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'-.-3, THE 1957 TORCH L ii vi 4 gil D 11: r QI I LL H1 G X 4 L GX T n V-E OATEAQ gf VOL. I Publzfhed by THE TORCH STAFF W. W. SAMUELL HIGH SCHOOL I ,M MU Q 5 CQ . ' ifgfy Q O EX I Q Uv kh f Q. D11 T 5 I I I 5 u 0 , o I 4 o 1 I I . , 1 ui- w mwewf, , .M f-mm-w fmmm DR. W. W. SAMUELL Dr. W. W. Samuell was born January 13, 1879, in Georgetown, Kentucky. He came with his parents to Texas in 1880. He attended the Dallas Public Schools. He returned to Georgetown to attend Georgetown University. Dr. Samuell took his medical training at Tulane University and interned at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. He began his practice of medicine in Dallas in 1901. He established the Samuell Clinic in 1912. During his career as a physician, Dr. Samuell became known as one of the most noted surgeons of this country. Dr. Samuell kept himself well-informed of the advances made in the medical world. He supplemented his medical training in the United States with study in Germany, Austria, and England. Dr. Samuell was known and loved for his charity to his patients. He took care of the surgical cases from Buckner Orphans Home. Dr. Samuell ap- preciated this opportunity of doing a benevolent service for the children at the Home. The Samuell Clinic has continued this service to the present time. As a business man, Dr. Samuell proved to be very astute. He had remarkable foresight concerning the future expansion of Dallas and invested in property with the realization that its value would increase with the years. He left millions in property and money to the Park Board of Dallas. The property which he bequeathed to the city is now worth ten times the amount for which it was appraised at the time of his death. The land which is now Samuell Park was owned by the eminent physician. Samuell Boulevard was named for him, and now the new senior high school on Bruton Road has been named the W. W. Samuell High School in his honor. Dr. Samuell was a Mason and a Shriner. He was a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the Dallas Southern Clinical Society, the Dallas County Medical Association, the Texas State Medical Association, and the American Medical Association. Dr. Samuell died on December 13, 1937. Pleasant Grove Alma Mater Hail to our high school dear Hail Pleasant Grove To thee our hearts will always cling No matter Where We may roam Fond mem'ries of these days We'll always hold Down through the years ahead We'll e'er be loyal to the Blue and Gold Samuell Alma Mater Hail Samuell High! Hail Samuell High! This song to thee We sing We pledge to thee our loyalty As loud our praises ring For always to the Gold and Blue Our hearts will still be true As fighting Spartans we will ery Our love for Samuell High Contents: 1. administration 2. faculty 3. campus views 4. favorites 5. activities 6. sports 7. organizations 8. seniors 9. juniors 10. sophomores FOREWORD A yearbook is one of the most diverse and lasting possessions a person can own. Now and in the future it serves as a diary, an autograph book, and photo album. The combining of two schools into one yearbook has presented certain diffi- culties. However, the Annual Staff hopes you will be pleased with this unique book which pictures the last semester of Pleasant Grove High School and the first semester of W. W. Samuell High School. It is our fondest wish that in years to come, when we have all gone our separate ways, this book will reflect the atmosphere of those never-to-be-for- gotten high school days of 1956-57. Ann Turner Editor-in-Chief DEDICATION We, the Annual Staff, affectionately dedicate this " '57 TORCH" to our friend and teacher, Mrs. Jennie Peters, with sincere appreciation for her help- fulness and interest in each of us. PRINCIPAL' MESSAGE A at if To the Students of the XV. W. Samuell High School: My message to this lirst student body ofthe W. W. Sai All H' fl c l nue igi Sc iool is one of gratitude and ap- preciation for your fine spirit and cooperation this year, This has been an unusually eventful and exciting year. lic-w student bodies have the opportunity to move a high school and, at the same time, to open a new school in the most modern and beautiful of high school buildings. It is a rare privilege to have a part in setting standards and making decisions that become a part of a great institution. You have laid the foundation for the rich traditions which inevitably will grow up around the school. The pride ancl sincerity with which you have met these challenges have been to your highest credit. You have built well. It is our hope that your interest and pride in the school may grow with the passing years and that you may always remember with pleasure your part in the beginnings of many things. To our seniors, the members ot the tiirst graduating class of W. W. Samuell High School, we offer our congratulations and best wishes. We shall continue to be interested in you and to take pride in your achievement and success. We hope you will return to visit us often. To all of you. we would wish a happy vacation. Wfe shall look liorward to seeing most ot' you in September and to the first full year in the XV. W. Samuell High School. ' XVith best wishes to each ot you. , - W. O. Pipes ANN TURNER Bam-in-cfyfef ANNUAL STAFF GLYNANNE BRUTON A,f.ff.fldl7l Edifor KENNETH FURRH, Bufineff Manager JOE HYDEN, Advertifing Manager 'kg'- .ww si! ff?- ANNUAL STAFF VICKI HUMPHREY GLENDA VANDERWORTH Aft Editor AEli1'ifi6.f Editor SANDY MCCLAIN LINDA REEVES Club Editor Senior Sertion ANNUAL STAFF CHARLES HESTER Sportr Editor' SOPHOMORE SECTION Suzanne Black, Steve Humphrey, Ann Thompson. MARGARET ELMORE Copy Edilor ART STAFF Tommye Lou Pitts, Virginia Traylor, Vicki Humphrey ""!x .V wr ,. ,un 'E is ' 'li M ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Front: Dr. E. D. Xwalker, Dr. W. T. White. Dr. F, L. Williams. Back: Mr. T. XXV Browne, Mr. Don E, Matthews. Mr. R. H. McKay. SCHOOL BOARD Left to right: Mr Rouse Howell, Mr. R. B. Gilmore, Mr. W. A. Blair. Dr. W. T. Wfhite. Dr Edwin L. Rippy. president. Mrs. Tracy Rutherford. vice president. Mr. F. E. Spafford, Mr. R. L Dillard, Mrs. V. D. Ingram, Mr. Van Lamm. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF l l W. O. PIPES B.A,, M.A. Principal mn .alllli m w+ ,gu- PAUL MATTHEWS PAULINE JAMES B.S. B.A., M.A. Assistant Principal Dean l 1 1' ALICE PICKENS CARMEN FRANCE PAULINE BAKER A.B., M.A. Secretary to Principal Attendance Clerk Senior Counselor FACULTY JOHN I-I. AKIN J. W. BLACK FRANCES BRADFORD B.S., M.S. B.S. B.S. Mathematics History, Coach Home Economics HAZEL J. CORCORAN JAMES DAVIS EVA GRIFFIN W. R. HALL Assistant Librarian B.S., M.A. B.S. B.S., M.E. Biology Home Economics Industrial Education FACULTY LEITA HATCHER BETTY HIGGINS TIM HUGHES B.S. B.S. B.S. Distributive Education Physical Education English W. W. JOHNSON BETTY KINDLE PAUL LA BORNE MARY LARSEN B.A., M.A. B.A. A.B., A.M. Study Hall Social Science English Language Arts wr JAMES LAWLESS HAROLD LICHTENWALD MARY LEE LOVING VIRGIL H. MATTINGLY B.S. BM., M.M,E. B.A. B.S., M.S, Coach, History Music Speech Mathematics FACULTY QLLEYBM-L 5021.6 V SPRING Z3 SAHUIELL FRANK McCLANAI-IAN WILLIAM E. McELROY KATHLEEN McGAHA JAMES E. MITCHELL B.S., M.S. B.B.A. B.A., M.S. B.S. Accounting, Coach Mathematics Physical Education Physical Education OLGA MURLEY JACK NEWTON DORIS NORTHCUTT INEZ PALM B.A. B.S. B.S. B.A., M.A. English Art Typing Language Arts JENNIE PETERS JAMES PITTMAN RIX RIDLEY INA ROBERTS B.S., M.E. B,M.E, B.A,, M.A. B.A., B.S. Science Band English Librarian .3 ,W .hy 4,9 "'57-'Yr'-Y-.'H Q: xl ik ',,,,f:f Q KI X 5, V sv' ,fp A 1. e ,mm -11 VMNN ww 3, N c""', 1 ,, N :gnu fi-A , ,pw 1 s PARE T - TEACHER ASSOCIATIO i PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Officers-Front row. left to right: Mesdames Cecil Foshee, treasurer, Allen Baker, director of programsg C. H. Bruton, jr., presidentg W. L. Piland, vice presidentg J. W. Calvert, sophomore chairmang Felix Hargrove, director of welfare, Mr. W. O. Pipes, principal. Second row: W. F. Baumann, director of membershipg john Ramsey, legislativeg Grady Wall, director of educationg Kirby Hanes, senior chairmang Clayton Smith, civil defense, R. N. Bruton, secretary. Third row: W. L. Hodges, social chairmang C. M. Hauerwas, representative chairmang B. J. Hook, junior chairman. Officers not shown: Mesdames W. J. Bray, parliamentariang Ralph Parker, historian, H. D. Inman, publicity chairmang C. C. Howell, telephone chairmang D. G. Luke, director of publica- tions, Cecil Taylor, director of financeg Elna Vern Perry, committee member. P-TA members serve refreshments at Valentine Dance. CUSTODIAN S Front row, left to right: J. C. Griffith, M, A. jones, W. T. jones. Back row: I. L. Martin Ben Drennan. LUNCHROOM STAFF ' X YY 1, W.. . , . . .,i, x 5 Xf- '7 ,wffffw Left to right: Mavis Dodson, Ethel Masier, Matlu Capps, Virginia Garlington, Ruth Grant, julia Sanders, jean Wilbizr, jiffee Hidclin, Waynie Chambers, Jane Greenwood. 4-il PLEASANT GROVE HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS VIEWS MAIN HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING GYMNASIUM HOMEMAKING COTTAGE CAMPUS VIEWS BAND HALL LIBRARY -4- TEMPORARY CLASSROOMS CAMPU VIEWS ..da. " lbk' X Architect's sketch of W. W. Samuell High School Main Entrance Entrance to auditorium S 'N -ms was W. v. ...awwmwwvw-bm V .....-an., CAMPUS VIEWS i i 1 4 ! s I Auditorium viewed from central court. Rear view of auditorium H NNNN o':o . ii 35 ff .A Nf iiiif . - - East Wing I Tj ,M up r Music wing and auditorium Gym and dressing rooms OPENING OF W. W. SAMUELL HIGH SCHOOL Miss Alice Pickens. senior counselor, unpacks in her office Mr. Pipes, principal. and Jeannie Brown welcome Lellis licnningfield and -loe Hyden to the new school. Getting ready for the big move, F Coaches Harrel Shaver. Vfaymon Wilson, R. W. Thompson, blames Lawless. and Frank McClanahan inspect new gym. When students entered Samuell the auditorium was in this "' ' stage. Q The first faculty breakfast in the new homemaking de- partment. With the new school came mud which will never be forgotten. rgrx' In Q ,Ag v' i , , 'W -f:,::+:3fQ.:L,"i', f'.f2,:,1i.s,:,:.,:g'ihq'x -. A'1.-,-.f-V"-m V - f - f . 3. 31. , V , , . ,YL .ff n. . Z., ,, , ,-,V ,, . ' X I 1:fi .-.-...R+.,......V..,.- .-..-....... ' V . , A . id g V I. , , 5 A . V ' .'-'A Q , ,, s,V,VV"Y Vf ,Tk XX ' A , f V:' wfV-If W '-14+ fig? , xx rr- ' x i K ff'1,f.V.'H -' .-Q, vii mm' , ws, 5 . y , fu , 5, 4 , .xi Q, .si , SH' Ex T. , . 1 VM '?':Vf:E. ., , 1 YQ 1 f - - - a-,w.'3.-,-,-, my-1,-5 ,, W ' A gg , .' , ' ' ' , ' ,- Mx M mg V 1 " , - W .gpQ.,,a21zfvg-xgxww ,Mx-W fgfg, -c,-A xx, XXX g N N .. .,-M ,, , , A , Q, day. x.T,::.:., 4 N.-.-H K x. X , Xwwqx V 1, V .V vm.-3:Q.3ee,f,, M y X -'iffwb LV V -A Pi QV J"'KL'7J1VTa'4 we Nifaxx 'X pix-3'5wNNx 'Q N4-.qw . , g Vp .. .Q . ,-Shfix ,, " Q " ' " "A - , . " ' 4- ' ' lkfpf--X gg,MHM,gM.3f,gg5,N,.,A,. ,.,...Qi'.4-... .......... -, ,.x.,..x- v,...,,- - ",,4 5 AV ' b H , V I R N i , . 1 . .. . -X -XM Qu, 'ISSJ wg xx, .V n.s"f-up V.-ww-'V.N. V:V-m'. SQ, .. ,M ' 1 -'XSS V? Fil?-Z-w 'Nr V 4 , Vl'Y Www4 V'Z"f"'f'f 5 V' 4' ff V ,- . ,. , 'ZV ' ' L- L5,ff:?'1Qk"-'pk 1 ...L g,,,, .,, : v '- - f' -'15 J ,-.V--- - .M.f..+.-, X-.,, .WK-N V--X ,... V as - 'fe-.-L1-'V V. . .-.x-LNZQXY, , I Z Ax. Q , , Q A Q rw, . f 0 Q , , ,','. V. . V , wa? Q V , 1. . .g1,4-4,,.,,,V, ,.,,,.,,.,.,.MWAMAM,-VWVAV, ff .. V f Q, , Y 5 W fe s W A , ,K . 9, w,,,445w..,y-,-Q1.,y,f,'c -fan,-W 4 4 N I ? va X mwmim A ' 2 -J H 1 V " , - ,V T12 , ,, yif if '- 'M ' I gi, 2" 'liffl an V 1 wif' fy, WA, CV iffy ff? :fu gm- I 1 ,I 5 V, .45 I ,311 ,,3:94' - xi, A - - , ' -,gf , ,W N w 55,5,g.V J S " Ei ,QNX V ' ig' 'f1fff'.-. ,... 3 f , 9 , ., A 1 453 " Ii Q, A N , , .,.,, , ff? Fw" , . , I , i X , ,,,, U I .1 Q , ' 4 V11 A.. 332' j ','i M , ,fi 1 If ' WT V Ag Vp 1 ' . f 1 ya yer, Nz ,,,V4,pg,, X, VK, , , Q -V f........f 1 ws-'A ,,,,, V W, ,, M,AA ,M ff il-55, ,, ' - 'f ' . V . z, Q ' ,',f,g,5, , ' , ' ., - . 1 14,,, ,,WZ V b,,, ..,V. ,, ,, ., Vp V fi-, 5- f ' ' J "K, 4 V ' "' 3 ' 3 AffT,,'f:1 ,, 5553" . 1 "WK ,E-Wg 'yi ,gi x- ' 'ff sf H Q i ' ff' f 353 4:62215 M , N 1 V 1 -f ggi ,ul , V V cy 1 V V V H ,fa mm, f f . V. if 1 5 ... 'V 15555 i- 11. jg. 1 Jig.. M.. 33,5353 V it f jg 119 . ...MM " -1. j ' 7 Q., 4, i. ji? 3,425 ., ,, , , .gg '. pg 1, gif,- M..-............................... ' , if V 4. ' . ,,,, ,h..,H..,. , -. : f .V QI: E , ' j 1 ii , E.: R, . 2 Qfzv lg, -' W-qf-+.:5 ing, - -v.,,:g -' ,Jr '-J A-U , V - ,, A 4 x VV XV ,N ' V -V VV 1 1, ia ggfipf if-2"f1i':5,:4 , , -wifi.-,gr MT 'Si Vwf-ff'-L',fVV W " f -M4 VV V f 4 , yy , ' .Q ' V, SS?" ff , W 4 E .. ikffi 'iff i QQ? fi: Qiffflif . 1 rf 9553, 3, 'gi' ,f,fff'QQ w - K , ' if , gf 1 " , '-, Q u +.,"j,-i.,Qg'?ff'f. - . Q N ,, ' ,Eff X, A " ,V k4,v,."lA if Swv, 1 .- 'Y - f ,N-rf. ff ,U Q 5 SV ,fu Y Y, jg., V , , 2 haf V gp., 5V i-if: ' , f'Tf"' . 4 uranium! Isl 5, V, X, Q, f, .-V,v,f,. V1 , - - Q Vx 1, gg . , , f ' r, ,V 'V -fy yi g ' A . i We 5 fgeriq 1. V, .M .., T , A nut- f A A 1, , A "" --Am"-" N1 -N Qgw' F -X 'Yi My-f 'ff-V ggi W ,V .V 5 ' V ,fiii-Z C, . VV ti V X ., , . 'K Y , in . gg-,.4XV,.S, wg jV,YQiingx,11,9 3,4-,vy-,5 w - fyvif iw' , March 26, 1957 Miss Ann Turner W. W. Samuell High School Dallas, Texas Dear Miss Turner: Norma and I were pleased to be asked to select your yearbook's favorites. We hope you will be happy with our choices. For Most Beautiful Girl we have chosen Pat Smith. Runner-up is Delores Mays, and nominees are Ruth McKissack, Ann Turner, Dor- othy Hoyt, and Shirley Brunson. For Most Handsome Boy we have chosen Kenneth Dickson. Runner-up is Ronald Cary, and nominees are Walter Yager, Clyde Usrey, johnny Cawthon, and jimmy Brown. Sincerely, Doak Walker Wosf Q3 eauffzf 69121024 Wosf jlfznogome 59121614 Kay RONALD CARY cgeconof XTQCQ Zyzhners DELOREb MAY9 Gan 06OQfe5 RUTH MQKISSACK JIMMY BROWN JOHNNY CAWTHON ANN TURNER an 06OQfes DOROTHY HOYT WALTER YAGER CLYDE USREY SHIRLEY BRUNSON J' Qg' X , 4 7 f 4 x., 4 , . .Q Z: f 1 . H ff X W K f zz f f . , f 1 e 4 .- ,gt , 2 4 A a ' f . . ' WM., , , , f if - , , fr ,flask 1-,. pk 3' ,mW, 'W ff 5 m 4 . f , K 1 1 V , ,.f I '31 'li .W ? - . -f nuff.-A 5 1 v ge ' 3 mwaxk -I ,X 'ff 1' ,ms wx 1 was uwfx A 3x I f""'Q, 'fy , 5 Q1 X - K Mgt . L...bL Q , ,.'- 5 1' ":' .iw-gf? egg z Q Y Q fi Azfgg I1 ia AI 551594 -, Wwaz N f' fszmsfx' ,Lew-'vi' -' S? EE:f?9ff" ' :Z .. 51 W f g if 53235555 xt .2- ,W W! .., gn :M- M 2 - pv- -Q-1-ff" -:Sf-' If N ,a . 1' ,pf gg: rvfi' 1 if :N fd 5 ,Q 41 Z , sf ioepmgm K MAlIgAREi EI.NiORF RliBETR"l' MEMILLSN, ' , 7 My .- 1 'Q wg... vw- QQ, I s 1 , J , Q 9 mf , j I if "' f vp if W " . u-'wr J ' 5 .z 1' W5 N , 'T I M Mi. , r S -...W 1? I I i ,fe- r 1.5 -- ,iv 1 "Nix, V. I A' A ' - I J - - v Q vb 'F ' , ok, Qs, -, -1 at s,' . - , Q x . . f" ' ' ,- N":'h 1 Q.. 'Q fs ' 1:1 -' V fo --, I , 215 Q :-'-.5 - 5- 64 ' g 73? nv' 4 - . .2 4 . -' c ':r:!: 'fQ"f,, m, J , 1" ,"' "'ef""'4f 1- - X. ' ,jafQ, 1'vf.f5:5,'::,!.' ' 5 ,,, ,t . .M A 'I' .nn oi, - .V U , fa, bf, ., ""'4'-'www , , rp, :,,g?4f,h1,?b .' ..,, Q,-,I f A., , 0 "1 "ff, . "ff, 'fn 'va' 'if:1f:-mg. -'11, -.rvv ,-' 3 ' was 'Q . ' ' , , . '- l f,, -'.,..N'.,q -, f., - 1 , - - . -,,h".,::J:'a.,i,f.u, . ' ,Q . 'f Qfmf' "AQ, ' -..,,-3waig7,.:,:,:g,Li1-.,.,,-, 'J' rm. - .A bn" JN, 'ff , . H:--r-':-'-.'-l ,r , f'- nf. 1 7,U'1,A,-'L A ,rx - muighky, , . 1,51 4 Q . V ,' .-4211-5'i , " 1-is ' ' X " . I ,,, 'Qf:?r3?S1'I?7-sv N ' , ' . -- 1 ' ' - . ":45"'a" . . , Ti: . ., fvf,L""-f.. . - ."'2'ff,, . ' A QW " 4' 91'-ii fi 'LJ f 4' f"w"'f M 'f,, a:,,,' 7 ' v-...Q 1' 'f,yf.Af -if wr ,XXV .-In ., - ."' 12,4 555 A - fmw f 'I.'.g-W:-3333 A f' I 'E lm' ' 5 5, ,,,.fw g' Q , 4g"x1,g,..,wyi,: ' 5, ' Q ' . 'twin , - ,lgiv ,fu -. L .amfr-W ' ' L "", wp" 1. 4 E - ai J- , - Www, " A ' ' " :':'. .'121" h ,A A A m ' ew. ggfff A - ml - , wifi' , 4? I Q I vw..W.:- Q V' ,Q ki K . Q -- T A2323 NN' Q... A - - - , 91 xxx . P4 ff .4 .f f SW K .. I . ' B g :jig g MHS s K I , . , V W , gg ' " ' .4 'V 'U -av' -' 'Ni' A..,- " A .. J' Q ,V l K t 1 " ' All ,- 6 5 GAME Qs 5' V w , fx' Wv 5 ,. D.A.R. CANDIDATE LINDA REEVES To be chosen D.A.R. candidate or nominee, the student must meet several qualifica- tions. She must be dependable and have rendered service to her school. She is also selected for her leadership and patriotism as well as her scholastic standing. N OMIN EES NANCY HANES ANN TURNER FOOTBALL QUEEN CORO ATIO fflslwctlm XXIAIMIXCQ' lrowncll queen by lfml lllnllc lWcnton The lootlvzlll team nominatul five girls for tlwcir queen, From thcsc live girls thc stunlcnt lmlly clmsc unc as queen, llrirursscs .mll uwrtx: liullaly Rullllu, Nancy Hmm, Kk'I111t'll1 Dilkwn. l'.ni Smith, Iflslwtlm XX!.lkll5L'y, hwy' HL-mlaxwn, Ruth MlKixs.uk. 'llrmmy Killll, lk-tty llutlmululm-w. .mll lfugcm- ll.lI'fllUlUll'lL'NY 1956 FOOTBALL PRINCESSES Primub Betty Bartlmlurilcxx' cwrortcd hx' lZllIHL'HC Bzlrtholumcw Primus Ruth ML Kissnck Prinncm Num y Hanes L'9L'0I'iL'd by Bmldy Riylnll L Primcss P.1t Smith umrtui by 'llvmmy Kuhl escorted by Kenneth Digksun CQTTO BCWL TOURNAME T CANDIDATE PAT SMITH Tho hnskcthnll boys nominated thrcc girls for Cotton Bowl ,l4OLII'II.l- mam Quccn Candidate. lfrom thcsc thrcc they voted Pat Smith :ls cmdidatc. Ay,,,,,,,,.U! NANCY HANES Nfmffmt. CPLENDA VANDERXVURTH FOOTBALL DANCE pro TH li QUEENS COURT Left to right: Bobby Tucker. Betty Bartholomew, Richard Anderton, Ruth Mtliissnck, I. W. Ricvcs. Qutcn Elshr-th Wftttxlsy, Pat Smith, Charles Hester, Nancy I-lanes, Mike Harris. Queen Elsbcth and Wfayne Coon start the liohcat Bull. l .wwf .Q-wi Master of Ccrem son. onie 5, Kenneth Dick- este, - K 8 ' 'Y "The Htmncvncttcsf' Shurlyne Schulze, Linda Bull, .lcannic Brown, ,lean Odom. "Mml1Qr" Glyrnginng 151-uftm ,mtl "Daughter" Kay N01-thL-utr lt was hluc lwlonnluy for Bertie Corry and Sue V.llcntlnc when .nrguc in the "Crooked Mouth Family" skit. HWY Wligllfkl Hslxfwll Pffllnklfl of KlUll1CSA CHRI TMAS PARTY "The Vclvctsf' Robert McMillan, Marvin Sthulz. A - -- '- f 7" ' 4' " f' 'I 'latf' . , DVIUVQS M355 Singing SCPt4'mbCf Lmitll 'iomi' .LUMM Huimm My tu md Ou V N S Arlcnc Nvlwn IXIIIYHINIIIICS. 'All I W'nnt SUN!!-H behind the bl-cm Dom-A Fur Cllmristmaa Is My Twu Front Teeth." , ,W W- v The majorettcs, Judy Garuuttc, Ruth McKissu4k, XY'.1r1d41 Thorn. Glenda Vanderworth, glfmda Carter- -mm Wooilr Clomd Morris and 'l'hc Huncy Tones, Sharon Eby, Sandra .md Shirlt-y Brooks hinging "Dreamy -hfflfy Uffmks- Wim for Santa CINS- Ca1'utl1cr's, and Sandra Forsyth. singing iiytsf' "SiiVc'r Bells." Aly, Lum- tlmukx tht- "lout" funn Cix'l'I'y Ci.u'tlm'1 .mtl Cii1.Il'iL'N Hutcr tlurmg thc trumirt' hunt. ALE TI E DANCE Queens Court Each homeroom nominated four seniors, three juniors, and three sophomores as Valentine Princesses. The senior girl receiving the greatest number of nominating votes was named Valentine Queen. Princess. Nancy Hanes Escort, Mike Harris Princess. Vicki Humphrey Escort, Kenneth Furrh News so Princess, Pat Smith Escort, jimmy Brown UNIOR PRINCESSES Printcss. Snntlrn McClain listort. jimmy Cooper Princess, Sabina Bennett Escort, I. W. Rives Princess. Glenda Vandcrworth Escort, Horace Hargrove Princess. Ann Thompson Escort, Glen Anderton Princess, Jeanie Brown Escort, Billy Thompson SQPHQMQRE PRINCESSES prifffiiil Eifilflil liiliiin Vicki Humphrey .md Kenneth Furrh, first couple to dance on gym flour, ALE TI E DANCE PROGRA Elsbeth Wfacasey crowned by Student Council President Mike Harris Arlene Nelson wants some "Bubble Gum." Thfff Ol'-l mflllls- Sul' Avillemlne- Ann Virginia Carter and Geraldine Thompson Turner, and Cloma Morris, "Looking for Singing "Because of You." ll Dian." E IOR PROM The 1957 Senior Prom was held May 3. 1957, at the Roof Garden of the Adol- phus Hotel. Eddie Menton acted as the Toastmaster for the evening. The High Hats presented the music for the evening. anis Turner sings "Star Dust" fxoih Senior Llass President, Buddy Riddles, and Secretary, Bertie Corry, read the Class Prophety, The l'-l-111105 Barbershop Quartet, jerry Partain, Clovis Kerby, l'.it Titylo and james Baker, sings "Bill Grogiins Goat" and "Sliinc." SENIOR PROM Delores Mays N Hello. Seniors. Hello Thar's il B'11r Boys get punch for dates. SENIOR ALL- IGHT PARTY ghmgun yyg.-dding7 Bobby Fllukc-i', flower girl 5 is ' . 41" 5 'f ww' X K ,A N5 , - 'El james Bake,-9 Getting ready to skate, .K J- Q- , .M-Q ni Still going strong at 5:30 a.m. OPERETTA "Babes in Toyland" OPERETTA CAST CAST Hilda ,.,., Bawmby ....,.Y ..,..... Tom ......... KARON MELTON GEORGE BURROWS LESTON HICKERSON Gmzzorgo ..... ............. C HARLES OLVER Rodefigfi ...... .........,,,....... L LOYD PATE lane .......... .,..,,.. B ETTYE GOODSON Wfidow ........ ....... A RLENE NELSON Mary ..... ,.,,.... J AN1s TURNER Spider ...........,.. TOM WIMPEE Bear ................ ........ D EVERAL GEORGE Fairy Queen ....... .......,,..... J EAN BROWN Mdl'7lIHdHk8 ..,,. ...... B OBBY JOE TUCKER Alan ..........,............ ......... J ERRY PARTAIN Mailer Toymrzker .....,.,. ....,..,.,,,,,,,,,, P AT TAXLOR Grlwfio ...................................... MARION CARGILE Widow Piper's Children, D olls, Villagers, Dandies. Victor Herbert's operetta, "Babes in Toyland," was presented by the high school music education department Friday, May 17, 1957, in the Samuell auditorium. A cast of 152 choral students was assisted by the Starlets of the physical education department. jean Odom and Comer Williams served as accompanists. OPERETTA Dolls in the toy shop. Lost in a forest? Cast in Toyland. Widow Piper and her children. Senior Pla "Too Man Dates" W5,,,,Nm.,,,,.L,,,,, Cast, left to right: John Calvert, Connie Suman, Howard Baumann, joan Wood, john Nix, Sue Valentine, Sonny Pyle, Ann Turner, Kenneth Furrh, Vicki Humphrey, Marvin Schulz, Marion Cargile, Pat Taylor, Antionette Adams, Kay Northcutt, Danny Lawson. Loufm 216 Miller .,,..... Paul Claiue .,..,.........,....,.. Mfr. Adelaide Miller M1'. Harry Miller ........ Eleanor Coleman Floyd Page, jr, Alice lVilliun1J ...... Irrizz IVorll9ir1glon .. Carolyn Smitly ,..... Howard Bouerz .,..... Berry Miller .....,... Min loner ......,..... Norman Kelrla ..... Mfr. Hayer Mr. Hayer ...... CAST VICKI HUMPHREY KENNETH FURRH ANN TURNER SONNY PYLE TONI ADAMS PAT TAYLOR JOAN wooo HOW' ARD BAUMANN KAY NORTHCUTT DANNY LAWSON SUE VALENTINE MARION CARGILE JOHN NIX LINDA REEVES JIMMY BURLESON "TOO MANY DATES" by Marrijane and joseph Hayes has fast action, surprising and hilarious situa- tions, and warm characterizations. The trouble begins when Louanne allows herself to be talked into having a blind date-by her three girl-friends, each of whom is having her own dif- ficulties with the "troublesome element" fboysj Louanne has promised to "sit" with the neighbors infant on the same evening the girls have scheduled the blind date. Louannes mother-herself immersed in Girl Scout activities and a host of resultant troubles with younger sister Betsysis against blind dates. Mr. Miller angrily reminds her that he met her on a blind date twenty years ago-and look at the results: the Miller family itself! Taking advantage of this amus- ing rift, Louanne charms her father into pinch- hitting for her as baby-sitter. The unexpected results of this mistake involve the entire community and the hysterical young parents of the infant. SENIOR I realize your heart must be breaking--simply breaking. Eur: iq l A h"l ,fu ir? gi 1 Ml WUI. ' t'- I i .ll'!' X1 g ml A ' . -hjl 1, 'Q i . rlr.lr-ll 'I' ' You forgot my sun glasses. I can never find anything in here. Oh, there it is! f1"?'Tfl r 's x li '- You snide little smirk! PLAY Studying for a history exam? Miss Jones, I think the children should work out their own problems! V 'Q P it Max isn't a hawk-he's a wolf. l Miss jones, get out of my house. AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK Buddy Ritlclles, "Convention" chairman Kenneth Dickson, Delegate for mathematics Delegate Bill Jernigan representing publications l Linda Reeves. Delegate for the National Honor Society P. T,A. members serve refreshments ATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY INSTALL TIO The National Honor Society had its banquet and installation exercises May 7, in the homemaking de- partment. Mr. Bernie Helton, speaker, spoke of the privileges and responsibilities accompanying membership in the organization. Thirty new members were inducted into the society. MRS. OLGA MURLEY. Spwzfor ' Wig 'igvlw L ai.. X 2 I ei ---M at My f '- - -ty.: r l-+7 , ir' . ,Q , . . '. at ..-2... sg I7 . I E r ,ea - ' 'V-ra . ,. ., .t gf ati . I "f"'f E f z..-'lf V ' '11 Q I " . I ' lf 9 rf' ' 4:5 l l - ,-is'-5 2-'Ie . I All JJ, U 4 The meal was the opening event of the evening. Four characteristics of NHS were explained by Ann Turner, Elsbeth Wacasey. Glynanne Bruton, and Tommye Lou Pitts. . 1 1- . -gif 4 hi f r i' L 5 . S iii .li, fi 'T , ' w' 'ki ' ' SY Q X r wc .r' .' V n .x., l ish "A, , , A' ig, ,fx,,,ll" 'K '2:,""'.Qf-'.,' -,a..L 1? Mr. Bernie Helton, head of the research department of the Principal W. O. Pipes leads the new members in the NHS Dallas Independent School District, talks to Nancy Hanes, pledge. society president. M' Y' .ti V ,Q . 1 ,Vx N , its if U In I fl xwfff ,gy , iff. il Bertie Corry receives membership card and pin from Mr. Pipes. NN UAL ASSEMBLY ,Y , i "MSW I lN1VC HU Hflflllfll- hull D2KlClY?H Daddy, Kenneth Furrh, believes himself young again 6 ., NwWJ,,,..Q., " 5. M fl K xi "WWII 21 Little Bit Of LuCk" "XWhen Big Profundo Sang Low C" .loc Hytlcn crowns Glenda Vanderworth Football Stew Humphrey and Tommyc Queen as father. Kenneth Furrh reminisces. from 3 football game, Lou Pitts returning SPEECH ASSEMBLY A Cappella Choir Swing Yu' lJ1lI'klI'lL'I' . 4 EV, ss lg' f we? 1. . N? All - ,vzsz ., V- H .- i ,... V - ..., , 'E' Kay Northcutt thinking over her younger days. The Velvc-tS. Sue Bryan and Sandy Carothers lmrmonizc on "Green Door." sz The hc arse knows the way to carry the sleigh SENIOR ASSEMBLY Gerry Thompson, Elsbeth Wzicasey, Barbara Cartwright, Sue Eddie Menton, Charles Hester, jimmy Hodges, jimmy Burleson Fletcher, and Anna Ruth Pearson pantomine "Sincerely." and Fred Hawn tell the sad life of a senior. ienior Prayer by Kay Northcutt and chalk talk by Tommye Lou Senior Assembly cast singing "Now is the Hour." 1ttS. Senior Class singing school song. i CAREER DAY Career Day was held March 28. Each senior at- tended two clinics of his choice. The purpose of this Career Day was to get qualified business people of authority to give the students an idea of the specific requirements for the different careers, General information concerning the job op- portunities, salary, and the work were given. ,Www Career Day was sponsored by the Altrusa Club and Kiwanis Clubs of Dallas. s ctssstt 5 -- The speakers for the clinics were introduced during the general assembly. Linda Reeves talks with Mr. jack jackson at the coffee given The keynote speaker. Mr. Godfrey Welsch. tells the im- for those participating in the clinic. portance of the career clinics. Mr. Pipes and Bill Jernigan talk with the speakers before the Mr. Tom Simmons addresses a clinic on the opportunities in assembly. the journalistic field. N K hw- 4 f L 2 4 ., -f ' ,. ,Q k:f1.,.,i.N 991-4s 1956 First row: Coach Harold Shaver, Clifton Forte. Marvin Schulz, Ronald Sanford, Eddie Menton. jimmy Hodges, jimmy Brown. Second row: Lloyd Pate, I. W. Rives, Herschell Henderson, Mike Harris, Ray Allen, Lowell jones. Bobby Tucker. Manager jimmy Moss. Third row: Coach R. W. Thompson, Coach Waymon Wilson, Richard Anderton, Bobby Griffis, Charles Hester, james Southard. Richard Kirby, jimmy Dewees, Robert McMillon, David Carpenter, Horace Harrove. Fred Hawn, Managers Bill Jernigan and Bobby Brick. Fourth row: Joe Bob johnson, Ray King, Gene Crossley, Charles Clark, Harold Smith, Paul Noah, jimmy Burleson. THE SEASON 1956 was a landmark in the football annals of the Pleasant Grove Bobcats. It marked the first time that the Bobcats played in District 5-AAAA with North Dallas, Woodrow Wilson, Hillcrest, and Highland Park. It was also the last time that Pleasant Groves Bobcats donned their pads and entered into the football wars. The Bobcats didn't win too many, but they tried and never stopped fighting. This is what makes the team stand out, their spirit. 1956 SCHEDULE not their record but Pleasant Grove 20 Crozier Tech ..... 6 Pleasant Grove 6 Sugget -.-.----, Anrhgl 6 Pleasant Grove 12 Adamggn ,,,,,,,,,,, ---- 1 4 Pleasant Grove 6 Jesuit ,,,,,,,,,,-,A,.,,..A ,A-.., 2 1 Pleasant Grove 0 South Oak Cliff ..,,, .,.,,, 1 5 Pleasant Grove 13 North Dallas .,.,.,.. .,,, 1 2 Pleasant Grove 19 Hillcrest ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 4 4 Pleasant Grove 12 Highland Park ......,. ,,., 2 6 Pleasant Grove 6 Woodrow Wilson ..... .,.. 3 8 FOOTBALL .N 4 on-1'1"44' HIGH C HY Vgl .gm If I 5""7'IfL"E I J I , , . ..2A I N Y If mx' I QP-LL-4.9 4.1.4 . Top: Head Coach WAYMON WILSON Left: Offemive Coach R. W. THOMPSON Right: Deferzfizfe Crmrly HARREL SHAVER 37,1 V'--A NN'-.M Co-Capmifz Best Cwzzpetirm' MIKE HARRIS JIMMY BURLESON spun-I C11-Cupmizz JIMMY HODGES RICHARD ANDERTON JIMMY BROWN JIMMY BURLESON DAVID CARPENTER Senior Senior Senior Senior Center Tackle Center Back Le-tiered 2 year! Lellefed 2 yearr Bef! CUIUPEUIOI' Leffered 3 Jemxr All Dirlricl BOBCATS UPSET WOLVES The Pleasant Grove Bobcats met the Tech Wolves at Pleasant Grove Stadium on September 22 and came out on top of a 20-6 score. The Bobcats capitalized on the breaks to lead 13-0 at the half. The game was marked by very few penalties with 10 yards offside on the Bobcats the only penalty drawn. BOBCATS TIE SUNSET The P.G. Bobcats came from behind in the last 82 seconds to tie the Sunset Bisons 6-6 at the Bobcat home field. The Bisons crossed the Bobcat's 20 yard line six times. A pass from Mike Harris to Horace Hargrove set up the Bobcat score, Hargrove scored two plays later. ADAMSON DOWNS BOBSATS By two points the Pleasant Grove Bobcats met defeat at the hands of Gussie Gregory and Co. by a 14-12 score. The Bobcats failed to take advantage of several Leopard miscues. Gregory scored both Leopard touchdowns while Southard and Carpenter scored the Bobcats tallies. JESUIT DROPS BOBCATS The highly favored Bobcats met defeat at the hands of A. C. Moser and the Jesuit Rangers at Highlander Stadium. The score was 14-6 at the half after a sixty yard pass play in the last five seconds. The final score was 21-6. BEARS UPSET BOBCATS The South Oak Cliff Bears handed the highly favored Bobcats their third consecutive loss by the score of 15-0 at Sprague Field. The Bobcats were never able to get moving despite the valiant efforts of sophomore Joe Bob Johnson. CHARLES CLARK GENE QRO551-EY JAMES DEWEES CLIFTON FORTE Junior Sophomore Iufliof Senior Tackle Tackle Guard End Letiered 1 year Letlered I year 1-Plffffd 1 year BOBBY GRIFFIS HORACE HARGROVE MIKE HARRIS FRED HAWN Junior Junior Senior Senior Quarterback Back Quarterback Tackle Leiiefed 1 year Lellered 1 year Leltered 2 years All District, Honorable Menlion BOBCATS NIP NORTH DALLAS North Dallas' Bulldogs fell before the P.G. Bobcats at Dal-Hi Stadium in the district opener by a score of 13-12. It was a battle as the Bulldogs scored on the first play on a 67 yard dash by All-District Lonnie Caddell, but the Bobcats finished strong. HILLCREST DOWNS BOBCATS The Pleasant Grove Bobcats met defeat at the hands of Gerald Hodges and Co. by a score of 44-19. The score was 12-12 at the half but the Bobcats fell before the onslaught of Gerald Hodges in the fourth quarter. BOBCATS SCARE SCOTS District Champion, Highland Park, got the scare of the season as the highly favored Scots struck within the first two minutes after a Bobcat fumble but had it rough from then on. The score was tied 6-6 at the half. The score was 12-19 with two minutes left but the Bobcats fumbled and the Scots scored again to bring the score to 26-12. WOODROW WILSON DEFEATS BOBCATS Pleasant Grove High's Bobcats lost their final football contest to the second place Woodrow Wilson Wild- cats, 58-6, at Pleasant Grove Stadium. After dominating the first quarter, the Bobcats fell behind near the end of the half by a 7-6 score. The Wildcats counted another touchdown for a 13-6 score at the end of the third period. The Bobcats' final quarter was disastrous as the Wildcats scored four touchdowns in the last six minutes of the game. HERSCHEL HENDERSON CHARLES HESTER JIMMY HODGES JOE BOB JOHNSON JUUIOY Senior Senior Sophomore Tafklff Back Tackle Back Leltered 2 years Lettered 3 yenvr Lellered I year SUG JONES RAY KING RICHARD KIRBY ROBERT MCMILLON Junior Sophomore junior Senior Back Guard Back Guard Lelfered 1 year Leflered 1 year These Bobcats form the nucleus of the offensive team. EDDIE MENTON LLOYD PATE Senior Junior End End Lellered 2 yeafr Lellered 1 year All-Dirtfirt Horzorable Menlion MARVIN SCI-IULZ Senior Center Lellered 1 year I. W. RIVES Junior Guard Letlered 2 year: "1 W RONALD SANFORD HAROLD SMITH JAMES SOUTHERN BOBBY TUCKER junior junior juniir Seniir G d E d B B Le1!ereZaEP year: Lelrerez? 2 year: Lellerezcl year ac 5 l ,, I - 2 as . 4 45 iq . A2 it 14 , A 1 f --wi A ., g A I M X A C f E' 'J A 1 A A A ' c I si , ,, ' , I . " VA ..v. ' -ff A I . i , E ,S A V Jigga! A A ff DDR A A , ,A4 , , , Q'ffL.':f-.,.,,:f A ' ' :SRV gif' , '4 w- 1 ' .4 '-.,- - -: P. ,,,. ' ,M saw -yf .N ,, A 5.4-f K - 'fig' se Us ' 1 z sf. L if' Yffs. . mcg, X -.73 -v , . , m .-. Offensive Bobcats Defensive Bobcats r nur- if hir A .. I' r by " l' TEAM , 8 -We.. i .. to 6 in D-sli,X'mi 'Th A ..- wk . L. f X ia .W ,, 1 . W -. . . , ..V. 1 5' 2 23,1 Q Q54 ml E , K , Qwwqyg L ,ai ei K 'X .. N W -N 'fer , . . a if ,mg . . , ,, i L, M, me , , my Af, 9,51 .Yrs . -, ' if ..,g, X, 0 me , if "- Kea. 'Q 1 we he wi' fd , 'KA' ' aw- "' '. fi! 'A iw an K 11. 1 'ss "MV f Ia. fv'1il"' X' Y". - ., - up . y - W, f ,1 1- we ' ' . fy. ,fe ,ia qs- -E.. f f Y H mix. " ' Me. . .f1.., 'M f eff. A -S is ' - -fr . A . 5 Q, I walt! ga W I "l'Q,.'Sg"- XT. R Wx XM V '13 , - Meg. we I . .ml .,, g, A 5 '- M. mf I -f -:sf . k ga. 1 , , S-.1 x . , . .. . Q X K 'il' ' 'P --.A bm s - , . 4 , 'Nw 'WM :Ei w fre' Bottom row: Don Ramsey, Mike Mahaffey, Alford Rives, jarrell Tunnell, R. L. Kirk, james Earnhart, Willie Miller, David Sewell, Larry McCain, Brad Moss. Second row: jimmy Douglas, Bobby Smith, jimmy Holland, Donald Peck, Ronald Douglas, johnny Blackwell, Gary Webb, Ronald Leavelle, XV. J. Johnson, Steve Humphrey, Tommy Burgess, George Webb, Gerald Byrd, Eugene Sadler, Charles Hancock, Tommy Lawhorn, Glen Anderton. Back row: james Rodgers, Ronny Alsbrook, Dick Wfhite, Rodney Moore, Sammy Kosby, Kenneth Burleson, Joe Don Suits, Eugene Harmon, Dwain Myers, jerry Lovelace, David Clounts, Hugh Hinton. Left: Back Coarh Right: Line Coach FRANK MCCLANAHAN PETE LAWLESS "A" TEAM BASKETBALL Left to right: joe Hyclen, Buddy Riddles, Ronnie Stephens, Howard Baumann, Coy Henderson. Earl Hester, Steve Green. blames Baker, James Allen. Mickael Rooms, Johnnie Lawson, Pete Taylor. - Cfmfh C.zpmIz1 I XV. BLACK JOHNNY LAXVSON W B ai S xx 5 gi Q X NW :QL Q, ? U gnu 54' .xv if S D 'self Lf , .L SMS' .V """'m,1.g Na. M , S sf , w.....,f' 4 A -QPP Q- " 1 QN Q.- A Q X X -1 ,Z X e 1 1 f was i .ff ,Q ,S Q- . gf if f , if -5, .rl L " Fu JN , 1 1 1 3 W J '.,, ff 'WH W f M. , . Sw xc 8 1. 3 9 Q -v cl . if I W' F ' X1 in l 1 3, 7. is 's QF, 5-'91 f ji E I 15 Q' W A V, fx? ffl. Q 5 5 T14-. 12? "l4i1.'h"iz X' -, , ?':5:p5g"'1yL "-ZA,.l'IL'!!.Y!h , if ' 2" 116 w?:'3122'Zz.:':- ,H 1-'Ve Q., 35 r 3 1: wi M., A ,H ,N .. .944 k ' ' - - KN 5 ff R Wim., .ff Q. ' Sr ,f 'Q' "fix P QL ff f f -, , W ' - may W . : . Q' 1 1 P x a ' 1.5.2 wi "B" TEAM BASKETBALL SCHEDULE january 4-Sunset January 9fSouth Oak Cliff january 11-Woodrow' Wilson january 14-Crozier Tech january 16-Thomas jefferson january 18-Adamson january 23iNorth Dallas january 25-Hillcrest january 28-Sunset February 1-South Oak Cliff February 4-Woodrow Wilson February 6-Crozier Tech COACH FRANK MCC!-ANAHAN February 11-Thomas jefferson February 13-Adamson February 15-North Dallas Left to right: jimmy Hedgpeth, Freddie Harrell, Tommy Bray, Ronnie Alsbrook, Charles Moreland Darrell Stephens. Ronald Douglas, Ed Blasingame, Frank Cooley. "A" TEAM BA EBALL filflll r 5 XXX XSXEX Bark row. left to right: Horace Hargrove, jimmy Cooper. Lloyd Pate, Mike Harris, johnny Caw thon Coach Shaver. Middle row: Manager, Bill Jernigan, Charles Hancock, Alan jordan Kenneth Verner Bobby Griffis, Ronald Sanford. Manager, Ronald Leavelle. Bottom row: Don Barr Don Iundiy I, W. Rives. Buddy Riddles, Lowell jones. -.-af.-.t us... I 5 1' -lffisxefv X as HIGH ATH -SPAR , K4 Head Manager Bill Jernigan, Coach Herrel Shaver, Manager Ronald Leavelle. BA EBALL INFIELDERS: Buddy Riddles, johnny Cawthon, Charles Hancock, Don Lundy, Bobby Griffi 1 .wh .. l.J'-A 11 ' lol'-'f. OUTFIELDERS: Lloyd Pate, Ronald Sanford. I. W. Rives. Mike Harris. CATCHERS: Lowell jones and james Cooper. "B" TEAM BASEBALL Back row, left to right: Garry Darrow, james Earnheart. Tommy Bray, Ronnie Alsbrook, Freddy Grcen, Manager. jerry Norrell, Middle row: joe Don Suits. Alford Rives, Allen I-Irncir. Ronald Douglas. Wfaync Wfright. Bottom row: jimmy Holland. Larry Freeman. Glen Anderton, johnny Calvert. Gerald Byrd. COACH JAMES LAXVLESS fry, Q .,.. s , 'lop rc x left tc rrght R XX Thompson Donald Peak Chtrles Clark ltrry Elsxxorth Hxrry Green hed Pltrltk H01 ue Hargroxc Lmy 'I.1ylor Quond row: Mmuzer Bobby Butk larry Ioxelltc Mlkn L'mr.1me George Webb Robett Copeland Cltrente Rltl1lI'LlS0l'l Htrsthel I-lender son Durtl Clounts Thntd roxx Daxrd McDan1el Ioe Bob obnxtm. Mtrtui Cen mtce Bud Mow QPRINIFRQ Fred Pttrrtk Horne Hargroxe Harry Green QUARTER MILERS larry Loxelace Horne Hargrove Clarence George Webb loe Bob lohnson R1ch.11clQ0n Larrv Taylor Dawd Clounti MILER9 Harold Smith Mike Lawrmce Dautl MrD1n1el I-Il RDLERS Iftrry Ellsworth md jimmy Moss TRACK no RELAY: Fred Patrick. George Wc-hh Horace Hargrove, Harry Green. SHOT PUT: Charles Clark, Donald Peck ONE-HALF MILE-First row: Brad Moss, Marcus Cervantes. jimmy Moss. Second row: David Clounts,-Clarence Richardson, Herschel Henderson. MILE RELAY: Larry Taylor, jerry Love- lace, David Clounts, Clarence Richardson. PLACED IN DISTRICT MEET-Top row: Horace Hargrove, Harry Green, Fred Pat- rick, Clarence Richardson, Herschel Hen- derson. Bottom row: George Webb, jerry Lovelace, Larry Taylor. BROAD JUMP: George Webb, Larry Els- worth, Fred Patrick. I TRAMURAL Basketball Tournament Winners Volleyball Tournament Winners .- Miss Higgins at Play Day in Denton Play Day at Denton A., , Men teachers vs. boy students in volleyball Women teachers vs. girl students in volleyball SPRING TRAINING Coach Shaver works over defense. Seniors plot their strategy. Tucker eludes a would-be tackler. Hawn urges Carpenter to no avail LL Harris gets protection for a pass. Hester leads the way for Tucker -Q1 Peggy Allen NANCY HANES MRS. OLGA MURLEY Sllmmrm' Betty Bartholomew Ruth Blair Glynanne Bruton Bertie Corry Shirley Brookshire Virginia Cook Ann Dodson Margaret Elmore Lola French Kenneth 'Furrh Bettye Goodson xlill Hawkins Oleen Herring joe Hyden Mary Ruth jaggers Bill Jernigan De-anne jones Doris Lancaster Bill lNICCLlfL'l1COI'l Karoyn Melton Eddie Menton john Nix Kay Northcutt Gayle Owens Tommye Lou Pitts Linda Reeves Buddy Riddles Mithael Roome Mary Lou Sanford Connie Suman Ann Turner Elsbeth Wlacasey Carolyn Wallace Donna White -lack Wilsrmn .Ioan Wootl QUILL AND SCROLL its . Mi rt 4 lu To become a member of Quill and Scroll, a student must be of at least junior standing. They must be in the upper third of their class in scholastic standing, and they must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavor. Mr. Bill Stevenson is sponsor of the society. Officers: Linda Reeves, president. KEY CLUB The Key Club is 11 service organization for high school boys sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. The club had several projects throughout the school year, and they supported all school activities. Mr. Wfzlymon Wfilson is sponsor of the organization. Officers: Bill Jernigan, president: joe Hyden, vice presidentg Kenneth Dickson, secretaryg Buddy Riddles, treasurer. STUDENT COUNCIL 'tm' The Student Ciouneil consists ot 40 members. one from eath homeroom, selected at the beginning ol' the sthool y'C.lI'. The Student Cfountil sponsored the Christmas Party and sold lapel ribbons during football season. Mr. Paul Mathews is sponsor of the Student Council. Oltifers: Mike H.1rris. presidenti Buddy Riddles. rite presidentL Elsbeth XV:u11sey. seeretnryl Dloe Hyden. tre.1surerg Ronald Sanford, reporter. THESPIANS ftitgwf' The National Thespi.1n Sotiety eonsists ot' students who lmve .1 "B" average .ind hnxe done creditable work in the dminiitics tield. Mrs. lhltlfy Loxinlg is sponsor of the society. Ottieers: Vitki Humphrey, president: Toni Adams. xite president: -lohn Nix. serret.iry'trcnisurer. GUIDES CLUB '11, 3 W is 1 xl. F li, s ' The Guides Club is composed of outstanding students. The club is made up of students from sophomore junior, and senior classes. The Guides Club directed new students and visitors around the school building. Officers: Buddy Riddles, presidentg Charles Hester, Vice presidentg Nancy Hanes, setrc-tary. A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir, under the direction ol' Mr. Litthenwald, is made up of sophomore, junior, and senior students. The choir sang for many special ottasions during the year. Officers: Pat Taylor, presidentg .lanite Turner, vite presidentg Bettye Goodson, setretaryf jerry Partain, treasf urer1 Phyllis Rohde, lihrarian, PAN-AMERICAN Officers: Comer Willianis, presidentg jack Wilscnn. vice president: Tommye Lou Pitts, secretaryg Betty Bartholomew, treasurerg Kay Stewart. reporter, FUTURE NURSES Officers: Trudie Maples. presiclentg Peggy Clounts, vice presidentg Sandra i Black treas- Carothers. secretaryg Dane urcrg Valarie Johnson. reporter, FUTURE HOMEMAK S Officers: Peggy Allen. presiclentg Peggy Fuquay. vice presiclentg Judy Mosley, secretaryg Maclalyn Huclgens, treasurer. Officers: Robert Nabours, pr6SidCl1f3 Lynn Sanderson, vice president, Larry Sanders. secretary-treasurer. LIBRARY HELPERS Fay Works, Kathryn Burnett, Starlyn Vernon, Gay jean Shirley, Ronda Smith, janet Holt, Myra Bussell, Melba Jordan, Barbara jones, Sondra Arnett, Sharon Hodges, Trudie Maples, Fern Wag- goner, Martha Spenser, Jessie Forbes, Valarie johnson, Alicia Farley, Lynn Watkins. PROJECTION CLUB l Front row. left to right: Linda Bell, Pat Neel, Lorena Byrd. Second row: Linda Summers, Sarah Hester, Peggy Allen, Sonja Horton. Third row: Bobby Brick, Miss Roberts, Mrs. Corcoran, Richard Tompkins, Lonnie Bowen. OFFICE ASSISTANTS QUIZ 'EM ON THE AIR Mrs. Mary Loving, sponsor, Bill Jernigan, Charles Hester, Linda Reeves, Vicki Humphrey. Samuell's contestants in "Quiz 'Em on the Air" and their sponsor, Mrs. Mary Loving, held the Samuell banner high, though being defeated by Adamson's team by 150 points. INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE CONTEST Janis Stevenson, extemporaneous speaking, third, Geanie Gardner, poetry reading, third, Ann Turner, declamation, secondg john Nix, poetry reading, second, David Seitzler, declamation, third, Stanley Read, extemporaneous speaking, first. Samuell entered the Interscholastic League contest which was held at Hillcrest High School. A boy and girl were sent from each division, which were extemporaneous speaking, poetry reading and declamation. BAND Pictured above are the members of the former Pleasant Grove High Band and the band members from other schools who transferred to W. W. Samuell High at mid-term. The band performed at the half-times during the 1956 football games. They also presented programs for school assemblies. The band received a complete ensemble of instruments for the new Samuell High band. jimmy Pittman is the director of the band. MA JORETTES Majorettes-Left to right: JUDY GAROUTTE. SHIRLEY BROOKS. CLOMA MORRIS, JOAN WOOD, GLENDA CARTER, Head Majorette, RUTH MCKISSACK, Drum Major. The 1956 majorettes contributed much to half time activities during the football season as they led the band on the field. Two weeks before school the majorettes started working on routines each morning and each night. All of them attended the twirling school at East Texas State College for two weeks during the summer. l . . 4 -'-G s LAB... W-----........l,, 3----...-. ---............. is S , --...Q D1 11711 Mgfjgp' H8rId MHf0l'6fI6' RUTH MCKISSAQK GLENDA CARTER ,-,,.....4-of - X X S it r" XIX., K .4 P -4 CLOMA MORRIS JOAN WOOD PATTY LOU ANDERTON, Mano! . 6.'nFn4,.m' . wma... i M - Q . .., J xx -K-,WJ SHIRLEY BROOKS JUDY GAROUTTE , '--,pw W ! il -9 V1 fft, . Jv N W , , nw T www ii BOBETT 4' '- .X T , ,RMK 'Hal Top row: Sue Bryan, Lola Mae French, Ann Campbell, Phyllis Rohde, Glynanne Bruton, Vicki Humphrey, Sue Ann Brownlow. Second row: Nancy Hanes, Ann Turner, Toni Adams, Gloria Epps, Kay Northcutt, Jerry Thompson, Donna White, Pat Johnson, Paula Lewis, Margie Stevens. Third row: Jackie Tinney, Carolyn Chumley, Peggy Martin, Glenda Vanderworth,. Arlene Nelson, Tenia Morgan, Teresa Myrick, Gay Allen, Betty Hassell, Sabina Bennett, Linda Haggard, Judith Gardner. Fourth row: Sonja Dunbar, Jeannett Booth, Sarah Sigman, Deloris Garrett, Sue Herron, Margie Juricek, Rosa Lee Melton, Betty Romans, Ann Hawkins, Connie Suman, Sharon Horton, Fern Wagner, Deanne Jones, Martha Parker, Patsy Fuquay. Fifth row: Alacia Farley, Sara Hester, Neta Robinson, Ervalene Henderson, Sandra Carothers, Jerry Herrington, Charmayne Altenau, Linda Summers, Sharon White, Joyce Rogers, Mary Lou Thornbury, Faye Work, Joan Thompson, Janis Markham. Sixth row: Danah Hodges, Jeanie Brown, Joanne Hogue, Linda Trimble, Jeanette Reeves, Janice Stevenson. Sandra Forsyth, Ann Thompson, Connie Russell, Jackie Pope, Judy Musgrave. ff- L N X c. -Q, , ,M -'i, Q. ,.,, , ef-L - .A , s rr. Q .. . - fe if f 'e at ff f re- ,. ..,-. kr ., r -1 I n an U i 2 J . J x A Vppyi W 1 S X A . 3 H, f, . A K R Glenda Vanderworth, lieutenant. Jackie Tenney, captain, Paula Lewis, lieutenant, Nancy Hanes, captain, Glynanne Bruton, co-captain. Phyllis Rohde, lieutenant, Linda Haggard, lieutenant, Janice Markham, co-captain, J0yce,Rogers, captain, Ann Thompson, co-captain, Connie Russell, lieutenant, Jeanie Brown, lieutenant. BOBETTS 4 V! Miss Kathleen McGaha, sponsor. Sue Herrin, Patsy Fuquay, manager, jackie Tenney. "Keep those lines straight!" This is familiar to the 68 members of the Pleasant Grove Drill Team The last two weeks in August, twice a day, Miss Kathleen McGaha, sponsor, drilled the girls. At halftime during football games, the Bobetts provided entertainment for the spectators. They contributed much to the support of the student body and Bobcat Team during football season ANN CAMPBELL JANICE MARKHAM .r .. P n5Af'w'1f'.v 'M- CHEERLEADERS Johnny Cogburn, Jack Wilson, Stanley Hauerwas, Kenneth Furrh, Elsbeth Wacasey, Pat Smith, Betty Bartholomew, Barbara Brunson. "Hard work and long hoursf, This is familiar to the '56-'57 cheerleaders. During the summer, all of them attended the school of cheerleaders at S.M.U. Each morning during August, they could be found practicing by the gym with their sponsor, Miss Betty Higgins. These leaders did a great job in keeping up the school spirit and leading the student body during pep rallies and games. ELSBETH WACASEY JOHNNY COGBURN CHEERLEADERS E 1 T S I 75. gl , E . P x i PQ, pq . I I BETTY BARTHOLOMEW STANLEY HAUERWAS KENNETH FURRH BARBARA BRUNSON . , Y Q YQ' PGIQ T A PAT SMITH JACK WILSON FIRST PLATOON, COMPANY "A" SECOND LT. GARY DODD, SECOND LT. TROYCE WHEELER First row: David Pierce, Wayne Herron, Tommy Knowerton, Billy Thompson, Billy Gray, Nolan Hale, Mike Flanery, Fred Green, David Shehon. Second row: Gary Staples, Charles Craft, Robert Claymon, Calvin Donnell, Robert Lem- mons, Ben Lewis, Larry Sheaffer. Third row: Kenneth Buie, Roger Rich, james Craft, joel Crocker, Larry Carvell, Mike Smith, Larry Turner. SECOND PLATOON, COMPANY "A" SECOND LT. RONALD FISCHER, SECOND LT. CLAUDE MASSEY First row: Tommy jones, Randy Ray, Danny Myrich, Robert Stuart, William Balusek. Second row: Donald Dennis, Billy Joe Harris, jerry Killian. Third row: john Bullard, Johnnie Robison, Gene Piland, Charles Stroup. FIRST PLATOON, COMPANY "B" SECOND LT. WELDON NASH, SECOND LT. ROBERT COPELAND, SECOND LT. THOMAS TURNS First row: Bill Collins, Stanley Debs, Arthur Caps. jerry Anderson, Steve Swayze, Terry Raney. Second row: Mack Wimberley, jack Wilson, Don Young, Kenneth Cooley, Max Tubbs, Murry Thomason. Third row: jimmy Newman. Leroy Glasscock, jimmy johnson, Rex Lane, Donald Mitchell. SECOND PLATOON, COMPANY "B" l A - SECOND LT. MALCOM BROWN First row: Pete Shaha, Clifton Brownfield, Conley Wortendyke, David Ferral. Second row: Gerald Allen, Sonny Kires, jimmy Robb, jerry Reeder. Third row: David Hitt, David Shoftner, Lee Roy Price. R.O.T.C. BAND SECOND LT. DAVID SIETZLER First row: Second Lt. jimmy Yates, Harold Smith, Nicky Alexander, Travis Rhodes, Richard Smith. Second row: Leslie Ewell, Marcus Cervantes, joe Toone. Don Hughey. Third row: Dean Lagle, Bill Mayfield, Larry Freeman, Thomas Crawford. Fourth row: Second Lt. joe Flowers, Dwain Wilder, Sammy Wilkinson, Buddy Mangold. Fifth row: Don Teague, Mike Ghormley. BATTALION STAFF FIRST LT. PAUL RUTI-IERFORD, CAPTAIN VINCENT SI-IINDOLL, SECOND LT. SAMMY VUILKINSON I he Cats' Tale 1 1- .'1f.xi:-:iw Q I l TEHHS Hoot .S 1 .24 . ' " 2 3 W- :az l'b:,g5r,' PHE55 ll IHTIUII 3" ' . ,, . . . , THE CATS' TALE Published Bi-Weekly During the School Year By the journalism Class of PLEASANT GROVE HIGH SCHOOL DR. W. T. WHITE ...,...,,.......,,.,,...,............. Superinlendent Dallaf Srboolf W. O. PIPES .,,...,,.,,,...,...,,,,,....,,,.........,.,..,..,,,,,,,,..A,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,.,,,.,,, Principal PAUL MATTHEWS .....,..,.,,..,....,..,.,.....,,.,.....,..I,,,,,...,.,,, A,f,ri.fiant Principal WILLIAM STEVENSON .............,...,,..,..,.,....,.,..,,,,,..........,.,......,..... Sponmr EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief .,,.....,,Y,.,,....,.....,,.......,.......,.,,.......... ...,.... B uddy Riddles Neuxr Editor ......,. ,.....,,,,.,. P at Smith Sportr Edilar ,,.. .,.....,.,, B ill Jernigan Feamrer Editor .... ......., M argaret Elmore Make-Up Editor .,,.. ....,,.......,.,,,.. G lynanne Bruton Exchange Edifor .. ....,.......,..,,...,.................,........ Tommy Lou Pitts Copy Editofzr ,Y,, ..,...........,,........,,.... A nn Turner, Ruth McKissick Kenneth Dickson, Bertie Corry, Sue Valentine Ar-tm .......,..,.......,,.........,,......,,........,.,..,,............,,.,.....,.,,..,...... Vicki Humphrey Reporfem' Kenneth Furrh, Gloria Epps, Ruth Blair, Burldene Perkins, Carolyn Rhodes, Dwain Wilder, Linda Tackett, Barbara Leavelle, Shirley Duke. BUSINESS STAFF Blzrineu Manager ,...........,.................,....................... . ............... james Baker Circulation Manager ...... ........ H oward Baumann EDITORIAL STAFF x 'Q k. Edizor-in-Chief Glynanne Bruton, Ann Turner, Ruth McKissack, Ken- BUDDY RIDDLES neth Dickson, Pat Smith, Bill Jernigan, Margaret El- more, Bertie Corry, Sue Valentine, and Tommye Lou Pitts. 7 he Samuell Sentinel ' vin 1:11311-1:'.'f W j 1 Q , 2 na I www 5 444 1 ' " 2 3 'MM-at-I I I rness a mmm n 557' teea DR. W. T. WHITE ...... ..... S zzperintendent of Dallfzr Sclyoolr W. O. PIPES .....,,....,...,,.,....,.,...,,.,., .,.,..,.,,............,.,.,..,,,..,,...,.,., P rincipal PAUL MATTHEWS ...,,.........,..........,,......,....,....,.. ....... A Jrimznl Principal WILLIAM G. A. STEVENSON .........,..,.,,....,..,..... ,.,,..,.,............. S pomor EDITORIAL STAFF Ediior-in'Cbief ...,. ...,.............,,,.,,,.,.........,.,,., ...... B i ll Jernigan IN'?ll'.f Edilor ...... ....... B ertie Corry Sport! Editor .,.., ,,.... B uddy Riddles Featzzfef Editor ..,..,... ,,..,..,.,,,. . Sue Valentine Exrlmnge Editor ,...,.. .,..., T ommye Lou Pitts Arfifl ......................,...V......,.,.........,......,....,..................,........, Vicki Humphrey Rewrite ...........,................,..........,...............,.............................. Kenneth Furrh Reportern Kenneth Furrh, Glynanne Bruton, Kenneth Dickson, Burldene Perkins, Howard Baumann, Margaret Elmore, Dwain Wilder, Carolyn Rhodes, Don Lehew, Ruth McKissack, Barbara Leavelle, Pat Smith, Linda Tackitt, Sonja Horton, Ann Turner. BUSINESS STAFF Bnrinerx Manager .................,.,...,,.,,...........,...,.....,...........,..,.,......... Ruth Blair Editor'-in-Chief BILL JERNIGAN EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Tommye Lou Pitts, Buddy Riddles, Bertie Corry, Ken- Howard Baumann, Ruth Blair, and James Baker neth Furrh, and Sue Valentine. CLASSES if '- SAW Jem i H vw 'M .w 'n.'u. Valedirlorimz BILL JERNIGAN LINZ PIN Glynanne Bruton Virginia Cook Bertie Corry Lola Mae French Margaret Elmore Nancy Hanes Oleen Herring Tommye Lou Pitts Linda Reeves Mary Lou Sanford Carolyn Wallace Donna White Joan Wood Charles Hester Bill Jernigan Buddy Riddles EVERTS AWARD Glynanne Bruton Bertie Corry Margaret Elmore Lola Mae French Nancy Hanes Oleen Herring Linda Reeves Mary Lou Sanford Carolyn Wallace Donna White Joan Wood Charles Hester Bill Jernigan Buddy Riddles GRADUATING WITH HIGH HONORS Lola Mae French Nancy Hanes Bill Jernigan Charles Hester Margaret Elmore Kay Northcutt Linda Reeves Buddy Riddles Mary Lou Sanford GRADUATING XWITH HONOR Sonny Pyle Mary Sue Hatfield Ann Turner Elsbeth Wacasey Carolyn Wallace James Baker Betty Bartholomew Glynanne Bruton Virginia Cook Bertie Corry Gloria Epps Benny Ruth Weatherly Donna White Oleen Herring John Nix Joan Wood Tommye Lou Pitts Salutfztorimz LINDA REEVES Senior Class Officers Buddy Riddles President Nancy Hanes Vrcc Presidentg Bertie Corry, JAMES ALl.EN+Phot0graphy Club 2g Projection Club 3, President 33 Tennis Club 35 Choral Club 4. RICHARD ANDERTON-Athletic Club 1-2-3-4g Football 2-3-43 Class Favorite lg Hot Rod Club 35 Automotive Club 4, President 4. MARY NELI. BARRETT-YfT66ns 11 Drill Team 2-33 Drill Club 2-33 Hot Rod Club 33 Square Dance Club fig Commercial Club 4. SEN IORS BETTY BARTHOLOMEW-Pan Amer- ican Club 2-3-4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 45 Speech Club 23 Linz Pin 2g Science Club 3, Secretary 3g Homeroom Officer 3-45 Cheerleader 4g Football Princess 4g Guides Club 4g National Honor So- ciety 4. HOWARD BAUMANN-Athletic Club 1-2-3-45 Football 1-2g Basketball 1-2-3- 4g Track 21 Newspaper Staff 4, Circula- tion Manager 4g Class Favorite 25 Class Secretary 2g Student Council 33 Auto- motive Club 4g Senior Play 4. CARLENE BENNETT-Good Manners Club 25 Variety Club 2-33 Typing Club 31 Homemaking Club 4g Stenography Club 4g Homeroom Secretary 4. JAMES BODIFORD-Choral 43 Out- door Life 45 DE 4. BARBARA BRANTLEY-Y-Teens lg Junior Red Cross lg junior Achieve- ment 2, President 2g Tennis Club ZQ Tumbling Club 21 Pan American Club 33 Typing Club 4. LAVERN BATES-junior Red Cross 4g Sales Club 43 DE Essay Contest, Sec- ond Place 3. Honorable Mention 4g DE 3-4. JIMMIE BELCHER-Chorus 2g Typ- ing Club 33 DE Essay Contest, Honor- able Mention 31 Aeronautics Club 3: Photography Club 4g Automotive Club 4g DE 3-4. JAMES BISHOP-Pan American Club 1-4g Student Council lg Athletic Club 2-3g Track 2-3g Aeronautics Club 33 Science Club 4, President 4. LONNIE BOWEN- Sports Club lg Aeronautics Club 13 Chess and Checkers Club 2g Student Council 2g Book Club 33 Library Club 3-4, Vice President 31 Automotive Club 4. BOBBY BRICK - Outdoor Life 1-23 Hunting and Fishing Club 3: Photogra- phy Club 33 Science Club 4, President 4g Athletic Club 43 Football Manager 4. SHIRLEY BROOKSHIRE-Y-Teens 13 Homeroom Reporter 23 Tumbling Club 2-3-43 Typing Club 3-43 Linz Pin 2-31 Drill Team Tumbler 33 National Honor Society 4, SUE ANN BROWNLOW-Ttinibling Club 23 Good Manners Club 23 Charm Club 33 Dramatics Club 33 Drill Team 43 Drill Club 43 Commercial Club 4. GLYNANNE BRUTONAAnnual Staff 1-2-3-4, Assistant Editor 43 Homeroom President 13 Future Nurses 2, President 23 Variety Club 23 Good Grooming Club 3, President 31 Charm Club 3. Vice President 31 Class Secretary 35 Quill and Scroll 3-43 Linz Pin 2-33 Drill Team 4, Co-captain 43 National Honor Society 3-43 Cats' Tale make-up Editor 43 Senior Publicity Editor 4. JIMMY BURLESON-Athletic Club 1- 2-3-43 Football l-2-3-4. Best Competitor 43 Basketball 1-2-33 Baseball 33 Pho- tography Club 1-2, Vice President 23 Tennis Club 33 Outdoor Life Club 43 Homeroom President 3. PATRICIA ANN CAMPBELL-Square Dance Club 23 Variety Club 23 Choral Club 33 Drill Team 43 Drill Club 4. SENIOR JIMMY BROWN-Athletic Club 1-2- 3-43 Football 3-4, All-District 43 All- City 43 General Sports Club 1: Hot Rod Club 33 Automotive Club 4, Re- porter 4g Homeroom Reporter 43 Fa- vorite 4. SHIRLEY ZIMMERMAN BRUNSON -Variety Club 33 Drill Team 33 Typ- ing Club 43 Stenographic Club 43 Fa- vorite 4. SUE BRYAN - Class Favorite I-ZQ Choral Club 1-3-43 T-Teens 13 Class Vice President 13 Variety Club 2, Treas- urer 23 Operetta 23 Daisy Mae Nominee 23 Cotton Bowl Queen Nominee 23 Stenographic Club 33 Drill Team 43 Drill Club 4. KATHRYN BURNETT-Y-Teens Club 1, Treasurer 13 Homeroom Officer 1-2- 3-4, Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, President 3, Secretary 43 Future Nurses Club 2, Secretary 23 Student Council 33 Variety Club 33 Typing Club 43 Band Club 1- 2-3-43 Band 1-2-3-4. MARION CARGILE-Good Manners Club 13 Band Club 1-2-3-43 junior Achievement 23 Drama Club 2-43 Thes- pians 2-3-43 One-Act Play 23 Operetta 2-33 Homeroom Secretary 43 Typing Club 43 Choral Club 33 A Cappella Choir 33 Band 1-2-3-43 Red Cross Club 23 Senior Play 4. DVUAIN CARTER-Hunting and Fish- ing Club 1-2g Hot Rod Club 3g Sales Club 45 Library Club 4g Projection Club 3g I-Iomeroom Treasurer 4: DE 4. RONALD CARY - Track 3g Chorus Club 4g Square Dance Club 4g Library Club 41 Field and Stream Club lg Pho- tography Club 33 Favorite 4. DANNY CAWTHON - Typing Club 4g Aeronautics Club 4. PEGGY CLOUNTS-Y-Teens 1, Presi- dent 12 Future Nurses Club 2-3-4, Re- porter 25 Typing Club 3-4g FHA 2' Operetta lg Charm Club 2. JERRY COMPTON-Outdoor Life 1-2g Aeronautics lg Photography Club 3-4g Sports Club 3g Hot Rod Club 43 ICT 4. VIRGINIA CARTER - Y-Teens lg Good Manners Club 2, Reporter 2g Red Cross Club 5, Vice President 3g Charm Club 43 Variety Club 45 Student Coun- ci14g Drill Club 1, 2. GLENDA CASEY-Y-Teens 1g FHA lg Chorus 1-4g Operetta 25 Future Nurses 2-5g Junior Red Cross 33 Guides 4. JOHNNY CAWTHON-Athletic Club 1-23 Football lg Baseball 45 Good Man- ners Club 1-2-?:g Dramatic Club 33 Square Dance Club 4g Favorite 4, BETTY COMBS-FHA lg Tumbling Club 3g Typing Club 33 Stenography Club 43 Cheerleader 3. NANCY SUE COOK-FHA 1g Art Club 2-35 Book Club 2g Charm Club 23 Junior Red Cross 45 Stenography Club 4. VIRGINIA COOK-Tumbling Club 1- 2-33 I-lomeroom Reporter 13 Y-Teens 13 Drill Team Tumbler 33 Typing Club 33 Guides Club 43 Linz Award 23 National Honor Society 4. DIXIE CURRY-FHA 11 Variety Club 23 Charm Club 33 junior Red Cross 33 Typing Club 43 Y-Teens 4. KENNETH DICKSON-G0Od Man- ners Club 23 Typing Club 3-4, Vice President 33 Chess and Checkers 33 Key Club 3-4, Secretary 43 Guides Club 4g Newspaper Staff 4, Copy Editor3 Home- room President 4g Little Abner Candi- date 23 Favorite 43 junior Rotarian 4. ELAINE DONALDSON-Typing Club 4, President 43 Future Nurses Club 4. SHIRLEY DUKE-Charm Club 4. BERTIE CORRY-Band 1-2-33 Y-Teens 1, Photography Club 2, Secretary 23 junior Red Cross 3. President 33 Dra- matics Club 43 Guides Club 43 Student Council 1-21 Class Secretary 43 News- paper Staff 4, News Editor 43 Operetta 33 Linz Pin 2-33 National Honor So- ciety 4. MARGARET LONG DEAL-junior Red Cross 1-2, Vice President 13 FHA 1, Secretary 13 Variety Club 23 Good Manners Club 33 Typing Club 3-43 Shorthand Club 4. BILLY DOAK-Photography Club 13 Hot Rod Club 4g Automotive Club 4, Reporter 43 Commercial Club 4. ARTHUR DUKE-Automobile Club 4. MARGARET ELMORE-Student Coun- cil 1-4Q Pan American Club 1-2-3, Presi- dent 33 Annual Staff 1-2-3-4, Copy Editor 43 Tumbling Club 2g Homeroom Secretary 33 junior Historical Society 3, Secretary 33 Typing Club 4g Pub- lication Club 4, President 4g Newspaper Staff 4, Feature Editor 4g SMU Traffic Safety Conference 13 Quill and Scroll 3-43 Linz Pin 2-3-43 National Honor Society 43 Favorite 4. SENIORS GLORIA EPPS-FHA 13 Pan American Club 1-2-3, Delegate State Convention 23 Variety Club 33 Y-Teens 33 junior Achievement 43 Third place, Interschol- astic League Spelling Contest lg Drill Team 43 Typing Club 43 Linz Pin 2-3. SUE WARD FLETCHER - Y-Teen Club 13 Drill Club 13 Drill 13 Tumbling Club 2g Variety Club Z3 Good Manners Club 33 Charm Club 33 Operetta 13 Typ- ing Club 43 Square Dance Club 4. CLIFTON FORTE-Athletic Club 3-41 Football 3-43 Track 3: Chess and Check- ers Club 23 Collectors Club 3, Viff President SQ Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 4. LOLA MAE FRENCH-Drill 43 Dra- matics 4, Secretary 43 junior Red Cross 3-4, Treasurer 33 Y-Teens 13 Good Manners 23 Linz Award 2-33 junior Homemaking Degree 13 National Honor Society 4. GERRY GARDNER - Athletic Club I-23 Football 1-23 Good Manners Club 2-3, Vice President 33 Hot Rod Club 33 Square Dance Club 43 I-Iomemaking Club 4, President 43 Homeroom Treas- urer 33 DE 3-4. JIMMY FITE-Outdoor Life Club 1-4, Reporter 13 Chess and Checkers Club 33 Hot Rod Club 33 Junior Achievement 43 ICT 4. WAYNE FLOYD-Automotive Club 4. WANDA MONTY FRANKLIN-Jurr ioi' Red Cross 13 Future Nurses 1-2-3. Vice President 2, President 3g Typing 31 Student Council 3. KENNETH FURRH - Square Dance Club 1-2-33 Art Club 2, Reporter 23 Photography Club 3, Secretary 33 Typ- ing Club 3, President 33 Dramatics Club 43 Operetta 2-33 A Cappella Choir 33 Cheerleader 3-43 I-Iomeroom Secretary 43 Newspaper Staff 4, Re-write Editor 43 Annual Staff 4, Business Manager 43 Senior Play 43 National Honor So- ciety 4. CARL GARRISON-Photography Club 3-43 Outdoor Life 3-4. TRUDIE FLOYD GAUNTT-Y-Teens 13 Band 1-2-33 Band Club 1-2-31 Home room Officer 23 4-H Club 1-2. Presi- dent 13 DE -1. ALBERT GREEN-Aeronautics Club 2-33 junior Red Cross 43 Sales Club 4, JOE EDDIE HAGGERTY-Good Man- ners 23 Library 23 Homeroom President 23 Homeroom Secretary 13 Football 33 Hot Rod Club 33 Dramatic Club 3-43 Square Dance Club 4. NANCY HANES-Student Council 13 Homeroom Reporter 1, Treasurer 43 Good Grooming 3, Secretary 33 National Honor Society 3-43 Linz Pin 2-33 Guides Club 4, Secretary 4g Tumbling Club 43 Drill Team 4, Senior Captain 43 Foot- ball Princess 4g DAR Nominee 43 Class Vice President 43 Favorite 4. MICHAEL HARRIS-Football 1-2-3-4, Co-Captain 4g Basketball 2-33 Baseball 1-2-3-4, All City 33 Athletic Club 1-2-3- 43 Outdoor Life 33 Class Favorite 1-3- 43 Student Council 3-4, President 43 Class Officer 1-2-3. SENIORS c. H. GIBBS-Photography Club 2-3. Hot Rod Club 33 Square Dance Club 41 Chorus Club 4. CHARLES GRAY-Field and Stream Club 23 Hot Rod Club 33 Science Club 43 Engineering Club 43 Chorus 3-4. SHARON HALE-Pan American Club 1-ZQ Choral 1-2-3-43 Thespian Society 1-2-3-43 Operetta 1-2-3-43 Student Coun- cil 33 A Cappella Choir 43 Stenography Club 43 Linz Pin 4. PAUL HARKLEROAD-Hunting and Fishing 23 Hot Rod Club 23 Outdoor Life 43 Projection Club 3. SHIRLEY HARVEY-Y-Teens 13 Fu- ture Nurses 33 Junior Red Cross 39 Typing Club 43 Stenography Club 4. MARY SUE HATFIELD-Y-Teens 15 Variety Club 25 Good Manners Club 23 Future Nurses Club 33 ,lunior Red Cross FQ Charm Club 43 Typing Club 4. ROBERT HELSLEY-Outdoor Life 1- 43 Athletic Club lg Band Club 23 Science Club 2: Student Council 3: Band 35 Library 4. CHARLES HESTER-Athletic Club 1- 1-3-4g Football 1-2-3-4, Best Competitor 51 Class Officer 1-2-35 Annual Staff 4. Sports Editor 4: National Honor Society S-43 Linz Pin 2-3g Homeroom Officer l-2-5-43 Guides Club 4. Vice President -lg Hot Rod Club 3g Good Manners Club 31 Student Council 33 Track 1-2. ,IIMMY HODGES-Athletic Club 1-2- 5-4, Treasurer lg Football 1-2-5-4, Co- Captain 43 Track 13 Outdoor Sports Club 2: Speech Club 2-3-4g Choral 1-2- 3-43 Hot Rod Club 3g Square Dance Club 4. DONALD HOLLAND - Photography Club 1-21 Aeronautics Club 13 Hunting and Fishing Club 23 Photography Club lg Outdoor Life Club 33 Chess and Checker Club 53 Automotive Club 4. SENIORS FRED HAWN-Atlmletic Club 1-2-3-43 Track 1-Z3 Football 2-3-4g Outdoor Life 3-4, Secretary 39 Favorite 4. OLEEN HERRING-Y-Teens 1-53 FHA 13 Chorus 1-2-3g Operetta 1g Typing Club 2g Variety Club 2g junior Red Cross 33 A Cappella Choir 4g Stenog- raphy Club 43 Linz Pin 2-33 National Honor Society 4. RONALD HEVRON - Photography Club 45 Automobile Club 4g Aeronautics Club lg DE 41 Honorable Mention, DE Essay. BILLIE HOLLAND - Good Manners Club 33 Typing Club 3-4g Stenography 4. GAIL HOLLIS SONjA HORTON 4 Charm Club 41 Variety Club -li Newspaper Reporter 4. JEAN HOYT-Typing -lg Stenography Club -lg Favorite -1. BILL JERNIGAN-Key Club 2-5-4. President -lg Science Club 3-4, President 4g Current Events Club 3, President 39 Guides Club -lg Student Council 33 A Cappella Choir 5-4: Baseball Manager 41 Football Manager -lg Newspaper Staff 4, Sports Editor 4, Editor-in-Chief 43 Harvard Award 33 SMU Traffic Con- ference Representative 3-4g Linz Pin 2-5, National Honor Society 3-43 News Di- rector Key Club Convention 4. CHARLOTTE JOLLY-Y-Teens 1-31 FHA lg Variety Club 2g Future Nurses Club Zg Typing Club -lg Band 3-43 Band Club 45 Linz Pin 3. CI.OVlS KIRBY-Good Manners Club lg Projection Club 33 Chorus Club 4, Boys Quartet 5-4. GLENN HOXVELl.fBand l-2g Band Club 2-5: Photography Club -l: Outdoor Life Club -l. VICKI HUMPHREY - Square Dance Club lg Student Council 1g SMU Traf- fic Conference Representative 1-21 An- nual Staff 2-3-4, Art Editor 3-41 Class Officer 23 Football Princess 31 Valentine Princess 3--lg Publications Club 3. Presi- dent 53 Thespians Society 3-4,'President 41 Quill and Scroll 3-43 Drill -lg Senior Play 4. PATSY JOHNSON - Art Club 3-'lg Charm Club 33 Drill Club -ig A Cap- pella Choir 3-4. FRANK JONES - junior Red Cross Club lg Band 2-3-43 All City Band 33 Operetta Orchestra 5. TOMMY KIDD-Athletics Club 1-2-53 Hunting and Fishing 1, Secretary lg Hot Rod Club ?3Q Rod and Gun Club 2. Secretary 2: Typing Club -ig Automotive Club -l. SEN IORS CHRISTEEN KNIGHT- A Cappella Choir 43 Girls Trio 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Square Dance Club -1. JAMES LAWRENCE - Chess and Checkers Club 23 Sales Club 3-43 Art Club 53 DE 5--l. JOHNNY LAWSON-Athletic Club 2- 3-43 Basketball 2-3-4, Captain 4g Base- ball 33 Football 33 Tennis 43 Tennis Club 33 Photography Club 1'2Q Band Club 13 Homeroom Officer 1. ROY LEE-Hunting and Fishing Club lg Typing Club 3. PAULA LEWIS-Drill Team 1-2-3-4, Majorette 3, Lieutenant 4g Tumbler 1-23 Y-Teens 15 Tumbling Club 3-43 A Cap- pella Choir 4. TROY KNOXVLTON-EFA 13 Library Club 33 Chess and Checkers Club 43 Automotive Club 4. DANNY LAWSON - Band 1-2-5-4, President 4: Athletic Club 2-5-43 Basket- ball 2-33 Baseball 33 Tennis 43 Dixie- land Club 2-33 Tennis Club 33 Photog- raphy Club 23 Homeroom Officer 1-43 Senior Play 4. BARBARA LEAVELLE - Band 1-23 Y-Teen Club 13 Good Manners Club 2g Charm Club 33 Typing Club 43 Stenog- raphy Club 43 Newspaper Reporter 4. BETTY LEWIS-Drill Club 1-23 Y- Teens 1-23 Variety Club 3-45 Charm Club 3-4. BARBARA DAVIS MASSIE- Charm Club 2-3, President 23 Good Manners Club Z, President 23 Homeroom Secre- tary 2g Operetta 33 Stenography Club 4, President 4. DELORES MAYSfY-Teens 33 Turnb- ling Club 33 Typing Club 43 Square Dance Club 43 Favorite -4. RICHARD MLKINNIE - Hunting and Fishing Club 1, Treasurer l3 Current Event Club lg Chess and Checkers Club 23 Proiection Club 23 Tennis Club 33 Science Club 43 Boys Chorus 4, ROBERT ML'MlLLON - Athletic Club 3-43 Football 3-43 Baseball 3-43 Hot Rod Club 33 Science Club 4, Vice Presi- dent 43 Faxorite 4. IIMMY MILLER-Athletic Club 2-31 Track 2-33 Pan American Club 13 Hot Rod Club 33 Typing Club 43 Square Dance Club 4. CLOMA MORRIS-Band 3-4, Majorette 44 Band Club 33 Dramatics Club 5-43 Guides Club 4. SE IORS 'IIMMX' MCHARGUE-Art Club 3-43 Hot Rod Club 41 DE 4. RUTH MCKISSACK - Band 1-2-3-4. Majorette 2, Head Majorette 3, Drum Major 4g Valentine Princess 23 Football Princess 4g Homeroom Officer 43 Tum- bling Club 43 Newspaper Staff 4, Copy Editor 4g Favorite 4. PEGGY MILES-FHA 13 Operetta lg Choral Club 13 Y-Teens 13 Variety Club 23 Typing Club 3, Secretary 31 Future Nurses Club 2-3-43 Red Cross Club 4. BARBARA MITCHELL - Y-Teens ll Drill Team 1-2, Majorette 1-23 Tum- bling Club 3g Typing Club 3-43 Square Dance Club 4. JAMES MOSS-Athletic Club 4g Ten- nis 3g Track 3-43 Football Manager 43 Science Club 4, Reporter 4. XYILLIAM NEFF-junior Red Cross l-2-3x Aeronautics Club 1-2-3-4g Chorus -43 Key Club 3--lx Honorable Mention. DE Essay Contest 5, KAY NORTHCUTTSY-Teens lg Va- riety Club 1: Tumbling Club 2g Good Manners Club 2, Treasurer 2g Dramatics Club 5. Vice President 31 Charm Club 43 Junior Red Cross 3g Student Council -lg Book Club 4g Drill Team 41 Drill Club -lg Thespian Society 3-4g Senior Play -lg National Honor Society 4. JERRY PARTAIN-Athletic Club 1-2- 3, Treasurer 33 Football 1-2-3g Sports Club 1. Reporter Ig Boys Glee Club 3-43 Librarian 33 A Cappella Choir 4, Treas- urer 4, All State 41 Chorus 1-2-4, Presi- dent 43 Operetta 2-5, Manager Zg Good Manners Club 2, Treasurer 2. BURLDENE PERKINS-Pan American Club lg Operetta 1g Good Manners Club 2. Vice President 2: Homeroom Officer 2-31 Charm Club 3-4, Vice President 39 Stenography Club 4, Vice President 4g Newspaper Reporter 4. SONNY PYLE-Chess and Checkers Club 3g junior Historical Society 33 Senior Play 4. JOHN NIX-Band 2-5-4. Announcer 4g Key Club Director 3-41 Thespian Society 3-4. Secretary -lg Pan American Club 41 Band Club 2-3-4g Operetta 31 Linz Pin 3-31 Senior Play 43 Interscholas- tic League Contest 43 National Honor Society 4. JERRY OLIVER-Choir 31 Aer0nauticS Club 3. ANNA RUTH PEARSON - Square Dance Club 1-43 Home-making Club 13 Tumbling Club 23 Variety Club 2g Op- eretta lg Homeroom Officer 31 Charm Club 3Q Good Manners Club 33 Typing Club 4. TOMMYE LOU PITTS-Student Coun- cil lg Pan American Club 1-2-3-4, His- torian 2-3, Secretary 4: Art Club 1-2, Vice President 2g Annual Staff 2-3-4g Newspaper Staff 3-4, Art Editor 3, Exchange Editor 4g Tennis Team 3-43 Publication Club 4, Secretary 45 Linz Pin 2-3g Quill and Scroll 3-4g National Honor Society 3-4. RAYMOND RARIDEN - Projection Club 2-35 Photography Club 2g junior Red Cross 2g Outdoor Life Club 31 Sales Club 4, President 49 Library Club 4g DE 4. LINDA REEVES-Annual Staff 1-2-3- -l. Class Editor 41 Junior Historical So- ciety 5, President 53 Pan American Club sg Representative SMLT Traffic Confer- ence 5--13 Representative junior Citizens Traffic Commission 5-AIQ Guides Club 43 Linz Pin Z-53 Quill and Scroll 5-4, President -lg National Honor Society 3-43 DAR Candidate 4: Senior Play 43 Favor- itc 4 -IOHN PAIIL RIDDLES-Athletic Club I-2-5--ig Basketball 1-2-5--13 Baseball 3- -ig Photography Club 2, Treasurer 23 Tennis Club 5. Treasurer 33 Key Club 3--l, Treasurer -I3 Student Council 4. Vice President -I3 SMU Traffic Confer- ence Representative -63 Guides Club 4. President 41 National Honor Society 3-43 Newspaper Staff 4, Editor-in-Chief 4. Sports Editor -I3 Class Officer 43 Fav- orite -l. PHYLLIS ROHDE-Drill l-2-3-4. Lieu- tenant -l3 Drill Club I-2-3--13 Pan Amer- iran Club I-2-3. Vice President 33 Op- eretta I-2-sg Tumbling Club -lg A Cappella Choir -I. Librarian 4. DIANE SEARCYiY-Teens 13 Drill 1-23 Drill Club I-23 Operetta 13 Photography Club 33 Future Nurses Club 33 Typing Club 53 Homemaking Club 43 Stenog- raphy Club 4. MARVIN SCHULZ-Athletic Club 1- 2-3-43 Football 2-3-43 Baseball 3-41 Choral Club 43 Hot Rod Club 53 Student Council 33 Homeroom Officer 2-43 Sen- ior Play 4. SEN IORS CAROLYN RHODES-Y-Teens lg Va- riety Club lg Tennis Club 2-3, Vice President B3 Typing Club 5--lg Future Teachers Club ll, President -I3 Tennis Team 5--i3 Homeroom Officer 13 News- paper Reporter 43 Favorite 4. XVlI.BIlR ROBERTS-Athletic Club l- 21 Football l-23 Track I-23 Photography Club 2--lg Outdoor Life Club 23 Art Club 53 Automotive Club -I1 ICT -l. MARY LOU SANFORD-Y-Teens 13 Homeroom Officer l-23 Red Cross Club 2, President 23 Good Manners Club 23 Variety Club 33 Charm Club 33 Student Council 3g Typing Club -13 Science Club 4, Secretary 43 Linz Pins 3-43 National Honor Society -i3 DE 4. GENE SHOEMAKER-Y-Teens 1. PATRICIA SMITH-Y-Teens 13 Cheer- leader 2-5-43 Favorite 2-43 Homeroom Officer 43 Typing Club 3, Secretary 39 junior Red Cross Club 3, Reporter 3: Good Manners Club 23 Square Dance Club 43 Valentine Princess 2-3-43 Foot- ball Princess 43 Newspaper Staff 4, News Editor 4g Basketball Queen 4. SENIORS JAMES SPROSS - Science Club 2-4, MARGIE STEVENS-Dramatics Club Vice President 4: Tennis Club 3. Boys 2-33 Good Manners Club 2g Charm Club Chorus 4. 3g Drill 43 Typing Club 4. PATSY STEPHENS-Y-Teens lg Stu- dent Council lg Hot Rod Club 3g Com- mercial Club 4g Square Dance Club 4. JAMES STEVENSON -Band 1-2-5-4g Band Club 1-2-33 Outdoor Life Club 43 Photography Club 4, President 4. WANDA STOVALL - Photography Club 15 Good Manners Club 2g Charm Club 33 Variety Club 3g Y-Teens 43 Typing Club 4. ROSEMARY SHROPSHIRE TALLEY -Y-Teens Ig FHA 2g Hot Rod Club 49 Typing Club 43 Clinic Worker 2-3. RONNIE STEPHENS - Athletic Club 1-2-3-4g Basketball 1-2-3-4g Photography Club lg Key Club 33 Outdoor Life Club 4. BILLY STONE-Field and Stream Club lg Outdoor Life Club 15 Aeronautics Club 2g I-Iot Rod Club 3g Photography Club 3-4, Vice President 3-43 Automo- tive Club 45 junior Achievement 2-3-4. CECIL SUDDERTI-I-Hot Rod Club 3g Photography Club 33 Automotive Club 45 DE 31 ICT 4. LINDA TACKITT - Band 1-21 Y- Teens 1. Vice President 1g Good Man- ners Club 2. Reporter 2g Homeroom Officer 1-2-4g Student Council 1-23 Typ- ing Club 33 junior Red Cross Club 4, Reporter 4g Stenography Club 4, Re- porter 4q Newspaper Reporter 4. PAT TAYLOR----Athletic Club 1-2-3--ll Basketball 1-2-3--lg Tennis 3: Cheer- leader l-31 A Cappella Choir 4, Presi- dent ig Boys' Chorus -lg Boys' Quartette 3--ig Operetta 33 Chess Club 31 Good Manners Club 21 Senior Play -l. JERRY ANN THOMPSON - Photog- raphy Club l, Secretary-Treasurer 1: Va- riety Club 23 Tumbling Club 21 Y-Teen Club 3. Reporter 31 A Cappella Choir 3-45 Typing Club 3-45 Operetta 2-31 Stenography Club -l. VIRGINIA TRAYLOR-Annual Staff Artist 2-3--ig FHA 11 Literature Club 1. Secretary lg Art Club 2-3-4, 'Treasurer Zg Typing Club 3: Charm Club 4g Art Editor Senior Pub. 4. ANN TURNER-Annual Staff 1-2-3-4. Assistant Editor 5. Editor-in-Chief 4g Class Officer lg Student Council 4g Val- entine Princess 2g Football Princess 32 Y-Teens 1, Secretary lg Good Manners Club l-23 Choral 31 Guides Club 4g Drill 4g Favorite -lg DAR Nominee 43 Newspaper Staff 4. Copy Editor 4g Dra- matic Club 4. President 4: Linz Award 3g Quill and Scroll 5--lg National Honor Society 5-4g Senior Play 43 Interscholas- tic League Contest 4: Thespian So- ciety 4. CLYDE USREY-Athletic Club I-32 Photography 2-3-43 Hot Rod Club SL Chess and Checker Club 4g Automotive Club -ig Favorite 4. SEN IORS GERALDINE THOMPSON-Y-Teens Ig FHA 11 Pan American Club Ig Class Officer ll Good Manners Club 2, Presi- dent 2: Tumbling Club 2-45 Choral Club 33 Tennis Club 3g Drill Club -lg Student Council 4. RICHARD TOMPKINS - Aeronautics Club lg Outdoor Life Club lg Projection Club 2-35 Chess Club 25 Library Club 5. Secretary 5. BOBBY TL'CKER+Athletic Club 1-2- 3-43 Football 1-2-3-4g Track 1-2-3-4g Sportsman Club lg Automotive Club 3: Square Dance Club 4. Reporter 43 A Cappella Choir 4. JANIS TURNER-Y-Teens lg Chorus Club 1-Z-3-4g I-Iomeroom Officer 1-2-3- 4g Thespian Society 1-2-3-4g Operetta 1- 2-3-4: Variety Club 25 Stenography Club 3g Square Dance Club 43 A Cappella Choir 45 All State Choir 4. SUE VALENTINE-Band 1-2-SL Band Club 1-2-31 Y-Teens lg Photography 23 junior Red Cross 33 I-Iomeroom Officer 25 Operetta lg Dramatics Club 4g Guides Club 4g Student Council 4g Newspaper Staff 4, Feature Editor 4g Senior Play 4g Thespian Society 4. ELSBETH WACASEY - Y-Teens 1. Queen 1. Valentine Princess 1-2-3. Queen 4: Cheerleader 1-3-43 Tumbling Club 23 Charm Club 2-33 Good Man- ners Club 33 Student Council 3-4, Treas- urer 3. Secretary 43 Football Queen 43 Typing Club 43 Square Dance Club 43 Favorite 33 Linz Pin 33 National Honor Society 3-4. REGINALD WARREN-Athletic Club lg Good Manners Club 13 Typing Club 23 Hot Rod Club 3-4. DONNA JEAN WHITE-Drill 1-2-3- 43 Drill Club I-2-3-43 Pan American Club 2-33 junior Red Cross 43 Linz Pin 2-33 National Honor Society 4. JOAN VUOOD-Y-Teens lg Daisy Mae Nominee 13 One Act Play 13 Thespian Society 1-2-3-43 Good Manners Club 2, Secretary 23 Tumbling Club 2-43 Charm Club 3g Dramatics Club 33 Band 3-4, Announcer 3-4, Majorette 4g Homeroom Officer 2-43 Linz Pin 2-33 Guides Club 43 Senior Play 43 National Honor So- ciety 4. SENIOR CAROLYN WALLACE-FHA 13 Op- eretta 13 Good Manners Club 23 Typing Club 33 Charm Club 33 Choral Club 43 Future Teachers' Club 43 Linz Pin 2-33 National Honor Society 4. BENNY ROGERS WEATHERLY - Stenography Club 3: Typing Club 43 Commercial Club 43 DE 4. COMER WILLIAMS -- Pan American Club 1-2-3-4, Reporter 3, President 43 Chorus 2-33 Operetta 2-33 Band 3-43 Band Club 3-43 A Cappella Choir 3-43 Key Club 3-4. WALTER YAGER-Outdoor Life Club 13 Field and Stream Club 23 Typing Club 23 Photography Club 33 Commer- cial Club 43 Science Club 43 Key Club 43 Favorite 4. SENIOR HISTORY NXfhen we were freshmen, back in 1953, we entered the doors of Pleasant Grove High School with mixed feelings. We were happy to be there, but the thought of being in high school was strange and a little forbidding. We elected Charles Hester, president, Howard Baumann, vice president, Ann Turner, secretary, jimmy Hodges, treasurer, and Geraldine Thompson, reporter. Wfe chose as our candidates for Daisy Mae and Little Abner, joan Wood and jimmy Hodges. Our favorites were: most popular, Sue Bryan and Richard Anderton, most athletic, Mike Harris, and most beautiful, Jeanie McDowell. Pat Taylor and Elsbeth Wacasey were our cheerleaders. The next year we were sophomores and well accustomed to the routine of high school. Our president that year was Mike Harris, vice president, Charles Hester, secretary, Howard Baumann, treasurer, Vicki Humphrey, and reporter, Virginia Williams. We chose Pat Smith as the prettiest sophomore, Howard Baumann, the most handsome. Mike Harris and Sue Bryan were elected the most popular. Representing us in the Daisy Mae-Little Abner contest were Sue Bryan and Kenneth Dickson. Pat Smith and Gerald Finney led our class as cheerleaders. In our junior year Mike Harris was once again class president. Charles Hester was vice president, and Glynanne Bruton was secretary. Our favorites were Mike Harris and Elsbeth Wacasey. There were five cheerleaders from the junior class. They were Pat Smith, Elsbeth Wacasey, Betty Combs, Pat Taylor, and Kenneth Furrh. When at last our senior year arrived, we found that once again we were entering a new school. We were the first class to graduate from W. W. Samuell High School. We elected Buddy Riddles, president, Nancy Hanes. vice president, and Bertie Corry, secretary. Our favorites were Nancy Hanes and Fred Hawn, most popular, Carolyn Rhodes and Mike Harris, most athletic, Margaret Elmore Moffitt and Robert McMillon, most dependable, and Linda Reeves and Buddy Riddles, most likely to succeed. Elsbeth Wacasey was chosen Football Queen and Valentine Sweetheart. Mike Harris was elected president of the Student Council. The D.A.R. candidate was Linda Reeves. Cheerleaders were Pat Smith, Elsbeth Wacasey, Betty Bartholomew, and Kenneth Furrh. Linda Reeves Clary Edilor GRAD TIO BACCALAUREATE Class of 1957 W. W. SAMUELL HIGH SCHOOL Sunday, May 26, 8:00 P.M, High School Auditorium PROCESSIONAL: 'Triuinphal March". ....,... . , ,.... Verdi jean Odom, Pianist HYMNz Congregation Come Thou Almighty King Hr-lp ur Thy name to ting, Hulp ui ln praise: Falhur, all glorioui 01-r all ficronour, Come and reign ozer ar Anficrr! of Daji. "Come Thou Almighty King" .,,....,........ . . .,. .,,, .. .. ,Gxardinr and Choir To the great One in Three Eternal prairer be Herne erermore. Hii iorereigri majeriy May we in glory ree, And lo elernity Lore and adore. 1Ny0CA1-ION ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,.,.,...... ,,,..,........... , , , , ,,..,, Rev. Raymond F. Butts ' Asst. Pastor, Pleasant Mound Methodist Church Cnoiut. PRAYER RESPONSE , . ,.., ....., . . ..,., .,., ,.... ..,.. ..,, ....,... , A C a p pella Chou "Let the Words of My Mouth"-Anon. Harold Lichrenwald, Director "All Glory, Laud and Honor" ,,...., ..,,...... ....,. , , ,.,.,,, , . . .,,.,. ,Terchner A Cippella Choir Scnivrrnn Rmomc. ...... , ,, ,..... ...., ..,. , A . ,, ....,,.,, , .,,......,, Rev. Randall Odom Pastor, Pleasant Grove First Baptist Church HYMN: "Faith of Our Falherf' .................,..,,,,....,,, .,,,..,,. , , ,,.. ,r.... ,...., ,,,,,, H e rn y Congregation and Choir Fazlh of our fatherr! liiing rlill In :pile of dungeon, fre and :word Oh, how our heart: heal high uilh joy Uvhen e'er we hear that gloriour word! Faith of our falherr! Holy faith! Une will he true lo thee till death SKRMON., ...,..,.,.,. , , Faith of our falherrl u'e will love Balh friend and foe in all our .rtrife And preach thee, too, ar love know: how By kindly wordr and wrluour life: Failh of our fa-'herrf Holy faith! Une uill he lrue to thee till death ..........Rev. Randall Odom "Be Thou Not Still" ...,.. . .,.........,.....,,..........,, ., , ,,,, l.,,.,,.. . ..,,.., , .Foltz A Cappella Choir BENEDICHON ....... .........,,,,............ , ...,..,....... . .. .... ,.... ....,,...,. .,,.. R e v . Dwight A. Sharpe Pastor, John Knox Presbyterian Church CHORAL BENEDILTIONL "The Lord Bless and Keep You"... ..... . .Lulhin A Cappella Choir EXERCISES First Annual Commencement Exercises Class of 5 7 W. W. Samuell High School Dallas, Texas High School Auditorium Thursday evening, May thirtieth at eight o'cloclc Processional "Soldiurs Chorus" . Jean Odom, Pianist Invocation Welcome President, Senior Class Music "Myself Through Thee" Girls' Trio "The Lord's Prayer" A Cnppella Choir Mr. lllrold Lichtenwald, Director Snlutatory "Our Day", , Vuledicwry "To Serve" Announcement of Honors ,. . Gounod James Baker Buddy Riddles Caropetynn , Malone Linda Reeves Bill Jernigan W. O. Pipes Presentation of Diplomas , Mr. W. A. Bllir Member, Board of Education Benedi,-tion Kenneth Furrh Recessionnl K N fi: .fsgdijiif -QQXQ f ,, ' ,'w, , Q5 - A-.' - Q 12315233 x fi-ff: Q ff f. XWMQW: ,. nib K W :M lilxfgi i .1 5312-Jz 5, x , +A :fig g ' 525 3, ., fif. :SW S R Xi 1 ' x45L . N UNIOR CLASS UNIORS Gay Allen james Allen Ruth Blair Kenneth Boggs Peggy Allen Brenda Ballard Daniel Boone johnny Boren joe Barnes Eugene Bartholomew Debra Bradberry Clint Bradbury Jimmy Bellah Geraldine Bennett Michael Brantley Malcomb Brown Sabina Bennett Lellis Benningfield Barbara Brunson Bobby Brunson Evelyn Burnett George Burrows johnny Calvery Tommie Nell Carroll Glenda Carter Manny Carter Edward Chisenhall Carolyn Chumley Charles Clark james Cleveland jimmy Coffel johnny Cogburn Bobby Coker Jeanette Coker jimmy Cooper Rita Cooper Robert Copeland Guadalupe Cordova jackie Cox Betty Craker JUNIORS Michael Bruton Kenneth Burleson JUNIORS Thomas Crawford Margaret Cullen Jerry Daniel Charles Davis James Davis joan Davis jimmy DeWees johnny Dickson Ann Dodson jimmy Douglas Ronny Douglass Gloria Duggan Walter Earl Joan Eley Leslie Ewell Faye Farmer Shirley Farmer Donna Farrar Bobby Fite Glenda Flannery Jessie Forbes Don Foshee UNIORS Norma Fovnlcr Bettye Goodson ills w Ronald Fowler Patsy Fuquay l joy Guess Donna Graham Tommy Galyon Judith Gardner Monna Graham Benny Grax es Delores Garrett Judy Garoutte Linda Gray Wanda Gray lllmmy Gee Deveral George Bobby Griffis Linda Haggard John Grllrland Susan Goldgar Horace Hargrove Eugene Harmon "Q-s...,,k UN IORS Mary Henderson Jimmy HCUCYY Everett Harrison Nancy Hartman Sue Ann Herrin Earl Hester Gene Harvey Betty Hassell Hugh Hinton Sharon Hodges Stanley Hauerwas Ann Hawkins Wesley Hodges Veda Hook Pat Hahn Alice Hebel Buford Hopkins Sharon Horton Coy Henderson Herchel Henderson Pat Huckaby joe Hyden 1 fra 'K Roy johnson Valarie vlohnson Deanne jones jimmy jones Lowell jones Melba Jordan Betty jordan Charlie Juricek Margie juricek Sallyann Kallus Gerald Killian Bill King Richard Kirby Dean Lagle Doris Lancaster Mary Frances Lane Lou Ann Lawrence Tommy Lawhorn johnny Lewis Linda Little JUNIORS Georgia Loughlin Helen Luke Billy Lumley Don Lunday Trudy Maples jan Markham Annette Majors Peggy Martin Suzzane Martin john Mays Jimmie Lou McCain Bill McCutcheon Mary Alice Mclntosh Sandy McClain Barbara McClellan Tommy McNeely Rose Lea Melton Pat Miller Barbara Mitchell james Moon Bill Moser Eddie Moore Perry Moore UNIORS Doris Parks Linda Morgan 'T'enia Morgan Lloyd Pate james Moser Kenneth Murry Teresa Myrick Arlene Nelson Fred Patrick Charlotte Pendleton La Rue Pendley l. W. Rives Dorothy Richie Paul Noah Charles Padgett LaWana Robinson Donald Roden Martha Parker Brenda Parsons Kent Rogers Betty Romans JUNIORS Mike Rome james Southard Buster Sanders Larry Sanders Martha Spencer Sheila Stockton ,-1 ,f 1 f Y f 'ci -Xl Tommy Sanderson Peggy Sam ford Norma Stacy Billy Stanglin Ronald Sanford Richard Shaver Pat Stultz Connie Suman Gay Shirley Bailey Smith Pat Terry Joan Thompson Barry Smith Donald Smith Maxey Thompson Wanda Thorn UNIORS Linda Ticlwell Barbara Thrower George Webb Mamie Webb Jackie Tinney johnny Towles Mitchael White Milton Whittington Barbara Travis Jarrel Tunnell Mary Wllburn Dwain Wilder Glenda Vanderworth Starlynn Vernon jerry Williams Jack Wilson Fern Wagner jenelle Wallis Tommy Wimpee Ruby Wooley Billy Watkins Gail Webb jimmy Yates Donald Young I mf- W A F ,X -3 ' , , th 4 4. i . -Ui: f SW A 'M' J, ', L35.,:wM,- P? -r-ftfgl' 9- G 1 v. ,. P , 91' , 4., if rlkirzif ' , .-,TH-1 ' , s Q 4" " 424- X .-f , SOPHOMORE CLASS ,,!"' . N ,pv- OPHOMORE fi Front row. left to right: Morris McHal'gus. Pat Neal, Flizahcth Iwiills. -ludy Iviuwgrava, Sue MtNally. Brenda lNIai'tin. Sctontl row: loan Morris. ludy Bloslcv. Carolyn Lowe, Shirlcy Name, Beatrice Wfcathcrford, Patsy Pcmlwcrton. Mrs Kindlc. llnrd row: ill-an Adams, lfrcida 1N'IcGQlicc, Fourth row: Brad Moss. Danny Myritk. Gone Suinptcr, ,larry McDonald, Dean Morley. -lot' Muiiy. Fifth row: Loyd lNItCallie, Dcwain Meyers, Charlus lN'forCland. W'aync lNIai'nion. ,Iohnnic Newton. Front row, lcft to right: Edw Smith, Kaye Stewart. Sctond :iltl Stroud. Billy Thompson. Tolc. jerry Thornpson, John '-m-.wana-wi in Taylor, Chai-lotto Spcight, Brenda Stevenson, janet Stanslnory, Linda Summcrs,'Quida Belle row: Charlotte Dial. Patricia Dixon, Sarah Sigman. Brenda Buss. -Icraldcan Self. Third row: Ron- NIKS. Pctcrs. Fourth row: David Suwal, Glen Vziluntinc, Ronny Alslivroolc. Fifth row: VC'illiam Stevens, Kenneth XX"chh. Sixth row: Larry Taylor, Gary Wfebh, Darrel Stephens. 1111111 11111. lc-It 111 Iltilhf, I.111'q11.1 151111. C A1.lIll.l 131.111 I111111u1'111 li11sI1. A1111 IS I'x'clV1 SOPHOMGRE ,u1ul1.1 1511111-11 bi.lI'fl1.l I511tl1'1', .lL'flDiL' l'1r11w11, HLI A Hi, 111 I'11'1111ks, VIHIIII Cfg1lvr1't. S1-111111l 111111 rim-r11li11L'. KL'I1I1L'If1 fQ4111l1y, M11 IJ.lXiN. 'I'l111'1l 141x1' fxllflllll Kn1f'fL'V Ii111I1 gllt' liuxlv 4 I 1, .IKM 1 'f 1 l51111'c11, R.11' l'lut1l1c1'. ,lL'I'I'1' l.1111-I.111-. 1711111111 nm: I71'.111k Cfmrwluy, Il.1r11I1l C1111-1', l.1111'x f,1'.1!'t. UL-1'.1I1l H111 D 'I fxlUlIIlfN CQQUC C1 lu lwifrfh 111 R1 , . 1 ' mx 1 -1 1" 111111 C.I.11111111. C.l1.11lms f,r11t't. 811111111 CQ11fl1y, A1'tl1111 Ci111111w. 1 ,- Imnr 111113 In-11 111 11141111 ,Luk CI'All'iCl'. Sandra clilI'l7fhL'l'5, WILIDLILI C1'.1wfc11'1l. Silfdll Cl11'isti.1n, l.111J.1 flmklin, .l11I111L'll Cullen 1r1111I 111112 -lcrry D11ww11, N111'111.1 Clark, Clulrlnttc Br1111kS, I'11'c11J11 CfI1111111111r1, Arn-llc H11Ily111.111. Billy lfnglalml. 'lAl1i1'1l 111112 Mu. U1'1i'f111, lfrul ShQ'I'llMlI1. 'Im' 'I'1111r1, 'Ic1111cttc f:1lPPl'L'H, lrmc h'fLflOV1'I1. F11111'tI1 11111: C,11lv111 D1111m-l, D111i1l I?i5k'll'. R111111l1l 111gl.1x, C1111 17111111111 VI11111111' Earl, Fifth row: .ILIIUCS E111'nl1c11rtl, Miku li1'11r1s, R11 y H1111-1, D.1v11l lfL'l'l'L'Il. KR'DDL'fl1 D.1v1s. -X- SOPHOMORE Front row. lctt to iight: ,loycc Rogers, Carolyn Gilbert. -larry Herrington, Rohhic ,loc Gentry. Sctontl row: Carolyn Wilcrr1.in. lh'l1ll'fl1.l lfrrcin.1i1, Clmrmrrynu Autonic, Barbara Gowin, Carolyn Frazier. Thirtl mu: ,lohnnic Higginhotlum. Citilfly Gaul- mr. Nimlm Clin-11, M.iry bi'41y,P41tsy Davis. Fourth row: Iimmy Hulgupc-tlm. ,lou lioh Iohnson. Mike lNl.1l1.1ftcv Stut- Humplircy. Alan Vlortlan. Fifth row: David Allen, jimmy lllolluntl. F it my Front row. lctt to right: Hi1I'flQII Emerson, Lriilcllc Dc-Frcczc. Diphine Fort-man, Niltlrul Curtis. Cixuc Dcnhiim. Sscontl ron: S.mclr.i Forxyth. Rona Ellis. Sonia Dunhar, Pzitsy lflmorc. Pansy Futon. 'lihirtl row: Stcvc Circcn. Clmrlcs Hantmlc, Fra-tltlv Hgrrrcll. Morris Hallman. Fourth row: Lynn Gunzc, Jerry Grew, AIOQ Henry Hzmcx Don Flynt, Dwainc Gough, Fifth rim: l.cSlcy Garth. SOPHOMORE T Frunt ww, lt-tit tu iight' Siminnc llliitk, Lili-n Antlcrtun, G.il.1ntl Pot-. Sanilrti Arnett, Susan lltii'ht'r, St-mntl row: 'Inc llI'HXYI1. llrvntl.i licrryhill. Pit liurcn. 'Ihirtl row: -limmy llruxcn. -larry Antlurwn, Patsy llctlxwll, Bits. lliaitltuixl. Fuurtlm rim: Iitl lilrisingiiim-, l.t-stun Hitkcrwn. I,intl.1 llcllt Betty litiiigliinun, Frances Hgulgt-tt, Fitth rmv: I.4ii'i'y Brmiksr Brirhgim Atlaiir, Sixth ruw: l.1irryA1'tlicr, Don Burr, Limlqi liritlgcs, ,ln-.int-ttc liuotli. vlritlv Huppc. Seventh row: 'Itnnu lirnwn, Tommy liiuiy. l..irry Frryan, Nitky Alcxiimlcr. Mika- Hoyt. Alurry Atliims. i, -f""' ,-1 i 'E '2 r w .Fax 1 , I F-.Q-r '71 f. n ff .w' 1, t in-. Fmnt mw, In-ft to right: Cl.iutlia I.c1ir, lSicntl.i Ktirncy. Rchctui Hutlsun, SAlflLll'.l.l1lLlC5Uf1, Maultilyn Hutlgcnm. Shurry Ruhin- sun, i-l4l1L'F5SQl I,nt'tun, St-tuntl mwg Nita -ltihnsun. -Inliiym' -lticksun. lizirhniui Lac, -liinct Irvin. litiihzim jones. -lnnct Hultr Thirtl row: Suclynn Ivins, Hcrmain Lylcs. Billy Motmrc. -luh Mtilliirtl, hir. Dlohnsnn. Fourth row: liutltly lxfiilflkglllkl. Dunalcl Mitihvll. Sammy Ruhcrts. Rmlm-y Moore. Fifth row: Frcdtly Monty. Fred Iviriixiscolu, Mike Mlynczaki Carl Mitcham. GPHOMORES Front row, left to right: Paula Robinson, janet Morgan. Linda Pratt, Sally Norris, Katherine Mills, Pat Perkins. Second row: Mr. Mitchell, Terry Rainey, Patricia Pickard, Nedra Patton, Mike Smith, Gary Staples, Tommy Durham. Third row: ,loc XX'are, Kenneth Buie, Stan Read, Lyndon Patrick. Huey Precise, Randy Ray, jimmy Robb, Kenny Oringderff, Larry Schafer, Fourth row: john Otool. David Pierce. Stew Swayze, Gayle Potts, jimmy Newman. Henry Schober, Richard Shaha. Richard Story. Larry Turner. l l l 0 Front row, left to right: Patty Wall, Barbara Talle, Nina Walker, Juanita Williams, Carolyn Thuman, Virginia Wylie Second row: Karen Unger, Faye Work. Pat Wolfe, Linda Trimble, Caroline York, Sheron White, Mary Lou Thornburg Third row: Mr. Rogers. Benny Welch, Bobby Smith, Perry Barker, johnny Towles, Henry Wisdom, Preston Blackstone Fourth row: Don Wortham. Dick Wfhite. William Balusek. Winston Wilder. Ben Wilson. OPHOMORES llront row, loft to right: Sarah Hwtcr, Martha Hodcn, Harrictt Hcttith, Lyncttc Glenn. Alice Taylor, llarhara Coker lit-th Mtliinnon. Sctond row: Elizalwn-th Hickman, Ervalcnr: Henderson, Wzintlar Arnold, Danah Hodges, jo Ann Hoguc Shirlcy Holley, 'lk-ddic Hodges. Third row: Mr. Young, R. I.. Kirk, Ronald Lcavullc, 'larry Kirkham, Tommy Kirlcpatritk KL-nncth Klart. liurnis Largo, loc Rcagan. Fourth row: Tommy Knowlton, David Kamp, Sammy Kinvs, David Shoe horn, Rsx Lana, Pat Kchncr. jimmy Cole. Tommy Laman. lfront row, lc-ft to right: Eloise Johnston, Patsy Miller. .lanicc Stcwnson, Carolyn jones, Elizabeth Howell, Judy john- xon, St-tond row: Sandra Tcsto, Dwain Jordan. Terry Miller, Christine Karlcn, Ruth Kaiscr, Timothy jones, Mrs. Loving. Thirtl row: Bill Mtfiarxcr, Mike Hatchcl, jerry Lemons, Rohn-rt lN1ays,Gcoi'g:,c Hanes. Don Hughcy, Edward Cain, Iamcs Iaukcy, Fourth row: jimmy Lumlcy, Nolan Halc, XX'ayne Hcrron. lien Lewis, Tommy Jonas, Alan Hrncir, Mike I.ow-range, llilly -loc Hrtrrii, Daxitl Hitt. OPHO ORE Front row, left to right: Penny Upthegrove, Janice Thorn, janet Sue Genzel, Ronda Smith, Ann Sypert, Doris Bell Mill- away, Mrs, Palm, Second row: Marcus Cervantes, jr., Linda Thompson, Patricia Strickland, Lynn Watkins, Ruth Suitor. Wfayne Vifright. Back row: Charles Stratton, Eddie Pierce, Mike Morgan, Larry Leggett, Bobby Stevenson, Ronald Williziiiis, joe Sandone. Front row, left to right: jean Pyle, Patricia Samples, Betty Second row: Edward Saddler, Harold Smith, Elaine Rule, Connie Russell, Alford Rives. Third row: Mr. Newton, james Rogers, jerry Rogers, Ronnie Smith. Fourth row: Max Tubb, jimmy Shoemaker, Henry Shelton. Rhodes Lawson, Orpha Mae Savage, Marilyn Cross, Patty Pyle Sue Soloman, Toledo Cox, Myona Bussell, Sharlyne Schulze Charles Oliver, Dickie Smith, Glenn Boone, Robert Richey Clifford McQueen, Jerry Roberts, Billy Scott, james Sebastian OPHOMORES Ifront row, left to right. D.mntr Osborn, 'Inn Rith.1rtls, -lrukie Pope, Shirley Overturf, Tenna Gibson, Lintla Payne. Rohhie lieth Pike, Lintln Hunt, Suomi mum jerri Painter, Mikel Rirritlen, Shirley Pierce, Mildred Perry, Cecile Pitts, jerry Nor' rell. 'lhirtl row: 'l'rrrx'is Rhodes, jerry Parker, john Reeder, Linda Nerren, Ann Pickerrell, Clarence Richardson, Mr. L41 liorne. Fourth roxx: l,.1rry llisterling, Lee Roy Prize, Dyrle Phillips, liill Malyfielnl, Roger Rich, Gene Pilxlncl, Donzlltl Peak. lfront row, left to right' Patsy Dugger Anim Iftircloth Beverly Glover jo Ann Fc am Ia Von eHolI l G 'l H' k . . , . . , , "gg ', . n ant, ai it s. Setontl row: Donrrltl Dennis, La Warnuli Burgess, Barham Ferrell, Marian Hays, Shirley Green, Ann Gunclarlcer, Etltlie lfreem.in, Mr. Hughes. Third row: Harry Green, Larry Greeman, Stanley Dabbs, Larry Carvell, Ronnie Crosby, Bill Collins, Ramon Diisrh, Mike Ghorinley, jerry Campbell. Fourth row: Larry Ellsworth, joel Crocker, Marion Crossland, joe Drake, ,lolm liullzirtl, Mike lflanery, Fred Greene, Diuitl Cox, Don Cawthon. This is juft u little note To tell you that 106,76 through, Though we'1fe tired, it'5 heeu fun Here'5 The TORCH for you. TO TI-IF STUDENT BODY: Your careful attention is invited to this section of The Torch and to the messages from the loyal business men of this eom- munity whose support has helped to make this annual possible. Sincerely yours, joe Bailey Hyden Advertising Manager Blu. JERNIGAN LINDA REEVES MAReAReT eLMoRe Q... NANCY HANES CHARLES HESTER KAY NORTHCUT S D e LOLA MAe FREN-O-IT BUDDY RlDDLes MARY Lou SANFORD HIGH HONOR STUDENTS OF I956-57 Complimenfs of KINDER - KRAFT STUDIO 229 Pleasani' Grove Shopping Cenfer Ralph A. Geddie, Owner 1 ENJOY TASTY ROOT BEER Rich in Old-Fashioned Flavor, Brirnful of Healfhful Goodness No BoH'led Tasie Because I+'s Dra'F+ Roo+ Beer Curl: Service in a Jiffy Park in Shady Comforf , Talce-Home Orders Qualify Food Ingredienfs Friendly Sales People Healfh Dept lnspecfed i Bar-B-Q Dixie Burgers Chili Dogs Cheeseburgers Icy Orange Malls and Shakes 85l6 Lalre June Rd. EXI-6l53 0 'agfwfjg FUR TIIE gwnpt- HMM, I89 Pleasanf Grove Shopping Cenfer '33 .lj Anna Rufh and Bar bara frusi fheir own cooking in home-ec. Q e Somew Senliqglgwv 1 TAYLOR FURNITURE co Some+l1ln9 Sens' f Gifis Give I for flue Home id FURNWURE' 5 I4I8 So. Buckner EXI-0690 - fav..-.1 ee B lfxff, B Jus...-.. STAFFORD INSURANCE AGENCY I624 Soufh Buckner Blvd. S - snr: mm Dallas I7, Texas ervlce 6 Dallas Phone EX I-0824 and Garland Phone 6-2343 S .+ msuuucz ecur' Y Beaf Wood row' ,WE N Complimenfs of S. D. RAMSEY Represen+ing SOUTHWESTERN BALFOUR CO. DALLAS, TEXAS JEWELERS AND STATIONERS FOR ALL OUR SENIOR CLASSES TROPHIES AND MEDALS CLASS RINGS AND PINS DIPLOMAS AND CERTIFICATES ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CARDS BUCK'S TV 81 RECORD SHOP JIMMY HUETT, Owner Records STORE No. I I3lI So. Buckner EXI-3887 STORE No. 2 I09I0 Garland Rd. Hi-Fi Congrafulafions +o fhe Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Classes of W. W. Samuell High School. These honors are expressed 'lo each individual and we have chosen Ru+h McKissaclc as our represen'la+ive. GROVE STATE BANK MEMBER F.D.l.c. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SPARTANS OUR BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE GRADY WALL REAL ESTATE TWO OFFICES l2ll So. Buckner 9424 Second Ave EXI-3498 AT6-I IO4 ALADDIN CLEANERS "One Day Service" 6' I43 Pleasanf Grove Shopping Cenfer EXI-3556 See Your Local DESOTO - PLYMOUTH Aurhorized Dealer For a New or Used Car Buy Wi+h Confidence BRUTON MOTORS I802 S. Buckner Ph. EXI-I I37 Phorographing Hae pho+ograph BAYLOR CLEANERS 8I I7 SCYENE 8029 LAKE JUNE EVI-9073 AS CLOSE AS YOUR PHONE WE PICKUP AND DELIVER WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS Y GLASS SERVICE CENTER l503 So. Buckner Blvd. EXI-5098 'phlllnps MACON - HOLCOMB FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Family Group Insurance 8I42 Lake June Rd. EXI-4600 Prescriprions and Your Order for Medical Supplies Delivered FREE 11595 lf ,gt flier" Q:"K I, 5 5,10 l WORLD was ff :.. cur RATE DRUG STORE e.'r up we 3 r,.,:., 6 2 . lc I . -3 Veda Hoolc vocalizes al' +l1e Foofball Dance.l I 4' S Buc ner Bvd EX' MI 'umm nki. if -- . I-iii 'ifilrsilis R- fre Aco I JOHNSON'S TEXACO SERVICE 2005 SOUTH BUCKNER EXI-4884 "Go Wifh 'Joe' and Texaco" LUBRICATION MOTOR TUNE-UP POLISHING BRAKE SERVICE TIRE REPAIR WHEEL BALANCING WASH MUFFLER AND PIPE INSTALLATION WE PICK UP AND DELIVER Milne loses more fingers 'thai way! TOM HIGH MOTORS New and Used Autos 'j?1+5 .,,,,, me umesi 593955 O I 709 S. Buckner EX8-7272 T. W. HIGH, Owner JOE TAYLOR, Salesman Joe Hanes beafs ou+ a leH'e GUY BERRY 8. JOHN READ REAL ESTATE INSURANCE I434 So. Buckner EXI-3980 DALLAS GROVE NURSERY BeH'er Landscaping af a Be++er Price 8224 LAKE JUNE RD. EXI-6385 American Ed Senor Nix explains Spanish + H1 'I' W lc uca ion ee a dxf A H 1 f- , f" w N' IX, ...ff 1 Q 9 CASSlDY'S CONOCO STATION TCP Gas ani iuper Oil V Goodric ires NASH BEAUTY SALON 8424 LAKE JUNE EXI'3-H9 7938 Lake June Phone EX I-9056 PAUL'S FLORIST GREEN HOUSE Hospifal Arrangemenis Wedding Decora+ions Flowers Telegraphed Funeral Designs Poi' PIan+s, Corsages 20 I 7 SO. BUCKNER EXI-5993 Q TOP - HAT CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY A H s CLIANIRS E LAUNDERY ...., ., . , Q 2mWMNM ,y 4 1336 So. Buckner Blvd. EX I -0790 HAYES-THOMPSON-SANDERSON Com pIe'Ie Insurance Pro'Iec'I'ion Ancl 'Ihe rains came . . . and Ihey s'IayecI. HARVEY HAYES ROGER THOMPSON I207 So. Buckner EXI-2I3I MARTIN'S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Washing - Greasing - Accessories ,I ,, 1, IZ36 So. Buckner Blvd. EXI-3660 SYMNS FLOWER SHOP "Le+ Flowers Express Your TI1ougI1I's" 8I I2 Lake June Road Phone EX I -0944 HA8-6237 MURRAY'S TEXACO SERVICE EXI-4382 FAST ROAD SERVICE Your Texaco Dealer 8449 Lake June BUCKNER REALTY CO. Real Esfafe Commi'rmen+s Loans I6I0 So. Buckner Office Ex:-2: I3 Nigh+ Ex:-2317 G .CL-' i ff-3 : I ill Subur ml ' -.Q LID I, a ,fkizi m it .1 The Communiiy Newspaper-Serving Samuell Area PUBLISHING - PRINTING 8I I4 Lake June Rd. 52.00 per Year by Mail 5 ff: I All Jani, Q if '1 ?j'H7'? rl ,Q Q It L 4 A, . , M35 'Ev I 4 1545 N ,, ag JAMILLE'S Headquar+ers 'For Junior Apparel 247 Pleasanf Groye Shopping pCen+er EXI-I923 PLEASANT GROVE LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Building Malerials II50 So. Buckner Blvd. EXI-2I28 Everylliing for +l1e Builder '!,,. ZZ, BENNETT 81 BRYANT TEXACO SER. STA. Phone EX I -9 I 85 . H., M- ' 44I So. Buckner '1 1, A I I ll 0 V ,ETT I TE,TTTA V mamma W . uw Fas? Road Service Mofor Tune-Up A -"' r Wi I Brake Service is one really is a 'Fire driII-no+ afomic. 44I SO. Buckner McKEE JEWELERS Greering Cards for All Occasions 259 PIeasan+ Grove Shopping Cenfer EXI-43I I Eddie presenfs TI16 princesses wifh corsages 'CEZZ LEONARD DUCKWORTH AGENCY REALTOR 7827 Lake June Rd. EXI-I I4I WOOLBRIGHT TV SERVICE Pho. EXI-3706 I334 S. Buckner iTU9ESgRll iIQ2r'f A mfg ,L KKK. g,,...----" U T Mm . , A Guaran+eed Radio, TV Repair Nighi' Pho. EX8-9925 CompIimen+s of KENT AUTO PARTS 8245 Scyene Rd. EVI-I I97 SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT W. W. HUGHES MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Courfeous, Friendly, Efficieni Service 7738 Lake June Road EXI-9040 HORN - WILLIAMS Your AuI'horized Ford Dealer SA LES SER VICE I 2060 S. Buckner a+ Brulon EXI-3I45 MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE WITH PAINT FROM Fitzgerald Paint 81 Hardware Your Decorafing Cen+er Over 2500 Colors +o Selecl' From 8007 Lake June Rd. EXI-2I4I i I V ff CRE-MEL DRIVE IN I654 So. Buckner Ice Cold Cre-mel Rool' Beer Delicious Hamburgers. Barbecue Ham Sandwiches Fool' Long Hoi' Dogs, Chili- Dogs Phone No. EXI-90II our Q jr IDEPENDABLE Dlzueelsr PLEASANT GROVE PHARMACY I3 I 5 So. Buckner EXI -3 I 97 Free Delivery Prescrip+ion Specialisi' WE'VE GOT A PROPOSAL If you're noi' happily married fo your presenf dry cleaner we would like fo "propose ' We promise fo love and cherish each and every garmeni ' We promise guaranfeed quali'I'y cleaning 0 We promise 'Fas+, efficien+ service and experl alfera+ion SHAMROCK CLEANERS Laundry l426 So. Buclcner Blvd. EXI-4774 451' f P' George Webb chauffeurs ihe 'foolball princesses. 0. L. SUTPHEN FURNITURE I47-B Pleasani' Grove Shopping Cen1'er EXI-5387 Full Sfock of Modern and Confemporary Furnifure for Your Selecrion No lnieresf No Carrying Charges PLEASANT GROVE CLEANERS CompIe+e Cleaning and Laundry Service 80II Lake June Rd. EXI-5687 CompIimen'I's of ESTES LAKE FARM Home of Es'Ies Counhy Sausage FISHING WM. H. ESTES 99 I 5 Bru'I'on Rd. AT5-5952 BARRETT MOTOR CO. NFB' BARRETT MOT0R4...fJ, I530 So. Buckner EX I -3 I 93 I Coy Henderson escorfs Queen EIsbe+h S' on fhe 'foofball field. y . ji?-rs - ., - .. . I rt NILSON JEWELER Meels All Calalogue Prices Bafons Megaphones Foo+balIs Baslrefballs ln Sferling and Gold Filled Grove's Oldest Jeweler 8426 Lalze June EXI-9008 Diamonds Wafches Coslume Jewelry Sferling and Silverplale Complimen1's GRCVE REAL ESTATE S. D. Sprinkle Mary Helen S Wm. H. Es'l'es Complimen'I's of SOUTHERN MAID DONUTS NO. 2 l40l So. Buckner EXI-69 I 2 LITHOGRAPHED BY TA LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS Q TEXAS The Hes! Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE -' ,half - -f - . . -4.:-:,:-.cxc-av.::a-mzzra-vzrrsi-fr., .agus-' ' ' :-

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