W Tresper Clarke High School - Scope Yearbook (Westbury, NY)

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W Tresper Clarke High School - Scope Yearbook (Westbury, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Q, 1. Q , WS, "YV x, , 4 I Qknl T959 W. TRESPER CLARKE HIGH SCHOOL I E L" M' ,, VA.,..w f - . 5 .1,, '-I 3 'Hi' M 'fx f'--- , 4 un. 3.. Q.- --i..,i "x. SK .ts 'A W. TRESPER CLARKE HIGH SCHOOL, WESTBURY, NEW YORK TABLE OE CONTENTS A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRINCIPAL PAGE 6 FOREWORD PAGE 7 OEDICATION PAGE 8 A LETTER FROM MR CLARKE PAGE 10 ADMINISTRATION PAGE 11 FACULTY PAGE 17 4, SENIORS J QQ PAGE 45 LOWER CLASSMEN PAGE 81 PAGE 105 ATHLETICS PAGE 135 PATRUNS PAGE 151 ,r - 5 I 1 2, .5 . , C, f W 'WS .wg In .f' If-2 A A ' A vi, wi ' "TL X ,,..., 1. " A 1' ' . it D 311 1- Acnvmfs E' A A K: , f3.?T, if elif - ' 'A QT, 'N 11 f.H, 3 L A AIILSSALIL FRIIAA LIUR PRINCIPAL DEAR GRADUATES. AS THE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS OF W. TRESPER CLARKE. YOU HAVE A UNIQUE RESPONSIBILITY. TO YOU FALLS THE TASK OF ESTABLISHING A REPUTATION FOR OUR SCHOOL BY YOUR WORK IN ADVANCED EDUCATION OR INDUSTRY. THOSE WHO FOLLOW YOU WILL BE IUDGED TO A DEGREE BY THE QUALITY OF YOUR WORK. REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU DO ON LEAVING US. REMEMBER WE SPEAK OF A'COMMENCEMENT," NOT "GRADUATION" THIS MARKS THE BEGINNING OF NEW LEARNINGS RATHER THAN THE END OF YOUR EDUCATION. EDUCATION IS A LIFELONG JOB: IT NEVER ENDS. AS YOU LEAVE US TO GO TO COLLEGE OR WORK, I WISH YOU A LONG, HAPPY, AND USEFUL LIFE. SINCERELY, AZW71- Af WE, THE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS OF W. TRESPER CLARKE PRESENT OUR FIRST YEARBOOK, SCOPE. WE HAVE ENDEAVORED TO INSCRIBE ON THESE PAGES THE TRUE SIGNIFICANCE OF A SCHOOL YEAR. HERE FOREVER ARE THE PEOPLE, THE PLACES, THE EVENTS, AND THE EXPERIENCES THAT MAKE TREASURED MEMORIES. OF COURSE, THESE MEMORIES DO NOT BELONG EXCLUSIVELY TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS. WE HAVE TRIED TO MAKE SCOPE A COMPLETE AND ACCURATE RECORD OF LIFE AT CLARKE. WE HAVE CHOSEN SCOPE AS THE TITLE OF OUR BOOK. SCOPE MEANS OPPORTUNITY FOR FREE OUTLOOK AND ACTION. SCOPE INDICATES THE COMPLETE COVERAGE THIS BOOK STRIVES TO ATTAIN. OUR THEME IS "THE FIRST." FIRST IS FOREMOST IN RANK, DIGNITY, TIME, AND EXCELLENCE. SCOPE IS THE FIRST YEARBOOK OF THE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS OF W. TRESPER CLARKE HIGH SCHOOL. FUREWURU fnllg. if an 'vw- ,I TO THREE MEN WHO HAVE DEDICATED THEM SELVES T0 US, WE FEEL IT APPROPRIATE TO DEDICATE THIS, OUR FIRST YEARBOOK. THESE MEN, IN THE ADMINISTRATIVE CAPACITY, HAVE DONE A SPLENDID JOB OF GUIDING W. TRESPER CLARKE THROUGH ITS DIFFICULT FIRST YEARS. THIS SMALL GESTURE IS BUT A TOKEN OF OUR APPRECIATION AND SINCERE GRATITUDE FOR THE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING SHOWN BY MR. MANAREL, MR. HOPKE, AND MR. KRAITH. 4 MR. SAMUEL A. MANAREL MR. GEORGE K. HOPKE AND MR. HERBERT R KRAITH P XL Ns DEDICATION . "7 PK L 1 J FROM AFAR I HAVE WATCHED YOUR CLASS APPROACH THE DAY WHEN EACH OF YOU WOULD LEAVE THIS SPLENDID SCHOOL, SEVEN YEARS AGO, THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR PLANNING SCHOOLS IN EAST MEADOWS FUTURE DID NOT ANTICIPATE THAT THIS SCHOOL WOULD COME TO ITS FULL STATURE IN SO SHORT A PERIOD, WE DREAMED OF GENERATIONS OF YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN WHO WOULD BEGIN THEIR CAREERS IN EAST MEADOW SCHOOLS, AND TAKE AN ACTIVE PART IN SHAPING THE WORLD IN THEIR TIME. YOUR INCREASING KNOWLEDGE OF THE ARTS, SCIENCES, AND HUMANITIES BRINGS ALL OF US GREATER HOPE FOR PEACE, HAPPINESS, WORLD TOLERANCE, AND DIGNITY AMONG ALL NATIONS. THE SCHOOL SPIRIT YOU HAVE STARTED AS CLARKES FIRST GRADUATES HAS SET PATTERNS AND TRADITIONS FOR MANY WONDERFUL YEARS TO COME. THOSE DREAMS ARE NOW REALITIES AND BRING IMMENSE SATISFACTION TO ALL WHO SEE YOUR RESPONSE AND EN- THUSIASM. I AM HUMBLE AND PROUD TO HAVE BEEN ONE OF MANY WHO HELPED TO PROJECT AND CARRY OUT PLANS FOR YOUR EDUCATION WHICH TODAY BEAR SUCH SPLENDID DIVIDENDS AND WHICH WILL GROW TO MATURITY. FOR ALL OF YOU I FEEL A SPECIAL WARMTH AND AFFECTION AS YOU LEAVE YOUR TEACHERS AND THIS SCHOOL PROUDLY TO COMMENCE A NEW CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE. I HOPE SUCCESS WILL ACCOMPANY YOU IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVOURS. '11 'thi' MR. W. TRESPER CLARKE President, Board of Education 1950-54 THE BOARD OE EDUCATION EAST MEADOW FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 3 SEATED: Mr. Joseph R. Greenberg, Mrs. Arthur Collins, Mr. Edward A. Moss, Mr. Frederick C. Carver. STANDING: Mr. Arthur 1. Leatherman, Mr. Charles Esposito, Dr. Anthony Barbaccia, Dr. Edward I. Mccleary. SUPUR ER' Enw INTEN I T 0F"gghfA,,Y 00'- s fmxwiv was B ss QQ NSN ix xsx QYQSQSSK V- 'amy mxvewg sa xsexxwd Q5 Qfcwwxs Q2 xxmxsx was ww gan 'QM' wx swfdxws. YN Saws 'Q xv 'wp 'webs eww QQ few 'xxQ.xwaQK 'vm fm ww M2 Qwaxas GQ wa 'X szwxxmmx was xcxx scxmx, s 'wx S! Mn As' SAM SISTASIP A su'P'fQIP:lAREL TEN DEN T OF SCH OOL s -'max wfexwx A wx v mm Q wee- Qif Q. Qaamxmx 'MSS Nu, fbi , fmsw NXXYRXNSQQYS Q scam f5i?xasasc,xs mx fesamv, Qmcsxssxxd wax sm. vkvxik GQ 'luv xv. meow ww. VXYQQQ mc f we QQ?-Q5 Nm GRN Qwaxxas 'WS mxgxqxmxxss 'xc Nksxsfas Xqzk yksxsfex msxkwbxsxmi gm swsuxxsmqx 'WSG , mxxfzxsxclxs, QQXVXG X N F-Q 13 Y :AISI H 7 IQ E ix' JI F MM!! MR. GEORGE BAIRD MR. GEORGE McVEY SUPERINTENDENT OF BUILDINGS ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT . "X -5 I 7 . f II? ff . sl ,I3 If II.. Y -94 'ax' I X, Viwwm, , y MR. MORTIMER PEARLSTONE MR. FREDERICK SHORE BUSINESS MANAGER ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT IVIR. GEORGE K. HOPKE PRINCIPAL OF W. TRESPER CLARKE HIGH SCHOOL Wfy fy 1:95 IVIR. WILLIAM G. FARRELL ASSISTANT FOR THE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL IVIR. HERBERT R. KRAITH ASSISTANT FOR THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL s- -J I JI 1 I X hm . F K .LL , MR. JOHN BRIERLY DIRECTOR, MUSIC MISS HESTER CARVER SUPERVISOR, HOMEMAKING MR. PAUL DRESKA DIRECTOR, RECREATION MR. MATTHEW GRAHAM DIRECTOR, VOCATIONAL ED. AND MR. GERARD S. JOHNSON DIRECTOR, PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. JOHN KEANEY SUPERVISOR, READING MR. JOHN MCCAGG AUDIO-VISUAL AIDES MR. A. LOUIS MORSE SUPERVISOR, LIBRARIES MRS. PHYLLIS B. NELSON DIRECTOR, ART MISS RUTH PRIOR LUNCH MANAGER MISS ANN RIZZARDI HEAD SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST MR. FRANK ZIMNOCH SECONDARY CURRICULUM COORDINATOR Iv" 4 I 5 . ty "S, 5- x-C E x I Q Y w ,, I N. , mm Q.. WHILE WE GENERALLY THINK OF "FACULTY" AS A TEACHING STAFF. THE, WORD IS DEFINED AS "A NUMBER OF PERSONS COOPERATING IN A SERVICE" IN OUR SCHOOL, EVERY STAFF MEMBER CONTRIBUTES, IN SOME CAPACITY TO THE EDUCATION OF YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN As SUCCESSFUL CITIZENS fx .iw-N, "1 Xxx wk hiv 4.4 ' 5 ,,Yf, pc? Q,-'UQ IAUIIIIY Q 11- vii, ENGLISH THE STUDY OF ENGLISH IN OUR SCHOOL IS PRIMARILY THE STUDY OF COMMUNICATION. THIS SUBJECT IS TAUGHT WITH THE BELlEF THAT COMMUNICATION IS BOTH ORAL AND WRITTEN, AND THAT THE INDIVIDUAL IS NOT ONLY A SPEAKER, BUT A LISTENER AND A READER AS WELL. THE STUDENTS ARE TAUGHT, DURING THEIR FOUR YEARS OF REQUIRED ENGLISH, TO IMPROVE THEIR COMPREHENSION OF ORAL AND WRITTEN MATERIAL AND T0 DEVELOP THEIR OWN ABILITY TO SPEAK AND WRITE EEEECTIVELY. TO BEST ACCOMPLISH THESE PURPOSES, CLASSES IN EACH GRADE ARE ORGANIZED ON THREE LEVELS T0 FIT THE NEEDS AND TALENTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL STUDENT. GRAMMAR IS EMPHASIZED IN THE NINTH AND TENTH GRADES, WHILE COMPOSITION IS MASTERED IN THE ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH. IN ADDITION TO THE SELECTIONS IN HIS TEXTBOOK, THE STUDENT IS REQUIRED T0 DO AMPLE SUPPLEMENTARY READING TO EX- , PAND HIS KNOWLEDGE OF LITERATURE. NEWS- PAPERS, MAGAZINES, POETRY, DRAMA, AND LIBRARY TECHNIQUES ARE INTRODUCED. THIS COMPREHENSIVE COURSE, TO WHICH IOURNALISM MAY BE ADDED, NOT ONLY ASSURES THE ABILITY OF THE STUDENT TO COMMUNICATE, BUT SERVES AS A BASIS FOR S ACOUIRING AND APPRECIATING OTHER KNOWLEDGE. 43 FIRST ROW: Mr. William Smith, Mrs. Eleanor Gluck, Mr. Robert Gemson, Miss lane Maher, Mr. Erwin Thornton SECOND ROW: Miss loan Palmer, Mrs. Betty lo Cuffari, Mrs. Sonya Heyden, Mrs. Chole Correll, Mrs. Dorothy Aylward THIRD ROW: Mr. Robert Dolan, Mr. lohn Patterson lchairmanl, Mr. Robert Steiner, Mr. Alvin Hall fam CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION THE FOREMOST AIM OF CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION IS TO HELP THE STUDENT BECOME A WELL-INFORMED CITIZEN OF HIS COMMUNITY. THE COURSE IS INCLUDED IN EVERY STUDENT'S SCHEDULE, NO MATTER WHAT PROGRAM HE IS TAKING. HISTORY COURSES AID THE STUDENT IN APPRECIATING OUR AMERICAN HERITAGE AND CULTURE. BY PARTICIPATING IN DEBATES, DISCUSSIONS, AND PANELS, EACH PERSON HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESS HIS OWN OPINIONS AND IDEAS. FILMS, SLIDES, FIELD TRIPS, AND SPEAKERS SUPPLEMENT THE COURSES. AT CLARKE THE STUDENT IS REQUIRED TO TAKE FOUR YEARS OF CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION. IN HIS FRESHMAN YEAR, THE STUDENT TAKES ECONOMICS, IN HIS SOPHOMORE, WORLD HISTORY. HIS JUNIOR AND SENIOR YEARS ARE DEVOTED TO THE STUDY OF AMERICAN HISTORY AND WORLD PROBLEMS. ADVANCED SENIOR STUDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A COURSE IN ECONOMICS. THE CURRICULUM OF THE CLASSES ON EACH GRADE LEVEL VARY TO SUIT THE NEEDS OF THE INDIVIDUAL. 4 FIRST ROW: Mr. Ralph Henderson, Miss Marilyn Bandiero, Mr. Patrick Kelly lchairmanl, Mrs. Sheila Cholden, Mr. llarold Healy SECOND ROW: Mr. Ira llolzager, Mr. Inhn Sardi, Mr. Ralph Guzewicz, Mr. John Leggett, Mr. Thomas Granowitz Mr wIIII3m Phelon Mlss Dorlnda Larkm Mr Gerard IchalrmanI Mr Wllllam Koch ABSENT Mlss Mllhcent Turner Mr James Klmgel MATHEMATICS IS FUNDAMENTAL TO EVERY AREA OF LEARNING TO BE ABLE TO ACCEPT AND USE ALL KNOWLEDGE TO ITS BEST ADVANTAGE WE MUST KNOW HOW TO THINK IN A LOGICAL AND ORDERLY MANNER MATHEMATICS IS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL SCIENCES THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE REASONS WHY THERE HAS RECENTLY BEEN SO MUCH ATTENTION PLACED UPON THE IMPORTANCE OF MATHEMATICS AND WHY WITH AN EYE TOWARD THE FUTURE OUR SCHOOL IS CONSTANTLY BROADENING ITS MATH PROGRAM FOUR OR MORE YEARS OF MATH ARE AVAILABLE TO EVERY STUDENT AND HE MAY TAKE THE COURSE THAT WILL BEST BENEFIT HIM THE VOCATIONAL STUDENT TAKES APPLIED COURSES THE ACADEMIC STUDENT AFTER THE REQUIRED YEAR OF EITHER GENERAL MATH OR ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA MAY ELECT PLANE GEOMETRY INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA TRIGO NOMETRY ADVANCED ALGEBRA OR SOLID GEOMETRY CLARKE IS ONE OF THE FIRST HIGH SCHOOLS TO PARTICIPATE IN A SPECIAL EXPERIMENTAL SENIOR YEAR MATH COURSE DEALING WITH ANALYTIC GEOMETRY THE THEORY OF LIMITS AND CALCULUS MATHEMATICS J lohnson Q... Ms l "HQ ,fix 2' ei, is TA 2 N 'Q nf ,' ' if , , 1 .V- A. X' 5.1 wif We wwvab .f X R W 'i 'HEX few fi '-'Egg 'x ax 9. lv 3535: -Afk Ji yin f 1 :ff :- sv M+gfQi,,'Z"l'fwE, W 1,1 3 W M ,, W Qfiaff Q affk x ,Y NWN 'N 'LCPLW 'Q i CIC ' r -Q ' J " K, - -4.114 noun 3' Q 1 fx f 924 Ulf 1 Cx R X 'x -r l 1 Y 5 x s N 4 , .Z gf V 4 sr , - jk . A24-eu ,i?'5f5Ai 4'+' - f' :fn R 3 k i 2 D , . 4' Q fi K ry W Q V WIT, 'lf VV LW, ,. b , A A N W 3, if V 4 ff ,, 1 f , .4 5 Q f V, fm Qg . vu" , W' ' , I I , Q f 5 fkslvv , X ' I N 'g :3'm5f ,- - L Y - --2 F -,,i' 1 Ima J . ' ' is f af f eg , f fsigk A f -' . 1 ' if vjgaf, iiw W HQ ' ' f My QW? , was f V X - Fl 1 . E f W , ' vw ' 1' Y " ' A Q wr Q ,ff ' . A . S 55.4 i Q' ,Lf ' 1- 55 K , P 7 K , I V W 45 Q T Y LQ. f 5 ' ann' A T k 5 X Vi ,X 1- .r h . 5 J I Q W . , ,D . J I I 1 0 If . Cl, Q do - qw ' " '71 Of ,. P K ur U n gi fl V! ! fl T I . oo , 'Lf' QP FIRST ROW: Mr. Samuel Kalsmith, Mr. Paul Leonardo Miss Barbara Stuard lchairmanl, Mr. Bertholds Yokel, Miss Lenore Palelslu SECOND ROW: Mr. Thomas Steininger, Dr. Patrick Carolan Mr George Browne, Mr. Sidney Waine INSET: Miss Sally lane Brown 4 SCIENCE IS THE STUDY OF MAN'S ENVIRONMENT. SINCE THE DAWN OF HISTORY MAN HAS CONTINUALLY ATTEMPTED TO UNDERSTAND THE WORLD ABOUT HIM. ONLY AN EXTENSIVE SCIENCE CURRICULUM, SUCH AS SCIENCE CLARKE'S, CAN ADEOUATELY PREPARE YOUNG PEOPLE FOR THEIR VITAL ROLE IN OUR MODERN SOCIETY. BY EXAMINING CELLS WITH A MICROSCOPE, BY SYNTHESIZING HYDROCHLORIC ACID, AND BY REFRACTING LIGHT WITH A PRISM, WE DISCOVER THAT SCIENCE IS BOTH REAL AND FASCINATING. AFTER A REQUIRED YEAR OF GENERAL SCIENCE, COURSES IN RELATED SCIENCE, BIOLOGY, HEALTH, CHEMISTRY, AND PHYSICS ARE AVAILABLE. THE LABORATORIES ARE EOUIPPED WITH THE FINEST AND MOST ADVANCED EQUIPMENT FOR STUDENT EXPERIMENTATION. THIS PROGRAM ENABLES THE STUDENT TO GAIN A WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD AROUND HIM AND STIMULATES INTEREST IN MORE SPECIALIZED AREAS. Y 5 wil -f'W'f:-.7 y 'Q J? L - J .A . -a 1' Q1,'4r-g.E- 5, ' 'f'1',f ," Ziff? ' 1' ' "if, TF 5 was as ,A ,, , if Abba 1, , 1 W-Q my V 4,w 1, M M ,nina ,L ww 1 2, ' , L .. ,t . 3115" ' 1? A X, 2 31,6 ' ,ay ,V ?f.wgf,q ,, W vm 42 ws 2 23 I A 5 V , V .. . A 3 , ,: Q - A K 'wk . if V ' ,W , 7 , .Ar ff' ' ff, , 4 4:26442 f , A , , ' In K wig. 3,75 U 'J ' will . ' 7 ,Ewigliff ', ' ' . ,kg Le,31j'gw1 4 I ' ffizfgll , , - . , 1 1 wwf K . ' if' mf ,ww-4 ' -' my -1 Q my M 1 R ' .35 if 7 h f. 1 1 M I 55? I FIRST ROW Miss Dorothy Fronefleld Mr Sidney Teltelbaum IchalrmanI Mrs Asda Al'IZI3IlI SECOND ROW Mr Rlchard Gruber Mr Alvin Hall Mr Milton Wmn Mr John Catron IN OUR EVER SHRINKING WORLD IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT WE BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND AND COMMUNICATE WITH OUR NEIGHBORS T0 ACCOMPLISH THIS OUR FOREIGN LANGUAGE CURRICULUM IS WIDE IN SCOPE AND IS CONSTANTLY EXPANDING FOUR YEARS OF FRENCH LATIN SPANISH AND GERMAN ARE AVAILABLE NEXT YEAR RUSSIAN AND HEBREW WILL BE ADDED TO THE CURRICULUM CONVERSATION IS STRESSED BUT THE COUNTRYS HISTORY CULTURE LITERATURE AND CURRENT EVENTS ARE STUDIED THIS PROGRAM PROMOTES UNDERSTANDING AND STIMULATES INTEREST IN OTHER NATIONS IN ESSENCE THE STUDENT STUDIES THE LANGUAGE RATHER THAN ABOUT THE LANGUAGE THE E PROGRAM IS AN EXPERIMENT IN PLACING ADVANCED STUDENTS IN CLASSES ACCORDING TO THEIR ABILITY UNDER THIS NEW AND UNIQUE SETUP STUDENTS MAY TAKE LANGUAGES IN THE SEVENTH GRADE LANGUAGE 4 4 .. f , .f-If I I I ff 4 , I ARI THE ART PROGRAM OFFERED BY CLARKE IS ONE OF THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE TO BE FOUND IN A HIGH SCHOOL. REALIZING THE VALUE OF ART IN A SCIENTIFIC WORLD, THE ADMINISTRATION HAS PLANNED A PROGRAM WHICH CATERS TO THE INDIVIDUAL'S NEEDS AND TALENTS. AFTER COMPLETING THE PREREOUISITE OF BASIC ART, STUDENTS MAY CHOOSE FROM A GREAT VARIETY OF COURSES IF THEY DESIRE TO MAJOR OR MINOR IN ART. THOSE INTERESTED IN BECOMING PROFICIENT IN MECHANICAL DRAWING OR CRAFTS HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO. STUDENTS ENROLLED IN THE VOCATIONAL PROGRAM TAKE CLASSES RELATED TO THEIR AREAS OF CONCENTRATION. NOT ONLY IS THE PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF TECHNIQUE TAUGHT, BUT THE FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES AND HISTORY OF ART ARE GIVEN DUE ATTENTION. FILMS AND FIELD TRIPS SUPPLEMENT CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION. THIS PROGRAM ENDEAVORS TO ACOUAINT THE STUDENT WITH ART AS A MEANS OF EXPRESSION AND ENIOYMENT, IN ADDITION, IT STRESSES THE IMPORTANCE OF ART IN CONTEMPORARY LIVING. -W4 Pl G' 2 I -1 I' if A ,Q I I I I Mr. William Witkowsky, Mr. Dante Ferraro, Mr. James Ruhins Ichairmanl, Mr. Howard Goldstein, Mr. Roy Siegel P -x ,-X IVIUSIII Mr Stanley Cole Mrs Antonma Nlgrelh Ichalrmanl Mr Patrick Vanano CHORUS HISTORY AND APPRECIATION OF MUSIC THEORY CONDUCTING AND PERFORMING MUSIC ARE AMONG THE COURSES OFFERED BY THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT THIS PROGRAM IS WIDE IN SCOPE SO AS TO ENABLE EACH i STUDENT TO CHOOSE SUBJECTS RELATED TO HIS INTERESTS THE BAND ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS PERFORM AT SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES AND MAJOR FUNCTIONS HELD AT CLARKE THIS YEAR HAS BEEN A BUSY ONE FOR MUSIC STUDENTS THEY ENTERTAINED AT THE SPRING CONCERT OKLAHOMA' AND THE ANNUAL ARTS FESTIVAL THE MARCHING BAND PLAYED AT MOST ATHLETIC EVENTS IN ADDITION THEY TOOK A TRIP TO SEE THE STUDENT PERFORMANCE AT THE METROPOLITAN OPERA AND A NUMBER OF THEM ENTERED THE ALL STATE COMPETITION AT BUFFALO WHERE THEY RECEIVED OUTSTANDING RATINGS P . , . , 1 Y 7 Y I X x I , X S Y ' I N555-,Q ' 1 I , - I V F As' F., I 4 I -' f M 0 Yuri! sd' R S' GT J 4 'if ,v,I , F .-1'-gt A A :QQ "' X .. 1 ,T yy. Y It - I I . ,IQ '- 'sh I' ,. ,Wt V :Q I E M .C mxssx 4 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Judith Gottlieb, Mr. Joseph Weller IchairmanJ, M Monroe Jacobson SECOND ROW: Mr. Joseph Tyrol, Mr. William Strasser THE COMMERCIAL PROGRAM OFFERED AT CLARKE IS A BROAD ONE. IT INCLUDES: INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS, BUSINESS ARITHMETIC, TYPING. SHORTHAND, BOOKKEEPING, OFFICE PRACTICE. BUSINESS LAW, AND RETAILING. WHILE THE BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT DEALS LARGELY WITH THE COMMERCIAL AND BUSINESS STUDENTS, SEVERAL COURSES ARE AVAILABLE TO ACADEMIC STUDENTS AS WELL. THE STUDENTS ENROLLED IN THIS PROGRAM LEARN, AS PART OF THEIR LESSONS, BY DOING. THE OFFICE PRACTICE COURSE, FOR EXAMPLE, PROVIDES INSTRUCTION IN THE USE OF A NUMBER OF MACHINES WHICH STUDENTS WILL LATER USE IN A BUSINESS OFFICE. STUDENTS RECEIVE PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE IN RETAILING BY MANAGING THE SCHOOL STORE. HERE, FOR MORE THAN EIGHT PERIODS A DAY, THEY ACT AS PROPRIETOR, GAINING VALUABLE "REAL" EXPERIENCE WHILE SERVING THE STUDENT BODY BY STOCKING A LARGE SELECTION OF BOOKS, AND SCHOOL AND ART SUPPLIES. F VIIIIIIIIIINIII TECHNICAL CONSIDERABLE ATTENTION HAS RECENTLY BEEN CALLED TO THE SERIOUS LACK OF PROVISION FOR YOUNG PEOPLE FOR WHOM HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION MEANS THE END OF FORMAL SCHOOLING. TO CORRECT THIS SERIOUS SITUATION AND PROVIDE FOR STUDENTS WHO WISH TO ENTER THE ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL, AND ARCHITECTURAL PROFESSIONS, CLARKE HAS LAUNCHED A UNIOUE TWO-FOLD VOCATIONAL PROGRAM. THERE ARE TWO DISTINCT PARTS TO CLARKE'S VOCATIONAL EDUCATION SETUP. THE TEN TERMINAL COURSES ARE DESIGNED FOR YOUNG PEOPLE WHO EXPECT TO ENTER THEIR CHOSEN FIELD IMMEDIATELY AFTER GRADUATION. STUDENTS TAKING ONE OF THE THREE TECHNICAL COURSES WILL GO ON TO COLLEGE OR TECHNICAL INSTITUTES FOR ADDED PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. BOTH PROGRAMS INVOLVE A NINE-PERIOD DAY WHICH IS DIVIDED ABOUT EOUALLY BETWEEN FORMAL INSTRUCTION AND PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. ALL VOCATIONAL STUDENTS TAKE ENGLISH AND CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION, WITH MATH AND SCIENCE RELATED TO THEIR VOCATIONAL STUDIES. .M . As ull ""' if FIRST ROW: Mrs. Angelina Roy, Miss Florence Lanzisera Mrs. Sue Waite, Miss Melvina Zak SECOND ROW: Mr. Anthony Blasio, Mr. Robert Scharft, Mr Robert Brienza THIRD ROW: Mr. Frederick Lightfoot, Mr. Dominic Notti Mr. Dscar Spier - N mf W rf fr , ,Y ev' ff , M A wmv- H . R... r x wmv Q-...... QC' x,., THE RAPID EXPANSION OF THE COURSES AND CURRICULA IN OUR HIGH SCHOOL, TRYING HOME AND SCHOOL SITUATIONS, AND NUMEROUS POST-GRADUATE OPPORTUNITIES, ARE SEVERAL REASONS WHY WE NEED GUIDANCE COUNSELORS. MORE SIMPLY STATED, THE COUNSELOR'S PURPOSE IS TO DIRECT, SUPERVISE, AND ASSIST US. THE FOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELORS AT CLARKE ARE DEDICATED MEN WHOSE JOB IT IS TO ADVISE THE STUDENT IN ALMOST ANY AREA IN WHICH THE STUDENT HAS A PROBLEM. THE COUNSELOR IS ABLE TO GET TO KNOW THE STUDENT PERSONALLY AND IS BETTER ABLE TO HELP HIM BECAUSE HE INSTRUCTS THE STUDENT THROUGHOUT HIS FOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL. THE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT ADMINISTERS AND INTERPRETS MANY TESTS TO AID THE STUDENT, KEEPS FILES AND LITERATURE ON COLLEGES AND CAREERS, AND HELPS EACH STUDENT PLAN THE COURSE OF STUDY WHICH WILL BEST BENEFIT HIM. IN ADDITION TO BEING AVAILABLE FOR CONFERENCES DURING THE SCHOOL DAY, THE COUNSELOR OFTEN SPENDS HIS AFTER-SCHOOL HOURS IN CONFERENCE WITH STUDENTS AND PARENTS. GUIII AN 4 FIRST ROW: Mr. Alfred Maklmulian, Mr. Arthur Berger IchairmanI, Mr. Nllflllill PIIITBIIS SECOND ROW: Mr. Daniel Vanleuvan, Mr. Alfred Carbon: "f za- w- -if 1 . ,. mm., Q 433 , x W2 E+. ' 9 'V A f ' gf? I K AW it 'K f Q16 5 - t 1, ,em 5, f, I ' ,As 2 y J :Tw ,Q ' WEL f fy '7 53 .,-M M . V 'wwiff 4, Q .-1, . F n 4 3 'Y' QE fi? Z gf I . 4, F C3 jg-n Q. PHYSICAL EDUCATION ALTHOUGH ACADEMIC EDUCATION IS THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE OF OUR HIGH SCHOOL, PHYSICAL EDUCATION PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE INTEGRAL PROGRAM. STUDENTS ARE TAUGHT THE FUNDAMENTALS OF MANY VARIED SPORTS. DUE ATTENTION IS GIVEN TO THE STUDENTS' ATTITUDE AS WELL AS TO THEIR PHYSICAL FITNESS. COOPERATION, FAIR PLAY, AND TEAMWORK ARE STRESSED. THE BOYS ARE ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT COMPETI- TIVE SPORTS. THEIR PROGRAM IS EXTENDED ON A VOLUNTARY BASIS AFTER SCHOOL. THE FINE RECORD OF THE VARIOUS TEAMS IS PROOF OF THEIR MEMBERS' OUTSTANDING ATHLETIC TRAINING IN ADDITION TO THEIR INDIVIDUAL ABILITIES. THE GIRLS COMPETE AMONG THEMSELVES IN INTRAMURAL SPORTS. DURING THEIR JUNIOR AND SENIOR YEARS THEY PARTICIPATE IN A UNIQUE AND HIGHLY POPULAR PROGRAM. EACH GIRL, ACCORDING TO HER INTERESTS AND TALENTS, MAY JOIN A CLASS DEVOTED PRIMARILY TO DANCE, GROUP SPORTS, OR INDIVIDUAL SPORTS. FOUR YEARS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION IS REOUIRED OF ALMOST EVERY STUDENT, AND THIS IS ONE REOUISITE THAT RAISES VERY FEW OBJECTIONS! FIRST ROW: Mr. Gerard Pannell, Mr. John Simmons, Mr. John Boyle SECUND ROW: Miss Mary Raven, Miss Nancy 0'lIanneII, Mrs. Fay Rankin, Miss Joan Case ABSENT: Mr. Edward Danowski Ichairmani 'Em SIS. I-,CIE v A N I . Ml va? -f .nm 3' 9 L -A A I Q 9 A 'SLS ' :www E A ' THE SPECIAL DEPARTMENTS ROUND OUT THE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM OFFERED AT CLARKE. HOME ECONOMICS IS A COURSE DEVOTED PRIMARILY TO PREPARING YOUNG WOMEN AS EFFICIENT HOMEMAKERS, MOTHERS, AND CITIZENS OF THE COMMUNITY. SPECIAL DEPARTMENTS IZIERECEIIEIIZNT 4 THE LIBRARY IS OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS EVERY PERIOD AND AFTER SCHOOL. FOR ASSISTANCE IN HIS SELECTION OF MATERIAL, THE STUDENT MAY AVAIL HIMSELF OF THE SERVICES OF THE LIBRARIAN WHO ALSO INSTRUCTS HIM IN THE PROPER METHOD OF DOING REFERENCE WORK. SPEECH, PUBLIC SPEAKING, AND DRAMA ARE DESIGNED TO TEACH THE STUDENT TO EFFECTIVELY EXPRESS HIMSELF ORALLY. THE DRAMA CLASS, WITH THE DRAMATICS CLUB, PRESENTS SEVERAL PROGRAMS DURING THE TERM FOR THE STUDENT BODY'S ENJOYMENT. THE DRIVERS' EDUCATION PROGRAM'S PURPOSE IS TO MAKE YOUNG PEOPLE SAFE AND CONFIDENT DRIVERS. IT ALSO ACQUAINTS THE STUDENTS WITH THE FUNDAMENTALS OF AUTO MECHANICS. Mr. Marin Meo, Miss Mary Ann D'Amico, Miss Hester Carver, Mr. A. Louis Morse ABSENT: Mrs. Peggy Grady Ryan '-sz?-A' h...-NQm LIBRARY TATTCF STAFF Mrs. Deborah Uldendorp, Miss Evelyn Cachia, Miss Marilyn Voelpel, Mrs. Carmela India, Mrs. Virginia Gray, Mrs. Margaret Bauer, Miss Frances Biasi SWITCHBOARD: Mrs. Veronica Tergeson "Q-...,, lad V Q HFATTH STAFF J? fb T il "-sb., .- 1' A ix la. . A ii faq- , sy -I 'F I I J , K T men"- 4 ,I A a a N A T A .1 it L . M, X ,5 " Dr. A. L. Margolies lulie Carohene, Nurse loan Sarfin, Dental Hygienist 5 Lx. . ,t A ,gave -:Q f ww f"' il i ff g ' 5 f . l f' A ,- 7 fl if it '37 . f ' 3 A 'V 2 is va, 4: 1 Q ,,. I Q Y if .fu I Us .Ly 3' I V , 'i " v , , , N- 'gggsf ..., "' lx Q -, YJ as l ' ' I 4' ,A F K 7 1. i, +A S .3 5 - 4 ,- , i Xi U ., 1 ,, X xl 2 . X I AN 'li i SEATED: Peggy McCauley, Margie Adalfson, Louise Speed, Eileen Peterson, Herta Brown, Evelyn Moeller, Josephine Aiello, Dorothy Williams STANDING: Dorothy Eisenstark, Dorothy Brooks, lane Fiarentino, Rose Rolla, 3659 LJ mu ef , k 1. fa 5 - 1 4 .N v 1 Brockmann, Sylvia McNally, Vera Ann Weinhauer, Arthur Lynch, Dorothy Carman, Doris Kinzey, Claire Molinari, Irene Dorohush, Julia Stiglitz, Mary Bishop, Eleanor Krause INSET: Miss Elizabeth Ruckh, Mrs. Marie Kaufman, Miss Marion Scanlon, Mrs, Katherine Noon rsti CAFETERIA STAFF 43 CUSTUDIAL STAFF my p X. 44 Edwm Sweet lohn Fanelll Semon Springer Anthony Terrone Angela Glambaluo Frank Rico Robert Summers Vrncent Tummmello Nlckolas Dacqumo Stanley Stepnowskr Anthony Acura he 3 if ul 559 film 1 fr "- 4 S K J .,,t JVM A , - 1 X e to 9 91 he ' ,W ,, 5 ., ' .5 ' 1 R vfnkf -y nw! r t I ,.'ljAJ ' r no 2 .53 I A Xa M if 1 I ' 7 I 5 . r I X ,1 X I I 'K is ' off o J-4 f 9 N' I 'Q 'S I LV? 'xi 5 ,iq x 3 U we bf' MISS BARBARA STUARD, ADVISOR 46 3 f "ff Nf' 'Q BARBARA KERR, PRESIDENT RDSANNA THDMPSDN, VICE-PRESIDENT IUDITH CDRENZA, SECRETARY FRANCES MEGRATH, TREASURER -rx 'JF If MR. PATRICK VARIAND, ADVISOR AFTER FOUR HARD YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL LIFE WE SENIORS HAVE REALLY BEEN THROUGH THE MILL WE HAVE BEEN RIDICULED AS FRESHMEN SHUNNED AS SOPHOMORES AND THEN SUDDENLY STUCK PLAYING SENIORS AS IUNIORS NOW WE ARE FINALLY GRADUATING AND LOOKING BACK OVER THE PAST FOUR YEARS WE FEEL THE FIRST PANGS OF NOSTALGIA CREEPING OVER US THE RIDICULING WE RECEIVED AS FRESHMEN DOES NOT SEEM HALF SO BAD WHEN WE REMEMBER THE INNOCENT EAGERNESS OF OUR FIRST YEAR AND OUR DETERMINATION TO MAKE GOOD IN HIGH SCHOOL SURELY THE SLIGHTING WE RECEIVED AS SOPHOMORES SEEMS UNIMPORTANT WHEN WE RECALL THE SILLY CAREFREE FUN AND ROLLICKING PARTIES WE HAD IN OUR SECOND YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL WE FONDLY REMEMBER OUR JUNIOR YEAR BECAUSE IT HAD ALMOST ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF THE SENIOR YEAR WITH NONE OF THE PROBLEMS THIS PECULIAR SITUATION WAS BROUGHT ABOUT BECAUSE CLARKE HAD NO SENIOR CLASS WHEN WE WERE IUNIORS WE WERE BIG SHOTS THE LEADERS OF THE SCHOOL WE ACTED AS SENIORS IN A PLEASANT PRELUDE TO OUR SENIOR YEAR THIS YEAR HAS BEEN BOTH A BUSY AND EXPENSIVE ONE WE HAVE HAD TO INVEST IN RINGS BUTTONS BEANIES PROMS CAPS AND GOWNS AIND COLLEGE APPLICATIONS THE CLASS PLAY SENIOR PROM YEARBOOK AND GRADUATION PREPARATIONS HAVE ALL DEMANDED OUR CONSTANT ATTENTION WE HAVE HAD TO WORK HARD TO BE GRADUATED AND EVEN HARDER TO OBTAIN EMPLOYMENT OR GAIN ADMISSION TO COLLEGE NEVERTHELESS OUR SENIOR YEAR AT CLARKE HAS BEEN PRECIOUS EXPERIENCE WHICH WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN 35 I 'YV I fu ALL ACTIVITIES. IN FACT. OUR JUNIOR YEAR WAS ACTUALLY , f . MIIB I v - I xql I , Z , P A 'P-I tl we 1398, W fs dl! wb-. '15 YN' ANITA V AIEMIANM IU MV GERALD R ANGUS PHILIPI ANTUNES Scope Typlst Wrestling Soccer Secretarial Arde Football Basketball Hall Patrol Baseball Baseball Soccer Basketball Dance Band Secretary JZ X Tool Designer? Q Army ,J Sf' ki- GEDFFREY A AULD EMANUEL R BARTDLDTTA Basketball Scope Photographer Soccer My Sister Eileen Hall Patrol Oklahoma' Baseball Team Manager Audlo Vlsual Squad Rifle Team Marnnes Arr Force S iff, b ' P' ,ps X5 i Q ' - R N S . X will 9' :W 7 I WW , 5, Z R y y t 1,-,, Ubxxjiffi t , .X ' D Q. I ln' S lil' 'UL' N . . QQ . .. , R B 'H aj ax. fb' .glyfq ' '7 n Cy! ' w es' 'S .ss S if X rf 7 .fl 'Ib 11. -as 7' SERINA T BELLEZZA RUTH D BERGDAHL Scope Busrness Leaders Club Vrce Presrd Lrbrary Assistant Prom Comrnrttee Audm Vrsual Squad Intramurals Beautlcran Nurse L, f' kbs. ffl' fl EILEEN r aoumrz V' U7 fc!!! Secretanal Aude Intramurals f of Secretary ' 1 'D ,Cv fi Lu L Q Ent BLITM Scope Art My Sister Eileen Vanguard Chorus Prom Committee Hall Patrol Nurse x21 If Y 49 XJ 1, I A 'SVU Soil 'W IANET C BREDEHOFT DOUGLAS BRUOME Lrbrary Assrstant Scope Sports Co edrtor Lab Asslstant Student Council Chorus Baseball Prom Committee Basketball Intramurals Football College 'CT' -to V HENRIETTE M Scope, Busrness Leaders Club Prom Committee School Store Hall Patrol Intramurals Nurse STEPHEN I COLEMAN Scope, Editor ln Chlef W M' Natlonal Honor Society -' Vanguard Xl L Math Team Lab Assrstant Track Team I College L hifi! Tvs IUDITH CORENZA Scope, Lrterary 1 Semor Class Secretary Student Councrl Intramurals Dressmakmg Hp- A A A 4 LNAA il 75-fm tri? V' ' 4 L - A ' ' A f , JN A O f , Xxx: I Ng b ssLz?.rresstQor A 1 b E if T sv 1 L ,V a " I V. J! My 5 G A xl y p l 1 W Y su rj J U . 9 A , ,L 1 I U 'Q ,, 'vs Q 'fi mi yf 6 17" SW, f IU 40 J ff J 07,4 Jiffy W MSW fi M667 Wj,4l,,Jv Sw awqiw W wwwwg THOMAS P DAMATO I it X DAVID C DECHESTER CAROL A DEMARIA K S 51 Wffff W ARLENE A DUNNE Dramatrcs rrrwr ,rs rrgb TERESA C DUNNE Intramurals Intramurals K in MADELINE EISENSTEIN Dramatrcs Lrbrary Assrstant Spanrsh Club XJ Secretary I QL Clerrcal Work C In L, A Jar ,BL LM NHL ,QM ff J , gif' 730' ,1 AM, U My MWOM Mi 1 rf-Ur ADRIENE FINGERHUT Scope Ass stant Business A Capeila Chorr Chorus Lrbrary Assrstant Spamsh Club Clerk Typist 4? Manager WJ JUANNE FOLK Secretary ' A ' ML I' H 0 ft ,. A. - '- . " LJ, Qt QTL" X'fr'!" 'V f 1 5 - of "Hi :AIX 7 .1 Faux, -'rf A . X H - 1 Xb I ,xv J U x M M SZ' if kv . I . 1 i r.H.A. A fx A ?5', I iq ' Psy6it' A A Qrirflf . W Um' 1 Gy ' L 11 QXVLAA A A gm fu 'A A A ' Jr an A h LN K N ax 2 Mi' ' A fig xr A I , Y 1 03,0 f ,W M el rf oiliorl JEFFREY A FRIEDHOFFER Scope Assrstanl Busrness Manager Vanguard and Math Team Lrbrary Assrstanl Wrestlrng College ALAN R GOODMAN Scope Sr Photo Oklahom ' Band Presndent Drum Major Orchestra Dance Ensemble Musrc Education ff! BARBARA A GIANUUTSOS Intramurals Beautlclan OODRICH Scope Busrness Baseball Bowllng Soccer Physrcal Education Teacher HELEN GIANUUTSUS Intramural Beautlclan I l JLL J if yt 7 f o 3' 5 A J' ' A 'S' 2 f., f' re W A r il fa ,ffl M or or UW .1 PVJL A g EW rf rmsr T0 wm me cnowu Dc! gf ' R129 X v f :I , VI' ' . ff YK ffl? yi ,, QI f I!! 'JI II. II II I , I 'MN IIMT I I IIIII II , LAST YEAR, ON MEMORIAL DAY, THE CLASS OF '59 HELD ITS FIRST PROM. THE JUNIOR PROM WAS THE MAJOR SOCIAL EVENT OF THE SEASON. HELD IN OUR BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED CAFE- TERIA, THE PROM WAS A TERRIFIC SUCCESS. THE TABLES, ROMANTICALLY SET ON THE OUTDOOR PATIO, CREATED A PARISIAN EFFECT. IN THE CENTER OF THE COURTYARD, COLORED SPOTLIGHTS PLAYED ON A BREATH- TAKING FOUNTAIN. STEVE SICARI AND CAROL DEMARIA WERE CROWNED KING AND QUEEN UNDER AN EXQUISITE ARBOR. HELD ON VALENTINE'S DAY, THE FIRST SENIOR PROM WAS EVEN MORE MAGNIFICENT THAN THE JUNIOR PROM. THE CAFETERIA WAS ONCE AGAIN TRANSFORMED INTO A ROYAL BALLROOM. HUNDREDS OF BALLOONS FORMED A COLORFUL CENTERPIECE, WHILE THE WALLS, VEILED WITH ENORMOUS HEARTS, COMPLETED THE TRANSITION THE KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS, PAINTED ON TWO HUGE PLAYING CARDS, CREATED AN IM- PRESSIVE BACKDROP FOR THE THRONE. AT THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT, ROGER MCNULTY, KING OF THE PROM, AND JUDY CORENZA, HIS QUEEN, WERE CORONATED. IN .' THE KING AND QUEEN UF HEARTS v W 94, A ,. in 511 if 51? fl A -- 4 'sir ,Y 5 X : , .I 'T E! l - , "",---f:'J"V X M . e ge i uf? M. Qpf-SW ,,-ffffx ygylflymwk Cu-f MW? 'IM' WM 'A-'S Mlcum oonm My Sister Eileen Soccer Basketball Band Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute ifli f t no if x 152 9 AN if wa i J11:."wmy ,, J? ll a Q- lifoluivfgm f" QD 5, - u EILEEN GOULD Scope, Art My Sister Eileen Dramatics Intramurals Teacher lmff 322004 in-D We iii! fwfffi' Weir 56 QA We S S go V 5713.2-f,,T V - . H d 'i r x k ai ' I, if 'A - ,fir 'Aw H' ' ll ' S. ' li " l TA . Wil ' :D if 'l :gif ' . i ' Q5 :ggi iimgillll X, ,I b , xkll ll .. Q' 1 ' 11 an ly y My 0 f ' t ' , Wi- ,-'ng , ,r 5 1 H 3 h .. it--iv -' r ,I neil -it l X-M A f' ,- ,,,. Q .N 'Al' ,l il will id - iiilglf 31.11 ,ll, I I ,Cf , V 1 5 ' Mi I, HU. l it I A -.:- 1 :I r: I' . gl l' Zfff X! ' KX. Q i 'X A 'ir' i t ., ,,-,,-,W,,. 'V N. V I If M? ! r f :FL Y ' Y A .11-,r -or.. ze- - :kwa ,I . I. V W1-u 1 , N' 5 Nuff K Af I .wi-r Fllri rl lr is in . llfll llr lisi if l -:rw X M, ' G 'j f' ' 'YM f if 'L 'lf' s Qjff- 'fff'- "H W-AWP l. 3 i ,Y :H 1 , Ml ,. - u -N Virp1'iT,' rr-Jr, 0 ' I : il with - 1 l . lil 'gl FX' i ' .' 0' ' , '4l-- O ,, Wi "' n " ' " ,-0--V rxi - ,E Aj li- . o , K "P f lf tl , 5 l 1 . l if - gi - , , . Q . el W " A 1 L . i W A I A .hfyf fa 5 - A BARBARA 1. GREANEY My Sister Eileen Band Chorus Prom Committee Library Assistant Intramurals Fashion i is ELLEN GREENE Basketball lntramurals Football Hall Patrol Track Medrcal Technologrst Armed Forces .als 1 fe is 5 k ANN C GRIMES DOROTHY P HA L Cheerleader V Sc0pe Typist cop! Sr Photo Intramurals Rockettes Sister Eileen Chorus Cheerleader Captam Prom Commpttee ders Club TreaSurer Secretarral Arde AA Treasurer Intramurals L an Clerucal Work Secretary l cher fm ,L L 1 5' AL.: -7 Y 1 fx 0 1 Q X F. T. A. V A ,L Q T my T an Q X - s E 'sl ' jak VM it .T . . L V1 ' M. A , - Cf - ' A, 4 B ' V T M-Y , , I , , , .- W Lair ., r 1 A I ' 7 . " 7 -Q I , ' 57 we lfjffwjrrffre fret WM KyJ,f QW A 5 2 A Af ROY A HATEM My Sister Eileen Oklahoma' "horus Band Audlo V sual Sql ad Track Business Admlmstratron 58 D1 flu., 'hits ij is 3 R -YN V ww, ROBERT G HAVIER LAURA L HEBSCHER Sco e At W da kj Blfiiffff W '13 in-s L... PRISCILLA I BARBARA A HERBST Offrce Arde F H '91 Qu rx A X Hall Patrol U Intramurals XJ vel' AM X 'JM ri, xx AL - W IB M Operator Fme Arts , x r v X ' Em ax 1 , - fy A 1 - Tr du f' A , fy,-f . A .fr fr f WMM ' If or Q X17 af' ,BP A afrydfp 1 7 ' A 'A' u 'mf ,I .3 A . S A A1i",C",124gffAf,n, 0' A A A Az' f"R 2. 'J A .1 A V. A???ifQg"?7 , A Ao,Q A AX ' ,. A A . ' . D V r i . I I I . . , 1 WV K' . ' A Ay h A f W . I N U Of A f gy gf VA A M1 K J ,if ,xii L V I 5 ' A - , uw, - I K . ' h wyo- T' My . . wo ' ' . .A. A , J ARLENE E HIRSCH Scope Art Edrtor Art Servrce Squad Charrman Secretarral Arde Intramurals Vanguard T Art Teacher .15 U XSXM Ei X v if 5X ki x X5 if gf NN O 636 XFX 5 ts? S S :xl if DAVID M HOFFMAN Scope Photography Edrtor Key Club Vrce Presrdent G O Student Councrl Band and Orchestra CASS ROBERTA D HIRSH Scope Lrterary My Srsrer Erleen Natronal Honor Socrely F T A Presrdent Dramatrcs Secretarral Arde T her Labor Relatrons flfr, ,MW Jjrfko mmrasr Hocrm ik Mrmcrmsrr lroroc f F Chorus Football Glee Club Z '-CZ Secretarral Arde Intramurals ! f . H7 fig Hall Patrol Wrestlrng Annapolrs G25 Secretary 59 wt L va rf e Q' ax wx foo L 1 KX X1 Q x -.'t X K f' Q . 1 L' K Z Q I as off NW 8 alll bln' X MXN rv 4 XB! Ty Q x I NLP- X il 'K-FA, .mm xxx-'Vx Xi! ry X x I Q, N 'IANW V ,f V' X5 pf x V wx 4' CSBNX V Q' I , '1 N X9 , Q-jx eq ' v 2 - 1 - A f I " f C1 xr ' I ' 1 if it I U' ' ' . F. .A. ' ' fr S ."' 7 . I, I . rf me . I UU F giggle 4' X 5 V in- x 22 Qs 6 A li-fa ' Aw 'ww f A X I 49 . X L, 2-.xvfaiirf 955 5, B3 1 M A AV . MA Mk rf A A E uf ala PENELUPE A. IUNES Student Council Leaders Club F H A McCall s Fash on Bo d Sec eta al A d Int amu als MM so Wd LORRAINE D. KAPLAN Scope, Lrterary Edrtor Vanguard, News Editor Honor Soc ety A t Ser ce Sq d F T A I tam als College WW 'VF Q at 7 hun I A' U X, lA'J Jw f 1. 'Ti BARBARA L KERR Scope Art Sensor Class Presrdent lunlor Class Presldent My Srster Erleen Leaders Club an Intenor Designer Lf ff' lr noszm B KERTE z f ff Scope Art Art Servrce T Dramatrcs Intramurals Boosters Squad College L! 34? ROBERT l KLUSSMAN LAIRE A KONOP ROGER E KRAUS f Baseball Intramurals Scope Business Football f Lubrary Alde Football Wrestling VL Audlo Vrsual Squad Basketball M Vrsual Alds Basketball Baseball JJ, of Hall P rm: Captar College L M Clerrcal Work Physrcal Education ea r who fl al yr MW in airs J KRAUSS HARVEY B KRUHN SHERRY A LAMAZOR Scope Busnness Nanage Scope Photography yif Lab Asst Vanguard Photo Club Secretarlal Arde Lab Asst Audlo Vlsual Squad X Hall Patrol Audro Vrsual Squao Lrbrary Squad Physics Workbook Chemistry Club Track Math Team Bugmggg Lawyer College my P, Medical Technologist wwf jf AV U in YVONNE LANZAR Secretarnal Ande .H. . Beautician ROBERT B LEINER Honor Socrety Physlcs Publrcatlon Edulor Lab Ass't Hall Patrol Bowling College lt ROBERT LEUPOLD Scope Busrnecs My Srster Erleen Hall Patrol Captarn Basketball Soccer Track MARGRIT LUECKE Scope Literary 'V Vanguard My Srster Erleen I F it Secretarral Arde Europe 7 JJ? Qi , tivo M School Store Merchandrslng W IUHN I McGRAIN Scope Busmess Glee Club Lrbrary Asst Track Basketball Football Physrcal Educatron Teacher 0' '5-5. CHARLES I l0RlA CS uv- 'ou-J"? horus Bowlrng Soccer Dentrst ,K L4-fl,-4' I A 63 I , , "' I9 fi l QQ, , . I , ' 1 QM A. I U, 'I . t rJ'1u .Kilim 'QQ I B l Y 1 ,L t'tlV ' ir ' fff.rcllw,. 'f l v . - rrrrgr R 4 N Z, or l R Q E lfkfl. .. 'tfft O, 4 at f l Gflls W? R LU ,. V fl - . . L . . , R 1 R or 1 ri L , . N 'Y FRANCES I MCGRATH Scope Lnterary Senior Class Treas Jumor Class Treas Intramurals Chorus Leaders Club Teacher PETER L MAESEN School Store 1' W W-G' fs' ROGER N MCNULTY Scope Busmess Student Councll Glee Club Wrestlmg Football Track Physrcal Educatlon Teacher 'Os KOON YIN MALIANGOS Uv U H A L My Sister Erleen Glee Club 112' r f'L is N we X tlcte , Eire? lf , Business Business J Dentist 'X 6.1 l ' 'l3bvA1,,Lg. in I Hlilf . .g,1r J V! 5M ' 997 f If juz ' We yt l - " TJ' f of I V E l if of g J, Sw g L l E f K xo E -af o . I Vyxxxkx -tg Q Q, h 4 rv' M I . - , -V rr 'KEN' X?-1 gl A A, vi - K UM U Wk, AMW 13 HARVEY N MALTZ IACQUELINE METZ PATRICIA MICHALSKI Scope Feature Co edrtor Scope Llterary Scope Llterary Honor Society T T A Cappella Cholr Olhce Alde Leaders Club Track Team Hall Patrol Intramurals Chess Team Vanguard Medlcme Teacher Teacher ' V X L p p W X ....- I ff WI? i' ., 1 f, Q EL x ' ' Q l Ill Q: T' A To no T T T 1 4 4 1 f vb 4 l 1-pf f WMM I g P f Siena, K Krug., ' T' 1 . NQYTTJ5- if . 529 11 . .J.?',f4?,57'fffff-5'1'5'7ia., it ,- . ' ' ,J ' F. .lr F. . A. . x ef xx .-' T, ' Av' I bE., 1:-:7 I I I I 1 I I I 1 If I II I"12Si'i . I fQITI . I 'Mr I I I I W I ff .'E1'I II' , I - J 'Q XI 3 Il ix! I I I 535291 if 4 I -A I If 'Q- SOTII I .fgrnrwf ' WY'L'I QR WIS IDIIIKIW f IRSK SFNI wsu SQIIOOL I If' I -QI I NN sxsw I I-IN I NIPUUXI WN 'ES I ,aI CY TNQ-IIT A , T.N.T. EOR THE B.M.T. ONE OF THE FORTIES' MOST BELOVED AND HILARIOUS PLAYS CAME ALIVE AGAIN WITH THE SENIOR CLASS "REVIVAL" OF MY SISTER EILEEN. THE PRODUCTIONS PRIMARY PURPOSE WAS TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE SENIOR PROM AND GIFT TO THE SCHOOL. EILEEN PLAYED TO S.R.O. AUDIENCES BOTH FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, DECEMBER FIFTH AND SIXTH. 4 pass out m llm' 335113 bv. ' Q NJ NIY SISTER EILEEN J' NJ ft l xx L VVJ, Y in . Mkt ,ffl I X V R i f it X-br! J V ff i , J ' i td N Y XO' C r ,D X kr xy' X 1 , I If A,' U - r x f f ' , U f r --'x fm ,f fi L, 6 gl- CAROL A. MOWRIS IANICE A.'f0If, N 4 MP Office Aide I ' .U Secretary Secfetazjjx -46 IEANNE C. USWALD Niajorette, Captain Chorus Intramurals Health Club Business School J ja 952' fr il I 1 I f X Cite iv 'FT' nosnus 1 , f J Scope, Literary J Chorus , Clarkettes Prom Committee X D Secretary fx ,. Q-fr qj mm 1. PAPERMANQ QKJK Dramatics Chorus ltr WML' Secretary . y ff X fvvb L' ,rw rf by W 4-ff' To 'fb' '5541 S+ well-5' 4 f JOAN M PHILP f j .fnlu MARGARET RHI M NBR VICTOR R REITER 1 .jf-7 Intramurals H Intramurals W Science Falr J Prom Commlttee Wrestling Football Tflsfwwr fl Wfaf Dressmaker Clencal 3 UBSIZIW I -CK-f X If ff-lf, .41 7' hm PAUL RICHMAN GEORGE I Scope Assoc Editor Scope Business National Honor Socaety President Student Councul Vanguard Art Editor Llbrary Asst Math Team Prom Commlttee Chess Team Football Tennls Team 'L Bowling M T with Pharmacist ,J , , T. 4. T- . 'N in I - -' . . fl wld g ' Q! . A j ' , - . fl, O . A ,' . . . gmc Ms Q! N L r A X K A - ' f ff, v I K P' M R xik 0 ' l W I Q XX. ' C,QQi V.A,- U-.NA ' 1. , if Jf L fl .4 T ,, Q , ' 'Q To ' 4 A -r A Afyif' ' ' A W I ID 551- :kix l .. thus: i , s M , I - ffywb , ff 4 A ,fe 1 ' l ,ivy -I ff I ,wwf new I , 40 SV! Prom Commvttee Chorus Hall Patrol IV ,JCM 2 JM frhgfffw Ji, pffguffb M is T5 it KATHERINE A RUWANW Scope Llterary Vanguard My Sister Erleen Clarkettes Secretarlal Alde Prom Committee Fashion VIRGINIA H SABO AVERY T SALTERN Scope Lrterary Vanguard Clarkettes Secretarlal Aide G A A Prom Comrnlttee Fashlon Track Basketball Cross Country Bowllng Lacrosse Hall Patrol Lawyer Business I ' Ufl, My , NU W J A ,L . I, Elf' LJ- mg., Mya I w 70 ANNE S J ML! LYDIA A SANTDS NN JOAN A SCHAWAROCH J CAP A C p t ee Ste ardess 1 KW ,., 7' 'tv- V ffwfvk 1 QM Umjwf Wai im MQW Jbl 3 MJ 39 ww W Q3 ,' I H 9 fz J , ' 545' ' 5 ' 'U' fx Q ' 'YLLIIL l K 4' x 5 I , i 4, Q 1 xv Q I N I In My fi" W Ni ' 4, A , " NJ ' F f ' ' yf X An 3 -Y ' All ,hi 'X 5: 1 If App I . I R f n N . 'WK . 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Hall Patrol College Policeman X mmesagt fortrr i Sue me H 72 Q STEPHEN SICARI Westbury Scrence Farr Prom Commrttee Dramatlcs ""'-RS' 3 xp f-Q2 SANDRA F SOLOMON Scope Asst Lrterary Edrtor Vanguard TA Secretarral Arde Brology Club Intramurals llrstory Teacher 15" 'IPM' f- SUSAN SILVERMAN JULIA SOLOMON WM M CNOFUS Scope Sports Co Edrtor Natronal Honor Socrety Leaders Club Secretarral Arde 2 M Lrterary Club Intramurals A Cappella Chorr Intramurals aff' x GW -Q X ZW 1 ANNEM srfsncrsn XX iAQ'f5Q-9' Chorus Cheerleaders Y f Intramurals Health club ""f WRX' Prom Committee X55- Make Up Artlst VXJD.X,S. 'S 73 ik 'Q V,- p n 5s 6 f -QJ Q5 I X I A Sag 'Q ' 4. I Y X , - . ' D . vgw - , . ,L . . X 5 u -r A N 1 v V ' K xx Yi MA X. -M XXXCWX as x gp V N A IIS If fu WV Va- -gina' 11: 1' -stqx-H. .X 0 ' J"'5. -"3 'f fx'- JL I 'My v 31-5' Y' Q33-rv xp -'Q'?'f' 've RICHARD M STALLER X ' My Slster Eileen 'J 1' .JL ' E JX .N f- 675 . 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I A , t t wolf if 'X A X X ' 'Q r XJ ' r Q07 0 J '-A ,pn "bi C I 'Q'-+' 'er A N ,L DIANE STEVENS MITCHELL STEWART Nurse Lawyer 1. if Z" LEILA SUUMINEN PATRICIA ANN TERRY QI' RUSANNA Lrbrary Arde Natrona! Honor Soclety Scope Art Vanguard Semor Class Ice Presudent 7 Latnn Club Presrdent My Sister Eileen Lrbrary Aide Oklahoma' A Student Councrl Usherette Decoratmg Commrttee Clencal Work Teacher Legal Secretary W 4 ' 75 9 A Q I f .AD X f V QW 'tt . Q, 5' 'S EQ. . , by ' J 'ta ' ' 'K 0 - - X I I-Q2 w f I ,T 1 f I Wm X , I I' Q 5' Y' t GE Q, I auf D ' ' 4. V I TVX' . If PSO QL! I Quik rr. U- U' ' I dwg A rrttt U6 ix J tx: 'XIX r e , K JERRY ANGUS-CAROL DEMARIA Cutest Czup e Seeing Eye To Eye ROGER MCNULTY-SUE STEBBINS Particularly Popular Read The Fine Print Nt"-u F . li- -J it Et.,- BARBARA KERR-ALAN GOODMAN PAUL RICHMAN-PATRICIA lvlaster Musicians TERRY The Big Blast Superior Students Pressing Flowers? 68.41 V f . N24 ,ga 4 M, ROY HATEM-KAROL HARDING JOHN WEHRS-JUDY Tremendously Talented Senior Sweethearts Where Are The Eggs? Yum! Yum! Q , F Q,y5g,!d,,' Viv 1 JEFF AULD-HENRIETTE BRUUME SANDRA SCOTT-ROGER Delightfully Daring Agile Athletes Bottoms Up! Who's On First? DOUGLAS BROOME-ANNE SPENCER Suitably Sophisticated Stretching The Point DUTTY HALL-DAVE HOFFMAN Tireless Talkers Whimsical Wits Dapper Dressers Vakety Yak' What's Up Duc? lust Keep Walking' FIRST FAVORITES A ,flaw ,fig with L! M MARIUN TUMINELLIJ C:6 Xt!-Af QK77 Awjiztflcgvflf Secretary 'T O tw-of !.,M.i5 NX va,-.x.f71g, 4- lA,.si5t,,bANV W5 78 GERALDINE B TURKEL IUHN C WEHRS Ban Glee Club Scope Lrterary Leaders Club A Football Intramurals Audro Vvsual Squad Chorus Physical Educatlon Teacher Business ,fw Q75-M, ef? 1 19" k, WILLIAM T WHITE NANCY WHITTUN X Scope Lrterary Scope Art My Sister Elleen Vanguard Orchestra My Slster Erleen Football Intramurals Wrestlrng Dramatic Club Baseball F H A Draftsman Fashion lllustratron T 3 F A , I ,QL ff N CFI., I , J , C , L. -fp , Wh he L tl 'f l jj., V dj ,gh A A 45 I I fl ' iff" . A ' at y 6 sa ' W f If if .atl . . , fl I - d ,ffbf W nr.. ,- , , - , . jf A Q 2 . Af? N 'K Q wr: - at .Air 1 L ,K lr A ' -. ,, r J- A 'X Q5 , C,,Qf,' , M 55 L' V ff' " ff X3 K S 1 x fx, N Q A mu .nw . .ff J ' F 1 - 1 K x . . I p XX W L10 ' , WL" ci" IV, b 550 LU7 M515 1 lcfiidf LJMU WA -H: wbwfwlr L 4, LW7 VW, VERNE WIESEL Scope Lrterary Vanguard Student Councrl Intramurals Secretarial Arde Spanrsh Club Teacher TT' ' 'Pl fl!! GEDRGE W WILL IR IOSEPH D WOLFE My Slster Erleen C A S S Football T ack Soccer Wrestling l Rrfle Club CAMERA SHY 1 Anrnun amnanum r 11 1 mmcn annum :nun UILAURO F ,V JOSEPH rlulzzsm I Q' JOSEPH LUDATO I P RICIA A YACGARINO X fy Prom Committee Sports Nnght 1 7 Beautlcran 1. L . e rrcal Engineer Engmeerlng lb ! I L D 5 V ' I of . .Q . l X tl ig grew , t -, rf N M vo N N L 1 W .Q - Xttryyqvbxwlyil SVA ky - ' I V V ' Xl S QQ W V dai M an lr Q L! lt' --'34 IN REIIIIGNIIIIIN UF STEPHEN COLEMAN NEW YORK REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP MEDAL IN BAR ASSOCIATION ESSAY PARAGON OIL AWARD FOR HIGHEST SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT MADELINE EISENSTEIN NEW YORK REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP ALAN GOODMAN 6A NYSSMA RATING ALL STATE ORCHESTRA ARLENE HIRSCH CONTEST FIRST PRIZE FIRE DEPARTMENT POSTER CONTEST SCHOLARSHIP TO PRATT SATURDAY ART SCHOOL SECOND PLACE IN HOFSTRA LIATA EXHIBIT ROBERTA HIRSH AWARD FOR PROFICIENCY IN SPANISH DAVID HOFFMAN 6A NYSSMA RATING ALL STATE BAND LORRAINE KAPLAN BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKING AWARD METROPOLITAN OPERA COSTUME PLATE AWARD SECOND PLACE SAFETY POSTER CONTEST AWARD FOR PROFICIENCY IN FRENCH HIGH SERVICE AWARD ROBERTA KERTESZ SCHOLARSHIP TO PRATT SATURDAY ART SCHOOL VICTOR REITER 1958 DRIVERS EDUCATION AWARD PAUL RICHMAN LONG ISLAND MATH LEAGUE AWARD HIGH SERVICE AWARD LYDIA SANTOS CAP CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY IHEIR FINE IICHIEVEINENIS JOAN SCHAWAROCH METROPOLITAN OPERA NEWS COVER AWARD SCHOLARSHIP TO PRATT SATURDAY ART SCHOOL SANDRA SCOTT MEDAL FOR PROFICIENCY IN SPANISH NYSSMA MEDAL PHI BETA KAPPA AWARD JULIA SOLOMON AWARD FOR PROFICIENCY IN SPANISH NANCY WHITTON AWARD IN FIRE DEPARTMENT POSTER CONTEST LEVER BROTHERS' ART EXHIBITION ,qw 9"":15f2v' i' Wx Qi? 'i K 12, L, ,,f JUNIORS, WE sALuTEI DESPITE THE INSUR- at , 6k MOUNTABLE OBSTACLES OF HAVING BEEN FRESHMEN B AND soPHoNIoREs, THEY HAVE MIRACULOUSLY ff Tw' . E RGED AS AN oRGANIzEo CLASS. AS SUCH I EY HAVE HAD A SUCCESSFUL MAGAZINE DRIVE IN WH H THEY GAINED CONTROL OF A CONSID- f ! E 4 ' I TIoN OF THE CONIMUNITY'S FUNDS. L ,a T - NEY ' S UTILIZED TO FINANCE THEIR 6 PRO O rn! THE U ORS D0 HAVE THEIR LITTLE IA LTS A A EFFECT OF THEIR PESTY Q S MANIFESTED IN THIS, THEIR THEY ARE CONSTANTLY WORRYING THEY BOTHER AND BEWILDER THEIR POOR ADVISORS AND COUNSELORS WITH A DELUGE OF PETTY ANNOYANCES. TO MAKE MATTERS X ADVISORSI Mr. John Leggett, Mr. Mario Meo. William Goldman, President, Donna Stuart, Vice-President, Francine Fowler, Secretary, loann Rogers, Treasurer. y-s ABOUT ALL ASPECTS OF SCHOOL WORSE, THE JUNIORS ARE HOPELESSLY CONCEITED. WK "' THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT THEY, AND NOT THE ADMINISTRATION, RUN THE SCHOOL. THIS IS -' W We " OBVIOUSLY FALSE: AS EVERYONE KNOWS, THE fw I Q SENIORS DETERMINE SCHOOL POLICY. IN SPITE OF ALL THIS, THE IUNIORS ARE EN- fr , THUSIASTIC ABOUT EVERYTHING AND PERTORM ' INNUMERABLE SERVICES FOR THE SCHOOL. UN- FORTUNATELY, THIS ONE VIRTUE IS EXPUNGED BY I THEIR AFFECTED MANNER. THEY ARE THE I'LEADERS" ' WHO ORCANIZE MANY ACTIVITIES WHILE THE SENIORS ARE ATTENDINC T0 MORE IMPORTANT MATTERS. ' THERE IS N0 NEED TO LIST THE CHARACTERISTICS BY WHICH ONE MAY RECOONIZE IUNIORS. THEY MAKE THEMSELVES KNOWN. THEIR NOTEBOOKS ARE LAVISHLY DECORATED WITH CuPID'S MESSAGES. THE JUNIORS TRY TO DRESS COLLEOIATELY, , AND ARE PREV T0 EVERY FAD. W by lp HOMEROOM C I FIRST ROW: F. Anzalone, S. Carlow, I Blasio, B. Bergknofi, B. Caltabiano, P Burke, M. Brooks, M. Blau SECOND ROW: B. Bialik, S. Carano, O Arnell, N. Ackerman, S. Arkin, B. Barton P. Baur, R. Campbell, R. Beehe THIRD ROW: F. Adams, R. Antunes, E Belasco, V. Ashton, J. Bergmeister, U Cardoza, W. Beck, D. Brahandt FOURTH ROW: T. Baselice, R. Campbell, B Berger, M. Albert, K. Balzer, H. Blake, R Berman I ,S WS35LYlSS . A HUMEROUM C 2 FIRST ROW. C. Culetti, W. Derengowski, H Farrell, K. Faver, S. Coller, l. DeMartini, R Carucci SECOND ROW: A. Filusa, S. Funfa, R. Coats C. Cosenza, N. Dilello, M. DeMartini THIRD ROW: B. Erenherg, B. Feldman, C Cleary, E. Cruteau, F. Dushaw, J. Discepulo R. Einzig FOURTH ROW. C. Dropkin, S. Field, N. Car roll, C. Forbes, D. Ellstein, D. DeVries 84 W. . I J xg , .N Ny FIRST ROW: R. Futterman, A. Freeman, I. Iacobsen, T. Harrington, C. Gregory OX' X SECOND ROW: H. Gold, M. Ingrassia, I. Goodman, G. Hanold, R. Iacohacci, S. X. ' eranammi Q?- THIRD ROW: R. Grab, K. Glass. M. Geraghty, F. Grusky, I.. Halpern, I. Gentile, T. Q x Frazzetta .E ' FOURTH ROW: M. Gahn, R. Gerel, S. Herzog, R. Fuchs, N. Fried, B. Goldman . S, ' FIFTH ROW: I. Higgins, I. Griffith, I. Gilbert, S. Gleicher, F. Fowler, I. Hotaling, ' - n. sanagner 3 HOMEROOM C 3 V fi .4 J g sfdfi WT x .J 'S xx HOMEROOM C 4 ' . ' nnsr now. M. Kaplan, M. Leyden, r. Lanier, e. neena, c. Kelly, n. Lune 5413- fx?-'P SECOND ROW: S. Kruger, R. Lude, L. Lapson, P. Lavnick. C. Koletnik, A. Lorello, K. J 4 'X' Leisinger, I. McShane THIRD ROW: T. Lane, I. Kesselheim, l. Liebman, R. Kaufman, I. Katz, G. Killeen, M. Kalwara FOURTH ROW: I. Kagel, A. McDowell, I. Kinder, I. Keenan. M. Lodico, B. lang, I. Ludutsky, R. Lepanto HOMEROOM C 5 - ' FIRST ROW: S. Mullaley, D. Prussak, l, Palmer, A. Perlman, l. Murray Y... ,Ml 5 I SECOND ROW: T. Moran, R. Miller, R. Marretta, B. Meier, A. Pepper, A. Powers , jj TA" p I THIRD ROW: E. Palmer, E. Astling, C. Pizza, V. Prins, M. Meinel, L. Pescatore P l lj Molinari , " X' ijt APO! ' FDU TH ROW: P. Oakley, R. 'Gara, B. Mangold, B. Perotti, R. Karen GX Ni fy ff Xl N . J l it F M, A View gl My M 'Af' L A lf I fb , . ,ini dv 'T . xlfjmg X4 , if if XJJ I V If Q A ' 1 N' X i 4 - 'T ,. ' 1' . lee x X X Q ff ,f X ' 'X 'x ,- xx Y If ,f all J L' VJ, 'V x ff, QAM HOMEROOM C B FIRST ROW: A. Schneller, S. Radolt, G. Smith, M. Rosenberg, K. Shea, E. Riseman, B. Simmons SECOND ROW: J. Ruth, G. Seitz, M. Roberts, J. Shapiro, A. Siegel, O. Silber, l. Rogalli, R. Rosen THIRD ROW: D. Rivard, J. Rome- skie, R. Sedita, O. Sier, A. Schwartz, S. Ralb, W. Rock, M. Ross, D. Rice FOURTH ROW: C. Rankin, R. Sinker, M. Shefheld, I. Rodgers B. Schalet, S. Seward, R. Sico: nolti, I. Signorelli Q . 5 , , I HD 1 ,, WE SYMPATHIZE WITH THE WRETCHED SOPHOMORES. THEY ARE NOT QUITE SO INSIGNIFICANT AS THE FRESHMEN. HOWEVER, THEY MUST BE CAUTIOUS TO AVOID SLIPPING BACK INTO THE NADIR FROM WHICH THEY ASCENDED. IN ORDER T0 MAINTAIN THEIR PRECARIOUS STATUS AS "ALMOST HUMAN BEINGS," THE SOPHOMORES MUST CONTINUALLY INSULT AND MISTREAT THE FRESHMEN. THEY ALSO MALIGN THE FRESHMEN TO ASSERT THEIR NEWLY-ACOUIRED POWER AND SUPERIORITY, THEREBY RECEIVING SOME COMPENSATION FOR LAST YEAR'S MALTREATMENT. ALTHOUGH NOT AS OBVIOUS AS FRESHMEN, SOPHS ARE EASILY RECOGNIZED BY THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERISTICS: THEY ARE TALL SHORT, FAT SKINNY, BLONDE, BRUNETTE, AND WEAR GLASSES SOMETIMES. SOPHOMORES ARE THE EPITOME OF MEDIOCRITY. THEY DO, HOWEVER, TURN OUT EN MASSE FOR ALL SCHOOL FUNCTIONS, CREATING THAT "CROWDED LOOK". THEY PARTICULARLY ENJOY ATHLETIC EVENTS: SOPHOMORE GIRLS "LO'OVE" THE BRAWNY JUNIORS AND SENIORS, SOPHOMORE BOYS SIMPLY FOLLOW THE GIRLS. THERE IS ONE CONSOLATION FOR THE SOPHOMORES. NEXT YEAR THEY WILL PROBABLY BE JUNIORSI HOMEROOM B I FIRST ROW. C. Bedell, H. Belman, Barkofski, G, Bataille, P. Bender, Baglino, C. Bender SECOND ROW: 1. Air, R. Adams, L. Bernstein, J. Barnes, R. Ascher, Bacheller, A. Bahnsen, T. Baer THIRD ROW. A. Allihone, C. Aiello, C. Bauer, C. Berlin, B. Barieh, G. Ascher. E. Baumstein FOURTH ROW: P. Besuner, H. Baas, S. Alpert, E. Baznn, L. Bartolutta, C. Beck 88 HDMERUOM B 2 FIRST ROW: S. Bruce, M. Billitteri, E. Billitteri, P. Brewster, G. Bourquin, E. Caine, C. Bottali SECOND RCW: M. Buda, B. Byrne, R. Bianco, N. Biancardo, I. Bruehwiler, L. Caiati, B. Bonfiglio, S. Bruckman THIRD RDW: R. Burghardt, P. Buxhaum, N. Brownstein, I. Bridgens, L. Brengel, L. Blau, C. Caprio FOURTH ROW: D. Burris, M. Birner, B. Bivona, A. Burgan, C. Burnside HUMERUUM B 3 FIRST RDW: S. DeMicheIe, C. Caselli M. Connolly, N. Culmone, I. Caputo, I. Ciccone, G. Chaffkin, H. Crescenzo, M. DeIiIIo SECOND ROW: I. Chatzky, I. Castro, C. D'AngeIo, T. Crawford, H. Cooper- man, R. Carney, A. Chary, D. Cavone, P. Carman THIRD ROW: R. Carr, C. Cohen, L. De- Filippo, B. Cerone, N. Cookrish, J. Chapter, L. David, L. Card, R. Collura FOURTH ROW: D. Covington, P. Chry- scine, A. DeCanio, S. D'AdoIf, I. Cooke, C. Chavez, D. Crawford, I. Clarke, F. D'Aquino SUPHUIVIURES 'S 1 L is 2 ,-g -Q ...,.. HOMEROOM B 4 FIRST ROW: R. DiPrima, F. Escola, S. Fisher, D. Ferguson SECOND ROW: A. Fazio, M. Fine, S. Fisher, S. Einhnrn, V. Esposito THIRD ROW: S. Fishman, E. Fisher, K. Devine, I. Dill, R. Ellins, A Doherty FOURTH ROW. P. Ferdman, B. Engasser, E. Evans, R. Finnegan, G Flores, E. Fielzer FIFTH ROW: R. Force, M. Feldberg, E. Ercole, R. Farrell, W. Fairbrother E. Foerester HOMERUOM B 5 FIRST ROW: S. Gerber, S. Edwards. M. Golding, S. Goldberg, N. Dreyer R. Gold, C. Garcia SECOND ROW: D. Drennan, E. Gibney, C. Gerber, M. Fredericks, M Fiscina, E. Genthner, F. Duggan THIRD ROW: L. Geier, L. Orell, 1. Gayner, A. Geddes, A. Dunn, K Garay, M. Goldberg, B. Edwards FOURTH ROW: E. Friedman, A. Gleit, L. Glantz, R. Ford, D. Frese N. Golden V HOMEROOM B 5 FIRST ROW: S. Gutter, R. Herzhach, D. Heindel, P. Herwitt, G. Goldstein. J. Greenhans, S. Green, W. Graham SECOND ROW: D. Herdman, B. Hertz, J. Grimes, M. Goldman, K. Goodman, B. Guarella, W. Gray, C. Grodman, G. Hight THIRD ROW: S. Gorenstein, L. Gold- stein, G. Graham, T. Hartnett, L. Henne, K. Hennemann, B. Hamel, D. Hill FOURTH ROW: L. Hicks, W. Harneit, L. Herman, K. Hammel, J. Heftel, B. Heller, S. Graffy, B. Green HOMEROOM B 7 FIRST ROW: M. Kaplan, E. Jacobs, E. Jacoby, J. Katz, N. Jepko, L. Kaplan, R. Horowitz SECOND ROW: E. Hyman, J. Hughs, L. Hoeffner, A. Janofl, T. Illmensee, M. Juda,'L. Hinck, P. Jacobs THIRD ROW: G. Human, B. Huehsch, L. Hoecke, S. Kaplan, J. Jensen, G. Hummel, F. Hoyt, J. Jahrsdoerfer FOURTH ROW: H. Johnson, R. Jacohia, S. Hillinger, J. Hyland, P. Hnpke, T. S. Joseph .we 91 HOMERUUM B 8 FIRST ROW: I. Laskey, P. Kundrya, A. Kessler, B. Kestenbaum, M. Knox, H. Klym, S. Kurshals SECOND ROW: C. Keegan, W. Keenan, C. Kilfoil, B. Kornhaber, M. Klein, A. Kornbluh, S. Kligerman, R. LaPIanche THIRD ROW: B. Klein, 1. Lecci, D. Klein, C. Ladofi, S. Dreisberg, A. Korhel, G. Knorr FDURTH ROW: M. Klein, B. Kinzler, K. Knski, L. KnnsIer, G. Kaye, I. Lemontt, F. Konopasek HOMEROUM B 9 FIRST ROW. M. Lish, K. Ludwig, C. Lippert, R. Levine, I. Lisgar, L. Lang, C. Lubell, H. Levine SECOND ROW: R. Lifset, S. Levine, R. Lukas, S. Liss, S. Lihach, I. Macalu- so, M. Luongo, M. McGeehan THIRD ROW. M. Lorch, P. Lerner, H. Livings, R. Lnhmann, T. Lindquist, R. Leuchs, D. Lieberman FOURTH ROW: D. McPartIand, S. Lin- den, R. McDevitt, M. McGrain, R. Lisiewski, I. Levy, F. Lepore 92 HOMEROOM B IU FIRST ROW. S. Marcus, G. Meltzer, R. Martin, I. Mindlin, R. Martinson, R. Mannion SECOND ROW: M. Millman, R. Marks, 1. Mielen, K. McCarthy, S. Morton, R. Maniscalco, A. Mazzota, K. Mai THIRD ROW. M. Mandell, R. Miller, I. Molinari, 1. Marsh, H. Margules, G. Maresca, M. Mendelson, R. Meyer FOURTH ROW. I. Moore, E. Moran, W. Marshall, L. Markham, B. Meltzner, A. Meier, 1. Matthiessen, R. Matlack HUMEROUM B II FIRST ROW: D. Plunkett, B. Pierce, I. Pink, L. Pashkofl, B. Pierce, P. Myers, R. Pakus SECOND ROW. 1. O'Connor, S. Olshin- sky, M. Peppe, R. Perlstein, R. New- man, B. Newman, B. Nash THIRD ROW. J. Parker, L. Ninesling, S. Pello, D. Otner, J. Mummery, E. Pelton, E. Pespas FOURTH ROW: C. Pietrzak, M. Papp, D. Picker, W. Most, E. Neal, S. Peisner, E. Murray 93 YQ 'K ' if" rf is I HOMEROOM B 12 D FIRST ROW: M. Raylield, D. Pugliese, V. Ruisi, D. Reizes SECOND ROW: I. Posner, B. Salzburg, E. Prosceo, P. Rossiter, M. Portugal THIRD ROW: B. Riley, G. Santos, R. Rizzo, I. Savin, H. Ripinsky FOURTH ROW: L. Redfern, H. Reiter, B. Rubin, R. Radecki, W. Rutzler FIFTH ROW: D. Sanna, D. Rheel, R. Ouinn, D. Roberts, R. Pryor, P. Reilly HOMEROOM B 13 FIRST ROW: A. Scavo, S. Scavo, L. Scavo, l. Saucci, S. Shev, L. Seneca SECOND ROW: K. Scherger, B. Schubert, R. Schawaroch, D. Schulgasser, C. Schley, I. Schultz, C. Scherz THIRD ROW: C. Sieher, D. Shields, S. Sheiner, M. Schwartz, S. Schraub, V. Secor FOURTH ROW: L. Schaefer, I. Schwartz, B. Serzo, R. Scott, R. Sesnewicz, I. Schroeder V N 5K A l w e x- Sp SS 5 iw 1 3? S! ' S U if "5 HUMEROOM B 14 FIRST ROW: C. Sornstein, R. Stasi, C. Spaila, I. Stasi, L. Stark, M. Stas- zewski, V. Singer, K. Terry SECOND ROW: E. Sione, M. Stevens, G. Spaih, D. Telefus, I. Speiss, I. Tankleff, C. Thiel THIRD ROW: R. Staples, B. Thomas, R. Strayer, S. Siegel, D. Thumim, I. Streisfeld, E. Splaine FOURTH ROW: R. Stern, A. Smith, H. Solnway, S. Swedherg, S. Stern, I. Stanton, M. Stebbins, K. Sinkel :hs . 1 HUMERUOM B 15 FIRST ROW: M. Young, L. Zinn, J. Winsten, R. Waite SECOND ROW: G. Vanness, I. Wansor S. Weiss, D. Zimei, M. Walsh, R Travers, P. Zakary THIRD ROW: B. Zucker, L. Zucker L. Zuckerman, B. Warren, M. Wershha R. Tucker, I. Veritch, V. Zucchi FOURTH ROW: F. Treiber, I. Urban, L. Wahnik, R. Wydur, C. Vallari, R Wallace, P. White FIFTH ROW: J. Vener, A. Weinstein R. Yellin, B. Weissman, M. Wilbert M. Kaufman, L. Zofler, I. Yarm 95 1 v FRESHMEN MW IM!! X-J CCW LJ i - 'N ,fi SINCE WE FEEL THAT FRESHMEN ARE RIDICULED AND BELITTLED UNIUSTLY WE THE SENIORS WOULD LIKE T0 TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE THEM THE CREDIT DUE THEM HAVING BEEN FRESHMEN AT LEAST ONCE WE CAN SINCERELY APPRECIATE THE FRESHMEN PLIGHT FRESHMEN ARE ACTUALLY MORE THAN A LARGE GROUP OF FUMBLING BUMBLING SKINNY LITTLE PESTS THEY ARE THE NEW HOPE OF A DEFEATED FACULTY TO THE TEACHERS THEIR TIMIDITY AND SILENT OBEDIENCE ARE A WELCOME CHANGE FRESHMEN ARE NECESSARY T0 SENIORS SENIORITY ALSO THEY CLEAN UP AFTER DANCES EVERYBODY LOVES FRESHMEN THEY ARE SO GENEROUS WITH THEIR PARENTS MONEY THEY BLINDLY PURCHASE GO CARDS CLASS BUTTONS RED CROSS BUTTONS THREE COPIES OF SCOPE RAFFLES AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT SIMPLY EVERYONE IS BUYING UNFORTUNATELY OUR AMIABLE FEELINGS TOWARDS THE FRESHMEN ARE NOT SHARED BY ALL THEREFORE WE GENEROUSLY OFFER THE FOLLOW ING ADVICE TO PROSPECTIVE FROSH DONT BE OBVIOUS IFADE IN WITH THE CROWDI DONT BURDEN YOURSELF WITH UNNECESSARY PARAPHERNALIA ILEAVE TEXTBOOKS AT HOMEI DONT APPEAR EAGER ILOOK AS DISGUSTED AS POSSIBLEI DONT BRING YOUR LUNCH BECAUSE YOU FEAR THE LUNCH LINE IYOU T00 CAN PUSHII DONT ADMIT TO LIKING THE SCHOOL OR ANYTHING ABOUT IT IFABRICATE COMPLAINTS IF NECESSARYI DONT BE OFFENSIVELY NEAT ILET YOUR SHIRTAILS HANGI DONT JOIN BOOSTERS IAS A MATTER OF FACT CHEER FROM THE VISITORS SECTIONI DONT CARRY BRIEFCASES IREMEMBER7 NO BOOKSI ABOVE ALL DONT FOLLOW THIS ADVICE IIF YOU PLAN ON BECOMING A SOPHOMOREI 96 443, I A ' ' T n if VX- . , If I W Q L . ' w7 I 'III I T f J W7 . . ' XL Al THEREBY SUPPORTING MUCH or THE STUDENT Bonv. I l KX '49 XTX V H ' IDX ' 1 If ' Y 'I '- 4 I X- HOMEROUM A 1 FIRST ROW: R. Barnett, P. Ahosida, B. Baruch, K. Alter, B. Arlan, M. Bad- ner, M. Andersen SECOND ROW: D. Barhini, A. Avallone, S. Beall, C. Alhinger, C. Baier, R. Badami THIRD ROW: E. Beebe, B. Armhruster, E. Adler, C. Bautz, M. Baker, T. Bach, O. Asch FOURTH ROW: G. Bazon, R. Baker, R. Barberis, T. Ahruscati, L. Anderson, I. Adams, C. Angelo, G. Angelillo HDMERUCM A 2 FIRST ROW: M. Chiusano, L. Bishop, B. Boudin, M. Campione, E. Bennett, V. Chisling, L. Berger, P. Chavez SECOND ROW: N. Bredehoft, D, Bun- ten, S. Chandler, R. Cleary, E. Brick, R. Brusso, I. Berman, I. Cantor THIRD ROW: R. Briody, N. Brown, R. Caggiano, B. Caress, H. Cenkner, S. Clements, I. Carter, E. Cohen FOURTH ROW: C. Bourgault, A. Cheval- Iier, E. Cantrowitz, M. Berman, I. Berta, D. Clark, H. Brunner, R. Callan 1 R7 is 97 HUMEROOM A 3 FIRST ROW: F. Constantino, A. Deichler, V. Cornelius, 1. DeMaio SECOND ROW: R. Cohn, E. Crow, H. Cook, J. Cohen, S. Davis, N. Cole THIRD ROW: K. Connolly, S. Corso, I. Degraw, S. Danow, I. Derico, J. Conte FOURTH ROW: P. DeMartini, 1. Copenhaver, L. Cooper, S. Dansky, R Cousins, J. Derrico FIFTH ROW: I. DeFranco, R. Cooney, P. Cohen, F. Delfiaudio, D. Davidson, K. Cohen HUMERUOM A 4 FIRST ROW: M. Devine, J. Feingold, L. DeVitto, E. Bivona, D. Dittman, G. Dunn SECOND ROW: M. Drennan, C. Dropking, I. DeBenidetti, K. Dick- man, J. Besswanger, P. Docyk, M. Federman THIRD ROW: L. Bonfiglio, F. Drucker, B. Epstein, M. Endmacher, M. Derico, 1. Doyle, J. Druckman FOURTH ROW: E. Drower, C. Doherty, R. Bloom, S. Dreger, G. Birdsall, W. Edwards, R. Fatow V Li Y HDMERODM A 5 FIRST ROW: l. Forsladt, N. Fieldson S. Gallin, C. Gabrus, R. Fischetti, K Feren, A. Gibson, B. Flam SECOND ROW: G. Ferrari, C. Gentile P. Giacobbe, B. Gartel, S. Feldman, L Feldman, M. Garelick, l. Gelberg THIRD RDW: L. Garnet, N. lice, V Fitzgerald, R. Geoly, B. Gagliano, K Gabrin, A. Gantt, R. Ferraris FOURTH ROW: N. Gahel, H. Fiero, A Gendel, T. Fox, M. Femister, E. Floyd l. Ferin, N. Fells HOMERDOM A 6 FIRST ROW: E. Frankl, W. Goodman, B. Goldstein, M. Greene, M. Gilbert, S. Glassberg, R. Guma, P. Grenot SECOND ROW: M. Goldstein, R. Hal- stead, l. Glock, B. Gollubier, P. Grum- mer, R. Green, L. Gorin, P. Gilbert, R. Greco THIRD ROW: W. Gladstone, I. Green- span, M. Green, S. Greenberg, D. Frazer, I. Greene, P. Gold, S. Frank FOURTH ROW: S. Grosflam, D. Giel, B. Grabber, I. Girlat, R. Gropper, A. Gould, I. Grice, R. Greene. 99 HOMERUUM A 7 FIRST ROW: M. Heend, K. Heaney, A. Frost, P. Hughes, P. Hirsch, B. Hartz- hand SECOND ROW: S. Huebsch, S. Haskins, P. Hopkins, C. Hoock, D. Fumagalli, R. Friedhofler, P. Hayes THIRD ROW: M. Hellgott, M. Hennigan, M. Haselkorn, C. Freund, M. Hoffman, H. Herr, L. Herhst, H. lgoe FOURTH ROW: A. Freidman, S. Fraz- zetta, A. Hoeffner, D. Hodgson, M. Hollins, M. Hamburg, T. Hansen HOMEROOM A 8 FIRST ROW: B. Kless, D. Keren, N lnfanzon, C. Kaplan, E. Kleiman, R Jacobs SECOND ROW: R. Kleher, G. Johanson 1. Klagges, B. Kind, 1. Konz, E. Kertesz S. Kantor THIRD ROW: P. Jette, l. Klebanofl, C Keeler, B. King, S. Killeen, W. Kelly FOURTH ROW: R. Keehn, A. Kaminsky W. Keeler, J. Innes, R. Klimkowski, D lovino, E. Jorgensen ,f 42 li' 100 4 4 Zz QM 634645 H1604 I WWW 'Fifi HOMEROUM A 9 FIRST ROW: S. Levine, E. Leventhal M. Krinsky, I. Lyon, D. Krauss, S Levine, L. Loudon SECOND ROW. A. Krohn, R. Lieberman T. Ludtsky, P. Lichtman, S. Linzer, S Long, M. McCoy, R. Kogan THIRD RUW: L. Kling, C. Luria, W Lowry, L. Klinkowitz, S. Leyden, P Krivis, M. Graion FOURTH ROW: I. Ligouri, T. Leih, L Lihach, W. Koster, L. Cooper, M. Levy D. Kramer HOMEROOM A I0 FIRST ROW: R. MacDevitt, G. Latsch G. Langer, S. Mann, K. Kurzweil, L Lack, D. McKinney SECOND RUW: S. Kurnik, E. Martin, R Lerner, R. Lieterman, H. Kulikowski M. McGrath, II. Lepore THIRD ROW: R. McMahon, I. Malen chek, J. McKenna, M. Lepanto, I Lepolstat, F. LaRocca, B. Marcus FOURTH ROW: M. Marks, 1. LaCalmita, I. McDowell, L. Lessing, I. Lanzar, F Margolies, R. Lasserty, I. Leipzig T01 1 HUMEROOM A 11 FIRST ROW: O. Ogden, F. Martin, R Messer, C. Miron, T. Oswald SECOND ROW: S. Miller, P. Mulleri, G Monturnri, B. Mita, S. Nelson, J Martin, F. Olin THIRD ROW: G. Nadola, Y. Morrow, Murphy, A. Nistad, T. Nadola, Moyers, B. Mita, It. Moran P G P FOURTH ROW: P. Myers, B. Molinari, I. Mastornardy, P. Mulvey, P. Olito, P. Monaghan, B. Moulton FIFTH ROW-1. 0'Brien D Orlosk W. . , . y, Mitchell, V. Murray, S. Oberstein, D Murphy, S. Meinel W, ,Q fit tx N Lf X XJ Rx HUMEROOM A 12 FIRST ROW: I. Pearlman, L. Pertz, R. Pizza, B. Quagliato, T. Reich, M. Padnos, N. Duartin, I. Prussak, H. PIETCE SECOND ROW: R. Ramos, I. Palmer, C. Pazman, E. Poli, S. Portnoy, J. Perrotta, A. Perlmutter, P. Pasahow, V. Pickett, M. Peeler THIRD ROW: M. Oxenhorn, R. Phillips, C. Panicn, S. Paige, K. Pautenberg M. Policastro, S. Pollack, N. Pivinski N. Pearce FOURTH ROW: E. Reahl, G. Pandolti, I Philp, D. Pettit, R. Reisman, W. Par bus, R. lluartuccio, V. Pirkl v A HOMEROOM A I3 FIRST ROW: S. Rosenberg, A. Schrager, W. Scheafer, L. Sandler A. Ross, S. Rowe, E. Schary, S. Schimmel SECOND ROW: l. Rusciano, D. Rutzler, C. Santini, P. Rolla, P Schmidt, E. Rosenberg, B. Rut, A. Schwartz, M. Schreiber THIRD ROW: P. Rolla, S. Sachs, H. Schwartz, D. Riegger, V. Rodgers, M. Ross, I. Resanowitch, R. Schwartzman FOURTH ROW: W. Scheffer, P. Saltzman, B. Richman, l. Robertson, D. Riley, I. Schneider, M. Scolice, V. Salerno, C. Schuler HDMERODM A 14 FIRST ROW: K. Smith, D. Silverman, E. Sigman, I. Seide SECOND ROW: D. Sepe, M. Siconolfi, E. Sinker, M. Scully, I. Scoma THIRD ROW: I. Sobel, 1. Sison, C. Sinnott, M. Scully, M. Skura FOURTH ROW: A. Seeman, M. Siegel, M. Shenk, 1. Seltzer, F. Sharp FIFTH ROW: B. Siskind, I. Sheats, H. Senior, D. Smolen, R. Sloan 103 HOMEROUM A 15 P FIRST ROW: S. Stemmer, M. Stasi, C. Sotak, C. Spier, M. Trepicione, J. Toman, I. Sumpter SECOND ROW: M. Tropp, 1. Stallings, P. Tucker, L. Thomas, D. Staples, P. Tual, F. Szabo THIRD ROW: 1. Stiles, M. Swerdlow, R. Steckler, M. Stickney, D. Tomhack, R. Sokol, K. Sweoringen FOURTH ROW: D. Talix, R. Tedesco, E. Sturman, I. Spiegel, H. Solomon, B. Thompson, L. Sturm V FIRST RUW: E. Wolberg, P. Triold, C. HOMERDOM A I6 Weissman, N. Young, S. Wachtel, J Walker, I. Undreiner, l. White, R Wielen SECOND ROW: P. Venditto, B. Wasser- D man, D. Wolf, S. Weinstein, Vkhunsky, A. VIIIZCT, L. Vendetti, R. Williams, R. Zeitzer THIRD ROW: B. Weiss, A. Weiss, P Visconti, G. Walker, D. Wineherg, L Young, I. Williams, J. Young, R Zweigenbaum FOURTH ROW: P. Urban, B. Zavner, I White, 1. Zanky, K. Weinhaver, I Walters, V. Zanky, K. Wolfarth, T Venditti gf 104 4, iw , N Qs J 4. x f. N' 3 MR. WITKOWSKY, ADVISOR N ' M L. KAPLAN, LITERARY f jf 10 ftvggcyo I LCA!! x j s. KnAuss, BUSINESS A ,X V! 76 ,Lan JZ 1. , ,?j AJ 7 Cfv ffm 4777. s. coLEMAN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEQ f Wwffgh X-Qu up aff! fw-QZIKLZ .fuf-eff! - 1 A. Hmscu, ART M4 WL 7M -f 0'flW'7f' ' J K , ,IWC c .- WM - , fy u. Hamann, Pnoroannruv Q. Q0 1 P. mcnwmn, Assocms Emma 5 EIJITURIM BOARD FIRST ROW: A. Hirsch iArt Editori, C. Weisen, R. Kertesz, N. Fried, S. Einhorn, H. Crescenzo SECOND ROW: J. Blitman, R. Thompson, E. Genthner, B. Engasser, D. Hoffman iPhotog- raphy Editori, S. Linden, S. Shev THIRD ROW: M. Warren, 1. Gentile, H. Krohn, A. Goodman ABSENT: J. Schawaroch iAss't Art Editori, K. Harding, 1, Friedhoffer, E. Bartolotto, A. Birnbaum, N. Whitton, E. Gould, B. Shuhert 1 " T 5 W. , -ff ff C' X ART AND PHUTUGRAPHY STAFF Il -ZW 3 108 yn, 7 FIRST ROW: S. Colier. C. Bottenus, R. Thompson, J. Blasio, A. Fingerhut IAsst. Business Mgr.I. P. Michalski, C. Garcia SECOND ROW: S. Turner, 1. Schwartz, ISecretaryI, S. Krauss IBusiness Mgr.I, H. Broome, I. Corenza, S. Scott, W. Marshall, W. Skala, I. Savin, G. Siver THIRD ROW: B. Berger, 1. Bergmaster, S. Gutter, R. McNulty ABSENT: I. Friedhoffer IAss'I. Business Mgr.I ,gg X 235 .3263 I S' xpbfs I 1 'aff - Mfigic . 'fr S f LQ Sw.. ' I .' 'w.,.f -. Q S if 4 Q I . I ? , Y 1 f ,ff ,mx 1 Dx BUSINESS STAFF 1 A . x ...ll FIRST ROW: R. Hirsh, E. Kertesz, P. Lavnick, E. Green, L. Kaplan lLiterary Editurl, F. McGrath, S. Scott lFeature Cu-Editorl, M. Luecke, G. Siver, V. Saho, J. Ourenza SECOND ROW: H. Maltz tFeature Oo- Editorl, S. Solomon lAss't Literary Editnrl, 1. Solomon lSports Cu-Editorl, V. Wiesel, P. Michalski, M. Mandelson, A. Pepper, C. Sahia, P. Scully, L. San- tos, L. Drell ABSENT: F. Anzalnne, A. Filnsa, B. Green, I. Kagel, M. Kaplan, M. Scully, A. Turkel, J. Metz, R. Palmese, S. Stebbins, M. White, Typists: A. Aje- mian, C. Demaria, D. Hall eww., I .. "T, . i 4,5 'T Y . lr iff' '73 i is ' AQ Q-in 6 Typ 'Z - Ip g. FIRST ROW: C. Burnside, I. Foerster, D. Prussak, B. Caltahinn SECOND ROW: E. Ercole, Mrs. Murphy ISecretaryJ, B. Newman THIRD ROW: D. Wineburge, Mr. Morse ILibrarianI, A. Pepper FOURTH ROW: A. Meyer, N. Brownstein, S. Peisner, S. Geisler. L. Kaplan, A. Fingerhut, L. Suominen FIFTH RDW: G. Asher, E. Gibney. D. Lewis, R. Asher, A. Weinstein SIXTH ROW: B. Bialiek, M. Mendell, M. Klein, D. Picker SINCE IT IS HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE LIBRARIAN TO CHECK BOOKS IN AND OUT. CATALOGJE AND RETURN BOOKS, AND TAKE CHARGE JF THE CARD CATALOGUE, HE HAS A NUMBER OF ASSISTANTS TO AID HIM EACH PERIOD AND AFTER SCHOOL. THE LIBRARY AIDES LEARN LIBRARY SKILLS AND BECOME BETTER ACOUAINTED WITH THE LIBRARY'S WIDE AND VARIED SELECTION OF LITERATURE. I I I I . , I I 3 g....... M, vgagxylyigo , 1 gx35 5MJqIW1:., SEATED P Terry I Solomon S Scott R L apl VSab RSe Hirsr KV an. o, . 'duh STANDING. I. Ludulsky, R. Trapp. D. Rice R Leinev, S Coleman P. Richman. H. Maltz Fllosa F Anzalone. L. Lapson THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY'S PURPOSE IS TO CREATE AN ENTHUSIASM FOR SCHOLARSHIP, STIMULATE A DESIRE TO RENDER SERVICE, PROMOTE WORTHY LEADERSHIP. AND ENCOURAGE THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHARACTER. THE MEMBERS OF W. TRESPER CLARKES CHAPTER HAVE DEMONSTRATED THEIR ABILITY TO PROMOTE THESE IDEALS. UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF MR KLINGEL. THE HONOR SOCIETYS FIRST YEAR HAS BEEN A SUCCESSFUL ONE. w lu I A"l0rm,, ,hh ns,-N 8,1 gf-ff. E7 ..J fp. .uaffsi , - 4, 'fa 4'-'ri iA ' y 4 V 'La X .ij ad? . QN . 'Q U if FIRST RDW: E. Bartolotta, R. Hatem SECOND RDW: S. Smith, F. Anzalone, I. Gilbert, I. Veritch, H. Wallach ,I I rrrmo RUW: o. Hoffman, E. Pespas ,5 Nl. . 9 5 Q . el 7? FQ CAST. S. Smith, R. Hatem, I. Veritch, A. Goodman, W. Beck, R. Sheppard, E. Bartolotta, D. Hallman, 1. Gilbert, F. Anzalone, E. Pespas, S. Arkin, G. Siver. M. Wanderman, H. Wallach, W. Goldman 5 N., SINGING ENSEMBLE: S. Arkin, L. Bernstein, I. Blasio, L. David, A. Fazio, A. Fingerhut, C. Forbes. A. Gendell, K. i Harding, M. Kaufman, B. Kornhaber, S. Levine, M. Lodico, F. Margolies, I. Mastronardv, E. Morna, L. Ninesling, J. 1 Pearlman, G. Santos, S. Silverman, G. Siver. S. Swedberg, W. Beck, N. Cookrrsh, F. Constantino, B. Erenburg, V. Forbes, R. Fuchs, I, Molinari, N. Pearce, M. Rayfield, I. Roth, A. Schneller DANCING ENSEMBLE. N. Ackerman, C. Albinger, B, Bergkn ofl. C. Bougault, E. Brick, S. Coller, D. Davidson, N. Fried, ' K. Galvin, M. Goldman, L. Gorin, P. Grummer, L. Halpern, M. Iones, M. Kalwara, B. Keenan, I. Klesselheim, I. Kinder, I 5. B. King, F. Lauler, P. Lavnick, D. Lone, A. McDowell, S. Meinel, N. Guartin, B. Roth, R. Sedita, I. Siracusano, G. NP Smith, F. Solomon, S. Stemmer, T. Visconti, I. Walter, W. Beck, N. Cookrish. B. Erenburg. R. Fuchs, I. Molinari, xt 'C TT2 N. Pearce, M. Rayfield. I. Roth. R. Stark 7 I. OM "' CALL CLARKE'S THEATRE GUILD PRESENTED ITS FIRST MUSICAL PRODUCTION ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVENINGS, FEBRUARY 27 AND 28. IT WAS A SMASH HIT! UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MR. ROY SIEGEL AND MR. PATRICK VARIANO, ROGERS' AND HAMMERSTEIN'S OKLAHOMA! PLAYED FOR "STANDING ROOM ONLY." SOPHOMORE JANE VERITCH AND SENIOR ROY HATEM PLAYED THE LEADS, SUPPORTED BY A LARGE CAST OF ACTORS, SINGERS AND DANCERS. THE COMPANY'S UNTIRING EFFORTS WERE RE- WARDED BY THE SHOW'S TREMENDOUS SUCCESS. an lE XS. ""-5 .K ff" S " ENCINEERS' CLUB THE ENGINEERS' CLUB I DESIGNED FOR THOSE PREPARING TO ENTER THE ENGINEERING PROFESSION. THESE STUDENTS LEARN ADVANCED SKILLS IN DRAFTSMANSHIP WHICH ARE NOT TAUGHT IN THE CLASSROOM. THEY ARE INTRODUCED T0 INTRICATE EQUIPMENT WHICH THEY WOULD OTHERWISE NOT USE WITHOUT MORE TECHNICAL TRAINING. SECOND ROW: 1. Druckman, S. D'AdoIf, S. Ginsberg. D. DeVries, Mr. Rubins IAdvisorI, W. Gladstone, M. Hamburg L. Lapson, P. Richman, Mr. Lightfoot IAdvisorI, C. Burnside, A. Pepper, R Gallon THE POTENTIAL GRAND- MASTERS OF CLARKE'S CHESS CLUB MEET ONCE A WEEK FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ANALYZING AND PLAYING CHESS. UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF MR. LIGHTFOOT, MEMBERS ARE INSTRUCTED IN THE FUNDAMENTALS AS WELL AS THE FINE POINTS OF THE GAME. THE BOYS TAKE THEIR GAME SERIOUSLY AND OFTEN SPEND LONG HOURS AT THE CHESS BOARD PLANNING STRATEGIC MOVES. CHESS CLUB NIAIH IEIINI THE MATHEMATICS TEAM PARTICIPATES IN INTERSCHOLASTIC MEETS, BUT THE BOYS WHO JOIN IT DO SO BOTH FOR COMPETITION AND FOR THE "LOVE OF MATH." THEY ATTEMPT TO SOLVE INTRICATE PROBLEMS OF THE "DEEPEST" NATURE, AND ARE INTRODUCED TO HIGHER MATHEMATICS. xI,lX.IL, WM SF I. Friedhoffer, I. Lemontt, Mr. Phelan I risen D Rce exjjggvfg Rr man DRILL IEAIVI ff THE DRILL TEAM, IN ITS FIRST YEAR HAS ALREADY BECOME A POPULAR FAVORITE WITH THE ROOTERS AT ALL THE ATHLETIC EVENTS. THE GIRLS WORK DILIGENTLY, PERFECTING NEW ROUTINES WITH WHICH TO ENTERTAIN THE FANS AT HALF TIME ONE DRILL WHICH GAINED IMMEDIATE POPULARITY WAS THE DIFFICULT HULA HOOP ROUTINE CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM A Fazlo S Flsher Alhinger, B. Kestenhaum R Elllns E Mran Grafton, A. Meyer I Ilulnn C Cohen I Walters Doherty, E. Jacob: I Stallm B Salshurg Captain Singer ICenterI SEATED B Schubert R Schecter L Drell M Portugal R Wallace R Scott H Cooperman P Herwltt S Frschman I Crccone L Davld I Macaluso R Levnne I Mummery S Fischer B Kestenbaum A Chary A ltornbluh L Bernstein H Cooke M Padnos A Gould I Druckman S Huebsch E Moran S Gerber STANDING S Schlmmel M Tropp S Linden S Krersherg Mr Browne Mlss Brown M Klem Mlss Stuard S Ilrllrnger S Alpert D Rerzes R Herzbach P Iacohs R Gold M Wershba R Huebsch I Yarm THE BIOLOGY CLUB IS COMPOSED OF THOSE STUDENTS WHO DIDNT WINCE WHEN WE DISSECTED THE FROG IN 6 I BIOLOGY. ITS MEMBERS PERFORM INTRICATE BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENTS ANALYZE MUCH OF WHAT THEY VE B N Q TAUGHT, AND, OF COURSE, THEY DO ADDITIONAL 1? DISSECTIONS. QLTJQ UD- if 62 rf All N BIIIIIIGY CLUB QQ Ii SPECTRUM SPECTRUM IS CLARKE'S ANSWER TO SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. IT IS A SPECIAL NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED FOR THE BENEFIT OF STUDENTS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN LEARN- ING ABOUT ANY AREA OF SCIENCE THE STAFF COLLECTS AND EDITS SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES WHICH ARE PUBLISHED IN OTHER MAGAZINES SO THAT THEY CAN BE EASILY COMPREHENDED BY THE AVERAGE SCIENCE STUDENT. THE PUB- LICATION ALSO CONTAINS ORIGINAL ARTICLES. SEATED: A. Chary, A. Kornhluh, M. Klein, H. Cuoperman STANDING: S. Rillinger, Miss Brown, D. Reizes THE LAB ASSISTANTS ARE STUDENTS INTERESTED IN SCIENCE, WHO SPEND THEIR FREE PERIODS ASSISTING SCIENCE TEACHERS. BY PREPARING AND DEMONSTRAT- ING EXPERIMENTS FOR CLASSES, THEY FURTHER THEIR SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION. FREQUENTLY, THEY CAN BE FOUND IN THE SCIENCE LABS AFTER SCHOOL, DOING UNUSUAL AND INTERESTING EXPERIMENTS. IAB Issisiiiis SEATED: C. Rankin, S. Tell, P. lacohs, M. Wershha, H. Maltz, L. Drell STANDING. S. Levine, P. Richman, S. Fischer, W. Marshall, R. Huebsch, S. Radoii , my C U' SUSAN STEBBINS, PRESIDENT DAVID HOFFMAN, VICE-PRESIDENT LINDA WABNIK, SECRETARY CARMEN GARCIA, TREASURER MR. PATRICK KELLY, ADVISOR 118 Rig 'N vs THE GENERAL ORGANIZATION WAS CREATED DURING OUR FIRST MONTHS AT CLARKE. SINCE ITS INCEPTION, THE G.O. HAS SERVED THE STUDENTS IN MANY CAPACITIES. IT HAS ALREADY MADE GREAT STRIDES TOWARDS ACCOMPLISHING THE AIMS SET FORTH IN THE PREAMBLE TO ITS CONSTITUTION. THE GENERAL ORGANIZATION HAS ENDEAVORED TO PROMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT AND PROVIDE FOR PARTICIPATION IN STUDENT ACTIVITIES. CLOSER COOPERATION BETWEEN THE STUDENTS AND THE FACULTY, THE ADMINISTRA- TION, AND THE COMMUNITY, HAS BEEN ACHIEVED LARGELY THROUGH THE EFFORTS OF THE G.O. THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT HAS ENCOURAGED STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY AND INITIATIVE. THE MEMBERS OF EACH HOMEROOM ELECT ONE DELEGATE AND ONE ALTERNATE TO THE STUDENT COUNCIL. EACH DELEGATE PARTICIPATES IN EVERY COUNCIL MEETING AND BRINGS TO THE ATTENTION OF THE GROUP THE SUGGESTIONS OF HIS CLASSMATES. THUS EACH STUDENT HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR SCHOOL GOVERNMENT, SUGGESTING IMPROVEMENTS AND ADDITIONS TO CLARKE'S POLICIES. GENERAL URGANIZANUN FIRST ROW: B. Goldstein, B. ArIean,1. Lyons, E. Walherg, K. Henny, S. Page, R. McNulty, R. Levine, N. Fried. C. Weisen SECOND ROW. L. Drell, B. Warren, B. Caress, M. Swerdlow, F. Drucker, D. Davidson, E. Kleinman, J. Schroeder, B. Myer, 1, Molinari, S. Herzog THIRD ROW: 1. Greenhouse, S. Peisner. N. Brownstein, H. Rapinsky, J, Streisfeld. W. Sheffer, G. Siver, J. Bergdahl, J. Bergmeister, R. Thompson Ni , 1 ,Q ,.V I Y IIRT SERVICE SIIUI-III THE ART SERVICE SQUAD IS A SERVICE ORGANIZATION WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MOST OF CLARKES SIGNS POSTERS INVITATIONS AND DECORATIONS ANY STUDENT INTERESTED IN ART HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN THE SQUAD M x gl .i FIRST ROW E Cantrowltz L Sandler S Stehblns R Barnett SECOND ROW S Gallln H Maltz Mr Roy Siegel IAdvlsurI S Shev J Resanowrtch P Hirsch G Ferrari S Marcus R Badamr Mr Taub SECOND ROW B Marcus y Cannon Graham E Friedman T Ahruscatr THE AUDIO VISUAL SQUAD MAINTAINS AND OPERATES ALL AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT THIS EQUIPMENT INCLUDES FILMS SLIDES PROIECTORS LIGHTS MICROPHONES TAPE RECORDERS AND RADIOS THE SQUADS VARIOUS SERVICES ARE USED CONSTANTLY BY TEACHERS AND THEIR CLASSES EVERY SCHOOL PLAY ASSEMBLY AND COMMUNITY PROGRAM HELD AT CLARKE UTILIZES AT LEAST ONE OF THE MANY SERVICES OF THE AUDIO VISUAL SQUAD IIUIIIII VISUAL SIIUIIII Sgr-Ps, ' ,ff ij? . If -I f ' , . , rmsr ROW: Mr. Leonardo V 'y Te: .A -. E . . ', . , ' 1. Lev,P. ' ,s' I X ' . I R ,f 'I 4 I uv, !'z n- r X 4 gh? WGN VV' xx V FIRST ROW: M. Tominellu, C. Sahia R. Wielen, S. Paige, S. Silverman, R Sedita, J. Murray SECOND ROW. R. Marretta, P. Terry V. Saho, 1. Berman, M. Eisenstein, C Demaria, I. Pink THIRD ROW: C. Bottenus, N. Carroll L. Gorin, V. Wiesel, l. Solomon, R Steier, N. Gahel THESE GIRLS SPEND A FREE PERIOD EACH DAY IN EITHER THE MAIN OFFICE, GUIDANCE OFFICE, OR HEALTH OFFICE. THEY WORK THE INTERCOM, GREET VISITORS, SORT AND FILE FORMS, AND PERFORM VARIOUS OTHER CLERICAL DUTIES. THE OFFICE AIDES' JOB IS PRIMARILY TO ASSIST S THE SECRETARIES IN PERFORMING THEIR MANY ?l I Ox N Km 4' I TS Q'-ill' CRW' VJ n".j4',, v xl 'Q . J.. ll- T X A , -'X'-va?-" sry, .- .-. ' ff' 234' A- 1.2, 'V I SS ' 1 U I ' . bl? 1 max . . , '. , 4 . av 6 0 ' . , ff' ,vi ff , L Pj 121 THE CHEERLEADERS, CLARKETTES, AND DRILL TEAM MADE THEIR FIRST PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE ON BIG NETWORK TELEVISION ON DECEMBER 14. THEY HAD BEEN CHOSEN TO ENTERTAIN DURING HALF-TIME AT THE EXCITING GIANT-BROWN FOOTBALL GAME AT YANKEE STADIUM. THEIR FIRST PERFORMANCE, TELEVISED FROM COAST TO COAST, WAS A COMBINED EFFORT WITH EAST MEADOW HIGH'S CHEERLEADERS, ROCKETTES, AND DRILL TEAM. WITH THE ACCOMPANIMENT OF THE CLARKE-EAST MEADOW MARCHING BAND, THEY PERFORMED ON A SNOW-COVERED FIELD T0 "IINGLE BELLS," HRUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER," AND "SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN." THE CHEERLEADERS CHEERED THE GIANTS ON TO A HARD WON VICTORY! T22 5 E S cnusm ' -.J-, 5' - 4,f,S:LI.ISR!! ' ' if:-... .Q SSI Fx, ' sa." ,-. ' h ' 1 no .0 .Ii '5' f- ,KJ " I . T 367' '- .I -. ,yr - f' -Q I A " 3 v 'K 5 . f 5' - , , . :Ja P .1 0 5 M E! yn ur 5 T . 6 N' ' ' 'an Y' n I -N ' X .C Q Q Q. V X 1 KICK? ' -utah I qt K r W SJ o 1 N ' G 4 V W Sir' Q, w 1,3-xx ' 'f - ' f 'r QA! - 5 8 ,.l. Rx . Q , ' 'u ' S , ' Q ' s 5 ,f- l X 1- .xh H is . fi A I .., J ' if , Q wi., J V nth, X, ' - 8.4, ' Q,,4.,f" ,sf . 3' . , -' '7 J fl . R' R Si i Q N -.. , I g x A i, i - , Wu! URCHESIRA l F5- VIOLIN lf M. Meinel lCuncert-Mistressl, S. Kruger lTreasurerl, P. Rossiter. D. Stuart llibrarianl. D. Sepe, D. Asch VIOLIN ll: E. Murray, R. Steckler, M. Goldstein, M. Schreiber OBOE: D. Hoffman, P. Scully CLARINET: F. Lepore, E. Braunstein VIOLA. A. Filosa. M. McCoy BASSUON: A. Goodman, M. Stevens CELLO: R. Tropp, S. Stewart, M. Fine, A. Chary STRING BASS: W. White, I. White, R. Ascher, D. Lewis TRUMPET: W. Rock, ll. Pierce, D. Bunten FLUTE: M. Mendelson TROMBUNE: I. Leipzig, A. Birnbaum. E. Sturman TUBA: R. Gallon CONDUCTOR: Mrs. Antonia G. Nigrelli PERCUSSION: G. Angus, D. Covington, F. Fowler, WHILE A REGULAR CREDIT COURSE, ORCHESTRA OFTEN ENTAILS AFTER-SCHOOL REHEARSALS. THESE EXTRA HOURS ENABLE THE STUDENTS TO LEARN TO PLAY THEIR INSTRUMENTS AS PART OF A GROUP AS WELL AS INDIVIDUALLY. THE ORCHESTRA PLAYS AT MANY SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES AND IMPORTANT EVENTS. FRENCH HORN: B. Schubert, C. Koletnik, N. Dreyer E. DTOWBT CHURUS I . ,N H SX SOPRANU I: S. Arkin, 1. Blasio, S. Bruckman, B. Cartel, G. Hanold, D. Hill, B. King, S. Leydon, D. Lieberman. M. Lodico, L. Long, S. Meinel, R. Miller, P. Mulier, M. Oxenhurn. C. Pretgak, E. Pespas, C. Rautenherg, C. Roberts, C. Spada, S. Swedberg, I. Veritch, I. Walters SOPRANO Il: B. Armbruster. R. Baris, L. Bartolotta, 1. Capnto, L. David, A. Fingerhut, B. Flam. K. Golvin, S. Gerber, G. Homan, M. lngrassia, S. Kantor. M. Kaufman, L. Klaton, A. Kornhlow, R. Leather- man, F. Margolier, B. Meier, E. Millaud, B. Nash, I. Parker, P. Paso- show, I. Pearlman, R. Reisman, B. Thomas. M. Wilbert TENUR: M. Cutenacher, H. Maltz, D. Murphy. R. Staller BARITUNE: V. Forbes, R. Hatem, I. Hogan, I. Ingoglia, I. Maliangos, W. Marshall. J. Roth, S. Sacks, K. Weinhauser ALTO: D. Arnell. S. Beall, S. Chandler, M. 0eMartini, V. Fitzgerald, C. Forbes, N. Gabel, L. Garnett, ll. Gendell, M. Green, K. Harding, E. Hyman, 8. Kornhaver, S. Levine, I. Mastranardy, F. McGrath, L. Niesling, E. Rosenberg, M. Rosenberg, S. Rowe, J. Savin, S. Silverman, G. Siver, S. Smith. R. Thompson, G. Turkel R.-1 Hu THE MEMBERS OF THE CHORUS MEET FIRST PERIOD EACH DAY T0 REHEARSE FOR THE MANY FUNCTIONS IN WHICH THEY PARTICIPATE THEY PERFORM AT ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS, THE SPRING CONCERT, THE ANNUAL ARTS FESTIVAL, AND SPECIAL SCHOOL AND COM- MUNITY EVENTS HELD AT CLARKE. THEY ALSO SPEND MANY AFTER SCHOOL HOURS PRACTICING THE MORE DIFFICULT HARMONIES. THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CHORUS'S ACTIVITIES THIS YEAR WAS ITS MAGNIFICENT PERFORMANCE IN OKLAHOMA! FLUTE: M. Mendelson, BELLS: F. Fowler OBOE: D. Hoffman, P. Scully lLiIJrarianl, D. Riegger CLARINET: E. Braunstein, F. Leport, S. Stewart, W. Schlaler, B. Caress, M. Chuisano, B. Kerr lAsst. Uniform Managerl. R. Bloom, S. Huehsch, I. Rusciano ALTO CLARINET: L. Goodstein, G. Moyers K. Kurzweil, BASS CLARINET: T. Nlldllla, 1. DBGTBW ,,..-- BASSOON: A. Goodman lPresident, Drum Majorl, M. Stevens SAXUPHONE: L. Berger, I. Cantor, M. Bergman, D. Thumim HORNS: B. Schubert, C. Koletnik, N. Ilreyer, G. Aselier, M. Tropp CORONET: W. Rock, H. Pierce, IJ. Bunten, E. Sigman, M. Baker, F. Hehscher 594-5 TRUMPET: R. SUCH, I. Greene .il 5"g,' TROMBONE: I. Leipzig, A. Birnbaum, C. Sturman "1 BARITONE: n. Hatem Illniform Managen, s. snev iv Eh, snssl n. canon, P. nopke 'E' , DRUMS: E. Drower, D. Covington, l. Angus, F. Konapasek E' counucrun. Mr. Stanley A. cole 5 I TWIRLERS. L. Hoeflner, G. Bourquin, l. Stasi, E. Fielzer ?-L FIRST PERIOD EACH DAY AND SEVERAL AFTERNOONS A WEEK ARE SET ASIDE BY THESE STUDENTS FOR BAND REHEARSAL. THE MARCHING BAND PERFORMS AT ATHLETIC EVENTS, WHILE THE CONCERT BAND PLAYS AT CONCERTS, ASSEMBLIES. AND ON SPECIAL OCCASIONS. 4.-Aa-F' has-., Capt. Keaney p..-9 , . I ,I THE CIVIL AIR PATROL IS THE CIVILIAN AUXILIARY OF THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE. THE CADET PROGRAM IS DESIGNED T0 ASSIST YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN TO FIND ANSWERS TO THEIR AVIATION OUESTIONS AND TO DEVELOP OUALITIES OF LEADERSHIP. OUTSTANDING CADETS ARE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN ORIENTATION FLIGHTS AND IN CAP'S EXCITING ANNUAL PROGRAM. THE PROGRAM INCLUDES VISITING FOREIGN COUNTRIES, LIVING ON AIR FORCE BASES DURING THE SUMMER, AND COMPETING IN INTERNATIONAL DRILL COMPETITIONS. THE MEMBERS SERVE OUR SCHOOL AT ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS AND SPECIAL EVENTS. TOP. B. Angelo, E. Dankston. B. Boudin. C. Chavez, C. Eschner, F. Hessling 1. Jahrsdoerfer, E. Kadel, S. Kassen, 1. Lukas, 1. Logan, B. Mannion, P Newhofi, P. Uemcke, M. Keiter, U. Pitera. W. Schlafer. K. Sinkel, L. Stricklan S. Tell. 1. Vanderweyde. S. Wittenberg, N. Wixnn BOTTOM. S. Bfuckman. E. Evans, N. Foti, M. Geraghty. M. Haefele, K. Henne mann, K. Kropp, L. Lack. 1. Maculsn, L. Santos, P. Vecchio. F. Weise 4e.,..,-- -Q, THESE GIRLS MEET ONCE A WEEK FOR THE PURPOSE OF LEARNING HOUSEHOLD SKILLS AND BECOMING PROFICIENT HOMEMAKERS. THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA NOT ONLY LEARN HOW TO COOK AND SEW, BUT USE THIS KNOWLEDGE TO PERFORM NUMEROUS SERVICES FOR THE SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY AS WELL. THEY PREPARE FOOD FOR, AND HOSTESS ACTIVITIES HELD IN OUR SCHOOL, AND PRACTICE THE ART OF NEEDLE- WORK IN MAKING COSTUMES AND UNIFORMS FOR PRODUCTIONS. FIRST ROW: R. Gealy, K. Wolfarth, V. Secar. D. Rheel lSecretaryl SECOND ROW. Miss M. A. D'Amicn. S. Edwards urerl, K. Scherger lVice-Presidentl lPresidentl, I. Kanz lTreas- F H A I I I r r SEATED: T. Ludutsky, R. Yellin, L Sandler, B. Goldstein, L. Kaplan, R. Steier, R. Kertesz, A. Hirsch, 1. Metz STANDING: C. Buttenus, G. Siver, A. Weinstein. A. Seeman, M. Oxenhorn, S. Page, E. Adler, E. Cantrowitz, S. Solomon, Mr. Patterson lAdvisorJ, R. Hirsh, P. Terry, 1. Shapiro, S. Gleisher, S. Krueger FIA. ALTHOUGH IT WOULD NOT APPEAR SO, THIS GROUP IS OPEN TO BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS INTERESTED IN ENTERING THE TEACHING PROFESSION. OUR FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA GAIN PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE FROM ACTUAL CLASSROOM SITUATIONS. THE GIRLS GO ON FIELD TRIPS, LISTEN TO SPEAKERS, AND DISCUSS VARIOUS ASPECTS OF TEACHING. THEY RECEIVE VALUABLE ASSISTANCE IN PLANNING THEIR FUTURE CAREER. C.A.S.S. y.. L B 'Q f f , , Egger? . Y , EXECUTIVE BOARD: D. Hoftman IPresidentl, L. Drell, S. Kruger. W. Goldman, N. Fried, C. Weisen, A. Kornbluh, I. Kagel, W. Skala, I. Greenhaus COMMITTEE. F. Anzalone, M. Bartolotta, 1. Bergmeister. B. Bialik, E. Billitteri, M. Billitteri, L. Blau, S. Brody, H. Broome, S. Bruce, D. Burzak, A. Chary, S. Coleman, N. Cookrish, K. Dickman, C. Dropkin, S. Fisher, A. Freeman, S. Gerber, l. Gilbert, R Gold. M Goldman, L. Goldstein, L. Goodstein, T. Harnett, R. Hatem, B. Hersback, B. Hertz, P. Herwitt, R. Herzbach, I. Ingoglia, B. lavner, M. Kaplan, B. Keenan, A. Kessler, B. Kestenhaum, M. Klein, A. Kornbluh, R. Kraus, F. Laufer, P. Lavnick, S. Levine, S. Linden, M. Lish, D. Lone, I. Markham, W. Marshall, M. Mandelson, R. Meyner, E. Millard, I. Mindlin, T. Moran, S. Ulshinsky, M. Portugal, S. Radoff, M. Rosenberg, P. Rossiter, B. Schubert, I. Schultz, S. Shev, G. Siver, ll. Soloway, R. Stanley, R. Stark, R. Steier, S. Tell, R. Tropp, L. Wabnik, I. Woll THE NEWLY-FORMED COMMITTEE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCHOOL SPIRIT IS ESSENTIALLY A BOOSTER CLUB. ITS MEMBERS MAKE ANNOUNCEMENTS ON THE PA SYSTEM, MAKE POSTERS, AND IN EVERY WAY TRY TO PROMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT THIS G.O.-SPONSORED ORGAN HAS A LARGE MEMBERSHIP AND IS FAST BECOMING ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATIONS AT CLARKE. HALL PATRUL FIRST ROW: S Lamazur. R. Cohn, S. Fisher SECOND ROW: S. Kruger. B Shalet. R. Miller, K. Moran THIRD ROW: I. Gaynor. R. Sloan. R. Kraus. I. Yarm DAWN PATRUL FIRST ROW: L. Santos. M. Gahn. R. Asher SECOND ROW: P. Hopke. Mr. Men, D. Hofiman THIRD ROW. C. Gregory. P. Zachary, E. Foerster FOURTH ROW: R. Hatem. A. Goodman. R. Campbell THESE CONSCIENTIOUS BOYS AND GIRLS ARE THE CAPTAINS OF A LARGE GROUP WHICH PERFORNI A NECESSARY SERVICE FOR THE SCHOOL. BEFORE SCHOOL OPENS. AND DURING EACH PERIOD, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING ORDER IN THE CORRIDORS. V 131 mwmw -'vw 'QHQ ,,,.--"" 'Mai ' ,wm- FIRST ROW: A. Kessler, M. Goldman, S. Kruger, S. Gleicher, .l. Shapiro, A. Chary SECOND ROW: H. Maltz, R. Trapp, K. Glass, M. Ross, H. Wallach, A. Pepper, S. Pollack THIRD ROW: M. Krinsky, D. Asche, E. Bivuna, M. Goldstein, R. Riseman, M. Skura, E. Kertesz FOURTH ROW: S. Smith, P. Terry, L. Halpern, I. Greenhaus, 1. Leipzig, I. Kagel, W. Beck FIFTH ROW: M. Luecke, M. Meinel, 1. Ludutsky, S. Rowe, S. Chandler, G. Siver, R .Sedita, S. Ar A. Filsoa, I. Gilbert, F. Anzalune -p-1innr"" km' sl kin, M. Kalwara 15... I. .K ., , .H VANGUARD A SCHOOL NEWSPAPER CAN BE AN EFFECTIVE VOICE OF THE STUDENTS, OR IT CAN BE SIMPLY FOUR PRINTED PAGES WHICH APPEAR ONCE A MONTH. VANGUARD, IN ITS FIRST PRINTED YEAR, HAS ACHIEVED A MOST DESIRABLE STATUS AS AN INFORMATIVE AND ENTERTAINING MONTHLY. STUDENTS INTERESTED IN JOURNALISM HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GAIN A WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF A NEWSPAPER BY IOINING THE STAFF. THE STUDENT BODY BENEFITS EVEN MORE. IMPORTANT EVENTS SUCH AS ATHLETIC GAMES, SCHOOL CONCERTS, STUDENT PRODUCTIONS, G.O. ELECTIONS, AND ANNUAL SOCIAL EVENTS ARE COVERED. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS ARE RECOGNIZED FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS. VIA EDITORIALS AND LETTERS TO THE EDITORS, STUDENTS ARE ABLE T0 VOICE THEIR OPINIONS AND ATTEMPT TO BRING ABOUT ANY CHANGES WHICH ARE ADVOCATED BY THE STUDENT BODY. ...Q L-N K EDITORS: S. Pullack, E. Kertesz, G. Siver, M. Ross. F. Anzalone, 1. Gilbert, A. Filusa, Mr. Robert Dolan IAdvis0rI 'I33 DRIIIIIIIIIIIIS ,'o"l:",., 1,'-,qgqo 'li ", 1 U I. Q 1,:':,.p aG,'l0':l?I 'T 'O I ' .,'t,','l 1 I, 0 ,fnf P .u .il FRONT: C. Bottenus FIRST ROW: F Solomon. A. Geddes, F. Drucker, S. Coller, D. Singer, P. Gilbert. K. Ruutenherg, M. Gilbert SECOND ROW: S. Fields. R. Travers. B. Marshall, D. Plunket. G. Knorr. C Burnside. L. Kaplan, R. Hirsh THIRD ROW: M Bower. O Clarke. R. Calhun. W. Kelly UNDER MRS. PEGGY GRADY RYAN, A GROUP OF ASPIRING THESPIANS MEET EIGHTH PERIOD AND AFTER SCHOOL. THEIR PRIMARY PURPOSE IS TO LEARN HOW TO PRESENT PLAYS EFFECTIVELY. TO ACCOMPLISH THIS, STAGECRAET. IN ADDITION TO ACTING, IS TAUGHT. THE GROUP PUTS ON PRODUCTIONS TO GAIN PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE AND TO ENTERTAIN THE 4 STUDENT BODY. 'l""m,, 1-an msc: , iff' F 2 Jw V X ff, 'N we ' 57 - f if ' 9 'E ' 435 11 .xi W I 1 . 1.3 A wif' lb- S .rv . ,,,,, I CLARKE 12 EAST MEADOW VISITORS 28 GREAT NECK SOUTH 6 35 WHEATLEY 20 22 HERRICKS 16 6 sYossE1 6 42 PLAINVIEW 14 A 39 DIVISION AVENUE 7 19 PLAINEDGE 7 4 1 .1 A A ' 3 'E "" M Q 96. X , QE. Ei ' 1f66E6 E 1 7 1 ia',v.-E6,:.'Y'2S,1-'x.i.'.f? V. 2 ,6,,x5,fgg1, UUTBAL THE FOOTBALL TEAM WENT UNDEFEATED THIS YEAR TO WIN THE NORTH SHORE SECTION III CHAMPIONSHIP. THE COACHING STAFF RESPONSIBLE FOR DEVELOPING THIS OUTSTANDING TEAM CONSISTED OF MR. JACK BOYLE, HEAD COACH, MR. ED DANOWSKI, BACKFIELD COACH AND MR. ANTHONY LEMBO, LINE COACH. THE RAMS' 12-O SHUTOUT OF EAST MEADOW IN THE FIRST ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP GAME WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE SEASON. THE TEAM WAS BUILT AROUND A NUCLEUS OF SENIORS. THE STARTING BACKFIELD CONSISTED OF ROGER KRAUS, ROGER MCNULTY, JOHN INGOGLIA, AND JOHN MCGRAIN. THE CLASS WAS FURTHER REPRESENTED BY JERRY ANGUS, RAY GRIBKO, JIM HOGAN, RONALD SHEPHARD, AND BILL WHITE. OUR JUNIOR VARSITY, COACHED BY MR. ANTHONY LEMBO, ACHIEVED A VERY IMPRESSIVE RECORD CONSIDERING THAT MANY BOYS ON THE TEAM LACKED EXPERIENCE. THROUGH MR. LEMBO'S FINE LEADERSHIP AND THE BOYS' TIRELESS WORK, THE TEAM FINISHED WITH A 3-2,1 RECORD. 5,15 r' , ,w,fg. F., .f . 5 ' :gr-A FIRST ROW: I. Angus. A. Leuchs. N. Cookrish. J. Ingoglia. F. Adams, L. Gasukoff, E. Ostling. 8. Klein, O. Herdman, J. Molinari SECOND ROW: Co-Captain R. Kraus. P. Lolisciu, B. Mannion. L. Schaifer, 8. White, E. Foerester, R. Sheppard, D. Rivard, J. Schroeder, R. Grihko THIRD ROW. I. Hogan, J. Lecci, T. ladrosick, R. Matheson, J. McGrain. D. Covington. B. Huggard, T. Frazzetta, G. Constantino, J. Clark, Coach Lemho FOURTH ROW: R. Frates, J. Urban, L. DiFiIIipo, D. Brahrant, W. Harneit. Co-Captain R. McNulty, O. Brown, J. Doran. R. Lamhe, M. Rayfield. R. Farrell, Head Coach Boyle H 'Q I xx'-K 5 3 3 V I JH, VZTHE WRESTLING TEAM CONCLUDED THE SEASON WITH FOUR WINS AND SIX LOSSES IN THE DIFFICULT M' .fI M. Mfr. LJ C-r any Af! NORTH SHORE SECTION II COMPETITION. THE TEAM, COACHED BY MR. ANTHONY LEMBO, PRODUCED SOME ff FINE INDIVIDUAL WRESTLERS WHO PLACED EXCEEDINGLY WELL IN THIS SEASON'S ANNUAL TOURNAMENTS SENIOR ROGER MCNULTY WON THE LONG ISLAND CHAMPIONSHIP IN HIS WEIGHT CLASS. ROGER ALSO . . ' ' r'PLACED FIRST IN THE NORTH SHORE SECTION II TOURNAMENT AND SECOND IN THE NASSAU COUNTY fx' 'Lx - JL' ,J It . W ' TOURNAMENT. SKIP LAMB PLACED SECOND IN THE NORTH SHORE SECTION II, AND JOHN INGOGLIA FOURTH. Lim L! if P15 J If f 0 K WWW bulk, U Q! FIRST ROW. I. Logan, D. Covington. C. Pasman, T. Illmensee, S. Lamhe, 1. lngnglia, W. Gray, Captain R. McNuItv, R. Fuchs, A. Nistad, G. Vanness SECOND ROW: R. Martin, L. Zuckerman, R. Baer, N. Cnnkrish, K. McCarthy, M. Mandelson, I. Angus, V. Reiter THIRD ROW: Coach Lemho, T. Moran, 1. Barnes. I. Wansor, S. Carano, A. Frazzetta, G. Spath, R. Sokol, R. Ligouri, R. Stark, R. Erenberg, G. Flores. R. Farrell ,,a'L44 II, cv-"If " F rv- Img . CLARKE HIGH SCHOOL FINISHED ITS FIRST YEAR OF VARSITY SOCCER IN THE NORTH SHORE ATHLETIC LEAGUE WITH A LEAGUE RECORD OF 6 WINS. 6 LOSSES, AND 2 TIES. PILOTED BY COACH PANNELL, CLARKE PLAYED AGAINST SUCH ESTABLISHED SCHOOLS AS GLEN COVE, GARDEN CITY, AND PORT WASHINGTON. THE TEAM, WITH A NUCLEUS OF SENIORS, WAS SPARKED BY JEFF AULD WHO RECEIVED ALL-SCHOLASTIC HONORS AT HIS POSITION OF CENTER HALFBACK, AND BOB LEUPOLD, WHO RECEIVED AN HONORABLE MENTION AS BOTH FULLBACK AND WINGMAN. CLARKES TRIUMPH OVER EAST MEADOW IN THE FIRST ANNUAL SOCCER GAME CLIMAXED AN EXCITING SEASON. lv' . I uf' ,V Os. FIRST ROW: Co-Captains 1, Auld and R. Leupold SECOND ROW: R. Levine. R, Rosen. R. Tobin, E. Goodrich, R. Martin, R. Fuchs' THIRD ROW: D Freese, I. Mummery. P. Antunes, R. Wear, M. Soren, R, Staller. Coach Pannell R. Laplanche, I. Mahey, I. Schultz, I. Bergdahl, S. Bruce, C. DeMaria, Captain K. Harding, M. Kaplan, 1. Laskey, A. Perlman, R. Marelta, N. Carroll f me K 140 THE CHEERLEADERS ARE A GROUP OF VIVACIOUS SPIRITED GIRLS. ALMOST EVERY DAY, AFTER SCHOOL, THEY PRACTICE THEIR ROUTINES IN THE GYM. THESE ENCHANTING YOUNG LADIES DISPLAY THEIR TALENTS AT GAMES AND PEP RALLIES. THE SQUAD IS ONE OF THE FEW CHEERLEADING TEAMS FROM LONG ISLAND THAT IS A MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL CHEERLEADING ASSOCIATION. AT THE ANNUAL CONVENTION, THE GIRLS PER- FORM FOR OTHER GROUPS, LEARN NEW CHEERS, AND PERFECT OLD ONES. It if W ' 1 I I ff W . Q, ' T' -fa . If 'I 23 , 4, 'Y in IJ A 5 ,,,. L M VJ - .W 'vfm R ' EMEIIIIIQIW 'Wax ay-:,,.,A. 7 ., .W ,.,,,,,,WB . IARKETIES fi' 'Nov c. Gutter, M. Lisk, s. Liper, c. Garcia, n. sauna, M. SPECTATORS AT CLARKE'S sm ',P.s r,P.a u ,C.Ldff,M.CaI- WZTZYT. BIZUIIBVNE :I,eede, la. aE:ITIl'I1aII, 11.0 Ackefman, 3- Greene. D- Steen TO SEEING A GROUP OF GIRLS CALLED THE CLARKETTES PERFORM AT HALF-TIME. THE GIRLS, WHO ALSO ENTER- TAIN AT PEP RALLIES, HAVE WORKED LONG AND HARD TO ACHIEVE THEIR REPUTATION AS OUTSTANDING IN SYN- CHRONIZED PRECISION MOVEMENT. 1-A4295 'is I f' J 339554 iwiwixwlfvkw 55. tt' BASKETBALL PHILIP ANTUNES BUCKLE AWARD ALL SCHOLASTIC BASEBALL GEOFFREY AULD FOUR LETTER AWARD ALL SCHOLASTIC SOCCER ROGER KRAUS BUCKLE AWARD ALL SCHOLASTIC FOOTBALL ALL SCHOLASTIC BASKETBALL NORTH SHORE MOST VALUABLE BASEBALL PLAYER JAMES MALIANGOS WON 120 LB WEIGHT CLASS WRESTLING INTRAMURALS JOHN MCGRAIN NASSAU COUNTY CHAMPION 440 YD DASH FIFTH PLACE IN NEW YORK STATE 440 YD DASH ROGER MCNULTY NORTH SHORE OUTSTANDING WRESTLER AWARD SECTIONAL WRESTLING CHAMPION ALL SCHOLASTIC FOOTBALL AWARDS III UUISIANIIING SENIIIR AIHIEIES GEORGE RIEGGER WON 170 IB WEIGHT CLASS WRESTLING INTRAMURALS RICHARD STALLER FOUR LETTER AWARD NORTH SHORE CHAMPION OF SECTIONS 1,2,3, 440 YD. DASH QC A, " - 'L Q- , -' W T Iltlilliin IIRIISS COUNTRY FIRST ROW: R, Wallach, D. Schulgasser, T. Lane SECOND ROW. Coach Merrifield, B. Gallon, B. Beck. B. Harriot. A. Salter RIFLE ONLY SEVEN BOYS REMAINED WITH THE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM FOR THE FULL SEASON. UNFORTUNATELY, THE TEAM .HAD A DISAPPOINTING RECORD, THE CAUSE OF WHICH COACH ROBERT MERRIFIELD CITED WAS THE LACK OF INTEREST ON BEHALF OF THE STUDENT BODY TOWARDS THE SPORT. HE THINKS THAT MORE INTEREST COULD PRO- DUCE A WINNING TEAM NEXT YEAR. THE SEVEN BOYS WHO STAYED WITH THE GRUELING SPORT HAD A VIGOROUS TRAINING PROGRAM OF RUNNING FIVE MILES AND DOING AT LEAST A HALF HOUR OF STRENUOUS CALISTHENICS EACH DAY. ALL THIS WAS IN PREPARA- TION FOR THE MEETS IN WHICH THE BOYS HAD TO RUN TWO AND A HALF MILES THROUGH AREAS SUCH AS SALISBURY PARK. FIRST ROW: 1. Goodman, T. Harrington, R. Badami SECOND ROW: J. Ludutsky, Coach Boyd, C. C. Rankin THE RIFLE TEAM IS A MEMBER OF THE COMPETITIVE NORTH SHORE ATHLETIC LEAGUE. THE CLARKE MARKSMEN, COACHED BY MR. BOYD, ARE A SPIRITED SIX. THE SMALL GROUP LEARNS SAFETY REGULATIONS AND RESPECT FOR THEIR EOUIPMENT. MOST OF THE TIME, HOWEVER, THE BOYS PRACTICE MARKSMANSHIP FROM THE STANDARD POSITIONS. 9 'V-Q19 M, THE BASEBALL TEAM THIS YEAR CONSISTED PRIMARILY OF THE SAME 43, ic. STARTING SQUAD THAT PLAYED SECOND IN THE LEAGUE LAST YEAR. SECURING A BERTH IN THE SECTION VIII BASEBALL TOURNAMENT. COACH JOHN SIMMONS LED THE TEAM THROUGH ANOTHER OUTSTANDING SEASON. THIS SEASON SAW THE FIRST ANNUAL CLARKE VS. EAST MEADOW BASEBALL GAME. PITTED AGAINST EAST MEADOW WERE SUCH OUTSTANDING CLARKE SENIORS AS: ROGER KRAUS, THE TEAM'S NUMBER ONE PITCHER AND HITTERg RIGHTFIELDER PHIL ANTUNESg FIERY SHORTSTOP, JOHN INGOGLIAQ THIRD BASEMAN JERRY ANGUSg LEFTFIELDER DAVE DECHESTERg AND SECOND BASEMAN ED GOODRICH BASEBALL ANII TRACK THIS YEARS TRACK TEAM COMPETED AGAINST THE SAME TOUGH OPPOSITION AS IT DID LAST YEAR. MR. JERRY PANNELL COACHED THE TEAM FOR THE FIRST TIME, ASSISTED BY MR. ROBERT MERRIFIELD. THE TEAM WAS BUILT AROUND JOHN MCGRAIN, ONE OF LONG ISLAND'S BEST TRACKMEN. AVERY SALTER PROVIDED THE TEAM WITH POINTS IN THE MILE RUN, AND RAY GRIBKO SCORED IN THE DASHES AND BROAD JUMPS. ROGER MCNULTY THREW THE SHOTPUT AND BOB LEUPOLD AND BOB TOBIN RAN THE HALF MILE. BUWLINII FIRST RDW: Co-Captain P. Richman, Coach W. Koch, Co-Captain I. Lemontt SECOND ROW. E. Baumstein, L. Drell, S. Gorenstein, F. Zahn, S. Zemsch THIRD ROW: A. Gleit. S. Fisher. D. Riezes, B. Meltzner. M. Klein 5-Q, 1. af x V If -A I If 3 I, , , I 'MT' KR x fgf t O tr I-sE?L' 'xiei 1 i Q A J I, -ml P ihdm X , ,,. 3 X . 1,-ff QNX FIRST ROW. K. Leisinger, D. Dechester, F. Adams SECOND RDW: G. Riegger, E. Goodrich, R. Staller, R. Leiner CLARKES FIRST ATTEMPT AT LEAGUE BOWLING WAS A HUGE SUCCESS. THE TEAM, COACHED BY MR. EDWARD DANOWSKI TIED GREAT NECK SOUTH FOR FIRST PLACE IN SECTION III OF THE NORTH SHORE BOWLING LEAGUE. THE BOYS BOWLED ONCE A WEEK IN LEAGUE COM- PETITION. THIS YEAR'S MOST EXCITING GAME WAS THE 5-0 SHUTOUT OVER GREAT NECK SOUTH. SENIOR ED GOODRICH HAD THE HIGHEST OVERALL AVERAGE AND HOLDS THE TEAMS RECORD WITH A 610 SERIES. OTHER SENIORS WHO PERFORMED ADMIRABLY WERE BOB LEINER, RICHARD STALLER. AND GEORGE RIEGGER. THE CLARKE VARSITY TENNIS TEAM FINISHED AN IMPRESSIVE SEASON. DEFEATING SUCH TEAMS AS NORTH SHORE, PLAINEDGE, AND BETHPAGE. THE TEAMS DRILLS STRESSED TENNIS STRATEGY AND HARD, FAST COURT PLAY. THE TEAM MEMBERS, UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF MR. KOCH. STARTED THEIR INTENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAM IN APRIL AND WORKED THROUGH THE SUMMER TO IMPROVE THEIR GAME. THIS EXTRA EFFORT PAID OFF WHEN THE BOYS BEGAN COMPETING WITH TEAMS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS. X Q T47 LEADERS' CLUB LEADERS' CLUB IS A VERSATILE ORGANIZATION WHICH PROPOSES TO: DEVELOP OUALITIES OF LEADERSHIP, ASSIST THE GYM INSTRUCTORS IN DETERMINING AND EXECUTING THE GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM: PROMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, ENCOURAGE A KEENER SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY AND INITIATIVE, AND AID IN SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY PROJECTS. AMONG THE DIVERSE ACTIVITIES WHICH THE GIRLS SPONSORED DURING THE PAST YEAR WERE THE FIRST ANNUAL INDUCTION BANOUET AND A TRIP T0 ADELPHI COLLEGE. AT THE IMPRESSIVE MOTHER-DAUGHTER CEREMONY, NEW LEADERS WERE INDUCTED. THE GIRLS HAD AN OPPORTUNITY T0 OBSERVE COLLEGE CLASSES IN ACTION AT ADELPHI. FIRST ROW: E. Evans, 1. Schultz, C. DeMaria ISecretaryl, N. Dreyer, H. Broome, I. Rodgers SECOND ROW: K. Harding tTreasurerl, 1. Schawaroch, S. Bruce, 1. Bergdahl, D. Stuart, S. Kurshals, S. Einhorn THIRD ROW: P. Michalski, 1. Murray, R. Burghardt, S. Peisner. F. Fowler, D. Sorkin FOURTH ROW: S. Scott lPresirlentl, H. Ripinsky, ll. Meier, N. Brownstein, 1. Solomon, No. Carroll ABSENT: R. Bergdahl Nice-Presidentl, F. McGrath, P. Jones '1 fo., ' 1 . VC? E 4 K s if F- ,- Q ,. 4- 'rx 1' ' -. .I 9. .. -f e A I ..- 7 ' ' r I t.., I V f L -1, S., g V , . ..r. LM , ' F L .. r,...g..s as .5 X .,.,. Q I S' HUCKEY BASKETBALL -1-4 .-QQ! FIRST ROW: S. Scott. I. Schultz, P. Michalski, I. Castro. S. Smith SECOND ROW. C. Garcia. S. Bruce, I. Bergdahl, D. Stuart, S. Kurshais PART OF THE INTRAMURAL PROGRAM, GIRLS' HOCKEY IS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS CASE. THERE IS A TEAM FOR EACH CLASS, AND AN HONOR TEAM, COMPOSED OF THE OUTSTANDING PLAYERS ON EACH. THE GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY HONOR TEAM MADE A VERY IMPRESSIVE RECORD THIS SEASON. AT THE PLAYDAY HELD AT CLARKE, THE TEAM TIED FOR FIRST PLACE WITH OCEANSIDE. THE GIRLS' INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL TEAMS HAD A VERY SUCCESSFUL SEASON THIS YEAR. THE CLASS SOUADS SCORED HIGH, IN FACT, THE SENIOR TEAM REMAINED UNDEFEATED. THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE SEASON OCCURRED AT THE LONG ISLAND GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION PLAYDAY, WHERE THE HONOR TEAM TOOK SECOND PLACE. FIRST ROW: P. Michalski, C. DeMaria, S. Scott, F. McGrath, Miss Case, I. Corenza. R. Bergdahl, N. Dreyer, I. Schawaroch SECOND ROW: S. Piesner. I. Rodgers, D. Stuart, A. Pearlman, S. Cutler, S. Stewart, S. Smith, C. Buttenus, B. Meier THIRD ROW: L. Wahnik, N. Brownstein, C. Garcia, I. Schultz, S. Bruce, I. Bergdahl, L. Goodstein, T. Hart- nett, I. Castro, A. Meier, R. Burghardt T49 FIRST ROW C Garcia S Bruce I Bergdahl C OeMarra D Stuart SECOND ROW S Scott P Mlchalskl I Schultz L Wabnlk N Brownstein THIS YEAR W TRESPER CLARKES FIRST JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADING SQUAD WAS ORGANIZED THE GIRLS ALL MEMBERS OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS PERFORMED AT EVERY IV GAME THEIR ENTHUSIASTIC PARTICIPATION HAS PROMOTED TEAM SPIRIT AND HAS PREPARED THEM FOR VARSITY CHEERLEADING rnlo Genre B Mita A Wa Captaln P Honkrns Cu Captain V Fitzgerald S Oansky O Wolf S Stemmer GIRLS VIILLEYRALL THE GIRLS ON THE INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL TEAMS PRACTICED FOR SEVERAL WEEKS BEFORE THE 1958 59 SEASON BEGAN UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS CASE THEY PERFORMED ADMIRABLY THE EFFORT WAS WELL REWARDED THERE ARE FIRST AND SECOND SOUADS IN EACH CLASS AND AN HONOR TEAM COMPOSED OF THE TEN MOST PROFICIENT PLAYERS THE HONOR SQUAD WITH TEAMS FROM WM? I V CHEERLEADERS NX v, N. N Q I A QS ,I 'fmx . M?-, Q 3: fi IW 1 fy? -, ILAI N-fflxxu 'J g.,...,,f - M, ' WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR SINCERE GRATITUDE TO ALL WHO HAVE MADE THIS PUBLICATION POSSIBLE. THIS INCLUDES NOT ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE AIDED THE STAFF IN CREATING SCOPE, BUT ALSO THOSE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED THE FUNDS NECESSARY TO PRODUCE THIS YEARBOOK. .az ,,.. I--suing I C s AM sittin 1 3 I liljl 5 ,1 2 2 gf'j H. . Q? z Q .,,,. Q . Q ji Wit' ,IW w Irs "WV -f cr - ,: W..-.::--', za-f . 'MEL' 'wa' 'ffiavl M ..,,,, - -v .J-Hrs..a .ff - . 4.1" . , if , 4 .xnxx 'Q 1 I , P 42 , j A A' my 3 YQ , w7""" 2-Swan' M ,W 'nf v , 5 57.1 A , ,, , :MMI ,W Mvqnqfv ' j ,N ' " l it il 'Wk THE HARRAN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY HAS FOR SEVERAL YEARS BROUGHT EAST MEADOW STUDENTS TO AND FROM THEIR SCHOOLS. WHEN W. TRESPER CLARKE WAS COMPLETED TWO YEARS AGO THE HARRAN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY TOOK THE JOB I TRANSPORTING OUR STUDENTS. FIRST CLASS SERVICE MEDERN BUSES AND A , AND CLARKE WE SINCERELY HOPE THAT IN THE YEARS TO COME THIS BOND WILL CONTINUE C Kg TO GROW STRONGER. 759141 mv' .aug iw. 'Nth 'qi "' -1 ,atm 4 -RA aB"""""'.E9-- 4. if 10 ft -J H 4 vzlodi 4' Q' 'f "" 43 mg, "'-ii in Q A tx. J -Q J? 'TSNQQI I 'ff' 31'-Sim 'wif nv ,gsdirna PW 'T' ,,- an -A w-,""5' M . ' Def' b il- Sw ' -1. .JJBISI CONGRATULATIONS CLASS 1959 TO THE OF TH GENERAL ORGANIZATICN FROM E BANK OF WESTBURY TRUST COMPANY Esfcrbhshed 7970 A COMMUNITY BANK with COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Home Office POST AND MAPLE AVENUES Branch Office OLD COUNTRY ROAD AT LINDEN AVENUE Member Federal Deposit I runce Corporal' W mf?-filgff MW ff W 5,7 L5 THE EAST MEADOW CLASSROOM TEACHERS ASSOCIATION EXTENDS ITS HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1959 ff? COMPUMENTS OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SCAPPY 8. PECK AUTO BODY CORP Long Island s Leading Auto Body Shop COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 24 HOUR TOWING BODY SHOP SERVICE DEPT Colllsron and Pa1nfSpec1aI1sfs Tune up and Mechanical Repairs EDgewood 3 4000 EDgewood 3 2555 OLD COUNTRY ROAD AND STATE STREET ONE MILE WEST OF WANTAGH STATE PARKWAY WESTBURY L I COMPLIMENTS AVNET ELECTRONICS CORPORATION 70 STATE STREET Westbury New York GQBUUQYD Member Federal Deposnt Insurance C MR MEADOW BROOK SENDS BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 the .MIEADIDIIY BROOK national b ank orporoflon TROYANOFF BALLET ACADEMY C CLASSICAL ACROBATIC AND CHARACTER DA HILDREN TEEN AGERS ADULTS CRUSSIANJ BALLET TOE NCING 245 BROADWAY Hlcksvllle Long Island N Y WElls 8 8140 BOTTENUS PLUMBING HOUSE EVERY TYPE OF PLUMB AND INSTALLATION PErshang 1 1412 ING REPAIR ll ll , I . - . 1 x x Q I I I I ' ' Telephone EDgewood 4 7266 8. 4 1447 Nlght Phones ED 34153 8g 3 0701 NASSAU BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS INC Ask About Our Quality Low Prlced Enamel PcuntJobs' on All Work Including Insurance Claims 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE WHEEL STRAIGHTENING CHASSIS STRAIGHTENING WHEEL ALIGNMENT FRONT END ALIGNMENT CUSTOMIZING COLOR MATCHING OLD COUNTRY ROAD and KINKEL STREET Westbury New York G A M W A H RESTAURANT INC 533 OLD COUNTRY ROAD Westbury New York lVanl1oe 3 2424 2425 QUEENS NASSAU SUFFOLK C O N L O R SERVICE CORP REPAIRS PARTS INSTALLATIONS GAS RANGES WASHING MACHINES ELECTRIC RANGES DISHWASHERS GAS 8. ELECTRIC DRYERS 226 NEWBRIDGE AVENUE East Meadow Long Island I . l l I I 0 I ' ' ' Satisfaction Guaranteed 0 I TOP HAT FORMALS FOR RENT AND SALE Complete Ilne of FORMAL WEAR SPECIAL STUDENT RATE 416 FULTON AVENUE Hempstead New York IVanhoe 3 9420 COMPLIMENTS ROBERTS PHARMACY SYLDART SPORTSWEAR JACK sARucH JACK HAZAN COMPLIMENTS N W A R R E N MACHINE COMPANY NC 80 MAGNOLIA AVENUE Westbury New York TO THE CLASS OF 59 EVERY SUCCESS IN EVERY ENDEAVOR Compliments of M W O N G FOR CHINESE CUISINE 588 OLD COUNTRY ROAD Westbury Long Island EDgewood 3 6161 HEADQUARTERS FOR HOBBIES AND HANDICRAFT WESTBURY CAMERA AND HOBBY CENTER The Railroad Terminal 276 POST AVENUE Westbury N Y EDgewood 3 OOB6 ARTISTS MATERIALS COINS AND STAMPS IVanhoe 3 5050 ACE HOEFFNER CONTRACTING CO INC EXCAVATING GRADING CRANES BULLDOZERS GRADER Payloader Traxcavatof Trucks for Hnre 410 NEWBRIDGE AVENUE East Meadow N Y I A I C, , MCE, C W, Y W C, ,,,,, V . ,,,,.., , ., , W, I -fm I 777 WHY, , WWC I I ' af - - of - I I A F R I E D I I I , I I I I 1 . I ' I R . , ' , ' I WELDING ENGINEERING CO SWIMMING POOLS VISIT OUR SHOWROOM 435 OLD COUNTRY ROAD Westbury Long Island New York EDWARD VESELITZA Prop EDS GLASS WORKS STORM WINDOW PLATE INSURANCE WORK 393 NEWBRIDGE AVENUE East Meadow Long Island IVanhoe 3 0133 HEMPSTEAD SPORT CENTER Everything an Sporting Goods MCCGREGOR SPALDING WILSON RAWLINGS 89 MAIN STREET Hempstead Long Island New York IVanhoe 3 5555 OFFICE FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT Autlworlzed Representative of Globe Wernlcke and Other Well known Lnnes of Steel and Wood Furnuture Modern and Tradltlonal Office planning Interior Design S McHUG Office Showroom and Warehouse E39 STEWART AVENUE Garden Cnty Ploneer I 5500 ADONIS FORMAL WEAR INC 70 MAIN STREET Hempstead Long Island New York sesr wnsnes ro me cuss or so ELAINE GORDON School of Dance 2560 HEMPSTEAD TURNPIKE East Meadow Long Island New York PErshung 56066 YOUR INQUIRY IS INVITED FRANK AND ALS AUTO PARTS USED AND REBUILT TRANSMISSIONS NEW AND REBUILT PARTS We Buy Late Model Wrecks and Cars 559 MAIN STREET New Cassel Westbury New York EDgewood 3 2922 49772 WE PICK UP AND DELIVER PERLMAN MFG AND HEAT TREATING CORP PRECISION HEAT TREATERS 75 STATE STREET Westbury, Long Island, New York , . I IOpposite Meadowbrook Theaterl I . I . . J . . H , I N C . COMPLIMENTS ANTHONY FARINO AND SONS INC HEAVY EXCAVATING GRADING N EMPRESS DINER BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 59 2490 HEMPSTEAD TURNPIKE A OLD COUNTRY ROAD YOUR HOSTS tb y GEORGE FRANK GEORGE AUGIES AUTO SPRING WHEEL ALIGNMENT CO BRYANT TOGS SPORTSWEAR BRAKE srfcmusrs HY BARUCH DAVE SABBAT 885 OLD COUNTRY ROAD SHELLEY AssAlL fb og d 34774 AND NC ROOSEVELT BOWLERAMA INC Garden Clfy Bowl I ' of - I I ' I A F R I E D I I , ..-YWWY. ..?.7Y-.Y. Y W-- ... .V Y. . ,7 ,..,.-, . ., , I I I East Meadow, Long Island, N. Y. C R V E L Wes ur , N. Y. I I I ., I I I I I I I Wes ury, Long Island, N. Y. I E ewoo - O O Z Z wif Rentals Sale, TYPEWRITERS MODERN BRANDS 2086 FRONT smear East Meadow Long Island N Y IOpposIte Modell sl IVanhoe 6 4331 Service Trades MICRON GEAR COMPANY INC Makers of HIGH PRECISION INSTRUMENT GEARS 73 RUSHMORE STREET Westbury Long Island SALES SERVICE REPAIR PROPELLER SERVICE INC CAA Approved Repaur Statlon No 182 99 STATE STREET Westbury New York EDgewood 3 1414 INDUCTION MOTORS CORPORATION 570 MAIN STREET Westbury Long Island New York HICKS WESTBURY IN BURNER SERVICE FUEL OIL COAL 117 POST AVENUE Westbury New York RUSSOS SHOE STORE SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 140 POST AVENUE Westbury, Long Island, N Y EDgewood 3 0785 ARMY NAVY A FRANCES AND LOUIS REDERS SURPLUS STORE 2080 FRONT STREET East Meadow Long Island N IVanhoe 9 4166 CORPS MARINES ffm WE? +4 ff I 301 NEWBRIDGE AVENUE East Meadow, Long Island, N Y IVanhoe 69169 ff, '.1 ' ' P E S T E R ' S I 1 I - I ' ' - I I -- Wm- 1 --V e , -EW I , . I I I f I I I I - , C. p ' , , .Y. I IR - 'J , I ka si? 6' ,Q 1 , Lf- Ix T1 Z' ANTHONYS SHOE REPAIR IRVING RUDEN D DS EMPIRE DECORATORS LEES HOBBY SUPPLIES LEVITTOWN BOWLING LANES BIRCHWOOD PHARMACY INC MISS CHRISTINE L PELUSO LEES CHINESE LAUNDRY CARMAN AVENUE BARBER SHOP OBERLES FLORISTS MR 8. MRS J PEPPER ZORNS DRY CLEANERS COLLEGE SHOE REBUILDERS WESTBURY VALET FARMINGDALE GARDEN LABORATORIES A FRIEND ATTONITO COMPANY INC MR 81 MRS WILLIAM S MARSHALL DR L GORDON CHINA MOON RESTAURANT DR PAULA GIORDANO POST ACRES BARBER SHOP RAINBOW AUTO SERVICE SUZANNE CONSTANCE WILLIAM H BRUCKMAN I , . . . I I I I , 1 . - . I I - THE AVON PRESS 25 KINKEL smear fb COMPLIMENTS or LIBRARY CLUB GERARD MORAN Photographer 224 NEWBRIDGE AVENUE East Meadow New York IVanhoe 3 0933 SPECIAL NOTE THANKS BOB GREENER THE COMET PRESS FOR INVALUABLE ASSISTANCE AND COOPERATION The Yearbook Staff the Wes Ury, New York A ' OF TO O I OF Hls ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS P O WD CO 'W MEIN EA L AP ROBER GREENE WR GEOR E HODKE ' ANJ MRS UXTHAN E AR JOHN KEANEV HEWBEW KEZAI E ERAEPD + MQ A LOU S NEORS 'R EONIEMC TT OEM 1 'Wi JOHN PAETERSC v V QT WSEDW W 4 W5 ECSEDHENE J E DLHN N 'VIP ANU M .S mix! EENAAE4 1 P V N7 E QEZE - 'x T 2 AP E. E X, E l. '. MP E V my E E' MR E Q E E NEORWJ MRS. PHYEUS B. NEEIN Ev- E E MR E 'E OEEEEE MP WELLIAE' U QASSEEQ 'JR 2, E "EXE: 2 A NE EMTKCHSKE 2,07 Any, in iff-'. .gk

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W Tresper Clarke High School - Scope Yearbook (Westbury, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 63

1959, pg 63

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