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, 'i , .nf ....-Js.A - ,M .1....-..1,.g. W. W. SAMUELL HIGH SCHOOL DALLAS, TEXAS TORCH NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE VOLUME 13 Dedicaiion The siudenis of W. W. Qamuell High School would like io express lo Mr. Roberl L. Qhelion our ihanks bg dedicaiing +o him ihis 1969 TORCH for esiablishing a new siudeni-faculig relaiionship, for demonsirai- ing his confidence in ihe siudenis, and for giving us his friendship. Hail. Samuell High: Hail, Samuell High! This song io lhee we sing We pledge lo lhee our logallg As loud our praises ring For alwags io ihe Gold and Blue Our hearls will slill be lrue As lighiing Sparians we will org Our love for Samuell High Fighl Song Fighi, Sparlans, righi down lhe Field Llnlil we score lhai viclorg FIGHT!! FIGHT!! Fighi, Qparians. and never gield Our pledge ol' pride and logallg RAH! RAH! To our colors of Gold and Blue We ever shall be lrue Go. Qparlans. go Go crashing lhrough fha! line And we will cheer you all lhe lime! Adminisiraiion and Qiaff pages Faculig pages Senior Class pages Personaliiies pages Junior Class pages 6 Table of Conienis f, .. img , , Sophomores pages Aihleiics pages Organizaiions pages Miliiarg pages Aciiviiies pages Adveriising This TORCH is a key to your precious memories and a reminder to your expanding mind of the wonderful experiences that were once yours. Each time you open it, you will relive all of the good times and sad limes, and remember the friendships that you considered so dear. May you treasure it as much as those who have dedicatedly worked to prepare it. Respectfully and Sincerely yours, Co-Editors Sheila King Sherry Wills 5?06m1m:sffaAfbn anof Szaquffy "' 'l 9 5132551 Robert Shelion Q Principal I0 if Paul Maiihews Assisfani Principal Grace Bennett Attendance Clerk Charlene Clanton Cl erk-Princi p11l's Office Ciota Masllburn Prin vipr1l's Serrerary Kathleen Carden Linda ChiSIIl Nurse Attendance Clerk Adminisiraiive Qiaff oi Catherine Halbert Inez Marshall Attendance Clerk Counselofs Clerk Marion MvHum Margin' Slamy IBM C0llllS6l0T,S Clerk District Administration X...w. Left to right: Hollis Allen, C. C. Miller, Dale Douglas: Deputy Superintendents, Don E. Matthews, Allan Cannon: Asst. Superin tendents, Nolan Estes: Superintendent, Robert H, McKay, H. D. Pearson: Asst. Superintendents. Board Of Education XL Left 10 right: Jack Dunlap, Mrs. Herni L. Bromherg Jr., Jerry D. Wheat, John Plath Green, Marvin H. Berkley: President, Nolan Estes: Superintendent. I3 Cusiodians 'i'kfJ"t xi Left to right: H. P. Guess, Cecil W. Clover: head custodian, D. T. Thompson, James L. Farmer: assistant custodian, A. D. Jeter, R, L, Cheek, J. H. Joplin, Stinson Coker, L. L. Tucker, R. A. Upchurch, H. H. Jones. Lunchroom Qiaff s.: .,f: .. ..:. t-: t ,,.... i a s f Qi as ,.. -.Q . - In he We s W . Q 1 LW eeei sesi E5 ' Qzee X 9 D We D . . .. t iz.. i f 5 ,,,:'L 11 9, V GJ .5 V 5' .K its ' 7.. is.. ,Q X I Q . .kL:, i Y ,fe .t . sy 2 .ET . 1, A N oe N A wk , K. E .,f..l V .kxik K, Q l fet ... ix iii '. ft' l . . --'- Q K W ii D , I E5 E ' , I ' f-, , 1 I i "-'rf A N X ,fi 1 T N ' e f s '1.' 1 :.. ,s.: , . I . 3 l t E A 1 in 1, A, Seated, left to right: Decune Meeker, Gladys Ray, Lillie Coolshy, Connie Roberts, Navis Lemons, Wanda Hayes, Joan Hood, Alinc Reynolds, Mavis Dodson, Nlurivttv Couldahl, Virginia Wright, Ruhy Jo Carter, Dorthy Holcomb, Marth Day, Nonalenc Cart- wright, Doris Futty, Julia Sanders, .lcffie Hcddings, Doris Cantrell, Murtl1uKing. I4 Faculig Snaps P Q t L in ., .. 3' . M ' 'nn I Q 'dn ROSE CALLAHAN ROBBY COLLINS C. K. UULA HARRY CUIER T. K, HUNIBER B.S. M.S.: ETSU B.S.: NTSU AJS.: SMU B.A.: SMU BS.: Tarlpmn Stale Sponsor: Sludf-nt Council 4 Cullegv, ETSU Sponsor: Roy Club wl w, JOHNSON MAGGIE JONES JAMES LAWLESS WAYNE ROBNETT JIMMIE SADLER BA, MMA, ETSU, SMU B.S., M.Ed.: Lindt-nwood MS.: NTSU 'B.A.: UT, NTSU B-5-V M-S.: NTSU, College, Wesl Texas State Sponsor: Allied Youth B3Yl0l' U- Collegv, NTSU, Wichita Couric-il State U. Sponsor: Blum- Jackets DOUG SCOTT ARVEL SMITH BILL STEVENSON R. W. THOMPSON MIKE THORNTON BS.: ETSU BS.: ETSU B.S., M.A.: SMU, ETSU B.S., ME.: ETSU B.A.: NTSU Sponsor : Sentinel Social Studies Department The social studies department is the second largest department at Samuell. Some subjects dealt with are: English, American, world, Texas, and European History, economics, business law, civics, and problems of democracy. 'w-0--xi JEWEL ADA111 DONNA COSTA B-S.: ETSU 'Vi B.S.: NTSU Sl-,fmsofg Jr, Red Cross Sponsor: Blue Jackets LINDA ADAMS CARLA BENSON- B.A.: Okla. U., SMU B-A-1 UT Sponsor: Cheerleaders SANDRA AYERS B.S.: Hardin Simmons U. English Department MARY CRAWFORD DOROTHY EARLE B.A.: ETSU BA.: NTSU The English Department is composed of many fields of study: Greek mythology, poetry, American and English literature. -., ,gs JANET GERARD MARY MURPHY B.S.: TWU B.A.: ETSU ELIZABETH MITCHELL OLGA MURLEY B.A.: NTSU, SMU B.A., M.A.: NTSU, ETSU WAYNE MOORE B.A.: NTSU Sponsor: Torch, Future ' Tvachers PEGGY PUI..I.EN JANE WHITE VIVIAN WILSON TOIVI WIMPEE B.S.: ETSU B.A.: Texas Tn-ch, Angelo B.A.: South-Eastern U., B,S,: Baylor U., ETSU SPWISUYI N.H.S. SFBYC. SMU, NTSU East Central U., SMU, Sponsor: Key Club Sponsor: Spartecns NTSU I7 QQ. DAVID COLLINS B.S.: ETSU Il. A. NICIIOLSON B.S., M.Ed.: Salem College, NTSU 4 J , ' " f,1!fi'V' V f, - f "" -iii' 'ill ,. ' 1 4255 WW' 1' ,sw , Z , JAMES DAVIS BS.: ETSU, Suullnweslcrn Louisiana Inskitute, TU, SMU JENNIE PETERS B S., M,E4I.g East Central Stale, TCU Sponsor: Scif-use Club ANNABELI, M1-BRIDE B.A., M.S.: ETSU, U. of Chattanooga, U. nf Tennessee Sponsor: Fulurc Teachers c-7 DOROTHY ROBBINS B.A., M.A.: Mary Hardin Baylor, SMU Sponsor: Science Club RONALD VANCE CARL WALLACE FRED WYANT B-S-2 ETSU n.s.Ed., M.Ed.: UT, NTSU 13.5. ETSU Science Deparimeni CHEMISTRY? ? ? 8 The science department offers biology, chemistry, and physics. afkv' IMI' fix, M We . .f 4 ff at iff' ' AW' was . if HX 'l I' f 'V HENRY BRAHINSKY B.M.Ed., M.M.Ed,: U. of Nebraska, NTSU PEGGY BRADEN B.A.: Ouachita Baptist Univ. Sponsor: Thrspians CLEMENTS CROOK B.A., M.Ed., M.Mus.: Millsap College, Northwestern U. Sponsor: Concert Choir CHARLES LINTZ B, and M. of Music: SMU- Sponsor: Band A i A-,sbt ANN REEVES ELAINE SPEARMAN B. and M. of Fine Arts: UT Sponsor: Debate Club SPUUSOYI Aff Club B.A.: Ouachita Baptist Univ. Fine Art Department This department is responsible for our entertainment. It consists of lessons in speech, drama, orchestra, hand, and art. T K 1 Q we DE H W1 aw 4 x A LL! , DOROTHY COLE HULENE FLOWERS ELEANOR GALLAGHER KATHLEEN SMITH Studg Hall N iw. -QQ as s :Qt ' sf 1' 5 ' Masters at work. NH Ss? aah., Q ,iz igrf ' , 'W ,, ' 1? A 4 ,,. 21, ,, ,, ,, .. .,m..:,uw AN-W New Q pl? A NANCY BAILEY E. R. B151-lor FRANCES BRADFORD D. c. creams BILL DAY CLENDON DRAKE n.s.A.: rms Tech B.s., NLE.: ETSU, 'rem B.s.: Nrsu B.S., M.S.: NTSU B-B-A-I Tam Tech B-S.. M-S.: ETSU Sponsor: FSA ASM AGS A55 rear 34 n LYNDON FOSTER CAROL GRAVES EVA GRIFFIN W. R. HALL IVIELVIN W'EISZ B.S.: NTSU B.S.: Hardin Simmons U., B.S.: TWU B.S.: ETSU, AGM B-S-I ETSU Texas Tech Sponsor: FH Sponsor: BI, FH Homemaking, home and family living, drafting, power mechanics, industrial training, and other skills are offered to better chosen vocations. Department EARLYNE ATWQOD ANITA BROWN GENEVA HACERTY B,S,: NTSU B.S.E., M.B.E.: Abilene C., B.S., M.Ed.: TWU, SMU Sponsor: SC U- of H-, NTSU Sponsor: FSA SANDRA MAY B.S.: ETSU 'rx I x fd' A33 VIRGINIA MARABLE B F. MCCLANAHAN BEN RICE B.S.: ETSU B.S . M.S.: NTSU B.S., MA: Memphis SU., Sponsor: Spartccns George Peabody, NTSU 20 VELMA SCOTT B.S.: TWU, SMU Commercial Department In this department typing, shorthand, office practice, and bookkeeping are taught. meow 5 Q WSH 4,3 Q A at , 2275s D. G. BOHART J. E CALDWELL CHARLES FOX J- B' HUFTER , B.s., M.Ed,, M.s.t ETSU BA., MA.: Paris Jt. BS-I INTSU E5-A-t N-L4-f SW' stetstm U. cttnpgt, ETSU, UT, NTSC Blmntftfl W5 Math Department rf-w , 'W f f The Math Department encompasses many math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and 4+ il' -we-nv , .gtg f , - Qi . t V. H. MATTINCLY SLS.: ETSU courses: Business advanced math. -ws., W. E. MQELROY MARY SHIVERS BOB SYBERT LYLA 'r11smLE Y SUSANA YHLSON B.B.A., M.Et1.: TU, SMU BA.: Ettst 'ww state U. BA. M.Et1., MBT.: Bnylttt B.s., A1.s.t okra. state L. B-B-AH U., NTSU, Tulane U. 't" t 1 TT L tttr t 'Hs V f .W j : i g f -t-t 1 he - 2- J' - I 5 1:13 gg.: k tttttnnl.. L 533: .iittkf I K ATH ERINE MEADOWS Liltmrian Staff :Q UETTY ABBOTI' VIRGINIA COBB Assistant Lilnrzlriaxls 2I ' -ed.: af i n terested in the armed services. LEROY HECKMAN Infantry Schools, US Army COL. L. D. WITTKOWER, JR. B.S.: N.'l.A.C., George Washington University, U.M., NTSU Militarg Department This department trains young men in- ! Q' .l. WL BLACK PHIL MOORE KATHY MCGAHA MILTON MUSICK CONNlE PETERMAN BS.: NTSU B.S.: ETSU B.S., M.S.: ETSU, SMU BS., M.P.E.: NTSU BS.: ETSU H935 B35kClb3ll Cllafhv Sbonsor: .l.C.T C. Sponsor- Starlvts Driver Training Sponsor: Blue Jackets Drivers Training Phgsioal Education - Athletics We learn to develop our bodies as well as our minds. Football, basketball, track, baseball, tennis, volleyball, and folk danc- ' ing are offered. 3 eevee L' - t ', ' . ,,, , ,,,. v,, ,,,. M 5' lx . 44- H ,,., A ,. We l it etee if in ,e iii ff o ,M-f"'1 it -ff?" f ..,. ' 'v L ' i 5 t .r" ' f i fiee f , . ,,,, I ' I 5 I Q r .,,.. ' ' . - , ...L ,. 'rf-Q, 5' Q C' C w f . 4 H ,,.. .4-Nvwk ' 'W M., --0105 ,,...- .1049 so 'tss it it L C ' wi - + ,'d' -W' a 1 L llit f L i W, . s , . I W f V., J. ,am .. F They'rc doing their own thing. 1 HARREL SHAVFR B.S , lVl.5.: ETSU Head Football Coach S 2 ,as ,X- Mlblcxizz nmons im.: Baylor lt. Foreign Languages MARY DK ANSI-'IE Latin, French, and Spanish are taught lm.: VT in this department to help us better under- stand our foreign neighbors. ei A4 My 1-me gm 13 5, r 11 My P.XTKllfI-K COYTIN,-X ILA.: sun Q V Sponsor: Frenrh Club K, PENNY HIl.I. ILA.: 'Texas T.-pl, Sponsor: Spur-qw L D s,,.,..s..rf lu, nt-mm 1 'WW lHlT -X NXIOUT Ili N1-X TXYL lt 'TD YOLANDA KENNEDY BA., NIA.: SMF, NTSC Counselors aa rw-Q Q...- LOIS KOSSON ILA., M.A.: htm-plu-n F. Austin Sponsor: his linnquisuulnns .-f Maxi.-.,, U. of ui.. s,,.,ns..r: mum cm. N..-4-we JO ml 1sE cluxmzr nmus Y0lt'I'HlIl"I"I' Mitzi: vlmzxms 'I'U1NHlItI TUNNYHZND .nixx vmxc, l'..,,i1-ln-fs.-.m.-1 c1.m..s.-1..f xl..-x.: 5Xll' ILA.. Nl--N-1 Still L?1'. N'l'Sl If-5-1 YKIAFJAI PM-S Jr- 0- IM. MA.: K NTSL 14.5.1 sw ETSU The Faculig . . ,1 z, E , . 7X , hy, .M 3X A-f-"""""""""u,d.pM ,,.. ff M m . . As We See Them ezzzbrs -awww: 0- -W-4" , gy Elida Abrego Mike Ag,-ipiter Katherine- Avker Charlotte Adams 1 Indy Addfm IGN m.f.w4v ""5.nWf Donna Ale xander Andy Addy Dora Alger 'Vlary Albm www? John Anderson CHU' Alvxillldvf ' .Iurncs Anderson Irons Alvarada 'Q VOS 26 Patty Anderson Slew Andi-rmn T1-rry Anderson Pat Anclcrlull Shirlvy Andrcws I J AQ' Natha Kathy Austin M654 I 'XQ-we-7' n Archer George Armstrong Randy Ashley Gerald Askins Bob Aulhaugh N1 Beflila Baker David Bailey Mary Brenda Bailey Bailey Sheryl Bailey Rosemary Bull Beverly Baker Carla Ballard Ricky Barnes Bradley Barrett Pamela BHFICII Steve BUYTY 'W Wi 'D k it?-. I1 ,,,w?, 27 .Aff af Qs it Clifford Bauerle Wanda Baxter La Rue Beach .nik The Senio Steve Be-all l-Jelxlmie Beard Pat Beard Roger Bell 3 f,,l,l,,, .V ,nv li-lrlmuru lljoru .luniue Blake Buvk lglLlSlIlgilIllC COllt'f'Il Blerlwe Gary Bone Mary Leo Billingsley Mary Margaret Billingsley Dunell llirclwvll 4 V , 1 fllike- Smith has lu hold Mike Accipitcr hack as lle Ime mntrol in pep rally. - David Bowman lass 969 e Bobby Borcliardt Edna Borcliardt Cynthia Bounds we Tommy Bowden Lloyd Box L, 'di' Linda Boyd '-.npr Raymond Brannon .lanet Branstetter Sandy Brewer Sharon Brian :Ali lflqr 'iii ii y W i M" ?l,fe V, ', Miss Adams, let me wait until after the pep rally wear that dunce cap." .B-we Alun Brigdon Glenda Brown Roger Brown Ronald Brown rf .A fx Av 'ww .. . 1 B Kenneth Brunson Brenda Bruton 'EW f. ee t.. we A Gail Bruton Mike Bryant at 41 fi Nancy Burnett Barry Burleson Shelly Burge Debbie Burchett Rona Bullard Seniors Look Bacl Kenneth Burns Ned Burrows James Burton 30 w f ,ye Boyer Butler Nancy Cain Qi ,x r Shirley Canada Mark Carothers Sherry Carrell 'V Rob Cantrell Chris Carter NM Wrnf' Sammy Cardella if Yil if Connie Carter 'W-TSTWK Shirley Cardella Irene Case Jn A Year Well Qpeni K 1 Roger Caudill John Castro Christy Chambers Johnny Chambers l , 3 I I ,fb-A. Q., W Donald Cheshicr Billy Clark Carolyn Claunch Alvin Clayton Bobby Clayton l rj, 1 Murcia Cole Durcie Cole Merccdcs Louisa Collaclo Teresa Clayton Ronnie Collins VKA,,QV Carolyn Cook Cutliie Cooke Gary Cooper Linda Cottrell Laura Cooley .ev 'Nr' Janis CUUCll Sharon Couch Steve Counts Henry Cox Dana Cflllllfff' 32 'Q' -...Q-,p Roger Crawford Terry Crocker Lois Culley Cindy Darr THU DHSCI1 Doris Daugherty Jackie Davis Debbi Daughtery wrjfyo' Martha Davis Sidney Davis Q 'W Nuff Vs, Carol Davis Janis Davis Donald Deering Priscilla de la Teja Diana Day ,fm muwqy' W ld James Dickerson Brenda Dickson Mike Dcllinger Cary Dement Wayne D6 il 33 wg "" xv'-X iii WW? in ut, u.a..avIY Kathie Diegel Debbie Dillard Judy Dockens Connie Dodson Bruce Dorethy fl! Debbie Doty Jeanette Douthit Belinda Dowdle John Duke The Fulfi YWX "-.,..-ll' Barbara Durham Debbie Dyess Bobby Ehrenbcrger Brahim Elamira Lester Elliott dm.. JV" 40 .nw-qt 'Vx ' Q, .Mangvr Gaither Endsley Bobby English Rusty Evans Royce Pain Brenda Fairless '-IP? ear nenf 'D' ,fyx 'KW -1 M l Steve Farmer Janis Faulk Roy Ferguson Randle Flgyning Kaye Fl0ra .... lxuallr Randy Foster Stephen Foster Pat Franklin Kathy Frasier '--N' Cary Freeman James Fruge Earl Fryman C3549 G3H0Wf1Y Ray Galloway will we WT? Q' 'fy Cheryl Garcia Gerald Garcia Robert Carden ROECT Gardner Beverly Garii 35 ...sf Jerry Game!! Randi' Garrett Donna Griffith Vicki grigsby Debbie Grimes D Qenio Becomq -4, Dennis Cary -flf' G V , Linda Gay Z Gary Gibbons Debbie Geddie ni M-an wana 'TW www Sue Gibson Holli Glover Carol Gilliam' Claude Gilmer Karen Gilliam aft!-Q lll G Birgit Graf William Graves Paul Gray Carol Gray Denise Green 36 r F .,g,.,,.m vb' Q ' 4545 L,, .Ty gf 1N,1" Kathleen Grimmin Carolyn Groom Leon Groom Patricia Guldahl Sharon Gumperi Dreams Realiig Sharron Hale Patricia bunn , , ,Wg 'Y f K if Q' Q Ted Gutherie 5 Qx Debbie Haddock Doug Haisllp 'Rafi' Theresa Hall Tonia Hamilton Debbie Hansard Rick Hardeman Glenda Hardin Michelle Harrell Mike Harrison lVayne Hanson -.....-lf' tw-an .lv- I 19 Ella Hart Billy Harting Gary Hartwell Janet Harwell Betty Hatter at X F ,pr 'Ti N9 ,,......-' Valarie Hayden Charles Hayes Aee Head Jana Helm Paula Henry 38 Joy H4-nshall Tony Henderson o Sensors ' ' ilifivwy f' Kay is demoted from lieutenant to private. " Sag Qc Billy Henson , - I1 'T' 3' Carolyn Hill Cay Hill Carl Hinkle Danny Hisvr John Hobbs 'Q Avb ,...-. x wwlyl-L H -- 'Wi W'x' My Bob Hodges Kathy Hodges RlCkY Hoffman David Hogan Louise Hogan if adlg Ong ryllis lloln ff I Q, 5A n .Q ,. , r S .gh 13 David Holt Janim- Hood Sonic pmplr- will try anything to improve appearances ff-M' Carolyn Howard Randy Hudson , wx. David Ingram Genell Howard Barbara Hughes 4'1" Tru' Ricky Irons Tears and La ughier Donald Hoyle Brenda Hulsey N.-..,4-1? as 'mf' Debbie House Ray Hrabal 53. Sandy Hudson Shirley Humphries Jerry Hurdle Ronny Jacks wr H, 40 "Peace, brothers." Barbara Jenkins N I Debbie Jenkins Sherry Jenkins ITS Come With Graduahon nr- Charles John Buddy Johnson David Johnson pv- Ina Jeter Donna Jimmerson 'Wx Johnny Johnston Q Janet Johnson Gretchen Jones Debbie Jones Louis Jordan Diana Johnston nr- WY Wayne Kahler Kathey Kaiser The Starlets make uP for the enthusiasm the football team laCkS. ,mt Judy Karlen RN? 22 Kay Kurtous J 'v i'k.' W-md, vf,, ,, ' f f i 'L-We ,. t I Q. .ft 43 ,ef 4I E I I Kerry Keller Pearl Kelly Carlene Kelly Jack Kennedy Kathryn Kennedy Criss Kickirillo Glenda Kidd Do you ever feel like the whole w0rld's staring at you and Kathleen Kidd Debbie Kimherlin you eouldn't care less? 42 Debbie King: Mike- King Sheila King Wayne King Dickie Kirby 1 4 v 3139 -Ox! Q ww' I Cyndi Kniffin Dennis Hausa Bobby Langley Elizabeth Lawty Beverly Lee ,...,...w Cathy Lee Tony Lenz W iiiib iibi bibb b b b . ' k kz,L , . l f X Marsha Leslie Margie Lewis "This is the last time I'm going to tell you, you have to quit running out on the field." Y" 'ff Camlyfl Liles Linda Lindberg Debbie Lively Shirley Livesay Debbie I-l0Yd 43 Y X ,,,, Carson Long Vicki Lovcgren 1 or Tim Lovelace 1' Carolyn Lovelady , ,, 4 l Kevin Lovell Seniors Judy Lunceford Lmdu Lynn Latherme Macalxk Kathl' MUSIH B I Movie Nlnlmffey Pal Maloney Cailly Manlvy MHTY Manning Shari Murdis Anthony Marlin 44 'UV - .,,V ,wp Billy Martin 1 Tina Marlin .. wa, Dianna Mason 1-'7 3 Y A 0 795 ff ,,,,.a,.4wm' Rod Ma lerson 93V9 Rn 30 d ld Carol 'VlcAdams Camille McBrayer Shexyl McClane Sharon Mcfllanahan Akiva Sandy McClelen Mary McClung Randy McDonald Aurelia McElroy n-'Quai -2 Diane McElroy Larry McCaffeY Rose McGibboneY .lan McGlasson Alice McGregor 'OWN , ffs Jackie McKcthan Carol McKinney Clynda McKnight Ray McLaughlin 'fx ran' Deborah McLemee Betty McMasters Cary McPha1 Gloria Medrano Beverly Meredith Timmy Meredith Vw Mary Mills Sherry Mills David Mmshew Sam Mitchell Lola Monico Darlene Monk 46 The End Ami wry. Rick McPherson Vicki Milam Ruth Medina Billy Millican Lloyd Mmydrd Sheila Montgomery Martha Mitchell Marsha Moore he Beginning 'N Michae US l Moore ku. Rusty Morris 41-HV U Y I Denn Steve Moore Wilford Morris Kenneth Myers WAY! Lynn Neville Sandra Nabors Charles Nichols FR- lg is Morgan .lohn Morris Reena Morris Roger Napper Magdalene Munoz Cherry Murphy . Wg A.:-is-au,,,g . Linda Nelson Gary Nichols Lindy Nichols Donna Nix 47 48 Mfr Arleen Norwood Thomas Norwood Vickie Nichols Kathy Oden Ricky Offill r waves XM... Mike Oliver Robert Ordeman I-aVfigi0li6S Dewayne Ottweli David Packer Orfanogaennis g 'N' , if Toni Panek Joan Parigi Danny Parker Veronica Parker Y., -Y Jerry Patterson Jay P3111 Cathy Payne IO "nine nik Q15 .. f-E. 2 -Q-ani? 'tai' Larry Peceana Blane Peek Vickie Penland Carol Perry Marilyn Peterson 'YU' N, .. 'VX David Petton Gary PCUY Angie Phelps Dana Phillips Frances PhY Fw ,win ll 1 ' it ,ly David Pilgrim Janice Pinyan Cindy Pins Cindy Platt 6 V P enne S. , Dianne Pond Jann Porter Linda Potter fi as 4,.f'e 'Q Harney Potts Sandra Prisewc Mike Primrose Bobby Prince Sharron Proffitt W 'ie 'Q C' li' Qvhi Rvginu Price Donna Prilvllett Cathy Pulliam Stew Ruhrokcr joe Ramos ., ,p"'N Anim Rainey Jerry Rcamus Janice Rcvtor W , 18' ,iw wx li The Pas The Fufur ZX so Terry Redd Paul Reeves Terry Reeves Carol Reeves Rhonda Revil .gg rf" -an lv-' vtyfyx ,...a 'N 'ifh 3735 , 4 E 1' ff jerry Reynolds Jerry Reid Linda Reid Angie Rigslry Linda Rising-r FWS' . 'RQW4' . Q' Rao Ritvhie Ruben Rivals Donna Roberts Kathy ROIDCNS Lynda Robinson s Gone s Here Slmmn Robinson Estvlla Rodrigu 4401- fifmf I yds Charles Rogers 7"'ZD Put Rogers Mary Rohner Ricky Rowman Danny Rowland Jo Ann Rowland 5I 1 l IC' 'mm' .29 Rosemary Susan Rushing Mike Salisbury Bill Sanderson Mike Sfmdlin Rowland Q! --...Nqr -wma? Sandra Sandlin Ronny Schell Arthur Schilling Billy Schlebach Carglyn Schulze Barbara Schweder Pauline Selby 52 Randy Self Janey Sexton fm, xii? Mike Shaver "Now I lay me down to sleep l 1! Seniors Grea "Till" .dl ww-rv? Sherry Shelton WPIYDC ShePPa1'd Larry Sherrell Glenn Sims Ridjafd Simpson 4u.t-Q., Q15 Wow iam milf "K"ww-gpr' Greg Singletary David Sloan Leonard Sloan Cymhia Smith Gerald Smith 'iHey, there's a hole in the bottom of this bucket!" Relive 'Vlemories Matt Smith Mike Smith !Yx, Pam Smith Randy Smith R0d Smith 53 r Qamuelr 'WN Karen Sngw' David Southerland Clvnn Spain Jimmy Stearns x Janet Stoklcy Ay., QM4' S X I 'm ff! Sharon Stroud Carolyn Stutts J an Stewart Rita Sulphen Sharon Swcazy Q nj QQ.. ,..,,. qt, Barbara Sxuf-ber Pat Tarker Jan Tarlton Carol Taylor Donna Taylor Marti 54 3-'XSL as lu 'llnylor Chcryl Te-agus Danny Teague Larry 'lrrrilo K11Yi'Il 'lihurp Y .S ' ..- Vx 6... Q. xx fw .ludy Tlmmpson Albert Thurman Kam-n Tidwell Dennis Travis Rhonda Thomas John Trojuvelc f Q 11- 1 .si ,gs xfi :- Q Vivki Vanderlrurg John Tunnell Larry Tucker Dale' Trullingcr "--.Q-...V l"f-fwwg' ll:-nniQ Vvul Karen Van:-e Larry Vest Paula Vivk Alta Virgil "f,,, P' llutrivin Voss Dlilllr' fm. if fi., Z Walker John Wallace' Kay WHHLICP 55 "9-X in .i Life. Larry Walling Jaan Walters Linda Ward Steve Ware June Watson Terry W'eakley James Webb Regina Webb Kay Weihe Cyndi Wedeen Mary Wells Gladys Wesson Pearline Wilson Luther West Larry White fyx Memories Foreve Cha,-1,35 Whilsione Anna Wilkes LaVita Wilkinson 56 in IT ...D- .....,,u,m, Debbie Williams Drena Williams Karen Williams Martha Williams Vellila Willi21ITlSOIl swf 'im if .,5? 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Xonzznee qnyze WQSQ Zecfy Gauky 601700 ZW!! mjflary- Queen gournamenf Ngomznee - Valedictorian Aurelia McElroy Mary Margaret Billingsley Raymond Earl Brannon Janet Ann Branstetter Roger Miles Brown Nancy Gayle Cain Marcie Lane Cole Janis Kay Couch Brenda Lee Dickson George Randall Foster Sue Louise Gibson HIGH HONOR GRADUATES Birgitt Gerda Gral Kathleen Grimmitt Gary Robert Hartwell Kathy Sue Hodges Deborah Kay Jones Judy Eileen Karlen Deborah Kay King Sheila Dianne King Aurelia Ann McElroy Sherry Lou Mills HONOR GRADUATES Salutalorian Sue Gibson Marilyn Elaine Petersen Janice Wy'r1ell Pinyan Mary Louise Rohner Ronald Lee Schell Larry' Clinton Sherrell Carolyn Ruth Stutts Patricia Diane Tacker John Wayne Troj aeek Larry Lee Walling Miehael Alan Primrost Michael Allen Aceipiter Linda Katherine Acker Gary Lee Alexander Stephen Lew Anderson Patricia Lynn Anderton Nathan Garth Archer Brenda .loyfre Bailey Pamela .loan Hyett Barrett Debra Ann Beard Donell Birdwell Colleen Bledsoe Cynthia Eileen Bounds Lloyd Clifton Box, III Linda Lou Boyd Glenda Kay Brown Ronald Lyle Brown Thelma Gail Bruton James Allen Burton Harold Boyer Butler Robert Lorin Cantrell Connie Louise Carter Linda .lune Boyd Castro Carolyn Millie Clauneh Teresa Nell Clayton Kenneth Lindsay Colield Dareie Jane Cole Kathryn Cadenhead Colgrove Ronald A. Collins Stephen Claude Counts Lois Cheryl Culley Deborah ,lo Daugherty Janis Kay Davis Priscilla de la Teja Wayne Boyd DeW'ald Deborah Elain Dillard Catherine Dookout Dodg .leanette Kay Douthit Barbara Sue Durham Brenda .lean lfairless Edwin Nliehael Flagg Karen Kaye Flora .lames Douglas Eruge Oren Earl lftyman, Jr. Cheryl Kay Garcia Gerald .lohn Garcia Mary Christine Garrett Carol Denise Gilliam Hollis Gloyer Larry Wayne Guynes Harold Douglas Haislip lyliehelle Diane Harrell .lanet Harwell ,lana Lea llelm Paula .lane Henry Herman Dayid Hogan Deborah Kay House Carolyn .lane Howard Donald Clifton lloyle Sandra Kaye Hudson Barbara .lane llughes Ricky Lynn irons Laura Ellen James Kathey Sue Kaiser Kay Franees Kartous Kathryn Nlarie Kennedy Glenda Jean Kidd Marjorie Ann Leyyis Charles Carson Long Vit-toria Marie Lovegxren Cathy Lee Manely Sharon Kay Rltfclttlltlllilll Mary' Elizabeth lleClung .laekie Sue Alt-Kethan Carol Alice Mc-Kinney Linda Smith MeLaughlin Elizabeth ,lo MeMasters Gary Stevens iN'lel'hail Vickie Elaine Milam Mary .lane Mills Viekie Lynn Morris Roger Dale Napper Lyneh Davidson Niehnls, Sandra Sue Nichols Panagiotis Georgiios Otlanogainnis Cathy Sue Payne Larry Dale Peeena Viekie Deawn Penland Charles Wesley Peterson David Leroy Petton Angie Lynne Phelps Dana Lea Phillips Frances Kaye Phy Cynthia Ann Pitts Cynthia Diane Platt Linda Ruth Potter Regina Ann Price Donna Larese Pritehett Sharon Ann Proffitt Terry Lynn Redd Carol Dawn Reeves Linda Carole Reid Donna Marie Roberts Rosemary Sue Rowland Sandra Kay Sandlin Carolyn W vonne Schulze .laney Kathryn Sexton David James Sloan Leonard Ray Sloan Gerald Lee Smith Pamela .lean Smith David Marshall Southerland Janet Lee Stokley Sharon K. Stroud .lay Lawayne Tanzy Larry Lonnie Territo Rhonda Mae Thomas Karen Orvilla Tidwell Karen Diane Vance Vicki Bell Vanderburg .lana Lynn Walters Kay Beth Weihe Mary Evelyn Wells Karen Denise Williams Venita Carlene Williamson Gala .lune Wilson Susan Dale Wilson Keith Allen Wyborny 77 , yfwbw wg N ff .2 , ff .. f' '9""""' W Seniors . , B8-'69 ABREGO, ELIDA. Jr. Red Cross, 3. ACCIPITER, MICHAEL. Student Council, 1, Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, "A" Football Team, 2, 3, "B" Football Team, 1, Senior Play, 3, Key Club, 2, Chemistry Club 1, U.C.T.E. Nominee. ACKER, LINDA. Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, V.P. 1, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Senior Board 3, Concert Choir 3, Operetta, 3, Basket- ball, 1, 2, Future Homemakers, 3, Office Assistant, 1. ADAMS, CINDY. V.O.E., 3. ADDY, ANDY. "B" Football Team, 1, Key Club, 2, Projectionist, 1, 2. ALBIN, MARY. Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, Secretary, Blue Jackets, 2, 3, Senior Board, 3, Los Conquistadores, 1, 2, 3. ALEXANDER, GARY. Los Conquista- dores, 1, 2, 3, Spanish Lab Assistant, 2, 3. ALGER, DORA. Library Assistant, 1, 2, 3. ALLEN, DANNY. J.C.T.C., 3, Junior Red Cross, 1, Distinguished Distributive Edu- cation Award. ALLEN, JAMES. "A" Football Team, 2, 3, "B" Football Team, 1, Track, 1. ALVARADO, TRENE. Office Assistant, 3, Secretarial Club, 3. ANDERSON, JAMES. ANDERSON, JOHN. ANDERSON, PATRICA. ANDERSON, STEPHEN L. R.O.T.C., 1, 2. ANDERSON, TERRY. French Club, 1. ANDERTON, PAT. N.H.S., 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Jr. Red Cross, 1, Of- fice Assistant, I, 2, 3, French Club, 1. ANDREWS, SHIRLEY. Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets 1, Future Homemakers, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 1, Library Assistant, 1, 3, French Club, 2, Secretarial Club, 2. ARCHER, NATHAN. N.H.S,, 2, 3, Treas- urer, 3, Student Council, 3, Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, 3, President, f'A" Football Team, 2, 3, UB" Football Team, 1. 80 ARMSTRONG, GEORGE. ARMITRY, ROBERT. ASHLEY, RANDY. Homeroom Officer, 3, Vice President, R.O.T.C., 1, 2. ASKINS, GERALD. Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, "B" Football Team, 1, Track, 1, 2, 3: J.C.T.C.. 2, 3, Projection- ist, 3, French Club, 1, 2. AULBAUGH, ROBERT. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, Representative, Homeroom Officer, 1-V.P., 2-V.P., 3-President, Los Con- quistadores, 39 J.C.T.C., 1, Science Club, 2, Jr. Red Cross, 2, S.A.N.E., 3, Cover De- sign for Laurel Wreath. AUSTIN, KATHY. Junior Achievement, 3, Future Teachers, 3, Chairman of Ser- vice Program, Secretarial Club, 3. BAILEY, BRINDA. Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, 3, Secretary, Blue Jackets, 1, 2-Board, Los Conquistadores, 2, 3, Future Home- makers, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 1, 2, 3, Office Assistant, 3. BAILEY, DAVID. Golf, 1, 2, 3, 3rd in District Meet '69. BAILEY, MARY. Art Club, 1, Medical Careers Club, 1, Secretarial Club, 2, V.O.E. BAILEY, SHERYL. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Secretarial Club, 2, 3. BAKER, BENITA. Blue Jackets, 1, V.O.E., 3. BAKER, BEVERLY. Student Council, 1, Homeroom Officer, I, 2, 3, Secretary, Blue Jackets, 1, Chemistry Club, 1-Secretary, Allied Youth, 1, 2, 3, French Club 1. 2, Nominated for Basketball Queen in Dr Pepper Tournament. BALL, ROSEMARY. Future Homemakers, 3, Sparteens, 3. BALLARD, CARLA. Band 1, 2, 3, Los Conquistadores, 1, 2, 3, Spanish Conven- tion, 2, 3, Future Homemakers, 3, Library Assistant, 2. BARD, PAMELA. V.O.E., 3. BARNES, JAMES. BARRETT, BRADLEY. Homeroom Offi- cer, 1-President, Concert Choir, 1, 2, 3, Operetta, 1, 2, 3, S.C.O.A. 1, 2, 3. BASS, JOHN. BAUERLE. CLIFFORD. BAXTER, WANDA. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, E Senior Board, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Od eretta, 2, 3, Art Club, 3, French Clul 2, 3. BEACH, LARUE ANNE. Starlets, 2, 3 Blue Jackets, 1, 2, J.C.T.C. 1, Office As sistant, 1. 2, 3. BEALL, STEVEN. Homeroom Officer, 3- President. BEARD, DEBRA. Homeroom Officer, 2, E Pres., V.P., Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jacket: 1, R.O.T.C., 3-Sweetheart, Los Conqui: tadores, 2, 3, Nominated for Militar Queen. BEARD, PATRICIA. Student Council, 2 Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Girl' Special Choir, 1, Office Assistant, 2, 3. BECKHAM, MARGARET. BELL, BILLY. Student Council, 1, Home room Officer, 1-V.P., Band, 1, 2, 3- V.P., Concert Choir, 1, 2, 3, Operett 2, 3, Thespians, 3, Senior Play, 3, Sc ence Club, 2, First Division Vocal Enserr ble. BELL, ROGER. Concert Choir, 1, 3. BENE, GARY. Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, -President, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, HA" Team., BILLINGSLEY, MARY LEE. Studer Council, 3, Starlets, 1, 2, 3, Blue Jacket: 1, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, French Clulu 1, Sparteens, 1, 2, Secretarial Club, 2. BILLINGSLEY, MARY MARGARET N.H.S, 3, Starlets, 3. Manager, Blu Jackets, 1, 2, Art Club, 1, 2, 3, President French Club, 1. 2, 3-Treasurer, Secre tarial Club, 2, 3, S.A.N.E., 3. BIRDWELL, DONELL, N.H.S, 3, Studer Council, 3, Starlets. 2, 3, Blue Jacket: 1, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3 Los Conquistadores, 1, J.C.T.C., 1, Sc ence Club, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 1. BLAKE, JANICE. Blue Jackets, 1. BLEDSOE, COLLEEN. N.H.S, 3, Stal lets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Office Assis ant, 1, 2, 3, French Club, 1, 3, Sparteen: 3. BORCHARDT, BOBBIE. Latin Club, 3. ORCHARDT, EDNA. Blue Jackets, 1, 25 uture Homemakers, 35 Jr. Red Cross, 15 ab Assistant, 2 years. OUNDS, CYNTHIA. N.H.S., 35 Student ouncil, 25 Starlets, 35 Majorette, 1, 25 enior Play, 3, Costumes Chairman5 French lub, 1, 25 Sparteens, 35 Pub-Feature Edi- :or5 Girl's Special Choir, 1. OX, LLOYD. Torch Staff, 35 Senior lay, 15 Los Conquistadores, 35 Science Club, 1, 2-Pres., 35 French Club, 1, 2, 5 Quiz Down Team, Chapel Club, 2, 35 cholarship to U.T.A. OWDEN, WILLIAM. Sentinel Staff, 35 rojectionist, 1. OWMAN, DAVID. Operetta, 2, 35 .O.T.C., 2, 35 Latin Club, 2, 35 Jr. Red ross, 1,, 2, 3. OYD, LINDA. N.H.S., 35 Student Coun- il, 1, 2, 35 Starlets, 241st Lieut., 3gCap- iain5 Blue Jackets, 15 Office Assistant, 2, I5 Cirl's Special Chorus, 1. BOYER, MARK. JREWER, SANDRA A. Student Council, 5 Blue Jackets, 1, 25 Concert Choir, 2, 5 Operetta, 2, 3. ROWN, GLENDA KAY. Starlets, 35 lue Jackets, 1, 25 Office Assistant, 35 Clinic Assistant, 15 French Club, 1. ROWNING, JACQUELINE. Blue Jack- ts, 1. RANSTETTER, JANET. N.H.S., 35 Blue ackets, 1, 2, 35 Science Club, 15 French Club, 1, 2, 35 Sparteens, 35 Laurel Wreath Stf., 1, 2, 35 Language Lab Assistant, 3. RANTLEY, PHILLIP B. Band, 1, 2, 35 tage Band, 2, 3. REWER, VICTOR. Band, 1, 2, 3-Man- ger5 Language Lab Assistant, 1. IBRIAN, SHARON. Blue Jackets, 2. IBRIGDON, ROBERT. RONAUCH, MICHELLE. Band, 1, 25 ennis, 2, 35 Science Club, 2. ROWN, RONALD LYLE. N.H.S., 2, 35 tudent Council, 35 "A" Football Team, 35 NB" Football Team, 1, 25 Tennis, 35 Key Club, 1, 2, 35 Fellowship of Christian Ath- lete, 2, 35 Science Quiz Down. BROWN, ROGER M. N.H.S., 35 Key Club, 1, 2, 35 Latin Club, 15 Chemistry Club, I5 Science Club, 35 Frehch Club, 2, 3. BROWN, RONALD WAYNE. Track, 1. BRUMFIELD, JOE. BRUNSON, KENNETH. BRUTON, BRENDA. Starlets, 2, 3-Ex- ecutive Council5 Blue Jackets, 15 Senior Play, 3-Make-up Comm.5 Swimming, 35 Medical Careers Club, 15 Office Assistant, 1, 2, 35 French Club 1, 25 Sparteens, 15 Pub Staff. BRUTON, RANDY. BRUTON, THELMA GAIL. N.H.S., 35 Starlets, 2-Manager, 35 Blue Jackets, 15 Latin Club, I, 2, 35 Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3. BRYANT, MICHAEL. "B" Football Team, 15 Baseball, I, 2, 35 F.C.A. BRYANT, PRESTON. BURCHETT, DEBORAH A. Blue Jackets, 15 J.A., 15 Los Conquistadores, 1, 25 J.C.T.C., 15 Office Assistant '15 Library Assistant, 2. BURLESON, BARRY. Distributive Educa- tion. BURNETT, NANCY. BURROWS, NED. Basketball, 1, 2, 3. BURNS, KENNETH. Track, 1, 2, 3-Cap- tain, Letterman, 2, 3. BUTLER, HAROLD B. Latin Club, 2. BURTON, JAMES. Band, 1, 25 Los Con- quistadores, 2, 3-V.P. CAIN, NANCY. N.H.S., 2, 3-Secretary5 Student Council, 1, 2, 3-Secretary5 Cheerleader, 2, 35 Blue Jackets, 1-Soph. Board5 Los Conquistadores, 1, 2-Secre- tary, 35 Sophomore. Favorite: Junior Fa- vorite5 Valentine Queen-25 Honorary Valentine Princess, 35 D.A.R. Nominee, Homecoming Queen, 3: Football Court, 25 R.O.T.C. Sweetheart, 3. CALLAWAY, GREGG. Allied Youth, 35 S.A.N.E., 3. CAMPBELL, MARSHA. Blue Jackets, I5 Band, 2, 15 Operetta, 25 Thespians, 35 Senior Play, 35 J.A., 15 Los Conquista- tores, 25 Art Club, 15 Jr. Red Cross, 25 Creative Writing Club, 1. CANADA, SHIRLEY. Blue Jackets, 2, 35 Jr. Red Cross, 25 Office Assistant, 2. CANTRELL, ROBERT. Student Council, 1, 35 Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, 35 Tennis, 1, 2, 35 Debate, 1, 2, 35 Key Club, 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2, 3. CARDELLA, SAMMY. CARRELL, SHERRY. Blue Jackets, 15 Jr. Red Cross, 2, 3. CARTER, CHRIS. "B" Football Team, 15 Concert Choir, I, 2, 35 Operetta, 1, 2, 35 Basketball, 15 Track, 1, 25 Swimming, l. CAROTHERS, MARK. CARTER, CONNIE. N.H.S., 2, 35 Starlets, 2-lst Lieut., 3-Co-Captain5 Blue Jackets, 1-Board Member5 Swimming, 35 Latin Club, 1, 25 Jr. Red Cross, 2, 3-V.P.5 Of- fice Assistant, 2, 35 Sparteens, 2, 35 Sec- retarial Club, 2. CASE, IRENE. Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, 35 Reporterg Band, 1, 2, 35 Operetta, 1, 25 Jr. Red Cross, 1, 2. 35 Library Assist- ant, 15 Stage Band, 1 Year. CASTRO, JOHN. R.O.T.C., 1, 2. CASTRO, LINDA. CAUDILL, ROBERT. CHAMBERS, CHRISTY. Blue Jackets, 15 Latin Club, 15 Jr. Red Cross, 15 Library Assistant, 2. CHAMBERS, JOHNNY. CHANCE, KENNETH. CHERRY, STANLEY. R.O.T.C., 1, 2, 35 S.A.N.E., 3. CHESHIER, DONALD. CLARK, WILLIAM. Student Council, 1, 25 Homeroom Officer, l, 2, 3, President5 Key CLub, 35 Office Assistant, 3. CLAUNCH, CAROLYN. N.H.S., 35 Stu- dent Council, 2, 35 Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, 3, Secretary5 Starlets, 35 Blue Jackets, 1, 25 Science Club, 2, 35 Jr. Red Cross, 35 Library Asst., 35 French Club, 1, 2, 35 Sparteens, 35 Whangdoodle Staff Repre- sentative from W.W.S. 8I CLAYTON, ALVIN. S.A.N.E., 3. CLAYTON, BOBBY. CLAYTON, TERESA. Student Council, 1, 23 Blue Jackets, 1, 2g Los Conquistadores, 13 J.C.T.C., 13 French Club, 13 Sparteens, 13 V.O.E. Program. COCKERHAM, RONNIE. Distributive Education. COFIELD, LINDSAY. Student Council, 33 "A" Football Team, 2, 33 NB" Football Team, 13 Office Assistant, 3g Optimist Club Representative, 33 Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 2, 3. COLE, DARCIE. N.H.S., 33 Sentinel Staff, 33 Science Club, I, 2, 3, Reporter-2, SecretaryY33 French Club, 1, 2-Re- porter, 33 Creative Writing Club, 33 Or- chestra, Principal violist, 1, 2, 33 Dal-Hi Symphony Orchestra, 2, 33 Principal violist, 33 All Region Orchestra, 2, 33 Laurel Wreath Editor, 2, 33 Ist Place Bi- ology Division School. Science Fair, 1. COLE, MARCIE. N.H.S., 2, -SLRCPOIIBIQ Sentinel Staff, 3, Literary Editor, Club Editor3 Science Club, 1, 2-V.P., 3-Presi- dentg French Club, 1, 2, 33 Creative Writ- ing Club, 33 Who's Who Among American High School Students, 33 National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award, 33 Laurel Wreath Editor, 2, 3. COLLADO-MARTE, MERCEDES LUISA. N.H.S., 33 Starlets, 33 Los Conquistadores 3g Los Embajadores, 33 Medical Careers Club, 33 Science Club, 33 Jr. Red Cross, 33 Sparteens, 3g Foreign Exchange Stu- dent. COLLINS, RONALD. N.H.S., 2, 33 Home- room Officer, 1, 2, 3iV.P.3 Basketball, I, 2, 33 Baseball, 33 Key Club, 3. COOK, CAROLYN. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3g Concert Choir, 2, 33 Operetta, 2, 33 Girls Sophomore Choir. COOKE, CATHIE. Office Assistant, lg V.O.E. Program, 3. COOLEY, LAURA. Blue Jackets, 13 Of- fice Assistant, 1g Secretarial Club, 2, 3. COOPER, GARY. Distributive Education, 2, 3. COOPER, MICHAEL. Concert Choir, 1, 2, 33 Operetta I, 23 R.O.T.C., 1, 2, 3. 82 COTTRELL, LINDA. Blue Jackets, 1, 23 Concert Choir, 2, 33 Operetta, 2, 33 Fu- ture Teachers, 33 French Club, I, 23 Sec- retarial Club, 33 Girl's Special Choir, 1. COUCH, JANIS. N.H.S., 2, 33 Starlets, 2, 33 Blue Jackets, 13 Los Conquistadore 1, 23 Office Assistant, 2. COACH, KAREN LUCILLE. COUCH, SHARON. Blue Jackets, I3 Art Club, 3. COX, HENRY. CRABTREE, DANA. Blue Jackets, l, 23 French Club, I. CRAWFORD, ROGER. CROCKER, TERRY. CROOM, SCOTT. D.E. CULLEY, LOIS. Starlets, 33 Blue Jackets, 1, 2g Latin Club, 13 Library Assistant, 23 Sparteens, 3. CURRY, EUGENE. DARR, CINDY, Student Council, 1, 23 Homeroom Officer, I, 2, 3, President3 Starlets, 1, 2, 33 Blue Jackets, I3 Future Homemakers, 3, SCCIBIHTYQ Allied Youth, 23 Sparteen, 33 Soph. Choir, 1. DASCH, TIMOTHY. Homeroom Officer, 3, V.P.3 Latin Club, I, 2, 33 Chemistry Club 13 Science Club, 2. DAUCHERTY, DEBORAH. Blue Jackets 1. DAUCHERTY, DORIS. DAVIS, CAROLYN. DAVIS, CHARLES. Student Council, 1, 2, 33 Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, 33 "A" Football Team, 2, 3g "B" Football Team, 1. DAVIS, JANIS. Homeroom Officer, I, Secretary3 Blue Jackets, I, 2, 3-Board3 J.C.T.C., 1, 23 Jr. Red Cross, 2, 33 Library Assistant, 1, 23 Sparteens, 2, 33 Pub Staff 3 Cir1's Special Chorus, 1. DAVIS, JANIS, Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3. DAVIS, SIDNEY. Won Plymouth Trouble -Shooting Contest-1968. DAVIS, SIDNEY. J.C.T.C.,, 33 Alliec Youth, 3. DAY, DIANA. Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, 3 R.O.T.C., 2, 3, Sweetheart3 Jr. Red Cross 2. DEERING, DONALD. Palisade Drag Rae ers Club. DE LA TEJA, PRISCILLA. N.H.S., 2, 3 Concert Choir, 2, 33 Operetta, 23 Spar teens, 33 S.A.N.E., 3. DELLINGER, MICHAEL. DEMENT, CARY. Homeroom Officer, 1 2, 3, President3 Projectionist, 2, 3. DE WALD, WAYNE. Student Council, 1 2, 33 "A" Football Team, 2, 33 "B" Foot- ball Team, 13 Basketball, 2, 33 Track, l 2, 33 Key Club, 1, 2, 3. DICKERSON, JAMES. DICKSON, BRENDA. N.H.S., 2, 3, Home room Officer Isp.: Starlets, I, 2-2nc Lieut., 3g Blue Jackets, lg Thespians, 1, 2, 33 Senior Play, 33 Debate, 33 Office Assistant, 2, 33 French Club, l, 2, 33 Spar- teens, 3. DILLARD, DEBBIE. N.H.S., 2, 33 Home- room Officer, SYSCCICIHYYQ Blue Jackets 1, 2, 3-Board3 Sentinel Staff, 3-Ex- change Editorg French Club, 2. DOCKENS, JUDY. Blue Jackets, 1, 2. DODSON, CONNIE. Student Council, 33 Starlets, 33 Blue Jackets, 1, 23 Jr. Achievement, 13 J.C.T.C. 33 Medical Ca- reers Club, 2, 3-V.P.3 Allied Youth, 33 Jr. Red Cross, 13 Office Assistant, I, 2, 33 Sparteens, 2, 33 Sr. Pub. DORETHY, BRUCE. Dorr, DEBBIE. DOUTHITT, JEANNETTE. N.H.S., 2, 3, Latin Club, 2, 3. DOWDLE, BELINDA. Starlets 2, 33 Blue Jackets, 13 Office Assistant, 2, 33 Spar- teens, 33 S.A.N.E., 33 Sr. Pub. DUDIK, DANIEL. Jr. Red Cross, 13 D.E. DUKE, JOHN. Student Council, 33 Con- cert Choir, 1, 2, 3, Librarian Jr., Pres., Sr.3 Operetta, 1, 2, 33 Key Club, 2, 33 Chemistry Club, 2, V.P. URHAM, BARBARA. Office Assistant, YESS, DEBORAH. Starlets, 2, 3, Blue ackets, 1, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Musical, 2, 3. EHRENBERGER, BOBBY. ELAMIRI, BRAHIM. N.H.S., 3, Thespians 3, Swimming, 3, Key Club, 3, Medical Sareers Club, 3, Science Club, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 3, French Club, 3. LLIOTT, LESTER. Student Council, 1, omeroom Officer, 1, 2, 3, President, wimming, 2, 3, Manager, Key Club, I, E, 3, J.C.T.C., 3, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 3. ELLIS, GERALD. Student Council, I, 'BH Football Team, I, Baseball, 1. ELLIS, GERALD. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, "B" Football Team, 1, Track, 1, 2, EMERSON, LINDA. ENDSLEY, GAITHER. Swimming, 1. ENGLISH, BOBBY. VANS, CHARLES. "A" Football Team, , 3, "B" Football Team, I, Track, 1, 2, 3. FAIN, ROYCE. FAIRLESS, BRENDA. N.H.S., 3, Student Council, 2, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, , Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Allied Youth, 2, ibrary Assistant, 1, Sparteens, 2, 3. FAREWELL, ROGER. FARMER, STEPHEN. R.O.T.C., 1, 2. ?AULK, JANICE. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Eentinel Staff, 3, Organizations Editor, future Teachers, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 3. FERGUSON, ROY. FLAGG, MICHAEL. N.H.S., 2, 3, Band, l, 2, 3, Key Club, 1, 2, 3, Junior Achieve- ment, 2. LEMING, RANDLE. Science Club, 1, rojectionist, 2, Lighting Crew Head for Operetta, Senior Play, and One-Act Play, l, 2, 3. FLORA, KARON KAYE. I FORD, SHELLEY. Blue Jackets, 1, Con- cert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, Thespians, 3, Future Homemakers, 3. FOSTER, RANDY. N.H.S., 2, 3, Vice- President 3, Student Council, 1, 2, 3, "A" Football Team, 2, 3, "B" Football Team, 1, Track, 1, 2, Latin Club, 1,,2. FOSTER, ROBERT. Track, I, 2. FRANKLIN, PATRICIA. FRASIER, KATHY. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Sparteens, 3, Girl's Chorus, 1. FREEMAN, GARY. FRUGE, JAMES. N.H.S., 2, 3, Student Council 3, Tennis, 1, 2, 3, Captain. 3, Senior Play, 3, Key Club, 2, 3, Latin Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3, Science Quizdown, 3, Banner Team, 3, N.C.T.E. Writing Contest, 2. FRYMAN, OREN. N.H.S., 2, 3, Los Con- quistadores, 2, 3, Los Embajadores, 1, Jr. Red Cross, 2. GALLOWAY, BONNIE. GALLOWAY, WILLIAM. Track, 1, Key Club, 2. GARCIA, CHERYL. Thespians, 2, 3, One- Act Play, 3, French Club, 2, 3, Sentinel Reporter, A3. GARCIA, GERALD. GARDNER, ROGER. Swimming, 1, 2, Projectionist, I, 2, 3. GARIS, BEVERLY. Blue Jackets, 1. GARNETT, JERRY. S.A.N.E., 3. GARRETT, MARY CHRISTINE. N.H.S., 3, Latin Club, 2, Medical Careers Club, 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3, Science Club, 1, 2, 3, Jr. Red, Cross, 3, Office Assistant, 1, 3. GARRETT, RANDY. Key Club, 2, 3, Los Embajadores, I, Allied Youth, 2, Jr. Red Cross, 1, Office Assistant, 2. GARY, DENNIS. Latin Club, 2. GAY, LINDA. GEDDIE, DEBBIE. Student Council, 1, 2: Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, I, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, Allied Youth, 2, Secretary, French Club, 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent, 3, Sparteens. 3, Financial Chairman. GIBBONS, GARY. GIBSON, SUE. N.H.S., 3, Los Embajad- ores, I, 2, 3, P.A.S.F. Chairman, Future Homemakers, 3. GILLIAM, CAROL. Blue Jackets, 3, Los Conquistadores, 2. 3, Secretarial Club, 3. GILLIAMS, KAREN. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Office Assistant, 2, Sparteens, 1, V.O.E., 3. GILMER, CLAUDE, III. Jr. Red Cross, 3. GLOVER, HOLLI. N.H.S., 2, 3, Student Council, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, Reporter, 3, Concert Choir, I, 2, 3, Operetta, I, 2, 3, Lead, 3, Sentinel Reporter, 3, Thespians, 2, 3, President, 3, Senior Play, 3, Lead, French Club, I, 2, 3, Secretary, 3, Senior Class Reporter. GRAF, BIRGITT. N.H.S., 2, 3, Thespians, 3, Los Conquistadores, 2, Los Embaja- dores, 3, President, French Club, 2, 3. GRAVES, WILLIAM. GRAY, CAROL. Student Council, 1, 2, Blue Jackets, 1, Jr. Achievement, 1, R.O.T.C. Sweetheart, I, 2, J.C.T.C., 1, Future Homemakers. I, Jr. Red Cross, 1, Office Assistant, 1, 2, V.O.E., 3. GRAY, PAUL. MB" Football, 1, Operetta, 1, Projectionist, 2, 3. GREEN, DENISE. Student Council, 3, Starlets, 3, Blue Jackets, 2, Concert Choir, 3, Operetta, 3, Jr. Achievement, I, 2, Future Homemakers, 2, Jr. Red Cross, 1, French Club, 1, 2. GREEN, MARGO. Blue Jackets, I, Li- brary Assistant, 2. GREER, KEITH. GRIFFITH, DONNA. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Senior Board, 3, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3. GRIGSBY, VICKI. Starlets, 3, Manager: Blue Jackets, I, 2, Junior Board, 2, Office Assistant, 2, 3. CRIMES, DEBBY. Starlets, 2, 3, First Lieutenant, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Latin Club, I, J.C.T.C., 1, Office Assistant, 1, 2, Sparteens, 2. GRIMMITT, KATHLEEN. N.H.S., 2, 3, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Art Club, 1, Allied Youth, 3, French Club, 2, 3, Sparteens, 3, S.A.N.E., 3. 83 GROOM, CAROLYN. GULDAHL, PATRICIA. Student Council, 1, 2, French Club, I, Secretarial Club, 2, V.O.E., 3. GUMPERT, SHARON. Blue Jackets, 1, 2. GUTHRIE, TED. GUYNES, LARRY. Jr. Red Cross, 1, Laurel Wreath Staff. 1, D.E., 3. HADDOCK, DEBBIE. Jr. Red Cross, 1, 2, 3. HAISLIP, DOUG. N.H.S., 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross, l. HALE, SHARRON. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Office Assistant, 1, 3, French Club, 1. HALL, THERESA. Future Homemakers, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 2. HAMILTON, TONIA. Secretarial Club, 2, 3, V.O.E., 3. HANSARD, DEBBIE. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, s.A.N.B., 2, 3. HANSON, MICHAEL WAYNE. Concert Choir, 3, Operetta, 3, Senior Play, 3, Key Club, 2, 3, R.O.T.C., 1, 2, Latin Club, 1, Medical Careers Club, 2, S.A.N.E., 3. HARDEMAN, CHARLES. Track, 2, Band, 2, 3, J.C.T.C., 2, Science Club, 2. HARRELL, MICHELLE. N.H.S., 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Tbespians, 2, Los Conquista- dores, 2, Los Embajadores, 3. HARRISON, MIKE. "A" Football Team, 3, HB" Football, 1, Thespians, 2, Los Conquistadores, 2, Los Embajadores, 3. HART, ELLA. Blue Jackets, 1, Concert Choir, 1, 2, Future Homemakers, 2. HARTING, BILLY. HARTWELL, GARY. N.H.S., 2, 3, Key Club, 3, J.C.T.C., 2, 3, Chemistry Club, 2, French Club, 1, 2. HARWELL, JANET. N.H.S., 3, Student Council, 1, 2. 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Office Assistant, 1, Valentine Princess, 3, Senior Class Treasurer, Pub Editor, 3. HATTER, BETTY. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Senior Board, 3, Jr. Red Cross, Library Assistant, 3. 84 HAYDEN, VALARIE. Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Library Assistant, 1, Sparteens, 2, 3, Secretarial Club, 2. HAYDEN, VALARIE. Starlets, 2, 3, Blue .Iackets, 1, Concert Choir 2, Operetta, 2, 3, Library Assistant. 1, Sparteens, 2, 3, Secretarial. HAYES, CHARLES. Art Club, l. HELM, JANA. N.H.S., 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Allied Youth, 2, Spar- teens, 2. HENDERSON, TONY. R.O.T.C., 1, 2. HENRY, PAULA. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Sci- ence Club, 1, Jr. Red Cross, 1, 2, Office Assistant, 2. HENSHALL, JOY. Blue Jackets, 1. HENSON, BILLY. One-Act Play, 2, R.O.T.C., 1, 2, 3, Olympian Guard, 2, 3. HILL, CAROLYN. Secretarial Club, 3. HILL, GARY. Blue Jackets, 2, French Club, 2, 3, Counselor's Asgistant, 3. HINKLE, CARL. HISER, DANNY. Track, 1, 2. HOBBS, JOHN. HODGES, BOB. Homeroom President, 3, "B" Football Team, 1, Golf, 2, 3. HODGES, KATHY. N.H.S., 2, 3: Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Sr. Play, 3, Latin Club, 1, 2, Art Club. 1, Jr. Red Cross, 1, 2, Office Assistant, 2, 3. HOFFMAN, RICKEY. Student Council, 3, Cheerleader, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 1. HOGAN, DAVID. N.H.S., 3, Student Council, 2, Spanish Lab Assistant, 2, 3. HOLMES, PHYLLIS. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Future Homemakers, 2, Vice-President. HOLT, DAVID. Student Council, 1, "A" Football Team, 2, 3, All-District All- Greater Dallas, "B" Football Team, 1, Concert Choir, 1, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Baseball, 1, 2, 3. HOOD, JANICE. HOPE., ROBERT. l.C.T., 1, 2, 3. HOUSE, DEBBIE. Student Council, 1, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, Thespians, 3, Senior Play, Student Director, J.C.T.C., 2, 3. HOUSE, LARRY. HOWARD, CAROLYN. N.H.S., 3, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3, Medical Careers Club, 3, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, French Club, 3. HOWARD, GENELL. Transfer from Wosco, Calif. Head Cheerleader, I, 2, Junior Class President, Sophomore Class Secretary, Spanish Club. HOYLE, DONALD. N.H.S., 3. HRABAL. RAY. Track, 1, 2. HUDSON, RANDY. Art Club, 2, 3. HUDSON, SANDRA. N.H.S., 2, 3, Stu- dent Council, 2, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Sen- ior Board, Sentinel Staff, 3, Sports, Edi- tor, Thespians, 2, 3, Senior Play, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 3, French Club, 2, 3, Reporter, 2, Asst. Secretary, 3, Sparteens, 3. HUGGINS, JIM. Debate, 2, R.O.T.C., 2, 3, Rifle Team Cmmdr. HUGHES, BARBARA. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Senior Board, Senior Play, 3, Los Con- quistadores, 2, Reporter, Los Embajadores, 3, Clinic Assistant, 3, Sparteens, 3. HULSEY, BRENDA. HUMPHRIES, SHIRLEY. Blue Jackets, 3: Jr. Red Cross, 2, Clinic Assistant, 1, Secretarial Club, 3. HURDLE, JERRY. HURST, GERRY. Laurel Wreath Art, 3. INGRAM, DAVID. Band, 1, 2, 3, Presi- dent, 3: Operetta, 2, 3, Senior Play, 3, Junior Achievement, 1, French Club, 1. INGRAM, WILLIAM. IRONS, RICKY. Latin Club, 2. JACKS, RONNY. JAMES, LAURA. Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jack:-ts, 1, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, Spar- teens, 1. JENKINS, DEBBIE. N.H.S., 3, Student Council, 1, 2, Starlets, 2, 3, Concert Choir, 1, 2, 3, Secretary, 3, Operetta, 1, 2, 3, Thespians, 2, 3, Los Conquistadores, 2, Sparteens, 2, 3, Best Female Vocalist 2 years, Regionals. JENKINS, SHERRY. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Concert Choir, 3, Operetta, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 1. JETER, INA. Office Assistant 2, 3. JIMMERSON, DONNA. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Secretarial Club, 3. JOHN, CHARLES. R.O.T.C., 2, 3. JOHNSON, BUDDY. Student Council, l, "A" Football Team, 2, 3, NB" Football Team, 1, Baseball, 1, 2, 3. JOHNSON, DAVID. French Club, 1. JOHNSON, DEANNIE, D. Homeroom Of- ficer, I, 2, President, Starlets, 3, Blue Jackets, I-Board, 2, Jr. Red Cross, 2. JOHNSON, JANET., Art Club, 3. JOHNSTON, DIANA. V.O.E., 3. JOHNSTON, JOHNNY R. R.O.T.C., 3, Cdt. Capt., Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest. JONES, DEBORAH. N.H.S., 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3-Treasurer, Los Conquis- tadores, 3, Los Embajadores, 1, 2, Future Teachers, 2, 3, Office Assistant, I, 2, 3, Sparteens, 3. JONES, GARY. JONES, GRETCHEN. JONES, HAL. JONES, SHARON P. JORDAN, LOUIS. KAHLER, WAYNE. KAISER, KATHY. Homeroom Officer, l-Reporter, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Future Homemakers, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 3, Office Assistant, 2, 3, French Club, 1, Sparteens, 3, S.A.N.E., 3. KARLEN, JUDY. Council, 3, Blue 3,-President, Los ture Homemakers, Office Assistant, 2 KARTOUS, KAY. Starlets, 2, 3, N.H.S., 2, 3, Student Jackets, I, 2-Board, Conquistadores, 3, Fu- 3, Jr. Red Cross, 1, , Spartecns, 3. Student Council, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Los Conquistadores, l, 2, Office Attendance, 1, 2, 3, Sparteens, 2. KELLER, KERRY. "B" Football Team, 1, Key Club, 3, Science Club, 2, Allied Youth, 2, Projectionist, 2. KELLEY, PEARL. KENNEDY, JACK. KENNEDY, KATHRYN. N.H.S., 3 , Homeroom Officer, 3, Blue Jackets, l, 2, 3fReporter, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Op- eretta, 2, 3, Latin Club, 1, Sparteens, l. KIRBY, DICKIE. Golf, 3, Sentinel Staff, 3, Senior Play, 3, Swimming, 3, Key Club, 3, Chemistry Club, 3, Projectionist, 3, Creative Writing Club, 3. KICKIRILLO, CRISS. KIDD, GLENDA. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Future Homemakers, 2. 1 KIDD, KATHLEEN. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 2, Office Assistant, 1. KIMBERLIN, DEBBIE. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Office Assistant, 1. KING, DEBORAH. KING, EDWARD. Student Council, 1, "A" Football Team, 2, 3, "B" Football Team, 1. KING, MIKE. Golf, 2, 3, Senior Play, 3. KING, SHEILA. N.H.S., 3, Student Coun- cil, l, 2, 3, Starlets, 2, 3-Executive Council, Blue Jackets, 1, Torch Staff, 1, 2, 3fEditor, Thespians, 3, Senior Play, 3, J.C.T.C., 1, 2, 3, French Club. 1, 2: Sparteens, 2, 3. KING, WAYNE. "B" Football Team, l, Key Club, I, Office Assistant, 2, Projec- tionist, 1, Creative Writing Club, 2. KNIFFIN, CYNTHIA, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, R.O.T.C., 3, Future Homemakers, 2, Jr. Red Cross, 2. KRAUSE, DENNIS. LA DY MON, GARY. LANGLEY, BOBBY. Homeroom Officer, 3, Track, 3, Junior Achievement, 3, Chemistry Club, 3, Projectionist, 3: Junior Red Cross, 3. LAWTY, ELIZABETH. Blue Jackets, 1, Latin Club, 2. LEE, BEVERLY. Homeroom Officer, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 2, 3, Los Conquistadores, l, Office Assistant, l, 2, 3, Sparteens, 2, 3, Starlets, 3. LEE, CATHY. Homeroom President, 1, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Future Homemakers, President, 3, Student Coun- cil Steering Committee, 3. LESLIE, MARSHA. Blue Jackets, l. LEWIS, MARJORIE. National Honor So- ciety, 3, Student Council, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3, Cheerleader, 2, 3, Head, 3, Honorary Starlet, 2, 3, Concert Choir, 1, 2, Jesters, 1, Operetta, l, Thespians, 1, 2, Los Conquis- tadores, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, Science Club 2, Secretary, Sparteens, 2, Valentine Prin- cess, 1, 2, Queen, 3, Sr. Class Secretary, 3. LINDBERG, LINDA. Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, Secretary, Starlets, 3, Manager, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Junior Board, 2, Los Conquistadores, l, 3, J.C.T.C., 3, Junior Red Cross, 1, 2, 3, Office Assistant, 2, 3, Secretarial Club, 3, President. LIVELY, DEBBIE. Blue Jackets, l, 2, Junior Board, 2, Future Homemakers, 3, Reporter, Office Assistant, 2. LIVESAY, SHIRLEY. Homeroom Officer, 2, Blue Jackets, 2, Office Assistant, 2. LOVELADY, CAROLYN. LOVELL, JIM. Sentinel Staff, 3, Feature Editor. LOVELL, KEVIN. LONG, CARSON. Homeroom Officer, 3, Vice-President, Chemistry Club, 2. LOVEGREN, VICKI. National Honor So- ciety, 3, Homeroom Officer, 3, Treasurer, Blue Jackets, l, 2, Thespians, 3, Senior Play, 3, Latin Club, 2, 3: Future Teachers, 3, Sparteens, 3, Computer Club, 2. LUNCEFORD, JUDY. Homeroom Officer, 2, 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Latin Club, 2, J.C.T.C., 2, 3, Future Home- makers, 3, Junior Red Cross, l, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, Sparteens, 3, S.A.N.E., 3. MCADAMS, CAROL. Homeroom Officer, 2, Treasurer, Blue Jackets, 2, Junior Red Cross, 2. 85 MCBRAYER, CAMILLE. Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2. MCCLANAHAN, SHARON. National Honor Society, 3, Student Council, 1, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Future Homemakers, 2, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, French Club, 2, Sparteens 2, 3, Senior Pub. Staff, 3, Sentinel Reporter, 3. MCCLANE, SHERYL. Blue Jackets, 1, French Club, 2, Sparteens, 2, V.O.E., 3. McCLUNG, MARY. Band, 2. 3. MCCOY, PATRICIA. MCCRORY, MICHAEL. McDONALD, RANDY. Band, 1, 2, 3, Drum Major, 3. MCELROY, AURELIA. National Honor Society, 2, 3, Thespians 3, One-Act Play 2, 3, All-Star Cast, 2, 3, Debate, 2, 3, President, 3, French Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 2, President, 3, Creative Writing Club, 3. MCFARLAND, RICHARD. Junior Red Cross, 1, D.E., 3. MCGAFFEY, LARRY. McGlBBONEY, ROSE. Future Home- makers, 3, Junior Red Cross, 1, 2. MCGLASSON, JAN. McGREGOR, ALICE. Band, 1, 2, 3, Operetta, l, 2, R.O.T.C. Sweetheart, 3, Los Conquistadores, 1, Future Home- makers, 2, Sparteens, 3, Secretarial Club, 3. McKELROY, DIANE. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Honorary Board, 3, J.C.T.C., 2, 3, Future Homemakers, 2, 3, Allied Youth, 2, Junior Red Cross, 2, Office Assistant, 3, Sparteens, 2, 3, Secretarial Club, 2, S.A.N.E., 3. McLAUGHLIN, LINDA. MCLAUGHLIN, ROY. MCLEMEE, DEBORAH. Blue Jackets, l, Los Embajadorcs, 2, Secretarial Club, 2, V.O.E., 3. McKETHAN, JACKIE. National Honor Society, 3, Blue Jackets, 2. McKINNEY, CAROL. National Honor Society, 3, Homeroom Officer, 2, Secre- tary, Starlets, 2, 3, Executive Council, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Senior Play, 3, Los 86 Conquistadores, l, 2, 3, Office Assistant, 2, Sparteens, 2, 3, Pub. Staff, 3, Asst. Business Manager. MCKNIGHT, GLENN. Student Council Alternate, 3. MQKNIGHT, GLYNDA. Blue Jackets, 1, Concert, 2. MCMASTERS, BETTY. Blue Jackets, 1, Latin Club, l, Chemistry Club, 1. McNATT, JOHN. Track 2,,3. MCNEIL, MICHAEL. Projectionist, 2, 3. McPHAIL, GARY. MCPHERSON, RICK. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, NA" Football 2, 3, "B" Football. 1, Concert Choir, 1, Basketball, 1, Track, 1, Swimming, 2, 3, Football Captain, 3. MACALIK, CATHERINE. MAHAFFEY, MEVIE. Blue Jackets, 1, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Future Homemakers, 3, Allied Youth, 3, Spar- teens, 3, S.A.N.E., 3. MAHAFFEY, MEVIE. Blue Jackets, 1, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Future Homemakers, 3, Allied Youth, 3, Spar- teens, 3, S.A.N.E., 3. MAGILL, KATHY. V.O.E., 3, I.B.M. Assistant, 1. MALONEY, PATRICK. MARDIS, SHARI. Blue Jackets, 1, 2. MARIN, ANHONY. MARTIN, DAVID. Student Council, 2, 3, Homeroom Officer, 1, "B" Football, 1, Junior Red Cross, 1, Office Assistant, 1, D.E., 3. MARTIN, TINA. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Future Teachers, MARTIN, WILLIAM. MASON, DIANNA. Student Council, 1, Blue Jackets, l, Junior Red Cross, 1, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3. MASTERSON, ROD. Concert Choir, 1, 2, Operetta, 1, 2, Key Club, l, 2, Spartan Image and Banner Team Alternate, 2, Laurel Wreath Staff, I, Sentinel Reporter, 3. MAYHEW, MICHAEL. Band, 2, Medical Careers Club, 2, Science Club, 1, 2, Allied Youth, 2, Dal-Hi Symphony Or- chestra, 2, 3. MEDINA, RUTH. Student Council, 1, Band, 1, 2, 3, Senior Play Make-up Committee, 3, Latin Club, l,, 2. MEDRANO, GLORIA. Secretarial Club, 3. MEREDITH, BEVERLY. MEREDITH, TIMOTHY. R.O.T.C., 1, 2. MILAM, VICKIE. Blue Jackets, 1, Future Teachers, 3, Office Assistant, 1, 2, French Club, 1, Secretarial Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, MILLER, JUDY. MILLICAN, BILLY. R.O.T.C., 1, 2, 3. MILLS, MARY. Blue Jackets, 1, French, 1, 2. MILLS, SHERRY. National Honor Soci- ety, 3, Student Council, 2, 3, Starlets, 2, 3, First Lieutenant, 3, Blue Jackets. 1, Torch Staff, 2, 3, Junior Editor 2, Co-Editor, 3, Sentinel Reporter, 3, Junior Achievement, l, French Club, 1, 2, Sparteens, 2, Secretarial Club, 2. MILTNER, RICHARD. MINSHEW, DAVID. Student Council, 2, 3, Key Club, 3, Latin Club, 1, Chemistry Club, 2, Science Club, 1, Senior Pub., 3, Business Manager. MINYARD, LOYD. MITCHELL, MARTHA. Junior Red Cross, 1, Office Assistant, l, 2. MITCHELL, SAM. MONK, DARLENE. Student Council l, 2, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Senior Board, 3, Tennis, l, 2, 3. MONTGOMERY, SHEILA. Blue Jackets, l, 2, 3, Senior Board, 3, Concert Choir, 3, Operetta 3, Los Conquistadores, 1, 2, 3, Project Chairman, 3, Future Home- makers, 3, Sparteens, 3, Girl's Choir, 1, P.A.S.F. Convention, 2. MOORE, MARSHA. Blue Jackets, 1, Homeroom Officer, 1. MOORE, MICHAEL. Concert Choir, 1, 2, 3. MOORE, STEVE. Senior Play, 3, Swim- ming, 2, Office Assistant, 2, 3. MOORIS, JOHN. HB" Football Team, 1. MORRIS, REENA. Blue Jackets, 1. MORRIS, VICKIE. Student Council, 3, Homeroom Officer, 2, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Los Conquistadores, 1, J.C.T.C., 2, 3, Junior Red Cross, 2, Office Assistant, 2, 3, Sparteens, 2, 3, Secretarial Club, 2. MORRIS, WILFORD. MORTON, GREG. MUNDEN, SHERRAN. MUNOZ, MARY MAGDALENE. MURPHEY, CHERRY. MYERS, KENNETH. Band, 1, Concert Choir, 1, 2, Operetta, 2, 3, Male Lead, 3, Thespians, 3, Senior Play. 3, Key Club, 3, Latin Club, 1, 2, Art Club, 1, Junior Red Cross, 3. NABORS, SANDRA. Blue Jackets, 1. INAPPER, ROGER. "A" Football Team, 2, 3, Honorable Mention All-District, 3, "B" Football Team, 1. INEILL, JERRY. Homeroom Officer, 1, "A" Football Team, 2, 3, "B" Football Team 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Office Assistant, 2. NEILL, TIMOTHY. R.O.T.C., 1, 2, 3. INELSON, LINDA. Future Homemakers 3, Sparteens, 3. EVILLE, LYNN. Concert Choir, 3, Oper- tta, 3, Thespians, 3, Senior Play, 3, French Club, 3. NICHOLS, CHARLES. R.O.T.C., 1, 2, 3. INICHOLS, GARY. Sentinel Reporter, 3. ICHOLS, LINDY. National Honor Soci- ty, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 3. INICHOLS, SANDRA. NORWOOD, ARLEEN. Student Council, , Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Junior Board, 2, unior Achievement, 1, Future' Home- makers, 3, Junior Red Cross, 1, 3, French Club, 1. NORWOOD, THOMAS. Student Council, l, Sentinel Staff, 3, One Act Play, 3, Key Club, 2, 3, Received, 2 lst, 2 2nd, and 2 3rd Place Medals in Speech Contests, 2, 3. NUCKOLS, VICKIE. ODEN, KATHY. Blue Jackets, 1. OFFILL, RICKY. OLIVER, MIKE. ORDEMAN, ROBERT. Projectionist, 1. ORGANOGAINNIS, PETER. OTWELL, DeWAYNE. PACKER, LINDA. Blue Jackets, 1, Star- lets, 2, 3, Latin Club, 1, Science Club, 1, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, S.A.N.E.,, 3. PANEK, TONI. PARIGI, JOAN. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Latin Club, 2, Medical Careers Club, 1, 2, Science Club 1, 2, Office Assistant, I, 2, 3, Junior Red Cross, 1. PARKER, DANNY. PARKER, VERONICA. PATRICK, STEVE. Student Council, 1, 2, Alternate 1, Key Club 1, 2. PATTERSON, JERRY. Student Council Alternate, 1, 2, Swimming, 1, 2, 3, Junior Red Cross 2, Projectionist, 3. PAUL, JAY. R.O.T.C., 1, 2, 3. PAYNE, CATHY. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Junior Boaard, 2, Senior Board, 3. PECENA, LARRY. National Honor So- ciety, 2, 3, Student Council Alternate, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, Key Club, 1, 2, 3, Secretary, 3, Latin Club, 1, 2, 3, Presi- dent, 3, Chemistry Club. 1, President, Junior Red Cross, 1, Spartan Image, Exchange Student to Sweden, Science Quizdown. PEEK, THOMAS. PENLAND, VICKIE. National Honor Society, 2, 3, Concert Choir, 3, Operetta, 3, Art Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 2, French Club, 1, 2. PERKINS, JUDY PERRY, CAROL. Student Council, 1, Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Debate 2, Junior Red Cross, 2. PETERMAN, DONNA. PETERSEN, MARILYN. National Honor Society, 3, Future Homemakers, 3. PETERSEN, MARILYN. National Honor Society, 3, Future Homemakers, 3, Office Assistant, 1, French Club, 1, 2. PETERSON, CHARLES. National Honor Society, 3, Student Council Steering Committee, 3, Key Club, 2, R.O.T.C., 1, 2, 3, Battalion Cmdr, Brigade Sgt. Major, Best N.C.O. City, Superior Cadet, 1, 2. PETTON, DAVID. Student Council, 1, Debate, 3. PETTY, GARY. Junior Achievement, 3, R.O.T.C., 1, 2, 3, Allied Youth, 1, 2, Library Assistant, 1, Spartan Guard, 1, Olympian Guard, 3. PHELPS, ANGIE. National Honor Soci- ety, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Senior Board, 3, Tennis, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 3, French Club, 1, 2. PHILLIPS, DANA. Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Sentinel Staff, 3, Thespians, 2, French Club, 2, Sparteens, 2, 3. PHY, FRANCES. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Concert Choir, 2, Los Conquistadores, 2, Secretarial Club, 1, 2, 3. PILGRIM, DAVID. PINYAN, JANICE. National Honor Soci- ety, 2, 3, Student Council, 1, 2, 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Executive Council, 3, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Accompanist, Oper- etta, 2, 3, Accompanist, French Club, 1, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1. PITTS, CINDY. National Honor Society, 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Executive Council, 3, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Thespians, 3, Senior Play, 3, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, Sparteens, 3. PLATT, CYNTHIA. National Honor Soci- ety, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 2, 3, Sentinel Staff, 2, 3, Editor, 3, Science Club, 3, Junior Achievement, 2, French Club, I, 2, Creative Writing Club, 3. PORTER, JANN. Starlets, 3, Blue .lack- ets, 1, 2, Junior Board, 2, Latin Club, 1, Future Homemakers, 3, Office Assistant, 1, Sparteens, 3, S.A.N.E., 3, Secretary. 87 POTTER, LINDA. National Honor Society, 3, Library Assistant, 1, V.O.E., 3. POTTS, BARNEY. PRICE, REGINA. National Honor Society, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Sentinel Staff, 3, Senior Play, 3, J.C.T.C., 2, 3, Medical Careers Club, 2, Junior Red Cross, 2, Sparteens, 3, Creative Writing Club, 3, Debate, 3. PRIEWE, SANDRA. Band 1, 2, Future Homemakers, l, 3, V.O.E., 3. PRIIVIROSE, MIKE. National Honor So- ciety, 2, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, Key Club, 1, 2, 3, Latin Club, I, Chemistry Club, 1. PRINCE, BOBBY. Track, 1, French Club, 2. PRATCHETT, DONNA. Band, 1, 2, 3, Stage Band, I. PROFFITT, SHARON. Starlets, 2, 3, Executive Council, 3, Blue Jackets, I, Office Assistant, 3, Library Assistant, 2, Sparteens, 2, 3, I.C.C. Representative. PULLIAM, CATHY. Art Club, 3. RABROKER, STEVE. RADNEY, LARRY. RANEY, ANITA. Junior Achievement, 3, Art Club, 1, Office Assistant, 2. RAY, BILLY. HA" Football Team, 2, 3, "B" Football Team. 1. RECTOR, JANICE. Homeroom Officer, 3, Starlets, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Office Assistant, 1. REDD, TERRY. National Honor Society, 3, Student Council, 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Junior Red Cross, 1, French Club, 1, Sparteens, 2. REEVES, CAROL. National Honor So- ciety, 3, Student Council, 3, Concert Choir, 3, Operetta, 3, Thespians, 2, 3, One-Act Play, 3, Future Teachers, 3, French Club, 2, 3, Sparteens, 3, Senior Board Representative. REEVES, PAUL. Orchestra, 1, 2, 3. REEVES, TERRY. REID, LINDA. Student Council, 2, Sar- lets, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Junior Board, 2, Sentinel Staff, 3, Thespians, 3, Senior Play, 3. 88 RENEAU, ROLAND. REYNOLDS, JERRY. REYNOLDS, JOE REYNOLDS, NORMA. RIGSBY, ANGELA. Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Los Conquistadores, 1, 2, 3, Future Homemakers, 3, Library Assistant, 3, Sparteens, 2, 3, Homeroom Secretary, 2, 3, Football Princess, I, 2, 3, Valentine, 2, 3, Dr. Pepper Cotton Bowl Tournament Queen Nominee, 3. RINEHART, WILLIAM. RITCHIE, RAEDEAN. Blue Jackets, 1, Clinic Assistant, 3. RIVAS, RUBEN. ROBERTS, DONNA. N.H.S., 3, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Art Club, 3, Future Homemakers, 3, Office Assistant, 2, 3. ROBINSON, DOYLE. ROBINSON, LYNDA. Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Jr. Red Cross, 2, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, French Club, I, 2, Sparteens, 2. ROBINSON, SHARON. Student Council Alt., 1, Homeroom Treasurer, 2, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Los Conquistadores, 1, Office Assistant, 1, 2, Sparteens, 2. RODRIGUEZ, ESTELLA. B a n d , 2, V.O.E., 3. ROGERS, CHARLES. Blue Jackets, Stu- dent Director, 3, Key Club, 3, R.O.T.C., 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 1,'Laurel Wreath Staff, 3. ROGERS, PAT. Blue Jackets, 1, Clinic Assistant, 3. ROHNER, MARY. N.H.S., 3, Blue Jack- ets, l, Thespians, 3, One-Act Play, 3, Senior Play, 3, Debate, 3, Secretary- Treasurer, French Club, 2, 3, Creative Writing Club, 3, Laurel Wreath Staff, 2. ROSEMAN, RICKY. ROUNSAVILLE, BRUCE. ROWLAND, JO ANN. Student Council Alternate, 2, Homeroom Secretary, 2, 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, I, Soph. Board, J.C.T.C., 1, Clinic Assistant, 1, 2, 3. ROWLAND, ROSEMARY. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Senior Board, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Historian, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Thespians, 3, Senior Play, 3, Los Conquistadores, I, J.C.T.C., 1, 2, 3, Science Club, 1, Allied Youth, 2, S.A.N.E., 3, Jesters, 3, Pub. Asst. Editor, 3. ROWLAND, DANNY. Band, I, 2, 3, Key Club, 3, Dance Band, 1, 2, 3. RUPE, MAX. Swimming, 1, Jr. Achieve- ment, 1. RUSHING, SUSAN. Blue Jackets, I. SANDERS, RICKY. Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Homeroom President, 3. SANDERSON, BILL. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, Reporter, 3, Homeroom President, 2, 3, Basketball Mgr., I, 2, 3, Key Club, 1, 2, 3, Board Member, 2, President, 3, J.C.T.C., I, Senior Class Vice-President, Delegate to 1968 Boys State, 2, J.C.T.C. Convention Delegate, 1, Dallas Baptist College Student Senate, 2, 3, Junior Favorite, 2. SANDLIN, MIKE. Student Council, I, 2, 3, Steering Committee, 3, Basketball Mgr., 1, 2, 3, J.C.T.C., 1, 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent, 2, President, 3, Chairman of Youth for Traffic Safety Conference, 3, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3. SANDLIN, SANDRA. N.H.S., 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Band, 1, Future Homemakers, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 3, Office Assistant, I, 2, 3, French Club, 2, 3, Sparteens, 2, 3. SCHELL, RONALD. N.H.S., 2, 3, Thes- pians, 3, Senior Play, 3, Key Club, 3, Chemistry Club, 1, Science Club, 2. SCHLEBACH, BILLY. R.O.T.C., 1, 2, French Club, 1. SCHULZE, CAROLYN. N.H.S., 3. SCHWEDER, BARBARA. SELBY, PAULINE. Starlets Mgr., 3, Bluni Jackets, I, 2, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Op eretta, 2, 3, Medical Careers Club, 3. SELF, RANDY. Jr. Red Cross, 1, Scenery For One-Act Play and Senior Play, 3. SEXTON, JANEY. N.H.S., 3, Starlets, 2 3, Second Lieutenant, 2, Second Lieuten ant, 3, Blue Jackets, I, Los Conquista dores, 3, Los Embajadorcs, 1, Jr. Rea Cross, I, Office Assistant, 2, 3, Sparteens 2, 3, Reporter, 3, Valentine Princess, 3. SHAVER, MIKE. "A" Football Team, 2, 3, "B" Football Team, 1. HELTON, SHERRY. Band, 1, 2, 3, Jr. ed Cross, 2. HEPPARD, WAYNE. HA" Football eam, 2, 3, Mgr., "B" Football Team, I, lFrench Club, 1, 2. HERRELL, LARRY. Key Club, 2, 3, .H.S., 3, Student Council Alternate, 3, Art Club, 3, Science Club, 1, 2, 3, French Club, I, 2, 3, President, 2. SIMPSON, RICHARD. Cheerleader, 3, Swimming, 1, 2, Key Club, 3, Los Embajadores, 3, Vice-President. SIMS, GLENN. SINGLETARY, GREG. SLOAN, DAVID. N.H.S., 3, Golf, 1, 2, 3. SLOAN, LEONARD. N.H.S., 3, Golf, 1, 2, 3, Key Club, 3, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 3, Banner Team and Spartan Image Alternate, 3. SMITH, CYNTHIA. Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Vlackets, l, Swimming, 3, Office Assistant, I, 3, French Club, I, Sparteens, 2. SMITH, GERALD. Sentinel Staff, 3, Sports Editor and Business Mgr., Track, 1, Swimming Mgr., 1, 2, 3, Key Club, 2, 3. SMITH, MATT. Dance Band, l, 2. 3, peretta, 2, J.C.T.C., 2, Chemistry Club, , 2,-President, 2, Allied Youth, 3, Jr. Red Cross, I, 2, 3. SMITH, MIKE. Homeroom Vice-President, I, "A" Football Team, 2, 3, "B" Football Team, 1. SMITH, PAM. Student Council, 2, 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Los Conquistadores, 2, 3, J.C.T.C., 2, 3, Office Assistant, 3, Sparteens, 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent, 3, Secretarial Club,,2. SMITH, RANDY. Student Council, 1, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Key Club, I, 2, Soph. Board Member. SMITH, ROD. Cheerleader, 2: Concert Choir, 1, 2, Senior Play, 2, Track, 1. SPAIN, GLEN. SOUTHERLAND, DAVID. N.H.S., 3, Stu- dent Council, 1, Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer, 3, QA" Football Team, 3, Senior Play, 3, Track, I, Key Club, I, 2, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 2, 3. STARNES, ALTON. STEMBRIDGE, ROGER. D.E., 3. STEPHENS, JUDY. STEWART, JANNA. Student Council, I, 2, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Jr. Achievement, I, J.C.T.C., 2, Jr. Red Cross, 1, 2, Secretar- ial Club, 3, V.O.E., 3. STINNETT, VICKI. STOKLEY, JANET. N.H.S., 3, Homeroom Secretary, 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Executive Council, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, Thespians, 2, 3, One- Act Play, 3, Los Conquistadores, 1, Medi- cal Careers Club, 2, 3, Sparteens, 2. STROUD, SHARON. French Club, 1, 2. STUTTS, CAROLYN. N.H.S., 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Senior Board, Jr. Red Cross, 1, Clinic Assistant, 2. SUMMERALL, JO ANN. SUTPHEN, RITA. .Blue Jackets, 1, 2, R.O.T.C., 2, 3, Military Sweetheart and Queen, Latin Club, I, Future Homemak- ers, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 2, 3, Office Assistant, 2. SWEAZY, SHARON. Band, 1, 2, 3, Con- cert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 2. SZUEBER, BARBARA. Blue Jackets, 1. TACKER, PATRICIA. N.H.S., 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Tennis, 2, 3, Concert Choir, 3. TADLOCK, HAROLD. R.O.T.C., 2. TALLEY, RONALD. Homeroom Vice- Prcsident, 2, 3, "A" Football Team, 3, HB" Football Team, 2, Swimming, 2, Jr. Red Cross, I. TANZY, JAY. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Officer, 2, 3, Concert Choir, I, 2, Operetta, 1, 2, Latin Club, 1, 2, Jr. Red Cross, I, J.C.T.C., 1, 2. TAYLOR, DONNA. Blue Jackets, rl, Future Homemakers, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 1, Secretarial Club, 2. TAYLOR, MARTHA. TEAGUE, CHERYL. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Jr. Board. TEAGUE, DANNY. TERRITO, LARRY. N.H.S., 3, Student Council, 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 3, Home- room President, 1, 2, "A" Football Team, 2, 3, "B" Football Team, 1, Senior Play, 3, Track, 1, Senior Class President, N.C.T.C. Nominee, 2, All-City Football, 2, All-District Football, 3, Honorable Mention All-Metro, 3. THOMAS, RHONDA. Office Assistant, 3. THOMPSON, JUDY. THURMAN, ALBERT. TIDWELL, KAREN. N.H.S., 2, 3: Star- lets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Jr. Red Cross, 3, Office Assistant, 3, French Club, 1, 2, 3, French Club, 1, 2, 3, Sparteens, 3, Language Lab Assistant, I, Senior Pub. Staff, 3. TRAVIS, DENNIS. S.A.N.E., 3. TROJACEK, JOHN. N.H.S., 2, 3, Thes- pians, 2, 3, Senior Play, 3, Baseball, 1, Track, 2, Key Club, 1, 2, 3, Los Embajadores, 1. TROLLINGER, DALE. S.A.N.E., 3. TUCKER, LARRY. Student Council, 3, Homeroom Officer, I, 2, Cheerleader, 3, "B" Football Team, l, Basketball, I, Key Club, 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3, Chapel, 2, 3, Secretary, Sophomore Favorite, Senior Class Vice-President. VANCE, KAREN. N.H.S, 3, Blue Jackets, I, 2, 3, Los Conquistadores, 3, Office Assistant, 1, 3, Secretarial Club, 2. VANDERBURG, VICKI. N.H.S., 3, Stu- dent Council, I, Starlets, 3, Blue Jackets, I, 2, Jr. Board, Concert Choir, 1, 2, 3, Operetta, 1, 2, 3, Thespians, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3, One-Act Play, 3, Sen- ior Play, 3, Jesters, 3, R.O.T.C. Sweet- heart, 3. VEAL, DENNIS. R.O.T.C., 1, 2, Science Club, 1, French Club, 1. VICK, PAULA. Blue Jackets, I, 2, 3, Los Embajadores, 1, 2, Chemistry Club, 89 1, Jr. Red Cross, 1, Office Assistant, 2, 3. VIRGIL, ALTA. Blue Jackets, I, 2, 3, Sr. Board, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Student Director, 3, Senior Play, 3, Los Conquistadores, 1, 2, 3, Sparteens, 2, Jesters, 3. VOSS, PATRICIA. VEST, LARRY. One-Act Play, 3, I.C.T., 3. WADE, JOHNNY. "B" Football Team, 1, D.E., 3. WALDROP, FRANKLIN. WALKER, DIANA. Blue Jackets,,1. WALLACE, JOHN. N.H.S., 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, Drum Major, 3, Operetta, 1, Thespians, 1, 2, 3, One-Act Play, 3. WALLACE, KAY. Blue Jackets, 1, Thes- pians, 3, Library Assistant, 1. WALLINC, LARRY. N.H.S., 2, 3, Presi- dent, 3, Student Council, 2, 3, Homeroom Vice-President, 2, 3, "A" Football Team, 2, 3, Co-Captain, 3, "B" Football Team, 1, Baseball, 1, Track, 2, Key Club, 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3. WALTERS, JANA. Majoreae, 2, 3, Head, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club, 2, Jr. Red Cross, 2, Office Assistant, 3, Clinic Assistant, l, 2, Sparteens, 3, Secretarial Club, 3, Secretary. WARD, LINDA. N.H.S., 3, V.O.E., 3. WARE, STEVE. Student Council, 1, S.A.N.E., 3, Treasurer, Jr. Red Cross, 1. WARREN. FRANCES. WATSON, FREDDIE. WATSON, JUNE. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Future Homemakers, 3, Reporter. WEAKLEY, TERRY. WEBB, REGENA. Band, 2, 3, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Los Conquistadores, 2, Jr. Red Cross, 3. WEBB, JAMES. WEED, TERRY. WEDEEN. CYNDI. 90 WEEHUNT, WAYNE. WEIHE, KAY. N.H.S., 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Second Lieutenant, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Senior Play, 3, Los Conquistadores, 1, Los Embajadores, 2, J.C.T.C., 3, Office As- sistant, 1, 2, Sparteens, 2, 3. WESSON, CLADYS. WELLS, MARY. N.H.S, 3, Student Coun- cil, 2, 3, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Jr. Achievement, 1, Latin Club, 1, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, Sparteens, 2, 3, Vice-President, 2, President, 3, Secretarial Club, 2. WESSON, PEARLINE. Tennis, 1, Debate, 1, Latin Club, 1, Future Teachers, 1, Projectionist, 1. WEST, LUTHER. WESTPHAL, HUGO. Sentenial Staff, Art Editor, 3. WHITE, LARRY. WHETSTONE, CHARLES. Concert Choir, 1, Operetta, 2, 3. WHITWORTH, JOE. Band, 1, 2, 3, Projectionist, 1, 2, R.O.T.C., 1, 2. WILKES, ANNA. Student Council, 1, Starlets, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, Los Conquistadores, 1, Los Embajadores, 2, Clinic Assistant, 1, 2, 3, Sparteens, 3. WILKINSON, LaVlTA. Blue Jackets, 1, Concert Choir, 1, 2, Operetta, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 2, 3. WILLIAMS, DEBBIE. Student Council, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Office Assistant, 2, V.0.E., 3. WILLIAMS, DRENA. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Concert Choir, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 1, 2, 3. WII-LIAlVlS, KAREN. N.H.S.. 2, 3, Star- lets, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2. 3, Los Conquistadores, 2, Jesters, 3, Accompanist. WILLIAMSON, VENITA. Sentinel Staff Reporter, 3, Latin Club, 1, 2, 3, Medical Careers Club, 3, Chemistry Club, 2, Sparteens, 3. WILLISCRAFT, KENNETH. l WILSON, GALA, N.H.S., 2, 3, Homeroom Secretary, 1, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Secretary, 3, Los Conquistadores, 2, Jr. Red Cross, 1, 2, Office Assistant, 1, Secretarial Club, 2. WILSON, SUSAN. N.H.S., 3, Student Council Alternate, 1, 2, 3, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, Sentinel Editor-in-Chief, 3, Co-Edi- tor, Debate, 2, Los Conquistadores, 3, J.C.T.C., 3, Office Assistant, 2, Sparteens, 3, Creative Writing Club, 3. WINCO, STEVE. Homeroom President, 1, Sentinel Business Mgr., 2, 3, Swimming, 1, Jr. Red Cross, l, Projectionist, 2, French Club 1. WITT, RALPH. R.O.T.C. 1, 2. WOLER, MIKE. WOODALL, SHIRLEY. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Jr. Board, Sr. Board, Tennis, 3, Future Teachers, 3, Office Assistant, 3, French Club, 2. WOODARD, ANGELIA. Blue Jackets, I, 2, 3, Art Director, 3, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Senior Play, 3, Latin Club, 1, J.C.T.C., 2, Jr. Red Cross, 1. WOODRUFF, DIANE. WOODS, DEBORAH. Blue Jackets, 1, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Future Homemakers, 2, Secretary-Treas., Office Assistant, 1. WOOLBRIGHT, NANCY. Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Sr. Board, Debate, 3, Los Conquista- dores, 1, Medical Careers, 2, 3, Office Assistant, 2, 3. WORTHY, WAYNE. Student Council, 1, 2, Key Club, 2, 3, Latin Club, 1. WOBORNY, KEITH. "A" Football Team Mgr. 2, 3, Debate, 3, Baseball Mgr., 2, 3, French Club, 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3. YOUNG. DONNA. Homeroom Secretary, 2, Blue Jackets, 1, 2, 3, Sr. Board, Concert Choir, 2, 3, Opt-retta, 2, 3, Sentinel Reporter, 3, Los Conquistadores, 1, 2, J.C.T.C., 3, Future Homemakers, 3, Chemistry Club, 2, Jr. Red Cross, 1, Sparteens, 3. YOUNG, JACKIE. Science Club, 2, French Club, 1, 2, S.A.N.E., 3, Laurel Wreath Staff, 1, 2, 3. Senior Class Dfficers Presidenl ...... 1969 Vice Presidenl ...... Vice Presideni ...... ...... Secreiarg ...... Treasurer ....... Reporier ..... .. Larry Terriio .. Larrg Tucker Bill Sanderson Marjorie Lewis .Janei Harwell Holli Glover NE gh Y 12 :.. .. in , 5 Q- u Ifgsgfugl M 'Z 3 tv- gt x N Ni? ,Q ,MN .K X ss R? , ' 1:1 . gg Kr M A . . Q. X . QM 51 Ss :mi 1 ,M L Q., m I X? ,il 11 Siege l Senior ,af W ..- ,, Snaps ' iil l u' i .:--f 11-: --.L: 'N ,.o""" my I , ,.. mf if , 'if X w ' W' .185 ' 11 TWT . VA t ' Y . as xQ K ,I ,ai 1 -aww? ,Q .,.,QQ5vk:'-,LAI , Junzbrs Donna Abbott Susan Arker Linda Adams Paula Adams Randy Adams Sam Adams Karla Albright .lan Allanbaugh K Almquist Danny Anderson Vicki Ashley Bonita Aultman Jerry Baker Richard Ballard Sally Ballard Suzy Bangs Robert Barker .leannie Barrett .lack Bell Vicki Bell Ruth Bircliall Rosanne Black Beverly Bolton Katlly Bond Vicki Boner Boliliy Boone Cathy Bowen Karen Bracken Darlene Bradbcrry .limmy Bradley Ray Brannon .luana Breedlove Jimmy Brewer Patricia Brewer Paula Brewer Brian Bridges Becky Brinson Bonita Brock Vic-ki Brooks Donna Brown Judy Brown Johnnie Browning 96 Junior lk-tu Burgess Danny Burke Dennis Bums Linda Burton Shirli-y Busby Daxicl Dusli Brvnda Ruslcy Doug Bynum Bvnnie- Calvary Rivliarll Campbell David Carprntcr .lc-an Carr:-ll Alan Carroll Cary Carson Edith Carstarphcn Charlcs Carter .lady Carla-r Becky Caulcfy Eddie Cervantes Gary Chandler Viukiv Chappell Cary Clin-nault Dchlmii: Clanton Charlotir- Clark Linda Clark Carlainv Clay .lavkiv Clay James Clay Sandra Clay Dennis Coe Lisa Coffey Lou Coffey Billy Coker Scotc Cole William Cole Lena Colgrovc Donna Cone Che-ryl Conway Lisa Cook Annette Coppedge Gary Coppedge Richard Corgill 97 FIN ,Qi .luanita Doigg Richard Dodd M.k D dg ,lohnnie Donclson Y? 0 on 1 6 Sammy Dowdle .lan Edwards Sharon Edwards Sheila Edwards Jim Elani Pat Elam Ann Elkins 98 James Duke Beverly Curtis Bill Daniel Wayne Darr Sandra Davis Martha Dean Brenda Kay DeCuir Disnian Stcvcn Dickerson Bobby Dobbs Danny Cross Hubert Culp Mike Cummings Dennis Cothran Steve Crabb Rick Crady Jimmy Crawford Nancy Cripps Tonya Crocker Richard Cunningham Cathy Curry Carolyn Day S.. Michael Duke Sherry Duncan Meg Dunn Cindy Darnell Brenda Easley 'NG Rr t r 7 leorgzettai Emherton luil Enclsley Dehlmie English Paul English Clark Enright Phil E I 5 Qi VS K Gloria Everett Billy Farmer Eddie Farmer Mivhuel FLlI'IlllI1Ill Patti Ferguson Pam Ficklin ,.., Les Fincher Sherry Fleming Dennis Fletcher Libby Foster -li Linda French f"J 'f"'T Z- Lindu Frame Clywana Fulps Linda Freeman Kenneth Fults Didnt' luqud Linda Caddls Van Fuffuh Thnmas Gansby Marla Furstenwerth 111 -im sq-.1 Steven Curlinglon llill Uurret llatti Curzu Susan Gutchell Dclwlmic Catlin Alive- Cilisun .WJ Y' Grucly Gibson Lum-ite Cihson John Gillespie Bonnie Classcock .loe Colclblatl Luuru Gooch 99 cbt -61 15 f .J ff if 'W Q itz 21" Harry Gooding Mike Coseliee Charles Goss Terry Graves Patti Gray Lola Green Betty Greer Darrell Crintz -xnvty Cindy Grogan Lila Crubbs llavid Harkler Mike Hale Nelda Halm- Doug Hamilton Jan Hamilton ,ludi Hanes Prisvillzl Hardeman lluddy Harding Pat Hardwick Larry Hatred Put llurris David Hart Mike Hayes ""'35' Linda Haynes Weldon Hays Michael Heard Billy Helmel Dale Henderson Edwin Hcndrex Dana Hr-nly Cary Henry if x' Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. 1-nav f-Sr 1,417 6 Kathy Herron Billy Hewitt ,lanct Hicks Bruce Hill Debra Hill Donna Hill Kenneth Hill Pam Hill Ronald Hodge Patti Hodge Theresa Holder Linda Holton Kathy Honea Alan Hopkins Vada Howard Paula Hubig Lee Hoffman Richard Hurley Linda Hui st Jerry Hussong Maryilyn Hutcheson Ronald Hutton Robert lrlwy LLIITY Jackson Margie ,lavkson Marian .lam-kson Kathy .l anok Phyllis ,I 4-ff:-rson Vicki .I mlm Clll'f,'l ,Iolmson llclmlaic ,lolmson Nhdmu Kdlum Sharon Kennedy George Knight Rick Kretzschmar Sheila Johnson Carolyn Jones Janice ,Innes Jeannie Joncs Ricki Kalinec Ronny Jordan Gloria Keel Sands I inders Gmy r Ldngsmn I ,larry Llnier him n Lay Jlmmy Lee Vicki Lu: Hogu-r Im: Marshal Lvslcr Ilchlmif- Ixwis Jerry Lindley Gerald Lloyd Laurie Lyull Sleplrvn Xlalnliin ,lnknn Marrs jmnt Nlullin f ITV Nlm-Whnrler l lfffll will f ldn Mwks url N VICITI Mlllcr n mm Nlr If n flklllly Xlilrllcll Danny Nlitm-hell Dvlmlmir- Xlilvlwll lJt'llfll lllllrllvll Slllllil 'XI IN Sherry Nlrllnatll Slllfibfl 'llvllelen Cmdl WILD, Kdlllx Nlffoxern Rndmy NlmKLn71e Terry McNair. frndx Nl0Llod lg, Q, -MP 'I Marcia Moore Robert Moore Suzannv Morul H-or .ps llonnic Morgan Di-lilfie Morgan .qv ,- sa , ,f A jolin Mullen Susan Mullins Slow' Murmlovli Miko Murphy George Mynarcik Linda Nail Hmm' ,f X, Pam Morgan Mike Morrie Curtis Morrow Jackie Moscly .lerry Nall Laura Naxarino Micliar-l Nelson Riuki Nvwsoni Jann-5 Nivliols .lorry Niirliols Moniva Nivliols Michael Nielson Sharon Nieman Rosie Mitchell Pain Monaghan Miko Monk Rolu-rt Mooney Donnie Moore Larry Moore Juniors Fo Dernise Nix David Nolmra Siu-rry Norwll Cindy Norwood Slicrry Uliwr Paul Upon Wanda Oslmome .lark Owen Cliarlvs Palmer Clxuryl Panck Randy Ponnock Bill Parks an uiure Karen Ransom llonna Hay .lane Kay AlUj'l'f' Ray Rubin livacl l,in1la Rrcsc- ,loee Parsons Clicyrl Parlington Pam Pate Stove Patterson Br:-nfla Pcvples '31 David P:-ters Patti Petr-rs Stew Potty lxlilflllll Phillips ,Icfrriv Post-y Jllllll Prcwilt Pat Primrose Susan Pringl 'L- Stsfve Pierce Jeanie: Pittman Phyllis P00 Donna Pollock Alvin Pool Cathy Porter Q-.-.Q lluzxy Pylvss ll:-rm-l Rain-Straw Randy liarnscy Kvnnvtll Randall .lnyw Hanna- ,,,t,,,f ww ff Seniors Q www? 4,2 M415 RWM je-iry Reynolda llunilu Ruuvh jimmy Ilmu-I1 glwllinll Clif-ryl Kish Huwuu flutily Robvrts C e-urgiiai Rcjcek Bm-ky Hit! Hvggin- Rippctof: mrlw Risingcr Uurrvll Ruhr-rtson i Roy Rogers wvvlldvii Iiuiimils Curolctu Rovers Luis Nwileg UML, Rug,-rg Keith Ross f A QL ' Wi, . Sh -r " . . L 4 H Silxm Rllsxvii ,Q I V , . . . .1 um: .illlfllllj Ku-ky Pun QNIHWI Rmmluml Snmilin A A K B Ruth Hullxiixlci Kids '06 Hvlm Snnzllin Sgimllill Billy Fzillin Juzmliu Sdllill Rirky SLHILIUYS Wamiu F4-hreiber F1970 ,M KK Geary Wayne bcxton Segrcst Glynn Short Michael G. Alvin Chuck Scum Sllvrrurd Shaddox Mike D. Clyde Shffppird Rifhurfl , Lily Shaddox Scozr Jr- 5l10fi Slew- Slaron Carolyn Shelley av- -0' Don 5ll'1lll1 Kathy Smlth llcnnis Lvslclf Smith Smith lglmdiu Linda Smith, Smith lk AL .,.,,. Sully Smith Kay Coll:-on Suullic-rlund V W A V Rictky Smith Slilllll lhuicl Slevi- . 5 4 k- ' S 1 lc , . P H- Smwh .lohn Sliimy mr cy Miki: 1 er lkbmvsspelglit u 1 . 1 A , ' N 1 I wm- Virginiu Spurger 5l"pl"3n50n Demi e . :M y S :af y A at t fly' . ,. ,JA Linda Mary Brent James Mike John Mary Stewart Stewart Stidham Stout Stroope Stuart Stuart Silndb' Dianna Sharon Robert Tommy Gene Brenda Sllllifli Sutphe-n Swindle 'fallen Tarlton Tate Taylor Y' "SKY Richard Cdllly Vicky Phyllis Tonuny Patti David Tool Thomas Tlioniason Tlioinpson Thompson Tll0rlOIl Thurman Harlan Sharon Cathy Kathy Sandra -lull? Simflb' Tiflec Tucker Vavra Wade Waggnner Wainwright Walker Randy Dchliic Ct-lcsti: Cindy Robert' Vali-ric Cindy '08 Wall Wallace Ward Warner wlarrcu Williams Willingham .. fi Roy Nlilfliiil Linda PHISY I can't bear to look. Waters Watterson Watts Weaver Sieve R. L. Ronnie Bert Webb Welch Welch Wells Doug Keith Vicki Richard Reggy Virginia Wells We-lls Wells Welnack WPSL Whatley Jerry Wh eat lhvnnis Patricia Wayne Paula Debbie Karen Andy , Whcatley Wheeler Whitehead Whitwortli Williurn Wilkenson Williams Carol Carolyn Cathy Dan Glenn Kenneth Lauffi A Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Wllllunls IO9 Juniors Look Forward To '70 4, N' Brenda Wingfield Billy Wilson Miko Wood Randy Williams Cary Worthy ,,. , L A N K K ' Sherry Wright . X 3 Sandra Wright -lcff WYHU Claudia Wreyford Brad Wylie -6 . ' f Ray Yost Greg Yater Randy Young Becky Yandell Mike Zapata C5 OPA 0122 OFQS M -v fo .si -.wif N.-gr Slunlvy 'Ullmtt ,lllllllllll 'Xlll'I'Ilillllj Nlury .Xlslw Cdllllllil ,M-4-ipitvr Kurlix .Mlauns Vlll'l'l'N .Mlauns ,lllllllly Amllls llulz .Xl4'XLlINll'l' I.:-mlm M4-xnnclvr Vvnny Xlfnrml l,imla1 Allman flllllllll' AIIIUS EllSWUl'lll Anderson Donny Aslllvy lIfmni1- Ashton .lim 'lxllllillllgll Kay liuggn-I Kullly llulwr S111-ilu liulwr Sllllllllll' Bullard 'l's'1'ry Hull-s lx1Lll'Q2.'L1!'t'l Huxley Fiunlvy ll2lXll'I' xrillllfll' l:1'L1l'll ,lan-k llvalll ,lu Arm lim-mn Cary lim-lc Mn-lmly Ann lglfCli Carissa Bvdsols' liunilu lice-umn Judy lim-smx ,lon Hull 130111111 lsl'IlIlL'tt Curtis lgl'I1IllllQ,'flClCl Hilllllll' livntlc-y K1-itll lic-rry Uarri-I Uc'x'iS Ly nn Hiusutti ,inc Bird Arm-In Birdsong Kim Black Vivki Black Us-iriwic Blur Judy ilmiic Ellis WY. Boggs Enimu liourquin Sherry Uuurquin Gloria iirudfield Mike' Bl'LlfiSil2iWV SIICIIQ' Brudshavv Paula Bragg H1-use liretvi Vick Briggs Vivki Briggs D4-lslrir Brockway Duwiglit Brown Matthew Brown Debbie Brunson Cillll'k Bryant Candy Burden Sophonuwes Look Ahead .N--y K p I 3 f 5 i 5' ff Nlirror. Mirrur on tin- wall i4 Cliff iilt' fumritv of tllvm ali? o Q- H3 Randy Burklw Quentin l3u1'111-tl Hdfl'llIl Burns .lLlI1H'Hl' Burson Luffy Hulk' Ricky Bulls-1' X ' .l11ni1-v llyur Xunf-5 llyurs llr-tty Bye' liunnu Ca1l1'lw1'll .leff lI111npl1cll l.infl11 Cu111plJoll Cindy Cnpm-rt1111 Handy Cupulv ,lon Capps l xl Suzunnf- Curgile Lilny Cgrrulllmx fyjmlhiu fjllprry Plllll flLlSt' l if , TX ff ' V K"f '5- .K lx , ll W Ruhf-1-1 Cuggity ,lullnny CllilIlllJl4'SF C5-nuthin Qhgyry Sim-Q C111-fry Rolla-rt Cllvslmicr -sv A an lv l if 1f"'ff ' 4 nl Holly fll1rist11111S Janice Clanton Denise Clark Cindy Uuwglm .larry Clayton .l. R. if11ll111111 l I4 'Q Judy Coglmurn Cary Coleman Dorene Cone Carol Conway .lam-t Coursey Mary Courson Dick C0W9I1 A I 7 I Kay Crockrell Lynn Culley Beth Daffron Denise Daniel Denise Davidson Lynn Davis Neil Davis Rgxanne Demgnf Dan DeWald Debbie DeWever Rosie Diaz Cynthia Cook maj-. t .,:::-'-r C , . ,,w:,,..-, ,,,. Ronnie Crabtree Deborah Cummings Mike Daniel Danise Defee Steve Diaz ,ludy Corkery Steven Criner Nancy Cunningham Patricia Daugherty Marsha Dement Wylie Dickinson I l 5 Fliirivy Dixon Brvutlu Dmlsmi Gt-rry Umlmii Hut Down. Ruin-rt llrvtzku Cliurlnttt- lluckwortli lllylihil- Dunn Phillip Dunn Iiillllid Eawlty Kathy Eriwttrcls Sharon Eflwurds Slll-rip Edwgirds Ruth Elliot, Mil-ll,-lp lingllmll Lvm Eulumkg Urvndri Fziill Ricky Faircloth Karin Furl:-y Cynthia Fziiilhubcr Clwryl Fatulk Catherine Fettthcrslon Judy I"t'ridluy MJT! Ft-Ssgirit Cindy Ft-ui-rlxuclivr Joyce Fivlflcr Mark Fitch Kvn Flatt Craig FI:-tm-liar Stun Flmw-rs lfllul lfuslpl- Philip Foslfgr Rminiie Ifuuntuin Dixiv Frasier P11111 Fults Kathy Gallingts Gail Gardner II6 rv -'.:t .L-v Uiuna Garland Dc-lrlmiv Gurrctt I-iflllil fiU1'fiSUfl Jvalnnif' Han' UCOILIC Patti Gilulms .loan Gilford Gail Gilltrvulll W Z fy 'ev -3, i f ' .2 . , Q ., , X if , Y , . Rivliurd Gilliliugv CUCH UlL1SFl'Wli ,lofi Glam- Dull- Gaines Cathy Gonzulvz Mike Goode .lui-lxiv Gmnclnian .V , I 12 ff' 4 M 45 A Linda Gunlslpy Candy Gurdon Llllllil Cvflllm Gurdun Grunnn Carolyn Gray Us-lim Gray Dl'fli51' Cff'l1lll0U5P lfrgim-4-5 Cn-pn mlm- Crwn ljurll-mi Crwm- Donna Griffilli Gurnl Grinilund Hogvr GuvSt Clirixtim- filllllilili lgilfllilfil Gunn Kam-n Gurroin Alvin Hgillwrt Dvltllil' llllll K paula IM, Hull Sxdnm HHH Dumm Hdhurd Donna Hummumig llit- Suinuvll li-tt-uni tlurtngg unc of their strenuous ' ' WUl'l'i-tllllS. l I7 Susan Hampton Ricky Hancock John Harness Phil Haygood Ricky Heard Randy Hicks Ricky HiI1ShHW Floyd Hodges Sharon Holland f m AQ W X' ' be f T is Sammy Hancock Beverly Harrison Melinda Hendrix Karen Hillburn Laurie Hodges Richard Holloway H 1351 7 2 K 1. A I A Debby Hanger Karen Harrison Annette Hernandez Angie Hill Jamie Holcomb 'l'hn'rn'Sa HolIHCS Freda Harder Karen Hartley Charmaine Hawthor Roger Hesson I 3 l Pat Hill Shayne Hill David Holden jimmy Holt Nancy Hooper David Howard Debra Howard John Howard Judy Howell Jessie Jann-s Kip Jumason Kay Jones Mark Jones ' nq' '- Q f' 1 Q L, , J xii, li .,kV'k ' 1 9. . 5 an Teresa Kelhim Cary Kirby Uulc Kiesclinick Roger Kimberling Carl King Dvbbim- King , 9. X J' Q if " nl 4 'Q ri f Paul Hllllsnli .li Ri Debbie Jamason N .. Y . X MQ .N 5 fi 0 ,S - f'f Chrisiy Jernigan W Linda Julian Sgrlx 1 ' 1 . X 1 Xl fs E, X .,,: x x ww . E " X 1 lJun'l Kurlous Pulriria Hugll6S 'Sf In Q ' rv L 5 K .,., 4 'J' 1231 U - Ai fr'-'Q' Kenncih Janek X 'ix ini ' Us Q v if W a P X. f '1 2 -X R 5 Christie Johnson E Frances Jurik Cary Kattner ' i' 'ii . Ja QA ,J in ,ii ,, ,. wifi . S? J xv 2? Ng Q ...r if- N J I6 z ' J J Kaylynn Kemp -l3nYl'l' Kvlllwdl 3 Kutv Kenny Charlotte Hurley Mark Jenkinf Gary Johnsun Hhonliu Kurney Brenda Kam Anita Kerlm Beverly Inman 4' i If J n-rry Jones li 'C ,Iv.1nine- Keuly .ludy KiIl5t'l' Hulwrl Kirk ll:-lmlny Knight Paula Knight 'fini Kmmlvf xILldt'it'IlQ' Kumi' Sunni KTL1llll'l' .I ilIli1'l' Krm-vk Sharon l.i1 l'i!'XQ'l' William Lumln Sum- Immiiimvk Runnin- I.unm':u1 Ruin-rt l.LlIlQ1iL'y Xlurly L.uwl1'y P4111 l.ilXl'lXli!'l llvlalm- Im- Hvfilin' Imr- Pvrry Im- Tnnyii l.wtwi' Kr-xiii l.vxxiQ Imv I.u'wi4 Tuihl IJ-xsii I.41.l11a1m1 i.ilu'N Hin-ky 1.5 rm- .lzineft lmni .IQIIIIIN l.m4-gn-1-n Imxlic- lAPNl'l'f' Lfru .Mm Lllllrwll Wi 4 Qophomores Build f i Q W I . 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Smith 'l't1mmy Smith Mivhat-I Snapka Tina SIIHNX Margaret Sosa De-hhiv SIN'lli't'1' Uchhit- Spivcr Susan Springfivld The-rCSa Stauvo ,lalm-1+ Staufivld Ilene Stasny T1-ri-Sa St. Clair Lester Stvphvns Donna Stim- Carolyn Stipv .l ans-t Stunt: Virki Strangi Handy Stripling Kay Stroud Susan Stroud Umnic- Stllrdcvan Glenda Sturges .lx-rry Suddcrth David Swan Patty Tatu .loam-ilu 'favlor Rivk Taylor l26 I Q., N.- il. X86 , 5 Q 2 MU. 2 r xii W W -K 1, , , Vkk. Ek h . 1, X .1 la- 19. 'Wlother always liked him best." A 1, -Q Xvnzsm- laylnr kalllly lvagln- lJll'l l4'l'l'1Iu 1lm'r1rg4-Tllvilml Lllltlll llnnnas xlil'llil4'l Tlimnas X Il'l'ilC llluinas Cindy 'lill'rIHlNlHl Sain Illlllllilibll Gary 'llillwvll ,inc Tilnpa .lim 'l'ilIswm'lli Cary Tolar Larry Tompkins Sonia Travis Rnsvnlary Tuvlwr Donny Turinan Linda Turns-r Roddy 'llycr Jlllllllll' Van Syckli Susan Van Zandt Randy Vines Yolanda Vinson Ur-nisf' Xvlllltx .lnycc Walla Linda Wagner Skip Waldrop .lanyve Walkcr .lohn Wall Lvslin- Wall Leslie Wallavv Ennna Walls Molly Walsh Tod Walters Merry Ward Rita Ward I27 M i V 1 5 V 1 if wt Timothy Watson .llldy Waltonbargn Sharon Wvavcr TCC! WCHVCT C0fdlfl Webb David Wohh Susan Wcbly Claudia Wi-cks John H. Weightman Edna Wells Mike West Randy Wi-stef li,-ii, Wlliip 1011 Whiw Rita Whitt- V4-rnotla Whin- Cathy Williams Diana Nvilliams Donna Wjllialllg James Williams Janet Williams Suzanm- Williams Cilrillyll Willis Dennis Wilson Mark Wilson Rumiy In Wilson Diana Wingfield Glenna Wiss -,,,At,it3.: Shi-ila Wood Vickio Wood David Woodard Ulm Wrcyford Stcvu Wright Ton-sa Wright Paul Noung Pat Zapata I I 'iPi1YvLlllt'I1ll0ll S mi Val! rl porfs Q f I29 1968 Qamue ix by gi fag? - ' r 1 . R 5 1 1 . E 8.5.1 li ,V .g e c c 5. es ty ,c , Q.: 5 5 --ff... .ci ,gg R Bottom Row, l.-r.: Roy Rogers, Doug Bynum, Randy Foster, Eddie Cervantw, Mike Scott, Hubert Culp, Ronny Brown, Jerry Mike Harrison. 2nd Raw: Ronny Talley, Mike Smith, Wayne DeWald, Nathan Archer, Mark Jones, Rick McPherson, Hebert, David Southerland, Steve Patterson, Larry Walling. 3rd Row: Rusty Evans, Mike Accipiter, .lack Kennedy, Danny Coaches Ca ptains .1 we fl W ,. 1 Standing, l.-r.: R. W. Thompson, Frank McClana- gin, Arvel Smith. Kneeling: Head Coach Harrel aver. l30 Kneeling, l.-r.: Larry Territo, Larry Walling. u Mi Flo Cro Standing, l.-r.: Rick McPherson, Rusty Evans. parians I ! m, Q 1 6 AA,. , 7 AM rv' 'If P all 3 - 4- D A 8 k'i. f V? fi L 2 x f n ' y , e if 3 "2 l gf S '. , . JA 4' I , f I A' . , r 3 . , N 78 R , Q 3 .K 5 5 A ,,y as in :rr 'mm Managers Smndfflg, I--I'-I Wayne Sheppard, Rick Sandlin. Kneeling, I.-r.: Daniel Wheat, Dennis Wheatley. Not Shown: Keith Wybomy. nneth Cofleld, Bllly Ray, Jerry Neill, Mike Shaver, Buddy Johnson, Roger Napper 4th Row Bill Lane, Harlan Tiffee Billy 'ilson, Bobby Dobbs, Larry Territo, David Holt, Eddie King, Charlie Davis, Jimmy Allen. OPPONENT Garland W. T. White Sunset Madison Hillcrest Lincoln Pinkston Spruce TJ BA Schedule SAMUELL 21 6 O 39 23 10 7 38 8 33 8 17 1 3 10 8 30 23 15 28 0 RICK MUPH1-:RSON MIKE SCOTT HUHERT CULV Quarterback Quarlvrbavk Quarterback 1 Yr. Ln-llcrman I YV- I"'Uf?"m3n LARRY TERRITO BUDDY JOHNSON Halfbarrk Halfbuck 2 Yr. Lclicrman 2 yr. Le-ltr-rman All-Dislricl, 2 yrs. DOUG BYNUM Fullback Fullhuck 2 Yr. I.:-H1-rman I Yr. Lf-llvrman 1, BILL r 1, LANE r Linebacker STEVE PATTERSON Halfback 1 Yr. Lelterman DAVID SOUTHERLAND Fullback EIJIJIE LERVANT ES Defensive Back RA NDY FOSTER Defensive Safely 2 Yr. L:-lu-rnmn g . T CHARLES DAVIS Tailhack 1 Yr. Le-tt:-rrnan ROY ROGERS A Halfback LARRY WALLING Halfback-Lincback 2 Yr. Lfvltr-rman All-District ' 4. JERRX NEILL End-Punter 4 I I I JIIVINIY ALLEN ROGER NAPPER WAYNE lk-WALD End End End 2 Yr. Lrnvmmn 2 Yr. L1-th-rlnan 2 Yr. I.:-lh-rmau ' L 5 I 4 fx Q 'W .- , 4... .4n S EIIIIIE KING RoN.u,n BROWN RUSTY EVANS MIKE MICIPITIZR Emi End Guard builfd 1 Y I II 2 Yr, L1-ttvrman ilxzl-NIJ"q2'V"15'l - 4 1 - MIKE SIIII-II W N,x'rEAN ARCHER Wd JACK KENNEDY JWERHX NIINX Guard Cunrd Guard Guard 2 YL I,,.,,,.,,mm 1 Yr. I.vm-rIIIun 1 Yr. 1.1-In-rIn1m DAVID HOLT ,mu f , '1'um-klu ' " Yr 1 4 rx , ,V V .411r11f.mf1 1-f,x..'JE SF 1 wih ffmfi ' vrm MIKE SHAVER Tackle I Yr. 1,1-th-rnmn KENNE1 H I OHELD Tdnklc 3,93 . W, , ,W , , ew I ' " . M , ' 12 - ,. '. w :qw 1: Y - - . f- I 4 damp., - I -' A - "E ' 'lim , 5 fi' 1 ,5 Q A Sify' '?""5.g . ' 2 Yr. l,vItrrnmn ,aw f , 5 iw K I f 4 I' ., 5 I-vm .f 1 f- .1 , .1 , A 77' ' I. Q. .nn .- W, ima Q -ix 1 .Em ffl' fl- I . S.. fl' IV 5 g, rt N ' 3f4"fl,. I, -3, 4 V ' 1 'S rSve' 3 :En Q -A A A at qt-I f . we . K ts, du, x ,auf .N 4 52 MW :"'k"'f'o,,f ""' Pi' ax I' I-' We 'sf 5' Q' 3. I, .. KP RTI- PQ-A' wx --H -, -ff 1 W 'xl 'Q-,If 6 '...1, ,, .lj 1 5- .'. -I, , 4.7: BILLY RAY Tackle 1 Yr. Lcllerman HARLAN TIFFEE Tackle I Yr. L:-tterman .ns ... 3 I f ffwffff:,fp,,,f,ff,f,.,4ff,,:,- 2 I -V Q f , I I 9' ,,,, , B, . i' fm,,fg . ,j ' IVV' -W H ,,,fwf,,, ' I In 1 l, I 'i,3fz'1" , mf, ff,-,M-Iv W, ww-1, lf f 'V ' , N , 'V we nf' f-" wtf 4- I , ,gy f , 11 Q, 6" ' wa-,f .Q -, ' 1.,s.ff if 'L f 2 f . Ag - w fa' - ,.,, V, 4 rw-Qfffy .fs . A X W hir' ' 1: f :CW V W ' . ibm? Y " WW -,iw ' ,A ,,.j?"f?'- WV, .5 f. I :Y -QQ.-w 4 Q, I l' ' , lf I I 'mI'?,l22'f' I lf ., W I if ' , '- J " .rw 5 ff, ' 32:1 .f gag wk vw? M. ff ,,,, v'gyg , , V W WA , aw 2 Q Z f s. qw Y 1'. Q 4 f A UM' 'Jw 'nh vl M' 'I 'I ' I lr 5 " A.. Y I 1 4 - N' - M41 Aim wi g' I . 279'-ff"ff'4: , ,Q 45,1 I V, ' ' Wg ' ,A A MH RONNIE TALLEY Center I Yr, Letterman BILLY WILSON MARK JONES MIKE HARRISON Center Center Kicker DANNY CROSS S -BOBBYIIOBB I Tackle Tackle ff-1... It looks good as the football-moon?-sails over the crossbar. if 34 - SYM" y bdrm' -K X 1. Lunch! I34 in W ' A, .1 Q 15 QUARTERBACKS, l-r: Hubert Culp, Rick McPherson, Mike Scott. LC 9par+an Group . Q ik Qhois 'N wi ,. + Q N 0 x J u,.1 K? l 35... E4 3 su kk RUNNING BACKS, standing, 1-f: David if L.. Q Southerland, Larry Terito, Roy Rogers, V ' Q' 'LAA V Larry Walling, Charles Davis, Steve Patter- o Q tx I 4 son. 2nd Row, l-r: Doug Bynum, Floyd 5 if -. Hebert, Buddy Johnson. 40 X 'kx' L.X. ', , rd 5 b 3 i g n M5 l l , ..A. ,irq E,-fggh 1.2 ' ,-'gf gl X QYQJ' lg ' if DEFENSIVE BACKS, lrr, Stand- ing: Larry Territo, Roy Rogers, Steve Patterson, Doug Bynum, Wayne DeWald, Jerry Neill. 2nd Row, l-r: Mike Scott, Randy Fos- ter, Eddie Cervantes. A 1 LINEMEN, Standing, l-7: Roger Nuppcr, David llolt, Eddie Kin llolmlxy lloblrs, jimmy Allml, Mi 1 Smith. Zml Row, Lf: Danny Cross llurlzm Tiff:-v, Mike Slum-r. Carland's Owls capitalized on Spartan mistakes and handed the Samuell Spartans defeat. 2l-6. in the season opener for lioth teams. The only Spartan score came in the first quarter with Wayne l7eYVald making: a great Catch of a Rick Nlcljherson pass to set up the first seore with Charley Davis getting the TD. , Y .. . n I ' A.. Q' . . WMQAW, .7,: -,.L1: ,xii ,K , ,. , .Wax '- s 2 gt, 1 se wt 1 x, 1' ,ag 'N Xa ass 4, x , ,-,, g.,f . , L wife' .vw-sw:x f,., , . .lcrry Neill boots one far and high. Mcl'hvrson passes to set up touchdown against Garland. The Spartans scored four touchdowns in the second Rick N'lcl"herson scored two TITS for the Spartans. quarterback sneak of two yards. The third Tll was lVlcPherson. The fourth was scored hy Roger Napper hy Steve Patterson on a pass from McPherson. The defense scored a safety and Mike Scott put the field goal. quarter to heat W. T. White. 39-0. the first on an end run and the second on a scored by Vffayne Dewalfi on a homh from on a hlocked White punt. The fifth was scored final points on the scoreboard with a 25-yard 'fm t t t i U, t rr -K E ,Jap f. ,gfmws i tt Nltlhm r on throws to lcrrllo on tht- wax to a 'I'lJ. l'Fl"?'l ll"l'W'l l'lUn5l"4 lllV"Ui2l' llltf lim' 34 lhmns f.rossop1-ns the holc. I37 The Samuell Spartans had their second defeat of the season put on them by the Sunset Bisons, 23-10, at Sprague field. The only Spartan scores were on a screen pass to Roger Napper that covered 43 yards in the first quarter and a 32 yard field goal in the second quarter. The second half of the ball game was completely dominated by the Bisons as Spartan mistakes were turned into Sunset scores. All together now! Heave!! Wait a minute! Who's tackling who? The Spartans gained their second zone win of the season as they overcame a game of fumbles to completely defeat the Madison Trojans, 38-7. The first score came on a spectacular 43-yard punt retum by Eddie Cervantes. Next, Larry Walling scored on a 4-yard plunge. Charley Davis scored on a one yard plunge to end the first-half scoring. After half-time and an interception by Wayne DeWald, McPherson ran the ball over from Madison's 5-yard line. Five plays later, Mike Scott caught a Trojan punt and ran it back 79 yards to the 3-yard line. McPherson ran the ball in to give the Spartans their fifth TD. Mike Scott then kicked a 22-yard field goal to end the scoring. V Mike Scott is off on a 79-yard jaunt against Madison. Samuell gained 229 yards rushing. 141 by Floyd Hebert, in downing the Hillcrest Panthers, 33-8. Steve Patterson started the scoring with a 30-yard dash down the sideline. In the second period, Larry Walling scored from the one, and Floyd Hebert rammed l3 yards for his first score. ln the third quarter. Eddie Cervantes ran rl-l yards with a punt, and Floyd Hebert got his second TD of the night as the Spartans took their third district win. ,,.,.-I The Spartans huddle-around the Hillcrest halfback. Samuell defenders drop the Hillcrest quarterback for a sizable loss. The scoreboard showed what looked like a baseball score in the first-half, 2-O, but the Spartans came back to beat Lincoln l7-8. The first-half scoring was limited to a safety by a bad snap from center for an automatic safety, but the second-half soon came alive. Larry Walling: picked up a short field goal attempt by the Tigers and ran to the Lincoln 25-yard line. Floyd Hebert ran 10 yards for the score two plays later. Rick McPherson ran the final score in from four yards out and Mike Scott ran in the two-point extra- point to end the game. --- -- i- ff Xu va-1 'J' -- f " 9. fr ,Vx , , t , Vasu- ' iiii f i ' K LL I , use -f" V,,f Steve Patterson takes the opening kickoff against Lincoln. Rick McPherson fades back to pass against the onruslling line' The Pinkston game was not one to be remembered as Samuell lost their first district game, l3-l0. The Spartans scored first as Larry Territo scampered with an interception for six points. Mike Scott kicked the extra-point and later was called upon to kick a field goal for a l0-0 Spartan lead. But this was not enough as Pinkston scored l3 points in the second half to win the game. Floyd Hebert esrapes from a flying tartkler against we Pinkston. Samuell defenders cause a fumhle with tough tackling The Spartans received their fifth win and stayed in zone contention with a 30-7 win over the Spruce Apaches on Halloween night. Spruce scored first on a 50-yard mid-air fumble interception and it looked to be a long night. But, two quick scores hy Rick lVlcPherson on lll and 3-yard runs, and a 34-yard field goal hy Mike Scott gave the Spartans a l6-7 half-time lead. lVlePherson next scored on a 66-yard run. and Doug Bynum caught a TD-pass from Mike Scott to end the game for Spruce. """"' ' ' , Y 'av . - qu-u-I .--ff V . ,V , - f s f, A 7 , . ,1 V' z -., 'FWQQQVI-! f Q . , , l s S 4-4:6 :.e-..,t . Q' " S' A - K M -1- , , ' r. f esse s ss S to s t. -r i Wayne lh'Wald drops Spruce qllZlI'lt'I'llLll'li with help Fltllllnl Rick 'Nlm'l'l1erson waltz:-s 8 yards fora llYllC'llll1HNIl against Sprut from Harlan 'lliffa-if and .lerry Nt-illl l40 The Spartan homecoming and hopes for a district title were spoiled by the T. J. Rebels, 23-15. The Spartans scored first on a 1-1-yard bomb from Rick fllcpherson to Yvayne Dewalcl. But a fumble recovery was turned into a touchdown by the Rebels to tie the game. ln the second-half, the lead rocked back and forth as first TJ. and then Samuell scored as Mike Smith intercepted a pass and ran it in. The two-point conversion was good, but the Spartans couldnit hold the lead as the Rebels scored a touchdown and a field goal to destroy all Samuell hopes. is J 1 Y Steve Patterson makes great CZ1tL'll against TJ. between two HGIWFT filling Yilfdllgff llfftllnd lfffi Pfld- lefenders. The Spartan defense played a great game, but the Bryan Adams Cougars proved to be too tough to handle in winning the game 28-0. The Spartan offense could not get going, hut the defense had their hands full. Four times B. A. drove to the Spartan goal line and four times the defense held. lt looked like it might be a scoreless game, but the defense tired and the Cougers were able to score four touchdowns. ,Q , at Spartan dn-fenders figured prominently in game against BA. Miktf Sfmt rolls IIWUYNI lltfi Cflfl 10 P2155 against the CUUSUT I4l Qamuell Jr. Varsiig - 1968-69 9 First Row: Coach David Collins, Bill Daniels, Rodney Richardson, Edgar Marshall, Gary Kirby, Bob Carroll, Paul Hudson, Paul Young, Mike Bradshaw, Billy Gibson, Dale Kieschnick, Les Wall, Robert Smith, Randy Burkley, Coach Ronnie Vance. 2nd Row: Bobby Parks, Rod Kieschnick, Leslie Wallace, Roy Bacon, Pat Hodges, Lynn Huckabay, Mike Stroope, Jim Elam, Paul Opon, Billy Hewitt, Bill Garrett, Ronny Hutton, Mike Daniel. 3rd Row: Terry Adams, Jeff Glaze, Glyn Huckabay, Dennis Burns, .lohnny Morgan, Buddy Harding, David Peters, Charles Gatteys, Larry Davis, Scotty Murdock. 1 Schedule Lake Highlands Lincoln Irving McArthur Mesquite White Bryan Adams Lincoln COACHES: David Collins, Ronnie Vance l42 Qamuell "B" Team - '68-'69 , IL A - - -A Bottom Row: Ken Flatt, Jeff Stevens, Alvin Halbert, James Pearson, Sam Thorton, Gary Beck, Mark Shook, Keith Ivy, Ricky Taylor, Richard Simpson, Gordon Grammar. Second Row: Steve Stroope, Bob McCutcheon, Bob McGregor, Ted Walters, Keith Berry, John McMasters, John Wall, Dennis Watson, James Stafford, Ronny Bentley, Larry Sauage, Bob Smith, Dan DeWald, Gary Kines, Glenn Shipman, Willie McHone. Top Row: Lang Caruthers, Bruce Sellman, Albert Rathjen, David Robertson, George Theilen, Jerry Jones, Joe Tempa, Robert Rogers, Cliff McClellan, Jonny Capps, Doug McFaul, Bobby Dretzka, Jeff Campbell, Ken Alberts, Richard Gollihugh, James Blake, Robert Cheshier, Gary Coleman. Schedule fi'- Mesquite Bryan Adams Woodrow Wilson Hillcrest Spruce Sunset Kimball Thomas Jefferson South Oak Cliff Bryan Adams COACHES: Pete Lawless, and not shown, Doug Scott. I43 '68-'69 Baskelball Squad 'Q in i N' , -M .4 Q 495' Kneeling, Ihr: Mike Sandlin, Kirk Ragsdale, Coavh Doug Scott, Head Coach J, VV, Black, Bill Sanderson, Standing, I-r: 'I'ommy Thompson, Steve Sluton, Mike Hn-ard, Lindy Nichols, David Holt, Slove Mankin, Ronnie Collins. Ned Burrows, ,limmy Crawford. Stove Pall:-rson. Wayne DeWuld, Mike Scott. Managers Schedule W. T. While W- T- While W00d1'0wv Wilscjn WlJC1dTOW Wilson L-r: llill Sanderson. Mike Sandlin, Kirk Rzlgsdale. H. Grady Spruce James Madison Abraham Lincoln Hillcrest Pinkston Thomas jefferson Bryan Adams H. Grady Spruce .lames Madison Ahraham Lincoln Hillcrest Pinkston ThoH1HS .lefferson Bryan Adams -QI LIN DY NICHOLS 2-yr. letterman Senior STEVE SLATON RONNIE COLLINS 1-yr. letterman Senior STEVE MANKIN 1-yr. Letterman 1-yr- Letterman Junior DAVID HOLT Junior 1-yr. Letterman Senior MIKE HEARD 1-yr. Letterman Junior WAYNE DeWALD JIMMY CRAWFORD 1-yr. Letterman Junior STEVE PATTERSON Senior NED BURROWS 1-yr. Letterman 1-yr. Letterman J1lI1i0r Senior , N TOMMY THOMPSON MIKE SCOTT 1-yr. Letterman Junior Junior 5 N I b p 1 pw. ""A""'.' . :,. . fm: ..fx G- - 5 L, LZLL LL.m 1 L,:. ..Lx. . . .. .... ........1. ' Y . , urns. A HE , ,Q,, 1 .. ..,.. h.,, 1 ,..,. -P E. ,M i W,m.,...,,,.....-.- 'E Zi xii Pinkston center Larry Dibble overpowers David Holt. EVCFY0TlC,S UD f01' the Eame- 4 - if r , . 1 ,1- 1 I- fr si The Spartans' favorite shot. zxii 5 ii7ii W , A J ,pi .,.. sag-. '68-'69 Baseball Team .x Q , Isl Row, I-r: Miki- llryunt, ,lcrry Nlinx. Mike Scott. Malcolm Sparks, Ric ky Sanders, Randy Ramsey. 2nd Row, l-r: Randy Barkley, Gary lk-nc. Ste-vv Sluton. Jim Elam, Darrell Nlctculf. Tvrry llscng, Mika Davis. Ricky Sandlin. 3rd Row, I-r: Keith Wy'borny, Buddy Johnson, Ronnie Collins, llaxid Holt. Slave Mankin. .le-rry N1-ill. Eddie Ccrvante-s, Rolwrt lrlmy. Dvnnis Wheatley. SAMUELI, OPP. Spruce cancelled by rain Lincoln 8 2 lVlaclison ll 0 B A 0 l Spruce 4 l Madison l2 0 Lincoln l2 l B A 0 l 11oACH PETE LAw1.Ess I48 ZA, 'Sf I 'ff pf, GARY BENE-lst base MIKE BRYANT-2nd base EDDIE CERVANTES-2nd base .JMS ,V 23? . 1 A :YI V RONNIE COLLINS-3rd base MIKE DAVIS-Ist base JIM ELAM-3rd base I49 J ,a f 'ie , I Nw DAVID HOLT-outfield TERRY ILSENG-shortstop ROBERT IRBY-Catcher A., BUDDY J OHNSON-catcher STEVE MANKIN---pitcher DARRELL ME1'CALF- 0uLfie1,1 I JP JERRY M1NX.0mfie1d JERRY NEILL-outfield-f RANDY RAMSEY-shortstop Ditnhpr M' f RICK1 s.xNlmERs-Vslwrrsrop MIKE.5C0TTk5h0f'Sf0Pd STEVE SLAT0Nd"U"'i""' R nmfleld wrfher my V MALCOLM SPARKS-- oul fim-hl '68-'69 Track Team Isl Row, I-r: Ted Walters, Ransom Stillwell, Rusty Evans, Wayne Dewald, Keith Berry, Jeff Glaze. 2nd Row, I-r: Larry Monaghen, Craig Flelrher. Kenneth Burns, Luis Rosiles. Bobby Langley, Tommy Thompson. 3rd Row, l-r: Glenn Shipman, Larry Pecena, Doug Bynum, David Howard. Bobby Prince, Bohhy Parks. 4th Row, I-r: Larry Anderson. , Lang Carruthers, Edgar Marshall, Dick Daniels. Bruce Selman. 5th Row, I-r: Richard Simpson, Willie McH0ne. Keith Ivey, Mike -Monk, Doug Haislip. x1c:H.c:ERALnaxsKlNs '52 COACH R. W. THOMPSON 2 Captains fi DOUG BYNU M and KENNETH BURNS 1 Regional Finalisis yALU.5 I-r: Ransom Stillwvll. Hobby Prinm-. Kvnnvlh Burns. David Howard 4 , Q, 140 RIQIUXY. I-r: Hung Hynum. Wuynx- llcwuld. mug Huislip, 'fmumy Tllulxmpsolm. iff biz Q SPRINTERS, f-r: T4-ci Xvultz-rs. Willil- 'Nh-Ilmw. Doug Huiilip. Wayne lk 32. Wulcf, Doug Hjlllllll. KIIl'l'!fl13if, I-r: lllvnn Fhiplnun. 'l'mnmy vlwlltllllfl ,X Rl'lH't' SPIIIIRIU. ,ll-ff 121.121-. Hnlmlng Pgxrks. Q iIJI,laHb, I-r: .Nlikv Hunk. lxvilll In-5, llurry l'e-mu-11.1, Kvilll llwry. 'Pl ,, , "M ,ir r,,1,i, .4 'ARSITY MILE RELAY, I-r: Doug Haislip, A f ' Q, ' an i rfuync DcWuld, Bruvsv Se-Imam, Doug Bynum. 'LLV b P oy A M gg? 1 A or or '1 ,o i i i ' ' 9 in wvll. Ilnlwlny Lunglvy, Luis Rosilvs. l ' P JALLA3 ni as U DALLA FIELD IQVENTF, f-r: Rirllurd Simpson, Rusty Evans, Wuynm- DuVVuld. David How4u'ri, Larry Nlomrglwn. lJlS'l'.vXNiIE RUNN ERS, I-r: Larry An- f"i 's de-rsmi, Craig lfle-trlic-r, Ransom Still- A .f i ...A ' Q M , SHOT-PUT and DISCUS: Standing, I-r: Kenneth Burns, , Bobby Prince. Kneeling, I-r: Lang Caruthers, Edgar Marshall, Dick Daniels. eee e iw? i i , ,, , U f I imc i 3 53' W ' JW! i 'Jll OF f Poywtin 5 Qi wut, 3 H4 4 Q' gif' I 5 W-,fun 4 1 SOPHOMORE RELAY, I-r: Jeff Glaze, Bobby Parks. Keith Berxy, Tod Walters, Cle Shipman, Willie McHone. I56 '68-'69 Golf Team -'fn cror , , T --- V' ,..,,,.--9--s-v Standing, I-r: Mr. Sybert, Bob Hodges, Larry Tompkins, Mike King, David Bailey. Kneeling, I-r: Richard Mcleland, Rich- ard Cox, Leonard Sloan, Erick Sloan. '68-'69 Tennis Team ,V , , A , , 1 H -A b ,,,. L 1 Xi W .I Q , if .4 Wmmnfmw '2 Yi 9 Burl: Row, I-r: Mr. Wallarri-, Terri Browning, Michcllc Bronaugh. Ilarlz-nv Monk, Paula Brewer, Angie Plug-ips. Judy Brown, Janet Pederson. Kneeling, 1-r: James Fruge. Shiriey Wivoriall-fl1igr.,.lam'k Ueuli. -.vs "- W T 1. H Q .. 2 6 is M + sw Q7 1-Rf MM mQ,1.mQ,. -wsm if kk,,.. . xv x wh 1. 1 Q-3 if gk ' pfxvg x 'E 'M As if f I" K K 6' - an is ' Ugg, 513 Q 3-WE I- x f L X 19? if ' K "xx, . I wx fr, W x N 6 -Q Q 5 M W xi I 1 iv VN .A ,.,.,,, ,,. ,, Q Q w ff, ,Q -2- Q , W, 4 4.4 J 'Sf,11: 1' it ef 'Yi f 4 Q B-Team Baseball Standing, I-r: Coach Arvel Smith, Jimmy McConnell, James Blake, Skip Wuldrop. llohlvy Mr-Grc-gor, Tvrry Adams, Jann-s Stafford, Cary Coleman. Seated, I-r: Larry Davis, Ricky Jones, Bob Smith, Jeff Stevens, Robert Smith. B-Team Baskelball ! 1 UV , Qi, Stunrling, I-r: Randy liurkley, David Howard, Glen Shipman, Mark Anthony, Monty Luwlcy, Que-ntin Burnett, John Rogers, Richard Simpson, Dan Dc-Wald, Couch Frank MCClunul1an. Seated, I-r: Ronnie- Points. Larry Wiser, Dick Cowan, Floyd Hodges. Glen Huckuhy, Ricky Taylor, john Emery. Q' k PH: Mn f ,f , I 4 "K x' , , 'Mi' W M 4. M, at 1 R Rv Q We M. 14 in 49 Ku ag fl? 4 X J '42 M 'kmx v Q Q' ' 11 , 1 's Ik F Q, A 2 1 ix ' 4 1 ,W I "f,, gf Q. VV L J N as s Inira-squad Game ,Q ,, , :gr ' ,,:::' Ls QM -slew www xv -4- we-gm vE'1?"' 'Y 1, f'i,,.,S. 1Z,,s.. . .:i" Y? I Snaps Future starlvls 'F I Y 5, vw? K7 ff I ' 'W ' --" : ' , , ,1wf754gi,:g4iz rv I A E- K, ., .A fs J i sg. x f C Q I .4 e.. ,E 1 Usrx Q qw' 2: 1 Q . if ,, 1. s in I-. sh a Q -.,, X., N15 in iffhfm Q STI it g. If. f S -mEf!1zpsm!Zl 1.,"f f"Lf v 'f TLfj?r"-f "f nv'-"' 'TY -- fu -Q.: A,-1.5! Ozyazzfiafzbzzs .s' I65 L e Officers Vice-President, Larry Tucker, Treasurer, Margie Lewis, President Jerry Minx, Reporter, Bill Sanderson, Secretary, Nancy Cain, and Vice-President. Larry Territo. Sieering CommiHee Qfuden Senior Members H First Row: Nliss Atwood, liill Sanderson, Margie Lewis, Nanvy Cain, Linda lloyd, Jerry Minx, lVlr. Collins. Second ROIU: Mike Sandlin. Holli Clover, Judy Karlen, Cathy LOU, Larry Tuvlwr. Third Row: Nvesley Petersen, Quentin Hur- neit. Lllff lNlc'L,lellan. and f.l12ill'lllLlH, Larry lthffllll. Smtgd: Mary lmlingsllhyq Shtlrry Mills, Kay Kurtoug, Linda Harwell, Carol Reeves, Debbie Williams. Serond Row: Mike Wayne D4-Wald, Nlary Wells, Vickie Nlorris. .ludy Karlen. Pam Terry Redd, lloli zxlllllilllgll. Third Row: James Fruge, Rick Rob Cantrell. Lindsay Cofield. Ronnie Brown. David Martin, Rickey Hoffman. I66 Junior Members 3 v Sponsors Miss Earlene Atwood Mr. Robby Collins , ,ooor rror Jr i. Svalerl: Becky Brineon, Terri Miller, Ceorgetta Emherton, , llarilee Wilson, Ruth Birchall, Becky Cauley, Dehhie Johnson, Susan Mullins. Second Row: Mike Scott, Danny Cross, Jerry Minx, Les Fincher, Bill Lane, Doug Hamilton, Mike Stroope, Steve Patterson, Randy Ramsey, Weldon Hayes, Burt Wells, Donny Moore, Jimmy Crawford, Third Row: George Mynarcik, Eddie Cervantes, Malcolm Sparks, Keith Ross, Terry Weightnian, Hubert Culp, Buddy Harding, Mark Jones, Reggie Rippetoe, Richard Ballard, Terry llseng, Steve Mankin. l i.s..l-:G C 1 x .ang ' H - ,JJ ,i-x. 6 'Q 'ik' f . . I ,, f'--gl Ly, of. " . ln-,H ' ' eF7+Y.fs'-A ' -., - X ,I f , ia r, , .. . The Student Council sponsored an All-School Clean-Up. I67 Sophomore Members 'Y -r Student Council , Seated: Debi Morgan, Karen Hilburn, Lori Hodges, Treon Pin- son, Cathy Featherston, Debbie DeWever, Patricia O'Keefe, Kathy Meyer, Claudia Weeks, Carol Crimland. Second Row: Canitha Accipiter, Cliff McClellan, Jeff Glaze, William Lamb, Ronnie Bentley, Steve Stroope, Dick Cowan, Larry Savage, Robert Cheshier. Third Row: Ricky Jones, James Pearson, Dwight Brown, James Stanfield, Gary Kirby, Richard Smith. 4 Student Council Officers and Sponsors at work during Con- ference Period. l68 Allernafes First Row: Susan Wilson Sheila King, Kathy Wade, Sally Smith, Linda Caddis, Donita Roach, Cheryl Panek, Jeannie Barrett, Donnell Birdwell, Vickie Shendoll. Second Row: Pat Hill. Val Owens, Sharon Edwards, Lou Coffey, Susan Van Zandt, Cindy McCoy, Bert Wells, Rickey Tipe. .lack lieall, Bob lltffutelieon. Third Row: Sandy Coker, ,lanet Williams, Teresa Jenkins, Janeene Rurson. Nathan Arm-her, Keith Berry, David Minshew, Ken Flatt. Fourth Row: Patti Garza, Ricky Saunders, .lerrie Posey, Kathy Williams, larry Peel-na, Dennis Watson, Ricky Taylor, Bob Kleflregor. Fifth Rout' Bill Garrett. l.arry Walling, Lee Pyles, Charles Daxis, .lon Capps, lloliliy Parks, Cr-orge Mynarcik. Top Row: John Duke, Eddie Cervantes, Ronald Hodge. fQfJfj"iog, LUOLAlCl like mwloreifgtudeflt Villce in Scihool A . . ,,,- , 09 -C. -, gt Q ,gg iw? . ' we arf NJ Eleetion of new Council officers followed a long, hard campaign. K Front Row, left lo right: Cindy Fuuiimin-r, Laura Cum-li, Freda Harder. Second Row: Carol Het-vi-S, Vim-ki Luvegruen, Thin! Rauf: Curtis Morrow, Put Hurdwiirk. Front Row: Siiurrm Nvinuin, Clt-ndu Smith. Srfcond Row: Vuitfrie Williams, Dvbiiie Jones, Sandy lluvis, Kathy Eclvvurds, Third Row: Andrea Homin-rg, Kathy Austin. Virginia Wliutlt-y, Vivki Ashlz-y, I69 lfirsl Roux Vlfillium Lamb, D:-lmru Hill, Carolyn llldLlI1I'lI. Henry 31K'COIgIIli1Ck, lfuqui Collado. Larry Moore, Shayne Hill. Abrulxaxnr lilumiri. Second Row: Xlrs. Dorothy Robbins, Marvie Cole, Gloria lirzldfivlrl, Phillip Fostvr. ,lurk lieull, MIQ. .lm-nniu Petvrs. Third Row: l.urry Slmrrrm-ll, Durciv Coll-. Fourth Rozy: Holm-rt Burk:-r. Vivkiv VVooclS. R. l,. Welch, Paula llulrig. Fellowship or Chrislian Aihleies First Row, lvl! to Cross, Hubert 'Culp. ley. Svconrl Row: Doug Bynum. Ted Third Row: Charles lvy, Steve- Slalon, Vvllcallvy. right: Hill Currvtt, Danny Bobby llolalws, Randy Burk- Paul Young, Larry Wgllling, Walls-rs, Tommy Thompson. Guttcys. Str-vcr Munkin. K4-ith Charles Culcinan, Dennis a ? 115 , f ....,..u. , First Rauf, left lo right: fllikv Sc-otl. .le-ff Glaze, Bob Mc:Cul4-lievn, Coucli Frank MrClunalnxn Sponsor, Miki- Struope, Dirk Cuwun, Kirk Rugsl rlulv. SPCUNII Row: Stvvc Slroope, .lPrry Minx, llavid Tllurmun, Hobby Parks, Randy Bradshaw. Thin! Row: Mark .lom-S, llill Lune, Jack Beull, .lim Elum, Ke-itll Berry. Handy Ramsey. Fourth Row: Qui-ntin Burnett, Cliff McClellan, John Hngvrs, Cary Kirby, Str-vc Pllllt'I'SUIl. my--1 2-W L wr 4 X' ' X Q rf'-W ,.,..., ,W A Yi , , l7l Officers and Sponsor First Row, Inj! lu right: Venita Williamson, Linda Smith, Brenda Fuirluss, Tern-su Wallace. Second Row: Tim llusr-lm, Stun- llin-kr-rsun, Larry Plfrc-nu. l72 Laiin Club Top to Bottom: Lee Pyles, Vice-Presidentg Larry Pecena, Presidentg Tish Kenny, Secretaryg Jeannie Barrett, Re- porterg Mrs. Cllita Smoot, Sponsor. Not Shown: James Fruge, Treasurer. 3 Year Members Front: Patty Pecena. Second Row: Vickie Wood, Larry Pecena, Janet Small. Third Row: Roger Hesson, Rickey Faircloth. Q9 P 1 I ' 1 First Row: Charlotte Hurley, Mrs. Smoot, Karen Harrison. Second Row: Susan Springfield, Debbie King, Betty Bye, Dee Phillips, Nancy Morrow. Third Row: Suzy Bangs, Molly Walsh, Georgia Rejcek, Karen Grissom. Fourth Row: Weldon Hayes, Terry Leathers, Richard Dodd, Mike Krone. Fifth Row: Dale Henderson, Jimmy Rowland, John Mackey, David Bow- man. Sixth Row: Doug Hickman, Rodney McKenzie, Clark Enright. ,H my Q ,.,.,..-If I . First Row: Birgitt Graf, Presidentg Cindy Mm:Cuy, Treasurer: Sherry Fleming, Sem-rctury. Svfond Row: Sue Gibson. P.A.S.F. Chairmang Richard Simpson. Vive-Prcfsidentg The-rm-sa Hnldvr. Reporter. First Row: Kathy Mvycr, llslmhif- Hull, lhlllii Kurtous. Sandy Walker, Tonya Lester. Second Row: Claudia Wrr-yfurd, Dvblmie Pen-rsun. Fundin Davis, Alice Gibson. 7vlIl.fllR41lLAI . Clywuna Fults. Nlurtlm IJ:-an. Linda Nail. Fourth Roux' Ccurgv Mynurcik. Hub:-rl Culp. .luck Re-ull, David Miller. Los Embajadores Los Conquistadores wt . Top to Bottom: llarbara Hughes. Re-purtm-rg Lori TL-rrito. I'.A.S.F. ClliilI'l1l2lHQ Margaret Boxley, Pianistg Sheila Montguint-ry. Service Cliairniang Roberta Sego, Srcretaryg Benita Brock, Program Clllllflllilfll Cathy Porte-1'. Sung L4-a1lr'1': .lrmszf Coldblatt, Presidentg Mrs. Hosson. Sponsor. I U S 00 f 0 t .I 121 l t 5 First Row: Kathy Herron, Carol McKinm'y, Susan Hampton, Slim-rrie Edwards, Cathy Mullins. Second Row: Trisha O'Kr:cfc, Marilce Wilson, Cathy Ft-atllvrstun, Drelmlmie- Garrett. Third Row: Debbie Beard, Mary Albin, lf-rric Posey, Gail Gardner. Fourth Row: Marcia Moore, Linda Platt, Patti Fm-rguson. Susan Wilson. Fifth Row: Carol Gilliam, Cary Alexander. Robert liarkf-r. Projeciionisis Seated: Ricky Williams, Ronnie Welch, Phil Estes Kenneth Parham. First Row, Standing: Denny Mackey Dudley Waldrop, Paul Gray, Billy Hewitt, Reggie Rip pe-toe, Cary Dement. Mike Henderson, Richard Joseph Keith Wills, D. C. Kelly. Second Row: Gerald Asking Bill Traphagan, Ronald Hodge, Mike McNeil. Kennet Brown, William Hardwick. Q , Medical Careers Club First Row: Cheryl Conway, President, Theresa Holmes. Toni Lester, Christi Johnson, Christine Garrett. Second Rauf: Luella Hinkle, Co-Sponsor, Edith Carstarphen, Gail Gardner, Marsha Lester. Third Row: Abraham Elamiri. Charlotte Hurley, Mrs. Kathleen Carden, Sponsor. David Thurman. I76 6 ,eff 10 right, Isl Row: Arnitu Birdsong, anis Couch, Nancy Wmiolbriglit, Ruth iircliall, Celeste Ward, Kay We-ilu-. Holly fhristmus. 2nd Row: Cindy Clowson, Thomas lorwoud, ,loc Coldblutt, Dale Henderson, lcginu Prius, Carnillc Hart, Ke-ith VVybourny, .indu Rf-id. 41,1 Imjt to righli S1'11tt'rl.' Carul lim-wg. 'liunia Crm-km-r. ,-Xure-lin llclilroy. Holi Cantrcll. Klgiry Hnlmr-r. ,lfmlin Wlailluu-. Sliuyne llill. Strmllingi Cvlvsto Yvurd. Ann Rn-eves. Cntliy llortvr. llnvicl llc-tion, Patti Curzu. John Stuart. llcnitti Hrork. U1-nnis Plvriixiiuris, Cliff Cmucli. l..irry Yvallingi. Cyntliiu Smith, lloli Mc'CutClie-un. Nainvy Cain. Vicki Vunclvr- lmurg. Debaie and Tournamenf Squad Left lo right: Aurf-liu Mclilroy, Co- Prosidvntq Rob Cantrell, Co-Presidentg i ' Mary Hohner, Ferre-tary. I77 Library Assistants L. to r.: Sharon Tucker, Shirly Andrews, Linda Coolsby, Cathy Featherston, Angie Rigsby, Patti Ferguson. Librarian Katharine Meadows. First Row, 1. to r.: Donna Cone, Patti Koss ner, Ginger Langston, ,Iuanda Abernathy. Second Row: Ann Elkins, Cathy Curry, Gloria Bradfield. Third Row: Kenny Pat rick, Vickie Wood. 94- ii? IBM Assisianis 4 5 I l PM First Row, I. to r,: Janet Willianms, Sharon Swindel, Diana Williams. Second Row: Priscilla Hardcmun, Camille Hart, Jan Meeks. Third Row: Treon Pinson, Virginia Spur- ger, Lunettc Gibson, Mrs. Mc- Ham. . ee, X fi? -J I First Row, I. to r.: Gail Brul ton. Pat Anderton, Janis Couch. Second Row: Barbara Hughes, Kathy Hodges, Carolyn Howard. Third Row: Connie Dodson, Connie Carter, Sharon Proffitt. Sharon Mc- Clanahan. my I79 'c 1 12W 1 4 W f S L,,,,.,. M. .1 L f 5 E :M s 2 -in-J dmc Thespians if Q W ,M Q Bottom to Top Shane H111 Joe boldblatl Lynn 1Nu11l X7lCk1 Lowgrcn ldllll Stokley Llndd Reid Al1r.1h.1m Ehxnure Rose mary Rowland Klrnl UmpQtead Eva SIIIIIHUIIQ LL1V1t1 W1lklH SOIL Boltonz to Top flndy Puts Ddrlm Hou lun Nlur 'Nlollx Walsh, Sandy Hudson Shula Km T rm 1 lunk Wan .1 Osborne Kathy Bond John Trojamk Hrmndd Dlqlwun 9 is Thespian Officers: left to right: Carol Reeves, Secretary, Peggy Braden, Sponsor, Holli Glover President, Debbie Jenkins, Reporter, Vicki Vanderburg, Vice-President. V4 H 9 Wwe Thespian Members: left to right: Ruth Birchall, Jeannie Barrett, Sandra Sullins, Patti Kessner, Cliff McClellan, Gloria Everett, Mike Stroope, Billy Bt-ll, Cheryl Gun-ia, Bob McCutc'l1eon, Steve Stroope, Jerry Baker, Pam Monaghen. R. L. Welch, Debbie Catlin. Ronnie S4-hell. W2 Qecrelarial Club First Row: Virginia Spurgcr, Linda Lindbert, President, Janet Martin, Karen Wilkinson. Sec- ond Row: Bonita Aultman, Becky Yandell. Third Row: Kathy Austin, Shirley Humphries, Jana Walters, Secretary, Vickie Lee, Reporter, Carol Gilliam. i ACAD , .r,, , a,g...,m We 'ia' ,,i - ., i , P9 X- Ag., fn I' H u-,,,,,..-A , W' W' Seated: Ann Elkins, Jackie Moseley, Cathy Thomas. Standing: Mrs. Hailey, Miss Brown, Mrs. May, Sponsors. Ma X 5' l .Low Suzy Bangs, Pam Smith, Curlita Rogers. and llc-th Duffron. Bottom Row: Vim-kia' Boll. Sandy Walker. Kathy Mullins. Sec- ond Row: Juanita Duigg, Linda Ni-lsnn, Deborah Hill, Karen Shannon. Carol Crirnlund. Third Row: Suzy Bangs, Cathy Curry, Sherry Duncan, Pam Smith. Fourth Row: Carlita Rogers. Beth Duffrnn. Cindy F11l.llllilfl'I', Mrs. White, Miss Hill. Beth Duffron, Suzy Bunfrs, Pam Slllilll, uncl Carlita Rogers. l83 V S L '45 -fs. Seated, KI-ry: Larry Tucker, lVim- President! Larry Walling, lVice Presidentt. Nancy Cain, lSwectheartt, Bill Sanderson lPres: denti, Mike Stroope. Bottom Row: Mike Flagg, Doug Wells, ,leff Clare, Craig Fletcher, Henry McCormack, Robert Smith, Joh: Weightman, Kirk Ragsdale. .lann-5 Fruge. Terry Ilsi-ng, Ken Myers, Hiehard Simpson, David Southerlund, Eddie Cervantes Weldon Hayes, Steve Stroope, William Lamb, Dick Cowan, Mil-ze Scott. Rick Taylor, Mr. Thornton. Serond Row: Floyd Hodges Floyd Hodges, jerry Minx, Lee Pyles, Roger Lee, llert Wells, Donny Moore, Cary Worthy, Daniel Wheat, Dan Cross, Kieth Ross lloh Carrell, Les Fincher, Leonard Sloan, Ricky Mn-Pherson, Charles Sohlinke, Larry Moore, ,lim Catteys. W. W. Samuel! Keg Club E' .L'k 'ln Q- 'hird Row: Mr. Vlfirnpafe, Randy lhirkvly, limb NlffCi1Imfl1eun. Doug Hinnillon. Jim Aulbaugh, Bill Lung Dwlglt liruwn ni lowurd, lrlulnrrt Culp, Wluynu Xvlflfllly. Larry Sheri-ll. Ccrulil Smilli. Stew Patterson. Jimmy Howland lvrry Bdlxfr llaxlf linslicw, Stn,-ve Diaz, Honniv liiruwn, Kiwanis Rcpr'e-Q:-nlalivv: Mr. lim-ll-42. lfourlh Row: Mr. Humlmr, Johnny 'Hylton Dali Honda Jn, Neal Ayres, Stew Hrulnul, Wuyriei Hiirismi, Kc-rrp Kvllvr. Richard Bullard, Steve Sluton, Mike Prirnrofm LLSUJI' hlliul, KP1tll larry. Mark JUYIETS, HuSly Luinb. Hurry Gooding. Cf-urgv lxlj'IlLlfL'lk, .lllllil 'I'rojuw-k, Gary Hartwell. Kiwanils Relprfgeiihiliu r 'lIll'llL'l'. Top Row: fgllfillill liUIiIl6'li. Cliff Mc-Clelluii. ,lolin liugvrs. Slt'Yl'ix1ilTlkiIl. LM lilgilltl lfrmzt Ron' ff-rl: Ki-n Nlyc-rs. Vllu u- - D ' lull 5LlYllll'I'N4lIl 1 l l'l'il1l!'I1ll, lXilII1'j ilzxin lSMl't'lllt'Lll'll Sir-w Slrmnpi- llulm-nl flunta-ftiinll Miki- Slrwvpv Vliulm-nl ffrrrilv-Ianll Slam- l'.1I!z-rw n 1l'liSl41rlzlIIl lirlrfs Rau: Nlr. llumln-r. fpemsnr Larry 'l'u1-km-I1 VI4-1--Pr:-sill:-ril lnirry Walling. View--l'rs'QiLlv1il .lm-rry lhnlwr. 'llllvnl limit:-slalrml lhn firms. 'lll'l'L1rllN'I' Nlr. XYliIIlIJt'4', Fpuiisur. nlwli l Back: Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Bradford, Ruth Rolrammel, Linda Nelson, Connie Dodson, Ge-orgetta Emherton, Miss Graves. Front: Sandra Sandlin, Joyce Ray, Sue Gibson, Cathy Lee, Cindy Darr, Katherine Aker. Left.to right: Catherine Acker, Songlcudcr, Connie Dodson, Vice- Presidont, Cathy Lee, President, Cindy Darr, Secretary, George-tta Emberton, Historian. I86 Art Club . , l Y V, 3 we JW in .ww ow 1: Gary Kirk, Virginia Spurger, Mary Billingsley, ,lan Ed- ards. Row 2: Randy Hudson, Pat Primrose, Suzy Bangs. if z Left to right, Bottom Row: Vickie Penland, Cathy Mullins, Debie DeWever, Charles Schlinke. Row 2: ,lan Edwards, Mary Billingsley, Pat Primrose, Virginia Spurger, Pam McPherson, Carol Crimland. Row 3: Suzy Bangs, Vickie Thomas, Suzanne Cargile, Mike Brad- shaw. Row 4: Mrs. Spearman, Gary Kirk, Randy Hudson, Steve Diaz, ,laynes Stinson, Gary Kirby. ' E Charles Schlinke, ,laynes Stinson, Steve Diaz. -sw W ow I: Debbie lJeWeaver, Cathy Mullins, Pam McPherson. Row 2: Elike Bradshaw, Carol Grimland, Cary Kirhy. Row I: Vickie Penland, Suzanne Cargile, Vickie Thomas. Row 2: I87 Nurse's Assisianis Q K-qi L. to r.: Mrs. Hinkle, Karen Grissom. Carolyn Jones, Patty Hughes, Darlene Green, Suzanne Williams, Kathleen Carden, Nurse. Language Laboraiorg Assisianfs T7 Front Row, fl-rl: Mrs. Goytinu, David Miller, Paula Martin, , Alice Gibson. Back Row: Gary Alexander, Doug Wells, Ranly Williams, George Mynureik, , Mrs. Rosson. TORCH Siaff Editor: Sherry Mills Junior Ed.: Linda Nail Soph. Ed.: Sherry Bradshaw www-e"w"' Ge.-,X K E 35 f '.-1- . ,.Xx - - l Editor: Sheila King 11? .f. z A-5,41zf'i, 5 ma, Q:-.-QA. , .. g N TX: LLLKL ..r.. V H . n., an f, J .iw . .3 , fx akf Gif Q , e N., 1 Q asm .hgwy uw--rx ,:1h-1 .,::: f Sports Ed.: Mike Wood Q 'G Ural 2 X , L xqgbgm 53 X M, if L ROTC: Mike Neilson Not Shown: Henry McCormack Sherry Fleming I89 French SPONSORS: Miss Dransfield Mrs. Goytino ls' U. 1 jg. N i il The French Club gave a Christmas Party for these -I children of the Dallas Sun- W shine Home. ix. ,Q if V I i .e eeeeg eheel ' f"-e Uh ell ' iglxlixxigf I90 pf 0 nl XXXWQ 'B 3' "Thu Fighting lfrvncliu pluywl ll powdcr-puff foothull game to raise money for the party N 22 ,sw X st as r' is ws. X -gg My 2 Jffieers, left to right: Aurelia McElroy. llclnlmie lleddie, Holli Clover, Sandy Hudson, and Dareie Cole. nv'-A iecond-year members, lejz to right: Top Row: Mary Hohner, Viekie Lshley, Virginia Whatley. Second Row: ,larrkie Young, Sharon Stroud, loug Wells, Valerie Wiliums. Third Row: Roger llrown, Sandy tullins, Deborah Hill. Fourth Row: Miss Dransfield, liirgitt Graf, lenry lxICCUfIlli1Ck, Greta Knight, Celeste Ward. uf so Three-year members, left to right: Mareie Cole. Aurelia McElroy, Holli Glover, Sandy Hudson, Janet Branstetter, Carolyn Claunch, Cathy Manley, .lanice Pinyan, Sandra Sandlin. Darc-ie Cole, Brenda Dickson, Debbie Ceddie, Mrs. Goytino. I' ,N '5 Y! it xl 2 U , 6, 1-1 , t t - First-year members, left to right, Front Row: Debbie DeWever, Shane Hill, Glenda Smith. Second Row: Sherry Fleming, Pam Case, Debra Howard, Emily Popplewell. Third Row: Tonya Crocker, Renee Peters, Suzanne Williams, Michele England. Fourth Row: Charlotte Hurley, Theresa St. Clair, Evangeline Reynolds, lleverly West. lg' LL,L Murciv Colo, Literary Editor, Sandy Hudson. Sports Editor, Cathy Hun- ley, Cirvuhltioll Editor, Janis Fuulk. Organizations Editor. 4' I Qeniine an ' ff t L .F 1 1 .1 S ,ff 1. .211 9 Q ,Q K S' Cerald Smith and Thomas Norwood, Ad Salesmen. 'lana Phillips, Copy Editor, Debbie Dillard, Exchange Edi- Jr, and seated, June Castro, Copy Editor. P at K ,f kr if , ' X . X ' R if 'W gvti X' x C. I we L, s-. 5 0 Hugo Wcszphal and Kathey Kelley, Art Editors. ls the Sentinel going underground, or are they just digging up the news? I93 5 QI ,.f.1.:...? Mm Linda Boyd Captain lJ1-l1l1iP Cri1111-5 Firsl Livzzlvnfznt I " , 5 5 1 'Z 1, I -1 1' 1' ,,ad21.i-A www KWXQN, I , 1 ,. 11-1 1-1 f V -71,15 it , ' , I 11 ,Mi a Nw ' X . i , ,J Mu. 1 , 1 1 M 1 - 1 , it 11 1 J 2 1 rl : W 1 ' 11 . 1 1 1 f A, .rm bl 1 . 541 14 .5 V, GM , , 'Zh ,W V1 , M 6 .gina 1 1 , ' , 1 WH 1 f-,N-1' 1 1 A .1 1 1 f -1 .1 . A -1 , 1 1 'QINW 1- . 1 if ' 11 ' - 1 'M ew f 1 Z ,., ,, ,M . 1 w1 1- ,W 1 'A .1 ,V M, A if A'1,',,4y1 , 1, V 65,51-' 5f !,.1f1vy11 'LA fx K 1 5, 1 ' wil, M f ' 11141 w 1 1 1-'Q "" l 1 l 1-fvfsfll W ,vim . '11 11 1 5 - N - 1' ' ,Q .gg , xy 1,131 W 1 V1 1 'Mi' " , g,..i'3f ,J iff-ffgw' , r lgggw- -.Ji am 'f , , ri, ,iwq . t 'io Qty' A .Q v M ' Z. I' , , 1. 1""- , vw' 114,11 1-vfikfg if 1 'ff'-1 -1 . 1 1 1.f1:Q1,A,., 1 vm ,vf 11,1 ,f ,, 1 H .f- I?" . . 1' 1 '11-1 M " 1 W 1 ,M 'M "' 11' 11.2f.f,m1,., 1 T1 t rbzt n111 1 1 'Nl lunn 11 W lllt 1 1 1 S1-1111111L1'1'uI1'r11uzt Curtvr, l.in1l11 B11 1l f1l1l1i1: Cri1111-S .luncv S1-xt1111, 51141111 Mullins Sullx Smith. Second num sV1lllI1ITlQ Angu Rwiln, 'l nn W1l 1 dl Bflllljll C1111 111 R111 l11Ill 11 ry l11 nfsey clll. 11 1 1111 . Pl 1 g .11 llfdfl fXr1n1 Llfllll liansoni Vickie U1-ll Judy l. r11:cf11r1-l. Tlirrl Ron: l'uIi111- 5-llry l1.Hll' .'11 .lz1111'y S1-XI1111 Front Row, lrff I0 1"'l : D11 1 l'1ll11-k, 1-g J , K' y "1-' -, Sli -r 'y NI'lls, C1 1 1 D 1 , , 1 . 1 L ' ' ' ., 43 'ng 4' 'P '51 la l11'1', C' 'l , l I lT1llS, ,- S' Mu ' .fr Billi ,Ll , l.ul - 1392 -l1, Hutl ll' -lull, Sli 'la K'n , l" " l, 1 1 Wi K , , u 1 ' 1.1 1 , 1 .1 l ll l L l l e fIL l'r11 ll ll1r1l ' llllvk rtli 1 I 1 yn111 liolvinsrmn. J nisr- l"Pn, 1 'i L1 . cmun, luulu W ' '11 . flzirrl N1-Ki fllfilldil Brown, Colleen lll1'1ls111l, ,lilllll ll1:l111, Sllllffflll ll11l1-, l1Lllll'Ll .l111111-s. l3r1'n1l11 lir Cylllllld Smith, ,lu11iC0 Rl'4'llllA, lNl11ril1'1' Yvilson, .lilll M1-1-lif, Carolyn fll41u111'l1. Nl1'r1f1:1l1zS Cul Mary llillirigflvy, livlimlu ll11w1ll1'. l"1111rIl1 Rauf Miss lxlfciilllll, Vi1-ki llrigglry. llr1-111111 l ll 1968-6 gc: c. l - 1 -M ,M I W W,,, ,,,, fm .,,,. S V -.. lm ' "'. , . I " In ' " VV ,,,, If," 4. -,. ' 4' , ,iii YM l ,lx .W 'i f ' if H ..m.,,,M , 4 4' - if ' W W 1 5 I NZ 'Y it kwmya f f -4 f WW' 'Dinan 'mmm 1 Q . ' v th, 4 .,,, , ,,:A1'f' I 'M "lin x t f- YW W , ' ' "' Wig 'VM 1145 ,f, , t H as , ,,..,d34 ,W at .f f fl? - ' Win' M , ' , . . awww., , i.,.4f3,Vf Wg f W-M., 2 .,.,, ,, , V, HH., vffhkiir ii if-Q fn. .. W ,A . . .N K -1' t . , a a ff fy my "Y-:viii 1, ,- A A - f . ' V life QQ? QAWQQQ, 'pn 56 V , ' fs, A -few., . '- ' f L-f.f,i.,pXa . , ' '- . 5, x,,,,4, A r - as Wwg.. , gfl.4Vui.s Wx,Q,.iY.,,,K A 'ues' NVQ 'rixrw-,,,.Q4W' ei' K, 'w ,V M ,X 3 .W'4!,' , ,,,M',,ig KA V -. . ' 4.212 N "WL fannie Barrett, Darlene Johnson. Karen Williams, Kathy Bond, Donna Ray, Sherri Rusdell, athy Wade, Linda Adains. Vic-kie Chappell. Terry Redd, Debbie Lewis, .laniee Pinyan, Pat nderton, Janis Couch, .lo.'Xnn Howland, Shirley Andrews, Debbie Ceddie. Fifth Row: Lois ulley, Dana Phillips, ,lanet Stokoly. Wanda Osborne, Kay Karlous. Janet Harwell. Cathy Lee, nndra Sandlin, Debbie Beard, Debbie House. Debbie Dyess, Carolyn Day. Pain Smith, ebbie Jenkins, Karen Tidwell. Debbie Clanton, Karen Bracken. Cathy Bowen. Paula Bremer. fxth Rout Linda Reid, Sharon fXIoClanahan, Sharon Proffitt. Beverly Lee. Donnell Hirdwcll, env Tate, Brenda Dickson, ,lann Porter, Bet-ky Cauley, Cindy Pitts, Connie Dodkon, Valarie ayden, Lila Crulmhs. Kathy While. Biarleis I K wg A4 fn- n 1 Connie Carter Co-Captain 1 , W 'fi Sherry Hills First Lieutenzznl fe Y pi-Zag Kay Weihe Second Lieutenant I95 Mary Billingslvy mmm I i Luiw Culley Bvlinflu Huwdla- Debbie Geddil' L..- Vickie Crigsby Linclu Lindberg Pauline Selby W. . Samuell Senior Qiarleis Pat And:-rlun 2 yvur IVIPIIIIWV Shiflq Andrcm. LHRUU Bcuth Debbie Be-ard 2 ymy mg,,11,,.,- 2 year nzfwzlzcr Put B1-ard 2 yvzlr nzffnzlwr Mary Luv Billingslvy Donru-ll liirdwcll Colleen Blrrdsum- 2 ya-ur IIIFIIIIIHF 2 year IIlf'II1Ill'f 2 year IIIUIVIIIUI' Cynthia Bounds Glenda Brown 2 year member Carolyn CIHUIICI1 Mercedes Colladn Brenda Dickson Connie Dodson 2 year member Executive Council is 4 A 4 i " we-wwf' Mi? Ziwfwiw ' fftfnfef- W K Www! 2 ' ef Wife W md! 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Third Row: Paula Brewer, Donna Hay, Sherri Russell, Kathy Wade, Debbie Lewis, Gene Tate, Becky Caulcy, Lila Crubbs, Kathy White, Carolyn, Dehbic Clanton, Karen Bracken, Cathy Bowen, Karen Ransom. 200 Executive Council Front Row, left to right: Donna Pollock, Mug Dunn, Kay Weihe, Sherry Mills, Connie Carter, Linda Boyd, Debbie Crimes, ,laney Sexton, Susan Mullins, Sally Smith. Second Row: Sheila King, Janice Pinyan, Sharon Proffitt, Cindy Pitts, Janet Stokcly, Brenda Dickson, Carol McKinney, Brenda Bruton, Belinda Dowdle. Managers Sealed, left to ri Standing: Mary Bill Paula ght: Pauline Selby, Belinda Dowdle, Linda Lindberg. Brewer, Vicki Grigsby, Debbie Ceddie, Lois Culley, ingsley. Sponsor XNG. Miss Kathy McCaha 4-""i1"'s flaw! ...,,q ...Q Klzwwlifzg, fr!! In light: Dm-lulsiv ,IUIHIQUIL l'g1Ili Smith. Smlzrlirlgi Hi.-My Huffman. N.lIl4'j Cain, Larry Tllvker, M Simp-ml. Hwky lh'il1wr1.'1'x-fry llwuu, Cheerleaders 202 urgim' L4-wis, Him-hurl Patti Smith Larry Tucker Nancy Cain Rivkey Hoffman Margie Lewis Richard Simpson Head Cheerleaders: Margie Lewis Rickey Hoffman Debbie johnson Becky Brinson Terry Ilseng Richard Simpson Terry Ilseng: 1 C iinx ,. ,him K ww., 4- ' ' -,--I I QE-W 'Af A . f' . ' 'M "M -,L L, K k . i ,li ,ave i 'xx i 5 ,ff "" J, ' I 11: G A gg AW z:A I . M W' ' ' N' '1-- LLL" - - X in , - 3' -"' ,,. 'fi az if . L '21 LL, ' ,ALA .. ' X3 V . " ,1. V ' ..,, wi 351- if 1 . 'wk' H 1.: x,.:- V ,..-::- K' , :r j f 1 X ai ' l' 'fi fr a ' 5, . -ify gL-L Q L' - W a h , ' s W, fu M ,N 3 , --- S 'gr 4'-., L, . - va yan 5 . i gs, V . ' , ' -f , L 'ffftzwk 'Hif- Q14-. 1 ., ' -1,9 1,L:1,Q fx ,y Lf. A, ,'-raw-fg , v X ' gi no., 1, 9 I V li"a,.. "1-,s'Zf'fj7 lgviil LQ me 'yn K, ,Em V Egg-pri My K. Lvx., ui!" A f5',,..i,., ww K' 'K if 'A 3 -, V I ' L ' iw , 'K 5.41, if , in 1 4 . ,Y L, -' 1' ' ,L 55 N. 1 if wi YfA,x,p-X S? f Q hifi 'f' Qgvyi-KJ f Elf' fi' i',i!, b , ,L ., f 'g.ff'555 aryl, ..., Qaiki s..9J9v-5 ifwfvaa .Sl an ' , .isa it ,. ra'1:,,.s A sarah- f Alternate Leonard.Sloan, Banner Team Ronnie Schell and James Fruge, and Spartan Image Larry Peccna. Y ,.:z fr X . Sparian Image ii? 2 And Banner Team 5 x Larry Pecena minus his Spartan Image outfit. 205 'VN i LQUT5 wvgllling Rllllliy I'wUFIt'f l'n-5j,1'4-,If Viva'-l'r1'.vidf'r1t Nafional Honor Sooieig Nunvy ifuin Nulhun .Nrvhc-r Y 5f'r'r4't1lry Trwlxlzrwr Two Year Members if if Ronald Brown Connie Carter Murcia Cole Runnin- Collins 'Te '12 an Janis Couch Prisvilla do la Tcjgi lirvnmhi llirkson IM-lvlmiv Dillard .lvum'tt4- lluullzit Mikl' HHS!! .lame-Q lfrugu Earl FIQIHLIII N IVVZVV 40 YU! Van Furrh Hfwlli Clow-r llirgitt Graf Katlmlcvn Crimmitt ww JIU ,wyy ., W-.f G,-...,..-4 g1,,, ....,,, 4 Cary Hartwell Sandra Hurlsun lh-lnlmiv ,l4!Il1'4 Alumly Kurlf-n A Aurvliu N1-Elroy Linrly Nivlllvl- Luffy Pr'f'1'nu Janice Pinyaln Mmw.,,7 ' N-,.....-nf v Har Cindy Platt Mike Primrose Ronnie Schell Carolyn Stults 'UW 'Ui WT WNW' 2 Karen Tidwell John T1'0j3C9k KBYFH Willifilm Cala Wilson Honorarg - - Members Mercedes Collado Brahim Elamiri Class Of I 969 J-I , lll Par Anderton Mary Billingsley mn.-11 mfdwcll Colleen Bledsoe 08 ff -nf" mn i-....-s-JK Cynthia Bounds Linda Boyd Janet Branstelter Roger Brown if --...fmualgzvk Gail Bruton Carolyn Claunch Dari-ic Cole Christine Garrett Sur Gibson Brenda Fairless ,fr Doug Haislip Michelle Harrell Janet Harwell Jana H6'lI!l ,.. , ,swf Kathy Hodge-S David Hogan Curulyn Howard Donald Huylm' lleluhic ,Ie-nkins ffzirlcanv Kelly Kathryn Kennedy Sheila King: Margiv L1-wis vw f T9 .,,.:5,f mei Vivki Ilnvvgrvn Sharon McClanul1un Jackie McKcthan Carol McKinney 0 Q. ng, gcfhu W--3 Sl1v1'r3 Nlills Vivkif- PPFIILIIIKI Xlurilyn P:-lm-rin-I1 Cindy Pitts Linda Pottvr W ' M.,a-f' 31 im , ax xi' Rvgina Prim- TQlffy' Rodd Carol H:-vvvS T! UWM, ,,. ,y .qw Dilllllgl Rube-rtf Mary Rohnur Sandra Szmdliu Carol Fvhulzf' Angin' Phu-lpf "'!'m Alum-5' Svxlull Larry Sh:-rn-ll L1-onurml Sloan David 'ff'-'rs Jim,.l gmkhy Put Tum-ki-r Larry 'll-rrilo Kam-n Vurmw Vivki Vunrlvrburg ,Ifvlm xXrv.lHLlf'f' Wwwff mr l.in1l.1 Wiml Kay WU-ilu: Xlury WV:-Ile Sllfil ,Ynl SlIU1L'lI.' WX-fl:-y I,l'll'I'SHI1 2I2 ,f Soulhcrland n Wilson Class of 1970 ii YU! 'if' 'N Linda Adams Vivki .-Xshlvy Hull: Bircllalll IW fm Juana lin-s-dlmc 131-Him lgnwk Igwky gjuuh , I-isil CUff4'!' Lou Cuff:-y llgxnny Cru '7"W1 Put hlauu C4-nrggvttu lflulu-rhm N01 .wlmzrlzf William lh-ard. ,, 411 www lvn I1 mi EHQII ll ,Af iwvnj f4-, Sllfffy l"lf'lNiUS Lauru Gooch lletty Greer Janet Hicks Dclrra Hill Debbie Jolrnsun , J" limlu Nail Marian ,lavkson Marjorie Jackson David Lord Susan Mullins llonuu Pollock Cathy Pnrlvr S11 Jcrrie I' if-T ""f'::1' - no I USC! Lg-Q Pylt-S Karon Ransom Ruth Rotramel .f"'SU' .ff Ag ww.. .,., Wanda Svhreibf-r Linda Smith Sum' Smith N-we-V Ldndf new ,Iulm Stuart Doug Wvvlls Virginian Xwvllilllif H- Kurvn Wilkinson fiilflllfll Willhxm .Tot xhozwz: .luhn Mum-kv! 3 5,5 tv lst Soprano: Vickie Bell. lienita Rrovk, Lisa Coffey, Dawn Couch, Cheryl Conway, Linda Cottrell, Pam Ficklin, Debbie Caddie, Donna Griffith, Dehhie Jenkins, .leannie Jones, Tish Kenny, Greta Knight, Sherry Norvell, Cathy Porter, Pat Taeker, Vicki Vanderburg, Reeky Yandell. 2nd Soprano: Wanda Raxter, Donnell Birdwell, ,lean Carrbell, Lou Coffey, Carolyn Cook, Priscilla De la Tcja, Ceorgetta Elnherton, Denise Creen, Debbie House, Sherry jenkins, Movie Nlahaffey, Brenda Mason, Laura Milton, Sheila Montgomery, Lynn Neville, Patti Peters. Carol Reeves, Pauline Selby, Alta Virgil, Rt-gr-na Wehb, Drena Williams, LaVita Wilkin- son, Debbie Woods. Alto: Linda Aeker, Kathy Bond, Sandra Brewer. Debbie Dyess, ,lan Edwards, Gloria Everett, Holli Clover, Kathleen Crimniitt, Lila Crubhs, Nelda llale, Valaric Hayden, Linda Haynes, Phyllis Jefferson, Kathryn Kennedy, Karen Lay, Jo :Xnn Marrs, Tina NlarLin, Nlareia Moore, Tam Morris, Wanda Usborne, Vickie Penland, .lanive Pinyan, Cindy Pitts, Rosemary Rowland. ,lanet Stokley, Sharon Sm-azy, Karen Williaitxis, Angie Woodard. Donna Young. Bass: ,lim Aulhaugh, Dilly Bell, ,Ion Rell, Ronny llentley, Danny Burke, Chris Carter, Steve Cherry, Mike Cooper, Cliff Courh, Way'ntf Darr, Clark Enright, Terry Graves, Harry flooding, Richard Holloway. jimmy Holt, Terry llseng, Robert Langley, Terry Leathers. Cliff McClellan, lloh Mcfiregor, ,lohn Mexlasters, Curtis Morrow, Eddie Nix, ,laek Uwen, ,liinmy llearee, Dennis Plemnions, Wendell Romans, ,lirnmy Rowland, Mike Stroope. Steve Stroope, John Tunnell, Leslie Wallace. Dan Williams. Greg Young. Tenors: Richard llallard, llradley Barrett, David Bowman, Dennis Coe, Jim Duke, ,lohn Duke, Pat Elanl. Richard llaneoek, Wayne Hanson, ,lohn Howard, Kenneth Janek, Kenneth Myers, Larry Monaghen, Wayne Sexton. Cary Tidwell, Robert Warren, Charles Whetstone. Concert Choir 2l6 Accompanisis Janice Pinyan Tisll K1-nny Officers Front Row, left to right: President, John Duke Vick--President, john Tunneil Scvrvtary-- Tre-aeurers, Holli Glover Uebbii: House- Alta Virgil Debbie Jenkins Semnd Row, left to right: Librarians, Richard Bullard Put Elam Historian, Rosvnlary Rowland Librarians, Mike Stroope Wayne Durr 3 Year Members lmjf In fight: Chris Cul:-i'. Nlikv lluopc-11 Billy lh-ll. Vicki Vundcrlfurg. Holli Clm'cr. Debbie Jenkins, Bradley Barrett klulin TlIIllll'll. ,lolm Duke. 9.C.0.A. lfronl Razr, lvft In right: Stow Strmupv, .lun Hull, Wuym- Hguismi, Clmrlr-s vVllll'lSl0llt'. Pnl Klum, Dennis Coe, John Dukv. xiw-lvrusiclclit. Top Row. fr'-fl lo righl: .lurk Owen, Clark lfnriglit, Cliff lxIl'Cll'llLlIl, Nlikr- Slroopv. Ken Myers, Bill Bell, llunny' llurkv. lil'Ll4llPy llurrcll. ,lolm TIHlIN'll. prm-Simlm-lit. ...rw Front Raw, left to right: Manager, ,lohn Tunncll, Danny liurkv, Ke-nnelh My:-1's,QlaCliUwcn, Wayne Darr, Pat Elaux. Second Row, left to right: Arcompanist, Katrin Williams, Rosemary Rowland, 'fish Kcnny, Dchhiv Jvnkins, Mike Stroope, Vicki Vanderburg, Iolm llukv, Lisa Coffey. Wendell Romans, Kathleen Crimmitt, Alta Virgil,ll0lliCl1w0r. Sharon Swcazy. 2l9 Top Rauf, lvjt lo riglzl: Vicki Woods, Glcncla Sturgcss, Cindy Cluwson, Cindy Faulhalrer, Michelle England, Cynthia Cherry, Mary Fussant, .Ian Clanton, Suzanno Cargill-. Angie Hill, Dcblnii- Spicer, Dc-bhie King, Vicki Fitch, Vicki Black, Mary Courson, Eva Mills, lfva Simmons, Pam McPherson, Vicki Nichols, Margarvt llaxley, Connie Sturdcvant, Val Owens, Teresa St. Clair, Linda Wagnm-r, Cordiu Webb. Bottom Row: Sandra lVlCl-CIllCL'. Karol Umsted, Karon Hartley, Debi Miller, Debra Murphy, Linda Milton, Cindy Mt-redith,'Vicki Briggs, Joyce Wadi-, Debbie Garrett, Karen Shannon, Shirley Dixon, Debi Jamison, Janet Stone, Dt-nisv Wadi-. Molly Walsh, 'fvroia Jenkins. Carol Crimland. Dohbio DcWcver. Not pictured: Kathy Teague, Neccic Rupe, lit-tlv llvv. Girl's Special Chorus Front Row, left to right: Ruth Medina, Donna Bennett, Val Owen, Susan Springfield, Nelda Hale, Darrell Revis, Lee Ann Hunt Kent, .ludy Haynes, Libby Foster. 2nd Row: Steve Spivey, Phil Rrantley, .lanet Stone, Darrell Robertson, Regena Webb, Cary Kattner, Ricky Sandlin, Dale Brewer, Dallas Newman, Donna Pritchett, Steve Wright, Victor Brewer, Mike Flagg, .lim Mikles, Holli Clover, Steve Shelton, Stanley Baxter, Roy Ashley, Pat Hardwick, Mike Vasck. 3rd Row: Rosie Tucker, Malcolm Patterson, Pat Hill, Charles Goss, Carol Meaders, Frank Colley, Paula Huhig, lrene Case, Danny Rowland, Rick Crady, .lorry Hussong, Dolores Richey, ,loy Mattingly, Sherry Shelton, Donna Abbott, Rita Ward, ,lo Ann Ream, Steve Diaz, Richard Hollo- way. 4th Row: Shirley Dixon, Linda Freeman, Sherry Norvell, Ralph Simpson, Elaine Garner, Mary McClung, Sharon Sweazy, .lohn Wallace, Stanley Abbott, Robert Knouff, Van Furrh, Stanley lluck, David Youngblood. 5th How: Randy McDonald, Dill Bell, .lohn Stuart, Dennis Plemmons, Wendell Romans, Terry Roberson, David Hardwick, Alan Alberts, David Ingram, Paul Eng- lish. Right: Mr. Charles Lintz, instructor. . W. Samuel! Marching Band 22l -A yy Band Officers Ist Row, left to right: Leo Ann Hunt Kent, Majorettc, Donna Abbott, Majorette, John Wallace, Drum Major Rick Crady, Bill Bell, Vice-President, David Ingram, President, Holli Glover, Reporter, Jo Ann Beam, Secretary, Randy lWcDonald, Drum Major, Nelda Hale, Majorette, Sherry Norvell, Majorette Captain. 2nd Row: Band Managers, Victor Brewer, Robert Knouff, Alam Alberts. Corneis And Trumpeisi French Horns Ist Raw, left to right: Donna Pritchett, Gary Kattner, Rick Crady, 151 Row, lfff 10 fight-' Dallas Newman, Regena Webb, Mike ,lim Mikli-s. No! Shown: James Nichols, J. D. Whitworth. Flalgg. 2nd Row: Holli Glover, Ricky Sandlin, Steve Wright. 222 Low Brass IS! Raw, ffff 10 right: Stanley Buck, Stanley Abbott, John Wallace, Van Furrh, David Youngblood. 2nd Row: Robert Knouff, Terry Roberson, Alan Alberts, David Hardwick. Not Shown: Cary Chandler, Seote Cole. Clarineis Ist Row, left to right: Shirley Dixon, Sharon Sweuzy, Carol Mcaders, Pat Hill, Rosemary Tucker, ,lanet Stone. 2nd Row: Sherry Norvell, Charles Goss, Darrell Robertson, Frank Colley, Linda Freeman, Phil Brantley, Elaine Garner, Steve Spivey. 3rd Row: Mary MeClung, Paula Hubig, Ralph Simpson, Malcolm Patterson, David Ingram. Not Shown: .limmy Bradley, Johnny llrowning, Laura Milton, Linda Reese, Alive McGregor. Fluies And Double Reeds lst Row, left lo right: Ruth Medina, Val Owen, Judy Haynes, Donna Bennett, Nelda Hale. 2nd Row: Susan Spring- field, Darrell Bevis, Libby Foster, Richard Holloway. Percussion Left to right: Dennis Plemmons, Bill Bell, Randy McDonald, John Stuart, Wendell Romans. Not Shown: Perry Skidmore, Kervin Lewis, Glenda Hardin. A , Stage Band Ist Row, left to right: Jerry Hussong, Pat Hardwick, Dolores Richey, Darrell Bevis, Charles Goss. 2nd Row: David Youngblood, lrene Case, Victor Brewer, Jim Mikles, Randy McDonald, Danny Rowland, Rick Crady, Stanley Abbott. Not Shown: Debbie Smith, Pat Hill. Majors-:Hes Left to right: Lee Ann Hunt Kent, Donna Abbott, Sherry Norvell, Captain, Nelda Hale. if' SHERRY NORVELL I 968-69 Majoreiies pf" x-.MMV DONNA ABBOTT N ELDA HALE , -.. KVM. . af X . . ' j 3 f- 2' q. 2 1 , K I I 3 -f , 2 2 Q s Qi fu . s fi ' ' 5 S I . - S ' . V t i? . ' 4 4 - ' ' 4 4 , Q Q Q .5 k e 4 PW 4 1 I 5' ' 'A " lx 1 V' ,A4 A Y.. ,W , 6,3 an .,. V1 - f ,Q2F!,S'iv,, 'V - , L. .-,, ' , n Q ,. I N. V' gs 4' . 1. ' , L. if 1. P' Q Q 353,33 gr , V: HW K A K 4 ik Q. W W ? .X A 9 . A tt , 'LV Q 'Q - , .gf 5 ' 5525, U- 4. X .. ,R , .. W Y.. . , , fl? in Y- . 1- , ' . 5 A '. ' +5514 6 JY ff . r 'X ' Q . 5' , . 'T5Ji?f5ggWA xv K A . I H' Q A W . . . 4. W ' 5 ' 4 Q I 5 V . . ' A. if , iq. ' 'ii' Y ' . va gg H9522 . 4 -55.625, -' i- . W . ,, , ., . - .. Y.. 'A t ,x Y . 4-', W QWTELQ-4 .fx Lll'.,L,4iit,w:M:.W ,, 1, 3 r . Y ta 'V . Q 1 4' .. 4- .3532 Q SN, ' aim " , Fi "5?'1 A I .Mis , igghi vi. ., ,. 'V x .n ',,vJ1g3g?, l Y in , ' ' . I IN H tx, Vw . Q 1 .1 'mf' if .sf " ff .i9f'..-.. W 1 N W, .. . , ' w if " Q' 'H 5i?f'Z??5fW fs'?3ef'4'Z.. N ' f -55.1-,'f,, .,.. .f. I H Wy Q W .1 6, gs' dwg ' 71, www -1 umm- . if 'L :A 'A "" "W l M 1 i J ,Nl A ' .. 'r' ' N ' W ' 'Ji' ... Q 51. uv? 'fd' Y Q j . . u . I t. 'x-sm ... V. I . Rf A, . W' Av , ' 'V' M Qiwiff.. K 5 K7 IRA .V 'fu , 321'-1 . -an ' ., f W! '1 Y , ' W-'L r ' 'A Af-5' v "' f. 4 .. A ww: ' ,. V ' 354 1, 3 N, fc . K ' ' 'iswgz if Q, qs' K' - .. 'Q - ff ff.. 4 e 6 1 I, a -1 . i sl is X X. . ' , F'-K S ..- X W - ,gl Q fwybx- a f I KK WM, ' V is 2 ' H .1 A wfiy. ,A f- ' 1 ' . s, 1 I ,, 9.5 wif-gf. A ,. . s . 5 Q . Q . , + 'ami' 'V ,S V X ' 52 v, 5 1' 4, ' 455' as x YV- gi l' 4 1 . Q H , me. af Q V i 11 . 5" z. . 5 i 'z ' 1 Q IQ , ,gp V :Ns fx is N l H 2 A lx Q- i'IllIllIlmm ri. .5- fel", - x Q I-'D . , Rf L1 Li lb.: f I .L ...WT A .M 1 ffif l . 5. ' .. 3. K df my MW 'VF' 'Q 51. if 299 I J L. --' ' . . A ' 'Q Q ' ' .- f- Q Md..-.Q. ,V , 1 .4 1. . . X ., , ' . - fi 2 wi' 'V ' ' 9 - f- .Q Q., 4 -1 .111 + 1 Q M- ----v X' -M 4- M.-M umm fi-M -1' -fx H ,, ' ' mm WM, esmqw, 3. WAM. w-ww ,, Ag! """4' If . .0 ., ,vs ,F vi, K :'2"i,,' ' ' ,. ,., ., ,, ' ,augur rg, - ---U : 4 -1 f--A, A - " fcffvfw -' 1 ' : '- -3?f:fff3:ff 2 4 uf. W . ., , Q M U M W A F -' , . ' Y 1 -A '...ff-Q .E5,'-,iii fi' g ' ' :I - J'fQ15'g-rExj- 3 f If 0 1 . - A 1. .uf L,,,,L.. .P '.-fr. .af ff ' .5 4351, Ai'-L7 t - In-.':1iQQ N., ,Tv :,Jf'q - U h x xv? f 3 PFW Mm JUDY KARLEN N'7 V PRESIDENT H ill I H il! A! ry: If CAROLYN HOWARD GAL.-X YWILSON VICEvI'RESIDENT SECRETARY 'R E Y R DEBBIE JONES KATHRYN KENNEDY ANGIE WUODARD TREASURER REPORTER ART DIRECTOR E i .I I E TE If . CHARLES ROGERS WELDON HAYES STUDENT DIRECTOR STIIDEYT DIRECTOR Blue Jackei Officers E xx ,hx xi .- f'- 5 E 3 fm FA Katherine Acker Mary Albin Wanda Baxter Carolyn Cook Janis Davis -is Q: ..., 'x Donna Griffith Barbara HllghCS Sheila M0nfg0m91'Y Cathy Payne Angie Phelps 0 d b Senior Boar Mem ers Rrf ya. C N R Rosemary Rowland Carolyn Stutts Karen Vance Alta Virgil Shirley Woodall Not shown: Debbie Dillard Sandy Hudson Drcna Willalns S 230 Nancy Woolhright Donna Young i ms t wwf. W., Benita Brock Vickie Brooks Dawn Couch Georgetta Emberton Gloria Everett Linda Frame Jeannie Jones Patti Kessner Mary Laminack Vickie Lee l Junior Board Members Linda Nail Cathy Porter Patti Peters Wanda Schreiber Dianna Sutphen No! shown: Tish Kenny Pam Morgan Murvia Wtitterson C- I ' Vi f 1 Valerie Williams 23' .11 ly um pu. Q ft E X W1- E YS! 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The corps kept its honor rating for the eighth year and thus will keep its cherished honor star on its uniforms. The honor rating is lmestowed for excellence in cadet leadership. discipline. and training. The corps was honored when Cadet Col. Vlfesley' Peterson was named Brigade Commander of the Dallas-Highland Park High Schools lst Cadet Brigade. He also received the Civitan Gold Medal for outstanding citizenship and the Sons of American Revolution Medal of Honor for citizenship and military excellence. Recipients of the Army' Superior Junior Cadet Awards were: Senior-Yvesley' Peterson: junior-Bruce Hillg SophomoreA Terry' McKnight. Richard Welnack received an American Legion Award for military excellence. Highlights of the year were trips to Elm Fork Winchester Range and to the CS. Army' Artillery and Guided Ylissile Center at Ft. Sill Oklahoma. ... Q Sic. Leroy' Heekman Cdt. Maj. Bruce llill Inslruclor Battalion Staff 'Tw L JL? nb Sweetheart Cdt. Lt. Col. DEBBIE BEARD The 196869 Battalion Staff ROY WEST Senior Battalion Executive Officer 41.11. Maj. C111. 1.1. c.11, cm, M. Sgt. cm. Capt. cdr. M. Sgr. JA!1111s HL'cG1Ns CHARLES Mcuots RICHARD wE1.N,u:1t TONY LENZ LARRY HARKEN in 5-1 5-2 2111.1 5.3 5-3 4kSpring:l 5-1. ll-'alll 54 lS11rin:I - . f.f: 1. I Cdl' Instructor Staff JACK CHILDERS Battalion Instructor 4FallJ W l .2 , :Q .ff H ' 1, -' 1 'H f , I 'V , 3 1 M if 3 '41 Mb T I I 1, , Q I 1 i ' f-, 2 I Y V V V 5 f J A ', ra . 5 V 5 .V ,,,, . , A . 1 . lt, Lfif cm. sft-. cm. sfc. 11.11. x1. Sgt. 13.11. 11. sw. 11.11. sr.-, UNA N U- 1 1 CHL Sfi- . , 11155115 stmftwx EUMUND sP.x1N 14001111 sx11'1'H1:Y HHH, NICHOLS D WM' x,..Dl,WEUA 1xx111.,1x 11.111,x ml 1, 1.L1.x1Ex A ct.. Asst. Il 0.1. 1131111 11.1. AM. 4? CU- D Cf'- 1.5! E Cdl, Maj, Sweetheart BILLY HENSON PATTY PECENA Battalion Instructor Sophomore 247 lSpringrl "A" Compang l Sweetheart: Cdt. Maj. CINDY KNIFFIN GARY PETTY Senior 6 ull. Laps. Slanlvy Cllvrry Llh. Ltlpt. Billy Millivan Sweetheart: NANCY CAIN Senior . 6 1 . ' 1 G tl Cclt. ls! Sgt. Mike Nl-Ison 4-2? lf? " I A Lyn' 1 tt t :Q at " f Q 1 Cdl. U. Sgt. Clit. SFC Cdl. S. Sgt. limb:-rr Bark:-r Juhnnx ftll-Bridv Geary Laird .4 Cllr. s. agr. ,Inv Wmlll cm, 5, sgl, Cllr. s. sgl. Cllt cpl. Cm. cpl. Cdl. Cpl. Billy HL-311, Mikr- Duke- Henry Alxammlu Rub:-rt Kirk Mike' Shannon . .., . .,.V, ,., . . 11.11. cpl. ull. cpl. alll. cpl. Cdl- Ctrl. Cllr, cvl- Cdl- PW lla.-lllml wlflilly lJll.ml.l rzlmk llull.-fl Hull-fr Jimmi-- Va-1 Syvklv Amallu Rwlrill-lvl Phil Haffisfln Cdl. S. Sgt, Mikl- H1-nlll-rsoll Cdl. Sgt. Tulnnly Monk Cdt. S. Sgt. lla.-all Durst-y lzlll. cpl. Kirkll' W'illiamS rzfll. cpl. Hullnle Fullntzlill Cdl. cpl. .lvrry Slnitll alll. upl. Tvrry Mclxlllgll! Cdt. Clll. Larry Frzlzil-r ull. Cpl. Ricky Hall Cllt. PFC WR-lllv Cult Clll. PFC Hollalll lluslge Cllt. PFC Dun Bmlvvr Clll. PFC Bull Alf-xaluler Celt. PFC Rivllard Slallbaugh Ctll. PFC Gt-rulfl l.f-nm-nkugcl Cdt. PFC Rlvln-rl Marlin Cdl. Pst. Calvin Carol Compang Cdt. Maj. V , 7 L, TIM NEILL Sweetheart: I BECKY BRINSON . S J l1I1lUr ' 'jg' V ' 2, W Cdt. Capt, RICHARD WEBB 1-1-N ttt i hr , Q f iq , ' ,gf-MM . V 5 , .1 ' H ,..,.. 4 clll. Master sgl. cm. sic. clll. Master Sgt. Cdl- Sfv- John Holton William Jimmerson Peter Burgess R0df1CY MfKl'H1iC I.: o .., 3,5 4 Cdt. lst Lt. Cdt. lst Sgt. Cdl. Sh-. Cdl. Stuff Sgr. Cdl. S. Sgt. Hal Tarllock Gr:-g Matlatall .Inlln Mllllz-n Lzlnnim- Kisvr Cary Nuwlin ,, Mn V M' A I I ' Q ' N v M A -sq fd' .l 4? 4' f ' 4 15' Hg? up I K vs. P pp.. of A fp' -vs. ,Q 'Mn- Ldr 11111 RI SSEII NIORRIH INDA KDANIN 11111 C111 Cdr Cdr 11111 1,1 x1.1.11 1.111 111 xg 1 MII lg! Irrxlrlnr 11 ill Xnung11111101111Unz1 Shi fl1pIm1,m,1e1nUnem N t Huk111.111 15 .1w.1rdcd ilu LAlIllIllCI1d3ll0H Medal by Lol , ll 111111 pnum 5 S11 11M RLt1rL111Lnt C1 rllfu 1 0 mud H11 H x ' llcll Company ,. N'-. 23'- Sweetheart Cdt. Maj. CAROLYN DAY DAVID BOWMAN Junior PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE in p ' Sweetheart DEN NA OWEN S Sophomore Cdl. Capt. Cdl. lsr Sgr. Cdl. S. Sgr. Johnny Johnston Coy Jordan ,Il-rry Lamb e. ,, J, , ff:-A I ' ,Q f " ' X ff ' . .E - " f We A Aoo A 5 i A . V 5 If lglvhv . Q I , -' . - s -1 l Q ww-V ., 1- .pn ' N 25 ,.., ' Cdl. Cult. Cdl. Cdt. Sfv. Michael Nielsen Richard Shurgot Henry Gaylcn K1-nnf-lh Insrho ,M J- ll - I I . . M 5 . if 1 N ,,i,,1-. cal. slc. cal. S. spl. Clll. cpl. Cdl. Cpl. cal. cpl. Kc-nnl-th Way'kexn Rnhvrt Pirtlc Kvnnvlh Bishop David Swain Gary Sanlllmff A, V C 4 pl Lal Pl. wir " V' H .I l,Q?.:,,251. 'W im ,-in lflfll Clit. Cpl. Clit. Cpl. .dh I . ' . '. HMVPY Lvl' I-Yllll Ellhankv Kohl-rt Richey Joe Cn-4-n Cdt. Maj. MIKE COOPER "D" Company . ' 3 ' I n Cdl. Capt. RICHARD VERDOURN ip- Sweetheart: DIANA DAY Swe-etheart: ALICE McGREGOR 51 Cdl. lvl Sgt. Cdl. Maalvr Sgr. Cdl- Sfc. J:-rry Bak:-r Gary Chenzullt Randy Wi-irii A xg.. , W- 4 li' ' I I 'w I ix -',, ' ' s . : , -xiii ., 1 4 uh. Muff :gn K1-nm-:Ii Williams kdm. Smif Sgm. Str-xv Gzlrlington vs ma, Lili. Pic. Emir-sl Kvpncr cm. rf.-, Cm. rf.-. Cdl- Pfv- Duyzli Taylor Daxhl I.v,g:g1'lt Jodi' PUSWYI V . H' Q 1 1,1 a- Q. -. 1-' ' Q , cm, lm, C119-.l'f13 - Cai. Pxl. Cary Nzxlrntim' Yhllllif fillmef James Manic-ll 4 mn-M I ,- - Q. 4... Crit. Master Sgt. Cdt. Staff Sgt. Cdr. Sir. Doug Guwin Jimmy Yelverton Carl Frm-vman gm' 1 . I f ki -IAA is . ' l I . I Cdt, cpl, Cdr. Cpl. Cdf- Cul. Rickie Calcn Rgbgyp McKay Paul Huitrm V J V 1 'YQLT V i 'A -. I n - .,,,,, K K izrk M I , 3' f J' 1 " f i Q. Q A , Cdt. Pfc. CJK. Pfc. fait. Pfv. Ricky Fairclolh Ks-nnry Parham Ricky Hinshaw I ' A Q.. , L' I I Iiiiiiii Cdr. Pu. Cdr. Pu. Hobby Illrriun Johnny Morgan Cdt. Pu. H1-rher! Bico '68-'69 W , i,wgf,',gKW'1 L, , ' i j,., ff 5y" 1' ," ..4., A I e ,.,n 3 . ,,,,f:f.m, ng, nv ,, "f ia- . .J .,4.A7 , , Y I A 4 ,k ,,,f Y 1 qi win, '. Lv A 7. V ' ' ffl:-, fi F, -" ji fi R 1l 1 ,A g 0' 3 Qvf' R X? ,gg - H ,A iq I rg-fi ,,,, , I in Q K 1 ' Lf: Denise Davidson Vicki Vanderhurv, Alice Mn-Cre ar, Rita Sut- r Y a I c g V xhen. Carol Dux' Pam' Pecena, Linda Adams Dvnnu Owens Debbie l . , . 7 9 Beard, Nancy Cziin, Valerie Owen, Teresa Wullave. Not shown: Rem-ky Rrinson. llc-eky Cauley. Diana Day, Cindy Knilfin. Queen RITA SUTPHEN Senior s Color Guard N4 Left fo righ, Ist Row: Wesley Peterson. Rita Sutphf-n, Mike Cooper. Mike Burton, Commander, Roger Sniithey, Teresa Wullai-c'. Sweetllenrt. 2nd Row: Larry Hurrvd. ,lorry R ker, .lf linny Nlellride, Kenneth ljllflllllll, Bruce Hill, Ronald Hodge, Don Beaver, Riehurd Welnack, Mike Nielson, Mike Nelson. Doug Cowin, ,linnny Vun Syekle, Lanny Kiser, James Maxwell, Kenneth Williams, Mike Shannon. Third Row: Rodney McKenzie, Robert Kirk. Lynn Eulxanks, Roliert Barker. Ronnie Fountain, Gu1'yCln-naulr. 253 .. 'kiz "kk Q . ...bf M . Q - ' N - in ..ig E ir, - Mg K . Q Q"X'f'1 1 11 1 , all Y i a n Left In righf, Knveling: Huln-rt Kirk. .liinmy Van Syvklv. 1.31111 Eulxunda. Sflllllfllllg, Fits! Roux: Bruce Hill, P1-in-r Burgess, ,li-rrp Bakr-r. Paul Holton. Znrl Row: Min-liuvl Nivlsen. ,lolrn Hollun, 1-o111n1a11flcr.21ul Row: ,linmiy Vim Syvlxle-. Rulu-it N1c'Kuy, Rivliard NlI'K1lj'. firrl Razr: Larry Hzirrvd, Camry Clin-nuull. Rulrvrt Roll:-1, -1th Row: Rivlliml W'a3lna11'k. llilly Hciifon, 11.115 Petty. Not shown: ,lolm Mullen. Nlikq- ffmqwr. Mikv Sliunnun. Ronnie- Fwlllllillll. 'lv Sw:-elluxirt: . DENISE DAVIDSON Rifle Team Instruvtor: SFC LEROY HECKMAN Kl!l'f'll-lIg.' Raiuly W1-lcli, William .liuimn-rsun, Knlnrr Darker. Terry McKnight, Coy Jorduii, .lainie-S Huggins Slunrling: Kvnn:-Ill Pilflldlll, Rivkiv Williullis, Cary Cllvnuult, ,liiiliiiio Van Sycklc, Ronnie Foiinluin. Rnilnivy M1-Kvnziv. Rim-ky Hinslinw. David Swan, liriicst Kcpner, Pvtm-1' Burgess. Sw:-ctlimirtt VICIKI VANDERHURG ITI 3 Q X Spartan Drill Team ,,--- Lefl to right, Ist Row: Richard Welnack, exec, Ricky Faircloth, Ricky Williams, John Holton, commander. 2nd Row: Jimmy Van Sycklc. Robert McKay, Richard Mr-Kay. 3rd Row: Robert Kirk, Terry McKnight, Mike Shannon. l i Q. Spartan Drill Team Sweetheart VALARIE OWEN Left: Capt. Allen D. Clark. ret.. graduate of West Point, fought as a Grf-cn Beret in Vietnam. He is now the representative for West Point in this area. Left: Capt. Clark showing Sgt. Heckf rnan some informa- tion on Wm-st Point, V V. Left. Cdts. Jerry Baker and Richard Welnack 5' confer with Capt. Clark. ' Rzght : Say cheese! llfilm 255 iff: jif x ,w3,!f ' .1 mmw......v,1,2 1, ,gfv ' f K U W. Mr. Shelton of 1969. Inspection. I 969 5' 5 III Umwivtvtiuzg !,-Ax Cygwin fir ,I 5' f"'i"' 7 t ,' .ffm Above: Donit worry Wes, It'II uII be over in ll Iitth: while. Qnd In The City Left: Instructor Roger Smithtry and Asst. Instructor Rodney McKenzie- udd some light on the subject of HMiIituIy His- tory" for the Mil, I's. Below: Uh, tcII nn: Mr. Peterson, what kind of gum did you say was chewed down here? 'W-f... . Left: Inspector for the Mil. II class. Below: Uh, yt-s I Iluvf' Ll qut-stion. What is this map Vifrtnum doing on my desk? of The I 968-69 Miliiarg Ball I , Q y i ' 'i 1' Fringe Benefits Rub Cuntrvll c-omx-rsing with thx- 328th Army Band. The Queen and Part of her "Oun- Thp Quevn and the Commander. Proud Swvethvurts and Proud Cadets fs. .Q 1 v l 'I ff 1 wk Tm, prwumi 111111 l1.1ppy LIllt'l'I1' E E at 'iz 1, 1 9' , ..', lv! 11 I - II Ill Iggug E111 x'1'1if11 4 129'-Ti Ig 'H' I Q Q lag 'H ms! X plum- 111-1'X4'1'llt'l1l WHIl'kIllLiI1rlliI7 111111 iNI11lM'NStJll 1-w111111v11d1-d. vp your 11101, lim-ky, ll'Il In- a111nol1n4'ml Sljllillf' w.111clm-r I111'u11gl1 ilu- gram 111 juxl Z1 fms lIliIllltl'4. II11-11111-11111105111114-1-H-111111 Illt' 51-ur, Samuell I 969 Cenfenmal 1 a l Ill lll I1 1 260 1 Wcbbzbbs 26I Sophomore Assemblg CHEERLEADERS HONOR SOCIETY BAND E W STUDENT COUNCIL K" J.C.T.C. KEY CLUB Sophomores are introduced to various clubs by students. Dr. Nolan Esies Speaks i To P.T.A. D r. Estes' Superintendent of Sch 1 Mr. Shelton and Mr. Hilliard narrat i 263 Junior Achievemeni Assemblg Business In Aciion Foreign Exchange 'D Siudeni Assemblg BRAHIM EIAMIRI-Mo MERCEDES LOUISA COLLADA-Dominican Republic LARRY PECENA--Heturnev from Sweden Nancy Cain vrnwncd 1969 HOMECOMING QUEEN. TI14- Qu cf1-11- -'Hur Court and Escorts. I 969 Homecoming Craig Baynham Dallas Cowboys .W...4 Fellowship of Chrisiian Afhleies Assembly L.: Don Schinnick-Baltimore Colts Daryl Doggett SMU flll2,ll'll lxlfcllllllllllilll RW:-ives FC 'X C011-ll of Thu- Year ii vllllllm' llnlls bully lluwimys amd -lmlm-nls sn-vk auxlngru L Thanksgiving Assemblg Thespians Prove Talenied 268 u Indians Vs The 9eHIers Q6 Y . 4 gi L 5- -z4OrKr:iQ5 .- J Q . gf ., 1,: M if 5 E Ke In As They Qiage Assemblg wi A fi L' Nfl Mang Views Of The .hd A D.T.A. Pag Assemblg f gm ' X 0' 'QQ' nf i -Illl ll X? ,fu :ml "" 'ff XI"--...g I ' 7' f ,- k - H i 5 - ,- W X .1 A, 'm u ' ..y:i-..iww! X .X f Concert Choir gives superb performance Chrisimas Assemblg Band And Orchesira Perform For Our Enjogmeni HENRY BRA HINSKY-Orche ,I YZ 5,1 Q -, ima, f ' f mu.. THURSDAY NIGHT CAST lin order of appearanccl fllyrllc Mm' Sirnnmrzs . Vela Lozzfxe Sinzmmzs Elzroorf P. 11112111 .... flfliss JUIIIISOII ......... . . . flfrs. Eliza! Cllaurafzel . Rlllll Kelly. RN. ..... Duane' Wilson ....... Lymmz SIIIIIIIWSUII, M.D. Willl-lllll CIIZIIIIIGQQ iU.U, . . . . . . Bvlly Clzzunlvy ........ fudge Omar Caffney . E. f. Lofgren ........ 'kNle1nlmers of Thespiaii T . . ..... ..... S anclru Hudson! .... Hnlli Clover" . . . . John Trojacek' Debbie House' Vicki Lovegren' . . . Linda Rf-itll? Mike Accipiter . . . Mike King . Ronny Schell' . ......... Kay Weihe David Southerland Lloyd Box roupe lO87 I 969 Se nior Plag - FRIUXY NIGHT C.-NST t in urcler of 2lIlIJC2lI'ilIN'Cil .lfyrffv 'llflc S1i1111111111S .. ,Pla L11u1's1' 511111110115 Elwnml P. IJIIIFI1 .... ,lliss 1011115011 ........ Mrs. 15111111 lfl1r1111'v114't . . . Ruth liclly. KJV. . . . .. Dunn f' Wilsolz ......... . . Lynzan Sf1r111e'r.w11, 11.11, . Willl-UII1 C1111r11fc'y, 11.11. . Belfj' ChllII1lf'f' ........ fudge Omar Crzffnfy . . .. E. 1. Lofgren .......... 'Mernbers of Tlicspian TN IHGYVQIJH Bg Marg Chase wupe 1087 . . Mary Hohner' . . . Carol RG-ewes' .... John Tunnell' Brenda Dickson' ,...... Cincly Pitts' . Vicki Vanclerlvurg' ... . .. Bill Ingrani ... Rod Smith . . . Ronny Schell Slielia King: . . . . Ken Hevers . . . . Lloyd Box ig.,- 4,51 'K Q I ww f . W. W. Qamuell Valeniine Dance 1969 VALENTINE COURT AND ESCORTS 278 4 1 1 3' 'Q PQ: 4. --:J i vb A 2 1 I I ..-assi an M51 -, ,. 1 an W K ...W -W... f -QQ. Wk nce Condu M Broiherhood Assemblg C rt Choir Performs ' ' ' ' cted By Crook . . Peace . . Mil o .ooo tdlly Sp P I t t M E .4 nf lffw Q if V I? + vm ss I Ifbi is 1bLX1Q 5 G fa 1 Q, f. 7? , 'Qfswww 'gil ki A W ' I? Win if 31 M if 24 W, , ,, ,, Band and Qiarleis Preseni VWQ WW Capers 69 NUS ff X ,X1. if . S. ' Ss' X KL , 'W ,, , ' ' . " ' ,fig , Q -, r ' Z, M u' mil K -1" ' 'I I-VW' Q55 i ffa . W" N Y 0 is X .ef I Egn n ,fffx W W Mk I- i7 4 i Q , X A X XXX! xv!! in The "FacuHg Fireballs" vs The Samuell Sparians L WY ,Y Y , png i i ni 1 if 1-1 1 3 Q 1 5,5 vu F m 5' N . I. A i n ' nv ,, V0- ivy 4 1 E , ,. - Ng- .D m ...f ,Cf 'Ii ax NM 'Xxx 1 f X W. V -Q' m-guys? A 1 Q3 4 Q TH Naiional Honol Induciior mg, ' I vI'Z Dr. wvalllr XVQ-lily IE!! f gli ,, ,. r ... ,la 'HM .x my ' New 1 In ul nt: l.11'1'5 Wallin, X 288 LH! Bocieig Beremong Ngf, Ax ,,., , ,,.,w.waw ,,,A,l,, , '7 516 W ,, ,M ,W .. ,Af 3 ff Prinripul: Robert Shelton ffl Honorary MQ-nlbm-rs: yl1'TL'4'dl'S fiulludu Uruhiln Elimiri facqzwt ,........ Four Rouslalmllls lf. F. Sclllegel .. Carnival CAST The Incomparalzle Rosalie . Marco Ilrc Magnificerzl Princess Olga .. Gladys Zuwifflfi Gloria Zuwiclfi . Greta Sclzlcgcl .. Lili ......... Crolnert ...... Paul lierllzalct .. First Carfl Girl ... N Dr. Glass .................................... . Mike Slroope Pal Elam john Uukc lnhn Tunnell lack Owen ..... Billy Bell .. Holli Clover . Steve Stroope Donell Birclwell Vicki Bell .. Dawn Couch . Melissa Crook Debbie Jenkins Cliff lVlcClellan Kenneth Myers . . .... Denise Green Richard Ballard Pianisl: Janice Pinyan, Tish Kenny flssislanls: Benita Brock, Nelda Hale 'T in YK.. k ,fm it 'Wx X? 4lN simu- A WWF 'M 5 Wm I 'MW A. Mf' 1 ,bil Sk s w is an P' 1W, 14' A X n .6 .Q , Q.. L4 5 K4 rf' frm , 0-. ,fy W., 1 ,-,.,, J If 1: x -f M f ' 'w 'Q . ..J' Imuk NlLx11ff..m111 ' 294 H1 IHS ml:-1111111 lux! Illllllllk' p1'm'p'lI'g1li4 li I.ikr- fulln-r-lilw sun. 2 A S , HROFIIRRS? I xv 'Q L 5' A " 'S T Q k i Ku, bel . g. Q .Sf mf Wim! gut ilu- RIGHT GUARD? ,- Practice makcs perfect. Can you I1-ll NhifllUlll'.QlIl4'Nl'I1ilPI'? Tl , .wr-ff 1""",1 , lv llruml AIJIICII? 295 The Infra- Game lyue Neul Pasi IQEKJ Squad VVhHe Fuiure W Togeiher Sfand . 75" . I v aff' - Q. . Jlaf x, 4? 4 :M 5 LV Q' 4 1 3 4 i if ff ,mfwzf n 4, ,Q f r 5 f .f -' ,X X , W Q 1 , f V if 4 any f 4 sf ' I ,, Q sg: Divided We Fall - Q N g,.,,, Q 1 1, ,TA alfa , BH' ' 5.Q'dxwj,.3.W?1' iiF74s931,'w 0 'ff fgfgff i Al 5' if si Q X--53 'MSW ,wma , , -, ,- .wm- F 1 - k 3 LNJR I 1 , v I A gi' xfqiklvl in ASS za' , nzuquan 4 gg Q, Q 1 ' is .. -: 1 ' dl , ...,,,,. X,m1,..,,,,, 5 x Q mg L, , "vin anus.. .- 4 wQl --nm dlltuaie itll ""'Q V' in unsung- ' n-swans. 6 ,fa- '95 Q Rtfgf mate' . Q35 V Lf 1 S. QI ..,..,7 ..... -Q. il- .,- ...- . v- H 1. 4 x. ,K , A .1 . 115. Ki .,., C .. ,B 1 - - I' ' 1 ...- w-.. 1, I ' 'ggi 1-5- J if-fp gif? E , I' ,U ,mi 4 X f Q 'I ty Q xii ,Q K.- N-ptu-mn. .W rg wr-F.,-,,.,,k 3, 'Q ki.. 13 V. ,. , .. , 3 J , x,-L 5 5. xi L L . iiz mx . Slxxwi X .n ar , Rf.. if iv! g, g . vw' gi if wav' ff. 5.x I "E 5' , ii W! X, 1 ..1."!Sf ' .M Vx 'Q Ss. '91 95 'Pl'- y' . ., W ,J-..n,,.,, V., xx Lnx- ,p .xx X Huh-Yes--Huhw -Yvs-Huh 'P Senior Assembly Li -If 9- L: H 'Q . ' Q.. 5 - N- 300 wn- vun't go back! i 1 Debbie Jenkins and Jerry Baker A f -2 A frog in whose desk? W L Abraham and Cuqui say good-bye. Movin' On Graduaiion 1 Chorus Entertains HOUOI' graduates Ln-ft-Rightflmft-Right Thr- line-up S 'M q Lf M Q Snaps Senior Mr. Wheat and Mr. Shelton tg: 'Mr All Nighi Parfg .N , Il Y WW Pllllll lgkt N-NIiHlll'FUllln Nl!I'II1LlI1 I klmmx I vulllml lu! n 'i E Clowns for the clown. Luzim-fx 4-mums. ways smm-Il1iI1g1 In-w ut Sillllllifll. Eva s 1- mm ' 1 Lung undivs for Nligs Mau ' ,Wmfv-5 lux! aumtlu-rfu1'F.n11l1:'ll'i growing 1-ollvvt lun. sf ,a Snaps? mv-:lr-H. 7,5 1 , I N Iln-re' Q alw IX um- Ill tllm' lmvk nfIll1'1'l'4rwli. ,I 4- U x fffw A -Nh. 4 ' kj Y'-f ' V 4-N ,gf 5 .rr f 4 ' -QW. .. ' . X-f.'3.',f:fl :.y k "M-1' . 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EX I-I l4I an " b - . -15, ', ,ii M'-H H,, :M-f ST 2 ELECTRIFYING PEOPLE l S A WMA l : l lf ' 026. - I Il .1 2 Y V Jalopy-Jockey ' Beast JJ' ,x f JY o ' Most Likely to Go in Orbit Nowheresville fm, -- , gg Cf sy l Bruin Deeloy ' 0 va f 'QQ ' E ID Most Likely to Become Vice President Like Wow! wif' 13:97 W Benchwormer Kook +16 F C - . QQ lliiowaiili tr kj Beauty Most Likely to Be in Your Future p Young Modems Live Better E'Zect1'icaZZy D R12 nAu.As Powsn af ucrrr coMPANv Ad No. 261-62-865Mg 6" x 9", B8-Wg School A l Ad This advertisement prepared by ROGERS 81 SMITH Advertising Dcllcs, Texas SKILLERN'S In Pleasanf Grove Shopping Cenfer QL SMITMGURONA 1525, TWG Congra'I'ula+ions Seniors MCKEE JEWELERS '437E?co'f2IE'gc""e' 259 Pleasan+ Grove Shopping Cen1'er EX I-43I I Q 'N .. . - of W' f , Diff" A K- , AQ A. p 1 n 7 I A ,A,A n A .,npp ppppp q w, 'A- n " ' ZA p W , sf + '3- . 'W Zp, J " n . - 4 ,, n" -.W Maw M ak , np n w f n 'n n DIXON'S STARBRIGHT CLEANERS Nky'kqafGLE4N Emblem of Quality 2626 Hillburn EV I-9l32 HORN-WILLIAMS 2060 S. Buckner Blvd. B Rd DII T EX 4 PLEASANT GROVE PHARMACY -w--..,...m.w...s. L,..,.WM,..-....,..,f- . - 44I Brufon Terrace Cen+er Prescripfion Specialis+s FREE DELIVERY EV I-I I36 L. 324 Wishing fhe Seniors of I969 a Brighi' Fuiure C. BOX SERVICE CO Boilers and Controls P.Ol Box 9958537 Dallas, Texas 752l6 doesn t our F, drink rt A n 0 -..,.,:,,:i E ,1, Z ' GU Y ' you don't p - . . - it ilu y J it! G 'ix ffl E iiiiuml Wm 'aff fo in :Q X W i t E the p! mm militia sit ff 0 Q gg 0 t a gioh of your favorite flavor lime any flavor tastes a zillion times Cola, cherry, root beer, lemon- - ' ' t dl The carbonation is frozen better in an ICEE. Because its Frozena e ' . Want a g'ob of your favorite flavor? Get an ICEE in to outlast your thirst ' that tells you there's an ICEE machine in the ace Look for the red and ue ign Congra+ula+ions Seniors JAMI LLE'S Misses, Juniors and Pe+i+es 247 Pleasan+ Grove Shopping Cen+er Dallas, Texas 752I7 EX I-I923 Ha Ha! He fel! for ine old "your shoel e is unfied q q Hey. you up 'there wiiiw The Cimarfreuse Card PAUL'S FLORIST AND GREEN HOUSE Football Mums am amen Ra. EX I-3:07 BRUTON ERRACE W Congra+ula+ions Seniors MARGO'S LA MODE BRUTON TERRACE Fo' JEWELERS 422 Brufon Terrace Cenler EV 8-0l86 WATCHES-LIGHTERS-JEWELRY Gills for All Occasions Kodalc Film and Processing Special Record Orders 4I4 Big Town DA 8-2759 Magic in Fashions You Are lnviled 'ro X vin .1400 j!'L'llc?Afl'.4 Crder Your School Ring Now ng '92 ,, .. ,sag 5,1 4 1 l, Samuel! Your ring is cuslom filled lo your hand and made lo individual order willw slone, color. and year you graduale. The ring is designed wilh a solid baclc g and school insignia. Allow six lo eiqlwl weeks for . delivery. Use your sludenl charge. 1 ,Gly K QBY sr srs " Tomo meow i f Q65 N V , S .li AF- . .JCAN we-:r'Ql'L 13-L:.1' soon ' T..zr:. DA I-5252 Y e Co d Ily In fed fo Use Ou g TURNER'S MENS AND BOYS' WEAR Pleasanf Grove l3l7 Soufh Buckner EX I-26I2 Wide Variery of Spor+swear and Dress Wear 'For All Occasions GROOM AN D SON HARDWARE Wesfinghouse-Zeni+h-RCA Fedder-Friedrich-Ki+chen Aid II7 Pleasani' Grove Cenfer EX I-4l37 X . 5 K. A 2 mg L A Q X, Plwwfff Portraits-Weddings-Commercial RALPH GEDDIE, DAN WINTER--Pho+ographers 229 Pleasan+ Grove Cenfer Dallas, Texas 752I7 Telephone-39 I -5763 39 I -2426 COLE'S CHERRY TOP BAKERY ET ' Lf 636' 1 A I v ..,L:,,, CHERRY for U a A u I SpeciaIis'Is in Wedding, Bir+hday and ParI'y Cakes II2 Piedmoni' Shopping Cenfer EV 8-l92I EV 8-I728 O. L. SUTPHEN' FURNITURE I47-B PIeasan'I' Grove Shopping Cenfer FuII SI'ocIc of Early American and French Provincial for Your SeIecI'ion NO INTEREST NO CARRYING CHARGES 330 GROVE AUTO SUPPLY 7930 Lake June Rd. EX I-I I47 Dis+ribu+or of Quali+y Rebuili' Paris ILEUI ,, . , W Jr-"" BARRETT MOTORS COMPANY l5I4 Sou+h Buckner EX I-3l93 E " 5 -'wwf ' K i ' Q. ,,, ,Wt , , . ',V.,...,,..,r,i.5 im-' 'F T TO' ' 1 A T ,V .'N-E-xW' ., A- ,ESQ if mt wwfmwwnacmmmm 'SWR A T1 if I I Tw PP El A R .A A if 1 ' -ag V x r ' 'T 111- U . P. 1 Ei ST I if :L 2 4 rv- gg to ' ,A W ..k . rg ' , - ' 4 t ' au M 'U' A 4 ' V . A ' , mi. , ' A T ,R , Y: I I W' W P A ' - M A .. ,,iI " ,, ,.,, .V " ' ' ' ' '- "" " ' -.,.M11..M.4 ..,, ,, ' T.TTPPA A H UGHES Service Center W. W. "Sex" . . . There is only one basic RIGHT in 'rhis DEMOCRACY. Thafs opporiunifyl EACH of US musf +ake if 'from Hrieref' W. W. HUGHES I6 Years of Complete Friendly Garage Courteous Service Service Mobil I73I So. Buckner W. W. HUGHES, Owner A name io Be frusied-EX 8-6669 W2-Q2 Sun.-Thurs. II-II Fri.-Saf. II-I2 2240 Soufh Buckner 338-05I4 , DINE IN OR TAKE OUT ? W E HlI,LIF5 unua ETIIHE .IU N IO RS U N LI M I TE D Formals Sporiswear JACK PHILLIPS 3:2222 24I Pleasanf Grove Cenfer CompIeI'e Drug SI'ore EX l-66l3 Service I02 Piedmonf Shopping C+ EV I 2I8I 333 EGU I ,M ,Q x i 0 5 'YQ' Qg2C6?m W 6li'5'ff UDLEY M HUGHES llmfnwf ffwmm The Fmest Funerals... The Most Reasonable Cost Lump lun IQY N-0444 I p 1 lll'lI1Ck'.'LIX LL Q 7 ' I 1 1 Q F 0 Q J X 3 ' Y X h -016 South I3LlCliHL'l' - e , ll15llI'llIlxL' WI'OgI'lIN X X11 lw . s 1 M. E. MOSES 5- I o-254- I .oo Bru+on Terrace Pleasani' Grove Piedmonf and Lake June Shopping Cenfers Q ,Q x , ,gf f 'V If f I Y 1 -'X , I if VA nl il 'Q .I MN, ..-W , ,. ,hfzfff V: -4 'hi r k i' l 'n..M----' .' , is-..f' ' 1,5 . .' 'f A '- 4 'A A ein.. - - iff, ,Y ff A' Q lgbvfk 1" .I 'f i' f' 1, 'J 4 Q .L "Q ' . 'a ' Q QA 9 4 . 1 -ff fx -- 'Q fl. 4'7" 10.1. 'ff S-12,3 - 4 .f 9, , x f-vi' In .- f 334 4 a . l ' :Q lj' j,.....' S ' ' I Q-' e - aa aaae - 1. V, '-2 la lA!?e,i.-ie ... ' , 3 M- - 1 .Q 95 ,-"'f'- mm is S I L .E J, yi e .4 Q gf qv? 8 L 1' 1 " ' H' .1 ,L' 6 I g 3 X , R W ,,,- aj , W J .,Y, Hffx- I ., i V 'E A .. 3, . ., X 'Q 0- K fm .rm I . f k M53 U: 9 AL , S Q" ' i -x IKgs?-JVik:-55cg'fere'g9'w ,YWQGQS ' A ' , Xgt.fPf'.:'g,5333.w6e,i'a2:a':f,3:,f. 3':'5'ifS"' 37' Wo" 06221-0' Of R'-,Q QQ' ' 'A f ess v h 1 Q 1 H9905 'IQ f"p'iT" ,0'Q"2 4 ifiaf. 'QQ Wigs? Xfffgf 1 3 QSQEQN5 ye 5 Q96 JK . ,J ,Q-was? R '-S2532 9 v' ?a'Q'.?i5 5e'4Si,'l gk 3"Qg' 3 as QQ ff f-2,Y'q 5" Efzgsfa 5 , . O ,Ak N v V.-.M-"vi-, . rf QQ?-.. X ' f T1 -z 4, ww ,A v . L, Hi. I ' I ,, XX N x KW A

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