Rodriguez identify French Club pictures for the TORCH . Nr Cox, Becky Marinez, Paul Otubu, Lisa Owen, and David Iocoy discuss plans for the spring banquet in -4 Q , gr' n - E fr l 4 3 wt During fourth period, julie Cranberry reads about Toussaint Louverture. I The sponsor and officers are Ms. Reed, vice-president Cindy Aynes, vice-president Angela Sudkamp, vice-president Mit- chell Rogers, secretary Cristal Miles, president Kathleen Slaven, membership chairperson Michelle Kirksey, publicity chairperson Iulie Cranberry. French Club 215 l..Ef.i21gi y ziuszmarr ' , Sip, , if ' - , fr x 7 O as - .' ,- 5 1 Dr. Hankins, Mitchell Rogers, Ieff Stephens, Michael Clayton, Brenda Fortner, and Lucy Chang. A new beginning The enrollment in the Latin Club was small, but this gave the members who were in the club a chance to learn more about the language, other members, and Dr. Hankins, their sponsor. Latin, which is the basis for many other languages, seemed to hold the students' attention, Some students who had taken other languages could see the similarities in many of the words. Lucy Chang stated, "It was small, but towards the end of the year, many students wanted to join. If you joined the Latin class, you definately wanted to join the Latin club." Brenda 216 Latin Club Lucy Chang discusses with the class the famous philosopher Horatio. im' Mitchell Rogers dreams about living in Rome. Dr. Hankins discusses grades with Michael Clayton, Mitchell Rogers, Brenda Fortner, and Lucy Chang. Fortner added, "Latin was different but interesting. The club was a fun ex- pansion of the class." Latin students didn't just learn the language, they learned about culture and history. Michael Clayton said, "Being in the Latin Club was an adventure because we went back into the past and learned about the language and its origin." Mitchell Rogers added, "We were taught about the ancient history of Latin. It was a language that most people couldn't speak, but we were learning how to speak it and learning about its background." -l ,,, 1, ,,,, Michael Clayton waits for the Latin club meeting tt begin. Hilarious comments made by seniors about other seniors could be found in the Senior Pub. The senior class of 1987 organized and produced R this publication themselves. The theme this year was Family Ties . Ms. Adams, the sponsor of the pub, chose the staff members herself from the ap- plications that were filled out. Tommy Courson, editor-in-chief, had many responsibilities fall upon him towards the end of the year when the pub was being worked on. He said, "It was a lot of work, but I'm glad that I could contribute to such a celebrated publication." Brenda Bill ily' Robinson and Russell Ansley look at the for- at of the 1986 pub. N ..,,, h e ev ront Row: Barbra Dempsey, Cindy Aynes, Cynthia Espinoza, Crissy Ortiz. Row 2: Gina McCoppin, 'onna Davis, Dottie Bellah, LeQuisa johnson, Lorraine Rodriguez, Monica Hamilton, Brenda Billings, isa Braswell, Sandy Staab, Sherri Wafford, Sonya Everette. Row 3: Robert Bailey, Carl Campbell, Tom- my Courson, Shawn Webb. Row 4: Billy Robinson, jason Penland, Craig jones, Danny Dominguez, David ord. Back Row: Ray Hulse, john White, Russell Ansley, Mitchell Rogers, Michael jones. Pub staff forms Family Ties ings,'the business manager of the pub, stated, "I thought that being on the senior pub would make my year com- plete. I liked working with the other seniors, especially towards the end of the year." Animal look-a-likes, senior wills, and many funny experiences could be found in the pub. Cristal Miles said, "The senior pub was fun to work on and read. Everything in it was funny." Lorraine Rodriguez stated, "It was really funny reading about everybody, but we all knew it was written in good clean fun." If Lorraine Rodriguez, Tommy Courson, Brenda Billings and Iohn White make posters for senior pub sales. MW.. , r I gi b ,MCM ff' Tommy Courson types senior wills. Senior Pub 217 if N if A s It all adds up Calculator work, computer pro- gramming, and number sense were some specifics on which the math team concentrated. Curtis Pena said, "I enjoyed being a part of the math team because it improved my math skills, and I got to compete against students from other schools." The math team attended several competitions including the Plano math tournament, the East Texas Bap- tist University math tournament, the Math Olympiad, and the W. W. Samuell math tournament. There were nine students from Samuell who placed in the top five at the Samuell tournament. Jeff Cox said, "Math team was fun. I enjoyed competing lr David Ford listens to Curtis Pena explain a number sense problem. 218 Math Team Mitchell Rogers meditates before the East Tex: Baptist University math toumament. for prizes at the various tournaments." The sponsors, Ms. Russell and Mr. Coleman, were very proud of their students. Meetings were held on Thursday afternoons in room 138. Bill Hasty said, "I liked math. I also en- joyed using my mental abilities to compete with other students academically." First place went to the math team in the Homecoming float competition. Their winning theme was "Divide the Cougars!". Pete Prasad said, "I joined the math team to build my skills in mathematics. We had fun together, and we made new friends." 3 fsbwsafwm aa' X ' t -. ,, . V' was Xu Michael Rogers researches the history of calcull in the library. Front Row: Terry Carol, Bill Hasty, Cindy Aynes. Row 2: Warren Fields, Lorraine Rodriguez, Max Tau' Lucy Chang, Hector Salazar, Angela Jackson, Nhi Nguyen. Row 3: Curtis Pena, Earl Skelton, Hect4 Amador, Pete Prasad, Jeff Cox, Hien Nguyen, Ms. Russell. Back Row: Demerrick johnson, Glenn Towr send, David Ford, Mitchell Rogers, Earl McGibboney, Ron Chaney, Angela Sudkamp, Mr. Coleman. tiff 1' ff! K Hien Nguyen brushes up on his math ski ' wif 's ' t. Q7 35 as , ,1, I A 5 t N' url McGibboney and jeff Cox discuss strategies ir the next math tournament. N lls before the Plano toumament. Warren Fields practices using the calculator while preparing for the Math Olympiad. Angela Sudkamp organizes the Scan-Tron sheets for the W. W. Samuell math contest, Q M we The math team proudly displays the trophies which they bought for the W. W. Samuell toumament with their candy fund raising money. Math Team 219 Armstrong Hicks, Rhonda Young. Row 2- Tarita Young Hazel Haynes, Shena Medlock. Back Row-Ms. Sunderland Vivika Mitchell, Dawn Davis, Pamela Gatzke. sf-vw.WssNsa mww:S --- MEDIA CENTER: Front Row- Ms.Cobb, Adrian Sims, Christia Fuller, Sonja Bates, Toni Boland, Williams, Hae-Sun Lee. Back Row- Willie Clayborne, Greg Cherry, Russell Barlow, james William Roberson, Ms. Davis, Ms. Fullton. 5' " R OEA: Front Row- Russell Barlow, Shena Medlock, Theresa Meza, Elizabeth Gonzalez. Row 2- Deanie rendondo, Stephanie Benson, Monica Moore. Buck Row- Veronica Williams, Gwen Brewer, Robin A place for everyone The Spartans had several organiza- tions that helped students and developed leadership. These groups included clinic aids, media aids, thes- pians, PAC, junior NAD, and OEA II. Clinic and media aids felt like what they did was special because they were helping people. Clinic worker, Ioyce Hand, said,"It was fun and educational. I helped students with little everyday accidents that most people never think about." Willie Clayborne, media helper, said, "I had to work hard, but I also had time to explore the library on my own." 220 Organizations Iunior NAD member, D'Lisa Preston, said, "I liked NAD, it was fun. We had the chance to pick a deaf teacher of the month." The National Association for the Deaf was a group designed to unite deaf students at Samuellf' The Principal's Advisory Commit- tee was a group that suggested and helped the principal with important decisions. Shelia Arrington said, "I liked being able to voice my opinion, and I felt like what I said really counted." In Ms.McFarland's theater arts class, Gregg Sutt videos a rehearsal for one act play competition. bbertson, Karol Lon ozine. Back Row- Chris drian Sims, Otis Whitmore, CI1'd, .Jucuclx ua ixvucrwun, 1.-........-C ,.....w.,, .-.- .--f Y .. , . if Arth Wll1ams,Pam Davis, Terrence Cu berson, Anthony Stephens, ur 1 Pinnekins, Georgie Comelius, Cheles Rhynes. C: Front Row- Keidra Moore,Dr.l-iughey, Maryann Tabaniag. Row 2- Tamara Gamino, Crissy Ortiz. OEA: Front Row- Gloria Diaz, Stephnee Bailey, Marla ck Row- Dottie Bellah, Terry Carol, Sheila Arrington, Lance Phillips, john White, Lori Hoppert, Michael jackson, Alicia jones. Back Row- Gloria Flakes, F.T. Pratt, iley, Carlette Armstrong. Ianice Iackson, Charlotte Houston, Emma Foster. M l' C 'd , Denise Kuehne, Cara Mia Green. Row 2- WAD: Front Row- Dora Delgado, Elizabeth Honaker, Laura Loeb, D'Lisa Preston, Crystal Woods, e issa row er Steve Aldaco, David Harvey, Cynthia Wells, Albert Vega, Karlan Shuller, Matthew Martinez, Ms.Hill. Back Row- Ronnie Sanders, Tara Gray, Brenda Fortner, :harlie Williams, Lakiesha Russell, Darrin Polk, Stacy Wagner, Derrek Murphrey. Organizations 221 A sense of belonging The Spartans spent their spare time becoming involved in many different organizations. Some of the more popular organizations were the Samuell Singers, IV cheerleaders, Red Cross, SADD, deaf pep club, and the attendance office. Curtis Pena said, "I worked in the attendance office, and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot of good office skills." Helping out with different jobs did not seem to bother the Spartans. They used these opportunities to learn and grow. Annette Garcia, a member of the Red Cross, said, "I enjoyed mak- ing things for the children at Christmas. That was a special time for me." Traci Fitch, a worker in the at- Shanna Vines and Lisa McElhaney try to keep a straight face as they tell Ms. Smith the reason for their tardiness. tendance office, said, "It was a lot of hard work, but it was fun. I got to walk the halls." The IV cheerleaders and the deaf pep club gave their all during their performances. Shanna Vines said, "Being a IV cheerleader was an honor." Valicia Henderson added," Being a IV cheerleader really got me noticed and known at school. I had fun and met several new people." Laura Loeb said, "Being the president of the deaf pep club gave me ex- perience in dealing with people. It took good concentration and attention to follow along with the cheerleaders." SADD: Front Row- Laura Woody, Kathleen Slave Row 2- Carrie Stone, Iulie Cranberry, Kelly F zgerald, Christian Young. Row 3- Ms. Ray, Li Goodson. Row 4- Shenekqua Robertson, Tri Brewer Back Row- Cary Robertson, Gir McCoppin. Samuell Singers: Front Row- Tiffany Williams, Felicia Burton, Stacey Yates, Rachel Sisk, Iudy Briste Susan Fortner. Back Row- Maryland Iones, Felicia Finley, Lisa Owen, Melissa Wilkes, Debra Woods. .WK 5 iw IU Attendance Office: Front Row- Eamest Monette, Martha Brewer, Traci Grimes, LeQuisa Iohnson, Christy May, Angela Iones, Traci Fitch, Vanessa Spencer, Kerr Walker. Row 2- Bertrand Davis, Melvin McKinney, Eldred Harris, Glenn Anglin, Ernest West, Brandy Hipp, Craig Stout, Michael Newell, Scott Wafford, Davir Cox, Edward Garcia. Row 3- Amber Henderson, Tricia Lackey, Gala Iones, Rhonda Finley, Sheni Watford, Stephnee Bailey, Carrie Quinn, Brandon Evans. Roz 4- Patti Speights, Stevie Below, Temby Tumer, Daphne Thomas, Keri Shackleford, Melissa Contreras, Randy Finley, Lisa Spriggs, Ianice Washington. Back Row Demerrick Iohnson, Curtis Pena, Stacey Reames, Patrick Madkins, Shane Reese, Richard Iurica, Brice Buckley, Brian Hauerwas, Lewis Canada. 222 Organizations .Ili me '5 tt. -SP 1 G 1 Neff wi ed Cross: Front Row- Sherri Wafford, Annette Garcia. Row 2-Angela Lovejoy, Ethel Gonzales, Ms. Anne atch, Kathleen Slaven, Karol Kilgore. Back Row-Rachel Sisk, Iudy Brister, Barbra Dempsey, Ricky Martin, cott Wafford, Sherhonda Fountain, Rhonda Webber, Vanda Edwards. V Cheerleaders: Left to Right- Christine Hocker, Stephnee Bailey, Shanna Vines, Valicia Henderson, Joni .rnold, Lisa Hall. I Shanna Vines and Valicia Henderson cheer the IV Spartans on to a victory against BA. Vanessa Spencer constructs a box for attendance office name tags. Deaf Pep Club: Front Row-Amy Collins, Saunia Magee Shane Dundas, Mario Martinez, Kristina Daniels Ms Anne Hatch. Back Row-Melissa Crowder, Laura Loeb Matthew Martinez. Organizations 223 224 OEAI .ik .Y p ss. ,N ,f A, 3 'T . b rni. . rg . Qi tg . - if ' ...i f ,h', . Ladonna Norris counts money while working at Commercial National Bank. 'Y Shannon Iudd answers the telephone while working at Grove Medical Clinic. More than a job It wasn't just a job to the VOEXOEA students. It was a place to build lasting friendships while they learned and earned money. Ms. Aicklen, the sponsor of OEA, was a friend and spirit booster to her students. Rhonda Hoard said, "Ms. Aicklen helped me keep going when I didn't want to." The students in OEA worked on their career skills during class. Lisa Braswell said, HOEA was a very educational program that was aimed at helping me become successful in the future." Michelle Pierson added, " It helped me prepare for the problems 'Rx N -i . .,. . t kj, ,J +4444 fi-4-A-i 4' Front Row: Ladonna Norris, Yolanda Wright, Katrina Wade, Lisa Braswell, Sandy Staab, Patri Castleberry, Nona Taylor, Rhonda Miller. Row 2: Stacy Nerhood, Angela Martel, Khristy Vines, Mi Lybrand, Michelle Pierson, Rhonda Hoard, Traci Barber, Ioni Amold, Deann Collins. Back Row: Vane Camper, Shannon Judd, Samantha Worley, April King, Tashun Creag, Floyce Whitehead, Iosett Aguirre ,sn 3' Officers: Secretary Khristy Vines, vice-president Rhonda Hoard, president Lisa Braswell, treasu Michelle Pierson, reporter Samantha Worley, that I might be facing in the near future, and it was good experience." Patricia Castleberry stated, "The club was the best way a career minded in- dividual could get useful experience in the business world." "Everything we did helped us with our jobs," said Joni Arnold. They spent time discussing their jobs and any problems they might be having concerning their job. Stacy Nerhood stated, "Our group was fun because we got to talk to other students about our jobs. Sometimes we would all bring things and have coffee while we discussed." "-A-P' Lisa Braswell said, "They said that Chem-Law was gonna be fun, and it is." Ronald A N..,,,k :lerick Clements completes another day of work Bruton Terrace Apartments. 51 'ii Front Row- james Leaks, David Murry, Rodney Burnham, Allen Hodson, Ben Hodson. Row 2- johnny Points works on the chapter questions Woods, Sharhonda Williams, johnny Points, Linda Auston, Roderick Clements, Maria Trejo, Ray on "Understanding Taxes". Massey, Coach Hervey, Greg Stegall. Buck Row- Benito Reyes, Tim Wilkes, james jones, Whistling while VOCT, also known as the Voca- tional Occupational Club of Texas, was a club associated with CVAE, a work program that did not require a particular type of job. johnny Points said, "I liked VOCT because it helped me keep up my grades. I was making money and getting an education at the same time." Mr. Hervey, the sponsor of the organization, said, "I thought they were a great bunch of kids, and I en- joyed working with them." There were thirty-seven students in the program who researched careers, studied plans for success, trained they work themselves on how to apply for a job, and worked on communication skills. These objectives kept the students busy during the class. Ronald Mokry stated, "I had fun in VOCT, and I had the chance to meet new people." VOCT held a banquet for the members at Christmas, and they col- lected canned goods and turkeys to donate to needy families. "It was an experience because we got out of school, we learned, and we did several service projects. I think we had a nice program," stated Roderick Clements. VQCT 225 226 DECA More than a class Having experience in a field was something that DECA students did not have to worry about. To be a member of the Distribution Education Clubs of America, a student had to have a job that related to marketing, merchandising, and management. DECA was a co-curricular chapter that related classroom activities with outside business activities. Roger Finley said, "I joined DECA because I was bored with seven classes a day. DE let me do something that made me feel important." DECA students seemed to enjoy and trust their teacher and sponsor, Ms. Stratton. Kealine Vita said, "I joined DECA because I knew that Ms. Stratton was an excellent teacher. She helped me find what I wanted for a career." Ada Chapman added, 'tMs. Stratton wasn't just a teacherg she was our friend. If a student was willing to work, she was willing to help him." bv K .-A 'N-'K The curriculum for the marketing and distribution education classes were not like other classes. Students studied several concepts of free enter- prise, entrepreneurship, selling, and merchandising. A student had to be enrolled in the class to be in the program. The purpose of the DE store was to raise funds for activities dealing with vocational understanding, social in- telligence, civic conscienceness, and leadership development. Christmas time was important and special to DECA students. They had a party for themselves at the Trail Dust, and then, each DECA student adopted an underpriviledged child from an East Dallas day care center. A party and presents were given to the children. Keidra Moore said, "Christmas in DECA was special, and I'll always remember it." YQ jeff Gilbreath, Brian jones, Roger Finley, Tina Shields, and Michelle Wilson have their cameras ready for sight-seeing in Washington D.C. 1' as I if T ' . 4.1. 1 ffftic? i n -Qs Q as zz- ,' l sg..s.sw . Q Brian jones speaks to DECA members and th parents at the installation ceremony. The officers are Laura Powell, Michelle Wils David Vance, Brian jones, Shannon Killebrew, 2 Missi Braswell. E-ian jones, Tina Shields, and Shannon Killebrew represent DECA with their third place float on the field the Homecoming game against Bryan Adams. with a water valve in Washington D.C. Shannon Killebrew makes a friend at the DECA Christmas party for underprivileged children. 10. 'a Row: Missi Braswell, Kealine Vita, Aldora Flores, Michelle Wilson, Letisia Vasquez, Shelley Collier, Ada Chapman, Shannon Killebrew. Row 2: Keidra Laura Powell, Rhonda Finley, Tina Smith, Tina Shields, Steve Briggs, Yolanda Crear, Martin Meza, Sandy Patterson. Back Row: Bill Combel, Alex Ker- Michael Wilson, Casey Mitchell, jeffrey Mitchell, Carlos Hemandez, Brian jones, David Vance, Adrian Gudino, Roger Finley, Don Barr, Ieff Gilbreath, Long, Lewis Canada, Lance Smith. Brian Iones, Roger Finley, and jeff Gilbreath play tug-of-war DECA 227 L .2 Ti? Laura Powell, Shannon Killebrew, David Vance, Brian jones, and Michelle Wilson look forward to being DECA officers. Sandy Petterson won't trade anything for "her guy" at the Trail Dust. 228 DECA Rhonda Finley thinks of all the things she hagtci before the trip to Oklahoma. 'fa Ms. Stratton and "her boys" QLance Smith, Roger ready to take on Washington D.C. Adrian Cudino waits patiently for the first DECA meeting at 7:30 in the morning. Finley, Brian jones, David Vance, and Don Barry a BN Shelley Collier makes a friend at the DEC Christmas party for underprivileged children. 'WW' ..,., fi i...L.n t ian Jones, Tina S Jnference. 1 rf N---...,,' 45 5, 'Ur-isdn' ae' if Martin Meza finds a new girl at the DECA Christmas party. , Z A f 5 far if C 9 In second period, Missi Braswell and Shannon Killebrew enjoy a break. mith, Jeff Gilbreath, and Lance Smith enjoy Padre Island during the DECA State www' ill Anglin can't wait to get "his"steak at the Trail It's a rainy day in Oklahoma for Michelle ist. Wilson. tv f"" Carlos Hemandez and Ada Chapman are on the way to Oklahoma. DECA 229 230 DECA Roger Finley catches an hour's nap on the way to Oklahoma with DECA. Clyde Turner and Yolanda Crear supervise Kevin Long, Kyle Watson, and friend enjoy decorating for the DECA Christmas party. each other at the DECA Christmas party. Letisia Vasquez and Aldora Flores discuss the DE store profits during second period. ik N 'Zur 2'-'13 Casey Mitchell brings the drinks for the DEC Christmas party. S "hr-f' At Brian jones' house, DECA students are glad they have completed the float. .aura Powell, Roger Finley, and Ada Chapman are ,t the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. ,xt C e l ,HDD .'KQ r .5 noun' fy , , in is if , 'Aff Q """' Y' A... my-:K .. ,, ., I L ff-2 r----ew ,, C ,, . ,. . .. ,, . - eff Gilbreath, Roger Finley, Brian Jones, David Vance, Tina Shields, Michelle Wilson, Don Ban, Laura 'owe1l, and Ada Chapman enjoy the capitol in Washington D.C. At Chili's, Laura Powell takes a break from the Area II Conference. ,N V, -.... . V' . . 1156, What a HERO HECE, Home Economics Cooperative Education, was a work program for students who held jobs that delt with child care, floral design- ing, food services, dietary aides, fashion sales, home furnishings, and nursing aides. These students were also members of HERO. Ms. Brown, the sponsor, had thirty-five students in the club. In the class, students concentrated on main- taining records, preparing income tax, personal financing, job training, managing money, and preparing for an interview. Belinda Mays said, "I joined HECE because I wanted to learn about the skills I needed in my 3 'wh ,umm First period officers are Angela jackson, Shannon Cooley, Roy Waters, and Shannon Shaw. 232 HERO career choice." At Thanksgiving, the HERO students provided dinner for a needy family. At Christmas, the HERO students themselves had a banquet at Spaghetti Warehouse. Yolanda Smith said, "Ms, Brown was a wonderful teacher. She helped prepare us for the real world." To help raise money for activities dealing with the class, the students sold personalized valentine hearts and candy. Robin Castaneda stated, "I was in HERO because I felt the ex- perience I would receive from the class would help me in life." mlm Shannon Cooley Fashion sales Robin Castaneda Fashion Sales R Shannon Cooley, Shannon Shaw, and Robin Castaneda talk about their day at work. Christopher Meredith Food Service Tommy Mills Household Sales -1 'ax .dx x' . 5 S W 4 Q ,D ,.. ,-f1 A N i l F' tan S -W . - ' -sf. " . onald Mokry, Susan Davis, Robin Castaneda, Iohnny Points, Donald Mokry, and Shannon Cooley discuss how much Uncle Sam takes out of their checks. i:5f1Qii:::':.-viiirms. I K it Row: Valencia Hollins, Renita Otis, Shannon Shaw, Row 2: Angela jackson, Shannon Cooley. Back ': Christene McMullen, Roy Waters, Tommy Mills, Charleen Plafcan. DE? Christene McMullen, Roy Waters, and Renita Otis look at the scrapbook. Rf Dorothy Wooten shows her friends the Halloween spirit. HERO 233 Stephanie Hall Fashion Sales 'D - it e - s. ' .N- X 35 "' 'Q' is 'Qn tt , X Q Q N PL ' " Wi Angela jackson Fashion Sales Third period officers are Belinda Mays, Tenesa Manning, Melida Perez, Deidra Walton, Nancy Goans, and Trepasco Stanton. 234 HERO ,, if jennifer Buchanan Alecia jones Child Care Aide Fashion Household Sales Valencia Hollins Food Service I Renita Otis Carol Kristof Food Service Food Service Floral Design L Christene McMullen kia Front Row: Dorothy Wooten, Belinda Mays, Fonda Sims, Nancy Goans. Row 2: Melida Perez, Back Row: Holmes, Deidra Walton, Lee Ammons, Tashun Creag, Yolanda Smith, Tenesa Manning, Trepasco Stanton. ,mi XA. 'Cf'-7 Shannon Shaw Charleen Plafcan Roy Waters Dorothy Wooten Fashion Sales Child Care Aide Food Service Child Care Aide ggi D Lynette Butler Child Care Aide Child Care Aide Food Service Food Service Belinda Mays Tenesa Manning Lee Arnmons Fonda Sims Trepasco Stanton Yolanda Smith Melida Perez Child Care Aide Fashion Sales Child Care Aide Fashion Sales C Q1 qv H ,V 'f -' Deidra Walton Deanna Brown Fashion Sales Floral Design Food Service Child Care Aide Nancy Goans Kim Oanh Nguyen HERO 235 The Sentinel -in the news Time was very valuable to The Sentinel staff members. It was one deadline after another, but the staff stayed close and had fun together even when things looked tough. Hard work paid off for the students, and constant support from their sponsor, Ms. Bell, helped the staff achieve their goals. "I felt honored to be able to work with such a fine group of talented and dedicated students who strove for ex- cellence in producing The Sentinel ," said Ms. Bell. 46 in I l i er' . , I 4, af., Ra Tl wir, f ',r. gi, 1 . mx - ia' . Tasha Stinson Donna Davis Editor-in-chief Editor '32, .gsg ,X , ff?-' Me ji, ,Q Ms. Betty Bell Advisor 236 Sentinel Staff members seemed to enjoy being a part of this organization. Kevan Ferguson said, "I heard The Sentinel was fun. I learn- ed a lot about journalism, and it became my favorite class." joel Cruz added, "I joined because a friend of mine asked me to, and I became real involved. It was a learning experience." The staff attended a UIL workshop at ET- SU, a UIL practice meet in Plano, a district UIL meet at Skyline, and a UIL convention in Austin. Bs L-1--L Missey Pinnekins and Angela Iones make postei for the sale of the December issue of The Sentinel . HIS.. 7 1 an-S-tx g K I Q Xp X K . - j X gi- x XF , ., . ,,.,,...,ff f 'M ' ' Kevan Ferguson shows Harold johnson how much fun it is to be an artist on The Sentinel as he draws an a for Skyline Savings. iff, 'I , A . L , 5'-7 a ' - A ! K Ray Hulse Richard Crawford Gina McCoppin joel Cruz Greg Cherry Tammy Butts Sports Editor Entertainment Editor Advertising Manager Photographer Sports Editor Features Editor , W: 1 six 3 I' I 2 p S 2: X as fo , N Q 'E 3 , I 42:51 X he 4, 4 ' Crissy Ortiz Tommy Courson Allen Christian Kelly Walker Kelly Fitzgerald Michael jones Assistant Editor Sports Editor Photographer Photography Editor News Editor Photographer F e -, H is A wb. . Q. x X1 Y Angela Sudkamp Unikki Williams Misti Ransom Stacey Reames Kevan Ferguson Lori Hoppert Editorial Editor News Editor Editorial Editor Features Editor Artist Editor Ili? , egvifl A.. ront Row: Angela Pennie, Tonya McCoy, Michelle Kirksey, Susan Dale, Kevin lcCullough, Row 2: Reginald Kimbro, Ivan Ibanez, Paula John, Gloria Flakes, athy S1aven,joey Sill. Row 3: Angela jones, Jewel Benjamin, Lisa Hollins, Sheila rrington, Debbie Oatman, Debbyle Seifert, Sofia Martinez. Row 4: Chris Yates, annie Land, Cynthia Davis, joey emandez, Charla Carbaugh, Dana Troncosco. ack Row: Craig jones, Lance Phillips. lf" '5 Lisa McE1haney and Shanna Vines rush to meet deadline time, Q , if q M ,f fgib, firraffjt Sentinel 237 Red, white, and TORCH Hard work, dedication, listening, learning, and, most important, deadlines were an important part of being on the TORCH staff. Work was important, but it wasn't everything. The staff had good times and made special friends in this organization. Crissy Ortiz said, "It was a lot of work, but I did enjoy it. Ms. Mc- Collum was a really great person to work with." Tracie Hampton added, " TORCH was fun, but it required a lot of time and effort." Ms. McCollum, the advisor, gave her time, energy, and friendship to the staff, and that was what made them work hard. Ms. Dailey, the ad- visor, was also new to the staff, but she was always there with a helping hand and a smile. Ms. McCollum said, "Putting out a yearbook took a lot of time, patience, and dedication. Some students at Samuell were critical of the yearbook staff. My comment to them was 'If you think it is easy, then sign up for yearbook and see if you can do a better job.' The staff was made up of many dedicated students. Crissy Ortiz did a wonderful job with the copy. Robert Bailey and Terry Carol always came through when a Monica Hamilton knows Coke is the only way to go. 238 TORCH picture was needed. john White was always there to pick up and complete other peop1e's work. I wouldn't have made it without Monica Hamilton. She kept me sane. I appreciated each student and his f her contribution." Some of the TORCH staff attended a week long journalism workshop at SMU to prepare themselves to work on the yearbook. There were many positions and duties that each person was assigned, and, together, they made a fine group. Iohn White said, "Being in TORCH was a lot of hard work, but in the end it paid off." The staff put in hours after school and a week in Iune after school was out to finish the yearbook. Ricky Phillips said, "We all put in our share of hard work. We had a great time getting to know everybody. I had fun working with everyone and this yearbook will be the best ever." Monica Hamilton added, "TORCH was one of the hardest and most time consuming things I did this year, but I loved it because of the staff and the advisors. We had our good times and our work times, but we always played or worked together, like a family." 8' Y . ? . V . .,.. . 5 I .1 I I in if y I2 " "'.. v ' . , ,I ,fjyfnyiw v'f' QQ irtt v , , .,.. . . ,,... ,...,. . .,.. , , '.f'- - , ...,,..., X , . , . ff 7 X9 Agn ,,, ww? M w f 5423 2 fr 1, M , ,. ,if 3 N .ak .. I I .vi I Irls W I I t .V , . I . t Ms. McCollum has a Coke and a smile. lk' e ......,....b K . Front Row: Faith Tomlinson, Amy Smelser, Robert Bailey, Stacey Yates, Brenda Billings, Donovan 'I ner. Row 2: Stefanie Smith, Ioann Tabaniag, Terry Carol, Danny Dominguez, Bonny Niccolls, D4 Bellah, Vanda Edwards, Barbra Dempsey, Shawn Webb, Iohn White, Monica Hamilton. Back Row: C thia Wallace, jonathan Bickell, Ricky Phillips, julie Cranberry, Michael Rogers, Cynthia Espinoza, Ru Ansley, Crissy Ortiz, Claudia Davila, Tonya Vail, Khristina Lefils, Robyn Caylor, Lorraine Rodrig Cristal Miles, Carrie Stone, Billy Robinson. SMU, Lorraine Rodriguez watches as Monica ,,'l.,, ,L, ,L-,,L-,,L- ,,,-, Coke adds life to Joann Tabaniag. X x is Yr r ,x' t I ,icky Phillips likes the popcom he received at the 'ORCH Christmas party. xfh JL5' x- .ifif X While Tracie Hampton identifies pictures, Danny Dominguez tries to layout one ofthe sports pages. - ' - " - ' 5 r,sa i s --.1 Ms Cristal Miles wants more than just a case of For Khristina Lefils, Russell Ansley, and Claudia Davila, Coke. there is no such thing as work during seventh period TORCH . There is not enough Coke in the world for Crissy Ortiz. Robyn Caylor thinks Max Headroom is a gas. TORCH 239 Ms. Dailey really thinks Coke is it, :tsl Tonya Vail and Robyn Caylor try to identify another freshman picture. john White looks up to his yearbook advisor, Ms. McCollum. 240 TORCH Cristal Miles is warned by Crissy Ortiz Robert Bailey can take pictures and drink Coke at the same time. It takes a Coke truck to return all of Iulie Granberry's empty Coke bottles. that if she isn't nice, her copy won't be written. lt's lonely at the top for TORCH editor-in-chief, Monica Hamilton. J -fa-in-'V :N X 'K iwn Webb fMax Headroomj has a painful ses- 1 with the video van. Russell Ansley supports the wave. l l ,, Y ' X- YQ ,, ,,W. liiz r ' 4 ., .5 . x. . 6 Vik , j Q ithia Espinoza really knows how to "catch the Je". Bonny Niccolls knows Coke is the real thing. Lorraine Rodriguez delivers another truck load of Coke. nv , ' 1.5252 55 k R N B fi 4 Ib "W , ... f A - U N. xg V. - N Brenda Billings takes a ride on the video van. t Qkfwfi lilly, ' 'Ugg Until Q Jonathan Bickell is ready for a day's work at the Coke factory. Tracie Hampton chooses Coke over Dr. Pepper. ni When it comes to photography, Robert Bailey is in the driver's seat, TORCH 241 nn, 'N A . L L ,M 'f m ff , ky Lk ,- :. -,.f 1 E K . inf f. V ' L .I R h I X-sei X , at K C it 5,1 tl - ,' Q '--- R l Vanda Edwards, Dottie Bellah, Cynthia Espinoza, Iohn White, Lorraine Rodriguez, and Bonny Niccolls drin to the TORCH. 4 me 5 E ' 5573 Shawn Webb and Robert Bailey dicuss the pic- tures for Shawn's page. 242 TORCH Carrie Stone catches a ride any way she can. l gb? 2 12? N. Tonya Vail closes the door on her TORCH work for 1987. john White is a real Coke case when it comes to TORCH work. Faith Tomlinson takes a ride to get away from TORCH work. Ricky Phillips keeps his hand on the wheel he's working for TORCH . Terry Carol computes the chemical balance of each ofthe Cokes, J J ttie Bellah wonders how much money she Khristina Lefils takes a ride to the Coca-Cola uld get if she returned all these Coke bottles. plant. W, b V ' , -w At SMU camp, the TORCH staff takes a break to thank Coca-Cola. th ff -if ff .9 +44- s. Dailey demonstrates to Ms. McCollum and Monica Hamilton the correct way to "catch the wave". "V diet -ff-we Cynthia hspinoza is on top of the industry. ei l l ,C .azaii soft drink 624' Coke puts a squeeze on Cynthia Wallace. Billy Robinson idolizes Max Headroom. TORCH 243 y W, During seventh period TORCH , Stacey Yates types in her copy while Amy Smelser and Billy Robinsf wait for their turn. SCHOL R S 244 Academics Q- 'QS , g y 2 . ff V aff 'afar We ,Q , ' ' It - '- 95542 4 f 9 vw v g F I :gf , . . , M Q ,, H , X iwijw aw? X a 1 at ,. fa t yd Lrlk El X Qt Ax i di Li' X I ja, I il hi' 'ff 'y v - . if r f . ' 1 ' - 'ta H H ,v , I ' Q f N , t I ' 7- f V, ,rf I yi ,p 'V ' fig' 1 I' ' , , Y lr '87, C? , second period English, Felicia Finley listens as s. Braden gives instructions on how to do foot- Qtes on a research paper. Learning, making good grades, and njoying their classes was important to ie Spartans. Iohn White said, 1'My tvorite class was English IV B. I liked fading Macbeth because it was in- eresting, and the quotes were funny. It 'as very challenging, and I loved my eacherf' Samuell students found that it was the zachers' interest in them and their work mat made learning fun. Russell Ansley aid, "My favorite class was English IV B ecause I finally learned how to do a esearch paper, and I enjoyed joking . W j 3? I 4 During fifth period biology, Charee jones ex- amines the swamp water from Cherrybrook Lake and its "friends". with my teacher." Cristal Miles added, "My favorite class was chemistry. I liked Mr. Nicholson. I-Ie was a good teacher and he was interesting." Working and learning with friends was also a part of learning. Wesley Cox said, "I think that when I enjoyed doing something, I learned a lot easier." Ioann Tabaniag said, "My favorite class was geometry. There were a lot of fun people in there." "My favorite class was chemistry because I had an extremely cute lab partner," added Julie Cranberry. Anita Ieffery works on her typing drills during seventh period in Ms. Thomas' class. Academics 245 Mad about experiments The first thing most students think of when they hear the words lab ex- periment are visions of a mad scientist working on an odd man with a square head. For the Spartans, this type of experiment would only be seen in the movies. The most popular course to perform experiments in was chemistry. Tam- my Butts said, "Lab experiments were a lot of fun. I liked mixing the chemicals together and seeing how far up the chemicals would bubble." Although some people viewed chemistry as bubbling chemicals and i X t 'fit' I - . .'.5,Qi .t p .,, i ,... t , 0 , s 3. " - v l p . S D' Q 8 an, -x av' a g . . Q . x . -3: f,.. , 1 , , ii Isz r' 5 ' as.-if . 0 ' ' i .. Q . .WJ mfg. - H. a l' qi by , 0 4 .x p gg O Q g 0 .C 5 H, , x 1 at , Q Q . f ff X . Q nt Q, W., 2 . Y., R-ka , . , . . Q kg gr, Q T + 'Ti P 'd Q Y t Q V , a A! 5 , Q ' K- in ' "i ' ' gi -lx. U I , , A U t ,W tgptt ri xi Z, tl ...t:.ft. 1,5 HQ... t .. ' . ..,.. ,. . R '1-1t X 5 t Don Huckeba takes Earl Skelton hostage and brings art to life in seventh period. 246 Academics exploding test tubes, it was really a matter of proportions. Too much of one chemical and not enough of another could sometimes cause ac- cidents. julie Granberry said, "One time Kenneth Athey tried to catch Paul Bohme on fire with a burner." Biology also offered its share of ex- periments too. The dissection of animals ranged from frogs and worms to fish and cats. Monica Hamilton said, "When we worked with the cats, it seemed like people would avoid us, and I never understood why." e--- '- 5525? s Steve Solano concentrates on a self portrait in Art I Darren Veail completes a book report on Where th Red Fern Grows for Ms Anderson's class Tommy Courson works on a focus question on nutrition while Terry Withrow tries to get Ms. Alexander' attention. 4 l oert Blakely files plastic for a name tag in third riod plastics. ngela Sudkamp stuffs envelopes for Ms. Russell preparation for math competition. 'K Sr Artez Tate discusses his six weeks' average with Mr. Chappell in physical science. -1!! 'Gi Hae-Sun Lee, Iris Steward, and Lucy Chang wait for the test results to be passed out in third period pre-calculus. Terminal headaches Spending hours in the library, reading through books, and rummag- ing through magazines were part of the ritual of doing the dreaded term paper. "To get started, I got my note cards written and categorized so that the writing would be easier," said Kevan Ferguson. Kristina Lefils added, "I read everything I could get my hands on about my topic." The next step in writing the paper involved spending hours late into the night organizing notes and thoughts together for the outline, rough draft, and final paper. "The hardest thing was trying to make my final draft in- formative yet interesting to the reader. We had to combine the author's life and one of their novels so it was like writing two papers," said Amy Smelser. Iulie Cranberry added, "Writing the final copy was very hard because of the spacing. I had to be sure and leave enough room for footnotes." Finding enough information proved to be the most difficult for many students. Many students drove all over town to different libraries to find sources. The drive from the Grove to the downtown library became a familiar path to many Spartans. Cristal Miles said, "Finding periodicals was hard. I had to drive all over the place to get enough information." Academics 247 ff ' Lmim f Herman Haynes helps Kim Risinger with the laws of motion in introduction to physical science. Gimme a break How smart were the Spartans? This was the question for the 1986-1987 school year. Not only did students have to put up with the usual six weeks tests, daily quizzes, and semester exams, but also with the SAT, TEAMS, TAP, and the STEELS. How did the Spartans prepare for these tests? Jeremy Davis said, "You either knew it or you didn't, you couldn't learn it all in a few minutes." Benetta Gaston added, "If I studied too early for a test, I would forget it. I usually spent about thirty minutes studying for each test." The Standard Achievement Test, better known to most students as the SAT, was a test that many up- perclassmen took. Scores from this test were used for scholarship pur- poses and as acceptance requirements at many colleges. Cristal Miles said, 'IA big group of friends studied on a 248 Academics Doris Cook takes the STEELS test in seventh period introduction to physical science. L 1 In the library, Tony Cervantes puts up after tak- ing notes on Henry the VIII. computer one night. We knew how important these scores would be, and we wanted to do well." The Texas Educational Assessment of Minimum Skills is a test that students were required to pass before they graduated. Stacey Reames said, "They warned us about the TEAMS test, but I knew a lot of students who didn't study." The Tests of Achievement and Pro- ficiency, taken on April 29th and 30th by ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders, to determine student progress, and the Survey Tests of Essential Elements f Learner Standards, taken at the end of each semester and counting ten percent of the semester grade, were not liked very well by most students. Ioann Tabaniag said, "I didn't like taking tests anyway, but the big tests really put a lot of pressure on me." fl Q , ,, 1, If it Bruce Iones takes advantage of his third period study hall by completing his homework. Mr. Coleman helps Harlena Smith with squa roots in Algebra I. If "'--Q.. ld Merrell finds typing drills easy in Ms. mas' seventh period class. ifer Graham and Maggie Bridger study a Qvter on nutrition in homemaking. The wave of the The age of computers had arrived and computers were being used by many people for a number of reasons. Samuell was no exception, they had their share of computers, computer classes, and uses for the computer. Ricky Phillips, of the TORCH staff, said, "It was easy to change mistakes, and we didn't have to re-type infor- mation on the quad-paks. It was a real time saver." The Sentinel staff and the TORCH staff found the computers very helpful for organizing, developing, and printing out ideas. Ms. Bell said, "The computer helped us to produce a more timely newspaper. The Sen- tinel editors gained valuable ex- perience that they would be able to use as they pursued their journalistic careers on a college level." Monica Hamilton, of the TORCH staff, said, "It was fun learning all the things the computer would do. I was lucky all the keys I pushed were the right X S 'fi '33 xr ftgj g- ug.. - . . ,. ., im .... K -t it - ' is-E T Keithia Broiles, Tracie Hampton, and Manuel Alvarez discuss "El Cid" in fifth period Spanish Ill. future ones." A lot of Spartans really enjoyed us- ing the computer, and they found that learning and working on them was an experience. Kevan Ferguson said, "I was a student in Computer Math I. I thought I should learn about com- puters because they are the wave of the future." Mr. Sybert, the computer math instructor, said, "I had some ex- cellent programmers. My students were excited and ready to learn." Ms. Alexander added, "I loved using the computer to average grades each six weeks and to keep a running total of the grades all year long." Although most teachers and students enjoyed programming, some found themselves frustrated with the computers. Gina McCoppin said, "I didn't know a thing about them, and they scared me. I wasn't real sure of what to do." Tasha Stinson added, "I didn't like the computers because I didn't understand them." - 'M-fig Tj Visions of making a 100 in Ms. Bell's English II class dance in Mark Walker's head. Academics 249 A picture is worth a thousand words Video tapes and VCR's were in great demand at Samuell. Viewing the latest play or novel that was read in English classes was a favorite past time for the Spartans. Most students enjoyed the break from the usual routine. Not only was watching videos a break, it helped students understand. Carrie Stone stated, "I saw the Diary 0fAnne Frank, and it gave me a deeper insight as to what was happening. I'm glad that we had the chance to see the video." Iohn White added, " Excalibur was full of action, and I liked it a lot better than the stories The Passing of Arthur and The Day of Destiny Max Taub said, "I watched the Scarlet Let- ter, and I thought it was intriguing and mysterious." Unfortunately, not everyone was able to see a video. Shirley Bray said, " We never had the chance because they were always out." Amy Smelser added, "I saw one video in English, but we also saw some in psychology." .wp--1 'ffl Mfr ' Russell Barlow, To y Cervantes, jeff Tatum, and Ferrenski Woodley complete study questions on The n Taming ofthe Shrew in fourth Bill Hasty demonstrates the "Problem of To- day" for a brownie point in pre-calculus. 250 Academics Hector Amador and Michael Rogers "relax" in pre-calculus. Araceli Teniente types a business letter in seventh period. ,NE , U '14 f A few A Christine I-locker hurries to finish her graph i Algebra II. Ramon Guerra gathers information for his boc report for CLA II. k,,r 'ryr . , Vg' gf 1 W ff 5 ,fn if qi! Ms' fwfr, - 6, at ? .4 ,, 1 ,. ,,'.- " Y ' Q ' 2 as . fy ,.. -, .MW px "1"wf?a f:..H My r .... V . "': 'P' 'f M2222 ,. Lopez shares her knowledge of cosmetology th Saunia m Baskin works on his vocabulary in sixth period astics. Tommy Courson, David Ford, Mitchell Rogers, Ms. Arthur, and Shaynor Newsome battle a calculus problem during third period. About this time every year With diploma in hand, Spartans looked to the future. Many students planned to go to college and further their education. Those who had not planned on college were ready to enter the world of work. Some Spartans planned on attend- ing a four year university either close to home or away. Crissy Ortiz, who planned on going away to college, said, "I'm going to attend Texas A8:M. I think that I will enjoy it because it is a spirited school." Iohn White, who planned to attend a university in the area, said, "I'm ma- joring in political science at North Texas State University. I want to become a paralegal." Donna Davis stated, "I'm going to NTSU and take up business administration." Kevan Ferguson said, "I'm North Texas bound, A lot of my friends were going to NTSU, and I knew we would have fun together." Two year colleges were also popular with the Spartans. Brenda Billings stated, "I planned to attend Eastfield part-time and then go to VTI to become a paralegal." Tasha Stinson said, "I'm going to Eastfield to train to be' a registered nurse." Unikki Williams was set on going to Nelson's Beauty College to become a cosmetologist. Missey Pinnekins add- ed, "I'm not sure what I want to major in, but I am going to Mountain View College." Kelly Walker said, "I plan to attend Eastfield for a while and then move on to ETSU." College wasn't for everybody. Some Spartans had jobs waiting and ready for them when they graduated. Gina McCoppin stated, "I planned to move into an apartment and pursue my theatrical career." Tony Cervantes said, "I am going to keep working and maybe later on when I've saved some money, I can start taking some college courses." Barbra Dempsey added, "I'm going to work for a year and then attend college." Academics 251 Let's get physical Running, aerobics, and joining a health club were important to a lot of Spartans. Joann Tabaniag said, "I was in drill, and I played on the tennis team, but I still wanted more so I join- ed a health club. It was exciting, and I met new people." Physical education was not only important to keep in shape, it was healthy for you. Ms. Lynd said, "Physical education is extremely im- portant. Without being physically fit, a person can't be alert or active men- tally." Ms. Alexander added, i i.'. Q. ii' . I tfzii. 3- X 1,. 5 us In Mr Coleman's class, jimmy Beeton reviews a chapter on exponents before taking a test. 'N .v-, ,.-1" .aff ,Zi - The Pearl has captured Lionell Goodmans and Sheree Jarvis' interest. 252 Academics "Everyone needs physical exercise to stay in shape. I think all people should at least learn about it." Either at school or on their own time, Spartans made sure that they had their recommended daily allowance of excercise. Monica Hamilton said, "Excercise was very important because that was the only way most people had to stay in shape and keep healthy." Scott Wafford added, "I knew pyhsical fitness was good for me, and it gave me something to do other than study." ' i lgm, .fp is When the computer is down, Sherri Waffoi alphabetizes attendance sheets in the data office. Ms. Piering helps Clay Domstead with an essay on To Killa Mockingbird for Ms. Dailey's class. In first period, Mr. Wartes rehearses "The Star Spangled Banner" with the band. nile Elisa Thompson and Laura Woody hold the stick, Ricardo Pineda sees how low he can go at the ied Youth recreation day. A'i' B .f r x ' t u lviaivgisx Y: XE .. fpt S t -t. ,fig seventh period ESOL, Hien Nguyen cuts out In seventh period art, Micky Deleon gets his :abulary words for the day. line drawings out of his portfolio before class starts. sa ef at t 1-'Qin ENN' W" - L, 0 J. ff Robert Davidson listens to Mr. Allen give the deadline for the weekly drawings. In second period PE, Dylan Langreder and Waymon Tiemey retrieve arrows after archery. il 1 'Q fi N72 , .ff Z -Z' 5 Shannon Killebrew and Hae-Sun Lee listen to Ms. McCollum read the daily announcements. Academics 253 ':.-1- . -v- 1, 1 , t3Vf'fS5V'?9?Z'?97"?2f3I'4?YT75i7fi?i WFSNBJYQ u?"A'?Zs3Wf WW' A KQQ if 3413-7Mg?fg7g1v1:5jg wss-wggm' ,135 1i Wm 1 Kmgaam' VK :eff Vg 11 1 We f's:'A9YKKvl9x5gQ41W"1,3 ,fa3331115g'1j5fvfgg5Kf?45f5,.,'A'q'A'f'A'W K w 1 9'-1, gg. fM3fN3efX, iZ'k4?'3Tf25iW"'1 115452 ??'YAfE5f973b -, , ,Nm SEQ w'wf:QfY531.A A57 11?fi:iE?3,W-51 SWSWV W- 5'9" ' Qrmwn w MTM' . 159' MW Arr' ,: . 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Someewould senior friends reaily meant a lot to me, seeingggggh othereiillliihe fallatgcllege, ee,eeeeee ,and going tg? miss them." Julie, the iei ii ie quite thefsame. Barbra Dempsey said, coming ii i back and visiting" Ricky' knewie elew as goigigq to my e e Phillipsgagljd, "I'mgg1ad theyfge leavingwe iiii all e ii'i m i wished theibest for allfdf them." ff i eiii ' L, L I r , 25552 F Eniiihgs 255 J eei i eeee W . WL :s,x'5 ifgi - l f so e esso of en- thusiosm and impatiehfieihsfrom the seniors and underclassmen. Students took. advantage of the proximity of and cramming f635l ?f1i eir exams and me STEELS tests. 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' ' f 1 g - V 5, . , X .t . .L 7 - WWW W-ww w -5:-ww-Q sweet ,, ,M i 1 we saqsgpaig Mw,,iseefi'm'w 'Pi' ,gf ,Q ,Last-Visalia-efsfiifrf-fewwe Z. ,-mm-,-.f'W1e t- fe 3333 Q??x?a5ge5fz:ng1s,i ':Wien-592553ei3?T2i37ls5'??2E7ist5e7izsEzF1iEf7iuiE?IiiE'Z?:E'Ez?- 56271: YH" sQQiezi4szfesz,iss:te1s iessevzislflzfeg fiiitse E-'ufizsfiiriifxiitxii geiieigifiilfeib :S-'51 1" is-'fs-B :--., mm it ii- . at We .s.fem.es-3..,e ., it-v wweeeffe-es: . 3 . wt .,f--is'ff,zf,,,,'famfiisaxiiiifwisiisifesieisne 4 -V ' 211-avsisffi''fifefewL--te:-X-':zzw.ft:e,i1Qsf-e4.-1- - W Q -1 5-Q ---- swtfefzz-.12z1tfe . ,215 tif :QQ st:.152z'i1.ssseLs s tyet s titea e ,AJi ' ,., M ,AA VV,,A 1 f A, at A ,. . V ,V may , ., ,k,,,,,,, MM, k VV K V V V LW' .. , , this F ,, ,A-Z f f --f x A IW j was t 7 " . J V , l 4 4 Mm P y y st g f ,y i .ge 'E' """'1 rf I vf V , 'L 'i a J ,L ,.,n ' e e eeese e b s l Q ' 7 e e ie e e Celffih the Spartans were not affected e i by most of the major news lsaidthats such as the "sex for leniancyu scandalg i i the the Iran Contra affair, and Chernobyl, or not. If they but, as a community, we had our own someone, they views about the incidents. john White Q fs o hy f ff e e said, "I knew that the things that hap- of PTL, was ac- pened were a big deal, but it seemed anaffair and his wife, like the media always made a bigger believed to be deal out of things than they really Jimmy were-" 1 5 s : into Federal iudge 'fem Cave .Wee yysiee Whef vowed if' the "Sex f0fe1enienW'f a then def- He Wee eeeueed Of giving s eesey eeeeeeee ysee W S ?emen'2eS of dismissing eeeee Case? sss Wigs Seniors s Carl In exchange for Sexualffavofs- eteelws Sheyeelf Cave was found not it Ricky Martin fel' 1e11ieeeY" eeeeeefieleeff 1 but e e fe'-me Suilfif' ef meil freed- s esesi Y e' he fjThe hee Ceeffe effeiei sfhe Sevemmeefageelliegei jfiif em-1 eyeii fekinge 'hens Pfefif: send giving' if fe efhe government e of Sevemmeet Seve meme? ie fhef ' ffeewithouf eeeafeeeieeel efeege t e t The frigat USS Stark was bombed iiiiiei eee l eees eeef eeeeee aii sselsss t i aa sss i ass ais aafss 's f s i t gave no explantions as to why they did it. After this, the U.S. increased 260 Endings by an Iraqi jet in the Persian Gulf. s t already died s eiees f 1 e s A i Adrian James takes her "final" Pefi0dEH81iShIV- e e .4-X gun ill -. K W .K R X lg , Q, X ff ff lf 6 1 f l wwe. ""d'A ilsioeeman Billy Watson tosses 'one to the The 1987-1988 student couneil prie5igIeni,'Lori Valencia Hollins looks over her English IV the student counci1's 10 to 2 loss to Zachary, welcomes the ,student to the course evaluation for errors before turning it in, . Awards Assembly on May 8th. g rr 1 Q.. N.. iofeff,fIiakes a little extra money on Scyene by if N. encourages the It'sf'Take Me today-" lrrr fi-s22,M:l:.f gseugfzsgslrf vm fmexneexsszzogzgg- SPHHHHS' i - llre r reer v .gxgwt -Q '-P og 331, fr e N S X Vilflpii p I. k I V H J, Wk , Yqv, I X e or wwe- i eff? ' 1 r of ff llfiionny Niccolls and Domingo Vega enjoy the main course at ' ' the Registry on prom night. L EndingS Tracie Hampton, Shanm Webb, Cynthia Espinoza, and Arnjigmelser bronrse at Dot's Flower-Pot wh John White and Lorraine Rodriguez disagree about who is going to take homethe. stuffed animal, 1 c r I c I, V p e .p . c r I DVERTISERS 3 A few years ago, back to school meant Mother taking herd son or daughter shopping for jeans, an few shirts, and dresses, and, of course, new shoesg All that had changed, and Mom didn't spend a day shopping for spirals and Bic pens. Most students did their own buying, selecting their clothes and school suppiies, aswell as records and tapes, cosmetics, and auto parts. s i "I liked to shop at Big Town Mall because it was close, and there were a lot of good buys," said senior John White whose check from his part time job went mostly for clothes and gas, 262 Advertisements 1 E 3 Q, 2 i ii Admitting she was an impulsive buyer, Joann Tabaniag, a junior, liked l the malls c if she were looking for several things to buy. "IfdI only g Wanted a pair of jeans or a shirt, i went to Iudy's. When I saw something I 1iked,d and I had the money, I bought Z! it anything from cassettes to the, wildest shirt I could get." e f i ii Teenage buying made a definite im- pactron the community and helped the businesses grow. The advertisers in Pleasanf Grove supported the Spar- tans and caught the wave in the 1987 TORCH. 5 At Fantasy Isle Video, Robert Bailey can't decida he wants to rent Rocky IV or Scarface . lei ,A W Zlfowef 1901 LAKE JUNE 6 BARBER 5HoP L. 8422 Lake Iune Road 41,3 391-9043 "We specialize in men's and women's haircuts 6' styling" Inn Prtts Norma Keeton Marshall Hooker PLEASANT DU D UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 8301 Bruton Rd CGME PLUG INTO THE EXCITEMENTV 214 3911540 151121 S pp gc 1 3915288 75217 A balanced youth mzmstry M wzth somethzng for you' 'W Sunday School 9 45 am Youth Cho1r 4 00 pm Sunday Youth Fellowshrp 5 30 pm Sunday b S . . 4 3 - to h ' - D ll T II ' ' fr In . . . , . H if 2' f ' , i 2 5 , 'I mm '-'- J ly ' Q 11' : : 0 R 1 Z ' A at Xl.-f?a...g1. Special Events, Retreats,YouthChoir, Tour, Camp, lg, X M ' " ' ff 1 J, . I L Small Groups, Bi le tudy, Work Camps, etc. ave., W u Ad 63 IACKSCDN SPURTING GOGDS INC Headquarters for Athletre Goods 4820 South Buckner Blvd Dallas, Texas 75227 Phone 388 0536 'ww , ct vw ff' clssows ' Stud Cecy's Golden Scissors Full Service Beauty Salon Harrcuts - Perms - Colors Un1 Perms Faclals Manicures Pedicures 10325 Lake June Rd Suite 142 CGC1l1a Davila owner 12141 289 8507 Your Full Serv1ce Master Card Florlst and V188 Carol s Flower Shop 410 Bruton Terrace Shopping Center 381 65 76 Congratulations Graduates Carol Wright X' QC Ioyce Strrck-land After Hours Call 287 2259 381 7272 Mobil 398-6669 Hughes Service Center Complete Auto Repairing 35 Yrs of F C E S 1n the Grove Area 1731 So Buckner W W fSezJ Hughes Dallas Texas 40 years 1n the buslness Bethany Baptist Church Dallas T a 7300 B R 398 8403 K k fEd w H fY h 1 915 M gw hp103oAM Congratulations 1987 Graduates -1 T 1 "AGrowin outh inistry" I , ex s . ruton oad - Hal in eade, Pastor Iesse Crouch, Min. o uc.fOutreach Dallas, Texas ayne arris,Ministero out S d yS hoo - : A Mornin ors i : X 4 2, ' fb . rg? xx 97 ' . Q4 or Ad t t 265 1 Q 1 1 gel, t V lgb I l l I L Q 1' l 0 ' l .:gJ.. x I k 2222 Prairie Creek, Dalla FLowERs FoR ALL OCCASIONS WE SEND FLOWERS WORLDWIDE Blooms 8: Buds Florist Sz Gifts SBk St 388 4477 NEXT TO SKAGGS Carolyn Charles Lynch Watson BALLOON S 8: STUFFED ANIMALS Calvin Lee Ramage, DDS Family Dentistry Texas 75227 12145 388-2131 T SHIRTS TRENDS Dallas, Texas 75228 324-5776 N' ' 2223 o. uc ner, uie205 D ll ,T 75227 Card a as Bias Fm S 3535 N. Buckner Visa 1 A U Bruton A C Terrace Brrdal Shop I 8139 BRUToN DALLAS TEXAS 75217 Buqjkngf Anlfnal Desrgn your own dress Chmc 2730 S B k 388 4889 Jff yIP no M L yH yd N D M Mar1a8zA1ma 3881496 288 0060 COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL FLOORING Carpet Desrgn, Inc 2120 PRAIRIE CREEK SALES 8: INSTALLATION at BRUTON 388 3419 DAILY 7 00 6 00 ONE DAY SERVICE SATURDAY 8 00 3 30 ON REQUEST VIKING CLEANERS WE SPECIALIZE IN SCHOOL JACKETS BAND AND DRILL UN IFORMS AND LAKEIUNE I0 ANN SMITH PRESERVING WEDDING GOWNS AT PRAIRIE CREEK 391 1467 D 11 T 75217 , I p A I Q , I 1 , bit 1 Wax' ,rr J 2,1 , I ul 3 ar i I' W bf Q 12 0 1 . . Tuxedo rentals . uc ner - e er . rui , .V. . . uc a on ix, .V. . ' I O ll I I ll ' EXHS r-v I I 4 I' MADDEN ....,f, - I '5V9fYthing for your office' I I I LI 5455 lim Miller Dallas, Texas 75227 388-5639 I or 388-5423 Full Service Salon Hair N ,. Styles K ik 15, 9 1 Mary MEN ' WOMEN ' CHILDREN PERM ' TAN NIN G Mention this ad: 5515.00 off perm 558.00 for haircut OPERATOR MARY RAMSEY 8932 LAKE IUNE RD. OWNER C2145 398-6321 Cy Blackburn Insurance Agency, Inc. HARLEY BELLOWS 8222 BRUTON ROAD DALLAS, TEXAS 75217 2147398-2505 Gm!-IVY BUY RENT SELL Zs LEASE SHIPLETT, REALTORS 9181 Bruton Road, Dallas, Texas 75217 Business 388-0691 Residence 285-9023 HARLEY BELLOWS QQSLQTE 344 Y th B WADE TELEPHONE SYSTEMS t t bT fy k'kB Syt FREE 48 4116 ESTIMATES ass 8751 Dallas 5217 1?leasant wood Baptlst ilhurrh 7530 Hawn Freeway Dallas Texas 75217 391 3148 Sunday SC11001 Evening Morning 9 45 AM Worship Worship 7 00 PM 1 1 00 AM Sponsors of Pleasant Wood Ch st a School 8: Ple nt Wood Day Ca e Ce te K 6th G ades Q y D greed Te che s Ages 18 months 12 years Ch ldre Spec al sts in e us' Commercial - R 'dential Comple e Phone Sys ems "No Io oo Large or Too Small" Service - Sales - Installation - Repairs Prewire ac s usiness s ems Na E OOl of "Ask About Our One Call Concept" 391 - - 80 1 1 I-A f- - v v VV ,V lg Lila ' 4 1 O ri i n asa r n r ' r " ualit Education at Lowest Possible Cost" e a r - i n i i Pleasant Grove First Baptist Church 1401 South Buckner Blvd. ----- Dallas, Texas 752 1 7 Pastor - Steve Swofford Church Phone 391-2193 Sund V s d yS h 1930 . V W --- -1- --,, e y . y g. W 21292 PANTAsY1sLE VIDEO 3 ,O J .jslcur Sa Kon l tl1 42 , W 4 W M M Sales 8: Ren tals 3 2940 S Buckner 381 4704 II C ll 0 I I 1 S Il CHS 'r in X x , 3 , r 4 X i L, I ,Ot E ml ' I Z 1 1 iam jr ll , 2' 1 , 2 1, 'ff ' I . Q I I F ' WWE W + f 131. , rv 5 .s. 0 o 5 "31 fl A S xlU"iw-'Zi 7 V 1 M' is 'Q 4, - tl" P 1. M93 ia rown jane peeae 718 . uc ner u . 'f - O EAST .Enriching lives LD information 324 7100 EASTFIELD CULLEGE lg 37 M010 M qteTX 50 6. A .gf pn , KW x . I Cindy Aynes - Ray Hulse - Tina Shields - "Is the cheer one bit or two bits?" "I am ready to play guard for the "And it is good to the very last drop." Samuell Spartans." 3. AVA I 5 , , ja Kitt Brenda Billings - "My doll is better than the lunchroom food." Shannon Killebrew - Dorothy Wooten - Katrina Wade - Nancy Goans - "I am one of those girls who just wants "All I want for Christmas is my two "I got my diploma and I am ready for "I am ready for the Indianapolis 500." to have fun." front teeth." the real world." f-22, Sandy Staab e Billy Robinson - Annette Garcia - Vanda Edwards -- "Blondes really do have more fun!" "I already got my limo lined up for the "Ms. Lynd, is my hair the right color?" "Ms. Adams, please let me pass AP prom." English." F ' 1 we E. 2 " WY , W N I 4 ' - -, lk - t ' W-who , 'r,,. 5 VIWLKVW My I Missi and Lisa Braswell - Danny Dominguez - Robert Bailey "We are double trouble." "But, Ms. McCollum, English IV "My smile gets those Starlets all the always makes me sleepy." time." 272 Advertisements Shawn Webb - "This is the next best thing to a Honda Interceptor." Cynthia, Since the day you were born, you have brought much joy to my life. I am very proud of all your ac- complishments through the years. You are special! I wish you much happiness in the future. Love, Mom John, Dad and l are very proud of you and your excellent achievements. Certainly your positive attitude and winning smile have brought you this far. john, you're certainly loved. Dad and Mom Crissy, We are very proud of you and all your achievements. The years have gone by too quickly. We love you very much and can't tell you how much happiness you've brought to our lives. We enjoyed seeing you involved and excited about your school activities and were pleased to have played a small part in them. Thank you for being you. Love, . Mom and Dad Monica, God be with you as you go forward. You did great and made us proud. A daughter everyone is proud to know. Love you, Dad, Mom, and Bubba Sherri Thank you for giving me eighteen years of joy. You have been a perfect daughter. You always have listened to me even though you sometimes disagreed. You have accomplished so much by not letting backstabbing friends or anyone stand in your way. You ve never let disappointment or unfaimess stop you so I know you can do whatever you want. Im so proud of you and I love you so much. Mom Lil Sis I couldn t have gotten a neater or more special sister had I ordered you! I ve also got the perfect partner for our Li-Sher Performing Arts. You have been so much more than my sister' you ve been my best friend!!! l love you! Lisa Tina Through the years you have given us so much joy and fort you can accomplish anything you set your mind to We are proud of you and want you to know we love you very much We are here whenever you need us God bless and keep you always Love Mom and Dad happiness. You have shown us that with hard work and ef- Advertisements 275 Dottie Good luck and con- gratulations on going to T.W.U. The whole family loves you and we re so proud of you. Dont ever change and keep your heart-loving ways. Love Mamma Danny Eighteen years have come and gone. My oh! My how you have rown. S So proud of you we surely are. In twelve years you have come so far. May all you have leamed from f I school and home Help you when you are on your lg own. ttt ' We love you Dear Terry You have given us years o love pride and laughter. We are blessed to have a son with your ethics character ' - telligence and talent. Your wit and sense of humor keep life interesting. Our love Mom and Dad I I I I I , , , , , X MM I I - Mom and Dad f fi W. i I f I I , , 1 I1 I I BECGME A LEADER Joi STUDE T CUUNCIL To the AP English class: Dear Cindy, Carl, Terry, Clay, Lucy, Tommy, Vanda, Cynthia, Kevan, Monica, Brian, Keidra, Crissy, Laura, Lorraine, Thank you for letting me use you as "guinea pigs" this year. Because of you, I have learned much and will put that knowledge to better use next year. I hope you know how much I will miss each one of you - we have a unique rela- tionship, and I am aware I'll never have such a class again. Please keep in touchg I am truly interested in learning how you spend your talents. Love, Ms. A. T0 ALL CJUR FAVORITES: Bm, J., Ms. Adams, Ms. Arthur, Ms. Dailey, Ms. h Your family ii Very Igroudiloffyou' You Lynd, and MS. Mccouumi ave ma e us appy or a o your 17 years. We love you very much. Good luck I in college. WE LL MISS YG ! Love Mom-Dad Billy, Brenda, Crissy, Cristal, Cynthia, Dottie, john, Lorraine, Monica, L0u'Kay'Mark Jr- Robert, Russell, Tommy, and Vanda. 276 Advertisements Nanc , Youll can be proud of the woman that you have become, while remember- ing that humility is often a virtue as well. You have a special goodness that comes straight from your heart. Always keep it with you, especially in the years ahead. You have grown to be very independent over the last few years. Try to remind yourself that being free can also mean having nothing left to lose. You have learned to stand up for the things you believe in. Remember that you also need to respect what others believe in. You are, and always have been, an honest and trustworthy person. Be honest with yourself and true to yourself in the years to come. Above all else is love, love for the world around you. Always love others, and you will always be loved. I love you, Mother Congratulations Missi and You have made us very proud. It only seems like yester- day that we were made the proud parents of twin daughters. Keep your eyes on the Lord, set your goals high, and nothing you aim for will be impossible. All our love, Mother, Daddy, and Craig Dear God, Thank you for good friends like john W., Cynthia E., Crissy, loann, Amy, Lorraine, Tommy, Cristal, Shawn W., Monica, Shaynor, and MKM. I know you sent them here to be my second family. May you bless them, keep them safe, and help them remember our special friendship. Lord, since I know they know you, even in the midst of their sins, help them always to look to you. I also thank you for my whole family. I thank you for the love and closeness we share. Continue to bless us with your divine care and benevolence and let them realize how much I love them and how proud I am of them. Last, but definately not least, I want to thank you for my mother. She has pushed me to be the best I could be - not always through words but through her actions of love. She took me in when my natural mother died, disciplined me and praised me with lots of hugs and kisses. Without a doubt, she is my best friend. Through disappointments, hurt, and lies, she never held a grudge and always gave me a smile. I love her but more importatly, I love you! Amen Russell Ansley Carl Ross Campbell To a little guy with a big heart. We are very proud of complishments in school. We love you. Best of everything in the future. Mom and Dad Shaynor You have brought us su joy! True success is certain if you continue to seek wisdom with Christ at the center of your life. Remember who you are and who you belong to! We love you so! l Mom and Dad you and your ac- I To the 1987 TORCH Staff You are my largest group and certainly the most diverse I have enjoyed getting to know you and I have enioyed working with each and every one of you I can honestly say something nice about each of you Because of your crazy ways your sense of humor and your ready smiles you made each day for me a happy one and the year the best I have had since I started teaching notice I didn t say the easiest year I do love you and wish you the very best in life To those of you who came that extra week and helped me Catch the Wave and meet our deadline a very special thank you Russell Ansley see me' You always made me laugh Remember BIB Robert Bailey you were always there when you were needed and you took just the right shot Dot tie Bellah you were either up or down I liked you up' jonathan Bickell you did whatever you were asked to do Robyn Caylor you really came through with the index and did an excellent iob Cynthia Espinoza you make me laugh too Others would be surprised at how much you did but not me julie Cranberry you had an easy year this year Look out for next year' Tracie Hampton your typing skills were greatly appreciated I expect great things from you Khristina Lefils you were always willing and ready to help Cristal Qwomp wompl Miles you really came through when you weren tsick Poor baby Bonny Niccolls you always had a question for me and I always had an answer Cnssy Ortiz you did an excellent job with the copy It was not easy was it? Ricky Phillips you got your pages in finally with a little prodding Look out' Billy Robinson your were my computer whiz Which button do I push? I orraine Rodriguez you were really speedy and got things done I could depend on you Michael Rogers you made me laugh too I never knew what to expect Came Stone you are a different person from the first day of school I am glad you decided to stay Joann Tabaniag you were dingy and were guilty of Amy errors but you got your work done' Faith Tomlinson you have really improved and I know you will be even better next year Tonya Vail you were always so cooperative and you always had a smile Okay' Cynthia Wallace you were quiet but I knew you were there because you always got your work done Shawn Webb you need to stay away from it You made me laugh and you made me smile Iohn White you really gave me a hard time but you really came through for me too" Monica Hamilton what can I say that I haven t already said Not only did you do a wonderful job with the 1987 TORCH you completed the work for the 1986 TORCH I love you all' Thank you again for a special year You are all special peo ple Love MKM . , I I . ' I 1 - ' . , I I . ' I l ' I I . , - , Advertisements 277 278 Senior Senior Credits A Aguirre, Iosett - 1. "B" Honor Roll 2. Woods 8: Waters 3. IV Cheerleader, Woods 8: Waters, OEA 4. OEA, Woods 8: Waters Aguirre, Laura - 1. Soccer 2. Choir 4. Art Club, FHA, Spanish Club, HERO Anderson, Latongela - 2. IV Volleyball, IV Basketball 3. V. Volleyball, V. Basketball 4. V. Volleyball - Co-Captain Ansley, Russell - 1. "B" Honor Roll, Band, Orchestra 2. NHS, Band, "B" Honor Roll, Orchestra 3. Band, Concert Choir, Allied Youth, NHS, Student Council, "B" Honor Roll, Razz-Ma-Tazz, FHA 4. Band, SCOA, Concert Choir, Allied Youth - Treas., IESTERSL NHS - V. Pres., TORCH, Sr. Pub, Damn Yankees, Razz-Ma-Tazz - Emcee, Sr. Class Pres., FCA, Student Council, Senior Superlative, Most Dependable, Honors Auston, Linda - 2. VOCT 3. VOCT, "B" Honor Roll 4. VOCT, "B" Honor Roll Aynes, Cindy - 1. Blue Iackets, Keywanettes, FHA 2. Band, French Club 3. Math Team, French Club, Spanish Club, Woods 8: Waters 4. FCA, Sr. Pub, V. Cheerleader, Math Team, French Club - V. Pres., FHA - Hist., Honors B Bailey, Robert - 1. Choir, Soccer, "B" Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance 2. FHA, Soccer, "B" Honor Roll, Woods 8: Waters 3. Allied Youth, Spanish Club - Pres., Tennis, "A" Honor Roll, Woods 8: Waters, Perfect Atten- dance, Soccer - Capt., All District, All City, Academic Athletic Team 4. Razz-Ma-Tazz, Student Council, Sr. Class V. Pres., Soccer - Capt., Ten- nis, TORCH, V. Cheerleader, FCA, Allied Youth, Sr. Pub, UB" Honor Roll, Woods 8: Waters, NHS, Most School Spirit, Honors Barber, Traci - 1. "A" Honor Roll 2. Perfect Attendance, "A" Honor Roll 3. Spanish Club, "A" Honor Roll, IA, Outstanding Spanish Student 4. FHA, OEA, "A" Honor Roll, High Honors Barlow, Russell - 2. V. Basketball 3. V. Basketball 4. V. Basketball Baty, Patrick - 1. Basketball 2. IV Basketball 3. IV Basketball 4. V. Basketball, Runner-Up Best Dressed Bellah, Dottie - 1. Blue Iackets, Thespians, Keywanettes 2. Bye Bye Birdie, Starlets -- Mgr., Razz-Ma-Tazz, Credits Student Council, Thespians - Pres., Red Cross, UIL, One Act Play 3. Stu- dent Council, NHS, Starlets - Mgr., Starlet Gold, Concert Choir, Razz-Ma- Tazz, TORCH, Spanish Club, "A" Honor Roll, UIL, "B" Honor Roll 4. Damn Yankees, Student Council, PAC, Concert Choir, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Starlets - Head Mgr., FHA - Pres., TORCH, NHS, "A" Honor Roll, UIL, Sr. Pub, "B" Honor Roll, Starlet Revue, Senior Superlative, Honors Benson, Stephanie - 1. Track, Volleyball, Basketball 2. Track, Volleyball, Basketball 3. Track, Volleyball, "B" Honor Roll, V. Basket- ball 4. "B" Honor Roll, Track, FHA, Runner-Up Most Athletic Billings, Brenda - 1. Blue Iackets 2. Flag Corps 3. Soccer, Woods 8: Waters 4. V. Cheerleader, Woods 8: Waters, TORCH, Sr. Pub, Soccer, Razz-Ma- Tazz, HB" Honor Roll, Senior Superlative, Runner-Up Most School Spirit Boland, Toni - 1. Blue Iackets, FHA 2. Blue Iackets, FHA 3. FHA, Blue Iackets, Spanish Club 4. Blue Iackets, FHA Braswell, Lisa - 1. Soccer, Blue Iackets, Woods 8: Waters, Choir, Stu- dent Council, "B" Honor Roll 2. Woods Sz Waters, Student Council, Soccer, "B" Honor Roll, Concert Choir 3. Spanish Club, Allied Youth, Woods Sr Waters, Soccer, "B" Honor Roll 4. V. Cheerleader, Woods 8z Waters - Pres., Soccer, OEA - Pres., FCA, Razz-Ma-Tazz, "B" Honor Roll, Runner-Up Friendliest Braswell, Missi - 1. Choir, Blue Iackets, Student Council, Razz-Ma- Tazz, Woods 8: Waters, UIL 2. Starlets, Student Council, Starlet Revue, Concert Choir, Woods 8: Waters 3. Starlets, Allied Youth, Student Coun- cil, Woods 8: Waters, Mardi Gras Competition, Starlet Gold 4. Starlets, DECA, Woods 8: Waters, Starlet Revue, Outstanding Social Studies Student, Runner-Up Miss Samuell, Honors Brown, Deanna - 1. Blue Iackets, Soccer - All District, Student Coun- cil, Fresh. Class V. Pres., Perfect At- tendance 2. Student Council, Soph. Class Sec. 3. Soccer - All District, Woods Sr Waters, DECA Brown, Monica - 1. FHA 2. FHA 3. FHA, Spanish Club, 4. FHA, Spanish Club C Campbell, Carl - 1. Soccer, IV Baseball, "B" Honor Roll, All-City Academic Athletic Team 2. Soccer, IV Baseball, Golf, Spanish Club, "B" Honor Roll, Soccer - All District, All City Academic Athletic Team 3. Soc- cer - All District, V. Football, V. Baseball, "B" Honor Roll, Spanish Club, Math Team, All City Academic Athletic Team 4. Student Council, Soccer, V. Football, V. Baseball, "B" Honor Roll, Honorable Mention Foot- ball - All District, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Academic Decathlon Team, FCA, All-City Academic Athletic Team, Sr. Pub, Outstanding Athletic Student, Runner-Up Most Athletic, Honors Camper, Vanessa - 1. Band 3. OEA, FHA, "B" Honor Roll 4. FHA, OEA, "B" Honor Roll, Outstanding Home Economics Student Canada, Lewis - 4. "B" Honor Roll Carol, Terry - 1. Concert Choir, Swim Team, Student Council, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Math Team, Once Upon A Mattress, UIL, "B" Honor Roll, SCOA 2. Student Council, Math Team, Swim Team, Razz-Ma-Tazz, IESTERS!, Bye Bye Birdie, Concert Choir, UIL, IESTERS! Show, SCOA 3. Math Team, Student Council, Razz-Ma-Tazz, IESTERS! - Treas., Swim Team, Chess Team, Oklahoma, French Club - Treas., UIL, IESTERS! Show 4. IESTERS! - Pres., TORCH, Razz-Ma-Tazz - Emcee, Student Council, SCOA, Damn Yankees, PAC, Math Team - V. Pres., Allied Youth, Swim Team, Sr. Pub, UIL, IESTERSl Show, Commended Student from NMSQT, Academic Decathlon Team, Most Likely To Succeed, Salutatorian Castleberry, Patricia - 1. Red Cross, FHA 2. OEA 3. German Club 4. OEA Cervantes, Tony - 4. V. Football, Powerlifting, Senior Superlative, High Honors Chang, Lucy - 1. "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll 2. Allied Youth, Spanish Club, French Club, Math Team, "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll, UIL 3. Allied Youth, Spanish Club, French Club, NHS, UIL, Math Team - Sec., Cultural Arts Show, "B" Honor Roll 4. NHS - Student Directory Chairman, Allied Youth, Spanish Club, French Club, Latin Club - Pres., Sr. Pub, Camp Enter- prise, Academic Decathlon, "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll, Senior Superlative, High Honors Chapman, Ada - 3. DECA 4. DECA Collier, Shelley - 1. FHA, Flag Corps 2. FHA, OEA, Thespians 3. Thespians, Sentinel 4. DECA Courson, Thomas - 1. OEA 2. OEA, Math Club 4. Banner Team, Allied Youth, Baseball, Sr. Pub - Editor-in- Chief, Sentinel, Damn Yankees, Outstanding English Student, Runner-Up Most School Spirit Covington, Ricky - 3. Art Club, 4. Art Club Cox, Wesley - 1. Football, French Club 2. IV Football, French Club, Sentinel, IV Baseball 3. V. Football, Sentinel 4. "B" Honor Roll, Sentinel, Allied Youth Creag, Tashun -4 1. "B" Honor Roll 2. NHS, Band - Sec. 3. FHA, NHS 4. OEA, PAC, "B" Honor Roll, Honors Culberson, Terrence - 4. Thespians D Davis, Donna - 1. Blue Iackets, FHA - Sec., IV Volleyball, IV Basketball, Track, Perfect Attendance 2. Blue Iackets, FHA - V. Pres., Cultural Arts Show 3. IV Cheerleader, Cultural Arts Show 4. Sentinel - Editor, "B" Honor Roll, Sr. Pub., Wittiest Davis, Marcel - 2. Powerlifting, IV Football 3. V. Football, Powerlifting 4. V. Football, Powerlifting, Theater Arts Dempsey, Barbra - 2. Blue Iackets, French Club 4. Thespians, TORCH, Red Cross, Concert Choir, Sr. Pub, Damn Yankees, Razz-Ma-Tazz, UIL Diaz, Gloria - 3. FHA Dominguez, Danny - 1. Football, IV Baseball 2. V. Baseball 3. V. Baseball 4. V. Baseball, Student Coun- cil, Sr. Pub, TORCH, FCA, Woods 8: Waters, Executive Assistance Pro- gram, Senior Superlative, Honors E Edwards, Vanda - 2. Soccer, Spanish Club, Blue Iackets, "B" Honor Roll 3. TORCH, Red Cross, FHA - Sec., Blue Iackets 4. TORCH, Red Cross, FHA - Sec., Sr. Pub, "B" Honor Roll, Most Dependable Espinoza, Cynthia - 1. Student Council, Fresh. Class Pres., Blue Iackets, Choir, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Homecoming Court, Fresh. Favorite 2. Student Council, Soph. Class Pres., Starlets, Concert Choir, UIL, Razz- Ma-Tazz, Homecoming Court, Bye Bye Birdie, Starlet Revue, Soph. Favorite, PAC, Spanish Club, "B" Honor Roll 3. Student Council, Ir. Class Pres., Starlets - Ir. Lieut., Razz-Ma-Tazz, Homecoming Court, Ir. Favorite, Who's Who in Drill Teams, Starlet Gold, TORCH, Mardi Gras Competi- tion, "B" Honor Roll 4. Student Body Sec., Student Council, Starlets - lst Sr. Lieut., Sr. Pub, Starlet Revue, TORCH, Homecoming Queen, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Allied Youth, "B" Honor Roll, Senior Superlative, Miss Samuell, Honors F Ferguson, Kevan - 1. "B" Honor Roll, IV Baseball, French Club 2. Band, "B" Honor Roll, Band Show, Woods 8: Waters 3. Band, Lab Band, "B" Honor Roll, Cultural Arts Show, Sentinel, Woods 8: Waters, French Club, Art Club 4. Sr. Pub, Sentinel, Band, Lab Band, Woods 8: Waters Finley, Roger - 1. Football, Track, Spanish Club 2. IV Football, Track, Allied Youth, "B" Honor Roll, Spanish Club 3. V. Football, "B" Honor Roll, Allied Youth 4. DECA, Allied Youth - Pres., "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll, Student Coun- cil, Runner-Up Most Handsome, Honors Ford, David -- 3. Swim Team, "A" Honor Roll, Industrial Arts Student of the Year, All-City Athletic Academic Team 4. Allied Youth, Swim Team - Capt., V. Football, Woods 8: Waters, Sr. Pub, Student Council, All-City Athletic Academic Team, FCA, Outstanding Science and Math Stu- dent, Runner-Up Most Dependable, High Honors Fortner, Roger - 1. Color Guard, Concert Choir, ROTC Drill Team 2. ROTC Drill Team, Color Guard, Con- cert Choir 3. ROTC, French Club 4. Concert Choir Fuller, Christia - 1. ROTC Drill Team, ROTC - Best Squad Leader 2. ROTC Drill Team 3. FHA, IV Cheerleader, Track 4. "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll, ROTC G Garcia, Annette - 1. Choir, Blue Iackets, Razz-Ma-Tazz 2. Blue Iackets, Concert Choir, Bye Bye Birdie, Razz- Ma-Tazz 3. Starlets, Starlet Revue, Concert Choir, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Red Cross, Oklahomal, IESTERS! 4. Starlets, Starlet Revue, Concert Choir, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Damn Yankees, Red Cross - Pres., Allied Youth, IESTERS! - Hist. Garcia, Magaly - 2. "A" Honor Roll 3. "A" Honor Roll, Executive Assis- tant Program 4. Spanish Club, Art Club, "A" Honor Roll, Executive Assistant Program, NHS, High Honors Garcia, Rodolfo - 4. FHA Gilbreath, Ieffery - 3. Art Club - V. Pres., "B" Honor Roll 4. Art Club - V. Pres., "B" Honor Roll, DECA, "A" Honor Roll, Honors Goans, Nancy - 1. Blue Iackets 2. Choir, Thespians 3. HERO - V. Pres., "B" Honor Roll, FCA 4. HERO - Pres., "B" Honor Roll, FCA Graham, Iennifer - 1. Blue Iackets, Choir 3. Concert Choir, OEA 4. FHA H Hall, Stephanie - 4. HERO Hamilton, Monica - 1. Blue Iackets, V. Basketball 2. Sentinel, Starlets, Starlet Gold, Student Council, Who's Who in Drill Teams, NHS, UIL 3. Starlets, Starlet Revue, NHS, TORCH, Student Council, Mardi Gras Com- petition 4. Starlets - Capt., Starlet Revue, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Student Council - V. Pres., TORCH - Editor-in- Chief, Who's Who in Drill Teams, NHS - Treas., Allied Youth, FCA, Senior Superlative, Outstanding TORCH Member, Most Likely To Suc- ceed, Valedictorian, Sr. Pub Harvey, David - 3. Deaf Pep Club, Ir. NAD, HB" Honor Roll 4. Deaf Pep Club - Treas., Ir. NAD, "A" Honor Roll Hernandez, Rosa - 3. "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll 4. "B" Honor Roll, High Honors Higgins, Iames - 1. Basketball 2. IV Basketball 3. FHA, "B" Honor Roll, French Club, V. Basketball - Honorable Mention All-District, 4. V. Basketball All-District, French Club, Most Athletic Hollins, Valencia - 4. HERO Hulse, Ray - 1. Football, Spanish Club, "B" Honor Roll. 2. IV Football, "B" Honor Roll, Spanish Club 3. Quill 8: Scroll, All City Academic Athletic Team, "BH Honor Roll, V. Football, Allied Youth, Homecoming Court, Sentinel, UIL, PASS 4. FCA, Allied Youth - V. Pres., V. Football, Sen- tinel, "B" Honor Roll, FHA, UIL, Sr. Pub, All City Academic Athletic Team, Honors I Iackson, Angela - 1. Band, Theater Arts 2. Band, Cross Country Track 3. FHA 4. HERO, Debate Team Iackson, Yolanda - 1. V. Basketball, V. Volleyball 2. V. Volleyball 3. V. Volleyball - All District 4. V. Volleyball -- All District, Allied Youth, V. Basketball, Senior Superlative, Most Athletic Iames, Adriane - 4. French Club, Thespians, Homecoming Court Iohnson, LeQuisa - 4. Sr. Pub, V. Cheerleader, Razz-Ma-Tazz Iones, Brian - 1. Valentine Court, Spanish Club 2. Soph. Favorite, Valentine Court 3. Valentine Court, Ir. Favorite, "B" Honor Roll, DECA - V. Pres., Art Club 4. DECA - Pres., Sr. Class Treas., Valentine Court, Wit- tiest, Honors Iones, Craig - 2. Soccer 3. UB" Honor Roll, Band, Soccer, Tennis, Woods 8: Waters 4. "B" Honor Roll, Student Council, Soccer, Tennis, Sr. Pub, Sentinel, Woods 8: Waters Iones, Michael - 3. Sentinel, Spanish Club 4. Sentinel, Band, Allied Youth K Killebrew, Shannon - 1. "B" Honor Roll, Blue Iackets 2. Blue Iackets, "B" Senior Credits 279 , - 280 Senior Honor Roll 3. "B" Honor Roll 4. DECA, "B" Honor Roll, Honors King, April 4 1. Red Cross, Blue Iackets 2. Valentine Court, OEA S Sec. 3. FHA, IV Cheerleader, Homecoming Court 4. Starlets, OEA, Starlet Revue, Sr. Class Sec. Kirkendoff, Alphie - 2. IV Football, IV Basketball 3. V. Football, V. Basket- ball 4. V. Football, V. Basketball Kuehne, Denise f 4. Ir. NAD L Long, Kevin - 2. Spanish Club 2. Art Club 3. Art Club 4. Art Club, DECA, "B" Honor Roll Lybrand, Misty - 1. "A" Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance 2. "A" Honor Roll 3. Spanish Club, FHA, Ull., "A" Honor Roll, IA Award, Perfect Attendance 4. FHA - Pres., "A" Honor Roll, OEA, Outstanding Business Student, Highest Honors M Martin, Ricky - 1. Football, Concert Choir 2. IV Football, Concert Choir, Powerlifting 3. V. Football, Concert Choir, IESTERS!, Powerlifting, Oklahoma! 4. V. Football, Concert Choir - V. Pres., IESTERSL Powerlif- ting, Damn Yankees, All-District Foot- ball, Outstanding Chorus Student, Honors Martinez, Leticia f 1. FHA, Choir, ROTC 2. ROTC 3. OEA, 4. Sr. Pub, ROTC, FHA, ROTC Drill Team Martinez, Matthew f 1. Soccer, "B" Honor Roll 2. "B" Honor Roll, Soccer 3. Soccer, Pep Club, Deaf Newspaper, Sign Language Club, Tennis, Ir. NAD, "B" Honor Roll 4. Soccer, Pep Club, Deaf Newspaper, Tennis, Ir. NAD, Senior Superlative Mays, Belinda - 1. Choir, Blue Iackets McMullen, Christene W 1. ROTC 2. ROTC Drill Team 3. FHA 4. HERO Meza, Theresa f 3. Spanish Club 4. Spanish Club, FHA Miles, Cristal - 1. Blue Iackets, Tre- ble Choir, Razz-Ma-Tazz 2. Starlets, Starlet Revue, Concert Choir, Razz- Ma-Tazz 3. Startlets, Starlet Gold, Concert Choir, Razz-Ma-TaZZ, Oklahonial, IESTERSL French Club, Mardi C-ras Competition 4. Starlets, Starlet Revue, Allied Youth, Darrin Yankees, IESTERS!, French Club - Sec., Sr. Pub, Woods 8: Waters, Valentine Queen, Razz-Ma-Tazz - Emcee, TORCH, Friendliest, Honors Miller, Rhonda f 1. Red Cross, Blue Iackets, Soccer A All District 2. Soc- cer - Honorable Mention 3. VOCT 4. Soccer, OEA, Honors Mitchell, Casey f 4. "B" Honor Roll Credits Monette, Earnest - 1. Basketball 2. IV Basketball 3. V. Basketball, French Club, Math Club 4. V. Basketball, French Club Moore, Keidra B 2. FHA 3. FHA - Pres. 4. DECA - Chairperson, Stu- dent Council, Senior Superlative, Honors Morrison, Sandra - 1. Blue Iackets 2. FHA 3. DECA 4. TORCH N Nerhood, Stacy - 2. ROTC 3. ROTC Newsome, Shaynor - 1. IV Baseball, Football 2. V. Baseball - All City Academic Athletic Team, V. Football 3. V. Baseball - All City Academic Athletic Team, All-District, TORCH 4. Damn Yankees, Banner Team, Allied Youth, FCA - Pres., V. Baseball - Tri-Capt., Senior Superlative, Most Handsome, Honors Nguyen, Phi- 3. "B" Honor Roll Niccolls, Bonny - 1. Blue Iackets 2. FHA 3. DECA, "B" Honor Roll 4. TORCH, FHA, "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll Norris, Iamie - 1. Blue Iackets, Red Cross, Choir 2. Blue Iackets, Concert Choir, Red Cross - Pres. 3. DECA 4. Sentinel Norris, LaDonna - 1. Band 2. Band 3. OEA 4. OEA O Ortiz, Crissy Y 1. Blue Iackets, Soc- cer, Student Council, Fresh. Class Sec. 2. NHS, Starlets, French Club, Soph. Class V. Pres., Student Council, Starlet Revue 3. NHS, Starlets, Ir. Class V. Pres., Student Council, Sen- tinel, French Club, Spanish Club, Starlet Gold, Oklahoma, Mardi Gras Competition 4. NHS, French Club, Sentinel - Asst. Editor, TORCH f Copy Editor, FCA, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Student Council, PAC, Starlets, Sr. Pub, Starlet Revue, Senior Superlative, Runner-Up Wittiest, Honors Otis, Renita - 1. Thespians 2. French Club 3. French Club 4. Sr. Pub,HERO Owen, Kyle A 3. HERO 4. HERO P Parker, Percino - 1. Concert Choir, Basketball 2. Concert Choir 3. Concert Choir Parrish, Philip - 1. Football 2. Soc- cer 3. Soccer 4. Soccer Pena, Curtis f 1. Perfect Attendance 2. Math Team, Cultural Arts Show, Perfect Attendance 3. Math Team, Cultural Arts Show, Perfect Atten- dance 4. Math Team, Academic Decathlon, Perfect Attendance, Outstanding Math Student, Honors Penland, Iason - 1. Thespians, Ull., Soccer 2. Thespians, NHS, Soccer - All City Academic Athletic Team, Spanish Club, Bye Bye Birdie 3. Soc- cer, NHS, Allied Youth, "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll, Spanish Club, Oklahoma! 4. NHS - Pres., Soccer - All City Academic Athletic Team, "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll, Banner Team, FCA, Sr. Pub, Camp Enter- prise, Lab Band, Senior Superlative, Friendliest, High Honors Phillips, Lance - 1. Choir, Football, IV Baseball, Once Upon A Mattress 2. V. Baseball, IV Football, Student Council, Concert Choir, Bye Bye Birdie 3. V. Baseball, V. Football, Student Council, Concert Choir, Oklahoma! 4. Concert Choir, V. Baseball, PAC, Damn Yankees, FCA - V. Pres., Sen- tinel, V. Baseball - Tri-Capt., Spartan Image, Mr. Samuell Pierson, Michelle - 1. Spanish Club, Blue Iackets 2. Spanish Club, Starlets, Student Council, Allied Youth, Starlet Revue 3. Starlets, Stu- dent Council, Woods Sr Waters, OEA, Starlet Gold 4. Starlets, Starlet Revue, OEA -W Treas., Honors Pinnekins, Missey - 2. Sentinel 4. Sentinel A Business Editor Plafcan, Charleen - 1. FHA 2. FHA 3. FHA 4. HERO Pratt, F. T. - 1. Football, Basketball, Track 2. IV Football, IV Basketball 3. FHA, Track 4. V. Football R Ransom, Misti 4 1. FHA 2. Red Cross, FHA 3. Red Cross, FHA, OEA, Sentinel, Quill 8: Scroll 4. Sentinel, Quill :Sz Scroll Reeves, LaRonda - 1. Track, Choir, ROTC 2. ROTC, Choir, Valentine Court 4. Track, Debate Team, Art Club, Runner-Up Best Dressed Roberson, William - 1. Track, Basketball 2. IV Basketball, Track, French Club 3. Track, IV Basketball 4. V. Basketball, Track, FHA - V. Pres. Robinson, Billy - 1. Red Cross, Football, Choir 2. Golf, Concert Choir, Bye Bye Birdie, SCOA, Razz- Ma-Tazz, UII., Cultural Arts Show, Perfect Attendance 3. Golf, Concert Choir, Oklaliornal, IESTERS!, Spanish Club, SCOA, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Cultural Arts Show, "B" Honor Roll, UIL 4. TORCH, SCOA, Sr. Pub, V. Cheerleader, FCA, Damn Yankees, Concert Choir, IESTERS!, Razz-Ma- Tazz, Ull., Honors Rodriguez, Lorraine -- 1. French Club, Spanish Club 2. French Club, Spanish Club, FHA, UIL 3. French Club, Spanish Club, Math Club, FHA 4. Banner Team, Allied Youth, French Club, Math Club, TORCH, Sr. Pub, Razz-Ma-Tazz, FHA - V. Pres., Honors Rogers, Michael - 2. IV F0Otball, Soccer, Thespians 3. V. Football, Soc' cer All-District, V. Baseball 4. V. Foot- ball, Allied Youth, FCA, Soccer, TORCH, NHS, Swim Team, Senior Superlative, Runner-Up Wittiest, High Honors, Senior Assembly Rogers, Mitch - 1. Golf Team, Com- puter Team, Assistant Sound Techni- cian, "B" Honor Roll, Starlet Gold 2. Student Council, Math Team, Com- puter Team, Chess Team, Starlet Revue, "B" Honor Roll, Golf Team, Cultural Arts Show, Bye Bye Birdie, Thespians 3. Math Team, Golf Team, jV Basketball, "A" Honor Roll 4. Allied Youth, NHS - Reporter, French Club - V. Pres., Math Team "B" Honor Roll, Golf Team - Capt., 1 Latin Club - Sec., Sr. Pub, Senior Assembly - Emcee S Shaw, Shannon - 1. Blue jackets, "B" Honor Roll, FHA 2. jV Cheerleader, TORCH, Student Coun- cil, FHA 3. jV Cheerleader, TORCH, Soph. Class Sec., Student Council 4. HERO, "B" Honor Roll, FHA Shields, Tina - 1. FHA, Band, "B" Honor Roll, "A" Honor Roll 2. FHA, Blue jackets, "B" Honor Roll, "A" Honor Roll 3. DECA, "B " Honor Roll, "A" Honor Roll 4. DECA, "B" Honor Roll, "A" Honor Roll Sholars, john - 1. Football, "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll 3. jr. NAD 4. "A" Honor Roll, "B" Honor Roll Sims, Adrian - 1. Orchestra 2. Cross Country 3. Track, FHA, UIL 4. FHA, Thespians, Track Sims, Fonda - 1. ROTC Smith, Lance - 3. VICA 4. DECA Smith, Tina - 1. Choir, FHA, Blue jackets 2. Choir, Blue jackets 3. DECA, 4. DECA Smith, Yolanda - 1. Band, FHA 2. Band 4. FHA, HERO Smitty, Ruth Ann - 1. Blue jackets 2. Blue jackets 3. Sentinel 4. Sentinel Staab, Sandy - 1. Blue jackets, Valentine Court, Woods Gr Waters, Choir, PAC, Student Council 2. jV Cheerleader, Homecoming Court, Student Council, Woods 8: Waters, Concert Choir, Razz-Ma-Tazz 3. OEA - Sec., Woods 8: Waters 4. V. Cheerleader, OEA, Sr. Pub, Woods Sr Waters, "B" Honor Roll, Valentine Court, Razz-Ma-Tazz, FCA, Most School Spirit Stegall, Gregory - 1, Band, Lab Band 2. Band, Lab Band 3. Lab Band, Band Steward, Iris - 1. Blue jackets, Or- chestra 2. Starlets, NHS, Starlet Revue 3. Starlets, NHS, Starlet Gold 4. Starlets, NHS, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Starlet Revue, Senior Superlative, Honors Stinson, Tasha - 1. Band, FHA - Hist. 2. Sentinel 3. Sentinel - Feature Editor 4. FHA - Pres., Sentinel - Editor-in-Chief Stone, Glenn - 1. Concert Choir, Swim Team, Once Upon A Mattress 2. Swim Team, Concert Choir, Bye Bye Birdie 3. Concert Choir, Swim Team, Oklahoma! 4. Concert Choir, Swim Team, jESTERS!, Allied Youth, Damn Yankees, Outstanding German Stu- dent, Honors Stuart, Tom - 1. Football, FHA 2. V. Baseball, Sentinel 3. V. Baseball - All District, 4. V. Baseball Sudkamp, Angela - 2. OEA 3. Sen- tinel 4. Math Club, French Club - V. Pres., Sentinel - Editorial EditorfBusiness Mgr., Outstanding French Student, Runner-Up Most Dependable, High Honors T Tanner, Donovan - 1. FHA, Track, Football 2. FHA, Track 3. DECA, Sen- tinel 4. Track, FHA, TORCH Tatum, jeffrey - 1. ROTC - Superior Cadet, Leadership Develop- ment Award 2. ROTC - Best Com- pany 3. Band - Drum Major 4. Band - Drum Major, Best Dressed Taylor, Nona - 1. Band 2. Band 3. OEA 4. OEA Thompson, Anita - 2. Theater Arts 3. Theater Arts 4. Theater Arts, Deaf Winter Queen V Venters, james - 3. Concert Choir, Art Club 4. Concert Choir, Art Club Vines, Khristy -- 3. OEA 4. OEA, Honors Vita, Kealine - 3. Quill and Scroll, "B" Honor Roll 4. DECA, Sentinel - BusinessfAdvertising Mgr., FHA - V. Pres., High Honors W Wade, Katrina - 1. FHA 2. FHA 3. FHA 4. Student Council, OEA Wafford, Sherri - 1. Blue jackets, Choir, Razz-Ma-Tazz 2. Starlets, Con- cert Choir - Treas., Bye Bye Birdie, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Starlet Revue 3. Starlets, Concert Choir, Oklahoma, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Starlet Gold, German Club - Pres., Cultural Arts, Red Cross, Mardi Gras Competition 4. jESTERS! - Treas., Concert Choir - Treas., Allied Youth, Red Cross - V. Pres., Razz-Ma-Tazz, Damn Yankees, Starlets - Sr. Lieut., Most Talented, Honors Walton, Deidra - 1. Choir 2. jV Cheerleader 3. jV Cheerleader 4. HERO Waters, Roy - 1. Basketball 2. jV Football 3. V. Football 4. V. Football, HERO Watson, Kyle - 3. "B" Honor Roll 4. "B" Honor Roll, FHA, DECA Watts, Brenda - 1. Thespians, ROTC 2. Thespians, ROTC 3. UIL, OEA, Thespians 4. Thespians Webb, Shawn - 1. Concert Choir, Once Upon A Mattress, Razz-Ma-Tazz, SCOA, UIL 2. Concert Choir, Bye Bye Birdie, Razz-Ma-Tazz, SCOA, Cultural Arts Show, UIL 3. Concert Choir, IESTERSL Oklahomal, Razz-Ma-Tazz, SCOA, Cultural Arts Show 4. Concert Choir - Pres., jESTERS!, Damn Yankees, Razz-Ma-Tazz - Emcee, FCA, Student Council, TORCH, Most Talented, Sr. Pub, SCOA, UIL Wedgeworth, Dee - 3. jV Cheerleader, NHS 4. Sr. Pub, Track, NHS, Senior Superlative, Runner-Up Most Likely To Succeed, High Honors White, john - 1. Band, Red Cross, French Club, "B" Honor Roll 2. Band, Red Cross - V. Pres., French Club, Concert Choir, Allied Youth, NHS, "B" Honor Roll, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Bye Bye Birdie, SCOA 3. Band, French Club, Concert Choir - Treas., Allied Youth, NHS, Student Council - Treas., TORCH, "B" Honor Roll, "A" Honor Roll, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Cultural Arts, SCOA, UIL 4. Student Council - Pres., NHS - Sec., Banner Team, Allied Youth, jESTERS! - Sec., FHA - Sec.,PAC, SAC, TORCH, Sr. Pub, "B" Honor Roll, "A" Honor Roll, Razz-Ma-Tazz - Emcee, Sr. Assembly, Senior Superlative, Outstanding TORCH Member, Runner-Up Most Likely To Succeed, High Honors Whitehead, Floyce - 1. Blue jackets, jV Basketball, Volleyball 2. jV Cheerleader 3. jV Cheerleader, NHS 4. Starlets, NHS, OEA, Starlet Revue, Student Council, Runner-Up Most Dependable, Honors Wilkes, Tim - 1. Football 2. FHA, jV Football 4. VOCT Wilson, Deborah - 1. ROTC 2. ROTC 3. ROTC 4. ROTC, FHA Wilson, Michelle - 1. Red Cross - Pres., Swim Team - Co. Captain, Thespians 2. Thespians, Red Cross 3. DECA, "A" Honor Roll 4. DECA - Hist.fReporter, "A" Honor Roll, NHS, Honors Wilson, Patrice - 1. ROTC, Runner-Up Most Beautiful Woodard, Derrick - 3. jV Football Wooten, Dorothy - 1. Blue jackets, Choir 2. French Club 3. French Club, FHA 4. HERO Senior Credits 281 282 Index Abbou, Ms. Betty trcy 155 Adams, Ms. Linda 1FC3 78, 110, 155,179, 254, 261 Adams, Shaniquia1093 136, 145 Adkins, David 1113 131 Adkins, Troy 1093 145 Aguirre, Adrianna1093 145, 198, 204 Aguirre, josett 1123 1 13, 224, 256 Aguirre, Laura 1123 113, 206, 208, 209, 210, 274 Aicklen, Ms. jolene 1FC3 155 Alanis, Mauro 1113 131, 210, 259 Alanis, Veronica 1093 33, 145, 205 Aldaco, Steve 1103 137, 221 Alegria, Alejandro 1093 145, 199 Alexander, Bart 1103 137 Alexander, Ms. jill 1FC3 155 Alexander, Roshanie 1113 131 Allen, Mr. Benny 1FC3 155, 253 Allen, Richie 1093 145, 199 Allison, Ms. Donna 1FC3 155 Allman, Marla 1093 145, 191, 208 Alvarez, Manuel 1113 131, 210, 249 Amador, Hector 1113 51, 131, 168,218,250 Amin, Preti 1093 145 Ammons, Lee 1113 131, 234, 235 Anderson, Bruce 1113 88, 131 Anderson, David 1113 131, 199 Anderson, Fred 1093 145 Anderson, Gentish 1103 137, 199 Anderson, jeannie 1093 145, 199, 207 Anderson, Latongela 1123 91, 113 Anderson, Ms. Becky 1FC3 155 Andrews, Susan 1093 145 Anglin, Glenn 1093 67, 145, 222 Anglin, Keith 1093 89 Anglin, Will 1123 113, 229 Ansley, Richie 1103 84 Ansley, Russell 1123 1, 9,1 , 16, 23, 24, 26, 27, 32, 61, 66, 67, 69, 72, 74, 75, 77, 112,113, 124, 168, 175, 177, 194, 200, 201, 203, 217, 238, 239, 241, 256, 264, 265, 273, 277 Armstrong, Carlette 1113 44, 91, 93, 131, 133,173,174, 207, 221 Armstrong, Chavela 1113 131, 220 Armstrong, Ms. joyce 1FC3 155,159, 208 Arnold, joni 1113 131, 221, 223, 224 Arnold, Terrie1093 145, 199 Arredondo, Deanie1113 22, 13l,166, 191,220 Arrington, Sheila 1103 21,22,137,l71, 172, 173,174,184,186,189, 221, 237 Arteaga, Alonso 1103 104 Arthur, Ms. Pam 1FC3 155,173,174, 251 Askew, Alicia 1093 12, 19, 21,144,145, 148, 166, 191, 212 Asrat, Ms. janet 1FC3 155, 160 Athey, Kenneth 1103 106, 137, 170 Atkins, Kager1123 113 Atkins, Tonya 1103 6 Ausborne, Keith 1103 92, 215 Auston, Linda 1123 79, 113, 225 Avery, Shyawn1093 145 Avery, Vera 1103 137 Avila, Raymond 1093 11, 145 Ayala, Anna 1103 137 Ayala, Lisa 1103 137 Aynes, Cindy 1123 5, 55, 66, 67, 77,113,178, 179, 180,181,182,183, 207, 214, 215, 217, 218, 261, 272 Bagley, Rita 1093 145 Bailey, Michael 1103 35, 88, 102,137,174, 221 Bailey, Robert 1123 5, 12, 17, 23, 29, 44, 53, 55, 62, 63, 65, 66, 71, 77, 79, 102, 104, 112, 113, 125, , , 171, , 174, 126 169 173 175, 176,177,178, 179, 180,181,182,183, 217, 238, 240, 241, 242, 243, 255, 257, 261, 262, 272, 274 Bailey, Stephnee1113 14, 95, 131, 222, 223, 261 Bailey, Willie 1103 88, 137 Baird, Danny 1103 137 Baker, Cheryl 1123 33, 113, 205 Baker, Evelyn 1093 145 Bale, Robert 1103 137 Ballard, Ms. Gen 1FC3 155 Banks, Melanie 1093 44, 94, 145 Barajas, Maria 1093 6, 145, 198 Barber, Traci 1123 76, 113, 224 Barkman, Tiffany 1093 145, 199 Barlow, Penny 1093 145 Barlow, Russell 1123 92, 115, 220, 250 Barnard, Matthew 1093 145 Barnhart, Stacy 1103 25, 137, 202 Barr, Don 1123 113, 227, 228, 231 Barrett, Ms. Retha 1FC3 155 Barton, Angela 1093 145, 166, 191 Barziza, Mr. joe 1FC3 155 Baskin, Kim 1123 113, 251 Bates, Sonja 1123 113, 220 Baty, Patrick 1123 57, 63, 73, 92, 113 Baty, Raymond 1093 145 Baxter, johnny 1093 198 Baylock, Brandon 1093 145, 198 Beasley, Kenneth 1113 131 Beauchamp, Ryan 1103 137 Beckham, Donna 1103 6, 137, 199 Beddow, Tad 1093 145 Bedford, Kevin 1113 131 Bedwell, Tina 1123 79, 113 Beers, Stephanie 1113 34, 100, 131 Beeton, George 1103 137 Beeton, jimmy 1093 145, 252 Bell, Darla 1103 6, 48, 137,198, 199,212 Bell, Gregory 1103 137 Bell, Ms. Betty 1FC3 155 173, 226, 236 Bell, Torrey 1103 88, 137 Bellah, Dottie 1123 11, 29, 67, 71, 72, 77, 81, 113,123,169,173,174, 175,184,187,188,189, 202, 207, 217, 221, 238, 242, 243, 256, 274, 276 Below, Stevie 1093 89, 145, 222 Benavidez, Tania 1113 131 Benjamin, jewel 1123 64 67,113, 202, 237, 256 Benjamin, Richard 1113 94, 131, 199 Bennett, Angela 1103 6, 137, 199 Bennett, Douglas 1093 145 Benson, Stephanie 1123 59, 63,98, 113,220,259 Bermudez, Librado 1093 145 Berry, Tara 1093 145 Beverly, Lennell1093 145 Bickell, jonathan 1093 238, 241 Bigham, jeremy 1103 37, 8, 137 Biles, Chris 1103 137 Billings, Brenda 1123 1, 5, 29, 57, 63, 66, 69, 80, 100,113,178,179,180, 181, 182, 183, 217, 238, 243, 261, 264, 272 Birdwell, Donna 1113 131 Birdwell, Rhonda 1123 79 Bishop, Amy 1093 145, 192 Bishop, Kenny 1093 145 Bivins, 1st Sgt. Henry 1FC3 155,198,199 Black, Kenneth 1103 42 Black, Pamela 1113 131 Blair, Cary 1113 35, 106, 108, 131, 168 Blair, Craig 1113 35, 88, 106, 131, 168 Blair, Mr. Charles 1FC3 162, 163 Blakely, Elbert 1123 247 Blanton, Bryan 1123 114 Blaylock, Nicole 1093 145,166,191, 215 Blunt, Billy 1103 137 Bobien, Walter 1103 137, 211 Boddie,Rodrick1093 89 Boger,Erick1103 137 Bohme, Paul 1103 35, 88, r 90, 102, 137 Boland, Toni 1123 114, 166,191, 209, 220 Bolluyt, Shani1093 145 Bolton, Angela 1093 145, 206 Bolton, Derilyn1103 137, 172, 174 Boston, Clememet1103 137, 199 Boston, Donnis1093 145 198 Boulware, Rosalyn 1093 145 Bowen, Charles 1113 85 Bowers, Gregory 1093 89, 145 Bowman, Latoya 1103 137 Boyte, Bobbie 1113 131 Braden, Ms. Pe 1FC3 155, 245 ggy Bradley, Tina 1093 144, 145, 166, 191 Branch, Ms. Susie 1FC3 104, 105, 155 Branson, Kimberly 1123 114, 208 Braswell, Lisa 1123 5, 63, 65, 66, 74,100,101,114, 178,179,180,181,182, 183, 217, 224, 272, 277 Braswell, Missi1123 2, 7, 38, 53, 55, 63, 67, 74, 114, 186, 188, 226, 227, 229, 272, 277 Bratcher, Kyle 1093 96, 145 Brazil, Reginald 1093 145 Brewer, Christopher 1093 145 Brewer, Gwendolyn 1103 137, 220 Brewer, Martha 1113 222 Brewer, Troy 1103 34, 88,137,139,170, 210, 222 Bridger, Maggie 1093 145, 199, 209, 249 Briggs, Steve 1113 131, 227 Brisendine, Kevin 1123 114, 195 Brister,judy1093 25, 144,145,153,166,191, 214, 220, 221,222,223 Brister, Kevin 1093 145 Broiles, Keithia1113 11, 42, 55, 130, 131, 176, 177,184,185,189,202, 249 Broiles, Kristie 1093 145, 166, 191 Brooks, james 1093 145 Broussard, Mr. james 1FC3 155 Brown, Catrina 1093 30, 31,33, 145,205 Brown, Christopher 1113 47 Brown, David 1093 145 Brown, Deanna 1113 235, 265 Brown, Deedra1093 21, 44,145,152,166,172, 174, 191, 212 Brown, Erica 1093 145 Brown, Kateka1093 145, 195, 253 Brown, Marie 1123 114 Brown, Monica 1123 114, 122, 206, 208,220 Brown, Ms. Dorothy 1FC3 155 Brown, Ms. Pat 1FC3 155 Brown, Quentez 1093 145 Brown, Rodney 1123 114 Brown, Tonya 1093 145 Brown, Yolanda 1093 199 Browning, Bradford 1093 89, 145 Broxton, Derrick 1113 131 Broxton, Mamie 1093 145, 198, 208 Bruner, Mr. james 1FC3 155 Buchanan, jennifer 1123 114, 131 Buckley, Brice 1123 121, 207, 22 Buhler, Harlen1093 198 Bullard, john 1093 145 Burnham, Rodney 1123 114, 225 Burton, Felicia 1103 137, 191, 220, 222 Busby, Mark 1113 8, 18, 19, 21, 84, 96, 97,131, 176 Busby, Vickie 1103 41 Butler, Brian 1093 145 Butler, Lynette 1113 235 Butler, Ms. Cathy 1FC3 155 Butler, Renee 1093 145 Butts, Tammy 1103 8, 137, 195, 237 Byrom, Tamiko1113 210 Calhoun, Elizabeth 1093 145 Callaway, William 1093 89, 145 Campbell, Carl 1123 14, 19, 21, 22, 30, 35, 53, 63, 64, 77, 82, 84, 87, 102, 107,110,114,126,169, 173,174,175, 217, 260, 277 Cam bell, Demetric 1103, 137 Camper, Vanessa 1123 53, 114, 224 Canada, Lewis 1123 114, 222, 227 Cannon, Mr. jack 1FC3 155, 201 Cantu, Mark 1103 95, 137 Cantu, Mr. Heliodoro 1FC3 155 Carbaugh, Charla 1093 96, 144,145, 237 Cardenas, Arthur 1113 131 Carey, George 1093 194, 198, 253, 258 Carlisle, Bryan 1093 23, 89, 109, 145 Caro, Travis 1093 33, 145 Carol, Terry 1123 13, 15, 16, 24, 27, 46, 51, 60, 66, 67, 76,77,79,114, 173, 174, 176, 200, 201, 202, 203, 218, 221, 238, 243, 273, 276 Carrillo, Diane 1103 137 Carroll, Amy 1103 137, 140 Carroll, Anthony 1093 145 Carroll, Clay 1123 51, 77 Carroll, Thomas 1113 131 Carron, Ms. Gerry 1FC3 155 Carrozza, jeffrey 1113 131 Carter, Donald 1103 88, 137 Carter, Konnie1093 145 Carter, Shady 4111 9, 131, 198 Carter, Walter 4101 53, 88, 99, 137 Carter, Will 4091 145, 199 Carthon, Reginald 4101 99, 137, 138 Castaneda, Robin 4101 232, 233 Castellano, Sonia 4091 145 Castillo, Alma 4101 137, 202, 220 Castleberry, Patricia 4121 114, 224 Cato, Katherine 4111 47, 131 Cavazos, Alfred 4091 145 Caylor, Robyn 4101 21, 137, 200, 201, 202, 203, 238, 239, 240, 243 C azares, jesenia 4091 145 Cervantes, Tony 4121 55, 70, 76, 84, 87, 103, 115, 248, 250 Chambers, Alicia 4091 44,145,l91,192, 206 Chambers, Kate 4091 6, 145, 198 Chambers, Timothy 4101 137 Champion, Chris 4091 , 28, 145, 149 1Chaney, Ron 4101 50, 84, ' 136,137,139,170,174, 210, 218, 260 Chang, Lucy 4121 7, 66, 68, 75, 76, 80, 115, 120, 121,168, 176, 214, 216, 218, 247 Chapman, Ada 4121 73, 115, 204, 227, 229, 231 Chapman, Suzann 4091 145, 204, 213, 243 Chappell, Mr. joe 4FC1 155, 247 Chavez, john 4091 145 Chenevert, Mr. Tony 4FC1 155 Cheney, Kathy 4091 145 Cherry, Derrick 4091 146 Cherry, Greg 4121 115, 220, 237 Childress, Shenequa 4091 146 Choice, Anthony 4121 115 Choice, Delicia 4091 146 Christensen, Carolyn 4091 146 Christian, Allen 4111 10, 25, 54, 130, 131, 168, 170, 202, 203, 237 Cipriano, Frank 4111 131 Cisneros, jorge 4091 146 Clark, Isaac 4091 35, 94, 146 Clayborne, Willie 4101 54, 88, 95,137, 220 Cla ton, Michael 4121 90, 211, 216 Cleere, Duane 4111 88 Clement, Amy 4091 44, 146 Clements, Roderick 4091 146, 151, 225 Clements, Teresa 4091 ' 146,166,192 Cleveland, Sotora 4101 209 Click, Tonya 4101 137, 174, 190, 192 Cobb, Ginger 4091 146 Cobb, Kristy 4101 23, 38, 137,170,172,174,175, 176, 177, 184, 189, 214 Cobb, Ms. Virginia 4FC1 155, 220, 260 Coble, Sherry 4091 146, 166, 192 Cochran, Darketsha 4091 146, 191, 192, 198, 204 Coleman, Duane 4111 131 Coleman, Mr. Lester 4FC1 155 Coleman, Mr. Marcus 4FC1 155, 248 Collier, Shelley 4121 115, 227, 228 Collins, Amy 4091 146, 205, 221, 223 Collins, Deann 4101 137, 139, 224 Collins, jacquelin 4091 146 Collins, Thomas 4111 94, 131 Combel, Bill 4111 131, 227 Contreras, Melissa 4111 131, 208, 210, 220,222 Contreras, Sandra 4101 137 Cook, Crisi 4121 115 Cook, Doris 4091 146, 192, 248 Cooley, Shannon 4111 131, 232, 233 Coonrod, Kerry 4101 137 Coonrod, Robert 4111 131 Cooper, Derrick 4111 92, 131 Cooper, Selena 4091 146, 198 Copeland, Donna 4101 94, 137 Corgil, Richard 4091 146 Cornelius, Chris 4091 146 Cornelius, Georgie 4121 210, 211, 221 Coronado, jimm 4111 3, 14, 42, 43, 95, 1y31 Correa, Francisco 4091 146 Cortez, Rudy 4091 146 Cosb ,Sherrie 4121 53, 115y Cosby, Twana 4121 115, 209 Coulter, Diana 4091 146 Courson, Angie 4101 137 Courson, Tommy 4121 1, 3,10, 25, 27, 50, 51, 53, 55, 63, 67, 110, 115, 116, 175,176,178,179,180, 181,183, 217, 237, 246, 251, 273, 274 Covington, Ricky 4121 115, 210 Cox, David 4101 88, 137, 222 Cox, jeff 4101 53, 102, 137,l70,171,172,174, 176, 193, 195, 202, 203, 214, 215, 218, 219 Cox, Wesley 4121 23, 55, 64, 67,115,176, 274 Cozine, Shamond 4111 84, 87, 131, 221 Crafton, Mr. Dave 4FC1 156 Crawford, Derrick 4091 146 Crawford, Richard 4111 131, 237 Creag Tashun 4121 77, 11 , 169, 224, 234 Crear, Yolanda 4121 73, 76,115,184,187,189, 227, 230 Crowder, Melissa 4101 137, 221, 223 Crowley, Kathryn 4091 146 Crutchfield, Fredrick 4101 137 Crutchfield, Sedric 4101 137, 139, 199, 210 Cruz, joel 4121 115, 206, 207, 237, 261 Culberson, Terrence 4121 4, 28, 42,115, 120, 121, 131, 221 Curlin, Lisa 4111 6, 35, 131, 199 Dabney, Ms. Irene 4FC1 156, 204 Dailey, Ms. Tracy 4FC1 156, 240, 243 Dale, Susan 4121 115, 209, 237 Daniels, Kristina 4091 146, 221, 223 Daniels, Ms. Vivian 4FC1 156 Darden, Cornelia 4121 20, 84, 87,114,116 Darden, jerry 4101 84, 137 Davidson, Evelyn 4101 137, 202, 209 Davidson, Robert 4101 137, 253 Davila, Armando 4091 146 Davila, Claudia 4111 35, 45, 55, 131, 134, 172, 173, 174, 238 Davila, Ms. Rosie 4FC1 156 Davis, Angela 4091 146, 193 Davis, Bennetta 4101 137 Davis, Bertrand 4091 146 , 220, 222 Davis, Cindy 4111 131, 134, 184,189,237 Davis, Dawn 4091 144, 146, 191, 220 Davis, Donna 4121 62, 116, 217, 236 Davis, Ericka 4091 146 Davis, jacquelin 4111 131 Davis,jeremy4091 146, 199 Davis, Karen 4121 41,53, 116 Davis, LaShon 4111 131 Davis, Marcel 4121 28, 36, 40, 55, 103,221 Davis, Mr. A. D. 4FC1 156 Davis, Ms. Helen 4FC1 156, 220, 260 Davis, Pam 4111 45, 51, 130,131,173,174, 206, 221 Davis, Reva 4111 14, 27, 28, 91, 93, 131, 172,174 Davis, Robert 4111 3, 9, 48, 49,131,168, 198 Davis, Susan 4111 9, 111, 131, 193, 233 Davis, Timothy 4101 137 Dawson, Laurie 4101 100, 137 Dawson, Marvin 4091 146 Day, Marilyn 4101 8, 137, 195 Day, Ronda 4111 191 Dean, Shenequa 4091 31, 33, 146, 205 Delarosa, Leonel 4091 146 Deleon, Micky 4101 137, 253 Delgado, Dora 4101 221 Delgado, Gabino 4121 72 Dempsey, Barbra 4121 1, 60, 67,111,116, 202, 217, 221, 223, 238, 255 Denman, Sandra 4091 146,166,191, 209 Diaz, Gloria 4121 58, 116, 221, 274 Dickerson, Corey 4111 88, 99, 131 Dominguez, Danng 4121 7, 29, 64, 68, 77, 0, 107, 108,116,124,l71,173, 174, 175, 217, 238, 239, 259, 272, 274, 276 Dominguez, Robert 4091 199 Domstead, Clay 4091 146, 252 Dorman, Michael 4121 116 Dorsey, Richard 4101 109 Doss, Andretta 4091 146, 199 Dotson, Shondra 4101 137 Dotson, Sonja 4091 146, 191, 209 Downum, Michael 4091 146 Duffey, Billy 4091 94, 146 Dugger, Sam 4091 146 Dunbar, Ms. Karen 4FC1 156 Duncan, Carmen 4101 6, 48, 137, 199 Duncan, Michael 4091 146 Duncan, Robert 4101 137 Dundas, Shane 4091 146, 205, 221, 223 Durham, Chantay 4121 ll, 30, 54, 57, 65, 66, l16,196, 197, 257 Dyer, Steven 4091 208 Eaton, jason 4091 146 Ebrahimi, Hassin 4091 146, 199 Echols, Patrick 4091 146, 204 Echols, Tonia 4091 150, 1 91, 204 Edwards, jennifer 4091 192 Edwards, Vanda 4121 1, 29, 57, 61, 72, 116, 118, 223, 238, 242, 255, 264, 272 Ehrenberger, Timothy 4091 8 , 146 Elliott, Tanisha 4091 146 Elnoris, Isaac 4101 137 English, Aric 4121 116 English, Donald 4091 146, 199 Eptperson, Christina 091 146 Epps, Ms. Floy 4FC1 156 Ernesti, Stephen 4091 146 Escalona, Abigail 4091 147, 205 Escalona, Stephen 4091 147 Escobar, Tayna 4091 147 Espinosa, Mr. joe 4FC1 163 Espinoza, Carlos 4101 137, 195 Espinoza, Cynthia 4121 1, 4, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 38, 39, 55, 56, 60, 64, 67, 70, 72, 80,114,116,l71, 172,174,175,176,177, 184,185,188, 217, 238, 241, 242, 243, 256, 262, 265, 273, 274, 275 Evans, Brandon 4101 88, 222 Evans, james 4091 89, 147 Evans, Ms. Erma 4FC1 156, 207 Everett, jerilyn 4111 131 Everette, Sonya 4121 217 Fagan, Mr. Fred 4FC1 156 Fairley, Andre 4091 147 Fanner, Ms. Mary 4FC1 156 Farmer, Ronny 4091 147 Ferguson, Donald 4091 147 Fe uson, Kevan 4121 23, 58, 64,116,193, 194, 236, 237, 253 Few, Ann 4091 147 Few, joanthan 4091 147 Fields, Keith 4091 147 Fields, Larry 4101 137 Fields, Perry 4111 131 Fields, Timothy 4101 55, 88, 94 Fields, Warren 4091 9, 49, 147, 198, 218, 219 Fields, Willis 4101 99, 137 Finley, Felicia 4101 220, 222, 245 Finley, Randy 4091 14, 96, 147, 15 ,172, 174, 177, 208, 222 Finley, Rhonda 4111 131,176, 220, 222, 227, 228 Finley, Roger 4121 14, 63, 64, 67, 77, 81,116, 167,172,173,174,176, 177, 226, 227, 228, 230, 231, 274 Finney, james 4091 147 Finney, jimmy 4101 137 Finney, Leisha 4111 131 Finney, Tijuania 4091 147, 191, 192 Fishbeck, jeremy 4091 147 Fitch, Traci 4101 137, 220, 222 Fitzgerald, Kelly 4101 42,137,170, 212, 220, 222, 237 Flakes, Gloria 4111 131, 168, 206, 221, 237 Fleming, Roy 4091 54, 1 55, 8 , 106, 47 Flores, Aldora4111 199, 227,230 Flores, Alfredo 4111 198 Flowers, Kelvin 4091 147, 199, 258 Force, Carl 4091 147 Ford, Darnella 4101 137 Ford, David 4121 5, 18, 20, 23, 47, 51, 53, 55, 63, 71, 76, 84, 87, 96,116, 126,161,174,177, 217, 218, 251 Ford, Sharon 4091 147, 191, 209 Fortner, Brenda 4101 53, 137,170, 211, 216, 221 Fortner, Roger 4121 67, 116, 202, 03, 256 Fortner, Susan 4111 131, Index 283 284 Index 220, 222 Foster, Douglas 1103 137, 198 Foster, Emma 1123 221 Foster, Farron1123 116 Foster, Mr. Lyndon 1FC3 156 Foster, Tina 1093 147, 205 Fountain, Sherhonda 1103 223 Fowler, Robin 1113 42, 131, 220 Franklin, Stacy 1113 116 Fredrick, Paul 1113 131, 200, 201, 202, 203, 211 Freeman, Cathy 1103 41, 137 Freeman, Ms. Lina 1FC3 156 French, Deserie1113 33, 131 Fuller, Christia 1123 6, 37, 48, 49, 72, 117, 198, 199, 206, 207, 220 Fuller, Contrina 1113 131, 206, 259 Fuller, Felicia 1093 147 Fulton, Ms. Carolyn 1FC3 156, 220, 260 Galaviz, Maria 1093 147, 198 Gambrell, Ms.jean1FC3 157, 158, 190 Gamino, Tamara 1093 147, 172, 174, 221 Gantt, Vinson 1103 137 Garcia, Annette 1123 25, 27, 38, 44, 55, 57, 66, 67, 73,117,l23,176,184, 186, 188, 200, 201, 202, 223, 272 Garcia, Edward 1103 138, 222 Garcia, Magaly1123 117, 210 Garcia, Rodolfo 1123 1 17, 208 Garcia, Rosa 1093 147, 205 Garcia, Sylvia 1123 117 Garcia, Tommy 1103 138, 212 Garee, Wendi 1103 138 Garner, Ms. Darlene 1FC3 157 Garrison, Karen 1093 144,147,166,172,173, 174, 192 Garrison, Tamm 1103 18, 138,166,192 Garza, Lupe 1103 88 Garza, Nancy 1093 161 Gaston, Benetta1113 131 Gates, Shundra1103 138 Gatzke, Pamela 1093 147, 191, 208, 220 Gibbs, Sarah 1113 131 Gibson, Fayralen 1093 147 Gilbreath, jeff 1123 18, 77, 81, 117, 226, 227, 229, 231 Gillespie, Sean 1093 147, 199 Gipson, Ms. Laura 1FC3 157 Gipson, Venetta1093 50 Goans, Nanc 1123 117, 234, 235, 272, 277 Godbey, Kim 1091 147, 152 Goines, Danny 1093 54, 89, 147 Going, Brent 1103 138 Goldman, Curfey 1093 8, 147, 256 Gomez, Debra 1103 138 Gonzales, Elizabeth 1113 204, 220 Gonzales, Ethel 1093 221, 223 Gonzalez, Debra 1103 138 Gonzalez, Zulema1093 14 7, 166, 191 Goodman, Lionell 1103 252 Goodson, Kenneth 1113 99, 131 Goodson, Lisa 1123 110, 117, 220,222,253 Gorman, Tina 1093 147 Graham, jennifer 1123 64, 117, 249 Granberry, julie 1103 1, 7,138,170,172,174, 176, 177,194, 195, 214, 215, 220, 222,240 Grant, Chappell 1113 117, 131 Gray, Roosevelt 1103 84, 138 Gray, Tara1113 33,131, 221 Green, Cara Mia 1103 138, 221 Green, Kevin 1093 147 Green, Laura 1103 84, 138 Greenlee, Anthony 1103 84,103,138, 255 Greer, Ms. Susan 1FC3 157 Griffin, Darrell 1093 147 Griffin, Van 1091 147 Grimes, Sharon 1103 208 Grimes, Traci 1103 222 Grimmett, Robert 1113 131 Grimmett, Robin 1093 147 Gro s, Ms. Excell1FC3 1-5? Grounds, Mr. David 1FC3 84, 85, 103, 157 Gudino, Adrian 1123 117, 227, 228 Gudino, Sandra 1093 147 Guerra, Cecilia 1113 4, 18,50,131,134,166, 168,190,192, 212, 213 Guerra, Lori 1113 51, 130, 131, 176, 177, 202, 221 Guerra, Ramon 1103 138, 198, 250 Guerra, Regina 1103 138 Guerrero, joe 1103 138 Guevara, Rosario 1093 147, 198, 212, 213 Gulley, Marcus 1103 94, 102 Gutierrez, George 1093 147 Hall, Daphne 1093 147 Hall, Fred 1123 36, 63, 65, 84, 87 Hall, Kimberly 1093 147, 199 Hall, LaShun 1103 6, 44, 93, 138, 172 Hall, Lisa 1103 35, 100, 138, 221, 223 Hall, Ms. jessie 1FC3 157 Hall, Stephanie 1123 117, 234 Hall, Tenequa1093 147 Hall, Washonoa 1103 138 Hamilton, Cynthia 1123 1 17 Hamilton, Iva 1093 147 Hamilton, Monica 1123 1, 4, 17, 19, 23, 32, 38, 39, 52, 55, 56, 60, 66, 67, 112 117 68, 76, 77, 81, , , 168,170,171,172,174, 175, 176,177,184,185, 188, 189, 217, 238, 239, 243, 265, 273, 274 Hammond, Darrel 1093 147 Hampton, Antwane1123 92, 117 Hampton, Tracie 1113 1, 10, 11, 32, 42, 53, 131, 168,176,177,184,185, 187, 189, 239, 241, 243, 249, 262 Hand, joyce 1093 147, 199 Hankins, Dr. Olan1FC3 157, 211, 216 Hankins, Marquita1103 138 Hannon, Thomas 1113 131 Harden, Bennie 1093 94 Hare, Tina 1093 147 Harper, Eugenia 1103 138, 212 Harris, Eldred 1123 65, 84, 85, 86, 87, 220, 222 Harris, Holly 1093 198 Harris, Tammy 1093 147 Hart, Phillip 1091 147 Hart, Ted 1093 147 Harvey, David 1123 117, 221 Harvey, jennifer 1113 30, 131, 135, 205, 256 Haskins, Carl 1113 94 Hast , Antarian 1091 147, 199 Hasty, Bill 1113 37, 45, 51, 52, 53, 54, 96, 97, 130,131,168,170, 173, 174, 176, 177, 194, 218, 250 Hatch, Ms. Anne 1FC3 96, 221, 223 Hauerwas, Brian 1113 21, 88, 131, 168, 220, 222 Hawkins, Monica 1093 147, 199, 204 Hawkins, Ms. Mary 1FC3 157, 209 Hawkins, Suzie 1093 147 Hayes, Deborah 1113 206 Hayes, LaKeisha1093 147, 198 Haynes, Hazel 1093 48, 147, 199, 209, 220 Haynes, Herman 1113 88, 99, 248 Head, Derren1093 147 Heddin, Chad 1103 50, 88, 138 Hein, julie 1113 131 Hem, Sokha 1103 138 Henderson, Amber 1103 138, 143, 176, 177, 220, 222 Henderson, Andre 1093 147 Henderson, Eric 1093 147 Henderson, Eric 1123 99, 132 Henderson, Robin 1113 132 Henderson, Valicia1113 14, 98, 100, 132, 208, 221, 223 Henries, Darnell 1103 138 Hernandez, Carlos 1123 227, 229 Hernandez, Felicia 1103 199 Hernandez, joseph 1113 104, 132, 237 Hernandez, juan 1093 147 Hervey, Mr. Ed 1FC3 225 Hewitt, Christopher 1093 147, 19 Hicks, jennifer 1093 147, 166, 191, 220 Hicks, Shawn 1103 138 Higgins, james 1123 61, , 118, 220 Higgins, Mark 1103 94 Hill, Brenda 1123 220 Hill, Ms. Robin 1FC3 157, 221 Hill, Napoleon 1113 132, 138 Hill, Rodney 1103 138 Hines, Sheila 1113 195 Hi , Brand 1103 138, 2136, 222 y Hoard, Rhonda 1123 20, 21, 67, 117, 118, 224 Hocker, Christine 1103 35, 138, 202, 223, 250 Hodson, Ben 1093 147, 225 Hodson,Cecil1093 148, 225 Holden, David1ll3 132, 148 Hollins, Lisa 1103 237 Hollins, Valencia 1123 118, 233, 234, 261 Hollis, Yvette 1113 211 Holman, Cecia1093 148 Holmes, Arbreda1123 1 18, 234 Honaker, Elizabeth 1103 138, 221 Hooker, Shelley 1103 138 Hope, Priscilla 1113 132 Hopkins, Quevonnas 1103 138, 195, 253 Hoppert, Lori 1113 5, 15, 18, 26,132,166, 168, 173, 174, 176, 190, 192, 221, 237 Hornsby, Kim 1093 148, 198 Houston, Charlotte 1123 118, 221 Howard, Keithain1093 148 Howeth, Cathy 1113 132 Hubbard, Ms. Lillian 1FC3 157 Huckeba, Don 1093 246 Hughes, Allen 1103 138, 198, 199 Hughes, Earnest 1103 199 Hughes, Ms. Gwen 1FC3 1. 7 Hughey, Dr.jim1FC3 44, 53, 75, 81, 162, 211, 221, 255, 257 Hukill, jamie 1103 138 Hullett, Richard 1103 138 Hulse, Ray 1123 50, 65, 74, 77, 81, 84, 87, 118, 176, 177, 217, 237, 260, 265, 272, 274 Hulsey, Hol1ie1093 148 Hunter, Curtis 1103 138, 209 Hurley, Kelly 1123 52, 118 Hyder, LaVunya1l13 132 lbanez, lvan1093 148, 237 Iglinsky, Michael 1093 148 Ingram, Benjamin 1093 48 lrvin,jacquelin1093 148 jack, Robert 1113 132, 199 jackson, Angela 1123 118, 218, 232,233,234 jackson, Anner1113 132 jackson, Carla 1093 148, 199 jackson, Eric 1113 132, 199 jackson, janice 1123 221 jacksion,jerald1123 92, 1 1 jackson, Lachoy1103 138 jackson, Marcus 1093 88, 99, 148 jackson, Marla 1113 100, 101, 132, 221, 258 jackson, Miguel 1093 148 jackson, Monica 1103 138, 199,208 jackson, Regina 1103 138, 206 jackson, Starlett 1093 209 jackson, Yolanda 1123 53, 55, 61, 71, 83, 91, 93, 118, 120, 121, 274 jakubiec, David 1093 148 jakubiec, Ms. Darla 1FC3 157 james, Adriane1123 15, 20, 59, 118, 215, 221, 260 james, Danita1103 138 jaremko, Ms. Cyndy C3 1 1F 57 jarvis, Sheree1103 138, 252 jeffery, Anita 1103 245 jenkins, Christie 1103 138, 256 jenkins, Dedrick1093 148 jocoy, David 1123 53, 57, 70, 73, 118, 214, 215 john, Paula 1113 132, 237 johnson, Adrian 1103 138 johnson, Christina 1113 132 johnson, Demerrick 1093 218, 222 johnson, 138 johnson, 84,99 johnson,Detra1093 148, 199 johnson, Derick1103 Derrick 1103 138, 199, 256 Erbie1123 66, 1 18, 205 johnson, Floyd 1113 132 johnson, Freedom 1093 148 johnson, Gloria 1123 98 johnson, Harold 1113 209, 236 johnson, Keydra 1103 138 johnson, 1.eQuisa 1123 5, 64, 66, 118, 178, 179, Maxey, Richard 1101 140 1811,181,l82,183,217, 220, 222 johnson, Lisa 1091 148 johnson, Mr. jeff 1FC1 40, 84, 85, 106, 157 johnson, Robert 1091 148 johnson, Tamikki 1091 94, 98, 148 johnson, Tara 1101 138 johnson, Tony 1111 84, 132 jolley,jennifer1101 18, 1 138, 166, 190,192 1jones, Alecia1121 118, 234 1jones, Alicia 1101 138, 2 1 '1 gjones, Angela 1111 10, 23, 132 jones, Angela 1101 23, 42, 139, 211 jones, Arlene 1111 2, 132 jones, Becky 1111 132 jones, Brandy 1091 148, 199 jones, Brian 1121 18, 23, 35, 62, 65, 77, 81, 112, 118, 173, 174, 226, 227, 228, 229, 231, 257 jones, Bruce 1111 411, 84, 87, 209, 248, 258 jones, Charee 1101 38, 139, 184, 188, 189,245 jones, Charles 1091 148, 198 jones, Craig 1121 12, 23, 32, 64, 73, 102, 104, 105, 119, 126,173,174, 175, 194, 217, 237, 253, 257, 265 jones, Darryl 1121 92 jones, David 1111 35, 84, 87, 95, 132 jones, Deana 1101 139 jones, Gala1101 139, 220, 222 jones, james 11 11 132, 225 jones, john 1101 99, 139, 148, 199 jones, Krissie1111 132 jones, Lance 1101 139 jones, Marvin 1101 139 jones, Maryland 1091 148, 199, 220,222 jones, Michael 1121 7, 23, 119, 176, 195, 2116, 2118, 217, 237, 273 jones, Mr. Phillip 1FC1 157 jones, Ray 1111 119, 225 jones, Sharla1111 132, 176 jones, Sonya 1091 148, 191, 192 jones, Todd 1091 89, 102 148 joplin, Donald 1121 119 jousan, justin 1111 132 judd, Shannon 1111 132, 224 jurica, Richard 1101 139, 1411,222 Kapadia, Yatin1091 148, 2611 Karim, A111091 148 Karlen, Katie 1101 139, 169, 170, 176, 200, 201 Kearby, David 1091 22, 144, 148 Kelley, Angela 1101 194, 2116 Kelley, Ms. Reva1FC1 157 I Kelly, james 1101 139 Kemp, LaChaundra1111 10 , 132, 198 Kennedy, Sherry 1121 132 Kennedy, Terrence 1111 132 Kenneybrew, Reginald 1091 198, 199 Kent, Peter 1091 148 Kerbow, Alex 1111 132, 227 Kerbow, Cecilia 1091 148 Kerry, Huey 1091 47, 148 Kestler, Cathy 1101 139 Kiker, Benjamin 1101 139 Kilgore, Karol 1101 139, 143, 176, 214, 221, 223 Killebrew, Shannon 1121 18, 77, 119, 226, 227, 228, 229, 253, 272 Kimbro, Reginald 1091 148, 237 King, April 1121 55, 81, 112, 115,119,184, 186, 188, 224 King, Charles 1101 94, 139 Kinig, Damita1111 48, 4 , 132,198,199 King, FeIita1101 139 King, Ms. Audrey 1FC1 1. 7 Kinser,jase1091 148, 198, 199 Kinser, jerry 1091 148 Kirchenbauer, Brandy 1101 139 Kirkendoff, Alphie1121 1 1, 84, 87 Kirksey, Christopher 1091 199 Kirksey, Michelle 1101 139, 170, 176, 193, 214, 215, 237 Klimpel, Robin 1111 28, 39, 132, 168, 176, 184, 189, 221 Knight, Cassandra 1111 9 132 ,93, . Knowles, Gayla1101 48, 49, 139, 198 Kountz, Michael 1091 148 Kovacs, Laura 1111 132 Krannich, Lisa 1101 139 Kristof, Carol 1111 132, 234 Kuehne, Denise 1121 75, 119, 221 Lackey, Tricia 1101 139, 214, 2211, 222 Land, Ronnie 1111 133, 237 Lang, Tyren 1091 199 Langford, Mylissa1091 148, 198 Langreder, Dylan 1091 21 4, 253 Langston, Floyd 1091 148, 198 Langston, Lloyd 1091 148, 209 Lanning, Edward 1091 148, 151 Lara, Edwin 1101 88, 139, 214 Lara, Ricardo 1091 89, 1119, 148 Leaks, james 1101 139, 225 Leal, Roland 1121 119 Lee, Aubrey 1101 88, 99. 1 1 1, 139 Lee, Audrey 1101 98, 139 Lee, Charles 1101 139 Lee, Hae-Sun1121 119, 220,247,253 Lee, Helena 1091 139 Lefils, Khristina1111 133,134,172,173,174, 238, 239, 243, 269 Lemmon, Corian 1091 1112, 148 Levels, Terry 1091 148 Lewis, Anthony 1091 148, 198 Lewis, Felicia 1091 148 Lewis, Keith 1101 35, 84, 139, 199 Lewis, Latorsha1091 148 Lewis, Shanavy1091 148, 198, 2114, 2116 Limon, Alfredo 1091 148 Linton, Bryan 1091 148 Little, Saronna1091 148 Lockett, Chekobi1091 148 Lockett, Derrick 1101 88, 139 Lockhart, Harold 1091 89, 148 Loeb, Laura 1111 45, 130, 133,168,173,174, 205. 221, 223 Lofton, Mark 1091 14, 148 London, Oliver 1101 11, 84, 86, 87, 103, 139 Long, Kevin 1121 78, 119, 210, 227,230 Long, Ms. Beverly 1FC1 157 Lopez, George 1091 102, 48 Lopez, Melissa 1091 148 Loipez, Ms. Dorrie1FC1 1, 94,157,251 Lopez, Ms. Rita 1FC1 57 Lofez, Richard 1121 78 Lopez, Sophia 1091 148, 198 Lott, Chellita11l1 133, 209 Lott, Varnell1091 148 Lovan, john 1091 148, 198 Love, Chuck 1121 2, 112, 119, 273, 274 Love, Kimberly 1101 139, 193 Lovejoy, Angela 1091 44 148, 166, 191, 214, 215, 221, 223 Lowe, Kimberly 1091 148 Lowry, jason 1091 148 Loy, jonathon 1091 148 Luckey, Von 1091 89, 149 Luna, Marcos1101 37, 139 Luneborg, Christian 1101 139, 210 Lybrand, Misty 1121 53, 77, 119, 224, 273 Lynd, Ms. Debbie Phelps 1FC1 157,185,186, 187, 188, 189 Macias, Shannon 1091 149 Macon, jacob 1091 89, 149 Madkins, Patrick 1091 54, 89, 149, 222 Ma ee, Dona 1101 139, 184, 189, 206, 208 1 Ma ee, Saunia1091 23, 98, ob, 149, 221, 223, 251 Mai, 1391101 1114, 1115, 139 Mallard, Lisa1111 133 Maloy, Adrene1091 149 Mancillas,julissa1091 149 Manning, Tenesa1121 119,2. 4,235 Marin, Francisco 1091 149, we Marin,javier1101 139, 199 Marinez, Becky 1091 149, 215 Marsh, Eddie 1091 89, 149 Marshall, Felicia 1091 149 Marshall, Ms. Mary 1FC1 158 Martel, Angela 1111 1110, 133, 224, 255 Martin, jeremy 1091 42, 1119, 149 Martin, julian 1091 89, 149 Martin, Randall 1111 133 Martin, Ricky1121 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 46, 53, 55, 58, 66, 67, 74, 77, 84, 85, 87, 1113, 119, 21111, 201, 202, 203, 221, 223, 256, 260 Martinez, Alfred 1091 35, 1112,149, 212, 213 Martinez, Armando 1111 107, 133 Martinez, Carlos 1101 139 Martinez, Celina 1091 149 Martinez, George 1111 119, 133, 260 Martinez, joe 1101 139 Martinez, Kelly 1091 37, 149 Martinez, Lando 1111 139, 206, 209, 210, 211 Martinez, Leticia 1121 48, 78, 80, 198, 199, 206 Martinez, Mario 1121 31, 75, 119, 205, 221, 223 Martinez, Matthew 1121 31, 55, 71, 72, 1112, 119, 221, 223 Martinez, Mercedes 1101 140 Martinez, Sofia 1091 149,204,237 Mask, jackie 1091 149, 204 Massey, jennifer 1121 75, 8, 811, 120, 225 Massey, Todd 1091 89, 149 Mathis, Paytron1111 133 Mathis, Timothy 1091 149 May, Christy 1101 44, 90, 100, 140,202,222 May, jennifer 1091 149, 166, 191, 209 Mays, Belinda 1121 78, 120, 234, 235 McAnal1y, Terri 1101 140,142, 191,207,212 McCann, Lara 1091 149 McCarver, Tonya 1091 149, 191 McCollum, Ms. Mary Kay 1FC1 78, 158, 238, 243, 253, 254 McCoppin, Gina 1121 54,78, 1211,195,217, 220, 222, 237, 253 McCoy, 11531091 12, 23, 35,43,96,144,148,149, 191, 212 McCoy, Tonya 1121 1211, 237 McCrary, Yolanda 1101 1411 McCullough, Kevin 1111 9, 48, 88, 133, 198, 237 McDermott, Ms. Mary 1FC1 156, 158 McDowell, Dhanheen 1101 140 91,94, McE1haney, Lisa 1101 19,140,184,186,189, 2211, 222, 237, 257 McFarland, Ms. Mary 1FC1 158, 221 McGee, joAnthony1101 43,99, 140,214 McGibboney, Earl 1111 84, 133, 168, 176, 211, 218,219 McGraw, Angela1101 1 9 1411, 184, McCriff, Brian 1091 149 McKinney, Melvin 1121 78, 1211, 214, 2211, 222 McKinney, Teresa 1091 149 McMillan, Daralynn 1111 1.13 McMillan, LaTanya1121 5, 78 McMullen, Christene 1121 78, 120, 233, 234 McMullen, Thomas 1091 149,199 McPherson, Eric1l11 1116, 1117, 133 McShane, james 1091 149 McWilliams, Kathy 1121 1211 Medina, Alice 1091 191 Medina, Diana 1101 140 Medlock, Shena1111 133, 220 Mejia, David 1111 133 Menefee, Cressie1101 1411 Menefee, Eric1101 84, 92, 140 Meredith, Christopher 1101 140, 232 Merrell, Harold 1111 133, 249 Meza, Martin 1121 78, 227,229 Meza, Teresa 1121 58, 78, 120, 206, 212, 213, 220 Michels, Christopher 1091 149 Middleton, Cheena1091 149, 191 Miles, Cristal 1121 1, 9, 16, 25, 27, 34 38 44 55 f731 771 120, 169, 176, 59, 62, 66, 67 188, 189, 2110 215, 238, 239 184, 186, 201, 214, 2411, 243, 264, 265, 273,274 Miller, Daryl 1101 57, 140, 193, 194 Miller, Karrie11l1 11, 30, 33, 54, 133, 196, 197, 205 Miller, Mr. joe 1FC1 89, 98, 158 Miller, Ms. Cheryl 1FC1 158 Miller, Ms. Tammy 1FC1 158 Miller, Rhonda 1121 50, 100, 120, 224, 273 Mills, Curtis 1111 109 Index 285 286 Index Mills, Tomm2y1121 77, 79, 120, 23 ,233 Minafee, Torsha1091 149, 192 Mitchell, Casey 1121 80, 120, 227, 230 Mitchell, Chenay1111 206 Mitchell, james 1111 133 Mitchell, jeffrey 1101 140, 227 Mitchell, Kajuana1091 149 Mitchell, Mr. Mike 1FC1 158 Mitchell, Ms.joyce1FC1 158 Mitchell, Shupon1091 44,149,166,191, 204 Mitchell, Vivika1101 140, 220 Mokry, Donald 1121 80, 120, 225, 233 Mokry, Ronald 1121 120, 225, 233 Molina, Senaida1111 133 Moncrief, Brian 1101 88, 140, 141 Monette, Eamest 1121 73, 74, 92, 222 Montalvo, Doris 1111 133 Montalvo, Roberto 1091 149 Montgomery, Larry 1091 149 Moon, David 1101 88, 140 Moore, Christopher 1091 149 Moore, jasper 1121 34, 120 Moore, Keidra1121 62, 69,77,81,120,173, 174, 221, 227 Moore, Kelvin 1101 140, 198 Moore, Monica 1111 94, 133 Moore, William 1091 149 Moore, Yolonzo1101 35, 84, 94, 140,256 Morales, Dolores 1101 48, 140, 199 Morales, james 1091 149, 199 Moreno, Alex 1111 133 Moreno, Roe11091 149 Moreno, Veronica 1091 149, 198 Morgan, Marcus 1091 149, 199 Morgan, Ron 1101 140 Morris, Beatrice 1101 140, 206 Morris, Demonti 1101 140 Morrison, Sandra 1121 121, 274 Morua, Rebecca 1101 140 Moser, jay 1091 84, 86, 149 Moton, Terra 1101 140, 206, 208 Muckelroy, Tara 1111 133, 206 Muir, Chris 1111 3, 25, 133, 221 Mullen, jammie 1091 149 Mumphery, Sonja 1091 149 Mundine, Willie 1091 94 Murphrey, Derrek1101 140, 221 Murphy, Chris 1091 149 Murry, Carrie 1091 96, 149, 191 Murry, David 1091 149, 225 Murry, Stephanie 1111 91, 93, 94,133 Myles, Anthony 1111 133 Myles, Gregory 1101 140 Nance, Pam 1091 100, 149, 193 Nava, jamie 1101 140 Neal, jeffery 1111 133, 212 Nealey, james 1121 75, 121 Neighbors, Ms. jenell 1FC1 158 Nelson, Calvert 1101 87, 99, 139, 140 Nelson, Demerrick1091 89, 99, 149 Nerhood, Stacy 1121 57, 121, 224 Newell, Michael 1101 140, 194, 220, 222, 253 Newsom, jimmy 1101 140 Newsome, Shaynor1121 3, 9, 13, 59, 61, 70, 72, 83,107,108,116,121, 176,178,180,181, 251, 260, 265, 270, 274, 277 Newton, Sharonda1091 150 Nguyen, Hien1101 51, 218, 219, 253 Nguyen, Kim 1121 121, 235 Nguyen, My 1121 121, 214, 215 Nguyen, Nhi1091 218 Niccolls, Bonny 1121 1, 72, 121, 238, 242, 261, 270, 274 Nicholas, Neil 1091 150 Nicholson, Mr. H. A. 1FC1 52,158, 164,165 Nims, Lisa 1101 140 Nobles, Robert 1101 11, 84, 86, 140 Norris, Connie 1121 121, 255, 274 Norris, Ladonna1121 22, 121, 224 Northcutt, Ms. Carolyn 1FC1 158 Norvell, Tonya 1091 111, 150 Nunley, Clinton 1091 150 O'Pry, Ms. Beverly 1FC1 158 Oatman, Debbie 1101 1411, 212, 237 Oliphant, Mr. john 1FC1 88, 94 Olvera, Mark 1091 150, 199 Olvera, Paul 1121 121 Olvera, Richard 1091 204 Olvera, Vincent 1111 199 Orr, Tasha 1091 150 Ortiz, Annabell1101 140 Ortiz, Crissy1121 1, 9, 17, 44, 55, 58, 63, 67, 70, 72,75,12l,169,173, 174, 176,184,186, 187, 188, 214, 217, 221, 237, 238, 239, 240, 243, 259, 273, 274, 275 Osler, Mr. Charles 1FC1 158 Otis, Elvira 1121 121 Otis, Ingrid 1091 150, 167, 176, 195 Otis, Renita1121 15, 121, 233, 234 Otubu, Paul 1111 97, 102,168, 215 Otubu, Peter 1091 8, 97, 1112 Ouk, Hangvarak1121 121 Owen, Lisa 1091 150, 214, 215, 220, 222 Page, Edmond 1091 80, 89, 94, 150,199 Paiz, Tomas 1091 150 Paredes, Albert 1111 24, 25, 46,133,168,170, 200, 212 Parker, Kassondra 1101 98, 141 Parker, Patrick 1111 133 Parramore, Darren 1121 121 Parrish, Philip 1121 102, 121 Pasqua, Mr. Paul 1FC1 84, 85, 158 Patterson, Sandy 1111 133, 227, 228 Paz, jorge 1091 150 Pearson, Crystal 1101 141 Peavy,jacquelyn1101 141, 199 Pena, Curtis 1121 51, 53, 71, 80, 122, 169, 218, 2211, 222 Pena, Hector 1111 133 Pena, Mark 1101 141 Penix, Ms. Elaine 1FC1 158 Penland, jason 1121 3, 12, 34, 50, 53, 55, 62, 64 69, 76,102,122, 168, 176,178,180,181, 217, 261, 265, 274 Pennie, Angela 1101 141 237 Perez, Edward 1101 141 Perez, Melida1121 122, 234, 235 Perez, Monica 1101 141, 257 Perez, Ms. Laura 1FC1 158 Perez, Nancy 1101 141 Perez, Robert 1101 150 Perkins, Allan 1091 150 Perkins, Dana 1121 122 Perry, Corey 1111 133 Perry, james 1091 150 Perry, Kevin 1091 150 Perr Michael 1091 150, 2131, 256 Peterson, Mr. Melvin 1FC1 89,94,158 Pettigrew, Patrice 1091 136, 150, 198 Pettis, Teresa 1101 141 Petty, Robert 1091 150 Philli s, Lance 1121 17, 25, 32, 54, 55, 56, 60, 67, 80, 81, 107, 108, 119, 122, 171,173,174,178, 179, 180, 181, 202, 203, 213, 221, 237, 265 Phillips, Ricky 1111 1, 37, 133, 135, 212, 213, 238, 239, 242,243 Phillips, Terry 1091 141 I Phillips, Veronica 1091 150, 198, 199 Pierce, Mr. Steve 1FC1 40, 88, 106 Piering, Ms. Kim 1FC1 158, 252 Pierson, Michelle 1121 44, 55, 67, 73, 122, 169, 184, 187, 188,224,257 Pineda, Ricardo 1111 134, 253 Pinnekins, Missey1121 28,811, 122,221,236 Piper, David 1121 15, 49, 53, 122,198,199 Pipkins, Ms. Florence 1FC1 158 Pipkins, William 1101 9, 198, 199 Plafcan, Charleen1121 122, 233, 235 Pogoda, Ms. Nancy 1FC1 100, 158 Points, johnny 1091 150, 225, 233, 261 Polk, Darrin 1101 141, 221 Polk, Toni 1101 141, 202 Pope, Paul 1091 150 Porter, Braun 1121 61, 64, 122 Potts, Alicia 1111 134 Potts, Katina1091 150, 191, 204 Poullard, j. B. 1101 92, 141 Poullard, Renella1101 141 Powell, Charles 1091 150 Powell, Laura 1121 35, 6l,67,72,11111,101,122, 226, 227,228,231 Prasad, Pete 1101 141, 194, 199,211,218 Pratt, F. T. 1121 40, 122, 221 Preston, D'Lisa 1101 11, 31, 54, 141, 196, 197, 205, 221 Price, Charles 1101 141 Prieur, Nathalie 1101 104, 105,141 Prieur, Viviana 1121 122 Primm, Bryan 1101 141 Pritchett, Sinayone 1101 141 Provine,Robert1091 150 Putman, Tonya1091 150 Quinn, Brian 1111 134 Quinn, Carrie 1101 141, 220, 222 Quinn, Msg. William 1FC1 198, 199 Rabal, Cindy 1101 96, 97, 141 Ragsdale, Annette 1111 134, 204, 273 Raine, Tonya 1091 150, 166, 192, 206 Ramirez, joe 1091 150, 199 Ramirez, Lisa 1101 141, 166, l911,191 Ramirez, Nicholas 1101 207, 208 Ramsey, Samantha 1091 150, 191 Ransom, Misti1121 122, 237 Rasberry, jimmy 1091 150 Rawlins, Victoria 1121 122 Ray, Ms. Kristina 1FC1 158, 222 Rayson, LaShunda1111 134, 173, 174 Reagan, Michael 1111 102, 134 Reames, Stacey 1101 8, 141, 195, 2211, 222, 237 Redding, Sandra 1101 141 Reece, Hubert 1111 84, 134, 168 Reed, Frazier 1091 49, 150, 198 Reed, Ms. juanita 1FC1 159, 214, 215 Reese, Fredrick 1111 132, 134 Reese, Shane 1111 134, 212, 220,222 Reeves, Alfonzo1091 150 Reeves, LaRonda 1121 63, 65, 122, 210 Reeves, Monica 1101 136, 141 Reina, jorge 1091 150 Reina, Mario 1091 150 Rener,jana1101 11, 38, 141, 184, 189, 257 Reyes, Benito 1101 225 Reyes,julian1111 134 Reyes, Patricia 1091 150 Reyna, Antonia 1091 150 Re2yna, Karina1091 150, 11 Rhoads, Ms. Gayle 1FC1 159, 176, 177 Rhodes, Tony 1111 92, 134 Rhynes, Cheles1111 28, 51, 134, 173, 174, 195, 214, 221 Ricarte, Louis 1101 141 Richard, Laquanda 1101 141 Richardson, Troy 1091 89, 150 Richmon, Shane 1091 199 Riley, Alisa 1101 141 Rischer, Sherita1091 150, 199 Risinger, Kim 1091 248 Robb, Christopher 1091 96, 1551 Roberson, William 1121 15, 73, 83, 92, 99,122, 208, 220 Roberts, Andrew 1091 150 Roberts, Charles 1091 150 Roberts, Clifford 1091 150, 199 Roberts, Philip 1091 150 Robertson, Cary 1101 89, 141, 220, 221, 222 Robertson, Ms. Becky 1FC1 138, 159, 162, 210 Robertson, Napoleon 1101 88, 198 Robertson, Shenekqua 1101 51,52,141, 220, g 221,222 Robertson, Susan 1111 134 Robinson, Antonio 1111 134 Robinson, Billy 1121 5, 11, 25, 46, 58, 66, 67, 74, 123,178,179,180,181, 182, 183, 201, 202, 203, 217, 238, 243, 244, 261, 269, 272, 276 Shanz, Charles 1091 151 Robinson, Charlotte 1091 1511, 199 Robinson, Christopher 141 1101 88, Robinson, Edward 1111 134 Robinson, john 1091 94, 1511 Robinson, Kenneth 1121 123, 258 Robinson, Samuel 1091 150, 195 Robinson, Sharia1111 198, 199 Robinson, Tammi1091 151 Rochelle, Sharon 1101 141 Rodgers, Shanda 1101 141,192 Rodriguez, Alfredo 1091 151 Rodriguez 36 ,Alphie1111 Rodri uez, Chris 1101 99, 221 Rodriguez, Cynthia 1101 141 100,101, Rodriguez 1121 1, 176, 178, 183, 207, , Lorraine 7, 58, 75, 123 179,180,182, 214, 215,217, 218, 238, 239, 241, 242, 243, 261, 262, 273 Rodriguez, 141,170 Paulina 1101 Rogers, jason 1091 151 Rogers, Michael 1121 21 29, 44, 47, 55, 60, 63, 65 67, 70, 73, 84, 87, 96, 102,119,123,169, 218, 238, 250, 257, 261 Rogers, Mitchell 1121 55, 65, 71, 74, 76, 95, 123, 168, 170, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218, 251 Rollerson, Stuart 1091 89,151 Romo,judy1091 151 Romo, Teresa 1091 151 Rosales, Michele 1091 205 Ross, Eureka 1101 141 Ross, Larunda 1091 151 Ross, Tyrone 1121 123 Rouse, Ms. Sandy 1FC1 159 Rowe, Sabrina 1091 198 Ruelas, Angela 1091 41, 151 Ruelas, Debra 1121 123 Ruelas, George 1121 123 Ruelos, Sharon 1091 41, 151 Ruiz, Deborah 1101 141 Ruiz, Salvador 1101 141 Rusk, Teashia1091 151, 198 Russell, Lakiesha1091 31,151, 205, 221 Russell, Ms. Pat 1FC1 159, 218 Russell, Robyn 1091 6, 151 Russell, Trisha 1091 151 Saddler, Darrin 1121 134 Sadler, Charles 1091 89, 151 Sadler, Max 1091 151 Saenz, Laura 1091 151 Salazar, Antonio 1091 151, 204 Salazar, Hector 1121 53, 80,107,123,218 Salazar, Homer 1111 1116, 134 Samford, Damon 1091 43, 54, 81, 89,151 Sample, Mary 1101 141 Samples, Erica 1101 141 Sampson, Charletta1101 134 Samuels, Cheree1091 151 Sanchez, Rudy 1091 89, 151 Sanders, Martin 1091 151 Sanders, Ronnie 1091 151, 221 Sanders, Travis 1091 41, 151 Sandifer, Doris 1101 37, 141 Sandlin, Lori 1101 141, 172, 174, 1911 Sands, jerry 1101 88,141 Sauceda, Hugo 1121 58, 123 Sauceda, Olga 1091 151, 212 Saucedo, Ernestine 1101 141, 207 Schmidt, Kevin 1101 141, 199 Schmidt, Sheri 1091 151 192 Sco ins, Bobby 1091 11? Sco ins,jimmy1121 li? Scoggins, Timothy 1111 1 4 Scott, Dawn 1121 6, 7, 48, 199, 21 1 Scott, Mr. Doug 1FC1 92, 159 Scott, Shelisa1101 30, 141, 205 Scott, Tanya 1111 134 Scott, Tracie 1091 151, 191,192, 209 Seales, Bill 1101 99, 141 Seifert, Debb e 1101 141, 237, 296 Serpas, Ms. judy 1FC1 154,159,168,173,190 Serrata, Lisa 1101 10, 141, 208 Shackleford, Keri 1111 222 Shavers, james 1101 141 Shaw, Corey 1121 123 Shaw, Shannon 1121 123, 232, 233, 235 Sheffield, Tonya 1111 94, 134 Shepherd, Patrice 1091 151, 166, 191 Shewmake, Susan 1111 123, 134 Shields, Tina 1121 18, 73, 124, 226, 227, 231, 272, 275 Shipp, Barbara 1091 151 Sholars, john 1121 124, 257 Shuller, Karlan1111 11, 104,134,168, 221, 259 Shultz, David 1091 151 Shumaker, Timothy 1091 151 Siddall, Danna 1091 151 191, 209 Sides, Bryan 1091 199 Si man, Christopher ?101 141 102, Sill, joey 1121 124, 209, 237 Simmons, Morris 1111 134 Simmons, Tammy 1101 260 1 Simmons, Teresa 1101 136 Simpson, Kevin 1101 141 Sims, Adrian 1121 98, 124, 206, 220,221 Sims, Fonda 1121 72, 124, 234, 235 Sims, Tomesa1111 134 Singleton, Michael 1091 151 Sipriano, Vicente 1111 134, 195, 253 Sisk, Rachel 1091 25, 27, 151, 166,191, 2211, 222, 223, 257 Skelton, Earl 1091 151, 199, 218, 246 Skidmore, Renee 1091 151 Skyler, Daralyn1101 142 Slaven, Kathleen 1111 50, 134, 168, 176, 214, 215, 220, 221, 222, 223, 237, 261 Sloan, Vickie 1091 151, 198 Smart, Sonya 1121 124 Smelser, Amy 1111 13, 32, 35, 39, 42, 43, 134, 135,168,184,187,188, 189, 238, 243, 244, 261, 262, 274 Smith, Corey 1111 99 Smith, Debra 1091 151 Smith, Detra1101 142, 207, 210 Smith, 248 Smith, johnny 1091 41, 151 Harlena1091 151, Smith, Lance 1121 124, 227, 228, 229 Smith, Levie1091 198 Smith, Marcella 1111 4, 19, 39, 46, 96,135, 168, 176,184,185,l88,189, 200, 201 Smith, Michelle 1091 151 Smith, Mr. Arvel1FC1 84, 85, 159 Smith, Ms. Connie 1FC1 159 Smith, Stefanie 1111 39, 44,135,177,184,185, 189, 207, 211, 238, 261 Smith, Teresa 1091 151 Smith, Timothy 1091 151 Smith, Tina 1121 74, 124, 227,229 Smith, Yolanda 1121 124, 234, 235 Smitty, Ruth 1111 124, 274 Solano, Michelle 1091 151, 198 Solano, Steve 1101 106, 142, 246 Soles, Danata1091 44, 151, 198 Solis, josefa 1091 151 Solis, Pablo 1091 151, 198 Soliz, George 1111 96, 135 Solomon, Ms. Linda 1FC1 159 Songer, john Paul 1091 89, 151 Sosa, Mr. juan 1FC1 159, 212, 213 Spears, jay 1111 84, 106, 135 Speights, Patti 1101 142, 2 22 , 22 Spencer, Dalondris 1091 151 Spencer, Mechelle1101 31, 205 Spencer, Michelle 1121 124 Spencer, Vanessa 1121 1011,1111,l24, 220, 222, 223 Spriggs,lnita1101 142, 2119 Spriggs, Lisa 1101 142, 2119, 222 Spurling, Vincent 1091 151 Staab, Sandy 1121 5, 35, 62, 65,66,124, 178,179 180,181,182,183,217, 224, 261, 272 Stafford, Ms. Eddie 1FC1 159 Stanton, Trepasco1121 124, 234, 235 Starling, Vincent 1091 151 Starr, Alan 1111 135 Stegall, Greg 1121 124, 225 Stephens, Anthony 1111 103, 199, 221 Stephens, jeff 1121 84, 86, 87, 216 Stephens, Rita 1121 124 Stephens, Robert 1111 135 Stephens, Tony 1091 151 Steve, Sonya 1101 142 Stevens, Dale 1091 96, 102, 151 Steward, Iris 1121 55, 63, 69, 73, 124,169, 184, 185,187,188, 247 Steward, Teresa 1091 151 Stewart, jennifer 1091 151, 191 Stewart, Richard 1121 125 Stinson, Tasha 1121 78, 125, 208, 236 Stokes, Mr. Mac 1FC1 84, 85, 99 Stone, Carrie 1101 1, 140,142,177, 213, 220, 222, 238, 242 Stone, Glenn 1121 24, 27, 53, 67, 96, 97, 125, 169, 176, 200, 211, 265 Story, Demetria 1091 142 Stout, Craig 1101 7, 142, 172,174,195, 212, 220, 222 Stratton, Ms. Bonnie 1FC1 159, 228 Stuart, Tom 1121 107, 1 10, 125 Stutts, Kevin 1091 151 Sudkamp, Angela 1121 23, 53, 57, 6 , 76, 78, 125,169, 214, 215, 218, 219, 237, 247 Suhr, Michael 1111 135 Summers, jonathan 1101 142 Sunderland, Ms. Mary 1FC1 159,161,176, 260 Suttle,Gregg11l1 36, 51,220,256 Sutton, Patrice 1091 151, 212,256 Swearingen, Maj. Lawrence1FC1 198, 199 Sybert, Mr. Bob 1FC1 159 f Tabaniag,joann1111 1, 21, 22, 29, 32, 39, 42, 45, 104,134,135,171,173, 174,175,176,184, 186, 189, 213, 238, 239, 274 Tabaniag, Maryann 1101 104,1 5,142,172,174, 176, 193, 221 Tallet, Mr. George 1FC1 95, 159 Tana'ara, Ricardo 1091 152 Tanner, Donovan 1121 1, 79, 99, 125,208,238 Targton, Emanual 1091 152 Tate, Angela 1121 91, 93, 125 Tate, Artez1091 89, 152, 247 Tatum, jeff 1121 6, 62, 64, 125, 194, 250 Tatum, Tyrone 1111 135 Taub, Max 1111 84, 86, 96,97,135,168,170, 176, 218 Tavarez, Manual 1091 152 Taylor, Camelia1091 52, 199, 204 Tagflor, Charles 1101 35, 8, 102 Taylor, Keith 1111 135 Taiylor, Lucretia 1111 42, 8,135,198,199 Taylor, Nona 1121 125, 224 Taylor, Tracy 1101 6, 142 Taylor, Willie 1101 47, 142 Teniente, Araceli1101 142, 250 Tenorio, Ms. Minnie 1FC1 159 Terrell, Christopher 1091 10, 23 Thlang, Theang1091 204 Thomas, Daphne 1101 142, 222 Thomas, Elonda 1101 142 Thomas, Gregory 1101 99, 142 Thomas, Kirsten 1111 195, 207, 253 Thomas, LaTracy 1111 37, 48, 135 Thomas, Ms. janet 1FC1 159 Thomas, Reginal 1091 152 Thomas, Yolanda 1111 135, 206 Thompkins, Winfred 1091 152, 198, 204 Thom son, Alfred 1091 89, 1,52 Thompson, Anita 1121 33,66,75, 125,205,257 Thompson, Elisa 1101 46,142,170,172,174, 176, 184,187,189,200, 201, 212, 213, 253, 259 Thompson, Leonard 1101 142 Thompson, Mr. Chester 1FC1 160 Thompson, Mr. Earl 1FC1 160 Thormer, Pat 1091 152 Thornton, Mr. Mike 1FC1 160 Thorpe, Stephen 1111 135 Tierney, Waymon 1091 Index 287 152,253 ' Ti ens,Stevon1101 152 Tu, vm 1085511 135, 199, 214' '... , Tobola, Ms. Mary1FC1 160 Todd, Derrick 1121 49, 125, 198, 199 Tolbert, Cynthia 1121 6, 48, 135, 199 Tomlinson, Faith 1091 96, 97,152,191, 238, 242 Townsend, Glenn 1121 125, 206, 218 Trejo, Maria 1091 152, 225 Trejo,Sylvia1091 152 Trent, Ronnie 1091 152 Trevino, Concepcio 1091 152 Trollinger, Ms. jane 1FC1 160 Troncoso, Dana 1111 135, 237 Tuck, Michael 1091 152 Tucker, Christi 1101 142 Tucker, Tania 1101 142, 210, 259 Tulley, Sharon 1091 152 Turner, Angelia1101 220 Turner, Clyde 1121 230 Turner, Michael 1121 125 Turner, Shalindra1091 152, 191 Turner, Temby 1091 35, 144,152,166,172, 174, 192, 206, 220, 222 Turner, William 1101 94, 142 Turnipseed, Mark 1091 152 Tutt, LaKenya1091 209 Tyler, Tommie1111 135 Tyson, Yolanda 1101 198, 199 Utley, Kimberly 1091 14, 152 Vaden, Kristi 1111 79, 93, 135, 176 Vail, Tonya1101 139, 142, 17 , 174, 238, 240, 242, 269 Valdez, joe 1091 152, 199 Vance, David 1121 125, 128, 226, 227, 228, 231 Vance, Marshall 1101 53, 88, 142 Vanderslice, Ms. Ellen 1FC1 160 Vasquez, Daniel 1101 95, 142, 198 Vastguez, Letisia1111 13 , 227, 230 Veail, Darren 1121 57, 125, 246 Vega, Albert 1101 31, 32, 142, 221 Vega, Domingo 1101 138,142, 212, 261 Vega, Ms. janie 1FC1 160 Vega, Terri 1091 152, 191, 212, 213 Vela, Victor 1121 135, 260 Velasco, Guillermo 1101 288 Index 1 1 42, 214 Velez, Ruth 1091 152, 2 1 2, 213 Venters, james 1121 67, 125, 202, 203, 210 Villa1obos,joyce 1091 152, 198, 209 Villarreal, Lori 1091 153, 19 1 , 192 Vines, Angela 1101 142 Vines, Keith 1101 142 Vines, Khristy 1121 126, 224 Vines, Ms. Mary 1FC1 160 Vines, Shanna1101 35, 42, 142, 220, 221, 222, 223, 237, 257 Vita, Kealine1121 67, 74, 76, 126, 227 VonRabenau, Ms. Michelle 1FC1 160 Wade, john 1091 153 Wade, Katrina 1121 59, 75,126, 224, 272 Wade, Stephanie 1101 142, 208, 212 Wade, Terrance 1101 88, 142 Wafford, Scott 1091 153, 220, 221, 222, 223 Watford, Sherri 1121 4, 15, 19, 24, 25, 26, 46, 55, 61, 66, 67, 74, 126, 167, 176, 186, 188, 200, 201, 202, 203, 217, 220, 221, 222, 223, 252, 256, 273, 275 Wagner, Stac6y1121 32, 5 , 55, 65, 6, 70, 72, 75, 83, 91, 93,104,105,126, 221, 259 Walker, Dwayne 1101 142 Walker, Kelly 1111 64, 126, 206, 237 Walker, Kerri 1101 142, 222 Walker, Mark 1101 142, 208, 249 Walker, Marlon 1091 37, 153 Walker, Shajuana 1091 152 Walker, Treasa 1111 135, 212 Wallace, Cynthia 1101 1, 138,142,166,191, 238, 243 Wallace, jacqelyn 1091 152 Wallace, Mr. Carl 1FC1 160 Waller, Tambra 1101 142 Walls, Debresha1121 11, 31, 54, 66,126,196,197, 257 Walton, Deidra 1121 37, 126, 234, 235 Walton, Thomas 1101 88, 142, 143 Wamsley, Wymon 1091 89, 15 Ward, janice 1111 126 Ward, Kimberly 1091 153 Warren, Michael 1111 54, 88, 135 Wartes, Mr. Bill 1FC1 160, 253 Washington, Andre 1101 142 Washington, janice 1091 153, 2 2 Washington, jeremy 1091 106, 108, 153 Washington, Kenneth 1091 153 Washington, Micheal 1091 153, 199 Washington, Omar 1091 106, 1 7, 153 Washington, Rodney 1091 7 Washington, Toni 1091 153 Waters, jerry 1091 153 Waters, Roy 1121 84, 86, 126, 232, 233, 235 Watkins, Sharon 1101 142 Watson, Billy 1111 102, 135, 195, 253, 261 Watson, Kyle 1121 230 Wagspn, Marcus 1091 Watson, Mary 1091 153, 204, 209 Watson, Ryan 1091 153 Watson, Tommy 1111 135 Watts, Brenda 1121 65 Watts, Virlesia1101 50 Weathersby, Debra 1111 208 Webb, Shawn 1121 8, 17, 24, 25, 27, 46, 57, 58, 61, 65, 66, 67, 74, 79, 116, 126,167,171,173,174, 201, 202, 203, 217, 238, 241, 242, 262, 272 Webb, Sonya 1111 135 Webber, Rhonda 1091 142, 221, 223 Wedgeworth, Dee 1121 53, 63, 67, 69, 76, 126, 169, 170 Weir, Kathy 1101 142 Weir, Michael 1091 89, 102, 153 Welch, Deanna 1101 142 Welch, Mark 1111 135 Wel1s,C nthia1091 153, 205, 23,1 Wesley, Kathy 1101 94 West, Emest1101 142, 220, 222 Westbrook, james 1101 142 Whatley, Charles 1101 142 Whatley, Larry 1091 153 198 Wheat, Ms. Amalie 1FC1 160 Wheaton, Latisha1091 6, 48, 98, 153, 199 Whitaker, Aderiana1091 153, 191, 192 White, Bobby 1091 153 White, john 1121 1, 6, 29, 32, 44, 46, 59, 63, 66, 67, 68, 75, 76, 79, 124, 126, 168,171,173, 174, 175, 176,178, 179, 180,181, 182, 183, 200, 201, 207, 217, 221, 238, 240, 242, 243, 254, 261, 262, 270, 273, 274, 275 White, Lashunda1101 142, 202 White, Phillip 1111 135 White, Yolanda 1091 153 Whitehead, Floyce1121 38, 63, 64, 67, 126, 169, 173, 174, 184, 187, 188, 224 Whitfield, Craig 1091 153 Whitmore, Erica 1101 10, 23, 142, 198 Whitmore, Otis 1121 18, 19, 20, 21, 28, 36, 40, 51, 63, 65, 84, 85, 86, 87, r 221 Whitmore, R 'nald 1091 199 eg! Whitten, Christopher 1091 198 Wier, Randy 1091 153 Wilburn, Tatanisha 1091 153 Wilkerson, Howard 1091 153 Wilkerson, Terry 1091 153 Wilkes, Melissa 1091 153,191, 214, 220, 222 Wilkes, Tim 1121 126, 166, 225 Willard, Kimberly 1091 153, 166, 192 Williams, Arthur 1121 63, 65, 84, 87, 126, 173, 174, 221, 259 Williams, Bernesten 1101 142, 198 Williams, Billy 1111 135, 199 Williams, Bryant 1101 41, 142 Williams, Cassandra 1091 153 Williams, Chandra 1091 153 Williams, Charlie 1101 142, 221 Williams, Daphne 1091 153, 191 Williams, Darron1091 41, 153 Williams, Dax 1111 27, 84, 135 Williams, Frederick 1091 142 Williams, jeffery 1091 153, 199, 258 Williams, jessie 1111 135 Williams, Kenneth 1091 153 Williams, Kimberly 1121 6, 265 Williams, Lisa 1091 153 Williams, Marsha 1091 153 Williams, Micheal 1111 28 Williams, Monica 1091 153,166, 191, 206 Williams, Ms. jan 1FC1 160 Williams, Ms. Sandra 1FC1 160 Williams, Robert 1111 135 Williams, Sharhonda 1121 126, 225 Williams, Tabitha 1101 143 Williams, Terry 1091 153 Williams, Tiffany 1091 153, 191, 206, 220, 222 Williams, Timothy 1101 88, 143, 153 Williams, Unikki1121 98, 127, 207, 208, 237 Williams, Veronica 1121 16, 127 Williams, Veronica 1101 143 Williams, Waver1091 153 Williamson, Anita 1101 37, 143, 256 Wilson, David 1101 88, 143 Wilson, Deborah 1121 6, 48, 49,127,198, 199 Wilson, Donald 1091 153, 209 Wilson, Michael 1111 127, 227 Wilson, Michelle 1121 18, 67, 127, 169, 226, 227, 228, 229, 231 Wilson, Mr. jonnie 1FC1 160 Wilson, Patrice 1121 63, 12 7 Withrow, Ms. Karen 1FC1 160 Withrow, Terr 1111 102, 135, 246y Wood, Deborah 1121 127, 166, 193, 194,195 Wood, Donise1111 135, 176, 206 Woodall, Larry 1091 153, 198 Woodard, Derrick 1121 58, 127 Woodley, Ferrenski1101 6, 35, 143, 194, 207, 250, 256 Woods, Crystal 1101 11, 23, 30, 54, 143, 196, 197, 205, 221, 259 Woods, Debra 1091 153, 176,191, 214, 220, 222 Woods, Eric 1101 45, 84, 135 Woods, Felicia 1121 59, 127, 225 Woody, Laura 1111 17, 27, 47, 130,135, 176, 200, 201, 202, 203, 220, 222, 253 Woody, Lisa 1101 143 Woolverton, Todd 1101 143 Wooten, Doroth 1121 81, 127, 233, 234, 235, 272 Worley, Leanna1101 143 Worley, Samantha 1111 21, 4,104,135, 224, 259 Wormley, Ms. Christine 1FC1 163, 164, 165 Wright, Sharla1091 8, 1 3, 195 Wright, Teresa 1111 135 Wright, Yolanda 1121 127, 224 Wysocki, john 1111 135 Yates, Chris 1091 89, 153, 237 Yates, james 1091 94, 153 Yates, Marty 1121 1, 127 Yates, Stacey 1101 29, 44, 143, 1 72, 173, 174, 220, 222, 238, 244 Ybarra, Maria 1091 153, 204 Yoder, Ms. Brenda 1FC1 160 York, Rosalie 1101 2, 143, 194 Young, Billy 1101 88, 143, 198 Young, Christian 1101 5gg,101,143,176, 220, Young, Rhonda 1101 6, 143, 207, 214, 220 Young, Tarita1091 43, 153, 220 Zachar , Lori 1111 7, 39, 42, 45, 135, 168, 173, 174, 175, 184, 188, 189, 261, 274

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