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4 ag.-. ' Wsvsv. A yy A- , , . .' xr,- . --J i 3' I .2 n ' 1 A Qkxi fn ,ff f M, , ff ,- -f , 1 , fl,- , 0' 9,4 'H rl- 'rt " rg 'fr' v,l ,ff K . -'-3-7,.. . , , ,Q-':', - ' -.I ', 'f ' - ' -H----Y .. Y. .. , ' .-'NZ'i2"Q'?Z'S"'2'l"-L ' I 'V in Ng' ""'n ' " , ""' ' ' ' - -A 'V -x -f - -- - -- -- , Y- f ...,,.. ,dig -' 5 '- ff!-vg21z,f5" P'-12"Q'ff'?'l" 7 ,:' Dj I , . .- - jx' -.S -Q t . ML- 1 X , ,ji . 1 F- . . 7-I .s .7 ,,k I 1 1 X , ' . . , - --, 'Hi -2 U - 11"-'Y -u-,ng , '12 1 ,- Af. ' . - -- , 4 , , ..I la . K, - -3 , A - l V Y, I .s 'fig I V' - 1.7.5-tif. ?4,. '17 ' 'I fi., -f-25,1 Q V 1,..:k , . , fffg: Y I-,. I 1 .- .','i-tain . ,,-"1-,,,,,A ' -- .-ju' J- '.,-.-j',-- 'W-ff' g"' fl,i --5. A , ' ' ix, 'Qs 1 Hag, I 1 I . G . , . I, " ' 6? -Isf-fnf .f:s.e-ff?' -will-A-'.-" ' 1' . '..:::f 'H -. gi P'-gf 5: .- ,Q f-"Si" Lf , , ,E If ,, if, , -1-. ,.. ,. 4..-- 'X5'-.N - .F .iv fs Q. Jn, , .. - . - . , 'f . '- '-, -rr, 'A.!..',. 92? , -' 1 .-. ,..,- . - , . fri. . ,1- - - -. .- ,. . 1' ' 'Z' .5 '- .4.l,a- , --- . . . '59-,X ' X 1 V' -. ,-,eu ,-v. it 'n Q-,J .ein fl. . 'J .' . , ', 1- -1 f- U U . .,'. V ,- ..' . .,, ' , 'J ' 0. M '.i1'- '-.f",- ' ,- L..-. ' ' ' x. .. '-.. K 1 ' .,' ' ' - ' -,- - - . A -. N71 .-t', . N-: 3-.. '7 'P-",.. R .- fV,.-' f f . J' 5 --.5 Afvtx A, , 0. - l T.- -fu - pf ' 1 ' xl - Q , ' . ' 5 E, , ' 4 " .5 " , ' 4 .,'J,' " ' 1" N 'nf ,, . ' "'l",,, 5 . an ,A , ,'. . Q.. ,A ,V Y 1 - I ., ,, H, V, An " R- 'A ' , -X, , aw: Q R" . W ,Q , :M . L 1' . .- :J Q A K 2 5:15 . V Q Y 2 'ug 0 Q . L ,D V I LA' L , a , 1111 L1 X ' f 'Q A Q B. , Nw. Q L ,, ' W. h ' " A 1, - - . , ,1.,.v - U um, ,K , , -Q L , -.-.1 . 1 ,L . A M L ' -x '. K Q H.. Cf, QQ: L ' 1 '. , , 4 W . L ' ' 'L , M, 'L - -Q X LL1- x ,wk ea! new 'ac K Rf - If f.. -., W, , we- f. 1 , 1 , - . xc. 'H Xb. +56 yi s Y X Q - Q re ' 1: ' Y ' Y . , . 'Q Q rib -1 a. mv.. an ,cv X 51, , v' ,Sf '.a- -. g! ULN. who B.. :xx .Q-., . :::. .X Q xx N X .. :xx .AQ 5 WJ WQhijQ Vw ww aw ,ij www gifffif if Q Ay jwyw' ff W M Mflfwffw W WMM 52 5? 2915 26 Ng 544 T7 u,5f. N 'm'7f'f rg C 5 J, 3 'J Q, .f A A h v X if f Q5 ff H gif 55 5 Egg X4 K Q Vs JW -- ,---.--Y Q. . I Q Q ,,f WW. MJnZf,e' R, W W4 Q - Wczffwwjwlwh Q sf M 'W W ff Mia wwf amp' Ay 5 Wff' ' T1 ,,j,g'1gLfWw wxffjvxifyd P5 My 'RWE A if K W vw ww I . ' X 1 swf 1 l Ak N .' fl fx E I X 1 1, f 5 N ! I FOREWORD In this first year ol school at The W. T. Woodson High School, we have watched the cold, echoing halls fill with the sounds of hap- py laughter. As the empty, waiting classrooms have gradually be- come an integral part of our daily routine, the feeling of pride in the newness of our school has turned into the expanding spirit which has permeated each of our activities. Vile have seen the student body participating in the concentrated effort to produce the out- standing record of which we are justly proud. But most important, we have seen a group of unfamiliar students and teachers welded to- gether to form a school body which has vied for top honors in all fields. The name Cavalier was chosen in relation to the position of the Cavaliers in Virginia history and the student body's symbolization of the loyalty, honor, and support of the school. This yearbook rep- resents the progress and achievement we have obtained in the past year. The Cavalier holds the story of our school. 2 THE CAVALIER KKK Presented by The W. T. Woodson High School Fairfax County, Virginia Editor-in-Chief: Ronniejean Bulson MR. W. T. WOOD O Mr. Wilbert Tucker VVoodson has deserved to have his memory preserved by one of Fairfax County's most modern schools. Mr. XVoodson's entire career has been dedicated to the betterment of educational facilities. He came to Fairfax County from Fork Union Military where he served as dean until 1925. ln Fairfax, he be- gan his career as a Clerk of the School Board, and for four years served as Supervisor of Schools. In 1929, Mr. YVoodson was appointed Superintendent of Schools in Fairfax County. During the thirty-three years he held this position, he watched the Fairfax County School System grow from a small scattered array of country schools to the largest system in the state of Virginia. As the county grew, so did the educational facilities. Under Mr. Woodson's supervision the teaching staff grew from one hundred sixty-four to one thousand Eve hundred thirty-nine well-qualified teachers. Material improvements in the school system were not the only achievements of Mr. Vtfoodson. His influence pene- trated deeper than that. Mr. VVoodson believed in the basic fundamental subjects for each childg however, he also insisted that each child was an individual, thus introducing a more personal type of education. TABLE OF CONTENTS ,f f I '4 '-' ' , 6 Www qw! I ' , T f , X AA A I X L-wg T' A 1 w T .P ....,.....f'f , 'N 3 f i .- 2 - , 1 Q. . . 'ii J INTRODUCTION ADMINISTRATION CLASSROOM UNDERCLASSMEN ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES ' SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS EDITOR'S MESSAGE DIRECTORY .5 Www -mfs- 4 Manner-g t ' 'S 51-1' .. ..., "fr've5?1?!m'f2f "' ""'? "Sm, " ' A . - wwfqa., -N K. Rav M Ng-bw fi qu-uv THE CAVALIER T AFF proudly dedioates the first issue of the yearbook to H W 1 "r"- 4--.. M M..---.,... .,, W '- . . .,,, , ,Aww I W 2--v----1-w---n,....,.-,fr Mr. Chesley plays receptionist , . . Emory W. Chesley, principal EMORY W. CHE LE . . . This being the first year of The W. T. Woodson High School only modifies the importance of acknowl- edging Principal Emory Ml. Chesley as the most valu- able single person who united Wooitlson and insured her existence for posterity. Having hand-picked his faculty and administration, Mr. Chesley continued to be a vigilant Overseer. Per- sonally, he designated the various sponsors of all the Wootlson clubs as a result of their knowledge and ex- perience in the activity as well as initiative and enthus- iasm. Likewise, Mr. Chesley worked very carefully and very conscientiously with the faculty and also the par- ents and their children. Mr. Chesley formulated a di- rect correlation with the Student Government, Student Activity Committee, and Student-Parent-Teacher As- sociation. Mr. Chesley became a familiar and friendly face seen everywhere and at all times around Wloodson, partaking of many of the extracurricular activities. Long before school formally opened on September 12, Emory YV. Chesley had held several faculty meetings as well as student executive committee meetings. By the time students finally arrived the school was ready to function smoothly and efiiciently. Certainly, Mr. Chesley has served as the main factor in the unification of The Ml. T. Vlloodson High School in its all-important first year. In August Mr. Chesley assembled the faculty for the first time. ,K fx fliiiiffififj E ,,.1. KX 4' x iq' , ' 'W f'5'5rrif1,I:Z'."1 1' ' li- ' I T 1f:'a11tJ.'L 1-3.3 7 THE W. T. WOOD O HIGH SCHOOL "In order to form a more perfect un- ion," the students of The W. T. Wood- son High School worked together . . . moving toward fullillment of goals while moving toward the end of the first year of our school's existence. The administration gave us the needed encouragement, while showing us how to conquer the formidable barriers set be- fore us. ln the classrooms of our school we tried new methods of learning new ma- terial. Relationships and ideas developed here will last all our lives and will influ- ence our personalities continually. Without the students, school would be merely an empty, lifeless building. Mlhether Freshmen, Sophomores, or Juniors, it is the students who make their institution a success. Realizing that all benefits do not come from textbooks, the students eagerly joined newly formed clubs and organiza- tions. Here we made new friends and had new experiences, while developing our personal aptitudes to their fullest. History teacher Mrs, Helen Miller and her husband gne an exhibition twist at the Key Club Dance. ,,...An Pat Rampy and Nancy Robb assist at the Mardi Gras Coronation of Mary Margaret Marston and Paul Ramsey, wilful N21 K .Em ,sa wer I 4 H 1, ig-,152 .:.' ,A -gif, 1 XD! 1 i ,H -ll Q 1 -is The W. T. Woodson's A11-Slate choir included Mary Mar- Leod, Belinha Rowley, Carolyn Schlipf, Mike McB1air, garel Marston, Brian Schaiblc, Nancy Wright, Donna Mc- Bob Garner, Keri Owens, and Ken Pennington. 9 rs 'QA Y 1 -1 3 3 l 2 . 5 g ,-I XR Mac MacGarry introduces Wooflson's "It's Academic" team including jim Mann, Richard Payne, X nd Richard Healy as sponsor Marvin-joe Merck backs them up. 55 In any school certain diversions are needed to have a well-rounded whole. By supporting school activities, the student body at VVoodson was drawn together in their common enjoyment. The most literal of victories is victory on the playing field. Athletics provided the spirit so necessary to the unification of the student bodyg for, whether we win or lose, enthusiasm runs high at every sports event. Another excellent mode of student unitication is the sale of advertisements -without which our publications could not exist. Hard work on the part of many students created a feeling of pride in the victory gained. Throughout the year, medium after medium served to unite The W. T. Woodson High School. In the process, we became better students, better athletes and better people. J '..f-24 In the classroom English teacher Miss Miriam Watkins insures a sound academic precedent in her fourth p 'od. X 10 S., Varsity eager john Cabot helped Lo display the Cavaliers win-lose-or-die spirit on the basketball court. Jacqui Rudd receives expert counseling to- wards pre-registration from junior Counselor Miss Tucker Winn. 52 2 The Key Club's student selected "Ugly Boy" Paul Bitten- bender is crowned by a bevy of cheerleaders-Barbara Phillips, Joanne Coakley, Connie Walter, and joan Cushman. Miss Patricia Byrnes spreads the warpaint on Mr. james Clark for the Magazine Drive warpalh. ffl," 4 pf ' fl V K 'Ruiz . X R is mn x ,I w f ? T3 CA '. ' W -' 1 F4 4' ,. .13 .V h2 1 xg !! .X rx ' X j,Q.SX W LR ' X lx X., ' . f , f ' I .. FK if "Q ADMINISTRATION DMI ISTRATIO , JOHN BROADDUS, B.A,, M.A. Assistant Principal for Administration Lynchburg College, George Washington University x fig ff "Q-A ' 4'-my . , EMORY W. CHESLEY PRINCIPAL ROBERT PHIPPS, B.S., .M.A. Assistant Principal for Instruction VVest Virginia Institute for Technology, University of Maryland From the challenge of newness in September 'EQ ALMA RICH, B.S. DOROTHY HIPPLER Maryville Secretary Secretary ROBERT SIMMS, B.S., MA. West Virginia Institute of Technology, University of Maryland Vocational Planning I'll never get these sports schedules straight!" X. Early in the morning Mrs. Rich and Mr. Broaddus check in a substitute. 15 EDITH HEGLAR National School of Fine and Applied Arts Finance Officer It PAT CUNNINGHAM, B.S., M .A. Mansfield State College George Peabody Health and P.E. Director of Athletics G IDANCE R"x. CHRISTINE SMITH, B.S. Guidance Director Richmond Professional Institute P""'-4 LOUISE STEMMERMAN Guidance Secretary "Do you have an appointment?" asks Mrs. Stemmerman. to the final conquest in June, HERBERT CARPENTER, B.A., M .A. Visiting Teacher Bridgewater College University of Virginia The Guidance suite, bustling with numerous activ- ities, is the source of counseling at The W. T. Wood- son High School. The counselors' workdays are filled with student conferences, interpretation of test scores, and, for some, teaching duties. Besides providing vari- ous services beyond the major one of scheduling classes, the guidance office has information available on careers and colleges, achievement tests, and valu- able advice for its willing students. The College Boards, "College Night," and "Spring Career Day" add the extra touches to the eventful highlights of the academic school year. The W. T. Woodson Guidance Staff, counselors and secretary, are certainly worthy of the appreciation and praise of everyone. 16 JU IOR COUNSELOR nl if . 1 V I f 'W ,L fl ., I . ' Q, '. fiilifhlzii I -f ,lg 3 .f fm ' " ' '45 ' is 1 'I GEORGE LAYNE, B.S., MA. West Virginia University OPHOMORE COU ELOR FRESHME COU ELOR WINNIE SUTHERLAND, B.S., M.A. University of Virginia, Richmond Professional Institute 1 PATRICIA BYRNES, B.S. West Michigan University English Debate Team 'WY JEANNE HAWK, A.B. Oklahoma College for Women Future Nurses of America TUCKER WINN, B.S., MA. Longwood College, George Yvashington University Pep Club Advisor HAROLD HACKNEY, B.S., M .A . West Virginia University, George Vvashington University m ,lg WAYNE SPANGLER, BA. Bridgewater College the faculty has guided us l7 Mr. Lehman instructs his class in the fundamentals of algebra. Ffh MARY ALLEN, A.B., MA. University of Missouri Wayne University Spanish, French, Latin DOROTHY BILLINGS, B.S. Longwood Home Economics an MAVIS BARBER, BA. East Carolina College Home Economics Future Homemakers of America 4174. .. ,, VW .RS RUTH BENTON, BA., MA. Lincoln Memorial University Peabody College French CHARLES BLANTON, PRISCILLA BROWN, 13.5. B.A., M.A. Boston University Wake Forest, Duke WOrlfl History Social Studies toward academic perfection. FACULTY OTHEL ADAMS, B.S. Troy State College Electronics 'FN 'DQ CHARLES BILLAK, B.S. VVest Virginia University Earth Science, Biology In NINA BRYSON, B.S. Radford College Typing, Bookkeeping r f I X , iafwyj s 6' Q' I ,Mila ,zyiipwffir EVERETT BUSKIRK, B.ME., M.M.E. Indiana University, New England Conserva Instrumental Music Baton Corps v It tory I . HARLEY CHESHIRE, B.S. Virginia Polytechnical Institute Distributive Education D.E. Club Miss Poarch and Miss Legard check the rules of the game. 4-v.. JAMES CLARK, B.A., B.S. University of Richmond Social Studies, English, Mlorld History NANCY DODD, BA. Radford College Art Art Club as WALTER DOWLING, B.S., M .A . University of New York, George Washington University Industrial Arts Key Club to lil, l BARBARA COSTELLO, B.A. Shepherd College English fa-fx 'VW JAMES DOUGLAS, B.S., M.A. Memphis State College Industrial Arts Boys' Intramural Director . - A-4,3 I! It 'Hire I W - t - ,Ivy , 1 Y? "- .vf,',""'f 5 ,izsiigf-Ei i.,:1T?e:2sw+ we-, f' 'I Q -- ' ,xtrfzx 9741" ,' ELLEN EDELSTON, A .B., M .A. Berea, Bryn Mawr College German Coming from schools everywhere, the administration has united ARMANDO FARFAN, B.S. ROBERTA FARRAR, B.S. VIVIAN FLINCHUM, B.S. Cuzco University Madison College Mary X-Vashington College Spanish Typing, Notehand General Business 5, t r Q 1 4 g ,F F '54 Jiqt l iyiff f -. s , , , A' f 1 Bmw 1 J qv ' ' Fr V A MARGARET FORD, A.B Lander College Geometry, Mathematics an 'VIS VAUGHAN GARY, B.A., M.F.A. University of Richmond, Columbia English, Public Speaking, Drama Drama Club MARJORIE FRENCH, BA, HARRIET FUNKHOUSER, GLADYS FYFE, A.B., B.S. Ohio State University A.B. New York State University English College of William and Mary Library Student Government Civics, English, Geography Library Club U 3 tl if F t S 1 if 3 ' . K qi.- s A V 1' ' , , , 1 '-ii 1' MARY GIBBONS, B.A., M.A, Allegany College, George Washington Math Miss Dodd, Mr. Liskey, and Miss Lippard refuel in preparation for oncoming classes. 20 ,.., , t - A '-P ? r f ' , X.. A , 4 if ,, p . vi 1,3 A 1 f A BETTY HARRELSON Madison College Health and P.E. Hockey, Softball sa 5 , if f 'Rpt' .. zt, ,, .. eff" if' t. A .' if' 2' EDNA GIBSON, B.S., M.A. Woman's College of the lfniversity of N.C. Health, Physical Education "The books seem to balance," beams Mrs. Heglar. s ,xr '1- Ds JEROME HEGLAR, EARL HELMBRECK, B.A., M.A, B.S., M.A. Catawba, Ursinus College, Columbia George Washington Physical Education Business Education Yllrestling, Tennis Bank gu- IDD ?"'fS EVE HOOVER, A.B., M.A. DENNIS HOULIHAN, A.B. JAMES HUMPHREY, B.S. Woman's College of the Shepherd College Colorado State College University of N.C. Biology Earth Scienoe English, Social Studies to direct us if it r- SANDRA GROSECLOSE, B.A. Longwood French College ,.. ,5 MARY HO B.A. Nav 9? LLINGSH EAD Smith College English Y'-Y NANCY HUTTO, BA. East Texas French Sophomore State College Class Sponsor in forming and upholding fps. EUGENE JASPER, 1s.A., MA. Catholic University Latin r ff PAUL JENKINS, B.S. Shepherd, Concord College P.E., Sociology is Y ELAINE JOHNSON, 13.8. Longwood, University of Florida Art Art Guild Gqnh, 'SSW' gf' 9-vs BERNARD KELLY, Ii.A. State College of Iowa Reading Las, ff z 17' , , s . x li,X K i I Q t, as ,Z i l if RANDOLPH KNUPP, B.A. WILLIAM LADSON, MIREELE LAMOUREUX, CAROLYN LEGARD, B.S. Bridgewater College B.S., M.A. 13.5. Madison College Health and Physical University of Virginia, Rivier College Health and Physical Education University of Maryland French Education Football, Baseball Chemistry, Earth Science French Club Cheerleaders, Basketball Future Scientists of America "Oh, great! Another faculty meeting," says Miss Hfatkins to Mrs. Satterwhite. DANIEL LEHMAN, 13.5, IMA. Duke, University of Virginia Geometry, Algebra junior Class Sponsor 1..,. ,K ,gm Q NANCY IQZ3, BA ,, MA. Tusculntn, University of North Carolina English i Though the day ltsclf is long, Mr. Ladson is often seen working after school. :JH Ps. BILL MASON B A ERIC MCMILLAN, B,S. JOE MERCK, Bridgewater College University of Maine BA., B.S., MA. Math Algebra Geometry University of South Coin Club Golf Team Carolina .M rv' GEORGE LITMAN, B.S. IVest Virginia University Industrial Arts 1 , KATHLEEN LUCAS, B.A. St. Mary's of Notre Dame English Pep Club -wx 57' HELEN MILLER, BA. Vvesthampton College U .S. History character and high ideals Their admirable leader ' DORA MITCHELL, A.B., A.M. Winthrop College, University of Virginia Social Studies, English DAVID PEARCE, B.S. Concord College Algebra PAUL MORRIS, AB., MA. East Carolina College, George Peabody History, Geography Freshman Class Sponsor Ri NANCY PIERCE, B.S. East Tennessee State College Math, Algebra, Geometry Cheerleaders ship LORRAINE MORTON, B.A. University of South Dakota Biology, Earth Science .21 if i 4 . . ' I . ERMA POARCH, B.S. Longwood Health and Physical Education qi, ii I 'Mt l ,S , M V gf .. 25.11 ff 5 ' A 'l' ' e 5 I RUTH OPP, B.S., M.A. Elmira College, Duke Chemistry, Physics A . ik X, I Q 1? " eip? wi SHIRLEY POLINGER, B S George Washington University, University of Maryland Health and Physical Education Mr. Broatldus warns Mr, Lehman, "If you tlon't remove that hat, I'll put you in the game without pads!" K "Shakespeare never worked this hard," muses Mr. Gary. JANE PUGH, BA. University of Iowa Geometry, Trigonometry ,4r'N DOROTHY SPENCER, A .B. Queens College English Newspaper . -N ,- . 'Y'- +5 C fr' f K V ,ll V7 . JEAN SATTERWHITE, B,S,, M .A. East Carolina College English Yearbook K.. 5 KATHLEEN SPKINGER, BA. Douglas College Geography, World History v, K' NANCY POTTER, BA. Mary Washington College U.S. History KATHLEEN SEEK, A.B. Bridgewater Algebra t F 1- fm Am , , s umti- ir ir gli ,. . sf' P '14 U if W1 I xg 1,1 LINDA SUDDUTH, BA. Longwood College Library EUGENE PUFFENBERGER B.A., M .A . Bridgewater, University of Virginia Biology NANCY SENIO, B.S. Carnegie Tech English Magazine 1-xi P e ELIZABETH TABOR, B.M. University of Kentucky Choral Music Cavalette Baton Corps has given all students the direction 25 as The W. T. Woodson High School K5 f 1 . , gA.1 - ' ,Tas 1,13 i . t. f r R f 1 A fm LEONARD TLUSTY, 13.8. King's College General Science, Biology Science Club Western Carolina College Health and Physical Education Track, Basketball Cafeteria workers pause to chat before the midday rush. RAY VOLRATH, B.S., MA. ""' get A E S 5 1 l PHYLLIS WALKER, B .A ., M.A. Wake Forest, University of North Carolina English MIRIAM WATKINS, B.A. George Peabody English Future Teachers of America Wi on 1 if P14 V BESSIE YVIGUTOFF, JENNINGS WILSON, B.S. If-A-, I--L-B, Richmond Polytechnical University of Colorado Institute U.S. History, U.S. Distributive Education, Government I.C.T. Distributive Occupations Club 4.-f 1-ff NEIL WITT, 13.5. WILLIAM WOODRUM, 12.5 Oklahoma University Concord College Math Spanish Coaching Spanish Club " nw-.- K A, , f ,1 V 5 lamina First Row: Brownie jones, Melvin Couch, johnny Dotson, Dennis Lane, Cline Danover, Benny Thornley, Bill Willis, and Alex Thompkins. Second Row: james Stanley, Betty Alexander, George Thompson, Pennelton Rose, Henry Flinchum, George Smith, and Auldie Flemming. CUSTODIA , , , , ,- f f f f mi- M451 Henry Flinchum is found washing the floors Henry Finchum, Melvin Couch, Benny Thornley gather before school begins in September. in the Cafelffia- has become a reality. 27 5 hx , +f 1 g - 'J X 1:-i 5 1 D .D-T ' 1 X L' , 'X N., 1 A p 'P R ij ' i, ,, yx CLASSROUM Karl Hess and Dennis johnson observe slides under a microscope during Mr. Houlihan's biology class. Mr. Billak demonstrates the right and wrong methods of dissection. CIE CE "I,et's see now . . . That little gray thing should be the liver," says Doris Walker. 30 A bevy ol students gleefully dissecting, breaking glassware, and trying to under- stand the formula A - Ace "- fggf worked in the science section at VVood- son. Moods ranged from the furious ac- tivity in the chemistry labs to the sub- marine tranquility in the biology class aquariums. How lIl2lIly of Vloods0n's young scientists today pondering over te- dious experiments or exploring the inner secrets of platyhelminthes will be among tomorrow's ranks of scientific leaders? The classroom was the center Joe Zeigler and john Cabot seem to be hard at work on a physics assignment Mr. Morris lectures on the provisions of the Kansas- Nebraska Act to his fourth period American History class. tl Miss Hoover's world geography class listens attentively while she lectures. ,,,,,,:,,, 1, cn O Q DP F' Un H E FU U1 T632 F 2515? If igffni' 1 , i ,,Nx',r Q ia , , ,Q-.1..4.h . v.,.,.,, X v where students united With brand new textbooks and with rolls of accumulated maps overhead, his- tory students lacked none of the superior educational facilities which were second nature at VVoodson. All manner of visual aids, such as projectors for film, slides, and opaque material, was available to supplement traditional methods of in- struction, and to vary and enrich mater- ial in the text. xv ,-. ,. aan C l Don White and Ron Maley point out the new Republic of Africa to their fourth period world history class. from various situations to proiit Manson Cheek, Rick Thompson, Phyllis Dunn, Joe Zeigler, Charlene Wicks, and Chick Curtis compose the smallest known U. S. government class in existence. Sixth period German Il struggles with a difficult construction. from educational opportunities. "Oh, mon Dieu! What's going on Randall and Kathy?" 3-sm, Mrs. Nancy Hutto gives a French quiz, via earphones, to her Sixth period claw. AN UAGE Woodson's language laboratory with a complex system of ear- phones, microphones, control panels, and tape recorders empha- sized her modernization of modern languages. French, German, and Spanish students used conversation much more than text- books or the written words. The latter two were primarily sup- plements. For those with traditional leanings, there was available the study of Latin. Students found enough in the ancient lan- guage to obliterate any tendencies toward mental lethargy. 34 VVhile still struggling with English, many students at Woodson also took advantage of benefits in studying a foreign language. Latin, French, German, and Span- ish were available to anyone wishing to delve into the intricacies of subjunctive constructions, irregular us- ages, and elusive declensions. The additional study of a different language broadened the educational back- ground of a student and gave him the ability to apply what was learned in other subjects, especially English. Cultural and historical material, inevitably inherent in a language course, enlarged the scope of social studies and gave a taste of international Havor. Besides hard work, the foreign languages offered the fringe benefits of club activities and specialized studies, such as held trips. The language students enjoyed the distinction of personal achievement and were well re- warded for their extra concentration and effort. Gale Gibson, Pam Goodrich, and Ronnie Bulson read a scroll discussing the Roman Banquet. Richard Payne looks 011. Here the students realized Peruvian exchange teacher, Armando lfarfan shares Latin American culture. vw tel. Madame Pingetore conducts a spirited discussion, en francais, with her Fourth period class. Debbie Derr, Linda Howard, Tom Tucker, Jay Hearn, Chris Zipp, Marsha Blair, Pattie Plough and Mary Beth Sedoff display an air of creativity in the art class. that learning is universal s .'5.Lg,,,,1, mis: WU l ,l Charlotte Mitchell and Muriel Johnston prepare escar- gots a la Russe during Home Economics. RT Offering the opportunity for each in- dividual to develop his talents to their fullest, the Art Department played a dis- tinguished role at VVoodson. During class time students explored various tech- niques and mediums of expression. Throughout the year their work was in evidence, on bulletin boards, in class- rooms and was featured in the publica- tions. Combining learning with exper' ience, the art students added much to the life of the school. HOME ECO OMICS The W. T. W00dson's extensive Home Economics Department afforded many future homemakers the op- portunity for each girl to broaden her housekeeping skills. The whirr of sewing machines, the savory odors of freshly baked delicacies, and the classes in hygenics, nutrition, and baby care were all common aspects of the Home Economics program. P.E. students waited the whole first semester of their first year at Woodson before being able to use any of the gym facilities. Unfinished construction caused much anxiety, and the P.E. Department impatiently awaited completion of Woodson's vast and extensive Physical Education and athletic facilities. One of Woodson's most remarkable aspects is that from the school building it is almost impossible to see the entire extent of Woodson's back fence. Such a well-developed and boundless athletic Field is well worth waiting for. When finished, the facilities at Woodson will be the best in the country, and the school can look forward to being the host for many playoffs and champion- ships. In the meantime, P.E. classes have made good use of films, tapes, and stu- dent research to build a solid mental Gibson limber up with a few exercises- background for future physical develop- ment. The combined classes of Misses Poarch, Polinger, and PHYSICAL EDUCATIO and they wholeheartedly Worked "Come on, girls, let's straighten those knees. And one and two and . . . " 37 to prepare for the final victory Marsha Willis takes a timing in Mrs. Hentchel's shorthand class, COMMERCIAL ART ,- In addition to a broad academic pro- gram, VVoodson has a large variety of subjects in the commercial field. Typing, notehancl, shorthand, and general busi- ness are among the courses there are the special programs called Distributive Edu- cation, Vocational Office Training, and Industrial Cooperative Training. Under the D. E. program, juniors and seniors attend school hall'-day and then leave for work. The I. C. T. program provides a similar set-up for juniors and seniors who work as dental assistants and the like. Seniors with office jobs work under the V. O. T. system. T i 1 2 A-,4r ew , . .fflffl'f'5 V V ' f fa - ,yi-,3 -N47 '.t3., .af-1 K , t A ,f It ,V f,,. -,,rr i V ,. K K xl wi' ,Ly i at at . ' ,s...:,,. i 'R in W K ' wma" ' Harold Schaitberger gets help from jack Selby with Gordon Allen Clefton is busy at work in his sketch. Mr. Dowling's mechanical drawing class. Al presented by life. This distributive education display is widely viewed by SlllKl6ll'lS. Mr. Hcglar's fourlh period typing class practices 21 timed writing. First period D, E. students, assembled al il lable, listen to Mr. Cheshire. 39 may 1 Mr. Gary, Emily Reed, Nancy Raine, and Sue Hull analyze a prospective play for the Drama Club. The faculty encouraged students "Class, now this is the way we do the twist," Paul Holmes tlemotlstrates in public speaking. 40 E , l Paul Ramsey reads some student essays in the joint teaching program. That favorite subject of grammar-com scious students, English, seemed to leave - its mark in other classes. Somehow, com- ' positions always required finish-ing in al- fy , ., t V my gebra, and poem memorization was hast- QM S . , it ,t ily prepared in French. A less impromp- rf tu correlation was the set up between junior literature and American History. x Q American authors were studied in litera- ture and history at the same time. '-N. The literature studied this year in- cluded the great works "Great Expecta- tions" by Charles Dickens, "Silas Mar- ner" by George Eliot, and "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder in the Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior English classes. john Cabot, Phyllis Dunn, wieky Grtmwell, Lewis Story, and Linda U Llkewlse' they read the Poem' of Such Boisseau go through a presentation on Sydney Lanier. hterary greats as Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Sidney Lanier, Carl Sandburg, Ogden Nash, and e. e. Cummings. E H In particular the Sophomore English classes perused Greek mythology and Russian short stories. The Freshmen delved into the Homeric Epic poems "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey". Mean- while the Juniors did a survey of Ameri- ca's great literature from the Colonial Period to the Modern Era. to explore new areas of learning Leslie Issit, Mitty Mfhalen, and jackie Rudd diagram sentences on the board during fourth period freshman English. 41 "NI i o, no, Chris Worley," cries Mrs. jane Pugh, that's not how to do il!" MATHEMATICS The veterans in the math department, algebra, geometry, and the advanced cat- egories, made was for a newcomer this year, SMSG, or intermediate math. Although s till experimental, this course promised to see more widespread use in the future. While using modes of study, all math students were in a uni- versal struggle trying to reassure them- selves that two times two really is four. and to accept the challenge "You're wrong, you're wrong!" chants Rick Evert to blackboard companion john Cabot. Three little monkeys slancl at the blackboard working algebra II problems. presented by knowledge. fx Mr. LCI1Ill2iIl'S third period Algebra class experiences many Is jon Lower really explaining the intricacies of math- nncalculatecl problems . . . cmalics Lo Marlena Rio in Mr. Mason's third period class? 43 9 Wt A 1 'E , 'Q f x f 1 H 'E 5 . M L N A 1 21 8 . A fbi' if ' UNDERCLASSMEN JU IOR CLASS fvi fb 75? Z? m x' hu l VN U r- V 6 'T 3' A J 1 X 4 , N w D Of' . ,' 1- K ' 4' ew ' 5 'vm- Xa as 'V' X l r!9'1J2,', '. f f af! , .4 X :jf - , .,, rl l ,. 46 Robin Adams Barbara Allen Elizabeth Astholz james Atherton Cathy Austin joe Auth Albert Bain Barbara Balzer Dave Bartlett Sandra Bates Bob Berezoski Richard Berman Joan Berry Paul Bittenbender David Black Peggy Black Marsha Blair Merle Blair Nancy Blasingame Daniel Blevins Loretta Boggs Linda Boisseau Helen Bolt Daniel Bonner Dennis Booker Judi Booker Sharon Boone Mary Bowers Kevin Boyle Marion Brake Janet Bratter Dorothy Breeden Linda Brinkley Barbara Britt Don Broehm Leslie Brookins Clifford Brown David Brown Bob Bucco Margaret Buckley Ronnie Bulson Sharon Burbach Bill Burbridge Walter Burke john Burns nm, 0:- X . 2' li l 9 I . v W, 1, L- if c ,.- m fx -. fv- N' in This the first graduating class K..-Q 73? john Cabot Virginia Calcamp L Roberta Campbell Richard Cantwell Tn Ciudy Carr VVaync Carson concocls at mysterious potion. Gary Gough, "The Mad Scientist," Susan Carty Diane Chaoonas Dennis Chafin Manson Cheek Steven Chernock Steve Christensen Sharon Christiansen Cheryl Chunn Steve Ciotti Donald Clark Gordon Cleiton Lee Ann Clemmer Rick Cline Kathy Cloney j 1 .i7'F' D Richard Cantwell paws through Key Club red tape. Martha Close Sally Cloyed james Coakley JoAnne Coakley Larry Coble Diane Cocklin 48 gm Robert Cockrill James Coffman Bruce Coggins Karen Coggins Robert Collingwood Patricia Collins joan Conrad Lynndell Coolidge Rita Costello David Coughlin Donald Cox Craig Cradlin Bryan Crawford Sandy Crisl Helen Crozier Laura Cunnnighain Charles Curtis joan Cuslnnan Tom Dalton Donald Danbury jim Daniel Mildred Daniels Deedee Darr Harriott Davis Rosa Lee Davis Carolyn Day john Debell Lynne Decker Darlene Deem Debbie Derr Sharon Dewey Lisa diGirolamu Jessie Doyle Stephen Dzye Phyllis Dunn rv- fix ,A . NN xg li: ffl, w C fa' ,-. GU H I S -:YA 5 -5 911334411 ., S12 fi 5 Q ' IW' ,yi , fo- . V' : ' rfegffa 1 ir' W e it , sk s.',,.. . 9 3 rw 'Q- , 4- 42 ., 1 ,I it Mt' ' ,L rf' .1 in AN' .1 ' "1 . , -. 5 4 . W!-.X ' vs.. 9 H n v- e .- 'ff 5. , fr lf' i 1 , T... ' pf- I 'fx s .- rt .. I ff: fs 14' ' . ix - ,.-i Y? 5 . - .'g2Es'M5rAi3 Zi : ij, I Laura Dwyer john Dwyer james Elliott Margie Emerson John English john Enos Judi Entwisle Bente Erickson Lys Erskine Paul Estep Anthony Evanshaw Pam Evenson Rick Evert Gerald Ewing Charles Fagan Pam Farmer I , ,. ' at ,H 'lfj ' gm 5933 sf' ,, ' '- '1 fif? ' faiikibat 'T 5: , - " f7""5"l'vY- .r atv-1.',z-1-:1-Aw.. . 'R 4. ' 'F . of The W. T. Woodson High School 'ml' ,,. ,, my . ir.. .Y HE - 50 , S K F F y F 'N ' I f I f? AA r L," 1 5 k Elqlijig Q Jeannie Farrell James Finegan Patricia Fitchett Patricia FitzPatrick Mike Flood Kevin Foley Sharyn Forbes Robert Foreman Vvilliam Franz Bob Frase Betty Frazier Ginger Freed Roland French Ronnie Friedman Sally Fugate David Fullerton Bruce Furbish Ernest Gaddy Richard Gage Randy Galbraith Q- 'Uv ,pn- in V 2 M ooh. R? has bravely faced Lucy Parker conducts Mrs. Potter's "intel- ligent" second period U.S. History class. Norma Gardner Bob Garner Darlene Garner Anne Giberson Susan Giller Barbara Gilliam Beverly Gimble Julien Girard Matthew Godek Roberta Goldberg Carolyn Golway Clayton Gompf Charlene Goodell Kathy Goodman Q-. fu fs if 'fun ,L tn -'wx X f fx. - X 4-A fbn , , 8, , iv' XL, ,M fl. C- . 'f' ' vjl -:haf-, s f- wr ' ' .V fx 'Us TJ' A ,ipaq ' . .N , -az:-31 5 si 1. ,ff V. T- the task of establishing traditions '.., ' 4511: . e. fs. - ,-, Pr v f' 5 'hx .C if Q s i ,v K ima' K., ml ' ,- vu., pa I av if Y R fx 15 EQ. X 'D sa' K ,,.A ve f- '- 4 'E' l xt ff . l H f Y 'fn 9 'fx rv-r, Joyce Goodnough Pam Goodrich Romney Gordon Peter Gossens Gary Gough Robert Grady Doris Gray Halsey Green Marylynn Green janet Greenstreet Bill Griflis Lynn Gritlith YVicky Grunwell Lori Haig Carroll Hall Susan Hall Holly Hamaker Richard Hamel Mike Hammer Doug Hanewinckel jarl Hanson Charlotte Harlan Bob Harman Craig Harris Margaret Hanis Michael Harris Marilea Hawkins Phyllis Hawkins Sandy Hawthorne ,V 'fu' .., ,K .4 'I ' 7. i 5-6- X f t W iw 0 ii li M 5, Q A sw' A . , j tl , V . Polly Hayes 4. , , V ,QQ l A , Richard Healy V f Q- f O ' ' 'T' john Hearn 'Y y ' Stephanie Heatwole ' ,A t- Margie Henry N I A. x 1' 2 ...,i..",A A f Tom Heselton Anita Hewcs Marilyn Hicks Joan Hitchcock Nancy Hoag the pattern for the , Paul Holmes al er if I Al ' Kathleen Holter 4"'w Kitty Hopkins x V V Jay Hoover V Clinton Howard Linda Howard 53 6 if ! other classes 'Pali Kathy Cloney ponders over many a qua-int and curious volume of forgotten lore. ty 8 Sandy Howard Bob Hreidarson L, sa, Mary Lou Hull It ' A Dee Humphrey ' . N " ' - ' Bob Hunsberger Q Elaine Huyler ., ' ,rv K... U, S A, 6 'L D 'YS ' .- ' Jim Ingram Stephanie Issilt S' b 1 John Cabot . . . 1ost?! to follow in future years. A Susan Janet ' , Michael Jarosh s 1' Swv iff' .f- 'S S is f john javage "' - 5 Chip Jeffries 54 - Y' A AI . q :- W F son. Me qu r hi Mike Jeffries Judy Jellum Jane Jobst Brad johnson Gail johnson Iris johnson Sherry johnson Terry johnson Catherine jones Linda jones Eileen joray Thomas Joyce Mike joye Michael Karnes Anna Kegley Mary Ann Kemble IN 'R Y . is W M 1: K I D x With eager anticipation 3 1 t e F -N V Q wr- 3' it 'aa - 4 'TIM . 15 ve I , Nancy Kennedy Sharon Kessler Walter Keyton Trisa Kielsgard Cynthia King Melanie Kirby Sandy Kittrcll Frank Klick Kathryn Knott Barbara Kozina Judy Kurfehs Konrad Kurtz Mickey Lagarde Carol Laird Diana Lane Sharen Lane I 'S, ,- -31-N M 1 gy- fx it spit. i x vs 0 - 3 4' x S ' ag. ry TV' X, -gp '7- 'R H - . i -gm., -, ,. fn , 56 . ,X I 1 ..,. Q. t .il r l 5? I Xl w-.fy -, H , X .aa..,,.et Y X .Am f ,. .. 4 y Carolyn Latina Paul Lawhead Elmer Lawrence Tom Leach Lauren Legate Fred Livengood Carol Livingston Gail Livingston Maureen Lowe Terry Lund Morris Luttrell Sharon Lutz Pat Lyons Judy MacCorckle jim Mann Kenneth Marceron Jeanne Marsh Mary M. Marston Charles Mason Ruth Massey Thomas May Morris Mayes Mike McB1air Helen MCCa1man Robert McCarthy Dianne McCarty Carolyn McClelland Mike McCluskey Diana McDaniel Maureen McDonald joe McDonough Marian McKnight Micky McMahon Steven Meacher Doug Miller M vm. 'mf fn., ffniiiifi yfQ,"1ftifg, 3, Q if 5 Erudite Mr. Merck says, "Run that by me agaaainf' the Juniors .w Aire, be 1-3:2 he sf xv is do Eg, 'U- 1 .H .,, ., . vv- hg. W ,M J ,a--N ' el- ws ' 12 A X iv Laurel Miller Wendy Moeser Cathy Molchanoff Pat Monahan Carol Moore George Moran Susan Moritz Linda Mullins 57 Rick Munnikhuysen Jo Anne Murrah james Musinski Janet Napier Lana Neale Carlyle Nerdahl Suzy Neuburg Karen Newlon Debbie Newman Linda Nichols Miriam Noll Ronnie Nowell Annabelle Nutter Frances O'Bannon lam, 62 My be TN. 3 il' .1 f 'I' I 1 fa f wif?"-1 'bile . l i K rw .iff ir -91 .-J, V f - . mix ,f W' 4,5 e Y, . . N 2 . X K 91? - X ,L . 1 5 " Q Nw. 'S nib Y 1 I f A I ifgf'2v?5i4i'iFS if have spent much time and effort u ,nfl if X i x. i I Step on il, Bill Perry! Richard Payne Judy Penn Ken Pennington Alice Peretti John Perelti Bill Perry 58 Karen O'Flaherty Virginia Olson john O'Neill Bill Over Cindy Overman Julie Owens james Painter Airlie Palmblad Judy Palmer Bob Pareseau James Parker Lucy Parker James Parrish janet Parrish Glenda Payne Elston Perry Cindy Peters Dave Pexton Barbara Phillips Kathy Phillips Pattic Plough Don Poe Kerry Pope Randall Pope jerry Potter john Prentice Susan Pressentin Joyce Price Pat Price Sandy Price Patricia Prine Bob Prouty Barrette Quellaud john Quinn Nancy Raine Paul Ramsey Emily Reed Barry Rccver Phil Reid Michael Renaud Rcnce Reynolds Jeri Rigoulot Nancy Robb Anne Roberts Lynda Roberts awaiting graduation '46 -t X , tr f nh fn In -X tv' A' M - A I ,,,, 'ar P r s Carly Q S""' if A f , Mi, . 'X .. 3' i -vv an I R fiiiiii ' i is if-ijif. '," l ,.f' a x . n ' 51- F5 " s I x Q A L. 1 ' ' t,',.' f in , ,: 'ifk ' . t i quid' 53- mi, ' 1 - ' ,I ,I 05 Us Eliff.-Ep , , L i ,fd '1 Y . ' E l I 11 59 9 M, , -. ful a -1- 4,1-.,.,,, a 44,- , 'Y' in Q I, v as lf .. , -., , nu.. ,, 9541 A. ' -. l fv- i f fi., Al ' li: 'Y' L ' ' , f y ,, , ' yy it-,I my fi - e S 3 Us - ' S .nfl se' .. AA I jg 'S ' K I 60 Bob Robinson Beverly Rodgers Pat Ross Maureen Rossow Karsten Rothenberg Belinha Rowley Penny Sagert Judith Sanborn Brian Schaible Harold Schaitberger Sara Scheider Donna Schneider Christine Scott Arch Scurlock Susan Sears Mary Beth Sedoff Phyllis See Jack Selby Kathy Sheehan WVilliard Shelton Sherrianne Shirey Bonnie Shubert Michael Simmons Sheron Simmons Carolyn Simms Arthur Singer Suzanne Sithens Harold Smart Bill Smith Dewitt Smith james Smith jonathan Smith Martina Smith Pat Smith Sheryl Smith wi Steve Christensen, Barbara Allen, JoAnne Coakley, Don Danbury, Dave Barnett, Sharyn Forbes, and Rick Munnik- huysen are involved in discussing another major issue confronting the Student Got ernment. and the future. Sharon Smoot William Smutko Helen Sparkle Linda Sparks Carol Spitler Nanci Stafford X "tic, A i Lana Stanley J, Merry Staser ' 1 1 3 1 ' ' L If xx If 61 Toby Stein Janie Sterling Sandy Sterr Kathleen Stevenson Peggy Strickle Nancy Strickler Robert Stroube Jettie Stuart Mary Sullivan Deborah Swartz Patricia Sweeney Susanne Sweeney Burt Tackaherry Kief Tackabezry it ii ,. . -ry,-:av . . , 'ybfilf err: 1- s4p:',rctgd'.:f.4: 0- vw -..., an J: -x 4 rg r- f .., . . .y-e. ,ga 4 ,tr a 1 -0' 4 M 1 fr ,. ,W Q05 wif it r I .1iLfIQ ivi Bruce Taylor Kenneth Taylor 1- N-' 5,15 .X N- H. A. Thompson ' 'V I 'ST ear Rick Thompson A f Success is their goal , 4 - v -- . . ,, ,,.,, uf, sw-1: A - :'A,,w' Q . I' -ng-:fats 1 -'-- ".r.,. W Stewart Tice ' A Dale Tolson Y' l' 5 aa fl: . x "' " Sherry Toomes r Tom Tucker TTT' 11 ...W -1 Robert Tuttle Jim Vogel w fi Steve Vore Buddy Walker Mrs. Fyfe explains the facilities of our library to the junior English classes. 62 0:5 Bob Williams Cheryl Williams Marsha YVillis Pattie YVinfree john Withers Cherrie Wolle Brett Wood Judy WVoodson Harold Yvoodyard Chris Worley Kathleen VVorrell David Wright Wendy Wright Patricia VVynn Bev Yancey Carol Young joseph Zeigler Bruce Zimmerman Stephen Zimpel Chris Zipp ,gn- 1'- fs. .Z ,if M4112 ' ff, .R .1 ' - - fm .f.'2ELz' 'f x 2 HA wg. ff K . the Class of 1964. .5 e . L2 'fffsh X www I - 43 ' .. -V' Q' ' 'f:.:1':,. W mm' 'V- K . S N. A Q X .3 ix - , ,A ,,. 'Zi '-"' v 1 ' We 63 Stan Wamsley john Ward Lee Warford Sandra Warren Dale Watson Douglas Welch Wayne WVelde james Wvenberg Kenneth Werner Kathy Wherry Bill White Janice White Tom White Donald Xvhitmer Charlene Wicks Carrie Wilcox fe fi' 'SG V X .,,,. x. ,x Margaret Adams Bill Ahltield Terry Akin Linda Alexander Dennis Allen Tom Allen Dennis Amundson Dorothy Anderson Chris Angel Linda Angel Stephen Angelo Lynda. Apperson Eric Assur Linda Ayers Nancy Baldauf Dianna Ballengee Ronald Ballew Martha Barnes Linda Barr Marilyn Bartlett David Beakes Lorena Bear Kenneth Bebb Gretchen Bechtel Steve Beebe Bob Bell Eileen Benkert Guy Bennett Caroline Bettwy Fred Biggs Nancy Bininger Robert Bird Ashley Birnbaum Linda Bisel Guy Blair OPHOMORE CLASS , 1' 44 13 ' Y , Y. 1 - ' -2 - - fwfr. f wf.",:e- ' E A lv we f- Qt 4 Claire Bledsoe Barbara Blevins Charles Blevins Bruce Bombere Margaret Bowler Debbie Boyd Sandy Brann Linda Brasse Linda Brewington Kay Bridges Nancy Broderick Wayne Bronson Linda Brown Robert Brown -v. 9 ,dl 1: ll .1 1:5 " N , EQ rvffe Y 1 fu, ,- ll 22 jf . 'f ,i js fs- ? , C Q jim Carscadden Ruth Carter Joyce Carver Louis Caton MoDenna Ceconi Donald Celec Alice Chalfant john Chase Lorena Chaves VVilliam Chisholm Nancy Chiltum Vicki Christensen Alvin Cissel Donna Clark Ellen Clark 65 f Steve Bryan Barbara Bugg Al Burnett Pam Buskirk Glen Butcher Linda Buzhardt Mary Byram A Sutton Cabe M Cynthia Caldwell V' 5 Gail Camp Dennis Carr Beth Carrara 55 Chris Wahlberg indulges in the pause that refreshes. .xxx .ha eginning the year F35 .gang M Gig gejffg ,..C Y ' 1. - 'ffl 1 51- 2' eg "Are we really getting excused early?" says Leslie Brookins to Elizabeth Astholz. 1 if Janet Daniels Boyd Daugherty Pat Davis Robyn Davis Shirley Davis Tuck Davis Don Dawson Linda Deckarml Carol Denny joan Detwiler Mike Dewald Susan Dewey Robert Clark Sandy Clark Charlotte Clarke Carole Clem Brad Cochrane Gail Coldwell Glenda Colley Melinda Conn Marian Cooper Colin Corcoran Janice Costantino Linda Coulter Cheryl Craver Nancy Crowley Judy Curless Diane Curtin Nancy Dalton Bill Danbury '52 with highest ambitions ea Q Ill i"4'4x 5 I ee .5 , ,qv ,f-., I 5' f W Ji .4 ' fg J 73 355 ff- G - u V v GC' K 7- 1 1? f +9 i ,j " ,. 3' 'U-. 1- wy Q i.,i' M A K , , .-:iz 2- j gi if r 1 W ,gig . ,, ' jf 'J NIA ?, ,i g fr- ,V- .3 Q, .fn . , .Iii "LYS 'X V., K -M K5-gf i L ' . 67 Susan Dickinson Mary Diehl Mike Dinwiddie Thomas Dixon Nancy Dolinger Douglas Draves David Drinkard Scott Duruin Kathy Eby Michael Edwards Alice Eggleston Albert Elliot Bill Elliot Lucille Elliot Ann Elmore Victor Elstad Craig English Brenda Eppard Kathleen Evans Bonnie Fairbrother George Faircloth Leroy Faircloth Marcia Faircloth Pamela Farnworth Larry Finegan Nancy Fisher Barbara Fletcher Bill Flynt Lynda Follin Roy Fowler Steve Fox jim Franca Robert Frank Jorge Friga jimmy Fulton Ronnie Funderburk Glen Furbish Greg Gable Pete Gallagher Gail Garner C. J. Garrison Bob Gartley Robert Gass Bill Gentry Pauline George William Gillions Lynn Gisriel Nancy Glover and attaining them G i gi f- fiq fb T I? It fn . f ' ' v ,fx A ,fs 1, ' , P we Q- Q 4 , CT! 'X i,.' 1- i X W Q ,,. . wwf' x., -if vi W V as . K9 J fr :fi . wi I fp ' rf if f Kasha Godek Mary Godek Bunnie Gough Steve Granmo Linda Grassler JoAnn Green Karen Greenlee Linda Greenstreet Tennes Gribble Edward Grimes Bill Gwin Martha Hadden Rick Hadley Charles Hagedorn john Hall Pamela Hall John Halligan Terrence Hamilton Mary Hamner George Hanson Dawn Hardesty Jeff Harper Barbara Harrington Lynda Harris Barbara Hasc Henry Haselton 5 i at 'fifkza 'lf nw Q Alone. John Haynie Wanda Hash Judy Hays Paula Hassell Donna Hatch John Haven Cyd Heffeliinger Kristin Havenger Jimmie Henderson Jim Hayes 68 gs .Q i fi ,-.,"'L - 'Sl' -f,, + 5 1 git: a 2 35- M " Q. .. If + was a challenge to the Sophomores, Peggy Henderson Brenda Hensley Harvey Herrick Karl Hess Larry Hickel Holly Higgins Vicki Himelick Patt Himmer jeff Hinkley Sandra Hocking Sandi Holliman Barbara Holloway Rose Holloway john Hollowell Thomas Holm Sherrie Holt Lynda Hoover Connie Hopewell Ida Horseman Buz Howell Linda Howell Linda M. Howell Clint Hubbard Chris Huber Steve Hudock Nancy Huffstutter Elizabeth Hughes Barbara Hunter Martha Hurst Marge Huston Sharon Hutson Mary C. Ingrahm Vernita jackson Pat jenkins Donna Jensen Frank John Jolanda johns Carol johnson Dennis Johnson Linda johnson Q", re? gf' Y f 05 .4 fra: u N5 V 'xg 1-my ,L - 1 F , lily' is , if Q 'As 1 ' .--. vu. is 'F is 4' x v , . 1 Ronnie johnson Ben Johnston Barbara jones Tom Jones Donna joyce Alex Julian ,, Steve Kaas Kathleen Kanto 2' - Sandra Keeth - Susan Keeth C Patsy Kennedy Thomas Kennedy S 1 Pam Kent -- Terry Kibler Q' 'Q Louise Kidwell , Karen Kilgore Sherrie Kittell Marlene Klick Y '-. ,fs I nv :ga wtf 5 i., f.. A a challenge which revealed 'K 'if f 1 ,A .. fg,,. f . 5' S. K Y .L , l fr w 1 s 1 ' -"2 , yu K Q , .Q , ., 'U .5-1, t.., rf 1 riff + ii . 1, .-k, 5 . .. IL ,Q ' Q i f 'fi , az, wi ,g ifwg ,A 1. ,. X Christine Reck and Cheryl Craver put Hnishing touches on their latest artistic creation. 5 X L 1, ...- 1 ' ' s .J 5' ' fi . ,- C , g f lf, L Qs? 3 , 1 . ,K , . . , , , X iv , V s , 6, Mary Klimkiewicz "' Victor Kline Betty Klotz jeff Knowlton - Steven Kohlhagen V f L I Dick Kouses ' ' Saundra Krauser Gail Krytusa Carole Kurata ' Mike Kuris Gregory La.Bel1 Brenda Lambers Michael Lambert Harriet Lann Larry Lann W '- t.. , fr, I s .. an ya , A, 5 , ' B' ' x X 4 X P 4 if-cm-fy . r , 5 X' 'Q ' X-: , - , '. ' P, 91, - if K E i xfr Ari, 1' 1 'L F' ,fi 1 Carol McGinnis Charlotte Mclntyre Danny Mclielvey Ann McKeown Stephen McLane Dona McLeod Dennis Meredith Phillip Mervine Barbara Mileur john Milks Beth Miller Carol Miller A .15 ' x ,W LX rw K 'Y T- Y S ,X -.. . 'C' . J , Elin Larson Luanne Lawson Jim Layman George Lee Marlene Lee Carol Leith Rodney Lewis Suzanne Lewis Richard Lindner Nancy Loflin George LoGuirato Gloria Loveless Elizabeth Lundien Chip Lyman Patti Lynch Debbi Lyons Carl Maddalena Gayle Mahanes Ann Mallon Lynda Mallon Pam Marchio Michael Marek Hazel Marlow Scott Marston james Martin john Martin Michael Martinez Nola Masterson Danny Mastic Mike Mastropaolo Don Matthews Kristie Mattos Peter Mattson Gary Maupin jim Maxwell Dianna Mayes Edna McCann Kent McCracken Sharon McCuddin Patricia McCullen Allan McDonald Pete McDonald the strengthand the courage K A I- "TY needed for the achievement of reason Linda Miller Suzanne Miller Lyn Mills Kathleen Mitchell Michael Mitchell Tom Moiiitt Liz Monroe Elizabeth Mooney Eilene Moore Kenneth Moore Tim Moore Ignacio Moreno Ronnie Morgan Philip Moritz Eddie Morrissey Christopher Morrow Roger Mosley Nordrik Mugaas Brian Mulcahy Cindy Mullen Laura Mullikin jim Mullins Sandra Mullins Sonja Munster Bill Murray Alan Myers Earl Myers Susan Nay Paula Nemshick Frank Newman Judy Newman Toni Nichols John Nicholson Pat North Conrad Nutter Donna Nuzzi Emelia Oleson Alan Olson Eric Olson Penny Olson Sunny Olson Linda O'Rourke Mary Orton Kathy Owens Kenneth Owens Patricia Owens Anita Pack Phoebe Palmer -V K' of X 'lx ' S E Q , 45. v, ff- Y N 'a silt it I fr 63' 5.- M ' 1 ' irt s ll X sl ' E fl flilfff 0 ,M - 'iw fy X .,, . ns' i , fr m,'Ag: I 4 4 lc., , 1 ii " Q fjf' L , i id 7 O U , r, 0 TA N z W . , , 1 F EE. il ii ij 'D 72 and understanding i t " 1 Sue Peterson Linda Phillips Linda Pierce Patricia Pingatore Eric Plough Allen Poe Jean Polk Pat Pollock Blair Powell Pam Powell jim Prickett Hal Price Roy Privett Mark Prouly Suzanne Prudhoinme Judy Pulley Annette Quinn Daniel Quinn A t .iiifela J Q .,,i. Triax- ,i Cathie Parks Sharyn Parks Michael Patton William Paule Charlene Payne joan Payne Lana Payne Janice Pearman Richard Pearson Emily Pereni Harvey Perry PaLLie Winfree and john Hollowell rejoice Gregory Peters at Lhe end of 21 hard day. 5 ya I2 i 73 Being united A t li xx . f 0 n , I7 A . f C, 'rf 5 0' ,gn f 0 , 1 .ik 'Q my J of C, 6 fs ,X-,, ., r 70, fs , ov. ' f A: . ai in , we-' :I 94 I fi RN Y N ., iff I 1 fr 'S 74 Pat Rampy Vincent Rea Christine Reck jerry Reece Patricia Reed jean Reger Terri Reidelbach Parker Renaud Linda Renick Dayna Reutiman Marjorie Rhoades Paul Rice Bill Rich Candy Richardson Rosita Richardson Nancy Richter Alan Riggs Sharon Riley James Ritter Carole Rivenbark Ray Rivenbark Dave Roberts Susan Roberts Bobby Robertson Patricia Robinson Jane Roderick Thomas Roehr jacqueline Rolston Shirley Rood Barbara Rose Randy Rosness Deanna Rossou Kathleen Rowan Linda Rowe Jacquie Rudd Susan Russell jimmy Sallee Merrill Sanborn Nancy Sanborn Patricia Sanders Marcia Sandrock Mary Sanford 4 'is 'Qi if 7' F is s S S Civil Air Patrol cadets Don Dawson, Richard Healy, Bill Elliott, and Frank Klick oflicially conduct The W. T. Woodson's first Flag Ceremony. er Robert Sorber Stanley Sparks Mlilliam Sprouse QT' 'J X i Judy Squires . Hn. -Q in objectives and desires Linda Santmyer John Santo Sue Scanlan Anna Scarce Carolyn Schlipf Lewie Schmidlen William Schreiber Dave Scott Bill Sears Marti Sears Richard Seiver Bruce Shackelton Don Sheads Kenneth Sheets Tony Shepherd Richard Sherwood Rudy Shields Sandra Shirey David Shumate Carole Simmons Joyce Simpson Mark Slichter Sharon Smarr Diane Smith Glen Smith James Smith John Smith Joma Smith Kevin Smith Judy Snyder Reva-Jane Soloman Charlie Songcr 75 5 1 ' X 3 - R gan f . xiii iz' ' 3' i .. x f 1, Y mira ' . .aes fiilzaii 5 fr .L J , . S 'ff I f Wjki K ,' r . v - i, , , Q 3 .Q Q 7- A Y 1 X 9 ef '35, ' 'X 4 Qs K Q r 4. pf.-w , r ,z hd 1'- l ' V . nz h -.5-A '. X "W 1 .i,',rj: 'A g .1 Q. , A 1 x ei: .J la s Z5 r Ml fy T. rw' yccr 1 , ei t SQ "" M , ,feywixriar-' w rf Q- s A h my ,Ml :RA "Tv as '5 in H 4 5 'lr -is Qan- "Really dahlingj' dramatizes Linda Cone. Robert Sutphin Anne Swaim Carole Tate Patricia Taylor Donna Templeton Edward Tew Dian Thomas Elaine Thompson Robert Thompson Michael Thruston Dave Tipton Michael Tobin Margaret Torrey Janet Town Judy Townsend Carol Tracy Becky Trammell Michele Tremaine r 1 , if ff ll W john Stahl Rick Starr Gary Steele Charles Stemmerman Duane Stevens Tina Stevens Kathryn Stewart Sue Stoops Mike Stout Sharon Straight Phyllis Stull Sara Stull Sandra Sudler Claude Supinger Phyllis Sutherland xi 1- .- -x R 2 .ara ,. y f K :U , , 'Nl , we , V , I " " .. L p T ,Q S, , S A 1 L 1 '- 5 V f wife:-v 36.1525 ,n., 1 4. 2 1. ' 1 52 'N '- ,,, all A, Allin , . v - ' ' , ,K - ff- 9 l 4 3 9' 1 . .fulfil ,tiff A Q' V gsgw was the sure tie Q- Gerri Tullins Nancy Turner Terry Uhl Arlene Ulmer Drew Upton Linda Van Doren Linda Vannoy Mary Vaughn Danny Verner Chris Wahlberg Doris Walker John Wall Ben Mlallace Ronnie Walsh y d ., A 1. A 4 '47 5 ylq.l i ig yrqsf JW 8 All Agnmi I isplayed b the Class of 1965. 7- s 3- F M l Q., 1. f if R F' 1 A A 8: I " Y Q -Q4 y- C I 9 Y ,... ui ,x C -Sir, L "7 x ii X xv AV. . .:- v fy . Z. -. ff: 'X A- ,K . fv- gg cot Il . - ,H ' 4 -.-ami: 77 1 Connie Walter Judy VVampler Pamela W'ard Phyllis Ward Karen Yvariield Marion Warren Gail YVeaver Catherine X'Vebb Mike Webb Nancy Webber Michael Weidner Mike Wekenborg Patti YVhetstine Kenny Whetzel Jerry White Suzanne Whitebread Pamela Whitiner Brenda Mlhittaker Donna Wiesner Randi Williams Sylvia Williams Jeff Willison Kathy Wilson Buz Windham Charles Winfree Richard YVinterstine jeff Hlolf Dallas YVo0d Donna Wood Penny Wood Gary Woodruff Dan Woods David W'ooten Pamela VVrcnn Nancy Wright jack Yilurtz Marie Xefteris Myra Yost Mike Zaugg Betty Zell Pauline Zimpel Mark Zuk Howard Adrian Lee Albrecht Putnam Allard Bill Allen Elizabeth Allen Sally Allen jean Allred Michael Alspaugh Bill Amshey Paul Anderson Jim Andrews Stephen Andrick Heather Annette Traleen Aquino john Armentrout james Armstrong Karen Armstrong Kathy Ashley Casey Assad Barbara Austin Elizabeth Baber Karin Baeshore jack Bailey jim Bailey Linda Bailey Betsy Banks Steve Barnett Kenneth Barnette Grainger Barrett jeff Barrows Dorothy Bartley Allan Bateman Don Bauman Chris Beall Nancy Beaune Fred Beck Paul Beckler Karen Beebe Charles Beeler Kathline Belford Robert Bennett Craig Bennington Lynn Benson Vickie Berentson Gordon Berg Patrick Bergen Maggie Berle Tom Bernhard Michael Berry .4 vi . E 1 . E is' A , . 'aff' if l FRE HMAN CLASS K , J' :'f if 4, .. M 2 -F 5 kai' gi 78 .iv 5 -nz- Q . n. I 5 A ' 'M r- 4' 1 2 - . ,A - f 1 V .3 1-5, , ' ,ri ,7- i A- ? 4 , sk V. i " N .- ' K ' . msimilui K ,V +1 M Q' P x. F V' , T, , ai- ff' 1 .h fe ,v Q ,rg rl t A , . fx, v, , .fr y Q y B 2 5. Q... Lamarr Bowman Nlancy Brannock Beverly Brant Sandy Bridges Richard Brill Peggy Broehm Virginia Brossy Jerry Brown Rosena Brown Susie Brown Terry Brown Virginia Brown Our new library proves with their studies. ,..-n- I Bruce Bessor Laurence Bevry Kathy Beninger Barbara Bishop Linda Bishop Donna Black Arthur Blevins Billy Blevins Carolyn Blevins Glen D. Blevins Ralph Blevins Paula Bloxton Linda Bolt Thomas Bond Jim Bonham Boone Bucher Dotti Bost Barbara Boteler Richard Boteler Evelyn Bottorff Brooks Bowman to be an asset to many students ., -....nm.- 79 The class known be 1 3 4 i-wx " vt W1- Monty Browning V 'xi' V , L Nancy Bullard I ' i ' Sandee Burbach I M t U ' Lennie Burke K ' 5 Brenda Burleson I Q gg G M H V Billy Burton ll? f h X K , rl A-v Preston Butcher M ' Richard Butcher A S 5 'Q' Q S 5, V 3 N ll nn R ge fy n e All I I U 51- '- 5. 1, 80 As the line grows so grows the thirst Dave Cabot Nancy Campbell Shirley Canard Timothy Cantrell Tim Carrico Ralph Cartzendafner Marjorie Caudle Ann Chandler Susan Christianson Ellen Claeys Craig Clark Robert Clark Ronald Clark Mary Clemens Rebecca Clifford Thomas Cline Bryan Cloyed Sharron Coates Dennis Cochrane Cynthia Coffey Patricia Coffey Roger Coffman Susan Collier Kathy Collins x . . ,1- ry, ts gg, .M A 115 amy! A -'51 if 11 y ni ill! r E? f gg' of r I J affectionately as '4Freshmen,', Regina Delaucler Ricky DeMott Helen Disenhaus Jane Dlugos Peter Donald Richard Downey Geraldine Doyle Paula Dwyre james Eagon Linda Edgarian Martha Colman Barbara Compton Danny Compton Linda Cone Sylvia Conley Tom Connell jane Cooper Nancy Cooper Cindy Corso Hubert Crabtree Beryl Cramer Gary Crawford Carolyn Crews Karen Crews Clyde Culver Jane Curless Sherrill Currier Kathleen Currle Carolyn Curtin Greg Cuskelly Wllilliam Dalton john Daniels Pat Darnell Lon Davis Robert Davis Vernon Davis Robert Davison Robert DeBoskey jim DeButLS Richard Dejerf l Q L 81 b uniting in common interest, F if-I in 1 fl . ,, x ' .' s ,, , L. fi 1 ., 'A if eg xr 3 ir. ,jf- N T' . ' lat.. V -.V F. I .N . I L A so F rw 4 I 4- ,f Q , ix. I I if , Ill Larry Elclracher Frank Elkins Tim England Linda Ennis David Erickson Vincent Evans Nancy Fairbrother jenny Farnworth Jeff Farrange Robert Felton Nancy Fenton Leslie Fielder Ben Filipczyk Einily Fischer Ronald Fisher Anne FitzPatrick Lynne Flaherty Nancy Folinger Patty Ford Michael Forward Linda Foster Wayne Fowler Dave Franz Ricky Frenette Cheryl Friedman Andy Frix D'arcy Fugate Frances Gardner Sandra Gavage John George john Gertwagen Zara Ghourdjian 1 K 1 Q. I x.-.-Aww-ff'N 'F avail? 1 7: - 1 IN 2 17' 7v- , 4, W Q X .Flap "Let's see,', says Stephanie Heatwole, "four cents out of Eve dollars is . . . " it N 3 1 .'.r'??' , , i i. WM 1 1 jp r fa Q , ft .1 I Aj Wi Aj V I 2 'f3'5""l'1 f Q i X - j y f r y , + " I " k,,V , f-A . 5' X ff -Ti an 1 proved its abilit and spirit -Q Q lfff , f 83 is X iw 5' Leonard Gibson Greg Gieselrnan Richard Gilbert Paul Giles Marion Gillions Robert Gillum Pamela Glucli james Godwin Bill Goldblum Ronnie Goldstein Anne Goodrich Chuck Gorder Janice Gordon Kathy Gowell Nancy Graham Buddy Gray Ginger Gray Tom Grenwis J, L. Gribble Roberta Grifhth Suzanne Grimsley Linda Guckert Gregg Gu in mersall Barbara Gustaferro Terrie Guthrie Ann Hall Douglas Hall Mike Haller Patty Halloran Judith Hainaker Duncan Hamilton Dean Hampton Anita Hancock Pelham Hancock Gail Hanson Ronald Harbin Richard Harman Linda Harris Margaret Harris Mike Hart Rick Hartwig Sheridan Hathaway Jay Hawkins Robin Hawkins Colleen Hay Christie Hayes Gary Hayes John Heatwole Brian Heavey Carol Heckard Steve Heibronner Bill Heitz Delores Helmick Janice Helsel Robert Hemmer Peter Henderson Rosemary Henderson Babs Henry Sharilyn Heselton Evelyn Hess David Hicks Shirley Hildebrand Debbie Hill Elizabeth Hilty joe Hirshfeld Rush Hoag i f K., ,.,..,. -' J' , 1 J 1 an S .,,, gg ,.,W I .. , ,N-' dll , Qflzii' ' 4 v v 4 4' 'A ,. - . 8 S L W ff - is 557' , 'Wa-1' g i J 3, , , it Q gg I. ,J . Q. ,,,. ,. J.: . . L , ,Q .f , . .f- f - ,. . r 'TI ya, , f by facing the new epoch of life, , .-.,, -V Myrna Lou Hoft :V A Glenn Holden - Evelyn Holloman Michael Holt Eg flj ' Paul Hollar M Robert Hopson Greg Horner , Charles Howard A V5 Pat Howard ' Brenda Howell , Conrad Irving Leslie Issitt Michael Iwanik O'Dell Jackson Beven Jacobs Lee Jarrell Daniel Jenkins Donald Jenkins Jon Jenkins Irene Jenson Pamela Jenson Beverly Johnson Johnny Johnson Philemon Johnson Susan Johnson John Johnston Muriel Johnston Robert Jones Patricia Joy Donna Judson Anna Kandl Gayle Kemble Patricia Kemp Richard Kennel Jimmy Sallee and Carol Johnson indulge in interdigitation. X-:sf A .V , .1 xv ' .u11ij!.Z . Mau-Af . - , guy: ,L the high school years 'is vv , , L 2. vm Mike Hummel Susan Humphrey Jim Humphreys Dick Hunley Lloyd Hutchins Dean Hutchinson Ruth Hyatt Juan Ianni V..-N 4, H! L ff N 57 3 7 I win 3 f '94 -- ,Q 311: ,YL , V L f .xi X M ,ate S ,giggf Lf' john Kerr Robert Kersey Linda Key Sue Key Melissa Keyes James Keys Robert Kidd Michael Kiger Janet Kilgore Eileen Killion Linda Kilton jeanne Kinoer Ernest King Marcia King Gerry Konoza Edward Krieg Anne Krsul Steve Kunkel Marilyn Kurata Kay Kurtz Steven LaBell ,Q I i av 2 fer, x 9 Yes, the famous, frolicking iirst year No ILS not Jack-in-the-Box, it's Ronnie Bulson, the editor of The Cavalier. Frances Lacy Krissen Lane Mike Langford Carol Langhorne Tony Lara Arnhur Latina William Lawrence Diane Lawton if , .g asp W ,yfifxz f ,A " ,J M, .,-.aw , " a x g. X is U 2, ,ee W , 9 -2 I i- K ... I '11-'zlir su .fww 5. . - as 1 o ' l 5 1 N , 11 l v I . f f : Hsu ! 'wif ' Sill, 'V ' in y A A A ' v LA ,. ', Y. 5 t x l ' W 5- L A Li QL, K ,AQW + F . 4 Donna Lawton Charles Layne Bernice Lee Maxine Leff JoAnne LeTourneau Greg Lewis Pam Lewis Larry Levitt Brenda Libeau Sandra Libeau Tom Light Tony Light Jack Liller julie Lindenmeyer Karen Linker john Locke Sandra Logan Jack Lohman Diane Long Kenneth Long Nancy Long of high school, which will be followed 3 ff L' 2' Ah A K M A yy K Aa- ? . I ,- M ' li ght' if, ii 5- . ii . 1 W 4 Peg . .1 ...Q ef' -1' .1 5 'L SI f L4 Q x w , H.: - ar fx Z, 172 mga Q Ruth Lovett jon Lower Robert Lueke Mike Lumpkin Pamela Lund Bill Lyddane Raymond Lynch Walter Maben Hugh MacMurdy Mary Maitland Yvilliam Makely Anita Malcolm Ronnie Maley Judy Malnassy Carolyn Markley David Marsden john Marsh Steve Martin Vincenne Martorano Linda Masterson Donna Mawyer Marsha Maxwell Robert May Stuart McAtee Dale McCann Janelle McCarty Janet McClintock Gerry McCoy Patrick McDonald Sheila McDonald Kathy McGahey Dan McGregor Marvin McIntyre Philip McManus Gloria McRobie Bill Mcckling Jimmy Mellen Grace Melnik Myles Mernone Kaye Meyer Ronald Miehie Lynda Milfs Cheryl Miller Elaine Miller Stephen Miller Steve Miller Scott Milzer Beverly Minko Sylvia Minor Valerie Miscelnia Charlotte Mitchell Nikki Mitcolf ' iii 51 vi ' 1 'Q ni ,Ss ,' ' .K . X 1 . v i - 7 Q, E .V ? - . ui. ."g9'- '. 5, I I Lfw Q . ' ' ' in ' L 4 1. . ,. . I wb' V - . 'Q , Q 1, I gi' A i 'i i' P ii in , i. R ' illffxr ' W '- A that . h h , - yilfg , Q, , W. M Hu," . ,ar MS' ,. 7"v'i1i " ' 2. at 7- M Q V M K , -X ,, v 1 " .f ' 5 1' t fi K A wa . b three exciting years, james Monahan Fredrick Monson james Montgomery Bob Montondo Bill Mooney Lara Moore Dan Moorefield Kathy Moran Ronald Moran Betty Moreno Paul Morris Chip Morrow fi? A- We 9 e v "May we assist you?" say library assistants Cheryl Miller and Brenda Whittaker. ,, -A 5 fi . A -:we 5 f' an I ii m f,':',, ., ff! 5 7 .M - a f . , v,.--.2?swe , -..f.,, ww ...- to 1 ' 5-r+fi4, 1', ren gMi,.,5.g,gg??, V5 Qi' , ..,. W, ,. y .. i S 1 7 piiiff 394 , i N. ig 1. figs. H 4 . ...,, " I" grief.:-g':g, ig? ,A - ,N , ii H -qi , at .,. ,- 1 , 7' r-Qfut.. 5 it--Pf.i?'gff1g'i' ff Q - ao. nm. 1. ,, ggwwv L. , I ' Wil... V Teena Moss Janet Moyer Beth Much Linda Mugaas Larry Murrah Linda Murrah Marilyn Murray JoAnne Musinski has begung Scott Myers Georgia Naler Cindy Neal Berry Neale Susan Neff Carl Nelms Clyde Nelms jon Nelson Van Nerdahl Ronnie Nechercutr Taffy Neuberg Charles Newcomer Barbara Newman David Nicely Loretta Nichols Suzanne Nielson Doug Nienii Ricky Nutter Martha O'Baugh Joe Odenthal Richard Offutl Nancy O'Flaherty Roland Oliver James Orlman . . .,,. LK Eu K A. ,.,s K, i X fi 4 'di V l n inf? . , .al M Y QE 1 3 X 4-- . ,Uk X , xy . R 1. 'fn'-' A, ,, ' 11, nv, K, .. Sis . ws- . 2 5 A -r H If i i f? 4 ri '95 T ' gr-'11 Elia gi, l., f wie, A Q n i 1 4 . -1 M. .J yy fx 7 Fe px, vw-li X , 1 Chris Osequeda Frank Owenby Stan Owens Sherry Padgett Vicki Palmblacl Charles Parker Francine Parker Jim Parker Mary Parrish Tim Paul Don Paule Bucky Payne Carlton Payne Larry Payne Delores Pearson Richard Peek Candice Perry Jane Pesek Helen Peterson Lori Petrasek Beverly Pigge Patrick Pilsa Sperry Pitner Janet Polk Candy Pope Joan Powell Linda Prentice Scott Prentice james Price Virginia Price Mildred Privett James Proctor Marilyn Purcell Douglas Quelland Robert Quinn Cathy Raebel Richard Raibourn Reid Raudenbush Ronnie Rector Marilyn Reed Mary Reedy Betty Reese Beth Regan Mary Regan Bob Reid I gy M ' R i its to 1 ,W V y ff P tl Iii .yr, 4 4 tets I X Q Q y , , gt yt g P R- gb g Q tj fi ix' M w, t V i k I V its V 3 V ,V w ,T y gg Q M W , Q r. Y '3 f r 'f V t ii , We V fir , li fm? a year in which all Freshmen A .,'- im . ., .mx K , QWHBN- ' X, I A P af f il? Z A .W I :-l 1 r S 75 . X as , , , 5 . s 'F'-' .4 Q -2 VI, Q , r A Q- V, 1 ff i .Q K Y ' P 1 1 4 -4 K 4 -Q t, lr' i ' 1' is 5 flvvmii 7: 2' " In -Y, 1 X A Q iff: f .i A if ,ff ,I 90 Virginia Reid Karen Rhinehart Becky Richards Mike Richwine Erriette Rigas Marlena Rio Elizabeth Roberts Claren tina Roberts W, ,, ig??'KfJf X 3' ' .t P' ' -. 3 r. 1 , f e aA," s X., 3 Richard Payne smiles . . . T. G. I. F. will set their standards and goals A irq M K 31. f 1 ski! 1, fha Q I X ez. 91 Diana Robertson George Rodgers William Rogers John Roop Dianne Ross Joel Ross Bernd Rothenberg Marche Rothlisberger Bruce Rowell Sandra Ruddle Charlie Rufhn Barbara Rufhng Harry Ruhsam Roger Rumley Edwin Runyan Bruce Russell Penny Russell Ruth Ryan Ron Rydstrom Irving Sanborn Della Santmyer f-V Melvin Saunders 35' Sally Schaefer - f 5 if Mark Schall Charles Scheider for the conquest Joanne Scott Susan Scurlock Dorcas Sears Jim Sedolf Debbie Selby Margaret Selby Ronald Sellers john Sessums Donald Shaw Barbara Shea Marian Sheets Sandy Sheets John Shelton Archie Shivar Bruce Shore Bennie Short Glenn Short Katherine Shunk james Sides Nancy Sigrist Barbara Simmons Sandra Simmons George Simpson Joe Simpson Kenneth Sims Sidra Singer Gary Singletary Joann Sinnett Mary Sisk Lisa Skillern x 5467 ,N . -...t,,,t' .. A - ,Sw x Q as ' :LL Matilde Scheidig Carol Scheurich Sandra Scheurich Edna Schottrolf Dan Schultz Carol Schwarzman of future years. ,R A a . ' A A Qi, S A A 4 " 3. if "xlib " 1: Q it r Q 5 H str'sf ff. S at S l Q' ' s if 92 l 1 2' J w I S , e .L.,i15Q,Eq, rt fx 3- PL Martin Smart' A 1 t Andy Smith 2 W 5- 4-'fb t Richard Smith ' on Q, ' ff Roger Smith ' , 11, 1? I Teresa Smith A 'S W L Tom smith L' ,, ,iz , all if . , 1-.A - . A, Howard Smoot " , t V. Leonard Smoot ,A , SIS .' Q, 4 qi, il , Ch Paul Smutko ' ' - , ' 5 I 'i 1 Michael Sparling A 'S E' Charlotte Sprouse , g A D lg, Jane Standrige i E Lys: I ., R - Linda Stanley I Pamela Stanley Fred Stargardt Chris Sterns Norma Stewart Patsy Stofil I ,v , Rebecca Straight David Straiton ,rs Alan Strickland janet Stricklc Y' fx Dave Strong 2 , Deborah Strong A '35 Tu- ffy S .E With unerring steps Ignacio Moreno, Greg Shoults, and Chuck Shoults assist " students with library books, 93 Q. Q- - . 0' 'G' ' Gregory Strong Susan Strong Bill Stuart Jim Swan Samuel Swartz Betty Talbot Judy Taylor Mike Taylor they go forth . . . 4: ' Q ,. X 1 W L R. , , H-.M ,wil- 1 ' w " ..., , t .. 1- 5' l 11. , 3 'U K ' rv- rv - e- 4. W v li s er f ,A ,Ai .. ,S . .-,A W W M 1' .- ,J I krlkr T r B Myron Taylor Sandra Taylor Sharon Thomas Sheilah Thomas Charlotte Thompson Judy Thompson Mac Thompson Terry Thompson Barbara Timmons Andy Tilson Cindy Todd Debbe Tolson Pat Tosti Penny Toothman Ibrook Tower Maurice Towne Frances Travers Carol Travis Nancy Treasc james Trivett Marilyn Tucker Shelley Turpin David Tuttle Valerie Van Osdol 94 Pete Vogel 1 Donald Varnau ,J-yi Greg Wade ,,. A , Jean W'agncr x W QM ky' Leslie X'Valls for 1 -xr Toni Walter J, S Steve Wannall jessica Wates Willys Nola Masterson, Leslie Issitt, and Drew Upton ponder over problems encountered in W ' drafting the Student Government Constitution. xi. C K M gin g 1' C . C so y l ' t , .- FEA. 5 'f r ex ' ' 7 ' 'K 1 C D R X I Q the Class of 1966. ,f ill 'X ' ' R 5 , Q. Q f I , . ., J aL. , , . f' if . ' ' 3 i 'av 4 ' . tk V . 'gf 1Z'SLi'5 X V Q- -N sw' . lr 'TF 5 r 'lf . A k o s 1 1 l p fifdafi M - r fs Z: 1- 5 by W .A 'Q -v- -,. i -rg- ,W , V7 - ,1 gp g 1 gf' 6, -, 95 Dianne Waters Judith Vlatts Theresa. Weatherholtz Craig Webster Nicholas Westhoren Moira Whelan Joyce WVhetze1 Donald White Maureen White Sharyn White Donna Whitehead Beverly Whiteman Sharlene Whiteman Albert Whitmer Bruce Wilbur Edward Williams Debbie Wilson Pamela Wilson Rodney Windley Linda Wine Royce Wolf Charlie Wood Hannah Wood Sam Wood Sandra. Woodburn Woody Woodbum Larry YfVoods Don Woodyard Bob Worthington Alex Wright Nancy Wyant David Yolton Lawrence Young Michael Young john Zartman Robert Zier if:-Q-.22 1 ? 25 K f I K A ,W ff - 12. .... 1 N .. K ' f J" 4' , 4' if . ' N 4 ' Q 3 ' X J' .39-9. v! .,, nf L., 'X f' f ,. ' 9 na.. fx ORGANIZATIONS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Seated: Rick Munnikhuysen, Sharyn Forbes, JoAnne Coakley, Barbara Allen. Standing: Don ST DET Under the guidance of Mrs. French, the student government was organized at the beginning of the l962-l963 school year. An Executive Committee of eight students was appointed by Mr. Chesley to take the place of student government oflicers the first year. One of the first things this committee undertook was the highly successful magazine drive. During Christ- mas they decorated doors and windows and sponsored a yuletide welfare drive by sending tray decorations and favors to Fairfax Hospital. The most important function, although, was the strong organization of a workable form of student government. XECUTIVE Danbury, Steve Christensen. M I' I U I l I : I I An indelible precedent was established JoAnne Coakley puts the stamp of approval on a campaign poster. Mrs. French, Student Government sponsor, validates the ballot count of the election of S,C.A. ofhcers for the coming year, t.......,. :iam it VIR, , . ii!" E, ,.,. I I A H ,.,. ..1 ,'smsfg...w, 3713? 'Ls GOVER ME The Homeroom Representatives were established as a means of communication between the student body and the student government. Representatives and alternates were elected from each homeroom at the beginning of the year. There were many founda- tions which had to be established, such as the cafe- teria code, cafeteria blessing, and the constitution. The Representatives sponsored a homeroom door- decorating and tray favor-making contest at Christ- mas. Many long, time-consuming weeks were spent by the Constitution committee in framing the Constitu- tion, which was finally ratified in March. The Repre- sentatives did an excellent job by bringing up the various questions, complaints and comments of the students that they represented. Rick Munnikhuysen distributes copies of the Constitution to the representatives. with the inception HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVE Seated: Steve Zimple, Assistant Clmirmanf Ann Roberts, Sec- retary-Treasurerg Steve Christensen, Chairman. First Row: Vickie Hiinelik, Barbara Kozina, Maureen White, Donna Law- ton, Georgia Price, janet Polk, Pat Tosti, Pat Rampey, jolanda johns. Second Roni: Doris Mlalker, Carol johnson, Gail Living- ston, Sue Hall, Marilyn Hicks, Carolyn Golway, Barbara New- man, Tina Stevens, Debbie Newman, Maureen Lowe, Gale Gib- -fy son, Dale Tolson. Third Row: Karen Kilgore, Sherry Padgett, Pete Vogel, Ralph Blevins, Drew Upton, Roland Oliver, Randy Galbraith, Phil Reid, Mike Taylor, Kathy Cloney, Nancy Loflin, Linda Mugaas. Fourth Row: Carl Nelms, Craig English, Arthur Singer, Bill Rich, Bill Amshey, jack Bailey, Dave Strong, jeff Harper, Vincent Evans, Wayne Bronson, Mike Dewald. 99 CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE-Bob Berezoski, Clzairmang Chris X'Vorlcy, Arlene Burke, Sharon Dcwey, john Cabot, Kathy Phillips, Ronnie Bulson, Pattie Plough, Jeanne Farrell. JU IOR COUNCIL PRIVILEGES COMMITTEE: Rich Cantwell, Chairman: joe Zeigler joe Auth, Carlyle Ncrclahl, Charlie Fagan, jnmli Booker, john Wlithers. of clubs and organizations, Sfumlivzgs Jaime Atherton. First Row: Ginny Olson, Bob Ber- McCelIand. Third Row: jim Vogel, john Cabot, Kathy Phillips, czoski, john XVithcrs, Rich Cantwell. Second Row: joan Hitch- joe McDonough, Jeri Rigoulot, Barry Quelland, joe Auth. cock, Stephanie Issitt, Chris YVorley, Bonnie Schubart, Carolyn 100 '-Lb t 'Qs' 9. -'QV' , ., df, QQ., -fs .f YVAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE' Jeri Rigoulot Fhairnzav , , . lj Paul Ramsey, Stephanie Issitt, Dick Healy, Bonnie Shubart, Ginny Olson, Susan Carty, Judy Kurfehs, Chris Zipp. Mr. Lehman, Junior Class sponsor, discusses baseball season ticket sales with the council. Once the school year got underway and Student Government settled down to a fairly regular schedule, the Junior Class began to organize and take on the responsibilities of a school leader. With the help of faculty advisor, Mr. Lehman, a council was organized consisting of elected representatives of the Junior English classes. Meeting regularly, this group formed committees to work on a Senior Class constitution, Senior privileges, ways and means, and activities. The council organized the sale of season baseball passes to aid the athletic department. This venture netted 202, profit for the Junior Class, which helped finance the Junior Prom. ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE-L i n d a Munster, Chairman, Carolyn McClel- land, Tom Tucker, Barry Quelland, Debbie Newman, Jose McDonough, Kevin Foley, Charlotte Harlan. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Jim Vogel, Vice-President, Joan Hitchcock, Secretary-Treasurer, Jaime Atherton, President, as students drew up constitutions, Ifirst Row: Sharon Hutson, Sandy Howard, Ronnie Bulson, Iris mall, Jim MHIU1, ViUCCl1l EVHHS- FOWUY Row: Dick HCHIY. Paul Johnson, Pat Rampey. Second Row: JoAnne Coakley, Gail john- RHIUSHY, Bob GZIYUET, Ridi Evert, Rick MlUmikhUY5CU, Bill son, LuAnne Lawson, Jan Napier, Carolyn Leith. Third Row: ROSS. Ridlafd PHYHC- Paul Bitlenbender, Dick Kouzes, Jaime Atherton, Ronnie Fried- TERCLUB COUNCIL Rick Munnikhuysen listens to committee reports as Iris Johnson takes the minutes. The Interclub Council, headed by Rick Munnik- huysen, was formed to coordinate club activities. Made up of the various presidents, captains, and ed- itors of school organizations, the council approves the formation of new clubs, sets club standards, and eval- uates dances and other activities. Three committees lou! made up of council members were organized: a stan- ' dards committee, a bulletin board committee, and an attendance committee. The council also established an activities bulletin board where club announce- ments are posted, After the Student Government Constitution was ratilied in March, the council be- 'x came the Senate, striving to make Woodson's extra- curricular activities an integral, important part of M school spirit. -L 102 i I TER ATIO AL CLUB The International Club, sponsored by Mrs. Spring- er, has many worthwhile purposes. One is to create an appreciation of the United Nations and its role in today's world, by promoting an awareness of the United Nations among the students and showing how each individual can fit into the program. Another is to sponsor the American Field Service International Scholarship students, thus creating an opportunity to meet students of other nations, and to promote mutu- al understanding among the peoples of the world through study and through personal contact with students and teachers of other lands. Committees were organized from the club members to keep the club informed of important U. N. actions and develop- ments, to suggest and sponsor money-raising projects for A. F. S. scholarships and to plan programs for club meetings. .....,... l 1,, ,. .1 Dick Kouzes, President. discusses recent United Nations developments with fellow members. enrolled members, elected oflicers First Razr: Nancy Robb, Marilyn Hicks, Dick Kouzes, Mary Becky Richards, Dianne Waters, Sharon McCuddin, Judy Pulley Margaret Marston, Sally Schaefer, Marilyn Bartlett. Second Row: Carol Denny, Fourth Row: Gail Camp, Doug Hall, Pat Pollock Mrs. Springer, Linda Harris, Lynn Grifhth, Barbara Reifling, Betsy Newman, janet Strickler, Marsha Maxwell. Third Row. 7 John Milks, Mike Taylor, joan Powell. 103 listed objectives, and combined mutual First Row: Glenn Furbish, Randy Galbraith, Ken Pennington, Secretary, Rick Evert, President, Rich Cantwell, Vice-President, john Cabot, Treasurer. Second Row: Mr. Dowling, Wally Burke, Bobby Hunsberger, Don Danbury, Rick Munnikhuyscn, Steve The Key Club is a service organization whose pur- pose is serving the school and community in all ways possible. Headed by Rick Evert, President, and Mr. Dowling, their sponsor, the club held a March of Diines Dance in the fall and the "Ugly Boy" Contest in the winter, The proceeds of the contest were con- tributed to the library fund. Zimple, Bruce Furbish. Third Row: Bill Grifhth, james Mann Brad johnson, Stormy Withers, Jaime Atherton. Fourth Row Yvillliilll White, Tom XN'hite, Paul Bittenbender, joe McDonough Bob Sutphin, Bob Tuttle. KEY CL The "Ugly Boy" contest winner, Paul Bittenbencler, is congratulated by the cheerleader. gi Rich Cantwell struggles with framing the Key Club charter Dale Tolson suggests service projects to the group. Although there were only twelve previous Keyette members, within a few months they had written their constitution and made preparations for the induc- tion of new members. They looked forward eagerly to their first full year of service to our school and community. First Row: Barbara Phillips, Susan Carty, Sharyn Forbes. Second Raw: JoAnne Coakley, Cindy Carr, Cindy King, Sue Stoops. Third Row: Judy Kur- fehs, Dale Tolson, Linda Bois- seau, Stephanie Issitt. Ronnie Bulson goes over the classmen sec- tion picture captions before sending them to the publisher. T E CAVALIER The Cavalier staff, faced with many unavoidable ob- stacles, worked diligently to put together a yearbook filled with memories of our iirst year. Within the iirst month of school, the staff met, decided upon import- ant issues, and started to work. The occupancy of the yearbook room, which was not completed until Decem- ber, was long awaited by all. Although inexperienced, the staii was eager and determined to produce a stand- ard-setting yearbook. First Row: Ronnie Bulson, Kathy Phillips, Ken Pennington, Cheryl WN'illiau1s, Judy Kurfehs, Kathy Sheehan, Carlyle Nerdahl, Shawn Forbes, Mary Margaret Marston, Kathy Cloney, Jeri Rigoulot. Second Row: Lori Haig, Linda Boisseau, Stephanie Issitt, Pat Robinson, Chris Scott, Sandy Sterr, Emily Reed, Nancy Strickler, Dave Fullerton, Mrs. Satterwhite, Rick Evert, Gordon Clefton. A 153. F - HDI-1-Q K Editor ......,......,....,,.... Business Manager .... Assoczate Edz tor .......,.,.....,,,,,,.,,, Assistant Business M Copy Editor .......,...,,,.,,,,...,,,,,,,,,, Layout Editor ....,,, Faculty Editor .....,.... Classroom Editor Classmen Editor ...,,.. Organizations Editor ....... , Activities Editor .....,.,,i, .,,, Sports Editor ,,.r.,,.,.,, Photography Editor ,,,,,, ,,,,,, RONNIE BULSON LINDA BOISSEAU KATHY PHILLIPS anager ...,,....,.......,.. LORI HAIG MARILYN HICKS NANCY STRICKLER JUDY KURFEHS . KATHY SHEEHAN MARY MARSTON JERI RIGOULOT EMILY REED KEN PENNINGTON GORDON CLEETON ff" 2, ,.,..,, A ad K Y ,xr ff' K X Linda Boisseau counts the subscription money. 'D"f:'.uz:if'vrPf" if ,' . ' V ' ' 'N ' Gordon Clefton and Emily Reed review pic- tures for the activities section. Kathy Sheehan and Jeri Rigoulot find many interesting ideas in other yearbooks for their sections. Nancy Strickler checks over layouts, while Marilyn Hicks types running headlines 1 -.. Mary Margaret Marston and Ken Pennington hnd time to both admire and criticize pictures as Judy Kurfehs looks over the manual for suggestions, were L: r Ltirrrx 4 :SfQV-I. X ' 4 .. X wx x cgilff Kathy Phillips and Lori Haig bill the advertisers. THE CAVALCADE The staff of YVoodson's newspaper, the Canaleade, accomplished much this year under the leadership of Paul Ramsey, Editor-in-chief, and the guidance of Miss Spencer. Two mimeographed issues of The Cavaieade the First semester, were followed by hve printed editions the second semester. Although the staff functioned without its own room, it produced an outstanding newspaper, read and appreciated by stu- dents and faculty alike. STAFF .. .. ..... . . PAUL RAMSEY .. sUs1 PRBSBNTIN . . . JEANNE FARRBLL . .. BOB HUNSBURCBR . . . ,...... CINDY CARR ...ALICE PERETTI . ...... BOB TUTTL13 .. ....,.. RACHEL RooP Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor News Editor ... . News Assistant . Feature Editor . Feature Assistant .. Sports Editor . . . Make-Up Editor Photographer . . . . .. RICARDO BERMAN Circulation ,. . . , ROSA LEE DAVIS and PHILLIS SEE Typist . . . . . JOYCE GOODNOUGH Advisor . , . ..,.. . . MISS SPENCER Staff heads enjoy being able to read each issue before it is sent out to the homcrooms. 'AN Paul Ramsey, Editor-in-chief, and Miss Spencer proofread the galley sheets before final publication. S First Row: Jeanne Farrell, Susi Presentin, Paul Ramsey, Suzy Neuberg, Bob Tuttle, Rachel Roop. Second Row: Marilea Hawkins, Becky Trammell, Bar- bara jones, Nancy Glover, Alice Perctti, Carol Laird, Rosa Lee Davis, Phyllis See, Bonnie Shu- barl. Third Row: Sandi Holli- man, Anne Palmblad, Nancy Bininger, john V'ithers, David Brown, Deedee Darr, Donna Joyce. Fourth Row: Bill Schrei- ber, Larry Young, Rick Thomp- son, Bob Hnnsberger, Bill Ross. 108 THE PAGE STAFF Editor-in-Chief .,.........,... ...... Q IIM MANN Senior Assistant Editor ..,,... KATHRYN KNOTT junior Assistant Editor ,..,,.. , LORENA BEAR Secretary-Treasurer . , Poetry Editors . . Prose Editors . , . Art Editor '... .,. ... Assistant Art Editors . . Business Managers A . .,.. KAREN NEYVLON . , . . DEE BURBACH PAM EVENSON . . , BOB WILLIAMS PENNY OLSON DONNA JENSEN .,...,...PATPRINE . . SANDRA HOVVARD MARSHA BLAIR MARY BETH SEDOFF . . A . SARA SCHEIDER The first issue of the Page was a momentous occasion JAY HEARN r . . BEVERLY YANCEY MRs.s13N1o Circulation ,.,,. Faculty Sponsor . . W A A SS, , W if - E? fl The literary magazine staff published two issues the second semester. The magazines contained contribu- tions from students in the form of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art. Mrs. Senio and jim Mann, Editor-in-chief, consider a contribution. First Row: Mary Beth Sedoff, Marsha Blair, Karen Newlon, Jensen, Dee Burbach, Beverly Yancey, Penny Olsen. Third jimm Mann, Pam Evenson, Lorena Bear. Second Row: Bob Row: Mrs. Senio, jay Hearn. Williams, Sara Scheider, Kathy Eby, Sandy Howard, Donna I"ir.sl IQIJIUI Ruth Ryan, Roberta Goldberg, Tom Allen. Second Razr: lbrook Tower, Mark Zuk, Richard Harman, Steve Ciotlo, Roberta Grillith, Sara Schieder, Sharon Lutz, Harry Ruhsarn. Tlzirzl Row: Chris Hlorley, Douglas Niemi, Revn Jane Solomon, Lynn Grillith. George Loguirzxto, Stan Walnsley, james Coffman, 110 Dztrid Ulright, jznnes Iforeinun. Hlillifnn Forcinan. Fourth Row: Bob Garner, Michael l"cn'wartl, Clinton Howard, Rodney Lewis, David Yolton, Ronnie Goldstein, Scott Durunl, Steven Andrick, Bryan Cloyecl, john XVindh:un. Mr. Buskirk, Art Faircloth, Robert flllllllll, john lingIish,Allz1n McDonald. BAND COUNCIL-First Row: Marian Mclinight. Ruth Ryan. Sara Scheider. Roberta Gold- berg, Reva-June Solomon, Semmi Row: Larry Finegan, Duane Stevens, Lynn Grifhth, Dale Tol- son, Kenneth Bebb. Tllirrl Rout: Bryan Cloyd, jerry Y'VhiLe, Scott Durunl, Bob Garner, Clif? Brown, .Iohn English, jerry Pot- ter, jim Parrish. KW' sms. .,..,. First Row: Nancy Graham, Stephanie Issitt, Jeff VVolf, Virginia Brassy. Szfroml Rout: Charles Howard, jim Mason, Kenneth Behh, Don Danbury, Peter Henderson, Bill Ulhite, Charles Parker, Bruce Coggins. Third Row: Dale Tolson, Rick Thomp- son, jim Parrish, jim Fincgan, Ben Johnston, Fred Livengood, YMPHONIC BAN Looking hack over the Hrst year of the Cavalier Band's performances, we find a group of-musicians coming together to form an outstanding band under the direction of Mr. Buskirk. They added much en- thusiasm during the football season by playing at halftime shows and pep rallies. Together with the choral department, the band presented the Christmas Concert at the Marriott Motel. As an added attraction at their Clinic Concert in February, three guest solo- ists and clinicians were featured, Richard Bassett, X'Voodwindsg NV. Bramwell Smith, Brass, and Robert Zipp, percussion. As a finale the band participated in the District Festival and presented a Spring Concert. Ronnie Nowell, Greg Gieselman, Michael LeGa1'de, Hal Price. Fourth Row: Raymond Lynch, Carol Laird, Jerry XVhite, Bob Beretowski, Charles Shoults, Roger Mosely, Lloyd Hutchins, Duane Stevens, David Harler, Clifford Brown, Richard Brill, Roger Coffman, Mide Haller, Bob Thompson, Larry Finegan. All-State or Bust! ...ff First Roni: Pat Bergen, Colleen Hay, Scott Prentice, Mi- Paul Anderson, Randy Rosness, David Wooten. Fourth chael Weidner, Lynda Miles, Pam Farnworth, Second Row: Raw: Kathy Wates, Craig Clark, Tom Connell, Mr. Bus- Pat Little, Kenneth Sims, john Enos, Charlie XVootl, Don- kirk, Ronnie Clark, Bobby May, nie Sheads. Third Row: Chuck Beeler. Craig Bennington, CO CEKTBA The Concert Band, training band of the music de- partment, was formed to give students a chance to learn the techniques and theory necessary to become a good band member. Although it did not march in parades or demonstrate talents at concerts, it was an able and important group. Contributing time and ef- fort durin the football season b takin refreshment 3 Y g orders for the S m Jhonic Band, the rou became a Y l S P lo al and active Jart of the band de artment. Y I P Lefl lo Right: Dayna Reutiman, jan Parrish, Pat Taylor, Ginger Freed, Penny Sagert, Reva jane Solomon. CAVALETTE The high-stepping, attractive Cavalettes represented The XY. T. Mfoodson High School at parades, pep ral- lies, football games, and at the first flag raising cere- mony. In addition, as members of the music depart- ment, they served as usherettes at the band and choral concerts. By obtaining membership in the National Baton Twirling Association and completing the Wood- son Majorcttc Handbook, they founded honorable tra- ditions for future Cavalettes. Lefl to Right: Vickie Himelick, joma Smith, Betty Frazier, Joyce Goodnaugh, Pam Buskirk, Kathy VVatcs. YMPHONIC CHOIR CHORAL OFFICER .- First Row: Symphonic Choir: Ken Pennington, Vice-President: Joan Hitchcock, Secretary: Paul Bittenbender, President. Second Row: Senior Mixed Chorus: Ka- sha Godek, Librariang Connie WValter, Vice-Presideiitg Lynda Harris, Treasurer, Bill Ross, President. Third Row: Treble Choir: Judy Ma1nassy,Librarian, Eddie Rigas, Secretary, Georgia Naler, Librarian, Carolyn Leith, President: Ruth Massey, Librar- ian, Jeri Rigoulot, Vice-Presi- dent. Fourth Row: Freshman Mixed Chorus: Paula Dwyre, Li- bmrinng Ginger Price, Treasur- erg Sue Key, Librarian, Ann Chandler, Librarian' Lynn Ben- son, Vice-President, Vincent Ev- ans, President, Taffy Neuberg, Secretary, Ron Moran, Librarian. The choral department, under the direction of Mrs. Tabor, participated in the Christmas, XfVinter, and Spring Concerts and in the District Festival. The choirs have presented a well- organized music program, uniting the student body by com- First Row: Pam Farmer, Judy Booker, Judy Sanborn, Shar- on Dewey, Ken Owens, Pat Pilsa, Ken Pennington, Nancy Wright, Marilyn Bartlett. Second Row: Suzanne Lewis, Micki McMahon, Marty Sears, Nancy Blasingame, Brian Schaible, Greg Sarley, Martha Barnes, Chris Zipp. Third bining the personality, talent, and enthusiasm of individuals into a proud, hard-working group. Row: Sheryl Smith, Marty Marston, Sue Moritz, Bob Har- mon, Bob Garner, Paul Bittcnbender, Carolyn Schlipf, Donna McClcod. Fourth Row: Joan Hitchcock, Janet Brat- ter, Judy Curless, Balinha Rowley, Bob Bell, Mike McBlair, Bill Grifiis, Joyce Price, Mimi Sullivan, Lee Ann Clemmer. t i ,Lx ,WZ First Row: Nancy Trease. Paula Dwyer, Ann Hall, Barbara Aus- tin, Ron Moran, Don Paule, Dave Franz, Bill Goldblum, Pat Cof- fee, Shirley Hildebrand, Robin Hawkins, Marjorie Caudle. Sec- ond Row: Ruth Lovett, Lara Moore, Ginger Price, Shirley Can- ard, Jane Slandridge, Juan Ianni, Ron Rydstrom, Mike Iwanik, Marvin McIntyre, Diane Long, Beth Much, Sandy Taylor, Ginger Gray. Third Row: Candy Pope, Carol Heckard, Bernice Lee, 19 . J I I ' A 1 . I, xr Cheryl Lantz, Janet Kilgore, Ron Maley, Bruce Shore, Vince Ev- ans, Ernie King, Gorden Berg, Sue Key, Mary Regan, Pat Tosti, Shelley Turpin. Fourth Row: Taffy Neuberg, Ann Travers, Lynn Benson, Francine Parker, Ann Chandler, Tim England, Scott Milzer, Don Marsh, Odell Jackson, Jim Eagon, Jim Price, Debbie Wilson, Standee Burbach, Cindy Neal, Cathy Raebel. FRE H MIXED CHORUS First Roni: Diane Ross, Judy Malnassy, Brooks Bowman, Phyllis Stull, Linda Guckert, Barbara Phillips. Second Row: Hope O'Baugh, Joann Letourneau, Sharlene Whiteman, Beverly White- man, Jean Allred, Judy Wvampler. Third Row: Barb Timmons, Brenda Libeau, JoAnn Sinnett, Nancy Fisher, Wendy Mosher, Jane Cooper, Cooper, Fourth Raw: Lihbie Gillians, Linda Jones, Vicki Christensen, Brenda Burleson, Judy Curless, Deanna Rosa sow. Mrs. Tabor and Mr. Buskirk discuss ideas for the Christmas Concert. First Row: Sharon Simmons, Julie Owens, Connie Walters, Bruce Shackleton, Elaine Thompson, Margaret Emerson, Laura Cunningham, Mfendy Wright. Second Row: Penny Xvood, Lintla Brew- ington, Sandy Keeth, Dave Barnett, Mark Clark, Kasha Godek, Barbara Fletcher, Susan Keeth. Third Rout: Carol Golway, Carolyn Bettwey, Danny Mastic, Bruce Taylor, jim Daniel, Linda Brinkley, Margaret Buckley. Fourth Row: Donna Schncitler, Lisa DiGirolamo, Judy Townshend, Jim Painter, Tony Evanshaw, Bill Ross, Linda Buzhart, Linda I-larris, Sue Peterson. SE IOR MIXED CHORUS TREBLE CHOIR First Row: Karen Armstrong, Beth Astholz, Alice Nay, Eddie Rigas, Kathy Cowell, Georgia Naler, Lisa Skillern, Carolyn Markley, Candy Richardson. Second Rozv: Pat Reed, Nancy Beaune, Leslie Issitt, Becky Richardson, Pat McCullen, Linda Miller, Kathy McGahey, Donna Whitehead, Mag- gie Adams, jacki Rudd. Third Row: Evelyn Holloman, Pat Ross, Carolyn Leith, Jeri Rigoulot, Ruth Massey, Sandy Krauser, Donna Lawton, Pan Buskirk, Cathy Webb. Ifourtlz Raw: Terry Smith, Marian Sheetz, Trisha Kielsgard, Ginny Brown, Janie Sterling, Patty Owens, Trahleen Aquino, Lana Payne, Elaine Miller, Nancy VVyant. First Row: seated, Sherry johnson, Program Chairnzrmg Sharon Hutson, President: Bob Garner, Vice-President, Lucy Parker, Treasurer. Second Row: Steve Zimple, Pauline Zimple, Martha Colman, Candy Richardson, Nancy Wright, Rosa Lee Davis, john Dwyer, Chris Scott, Shirley Hildebrand, Cheryl Smith, Marilyn Kurata. Third Row: Vicki Durnfortl, Carlyle Nerdahl, Eileen Benkert, Reva-Jane Soloman, Sue Hall, Carol Tracy, jim Mant- gomery, Lynne Flaherty, Mike Harris, Beth Astholz, jerry Brown, DR MA CLUB Liz Monroe, Ruth Hyatt, Margaret Lacey. Fourth Row: Sherrie Craver. Carolyn Golway, Kathy Evans, Betsy Banks, Kathy Shee- han, Sandy Sterr, Emily Reed, Ellie Larson, Halsey Green, Pam Powell, Lori Haig, jean Allred, Roy Fowler, Lys Erskine. Fifth Row: Nancy Raine, Beth Carraro, Carolyn Schlipf, Sandy Bates, Lisa di Girolamo, JoAnne Green, Don Cox, Judy Jellum, Mike Mclilair, Lorena Bear, john Withers, Linda Masterson, Chick Curtis, Debbie Wilson. The Drama Club was formed to encourage and in- struct interested students in all phases of dramatic production. The group, with their enthusiasm un- daunted by the absence of auditorium facilities, pre- sented a series of scenes entitles "Odds and Ends" in the cafeteria. The talented thespians also selected a one-act play, "The Summons of Sariel," which was entered in the Northern Virginia Drama Festival. The dramatics and members behind the scenes deserve the appreciation of the student body for implanting vari- ety and culture into the school's initial year. In addition Kathy Phillips stands obediently as Mr, Gary transforms her into an old woman for "The Summons of Sariel." IS JT C lf? I8 if DEB TE SOCIETY The purpose of the Debate Society-to develop com- petent research skills, to promote critical thought, and to exercise responsible speaking abilities-was accom- plished by its participation in the junior Varsity Northern Virginia Debate League tournaments. This year the league was split into a northern and southern branch with Mloodson competing in the latter. From February 4 to March 18, the society took part in week- ly debates with other local high school debate groups. Participation in the American University Invitational Tournament in the spring added a final highlight to Alice Peretli successfully presents the negative viewpoint. the year. :ii .Q I Dick Healy, Captain, leads lhe team in a debate with Stuart. to providing students with rewarding First Rnzv: Mary Louise Taylor, Helen Crozier, Cindy Neal, Alice ger Barrett, Steve Kohlhagen, Tom Holni, Steve Drye, Buzz Peretti, Dick Healy, Captain' Joan Powell, Anne Goodrich, Randi Deaker, David Brown, Mike Zaugg, Steve Chernock. Williams, Stephanie Heatwole, Second Row: Miss Byrnes, Grain- by 'Di First Row: Miss Dodd, Miss johnson, Chris Zipp, Vice-President, Sandy Howard, Presidenlg Marsha Blair, Secretrujvg Patti Plough, Treasurer, Mr. Liskey. Second Row: Linda Bailey, Elizabeth Roberts, Linda Howard, Dianne Hopkins, Linda Ayers, Emily Flischer, Pam Wrenn, Charlotte Harlan, Pam Ward, Debbie x 1 44' Marsha Blair, Chris Zipp and Pat Plough discuss the merits of abstract art. 118 Derr, Sally Schaefer, Mary Beth Sedoff. Third Row: Betty Reese, Barbara Kozina, Fred Stargardt, Tom Holm, Ginny Olsen, Pam Lund, Judy Entwisle, jeff Knowlton, Sue Berzak, Pat Prine. Fourth Row: Melissa Keyes, jeff Whitebread, jimmy Layman, Linda Deckard, jay Hearn, Danny Mckelvey, RT GUILD To promote student appreciation in art, and to add color and attractiveness to the school were the major objectives of the Art Guild. Their activities consisted of constructing a mosaic of the school seal, enhancing the bulletin boards with individual works of art, and sponsoring an art show. By traveling to see the Mona Lisa at the National Art Gallery, taking field trips to local art galleries, and touring the Metropolitan Art Gallery in New York City, the guild profited consider- ably in the pursuance of culture. All of the events proved to be fascinating and stimulating for the mem- bers of this organization. extra-curricular experiences, The hard-working members of the Pep Club strived to encourage school spirit, not only at athletic events, but also at all school sponsored activities. Working closely with the cheerleaders, they achieved their purpose through publiciz- ing sports activities, chartering buses to games, decorating for the athletic ban- quets, organizing pep rallies, and spon- soring the first Halloween Hop. The ma- jor contribution, however, was the pro- motion and creation of school unity, a direct result of the display of strong school spirit. PEP CLUB Pep Club Officers: Lennie Burke, Sergeant-at-arnzsg Steve Vore, Treasurer, Ronnie Friedman, President: Mary Margaret Marston, Vice-President, Judy Kurfehs, Secretary. Firxl Row: Nanci Stafford, Lara Moore, Sharon Hutson, Karen Greenlee, Georgia Naler, Donna Joyce, Bonnie Shubart, Pauline Zimple, Elaine Thompson, Sandra Keith, Becky Trammell. Sec' ond Row: Shelley Turpin, Nancy Fairbrother, DeeDee Darr, Sandi Holliman, Ronald Friedman, Mary Margaret Marston, Steve Vore, Lennie Burke, Susan Keeth, Marta Hadden, Debbie Boyd. Third Row: Diana McDaniel, Maureen Lowe, Bonnie Fairbrother, Mary Orton, Marilea Hawkins, Sue Sweeney, Donna Wiesner, Lori Haig, Charlene Payne, Robyn Davis, Cris Scheidig. Barb Timmons, Margarette Lacey. Fourth Row: Lon Davis, Cindy Mullen, johnny Roop, Bryan Cloyed, john Milks, Miss Lucas, Pat Pollock, Glen Smith, Charles Stemmerman, Bill Rich, Cynthia Coffey, Tim Paul. a firm foundation First Rout: Phyllis Stull, Karen Coggins, Jane Doe, Peggy Torrey. Linda jones. Second Row: Donna Weisner, Marilea Hawkins, F.T. . Emily Reed and Rick Cantwell survey their accounts. 120 L Mary Bowers, Beverly Gimble, Sharon Christianson. Third Row: Butch Crawford, Denny Chalin, jeff Xvolf. The purpose of the Future Teachers of America was to encourage more students to become teachers and to aid those who were considering teaching as a profession. This was accomplished by having students act as teachers, librarians, and athletic and olhce as- sistants, in order that they might secure a better con- ception of the pleasures, satisfactions, and labors pre- sented by the profession. The members also observed classes in the area elementary schools in order to de- termine which level of teaching they would pursue. Being hosts at professional meetings held at Woodson and entertaining the faculty of The W. T. Wooclson High School added finishing touches to an eventful club year. DOLL R DE VVoodson's Savings Program, the Dollar Den, is open to all students and faculty members. Business students are selected each year to be trained by performing such duties as receiving and disbursing money, preparing pass books and ledger cards, entering transactions and computing dividends. Sponsored by Mrs. Hentschel and Mr. Heglar, the Dollar Den was formed to encour- age thrift and savings among the students. of enthusiasm, leadership training, The Future Homemakers of America provided op- portunity for students interested in home economics to gain knowledge and additional experience related to this Held. Their activities included giving a Thanks- giving Basket to a needy family, hearing a talk about Civil Defense, planning and hostessing a Christmas tea for mothers, welcoming a McCalls Pattern Company representative to speak on pattern and clothes selec- tion, being instructed in the use of make-up, and learning the essentials of home and family manage- ment. As an impressive finale, the members celebrated F. H. A. Week by giving a mother-daughter banquet. First Rout: Linda Miller, Susi Sears, Cynthia King, Cathy Austin, President, Jeanne Marsh, Cathy Molchanoff, Karen O'Flaherty. Second Roni: Janice Hesel, Robin Ann Adams. Betsy Banks, Carolyn Golway, Trisha Kielsgnard, Di- ane Long. Margie Henry. Third Row: Mrs. Hawk, Linda Masterson, Kathryn Stewart, Patri- cia Wynn, Anne Giberson, Miriam Noll. MEDICAL CAREER Organized for students interested in the medical profession, the Medical Ca- reers Club provided a variety of interest- ing projects during its newly-chartered Erst year. Receiving instruction in the various phases of their chosen vocation, the members benefited by trips to area hospitals and local schools of nursing. In addition, films and lectures provided val- uable insight to the responsibilities and satisfaction received in the pursuit of medicine as a career. First Row: Carolyn Day, Secwlaryg Robin Ann Adams, Vice- ty, Anita Malcoltn, Stephanie Heatwole, Betty Klotz. Fourth Presidmzt,' Luanne Lawson, Pncvidmztg Dallas XVood, Treasurer. Raw: Miss Dorothy Billings, Sylvia WVilliams, Barbara Hunter, Second Row: Linda Wine, Jeanne Kincer, Sylvia Conley, Nanci Anne Giberson, Toni Nichols, Lynda Harris, Linda Mullins, Mis. Stafford, Jolonda Johns, Marilyn Bartlett, Merle Blair. Third Marvis Barber. Roni: Nancy VVebber, Pat Jenkins, Mari Byram, Karen O'Flaher- ,IIIK - I ll.i"' ., K, ix ' s il Mr. Ladson, F.S.A. chairman, listens to Chuck Howards plans for the Chemistry Club, TURE The Future Scientists of America is a national or- ganization in which schools throughout the country participate. The KV. T. VVoodson chapter of the F. S. A. used the national constitution with individ- ual oflicers in each branch. Three groups were formed within the F. S. A. The Chemistry Club, sponsored by Mr. Ladson and Mrs. Opp, dealt with experimentation in all fields of chemistry. The Electronics Club, sponsored by Mr. Adams, concerned basically the radio. The newest Held, Extra Sensory Perception, sponsored by Mr. Tlusty and Miss Byrnes, conducted student experi- ments in the fields of mental telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition. The year ended successfully with awards and scholarships given to individuals for their projects in each held. First Row: Mike Joye, Eric Olson, john Stahl, Mark Zuk, Steve Ciolle. Second Row: Lon Davis, Tim Paul, Mr. Adams, Steve Chernock, Rege Hazlett. Nlayne Nlleltle. A .nas - .1 :ma Q'- ffzv f l 122 '-Q 4 SCIE TISTS OF AMERICA i.WA First Row: Candy Richardson, Randi Xvilliams, Donna Jenson, da Mallon, John Egan, Guy Blair, Miss Byrnes, Lisa DiGirola Terri Reidclbach, Chris Huber. Second Row: Bob Sorber, Lyn- 1110, Mimi Sul1iva1n,B21rbara Hunter, Mike Zaugg. XTRA CHEMISTRY CLUB First Row: Ruth Massey, Mike joye, Donald Wooclyard, Laura Miller. Second Row: Clin- ton Howard, Bill Smith, Dewitt Smith, Dick Kouzcs, Linda Munster. ENSORY PERCEPTIO and a Worthwhile social atmosphere, av Sealed: Nancy Clover, Secretary-Treasurerg Pat Rampey, Pres- izlenl: Clinton lloward, Vice-Presiflenlg Alan Rhigs, Historian, First Row: Bonnie Shubart, Chris Vllorley, Sharon Dewey, Bob Garner, Judi Booker, Nancy Robb, john Smith, Barbara Austin, Patrick Pilsa, Helen Disenhaus, Marilyn Kurata. Second Row: Carole Kurata, Marlene Lee, Roberta Goldberg, Sandi Hollimen, Ken Taylor, Sherrill Smith, Kitty Hopkins, Judi Entwisle, Bev- FRENCH CLUB The French Club began its first year with the or- ganization and ratification of the club constitution. At Christmas a party was given where the club mem- bers sang French and English Christmas carols, en- joyed refreshments, and played French scrabble. They sponsored the Mardi Gras Dance on March 18, 1963, and prohts went to their treasury. Other activities consisted of decorating a bulletin board, listening to liason officers from the Pentagon speak on life in France, visiting a French restaurant, and profiting from the culture, history, and language. 124 erly Yancy. Third Row: Susan Carty, Diana Mayes, Phoebe Palmer, Linda Rowe, Linda Boisseau, Bonnie Fairbrothcr, Susan Christianson, Linda Cove, Liz Monroe, Ashley Birnbaum, Sue Peterson, Linda johnson. Fourth Row: Toni Nichols, Carol Simmons, Judy Newman, Kathy Evans, Tom Holm, Craig Eng' lish, Dick Kouzes, James Coffmon, Tom Dixon, jim Carscadden, Suzanne Miller. All together now, one-two-kick! French Club members demonstrate the can-can. PA ISH CLUB Iris johnson, President, helps guide Chilean boys on a tour of Woodson. Our active Spanish Club presented many interest- ing and enjoyable programs. A frequent sight was sponsor Mr. Farfan, who sang songs of his native Latin American to the accompaniment of his own guitar. Other programs consisted of slides of Spanish countries and lectures on Spanish literature. The club also held a Christmas party where a play was Seated: Putnam Allard, Treasurer, Ruth Massey, Secretary, Iris Johnson, President: Buddy YVa1ker, Historian, Jim Ingram, Vice-President. Second Row: Georgia Naler, Susan johnson, Penny Russell, Kevin Foley, Sherrianne Shirey, joma Smith, Cathy Austin. Third Row: Linda Angel, Linda Key, Nancy Fairbrother, Kathy Cloney, Sally Cloyed, Carol Denny, Reva-jane presented and a traditional pinata broken. Early in the New Year, Hfoodson was visited by a group of Chilean boys, who were guided through the school by the Spanish Club who were also hosts at a party given for them. A very successful year was concluded by a club dinner at the El Mexico Restaurant in Wfashington, D.C. the clubs achieved Solomon. Fourth Row: Chris Scott, Susan Sears, Kathy Wilson, Donna Hatch, Majoric Rhoades, janet Bratter, Judy Sanborn, Ann Elmore. Fifth Row: Lys Eskin, Kasha Godek, jan Pear- man, Ann Chandler, Steve Vore, Rick Thompson, Ronnie Fried- man, Marti Sears, Patty Owens. .Y 'wwf 1 125 school spirit and unity, V I Q First Row: Chris Zipp, Pam Goodrich, Aedileg Pam Wilson, Tribimeg Gale Gibson, Consulg Richard Payne, Consul, Christie Hayes, Tribune, Anne Goodrich, Beth Lundien, Robyn Davis. Second Row: Ronnie Bulson, Pat Price, Pattie Plough, Judy LATIN CLUB Pseudo-Romans at the Latin Banquet didn't have to be called twice for dinner. 126 Pulley, Sharon Parks, Susie Marlow, Valerie Van Osdel, Deborah Strong. Third Row: Ken Warner, Robert Stroube, Parker Ren- ard, jim Painter, john Milks, Pat Pollock, Robert McCarthy, Peter Beale, John Salmon. The general purposes of the Latin Club are grasp- ing the customs of the Roman people, learning the government of the Roman state, and putting this knowledge to practical use. Any student currently taking or having taken Latin is eligible for member- ship in the club, A Latin Banquet, held on the Ides of March, was attended by club members clad in Roman togas. Latin delicacies were enjoyed by those present. ,A v", Susan Dewey works on her extension, First Row: Sue Berzak, Luanne Lawson, Penny Toothman Martha Hadden, Nancy Glover. Second Row: Emily Fischer Donna Nuzzi, Kathy Mitchell, Dianne Hopkins, Melissa Kup Third Row: Margery Huston, Gale Gibson, jo Anne Green, Susan Dewey, Lyn Gissiel. l MODER ANCE CLUB The Modern Dance Club was established for girls interested in learning more about expressive move- ment. Under the direction of Miss Harrelson, the group practiced on Fridays, eventually giving a pre-- sentation for the faculty. Modern Dancers practice in the Lecture Room. M. ,ix BOWLI G CLUB The Bowling Club met once a week after school at the Annandale Ten Pin Plaza. The group was di- vided into three leagues: Eastern, Western, and Tri- ple A, with vigorous com- petition between two of the leagues each week. f X First Row: Renee Reynolds, jim Bryant, Ernest Gaddy, Sue Stanley. Second Row: Pat Smith, jesse Doyle, Terri Johnson, Buford Sides, Lois Veltre. Third Row: Al Hayes, Jim Stayman, Distributive Education provides specialized train- ing for students enterin or already employed in re g . tail, wholesale, and service occupations. The two ob- jectives of the program boys and girls for future ing and manufacturing trained on the job for are to prepare high school employment in the produc- of goods. The students are half of the school dayg the other half is occupied by their regular courses, plus an hour of classroom inst ruction in D.E. The Industrial Cooperative Training Program functions in much the s it trains students in the occupations. Mr. Wlilson, I.C.T. instructor, r 'Wi ,,,,.a-5 ' ame way as D.E. except that field of trade and industrial confers with Mr. Cheshire of D.E. Darlene Dean, Darlene Gardner, Glenna Tilden, XValter Keyton, Harvey Perry. Fourth Row: Lewis Story, Brian Downes, jan Napier, john javagc, Tom May, Larry Coble. D.E. I I C l I C I.C,T. STUDENTS-Kirk Olverson, Romney Gordon. I , 129 and added fun-lilled variety pg., First Roni: Kitty Hopkins, Stephanie Heatwole, Marsha Blair, Arlene llhner Cathy Molchanoll Marsha WVillis Norma Gardner, Carolyn Latina, Kathy Phillips, Susan I , Dewey, julie Owens, Maureen Rossow, jaequie Rudd, Beverly Rodgers, Dione Cocklin, Sandy Hawthorne. SSISTA T Many students volunteered their time and eifort working in the various ofhces of the school. They aided the librarians in preparing for the opening of the li- brary, ran errands lor the oflice and guidance staffs, kept the medical sup- plies and files in the clinic orderly, and sold supplies in the school store. Much appreciation is due to these students for their welcomed assistance in doing the many odd jobs that seemed to pile up continually in every department. Left lo Right: Don Dawson, Marianne Kelnhle, Linda Munster. Mrs. Heglar, Hariel Davis, Rosa Lee Davis, Jeannie Marsh, Bob Robinson, Linda lirasse, Glen Butcher, Rita Costello. V L4 ,ANNE -c to the 1962-1963 school year. CLINIC Front Row: Margie Henry, Nancy Stafford, jettie Stuart, Hope O'Baugh, Mrs. Dickerson, Linda Van Doren, Lucy Parker, Sharon Smith. Back Row: Pat Fitchett, Lynn Benson, Ann Giberson, Miriam Noll, Janie Sterling. First Row: jo Anne Murrah, Pat Lyons, Renee Renolds, Kathy Eby, Brenda Whittaker, Janice Gastantine, Nancy Richter, Cheryl Miller. Sec- ond Row: Dave Scott, Clay Gomph, Chuck Shoults, Greg Shoults, Ricky Linder, joe Flint, David Mateland, Fred Briggs, Marion Brake. Third Row: Mike Marek, Gary Steele, Mike Lit- tle, Ignacio Moreno, Richard johnson, Wicky Grunwell, John Johnson, Steve Bryan, Kenneth Long. E I 'Uv 7 I . . y mi ti uyl fx - , 1 . LM' 's,, -1-tw:"'f OFFICE Left to Right: Phyllis See, Joyce Goodnaugh, john Haynie, Charles Stennnerman, Karen Newlon, Suzy Moritz, Dee Bur- bach, Beth Atholtz. LIBR RY I-.. -...--.-.-...MW . . 131 r I fig-i f 55, 4, ' .,f, ,1 , 2 2 .T J . ,H . I.: ' 4-'f if , cy ' 1 X .lb-9 nf LN X J ix . A My I in ' Y' A , N 8 Kg, I? ,A -P 1' yx I , 1? ACTIVITIES FL G CERE N On Friday, November 16, 1962, the entire Woodson stu- dent body participated in the flag ceremony led by Mr. Buskirk, the Symphonic Band, and the Cavalettes. As American and Virginia flags were raised, the band played "Carry Me Back to Ole Virginny," "The Star Spangled Banner," "America," "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean," and "The Call to the Colors," The Color Guard was composed of members of the Civil Air Patrol at Woodson. Donald Dawson performed as leader of the group and listed Frank Healey, Richard Klick, and Bill Eliott as members of the Color Guard. More flags will be added in accordance with visiting foreign students and teachers. As an important event of The W. T. Woodson establishment, the ceremony proved to be a memorable experience. Activities included and united every facet THE MAJ ORETTES The Cavalettes: Kathy Wates, Penny Sagert, janet Parrish, Pat Taylor, Pam Buskirk, Reva-jane Solomon, Betty Frazier. 5 ,Au-as l 1 t '1P'1'sx'1f3S9" in ii 45' 'fm' , . W ..... -. ., ..-M Q fa. - . t ,. ,. I- .--1...Za: -1 ' -he u A -" - 5 A , - " :sf-w.,.f.gf -' ' gh ' yy-A f .- A 5. . .Q .li ,N . ,,,,,... H U :i'Qe,,,', an f ..- A , ,Q ,- ,. . b .',Z.'.. 'W 1 ', ':. My Q. A e , . . . Q. ' '4"""f' ' - -1-.. . , , ,, . -s .w1, .fi,...s-bi 5 --"'9"'Ql"?Qf??W'rT'u4"-y,' L -1 ., .fy I ,,v. ,, , A , , ,M , .wi Hg, ggi- we . .H+ f ,G A v siavig.. '-af -' , 1-ff . ,,:m..'11f 'W 'M 'L 'saw?Y"' l. w,'.s'w ' I., M, w "" 'H' ef f A, fs X 3 me I , f' M PM A "l'l T ' OVW IT! Ing 5 lil All State Band Winners: jim Parrish. jerry White, Bob Garner, Dale of school life, THE CHORUS Tulsen, Ibrook Tower. I THE B Q.. , YV. Bramwell Smith performs at the Band Concert, February 16. "Woodson High School had a barn" , . . sing Judy and Janie Curless. 5. Ten students from The XV. T. W'o0tlson High School Music Department were chosen to participate in the Northern Virginia All-State Choir, The talented students included: Brian Schaihle, Bob Garner, llelinha Rowley, Mike Mclllair, Ken Owens, Nancy Wright, Mary Margaret Marston, Donna McLeod, Carolyn Schlcpf, Ken Pennington. 135 'V' -.-,sf ,.,4"""lbt 3 -S Front Row: Gabriel Tomic, Mario Castillo, Raphael Angel, Congressman Montoya, Profemor Andres Diaz. Second Row: Elogio Beruecio, Rodolfo Palacios, lfilipe Tomic, Eugenio Bernales, Francisco Verella. THE CH LEA STUDE T january I5, 1963, The VV. T. Mfoodson High School was host to nine guests from Latin America. One boy was from Colombia, while the rest, eight boys, and one professor of philosophy and languages, were from San- tiago, Chile. Sponsored by "Experiments in International Liv- ing," most of the boys are sons of senators in the Chris- tian Democratic Party, and they attend private Cath- olic schools. Arriving at school before lunch, receiving a com- plete tour of the school, eating paper bag lunches, and attending classes of chemistry, biology, and Spanish ll, and U. S. History were a few of the activities they ex- perienced during a typical American school day. After school they were guests of La Luz Castellana QSpanish Clubj where they performed for interested Cavaliers, parents, and Spanish Club members. The professor showed slides ol' Chileg the boys sang and played the guitar. In Spanish they sang their national folksongs, a rendition of "Boni Maroni," and danced with everwilling senoritas. The exchange of views, stories, customs and information furthered mutual un- derstanding between the two nationalities. from the Warm Welcome given to The Chilean students presented us with a flag of their country. FOREIG TEACHER . -.Q . 5 L I f . 1 .ra ' i Senor Armando l-'arfan from Cuzco, Peru, gave valu- able first-hand Spanish language instruction and sang Spanish ballads along with his personal guitar accom- paniment for pleased students. our foreign guests to the sale Madame Pingatore, an attractive French- Canadian, was a great asset to her French classes. She familiarized students with French customs, culture, history as well as the language and was sponsor of the lfrench Club. Disregarding the disadvantage of not having an established foreign exchange student-teacher program, VVoodson still benefited from members within the facul- Q ty and student body from foreign countries. FOREIG ST DENTS Patrick Pilsa, a cheerful Parisian lad, came to Woodson High to learn the language and customs of the United States. He attended classes here as a freshman for three months and returned home leaving many new found friends. 3 wmv.-vs-..t, , . , u 137 I g1g"4 Robert Hreidarrson, already completed with his Icelandic schooling, was classified as a junior at Mfoodson. Taking English I and Il, Bob did extremely well in adapting to the American language and customs. An apt art student and member of the art guild, his presence in Woodson added international Havor and interest to the 1962-1963 school year. On March 9, 1963, a trio from Woodson triumphed over both Walt Whitman and Thomas Edison High Schools on YNRC-TV's "It's Academic." Members of Woodson's winning team included Richard Payne fcaptainj, Dick Healy, and jim Mann. Alternates selected were Pam Goodrich, Manson Cheek, and Chris Worley. Mr. Merck represented the faculty, while other sponsors and coaches of the team included Mr. Tlusty, Mrs. Miller, Miss Watkins, and Mrs. Springer. In the first round, when the teams are allowed to answer as many questions as possible in one minute, the teams all tied with 50 points. During the second round, Woodson was in second place with 130 points against Whitman's 145 and Edison's 100 points. In the third round, which doubled the points for correct answers as well as penalties for wrong responses, VVhiln1an kept the lead by a 15 point margin. During the Hnal "grab bag" round, Woodson shot ahead winning a commanding 125 point lead. The linal tallied results had Woodson with 410, Whitman 235, Edi- son 230. The tcatn left elated with a 2550 check for the school and was invited to appear again on March 31, 1963. of magazines for the schoo1's benefit Spirited by a Name-the-Bank Contest with the reward of a 51510 prize from the Arlington-Fairfax Savings and Loan As- sociation, the savings bank became a growing part of The W. T. Woodson High School. "The Dollar Den," the win- ning name submitted by junior Judy Palmer, was an asset to VVoodson's estab- lishment and unification. 138 ' 1 The SCA-sponsored Magazine Drive led by Jo-Anne Coakley got underway at Woodson on October 12, 1962, with the theme of "Service to the School" and a goal ol 310,000 to purchase many of the desired "extras" To stimulate the drive, a contest within the student body divided the students into two teams-Cowboys led by fore- man Fred Livingood with faculty sponsors Mrs. Springer and Mr. Volrath, and the Indians whooping it up with squaw Barbara Phillips and faculty sponsors Miss Byrnes and Mr. Clark. Colorful bulletin boards, skits, Indian headdress- es, cowboy hats, daily winners, and mock wars provided interest and attainment of the 310,000 goal. VARIOUS ACTI ITIES ,, Being chartered as a member of the Future Scientists of America was a high- light of Woodson's science department activities. On March I4 1063 Back to School Wight wx as held at Woodson At this time patents wexe able to visit their teachers Many parents also discoxeted that fixe minutes is not the staggering amount of time they thought ll it as to go from one class to anothct PORT BAN ET, January 30, 1963, marked the occasion of the Cavalier's first sports banquet and dance. Parents and dates were invited to attend with the team members of three football, three cheerleading, and two hockey squads. VVelcoming all were team coaches and sponsors: Miss Harrel- son and Miss Poarch, hockeyg Mr. Billak, Mr. Knupp, Mr. Lehman, and Mr. VVitt, footballg Miss Gibson and Mr. Cunningham, athletic directors, and Mr. Chesley. Team members were recognized as they received letters and certificates for outstanding performance and sportsmanship. The entertainment, dancing and refreshment, topped the delightful evening. FOOTBALL A D HOCKEY 59' Mr. Billak presents Mr. Chesley with an award made by the football team of YV. T. Woodson. Athletes were honored at banquets. . ' First Row: john Hollowell, Outstanding ,I.V. Playerg john O'Neil, Outstanding OHensive Line- mang Bob Prouty, Outstanding Defensive Backg Butch Smarr, Outstanding Defensive Linemnng Bill Perry, Sportsmanship. Second Row: George Moran, Outstanding Ogensive Backg Cindy King, Sportsnzafzshipf Susan Russell, Outstanding LV, Playerg Dave Strong, Outstanding Ninth Grade Player. l40 First Row: Mr. Lehman, Baseball Coach: Mr. Billak, Varsity Football Coachg Mr. Cunninghzlm, Athletic Director: Mr. Chesley, Prinripalg Mr. Knuppg -I.V. Football and Baseball Coach: Mr. Jenkins, Iiasketball and Assistant j.V. Football Coach: Mr. Litman, Ninth Grade Football. BA ETBALLA WRE TL1 G 141 The second Sports Ban- quet was held on March 28, 1963. Players of spring sports were honored with a w ar ds and trophies. Among them were: George M 0 r 21 Il, Sportsmanship lbasketballjg Dennis Book- er, Most Outstanding Wrestlerg Merry Staser, Most Outstanding Player Qbasketballjg Bill Perry, Most Outstanding Player lbasketballjg and Steve Hu- dock, Most Outstanding Qriflej. The Key Club held An interesting and unique fund raising activity initiated into Mloodson by its newly formed Key Club was "The Ugly Boy Contest." During the week of January 2l through january 25, Randy Galbraith, Ken Pennington, Jaime Atherton, Paul Bittenbender, Wfally Burke, Clen Furbish, Bob Sutphin, and John Withers, bedecked in gaudy outfits and carrying col- lection plates, jars, and hats, could be seen soliciting and canvassing the student body for "penny votes." Displaying the spirit and sportsmanship of the Key Club, the "Ugly Boys" waited anxiously for the night of the Coronation at the basketball game between Falls Church and WTW7. Paul Bittenbender was crowned with a dunce hat, and it was announced that the "Ugly Boys" had collected approximately 5200. Hats off to the boys who belittled themselves for a worthy cause. GLY BOY CO TE Paul Bittenbender posed as a blind man collecting alms to add to his collection of money. 142 X" 6 . L . it I 1 s Y .w-swam-w' , A . Q, img W, .irlifqlzgggegf ...... f.-if i . N- King Ugly. . . Paul Bittenbcnder Ken Pennington gives a grin as Mr. Buskirk's change makes 11 pleasant jingle in his jar. MARCH OF DIMES DANCE many money raising activities. The Key Club had reg- ular meetings to plan such projects as the "Ugly Boy" C 0 n t e s t, sponsoring a March of Dimes sock hop, and they attended the Key Club convention in Roan- oke, Virginia. The annual March of Dimes had an important place in Woodson's school activities. Besides volun- tary contributions by stu- dents, the Key Club spon- sored the March of Dimes Dance sock hop, which netted 575, held after the game with Madison at NVoodson on February 8, 1963. Rick Evert, the presi- dent of the Key Club, leads the newly inducted members John Cabot, Bob Hunsberger, Ken Penning- ton, Randy Galbraith, and Bruce Furbish in the in- duction ceremony. fl' if 3 J il f A 'T' ...Q ,,,.,.. ,.... , 'F' .Jai mwiff MU HIP e On Saturday, january 19, 160 students from the junior class had the privilege of see-ing "Mutiny On The Bounty". Despite the rain and the fog, four buses loaded with anxiously awaiting students arrived at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. The talented cast and spectacular beauty of the movie made it a lasting memory for all Juniors took tests ., A-I Ja- .A On Saturday, March 9, the college bound juniors arrived at Woodson to take the National Merit Scholarship Tests. These test results, which were used as a basis for possible scholarships, were sent to the colleges of their choice. Harold Schaitberger and his electric guitar were a common sight seen around Xvoodson. He was often seen in the cafeteria and in the classrooms amid a group of clapping and sing- ing students. 144 THE UNIOR CLASS Mr. Lehman. sponsor of the junior Class, polled for sugges- tions for up-coming activities at the Junior Class meeting. and saw instructional movies 145 Doug Hanewinekel, jerry Ewing, and Dave Barnett represent the "beauties" of The W. T. Woodson High School on "YVo0clson Day". -ei. 'if-ff If ff X f' s ' H 1 ? yr f'fk '?,, Q ,f:,, 1 ' M' 1-..:., .,.. t- "?'mf:P74! A . A if Y , 3 JV: if ,, , X. 'G i it . ' '-J MAP' 3 ff 2? 4 ax 35, Y' it . fb if ' KQV! ' ' X ...din , QW? S ' lt .,k ' "Emily Dickinson-Satlc1'white's" class surprised her with 21 "This is Your Life" birthday party. PL Y PRODUCTIO "The Summons of Sarial" cast at ease . . . "The Summons of Sariel" was selected as The WI, T. W'oodson's entry in the One-Act Drama Festival held on Febru- ary 23, 1963. The play, taking place out- side the gates of Eternity, included in its cast: Vicki Durnford, the Graduateg Dave Barnett, the Clayg Susan Hall, the Spiritg Nancy Raine, the Suicideg Bob Garner, Sarielg Carlyle Nerdahl, the Young Motherg Sharon Hutson, the Blind Childg -Iudy jellum, the Guardian Angelg Kathy Phillips, the Old Woman. while dramatists held productions Mr. Gary applies makeup to Kathy Phillips who portrays an old woman. I The finished product, aching bones and all . . . PN ith A 'W 4 A I 1 Sharon Hutson practices her part as a little blind child with the help of cast members. and sophomores EDE saw a classic play Furthering the cultural interests at The W. T. Woodson High School, 160 students and 7 members of the English Department went to see "Medea" on February 7, 1963. The sophomore En- glish classes and Drama Club attended the showing at Catholic University where internationally-known members of the University's drama department staged Euripides' famous tragedy. Seeing this one performance of Greek drama brought to life and paralleled the sophomores' unit in Greek drama. King Creon is telling Media she is banished from the Kingdom. class. jim Mann and Richard Payne and Ronnie Bulson were among the few Juniois that attended Media with the Sophomore THE LATI CLUB BAN UET "Hey, Fellas, get a load of this foreigner!" The language clubs featured unusual The Latin Club Banquet was held on Friday, March I5, 1963. About Hfty people attended clad in Roman costumes. To add to the air, slaves were sold and Roman delicacies were featured. The menu consisted of stuffed cornish ham, fruit salad, fried scallops, and fish sticks. Entertainment was provided by Chris Zipp who did a dance and Chris Hayes who played the piano. The wonderful evening was brought to a close at seven o'clock. Where is the kitchen sink, boys? You seem to be using everything else! wmxas as I . W -fasgiw si.. . U - Q ,X 1 fix 6 1- 1 ,gig K. 3 5165, tj . WL a sw KM qu in ly 1 K rh- s ...yy ,y.. y at .t us y t Chris Zipp entertains at the Banquet by K s "'1i"' A . doing a dance. A s V' B mi Q-ig'5 LL. D 148 Q.. sw . 'r , x ,- x ' . .- A' , i-5 if 5 x 1, J fi' ' . .. . .,. HT , . F. T A-b V The dancing obviously was enjoyed by all . . . THE FRENCH CLUBM RDI GRAS The first annual Mardi Gras Dance, spon- sored by the French Club, was held on March 2, l963, The costume ball was decorated with all the splendor of New Orleans. Prizes were awarded to Craig English and Dee Burbach for the fun- niest costumes and Greg DeHaven and Nan Strickler for the most original costumes. Amid the confetti and balloons, Mary Margaret Mar- ston and Paul Ramsey were crowned queen and king. The music was provided by a dance band led by Bob Garner and accompanied by vocalist Pam Farmer. Everyone agreed the refreshments, decorations, and music combined to create a festive atmosphere and successful dance. activities for its members. l 149 1. Mary Margaret Marston and Paul Ramsey reigned at the Mardi Gras. Gail johnson and Rick Thompson watch as Bob Prouty puts on his own private exhibition. 'X Eincec Bob Garner and his "swing'n'sway" band provided excellent entertainment for the evening. Us X I lx A W f . " 9 di Vl . A 1 . ff X . 'lul ',V , 6 ith J in I . ' 2,4 . f . Qi' N A 1 1 - ,I f 1 ' ! I SPORTS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: The Cavaliers have gained many victories this first year in several fields. The greatest victory a school can have is that of a uni- fied student body, which is one goal Woodson has achieved. Our Varsity Cheerleaders have done a re- markable job of building strong team spirit through- out the school. At each game the students began to feel more and more like a single unit as our Varsity Cheer- leaders proudly rooted the Cavaliers onward to victory. On the football field, around the basketball court, and through the halls, the chants and cheers of Woodson High were repeated over and over with pride. There were no defeats in spirit, only victories, and nothing could shake our faith in team, or school. The VV. T. Woodson High School has a good beginning and a fine set of standards that the students and faculty have es- tablished. The Cavaliers will be second to none, and thanks to the help of our Varsity Cheerleaders, the future looks very promising. Photo No. 1, 3: Merry Staser, Joan Hitchcock, Fred Livingood, Kathy Cloney, Belinha Rowley. Photo No. 2, 4, 6: Connie Walter, joan Cushman, Joanne Coak- ley, captain, Barbara Phillips, co-captain, Susan Dewey. Photo No. 5: Merry Staser, joan Hitchcock, Terri Hockersmith, Terri Hockersmith, Kathy Cloney, Belinha Rowley. CAVALIER CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Barbara Harrington, Sherrie Holt, Sue Moritz, Patti Lynch, Gail johnson, captain, JUNIOR VARSITY: Our j.V. Cheerleaders were right in there this year, doing their very best to keep the morale of our junior Varsity teams at its peak with cheers and unending enthusiasm. Through the fine efforts of every girl, our unmistakable Cavalier spirit rang out at each game, as the teams added vic- NINTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS-Firsl Row: Chexyl Fried- man, Taffy Neuberg, captain, Pat Tosti, co-captairzg Sherry Padgett. Second Row: Linda Cone, Toni Walter, Cathy Racbcl, Lisa Skillern, Sandra Simmons, Marlene Rio. Cherrie Y'Volle, Pam Farmer, Sharyn Forbes, Nancie Laughlin, co-captain. tory after victory to our record. Each sport that pre- sented a challenge to the teams caused the Cheer- leaders to fight equally as hard supporting them. VVith pride in a job well done, they were always the first to say, "We're behind you team, we're backing you up!" FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: The spirit with which our Freshman teams were cheered onward to victory was largely due to our Freshman Cheerleaders. The many obstacles that had to be overcome were hurdled with ease. The football season brought the sounds of cheers echoing through the bleachers and over the field. With basketball came a new challenge, appropriate cheers had to be learned. As the cheer- leaders encouraged their team onward, the scores mounted. The Cavaliers are proud of their victories and join to say, "Thanks Freshman Cheerleaders!" VARSITY FOOTBALL-First Row: Philip Reid, Bill Danbury, Don Danbury, john Nicholson, Bob Harmon, jamie Atherton, Bill Ross, Ken Pennington, Bob Prouty, Don Celec. Second Rout: jim Hayes, Robert Gass, Harold Schaitberger, Walter Burke, Bill Perry, captain, Mike Simmons, Bill Gentry, john O'Neill, Math- ew Godek, john WVithers, jim Rose, manager. Third Row: George VARSITY FUOTBALL The first W. T. Woodson football team began with a bang this year, by de- feating the Lee "B" team 21-6. Sparked by the running of Captain Bill Perry and fine defensive effort Harold Smarr, our team showed signs of a championship ball club. In the first meeting with Edison, we battled the new school to a 19-I2 victory. Our offensive line showed strength and effectiveness as they opened huge holes for the running backs. Our spirits were high for the third game with Marshall. Although this was true throughout the game, the experi- enced Marshall eleven proved too much for us, and we came out on the short end of the score 19-0. Moran, Elston Perry, Harold Smarr, Bob Robertson, Steve Meacher, Dave Barnett, Richard Thompson, Steve Hudock, Greg Sarley, Richard Payne, john Haynie, manager. Fourth Row: Mike McBlair, manager, Allen Meyers, Chris Wahlberg, Robert Frase, Bob Berezoski, Rick Munnikhuysen, Tom X'Vhite, Richard Cline, john Martin, john Dwyer. Coach Billak gives a few instructions to his offensive eleven from the sidelines. 154 SCOREBOARD 21 W. T. W. Lee "B" 19 W.T.W. Edison 1 W. T. W. Marshall 13 W. T. W. Washington-Lee "B" 9 W. T. W. J. E. B. Stuart "B" 30 W. T. W. Edison 1 W. T. W. Marshall 7 W. T. W. Osbourn 'W Marshall dfsqualihed. Fullback Bobby Robertson barrels through picking up yardage against Marshall. Football was among the first tests Blocking by Steve Meacher and Jim Hayes enabled Bill Ross to pick up yards against Osbourn. 155 Superlative olfense is shown as tackle Rick Munnikhuyseu blocks some Yellow jacket strategy. of newly found lo alties. Caught from behind in Lhe Marshall game, Captain Bill Perry pulls toward the line 156 Looking forward to a comeback after our loss to Marshall, the Cavaliers fought their way back into the "win column" with a l3-7 upset victory over "XV-L B" team. One of our toughest games was against J. E. B. Stuart. But, as in true Cavalier style, we posted a score of 9-0 and anoth- er win. Two of the many fine players who held Stuart to a mere 99 yards total rushing were wingbacks VValter Burke and Ken Pennington. Out in the clear Bobby Robertson runs for those precious yards in the Osbourn game. With an undefeated first season After a terrific interception, defensive halfback Bob Prouty runs the ball back to the Osbourn 30 yard line. Guarded by quarterback George Moran, Bobby Robertson takes off again . . . for the Varsity squad, In our second clash with Edison, they were trounced 33-0. Led by the Fine quarterbacking of George Moran, the team displayed their passing threat as john O'Neill caught pass after pass. Seeking revenge against Marshall, we played with intense determination, but again their experience was too much for usp we fell 26-12. All is not roses as Bobby Robertson Hnds the thorns . . . the Osbourn defensive line. 158 Hard-pressed Bill Ross outskirts three Osbourn obstacles . . . an outstanding precedent was set Our last game pitted us against the Osbourn "A" squad. The game was Hlled with all the excitement of an eventful football game. Both squads fought des- perately for a win, but at the final gun the game ended in a 7-7 deadlock. Bob Prouty, a key defensive halfback, kept the Osbourn offensive line bottled up by intercepting three passes and making many fine tackles. Throughout the year Mr. Billak and Mr. Lehman continually improved the team with excellent coaching. Each mem- ber of the team did his jo-b and fulfilled his responsibilities faithfully. The team, as a Whole, deserves a fine congratulation for its outstanding season. As john Nicholson anxiously watches in the background George Moran takes a Perry pass out of the hands of a W-L defender for a touchdown. -1 -Y' o QVJIK V I , I K: t '12 I ff o a 7 L , 1 s ' Y ,,5:kk i A " . , I , I '13 if I if A if ' H l 9 , l 5 .dip-. i if First Row: james Maxwell, Robert Clark, Gary Maupin, co- Wayne Bronson, Michael Marek, John Santo, Robert Bell, Rich- capming john Hallowell, ca-cajilairzg jeff Willison, Charles Xvin- ard Sherwood, Steve Kaas, Peter McDonald. Fourth Row: Coach free, William Murray. Second Raw: David Drinkard, Ronald J6IlkiI1S, Scott DUTCIU. 101111 PYiCkCll, J0hll MilkS, Mike Webb, Walsh, Michael Patton, Ronnie Maley, Harold Price, David Tip- Charles Lyman, Jeffrey Hinkley, Jim 1-'raiicm Coach Knupp- ton, Edward Kreig, George Fairclotli. Third Row: William Flynt, Likewise, athletic traditions A freshman halfback sweeps an end against Wakefield. 160 JU IOR VAR ITY FOOTBALL JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL: Plenty of deter- mined work accentuated the efforts of the junior Var- sity Cavaliers for W. T. Woodson's first year. Mr. Knupp and Mr. jenkins accomplished the task of building a forceful squad from scratch. Improving with every game and living up to the expectations of lively spectators, the J.V. team compiled a 2-4-l record. Praise is due to these boys who will carry the football banner of Woodson High in future years. SCOREBOARD 0 VV. T. W. George Vkfashington 13 0 W. T. VV. Marshall 15 0 W. T. W. Hammond 35 12 W. T. W. Edison 7 18 W. T. VV. Herndon 0 6 W. T. W. Y'Vakefield 6 0 W. T. XV. Marshall 20 FRE HMA FOOTBALL FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: No one was ever found lagging at tiring Freshman football practices, as the enthusiastic fledglings reviewed and perfected plays most frequently employed. This strenu- ous effort paid off for all Freshman boys, for they gained possession of a driving spirit, dogged determination, and good sportsmanship. SCOREBOARD 18 W1 T. YV. Edison 18 0 W. T. 'W. George Washington 18 0 W. T. W. Marshall 19 6 W. T. W. George Mason 30 26 W. T. VV. Hammond 6 7 W. T. XV. St. Stevens 20 An attempted pass is in the air. were put forth b the J. V. and Freshman teams. First Row: Bill Makely, Vince Evans, Casey Assad, John Kerr, Richard Offutt, Steve Wannall, Bernd Rothenberg, James Hum- phreys, Steve Kunbel, Ronnie Moran, Rocky Oliver. Second Row: jon Lower, Bob Montondo, Ronnie Rector, John Heatwole, Tom Cline, Richard Boteler, Brian Heavey, Dan McGregor, Van Ner- dahl, joel Ross, Ronald Rydstrom. Third Row: Dave Marsden, Paul Anderson, Dan Schultz, james Price, jim Bonham, Bruce Smoot, Steve Andrick, Lenny Smoot, Bruce Hearn, Leonard Gib- son, Pat Darnell. Fourth Row: Coach Litman, Stuart McAtee, Bill Amshey, Bob Worthington, Chuck Gorder, Steve Barnett, Tom Bond, Phil McManus, Dave Strong, Bucky Payne, Stan Owens, jack Lohman, Coach Witt. wi-f.4w'4 QL it Q-L! Co-captains Stephanie Issitt and Cindy King pose with Coach Harrelson. SCOREBOARD W. T. YV. Stuart W. T. W. Marshall W. T. W. Groveton W. T. W. Edison W. T. W. Osbourn W. T. XV. Falls Church W. T. W. Fairfax VAR ITY HOCKEY Having previously played, but uniting as a team for the First time, the Varsity Hockey team carried both school spirit and enthusiasm to every game. Along with weeks of practice, they profited by the fine coaching of Miss Harrelson. The real challenge and vigorous competition they faced gave the team the capability needed to carry our name forward. The Girls, teams also showed JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY-First Row Nlola Master son, Nancy Wright, Cathy Owens, Barbara I-Iase Lu Lun dein, Ronnie Bulson, Susan Russell Second Row Anne 162 VARSITY HOCKEY-First Row: Charlotte Harlan, Susan Giller, Terri Hockersmith, Cindy King, co-captain, Gail Livingston, Candy Richardson, Stephanie Issitt, co-captain. Second Row: Colleen Hay, Phyllis Dunn, Merry Staser, Belinha Rowley, Linda Boisseau, janet Town, janet Bratter. their athletic prowess. JU IOR VARSITY HOCKEY Elmore, manager, Donna McLeod, Sharon McCudden, Stephanie I-Ieatwole, Tina Stevens, Patti Owens, Diane Waters, Sue Scofield, Iris johnson, Jeri Rigoulot, Linda Howell, manager. ' F.B'v"'iMi'H5',5-. .I!"x an-at The Junior Varsity Hockey team, com- bining strength and skill, had to face and conquer the unknown. Most of the girls, having never played before, found the game challenging and stimulating. As a result of Miss Poarch's fine coaching, their self-confidence increased as their experience broadened. The development of sportsmanship and team cooperation indicated to- all that the j.V. Hockey team had a fine potential for the future. SCOREBOARD I W. T. W. Stuart 1 3 W. T. W. Marshall 2 2 W. T. W. Groveton 0 0 W. T. W. Edison 0 1 W. T. W. Osbourn 2 Basketball followed, making its mark Kneeling B111 Perry captain M1 jenkins coach Smnclznq Pete Gossens, john Labot Randy C ilbxaith Steve Christensen Don Pope Bob l'1 mst B111 Franz,john Martin George Moran Don Celtt Bill Ovu Dmny Bonnex Bob Uhler, Mike The VV. T. W7oodson's first basketball team began its season as a fairly inexperienced but highly spirited team. The first test ol' the boys' ability to work as a unit was with Fairfax. Throughout most of the game lvoodson led, but as the game continued, the older and more experienced Rebel team caught up and Wfillt on to win, 41-38. The close loss of the first match seemed to rally the Cavaliers into the three game winning streak that followed. Woodson goes ahead as Perry makes a foul shot good. one 164 VARSITY BASKETBALL 38 W.T.VV. 38 XAV.T.W. 62 W.T.W. 45 W.T.W. 51 VV.T.VV. 36 l47.T.VV. 69 W.T.W. 51 XMTNV. 40 VV.T.VV. 40 W.T.W 65 W.T.VV. 47 W.T.W 34 W.T.lN. 66 lV.T.VV. 55 lN.T.W. 35 VV.T.VV 55 VV.T.W 42 W.T.W of sportsmanship and Fairfax 41 Wzisllington-Lee "B" 36 Herndon 50 Marshall 32 George Mason 63 Lee 50 Edison 53 Herndon 45 Falls Church 51 Madison 49 Marshall 59 Edison 44 George Washington 58 Edison 61 Edison 60 Episcopal 58 Mason 46 Mt. Vernon 46 Galbraith "lays it up" against Madison. strong spirit. ASKETB LL Martin and Celec scramble for a rebound in Galbraith makes two from the side. the Marshall game. 165 Moran fights for a loose ball. After these three victories, lflloodson matched its strength against George Mason and Lee. Woodson was again out-ranked by experience, and fell to the Mus- tangs 63-51 and to the Lancers 50-36. The Mfoodson Five redeemed themselves in the next two games by defeating Edison 69-53 and Herndon 51-45. Once again Wootlson faced two older schools and again we fell. The first loss being with the Falls Church Jaguars 51-40 and the second with the Madi- son VVarhawks 49-40. The next two games were against the two new schools, and for the second time during the season the VVoodson quintet defeated Marshall's Statesmen 65-59 and Edison's Eagles 47-44. George Mfashington visited Woodson next, and, as the predictions indicated, VVoodson was downed 58-34. In a double header with Edison, February 15 and 16, the teams broke even with scores of 66-61 Qllloodson victoryj and 60-55 fEdison victoryj. Dribbling, scores, and adept players Perry makes a long shot tipping the score against Marshall. .gg . Q. 'f mwmwuggt, :Wt . 5, ,A . . V .. . 1111 ! l. -af "' john Cabot scores the first Iwo points at Lhc foul line. afforded pleasure and excitement Martin and Moran try for the ball during Lhe Edison game. Perry drives for ll lay-up shot. AZ - 1 x - ' I ,L ,f e,, x 1 L A 167 for avid fans. Attending games and Coach Jenkins gives a last minute pep talk during a time out in the final quarter. In the sixteenth game- Wooclson visited parochial Episcopal and was soundly de- feated 58-35. In a make-up game with George Mason, the Cavaliers sought ven- geance after having been defeated once by the team and defeated the Mustangs 54-46. After many weeks and months of wait- ing, the team received their first chance to play a home gameg however, the oc- casion was spoiled for the Mount Vernon Majors 46-42. Mr. jenkins, Varsity coach, set a fine foundation for the teams of the future as the team posted a 9-9 record for the sea- son. Named outstanding player of the year, Bill Perry was high-point scorer av- eraging ll.7 points per game. Don Celec was the star rebounder averaging 8.4 per game with a 131 total. John Martin and George Moran were close runners up with 7.l averages per game and l33 and 132 rebounds respectively to their credit. The Cavaliers look forward to a bigger and better season next year. e 425 i Don Celec hits on a jump shot in the Edison game. 1 - k- r George Moran goes up for a rebound against Madison. supporting teams, fggigwfil " IW V' N-M ...- . 1,7 -6-J" ' - mi..-.-Q.. ..w...,r Q .. Q NI3l'lill and Cclcc grab another rebound fox W T W First Row: Denny Carr, Dave Strong, Clint Hubbard, Danny Mastic. Second Row: Ben johnson, Frank john, jeff Yvillison, Ricky Starr, Ronnie Maley, J. V. BAS ETB LL the students were drawn together The Junior Varsity Basketball Squad deserves praise and recognition for taking a largely inex- perienced group and forming a victorious team. The first two games, against Fairfax and VVash- ington-Lee, were won by fairly large margins. Then came decided victories over Herndon and Marshall, with l2-point leads in each. After a victory over George Mason the Cava- liers suffered their first defeat at the hands of Lee. Next came a victory over Edison and a loss, by I point, to Falls Church. The final loss came after three wins . . . from then on . . . only vic- tories. The season ended with a 15 point victory over Edison and a 9 point victory over George Mason. Mastic battles for the rebound. 5 E 42 5, Hubbard puts it in against Marshall. 53 lfX7.T,W. 60 W.T.W. 63 VV.T.XfV. 46 VV.T.VV 37 VV.T.YV 4l XN7.T.W 50 W.T.lAl 51 XMTNV 68 W.T.W. 57 YNFTNV. 44 VV.T.XN. 64 XV.T.W. 65 VV.T.VV. 57 W.T.VV. 52 VV.T.KV. 11. v, BASKETBALL Fairfax w-L Herndon Marshall George Mason Lee Edison Falls Church Madison Marshall Edison George Washington Edison Edison George Mason Q.. .IV 6 1 -1 .n',- frm? :ma Strong lays it up for two points Vfith high hopes and spirit the fresh- man basketball team, coached by Mr. VVitt, got off to a strong start by defeat- ing Fairfax, 42-38. Hard practice and in- creasing skill enabled them to win their games over Edison, Marshall and St. Stephans. Led by Bob Lueke and Bob Montando, the freshmen Cavaliers dis- played the spirit which will make them an asset to next year's Junior Varsity team. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL 32 W .T.W . Fairfax 20 W.T.W. Marshall 10 VNf.T.W. L66 39 W.T.W. Edison 45 W.T.W. Stephens 28 VV.T.VV Herndon 37 W.T.W. Marshall 26 XVTITW. Edison 37 VV.T.VV. Stephens 47 VV.TM7. Edison FRESHMAN ASKETB LL Ka 7 .. I nv. Jr I in enthusiasm for victory. First Row: Ricky Raibourn, Ronnie Rector, Steve Kunkel, Mike Hart, Richard Offut, Casey Assad. Second Row: Jim Andrews, Dave Marsden, Bill Amshey, Mr. Witt, Bob Montando, Vince Evens, Rod wimiiey. BU G A 34k A ww ..l, 1 l Yxl-lLf.iB DEPT Girl basketball players proved skill Susan Giller, Merrie Staser, Stephanie Issit, Alice Chalfont, Cin- Slnithheld, Cathy Webb, Belinha Rowley, Suzy Neubexg, judy dy Corso, joan Cushman, Phyllis Dunn, Sherrie Vetter, Susie Newman. Janet Towne. GIRL ' BASKETBALL The Girls' Varsity Basketball team car- ried the skill, honor, and enthusiasm of The VV. T. Mfoodson High School to ev- ery game. The opposing teams and un- familiar eourts presented no barrier to the team's spirit. Miss Gibson along with Merry Staser and Stephanie Issitt worked together to develop the unity, sports- manship, and eo-operation of a top rate team- Belinha Rowley jumps against Osbourn. 172 -.sw .w. The girls get a pep talk from Miss Porch. by uniting to form attacking teams. The Girls' junior Varsity Basketball Team burst forth this year with the enthusiasm and determina- tion oi a team with a job to do. VVith the coaching of Miss LeGarde and the leadership of co-captains Con- nie Walter and Nola Masterson, the team developed itself into a unit, prepared to conquer all. Witli a sea- son of 6 wins and 6 losses, each girl looks back with pride and satisfaction. UNIOR VAR ITY GIRL'S V XfV.T.VV. VV.T.W. lfV.T.W. VV.T.W. XNLTNV. VV.T.lV. VV.TNV. YV.T.VV. VV.T.W. YV.T.VV. X,X7.T.X'V. XV.T.VV. ARSITY 11, rar, , BASKETBAL Annandale Madison Herndon Mt. Vernon McLean Falls Church Stuart Marshall Groveton Edison Osborn Lee L jan Parrish, Pat Howard, Nola Masterson, Connie Walter, Col- Simmons, Sue Neilson, jean Polk, Lynn Benson, Cathy Curlee leen Hay, Cheryl Williams, Pam Kent, Candy Perry, Nancy Bal- Sandy Lorelei. dorf, Leslie Issitt, Sharon McCuddin, Dianne Waters, Barbara 173 ,-. 1 I M, H tzg.g,,vxzr-'wi-Easlzl Dennis Booker, Steve Zimple, and Wally Burke represented Woodson in their bid for state titles. VARSITY WRE TLI The wrestling team began practicing November l with its First match sched- uled on December 8. Mfith six experi- enced wrestlers, Coach Helmbreck had a firm foundation on which to build his Varsity squad. Wotoclson's first match was lost to Mlakefield, 35-10. This first defeat inspired the team to harder practice and it forged ahead, to victory, ending the season with a 9-l record. in fi .1-at '1,,rl . 4 I' f "7 , , ' v , ji ,lff.lg,j, w T 5 fm 'V' T TA I flirt: I I, .tk A ., Nagin if Nw :il - . ' - V 4 , 'ffft af? , , , , 1 my tezi-Lszis 2232211f,5'? I .. - - -995, , . l,,2?i,i5,..k.LV,,'. , yy 2 ,. M, v Zimple puts his opponent in an awkward position. mn Firsl Raw: Lou Henderson, Dennis Booker, Denny Amundson, Stuart Tice, Steve Zimple, Vlally Burke, Cenard Girard, jim Hayes, Wicky Grunwell, Matt Godek, Bob Bcrezoski, Ronnie Walsh. Second Rozu: Bernd Rothenberg, Carey Pope, Bill Elliott, Karston Rothenberg, Wes Jeffries, john Ward, Elston Perry. Steve Labell, Toni Tucker, John Loving, Mike Patton. Third Row: Doug Miller, Dave Roberts, Gary Hloodruff, H. A. Thomp- son, Toni Hesselton, Tom Leach, Dcc Humphrey, Don lVhite, Scott Miller, Richie Johnson. L 51.5, I 'B . if 0 . . . ,I J ..,. . Xu Amp! W.., X im? wi , gi, 4 xllu 61.12, First Row: Lou Henderson, Dennis Booker, Dennis Amundson, I-loulihan, Mr. I-Iclnibreek, Mau Godck, Bob Berezoski, Ronnie Stuart Tice, Steve Zimple, Wally Burke. Scrond Row: H. A. Walsh. Thompson, Cennrd Girard, jim Hayes, Wicky Grunwell, Mr. SCOREBOARD 10 VV.T.VV. Wakefield 35 37 lN.T,l'V. VV.-L. "B" 13 40 VV.T.lV. Edison 18 31 1N.T.1fV. Marshall 16 48 XMTKN7. O'Connell 3 40 1V.T.1N. Yorktown "B" 6 30 lV.T.lV. St. Stephans 16 33 lN.T.VV. Marshall 14 45 1fV.T.1V. Edison 7 sf- 34 VV.T.VV. Episcopal 13 Stuart Tiec readies his man for J. V. WRE TLI PM Fifi! R011'-' D011 PfllIlC, D2lVill FTHHZ, CHYCY Pope, DHVC Roberts, Ward, Elslon Perry, Robert Hreidsson, Rick Mnnnikysen, Bill Karslon Rothenberg, XVCS Jeffries. Second Roux' Bill Elliott, John Gentry. Mike Parton, A E -M Girard forces his opponent to the mat. Godek counters his opponentfs takedown. Zimple forces a Yorktown grappler down ,dyed sAaa 2' Mr. Helmbreck and Mr. Houlihan coach silently from the sidelines. Girard breaks down his opponent. . 6,1 Burke attempts an escape counter. Wicky Grunwell brings his man dow Il Ifiizsl Row: Jim Salle, Bob Berezoski, H. A. Thompson, Vince Evans, Steve Wilson, Mike McBlair, Wvayne XVelde, Pete Gos- sens. Second Row: George Ifaircloth, Mike Pahl, Elston Perry, john Ken, Ben Johnston, john WV:-xrd, Fred McCellan. Third Raw: Morris Lutrell, Nick Westover, Bernie Bendish, Beorge VAR ITY TRACK Track gave thrills Gosscns Brown, Dave Strong, Gary Wfootlrum, Paul Brown, Steve Chris- tensen. Fourth Row: Ray McCarthy, Pete Bell, Dick Payne, Wicky Grunwell, Steve Huclock, Dale Watson. Fifth Row: Gary Woodruff, john Loving, jim Hayes, Tom Joyce, Rick Thompson, Toni XVhite, Dave Barnett. The fact that our track facilities were not yet completed this season did not seem to hinder the first Cavalier track team. The school's corridors and front parking lot served as a substitute track held. Coaches Volrath and Billak guided the boys through a fairly successful sea- son. Although the boys had the handi- cap of being a younger and less experi- enced teain, they still made an impres- sive showing. Next year when Wootlson has one of the Hnest track facilities in Northern Virginia, we hope that the boys will show the same spirit and willingness that they have shown this year. oves up in the county track meet. First Row: Bob Lueke. Steve Kaas, Rocky Oliver, Steve Granmo, Davies, Ken Simms, Don Danbury. Fourth Row: Dave Fullerton, Scott Durham, Steve Meachcr, Dick Gage, Gary Maylin. Second Dennis Johnson, Bob Thompson, jim Musinski, Bill Olmsky Row: Dave Coughlin, Paul Hollan, Colin Corcoren, Bob Kcrshey, Fifth Row: Bob Strickland, Richard Gillbraith, Mike Heart Mike Stough, Robert Hreidarsson, Micky LeGarcl. Third Row: Greg Sarley, Dan Schultz. Sixth Row: Steve Barnett, jack Selby john Wikes, Bob Gass, john Haney, Doug Hanewiuckel, Robert Bill Smutke, Bob Garley. to spectators at meets and practices. AR ITY BA EBALL Throughout the year, The W.T.XV.'s team spirit was displayed in all athletics by faithful attendance to practices and whole-hearted efforts on the fields and on the COLITLS. Baseball was no exception. The team had an advantage over the other new schools by the inheritance of three lettermen from other Northern Virginia Schools. On the basis of past experience, two of them were selected co-captains, and the third served to add batting strength through- out the season. Coach Lehman worked to create a first-rate team by drilling each individual to the utmost in precision timing, quick thinking, and skilled movement. Although Wfoodson was 1lOt eligible for the area championship this year, Mr. Lehman expects next N year's team to be a strong contender for the title. 1 "Right over the plate," says Greg DeHaven as Kevin Boyle catches. Baseball supplied entertainment First Role: Bill Ross, jeff Williston, Danny Mastic, Elmer Maley, Smarr, Kevin Boyle, jeff Harper, Barry Qualland, Manager. Co-captain, Wally Burke, Co-captain, Bill Perry, Tom Tucker, Third Rozv: Chris WVorley, Manager, Ken Pennington, Earl john Cabot. Second Row: Manson Cheek, Manager, George Myers, Bob Frase, Butch Crawford. MOIAHH. john javage, Greg DeHaven, Mike Simmons, Harold 1. ' I-A ifkifci ,gg-. Short-stop Ken Pennington snags the ball as third baseman Bill Perry and Elmer Maley look on. iffy., 4 .. . i z,.f--- .W , . -ug' '..' if git. .M Q.-as- .s or ' -N I A f ' A 'ij' , , ' Q. - 1 ' 7 as ws... ...S ..-'SL-fF5'r:'1 H f . . ' ., "lu:-fi. f 5 'i.,1"i .5 ,, f , ,M ,. , ..,,.M.:N . ,H ., -vt.. 1-r. j .,. 2 5 Lge-J fg -I f l.7A7g,:nC:L: W ' ae., ..r.,'W2i?i'f?Ws,4j Q gm ,,a.,4,-rg.. .sum-h , te. qw-,QM .4-x.gh ,,,-Ns,.:,, ,2, 1-, ff aw Elmer returns the ball to jeff Willison on the mound. , A 1 jeff works the team tediously during practices at Butch Crawford prepares to hit a homer as Greg DeHaven catches. ld --'n A l L . 181 ..nm4anmemn-1-1nwn r, , Sidney Lanier. George Moran catches on first at a scrimmage with AHS. 3 Pre-game warm-ups seem tiresome for "some" infielders. Al Myers practices barring or is it buming? The Cavaliers let one really fly during an Annandale-lvooclson scrimmage. during the spring 182 J. V. BA EBALL Firsl Row: Robert Sutphin, james Moore, james Eagon, Robert Clark, YVilliam Murray, Ronald Johnson, Hal Price. Second Roux' Bruce Smoots, Ralf Blevins, jim Andrews, Rick Starr, Alan Myers, Dennis Carr, Chuck Winfree, Frank john. Third The Baseball team, under the coaching of Mr. Knupp, developed into rt well-rounded squad. The team suffered il disadvantage as far as practice fields were concerned. lfllhenever there was a nearby prac- tice field, the varsity team got the first choice and the J.V. had to do the best they could, however, in spite of these problems, the team kept their spirit and enthusiasm high. Wally Burke, Cajztainf Coach Lehman, Elmer Maley, Co-mplnin. A Cavalier connects on the Atom's field. Row: Mark Prouty, ilflanagerg james Doughtery, Manager, Boone Bucker, Stanley Owens, james Ritter, Ronald Maley, Craig English, Manager. 183 First Row: Rita Costello, Ginny Olson, Stephanie Issltt Chery King Pat Ross MaryAnne Keniblc Susie Scers Susan Russels Vetter, Janet Bratter, Susan Giller, Joan Cushman Terri Hock Charlotte Harlan Miss Poarch Coach crstnith. Second Row: Phyllis Dunn, Linda Munster Cindy GIRL ' VAR ITY SOFTBALL Coached by Miss Poarch, players on X'Voodson's first softball team soon dis- played their sportsmanship and enthu- siasm. Long hours of practice enabled the girls to improve individual skills and united them into a powerful team. Pro- viding the hub for next year's Varsity squad, the girls showed the results of practice at their games. After competitive tryouts, the J.V. Girls' Softball team took roots and founded a firm attacking team. After- noons of vigorous practice, calculations of batting averages, and advancement of sportsmanship filled the Spring soft- ball season. NVith the line performances of the Junior Varsity Girls' team, there was the certainty that these girls would add to a strong Varsity squad. They are surely deserving of the praise and honor placed on them by their supporters. J V. OFTBALL F1151 Row Cathy Wates Cindy Corso Eileen Killion Sonja Colman Linda Miles, Carolyn Crewes, Karen Crewes, Alice Munster Pam Mtuchio Second Row Gail Camp Judi Pulley Chalfont Cmdy Todd, Kay Myers. U . . , up 'I I' .- qlw Q T 5 I XJ l X 1 tl' 2 ff Yr . 1 X -1 .g. f . ,fs- RIFLE TEAM First Row: Steve Hudock, Bob Foreman, Chuck Harris, Karl Chip Morrow, Blair Powell, Lynn Layne, Jimmie Henderson. Hess, Don Matthews, Mark Slicliter. joe Ziegler. Second Row: ov""'f-My 186 Steve Hudock takes careful aim. ifle and Tennis if fifilfifiilf L Lg or-ggi 511,11 zest' igj-fftpfi-si Wi?-iilif? 5' 'M 9 .vi X A, ..,........4.................--., S . ., ..., . ,., .. W, vt ' ' . it -: Q i Dave Roberts serves to opponent. I I Steve Bccklcrreturnsahard-hit serve. l ' d' 'd 1 ' f ' gave p ElYCI'S IH 1V1 U21 S3118 aCt1OI'l. First Row: Steve Chernock, Steve Beckler, Jaime Ather- MOYHH, Brad JOTWHSOI1, Rick Evert. T11i1'd Row: Chris ton, Mike Renaud, Dave Roberts, Scott Marston, Brian Wvahlbffg, Mark Zllk, RiCh21fd Brill, Swrmy WiIl1CrS, Schaiblc. Second Row: Coach Helmbreck, Richard TOHI Hfselton, I-131'TYY0l1llg. Downey, Arch Scurlock, Paul Estep, Steve Andrick, Ronald 187 V1 1 f' 'ai E, r ar W '. x -2 ' ? L ' A . " ' K '..,-. . l em fi, .- , -ix-' I my f j KY' 5' fl? - I g x X 1 5 I , 5' ! 'tl- ,4 l -V4 IA . ' I' V, .V-' I" ADVERTISEMENTS GOLDEN PATRONS e following businesses have contributed 350.00 or more g o the publications: NEWLON'S TRANSFER 8L STORAGE 1511 NORTH NELSON STREET ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA MILLER REAL ESTATE 9608 COLUMBIA PIKE ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA SILVER PATRONS ll ing businesses have contributed 325.00 or mor g e publications: Mount Vernon National Bank Ten Pin Plaza Arlington-Fairfax Savings 8a Loan The Pep Club Peacock Buick Monroe Development Corporation Gordon Realty Dodd Brothers Plasterers l 9 BUSINESS PATRONS h f llowing businesses have contributed 3515 or mor d g the publications' Skyline Esso Station Guy E. Simpson, Inc. Fairfax Florist The Style Shop Albert's Beauty Salon Calfax Motors, Inc. Pinecrest Golf Center Gray's Sinclair Virginia Press Lake Barcroft Esso Bowl America Nicholls Imported Car Service, Inc. Crossroads Rambler Chamblin's Market Roadside Market Werner Jewelry McCormick Jewelers B0b'S Beef HOUSC- Streamliner Restaurant Annandale Sport 8L Hobby Shop The Key Club Castelberg's Jewelers Gearhart's Hardware Arcade Electronics I F1tz-Hugh's Florist Lady Hamilton La Nelle Alexander School George E. Walker, Inc. of Dance Coco's Casa Mia Italian Restaurant T0ny'S Pizza 9 Fellow Cavaliers, Remember this year, the first year of The Wilbur Tucker VVoodson Senior High School . . . Though the year opened late, our spirit was quickly gathered. Coach Billak's football squad and Miss LeGarde's cheerleaders united our student body during the all-important first week. Our winning spirit continued in the Magazine Drive. Student Government- inspired competition pitted Barbara Phillips's Indians against Fred Livengood's Cowboys and put Woodson in first place in the inter-high contest. Woodson was on the map . . . the Cavaliers came into being. Saluting members from Iceland, Canada, France, and Peru with their respec- tive flags, The W. T. Woodson student body participated in the first Flag Raising Ceremony led by the Symphonic Band and Choir. In October the Pep Club sponsored the first social event of the year, The Hallowe'en Hop. The Cavaliers celebrated their first Christmas. The Music Department made its formal debut in the "Persian Room" of the Marriott Motelg the homerooms participated in a door-decoration contest, and Student Government made tray favors for Fairfax Hospital. In January the Spanish Club played host to ten Latin American students from Chile and Columbia. Later in the month at the Sport's Banquet Butch Smarr, Bill Perry, john O'Neil, George Moran, Bob Prouty, and Phyllis Dunn were presented their Outstanding Athletic Awards. Students and faculty members alike rejoiced . . . the cafeteria was opened. Woodson grapplers had a terrific season compiling a 9-l record and skill on the basketball court. We closed the season in our gym with an impressive first season's record. The Key Club-sponsored Ugly Boy Contest and Dance incited the Cavalier body to unite in the March of Dimes Drive. In March the Key Clubbers attended the International Key Club Convention in Roanoke. On the Ides of March toga-bedecked "Romans" attended the Latin Banquet. Chris Zipp was among the entertainers doing an exotic slave dancers. During the same weekend the formidable Woodson triad, Dick Healy, Jim Mann, and Richard Payne, appeared successfully on WRC-TV's "It's Academic." At the French Club Mardi Gras masqueraders celebrated a night in New Orleans and crowned Mary Margaret Marston and Paul Ramsey monarchs of the ball. In the spring our four choirs took top honors at the District Choir Festival and performed at the Senate and Pentagon. And, in our first year Mike McBlair and Bob Garner were selected All Virginia-All State. Meanwhile, the bands took top honors in the Northern Virginia Band Festival, too. The Drama Department successfully presented scenes from Broadway plays April 5 and 6 entitled "Odds'N'Ends" featuring the aspirant actors Bob Garner and Sue Hall. Student Government elections and class elections followed the exciting cam- paigns. The Juniors had their prom and received their rings. The Honor So- cieties held their inductions. This has been truly an outstanding year-Woodson's first. It as been our goal on the yearbook staff to capture the events and the spirit. Within the covers we hope to have bound Woodson and all her aspects. Sincerely, Ronnie -lean Bulson Editor-in-chief 192 Adams, Mr. Othel F. 18 Adams, Robin Ann 46, 64, 114, 121 Adams, Margaret 64 Adrian, Howard 78 Ahlheld, Billy 64 Ainsley, Diane 64 Akin, Terry 64 Albrecht, Lee Wayne 78 Alexander, Linda 64 Alexander, Betty 27 Allard, Putnam 125 Allen, Barbara 46, 61, 98 Allen, Dennis 64 Allen, Elizabeth 78 Allen, Mrs, Mary 18 Allen, Sally 78 Allen, Tom 64 Allen, William 78 Allred, jean Leslie 114, 116, Alspaugh, Michael john 78 Amshey, William joseph 78, 171, 179 Amundson, Dennis 64, 174 Anderson, Dorothy 64 Anderson, Paul 78, 112 Andrews, james 78, 171, 183 Andrick, Stephen 78, 110, 187 Angel, Christopher 64 Angel, Linda 64, 125 Angelo, Stephen 64 Annette, Heather 78 Apperson, Linda 64 Aquino, Traleen 78, 115 Armentrout, John 78 Armstrong, Elayne Karen 78, 115 Armstrong, james 78 Ashley, Kathy 78 Assad, Casey 78, 171 Assur, Eric 64 Astholz, Beth 46, 115, 116, 131 Atherton, james 46, 99, 100, 101, 102, 155, 187 Austin, Barbara jean 78, 114, 124 Auth, joseph 46, 100 Ayers, Linda 64, 118 Baber, Elizabeth 78 Baeshare, Karin 78 Bailey, Jack 78 Bailey, Linda 78, 118 Bain, Albert 46 Baldauf, Nancy 64, 173 Ballengee, Dianna 64 Balleu, Ronald 64 Balzer, Barbara 46 Banks, Betsy 78, 116, 121 Barber, Mrs. Mavis B. 18 Barnes, Mary 64, 113 Barnett, Dave 46, 61, 115, 145, 146, 155, 178 Barnett, Stephen 78, 179 Barnette, Kenneth 78 Barr, Linda 64 Barrett, Grainger 78, 117 Barrows, jeff 78 Bartlett, Marilyn 64, 103, 113, 121 Bartley, Dorothy 78 Bateman, Allan 78 Bates, David 78 Bates, Sandra Louise 46, 116 Bauman, Don 78 Beakes, David 64 Beall, Christopher 78 Beall, Peter 126 Bear, Lorena 64, 116 Beaune, Nancy 78 Bebb, Kenneth 64, 111 Bechtel, Gretchen 64 Beck, Frederick 78 Beckler, Paul 78 Beckler, Stephen 187 Beebe, Karen 78 Beebe, Stephen 64 Beeler, Charles 78, 112 Belford, Kathline 78 Bell, Robert 64, 113 Benkert, Eileen 64, 116 Bennett, Guy 64 Bennett, Robert 78 Bennington, Craig 78, 112 Benson, Lynn 78, 114, 131, 173 Benton, Mr. Anna 18 DIRECTGRY Berentson, Vickie 78 Berezoski, Bob 46, 100, 111, 155, 174, 177, 179 Berg, Gordon 78, 114 Bergen, Patrick 78, 112 Berle, Margaret 78 Berman, Richard 46 Bernhard, Tom 78 Berry, joan 46 Berry, Michael john 78 Berzak, Susan 127 Bessor, Bruce 79 Bettwy, Caroline 64, 115 Beury, H. Laurence 79 Biggs, Frederick 64 Billak, Mr. Charles E. 18, 30, 154 Billings, Miss Dorothy 18 Bininger, Kathy 79, 108 Bininger, Nancy 64 Bird, Bob 64 Birnbaum, Ashley Carol 64, 124 Bisel, Linda jo 64 Bishop, Barbara 79 Bishop, Linda 79 Bittenbender, Paul 11, 46, 99, 102, 113, 142 Black, David 46 Black, Donna 46 Black, Peggy 46 Blair, Guy 64, 123 Blair, Marsha 36, 46, 118, 130 Blair, Merle 46, 121 Blanton, Mr. Charles M. 18 Blasingamc, Nancy 46, 113 Bledsoe, Claire 64 Blevins, Arthur 79 Blevins, Barbara 64 Blevins, Billy 79 Blevins, Carolyn 79 Blevins, Charles 64 Blevins, David 46, 79 Blevins, Ralph 79, 183 Bloxtan, Paula 79 Boggs, Loretta Mae 46 Boisseau, Linda 40, 46, 105, 106, 124, 163 Bolt, Helen 46 Bolt, Linda 79 Bombere, Bruce 64 Bond, Thomas 79 Bonham, James 79 Bonner, Daniel 46, 164 Booker, Dennis 46, 141, 174 Booker, Judi 46, 113, 124 Boone, Bucker 79 Boone, Sharon 46 Bost, Dottie 79 Boteler, Barbara 79 Boteler, Richard 79 Bottorlf, Evelyn 79 Bowers, Mary 46, 120 Bowler, Margaret 64 Bowman, Brooks 79, 114 Bowman, Lemarr 79 Boyd, Deborah 64 Boyle, Kevin 46, 180 Brant, jim 129 Brake, Marion 46, 131 Brann, Sandra 64 Brannock, Nancy Sue 79 Brant, Beverly 79 Brasse, Linda 64, 130 Brassy, Virginia 111 Bratter, janet 47, 113, 125, 163, 184 Breeden, Dorothy Lee 47 Brewington, Linda 64, 115 Bridges, Verna 64 Bridges, Sandra 79 Briggs, Fred 131 Brill, Richard 79, 111, 187 Brinkley, Linda 47, 115 Britt, Barbara 47 Broaddus, Mr. John 14, 24 Broderick, Nancy 64 Broehm, Don 47 Broehm, Margaret 79 Bronson, Wayne 64 Brookins, Leslie 47, 66 Brossy, Virginia 79 Brown, Cliff 47, 111 Brown, David 47, 108, 117 Brown, jerry 79, 116 Brown, Linda 64 193 Brown, Mrs. Priscilla T. 18 Brown, Robert 64 Brown, Rosena 79 Brown, Susan 79 Brown, Terry 79 Brown, Virginia 79, 115 Browning, Joseph 80 Bryan, james W. 129 Bryan, Steve 65, 131 Bryson, Mrs. Nina E. 18 Bucco, Bob 47 Bucher, Boone 79, 183 Buckley, Margaret 47, 115 Bugg, Barbara 65 Bullard, Nancy 80 Bulson, Ronniejean 8, 19, 35, 47, 102, 106 126, 147, 163 Burbach, Sandra 80, 114 Burbach, Sharon 47, 109, 131 Burbridge, William 47 Burke, Arleen 80 Burke, Lennie 80 Burke, Wally 47, 102, 155, 174, 180, 182 Burleson, Brenda 80, 114 Burnett, Al 65 Burns, John 47 Burton, Billy 80 Buskirk, Mr. Everette C. 19, 114, 142 Buskirk, Pam 65, 112, 115, 134 Butcher, Glenn 65, 130 Butcher, Preston 80 Butcher, Richard 80 Buzhardt, Linda 65, 115 Byram, Mary 65, 121 Byrnes, Miss Pat 17, 123 Cabe, Sutton 65 Cabot, David 80 Cabot, John 11, 31, 41, 42, 47, 54, 100, 102 143, 164, 167, 180 Calcamp, Virginia 47 Caldwell, Cynthia 65 Camp, Gail 65, 103, 184 Campbell, Nancy 80 Campbell, Roberta 47 Canard, Shirley 80, 114 Cantrell, Tim 80 Cantwell, Richard 47, .48, 100, 102 Carpenter, Mr. Herbert 16 Carr, Cynthia 47, 105 Carr, Dennis 65, 170, 183 Carraro, Bethel 65, 116 Carrico, William 80 Carscadden, james 65, 124 Carso, Cindy 184 Carson, Wayne 47 Carter, Ruth 65 Carty, Susan 48, 101, 105, 124 Cartzendafner, Ralph 80 Carver, joyce 65 Caton, Louis 65 Caudle, Marjorie 80, 114 Ceconi, Madenna 65 Celec, Don 65, 105, 155, 164, 167, 168 Chaconas, Diana 48 Chalin, Denny 48, 120 Chalfant, Alice 65, 172, 184 Chandler, Ann 80, 114, 125 Chase, John 65 Chaves, Lorena 65 Cheek, Manson 33, 48, 180 Chernock, Stephen 48, 117, 122, 187 Cheshire, Mr. Harley R. 19 Chesley, Mr. Emory 6, 7, ll Chisholm, Xvilliam 65 Chittum, Nancy 65 Christensen, Steve 48, 61, 98, 99, 164, 178 Christensen, Vickie 65, 114 Christianson, Sharon 48, 120 Christianson, Susan 80, 124 Chunn, Cheryl 11, 48 Ciotti, Steve Dale 48, 110, 122 Cissel, Alvin 65 Claeys, Ellen 80 Clark, Craig 80, 112 Clark, Donald 48 Clark, Donna 65 Clark, Ellen 65 Clark, Mr. James E, ll, 19 Clark, Robert 66, 80, 183 Clark, Robert Lewis 80 Clark Ronald 80, 112, 115 Clarke, Charlotte 66 Clefton, Gordon Allen 38, 48, 106, 107 Clem, Carole 66 Clemens, Mary 80 Clemmer, Lee Ann 48, 113 Clifford, Rebecca 80 Cline, Rick 48, 155 Cline, T Cloney, homas 80 Kathy 48, 53, 106, 125 Close, Martha 48 Cloyed, Bryan 80, 110, 125 Cloyed, Sally 48 Coakley, James 48 Coakley, Joanne ll, 48, 61, 98, 99, 102, 105 Coates, Sharon 80 Coble, Larry 48, 129 Cochrane, Dennis 80 Cocklin, Cocklin, Dianne 48 Dion 130 Cockrane, Brad 66 Cockrell, Robert 49 Coffey, Cynthia 80 Coffey, Patricia 80, 114 Coffman Coffman Coggins, Coggins, , James 49, 110, 124 , Roger 80, 111 Bruce 49, 111 Karen 49, 120 Coldwell, Gail 66 Colley, Glenda 66 Collier, Susan 80 Collingwood, Robert 49 Collins, Katherine 80 Collins, Colman, Patricia 40 Martha 81, 116, 184 Compton, Barbara 81 Compton, Danny 81 Cone, Linda 76, 81, 153 Conley, Sylvia 81, 121 Conn, Melinda 66 Connell, Thomas 81, 112 Conrad, Joan 49 Coolidge, Lynndell 49 Cooper, Jane 81 Cooper, Marion 66 Coo er Nanc 81 114 P , Y , Corcoran, Colin 66, 179 Corso, Cindy 81, 172, 183 Costantino, Janice 66 Costello, Mrs. Barbara 19 Costello, Rita Helen 49, 130, 184 Couch, Melvin 27 Coughlin, David 49, 179 Coulter, Linda 66 Cox, Donald 49, 116 Crabtree, Hubert 81 Cradlin, Craig 49 Cramer, Beryl 81 Craver, Cheryl 16, 66, 70, 110 Crawford, Butch 49, 120, 180, 181 Crawford, Gary 81 Crews, Carolyn 81 Crews, Karen 184 Crist, Sandra 49 Cove, Linda 124 Crowley, Nancy 66 Crozier, Helen 49, 117 Culver, Clyde 81 Cunningham, Laura Jane 49, 115 Cunningham, Mr. Patrick J. 15 182 Curless, Jane 81, 135 Curless, Judy 66, 113, 114, 135 Currier, Sherril 81 Currle, Kathleen 81, 173, 184 Curtin, Carolyn 81 Curtin, Diane 66 Curtis, Charles 33, 49, 116 Cushman, Joan 49, 172, 184 Cuskelly, Gregory 81 Dalton, Nancy 66 Dalton, Thomas 49 Dalton, William 81 Danbury, Bill 66, 155 Danbury, Don 49, 61, 98, 102, 111, 155, 179 Daniel, James 49, 61, 115 Daniels, Janet Lee 66 Daniels, John 81 Daniels, Mildred 49 Danover, Cline 27 Darnell, Patrick 81 Darr, Darleen 49, 108 Daugherty, Boyd 66, 183 Davis, Harriet 49, 130 Davis, John 122 Davis, L on 81 Davis, Patrick 66 Davis, Robert 81, 179 Davis, Robyn 66, 126 Davis, Rosa Lee 49, 108, 116 Davis, Shirley 66 Davis, Tuck 66 Davis, Vernon 81 Davison, Bobby 81 Dawson, Don 66, 130 Day, Carolyn 49 Deaker, Buzz 117 Dean, Darleen 129 DeBel1, John 49 DeBoskey, Robert 81 DeButts, James 81 Deckard, Linda 66, 118 Decker, Lynne 49 Deem, Darlene 49 DeHaven, Greg 180, 181 DeJerf, Rich 81 DeLauder, Regina 81 Demott, Victor 81 Denny, Carol 66, 103, 125 Derr, Deborah 36, 49, 118 Detwiler, Joan 66 Dewald, Mike 66 Dewey, Sharon 49, 113, 124 Dewey, Susan 66, 127, 130 Dickinson, Susan 67 Diehl, Mary 67 DiGeralamo, Lisa 49, 115, 123 Dinwiddie, Mike 67 Disenhaus, Helen 81, 124 Dixon, Thomas 124 Dlugos, Mary Jane 81 Dodd, Miss Nancy C. 19, 20, 118 Dolinger, Nancy 67 Donald, Peter 81 Dotson, Johnny 27 Douglas, Mr. James 19 Dowling, Mr. Walter J. 19, 38, 102 Downes, Brian 129 Downey, Richard 81, 187 Doyle, Geraldine 81 Doyle, Jessie 49, 129 Draves, Doug 67 Drinkard, David 67 Drye, Stephen 49, 117 Dunn, Phyllis 33, 41, 49, 163, 172, 184 Duram, Scott 67, 110, 179 Durnford, Vicki 146 Dwyer, Laura ll, 50 Dwyre, Paula Sue 81, 115 Dwyre, John 50, 116, 155 Eagon, James 81, 114, 123, 183 Eby, Kathy 67, 109, 131 Edgarian, Linda 81 Edelston, Mrs. Ellens 19 Edwards, Michael 67 Eggleston, Alice 67 Eldracher, Lawrence 82 Elkins, Frank 82 Elliott, Albert 67 Elliott, Bill 67, 75 Elliott, James 50 Elliott, Lucille 67 Elmore, Ann 67, 125, 163 Elstad, Victor 67 Emerson, Margaret 50, 115 England, Tim 82, 114 English, Craig 67, 124, 183 English, John 50, 110 English, Joseph 67, 183 Ennis, Linda 82 Enos, John,50, 112 Entwisle, Judith 50, 118, 124 Eppard, Brenda 67 Erickson, Bente 50 Erickson, David 82 Erskine, Lys 50, 116, 125 Estep, Paul 50, 187 Evans, Kathleen 67, 82, 116, 124 Evans, Vince 50, 99, 102, 114, 171 Evanshaw, Anthony 50, 115 Evenson, Pamela 50 Evert, Richard 50, 99, 102, 106, 142, 143, 18 Ewing, Gerald 50, 145 Fagan, Charles 50 Fairbrother, Bonnie 67, 124 Fairbrother, Nancy 82, 125 Faircloth, George 67, 178 Faircloth, Leroy 67 Faircloth, Marcia 67 Farfan, Mr. Armando 20, 35 Farmer, Pam 50, 113, 153 Farnworth, Pam 67, 112 Farnworth, Virginia 82 194 7 Farrance, Jeffery 82 Farrar, Miss Roberta Jo 20 Farrell, Jeanne 50, 108 Felton, Robert 82 Fenton, Nancy 82 Fessler, Jacqueline Fielder, Leslie 82 Filipczyk, Benjamin 82 Finegan, Jim 50, 111 Finegan, Lawrence 67, 111 Fischer, Emily 67, 127 Fisher, Nancy 50, 114 Fisher, Ronald 82 Fitchett, Patricia 50, 131 Fitzpatrick, Anne 82 Fitzpatrick, Patricia 50 Flaherty, Lynne 82, 116 Fletcher, Barbara 10, 67, 115 Flinchum, Mrs. Vivian 20 Flint, Joseph 131 Flisher, Emily 118 Flood, Mike 50 Flynt, William 67 Foley, Kevin 50, 125 Folinger, Nancy 82 Follin, Lynda 67 Forbes, Sharyn 50, 61, 98, 105, 106, 155 Ford, Mrs. Margaret 20 Ford, Patricia 82 Foreman, James 116 Foreman, Robert 50, 110, 186 Forward, Michael 82, 110 Foster, Linda 82 Fowler, Wayne 82 Fowler, Roy 76, 116 Fox, John Ste hen 67 Franca, Jim 6? Frank, Robert 67 Franz, David 82, 114 Franz, William 50, 164 Frase, Bob 50, 155, 164, 180, 182 Frazier, Betty 50, 112, 134 Freed, Ginger 50, 112 French, Roland 50 French, Mrs. Marjorie 20, 98 Frenette, Richard 82 Friedman, Cheryl 82, 155 Friedman, Ronald 50, 99, 102, 125 Friga, Jorge 67 Frix, Andy 82 Fugate, D'Arcy 82 Fugate, Sally 50 Fullerton, David 50, 106, 179 Fulton, Jim 67 Funderburk, Ronald 67 Funkhouser, Mrs. H. 20, 32 Furbish, Bruce 50, 143 Furbish, Glenn 67, 102 Fyfe, Mrs. Gladys 20, 62 Gable, Gregory 67 Gaddy, Ernest 50, 129 Gage, Richard 50, 179 Galbraith, Randy 50, 102, 143, 164, 165 Gallagher, Peter 67 Garner, Norma 51, 130 Garner, Darlene 51, 129 Garner, Gail 67, 113 Garner, Bob 9, 51, 99, 102, 116, 124, 146 Garrison, Carl 67 Gartley, Robert 67, 179 Gary, Mr. Julian 20, 25, 40, 116 Gass, Bob 67, 155, 179 Gavage, Sandra 82 Gentry, William 67, 155 George, John 82 George, Pauline 67 Gertwagon, John 82 Ghourjian, Zara 82 Gibbons, Mrs. Mary 20 Giberson, Anne 51, 121, 131 Gibson, Miss Frances 21, 37, 105 Gibson, Gale 35, 126, 127 Gibson, Leonard 83 Gieselman, Gregory 83, 111 Gilbert, Richard 83, 179 Giles, John Paul 83 Giller, Susan 51, 83, 163, 172, 184 Gilliam, Barbara 51 Gillions, Marian 83 Gillions, William 67, 114 Gillum, Robert 83, 110 Gimble, Beverly 51, 120 Girard, Cenard 51, 174, 176, 177 Girolamo, Lisa De 116 Gisriel, Linda 67 Glover, Nancy 67, 108, 124, 127 Gluch, Pamela 83 Godek, Katherine 68, 115 Godek, Mary 68 Godek, Matthew 51, 125, 155, 174, Godwin, James 83 Goldberg, Roberta 51, 110, 124 Goldblum, William 83, 115 Goldstein, Ronald 83, 110 Golway, Carolyn 51, 115, 116, 121 Gompf, Clayton 51, 131 Goodell, Charlene 51 Goodman, Kathleen 51 Goodnough, Joyce 52, 112, 131 Goodrich, Anne 83, 117, 126 Goodrich, Pamela 35, 52, 126 Gorder, Charles 83 Gordon, Janice 83 Gordon, Romney 52 Gossens, Pete 52, 164, 176, 178 Gough, Gary 47, 52 Gough, Margaret 68 Gowell, Kathryn 83, 115 Grady, Robert 52 Graham, Nancy 83, 111 Granmo, Steve 68, 179 Grassler, Linda 68 Gray, Doris Ann 52 Gray, Robert Herbert 83 Gray, Virginia 83, 114 Green, Halsey 52, 116 Green, Jo Ann 68, 116, 127 Green, Mary Lynn 52 Greenlee, Karen 68 Greenstreet, Janet 52 Greenstreet, Linda 68 Grenwis, Tom 83 Gribble, Joseph 83 Gribble, Tennes 68 Griflis, Billy 52, 102, 1113 Griffith, Lynn 52, 103, 110 Griffith, Roberta 83, 110 Grimes, Edward 68 Grimsley, Suzanne 83 Groseclose, Miss Sandra 21 Grunwell, Wicky 41, 52, 131, 174, Guckert, Linda 83, 114 Gummersall, Greg 83 Gustaferro, Barbara 83 Guthrie, Terrie 83 Gwin, Bill 68 Hackney, Mr. Harold 17 Hadden, Marta 68, 127 Hadley, Rick 68 Hagedarn, Charles 68 Haig, Lori 52, 106, 107, 116 Hall, Ann 83 Hall, Carroll 52 Hall, Douglas 83, 103 Hall, John 68 Hall, Pam 68 Hall, Susan 40, 52, 116, 146 Haller. Michael 83 Halligan, John 68 Halloran, Patricia 83 Hamaker, Holly 52 Hamaker, Judith 83 Hamel, Richard 52 Hamilton, Duncan 83 Hamilton, Terrance 68 Hammer, Mike 68 Hamner, Mary 52 Hampton, Dean 83 Hancock, Anita 83 Hancock, Pelham 83 Hanewinkel, Doug 52, 145, 179 Hanson, Gail 83 Hanson, George 68 Hanson, Jarl 52 Harbin, Ron 83 Hardesty, Dawn 68 Harlan Harler, David 111 Harman, Bob 52, 113, 155 Harman, Richard 84, 110 Harper, Jeff 68, 180 Harrelson, Miss Betty L. 21 Harrington, Barbara 68, 153 Harris, Craig 52 Harris, Linda 68, 84, 103, 115 Harris, Lynda 121 Harris, Margaret 53, 84 Harris, Micheal 53, 116 Harris, Richard 186 Hart, Michael 84, 171 Hartwig, Richard 84 Hase, Barbara 68, 163 Haselton, Henry 68 Hash, Wanda 68 , Charlotte 52, 84, 101, 118, 176 177, 178 163, 184 Hassel, Paula 68 Hatch, Donna 68, 125 Hathaway, Sheridan Elaine 84 Haven, John 68 Havener, Kristin 68 Hawk, Mrs. Jeanne E. 17 Hawkins, James 84 Hawkins, Marilea 53, 108, 120 Hawkins, Phyllis 53 Hawkins, Robin 84, 115 Hawthorne, Sandra 53, 130 Hay, Colleen 84, 112, 163, 173, 184 Hayes, Christie 84, 126 Hayes, Gary Robert 84 Hayes, James 68, 155, 174, 178 Hayes, Polly 53 Haynie, John 68, 131, 155 Hays, A1 129 Hays, Judy 68 Hazlett, Reginald 122 Healy, Richard 10, 53, 95, 99, 101, 102, 117 Hearn, Bruce 36 Hearn, Jay 118 Heart, Mike 179 Heatwole, John 53, 84 Heatwole, Stephanie 53, 83, 117, 121, 130, 163 Heavey, Brian 84 Heckard, Carol 84, 114 Heffelfmger, Sidney 68 Heglar, Mr. E. Jerome 21 Heglar, Mrs. 15, 21 Heilbronner, Steven 84 Heitz, William 84 Helmbreck, Earl J. 21, 177, 187 Helmick, Delores 84 Helsel, Janice Catherine 84 Hemmer, Robert 84 Henderson, James 68, 180 Henderson, Lou 174 Henderson, Peggy 69 Henderson, Peter 84, 111 Henderson, Rosemary 84 Henry, Barbara E. 84 Henry, Margie 53, 121, 131 Hensley, Brenda 69 Hentschel, Mrs. YVinifred 38, 84 Herrick, Harvey 69 Hesel, Janet 121 Heselton, Sharilyn 84 Heselton, Thomas 53, 187 Hess, Evelyn 84 Hess, Karl 30, 69, 86 Hewes, Anita 53 Hickel, Larry 69 Hicks, Davetl 84 Hicks, Marilyn 53, 103, 107 Higgins, Holly 69 Hildebrand, Shirley May 84, 114, 116 Hill, Deborah 84 Hilty, Elizabeth 84 Himelick, Vicki 69, 99, 112 1-limmer, Pat 69 Hinkley, Jeffrey 69 Hippler, Mrs. Dorothy 15 Hirshfeld, Joseph 84 Hitchcock, Joan 53, 60, 101, 113 Hoag, Nancy 53 Hoag, Rush 84 Hoann, John 109 Hockersmith, Terry 163, 184 Hocking, Sandra 69 Hoft, Myrna Lou 84 Holden, Glenn 84 Hollar, Paul 84, 179 Holliman, Sandra 69, 108, 124 Hollingshead, Mrs. Mary 21 Holloman, Evelyn 84, 114 Holloway, Barbara 69 Holloway, Rose 69 Hollowell, John 69, 73, 140 Holm, Thomas 69, 117, 118, 124 Holmes, Paul 40, 53 Holt, Michael 40, 53, 84 Holt, Sherrie 69, 153 Holter, Kathleen 53 Hoover, Jay 53 Hoover, Lynda 69 Hoover, Miss Eve 21, 32, 53 Hopewell, Connie 69 Hopkins, Dianne 118, 127 Hopkins, Kitty 53, 124, 130 Hopson, Robert 84 Horner, Greg 84 Horseman, Ida 69 Houlihan, Mr. Dennis F. 21, 177 Howard, Charles A. 84, 111, 123 Howard, Clinton 53, 110, 124 Howard, Linda 36, 53, 109, 118 195 Howard, Pat 84, 173 Howard, Sandra 54, 99, 102, 118 Howell, Brenda 84 Howell, Buz 69 Howell, Linda Lee 69, 163 Howell, Linda M. 69 Howler, Mike 111 Hreidarsson, Robert 54, 174 Hubbard, Clint 69, 170 Huber, Christine 69, 123 Hudock, Steve 69, 141, 155, 178, 186 Hudson, Sharon 146, 147 Huffstutter, Nancy 69 Hughes, Elizabeth 69 Hull, Mary Lou 54 Hummel, Mike 85 Humphrey, Dee 54 Humphrey, Mr. James E. 21 Humphrey, Susan Kay 85 Humphreys, James YV. 85 Hunley, Richard 85 Hunsberger, Robert 54, 102, 108, 143 Hunter, Barbara Jeanne 69, 121, 123 Hurst, Martha 69 Huston, Margery Ann 69, 127 Hutchins, Lloyd 85, 171 Hutchinson, Dean 85 Hutson, Sharon 69, 99, 102, 116, 146, 147 Hutto, Mrs. Nancy S. 21, 34 Huyler, Fay Elaine 54 Hyatt, Ruth Hannah 85, 116 Ianni, Juan 85, 114 Ingraham, Mary Catherine 69 Ingram, James 54, 127 Irving, Conrad 95 Issitt, Leslie 41, 85, 94, 173 Issitt, Stephanie 100, 101, 105, 106, 163 172 184 Iwanik, Michael 85, 114 Jacobs, Bevan 85 Jackson, Odell 85, 114 Jackson, Vernita 69 Janet, Sue 54 Jarosh, Michael 54 Jarrell, Emmett 85 Jasper, Mr. Eugene E. 22 Javage, Jeffries, Jeffries, Jellum, Jenkins John 54, 180 Chip 54 Michael 55 Judy 55, 116, 146 , Daniel 85 Jenkins, Donald 85 Jenkins Jenkins , Jon 85 , Pat 69, 121 Jenkins, Mr. Paul E. 21, 22 Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, Donna 69, 109, 123 Irene 85 Pamela 85 Jobst, Jane 55 John, Frank 69, 170, 183 Johns, Jolanda 69, 121 Johnson, Beverly 85 Johnson, Brad 55, 102, 187 Johnson, Carol 69, 85 Johnson, Dennis 30, 69, 179 Johnson, Miss Elaine 21, 22. 26, 118 Johnson, Gail 55, 99, 102, 149, 153 Johnson, Iris 53, 99, 102, 108, 127, 163 Johnson, John 85, 131 Johnson, Linda 69, 124 Johnson, Philemon 85 Johnson, Richard 131 Johnson, Ronald 70, 183 Johnson, Sherry 55, 116 Johnson, Susan 85, 125 Johnson, Teresa 55, 129 Johnston, Benjamin 70, 170 Johnston, Muriel 36, 85 Jones, Barbara 108 Jones, Brownie 27 Jones, Catherine 55 Jones, Linda 55, 114, 120 Jones, Robert 85 Jones, Thomas 70 Joray, Eileen 55 Joy, Patricia 85 Joyce, Donna 70, 108 Joyce, Thomas 55, 178 Joye, Mike 55, 122, 123 Judson, Donna 85 Julian, Alex Pat 70 Kaas, Stephen 70, 179 Kandl, Anna 85 Kanto, Kathleen 70 Karnes, Mike 55 Kilton, Linda 86 McGregor, Keeth, Sandra 70, 115 Keeth, Susan 70, 115 Kegley, Anna 55 Kelly, Mr. Bernard W. 22 Kemble, Gayle 85 Kemble, Mary Ann 55, 130, 184 Kemp, Patricia 85 Kennedy, Nancy 55 Kennedy, Patrick 70 Kennedy, Thomas A. 70 Kennel, Richard 85 Kent, Pamela Jeanne 70, 173 Kerr, John 86, 178 Kersey, Robert 86, 179 Kershes, Robert 170 Kessler, Sharon 55 Key Linda 86, 125 Key, Sue Carol 86, 114 Keyes, Melissa 86, 118 Lehman, Mr. Daniel H. 18, 22, 42, Leith, Carolyn 71, 99, 102, 114 Letourneau, Jo Anne 87, 114 Levitt, Larry 87 Lewis, Gregory 87 Lewis, Pamela 87 Lewis, Rodney 71. 110 Lewis, Suzanne 71, 113 Libeau, Brenda 87, 114 Libeau, Sandra 87 Lichtefelcl, Miss Ann 23 Light, Thomas 87 Light, Tony 87 Liller, Jackie 87 Lindenmeyer, Julie 87 Linclner, Richard 71, 131 Linkner. Karin 87 Lippard, Miss Nancy 20, 23 Liskey, Mr. Yvayne M. 20, 23, 118 Keys, James Walter 86 Keyton, Walter 54, 129 Kibler, Terry 70 Kidd, Robert 86 Kidwell, Louise 70 Kielsgard, Trisha 55, 115, 121 Kiger, Michael 86 Kilgore, Janet 86, 114 Kilgore, Karen 70 Killion, Eileen Marie 86, 184 Kincer, Regina 86, 121 King, Cindy 55, 105, 121, 140, 163, 184 King, Ernest 86, 114 King, Marcia 86 Kirby, Melanie 55 Kittell, Sharon 70 Kittrell, Sandra 55 Klick, Francis 55, 75 Klick, Marlene 70 Klimkiewicz, Mary 70 Kline, Victor 70 Klotz, Betty Jane 70, 121 Knott, Kathryn 55 Knowlton, Jeff 70, 118 Knupp, Mr. Randolph L. 22 Kohlhagen, Steven 70, 117 Konoza, Geraldine May 85 Kouzes, Richard 70, 99, -102, 103, 124, 123 Kozina, Barbara Jo 54, 99, 118 Krauser, Sandra 70, 114 Krieg, Edward 86 Krsul, Anne 86 Krytusa, Gail 70 Kunkel, Stephen 86, 171 Kurata, Carol 70, 124 Kurata, Marilyn 86, 116 Kurfehs, Judy 54, 101, 105, 106, 107 Kuric, Mike 70 Kurtz, Konrad 55, 86 LaBell, Gregory 70 LaBell, Steven 86 Lacey, Margaret 116 Lacy, Frances May 86 Ladson, Mr. William P. 23, 52 La Garde, Michael 55, 111, 179 Laird, Carol 55, 108, 111 Lambers, Brenda 70 Lambert, Michael 70 Lane, Dennis 27 Lane, Diana 55 Lane, Krissen 86 Lane, Sharen 55 Langford, Michael 86 Langhorne, Carol Ann 86 Lann, Harriet 70 Lann, Lawrence 70 Lantz, Cheryl 114 Lara, Antonio 86 Larson, Elin 71, 116 Latina, Arthur 86 Latina, Carolyn 56, 130 Lawhead, Paul 56 Lawrence, Elmer 56 Lawrence, William 86 Lawson, Luanne 71, 99, 121, 102, 127 Lawton, Dianne 86 Lawton, Donna 87, 99, 114 Layman, Jimmy 71, 118 Layne, Mr. George R. 17 Layne, Lynn 86, 186 Leach, Thomas 56 Lee, Bernice 87, 114 Lee, George 71 Lee, Marlene 71, 124 Lelf, Mexine 87 Legard, Miss Carolyn 19, 22, 24 Legate, Lauren 56 Litman, Mr. George 23 Little, Michael 131 Little, Patrick 112 Livengood, Fred 56, 111 Livingston, Carol Ann 56 Livingston, Gail 56 Locke, John 87 Lorlin, Nancy 71 Logan, Sandra 87 Loguirato, George 71, 110 Loman, Jack 87 Long, Dianne 87, 114, 121 Long, Kenneth 87, 131 Long, Nancy 87 Loveless, Gloria 71, 87 Lovett, Ruth 87, 114 Loving, John 178 Lowe, Mareen 56 Lower, Jon 43, 87 Lucas, Miss Mary K. 23 Lueke, Robert 87, 179 Lumpkin, Michael 87 Lund, Pamela 87, 118 Lund, Terry 56 Lundien, Elizabeth 71, 126 Luttrell, Morris 56, 178 Lutz, Sharon 56, 110 Lydtlane, Belle 87 Lydclane, William 71 Lyman, Charles 71 Lynch, Patti 87 Lynch, Raymond 87, 111 Lyons, Debra 71 Lyons, Patricia 56, 131 MacCork1e, Judy 56 MacHurdy, Hugh 87 Maddalena, Carl 71 Mahanes, Edith 71 Mainassey, Judy 114 Maitland, Mary 87 Makely, William 87 Malcolm, Anita 87, 121 Maley, Elmer 56, 180, 181, 182 Maley, Ronald 33, 87, 114, 170, 183 Mallon, Ann 71 Mallon, Lynda 71, 123 Malnassy, Judy 87 Mann, James 10, 56, 99, 102, 109, 147 Marceron, Kenneth 56 Marchio, Pam 71, 184 Marek, Mike 71, 87, 131 Markley, Carolyn 87, 114 Marlow, Hazel 71 Marlow, Susie 126 Marsden, David 87, 171 Marsh, Don 114 Marsh, Jeanne 121 Marsh, John 87 Marston, Mary 9, 56, 103, 113, 135, 149 Marston, Scott 71, 187 Martin, James 66 Martin, John 66, 67, 155, 164, 165 Martin, Steve 112 Martinez, Michael 71 Martorana, Vincenne 112 Mason, Mr. Howard W. 23 Mason, James 56, 111 Massey, Ruth 56, 108, 114, 123, 125 Masterson, Lynn 116, 121 ' Masterson, Nola 63, 71, 94, 172 Mastic, Daniel 71, 115, 170 Mastropola, Michael 71 Matthews, Don 186 Mattos, Kristie 71 Mattson, Peter 71 Maupin, Gary 71, 179 Maxwell, Marsha 103 Maxwell, James 71 196 2 May, Robert 112 May, Thomas 56, 129 Mayes, Diana 71, 124 Mayes, Morris 56 McAtee, Stuart 56 McBlair, Michael 9, 56, 113, 116, 135 178 McCalman, Helen Marie 56 McCann, Dale 88 McCann, Edna 71 McCarthy, Robert 56 McCarty, Diane 56 McCarty, Janelle 90 McClelland, Carolyn 56, 100, 101 McClintock, Janet 88 McClusky, Mike 56, 164 McCoy, Terry 88 McCracken, Kent 71 McCucldin, Sharon 71, 103, 173 McCullen, Patricia 71, 114 McDaniels, Diana 56 McDonald Allan 71, 110 McDonald Maureen 56 McDonald, Patrick 88 McDonald, Peter 71 McDonald Sheila 88 McDonough, Joe 56, 100, 101 McGahey, Kathleen 88, 114 McGinnis, Carol 71 Daniel 88 McIntyre, Charlotte 71 McIntyre, Marvin 88, 114 McKelvey, Daniel 71, 118 McKeown, Ann 71 McKnight, Marian 56 McLane, Stephen 71 McLeod, Donna Lee 71, 113, 135 McMahon, Monique 56, 113 McMann, Philip 88 McMillan, Mr. Eric D. 23 McRobie, Gloria 88 Meacher, Steve 56, 129, 155 Meckling, Bill 88 Mellen, Jim 88 Melnik, Grace 90 Merck, Mr. Marvin-Joe 23, 57 Meredith, Dennis 71 Mernone, Myles 90 Mervine, Philip 71 Meyer, Kaye 90 Meyer, Raye 88 Michie, Ronald 88 Miles, Lynda 88, 112 Mileur, Barbara 71 Milks, John 71, 103, 126, 179 Miller, Beth 71 Miller, Carol 71 Miller, Cheryl Ann 88, 131 Miller, Doug 11,57 Miller, Mrs. Hellen 23 Miller, Laurel 57, 123 Miller, Linda 72, 121 Miller, Linda C. 115 Miller, Stephen 88 Miller, Steve 88 Miller, Suzanne 72, 124 Mills, Lynda 72 Milzer, Scot 88, 114 Minko, Beverly 88 Minor, Sylvia 88 Mitchell, Charlotte 36, 88 Mitchell, Miss Dora 24 Mitchell, Kathleen 72, 127 Mitchell, Mike 72 Moeser, W'endy 57 Mollit, Thomas 72 Molchanoff, Catherine 57, 121, 130 Monahan, Patricia 57 Monahan, James 88 Monroe, Elizabeth 72, 116, 124 Monson, Frederick Gale 88 Montgomery, James 88, 116 Montondo, Robert 88, 171 Mooney, Bill 88 Mooney, Elizabeth 72 Moore, Carol 57, 72 Moore, Eilene 72 Moore Moore Moore, 1 James 72, 183 Kenneth 72 Lara 88, 114 Moorelieltl, Dan 88 Moran, George 57, 111, 140, 155, 15 166, 169, 180, 181 Moran, Kathryn 88 Moran, Ronnie 88, 114, 187 Moreno, Beatriz 88 Moreno, Ignacio 72, 93, 131 Morgan, Ronnie 72 9 164 Parker, Moritz, Phillip 72 Moritz, Susan 57, 113, 118, 155 Morris, Mr. Paul R. 24, 88 Morrissey, Eddie 72 Morrow, Chip 88 Morrow, Christopher 72, 88, 186 Morton, Mrs. Lorraine 24 Mosley, Roger 72, 111 Moss, Kirsteen 89 Moyer, Janet 89 Much, Mary E. 89, 114 Mugaas, Linda 89 Mugaas, Nordrick 72 Mulcany, Brian 72 Mullen, Cynthia 72 Mullikin, Laura 72 Mullins, James 72 Mullins, Linda 57, 121 Mullins, Sandra 72 2, 155, Munnikhuysen, Rick 57, 61, 98, 99, 10 156 Munster, Linda 101, 123, 130, 184 Munster, Sonja 72 Murrah, Jo Anne 57, 131 Murrah, Larry 89 Murrah, Linda 89 Murray, Marilyn 89 Murray, William 72, 183 Musinski, James 57, 179 Musinski, Joanne 89 Myers, Alan 72, 83, 155, 182 Myers, Earl 72 Myers, Kay 114 Myers, Richie 180 Myers, Scott 89 Naler, Georgia 89, 115, 125 Namshick, Paula 72 Napier, Jan 57, 99, 102, 129 Nay, Alice 114 Nay, Susan 72 Neal, Luncinda 89 Neale, Betty Ann 89 Neale, Lana 57 Nelf, Susan 89 Neilson, Sue 173 Nelms, Carl 89 Nelms, Clyde 89 Nelson, Jon 89 Nerdahl, Carlyle 57, 90, 106, 116, 146 Nerdahl, Van 89 Nethercutt, Ronald 89 Neuburg, Kathleen C. 89, 114, 153 Neuburg, Suzanne 57, 108, 172 Newcomer, Charles 89 Newlon, Karen 57, 109, 131 Newman, Barbara 89, 103 Newman, Debbie 57, 101 Newman, Frank 72 Newman, Judy 72, 124, 172 Nicely, David 89 Nichols, Linda 57 Nichols, Loretta 89 Nichols, Toni 72, 121, 124 Nicholson, John 72, 155, 159 Nutter Nielson, Suz 89 Niemi, Douglas 89, 117 Noll, Miriam 21, 57, 131 North, Patrick 72 Nowell, Ronnie 57, 111 Nutter , Anna Belle 57 Nutter, Conrad 72 , Richard 89 Nuzzi, Donna 72, 127 O'Bannon, Francis 57 O'Baugh, Hope 114, 131 O'Baugh, Martha 89 Odenthal, Joseph 89 Offutt, Richard 89, 171 O'Flaherty, Karen 58, 121 O'Flaherty, Nancy 89 Oleson, Emelia 72, 184 Oliver, Ronald 89, 179 Olson, Alan 72 Olson, Eric 72, 122 Olson, Penny 72 Olson, Sunny 72 Olson Virginia 58 100 101, 118 o'Neil1, John 58, i4o, i55 Opp, Mrs. Ruth 24, 31 O'Rourke, Linda 72 Ortman, James 89 Orton, Mary Beth 72 Osequeda, Christine 90 Over, Bill 58, 164 Overman, Cynthia 58 Owenby, Frank 90 Owens, Julie 58, 115, 130 Owens, Katheline 72, 163 Owens, Kenneth 72, 113, 135 Owens, Patricia 72, 115, 125, 16 Owens, Stanley 90, 183 3 Price, Sandra 59 Price, Virginia 90, 114 Prickett, John 73 Prine, Patricia 59, 118 Priuett, Mildred 90 Pack, Anita 72 Padgett, Sherry 90, 153 Painter, James 58, 115, 126 Palmblad, Anne 90, 108 Palmblad, Vicki 58, 90, 108 Palmer, Judy 58 Palmer, Phoebe 72, 124 Pareseau, Robert 58 Parker, Parker, Charles 90, 111 Francine 90, 114 Parker, James Hodges 90 Parker, James Leland 58 Lucille 51, 58, 116, 131 Priuett, Roy 73 Proctor, James 90 Prouty, Mark 73, 183 Pronty, Robert 59, 140, 155, 157 Prudhomme, Suzanne 73 Puflenberger, Mr. Eugene 25 Pugh, Mrs. Jane 25, 42 Pulley, Judith 73, 103, 126 Purcell, Marilyn 90 Quelland, Barrett Lee 59, 100, 101 Quelland, Douglas 90, 180 Quinn Quinn ,Annette Lee 73 , Daniel 73 Parks, Cathy 73 Parks, Sharyn 73, 126 Parrish, James 58, 111, 135 Parrish, Janet 58, 112, 134, 172 Parrish, Mary 90 Patton, Michael 73 Paul, Timothy 90, 122 Paule, Donald 90, 114 Quinn, John 59 Quinn, Robert E. 90 Raebel, Catherine 90, 114, 153 Raiborn, Richard 90, 171 Raine, Nancy 40, 59, 116, 146 Rampy, Pat 74, 99, 102, 124 Ramsey, Paul 9, 40, 59, 99, 101, 102, 108, 149 Paule, Payne William 73 Bucky 90 Pa nej Carlton 73, 90 Y Payne, Charlene 7 3 Payne, Glenda 58 Raudenbusk, Reid 90 Rea, Vincent 74 Reck, Ronald 90 Reed, Reed, Emily 40, 59, 106, 107, 116, 120 Marilyn 90 Payne, Jean 73 Payne, Lana 73, 115 Payne, Larry 90 Payne Richard 8, 10, 35, 58, 102, 126, 147, 155, 178 Pearce, Mr. David L. 24 Pearman, Janice 73, 125 Pearson, Delores 90 Pearson, Richard 7 Reed, Patricia Ann 74 Reed, Virginia 90 Reedy, Mary 90 Reese, Jerry 74 Reese, Mary 90, 118 Reever, Barry 59 Regan, Elizabeth 90 Regan, Jean 74 Regan, Mary 90, 114 Peek, Richard 90 Penn, Judy 58 Pennington, Kenneth 9, 58, 102, 106, 107, l13,135,142,143,155,180,181 Peretti, Alice 58, 73, 108, 117 Peretti, Emily 73 Peretti, John 58 Perry, Candice 90, 173 Perry, Elston 59, 155, 178 Perry, Harvey 73, 129 Perry, William 58, 140, 155, 156, 164, 166, 167, 180, 181 Pesek, Jane 90 Peters. Cynthia 59 Peters, Gregory 73 Reid, Marilyn 90 Reid, Philip 59, 155 Reid, Robert 90 Reideebach, Teresa 74, 123 Renaud, Michael 59, 187 Renaud, Parker 74, 126 Renick, Linda 74 Renolds, Ann 59 Reutiman, Dayna 74, 112 Reynolds, Renee 59, 129, 131 Rhinehart, Karen 9,1 Rhoades, Marjorie 74, 125 Rice, Patti 74 Rice, Paul 74 Rich, Mrs. Alma 15 Peterson, Helen 73, 90, 124 Peterson, Sue 115 Petrasek, Loretta 90 Pexton, David 59 Phillips, Barbara ll, 54, 105, 114 Phillips, Kathleen 34, 59, 106, 107, 116 Rich, William 74 Richards, Rebecca 91, 103 Richardson, Candace 74, 114, 116, 123, 163 Richardson, Rosita 74 Richter, Nancy 74, 131 Richwine, Mike 91 Phillips, Linda 73, 100, 130, 146 Phipps, Mr. Robert 14 Rigas, Eddie 91, 115 Riggs, Alan 74 Rigoulot, Jeri 59, 100, 101, 106 107 Pierce, Mrs. Nancy 24 Pierce, Linda 73 Pigge, Linda 90 Pilsa, Patrick 90, 113, 124 Pingatorc, Patricia 35, 73 Pingitore, Mrs. Mireille 22 Pitner, Sperry 90 Plough, Eric 73 Plough, Patti 36, 59, 118, 126 115, 163 Riley, Sharon 74 Rio, Marlena 91, 113 Ritter, James 74, 183 Road, Shirley 74 Robb 1 ancy 9, 59, 103, 124 , Y Roberts, Anne 59, 99 Roberts, Elizabeth 91 Poarch, Miss Erma 19, 24, 184 Poe, Allan 73 Poe, Donald 59, 164 Polk, Janet 90, 99 Polk, Jean Marie 73, 173 Pollinger, Miss Shirley 24, 37 Pollock, Patrick 73, 103, 126 Pope, Candy 90, 114 Pope, Kerry 59 Pope, Randall 59 Roberts, David 74, 187 Roberts, Linda 59, 118 Roberts, Susan 74 Robertson, Diane 91 Robinson, Patricia Anne 74, 106 Robinson, Robert 60, 74, Roderich, Jane 74 Rodgers, Beverly 60, 130 Rodgers, George 91 Roehe, Thomas 74 106, 155 Potter, Jerry 59 Potter, Mrs. Nancy 25 Powell, Blair 73, 186 Powell, Jean 90 Powell, Joan 105, 117 Powell, Pamela 116 Prentice, John 59 Rogers, Xvilliam 91 Rolston, Jacgueline 74 Roop, John 1 Roop, Rachel 108 Rose, Barbara 74 Rose, Pennelton 27 Rosness, Randy 112 Prentice, Linda 90 Prentice, Scott 90, 112 Pressentin, Susan 59, 108 Price, Harold 73, 111, 183 Price, Georgia 99 Price, James 90, 114 Price, Joyce 59, 113 Price, Pat 59, 126 197 Ross, Ross, Dianne 114 Joel 91 Ross, Pat 60, 184 Ross, YVil1iam 99, 102, 108, 115 5 159 180 Rosseau, Deanna 74 Rossow, Deana 112 Rossow, Maureen 60, 130 Rothenburg, Bernd 91 Rothenburg, Karsten 60 Rothlisberger, Marche 91 Rowan, Kathleen 74 Rowe, Linda 74, 124 Rowell, Bruce 91 Rowley, Belinha 9, 60, 113, 135, 163, 172 Rudd, Jacqueline 11, 41, 74, 114, 130 Ruddle, Sandra 91 Rufhn, Charlie 91 Ruffing, Barbara 91 Ruhsam, Harry 91 Rumley, Roger 91 Runyon, Edwin Russell, Bruce 91 Russell, Penny 91 Russell, Ruth 125 Russell, Susan 74, 140, 163, 184 Ryan, Ruth 91, 110, 184 Rydstrom, Ronald 91, 114 Sagert, Penny 34, 60, 112 Sallie, James 74, 85, 178 Salmon, John 126 Sanborn, Irving 91 Sanborn, Judith 60, 125 Sanborn, Merril 74 Sanborn, Nancy 74, 113 Sanders, Patricia 74 Sandrock, Marcia 74 Sanford, Mary Jane 74 Santmyer, Della 91 Santmyer, Linda 75 Santo, John 75 Sarley, Gregory 113, 155, 179 Satterwhite, Mrs. Jean 22, 25, 1 Sauders, Melvin 92 Scanlan, Sue 75 Scarce, Anna 75 Schaefer, Sally 92, 103, 118 Schaible, Brian 64, 134, 135, 187 Schaitberger, Harold 38, 60, 86, Schall, Mark 92 Scheider, Charles 92 Scheider, Sara 60, 109, 110 Scheidig, Matilda 92 Scheurich, Carol 92, 75 Schliph, Carolyn 113, 116, 135 Schmidlen, Robert 75 Schneider, Donna 60, 114 Schottrofe, Edna 92 Schreiber, YVi11iam 75 Schultz, Daniel 92, 179 Schwarzman, Carol 92 Scofield, Suzanne 163 Scott, Chris 60, 116 Scott, Chris 60, 106, 116, 125 Scott, Dave 131 Scott, Joanne 92 Scurlock, Arch 60, 187 Scurlock, Susan 92 Sears, Dolcas 92 Sears, Martha 75, 113, 125 Sears, Susan Anne 60, 112, 121, Sears, William 75 Sedoff, James 92, 118 Sedolf, Mary Beth 37, 60, 109 06 144, 155 125, 184 Shumate, Dave 75 Shunk, Katherine 92 Sides, Sides, Buford 129 James 92 Sigrist, Nancy 92 Simmons, Barbara 92, 173 Simmons, Carole 75, 124 Simmons, Michael 60, 155, 180 Simmons, Sandra 92, 153 Simmons, Sheron 60, 115 Simms, Carolyn 60 Simms, Ken 179 Simms, Mr. Robert 15 Simps Simps on, George 92 on, Joseph 92 Sims, Carolyn 60 Sims, Kenneth 92 Singer, Arthur 60 Singer, Sidra 92 Single tary, Gary 92 Sinnett, Jo Ann 92, 114 Sisk, Mary 92 Sithens, Suzanne 60 Skillern, Lisa 92, 115, 153 Slichter, Mark 75, 186 Small, Becky 92 Smarr, Harold 60, 140, 155, 1 Smarr, Martin 93 Smarr, Sharon 75 Smith, Andrew 93 Smith, Bill 60, 123 Smith, Cheryl 110 Smith, Mrs. Christine 16 Smith, Dewitt 60, 123 Smith, Diane 72 Smith, George 27 Smith Glen 75 Smith, James 60 Smith, John 75 Smith, Joma 75, 112, 125 Smith, Jonathan 60 Smith, Kevin 75 Smith, Martina 60 Smith, Pat 60, 129 Smith, Richard 93 Smith, Rodgers 93 Smith, Sharon 131 Smith Sherrill 124 Smith, Sheryl 60 Smith, Teresa 93, 115 Smith, Thomas 93 Smoot, Howard 93 Smoot, Leonard 93 Smoot, Sharon 61 Smutk Smutk o, Paul 93 0, William 61, 179 Snyder, Judy 75 Soloman, Reva-Jane 75, 110, 134 Songer, Charles 75 Sorber, Robert 75, 123 Spangler, Mr. Wayne 17 Sparkle, Helen 61 Sparks, Linda 61 Sparks, Stanley 75 Sparling, Michael 93 See, Phyllis 60, 108, 131 Seiver, Richard 75 Seek, Mrs. Kathleen 25 Selby, Debbie 92 Selby, Jack 38, 60, 179 Selby, Margaret 92 Sellers, Ronald 92 Senio, Mrs. Nancy 25, 109 Sessums, John 92 Sewer, Richard 75 Shackelton, Bruce 75, 115 Shaw, Don 92 Shea, Barbara 92 Sheads, Don 75, 112 Sheehan, Kathy 60, 106, 107, 116 Sheets, Kenneth 75 Sheets, Marion 92, 115 Sheets, Sandra 92 Shelton, John 92 Shelton, Willard 60 Shepherd, Anthony 75 Sherwood, Richard 75 Shevar, Archie 92 Shields, Rudolph 75 Shirey, Sandra 75 Shirly, Sherrianne 60, 125 Shore, Bruce 92, 114 Short, Benny 92 Short, Glenn 92 Shoults, Charles 93, 111 Shoults, Gregory 93, 131 Shubart, Bonnie 60, 100, 101, 10 8, 124 Spencer, Miss Dorothy 25 Spitlcr, Carol 61 Springer, Mrs. Kathleen 25, 1 Sprouse, Charlotte 93 Sprouse, William 75 Squires, Judith 75 Stafford, Nanci 61, 121,131 Stahl, John 76, 122 Standridge, Jane 93, 114 Stanley, James 27 Stanley, Lana 61 Stanley, Linda 93 Stanley, Pam 93 Stanley, Sue 129 Stargarot, Manfred 93, 118 Starr, Rick 76, 170, 183 Staser, Merry 61, 63, 141, 172 Stayman, Jim 129 Stearns, Christopher 93 Steele, James 76, 131 Stein, Toby 61 Stemmerman, Charles 76, 131 Stemmerman, Mrs. Louise 16 Sterling, Janie 61, 115, 131 Sterr, Sandy 61, 106, 116 Stevens, Duane 76, 111 Stevens, Tina 76, 163 Stevenson, Kathy 61 Stewart, Kathryn 76, 121 Stewart, Norma 93 Stoffel, Patsy 93 Stoop, Susan 76, 105 198 80 112, 116, 125, 03 Story, Lewis 41, 129 Stout, Michael 76, 179 Straight, Rebecca 93 Straight, Sharon 76 Straiton, David 93 Strickland, Alan 93, 179 Strickle, Peggy 61 Strickler, Janet 93, 103 Stirckler, Nancy 61, 106, 107 Strong, David 93, 140, 169, 170, 171 Strong, Deborah 126 Strong, Gregory 93 Strong, Susan 93 Stroube, Robert 61, 126 Stuart, Bell 93 Stuart, Jettie 61, 131 Stuart, William 93 Stull, Phyllis 76, 114, 120 Stull, Sara 76 Sudler, Sandra 76 Sudduth, Miss Linda 25 Sullivan, Mimi 4, 61, 113, 123 Supinger, Claude 76 Sutherland, Phyllis 76 Sutherland, Miss Winnie 17 Sutphin, Bob 76, 102, 183 Swaim, Anne 76 Swan, James 93 Swartz, Debbie 61 Swartz, Samuel 93 Sweeney, Patricia 61 Sweeney, Suzanne 61 Tabor, Mrs. Elizabeth 25, 114 Tackaberry, Burt 61 Tackaberry, Kief 61 Talbot, Betty Anne 93 Tate, Carole 76 Taylor, Bruce 62, 115 Taylor, Bruce 62, 115 Taylor, Judith 93 Taylor, Kenneth 62, 127 Taylor, Mary 117 Taylor, Michael 93, 103 Taylor, Myron 94 Taylor, Patricia 76, 112, 134 Taylor, Sandra 94, 114 Templeton, Donna 76 Tew, Edward 76 Thomas, Dian 76 Thomas, Sharon 94 Thomas, Sheilah 94 Thompkins, Alex 27 Thompson, Charlotte 94 Thompson, George 27 Thompson Harry 62, 178 Thompson: Judith Elaine 76, 93, 115 Thompson, Mac 94 Thompson, Richard 33, 62, 10 149, 178 Thompson, Robert 76, 111, 17 Thompson, Terrell 94 Thornlex, Benny 27 Thruston, Mike 76 Tice, Stewart 62, 174, 175 Tilden, Glenna 129 Tilson, Andy 94 Tilson, Conley 94 Timmons, Barbara 94, 114 Tipton, David 76 Tlusty, Mr. Leonard 26 Tobin, Michael 76 Todd, Andy 94 Todd, Cynthia 94, 184 Tolson, Dale 62, 105, 111, 135 Tolson, Deborah 94 Toomes, Sherry 62 Toothman, Penelope 94, 127 Torrey, Margaret 76, 120 Tosti, Patricia 94, 114, 153 Tower, Ibrook 94, 110 Town, Janet 76, 163, 172 Towne, Maurice 94 Townsend, Judith 76, 115 Tracy, Carol 76, 116 8,111,125 9 Trammell, Becky 76, 108 Travers, Anne 94, 114 Travers, Frances 94 Travis, Carol 94, 184 Trease, Nancy Ann 94, 114 Tremai ne, Michele 76 Trivett, James 94 Tucker, Marilyn 94 Tucker, Thomas 36, 62, 101, Tullins, Gerri 177 Turner Nancy 77 Turpini Shelley 94, 114 Tuttle, David 94 180 Tuttle, Robert 62, 102, 108 Uhl, Terry 77 Uhler, Robert 164 Ulmer, Arlene 77, 130 Upton, Drew 94 Van Doren, Linda 77, 131 Van Osdol, Valerie 77, 93, 126 Varnau, Donald 93 Vaughn, Mary 77 Veltre, Lois 129 Verner, Dan 77 Vetter, Cheryl 172, 184 Vogel, James 62, 100, 102 Vogel, Peter 93 Volrath, Mr. Louis 26 Vore, Stephen 62, 125 Wade, Gregory 93 Wagner, Jean 93 Wahlberg, Christopher 65, 77, 155, 187 Walker, Charles 62, 108, 125 Walker, Doris 30, 77 Walker, Mrs. Phyllis 26 Wall, John 77 Walls, Lessie 93 Wallace, Benjamin 77 Walsh, Ronald 77 Walter, Connie 11, 77, 115, 153, 173 Walter, Toni 93 Wampler, Judy 77, 114 Wamsley, Stan 62, 110 Wannall, Steve 93 Ward, John 62, 179 Ward, Pam 77, 118 Ward, Phyllis 77 Warfield, Karen Lynne 77 Warford, Lee Alan 62 Warner, Ken 126 Warren, Marion Kay 77 WVarren, Sandra 63 Waters, Dianne 95, 103, 163, 173 Wates, Jessica 93 Wates, Kathy 112, 134, 184 Wlatkins, Miss Miriam 22, 26 Watson, Dale 63, 178 VVatts, Judith 95 Weatherholtz, Theresa 95 Weaver, Gail 77 Webb, Catherine 115, 172 Webb, Michael 77 Webber, Nancy 121 Webster, Craig 95 W'eidner, Mike 77, 112 WVelch, Douglas 63 Welde, Wayne 63, 122, 178 WVenbers, Jim 63 l'Verner, Kenneth 62 Westhoven, Nicholas 95 lvhelan, Moira 41, 95 Wherry, Kathy 62 lvhetstine, Dorothy 77 Whetzel, Joyce 95 Whetzcl, Kenneth 77 Kvhite, Bill 62, 102, 111 White, Donald 33, 95 White, Janice 63 White, Jerry 77, 111, 125 White, Maureen 95, 99 White, Sharyn 95 White, Thomas 63, 102, 178 Whitebread, Jeff 77, 118 Whitehead, Donna 95, 114 Whiteman, Beverly 95 Whiteman, Sharlene 114 Whitmer, Albert 95 Whitmer, Donald 63 Whitmer, Pamela 77 Whittaker, Brenda 77, 88, 131 Wicks, Charlene 33, 63 Wiesner, Donna 77, 121 Wigutoif, Mrs. Bessie R. 26 lVilber, Bruce 95 Wilcox, Carrie 63 Williams, Cheryl 63, 106, 173 Williams, Durant 77 Williams, Edward 95 lvilliams, Randy 123 Williams, Robert 63 Vtlilliams, Sylvia 77, 121 YVillis, Bill 27, 117 Willis, Marsha 38, 63, 130 WVi1lison, Deborah 114, 116 Wllillison, Jeff 70, 77, 180, 181 Wilson, Debbie 95 1'Vilson, Mr. Jennings B. 26 Wilson, Kathy 77, 125 Wilson, Pamela 95, 126 W'indham, Richard 110 lvindled, Rodney 95, 171 Wine, Linda 95, 121 Winfree, Charles 77, 183 lvinfree, Patty 63, 73 VVinn, Miss R. Tucker 17 Winterstine, Richard 77 199 WVithers, John 63, 100, 102, 108, 116, 155, 187 Yvitt, Mr. Neil H. 26 Vlolf, Jelf 77, 111, 120 1'Volle, Cherrie 63, 153 Wood, Bret Michael 63 Wood, Charles 95, 112 lfvood, Dallas 77, 121 Wood, Donna 77 Wood, Hanna 95 Wood, Penny 77, 115 Wood, Samuel 95 Woodburn, Sandra 95 Woodburn, Woody 95 Woodrulf, Gary 178 Woodrum, Mr. William 26 Woods, Daniel 77, 123 Woods, Larry 95 Woodson, Judy 63 Woodyard, Donald 95, 123 Woodyard, Harold 63 Wooten, David 77, 112 Worley, Chris 42, 63, 100, 110, 124, 180 Worrell, Kathleen 63 Worthington, Robert 95 lVrenn, Pamela 77, 118 Wlfright, Alex 95 W'right, David 63, 110 wright, Nancy 9, 77, 113, 116, 135, 163 l'Vright, Wendy 63, 115 Wurtz, Jack 77, 115 WVyant, Nancy 95, 115 Wynn, Patricia 63, 121 Xefteris, Marie 77 Yancey, Beverly 63, 108, 124 Yolton, David 95, 110 Yost, Mejra 77 Young, Carol Ann 63 Young, Lawrence 95, 108, 187 Young, Michael Francis 95 Zartman, John 95 Zaugg, Michael 77, 117, 123 Zell, Betty 77 Zeigler, Joseph 31, 33, 63, 186 Zier, Robert L. 95 Zimmerman, Bruce 63 Zimpel, Pauline 77, 116 Zimpel, Steve 63, 99, 102, 116, 174, 176 Zipp, Chris 36, 63, 101, 113, 118, 126, 148 Zuk, Mark 77, 110, 122, 187 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method A , 'Q 0 Q5 J 4 E2 wp X5 52 fi 9350 Q v 3 fb we fu? Q Q ' V3 2 Q X 'V f'yL,5 MfWQ+5 f U 4 QP UYSXMA My P,So-'BM wjigffx' x W A bfi? W . 5 U U df ljxuxl GSJQXKQ7 Fir' j volt! Ji f 449. JJ xp ,oN CL J' 47 a xg X 2 N Q13 E iz- E: ' ,- . Ag? xc jfbx NX . .fb 52 W Ea: EP Absiix A ' E - QED. fn f,- Q7' ix? XX FQ HD3 ,ffhfw 5 A 25 EXE Xen 52 :bb '-2 - ABQ? R., ii? Qs. as it EX W 97" W W I Qfggw

Suggestions in the W T Woodson High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Fairfax, VA) collection:

W T Woodson High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Fairfax, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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W T Woodson High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Fairfax, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 66

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W T Woodson High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Fairfax, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 206

1963, pg 206

W T Woodson High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Fairfax, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 61

1963, pg 61

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