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J., ll, , -I . - X, 1 ' 1 . 3 - cs M- Q Q-fs f Q, Q4 Y r '. .V A ,. ,i 1 fs' a , 'J' 1 IX Ir 1 , " ' 2 " ' .yf Qi A 4x J Q 2 x ' 11 R' ' 51-JM Y' 'Q ,Aj-, - N' S X '-F .Aw - Twdgmyv T ,tmp .XJ ggi" kj: fu ' .J 'fl 'Y ,, v , f Y, I . N P ii :N 5 4 ' x ' A f I. ""' QVARU1 'V llg' Q b "vii ., 'X 1 ' ,Halas A lf, - , ' , I' -Q. .-' Li , 5' 5 " ' A' I 5+ ' FIDE' f . . . V . wg , ? , f J if H - J X if A J . fb rf 'l A U M V gf X' T PW - - A . 'Pff cj DQ? gfwjgyifvji . ' - 3. . 4 - X . I . ii.. ' LQ 'afalfigj YUA' ,l l . if g, f X 'W I . RM! I I " ,. Qi' V X fr s J' X5 2" is gy ,Q .A 'mix X U ' ' rf E A X 'T h , v N bl f qc W ' A N I ' . 1 ' .1 ',1,,A . :ZX LI- IL, I jg 'L - Iggy in ,buf W. K. Vol XXXX Editors - Tom Gould Judy I-Ioughey Sondrci Allen Noncy Arnett Bonnie Boird Bob Belling WHO'S WHO .ggi zi, 5 gg-it E... n.,.,.....ii 53555 bw X49 Qcghgw . e 5 0595'5'xs!S KELLOGG JIJNIOR I-IIGH SCI-IOOL EDITORIAL STAFF GENERAL STAFF June, I955 Gory Armstrong Sue Stoudinger Stepbonie Kulp Penny Mocfollo Bob McConn Suson Mecliem Mory Miller Pot Murroy Morgoret Broomose Jonet Nye Peggy Cody - Sue Pcilmer Don Costerline Suson Pilmore Cecily Dell - Gory Pyott Sue Douglos Mike Reed Solly Fries Sherry Sedgwick Jim I-Iorris Nicolo Slweppord Loreen I-Iort Kothy Sipe Kenny l-lerst Jo Ann 'Smith Bob I-lolt - Joneene Stonley Deonno Jenney Down Toppon Sondy Jodon Mo ry Tu rl: Sue Johnston Noncy Ure Moxine Lowry Tom Worren Mike Mortin - - Sue Wotts I ADVISORS S Miss Elizobetli Torongo - Miss Emily Koutmonn x fu ,QM-1-rf Dr, Glenn Gfslwom rincipol g at :fa-l '-m"'xY'lh kt l K -X T 'Qi 1-J 'iw I J b if ...- u .fi- - Lb Wir CIE E to 'EC M2 I . C L Q, U .p 0 I 2 A o o o J' .LM A313- !g"f:f.1?1.F,J,gL,QQQff.3v,J Q4-0 , 'Pg I ami ' ,-,V Y V , .. " . Af U V .,.' F gk 'Q' 1Y4'f"ff: 5 -if JSP- -1 I D? 3 gy W 4 .f ' 1 '- - , ll 00 E ' - .. - gn.: , 5--Q JY"-:, ..- -. S N ' ' 1. , tual,- H rfyrr 5 W Kfgfiellogg Junior Hlgll School I N 'Q Jw 1 wi L .3-if gy 'b :4 f so , P ' .1 4,4 AQ ,fq H 3 ? Lf. 'x 22,9 ov, I P- We dedicate this annual to our principal, Dr. Glenn Thomas, whose wise administration, sound Counseling and friendly understanding have made his association with us, one lang to be remembered. Ldlwls who Sid!!- Ccllijaru m W- K.! Now we are leaving junior high, Bidding our' teachers and classmates good-bye, But though we are leaving we wish we could Stay, For ever and ever at W. K. E222 .432-.'S?SSwE'?135eh5BS3?f 2O?Swt32??eWS55? badf what ever we've done in work or play, We've really enjoyed W. K. 'Ihrough all kinds of sports we remained tried and true As we loyally cheered for the White and the Blue, we never will shout a louder UHurray1N Than we did for our teams at W. K. ..,. 'lhe social events, the Follies, the dances -- A d never forget the little romances, All these were helping to make our lives gay In good ol' days at W. K. Of course there was homework and nights after school, Examples of friction by means of a rule, And thousandiword essays assignedfor the day, Made us thoughtlessly wish to leave W. K. Now we're embarking upon a new trail, Going to high school, to make good or to fail, But what ever we do, as we gb on our way, We'll always remember W1 K. Janet Nye 5 "h NINTH GRADE CLASS ROLL , NAME ACTTVITTES NEVER SEEN WITHOUT Ackley, Marlynn - Chorus - Artificial flowers Adams, Robert Q Baseball - Being quiet Alexander, Steve - BAA, Baseball - Stan Allen, Mary - Chorus - Looking cute Allen, Sandra - Who's who - Blushing Allmendinger, Kathy - Who's Who, GAA, Fiesta Follies, Capital Guide Pep squad president - Danny on the brain Anderson, Wilma - Who's Who, Chorus - Curls in her hair Armstrong, Cary - who's Who, Capitol Guide, Essay Contest - A A French book Arnette, Nancy - GAA, Who's Who - Notebook Arnold, Kenny - None - Being quiet Ashley, Sharon - GAA Board, Fiesta Follies - Linda Christopher Bagwell, Peggy - GAA, Fiesta Follies - A quiet smile Bahlmann, Larry - Band - BAA - Absent excuse Bailey, Jerry - Uho's Who, Fiesta Follies, Capitol Guide - Friends Barrett, Alan - BAA, Swimming - Butch hair cut Bartelson, Dick - Band, Who's Who - Fooling around Beatty, Larry - Student Council - His ring Beisheim, Freddie - BAA, Band, Football - Asking questions Beisheim, Marie - GAA, Chorus, Fiesta Follies - Talking about boys Belling, Bob - Band, Capital Guide - ibm Belling Belling, Tom - Band Capitol Guide - Bob Belling Bishop, doger - None - Loafing Birman, Kendall - None - Goofing off Blanton, Kathy - None - Blue eyes Blythe, Joan - GAA - Her laugh Bodell, Catharine - Homeroom officer, Pep squad, Chorus - Eye for the boys Belden, George - Football manager, Basketball manager - Having fun Bonessa, JoAnne - GAA, Cheerleader, Chorus - Smile for Jim Borden, Alec - Swimming - A joke 6 II4? gm!!! ' if! may Ninth Grade Class Roll Qcentinuedp Boshers, Virginia - None - Tonya Finn Boyer, Bernard - BAA - Being tardy Brannan, Pat - Chorus - Red hair Brounston, Eller Jean - Chorus -'Friendly smile Brownell, Jane - Fiesta Follies - Mary Miles Brusik, Sarah - Clee Club - Flowers for ornaments Bryant, Lillian - Chorus - Being absent Bryant, Madelyn - Glee Club - Sense of humor Burns, Editha - None - Hair in her face Button, Jeanette - None - Quiet ways Campbell, Mac - Basketball - Needing a haircut Card, John - BAA, Football, Baseball - Gum Casterline, Don - W1'1o's Who - Messy Notebook Caswell, Tom - None - A questionable. look ' Chochoff, Donna - Glee Club, Fiesta Follies - Donna Peters Christopher, Linda - Fiesta Follies - Sharon Ashley Chudek, Edna - Chorus - Smile Clcvenger, Steve - None - Chewing Gum Chhon, Barbara - Fiesta Follies, Capitol Guide, Homeroom officer, Essay contest - Questions to ask Coleman, Hazel -' None - Big smile Coleman, Johnny - Football, Track, Baseball, Swimming, Base ketball - Hilarious laugh ' Coleman, Priscilla - Chorus, Fiesta Follies, Pep Squad - Chattering Colwell, Don 4 BAA - White shoes ' Conklin, Jim - Football, Band - Smile Conley, Marilyn - GAA, Orchestra - Chewing gum Conley, Natalie - GAA - Cute expressions U Conrad, Terry - None - Being late for class Convis, Danny - Who's Who, Football, Swimming - Swimming ' ability Cook, Stan - None - Steve Cretsinger - Harold - Football - Nice disposition Crosby, Jeff - Band, Swimming, BAA, Fiesta F0lliGS - 0017113 in back pocket Cross, Carroll - GAA, Cheerleader - Sense of humor Daniel, Beulah - Chorus - That answer 7 Ninth Grade Class Roll KContinuedD Davis, Janet - Who's Who - Quiet smile Detherage, Roland - Chorus - A song Dodge, Laureen - None - Serious face Douglas, Dennis - None - Sharp clothes Eakins, Jayee - GAA - Friendly ways Eason, Curtis, BAA, Homeroom officer, Swimming, Basketball - Last word Eckler, Sandra - Office Helper, GAA - A novel Einhardt, Dale - None - Dragging feet Elmer, Ruth Ann - Chorus - Smiling Ensign, Tod - Band - Wad of gum Finn, Tonya 4 Virginia Boshers Ford, David - None - Thinking of space Foss, Gordon - Who's Who, Orchestra - Gum Frisbie, Alice - Fiesta Follies, GAA, Cheerleader - Hurrying Gaerditz, Roy - Radio - Reading about radios Gettings, Corinne - Chorus, Fiesta Follies, Capitol Guide - p Joyce Jaffke or Janet Schworty Goad, Darrell - None H Red hair Gooden, Sara - Chorus - Friendly personality Gordon, Nancy - Student Council, Chorus, Quiet smile Gould, Tom - Basketball, Football, Track, Baseball BAA, Who's Who, Student Council, Capitol Guide - Looking Usharpn Grant, Phyllis - GAA, Cheerleader, Fiesta Follies, Who's Who, Office helper - Neat clothes Gray, Roger - Band - Tom and Bob Belling Guernsey, Beneva - GAA - A purse Hacker, Carol - None - Cute hair-do Hagadon,'Ken - Swimming - Mischievous look Hainline, Carol - GAA, Glee Club - Sara Gooden Hall, Barbara - None - Being quiet Hallmark, Jesse - BAA - Being funny Hardin, Henry - None - Money 8 Ninth Grade Class Roll CContinuedj Harman, Brenda - GAA, Fiesta Follies - Absent excuse Harris, Jim - Who's who - Being his jolly self Harrison, Leota - Glee Club, Orchestra - Quiet smile Haughey, Judy - Who's Who, Essay Contest - Scratch paper Hervey, Jim - Student Council - A butch Herville, Gene - BAA, Football, Track - Gus Heyward, Colin - Band, Fiesta Follies, Orchestra, Capitol Guide Talking Hendrickson, Bonnie - None - A pocketbook Hensley, Donna - Chorus - Pleasant smile Hesiban, Judy - GAA, Chorus - Her pals Higgins, Ronald - Chorus - Grin Hirleman, David - Baseball - Butch hair cut Hjortaas, Gordon - Student Council, Basketball, Swimming, Football, Baseball, Track, Who's Uho, Homeroom officer - Thinking of sports Holley, Otis - BLA, Track - Absent excuse Holmberg, Tom - BAA - Pencils Holt, Bob - Band, Fiesta Follies - A good joke Houghtaling, JoAnn - GAA - David's gold medal Howard, Allen - Radio club - Tardy excuse Howard, Clara Jean - Homeroom officer, Chorus, Fiesta Follies ' Cute earrings Howard, Jerry - BAA, Baseball - Eye for girls Hudson, Patsy - Science Club, Photography Club - Bow in hair Jaecks, Beverly - Fiesta Follies, Who's Who - A page boy Jaffke, Joyce - Chorus, Fiesta Follies, Capitol Guide - Corinne Gettings or Janet Schwartz James, Bob - BLA, Football, Homcroom Officer - Sense of humor Jewill, Ken - None - A remark Jodon, Sandra 7 Office helper, GAA, Pep squad, Who's Who - That blushing smile Johnson, Carl - Band - Funny laugh Johnson, Wayne - None - Unprepared lessons Johnston, Sue - who's who, GAA, Student Council, Capitol Guide - Cathy Jones, Doris - Fiesta Follies, GAA, Pep squad - Friends 9 Ninth Grade Class Roll CContinuedD Kehoe, Jacqueline - Who's Who, GAA, Fiesta Follies - Combing her hair Kemp, Ibm - Chcrus, Chairman of Capitol Guides - Brains Key, James - Band - Quiet expression Kienzler, Linda - None - Happy look Kilbourn, Jerry - None - Talking King, Howard - BAA, Track - Smile Knapp, Bonnie - GAA, Student Council - Mischievous look Korbakis, Gus, BAA - Tbothpick in his mouth Kulp, Stephanie - Who's Who, GAA, Essay Contest, Student Council, Cheerleader, Fiesta Follies, Capitol Guide - Friends LaFever, Art - BAA - Broken glasses Landstreet, John - Band, Who's Who, Fiesta Follies, Essay ' Contest - New idea Lawrence, Irving - BAA, Swimming - U-neck sweaters Leavell, Jean - Glee Club - Judy Hesiben Lightbody, Pat - GAA - Quiet ways Lofgren, Alfred - Band, Fiesta Follies - Nice smile Logan, George - Football, BAA, Photography Club, Baseball - Grin Lower, Becky - Band, Capitol Guide - Being quiet Lucey, George - None - His books Lunt, David - BAA, Football, Baseball - Girls chasing him Maccalla, Penn - Who's Who, Capitol Guide, Essay Contest - An NAU McCann, Bob - BAA, Swimming, Who's Who - Note from H. C. McClearyj Charles - None - Bright red shirt McGee, Marold - Football, Track, Basketball, BAA - Bragging McGinnis, Joyce - GAA - A pleasant look McLaurine, Shirley - Glee Club - Giggle' McNichols, Marlin - Who's Who, Football, Basketball, Track, BAA, Baseball, Homeroom Manager - Paper to loan Mahmet, Margaret - GAA, Fiesta Follies, Homeroom officer - Long hair Mahoney, Mary Joyce - GAA, Fiesta Follies - Cheerleader, Essay or seventh hour for Mr. Reynolds Maines, Peggy - GAA - Fiesta Follies - Friendly manner Martin, Maurice - None - Quiet personality 10 Ninth Grade Class Roll CContinuedj Mathews, Veda - GAA, Fiesta Follies, Chorus - Silly giggle Mechem, Sue - GLA, Pep squad, Orchestra - Long hair Michnevitz, Barbara - GAA, Fiesta Follies, Who's Who - Pretty sweater Miles, JoAnn - Chorus - Being quiet Miles, Mary - None e Cute clothes Miller, Carole - GAA, Fiesta Follies, Capitol guide - Coat Miller, Marilyn - GAA - Kathy Blanton Miller, Robert - Football - Jeans Moore, Margaret - Chorus - Pencil Moorehead, Mildred - Glee Club - Being quiet Morris, Bob - Who's Who - Swimming, Student Council - His sun burn . ' Mullett, Sandra - GAA, Fiesta Follies - Cute figure Murray, Pat - Who's Who - GAA, Pep squad - Cheerful WHiW Norris, Kay - President GAA, Fiesta Follies - Baby talk North, Brad 4 Band - Unusual laugh A Nulf, Clark - BAA, Student Council officer, Swimming - Phil Russell Nunnally, Basil - BAA, Football, Track, Baseball - Joan on his trail ' Nye, Janet - Who's Who, Fiesta Follies, Capitol Guide - Good grades ' Oberlin, Janice - Chorus - Boys Opp, Jackie 4 Fiesta Follies, GAA, Capitol guide - Long hair Osborn, Sam - BAA, Swi ming - Dennis Owen, Ibm - Who's Who - Auto Magazine Palmer, Linda - Glee Club, Orchestra - Teasing Parker, Clayton - BAA - Funny books g Pearson, Richard - None - Absent excuse E Penny, Michael - Student Council, Basketball, Band - nSkeeterW Peters, Donna - Glee Club, Fiesta Follies - Donna Chochoff Phillips, Blaine - Band, Who's Who - Smile Pierce, Ibm - None - Comb Pilmore, Susan - Band - Who's Who, GAA - Quiet smile Puchkoff, Berenice - Fiesta Follies, Who's Who, GAA, Capitol guide, Orchestra - Something to tell ,gbvuffdltae ff jfs-'5 ff Ninth Grade Class Roll CContinuedD Pyatt, Gary - Fiesta Follies, Band, Who's who - Being a nice guy Rainey, Luvonia - None - Attractive clothes Ray, Ronnie - BAA, Who's Who - Laughing Reeder, Lois - None - Smiling Riley, Margaret - Pep squad - Being nice Ritter, Pat - None - Looking glamorous Rizor, Bonnie E None 7 Friendly smile Robbins,'Dick Robinson, Bud Robnolt, David Roy,lPatricia Rudy, Carolyn Runyan , Roxie Russell, Phil None - Serious look None - Books - BAA - A far-away look Who's Who, GAA - A notebook GAA, Chorus, Fiesta Follies, Student council - Neat look GAA, Fiesta Follies, Capitol Guide - Barb BAA, Fiesta Follies, Swimming - Jerry Bailey or Carl Johnson ' Office helper, Schimmel, Gordon - Band, Fiesta Follies, Student Council Officer A good joke Schwartz, Janet - Chorus, Capitol Guide, Student Council - Corinne Gettings or Joyce Jaffke Scott, Gerald - None - A sober face Scott, Marilyn - None - A purse Seymour, Sue - None - Pin curls' Shaw, Connie - Band, Who's Who - Talking to someone Shaw, Gordon - None - Telling a joke Shears, Linda - Glee Club, Pep Squad - Talking about Herbie Sheppard, Nicola - GAA, Pep Squad, Homeroom Officer, Who's Who - Being Nswelln Skidmore, Norman 4 BAA, Football - Being neat Skinner, Phyllis - None - Smiling Smith, JoAnn - Chorus, Who's Who - Cute hair Smith, Ken - None - Leaning back in a chair Smith, Patricia - Pep Squad - Cute clothes Smith, Richard - BAA - A Sly smile Snyder, Tom - None - A remark Spindlow, Russell - A coat. 12 Ninth Grade Class Roll Ulontinuedj Stahl, Judy - GAA, Fiesta Follies, Capitol Guide - Being nicely dressed Stanley, Janeen - Fiesta Follies, Band - Talking with boys Stevens, Elizabeth - Glec club, Pep Squad - Being friendly Stevens, Larry - None - Sleepy look Stevenson, Charles - Who's Who, Football, BAA - A crew cut Stichler, Ron - Band - Shoes polished Stone, Judy - Band, Capitol Guide - Being smart' Stoudinger, Susan - Who's Who, GAA, Cheerleader, Essay Contest Pep Squad, Secretary of Capitol Guides - Her overwhelming knowledge Stout, Glenna - who's Who, Student Council Officer, Office Helper - Neat clothes Stricklin, Betty - Who's who -' Pony tail ' Strickling,"David - Who's Who - Capitol Guide - A book Stumm, Pat - Fiesta Follies, GAA, Capitol Guide - A ready argu- Taylor, Janice - None - Being quiet ment Thompson, Janice - Band, Who's Who - Talking ' Thompson, Sharon - GAA, Glee Club, Fiesta Follies - Long hair Todaro, Tony - Football - Cowboy belt Tbmpkins, Dan - None - Serious face Torres, Janet - None - Combing her hair in English class Turk, Mary - Who's Who, Orchestra, Fiesta Follies - Her smile Ure, Nancy - Who's Who, Glec Club, Fiesta Follies - Priscilla Vanden Basch, Judy - GAA - Sandy Jodon ' Van Nortwick, Milo - BAA, Baseball - Joke books Vinton, Joe - Swimming - Cracking jokes ' Von Chawes, Karen - Who's Who, Homeroom officer, Chorus - Pretty Wallace, Betty - Chorus - Gum Clothes Wallace, Billy - Band, BAA, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track - Being athletic Walker, Charles - BAA - His lavender V-neck sweater wales, Norma 7 GAA,'Homeroom officer - Lessons prepared Wales,'Sandra - GAA, Student Council, Fiesta Follies - Blond hair warren, Jack - BAA, Football - Being friendly warren, Ibm - BAA, Baseball, Track - Belt White, Connie - GAA - Her soft voice Whyle, Peggy - None - Asking questions 13 Ninth Grade Class Roll Cflontinuedj Wickens, Charles - None - Being onftime Wilcox, Sarah - Chorus, Capitol Guide - Brains Williams , Bob - Bldg - Paper ' ' Williamson, Paul - Who's Who, Orchestra - Tardy excuse Wilson, Bob - Basketball - Hustling to class Wondergem, Tom 7- Band, Fiesta Follies , Football, BAA, Baseball ' Capitol Guide - Someone's billfold Wright, Norman - None - Blue and yellow jacket Wyers, Chester - Football,'Track, Baseball, Basketball, BAA, ' Swimming - Pestering someone Yaw, David - Band 4 Talking to somebody Yeric, Jerry - BAA, Football, Student Council, Swimming, Basketball, Baseball -,His athletic ability Yesh -Bob - BAA - Boys York, Julie - Fiesta Follies, Chorus - Sense of humor Yost, Billy - None A song -gg-.. TRADE 1. BUY: SELL 2. Kenny Jewell --,Would like to trade his typewriter for a private secretary. Don Casterline -- would like to buy a seat in the audi- ' torium next to Priscilla Coleman Bob Morris ---Would like to trade his class rooms for an aquarium Phil Russell -- Will sell his grade in algebra class 4 very cheap Jim Harris -- Wants to buy John Landstreetns report cards Mary Ellen Liles -- Wants to trade her jive talk for a " good Webster Dictionary Kathy Almendinger -- Would like to trade her name for a three-letter one For Sale! -- A complete set of dimples -- I'll pay youl Inquire Sandra Jodon. 1h Hicnmcrns or nn me v v As we entered the auditorium last September on the first day of school, we rather regretted leaving behind us those lazy summer days of vacation with the swimming, fishing, picnics, trips, etc. But at the same time we were quite eager to meet new friends, renew acquaintances and take part in the mary school activities that would be offered during the year. . As usual one of the firstaactivities of the school year was the sale of activity tickets. For one dollar the purchaser was admitted to all school events suchoas dances, athletic events, etc. 'Ihis also included the monthly issues of Who's who, our school paper. About five hundred and fifty activity tickets were sold. ' Boy's Sports ' THCKTIL' FOOTBALL. 'Ihe tackle football program was changed this year, giving more boys an opportunity to participate. The season was divided into two six-week periods. During each period the squads were divided into two teams the "Blue" and the "Gold", playing a night gameunder the lights. Both of these squads were coached through the entire season by Hr. Ogles by. The W. K. boys really put forth much effort to make the season a successful one. These boys were: Marlin l4cNicho1s, Jerry Yeric, Harold Cretsinger, Gordon Hjortaas, Bill Wallace , Basil Nunnally, Jim Osborne, Bob Miller, Bob, James, Butch Wyers 'Ibm Gould, Dave Lunt, Harold McGee, Dick Wood, Jack Warren, Norm Skidmore, Chuck Stevenson, Gus Korbakis, Tom Wondergem, Jim Conklin, John Coleman, George Logan and Tom 'Ibdaro. BASKETBALL. Once again the ninth grade W.K. basketball f team came through with the city junior high school championship, winning six out of their eight games. They defeated both South- western and Southeastern three times, losing to 'Lakeview by only one point in each of their two games. 'Ihe team's success was due to the fine coaching of Mr. Stone. 'lhe two high scoring stars were Butch Wyers, with ninety four points and Gordon Hjor- taas, with eighty six points. ihey were assisted by Basil Nunnally, Bill Wallace , Jerry Yeric, Marlin McNichols, Tom' Gould, John Coleman and Harold McGee. Continued on page 16 15 Higalights of the Year Kllontinuedj The seventh and eighth grade had a good squad too. They didn't come through with a winning record, but many of their games were fairly close. The regular squad consisted of Scott Orr, Brent Willson, Doug Sackett, Leroy Tisdell, Ivan Ranger, Brick Storslee and Dick Osborne. SWIMMING. Llthough the swimming team took third place in the All-City swimming meet, we are exceptionally proud of them. It was a very close scoring event all the way and we lost out by a small margin. W. K. took eight first places to top both Southeastern and Southwestern, but bowed out in the relays. Southeastern was first with 113, Southwestern was second with 109, and W. K. third with 105. The swimming team was coached by Mr. Vydareny. Some outstanding swimmers of the team wercg Gordon Hjortaas, Alec Borden, Bill Clawson, Mickey Franklin, Bob Morris, Mike Reed, George Manusos, and our diver, Ron Roberts. INTRAMURAL. The intramural program, coached by Mr. Vydareny and Mr. Stone after school , and Mr. Blackburn, at noon, was very successful. The boys participated in a variety of sports, such as touch football, basketball, volleyball and softball. Awards were given to all boys that took part in the program, based on the point system. Those with one hundred to two hundred twenty five points received a felt letter, two hundred twenty five to three hundred fifty points, a chenille letter, and three hun- dred fifty points or more , a gold pin, which is the highest award. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. This year has been a busy one for girls who participated in the GAA activities. First on the 5 agenda was volleyball. There was a ninth grade team and a seventh and eighth grade team combined. 'Ihe Playday was- held in W.K.'s gymnasium and many girls from the junior high schools took part. Basketball came later in the season and again teams were chosen to represent W. K. The girls went over to Southeastern for their Playday and had loads of fun with the other girls. In the spring time softball and swimming dominated the scene for the girls' sports. All of the sports taught girls fair Continued on Page 17 16 Highlights of the Year fContinuedj , N , play and sportsmanship. Earlier in the year, all of the members of GAA chose officers to help Mrs. Olson with the man affairs pertaining to GLA. They were: Kay Morris, president, Suzy Dick, vice-president, Nicola Sheppard,'secretary5 and Lela Mitchell, treasurer. They helped keep records of the points won by the girls. The awards in GAA are similar to the awards given in BAA. For a felt letter, you must have one hundred points. For a chenille letter, you must have two hundred points. If you earn more than two hundred points, you receive a gold pin. These awards were presented at a special assembly at the end of the year. CHEERLEADING. One thing a junior high needs is several cheerleaders. 'WL K. is no exception in this field. we had fifteen cheerleaders this year and they did a fine job of raising the basketball team's morale. The ninth grade cheer- leaders were: Carroll Cross, Phyllis Grant, JoAnne Bonessa, Mary Joyce Mahoney, Alice Frisbie, Sue Stoudinger and Stephanie Kulp. One pep assembly was held during the year. Kathy All- mendinger, the president of the Pep Squad, organized all the W. K. spectators at the games. ASSEM LIES. we had some excellent assemblies this year. The McCrea Marionettes presented UThe Legend of Sleepy Hollowug Terry Golden, a ballad singer, gave a program of American folk songsg Burt Shurtleff, author and sportsman, talked on Wwe Learn to Writen. nManners and Personalityn was the subject ' chosen by John Dollavaux. His assembly program was informative as well as interesting. ' ' The music department, both vocal and instrumental, have presented some fine programs this year. The band gave two assemblies, the orchestra one and the choral groups two. .Many seasonal programs were given in the auditorium. The science class under the direction of Mr. Mcxay gave a science assembly. A safety promotion program was given. Mr. Labaree was the moderator for a group discussion on safety. At this time ' Continued on Page 18 A M Highlights of the Year Cflontinuedl t awards were presented to three pupils for the posters done in connection with safety week. Berlien Palmiter received first prize, Jchnson Coleman second, and Penny Graham third. Some pep' assemblies were held before the games. Several worthwhile movies such as the one on narcotics were shown during the year to the entire student body. PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION. The W. K. Parent- Teachers Association has had a very successful and rewarding year. We are proud of the establishment of the Glenn Thomas Fund for needy students: This fund administered by the coun- selors and the principal, gave financial aid to pupils who needed it. ' ' This year we attained a membership of three hundred twenty six and most of these were active members. It was these mem- bers who responded so wonderfully to our requests for cokes, candies and cookies for the Fiesta Follies and other school functions. October was a busy month. We had a tea for room-mothers and teachers, and we sponsored the Hallowe'en Dance. This was a huge success as evidenced by the fact that the guests con sumed twenty two gallons of cider and forty two dozen doughnuts We were gratified by the attendance at our meetings. 'Ihe largest, of course, was our Open House, in November. Approxi- mately seven hundred heard our Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Harry Davidson, speak on "American Education Week". In January, we had another fine meeting. Mr. Ben Ashlschwede, the Assistant Superintendent of Schools, used as his topic 'Meeting the Needs of Junior High Students". Dr. Stewart Armitage, the guest speaker at our March meeting, discussed "Fathers are Parents Too". The Trumpeter, under the chairmanship of Mrs. Daniel Simrod with Mrs. William Mayfield assisting, has been written and mailed to all W. K. parents several times during the year to acquaint them with the activities of the W. K. group. Continued on Page 19 18 Highlights of the Year CContinuedj The Youth Activity Committee, under the direc Vern Allmendinger, has taken charge of the refreshment at all of the TAG dances. Most of the meetings were held in the library refreshments has been somewhat difficult because there kitchen on the second floor. This year the Board of Mrs. stand tion and serving was no of Education provided the money and a kitchen has been built in the room adjacent to the library. Our officers for the past year have been: Mrs. David Puchkoff, president, Mrs. K. W. Douglas, first vice-presidentg Dr. Glenn Thomas, second vice-president, Mrs. A. D. Stevenson, third vice-president, Mrs. Howard.Watts, secretary, Mrs. Leslie Beamish, treasurer, Mrs. Duane Vore, Chaplain, Mrs. Mable Nichols, historian. ' DANCES. Many Tag dances have been scheduled this year. There were the noon dances sponsored by the Student Cauncil which were well attended by the students. On every s Friday night, when it was possible, we had a Tag danc econd e. They were sponsored by different homerooms during the year. Re- freshments were served and devoured by the very eager hungry dancers. Stan Mains' Band played for both and the Spring Dances. We'll all remember with great dance decorations which Miss Penty's art classes made and the Christmas pride the for us. For the Hallowe'en Dance there was a witch in the middle of the gym. She was made out of black crepe paper, with straw hair and a mask for a face. She was bending over which had make-believe flames coming from it. On were streamers with witches and cats hanging from The decorations for the Christmas Dance, the Swingv, were very beautiful.. For the big picture orchestra a Santa Claus sped across the sky in his by his reindeer. Beneath them was a little town. a cauldron, the baskets them. USleigh-bell above the sleigh pulled Above the baskets were various pictures. Some were boys' and girls' faces and others were gifts on a Christmas tree. Snowfl akes hung from the baskets. Five or six snowmen stood around the gym. Blue sleighbells were passed out as souvenirs. Continued on Page 20 19 Highlights of the Year CContinuedJ UThe Twighlight Twirln, or the Spring Dance, was done in pastel shades. Over the orchestra was a picture of a boy and a girl twirling. Above the baskets were raindrops and parasols on a blue background. There was also a beautiful flower wagon, with artificial flowers in it. For souvenirs, the girls received tiny pastel parasols. FIESTA FOLLIES. The anhual Fiesta Follies was a great success this year. 'Western Hoedown was the general theme used in the scenery, costumes and music. Barbara Heydenberk served as mistress of ceremonies. Two well trained chorus lines pleased thc audience with their precision routines The show included vocal solos, pantomimes, dances, and many other fine acts. A large crowd turned out for the performance. Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Olson did a fine job of directing the Fiesta Follies' stage show. After the program in the auditorium the P.T.A. provided entertainment and refreshments. Dr. Uhrie and his capable committee had many food concessions such as hot dog stands, soft drinks, etc., set up in the halls. In the gymnasium there were games such as the record break, shooting gallery, basketball throw, drive the nails, darts, fish ponds, etc. The mothers made and served cake and ice cream. Sweet pea corsages were sold in the halls. Not only was the evening a financial success but everyone went home feeling that this had been a fine evening's enter- tai ment for the whole family. In the ticket sale contest which preceded the Fiesta, Russell Hakes won first prize and Katie Alderman won second. COM UNITY LIVING GLASSES VISIT CAPITOL. On the first day of April, approximately two hundred fifty ninth graders piled into seven school busses and left for' Lansing to visit the Capitol Building. When they arrived, the student guides conducted the groups on tours. All the students visited both the Senate and the House. Continued on Page 21 20 Highlights of the Year fContinuecD Each group had a chaperone and six students. Various offices were visited such as the Secreta1y'of State where they saw the State Seal affixed to an official document. They learned about the Supreme Court from the Court Crier and saw the relics of years ago in the Capitol Museum. At about one o'clock they trooped out on the front steps facing toward town and had pictures taken by the Capitol photographer. Then they get back into the busses and went home after a very nice trip: Previous to the group trip, the pupils who had been ' chosen to act as Capitol Guides went to Lansing on March 30, with Miss Bordner, to learn the locations and information about the House, Senate, Supreme Court and the various state offices. ' STUDENT COUNCIL. Every year W. K. has a student council made up of officers elected by all of the students and representatives from each homeroom. Students wishing to run for one of the council offices were required to have a petition with at least fifty signatures of students on it. Then campaigning started. Posters were put up and election tags were given out. Just before voting an assembly was held and the candidates gave skits and made speeches. Every student in W. K. voted for his or her choice. This year Gordon Schim el was elected president of the student council. The other officers elected were Clark Nulf, vice president, Glenna Stout, secretary, Mike Martin, treas- urerg and Mike Penny, parliamentarian. This year the council has been active in many activities. One of the first was the opening of the school store which sold candy, doughnuts, pencils, and pennants to the students. With the profits they received from the sales they bought things for the school. ' In September a group of council members, two from each junior high and senior high school, met at Willard Library. They planned a city-wide Hallowe'en, which included parties and dances. These activities were planned to help keep the student off the streets. At Christmas the Council sponsored a food and.clothing Continued on Page 22 Highlights of the Year CContinuedj drive for needy families. This drive was very successful and helped to make several families happier on Christmas. Safety Week was another of the council's activities. Posters were put up and at the end of the week the council gave an assembly stressing the safety measures in halls, rooms, etc. Busses were chartered by the council so that the student could attend athletic events at other schools. Later in the year the council held a clash day. On this day the students dressed in clashing clothes. After school student- teacher games were held in the gym. The money made from this event was donated to the Year Book. The W1 K. Student Council has been successful this year in carrying out its plans and helping to make WQK. a better school. WHO'S WHO. Every month during the school year the Who's Who, our school paper, was published. Students in Miss Tbrongo's classes and any others who cared to, contributed articles of interest for the paper. Gary Armstrong and Sue Stoudinger headed the Year Book Staff. They were ably assisted by a large staff of forty four pupils representing the seventh, eighth and ninth grades. SCIENCE CLASS VISITS MUSEUM IN CHICAGO. One of the highlights of the year for the science classes was the visit to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The class, together with Mr. McKay, had planned the trip about two months previous to the time we went. we had selected officers, voted on the places to be visited and had made arrangements before we went on the trip. At hgl5 a.m. the members of our class assembled at the bus station and we began the journey to Chicago. There was not much activity on the bus as we were not thoroughly awake. When we arrived at the museum we first visited the Health Department. There were many large replicas of bod organs. An especially interesting one, was a heart which you could walk through and see various chambers. Next we pro- ceeded on a guided tour of a German submarine, which had been captured by the U. S. The tour included a film showing the actual capturing of the submarine. At noon we all gladly Continued on Page Eh 22 Ackley, Marlynn Adams, Robert Alexander, Steve Allen, Mary Allen, Sandra Allmendinger, Kathy Armstrong, Gary Arnette, Nancy Arnold, Kenny Ashley, Sharon Bagwell, Peggy Balllmann, Larry Bailey, Jerry Barrett, Alan Bartelson, Dick Beatty, Larry Beisheim, Freddie Beisheim, Marie Belling, Bob Belling, Tom Bishop, Roger Blanton, Kathy Blythe, Ioan Bodell, Catherine Bolden, George Bonessa, loAnne Borden, Alec Boshers, Virginia Boyer, Bernard Brannan, Pat Brounston, Eller lean Brownell, Jane Bryant, Lillian Bryant, Madelyn Burns, Editha Button, Jeanette Campbell, Mac Card, Iohn Carnell, Herbert Casterline, Don mlm yfwzq gym ix -J' W. Srl' 2' Nui' l J g' YR WO Caswell, Tom Chochoff, Donna Christopher, Lynda Clevenger, Steve Cohen, Barbara Coleman, Hazel Coleman, lohnny Coleman, Priscilla Colwell, Don Conklin, Jim Conley, Marilyn Conley, Natalie Conrad, Terry Convis, Danny Cock, Stan Cretsinger, Harold Crosby, Jeff Cross, Carroll Daniel, Beulah Davis, lanet Detherage, Roland Dodge, Laureen Douglas, Dennis Eakins, Ioyce Eason, Currie Eckler, Sandra Einghart, Dale Elmer, Ruth Ann Ensign, Tod Finn, Tonya Ford, David Foss, Gordon Frisbie, Alice Gaerditz, Roy Gettings, Corinne Goad, Darrell Gooden, Sara Gordon, Nancy Gould, Tom Grant, Phyllis 11.44 Wlbdh 51,140 gum ig.- 'C--Q 1 e I -F K -5 45 M V zzzz 2,4 a Gray, Leonard Gray, Roger Guernsey, Beneva Hagadon, Ken Hainline, Carol Hall, Barbara Hall, Bette Hallmark, jesse Hardin, Henry Harmon, Brenda Harris, .lim Harrison, Leota Haughey, Judy Harvey, lim Harville, Gene Hayward, Colin Hendrickson, Bonnre Hensley, Donna Hesiben, ludy Higgins, Ronald Hirleman, David Hiortaas, Gordon Holley, Otis Holmberg, Tom Holt, Bob Houglhtaling, JoAnn Howard, Allen Howard, Clara Howard, Jerry Hudson, Patsy laecks, Beverly jaffke, loyce James, Bob Jewell, Kan lodon, Sandra johnson, Carl Johnson, Wayne Johnston, Sue lones, Doris Kehoe, lacqueline muh gm glam 'HMQ ','-, Q' v,,. J 4:-v mf I Wlbzth gm Klan ffl T pq 9 7945 bn HPI' We -eq' x W' N-ei' ini Key, james Kienzler, Linda Kilbourn, Jerry King, Howard Knapp, Bonnie Korbakis, Gus Kulp, Stephanie LaFever, Art Landstreet, John Lawrence, Irving Leavell, lean Lighrbody, Pat Lofgren, Alfred Logan, George Lower, Becky Lunt, David MacCaIIa, Penny McCann, Bob McCleary, Charles McGee, Harold McGinnis, Ioyce McLaurine, Shirley McNichols, Marlin Mahmet, Margaret Mahoney, Mary Joyce Maines, Peggy Martin, Maurice Mathews, Veda Mechem, Sue Michnevitz, Barbara Miles, JoAnn Miles, Mary Miller, Carole Miller, Marilyn Miller, Robert Moore, Margaret Moorehead, Mildred Morris, Bob Mullett, Sandy Murray, Pat Wbzfh 51,440 glam edu? 'Q' an X 1' QR., , it .sv . Norris, Kay North, Walter Null, Clark Nunnally, Basil Nye, lanef Oberlin, lanice Opp, jackie Osborn, Sam Owen, Tom Palmer, Linda Parker, Clayton Pearson, Richard Penny, Michael Peters, Donna Phillips, Blain Pierce, Tom Pilmore Susan Puchkoff, Bereni Pyatt, Gary Rainey, Luvonia 7 i Ray, Ronnie Reeder, Lois Riley, Margaret Rizor, Bonnie Robbins, Dick Robinson, Robert Robnolt, David Roy, Patricia Rudy, Carolyn Runyan, Roxle Russell, Phil Schimmel, Gordon Schwartz, Janet Scott, Gerald Scott, Marilyn Seymour, Sue Shaw, Connie Shaw, Gordon Shears, Linda Sheppard, Nicola ww. gmac gm 'YW' Wlbdhyfuzde 1 .Z 4' - ' ,, x...i.,-f-. ,. -mga- Hmm i if is Skidmore, Norman Smith, JoAnn Smith, Patricia Smith, Richard Snyder, Tom Spindlow, Russell Stahl, judy Stanley, laneene Stevens, Elizabeth Stevens, Larry Stevenson, Charles Stichler, Ron Stone, Judy Stoudinger, Sue Stout, Glenna Stricklin, Betty Strickling, Dave Stumm, Pat Taylor, Janice Thayer, Dick Thompson, Sharon Thompson, lanice Todaro, Tony Tompkins, Danny Torres, janet Turk, Mary Ure, Nancy Vanden Bosch, judy Van Nortwick, Milo Vinton, Joe Von Chawes, Karen Wallace, Betty Wallace, Billy Wales, Norma Wales, Sandra Walker, Charles Warren, Tom White, Connie Whyle, Peggy Wickens, Charles Wlzkdh gm gm S f Q T' A 1 -, H' so 7 Q ,f W X, 55:12 ,K :nl-A Q -: :'.,',.,.,g,:5g' + ,sl 3 X , if 4 Q , ve Y l s ,Fl l' l Or I -fn. ' uv.: , 1 1 4 'U 4 " . f , g , T il . N 62 ' -.... R, S. X x 4' 0-.,, A ' .iss ' W ff ,fn A 5 V If ,Q . , K Q' J, sl..-N' L, .Tv 'as Ip. J "' liz" r fa in :,-, If KSKQZSE VIN di 13' Lf 'f 'S Wilcox, Sarah Williams, Bob Williamson, Paul Wilson, Robert Wondergem, Tom Wright, Norman Wyers, Chester Yaw, David Yeric, Jerry Yesh, Bob York, julie Yost, Billy mm gm aww Jim Jima: jullzlm .Swmzfh and fhpzum ffzkw ,li 1 -wmv 3 'wage Ik 5 ' gimcgfl If .1 gi ,F is gl 51, 5 I JL. , ,F Alfie! ,V QR x ,- , 'O Q 1 , 4.9. , X 6 " fi' Qgia ' N mid . 4 , z - se., . af" 'K K lux - 2- , , W . . 3? Y ' Z H- 1 41, 1-v X. ,,5..1 ,I s .' wg l. . Pau audi' 4 , , , .N , v v Science 6llL6A Plwtogfzaphgfdfiadzb Cham Jfcadma gan agyfgwm and y EI,GH'1H GRADE cures ROLL NAM U ACTIVITIES NEVER SEEN WITHOUT A V jfffj'-I wsu' g V , , . Abbott, Kathy - None - Lipstick rf?0"'be'Q7f'f' Qi' "V""'i'K Akins, Gale - Orchestra - Brief case ,U2fQ434Qf9-riffrf Alexander , Janet - Chorus - Shy ways Alfonzo, Charles - None - Absent excuse Allen, Jim - BAA - Sports on his mind Athouse, Ron - Basketball, Baseball, Band - His Shadow Anderson, Mary Jane - Student Council, Glee Club, Fiesta Follies - Quick smile Arnold, Donna - GAA - Pretty clothes Babic, Philip - BAA - Something to say Badgly, Stephen - Band - Hair combed Baechler, Ruth - GAA - Smile for everyone' Baird, Bonnie L Homeroom officer, Chorus - Smile Baker, Novana -' None -A Note from R. B. A Beach, Maratha - None - Curly eyelashes ' Beamish, Saralee - GAA, Cheerleader, Fiesta Follies - Where the gang is I 3, Beers, Dennis - None - Mop of hair Belcher, Madeline - None - Accent Berry, Pat - GAA - Pretty eyes Bissett, Normant - None - Karl Clothier Birkhead, Judy - GAA - Skill in sports Blakesle, ,yan - Band - Big smile Bolley, Ken - Chorus - Gym suit Bolt, Don -'BAA - Troubles Boyer, Roy - BAA, Chorus - Talking Brabson, Ken - Band - Chewing gum Bracy, Kathleen - None - Book about queens Bradley, James - None - Butch Brady, Judy - GAA - Shiny hair Britton, Russella - None - Note from N. B. Brusik, Sally - Chorus - Wanda Buckner, Joan - None -' Thinking about Jim Burghdoff, Ron - None - Silence Buyce, Dean L- None - Hurrying Byerly, Jim - None - Goofing around 39 Eighth Grade Class Roll CContinuedQ Cady, Peggy - GAA, Cheerleader, Fiesta Follies - Mike's ring Callaway, Ron - None - Ping pong paddle ' Cam bell, Bruce - Homeroom officer, Track - Knowing smile Carnell, Betty - GAA - Happy ' P .2, CEP Castleberry, Jerry - None - Girls 'LVL L' Chantrene, Kay - Chorus - Being quiet A Chudek,lPenny -E Chorus - Sister ' Clapper, Jacqueline - Gini, Qlee Club - Boys ' Clark, Charles - BAA, Basketball - Ping pong paddle ' Clawson, Bill - Student Council, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball - New girl Clothier, Karl - None - Norman Bissett P Coleman, Carol - GAA - Good grades Conklin, Dick - Photography Club - Water wings Conley, Antoinette - GAA, Band - Reading Coulter, Bill - None - Jim Bradley Cowhm, Charles - None - Grin Cox, Marland -NBAA - Teasing,f Crail, George - None - Ball glove, , gary! Cramer, Sandy - GAA - Good story ef ' 'fl Criffield, Carol - Chorus - Questions Crowell, Maxwell - None -- Atteggdancefslip Daniel, Sue - None - Smile David, Georgia - Orchestra, Fiesta Follies, Glee Club - ' ' Quiet smile A H ' Dell, Cecily - Student Council - Who's Who, Cheerleader, .. 1 ' Chorus, Fiesta Follies, GAA -- An answer Detherage, Carole - None - Bright hair Dick, Suzzy - GAA - Brains Dillard, Marshall - None - Friendliness Douglas, Suzanne 4 Homeroom officer, Orchestra - Sandy Eddy, Rex A None - Blushing Englehardt, Ernest - BAL, Fiesta Follies 5 Looking for ' trouble 1 Farkas, Caroline 4 Photography Club, GAA - Thick socks Fenner, Anna.May - None - Pretty hair ' A . Q , c 5' ' F 'ISWJE 'K U Q U 1' 7? 4, w WO' Y 93' 3 32' 9 73 ,f Q' K IT Q ft wif ,N , -3-er 17 Q 2, a'f,.,5,P'Q.i'2-,,? .Ab GG J? 9a1ff'7f'J9i"?2,5QS?Y51YfV',' fu " 1 fl fi 23? Q a "" 9 ' or 7 -f or Eighth Grade Class Roll QContinuedJ Finton, Ronnie - None - Dark eyes Fisher, Sally - GAA, Chorus - Being quiet, Flynn, Jerry - Track - Chasing someone Forbes, Judy - Fiesta Follies, Orchestra - Friend Foster, Carol - GAA - Fire engine red hair Franklin, Mickey - Swim ing - Girls Frederickson, JoAnn - None - Cynthia Fries, Suzy - GAA, Student Council, Chorus - Cute clothes Frost, Lois Ann - None - Concentrating Gaerditz, Sally, GAA - Her winning way Ganka, Judy - GAA - Armina Gardner, Ann - None - Gum Gilmore, Patty - GAA, Fiesta Follies - Homework Glenn, Sandy - Glee Club - Quiet ways ' Godfrey Nancy F Homeroom officer, Chorus - Joking Gothard, Katie - GAA - Sandy Graham, Penny 4 GAA - Being friendly W Green, Deanna - Chorus - Faint voice A Green, Sandy - GAA, Cheerleader - Freckles Gustine, David - Swimming - Thinking Hakes, Patricia - Glee Club - Something new Hakes, Russell - Band - Squirtfgun A mw,mmm-GM,MmwtmmmlfMmymu Hayes, Carl - None - Uncombed hair Hayes, William - None - Suspenders Haynes, Linda - Chorus - Certain boy N , , Heath, Judith -' cfm - Paper and pencil-e lg Hecker, Bonnie - GAA, Fiesta Follies - New idea' A Hefflin, Jim - Track, BAA, Basketball - wavy hair Herl, Nancy - None - Pretty eyes A Heydenherk, Barbara - GAA, Fiesta Fbllies - Marcia Hickok, Nancy - GAA, Chorus, Chorus line manager - Johnny Hind, Rosalind - GAA, Band - Talkigg ,W . Hirleman, Tom - BAA - Goofing off I H092 gJLL,kg,f?. Holley, Jeannette - None - Excuse i'C U1w,, Holverstott, Carol - GAA, Chorus, - Being quiet Hooper, Bill - None - Wide grin hi -E?taM,g,,, we Eighth Grade Class Roll CContinuedj L Humbarger, Judy - GAA - Being a friend Hurlbut, Julie - GAL- Science fiction stories Jackson, Larry - None fl- Open mouth Jacobs, Grace - None -' Curious eyes Johnson,'Fred - None - John Marriott Q Johnston, Shane - Chorus, GAA, Fiesta Follies - Enthusiasm , Jones ,'Bud - None - Looking pleased with the world , J' Sfliaiser, Wanda - Chorus - Smile, -U X3 Kasdorf, Gary - None - Military rank Q 'Qi Keagle, John- Swimming, Band - Helen Murphy A Viln Kent, Marie - None - Gum .lv , xx Kewley , Tom - None - Excuse Kidney, Roger - BAA - '1l'1inking of roller skating 'A Kilbourn, Donna' - GAA - Maratha B ' Klabbatz, Jean - GAA -' Her little friend Knoblock, Carol LL GAA -A Janet Komarch, Dennis - None - Wise crack U Krum, Cathy - GAA, Chorus, Cheerleader' - Eyes on Mickey 'Y Laberdie, Terry - Basketball, Swimming, BAA, Homeroom ' officer Blondie li' - .1 A Lang, Jim - Homeroom officer, Track, Swimming, Baywvmp Somethinrf to s y 4 Lee, James - Sw:hnming,hBand - Energy . - Lewis, Shirley - Orchestra -l Group of 4 Lewis, 'Hieresa - None - Freckles ,ff-7 I Lic , rs -Corus - or air th' ' k I i h Sh t h ' C g E Lightheart, Wade - Student Council, Swimming - Hair in his eyes ,W 6 Logsden, Larry - None - Laughing xi' h Lowry, Maxine - GAA, Fiesta Follies - Cute clothes li Loye, Connie - GAA - Comb and billfold h X i-McCann, Janet - GAA, Student Council - Tardy excuse K Q McClenney, Art - BAA - 'leasing .. A McDaniel, Kam' - Chorus, Radio Club - Goofing "4 McNicholes, Ruth - None - Pony tail A 2 Macey, Patty - Homeroom officer - 'Sue Wilbur 142 'N J Munger, Georgia - Chorus - Duck tail ' ul Eighth Grade Class Roll qcpnuinuedj 'f 744 Manley,'Florenceu-.Chorusy - Fiesta Follies - Brains kv "Nik Manusas, George - Basketball, Swimming -,Quiet smile Marshall, charles 4- None - Silence ' A Martin, Mike - BAA, Student Council - Peggy Cady Martin, Stan - Fiesta Follies - ,Squeeze box Mariott, John -'Orchestra - Flirting Mechem, George Q- None - Extensive vocabulary Meister, Kathy - GAA - Laughing L Miller, Neil -None - Squeaky voice' A- Miller, Randy - Student Council, Basketball , Swimming - 'Curly' hair and bobby pins Moore, Marilyn - GAA - Her talking ways Morgan, Connie l- GAA -"Smile Morgan, Evelyn -.None - Red hair , ' Moss, Donald -.Swimming, BAA, Homeroom- officer - Gum J Murphy, Helen - GAA, Homeroom officer, Fiesta Follies, Johnny ii' Muss, Mary Ann - GAA - Student Council - Friends -if Myers, Charles - Band - Sport shirt Myers, Sandy - GAA' - Athletic urge ' 'A Neil, Herman - BAA, Student Council, Band, Track - Answer 'Y fr 1 Nelson, Lorena - GAA, Orchestra - Laughing with Inese li 5, N018.I1C1,' Ruth - GAA - Hearty hello Osborne, Clarence -'None - Good excuse Osborne , Dick - BAA, Basketball, Swimming, Student Cauncil - D Qlrlolfish look V Palmiter, Jean - GAA, Chorus - Billfold pictures anfil, Jtati- GAA - comb anknin,'Bill - None - Sheepish grin Paradine, Helen' - None - Quiet ways Patten, Elaine - None Friendly sincerity Peck, John - Librarian - Looking at girls Penny, Patty - GAA, Student Council - Friends ff,--Perry, Janet - Student Council, GAA, Chorus - Smile, Peters, Judy - None - That happy look Piasocki, Ron - Student Council - Flirting A , fy XL Afflzai, ' , ,f XM ff I, M3 if, ,X X- --bl ,L ,K J -5... Eighth Grade Class Roll fContinuedQ Pitkin, Bill - BAA - Self-confidence Potter, Lovona - GAA - Art's ring Potzner, Mary '- GAA -4 Pretty clothes Ragla, David - None - Comb- ,W I Ranger, Ivan - BAA, Baseball, Basketball - Gym suit bag Reed, Mike - Swimming - Another guy's girl ,,o . Reed, Steve - Band - Iroublcsome girlsr,,X s'LAVfL gg," Richardson, Polly - GAA - Red hair kjggjfil 'fam CQK' .Inf Robbins , Jack - None - Wide belt ia Roberts, Ronald 4- Swimming - Laughing Roderick, Bruce - Basketball 4 Band - Talking to Phil Rowe, Charles - Band- Track - Swjsmming - Crew cut Roy,'Pauline, - GAA - Being quiet' ' Ruks, Inese - GAA, Fiesta Follies - Pretty face Runyan, Armina - None - Little friend called Judy , Sackett, Douglas - BAA, Swimming, Baseball, Basketball - 1 ' n Come back ' ' I Schuster, Sally -'GIu1, Chorus , Librarian - Terry and company Sedgwick, Sherry - GAA, Student Council, Who's Who - 'Serious ' look Sharp, Susie - GAA 4 Rib tickling laugh Short, Dick - None - Quiet smile Shubert, Sally. - None - Ring I ' Shutt, Carolyn - Red Cross, Chorus - Dan's sweater Smith, Martha- GAA, Fiesta' Follies - Red socks . Smith, Tom - stamina, BAA - Talking Spencer, Philip - Swimming, BAA - Candy Stantion, Barbara - None - Nice smile Starkey , Velma -1 None - White sweater ' Stevenson, Fred - Fiesta Follies, Swimming - Polly R. Storslee, Brick - BAA, Student Council, Chorus, Basketball Female admirers Swank, 'Dave - BAA - Looking for trouble Teeter, Cynthia - GAA - JoAnn Thayer, Harriet - None - Nice clothes Thomas, Sandra - GAA - Shy smile ' Thompsett, Janet - AA - Ideas to express hh Eighth Grade Glass Roll Ulontinuedj Thurman, Wilma - GAA - Cute face T0daro -Christine -' GAA, Glee Club - Library book Torrey, John - BAA - Looking for ,trouble , Uhrie, Margaret - GAA - Fiesta Follies, Band - Cute look Zqaden, Jewel - None - A smile ' . Van Houten, Ron - Band, Librarian, Radio Club, Student Council Smile Van Zile, Anna Belle ll GAA - Books -- Varner, Kay 4 Chorus 4 Bobby pins . Vaughn, Joy - Chorus - Notes M Vernia, Larry - BAA, Librarian -Books ' Vore, David - Track, BAA, Student Council, - Looking for trouble Wagner, Helen - Chorus - Word to the-wise Waltz , Don - BAA - Bright clothes Q waltz, Lynn - GAA, Chorus, Fiesta Follies - Eyes for Clark Walton, John - Band, Radio Club, Fiesta Follies, Swimming - ' "Blond hair . H yn Warren, Janet 5 Chorus - Quiet smile V j'GWatts, Sue - GAA - Ideas E Webber, Rusty - Fiesta Follies , Band - Musical instrument J 7 Weddle, 'Donna - Chorus - Smile for everyone V -f Welton, Jim - BAA, Track - Hands in pockets gi West, Gerald - None - A quiet smile White, Ernest - None - Quiet air 3: Wilbur, Sue - Homeroom Officer, Orchestra - Patty Macey E, Williams, Earl -.BAA - Excuse ' 50 Williams, Richard - None - Tardy slip +'2 Williams, Steve - No,-le - Good grades 1 Willison, Brent - BAA, Basketball - Height gkiwilson, Wilma - GAA - Smile 9 'f Wilkerson, Barbara - None - Book E af wright, David -'Npne - Flat nop ,ZZ Yeomans, Janet - GAA, Chorus - "Charms" candy L 91, Yesh, Val - None - Biing inquisitive I .1 a fl!-in uf 2 3,44 gg ,jffo 1.433 2454563 ogy? M5 AIM 2 iigjm '?aj,,,LCj,Jjn fbffflfriffi msg with gm: 'nzsmasufr or me 1955 Nium suns gmss We, the nineteen hundred and fifty five class of W. K. Kellogg Junior High School, being of sound mind and memory, though some- what weakened at this time of year, do hereby writeour Last will and 'iestament and bequeath as follows: ' Sandra Allen leaves her mischievous ways to anyone who loves a sood sas- e Larzy Bahlmann leaves his wise-cracks to Mike Martin. Karolyn Rudy wills her wallet, which the boys are always taking to next year's lost and found, but she's taking the four cents with her. ' " Curtis Eason leaves his wad of .gum to the truck tire factory. Bob James leaves his ability to warm a chair to anyone who cares to sit on a hot seat. Bob McCann wills his shoe size to anyone who has trouble standing up. ' h Priscilla Coleman leaves her thick socks to Janet Perry, who certainly doean't need them. Gordon Shimmel leaves his political talent to anyone who cares to kiss babes. . Penny MacGaJJ.a leaves her ways with big words to anyone who wants to get an "A" from Miss Torongo. Tom Pierce leaves his red hair to aryone who cares to look like a. traffic light. Clara Jean Howard leaves her ways with the boys to anyone who cares tobe ohasedby a crowd of boys. QAnd what girl doesn't?J J im Harvey leaves his hobby of playing pranks on the teachers to someone who likes thousandword essays. The ninth grade girls leave to the eighth grade boys all the loaned paper which the rrinth grade boys promised to return ibut haven'tD so they won' t have to borrow from the eighth grade girls. Sandra' Jodon leaves her dimples and sweet smile to Barbara Heydenberk, who gets by on a smile of her own. Judy Haughey wills her artistic ability to Penny Graham, who has plenty of wild ideas about art. ' Kathy Allmendinger leaves her good-looking legs to Helen Murphy, who already has two. Continued on Page U7 M6 Class Will KContinuedJ Miss Penty's ninth grade art classes leave all the paper they wasted in class to the school, and hope that it will be used for a bonfire to burn all our REU report cards, our Who's Who articles, autobiographies, and short story reports. . Hazel Coleman bequeaths her duck-tail and figure to some lucky boy who may be able to use the haircut. Wayne Johnson leaves his flirtatious ways to Skeeter Osborn who will certainly make use of them. However, Wayne's taking all his girl-friends with him, except eight or nine seventh and eighth grade girls. All the ninth grade French and Latin classes will their books to the eighth graders as they much prefer to speak and read English. Bob Morris leaves the swimming records he almost broke to an poor soul who wants to be frustrated. V , Dann Convis leaves his talents for slapping the girls ' around to anyone who wants to get slapped back. u ' David Ford leaves his flying saucer book to anyone who enjoys nightmares. - ' Tbd Ensign wills his most outstanding characteristics to Ron Piasecki, which will make life unbearable. . Connie Shaw leaves her strong vocal chords to Sarah Beamish The results should be horrible to hear. I Basil Nunnally wills his voice to anyone whose car has no horn. Bob Holt would like to will something, but he needs every- thing he has to take with him. n Behind us we leave the remains of-our battle -- the erasure crumbs, the typewriter ribbons worn transparent, pencil stubs, and in general, the results of mental war. But we have conquered! To the valiant warriors who are anxious to learn, we be- queath all ef the tools worn out by our errors and hope they can be mended. In witness thereof, we hereunto set our hands and seals this first day of June, 1955. . 'Ihe Ninth Grade Class - 1955 747 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS ROLL NAME ACTIVITIES NEVER SEEN WITHOUT Alderman, Kate - Student Council, Orchestra - Buzy look Allen, Harold - None - Mary Lou Anderson, Henning - None - Looking at girls Anderson, John - None - Smile Arnold, George - None - Shy look Babic, Bobby - None l Friction marks Baechler, Katie Lou - GAA, Y-Teens, Fiesta Follies, Student ' . ' Council, Orchestra - Her cute looks Bailey, William - Photography Club, BAA - Thinking of girls Beardsley, James - Football Team - Combed hair Bette y, Marilyn ' GAA, Fiesta Follies, Y Teens - Sophistication rl A - ' - Birdsong, Carolyn + GAA - White bucks - Bolt, Elaine - GAA, Pep Squad - Nice attitude Bowser, Beverly - GAA - Her bowling ball Boyd, Braams Brown, Brown, Brown Bryant Buehle Burch, Burge Burril Campbe Cantre Card, Carter Chadwi 2 Darlene - GAA, Pep Squad - Sweet disposition e, Margaret - GAA, Who's Who - Money for a cand bar Janis - GAA, Chorus - Chatter Mary Lou - GAA, Orchestra, Y-Teens - Smile Mnrjory - Photography Club, GAA, Orchestra - UAH or a HBH , Buddy - BAA, Swimming Team - An argument r, Steve - Band - Gum Alfred - BAA, Student Council, Band - Innocent look s, Roland f None - Something to say l, David - Band, Swimming - Nose plugs ll, Jim - None - Smile ll, Claudine - GAA - A giggle Teddy l None - A temper , Roy - Track - Sharon ck, Toni - None - Freekles Bridges, Sally - Chorus, CAA,-Who's Who - Billfold an Chapm Charam , David 5 BAA - Sense of humor eta, Toni - Cheerleader, GAA 5 Cute clothes Choffin, Billy - Band 5 Crew out Chudek, Carrie - None - Notebook Codlin Cole, g, Monty - Band - Being quiet Mike - None - Talking - h8 Seventh Grade Class Roll KContinuedD Conley, Gordon - BAA -.Roving eyes Convis, Gary 7 BAA, Track, Swim ing, Baseball - Irresistible manner Crawley, Ray - BAA, Baseball Team - A thought Criswell, Tommy f Swimming - Susie Crosby, Jerry - Band, Student Council - Curly hair Cuyler, Richard - None - Talking Daily, John - None - Being late Dale, Kathy - GAA - A boy or two Davidson, Sharon - GAA - Rosy cheeks Davis, Jeanette - None - Fussing with her hair Davis, Susie - Student Council, Cheerleader, Fiesta Follies, 'Tommy Deck, Barbara - GAA - Full of pep Deo, John - Band, John Sealy and John Dobbertin Dickerman, Mary Ann - GAA - Corny jokes Dillard, Kenneth - None - Charcoal eraser Dobbertin, John - Band, Fiesta Follies, BAA - John and John Dolson, Dan - None - A smile Donahuse, Kenneth - BAA - Questions Downer, Julie 4 GAA - Pony tail Dowell, Jerry - BAA, B-Band - A comment Eakins, Delbert - None - Flannel shirt Eason, Loretta - GAA, Chorus - Being full of fun Eoklund, Janice Q GAA, Orchestra - Florida tan Edwards, Connie - GAA, Student Council, Poster contest - Smile Edwards, Mary Lou - None - Hair in her eyes Emmerson, Barbara - GAA - Favorite teacher Erwin, George - None - Admit slip Farkas, Bill - BAA - Mr. Thomas or Mr. Kloosterman Faurot, Lynnotte - GAA, Y-Teens - Mouth open Favorite, Joyce - GAA - Slow poke Feasel, Nancy - GAA, Band - A nice word for everyone Finn, Jerilynn - GAA - ,ggifg attitude Ford, Patty - GAA - Two black eyes Freeman, Dick - None - Wandering mind Fries, Sally - Cheerleader, GAA, Who's Who - Friends Gandy, Lester - None - His mouth open A9 GAA Seventh Grade Class Roll CContinuedJ I Gabriel, Barbara - GAA, Student Council, Chorus - Boys Garcia, Ralph - Band e Being quiet Garner, Letitia - GAA, Orchestra, Fiesta Follies - Story to tell Garrison, Suellen - GAA - Photography Club - Sweater Giefel, Judy - GAA - Curly hair and lovely looks Gilbert, Gene - None - His mouth open Glispy, Larry - None - Gum Golyar, Judith - Chorus, GAA - A laugh Gore, Ralph - None - Something to say Greenman, Kaygy GAA, Yfleens, Grchestra - An explanation for thin 7iiEFEE5?,AU5rky'- GAA - Wad of gum Hagadon, Jerry - None - Don Hanna Haines, Nancy - None - Being helpful Hall, Alice - GAA, Pep Squad - Sweet disposition Hanna, Don - None - Jerry Hagadon Harris, Mary - GAA - Hurrying Hart, Noreen - GAA, Orchestra, Y-Teens - Her left hand Hartman, Ted - BAA, Track - A butch Haughey, Jeanie - Fiesta Follies, GAA - Cute figure Heath, Rusty - BAA, B-Band - A plaything Hendrick, Ralph - None - His Pals Hendrickson, Jeanette - GAA - Cute Smile Herrell, Darrell - None - His accent Herst, Kenny - BAA, Photo Club, Student Council, Who's who - Deep Voice Herwarth, Victor - None - A sly smile Hess, Sherry l GAA - Smile Hester, John - None - Actor Higdon, Sharon - Fiesta Follies, Orchestra - Her curly top Higgins, Robert - None f Talking Hoag, James - None - Dimples Hommerding, Billy - None - Serious look Hopson, Jerry - None - Smile for the girls Howard, Shirley - None - Helping others Howard,'Tbm - Photography Club - A little noise Hubbell, Bob - BAA, Orchestra - Tall tale Hubly, Bill - Photography Club - An excuse for not working mwkfeigifbgftt' 50 Ke39j?gjZib'XlOrx .40fZpfc9"??'f5?f Seventh Grade Class Roll Ccontinuedj Huffman, Dale - None - Alibi Husted, Bill - None - Serious look ' Jackson, Bob - Fiesta Follies, Band'- Crew cut Jenney, Diana - Fiesta Follies, GAA, Chorus - A friendly smile and a horse story Jettner, Gary - None - WSong in his Heartn Jodon, Jerri - GAA - Cleam in her eye Johnson, Edwinna - Chorus - Being quiet and friendly Johnson, Ondrae - GAA - Cute giggle Jones, Roland - None - Tardy excuse Judin, Frederick - Photography - Science book Kelley, Emily - GAA, Y-Teens - Sweet smile Kenneda, Richard - Swimming - Pencil behind ear King, Bill - BAA - An appetite Klan, Barbara - None - Good marks Land, Jim - None - Joke Leavell, Judy - None - Talking with Lula Lc Boeuf, Jim - BAA - Innocent look Levy, Joe - Band - Whimsical smile Liechty, Dorlee - Orchestra - A boy Linstead, Dean - Chorus - Friendly look Long Malinda - GAA - Talking Lundberg, Susan - GAA, Fiesta Follies - Funny laugh Lundberg, Wayne - Swimming, Band - T-shirt Maccalla, Markusic, Thomas - Radio Club, Swimming Freckles Doug - None 7 Monkey shines Mathews, Janet - GAA, Fiesta Follies - Donn1e's ring Mattock, Sandra - GAA - Her quiet ways Mayfield, Mike - Band - Notes Mccleary, sandra - GAA -'Wanda McCleary, Wanda - GAA 5 Sandra McComb, Carole - GAA - Neck scarf Mclntyre, Bill - None - Cheerful grin MePeake, Delora - None - books Gary - Baseball - Serious look Miller, Miller, Mary None 4 Giggling Miller, Mike Band 4 Being on the ball Miller, Paul None - Grin 51 Seventh Grade Class Roll CContinuedD Mitchell, Lela - GAA - Her twin Mitchell, Lula - Chorus, GAA - Dancing Monroe, Jerry - BAA - Scheme Moore, Ken - None - Red hair Moore, Phyllis - Orchestra, Fiesta Follies - Tardy excuse Morgan, Dianna - GAA - Cute hair do Morgan, Patricia - GAA - Giggles A Munday, Darlene - GAA, Student Council - Laughing Murry, Charles Iynnwood - Orchestra, Photography Club, Nixon, James A None - Braces Osborne, Gary - None - Wedding rings Osborne, Jim - BAA - Dimples Palmer, Sue - GAA, Chorus, Student Council - Pony tail Palmiter, Sharon - Who's Who, GAA, Chorus - Enthusiasm Parks, Carol - GAA - Serious expression Parris, Shirley - Chorus, GAA - Sleepy look Pearson, Dennis - None - Smiling Penn , Helen - GAA - Writing notes Perry, Dan - None - Wad of gum Phillips, Gary - Band - Bulging muscles Phillips, Julaine - Orchestra, GAA - Bangs Phillips, Tbm 4 None - Pleasant look Pierce, Linda - Pep squad, GAA - Personality plus Pierce, Marilyn.- Chorus, GAA - Sweet blush Post, Sandra - fone - Saying UShut upln Prather, Betty - BAA - Friends by her locker Price, Gloa - None - Blushing Raffler, Jack - Baseball, BAA - Helping someone Ray, Phyllis - Sports, GLA - Talking Roberts, Lary - Chorus, Swimning Team Manager - Smile Roddy, Bill - A-Band, Basketball, Baseball - Himself Schell, April - Orchestra - Personality Scott, Darla - Chorus, GAA - Gum Sealy, John - Photography Club, Boy's chorus - His co-o Shaffer, Sally - Chorus, GAA - Thinking of a boy Shaver, Corky - None - Long drawl Shears, Kathy - GAA - A suggestion 52 r Librarian perativene Seventh Grade Class Roll CContinuedJ Siddal, Becky - None - Kind smile Simrod, Phillip - Band - Being too friendly Singtelery, Ronald - None - Drawing cars Sipe, Cathy - Chorus, GAA, Who's Who, Student Council - Smile Skinner, Louise - Chorus, GAA - Grin Smith, Carole 4 GAA, Pep Squad - Her pals ' Smith, Sydney - Student Council, Fiesta Follies, Who's Who, .GAA - Sparkle in her eye and happy laugh Spillane, Russell - None - Smart remark Sprick, Warren - Band, Librarian - Book Stewart, Dewey - None - Correct answer Stout, Dave - Orchestra - Brains Strickling, Doug - None - Susy Strohm, Norm - Swimming - T-shirt Sutton, Terry - None - Comment Swallows, John - Librarian - Tardy excuse Sweet, Sue Ellen - Pep Squad, GAA - Her daily joke Tappan, Dawn - GAA - Susy Taylor, Tom - Student Council, Fiesta Follies, Track, BAA Tharp, Carole - None - Books A Thayer, Marian - Band 4 Sweet face P Thompsett, Judy - GAA - Lofting her bowling ball Tisdell, Leroy - Track, Baseball, Basketball, BAA - Reach Titus, Linda - Band, GAA - Smile Tompkins, Dennis - None - Gum M Troxel, Jack - Band - Squirt gun Uldricks, Joyce - GAA, Student Council - Talking of boys Van Dragt, Don - BAA - The last word Van Loo, Roy - None - Bored look Verga, Barbara - GAA, Fiesta Follies - Smile Vernia, Barbara - None - Book Vinton, Jerry f None - Candy and gum Von Chawes, Kathy - None - Smile Walton, Roger - A-Band - His shadow Ward, Dorthy - GAA, Glee Club - Flirting Warren, Conrad - None - Straight face 53 Seventh Grade Class Roll CGontinuedD Washburn, Bobby - None - Picking on girls Watson, Rodger - BAA f Sassing someone Weik, Cordelia - GAA - Crinolines and curls Welcher, Gary - Band - A joke Wendenhof, Jon - BAA F Cute smile White, Ernest - None - Studious frown Wilber, Ranger - Band - Kicking a locker catch Williams, Elaine - Band, Chorus - Trying to hide a smile Withers, Jimmy - Band - Drumsticks Wolf, Karen - Who's Who, GAA, Photography club - Notebook Woodin, Sally - GAA, Band - Being neat ' wright, Linda - Who's Who, GAA, Chorus - Colorful clothes Young, Ronny - None - Innocent look ...g.- Highlights of the gear QContinuedl welcomed the opportunity to eat. Afterwards we were free to visit the areas in which we were most interested. The museum is so large that you couldn't expect to see it all in one day. There was a television room. There was also a life-size model of a farm and house. we went to Chinatown for supper and ate at a restaurant called Guey Sam's. we visited a few of the shops and bought souvenirs. At 11:05 p m. a group of happy, but tired students alighted from the bus. We had thoroughly enjoyed the trip and had added much to our scientific knowledge. This year has not been all receiving and no giving. we par- ticipated in five drives for money: Community Chest, Junior Red Cross, TJB., Easter Seals, and the Polio Drive. There were many other activities throughout the year too numerous to mention. The last activities of the ninth graders were the promotion assembly and dance. And so ended another year which had gone all too quickly. Sh 9.5555 EEQEEEQX I stepped into the elevator of the MaCalla Newspaper Building, the tallest building in the world. It had been designed by Barbara Cohen, the famous architect. "568th floor, please ,U I said to Larry Bahlmann, the operator. I glanced at the other women in the elevator. There were Alice Frisbie, fashion designer, and her clothes- "horses", Judy Stahl and Sharon Ashley. when the elevator stopped, I got out and walked down the hall to my dentist's office. While I sat in the waiting' room I happened to hear a baseball game on a radio the nurse, Karolyn Rudy, was wearing on her wrist. Alec, Borden, the ex- cited commentator, was yelling that Gordon fJetj Hjortaas, the baseball star, had just hit a homer. ' Just then the nurse called me in, and my dentist, Chuck Stevenson, started to drill. I was facing the window and sud- denly I saw a man sitting outside on the window-sill. It was 'Ibd Ensign, head window-washer of the 568th floor. He waved a wet rag at me and continued his work. After my ordeal with the dentist, I went down to the Tele- vision Room. 'lhe show, "Toast of the Tavern" was just starting , with Tbm.Wondergem EmGeeing. Then some chorus girls came pranc- ing out. I saw Pat Stpmm, Roxie Bunyan, Mary Joyce Mahoney, Stephanie Kulp, Kay Norris and Priscilla Coleman and after that came Dennis Douglas, The Whirling Dervish, who dis some amazing tricks. Then came the famous crooner, Bob James, who raised the roof with a song written by Nancy Ure. After this I watched the fights. John Card and Dann Conw- vis were battling it out. Freddy Beisheim was the referee. I left the building and as I walked along I could see in the sky the vapor trail of the famous jet pilot's silver plane. Paul Williamson and his corpilot, Dave Ford were known through- out the world. 1 I strolled along, seeing many people I knew. I had a nice chat with Sandra Allen, the rich philanthropist. we discussed whether to give fifty million or one hundred fifty million dollars to her pet charity. Continued on Page 56 I 55 Class Prophecy KContinuedQ E 'Ihen I stopped in a hat storeto do a little shopping. Ceilole Miller was there buying a hat, too. She decided on one which was designed by Jim Parris, the eccentric French designer. While there I saw Connie Shaw buying a gross of baseball hats for the little boys' baseball team whichhshe managed. I donated fifty dollars to her project and said good-bye and left. I pulled a magazine out of my pocket and looked at it while waiting for the light to change. It was called"DOOK AND SEE, and its editorwas Gary Armstrong. In it I saw pin-up pictures of Jackie Opp ,' Julie York, Kathy Almendinger, Sandy Mullett, Linda Christopher , J aneene Stanley and Nicki Sheppard. The main articles in it were these: WORLD'S GREATEST ARCHEOIOGIST KAREN VON CHAWES DISCOVERS OLD BONES. 'Ihe famous archeologist discovers bones of prehistoric monster. 'She is noted for her work in Egrpt. Assisting her is Sarah Wilcox and secretary, Marlynn Ackley. BOB MORRIS BREAKS ANOTHER RECORD IN OLYMPIC SWIMMING MEET. Bob Morris and his enthusiastic team won the meet by a mile. HJLIIICIAN GORDON SHIMMEL ICISSES BABIES. Gordon Shimmel, who is running for governor of Michigan kissed the babies of Donna Jean Peters and Donna Ghocoff today in his campaign. ' SANDRA JODOK, FAMOUS NURSE5 ARRIVES IN HONG KONG. While nursing the ailing Jerry Bailey, who strained his heart while scaling Mount Everest, the valiant nurse went with him to Hong Kong, where he had some urgent business. They were welcomed with cheers and shouts by the populace. HONNKD KING, A NEW YORK POLICEMAN, CATCHES MURDERER OF SEVEN. Howard King catches a tough murderer in a raging gun battle. Polic Captain Tom Gould says "After the gun battle, in which he was in- jured, Sergeant King kept struggling and shouting, ULet me at 'emln As I read the paper I was amazed at how many W.K.ers had be- come famous. 'Ihen I went home to resume my duties as President of the United States. I H 56 P. 36 tif 'fi 4.- 0-gi A ' f 9 f i' , Q lw f ! V., . nz, .41 s Th: - Q.-r wo- f,, +9 I . ."f1 1 ' ' ' 'Z ' - ...J- , '--ww, '1-.'- X 'Q N,. I1 113. .Q.g,7f'- I -13? .f N, fm .J 'l""-' ' ll .9 dfmlmtbnl! jnqym Swzkrumhg J f 7 . , effgiiy' D V 8 JH-CUP Jnnibalf 4 L jug J ,VJ rf. 5 F 'V:!'4 .vi v in. , 1 A . vj.J'Agltographs 90? W f 2 f - M f i H , f 2 A YQAJ .7 ' if .gf X jf' ff? W W T Jn l Q' 'AO lg P' f Q Z, Q F gi M,-P' GQ Lk, Yivfwii-f, A gm bijlwmi it in-'W i LAL M 'Q S vlqfwfjyifw V52 ' M4 ,V iam 'Y""6Klg"-QP? ' x , ZIJL U WU QM MEM ! gjuzograglis x "fix ,W .ariij-,'?ef 3 W QW f JJ .WD wjwif, .VY Qxpfi-'C AWE-?g"'5 yi C ilk? MW' :J x 0. 69 2' 3513, 163 ff T V' D Q Cv -fi Q 5 Dfw, ""W'.f'Ei5'W gif jk Md ,X QWM ., fd A WWW ff6wf1 niA,fi f i p rf .ff drfffw I v C ,yQVwNQfcN . ,, ,, V 5 X x .y r '2' 1 fd, 4 ' . f fy W 'tj' +24 V My f ' 'ng 'JPY R fir . M kifayiav'-41a-P. ' WWE A A 'A' . M W . u i mwe L., 5 I xx Mr ,I A M' ' if U7!L7gOywQj'4Z0715VpL . ' ' no , ' . 'M M ' -X. ,fm ,W My N Wcfjv .9 f L, X QS ,1,f,.T,,'fig.3'f,L,.,,,ZQ,LX.Li ' rr z,W.f Q: 5 4, 'K lu'

Suggestions in the W K Kellogg Junior High School - Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) collection:

W K Kellogg Junior High School - Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 34

1955, pg 34

W K Kellogg Junior High School - Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 56

1955, pg 56

W K Kellogg Junior High School - Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 52

1955, pg 52

W K Kellogg Junior High School - Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 8

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W K Kellogg Junior High School - Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 8

1955, pg 8

W K Kellogg Junior High School - Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 7

1955, pg 7

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