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-lar 1959 TORCH W.W. SAMUELL HIOH SCHOOL Published By The Student Body DALLAS, TEXAS VOLUME IH X GQBQK9 ee , SQIXXNOK 6246 Q, . yolk f. 451 52427. E Q il , 5.'bNoee XWMOY J 2,326 f ogg s we FOREWORD TABLE OF CUNTENTS ff ? FAVORITE? ADMINIS-I-KM' 5 Q! y Z DEDIC TIO To Mr. Mattliews. for your clcvotion to the high ideals of education, your help in organizing XV. XV. SllIHU0ll, your wonflerlul sense of humor in the face of adverse circumstances, your help in making our social activities a success, for all these and innurncrablo other reasons, this 1959 TORCH is respectfully cledicatecl. BUILDINGS WEST ENTRANCE fl .15 Qxi 51 A 1,1 rw 'I 4 ALMA MATER V kat Ccmwell Alexis M, W Qgegfsws f Q9 r J J M ..S.,"C,.., .5 ,M ES f J L . ' Li32'..+1'Et'lt'Qf-B"i'i'r4ilaJ-Harm? JI ?f?P'1Ij JA' 'LVJ -1 V 'fr - M.-4.-avian TRB bzktkjygbli T gim- Q-?4J'?FFl-iwffilffyf-F "-f4JJJ'.J.-53 .LJ J 14,3 ghrrf'f'lVY' 1' 7HrQrf r' jgfi . Flwfnfb jak-TAM M11-ju.. jk! 2? ik Ag! 52,9-?iF2'g-rzr'Jr,-r1,,J 4 ADMIN ISTKATIUN BOARD OF EDUCATIO Left to right: R. B. Gilmore, R. L. Dillard, Van Lamm, Mrs. Tracy Rutherford, vice president, Dr. Edwin L. Rippy, president, Dr. W. T. Wliite, superintendent of schools, F. E. Spafford, Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram, Rouse Howell, W. A. Blair, deceased. DMINI TR TION STAFF Left to right: Mr. Don Matthews, assistant superintendent in charge of special servicesg Mr. R. H. McKay, assistant superintendent in charge of administrationg Mr, T. W. Browne, assistant superintendent in charge of businessg Dr. W. T. White, superintendent of schoolsg Dr. F. L. Williams, assistant superintendent in charge of instructiong Dr. E. D. Walker, assistant superintendent in charge of personnel. K4 mi Q 1 K Q I, 3, . g NY, - Lk, so ff X ke 2 ' 3, ,gpm A 1- Ln I 44 'Q-Q.. ' M. OFFICE PERSONNEL Mrs. Jane Wfilson Dean viffigz ,.g, f-GI " fx-Tiff A , 1l?7'gW ' 9. , J J 2359 Miss Alice Pickins Senior Counselor ,fi Mrs. Clota Mashburn h V Secretary Mrs. Kathleen Carden Nurse Mrs. Wilma Reeves and Mrs. Jewell Bierhalter 'LII x K A V, f' ww5'xff'Qq4g:, ' " ' . . .. ' ww' ' ws -4-as f ' . L. -if V- v- V' . . , , aff .1 ,min ,.. wwf - , , - 75W-g xiggwx,-3. f .. ,An ? FRONT ROW, lcft to right: Mrs. Ruth Youngblood, Miss Rowena Paschall. TOP ROW: Eric Romherg, Mrs. Sara Waldman, John Shaver, Waymond Wilson, Mrs. Lyla Tisdale, Virgil Mattingly, and John Akin. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT The Math Department offers commercial math, two years of algebra, plane geometry, solid geometry and trigonometry. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT The WI. XV. Samuell High School Social Studies Department offers world history, Texas history, American history, Civics, economics, English history and Latin Ameri- can history. Left to right: William Stevenson. W. W. Johnson. David Harstrom. Nick Morris, Mrs. Rose Callahan, J. H. Young, Mrs. Jimmie Sadler, J. l'. Lawless, Mrs. Mary Love. ,gifts Left to right: Mrs. Jennie Peters, Fred Wyant, James lbbotson, J. W. Black, James Davis. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT A student at W. W. Samuell has the opportunity to study one year of chemistry, two years of biology, and one year of physics. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The English ADepartment offers three years of English which include grammar, composition, vocabulary development, literary appreciation, and aims at mastery of the written and spoken word. Left to right: Robert Stokes, Mrs. Louise Gilbert, Mrs. Olga Murley, Mrs. Mary Murphy, Mrs. Betty Bullock, Miss Eilene Higgins, Miss Jean Vining. Seated are Mrs. Vivian Wilson, Mrs. Evelyn Ramsey, Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell. gl'Wi WK' 'QW mf .nf ,QMWWM Sf Luft to right: Mrs. iiois Rosson, Mrs. Inez Palm, and Mrs. .iasininc Sinont. THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT The Foreign lriniguuge iJl'lJ31'iII10Ht offers two years of Latin and four years 0 Spanish. THE BUSINESS DEPARTMENT The liusinvss Department offers two years of typing. two years of shorthand, one scnicstcr of office pravlivc. one yc-ur of bookkeeping, one yvar of Commercial math, and one semi-ster of COITlITl6I'i'iHi law. Loft to right: Hiw Barlmura lflinn. Mrs. Yvlina Scotl. Mr. Frank Mclflanahan, Mrs. Doris Northcult, and Miss Jac-kin Winn. t Mrs. Betty Brown, Mr. James Mitchell, and Miss Katherine McGaha. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Physical education is offered for four years. HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT The Homemaking Department offers four years of instruction in food and clothing and one year in family living. Mrs. Eva Griffin, Mrs. Frances Bradford, and Mrs. Betty Baty. 339515 Mr. Henry Brahinsky, Mr. Clx-ments Crook, and Mr. Clifton Simmons. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Students may take four years of choir, band, or orchestra. TEACHERS OF VOCATIONAI, SUBJECTS l lvoorl shop, rnctal shop. electric shop. nicvliaiiical drawing, I.C.T., and DE. are offered for two years each. Mr. Dwain Clcr-rc. Mr. D. C. Rogers, Mr. Winfretl Hall, Mr. J. E. Moors, Mr. Glcndon Drake, and Mr. Gene Brandcnlncrger. 5 .4 VARIED DEPARTMENTS Cul. A. C. Rurnett, Military, Miss lna Rnberts, Librarian, Mrs. Alice Terry, Speech, and Mr. Paul Harris, Art. P-T.A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Mrs. J. D. Green, Mrs. L. E. Blackburn, Mrs. M. E. Evans, Mrs. J. W. Poe, Mrs. C. A. Powers, Mrs. John C. Dasch, Mrs. F. M. Wlhite. SECOND ROW: Mrs. J. D. Smith, Mrs. N. R. Collins, Mrs. Marvin Wright. Mrs. W. L. Hunsaker, Mrs. L. E. Whitfield, Mrs. D. H. McDowell, Mrs, Charlie Traylnr. THIRD ROW: Mrs. C. R. Spaule, Mrs. G. E. Foster, Mrs. Troy Featherstone, Mrs. Willvcr Hughes, Mrs. W. A. Mahaffey, Mrs. Frank Watkins. FOURTH ROW: Mr. W. S. Lanham, principal, Mrs. R. B. Kaiser, P-T.A. presidentg Mr. Paul Matthews, assistant principal. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. J. T. Freeland, Mrs. J. C. Daniels, Mrs. M. C. Bridges, Mrs. W. F. Cooley, Mrs. M. R. Dixon, Mrs. Sam P. Snow, Mrs. Clayton Smith, Mrs. O. C. Steeley, Mrs. W. M. Morgan, Mrs. Orley M. Marshall, Mrs. Clayton Hart, Mrs. R. E. Pratt, Mrs. U. T. Stanfield. LU CHRDOM STAFF Left to right: Mrs. Clovis Clay, Mrs. Mary Ju Stewart, Mavis Dodson, Marie Bateman. Jewel W'illif0rd, Ruth Grant, Julia Sanders, Mwrlene Key. Bessie Standifer, Mattie Capps, Incz Byrd, .leffie Heddin, Okla Murry, Zilderrcll Bowen. IRQ .,.,T..f...z..,, KNEELING: D. T. Thompson, Mr. VV. T. Jones, H. L. Williams, A. E. Hill, Robert Upchurch, T. P. Searcy. STANDING: H. P. Gui-ss. C. C. Barrow, H. H. Elledgc, J. C. Griffin, J. O Palridge. JY . 2 .,.,, b . ORGANIZATION --, - I-I, . I ,,.- . f-.. .V . , V. ,ili w 1 xl X ., H, w , A W , f hw LV M , . v1e41,f.2,w 4 ,.nf ,w.,L,, ,M ,, , , , , V x' I I fl W, X' , V2 .Wm A. L E , n M , ,A M A V A in hx A V W' " V. ,ji AQ, 5g51Q31:,.74,... Z, .' V, . A-W vlvl M AT f V I! f A. .- mf.,-. ,'.. s mv., Q ,V H I "'I'.Z,Z.Z2LZ,2.ZL2..,.1 , . g 2 my 5 'L . VM I , "," m ,.., ' I , ',,,WG Yi? , 3 ' j w qv, 4 ' A W, , ,, . , 1 wwe , I Q Va,. K, 3 I ,Wx V 4 , AMW .ufiw q A , , ., 7, .Z j: xl ' " ' " I 9 f Vg g, . , I 3 4 " I' f an w . ' . . x J ,V . 5 t A X I 'Tvx ,O 54'-1 x I.: - ,ew W f - x , fp! g- :V - 2 -xf' Q -'QM mi 1 ,ark - - J- - L Q. - 151 .- f- ,I 4 T .f Q- - .QW4 . 1, A .. A - .-Q 1 - -. Y in 'J -- 4 A LV -,t,, .A. fl-L . may nf- s -' 8 4 1, 'Ir Q - --g' tx 4 -. V x . - X 4 f-- v pf' - .. J, Sf .. A 1 iv W --1 f- 9 + f 1 Q ' w "'I2'L5I V ' 5-fmwf ,, 11 4-' CLA ,Elf - ' . .W ff , f . -f- A, , - . 5' V N, +4- 'fi-1' , . 2. W "J 1 ff , "' if 'f' f 1, wi-I 'fl a , , Ld , ,Xi .im 7, A AV . ', I if 3 , R , 4 igi"v X ' '--' 7 7- " ' 'l 4' - 'lf' H gh T W5"x' r is . Zia,-4 A f f.. f - 4 . Q ig .P-I ' A X ,E ' V M. 1 ' T. - . 1 if , Q . , , 5 , , of 1' X 5 4' .A Aff J 'G - , xv- , f x X . f X - x ' th ' X ' ' V - gx i - ' 5 ' , 'L K s. . 3 ,R Q-1 5 . XL- ' . XWX L. ff, ,lt 4 '-7' I.: 'Y I . W. J' ' . , ww -"F is Q57 ,gk my x- ' 72 ai , X t ,V ': -f f f -A f 4317 N , 7 ., n.,, r 5 b ' I Q5 ' viii' f... U x' Q' ' WW Q Q: 5' r " fx Eg f , 1 ' af Q ' I 'Af A g , 'w,-:- 'L . ,a " O-W! K- '-4' JE- W, 13 - 'r,.'qf':J M4115 . A YN 5 H Q. .R K w, ,K I Juni, f4,,f:H:'jj1jH'!'1 'ff' +42 , A 141 yi' 1 3 1 "' X df! X ' Q A f' ' Q 1 - , I x g bfi 1 . .--may , Ek A -X f r t r 19 8-9 xi ,tiff . , r Left to right: Patsy Matthews, Linda Orfield, Margaret Fref-land, Suzannc Black, and Sharon Meredith. 26 Ll.+t lst Alternate DIANNE TEAC UE 2nd Mt:-rrlutc JANII IE HLA CK X :S , 5 .rf t W nn-ui L 'wi as Hr-ad Maj..rt-ml. xlAR1:A1aE'l' IHREELANIJ MAJORETTE SUZANNE BLACK-Senior LINDA ORFIELD-Junior SHARON MEREDITH-Junior PATSY MATTHEWS+Juni0r ,..l.-is Q . faiwiiw Ui! Nfl 27 MARTHA MCKINNON Drum Majorette Woodwinds Lower Brass A n l'crcuSsi0n L28 MR. CI,IF'I'ON SYMONDS Band Dir:-ctfnr Upper Brass Clarinels TABLET BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Captain Connie Russell, C0- Captain Alacia Farley, Reserve Jackie Pope, Reserve Char- maine Altenau. SECOND ROW: First Lieutenant Barbara Coombs, Alternate First Lieutenant Carolyn Powers, Reserve First Lieutenant Linda Hobbs. TOP ROW: Alternate Sec- ond Lieutenant Tumi Castlelaerry, Second Lieutenant Betty Boyd, Reserve Second Lieutenant Rosemary Smith. Starlets do a routine to Cha-cha. B C To the music of 5'Sailing, Sailing" the hand and drill team perform. The girls parade at the Tyler Rose Festival. SAM EI3L BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Patsy Miller, Sarah Sigman, Carolyn Garrett, Paula Robinson, Betty Leatherwood, Sharon Hill, Lynne Waddell, Susie Harper, Betty Boyd, Barbara Coombs, Alacia Farley, Connie Russell. SECOND ROW: Beverly Glover, Linda Thompson, Shirley Robinson, Judy Scribner, Sherry Clontz, Sylvia McCulloch, Linda Hobbs, Rita Springer, Sheila Worthy, Suzann Rhodes, Brenda Whitfield. THIRD ROW: Tana Young, Pat Nixon, Fredda McCranie, Penny O'T0ole, Janie Wilkey, Dorothy LaRue, Carol Morris, Lynn Hunsaker, Carol Kline, Carmen Gilmore, Sheila Celsur, Joyce Pendleton, Barbara Kirby. Mk bn, 7911 ,.,,,.,, sf E ,K+ am? 5' ik, If s , H., Ji fi? W 3,8 Hx, 32 , CHEERLEADERS 75 Head Cheerleader FRED GREEN RONNIE HEADRICK Junior HARVEY LETCHER-Alternate Junior JAMES CRAFT Senior RANDY RAY Senior CHEERLE DER , -f Q. ,ff wif mfg sw lzgwaws-mis 4525238 KLf- :M 2... if ziwwn M- H.-:,"w.-1 4' -J' -1 U ma 1 DANAH HODGES Class Editor DAVID HITT Sports Editor YVETTE CALVERT Activities Editor SUZANNE BLACK Editor-in-Cliief MR. BILL STEYENSON Sponsul' JOUETTE POWELL Advertising Manager JQXNIS HINTON Art Editor TORCH TAFF SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Left to right Donna Bruton Mike Lon and Glenda Sclrratt JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES: Sharon Erwin and Alan Gallagher. '59 TORCH STAFF-SEATED, left to right: .Ianice Hinton, ,Iouette Powell, Danah Hodges, Suzanne Black, David Hitt, Yvette Calvert, Glenda Scirratt. STANDING: Sharon Erwin, Donna Bruton, Alan Gallagher and Mike Long. E TI EL TAFF ,Qi ' L L lmA , ., ,l,mL.,:..AA,L1 ,L?, - L . , 7 -s ' 1,1-' I E L -' Q . Avg - A: ,i :I G K EDITOR JERRY RASKIN EDIT URIAL STAFF Pt K C I fl ll . I n 4 l i ' l r . E Q1 11 3 -. ET! Q, .. ,ii -S "' .M-. -ff-Q, n sv Connic Russell. News Editor, and Lynn Watkins, Exclzarzgc Lllitor and Richard Sandra Griffin, Pl1010E-'VUI1l16f, Bfld Charles Craft, Sporls Edilor, Fullington. Feature Editor. D211'l6H6 .l2lCli50Tl- SOPf10HIOfff R8- porter. SENTI EL TAFF . .ZAZ W ! i .,. , 'iii as SEATED, left to right: Linda Pratt, Brenda Martin, Kaye Stewart, Bobbie Everett, and Freda Mcbeehe. STANDING, left to right: Lynna Gibson, ,lean Pyle, and Madalyn Hudgens. SEATED, left to rigrlltz Harvey Lelcllcr, Judy Scribner, Lynn Watldtvll, Linda Morris, and Rita Springer. STANDING, left to right: Dorothy Slanfield, Barbara Points, Darla Prudon, and Wanda Boone. SEATED, left to right: Bobby Mc-nton, Dicky Beene, Billy Perkins, and Shirley Gilmer. STANDING: Vickie Reinleg TUDE T COUNCIL SENIOR MEMBERS-FIRST ROW: Sarah Mcfluffey, Kaye Stewart, and Suzanne Black. SECOND ROW: Bar- bara Lievsay, Ann Pickerrell, and Connie Russell. THIRD ROW: Jerry Lovelace, and Randy Ray. FOURTH ROW: Steve Humphrey, Dick White, and Leslie Gates. JUNIOR MEMBERS-FIRST ROW: Mark Smylie, Linda .Io Brooks, Sharon Hill, Trema Sandlin, Renee Haney, and Sallie Hodges. SECOND ROW: 4 Sabra Ann Moore, Shirley Robinson, Carolyn Adams, and Barbara Combs. NOT PICTURED: Jouett Powell, Senita Bright. SOPHOMORE MEMBERSAFIRST ROW: Carroll George, Charlotte Featherton, Vickie Reinle, Charlotte Poole, Carole Kline, and Tomi Castleberry. SECOND ROW: Mike Long, Betty Boyd, Barbara Thomas, Betty Sanders. THIRD ROW: Paul Moore, Paul Hatzenhuehler, and Dicky Beene. OFFICERS-FIRST ROW: Senita Bright, reporter, Trema Sandlin, treasurer: Suzanne Black, vice president. SECOND ROW: ,Iouett Powell, secretary: Mr. Paul Matthews, sponsor, and Jerry Lovelace, president. FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Hayes, Jeane McDougald, Judi Hef- ner, Pamela Eckels, Judy Black- burn, Carol Morris. SECOND ROW: Konitta Saunders, Lin Allen, Juanita Williams, Kay Brick, Anona Yates. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Dial, Wayna Bryant, Carmen Gil- more, Sharon Merrideth, Betty Wood, Brenda Cave, Susan Rhodes. FOURTH ROW: Alacia Farley, Lynn Watkins, LaDean Hartwell, Sidney Farrar, Patsy Matlthew, Phylis Fletcher. FIFTH I ROW: Glenda Scirratt, Rosemary Smith, Fredda McCranie, Charlotte Dussau, Patty Hollywood and Ronda Smith. Y-TEENS '59 OFFICERS-FIRST ROW, left to right: Jackie Pope, president: Susanne Black, second vice president. SECOND ROW: Connie Russell, first vice president: Trema Sandlin, secretary: Kaye Stewart, treasurer. THIRD ROW: Barbara Stanford, social chairman: Peggy Hollywood, service chairman, Linda Stroman, inter-club council representative: Madalyn Hudgens, publicity chairman: Tomi Castleberry, devotional chair- man, Miss Higgins, sponsor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lynna Gibson, Sandra Green, Patricia Huckaby, Marsha Mc- Daniel, Charlotte Brooks, Chris- tine Karlen, Judy Shoupe, Shir- ley Robinson. SECOND ROW: Barbara Thomas, Dorothy Bell, Barbara Kirby, Shirley Gilmer, Sandy Capps. THIRD ROW: Pat Lamascus, Annette Weir, Wilma Mach, Drudeen Baker, Anna Maria Garza, ,Io Ann Ful- ler. FOURTH ROW: Cynthia Bean, Nita Montz, Donna Row- Garza, Moore. Jones, Foster, Wallis, Spinks, land, Pamela Anderson, Connie Judy Brown, Sabra Ann FIFTH ROW: Ora Mae Martha Alford, Carol Carolyn Adams, Cornelia Sharon Sumrow, Jolene Sue Douglas. l I 39 BL E JACKET FRONT ROWQ left to right: Suu Douglas, ,loannrtta Dc Frm-csc. Ircne Gibbs. Pat Hucklly, Glt'I1Il6'lll l31'isc111li11c. Vclina Cliflori. SECOND ROW, lcfl to right: Shirley Hart, Sliirlcy Holton, Linda SITIIIIIBII, Jolene Spinks, Sabra Ann Moore, R9lll'CC3 Estes, Bobbie Dowcll, Lu l.Cc IiCClllfHIlllIl. FRONT ROW, loft to right: Elaine Rutlilcdgv. Carolyn Taylor. Vickie Reinle, ,lan Puckett, Shirla-y llarri-lt, Martlia Alford. Sidney Ann Fd1'I'tl1'. SECOND ROW, left to right: Barbara Birdsong, Donna Rowland, Bow-rly Statham, La Dean Hartwell, Carolyn Adams. Cl1arlo1tc l'll'8llll'IE5l0Il. Anna Steely, Judy Brown. FRONT ROWY, ls-fl to right: Nancy Hvnry, .luunila llllI'lCy. Elilalwlll 'll-rn-ll. Pill Lalnas- vus, Pail l31'g1xfo11. SECOND ROW: Connie Garza. SIIQZIII Nim-11l1z11'l. Linda lIl16r1'y, Kath- 1'ri111- Haines. l'l1'Lllll'CS Uilxlns. Iiyllllil Kooncfi. BLUE JACKET l7HUN'l' HOWY. lt-ft to right: lfetldie Hodges, Sliirlm' Crwii. liutli Kuiwr. Cliarlotte Brooks, 'z 1' xert. 'lhlotlo Cox. SPICOXU HUYV: Connie Caria. Sliirlm-5' Bar- rett. Kinda Stromun. Patty Wall. .lolene Spinkf. Sllt' Douglaa Konittu Faunclcr. Anne Stvely, Sitlncy Anno l"u1'u11'. Z FIRST ROW, loft to right: Te-ddic Hodges, Put Pickard, Gail Hicks, Char- lotte Brooks, Christine Karlan, Julia Culvert. Tolvdo Cox. SECOND ROW: Patti' Hollywood, Huth Knist-r. Putty Wall, JoAnn Fegara, Janice Thorne, Wanda Crawford, Shirley Crez-n. Both Pike. FRONT RUWY. It-fi to rigllt: Annu Marie Carla, IJrudean Bukvr, Alict- lfunnutlay. Aim-lia JkIlLl1'I'- son, Peggy Riggs, Lin .Xlli-n. SECOND HOW .lavkic Allen. Ccrulyn Carter, Iivtty We-uxcr, llolrbiv liivrliziltvr, ,Io Ann Fiiller. Nita Monntz Konitta Faumlvrx Carolyn Adams Mrs. Murley David Allen Sponsor Don Hughey President ATIO AL H0 OR OCIETY Charmayne Altenau Amelia Anderson Linda Bell Suzanne Black William Balusek Donney Burkley Dan Caldwell John Calvert Authur Capps Robert Clamon Barbara Coombs Toledo Cox James Craft Gene Crossley Sharon Danyluk Ray Dash Donald Dennis Ronald Douglas ,lerry Duggan Jewell Eggert Larry Ellsworth Alacia Farley Jo Ann Fegara Lynn Ganze Geany Gardner Lesley Gates Gail Grafflin Steve Green Shirley Green Shirley Hamilton George Hanes Gail Hicks David Hitt Danah Hodges Sally Hodges NATIONAL HO GR OCIETY Janet Holt Madalyn Hud ens Dwayne .lordan Chrlstlne Karlen Brenda Karney Dan Klempel Barbara Lrevsay Jerry Lovelace Brenda Martin Sarah McGufiey Elizabeth Mllls Carl Mitcham Mike Mlynczak Sabra Ann Moore .llmmy Newman David Payne Pat Perkins Ann Pickerrell Cecile Pitts ,louett Powell Pat Proza Darla Prudom Randy Ray Stan Read Connie Russell Richard Smith Ronda Smith Mark Smylie ,ludy Snow Kaye Stewart Charles Straton Linda Strornan Dick White Don Wortham Carolyn York Steve Swayze Teddy Hod es Vice President Patty Hollywood Charlotte Brooks Secretary C PPELL CHOIR t ,, , FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Lievsay, Faye Whittington, Linda Brooks, Carol Stutts, Joanna Day, Lynna Cib- son, Khaki Homesley, Trema Sandlin, Brenda Karney, Sarah McCuffey, Mary Hedgecock, Sharon Johnson, Shirley Pierce, Barbara Thomas, Margaret Hebel, Linda Hobbs, Carolyn Johnson, and Charlotte Speight. SECOND ROW: Patsy Cary, Barbara Gowin, Suzann Rhodes, Janice Hinton, Pat Johnson, Julia Calvert, Barbara Adair, Paula Blaylock, Linda Stroman, Patricia Huckaby, Carolyn Levisay, Linda Edwards, Doratha McLaughlin, Kaye Stewart, Brenda Stephenson. THIRD ROW: Alacia Farley, Peggy Riggs, Jan Jordan, Shirley Robinson, Cary Melton, Earnest Pyles, Frank Cooley, Russell Vicars, Bobby Herriage, Paul Patton, Juanita Williams, Kay McClain, Vir- ginia Sanders, Sharon Eby, Sheila Dean. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Darr, Sandra Testo, Larry Taylor, Richard Hud- son, Kenneth Cooper, Dale Braucht, Tommy Bray, R. L. Kirk, Jerry Christian, Lesley Gates, Harry Hogue, Larry Turner, Ronald Kirk, Pat Matthews, Peggy McElrath, Mary Alice Nale. NOT SHOWN: Geralyn Carter, Patsy El- more, Anna Hodges, Patty Wall, Shirley Cobb, Don Morris, and Charles Shipp. The A Cappella Choir, a select group, performs for various school functions, social organizations, and clubs. The choir produced a spring musical, wfhe Red Millf, It also competed in the Spring Festivals against the other Dallas High Schools. CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS: Tommy Bray, presitlentg Trema Sandlin, secretaryg Linda Hobbs, historiang Frank Cooley and Russell Vicars, librarians. CHOIR DIRECTOR: Clements Crook. PIANISTS: Patricia Huckaby and Patsy Matthews 46 ART CL B SENIOR MEMBERS-FIRST ROW, left to right: Jolayne Jackson, Jackie Pope Cecile Pitts. SECOND ROW, left to right: Pat Perkins, Joe Toon, John Bullard Wayne Herron. THIRD ROW, left to right: Lynn Ganze, Richard Smith, and Joe Drake. OFFICERS Left to right: RANDY RAY ....,.....,,.,..,,,. LINDA BELL .t,.,.,,..,,.,t, DONALD DENNIS ....... The Art Club, a service organization, decorated for the three major dances- Football Dance, Valentine Dance, and Spring Dance. They made decorations for the Senior Prom, made scenery for the senior play and the operetta, and made posters for the pep rallies. They won prizes for the entries in the Crafts Fair. PAT HARDING .,,,ttt,,...., ,,,,,, MR. HARRIS ,,,,,,,t,,,,.,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vice WILLIAM BALUSEK .,....., ,,.,,,t,,,,t . Sponsor President President Treasurer Secretary Reporter ART CLUB JUNIORS, left to right: Joe Tucker, Charlotte Wheeler, .limmy Moore, Suzann Rhodes, Glen Watts, Patricia Hayes, Donnie Burkley, Betty Woods, Steve Phillips, Charles Traylor, Darla Prudon, and Danny Vanderburg. SOPHOMORES, left to right: Nlary Nloncrief, Carolyn Traylor, Donna Fincannon, Susan Conine, Florence Fewell, Carroll George, Susan Nia-ndorlf, Anne Steely, Norma Nelson, Charlotte Fcatherston, Jeanne McDougal, Ora Mae Jones, and Judye Jobe. SOPHOMORES, left to right: Carolyn Adams, Tomi Castleberry, LaDean Hartwell, Beverly Sta- tham, Sue Allen, Carol Kline, Lonnie Cervantes, Judy Hefner, Bobby Minton, Barbara Kirby, Jerry Smith, and Sydney Anne Farrar. PRE-HI TORICAL OCIETY FRONT ROW, left to right: Pat Kuehner, Judy Blackburn, Dcanna Vrla, Judye Jobe, and Joe Toon. BACK ROW: Cecile Pitts, Dorothy La Rue, Steve Phillips, Jolayne Jackson, Carolyn Chandler, and Mr. D. E. Harstrom, sponsor, MOTTO: Research, Knowledge, Service. AIMS: To increase appreciation in outside hobbies. OFFICERS-Left to right: Mike Mylynczak, presidentg Don a l d Dennis, vice presidcntg and De- anna Vrla, s c c r e t a ry. NOT SHOWN: Joe Toon, reporter, and Judye Jobe, historian. LO CO TQUIST DORE , ei M . it 5? g K, xox! .S:,,,m, I 4' if fx. . S .,. .. ,,, :,,, A . qi, 4 X f vc In front of piano. lvft to right: Nlzirtha Alford, Jackie: Seals, Fra-dna Howtfll. Sc-ated at piano: Shirley Barrett, Carol Standing. lf-ft lo right flront rowl: liinda Dunn. ,lanvt Bt-Il. Pat Nixon, Marcus Cervantes, Brenda Cave, Exelyn John lxlvfflain, Sharon Branch. Riga VVhitC, Hairy Jn flloncricf. Ora Mae ,lont-s, Anna Smith, Mi,-llia Key, Sandra Redfoarn. back row: Murkcl Rudd. ,li-r1'y Baskin. E Y it 5 Wallace. son, Kaye Standing, Seated in front of piano: Sain llunlap. l.ynn Carmel. Richard Re,-eftl, Donald llvnnie. St-ated at piano: Lynda Floyd, ,ludy Shoup. Standing: Carolyn Ailaniu. IJPLIHIHI Yrla. llnrotliy l-aRuP. .lackiv Wtillttcrt-. 'liana Young, lilizahcth Hyden, l.ynn Hunsakcr, Alice Cannaday, Jolene Spinks. Elaine- Ruskin. Sue Douglas, Carmvn Cillmorv, Rvlierca Eaten Dona Lee, Cecile Pitts, Ifokter, Linda Key, .lean Rogers. Juno Myrick. Cornelia HNIOR NIENIIZENS -FIRST HOW. lf-ft 11+ OFFICERS-FIRST ROW, lvft '10 right: Gail Crafflin. vice presiflentg Shirley Holton, treasurcrg Sabru A1111 Moore. secrctaryq and Mrs. Cliita Fiuuot. sponsor. SECOND ROW. left to right: Dan Klimpel, TL'1JOI'lE1'Q William Balusek. sn-voricl 'St'lllt'SIE'I' pu-si1l1-111: Randy Ray, first semester preside-nt. SENIOR MEMBERS- FIRST ROW. left to Iigfllil l.E'wl8y Cam--. Hanfly Ray. Wiilliam llalusm-k. and Dam Klimpvl. SECOND ROW. in-ft lu right: ,l11la1'111' ,l2lCli!i0ll. llzirrim-l E1111'1w11n. LXIIII Picker- 141-ll, A-Xlmllc lililltjlllilfl. BLlI'lHlIil Li:-way Il l1l: 11-1111 ll1'i11111'. l.iIllli1 ,Irv Ilmfiks. fiurnlyli 4l1z1114ll1-1'. ll1'y111l:1 hvutl. H1-H11 llvllv YMv+11l111 NUIUXIJ HOXY. lvfl tu riglilz llc-111-11 ll11111-5. iluil l111ffli11. Sllilliil X1111 Nl11111'v. IVP1111 Uilvlvx. zinrl 1111111 lll1111l1-N, Tllllill HOVQI. lvft 141 riglii ll11'lz1 l'1'111ln11. Cami XIHYQLIII. Silirlvy lltilllrll lOl l 'ZTII HOW. i1-fl In riglili liic'l1a11'1l Pulling- Ic11. iiruvm' Wlliilv. 11111l ,lt'I'l'B l'l1'z111lxli11. wmmmwmwwi SUPIIONIORE NIENIHERS -lflR5'l' ROXY. lvfr 111 right: A11111' S11-vly, ll111'1'i1-I Stil1-S. ,lufly lilac-l1l1111'11. Elairw N111I111ig1f. fIa1'1'11ll lll'fvI'QQ'. Vickie Hvinlr-. lfurul 'X1m'1'i2. ,l1111i1-41 iilLll'li. Slliilll Cl111111i1'. aml Cllilflllllt' lluulv, SECOND ROW. lcil lu right: l,11 lin-an H111'Iw1-ll. Siilm-5 Jxllll F2ll'1'ilI', ,luclyv ,luln-. li1fH'1'iy flililllllli. Cl1111'l11Ile l"v111i1c11'str111. llilliz- ,l11111' livimi. Vlllilllll ROXV: Ri1'l1111'1l l.ilWI'1'f'lt'L'. F UT RE TEACHER MOTTO: To give future teach- ers an insight of their Chosen profession. OFFICERS: President, ,loe Toong vice president, Suzanne Cunninghamg secretary, Caro- lyn Chandlerg treasurer, Rosa- bell Woodardg reporter, Bill Mayfield. FIRST ROW, left to right: Connie Russell, Dorothy LaRue, Carolyn Chandler, Char- lotte Featherston, Darlene Morgan. SECOND ROW, left to right: ,lolayne Jackson, Suzanne Rhodes, Carolyn Adams, Judy Jobe, LaDean Hartwell, William Balusek, Donald Dennis, and .loe Toon. PROJ ECTIONISTS TOP ROW, left to right: Ransom Hughes,1Douglas Hubbard, Johnny Newton, Ed Sadler, Jerry Hopkins, Larry Shiflet. BOTTOM ROW, left to right: ,lim Rogers, Wayne Adley, Autry Ayers, Bob LeMay, Robert Pate, Ronnie Darnell, James Hull, Randell Rudd, and Mr. McElroy. FUTURE URSES CLUB . 'Q .f - ull WV' . . A,--f A- Q, J. .vim 5935? 1 T H A CL . .. .,,,, ,ik ,..,. ,,,-, 1 5 at Z, P4 1 W a. 'wr Q my FIRST ROW. left to right: Anna Marie Garza, Marlynn Rimes. Paint-la Eckt-ls, Connie Garza. Sharon Johnson, Dru- deon Baker, and ,lean Crincr. SECOND ROW, loft to right: Jo Ann Fuller, Linda Hollt-yman. Carina-n Gillnnore. Ann Pi'kl'rrm-ll, Cathy Coinlms, Jolaynf' Jackson, Vive president. and Barbara Lievsay, secretary. THIRD ROW. le-ft to right: Kathltcr- Carden. sponsor. Stella Dodson. Wlilma Macli. antl .Nrtrclle Holleynian. prcsitlcnl. Q ILL AN CROLL ig y M, -- 2 W ,. "ig-V, . W. 1 ' fd' an Vi - if T. V 1 E f x r sf." i , fs Q.. 5 FIRST ROW, lt-ft to right: Sandra Griffin, .lanire Hinton, Darla Pr11don,Madalyn Hudgens, Freida fllcffveliec, and Lynn VVatkins. SECOND ROW. left to right: Connie Russell. Danah Hodges. president, Brenda Martin, Yvette Cal- vert, Suzanne Black, treasurer, Bohhie Everett. secretary. THIRD ROW, left to right: David Hitt. vice president, and Stove Humphrey. ATIO AL THE PI OCIETY FIRST ROW, left to iight: Lynn Gauze, David Allen, Randy Ray, Fred Greene. SECOND ROW, left to right: Shirley Hamilton, Sue Douglas, Con- nie Russell, Carolyn Adams, Linda Hobbs, Barbara Coombs, Linda Pratt, and Geany Gardner. THIRD ROW, lm-ft to right: Wayna Bryant, .ludy Scribner, Ronnie Headrick, Sabra Ann Moore, and Barbara Points. 1-rn-:ummm-vf-New we-vu. .aw . - FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Reed, Mark Smylie, Dicky Beene, Billy Perkins, .Toe Toon. SECOND ROW. left to right: Nickie Alexander, Susan Conine, Donna Singletary. Betty Boyd, Charlotte Featherston, Beverly Statham, and Trema Sandlin. THIRD ROW, left to right: Jerry Raskin, Darla Prudon. Lesley Gates, and Sid- ney Ann Farrar. ,,...ov4'- OFFICERS-FIRST ROW, left to right: Sallie Hodges, secre- tary, Lynne Waddell, program chairmang Gail Grafflin, president. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Terry, sponsor, John Calvert, vice president. MOTTO: "Act well your part, there all the honor lies." PURPOSE: The National Thespian Society is an honor- ary society devoted to the advancement and improvement of dramatic arts in the secondary schools. LLIED YOUTH FIRST ROW, left to right: Randy Ray, President, Julia Calvert, secretary, .loc Toon, vice president, and Mr. ,l. H. Davis, sponsor. SECOND ROW, left to right: .Iaekie Pope, Sydney Ann Farrar, La Dean Hartwell, Dorothy Larue. THIRD ROW, left to right: Alacia Farley, Lynda Floyd. FOURTH ROW, left to right: Connie Russell. Patsy Koonce. ,Iudye Johe, Lonnie Cervantes. FIFTH ROW, left to right: Cecile Pitts, Harriet Stiles. and ,Iolayne Jackson. SIXTH ROW, left to right: William Balusek, Carl Hallmark. Fred , Greene, and Richard Reed. FIRST ROW. left to right: Sue Young. Brenda Clounls. Janie Jag- gers, Teddy Mitchell. and .loanetta DeFreeze. SECOND ROW: Kath- erine Scotch, Doris W'illingliani, Wilma Mack. Donna Singilelary, Bobbie Down-ll, Donna Collins. Pamela Evkm-ls, and Linda Hunt. THIRD ROW: Eva llrilleu. spon- sor, ,Ianiee Kelley. .loyec Kelley. Mary Sliepperd, Mary Jones, Car- olyn llrunson, lun Cherry. Dianne Allsup. llrentlu Karnvy, und Fran- ces llraclford. sponsor. Presitlenl .I O AN lCT'l'A DEFREEZE 54 4 lQ. ' KEY CLE J SENIOR MEMBERS -7- FIRST ROW. loft to right: .Im-rry Lmu- lace, Wvaynv Wright. Hiiiviis Cm'- vantes. Dunalcl IJ:-nnis. .Iulm Cul- vert. and Randy Ray. SECOND ROWI: Paul Nlonre. Dick W'liiI0. Steve Swayzv. Ronald IIHIILIIHS, Larry Frm-unian. and ,liinniiv Ness- man. THIRD ROW: Sims Iluln- plirfly, Daiinl Hitt. ,Izum-Q Craft, 'William Iialusc-k. L1-flic Gatos, Larry Iliayluix Lynn liunze. David Allen. and Hr. Dania. FIRST ROWI. lm-fl In rigliti I"rr'QI- nie White. 1.1, n n i 1' Ii1'I'NllIllt'4. Ilunny Iiurkley. llvnnig Fmilli, Earnic Pyluf. I'z1ul IIi1lZt'Illil1!'llIl'1', Ronnie Craft. Runnin- Ili-1ul1'im'k, John Wi-,te-r. SECQONIJ ROYQ: Mike Iliurni-r. Jefrry lin-I-. llrunt MCKBC. Mark Finyliv, llick Iluxis, Ricliarnl Reml. 'IIIIRIJ R O W: ,Iouctt Puwull, Iainv- Burnf, Ilur- Xcy Lctclinw. Ruin-rt Nlaiisliull, Mike Lung, Larry Elkwurl h, Tlioinas Iiunv, and Larry Oliver. Ol"I'iIlIER5 fFROX1' ROW. Ivfl In iight: Rwnny Hi-my-if-k. juninr lmuril QlII'k'k'llJI'Q Str-rv HlllIlI1l!I'4,'f'. wniur lward fli1'vf'tr,n': I'iI'0llfIit' Wliite. srrplimnrmf lwaitl cIir'vm'tm'. RACK ROW : Iiimald Uennii. t1'm-z1N111'e1': Randy Ray. pre-idi-nt: ,lulin llalxert. Yicv DI't'NIfI4,'I1II and Willialn II3Il14f'l'i. :cC1'e'ta13'. CHEMI TRY CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: ,Iouette Powell, Stanley Read, Barbara Lievsay, and Patricia Proza. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Peters, sponsor, Joel Crocker, Linda Brooks, Mark Smylie, Sallie Hodges, Ann Pickerrell. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Webb, Dan Klimpel, Bill Collins, Richard Reed, and Larry Shiflet. The Chemistry Club participated in the Science Fair. Left to right: Kenneth Webb, George Hatzcnbueliler, Alan Gallagher, and Dan Klirupel. MOTTO: MBe Naturels Aidefl Left to right: Ramon Dasch, Richard Reed, Cary Staples, Jerry Stout, and Larry Shiflct. arg if , E . : uwv' 4n s .,.4w""f . .Q I 4' yy ffwwv 'NWnIwu..,.,. wwf' 4 E IOR BARBARA ADAIR---A Cappella Choir 3. JERRY ADAMS-Outdoor Club 1, Sporting Club 1, Spanish Club 1, Junior Rod Cross Representative 3. PEGGY ADAMS NICKEY ALEXANDER--Band Execu- tive Committee 1, 2. 3, ROTC-NDCC 1st Lt. 1. 2, 3, Pan American Club 1, Current Events Club Vice President 1, Band Club Reporter 1, Thcspians 3, Operetta 3, Senior Play 3. DAVID ALLEN4National Honor So- ciety 3, Thespian 2, 3, Key Club 3, Junior Citizens Traffic Commission 1, 2, 3, Intcrseholastic League 1, 2, 3, One-Act Play 2, 3, NDCC Officer 2, 3, Homcroom President 2, 3, Senior Play 3, Lions Club Speaking Contest, First Place 2, Friendliest Senior Boy, Honor Student. GERALD ALLEN RONNIE ALSBROOK - HB2 Team Football, Basketball, Baseball 1, En- gineers Club 1, 2, 3, Athletics Club 1, 2, 3, Honieroom Secretary 2, "A" Teatn Basketball 2, Co-Captain 3, NA" Team Baseball 2, 3. CHARMAYNE ALTENAU - Starlets 1, 2, Reserve Officer 3, Y-Teens 3, National Honor Society 3, Office As- sistant 3, Operetta 3, Senior Play 3, Red Cross Club 3, Alternate Student Council Representative 3. JOE ALVES JERRY ANDERSONSICT 3, NDCC 2, 3, Collectors Club Treasurer 1, Hot Rod Club 1, Photography Club 1. LARRY ARCHERfHot Rod' Club 1, Photography Club 2. - WILLIAM BALUSEK--Art Club Pres- ident 2, 3, Latin Club President 2, 3, Key Club Secretary 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, Senior Pub Editor 3, Pre-Historical Society 3, Allied Youth 3, Art Council 2, 3, NDCC 3, Future Teachers of America 3, Valedictorian, High Honor Student. SUZANNE BLACK-AStudent Council 1, Reporter 2, Vice President 3: An- nual Staff 1, Assistant Editor 2, Editor 3g Band Majorette 2, 3, Valentine Princess 2, Valentine Queen 3g Most Popular Junior Girlg Basketball Queen Nominee 3g DAR Candidate 33 Y-Teens Second Vice President 3g National Honor Society 3g Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer 3, Quill and Scroll Society 2, Treasurer 3g Most Popular Senior Girl. PRESTON BLACKSTONE ED BLASINGAME GLEN BOONE JEANETTE BOOTH PATRICIA ANN BOREN-Band I, 2g Homeroom Secretary I, Pan American Club lg Charm Club 1. SENIOR LINDA BARRETT-Library Club lg Red Cross Club lg Library Assistant 2. BETTY BAUGHMAN DON BELL DORIS BELL LINDA BELL-Cheerleader 35 Football Queen 3g Valentine Princess 33 Art Club Secretary 2, 3, Y-Teens 2, 33 Guides Club 1g Choral Club lg One- Act Play Set Designer 23 Tumbling Club 1, National Honor Society 2, 3g Honor Studentg Everts Awardg Linz Pin. BRENDA BERRYHILL - Future Nurses Club lg Volleyball Champion Team 3. insane, -ir, 1 SE IOR EVELYN BOWEN DALE HRALCHT-A Cappella Choir 3: NDCC l, 2g Hot Rod Club lg Operetta 3. MARCIA BRAY'--Junior Red Cross Representative lg Future Nurses lg Y-Teens 3. TOMMY URAY- -Hornerooin President l, 2, 3g "B" Team Basketball lg "B" Team llaselvall lg A Cappella Choir 2, President 3: Operetta Student Direc- tor 2. Business Manager 3g Outdoor Life Cluli lg Clioral Cluli 1. LINDA BRIDGES-Starlets Manager 2, 3g Office Assistant 2. 3. CHARLOTTE BROOKS-Blue .lackets Secretary 2, 3g National Honor Society 2. Secretary 3g Office Assistant l, 2, 33 Red Cross Representative 2g Home- rooin Secretary 1, President 2, Vice President 3g Commencement Committee 3g Most Courteous Senior Cirlg High Honor Studentg Everts Awardg Linz Pin. HELEN BROOKS - Homeroom Re- porter 3, Treasurer 2g Charm Club lg Variety Cluli lg Honor Student LARRY BROOKS-Collectors Club 1. LOUISE BROWN JOHN BULLARD-NDCC 2g Art Club 3g Senior Prom Decoration Committee 35 Senior Play Scenery 3. LA WANAH BURGESS LYNDA BUSBY-Charm Club lg Red Cross Representative lg Blue Jackets 35 Y-Teens 3. bl JULIA CALVERT - National Honor Society 2, 35 Thespians 35 Los Con- quistadores Vice President 2. President 35 A Cappella Choir 35 Homeroom Secretary 35 Operetta 35 Senior Play 35 Allied Youth Secretary '35 Blue Jackets Vice President 2, 35 High Honor Student5 Everts Awardg Linz Pin. ARTHUR CAPPS-Latin Club 25 Na- tional Honor Society 35 .lunior Achieve- ment 15 Senior Play 35 NDCC 1, 2, 35 Student Council 15 Honieroom Treas- urer 3g Hot Rod Club 1. LARRY CARVELL-NDCC 1, 2, 2nd Lieutenant 35 NDCC Drill Team 25 Band5 Science Club. THERESA CASEY-Choral Club 15 Future Nurses 1. DON CAWTHON MARCUS CERVANTES-Band 1, 2, 35 Spartones President 2, 35 Military Band 2, Drum Major 35 Key Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 35 Allied Youth Social Director 35 Junior Achievement 2, 35 Homeroom President 1, 25 Track 1, 25 Los Conquistadores Vice President 3. SENIOR BRENDA RUSS -Future Nurses Club 1. 2: Choral Club 15 Starlets 1. 2, 35 Y-Teens 25 Latin Club 2. MYRNA RUSSELL-Starlets 1, 2. 35 Art Club 35 Y-Teens 35 FHA 35 Office Assistant 2. MARTHA BUTLER LORENA BYRD JERRY CAVERLEY JOHN CALVERT-MB" Team Baseball 15 Key Club 1, 2, Vice President 35 Tliespians 3, Vice President 35 Na- tional Honor Society 2, 35 Light Tech- nician, Senior Play, Operetta, Assem- blies, Community Jubilee, lnterscholas- tic League 2, 35 Basketball Manager 25 Senior Play 35 Honor Student5 Everts Award5 Linz Pin. SE IDR ROBERT CLARION--National Honor Society 3. DAVID CLOCNTS-HB" Team Foot- ball Ig HA" Team Football 2, Co- Captain 3g Track I. BILL COLLINS-NDCC Captain 3g Drill Team Executive Officer I, 2, 3g Chemistry Club I. LINDA CONKLIN - National Honor Society 35 Y-Teens Ig Volleyball Championship Team 35 Charm Club Ig Clinic Assistant Ig Honor Student. FRANK COOLEY KENNETH COOLEY-NDCC I, 25 ICT 3g Photography Club lg Hot Rod Club I. JANET COPPRELL-Choral Club lg Y-Teens Ig junior Red Cross Repre- sentative I, 2, 3. INIARY LOU COSTLOW - Tumbling Club Ig Drill Team Ig Dramatics Club lg Y-Teens 3. DAVID COX TOLEDA COX--National Honor So- ciety 3g Blue Jackets Board of Direc- tors 3g Pan-American Club Secretary 2g Linz Pin Ig Office Helper 33 Honor Studentg Everts Awardg LinL Pin. HARRIET HETTICH COZBY-Home making Club I: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 3. SAMMY COZBY--"B" Team Football lg "A" Team Track 23 MAN Team Football 3. ' RONNIE CROSBY MARILYN CROSSAStarlets 1, 2, 3. GENE CROSSLEY-Most Likely to Succeed 3: Salutatorian: High Honor Student: Eyerts Award: Linz Pin. HENRY CULPEPPER SHARON DANYLUK-Spartones 2. 3: Art Club Historian 3: Los Conquista- dores Treasurer 2: Los Embajatlores Treasurer and Reporter 3: Junior Achievement Secretary 3: Valentine Princess 3: Student Council 3: Home- room Vice President 2: Band 1, 2. 3: National Honor Society 3: Senior Play Committee 3: Honteroom Secretary 1: Honor Student, PEGGY DARR-A Cappella 3: Op- eretta 3: Art Club 1, 2, 3: Junior Achievement Treasurer 2, 3: ,, ,,, E IOR CHARLES CRAFT' NUCC Major 3: St-ntinel Sports Editor 3: Athlt-tit: Club 1: Senior Play: Scnior Pub: Quiz 'Ent Panel 3: Quill and Scroll Society 3. JAMES CRAFT NIJCC l. 2, Company Conuuandcr 3: Km-y Club 3: Cheer- leader 3: Student Council 3: Track 1: National Honor Society 3. JACKIE CRAKIQR-Hot Rod Club 1: Art Club, ICT. NINA CRAKER WANDA CRAWFORD - Y-Teens 1: Spanish Club lg Blut' Jackets 3: Home- room Secretary-Trcasurer 1. 2, 3. JOEL CROCKER--NIJCC 1, 2. Conl- pany Conunandt-r Il: Chemistry Club 3. ,ra .itu,ui14.J.t.,,,.4 ,,,..n......:.u.smr SENIOR RAMON IJASCH--National Honor So- ciety 2. 35 Slide Rule Club 3g Chem- istry Club 3g llomt-room Treasurer 3g Senior Pub 3g Honor Student. KENNETH DAVIS--Pliotouru mln' Club . l . 11 Hot Rod Club I. ROBERT DAVIS - A Cappella 33 NDCC 3. JERRY DAYVSON-Art Club 25 Stage Manager I, 2. 3. DONALD DENNIS--Hoincroom Presi- dent I, Vice President 2, 3, Art Club Re-porter 2, 3g Pre-Historical Society Vice President 3, Key Club I, 2. Treas- urer 35 .lunior Citizen Traffic Commis- sion 2, Chairman 3, Juvenile Traffic Commission ,ludge 35 Pan-American Club 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 3g Senior Pub Art Editor 3g National Honor Society 3, Art Council 3g Most Handsome Senior Boyg Honor Student, Everts Award. CHARLOTTE DIAL-Starlets 2, 39 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3g Senior Pub 3g Office Helper 3g Wittiest Senior Girl. APC!- vp-.. .,,. -wiv: PATRICIA DIXON - Pan-American Club Historian 2g Y-Teens 23 Starlets Manager 2g Art Club 3. STANLEY DOBBS-NDCC 2. Captain 3, Linz Award 2. 35 Dal-Hi Orchestra 35 Orchestra I. 2, 3g Track 2. CALVIN DONNELIfNDCC I, 2, 3g Photography Club Ig Hot Rod Club I. JIMMY DOUCLASiHB', Team Foot- ball Ig Athletic Club I, 2g HB" Basketball Ig Hot Rod Club Ig Team Football 2: Good Manners Club 2, Homeroom President 3. RONALD DOUGLAS-Hot Rod Club Ig Athletic Club Ig "BU Team Foot- ball Ig 'LAN Team Football 2, 3: "B" Team Basketball Ig UA" Team Base- ball I, 2, 3g Key Club I, 2, 3g Home- room Vice President 1, President 2, 33 Senior Class Vice President 3g National Honor Society 35 Most Athletic Senior Boy. JOE DRAKE-.lunior Choir 15 Art Club 3, Senior Play Decorations 3g Senior Prom Decorations 3. Team LLB!! JEWEL ECCERT - Interscllolastic League Spelling Contestg National Honor Society 3. DAVID EISELE-Junior Red Cross Representative 3. JIMMY EISELE ROY ELDER RONA ELLISfChar1n Club Ig Choral Club 1: FHA Reporter 3g Football Princess 2g Orchestra I, 2. PATSY ELMORE L. , 77, ,, SENIOR PATSY 1JUtlGERfffSta1'lt-ts 2g Art Club 3g Y-Teens fig llotneroont Re- porter 2g 'llunibling Club 2. SONIA IJUNISIIXR"I'IlPll14'I'1l1PIll Reporter I. 2g Library Assistant 23 Square Dance Club I: Tumbling Club lg Operetta lg Starlets I. JAMES IC.'XRNHEAR'l' - MB" Team Football I: "li" Team Baseball lg Athletic Club I. 2, 3g HA" Team Foot- ball Manager 2g HA" Team Baseball Manager 2. PANSY EATON-Clinic Assistant Ig Future Nurses I, 2, 3g Pan-American Club I, 2, 3g I'IOI1lC1'OO111 Reporter I, Treasurer 2. RICHARD EAVES-Art Club 3g Salon of Non-Conforlnist 3. SHARON EBY 77777 V Mn. 1 .Mgt .mn-. .t U ,W , Q- ...-,. wg, 1 ear.. SE IOR HARRIETT ENIERSON-Band 1. 2, 33 Choral Club 13 Future Nurses 1. 23 Pre-Historical Society 23 Latin Club 2, 33 Homeroom Yice President 2. MIKE EVANS BOIIHIE JEANETTE EVERETT - Quill and Scroll Secretary 33 Art Club 3. YVONNE FAINsFuture Nurses 33 Office Helper 3. ALACIA FARLEY-Allied Youth 33 Starlets 1, 2. Co-Captain 33 Drainatics Club 23 A Cappella 2, 33 Office As- sistant 13 FHA 1, 23 Operetta 2, 33 Hotnerooni Secretary 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens 33 National Honor Society 33 Senior Playg Everts Award. ,IO ANN FECARA-Blue .Iackets 33 Pan-American Club 33 Gym Manager 33 Office Assistant 33 National Honor Society 33 High Honor Student. DAVID FERRELI.-NDCC 1st Lieu- tenant 1, 2, 33 Chess and Checker Club 13 Collector's Club Secretary 1. EDWARD FINCHER MICHAEL FLANERY - NDCC Sgt., Rifle Team 1, 2g Art Club 33 Operetta Scenery 33 Senior Play Decorations 33 Senior Prom Decorations 3. .IIMBIIE FLEMINC RAY FLETCHER SANDRA FORSYTH MICHAEL GHORMLEY!ROTC 1, 2g Band lg Track 2. LYNNA GIBSONJY-Teens lg Charm Club lg Homeroom Secretary l. Vice President 2, Reporter 3g A Cappella 3g Choral Club lg Operetta 3g Sentinel Staff 3g Runner-Up Most Beautiful Senior Cirl. ROJUAN CIDDENSV-sMath Club lg Y-Teens lg Science Club l, 2g Allied Youth l, 2: ICT 2. 3: Office Assistant l. 2g Chorus l, 2g Honor Student. CAROLYN GILBERT-National Honor Society 3g Starlets l, 2, 3g Charm Club lg Variety Club lg Office Assistant lg Y-Teens 3g Honor Student. LYNETTE GLENN-Band l, 2, 3g Na- tional Honor Society 3: Student Coun- cil 3, Dance Band 31 All-Region Band 2g All-Girl Band 3. BEVERLY GLOVER I Art Club 3g Starlets l, 2, 3g Y-Teens lg Office Assistant 3g Homeroom Treasurer 2g Junior Red Cross Representative 3. SENIOR JERRY FRANKLIN-Homeroom Com- mitteenian 3. LARRY FREEMAN-Key Club 3g NDCC Major, Band Company Cour- mander 3g Band 2. 3g Slide Rule Club 3g Homeroom Treasurer 3g Pan-A1neri- can Club 2g Chess and Checker Club 2. LYNN CANZE-fCheerleader 2g Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3g Thespian l, 2, 3g Key Club 1, 2, 3g Art Service Club Vice President 2, 3g Senior Play Committee 3, Stage Manager 3g Allied Youth Treasurer 3g Publications Club Treasurer lg Dramatics Club Vice Pres- ident lg Pre-Historical Society 3g Los Conquistadores Vice President 2, Presi- dent 3g Honor Studentg Everts Awardg Linz Pin. GEANY GARDNER-National Honor Society 3g Thespians l, 2, 3g Choral Club lg Y-Teens Vice President lg Student Council l, 2g Intcrscholastic League lg DE Selling Essay Contest, First Place 2g Linz Award lg Honor Student, LEAANN GARRETT-Red Cross Rep- resentative lg Homeroom Reporter 2, 3g Art Club 2, 3g Office Assistant 3g Basketball Queen 2g Starlets 2g Y-Teens 2g Most Beautiful Senior Cvirl. LESLIE GATES - Interscholastic League Speech Contest 3g Key Club 2, 3g Thespian -3g Student Council 2, 3g Senior Play Student Director 3g Operetta 3g A Cappella Choir 2, 35 Guides Club l,, 2g Latin Club 2, 3g National Honor Society 3g Dramatics Club l. SENIOR DWAINE COUGHf1CT 2, 35 Hot Rod Club 15 Photography Club 1. BARBARA GOWIN - Pan-American Club 15 A Cappella 35 Operctta Chorus 35 National Honor Society 3. MARY HELEN GRAY-Y-Teens 15 Charm Club 15 Office Assistant 35 Clinic Assistant 1. HARRY GREEN-NDCC Sgt. 1, 25 Art Club 35 Operetta Scenery 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Homeroom President 2, 35 Salon of Non-Conforrnist 35 Senior Play Decorations 35 Senior Prom Dec- orations 3. SHIRLEY GREEN - National Honor Society 35 Future Teachers 35 Blue Jackets Board of Directors 35 Home- room Secretary 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 25 Linz Award 1, 2. SONDRA GREEN ,Fi Z, 2' - --1 html . ., Q, STEVE GREEN-"A" Team Basket- ball 1, 2, Co-Captain 35 Teenage Coun- cil Representative 35 National Honor Society 35 Senior Play 35 Chemistry Club Vice President 25 Senior Pub Ad- vertising Manager 35 Junior Rotarian 35 Wittiest Senior Boyg Honor Student. FRED GREENE-Senior Class Presi- dent 35 Head Cheerleader 35 Thespian 35 Key Club 35 Allied Youth 35 Senior Play 35 Operetta 35 Sportsmanship Committee 35 Student Council 2, 35 Senior Pub Humor Editor 35 NDCC lst Lieutenant 1, 25 Most Popular Senior Boy. SANDRA GRIFFIN-Quill and Scroll 35 Sentinel Business Manager 3. GLEN CRIMES JUDY GROSS MICHAEL HALL PATRICIA HEI,SI.EY---Rook Club lg Red Cross Representative l: Charm Club I. BOBBY HERRIAGE--Operetta 3: Sen- ior Play 3: Runner-Up Most Hund- Sonie Senior Boyl WAYNE HERRON SARA HESTER LESTON C. HICKERSON - NDCC Band I. 2. 3: A Cappella l. 2: March- ing Band. CAIL HICKS-Blue .Iaekets 3: Na- tional Honor Society 3g Pun-American Clulu I: Offiee Assistant 3: Honor Stu- dent: Ifxerts Award: I,inx Award. 5'?'5+-n',l ." " " "' SENIOR CHARLES HANCOCK - "B" Team Football lg "A" Team Football 2, 3, All-City Second Tearng Student Council lg Hoinerooln President l, Vice Presi- dent 2g Athletics Club lg Hot Rod Club l. GEORGE HANES JOE HENRY HANES DAVID HARRIS -- Hoineroorn Vice President 2, President 35- Hot Rod Club lg Choral Club lg Red Cross Repre- sentative 3. MIKE HATCHEL JIMMY HEDGPETH-Athletic Club lg "B" Team Basketball l, 25 Hot Rod Cluli lg Homerooln Vice President 2, See1'eta1'y 3g Slide Rule Club 3. E IOR .IOHNNIE HICCINISOTHAM-Guides Club 1: Variety Club 13 Homeroom Treasurer 1: Office Helper 1. 2. 33 Senior l'lay 3. DAVID HITT-National Honor Society 33 Student Council 1. 2. 3: Homeroom President 1. 2. 3: NDCC Battle Group Commander 1. 2. 3g Rifle Team 2. 33 Slide Rule Club 3g Key Club 1. 33 Junior Rotariau 2. 33 Torch Staff Sports Editor 2. 33 Quill and Scroll Vice President 2, 3, DANAH HOIJCES--Senior Class Sec- retary 33 Quill and Scroll 2, President 33 Holneroom Secretary 1, 23 Torch Staff Class Editor 2. 33 National Honor Society 2, 3: Starlets 1. 23 Choral Club 13 Valentine Princess 3g Sportsmanship Committee 33 Baccalaureate Committee 33 Most Likely to Succeed 33 Honor Student. TEDDIE HODCES-Student Council 13 Office Assistant 33 National Honor Society 2, 33 Blue ,lackets Senior Board of Directors 33 Pan-American Club S0- cial Chairman 13 Y-Teens 13 Honor Student3 Evcrts Award3 Linz Pin. JIMMY HOLLAND-Boys' Chorus lg "B" Team Football 13 MB" Team Base- ball 13 MA" Team Football 2, 33 Ath- letics Club 1, 2, 33 Chess and Checker Club 2. LAVONNE HOLLAND-Office Assist- ant 33 Ice Skating Club 1. 'Q 'mv ATRELLE HOLLEYMANWAN Club 33 Variety Club lg Charm Club 13 Latin Club 2, 33 Future Nurses 1, 2, President 3. MORRIS HOLLMAN PATTI HOLLYWOOD-Blue Jackets 33 Chemistry Club 33 Pan-American Club 33 Thespians 33 National Honor Society 33 Y-Teens 33 Honor Student. JANET HOLT-Honor student. JUDY HOPPE ELIZABETH HOWELL .- Office As- sistant 3. SUELYNN IVINS-Junior Red Cross Representative 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club 3, Future Nurses 1, 2, Library As- sistant 3. .IOLAYNE JACKSON-Band 1, 2, 3, Future Nurses 1, 2, Vice President 3, Latin Club Program Committee Chair- man 2, 3, Pre-Historical Society 2, 3, TWU All-Cirl Band 3, Art Club 3, Senior Play 3, Future Teachers Club 3, .Iunior Red Cross Representative 1, 2, 3, Allied Youth 3, Girls' Champion- ship Volleyball Team 1, 2. SANDRA JACKSON JIMMY ,IOHNSONi"B" Team Foot- ball 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 1, Military Band Squad Leader 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club 2, Spartan Blues Combo 3, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative 3, Orchestra 1, 2. JOE BOB JOHNSON-MA" Team Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, All-City Honorable Men- tion, All-State Honorable Mention, Key Club 1, Homeroom President 1, 2, Vice President 3, All-Greater-Dallas Team 3. NITA JOHNSON SENIOR MIKE HOYT-Science Club 1, Pre- Historieal Society 1, 2, 3, Aeronautics Club 1, Chemistry Club 1, Chess and Checker Club 1. ALLAN HRNCIR MADALYN HUDGENS - Y-Teens 1, Publicity Chairman 3, FHA Treasurer 1, Vicc President 2, Allied Youth 3, Art Club 3, National Honor Society 3, Quill and Scroll 3, Senior Prom Com- mittee 3, Homeroom Vice President 1, Treasurer 3, Sentinel Staff 3, Basket- ball Queen Nominee. DON HUGHEY-National Honor So- ciety 1, President 3, Band 1, 2, 3, NDCC Captain 1, 2, 3, Slide Rule Club 3, Homeroom President 2, Stu- dent Council 2, Honor Student. STEVE HUMPHREY-Key Club 1, 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Student Coun- cil, Spanish Club Historian, Home- room Vice President, HB" Team Foot- ball, Track, Best All-Round Senior Boy. LINDA HUNT-FHA 3. E IOR BARBARA .IONES-Homeroom Treas- urer 2g Student Council 15 Variety Club Vice President 15 Charm Club 15 Sentinel Staff 3. TOMMY JONES-Athletics Club 35 Chemistry Club 35 NDCC, D r i ll Team 2. ALAN JORDAN DWAYNE JORDAN RUTH KAISER-Tennis Team 1, 2, 35 Homeroom Reporter 25 Blue Jackets Board of Directors 35 Y-Teens 35 Star- lets Manager 25 Gym Manager 1, 2, 3. CHRISTINE KARLENABlue Jackets President 35 Pan-American Club 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 National Honor S0- ciety 2, 35 Homeroom President 1, 35 Office Assistant 15 Senior Assembly Committee 35 Honor Student5 Everts Award5 Linz Pin. BRENDA KARNEY-Choral Club 15 Variety Club 15 FHA Historian 35 Homeroom Reporter 35 A Cappella 35 National Honor Society 35 Operetta 35 Office Assistant 1, 35 Honor Student. DAVID KEMPAHot Rod Club 15 Out- door Life Club 1. SAMMY KINES-Hot Rod Club 15 NDCC Company Commander 1, 2, 3, Drill Team Commander 3. R. L. KIRKs"B" Team Football 15 HA" Team Football 2, 35 Student Coun- cil 15 Homeroom President 15 Guides Club 15 Chess and Checker Club 1, 25 Athletic Club 15 A Cappella 1, 2, 3, Vice Presidentg Operetta 1, 2, 3. JERRY KIRKHAM-Hot Rod Club 15 Photography Club 1. TOMMY KIRKPATRICK4Hot Rod Club 15 Homeroom Vice President 2, President 35 Aeronautics Club 1. 'Z' MICHAEL LAWRANCE CLAUDIA LEAR-Y-Teens 25 Art Club 25 Volleyball Championship Team 3. BETTY LEATHERWOOD-Homeroom Secretary 3, Reporter 25 Starlets 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society 35 Chem- istry Club 2: Red Cross Representa- tive 35 Y-Teens 1, 25 Art Club 25 Office Assistant '35 Gym Manager 25 Honor Student5 Everts Award5 Linz Pin. RONALD LEAVELLE-Sentinel Staff Advertising Manager 35 MB" Team Football 15 Homeroom Secretary 1, Vice President 25 .lunior Red Cross Representative 35 Choral Club. LARRY LEGCETT VVAYNE LESSMAN f Chemistry Club 3. SENIOR KENNETH KLATT Y Chess and Checker Club 15 Fish and Came Club 15 Golf Team 1, 2. 35 Slide Rule Club 3. DAN KLIMPEL National Honor So- ciety 35 Golf Team 2. 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Chemistry 35 Honor Student. TOMMY KNOWLTONXHM Rod Club 15 ROTC 25 NDCC Master Sgt. 35 Slide Rule Club 3. CECIL KOONCE-ICT 2, 35 Foot- ball 1. PAT KUEHNER-Coll Team 15 Arch- aeology Club 2. 35 Outdoor Life Club 15 Book Club 1. TOMMY LAMAN--Hot Rod Club 15 Homeroom Vice President 1. Treasurer 25 Choral Club 15 Volleyball Cham- pionship Team 2. ," 'f. , I X-5 E IOR BEN LEWIS-NDCC Company Com- mander 1, 2, 35 Homeroom Reporter 15 HB" Team Baseball 1. BARBARA LIEVSAY - A Cappella Choir 2, 35 Future Nurses Club 1, 2, Secretary 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Chem- istry Club 35 National Honor Society 35 Student Council 35 Operetta 1, 2, 35 Choral Club 1. THERESA LOFTON JERRY LOVELACE-Student Council President 3, Treasurer 25 Most Popular Sophomore Boy 15 Most Popular Jun- ior Boy 25 National Honor Society 35 "BU Team Football 15 Track 2, Tri- Captain 35 Key Club 2, 35 Homeroom President 2, 3. BRENDA LYONS MIKE MAHAFFEY-HB" Team Foot- ball 15 MA" Team Football 2, 35 Ath- letic Club 15 Hot Rod Club 15 Senior Play 35 HA" Team Tennis 1, All-City Honorable Mention 35 Homeroom Re- porter 35 Intcrscholastic League, Speech 2. KENNETH BIANGOLD-Band 1, 2, 35 NDCC Lt. 3. JEANNE BIANN f Linz Award 15 Homeroom Vice President 3. BUFORD MARSHALL BRENDA MARTIN - Most Popular Sophomore C-irl 15 Valentine Princess 15 Student Council 25 Quill and Scroll 35 National Honor Society 35 Sentinel Staff 35 Homeroom Vice President 1, Reporter 35 Y-Teens Secretary 15 FHA 25 Senior Play Committee 35 Best All- Round Senior Girl 35 Honor Student. IMA MARTIN JACK MATTINGLY-NDCC Ist Lieu- tenant5 Rifle Teamg Art Club5 Band 1, 2, 3. DONALD MITCHELL FREDDIE MONTY RODNEY MOORE-"BU Team Foot- ball 1, "A" Team Football 23 Hot Rod Club Ig Homeroom President 1, 2, 3. CHARLES MORELAND-HA" Team Basketball 1, 2, 3g Hot Rod Club 1g Outdoor Club 1. JANET MORGAN - Pan-American Club 25 Starlets 1, 2g Y-Teens 2, 35 Red Cross Representative 33 Senior Assembly Committee 33 Homeroom Reporter 2, 3, Treasurer 2g Art Club 2, 3. MICHAEL MORGAN SE IOR BILL MAYFIELD--Band 1g NDCC 1, 2, 3, Drill Team 2, Future Teachers Club Reporter 23 National Honor So- ciety 3g Orchestra 3. ROBERT MAYSf6'A" Team Football 2, 33 Track 2, 35 Homeroom Secre- tary 2. PATSY MILLER-Starlets 1, 2, 3g Na- tional Honor Society 3g Homeroom Treasurer 3, Office Assistant 1g Honor Student. ELIZABETH MILLS-Sears Founda- tion DE Award 3g National Honor So- ciety 3g Homeroom Reporter 2g Honor Studentg Everts Awardg Linz Pin. KATHERINE MILLS CARL MITCHAM-National Honor So- ciety 2, 3g Slide Rule Club 3: Chem- istry Club President 25 Archaeology Club 3g Student Council 2, 33 Honor Studentg Everts Awardg Linz Pin. .qwswwr ,f . I! um ., -.wt-.W . 1. , .v-, :aux w.wr1.,.i.g J- ,wfwtmu-Mfwfwm vf-7' 1-mn-wt f'-'7 HW' Mew' W r 1-we -W'---'W M-an-n7r E IOR JEAN MORRIS-Sentinel Staff 3g Homeroom Reporter 2g Y-Teens lg Choral Club 1g Senior Play Committee 3g Starlets 2g Homeroom Secretary lg Quill and Scroll 3. SHIRLEY MOSER BRAD MOSS AAtl1le!ics Club l: Hot Rod Club lg Track 1. 2. 3. JOE MURRY-Library Club 1g Hot Rod Club lg Projection Club 2g ICT 3g Junior Achievement President 2g Linz Pin 3. JERRY MUSCHKAT DWAIN MYERS DANNY MYRICK-NDCC Drill Team 1g Hot Rod Club 1. CLAUDE McADAMS , LARRY MCCAIN-"B" Team Football lg HA" Team Football Manager 2, 3g Homeroom Vice President 3g Track lg Hot Rod Club 1g Athletics Club 1. MELBA MCCREARY FREIDA McGEHEEgSentinel Staff 3g Quill and Scroll 3. SARAH MCC-UFFEY4Student Council 1, 2, 33 A Cappella 2, 35 Junior Red Cross Representative 1g O p e r e t t a Chorus 2, 3g Homeroom Vice President 1g National Honor Society 3. CARL NIENDORFF JERRY NORRELL SALLY NORRIS KENNETH ORINGDERFF DONNA OSBORN--Band lg Spanish Club 1, 2. SHIRLEY OVERTURF--Starlets Re- serve Officer I, 23 Tumbling Club Ig Variety Club Treasurer lg Tennis Team I. 23 Homerooni Treasurer lg Choral Club lg Office Attendant 3g Home- rooin Social Committee 2. E IOR MORRIS Mc'HARCUEwHot Rod Club Ig Rook Club lg Honieroom President 3g Clieinislry Club 2. SUE MeNALLY SHIRLEY NANCE GEORGE NEWMANSNDCC 3. JIMMY NEWMAN-ROTC-NDCC 2nd Lieutenant I, 2, 3, National Honor S0- ciety 33 Chemistry Club 3, Key Club 35 Olympians 1, 25 Pan-American Club Treasurer lg Homeroom President 3g Student Council Ig Hot Rod Club. ,IOHNNIE NEWTON-Projection Club I, 2, 35 Aeronautics Club 1. E IOR DONA OWNBEY CERALDINE PAINTER REBECCA PARDUE JERRY PARKER--Trackg Collectors Club President I5 Chess and Checker Club. LINDA PATRICK LYNDON PATRICK DONALD PECK-Hot Rod Club 15 Athletics Club 15 Track I, 25 HB" Team Football I5 MAE Team Football 2. 35 Homerooni Vice President I, Pres- ident 2, 3. REBECCA PEMBERTON --- FHA 25 Sentinel Staff 35 Y-Teens I5 Variety Club I. PATRICIA PERKINS - Y-Teens 15 Pan-American Club I5 Art Club 35 National Honor Society 35 Linz Award5 ,lunior Achievement 35 Honor Student5 Everts Award. MILDRED PERRY - Future Nurses Club I. DYRLE PHILLIPS--MBV Team Foot- ball l, Manager 25 Athletics Club 15 Hot Rod Club lg National Sales Execu- tive Certificate 3. PATRICIA PICKARD-Future Nurses Club I5 Blue Jackets. 35 Office As- sistant 3. JEAN POHEMAN JACKIE POPE LINDA PRATT-Starlets 2, 3: Thes- pians 3, Sentinel Staff 35 Senior Play, Homerooni President 2, Secretary 35 Senior Play Committee 3g Pan-An1eri- can Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 2, Honor Stu- dent, Everts Awardg Linz Pin. HUEY PRECISE-Homeroom Treas- urer 2. JIMMY PUETT-Science Club 2. JEAN PYLEvCharm Club lg FHA Vice President 3g Homeroom Vice President 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3g Sentinel Staff 2, 3g Quill and Scroll Society 3g Office Assistant 1, 2, 3g DE Essay Contest First Place 1. SE IOR ANN PICKERRELL- Student Council 33 Starlets I, 2. 3, Variety Club Ig Future Nurses Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 33 Clit-mistry Club 33 National Honor Society 3, Office Assistant 2. 3, Home- room Reporter 2, Secretary lg Com- mencement Committee 3, Honor Stu- dentg Ererts Award, Linz Pin. EDDIE PIERCE SHIRLEY PIERCE -- Homeroom Re- porter l, Social Committee President 2g Y-Teens I, 35 Tumbling Club lg Star- lets 23 A Cappella 2, 3, Operetta 2, 3g All-City Music Festival 2. 3, Thespians 35 Senior Play. BETH PIKE-Pan-American Club lg Blue Jackets 3. GENE PILAND4Band lg Dance Band Club lg Orchestra 1, 2, 35 NDCC I, 2, 3g Homeroom Treasurer 35 Chorus 1. CECILE MARIE PITTS - Future Nurses Ig Future Teachers Club Sec- retary lg Band I, 2, Allied Youth 3g Art Club 3, National Honor Society 3, Pre-Historical Society 2, 3g Chamf pionship Volleyball Team 3, Pan- American Club I. 2, 35 Honor Studentg Everts Award, Linz Pin. ' ' 'W '--...' Kgs. SENIOR EVELYN RAMSEY TERRY RANEY--Color Guard 23 Olympian Drill Team 1, 2, 33 Archae- ology Club 2, 33 Conquistadores 3. JESSE RANCEL-Salon of lYon-Con- formists Treasurer 33 Honor Student. JERRY RASKIN-Archaeology Club 2. 3: Los CUIltllllSI3dOIil'S 2, 3: Thes- pians 33 Track 2, 33 Sentinel Staff 2, Editor 3: Quill and Scroll Society 33 Dal-Hi Orchestra 3. RANDY RAY--Cheerleader 33 Thes- pians 33 Art Club Historian 2, Treas- urer 3: Key Club President 3: Latin Club President 2. 33 Allied Youth President 33 Dramatics Club 23 Na- tional Honor Society 33 Junior Citizens Traffic Commission 33 Student Coun- cil 33 Senior Play 33 Most Courteous Senior 33 Honor Student. STAN READ---National Honor Society 2. 3g Thcspians 1. 3, President 23 Key Club 1. 2. 3: Chemistry Club President 33 Senior Play 3g One-Act Play Rest Actor 33 Extemporaneous Speech 1. 2, 33 Student Council 13 Commencement Committee 33 Honor Student. JOHN REEDER TRAVIS RHODES-Marching Band 1, 2, 33 Dance Rand President 13 NDCC Squad Leader 2, Military Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra Club Secretary 13 Orchestra 1, 23 Science Club 2g Homeroom Re- porter l3 Choral Club 23 Junior Red Cross Representatixe 3. ROGER RICH-Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 33 NDCC 1, 2. 3g Boys' Choral Club 13 A Cappella 23 Wiild Life Club 1. JAN RICHARDS-Y-Teens 13 Tum- bling Club 13 Junior Red Cross Rep- resentative, Publicity Chairman 3. CLARENCE RICHARDSON ROBERT RICHEY-Hot Rod Club 13 Outdoor Life Club 1. CONNIE RLSSELL - Starlets Lieu- tenant 1. 2. Captain 3: Thespians 3g National Honor Soeiety 3: Student Couneil 1. 3: Sentinel Staff News Editor 2, 3g Quill and Scroll 3g Y-Teens First Vice President 2. 33 Senior Play 3: Tennis Team 1. 2. 3: Latin Club 3: Most Athletic Senior Cirl: Honor Student: Ext-rts Award: Linz Pin. EDWARD SADDLER-Projection Club 1. 2. 3: Junior Achievement 2, 3. JOE SANDONE-Football 1, 2: Art Club 3: Hot Rod Club lg Salon of Non-Conformists 3. GARY STAPLES - ROTC-NDCC lg Chemistry Club 3g Slide Rule Club 3. LARRY SCHAEFER-Olympians Pla- toon Cvuide 2g NDCC Platoon Sgt. 1, 2, 3: ICT 35 Homeroom Treasurer. SHARLYNE SCHULZE-Y-Teens Pres- ident 2: Charm Club 1: Homeroom President 1, Secretary 2g ICT 33 Choral Club l. E IORS ALFORD RIVES "ll" Team Football 1: "ll" Team Baseball 1: Athletics Club 1: T'T4tIlIt'1'00Ill President 3g Linz Award: Hot Rod Club 1. JAMES ROIZH PATTLA ROBINSON -Starlets 2. 35 Senior Assembly Conunittee 3: Y-Teens 1, 2: Homeroorn Reporter 3, Treasurer lg Part-.-Xineriean Club 1. 2: Cyni Man- ager 2. 3. ,llfll ROGEHSf"l3" Team Football 1: "A" Team Football 2, 3: Holnerooni President 2. 3, Reporter lg Projection Club 2. 3. JOMIE ROGERS Clinic Assistant 3g Starlet- 1. 2: Y-Tr'en- 3. ELAINE RULE- Sears Ill? Award 3g Y-Teens 1: Photograpliy Club Treas- urer 1. E IOR BILLY SCOTT JAMES SEBASTIAN DAVID SEWELL-Athletics Club 2g Hot Rod Club 2g Homeroom Vice President 2g 'LB' Team Football 2g National Sales Executives Certificate of Merit 3g Sears Foundation DE Award 3. RICHARD SHAHA - Pan-American Club lg ROTC-NDCC 1, 2. JIMMY SHOEMAKER LAWERENCE SHULTS-Football 23 Volleyball Captain 3. SARAH SIGMAN-Art Club Ig Latin Club 23 Starlets 1, 2, 3. ANN SlVIITHsCheerleader 2g Starlets Co-Captain Ig Homeroom Secretary 1, President 2g Student Council Secre- tary 23 Valentine Princess 1, 2g Sears Foundation DE Award 3g Torch Staff I. 2g Tumbling Club 1. ARTHUR SMITH HAROLD SMITH4Track I, 2, 3g ROTC-NDCC 1, 2, 3g Band 1,' 2, 3: Orchestra lg Slide Rule Club 35 Mili- tary Drill Team 2. LINDA SMITH-Y-Teens Ig Band 1, 25 Homeroom Vice President 1. MIKE SMITHfNDCC, 1, 25 Olym- pians Ig Drill Platoon 1. wisp., DARREL STEPHENS-HB3 Team Bas- ketball 15 "A" Team Basketball 2. BOBBY STEVEN SON KAYE STEWART-Student Council 1. 35 Cheerleader 2, Head Cheerleader 35 National Honor Society 35 Homeroorn President 25 Y-Teens Treasurer 35 FHA 1, Secretary 25 Pan-American Club Reporter 15 A Cappella 35 Op- eretta 35 Senior Play 3. RICHARD STOREYiBand 1, 2, 35 Key Club 25 NDCC Band 2, 35 Or- chestra 35 Homeroom Reporter 2. JUANITA STOVALL CHARLES STRATTON - National Honor Society 2, 35 Certificate of Merit Scholarship Corp.5 Honor Stu- dent. SENIOR QUIDA SMITH -Homemaking Club 15 Y-Teens 15 Homeroom Treasurer 2, Setretary 3. RICHARD SMITH--Band 1, 2, 35 Rifle Team 2, 35 Slide Rule Club 35 Art Club 35 National Honor Society 3: Science Club 15 Senior Play 35 Latin Club 35 NDCC Captain 35 Honor Student5 Evcrts Award. RONDA SMITH -- Starlets 2. 35 Y-Teens 35 Pan-American Club 25 Homeroom Secretary 15 Junior Red Cross Representative 35 Senior Assent- bly Committee 35 National Honor So- ciety 35 Office Assistant 1, 35 Honor Student5 Everts Award5 Linz Pin. CHARLOTTE SPEIGHT-Y-Teens 15 A Cappella 2, 35 FHA Secretary 35 Operetta 2, 35 Office Assistant 25 Clinic Assistant 1. JANET STANSBURY - Dramatics Club 15 Starlets 15 Office Assistant 35 Honor Student. BRENDA STEPHENSON - Guides Club 15 Y-Teens 15 FHA 15 Operetta Chorus 2, 35 A Cappella 2, 35 Na- tional Honor Society 35. Office Assist- ant 2, 35 Everts Award. 1 l lif-vu , . gifzcimsvumt ' f ram" "wwf E IOR PAT STRlCKl.AND- Starlets 2. 3: Senior Play 3: Htbllltiflitblll Svrrvtary 3, ROYVLANIJ S'l'R01lD- Honu-roorn RC- portm' 2: Hot Roll Club 1: 1CT 2: Svnior Prom Conimittee 3. CHARLES STROLP NDCC 2: Hot Rotl Club Yiwu' Pri-sidvnt 3. LINDA SUNUIERS -Y-'1'v1'1is 1: llra- niatif' Club 2: Starlvts 1: Spanisb Club 1: S1-nior Play 3: R1-ti Cross Rcprv- sentatiw 3: Clinin' Assistant 1: Up- crm-lta 3. STEVE SWLAYZE National Honor So- civty 2, Yire President 3: Key Club 3: Slide Rule Club 3: Hotnt-rooln Vice P1'l'S1C1t'll1 2. 3: Colntncnccniunt Coln- iniltvv 3: Winner of National Math Contest for Saniuell 3: Hockaday Math Contest: Higli Honor Student: Everts Award: Linz Pin. ANN S1 FERT F. - f :f-ff ' .ftfgtzwvf 'water' MARY TACKER'-Y-Teens 1, 2: Blue ,laclxets 3: Uffivv Assistant 2. ALICE TA YLOR DIANN TAYLOR - - Honwrootn Re- porter 3: Offict- Assistant 2, 3. l ,Q : in ' H 1111 TXYI H " " " tim into 1 T 2 11t untt IJ ii mlellt omerooin P1 It 255,31 ice P11 iclent 5 Hot Roll Club 1t1 1 LJMQ DRX IENIO 1 1 ,111 - LAI 1 .O A Iv- 1' t- :f"- ' ball . 2. Captain 3: rack 1, : Stu- 1 .16 tit, -'1 2: K1-y 12111 1, 2, 3: A ., ::,, V- C211 1 1 31 11 1 A I' 'Si 1 'Ill 1, l 1 1 v' 11 N 11 A ftitt' A11 1.- 1-. 1:1111 1. 1, sf-113 Qs. 7, V "i": ..,',,, .:,,vA:, 5 ii 5AN J ' ' Q' ' - '-'ll '1-ns 1, 2: A ,, ,A Calwlmllu 3: Offivt- Assistant 3: Choral :S Club 1: D1'u111atics Club 1. 11-i1. ,,.. ,., A' A ,,,,. V' A ss ' 1 C1 1 Yi '- 1,I't'51l1l' t Z. 95 wwf 131111 1HOlN1l SUN fxpin ui tn n GLENN VALENTINE-Typing Club 15 Photography Club 15 Homeroom Re- porter 3. PATTY WALL-Honor Student. SONDRA WALLACE-Hfmnleroom Re- porter 25 Sentinel Staff 35 Starlets 25 Office Assistant 1, 25 Student Council 25 National Sales Executives Certifi- cate of Merit. JOE WARE JOE WARREN BILLY WATKINS ,. E IOR LINDA THOMPSON-Starlets 2, 35 Student Council 1, 2, 35 Los Conquis- tadores 25 Pan-American Club 15 Y-Teens 2, 35 Art Club 35 Senior Pub Staff 35 Senior Prom Decorations Com- mittee 35 Most Friendly Senior Girl 3. ,IANICE THORNE--Blue Jackets 35 Volleyball Championship Team 3. PAULA 'LINER-Student Council 25 Home-room Reporter 35 A Cappella 25 lnterseholastic League Spelling Con- test 2, 35 Latin Club 3. JOE TOON-Allied Youth Vice Presi- dent 35 Future Teachers Club Presi- dent 2, 35 Archaeology Club Reporter 2, 35 Thespians 1, 2, 35 Art Club 2, 35 Book Club Viee President 15 Operetta 2, 35 Homeroom Reporter 1, 2, 35 Senior Pub Staff 35 Red Cross Repre- sentative Treasurer 1, Vice President 2. CARULYN TUNNELL-Library Club Reporter 25 Library Assistant 1, 2, 35 Archaeology Club Reporter 25 Junior Achievement 25 Y-Teens 1. LARRY TURNER--A Cappella 2, 35 Operetta 2, 35 NDCC Executive Of- ficer. 1 1 Q E IDR LYNN VV1X'l'K1N5-National llonm' S0- Cie-ty 3: Quill and Svrull 3: l3un-pMneri- Can Club 1: Sf-ntinvl Exvliangt- lftlitor 3: Y-'lla-tif 3: 1,lltI'Z1I'j' Affistants 'l1I'82iS- llI't'I' 2: Hutxivmmii 1i!'1tHI'lPI'2f llunm' Stutlrnt. lllf-XTHICE WE.-XT1llfRl"URIJ l - Hunk Club 1. C3111 Wlilili f llmm-rmnn 'l1l'l'L1NllI'1'I' 1: Arhlvtit' Club 1: llutttviwmlit Vive l7t'm'siclt'11t 2: "ll" 'Ln-am I-'uutball 1: 'llvzim limtlvall 2. 3. Allffiity Fm'- untl lr-uni. AlllQrt-ateivllallaa 'l1t'21Itt1 A iiappt-lla L Z. 3: Upcrvtta f.l14Jl'll4 Z. KENNlf'l'H Wvflllll --5tuLle-nt liHl1IH'll21 Gull 'funn 1. 2. 3: Cliemistry Club 3: Lug Curiqiiifladmvs 3: .luniur JXC'lllt'Yl"- ment Salk-ty lJ1I'i"l'IOI' 3: llut Rnd Club 1: Arlth-tics Club 1. RICH,-XRD WEST NDCC Sgt. 1st Class 2: Sviviivi- Club 2. DICK WHITE National 1'1UllOIt Su- vivty 3: Student Cuunril 3: Football 1: Tennis 1, 2: Chemistry Club 2: Key Club 3: HttlllL'Ii4tlJlll Yicf' PI'l'SlLll"I1l 1. 2: Svniur Pmnt Cununittve 3: Junior Rutarian 3: Opewetta 3: Honor Stu- cient. Nw CHARLES WlLBllRN--Spanish Club Vice President 1: SC1PI1CC Club 1. .lllAN1T,-X WILLIAMS - A Cappella Hiamrian 2. 3: Y-Tuens 3: Blue Jackets 3: FTA 3: Latin Club Social Chair- man 2, 3: Open-Ita 1. 2, 3: Inter- mediate Band 3: Musiv Club 1: Honor Studvnt. RONALD W1LLLU1SfOlympians As- sistant Couiniantlcr 1, 2, 3: Slide Rule Club 3: XUCC 1, 2. 3: RCTC 1: Sz-niur Play 3. HEX WILSON -- Chews and Clicvlwi' Club I: Library Club 1: Outduur Life Club 1: 5e'a1'Q DE .Xwurtl 3. KLXCK WlMIiIiRl.Y - - Olympians 2: Cbentiatry Club 3. CIUN LY WOEHTEN DX KE Representing W. W. Samuell High School in Quiz ,em On the Air were Miss Vining, sponsor. Darla Prudom, Connie Russell, Richard Fullington, Jerry Raskin, and Charles Craft. SE IOR PAT WOLFE FAYE WORK-A Cappella 3g Operetta 3g Starlets l. 25 Office Assistant 1, 2. DON VVORTHAM-Linz Award lg En- gineering Club President lg Spanish Club lg Hoinvroom Reporter 2. Presi- dent 3, Vice President 3g Student Council lg National Honor Society 35 Honor Student. WAYNE WRlGHTf"B" Team Base- ball lg HA" Team Football 2, 33 Key Club 35 Student Assistant Track Coach 3. CAROLYN YORK CHARLIE YOUNG Valedictorian William Balusek EVERTS AWARD Linda Bell Charlotte Brooks John Calvert, III .Julia Calvert Toledo Cox Gene Crossley Donald Dennis Alaciai Farley Lynn Ganze Gail Hicks Teddie Hodges Christine Karlen Betty Leatherwood Elizabeth Mills Carl Mitcham Pat Perkins Ann Pickerell Cecile Pitts Linda Pratt Connie Russell Richard Smith Ronda Smith Brenda Stephenson Steve Swayze LINZ PIN Linda Bell Charlotte Brooks John Calvert, III Julia Calvert Toledo Cox Gene Crossley Lynn Ganze Gail Hicks Teddie Hodges Christine Karlen Betty Leatherwood Elizabeth Mills Carl Mitcham Ann Pickerell Cecile Pitts Linda Pratt Connie Russell Ronda Smith Steve Swayze GRADUATING .WITH HIGH HONORS William Balusek Gene Crossley Charlotte Brooks Joe Ann Fegara Julia Calvert Steve Swayze GRADUATING WITH HONOR David Eugene Allen Linda Kathryn Bell Helen Marie Brooks John Ware Calvert, III Linda Marie Conklin Toledo Jane Cox Sharon Kathleen Danyluk Ramon Edward Dasch Donald Raymond Dennis Lynn Edward Ganze Geany Lou Gardner Kay Rojuan Giddens Carolyn Jean Gilbert Stephen Clark Green Janet Sue Stansbury Hampton Velma Gail Hicks Dana Lee Hodges Teddie Joan Hodges Patricia Juanita Hollywood Phyllis Janet Holt Don Wayne Hughey Christine Carol Karlen Brenda Jean Karney Daniel Franklin Klimpel, II Betty Jeane Leatherwood Brenda Kay Martin Patsy Ann Miller Elizabeth Ann Mills Carl Allen Mitcham Patricia Rose Perkins Cecelia Ann Pickerrell Cecile Marie Pitts Linda King Pratt Jesse Rodriguez Rangel Murray Randolph Ray Stanley Arnold Read Connie Jo Russell Richard Clayton Smith Ronda Lovelle Smith Charles Wayne Stratton Patsy Sue Wall Jerry Lynn Watkins Richard Hall White Juanita Louise Williams Don Eddie Wortham Salulatorian Gene Crossley ii Q .L was ' A -fr A ,w .1 Q 5 ff- ww f X wstkbfiiffsg, W was 55 3. K , ,, ,, Q, Y, . ,. ,, , ., L 5 - -2 if 5 M ..kk ,, -1 , . - , .--. , .P . ., ,W ., ,Ji 5. W My 4,3 W 5 5-gf " mm fr 2 Q f - ,, f My u 37521 4 i ' , , f'M2"' ,f . L Y f X L A W ,fy f is ' D-Af MW 3, "" ""' I is , Vg ,E:,: , , E,5, ' .. ,--5, m-v,.:,:-::,:l,- 2,-I ivxgx. ,,M..,k.,M S Q nw ,2 2 K f"'QlfQ,:g?fq,' - 12L5,:fAi5A1a:s5- .... M- . 4- . , , S , my X A "-- ,ff ,-Isl, H U K in 5 is '-SEQ' : i - ' 7 L I , 2 . Lf . 2 'gan 5 Y T ? QA? E 4, J E 2 i f g ' an 5 5 5 ' ,fa wi .iii if' fi 'lf 5 W J , :V if ff i 1 1, f-gi, ,, Mfrs be Ki S7 if -. - if k 1' 'lf' : , yQ,.,,, , -- ug, -ggvgifiiv ., ' Aff m f ' ' ',, 'K S' w if'-W ii -' , -114 , Q M Q ' -. - , 7 V, ., L? 'i' -, A 'f 5 15 ,, v gm , FHS. 5, g p : .w Qfjifl . - GSA K, Wfiijv 'J ' ff ' I A - ' .. r if . , ..,.. Q S 4 ,. li: H55 L wg? rlQf5,A.aw--r-fvbfipu s SENIOR HISTORY The third graduating class of W. W. Samuell High School came together at mid- term in our Sophomore year when our big, beautiful high school building was opened. This was a year of many changes for us. We had just become adjusted to high school ways when we moved to the new building and there met many new friends. Again we had to adjust to a new school life. Our Sophomore favorites were Brenda Martin and Jerry Lovelace. We elected Ann Thompson, Jeanie Brown, and Brenda Martin as our princesses to the Valentine Dance that year. As Juniors we had become accustomed to the routine of high school life. We elected Suzanne Black and Jerry Lovelace as our Junior favorites. Rona Ellis was our representative as Football Princess. To represent Samuell in the Cotton Bowl Tournament Leaann Garrett was chosen. Our Valentine princesses that year were Suzanne Black, Jeanie Brown, and Ann Thompson. The Junior majorettes were Orpha Savage and Suzanne Black, and our Junior cheerleaders were Kaye Stewart, Lynn Ganze, and Ann Thompson. Finally we were Seniors and felt that we were on a pedestal. Our class president was Fred Greene, our vice president, Ronald Douglas, and our secretary, Danah Hodges. Our favorites were Suzanne Black and Fred Greene, Most Popular, Danah Hodges and Gene Crossley, Most Likely to Succeed, Connie Russell and Ronald Douglas, Most Athletic, Brenda Martin and Steve Humphrey, Best All Round, Charlotte Brooks and Randy Ray, Most Courteous, Steve Green and Charlotte Dial, Wittiest, Linda Thompson and David Allen, Most Friendly, Linda Bell was chosen football queen. Our nominees for basketball queen were Suzanne Black and Madalyn Hudgens. Suzanne Black was elected Valentine Queen and Linda Bell, Sharon Danyluk, and Danah Hodges were Senior princesses. Suzanne Black was also elected D.A.R. candidate. Our head cheerleaders were Fred Greene and Kaye Stewart. Randy Ray, Linda Bell and James Craft were the other Senior Cheerleaders. Jerry Lovelace was president of the Student Council that year. Valedictorian of our class was Willeam Balusek and salutatorian, Gene Crossley. We have reached an important milestone in our life. We now must travel forward to accept the responsibilities of adulthood. May God watch over us and direct us as we go. Danah Hodges Class Editor THE E IOR GA E The- rl'Ili'I1' CilE'l'l'it'iiLiC1'N prvpziiw- for the ganna The senior majorettes and band, lcd by Larry Freeman, niurch on to the fiflid. Drunnnvr- in the senior hand seem to he having liiuref fun than anyone. Say, it docs snund nice! Jw? vb J The heal-niki of Ihfi sf-nior drill team pf,-rforni for the last time. Q2 ANi S . ., ' 3:-if. Q . v. GWR fi if . , 3 X 1, ' jg ' -.. 1 L if SY i a X .gl if ' V' 4 X gf Qin - A - .- X 4 " ' L fq 5 f Wux . . . D I IQ I i a ' k sq Q ' Q- S? " K U T' G , -.'., : W - , l. A g. , ,Q 1 K A ,gn ' Q . Q .. i A fgnglsiv S xiii' :Q gt: . : i , 'iw .Lw!???Saf1k-uni-4.-ffaailfif .Lim.l,,3'i".7Q fum. There was a great deal of excitement in the cafeteria as thc- seniors lined up for baccalaureate. E IOR AP There was even a lille for Harold Smith as he paid for his cap and gown. I Mike Evans attempts to pass his gown over the heads of others in order to get out early. happy about it. E IOR AP Graduates are fitted for their caps and gowns. Stanley Dabbs seems quite Seniors leave auditorium after baccalaureate. 1 Some seniors seem sad, some seem happy as they turn in their' caps and gowns 'after graduation. IUNIGRS I " "k' v' Jerry Barnes Patricia Barnes Cynthia Bean Jerry Beaty Larry Beckham Charles Berry Bobhie Bierhalt Raymond Riles CI' JUNIORS Sandra Adair Carolyn Adams Edith Adams Lewis Adams Luke Adams Richard Adams Billie Allen Jacqueline Allen Jerry Allen Marie Allen Amelia Anderson Heath Anderson Marilyn Anderson Sharon Anderson Charles Archer Autry Ayres Jimmy Bailey Drudean Baker Numan Baker Moody Ballow JUNIORS Deanna Billingsly Gerald Birdsong David Boggs Wlanda Boone Ronald Bowman Bettie Bratcher Billy Bratcher Patsy Brennan Senita Bright Edward Brink Glynneth Brisendine Mary Brisendine Linda Brooks Doris Brockway Donna Brown Raleigh Brown Shirley Browning Bette Broyles Vlfayna Bryant Gene Bullard Jerry Burchfield Donnie Burkley Helen Burks James Burns Henry Butler Glenn Byer Edith Byford Dan Caldwell Waiida Collins Jane Conklin Norman Cook Ronald Cook Sharron Cook Barlmara Coombs Patsy Cooper ,lucly Couch JUNIORS Richie Calhoun Welton Calvert Yvette Calvert Alice Cannaday Danny Canup Larry Carder Margie Carroll Gearalyn Carter Patsy Cary David Castloo Sharon Chadwick Carolyn Chandler Charles Childers Barbara Chote Linda Clark Roy Clark Velinda Cliffton Sherry Clontz Glenda Clutts Georgia Collins JU IOR Lonnie Cox Lvnn Craft Rose Criswell Tom Cross Sherry Cummings Suzanne Cunningham Dan Davis Davifl Davis Dick Davis Joanna Dav Robert Deal Joanetta DeFreese Sheila Dean Gary Deitiker Tanva Dieterman Barbara Dixon Carole Donaldson Sue Douglas Bobbie Dowell Nan Downing ,luclv Drumgold Jerry Duggan Tonnnv Durham Kenneth lfakin lfrif' lfrivkson Sharon lfrwin Relwfwa ltstes lfathv lfvans L :oz Jerry Golver Anflrew Gore Gail Grafflin Logan Grav Patricia Gregory Jean Griner ,lerrell Grulilws Linfla Guess JUNIORS Maxine Ewing Jerry Fairf-loth Darla Farmer Lincla Floy fl Cornelia Foster Ray Foster Jerry Franklin Margaret Freeland lo Ann Fuller Ricliarcl Fullington Janis Furticfk Alan Gallagher Allen Garrett Anna Marie Garza Cliarles Geaslin Christine Gentry Tim Ghorrnley Irene Gililis Paulette Gibson Carmen Gilmore rm , 141mumnn. JUNIORS Linda Gunn Steven Hagerty Allen Hall Sandra Halleywax Geraldine Hamilton Shirley Hamilton Gerald Hanley Leslie Harper Susie Harper Earl Harris Mike Harris Jerry Hart Kay Harvey Stephen Hatchel George Hatzenbuehler Pat Hayes Virginia Hayes Ronnie Headrick Mary Hehel Sue Hereford Glenn Herron Ronald Barry Hill Ronald Hill Sharon Hill Janice Hinton Linda Holwhs Anna Hodges Sallie Hodges U A IO4 Judy Johnson Larry Johnson Sharon Johnson Carolyn Johnston Gordon Johnston Donna Jones Jarquclyn Jones Joe Jones JUNIORS Shirley Hodges Way'ne Hodges Garland Hogan Bert Holcomb Jo Ann Holden Weesley' Newton Holley Johnny Hollis Shirlev Holton Dee Horton Douglas Hubbard Patricia Huckaby Richard Hudson Gale Hughes Guy Hughes Elizabeth Hyden Diane Isbell Jannie Jaggers Darryl ,lobson Carolyn Johnson Jan Johnson .-.-i 1 UNIURS Salley Jones Way'ne J ones ,lan Jordan Betty Iuricek Edward Kafllack Judy Kaiser Frank Karlen Linfla Killingsworth Larry Killian A. J. King Joy Kirby Jeffrey Kirksey Pat Klan Martha Knowles Ann Kolaczkowski Robert Kucker Lydelle Kuettner Mike Lainlieth Thomas Lane Donna Lee Terry Legg Jean Ldlay Daniel Lenhart Tyree Leonard Bolilwie Leslie llarrex' Letelier Allwin Linclquis Don Linrlsey I Buddy Miller Bill Miller Lincla Mitchell lYlildrecl Nlitchell Marinell Nlixon Al Wayne Moore Allen Moore Jimmy Moore JUNIORS Eleanor Livingston Louis Loiton Elvis Long Carolyn Lutrick Wlilma Mach Billy lllaclclon Carol Markham Gerolfl Marshall Robert Marshall Douglas Martin Bobby Massey Patsy Matthiews Joe Matthews Patricia Matthews Douglas Mattix Joan Meacl David Melton Gary Melton Johnny Menton Sharon Meredith JUNIORS Sahra Ann Moore Carole Morgan Don Morris Horolcl Morris Jeanette Morris Linda Morris Robin Morris Xita Mountz Don Murrah Lady Muse June Myrick Don McClain Sylvia Nlc-Cullock Jimmy McDonald Martha McKinnon Mary Alice Nale Vernon Nelson Phillis Norman Delores Northcutt Evelyn Oliver Linda Orfield Mary Owen Jerry Packer Leon Parish Henry Parker Rohr-rt Parker Carol l7'zrrmly Charles Passon Jian' a Lee Revhenthin Rieharrl Reecl Suzann Rhodes Harvey Rilmhle Pat Riehmoncl Peggy Riggs James Rolwrcls Glenda Rohinso H JUNIORS Clarence Payne David Payne Kenneth Penland Pat Perkins Joyce Peters Steve Phillips Barbara Points Susan Potter Jouett Powell Carolyn Powers J. C. Presley Patricia Proza Darla Prudon Renal Pyle Gary Pyles Lynn Quiek Carolyn uinn Robert Raclney Elaine Ra kin Buflclie Ray UNIORS Shirley Robinson Jean Rogers Mary Ann Rogers Nelda Rodgers Richard Roscoe Jerry Rose Beverly Rowland Murkel Rudd Darlene Rushing Patsy Rutter Phil Ruzicka Bennie Samford Larry Sammons Sandra Samples Konitta Sanders Virginia Sanders Trema Sandlin Klea Scholl Bobby Schule Doug Scott Judy Scrihner Paul Sexton Danny Shanks Robert Shehane Larry Shiflet Charles Shipp Judy Shoup John Simmons Dorothy Stanfield Jolm Stanglin James Stewart John Stokes Sheila Stone Jerry Stout Jerry Stringer Linda Stroman UNIORS Jerry Simms Steven Sims lloima Siiigletary Hz-len Slagle Dennis Smith Gordon Smith Jim Boh Smith John Smith Johnny Smith Jucly Smith Jliehael Smith Norma Smith Szmfira Smith Mark Smylie J ufly Snow Jolene Spinks Bobby Springer Rita Springer Robert Sproyle Barbara Stanfield JUNIORS Sherri Stroud Carol Stutts Sharon Sumrow Jerry Sutherland Kay Swanner Larry Synins Clyde Talley Byron Tarno Betty Taylor Kenneth Taylor Ray Taylor Dianne Teague Don Teague Delores Thompson Charles Traylor Dwayne Tucker Joe Tucker Linda Tucker Mike Turner Billy Underwood eyer I Danny Vanderburg Russell Viears Deanna Vrla Lynne Waclclell Sheila Wade Tornrny Wade James Waid Bill Walker Kenneth Yvllite llremla Wl1itfi4?ld llavifl Wlllliams Louise Wlilliams Nami' Wlilsml Suzanne Wlofforcl Betty Wloocl 12111108 Wcmod ,jf JUNIORS Bill Wallaf:e Jackie Wallace Marion Vllare Billy Wlatson Patsy Vllatson Glenn Wlatts Jeanette Vllay iXlE'11'lllEl Wlay Nlarvella Wlaymire Oclella Vllaymire lletty Wleaver l7rauf'eS Xveaver Nlarirm Wveir ljmla W1-iss l,3l'I'Y Wlf-SS11e1' lqmery Wvelclrm ,lufly Vllest Cllarlutte Wllmeeler Rmlney XXvllC'f'l8l' Bruve Wlllite JUNIORS Ernest Woodard Rosa Belle Woodard Phil Woodruff Harvey Word Shelia Worthy David Yarbrough Sue Young Dennis Zimmer Lynn Allen Joe Baker Paula Blaylock Pat Cottingham Joe David Douglas Edwards Vonda Matlock Roy Perkins Brynda Scott 0 I I3 ' --Mwumufifi-1--M-f --H+wuw-4-'NMS-WMHMWESQ ii! lil ,nH4.L:.-Q- Fr JU IOR SNAPSHOT 'Jivr' an Q R , ,. L K. 5 s David Hill aurl ,I-,mill l'mn-Il r-njoy a fimwlwall Af light during tliu XVll1l9' I Wiivlll New cheerleaders lead the study-nl lvody in the juniur pi-p rally against the seniors. s , Q, 1 -545, 2 31' 'L an ..'v K V 'ixwo ,, T if cg Ffh , ff Mi ""i 4 4 i ' 2 2 1 if , Juniors show their sympulliy for the svniurs. Martha Mcliinxmri proudly marclics across tllc field. sw fem. wwuwu'amswq'wa. A , N !9ff- SGPHOMORE S i . , Terreva Barnes Shirley Barrett Charlotte Bates J oe Beavers Shirley Beck Dicky Beene Dorothy Bell Janet Bell Kay Bell Douglas Bellah Sarah Bellamy Patricia Belt Charles Benedict Carolyn Bennett Stanley Bennett Delbert Bennett Karla Biko Larry Billingsley Barbara Birdsong Judy Blackburn Carolyn Adams Jackie Adams L. C. Adams Carolyn Alexander Nancy Alexander Martha Alford Sue Ann Allen James Allred Dianne Allsup Pamela Anderson Lynn Anglin Pat Apel Nita Archer Frances Arrington Chikita Asay Eric Blackman Earlene Blaylock Fred Blanton Betty Boyd Sharon Branch Lynn Brantly James Breecher Pat Brem Kay Brick Iris Broach Sandra Brooks Gala Brown Judy Brown Phyllis Brown Pat Brownlow SOPHOMORES Pat Broxon Barbara Brumfield Carolyn Brunson Donna Bruton Reese Bullard Floretta Burnett Linda Burns James Butler Peggy Calhoun Noel Campbell Sandy Capps Sammy Cannon Wayne Carpenter Carol Carter Kathy Carter Johnny Crawford Brenda Cave Phyllis Cates Tomi Castleberry Joe Don Casey f, ,,,,.-J' II7 Sheila Celsur Lonnie Cervantes Connie Chambers ,limmy Chapman Shirley Chandler Shirley Chandler Dail Chaney Gail Chaney Virginia Chase Linda Cherry Bobby Childs Don Christensen Jerry Christian Betty Clark Carlene Clark Ruth Clark Lois Clevanger Robert Cloud Brenda Clounts Stanley Cluclc Barbara Cole Bohhitt Collins Neal Combs Beverly Comstock Susan Conine George Cook Patsy Cook Sammy Cooly Jackie Cooper jerry Cooker ,lerry Cooper Shirley Cooper Peggy Couch Elbert Corbitt ,lohnny Countryman I I8 emf E3 ,.m..waQ -gegfw ffirggvfe -7 we , . .. Q , 557 K y Charles Disney Joe Dixon Ronny Dobbs Stella Dodson Barbara Donaldson Ewelyn Duke 'llim Duke Rodney Duncan Linda Dunn Charlotte Dussau Elaine Dyer Linda Earnheart Edwin liads Patty Eason Sandra lfby Pamela Eckels Linda Edwards Cecil Elder Anita Elliott Deanna Elliott II9 .f uf :L-Zi j 0 3 abs M11 . .." JY4 ll! ,5 ff E- a K afar , S ' 1 fs.. 5 a SOPHOMORES Ellen Coursey Donna Cox Helen Cralier Ronny Craft Donald Curtis ,lolin Curtis Tommy Daily Loretta Daniels Tommy Danielson Patsy Darby Dianne Daugherty Lora Davidson Ronnie Davis Wilscmn Dew Lottie Dilbert Harold Finney Grethchen Fischer Patsy F ite Joe Fitzgerald Carole Flanagan Sharon Flanery Phyllis Fletcher Martha Flourney Audrey Flowers Jackie Fotte George Frederick Ava Gage Janet Garner Jimmy Garrett Connie Garza Patricia Gassett Mary Gates Carol George Francis Gibbs Hansel Coldgar SOPHOMORES Jimmy English Lynda Estes Bret Evans Linda Fogleman Shirley Evans Peggy F allin Sharon Farmer Sidney Ann Farrar Randle Farrar John Farris Vickey Farris Charlotte Featherston Florence Fewell Donna Finncannon Don Finney Sue Gibson Shirley Gilmer Joe Gould Bobby Gray Joy Gray Mary Green Roger Green Ray Gunter Linda Hale Carl Hallmark Shirley Hamilton Katheryn Hanes Ronny Hammon Mike Hanes Pat Harding tx SUPHOMORES i , Charlotte Harting Bobby Harrell Herman Harrison La Dean Hartwell Paul Hatzenbuehler Ann Hatton Marlene Havnek Beverly Hawkins James Hawkins Linda Headrick Judy Hefner Nancy Henry Douglas Henson Anthony Hereford Euniel Hermanson Paul Herocl Carolyn Herrington Frank Hess Claudette Hickock Ronnie Hickey Ray Hicks Carole Hill Ronald Hill Sandia Hilliard Becky Hendrick Betty Hobson Francis Hodges Glen Hogue Peggy Holcomb Sue Holland Virginia Holland Rose Marie Holley Linda Holleyman Peggy Hollywood Donald Holman SOPHOMORES Rachel Holman Barbara Holmes Stephen Holt Khaki Homesley Johnny Hooper Linda House Mike Horton Stanley Houston Mattalee Howard Fredna Howell Gwin Hudspeth jackie Huffman Ransom Hughes Nancy Hulen james Hull Arden Hulse Sharon Hulsey Lynn Hunsaker Juanita Hurley Mike Hyden I22 -.f gf Mary Ellen Jones Ora Mae Jones Ronnie Jones Sammy Jones Janice Kelley Joyce Kelley Linda Kennedy Lois Kingston Barbara Kirby Jo Nell Kirk Ronald Kirk Dave Klinipel Carole Kline Cathy Konibs Ly ncla Koonce Patsy' Koonce Pat Lamascus Jimmy Lalnlmeth Dorothy La Rue Linda Loughlin l23 ' 7 is ff! ' ns , , -,L s. ,Q ., . , ,W K . 7 ' ,E . :fill Y, ver : . I ,I iiii SOPHOMORES Darlene Jackson Frances Jaggers Carolyn Jeffery Judy Jolie Anita Johnson Betty Johnson David Johnson Donna Johnson Evelyn Johnson Mary Nell Johnson Pat Johnson Robert Johnson Tony Johnston Jeanette Jones Mary Jones ,,.i.,..,',.. 5 , ve, M I24 , Richard Lawrence Bonnie Lawson Carolyn Levisay Aaron Lewallan Lonnie Lewis Mike Lewis Barbara Lemmons Margie Leverett Doris Long Mike Long ll 'L ' E V Harley Lowe ' h ,.., P . Vtzn M V H . glene Lulnian -... L gi nlzv K K 1-.:x'- Q I 32 ' ' les C I 3 , L P,iii :., -1': ' - zili z "1-" 371' B ',,: I linlimliifl ci ll' V, V KiyaMctCljin1e si ia r fi' orri, ii . W . y i5,mrr, , .M Q Fredda McCranie ' 'S gf - .V L M C jf A .J - ,,, f 7 . L' M7 I . M , Bifivlcozutiillll , .'a.i :: 5 M :.a: B .1 J ' M ' M C h L zii , 1 f .iiz Q L B no Nimgllfa Ralgganilutc eon K Vi fi m a l r 1.: .E,. Q, TZ. :ggi ,Z b L I... .. F ,leane McDougald David McDowell Billie McGowan Grant McKee Barbara McKinney ,lean McKinnon Pat McPherson Johnny Mackery Sandra Maddox Eddie Mahon Billy Martin Don Martin Patsy Massingill Carolyn Matney Ann Mays .a3,,,,,.. A. V -1 Higgs, HW- fa . nw, .,, .. E X, 3 A ,mn I is 4' , Z ,g K PM if f ,afsfesff . ,rgfiggf - f.-:gf i3?fsiiafv,- 14:52 - iffasf- vim 1,-is WX H-ffriz,-fvni a ,ef-ai 1 f so ,.,swa' f , -- , ,.Lg,:f':p,zsszzgw ,. I . r aaawr no g aa aa :,,,, , L ,, r.,,. .. Y Ea: S T ff L A? ... B, O J William May Arval Miles Helen Miller Joy Ann Miller Lewis Miller Ann Minatrea Teddy Mitchell Mary Ho Moncriei Carolyn Moore Paul Moore Charles Morgan Darlene Morgan ,ludy Morgan Carol Morris Paulette Morris .' , . lvltjb vi V rr. ,L Z,. , ,.,,: T5 . Q. r 5 18 6 4 s ea f E "' J, ' 1 b x -K - ---- , -- . .-.nf-,., , my M A A ., c A., li 'Q 3? H E 2 ' 4' V, , - Q SUPHOMORES mfs wana N .yei ilti ra 3 , 'Qt -w 'Q s f V M Larry Morrison Sheilia Millinax Paula Mullins J im Murley Jerry Myres Linda Nail Norma Nelson Freddy Newton Susan Niendorff Patricia Nixon Joyce Norfleet Edwin Norwood Martha Faye Nutt Larry Oliver Penny 0,Toole Barbara Overbee Billy Palmer Billy Parker .lo Ann Parker Paul Patton Qc 1 EQ e 2' Q , New . H 1 K is 'rr Carolyn Patton Cleeta Pearson Joyce Pendleton James Pennington Billy Perkins Sybil Phillips Glorianna Phipps Jommy Poe Priscilla Poe Barbara Polosek Charlotte Poole Dynne Poole Dwight Primm Elaine Pritchett Jan Puckett 451- fit 5? I e A it J iza . M J B - zv., ,. -,:.:E Q J ,,.,,, rrri rlle ln n g nll ereaa , 3 1 SOPHOMORES E ly-H is ,heaaae A liliu WR' 5 - , F f J P J J Betty Pyron Mitz Pyron Kathy Raridn Marcia Ratliff Robert Read Michael Reagan Sandra Redfearn Marilyn Reeves Billie Reid Vichie Reinle Wava Reneau Rex Reynolds Joan Rhoade Vance Rhea Robert Rhodes Judy Rice Peggy Richardson Jessee Ritchie Linda Roach Bobbie Roberson I26 ' 35,a" -: . , - ,y -an ' ' Sharon Self Ruth Ann Shacklett Terry Shelton Mary Sheppard Fredda Sherman Patsy Shockley Mantyne Sims Jackie Sims Carolyn Small Ann Smith Barbara Smith David Smith Hal Smith Jerald Smith Jimmie Smith Lois Smith Patricia Smith Rosemary Smith Tommy Smith Billy Sparks I27 'M -HE X SOPHOMORES Marty Robinson Barbara Romans Steve Rosenbaum Stuart Rosenbaum Donna Rowland Randlae Rudd Elaine Rutledge Betty Sanders Sandra Sandifer Sharon Saxon Wanda Schroeder Glenda Scirratt Katherine Scotch Shirley Scott Jackie Seale J c'r- J ' . .55 Janie Sutherth Doyle Tandy Elizeheth Farrell Betty Taylor David Taylor Dee Taylor Earlette Taylor Barbara Thomas Lorane Thomas Patsy Thomas George Thompson Larry Thorn Maria Thurman Martha Tison Joseph Todd Nita Totton Charlas Towle-s Carolyn Traylor Kenneth Traylor- Allen Tucker SOPHOMORES aw-:Q N af Barbara Stanford David Starck Beverly Stathan Anne Steely Glenda Stewart Harriet Stiles Madelaine Stockton Vickey Stogdill Herry Stone Lynell Stone Wanda Stratton Johnny Stringer Eugene Stroud ,loan Stunton Frances Stutts Kenneth Turner Dennis Turner Mike Vestal Mary Vrooman Carol Wallace Alba Walker Glenda Waters Judy Watkins Sandra Watkins Don Watson Jimmy Webb Karen Weiz Patsy Weldon John Wester Sarah Wester SOPHOMORES Kay Wheat April White Mary White Nancy White Risa White Freddie White Kieth Whithers Bill Whitley Janie Wilkey Douglas Williams Francis Williams Mary Williams Doris Willingham Richard Willis Dorothy Winkle Granville Woods Don Word Sammie Worthingto Anona Yates Betty Work Il 'We U f " 5 , .gn ik i gn V- , ,, m .I or Nancy Young 7 i V5 , .:,. I 'i n -i v Tana Young ti g f' B ' ' V Martin Yul . , Vqzu l 5 ,1'.,g-'Q -' H. 5, ' fiat 9' N. J S AP HOT ,lim Bob Smith receives letter .lacket for bas- ketball from Coach Black on the assembly. . 1 as ,. .As Glen snules as Yvette passes him by with- g' . 4 314-fi. B B out a glance. 'nu ,lf Betty Boyd speaks on the Brotherhood A s s e m h ly while Fred Greene looks on. The seniors work together for their last Senior Assembly. SNAP HOT Spartan Blue Band, composed of Keith With- ers, Jerry Ruskin, Charles Traylor, and Joe Johnbton. swing out on their first number at the Football Dance. f. rf i 1 New National Honor Society members are inducted. l3I Everyone enjoyed the Spring Dance. SNAP HOT David Allen gives a monologue on Senior Assembly Margaret Freeland and Alfred Rives arrive at the Football Dance. 1 4: i , if 'QF P VOIQITE JERRY HAYNES The girls, pictures were sent to Jerry Haynes, Emcee of Dallas Band- stand. For Most Beautiful he chose Leanne Garrett. The Runner-Up is Lynna Gibson. MARY NELL HENDRICKS A picture of each senior hoy was sent to Miss Mary Nell Hendricks, Miss Texas of l958. For Most Hand- some she chose Donald Dennis. The Runner-Up is Bobby Herriage. 975251 B90 uffzf b?aa1m garreff . , 135 X. Aww: x msfixiif' V 79 mf V isp R 'Em K ' H My f . ' as M Q f " Q S 1- ! 999' 1- ,A ,, fm- x .A . ,,., ., Q . 1 wi! Q 12 Q 3 w W 111212613 H Km 7fQI'IIdyQ 5yl2I?d 916.3012 wE? Wosf fo cszzcceeof HQQS gene Grossfay , nfs? V, Lf A 2- Mg. :wi A. ' sy? I' be 4 f .a g my .J - -' fag, 5 K, 3 me 1 w 4 Ami 'wal fulg, KK A -mv' awv0"" V af, A w J. is M - V-1 ,, 1: aff ' g I rag, i ,i.A , , A 'zu Q-,HQ-j1:?wf1-iff'1-I -' ag X , , -. . 3 ., g TR 0 YE ,L 3. QQ , mg-wewammw-fwwwf' tak? 52 wg ,N 4 is GIF? ,ik g J v Woes! gffikfzc JOIZIZIQ usseff x76012afJx'D0uyQ.s 34212-1 ' ' -i'kL . af-' jg, A Q, , , ,LV .WR www , gem mmvm wr fx 'Q v S E E 3 5 A Q F 5 5 is l: ! gi :fe Q A S AA Vwxl W ,rug 1, , , ,, X, ,-.www-.S-rwww., , ,w,-W -, 1 1 1,,, Wm- -MM - W w 1 V 3- hAZ L .5 , 'ev' , 5 wi: 'Q 9 A pk tk 1 W w A 6017012 Bow 1142622 20122122963 -L ' ,Tift i v Marmell lVl1xon Candzdate 2 f t - s 2 N it f f . -f, . - fly, - 'f' .- T "" ' - f wifi' Tj" wifi? , " 'fp 'Y ww w .fy "V ',..' Vyly ' 3 ,, W ggi. , ' r' agus Ma Nonwinee The basketball team nomi nated four girls for Cotton Bowl Tournament Queen Candidate F rom these the Student Body chose M ' ll arme Mixon, by their purchase of basketball tickets to represent W. W. Samuell in the Cotton Bowl Tournament. T Black amle bultxj Omm 6 Pat Hal' - d Womlkgecfllg I49 I50 QD. 51 'if GQHOQOQXQ d DAR candidate by the student Suzanne Black was electe . . . council to represent W. W. Samuell High School. Kay Stewart Nominee Connie Russell Nominee Q O g gf.. A-R-fb, 35,5 fn x Q CAR IVAL ,, K: 1 l llLlIlIHII!lIIll' mf "I Can Do AI1j'llllHf.T Hi-tlvr rllllilll lun" by Wayna Bryant and Shirley' llnmillun. wg "Cluwning an'0nml" ui ugnull af? My wfv-MW l D0 you want to flnnvfx .lUllIl? 90215 it H+, IFS a sure win. Duug. -af i if Thx' 'wim'i1u!' nf lhv drill tcann mukinl with fhe hat dance at the annual Starlet ilapers .. J ABHHUCAN EDUCATION 'WEEK 'X S i 1 lfut ure 'llcuc' her 1II't'NVIll mtv-LIC! play. The A Cappella Choir gives its first public appearance. Martha Pierce, Susan Potter, and Ann Kolaczkowskl serve guests at Open House. TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS WEEK mutual N., Cheerleaders demonstrate their physi- cal fitness ICSI. The 14,-fl-t-alum-nt iulilp was undgr thp direction of Mrs, Teachers and parents visit in the lunch room. Braclforfl. cooking instructor. FOOTBALL Q EE CORO ATIO Everyone waits with anticipation for the announcement of who is quem-n. Sliuis-nt Council prcsimlvnl, .Im-rry Imwlaimtx-. Crowns Lindgi Bull. 'l'l11- Queen und hcr court lcuxc ficlml. FOOTBALL QUEEN NOMINEES Pill Harding, .l0e Dixon, .Io Nell Kirk, and Mike Long. Marinell Mixon, James Bevill, Yvette Calvert, and Steve Humphrey. Trema Sandlin, Fred Green, Suzanne Wofford, and Ed Blasingame. FGOTBALL .ANCE OF H98 The Queen and her court await the performance of the Dance program. Fred Green makes an excellent master of ceremonies. Linda Bell, escorted by graduate Bobby Drew, presides over the annual Football Dance. FOUTB LL DANCE PROGR M 1. David Johnson and Co. pantomime HTl1e Chipmunk Song." 2. David Hitt sings H16 Tons." 3. Patsy Cary vocalizes "Follow Me." 4. Ronda Smith gives her interpretation of an Indian dance. Our ten Cheerleaders show us how to yell. Mr. Lanham speaks to tho student body at pep rally. ii li gf x Martha McKinnon leads the band in the Alma Mater. .,,4,- M 3 Y .... awp my , X 2 ,? , . Qi' ' f w, rw ' , x KM f L, ,L V S- , , 'wg' The faculty cheerleaders yell, "Go, team, go!" Starlets pcrforlu at the Adamson game pep rally Mr. Matthews reveals one of his hid den skills with a plumhe1"5 frie-ndl E32 3 4, 'Y , U , 1 fi' VME! Q I- . 'J-E. -1 ,-A ,, CHRI TMAS ASSEMBLY Betty Boyd, Susan Corrine, and Jo Nell Kirk perform at the Christ- mas Assembly. Margaret Freeland as the Sugar Plum Fairy Ronnie Headrick dances for the little girl in the Fairyland. "The Nut Cracker," Ronnie Headrick, leads the little girl into Fairyland. CHRI TMA PARTY The Spartan Blues Baud enter- tains at the Christmas Party. Leslie Gates, Khaki Homcsley, ,lt-rry Smith. and Richard Smith sing at the Cliristiuas Party. Larry Thompson, Philip Ruzicka, David Castloo, and James Bailey sstags at the Christmas Party. 1 MadalyngfsLarry-vyed Randy--pclrificd CHRISTMAS 'MY gw,-W Jackie-rfnchanicd Harveyscoutcntcd PARTY Suzanne--apnlogctic Jerry- sympathetic FOOTBALL BANQUET Top: Smiling faces at the football banquet. Middle left: WL-ll, they finished the salad, now the long wait for the food. Middle right: Could that he the food Dick Davis is looking at? Lower right: The coaching staff, principal and assistant principal. I64 L WW iplswkw PRI G ANCE The Spring Dance was helcl on March lT, 1959, in the girls, gym. Music was presented luv Don Hosekis Comho. Q sf ,Q Kouita Saunders and Lin Allen advertise the Dad's Club dinner. 5 ,gm gf Peggy Mclflrath, Sharon Danyluk, Marcus Cervantes, and Julia Calvert sing "In the Still of the Night." Mary Alice is at the piano. ax Master of Ceremonies ss is Stan Read. Julia Calvert and Marcus Cervantes have fun doin the Calypso. Iii Two year Inenihers of the National Honor Society are: Julia Cal- Tcddiu Hudgef, CllI'lSllI1!' Karlcn, Cliarlutte linmks. Su-vc Swayzc, wrt, Linda Bell. Danall Hocigcfs, Hay Dasll, Don Hughey, Carl Charlus SI1'attor1,Cenc Crobelcv. Mitcham, John Calvert. Stan Read. 1 N fFHDNi , HO UR rrl, 5 I DUCTHD New inenibcr, Brenda Marlin, receives hm-r pin. l'rvsidvnt of Ilic Society, Julia Calm-fr gpgakg 011 Linda Boll speaks on Sclwl- Dilflflll HUGQQCS SPU21liS UI1 LCi1d Don Huglivy, opens the in- Character. arsliip. Ulblllll- ductiun ceremuriy. VALE TI E DA CE Queen Suzanne Black is crowned by Jerry Lovelace, s president. Suzanne was escorted by Steve Humphrey. Mary Alice Nalc sings HYou C0 to My Head." The queen and her court begin the evening's dancing with a waltz aim Fred Green eincees the Val- entine program. tudcnt council The quevu and her escort. Princess Sharon Danyluk escorted by Mike Ma- haffey. VALE TI Princess Jackie Pope es- corted by Ronnie Head- rick. Princess Danah Hodges escorted by Rodney Moore. Princess Linda Bell es- corted by Robert Mays. Princess T1'Cl1l21 Sandlin escorted by R. L. Kirk. PRI CESSES Princess Pat Harding es- corted by John O'Toole. l Princess Yvette Cal- vert escorted by Glenn Watts. Princess Charlotte Bates escorted by Paul Moore. Princess Betty Boyd es- corted by Mark Srnylie. Princess Marinell Mixon escorted by Charles Han- cock. af!! 323 45? xx al ii 1'2" qui 41125 1 ,W A. Q. OPERETTA Khaki Homesley and Bobby Herriage greet each other on the bridge. Ernie Pyle, Patsy Cary, and David Rutledge whistle a son Mary Alice Nale and Russell Vica.rs get acquainted. The flower girls and R. L. Kirk have a friendly argument. The English wislers und the lfreneli lwrulliers try In valni Fred Green and Patty Wall. THE 1959 SENIOR PLAY Charmayne ' Old Maid Al- tenau admires Steve "Old Buddyi' Green. Kaye Stewart, James Craft, Julia Calvert, John Bullard, Jackie Pope, Bobby Her- riage, Mike Evans, and Linda Pratt are typical teenagers. David Allen gives Linda Summers her very first orchid. Pat Strickland, Stan Read, Linda Pratt, and Linda Sum- mers are the McDonald family. Randy Ray, Jolaync Jackson. Charles Craft, and Arthur Capps act as plumbers in the play. Pat Strickland, as the motl1er, paints as Connie, the neighbor, looks on. 5535 551' MONIONS IN THE STEW" of W 71:-., MT Betty keeps an eye on Don as he talks with Lislie, Patty Hollywood. It looks as though Ronald Williams, Howard, is doing all right with Alacia Farley, Margo. Anne and .loan jealously look on. Joan tries her best to keep away from her Hsteadyl' Claud, Fred Green. Visiting relatives, Richard Smith, Shirley Pierce, Johnnie Higinbotham, and Nickey Alexander, can come at the most inconvenient times. I73 '-1 Bobbie Ewrclt and Patty Wlull talk witll guvsts. www Pat Apel scrvcs gucsls Coffee at the Carver Clinic R. L. Kirk and Alford Rives xisit with Career Council members. Mr. Crnok presents the awards to the Spartan Bluvf Band. They are Joe llattews, Logan Grey, ,loc Johnston, K'-ith Wvithcrs, and Charlcs 'l'raylor, Ur Lleer presents metal hop award to David Farrell Othtr awardees mtand Mr Drake prcwnts Wood shop award to Jerry r fig azaa aaaaff ia , ,Q 'ws a Y af I Who pushed the pamc button? Students scramble for cover PTOIH. SE IOR A1111 Sypert, Miki' Harris. Lalleun llartwell, William Bulusek, ,ludye Johe, and .loc Toon arrive at ihe 1 , fe l V km 'V ' 1 - .- '55 Mr. Mattlww and his pro111 date enjoy the daucirig. I76 The Grand March ,J E Randy Ray admires the decorations made hy the Art Department. 1 rf 1 33 Q11 ,ilr ,Fo The bewildered looks of Madalyn Hudgens, Kaye Stewart, and Buddy Miller comes from trying to figure out what MCMLIX spells. RO :mis YYeAsIvr. Sidney ,Xiiiiv l'lLlI'l'llI'. Handy Rav New liI'L'l'I1C and lfliarlolte Dial enjoying the proin, Anxious people arriving at the prom. 4 F .fi r. -wa QQ.. .Q People await to dance after the Grand March. 'K+ . 1 in i ,. . ,Qui 1, S il - 55551 , : ,if 'r ,ff M 'W W i l : -4 ""' - Vi. were i ' prom. H L 45 2 , f . ,,. W: www. . -' , , qw 3 f f if-www: A .M ,..,f ,..r , , , , Wai ,ii jg. , ,, -. -x +5 4 ' 5 3,6 9- i Q fffwr -Q elslrfwvla. .SA , 'ffm ' - ' I Q, -Q -wxei wil- fg ig:-we so X , 7 ' 5 ii r ' ,, 1,-iw ,ir Q ,Maw M ,i i ., 7 4 ary, 1 V si rf, v , I ii 'Q 2, 13 Q ' L y, ifg'-ver-ia E , A, J ' ', Ronald Douglas, Master of Ceremonies, introducing Fred Danah Hodges. Linda Floyd and Larry Taylor leawinfr the Green and SE IOR Seniors from the A Cappella Choir sin on the assembly. David Hitt, accompanied by Patricia Mat- thews, sings "The Lucky Old Sun." Tommv Brav interviews Fred Greene, champion boxer. Ronda Smith, John Bul- lard, Connie Russell, Randy Ray, and Jackie Pope dance to "Stranded in the Jungle," while Steve Green sings. Mike Mahaffey acts as bar- tender. SSEMBLY The 1959 Senior Class sings the Alma Mater. : ...-E'--e'N , C Charles Craft, Linda Bell, Randy Ray, Kaye Stewart, and Fred Greene give a good old Spartan yell. Larry Freeman leads the senior Spartan band. Joe Bob Johnson, Janet Morgan, Harry Green, and Tommy Laman try to cook Robert Mays who is "Stranded in the Jungle." Love Conquers All! Ronnie looks perplexed over the plumber's, Johnny New- ton's, bill. TEA POT O THE ROCKS lah... - Lynne Waddell and Gail Crafflin in confusion as the first customers to the "Tea Pot" arrive. THE VALIA T "Warden" Stan Read talks with "Convict', David Allen. L 5 E S 2 E "Convict" Allen quotes poetry as "Warden" Read, Curtain CallvStan Read, Billy Perkins, Lynn Wad- "Father" Gates, and "Attendant" Perkins listen. dell, and Leslie Gates. 0 if W www 'Wi W!! x K lL 5 ..,,,,. ,. 16 ,wf , ex 4 X s M46 V-gzmlifz' ' M MILI'1iARY .- .D.C.C. STAFF FRONT: Cadet Colonel David Hitt. FIRST ROW: Cadet Lt. Col. Thomas Turns, Cadet Lt. Col. Larry Tur- ner, Cadet Major Bill Collins, Cadet Major Charles Craft, Cadet Major Arthur Capps, Cadet Major Don Hughey. SECOND ROW: Cadet Lt, Harvey Letcher, Cadet Major Charles Young, Cadet Lt. Ronald Head- rick, Cadet Master Sergeant Tyree Leonard. THIRD ROW: Cadet Sgt. Joe Fitzgerald, Cadet MfSgt. Ronald Hill, Cadet SFC Larry Killian, Cadet Sgt. Rex Reynolds. BAND Major: L. Freeman, Captains: D. Huglley, R. Smith: First Lis.: N. Alexander, 1. Mattingly, D. Mitchell: Second Lts.: M Cervantes, K. Mangold, D. McClain, Master Sergeants: R. Story, B. Wliittfg SFCS: R. Deal, J. C. l'ressley, R. Reed, J. Stout C. Traylor: Sgts.: L. Carroll, L. Hensen. O. Head. J. Musehkat, L. Ray, J. Sutherland, R. Smith: Cpls.: J. Matthews, R Wood: l'FC's: J. liates. M. Bullard. D. Burnett, L. Cervantes, C. Cook, J. Cooley, T. Daily, W. Dew, J. English, R. H. Finney. K. Craves, ll. Harrell, ll. Holley, S: Houston, J. Hull, D. Johnson, H. Lowe, M. Mareussen, D. McDowell Kee, L. Miller, J. Pennington, R. Jerlxins. R. Reed, R. Rhodes, J. Ritchie, Stephen Rosenbaum, Stuart Rosenbaum, E. F. White, K. Withers: Pvts.: ll. Anderson, R. Earl, R. Cenzel, J. Could. J. McDonald, J. Shelton, D. Vanderburg, li. Vlfhitley. Farrar C. Mc Stroud Vicars .D.C.C. COMPANY A lst Lt. D. Myrick. Maj. J. Kines, Capt. R. Williams, 2nd Lt. L. Carvcll, lst Lt. T. Raney, MfSgt. E. Harris, SFC C. Shipp, MfSgt. C. Oden, MfSergeants J. Burchfield, B. Holcomb, D. Mattix, J. Stringer, T. Wade, SFC's T. Cross, A. Gore, C. Hogan, M. Lamb, R. Taylor, Sgts. C. Bullard, D. Caldwell, J. Fitzgerald, G. Hatzenbuehler, G. Melton, D. Morris, J. Smith, Cpls. L. Cliancey, B. Collins, R. Caida, M. Hanes, K. Stripling, PFC's J. Bugle, J. Boozcr. J. Humphreys, E. Mahon. O, Miles. P. Ruzicka, D. Smith, K. Traylor, D. Walker, J. Wright, Pvts. D. Bennett, L. Humphrey, J. Jimmvrson, J. Toon, H. Wallace, D. Williams, G. Woods. COMPANY B Col. D. Hill. Majs. A. Capps. C. Young, 2nd Lis. H. Hendrick. H. Lctcher, M,fSgt. li. Hill, Maj. B. Lewis, lst Lt K. Eakin, 2nd l.ts. D. l"crrt-ll. C. W'oei'tt-mlykc, M,f'Sgts. L. Craft, R. Davis, A. King, T. Lane, D. Melton, J. Ross M. Rudd. J. Simms, K. White, J. Wald, SFCE, R. Adams, R. Sprouleg Sgts. S. Bennett. H. Butler, J. Chapman A. Cullaglwr, J. Crulrbs, S. Hug,e1'ty, WY. Holley, J, Jon:-S. D. Pool, A. Smith, Cpls. C. Allen. R. Bullard, J Christian. C. llivkcrson, J. Farris. R. Lawrcnct-, L. Morrison, J. Pot-, D. Sturt-k, D. Turner, H. Harrison, T. Mc Ceo, P. llurnctt, l'FC's J. Beavers, D. Holcomb, J. Ware, Pvts. T. Crowsey, C. Frederick, E. Long. .D.C.C. COMPANY C Majors W. Collins, C. Craft, D. Allen, lst Lt. B. Mayfield, 2nd Lt. Cv. Allen, MfSgts. J. Blanton, L. Killian, W. Hill, J. Faircloth, J. Kirksey, J. Packer, C. Passons, S. Philips, D. Tucker, SFC's J. Bailey, C. Carson, S. Dunlap, D. Edwards, J. Cvoher, D. Hudler, Sgts. J. Cooper, J. Cooper, Cpls. N. Campbell, A. Ayres, H. ClaY, J. Darnell, L. Devault, C. Elder, R. Epps, Cv. Farnsworth, R. Green, H. Hill. M. Hyden, J. Lannom, B. Lemay, J. Mc- Casland, D. McCullough, H. Patterson, T. Smith, G. Thompson. C. Towles, K. Turner, W. Wilson, PFC's C. All- man, L. Burror, T. Duke, Joe B. Holcomb, B. Smith. A .... ., : , , 1 ,,,,, 2 , M . T COMPANY D Lt. Cols. L. Turner, T. Turns, Major J. Craft, lst Lts. Lu: H. Price, E. Berg, R. Raclneyg MfSgts. B. Miller, R Cook. P. Rylc, B. Bowman, R. Calhoun, R. Clark, K. Penland, V. Nelson, T. Leonard, SFC's R. Foster, R. Parker Cpls. T. Clark, S. Cooley, K. Cooper, H. French, L. Eads, P. llatrm-nlmuelilvr, P. Haw, J. llawl-.ins, H. Leggett R. Rudd, J. Mack:-ry, T. O'Conner, J. Stone, B. Palmer, P. Patton, J. Scott, J. Wade, M. Reagan, PFC's W. Keel G. Lynch, B. Coffman, M. Hogue. . M. Smith, G. Watts, J. Smith, L. Johnson, D. Davis, Sgts. R. R:-vnolds, J. Smith, C. Macon, E. Truehloodg .D.C.C. RIFLE TEAM STANDING: David Hitt, Kenneth Eakin, Don Mitchell, Richard Smith, ,lack Mattingly. KNEELING: Ed- ward Berg, .lerrald Smith, Joe Fitzgerald. Captain Ben Lewis gets orders from Colonel A. C. Burnett as Dick Davis looks on. The Color Guard and A Company await the beginning of the parade. 5 5 I Officers and Guidon bearers come front and center to receive awards. The first square of "D" Compiany clean their rifles before the inspecting of- ficers come. FEDER The hand plays as they march by the reviewing stand. INSPECTIO Col. Robert J. Hill, Col. A. C. Bur- nett, and Cadet Col. David Hitt watch Federal Inspection, 'WM "B" Company passed in review by the staff during Federal Inspection. Bill Collins demonstrates how to get his head "blown off" when inspecting a rifle. Mr. Matthews, assisted by 2nd Lt. Harvey Letcher, presents award to Cadet Colonel David Hitt. m,,,,..y..w-0'-"""""' The Faculty, NDCC Staff and visiting military personnel, review our last parade. Jerry Smith gets ready to ac- cept the PMS8zT award from Major McKenny, accompanied by Ronnie Headrick. James Craft receives the PMS8zT award from Lt. Col. Sheaffer, assisted by Charles Craft. A1 1-ILE 1 IDD FOOTBALL 1958 FIRST ROW: R. L. Kirk, David Clounts, Ronald Douglas, Gerald Byrd, Joe Bob Johnson, Mike Mahaffey, Charles Hancock, Gary Webb, Robert Mays, Larry Taylor, Sammy Cozby, Donald Peck. SECOND ROW: Steve Hatchel, managerg Jackie Huffman, Jerry Simms, Billy Walker, Doug Wilson, Richard Martin, Paul Sexton, Jerry Packer, Gene Crossley, Ronald Hill, Larry McCain. THIRD ROW: Roger Ellis, Paul Moore, Donald Pinson, James Burns, Lynn Craft, Richard Davis, Luke Adams, Robert Marshall, Bobby Leslie, Mike Lambeth, Coach Shaver. FOURTH ROW: Edward Smith, Kenneth Chism, Billy Watson, Bill Wallace, Johnny Menton, Buddy Miller, Johnny Jackson, Jerry Beaty, Coach Thompson, Coach Wilson. ,Y Coach for the offense, R. W. Thompson Head coach, Waymon Wilson Coach for the defense, Harold Shaver SEASON' RECORD Home Opponent 12 SUNSET 33 8 TkfLER. 9 6 WACO 27 20 ADAMSON 7 6 JEFFERSON 20 12 HILLCRESTD WILSON 8 20 ADAMS 32 N DAL,-LAS O X. ' 16 78 4, J r L Co-captains: DAVID CLOUNTS and LARRY TAYLOR MCR xi Q Xb X 6 5 ,, Q' '7, 1 '7 -1 ,f 7 U? ' , -.46i9"s. SUNSET'S STRATOSPHERIC SHOTS ' SHOCK SAMUELL Sunset Aerials downed the Spartans in the pre-season opener by a score of 33-12. The first Spartan touch- down of the season, as well as the game's longest run, Was provided by Johnny Menton when he ran a punt return back 34, yards. CENTERS: JACKIE HUFFMAN Sophomore Lettered 1 year GARY WEBB Senior Lettered 2 years JERRY SIMMS Sophomore Lettered 1 year PAUL SEXTON Junior .Maritim Managers: LARRY MCCAIN and STEPHEN HATCHEL 0 SENIOR BACKFIELIJ GERALD ISI RD benior--Halflvavk RONALD DOUGLAS Senior-Quarterback Lettered 2 years . "" - ROBERT MATS JOE ROR JOHNSON CILXRLE5 HANCOCK Senior-WHalflnack Scriior--Fiillliavk Senior-Halfliaek Iicttvimi I year Lettered 3 year- Lett.-red 2 years All-Ciryf,-XII-tlisn-in Att-llisrricr WACO WEATHER WITHERS SPARTAN SPARK On a rain-soaked fielrl the Spartans lost to a harcl rushing Wlaco Tiger team, 27-6. The leading ground gainer for the Spartans. on the Wavo turf, was Charles Ilancock. - TYLER TIED IN TOPSY-TURVY TILT The Lions of John Tyler gains-il an early learl of Ii-O which they hr-lil at half-tirne. The second half was a carbon Copy of the first only with the Spartans controlling the ball. In the third period, after a touchdown ln' Charles Hancock, Joe Bob John- son scorecl the tying two point conxersion. Manton is shoestringed by a Wildcat player after penetrating Woodr0w's 20. BACKEIELD ROBERT MARSHALL ,luiiior--Haliback Lettcred 1 year MIKE LAMBETH Junior--Haliback Lettered 1 year JOHNNY JACKSON BILLY WALKER JAMES BURNS Junior--Euilhack .lunior-fhuliback JuniorYHalfback Lettered 1 year SPARTANS7 SPEAR LAYS LEOPARDS LOW Led by Charles Hancock, the Spartans ran over Adamson by a score of 50-7. Hancock scored four touchdowns while gaining 232 yards in only 13 carries. Larry Taylor and R. L. Kirk displayed great skill in both defensive and offensive line play. Mike Lambeth gains yardage around Adamson's right end. B XCKFIELD RICHARD MARTIN Junior- -Ftilllmrk PAUL MOORE Snplinriiuiw- - Halfback BILLY WATSON RONALD HILL DOUGLAS WILSON Junior AHaIfhaCk junior' IIaIfI1uck Junior Quarterback I,1-ttmlmavk REBELS REVEL 'ROUND RIVAL RUCKUS Before a vapacity crowd, Samuetl and Jefferson vngaged in a tilt which was predivted to hc, and was. the game that decided the zone championship. The Spartans Iost, aftcr a brilliant showing, 20-6. After picking up Size-able yardagfl, Hancock is stopped by E1 host of Thomas Jefferson defenders. Doug Wilson gains yardage around left end as Panthers close the gap. PASSES PENETRATE PANTHERS' PORTALS Spartan Quarterback, Ronald Douglas, led Samuell to a 12-O by completing 8 out of 12 passes for 163 yards. CRUCIAL CONTEST CATCHES COUGARS In its third zone game, Samuell defeated Bryan Adams by a score of 20-18, but donit judge a book by its cover. The Spartans ran over the Cougars with 355 yards gained offensively, opposed to only 133 yards gained by their opponents. KENNETH CHISM GENE CROSSLEY JERRY BEATY DONALD PINSON Junior Senior Junior Junior Lettered 2 years Lettered 1 year TACKLES FIRST ROW: MIKE MAHAFFEY Senior Lettered 2 years DONALD PECK Senior Lettered 1 year R. L. KIRK Senior Lettered 1 year Cary Wvhh bulldogs Woodrowis 112111 carrivr as R. L. Kirk comm-s in to assist. WOODROW'S WILDCATS WANTED WIN-WE WON! A potent Spartan ground garnc 1611 them to an 16-8 victory over the Wfilficats from Wvooclrow Wvilson High Sc-hool. Joi- Roh Johnson gained 11.1. of the total 181 rushing Yards. 1301313112 LESLIE Junior LARRY TAYLOR Senior Lcttcrcd 3 years lU llZ L '9lQF1 SAMMY COZRY Senior Lettervd 1 year JERRY PACKER Junior RICHARD DAVIS Junior Lettn-red 1 year ROGER ELLIS Sophomore Joe Bob Johnson plunges across the Bulldog goal line for 6 points. BULLDOGS' BONE BURIED IN BIG BATTLE Led by Joe Bob Johnson, who scored three touchdowns, the Spartans rolled to a 32-0 victory over North Dallas in the final game of the season. Mike Mahaffey and Dick Davis led a stalwart Spartan defense. BILL WAl.l,.-ICE lunior I,4-tiered I year JOHNNY MENTON Junior Lettered I your LYNN CRAFT BUDDY MILLER Junior Junior Li-r l cred I YPZII' DAVID CLOUNTS Senior Lettered I year FIRST ROW, left to right: Coach Lawless, Charles Benedict, Ronnie Craft, Jimmy Webb, Mike Hyden, Freddy Newton, Johnny James, John Wester, John Curtis, manager. SECOND ROW: Roger Harrell, John Smith, Ronnie Jones, J'oe Fitzgerald, James Allred, Frank Hess, Larry Thorn, Tony Henderson, Martin Ewell, Coach McClanahan. THIRD ROW: Don Christenson, Neal Combs, Wayne Carpenter, Ronnie Hammond, Don Martin, Thomas Cook, Jerrald Smith, Jerry Watson, Ronnie Davis, Terry Shelton, Eric Blakeman. FOURTH ROW: Steven Holt, Jerry Meyers, Ronald Kirk, Bobby Menton, Mike Howard, Jimmy Lambeth, Larry McCrary, Johnny Adams, Mike McDonald, David Baker, Joe Dixon, Malcom Hogue. NB" TEAM F OOTB LL Home Opponent 26 So. Oak Cliff ,,,,,., ,,,,.,.,, 0 LA AHAN 30 Sunset ....,.,l,..,,,r, ,,,,,, 7 , COACH MCC N 20 Kimball 0 LOACH LAWLESS 42 No. Dallas ..,,,,,,,. ,,,..,,.. 0 34 Adamson ,,,.,,,,,....... ....,..., 1 2 2 Thos. Jefferson ....... ...,,, 8 26 Hillcrest .......,..,,..,. .,..,, 0 32 Bryan Adams ..,. ...... 0 28 Woodrow ..,,.,,, ....,l 6 L t ' J ff? S if t Co-captain: RONNIE ALSBROOK PRE-CONFERENCE GAMES Home Opponent 47 No. Dallas ...... .......v.,., 4 4 58 No. Dallas ....,. ...Y.YYY 5 4 44 Cayuga ..,,.... .YYYYYYV 4 2 40 Adamson ..,,.. Y.YYYYYVV 4 3 58 Krum .,,,,... .YYYYYYYV 4 6 56 Van ,,,,.,,.,. YfY,.AA. 5 3 34- Adamson ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 3 6 52 Garland ..,..,.. Y.f...... 6 8 43 Garland ...,..,.,.,4......Y,.,,,A...,., 42 58 Kaufman ,,,,A,,,.....f,.,,,,,...vfffff 41 FIRST HALF ZONE GAMES MAN TEAM BASKETB LL COACH J W BLACK I Co-captain: STEVE GREEN PRE-CONFERENCE GAMES Home Opponent 69 Bullard ....,,. ..,..,.A.,,,,, 7 4- 64 Krum .,,.... ..,,,,,,,, 3 5 49 Jefferson .,.,. ,,.,,,,,,, 5 2 39 No. Dallas .,,,, ..,....... 3 8 47 Woodrow ..,l... .......... 5 8 56 Van .,,.,,,,,,.,, ,,.,..,.., 4 7 47 Milhy ,,l........ ,...,..,.. 5 8 41 Greenville ..,.... ..,.....,, 40 61 Woodrow ..,..,. ,.,,,,,,., 5 6 55 Odessa ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,.............. 73 SECOND HALF ZONE GAMES Home Opponent ' ' Home Opponent 37 Jefferson ,,,,,, ,VVV,,,,,, 4 8 50 Bryan Adams ---- ---A----- 5 4' 69 Woodrow ,,,,.,,., ,v,,,,,,,, 5 7 47 Woodrow -------- --------- 5 7 56 fBryan Adams --R-, ,,,,,A,,,, 4 5 54 Jefferson .,,, ,,,....,, 6 2 57 Hillcrest ---------V,-,,,,V,,,,,,,,A,,,, 59 66 Hillcrest .,,,..,.,,,l..,,..,,...,....., 55 Left to right: Douglas Scott, Wayne Jones, Jim Bob Smith, Steve Green, David Payne, Charles Moreland, John Paul Fultz, Jouett Powell, Charles Archer, Bill Wallace, Ronald Alsbrook, Don Teague. CENTER: Coach J. W. Black and Manager Weldon Calvert. I99 Wf"L?fb5w W3 DAVID PAYNE Junior Forward Lettered 1 year V A DON TEAGUE J un1or Guard Lettered 1 year Fultz rebounds nicely in Hillcrest contest. RONALD ALSBROOK Senior Co-captain Guard Alsbrook puts in two points against Bryan Adams. Lette-red 1 year VT, 1 STEVE GREEN Senior Go-captain Forward Lettered 3 years Douglas Scott breaks up a rebound attempt by George Seay from Thomas Jefferson. BILL WALLACE Junior Forward it DOUGLAS SCOTT Junior Guard Lettered 1 year Steve Green goes in for a lay-up as Woodrow players look on Woodrow won the jump, but we won the game. JOUETT POWELL Junior Forward Letlered 1 year 57 JIM BOB SMITH Junior Guard Lettered 2 years Mwwfawwguhwrvmrv if , , I ?3if?E,fQ1 4' - o 'Q rrrr dlrdo 4 CHARLES MORELAND d Senior Center Lellefed 1 YSH1' Wowi Fultz is up in the air again. ,Q ,, Y, ,, ,,,,-.W 'S K- Q y fni five' x fl '1 2 M' 54.4-' F33 M ,W ,D ' g fi x 'A W M Wav .. ' f W9 4 5 Lf ,, if W"' lP'f9 66B'9 TEAM BASKETB LL Under the leadership of Coach lVleClanahan, the UB" team basketball squad amassed an enviable record of 14 wins and 7 losses. . I, D 9 X1 t 1' I COACH FRANK MCCLANAHAN Y 1 ' I g .Q s- r A ' It if L, 'X qt Y . we e X YN"' 57, FRONT ROW, left to right: Steven Holt, Johnny James, Mike Dietz, Jimmy Carr, Phil Black, Frank Hess, Roger Harrell, and Donald Mitchell. BACK ROW, left to right: Dave Klimpel, Joe Don Casey, Johnny Crawford, Jackie Huffman, Mike Howard, John Gallia, and Joe Dixon. H " TEAM BASEB LL A ,An ra. ,,, . ' ' 'im 7. ':j' 455-I3 ,gf N ff M25 2 sf iw. ,,,. FIRST ROW: Paul Sexton, Guy Oden, Steve Hat- chel, Doug Wilson, Charles Hancock, Luke Adams, Ronnie Craft. SECOND ROW: Edward Smith, Jerry Franklin, Cary Webb, Ronnie Alsbrook, Bill Wallace, Jimmy Carr, Douglas Scott. THIRD ROW: Coach Harold Shaver, Manager David Melton, Man- ager Jerry Duggan, Roger Harrell, Charles Archer, Tim Ghormle, Don Barr, and Ronald Douglas. COACH HAROLD SHAVER A 5' '1 .-,II n Q9 FIRST BASEMEN JIMMY CARR RONALD DOUGLAS Sophomore Senior A Letterman Letterman G6 99 BASEB LL PITCHERS TIM GHORMLEY STEVE HATCHEL ROGER HARRELL DON BARR Junior Junior Sophomore Senior Letterman Letterman ' ' --.. ,- . . K ., j, I CATCHERS GARY WEBB LUKE ADAMS GUY ODEN Senior Junior Junior Letterman Letterman 206 RONNIE CRAFT DOUGLAS SCOTT Third Baseman Shortstop Sophomore Junior Letterman Letterman u"TEAMi ' SECOND BASEMEN CHARLES HANCOCK DOUG WILSON Senior Junior Letterman Letterman RONNIE ALSBROOK Senior Letterman BA.EBALL OUTFIELDERS BILL WALLACE JERRY FRANKLIN Junior Junior Letterman OUTFIELDERS EDWARD SMITH PAUL SEXTON CHARLES ARCHER Junior Junior Junior Letterman 207 66B', TE M BASEB LL zoa l Mitchell. NAU team. COACH JAMES LAWLESS FIRST ROW: John Wester, Frank Hess Jerrald Smith Jimmy Webb, Larry Lindquist, Paul Moore Ronnie Ham monds, and Steve Holt. SECOND ROW Roger Taylor Joe Dixon, John Trollinger, Bobby Scott Mike Howard Mike Dietz, Donald Martin, Johnny Hames and David Coach James Lawless has the job of teaching the finer points of running shdmg pitching, catching, and batting to the boys on the B team. This prepares them for membership on the TRACK ' FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Fullington, Roger Ellis, Bobby Menton, Ronald Hill, Robert Marshall, Ronal Pyle, Harry Green, James Burns, and Larry McCrary. SECOND ROW, left to right: Mike Lambeth, Jerry Lovelace, Joe Warren, Harrold Holt, Mike Turner, Mike Lowrance, Mike Hyden, Paul Moore, and Luke Adams. THIRD ROW, left to right: Coach R. W. Thompson, Joe Fitzgerald, Clarence Richardson, Johnny Menton, John Paul Fultz, Wayne Carpenter, Eugene Trueblood, John Adams, Ronald Davis, Jackie Huffman, Dave Baker, Don Finney, Thomas Cook, John Curtis, manager. FOURTH ROW, left to right: Harold Smith, Jerry Rose, Wayne Herrin, Larry Thorne, Richard Adams, Bobby Leslie, Neal Combs, Jerry Raskin, Jerry Watson, Robert Cloud, Tony Henderson, and John Smith. H I .1 Q. ,M W .Z r . In lxifqf Z - I j C X4 ,. .Wg jg. . , 2 .5 FIELD EVENTS: John Adams, shot, Jackie Huffman, 4th-District- discus shot, John Paul Fultz, shot, discus, and high jump, Mike Turner high jump, David Baker, shot. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Fullmgton, broad jump, Wayne Herrin, pole vault, Luke Adams, shot, .John Smith, broad jump. 2I0 TRACK 9 H' , ill E ll MIKE TURNER-880 HURDLERS: jerry Rose. Larry McCrary, Ronald Ellis, Thomas Cook, Bobby Menton, and Eugene Trueblood. SPRINT RELAY: 3rd in Zone lllisqualified on had HALF MILERS: Neal Combs, Harry Holt, Mike passl, Mike Lambeth, Robert Cloud, John Smith, and Turner. Clarence Richardson, llst-Cltyl, and TONY Harry' G1-13611, HCHd8fS0ll. QUARTER MILERSQ Jerly Watson. Robert Marshall. Mike Hyden, MIKE LAMBETH---100, 200, and Ronal Pyle, Bobby Leslie, jerry Lovelace, Johnny Menton. Relay. TRACK 959 MILERS: Richard Adams, Harold Smith, Larry Thorn, Joe Warren, MIKE LOWRANCE-Miler, 2nd-City, .loc Fitzgerald, Richard Fullington, Mike Lowrance, and .lerry 2nd-Region, and ran in State. l Raskin. MILE RELAY: Mike Lambeth, Jerry Lovelace, Clarence Richardson, and Johnny Menton, Zndf City, 4th-Regional. ' f EUGENE TRUEBLOOD-Hurdles SPRINTERS-FIRST ROW: Larry McCrary, Bobbie Leslie, Mike Lambeth, .lohn Smith, Robert Cloud. TOP ROW: Ronald Davis, Wayne Carpenter, James Burns, and Harry Green. t 3 1 . SQ 2II. 4 ,lorry Loxclacc runs 4-P10 relay. TRACK Clarence Richardson, Miclravl Lawrence, and Jerry Lovelace. Lettvrmcn. Bobbie Mvnton running hurdles. GOLF Left to right: Mr. Ladd, Ken Eakin, Ken Klatt, Dan Klimpel, Ron Kickey, Charles Passons, Charles Berry. TENN TOP ROW, left to right: Mr. McElroy, Coach, Tommy Wade, ,loc Humphries, Eric lilakeman, Dennis Smith, Richie Calhoun, Mike Hanes. FRONT ROW: Edna McCann, Ruth Kaiser, .ludy Kaiser, Connie Russell, JoNell Kirk. I TRAMURAL PORT BOYS' VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW, left to right: 'Mike Ghormley, Dwayne Jordan, and Newman Baker. BACK ROW, left to right: Mike Hall, V Carl Niendorff, Daniel Houpt, and Coach Mitchell. BOYS' BASKETBALL GIRLS, BASKETBALL Left to right: Bobby Stevenson, Danrell Jobson, FRONT ROW, left to right: Patsy Harrison Dicky Eaves, and Tommy Bray. Janice Thorne, and Cecilf- Pitts. BACK ROW left to right: Mary Cray, Mary Ann Wilburn and Sue Lynn Ivins. 2I4 V '4 ADVERTISE S Wll Bl k Char1otteB k Jl C1 t GCIY JAFg StSy HIGH HQNOR STUDENTS OF ness-59 Compliments of KINDER-KRAFT STUDIO 229 Pleasani' Grove Shopping Cenfer RALPH A. GEDDIE, Owner L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY "Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges" Two Convenient Locations SANGER sizos. nowNTowN sToRE ssou McKINNEY Ave. Senior Rings Graduaiion Announcemenls Medals and Trophies Club Pins "Buy the Best, Buy Balfour" Congratulations to the l959 Seniors of W. W. SAMUELL HIGH SCHOOL May 'lhe Coming Years Add Greally lo +he Knowledge Thal' You Have Acquired al' Samuell and Thar Your Life Be Dedicaled +o Being a Good Cilizen of These Uniled S'l'a'I'es. GROVE STATE BANK l520 So. Buckner Blvd. Dallas, Texas MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION , I BRYANT s TEXACO SERVICE LUBRICATION COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE POLISHING FIRESTONE TIRES TIRE REPAIR FIRESTONE ACCESSORIES WASH MOTOR TUNE-UP FAST ROAD SERVICE 2005 So. Buckner Blvd. Enioy Tas+y Old-Fashioned Draf+ Roof Beer 3- :L T' if ' X If 5 '- YL S A .mr , sgu- ' -:W gssxiu' --as ,sz ze? gre, H2239 L Y K A S, .mm,, S, EEL, '--Eiiblgiiifff -rf' ' 1: - sf lsixks . . . . , .,.,k L. . ,km A.,, ,Si ,,4,- --fr aww,-,:,:1-s1,:-,. 8516 Lake June Rd. EX I-6153 Bar-B-Q Dixie Burgers Chili Dogs Cheeseburgers lcy Orange Malfs and Shakes Purple Cow Silver Saddle Wildcal' We QZXZESSBC QQ - K 5 5 ' OFFICE ASSISTANTS F A pressvd with the dignity of our faculty. Here they appear at the Student-Faculty Volleyb BUCK'S TV 81 RECORD SHOP JIMMY HUETT, Owner S'l'ore No. I I3Il So. Buckner EX I-3887 S'rore No. 2 I09l0 Garland Rd. DA 7-4975 "The Cone With the Curl on Top" BENSON DAIRY QUEEN V QSWTKWL tfN1WN'wrk M- Ma-t1,,, "'?" f, " " ii ,T f " ., ...!. f M .,.,. K 11. ff- -f - ' ' 'Q "" r L I238 So. Buckner Blvd. EX I-375i GOOD HAMBURGERS THICK MALTS Mrs. Tisdale explains a point of math to her student teacher while Mr. lbbotson ponders a question asked by Mr. Mattingly STUDENT LIBRARIANS INSURANCE FIRE I LIFE AUTO LIABILITY I-I osPITALI. zATIoN JOHN READ 81 GUY BERRY I434 So. Buckner Blvd. EX I-2283 EX I-3980 REAL ESTATE SALES RENTALS WE BUY EQUITIES 4 Z I K X K 2 5 i K s EL CHARO RESTAURANT gg f liiii S 'f !5' ?'?5.?f,. Q 95 ' Q f, .iz K, 3, ,5Ki,,, ,ji . - up ,. ,A L. ,.2A. .,7 i ,V.5,,L ,it AQ M .,., fL ,, mQ5.ZLk. , .i .L, , , . .. W -Mig-f 'iv --" J 263 Pleasant Grove Shopping Cenier EX I-3843 Steve Humphrey and Shirley Browning Stroud select records Owner during the Football dance. HUDGEN'S FOODS BEATS ' PPLXES Dependable Service 7I02 Lake June a+ Jim Miller EX I-I327 Darla Prudom gives her Interscholastic League declamation before the student body, view- sff'lj5,: A Q ll 2 . N 1 .. ' ' ' . 1 J X. , E , W ' ll X l , I Q Af" . l ' - ' V . . l ' -A ,I ' . , ' flr- 'a-"hx vi- 1 Subur l klf J l v The Communily Newspaper-Serving Samuell Area PUBLISHING-PRINTING 8I I4 Lake June Rd. 52.00 Per Year by Mail EXI-3997 The coaches view with concern the progress of the Woodrow game. Cheer up, we won 16-14. , fs-i557 'i ,'f.ff 1 fifi'ifl'f1?E Lummzn COMPANY, INC A Building Maferials x PHONE Ex:-me Il5O So. Buckner Blvd. DALLAS I7, TEXAS S. D. SPRINKLE BELLE STARK BEAUTY SALON ,i X N-rf W X i 4 1 'f ' E, ' ,zlyzfl . I K , if 3 . ,Q M A-wig, ,. J: LL M ' ,- i I M I if nys- , ,, "Careful Considerafion Given +o Each Pal'ron" 4005-A URBAN EV-I-l5l7 Don't get . . . Prescrip'I'ions and Your Order 'For Medical Supplies Delivered FREE BIG ,Ns '91 45 A, WORLD CUT RATE DRUG STORE EXI-3I4I I24I S. Buckner Blvd. ,USO excited E ig, TOP-HAT CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY Z 1 M , 5 WF c mms e Awww I336 SOUTH BUCKNER BLVD. EXI-0790 The Lip K Bill Wallacel, The Smile fRobert Marshalll and The Chin fBill Walkerj PLEASANT GROVE BOWLANES "Equipped Wi'rh AMF Auiomaiic PinspoH'ers" 78I2 LAKE JUNE RD. EX8-725I Bowl 'For Health Bowl 'For Fun DICK HUOCK, Proprie+or Mr. Lanham receives his Christmas gift from the faculty Mr. Matthews was almost too late to receive his gift. E CASS Q ' ' U 1, 'fi , I334 SO. BUCKNER 5522? V f1ff?s4zm f , -if 1 , .. - 4 Guaranteed Radio, TV Repair NIGHT PHONE EX8-9925 MACON-HOLCOMB FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service-Family Group Insurance .1 8I42 LAKE JUNE RD. EX-I-4600 P.T.A. Platter-Parties furnish entertainment before school. CASSIDY'S TEXACO STATION eoooRlcH TIRES v f n 1 ig: ,l I II pnnLsi, 7 .H ' iv-wo ,..- 1 Wg. -W Y ' S cfxnogm guxomn A 455 wx Lf . 1 Q A , A h,.N..f.1f rash:-1 ,',L A ff ..g 'Q ,i 7938 Lake June Phone EXI-9056 This is dancing? Bobby Harrell shows how to do the Charleston. , , 77, LEONARD DUCKWORTH AGENCY Real+or 7827 LAKE JUNE RD. EXI-ll4l VAN VOAST DEPARTMENT STORE ?'F"?'3 Spor+ing Goods Mercury Mo'rors Texas Maid Sooner 8208 Scyene Rd. EVI-2547 Mrs. Whitfield, P.T.A. vice-president, Mr. W. 0. Pipes, retired principal, and Mr. W. S. Lanham, principal, pose by a portrait of Mr. Pipes given to the school by the P.T.A. Efjggwgia For QuaIi+y Cleaning Call DASCH CLEANERS Evl- I 541 are Our at Betty Boyd sings as R. L. Kirk and dancers look on. 8400 SCYENE ROAD McKEE JEWELERS Gree+ing Cards for All Occasions 259 PLEASANT GROVE , E oooXn'oloo so nfnnno nnni 1 E SHOPPING CENTER C' my EX I -43' I Girls, Trio singsg Combo plays at the Carnival Talent Show! ALADDIN CLEANERS "One Hour Cleaning and Shirt Service" I43 PLEASANT GROVE SHOPPING CENTER EXI-3556 Mr. Lanham introduces the new teachers to the student body. Speech Department presents skits at football pep rallies. O. L. SUTPHEN FURNITURE I47-B Pleasant Grove Shopping Center EXI-5387 Full Stock ot Modern and Contemporary Furniture tor Your Selection NO INTEREST A NO CARRYING CHARGES Compliments ot KENT AUTO PARTS 8245 SCYENE RD. EVI-I I97 Hey, look at me, everybody! 5 W, we meeting M Football princesses: Linda, Yvette, Pat, Jo Nell, Marinell, Trema and Suzzi are introduced on an assembly. PAUL'S FLORIST 81 GREENHOUSE Hospital Arrangements, Wedding Decorations, Funeral Designs, Flowers Telegraphed, Poi' Plants, Corsages. 20l7 SO. BUCKNER EXI-5993 1 l clips f OW s si s A ' ' l3lEPENDABLE 0 l 5, sii ,A Dizueelsr PLEASANT GROVE PHARMACY l3l5 So. Buclcner EXI-3I97 Free Delivery Prescription Specialist Students file into first pep assembly. The Beauty fRonda Smithj . . . o 1 Feafuring Young Fashions Ladies and Junior Sizes TWO STORES 247 Pleasanf Grove Shopping Cenier 2570 Gus Thomasson Road Phone EXI-l923 or DAI-6074 SYMNS FLOWER SHOP "Lei Flowers Express Your Though+s" 8Ii2 LAKE JUNE ROAD Phone EX I -0944 HA8-6237 . . . and the Beast iLarry Freemanj i pi Congrafulations. Seniors MARGO'S 'For Magic in Fashions 237 Pleasanl' Grove Shopping Center PHONE EX I -3302 Students apparently enjoy the football dance. JERSEY QUEEN "THE CONE WITH THE CURLH i 5 Hamburgers, SLOO MaH's Chicken and Shrimp, 85c Per Baslcei' kH0Wif'gShCiSf0beq UCCH - 8l28 LAKE JUNE RD. EXI-9l20 Princess Linda waits for her time to enter the field, not Band and Drill Team perform at halftime. Mexican Food SI'eaIcs Bar B-Q Hamburger PIEDMONT DRIVE IN 8: STEAK HOUSE 6855 SCYENE RD. EV- I -9079 We Specialize in "Call In" Orders l k ,.. I -1 ...FEE .,.. Wifi 1.5 The NDCC Color Guard, composed of Larry Killion, David Ferrell, Ron Hill, and Ray Foster, present the colors in the first assembly. BUCKNER REALTY CO. Real Estate Commitments Loans . W Q ,.., ur I fem 512,21 is F22 if EXFZIIB 5: I 1 1 2- . - ... .2 ..,,l . , sz ,.,,. 1-'. Y F- A gi if gm 25? we Al? I if EET I6I0 S. Buckner OFFICE EXI-2I I3 NIGHT OFFICE EXI-23I7 He HORN-WILLIAMS FU N - . A Eff: ' XX Eg. ,Ed- X X . x X 5 X Q F S EQ X, Your Authorized Ford Dealer SALES O SERVICE 2060 So. Buckner a'l' Bruron Pleasan+ Grove EX I-3 l45 MD reaming of You" dedicated to Alice Cannaday by George Hatzenbuehler . . . Jackie Pope makes like a manakin while dancing wit adr ick. PATRICK'S BEAUTY SALON Q K ,,,, 3 K iiillwp Personalized Hair Sfyling 783l LAKE JUNE RD. Phone: EX I-5294 Ramar Green of the Senior Class chants to jungle drums. Congra+u1a+ions +0 A11 S'I'uden+s Our Besr Wishes for +11e Furure GRADY WALL REAL ESTATE 1211 So. Buckner EX 1-3498 Same Locarion Over Twelve Years HAYES-THOMPSON 81 ASSOCIATES Comp1e1'e Insurance Pro+ec1'1on HARVEY HAYES ROGER THOMPSON 1207 So. Buckner EX 1-2131 ., k .s M ,, iii: Aloha! Oola l l Kh PLEASANT GROVE CLEANERS Complele Cleaning and Laundry Service I Lake June Rd' H-ummmm, what big feet you have! ahi Homesley entertains during Public Education Wee P 81 H BEAUTY SALON I34 Pieclmonl' Shopping Village wif , PEBBLE RICKMAN Rose TODARD V ,,,i,, ,,iQ un,,,A ,, , al al liill A BILLY RICKMAN ii i BARRET MOTOR COMPANY I5l4 So. Buckner Blvd. EX I-3l93 Mary Alice Nale entertains those attending the spring t te dance. P t and teachers look at displays of student work after Public Week assembly. BAYLOR CLEANERS 8I I7 SCYENE Pick-Up and Delivery al' No Ex+ra Cosl Serving +he Samuell Area EV I-9073 MOTH PROOFING FREE 'xl I , 4 3yTAYLoR PUBLISHING COMPANY 6 "The VVorld's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" M3

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