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ff 'H'H',N1lI11J if r-new Synrxii CUTIE T0 Ill 1 lffl I ' 12 naw:-we 4 as mm Q 4 - 4 l 45' rf Q 4- l A R 'o?""-'J' A ' .U . .p f . , w , .,,5,7m' VV H as Q 5.8 ,,. 31Q, , A ,, - MW . 4, V V74 -Q' , 53, mv? K v ".- -tak . fn . Q , -N 4 ' , , ' ' ,,J'Q, R67 .gwfk i K . ' , Q ' . ' 1 ,, 'w 7, . ' 4'f',y"7!'., . w -. wwf , ' ,Msg-1uayA4A":' W -. my if W 4 f .1 ' X' 5 '- wr V . ' 'R 'fx iw! 'L .V W 'h,,.kA ...w' ,fy A ,A 0 Y " ' '- -Ui' ' -e2"I0,n in ' 'xfii .Y f .946 , -r fi" ' 5 A iizfmr 5 fl - ,- . . wwf- ,,.q,fjg - Y ma, 55+ , :Q W , M . f '4if ?Q ' T k 3 K ' ,,""V- k 4.'r U vip 'a af Nfl' -s Ji' . , . 12 'W in K .1 19.215-3, ,I Mg' mff,fq5 afa.W 35 'Mmm NNNS egg 76v53Q LQ ,QQ 1,56 pp DQ Lmgf W 75 SH if-TQ WX iw? -'se Table of the TORCH 1978 olume 22 W. W. Samuell High School 8928 Palisade Drive Dallas, Texas 75217 Contents B g' ' g fSp' 't l Sp t St d tLf I2 Loy lty O g t 76 Prid A d I34 Spirit of Sp t I56 Loyalty Cl d Admi t 1 2l4 Pride in Pl tG 328 Spirit of Ad t g 334 SpiritN d g 354 Index . . 360 Q43 'ER-f ii., sf ..,z -iq. -ffl' z: .M,,,..n -.ll - 322 r , H , 'V 1 3 f W2 v ' 4 1 ff '- V I ' E ' ' " ' -' L ,.,.N , H - ' "" 7 v ' -f 1 ' .' ' ' ' if my --ffiiig' f-f..e-f:fsw'ie:- --3' 1--4,-sy-Q.s1a-,QVS ' ' 2 f ' ?!i2fE??W1W5?Ej - f' T- fQ3?Eii3g?25E7a.!, HQQ, ' gF?ef?f1:wfwmQfeggifQEH syQwmfQQiig? F2i1'7r QAA'1 - ' 'I -3N"'5W .4:Tf'Af?? H 'E :, ?3f2f:,J'?f'1'19fEff?4! 'I- ,, X" '- - 1' 5 "I X31 W' ff ' ' Y ','M fl I W ,,,NNN f -39? ' ' , A ' L1 ' H X. al11.fff"Le53ii2: H" Afia-ml",W,g11'1"Vf " , ' .E , , - ', i f M ".' MQWEEQV.,i'i1:N2I'fN'f3w Lib- ' - ,, , ,J fi ' V W M' ' ' ' .: V 'Nw-1 V, X1 v:wF'1Ef,51111 F15 ' 1, 2 f-:i4f g' uCg9f5 w: Mu1wgfE25f:- WM 1 an-x -+.f .. . ,a.. 1 'NN I ' ' A A I .. o ' A Y ,, '22 13 The Spirit of the S mbol W. W. Samuell High School. named for a well-known Dallas physician. is a school based upon long-standing traditions. Symbol- ism plays a large part in the herit- age of the school. which opened its doors to students in January. l957. A The mascot was chosen to be a Spartan. known for the qualities of fortitude and undaunted spirit. The motto. 'Parans Pro Officio" translates tos"Preparing for Serv- ice." The school colors. Blue and Gold. represent the outstanding qualities of happiness. hope. truth. honorfwisdom. power. and warmth. ' Q The drill team. the Starlets. gets its name from the Spartan star. a sy mbol of high ideals. The yearbook. The Tnrcli. sym- bolizes the search for knowledge while the Sentinel represents a guardian of the people. awk Al gets ready to lead the studen ya. . 51,54-,-' 4 . 9 f W ' A K hifi- ' , , ,gf f :Q L w 1 ' . in 1 -, 't Q 5 1 lk 1 I 3:52 F.. ,sk f . iff 1 Q 3 In 4, 3 1 X H Er- J' Wg l i i 1 'll ti f t l w . Q l Klay Rogers as Billy the Kid holds up the stagecoach. Robert Trevino shows his school spirit by being a Deaf Cheerleader. I body in the school song. A lot of pride is shown by the Starlets at each football game. Keith Hanks and fellow .l.V. players areg proud to be Spartans. 3 L lil it to Benny Stone rehearses the band for the Parade of Champions Contest. .V The Drill erforms and shows their spirit at Mike Killingsworth really works hard in the Spartan'Band. the footballfgames 9 Q., Can't stop the Blue Machine. The Spirit of the Spartan The Spirit of the Mighty Spar- tans is reflected every day in many ways. Loyal Spartans faithfully stayed at the W. T. White game despite drenching rain, and a disheartening scoreboard loss. They proudly supported the P.T.A. membership drive and won a decisive victory over the Spruce student body in a mem- bership contest. Loyalty was prevalent every day in the form of friendship. Loyalty was pulling a friend through by loaning out last night's homework, buying lunches for a friend so he won't have to stand in the long lines, or even saving seats in assemblies. Spartans eagerly participated in all of the school's activities, whether it was clubs, talent shows, or dances. Pride, the essence of the Spar- tan Spirit, was always evident. -M V ,L , JROTC slrowvtheir loyalty by giving a special presentation of the flag ceremony. -.-a....a.....,,,4,,,,...' 2 l l i in . .1 - we ., Irf? Felix Pena, a deaf student, participates in the all school assembly. J.V. Cheerleaders give a special assembly. Scott Kendall sings the school song. The student body shows spirit by attend ing assemblies. he Spirit of '78 A long contest was held to see which 'class could sell the most ycarhooks. After a two-month hattle between the classes. the Senior Spartans were announced the winners. having sold 57? of their class. - 8 i S"? if iv jws mm: mw'Mk-d-rdwwi- , W W 1- S,1.'5x,' .Q ma E, ' -saw Y 'QE-:N "Em uf ' ' --':ffl- m222553 1 l W Mg' 1' M2 wi X ,. 1 3' 8 1.,Q124E.f,E3".1 ' 1 ' gi M f ,V Y bmi in 52 MK M if Qf-b ,iii -'Fu , w 1 3 2 if . 3 , 5 Q E 1 E 2 s 2 5 s 2 2 a 5 , 5 . I 2 3 3 I2 l SPIRITIN STUDENT LIFE RAZZ-MA-TAZZ ut, .... . -.J mi r QQ J .Q ., e. 4- . .... ,- S if r f X IQ it ,Q at X K ,Q A fa R r, 1 S Q, .., ' P r f l u X wt 5 5 W, ' X X Drill gets into the Rubber Band Man. Gene and Darrell enjoy being M.C.'s. Keeping with tradition, drill officers perform. J "W ' V ',,,, V , A, if AM, , ..,, ., -f-- . , , ',,n V, , ' - 4 If , 4 1,3 4 S' A , f W M 4' QU' A 5' W : I X JV' A lg? 35. l V f .J 2 Q' L W x 3, 7' ' -V' '1 , 1 , Q 4, Y V t , f gf ,Y r , 6 M img' Q I I V' ' N A W, Tracy Hare puts audience in a daze. Stage Crew did a good job. I Jesters! give their traditional performance. Steve and Brett help with the "Tribute," Continuing in the tradition of fine productions, the Concert Choir presented the fifth annual variety show, "Razz-Ma-Tazz," on Friday, September 30, 1977. The auditorium was filled to capacity as both the Concert Choir and the Jesters! made their debuts, along with many other talented Spartans. X.. Skid? Bryan soothes the audience with his voice. Burt Bacharach medley sung by the DeIo's, A Barbra Streisand melody sung by Susan. David attracts all the girls attention. Jesters sum it all up at Razz Ma Tau. Q, it Sally discusses her every day problems. it 6' W Frankenstein 1Genel and Darrell doa 'jigf' . S 3 Stl ' S A f Q- ' ,,., t .Q f 1 Laura and Phyllis sing about "them boys." Gene presents the next performer. HO 6 2 Members of Student Council decorate for the Howdy Dance. Ray Del and Mark boogie as o D DANCE UCCESS Q l Greg Money enjoys the dance. l fl ,l L, ne down the Soul train. Sally and Phylis clown around at the Howdy Dance. A smile of fond remembrance, a warm handshake and a "How,ve you been'?,,g questions about former comrades and teachers, and rippling excitement - all of these were present on Thursday, October 27 - Horre- coming '77 at W. W. Samuell. The Blue Jackets decorated t halls for the occasion in brig blue and gold. Monster-siz paper Spartans loomed on t walls and huge signs showed t B.J.'s faith in the Blue Machii The Starlets backed the team decorating the team,s rooms. Christi Wood crowns Mitzi queen, Banner Team prepares for assembly. Klay Rogers prepares props for skit The student body gathers for Homecoming assembly. Benny Stone directs band in the alma mater. Debbie McDaniel greets Homecoming with a smile. For the first time since 1972. the pep rally was held in the quadrangle. To the music of the band and the deafening cheers from the Spartans, exes were wel- comed home. A favorite Samuell faculty-ex, Mr. Blackmon, was on hand to raise the Spartan Spirit with his version of "I'm So Glad That Spartans Can't Be Beat." But nei- ther Mr. Blackmon's songs, nor cheerleaders' yells, nor Starlet routines could take the Spartans' minds off of the ultimate event- the crowning of the Queen. To the music of "Days of Wine and Roses" the Homecoming Court was announced. After a brief moment of speculation, Mitzi Stephens took her place, center stage, as 1977 Homecoming Queen. Deaf cheerleaders add to the Spartan Spirit. Despite the heat, cheerleaders kept on cheering. Cheerleaders enjoy the outside assembly. Mr. Blackmon cheers the Spartans on. The Drill perfomied with their new props. Homecoming without Bluejacketsq 'ai W R It 2- 1, A A Cheerleaders congratulate Mitzi Stephens, .JM Mr. Blackmon got everyone on their feet, David Baker announces the Homecoming Queen. new H ' OIIIGCOITIIHQ Court- '77-'78 In a beautiful outdoor assembly, with soft music floating on the breeze, Mitzi Stephens was crowned Homecoming Queen for 1977. Last year's Queen, Christi Wood, came to crown the new senior queen, whose escort was Doug Hicks. Mitzi's court and their escorts included: Sen- iors Lisa Pound and Ray Del Sloan, Cyndi Everett and David Chandlerg Juniors Kristie Smith and Randy Gray, Joni Mewbourne and Mike Trentg Sophomores Lenora Coronado and Phillip Donaldson, Linda Martin and Mike Woodfing and Freshmen Penny Bird and Todd Watson, Patty Morris and John Shumaker. Escort Doug Hicks and Queen Mitzi Stephens Penny Bird, Patti Morris, Linda Martin, Lisa Pound, Mitzi Stephens, Cyndi Everrett, Kristie Smith, Joni Mewbourne, Lenora Coronado v Peggy SW in fed for tionj is chosen by the The nominee for d scholarship, service, an Revolu- leadership, Freshman Follies 'ii if Ei Cathy puts the audience at ease. Donna and Kevin were part ofthe special ensemble. Rumors were spread by onna. Karen, Yvon and Gin ss es ss. eff' la K x ,sa it is 2 ,,5,,,m , WMM, g V Randa. Diane. and Penny perform "Whoa Mule. Whoa," "Sixty Seconds" was performed by Steve Radney and Gregg Patillo, Joe Newton melts everyone's heart. Roxanne Young gives a spectacular performance, John Shoemaker. Kevin Sumrow, Joe Wallington. and Joe Newton perform a barbershop quartet. Alaina and Teri discuss how parents should he treated On Friday, October 8, the talented Baby Blues presented Freshman Follies. Under the direction of Mr. Jeff Morrow, the Freshman Choir gave the student body an interesting look at Freshman talent and humor. Gregg plays the "gay" telephone man to Cathy, Gregg does a hat dance, Kim McDonald sings "You Light Up My Life." The gang sings "Pleasant Grove, Tex." Steve Radney introduces another skit, Patti Morris and friends scream for mama to bring them some candy. jdf Shows skateboard mem, Joe .. Thesprons Present: 23215 . Kitty... "The Time 33252-- . Wesley of Your l.If9H llgfgaggcgh' The cast waits forthe second act. Chana tells her problems to Scott. MAIN CAST: ..... ...BrianMcKinnie . . .Shawn Shreves . . .Jimmy Jackson . . .Phyllis Read . . . .Scott Knedall . . . .Randy Garren . . .Benny Stone . . .Steve Cain . . . .Klay Rogers Phyllis listens as Klay argues with Scott. 'MQ Joe helps Tom with his problems with Kitty. . if ..... , ..... .... . ' .ss .sb -M: sas: .11 .. 11f.,et....tf-fy: -few.. , sm- 214' -.lf:: .. eff Lizlfziagg-J-V ' - -H .S'mS f e 'is' f: .... Q' ' ' '- Lori and Evelyn. portraying hookers, look on as the lovers quarrel. Brian McKinnie and James Jackson try to comfort Phyllis Reed. An evening at Nick's saloon. Bryan introduces Kim to a wharf bar. Steve gives a toast to Drinking. On December 2. the Samuell Players and Thespians presented the all-school play, William Saroyan's "The Time of Your Life." The play took place in a San Francisco "honky-tonk" bar. It presented a realistic view of life around 1939. Mr. Tom Carroll, Thespian sponsor, directed the play. Senior Belinda Boyd served as Student Director. 4 Benny Stone plays the "Missouri Waltz." Brian listens as Klay tells ol his adventures. Randv tells Shawn he's a comedian. .,, it Kilty's past haunts her as HaiTy serves Joe a drink. Will the society couple receive their champagne? l Randy dances as Shawn answers the phone. The Newspaper boy sells .loc a newspaper as Dudley waits for Elsie. Brian McKinnie tells how he got his money. Brian warns Jimmy to leave his woman alone. of ,v 4 -4, if '? TORCH Assembly Revecils Theme and Dedlcohon Thursday, December 8, the TORCH staff announced the 1978 yearbook would be dedi- cated to Ms. Linda Adams. In addition to this announcement, the staff revealed the TORCH theme and the cover design. Chana Spainhouer and Kim McDonald introduced the TORCH design and theme in a skit. The newspaper staff added humor to the program by having Linda Fleetwood present Knollis Rose, Greg Vines and Tony Hitt in a "kissing contest." For fun, instead of Starlets being rated on their kissing, the guys' moms were brought out. The suspense could not be pro- longed forever, though. Klay Rogers raced through the audi- ence. grabbed Ms. Adams, and propelled her to the stage. Brenda Gober read the dedication as a surprised Ms. Adams sobbed, "I donlt believe it.', The .leslers performed to add musical va ly Knollis Rose gels ready for the big k Brenda reads the dedication loa tearful Ms Assembly Ushers in Holidoys .varitek Mr. Jeff Morrow directed the Freshman Choir. H The Treble Choir was directed by Mr. Crook. Mr. Crook directed the Concert Choir singing "The Jesus Gift." 9 G9 t With the Christmas chandelier hanging centerstage, and a feeling of festive anticipation in the air, the choral department helped to usher in the holidays and close the year 1977. After the Freshman Choir, Jes- ters, and Treble Choir presented their portion of the program, Mr. Stokes delivered an inspirational talk on the Christmas story. The Concert Choir closed with its selection of Christmas music. Military Boll December 17, 1977, was the date set for the l5th annual Military Ball. "Blue Eternity" provided music for the formal affair, which stresses social graces for cadets. Dual highlights for the Ball were the crowning of the JROTC Queen and the Grand March, which Robby: Mohn crowns Janie Garcia queen. introduced graduating senior cadets. Joe Miller escorts Lisa Prulu. G e , f Everyone enjoys slow dancing. 'KZ gg Sludenis march hand in hand for the Grand March. Pam Beasley is escorted by Douglas Fort. l 977-78 JROTC Queen On December 17, 1977, Miss Janie Garcia was crowned JROTC Queen. Her coronationfcrowning was the highlight of the Military Ball. Miss Garcia was a Cadet Captain in J ROTC, and was commander of Company C. Runner-up in the queen competition was Miss Brenda Hollis. Brenda is a junior and a member of Company A. 1977-78 JROTC Queen Miss Janie Garcia Runner-up. Miss Brenda Hollis and escort. Ronald Hudson. Attendant Miss Laurie Roberts and escort Tony Bolello Course Fctir Gives Closer Look The beginning of the year brought about changes. Seniors turned thoughts to graduation, and underclassmen began think- ing about next year. For the second year, the vari- ous departments sponsored a Course Fair to give students a closer look at the courses availa- ble. Underclassmen spent their English periods walking the halls, visiting stations and asking ques- tions. The speech and drama depart- ment prepared a videotape of its tournament performers to entice people into its program. The Eng- lish department tried to "sere- nade" the underclassmen into English courses. The arts, JROTC, foreign languages, homemaking and history depart- ments all prepared interesting exhibits for the benefit of the stu- dents. The project proved very suc- cessful. By allowing students to Hsee" the courses before making a choice, the usual calamity sur- rounding course selection was greatly reduced. itzfsfi ...Wat Ms. Walker's class visits the art exhibit. Showing ammunition and weapons. JROTC attracted many visitors. y iB' tg . t is X . we M 1 -. 71 ' 1 'ski '--- T T ' ax.. 1 E if Q- it-ff: rage . 4 . ...ner assia -:-fs . ' x .,,.,..,... 2 .,.. V - my ,V 1 was The foreign languages displayed a variety of posters and entertainment. Talented cmd Gifted W rf' lk Us X .aff K new QZ 'T' First Quarter: Knot pictuiedl Andy Helms worked with George Reba. sports editor at WFAA. Jim Lindsey worked with Larry Elkins, senior vioe-president of Neiman Marcus Management. Second Quarter: James Cram studied Journalism with Bob Condron - sports information at Moody Coliseum. Ricky McGaha studied architecture with Cole Smith at Smith, Edblad, and Assoc., Inc. Third Quarter: Kimbra Koncak studied fashion design at Stockton of Dallas. lnol picluredj Daniel Lewis studied the trombone with Philip Graham. Georgia Smith studied fashion at the Car- riage Shop. Donna Walton studied landscape archi- tecture with Gene Newman at Myrick, Newman, Dahlberg, Inc. Bond Sfoge Production Successful On January 27 and 28, the Spartan Band presented one of its most successful stage shows ever. "Music on Stage 78,, took its for- mat from Las Vegas variety shows. Emcee for the show was Jeff' Gregg with Sally Sanderson providing comedy relief. The show featured such solo- ists as David Baker, Cyndi Ever- ett, Phyllis Read, and Carol Woolbright. Melissa Crook and Trey Evans sang a duet. The Starlet officers performed a jazz routine, as did Jamie Pear- son and Chris Neely 8L Co. In addition to comedy skits, assist- ant principal Henry Smith enter- tained with a drum solo and fea- ture twirler Debbie McDaniel presented a baton fantasy. Highlighting the evening was the Lab Bandfs tribute to the late great Duke Ellington. Proceeds from the show went toward the Spartan effort. Cami wwibnghi added glamor to the show. Cy ndi Everett "lights up" the bandishow Mr. Arnold takes a bow with the lab band at the end of their Duke Ellington tribute. his Starlet officers show their ability with the aid of the lab band. Fills Auditorium Two Nights yy 35 7 Debbie McDaniel entertains the audience. Mr, Afngld Speaks at last stage show- and comic relief. YS? i The Jesters! give another of their famous performances. Phyllis gives Darrell a talk about tobacco .mt Laura Furr adds humor between acts Bam Bake' F' C U A 'WEN 'f' New E'1g'a"d Dodd IS a drummer Chris Nealy and Co. dance to the beat. Melissa Crook and Trey Evans took our hearts away. Starlets "Rain" With Talent Hard work, long practice, and much worry paid off for the Star- lets as they presented their annual Starlet Capers. The theme for the February 2 variety show was "Don't Rain on My Parade." The show consisted of solos, duets, dance routines, and skits. Emcees for the production were Sally Sanderson and Georgia Smith. Prior to the show, a dinner was held in the lunchroom. All pro- ceeds went to benefit the Spartan effort. Cowboy cheerleaders performed at Starlet Capers. Starlet Seniors did the traditional "Hokey "You're Leaving Too Soon" was sung by Laura Furr. Sally and Georgia were the Cone Heads. Joni Redfearn tape dances to "Tea for Two." 2 f . Cathy Crann A ,Q. 3 Mfg - ,gxl S5 i - . A . :S get . gg Q is i 1 B 5 3 as , l .. . Y h mQhA " . 5 gk ZA' ., - ' A L 5 Q 1 . Q 51 . gf Q2 J' X ? orm as Dlsco Ducks Deaf Education Valentine Dance Queen Valerie Bingham King Robert Trevino Marsha Smith and Reyna The dance was the first formal event for the Dea Dept. ldo Perez f Education . A 'f' A ,,, X. On Friday, February 10. the Deaf Education Department held its Sweet- heart Dance. The dance was planned and given by Ms. Sutkin's third-period English class. It was the first dance for the deaf ever held in a public high school in Texas. After dancing and refreshments. Valerie Bingham and Robert Trevino were announced as Queen and King of the Dance. Members of the Court included: Lori Sampson and Don Stewart, Kimi Andrews and Felix Pena, Debbie Melvin and Mark Phil- lips, and Elizabeth White and Tony McKnight. Tony McKnight The students decorated the cafeteria for the occasion Mrs. Sutkins introduces the court. Valentine to Sweetheart Dance After a two-week, bad-weather delay, Spartans were finally able to attend the Sweetheart Dance on Fri- day, February 25. The Student Council sponsored the dance, and decorated the lunch- room in Valentine fashion. "Nick Danger" provided dance music. Highlighting the evening was the crowning of the Valentine Queen. At 8:45 p.m., Kim Koncak and Vincent Vela made the announcement: Queen Peggy Swindle was escorted by Richard Nunley. The Sweetheart Court consisted of Mitzi Stephens, escorted by Larry Reed: Kristi Smith, escorted by Mike Woodfing and Joni Mew- bourn, whose escort was Thomas Welch. Also in the Court were Penny Bird, escorted by Carl Tilleryg Lenora Coronado, escorted by Dar- rell Wood, Patti Morris with Paul Scottg and Linda Martin. 1 1977 Queen Lori Enright. prepares to crown the queen. QQ Kelly Morgan demonstrated a new dance. "Nick Danger" provided music. Knollis enjoys the refreshments. Kim wonders who will be queen. Peggy Swindle is announced as queen. VCV ,..,. Junior Joni Mewbourne escorted by Thomas Welch. llunior Kristie Smith escorted by Mike Woodfin. Sophomore Leonora Coronado escorted by Darrell Wood. 1977-1978 Sweetheart Queen 'iw Queen Peggy Swindle escorted by Richard Nunley. Nor Pictured: Linda Martin X, qu Senior Mitzi Stephens escorted by Larry Reed. Freshman Patti Morris escorted by Paul Scott. f Freshman Penny Bird escorted by Carl Tillery, In l97O. when a Lithuanian seaman named Simas Kudirkajumped from a Rus- sian fishing vessel onto an American Coast Guard Cutter in a desperate bid for the freedom he had only heard about. only to be sent back because of a technicality in detente. the people who are now students at Samuell paid no attention, Vietnam was the big story in the news. and even tlic youngest school-goer heard frightening reports of war. When. in 1971. Simas Kudirka was pleading for his life in a Russian Court. again we paid no attention to his plight. The watchword: desegration - and the fear of forced bussing. While Simas saw his hopes dim as he sat in a concentration camp. future Spartans in l972 saw a President take office and a war end. Even in l974. when Simas Kudirka returned to the United States after the discovery that he was an American citizen. we were too lost in the tribulations of Watergate to give sec- ond thoughts about this brave man. lt is no wonder. then. that when students in the advanced phase English class found that they were to research this man. Simas Kudirka. they responded with a mere "Who's he?" But. after all research was complete. these students knew they had to meet this fascinating man face-to-face. Through the Dallas Independent School District. Simas Kudirka was able to visit Samuell High School f an event which left few students untouched. On Sunday. March 5. fifty Spartans and reporters from other schools crowded into DFW airport in eager anticipation. No one knew what to expect upon the arrival of Flight 92. but everyone knew the day would be special. At 10:40. a short. talkative man emerged from the corridor accompanied by a taller woman. Simas Kudirka had arrived in Dallas. Thejitters that had prevailed earlier were completely disspelled. Simas Kudirka and his interpreter. Rima Mironas. were quickly introduced to their Dallas hostesses. Char- lotte. Sharon. .loan and Belinda. and were then ushered into the Flagship Suite. There. students from Roosevelt. Sunset. Seago- ville. and Wilson fired questions at Simas from all sides. He did his best to answer all of them. though he had minimal trouble with the "Texas twangsf' Simas Kudirkci Delivers :Q i ff' 'Q 'Ax S .ir Simas at Monday's Community Meeting Th Rf CP' C85 'fc 5 Simas ponders his answers America says Simas IS Lef11oRigh1: Rima. Simas Ms Crawford Back Lef1toRighI Sharon Joan Belinda Char Reflections on Freedom On Sunday afternoon. Simas and Rima were guests of honor at a reception held in the school library. This gave many parents and faculty the opportunity to meet Simas personally. Channel 4 News covered the event with newswoman Judy Jordan con- ducting the interview. The story appeared on the nightly newscast. After the reception. Simas traveled to Fate. Texas for a genuine Texas Barbeque at the home of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Craw- ford. The food was provided by students in Mrs. Crawford's second and fourth periods. After dinner. the students presented Simas with a white Cowboy hat and Rima received a cookbook of Texas recipes. The evening closed as students taught Simas "The Eyes of Texas." Simas spent Monday. March 6, at Sam- uell. as much to his delight as to that of Spartans. "You . . . peoples." he said. "you are . . . so . . . free with souls" in reference to the overwhelming reception he received from students. Monday evening. Simas talked to people from all over Dallas who came to the Com- munity Meeting held in the auditorium. Several Dallasites of Lithuanian descent attended the function to hear Simas offer his message of hope. "You Amedicansf' he said. "are so free . . . but . . .you not see how free. You can say anysing. read anysing . . . viz-out lies . . . viz-out two-faces. You must protect ziz freedom." Though broken and heavily accented. his message is understood. Simas spent the next two days giving his message to students at Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt. and Bryan Adams High Schools. In all places he was well received. On Wednesday. March 8. Simas Kudirka and Rima Mironas bid a tearful farewell to Dallas. Texas. "But don't vorry," he told students. "I be back! I not go to Siberia!" Simas Kudirka left many Spartans with memories to last a lifetime. Reflections on freedom. on democracy. on the rights of a human being. and hope for our future. "You are so rich . . .But you do not real- ize how rich . . . America is beautiful place for souls . . . You are free . . . Be happy. be happy. . Superlotives A Superlotives gps.. Superlatives U41 "Paper Drive Friday!" "Everyone come to the Chile Supper. . "Would you like to buy a bumper sticker?', These were familiar sounds in the Samuell Halls in 1978 as loyal Spartans supported the Spartan Effort. The Effort sent 164 mem- bers of the Band, Starlets, Jes- tersl, and JROTC to the annual Cherry Blossom Festi- val in Washington, D.C. Though the trip lasted only 5 days, the Spartan Effort was a school-wide project which lasted the entire year. During October, Mr. Arnold announced that they had been invited to attend the Festival and many Spartans began eagerly planning their ward- robes and routines. But after the shock of the announce- ment came the realization that a trip of that size would cost money - much money. Undaunted. the various groups hastily began planning money-making projects. Pro- ceeds from the Jesters! assem- bly, Band Show, and Starlet Capers all went toward the Spartan Effort. Students sold Tupperware, light bulbs, jew- elry, bumper stickers, candy, stationery, and pies to raise money. Additional funds came from the Chili Supper, Chicken Dinner, Bake Sale and auction, and Garage Sale. Tami and Joni on the Riverboat herry Blossom Festival on the Potomac River, Mr. Spainhouer was photographer. Souvenir hunters. Students in the Smithsonian Institute. 9351 Gena and Cathy on the observation deck. Joni, Gena, and Cathy pose. A familiar gathering place. Mr. Stokes speaks. Sponsors. Horn-Williams Ford donated a '66 Mustang to the Effort, and chances to win it were sold for Sl.00 a piece. Every Friday, the west end of the student parking lot was full of newspapers as each ton of papers added more money to the fund. Kip's Restaurant donated one day's profits to the Effort as many Spartans spent the day waiting on tables. On March 29, 198 excited students, parents, and teachers departed for Washington, D.C. from Dallas-Ft. VVorth Regional Airport, beginning a busy, five-day schedule. Spon- sors for the trip included Mr. Wartes, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Bohart, Mr. and Mrs. Weiz, Mr. and Mrs. Cost, Mr. and Mrs. George Stone, Ms. Carla Fahey, Ms. Gwen Swinton. and Mr. and Mrs. Crook. The various groups per- formed at Arlington National Cemetery, the Washington Monument, and on the Capitol steps as well as marching in the Cherry Blossom Parade. Col. Wittkower placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Sunday night, 198 Spartans returned from Washington, D.C. - tired but happy - to renew old schedules at W.W.S. Peppermint Boll Crowns Jeanette Murphy ond Mork Sissom King ond Queen The new court for the 4th annual Peppermint Ball are Mark and Jeanette Murphy. Friday, May 12. was the date for the fourth annual Peppermint Ball. Entertainment for the formal occasion was pro- vided by N10 Karat" and the Handbell choir. Highlighting the Ball was the crowning of the Pep- permint King and Queen. 1977's Queen, Renice Mackey, made her traditional last walk before relin- quishing her title to Jeanette Murphy and Mark Sis- som. Renice Mackey crowns the new queen Jeanette Murphy. 'X u Z Patrick Pearson fleflj and Brian Tate Irighrj escort last year's queen Joyce Sanders. aide, congratulates Mark Sissom. the King of Renice Mackey on her final march to give up her crown to the new Peppermint Ball. queen, 2- t . ... . ,.x. 1- my The handbell choir, directed by Mrs. Ellen Vanderslice. enter- tained. Mrs, Betty Bennetjoins in the fun as she dances with David Hanes. Darrel Pattillo and his rock group I0 Karat provided the dance music. Mark Sissom presented Mrs. Tommy Townsend with a gift for her work as their counselor. The parents and friends of the students were invited to share in the fun. Malcolm Wynn and the other students were ready with every tune to dance the night away. l Second Time for "Bells Are Ringing" The Concert Choir added still another musical to its collection of excellent productions when they presented "Bells Are Ringing" on April 20, 2l, and 22. It was the first time a musical had been repeated and the second year of the three-per- formance schedule. The musical takes place primarily at 'fSusanswerphone,,' an answering service owned by Sue fLaura Furry. One of the employees, Ella CPhyllis Readj is an overly friendly person who constantly meddles in the lives of her subscribers. One of her sub- scribers is a down-and-out writer, Jeff Moss fDavid Bakery. Ella imme- diately decides to help him. Under a false name she helps him and unwit- tingly helps three others CBryan Sandlin, Trey Evans, and Brian McKinnieJ in the process. But before she can help herself, Ella falls in love with Jeff. Eventu- ally, Jeff discovers her identity, and the two declare their love. The musical had many excellent choruses and exciting dance num- bers. Other fine lead performances were given by Knollis Rose fwho played Sandor, the bookie, who set up headquarters at Susanswer- phonej, Klay Rogers and Tracy Hare Cas Inspector Barnes and Fran- cis, the detectivej, and Belinda Boyd Cas Gwynnej. The production marked the twenty-first musical directed by Mr. Clements B. Crookg it was the sec- ond year that Mr. Jeff Morrow assisted in the direction. Accompan- ists for the show were Joan McCormack, Carol Woolbright, and Kelli Copeland. When the curtain came down on the final performance, the entire cast screamed - in joy, in some sadness, but with immense pride in a most successful effort. Bames and Francis inspect "Susanswerphone 'Pm Goin' Back!" Ella and Bames won The parade added humor to "Hello, Hello. There' Fills Auditorium All Three Nights Ella her plans to Gwynne. Ella tells-.Iefihow to his life. Sandor tells of his Little System." Y Everyone enoyed the subwa . The parade highlighted the subway scene. J Y , Suscmswerphone's Ello Solves Dr. Kitchell sings to Ella. Ella is introduced to Paul Arnold. Ella and Carl sing "Mu-Cha-Cha." Ella laments "The Party's Over." Ella and Blake Barton discuss popularity. Dr. Kitchell and Blake Barton help Jeff find his miracle. All Her Subscribers' Problems Carl teaches Ella howto Cha Cha Th idas Touchf ll Ella and Jeff "slug 'em" in the park. lol In I-1. Tami French and ex-Spartan Mike Bryant Linda Fleetwood and .lohn McDonald Phyllis Thomas and date Tony Hitt pos pose for a snapshot. enjoy the occasion to really dress up. while Darrell Tyler sneaks 1 into the pic- t UFC. I 977-78 Senior Prom REGAL BALLROOM of the REGISTRY HOTEL THE SENIORSLASS OF 1978 W. W. SAMUELL HIGH SCHOOL . . welcomes you to the 0 I 1.00 Senior March SENIOR PROM Sally Sanderson and Carey Tucker l l:30 Presentation of Favorites by Faculty 9:00 Prom Begins Friday Evening. May Fifth : - : D ' . - I2 00 I 00 ancmg Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Eight MUSIC BY DISCO SOUND Jimmy Macaluso and Toni Clevenger . Phillip Thomas and date sit out on u pose at home for one of many pictures for Larry Hanyes and partner dance amid the dance. mom and dad. light show to a disco heat. 53 C Vicki Wells and date Bud Delk show a smile on the seniors' night to really shine. Knollis Rose and others dance to the con- tinuous sound provided by the D.J. Roy Phillips and senior Teresa Cross pose at home before they are off to dinner and the prom. Features Disco Dancing Friday, May 5, was a day Seniors had anticipated all year long - Prom day. The Prom was held at the Registry Hotel in the Regal Ballroom. "Disco Sound" provided the dance music. At ll:00, Ms. Carla Fahey introduced the emcees for the traditional Senior Grand March, Sally Sanderson and Carey Tucker, who individually introduced each Senior girl and her Senior escort. Following the march, TORCH sponsor Ms. Marion Ward announced the beginning of the Favorites program. Each category was introduced by various faculty members. Joni Mewbourne and Thomas Welch Penny Bird and Carl Tillery rest in Melissa Crook escorted by Jeff Gregg in clown around while posing for a snapshot. between the three hours of disco dancing. the senior grand march. Mr. cmd Miss Scimuell Al Phillips Peggy Swindle Most Likely to Succeed Belindca Boyd Tracy Hcire Most Beautiful Most Handsome Craig Brunson Susie Slayden Wiltiesf Knollis Rose Sally Sanderson Most Talented Phyllis Read David Baker Most Athletic Carey Tucker Lisci Pound 59 Blue Gold - Lcisf cmd First Performcinces The new football team showed their durability amid the downpour. Spartan Spirit didn't slacken as the new drill and fans sat through Teafs WUC washed away fmm the uoldu drill by the fain- the rain. The band, Starlets and senior boys, who traditionally invade the field, ran for cover at the end of the half-time performance. The May 20 Blue-Gold Football game fell on a rain-soaked Saturday night. The game provided a "last performance" for sen- iors in many organizations as well as giving the "up- an-coming" performers the chance to shine. The teams had a difficult time trying to play in the driving rain. Nevertheless, the Gold team emerged victorious by a score of I2-6. The game was a last for senior Starlets. .. ic. 2 is I , ' an 5 fi 5 Q ,, iii,, Vg, A K i A' ,, '.1, ' 1- 'Ai rs A " . 5 . W ' " " le t tltre t f1,1' :vf f .V I f f- gil 5 i , , 444 The senior cheerleaders await their last run across the field. The 78-79 squad showed their talent for the upcoming year. .....,NNMWW A new Starlet drill stands for the opening of the game and the alma mater. Weathermen predicted that April 28 would be rainy, but the day chosen for the third annual Field Day dawned clear and cool. And it proved to be a successful venture. The day began with an assem- bly in which fourteen nervous Juniors tried out for 78-79 Varsity Cheerleader. After the assembly, the entire student body moved outdoors. The Stage Band presented a concert on the blacktop as candi- dates for Student Council made campaign speeches. The Deaf Education Department presented a mime show. Girls and guys entered the soft- ball tournament with "The Out- laws" emerging victorious. Many Spartans entered their cars in the car show. Clubs sponsored vari- ous booths which sold everything from hot buttered popcorn to a chance to "smack', Coach King with a pie. The Armed Services also brought exhibits. Highlighting the day was another assembly, performed by the rock group, S'Blue Eternity." Samuell,s own David Baker led the band in popular songs which quickly made everyone want to dance. Many Spartans formed a "Dancing Chainn down the aisles, and soon the aisles were jammed as more people were added to the chain. At 3:05, Field Day 1978 ended, But the bell closed one of the most successful Field Days ever. The Stage Band performed on the blacktop Each candidate was introduced to the student body mes ond cu Rock Concert -nw., ,, ilson ran the Latin Club s obstacle cour Students enjoyed inspecting the helicopter 41 ,U,,.-... s . .3-9113-x'P , , , . ,vs -L 2 .gnQy"f'a-F1'- , -.J Y- 2 '-1,,,,eQ I fi l ,fs W'5,.a- was students their cars in the car show Qomeone else ha Mr. Stokes spent the day herding skippers back to school. Even boats were displayed Outstanding Art Danny Bryant Deaf Education Valerie Bingham Business Julie Dennie Woodshop Al Phillips Social Studies Sharon Spurr Math Rodney Christian Choral Music David Baker Band Pam Bullion HECE Debra Bussey D.E. Rene Shirley J.R.O.T.C. Robbye Mohn Science Steven Sherrell Girls P.E. Rebecca Martinez English Charlotte Karlen Latin Cathy Busby David Baker ed. The outstanding students were honored for their excellence in each area of courses offer The students are chosen from all four levels of classification. Students V.O,E. Speech Drama Journalism Plastics Drafting Metal Homemaking Tutoring Boys P.E. Spanish French I Dare You I Dare You Peggy Flourney Belinda Boyd Steve Cain Carey Tucker Sherman Tyler Donny Ashton Kenny Lollar Kim Koncak James Lindsey Thomas Rolison Frances Hernandez Linda Lopez Willie Sirls Melissa Crook Each student wa Monica Martinez and James Smeltzer presented Mrs Griffin with an award for being an outstanding H E C E teacher Sr. Assembly "Looks Like We Mode lf" On Friday. May 26. I978. the scnior class filled the auditorium Emcees for the program were Knollis Rose and Klay Rogers. for their last assembly, Laura Johnson and Barbara Bynum did a disco dance - a favorite David "Barry" Baker sang the appropriate theme song. "Looks of the Seniors. Like We Made It." Brenda Gober and Cyndi Everett read the list of objects placed in Teary-eyed Concert Choir members sing their last song. the Seniors Time Capsule. The Deaf Education Students remembered past days with "Old Millie Giardina sang "You Light Up My Life" with Cyndi Everett. Friends," Teena Fountain performs her disco song Phyllis Read sings "The Party's Over" to her Jeff Gregg shows off his dancing talents for the Senior Class. last school audience, for the last time, David Baker opened the show with the theme song, "Looks Like We Made It." The acts which followed were all reminiscent of things past: Phyllis Read's "The Party's Over fBells Are Ringingjf' the drum- mers' solo fMusic on Stagelg the "Billy the Kid" skit CRAZZ-MA-TAZZJQ the emcees skit on Simas Kudirka. Many students took time to say "goodbye" to Sam- uell with songs and dance routines. Sally Sanderson and Carey Tucker presented an interesting reflection on past events with the "WWS Newscast." The assembly provided a last performance for many groups: the cheerleaders led their last yell, the Starlet Officers danced a last routine. Carey Tucker in one of the assembly's Melissa Crook performed with the Starlet Greg Foster gave his last drum solo. lighter moments. Officers for the last time. Knollis Rose and Klay Rogers remember the visit of Simas Kudirka. 1 r , Phyllis Read ancilolene Boyett sang the Jesters' last song. Senior members of Choir regret their last performance. In a flashback to Rau-Ma-Tau, Tracy Hare and Klay Rogers portray "Billy the Kid." Mr. Stokes hellps Sally Sanderson through her farewell speech by explaining the aughs were not at her but at a floating balloon. fbi Honored guests in attendance included Ms. Carla Fahey. .lim Mat- tox, and Jim Tyson. It was a day of goodbyes for many school leaders. Senior class president Knollis Rose and Student Body president David Baker gave farewell speeches, as did Sally Sanderson and Mrs. Carla Fahey. Brenda Gober and Cyndi Everett presented the Time Capsule, which holds various remembrances of the '78 year. Levis, a special "Grove', T-shirt, and copies of all school publications went into the cap- sule to be sealed until 1988-ten-year anniversary. Closing the program were the final performancesi of the Jesters and the Concert Choir. l Tears flowed freely for seniors and underclassmen alike as the closing of the assembly marked the end of l three years at Samuell for the Class of '78. Senior Joan McCormack accompanied the soloists in their last assembly. - S . x A Senior Class President Knollis Rose gives his farewell speech. l l i 5 Klay Rogers and Brian McKinnie perform "Old Days" with the Senior .I esters. Cyndi Everett sang "You Light Up My Life" for the Seniors. The Senior Starlets performed a last routine. The Senior members of Concert Choir sang "l'll Always Remem- ber." Peggy Swindle leads the Starlet officers in Nancy Newhouse and Winnie Johnson Susan Joplin was another of the final a last routine. dance to "Flashlight," ists. ' ,nl- ef . I 5 pt if xii? fa ,Q- Q , fa 1 2 rf I -ul- Sr. Luncheon of "Gronny's" Immediately following the Senior Assembly, Seniors went to Granny's Dinner Playhouse where they enjoyed "The Owl and the Pussycat". Marcia Wallace is better known for her role as Carol Kester. Dr. Robert Hartley's receptionist on TV's "Bob Newhart Show." She played the "hooker" Doris in the play. After the Buffet-style luncheon, Sen- iors were able to relax and see the play. Cyndi Everett, Trey Evans, and Brenda Gober seemed to enjoy them- selves. The play took place in an apartment in San Fran- cisco. Co-starring in the play was Larry Randolph who played Felix Sherman. Al Baccalaureate Baccalaureate services for the class of '78 were held The invocation was delivered by Rev. Johnny K. on Sunday, May 28, in the Spartan auditorium. Bryant of the Greater Bethlehem Baptist Church. The Rev. Lewis Chamberlain of Meneely Memorial Presbyterian Church delivered the sermon. Belinda Boyd gave the benediction. The Concert Choir sang a special reli- gious song. Rev. Bryant, Mr. Stokes, and Rev. Chamberlain spoke at the service. Melissa Crook-and Sheryl Meche lis- en to instructions before the proces- gional. , . . . lt.. . i . gi f? " T if :li f st 5 .1. H y, Members of the class lined up in the l 'F - 5, ' lllflch f00m befflfe IHC Pl'0CCSS10Ual l , ,. Q. e1 5ff.,3 into the service. T tr-' 5 L' i Q5 - -1 r f .'1'. X 5 - if f- x - i-t Q1 ..... i , aff- :H 1 2 . Qi lf' fi v ."' ' p. .r.- r, A, .fsse--' . s i. S" X -5 I I .,i.,..i.,iY5gE.f , , ...,. . i ,K . D The music of "Pomp and Circumstancef' the Senior Class of '78 filed into Dallas Memorial Auditorium on June l, to begin commencement exercises. The 8:00 ceremony marked the end of twelve years of schooling for 368 seniors. Senior class President, Knollis Rose, gave the invocation. ROTC Battalion Commander Rob- bye Mohn led the Pledge of Allegiance. Mr. C. B. Crook directed the Concert Choir in a final performance of "Cherubim Songi' and "The Last Words of David," accompanied by Kelli Copeland and Carol Woolbright. Ar,,p, .2 , 9 V fi Sarmny Lievsay leads his line to the platform to receive dip- lomas. Candidates wait nervously for the beginning of commence- ment. - Graduating Class of 1978 2 'F' ' if .,. J-we--vo-. fag, Brenda Louise Aday Kimberly Ann Allen Linda Lea Anderton David Allen Baker JoBeth Bennett Valerie Ann Bingham Jolene Renea Boyett John Harold Brasher Lisa Jo Carruth Sharon Faye Caudill Tynette Cook Ricky Wayne Cornwell Julie Ann Cosper Karen Louise Davenport Melanie Joyce Derryberry Linda Kay Fleetwood Brenda Leigh Foster Laura Eileen Furr Deborah Marchel Gardner Honor Pamela Kay Gilliam Brenda Jean Gober Jana Lee Graves Tracy Lee Hare Mike Ausan Harris Robin Hatcher Terry Lee Hillgartner Kathy Denise Hodges Jesse Carry Hux, Jr. Laura Lynn Johnson Cheryl Lee Jones Dedra Rae Jones Bo William J urik - Roy Scott Kendall Kimbra Ann Koncak Celeste Monica Kubacek Saundra Kay Land Lisa Louise Lyles Finishes at 8:00 on June l Graduates Teresa Jackson McClung Lisa Louise McCuiston Ricky Lee McGaha Brian Allen McKinnie Sheryl Emma Meche Hilda Trevino Meza ' Diane Lovejoy Milam Robbye Lynne Mohn Anthony Lee Neel Brian Alan Partington Jo Karen Peel Al Ken Phillips Jacie Lee Ramsey Paul Scott Riddles Carol Lee Sanders Kathy Ann Selzer Regina Rene Shirley Susan Elaine Slayden Georgia Sherrell Smith Sherry Lynette Stegall Donald Ray Stewart Paula Marie Stewart Peggy Sue Swindle Mary Lynn Tate Terri Lyn Thompson Carl Darren Tillery Carey Fred Tucker Cindy Sue Vick Deborah Ann Waldroup Ricky David Waller Donna Rene Walton Brian Joseph Welnack Jeanne Darlene White Kathleen Frances Whitehead Cherron Craft Williams Carla Rose Yandell Principal R. C. Stokes presented the platform guests and Mr. Wayne Neu presented plaques for special sewice to Samuell students. Following the presentation of honors, Mr. Stokes announced to DISD Board member Gerald M. Stanglin that the candidates had ful- filled all their requirements and were certified graduates. After Mr. Stanglin presented diplomas to the graduates, the entire class rose for the last sing- ing of the Alma Mater. National Honor Society President Tracy Hare delivered the benediction which closed twelve long years and opened the doors of memory for 368 graduates. o RayDel Sloan eagerly awaits his tum to walk across the stage. Cherron Williams is one of the many students waiting for the start of the exercises. After graduation, 200 Seniors went to Bronco Bowl to enjoy the traditional All-Night Party. The party began at midnight with the searching of the graduates' bags, purses, and persons. Bronco Bowl offered Spartans the opportunity to enjoy a variety of recreational activities. Many spent the night bowling, but others enjoyed pool, archery, pinball, baseball, and tennis. All-Night Party Entertoins Peggy Swindle and date Richard wait to enter the party. Students took of Bronco's it V . t ttt t Mr. Vines gives John Hoffman a thorough search. OO or Bronco Bowl i ,, nan ' ,,,f And the night wears on. . .and on . . .and on. . . Recent graduates had a chance to record their voices on tape. which is to be sealed in the time capsule and played at the ten-year reunion. The tape contains reflections of the Senior year. reminders of events past, and forecasts for the future. The party ended at five o'clock, leaving gradu- ates to go home to try to collect a little sleep. was th YM' L of the Knollis Rose enjoyed the pool table. 4, 1 1 X x Y 4 -y K 9 n X A .L n E I Fi " 2 x4 gl 1 o n LOYALTY IN ORGANIZATIONS Hord Work Poys Off for Sforlels p Bonom Row: Lanette Anderson. Kathy Ford. Jennifer Grandbury, Peggy Swindle. Melissa Crook. Jacie Ramsey. Sheryl Meche. Tracy Har- per. Znd Row: Kim Koncek, Marilyn Miller. Cindy Vick. Sharon Spurr. Debbie Odom. Laura Furr. Joan McCormack. Georgia Smith. Rm Raw: Melody Shaw. Darla Simons. Brenda Foster. Marsha Price. Barbara Thornton. Charlotte McCall. Gena Hawkins. Cathy Crannell. 4rl Raw: Joni Redfearn. Shiela Rowden. Susie Slayden. Robin Trantham. Sharon LaQuay. Darla Lehew. Jana Thomas. Cathy Causey. 5111 Raw. Stacy Brooks. Paula Hagan. Kathy Weihe. Lisa Wallace. Valerie Davidson. Misti Stanfield. Carla Glaze. Kelly Holder. 61h Row: Judy Dang iels. Sandra Hunt. Carol Woolbright. Beth Reed. Shelley Scott. Cheryl Chism. Diana Browning. Susan Hancock. 71h Raw: Rhonda Cooper Kelly Morgan. Lisa Spozio. Laurie Johnson. Patty Holmes. Donetta Delk. Becky Zajdl. Joni Mewbourn. Toni Clevenger. One of the most spirited organ- Z iii. 4 izations in the school. the Starlets. . ,..r .Q i saw one of theirmost active years in I977. They spent many cold. early mornings perfecting new routines which they performed to near perfection at all football and some basketball games. The Starlets added a new prop to their collection this year: white stools which they used at the Homecoming game. Starlet sponsor was Ms. Carla Fahey. They were under the field direction of Captain Peggy Swin- dle. who received the honor of being named to the All American Drill Team. In March. the Starlets repre rii. sented Samuell m Washlngtcin' Managers Tammy Stone. JoAnne Dunagan. Linda Carla Fahey D-C- at the anflllal Cherry BlOS- Anderton. Not pictured: Sally Sanderson Drill Sponser som Festival. Srcirlel Officers cmd E ecurive Council T- i??wi.13.i,gf arcs fir' 1 1 sup, f - i I WP E' 1 Kneeling: Melissa Crook. Peggy Swindle. 2nd Row: Traci Harper. Sheryl Meche. Kathy Ford. Jennifer Granberry. Lanette Anderson. Jacie Ramsey. 1 , . A .fl L ..... 3 "1 Q- 4- . r ff i .32 ,ff s J ffl ' iiyj is Q fx Standing: Traci Harper. Lanette Anderson, Jennifer Granberry. Peggy Swindle, Melissa Crook, Kathy Ford. Jacie Ramsey. Sheryl Meche. 2nd Row: Kim Koncak. Marilyn Miller. Cindy Vick, Sharon Spurr. Debbie Odom, Laura Furr. .loan McCormack, Georgia Smith. Peggy Swindle Melissa Crook Lanette Anderson Kathy Ford Jennifer Granberry Sheryl Meche Jacie Ramsey Donetta Delk Brenda Foster Laura Furr Patty Holmes Sandra Hunt Kim Koncak Charlotte McCall Joan McCormack Marilyn Miller Debbie Odom Susie Slayden Georgia Smith Sharon Spurr Robin Trantham Cindy Vick 80 Senior Members Junior ond Sophomore Sforlyelsmy Siliingx Cathy Camnell. Joni Redfearn, Darla Lehew. Sheila Rowden, Traci Harper. Cathy Causey, Sharon LaQuay. Darla Simons. Melody Shaw. Kneeling: Toni Clevenger. Jana Thomas. Becky Zajdl. Rhonda Cooper. Kelly Morgan. Lisa Spozio. Beth Reed. Lisa Wallace. Sland- ing: Joni Mewhourn. Susan Hancock. Cheryl Chism. Kelly Holder. Paula Hagan. Kathy Weihe. Judy Daniels, Carla Glaze. Siiring: Stacy Brooks. Bending: Barbara Thornton. Gena Hawkins, Smnding: Diana Browning. Shelley Scott. Laurie Johnson. Valerie David son. Misty Stanfield. Marsha Price. Carol Woolbright. Bollam Row: Cyndi Everett. Brenda Goher. Tap Row: Kathy West. Lisa Pound. Barbara Bynum. Mitzi Stephens. and Laura Johnson Cheerleaders Varsity Squad This year. for the first time. Samuell had an all- female cheerleading squad. During the summer. and every afternoon after school during football season. the cheerleaders practiced on new yells. At cheerlead- ing camp. they won 3 superior ribbons. l excellent ribbon, and the Super Star Squad. The cheerleaders decorated the auditorium for the pep assemblies. and they. along with the banner team. worked hard to raise the Spirit of Big Blue. Kathy West Lisa Pound Mitzi Stephens Brenda Gober Barbara Bynum Laura Johnson Cyndi Everett Ms. Linda Adams, sponsor -A 'li . .- Don Stewart. Klay Rogers. Al Phillips. Scott Kendall. and John Daniels. Spartan Image and Banner Team Al Phillips served as Spartan Image this year. He stood on the sidelines at every football game. representing the student body as one voice v one body backing the Spartans loyally. The Spartan Image reminds the football team of the faithful support of the Spartans. even by those who were not present. The Banner Team presented the banner at all football games. They also raised the huge. paper Spartan head at every game to urge Big Blue on to VICTORY! QSM 'H ww i lwfi-W' 4. Wifi? 'iwmlh W ,- biafiawfy. iii' .lf .. , fi s. ,.. to f - .. f. rm, ,wltvm K I W W 1 may , fl W , . Al Phillips J.V. Cheerleaders Show Super Spirit Vanessa Baker Sponsor ' .. -s-rs. . C. C .,.. .... . !mlz a The Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad was made up of sophomores andjuniors who supported the J.V. sports activities. The Cheerleaders attended SMU Cheer- leaders School in August, and won several ribbons. The cheerleaders' sponsor was Ms. Vanessa Baker. 1 -.-WM... .os ,.., ,. ,S .. ya :vim ,W ... From Ron Dana Wester. Jan Bailey. Second Row: Shelia Carter. Michelle Knapp. Mary Johnson. Carrie Tipton. Sherry Hall Tonya Terri King Linda Martin. Linda Swindle. Sandra Sneed. Sloan. Deof Cheerleaders Boost Spirit Row 1: David Alaniz. Robert Trevino. Felix Pean. Row 2: Carolyn Goher and Sherill Archer. 1977-78 marked the second year Samuell had Deaf Cheerleaders, and the organization again enjoyed a successful year. Mrs. Vicki Zehrfeld sponsored the cheerleaders and Felix Pena served as head cheerleader. The cheerleaders signed yells along with the varsity cheerleaders at each pep assembly They also led the Deaf Spartan Section at the football games. The Deaf Cheerleaders. along with the D.S. Section, have allowed more students to show spirit and loyalty to Samuell. Pub Sloff "Publishes" Senior Encounr rs ft ev gi 'f 5 'NR' 13? can 1? Row I: Linda Anderton. Jamie Pearson. Berverly Jenkins. Sharon Spurr. Teresa Cross. Susie Slayden, Brenda Gober. Row 2: Charlotte Karlen. Jeff Gregg. Laurie Markham. Lisa McCuiston. Sally Sanderson. Robin Trantham. Row 3: Jen- nifer Granberry. Jo Anne Dunagun. Debbie Odom. Debbie Waldroup. Cathy West. Row 4: L. O. Covington. Karen Peel. Vicki Wells. Kyle Hansard. Row 5: David Chandler. Thomas Welch. Vincent Vela. Brian McKinnie. Lisa Kincy, John Daniels. Paula Hobbs. Teena Fountain. The staff of the 1978 Sen- ior Pub spent many long hours collecting. typing. editing. and re-editing to give the Seniors a humor publication to be proud of. sponsors Mary McCollum. Q Headed by Editor-im 1 Chief Carl Tillery. and H 3 Linda Adams. and Elyse Albright. the Pub Staff was able to succeed in their efforts. Editors: Row 1: Carla Yandell. Cyndi Everett. Carl Tillery. Row 2: Scott Riddles. Chris Thomas. Concert Choir 9 Bottom Row: Mr. Clements B. Crook, Brenda Foster, Tonya Johnson, Barbara Bynum, Maria Lopez, Jamie Pearson, Melissa Crook, Belinda Boyd, Lisa Epps, Joan McCormack, Peggy Floumoy, Debbie Read, Susan Joplin, Carrie Tipton, Kim Green, Sharon LaQuey, Joni Redfern, Melody Shaw, Sheryl Meche, Debbie Tucker, Mr. Jeff Morrow. Row 2: Kelly Duncan, Becky Zajdl, Evelyn Mardis, Evelyn Cobb, Charlotte Robinson, Lisa Spozio, Jackie Ramsey, Charlotte Karlen, Amber LaMont, Cyndi Everett, Brenda Gober, Lisa Wallace, Robin Trantham, Toni Clevenger, Kelly Morgan, Lori Jefferson, Judy Delo, Judith Wilson, Debbie Baxley. Row 3: Kay Powell, Leigh Lewis, Carla Yandell, Jana Thomas, Phyllis Read, Laura Furr, Liz Lawless, Pam Gilliam, Jolene Boyett, Kathy Weihe, Judy Daniels, Beverly Williams, Cheryl And C' Wickham Sher Presle Row 4' Linda Anderton Paula Stewart Sandra Mclxory Carol Woolbright, Chism, Lanette erson, incy , ry y. . , , , Susie Higgins, Sharon Spurr, Kathy Ford, Sandra Rogan, Mitzi Stephens, Cindy Mcllroy, Lisa McCuiston, Jana Graves, Rhonda Cooper, Raising their voices in spirited song, the Concert Choir performed at many events. Under the direction of Mr. Clements B. Crook and assistant, Mr. Jeff Morrow, this large group of singing Spartans delighted audiences from the school and the community. The Concert. Choir opened the year by presenting the fifth annual variety show, RAZZ-MA-TAZZ. During the Ear, they participated in a number of solo and ensemble contests. They also performed at the Christmas assem- y. Highlighting the year for the Concert Choir was the production of the musical, "Bells are Ringing." fe Af' am W rg- .tilt Peggy Swindle. Debbie Odom, Brenda Jones. Row 5: Benny Stone. Mike Harris, Butch Owens, Brian Sweet, Mike Killingsworth, Mack Joc- bos, Anthony Joplin, Steve Ingram. Raymond Smith, Phyllip Smith, L. D. Covington, Mike Bell, Curt Fryar, Mike Ham, Eric Wynn. Kyle Lester, Kenny Watson. Row 6: Phillip Elery, Russel Brown. Jeff Gregg, Anthony Lee, Mark Robertson, Steve Queter, Keith Emberlin, Randy Garren, Mike Causey, Brian Gooding, Randy Harris, Larry Hanes, Jimmy Delo, Steve Chapman, Brian McKinnie, Klay Rogers, Brian Sandlin, Darrell Pattillo, Brad Walker. Row 7: Dean Baker, Mike Trent. Gary Satterwhite, Mark Manley, John Daniels, Bud Delk, Mike Collins. Loyd Tuley, Tracy Hare, Bob Adams, Eddy Ward, Gene Stroman, David Baker, Randy Grey, Trey Evans, Steve Shaffer. P 5 2 3 - 'in ZZ, . ' 'E . 1 xiii" ,,,, ,,,j""f, Carol Woolbright, Tonya Johnson, Gary Satterwhite, and Joan Officers forthe Choir are: Bottom Row: Brian Sandlin, Steve Chap- McCormack accompany the choir at the piano. man, Kenny Watson, Trey Evans, Randy Gray, Tracy Hare Cpresj. 2nd Row: Cyndi Everett, Barbara Bynam, Melissa Crook, Pam Gilliam. Cindy Mcllroy, Robin Trantham, Lanette Anderson. Lisa McCuiston, Belinda Boyd, Cheryl Meche, and Peggy Swindle. sc:oA TXYYYYYZ ' TY' 5 i 55 f ff i y ' A if ssse U U U ' is 1 ' Foreground: Tracy Hare. Bollom Row: Mark Manley, Brian Sweet, Lloyd Tuley, Kyle Lester. Mike Ham, Mark Jacobs, Mark Robertson Steve Ingram. Raymond Smith, Phillip Smith. Znd Row: Keith Emberlin, Gary Satterwhite, Anthony Lee. 3rd Row: Butch Owens. Briar Gooding. Mike Collins. Eddie Ward, Curt Fryar, Phillip Ellery, Brad Walker, Mike Killingsworth. 4th Row: Bud Delk, Steve Sherrel. Eric Wynn, 51h Row: Mike Bell. Kenneth Watson, Jimmy Delo, Bryan Sandlin, Benny Stone. Darrell Pattillo. 61h Row: Anthony Joplin. Steve Corder. Steve Chapman. Mike Trent. Dean Baker. 7th Row: Russell Brown. Mike Harris, Jeff Gregg, Bob Adams. Randy Garren, Randy Harris. Randy Grey. Trey Evans. Gene Stroman. 81h Row: Mike Causey. Steve Shaffer, Brian McKinnie. David Baker, John Daniels. L. D Covington. Klay Rogers. "Smock Collars of America" - That is the name of this organization of guys from Concert Choir. A choir service organization, the prospective member of SCOA must first undergo an initiation by the Senior Smock Collars of America. Three Year Members: Kneeling: John Daniels, Tracy Hare, Trey Evans, Mike Harris, Briar McKinnie. Standing: Russell Brown, Randy Harris. Randy Grey, Klay Rogers, David Baker Larry Haynes. 3 Jesfers! Sealed: Lisa Spozio. Laura Furr. Jacie Ramsey. Cyndi Everett. Belinda Boyd. Phyllis Read. Jolene Boyett. Steve Chapman. Standing: Toni Clevenger. Trey Evans. Brian McKinnie. Brett Killingsworth. Bennie Stone. Joan McCormack. Keith Emberlin. Brian Sandlin, Mike Ham. Mike Harris. David Baker. Tracy Hare. ' 4 I hiyi K A K t gpi a,w.,pf1 by 7.4 Well-known throughout the city. the Jesters! perform at a variety of events. The Jesters! are chosen each year The Jesters add to their vocal talents from the Concert Choir on the basis of vocal talent. poise. and personal- ity. They perform for civic clubs. community and school organiza- tions. and churches. At the Christmas assembly, they made up a sleigh. Girls Treble Choir 5 Bolmm Row: Misti Stanfield. Saprina Watkins. Ann Keahey. Kathy Baker. Kayla Milam. Cray Briggs. Linda Mattix. Sherri Moore. Lisa Culley. Cheryl Baker. Stacy Brooks. Margie Higgins. Christi Lewis. Linda Swindle. Linda Mayberry. Second Row: Darlene Word. Teresa McClendon. Morgana Shaw. Jinx Pitts. Jayne Gregory. Lori Keahey, Tommy Franks. Susan Sapundjieff. Sandra Vinkler. Debbie Starrett. Janna Selman. Lisa Williams. Regina Allen. Deanna Currin. Francis Hernandez. Sheryl Carruth. Gena Hawkins. Third Rmr: Karen Hernan- dez. Cathy Todora, Betsy McGuffey. Sherry Cook. Ginger Bird. Kelli Copland. Rhonda Boyett. JoAnn Benson. Lisa Hughes. Chiarina Avery. Velma Jacobs. Janice Delo. Terri Bradshaw. Jennifer Parks. D'Ann Nichols. Julia Batchelor. Tanoa Watts. Sophomores with a desire to sing are eligible for membership in the treble choir. This organization provided much entertainment for various school functions and assemblies. In addition. they repre- sented Samuell well in various Choir Contests. Thespicins Show Drcimcific Skills The International Thespian Society is a drama club which performs many services for Samuell. In December. they presented the all-school play. "The Time of Your Life." They represented Samuell in the U.I.L. One-Act Play Contest, where Darryl Jordan was named to the All-Star Cast. Sponsor for the club was Mr. Tom Carroll. Sally Sanderson served as President. The Outstanding Thespian for 1978 was Kim McDonald. Steve Cain was named Outstanding Dramatic Thespian. Brian McKinnie was honored as Outstanding Actor. Members: Officers: Ksitlingj Belinda Boyd - Vice-President Lisa Spozio - Secretary Sally Sanderson - President Jeff Gregg Joan McCormack - Treasurer Brian McKinnie - Publicity Islandingj Mr. Tommy Carroll - Sponsor Sandy McLeroy Randy Garren e"'----..., 50' Row 1: Phillip Smith. Sharon Spurr. Darryl Jordon, Steve Cain, Row 1: Mike Causey, Kelly Morgan. Row 2: Steve Pullen. Shawn Robert Carrol. Debbie Baxley. Row 2: Sandra Vinckler. Terri Shreves, Laura Furr. Bennie Stone, Phyllis Read. Row 3: Traci Bradshaw. Sheryl Meche, Peggy Swindle. Brenda Jones. Pam Gil- Harper, Darla Lehew. Lori Jefferson. Cindy Woolverton. Kim liam. Jennifer Parks. Lynette Anderton. Jolene Boyett. McDonald. Carol Woolbright. Chana Spainhouer. Judy Daniels. TCDRCH Staff Putting together a high school yearbook is not an easy job. The staff of the 1978 TORCH worked hard to present an accurate portrait of W. W. Samuell High School. A special "thank-you" goes to Mr. Fredd Spain- houer and to Mr. Dan Sellers for photographs. Thank you to Mr. Tommy Carroll and to Mr. Bill Degan for drawing the cover design. And a special acknowledgement to all of the non- staff members who worked on this book. Chana Spainhouer Ms. Marion Ward Editor-in-Chief Advisor Randy McClendon Charlotte Karlen Lay-Out Design Copy Writer ,. Bulmm Row: Ms. Ward. Jan Bailey. Klay Rogers. Ind Raw: Kim McDonald. Vicki Wells. Charlotte Karlen. Xnl Row: Celesle Kubecek. Linda Fleetwood. Debbie Walclroup. 41h Rmv: Beverly Jenkins. Randy Mcflcndon. Brenda Gober, Chana Spuinhouer, Knollis Rose Photographer Brenda Gober Beverly Jenkins Manager Caption Writer if 'N -v ' ' " C . Q . ' 'T ' at 3 4 lv 9 , . 1 g A 'N 'Q lg 'aw ,r' it R X X 'ke' A J ll " X 5, X wigs.. x wif I- 'Ze' gf? art M 2 'rv Qs if k Q W L- i x K Qs 1. 3? f 53 Jan Bailey Photographer Deborah Waldroup Proof Reader Klay Rogers Kim McDonald Terry Gunn Photographer Index Photographer L 4 Aix . 1 g in at xi .. ,Q --'f .xii :L .1 . 'qw' ,7 .,:, . w, N, - i3,.1'a-H . - . 4 Ll' 'QE 'ii gf-7,23 gh 515721, P ffl.-5 ix :FC k ' K " Qi ,kt ' 3 'X ' ,. 3 i ly' M X' CA :S -?i's- Iii A ' . ' , K X f Qfwirm-g -- 4' v . ..-.s:.4,4.t ' ' f an X A Celeste Kubacek Business Editor Chris Nealy Paula Miller Photographer Index. Reporter :eg 'Un- igxa iwos -v""' at I Vickie Wells - Photo Editor Linda Fleetwood -- Caption Editor Bond Has Outstanding Year Benny The Spartan Band stayed rDrum s very busy in 1978. They spent the two weeks prior to the opening of school practicing y r i their routines for football sea- son. i One highlight of their half- o s time performance was their parachute routine. In addition to their weekly r performances, the band repre- sented Sarnuell at the SMU- Rice pre-game show and the Cotton Bowl Parade of Champions. The concert band and the stage band entered a contest at Sandy Lake Park. The concert band won an Outstanding Band Trophy while the Stage Band won a Second Division Trophy as well as an Outstand- ing Band trophy. ln March, the band represented Samuell at the Cherry Blossom Fes- tival in Washington, D.C. Mellor Debbie McDaniel Feature Twirler 5 if 2 ri' 3 is ,,Q,gtt,s:W,,,Ewg?,gkggi-fggggfgggez::zzgsm' 11zsgz:2z,w-z .1111 - sxiuizfssieszzszfllt f:-f fvvfqwiffl f 1 4 Mr.iButch Arnold. director, closed his teaching career at Samuell with a final performance Mr. Billwartes . on Senior Day. ' Asst. Director ,W ,Myer Row 1: Jinx Pitts, Teresa Jordon. Shana Spainhouer. Row 2: Gregg Pattillo, Belinda Gudino, Melanie Walker, Roxanne Young. Shiela Miles Susan Ballew. Row 3: Laurie Johnson. Linda Gudino. Teresa Wentz. Beth Rakestraw. Sandra McLeroy. Gary Satterwhite. Rhonda Morris Zena Ruzicka. Clarinet and Flule Section sniff! '. v, , f , .,..,,. .lack Caddell. Pat McKanna, Amy Matthews. Vincent Nealy Senior Members Greg Foster Mike Harris lPercussionJ KTYUHIPCIJ E :M if. so 'xl Row 1: Kim McDonald. Shawn Shreves. Row 2: Randy Dodd, Kieth Emberlin, Gregg Foster, Brian McKinney, John Hoffman. Percussion Section John Hoffman -CPercussion1 Kim McDonald fPercussionJ , -M--Q-aug 1 2 v , if A , in -me Randy McClendon - fAlto Sax, Brien McKinnie CPercussionJ Senior Members "1 ' ip K' 34 U Randy McClendon. Jimmy Mullard. Row 2: Daniel Lewis. Chris Canada. Chris Nealy. Row 1: Lettia Lynch. Gayle Dupree, Mike Harris Steve Chapman, Micheal Wallace. Chris Cole. McKinney. Senior Members .4-nw ,-,,-: Chuck Hesson. John Rodriguez. Lori Jefferson, Joe Sullivan, Diane Franklin. Kevin Trumpet, Low Bross, Saxophone Sections Sandy McLeroy Y fFlutej Chana Spainhouer -1Flutel Teresa Wentz - QClarinetj Blue .lockers Boost Spirit wtf Kneeling: Amber LaMont. Rene Shirley. Laurie Markham, Kristie Smith. Slanding: Eylse Albright. Jamie Pearson. Brenda Chilcoat, Carla Yandell. Jerry Hargrove. Decorating halls . . . baking cakes . . . showing spirit. . .77-78 Blue Jackets. One of the largest and most spirited of all organiza- tions, the Blue Jackets were totally dedicated to the Spirit of the Spartans. They braved rain, heat, and the dark of early morning meetings to provide a unique card show at football games. Basketball season found the BJ's still loyally supporting the team. Under the direction of sponsor Ms. Elyse Albright and President Rene Shirley, the 77-78 Blue Jackets enjoyed a successful year, 3 t . rx as.fe.i.?u A Q ,vs If. -f-- vagal wedge .-1? 'f -. SA fzwaifisw R 'i N if x X f A L N B K if W e .-Q-Sf -4 Rene Shirley Laurie Markham President Vice-President The B.J.'s were out at every football game to cheer the Big Blue Machine on to victory. Even when a victory was impossible. they stayed until the end. --if Z J, W few 4 t ,if fe" M , , fag B-Q V, r , ' B ' Sherrie Hale Lisa Vickers Art Director Treasurer YPD Going Bananas." the Blue Jackets cheer on a Spartan victory. JW gs- l x F Carla Yandell Jamie Pearson lzxecutive Board Exectitive Board The Blue Jackets performed a card show at each football game. 1- 5. 'fi fail Amber LaMont Brenda Chilcoat Reporter Executive Board BJ officers aide the cheerleaders in leading 3 'clls. Amber LaMont. Brenda Chilcoal. and Carla Yandell lead the B.J. yells. Terry Edwards Kneeling: Gail Griffis and Janet Maddox. Standing: Tammy Senior three-year member Smith. Kayla Milam. Debbie Moore. As' at 5-3 ' ind!-J "lien an.. Kneeling: Charlene Hill. Debbie Busch. Rebecca Wilkinson. Kim Green. Maria Lopez, Smndfng: Louwella Bellah. Robin Sanford Williams. Lisa Hunsaker. Judith Wilson, Connie Harris. .J Junior members are Kneeling: Terry Jones, Beverly Williams. Kim Green. Charlene Hill, Maria Lopez. Standing: Sherri Moore. Rene Garrett. Louwella Bellah, Connie Harris. Judith Wilson. Sophomores are Sitting: Regina Warren. Alisa Jonston. Francis Hernandez, Diane Wooten, Ginger Bird. Kneeling: Janet Maddox, Debbie Starrett. Gail Griffis. Joy Farr. Lisa Boshears. Standing: Tammy Smith, Debbie Moor. Brenda Johnson, Kayla Milam, Sue Fisher. Q. . . Q Freshman members are Sitting: Gwen Friday, Becky Guinn, Tami McGowan. Debbie McGuire, Karen Hemandez, Tina Grimmett, Sandra Hall. Becky Moreland, Cindy Jaggers. Tana Hopkins. Patty Morris. Kneeling: Holly Maxey, Tammy Page, Teri Smith. Diane Trent. Diana Smith, Penny Bird. Patty Autrey, Linda Jones. Tonte Linz. Teresa Ewers, Beth Gilliam, Paula Bledsoe. Standing: Clistie Flowers. Loretta Stevenson. Tina Morgan. Robin Brantley. Tonya Wooton. Lisa Barger. Darla Goss. Twyla Key. Tamie Wade, Sherry Sontany. Sheila Cham- bers, Lisa Hooker, Tammy Grice. Rene Delk. Lori Akin. 4 Freshmcin Choir y 1 Freshman Choir: BUIIONI Row: Yvonne McGahey. Connie Couch. Karen Whitlock. Karen Hernandez. Tammy Page, Regg Patillo. Byron Stewart. Gordon Sanders. Tina Grimmett. Connie Baylor. Beverly Dollgener. Becky Martinez. Shelley Kay Kendall. 2nd Row: Mr. Jeff Mor- row. Director. Kathy Bailey. Robin Brantley. Cathy Kinman. Kerry Bridges. Tawnya Wooten. .lohn Vidales. Thomas Westbrook. Jeff Scott. Ginger Rayburn. Roxanne Young. Lisa Mewter. Bebe Ybarra. Lisa Barger, 3rd Row: Prissy King. Michelle Mills. Cheryl Ramsey. Shannon High, with a multitude of talent to shower on the l school. Under the direction of Mr. Jeff Morrow. these tal- ented Baby Blues gave such productions as Freshman Follies and the Christmas Assembly. They sponsored the Spring Fine Arts Festival and an Easter Assem- bly. They also represented Samuell well in solo and ensemble contest. This group comes to Samuell, fresh from Junior Accompanists for the Freshman choir are: Bebe Ybarra. Kim McDonald. Lisa Barger, Alaina McCoy, and Patti Morris. . ,W u 00' sa, 'E ! Ware, Kim McDonald. Tim Pugh. Steve Sapundjieff. Johnny Thomas. Teri Smith. Diane Trent. Penny Bird. Patti Morris. Laura Adye. Sheri Goodman. 4111 Raw: Darla Flowers. Alaina McCoy. Paula Bledsoe. Rene Delk. Donna Clayton. Jone Sweek. John Shumaker. Mac Jones. Joe Newton. Zena Ruzicka. Tana Hopkins. Tammy Grice. Rene Russell. Randa Hawkins. Pam Slayden. 51h Row: Kevin Sumrow. Wayne Gib- son. Danny Penland. Joe Wallington. Q K. Freshman Choir officers are' John Shumaker Beverly Dollgener Penny Bird Pam Sla d n St . , . . y o . eve Radnay fpresq. Cathy Kinman. Darla Flowers. Lisa Barger, Patti Morris, Joe Watlington. 10 5 Sentinel Steiff Under the direction of sponsor, Ms. Marion Ward and Editor-in-chief Carey Fred Tucker. twenty- three members of the Scniinvl staff successfully pub- lished nine issues. This year. their final edition was it F Carey Fred Tucker Editor-in-Chief Teresa Cross - Tammy Smith - Feature Editors H, 1: 1,:g,,g .0 E . F .J Qi-ggi ,V qggsi-X2 I N-mmf Sally Sanderson News Editor special twelve-page Senior edition. The staff entered its newspaper in the lnterscholas- tic League Press Conference where they won ar Award of Achievement in Journalism. second place. Ms. Marion Ward - Sponsor Z! News Staff: Row 1: Tammy Smith. Debbie Pierce. Sally son. Jackie Brown. Row 2: Dan Marder. Carey Tucker. Steve len, Terry Gunn. Rim' 3: Gregg Vines. Jenkins - Entertainment Editor Linda Fleetwood - Entertainment Editor Knollis Rose - Editorial Editor !l"""" Susan Shelton - Russell Martin - Art Editors ff ll---' X K flvup In horlumj.Scott Riddles. Jimmy Macz1luso.Tony Hitt, Vincent Carl Tillery Vela. Gregg Vines. Carl Tillery. SPORTS STAFF Sports Editor :gt F 7 Student Council Active to Improve Somuell The Student Council saw one of its most active years during 1977-78. Under the direction of sponsor. Ms. Edwins Wallace and President David Baker, the Council started new traditions. as well as keeping alive many old ones. They started the year hy sponsoring the second annual Howdy Dance. Later. they sponsored the Sweetheart Dance. In an effort to improve the trash situation in the lunchroom. they started collecting a ten cent deposit on trays. a program which worked out very well. For a short time. the Student Council held the Mystery Person Contest. Again this year. the Council took on the monstrous job of sponsoring the Student Elections. as well as organizing Field Day. K . Student Body President -ff: ff-. Mrs. Eawma wattage B' to " Sponsor , Vyzg H101 pi'r'Ii1rcz1'j P ','i Linda Fleetwood fo r , Secretary f- lst and 2nd quarters 4. ' ., .G V I "NJ ,gf tt I' Vice-Presidents: Louis Martinex. Beverly Jenkins. Willie Sirls E3 :avg Q Student Body President David Baker Phyllis Read 13rd quarterj secretary. Traci Harper Treasurer 'il TZQY' QQ: .4Qr'6'f tg," " ff . .7 v M ., . .v 'mfr A 4 . 1 f-.141 'L H www .fa-v ,V ,V V' ""' . , 1- fqfff- 1' ',:,, fn. . .air-yn M W wa, .a Y ,gf-faffua ,au -.eww ' " -1. Q , M ..- q,.t,I,ei' mb:,.,,, a, wi , fy . ,. . f, rf, t - V, 1 ,- s Student Council IK'lIL'l'fliI1g.' Phyllis Read. Bart Orren. Brenda Goher. Kristie Smith. Laura Johnson. Vincent Vela. Luis Marteniz. Teena Fountain. Znd row: Jana Chambers. David Baker. Marsha Price. Patti Morris. Stacy Brooks, Laura Furr. Kim Koncak, Judy Danials. Peggy Swindle. Melody Shaw. Steve Wade. Darrel Tyler. Traci Harper. Karen Peel, Mary Johnson. Cathy Crannel. Beverly Jenkins. Kim Allen, Joni Mewbourn. Executive Bocircl Kneeling: Luis Martinez. David Baker. Vincent Vela Allen. Traci Harper. Joni Mewhourn. Knhbs. 1 W Q . .Willie Sirls. 2nd Row: Beverly Jenkins. Laura Furr, Brenda Goher, Laura Johnson. Kim FHA Attends State Meeting The Future Homemakers of America are spon- sored by Ms. Sheila Evans. Ms. Joyce Armstrong, Ms. Linda Perez, and Ms. Jan Bowman. The club is open to anyone enrolled in homemaking courses. In addition to attending city and state meetings, members of FHA sold suckers to benefit the Heart Fund. In May, the Senior members were given a break- fast. vu'-xef N Beverly Jenkins Mary Johnson, Kristie Smith - Officers. Row 1: Debbie Cox, Ginger Carder. Connie Harris, Tamie Wade, Tammy Clark, Mary Johnson, Craig Alexander, Leslyn Wells, Cathw Miller. Row 2: Ms. Evans. Ms. Armstrong, Donna Jackson, Kathy West, Kay Powell, Jesse Hux, Willie Sirls, Felicia Ridge, Sherry Dozieij Marcella Traphagen, Alisa Johnson. Ms. Perez. Row 3: Brenda Chilcoat. Paula Hobbs, Karen Peel, Beverly Jenkins. L. D. Covington, Donna Grahm. Teena Fountain. Kristie Smith, Ms. Bowman, Handbell Choirs The Handbell Choirs are a relatively new organization. They are under the capable direction of Ms. Ellen Van- derslice. She arranges all of their music and teaches the students by a method which she invented herself. yi y A Row 1: Julia Orbom, Pam Cox fhearingj, Elsa Bazan, Alicia Arenas, Randy Dickerson. Row 2: Pam Rene- ger fhearingj, Joyce Maddox fhearingj, Kelly Crouch, Zant Kellam, Ms. Ellen Vanderslice, Matthew White, Ty Moses fhearingl, Annett Jones. ,S Ll ff 1i,.y 5-1 Sh Row 1: David Smith, Melissa Marley, Sharon Carder, Jinnifer Martin, Brian Tate. Row 2: Kenneth Irouch, Richard Barton, Patrick Pearson, David Hanes, Ms. Vanderslice. Row 3: Steven Pogue, Chyrl 3usby fdeafj, Damon Howard, Douglas Howard. Malcom Wynn, Rose West fdeafj. The Deaf Choir performed during a PTA meeting and at the Metropolitan Tabernacle School. The Trainable Mentally Retarded fT.M.R.j Choir per- formed at First Bap- tist Church of Pleas- ant Grove, Trinity Lutheran Church, and the Metropolitan Tabernacle School. Latin Club The purpose of the Latin Club is to learn more about the cultures surrounding the so-called "dead" language. Ms. Gail Hamilton, sponsor, conducted meetings during sixth period. The Latin Club participated in thi D.I.S.D. Foreign Language Olympics held at W. T. White. The club took an active part in Field Day by sponsorl ing an obstacle course. Highlighting the year for the Latin Club was their banquet at Pietros Restaurant. Ah fi4f":fffwf?Z,."Mf 'iff' wvwzef. ' 1 , ' utC::afL,zl.4f Dafa .al-'lan' MX, t:zg.a.sa'f Emi 1 f . ,ffsw , if W . , ., i . f., V- ,aprt . frit 5 , .,...,.,. . - -...,.,,. eZ.t.:wEaf4a.....aa. .-.s ,1, , W ,WM ....,, ,... ,,....,a. W at qn,g,,L,,,gm ,,,.,. -.......aa....s.r3'ex ...KT ,.. ,. I--.-N.,,, Row I: Cathy Busby. Stacy Brooks. Melanie Walker, Lisa Wallace. Gail Dupree, Judy Henry, Elizabeth Cobb, Ms. Gail Hamilton. Rowg Mr. Jim Fisher. Evelyn Cobb. Kelly Wray, Sheila Rowden, Teresa Warden, Mona Reinhart. Debbie Odom, Marilyn Miller, Patty Und brink, Terry Edwards. Row 3: Steven Wanderscheid, Don Stewart. Dwayne Thompson, Charles. Woods ond Wofers Club Members enjoyed a quick lunch before canoeing. ...... , -...W v is. A A 'ff ' , f g 'Q' .f ' 'sbs 'V nab?" 'PDQ W Nw, 1 L ' m ,.a "f . si K ., f - .Q or Rf' - ' L' - Canoeing was hard work going down the rapids. ,, gr: iie ,Q if 1 y g. t Coach Hervey gives instructions on rifles. Ed Hervey - Sponsor fl' Ms. Dana Magee - Co-Sponsor sw.. ..,., ,.,.-wuts-1 Y . gf. ' f . me 4 ...O M-. A, M M wN-- -sas....d.SuU-W. R vw... ,.u-'f' W' we Canoeing the Guadalupe was an experi- ence for all. One of the most popular clubs at Samuell is the Woods and Waters Club, sponsored by Mr. Ed Hervey. Officers were Presi- dent Tom Cherry, Vice-President David Norris. and Treasurer Craig Matlock. Members made many memora- ble trips to such places as Lake Texhoma. Winnsboro, and the Guadalupe. The club entered a fishing tour- nament where they won four IFO- phies. 5 s l . ' . R. Club members learned how to fish. 4 Ice Skaters Take 0ver Palace Row 1: Danny Bryant. Holly Hogue. Jan Bailey. Randy Gray, Chris Millsap. Gary Moore. Mark Haston, Row 2: Teresa McClendon. Cheryl Baker. Ben Ramirez. Cray Briggs. Jo Anne Benson. Kelly Morgan. Mike Bambico. Carrie Tipton. Valerie Bingham. Alex Childers. Slandings Jeff Wackett. Susan Sapundjieff, Mike Collins, Teresa Davis. Susan Hancock. James Toupal. Lisa Carruth. Kurt Fryer. Gregg Vines. DiAnn Nichols. Jeane Harrison. Cathy West. Al Phillips. Vicki Wells. Kyle Hansard. Paula Miller, Rene Russell. Paula Hagan. Kelsie Barr. Tony Key. Dennis Bishop. Jessie Stout. Jana Chambers. Dan Hapt. Ruthie Burnino. Pam Peters. Mike Childress. David Weber. Terry Gunn. Though one of the newest clubs at Samuell. the Ice Skating Club is easily one of the most popular. Under the leadership of their spon- sor. Ms. Maggie Jones, and president, Gregg Vines, members spent many Thursday nights skating at the Ice Pal- ace in Richardson. Sponsor: Ms. Maggie Jones D.S. Section Gives Support l'EmmanuaI Trevino, Neall Raney. Darrell Bradford. Millie Giardina, Valerie Bingham. Row 2: Orlando Vasquez. Cheryl Busby Moreno. Terry Tutt, Mary Anne Hawkins, James Moore, Julia Orsborn. The Deaf Spartan Section, one of the newest organizations at Samuell. proved to be one of the most enthusias- tic of all. Members purchased T-shirts and "personalized" them with the words "D.S. Section" and the members' grad- uation year. At each football game. the D.S. Sec- tion gave their loyal support of the Blue Machine with the help of the Deaf Cheerleaders. Sponsor for the organization was Ms. Vicki Zehrfeld. 3 i Vickie Zehrfeld: Sponsor Le Cercle Francois Row 1: Bryan Sandlin, Charolet Robinson, Debbie Vaughn, Lou Ann Champion, Denise Hamilton, Jeanifer Parks, Tammy Gray, DeAnn Currin, J ina Jurlk, Terri Bradshaw, Marsha Houston, Sherry Presley. Row 2: Julie Dennie, Cyndi Everett, Linda Anderton, Edith Cox, Debra Wilcher, Rhonda McMahan, Judy Daniels, Melissa Crook, Traci Harper. Learning the cultures of the French is one of the aims of the French Club. The club is sponsored by Ms. Juanita Reed and Cyndi Everett served as French Club President. Some of their activities included attending the French Fortnight at Neiman Marcus and fixing food baskets for the needy. They also sponsored the dunking booth on Field Day. The Club ended its year with a banquet at The Magic Pan. Spanish Club "Los Conquistcidoresu I sgegyl, gi EMS. :JSI Raw I: Christi Smith. Becky Zajdl, Sharon Carter. Ginger Carter. Row 2: Ms. Groggs. Cray Briggs, Russell Brown. Cathy Ford. D'Ann Nichols. The Spanish Club was led by President Kathy Ford, Vice-President Russell Brown and sponsor Mrs. Excell Groggs. The Club was involved in many activities. At Christmas, they adopted a family from the Welfare Department and collected clothes. toys and food. All the Spanish classes contributed toward buying the family a Christmas tree. At Easter, they again collected clothes for the fam- ily. This year, they participated in the First Annual Foreign Language Olympics held at W. T. White, where Francis Hernandez won first place for her art- work. The year closed with the Spanish Club Banquet at El Fenix Restaurant. A,.,..., H H"""wm -N A g.. The club. along with the Spanish classes, aided a needy family at Christmas. JROTC Study Military Life Students in the Reserve Officers Training Corps form one of the largest organizations at Samuell. Learning military skills. respect for authority. and service to the school are important by-products of this organiza- tion. l G . f Min u Lt. Col. Louis Wittkower SFC Leroy Heckman .A-f. Color Guard: Kneeling: Laurie Roberts. Brian Collins. Robbye Mohn. Anna Foster. Viola Smith. Standing: Psyche Herod. Dale Phillips Sherri Tatum. Freddie Sherrow. Sam Foster. Craig Alexander. Roy Johnson. Pat Chisolm. Kyla Herod. -Q... Robbyc Mohn Battalion Com- mander Willaim McKenzie A Company Com- mander Kyla Herod D Com- Pan! Craig Alex- ander D Com- Pan! Sam Foster D Com- Pan! Carl Feld- hous A Company' Janie Gar- cia Com- mander C Company' Tony Botello Com- mander B Company' Winnifred Johnson C Company' Lawrence Hopkins E Company' Nancy Newhouse A Company' Randy' Pride D Com- pany 119 Various groups of cadets represented Samuell in many events. The Color Guard performed at football games. special assemblies and P.T.A. meetings. This """"""' year they were invited to perform at the Texas State Teachers Association Convention. .Iohn Smith and the Orienteering Team won first place in competition. The Rifle Team represented Samuell in many events also. Officers: Kneeling: Brian Collins. Sam Foster. Craig Alexander. Smnding: Anna Foster. Robbye Mohn. Kyla Herod. A Company: Kneeling: Mark Jacobs. Felista Del Castillo. Sharon Cantwell. Frances Hernandez. Beatrice Jefferson. Betsy Bedwell. James Henton. Row Z: Craig Johnson, Vickie Gross. Palmira Torres. Shiela Dewberry. Sherri Tatum. Brenda Hollis. Vita Williams. Nancy New- house. Row 3: Samuel Davalos. Rodney Patterson, Larry Langley. Carl Feldhaus. Danny Dodson, Thomas Falgout. Ronald Hudson. Wil- liam McKenzie. wwwamqwm 5 i wean l "f 1 l l . i l B Company: Kneeling: Tony Botello. Row 2: Jessy Stringer. Mary Jackson. Anita Toliver. Sheretta Curl. Laurie Roberts. Forrest Davis. Row 3: Robert Hicks. Nicholas Tillman. Sterling Blackmon. Joe Ellis. Brian Collins. 120 l 4 Anders. Herod, Marvin Chambers. Francine McGuire. Jacquelin Clayborn. Row 3: Freddie Sherrow. Law- On March 18. the cadets attended the Cherry Blos- som Festival in Washington. D.C. The cadets were led by Lt. Colonel Louis Witt- kower. S.F.C. Leroy Heckman. and Battalion Com- mander Robbye Mohn. In addition to being Samuell's first female Battal- ion Commander. Robbye was selected "Miss JROTC" by North Texas State University. E Company: Kneeling: Pat Chisolm, Sheila Carter. Robert Fowler. Row 2: Daniel Shaffer. Cynthia Bennett. Judy Carter. Rachael Bird. osalyn Ford. Haskel Guthrie. Row 3: Danny Nall. Clifton Hatter, Randy Pride. Dale Phillips, Tim Thompson. it 'Mlm 1' Company: Kneeling: Derrick Doves. Vickie Thomas, Lorene Cherry. Danny Gillespie. Janie Garcia. Reginald Bennett. Row 2: Roy John- son. Felicia Ridge. Vola Smith. leline Smith. Sharon Wooten. Tina Jackson, Winnifred Johnson. Row 3: Steve Matysek. Chris Thompson. Vlark Albert. Robert Smith. Willie Thomas. Willie Bryant. l Speech Club Busy With Contest -- "5 1 ti M T ca tt t Cathy Causey. Sally Sanderson. Brian Mcliinnie. Randy Garren, Ms. Braden, Belinda Boyd, .loan McCormack. The Speech Club is led by Ms. Peggy Braden and is primarily concerned with preparing fc speech tournaments. They represented Samuell very well in a variety of categories includin Poetry. Prose. and Duet'Acting. Several times these contestants advanced to semi-finals, not a small accomplishment. Sally Sanderson won a first place trophy. Brian McKinnie and Belinda Boyd attended tl annual University lnterscholastic League tournament where Brian placed fourth in the pros division while Belinda won third place in the poetry divisior. l P Orchestra Studies Classical Music ffl- it l il M, Y .. - Q1 F4 "! lp' wp F"'L 51'-3' A 4 Tina Sluder and Rhonda Trammel. Steve Gilbreath and Benny Roberts. Terry Edwards and Kevin Douthit. i 1 YK I . A-k?,,i ,g' Mrs. Schertz. Rhonda Trammel. Tina Sluder. Steve Gilbreath. Terry Edwards. .Wt Isl Row: Steve Gilberth. Rhonda Trammel. Terry Edwards. Znd Row: Benny Roberts. Mr, Schertz. Tina Sluder. Keven Douthit. Foreground: Terry Edwards. 2nd Row: Thonda Trammel. Steve Gil- breath, Benny Roberts. 3rd Row: Tina Sluder. Every afternoon at fifth period. the orchestra could be found practicing in the Band Hall. Mr. John Schertz directed the six-member orchestra. I 4 Notioncil Honor Society l'4'l'Uvf1' Mr. Don Bohart Mrs. Peggy Pullen MPS. Juanita Reed Chairman Sponsor Sponsor The W. W. Samuell Chapter of the National Honor Society is composed ofjuniors and seniors. Membership is based on student's grade point average, service, character. and leadership qualities. The club is sponsored by Mr. Don Bohart, Mrs. Peggy Pullen, and Mrs. Juanita Reed. Early in the year the Honor Society distributed cards and spent many hours alphabetiz- ing names for the student directory. In early spring, rating sheets were distributed to teachers, who marked their choices for new members. On Thursday, May 4, the two-year members inducted fifty-four new members to the National Honor Society. l977-78 Members Tracy Hare President Jennifer Cranberry Vice-President Belinda Boyd Secretary Sharon Spurr Treasurer W4 ,gb -as 1 Valerie Bingham Melina Crook Julie Dennie Melanie Derryherry Catherine Diffee Joann Dunagan Cynthia Everett Opel Ford Brenda Foster Laura Furr Pamela Gilliam Charlotte Karlen Kimhra Koncak Joan McCormack Chana Spainhouer Michael Tuley Vicki Weil, N01 Picluredx Jeanne While Celeste KLll'3Z1C6li t 1978 New Senior Members Kim Allen Linda Anderton David Baker Jolene Boyett Mike Causey Mike Harris Terry Hillgartner Kathy Hodges Williamjurik Marilyn Miller Rohbye Mohn Debra Odom Brian Partington Klay Rogers Susan Slayden Georgia Smith Donald Stewart Peggy Swindle L5 nn Tate Carey Tucker Cindy Vick Deborah Waldroup Carla Yandell ,I X itt we N01 Pivlurcrli Linda Fleetwood Diane Lovejoy Carl Tillery Brian Welnack gavfl or PlL'lllf6'd.' ancy Burnelt isan Higgins sri Jefferson .4 l 978-79 New Junior Members Nur Pictured: Judith Wilson Liz Lawless Sherry Presley Mike Woodruff Deborah Baxley Cathey Busby Cathey Causey Rodney Christian Toni Clevenger Judy Daniels Denise Derryberry Traci Harper Tonya Johnson Mike Lawshe Nova Lemons Kelly Morgan Mark Ochlschlaeger Darrell Pattillo Joni Redfearn Tina Sluder Lisa Spozio Bennie Stone Gene Stroman Linda White 7 PAC cmd DECA W The Principal's Advisory Committee CPACJ is a very beneficial organization. Relating student prob- lems to the principal and helping students to solve n problems were the important contributions made by A t this organization. Rf, ,- ig gf Isl Raw: Janie Garcia, Debbie Guerra. Mike Tovar. 2nd Row: Peggy Swindle, Brenda Jones, Mr. R. C. Stokes. Linda Jones. Row 1: Kay Powell, Kathy Helms. Rene Shirley, Amber LeMont. Doug Wilson. Pam Renegar. Row 2: Mr, Day. Sandra Sneed. Kim Thompson. Stephanie Williams. Row 3: Ken Jones. Yvette Yunez. Tammy Ingram. Terry Hillgartner. Sherry Hall. Darlene Grimes. Suzanne Burke. Dana Henderson. Susan Holmes. Ms, Blessie. Row 4: Tim Blystone. Tony Digel. Tim Allen. Jon McDonald. Ty Moses. Tim Burkett, Jo Anne Dunagan, The purpose of the Distributive Education Clubs of America is to give students work experience. Underclassmen work in the D.E. store in the lunchroom. Seniors have the opportunity to go to school for half a day and to work for half a day. Industrials Arr Club The Industrial Arts Club was sponsored by Mr. Lyndon Foster, Mr. Steve Adock, Mr. Don Claymon, and Ms. Dana Magee. One of the Club's main pro- jects was the making and sell- ing of plastic identification bracelets. Ms. Magee, John Brasher, Richard Martinez, Robert Waldroup, Luis Martinez, Tammy Wade. Bowling Club Mr. Don Bohart sponsored the Bowling Club, which bowled at Buckner Bowl on Wednesdays. Three members made up each team, and teams challenged each other. Ma W .f W K f T 15 1 '-' KN? T ' Q, N f ,.... .k ,- ta 'l 9 1 4 I x Mg Row 3: L. D. Covington, Debbie Waldroup, Karen Ashton, Susan Hancock, Lisa Wallace, Kelly Morgan, Paula Hagan, Kelli Copland, Deb- bie Odom. Row 2: Robert Waldroup, Ricky, Danny Dodson, Glen Roach, Raymond Smith. Row 1: Liz Lawless, Mr. Don Bohart, Toni Cle- venger. VICA cmd CVAE Vocational Industrial Clubs of America is a work gives its members the opportunity to attend schoo program forjuniors and Seniors. for half a day and to work for a half a day. The organization, sponsored by Mr. Melvin Weiz, ex w M as i7t-.Q'7'lTQ at ,, A t , he a "7i'ff,ff' e.e' Tj? . L 'lt , . 'gif I f ' ' - . .... ,,. , - f t I 4 ......, tv 9.42: .. H' 5 1 , -. i , ' gk as ,, U' Charles Attaway, Darrell Babbit, Jack Barnes, Alan Brookshire, James Cockerham, Jay Coker, Robert Duke, Carl Feldhaus. Gerald Hai grove. Jesse Hux. Cheryl Jackson, James Jackson, Bo Jurik, Penny McBride, David McGahey, Anthony Neel, Richard Nobra, Randall Ol: ver. Thomas Palmer, Larry Schlebach. Shon Stovall. Randy Stratton, Dennis Tramel, Russel Turnipseed. Vocational Opportunity Clubs. CVAE, of Texas is Its members divide their time between working hal a work program sponsored by Mr. Charles McRae. a day and studying half a day. ,X 5 ' S - ..,, , r-' ., J f' "' J. .-1 sw J " A .., 1 xg . M. ,Y gt f . V . , - . Row 1: Wesley Edwards. Ricky Cornwell. Jerry Robinson, Robert Patterson, Bart Mathis, Van Temple, Darryl Broxson. Row 2: Ronni Wood. William Burns, Raymond Prater. Larry Jacks. Marty Callaway, Chuck Hall. Victor Adams, Mr. McRae. Tana Foote. Jimmy Dum Stephanie Mitchell. Lisa Lewis. Pat Peterson. Robert Lacy, Marilyn Mageors. i Deaf OEA 5 24" 4 2 i 'aj --,. t Q X 'Q' -i, 3 i'iv.1 7 "H ' "' Mrs. Harlene Cawyer and OEA students spend their class-time leaming office skills. HERO The Office Education Associa- tion is an office management class for the deaf, which meets for two hours a day. Club sponsor was Ms. Harlene Cawyer and Valerie Bingham served as president. The Home Economics Related Occupations Club is a co- operative education program sponsored by Mrs. Eva Grif- fin. Students enrolled in HERO have the opportunity to attend school for half a day and spend the other half-day working in a variety of fields. OEAIc1nd OEA II Lk. ber A3 E OEA l: Row 1: Rebecca Wilkerson. JaDona McClendon. Rhonda Shelton. Cyndi Wick- ham. Tina Sluder. Judy Delo. Row Z: Karen Ashton. Chana Spainhouer. Darla Simons. Tonya Johnson. Karen Marks, Judy Henry. Rhonda McMahan, Edie Cox. Raw 3: Donna Purser. Kay Steele. Ann Gilliam. Jeanne White. Denise Derryberry. Connie Grice. Debbie Wilcher. Cindy Molina. Ms. Hawkins. Debbie Lewis. OEA 2: Cathy Diffee. Cindy Vick. Leah Parker. Mary Gilliam. Cindy Mixon, Mike Tuley. Linda Fields. Sherri Harrison. Lois Wheeler. Pam Bullion. Row 2: Cyndee Watkins. Kim Harris. Jana Graves. Peggy Flournoy. Paula Stewart, Janie Garcia. Karen Davenport. Dedra Jones. Sharon Taylor. Phyllis Thomas. Julie Edwards. Row 3: Ms. Aicklen. Carla Royall. Sherry Stegall. Leigh Lewis. Mary Moore. Tami French. Kathy Hodges. Teresa Wentz. The Office Education 4 serves a very useful purpo Samuell. During their first year in C students learn to work with ous types of office machini well as learning basic office such as typing and shorthand The second-year student: given the opportunity to wo an office for half a day. Sponsor for the first-year dents is Ms. Betty Hawkins. Jolene Aiklen sponsors the ond-year students. Allied Youth Sign Lon B 42.5 Donna Jackson. Sherman Tyler. Row 2: Ms. McCollum. Lisa McCuiston. Debbie !Mary Johnson. Robert Glosson. Ms. Evans. ax to 2 Nbtjwi ,, U., , . guoge The Allied Youth Club is a service organization sponsored by Ms. Mary Kay McCollum and Ms. Sheila Evans. The club travels to area middle schools telling students about such problems as drugs and alco- hol. The Sign Language Club learns to communicate with the Deaf Education students. Sponsor of the club is Mr. Jim Fisher. Sherry Ferguson. Twyla Key. Kathi Ferguson. Raw 2: Mitch Greenway. Susie Hig- arcie Traphagen. Mr. Jim Fisher. V l i i F a I 5 I I PRIDE IN ACADEMICS Puiming is ax must in the url department. There are various kinds of puinlx lu use: temperzi. wailer C0l0l',2lI1d oil. 'Ev '. ii-Yi ' , F I I , Jbirbas 'I . t 'iii I Lf2"' ' -"L fx J ' Z . Tv i i 39 , ia ,. l if if . Q, G . ' 'I After fuuthnil wcamin. th 1.-.tacos--il 1 c marching hand was divided into the concert ll nd second period band. 7 To be a member of Concert Choir. a student has to tryout by singing it solo for Mr. Crook. The Concert Choir performs for various assemblies and churches throughout the year. 'Pix The Art Department teaches how to make different kinds ofpottery using a pottery wheel. After the clay has been shaped and then put in the kiln to dry tlul. it can be painted in various ways. Sludenls ln nr! clauwcx mnldcd clay into different uhpcclsw After the clay dr1ed.rtwa1s glaucd with diffcrcnl colors Arc Ringmgf' Y 40 , .f , ff , N111 Sznxuplwlmush Randy. Burl. and 'lk Sp1lI'lill1SPlI'iliHIhC band Ms. Carla Fahey is head of the Rec- reative Arts department which offers courses in Physical Education. Boys rand Girls Athletics. and Outdoor Eduf cation. l ln the Physical Education department. students learn various, Girls in the archery phase of physical education practice stringing the how. 42 and 4 fm gurls altke learned how to spun "Boy, you should have seen the one that got uvmy Y!" Starlet officers represented the entire drill teum in such productions as RAZZ MA TAZZz1nd the Band Show. The Woods und Waters Club enjoyed rnzmy axctnitics. tntluding rowtng on urcu lakes, 4? 97 1 ,. ' 'Aw .. .... , . i Lp' xN'.XN.SQll'1'IllCllhLlN been as part of the community since 1957. I he Deal Cheerleaders perform in assenthlics and during football games. nnn MlMq ttggffuk eden., gg lhe Xlarqucc keeps the community informed about CXCIIIS happening .tt iamuell. The Cooperative Education Department gives students the opportunity to attend classes for half a day and work for half a day at a job the school helps them to find. Mr. Melvin Weiz heads this department. The Deaf Education Depart- ment is headed by Mr. Charles Osler. Through this department. deaf students may participate in regular academic classes. elective classes. and extra-curricular activities with the help of instruc- tors and interpreters. ld PM law shi Cn dumlio mrthund business arts. and home- wurses included in n Depart- I head is h..nn 3 gi We ,ev-vwfn Y Imiuxtriaxl Ar! building useful techniques in 45. Av M . .A S W I s xxx? ' fag -"- "Eyes on copy . . , fingers in position" was an familiar phrase with ull typing students. iumucll offers different kinds of shops. A few of these include plzislics. uetul. drafting. and wood shop. ls 9 1 9 H, 4 ,Q s .lu 5 Edu.. . wwf 'wu- wu.,t,, - lspxng is qi skill used in N1lflULl5l'lClLlNLil'lLl curccrs. At Sumucll it is Most all of the manual typcwriters were replaced this year with the vffcrcd to both buys und girls lo give the szunc opportunities. more modern electric IXPCWTIICTS. lA 46 all classes Durmg English dramas. Kam reports on H ' R, f"5f'i-"L .,. . ,--YS ,pw an oral plays. on gods 1 Ms. Adams' English class talks abuul the Shakcspearian play s. ..,.-q .-Q. The Turch :md Sentinel are nun-credited etvursex in juurnaxliwtn. Ilere, fhnnu Spzunhouer works on the yearbook. if-f-fa. L' The Spanish Club cnlleeted can guards and other neeeyittex for needy fannnlies in the community :tt fhrldrttau. - 147 myth Ms. Students in ical gud. , A du nn Ihflillgh the me of 1 .41 J14554 wig 'iflfaciwwp -'ive urul rcpnrlx. Here. Steve Guxhcric gives an rcpurl Iww to incrcuc und uwcglhulury In the study of mythology students some- tumcs dress Ill the role of their character to set the mood for thelr reports, A Roman goddess ns portrayed by Evelyn Cobb, All students participate in at number of various ways in English. Students write. read. and improve their vocabulary skills. Students also nals. give reports write jour surveys, The for students to skills ,L ' Egg In Mrs. cNfilVN'f0fdtS SOI-U3 linglnsh clun.grul1p xludy ls nflcn done to unuly ze novels. drumau. and xhnrl xluncs. Khanna Spuinhnucr amd hcr clgxsmwtcs are xhmsn lllllllfllllg thc conflicts of the xlrzmm "Anyignnc." K Much reading is done lll the linglish clusscx. Spcclul cuurscx am: conducted for rcudmg In Icurn hmx In unprmc xklllx and read ul u faster rule. A math studkznl takes Ll test Mr. Wayne Robnett heads the Social Studies Department. which offers courses in history. Civics. sociology. psychology. and g advanced social science prob- ' lems. Seniors talked to students about psychology and sociology during the Course Fair. D A - " classes Mrs, Wallace delivers a lecture to her civ- field trips courthouses. They also ics class. their own court. ef? Barbara and about sociolog. ln Mrs. classes. the themselves off and made a A The Special Education Department is headed by Ms. Dolores Shavers. They offer courses needed by the edu- cable mentally retarded. the trainable mentally retarded and the emotionally disturbed. These students are mainstreamed into regular classes. The department also offers a work program that is instructed by Mr. Julius Vassalo. Beginning with the class of I979. all students were to have health as a graduation requirement. Q1 ennW1'f"'t - Identifying parts of the body and knowing their functions was Dissecting animals. such as crayfish. worms. and frogs. was a learning one ofthe many assignments in health classes. experience for many biology students. 0 5- 1 6 I I X Q 5 I lcxthuolu und rulers are not the only "tools-of-Ihwtrade" for the Sumucll NllldCl1l. Here Kenny lnllcr display wmv uf the prujecls prepared by the lllkllhlfllll Arlx Dcpnrtnmcm. Q ,N N , F ' -1 Q . v' 3 50 M--AM-..,,.,g,L, , W ... ,-A lr , .-Nfl..-r... ,.r., ,. ,, my I 4 : ,WE WW ' ' k.,. ., ,,VV 91' ' u -51 , "ff, Yi , 'Y llonlcxmmlungifwr gurls and guys! teaches the student such guru as lmlustrml Arts cuurwcx mcludc wumlslwp. mclul xhup. dmfnn cuukxng, xcvung. and child cure. ll!1LlPlQlNlICN. 6 SPIRIT GF SPORTS Quai' I: Way ne McCall. Mike Woodfin, Carl Tillery, Todd Watson. Carey Tucker. Kyle Money. Ray Del Sloan. Phillip Ernst. David Norris. Darrell Pattillo. Andre Williams. Raw 2: Coach R. W. Thompson. Larry Boruk. Troy Miller. Jimmy Macaluso. Trey Evans. Greg Money. Vlike Malone. Jamie Cram. David Chandler. David Roberson. Javier Ramiriz. Dean Baker. Coach Arvel Smith. Rim- jf Coach Chauncy Qing. Coach Charlie Cox. James Bellah. Roy Phillips. Tom Cherry. Kyle Hansard. Bruce Reed. Mark Paschall. Tim Frosch. Darryl Hughes. viike Ham. Darrell Tyler. Mark Boyd. Head Coach Billy Russell. Raw 4: Randy Sandlin. Craig Brunson. Glen Scoggins. Scott Pasehall. John Nilliams. Kenny Loller. Mike Trent. Billy Penn. Mark Phillips. Rudy Gomez. Tony Hitt. Opponenl Score Mesquite 13 - 0 South Garland 21 -- 35 Hillcrest 27 - 0 Thomas Jefferson I3 - 12 Woodrow Wilson 7 - 13 W. T. White 8 - l6 Lincoln I9 - 6 Bryan Adams 6 f I4 Skyline 23 -H 0 Spruce I8 - 13 Mesquite Memorial Sta- dium. Samuell wrapped up a 13-0 vie- tory over Mesquite, Offensively. the Spartans totaled 186 yards on the ground and chalked up 3l yards passing. Defensively, the Skeeters were held to l52 yards rushing and 29 yards passing. What turned out to be an excit- ing first half at Garland Memo- rial Stadium ended in sorrow as the South Garland Colonels stole the party away from the dejeeted Spartans. The Spartan gridders just couldn't find anymore goal-line while South Garland landed TD drives of 54 and 69 yards to put the finishing touches on the Big Blue Machine - 35-21. Dean Baker 4333 leads the way for Kyle Money Q l4y. 9.. , A , ,Q .K It 5 ,M fr X YF wi ? FN Cf l if I The mlphtx Spar! in defense held th: Mesquite Skaters 5:1 " 0 I lm lfrmch mv. Turnovers, turnovers, . . . and more turnovers. That was the content of the game played on September 16 at Forester Field as the Big Blue Machine steamrolled Hillcrest 27-0. "Anytime you beat a team 27-0 you've played one heck of a game? commented Coach Rus- sell. The Spartan offense did just that, scoring four TD,s and the Big Blue defense kept Hillcresfs side of the scoreboard pitch dark. After being picked to lose by seven points, the under-rated Spartans ruined the mid-week prediction by skimming over Thomas Jefferson 13-12, on Sep- tember 23. It was one of those down-to- the-wire finishes as TJ made its way to the 28 yard line. The Patriot kicking team was called out again. With 0:05 left in the contest, the ball fluttered all of 10 yards. It was now Samuell's night to party as the underdog Spartans upset the dejected Patriots. September 29 was the night of the WW game. Statistically the Spartan Gridders marched all over the Wildcats, but when it came down to points, the Big Blue Machine gave way to Wood- row by a margin of 13-7. In the fourth quarter, Wood- row took advantage of an inter- ception grabbed on their own 47. The Big Blue defense contained the drive well, but not enough to stop their next field goal of 45 yards. The Spartan offense came back trying drastically to score, but it was too late with Woodrow out- lasting the Big Blue with an upsetting victory. On a rain-slicken October 7 night, the Big Blue Machine was all washed up after suffering an irggortant loss to W. T. White, l - . As the clock ticked the last few minutes, Money led the Big Blue on its only scoring drive. Money found Chandler from six yards out for the solo TD. Money again hit Chandler in the endzone for the two point conversion, leaving the Big Blue a 2-2 record in Dis- trict ll-AAAA. w-A Nu-af . 3- 1. 757 fe S " .... 7 F-'ff-if . if 7 .t., I It -:I . 1-,wtf 2:52. -et. 7 t ef , s X i - ' ' Mike Ham S gains ,i ,- Larry D opposit . Bgoruk, Jimmy Macaluso and David Norris take a well deserved break from the ion. Coach Russell instructs Kyle Money howto run the offense. wk: 'Wir S-I .K--' "" . ,A 'ii bn N1-vnu KU'-' VUHC5 'NX 1 , . ., rg ll,- 'rf-M h l,:,,ll,.,l, Q , v 'iq H ,A .- 51? l 1 V Q21 I if 'JJ I ., - Q" x By L", H xv l ,Y ,7 , K , . Thanks to an outstanding defensive performance. the Spar- tans stole the show from Lincoln 19-6 on October 14, at the Pleas- ant Grove Pit. The Spartan defenders closed Lincolnfs rushing attack to a neg- ative 58 yards. The secondary stayed alert as they shut down the passing game to 69 yards. Offensively, the Big Blue ground gainers traveled many yards to shut out Lincoln and give the Blues a hope for an 11- AAAA trophy. With a hot rushing attack. the Bryan Adams Cougars spoiled the hopes of an October 27 Homecoming crowd by running past the Spartans 14-6. Samuell took an early lead on a 37 yard pass from Money to Sloan with 3:50 left in the first quarter. Trent's extra point was blocked as the Spartans took a 6- Olead. Following the kickoff, B.A. drove 45 big ones for a TD. Later in the game they again drove 75 yards for the final six pointer to put the finishing touches on the Big Blue. For the third year in a row the Big Blue Machine rolled over Skyline. This time the Samuell gridders shut out Skyline's hopes for a district championship. The game, played on November 3, ended 23-0. Offensively. the Spartans sparked with 217 yards on the ground and 73 in the air. The defense held Skyline to 121 yards on the ground and 38 yards in the air. When asked after the game on Samuellfs performance. Skyline split-end remarked. "We just took Samuell for granted. Theyfre bet- ter than their record shows. All I can say is I feel sorry for Sprucef, On November ll. the Blue Machine handed the 0-9 Apaches another loss as the Spartans boosted their record to 6-4 for the season with an 18-13 victory. On the ground. the Spartans dominated with 249 yards to the Apaches 217. In the air, Spruce managed to scrape up 57 yards. Though Samuel only passed for 28 yards. it was in the endzone that the yardage was totaled. With the season ending in vic- tory, the mighty Blue Machine turned in their uniforms, some for the last time and others with hopes for a better season next year. ,MV 1' 'S if ,Q W! , .- ... X if 1' ah. ef 5 f me 3 Mfg Er- H-.t 1:1 N... K is SX -tm Seo Pusthull il' X is The Spartans stopped the Skeeters as Money drops back for ri pass. , A y , 1' A " ' A - 'WN ima. .. -' t ,I :5 2 . , . . . v Q- at K E X fn ! " f . i r ' 'X ' I. tr-. - iii 51" R K '- 7 --e. ff -' 't , -R K kk .Q z J GAL 5 .t x sly " e ' R' -iff i -t.. -y, 711- ,5 f',-' il W 4 ' ' ... ' .,. ii' 7 x v T I VM. 7 'anna A . . , w .xi Darrell Pultillo Billy Penn 1 h gs' M ,IS 21 r . . J , 1 , N - ew: Roy Phllllps ana' A Y SF ,'. Q' V 5 J Y X X if SW P! i 'x Q V .Jn ra Q 4' ' I nuff' '2' . g-'sqm . 6 ..,. Q ,Y Man imrs Dan Marder and Kyle Huddleston rm out to quench the thirst of fighting Spur- "' . 13- ' ,K - . '- ff' .4 QR If c CilcnSuugg1nx xx DLI Slo nn . , 1 1 . f f 'lci '--- "L' '-11" ' 43' ggh" ma y. L K. , N V , I yy I v f , , X W :ix .5 A ' p - 'k""f ' A 1 'lb Q, ' 1 L A i .,.-' .4 fe' ' "ff, Ll" , z V 4 f 1 'f '--' Q" , 7 37 ' . ' Y Q V if ' ' ., xflgirkv , x .vf 3-min N - X. Carl Tillery Mike Trent IDC UClCllbC Ml ugglcu LU blup Luc vv uns, uuuum. auuu un. lun. ...nu V.. H... .,-........,-.., .. .VV mist. their tum on the field ' 'wa kv it t A K N """1,,:,j:4ff"f 1: . ' S - kr x Todd atson ,, Q , We 'WR' i ' wliw TX I fc f ' Ill EQ r Z J M, M 'I 1 lvl x ', xlllxCxN00dfll1 . David Chandler eagerly awaits his turn back on the field, X ffs ii r ltq m, fl 756, The Blue Machine intercepts a pass during the Raider victory. A tired offense finds waiting a very impatient chore. F Phillip Ernst and Mike Trent prepare the way for Roberso M Q , ,.t, 4, im ' 'E l Ns I il X g , lr , X 1 Mike Trent crashes through the Spartan head provided by the Ban- ner team and Cheerleaders at each game, 7 J.V. Vo rsity Footboll Boltom Row: Darrel Wood, Brian Eastep, Jeff Hargrove, Danny Franklin, Tony Williams. 3rd Row: Carl Fisher, Tyler, Doug Hobbs, Wallace Corley, Allen Cheshier, Jeff Allen Cross, Billy Record, Gary Moore, Jeff Wackett, Bud Opponent Score Mesquite fNorthj l2 - 6 Stan Haggerty, Ronald Jenkin, Keith Hanks, Sterling Blackmon, Glenn Taylor, Jimmie Willis, Tony Williams, Ricky R. Hill. Znd Row: James Caufel, J. J. Cross, Dan Pool, Mike Tovar, Ronald Miller, Paul Scott, Nick Tillman, Jimmy Moffett, Don Davis, Doug Hicks, Anthony Davis, Robert Glosson, Wendell Wilson, Ken Kirk, Ralph Pittman, Vance Ballew, Dale Lowrey, Victor Davis, Eddie Ward, Steve Franklin, Scotty Jones, Sherman Karlen, James Donahue, Jayson Strange. Top Row: Phillip Sneed, Kelly Thompson. Delk, Edwin Sorrells, Clifford Reed, Robert Smith, Dan Houpt. This year,s J .V. Football team finished their season with an impressive 8-5-0 record. Fifty-three Spartans worked out all summer Mesquite 8 - 27 - dedication which paid off as the future "Big South Garland 0 - 21 Blues" posted victories over North Mesquite, Hillcrest 20 - 14 Hillcrest, Thomas Jefferson, Bryan Adams, Thomas Jefferson 34 - 13 Spruce, and arch rival Woodrow Wilson. Mes- Woodrow Wilson 35 - l6 quite, South Garland, White, Lincoln and Sky- W. T. White l6 - 35 line provided the setbacks. Lincoln 6 - 20 Bryan Adams 12 - 8 Skyline 14 - 20 Spruce 28 - 7 Freshman "Baby Blue" Football ,,.,...........--W------'---'-fe pc Borrom Row: David Kuykendall. Brett Paschall. John Vidales. Steve Radney. Elvis Long. Jeff Gill. Joe Newton. Orlando Vasquez. Craig Johnson. Willie Gloria. Alvin Carter. Middle Row: Coach David Grounds. Jerry Sparling. Todd Martin. Kenneth Johnson. Jeff McQueen. iTommy Strange. Ines Molina. Charlie Martinez. Lance Ballew, Steve Christian. Buck Wilson. Greg Cohen. Coach Gary Jaffa. Top Row.- lMike Mize. Wallace Starrett. Wayne Gibson. Keith Gilliam. Kevin Sumrow. Edwin Perkins. John Shumaker. Randy Lewis. Joe Wallington. land Bobby Lyles. Opponenl Carter N. Mesquite Hillcrest W. T. White Lincoln Bryan Adams Skyline Spruce T. Jefferson W. Wilson S core The Freshman Gridders suffered a disap- pointing season in I977. The fierce Baby Blues finished their season with a record of three wins. six losses: there was one tie. The Freshman outlook was hopeful as the Baby Blues tied Carter to open their season and then went on to defeat North Mesquite and Hillcrest. But six losses punctuated by a victory over Lincoln finished the season for the young Spartans. 16 170 Varsity Volleyball ' . 1. -, . .. :sf .fi,.QQ,,g:iQ Bonom Row: Kelly Duncan. Debbie Guerra. Kim Allen. Pam Bene. Top Row: Collie VanSyckle, Paula Hagen, Connie Pinkerton. Cathy Busby. Opponent Skyline Hillcrest Lincoln Woodrow Wilson W. T. White Bryan Adams Thomas Jefferson Spruce Score 0 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 0 - 2 - I - The varsity volleyball team finished their sea- son with an even record of four wins and four losses. Under the direction of Coach Judy Kar- len, the Varsity won games against Hillcrest, Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Thomas Jeffer- son. Setbacks came from Skyline, W. T. White, Bryan Adams, and Spruce. . Coach Judy Karlen Kim Allen Pam Bene Coach Rosa Martinez "., sf ,,l . .. 0 0 C Debbie Guerra bumps the ball during the Carter game. .4 Cathy Busby Kelly Duncan Debbie Glleffa l Paula Hagen Tonya Johnson Connie Pinkerton Vit.. Lisa Pound was caught in action as she prepared to hit the ball hack to Carter. I o wi? i 6" ...i-n .-......., Connie Van Syckle Kim Allen hits the ball back to Carter. lv ' an fir W Q . ..et ." e ii 1? Q Q J- " " . ef, . 4 f K is-1 Waiting for the ref's call. the team prepares for the next ball. The girls. after a victory. change sides of the net. Cathy Busby and Lisa Pound laugh at a teammate's mistake. Kim Allen looks on in disgust after a team fumble. lien' rs " M1 .' ' .l.'h.lnli1L' The team. dressed for action. takes un active part in a pep assembly. 4 Jr. Vorsiry Volleyball Bnrmm Row: Sherry Fite. Vickie Chism. Jane Gregory. Terri Smith. Penny Bird. 2nd Row: Laurie Johnson. Donna Grahm. Sharon Jenkins Pam Slayden. Veronica Davis. I B F . . . T if Under the direction of Coach Rosa Martinez. the J.V. spikers came out with a winning season. 7 5 Q i li JJ . . They posted victories over Hillcrest, Lincoln. "' 5 if Woodrow Wilson. W. T. White. Thomas Jefferson y f fagi . and Spruce. Their only losses came from Skyline and 3 my ...J . .. A 1 'P S Q w Bryan Adams. is i Q f e ecce Q - . Opponenl Score The J.V. fought hard to win this meet. ' I I ' s ' l 31 Skyline 335 f Hillcrest W Lincoln , N Woodrow Wilson rn TT J D T W. T. White ...... .., J? Bryan Adams 1 'T Thomas Jefferson Q fir y K A a T ' .lj Spruce I E V' it W ' it ,L fy , , J i i i Donna Grahm clowns around between the games. VARSITY BASKETBALL Opponent Woodrow Wilson Hillcrest W. T. White Thomas Jefferson Hillcrest Lincoln Woodrow Wilson Bryon Adams Skyline Spruce Woodrow Wilson Score 54-78 90--95 55-57 70--83 74-69 50-72 63---61 --68 75-80 85-71 62-64 'R T4 RTI! SiT,.q Kneeling.-' Mario Vela. Darrell Patillo, Jeff Nelson. Craig Brunson, Paul Harris. Standing: Coach Scott, Kyle Money. David Coielfiene Stro- man and Roger Vaughn. V , . V Though the Big Blue cagers out-hustled and out- ranl the Richardson Eaglesg the Spartans were unable to come up with enough points to win their season openerand were defeated 82-634 But as their first dis- trict game came along, the cagers gave a good impres- sion of what they could do as W, T. White skimmed the Spartans 57-55. t e i y v Foftheir first district win, the Spartans looked very impressive as they foiled past Hillcrest 74-69. But the seasonoutcome lookedediml as the Bryan Adams Cougars handed the Big Blue their fourth district loss byaseoreofss-51. ' yt i e t u The remainder of fthe season gave the Blue tcagers a lot of ups and downs andiittle hope in winning the city crown, In the district tournament, tWoodrow Wil- son rolled past the Spartans withfa thin marginal score of 63-61. s i . r l In this final game, Kenneth Willis and Kyle Money were 'the leading scorers for ltheeSpartans. with 21 pointsapiece. In the first quarter, the Spartans l jumped outto a 13-11 1ead.tWoodrowrcame back and hit .23'pointsin the second quarter iforjya 34-22yhalf- time lead. Again in the thirdtqudrter fthe hlhf B ig -Blue Machine grabbed back theirilead thethird quar- terending 35-34. Willisfhit l-Zpointsltlny the final quar- tertlbut itgjust wasnft enough as Woodrow ended the ga11?iewithaQ63-61 victoryl y Q h c -e g f Q gf.. . n ,I Q I Kyle Money shoots to score. sg ... 7 X in . ,R . y Q 5 -N: 'S Spartans score again. I7 4' ,,,f L - ff' ,. ,, , U mm ,,.,,, ., , M Q X r r 'T Ill l 29 2 ,, .n,.,, Q K I -. , T 1 ., r N35 ' Q A' 2 rr 'fe il Tank Willis tries to throw the Cougar defensive ,..,-'Wk Darrell Pattillo signals a play. M -K fvsixfi A f' Vx ., 391, ,R ,rf .1 ,wp g . l , ...,A: Q. H ,,v -ii'iilw ' 7'-. W Tank Wlllis squeezes through the Cougars, A 5 .mei N wx 3, M.. V ,. . 1 M II " W K, F m ,Ig Q 0 I 'F' 6 , M 5 us .0- Kyle Money guarding against the Wildcats. 'I7 "if 3 Tank Willisjumps for two points J.V. Wins District Championship In rw, 6521 . Ill 1 in.. ? it 4 'fxxfi I T4 Ili-nun:-nan as 1-2 si . M, Paul Scott, Bonner Lovern. Stanley Haggerty, Coach M. Peterson, Greg Money, Clarence Bedford, and Mike Curtis. Samuel! Opponent 103 W. T. White 41 61 Hillcrest 52 57 Lincoln 53 74 Woodrow 70 38 Skyline 52 64 Spruce 63 64 Jefferson 73 71 Lincoln 65 64 Jefferson 65 The J.V. cagers opened their season with a 56-45 win over Richardson. To open up the district season, the J.V. roundballers proved their worth with a con- vincing 104-4l victory over W. T. White, only a path- way to their winning district champions. Following these games. the J .V. were able to boast to the varsity their exciting, winning season. They held victories over Hillcrest. Woodrow Wilson, Lin- coln, Bryan Adams. and an exciting 64-63 win over Spruce. ln this crowd-pleasing game. with 3 seconds left in the second overtime period, the Spartans were ahead by 1 point. At the buzzer, an Apache player threw a home shot. The Apache bench went wild, but the official declared the shot too late, giving Samuell the victory. "Baby BIues" Bring Home District Crown Q 'owl :V ,F ,, v, ' . r Leslie Ducklett, David Chumbley. Allen Bene, Mike Scott, Keith Bedford. Steve Radney, Jeff Marshall, Fred Burden, Clint Lawson, Samuel! Opponent 39 Woodrow l7 44 W. T. White 27 59 Woodrow 29 42 Bryan Adams 35 48 Hillcrest 47 4l Woodrow 28 32 Woodrow 33 36 W. T. White 30 50 Hillcrest 40 66 Lincoln 38 38 Bryan Adams 50 48 Woodrow 26 31 Skyline 29 39 Spruce 26 36 T. J. 25 51 Hillcrest 32 47 Skyline 44 The Baby Blue roundballers finished the season with an outstanding 20-6 record, which earned them a co-championship for district with Bryan Adams. The Spartans last game was with a stubborn, well- coached Skyline team. With the Spartans' hot- handed Alan Bene leading the way, the Baby Blue gave the Raiders all they could handle. The final score was 50-42 in favor of the Spartans. Because of icy weather, the play-off game between the Bryan Adams Cougars was canceled, leaving the Baby Blue Spartans with a co-championship. Girls Basketball ,..i4s.,...,A.-,Aa ,A.,,z,,Lw5 , 4 , L ' 47' W +405 L,.a,.2..1.,,,' A 3 2 f Q., ,,,,,,,, N ' 7' " 'i""'M"MM't "M 'A M Z, , Kneeling: Jayne Gregory, Debbie Busch. Lisa Carlock. Dana Wester. Julie Trantham. Standing: Brenda Johnson. Paula Hagan. Rene Russell. Patty Underbrink. Rhonda Morris. Cissy Brown, Winnie Johnson and Coach Judy Karlen, Samuel! Opponent l7 Lincoln 71 18 W. T. White 55 62 Thomas Jefferson 73 55 Hillcrest 43 29 Lincoln 57 23 Woodrow Wilson 57 32 Bryan Adams 74 12 Skyline 55 30 Spruce 45 23 W. T. White 29 37 Lincoln 69 The girl's basketball team started the year off with a 54-ll loss to Carter. As the season progressed. the girls lost all hope of placing in the district competi- tion. Their only win came in a district game with Hill- crest. Rhonda Morris set a school record with 42 points scored in a tough game against Thomas Jefferson. nv' 3' 1 up Samuell shoots forthe baiket Rhonda getQ ready for 21 haiket ni n . .1 els rear' Ill ,--X , ,4n" . , wr K 'X M 1 ' " Paula Hagan Winnie .lohnson Rhonda Morris ,Wg ,xg ,,z f 255 Q by -., ii-isnt " Spartans in action. Julie Trantham S f- .:- ..: -.-. A . . 1 1- .-M1,.1A..J,,-:--.:...,...... ,. 'M i , Q 'U-'-LN 1' tt? ,P Cyndi Everett watches the action on the other side ofthe court. am with 'Mmm ,,.. 7, u-ds, 'Yi' up ""'wL' X Lisa Pound shoots a free throw on a technical. 'J V I ' , gp' - W ,, 1, V , Ms. Karlen and teammates look on. Samuell goes for ajump ball. 54' s ,..-f-""' --.......,, ,.tt,t..,,.t.t,,.... W Samuell shows teamwork. Dana Wester Patty Underbrink J.V. Girl Cogers 2nd in District Tourney wmv, lsr Row: Nokie Booth, Vicki Chism. Veronica Davis. Sherry Williams. Tunisunia Taylor. Teri Smith. 2nd Row: Coach Martinez. Kim San- ders. Laurie Johnson. Donna Graham. Sherry Fite. Sylvia Marshall. Samuel! Opponent 42 Bryan Adams 28 18 Skyline 40 36 T. Jefferson 24 64 Hillcrest l2 42 W. T. White 36 30 Woodrow 29 35 Spruce 28 36 Lincoln 28 The Junior Varsity Basketball girls won second place in the district tournament with their only loss to Skyline 36-30. They came away with a winning season under Coach Rosie Martinez. Their only district loss during the regular season was to Skyline. Boys Soccer ga- Samuell Qppgngnf 0 Hillcrest 4 2 Woodrow 3 1 Jefferson 4 0 Adams 4 l White 3 6 Skyline 0 5 Spruce 0 The soccer team came out with a 2-5 season. Their wins were important as they were over rivals Skyline and Spruce with each game ending in no score for the opposing team. Returning lettermen for this year's team were Kenny Bradshaw. Ronnie Reynolds. Knollis Rose. Howard Saucier. Jessie Stout. Chris Thomas. Phillip Thomas and Larry Thompson. Junior Howard Saucier was named first team all- district, 9 O S Siandings Coach Tallet. Jesse Stout. Harvey Ramirez. Phillip Thomas. Ross Hailey. Danny Bryant. Bill Padgett. Kneeling: Ronnie Reyonlds Ines Molina. Kevin Wellmon. Mike Trent. Cliff Cambell. Danny Bryant F' 'X fi Q I i raft l 5 I Klay Rogers and teammates listen to game plans. Ross Hailey lnes Molina Bill Padgett Harvey Ramirez S IIWFQ .41 amuell team watches on. l . jx ws X X Qt, ittrt 4 e ,y 4. A , W Mr 1 g 1 , ' A.., . Q1 . Y, , I Coach Tallet gives the team advice. Knollis explains how the game is played Ronnie Reynolds jegge Smut Kg- . -punnnnnn . KV 3, 77 K ' 'W 1, . ,,t-ieiw- "te ,L l Samuell Spartans in action. Phillip Thomas Kevin Wellmon Samuell tries I0 SCOVU Girl's Soccer Samuel! Opponent O Thomas Jefferson 6 0 Bryan Adams 5 l Spruce O l Lincoln 0 0 W. T. White 8 0 Skyline 4 Slandings Calhey Busby. Randa Hawkins. Sheryl McCullough. Kara Grounds. Sue Fisher, Collie VanSyckle. Kneeling: Diane Trent Bird. Connie Baylor. Debbie Guerra. Roseann Baughman. Diane Wooten. QW Roseann Baughman Connie Baylor Penny Bird X w' 1 c 'G f 1 La ' J- N' -' .1 . M...M S ml -.ei E ig J: it f- :- ff is 54 NS ik Swim Teams Finish 3-4, 5-2 is I i Row 1: Valerie Cummings, Liz Lawless, Debbie Moore, Tina Mor- gan, Tammy Ingram, Donna Clayton, Lisa Culley. Row 2: Brian Gooding, Tommy Herman. John Shumaker. The swim teams wound up their seasons with successful results. The boys, team ended with a record of 3-4, while the girls, team battled to a 5-2 record. Qualifying for the Region III meet held at SMU on February 24 and 25 were Brian Gooding in the 100 Butterfly, Valarie Cummings in the 200 Free- style, Tina Morgan in the 100 Butterfly, and both relays in the boys and girls division. The only graduating members of the team were Philip Ernst and Tammy Ingram. 'N sm!! ' Row 1: Lisa Boshears, Liz Lawless, Donna Clayton, Tonya Ellery. Tracy Kirkpatrick. Row 2: Joy Farr, Laurie Markham, Tina Mor- gan, D'Ann Nichols. Marsha Smith. Jami Holland, Holly Maxey, Karen Hernandez. Row 3: Debra Mangrum, Valerie Cummings, Susan Hancock, Lisa Culley, Sabrina Watkins, Tammy Ingram, Debbie Moore. Coach Bill Young and Barbara Brian Gooding Young Row 1: Thomas Westbrook, Daniel Black, John Shumaker, James Toupal, Glenn Elliot, Philip Elery. Row 2: Brad Walker, Dan Peters, Glenn Scoggins, Brian Gooding, Kevin McKinney. IIFQQUQ Tennis Team Rebuilding Q ee .. IRQ We he I Senior Steve Causeyand junior Pat Diffee were the only two members returning this year. The team was in a rebuilding year and played a total of I5 matches, averaging 2 matches a week. V i Girls Team: Row 1: Sue Fisher. Kim Elliot. Row 2: Ginger Bird. Diane Wooten. Patricia Jiffee, Coach Dennis Fricky, oys Team: Row 1: Steve Causey. Chris Canada. Row 2: Trent Keasler. Steve Wade. Tennis Team Scores Samuel! Opponent 0 Bryan Adams 4 0 Bryan Adams 4 0 Skyline 4 l Skyline 3 2 Spruce 2 3 Spruce l 3 Lincoln l 2 Lincoln 2 0 Hillcrest 4 0 W. T. White 4 0 T. Jefferson 4 The Samuell Golf finished 5th place in the district. Coach Bob Sybert named three golfers as lettermen, Phillip Don- aldson, Kelly McElhaney and Steve Clay. Chris Gaddis shot a three game average of 83 and Philip Donald- son shot a two game average of 81. Samuell 7 Skyline Woodrow 0 Samuell Samuell 7 Jefferson Spruce O Samuell Golfers 5th in District fit W S K 1. 1:1 Row: Mike Bell. Curt Fryar, Eric Walker. 2nd Raw: Coach Sybert. Scott Riddles, Kelly Mclilhaney, Phillip Donaldson. Steve Clay, Mike Dawshe. 3rd Row: Chris Johnson. Keith Faulhaber. John Daniels. 65 Samuell 7 White 6 'Aa Lincoln 0 Samuell l 4 Hillcrest 6 Samuell 4 3 Samuell l B. Adams 3 W, i Xfgxi 7 f 1 4- Mike Bell John Daniels Phillip Donaldson Keith Faulhaber Cum Ff3Y31' Chris Johnson Mike Lawshe Scott Riddles Eric Walker Coach Bob Syhert Bowling Teoms Coach Don Bohart led the bowling team into its first match on November 30 against Lincoln at the Expressway Bowling Lanes. Their second match took them over to the Hart Bowl- ing Lanes against T. Jeffer- son. After 8 matches. the boys came with a 4-4 season and the girls came out with a 2-8 season. Glen Roach, Raymond Smith. Mr. Don Bohart. Samuel! Opponent ' g 7 A Boys Lincoln 1808 1481 Girls Lincoln 1393 1400 Boys T. Jefferson 1016 1831 Girls T. Jefferson 1448 1487 Boys W. T. White Girls W T White 3 7 7 Boys Hillcrest 872 7 5 Girls Hillcrest 1 566 60 Liz Lawless. Toni Clevenger. Kelli Copeland. Kelly Morgan, Susan Hancock. Karen Ashton. Samuel! Opponenl Boys B. Adams 2107 2175 Girls B. Adams 1491 1849 Boys W. T. White 1820 1822 Girls W. T. White 1439 1468 Boys Spruce 1979 1966 Girls Spruce 1522 1570 Boys Skyline 1941 2054 Girls Skyline 3353 3821 Varsity Baseball The Spartans finished the season with a 5-5 record and graduated right-fielder Carey Tucker, leaving an experienced team for the next season. With a win over Samuell. Spruce could have taken the zone championship, but that was not to be as Samuell defeated Spruce's chances with a 2-l loss at Pleasant Grove field on May l. To end this game, Samuell did it up right in the seventh inning as Sam- uell scored two runs on Mike Trent's triple and Kyle Money's home run to end the game. Another exciting game highlight was on April ll at the Pleasant Grove field when the Big Blue bounced the Skyline Raiders 4-3. Pitcher Kyle Money allowed five hits and only one earned run. The Spartan batters connected on seven hits with Money taking credit for three. The Spartan defense was alert with zero errors to Skyline's misfortunate four. Money also added to the cause with I2 strike-outs. DISTRICT SCORES Samuell i Opponent 4 I Lincoln 0 g White rsctli l A B. Adams 5 ii'i Skyline 3 5 A A Spruce 7 0 Hillcrest 3 ll Lincoln 0 5 ' Wilson 4 l 1 1 A A B. Adams 4 Spruce l Woodrow player beats the ball. W 5 9, ., ,.,T ,W M o . , ,ig -1. in ggi: .- f.:?,r41 .A ...gl BN ji tw: gg- , l , o ,L ivy' r., - . 5,1 , 1- .X .,f,.'4fm'2'z..',gLvf' ....., 4, Spartans work for an out. Q.. ,sw I ,Q Q, r Mxke Trent goes m for , v , . base run. iv boys about a pl Billy Nlorm ix out ul fmt, Scott coffers first base iq. .- Jeff Peel and Kyle Money take the field, r J .- My 4, 'Q V ml 1 .., -its muwnnnq ,K -. 5 Eff' 1 l' w,.,,, ww XA h mp . 1 ., M,,5.g L. I . EN 'fx gfifgi . A 6 f ,Q ..k-Q" e 3 A . Ax .,.g "",xXSs!Ex ,LQ ' , N. 1," Q, fi A ' ' 1' NA' ' .E Q fikzugk g,,' k.5" Q , Q4.fS!?',lg5 ,M 35, . wa"-, .X I , I3 .9 ,L ,Amar if 1 Gy. bk x I ' 4 1 A. ,-A V, .ty ' V 1 , AAQ ' xx' .4 X H-'P-,".f - , 4 AL :Fixx ,vi 5 Q' 1 Qs., 'X X f., ' Y lA" - "vp . 0' 2 v The Spartans warm-up bgfore the gafriQ5Q z5rTsWt'fWoEdroWi ' av p ,fr 3 N The "take-it-easys" watch the Spruce battle fitgybvi 1, , L.:b. , qw n Jeff Peel throws the ball home. of V rx. ir as ki,.. , sryarrwwgr M r . .,, 1 W - D W 'QQ'-,--1 in M .4 y v .x.. V, .4 -vu Kyle Money covers second as the Spartans try for fi double play. of at ,,,.,. ea Y . ' 1 "de Monk" warms up. QY 20 4 of-3 gg xl' " i i. A t fit -e w ' -w fr' ' m f9f'.2..f1f"k ., K -iv" 3' . - 1' , ,l with 'A fff-s 5i',I. h:-M' 'H . .A,i. 4-'Q K - V 4 1 .1 1 . ls- ' ' J U ' t 'FY fa , ' ' Q ' R 'V .Lf-1.5 ll' ,wr 1 T... .4 .. .. ' ai' - NL ' -fmt-x.:w..,s, .4Q.. t ' 1 1'-Nr Q" 'part' .Q . 14.-- , L " vs. f'ZxA:.z'.', 1 " ff Q1 -1 t, A - 1 xem- L. ,gxfg 64' 267.1 l A .tiw m - 'si' ' EQQQWWY, 3 V.. f Y' Q, -- P? - A :'T'iT""':"s, .- nr: a 3, .3 1 .,,. .. . 1 411 f..-fA1'1:..-g- . l. z ' 4, tt , H t 1 H tttt .tl - Troy Miller whacks the ball. hits a triple. ovar e mound. .W . 7 ,VW-J--Cn-cf' kg 4, W M-,.1,. . - M., . uh mit: 1 - .1112 . ,g Ma.ffl'-Wsfiysfiydfjjmy-f?f"LL6iff , -ft. - at f .i x , . - 'TM "f5f1i:zkLy1" 'V 'W rf- ' ig., Q.: , . Q- ,, ,i-.'..'L ,N ,.,, ,-4, .,Tf?fiu.fg,t.LQ-a M- ft ,"""'L 'V 1 2-QTVR . 05, in-X ' " -V Af-f -U ' A ' , -ftyf 3, r ff W- , gM,..fbZ N, N . ,,,, ,f -,, V -.,,,. .,., 1,5 W A x fx izf A' ts lg 32" I , ' A Q f ' "'XJ',:. Q ,ff 1 2 - K -'Rf' ' Q.. " L n' . . A ' -..:'l.,u-hh.- Keven Sumrow pitches at the Woodrow game. ., , .pf ww 5 -:.,, Nd v Rodney Christian makes a base hit good, Q ,. Uh. 4547'- -4 X '55 w 5 'f 'QQCMS' J Kevin Sumrow and Carey Tucker discuss the day's game 1 ' Y '.u'vvff'!sff1i9":'FT"'f 4 gif' , .Y . P -'t , - twig-f,1r':,i-'w:,g1i.."ffm vw' ff,-f 2 1. A aff r H f 1 K Q-:Xn+r-1f,gv',5f,r:r"'fi.+. wrffxa t, .pt J. 43,-..., - r . ,. :K 'mf' f v- ff. 2 ' , --pg-.griv 1.-,FAI , .,A,.N,, ANP N ,. 4 MM ' The Spartans played hard to beat Woodrow. 5-4. n Sumrow gets ready for a stnkmg pncljx ! .Anal 55:12 'A .25 V" I' 3.-y J.V. Baseball Win I2 Lose O Qtmiki 'IJ Terry Wacket. Joe Newton. Todd Martin, Kevin Sumrow, Steve Radney, Steve Christian. Johnny Vadalez. Scotty Jones. Clint Lawson. Under Coach Doug Scott, the Junior Varsity Baseball team defeated 12 teams and finished the season with a I2-O record. 7 Track Girls Work Hard for 5th Place ' . 9 . K . ,yy . it 0 0 A K 0 X L 4 . ' f' as-'Q ,t N -. ' y - ,g - - r . we - 1 A N , ,'5,?'4! 5,4 QC . p . is A - " K- iw' ' ' 2 ' ' - .... . 4 ' B e .qi ' l 4 -NN N ' V . vqt,.it.,, 1 I an Q pq. X A t f . Q X 4 L .: 'S' Q ' A , . Q g . ' ft Y 4 ' "g," ' Q .. ' Q, f ffqf.-. fr , , 'S ff , R 1- , 1' .-2.2.35 my gk . f p A , f ' 3 . R, , r 4 Malin?-.fx , . fe ta. i s : . at an -ef t 3 if ' F' " V. ' - i vt- 'if'-' fi: fl. " .. ' f fr ff::Q?y- . ' fs'-" 1- ' . , ei . W 3. A , 4 g.,, , A I K... Y: . K - .W L K' 9- 1 A . :V ,A xki,,,,-... - ' .L . r f- 5 . ..,. ' B K ' . ., ev f "V-fm' w ' Q2-'S' Q 1 H f 0 0 X ' " -1. .A .1 ,. K -- -K-. .fs M .rf 291, k.K. 4, , ...Q - ,gag . -, M A L A . Q J ,Y ' ' g,- .. Fgifw.-5r"375''fad-:?g?'s5f'v'?i,'-.77 ' 'L l f vw- iwvr-S-Tx"V , Q J t'9i':'1 ' i 4. lsr Row: Sherrie Williams, Connie Baylor, Virginia Small, Lisa Pound. 2nd Row: Veronica Davis, Kim Jones, Donna Graham, Cathy Baker. 3rd Row: Janice Davis, Robin Vaughn, Vickie Chism, Sherry Fite, Cissy Brown, Cheryl Buzby. In the District ll-AAAA track meet at Sprague field, the Spartan girls made an impressive showing. The girls finished a disappointing 3rd in the 440 relay. The girls could have finished lst or 2nd, but a mix-up on one of the hand-offs caused a delay. The relay team consisted of Lisa Pound, Donna Graham, Cissy Brown, and Vicki Chism. Pound is the only member of the group graduating. Vicki Chism was the only other Spartan who placed in District. Chism won second place in the 100 yd. dash. The high finish enabled Chism to attend the Regional track meet in Denton. She is the first Sam- uell girl to make it that far. At Denton, Chism placed 4th in her heat. g'There was a great accomplishment this year with the girls' hard efforts and winning ways. I'm looking forward to next year,', said Miss Judy Karlen, coach. ' Judy Karlen Head Coach Kathy Baker Mile Relay 'Wgqqe at Results of District Meet: Qualified 4th in 400 meter relay Vicki Chism placed 2nd in the 100 yard dash to qualify for the finals. In the finals, Vicki Chism placed 4th. i X Mi , A F it , 2' , 5 .- Q :wr-A , 3,k,,,!4 ' W I X A i: lr' . was f r- . r - - S t a w, Q Q u v 4 W 1 l7,p,g-,fg55-:- - 5 ",z -."- 1 -N , . , . uk f 1. 4 Wr,.. " -. . Q ..,h QA , 4 r M A J. K I .. .-.I K .. Y, 5 Wyj,r,',,,Q'i' , 0 I ,gf ,gj'.f7 ' - "J ,V fr , r ' ' " , .. 'fe?iE1E4 .'ff: 3 N41 -1- if-gg' v 1'-"-...-are ' tt L, .xr - 944' H. . Lgrfg Lgfii 'T' 'M ' 2 .7 , S- , w ,+,,'f5f NW J -. ifig, P1434-vkig Q - -L dx-f ' -wt 4. " '5 4- fu f " Tw 79121 :-H '4lTfs.e:i if i.. Q' 'SQ fx, -"ff in f' ' ' '31 .' "1 f , A 'U ff. - I' My ,"' 'vf ' "7 H." -1 t i -X ' f e J ' .""+f,--,V-a at '. s f1'i':'Tid4f?3fI' "f W - --"ffMt ' - X t f- 1 as-,gif tfiiffw- ' ' ' .Z ,pf if . . J .9 V . -5,-, 1, My in Axim- .L .J J . f 'V J.-sne34'51"':,".'7A5:' il ,".I..c K itz A 1 1.-- Connie Baylor Cissy Brown Vickie Chism Janice Davis 800 meter run 400 Meter Dash I00 Yard Dash 80 Yard Dash Hrizii? viii- M 7 WET fi V 1- ' ii ' if ii ii . .5 i s,'GaPf?'1i1f't M g 4 A ll ' Az, A K ,,,-Q. H .Lyttkguh Y Qi-N ' v,, i v 0 7 jr K lbs., K:-:T L in-T ,Q 1 - I Q M fs 1. , A - Y-1 kg , ,. .. . ,wh A T A. H 4i,:?l,v Y.: -L ai, ff' 5? X Jai f -' L ' .- ,-TM 'A V ":Q:'f p 'fi - 4' , - 'Q , Ee-ai'-.':ti1"' 'N-:R Qi: f' ri"'z.:1. ' 'Tl 0 'ef' fi -5 'L -I . t it ,Q H --' , ' 5 r.-",,,M 3:-4. K '. K 14- - In M .. , . 51 ny, 0 f - 0 f 1 . tg: Ei. . 93' ev " ' A ea -- an 1-C 1 f . t. V ik: will 55 ll?-4 l 0 - ' .. - 'Lfsi em-, " te ' iff' a t , Q f M 5 va' . V -in . K - I' 1,3-Ji iaasg 56: - :,b 5 : QW-', J -t A KA 0 3 -it-"iii '- iff" fm: ' ' :QQKQi .dfinyy -in ' ., 5 Veronica Davis Sherry Fite Donna Graham Kim Jones 400 Meter Run High Jump 100 Yard Dash 220 Yard Dash r I i V, ' Q , Y -,jf,5,, ...' I K , Q . L ,, , . .,,,f. of I' K .v V f A fan tx. k ...,N :g.g.l 1, . A H VV Y iE.i3g,3g,vgg5:giJ,1- ,.-., T , ' . a s 1.1 4 . L 0 D Qi- in 48,25 , F I -in at I. an , 4 . I ,- -bw 1, 4-my 1 '- X, .ff sf' f r' ' 1 ' ?".-,-'aj'-- ..3 'Q " .fl to V V r V t r w X ttil a X 3 r A P S S .S S 'wigs gag? 'gt' V L . .A -f A , ,,, 6 K ' 4,2 ,. We A .- - ' 1 .. 'Q -, tt, r S- ' sara S - - . ., e ' 4 ,D ' S - at y i.., t , . 0 S 1. I 'xref - ' . ' 'Q - are 'ffiffe f r -A - was-ee: '-4 ' ,- . N . --w .N t-L, r" It ,J 5, ,,,, '."'f"'f4faa,, , '- 1 N44 ,jg HL' ,Q j f -3 - "' ' y.yF!?6'S f t M112 '- ' ' i gfi tgffl' 1:5 'V ' iiffYfk'1 Y Q is ,Legg-'1' "F ,:5if fe ii - S '..,,5f"i"'2"i Lisa Pound Virginia Small Relay and Field Events 400 Meter Run Robin Vaughn Shot Put Sherrie Williams Mile Relay 210 Track Girls 51h in District Field Events SX Sherry Fite. Vicky Chism. Lisa Pound. Robin Vaughn, Donna Grahm. Mile Relay ,-19" nels- ,- Janice Davis. Virginia Small. Sherry Fire. Veronica Davis l0O Yard Dash Runners 440 Yard Relay ,al Vickie Chism Donna Grahm, Lisa Pound. Veronica Donna Grahm Davis. Cissy Brown 400 Meter Relay ' if I - ...ai f if .ii. WAN A ,-... A ...I i Vickie Chism. Ciss Brown. Donna Grahm, Lisa Pound Y Mile Relay . , .,,. A W ,,. . , .,,.M.,.,.jf,.N 'C'!':-c, T7-W' -M ' L-,,-,.,,, M " W ' Vywjf, 3 ',,,,-' g Vkkrh gwv- , ,.,, Y 1 ,- , "" an WLM 7 my A -- ,,r,, .N ' gf, air-:if --if-f ,,,: lr- W, ...J . I A W ,,', Y.. , H f f it , 5 , s , "' ' V , ' - , .- 'VW' . s, V ,37"Q',' J ' " 1 ' .. ,,g1:mk.w:.:Q15',' A 'hi' 'Z ,N ,921 fe' 'gm-,Q iff", ' V'--"hx ' - A . .3212 214-2? r 4' 'A 'V ' fi. 4 751" .' Q ff J' if - ,...,,.4 , L , ' l . , ..,'r'f4Q" Sherry File. Veronica Davis. Sherrie Williams. Virginia Small Boys Track Shows Improvement lv 1 .,,. P 'iw ab"fMjww:',l',5 1.1214 ""' ,.,.., f 'Mez 4 Top Row: Ronald Horlon. David McGarter, Donald Wilson, Rudy Gomez, Roy Phillips, John Shumaker. David Wil- liams. Row 2: Brian Sweet, Kevin Wilmon. Eddie Lester, William Penn. Donnie Ashton, Clifford Reed, Ronald Horton. Row 3: Mike Woodfin. Darrell Hughes, David Norris, Mark Paschall. Mike Malone. Row 4: Coach Grounds, Randy Davis. Victor Davis. Roy Coffel. Allen Robinson. James Donahue. Coach Thompson. The Spartan Track team had a very successful year. Track District Finalists: Mike Malone, David Norris, Mike Woodfin, Donnie Ashton, Roy Phillips, Darrell Hughes, Rudolph Gomez, and Mark Paschall. Track Regional Finalists: Roy Phillips and Mike Woodfin ' Q A - 1, Donald Wilson. Billy Penn. Clifford Reed. David Williams lk Milers . ft. . it David Norris. Mike Woodfin, Donnie Ashton. Clifford Reed. 2 Mile Relay f 4- A .L Kneeling: David McCarter. Roy Phillips. Rudy Gomez. Darryl Hughes. Standing: Randy Davis. Roy Coffel. Victor Davis, Allen Robinson. James Donahue. Shot Put A efhgnp. K. Jean Metayer. Mike Woodfin. Donnie Ashton. John Shumaker. Milers David Norris. Brian Sweet. Kevin Wilmon. Eddie Laster 440 Run ., nh-.. Standing: Mike Woodfin. Ronald Horton. Clifford Reed. Donnie Ashton. John Shumaker. Kneeling: Jean Metayer. David Williams. Brian Sweet. Distant Runners ...nn lst: Alen Robinson 2nd: Mike Malone, Mark Paschall Discus Throwers Roy Phillips Regional Shm Pm ,.. E Mike Woodfin Regional Miler Dallas held its City Track Meet at Loos Field on Saturday, April l. The Spartans had only three mem- bers who picked up points. The varsity milers, Don Ashton and Mike Woodfin finished well. Ashton placed fifth with a time of 4:25 and Woodfin finished second with a time of 4: 15. Roy Phillips had a shot put throw of 54 feet, 3 inches to take a third place. In the junior varsity, Roy Coffel took fifth place in the shot-put with a 42 feet, 3 inch. David Williams obtained a fifth place in the 800 meter run. Freshman, John Shumaker won the mile. Shu- maker, the city champion in the mile, won this title with a time of 4:40. On April 22, the Regional Track Meet was held in Denton. Mike Woodfin and Roy Phillips earned the right to attend this meet by placing as runner-up in their respective events in the l l-AAAA district track meet. Mike Woodfin ran a 4:36 mile on his way to a fifth place finish. Roy Phillips placed fifth in the meet with a toss of 54 feet, 9 Ma inches. 4 LCYALTY IN CLASSES AND ADMINISTRATIGN , , WY V 216 X Class of l978 . . . Will Never Forget 0 0 0 'ff Q H Kurdika Visit Spartan Effort Bells Are Ringing - Sally Sanderson. Treasurer: Mike Malone. Vice-President: Lisa Kincy. Secretary: Knollis Rose. President. Though the smallest class with 372 students, the Senior Spartans enjoyed a very successful year. They returned to Samuell from summer break excited, anxious, and ready to make the Class of 78 the best ever. They proved to be the most spirited class twice - in the yearbook selling con- test and in the Spirit chain contest. Seniors looked forward to many activities - the prom. the senior assembly. and the all-important graduation day. Spring brought the inevitable "Senioritis" and those unofficial holidays. "Tacky Dayi' and 'fSkip Day." Time passed all too quickly for the seniors. but the seniors of 78 have left a record they can be proud of - a record of Spartan Spirit, intense pride. and unending loyalty. Brenda Aday Lanette Anderson Gordon Avary Donna Beeson Katherine Adkins Stephanie ADClCLX2U it David Baker James Bellah III Craig Alexander Linda Anderton Michael Bambico .Io Beth Bennett l Kim Allen Donny Ashton Kathy Baylor A V3YlQIlC,BlI1gllQiL11 Ti ,W A 'wmv- A ,tt .Nl A Vx? -rx, A 217 Y 7, ,, B Vickie Bird Larry Boruk Tony Botello Belinda Boyd Tracy Blevins Tim Blystone Robert Bodensteiner I 'QL 1 4.44 The Big Spartan Section CBS. Section 785 gets Alun Brookshire Russell Brown Craig Brunson Joleen Boyette John Brasher Chris Breedlove Jon Biryralnn ,, K2 .www 'W Y' l N -Q, ' 1.4 .... ful' 3. Q rss - ' N ' . W Q 'i -x' E 1 'N ' K new '11-BE..-Q6 L fi ' L' - Q B51, ,Aj K ' f K N ' B heir thrills from the Pep Assembly. 219 220 Danny Bryant Pam Bullion Reggie Burchett Penny Burresch Debra Bursey Barbra Bynum Debbie Cain Lisa Carruth 19' T- "Smile," you're on Candid Camera! Brenda Chilcoat Robert Childers Michael Cobbins Charles Collins Mike Causey q f David Chandler Michael Cooper Tynette Cook Alex Cgighrs dig, Raymond Clark J ulie Cosper Debbie Corley 'E-an Carl Tillery devotes his time to the Sentinel. 22 Dwayne Cotton L. D. Covington Pamela Cox Melissa Crook Teresa Cross Kenneth Crouch Eva Cruz John Daniels X fx' F F lK5r..M5'f W. ,wk if CA .fvf ,4 mm., iii: Aunt Belinda wants you! Karen Davenport Cindy Davis Jobitu Delcastillo Donetta Delk Julie Dennie Melanie Derryberry Jewell Dickerson Cathy Diffee Sharon Davis Nenva Day JK '53 evil JY' .D , AT' K ,lf fini-W""' I-i .B i W F - 5:53-lf ' ' Brenda says. "l need Ll Plop Plop. Fizz fizz. fast fxisl '.- 22 A David Dobbs Karen Dunaway Brent Eastep Trey Evans yt Robert Trevino gets excited at the game. Robert Duke JoAnne Dunagun Julie Ewards Cyndi Everett .4219 19 Greg Fieldsr Q ,A Linda Fields Brenda Foster Greg Foster Sam Foster Teena Fountain g Jerry Fox Phillipfrazer 3, A Peggy Flournoy Kathy Ford iff fb 11,,..1i This is the way you do it! QW ,fl ,VX 5 6 Tami French Tim Frosch Laura Furr Debbie Gardner Ginger Gardner Randy Garren Peggy Gibson Mary Gilliam Pam Gilliam Brenda Gober Rudy Gomez James Graham Jennifer Granberry Jana Graves Randy Gray Kenneth Greer 1 1? eff Gregg Annetta Guerra Deborah Guerra Terry Gunn 'Q Hey Jeff. everything wlll be ull right. 'meme N in as X 227 B Kim Harris Mike Harris Paul Harris David Hanes Kyle Hansard Tracy Hare Sherri Harris "This will be the last take. okay Scott?" . ..,. .4 Hobbs SylVla Herrea Kyla Herod Teresa Hlll -. XJ, e sl . X, 1 Y rf Q K 2 O Kathy Hodges Lawrence Hopkins John Hoffman Ronald Horton Beyerly Holloway ,lb Patty Holmes rv We ,ggpnm V 'ii' Knollis Rose does a double take. Jennifer and Peggy put on a "Happy Face!" Sandra Hunt Jessie Hux Damon Howard Douglas Howard Della Hyde Tammy Ingram W E 03Xl5slSFl,!f1.? -l eo, lm 35: 1 Jacie Ramsey waits to perform. Get it on two. three. four. Q gi,-l, 5 W mvgfff: vw, wa... ,,,.,l, James Jackson Teresa Jackson Beverly Jenkins Laura Johnson Brenda Jones Cheryl Jones Dedra Jones Susan Joplin Bo Jurik Charlotte Karlen Lisa Kincy Kimbra Koncak Amber LaMont Sandra Land Yvetta Laster Leigh Ann Lewis sfl "5:'..,fY 'S' Q..-1 l Qt Nu-... l.....,..44 my Lievsay James Lindsey Kenny Loller Karla Long I QM-:s:1:.-I -X--wa, Q' --f K .ge -if Q In Z 1 k.,..,xk:x fyrfiff Si e d I 'Q r -r YS Q. Lisa Pound says. "What's the big idea?" 3, Q44 .Mi 1 .,-Q lx j If 4' C 4 G K Linda Lopez Kim Lowe Larry Long RagQa 1lg Lisa Lyles Jimmy Macaluso Tony Hitt to smlle at the camera Brenda receives T L C from Cyndr WM Andy Macon Marilyn Mageors Laurie Markham Melissa Marley Mike Malone Dan Marder 'lf .-v"""' MQ. Lisa and Laura - "the twojokersf, Wouldn't you say Phyllis and Laura have grown a bit. 235 Louis Martinez Richard Martinez Charlotte McCall Randy McClung 3 ,I K 1 K .4 X .Ioan McCormack Lisa McCuiston Kim McDonald David McGahey Ricky McGaha Cindy Mcllroy Brian Mcliinnie Tony McKnight Sandra McLer0y Sheryl Meche DQQQJXLHMQLYLQ Clffu Marilyn Miller Paula Miller Phillip Miller Cindy Mixon Robbye Mohn .gm-.. Www Q-- l"'i'i"""', 'YQ yyi .i 237 Belinda Molock lQgDMonLgomegy .I9AIL1ll!1yers, QQ E K Anthony Neel Jeff Nelson Nancy Newhouse Dana Newsom 'lfin1othy'NrQhg rlpigh Kathy Moore Mary Moore , f Lisa Pound says, "David. don't call me Smoke!" Nobra David Norris Debbie Odom Randy Oliver Qr Leah Parker Brian Partington Mark Paschall Eddy Pate Audra Payne 'if Lisa Pound and Al Phillips play in the water fountain, A 9 40 Patricia Peterson Jamie Pearson Karen Peel Q Al Phillips vMaorkfPhillipj 'X' Lisa Pound Kay Powell Randy Pride f WON K-mm K M "It's Homecoming. Karen Feliz Kimberly Primm Annette Purdy Sheryl Ramsey Phyllis Read Pam Renegar Jacie Ramsey Scott Riddles Charolet Robinson Klay Rogers Phyllis Reyes Carla Royall Lori Sampsozn MU Linda,Sayndegs Knollis Rose 3-. KS In V iff 5-il 42 Sally Sanderson Rene Schmidth Glen Scoggins QUN 'C5""""P X Julie Scribner The Deaf Cheerleaders plan the next yell for the assembly, -sawn 1 1 ' H id' in Kathy Selzer Steve Shaffer Cindy Simmons Willie Sirls Aracely Sisler Ray Del Sloan James Smeltzer Georgia Smith Susan Shelton Rene Shirley 40'- Q Wi ,.-uv '53 Don, where did ya'll take dancing lessons? E l 24 44 Chana Spainhouer Sharon Spurr Susie Slayden James Smith Sherry Stegall Mitzi Stephens it i at , H. K J E 1, 5. " I i .K ' kvr. , r w i Al! Not in front of the girls' Scott, have a beard next y Donald Stewuqt Pzxulzt Stewart Randy Stratton Peggy Swindle Jessie Stout Shon Stovall What a face!! X M. What ure you lool-img ut Peggy? 245 246 Chris Thomas James Tate Lynn Tate Sharon Taylor Debbie Thomas Phillip Thomas Phyllis Thomas Ja we Q .am 4 Vincent shows off his sexy legs! sg J 1 i Bruce Thompson Kim Thompson Terri Thompson fl Traci Todora Dennis Tramel Robin Trantham Robert5Tr-evigx Larry Trotter Carey Tucker Mike Tuley Karen Turner Kenneth Vaughan Cindy Vick Vincent Vela Greg Vines Debbie Waldroup t --Oilily. tvs Q I ,X I -'vw A YW' ,,,..f--' KJ, 451 H Pi? lg . 5 247 , A8 Mike Wallace James Watson Noela Weldon Ricky Waller Mark Way Teresa Wentz Lois Wheeler Donna Walton Cyndee Watkins David Weber Thomas Welch Vicki Wells 5 Cathy West ElizabetQfVQ1lg Gi, Jeanne White sph-Us new .i Kathy Whitehead Pat Williamson Doug Wilson Derrell Woolventon Patti Wooten Malcom Wynn Ronnie Wood Carla Yandell K F' o i W Q, .tt,iiti . 1'-. ff vw , 'ax Q P f ,.f""'l ex 24 50 Class of 1979 . . . Looking Ahead To Senioritis will Class Favorites Dec n Baker and 2.32.Xggillliaggyyice-President: Mike Trent. President Joni Redf- Kristie Smith The 427juniors at Samuell spent their year supporting the Spartans in many ways. Looking forward to the big Senior year, juniors exhibited Spartan Spirit in the musical, the student council, the J.R.O.T.C., the Starlets, the football team, the Blue Jackets, the band, and the many other clubs and activities. Q 'Z' .J The band shows its spirit through its music. I El ri inf' ws. Robert Adams Tim Allen Sherill Arqhgwr ' . nf r , U Karen Ashton Darrell Babbit Charles Bagley Danny Bailey Dean Baker Sheila Banks Rose Ann Baughmzxn Debbie Baxley 52 Michael Bell Louwella Bellah Michael Benavidez Pam Bene Anthony Blanch Kenneth Bowers Patricia Brewer Edward Brown Joe Brown Milton Brown Jackie Brown ,J K ll- Darrell. water alone isn't enough. you need elbow grease. .Q--. X R ,ef ry. Joni and Becky sing the song. 'KJV' n sw M WMM , , I Billy Burns Cathy Busby Deborah Busch Rene Carlile Cathy Causey James Chatterly Alan Cheshier Mike Childers Cheryl Chism Rodney Christian Kim Clark 25 ,.v -- -VY 254 Tammy Clark Steve Clay Toni Clevenger Evelyn Cobb Jerry Coffman Rhonda Cooper Steve Corder Rusty Corley Brett Cox Edie Cox Cathy Crannell aw ti as tl , kk Q W jx 5. I it x xl . -r . gf 19'-vw J pu- ce OK, Starlets, yell a little louder. I 9-.. lx Lf"1r teh f I KX. Fix 4!"'f1'x, I thought you said this was a basketball game. I .lk iv f . Yi " 'Lv SL 5 4 . f 1 ' s I4 Tammyfray fjl, fe Mary Crook Johnny Cross Valerie Cummings Teresa Cunningham Judy Daniels 7 Steven Dag ifu -5 J Frederick Dean Diane De La Rosa James Delo Judith Delo 255 6 Frank Delgado Denise Derryberry David Diaz Danny Dodson George Donaldson Phillip Donaldson Kelly Duncan Lisa Epps Bret Eubankd R. Joe Fette Donald Fischer --611 Traci, is the book that interesting? ,gf l f X Joni savs. "Aren't ljust a little star?" 'Fin ,Mase FTW if V Sandra Fite Cindy Folmar Tami Ford Douglas Fort Phyllis Foster Stevf: Franklin QaYlSlQag,e DeDe Geddie Ann Gilliam Carla Glaze 257 Robert Glosson Carmen Gomez Donna Gray Kim Green Connie Grice Vickie Gross Robin Guinn Molly Halbert Sherrie Hale Sherry Hall .av- Hev Joni. don't fa 1 X.. Raw A , x Elton Hardy Darrell Hargrove Kenneth Harper Traci Harper David Harvey Mark Haston Judy Henry Robert Hernandez Robert Hicks Charlene Hill 259 Richard Hill Robert Hogan James Hogue Kelly Holder Brenda Hollis Susan Holmes Tina Hubacek Kyle Huddleston Virginia Hughes Lisa Hunsaker Tony Hunter six .xx ' 1' 5, gs V .IG , 1 i JM. ,X mfr Mike says I m so cute' g,...s Larry Jacks Cheryl Jackson Mary Jackson Dwayne Jeffery Craig Jenkins Beverly Jetton Larry Jimenez Brenda Johnson Byron Johnson Byron Johnson Chris Johnson 62 Cynthia Johnson Tonya Johnson Annette Jones it vi N e ee Ntoo is Percell Jones Terri Jones Anthony Joplin Teresa Jordan Jeff Karlen CQHn1CelSQ'5f tt,-QA Nina Key Michelle Knapp f- ' ' I fait' 4 ,MW Q3 The B.S. Section knows we're number I Yolland Latimer L Mike Lawshe Darla Lehew 1 f if 3. . A' . . L ,l Eova Lemons, A 3 Sie ,, ,, ,,, . . . f, . L: , Pl '- Jeff Lewis Mike would do a betterjob if his eyes were open. YK iv- V . . Lisa Lewis Connie Liles Richard Lisenbe 451' 9 nf? Greg Long Julie Long Maria Lopez 26 64 Jeff Lyles Debra Mangrum Evelyn Mardis Russell Martin Tracy Martin Darlene Maxwell Richard McCarter Ja Dona McClendon Margaret McCl3Le Sheryl McCull6ugh Janie McElhaney lil The better side of the Starlets 'C Kelly McEllany William McGee William McKenzie Rhonda McMahan Mike Meredith Joni Mewbourn Cathy Miller Ronald Miller Troy Miller Chris Millsap Luis Molina 66 Kyle Money. Cl ATU Robert Moore Robert Moore Kelly Morgan Billy Morris Cindy Morris Elizabeth Odom Mark Oehlschlaeger Donna Owen U40 Are you kidding, Linda?? in Another Friday, another pep rally. ,pf va w ...S- Sf 2 w :NN Q5 Robert Patterson Darrell Pattillo Ricky Payne Jessie Payton Jeff Peel Billy Penn Russell Perkins Gary Pipkins Ralph Pittman Dan Pool Dean Prescott 267 l Tony Pryor Javier Ramirez Kim Randall Sheila Rowden Deborah Read Joni Redfearn Beth Reed Bruce Reed Slanleye eliivsifogsalfjw David RoB5Son Laurie Roberts PM iiie fi MX Let's drink to that! ln .-,211 X, 'f9,,,,s,,Q- , Is it than bad. Sharon? 3+ Q3 6 S Jerry Robinson Tgna Russell Bill! SQLQQLQ nfl i Bryan Sandlin Randy Sandlin Si4sanoSe1f Cx :X L Carolyn Selmon Melody Shaw Rhonda Shelton Glynn Shfodes 6 Jim Silva 26 Mark Sissom Tonja Sloan Tina Sluder David Smith Kristie Smith Dumont Snow Lisa Spozio John Springfield Brenda Stephens Benny Stone Tammy Stone , ...fx w i ? X -.fx we-:Qs -sm- ?L?rL:v ' ' V :V vs Thomas, give me a lift to the car!" k Ricky Stout Gene Stroman Glenn Taylor Janna Thomas Carrie Tipton Mike Tovar Rhonda Tramel ' F,mmaH14?ltT!CVl!!? AS Mike Trent Gary Upchurch Jeff Wackett 72 Steve Wade Lisa Wallace Daryl Warren Todd Watson Kathy Weihe Tina Welborn Debra Whately Linda White Donnie Whitehead Debbie Wileher Rebecca Williamson Will the real Darrell please stand up? Q, , 7 ax YSL? . Q -' s - sf' fv- I .rw Hey you! 1 SA Beverly Williams Andre Williams Harold Williams Donald Wilson Judith Wilson James Wood La Cheryl Wooten Kelly Wray James Wright Dennis Wynn Becky Zajdl 27 274 Class of l98O . . . Eager cmd Spirited F fi 1 X c Class Officers: Linda Martin. President. and Stacy Brooks. Vice- Sophomore Favorites Pfesidenf- Curt Fryer and Linda Martin The Sophomores were the largest class at Samuell with 512 students. They came back to Samuell, glad that the freshman year was over and eager to prove that they were of varsity quality. The class in the middle has shown itself to be strong, spirited and full of pride. Their first project was to nearly defeat the seniors in the yearbook-selling con- test by selling 45? of their class. Sophomore Spirit almost crushed senior hopes again in the spirit chain contest. The junior varsity teams represented Samuell favorably as did the few sopho- mores who played for the mighty Big Blue. They added much to all Spartan activities. Jerry Abbott Mike Adams Regina Allen Shirley Ashley Pam Bailey Stephen Bain Cheryl Baker Kathy Baker Vance Ballew Kelsie Barr Cathy Beasley Pam Beasley Rhonda Beaver Betsy Bedwell Clarence Bedford Michael Bell Gary Bench Donna Bird Ginger Bird Sterling Blackmon Tina Blaylock Darrell Bluitt Russell Boaz Cathy Boles Connie Boner Lisa Boshears Rhonda Boyett Wanda Bradley Kenny Bradshaw Terri Bradshaw Cray Briggs Stacy Brooks Teresa Brookshire Cissy Brown Melvin Brown Mike Brown Patti Brown Carl Browning Diana Browning Darryl Broxson Stephanie Broxson Clifton Bryant Willie Bryant Terri Buchannon Debbie Bullard Jimmy Bullard Suzanne Burke Ruthie Burnine Stephen Burrow Cheryl Busby Jack Caddell Steve Cain Sharon Carder Tony Carlile Sheryl Carruth Kathy Carter Jana Chambers Lorene Cherry Pat Chisolm Tammy Clark Sharon Cleveland Scott Coley Brian Collins Mike Collins Sherrie Cook What's happening? Q-'Am xv' 'TI-"L'bv Carolyn Cooley Kelly Copeland Lenora Coronado Russell Craker Joseph Cram Christy Crannel Allen Cross Lisa Cully Francis Cushingberry Deanna Currinr ' Sandra Davenport Valerie Davidson Janice Davis Pam Davis Teresa Davis Victor Davis 279 280 Sherri Dawson Ricky DeLaRosa Felistas DelCastillo Louis Delk Janice Delo Sherry Dempsey Laurie Dennie Mark Dennington Patricia Diffee Brian Ditmars Randy Dodd Deborah Dudik David Dunagan Steven Eastep Phillip Elery Tonya Elery Dean Elliott lyi ci iii S ic " K E ggfiiixx 1 Q riff? Yi -i S rs! Class isn'talI that 3 lf --".,: Glen Elliott Kim Elliott Joe Ellis Keith Emberlin Joy Farr Brenda Fette Suzanne Fisher Anna Foster Thomas Fowler Danny Franklin Diane Franklin Tammy Franks Monty Frazier Curt Fryer Regina Gabriel Alice Garcia Jose Garcia Pamela Gaylord Brian Gooding izhemtaiair Tammy Gray Vickey Greer Jayne Gregory Gail Griffis Shari Griggs Kara Grounds Linda Gudino Cynthia Gunn Michael Guthrie Kevin Hagan Ross Hailey Mike Ham Denise Hamilton Jeffrey Hargrove Carol Harkness Linda Harris Robert Harris ,pn-v ni--Q fi C7 -we Ill: sv U1 .-...N . J 3 R' it ' 7 L.-....., Jeane Harrison Melody Harrison Donald Hawkins Gena Hawking Maryann Hawkinzs Robin'Hawkins Dana Henderson Robin Hendryx Frances Hernandez Isabel Hernandez . Karen Hernandez Kathy Hicks Margie Higgins Charles Hill Michael Hines Holly Hogue Chester Holloway Marsha Houston Anne Howdeshell Ronnie Hudson 4 Lisa Hughes Connie Hux Steve Ingram Mark Jacobs Ruth Ann Jacobs Velma Jacobs Mickey Jefferson David Jenkins Sharon Jenkins Jeffery Jetton Bobby Jock Alisa Johnson Brenda Johnson Francine Johnson Michael Johnson Darryl Jordan Gina Jurik 'X Open Wide! Blue Jackets .QPNN 2 . f 'ta Qu. Q 1 'QC' "4 , y shows her spirit off the field ,-pf' K Anne Keahey Lori Keahey Virginia Kennedy Michael Kent Alberto Kerbow Jimmy Kokotkiewioz Diane Kovacs Tony Key Lanae Lackey Velda Lackey Karla Lamb Barbara Langley Byron Leffingwell Kyle Lester Kristi Lewis Sherry Lightfoot Gary Litton Sheri Long Bonner Lovern Renice Mackey Janet Maddox Joyce Maddox Melanie Mannon Linda Martin Linda Mattix David Maurry Teresa McClendon Thomas McDonald Liz McGuffey Kevin McKinney Tony Meza Kayla Milam Peggy Milliman te-H K J Sheila Miles W Carlhflifgis dl ei Brian Mitchell Jimmy Moffett Greg Money Charles Montgomery Debbie Moore Debby Moore Gary Moore Harold Moore Nelda Moore Randy Moore Sherri Moore Sherrie Moore Laurie Moreland P C0lleerMoreno ggi? '--- A -W Me: Gee-puff ll Rhonda Morris Martha Motyka David Mullino Chris Neely 287 Annette Nerla Jeannette Neria Henry Newsome D'Ann Nichols Donna Nix .lLLl1,3,QlS.k2Qj Ricky Owen Earl Gwens Bill Padgett Laura Page Jennifer Parks Scott Paschall Danny Penland Robert Perry Randoll Perthuis Kenny Pettijohn Debbie Pierce Bills 4677 .my :CW- 5 0 l Qi 'N -Q. . .,,--. ., , , 5 f 2' ,M ut I' 'WV i Jinx Pitts Stephen Pogue Robert Polk Tina Pollard Charles Poss George Pound Judy Powell Marcus Powell Marsha Price Monty Price Curtis Ramey Cheri Randall Neall RQQQX Thomas Raschall Kristi Rawlins Kristy Rawlins Clifford Reed Carolyn Reynolds Ronnie Reynolds Vickie Reynolds Cathy Rhea Robert Rhodes Felecia Ridge Lee Ann Riggs John Rodriguez Ceandea Roberson Deirdre Roberts Karen Rodgers Mark Robertson Sheri Russell Jeffery Sands Susan Sapundjieff Gary Satterwhite Karen Saucier Lysa Scoggins Paul Scott Shelly Scott Davis Scribner Janna Selmon Morgana Shaw Shelly Simons Freddie Sherrow Shawn Shreves Robert Sill Earnest Sirls Elmer Sloan Pamela Sloan Virginia Small . V Marsha Smith S fi Phillip Smith Rhonda Smith Russell Smith Tammy Smith Vola Smith Sandra Sneed Debbie Starrett Steven Sherrell Gail Stewart Chris Stitham Charles Stratton .lessy Stringer Brian Sweet Linda Seindle Vanessa Taff Sheri Tatum Olga Tavera Kelly Taylor Albert Thomas Kenneth Thomas Frieda Thompson Susan Thomas Barbara Thornton Elaine Tilton Cathy Todora Julie Trantham Sandra Trejo Lloyd Tuley H. K,-, ' s wr- ii www iele gl .W I S Tl M' fi' ' ,sv :YH TC-wliiy Sherman Tyler lfglricia Underminkql Tammie Utly David Vandeventer Deborah Vaughan Sandra Vinkler Robert Waldroup Brad Walker Edwin Walker Greg Walker Miehaeljlyallveg KV! Sfevenkwanderscheid ll L Regina Wzarrie Saprina Watkins Don Welch I Mayhew White Timdthy Willard ,QX 94 David Williams Lisa Williams Michael Williams Scotty Willingham Glen Wilson Richard Wood Carol Woolbright Diane Wooten Darlene Word Teresa Worden Ladonna Wright Eric Wynn Yolanda Young Linda Zieseniss t 'lj Y... You ought to see the other girl. 9-'11 .-1 Class of 1981 . . . Bright cmd Talented Freshman Favorites Todd Martin and Holly Maxey The freshman class, numbering 505, is the newest group at Samuell. The "Baby Blues" had much adjusting to do in makingthe change from mid- dle school to high school. They also had to endure the traditional hazing - the "Freshman jokesf' one-liners, and the never-ending questions about elevator tickets. But through all the joking, the freshmen emerged as a bright, talented addition to Samuell. They gave us Freshman Follies and the Easter Assembly. Their ath- letes represented Samuell favorably and the freshmen also participated in many clubs and activities. Top Row: Crystal Aaron Michael Adams Lori Akin Roger Allison Row 2: Juan Amador AlicigArenas Ct-Q Patti Aiiiy Kathy Bailey Row 3: Lillie Baker Danny Ballard Lance Ballew Susan Ballew Row 4: Doug Bankston Lisa Barger Greg Barnhart Tracy Barry Richard Barton Row 5: Connie Baylor Phillip Baugh 535211 di? Anna Beard Terry Beasley Top Row: Brian Bedford Larry Bench Alan Bene Anthony Bennett Row2.' Cynthia Bennett David Bentley Penny Bird Rachel Bird Row 3: Thomas Bittle Daniel Black Travis Black Wesley Black Row 4: William Black Paula Bledsoe Jennifer Blevins Randall Boose Nyolka Booth Row 5: Andrea Brantly Kimberly Brewer Kerry Bridges Lisa Brummett Lauren Bryant 98 Top R mix' Michelle Burke Laurie Burresch Tammy Bursey Fred Burton Ron' 25 Robert Callen Clifton Campbell Chris Canada Marilyn Carder Run- 3: Sharon Carder Brian Carney Aremi Carranza Robert Carrol Alvin Carter Row 4: Shellie Cawthon Billy Chambers Eddie Chambers Gerald Chambers Sheila Chambers Ron' 5X Cindy Chancellor Edward Chatterly Paula Chealwood John Childress Vickie Chism 'YW' 'S X We eng :llvqv Top Row: Steven Christian Jacquelin Clayhourn Donna Clayton Joe Coates Row 2: Johnny Cobler Karen Coffman Greg Cohen Christopher Cole Row 33 Dawne Cook Steve Cook Steve Cook Connie Couch Britton Coulston Row 4: Alvin Cox Laura Crosley Kelly Daniel Dayleen Davis Rene Delk Raw 5: A Randy Qickerson Beverly Dollgener Tina Dorn John Douthit Sherry Dozier .tu-f' Nhat 300 .f-we Q Top Row: Leslie Duckett Brenda Dupree RiraQAEe1Q NR, Herby Ellis X Grover Elrod Row jf Reagan Eskridge Q5 Teresa Ewers Thomas Falgout Cathy Farley Vickie Ferguson Ron' 1' Sherly Fite Yness Flores Clistie Flowers Darla Flowers Raw 4: Gregory Flowers Rosalyn Ford James Foster Kathy Foster Rim' 55 Robert Fowler Micheal Foyld Anita Frazielld Freeman N sk if t ' Y.. .4 W 31' i 401-M Top Row: Lorrelia Freeman Donna Gatewood Alisha Gayler George Geiger Cindy Germany Row 2: Wayne Gibson Steven Gilbreath Jeff Gill Ronald Gillam Danny Gillespie Row 3: Beth Gilliam Willie Gloria Gladis Glosson Sheri Goodman Row 4: Darla Goss .leffGranberry Larry Grandberry Angela Green Row 5: Monte Green Paul Green Brenda Greenhaw Tina Grimmet 02 Tap Row: Tammy Grice Estella Gudino Rebecca Guinn Kenneth Gunstanson Row 2: Kenneth Guthrie Kenneth Guthrie Teresa Haddock Sandra Hall Row 3: Debra Hamby Lori Harrison Randa Hawkins Wilma Hays Ronnie Helms Row 4: Becky Henderson Michael Herd Karen Hernandez Psyche Herod James Hinton Row 53 A ,nsavidholcomb alt Te'rriHomindsworth Beverly Hollingsworth Lisa Hooker l 'Q 1' Jana Hopkins 'W Ji a ..- ,eg 'Fx ug. Y: ,gy ff, ffi ff' 4? 8 ,ffm in tt t 5' 45.--C 'wg' r xi 'Q""'v -4-.1 Top Row: Rohin Hubbard James Hughes Aubrey Hutchins Tina Jackson Row 2: Craig Johnson Kevin Johnson Laurie Johnson Mike Johnson Row 3: David Jones Kim Jones Linda Jones Marcia Keasler lQ,QLKLQlli1m K Row 4: U Brenda Kelly Janice Kerry Twyla Key Anthony King Cathy Kinman Row 5: David Kuykendall Shelly Kuykendall Felecia Lane Clint Lawson Tonteann Lenz 4- i f"" C yyS t f in J' X 30 04 Top Row: Mitchell Lewis Doug Ligon Glendon Lindsey Elvis Long Row 2: Bill Lumley Robert Lyles Letitia Lynch Jimmy Marin Raw 3: Sylvia Marshall Todd Martin Julian Martinez Rebecca Martinez Row 4.' Mary Maston Melonie Mathis Amy Matthews Holly Maxey Patti McBlain Row 5: William McCommon Alaina McCoy Nelda McGahey Tami McGowen Debra McGuire 9' .HSL MQ' .lg-an-. :Nw cf? Q29 N. . I,-, Top Raw: Jeffery Mclaugliin John McNiel Jeffery McQueen Norman Meche Rmi'2.' Lisa Meister Michell Mills f5MBmLM1Qli fit,- Linda Milam J Rmi',?g Alan Miller Kim Miller Pamela Mitchell Ray Mitchell Row 4: Jacky Moffett Anna Mojica Gina Monroe Rebecca Moreland Tina Morgan Raw 5: Patricia Morris Robert Morrow Roger Moser John Mullino April Murley J 305 PN Top Row: Phyllis Murle Q Vinint Neill? Joe Newton Fredrick Oliver Row 2: Kelly Oliver Richard Oringderf Tammy Page Robin Parkin Row 3: Margret Parks Brett Paschall Danny Pate Steve Pate Mylena Patt Row 4: Greg Pattillo Patrick Pearson Jay Penn Brenda Perkins Steve Perkins Row 5: Thomas Pierce Karen Pinkham Larry Pinson Pam Powell Bobbie Prestridge 48: f af? XR f,..,,....f 'O YL? in N-..... is- "-lt-. A Q,f,.:....l l s f wen gghns. Trip Run? .lolinginnii Prince Slcxc Pullcn SNNC Raidncy Slicilzi Rzigzin Run' gf Avii Riikcstriixx Augustin Rximiicl Bridgclt Randle Briain Rxiwlins Row jg Virginiii Rayburn Kenneth Record Robert Redmond Susiin Reed BL1,flBlKiR6CSg Q1 Rrm'-1.' Adrian Rcynoso Travis Rhodes Johnny Richardson Billie Riggs Dun Rozich Rl2!t',i.' Bennie Roberts Kim Roberts Allen Robinson Jerome Robison David Roc X. i V ,r f "'- R 1 R ix l ff i . so ,u 1 N.. A -i Q ,. , 4- KLI: gis t ,M . , L "' 9 X 307 O8 Top Row: Thomas Robison Janice Ross X M Patriceiqzslw dig! lTeti?Riissell Zena Ruzicka Ron' 25 Alfonso Sztmano Gordon Sanders Bobby Sandlin Stephen Sapundjieff Cindy Surratt Raw JJ Javier Saucedo Nolan Scott Lolona Scott Donna Selby Row 4.' Patricia Self Maggie Sherrow Greg Shiplett Paul Shuffield Row 55 John Shumaker Cindy Simons Stacy Sims -Q Top Raw: Erick Skaer Gretchen Skaer Charles Skinner Peggy Slaughter Pam Slayden Ram' Qi Diane Smith Teri Smith Lisa Solomon Sherry Sontany David Sprague Ram' 3: Jerry Sparlini Qt Denise Sbfngs ' ' W A' Stevie Stafford Wallace Starrett Row 4: MMIQLQMSLQQ A fi, Leah Stein 0 Byron Stewart Ruth Stewart Run' 5: Tommy Strange Joe Sullivan Jeffery Sweat Cindy Taggers 19' -vga... ff' rex x. , MTN? Top Raw: Tunisunia Taylor Ann Teel Cecil Tenney Kilena Tierney Marcella Traphagan Row 2: Diane Trent Mike Utley Maria Valladarez Pamela Vandeventer Jess Vanhorn Row 3: Qarlancioalggz -1 Andre Vinson Tammie Wade Roy Waldon Eric Walker Row 4.' Mavis Walker Melanie Walker Mike Wallace Tim Wallace Row 5: Mark Ward Paula Ward Shannon Ware Chris Warren 'RS-wus Nix -at-'V Roth, , 1 lv -his qu 4' if 'haw wir. 7.lIlI RIl5l'.' Rickie Washington RUhCI'lNNLlNi1lIlglOI1 .loc VVL1tlington Iftinesszi Wtilson Rim' jf Lcslyn VVells Thcrcsxt Wclntick Rttntiull VVhitttkci' Katrcn Whitlock Rim 35 Katrcn Whitloukh L KCI!! tit lfiii NVi lui? Pain Willutinx Vittt Wiiillillilx RI1M'4,' Terri Wilkins Kathy Willis Kevin Willnion Buck Wilson ,- Iggmclg Njlgyn Rtni'?f!Af v Lori Wood Susan Wood Jerruld Woodruff Tttwnzt Wooten W F bsszcggjjfgglit fi gg ...uv-M 1 ,ii I It 1 1' Q Administrotion Foculty cincl Stott What does it take to be a teacher? Courage? Yes. and stamina. But the role of an educator can only be played by someone with wide knowledge. compas- sion. patience. and a sincere interest in students. The teachers. counselors. and administration of W. W. Samuell deserve the highest praise for their hard work and dedication to the school. We have benefited much front their efforts. During the 1977-78 school year. you have accom- plished much that will not be forgotten. The National Cherry Blossom Festival. the Southern Association Ten-year Evaluation. and the Simas Kudirka visit are all outstanding events. Any one of the three could have made a year successf ul. To accomplish all in one year is outstanding. You have set high standards for the future. . You. I978 Seniors. as you leave the school to con- tinue on your journey through life. must remember the things we said to you as you entered the tenth grade: You are Spartans now. and you will be Spartans forevermore. Your years here are in "preparation T for service." We are proud of you and will remember you as the years pass. Those of us left will continue the pride and traditions you have passed on to us. God bless each of you as you strive to find your place in society. Q , - it Stoltcs ons s spiri at aitassuu 3 .1 4-. i ...z.L.r....i.. l.....ll..ll..L..- Mr. Stokes introduced the speaker at a senior assembly. NIR. WAYNE N lil Dcatn of Instruction NIS. RLBA C'OS'l Assixttiiit Principal Student Activities f cft tni I , ,gi ga, NIR, III XRY SKI! I II Xwixttnit l'rnicipaul Studcnt MIiiiiiiixti':tti--ii NIR. .-'klX7l.I U Y-XXI I .-Xsxixtttltt I'rincipaiI Studcnt Pcrwnncl .pvc 4 l l i School Board 1 l Members of the D.l.S.D. School Board: B President: Bill C. Hunter f Vice-President: Sarah Haskins Board of Education: Kathlyn Gilliam, Robert Medrano t Brad Lapsley Jill Foster Harryette Ehrhardt . Robert L. Price J Gerald M. Stanglin P.T.A. . Dr. Nolon Esfesi 4 l I i I Superintendenh V Mr. Julius Vaissailo President P.T.A. SL'llll'll.' Mrs. R. CI Vickers. Mrs. Ann Phillips. M rs. Mary Pllllxllillll, Mrs. .luck Key. Ms. l.lndu l'cre1.iind Mrs. Lindam Chism. .S'lumlu1g: Mrs. Ann Moore. Mr. Robert Stokes. Mrs. BCIIQ Ciihson. Mrs. Nilzi Jones. Mrs. Belly Bennett. Mrs. Tommy Townsend. Mrs. Caroline Yzmdell. Ms. Dorolhy Williams. MTS.NOYlllWllllll4ll1.ill1Ll Mr. .Iulius Vzissullo. Mrs. Luuru Kelly: Sopho- more Advisor. Counscls P' Z N1s,C'urol5n I-ullon: Head l.1hrzlr1an N1rs. lommy 'l ownsend: N1s..lean N'1nnmg:.lr,Adxr- Prexhmun Advixor. foun- Nor. Counsels A-G xelx .-X-Z , - N1x. Dee Cudellz School Nh. N1ury llzmknmi Nurse Attendance Office Regul- rar N1x, Mm fvllghlllll Dieu- Nix Inel N1.ll'wI'lllHI Counxe- cmn lorx 1 'lerk N4x,N'nrun1mC'ohh: l.lhrz1rx Nh. Brendan Bram ley: 'N1N.PillNl,I'L'lIlll N1a1Ih Clerk 5 A NIIFNLUN -Nldc Nh, Dorothy Wnllmnnz Sr. Advisor. Counsels H-U Nh. Belly Nbhol. l,IhfLll'N Plerk 5 NII. I Imrlux llxlcr I'w- NIx. I .1ux'.nI'clu11 U NIx.NI.1I'NII.1ILIXNCII. NIV. I..nrry I'Iurcx: Yuen- N1x. Kim Kucplwi I.c4uI guru I .1u1Ill.u-rl' Im Ik-.II 1'--unxcl-n'x Clcrlx l'ounxclur'x Clcrk Imnul :NKIVIUNIIIICIII four- Icuchcr Deaf Iiduculion I rI11c.mr-11 KIIIILIIUI' Nlx. Il.nIrm-4 .mxur NIx Ix.m-ni .-hh. NUI II. NUI II 5p.-rrxur I IIQIINII NIr. Ircd Iuggxni N1x. Nun Ilaxrgux: PUD Cruflx. .Icxwlry Geography. Career Izxpo NIIIUII NIx.IlcIvI11uIIcm'x. NIS. II.nnc Pcnnx. Ilnx- NIN.I..llIl'lCSlllIxIl1Nf Nlr. licnruc I.nIIcl: Phu- Nix. Izllcn N41mIcr'xIlcc Rcauimg I I--ry. Cicogrxnplly, Vnrcx. IIIIQIINII IUQIYIPIINI. IimIugN. Nflzxllm. Bull i'hulr.CiulI:1r POI! IIc4nIlI1.UmcI1x11g Stuff Dmcr Iznl. Ms. Barbara Young: Ms. Ann Zhrfeld: Mr. Jesse Aldridge: Ms. Donna Allisonez Mr. Jimmy Chaney: Homemaking Math Interpreter Interpreter Deaf Tea1el1er's Aide Ms. Betty Dykstra: Ms. Cricket Elliot: Interpreter Interpreter Mr. Jim Fisher: Mr. Bobby Guunzt: Interpreter Interpreter Nlr. Dennis Ilurnish: Mr. Duvitl Robertson: Ms. Melissa Warren: Ms. Kuren Withrow: Ms. Mary Vines: Science Interpreter Interpreter Interpreter Interpreter Mr. Iommy Carroll: Att. Drama. 'lhexpian Sponxor Mr. litituh -Xrnold: Band Mx, I,Iaine Spearman: -Xrt Mr. Bill Wartes: Band I Jcplwl lead - g v ' lL'lIL'L' NN . 5 if ti if Mr, Clementx Crook: Con- Mr. Jeff Morrow: Choir cert Choir. Jestcrs! Mr. Arnold gives the hand a hoost before the Parade of Champi- ons, N1r Kart' ll 'aided new 'irt tilenl ' Q TVl5.X1ary Bob: Iyping Mr. Ben Rice: Bookkecp- Ms. Velma Scott: Short- Ms. Nan Speck: Typing. Ms. .lanet Thomasi Typ- ing Department Head hand. 'lj ping Gen. Business ing Ms. Jolene Aicklen: VOE. Mr. Bill Day: Distributive Ms. Eva Griffin: HECE. Ms. Betty Hawkins: VOE OEA sponsor I Education. DECA spon' HERO sponsor OEA sponsor SOI' Mr. Charles McRae: Mr. Melvin Weiz: ICT. CVAE "Spartan Effort" Chair- man 1 Mr. RobertGreen: Mr. Ed Hervey: Outdoor Study Center Education. PE, Woods Sgt. Leroy Heckniun: Col. Louis Wittkower: ROTC ROTC and Water sponsor 20 NIx, .lcxwl -Ndauri I IIQIINII. NIx. I,IllLI1l -Ndaunxi Izng- Nix. I.Iyxc .-NII1nghl: I ng- NIx. IICIIN Bell: I IIgIINII NIV. I nrry Hull: I.ngI .IL Red Vmxx xponxor Ixxh, C'I1ccrIcauIc1' xpunxur, Ilxh. Spzmixh. Blum .lalclxcl Sr. I'uIw xponxm' xpnnxur,Scn1ur I'uIw xpun- NQII fri NIx. Peggy Iiraldunj I ng- NIx N1.ux I . C'l'4nxxI.-III. NIx I.1lI1xl'.1xcx'5ll1IIcnI Ilxh. SpucL'I1. SpccuI1 Inur- I IIQLIINII Ic.1cI1cl' III I nglnxh. IInx- Illllll'-'Ill lury Ind and 3rd LllI.ll'lCl' xpcIImg. J 1910 L NIx I-ml1xuIlIIxI1.1Iv.'x-'llc-'I In-I Ill.IIIN xullx xlNL'n'xIIx'x,,.ll llnul IlIkxIIII.lx IMIIIX NIx. I.xccII iimggx: Spun- NIx.,lcxxc Ilqnlli I IIQIINII N1x4 I mn Ilcurni I ngluxh lNI1.SPLllllNI'Ic'IlII"l xponxur Iulcnl in l'spu11'nl1g lI1xIl'lll1lCl1lx. Nix. .-Nd.u1' Icclurcx un Ingllxll QIXIIIIIII II I NIV. XKIIIIICN lx nut only .I glkfill xIll'L'L'IUI'. I7lll In Q x ll en N ux IX 1. Nh Peggy Pulleni Nh Gayle Rhodes: N1x,l-.ddye SI.1H'nrd Rewurce Rtldlllg I l15:Ilxl1.Sp4ll1lxl1 lzngluh Nix. Dun Yernol: Nix. Nhlfljv Walker: Nh. Tvinrmn Ward: lzng- Reaullng Resource l nghxh lush. Journfulmn. Newspa- per and Nenrhuuk spun- sl'l L Xl lhel l1llNIn1.nsp.nlx hmhm' puwenlx pr-mul In he 1 I.-1.-lhlnt.-I Iheiuullx N1x,.lnne VN hllvi N1N.x'lXlLlIlwyll5t5I!I Ms. Susan Wolfe: lzngllsh Department He.nd I nghsh linglish Mr' Don Boham Tflgw Mr. James Buffins: FOM. Ms. Margaret Hubbell: Ms. Florence Pipkins: Mr. Bob Svbert: Geom.. Algw NM- HOU- SOC- Al em Geometr' FOM FoM 'inter Al Foivi Com Minh Foivi cwif sponsor. Bmwl'n T' g 5' ' " ' g" ' , pl , , V, , ' M andc-lub spimsfjrg edm teamfoanhing Staff I Mr. Johnny Watkins: Ms. Dorothy Williams: Mr. Johnny Wilson: Alg. Mr. Bill Young: Geom.. Mr. Steve Adcock: lndus- lnter.Alg.Il.FOM. lnter.Alg..Alg, llA LFOMI FOM ll. Dept. Head. trial Crafts. Ind. Arts Swim Team Coach. Staff Club sponsor l 5P0n50f SPOUSUV Arts Club sponsor - Singing Christmas Carols is another talent of our principals. The faculty is talenictl in the nrt of liaintl bells too. 3 Vis. Ann Brown: Biology Mr. .loc fhuppclli Physl- 'V1r..lul11csIJ4ms: Iilology N111 Ilcnnxs I'lI'lCIxjI Biol- Nlr, QIIILIFIIC Cox, -Xin 0 ca1lScicncc ogy. Icnnix I'cannCoucl1- History. Ilc.xIlh. IPI U mg Stuff fouching Stull' if .Ima - Wx. Carla I-'nhcxz PI-.. Mrliurx .la1fl11:lIculll1II. N111 Pcxc lnwlcm: Health Mr. Melxrn Peterson: PIL. Mr, Brllx Russell: IIL-41 'DriIlSl:1rlelspomor Concl1n1gSluff I. Coaching Stuff Coaching Stuff I. Health ll. Ilczul Ckuulx Ckunching Stuff l, Mr. Doug Scollz World N1s4Cixwl1Sxulllor1: Grrlx Mr. R, W. Ihompson: IIN.. Ilcullh. fIULICI1lIIg I'.I1. I,.II,.c1U1lCI1ll'lg Stuff Stull' F Q I 5' g 1 Xlx I .xhcy loan- lhc drrll lor c.ulx nrornung pmrmc. Xl- N1.unnw g1wxll1c,l,N xolIcxlmIlIc.1ln.lpcpmlk 4 Ms. Vanessa Baker: Spe- Ms. Betty Bennett: Spe- Mr. George Blair: Special Ms. Andrea Hillburn: Ms. Beverly Pouucy: Spe- cial Education cial Education Aide Education Special Education cial Education Ms. Dolores Shavers: Ms. Sharon Urrichio: Mr. James Vassalo: Spe- Mr. DavidGrounds: Biol- Ms. Ernestine Mask: Special Education Special Education cial Education ogy, Coaching Staff Physical Science Mr. H. A. Nicholson: Ms. Beverly 0'Pry: Physi- Mr. Carl Wallace: Biol- Chemistry, Physics cal Science, Chapel spon- ogy, Health Dept. Head sor Ms. Baker, Ms. Hilburn, Ms. Sanders, and Ms. Pouncy take time outto pose for the photographer. Vlx Uilll lldlnlllvlli AHL N15-M1'SS'C-l'l'WNi IUN- N111 cAl1illlllL'L'N Kms: N1l'.RlCl1llfklKlll'llIc.lN- Nh. Rom N111rl111c1: llisl.. l.a1l111. l.illlIl flub HN-A f'lNl1QN-'5l1k'Q-K-mlm World in-l1gra1pl1N. lu. IKNHA111. ll1x1..Wnrld World lllsl.. W. Gang.. spm111sor lfslrlir-ulw 5l""l'n5 U C'ua1ch111g Stuff l1lNl. C'ua1ch1ngS111fl N 1 Nt Nf1s..lu11111la1 Rccrlz World N11'.NN.1y11cRol'v11clI: A111. N111 Arxcl Slllllll. fX111. Nh. Sl1ll'lCCIl Sllllllii N111 Blll SICNCIINUIII QUIK- llnl.. lfrcnch. l"rc11cl1 ll1x1,. Dcpl. llcud. Kuy ll1x1..C'o11cl1111g Stull' Wnrlrl llINl.. W, Cicng.. wx. Bus, l.1111, .-X111. llm.. fluh sponsor i'l11hSpo11wr l.1fc l cz1dcrsl11pxpo11snr POD Nh,l.dw11141W.1ll.1cc:111- N1s. .loycc N1'111Nlru11g: N1s. .IQ111 Bov1111.111: llnmc Nlx. Sl1CllLl l'.1a111s: llo111c N1s. l.lllklil l'crc1i Ilomc lcs. POD. Stu. fltillll.. Siu. llo111c lzc. I and l'a11111l1 l.INlllg1 lac. l. l'll.-N xpn11wr lzc. ll. l"llfN Npurmvr fltillll. xp1111wr N1r. Kurll was unc ol' lhc 111.1111 lC.lCl1Cl'N who Cll4lUNCtl .1ll1lcI1c N11, K .11111ll .lllkl N11. Slllllll took .1dx.111141gc 171- lhc 1'cfrcsl1111c111s .11 C1Cl'lIs. ll1c l'l11'1N1111.1s party. Ms. Kathleen Smith: Ms. Jane 'I rollinger: Ms. Veda Wright: Ms. Joy Daniels: Ms. Charlene Clanton Study Hall Math!Science Tutor Study Hull Principal's Secretary PrincipaI's Secretary Ms. Joyce Feuerhacker: Ms. Gwen Hughes: Ms. Tommy Mack: Ms. Johnnie Patterson: Ms. Lois Wright: Principals Secretary Principals Secretary Attendance Office Attendance Office Attendance Office Ms. Miriam Hangs: Ms. Lee Clayton: Ms. Lavina Morgan: Ms. Stella Harhert: Ms. Joyce Sanders: Deaf hd. Resource Workroom Workroom Aide Aide 'l cacher Lunchroom cmd Custodian Staffs The task of maintaining a school building is not an dents, and no matter how late students left the build- easy one. The custodians at Samuell did their job ing, the next day the school was clean and ready for a well. new day's work. They always managed to have a smile for the stu- ? X P M... Row 1: Cecil Glover, Willie Gain, Mary Acy, Rosie Patterson, Alvin Johnson, Ernest Coley. Row 2: Henry Anthony. Robert Upchurch, Gweneria Latimar, Austin Vent, Ben Irby. Loyd Bryant, John Williams. Day after day, three times a day, the ladies in white aration and in serving their courtesy toward the many did a remarkable job in the lunchroom, both in prep- students they must feed will always be appreciated. Row 1: Lillie Goolsby, Gladys Ray, Mavis Dodson, Jo Carleton, Paula DeMoss, Hazel Jordon. A Row 2: Willer Dean Ritter, Gene Barber, Nita Earls, Martha King, Novalean Cartwright, Alva Coughlin - Dietician, Helen Domingueze, LaVonne Reames, Nell Bryant, Ruth Ryan, Lorene Warren. 32 7 gx :r i E ., E i Q 13 fs -2 -1 5 328 PRIDE IN PLEASANT GROVE l l O "PIescmT Grove is my hometown, In early October a Dallas Times Herald staff writer. Robert T. Garrett. wrote an article which angered many resident "Grovites." They felt that it depicted Pleasant Grove as a run-down area where Sat- urday night brawls and trashy dives were dominant. Many felt that Mr. Garrett failed to recognize the spirit of closeness in Pleasant Grove or the strong traditions which have bound its people together through the years. Landmarks in the Grove have changed with the genera- tions. At Lake June Rd. and Buckner Blvd.. where many Spartans' parents attended Pleasant Grove High School, there now stands a supermar- ket and a restaurant. The once open field at Bruton R. and Buckner Blvd. is now a large shopping center. The Pleasant Grove Bobcats "cruised" down Buckner in a variety of cars. The "in" places were the Pleasant Grove Phar- macy and the Pig Stand. Sam- uell Spartans were no differ- ent. and the scene had changed but little - cars were updated and there were many more "hangouts" from which to choose. Burger places seemed domi- nant in popularity, and Friday and Saturday nights never found the Buckner Blvd. McDonalds empty. For a change of taste. many Spar- tans spent their dates at Taco Inn. Pizza Inn, Pizza Hut, and Kip's Restaurants proved to be the hot spots for after football game activities. The abandoned. pot-holed parking lot of the old Spartan Atlantic store provided a meeting ground - a place to pull out of the never-ending stream of cars. The Pride of the Spartans. , QSEPL ' QIOOZLE: ' 425 gb A popular hangout for "Grovites." ,E .. . Students pose with Dr. Samuell. The Pleasant Grove recreation pool. Th e Friday night gang at McDonalds mciller how much they put if down ,HWY 1 . A familiar scene to Spartan drivers. A familiar passage - the main hallway, ,, .X ..,.. Pleasant Grove shopping center. Chaos f rememhrances ofthe hund's hard work! The Grove Marketplace. 331 "Oh, no. Pleasant Oaks Recreation Cen- ter Gym was a place for athletes to work together when school hours were over. The pool at the "rec" was a popular get-together spot for summer days. But whether Spartans were Hcruisingf' swimming. eating pizza or hamburgers, they were together. The friendly spirit that held them together was strong - strong enough to withstand even the arrows of Robert T. Garrett and the Dallas Times Herald. "Just south of Highland Park, 3 miles from Mesquite There's a passel of people that you would like to meet. And there people you will find, in a town one of its kind. When you get there you can call it Pleasant Grove. Well, they call us "Grove Rats" but that don't bother me You can lock me up in the Grove and throw away the key. It'sjust as good as the best and better than the rest, I wouldn't live any place but the Grove. Pleasant Grove is my home town, no matter how much they put it down. Oh, no. . .you can't take me from the Grove." ffrom "Pleasant Grove" written by Kyle Moneyj ou cc1n'T Take me from The Grove" n Buckner Blvd. was a POP ular pasttlme. Can I stop who? , , h1 f ,, - -' f E KQ ,j iixws uawEA'Q?Ng 1' YI Class-cutters can be foun Q1 A ,.....f4-qua' The lail mmule rush for license lugs. A Short nut to class. n dh CFC. ...QQ L1 .- SPIRIT IN ADVERTISING SYMNS FLOWER SHOP 8230 Lake June Road Let Flowers Express Your Thoughts Commercial and Personal Design Consulting for Weddings and Funeral Work :A Ol DALLAS EAST REALTY 8326 Lake June Road TOM AND PAULINE SYMNS Office 391-ll3l Owners Home 388-3377 391-0944 - 391 0894 SARAH L. SIEGEL A. C. POE Electrical Plumbing Garden Supplies GROOM 81 SON aailfadce JOYCE SHIPLETT REAL ESTATE 334 Pleasant Grove Mall HARDWARE KEN WARD, owner C Q t Offering Personalized Service 8204 Lake June Road Dallas. Texas 391-4137 HWE CAREIH Lawn-Chief Lawnmower Tools Houseware 336 JAMILLE'S FASHIONS Misses, Juniors Jr. Petites 245 Pleasant Grove Dallas, Texas 391-1923 Diamonds - Watches 4 Jewelry PETE'S JEWELERS 2223 S. Buckner Suite 207 Complete Line of Class Rings Fine Watch and Jewelry Repair PETE STONE, owner 388-4153 For the Finest in Fashion Jewelry, Select it l - SARAH COVE NTRY For Job Opportunity or Home Shows Contact Area Manager Carol Russel 381-5050 NATALIE SCHCDOL OF DANCE Complete your child's education with dance training. Ballet A Tap - Jazz Twenty-six years in this area. 42 X W 8012 Umphress Road 391-2509 348-4116 337 I 'M' M nt in nt nt lsaunnnnn. in ua 1 1 n l ' ur Church Offers mspiama woasi-up seavicss Charles Diffee Services dedicated to strengthening the Christian and saving the tcm. PRAYER AND BIBLE STUDY Werimzstiay night devoted to deepening the wnrk of Christ in Iivcs ttirtiugh prayer and clear, easily SUNDAY SCHOOL utiderstocxi B5bIe Iessmtxt With teachers providing sound Bible teaching for every member of the famiiy. I I E MUSIC A weII-rounded musical program including adult and mssiomim' Ewoeiwons graded 'IW"r Our missionary department is active in mth home and foreign ntissitm work, contributing support to I4 missionaries in seven different countries, SCQUTING I Fur the buys. il compiete boy scout pmgram. This , rtrrani mrisists of weekly meetings at 7:06 .m. I LIBRARY A W Eliutidays wail as an overnight camp out tinge a 5 A growing library of reibrenrse materxais. guides tc month' christian living and wholesonic fiction. PASTORAL COUNSELING I A staff ot three ministers devoting full time to the 2 needs of the church and mmmunityv These men are I E NURSERY twaiizibie at any time to help in spiritual needs. f Well trtxittvrti nursery leaders care for your chiftiren in 3 we:lI cquippcti ritirscry. CHRISTIAN DAY SCHOOL I Z Prcivicies your chiidren mini 3 years of age ro Sth gratis with si whoiestinw Christian weekiday. TAPE MINISTRY Church services are taped and used in ministry to shut-insi hospital servicemen patients. missionaries. and YOUTH ACTIVITIES Each year it weII rmiridcd program of Christian education as wc!! as Ibsiltiwrhip is pianncci tb: the youth through campy conferences and retreata, ATHLETICS A tataI family prngram of physical recreation is offered through a new 56350 sq, fi. family center. A coiicgiate size gymnasium oftirrs many phases to this program. Among a ikew of the activities titibred are bowiing. baskctbail. stbhbail. football, volieybaih table gamex. etc, 5 9:39 AM. ,, , ...,.....,. SundaySchoui 10:50AM ,,..t., ' .,.i,.t Worship Service I 5:30 PM. i..,. Evening Evangefisttc Service TOO PM . . ...... Wednesday Bitzit-1 Study 5 I i 3 S METROPOLITAN TABERNACLE S501 Bruton Road Daiias, Texas ?52i? 3 Q . ll lhU li' I Ki. I ' I I lu L I " I' I ll .K R J T 1 1 t l 338 East Texas Motor Frelght The LTL Dependables' Corporate Offices 2355 Stemmons Freewa B S ox l0l2- Dallas. Texas 75207 638-2280 EHRMELG 5 Tuxedos Zinc entals 8. Sales Sfudenfs Convenient Locations GVOUPS Of flve '7 Pleasant Grove Shopping Center Dallas, Texas 75217 393,545+ Q4 Hour Emergency Service 2560 Gus Thomasson Road Dallas, Texas 75228 288 1979 324-3343 381 7982 , 4 " w 4" f Body repdif 8 ,4 ' " 11 ' M34 I ' '7 r of 'Q ' o W ,ffdepartmeni 3 ' ' 4 4 ' ' V . 4 W . 4 V ' ' 7' U ,g WM: gr , -' "':' ' ., " 1 erv1ce :V W 3 A AJ, -' I department -4- ,..,g , ny f --'-- f" "' Q! 4 . ' :gi ' - f' ,421 V 'hr , 3 A N , , , E Q ,, ' , '- K, Used car 2-A " J E E P, ., ,,i.,,, 'Inu-9 ' if ? New cars HIM-anna 4 1 7' 1 o o ' Lincoln!Merc:ury , . 4747 LBI Freewcry!233-1972!233-1441 Ltxioxnioicritaifrxcriexifxiuiarioiariarioieris l6,gonz4,A, S42 7- 1, QI , N: slr X Sag H Wiih Flowers PAUL'S FLoRl9T 340 AND GREENHDUSE Tommy and Jean Ochoa, Owners Sam Scott, Manager Phone: 388-0477 388-0478 388-0479 8121 Bruton Rd. Dallas, Texas 75217 3 A 1 S1 1 5 HUNT'S Bigger Burger 7023 Military Parkway For Fast Service Call 381-4362 381-3945 Monday Thru Saturday 7:00 A.M.'Ti1l 10:00 P.M. Mobil HUGHES SERVICE CENTER Complete Auto Repairing 26 Years of F.C.E.S. In the Grove Area W. W. 1SezJ HUGHES 31 Years in the Business 1731 So. Buckner Sunday Dallas, Tex. 11:00 A.M.'T11110:00 P.M. Ph. EX 8-6669 VI Congratulations Seniors! CLEANERS "We Specialize in Drill Uniforms" "And in Preserving Bridal Gowns" Hours: 7:00-6:30 8936 Lake June Rd.. Dallas. Tex. Con the corner of Lake June and Prairie Creek Rd.J TEXAS DRIVING SCHOOL "Oldest A Largest- Best" 5208 W. Lovers Lane. Dallas. 351-6497 165 Ferguson Vill., Dallas. 328-3247 1872 Avenue K.. Plano. 422-2206 Nimbus- .pull-W4 AAI A ..L'ii5i- -.h- , xg .113 f P LQ Hy Qi J fi E i,k 1 357 ,,,, , , , . t . ag 2, , 4' fi ,A , Q: 'L ' was M ,Aizz TF x . QQ 253, , '-1' iff- I4 T IZ 34 -+ them- k K . .'k- AW M, x, fe, 4 ,Q,: 'H+ ' ., rw 4., ',. , ,gl , A1 .W LL , ug: V0.1 'Q f 4 ,-ww ,fy ff QV, V f' " ,ffgff L f A, , W, , 1 ji ,,-- , ,. 2-1' 1- wx 1, -3. f Q .Q -.M ...xg - - W fi? A .i Z, ,i ,i QW m +0-fi Q.. ' N ,, 4' if fs-,f J ,azz 11 Nvgf V Z Congratulations Srs. 78! ge eg C .ETS A. glib Bonne Chance! lGood Luck, The French Club Le Cercle Franqais Congrofulorions To o very Talented group "The Seniors of 1811! BOWLING For a Date or With the Gang 32 32 Lanes Lanes 400 S. Buckner EX1-2153 w.,.,,, 4 K wypwf 9 l A Nl' D I Q Y Q ,Q V 5 9 .S X gf 1 up 'gg fx 5 5 5 ,, 5 8 1 Q A K , Q 1 in I F S if' ll P Ph 'LM " . X' 4 if I ,. ,kg MW 1 5 J 'J' f ,5- ff W: Um ,.M4. its Ae Q vm. A. gg 0' Imp' 1 ,, ,, 5 iff-'X A A G. 4ex7u?350 42" JV' 40' 51, . , i xl? 173 K, K mf' 5 2Qf Flowers Bring Happiness DOT'S FLOWER DCT 1332 N. Jim Miller 391-5288 Dollos, Texos 75217 Mrs. Dorothea Taylor X' ' y .f ..?.k:.,m ,s ,--f- -. K . , 1 -f-eg K ' 4.- ,ww ,. N ff? 3? 5 u , , 21' "'g If 5, h air. . bl Y ' Q ,W - ft E L 1, . 1' K .1 . ,qi . 'A I 2 E 5 .xv I fx ajax f 3' L I W4 ff , Q 1 Q f 4 , e if . ' ': Q -wg SPIRIT NEVER-ENDING 56 'lihe closing of a school year is always met with mixed emotions elation at the prospect of a three-month vacation. disap- pointment for friends who are leaying. astonishment that the year should have passed so quickly. lior the Seniors. the end of l978 differed from other years. 'l he eountdow n to graduation was oyer. We felt a great surge of relief that our twelve years were finally gone. but our relief was tinged with sadness. I-riends had to separate many for the first time in twelye years. Adulthood loomed hefore us. and we knew that things would never he the same. But though the end hrought separation. we will always have inemoriesol' togetherness. . . Loyalty kept us in our seats through rain. cold. and wind whether the Spartans were win- ning or losing. lhe banner is raised at ey ery asseinhly. 1 2 4 iq ' ofa, L F ti ug ..-g n ...QQ gri- an Nls. Xkartl teeeiyes lloweis from staff during f1l'lk'Cl'lCllLlCl'N perform "Cool fats." assi-mlyly Klay Rogers awaits the start of the game lhe liantier leant rlowns around during football game. V 3 1 1f1r,,,..,,5 . f - H rrrr,g 4, Q Z. ' n -DJM MQW . , wmv "U pa W U0 rl ull""" E q , ' .: M 'nngwll I ' on I , K, M54-izx 1. ,A f, -H019-:Q ,ww-" 31-fr I hc wurehwnrd reveals the outcome uf the uaunc ill the new xtnduun :rv 'S ,fi if . lh-Dllg dBA d -fr .Ilh-I'4.d' Ihr: Spartan Image encourages the audience: lo slum' lhclr spirit. Q. lr' In m PM mm ' R In L off h.ll'l'lPIuI'lx M'-N" K ,W-"""""' ...,.,... W, J--"' if '1- I he Varsity cvlICl3l'IU.ldk'l'N PCI'fUIlllkIllI'Il1glhC gdmc 357 RER Students. parents. and faculty supported the assemblies. plays. shows. the musical. lt was Spar- tan loyalty that bought bumper stickers. jewelry. cakes. and tick- ets to help the Washington Effort. and Spartan Pride welcomed the Effort home. Intense Pride was evident in many ways during the year. Proudly we opened our doors to visitors: Simas Kudirka. who taught us about human rights: the Southern Association Evaluation Committee. whose comments and ratings reflected on high Spartan standards. Pride helped us to fight back when a Dallas newspa- per put us down. We remember many things about the year. But the memories are of Spartans together - on the field or the gym floor. during the moment of silence or during "Battle Cry." in assemblies or in classrooms. Togetherness l978 . . .Spartan Spirit. David Chandler says "thumbs up" to a well-fought season. f i : 2 2 i H . J 'ss . tl w,',.y'. 'f, in . , l Q i -Fairs k 53.52 l H: gc "., ig, tiigfgaz - ..t.Angt,1w 4 -Q, 1 fi ii 'FFQQEHS 1 . s .-.iitffib gil. 0 eg, V, .ns , Qt David Baker talks about student council dur- ing the club assembly. Starlet officers cheer on the mighty Spartans. i The TORCH assemhly added humor with the kissing contest. The Jesters! reflect their hard work through their performance. Troy Miller wants lo get back into uclmn. Carey and Chuna host Superluuve Assem- hh I 1 , 35, 'W .- V 3' f ?3f4s f'i43 -' -as AARON, CRYSTAL 296 ABBO'1'I'. JERRY 275 ADAMS, BOB 90, 251 ADAMS, MICHAEL 296 ADAMS, MIKE 275 ADAMS, VICTOR, Senior 130 QDAY, BRENDA. Senior I7 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Sr.: DECA. ADKINS. KATHERINE, Senior 217 Soph.: B Honor Roll. Sn: HECE, HERO. ADYE, LAURA 23 AKIN, LORI 103,296 ALANIZ, DAVID, Senior 86 Deal' Spartan Section. ALBERT, MARK 121 ALEXANDER, CRA1G.Sen1or 110, 118, 119. 120.217 ALLEN, KIM. Senior I09,59,l26. l70,171, 172,173,217 Saph.: Letter in Varsity Volleyball. Ir.: Letter in Varsity Volleyball. Sr.: Letter in Varsity Volleyball. Student Coun- cil Representative Recreation Chairman. National Honor Society, Basketball Manager. ALLEN, REGINA 92, 275 ALLEN, TIM 128.251 ALLISON.FRANK1E 121 ALLISON, ROGER 296 AMADOR,JUAN 296 ANDERS, JAMES 121 ANDERSON, LANETTE. Senior 78, 79, 80, 89, 93. 217 Snph.: Blue Jackets, Ice Skating Club, Girls Select, Young Lile. Jr.: Jr. Lieutenant Starlets. Ice Skating Club. Concert Choir, Young Lile. "Hello Dolly." Sr.: Sr. Lieutenant Starlets. Ice Skating Club, Thespians, Librarian, Concert Choir. "Bells Are Ringing." ANDERSON, STEPHANIE, Senior 217 Jn: "B" Honor Roll. ANDERTON, LINDA, Senior 78, 87, 132,217 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Girls Select. Jr.: Concert Choir, French Club. Sn: Starlem, National Honor Society, Concert Choir, Pub Stall, French Club, Vice-President. ANDREWS, KIMI. Senior Soph.: "A" Honor Roll. Jn: Deaf Ed. Cheerleader. Sn: "B" Honor Roll, Deal Spartan Section. ARCHER, SHERILL 86, 251 ARENAS, ALICIA I 11.296 ASH LEY, SHIRLEY 275 ASHTON, DONNY, Senior 21 1, 212, 217 ASTHON, KAREN 129. 132, 197, 251 A3'gI'AWAY, CHARLES, Senior I AUTREY. PATTY 103, 296 AVARY. GORDON, Senior 217 AVERY,CHIARlNA 92 BABBIT, DARRELL 130. 251 BAGLEY, CHARLES 251 BAILEY, DANNY 251 BAILEY, JAN 85, 94, 95, 1 14, 288 BAILEY. KATHY 296 BAILEY, PAM 275 BAIN, STEPHEN 275 BAK ER, CHERYL 92, 114, 275 BAK ER, DAVID, Senior 15. 19, 33, 42, 64, 66, 90, 91, 108. 109. 58, 126, 217,358 Saph.: "B" Team Football, Concert Choir. Minor Lead - Musical. SCOA, "B" Honor Roll. RAZZ-MA-TAZ1. Jn: Concert Choir, SCOA, Jestersl, Librarian. Musical, RAZZ-MA-TAZZ. Band Show, Stu- dent Council Representative, "B" Honor Roll. Sr.: Student Council President, Jestersl. Band Show, RAZZ-MA-TAZZ, SCOA. Concert Choir, Lead - Musical, Senior Superlative, National Honor Society, Student Chairman - Field Day. Most Talented, Most Outstanding Student- Cltoir, "B" Honor Roll. BAKER, DEAN 90.159, 160, 198. 250. 251, 199,202 Index ctnd Senior Credits BAKER, KATHY 92, 208. 209, 275 BAKER. LILLIE 296 BALLARD, DANNY 296 BALLEW. LANCE 169,296 BALLEW, SUSAN 97,296 BALLEW. VANCE 168,275 aamatco, Mtcttaat. senior 1 14, 217 , BANKS. SHEILA 251 BANKSTON, DOUG 296 BARGER, LISA 103, 104, 105,296 BARNES, JACK 130 BARNHART, GREG 296 BARR, KELSI E 1 14, 275 BARRY. TRACY 296 BARTON. RICHARD 296 BATCHELOR, JULIA 92 BAUGH. PHILLIP 296 BAUGHMAN, ROSE ANN 192,251 BAXLEY, DEBBIE 93. 127, 251 BAYLOR. CONNIE 192. 208. 209, 296 BAYLOR. KATHY. Senior 217 BAZAN. ELSA 296 BEARD, ANNA 296 BEASLEY. CATHY 275 BEASLEY. PAM 28, 275 BEASLEY. TERRY 296 BEAV ER. RHONDA 275 BEDFORD. BRIAN KEITH 182,297 BEDFORD, CLARENCE 181.275 BEDWELL, BETSY 120.275 BEESON. DONNA, Senior 217 BELL, MICHAEL 196.275 BELL, MIKE 90, 252 BELLAH, JAMES, Senior 159, 160, 217 BELLAH. LOUWELLA 102. 103. 252 BENAVIDIZ, MICHAEL 252 BENCH. GARY 276 BENCH. LARRY 297 BEN E, ALLEN 182.297 BENE, PAM 170, 171, 252 BENNETT, ANTHONY 297 BENN E'I'I', CYNTHIA 121. 297 BENN ETT. JOBETH, Senior 217 Saph,.' Marching Band. Stage Band. French Club. ln: Marching Band, Stage Band, PAC, French Club. Sr.: Marching Band, French Club. BENN E'I'I', REGINALD 121 BENSON, JOANNE 92, 114 BENTLEY, DAVID 297 BINGHAM. VALERIE. Senior 4Z,114, 115,125,217 Soplt: B Honor Roll, Member of Deal Hand- bell Choir. Jr.: National Honor Society, B Honor Roll. Sr.: National Honor Society, Ice Skating Club. Dea! Spartan Club, President of OEH. Outa standing Deal' Student, Senior Superlative. B Honor Roll, Queen of Deaf Valentine Dance. BIRD, DONNA 276 BIRD,G1NGER 92, 103, 195,276 BIRD. PENNY 20, 22, 39, 55. 103, 105, 174. 192,297 BIRD, RACHAEL 121,297 BIRD, VICKIE 218 BISHOP, DENNIS I I4 BITTLE, THOMAS 297 BLACK. DANIEL 297, 194 BLACK. TRAVIS 297 BLACK, WESLEY 297 BLACK, William 297 BLACKMON, STERLING 120. 168. 276 BLANCH, ANTHON Y 252 BLAYLOCK.TINA 276 BLEDSOE. PAULA 103.297 BLEV1NS.JENNIFER 297 BLEVINS. TRACY. Senior 218 BLUITT. DARRELL 276 BLYSTON E. Tl M, Senior 128,218 BOAZ. RUSSELL 276 BODENSTEINER, ROBERT. Senior 218 Soph.: Lettered in Basketball at Another School. Jr.: Lettered tn Basketball at Another School. Sr..'Span1sh Club. Bowling Club. BOLES. CATHY 276 BON ER, CONNI E 276 BOOSE. RAN DALL 297 BOOTH. N YOLKA 188,297 BORU K, LARRY. Senior 59,159. 160. 162.218 Saph.: B Team Football. Varsity Swimming. Bowling, Ice Skating Club. B Team Baseball. Key Club. Jr.: Ice Skating Club, Varsity Football. Varsity Swimming. Bowling Club. Sr.: Varsity Football, Second Team All District Ollense Tackle. Morning News. FHA. Mrs. Samuel1Runner-Up. BOSHEARS, LISA 103.276, 194 BOTELLO. TONY. Senior 29, 120, 119. 218 BOWERS, KENNETH 252 BOYD. BEL1NDA,Sen1or 40, 42, 56, 89, 91.93. 122, 218, 222, 124 Soph..'G1r1s' Select Choir. A Honor Roll. Hugh O'Bnen Leadership Nommee. Jr.: Concert Choir, Hello Dolly. The King Who Loved Hts Lolltpops. Thespians. National Honor Society. A Honor Roll. Razz-Ma-Tau. Who's Who Among American High School Students. Sr.: Vice-President Thesptans, Secretary National Honor Society. Secretary Concert Choir, Chairman Senior Baccalaureate Com- mittee. A Honor Roll. Bells Are Ringing, Razz- Ma-Tazz. Student Director. The Time of Your Life, Jesters. Who's Who Among American High School Students. Superlative Salutatorian. BOYD. MARK 159, 160 B0YE'I'1'.JOLENE.Sen1or 91. 93. 219 Soph.: Blue Jackets, Girls Select. Jr.: Concert Choir. "Hello Dolly." Sr.: Jesters!. Concert Choir. Honor Society. Thesptans. BOYETT. RHONDA 92, 126,276 BRADFORD. DARRELL 115 BRADLEY, WANDA 276 BRADLEY, WANDA 276 BRADSHAW, KENNY 276 BRADSHAW. TERR1 93, 92, 116. 276 BRANTLY, AN DR EA 297 BRANTLEY. ROBIN 103 BRASH ER, JOHN. Senior 129. 219 BREEDLOVE, CH RIS, Senior 219 BREWER, KIMBERLY 297 BREWER, PATRICIA 252 BRIDGES. KERRY 297 BRIGGS. CRAY 92, 114, 276 BROOKS, STACY 35. 78, 81. 92, 109, 274, 276 BROOKSHIRE, ALAN. Senior 130, 279 BROOKSHIRE. TERESA 277 BROWN.CISSY 183. 184. 185. 208. 209210. 277 BROWN. 252 BROWN, 106, 252 BROWN. 252 BROWN. 277 BROWN. 277 BROWN. EDWARD JACKIE JOE MELVIN MIKE MILTON 252 BROWN, PATI1 277 BROWN. RUSSELL. Senior 90. 1 17. 219 ConccrtCho1r. SCCA. BROWNING, CARL 277 BROWNING. DIANA 78, 81. 277 BROXSON. DARRYL 130. 277 BROXSON. STEPHANIE 277 BRUMMETT. LISA 297 BRUNSON. CRAIG. Senior 57. 159. 160, 176.177, 219 Soph.: Football. Basketball. Ir.: Football. Basketball. Sr.: Football, Basketball, Most Handsome. BRYAN. JON. Senior 219 BRYANT. CLIFTON 277 BRYANT, DANNY. Senior 114, 190.220 BRYANT. LAUREN 297 BRYANT. WILLIE 121. 277 BUCHANNON. TERR1 277 BULLARD. DEBBIE 277 BULLARDJIMMY 277. 99 BULLION. PAM.Senior 132. 220 Soplr: Concert Band. Marching Band. "B' Honor Roll. Jr.: Concert Band. Marching Band. Band Sec- tton Leader, Life Leadership. "B" Honor Roll. OEA 1. VOW Pre-Employment Lab. OEA His- I0l'1B1't. Sr.: Concert Band. Marching Band. Band Sec- tion Leader. "B" Honor Roll, OEA 2. VOE Co- Op, Outstanding Band Member of '78. BURKE. MICHELLE 298 BURKE. SUZANNE 128. 277 BURKETT. TIM 128 BURNINE. RUTHIE 277, I 14 BURNS. BILLY 130, 253 BU RRESCH. LAURIE 298 BU RROW. STEPH EN 278 BURSEY. DEBRA. Senior Sr.: HERO. Outstanding HECE Student. BURSEY,TAMMY 298 BURTON. FRED 298 BURCHE'1'I'.REGG1E.Sen1or 220 BU RSEY. DEBRA. Senior 220 BURRESCH. PENNY. Senior 220 BUSBY. CATHY 1Z7.170.17I.173,192.193.253 BUSBY. CHERYL 1 15, 278 BUSCH, DEBBIE 102. 183. 184.253 BYNUM. BARBARA 18. 82. 83. 89.66. 220 Soph.: Blue Jackets - Soph. Board. Ice Skating Club. Jr.: Capt. Jr. Varsity Cheerleader. Ice Skating Club, Concen Choir. Track. Blue Jackets Jr. Board. Sr.: Cheerleader. Pub Stall, Ice Skating Club - Vice-President, Concert Choir A Treasurer. Who's Who Among American High School Students. FHA, "B" Honor Roll, Nominated for Sr. Superlative. CADDELL. JACK 97.278 CAIN, DEBBIE. Senior 220 CAIN. STEVE 278.93 CALLAWAY. MARTY 130 CALLEN. ROBERT 298 CAMPBELL. CLIFTON 190.298 CANADA. CHRIS 99, 298 CANTWELL. SHARON 120 CARDER. GINGER. Senior 110. 117 COUDER.GINGER Sr.: FHA. Spanish Club. CARDER. MARILYN 298 CARDER. SHARON 298. 117 CARDER, SHARON 278 CARL1LE.RENE 253 CARLILE, TONY 278 CARLOCK, LISA 183. 184 168 NEY. BRIAN RANZA. AREMI ROL. ROBERT 98 RUTH, LISA. Senior 220 OEA. Library Assistant. Skyline CDC. OEA. Library Assistant. Pard Internship -- ness Magnet. OEA. Library Assistant. Pard Internship f ness Magnet. RUTH. SH ERYL 78 TAR. ALVIN 298 TER. JUDY TER. KATHY TER. SHEILA 85 FEL. JAMES SEY.CATHY l. 127. 122. 253 SEY. MlKE.Senror 3. 126. 221.69 .: Spanish Club. Nuclear Science Sympo- . Tennis Team. Seagovrlle Classic - Ten- ubles Championship. Spanish Club. Ice Skating Club. Concert ir. Tennis Team. UIL Science Competition. Spanish Club, Thespians. Concert Choir. ional Honor Society. NSPE Award. Texas mical Council - Outstanding Graduating nce Student. Clarke Foundation Scholar- . Science Recognition Day. UIL Science petition. Tennis Team. National Work - 't Scholarship at North Texas State Univ. JD, Homer H. Tate Memorial Scholar- at East Texas State Unrv. SZ50.00. HON. SHELLIE AMBERS. BILLY AMBERS. EDDIE AMBERS. GERALD 1tMaErts.JANA ro9. 278 IAMBERS. MARVIN Awrstatts. srtetut 298 IAMPION. Lou ANN ANcEt.t.ott.ctNDv ANDLER. DAVID. Senior 159. 161. 167. 221. 358 Sophomore of the Year. IINAAAA Drs- Varsity Football. A1IvDistrict Znd Team Varsity. All-District Honorable Mention Varsity. PMAN. STEVE 9. 90. 91. 99 TTERLY. EDWARD AITERLY. JAM ES EATWOOD. PA U LA ERRY, LOR EN E . 278 ERRY. TOM. Senior . 161 -lt.: Woods and Water. JV Football. Woods and Water. Varsity Football. Woods and Water. All District Football 2 m Varsity. HIER. ALLEN 253 LCOAT. BRENDA. Semor 101. 102. 110.221 LDERS. ALEX. Senior 221 Advance Band. Advance Band. Advance Band - Manager. Ice Skating 17. "B" Honor Roll. ILDERS. MIKE . 253 ILDERS. ROBERT. Senior ILDRILSS. JOHN ISM. CHERYL 81. 253 ISM. VICKIE 188. 208.209, 210. 298 ISOLM. PAT 118.278 RISTIAN. RODNEY 253. 200. 204 'RISTIAN. STEVE .207. 299 ARK. KIM XRK. RAYMOND. Senior KRK. TAMMY 254 IRK. TAMMY KY. STEVE 254 IYBORNJACQUELIN 299 IYTON. DONN A 199. 194 CLEVELAN D. SHARON 278 CLEVENGER.TONI 17. 54. 78.81.9l. 127. 129. 197.254 COATE 299 S. DON NA COBB. EVELYN 149. 254 COBBINS. MICHAEL. Senior 221 COBLERJOHNNY 299 COCK ERHAM. JAM ES. Senior 130 COFFE 21 I. 212 L. ROY COFFMAN.JERRY 254 COFFMAN. KAREN 299 COHEN. GREG 169. 299 COKER. JAY 130 COLE. CH RISTOPHER 99. 299 COLE. DAVID 176. 177 COLEY. SCOTT 278 COLLINS. BRAIN 118. 120. 278 COLLINS. CHARLES Sr.: FHA. COLLINS. MIKE 278 90. 114. COOK. DAWN E 299 COOK. SHERRI 92. 278 COOK. 299 COOK. 221 STEVE TYN ETTE. Senior Jr.: OEA. Sr.: OEA. Honorable Mention for Poetry at the lnterlocker Piterary College in Mich.. "B" Honor Roll. COOLEY. CAROLYN 279 COOPE 221 COOPE 78. 81. 2 COPLA 92. 129. R. MlCHAEL.Sentor tt. RHONDA 54 1 NDT xattr X rev, 279 CORDER. STEVE 90. 254 CORLEY. DEBBIE. Senior 221.133 CORLEY. RUSTY 254 CORLEY. WALLACE CORNWELL. RICKY. Senior 130 CORONADO. LENORA 20. 39. 279 COSPER. JULIE. Senior 221 Snph., Blue Jackets, Ice Skating. Rodeo Club. Girls Select Choir. Jr.: Distnbuttve Education. DECA. COTTEN. DWAYN E. Senior 222 couctvt. CONNIE 299 COULSTON. BRITTON 299 COVINGTON. L. D.. Senior 87.90. 110. 129.222 Soph.: Bowling Team. "B" Honor Roll. Spanish Club. Ir.. "B" Honor Roll. Sr.. Concert Choir. Rau-Ma-Ta1.L Senior Pub - Editor. SOCA. BS Section. Bowling Team Captain. COX. ALVIN 299 COX. BRETI' 254 COX. DEBBIE I I0 COX. EDIE 116. 132. 254 COX. PAM. Senior 222. 111 Sophg Deaf Student Aide. Jr.: Deal Student Handbell Choir Aide. Sr.: Special Ed. and Deaf Student Handbell Choir Aide. CRAKER. RUSSELL 279 CRAM. JAMIE 31. 159. 161 CRAM. JOSEPH 279 CRANNELL.CATHY 17. 78.81. 35. 109.254, 117 CRANNELCHRISTY 279 CRAY. TAMMY 255 CROOK. MARY 255 CROOK. MELISSA. Senior 3233. 55. 59. 67. 69. 71. 78. 79. 80. 89. 116. 125. Soph Blue JackeLs l5ophomore Boardl. Girls Select. Thesprans. French Cluh. Chtldren's Play. Jr.: Starlets - Junior Lieutenant. Thesprans. French Club. Jesters. Choir. Student Council Historian. National Honor Society. Band Show. Musical. Capers. Razz-Ma-Tau. Sr.: Starlets - Co. Captain. Sr. Pub Art Editor. Jesters Histonan. Thespians. French Club Sec- retary. Choir. Most Talented Runner-Up. I Dare You Award. Exchange Club. Gill ol Month. Senior Assembly. Band Show. Musical. Capers, Razz-Ma-Tau. Senior Superlative. CROSLEY. LAURA 299 CROSS, ALLEN 168. 279 CROSS. JOHNNY 168. 255 CROSS. TERESA. Senior 55. 87. 106. 222 Jr.: OEA Club. Oflice Attendant. Sr.: Ollice Attendant. Newspaper Staff tFea- ture Editorl. Pub Staff fSection Editorj. CROUCH. KENNETH. Senior 222 CRUZ. EVA. Senior 222 CULLEY. LISA 92. 194.279 CUMMINGS. VALERIE 255. 194 g5lgNNINGHAM.TERESA CURLSHERETTA 120 CURRIN. DEANNA 92. 116.279 CURTIS. MIKE 181 ZISSHINGBERRY. FRANCIS DANIEL. KELLY 299 DANIELS. JOHN. Senior 84. 87.90. 196. 222 DANIELSJUDY 35. 78.81. 93. 109. 116. 127. 255 DARN. STEVEN 255 DAVALOS. SAMUEL 120 DAVENPORT. KAREN. Senior 132. 223 Snph.: "B" Honor Roll. lr.: 'AB' Honor Roll. OEA. Sr : "B" Honor Roll. OEA. DAVENPORT. SANDRA 279 DAVIDSON, VALERIE 78. 81. 279 DAVIS. ANTHONY 168 DAVIS. CINDY. Senior 223 Soph.: Bluejackets. Jr. DECA. Sr DECA. DAVIS. DAYLEEN 299 DAVIS. DON 168 DAVIS. FORREST 120 DAVIS.JANICE 208. 209. 210. 279 DAVIS. PAM 279 DAVIS. RANDY 21 1, 212 DAVIS. SHARON. Senior 223 DAVIS. TERESA 114. 279 DAVIS. VERONICA 174. 188. 208. 209. 210 DAVIS. VICTOR l68.212.279.21l DAWSON. SHERRI 280 DAY. LISA 121 DAY. NENVA. Senior 223 DEAN. FREDERICK 255 DE LA ROSA. DIANE 255 DE LA ROSA. RICKY 280 DELCASTILLO. FELISTAS 120. 280 DELCASTILLO. JOBITA. Senior 223 soph.. ttotc, --ta" Honor Ron. Jr: Rotc. sf.: H ec E. Msussa, DELCASTILLO. senior snpfr- tzorc. ff.. ttorc. sf .- t-rece. HERO. Detcntoo. FRANK 256 DELK. BUD 55. 90. 168.280 DELK. DONETTA. Senior 78. 80. 223 DELK. RENE 103.299 DELO.JANICE 92.280 DELO.JlMMY 15.90.255 DELO. JUDY 15. 132. 255 DEMPSEY. SHERRY 280 DENNIE. JULIE.Senior 116. 125. 223.69 Saph Blue Jackets. French Club. lr.: Blue Jackets, National Honor Society. French Club. Outstanding French Student. Sr: National Honor Society. French Club. Ott' standing Business Student. DENNIE. LAURIE 280 DENNINGTON. MARK 280 DERRYBERRY. DENISE 127. 132. 256 DERRYBERRY. MELANIE.Senror I27. 223 Soph.: "B" Honor Roll. Jr.: Honor Society. "A" Honor Roll. Sr .' Nursing Scholarship S501 "B" Honor Roll. DEWBERRY. SHIELA 120 DIAZ. DAVID 256 DICK ERSON. JEWELL. Senior 223 Soph.: Blue Jackets. "B" Honor Roll. FHA. DICKERSON. RANDY 299 DIFFEE. CATHY. Senior 125. 223. 69 Soph. ' "B" Honor Roll. lr.: National Honor Society. OEA. "A" Honor Roll. Sr.. National Honor Society. OEA. "A" Honor Roll. DIFFEE. PATRICIA 195. 280 DIGEL. TONY 128 DITMARS. BRIAN 280 DITMARS. BRIAN 280 DOBBS. DAVID. Senior 224 Jr, Woods and Waters Club. Sr.. Woods and Waters. B.S. Section. DECA. DODD. RANDY 33. 280. 98 DODSON. DAN NY 120. 256. 129 DOLLGENER. BEVERLY 105.299 DONAHUE.JAMES 168.212 211 DONALDSON. GEORGE 256 DONALDSON. PHILLIP 196. 256 DORN. TINA 299 DOUTHIT. JOHN. KEVIN 123.299 IXJVES. DERRICK 121 DOZIER. SHERRY 110.299 DUCKETT. LESLIE 182. BID DUDIK. DEBORAH 280 DUKE. ROBERT, Senior 130. 224 DUNAGAN. DAVID 280 DUNAGAN. JOANN. Senior 69. 78. 87. 115. 128.224 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Spanish Club. Red Cros. lr: Starlets. Spanish Club. Ice Skating Club. DECA Reporter. MA" and "B" Honor Rolls. National Honor Society. Starlet Capers. Sr: Starlets. National Honor Society. Pub Stall. DECA. Student Council Representative. DECA Area Winner Dallas Sales Marketing Executive 3rd Place Scholarship. Starlet Capers. DUNAWAY. KAREN. Senior 224 DUNCAN. KELLY 170. 171.256 DUNN.JlMMY 130 DUPREE. BRENDA 3llJ DURAN. RITA 3lD EASTEP. BRENT. Senior 224 EASTEP. BRIAN 168 EASTEP. STEVEN 280 EDWARDS. JULIE. Senior 132. 224 Soph.: Marching Band. Concert Band. Red Cross Representative. Ir.: Marching Band. OEA II. Concert Band. Sr.'OEA I. EDWARDS. TERRY. Senior 102. 123 EDWARDS. WESLEY 130 ELERY.TONYA 280. 194 ELLERY.PH1Ll.lP 90. 194.280 ELLIOT. DEAN 280 ELLIOTT. GLEN 281. 194 ELLIOTT. KIM 195. 281 ELLIS. HERBY 3lll ELLIS. JOE 120.281 62 ELROD. GROVER 300 EMBERLIN. KEITH 42. 90. 281.98 EPPS. LISA 256 ERNST. PHILLIP. Senior 159. 161. 167 ESKRIDGE. REAGAN 31D EUBANK. BRET 256 EVANS. TR EY. Senior 159. 161.224 Soplt.: Key Club. Concert Choir. B Football and Baseball. Jr.: Key Club. Concert Choir V.P.. Varsity Football. Sr.: Concert Choir V.P.. Prom Chainnan. Var- sity Football. Jesters! EVERETT.CYND1. Senior 20. 32. 43. 59. 82. 83. 68. 69. 70. 87. 66. 89. 91. 116. 125. 186. 224. 234 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Varsity Volleyball and Bas- ketball and Soccer. Ice Skating Club. Student Council Representative. Girls Select. Horne- comtng Court. Jr.: Starlets. French Club. Ice Skating Club. JV Basketball. Varsity Volleyball. National Honor Society. Student Council. Concert Choir. Key Club Sweetheart. Sr.: Pres. French Club. Cheerleader. Ice Skat- ing Club. National Honor Society. Varsity Bas- ketball. Who's Who Among American High School Students. Concert Choir, Jestersl. Pub Staff Business Manager. Most Talented Run- ner-Up. Homecoming Court. EWERSTERISA 103.300 FAIR. RHONDA 281 FA LGOUT. THOMAS 120. 300 FARLEY. CATHY 3113 FARR. JOY I03. 194.281 FAULHABER. KEITH 196 FELDHOUS. CARL. Senior 119. 120. 130 FERGUSON. KATHI. Senior 133 FERGUSON. SHERRY 133 FERGUSON. VICKIE 307 FETTE. BRENDA 281 FETTE. JOE 256 FIELDS.GREG. Senior 225 FIELDS. LINDA. Senior 132. 225 Sr.: VOE. FISCHER. DONALD 256 FISHER. SUE 103.192. 193. 195. 281 FITE. SANDRA 257 FITE. SHERYL 174. I88.208.209. 210.300 FLEETWOOD. LIN DA. Senior 26. 54. 94. 95. 107 Soph.: Blue Jackets. French Club. Ice Skating. Tutoring Award. "B" Honor Roll. Jr.: Student Council. Sr.: Secretary of Student Council. Annual Staff. Entertainment Editor. Honor Society. Honor Graduate. Senior Superlative Nominee. FLORES. YNESS 3fXJ FLOURNOY. PEGGY. Senior 132. 225 snprtf Spanish Club. Jr.: Concert Cltoir. Bowling Club. Sr.. Concert Choir, VOE - Outstanding Stu- dent. FLOWERS. CLISTIE 103. 300 FLOWERS. DARLA 105. lim FLOWERS. GREGORY 300 FLOYD. MICHEAL 300 FOLMAR,C1NDY 257 FORD. KATHY. Senior 35. 69, 78. 79, 80, 125.225 Soplt: Blue Jackets. Girls Select Choir. Jr.: Starlets. Concert Choir. Spanish Club. National Honor Society. Hello Dolly. Razz- Ma-Tazz. Starlet Capers. Sr.: Starlets - Sr. Lt.. Concert Choir. National Honor Society. Bells Are Ringing. Raz1-Ma- Tau. Starlets Capers. Spanish Club - Prest- dent. FORD, ROSALYN 121.3113 FORD. TAM1 257 FORT. DOUGLAS 28. 257 FOSTER. ANNA 1 18. 120. 281 FOSTER. BRENDA. Senior 78. 80. 125. 225 Snplt: Blue Jackets. Treble Choir. Jr.: National Honor Society. Concert Choir. "B" Honor Roll. Sr.: Starlets. Concert Choir. "B" Honor Roll. National Honor Society. FOSTEILGREG. Senior 67. 225. 97. 98 Saph.: Marching Band. Concert Band. "B" Honor Roll. Jr.: Marching Band. Concen Band. Sr.: Marching Band, Concert Band. Stage Band. FOSTER. JAMES 300 FOSTER. KATHY 300 FOSTER. PHYLLIS 257 FOSTER. SAM. Senior 118. 119. 120. 225 Soph.: ROTC 1. ROTC Superior Cadet Award. Jr.: ROTC Il. Sr.: ROTC III. Sons of the Amencan Revolue tion Award. FOUNTAIN. TEENA. Senior 66.87. 109. 110.225 FOUNTAIN.TEENA snprt: FHA. Jr..' FHA. Ffice Assistance Sr.: FHA. Pub Staff. Student Council. IBM Assist.. Nominee for Miss Samuell and Most Beautilul. FOWLER. ROBERT 121.3113 FOWLER. THOMAS 281 FOX. JERRY. Senior 225 FRANKLIN, DANNY 157. 281 FRANKLIN. DIANE 281. 99 FRANKLIN. STEVE 168.257 FRANKS. TAMMY 92. 281 FRANKS. MONTY 281 FRAZER. PHILLIP. Senior 225 FRAZIER. ANITA 300 FREEMAN. DONALD 300 FREEMAN. LORRETTA 301 FRENCH. TAMI. Senior 54. 132. 226 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Jr.: Office Education Assoc. of Amenca. Sr.: OEA. FRIDAY. GWEN 103 FROSCH. TIM. Senior 159. 161. 226 Soph.: B Football. Ice Skating. Woods and Waters. Jr.: Varsity Football. Ice Skating. Woods and Waters. Sr.: Varsity. Woods and Waters. Ice Skating. Key Club. Tennis Club. FRYAR. CURT 90. 114. 196. 274. 281 FURR. LAURA, Senior 15. 33. 34. 78. 79. 80. 91.93. 109. 125.226 FURR. LAURA Soph. Jr.: Volleyball. Soccer. Ice Skating Club. Con- cert Choir. National Honor Society. Woods and Waters. Blue Jackets Ur. Boardl. Musical. "B" Honor Roll. Young Life. Sr.: Starlets tCounciI1. National Honor Society. Jestersl. Concert Choir. Ice Skating Club tSec- retaryt. Student Council tPub1icity Chairmanj. Tltespians. Prom Committee. "B" Honor Roll. Musical fbeadl. Who's Who Among American High School Students. Pub Staff. Young Life. GABRIEL. REGINA 281 GAGE. DAVID 257 GARCIA. ALICE 281 GARCIA.JANlE.Sentor 28. 29. 43. 119. 121. 128. 132 Soph.: French Club. ROTC I. "B" Honor Roll. Jr.: French Club. ROTC l1."B" Honor Roll. Sr.: ROTC III. Senior Superlative. Military Queen IROTCJ. Pnncipa1's Advisory Commits tee1PACl. GARCIA. JOSE 281 GIARD1NA.MILLIE.Sentor 115.66 Deaf Cheerleader. Sr. Assembly. ZARDN ER. DEBBIE. Senior 6 CrARDNER.GINGER.Senior 226 GARREN. RANDY. Senior 25. 90.93. 122.226 Jr.: Thespian. Ice Skating. Speech Club. Sr.: Thespian. French Club. Concert Choir. Speech Club. GARRETT. RENE 103 GJATEWOOD, DONNA I GAYLER.AL1SHA 301 GAYLOR. PAMELA 281 GEDDIE. DEDE 257 GEIGER. GEORGE 301 GERMANY.CINDY 301 GIBSON. PEGGY. Senior 226 Sopll.: Girls Chorus. Blue Jackets. "B" Honor Roll. Jr.: Girls Chorus. Blue Jackets. "B" Honor Roll. Sr.: HECE. HERO. "B" Honor Roll. GIBSON. WAYNE 169.301 GILBREATH. STEVEN 123.301 GILL. JEFF 169. 301 GILLAM. RONALD 301 GILLESPIE. DANNY 121.301 GILLIAM. ANN 132.257 GILLIAM. BETH 103.301 GILLIAM. KEITH 169 GILLIAM. MARY. Senior 132.226 Soph. Jr.: Future Homemakers of America. Sr.. Office Education Assoc. GILLIAM. PAM. Senior 89. 93. 125.226 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Girls Select Choir. Jr.- Spanish Club. Honor Society. Concert Choir. Musical - Hello Dolly. Ra1.zvMa-Tau. Sr.: National Honor Society, Thespians Con- cert Chotr. Spanish Club. Musical - Bells Are Ringing. Rau-Ma-Tau. Sr. Play - Time ol Your Life. GLAZE.CARLA 78.81.257 GLORIA. WILLIE 169.301 GLOSSON.GLAD1S 301 GLOSSON. ROBERT 133. 168. 258 GOBER. BRENDA. Senior 3. 11. 26. 43. 66. 70. 87. 82. 83. 94. 109. 226. 234 Soph.: Blue Jackets - Soph. Board. Ice Skat- ing. Student Council. "B" Honor Roll. Jr.: Starlets. Ice Skating. Student Council - Recreation Chairman. "B" Honor Roll. Sr.: Cheerleader. Ice Skating. Student Council - Election Chairman. Torch Staff. Managing Editor. Pub Staff. Prom Committee. Concert Choir. Musical - Bells Are Ringing. "B" Honor Roll. Senior Superlative. Who's Who Among American High School Students. GOBER.CAROLYN 86 GOM EZ. CARMEN 258 GOMEZ. RUDY. Senior 59. 159. 161. 21 1. 212. 226 Soplt.: Junior Varsity Football Team. JV Track. Library Assist.. Counselors Office Helper. "B" Honor Roll. Sr.: Varsity Football. Varsity Track. Counselor Ofltce Helper. Most Athletic Nominee. Schol- arshtp to Howard Payne University. Football. GOODING. BRIAN 90. 194. 281, GOODMAN. SHERI 301 GOSS. DARLA 103. 301 GRAHAM. JAMES. Senior 226 Soph.: Letter Track. Football. Good Attend- ance. Jr.: Good Attendance. Sr. GRAHM. DONNA 110. 174. 188. 208. 209.210 GRANBERRYJEFF 301 GRANBERRY. JENNIFER. Senior 35. 43. 69. 78. 79. 80. 87. 124.226 Saphx Blue Jackets. Spanish Club. "Alt B" Honor Roll. fr.: Starlets. Nattonnal Honor Society. "ARB" Honor Society. Sr.: Starlets. Lieutenant. National Honor Soci- ety - Vice President. Starlets - Executtve Counci1."AhB" Honor Roll. GRANDBERRY. LARRY 301 GRAVES. JAN A. Senior 132. 226 Soph.: Blue Jackets. FHA. Jr.: Blue Jackets. Sr.: Office Education Assoc.. Concert. "B" Honor Roll. GRAY. DONNA 258 GRAY. RANDY. Senior 89. 90. 114. 226 GRAY,TAMMY 116.282 GREEN. ANGELA 301 GREEN. KIM 102. 103.258 GREEN. MONTE 301 GREEN. PAUL 301 GREENHAW. BRENDA 301 GREER. KENNETH. Senior 226 GREEN. VICKY 282 GREGG. JEFF. Senior 66. 90. 93. 32. 33. 43. 55. 59. 87. 227 Soph.: Band. Stage Band. Theqatans. Jr.: Band. Stage Band. Choir. SCOA. 'Dtesl ans. Sr.: Stage Band. Choir. SCOA. Pub - Secti. Editor. Superlattve. Runner-Up Most Talente- Exchange Club. Ice Skating Club. Thespiai Student Director Sr. Assembly. GREGORY. JAYNE 92. 183. 184. 174. 282 GRICE. CONNIE 258. 132 GRICE. TAM MY I03. 301 GRIFFIS. GAIL 102. 103.282 GRIGGS. SHA RI 282 GR1MMETT.TINA 103.301 GROSS.VlCKIE 120.258 GROUNDS. KARA 192. 193.282 GUDINO.BEL1NDA 97.302 GUDINO. LINDA 97.282 GUERRA.ANNET'l'A.Sentor 128. 170. 171. 192. 193.227 GUERRA.DEBORAH.Sentor Jr., Varsity Volleyball Lettered. Lettered Va stty Soccer Sr 5 Prtnctpa1's Advisory Committee. Varst Volleyball Lettered. Lettered Soccer. Trai Manager. GUINN. BECKY 103.302 GUINN. ROBIN 258 GUNN,CYNTHIA 282 GUNN. TERRY. Senior 95. 106. 114. 200. 227 Snph.: B Team Baseball. lr.: KeyC1ub. Sr.: Key Club Sheriff, Banner Team Membt Ice Sltattng Club. Baseball Manager. Tort Photographer. Sentinel Stall. Pub Staff. Senit Superlattve Nominee, Sr. Announceme Comm. GUNSTANSON. KENNETH 302 GUTHRIE. HASKEL 121 GUTHRIE. KENNETH 302 GUTHRIE. MICHAEL 282 HADDOCK.TERESA 302 HAGAN. KEVIN 282 HAGAN. PAULA 129.170. 172,183,185 HAGGERTY. STAN 168. 181 HAILEY. ROSS 190.282 HALBERT. HOLLY 258 HALE.SHERR1E 101.258 HALLCHUCK 130 HALL. SANDRA 103. 302 HALL. SHERRY 85. 128. 258 HAM. MIKE 42. 90.91. 159. 162.282 HAMBY. DEBRA 302 HAMILTON. DENISE 116.282 HANCOCK. SUSAN 78.81.l14.129.194.197 HANES. DAVID. Senior 49. 228 HANKS. KEITH 168 HANSARD. KYLE. Senior 87. 114. 159. 162.228 Suph.: B Team Football. Ice Skating Club. Ki Club. Jr.. Varsity Football. Key Club. Ice Skating. Sr.: Lcttered Varsity Football. Key Club Boar. Ice Skating Club Treas.. Woods and Water Announcement Committee. Pub Staff Sectic Etlttor. HARDY. ELTON 259 HARE.TRACY. Senior 14. 43. 56. 89. 90. 67. 124. 228 Soph.: Concert Choir. SCOA. "B" Honor Roll. Jr: Concert Choir. SCOA. "A" Honor Rol National Honor Society. Sr ' Concert Choir Pres.. Nauonal Honor Soc ety Pres.. SCOA Pres..Jesters1. "B" Honor R01 Most Likely to Succeed. Superlative. HARGROVE. DARRELL 1 259 1 HARGROVE. JEFF I 168.282 HARGROVE. JERRY. Senior 100.130 HARKNESS. CAROL 282 HARPEILKENNETH 259 HARPERIIRACI 78. 79. 81.93. 108. 109. 116. 127. 259 RRIS.CONNlE . 103. 110 RRIS. JAMES. Senior :Woods and Water Cluh. RRIS. KIM. Senior .228 ll.: Secretarial Club. "'B" Honor Roll. : MB" Honor Roll. Industry Arts tSergeant- Amtsl. OEA. RRIS. LINDA RRIS. MIKE. Senior 91.97. 99. 126. 228 h.: Concert Choir. Concert Band. Marching nd. Musical "UnsinkabIe Molly Brown." OA. Razz-Ma-Tau. .' Stage Band. Concert Band. Marching nd. Concert Choir. Librarian. SCOA. Hello lly. Rau-Ma-Tazz.Al1-City Marching Band. ltd Show 77. . Stage Band. Concert Band. Marching nd. Trumpet Section Leader. Concert Choir. tersl. SCOA. National Honor Society. Rau- -Tau. All-Ctty Marching Band. Band Show RRIS. PAUL. Sentor 178 228 Ii.: JV Basketball. JV Baseball. .- Varsity Basketball. Golf. Key Club. :Varsity Basketball. BS Section. Rants. RANDY. senior Concert Choir Musical. Industrial Arts .' Concert Cltotr Musical. Bowling Team. :Concert Chorr Musical. Bowling Team. Rants. nosettr 2 -ARRIS. SHERRY. Senior 8 RRISON .283 RRISON 2 ARRISON. 3 ARRISON. 2 .JEANE .LORI MELODY SHERRI. Senior RVEY. DAVID STON. MARK .259 TTER.CLIFI'ON AWKINS. DONALD 3 AWKINS.GENA .78.8l.92. 283 HOWA R D. DO UG LAS. Sentor AWKINS. MARYANN 5.283 AWKINS. RANDA . 192. 193. 302 AWKINS. ROBIN 3 YN ES. JANY. Sentor h.: Swim Team Mgr.. Concert Choir. :Concert Choir. AYNES. LARRY. Senior .90 AYS. WILMA 12 ELMS. KATHY. Senior 8.229 h.: Blue Jackets. .. DECA Treasurer. LMS. RONNIE 2 NDERSON. BECKY 2 NDERSON. DANA 8. 283 NDRYX. ROBIN 3 NRY. JUDY 2. 259 ENTONJAMES I 283. 194 HUNSAKER. LISA 1RD.MICHA I EL ZRNANDEZ. FRANCES I20. 103. 120. IRNANDEZ. I ZRNANDEZ. 103.302 283 ISABEL KAREN IRNANDII. KAREN ERNANDEZ. ROBERT l iRREA. SYLVIA. Senior I ZROD. KYLA.Sentor I.lI9, 120.229 rh. ROTC. ROTC. . ROTC, IROD. PSYCHE I. 121.302 CKS. DOUG 168 CKS. KATHY I CKS. ROBERT 1.259 GGINS. MARGIE 283 ILL. CHARLENE .. 103. 259 LL. CHARLES I LL. RICHAR I. 260 D HILL. TERESA. Senior 229 soph.. FHA. Sr.: HECE. HERO. HILLGARTNER.TERRY.Sentor 126. 128. 229 Jr: DECA. Area Apparal and Accessories Winner. Sr. DECA. National Honor Society. Texas Voting Delegate at National DECA. CDC tn Washington. D.C. HINES. MICHAEL 283 HINTON. JAMES 302 HI'I'I'. TONY. Senior 26. 54. 107. 159. 162. 234. 229 HOBBS. DOUG 168 HOBBS. PAULA. Senior 87, 110.229 Soph.: Soccer. Blue Jackets. Ice Skating. Jrf Soccer. Blue Jackets. Ice Skating. Sr: Woods and Waters Secretary. Pub Stall. HODGES. KATHY. Senior 126. 132.230 HOFFMAN. JOHN. Senior 230. 98 HOGAN. ROBERT 260 HOGUE. HOLLY 114.283 HOGUE. JAMES 260 HOLCOM B. DAVID 302 HOLDER. KELLY 3. 78. 81. 260 HOLLANDSWORTH.TERRI 302 HOLLINGSWORTH. BEVERLY 302 HOLLIS. BRENDA 29. 120.260 HOLLOWAY. BEVERLY. Senior 230 Soplt.: "A" Honor Roll 2nd and 3rd Quarter. "B" Honor Roll 1stOuarter. Sr. - OEA. "B" Honor Roll 2nd Quarter. HOLLOWAY. CHESTER 7. 283 HOLMES. PATIY. Senior 78. 80. 230 Sayzh.. Blue Jackets. Bowling Team. Future Sec- reta ries ol Amenca. Jr Southwest Allied Youth. Clinic Assistant. Attendance Olltce Assistant. JV Cheerleader. Sr.. Southwest Allied Youth. Starlets. "B" Honor Roll. Starlet ol the Week. Senior Super- lattve Nominee. Starlet of the Year Award HOLMES. SUSAN 128. 260 HOOKER. LISA 302 HOPKINS. JANA 302 HOPKINS. LAWRENCE. Senior 119. 121.230 HOPKINS. TANA 103 HORTON. RONALD. Senior 212. 211. 230 HOUYT. DAN 114. 168 HOUSTON. MARSHA 116.283 HOWARD. DAMON. Senior 231 231 HOWDESHELL. ANNE 283 HUBACEK. TINA 260 HUBBARD. ROBIN 303 HUDDLESTON.KYLE 159. 165. 260 HUDSON.RONALD 29. 120.283 HUGHESDARRYL 159. I62.2lI.2I2 HUGHESJAMES 303 HUGHES. LISA 92. 284 HUGHES. VIRGINIA 260 102. 260 HUNT. SANDRA. Senior 35. 78. 80. 231 Saph ' Blue Jackets. Jr: Blue Jackets. French Club. Sr. Starlets. French Club. HUNTER. TONY 260 HIJTCHINS. AUBREY 303 HAX.CONNIE 284 HUX. JESSIE. Senior 110. 130. 231 Soph.. Prestdent ol lndustnal Arts Club. Soccer. Ir: Member of ICT and Industrial Arts Club. National Honor Society. Sr. Prestdent of 2nd Period FHA. National Honor Soctety. HYDE DELLA. Senior 231 Soph BIueJacltets Sr FHA. lNGRAM.STEVE 90. 284 INGRAM. TAM MY. Senior 128. 194. 231 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Spanish Club. Jr : Swim Team. "B" Honor Roll. Sr : Swim Team. DE. Woods and Waters Club. Prom Committee. JAC KS. LARRY 130. 261 JACKSON.CHERYL 130. 261 JACKSON. DONNA 110. 133 JACKSON. JAMES. Senior 24.25. 130.232 Soph.: Skyline CDC Carpentry. lr.: DECA. Sr.: Speech. Drama. "Times ol Your Lite." Tennis Team. JACKSON. MARY I20. 261 JACKSON. TERESA. Senior 232 JACKSON.TlNA 121 JACOBS. MARK 90. 120.284 JACOBS. RUTH ANN JACOBS. VELMA 92.284 JAGGERS. CINDY 103 JEFFERSON. BEATRICE 120 JEFFERSON. LORI 24.93.99 JEFFERSON. MICKEY 284 .1EFFERY.DWAYNE 261 JENKIN. RONALD 168 JENKINS. BEVERLY. Senior 87.94. 107. 108. 109. 110. 232 Soph.: Ice Skating. Rodeo Club. Student Coun- cil. Red Cross. Blue Jackets. Ir.: Ice Skating - Vice-Prestdent. Student Council. Red Cross. FHA. Latin Club. Newspa- per Stall. Srx Ice Skating. Student Council - Vtce-Presi- dent. Red Cross. FHA. Pub Stall. Annual Stall. Newspaper Stall. Prom Committee. "B" Honor. JENKINS. CRAIG 261 JENKINS. DAVID 284 JENKINS. SHARON 174.284 JETTON. BEVERLY 261 JE'l'l'ON. JEFFERY 284 JIMENEZ. LARRY 261 JOCK. BOBBY 284 JOHNSON. ALISA 110.284 JOHNSON. BRENDA 103. 183. 185. 261. 284 JOHNSON. BYRON 261 JOHNSON. BYRON 261 JOHNSON.CHRIS 196.261 JOHNSON. CYNTHIA 261 JOHNSON. CRAIG I20. 169. 303 JOHNSON. FRANCINE 121.284 JOHNSON. JESSIE 121 JOHNSON. KENNETH 169 JOHNSON. KEVIN 303 JOHNSON. LAURA. Senior 59. 82. 83. 66. 109. 232 Snph.: Blue Jackets. Ice Skating. Jr.. Blue Jacket Art Director. JV Cheerleader. Ice Skating Club. 3rd Quarter Starlet. Sl : Cheerleader. Pub Stall. Announcement Committee. Miss Samuell Runner-Up. Ice Skat- ing Club. Student Council - Executive Coun- ctl. JOHNSON. LAURIE 78.8I.97. 152. I74. 188 JOHNSON. LAURIE 303 JOHNSON. MARY 85. 109. 110. 133 JOHNSON. MICHAEL 284 JOHNSON. MIKE 303 Sapa.. ttorc. lr: ROTC. JOHNSON. ROY 118.121 JOHNSON. SANDRA 121 JOHNSON. TONYA 89. 127. 132. 172.262 JOHNSON. WINNIE FRED. Senior 59. 119. 121. 183. 185 Jr.. Basketball. Track. ROTC. Sr FHA. Basketball. T rack. ROTC JONES. ANNEITE 262 JONES. BRENDA. Senior 93. 128. 232 Saph.: Blue Jackets. Girls Select. Jr. ' Concert Choir. Musical. Sr: Concert Choir. Pub Stall. Prtnctpal's Advi- sory Commtttee. Thesptans. Musical. JONES. CHERYL. Senior 232 JONES. DAVID 303 JON ES. DEDRA. Senior 132. 232 Saph.: Blue Jackets. "B" Honor Roll. Junior: "B" Honor Roll Roll. VOE-OEA. Senior: VOE-OEA. JON ES. K EN 128 JONES. KIM 208. 209. 303 JONES. LINDA 103. 128. 303 JONES. PERCELL 262 JON ES. SCOTIY 168. 207 JON ES. TERRY 103. 262 JOHNSTON. ALISA 103 JOPLIN. ANTHONY 90.262 JOPLIN.SUSAN. Senior 15.68. 232 JORDAN. DARRYL 93. 284 JORDAN. TERESA 97.262 JURIK. BO. Senior 126. 130.232 JUR1K.GINA 116.284 KARLEN. CHARLOTTE. Senior 40. 44. 59. 87. 94. 125.232 Suph. Blue Jackets. Spanish Club. "A" Roll. Honor Jr.. Blue Jackets 1Juntor Boardl. National Honor Society. "A" Honor Roll. Outstanding Student Award tSctencel. Delegate to Nuclear Science Symposium. Texas Sr.: National Honor Society. Concert Cltotr. n . TORCH Stall ICopy Edttort. Outstandt g Stu dent Award lEngItshl. "A" Honor Roll. "Bells Are Ringing." Rau-Ma-Tau. Pub Stall. Senior Superlattve. Senior Favorite Runner-Up IMost Likely to Succeedl. High Honor Graduate. Valedtctonan. KARLEN. JEFF 168.262 KEAH EY. ANNE 92. 285 KEAHEY. LORI 92.285 KEASLER. MARCIA 303 KELLAM. ZANT 303 KELLER.CONNlE 262 KELLY. BRENDA 303 KENDALL. SCOTT. Senior 6. 24. 84 Soph. ' Woods and Waters Club. Jrx DECA Sr Banner Team. All School Play. KENNEDY. VIRGINIA 285 KENT. MICHAEL 285 KERBOW. ALBERTO 285 KERRY. JANICE 303 KEY. NINA 262 KEY. TONY 114.285 KEY. TWYLA 103. 133. 303 KILLINGSWORTH. BRETT 14. 42. 91 KILLINGSWORTH. MIKE 5.90 KINCY. LISA. Senior 87, 216. 232 Ir ' Young Ltle. Sr. Ice Skating Club. Sr. Class Secretary. Pub Stall. Student Council. Announcement mittee. Ltle Leadership. KING. ANTHONY 303 KING. TERRI 85 KINMAN.CATHY 22.23. 105.303 KIRK. KEN 168 KNAPP. MICHELLE 85.262 KOKOTKIEWIOZ. JIMMY 285 KONCAK. KIM. Senior 31.44. 78. 79. 80. 109. 125. 232 KOVACS. DIANE 285 KUBECEK.CELESTE. Senior 94. 95 Suph.. Blue Jackets. Los Conqutstadores. Jr.. Jr Varstty Cheerleader. National Society. Sr : FHA. BS Section. TORCH Stall. KUYKENDALL. DAVID 169.303 LACY. ROBERT 130 LACKEY. LANAE C om- Honor 4 285 LAMB. KARLA 285 LaMONT.AMBER. Sensor - 100. 101. 102. 128 Soph.: Girls Select Choir. Blue Jackets. Tennis Team. Jr.: Blue Jackets. Concert Chosr. Tennis Team. A'HelIo Dolly." DECA Olympics. Sr Concert Choir. Blue Jacket Officer. DECA Olltcer. DE. "Bells Are Ringing." LAND. SANDRA. Sensor 232 LANE. FELECIA 303 LAND. SAUNDRA. Sensor Soph.: FHA. Jr.: FHA. Sr.: FHA. LANGLEY. BARBARA 285 LANGLEY. LARRY 120 LaQUAY. SHARON 78.81 LASTER. YVETTA. Sensor 232 LASTER. EDDIE 212 LATIMER. YOLLAND 263 LAWLESS. LIZ 129. 194. 197 LAWSHE. MIKE 127. 196.263 LAWSON. CLINT 182. 303. 207 LEE. ANTHONY 90 LEFFINGWELL. BYRON 285 LEH EW. DARLA 78. 81. 93. 263 LEMONS. NOVA 127. 263 LENZ. TONTEANN 103. 303 LESTER. KYLE 90. 285 LEW IS. 132 LEWIS. 92, 285 LEW IS. 263 LEWIS. 130. 263 LEWIS. 132. 232 DEBBIE KRISTI JEFF LISA LEIGH ANN. Sensor Soph 'Blue Jackets. Girls Select Chotr. Jr.. Ice Skating Club. Concert Choir. SL: Ice Skating Club. VOE. Concert Choir, LEWIS. MITCHELL 304 LEWIS. 159 RANDY LIEVSAY. SAMMY. Sensor 233 Saph., Soccer. Key Club. Young Ltle. Ice Skat- ing Club. Jr. Key Club. President Woods and Waters. Young Lsle. Ice Skating Club. Sr.: Key Club. Young Lsle. Woods and Waters. Sensor Assembly Committee. Newspaper. Pub Stall. LIGHTFOOTSHERRY 285 LIGON. DOUG 304 LILES.CONNlIi 263 LINDSEY. GLENDON 304 LINDSEY. JAMES. Sensor 31. 233 Sr. Achievement - Tutoring. LISENBE. RICHARD 263 L1'I'I'ON.GARY 286 LOLLER. KENNY. Sensor 155. 159. 163. 233 Soph.. JV Football. Jr: Varsity Football, Sr: Outstanding Achievement, Metal Shop. Varssty Football. LONG. ELVIS 169.304 LONG. GREG 263 LONG. JULIE 263 LONG. KARLA. Sensor 233 Saph.: Blue Jackets. "B"Honor Roll Jr.: JV Cheerleader. HECE. Sr 'HECE. LONG. LARRY. Sensor 234 LONG. RANDALL. Sensor 234 LONG. SHERI 286 LOPEZ. LINDA, Sensor 234 LOPEZ. MARIA 102. 103. 263 LOVERN. BONNER 181.286 LOVERN. oouosas sopfr.. Tract. saowsrrrg. Jr saowtrrrg. sr.. aowsarrg. Hara. Lowe. tum. serrarr 234 Soplt: Blue Jackets. Jr.: DECA. Sr .4 Deck. DECA Photographer, Lowkcv. DALE isa LUMLEY. BILL 304 LYLES. BOBBY 169. 304 LYLES. JEFF 264 LYLES. LISA.Senior 234 Soph. ' "B" Honor Roll. Jr: Health Magnet School. "B" Honor Roll. Tahos Club Parliamentarian. SL: HECE. HERO. Best Actress Award, Job Award. LYNCH. LETITIA 304.99 MACALUSO,JIMMY. Sensor 2.59. 159. 107, 162. 163. 234. 359 MACKEY. RENICE 286.48 MACON, ANDY. Senior 235 MADDOX.JANET 102. 103. 286 MADDOX.JOYCE 286 MAGEORS. MARILYN. Sensor 130.235 MALONE. MIKE. Sensor 159. 163,2II,2I6.213. 235 Svph: B Team Football. Varssty Track. Ice Skating Club, Jr J Varssty Football. Varsity Track. Ice Skating Club. Sr: Varsity Football. Varsity Track. Varsity Baseball. Senior Class Vice-President. Pub Stall. Ice Skating Club. Woods and Water Club. Prom Committee. MANGRUM. DEBRA 194. 264 MANLEY. MARK 90 MANNON. MELANIE 286 MARDER. DAN. Senior 106.159. 165.235 Jr: Varsity Baseball. Varssty Football. Woods and Water, Sr: Varssty Football, Varssty Baseball, Woods and Water. MARDIS. EVEI.YN 24.264 MARKHAM. LAURIE. Sensor 87. 100. 194. 235 Saphx Blue Jackets. Ice Skating Club. Gtrls Select Chorus. Swim Team Manager. Jr' Blue Jackets Jr, Board. Ice Skatsng Club. Woods and Water Club. Swsm Team Manager. JV Cheerleader. Sr.: Blue Jacket. V,-President. Ice Skating. Woods and Water. Swim Team Manager, Pub Stall. Sr. Announcement Committee. MARKS. KAREN 132 MARIN. JIMMY 301 MARLEY. MELISSA. Sensor 235 MARSHALL. SYLVIA 188 MARTIN. JENNIFER. Sensor 236 MARTIN. LINDA 20. 85. 274. 286 MARTIN. RUSSELL 107. 264 MARTIN,TODD 169. 207. 295. 304 MARTIN. TRACY 264 McCALL. WAYNE 159. 198. ZCXJ McCALLUM. DONALD, Sensor 236 McCA RTER. DAVID 21 1. 2 I 2 McCARTER. RICHARD 264 McCL EN DON. RAN DY. Sensor 94.98. I14,99. 140.236 Soph.. Marching Band. Concert Band .lr ' Lab Band. Marching Band. Concert Band. Music on Stage '77, Sr. Lab Band. Marching Band. Concert Band. TCQRCH Stall tlayout Edstorl. Mussc on Stage McCI.EN DON. LA DONA 132. 264 McCl.EN DON. TER ESA 92. 286 McCLUNG. RANDY. Sensor 236 McCLURE. MARGARET 264 McCOMMON. WILLIAM 304 McCORMACK. JOAN. Sensor 40.44. 78, 79. 80. 89. 91. 93. 122. 125. 237. 69. 68 Supls Spanish Club. Blue Jackets. Gsrls Select. Jr.. National Honor Society. Blue Jac1rets4Jun- tor Boardl. Concert Chotr. --Hello Dolly." Rau-Ma-Tazz. Thesptans. Cht1dren's Play. Sr National Honor Socsety. Starlets tCounct1J. Concert Choir. Jestersl. "Bells Are Ringing" lAccompantst1. Razz-Ma-Tazz. Thespsans tOfIscer1. High Honor Graduate, McCOY. ALAINA 22. 104. 304 MCCUISTON. LISA. Sensor 87.89. 133.237 Soplr: Girls Select Choir. Blue Jackets. Ice Skating Club. Jr.: JV Cheerleader. Concert Choir. Ice Skatsng Club. "B" Honor Roll. Sr.: Allied Youth. Concert Choir, FHA. Library Assistant. "B" Honor Roll. BS Section. McCULLOUGH,SHERYL 192. 193.264 McDAN1EL. DEBBIE 2. 18. 33. 96. 136. 285 McDONALD. JON. Senior 54. 128 Soph.: DECA. Jr.. DECA. Sr.: DEC A. MCDONALD. KIM, Senior 24. 26. 93. 94. 95. 237. 98 Soph.: Marching Band. Concert Band. Music on Stage. Jr.: Marching Band. Concert Band. Music on Stage. Sr.: Thespians. TORCH Staff llndex Edttorj. Marching Band, Concert Band. Sr. Play. One- Act Play tLead1. MCDONAIJD. KIM 23. 104 McDONALD. THOMAS 286 McELHANEY. JANEY 264 MCELHANEY. KELLY 196.265 MARTINEZ. BERTHA. Senior 263 MARTINEZ. CHARLIE 169 MARTINEZ. JULIAN 304 MARTINEZ. LUIS. Senior 17. 108. 109. 129. 236 MARTINEZ. MONICA. Senior 64.236 Jr.: HERO. Sn: HERO. HECE. MARTINEZ. REBECCA 304 MARTIN Fl. RICHARD. Senior 129.236 Sr: Industrial Arts. BS Section. MASTON. MARY 304 MATHIS. BART 130 MATHIS. MELONIE 304 MATTHEWS. AMY 97.304 MATLOCK.CRA1G.Senior 236 Jr.. Woods and Water Club Treasurer. Key Club. Young Ltle. Sr.: Woods and Water Club Treasurer. Key Club Sensor Board, Young Lile, MATTIX. LINDA 92.206 MATYSEK. STEVE 121 MAURNY. DAVID 286 MAXEY. HOLLY 103. 194. 295. 304 MAXWELL. DARLENE 264 MAYBERRY. LINDA 92 McBLAlN. PATTI 304 McBR1DE. PENNY 130 McCA LL. CHARLOTTE. Sensor 78. 80. 236 Sophq Blue Jackets. Spanish Club. Jr.: Starlets. Sr.. Starlets. Attendance Ollsce. McGAHA. RICKY. Sensor 31. 237 Soph., Ist Place sn Car Show. "B" Honor Roll. Jr.: Bowling. Ice Skating Club. Znd Place tn Car Show. "B" Honor Roll. Sr.. Bowling. TAG. MB" Honor Roll. McGAH EY. DAVID. Sensor 130. 237 McGAHEY. NELDA 304 McGAH EY. YVONN E 22 MCGEE. WILLIAM 265 McGOWAN.TAM1 103,304 MCGUFFEY. BETSY 92.286 McGUlRE. DEBBIE 103.304 McGUIRE.GENETTE 121 MCILORY. CINDY. Sensor 89.237 MCKANNA. PAT 97 McKNIGHT. TONY. Sensor 37. 237 McKINNEY. KEVIN 99. 194. 286 MCKINNIE. BRIAN. Sensor 24. 25. 87. 90. 91. 93. 59.122. 237. 68. 98 MCKENZIE. WILLIAM 119. 120.265 McLAUGHlN. JEFFERY 305 McLEROY. SANDRA. Sensor 93. 97. 99. 237 Saph: Marching Band. Girls Select. Bowling. Thespians. Musical. Sr. Play. Children's Play One-Act Play. Concert Band. Band Show Razz-Ma-Tau. lr.: Stage Band Concert Choir. Thespians. Sr Play. Chi1dren's Play. Musical. Band tSectiot Leader and Secretaryl. Concert Band. Banc Show, All-City Band. Razz-Ma-Tau. Sn: Musical. Concert Choir. Thespians. Stags Band lSecretaryl. Marching Band. Concer Band lsecretaryl, Sr. Pub. Band Show lBusines: Managerj. Razz-Ma-Tazz. McMAHAN. RHONDA I 16. 132. 265 McNEIL. JOHN 305 McQUEEN. JEFF 169. 305 MECHE. SHERYL. Sensor 59. 71. 78. 80. 79. 89. 93. 237 MECHE. NORMAN 305 MELVIN. DEBORAH. Senior 237 MEREDITH. MIKE 265 M ETAYER. JEAN 212 MEWBOURNE.JONl 20. 39. 55. 78.81. 109.265 MEZA. HILDA JL: "B" Honor Roll. MEZA. TONY 140. 286 MICK. ANTHONY 305 MILAM. KAYLA 92. 102. 103.286 MILAM. LINDA 305 MILE. SHEILA 97. 286 MILLER. ALAN 305 MILLER. CATHY 110.265 MILLER. JOE. Sensor 28 MILLER. KIM 305 MILLER, MARILYN. Sensor 69. 44. 78. 79. 80. 126, 237 Snph.: French Club. Blue Jackets tSoph. Boards. International Club. Ice Skating Club. Jr.: French Club l5ecretaryl. Blue Jackets Ur. Boardl. Ice Skating Club. Intematsonal Club. Sr.: Starlets fCouncs11. Latsn Club. Foreign Exchange Student. Superlative. National Honor Society. MILLER. PAU LA. Sensor 95. 114.237 Snph., Blue Jackets. Jr ' TORCH Stall. Sr.: Ice Skating Club. FHA. TORCH Stall. "B"' Honor Roll. MILLER. rsttcur. Sensor 1 iss. 231 1 Sophp B-Team Football Mg.. Key Club, B- Team Baseball. Jr.: Varsity Football Mgr.. Varssty Baseball. Mgr.. Key Club. 1 Sr.. Varssty Football Mgr.. Varssty Basketball Mgr.. Varssty Baseball Mgr.. Key Club. MILLER. RHONDA 168, 265 MILLER.TROY 159. 198. 163.201, 265. 206. 359. 204 MILLIMAN. PEGGY 286 MILLS. MICHELL 305 MILLSAP. CHRIS 114.265 MIRUS. CARL 287 MITCHELL. BRIAN 287 MITCHELL. PAMELA 305 MITCHELL. RAY 305 MITCHELL. STEPHANIE 130 MIXON. CINDY.Sensor . 132.237 3 Sr..'0EA. "B" Honor Roll. s MIZE. MIKE 169 MOFFETT. JACKY 305 MOFFETTJIMMY 168. 287 MOHN. ROBBYE. Sensor 28. 118. 119. 120. 126.237 Saph.: French Club. ROTC Rille Team. "A Rc B" Honor Roll. lr.: ROTC Superior Cadet. "ALB" Honor Roll. Sr.: National Honor Society. ROTC Superior Cadet. Achievement Award tROTCJ. Washing- ton D.C. Trip. MOJICA. ANNA 305 MOLINA.CINDY 132 MOLINA.1NES 169. 190 MOLINA. LUIS 265 MOLOCK. BELINDA. Sensor 238 MONEY.GREG 16. 159. 163. 181. 287 MONEY. KYLE 159. 160. 163. 164. 176. 177. 178. 179. 201. 266. 3 ONROE. GINA 5 ONTGOMERY. CHARLES 7 ONTGOM ERY. JOE. Senior 8 OORE. DEBBY 2. 103. 194. Z87 00RE.GA1L OORE. GARY 14. 168.287 OORE. HARLOD 87 OORE. JAMES I5 oph.: Woods and Waters Club. Ice Skating Club. r.: First Place Drawing in VICA. OORE. KATHY. Senior 8 oph.: Blue Jackets. r..' FHA. OORE. MARY. Senior 32. 238 aph.: Blue Jackets 1Sophomore Boardj. JV Cheerleader. OORE. NELDA 87 OORE. RAN DY 7 OORE. ROB ERT OORE.SHERRI 2. 103.287 OORE. SHERRIE 7 IORELAN D. LAURIE 87 ORELAND. REBECCA 3. 305 ORENO.COLLEEN 15. 287 IORGAN. KELLY 7. 38. 78.81.91 114. 127. 129. 197.266 ORCtAN.TlNA 3. 194. 305 ORRIS, BILLY .266. 202 4ORRIS,CINDY 66 10RRIS. PATTI 0.23. 39.103, 104. 105. 109. 305 AORRIS. RHON DA 7. 183. 184. 185. 287 IORROW. ROBERT 05 JOSER. ROGER 05 HOSES. TY 28 AOTYKA. MARTHA 87 IULLINA. DAVID 87 AULLINO. JOHN 05 IURLEY. APRIL 05 URLEY.PHYLL1S 16 UEPHY. JEANETTE. Senior YERS. JO ANN 7 LL. DANNY I ALY. CHRIS . 95. 99. 287 ALY. VICENT . 306 EL. ANTHONY. Senior . 238 LSON. JEFF. Senior 6. 179. 238 -vph.: "B" Team Basketball. .' Varsity Basketball. Varsity Basketball. IERIA. ANNETTE L8 ERIA. JEANNETTE F8 EWHOUSE. NANCY. Senior '. 120. 238 EWSOM. DANA. Senior 18 EWSOM E. HENRY 18 EWTON. JOE I. 169. 207. 306 ICHOLAS. THERESA wh.: FHA. v. r.: HECE. FHA. HERO. IICHOLS. D'ANN 2 114. 194288. 117 IICHOLS. TIMOTHY, Senior 38 IIX. DONNA 88 IOBRE. RICKY. Senior 30. 239 1ioRRts. oavto. senior 59. 162. 163. 21 l.2l2. 239 Toph.: Football. Track. Woods and Water. r.: Football. Track. Woods and Waters. Bowl ng Club. ir.: Football. Track. Woods and Waters 1Vtce- 'residenty Bowling Club. JDOM. DEBBIE. Senior 14. 78. 79. 80. 87. 126. 129. 239. 69 Kapil.: Blue Jackets. Ice Skating Club. Girl s Select Choir. Student Council. Jr.: Concert Choir. Blue Jackets Secretary. Ice Skating Club. Musical. Sr.: Starlets 1CounciIl. Latin Club Secretary. Ice Skating Club. National Honor Society. Superla- tive. Concert Choir, Musical. ODOM, ELIZABETH 266 OEHLSCHLAEGER. MARK 127, 266 OLIVER. FREDRICK 306 OLIVER. KELLY 306 OLIVER. RANDY. Senior 130. 239 ORREN, BART 109. 140 ORSBORN. JULIA 1 15, 288 OWEN. DONNA 266 OWEN. RICKY 288 OWENS. BUTCH 90 OWENS, EARL 288 PADGETT, BILL 190. 191.288 PAGE. LAURA 288 PAGE. TAMMY 103.306 PALMER.THOMAS. Senior 130 PARKER.GREG.Sentor 239 PARKER. LEAH. Senior 132. 239 PARKIN. ROBIN 306 PARKS. JENNIFER 92. 93. 116. 288 PARKS. MARGRET 315 PARTINGTON. BRYON. Senior 126. 239 PASCHA LL, BREIT 169. 306 PASCHALL. MARK. Senior 59. 159.164, 211.213, 239 Soph.: JV Football. Varsity Track 1Shot Puttl, Math Tutor. Student Council. lr.: Varsity Football, Varsity Track 1Dtscus1. Key Club, Student Council. Sr.: Varsity Football. Varsity Track 1Discus1. Woods and Waters. Football Scholarship. PASCHALL. SCOTT 159. 164. 288 PATE. DANNY 315 PATE. EDDY. Senior 239 PATE. STEVE 3M PATT. MYLEN D 306 PATTERSON. ROBERT 130. 267 PATTERSON. RODNEY 120 PA'I'I'ILLO. DARRELL 14. 15.33. 49. 90. 127. 159. 164. 176. 178. 179. 267 PATTILLO. GREG 22. 23. 97. 306 PAYNE AU DRA. Senior 239 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Jr..' FHA Treasurer. Sr.: FHA Historian. PAYNE RICKY 267 PAYTON, JESSIE 267 PEARSON. JAMIE. Senior 87. IM. 101.240 PEARSON. PATRICK 48. 306 PEEL.JEFF 267, 201. 203 PEEL. KAREN, Senior 59.87.109. 110,240 Soph.: Blue Jackets - Soph. Board. Spanish Club. Jr.: Blue Jackets - Junior Board. Sr.: Pub Staff. Prom Committee. Student Coun- ct1,Sentor Favorite Nominee. PENA. FELIX. Senior 6. 86. 241 Sr.: Deaf Cheerleader. "B" Honor Roll. PENLAND, DANNY 288 PENN. BILLY 159.164, 211.212, 267 PENN. JAY' 306 PERll TEYNOLD 36 PERKINS. BRENDA 306 PERKINS. EDWIN 169 PERKINS. RUSSELL 267 PERKINS. STEVE 306 PERRY. ROBERT 288 PERTHUIS. RANDALL 288 PETERS. PAM 1 I4 PETERSON, PATRICIA, Senior 130. 240 PETTIJOHN. KENNY 288 PHILLIPS. AI... Senior 3. 4. 56. 84, 114, 239. 240 Scph.: JV Baseball, JI.: Key Club. Industrial Arts Club. Sr.: Spartan Image. Wood Shop Award. Key Club Board. Ice Skating Club. Prom Committee Co-Chairman. PHILLIPS. DALE I I8. 121 PHILLIPS. MARK. Senior 159. I65. 240 Soph.: Football Team. Jr.: Varsity Football Team, Sn: Varsity Football Team. PHILLIPS, ROY 55. 159. I65. 211.212, 213 PIERCE. DEBBIE 106. 288 PIERCE, THOMAS 306 PINKERTON.CONNIE 170. 172 PINKHAM. KAREN 306 PIPKINS. GARY 267 PtPRtNs. SANDRA. senior sopf-.V ROTC. ff.: ROTC. sf.. FHA. PITTMAN. RALPH tes. 267 Ptrrs. Jmx az. 91, zse POGUF. STEPHEN za-9 POLK. ROBERT ' 289 POLLARD. TINA 289 POOL. DAN 168. 267 POSS. CHARLES 289 POTTER. CHERYL Soph.: FHA. Blue Jackets. Choir. Ir.: "B" Honor, Blue Jackets. FHA - Vice- Pruident. HERO. Child Development. Sr.: Home Economics. Cooperative Education. HERO. FHA. POUND.GEORGE 289 POUND, LISA. Senior 18. 20. 82. 172. 173. 187. 208. 209. 210. 233. 239. 240 Saph.: Athletics. Sophomore Favonte. Home- comingCourt. lr.: Athletics. Homecoming Court. Sr.: Athletics, Cheerleader. Most Athletic, HomecomingCnurt. POWELL.JUDY 289 POWELL. KAY. Senior 110. 128, 240 POWELL. MARCUS 289 POWELL. PAM 306 PRATOR. RAYMONA 130 PRlLSCO'I'1'. DEAN 267 PRESLEY. SHERRY 116 PRESTRIDGE. BOBBIE 306 PRICE, MARSHA 78.81. 109. 289 PRICE. MONTY 289 PRIDE. RANDY. Senior I 19. 121. 240 PRIMM. KIMBERLY. Senior 241 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Jr.: DECA. Sr.: DECA. PRINCE. JOHNANNA 307 PRUITT. LISA 28 PR YOR. TON Y 268 PULLEN. STEVE 93. 106.307 PURDY. ANNE'I'I'E. Senior 241 PURSER. DONNA 132 RADNEY. STEVE 22. 23. 105. 169. 182. 207. 307 RAGAN. SHEILA 307 RAKESTRAW. AVA 97,307 RAMIRI1. AUGUSTIN 307 RAMIREZ. BEN. Senior 114 RAMIREZ. HARVEY IW. 191 RAMIRHJAVIER 159. 165.268 RAMSEY. CURTIS 389 RAMSEY.JAC1E.Sentur 78.79. 80.91.231,241 RAMSEY. SHERYL. Senior 241 RANDALL. KIM zes RAN DALI.. CHER1 zss v ' RANDLE. aRtoGE1'r 107 RANEY. NEALL 289 RASCHALL. THOMAS 289 RAWLINS. BRIAN 301 tutwt.tNs, KRISTI zss R.1twt.tNs. KRISIY 2x9 RAYBURN. GINGER zz RAYBURN. VIRGINIA 301 READ. Daaoiutn 268 READ. PHYLLIS. Senior 15. 16, S8.66.91. 67.93. 108, 109. 241 Sopll: Thespians. Girls Select. Band. American- Field Service Club. Jr.: Jesters!. Concert Choir, Lead in the Musi- cal, Minor Lead in the Senior Play. Who's Wlto Among American High School Students. Stu- dent Council. Thespians. AFS Club. Band. Sr.: Jesters!, Concen Choir. Lead in the Musi- cal. Lead in the Senior Play. Who's Who Among American High School Students. Stu- dent Council W Secretary. Thespians, Most Talented. RECORD. BILLY 168 RECORD. KENNETH 307 REDFEARN. JONI 34, 78. 81. 127. 250.268 REDMON D. ROBERT 307 REED. BETH 78. 81. 268 REED. BRUCE 159, 268 REED. CLIFFORD 168. 21 I. 212. 289 REED. SUSAN 307 REESE. BARBARA 307 REN EGAR, PAM. Senior 128. I 1 I, 241 REYES, PHILLIS. Senior 241 Sepia: Blue Jackets. Ice Skating Club. Yotutg Life. Valentine Coun. Jr.: Starlet. FHA, Ice Skating. Bowling, Valen- tine Court. Homecoming Court. Life Leader- ship. Sr,.- FHA. Red Cross f Representative. REYNOLDS. CAROLYN 289 REYNOLDS. RONNIE 190, 191.289 REYNOLDS. VICKIE 289 R EYNOSO. ADRIAN 307 RH EA. CATHY 290 R HODES. ROBERT 290 R HODES. TRAVIS 307 RICHARDSON. JOHNNY 307 RIDDLES. SCOTT. Senior 87, 107. 196. 241 Saph.: Student Council, Woods and Waters. Key Club. Golf. Concert Choir, Sophomore Favonte. "B" Honor Roll. Jr.: Key Club. Student Council. Woods and Waters. Concert Choir. Ice Skating. Golf. "B" Honor Roll. sf.: Newspaper sun. crfeanor Pub, woods and Waters. Golf. Ice Skating. "B" Honor Roll. RIDGE. FELICIA I 10. 121,290 RIGGS. BILLIE 307 RIGGS. LEE ANN 290 RIVERS. STANLEY 268 ROACH. DAN 129. 307. 197 ROBERSON, CEANDRA 290 ROBERSON, DAVID 169, 165. 167. 268 ROBERTS. BENNIE 123. 307 ROBERTS. DEIRDRE 290 ROBERTS. KIM 307 ROBERTS. LAURIE 29. 118. 120. 268 ROBERTSON. MARK 90. 290 ROBIN SON. CHA ROLET. Senior I 16. 241 Soph. lr.: Concert Choir. French Club. Sr.: Concert Choir. French Club. ROBINSON. JERRY 269 ROBINSONJEROME 130.307 ROBINSON.THOMAS 308 RODGERS. KAREN 6 290 RODRIGUEZ JOHN 290. 99 ROE. DAVID 307 ROGERS. KLAY. Senior 4. 11. 18. 25. 26. 45. 59. 67. 68. 84. 90. 94. 95. 126. 190. 241.356 Soph.. Concert Choir, SCOA. Student Council Officer. Soccer. B-Team Baseball, Key Club, Jr,.' Concert Choir. SCOA. Soccer. TORCH Photographer. Newspaper Staff. Sr .' Jesters!. Concert Choir. SCOA. Ofticer. Banner Team. Annual Photographer. Newspa- per Stall. Musical R Lead. Senior Superlative. National Honor Society. Wittiest Nominee. Senior Assembly Master of Ceremonies. Sr. Pub StaII. Sr. Assembly Committee. ROSE. KNOLLIS. Senior 17. 26. 38. 55. 57. 67. 94. 68. 107. 191. 216. 241 Sophn Concert Choir. Nose Club. Musical. SCOA. Rau-Ma-Tazz. Jr.: Student Council f Treasurer. Concert Choir. Musical. SCOA. Razz-Ma-Tau. Sr.: Class President. Editorial Editor 3 Jour- nalism. Concert Choir. Musical. Witttest. SCOA. Sr. Assembly - M.C. Varsity Soccer Team. Hall Patrol, ROSS.JANlCE 308 ROWDEN. SHEILA 78.81. 268 ROWLETT.CHERYL gigh.: Recreational Achievements Award in Jr,: French Club. ROYALL. CARLA. Senior 132, 241 Soph, Jr.: HB" Honor Roll RUSHER. PATRICE 308 RUSSELL. RENE 114. 183. 186. 308 RUSSELL. SHERI 290 RUSSELL. TANA 269 RUZ1CKA.ZENA 97. 308 SCOGGINS. LYSA 290 SCOTT. LOLON A 308 SCOTT. NOLAN 308 SCOTT. PAUL DOUGLAS 39. 168. 181. 290. 198. 203. 201 SCOTT. SHELLEY 78.81.290 SCRIBNER. DAVID 290 SCRIBNER. JULIE. Senior 242 SELBY. DONNA 308 SELF. PATRICIA 308 SELF. SUSAN 269 SELMAN. CAROLYN 269 SELMAN. JANNA 92.290 SELZER. KATHY 243 SHAFFER. DANIEL 121 SHAFFER. STEVE 90.243 SHAW. MELODY 109.269 SHAW. MORGANA 92.290 SHELTON. RHON DA 132.269 SHELTON. SUSAN 243. 107 Suph.: Blue Jackets. Skyline Commercial Art 1. VICA State Winner, Jr. ' Skyline Commercial Art II. VICA Winner. Sr.: Visual Arts Magney. Starlets. IYC City 5 - lst 3 - 2nd Zone 3 -- Ist 1 -- 2nd Interna- tional 2 -lst 1- 2nd. Sentinal Art Editor. SHERRELL. STEVE 90.291 SHERROW. FREDDIE 118. 121. 291 SHERROW. MAGGIE 308 SH1PI.ET1'.GREG 308 SHIRLEY. RENE. Senior 100. 128. 243. 59 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Jr., President DECA. Blue Jackets. SL' President DECA. Blue Jackets President, President Dallas DECA President Council, State DECA Gtrl Student ol the Year. Dallas Sale Marketing Executive Scholarship Winner. SHREVES. SHAWN 25. 93. 291. 98 SHRODES. GLYNN 269 SHUFFIELD. PAUL 308 SHUMAKER. JOHN 22. 105. 169. 21 1. 212. 308. 194 SILL. ROBERT 291 SILVA.J1MMY 159.269 SIMMONS. CINDY. Senior 243 SlMONS.CINDY 308 SIMONS. DARLA 78.81. 132 SIMONS. SHELLY 291 SIMS. STACY 308 SINGLETON, WILLIE 308 SIRLS. EARNEST 291 SIRLS. WILLIE. Senior 59. 45. 108. 109. 110.243 SISLER. ARACELY. Senior 243 Sr., FHA. SISSON. MARK 48.49.270 SKAER.ER1CK 309 SAMAN. ALFONSO 308 SAMPLE, BILLY 269 SAMPSON, LORI. Senior 241 SANDERS. GORDEN 308 SANDERS. KIM 188 SANDERS. LINDA. Senior 241 SAN DERSON. SALLY. Senior 10. 15. 16, 33. 34. 67. 78. 87. 93. 106. 122. 216. 242.57 Saph.: Sr. Play. Thesptans. Latin Club. One-Act Play. Children's Play. Speech Club. Jr J Concert Choir. Prtnctpa1's Advisory Com- mittee. Thespians. Speech Club Musical. News- paper Staff. Sr. Play. One-Act Play. Cht1dren's Play. Starlets. Sr: Sr. Class Officer. Starlets. Speech Club. Thespians 3 Pres.. Concert Choir. Pub Staff. News Editor - Sentinel. Music on Stage. Wttti- est. SANDLIN. BOBBY 308 SANDLIN. BRYAN 14.15. 24. 89. 90, 91. 116. 269 SANDLIN. RAN DY 159. 165. 269 SANDS.JEFFERY 290 SANFORD. ROBIN 102 SAPUNDJIEFF. STEPHEN 308 SAPUNDJIEFF. SUSAN 92. 114.290 SARRAT'I'.ClNDY 308 SA'I'I'ERWHlTE. GARY 89. 90. 97. 290 SAUCEDOJAVIER 308 SAUCIER. KAREN 290 SCHLEBACH. LARRY 130 SCHMIDTH. RENE. Senior 242 SCOGGINSGLEN. Senior 159. 165. 242 SKAER. GRETCHEN 309 SKINNEKCHARLES 309 SLAYDEN. PAM 105. 174. 309 SLAYDEN. SUSIE. Sentor 57. 78. 80. 87. 126.244 Xuph: Blue Jackets, French Club. Student Council. Jr. ' Blue Jackets. Jr. Board. OEA. Sr.: Starlets. National Honor Society. Senior Assembly Committee. Senior Pub Staff. Most Beautiful. SLOAN. ELMER 291 SLOAN. PAM 291 SLOAN, RAY DEL. Senior 16.159. 165.243 SI.OAN. TONJA 85. 270 SMALL. VIRGINIA 208. 209. 210. 291 SMELTZER.JAMES.Senior 65.243 Jr Nmpaperstarr.HERo. sf HERO. SMITH. DAVID 270 SMITH. DIANA 103.309 SMITH. GEORGIA. Senior 31, 34. 78. 79, 80. 126.243 SMITH. IELINE 121 SMITH. JAMES. Senior 244 SMITH. KRISTIE 17. 20. 39. 100. 109. 110. 250. 270 SMITH. MARSHA 36. 194.291 SMITH. PHILLIP 90.93.291 SMITH. RAYMOND 90, 129. 197 SMITH. RHONDA 291 SMITH. ROBERT 121 SMITH. ROBERT 168 SMITH. RUSSELL 291 SMITH. TAMMY 102, 103, 106. 291 SMITH. TER1 22. 103. 174. 188.309 SMITH. TIM. Senior Saphx Art Club. Talented and Gifted Program for Art. Jr.: DECA. State Finalist - Studies in Market- tng. Art Club. Area Winner tn Studies in Mar- keting f- DECA. Sr.: DECA. Club Historian - DECA. SMITH. VOLA 118. 121.291 SNEED. PHILLIP 168 SN EED. SANDRA 85. 128.291 SNOW. DUMONT 270 SLOSMAN. LISA 309 SONTANY. SHERRY 103.309 SORRELLS. EDWIN 168 SPAINHOUER, CHANA G. 24. 26. 69. 93. 94. 97. 99. 125. 132. 147. 151. 244. 359 Saphu' Concert Band. Marching Band. Band Show. Sign Language Club. "A" Honor Roll. Library Assistant. Jr.: Marching Band. Concert Band. Band Show, Yearbook Stall. Thespians, The Chil- dren's Play. National Honor Society, Bible Credit Award. "A" Honor Roll. Sr' Marching Band, Concert Band. Band Show. Thespians, National Honor Society. "The Time of Your Life" Y Sr. Play. Dallas All City Marching Band. Office Education Assoc.. "A" Honor Roll. Graduate With High Honors, TORCH StaII Editor. SPARLING. JERRY 169.309 SPENCER. IRA. Senior Sr,.' HECE. SPOZIO. LISA 78.8l.9I.93. 127.270 SPRAGUE. DAVID 309 SPRINGFIELD. JOHN 270 SPURR. SHARON. Senior 40. 45. 69. 78. 79. 80, 87. 93. 124.244 SPURR. SHARON Soph.:Gtr1s Select Choir. Blue Jackets Jrx Blue Jackets. Jr. Board. Concert Choir. "Hello Dolly." Thespians. UA" Honor Roll. National Honor Society. The Children' s Play. Sr: Starlets -- Council, Senior Superlative. National Honor Society - Treasurer. Thespi- ans. Pub Stall - Section Editor. Concert Choir. Outstanding Student Award - Social Studies. Who's Who Among American High School Students. "A" Honor Roll. Graduate With High Honors. "Bells are Ringing." STAFFORD. STEVIE 309 STANF1ELD.MlSTI 78. 81.92 STARRETT. DEBBIE 92. 103.291 STARRETT. WALLACE 169.309 STEELE. KAY 132 STEELE. MICHELE 309 STEGALL. SHERRY. Senior 132. 244 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Jr. ' "B" Honor Roll. OEA. Sr.: "B" Honor Roll. OEA. STEIN. LEAH 309 STEPHENS. BRENDA 270 STEPHENS. MITZI. Senior 3.18. 19. 20. 39. 82, 83. 244 Soph.: Blue Jackets. Athletics. Jr.: Blue Jackets. Athletics. FHA. Sr, Cheerleader. FHA. Basketball. Homecom- ing Queen. STEVENSON. LORE'I'I'A 103 STEWART. BYRON 309 STEWART. DON. Senior 45. 84, 126. 245 Jr. ' Cheerleader lor the Deal. Sr.. Banner Team. Ice Skating Club. Latin Club. National Honor Society. Senior Superla- tive. Honor Roll. STEWART. GAIL 291 STEWART. PAULA. Senior 132. 245 svph. Gtr1sSelect Jr : Concert Choir. Sign Language. Sr, ' Concert Choir. French Club. OEA. STEWART. RUTH 309 STITHAM. CHRIS 291 STONE. BENNY 5, 11. 18. 25. 90.91. 93. 96. 127. 270 STONE. TAMMY 78. 270 STOUT. JESSIE. Senior l14190.191. 245 Snph: Varsity Soccer. B-Team Baseball. Indus tnal Arts Club. Jr.: Varsity Soccer. Sf" VUSIIY SOCCCI. Woods and Waters Clu Key club. STOUT. RICKY 271 STOVALL. SHON. Senior 130. 245 STRANG E. TOMMY 169. 309 STRINGER.JESSY 120. 292 STRANGEJAYSON 168 STRATTON. CHARLES 291 STRATTON. RANDY. Senior 130. 245 STROMAN. GENE 14. 15.90, 127, 176. 180.271 SULLIVAN.JOE 99. 309 SUMROW. KEVIN 22. 169. 204.205.206. 207 SWEATJEFFERY 309 SWEET. BRIAN SWINDLE. LINDA 85.92. 292 SWINDLE. PEGGY. Senior I 21. 38. 39. 45. 56. 68. 78. 79. 80, 89. 93. 109. 126. 128.245 Soph.: Student Council Representative, Blue Jackets ISophomore Boardt. FHA Secretary. :Jalentine Court. Sophomore Favorite Runner- p. Jn: Student Council Representative. Starlets. Ice Skating Club. Spanish Club. Hello Dolly Choreographer. Concert Choir. Starlet Capers, Razz-Ma-Tau. Sr.: Student Council Representative. Ice Skat- ing Club. Starlets Captain. Starlet Capers. Who's Whom American Drill Team. All Amer- tcan Drill Team. Rau-Ma-Tau. Concert Choir Secretary. Senior Advisory Committee. Pub Slafl Section Editor. Prtnctpal's Advisory Com- mittee. Prom Committee. Thesptans. Band Show. DAR Nominee. Bells Are Ringing Choregrapher. Sweetheart Queen. Senior Super- lative. National Honor Society. Miss Samuell. TAFF. VANESSA 292 TAGGERS. CINDY 309 TATE. BRIAN. Senior 48 TATE,JAMES. Senior 246 TATE. LYNN.Senior 126. 246 Soph.: Blue Jackets Jr.: FHA. TATUM. SHERI 118. 120. 292 TAVERA.0LGA 292 TAYLOR.GLEN 168.271 TAYLOR. KELLY 292 TAYLOR. snaaow. senior 59. 132.246 svpf. ante mists. student Council vice-ms. rdem - soph. cuss. Jr.. VOE-OEA. sf.. voE-oEA. TAYLOR. TUNISUNIA isa. 310 1 TEE1.. ANN 1 sto 1 TEMPLE. van 1 no TENNEY. CECIL 310 THOMAS. ALBERT 292 THOMAS. CHRIS. Senior 87.246 Soph.: "AHB" Honor Roll. Lettered Soccer. I Jr.: "AHB" Honor Roll. Lettered Soccer.1 Industrial Arts, ArtC1ub. 1 Sr.: "B"Honor Roll. Captain Soccer Team. Art Club. Art Director in Puh Stall. Senior Assem- h1yStaff. THOMAS. DEBBIE. senior 246 THOMAS.JANNA 78.81.271 THOMAS. KENNETH 292 THOMAS. PHILLIP. Senior 54. 190. 191.246 Sophn Varsity Soccer. First Letter. Jr, .' Varsity Soccer. Second Letter. Sr,: Varsity Soccer. Third Letter. THOMAS. PHYLLIS. Senior 54. 132. 246 Soph.: Ice Skating Club. Jr. 5 Ice Skating Club. OEA I Club. Sr.: Ice Skating Club. OEA II Club. Woods and Water Club. . THOMAS. SUSAN 292 THOMAS. VICKIE 121 THOMAS. WILLIE 121 THOMPSON. BRUCE, Senior 247 THOMPSONCHRIS 121 OMPSON. KELLY OMPSON. KIM. Senior . 146.247 li.: Blue Jackets. DECA. OMPSON. TERRI. Senior OMPSON. TIM ORNTON. BARBARA 78. 81.292 RNEY. KILENA LERY. CARL. Senior 55. 87. 107. 159. 166. 221 LMAN. NICK . 168 TON. ELAINE ON. CARRIE 114.271 DORA.CATHY 292 DORA. TRACI. Senior Attendance Ollice. LIVER. ANITA RRES. PALMIRA UPAL.JAMES .194 VAR.MlKE . AM EL. DENNIS. Senior . 247 AM EL. RHON DA . 271 ANTHAM. JULIE . 292 ANTHAM. ROBIN. Senior 87. 89. 80. 186.247 - Blue Jackets. Soccer Lettered. Ice Skating b. Concert Choir. .' Starlets. Ice Skating Club. Concert Choir. Stall. APHAGAN. MARCELLA . 133. 310 FJO. SANDRA ENT. DIANE lO3.192. 193.310 'ENT. MIKE 159. 166. 167. 190. 198. 204. 250. 2117. 206. EVINO. EMMANUAI. . 271 EVINO. ROBERT. Senior 6. 247 A Won 2nd in District VICA. ' Deaf Ed. Cheerleader. "B" Honor Roll. g ol Deal Valentine Dance. Won District Went to State in Plastics tV1CAt, OTTER. LARRY. Senior ICKER. CAREY. Senior 67. 106. 126. 159. 166. 198. 205. 247. 359 ph ' JV Football. JV Basketball. Varsity seball. Key Club. "B" Honor Roll. : Varsity Football. Varsity Baseball. Key Ib. Sentinel Stall. "B" Honor Roll. Ice Skat- 1Club. : Varsity Football. Varsity Soccer. Varsity Eeball. Editor of Sentinel. Treasurer of Key b. National Honor Society. Outstanding tdent in Journalism. "B" Honor Roll. Super- ive. Most Athletic. Quill and Scroll Society. ILEY. LLOYD 292 ILEY. MIKE. Senior S, 59. 69, 132.247 nh.: "B" Honor Roll. Bowling Club. ' National Honor Society. "B" Honor Roll, -ytas Science Symposium. Tennis. : "AA'zB" Honor Roll. Vice-President VOE. tional Honor Society. IRNER. KAREN. Senior I .' FHA. IRNIPSEED. RUSSELL. Senior I ITT. TERRY 5. 293 'LER. DARRELL. Senior 59. 109. 159. 166 : Student Council. Letterman in Football. nner-Up for Mr. Samuell. PAC Member. 'LER. SHERMAN I. 168. 293 -IDERBRINK. PATRICIA I. 187. 293 'CHURCH GARY l 'i.EY. MIKE J rtv. TAMMIE 1 INDEVENTER. DAVID i tnoevewrraa, PAMELA J IN HORN. Jess J .N svckuz. cotus i. 172. ioz. wa kSQUEZ.ORLANDO 5. 169.310 IUGHAN. DEBORAH 5. 293 IUGHAN. KENNETH.Senior 7 VAUGHN. ROBIN 208. 209. 210 VAUGHN. ROGER. Senior 176. 180 Soph.: B-Team Basketball. Jr.: Varsity Basketball Sr.: Varsity Basketball. VELA. MARIO 176. 180 VELA. TOMMY 159 VELA. VINCENT. Senior 65. 87. 107. 109. 159.247 Soph.: Key Club. "B"Team Basketball. B-Team Football Mgr., Ice Skating. "B" Honor Roll. .lr..- Key Club. Varsity Basketball Mgr.. Ice Skating. Student Council. Wood and Water. "B" Honor Roll. Sr: Varsity Football Mgr.. Varsity Basketball Mgr.. Student Council. Woods and Waters. Newspaper Staff. "B" Honor Roll VICK. CINDY. Senior 78. 79. 80. 126. 132. 247 Soph: Blue Jackets. Ice Skating Club. Spanish Club. "B"Honor Roll. Jr.. Starlets. Ice Skating Club. Spanish Club. "B" Honor Roll. Sr.: Starlets, Woods and Waters. Ice Skating Club. National Honor Society. OEA 1. "B" Honor Roll. VICKERS. LISA. Senior 101 Snph.: Blue Jackets. Girls Select. Jr.: Concert Choir. Blue Jackets tJunior Boardl. Sr.: Blue Jackets Officer. FHA. VIDALES. JOHN 169. 198. 206 VINES. GREG. Senior 26. 106. 107. 114 Soplt.. Ice SkatingCluh. Football Mgr. Jr.: Ice Skating Club -- President. Soccer. Football W Head Mgr.. Key Club. Sr.: Ice Skating Club - President. Woods and Water. Soccer. Newspaper Staff. VINKLER. SANDRA 92. 93. 293 VINSON. ANDRE 310 WAC KE'I'l'. JEFF 114. 168. 207. 271 WADE. STEVE 109. 195. 272 WADE. TAMIE 103. 110. 129.310 WALDON. ROY 310 WALDROUP. DEBBIE. Senior 87.94. 95. 126. 129.247 Soph.. Blue Jackets. Spanish Club. "B" Honor Roll. Jr.. Blue Jackets - Junior Board. Delegate to Nuclear Science Symposium. "B" Honor Roll. Sr Annual. Pub StaII. Honor Society. "B" Honor Roll. Bowling Club. Superlative Nomi- nee. Honor Graduate. Library Assistant. WALDROUP. ROBERT 129.293 WALKER. BRAD 90. 194. 293 WALKER. ERIC 196.310 WALKER. EDWIN 293 WALKER. GREG 293 WALKER. MAVIS 310 WALKER. MELANIE 97. 310 WALKER. MICHAEL 293 WALLACE. LISA 78.81. 129, 250. 272 WALLACE. MIKE 99.310 WALLACE. MIKE. Senior 248 WALLACE. TIM 310 WALLER. RICKY. Senior 348 WALTON. DONNA. Senior 31. 248 WANDERSCHIED. STEVEN 293 WARD. EDDIE 90. 168 WARD. MARK 310 WARD. PAULA 310 WARE SHANNON 310 WARREN.CHRlS 310 WARREN. DARYL 272 WARREN. REGINA 103.293 WASHINGTON. RICKIE 311 WASHINGTON. ROBERT 311 WATKINS. CYNDEE. Senior 132.248 Suph : Soph. Homecoming Court. Valentine Court. Swim Team? Jr: Jr. Homecoming Court. Valentine Court. Swim Team. "B" Honor Roll. Sr. VOE. Swim Team. WATKlNS.SAPR1NA 92. 194.293 WATL1NGTON.JOE 22. 169. 275. 311 WATSON. FARESSA 31 1 WATSON. JAMES. Senior 348 WATSON. KENNY 89. 90 WATSON. TODD 159. 166. 206. 272 WATTS. TANOA 92 WAY. MARK. Senior 248 WEBER. DAVID. Senior 114.248 WEIHE. KATHY 35.78. 81. 272 WELBORN.TINA 272 WELCH. DON 293 WELCH. THOMAS. Senior 39. 55. 87. 248 WELDON. NOELLA.Sen1or 248 Soph.: HERO-FHA. "B" Honor Roll. Ir: HERO-FHA. "B" Honor. Sr.: Home Economics. HERO. WELLMON. KEVIN 190. 191. 21 1 WELLS. LESLYN I 10. 31 1 WELLS. VICKI. Senior 55. 87. 94. 95. 114. 125. 69. 248 Soph.: Library Assistant. Jr.: TORCH Stall. National Honor Society. "B" Honor Ro11.UlL Typing Competition. Sr.: TORCH Stall. National Honor Society. Ice Skating Club. Pub Stall. Superlative Nominee. "A" Honor Roll. High Honor Graduate. WELNACK. THERESA 31 1 WENTL, TER ESA. Senior 97.99. 132.248 Saph.: Concert Band. Marching Band. "B" Honor Roll. Jr: Concert Band. Marching Band. "B" Honor Roll. OEA. VOE. Srx Concert Band. Marching Band. "B"Honor Roll. VOE. OEA. WEST. CATHY. Senior 11. 82. 87. 59. 110. 114. 248 Saph. Blue Jackets. Jr: Ice Skating. Sr Pub Stall. Ice Skating Club. Cheerleader. Miss Samue11Runner-Up. WESTER. DANA 85. 183. 187 WHATELY. DEBRA 272 WHEELER. LOIS. Senior 132. 248 Soph. Blue Jackets. Girls Select Choir lr.. OEA. Sr.-OEA. WHITAKER. RANDALL 311 WHITE. ELIZABETH. Senior 248 Jr.: Deaf Ed. Cheerleader Altemate. WHITEJEANNE. Senior 125. 132.248 Jr.: National Honor Society. Sr.: OEA. PTA Scholarship. WHITE. LINDA 127.272 WHITE. MATHEW 293 WHITEHEAD. DONNIE 272 WHITEHEAD. KATHY. Senior 249 Soph.. Blue Jackets. "B" Honor Roll. Jr.: "B" Honor Roll. Sr.: "B" Honor Roll. WHITLOCK. KAREN 311 WlCKHAM.CYNDl 132 WILCHER. DEBBIE 116. 132 WILEHER. DEBBIE 272 WILK1NS.TERRI 311 WILKINSON. REBECCA 102. 132 WILLARD.TlMOTHY 293 WILLIAMS. ANDRE 159. 166.273 WILLIANS. BEVERLY 102. 103.273 WILLIAMS. DAVID 211.212, 294 WILLIAMS. HAROLD 273 WILLIAMS. JOHN 159. 167 WILLIAMS. KELLI 311 WILLIAMS. LISA 311 WILLIAMS. MICHAEL 294 Snph.: Soccer. Football. Industrial Arts Club. Jr.: Soccer. Industnal Arts Club. Sr.. Soccer. WILLIAMS. PAM 311 WILLIAMS. SHERRIE 188. 208. 209. 210 WILLIAMS. STEPHANIE 128 WILLIAMS. TONY 168 WILLIAMS. VITA 120 WILLIAMSON. PAT. Senior 249 WILLAIMSON. REBECCA 272 WILLINGHAM. SCOTTY 294 WILLISJIMMIE 168 WILLIS. KATHY 311 WILLIS. TANK 179. 178. 180 WILLMON. KEVIN 212. 311 WILSON, BUCK 169. 31 1 WILSON. DONALD 21 1. 212.273 WILSON. DOUG. Senior 63. 128. 249 Snph.: Swimming. Sr.: Banner Team. DE. DECA Area Conven- tion lrving. DECA State Convention San Anto- IIIO. WILSON. GLEN 294 WILSONJUDITH 102. 103. 127.273 WILSON. PAMELA 31 I WILSON.WENDELL 168 WOOD. DARREL 39. 168 WO0D.JAMES 273 WOOD. LORI 311 WOOD. RICHARD 294 WOOD. RONNIE. Senior 130.249 WOOD. SUSAN 311 WOODFIN, MIKE 39. 159. 167. 211. 212. 213 WOODRUFFJERRALD 311 WOOLBRIGHT. CAROL 32. 78. 81. 89. 93. 294 WOOLVERTON. CINDY 93 WOOLVERTON. DERRELL, Senior 249 WOOTEN. DIANE l03.193.195.294 WOOTEN. LACHERYL 273 WOOTEN. PA'I'I'I.Semor 249 Soph.. Blue Jackets. "B" Honor Roll. Jr 1 "B" Honor Roll. WOOTEN. SHARON 121 WOOTON. TON YA 103. 31 1 WORD. DARLEN E 92. 294 WORDEN. TERESA 294 WRAY. KELLY 273 WRIGHT. GEORGE 311 WR1GHT.JAMES 273 WRIGHT. LADONNA 294 WYNN. DENNIS 273 WYNN. ERIC 90.294 WYNN. MALCOM. Senior 49. 249 YANDELL. CARLA. Senior 87. 100. 101. 102. 126.249 Soph.. "B" Honor Roll. Blue Jackets Y Jr. Board. Concert Choir. Spanish Club. Sr : "B" Honor Roll. National Honor Society. Sr. Board. Blue Jackets. Industrial Arts Club - Secretary. Allied Youth. Sr. Pub Co-Editor. Concert Choir. YBARRA. BEBE 104 YOUNG. ROXANNE 22.97 YOUNG. YOLAND 294 YUNFl. YVETTE 128 ZAJDL. BECKY 35. 78.81. 273 ZIESENISS. LINDA 294 Autographs

Suggestions in the W W Samuell High School - Torch Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

W W Samuell High School - Torch Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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W W Samuell High School - Torch Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


W W Samuell High School - Torch Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


W W Samuell High School - Torch Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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