W W Samuell High School - Torch Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1963

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W W Samuell High School - Torch Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 338 of the 1963 volume:

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' , 'A H.. , 1, - . -, ' ,534 ..13,.1,,'m.,:1, ,,,--MQ. 3..,gg,,1:5Lw,fif.jg,,,,gg,1,WimL'i..1,p,.,gu-aL35-1qu.:eg,'c,?:gef?,:gf3,'fgA,Q:1.if2g' 1 ' V '-m,,"-'M 'V ' " wi. -'V'-'3' I ' 'w-fL"'hf-- ,Ti ' ' if -I.fwfr-gi-iff4.,.T1ff' x - A -:"f Wm! , --f - , . N ny - i'g,1,4' ' ,-f,,f. ---um: " K ., ,. ,f' ' -' v' ' V V 1 1 - , 5 K 3--'.,,,,,4 , A "- f ' 5,1 ' .,5,g-43.05 -1,,QfZf2, h I fl..7f fain, 11' 141. -' " 1 ' ' -' 1. -ff - Y ,J v 1 1 I 4 W 5 FHOQL , r u , 1 I 1 I . ? y 1 , . 1 1 P 5 ! H' air is I 1 5 1 . . r Y i I , x X v 2 4 - s v r my GW 4 Tx WU 42 QQ if A E px Ugg, H, , HW x fmglgvyp 9 Q, X f 63,7 ,MW W 'Q I 'X . ' - KW 63 Uk X623 I X: 9-3 N fj uf!! U 1 , 54 .ff W, by Q ' A R pkg . , M ' ry ix W KN A no ww N6 N S E. r I MMV wffyf 4 1 1 ,I il Nfjguff xl w 63 ff . 'I 'Q tl fy , ' - 1 J" . , V ' 1, In iw. 1 lhe Torch l 963 V l Published by the Sfudenfs of u 0 ume 7 W. W. Samuell H. S. T Dallas, Texas Alma Mater Hail, Samuell High: Hail. Samuell High! This song 'ro 'rhee we sing We pledge 'ro +hee our loyaliy As loud our praises ring H For always 'ro Jrhe Gold and Blue Our hearis will s'rill be True As figh+ Sparians we will cry Our love for Samuell High Fight Song T Fight Sparians, righl' down 1'he field Uniil we score rhai' viciory FIGHT! FIGHT! Fighi, Sparians. and never yield Our pledge of pride and loyal'ry RAH! RAH! To our colors of Gold and Blue We ever shall be irue Go, Sparians, go Go crashing Through +ha+ line And we will cheer you all +he Jrime! FoREwoRn Our high school days are filled wifh many cherished memories. The ioys. sorrows, fun, and hard work of school life are never meanf 'ro be forgoffen, buf offen fade away as fhe years slip by. If is our hope fhaf each fime you furn fhe pages of fhis TORCH. a flood of pleasanf memories will greef you. We believe fhis TORCH will keep alive forever, fhrough words and picfures, fhis memorable year af Samuell l-ligh-I963. V 7 1 " I 2 --?T'ge57Z7f'fv Donna Carroll lEdifor-in-chief ' . A mass of loriclcs, concrele. glass, and sleel arranged in rhylh- mic pa'Hern-Jrhis is Samuell l-ligh School. Bur Taking a closer look, we see Jrhal 'rhe beauiilul archi- Jrecrure gives buf a hinl ol a special meaning. Ask one of lhe Teachers who foils he-re, a sludeni Samuell High - Gynasiums and dressing rooms Audiiorium from quadrangle I l 'W 5135 f i l S 1 4? 5 ""ibgNY , 1 K- K .f""+ ?L,L" ,M Moulder of Music wing and auolilorium Our Desfiny who has begun his aduH life here, an alrhlele who has known bolh viclrory and cleleaf for Spdrian glory, and you will find Thai H is more. H is a lorlress of spirilruali- fy, of knowledge, of love. -H is our school. H is our life. H is our love . . . Office wing Easl Wing Seniors p. 26 Administration and Faculty p. 10 Personalities p. 770 Athletics , p. l84 Table Juniors p. 84 Sophomores p. 104 Achvmes p. 128 Organizafions p. 214 of Confenfs Milifary p. 288 ?1 ii ,, Y . .gl LW ,4 f i fi l , .y.y. yyyy g Mr. P. C. Cobb-Aihleiic Direcior Dedication We, ihe siuderiis oi W. W. Samuell l-ligh School wish +0 express our appreciaiion and graliiude io you, Mr. P. C. Cobb, for The 42 years you have clevoied lo ihe building ol: Jrhe Dallas l-ligh School aihlelic program. During your 34 years oi service as alhlelic clireclor, The program has increased iremenclously. ln recognilion ol your unliring service we respeciiully declicale io you This 1963 TORCH. MMWWWV E x Q. y f i sail? In Memoriam Mr. W. T. Jones Head Cusfoclian L .- ' .k A U '-.4 ADMINISTRATICN FACULTY I ! 5 I H p BOARD OF EDUCATION L I Rlghl John Plalh Green, Donald M. Brulon, Mrs. Vernon D. ram Mrs Tracy I-I. Rulherford, R. L. Dillarcl, Jr., presidenl, Dr. W. T. VV :Ie up rin enclenr of schools, Van M. Larnm, vice-president Rouse Howell R 3 Gilmore, Roberl S. Folsom. School Board and Adminisfrafion .. ,..: . . m DR. W. T. WHITE Superinrendenr of Schools TH E ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Sealed, from Leff Io Right Dr. E. D. Walker, ass'I superinrendenl in charge of personnel: Dr, W. T. While, superin- 'lendenr ol schools: Dr. Frank L. Williams, ass'I superinlenclenl in charge ol inslruc- Jrion. Siancling, Lefl' Io Righl: Mr. Dale Doug- las, ass'+ superinlendenl' in charge of business: Mr. I-lollis Allen, assislanl Io The superinlendenli Mr. Don E. Mal- Ihews, ass'I superinfendenr in charge of special services: Mr. R. H. McKay, ass'+ superinlenclenl' in charge of aclminisira- lion. Principal W. S. Lanham Q Q, ' ' my Y if-ffmmwm. 1. ' -59553555.1325 2.55. 4154355 was,,,:,A K 5 5?5?55?fE5VXFWb5?3fQ?"?f.:. M.W,.W,M3S,,,5gE,,2. 2 fJ,ffgLfx a,A3, .M . V 5 K, fm: 'Mi G92 P, Legggzgggi 5 . , . ,rl K lvfwnvnf 1, V, Q ssisfcmf Principal Paul Maffhews Kafhleen Carden Nurse Doris NorfhcuH' Counselor Administrative Staff Jane Wilson Dean Ina Roberfs Librarian Alice Pickens Cou nselor Willena Brown Secreiary io The Principal , I5 Grace Benneff IBM Office ,. Q mm. v.,..., ,, ...N...w Virginia Cobb Assisfanf fo ffie Librarian Office Staff Sadie Mae Young Assisfanf-Dean's Office Louise Whifson Befh Price Affenciance Clerks Beffy lsfre Clerk-Counseior's Office f Charlene Clanfon Clerk-Principafs Office Jewel Adair B.S, Easl Texas Sfale Home and Family Living John Akin B.S., MS. Easr Texas Slaie Georrieirv Carol Andrews B.A. Baylor Universily lvlalhemalics James Bailey B.S. Norrh Texas Srale Physical Educalion Drivers' Educalion Earle Bishop B.S., M.E. East Texas Slale Texas A. 51 M. Drafiing J. W. Black B.S. Norlh Texas Sfale Biology, "A" Baslcefball Coach Samuell Boasfs 100 Classroom Teachers Peggy Braden Ouachila College Speech Frances Bradford Norfh Texas Slale Hornemalcing Gene Brandenberger B.S. Norlh Texas Slale Eleclronics, Plaslics Elizabefh Bray B.A. Soufhweslern University English Jackie Brown B.S, Kilgore College Easr Texas Slale Typing Henry Brahnnsky B.M., M.M. Universiiy of Nebraska Norih Texas Slale Orcheslra J. E B.A., M.A. Easl Texas Sfale Universily of Texas Norlh Texas University Mafhemalics Rose Callahan B,S., M.S. Easl Texas Slafe English Hislory, American Hisfory, Texas Hislory Dwain Cleere B.S., M.S. Norfh Texas Srafe Melal Faculty in Acfion James Davis BS MA ETSC S.WLI. S.H.S.C., BC U.T., S.M.U., Bioloqw Dal Criles Bachelor of Music S.M.U., Social Sludies Clemenls Crook B.A. Masier oi Music, Norllwweslern Universiiy Chorus, Concerl' Choir F. M. Delany M.A. Universily of Texas American Hislory Glendon Drake B.S., M.S. Wood Shop Lee Cochran B.B.A., Universily ol Texas American l-lislory, World l-lislory Byron Cox B.S., M.R,E, Baylor Universily, Biology Eleanor Gallagher Sludy Hall Louise Gilberl BA., M.A. Sam l-louslon Slafe College, Universily of Texas, English Diane Crain B,B.A,, Baylor Uriiversily Tvping Dorolhy Earle Malcolm Filch B.A. Sludies Hulene Flowers Easl Texas Sludy Hall Eva Dean Griffin ss., T.W.U., l-lomemaking, Red Cross sponsor Belhany Col lege, B A . . Norlii Texas Slale Universlly l Baldwin, S.M.U., Social Geneva Hagerty B.S., M.Ed. Texas Women's Universil Y Souihern Mefhodisl Uniyersiiy Shorihand, Typing Henderson Sfaie Teachers College Tarlelon Norih Texas Slale Winfred Hall B.S., M.E. ALM, Easl Texas Stale Texas Universify I.C.T. Valoise Hayes B.A. Midwesiern Universiiy Speech Alleen Herringfon W E B.A., M, . Triniry University, Norlh Texas Siale Spanish W Mary Hinds Triniiy Universily, East Texas Siaie ifh Frighfening Study Hall Regular-Hy William Johnson BA., MA. Thomas Humber B.S. Easr Texas Siale American Hisiory James lbbofson B.S., M.E. Easr Texas Sfafe, Physics, Biology Texas Uniyersiiy Easl Texas Slale - Civ'cs, American l-lisio'y Oklanoma Sfaie Universily Edyihe Kiriley B.S. Norfh Texas Slaf: Bus7ness Belly Knighf B.A. Baylor Uniycrsify Homemaking Richard Ladd B.A., MA. Park College Souihern Mclhodi Universiiy Biology SL James Lawless B.S., M.S. North Texas State World Historv James Mathis B.M., M,M.Ed. Trinitv University, Vandemook College ot Music Band Bruce Land B.S, Lamar Tech World History N. R. Lane B.S. Oklahoma State University Bislogv Mary Larsen Texas U niversitv Study Hall Virgil Mattingly B.S., lvi.S. East Texas State, Texas University Mathematics Anna McAlpin Texas University Mathematics Kathleen McGaha William McElroy B.B.A., M.Ed. Texas University, Southern Methodist University Mathematics B. F. McClanahan B.S., M.S. North Texas State Bookkeeping, "A" Football, "B" Basketball Coach East Texas State Phys cal Education Norma Menton East Texas State Enql ish Elizabeth Mitchell North Texas State James Moore B.A., B.S., M.A, Texas University Distributive Education Wglliam Morgan B. . North Texas State Civics Nick Morris B.A. North Texas State Civics English, Latin Educators Us for Prepare the Fufure Jane Moss B.A. Texas Uniyersify Spanish Olga Murley B.A. North 'lexas Stale English Mary Murphy B.A. Easl Texas Slale English Milion Musick B S M ys Norlh Texas Slale Physical Educaflon Drivers Educalion Frances Peel Soufhern Melhod S Unnyerssly French Enqlish 4 Joe Newsom M Easl Texas Slale Biology Chernislry H A Nicholson M Salem College Norlh Texas Slale Chemislry Evelyn Ramsey B A A Norlh Texas Slale Unryersily of l-louslon Jennie Pelers Enqlisn M Easr Cenlral Slale Texas Chrisiian Uniycrs fy Soulhern Meihoais Un ye s ry Biology Chefnislry Carolyn Rhodes Paul Riddles BA. Uniyersily English Easl Texas Slale Physical Educalion, World l-lislory Sournern Merhodis Lois Rosson B.A., MA. Soulhcrn Melhodisl Uniyersily Spanish Jimmie Sadler B.S., M.S. Velma Scoll B.S. Texas Womens Universiry Pracrice Peggy Sharver Sludy Hall Baylor Uniyersily American History Shorlhand, Gffice Chlta Smoot B.A., MA, Texas Women's University University of Mexico Latin Robert Stokes BA., M.Ed. Baylor Uuiversi Y l r' Engnst Harrel Shaver B.S. East Texas State Mathematics, Head Football Coach Robert Shofner B.A. East Texas State English Arvel Smith East Texas State World History "B" Baseball and "B" Football Coach Carolyn Smith B.A. Oklahoma University English Kathleen Smith Study Hall Architects Samuell Elaine Spearman BA. Ouachita College Ari William Stevenson BIS., MA. East Texas State, Southern Methodist University Economics, Torch Sponsor Harold Suder B.S., tvt,Ed. North Texas State Mathematics Bob Sybert BA., M.Ecl. - Baylor University North Texas State Mathematics Alice Terry BA. New York State Teachers' College Enqlish R. W. Thompson B.S,, M.E. East Texas State l-listorv, Drivers' Traininq "A" Football and Track Coach Lyla Tisdale B.S., M.S. Oklahoma University Mathematics of Character lacully is honored al a lea. Jane Trollinqer Rulneriord tlnsaness College Slucly Hall U na Tucker BA. East Texas Stale English, Soee Jean Vining BA., MA. Soulliern Mellvodisl Universily Texas Unfvefsry- English, Journalism Lindy Walkins B.B,A., M.B.E. Easl Texas Slale Norlli Texas Slale Malhemafics, Bookkeeping Fred Wyanf B.S. Easl Texas Slale Biology J. H. Young B.A., M.A. Louisiana College Easl Texas S World Hislo Ruih Youngblood B.S. North Texas Malhemalics cn Ann While B.S. Norlh Texas Slale Malhernalics Talmadge While B.S.4 M.S., D.Ed. Southern Melhodisl Universily Norlli Texas Slale Problems of Democracy American l-lislory R. L. Windham B.A. Soulhern Melliodisl University History Ll. Col. L. D. Wilfkower B.S. Maryland Uniyersily NDCC lale 'V Srale Vivian Wilson B.A. Soufheaslern Slale College Soufhern Mefhodisl Universilv Englisl-i Ray Wood B.S. Norlh Texas Slale Drafting, Wood, Metal Lunchroom Sfaff Fronf Row, L. +0 R.: Jane Mimier, dielilian, Rarnias Beane, Marqarel Mazden, Louise Coursey, Hazel Campell, Lela Mills, Maurine Henson. Norma Schmill, Rulh Granl. Back Row: Belly Malone, Mary Crawford, Geneva Samlord, Julia Sanders, Jellie Heddin, Bessie Slanderfer, Mary Wilkins, Ardell Hodges, Louise Nowlin, Hazel Oden, Jo Oliver. C usfodians Rx ,ar Fronl Row, L. +o R.: V. T. Chewning, head cusrodian: Cecil Glover, assisfanr head cuslodian: Andy Hill. Dewill Thompson, Elisha Edwards Back Row: Loyd Monlgomery, Troy Fields, Melvin Bunch, George McCornl9s, Roberf Upchurch, Harris GUESS. 24 The Parent-Teachers Association l Promotes School - Community Relations Front Row, L. to R.: Mr. Lanham: Mrs. Lewis W. Williams, president: Mrs. John Coolce, vice-president: Mrs. G. R. Harty secretary: Mrs. Tince Abbott, treasurer: Mrs. M. E. Evans, historian. Second Row: Mrs. M. C. Hays: Mrs. M. E. Horton Mrs. J. H. Peeler: Mrs. W. J. Yount: Mrs. C. A. Traylor: Mrs. Elmer Krueger: Mrs. Sylvester Ritchie. Third Row: Mrs J. P. Clark: Mrs. R. N. Bruton: Mrs. R. W. Gowin: Mrs. R. M. Webb: Mrs. Bill lnge: Mrs. L. L. Hansen. Fourth Row Mrs. B. F. LaRue: Mrs. T. D. Tichenor: Mrs. M. C. Page: Mrs. H. C. Cratt: Mrs. John Willbanlcs: Mrs. Edwin Johnson Mrs. L. J. Fulton, Jr. Mrs. Williams, president 25 " E- it 4l1,"' I 15 SENIORS F Senior Class Officers 1963 F"""mi '13 X, Beverly Moore Jackie Reid Secreiary Vice-Presidemr Don BenneH' Presidenr Rosalyn Reeves Jenifa Harris Treasurer Reporier Seniors Gain Academic Honors HlGH HONOR GRADUATES Linda Abbol+ Anila Allen Nancy Anderson Linda Bean Nedra Caldwell Melinda Cooke Carla Darr Roscoe Ealherly, Jr Margarel' l-libbs Joyce McDaniel Connie McDowell David Miller Carolyn Morris HONOR Marilyn Ball Frank Barefield, Jr. Charololle Bennell Donald Bennell Ray Bonner Virginia Bradshaw Donald Brown Joe Bruss Donna Burlon Janel Buckner Darlene Canlrell Sherron Carlile Donna Carroll Carolyn Cloud Mary Colgrove James Cook Linda Cook Mana Cox Rose Dorman Florence Duncan Sandra Edwards Dallon Ellis, Jr, Gloria Evans Carolyn Foshee Donna Garrell Charlie Gibbs Merry Goldgar Marv Goodspeed Joan Graham Helen Gril'in Barbara Gunn Lois Hahnl Gloria Hale Jenila Harris Marsha Hicks Frances Hinds Nena Jackson Rose Jarnaqin Dwiqhl Johnson Linda Joseph Chandra Karlen Reynold Kelm Linda Kimbrell Rose Laminack Gerald Lalham Billy Mullins, JH Nancy Perkins Shirley Pruill Cynlhia Anne Read Leona Rush Kay Scoll Carolyn Smilh Danny Slewarl Dienna Sullins Jeanine Wade Donna Wallace Wanda Wesl GRADUATES Timolhy Lee Barbara Lemlev Jane Lemons Barbara Lindsey Carole Lovell James Madness Joe Maiors David Marr James Mason Sharon McHone Lana McMahen Ronald Miller Cherry Moody Ronald Mollwiler Oscar Murphy, -Jr. Nancy Norman Helen Parmley Shelia Pike Jo Raculia Diane Rees Rosalyn Reeves William Reynolds Linda Riddle Linda Roberlson Doris Smilh Janel Smylie Jean Spearman Mary Sliles Linda Slolz Beverly Sweal Donna Tenery Palricia Thomas John Valenline Larry Velez Anlhony Waggoner John Walls Rila Webb Rosamond Weinbaum Anila Wells Linda Williams Roberl Wilson Sandra Wilson Sarah Wilson William Wredberg Brenda Wrighl Valediclorian Nedra Caldwell l.lNZ PIN Linda Abbolr Anila Allen Nancy Anderson Marilyn Ball Linda Bean Donald Bennell Joe Bruss Nedra Caldwell Melinda Cooke Mana Cox Carla Darr Florence Duncan Roscoe Ealherly, Carolyn Foshee Donna Garrell Charlie Gibbs Joan Graham Lois l-lahnl Margarel Hicks Marsha Hicks Frances Hinds Gloria Holl Nena Jackson Rose Jarnagin Chandra Karlen Rose Laminack Timolhy Lee Barhara Lemley James Magness Joyce McDaniel Connie McDowe Jr David Miller Ronald Miller Carolyn Morris Bill Mulli - y ns, J Oscar Murphy, J'. Shirley Pruill Jo Raculia Cynlhia Read Diane Rees Linda Roberlson Leona Rush Kay Scoll Carolyn Smilh Doris Smilh Janel Smylie Danny Slewarl Mary Sliles Linda Slolz Dianna Sullins Palricia Thomas John Valenline Jeanine Wade Donna Wallace John Walls Rosamond Wcinbaum Anila Wells Wanda Wesl Linda Williams Sandra Wilson William Wrcdberg J If i 3 Salulalorian eanine Wa rd EVERTS AWARD Linda Abbolr Anila Allen Nancy Anderson Marilyn Bail Linda Bean Donald Bennell Joe Bruss Nedra Caldwell Melinda Cooke Mana Cox Carla Darr Florence Duncan Roscoe Ealherly, Carolyn Foshee Danna Garrell Charlie Gibbs Perry Goodson Joan Graham Lois Hahnl Margarel l-libbs Marsha l-licks Frances Hinds Gloria Holl Nena Jackson Rose Jarnaqin Chandra Karlen Rose Laminack Timolhy Lee Barbara Lemley James Maqness Joyce McDaniel Connie McDowe David Miller Ronald Miller Carolyn Morris Billy Mullins, Jr. Oscar Murphy, J'. Ronald Pelly Slfrlcy PfU'+L Jo Raculia Cynlhia Read D ano Rees Linda Roberlso' Leona Rush '- Kay Scoll Carolyn Smilh Doris Sm'lh Janel Smylie Danny Slewarl Mary Sliles Linda Slolz Dianna Sullins Palr'cia Thomas John Valenline Jeanine Wade Donna Wallace John Walls Rosamond Weinbaum Anila Wells Wanda Wesl Linda Williams Sandra Wilson William Wredberg o . i i 29 LINDA ABBOTT MARSI-IA ABRAMS JOE ADAMS LINDA ADAMS Nafional I-lonor Sociefy 2 I-Iomeroom Officer I3 Coq. 3' Sfudenf Council 3' Cerf Clioir 2, 37 Operewe I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2' 23 Sfarlefs 2, 3: Blue Jackefa I: Lafin Club l: Y-Teena I: Office li Clinic 2: French Club 3 BILLADAIVISON N.D.C.C. I, 2, 3: Dril Team I: Ranlc Capfain: Ew- ecufive Officer 3: Cornpanw Commander 3 ANITA JO ALLEN Nafional l-lonor Sociefy 2, 3: Homeroom Officer I, 2: Blue Jackefs 2, 3, Senior Board: Concerf Choir 2, 3 l-lisforian 3: Opereffa 2, 3: Tlwespians I, 2, 3: Lefir Club I, 2: Fufure Teachers I. 2, 3 Presiderwf 3i Juniof Red Cross l, 2: Office 3' French Club 3 LARRY ALDERMAN Senior Play, Sfage Crew' N.D.C.C. l, 2, 3: Sfaff 2: Lf. Col. S-2, 3: Prolecfion- isf 2 JESSE ALLEN I-lomeroom Officer 2, 3 Craffs Fair 2, 3: Blue Rib bon LARRY ALFORD Senior girls display flwaf Sparfan spiri MARGIE ALLEN ROBERT ALLIVIAN "B" Foofball I: "B" Base- ball li GoIf2 I I MIKE ALLMAN CAROI. AN DERSEN ANDY ANDERSON GORDON ANDERSON Band I, 2, 3: Craffs Fair 3 I-lomeroorn Officer I: Ten- Proiecfionisf 3: Senior As- I-lomeroorn Officers 3: Pro nis I, 2, 3 sembly: Grand Marcln iecfionisf l, 2: Broffierlwooc Assembly 3 'Deparfing Seniors I Let see flnaf foe, Eclcliel JEANIE BALL Nafional Honor Society 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3, Board Member 2, Secrefary 3' Concerf Clioir 3: Los Con- i quisfadores I, 3, Presidenf I 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Y- I Teens I: Office Assisfanf I NANCY ANDERSON Nafional l-lonor Sociefy 2 3, Treasurer 3: Sfuclenf Council I, 27 I-Iorneroonn Officer I: Sfarlefs 2. 3' Blue Jaclcefs I, Board Meme ber: Lafin Club I, 2: YA Teens I: French Club 3 SANDRA BANKS Office Assisfanf 3 Sl-IELIA ARNETT FRANK BABB Opereffa 3: One Acf Play Tennis 2: Proiecfionisf I, 2 3: Senior Play? Arf Club 3: Eufure I-Iomemalcers I, 2,3 FRANK BAREEIELD I. o s Conquisfadores I: Cnemisfry Club 2' Rub Sfaff, Eclifor Cl-IARLES BARNIEIART I-Iorneroom Officer I: Jun ior Aclnievernenf 2, 3 PATRICIA BEESON VERLE BEESON Disfribufive Educafion, Firsf Place Sale:- mansfiip Award 3 CHARLES BEHREND .IERRYE BELL Arf Club 2: Fufure Homernakers 3 CHARLOTTE BENNETT DON BENNETT Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 37 Sfudenf Council I, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenf 3: Horne- room Officer I, 2, 3: "A" Foofball Team 2, 3i "B" Foofball Team I7 Key Club 2, 3, Vice-Presiclenf 3: Chemisfry Club 2 32 JOYCE BAYLOR LINDA BEAN Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 37 Sfarlef Mane ager 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2: Concerf Clnoir 3, Opereffa 3: Tlwespians 2, 3: Senior Play: Los Conquisfadores I, 2, 3, Secre- fary 37 Fufure Nurses 2, 3, Secrefary 3: Bofany Club 2, 3: Office 2: Debafe 3 HOWELL BEARDEN PAULA SUE BEARDEN LINDA BECKETT I-Iomeroom Officer I: Junior Red Cross 2: Y-Teens I, 2, Office I DON BEDNARSKI Memories I I I I I l ROSE MARY BENNINGFIELE Junior Red Cross 3 SANDRA BEWLEY Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Siarleis 2 Blue Jackels I: Los Ernbaiadores I: lzuliia ll-lomemakers 27 Y-Teens I, 3 RANDY BLACKMON Track 2,3 I BETTY BLACKWELL Sludenl' Council I: Blue Jackeis I, 2, 3' llunior Acliievemenl I: Junior Red Cross 2 UERRY BLAKENEY Llomeroom Officer l, 27 "A" lzoolball 2 I7 "B" Eoolball I, Honorable Menlion Al- Oily 3: Junior Red Cross I: "B" Baseball I IOYCE BLASSINGAME Will Nof Die i I J ERRY BOLES l-Iomeroom Officer I, 2: N.D.C.C. I, 2, Se'- qeanr Firsl' Class 2: Los Conquisladores I RONALD BONE Cliemislry Club I: Junior Red Cross I Concerl and Marching Band I, 2, 3 JEANIE BONNER Slarlels I, 2, 3: Conceri Clwoir I, 2, 3' Y-Teens 2, Presidenl 37 Opereila I, 2, 3' Sludenl' Council 3: Tlwespians 2,3 I SANDRA BOOI-I ER GERALD BRADLEY Dislribulive Educafion I, 2 VIRGINIA BRADSI-IAW I-lomeroom Officer Ii Blue Jackels I, 2, 3i Girls' Cliorus I, 2: Operella '3, Publicifyr Senlinel Siall 3, Adverlising Manager: Quill and Scroll 31 Senior Play, Adverlising: Fu- lure Nurses 3i Fulure I-lomemakers I: Junior Red Cross 2: Y-Teens 2, 3: Thanksgiving Assembly 3 33 BRENDA BRANNON AUSTIN BRANTLEY GARY BRANTLEY CYNTHIA BROM FIELD BIUQ Jackefg 2, 33 Brgfhgr. Sfudenf Council, Alfernafe Homeroom Officer 2: Blue hggd Aggembly 2 3, RepresenIaIive 2: Home- Jackeis I, 2, 37 ConserI Choir 2, 3, OpereIIa 2: room Ofiicer I: "B" Fooli- ball I Junior Adwievemenf 3 SHIRLEY BROOKS SIuden+ Council 2: Home- room Officer I, 2, 3: Fu- Iure I'IomemaIcers 3: Boiany Club I, 2: Library I, 2 "Have IeiII1 in Boyd, Lyniiaf Iwe's sironger II1anI1eIooI4s." JERRY NELL BROWN JOE DEAN BROWN PAT BROWN Band I, 2, 3, Band and FuIure Nurses S+arIe+s Capers I 3 Succesg Frori Y I ,I CARL BROWN DON BROWN Nafional I-Ionor SocieIy 37 I Band I, 2, 3: Los Conquis- Iadores I, 2 1 I WAN DA JOYCE BROWN P and DONNA BRUTON JOYCE BRYANT WAN DALENA BRYANT Sludenl Council I, 3 I-Iorneroom Officer I, 2, 3: Slarlels 3: Blue Jaclcels I. 2: Torclw Slaff 2, 3: Ouill Scroll 2, 3: Tlwespi- ans 2, 3, Reporler 3: Lalin SI-IERRY BUBAK I-Iorneroom Officer I. 3: Blue Jackefs I, 2, 3: Sen- ior Play, Ari and Adver- 'risemenl Commilleey Ari Club 3 Club I: Pub Slafli fforf JANET BUCKNER Nalional Honor Sociely 3 Blue Jaclcels I. 2, 3: Jun- LARRY BURGE BILLY BURK ' N.D.C.C., Maier I, 2,3 Band I, 2, 3. N.D.C.C. I, 2 ior Red Cross I, 2, 3: Li- JERRAN BURRIS brary Assisfanf I, 2 I'-Iomeroom Olliicer I: Band, BARBARA BURKS Homeroorn Officer I, 2: Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3: Jun- ior Aclwievernenl I, 2: LaI'in Club I: Library Assislanl' 2 Marching and Concerl I 2. 3, Seclion Leader 3 Orclieslra 3: Tliespians 3 Senior Play: De-bare, lnler Slarler Caplain, Rosalyn Reeves, and Co- ' Caplain, Rose Mary Jarnagin, presenl 2ncI place Iroplwy from Drill Sclwool 'ro Miss Mc- sclwlaslic League Cornpe Gabe, Iilion in Exlemp. Speaking, LEE BURNS JEANETTE BUR-ION 2nd Place: Texas Wornen's Homeroom Oliicer I: Blue Universily All-Girl Band 3: Jackels I, 2, 3: Junior Red Dal-I-li Symphony 2, 3: All- Cross 2 Region Band 2, 3: Pub Slall CAROL CANTRELL DARLENE CANTRELL SHERRON CARLILE Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: Tliespians 3: Senior Play: Debafe 3: Lafin Club I: Clinic 2, 3: Erenclw Club 3 MIKE CAROTHERS N.D.C.C. Cadef Lf. Col,, Drill Team I, 2, 3, Company Commander 3: Broflwerlwood Play 3: Track Team I, 2: One-Acf Play 2: Junior Red Cross I BRENDA CARPENTER Homeroorn Officer I: Orciwesfra I, 2, 3: Arf CIub3 EDDIE CARPENTER 36 PAT BU RTON Homeroom Officer 2: "A" Foofball 2: "B" Foofball I: Proiecfionisf 3 LINDA CAGLE Homeroom Officer I: Blue Jackefs 2. 3: Senior Play, Uslwereffe: Los Ernbaiadores 2: Junior Red C-ross I: Office 3 NEDRA CALDWELL Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Sfarlefs 2, 3: Blue Jaclcefs I: Y-Teens I: Office 2, 3 GABRIEL CAMACHO Homeroom Officer I: N.D.C.C. I, 2: Junior Red Cross I, 2 DAVID CANTRELL "A" Eoofball 2, 3: "B" Foofball I: Leffer- man 2, 3: All-Cify, All-Greafer Dallas Team 3: Senfinel Sfaff 3, Sporfs Edifor: Quill and Scroll 3: Lafin Club 2 LINDA CAPERTON Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Sfudenf Council I: Sfarlefs 3: Blue Jaclcefs I: Opereffa 3: Tluespians 3: Senior Play: Debafe 3: Office I, 3 Tomorrow's I i I I a I I S Q 2 3 X DONNA CARROLL Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Sfudenf Council I: Sfarlefs 2, 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2: Torcl- Sfaff 2, 3, Edifor-in-Chief 3: Ouill and Scroll 2, 3: Los Ernbaiadores 2, 3: Allied Youfl: 3: Y-Teens I: Sfarlef Capers I, 2: Senizf Pub Sfaff: Senior Assembly JOE BOB CARROLL "B" Foofball I THOMAS CARROLL Sfudenf Council I: "B" Foofball I: Tennis 2: Arf Club l, 2: Junior Red Cross I VERLIN CARSON Sfarlefs 3: Blue Jaclaefs I, 2 PAUL CARTER Band I, 2, 3: N.D.C.C. I, 2 BECKY CERVANTES Sfudenf Council 2, 3: I-lomeroom Officer I: Sfarlefs 2, 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2: Opereffa I, 2, 3: Thespians 2, 3, Treasurer 3: Senior Play: Los Conquisfadores I: Office 2: L?- brary I: Sfarlef Capers I, 2: Senior Pub Sfaff Dawn Appears JUDY CHANDLER DARRELL CHAPMAN Concerl Choir 2, 3: Opereffa 2, 3: Tliespi- ans 3: Senior Play: Debafe 3: Junior Aclwievemenf 2: Junior Red Cross 2, 3: N.D.C.C. Baffle Group Commander 3, Rifle Team 3: Drill Team Com. 2. 3 POLLY CHAPMAN JAMES CHASTAIN Homeroom Officer I, 2: "A" Foolball 2: "B" Foofball I: C-oncerf Clwoir 3: Tliespians 2, 3 LOUISE CHENEY TRAVIS CHRISTAIN Sfudenl' Council 2: I-lomeroom Officer 3: Band I. 2, 3, Drum Maior 3: ConcerfCl1oir I, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl' 3: Opereffa I, 2, 3: Tlnespians 3: Senior Play, Sfage Manager: Junior Acliieyemenl' 2, 3: N.D.C.C. Band, 2nd Lf. Profem: Fufure Teacliers 3: Chemis- fry Club 2: Senior Assembly 37 DON CHRISTOPHER Sludenl Council 2: Concerl Clwoir l, 2, 3: Operefla I. 2, 3: Tlnespians 3: One Ach Play 2, 3: Senior Play: De- bale 3: Junior Aclnievemenl I: N.D.C.C,, Ballle Adiu- I'an'r: Olympian Guard I, 2, 3 WILLIAM CLAIR Operelia 2, 3: Senfinel Slaff 3: Senior Play: Jun- ior AcI'1ievemen+3: N.D.C.C., Ballle Group In- sfruclor Slaif: Olympian Guard I, 2, 3: Rifle Team I, 2, 3: Pub Slafl: Field Day 3: Trinily Valley Rifle March DONALD CLAMON LINDA CLANTON Bolany Club I, 3, Treasur Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3: Fu- er2 lure Homemaliers I, 2: Y- Teens I, 2: Library Assisl- anI2 Happy fo Be Sad to I RAYMOND CLARK BARBARA CLAXTON Concerl Choir 2, 3: Oper- Ivlaiorelle 2: Eulure Home- ella 2. 3: Junior Red Cross makers 3 2 We couIdn'I 'figure fnfs one ou? eiflwerll MARTHA CLAY CHARLES C-LEM BETTY CLEVENGER CLARENCE CLOPP Fufure Homemakers 3: Y- Band I, 2, 3: Eulure Nurs- N,D.C,C, I, Second LI. Teens 3 esl CAROLYN CLOUD I Band I, 2, 3: Concerf , Choir 2, 3: Opereffa 2, 33 Orchesfra I, 2, 3: Thes- pians 2, 3: Senior Play: L o s Conquisfaclores I: ' T "Birds and The Boys" 3: "Old Soufh Program" 2 iGo JOYCE COLGROVE Sfudenf Council I, 2: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2: Thes- pians 3: Junior Achieve- menf I: Los Embaiaclores I: Y-Teens I, 2: Clinic Assisfanf 3: Library As- sisfanf I, 2: Thanksgiving Assembly 3, Sfarlef Capers I, 2 PERRY CONWAY DONALD COOK I-Iomeroom Vice-Presidenf Arf Club 2, 3: Junior Red I: Proiecfionisf 3 Cross 2: I-lome Builders Show Winner 3: Craff Fair Winner 2,3 JAMES COOK LINDA COOK SIUCIGVYI Council 3i Band I-lomeroom Secrefary I, 27 I. 2. 31 Opereffa 2. 31 Junior Achievemenf I: Y- Thespians 3i SGNIOF Play: Teens I, 27 Sears Founda- Debafe 3: Junior Achieve- fion Cifizenship Award 2: menl 3i J.C.T.C. 2, 3: Oi- Dallas Refail Credif Man- fice Assisfanf 3 aqers' Award 2 CRAY COOKE Nafional I-Ionor Sociefy 2, 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: Concerf Choir 2, 3: Oper- Senfinel effa I. Lead 2, 3: Sfaff 2: Thespians I, 2, 3: Debafe One-Acf Play 2: 3: J.C.T.C, 2. 3: N.T.C.E. Princess Winner: Valenfine I, 2: Old Soufh Program Lead 2 Jaclcie Reid geis COVIQFBTUISJDTIS from his I Adams game. DANNY COOPER I-Iomeroom Presidenf I, 2, 3 GLENDA COOPER Sfudenf Council I: Home- room Vice-Presidenf 2: Blue Jaclcefs I. 27 Y-Teens I, 2: Office Assisfanl' 3: Pub Sfaff iffle brofher affer The Bryan MANA COX Nafional I-Ionor Sociefy 3: Sfarlefs 3: Blue Jaclcefs 2: Y-Teens I: Office Assisi- anf 3 CARLA DARR Nafional I'Ionor Sociefy 3: Srarlefs 2, Line Officer 3: Blue Jaclcefs I: Opereffa 2: Torch Sfaff 3: Ouill and Scroll 3: Tlwespians 2, 3: Los Embaiaclores I, Reporfer: Y-Teens I: Clinic Assisfanf I RICHARD DAVIS N.D.C.C. I, 2, 3, Maior 3, I-Iq. Co. Corn- mander 3, I'Iq. Co. I, 2, 3: Marching and Concerf Band I, 2, 3, Trombone Secfion Leader 2, 3: Dance Band I. 2,3 WILL DAVIS JOHNNY DeFORD I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2: "B" Eoofball Team I: "A" Baslcefball 2, 3: "B" Baslcefball I: Traclc I, 2, 3 GENE DENI-IAM N.D.C.C. Rifle Team I, 2. Cadef Capfain on Insfrucfor Sfaff LLoYD DENHAM 40 CAROLYN CRAIN PAT CRANSI-IAW KENNY CRAWFORD Indusfrial Cooperafive Training I 2 HENRY CREEK SANTA CRESPENO Homeroom Officer 2: Blue .Iaclcefs I, 2, 3: Office Assisfanf 2 CARYLON CROIVI ER Opereffa I, 3: Y-Teens I: Easier Assembly 2 We'lI Remember DELAINE DERDEN Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Horneroom Of- ficer I: Eufure Homemalcers I, 2, 3 ARCELINA PUBLIO DIAS Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Blue Jaclcefs 3: Tennis 3: Tluespians 3: Senior Play: Los Embaiaclores 3: Eufure Homemakers 3 LaRUE DICKESON Fufure Nurses I: Fufure Hornemakers 3 PAT DICKERSON SHARON DINDLEBECK 3Iue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: Y-Teens 2: Broflwernood Assembly I DEMO DIONIS Junior Acluievemenf I: Los Embaiadores I: Junior Red Cross I, 2, 3: "B" Baseball I lhe Blue and Gold ROSE DORMAN Homeroom Officer 2, 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: French Club 3 JOHN DOSIER Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Sfudenf Council I: Horneroom Officer 3: Band I, 2, 3 DAVID DUKE CAROLINE DUNCAN Nafional Honor Sociely 3: Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3, Board 2, 3: J.C.'l'.C. 2, 3: Office I, 2, 3: Pub Sfaff JIMMY DUNCAN JOHN DUNLAP Sfuclenf Council 2: Bancl I, 2, 3: Opereffa I: Orclwesfra I, 3: Senfinel Sfaff 2: Senior Play: Dance Band I, 2, 3: Sfarlel' Capers I, 2: Leffer of Commendafion, Nafional Merif Sclwolarslwi-p Tesf 2 4I DENNIS EAKIN ROSCOE EATI-IERLY Nafional I-lonor Sociefy 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3: Concerf Choir 3: Opereffa 3: Tlrvese plans 3: Lafin Club 21 Junior Red Cross 2: Dance Band 2, 3: Band Council 3: Band.Drill Program 2 SANDRA EDWARDS I-lomeroom Officer I, 2: Blue Jackefs I, 2, 3: Oper- effa 3: Fufure Teaclier 33 Office Assisfanf 3: Senior Pu b Sfaff DALTON ELLIS l-lomeroom Officer 3: Tlwes- pians 3: Senior Play: Dee bafe 3: N.D.C.C. I. 2, 3. lnsfrucfor, Sfaff Command! er: Easfer Assembly 2, 3: Olympian Guard I, 2, 3, Anfliology Sfaff 2, 3 Busy Year Aw c'mon Bill, you said yofd feacln me bow TO square-dance affer flne ii S OW. GLORIA EVANS Nafional l-lonor Sociefy 3: I-lomeroom Officer 2: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: Lafin Club I: Fufure Teaclwers 3: Ray Assembly 3: French Club 3 RICHARD FARISS Los Embaiadores I: Jun- ior Red Cross I DANNY ELLSWORTH Sfudenf Council I, 2: Homeroom Officer I: "A" Foofball Team I, 2, 3, All-Cify, 2nd Team All- Greafer Dallas: Baseball I, 2. 3: Track 2, 3: "B" Base kefball I: "A" Baslcefball 2, 3: Sophomore Favorife MARILYN EMMONS I-lomeroom Officer 2: Blue Jackefs I, 2 GARY FAUBION Junior Aclwievemenf, Treas urer 2: N.D.C,C. I, 2, 3 Drill Team, Rifle Team, Drill Mefal, Lf. Col. SUSAN FAULI-IABER Blue Jackefs I, 2. 3: Sen- ior Play: Junior Aclwieve- menf, Secrefary 3: Bible Award I S.- L- JAMES FERRELL ANNE FITZGERALD BRENDA FLETCHER DAVID FLOWERS Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Junior Red Cross N.D.C.C. Color Guard 2, Los Conquisladores 2: Company Commander 3. BOIGFW I, 2 Rank Malor ------ l'L-..1. MARSHALL FORD JILL FOSHEE Los Ernbaiaclores 2 Sludenl Council Ig Home- roorn Oilicer 33 lvlaiorelle 2, 3: Blue Jackels I, Operelia 37 Tliespians 2, 3: Los Ernbaiadores I, 23 "UI1...I'dIikefo say Ilnis aboul Ilwaf . . Ollice Assislanl I, 2: Clin- ic Assislanl 37 Pub Sfali BETTY FOSTER Siudenl Council 2: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3 LARRY FOSTER Siuclenl Council I, 2, 3: Cliemislry Club 23 Ollice Assislanf 3: "A" and "B" Baseball: Easier Assembly 23 Foreign Exchange Com- rnillee 2: N.H.R,A. 33 SporIsrnansI1ipCornmiIIee 2 PATRICIA FOWLER GWEN FOX Blue Jackefs I, 2, 3: Los Blue Jaclsefs 2, 3: Senlinel Embalaclores Ig Ari Club Slafl 37 Quill and SC,-Oll I, 2: Junior Red Cross I3 35 Allied Youll, 3 Y-Teens I ROSETTA FREDERICK JACK FULLWOOD RICHARD FUQUAY KAY GADDIS Seniors Jusf Can f ' ' i ,Owl iw , , C JAY GANN Thespians 3: Debafe 3: Key Club 2, 3: Larin Club 2, 3: J.C.T.C. 2, 3, Vice K. Chairman of Dallas Counfy Second Place of Sfudenr SpeaIcer's Conlesf 2: Slu- denl Chairman of Foreign Exchange Fund 3 Merry G-oldgar gives Miss Braden one OI Ihose "I'd ralher do if myself" Ioolcs. LYNNE GARCIA Operella Make-up 3: Sen- ior Play, Make-up: Debale 2: Arr Club 2, 3: Fulure Teachers 2, 3 WILSON GARIS Band 2, 3, Manager: Jun ior Achievement Produc lion Manager I: N.D.C.C Caplf., Execulive Ollicer Band Co. I, 2, 3 JOI-INNIE GARNETT DONNA GARRETT GARY GARRISON PAT GARRISON "B" Foorball I: Los Em- Nafianal I-Ianar Society 2, Homeroom Officer I: One baiadores I, 2 3: Sluclenr Council I, 2, Acf Play, "II's Cold in 3: Slarlels 3: Blue Jaclcels Them There Hills" 2? JUN' I, 2: Operella 2: Thes- ior Achievemenf I plans 3: I.a+in Club I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2: Library 2, 3 CHARLIE GIBBS Nalional I-lonor Sociely 3' Blue Jaclnels I, 2, 3, Boarc I, 2, Reporler 3: Concert Clioir 3: Operella 3: Lalin Clulo 2, 3, Secrelary 2, 3' J.C.T.C. 2, 3: Y-Teens 3' Olfice I: Clinic I Junior Red Cross 2: Y- VAUGH GIDDENS CAROLYN GILM ER JOE GILMORE "A" Foolball 2. 3: "Bl Foolball I: Torch Slall 2 Sporls Edilor: Ouill ano Scroll 2, 3: Key Club 2 3, Senior Board: Los Ern- baiadores I. 2 Afford Spring Fever MERRY GOLDGAR Nalional I-lonor Sociely 3: Slarlels 2, 3: Blue Jaclcels I: Senior Play, Props: Ar' Club I: Cliemislry Club I' Teens I: Olflice 3: Librarv PERRY GOODSON Nalional I-lonor Sociely 3' Concerl Clwoir I, 2, 3 V.-Pres. 2, Presidenf 3' Operella I, 2, 3, Lead 3' Kev Club 3 ROBERT GLAZE RUTH QQDWIN MARY GOODSPEED Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3, Board 3: Operella Adverlising 3: Senlinel Slaff 3: Ouill and Scroll 3: Senior Play Ad- verlising: J.C.T.C. 3: Fu- 'rure Teachers I: Allied Youlli 3, Vice-Pres. 3: Jun- ior Red Cross 2. 3: Y- Teens I: Office 2, 3 This slnould come in lnandy lor llwe brealc. JOHN GRAFFLIN Band I, 2, 3: Operella 2 Orclweslra 2, 3i Senlinel I N.D.C.C. l, 2, 3, Ll. 3 Los Ernbaiadores I, 2: AI lied Youllw I, 2, 3, Treas urer 3: Track Team I JOAN GRAI-IAM Nalional I-Ionor Sociely 3' Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3: Los Conquislaclores 3: Los Embaladores I, 2: Allieci Youlln 2, 3: Y-Teens I' Ollice 3 BARBARA GRAY Slarlels 3: Blue Jackels I, 2: Lalin Cluio 2.3: Fulure Teachers I: Y-Teens I, 2 WANDA GRAY CAROLYN GREEN Blue Jaclcels 2, 3: Junior Achievemenl' 3 Treasurer: Y-Teens 2, 3: Office 3 HELEN GRIFFIN Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Sludeni Couri- cil I: Horneroom Ollicer I, 2: Sfarlels 2, 3: Tennis I: Concerl Choir I, 2, 3: Operel- Ia I, 2, 3: Thespians 2, 3: Senior Play' Ari Club I GUY GRIFFIS Homeroom Ollicer I, 2: "A" Foolball 2' 3: "B" Eoolball I, All-Cily Honorable Mem lion 2, All-Cily 3, All-Grealer Dallas 3' All-Slale 3rd Team 3, Back of Ihe Year 3: "B" Baseball I: "A" Baseball 2, 3, All-C-ily Honorable lvlenlion 2 JANET GRIFFITI-I I Sludenl' Council I, 2: Slarlels 2: Blul Jaclcels I, 2, 3: Thespians 3: Junior Rel Cross 2: Y-Teens I: Office I, 2: Slarlel Capers 2: Pub Slalf l Life ls a Puzzle Seniorsl RONNIE GROVE Band I, 2, 3: Operella 2: Orcheslra 2, 3: Chemislry Club 2 SCHARLOTTE GU ESS Blue Jackels I, 2: Y-Teens 2 BARBARA GUNN n Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Sluclenl Counci 2 3' Blue .laclcels I, 2, 3, Board 3: Con- L cerIIChoir 2, 3: Operella 2, 3, Sluclen Direclor 3: Thespians I, 2, 3: Debale 3 Lalin Club I, 2: Senior Assembly, Commil- +ee Chairman PAULETTE GUNN Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Blue Jaclcels 2. 3: Ari Club I J. R. HAAS Operella I, 2: Orcheslra I, 2 LOIS HAHNL Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Slarlels 3: Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3: Lalin Club 2, 3: Fulure Teachers 2, 3: Office 3: French Club 3 46 SLORIA I-IALE Nlafional Honor Sociefy 3: Horneroom Of- ficer I: Blue Jaclcefs 2, 3i Los Ernbaiadores I: Office I, 2 ALLEN RAY HALL Sfudenf Council I: Junior Red Cross 3 IAARCIA HALL Arf Club I: Fufure Hornernalcers I I I EHERRY HAMILTON Office Assisfanf 3i Gym Manager 3 ELENNA HAMPTON Ifuclenl' Council 2: Horneroorn Officer 2: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2: Junior Aclwievemenf li unior Red Cross I: Sales Execufive Award I :nd Place LI-IARLES HARLEY I I I I learn fo Piece Together I I I LARRY HARMON Horneroom Officer 2i "A" Foofbail 2, "B" Foofball I: Los Erribaiadores I JEINIITA HARRIS Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, Sfuclenf Coun 3, Co-Reporfer: Horneroorn Officer I, Blue Jaclrefs I, Board 2. Vice-Presiclenf Senfinel Sfaff I, 2, 33 Quill and Scroll 3: Arf Club I: Junior Red Cross I: Teens I PHILLIP HARRIS Concerf Clwoir3 THIREL CHARLES HARRIS SAMMY HARRISON "B" Foofloall' I BILL HARROTT ROBBIE I-IEERMANS Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3: SIarIeI's 2, 3: Blue Jackefs I: Fuiure I-Iomemakers I: Y- Teens I. 3: Office AssisIanI I JEAN I-IELGREN Eufure Horne-makers I JIMMY HENDRICKS I-Iomeroorn Officer I, 2, 3: BIue JacIceIs S'IucIen'r Direcior 3: Opereffa 3: Senior PIay: Key CIuIo 2, 3: Junior Aclwievemenf Ig CIwemis+ry Club 2: Track Team I, 2 DUANE I-IENSON Conceri' Choir 3: Operefia 3: OrcI1esIra I, 2, PresicIen+ 3: Los Conquisfadores 3 SUE I-IERSHEY Sfudeni CounciI 2, 3: SIarIeIs 2, 3: Blue JacIceIs I: Concerf Choir 2, 3: Opere'rIa 2: Thespians 3: Los Conquishadores, P.A.S.E. Chairman I: Office AssisIan+ I 48 CONNIE I-IART I-Iomeroom Officer I: Blue Jackefs I, 2, 3 Los Conquisfadores I: AIIied YouII'1 2: Jun ior Red Cross 2: Y-Teens I LINDA HARVEY I-Iomeroom Ofiicer I: Ar? CIub I, 2, 3 Junior Red C-ross I, 2, 3 CAROLYN I-IAWKINS ConcerICI1oir 2, 3: Opereifa 2. 3 JACK I-IAWKINS Nafional I-Iorior Sociefy 3: "B" Foo+baII I "B" BasebaII I: "B" BasIceIbaII I TOM HAYES Proieciionisr 3 DAVID I-IEDGECOCK Band I, Librarian 2, Presidenf 3: Operefi I, 2, 3: OrcI1esIra I: Thespians 3: One Ac Play 3: Senior Play: N.D.C.C. I, 2, LI, Co 3, Company Commander 3 Senior: AARGARET HIBBS Iarional Honor Sociery 2, 3: Blue Jaclcels , 2, Treasurer 3: Senlinel Slall 3: Quill nd Scroll 3: Tlwespians 3: One Acr Play 2: ,alin Club I. 2, 3: J.C.'I'.C. 3: Fulure Iurses I, 2, Treasurer 3: Bolany Club 2: Dllice Assisranl 2, 3: Frencln Club 3 AARSHA HICKS Uarional Honor Sociely 3: Band I, 2, 3: Ios Ernbaiadores I: Y-Teens I IMMY HILL I I IHIRLEY HILL IAYE Hinos jrarlefs 2, 3: Blue Jaclcels I7 Lalin Club I: Y-Teens I ,, IAROLYN HIX jlue Jaclcels I: Concerl Choir 2, 3: Operel- a 2, 3: Los Embaiadores, Program Chair- Iman I, 2: Tlnespians 3: Junior Achieve- menl' I .ook Forward JAMES HOLCOMB DONALD HOLLAND Sludenr Council I: H 2: HA" Foolball 27 I' orneroom Officer I B" 'lb II I K Foo a I e Club 2, 3: Los Conquisladores I: "B" Base 2 ball I: "A" Baseball I, MYRON HOLLOWAY Nalional Honor Socie Orclweslra 2, 3 MARY HOLMAN JEANNE HOLT Blue Jacliels I, 2: Y-Tee I I'S y 3: Band I, 2,3 49 LINDA HOOD Sfudenf Council 2, 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: Arf Club I, 2, 3: Fufure Homemak- ers 2: Junior Red Cross I' Senior Play. Arf Direcfor SHEILA HOOKER Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: Y Teens I, 2: Library Assisf anf3 JUDY I-IORROCKS Sfudenf Council I: Home- room Officer I, 2: Con- cerf Clioir I: Junior Red JUDY HORTON I-lomeroom Officer I, 2: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2: Los Con- quisfadores I: Arf Club 3: Fufure Homemalcers 3: Y- Cross I, 2, 3: Library Assisfanf I: Firsf Place in Craffs Fair in Homemak- ing 2 Beverly Moore gefs ernolional when Valenfine Queen is announced. CHARLENEHUDDLESTON Nafional Honor Sociefy 37 Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3: Slarlefs 2, 3: Blue Jaclrefs I:Torcl1 Sfaff 3: Ouill and Scroll 3: Tlnespians 3: One Acf Play 2: Fufure Home- malcers I: Y-Teens I. 2: Office Assisfanr 2, 3: Pub Sfaff CAROLYN HOUSE Homeroom Officer I. 2- Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, Boarcl 3: J.C.'l'.C. 2: Office As- sisfanf 2, 3: N.D.C.C. Band Sweefhearf 3 CAROL I-IUDGIIXIS DIANNE HUDNALL VICKA I'IUD5PETI'l I-Iomeroom Officer 2: Concerf Clnoir 2, effa 2. 3 3: Oper- Teens I: Office Assisfanf I WILLIAM HOYLE PRISCILLA HUCKABAY I-Iomeroom Officer 2: Ma- ioreffe 2, 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2: Band I. 2, 3: Y- Teens I, 2: Clinic Assisf- anf 3: Broflwerlnood Play 2, 3: Band and Sfarlef Capers I. 2 Lu 'I 1,2 ..-, S? I parkle MERRILYN HUNTER Sfudenf Council 3: Sfar- Iefs 3: Blue Jaclcefs 2, 3 Library Assisfanf 3 RICI-IIE I-IURLEY N.D.C.C., Drill Team I 2, Rifle Team Capfain, Sr. Cadef Mai. 3: Craffs Fair Award: Young Home Build- ers Award VICKI INGE I-Iomeroom Officer I Sfarlefs 2: Blue Jaclcefs I. 2, 3: Los Embaiadores Vice-Presiclenf I: Counsel- or's Assislanf I 2 CORLISS INGRAM I-Iomeroom Officer I ' Blue Jackefs I, 2, 3: Fu- fure Homemalcers I, 2, 3: Clinic Assisfanf I: Senior Assembly LEON IRWIN N.D.C.C. I. 2: Allied Youffi 3: Junior Red I, 2, 3: ROSE MARY JARNAGIN Nafional Honor Sociefy 3' I-lomeroom Officer 3: Blue Jackefs I, 2': Senior Play: Los Embaiadores I: Office Assisfanf 2, 3: Li- brary Assisfanf I: Frenclw Club, Treasurer 3 NENA JACKSON Nafional I-Ionor Sociefy 2. Cross 2 3: Sfarlefs 2. 3: Blue Jaclcefs GLENDA JACOBS I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2, 3: Orcfiesfra I, 2, 3: Junior Aclwievemenf I: Fufure Nurses I, 2, 3: Los Ern- baiadores 2: Junior Red Cross I, 2, 3: Orclwesfra Fesfival 3: Cify Confesf for Orclnesfras 3 Yes Rifa. you're finally a senior. MARCUS JARVIS PI-IILLIP JARVIS MARY JEFFREY Nafional I'Ionor Sociefy 37 Junior Aclnievemenf I: Blue Jaclcefs I. 2, 3: Con- "A" Fgmfball 2, 33 "B" N.D.C.C. I, Olympian cerf Clwoir 2, 3: Opereffa Faofball lg Key Club 2 Guard Drill Team 2, Wo- 2, 3: Senior Play: Los Em- 3g Track I, 2 zencraff Drill 2 baiadores I, 2: Junior Red Cross 2: Senior Assembly: Old Soufln Program 2 DWIGHT JOHNSON Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Sfudenf Council I, 31 Homeroorn Officer 2: "A" Foofball 2, 3: "B" Foofball I: Key Club 3: Los Erne baiadores I, 2 EDDIE JOHNSON Sfudenf Council 2: Home- roorn Officer 3: "A" Foofe ball 2. 3: "B" Izoofball I: Key Club 2. 3: Los Em- baiadores I, 2: "A" Base- ball 3: "B" Baseball I LINDA JOHNSON WILDANETTE JOHNSON Sfudenf Council I, 2: Sfar- Horneroom Officer 2, 3 Iefs I: Maioreffe 3: Blue Senior Play: Junior Red Jackers I: Band 3: Los Cross 2 Conquisfadores I: Y-Teens I 3 Office I 3 Senior Themes Love's in bloom, buf I feel sorry for the corsage. SHERRY JON ES Homeroom Officer I: Blue Jaclrefs I, 2, 3: Los Em- baiadores I: Y-Teens I ROGER JORDAN Nafionol Honor Sociefy 3: Homeroom Officer I. 2, 3: "A" Foofball 2, 3: "B" Foofball I: Key Club 3: Represenfafive fo Boys' Sfafe 2: Sfudenf Track Coaclw 3: All-Cify Honore able Ivienfion, Foofball JUANITA JONES JUDIE JONES LARRY JONES LINDA JOSEPH Blue Jaclcefs I, 2: Thes- pians I, 2, 3: Lafin Club I: Junior Red Cross I Library I CHANDRA KARLEN Homeroom Officer I: Sfar- Iefs 2: Los Conquisfadores I: Junior Red Cross I: Y- Teens I: Office I, 2: Li- brary I: Dallas Sales Ex- ecufive Awa rd 3 SUZANNE KEESEE Homeroom Officer 3: Blue Jackefs I, 2, 3: FuIure Hornemakers I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2: French CIub 3 Frusfrafe Dreams REYNOLD KELM DENNIS KENT WANDA KENT Nafional Honor Socie+y 3 LINDA KIMBRELL Nahonal Honor SocieIy 3: u en? Council I, 2, 3, Treasurer 3: Cheerleader 2, 3, Head Cheerleader 3: Honorary S+arIe+ 3: Blue Jackefs I, Honorary 2, 3: Office I, 2: FooI'baII Prin- cess I, 2, Queen 3: Valen- Iine I, 2, 3: Co+Ion Bowl Candidafe 2 MARSHALL KINARD CHARLES KING AH' CIUIJ I, 2 As is obvious, drum rnaiors are nor chosen by their IooIcs, JOHNNY KNAPP CHARLES KNIGHT FLOYD KNIGHT Band I, 2. 3: N.D.C.C. Band Reserves PEGGY KOCIAN Nafional Honor Socieiy 3 S+udenI Council 3: Home room Oificer 2: SIarIe+s 3 Blue Jackefs I. 2: Con cerr Choir 3: Opererfa 3 Y-Teens I: Library I BILL KRUEGER "B" Poolball I: Junior Red Cross I LOUISE KUYKENDALL Fulure Nurses3 ROSE LAMINACK Nalional I-lonor Sociely 3: Srarlers 2, 3' Blue Jackels I, 2, 3: Senlinel Slalf I, 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 2, 3: Tlwespians 3: Senior Play: Y-Teens If Office I: Valenrine Prin- cess 3: Eulure I-Iomernalaers 3: Miliiary Swee'rl'1earl3 JIIVIIVIIE LANCASTER "B" Eoolball I: Key Club 3: Los Ernlnaia- dores IgTracIc I: Baslcelball I. 2 BETTY LaRUE Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3: Fulure I-lornernalcers I, 2 3: Allied Youln 3: Junior Recl Cross I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2 BETTY LASWELL Nalional I-lonor Sociely 3: Homeroom Ollie cer 2: Blue Jaclcels I: Junior Acliievernenl I: Lalin Club I, 2: Junior Red Cross I: Oilice 2 Seniors Have Eyes I WAYNE LATI-IAM iii I Sludenl Council I, 2, Alrernare' "B" Poole ball I I Cl-IARLES LAWRENCE Senior Play: N.D.C.C. I, 2. 33 Cadel Ivlaior, N.D.C.C. Band I, Drum Ivlaior 3, Inslruclor Slail 3: Woozencrail Drill 3: Mill Drill Team 2 3: Company Commander 3: Color Serqeenl 2 , E12 STEVE LAWRENCE Sludenl Council I: I-lorneroom Officer I: Concerl Clwoir I, 2, 3: Operella I, 2, 3, Leads 2, 3: Tlwespians 2, 3. Four-Slar Tlnespi- an: Junior AcI1ievernenl2: Junior Red Cross 2, 3: Dallas Science Fair, Tlnird Prize 2' Boys Biology, Second Prize 3 - LANA LAZA - I-lomeroonn Oliiicer I. 2, 3: Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3: Senior Play, Make-up: Eulure Nurs- es 3 PAT LAZARUS 3 BoBBY LQBLANC Concerl Clioir I, 2, 3: Operella I, 2, 3: Tlnespians 3: Senior Play: Deloare 3: Junior Acliievernenl I, 2, 3: Cljemislry Club I, 2 3: Bolany Club I, 2, 3, Reporler 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Proieclionisl 3: Track I, 2 rr 54 JUDY LEE Homeroom Oiiicer 3: Band I, 2, 3: Oper- eila Scenery I, 3: Orclweslra 2, 3: Senior Play Scenery: Biology Club 3 TIM LEE Narional Honor Socieiy 3: Sfudenr Council 3: Ouill and Scroll 3: Tlwespians 3: Debale 3 ILL LEE and I, 2 3: Opereria Orcliesrra 2: Sen- or Pley: Junior Acliievemenl I, 2, 3, Presi- enl 2, 3: Senior Pub: Dance Band 2, 3 I I AINITA LEFLER ARBARA LEM LEY Llalional Honor Sociely 3: Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3, Board 3: Los Embaiadores I: Y- leens I, 2: OIiice3 LARROLL Lemons 3Iue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: Los Ernbaiadores I Fixed on Fufure JANE LEMONS Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Blue Jaclcels I: Clinic I DEWEY LEWIS I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2, 3: Tliespians 37 Senior Play: Key Club 2, 3: Lalin Club 2: Track 2 LYNITA LEWIS Homeroorn Officer I, 2, 3: Srarlels 2, 3: Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3: Opereila 3: Senlinel Slafl: 3: Quill and Scroll 3: Eufure Home- malcers I: Y-Teens I, 3: Office 3: Milirary Slaii SweeII1earI3 RUTH LEWIS Blue Jaclcels 2, 3: Orclwesfra I, 2: Eulure Nurses 2, 3: Allied Youilw 3: Clinic 2, 3 BARBARA LINDSEY Nalional Honor Sociely 3: I-Iomeroorn Ol:- ficer I, 2: Band I, 2, 3: Senlinel Slafli 3: Ouill and Scroll 3: Lalin Club I, 2, 3: J.C.T.C. 2: Eufure Homemakers 2: Eulure Teachers I: Yeleens I: Library 2, 3: Band and Slarlel Capers I, 2, Band Slriow 3 STEPHANIE LORD Blue Jaclcels 2: Concerl Clwoir 3: Eulure Homernalaers I: Y-Teens I: French Club 3 55 SANDRA LOVELACE CAROLE LOVELL JOY LUCAS PAULA LUCKY Naiional I-lonor Socieiy 3, Blue Jacliefs I, 2, 31 Y- Junior' ACI-,gevemenf 27 Senior Assembly Siudenl COUUCII li 22 Teens l. 2 Fuiure I-lomemalaers 2 Cheerleader 31 Siarleis 2: Blue Jaclceis I, 2, Board 23 Tlwespians 33 Laiin Club 23 Office I. 2, 3: Valeniine Princess I, 3: Pooiball Princess 3, Miliiar Prin- ' ' ' 3 I Senior Spmi I il BARBARA MCABEE JAMES MCANALLY BRYAN MCBEE l Naiional I-lonor Socieiy 3: N.D.C.C. 2, 3. 2nd LI. 3, N.D.C.C. I ,2, 3 Blue Jackeis 2, 3, Allied lnsirucior Siaii 3 Youfli 35 Junior Red Cross 21 Y-Teens Ig Oiiice 3 JOYCE MCDANIEL , PAMELA MCDONALD Naiional I-lonor Socieiy 2, Band I, 2, 31 Opereiia, 37 Blue Jaclceis 2, 3: Prop Chairman I, 3. V I B , Opereila, Cosiurnes 27 Make-up 2, Orclieslra 3: ere eeson receives a plaque lor D.E. LOS Embaladores IV 2: -I-hespians 2' 3: Debdfe 3: J.C.T.C. 3: Fuiure Horne- Junior Acliievemenl lg DAVID MCCARLEY LINDA MCCRARY malcers 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 3: Junior Red Cross 2: Band lqlomfroom Ollmeri LOS Blue JGCIISIS l- 21 37 Y' Junior Red Cross I7 Clinic and Siarlei' Capers 2 Erribaledores I, 2 Teens 2 2 I I l I I CONNIE McDOWELL Nafional Honor Sociefy 3' Band I, 2, 3, Council 2 Secrefary 3: Orclwesfra 33 Los Conquisfadores 2: Y- Teens I, 2, 37 Office 2, 3: Band and Sfarlefs Capers 2 Runs High RONNIE McDOWELL CHARLES McG-INNIS BILL MCKINNEY RITA MCKISSACK MARILYN MCKITTRICK Nafional Honor Sociefy 37 I-Iomeroom Officer I: Blue Blue JGCIKSIS 2, 3i AFI Club Sfudenf Council 2, Alf.: Jaclcefs 23 Band I, 2, 3, 3? Fufure l'lOTTI9fTlGli6FS 2, I-lorneroorn Officer 2, 3: Council 3: Orclnesfra 3: 3. Secrefary 3: Fufure Blue Jaclcefs' Sfudenf Di- Los Conquisfadores I7 Fu- Teachers 3: Junior Red recfor 3: Concerf Choir I fure Teachers 3: Junior CFOSS 37 Office 2 2, 3: Opereffa I, 2, 3, Red Cross lg Yfleens I, 2 Sfage Manager 37 Thes- pians 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 3: Senior Play: Key Club I 2, 3, Board I, 2, Reporfer I 3: Track DAVID MCMURRY Homeroorn Officer 2? N.D.C.C. I, 2, 3: Rifle Team: Milifary Drill Tearn lg Clnernisfry Club 2 LAINIA MCMAI-'IEN Nafional I-Ionor Sociefy 31 Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: Oper- effe Make-up 3: Senior Play, Sfudenf Direcfor: Junior Red Cross 33 Y- Teens I, Office I: Library 2, 3 SHARON Mcl-IONE Nafional I'Ionor Sociefy 3' Blue Jaclfefs I, 2, 37 Senior Play, Make-upg Los Em- baiaclores I7 Fufure Nurses 25 Clwemisfry Club li YA Teens 27 Office 3: Pub Sfaff Sfage Manager Travis Clwrisfian and Sfuden? Direcfor Lana McMal1en lwacl some sober and sopliisficafecl Iielp beliind flne scenes in flwe Senior play. JAMES MAGNESS Sfudenf Council I: Tennis Ig Los Conquisfadores I: I-Ionors in Mafln JOE MAJORS Nafional Honor Sociefy 3' Sfudeni Council 27 Ouill and Scroll 3 ROCKY MARTIN Cnernislry Club 2: Proieclionisl I, 2, 3: Safely Assembly and Brolherlwoocl Assembly JAMES MASON Nalional I-Ionor Sociefy 3: I-Iome-room Ol- Iicer 2: Band Ig Bolany Club 2 I-IAROLD MATTHEWS I-Iomeroorn Ollicer I: Concerl Choir I, Senfinel Shall It Junior Red Cross I, 2: Proieclionlsl I, 2 SHARON MATTI-IIAS Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3, Junior Acliievernenf 2, 3: J.C.'I.C. I, 2: Fulure Teachers I: Jun- ior Red Cross 2: Y-Teens I, 27 Office 3 GARY MAYS N.D.C.C. I, 2, Shall Sergeant Los Emba- iadores I: Proiec'rionisI3 MIKE MEADOWS I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2 58 The Year of Fulfillment PAULA HARRIS MARINO Blue Jaclcels I, 27 Junior Red Cross I, 27 Y-Teens I7 Ollice IBM 2,3 MAE MARSH BARBARA MARTIN ELLEN MARTIN Tennis I, 2, 3 CHARLOTTE MASSEY PAUL MASSEY Concert Clwoir 2: Senior Play, Props: N.D,C.C. I, 2, 3, Inslruclor Shall 3, Cade? Caplain, Drill Team I, 2, 3: Proieclionisl 2, 3 i I I I I Q I I I ILJDY METCALF 'Iomeroom Officer I: Blue Jackefs I: Eu- ure I-Iornemalcers 3: Junior Red Cross I, T 3: Y-Teens I DAVID MILLER jlafional I-Ionor Sociefy 2, 3: Sfuclenf Coun- 'il 2: Lafin Club I. 2,3 WIGI-IT MILLER IKE MILLER homeroom Officer I: Junior Achievemenf , 2 I lONNIE MILLER lafional I-lonor Sociefy 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 3: fudenf Council 2: I-Iomeroom Officer I: Zheerleader 3: Concerl' Choir I, 2: Oper- ffa I, 2: Key Club 2, 3, Secrefary-Treas- rer 3: Lafin Club I, 2, Vice-Pres. 2: Chern- fry Club 2: French Club 3 VAYNE MINYARD I The Completion of a Dream RAY MITCHELL Opereffa, Scenery 2: One-Acf Play, Sfage 3: Debafe 2: Junior Achievemenf I, 2, 3 SANDRA MITCHELL Sfudenf Council 2, 3. Alf. 3: Homeroom Of- ficer It Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: Senlinel Sfaff 3: Ouilf and Scroll 3: Thespians 2, 3: One- Acf Play Cosfumes 2: Lafin Club I, 2: Office 2 DAVID MONICO "B" Foofloell I: Proiecfionisf I CHERRY MOODY Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Sfudenf Coun- cil 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3, Board I, 2, 3: Concerf Choir 3: Opereffa 3: Torch Sfaff 2, 3: Ouill and Scroll 2, 3: Senior Play: Los Conquisfadores I, 2, 3: Junior Red Cross 2, 3: Pub Sfaff: Senior Assembly BEVERLY MOORE Sfudenf Council I, 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Secre- fary 3: Homeroom Officer I, 2: Blue Jeclc- efs I, 2, 3, Board I, 2, 3, Mosf Oufsfand- ing Blue Jaclcef: Torch Sfaff 2, 3: Ouill and Scroll 2, 3: Milifary Sweefhearf: Lafin Club I: Los Ernbaiadores 2, Secrefary 2: Foofball Princess I, 2, 3: Valenfine Princess I, 2, Oueen 3: Favorife I, 2: Secrefary of Senior Class CHARLOTTE MOORE 59 PAULA MOORE JOYCE MOORMAN Eu+ure I'IomemaIcers3 Mfg, Menfon gampes Senior nornemaking gIfIs' cooking. RONNIE MOTTWILER DEE MULLENIX LARRY MORGAN KAREN MORRIS SIarIeIs 3: Blue JacIceIs I. 2: Los ConquisI'adores I: Yffeens I Seniors Discover Key SUE MORRIS Na'rIonaI I-Ionor SocIeIy 3: I-Iomeroom OfIIcer I, 2: BIue JacIce'rs 2, 3: Los Em- baiadores I, 2: J.C.T.C. 3: Eufure Homemakers 2, 3: Junior Red Cross 2: Offlce AssIsI'anI3 RONALD MORROW NaI'IonaI I-Ionor Sociefy 2. Presidenf 3: SI'ucIenI Coun- cil I, 2. 3: "B" Foo+baII I: "A" EooIbaII 2, Co-Cap Iain, AII-Disfrici' 3: Key CIub 3: Lafin CIub I, 2: French CIub 3 I I OSCAR MURPHY JOE MYERS MICHAEL NEAL RONNIE NELSON Nafional Honor Sociefy 3 Homeroom Officer I, 2, 37 Los Conquisfadores, I P.A.S.F. Chairman 3 Io Success ls Service NANCY NORMAN Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: SfarIefs 3: Blue Jacicefs I, 2: Los Embaiadores I, 27 Eufure Teachers I: Junior Red Cross Ig Office Assisf- anf I, 2, 3: Band and Drill Capers 23 Senior AssernI:nIy DAVID NORRIS A. L. NORRIS Mosquifoes plague fne senior cI1eerIeaders af 1'I1e Infrasquad game SUE ELLEN NORRIS Fufure Nurses 33 Fufure Homemakers 3 GAYLA NORTHCUTT Horneroom Officer I: Blue Jackefs I, 2. 3: Eufure Homemakers I, 3, Treas- urer 27 Clinic Assisfanf Ig Library Assisfanf 3 CSAIL ODEN Sfarlefs 3: Blue Jackefs I, 25 AIIied YoufI'1 27 Office Assisfanf 3 NANCY CAROL SLAGLE PALMER Ari CIub I, 2i D.E. I, 2 NOREEN PARKER HELEN PARMLEY Naiional Honor Sociefy 3: BIue Jackeis I, 2, 3: Senior PIay UsIiereHe: Euiure Homee makers I: Oiiice I, 2, 3 NANCY PARRISH Homeroom Officer I, 2: BIue Jackeis I, 2: Eurure I-Iomemakers 3: Junior Red Cross 2, 3: Y-Teens I:CIinic3 CHARLES PARTAIN Homeroom Officer 3: Conceri Cboir 3: N.D.C.C. I, 2, 2nd LI. 62 PATRICIA O'KEEEE Euiure Teachers I: Office 2,3 BEISY ORDEMAN I-Iomeroom Officer 2, 3: SI'arIeIs 2, 3: BIue JacIceIs I, 2: Senior Play: Los Embaiadores I: Office I: Library 2: Brorlnerhood Assem- bly 3: SIarIeI Capers I, 2: Senior Assembly CLIFFORD ORRILL BILL OXLEY I-Iomeroom Officer I: Laiin Club I: Chemise Try CIub 2 ADDIJO PANGLE SIudenI Council I, 2, 3, AII., I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2, 3: Senior PIay: BIue Jackeis I, 2, 3, Board 3: Los Embaiadores I: OI- iice I: Cbairman of VaIenIine Dance: Sen- ior Pub JOAN PARKER Blue Jackeis 2, 3: Senior PIay UsI1ereII'e:, Eufure I-Iomemakers 3 The More You Knowp The Easier CI-IERYL PATRICK I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2, 3: Blue Jeckeis I 2, 3: Ar? Club I: I:uI'ure I-Iomernakers I VRAVIS PATRIDGE BILLY PATTERSON Opere-Ha 2 SERALDINE PATTERSON KENNETH PATTERSON I Thanlcsqiving AssemI:9Iy 3' "B" Band I 2,'3 ALEN E PATTERSON If ls fo Add fo Your Knowledge 4 I I KENNETH PEARCE "A" FooI'baII Team 2, 3: "B" FooIbeII I NANCY PERKINS NaIIonaI Honor SocIeIy 2, 3: I-Iomeroom OIfIcer I, 2, 3: Blue Jackefs I: Los Con- quisfedores I, Pienisf 2: Concerf CI'1oIr 2, Secrefery 3: Opereffe 2, 3: Thespiens 3: Y-Teens Ig Pub SIGII CURTIS PERSON I-Iomeroom OIIicer 2,3 JOI-IANNA PETERS Junior AcI'1IevemenI 2 RONNIE PETTY Neiional Honor Socie-Iy 3: Senior PIay: "B" EooIbaII, Mgr. I: Opereffa 3: Key CIub 2, 3 Lain CIu I ' I' 'I 2 ' Assembly b 3 Proyecwoms . 3: Sensor 63 DORIS POWELL LINDA JEAN POWELL RONNIE POWELL BRENDA POYNOR Sludem' Council I7 Blue Jaclceis I, 2: Junior Aclwievemenl Ig LeI'in Club I, 2, 37 Clwemisiry Club I: Junior Red Cross 2, 3i Y-Teens I, 2, Office 3: Library I, 27 Sier- Iels I, 2 JOHN PRETTYMAN Homeroom Olrficer 2: Band Ii N.D.C.C. I, 2, 3, Ins'I'rucIor 3, Iviaior 3 ROBERT PRICE Serifinel Slafl 3: Ouill and Scroll 3: N.D.C.C. I, 2, 3. Drill Team I, 2, Meior 3 64 KAY PIERCE MARIE PIERCE Sludenl' Council I, All.: Homeroorn Olli- cer 3, Girls Chorus I, 2 SHELIA PIKE Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Slucleni Coun- cil I: Horneroom Officer I: Blue Jackels I, 2, 3, Board 3i Los Conquisiadores I: Bible Award I Wim Piwsou Homeroom Officer IQ Band I, 2, 3: Junior Aclnievemenl I: Lalin Club I: Ari' Cluki I, 2: Fulure Nurses I, 2,3 l ILA PoPE TOMMY POUNDS I Nalional Honor Sociely 33 Horneroom OI- Iicer 27 "A" Beslselloall 2, 3, Lellerman 2, 3, All-Cily 3, Capiain 3 A Yeail I I JOYCE PRUITT SHIRLEY PRUITT lNafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Sfudenf Council I: Sfarlefs 2, 3: Blue Jaclcefs I: ILos Embaiadores l: Allied Youfli I: Junior Red Cross 2: Y-Teens I: Office 3: Frenc? Club 3 DAVID PUETT Band 2, 3: Concerf Choir 2, 3, Firsf Df- vision in Solo Confesf: Orcliesfra 2 I LEN PYLE omeroom Officer 2: Los Embaiadores I, ,2: Cliemisfry Club 2: Baskefball I, 2 ON RAY OUINN N.D.C,C. I, 2, 3, Drill Team I, 2, 3, ln- Lfrucfor 2, 3, Company Commander 3, nsfrucfor Sfaff X.O. 3, Lf. Col. 3 IO ANN RACULIA Nlafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Homeroom fficer I, 2: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3, Board : Concerf Choir 3: Opereffa 3: Allied ,oufI'12:Y-'l'eens3 bf Decision I JOHNNIE RAGSDALE Band I, 2, 3, Concerf Band 2, 3: Senior Play: Junior Achievemenf I, 2, 3: Band and Sfarlef Capers I, 2 JEAN ANN RAY Homeroom Officer 2: Junior Red Cross 2, Alfernafe JOE RAY Concerf Clnoir 2, 3: Opereffa 2, 3: Arf Club I CYNTHIA READ Nafional Honor Sociefy 2. 3: Horneroom Officer I, 2, 3: Sfarlefs 2, 3: Blue Jackefg I, 2: Opereffa Cosfurne Designer 2, 3: Tlwespians I, 2, 3: One-Acf Play Cosfurne Coordinafor 2, 3: Senior Play Cosfurne Designer, Casf: Lafin Club I, 2: Office 2, 3: Frenclw Club 3 CLIFTON RECHENTHIN DIANE REES Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3' Senior Play, Uslwereffe: Allied Youflw 2: Junior Red Cross 3: Y-Teens 3: Pub Sfaff 65 CAROL ROACI-I Y-Teens 3 LARRY ROBERTS JOE ROBERTSON LINDA ROBERTSON i Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Sfuclenf Coun- cil 2: I-Iomeroom Officer' 2: Sfarlefs 2, 3: Blue Jaclcefs I 2 3' Los Ernba'adores I J.C.T.C. 2, 3: Llunlor 'Red Cross I: Y-Teens I. 2: Office I, 2, 3: Library 3 JOYCE ROBINSON GERALD ROEBUCK 66 ROSALYN REEVES Nafional I-lonor Sociefy 3: Sfuclenf Counci 2, 3: Sfarlefs, Lf. 2, Capfain 3: Blue Jaclc efs I: Y-Teens I: Office 2, 3: Valenfine Princess 2, 3: Fao+baII Princess 3: D.A.R Candidafe 3: Coffon Bowl Canclidafe 3 Senior Class Treasurer JACKIE REID Sfudenf Council Presiclenf 3: "A" Foofbal 2, 3: "B" Eoofball I: Los Ernbaiaclores 2 Senior Class Vice-Presidenf: "B" Basebal I: "A" Baseball 2, 3: Junior Favorife , REX REYNOLDS I-lomeroom Officer I W I 3I RONNIE REYNOLDS Band 3: Concerf Choir 3: Opereffa I, 2, Junior Aclwievemenl' I, 2, 3: Office 2, 3 BARBARA RI-IYNE I I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2, 3: Sfarlefs 2, 3 Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, 3: Lafin Club I, 2, 3 Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Office I. 2, 3: Sfarlel Capers I, 2: Senior Assembly LINDA RIDDLE Nafional I-Ionor Sociefy 2, 3: Blue Jaclcel I, 2, 3: Lafin Club 3: Fulure Homemaker 2, 3: Allied You'Il1 2: Office 2, 3 Graduation - The DAVID ROGERS "B" Foolball Team I: Cliemislry Club 2: Junior Red Cross I: Traclc Team I. RANDALL RUDOLPH SHIRLEY RULE Sludenl Council 3: Office Assislanl I LEONA RUSH Nalional Honor Sociely 2, 3. Sec. 3: Home- 'room Officer I, 2: Sfuclenl Council 3: iSI'arIeIs 2, 3: Tliespians 2, 3, Pres. 3: One 'ACI Play 2, 3: Senior Play, Lead: Debafe I2, 3: Lafin Club I, 2: Office I, 2, 3: French 'Club 3: Besf Supporling Adress '6I-'62, VALERIE RYLE DORIS SAKIS Band I, 2, 3: Operelia I, 2: Orclweslra I, 2,3 Beginning or fhe End? DONNA SALOMON Blue Jaclcefs 2, 3: Junior Red Cross I CHARLES SAMFORD Bancl I, 2, 3: Pub Slall JOHN SAMFORD Operefla I, 2: Orclweslra I, 2, 3: ND 2, 3, Color Guard I, 2, Rifle Team 2 3 Caplain 3 BOB SANFORD Track Team 2 JACKY SAXON ROLAND SCH ELL 67 ERNEST SCOTCI-I CHESTER ISCOTTYI JOYCE SCOTT CHARLES SEXTON "A" Fooiball 2, 3: "B" SCOTT Siudenl' Council I, 2: Fooiball I: Lelierman 3 Naiional I-Ionor Socieiy 3: Homeroom Officer 2, 3: I-Iorneroom Officer 2, 3: "A" Foolball 2, 37 "B" J.C.T.C. I: Allied Youili Foolball I: Junior Red Presideni 37 Junior Red Cross I, 23 Pub Sraif, Ad- verlising Edilor Cross I: Thanksgiving As- Sembly 3 Seniors JEANNE SI-IAMBLIN WANDA Sl-IAMBLIN . L . A M . f. Concerl Choir I, 2, 33 Homeroom Officer I, 2 Ciogkiideni Sparrans mov: on , TIW6 field al Tyler Io Iry Io bear Opermfa lv 2: Fufure Blue Jackefs I' 2' 3: of U 'II' Homemalcers I: Y-Teens I fice 31 Library3 FRANKIE SHANKLES JEFF SHEWARD PAT SHEPHERD DIANE SHERMAN Operelia Scenery 2. 3:Sen- I-Iomeroorn Officer I, 2i Opereifa Scenery I, 2, 3: ior Play Scenery 2, 3: Ari Operelia Scenery 31 Senior Senior Play Scenery Club 2, 3: Fulure Home- Play Scenery 33 Ari Club makers 2, 3 33 Junior Red Cross, AI- Iernaie JOHN SHEWMAKER NANCY SHOEMAKER JOYCE SIGMON LARRY SILMAN Band I, 2. 3 D.E, I, 2 NaIionaI Honor SocieIy 3: I-Iorneroorn Officer 3: Key ' Club I. 2, 3, PresIdenI 3: .I.C.T.C. I, 2: CI1emIsIry I CIub 2: Track 2, 3, I.eIIer- man 2, 3. Capfain 3: Ex- change Sfudenf Cornmif- Iee 2, ASSI. CI'1aIrrnan 3 Perfe cfion MARY ANN SIMMS JOHN SIMS "Bye Bye Birdie" was a success par'Ij because of II1e greaf sI'aqe crew headed by Bill McKinney, CORRENE SIPPEY CAROLYN SLATE ELAINE SLATE BETTY SMITH Blue Jdgkefg I, 2' 35 FU. I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2: Iure I-Iomemakerg 1' 2, 37 Blue Jacke+s I, 2, 3, Board Junior Red Crogg 33 Y. of Direcfors Ig Junior Red Teens I, 2, 3 Cross I, 23 Y-Teens I CRAIG SMITH Disfribufive Educafion 3 CAROLYN SMITH Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Sfuclenf Council I, 2, Alf.: Homeroom Officer I, 2. 3: Band I, 2, 3, Vice- Presiclenf 3, Council I: Opereffa 3: Thespians 3: Lafin Club 2, 3: Fufure Teachers I. 3: Y-Teens I: Thanksgiving Assembly 3 DORIS SMITH Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Sfudenf Council I, 2: Sfar- Iefs 3: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2. 3: Senior Play. Chairman of fhe Program Comrniffee: Y-Teens 3: Office, IBM 3: Milifary Princess I DOUG SMITH Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Opereffa 3: Junior Red Cross I: Los Conquisfa- dores I, 3: Bible Credif I I I . Scholarship WHI1 JANET SMITH Homeroom Officer 2: Blue Jackefs 2: Junior Achieve- menf I: Y-Teens I: Office 3: Band and Sfarlef Cap- ers 2 OMEGA SMITH Blue Jackefs I, 2. 3, Board 3: Eufure Homemakers 2, 3, Presidenf 3 LAWANA SMITH Blue Jackefs 2, 3: Y- Teens I. 2: Office I. 2 NORMAN SMITH Senior girls have a Icnaclc wifh singing sars hair. RICHARD SMITH ROBERT BOYD SMITH ROBERT LONNIE SMITH Horneroom Officer I, 2: Chemisfry Club 2, 3: Pro "A" Foo+baII 2. 3. Cdplain iecfionisf I: Bible Award 3: "B" Foofball I: Los Em I baiadores 2: "B" Baseball I: "A" Track 2 I I RONNIE SMITH Band I. 2, 3: Junior Rec Cross 2 I I I Comes Anticipation WILLIAM SMITI-I Sludenl Council 37 I-Iomee room Officer 2. 3: Heac Clweerleacler 3: Senior Play. Lead: Lalin Club 2' J.C.T.C. 2: Ciiemisiry Club 2: Frenclw Club 3: Broilwer- Iwoocl Assembly 3. LARRY SMYERS Band I, 2, 3: Senior Pla, JANET SMYLIE Naiional Honor Socieiy 3 Siarlels 2, 37 Blue Jaclcer I, 2, 3: OrcI1es+ra 2, 3 Tlwespians 2, 3: Senior Play Debale 3: J.C.T.C. I, 2 3: Clnernislry Club I: Of ,iice Assislanl' Ig Inier scliolaslic League-Girls Persuasive Speech SALLY SPEARMAN Blue Jaclceis 2, 3: Debaie 3: Lalin Club I: Ari Club 3: Allied Youilw I, 2, 3' Y-Teens I: Library Assisi- anl 3: Pub Slaif CAROL STACKS I-'Iomeroom Officer I7 Blue Jaclce-is I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I LINDA SPEIGI-IT EAYE STANLEY SI-IARON SPEIGI-IT Sludenl Council Ig Horne- room Officer 2: ConcerL Choir 2, 3: Oper Lia 2: Senior Assembly 3: Ameri- can Educaiion Week 2, 3: Cnrisimas Program 2, 35 Invilalion Commifiee 3 DALE STAYTON Sludenl Council 2, 3 I-Iorneroom Officer Ig Siar- Iels 2, 3: Blue Jaclceis I, 2 Tliespians 3: Y-Teens I Clinic Assisianf I, 2, 3 BILLY SPROULE KAYE S'I'EPI'IENSON Siudenl Council 27 Band 2 3: Orclweslra 2 BRENDA STRIPLING Blue JackeIs I, 2, 3: ConcerI I, 2, 3 OpereIIa I, 2, 37 FuIure Homemakers I AIIiecI YouIh I: Y-Teens I, 2: OIIice ASSISI anIg Pay Assembly 3 DIENNA SULLINS NaIionaI I-Ionor SocieIy 3: 3: SIudenI Council I, 2: S+arIeIs 3: Blue JacIceIs I, 2, 3 SenIineI SIaII 37 Quill and Scroll 3 BEVERLY SWEAT NaIionaI I-Ionor SocieIy 37 I-Iorneroom OI- Iicer 3: EuIure Hornemakers 2: OIIice AS- sisIanI I, 2, 3: InvIIaIion Comn'1iIIee 3 Senior Pub 3 GLENN TAYLOR DONNA TENERY NaIionaI Honor SocieIy 37 Horneroom Of Iicer 2: Blue .IacIceIs I, 2, 3: EuIure I-Iomemakers I: OIIice AssisIanI 2. 3 CLARENCE TESCI'I N.D.C.C. I, 2, 3. Drill Tearn SIaII I, 2, 3 ISI LI. 72 DAVID STEVENS LARRY STEVENS DANNY STEWART NaIionaI Honor SocieIy 2, 3: SIudenI Council I: Homeroom OIIicer I, 25 "A" Foofball Team Manager 2, 33 "B" FooI- ball Manager 2, 3, "B" BasebaII Manager AnIhoIogy I, 2, 3, EdiIor I, 23 "A" Base- ball Manager 2, 3, "B" BasebaII Manager Ig French Club 3 GLORIA STIDGER MARY STILES NaIionaI I-Ionor SocieIy 33 I-Iomerogm Of. Iicer I, 21 Band I, 2, 33 SenIineI SIaII 3 LaIin Club I, 2, 3, ReporIer 3: ArI CIUI: 2, 3. ReporIerg FuIure Teachers 3, SeCI reIary 37 Junior Red Cross I: Library AssisIariI 31 French Club 3, SecreIary LINDA STOLZ NaIionaI I-Ionor SocieIy 2, 37 Library ASI sisIanI 3 I JERRIE STOVALL Seniors PrepqfQ I 5 :P 'ATRICIA THOMAS Ia+ionaI Honor SocieIy 3: Blue Jackefs . 2, 3: Senior Play Make-up Commiffeer .os Embaiadores I: CI1emisIry CIUIJ unior Red Cross I. 2. 3: Y-Teens I 2 Dffice Assisfanf: Library Assis+an+ 3 HIRLEY THOMAS ATRICIA THOMPSON Iue JacI4e+s I, 2, 3: Ilied Youfh 3: Junior ANDRA THORNTON Ilue Jackefs I, 2, 3 POROTHY TIDWELL 'OMMIELU TOMPKINS Fufure Nurses 3' Red Cross I :Of College Life JAMES ToNicK GOII Team I GERI TOUPAL NaIionaI Honor Sociefy 37 Homeroorn OT- Ticer I. 3: Junior Red Cross I, 2, 3 Treasurer 3: Office AssisIan+ 3 PAUL TRAVIS Junior Red Cross 2 JUDY TRIBBLE BIue Jackefs I, 2, 3: Concerf Choir 3' Operefia 3i Fuiure Teachers 37 Y-Teens I GLORIA JEAN TUCKER LARRY TUCKER DE, 3rcI Place Salesmansnip Award 3: Prop Manager 2 MIKE TUNNELI. 73 JEANINE WADE Nafional I-Ionor Sociefy 2, 3: Sfudenf Coun- ciI 3: BIue Jackefs I, 2, 3: Concerf Choir 2, 3: Opereffa 2, 3: Senior Play: Los Conquisfadores I, 2: Y-Teens I: Office Assisfanf I, 2 LARRY WADE "B" FoofbaII Team I ANTHONY WAGGONER Nafionai I-Ionor Sociefy 3: I'Iomeroorn Of- ficer 2. 3: Key Ciub I, 2, 3: Los Conquisfa- dores I, 2, 3. Social Ciuairrnan 3: Junior Red Cross I, 2,3 ADELE WALLACE NafionaI I-Ionor Sociefy 2, 3: Sfarlefs 2, 3: Blue Jackefs I, 2: Concerf Choir 2, 3: Opereffa 2, 3: Fufure I-Iornernakers I: Junior Red Cross I, 2, 3, Reporfer 3: Y-Teens I: Office Assisfanf I JEAN WALLACE Sfudenf Council 2: I-iomeroom Officer I, 2: Senior PIay Prop Commiffee: Arf Ciub I, 2: Junior Red Cross I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2: Eufure I'IornernaIcers: Isf Place Winner Craffs Fair SYLVIA WALTERS Sfudenf CounciI I: Sfariefs 3: Blue Jackeff I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I: Office Assisfanf 3 GERALD WACASEY SGFIIOFS Gfeef "A" FoofbaII Team 2, 3: "B" Team I JUDY TURNER Biue Jackefs I, 2, 3: Junior Acfiievemenf I 2, 3: Arf CIuI3 2, 3: Eufure Nurses 2, 3' Junior Red Cross 2 BILL LITLEY I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2: "B" FoofbaII Tearr I: Los Ernbaiadores I: Ciiernisfry Club 2 JOHN VALENTINE Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: I-Iomeroom Officer 2: "A" BasIcefI3aII Lefferman 2, 3 AII-Cify I-IonoraI3Ie Menfion 3, Co-Capfain 3 R. D. VANDERSLICE Horneroom Officer I: Junior Red Cross I, 2: Sfudenf Craffs Fair Winner 2, 3 LARRY VELEZ Sfudenf Councii I: Band I, 2, 3: OpereffaI I: Tiwespians 2, 3: Senior Play: Debafe 2: 3: Lafin Club I. 2, Presidenf 3: N.C.T.E: Award Winner 1 SI-IERRY VICARS Concerf Ciwoir I, 2: Opereffa I, 2. 3: Senior- Play: Lafin CIub I, 2, 3, Presidenf 3: Ar'i Sciioiarsiwip I I 5 3, 3, is fi 2 2 REX WALTHERS 'lomeroorn Officer I: One Acf Play 3: Senior Play 3: Junior Achievernenf 3' NI.D.C.C., Drill Team I, 2, Maier Assisfarif I: Proiecfionisf 2 VARRY WATERHOUSE .os Conquisfadores 3 'ANET WATSON I ,IMMY WATSON ITEVE WATSON Jafional Honor Sociefy 3: Horneroom Of- icer I: "A" Foofball Team 2, 3: "B" joofball Team I: Clwernisfry Club 3: Traclc 7earn 2, 3: Besf Compefifor 3 QOI-IN WATTS lafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Horneroom Dfficer I: Band I, 2, 3: Lafin Club I, 2, 'ice-Presidenf 3 World Wifh a Smile RITA WEBB Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3: Concerf Choir I, 2 Treasurer 3: Opereffa I, 2. 3: Tlwespians 2, 3: One Acf Play, Besf-Supporfinq Ac- fress Zone 3: Lafin Club l, 2, 3: Fufure Teaclwers I, 2, Vice-Presidenf 3: Junior Red Cross I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I: Frenclv Club 3: Solo Conlesf I, 2. 3: Bryan Adams Speecln Tournamenf, lsf Place Duef Acfinq 3 ROSAMOND WEINBAUM Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Sfudenf Coun- cil I: Blue Jaclcefs I, 2, Board 3: Opereffa 2, 3: Los Embaiadores I, Presiclenf 2: Arf Club 2, Secrefary 3: Senior Pub Sfaff: Na- fional Poefry Anflnology I JANINE WELCI-I MARY WELCH ANITA WELLS Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Horrieroorn Officer, Secrefary 2: Senfinel Sfaff, Re- porfer 3: Ouill and Scroll 3: Los Em- baiadores l: J.C,T.C. 2, 3: Fufure Teacli- ers I, 2, Reporfer 3: Clwernisfry Club 2: Allied Youflw 2, 3: Office Assisfanf 3 ROSEMARY WELMACK ALAN WENZEL 75 TCDMMY WILBURN TRUETT WILBLIRN JUDY WILEY JUDY WILKEY Arl Club I MICKEY WILKINS BOYD WILLIAMS JOAN WEST Naliorwal Honor Soclely 2, 31 I-lomeroor OIIicer I, 2: Blue Jaclcels I, 2. 3, Pres. E Senllnel Shall 33 Quill and Scroll '31 Lc Conquisladores I7 J.C.T.C. 2, 3: Alllel Youlh 33 Y-Teens I RAYMOND WESTBROOK Arl Club I ROSE WEZEREK JAN ET WI-IATLEY I.C.T. 3 KENNETH WHISENHUNT I I-Iomeroom Ollicer I, 27 N.D.C.C. I, 2, 3 Cade? Ivlalorq Junlor Red Cross I I RONALD WHITE l Orclweslra 2, 31 Junlor Red Cross I: I-ll Liles Won 3rd Place In Slale Fair Talerf Conlesl CAROL WI-IITTINGTON a I I-lomeroom Ollicer I. 2: Band 2 3: erelfa 2, 3: Orclveslra I, 2, 3 NDA WILLIAMS afional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Blue Jackefs 2, 3: Senfinel Sfaff 2. 3, Eclifor 3: Ouill id Scroll 3: Lalin Club I, 2: J.C.T.C. 3, Reporfer 3: Fulure Nurses I, 2, 3, ufsfandinq Member I, Vice-Presidenf 3: Teens I, 2: Office Assisfanf lnferscliol- lic League Pirsf Place Winner Spelling id Plain Wrilinq 3, Fourfli Place 2: Sen- r Acfivifies Commiffee 3 IARSHAL WILLIAMS ,pereffa I, 2: Orclwesfra I, 2, 3, Oufsfand- g Senior, Presidenf 3: Arf Club I, 2 XBRA WILLIAMS E. I, 2 I R1. Y KILLIAM WILLIS and I 2: N.D.C.C. Company Headquarf- fs, 2nd Lf. MES WILLMAN " Foofball Team I, 2, Leffered, "Bl ofball Team I: Track 2, 3, Caplain 3 OB WILSON lafional I-Ionor Sociefy 2, 3: Sfudenl ouncil 3: I-lomeroom Officer I, 2: Key lub 3: Track 3, Leffered: Manager Foof- II 2, 3, Leffered 3: Manager Baseball, Elfered 2, 3 I I JOE WILSON Homeroom Officer 3: Senfinel Sfaff 3: : N.D.C.C, I, 2, 3, Drill Team I, 2, 3, Sfaff 3, Pirsf Lf. 3: Broflwerlwood Assembly 3 I JOHNNY WILSON Sfuden' Council I, 2: "A" Foofball Team 2, 3: "B" Faafball Team I: Junior Red Cross I: Baskefball I, 2: Track I, 2, 3, Leffered 2: Foofball, All-Cify Honorable Menfion End 3: Senior Acfivifies Commiffee PI-IYLLIS WILSON ' lnlomeroom Officer I, 2: Sfarlefs 2, 3, Jr. Lf., Sr. Lf.: Blue Jackefs I: Tlwespians 3: Y-Teens 3: Office Assisfanf I, 3: Clinic SANDRA WILSON Assisfanf 2 Nafional I-Ionor Sociely 2, 3: Sfudenl Coun- cil I, 2: Blue Jackefs I, 2, 3: Los Con- quisfadores 3: Los Emlaaiadores I, 2: Allied Youfli 2, 3. Secrefary 2: Y-Teens I: Office SHERRY WILSON Assisfanf 3 I'Iomeroorn'Officer I, 3: Blue Jackefs I, 2, 3: Opereffa 2, 3: Tlnespians 3: Senior Play: Junior Ackiievernenf, Vice-Presidenl 2, Presidenf 3: Fufure Teacliers 3: Tlnanksqiv- ing Play 3: Pay Assembly 3 PAT WOLTER Band Secfion Leader I, 2, 3: Concerf Clrioir 2. 3: Opereffa 2: Los Conquisfadores I, 2, 3: Pufure Nurses Chaplain 2, 3: Bofany Club: lsf Division Solo Conlesf: Old JIMMY WOOD Soufln Program 2 One-ACI Play 2: Debafe 3: N.D.C.C. I. 2. 3, Cadef Maior 3: Junior Red Cross 2: Easfer Assembly 3: American Educalion Week Program 2 3 naman Juouim WYCHE BOBBY YABBROUGH "B" Foofball Team I: Orclwesira I: N.D.C,C. I, 2, 3. Cadel Caplaini Junior Red Cross II Proieclionisl I JERRY YEAROUT Induslrial Cooperalive Training 2, 3 JOHN YORK N.D.C.C. I, 2, 3, L+. Col. 3 JACK YOUNG ROBERT YOUNG Los Embaiadores I, 2, "A" Baskeiball Team 2, 37 "B" Baslcelball Team I 78 SI-IURL WRIGHT RUSSELL WORK CONNEE WORTI-I EN I-lomeroom Officer I, Operelra I, 2p'Ser ior Flay Scenery: Arr Club I, 2: Fulur Nurses 2: Junior Red Cross I WILLIAM VVREDBERG Nalional Honor Sociely 2, Sluclenl' Counc: 2: I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2, 3: "B" Foo' ball Team, Junior AcI1ievemenl3g Lalin Clu 2: French Club 3, "A" Baskelball Team 3 "B" Baslcelball Team I: Nalional Meri Einalisl BRENDA WRIGHT Blue Jaclcels I, 2, 3, Senior Play: Junic Acllievemenl 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl' Sales I Personnel Direclor 27 J.C.T.C. 3: Eulun I-lomemalcers 3: Allied Youll: I, 37 Junic Red Crossf 2, 3: Y-Teens 3: Library A! sislanl 2, 37 Pay Assembly 2 JAMES WRIGHT I'Iomeroom Officer 2, Baseball 2, 3, "B Team I7 Baslcelball Team 2, 3, "B" Team JERRY WRIGHT I I The Year of I Enchanfmenf I The 1963 Senior Prom arious Samuell orqanizahons and achvifies are represemxe-d in fhe Grand March, h?ghliqhT of ihe Senior Prom, held af The Sherafon-Dallas Seniors cha? during iniermission This is The line-up for ihe Grand March. 79 A Time fo Remember Favoriles for 'lhe 1963 Torch were presenled al lhe Prom. Besides Samuellires, ofhers could be Seen al llle lables- Remember wha1'Mr. Malfhews said abou? drinking loo much of fha? punch, fellows! ,540 This is an example of +he beaming smiles found al all of The Tables, while Seniors enioyed one of The lasl 80 momenis To be had with olher Seniors. Bl x s-. . n ,Q 1. 'F K KQQIV- ...M . EU as M f ' 3- , N Y W W., M,,,M,.,3 ,, W, ,,,,,,k I-, ,WW Wg, ASQ .M ' Sf X 2 5322 N 9 ,MM Mamas 6 15 fkfsw as 1 VS? 'Vlfgv Q Y.: s "' , fill, 52 'Q'9'1A'- , ,s.wl"" , ' ., ... Q , .4 -5. -.., Q-. rg? ,, , K - X QL., M'-'Z J' na- . 1 'VG L X, ,, - 1. nasty- .4 "' ' Aa. :,'A bl.. ,- af 02 N' :Y "' gf 0' an-Q4 .,m.n, 5, ,f " ffm, fp W5 vw A, an 'K fs--' ,Q--.WR ' 1 Xp ,,,. 'v-J904' -W ,xy xr .W c-.ff iv 2. . H 1 , 1 Ai' ff 45. Q wav .mrs F' Fi S Q! my W f---W A lm ,jr 'QF' , ,, L V --av' ,mg , V...-,, A my P, -ai" 'f" vs M I , . v""""' '-',, ,M . ,M..mrf.....--M , .J - 1- 23,5 G n 4 2 4 2 , s - 5 .-5 , - ' f misfsbi ?z?ffg?'g?1:g'm.6,ff ' - i .E -vii, V- '- ':: ' E "C: 'viufw -w. V X 5 F .mf . li:,fl:, fngi?.TQ.g:Sf" -'LQQ'1wwj . E "gf if :H P' LK. gsgflfgigHz5x:yWff45,Er' f M ,,,....,. , , ,.,-wwf, . . . R .,gf,:f2.wv1'ff nv VV., I-,ifgs ,.. ,gt Jeux- ' G win an f, ,ff gf 4 A an was Magi NN 4.4- -. 1 - - va,- o"u" 'K ,L App ' Mfg- 'P I . qgfnfftr 4,1 1, ""! fs. s by QU., Q J UNI CRS ,www fm if Dari Allen Brenda Anderson Irrna Arce Mary Arqulnzoni Diane Ablbolr Mlke Abborr Susan Acker Skrirley Adair Beirye Adams Mary Adarns Jarnes A. Adkins Susan Adkins Carol Alexander Miclwael L. Alexander Mlke Alexander Vernon Alexander As Juniors Now We're Ready fo: Trina Arlnon Carol Arwood l Sandra Ayers Marle Bain l James l-l. Barnes Slnaron Barron l l l Suzanne Barfon Glenda Barger Barbara Beall Clara Beamer Kennellw Bealy Cynrlnia Bednarski 1 l Roloerl Bellon Edna Bellon R. Wayne Bene Richard Benner? Saraln Bennelf Kallrie Benson Lorella Benson Barbara Benlly Thomas Bell Bill Bellwune Buddy Bevill Tornmy Bisbee 86 Jesse Bean Paula Blackrnon Karen Bland Lee Blassingarne Ed Boudreau Judy Ann Boyd Carolyn Bradlield Marilyn Bradlielcl Michael Bradley Darnell Branlley Shirley Brewer Yvonne Brewer We All Agree . . . ur Senior Spree Sue Bronaugh Carol Ann Broolcs Marlela Broolcs Roberl Broolcs John Brulon Bobbie Kay Brown Deloris Brown Gregg Brown Mari Brown Ronald Brown Wallace Brown Jo Ruth Brownlow Sharon Bryanl James Burden Johnnie Burns Donna Kay Builer Herman Burler Linda Buller Linda Byrd Teresa Caldwell Juanila Calyerr Sherry Cannaday Donald Capps Mike Carqile 87 Palricia Bridges Alice Brimelow Peggy Briscoe Sandra Brockway Tlwe sludenl body supporls scllool spiril. Sandy Carpenler David Carler William Carler Alba-rl Carlledge Ricky Casady Cynllwia Casey Carolyn Casll Belly Caslle Lee Cales Brenda Causey Glenda Cause-y Manuel Cervanles Knowledge Slewarl Clnaney David Clark Evelyn Clarlc Linda Clemenls lvlarqarel Clonlz Jolwn Collman Nancy Collman Clfiarlolle Cole Linda Cole W. D. Conine Palricia Cook Roberl Cook Sllirley Cooley lvlarqarel Copeland Don Cop-pedge Belly Coslon Sleve Coucln Linda Covey Janel Cox Palsy Crall Bessie Jo Crain Priscilla Crane Beverly Crawlord Candi Crawford 88 Edirh Creek Larry Crisler Janelle Cross Sieve Cunningham Leslie Cure Mary Curlee David Curreni Harold Danlord Jimmy Daniel Roberl Darby Donna Dauglnerly Roberl Davenporr fself owerful Carolyn Sue Davis Dwiglwi Davis Tierra Sue Davis Ronald Davidson Ronnie Davidson Glenn Day Eddie Deering Palsy Derden La Rece Dickerson Clieryll Doclcens Mercedes Dominguez Brenda Donaldson Pai Douglas Hilda Drennan Thomas W. Duggan Carol Duke Anne Duncan Beverly Dunn Joyce Dunn Sally Eas'r Sandra Ealherly Pai Edgar Elaine Edwards Gary Ellior 89 Wliafl Blue Jaclceis wiili long faces Pearl Paul Rifa Sandra Brenr Bulcki John R1 Ellis Ennis Ensey Epps Erickson Erwin Elllefldge The Juniors Have Nanerre Linda Roy Larry fo Plan for Darlene Forrhner Farmer Ficklin Fewell Fisher Jeanny C. Fredrick Greg French Slnarron Frser Ginny Fuller Edward I-lerslnell Linda M F H d Florbak Flerclner Flowers ace U WOO Alberi Fulps Barbara Funderburlc Pal Gaddis Renie Glvorrnley Leslie Gillespie Lynda Gilmore Beverly Gipson Parricia Gisl' Belle Glover Elayne Garefalos Berry J. Garis Roloerr Garnell Judy Gailulin Gwen Galz Mary Galloway Bruce Billy Mike Bill Roma Mary William Gober Godwin Gralnam Graves Gray Green Green nofher Year lr Fufure Brenda Hall Jimmy Hallman Ann Cynfliia Gulnn Gunn P-we Tracy Ham Lonnie Clwarlolle Haas Haloel Janis Hamlin gave' Hammers Louise oria amrners Habla Carolyn Hammond Paul Hammond Roberl' Hancock Kenneili Hanes Suzane Hanger Roberl Harris Karen Harrison Phyllis Harrison Shirley Har'r Carolyn Carl Hackney I-lahnl Dianne Harling Allen Hariless Linda Harfy Eslrellila Harvey Danny Harwell Billy Hafler Nelda Hayman Lorraine Hearn Barbara Hemphill Bill Hendryx Judy Henery Don Henry Milce Henry Viclcie Henry Joe Henson Sharon Hereford Jimmy Herrin Buena Herringlon Roger Herringlon Bob Hesler Don Hesier Dennis Hevron Linda Higginbolham Doris Ann Hill Jennie Hill Charles Hodges Courlney Hodges Di-Ann Holley Larry Hollywood Thomas Hollywood Tuyla Hopkins Carol Lynn Horsley Nancy Horlon Larry Howell Diana Huckabay Gary Hoque Waller Hoque Kennelh Holland The Class The Junior Siarlefs have 39? fewer cavifies. of '64 Ken Jones Richard Jones Wanda Jones Robert W. D. Eddie, and Bulcki 'lake on nufriiion. Beverly K. Jones Beverly P. Jones Jerry James Jones Joann Jones Joan Jordan Sieve Joseph Anna Lee Kalb Sandra Karney Jo Lynn Karlous Geraldine Kellam Belly Kenl Mike Kessner Suzy Johnson Joye Johnslon Ronnie Johnslon Sarah Johnslon Linda Jolly Charles Hudson Jaclr Hughes William Hughes Kaye Hulsey Gracie Hunler Kalhie Hunler Sandra Ives Mary Jaclcson Sherrie Jenkins Carol Johnson Gerald Johnson Tommy Johnson Linda Lewis Lynda Lewis Marllwa Lewis Jim Loden Kalliy Long Candy Lord Jolin Loren Terry Lumpkins Lana Lyles Mike Mcfmally Carol Mc:Brayer Tommy McCain Vifaller Leavell Tomrny Lee Marie Leelli Judy Leqgelr Sheda Ueio Larry Lackey Ann Lanqiord Roger Lallnam Waller Laun Carolynn Lawson Slwirley Killian Shirley Kimlorell Dennis King Mike Kinney Carole Kreclc Alice Knbala By Lisfenind Corien Lay Lana Lay Marllwa Layne David Laza Sandra Lennox J. B. Leslie Diana Lewis Donna Lewis Ediili Lewis Audrey McCauley Allen McClain Ronald McCrory Scollie McCullough Doroilwy McCurdy Gladys McCurdy Kay McDaniel Frances McDonald Hazel McGouirlc Brenda McGowen Danny McGuire hey Learned Charlie McKenzie Tuanda McKefl1an Jerry McKown Marvin McKown Carla Mcl.augl1lin Melissa McRee Pam Magness Lindell Mann Jennifer Mansfield Alan Mardis Bill Marrior Edmund Marslvall Elizaloellw Marlin Gary Marfin Jimmy Marlin JaNeIle Mallingly Ernesf Mays Ronald Miles Brenda Miller Carol Miller Dean Miller Joyce Mifclnell Margarel Mixon Linda Mobley Yvonne Moncrief Alberl Monico Brenda Morrow Carol Morrow Sandy Mosley James Moon Becky Moore Curlis Moore Randy Moore Rebecca Moore Ronnie Moore Vicki Moore Gene Morgan Charlene Mormon Douglas Morris Geraldine Morris Joan Morrison Fate Ha Sfore fol Come on, gang, all logelher. h Sandra Naylor Suzanne Neill Bill Niendorlf Marfha Nelson Rifa Nelson Shirley New Johnny Neumann Barron Nowlin Donna Odorn Will O'l-lara Carol Olsowski Marie Oyerlurl: John Oxley Donny Page Belfy Parks Jan Parks Leia Rulh Parks Pairicia Parlcer John Murp y Palricia Murphy Ronald Nash J. G. Parrenl Nancy Paschall Sue Pafridge Adelle Pallerson lvlarlha Pallerson Phyllis Pallerson Susan Palzlce Sally Payne Daniel Peeler Jaclcie Pendlelon lvlarlha Penninglon Billy Penrod U Lof in These Juniors Rosa Perez Helen Perkins Don Perry Darlene Pelers La Juana Pellon Sandra Philips Whaf's wrong, Beverly? Donut you know 'lhe yell? Jack l-l. Phillips Margarel' Phillips Phyllis Phillips Jackie Piclcrell Lawanda Pierce Emma Lee Pollard Pamela Pollard Tommy Polls Don Powell Donna Preiean Ronnie Preslridge Johnny Prilchell Judi Procler l-lillon Michael Puclcell Mable Raburn Ivlargarel Rabun Roberl Ragsdale Sharon Ramsey 97 Evelyn Ray Sandra Redd John Reeder Belly Reed Devon Reed 4 , Ann Reeves Jimmy Reynolds Mickey Reynolds B, l-l. Rhodes Kay Rhodes Diana Ribble Wayne Richardson Charles Riddle Jane Riddle Skippy Rigsby Buford D. Rivers Ruby Rivers Billy Roan Charles Roberfs Gerald Roberls Linda Roberls Charles Robison Dianne Rogers Frank Rohner Linda Sue Romans Marlin Rosas Raylene Rudd Diane Rupe Barbara Rush Lealha Russell David Soloman Jayne Samples Donna Sandberg Diana Sanders Jo Ann Schlebach Charles Schullz 98 Philip Reeves Warren Reeves The Juniors Lack Oni l l K5 MWJA xx ka XAQAXMJ Carol Scofr Michael Shaddocli Barbara Shorl Eugenia Sims Nina Shipman Sruarr Shire Eddie Sinqleiary Mary Rulh Slafe Sfep fo Success 1 i Sandra Slauqhrer Berry Jean Smith Jimmie Smifh Karen Snow Sleve Speiqhls Doran Spinks James Slaclcs John Sracy Mike Sfanqlin Roger Sransbury Gloria Sfarek Ronnie S'oqrnan Ruenfi Slephens Kay Slephens Judy Srevenson Curlis Sriles Gary Srokley Susie Sronqebarg Mac Slrain Sydney Srrange Dennis Slriclcland Judy Sruarr Sharon Sruarl Judy Sublelr Sharon Sumner Larry Surnrow Pal Svoboda Bobby Switzer Douglas Sword Shirley Tabor GF 99 Marqarer Tarlron Don Taylor Eula Taylor lvlelodie Taylor Pamela Taylor Richard Taylor Roberl Taylor Brenda Teague Verna Teel Janie Thomas Linda Thompson Phyllis Thompson Richard Thornhill David Tichenor Sieve Tillery Cecil Townley Paul Traylor Sharon Trlica Josephine Trueblood Richard Tucker William Tucker Joye Van Ravenswaay Sherry Vaughn Lola Vaughan Milfon Vrla Thomas Wade Jack Vwfadley Barbara Walker Carolyn Walker Jean Turner Ronald Turner A. C. Tyler The Juniors Loolf T fo Being l-ley. Rilal No whislling in pep rallies! Forward on Top Wayne Wailcins Danny Waison William Weaver Linda Welcli Pal Welclw Roberl While Sue Vlflwile Sylvia Wlweai Wanda Wlweai Byron VVl1eeler Jerry Wlwiie Ronald Wlwiison Carolyn Willbanlis Mary Ann Wlwiiney Gne of our combos adds pep io flue pep rally. Barbara Williams Bruce Williams Connie Vfilliams Jerry Don Williams William Williams Pal Williamson Clara Wallcer Gaye Wallcer Marva Wallcer Nancy Wallcer Jolin Wallcins Kailwy Wall David Wallace Donna Wallace Judi Wallace Roloerl Vifaliers Jane Ward Sandra Warren Earl Jerry Mike Peggy Shirley Elizabelh Barbara Willis Willrnan Windham Winlnle Vxfinfers Wise Woolen Bobbie Veda Ann Billy Glenda Syble Carol Ann Wood Wood Woods Woods Wrighl Wriqhl Michael Jimmy Joey Wayne Margarel Joan Wray Yale Yales You nq You nl Zamrzla Palsy Walson I would like lo say 'this abou? fha? Lealha Russell is noi smoking. Juniors Juniors Kenny Jones, Sieve Joseph, and Charles Hudson pu? on lhe dog. Some people are born Smarf Junior Snaps "M-m-m, +l'1a+'s corny!" says Pal Bridges. miww Well, I didn'Ilweari++l'1aIwey! Paula. if I I'Old you and Susie once I fold you a hundred limes . . . Mr. Crook, Please! l'd rallwer play il' myself! SOPHCMORES Q 5 E V il if .E 3 S fx ii HE 4 K5 as 4 3 3 3 1 7 2 l 1 1 ', A 's' 1 'i s ' v ? I I 1 ' 1 1 f lvlargarel Belly Eddie Janice Joyce Ahles Adams Adams Adams Adams Lois Deborah Ronald Lynda Bobby Marie Alexander Allord Allbfivon Allen Aiken Gilloeri Allen Mary Allen Roberl Allen Glenda Allison Tim Nellie Adams Adee David Gail Allen Allen Class Julie Almquisi' William Anderson Slanley Anglin Charles Annis Linda Archer Erlene Armour Barbara Arrnslrong Marlha Armsirong Donna Ashley Elois Ashlon Ellen Alwood Brenda Auslaurn Glen Auslon Gloria Bacon Carolyn .Baggarly Judy Bailey Sandra Baker Sue Baker Karen Ballard Rolaerl' Bancroll Richard Banlcs James Baradziei Sieve Barnharl Beverly Barllell PGQQY Barlleil Ricky Bell f '65 June Blalock Sandra Bobo Sandra Bodiford Woodie Boqard Larry Bone Jerry Boon Linda Boyd Peggy Boyse Judy Bradlznerry Sandra Bradbury Londa Bradley Troy Bradley Sue Brand Benny Branlley Melba Bralclier Gail Bray Judy Brewer James Brigdon Janeflw Brink Lloyd Briscoe Peggy Brisendine Slwerion Broacln Ronnie Brooks Alice Brown Jane Jimmy Baics Ronald Frieda Bell Bennell Allan Carolynn Elva Linda Bavilnf Beard Becker? Belew Carla Donald Linda Gary Benson Berry Berry Binglvam Pamela Bird Rebecca Black Linda Blackburn Sliaron Blair l+'s probably a Sophomore sleeping in class. Linda Boller Slierrye Builer Paul W. Byars Donna Caldwell Mark Caldwell Belly Calhoun Paul Campbell Linda Canirell Vickie Cannell Don Carlelon Diane Carpenler Marslwa Casey Mike Casey Evelyn Casln Barle Cassan Jewel Cliaclwick Linda Clwapman Michele Chappel Kallwy Burns Mike Burl Beverly Burfon Karen Burron Bobby Buller Diann Bmler Linda Browning Ricky Brulon James Bryan? Lynn Bryanl Roberl Bryan? Mike Bubak Joanne Buck Ralplw Buck Donna Bufkin Melba Bullock Barbara Bumpass Perry Burnell They May Be buf Not Cl James Chernosky Thomas Cherry Richard Childers Valo Chrislensen Curlis Clemons Sharon Cody Viola Coilell Jerry Coqburn Charles Colcer John Cole Jimmy Coleman Phil Combs he Youngest All the Smallest Jerry Conley Donna Conn Marie Cook Sharon Coolcsion Judy Cooper Nancy Coslon l know my billltold is here somewhere! Billye Couch Michael Couch Alfred Cox Linda Cox Lequila Crabb Shirley Craig Lois Cranshaw Gary Crawford Jo Ann Crawford Paula Crayion Susan Criner Marlin Cross Cynlhia Cummings Jerry Cummings Sue Currenl Danice Dahl Carol Dallon Judy Dallon Wayne Dalion Pafli Dance Dean Darnall Vickie Darnall Anila Davis Barbara Davis Leonard E. Davis Marie Davis Mike Davis Sandra Davis Barbara Deason James De Ax Robbie Derr Belly Derrick Sandra Diden Linda Digby IIO Edward Daniel Phyllis Daniel Mike Darby Bobby Darr James Davauli' Jeaneile Davidson Carol Davis Charles Davis Diana Davis Phillis Dawson Deanna Kay Dean Dee Anna Dean Jeanne De Fee Sammy De Ford Lynn Denson James Derrick C. l-l. Dickerson Bill Dickerson Judy Dilbeck Debbie Dillard Danna Dillon oyal Sparfans Earl Linn Dixon Pal Doalc Dianne Dodson Kennelh Wayne Dodso Tommy Dollgener Brian Dorerhy Linda Douglas Garry Dozier Gary Duncan Nan Ellison Sandra Ellison Kalhy Emery Dale Erickson Kay Erwin Marcia Erwin Barbara Eubank Vicki Evans Charles Eain Roberl Eallin Janice Eallwell Olivia Fannon Jeri Dodson Judy Dodson FI Benjamin Dorsey Linda Dofson Francine Durham Joe Dyer Richard Edge Ronald Ellis Bobby England Larry English Marlha Erwin Charles Elheridge Sue Eair Judy Eairclolh David Earris Rosa Fein Barry Finklesfein Naflwan Finlcelslein Diclc Filcln Marilyn Flagq Connie Flanagan Diane Ferguson Dennis Freeman Dwain Freeman Paul Freeman Sandra Frencln Donna Frier Rose Marie Fryman Gloria Fugill Anna Fuller Linda Fuller Sreplwanie Fulliriqlon Slwirley Gaddis Donna Gardenour Vickie Gardner Gerald Garlinglon Kay Garnell Jimmy Garrison Perry Gaslon Jolin Galleys II2 Leon Folks Donna Ford Kallwy Ford Linda Forsyllwe Judy Fosler Slwerry Fosler Brenda Founlain Jill Fowler Sandra Fowler Palricia Franlclin Roberf Frazier Connie Freeland Nancy and Diana seem ro enioy being Sophomore Blue Jackels. Sophomores Get Info fhe Olw, l'm so embarrassed! wing of Things Norma Godwin Marina Golden Margie Goodell William Goolsby Sieve Gordon Larry Gore Slwaron Gorman Vicki Goss Bob Gowin David Grady Nancy Graham Gloria Gray Jerry George Palsy Gibson Bernice Giesy Ronnie Gillmore Sandra Gilmore Maitie Glover Mary Green Sally Greenwood Bobby Greer Carol Griliillw Linda Grimes Linda Grounds Alvin Gurnperi Tommy Gunler Karen Guy Slwerrye Guynes Marilyn l-laden Jolwn Hale Rena Hale Jeannie Haley Joanna Haley Eddie Hall Eddie Hall Jolun D. Hall Donnie Harvey Jerel Harvey Ellen Haller Clwarloife Hallon Eddie Hauerwas Mary Hause Michael Hawkins Max Hayden Carroll Hayes Pal Hayes Ckiarles Haygood James Haynes Huqlw Hays Helen Hearne Sandra Hendrick Gladys Hendrix Susan Hendrix Judy Henry Ruby Henson Jacky Herring Par Hess Slnirley Hicks Frank Hiegerl Dana Higginbollia II4 Kennern Hallmark Frances Hamilfon Linda Hansen Benira Hargrove Cecillia Harnrick Barbara Hancock Sandra Harness Carol Harris IT1 Dennis Pd? Sfeve lda Sara Jane Harris Harris Harris Harl Har Samuell Traditions Become C. W. Higgins Marllia Higlulower Milce Hill Slierry Hill Glenn Hill Lynn Hill Gloria Hilliard Susan Hinlon David Mary Sara Roberl Gary Finn Hobson Hodges Hollrnan Holcombe sophomore Sfandards Judy Hollaway Joyce Hollingsworrlw Kennefli Holmes Ricliard Holr Mary Hope Kennollw Horion Linda Horlon Pam Horion Juannell Housion Barbara Howard Palricia Howard Jimmy Howell Sandra Howell Lynda Hoyl Gene Huddlesion Judy Ann Hudson Linda Carol Hudson Linda Gail Hudson Hollis Huggins Linda Huglies Ronny Hulsey Gloria Hurnplwus Ronald Lee Hundley Palricia Hunsalcer II5 Roy Isaacs Shirley Jaclms Jimmy Jacobs Bill Janes Jimmy Jasper Cecil Jeffrey Larry Jefferson Linda Kay Jenkins Mary Ann Jenkins Paul Jenlcins Carolyn Johnson Jean Johnson Johnny Johnson Linda Johnson Carol Jones Edward Jones Harold Jones Joyce Jones Melanie Jones Milne Jones Genie Jordan Teresa Joseph Joe Jurcak Joe Kelly Linda Kelly Frances Kemper Eddie Kennedy Merrie! Kennedy David Kesfler Beverley Killingsworih X II6 ln every group going lhe wrong way 'rhere's always a Teacher. David Hurley Judy Hyde Knowledge I Kallnleen Kines Colleen King Olw. come on, Scralcli, lie won"r mind if we break up. ur Business Gayle King Jerry King Judy Ann King Ladelle King Larry King Brenda Kirkwood David Kniglnl Jerry Kniglnl Bill Knowles Rebecca Koppe Kallileen Krueger Laniia Kuelwner Bonnie Kulsclwuouslzy Larry LaDue Gerald Ladymon LaNelle Laird Shirley Lamb Linda Laminaclc Donna Lancasier Duane Lancasler Benny LaRue Slnyree Lailwam Delores Lawrence Nancy Lawson Linda Laza Tonya Leavelle Jerry Lee Buicln Lemons Mary Charlene Lenls Jean Levisay H7 Chesier McDonald Terry Mcliachern Riia Mc6ary Tommy Mci-largue Jerene McKay Bealrice Mclieehen Helen McKinney Roxie McKinney Henry McNair Darilyn McNeil Janice MCNLIH Douglas McQuaqge Sharon Maddox Jerry Don Malone Linda Marshall Saundra Marshall Beverly Marlin Cheryl Marlin II8 Charlolle Lewallen Ann Lewis Lynda Lewis James Lipsey Pal Lisrnan Linda Lifleral Yvonne Looney Connie Lovelace Durrell Lovell David McAfee Roberl McBride Palsy McCain Raymond Lewis Divid Linlhicurn Connie Lockrniller Sarah Lomis Jo Ann Luman Margarel Lyles Sara McClendon Paula McDaniel Sophomores Sfrivq 'or '65 is 7 John Marlin ' Charles Mason N , i M 1,1 , 1 l"fMike Mas h' ll l "l Wall',ei"lX7l!Zy ' Willie 'May Lynn Mayes Darlene Meeks Linda Mellon Donna Mercer Vickie Meredilh Shirley Miller Glenda Mills Cherie Minor Kafhryn Mlslcell Beverly Milchell Brenda Monroe Dorlhy Monlqornery Linda Moon Dernelrius Moore Fredna Moore Joyce Moore Norman Moore Par Moore Sondee Moore Susie Moore Darlene Morgan Larry Morgan Linnie Morgan Marlc Morgan Pal Morgan Larry Morris Linda Morris Marsha Moss Ray Moyers John Muenninlc Jorlee Mullcey Bill Murr Jucly Murray Sharon Nash Pano Naylor Johnny Neal Doris Nelson Linda Nelson Cheryle Newsome CGVOIYV' Eddie Elilabeih "Wlio, rne, poison lhe punch?" asks Kalerina Parks. Newlon Newlon Nqcholg Barbara Scofiie Ken Nicholson Judy Norrell Edwina Norris Joe Norlhcull' Wade Norrhculf Beifye Norvell Ronald Norvell Pele Norwood Marilyn O'Bryan? Dana Odom Gary Odom Johnnie Olsson Cecelia Opon Belly Orlield Eslher O'Riley Sharron Orrill Marsha Osborn Jim O'Shields Johny Overfurl Jr. Frankie Owens Linda Owens Sleve Paclcer Vernon Paclcer Sandra Painler Befrie Palmer I20 Nilson Nix Sophomores Aclius' Claudia Palmer Darlene Palmer Linda Panek Kaierina Parks Linda Parks Teresa Parks Jusl wail. i-le'll come back sooner or laier. Sue Jacqueline Sandra Parrnley Parnell Parsons Belly Gay Eugene Ronnie 'o High School Life Palierson Pailerson Pallerson lvlelba Pallon Allen Payne Lincla Payne Mike Pemberlon James Pendlelon Jeane Periman Brenda Perry Jerry Perry Linda Peierson Linda Pelerson Shirley Pelly Frankie Pieller Susan Phillips Nancy Pickard Karen Pierce Larry Pierce Marley Pierce Nickle Pinson Connie Piriie Alla Jo Pills William Plernons Elaine Pollock Becky Polier Dennis Powell Rodericlc Reynold Slnaron Reynolds Larry Rliodes Slwirley Risinger Karen Roberson Darlene Roberls Diana Roberls Pal Roberls Dorollwy Roberlso Jean Robinson c H Rose Marie Robison Larry Rodgers Rolnerl Rayburn Susan Read Leslie Reclor lvlarslia Reed Billie Kaye Reeves Sandra Reeves Jackie Lola Reid Linda Reil Cindy Reynolds Margie Reynolds Jolnnny Prilcliell Tommy Prudom Linda Pruill Sfeplnen Puclcell Sharon Pugli Bill Rrallwer Viclci Prallier Jirnr-ny Prenlice Slwaron Preslon Eddie Priclnard Jerry Prilclnell Bewilclered, Blushing Sophomores Donna Raqlin Carolyn Raqsdale Penny Randall Jeanne Ann Ray Barbara Rodriguez Ginger Rogers Larry Rogers Judy Roqillio Donna Rose Judy Rose l Linda Ross Marilyn Rudolplu Nancy Ruff Brenda Rush Larry Ruslwin Und Bashful Become Spartans Sue Russell Roger Ryan Diana Samford Paflie Sampson Rila Sanders Jerrell Sandlinq Mary Jane Scales Carol Sclwillinqs Claflwy Sclwmilf lg" Pam Sclwroeder Linda Scluullz Carol Sclmpbaclw Connie Scoil Sieve Scollr Carolyn Selby Slneree Sewell Dale Slwanlcles Larry Slwaw Diane Sheppard Linda Shepherd Camille Slwields Saralw Slwirley Brenda Slwoemalc David Slnorl' Randy Silman Linda Simmons SI' Donna Kay Simms Marie Simmons Milce Simmons Rila Simmons Sherry Simmons Sam Sims Sharon Sinqlelary Joy Slaqle Janeir Skains Kalhy Slaughler Barbara Smrlh Barry Srnilh Carolyn R. Smilh Calhy Smilh Charles Smilh Jimmy J. Smilh Jimmy Srniih Lincla Smiih Lynda Smilh Margie Smiih Marvin Smiih Everell' Sneecl Sharon Snellings Candy Sparks Delores Speighl Tommy Spellman Glenda Spence Shirley Spicelc Roger Slarnes Sharon Slalon Barbara Siegall Deward Sleqall Carolyn Siephens Donald Slephens Dawn Siewari Cynlhia Sienson Marilyn Sione Pegqie Slone Bobbie Slory Bobby Siovall Sophomores Are Doyle Slroud Danny Sullle Gloria Tharp Linda Theisen Rila Theisen Carolyn Thomas James Thomas Judy Thomas Sandra Thomas James Thompson Linda Thompson Judy Thorn Kalhy Thorn Diane Thurman Roberl Tldwell Sammy Tillery Larry Tiner Carolyn Toupal Brenda Tramell Rose Travis Dennis Traylor Jerry Troy , Terry Troy Gloria Tuclcer Danny Tucker Dorolhy Turner Larry Sloyall Danny Slrain Sandra Sfralher Charles Slringer Saundra Slrinqer Bellye Slripling Gary Suddrelh Philis Symns Grady A. Tail Bobby Tarlcinglon Glenn Taylor Palricia A. Taylor Peggy Taylor Sandra Teel Always Thinking Zachary Ward Belly Warren David Warren Diane Warren Terry Warren Linda Walers Sandra Walson Billie G. Weaver Wayne Weaver Jimmy Webb Joyce Webb Yvonne Weed Elaine Wesl Danny Weslmoreland Lesler Whalley Tommy Wheal Brenda While Penny Tumey Lela Ulrich Johnny Van Briggle Alvin Vanclerlord Bob Van Voasl Diane Van Zandl Sandra Vaughan Sharon Veslal Thomas Vines Veronica Volcilc Rolnerl Walcoll Nila Walker Alla Wall Donald Wallace Peggy Wallace Sleve Walling Bellye Kaye Walsh Nadine Ward Sophomores Are Diana While Hugh While Linda While Paula While Cynlhia Whilehead l26 Paul Wlwiiley Sandra Wlwiilow Slielia Wilburn Gloria Wilkins Judy Willeford Beverly Williams Diana Williams Don Williams James Williams Nancy Williams Linda Williscrafl Beilw Wilson Vicki Wilson Sherry Wimberly Judy Winslead Jackie Winfers Cailiie Willwerspoon Joan Woffo rd Bill Waldrop Glynda waaaall Belly Ann Woodlee Karen Woods Carolyn Woodside Nell Represented Norma Woody Roberi Woody Mike Woolbriqlwl' Callwy Woolsion Dennis Worllwen Larry Wray Carol Wriglwi Debbie Wriglwl lvan Wrigl1+ Janice Wriqlii Jolwn N. Wriqlwi' Judy Wriglwl Ricky Yaqqie Billy Young Linda Young Ronnie York Julie Ann Zamryla ACTIVITIES Bi-Disfricf Peg a ii w The foofball boys dress-up for ihe Bi-disfrlcf pep rally. 1 W. T. Whlfe is one of We speakers on dis+rIc'r program. 4 ihe Br- Coach Shaver, Defies Coach of Hwe Year, gives a pep falk To Hwe sfudeni body. Bally l Our dlsllnguislwed guesls, weerleaders from llwe Dallas lwiglw schools help losl' our sclwcol splrif. lvlr. Mallwews enjoys belnq applauded. Vlclory sougl'1llViclory won! 2--J 1z,ifemz.ff ,DK i All .,,. . . ,. ,- ' . 'K .fi7'i5i?' . .. .ew . , ws,-Q,--sg X , f .M Speaking fo flue sludenl' body, support. lvlr. Lanlwam urges learn I3I Crowning on The Blue Jackels welcome 'rhe visiiors wilh l-Il. Queen Linda Kirnbrell and her escorl Bill Smilh. 'T The Slarlels form a hearl' for The princesses, one ol whom will soon be queen. Miss Vining, sponsor of The Senlinel, and Carolyn Duggan, lhe l96l Foolball Queen, pose wilh The I962 Queen, Linda Kirgbrell. The band forms The figure 62. 2 ur Queen .... .. A perfed score for fhe crowning of e perfecf Queen. Samuel! exes enjoy Jrnemselves af fhe game. Queen Linda Kimbrell being crowned by fhe I96I Queen, Carolyn Duggan. This is an exdfing occasion for Queen Linda Kimbrell and her courf Foofbal Princess Beverly Moore and Demo Diones enjoy Their dance Jrogefner. SMILE! Donna and Don, you're on candid Pflmggss EUI5 Taylor and Jagky Reid Camera- leer records during flwe fooibell dance. .- F If seems Hue girls enjoy wafching The boys pay. The Queen, Princesses, and Hweir escorfs le' 'Hue Grand March. ' A as 93 Queen Linda Kimbrell and ner courf express 'rneir enioymenf wirn a smi!e. Mr. Fifclw is ine cenfer of arrenfion. - Dance 'rincess Connie Freeland seems more in- Orbiling around Samuell, Princess Sane leresfed in Johnny Johnson fhan she does clra Lovelace and Jerry Blaclcney. n lhe camera. n I ELM.. The Highlighls enlerlain lhe husky Sparlans. Rosalyn Reeves, fhe enchanled Princess, wilh her Prlnce, lvlllce Abboll, celina Publeo Dias, enloys her hrs Amerlcan school dance. l35 Our lorelgn exchange sludenf, Ar Q-W 2 2 "IFS noi' a roifen egg! l+'s hydrogen sulfide." "The Challenge of Change" "Does H fake such a big moufh fo qive such IIHIQ advice?" American Educafion Week h W i Larry Velez seems fo be causing frouble. 1 Arcelina is a Fair exchange. Pa+sy seems enhanced by John's piano playhnq. F Ginny Fuller and Charles Sexion resl before curirain Time. Thanksgiving Assembly Kenneiln Pairerson, as Willie, explains io ilie ollicer, Roger Herringion, 'll'1al'l'1e did noi sfeal any lurkey, Willie, Kenneiln Parferson, lells his moiher, Joyce Colgrove 'limi he will gel iliem a iurlcey lor Thanksgiving. Feeling pofaioes in Jrlwe living room! Lynn Garcia, as Gladys, seems to nave losi all inieresl in 'flue play. I37 Sanfc ft Christmas I guess you're going fo have +o learn fo be' good girl. Sandra. Whai kind of dance is ihaf? lliwki Ez' iiiifi-Cifii H n ' David, don'T you wish you could have some? e siudenfs seem io be enioyirig The combo. Comes Phe Pa rfy. l Helen leads 'rhe Hhully-gully." Larry receives his gill' from Sarnia Shaver Caughf by 'rhe camera, S+eve Puckell' appears slarfled. The Highlighls play for The Chrislmas Dance. iissmiim bl - IK Q s ,S ,N .Hi K 4 K E . 1 Q 2 8 J 3. .f Q ? H i The cas1'ol:l'l'1e"Blrds'and+l1e Boys" leflerman of '63, Co-caplauns pose wllh lhe Times Herald 'rropl'1y. l A Rifa keeps Reber? in lane. Va ri efy Pal Bridges seems 'ro be in love, and Carolyn Cloud Is iusl usual self. I4I Jackie Reid, Sfudenf Council President presid over 'Hwe Career Conference. Margo Rogers discusses a recepiionisi iob. Career Guy and Don qef acquainfed wifiw one of our guesrs. '42 Mr.Jesse Cardwelldiscussesieachinq asa career choice. Mr. Wooien of Hne Firs+ Nafional Bank is The quesf , ' 4 Conference rx C i T I T T ueen Beveriy Moore being crowned by lue Jackers Jimmy Hendricks. -wc- X x E -x We Sl ff'L 5, f .. .- rf., Sfudenf Direcfor of Qoooh!!1'rn so embarrassed. Beauty Reigns af 1963 Valentine Dance The W. W. Samuell Valeniine Queen nominees were selecred by Jrhe sfudenjr body. A repre- senrariye from each homeroom submihred eighr names To be presenred +o Jrhe srudenr body. Each sfudenr yored for Jrwo seniors, one junior, and one sophomore. The senior wirh +he highesr number of voies received The iiile of Valenrine Queen. The Queen's Courr, composed of Tour princesses from each of The Three classes, was selecied by popular vore. I43 Sophomore Princess Paula Wnife es' coried by Aiberi Carilege Cuties Bow fo Cupid 's Bow. I ,mv V at , Senior Princess Rose Larninack es- Junior Princess Diania Sanders es- coried by Alberf Monico Sophomore Princess Connie Lovelace coried by Wiiiiarn Wredberq Junior Princess Paisy Wafson escoried escoried by Roger Jordan by David Waiiace I44 Senior Princess Sandra Lovelace es- coried by Jerry Biakeney We wonder if Karan MorrIs's dare for The dance Is as Hgh? as his collar. Oh, Ohen, you flirt you say fhe nicesf rhlngz, Valentine Scenes Jimmy Hendricks em cees 1' h e Valenfinr Dance. 1 r Mr. Young plays The organ for The Corona- Hon. I46 5 fi ueen Beverly and her courf demonsfrafe fhe walfz. TH E CAST Senior Class 1963 Presents Pillow Talk l Characfers Jan Morrow ,,,,,, Brad Allen Jonaihan Forbes , Alma , Piero? , ,. Mrs. Wallers Tony Wallers Marie ,,,, ,, Eillen H, Yverle A , , Miss Conrad Supervisor , , Miss Dickenson goliceman essie ,, Mrs. Frosi Mrs. Ames graham Sirl in Club , Tilda , , Ann ,, ,, , , , Telephone Operalor Wailers ,, ,, Exlras Leona Rush Bill Smilh , John Dunlap Becky Cervanfes , Bill McKinney , Sherry Vicars , , ,s,, Larry Velez , Susan Faulhaber Carolyn Cloud Arcelina Publio Dias S Cynihia Read , Addiio Pangle Rose Laminack , s,,, Dalfon Ellis Rosemary Jarnagin , ,s,,,s Jane? Smylie Linda Bean Dewey Lewis Linda Caperion ,, , Helen Griffin , Jeanine Wade . Cherry Moody , Jimmy Hendricks Sherron Carlile Sally Spearman Ronnie PeHy Darrell Chapman milh and Leona Rush were The sfars ol "Pillow Ta I47 Senio This is wha? a kiss can do for you. "Really. my deah, your ideas are ioo, foo, divine." This is 'The modern way To carry woman. Tony, Larry Veiez, insulis his moiher's creaiive abiliiy. E D l l l l lay We s assisianl, Pierol, played by Bill McKinney, prepares 'io eller e Conference. Two oi l.eoria's Cuslomers come io her aparlmenl seeking advice on inferior decoraliriq. Smilh, playing Brad Allen, seems lo have a problem when lwo of his girlfriends up el lhe same lime. ,lonelheri Forbes, played by John Dunlap, is frying fe convince Leona lhel she should be in love wilh him. I49 The srudehrs plan for an Easier Assembly. Easier Assembly The chorr sang "Were You There?" The choir prepares ro sing. '50 Larry Velez makes a qreaf Easrer Bunny. Mr. and Mrs, Easier Egg vislf 'rhe fashion show Sports Awards The W. W. Samuell sludenr body and Mr. Lan- ham are presenled wilh four lrack lrophies, a lrophy In foolball for winning Bi-Dislrlcl, and 'rhe Sporlsmanship lrophy. Larry Silman presenrs The mile relay +rophy ro Mr. Lanham and +he sludenl body. Danny Ellsworfh receives 'lrophy for pilching a "no-hill'er." Don Bennellr presenfs ihe Sporfsmanship frophy lo Mr. Lanham and fhe sluclem' body. I5I ...L ii- a I ' YY ' X v f ' 5 'VX S QQ 1' ., ' 'V N y W ' 4 Y 1 1 ' . . V. u V ' . ,, i xavsw x ? mfg: wJ- gl' 1 . Q? -, : N 'WZ' Q '19 's ' A 1 .I A w. 1. S is A , an ' ' Y'Q W v 1 in 1. w f A v QM W QEW 4 , ,. Q 2 gi NXN 'Hi N Q Ama, 5. K? . ,, ZW" '54 1 n 1, 1 V Q 5-5,,:yfwgf,w -Mffwa vw-v-ww, W 1 -' " f V W , - f 'ZTUX Lzzwfsiweoyfw ' W 1 , ,. ' ww 4 , X ,,.. ,,.. , , ,, , M q..Xrf.fV:5w.gg3' wm'?wf ' X -W-WW 55wewM7WfM'3bas:e53, , :Yff,,,.,,5, - , .R fl, :MP Jn' ,I m w K 335 4, f ' IEW V fe + W .AW H. l K. ' Y V51-411, .i, , ug PIQNNSYLVAN A S ATIO, The Sweel Apple girls really go all oul lor Conrad Birdie lDavid l-lendersonl. Barbara Gunn, sludenl direclor, also helps back slage before lhe performance. Cpereffd Rila Webb finds one of "A Hundred Ways lo Kill a Man" elfeclive. X Perry brings happiness lo Linda and Marqarel when he sings "Fur on a Happy Canrad really Causes Chaos al' lhe courrhouse. Face." '54 5 0 i fi Q E 8 53555525 ,EQ It Y SP9 41 ,twig Q . 1 ., , , 12.4.31 AA , 1963 lnfrasquad Game Mary Galloway was narned lhe I963-64 head cheerleader. Berry shows The enlhusiasm of a new cheer- leader. E5 ' A l if A.. .- :yr lf K , 'W N . 3 ' wmemfeefsmsex N s I f ' ' 5, - nn 11 X The new Blue Jaclcel olflcers pu? on a blg smlle. 3 Yl ? Z lll Q it , lv ' Hi :L Our foreign exchange sludenl, Arcelina, walches her las? looflnall game The senior band members invenl lhelr own lnslrumenls. 5 5, fx K 4: Si if 51 Qs ki 5 321 M L, lo Q, Qgf 35: Q, ii 3 5 5 E S 3 2 3+ ii I .27 4 5 35 sv 5 Q , ff? 5,5 1 r The high school dances in ihe gym were surely some of ihe besi limes we will ever have. Momenfs E rs? if X Remember Mr. Maifhews af The Luilcin game and everywhere else? The Sierleis really lcnew how lo perform. '66 The card seciion conirilouied lo all foolball hallrimes. Mr. Lanham presenied The sluclenl body many lrophies, signifying Sperian superieriiy 5 Remember gglikrgfgreni i f he girls "loved" washing dishes afler fhe facully lea. We really enjoyed lhose good Career Conferences. Coach Shaver had a righl 'lo be proud ol: his Sparlan foollnall learn. Like Donna Brulon, all Seniors were deliqhled lo receive Jrheir diplomas. we This game was iusl one example ol Sparfan prowess. I67 Memories Are Mode of These Firsi aid was very educaiional. Melal slnop was rallner messy ai limes. i ,Q'?,M f M, if y . I ,X If X . 3 J T M h 4, ' V . ' i "k' 1 fki X Q W 2 Ter' is ig X M 1-fp The seniors really enioyecl Their senior prom. Tliose lnarcl and long lnours proved To be successful lo some people. The seniors sang "Now ls Tlie Hour" lo The sophomores and iuniors in il' senior assembly. 3 Arcelina, Our Exchange Sfudenf im, in l .rcelina displays lwer Brazilian beaufy 'rrlwe foolball dance. Proudly, Arcelina dis- Arcelina afrends fha senior prom wifh William Wredburg. plays her high school di- ploma, farewell speecli is given by Arcelina al llne Senior Yverre is porfrayed by Arcelina in "Pillow Talk." I69 PERS 0NALl TIES :iw sw fwf- fsff in-'bi ggggezzggiswafezgwfgg r4af?i:lz::-2 , .V f.-'Q1,fLT',Sh 'WW?'jf" V W-ffm gm, ,. c i' 'M E' F Q mfmsagfzasia f A f V f. A - . .. V -- -, , , , feLz,w1wzfffQR4.L:Qk .GFX -W 4,,5,W,.,.-A NN...,,W- wwwm A 1 AVE! 5,7 W1 L- ' V L f ifzgee, iff J" 'W Q, .1 ----- , Q . '23 , 1gi,wQfi1?i?T?iFiffiiffi WizffWllYz'z1-?g-Q:I .L X ,EE V N. 5' Y .,.- ,f1,,.-Lflwv 1, Af-x:,.43J ! 1-x J 1 QS WEE? 1, sgvdm K 4 8 S3 A :jfs F135 xg 5196! is Eg ,5 :MQ 21 , , ,N W N . .N 1.-w.f,,,,A.f, Aw A- A ,... . - Lfw y -' ' r Awww A is W. .,..,...,,,. N - ---. K-wwMm..,.W-..,, ks... f 'W,f ,A-- M ,.. M. . A..A. M,.v..,M ...WM ..,. ,.,,, :r?fiT:'::--n1M.,,i"L 1f4'w1'ifff Ak , QQ , Q 's:4,,2gf..,p,,,fg 185 3211 M14 Mr it 4 ' f l sa f if Q I ' , X1 f L 5? 1 If it Q' if ff 1, Qs Jw fi Agia W ,Q NWO we , f .Q . in -4 5 L 2 fd, . F s f, 'T 3 5 'f 'e X452 'E WW -2 ,gg fram- X Y A wmi? :? "3 fi?'Ei?S45 GLF HZZ ' F52 .'w'mw.wQ5Q':f'mm"9' ' ,il if 55, 4 9 YJ Q ','1 F as f. w lf L x 5 S .wi Ei 5 5 s il' YQ 1 f 5 M, ' e 3 N .,,4+: I A. ,. f2 f fm ag, ff" Q k Vi ff if Wm ,S 1 ,. A 7 I 1 .M , w .. 5 , i mga -mg 4 f ff. s Q J' I s si .X W2 xx N. ...H s fm . - 3555. U, ' f ,gp , QM H. V, .L f -J E 2 zb 9-as QQ if Q 601912 CQ 52170 M956 . s - A ic .V :mv ff '1 A x Zed 591259 gf cgcznfna Bow ace , 6 19 1 ., . S X 5 gy ffm K X 5. fi vi .K - A 4 V sm, J - ,L 1, H , -S4 f s, ,. 6' . c 4 Q . 2. 5 S A1 1 m , UI?I QU 0111795 ji zff 5- - 'wz5ffQx,1iTi,f2 . L ' ' ' K ' , , ,, iviiff- A 1: ,-awk f ,ki ' '-wifvfiiizisheili ww 1 f J . - 3 , ,,.,, . , , sfk Ti? Y I Q'H'5?k75Q'Jf?'?',?f?1.pfq' J: gm N Q 1 . A 1 A, - " . 1 ..., vi - f :wxffffmwsil:swf f if M, ., ' ff-- QM,-X K, V 'a':sm- 1 :E 1 1 1 I1 I1 1 1 1 I 1 kaamiifwi s.,1x,gq,,. , , -G1 I Sa' W M?2'f".' N ' 'X -1cR'XrMg. ' X 'K Q 4 ' wx M ,, ,Magi - Vkwmg j - . fx- Q. t, E-. W4 ' ' -. -- ff' , A X L . , , MK i ,ww A4 .. .. . ---- Qwsf . gem - , 'ff :J 4 "s writing bww ' 700f6dfQlIQQI2 fimez yah? grey UQQH fzbe Queen 52360910 WOOFQ ATHLETICS W. W. Samuell Spartans L. io R., Firsi' Row: Manager Bob Wilson, 72 Jimmie Smiih, 60 Charles Sexion, 20 James Willman, 84 Johnny Wilson, 86 Richar Fuguay, 88 Jaclnie Reid, I5 Guy Grriiiis, 55 Roberl Smifh, 22 Slewari Chaney, 76 Eddie Deering, Manager Jessie Bean. Second Ro Manager Bill Graves, 77 Marcus Jarvis, 75 Ernesi Scorch, I8 Sfeve Warson, 37 Kennefh Pearce, 30 Jimmy Hill, 78 David Canfre 74 John Simms, 67 David Henderson, 68 Roger Jordan, 42 Jerry Blaleney, 63 Gerald Waoasey, 83 Joe Gilmore, Sl Dwighi Johnso Manager Mike Windham. Third Row: Coaches R. W. Thompson, Harrell Shaver, IO Alberl Carfledqe, 40 Johnny Neumann, 28 G-ar I l86 i , ra e 962 Bi-Disfricf Champions l V l 1.-Lqs . O Q 0 arfln, 26 Danny Ellsworllw, 65 Vernon Alexander, 82 Ernesk Mays, 64 Bruce Sober, 70 Don Bennell, 62 Billy Mullins, 56 Eddle Jolwnson N Courlney Hodges, Coacln Frank Mcfflananan. Fourfh Row: 50 David Wallace, 33 Tommy Jolwnson, 80 Jerry Jones, 8I Jimmy Ward , 25 J. B. Leslie, S5 Gregg Brown, 66 Tommy Polls, 89 Kennellw Riley, 35 Allen l-larlless, 24 Tony Gonzales, I7 Skippy Rlgsby, 7I Larry rfnon, 27 Jolnnny Jolwnzon, Manager Danny Slewarl. I87 Caach R. W. Thompson Head Coach Harold Shaver Coach Frank McCIanahan Spartan Spark Plugs Co-Capfains Billy Mullins and Roberl' Smilh. Managers L. 'lo R., Firsf Row: Jessie Bean, Bolo Wilson. Baclr Mike Windham, Danny Sfewarl. i T Guy Griffis Sieve Wafson James Willman Senior-Back Senior-Back Senior-Back LeTTered 2 years BesT CompeTiTor Award Leflered 2 years All-Ciiy, All-GreaTer Dallas All-CiTy Honorable All-STaTe, 3rd Team Menfion l SPARTANS WALLOP WILDCATS IN SEASON OPENER 27-7 Unveiling a poTenT oTTensive aTTacl4, The lparTans scored Three OT The TirsT Tour Times hey had Their miTs on The pigslcin and builT up a 0-7 cushion by halTTime. GriTTis, EIlsworTh, haney, and Pearce all Tigured in The SparTan llies. The Tinal 7-poinTer came in The TourTh "BuT. coach, l blocked my man!" Danny EllsworTh Jimmy Hill KenneTh Pearce Senior-Back Senier--Back Senior-Back LeTTered 3 years All-CiTy, Honorable All-CiTy MenTion 'fr 'lf 2 'NW , 'W 55+ Wim I ' If I5 I r fa Q s, is ., 1 - " - , 6.3514 .-.1 ':,j..r 5, gf - - - , ' ' 4 w " Je!" Zi. if .'ff":.f fx- .9 . . ' 5.15, ,Aw .. . I i4'Clj'ft'4g!R""1'v ,Q , A, I6 A-gin A 'iff' Q , 'ifiliq 'digg +444'1iV"4 J: 19,4 'A ' 2? "'S"1:l I Q da ,YM M E: :GE feng: 'WF' ff' f Af' M of 'BZ I 4. 'IM' 'afyifa 1 ,Q 'K ., 'x I 'fli . AIberI Carfledge Skippy Rigsby Sfewarl Chaney I JumorMI3acI: Junior-Back Junior-Back I-ellefed I Yea' Lellered I year SPARTANS BLUFF BISONS 28-I2 Two seconds deep in The second quarler Jrh Sparlans led Ihe Bisons 2I-O. AI The final gun III scoreboard read Sparlans 28, Bisons I2. Grill counled Iwice, I-Iarlless once, Pearce once. an Johnson added four poinls. "WhaI do you mean! II' was a I5 yard penaIIy?" Tony Gonzales J. B. Leslie Johnny Johnson Junior-Back Junior-Baclc Sophomore.-Back Lelfered I year I I I .M I- ,-qw X Gary Marfin Tommy Johnson Allen Harfless Junior-Back Junior-Back Junior-Back Lellered I year Lellered I year Leilefed I year SPARTAIXIS SCORCI-I SCOTS 28-I2 A "Guy" named Griflis did everylhing bul' lrecr Iraflic oulsicle Highlander Sladiurn Ihe yghlr of Ihe Sarnuell-I-Iighland Parlc game. Griiflis bl only scored all of Ihe Sparlan poinls. bul Ilraled 66 yards on I8 carries, compleled 4 of lpasses for 7I yards, and hauled in one of Iwo muell aerial sleals. Afler Ihe Scols scored, only Ioolc Ihe Sparlans 68 seconds Io score. lrilfis Ioolf The ball on his own I9. II' Ioolc live lays Io imalce Ihe TD. II Ioolq less Ihan Ihree linules Io scored Ihe winning TD. I I "HU J' , ... "TQ" -we "Hey, coach, I need Io use The phone. I wan+ 'Io call Leslie 'P ,:. : W .. f I, as.. ,- I. i,.,.. I J II ., V - I - ,fr-me ' I I' I ' 2' 5 ,. I in . 6 5 f ..,. L 44- Us 's"f?f 275 .5 -i r . 4 -JT' . . f 5 im.. 4 f ' I I I 1 si ' . sw. '- ,--M.. f f f -:ff':.1.'1.'4-1-I, Ii , '1 . .. v.' ' I H. ' ,-if '3'ff4..' , I ,3., 'X A Qing, :sas ,.."-...eapu-,V v-1 11,--.mf . f .1 ,'Z:.':.f,, ' , " '5f.-,,z:- 2 sf - ER S - HIP' '51 wig'--g.'f,," " Qlfiqi 5'f',.f':,.' irllrarlji: .- Johnny Neumann Courlney Hodges Dwighf Johnson Junior-eBacIc Junior-Back Senior--Cenler Lellered I year l9I. Rolaerl Smifh Senior-Cenler Lellerecl 2 years All-Cily-Second Team SPARTANS PADDLE PANTHERS, 2l-O Gridiron heavyweighl Samuell delivered a speclacular 2nd half lcnoclc-oul punch lhal semi Jrhe Hillcreisl Panlhers reeling lo The Turf in a 2l-O malch al Cobb Sladium. The Sparlans scored 7 poinls in Jrhe 2nd, 3rcl, and 4+h quarlers while holding The Panlhers scoreless. Eddie Johnson David Wallace Senigrfcenler .luf1lOFfCGV1l6V Lellered 2 years Loolcs like The boys lelil The coach slrancled eller lheir win over 'rhe Norlh Dall Bulldogs, Charles Sexlon Seniorifiuard Lellereol 2 years I92 Billy Mullins Gerald Wacasey Senior-Guard Senior-Guard Leflered 2 yearg Lellered I year All-Cily Team Q e if 57 sf l ' Roger Jordan Bruce Gober Vernon Alexander Senior-Guard Junior-Guard Junior-Guard LeTTered I year LeTTered l year LeTTered l year SPARTANS BLANK COUGARS I4-O ' The give and grab Samuell deTense checlced The rives cold, allowing The Cougars To parade around The eld aT will during The TirsT half buT TighTening up once Te Cougars goT wiThin range. The TirsT halT Bryan dams conTrolled The ball on 35 ouT oT 54 plays. Samuell ,ame baclr during The second halT and limiTed BA. To Tly Three more yards rushing. The Tinal score read amuell-I4 BA.-O. LEOPARDS LEFT LIMP 47-O Samuell squashed helpless Adamson lilce a gianT meshing an anT. Everyone in a Samuell uniTorm lexcepT Tor The TirsT Teami goT a Tull worlcouT as Coach Shaver empTied The bench. Samuell scored The TirsT Three Times iT had The ball. Pearce scored Trom The Tour, EllsworTh ran 63 yards, and Chaney peeled oTT a 47-yard Touch- down. Johnson, in The lasT halT, sprinTed 73 yards wiTh a punT reTurn and scored again on a 28-yard bursT. AT The Tinal gun The scoreboard read Samuell-47, Adamson-O. Tommy PoTTs David Henderson Don BenneTT Junior-Guard Junior-+Guard Senior-Tackle LeTTered I year l.eTTered 2 years All-CiTy Second Team I93 Larry Harmon John Sims Ernesi' Scoich Senior-Tackle Seniorgiackle Senior-Tackle Leflered I year Lelrlered 2 years Lellered I year i All-Cily Honorable lvleniion y BULLDOGS LOSE A BROW-BEATEN REBELS ROUTED BY SPARTANS BATTLE 32-O 34-20 I Samuell rolled io Jrheir sevenlh slraighl viciory shov- ing aside hlorih Dallas' winless Bulldogs. The Sparian aerial game, which many consider equal io ihe ground ailaclf. never presenied iiseli as Jrhe Sparlans elecied io pass only eighl Times. compleiing Three of Jrhose for 57 yards. The TD's were made by Danny Ellsworlh, Siewari Chaney, and Guy Griiiis. Eddie Johnson lciclced 'rhree exira poinls. Fullbaclq Kennelh Pearce had his besl scoring nigh oi ihe year as he counied for The iirsi Jrhree Samuel Jrouchdowns on runs of Il, IE, and 4 yards. Danny Ellg worih reiurned a kickoff 77 yards for anoiher score an guarierloack Guy Griiiis capped Jrhe evening wiih a , yard push over Jrhe middle. l g i Marcus Jarvis David Canfrell Jimmy Smifh Senior-Tackle Senior-Tackle Junior-Tackle Leliered 2 years I94 Auciiy Eddie Deering Jerry Biakeney Joe Gilmore Juniorgiecide Senior-End Senior-End Lefiered I yegr Lefiefed i year SAMUELL SINKS SOC 35-7 ' The Sparians mainraimed Hfieir perfeci record when uey compleieiy ouiciassed Sourh Oak Cliff. 35-7, and aimed a ioerih in AAAA bi-disirici comperiiion. Griiiis iggered iiie Sparians' ground ailrack, scoring all five iimuell TD's while gaining a ioial of l5I yards. SAMUELL had iis iirsi loss of rhe season from KIMBALI., rhe final score be-ing 2l-O. FW Johnny WiiS0n Jackie Reid Jerry Jones SGNOV-End Senior-End Junior-End I-Giiefed 2 YGGFS Leiiered I year Leiiered I year '95 as Jimmy Warclrup Gregg Brown KenneTh Riley Junior-End Junior-End Junior-End LeTTered I year l.6T'TGI'Sd l year , T T SPARTAN ATTACK TOPS HIGHLANDERS PANTHERS SURPRISE SPARTANS 7-O I4e7 T High Tlying Samuell, marked as The Team wiTh The Tlying oTTense, had To Tlip over To The oTher side To Take a well earned 7-O vicTory over EasTern Hills oT ForT WorTh. Samuell rolled up 2l9 yards on The ground, buT iT was a 50-yard scoring shoT Trorn guarTerback GriTTis To his all-ciTy TeammaTe, EllsworTh, ThaT provided The diT- Terence in The score looard. I.uTkin's aroused PanThers were Tired as high as The sky and The EasT Texas champions reached up and pullec down Trom The heavens a I4-7 vicTory over Samuellf GriTTis had given Sarnuell hope on The TirsT play oT Th second guarTer when he snake-hipped his way 82 yard Tor a TD. Eddie Johnson came in To kick The conversio The PanThers leT loose in The second halT and came Tro behind, making Two TD's wiTh The Tinal score l.uTkin-li Samuell-7. I T Hey, Coach! Why so sour? The score is 4-7-O. Charlie's enioying iT. I96 ATTer The Bryan Adams game, Guy seemed To be preTTy popu wiTh The sophomores. Alhlelic Direclor. P. C. Cobb is proud of lhe Sparlans loo, Coach. Look oul, B. A., here lhey come and you'll gel' some more lhe second hall! You guys don'+ look loo happy 'lo have iusl slomped lhe 'bl Cily Champs, Woodrow Wilson. if 7 '77 We re Never Satisfied. S I ,K Q i 2 Z wi . 2 -4 The boys seem enlhused aboul 'rheir lirsl bi-dislricl' win over Easlern Hills. Dwighl Johnson was lhe lirsl Sparlan 'ro "fear" on' lhe field al 'rhe Easlern Hills game. '97 "B" Team Football Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Dwaine l-larris, Johnny l-lancock, Mike Mason, Sieve Barnhari, Vicki Gardner, Danny Suille, Philip Miller, David Alle Jimmy Smiih, Thomas Vines, Tommy Prudom, Second Row: Danny Wesimoreland, Don Adams, Paul Campbell, Marvin Smiih, Johnny Overlui Jerry Conley, Sammy Sims, Eddie l-lull, William Goolsby, Hollis Higgins, Bobby Allen, Mike Pineda, Glenn l-lill, Larry Wray. Third Ro Bobby Builer, Ray Moyers, Barry Smiih, Ronnie Jones, Gary Bingham, Richard Holi, James McCullough, Jimmy Jasper, Benny LaRu Harold Jones, C. W. l-liggins, David Kesller, Doyle Siroud. Back Row: James Williams, David Farris, Larry Rodgers, Larry Pierce, Edd Newlon, Kenneih l-lorfon, Pele Norwood, Edward Jones, Charles Annis. Roger Ryan. '98 Coaches, L. 'lo R.: Arvel Smilh, Bruce Land, James Lawless. SCORES SAMUELL 22 Highland Park 37 Sunsei ,, 47 Adamson , , 6 S.O.C. ,,,,,,, I2 Woodrow Wilson I2 l-lillcresi , I2 Thomas Jefferson 27 Bryan Adams ,,,,,, 38 Norlh Dallas - I2 Kimball ,,,,, OPPONENT ,, .... 22 7 O .14 L ,, 6 ,LH27 ...WI8 O O ,, 28 " " Team Basketball r f CO-CAPTAINS: ' Tommy Pounds and John Valenline MANAGERS: Randy Silman and Ronny Pelly Coach J. WT Black lo R.: Richard Chandler, William Wredburq, Danny Ellsworlh, Charles Dawson, Don l-lenry, Roberl' Young, Tommy Taylor, John Slacy irnes Wright John Valenline, Johnny DeFord, Tommy Pounds. Cenler: Coach Blaclc. I99 Leffermen Bolster Roberf Young Senior Cenrer 6'7" I year lefferman Co-Caprain Tommy Pounds Senior Guard 5'9" 2 year lefferman All-Cify Team Danny Ellsworih Senior Que rd 6. i Spartan Defense i James Wrighf Senior Forward 6-V211 i year le-Herman i , Co-capiain John Valeniine Senior Guard 6. 2 year leiierman Johnny DeFord Senior Guard 5' I i H I yea r iefierma n Richard Chandler Junior Guard 5'8" lice session. Spartan Heigh Tommy Taylor J unior Forward 6.6, John Sfacy Junior Guard 6'3" Roberl Young fouls leammale Tommy Taylor in prac I l . FQ ,- L, W , Ir V if , E E H s Fronf Row, L. lo R.: Sieve Scoll, Bill Young, David Allen. Frankie Owens, Waller May, Johnny Johnson. Second Row, L. 'lo R.: Coach Mc Clanahan, Charles Annis. Doyle Siroud, Gary Holcombe. Ronnie Jones, Ronnie Pallerson, Gary Suclclrelh, Glenn Hill, manager Jams lAbnerl Haynes. "B " Team Basketball xg? X 3 xy-4 f . 4V l 4 Xmas f 204 Coach McClanahan W l Spartan Baseball Team N 5 ss 32 li I r-ff...erf MDI! oni' Row, L. 'lo R.: Manager Bobby Buller, Glenn Hill, Eddie Newlon, Tommy Pounds, Larry Fosler, Mike Mason, Skippy Rigsby, Johnny ancock. Back Row: Manager Jesse Bean, James Wright Tommy Johnson, Lee Burns, Eddie Johnson, Gary Marlin, Jackie Reid, Guy Griflis, anager Danny Slewarl. Coach James Lawless OPPONENT SAMUELL O l-lillcresl , ,, , 5 7 Thomas Jefferson , , I 6 Bryan Adams . .,,,s,, , O O Woodrow Wilson ., , ,, 7 4 Norih Dallas ,,,..,v,,, . . 9 3 Thomas Jefferson H , 4 3 Woodrow Wilson A V 9 O Norlh Dallas , ,,,,, ,,,, 7 O l-lillcresl s,,,., 8 205 Wlfh 7 Game Wm, Spartans Place Second in Zone OUTFIELD Tommy Pounds-Senior, I year IeIIerman Larry Fosier-Senior, I year Ieiferman Johnny Hancock-Sophomore Skippy Rigsby-Junior, I year Ieirerman INFIELD X Eddie Newion-Sophomore Lee Burns-Senior, 3 year Iefferman, CapIain Eddie Johnson-Senior, I year Ieiier- man Gary Marfin-Junior, I year Iefierman Jackie Reid-Senior, 2 year IeIIerman Guy Griffis-Senior, 2 year Iefierman Tommy JoI1nsoniJunior, 2 year leIIer- man Mike Mason-Sophomore a.. .. Ame PITCHERS Johnny Johnson-Sophomore Albe-ri' Carfledge--Junior, I year leHer- man James Wrighf-Senior, I year IeIIerman Danny EIswor+I1-Senior, 3 year Ieiier- man Alberf Monico-Junior Glenn Hill-Sophomore l If ll B Team Baseball From' Row, L. fc R.: Ronnie Jones, Marvin Smilh, Lyn Mays, Johnny Hancock, Mike Pineda, Gerald Ladymon, Doyle Sfroud. Back Row: Manager Bill Dickson, Sleve Barnharl, David Allen, Tommy Dollgener, Bobby Allen, Tim Adams, Richard Holi, C. W. Higgins, Roberl Woody, Tim Alman, Coach Srnilh. . Ly? "" "'1. if 0993-9 A Lg!!! Coach Arvel Smiih 207 Fronf Row, L. +0 R.: Manager Bill Graves, James Srnifh, Tommy Prudom, Jimmy Jasper. Mike Casey, Kennelh Holmes, Bolo Wilson, Jam Willman, John Coffman, Charles McKenzie, Edward Jones, Allen Harrless. Middle Row: Jerry Hancock, Sleve Scoll, Roberl McBride, John Neuman, Randy Blaclcmon, Jerry Jones, J. B. Leslie, Jack Hawkins, Dale Erickson, Gary Laudf, John De Foro. Back Row: Coach R. N Thompson, Sleve Tillery, Sleve Walson, Lynn Hill, Gary Holcombe, Jerry C-onley, Harold Chandler, Slewarl' Chaney, Larry Silman, Jimr Smilh, Brenl Erickson, Charles Annis, Jeff Bannell, Eddie Singlelary, Johnny Wilson, Coach Bruce Land. 1 962-63 Track Team Coach R. W. Thompson CAPTAINS: James Will- man, Larry Silman onl' wifh en? leve JUMPERS Row, L. lo R.: Jerry Conley, Jimmy John De Ford, Harold Chandler, Erickson. Back Row: Sfewari Chaney, Tillery, Johnny Wilson, Edward Jones. n - i I xl X L X Yl i'!""hsQ SHOT and DISCUS L. 'lo R.: Johnny Wilson, Edward Jones Allen Harlless, Charles Annis. STUDENT ASSISTANTS L. lo R.: Don Bennell, Billy Mullins. Roger Jordan, Roberl' Smilh. 209 Fi V4 Cin dermei Sfdfi fi ii I HALF-MILERS L.,+o R.: Jeff Bonnell, John Coffman, Lynn Hiil, Dale Erickson, Tommy Prudorn. CONTENDERS IN AAAA STATE MEET Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Jimmy Jasper, Dani Eilsworih, Johnny Johnson, Johnny Neumd MILE-RELAY Third Place Disfricf Meef L. +o R.: James Wiiiman, Mike Case Jimmy Jasper, Johnny Neumann. parfan ake inals l.. fo R.: Sleve Scoif, Tommy Prudom, Gary Laudi, Jimmy Jasper, Mike Casey. Row: Mike Casey, Manager Jerry Han- Coaclw R. W.Tl'1ompson. MILERS L. 'lo R.: James Srnillw, Eddie Singlelary, Jack l-lawkiris, Roberf McBride, Sieve Waison Bob Wilson, Jrlwird in clislricl meel, Larry Silman, dislricl clwamp. SOPHOMORE RELAYS Cily Sophomore Champs in Mile Relay 2Il T962-63 Tennis Team Froni Row, L. fo R.: Ellen Marlin. Robbie Derr, Glenda Mills, Linde Nelson, Carol Anderson, Second Row: Areclina Publio Dias, . Rydell, Key Garnell. Third Row: Bill Pralher, Bill James, Tommy Wheel. Charles Slrinqer. Fourlh Row: Jerry George, David Knight Rc Malney, Hugh Hayes, Coach McElroy. T 962-63 Golf Team Kneeling, L. 'lo R.: Milne Ramsey, Ben Caperlon, Doug Sword, Harold Krecelr, John Overlurfl. S+anding: Mr. Ladd, Rickey Klein, Mays, Don Capps, Sleve Harris, Jimmy Hill, Sieve Joseph. 2l2 lnfra-Squad Game Fmlshes Athletic Season V , X7 k , X . Q ' Sparfan lrnes show good form for '63-'64 season Ah heck, feUox-us, you can do befrer Than ihar. Kennefh Riley sprinls down fhe sidelrnc for rhe Whife +eam's Third TD. Come on, boys, we need a berrer showing fhan I8-6 uarferbaclc Eddie Newfon breaks around rrqhi' end for 'Phe Whire re-am's firsf OWFI. 2l3 ORGANIZA TICJNS R 2 Joan West Presideni' Blue Jacket Charlie Gibbs, Reporfer Cfficers Margaref Hibbs, Treasurer Jenifa Harris, Vice-Presiden+ Jeannie Ball, Secrefa ry K- Senior Board Members Beverly Moore,Cl'1erry Moody, Acldiio Pangle Rosamond Weinlaaum, Anila Allen Barbara Lemly, Mary Good- speed, Cray Cooke Jo Ann Raculla, Carolina Duncan, Barbara Gunn Omega Srrrllll, Carolyn House. Slweiia Plke Junior Board and Sfudenf Directors Billy McKinney, Jimmy l-lendriclcs Sponsors: Mrs. Penny Kirby and Miss Carolyn Rhodes. Nancy Paschall, Marie Bain, Candi Crawford. 2l8 Shirley Brewer, Shirley Adair, Beverly Jones. m 5 Nancy l-iorion, Margarel Mixon. The Blue Jaclqers is +'he larqesr organizalion in school, as il is com- posed of 576 members. Each class has irs board members and There are 'Five senior officers. This orqanizarion is nor only a cheering seclion buf also The largesi card secrion in Texas. The aims and purposes of The Blue Jaclcels are lo promore school spirir and srand behind all Samueli's acliyilies and also ro display a Jrrue spirir of loyalry. To show real sporrs- manship by supporling our reams in vicrory or deiear is The Blue Jackels' main purpose. L Sophomore Board Beverly Burlon, Joyce Jones, Marsha Moss Connie Freeland, Billie Weaver, Roxie Lou McKinney Joyce Moore, Pai' Morgan, Belly Dun- nagan Kall1yBurns, Linda Panels, Sandra Gilmore Sliaron Snellings, Ann Remis, Beilw Wilson 2I9 Fronf Row, L. +0 R.: Linda Adams, Sanla Cres- peno. Back Row: Wandalena Bryani, Carolyn Green. Senior Blue Jackef ix fs Fronf Row, L. 'fo R.: Dianne Reese, Corliss Ingram, Jeanine Wade. Sandra Milcln Back Row: Belly LaRue, Gayla Mayes, Vicki Inge, Janel Grillifn. Froni' Row, L. +o R.: Mary Jeffery, Janel Buckner, Rira Webb, Sandra Wilson. Back Row: Joan Graliarn, Linda Riddle, Brenda Wriqlwlr, Sandra Edwards, Donna Tenery. 220 4 5' E 5 Zi Froni Row, L. +0 R.: Sherry Jones, Polly Chapman, Connie Hari, Slierr Bubalz. Back Row: Clieryl Palriclc, Carol Slacls, Berry Smilli, Pal Fowle Lawana Srniflw. Ioosf School Spirit on? Row, L. lo R.: Llnda Hood, Pal Tlnompson, Lana Laza, Rose Dorman. Back w: Belly Hicks, Carol Lovell, PalWl1eal, Helen Parmley. Fronl' Row, L. 'ro R.: Barbara Burks, Arcellna Helena Publla Dias, Anile Wells Judy Clwandler. Back From' Row, L. 'fo R.: Gloria Hall, Carol Lemons, Ginger Bradslwaw, Cynllnla Bromfleld. Back Row: Brenda Slripling, Belly Blackwell, Donna Salomon, Gwen Fox, Paulelle Gunn. Row: Barbara Mcflxbee, Sandra Tlnornfon, Llnda Josepll, Llnda Wllllams. Fronl' Row, L. lo R.: Wanda Shamblin, Belly Fosler, Corine Slppey, Suzanne Keesee. Back Row: lvlarllyn Mckilfrlck, Judy Turner, Sally Spearman, Sllella Hooker, Judy Tribble. 22I Juniors Heli V-I-4 E E 5 5 I Froni' Row, L. 'ko R.: Sherry Mcl-lone, Par Thomas, Rufh Lewis, Sherry Wilson. Back Row: Lana lvlcivlahen, Linda Cagle, Sue Morris, Joyce McDaniel. E Froni' Row, L. io R.: Veda Wood, Shirley Winfers, Nina Ship-y man. Back Row: Ann Wise, Barbara Beniley, Joy Van Raven- swaay, Janef Cox. l Fronf Row, L. io R.: Marilyn Bradlielcl, Riia Ensey, Carolyn Bradiielcl, Gloria Hammers, Margarei' Rabun. Back Row: Doris Harcli, Sharon Barron, Josephine Trueblood, Tierra Sue Davis. 222 il yz iz iz, Froni' Row, L. +o R.: Connie Williams, Gay Walker, Jucly Boyd, Sharor Ramsey. Back Row: Jeannie Alierberry, Edna Bilion, Bessie Jo Crain Joyce Miichell, Nancy Walker. -O-R-Y ead W.W.S. fo From' Row, L. 'ro R.: Sandra Ives, Suzanne Barlon, Marie Fronl Row, L. 'ro R.: Carol McBrayer, Shirley Killian, Donna Wallace, Edifh Lewis. Baci: Row: Sharon Sumner, Becky Moore, Pal Bridges, Mary Bailey. Leerih, Suzzy Johnson. Middle Row: Karen Snow, Belly Garis, Nelda Hayman. Back Row: Palricia Cook, Leslie Gillespie, Lee Cafes. Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Linda Lewis, Jackie Pickrell, Donna Odom, Carolyn Cash. Baci: Row: Linda Coe, Karen l-larrison, Brenda Anderson. Sue Werline. Fron+ Row, L. +o R.: Cheryll Doclcens, Donna Daugheriy, Shirley New, Leslie Cure. Back Row: Adelle Pailerson, Mar- qerale Phillips, Phyllis Phillips, Shirley Kimbrell. 223 '62- '63 Blue Jackets Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Brenda McGowen, Sue Bronaugh, Barbara Rush, Palsy Crall. Baclc Row: Judy Gallln, Sydney Kay Slrange, l.eall1a Russell, Verna Teel. Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Belly Caslle, Snerry Cannaday, Beverly Dunn, Barbara Funderburlc. Back Row: Ruby Rivers, Sally Payne, Suzan Palzlce, Judi Proclor. 224 Fronl Row, L. fo R.: Judy Leggel, Lorralne l-learne, Slnarol Trllca, Carol Olsowslrl. Back Row: Dianna Lewis, Judy Sluarf Dianne l-larllng, Kallwy Long. 21 fl 121 fd lil 1 H E4 3 Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Brenda Glenn, Palsy Godfrey, Belly Glover, Linda Roberls, Peggy Wlnkle. Back Row: Carol Scoll, Paula Blaclcmon, Suzan l-lanqer, lvlarlela Brooks, Diane Rupe. Junior Blue Jackefs ironl Row, L. lo R.: Linda Welsh, Jenniler Manslield, Ger- ldine Morris, Ann Reeves. Bacl: Row: Peg Rexroal, Sherri enlcins, Joann Morrison, Shirley Tabor, Lola Vaughn. l fr Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Sandra Karney, Linda Thompson, Beverly P. Jones, Marlha Penninglon. Back Row: Alice Kuloala, Jayne Samples, Jarvis l-lamlin. l tronl Row, L. lo R.: Elaine Edwards, Sharon Bryanl, Donna Breiean, Belly Caslon. Baclc Row: Phyllis Pallerson, Ann Quinn, Nancy Collman, Sandy Carpenler, Ann Duncan. Fronl Row, l.. lo R.: Michell Chaplin, Janel Brinlc, Judy Bradberry, Gail Bray. Back Row: Sherian Breach, Eula Cook, Lynn Bryanl, Genie Jordan. 225 Fronl' Row, L. 'lo R.: Carol Alexander, Judy Hyde, Linda Felerson, Susan Adki From' Row' L- fo R.: Lynda Mobyeyi Carol Duke! Back Row: Janelle Cross, Sandra Moore, Julie Zarnrzla, Judi Frifz. Belly Kenr, Theresa Caldwell. Middle Row: Na- nelle Farmer, Ann Langford, Sandra Redd, Carol Hamrnoncls. Back Row: Lynda Lewis, Donna Lewis, Diana Huclcaby. Junior 7 A Q E From' Row, L. +o R.: Pam Taylor, Joyce Dunn, Mary Curlee, Bobbie Wood. Baclc Row: Bellye Adams, Judy Henry, Suzie Sfonebarger, Sandra Ayers, Frances McDonald. 5 Froni' Row, L. fo R.: Pam Herron, Rifa Theise Berlye Norwell. Middle Row: Sandra Howell, Da Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Dianna Ribble, Margarel Tarlion, Joan Zamrzla, Barbara lene Morgan, Linda Lewis. Back Row: Shirley Larr Beall, Carla McLaughlin. Back Row: Dianne Abbot Linda Covey, Mary Hill, Sandra Reeves. Tuanda Mclfellwan. 226 'on+ Row, L. +o R.: Marie Cook, Jane Baleman, Carol Dallon, Carolyn Bag- -arly. Back Row: Linda Peferson, Shirley Craig, Paula Craylon, Danice Dahl, nda Berry. .ook fo Season onf Row, L. lo R.: Donna Raglin, Veronica Vol- , Carla Benson, Linda Chapman. Back Row: verly Killinqsworfh, Donna Rose, Linda Boycl, ndra Boclilord, Barbara Chapman. Fron+ Row, L. fo R.: Kay Garnelr, Par Taylor. Janic Mchlull, Gloria Bacon. Seconcl Row: Julie Almquisl, Donna Lancasrer, Sandra Harness. Thircl Row: Elois Ashlon, Judy Fosler. Fronl' Row, L. fo R.: Phillis Dawson, Sarah Loomis, Fredna Moore, Donna Ford. Linda Williscrafr. Back Row: Carol Grillilh, Kalhy Emery, Marilyn l-laden, Linda l-lorlon. L i ' L , ., ff .L Q f f- Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Penny Turney, Diane Ferguson, Vickie Darnall, Glynda Woodall, Linda Laza. Back Row: Janice Fallwell, Teresa Joseph, Carolyn Beard, Linda Marshall. 227 Sophomores Forn Fronr Row, L. lo R.: Elaine Liggel, Jayne Orr. Sandra Walson, Sharon Blair. Baci: Row: Johnnie Olsson, Ginger Rogers, Susan Read, June Blaloclc. Fran? Row L 'lo R Philis Symns Sue Parrnley Jackie Rush Linda Grounds Back Row Alla Wall Sheila Wilburn Mai 'ne Glover Lynda Smulh Carolyn Woodside 228 Parf of H14 Section in i Froni Row, L. fo R.: Carol Schillings, Teresa Parks, Nancy Graham, Marsha Reed, Elaine Pollock. Baci: Row: Linda 1 Pruiil, Shirley Gaddis, Brenda Perry, Peggy Boyse. l l l l l fi S ri Fronf Row, L. io R.: Dawn Slewari, Kaihleen Kines, Kay Erwin, Linda Co Back Row: Beverly Barrlelr, Belfie Palmer, Barbara Nicholson, Linda The san, Sharon Sraron. he Largest ,argesf Card 'exas ronl' Row, L. fo R.: Cindy Reynolds, Diane Warren, . Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Nancy Lawson, Vicki Pralher, Sherry Guynes. Bacl: Row: Candy Sparks, Beclcy Koppe, Sandra French. Diane Van Zandl, Kalhleen Krueger. loria l-lilliard, Dorolhy Rolaerlson. Baclc Row: Pal' Rolo- il rls, Carolyn Johnson, Margarel Alnles, Janice Wrighl. nl' Row, L. lo R.: Elva Beclcell, Marsha Casey, Becky Black, Claudia lmer, Carol Wrighl. Back Row: Sue Brand, Judy Brewer, Cynlhia While- ad, Jeannie Haley. Fronf Row, L. lo R.: Linda Allbrillon, Rila lv1cGary, Vicki Wilson, Nancy Coslon. Back Row: Linda Cooles, Anna Fuller, Shirley Pelly, Camille Shields. 229 Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Shirley Hicks, Sandra Bobo, Penny Derr, Melba Bullock. Baclc Row: Ellen Haller, Linda Nel- son, Bonnie Hargrove, Linda Browning, Carolyn Newlon. B. J. 's Believe in Vicfory anc Spirit ir nl R w, L. .. Nano W rams, S n ra E rson, ari' Simmons, Judy Willelord. Back Row: Eydie Norris, Yvonne Weecy Sherry Simmons, Debbie Wrighl. l Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Linda Thompson, Rose Robison, Judy Thorn. Karen Roberson Sandra Thomas. Back Row: Dianne H. Dodson, Marilyn Rudolph, Marlha Armslrong, Shirley Rull. 230 Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Cecillia Harnriclc, Janell Skains, Hele- Hearne, Brenda Harroll. Back Row: Connie Scoll, Barbara How ard, Marlha Highlower, Susan Hendrix. Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Sharon Coolcslon, Judy Fairclolh, Pegg Slone, Pallie Sampson, Velo Chrislensen. Back Row: Susan Phi lips, Viclci Evans, Bellye Walsh, Rila Sanders, Barbara Armslronr in Modesfy Un Unconquerable Defeat. :ronf Row, L. +o R.: Jeannie Sclimill, Gayle King, Linda Hansen, .inda Fuller, Connie Lovelace. Back Row: Kallieryn Miskell, Alia 'vlay Loving, Linda Blackburn, Slwerry Fosfer, Paula While. Fronf Row, L. +o R.: Joyce Adams, Donna Simms, Bari Casson, ,laclrie Parnell. Back Row: Peggy Tilly, Jeanelle Davidson, Linda Reil:,Sl'1irley Miller. ronf Row, L. fo R.: Gail Allen, Ladelle King, Brenda Kirkwood. Judy Rogillio. Back Row: Glenda Allison, Gloria l-lurnplius, Pam Depew, Paiii Dance, Nancy Ruii. Froni' Row, L. fo R.: Pal' l-layes, Sliaron Presion, Saundra Marslnall, Pliyllis Dariel. Baci: Row: Barbara Srnilli, Bev- erly Williarns, Kalliy Tlworn, Doris Nelson. Mary Leniz. Froni' Row, L. fo R.: Sara l-lodges, Jill Fowler, Marilyn Sione Sandra Sirainer, Slieree Sewell. Bacl: Row: Belly Warren Sliaron Maddox. Darlene Meelcs, Danna Dillon. 23l Blue Jackets Believe in Loyal Service Fronl Row, l.. 'lo R.: Linda Simmons, Clfieryle New- some, Linda Belew. Middle Row: Pamela Naylor, Donna Mercer, Linda Payne. Back Row: Linda Mel- lon, Frances Jones, Cllarlolle l-lallon. Fronl Row, l.. lo R.: Lequila Crabb Judy Cooper, Linda Digby. Middle Row: Marilyn Flagq, Judy Dodson, Sandra Baker. Back Row: Brenda Sluoe- maker, Linda Forsyllne, Cliarlolle Lewallen. 232 Fronl Row, l.. lo R.: Kalerina Parks, Vicki Canlrell, Nancy Piclcard, Dianf Davis, Connie Loclcmiller. Baclc Row: Linda Grimes, Diana Williams, Joyce l-lollingsworllw, Criclcel McGee. 3 s Fronl Row, l.. lo R.: Carolyn llwomas, Barbara Sleqall, Calliy Smilll, Sandra Wlnillaw. Back Row: Linda Owens, Darlene Roberls, Rose Marie Fryman, Mary Hobson. Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Kalliie Willwerspoon, Kalhy Slaugliler, Alla Jo Pills. Middle Row: Carolyn Ragsdale, Linda Lilleral, Karen Woods. Baci: Row: Dorllly lvlonlqomery, Slwaron Reynolds, Brenda Tramell. Blue Jackets ' Support Spartan Activities l ont Row, L. to R.: Linda Waters, Judy Dilbeclc, Linda Ross, Judy Rose, Back iw: Pat Hunsaker, Elizabeth Nichols, Sandra Hendrix, Sara McClendon, iaron Singleton. 'vw-"' The Elue Jackets decorate tor colors day. Front Row, L. to R.: Bettye Striplinq, Jeanne Ray. Diane Dodson, Connie Lovelace. Back Row: Col- leen King, Sharon Nash, Cherie- Minor, Linda Laminack, Donna Butlcin. Front Row, L. to R.: Alice Brown, Betty Calhoun, Shirley Jacks. Middle Row: Donna Caldwell, Glen- da Mills, Shari Latham. Back Row: Carol Hutchins, Nan Ellison. 233 Cheerleaders Head School Spirit E 9 Lefl lo Righl: Danny McGuire, Eula Taylor, Bill Smillw, Mary Galloway, Ronnie Miller, Sandra Love- lace, Bill Hendryx, Carolyn Davis, Milne Cargile, Linda Kimbrell in lronl. Linda Kimbrell-liead cheerleader, Danny McGuire 234 Sand ra Lovelace, Ronnie Miller Sandra be nimble, Sandra be quick, Sa Cheerleaders lead yells ai pep assemblies Carolyn Davis, Bill Smiih, head cheerleader Cheerleaders Eula Taylor, Milne Cargile There are rem cheerleaders, elecred by a com- milree ol: 'Teachers from our school and cheerleader sponsors from oiher schools ancl our slucleni body. Their purpose is ro promoie school spirir +o Jrhe besr ol rheir abiliry. Their morro is "+oge+herness." l 5 over The megaphone. l The cheerleaders show excilemenf afler a Touchdown, .E Mary Galloway, Bill Hendryx 235 The '62-' f Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Kalhy Wall, Rose Mary Jarnagin, Rosalyn Reeves, Phyllis Wilson, Ginny Fuller. Second Row, L. lo R.: Carolyn Lawso'n, Leona Rush, Marlha Lewis, Lynila Lewis, Merrilyn l-lunler, Sheila Lielo, Nedra Caldwell, Sylvia Wallers, Linda Roberlson, Helen Grillin, Sandra Bewley, Shirley Pruill, Kay Hinds, Linda Bean. Third Row, L. lo R.: Jeannie Bonner, Sue While, Belly Reed, Lana Lay, Dlenna Sullins, Karen Morris, Linda Abboll, Rose Laminaclc, Carla Darr, Donna Garrell, Janel Smylie, Sue Hershey, Evelyn Ray, Sarah Bennell, Nancy Anderson, Merry G'olclgar, Joye Johnslon, Diana Sanders. Fourlh Row, L. lo R.: Donna Carroll, Sandra Warren, Yvonne Moncrieli 'Starlets Corien Lay, Linda l-larly, Palsy Walson, Sharon Herlord, Belsy Ordeman, Robbie l-leermans, Beclcy Cervanles, Carolyn Hackney, Lana Lyles, Adele Wallace, Doris Smifh, Nena Jackson, Cynlhia Gunn, Sherry Vaughn, Cynlhia Read, Mrs. lvlaGaha. Fiffh Row, L. +o R.: Barbara Gray, Nancy Perkins, Mana Cox, Margarel Younl, Judi Wallace, Linda Caperlon, Barbara Rhyne, Pal Williams, lvlarlha Layne, Judy Sublell, Gail Oden, Peggy Kocian, Nancy Norman, Joyce Robinson, Verlin Carson. Charlene Huddleslon, Donna Brulon, Dale Slaylon, Alice Brimlow, Lois I-lahnl, Brenda Donaldson. Miss MaGaha 237 f Slanding, L. io R.: Sail Oclen, Peggy Kocian, Nancy Perkins, Donna Carroll. Cynflwla Read. Kneeling in Fronlz Jani Srnylie, Adele Wallace. Sfarlefs Perforq i l l Sfanding, L. fo R.: Leona Rush. Sue Hershey, Becky Cervanfes, Belsy Ordeman, Robbie l-leermans. Kneeling in Fronfz Merrilyn Hunler, Lynila Lewis. 238 l r ending, L. lo R.: Lois Halwnl, Barbara Gunn, Mana Cox, Linda Caperion, Doris Smiflw. Kneeling: Nancy Norman, Nana aclcson. pf Halffimes P l Sfancling, L. io R.: Merry Goldqar, Nancy Anderson, Karen Morrls, Linda Abbol. Kneeling: Kaye Hinds, Helen Grif lin,Sl1lrley Prulll. 239 L. +o R.: Sandra Be-wley, Sylvia Walfers, Dienna Sullins, Joyce Robinson, Donna Garrefi, Linda Roberfson, Nedra Caldwell. Sianding, L. fo R.: Verlin Carson, Barbara Rhyme, Dale Sfayfon, Donna Brufon, Charlene Huddlesfon. Kneeling: Rose Laminack, Carla Darr. 240 Rosalyn Reeves, Ca plain Senior Officers Rose Mary Jarnagin, Co-Caplain Phyllis Wilson, Senior Lieulenani Jeannie Bonner, Carolyn Lawson, Linda Bean, Managers Junior Sfarlefs l l l 1 Froni Row, L. fo R.: Junior Lieufenanfs Kafhy Wall, Ginny Fuller. Second Row, L. 'fo R.: Shelia Liefo, Evelyn Ray, Sarah Benneff, l Joye Johnsfon, Diana Sanders, Marfha Lewis. Third Row, L. fo R.: Lana Lyles, Carolyn Hackney, Cynfhia Gunn, Beffy Reed, Lana Lay. Fourfh Row, L. 'fo R.: Corien Lay, Alice Brimlow, Pafsy Wafson, Yvonne Moncrief, Sharon Hereford, Sherry Vaughn. Fiffh Row, L, fo R.: Linda l-larfy, Sue Whife, Paf Williams, Sandra Warren, Judy Subleff. Sixfh Row, L. 'fo R.: Brenda Donaldson, Marfha Layne, Margaref Younf, Judi Wallace. 1 Sfarlefs do hand mofions fo fhe music of fhe band af Bryan Adams game. . il ' , ,ff .V LL .,k.fjif.v , I' '- is ,, ,... K V. 3 R L e- , r . f - . - 5 S - W ft ,.:,, .. .fi 1. 94694 K - ' - - ' 1 : r - f X ,fs - J f i I A .0 3 H - .. ...i,- n3?,5H's K f .V-:5jv,3g,: -.f..,e:'i'-4, .-we .1 w s. JA Q3 7.59 is-.gff+:.1a .54 ,.-. -qw ,. M.: sei we-,Nif...Wz-Q.. . --x , Mm ffuw f-'fe:r1f.- MW -.4'fef..: ', -. af-f , -:2i'-- - 1 5 - f, f f A vm. . rw., ' , H EM , fs ... "-else , r--s l ' g . ' J- - " r . mi , . f wi ,, 53.4 . M 1 'WS - The Sfarlefs waif on side line fo perform F pom roufine af half-fime. 242 Drill feam comes off 'rhe field doing fheir famous Sfarlef kick. Key Club The Key Club is a boys club. ll is a service organizalion which is a parl ol The Kiwanis Club. Two of Jrhe proiecls of The Key Club Jrhis year were +o help needy families al Chrislmas and lo raise money lor lhe foreign exchange sludenl. Froni' ROW, L. io R.: Mr. Davis, sponsor: Bill McKinney, reporler: Ronnie Miller, secrelary- and Jrreasurerg Don Bennell, vice-presidenl: Larry Silman, presidenl. Back Row: Mike Casey, sophomore board direclor, Charles Hodges, iunior board direclorg Joe Gilmore, senior board direclor. Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Douglas Sword, David Tichenor, Dennis King, Curlis Moore, David Car- fer, Jay Gann, Ronald Turner, David Clark. Back Row: Dwighl Johnson, Roberl Brooks, Jimmy Hendricks, Billy Mullins, Coulney Hodges, Bill McKinney, John Coll- man, Eddie Johnson, Tommy Dug- gan. Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Roger Jordon, Mike Cargile, Bill Young, Gary Holcombe, Kennefh Holmes, Marcus Jarvis, Bill Hendryx. Back Row: J. B. Leslie, Dewey Lewis, Bob Wilson, Perry G-oodson, Jimmy Lancasler, Ronny Pellry. 243 Y-Teens Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Anna Fuller, Alice Kubala, Lola Vaughn, Sherry l-lill, Eliza l berh Nichols. Back Row: Phyllis Thompson, Sally Payne, Robbie l-leermans Officers: Jeanie Bonner, presidenl, Kalhy Long, vices Donna Conn' Frances McDonald' president Kalhy Benson, secrelary, Carol Dulce, clevolional chairman, Joye Johnslon, inlerclub council represeniaiive. Fronf Row, L. 'lo R.: Charlie Gibbs, JoAnn Raculia, Diane Rees, Sandra Bewley, Robbie Derr, Back Row: Linda Thompson, Brenda Ausburn, Nena Jackson, Doris Smifh, Glenda Mills. 244 Aims and purposes are "io build a fellowship of women and girls devored ro Jrhe faslc of realizing in our common life ihose ideals of personal and so- cial living To which we are commirred by our fairh as Chrisriansf' Y-Teens Build o Fellowship for Girls Froni Row, L. -lo R.: Sharon Coolcslon, Marilyn Hayden, Helen Hearne, Lincla Fuller, Connie Lovelace, Gail King. Baclc Row: Kay Garnell, Sandra Ellison, Carolyn Newlon, Linda Blackburn, Sherry Fosler. Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Linda Forsyfhe, Carol Roach, Jane Bafeman, Sarah Hodges. Baci! Row: Brenda Kirkwood, Linda Peferson, Carolyn Beard, Palli Dance. Froni' Row, L. lo R.: Janie Wrighl, Janelle Slcains, Elaine Polloclc, lvlarlha Lewis. Brenda Wrighl. Back Row: lvlargarel Ables, Rebecca Koppe, Viola Coilerl, Kalhleen Krueger. Nancy Graham. 245 62- 63 Maloreffes Pam Magness Bobby Kay Brown Pricilla Linda Johnson There are five Major- elles who are chosen by a facully commiHee. They are perl' of lhe marching band. The Maiorefles per- formed af all 'rhe foolball games. .- Jill Foshee 55 ' rl 53 M ' :ff ,P if 'L 5 3 Q w i ., 2 I fg X , i ij' n -'---f, B?W W """' Q '-H5 The 1962-63 W. W si F4 Mr. Malhis, Sponsor BAND ROSTER Susan Aclcer, Miice Allman, Sam Allsbroolc, Larry Bone, Bobbie K. Brown, Ronald Bone, Don Brown, Marl Brown, Ronald Brown, Billy Burk, Jerran Burris, John Chanee, Travis Chrislian, David Clark, John Cole, Linda Clemenls, Belly Cievenger, C-arolyn Cloud, Jimmy Coleman, James Cook, Roberl Davenporl, Anile Davis, Mickey Davis, Lynn Denson, Kennelh Dodson, John Dosier, John Dunlap. Roscoe Ealherly, Sandra Ealherly, Gary Ellioll, Brenl Erickson, Jill Foshee, Linda Gilmore, Sally Green- wood, Ronald Grove, Carl l-lahni, Thirel Harris, Jerel I-larvey, David Hedgecock, Barbara Hemphill. Marsha I-Iix, Myron Holloway, Priscilla Huckabay, Gene Huddle- slon, David Hurley: Linda Johnson, Jo Lynn Karlous, Charles Knighl, Jerry Knighl, Bill Knowles, Bill Lee, Judy Lee, Barbara Lindsey, Danny Ludwiclc, Pam Magness, l i i l i amuell Band John Marlin, Jan lvlaiiingly, William Moore, Allan McClain, Chesier McDonald, Pam McDonald, Connie McDowell, Riia lvlcKissack, Jurlee Mulkey, Ronald Nash, Bill Praiher, David Prueii, Shirley Payne, John Ragsdale, Paul Redden, John Reeder, James Reynolds, Ronald Reynolds, Buford Rivers, James Rawlins, Jayne Salcis, David Salomon, Charles Samford, Diana Samford, John Shewmaker, Carolyn Smiih, Frenion Smiih, Ronald Smiih, Donald Siephens, Kaye Sievenson, Bobby Swiizer, Terry Thomason, Ronnie Tomlinson, Larry Velez, Marva Walker, John Walls. Elaine Wesi Kenneih While, Kim Whiie, Roberi Whiie, Paul Whiiley, Carol Whi++ingl'on, Pal Walfer. Travis Chrisiian, Drum Maior Trombones and Barifones Saxophones O Percussions and Basses Clarinefs ff, y vm- 5 'fy , i ff S M - 1 4 is yi ff If VVH, ,K w J' . 1 1 an , e Y X' 3 V 4+ , :V :Sf .X . 0 . s I, , , W 'Q a Dance Band Lynn Denson, John Marlin, Roscoe Ealherly, Thirel Harris, Bill Prafher, Frenlon Smilh, Jimmy Reynolds, John Dunlap John Reeder, Gene Huddleslon, David l-ledgecoclc, Richard Davis, Paul Whilley, Travis Chrislian, David Puill' John Dosier, Charles Sanford, Kennefh Dodson, Bill Lee. The band plays before +he Bryan Adams game The band wails in fhe end zone lo enler Jrhe field. 5 iii!! it e . 'il' 'wifi' . ' ' " ' N' 44 "r .-, I 'I s lf . :TEV Z, V ,T ,gs i,,y mx . s i ., 5' J 5 ., f , . Our Band f1ddSVaf'e+Y ' A is's , or J +0 pep assemblies. ' ,I 1 ' i xx , , is ,f Orchestra VIOLINS: lvlargarel Clonlz, Gladys Hendrix, Edilh Lewis, Raymond Lewis, Beniamin Rhodes, John Samford, Jimmy Smith, Boyd Williams, Marshall Williams. VIOLA: Clara Beamer, Judy Dallon, Brenda Glenn, Mary Hill. CELLO: John Dunlap. BASS: Rolserl' Hale. FLUTE: Ronald Brown, Judy Lee. OBOE: Roloerl While. PERCUSSION: Bill McKinney. CLARINET: Susan Acker, Jayne Salcis, Frenlon Smilh. BASS CLARINET: Shirley Payne. BASSOON: Ronald Grove. SAXOPHONES: John Marlin Rifa McKissaclc, Jimmy Reyonlds. FRENCH HORN: Myron Holloway Pamela McDonald, Carol Whillinglon. TRUMPET: Danny Lundewiclc Paul Whilley. TROMBONE: John Grafllin, Richard Marlin. PIANO: Brenda Carpenler. LIBRARIANS: Rose Mary Jarnagin, Rosalyn Reeves officers. I I Senior members and l l l l Marilyn McKITTrick, Anna Kalb, Judy Turner, Linda Huffman. '63 Ar l l The purpose oT The ArT Club is To conTribuTe To The besT oT Their abiliTy services To The acTiviTies oT The school. They helped To decoraTe Tor all school dances and plays. l Rosamond Weinbaum, Treasurer: Mrs. Spearman, spon- sor: Donald Cook, secreTary: Sherry Vicars. president l Paffie Glaze, Judy Horfon, Alice Kubaia, Lee Cafes, Brenda Carpenier. Seafed: Margarei Rabun Lynne Garcia, Linda Lewis. Mary Sfiles, Jean Robinson. Charlene Morman, Linda Young. L 'fo R Sydney Kay S range secre lar Leona Rush presideni Mrs Hayes sponsor Bill Mclcinney vice presldenl' Becky Cervan es Treasurer Donna Brulon reporler Thespians 62 63 Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Sharon Carlile, Margarel' Hibbs, Rose Laminack, Linda Bean, Donna Garrell, Jane? Smylie. Back Row: Jerran Burris, Dallon Ellis, Dewey Lewis, Travis Chrislian. Fronf Row, L. fc R.: Cray Coolce, Riia Webb, Dale Slaylon, Charlene Hucldleslon, Miss Braden, sponsor. Back Row: Tim Lee, Donald Capps, Mike Cargile, Travis Clirislian, Danny Slewarl, Sieve Packer, C. H. Diclcer- son. -5 2 x.. vlilce Alexander, Sfeve Packer, Charles Hodges Row L fo R Edilh Lewis Linda l-larly Sharon Sumner 1' Younl Carol l-lorsley Judy Wallace Back Row i Thespians gafher for group shof. iron? Row, L. +0 R.: Carla Darr, Rose Laminaclc, ylargarel' Hibbs, Linda Bean, Janel Grifliih, arell Chapman, Jill Foshee. Back Row: Nancy lerlcins, Aniia Allen, Sieve Lawerence, Boyd Nilliams, David l-ledgecoclc. l L. lo R.: Courlney l-lodges, Gill King David l-ledgecock, Bobbie Kay Brown. Con: nie Freeland, James Coolc. The Thespian sociely is a group declicaled lo lhe recognilion of high- school 'ralenl and lhealrical achieve- menl. ln Jrhe spring The Thespians held a banquel for lhe inilialion of new members. National Honor Society 2Mana Cox Carla Darr Carolyn Davis Delaine Derden 60 Billy lvlullins, presidenl Ronnie Miller. vice-presidenl Leona Rusln, secrelary Nancy Anderson lreasurer Margarel Hiblos, reporler Linda Abboll James Adkins Anila Allen Sharon Barlon Jeannie Ball Linda Bean Don Bennell Sandra Bewley Tommy Bisbee Don Brown Ronald Brown Janel Buckner Nedra Caldwell Linda Caperlon Mike Cargile Sharon Carlile Donna Carroll Nancy Coffman Roberl Cook Cray Cooke Mrs. Milclwell sponsor Brenda Donaldson Jolwn Dosier Caroline Duncan Roscoe Eailwerly Gloria Evans James Ferrell Ginny Fuller Mary Galloway Donna Garreil Clwarlie Gibbs Merry Goldgar Perry Goodson Mary Gooclspeed Joan Gralwam Helen Griffin Barbara Gunn Pauleile Gunn Lois Halwnl Charlene Huddleslon Marslna Hiclcs Myron Holloway Charles Hodges Roger Herringlon Don Henry Jack Hawkins Jeniia Harris Gloria Hale Carolyn Hackney Dwiglil Johnson Marcus Jarvis One of School's Greatest Honors JDK N.H.S. Stands for High Ideals Rose Mary Jarnagin Roger Jordan Nina Jackson Peggy Kocian Linda Kimbrell Reynold Kelm Sandra Lovelace Barbara Linsey Marllna Lewis Barbara Lemley Jane Lemons Tim Lee Lana Lay Belly Laswell Rose Laminaclc Barbara McAbee Oscar Murpluy Clara Mosley Sue Morris Cherry Moody Jerry McKowan Gary Marlin David Miller Bill McKinney Sliaron Mcl-lone Lana McMal1an Connie McDowell Joyce McDaniels Jo Nelle Mallingly James Mason l Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service Joe ivlaiors Nancy Norman Suzanne Neill Shirley Pruill Tommy Pounds William Pinrod Sheila Pilce Saunclra Phillips Ronny Pelfy Nancy Perkins LaJuana Pelion l-lelen Parrnley Linda Roberlson Linda Riddle Rosalyn Reeves 1 Dianne Reese ' Cindy Read Sharon Ramsey Joanne Raculia Scoily Scoll' Carolyn Smilh Beverly Sweai' Deanna Sullins Sidney Slrange Linda Slolz Mary Siiles Danny Slewarf Karen Snow Jane? Smylie Doug Smilh National Honor Has 152 Members Doris Smillw Larry Sllman Nina Sliipman Jerri Toupal Donna Tenery Eula Taylor Palricia Thomas David Ticlienor Jolin Valenline William Wredburg Sandra Wilson Sue Wliile Roberl Wliile Bob Wilson Linda Williams Rosemoncl Wiendbaun Bill Williams Joan Wesl Anila Wells Sleve Walson Palsy Vlfalson Jolin Walls Sandra Warren Judi Wallace Adele Wallace Anllnony Waqqoner Jeanine Wade Marqarel Younl Fronf Row, L. lo R.: Johnnie Olsson, Sara McClen- don, Carol Alexander, Lequila Crabb, Mary Mc- Adams. Second Row: Shirley Hicks, Mary Hefner, Ginny Fuller, Arcelina Publio, Belly Norvell. Third Row: Sue Bronaugh, Roberl Ragsdale, Ann Reeves, John Galleys, Sandra Fowler, Jackie Winlers, Kalhy Wall, Charles Davis, Linda Mobley. i . Los Embaladores The purpose ol Q lhis club is lo serve ils members as an exchange of sludy ol mulual inleresls in lhe American nalions. N The Club plans lo sludy Brazil and lo lake advanlage of using our exchange sluclenl from Brazil. One proiecl will be 'ro help a needy Spanish American family al Chrislmas. Their mol- +o is "Ol one blood halh He made all na- lions." Officers, L. fo R.: Hugh Hayes-freas- urer. Miss Moss-sponsor, Sandra Bobo, Gary Holcombe-vice-presL denl, LaJuana Pellon-secrelary, Carolyn Davis-presidenl, Linda Panel:-P.A.S.F. chairman, ironl Row, L. lo R.: Linda Forsylhe, Karen rallarcl, Judi Wallace, Linda Williscrall, Mari- yn Haden, Joyce Longenecker, Susan Acker. Lecond Row: Peggy Wallace, Penny Tumey, 3renda Kirkwood, Beverly Burlon, Carolyn Jewlon, Nancy Coslon, Dorolhy Roberlson, Lharon Cody, Jill Fowler. Third Row: Shyree .alham, Millon Urla, Helen Hearne, Roberl' 'lollman, Anila Davis, Bill Dickson, Bellye ilripling, Hollis Huggins, Susan Hinlon, Marlha 'lighlower. Mrs. Eva Griffin, sponsor, Robe-rl Fallin, president Dean Darnell, vlce- president Suzy Jolmson, secrelary and Junior Red Cross lreasurer. I.. fo R.: Mercedes Dominquez, Glenda Woodell, Belly Sfripling, Clwarlcfle Lewpllen, Darlenx Minx. 266 L. +o R.: Dianne Roberfs, Bessiu Craine, Rila Tieson, Eslraliffa Hal vey, Judy Gaflln, Linda Harvey l Each J Home Room Elecfs a Represenfafive , fo the lfudenf Council Fronf Row, L. 'lo R.: Mike Cargile, co-reporler: Jackie Reid, presidenl: Don Bennell, vice-presidenr. Back Row: Mrs. Wilson, co-sponsor: Beverly Moore, secrelary: Jenira Harris, co-reporter: Linda Kimbrell, Treasurer: Mr. Maflliews, sponsor. ironl Row, L. 'lo R.: Pwiqlwl' Johnson, Roscoe fa'rl1erley, Larry Fosler, lilly Mullins. Ronny Pei'- y. Back Row: Peggy Ko- ian, Linda Abbolf, Sue 'lersl'iey, Donna Garrell, Donna Brufon. Fronl' Row, L. 'ro R.: Cherry Moody, Tim Lee, Linda Hood. Back Row: Jeanine Wade, Jeannie Bonner, Anila Wells, Rosalyn Reeves. 267 A Representative Government in Action. Front Row, L. to R.: Donna Conn, Woody Boqard, Clittord Casey, Marvin Smith, Doyle Stroud. Middle Row: Pat Moore, Dean Darnell, Gene l-luddleston, Mike Pineda, Dale Ereckson, Ronnie Clayton, Glenn Hill. Back Row: Connie Freeland, Connie Lovelace, Marilyn Rudolph, Sarah McClendon, Margaret Ables, Jean Ann Ray, Carolyn Johnson, Vickie Darnall. Front Row, L. to R.: Bill Young, Diane Van Zandt, Vickie Wilson, Cheryle Newsome, Elaine Pollock, Linda Thompson, Kathy Burns, Kenneth Holmes. Back Row: Marilyn l-laden, Linda Digby, Sherry Foster, Sharron Maddox, Colleen King, Patti Sampson, Linda Laminack, Billy Weaver, Linda Berry. 268 Service fo the Sfudenf Body. Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Brenl Ereclcson, Danny McGuire, Palsy Waison, Nina Shipman, Doug Morris. Baci: Row: Shirley Adair, Judi Wal- lace, Ginny Fuller, Sharon Bryanl, Cynihia Gunn, Deloris Brown. Froni Row, L. fo R.: David Salomon, Charles Roberis, Gary Marlin, Couriney l-lodges, Wayne Young, J. B. Leslie. Back Row: Carol Oslowslci, Kaihie Benson, Carolyn Davis, LaJuana Peiion, Leslie Gillespie, Shirley Kirnbrell. 269 Officers: L. fo R.: James Allrins, John Walls, Mary Sriles, Charlie Gibbs, Mrs. Smoor, David Tichenor. Firsf Row, l.. +0 R.: Ronald Brown, Barbara Lindsey. Donna Ford, Sharon Ramsey, Corien Lay, Curfis Moore. Second Row: Linda Pererson, Connie SCOH, Sandy Mosley, David Carier, Camille Shields, Linda Harly. Arx Lafinea Firsi Row, L. +0 R.: Gayle King, Roberl While, Carol Dalron. Second Row: Rira Webb, Sara Hodges, Glenda Mills, Shirley Craig, Sharon Cookslon. Third Row: John Reeder, Ronald Turner, Cecil Townley. Lafin Club The Lalin Club has sixly-one mem- bers. Their main purpose is lheir Roman Banquel in lhe spring. The mollo ol lhe Club is Faclo, non verba. Firsl Row, L. lo R.: Linda Nelson, Robbie Derr. Second Row: Lynn Ann Bryanl, Diana Samlord, Sherion Broach, Linda Marshall. Third Row: James Baradziei, Gary Odom. Zachary Ward. Firsl Row, L. lo R.: Janice Wrighl, Barbara l-loward, lvlargarel Younl, Belly Walsh, Ann Lewis, Elaine Pollock, Colleen King. Second Row: David Wallace, Charles l-lodges, Carl Hahnl, Ronnie Whilson, David Clark. Firsl' Row, L. 'lo R.: Marlha Lewis, Sandra Warren, Saunclra Philips, Syble Wrighl, Marlha Penninglon, Linda Riddle, Lois l-lahnl, Palsy Walson. Second Row: Barry Finkleslein, C. H. Dickerson, Jerry King, Tommie Gunler. 27I Roman Banquet The line-up of slaves lor firsl year membersl. -3 -3 ig 4 David Wallace, slave masfer, sells The slave girls. Margaref Youm' and Zach Warcl do a ballet David Tichrenor. president and John Walls, vice-president give Mrs, Smool a corsage. 272 Mrs. Smool' gives a lhanlc you for her corsage. The purpose ol Jrhe French Club is +o enhance our lcnowledge and underslancl- ing of The French language, cusloms, lireralure, ancl arl in order lo beller realize 'rhe valuable conlribulions of The French people lo our Weslern cullure. nme Miller presidenl' Leona Rush VICE presldenl Mary Sliles secrelary Rose Mary Jarnagnn, Fronl Row, L. +0 R.: Roberl While, Danny Sfewarl, Rila Webb, Slephanie Lord, Rose Dorman, Gloria Evans, Sher- ron Carlile. Back Row: Lois l-lahnl, Anila Allen, Leslie Cure, Nancy Ander- son, Cynlhia Read. Rose Mary Jarnagin, Linda Abboll, Shirley Pruill, Billy Mul- lins, David Wallace. Concer 3 Mr. Crook, Direclor Roger Herringfon, Carol Horsley, accompanisis ROSTER Jean Levisay, Claire Mosley, Siepher Lord, Cray Cooke, Brenda Teague, Phyl Phillips, Carol Wrighi, Barbara Gunn, Cai lyn Cloud, Cherry Moody, Rila Wel: Peggy Kocian, Melissa McRee, Carol Hicks, JoAnn Raculia, Dianne Abbolf, Gw Galz, Jeanine Wade, Mary Jeffery, Sand Karney, Cynihia Bromfield, Margarel You Linda Dreman, Sue Hershey, Pai' Walie Marva Walker, Carol Horsley, Sandra Wi ren, Leslie Cure, Karen Snow, Shar Ghormley, Jeannie Ball, Kaihy Wall, Char Gibbs, Helen Griffin, Jeanne Sharnlol Randy Moore, Hugh Hayes, Charles Pi hoir QM '49 :sew in, Jackie Winfers, Nickie Penson, Bill Ijcliinney, David Henderson, Jackie Webb, 'liomas Wade, Jimmy Maslner, Jimmy Ja- :obs, Charles Bowerey, Waller l-logue, Mike fxlexander, Ronnie Reynolds, Linda l-larly, flargarel Mison, Judy Tribble, Louise l-lable, 'fancy Perkins, Bobbie Wood, Carol Hudg- s, Jack Homesly, Jimmy Wardrop, Sieve acker, Travis Clirislian, Gerald Johnson, indell Mann, Joe Norllncull, Sieve Law- ence, Duane Henson, Raymond Clark, Joe dams, Roberl King, Zack Ward, Perry voodson, Roger l-lerringlon, Anifa Allen, eraldine Morris, Adele Wallace. Perry Gooclson, president Travis Chrislian, vice-presidenfg Nancy Perkins, sec- relary: Rila Webb, lreasurerq Aniia Allen, lwisforianq David Henderson, Roger Herrinqlon, librarians. 275 Allied Youfh Fronl Row, L. 'ro R.: Scolrie Scoll, Sharon Trlica, Sandy Mosley, Jan Parks, Sandra Eaiherly, Jorlee Mullcy, Sandra Wilson, Joyce Milchell. Lorraine l-learn. Second Row: Bobbie Lou Wood, Palricia Thompson, Nancy Walker, Joan Graham, Nancy Williams, Brenda Wrighr, Marva Walker, lvlargarei' Rabun. Third Row: Joan Wesl, Jack l-lomesley, Thomas Wade. Pal Turner, Terry Lumplcins, John Grafllin, Mrs. Jimmie Sadler, Mrs. Vivian Wilson, sponsors. Quill and Scroll Fronf Row, L, 'fo R.: Roger l-lerringlon, Tim Lee, Joe Maiors, Joe Gilmore, Roberl Price. Middle Row: Charlene Hud- dlesion, Rose Laminack, Lynila Lewis, Donna Bruion, Linda Gilmore, Donna Carroll, Anila Wells. Back Row, L. 'lo R.: Mar- garel Hibbs, Carla Darr, Barbara Lindsey, Sandra Milchell, Linda Williams, Gwen Fox, Virginia Bradshaw, Jenila Harris David Canlrell, Joan Wesr. lFronf Row, L. 'io R.: Milce Cargile. Aniia Wells, Marqarel l-liblos, Caroline Duncan, James Cook iaclr Row: Carol Harris, Joan Wesl, Nancy Coffman, Belh Wilson, Mariha l-liqhlower, Helen Hearn The JCTC is a safely organizaiion. They promole safely in and around school. This year The JCTC won The award lor lhe besi club in Dallas. Junior Citizens Traffic Commission Miss Carolyn Rhodes, sponsor: Jay Gann, Chairman: Lynda Gilmore, secrelaryq Linda Williams, reporlerg Charles l-lodges, vice- chairman. Froni' Row, L. 'io R.: Lana McMahen, Tommy Duggan, Milce Casey, Waller Laun, Milne Alex ander, Brenda Wrighl. Bacl: Row: Joyce McDaniel, Pal Thomas, Sue Morris, Glenda Mills Margarel Younf, Robbie Derr. 277 Future Teachers of America Officers Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Anila Allen, Rila Webb, Nancy Collman, Anila Wells. Back Row: Mrs. Murley- sponsor Mary Sliles. Fronl Row L lo R Connie Scoll, Belly Slripling, Rila McKissack, Lynne Garcia, Marilyn MCKlllrlClc Lois Hahnl. Baal: Row: Sandra Edwards, l-lugh Hayes, Travis Chrislxan Carl Hahnl Jeanne Ann Ray. The purpose ol lhe Fulure Teachers ol America Club is dedi- caled lo encourage and inleresl sludenls in lhe leaching field. Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Belly Dunnagan, Darlene Meeks, Sarah Loomis, Sheree Sew- ell, Belly Norwell. Middle Row: Leslie Cure, Sandra Ellison, Mercedes Dominquez, Linda Simmons, Linda Fuller. Back Row: Rolaerl While, Fred Auslin, Tierra Sue Davis, Elaine Pollock. Fufure Nurses The purpose of rhe Fulure Nurses Club is lo inleresr sludenls in finding our whal nursing requires and whar il offers and To help Jrhem de- cide wisely aboul professional or vocalional nurs- ing as Their career. The mollo is "LighJr Your Lamp for Service." Sealed. L. +o R.: Sherry Wilson, presidenlg Linda Williams, vice-president Standing: Margarel Hibbs, 'rreasurerz Linda Bean. secrelary and reporler: Mrs. Carden, sponsor. Jgw Fronf Row, L. +o R.: Sharon Ramsey, Charolorfe l-lallon Sharon Cody, Karen Ballard. Back Row: Arden Selby Gloria Tucker, Marlha Penningfon, Mercedes Dominguey Brenda Kirkwood. Fronf Row, L. 'lo R.: Marlha Highlower, Sarah l-lodges Carolyn Newlon. Back Row: Pal' Bridges, Rulh Lewis Lynda Gilmore, Marlha Lewis, Sondra Sfrinqer, Sandra Gilmore. 279 Fronl' Row, L. lo R.: Belly Sue LaRue, Corliss lngram. Baclc Row: Brenda Wrighl, Joan Parker, Judy Horlon, Delaine Derden, Joyce McDaniel, Linda Riddle, Omega Smilh. Froni' Row, L. fo R.: Judy Proclor, Frances McDonald, Kay Rhodes. Back Row: Rulh Burge, Sally Easl, Lola Vaughan, Belly Coslon, Suzy Johnson, Brenda Ander- son, Alice Kulala, Linda Welch. The purpose ol lhis club is lo promole an apprecialion ol The ioys and salislaclions ol homemaldng, lo worlc 'lor good home and family life and lo pro- vide wholesome group recrea- lion. 280 Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Valo Chrislen- sen, Carol Gvrillilh. Baclc Row: Mary l-lope, Anna Fuller, Carolyn Rags- dale. W. W. Samuell Chapfer of Fufure Homemakers of i. America Chmc Asslsfanfs Fon? Row L fo R Marie Simmons Judy Willilord Carol Dalian Shurey Craig Ellen l-laiier Carla Benson Back Row Sherry Simmons Amla Davis Sharon Mei-lone Bessie Crain Nancy Peckard Rulh Lewis Library Assisfanfs L. 'lo R.: Miss Roberis, Beily Cosion, Linda Siolcer, Edna Bilion, Mary Siiles, Linda Rob- erfson, Brenda Wrighf, Donna Garreil. Joan Morrison, Mariha Layne, Judy Boyd, Sharon Singleiary, Barbara Lindsey, Linda Coe, Judy Ross, Mrs. Cobb. IBM Assisfanfs Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Sherry Vaughn, Mariha Lewis, Sylvia Waliers, Elaine Edwards, Donna Lewis, Lawana Peiion. Baci: Row: Lana Lyles, Sharron I-lerford, Lois Hahnl, Kaihy Wall. Proiecfionisfs Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Dean Maslers, Phillip Dale. Back Row: DeWord Slegall, Pal Bur- lon, Don Powell. Principal 's Office Assisfcmfs Fronl Row, L. 'lo R.: Billie Reeves, Elaine Pol- laclc, Janice Faulkner, Sharron Bryanl, Sanclral Edwards. Back Row: Caroline Duncan, Deanna Dean, Yvonne Weed, Kalhy Benson, Anile Al- len, Shirley Tabor. l l 3 l l l l Counselors' Helpers Fronl' Row, L. 'lo R.: Carol Hammond, Pall O'Keele, Dorolhy Roberlson, Linda Roberlson, Linda Simmons, Linda Williams, Sue Morrisl Beverly Sweal. Middle Row: Geri Toupal, Barl bara Lemley, Sharon Maddox, Mary Goodspeedl Linda Cagle. Back Row: Kalhy Smarl, Hele Parmley, Shirley Pelly, Barbara Mcfxbee, Pa- lricia Thomas. l Dean 's Office Assistants ont Row, L. to R.: Susan Patzke, Connie Love- e, Billie Weaver, Sue White, Lynita Lewis, inny Fuller, James Lewis Cook. Back Row: aron Sumner. Pat Williamson, Lana Lay, Judy evenson, Linda Coe, Pat Cook, Barbara Sise- re, Pat Gaddis, Patsy Watson, Ronnie Reyn- I Stage Crew V vont Row, L. to R.: James Cook, Ronnie Reyn- ds, Rex Walters. Back Row: Larry Smyers, avid Hedgecock, Edwin Dalton, Richard Hegt, ltarles Brown. Dean 's Office Front Row, L. to R.: Donna Tenery, Karen Roberson, Carolyn House, Linda Riddle, Sandra Wilson, Nina Shipman, Connie Scott. Back Row: Janette Skains, Juanita Calvert, Linda Byrd, Helen l-learne, Joyce Long- neckner, Joan Graham, Pat Hunsaker, Te- resia Casey, Frieda Roberts, Barbara Canup, Veda Wood. Linda Williams Edlfor-in-Chief Senfine Reporlersz Joan West Jaunifa Swelman. Mary Sliles, Mary Goodspeed, Anila Wells. Sandra Milchell, Club and Social News Edi 'rorg David Canirell, Sporls Edilorg Rose Lam inack, News Edilorq Jenila Harris, Fealur Edilor. ' fd ,V ,, n. X... .Mgt . 4 sewn., Roberr Price, pliolograplnerq Gwen Fox, reporrer and lypisl isiness Slalfz Lynila Lewis, exchange zlilorg Virginia Bradshaw, adverlising anaqerg lvlargarei Hibbs, business anager. ieporlers: William Clair, Carroll Lem- ms, Priscilla l-luclcabay, Dienna Sullins, landra Tlnornion, Joye S'lanley, Ronald Nhiie. Joe Maiors, Tim Lee, Connie dlarl: Donna Carroll Edllor Torch Sfaff Saves High - School Memories Mr. Rnddles, Mr. Waflrins, Mr. Sievenson, sponsors l I Beverly Moore Acllvllles Eclilor Donna Brufon Organlzalions Edilor The Torch Shall works foward a dead-line. Charlene Huddlesfon Aclverlisinq Direclor gg! 1 f y f ' 1 5 ml l ' lp 5 M, ,, W-1 "A" --- I , if L' , '55, V "fr , ' in 12' Hg , r . ,W 2. ' f. ,iff - L r", , H 'lrr . I -. .. , .. -, ,....,.,.. ., -W 3 i ,swf .z,. , ' I ' Q- is .r,--', Q gif Q " t 3,15 . ,, ,,.. - ,.., My W so "" ffffz.. ' Eff' ,A r.., y so i - AW,rl ,L ,,,l so Q Q Cherry Moody Senior Class Ed ilor Carla Darr Business Ma nager Lynda Gnlmore Personalwhes Ednlor Linda Payne Sophomore Class Ecliior il lg ?2?i?lQli Torch Sfaff Shlrley Killian Junior Class Eclllor Roger Herringfon Plwolog ra plwer, Mililary Edilor BeHie Palmer Sophomore Class Edilor Roxie Lou McKinney Sporls Eclilor The sfaff works busily fo pu'r logefher a yearbook. 7 MILITARY 1 1:5 'f K lf K z ,v"""' ,QM-no-f Military Officers LT. Col. WiTTkower The word Tor This year's miliTary deparTmenT was progress. Having compleTed his second year as commandanT, LT. Col. Louis WiTTlcower saw his leadership pay rewarding dividends in The advance- menT oT The W. W. Samuell NaTional DeTense CadeT Corps. For The second year The corps received an ouTsTanding raTing during The Federal lnspecTion which enTiTles Them To wear The honor sTar again nexT year. ParTicipaTion in varied acTiviTies highlighTed The miliTary year. The Samuell Olympian Guard was represenTed aT The WozencraTT Drill CompeTiTion by Two CadeTs and aT The Dallas-FT. WorTh lnviTaTional lvleeT. CrediTalole raTings were received aT boTh meeTs. The riTle Team Tired againsT oTher schools aT Tour major maTches: The Dallas-FT. WorTh In- viTaTional maTch, The TriniTy Valley maTch. The l-learsT Trophy maTch. and The FourTh Army lnTer- scholasTic maTch. The corps also was a service organizaTion To The school in ushering aT imporTanT school acTiviTies. The mosT exciTing evenT oT The year was The lvliliTary Ball where LaRece Dickerson was crowned queen. Battle Group Staff FronT Row, L. 'lo R.: Col. Darrell Chapman, LT. Col. Gary F: Dion. Second Row: STC. Ronnie Lymfa Lew,s PresTrieclge, LT. Col. Larry Alderman, LT. Col. Clarence Tesch, LT. Col. John York, Mai. Rex WalThers, CapT. RoberT Price, CapT. Lloyd Denham. Third Row: STC. Earl, Willis, Sic. Dean MasTers. lnsfrucfor Sfaff if V yt., Fronf Row, L. fo R.: Col. Dallon Ellis. L+. Col. Don Quinn. Second Row: Mai. William Clair, Capt Gene Denham, Mai. Richie Hurley, Mai. John Samford, Mai. Paul Massey, Capr. Bobby Yarbrough, Sandra Lovelace Mai. Kennelh Whisenhunr, Mai. Jimmy Wood. Olympian Guard Plc. Dale Shanlcles, Pfc. Larry Crisler, Pfc. Ray Graves, Plc. Ronald Ellis, Plc. Gary Odom, Plc. Rose Lamgnack Alan Mardis. Third Squad: Sfc. Dallon Ellis, Plc. Slanley Anglin, Pfc. Jerry Lee, Plc. Bobby Swilzer, Plc. Ernie Clemenf. Plc. Sleven Jones, Pfc. Thomas Broolcs, Pic. Norman Moore. Fourih Squad: Sfc. Don Perry. Plc. John lvluenninlc, Pfc. Bill Waldrop, Plc. Durrell Lovell, Plc. Thomas Wacasrer, Plc. Weslly Chandler. Plc. Gary Srrawn. 29l Senior Rifle Team Fronf Row, L. lo R.: Capi. John Samford, 2nd L+. Michael Shadcloclc, Mai. William Clair, Mai. Lagece Dickerson LaRece Dickerson, Mai. Richie Hurley, Pvi. Paul Yaies, L+. Col. John York. Second Row: Cpl. Joe Kelly, Cpl. David McAfee, Pvl. Richard Tapp, 2nd L+. Ronnie Davidson, SfSg+. William Carler, Cpl. Linn Dixon, Cpl. Jimmy Smilh. Sophomore Rifle Team Fronf Row, L. io R.: Capt John Samford, Cpl. Bill Janes, Cpl. Larry Jennings, Cpl. David lvlcfxiee. Mai. LaRece Dickerson, Cpl. Linn Dixon, Cpl. Henry McNair, C-pl. Joe Kelly, Ll. Col. John Yorlc. Second Row: Cpl. Jimmy Smiih, Pic. Phillip Cale. Cpl. George Broclcer, Cpl. Jim Traves, Cpl. Richard Marlin, Fvl. Richard Tapp, Pvi: Grady Tail. 292 Color Guard Sweefhearfs L. fo R.: Cpl. Jerry Lee, Sic. Edwin Sclwell, Sql. Jerrell Sand- L. 'lo R.: Beverly Moore, Carolyn l-louse, Lallece Dickerson ling, Sic. Edmund Marshall. Ginger Rogers, Sandra Lovelace, Lynda Hoyl. Band Fron+ Row, L. +o R.: SfSgl. Ray Graves, SfSgl. Howard l-lorlon, Ll. Col. David Hedgecoclc. Second Row: SfSgl. Dennis l-lenron, Sic. Roberl Garnell: SfSg'r. Kennellw While, Cpl, Bill Prallier, Mai. Richard David. Third Row: SfSgl. Bob l-lesler, Cpl. Ronald Alford, Sic. Bill Mc- Kinney, Sic. Paul Carler, Capl. Wilson Garis. Fourlh Row: SXSQL David Solomon, Cpl. lvan Wriglnl, Cpl. Dean Darnall, Cpl. Larry Grosliom, 2nd Li. Tornmy Bisbee. Fiflh Row: Cpl. Waller lvlcCulcl1eon, Cpl. Jolin Cole. Carolyn House Company A Ginger Rogers Front Row, L. lo R.: Cpl. Terry Mcliachern, Znd Ll. Michael Shaddock, Mai. Charles Lawrence. Capl. Bryan McBee, Slc. Wayne Richardson, 2nd Ll. Thomas Wade. Second Row: Slc. Dean Maslers, S!Sgl. John Oxley, SfSgl. Jimmy Moser, SfSgl. Mike Kessner, Sgl. Mike McAnally, Sql. Jimmy LaRue, Pvl. David Kukes. Third Row: Cpl. Richard Brewer, Plc. Mike Bird, Plc. David Gibbs, Plc. James Baradziei, Pvl. Roberl Taylor, Pvl. Roberl Frazier, Cpl. Linn Dixon, Plc. Alvin Cumperl. Fourlh Row: Sic. William Carler, Plc. Grady Tail, Plc. Eddie Prichard, Cpl. Jimmy Smilh. Fillh Row: Mai. Richie Hurley, Mai. Jimmy Woods, Capl. Roberl Price. Company B Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Cpl. Henry McNair, Isl Ll. Lonnie Sleyens. Gapl. Bill Adamson, Mai. Mike Carolhers, 2nd Ll. Wayne Walkins, 2nd Ll. Marlin Rosas. Second Row: SfSgl. Gene Morgan, Pvl. Roberl Ragsdale, SfSgl. Roberl Slewarl, Cpl. Thomas Wacasler, Cpl. Gary Elliol, SfSgl. Thomas Bell. Third Row: Cpl. Michael Ganll, Cpl. Sleve Packer, Cpl. Gary Odom, Cpl. Bill Janes. Cpl. Dale Shackles, Pyl. Roberl Fallin. Fourlh Row: Cpl. Larry Jennings, Pvl. James Hallmark, Pvl. Dennis Traylor, Plc. Sluarl Shire, Pvl. Gary Hosick. Fif+h Row: Pvl. Larry Rhodes, Pvl. James Robin- son, Pyl. Richard Tapp, Pvl. Gary Groom, Pvl. William Cody. Sixlh Row: Capl. Rex Wallhers, Capl. Paul Massey, Slc. Ronnie Preslridge, Ll. Col, Gary Faubion. Beverly Moore Company C 3 W.W..aa... fi if ff' 9435 1 - Riga, figs... 02,09 WN Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Cpl. Ronald Ellis, Mai. David Flowers, Isl Ll. David Slevens, Slc. Larry Fisher, 2nd Ll. Glenn Day, 2nd Ll. Roloerl Wacasler, Second Row: Slc. Tommy Vinson, Slc. John Gralllin, Belh Wilson SfSgl. Mike Marlin, Slc. Jimmy Verdoorn, Cpl. George Brocker, Cpl. Durrell Lovell, Cpl. Richard Marlin. Third Row: Pvl. Don Keasler, Pvl. Don Walls, Cpl. Mike Hawkins, Pvl. Alvin Jackson, Cpl. Donald Penninglon, Cpl. Jerry King. Fourlh Row: Pvl. Bill Godwin, Cpl. Mike Woolbriqhl, Plc. Alvin Vanderlord, Pvl. Vernon Packer, Cpl. David McAlee, Cpl. Chesler McDonald. Fillh Row: Slc. Earl Willis, C-apl. Kennelh Wliisenhunl, Plc. Dennis Slurges, Cpl. David Linlhicum, Plc. Bobby Lloyd, Cpl. Gary Dozier. Company D l Fronl Row, L. lo R.: Cpl. Larry Rushin, Ll. Col. Rudy Chaney, Slc. Don Coppedge. Second Row: Slc. Bobby Swilzer, Slc. Don Taylor, Sql. Gary Monroe, SfSgl. Paul Traylor, SfSql. Larry Crisler, SXSQT. Jimmy l-lale, SfSgl. Tracy l'lam, Sql. Bill Belhune. Third Row: Cpl. David Clark, Cpl. Joe England, Cpl. Michael Ramsey, Cpl. Sleven Jones, Cpl. Ernie Clemenl, Cpl. Bill Waldrop, Cpl. John Muennink. Fourfh Row: Plc. Phillip Dale, Plc. Norman Moore, Pvl. Charles Sleelrnan, Pvl. James Lemmons, Cpl. Joe Jurcak, Pvl. Rickey Cassiday, Plc. James Brigdon. Pvl. Ronnie Pope, Plc. Weslly Chandler, Plc. Jimmy Garrison. Fillh Row: Col. Darrell Chapman, Ll. Col. John York, Mai. Bill Clair, Mai. John Samlord. Lynda Hoyl The senior officers and fheir daies lead 'Hue Grand March. Mike Caroiiiers escorfs princess Beverly Moore 'ro The queen's court , i r Military I 1 E Ti1eSinlcing Sain+s" provide foik music enieriainmenf. The cadefs and Their dares weigh as Jr, Cadels willingly lorgel aboul march cadence as 'lliey wallz wifln llneir clales Dickerson smiles prellily afler being Mililary Queen. all AE' ..' . f Jig balloons close a wonderful evening. Cadef Colonel Darrell Chapman. has +l1e honor of Jrlie lirsl' clance will'1Queen LaRece Dickerson. "The Big L'l'. Col. Wilflcower gives oul awards 'lo mililary officers al The Awards Assembly. Cadels march af llwe Federal lnspeclion. 298 Darrell Chapman represenls Samuell al 'rlwe Wosencrafi' Drill Compefilion. Camp Dallas is +l1e summer aHrac'Hon Fox 4 l I , . 2.1 . N' I I .l'A. Q .,,., I ,,:,,. W . Y' , , ay ' f re a sv V ,. ,W ,.. i Vkiy kk,.. wg? is ., r Q -rr. f l.,s W' L L ' 1 J f lsss ,, D is el e jf 1 Mr A Q, as is slls .'.. ei A ,Q P9 ' A 'Ea Y 1 - s 4 ,- ' as 2' -, 71- 1, -1 ' ,,,,1- ' Fa? wg.: , , V MM . J.2f,1,-,:g,:f':M-V.. ,, ' f11fgfrgg f , :I 1 ff-'lg k -2 my-.girg , .41 Q 471. - izfk x u , r ' L ,r,, , s u- P V. L- f-far , D D ' QQ ' Caplain Hill inspecls B Company. 1 icfure" clefs from all over The Dallas area. i rlficers examine companies al' Jrhe Federal lnspecfion. Mililary companies siand a+ aHen'rion for inspeciion. L+. Col. WiHl4ower walches The rifle 'ream as ihey pracfice. ZQAEBEZB Officers display various pieces of milifary equipmenl during Texas Public Schools Week. 299 ADVERTISEMENTS I 3OI S 963 ble. 5'fRWL'E 6'EN7fR North Central Expressway at San Jacinto Rl 7-8141 To Remain First In Service We Know We Must Put Service Fir i 302 i Our group had ZIV, fewer cavifies .. O. L. SUTPHEN FURNITURE I47-B PIeasan'r Grove Shopping Cenfer EX I-5387 FuII Sfock of Early American and Confemporary Furni+ure for Your SeIec+ion NO INTEREST NO CARRYING CHARGES McKEE JEWELERS School Charms 259 Pleasani' Grove Shopping Cen+er EX I-43lI Coach Mc Chanahan and his frained ch mps "Inferior" decoraiors? 304 28l8 Pricha Congra+ula+ions 'ro 'rhe Class of I963 SOUTH EAST DALLAS. TEXAS rd Lane MU RRAY'S TEXACO SERVICE EX I-4382 , Lh.,E , .X.,, Q QQ,QQQfQ :.:: '-kk .fifflfffflflfifQIQQQLQZQ:llQQf,lQlf.fQ,,,.nofA..wfs-:1:wLL7iiwfA3?i7 Mkfiilfff H53:FeP5Pi'3'El55'f5 I ' Fasl' Road Service We made a box in wood shop," says Vaugl1nA and Mike Ygur Texaco Dealer 8449 Lake June p uclly. - PERSONALIZED HOMES Bradley-Stroman Builders I205 S. Buckner Blvd. EX I-2l59 EX I-I26I Looks like Shirley lakes everyllning buf ll'1e kilclien sink Jr lh b ll g 6 Gme. DIXON'S STARBRIGHT CLEANERS SQL? EMBLEM OF QUALITY 2626 C-Hilburn EV I-9I32 Seniors awai+ final f !EEE A game fo reme b Bouque+s for VaIen+ine Beaufies. PAUL'S FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE Hospi+al Arrangemenfs, Wedding Decorafions, Funeral Designs, Flowers Telegraphed, Po+ Planfs, Corsages 20I7 SO. BUCKNER EX I-5993 . W Q B .0Qgfjieg1: .v bht. 57 E:k 5g.51kfg:sf. . L.,, A E . , A: viii, .,,. V V AB ' " 'X " f .F f B h f . ff B- 3 f l L Zi m f W A age' lk, as 31 A :fir 'Fi Us .ge - f a :zf il 5 5- H- 2.5 ff' 1' .,fBf7,.,' ' " FBT 'fy 'f " f BBBBBB Til " '- A . ,wg Afr i .,kL- V L ? B K... 5 M me it - ,ff ,, Q 5.-,.3 :anim l zmx-QF 5' ' Miha' .fe Q41 it k ' A ,sf B J' f : 5' bl ls 9 'J'-n "' q V: Q-l 'K K W: " 5 "Pd: ,1.i, IAA basal ' lMn+ 'B B ' . Us B B A -F? BBW Q p ' lik , J N, H, . , 2 f 1 F Q By -1- l 1 1 ' 1 B ,. I? ,V ' I xv- : L 7 Y 1 Vs f B Iseli? ..QA ' l as E,. U 'ji 'Es hh' , ' ' l l gamuell Blue Jaclcel Card Seleclion Complimenfs of flle 'f' when al TWH' SUBURBAN TRIBUNE 8l I4 Lake June Road h Seniors eagerly wail +o be called for The las? assembly 'Huey will Mr. MaHl'1ews and lwls dale re-sl belween dances al llwe Semor Prom. eve, affend 5+ Samuel' - Senior Asgemblyl I+ seems as if Bobby LeBlanc doesn'+ care 'ro have lwls piclure made. Col. Willrkower presenls a Jrroplry lo Rudy Chaney. 308 HISAW GULF SERVICE STATION D ny Ellsworllw breaks 'rlwrouglw 'Ilwe Sparlan head aI Luflcin. FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY 6939 Scyene Rd. EV I-9I72 We've served Ilwis communily for over 20 years, a long repufalrion for reliable service and qualify. DICKY'S BIG WORLD Dept. Store I235 S. Buckner Blvd. EX I-3I33 Comme Lovelace looks grlm as slwe awanfs enfry Io Valen Dance. 309 Congra+ula'rions 'ro +l'1e I963 Seniors of W. W. Samuell High School N -V 7174 L xl V N. , Qf , L ff' ffl" I L I X ' Y ,LAI j fl, NMGPROVE STATE N I ,ow A BANK wif, ,A EVM: jcrc Z ' Q V,C !,f It its o. Buckner Blvd. Dallas, Texas , bf ' r f fo. F 4, ' J , 5 , I , , QE N df 0 W T ,Q 0 EX 42 f pf C U I , 7-f , ,J 'Xu I 1 , A ,Y 1 V ,.,f. K g fe fn ol K1 guy' X!jfMEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT QQ, f INSURANCE CORPORATION , ff A X 3I0 M AN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY SPECIALIZING IN SERVICE FOR ANY AREA M RI N d I1 on Fefe: Mrs. Mildred Nielsen, her son Tommyq and Mrs. Iona Deering, her son Edd I I III gI'1+ SOUTHEAST EMPLOYMENT SERVICE I925 SouI'I1 Buckner EX I-I I5I Owned and Operafed by Mo'I'I1ers of SamueII S+uden+s! ember of: DALLAS EMPLOYMENT ASSOCIATION SOUTHWEST EMPLOYMENT BOARD ALADDIN CLEANERS "One-Hour Cleaning and Shirl Service" I43 Pleasanl' Grove Shopping Cenler EX I-3556 l Foolball princesses smile happily al' The homecoming game. From lefl' 'lo riglrl: Sandra Lovelace, Beverly Moore, Queen Linda Kimbrell, Eula Taylor, Rosalyn Reeves, llsack-rowl Connie Freeland and Donna Conn. 3I2 e "S" of Samuell Sparfans is formed by Jrhe Samuell Sfarlefs of I962-I963 in fhe performance of Hwe Siarlef kia ADAMS' OATES PLAZA PHARMACY "Your Pharmacis+s" DA 7-735I 2303 OATES DR. DALLAS. TEXAS PLEASANT GROVE PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST FREE DELIVERY I3I5 So. Buckner EX I-3I97 Are you reaIIy an Iwonesf-Io-goodness Sparian Near or Iar, The SIarIeIs are shining stars For QuaIi+y Cleaning CaII DASCH CLEANERS 8400 SCYENE EV I-I54I ? READ'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION We Give S8zH Green S'I'amps Garage and General Repairs Wheel Balancing -Tire Service Pick Up and Delivery-Road Service Fhesrone Tues and Ba++eHes 3806 S. Buckner EV I-3983 Roger "Liberace" Herringfon! Bur Par, reform school amr so bad. Ancl 1+ alnr hard Jr g 'r T lh e ino ei er. o p 1 Feafuring Young Fashions Ladies and Junior Sizes 247 Pleasani Grove Shopping Cenier EX I-I'-223 We lake +l'1is opporlunily lo express our sincere con- gralulalions lor your acliievemenls in scliool ancl To say Jrlwal we nope you will conlinue To do your besl. We are liere lo serve you and your lamilies al lour convenienl localions. TEXAS PAINT 81 WALLPAPER CO. Casa View Heigl1+s l5l4 Cen+erville DA I-63I2 Oak Cliff I724 S. Ewing WH 8-7524 Pleasani' Grove 7906 Lake June EX I-3l6I Ross Avenue 4225 Ross Ave. TA 4-4574 ! As. i 5, X I X ,X f , 4. ii? 3 If ,f yi fi - ly , , , , ' I ' yt., , A. i . l ' i fu I i W 'f W ,if , .r L f, ' ff' 1 1 i .V , . I 'f , ' I, , , 'I if , X 1 ig fl A ,I ir, lf, Y? fir, .4 JJ' ff ' f, ' , AL , , , f' ' 7' 'W' . f V " i . i , g ,ff , 1 J 'f , .- , f .5- f Lf , 7 ' l ff' - 1, ll N ., y , , f' 1 Z f f I .- X 5-3 X i 7 uw ' -it I il-s 1-., .N - -. imc' - 1 4 ' " -f- ravi. ' 'I 1. . f .' K - ' ,, .. " Q',' iff 'I The same 'Company which manufactures the W. W. Samuell High School class rings also manufactures the Official U. S. Military Academy class rings CWest Pointj, the U. S. Naval Academy class rings CAnnapolisD, the S.M.U. class rings, the University of Texas class rings, the Texas A.8.M. class rings, and famous class rings for hundreds of other distinguished institutions. TL. G. Balfour Company O O I v LEONARD DUCKWORTH AGENCY ReaH'or 7827 Lake June Rd. EX I-II4I ll208 Garland Rd. DA 4-4455 The "S" of SUPERIORITY Dewey and Jack enioy a fasi' feasi' on ihe way io Tyler CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS MARGO'S for Magic in Fashions 237 Pleasam' Grove Shopping Cenier EX I-3302 HORN-WILLIAMS -W EX Z, Your Au+horized Ford Dealer I2-Mon+h Guaran+ee on Used Cars and Trucks 2060 Sou+l1 Buckner af Bru+on Pleasan+ Grove EX I-3l45 Eddie iusr can? seem Jro please Jenifa! M. E. MOSES 5c-I0c-25c 81 51.00 Three Convenienf Sfores fo Serve You PLEASANT GROVE LAKE JUNE PIEDMONT Shopping Cenfers I+ pays more fo be a "Moore," O l He eeerlwe SNO CLEANERS Laundry Agency "We operafe our own plan+" All Work Guaranfeed Free Pickup and Delivery lwSg?nLaniiam accepis ine championship Jrrophy from ihe foo a EV I -9 I 22 5937 LOVETT fly R Ln usno voun -I, ' - RRYI 1r Vg 'C cheerleaders in one of 'Hweir more serious ,LQ ai ,, fm! ii ,N 5 x if ai' GROVE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE l4I8 S. Buckner EX I-4l9l CLINE MUSIC CO. EveryI'hing for Band and Orches'rra II07 EIm SI'reeI', Dallas, Texas RI 7-373I Service DeparI'men'I' WH I-5459 I I Coach I-Iarrel Shaver gives us a pep Ialk before one of our big games. SIeve Lawerence sfands beside his award-winning Science Fair proleci. 32I 1+'i VALLEY LUMBER C - I AII Types BuiIding Ma'reriaIs FHA Ti+Ie I and Conven'IionaI Loans for Home Improvemen+s New House ConsIrucI'ion 6920 Second Ave. Dallas I7, Texas EX I-3I II I E IM, INSURED + HOME SAVINGS fr LOANS ' I Visi'I Your Friends aI' TRINITY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I838 SouI'I1 Buckner Boulevard I DALLAS, TEXAS 322 Linda Abboll Anila Allen Nancy AnderSOV1 Linda Bean Nedra Caldwell Cray Cooke Carla Darr Roscoe Eallwerly Mafgafel' Hlbbs Joyce McDaniel Connie McDowell David Miller Sue Moms Bllly Mulllns Nancy Perkins Shirley Pruili Cynllnia Read Leona Rush llk V ' ff 3 We R35 Will m 45" Carolyn Smillv Danny Slewarf Dienna Sullins Jeanine Wade Adele Wallace Joan Wesl HIGH HONOR STUDENTS OF 1962-63 Complimenls of KINDER-KRAFT STUDIO 229 Pleasanl Grove Shopping Cen'I'er RALPH A. GEDDIE, Owner 323 I A r i' 1, HM J 1 , Llvfbui N-Qxyf' V 'Y' fi LVL. , 'J wif. 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Yearbooks Are Taylonmadeu M3 ,UK 1. 31- Aw ' QU K, .u. ! 1 '-I , 'r e 'B 1 fi, im- " ' 4 N, .H Q if I ,1 - in l 4 1 'F 'L I I I .r I r 4 K p v .lf if X .1 sa, '5 1 ll ik 4 u l 4. 1' N :- M 1 ll A J 'N' N I' sl 33 , , ln 1 1 'J I ,1 ff il, ul 33 V QL is 5' J' s I YNQELL Q 99 A J In 9 . Z K . ! . I1- Q ,f -wm.C'kfl . , ffl A ' ' I xy . U . 1 5 . Hg v

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