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-C QSX S, ? , WEST 'ff Ii'-WY' 77' W 'TTT f 'Tl ' 'IIIIIIIITIII ul I +'1"'I fx H IU!-I'7lIuI F175 :I 177i T 'I 1 FE N X f , mi ki-L-N-:III I - f 1 4 1 , , E 7 ., -1.-'m r-1"1 .1 1, E A g"'::' A' .. 1 f ' 1,-ff -nf 4- 3 1 niufuiiliiiffflfi I :Tuwf'n1mw1"1H' 111-in-1:T11 w -1 ,I 1, " W W .gg fiat. 1 if cfs? :L n HIGH SCHOOL 1521 vi ,ff wQ'e"i5 ez - ' 1 uf 1 52 iv . gm 1 ' S 5 2 1 5 Y 4 W.F. WEST HIGP CHEHALIS 1 1 I I l N 1 S i 1 1 EHALIN I 963 DORCTHY MILLER EDITOR CARLA LOEBERG is SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGER WASHINGTON T 962 Soviet missiles ninety miles from Florida. The Cuban blockade. Firm President Kennedy and accommodating Khrushchev. United States' prestige maintained. Glenn, Carpenter, Shirra . . . Hurrah! One more long year in the Berlin crisis. The bleeding death of Peter Fechter. Heroic escapes by a resourceful, courageous few. Still, the immovable Wall. The saddening passing of Robert Frost, Eleanor Roosevelt The thalidomide scare. Ole Miss admits a negro. The First Family spoofed on record. The disgusting Billie Sol Estes swindle. Seattle's World Fair. The brief case rage. Ratted hair, knees bare. Jack Rhodes, a Continental traveler. That was 1962. A 'W W ik ' s Law 'iw I if 74 Ak E 1 5' 5 ,Q ,. .,., , , WM, lid AA uv , , "'f' Ahh, ,, awk ff, 'ff F 1. Mfg 5 2 , , A., 5 , .x 2 ? 3 iz Y DQMINISTRATION AN FACULTY 5 SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE Todoy's high school Otters on enriched course ot study presented with The did ot rnodern teoching devices. One essentiol element ot educotion, however, is unchanging-the student's own determinotion To succeed. To The Closs ot 1963, congrotulotions on your groduotion from VV.F. West High School! Whether you go on to Turther schooling or To gccept employment, you will be building upon The troining which you hdve just completed. I sincerely hope thot This Troining hos developed in you good work hobits ond worthy ombitions. New experiences will surely bring new problems. Foce These with confident belief thot Tor ecich one there is o solution ond with The understanding thot in working courageously toword ci wise solution, you will ottoin your Tull growth. g fl GREETINGS Study diligently and be prepared to meet the challenge ot T982 A.D. Then you will be able to accept the advisory positions for directing and leading the youth ot your day that they may successfully meet the conditions prevelant in 2002 AD. Then the entire universe will be our world and will lay a demanding claim on the resources ot our growth. How are you conditioning yourselt now to meet this challenge? Through youth, progress can be made and only it each succeeding genera- tion is capable ot improving that which they have inherited, ad intinitum, , fa? PAUL TORNOW, CHESTER RHODES, HARRY GLEASON, TOM WOOD, CARL LOFBERG, and LEE GIFFEY. BOARD OF EDUCATION SeTTing The educaTional policy Tor The Chehalis schools is The local Boord oT EducaTion. They meeT monThly To discuss iTems oT The budgeT, employmenT of personnel, problems oT manage- menT ond The many oTher decisions Their iob enTails. They are dedicoTed members oT our communiTy, giving unselTishly oT Their Time and knowledge To TurTher The cause OT educaTion. f VERNON WEDIN JAMES OECHSNER Administrative AssisTanT DirecTor of lnsTrucTional Transporfaticn Supervisor Marerials DOROTHY MCCLUSKEY ELINOR KATYRYNIUK BERTHA REVENAUGH Secretary To SuperinTenclenT Accounting SecreTary Besides The supervision of over seven hun- The library provides SECRETARIES Our versaTile secreTaries are busy handling The mony deTc1ils behind The s'chool scene, They ore The Iioison beTween Taculry and super- inTendenT. We acknowledge wiTh appreciaTion The Tine iob They do. dred and TiTTy daily lunches served in The Tour lunchrooms of our school disTricT, The sup- ervisor direcTs The planning and serving of many dinners Tor communiTy as wellias RUTH BALL school acTiviTies. Lunchroom Supervisor sTudenTs wiTh The neces- sary Tools Tor acquiring knowledge and making new discoveries. WiTh available maTerials GT hand' and The environ- menT Tor sTudy, The li- brary is able To challenge The besT eTTorTs oT The sTudenT. ESTHER O'CONNELL DisTricT 'Librarian RICHARD HOWE DONALD MARCY TOM SMITH Geometry, Algebra Advanced Mathematics, Physics Algebra MATHEMATICS There is a great demand tor well Trained mathematicians in he world today. Applied mathematics is pertinent to our daily lliving, abstract mathematics helps develop the principles and prac- tices ot logical thinking. This year's curriculumiincludes general math, lementary algebra, plane geometry, advanced algebra, calculus nd trigonometry. Students in calculus and trigonometry protit much trom the individual attention they receive in these smaller classes. SCIENCE The scientists of tomorrow are be- ing rnoulded in today's classrooms. The science classes ot W.F. West vary in size and complexity: trom one class in general science to six classes in biology and trorn sixty chemistry students to sixteen physics students. They are fortunate to work in well equipped laboratories be- cause labvvork is an integral part ot science. CHESTER COOKE MILDRED DENISTON German French, Latin, Spanish, Creative Writing MARCUS BOETTCHER Biology, Chemistry Jack Benedict and Glen Bever ex- RAYMOND I-IKURA perimenf, Biology, General Science LANGUAGES For the first time in a number ot years French has been added to the curriculum. First year Latin, second year Spanish, and up to the third year ot German are also ottered. The third year German class is elective. Supplementing the classvvork is the exchange ot tape recordings, pictures and the acquiring ot pen pals from a German school. The knowledge ot a toreign language is an important tool in world relations. Through the study ot a language the culture of a country is understood. WANDA BREITENBACI'-I MAXINE BREWER ROBERT BURGOYNE SEAMUS MCGRADY English English, Reading English, Speech English English classes visit the library regularly. JOHN SHIVELY CLARA WEDIN English, Guidance Guidance HISTORY The study ot history throws light on current events. Students learn to interpret today's events in the light of the past. History courses are made stimulating by tilms, reports and speeches. Comparison with other nations makes us appreciate our rights and privileges as citizens of the United States. ENGLISH Realizing the need to develop skill in writing the English classes em- phasize composition. English in- corporates reading speed and com- prehension, speech, vocabulary, analogy and grammatical principles. Authors ot varied backgrounds vvith their Works are studied. An elective course in creative writing is ottered for the tirst time. lt is apparent that the upgrading ot English will better prepare students tor its use and ap- preciation. MARILYN PETTIT English COUNSELING Counselors always prove to be a vital element ot W.F. West. ln addition to general counseling to students, Mrs, Wedin is Girls' League advisor and Mr. Shively is Boys' Club advisor. As the schoOl's college counselor Mrs. Wedin is invaluable to questioning seniors. Mrs. Wedin also administers the Scholastic Aptitude tests, Preliminary Scho- lastic Aptitude tests, and the National Merit Scholarship tests. This year's spelling tourna- ment hosted by VV.F. West was organized and directed by Mr. Shively. Mr. Shively also teaches one freshman and one sophomore English class. RODNEY GISKE HARRY GUST HENRY OECHSNER World History United States, Washington, Washington History IO World History Berry Briem works on her "Viper VisTle." ART ArT opprecioTiun is developed Through experience. IT con be inTellecTuolly sTim- ulc1Ting becouse iT explores new oreos, Through oppre-cioTion oT orT one devel- ops his percepTion. This yeor The sTud- enTs sTudy vorious phoses oT orT: design principles, fine orTs, croTT, odverTising, indusTriol design ond communiTy orT. In c1ddiTion To The esToblished orr courses, o course in music-c1rT cJpprecioTion is oTTered This yeor. ArT sfudents plan Their noTebook covers. MUSIC BoTh vocol ond insTrumenTol music ore Tc1ughT oT The high school. In oddiTion To The concerT loond which olso ploys QT our oThleTic ex7enTs, There is o pep bond. lT livened our ossernblies ond ployed oT intermission oT The Senior Boll. FurThering on inTeresT in chorol work hos been The TormoTion of severol srnoll choruses. These oddiTionol groups creoTe pleosure for The pc1rTiciponTs cs well GS Their audience. l l he bond enTerToins or o foofboll game. DONALD DUNCAN An' CLARICE BACHMAN Vocal Music l. RONALD SIMPSON insTrumenTcl Music DOROTHY ANDERSON FREDA TEITZEL NANCY KLEINSCHMIDT Home Economics, Typing Home Economics Business Education HOME ECONOMICS BUSINESS Homemaking incorporates more than the skills of sew- ing and cooking. It endeav- ors to teach much about home life, to live happily in a family, to understand and enioy children, to adapt to changing world conditions, to use resources wisely. A girl is better prepared for her role in society by devel- oping vocational interests. W.F. West offers a variety of courses designed to pre- pare future business leaders with the necessary skills. The curriculum includes typ- ing, shorthand, bookkeep- ing and business machines. Through constqnt practice they seek to .improve these skills, - the goal - a posi- tion in the businessworld, GAIL HOFFMAN Physical Education VOCATIONAL SHOP In wood or metal shop the student learns the use of various tools and techniques and ap- plies them to the construction of challenging proiects. Drawing the blueprint for each proiect and choosing the material to be used is de- manded in the course. Vocational agriculture introduces the future farmer to the modern theories of agriculture with their practical application. Students are made aware of the importance of this basic industry to the economy of the world. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Bowling, swimming, tennis, golf, tumbling and gymnastics are among the activities offered in physical education classes. Improvement of coordination and promotion of physical fitness are important results of the program. Phys- ical education provides wholesome rec- reation for all those enrolled. Typists at work. RONALD SMITH Physical Education OSCAR FAGERNESS WALTER KAUFMAN Agriculture, Metal Shop Industrial Arts, Drafting Mrs. ParrioTT, Mrs. BoliTho, Mrs. Hennecke. W. F. WesT is TorTunaTe in having a mosT efficienl kiTchen crew who prepare and serve our TasTy lunches. Their consTanT concern Tor pupil welfare and cheerful caTering To The sTudenTs They serve is appreciaTed by all. THE LUNCH ROCDM Hurried sTudenTs received Their lunches aT ll 45 CUSTODIANS The ianiTorial sTafT of W. F. WesT keeps our building warm, clean and livable- giving us a pleasanf aT- mosphere in which To work. Their diligenT efTorT con- TribuTes much To The ap- pearance and comTorT of our school planf. Mr. Moultrie, Mr. BeTTs, Mr. Bryonf. H Eff X ,J Q ! WZ K Nksaw 4- ,,g. , Vnykp, 0 MNNJ m M M M , iw Q ,. WWW Mm 1 X I H-Q X y I X 5 ! D 1 i . i A , Il 'J G 09 fl X ' . wig f H if 2 , AVVI Ex sl if 5! WWMM Q s ' f ,, f Q 16 ff Z s 5 l M ii we 5? 1 Q DOUGLAS PEMERL Associated Student Body President M N 'xtviiiccf E X Qi, 'il TUDE T COUNCIL FRED RICHARDSON Associated Student Body Vice President STUDENT BODY OFFICERS First' Row: Hounreiter, Pemeri, Wiicox. Second Row: Anderson, Rasmusson, Briem, Richardson Schwedler. Vrst Row: Viles, Babcock, Thummel, Henricksen, Stottlemyre, Second Row: McKinnell, Petra, Miller, Evers, Lofberg, K. Pemerl. Third Row. . .1ite, B. Pemerl, Spears, Marshall, Teitzel, Davidson. Fourth Row: Roewe, Noel, Donaldson, Katyryniuk, McCormick, Cusic. W.F. WEST CDFFICERS President .... . . . Douglas Pemerl Vice President Fred Richardson Secretary . . . Treasurer .. Sergeant-at-Arms Publicity Manager Song Queen .... Yell Queen .. . .. Claire Wilcox Kathy Haunreiter . Mike Rasmusson . . . . . Gerry Briem Carole Schwedler Marmee Anderson The main object of the Student Council is to represent the student body and act as a mediator between the student body organizations and the faculty for the promotion of the business, athletics, and other interests of W. F. West High School. It is the Student Council's duty as the legislative department of the student body to make and enforce rules related to student activ- ities. The Student Council is composed of all the student body officers, the presidents of the classes, the president of the school clubs, editors of the Chehalin, Crimson and Gray, and Cl-ISOTA, and the secretaries and vice-presidents of the Freshman and Sophomore classes. One of the first iobs of the Student Council was to plan for the Freshman "Welcome" party. lt was also host for the South- west Washington Fall Leadership Conference. The Student Council worked on the magazine drive, using the money gained from it to improve the baseball field, to provide uniforms for the newly-created Swing Chorus and band, and to complete the new trophy case. l7 DOROTHY MILLER Editor CH EHALIN Members of The Chehalin staTT appreciate The patience and cooperation of The faculty and student body during The assembling oT This annual. Publishing an annual is not an easy Task. Dead- lines and procuring advertising presents many problems. The sales- men who worked so hard selling deserve special commendation. And To our loyal community supporters we say a very special "Thank you". We have Tried To produce The best possible yearbook Tor W. F. West students. We hope you enjoy iT, now and in The years To come. The Staff J, l-lenricksen, the sports editor, planning The Editor typing copy of the Senior Ball. CARLA LOFBERG football pages. Business Manager First Row: Kitty Smith, Assistant Editorg Dorothy Miller, Editor, Carla Lofberg, Business Manager: Jolyn Coburn, Assistant Business Man Ugef- Second ROW: -lolm Henriikwn, Sports Editor: Janie Wirta, Typist, Mary Ann Spears, Snapshot Photographerp J. C. Hewett, Assistant Sports Editor. CRIMSCN AND GRAY Each monTh The sTudenTs of W. F. Wesf High School eagerly awaiT The disTribuTion of The school paper, Crimson and Gray. This year Kathy Pemerl, assisTanT ediTor, Took over The many duTies of publicafion while Jack Rhodes, The ediTor, was in Ger- many as an American Field Service RepresenTaTive. KaThy and her hard-working sTaTT can be highly praised Tor a job well done. Seven represenTaTives of The Crimson and Gray sTaTT aT- Tended The Pacific Slope Press Conference aT The UniversiTy of WashingTon in February. Here new Techniques in iournalism were presenTed To delegaTes from Throughouf The sTaTe. CRIMSON AND GRAY STAFF Jack Rhodes, Co-EdiTor KaThleen Pemerl, Co-EdiTor Karen Eriksen, Business Manager Befsy JusT, AssisTanT Business Manager Gerry Briem, FeaTure EdiTor Richard Baginski, SporTs EdiTor Cindy Marshall, CircuIaTion EdiTor Virginia Bailey, News EdiTor KATHLEEN PEMERL Co-Editor JACK RHODES Co-EdiTor First Row: Bailey, Eriksen, Briem. Second Row: Baginski, Marshall, JusT, Pemerl, Rhodes. LOIS EVERS Editor Assistant Editor, Jill McGandy Music Director, Carla Lofberg Typist, Carolyn Nelson Technician, Roger Norberg lt's almost show time CHSCDTA Chehalis-High,-.School-On-The-Air broadcast a fifteen minute pro- gram over KELA every Thursday evening during the 1962-1963 season. Its staff, larger than in previous years, planned and par- ticipated in programs of varying interests including editorial teatures, skits, sports, and items of current interest in the schooI's program. A theme song "Everything's Coming Up Roses" was featured 'during the year. The Editor OH the Alf First Row: Nelson, Evers, C. Lotberg, Norberg. Second Row: Evans, Johnson, Eddy, Eriksen, Briem, Newman, Clifford, Fischer For syth, Bailey. Third Row: J. C. Lotberg, Spady, Lintott, Dugaw, Roe-we, Scott, Rasmussen, Mattot, McBride, Noel. CHEHALIS CHAPTER, ATIO AL HO OR SOCIETY The Chehalis Chapter ot the National Honor Society recognizes students who are outstanding in scholarship, service, character, and leadership. Students become members of the National Honor Society upon recommendation ot a taculty committee who weigh all re- quirements ot membership carefully. Students are not eligible tor consideration until the end ot their Sophomore year. The member- ship is limited to ten per cent ot the enrollment ot the three upper classes. This year there are forty-one members. Meetings are held each month ot the school year to conduct business and to present interesting programs. Annual events are the Christmas party, and the Spring Banquet. Mr. William Steton, world traveler and ci well known figure locally, was a special guest at this year's banquet and showed slides of his climb ot the Matterhorn. JOHN HENRlCKSEN President First Row: Remund, Petit, S. Johnson, Wedin, J. Johnson, Rassmusson, Bayer. Second Row: Krah, Briem, Lofberg, Bailey, Anderson, Smith K Pemerl, Wendling, B. Just. Third Row: Rhodes, Thummel, Noel, Osborne, Billingsley, Kershaw, Wilcox, Gerberding, D. Pemerl, Baginski Fourth Row Kindle, Lintott, Henricksen, Dugow, Myhr, Spady, Ponesko, Beyer. CARLA LOFBERG President GIRL 'LEAGUE The aim of Girls' League, the organization to which every girl belongs, is to develop character of the high school girl by attendihg the meetings, participating in the club activities, and observing the ideals set forth in. the Girls' League Creed. The Creed states: I believe As a high school girl I should be Joyous, courageous, and courteous, Truthful, considerate, and iust, Loyal and sincere in friendship, Too noble to speak ill of others, Willing to forgive and forget, Prompt and gracious in obedience, Ready to do all possible service, Quick to appreciate what is done for me, True to the best that is within me, That l may become a fine and worthy woman. Senior girls at every meeting delivered speeches on the lines of the Creed. ln addition to guest speakers at the meet- ings, highlights of the year's calendar were the fall mixer entitled "Yipes, Stripes!", a talent show, a program of skits and music presented to the Boys' Club, and a dinner given by the W. F. West Girls' League Cab- inet for the Centralia cabinet. The event en- ioyed and remembered by all was the tolo, "Rues de Paris",with music by the I6- piece "Sophisticats." Included in the last meet- ing was the naming of the Creed Girls fol- lowed by an impressive installation. CABINET MEMBERS First Row: Larson, Just, Lofberg, Smith, Brush. Second Row: Krah, Miller, Spears, Atterton, Johnson. Third Row: Kershaw, Petra Teitzel, Rosbach, Marshall, BOYS' CLUB BILL PEMERL President All boys in high school were auTomaTically members of The Boys' Club. Through- ouT The year meeTings were held wiTh programs empha- sizing The inTeresTs of The membership. Roewe, KaTyryniuk, Pemerl, Fishbach, Severns FORENS CS First Row: Johnson, M. Roewe, Petit. Second Row: L, Huskin, Back, Larson, Osborne, Billinsley, Krah, K. Roewe. Third Row: Remund, Bayer, McCormick, Bever, Panesko, M. Dugaw. MIKE ROEWE Presidenf The local Forensic Club meeTings were occupied with discussions a n d debaTe. During The olebaTe season The members iourneyed To various high schools and col- leges for debaTe clinics and Tournamenfs. 23 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CINDY MARSHALL These girls are making popcorn ball syrup. PresidenT Under The leadership of Cindy Marshall The FuTure Homemakers of America had a successful year. Bake sales were held To raise money Tor Their various proiecTs. Annual evenTs sponsored were: The cloThing drive, MoThers' Tea, Around-The-World Dinner, and The peanuT sale Tor The March of Dimes. A parenf poTluck was held in March. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FUTURE BUSINESS- LEADERS OF AMERICA Firsf Row: Buda, D. Hansen, M. Hansen, McCormick, L. Richardson, D. Richardson Dodge, G. Graham, Hamilfon, F, Richardson. Second Row: FunseTh, Bahlman, Shultz, Kimball, D. Pollock, Pauley, Can- field, Granger, Barnes, Bowman, Belcher. Third Row: Ramacher, Wilson, Kleepsie, GranT, Jendryka, HewleTT, Kenf, Remund, Hummel, Luhr. FourTh Row: Foister, Gilmon, Ming, R. Pollock, Martin, Miller, Bayer, Day, C. Johnsfon. FiTTh Row: Schroeder, H. Graham, Johnson, Rutherford, Mallonee, ChrisTensen, Eriksen, Ames, Carns, Rider, BenneTT. SixTh Row: Esfep, Breen, Rosebrook, P. Graham, Powell, Thode, Rasmussen, Young, Kramer. The supply store mainTained by FBLA. l The meeTings of F.B.L.A. are highlighTed by ARLENE TEITZEL speakers who explain The modern busines: world and The Techniques employed in iT. One of The club's maior proiecTs is The operaTion o The Supply CenTer. The money earned from Thi: PresidenT P X O Op wsb ' '7 Q' 2 ?f Efmm 2 il Q A . v. 0 Q 151 xo 0 Y- NEWYNO l -mf, First Row: Rasmussen Allie, Middaugh, Strickler, Scherer, Travlos, Langbecker, Hampson, DeMars Hammons Settle, Phillilpi, Helland. Second Row: Mey, Wood, Stolp, Bailey, Atterton, Marshall, Raquer, J. Brandt, S. Brandt, Blaine, Hull, Smith, Murray. Third Row: Hulse, Frazier, Riggs, Kindle, Dombroski Rosenkranz, Holland, K. Kindle, Johnson, J. Hull, McKinnell, Roberts. Fourth Row: Riggles, Krah Flugel, Hatfield, Knudson, Coburn, Juntunen, Pemerl, Jensen, Kershaw. Fifth Row: Layland, D. Roberts Peterson, Back, Literal, Trupp, Stantielol, Fischer, Harms, Furrer, Spears. Sixth Row: Valentine, Sherrill Lee, Eriksen, Betts, Fisher, D, Betts, Hill, Neilson, McGilvra, Graham, Seventh Row: Anderson, C Settle, B. Johnson, L, Rose, Trees, Rose, M. Anderson, P. Spears, Spahr. ALBERT MCCORMICK Champions, President a-' ia- L A 0 K of T ll o"'l-,l:'Gl?"'-Q, ASN MA X 'Z 'vol ,. Q Qicuxri Chehalis Chapter of FFA had another successful year. The chapter initiated nineteen chapter farmers and twenty-six greenhands. Members participated in iudging, parlimentary procedure, livestock iudging livestock showing, public speaking and performed services for both school and community. They climaxed the year with the annual FFA banquet honoring their parents and community leaders who had been active ' ' program of the area. inthe agricultural l l viii U T U R E , USINESS T EADERS MERICA Q enture helps defray we expense of their nnual spring ban- uet. First Row: Schneider, Wendling, Paulson, Clifford, Moultrie, Teitzel, Rassmussen. Second Row: Haun reiter, Anderson, Wirta, Robinson, Boles, Stanfield, Settle, B. Johnson. Third Row: Glover, Petra Brandt, Anderson, Atterton. Fourth Row: Fischer, Scherer, Anderson. 1 1 1 MARY ANN SPEARS President This group was organized to promote school spirit and to assist the Pep Stott and Publicity Manager. ln ad- dition to making signs tor the sports events, the club ushers at games, sells mums tor the Thanksgiving Day game, publicizes school plays anol selects Mr. and Mrs. Basketball. PUBLICITY CLUB First Row: Evers, Wilcox, Whippo, Spears, Olson, Lofberg. Second Row: Miller, Just, Ford, Smith, Lee STAGECRAFT First Row: Tornow, Norberg, Katyryniuk, Thummel, Spady, Second Row: Viles, Hackett. Third Row: Workman, Dawes, Holland, Henricksen, James, Donaldson, Snellgrove, Baginski. 6 TOM KATYRYNIUK President Stagecratt is respok sible for making ar setting up scenery ar arranging the lightir for school activities clL ing the year. Witho this group of capab- lads no school activi could be produced sul cessfully. JENNIFER PETRA President Members of G.A.A. met bi-monthly for a bus- iness meeting and var- ioos sports activities. Play Days were ex- changed with Central and Southwest Wash- ington schools through- out the school year. Fun and fellowship keynot- ed their programs. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First Row: Langbecker, Petra, Collins, Kershaw, Scott, Kain, Thormahlen, Baker. Second Row: Kautz, Curtis, Burnham, Rider, Selchert, Raquer, J. Brandt, S. Brandt, Davidson, Blaine, C. Hull, Third Row: S. Kindle, Roewe, Rosencranz, Johnson, Gaskill, Rosbach, Norris, Giske, K. Kindle, McCracken, Hansen. Fourth Row: Dombroski, Allie, Gerberding, Roberts, Holland, Uptegrove, Anderson, Foote, Riggs. STEVE BAXTER President First Row: Norberg, Tornow, Rasmussen, Lintott, Hansen, Benedict, Cottet, Fechtner, Graham. Second Row: Scott, Ulry, D. Pemerl, Baginski, Spady, Thummel, Butts, Fishbach, L. Johnson, Katyry- niuk. Third Row: White, Baxter, B. Pemerl, Anderson, Hackett, Myhr, Severns, Henricksen, Gillard, Fourth Row: Snellgrove, Meier, Dawes, Richardson, Jendryka, Olesen, Burnham, Borovec, Fitth Row: Richert, Rosbach, Latunen, Rasmusson, Viles, Donaldson. "C" CLUB , "C" Club, the organiza- tion for athletic award win- ners, did much to assist the ,sport's program ot W. F. West. To promote better attendance at basketball games they subscribed to- ward a rooter's bus going to Elma. Money was do- nated tor the lettering on the new trophy case in the gym foyer. During the "B" League tournament the club operated the "Den". 27 JAMES NOEL Chorus President Our choral groups have been increased this year to include a Girls' Ensemble and a Swing Chorus in ad- dition to the regular mixed chorus. Student assemblies and lay gatherings have appreciated and enioyed the fine programs these groups have presented. First Row: Strickler, Cole, Powers, Schneider, Newman, L, Phillipi, Madtson, Noel Foster, Stratton, Sisk, Neiman, Petra, Helland, J, Hardie, Stanfield, Richardson, Bu chanan. Second Row: Rasmusson, Meadows, Kautz, Miller, Blair, Johnson, Curtis McDonald, Olesen, Burnett, Sommers, Strasser, Peterson, Raquer, S. Phillipi, Ham monds, Tallman, Rose, McGilvra, Furrer. Third Row: Hansen, C. Settle, Riggs Adams, B. Johnson, K. Hardy, Aust, Jury, Knee, Spahr, Bahlman, Teitzel, C-alpin Selchert, Johnson, Fitch, R. Settle. First Row: Fischer, Cook, Blair, Ashby, Moultrie, Trupp, Second Row: Langbecker, Brandt, Osborne, Hampson, Severns, Johnson. Third Row: Olesen, Noel, Spahr, Dugaw, Scott, Lintott, Shaw, Foister. First Row: Schneider, Hamilton, Powers, Raquer, Billingsley. Second Row: Murray, Riggs, Aust, Brandt, Peterson, Helland. First Row: Krah, Stevenson, Ulry, Scott, Cooke, Trupp, Dahl, Spahr, Roberts, Miller, Blair. Second Row: V. Roberts, Mallonee, Norris, Kindle, Loree, Young, Rosenkranz, Domloroski, Billingsley, Hewlett, Jackson, Keech, W. Miller, Ross, Del Zoppo, D. Roberts, Third Row: Wilson, Barnes, Mullowney, Borge, Kindle, Forsyth, Latuneri, Gage, Ritfe, Sabin, Batchelor, Stevenson, Cory, Stottlemyre, Breen, Rinta, Senter. Fourth Row: Gaden, Marshall, Hendrickson, Spahr, Snaza, Keech, Stewart, Grant, Hen- ricksen, Haunreiter, D. Forsyth, Callison, Anliker, Kindle, James, White. JEFF WHITE Band President The W. F. West band in their striking recl blazers make a spectacular show- ing. Their appearance at sporting events, community functions and various school programs add a touch ot dignity to the entertainment. CLAUDIA NEWMAN AND DAVID THuIvIIvIEL KING AND QUEEN GIRLS' LEAGUE TOL0, RUES DE PARIS w , ip, , gs xi 4'-f',,, .sri Q. WY "Harvey", by Mary Chase, winner of The PuliTzer Prize, and one of The longesT run plays in The American TheaTre, is a comedy abouT a lovable alcoholic, Elwood P. Dowd, who is friends wiTh a large whiTe rabbiT named Harvey. He and Harvey spend all Their Time meeTing people and helping Them solve Their problems. The Trouble begins when VeTa, Elwood's sisrer, wanTs him commiTTed. A misTake is made, and VeTa is Taken To The saniTarium insTead. When The docTors finally caTch Elwood, even The head psychologisT is be- ginning To see The invisible rabbiT. The acTions are resolved when VeTa realizes ThaT Elwood will no longer be his friendly self afTer Therapy and decides To leT him keep his friend. HARVEY CAST MEMBERS MyrTle Mae Simmons VeTa Louise Simmons Elwood P. Dowd ...... Miss Johnson ......... . Mrs. EThel ChauveneT . .. RuTh Kelley, R.N. ..... .. Duane Wilson ......... Lyman Sanderson, M.D. William R. Chumley, M.D. . . BeTTy Chumley ........ Judge Omar Gaffney . . . E. J. Lofgren ........ DirecTor Mr. RoberT Burgoyne Marcia Cooke .... Tina Johnson Norman ForsyTh .... Blair Tallman Barbara Osborne .... Rannell Dahl Jim Spahr STeve Johnson . . . Mike Roewe .. . ChrisTa Mey .. Mike Dugaw ... Bill Wedin STudenT DirecToress Claudia Newman Harvey and Elwood On STage 32 Makeup in action Bewildered Veta SENIORS if ,,.mfM'f" "'7 fwwwwwfwwww s :izyj V f' 5: Hs ' ,,mf 4, ,g 3 1352 A 1. , , 1' flf ,ucv ww IP -nu-ww. ,li I, THE CLASS OF 1963 One could never hope To enumeraTe all ThaT has occurred during The four years of our high school educaTion. The sTudenT body increased from 450 sTu- denTs in 1959 To almosT 600 in 1963. During This Time we were happy To pro- duce The 1960 STaTe Championship Bas- kefball Team ancl The 1961 myThical Class "A" STaTe FooTball Champions. We wifnesseol The building and dedica- Tion of a combinaTion fooTball and Track field and sTadium, The consTrucTion of four Tennis courTs and insTallaTion of The backsfop for The baseball field. The addiTion of such courses as cal- culus, creafive wriTing, music-arT apprec- iaTion and French has enriched The cur- riculum of elecTives, and our receiving and sending of exchange sTudenTs from Iceland and To Germany, respecTively, have been noTeworThy in our progress. GreaT advances have Taken place in The world of science since The firsT saTel- liTe was puT inTo space in 1958, and in l 1962 boTh The UniTed STaTes and Russia puT men inTo orbiT. The cold war and The sfruggles for racial equaliTies and self-governmenf are sTill being waged and as we esfablish ourselves as ciT- izens, may involve many of our class- maTes in incidenTs similar To Berlin, Que- moy, Cuba, lndia and Viet-Nam. We enTered high school in 1959 and Bill Pemerl was elecfed presidenT. Rich- ard Baginski was The Sophomore presi- denT. Bill Pemerl was chosen as presi- denT again in The Junior year and we sponsored The formal "42nd and Broad- way". "Cour du Lion" was The Theme DAVID THUMMEL President ROBERT SCOTT SANDRA HAMPSON Vice-President SecreTary l B MARY ANN SPEARS RONALD HANSEN Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms of The formal we gave The fall of our Senior year. The Senior play financed The annual spring picnic. We ended wiTh a milesTone in our lives-GraduaTion and iTs responsibiliTies. David Thummel was presidenT during This evenTful year. WhaT has our high school educaTion done for us? These few years have been hard, even frusTraTing Times. They have given us our firsT maTuriTy. We now realize ThaT This is our counTry-our world. We hope we shall live well in iT. 34 MARTHA ALLENDER AGNES ANDERSON GAIL ANDERSON MARMEE ANDERSON ELLEN ATTERTON RICHARD BAGINSKI VIRGINIA BAILEY KATHERINE BAXTER STEPHEN BAXTER JOHN BLAIR NANCY BRADSHAW GERRY BRIEM KATHRYN CLIFFORD LINDA COOK DOUGLAS COTTET ROBERT DAVIS JOHN DUGAW KAREN ERIKSEN DELBERT ESTEP SALLY EVANS LOIS EVERS SANDRA FALLS JAMES FECHTNER KAREN FISCHER JAMES FOULKE ERIC FULLER JEAN FURRER INGER GADEN JAMES GILLARD SANDRA GLOVER MARY GOFF PATRICK GRAHAM SANDRA HAMPSON RONALD HANSEN SUSAN HARMS KATHRYN HAUNREITER DANIEL HEMENWAY JOHN HENRICKSEN GERALDINE HULL REBECCA HUNT KENNETH HUTCHISON MARGARET IRISH STANLEY JENDRYKA FRANK JOHNSON STEPHEN KLEESPIE ROBERT LINTOTT LORI LIVINGSTON CARLA LOFBERG DIANE MCGUINN JOHN MALLONEE CYNTHIA MARSHALL WILLIAM MEIER DOROTHY MILLER JOAN MILLER ROBERT MILLER REGINALD MYHR CLAUDIA NEWMAN SUSAN NEWSTED JAMES NOEL ROGER NORBERG DAVID OLESON JUDITH OLSON DOUGLAS PEMERL WILLIAM PEMERL GARY RASMUSSEN JOHN RHODES FREDRICK RICHARDSON DONALD RIDDLE DARWIN RIDER DONALD ROBERTS THOMAS ROOF ROMALIE SCHNEIDER CAROLE SCHWEDLER ROBERT SCOTT NORMAN SEMANSKI PATRICIA SEXTON MARGARET SHERRILL PAMELA SMALLEY JAMES SPAHR MARY ANN SPEARS REGINA STANFIELD PATRICIA STARK DIANE STOLP RICHARD STRATTON ARLENE TEITZEL SAMUEL TEITZEL SHARON THORMAHLEN DAVID THUMMEL BRIAN TORNOW ANGELICA TRAVLOS MARTHA TRUPP WILLARD ULRY BRYON VOSS JOHN WELCH JEFFREY WHITE CLAIRE WILCOX KATHRYN WOOD JEAN FOLKNER SCHOLASTIC H0 ORS W. F. WEST CLASS OF I963 inf, PM -3'-v ma.. QI First Row: John Henricksen, Claire Wilcox, Carla Lofberg, Marmee An derson, David Thummel. Second Row: Robert Linrofr, Richard Baginski Douglas Pemerl, Jack Rhodes, Gerald Spady, MARTHA ALLENDER Chorus 1 Crimson and Gray 4 FHA 1 ' Junior Representative to Girls' League Cabinet AGNES ANDERSON FBLA 3,4 FHA 1,2 Song Staff 2 GAIL ANDERSON Chorus 3 FBLA 2,3,4 FHA 2,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 MARMEE ANDERSON Crimson and Gray 4 FBLA 3,4 Store Manager 4 Honor Society 3,4 Secretary 4 Student Council 3,4 Yell Staff 2,3,4 Yell Queen 3,4 ELLEN ATTERTON Chorus 1 FBLA 2,3,4 Secretary 4 FHA 1,4 RICHARD BAGINSKI c Club 2,3,4 Sophomore Class President Crimson and Gray 2,3,4 Sports Editor 3,4 Honor Society 3,4 Stage Craft 2,3,4 Student Council 2 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,4 VIRGINIA BAILEY CHSOTA 4 Crimson and Gray 3,4 News Editor 4 Drama 4 FHA 1,2 Honor Society 2,3,4 KATHERINE BAXTER Chorus 1 FBLA 2 FHA 1,2,3,4 GAA 1,2 STEPHEN BAXTER C Club 2,3,4 President 4 Baseball 1 Basketball 1 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 2 Sophomore Reoresentative to Boys' Club JOHN BLAIR Entered from Onalaska 3 Chorus 3 FFA 3 NANCY BRADSHAW Crimson and Gray 4 Head Typist 4 FBLA 3,4 FHA 1,2 GERRY BRIEM CHSOTA 3,4 Crimson and Gray 2,3,4 Feature Editor 3,4 FHA 1,2 GAA 1,2 Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 4 ASB Publicity Manager 4 Sophomore Representative to Girls' League Cabinet Girls' Gymnastics 3 KATHRYN 'CLIFFORD Drama Make-up 3,4 FBLA 2,3,4 FHA 1,2,3 LINDA COOK Chorus 1 "Swing Chorus" 4 CHSOTA 4 Crimson and Gray 4 GAA 2 Girls' League Corresponding Secretary 3 DOUGLAS COTTET C Club 2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Football 1,2,3,4 ROBERT DAVIS Boys' Club 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 JOHN DUGAW CHSOTA 4 Crimson and Gray 2,3,4 Honor Society 2,3,4 Forensics 2,3 "Swing Chorus" 4 Basketball l,2,3 Football 1 Golf 2,3,4 Junior Engineers and Science Institute 3 KAREN ERIKSEN CHSOTA 3,4 Crimson and Gray 2,3,4 Business Manager 4 Drama 1,2 FHA 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 4 Vice-President Tennis 1,2,3,4 DELBERT ESTEP Entered from Napavine 2 FFA 2,3,4 SALLY EVANS CHSOTA 4 Crimson and Gray 1,2,3,4 News Editor 3 Drama 4 FHA 1,2,3,4 Secretary 3 State Public Relations Chairman 3 GAA 1,2 Publicity 3,4 Forensics 2,3,4 Secretary 3 LOIS EVERS Junior Class Secretary CHSOTA 2,3,4 Assistant Editor 3 Editor 4 Drama 3,4 FHA 1,2 GAA 1,2 Student Council 4 Girls' League Treasurer 2 Tennis 2,3,4 Publicity Club 3,4 SANDRA FALLS Entered from Moscow, Idaho GAA 2,3 President 3 Student Council 3 Election Control Board 3 Tennis 2,3 Publicity Club 3,4 JAMES FECHTNER C Club 2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2 KAREN FISCHER Entered from Adna 3 Chorus 3,4 FBLA 4 FHA 4 JEAN FOLKNER Entered from Kelso 4 Girls' League 4 JAMES FOULKE Boys' Club 1,2,3,4 ERIC FULLER Baseball 1 Basketball 1 Football 1 JEAN FURRER Entered from St. Mary's 3 Chorus 4 FHA 4 INGER GADEN CHSOTA 4 Drama 2,3,4 Make-up Chairman 4 FHA 1 Forensics 1,4 JAMES GILLARD C Club 2,3,4 Basketball 1,3' Football 1 Golf 1,2,3,4 Captain 4 SANDRA GLOVER Entered from Alameda, Calif, 4 FBLA 4 Drama 4 MARY GOFF Girls' League 1,2,3,4 Chorus 3,4 PATRICK GRAHAM Chorus 3 FFA 1,2,3,4 Secretary 2,3 Treasurer 4 SANDRA HAMPSON Chorus 1 Senior Class Secretary FHA 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 4 President RONALD HANSEN C Club 2,3,4 Sophomore Class Sgt.-at-Arms Senior Class Sgt.-at-Arms Crimson and Gray 4 Basketball 2 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Wrestling 1,3,4 SUSAN HARMS FHA 1,2,3,4 Crisco Award 3 KATHRYN HAUNREITER FBLA 3,4 FHA 1 Student Council 4 ASB Treasurer 4 DANIEL HEMENWAY Entered from Adna 3 Boys' Club 3,4 JOHN HENRICKSEN Band 1,2,4 C Club 2,3,4 Chehalin 3,4 Sports Editor 4 Drama Pit Band 2,3 Honor Society 2,3,4 President 4 Stage Craft 2,3,4 Student Council 4 Junior Representative to Boys' Club Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 GERALDINE HULL Entered from Centralia 4 Girls' League 4 REBECCA HUNT Entered from Port Townsend 2 Girls' League 2,3,4 KENNETH HUTCHISON Boys' Club 1,2,3,4 MARGARET IRISH Chorus 3,4 FHA 4 STANLEY JENDRYKA C Club 2,3,4 FFA 1,2,3,4 Reporter 4 Football 1,2,3,4 Wrestling 2,3 FRANK JOHNSON FFA l,2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 STEPHEN KLEESPIE FFA 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 Football 4 Track 2,3,4 ROBERT LINTOTT c Club 2,3,4 "Swing Chorus" 4 Junior Class Vice-President Crimson and Gray 3 Honor Society 2,3,4 Football 1 Gymnastics 1,2,3 CHSOTA 3,4 LORI LIVINGSTON Entered from Boistfort 2 Pep Club 4 CARLA LOFBERG Sophomore Class Secretary Chehalin 3,4 Business Manager 4 CHSOTA 2,3,4 Music Director 3,4 Drama 4 Music 2,3 GAA 1,2 Secretary 2 Honor Society 2,3,4 Student Council 2,4 Girls' League Vice-President 1: President 4 Publicity Club 3,4 Seabeck Leadership Conference 3 Lewis County Spelling Contest 1,2,3,4 'D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 4 DIANE MCGUINN Entered from Adak, Alaska 3 Girls' League 3,4 Chorus 3 JOHN MALLONEE Band 1,2,3,4 FFA 1,2,3,4 Treasurer 2 Vice-President 3 Sentinel 4 Football 2,3 CYNTHIA MARSHALL Crimson and Gray 3,4 Circulation Manager 4 FHA 1,2,3,4 Vice President 3 President 4 GAA 2 Student Council 4 Girls' League Cabinet 4 WILLIAM MEIER C Club 2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 DOROTHY MILLER Band 2 Chehalin 3,4 Co-Editor 3 Editor 4 Drama 2,4 FHA 1,2 Parliamentarian 2 GAA 1,2 Secretary 1 President 2 Inspirational Award 1,2 Forensics 2 Student Council 2,3,4 Girls' League Cabinet 2,4 Songleader 4 Tennis 1,2,3 Most Valuable Award 3 Publicity Club 3,4 Girls' State Delegate 3 JOAN MILLER Chorus 1,3,4 FHA 1,2 ROBERT MILLER Boys' Club 1,2,3,4 Gymnastics 1 REGINALD MYHR C Club 3,4 Crimson and Gray 3,4 Honor Society 3,4 Football 1 Tennis 1,2,3,4 Wrestling 1 CLAUDIA NEWMAN Entered from Menlo Park, Calif. 3 Student Directress of All-School Play 4 Drama 4 SUSAN NEWSTED FHA 1,2,4 Girls' League 1,2,3,4 JAMES NOEL Chorus 4 President "Swing Chorus" 4 CHSOTA 4 Crimson and Gray 3,4 Drama 4 Honor Society 3,4 Vice-President 4 Student Council 4 Gymnastics 2,3 ROGER NORBERG C Club 2,3,4 Stage Craft 2,3,4 President 3 Student Council 3 Baseball 1,2 Football 1,2,3,4 DAVID OLESON C Club 3,4 Chorus 4 Drama 4 Football 1,3,4 Wrestling 1 JUDITH OLSON Junior Class Treasurer CHSOTA 4 Drama 2,4 FHA 1,2,3 Yell Staff 3,4 Publicity Club 3,4 DOUGLAS PEMERL C Club 4 Sophomore Class Vice-President CHSOTA 3,4 Crimson and Gray 3,4 Honor Society 2,3,4 Treasurer 3 Student Council 2,4 ASB President 4 Baseball 1,2 Football l,2,3,4 Tennis 3 Boys' State Delegate 3 Seabeck Leadership Conference 3 WILLIAM PEMERL C Club 1,2,3,4 Freshman Class President Junior Class President Student Council 1,3,4 Boys' Club President 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Football .1,2,3,4 GARY RASMUSSEN C Club 2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2 Track 2,3,4 JOHN RHODES Crimson and Gray 1,2,3,-4 Editor 4 Chehalin 2,3 Sports Editor 3 Drama 2,3,4 Football 1 Basketball 1,2 Tennis 2 Golf 3 Freshman Vice-President Election Control Board 3 Honor Society 3,4 American Field Service Exchange Student to Germany 4 FREDRICK RICHARDSON C Club 2,3,4 FFA .l,2,3,4 Reporter 2 President 3 Vice-President 4 Delegate to National FFA Convention 4 Student Council 3,4 ASB Vice-President 4 Wrestling l,2,3,4 DONALD RIDDLE C Club 2,3,4 Drama 4 Baseball 1 Football 2,3,4 Wrestling l,2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 DARWIN RIDER Entered from Kalama 2 FFA 3,4 Basketball 4 Football 3,4 Track 3,4 DONALD ROBERTS Chorus 2,3 FFA l,2,3,4 Treasurer 3 THOMAS ROOF . Entered from Anacortes 3 Boys' Club 3,4 ROMALIE SCHNEIDER Chorus 1,,4 FBLA 3,4 Treasurer 3 CAROLE SCHWEDLER Chorus 1 CHSOTA 4 Crimson and Gray 4 FHA 1,2,3 Student Council 4 Song Staff 3,4 Song Queen 4 ROBERT SCOTT Entered from Enumclaw 2 C Club 2,3,4 Treasurer 4 Chorus 4 Junior Sgt.-at-Arms Senior Vice-President Drama 3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball 2 Football 2 NORMAN SEMANSKI Entered from Centralia 2 Baseball 2,3 Golf 3 PATRICIA SEXTON Sophomore Class Treasurer Crimson and Gray l,2,3,4 FHA. l,2,3,4 Secretary 2 Representative 4 MARGARET SHERRILL Entered from Ephrata 3 FHA 3,4 PAMELA SMALLEY Chorus 4 FHA l,2,3,4 EDWARD SNELLGROVE C Club 2,3,4 Stage Craft 2,3,4 Baseball l,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Football l,2,3,4 THOMAS SOMMER Entered from St. Martin's 3 Chorus 3,4. GERALD SPADY C Club 2,3,4 CHSOTA 4 Crimson and Gray l,2,3,4 Honor Society 2,3,4 Stage Craft 2,3,4 Baseball 1,3,4 Basketball 4 Football 1 Gymnastics 1,2,3 Attended National Science Foundation Program 3 JAMES SPAHR Entered from Grafton, Iowa 3 Band 3,4 Chorus 4 Drama 4 Forensics 4 Baseball 3,4 "Swing Chorus" 4 MARY ANN SPEARS Senior Class Treasurer Chehalin 4 FHA l,2,3,4 Parliamentarian 3 GAA 1,2 Forensics 2 Student Council 4 Girls' League Cabinet 4 Publicity Club 3,4 Secretary 3 President 4 Drama 4 REGINA STANFIELD Entered from Centraiia 2 Chorus 4 FBLA 4 FHA 3,4 PATRICIA STARK Entered from Omaha, Neb. 4 Girls' League 4 DIANE STOLP FBLA 3 FHA 1,2,4 GAA I RICHARD STRATTON C Club 2,3 Chorus 4 Football 1 Track 1,2 ARLENE TEITZEL Chorus l,2,3,4 FBLA 3,4 President 4 FHA 1,2,3 GAA 1,2,3 Student Council 4 SAMUEL TEITZEL Boys' Club 1,2,3,4 SHARON THORMAHLEN GAA 1,2,3 Girls' League 1,2,3,4 DAVID THUMMEL C Club 2,3,4 Senior Class President Crimson and Gray 2,3,4 Drama 3,4 Honor Society 2,3,4 Stage Craft 2,3,4 Student Council 3,4 ASB Sgt.-at-Arms 3 Boys' Club Secretary 2 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Football l,2,3,4 BRIAN TORNOW C Club 2,3,4 Freshman Class Sgt.-at-Arms Stage Craft 2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 ANGELICA TRAVLOS FHA 2,3,4 Treasurer 4 GAA 1,2,3 Vice-President 2,3 Girls' League Treasurer 3 MARTHA TRUPP Band 'l,2,3,4 Publicity Manager 4 CHSOTA l,2,3,4 Crimson and Gray 3 Drama 2 FHA 3,4 GAA 1 WILLARD ULRY C Club 3,4 Crimson and Gray 4 Football l,2,3,4 Track 1,2 Wrestling l,2,3,4 BRYAN VOSS Entered from Napavine 3 Football 3,4 Track 3 JOHN WELCH C Club 3,4 Baseball 1,2 Football l,2,3,4 JEFFREY WHITE Band 1,2,3,4 President 4 C Club 2,3,4 Treasurer 3 Basketball I Football 1,3 Track 2,3,4 Gymnastics 2,3,4 CLAIRE WILCOX Freshman Class Secretary CHSOTA 1,2,3,4 Crimson and Gray 3 FHA 1,2 GAA 1,2 Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 1,4 ASB Secretary 4 Publicity Club 3,4 Girls' State Delegate 3 KATHRYN WOOD Entered from Rexberg, ld FHA 2,3,4 aho 2 mfr du Qian Le Cour du Lion came To life SaTurday, November 3, when our mulTi-purpose room was magically changed To a Medieval CasTle. The sTone walls were covered wiTh shields, gayly colored heraldry banners hung from The ceiling Timb- ers, and wooden Tables lined The sides of The room. A red and gold Throne, a carved balcony, and The appearance of The Cold KnighTs made This Senior Ball a dance To re- member. Shields and banners decorate The ceiling. J. Henricksen and J. Spady repair The sound in sTallaTions for The hi-fi Tape. During The dance a knighT saT in S. Teitzel and M. Allender prepare This Throne. Table decorations. l This beautiful banner and balcony de- The Cold Knighfs enTerToined during inTermission. lighTed all who aTTended. Members are M. Rasmussen, drums, J, Henricksen, piano and J. WhiTe, Trumpet. 49 SENIOR PERSONAGES SelecTed "MosT Likely To Succeed" were Carla Lofberg and Bob LinToTT. Carla served as Girls' League presidenT, Sophomore class secreTary and was a member of The Honor SocieTy. She was also The recipienT of The DAR Good CiTizen Award. Bob was Junior class vicegpresidenT and a member of Honor SocieTy. This pasT year Bob was presi- denT of The WashingTon-NorTherr1 Idaho UniTed ChrisTian YouTh MovemenT. "All Around" honors wenT To Claire Wilcox and Richard Baginski, Claire served as sTudenT' body secreTary and Freshman class secreTary. She Too, was a member of Honor SocieTy. Richard was Sophomore class presidenT, Crimson and Gray sporTs ediTor and The Treasurer of Honor SocieTy. Carole Schwedler and STan Jendryka won The "BesT Looking" TiTles. Carole was elecTed song queen affer being on The sTaTT one year. She was also an enTranT in The Miss Lewis CounTy con- TesT. ,STan on acTive member of FFA served as Their reporTer. He was a leT- Termcm in both wresTling and Toofball. RoberT LinToTT, Carla Lofberg Claire Wilcox, Richard Baginski STanIey Jendryka, Carole Schweoller William Pemerl, Dorothy Miller Chosen "most athletic" were Doro- Thy Miller and Bill Pemerl. Dorothy received twice The GAA Good Sportsmanship Trophy and was lead- ing singles Tennis player on The girls' Team. She was The editor of The Chehalin for Two years. Bill served as president of his Freshman and Junior class and of Boys' Club. He received The Most Valuable Player award in football his senior year. Karen Fischer and Jeff White were selected forthe "Most Artistic" hon- ors. Karen's soprano voice was en- ioyed on CHSOTA and in assemblies. She is responsible for The sketches on The end pages of The Chehalin. Jett, known as an accomplished Trumpeter, was president of The Band. "Most Friendly" honors were giv- en To Marmee Anderson and Bob Scott. Marmee, a Three year member of The yell statt, was Twice chosen its queen. She was secretary of Hon- or Society her Senior year. Bob, noted for his wry smile, was Junior class sergeant-at-arms, Senior class vice- president and "C" Club vice-presi- dent. Jeff White, Karen Fischer Robert Scott, Marmee Anderson THE CLASS OF l963 PRESENTS THE PIRAL STAIRCASE Helen .... . Dr, Parry ...... Mrs. Warren ..... CAST MEMBERS Claudia Newman .. . John Henricksen Lois Evers Professor Warren .. John Dugaw Mrs. Oakes ... Constable .... Nurse Barker .. Stephen Rice .. Director ...... Student Director ... ... Linda Cook Dave Olson Sandra Falls Ron Hansen Don Duncan ... .... lnger Golden ...Mr. An old Victoricin mansion sets the mood for this fast moving murder mystery. A ruthless killer has been murdering helpless girls. Helen the mute companion of a crippled self-centered old woman, is the center of mounting tension. The tear of someone murdering young innocent Helen breaks in the last moments ofthe ploy when she is left alone with the killer. Make-up time. 1 , i Play practice. The cast at play Jack Takes a look aT Cologne. Duggeldgrf Reqlsqhule in Lghe hosts Jqqk on The Moshbachs live in a new communiTy of homes in Cologne Jack Rhodes was W. F. WesT's exchange sTudenT To Germany under The American Field Service in The fall of 1962. His iourney led him from Chehalis To New York by Train and Then across The ATlanTic aboard The "M, V. Seven Seas." The eighTy-one sTudenTs who were To sTay in Germany arrived in RoTTerdam, Holland, on AugusT 19. From There They Traveled To language camps where They sTudied German and accusTomed Themselves To The European way of life. Jack spenT Two weeks aT The carnp in Bad Godesberg near Bonn. On SepTember l, The sTudenTs leTT The camp and iourneyed To Their respecTive German families. .lack sTayed wiTh The Wolfgang Mosloach family in Cologne, a ciTy on The Rhine River. The Mqsloachs had five sons and each day Jack wenT To school wiTh Wolfgang, The oldesT boy. The Trip was Topped off wiTh a gaThering of The American sTudenTs in Berlin on January 8. Jack deeply appreciaTed This opporTuniTy of living in Ger- many. The youth hostel where American sTudenTs sTay during language camp 1 W H 1 . i 4 w 4 1 ! i S W A 1 4 w 4 f I SPORTS FOOTBALL The BearcaTs in The annual SepTember classic, The Shrine Game, IosT a hard foughf baTTle by a score of O-7. In The firsT home game W. F. WesT gridders came back from being down under O-13 aT haIfTime To sTride off The field vicTorious over TumwaTer. 19-13. If was CI differenf sTory The maior parT of The season. The Bear- caTs could noT play a complefe game in Top form. The firsT half was usually well played and Then a Third quarTer leTdown would allow The opponenT To gain which was Too greaf To overcome. Alfhough ofTen being ouT-weighed, The Bearcafs made up for This dis- advanfage in husTIe and Teamwork. In The Turkey Day Classic we suffered a second defeaT To CenTralia, 20-14. MOST IMPROVED CO-CAPTAINS DAVE TH UMMEL BILL PEMERL MOST VALUABLE OLD FAITHFUL BRIAN TORNOW ALL CONFERENCE TACKLE DON RIDDLE BILL PEMERL ALL CONFERENCE HALF-BACK 2nd TEAM 1962 SQUAD First Row: Voss, Tornow, Pemerl, Thummel, Cottet, Jendryka, Norberg. 'Second Row: Ulry, Snellgrove, B. Pemerl, Baginski, Hansen, Baxter, Oleson, Henricksen. Third Row: Hopkins, Severns, Katyryniuk, Viles, Donaldson, Rosbach, Graham, Wilder, Benedict. Fourth Row: Gallagher, Thode, Riddle, Ander- son, Butts, Geesrnan, Eriksen, Schultz, Riley, Meier. Fifth Row: D. Anderson, Dawes, Walker, Hansen, Gaskill, Newsted, Spahr, Hoffman, Davis, Holland. SCOREBOARD Chehalis Centralia .. . 7 O N. Thurston 21 6 Tumwater .... 12 19 Raymond .. .. 34 7 St. Martins .. . O 13 Roger Norberg, Senior Bill Pemerl, Senior Right End Ell'T1G .... . . 0 Right HGH Montesano . . . 13 20 Shelton . . . 32 O Mark Morris .. 14 O Centralia .. .. 20 14 John Henricksen, Senior Bill Maier, 5eI'1lOI' Left End Tackle se F! 9 5 5 5 E --nq Don Fuggbock B,-sr 5 an V V W M Lkm.L . fm Ed SneMga'6Veg1 fa8diof -A ' f M ,. . m . r f ' :Lk -:,- lS Steve Baxter Semor Left Holfbock Q NWS Firsf Row: Bill Pemerl, Richard Bclginski. Second Row: John Fishboch, Dove Thummel, John BUHS Y ls if iN? Careful, Richard!! AG ERS Thummel in action. Watch that ploy! First Row: Rasmussen, Fechtner, Snellgrove. Second Row: Tornow, Spody, Henricksen. ARSITY "63" First Row: Snellgrove, Severns, Thummel, Ewing, Baginski, Pemerl, Tornow. Second Row: Fishbach, Butts, Henricksen, Benedict, Fechtner, Spady, Rassmussen. MANAGERS 1962- 1 963 SCOREBOOK Chehalis 22 ...................... "QChehaIis 34 .. Chehalis 44 .. .. Chehalis 43 .. .. 'Chehalis 54 ... .. Chehalis 47 .. ... "'Chehalis 28 .. ... "'Chehalis 32 ... .. "'ChehaIis 40 ... .. 'ChehaIis 45 ... .... "'ChehaIis 55 .. .. 'kthehalis 64 .. 'Chehalis 55 . . . . "'ChehaIis 50 .. .. 'Chehalis 56' ... ... "'ChehaIis 59 .. ... 'kChehaIis 59 ... .... i"ChehaIis 56 ... . . . . Chehalis 60 .. .. 'League games. . . . Kelso . . . . Elma . Centralia . Centralia .. Winlock Castle Rock Montesano . Raymond . Rochester St. Martins Tumwater . . . . Yelm Eatonville . . . . Elma White Pass Montesano . Raymond St Martins Tumwater SGPHCMORES Firsf Row: WoTilo, Ccrns, Wedin, Hopkins, Forsyth. Second Row: News1ed, Davis, Sinclair, Geesrnon Hevvleff, Lcitunen, Hewetf, Collison. 'CAT' COACH E Messrs. Giske, McGrady Howe H Oechsner T Smith Ukuro R Smnh Not pncfured Messrs Gust Sneler, Soori, Hoffman. YELL STAFF SON Anderson, Oison, Richardson Kneelng Pemerl Wurfo Ford Standing Schwedle Mczrmee Anderson THE C ASS CDF I965 Lynn Abel Kenneth Agren Byron Ames David Anderson Gloria Anderson Nelda Anderson Wayne Anderson Rae Anliker Bill Babcock Mary Back President, Larry Donaldson Vice-President, Bill Babcock Secrefary, Connie McKinnell Treasurer, Janet Johnson Sergeant-at-Arms, Steve Holland Alberta Baggenstos Wayne Bahlman Robert Baker Parricia Bardell Richard Bayer Anne Billingsley Kerry Borovec Tamera Breen Catherine Brush Kay Buchanan John Buchholz Monica Buck Edward Buda Robert Burnett Janice Calkins Bill Callison Cal Cantonwine Terry Ccirns Jean Claycamp Jolyn Coburn David Foote Norman Forsyth Virginia Funseth Jerry Gallagher Edward Geesman Anita Gerberding Greg Graham Darrell Gutsche Mike Hackett Kathy Hamilton Susan Coffman La Donna Cole Randell Dahl Steve Davis Greg Dawes Larry Donaldson Bill Downey Kenneth Eriksen Robert Ewing Patricia Flugel Judy Hull John Hummel Jim Hutchison Gary Jackson Sonia Jansen Douglas Johnson Janet Johnson Jerry Johnson Kathy Johnson Larry Johnson Dale Hansen Sandra Harnishfeger Kathy Hatfield Gary Henry J. C. Hewett Roy Hewlett Steve Hofmann Steve Holland Ron Hopkins Susan Hubbert ll Rose Johnston Larry Jorstad Faith Juntunen Mickey Jury Catherine Just Linda Kain Kathy J. Kelley Kathy S. Kelley Marke Kent Donna Kershaw Arlene Knudson Judy Krah Frances Kreutzer Mike Kyes Don Ladely Ruth Langbecker Bill Latunen Bob Layton Rhonda Lines Ann Literal Carol Murray Charlotte Musolf Steve Myhr Cindy Neiman Lynn Nelson Annette Olson Barbara Osborne Roberta Pahl Brian Pehl Lindo Pemerl Linda Lohman Laura McCord Darlene McCracken Judy McDonald David McGilvra Connie McKinnell Carol McReynolds Linda Mortin Christa Mey Diana Miller i iz J J M a rv f 'Fw ,s 'lv 4 'Q iv. Es ti s H ak , . . ,, , 2 if J 2 N .f - HIP if x Diana Riggs Gerald Riley Don Roberfs Doris Roberts Mary Kay Roberts Marilyn Rose Bob Schlindwein Scott Schlotzhauer Mike Schroeder Tom Schultz 2 .rr 7 Y , ,KV rf 9 5 lu-M.. . Jeannine Petra Linda Phillipi Dennis Piper Gloria Powell Rogers Powers Rene Remund Dennis Richardson Sfeve Richer? Doren Rider Jean Riggles 5...-1 ,, 62 S , 7 if Janet Scott Penny Severns Larry Shaw Patricia Simons Jon Sinclair Susan Skule Linda Smith Susan Smith Sandra Sosebee Judy Spahr Tom Tucker Robyn Turnbull Kenneth Voss Goldie Wadley Edith Walch Raymond Walker Larry Watilo Bill Wedin Arvid Wilder Patricia Williams W1 ii'ii irii' T H? l 'i'i 'sis T A .ry.y, 3 Robert Spahr Patricia Spears Janice Spring Albert Stanfield Jeanne Stevenson Stephen Svinth Roger Thode Kathy Thormahlen Diane Thorp Trixie Trees Gerry Zard Ron Zenkner President Jim Stottlemyre Vice President Mike Cusic Secretary Treasurer Susan Davidson Sergeant at Arms Jim Chartrey THE CLASS GF I966 Frank Bennett Cathy Bennington Sharon Berg Deborah Betts Michael Bieker Renee Bieker Mary Kay Blaine Janis Blair Nancy Blaser Gary Borge Connie Adams Sharon Allie Jim Anderson Sandra Anderson Janet Baker Leo Boker Marke Barnes Gerald Barnhart Lanny Batchelor Lawrence Belcher Larry Clouse Janis Coburn Marcia Cooke Larry Cory Joele Cottet Carroll Curtis Michael Cusic Mary Ellen Davidson Mike Dawes Gary Day Gordon Bowman Marvin Brandt Sharon Brandt Paul Burnham Peter Butkus Randall Cabe Steven Cabe Joseph Campbell Grant Canfield James Chartry Perry De Mars Gregory Del Zoppo Linda Dombroski Bill Eaton Gilbert Elder Nancy Ethridge Linda Fisher Bonnie Fitch Patricia Foote Douglas Forsyth 'Y Y 4 Stanley Fountain Diane Frazier Carole Fuller Robert Fuller Robert Funseth Richard Gadcl Kristin Gaden Grant Gage Sandra Gaskill Rex Gerberding I 7- 2, i L A ed 3 i- me is 1 N R . Q L. e .Sky i t v X in at 9 ii x I f fjfidi' ' xr F- 1 2 .-., .i ' We Q l 3 Q egg Q .i Jackie Hardie Linda Hardie Ellen Haskin Tom Haunreiter Margo Heiser Susan Helland Steve Henrickson Joe Higbee Deanna Hill Madelyn Holland E in r r 1 3 5 Q. ,e gf Q Allen Gilman Margaret Giske Nancy Graham Larry Granger Steve Gunsolley Paul Gust Kathy Hammon Linda Hansen Mike Hansen Carol Hanson , A ai, I a in 'il '-rf gl W. , Q , ft I Siiujm ,pi 'imgyxg W ' ifitiifs' Wsfuf, Jjfsi, 'Yr 1 ,S-.4 an E air: if , 2.427 ff' S 5 il 2 Jim Kraemer Wanda La Fleur Jeff Langus Linda Layland Linda Layton Wendy Lee John Lehman Milana Lindy Stanley Long Timothy Loomer Cheryl Hull Dee Hulse Dane Jensen Athea Johnson Charles Johnston Susan Kautz Robert Keech Karen Kindle Sharon Kindle Jim Knee hir Nga 3 Q 5 gif? Irr ' 1 1 . ll. ' r ,, ,l L Q ,, ,za H 2 , 5 ,ww , M. - J , f Rf? Stewart 'Loree Gordon Luhr Jim McAuley Karen McGilvra Ken Marquis Paul Marshall Robert Martin Tom Martin Bonnie Meadows Donna Middaugh Norma Miessner Wayne Miller Richard Morris Edward Mullowney Bill Nacht Pavricia Nielsen Mary Norris Hal Norwood June Pakar Greg Parrioff K si My ., -4 ,., 'X il? s 'Q f T M Mary Ellen Rife Darrel Riffe Patricia Riggs Gary Rinta Don Roberts Wanda Roberts Linda Robinson Kristina Roewe Susan Rosbach Linda Rose 5 53 B fi 11. 5 e . ,?,,,: "r-2 ., ,gi ZX Si? ll as 7'l' if 'E A I fr 4. A, , 5 l N- Q Raymond Pauley Eric Paulsen Donna Pearsall Paula PeThTel Dale Pollock Pamela Powers Gary Pringle Jack Rasmussen Sharon Rasmussen Ted Renner Jerry Sisk Craig Smith Terry Starns John Stedham Dwight Stevenson Jim Stewart James Stottlemyre Sandy Strickler Mary Tallman Mary Tauscher Bruce Young Fred Young Darrell Zard Karen Rosenkranz Greg Ross Alan Sabin Charles Schroeder Teresa Scott Rosa Settle Charles Shay Paul Simmons Patricia Sinnett Earl Sisk Sidney Thomas Nancy Uptegrove Don Vandal Sally Voss Sherry Wagner Cathy Ward Joyce Wendling Kathryn Willis Phillip Wilson Robert Worley LOOK WHAT HAPPENS IN THE BEARCAT GYM Our team of practice. "GIVE ME A B" "WERE LGYAL TO YOU, . . BEARCATS PEP STAFF Olson, Schwedler, Pemerl, Ford, Wirto, Richardson, Anderson Queen Mormee and Princesses Judy, Carole and Dorothy. .Qian-1 A ,, ,.V?: V ,fa In Wy M 'nr LOOK WHO'S DRINKING MILK! l'l,l3.'.'.?2':D Q'-:-Z'Z"1 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1963 5-Jrfv' E BETTER l'0rnicP9 PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICT NO. I of Lewis County 96 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class and Faculty ot T963 CHEHALIS MUSIC CO., INC LIVE WITH MUSIC Chehalis, Washington I ff Gfwfffw O 'FHANSK S 5711-M 4'f ff 5 I C3 N 5 f f I 'f ,J I I PACIFIC NEON SIGN CO. I 1019 Marker sneer FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP Chehclis' Washington ' Cheholis, Washington J. Korl Falls I District Mcmog I HELP KEEP WASHINGTON GREEN WEYERHAUSER COMPANY VAIL-MCDONALD OPERATION CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 'X IPI ff GOOD FORTUNE TO THE CLASS OF 1963 From o friend of W. F. Wesf High School ALBERTSON'S Locoied in The Foirwoy Shopping Cenfer Good Luck, Seniors Good Luck To The Clciss of T963 LEWIS COUNTY MEDICAL SERVICE CORPORATION Phone 748-4131 Cheholis, Washington 1 BRUNSWlG'S Lewis County SHQE Automobile Deulers Association STORE YOUR SHOE STORE Best, Biggest, Longest Established l fl C s l T ...,. 'E soese Howard Fear Herbert C. Heath CHASE AGENCY Insurance Bonds Real Estate M 1-1 CHEHALIS CHEHALIS GARAGE Plymouth - Chrysler ENTERPRISE ELECTRIC Electrical Products LINDSEY MOTORS Studebaker SEVERNS MOTORS INC. Chevrolet- Buick UHLMANN MOTORS INC. Ford - Mercury - Lincoln CENTRALIA CAMPBELL CHEVROLET - CADILLAC Chevrolet- Cadillac COUNTRYMAN MOTOR CO. Plymouth - Chrysler EDDINS AUTO CO. Ford - Mercury FAIRWAY MOTORS Feit HOWARD H. HUTCHINS Rambler - Willys ED S. MAYES INC. Dodge - Dart OAKES PONTIAC Pontiac - Oldsmobile Congratulations and Best Wishes tothe Class of 1963 IN W ,YARD Bunn SHOPPI G PARKING FOR I,OO0,000 - 500 AT A TIME CHUCKWAGON CAFE HEALTH AND FOODS DAY-N-NITE AUTO PARTS JOLENA'S FASHION DEPARTMENT FULLER'S MARKET BASKET TWIN CITY RADIO 8: TV GILLINGHAM 81 JONES, INC. HARRY'S JEWELRY DEPARTMENT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF '63 CIE TRAL RIEDDI-MIX I C. Sand - Gravel - Reinforcing Sfeel QUICK COURTEOUS SERVICE 1 I MAY EACH OF YOU MAKE THE BEST OF YOUR EDUCATION AND TALENTS, AND THUS HAVE A HAPPY AND FULFILLING LIFETIME. From a friend ofthe students of W. F. West High School Congratulations C1t'1CI the MIRIAM JUNTUNEN, Owner and Operator Best of Luck to the Class of T963 Congratulations, Seniors! CHEHALIS NURSING HOME 829 Gertrude Street ty EQOU Chehalis, Wash. I K N sf .UHEMIUS ,ff 9 MHWET 7 Washington State License No. IO2 BLAKELY 81 HOUT Horolcl ond Stan Beckman GARmso 's l-Wlmbefd Roofing Four Stores To Serve You P I l ' ywoo nsu anon Cheholis Cenfralia 748-3222 736-3222 Fairway Winlock Millwork cinol Cabinet Shop 736-3770 785-3431 BOB TODD FUEL OIL CO. Texaco Products Besf Wishes for Future Success To The 1963 Graduates WARD'S QUALITY MARKET Mecifs, Fresh Produce, oncl Groceries Retail Meofs of Wholesale Prices 842 Marker Phone 748-3622 Y Chehcilis, Washingron PALMER LUMBER CO., INC. ' X CENTRALIA - CI-IEI-IALIS Quality af the Right Price WAS""N6TON 810 Marker 216 N. Tower Cheholis Cenrralia 952 Prindle sneer Ph. 748-7162 Wpewfifefs - School SUPPHSS Chehalis, Woshingron Congratulations, Grads H. C. COFFMAN 81 CO. Flowers by 844 Marker Srreef B E N N Y 1 S since 1889 Al and Ted The Leading Insurance Agency Floflsf Und Greenhouse S iff f fw 1514 Mclrkef Phone 748-3333 Flowers For All Occasions 102 GESLER-MCNIVEN Everything for the Home PANCAKE HOUSE ' I 7 Miles South of Chehalis on New 99 and Morton Over Pass PHONE 262-3533 L 6 ul 7 J Centralia elm? Q eng a HUA , Congratulations tothe Class of 1963 A, l HEMPHILI.-O'NEII.L LUMBER CO., INC. F ,P d t EVERGREEN g ' ?,gg1t1-l- "es 'O "H FIRST FEDERAL M, 1 Congratulations to the Class of 1963 921 Chehohs Avenue I jk Ch h I' W h' -1":'s' 'a e G Is' GS mgfon Chehalis, Washington Best of Luck to the 1963 Seniors - Congratulations' Seniors - BERRYI'III.I.'S CHEHALIS SAW SHOP 871 Market 853 Pacific Ph. 748-4824 l Chehalis, Washington Chehalis 1 "For Fashion's Famous Nam 115 South Tower Centralia, Washington es.. Congratulations to the Seniors FRED PEMERL TIDEWATER Stove, Diesel, Furnace Oil 346 State Ph. 748-8343 L 8. E BOTTLING COMPANY I x Phone 743-4333 Helm Electronics V Q TV - ' I A SALES AND SERVICE l 901 State Street RADIQ HIFI Chehalis, Wcshingfon 1 Best Wishes to the Class of '63 1066 CHEHALIS AVE. CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON Congratulations to the' 1963 Graduates WEST COAST FRUIT 81 PRODUCE CO. FLYING SAUCER CAFE I 743-4435 748-7381 I 957 West Street Chehalis 2025 Market Street Chehalis - , i I ' ' F11 A 81 W ROOT BEER DRIVE-INS ' FAIRLANES INC. 2 Bring your date to Fairlanes for an No. 1 No. - bl - 1: b I- 719 West Main Belmont 81 Borst enloya e evening O OW mg Centralia, Washington Between Chehalis and Centralia Ph. 636-4100 1401 South Gold '- TRI-MOUNTAIN DRIVE-IN "We Raise Our Own Beef" Route 3, Box 93 Ph. 748-8556 POST'S STUDIO Portrait Photographers Burnett Building Ph. 748-4902 Chehalis 103 COBURN'S FURNITURE 8. APPLIANCE Chehalis, Washington SECURITY STATE BANK 900 Chehalis Avenue Phone 748-8831 HUGHES SHOE STORE 872 Market 748-7933 Chehalis, Washington KERSHAW STUDIO 818 Market Street 748-3861 Chehalis, Washington BOZARTH SALES 730 Vine Street 748-4395 Chehalis, Washington CHARLET'S FURNITURE CO., INC. Quality Home Furnishings For Less Centralia, Washington The Sweater Shop CENTRALIA KNITTING MILLS 1002 W. Main GEORGE SEARS DRUG CO. 905 Market Street Chehalis, Washington PIPPlN'S STATIONERY 1 AND GIFTS 109 N. Tower Centrgll l SONNEMANN'S CITY CLEANERS THE HOUSE OF EDWARD Styling Salon KELLEY'S CASH MARKET 1089 che-hairs 748-4251 7487113 Chehalis, Washington 1055 MGFY1 743-7433 1065 Park Chehalis CAROL'S MOORE'S MEN'S CLOTHING NATIONAL BANK OF WASHINGTII MI-LADIES APPAREL Better Quality For Less Coffman - Dobson Branch 869 Market 748-8214 861 Market 748-441 866 Market 748-7841 I 1 KEEN 81 HOWARD'S INC. MODE OIDAY B 8. H SUPPLY Building Materials 832 Mflflief STVCST Pioneer Chain Saws Chehalis, Washington Centralia Mossyrock 2400 Market 748-785 Ladies' Ready-to-Wear 3 McCOY - YOUNG INC. Auto, Mill, Logging Supplies DAIRY BAR 889 Main Street Chehalis, Washington WEST COAST MILLS Manufacturers ot Farwest Homes 555 State Chehal TWIN CITY SALES Ralph and Ross Seymour Sale Every Saturday Compliments of LLOYD OWEN AND SON LUMBER CO., INC. MT. RAINER COMPANY, INC. Roofing Sheet Metal Work 736.6304 Cenfrqliu 960 Chehalis Avenue A. W, LINDY, D. C. QUICK SERVICE TRANSFER CO. DAILY BREAD SHQP Chiropractor 748-3221 814 Market Street 748-7314 1056 Center Chehalis Chehuiisl Washington 1107 Park Chehalis TWIN CITY FINANCE , WEST COAST GROCERY CO. DR' WAYNE HINES 1120 Boisttort Street Oplomemsf Chehalis, Washington 884 Market Chehal 104 748-8174 Chehalis, Washington VIMONT STATIONERY Underwood Typewriters Wedding Invitations 9 Market Chehalis THE EAT SHOP Meat and Lunches 796 Market Street Chehalis, Washington GOLDIE'S BEAUTY SALON 9th and Cascade Avenue 748-4759 Compliments of CASCADE MOTEL 13th 8I Kelly Rd, Chehalis KIT CARSON RESTAURANT Mary Carson, Proprietor 13th Street Exit Food That Satisfies PAKAR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Bidge 81 Building Construction Chehalis, Washington CHAMPLAIN RADIO 8. T.V. 892 Pacific 748-3212 Chehalis, Washington BARTEL'S MEN'S STORE 881 Pacific 748-3871 Chehalis, Washington CHAPADOS CHEHALIS PHARMACY St, Helens Hotel Bldg. PERRY BROTHERS JONES DRUG STORE PEERLESS FOOD PRODUCTS 512 State 748.8621 Your Health IS Our Business Chovljaaigi Leafs Chehalis, Washington 1515 Marker 743.3301 748.4431 DUGAw,S CHEHALIS ST. HELENS HOTEL k S BURNETT'S Jeweusrzs BRICK 8. TILE co. 910 MU' el 'me' 748-4441 847 Marker 748.7861 National Ave. 748-7811 Chehalis! Wushingfon CLIP JOINT CENTRAL T.V. GIFFEY Orville and Chris Christler Haircut 51.00 1539 MQ,-key Chehalis AND APPLIANCE Your Admiral Dealer 911 Chehalis Avenue HOMETOWN HARDWARE 948 Chehalis Avenue 748-4232 I FECHTNER'S JEWELRY STORE Costume Jewelry 825 Market Chehalis SCHWARTZ MEN'S WEAR B33 Market Street Chehalis, Washington BONNE BEAUTY SALON 780 Market Street 748-7231 OLE'S Food Ready To Go 901 S. Gold Centralia BUCK AND SON Homelite Chain Saws 2155 Market Chehalis B 8. L BODY 8. FENDER 644 National Avenue 748-7333 Chehalis FULLER MARKET BASKETS Three Stores To Serve You Chehalis, Centralia, and the Miracle Mile CHEHALIS GRAIN CO., INC. 1028 Prindle Chehalis, Washington PEMERL'S SHOE REPAIR Chehalis Avenue Good Luck, Seniors ROBERT-S DR- W- F- LOUGHNAN IIENRICKSEN HEATING DR. I. E. HEDGIIEN S Pt f H at HAIR STYLING sAIoN Op,ome,,iS,s ee ee 0' S 1060 Chehalis 748-4365 870 Marker 748-4233 7487403 105 Columbus Bldg., Chehalis Best Wishes for the Future to the Class of 1963 Chehalis Packing Company National Fruit Canning Company 770 State Street Congratulations, Class ot 1963 MARY McCRANK'S SHAMROCK INN RFD 2 Chehalis Locally Owned , . . Nationally Known Chehclis' Wqshingfon 203 North Tower 815 Market cHEHAus cirv LAUNDRY Roots CAFE ALBERS FEED 8. FARM suPPLY Chehalis Avenue 81 Main St. Mary-S Comer Bulk Delivery 748-4322 262.3251 950 west 748-7451 KAIJA FEED 8. SEED 707 State Street Chehalis thank ou--- The staff of the 1963 CHEHALIN expresses sincere thanks to their many generous and accommodating advertisers, without whom this annual could not be. 106 Freshmen present. Talented Juniors. HERE A D THERE My sisfoh in Ceylon. ...sh 'T' Girls' League winners Boy, cm I glad school is oufl Abel-81 Adams-28, 87 Administration and Faculty-5-13 Adolphsenf-76 Advertisements-95-106 Agren-81 Allender-35, 49 All 5611661 Play-32 A1116-25, 27, 87 Ames, Benny-76 Ames, Byron-24, B1 Anderson, A.--25, 31, 35 Anderson, Dale-27, 76 Anderson, David-65, 81 Anderson, Mrs. Dorothy-12 Anderson, Gail-25, 35 Anderson, Gloria-27, 81 Anderson, J.-87 Anderson, M.-16, 21, 25, 35, 51 94 Anderson, N.-81 Anderson, S,-87 Anderson, W.--81 Anliker-29, 81 Ashby-28, 76 Atterton-22, 25, 35 Aust-28, 29,76 Babcock-17, 81 Back-23, 25, 81 Bauchman, Miss Clarice-11 Baggenstos A.-81 Baggenstos B,-76 Boginski-19, 21, 26, 27, 35, 62 Bahlman-24, 28, 81 8611ey-19, 21, 20, 25, 35 Baker, B.-81 Baker, J,-27, 87 Baker, l.,-67, 87 Ball, Mrs. Ruth-8 Bardell-81 Barnes-24, 29, 87 Barnhart-65, 66, 67, 87 Batchelor-29, 67, 87 Baxter, K.-35 Baxter, S.-27, 35 Bayer-21, 23, 24, 81 Belcher-24, 87 Benedict-9, 27, 62, 76 Bennett, F.-24, 67, 87 Bennett, M.-76 Bennington,--87 Berg-87 86115, D.-25, 87 Betts, Mr. Delmar-13 Betts, P,-25, 76 Bever-9, 21, 23, 76 Bieker, M.-76 Bieker, Mike-87 Bieker, R.-87 Billingsley--21, 23, 29, 81 Blaine-25, 27, 87 Blair, Janis-29, 87 Blair, John-35 Blair, S.-28, 76 Bloserw87 Boettcher, Mr. Marcus-9 Bolitha, Mrs. Marian-13 Boles-25, 76 Barge, Gary-87 Borovec-'27, 81 Bowman, G.-24, 88 Bowman, R.--76 Bradshaw-35 Brandt, J.-25, 27, 28, 29, 76 Brandt, M.- 67,88 Brandt, s.-25, 27, 88 Breen, Sf-24, 29, 76 Breen, T.-81 Brewer, Mr S. Maxine-10 Brierrr-11, 16, 19, 2o, 21, 35 Breitenback, Mrs, Wanda-10 Knee-2 Bryant, Mr. Ora-13 Brush--22, 81 Buchanan-28, 66, 81 Buchholz-82 Buck-82 Buda-24, 82 Burgoyne, Mr. Robert-10 Burnett-28, 82 Burnham, C.-27, 76 Burnham, D.-27, 76 Burnham, P.-88 Butkus-88 Butts-27, 60, 62, 76 Cabe, R.-67, 88 Cabe, S,-88 Calkins, 66, 82 Callison, B.-63, 73, 82 Callison, R.-29, 76 c6mpbel1-65, 88 Canfield-24, 67, 88 Carns-24, 63, 82 Cantonwine-65, 82 Chartrey-67, 87, 88 , 64, 50, 60 Childers-77 Christensen-24, 77 CLASSES 75-92 Claycomp--82 Clifford-20, 25, 36 Clouse-88 Coburn, Janis-88 Coburn, Jolyn-18, 25, 82 Coffman-82 Cole-28, 82 Cook, L.-28, 36, 52 Cook, N,-77 Cooke, Mr. Chester-9 Cooke, M,-29, 88 Cory-29, 67, 73, 88 Coftet, D,-27, 36 Cottet, J,-67, 88 Cummings-67 Curtis-27, 28, 66, 88 Cusic-17, 67, 87,88 Dahl-29, 82 Danielson-62 Davidson-17, 27, 87, 88 Davis, R.--36 Davis, S,-63, 82 Dmwes, G.-26, 27, 65, 66, 82 Dawes, M.-88 Day-24, 65, 67, 88 DeMars, C.-25, 77 DeN16rs, P.-67, 88 DelZoppo-29, 88 Deniston, Mrs. Mildred-9 Dodg?24 Dombroski-25, 27, 29, 66, 88 Donaldson-17, 26, 27, 65, 66, 81, 82 Downey-82 Dugaw, J,-21, 28, 36,73 oug6w, M.-20, 21, 23, 62, 73,77 Duncan, Mr. Donald-11 Eastman-77 Eaton-67, 88 Eddy-20, 77 Elder-88 Erikson, Karen-19, 20, 25, 36 Erikson, Ken-24, 82 Estep-24, 36 Etheridge-88 Evans-20, 26, 36 Evers-17, 20, 26, 36, 52 Ewing-62, 82 Eyle-77 Fagerness, Mr. Oscar-12 Falls-26, 37, 52 Farrar-77 Fechtner-27, 37, 61, 62 Fischer-20, 25, 28, 37, 51 Fishback-23, 27, 60, 62, 73, 77 Fisher-25, 88 Fitch-28, 88 Flugel-25, 82 Foister-24, 28, 77 Folkner-44 Foote, D.-66, 82 Foote, P.-27, 88 Ford-26, 64, 77 Forsyth, D,-29, 88 Forsyth, N.-20, 29, 32, 63, 66, 82 Foulke-37 Guyon-77 Guyot-77 Hackett-26, 27, 82 Hamilton, D. 24 Hamilton, K,-29, 82 Hammons-25, 28, 66,89 Hampson-25, 28, 34, 37 Hansen, Dale+24, 83 Hansen, L.-27, 28, 89 Hansen, M.-24, 89 Hansen, R.-27, 34, 38, 52 Hanson-89 Hardie, G.-77 Hardie, J.-28, 89 Hardie, L.-89 Hardy-28, 77 Harms-25, 38 Harnishfeger-83 Harr--77 Haskin, E.-89 Haskin, L.-23, 77 Hatfield-25, 83 Haunreiter, K.-16, 25, 38 Haunreiter, T.-27, 89 Heiser-89 Helland-25, 28, 29, 89 Hemenway-38 Henneke, Mrs. Alta-13 Hendrickson, S.-29, 66, 89 Hendricksen-17, 18, 21, 26, 27, 29 538, 49, 62 Henry-83 Hewett-18, 63, 83 Hewlett-24, 29, 63, 83 Hibee-89 Hill-25, 89 Hoffman, Miss Gail-12, 64 Hofmann-83 Holland, M.-25, 27, 89 Holland, S.-26, 81, 83 Hopkins-63, 83 Howe, Mr. Richard-9, 64 Hubbert-83 Huebner-77 Hull, C.--25, 27, 90 Hull, G.-38 Hull, J,-25, 83 Hulse-25, 90 Hummel-24, 83 Hunt-38 Hutchison, J,-83 Hutchison, K.-38 lrish-f38 Jackson, Gary--83 Jackson, Gay-77 James-26, 29, 73, 77 Jansen-25, 83 Jendryka-24, 27, 39, 50 Jensen-67, 90 Jern-77 Johnson, A.-90 J6hns6rr, B.-25, 28,77 Johnson, C.-20, 22, 23, 28, 32, 78 Johnson, D.--83 Johnson, F.-39 Johnson, Janet--25, Johnson, Jerry-21, Johnson, K.-83 81, 83 66, 83 Fountoin-65, 89 Frazier-25, 89 Fuller, C.-89 Fuller, E.-37 Fuller, R.--67, 89 Funseth, R,-24, 89 Funseth, V.-82 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Larry-B3 Lynn-24, 27, 77 S.-21, 66, 77 Johnston, C.-24, 90 Johnston, R.-27, 83 Furrer-25, 28, 37 Gadd--66, 89 66861-1, 1.-37, 52 Gaden, K.-29, 89 Gage-29, 67, 89 Gallagher-82 Galpin-28, 77 Gaskill, Sandy-27, 89 Gaskill, Steve-77 Geesman-63, 82 Gerloerding, A.-21, 27, 82 Gerberding, R,-67, 89 Giffey, Mr, Lee-8 Gillard-27, 37 Gilman-24, 89 615148, M.-27, 89 Giske, Mr. Rodney-10, 55, 64 Gleason, Mr. Harry-8 Jorstad-83 Juntunen-25, 83 Jury-28, 83 Just, C.-83 Jusr, E.-19, 21 ,22, 26,78 Kain-427, 66, 83 Kask-78 Katyryniuk, Mrs. Elinor-8 Kotrynuik-17, 23, 27, 76, 78 Kaufman, Mr. Walter-12 Kautz-27, 28, 90 Keech, Robert-29, 90 Keech, Roger--29, 66,78 Kelley, Kathy J.-83 Kelly, Kathy S.-73, 83 Kent-24, 83 Kershaw-21, 22, 25, 27, 83 Keyes-84 Kimball-24, 67 Kindle, K.-25, 27, 29, 90 Glover- 25, 37 Grahm, G.-24, 82 Grahm, H.-24, 27, 65, Grahrn, N.-25, 89 66, 77 Kindle, S,-25, 27, 29, 90 Kindle, T.-21, 29, 62, 78 Kleinschmidt, Miss Nancy-12 8, 90 Grahm, P.-24, 37 Granger-24, 67, 89 orqrrr-24, 29, 77 Gunsolley, G.-77 Gunsolley, S.--67, 89 Gust, Mr. Harry-10, 64 Gusr, 12.667, 89 Gutsche-B2 Knudson-25, 84 Kraemer-24, 90 Krah, J.-21, 25,84 Krah, K.--21, 22, 23, 29, 78 Kreutzer, F.-84 Ladd-78 Ladely-84 LaFleur--90 Sta tk-43 Langbecker-25, 27, 29, 84 Langus-67, 90 Larson--22, 23, 78 Lotunen-27, 29, 63, 84 Layland-25, 90 Layton, B.-84 Layton, L.--90 Lee, M.-25, 26, 73, 78 Lee, W.-73, 90 Lehman-67, 90 Lindy-66, 90 Lines-84 Lintott-20, 21, 27, 28, 39, 50 Literal-25, 84 Livingstone-39 Lotberg, Dr. Curl-8 Lofberg, C.-17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 26, 39 50 Lofberg, J. C.-20, 73, 78 Lohman-84 Pehl-84 Pemerl, B.-17, 23, 27,41,51, 60 Sisk, E.-28, 92 Sisk, J.-92 Long-90 Loree-29, 90 Luhr-24, 90 McAuley-90 McBride-20, 73, 78 McCl1ord-84 McCloskey, Mrs. Dorothy-8 Pemerl, Don-73, 78 Pemerl, D.-16, 21 , 27, 40, 62 Pemerl, K.-17, 19, 21, 26, 64, 78, 94 Pemerl, L.-25, 84 Peterson-25, 28, 29 Pethtel-91 Petit, C.-21, 23, 76, 79 Petra, Jeannine-28, 85 Petro, Jennifer-17, 22, 25, 27, 79 Pettit, Mrs. Moryln-10 Phillipi, L5-28, 85 Phillipi, S.-25, 28,79 Piper-85 Pollock, D.-24, 91 Pollock, R.-24, 79 Powell, C.-24, 79 Powell, G.-85 Powers, Mary Lynn-79 Powers, P.-28, 29, 91 Powers, R.-85 Pringle-91 Romocher, D.-24, 79 Ramacher, L.-24, 79 Rapp-79 Raquer-25, 27, 28, 29, 79 Skule-85 Smalley, P. -42 Smith, C.-67, 92 Smith, K.-18, 21, 22, 26, 79 Smith, L.-25, 73, 85 Smith, Mr. Ronald-12, 64 Smith, S.-85 Smith, Mr, Tom-9, 64 Snazo-29, 79 Snellgrove-26, 27, 42, 61, 62 Sommer-28, 42 Sosebee-85 Spody--20, 21 , 26, 27, 42, 49, 61, 62 Spahr-28 , 29, 42 . Spahr, Judy--25, 29, 85 Spohr, R,-65, 66, 86 Spears, M.-17, 18, 22, 24, 25, 26, 42 Spears, P.425, 86 SPORTS-54-74 Spring-86 Stantield, A.-86 Stanfield, R.-25, 28, 42 McCormick-17, 23, 24, 25, 65, 66,78 McCracken-27, 84 McDonald-28, 84 McGancly--20, 78 McGilvro-84 McGilvro, K.-25, 28, 90 McGovern-78 McGrady, Mr. Semus-10, 64, 73 McGuinn-39 McKinnell-17, 25, 81, 84 McReynolds--84 Modston, L.-28 Mollonee-24, 29, 39 Marcy, Mr. Donald-9 Mor-'xuis-90 Ma tall, C.-17, 19, 22, 24, 25, 39 Marshall, P.-29, 90 Martin, L.-84 Martin, R.-65, 90 Martin, T.-24, 90 Matott-20, 73, 78 Meadows-28, 90 Meier-27, 39, 65, 66 Metcalf-78 Mey-25, 84 Middough, Donno425, 66, 90 Miessner-91 Miller, Dianna-28, 29, 84 Miller, Dorothy-17, 18, 22, 26, 39, 51 94 Rasmussen, G.-41 61, 62 Rasmussen, Jack-91 Rasmussen, Judy-25, 28, 79 Rasmussen, S.-91 Rasmusson, Michael-16, 20, 21, 27 49, 79 Remund-21, 23, 24, 85 Renner-66, 67, 91 Revenough, Mrs. Bertha Rhodes, Mr. Chester-68 Rhodes, J.-19, 21, 41 , 53, 73 Richardson, D.-24, 85 Richardson, F.-16, 24, 27, 41, 65, 66 Richardson, L.-24, 28, 64, 79, 94 Richert-27, 85 Riddle-41 Rider, Darwin-24, 41, 66 Rider, Derene-27, 85 Rafe, M.-91 Riffe, D.-29, 67, 91 Riggles-25, 85 Riggs, D.-27, 29, 85 Riggs, P.-25, 27, za, 91 Riley-65, 85 Rinto-29, 67, 91' Roberts, Don-41 Roberts, Don E.-91 Roberts, Don B.-85 Roberts Dorris-25, 85 Roberts, Mary Kay-25 27, 29, 85 73, Miller, J -39 Miller, R -7a Miller, Robert-40 Miller, W.-24, 29, 91 Ming-24, 65, 78 Mitten, Mr. L. Roscoe-7 Morris-67 Moultrie, Mr. Marvin-13 Moultrie, S.-25, 28, 78 Mullowney-29, 91 Murray-25, 29, 73, 84 MUSIC128, 29 Musolf-84 Myhr, R.-21, 27,40 Myhr, S.-84 Nacht, Bill-67, 91 Nacht, Bob-78 Neilsen-25, 91 Neiman-28, 84 Nelsen, L.-84 Nelson, C.-20, 78 Newman-20, 28, 40, 52 Newsted, T.-63, 78 Newsted, S.-40 Noel--17, 20, 21, 28,40 Norberg, R.-20, 26, 27, 40 Norris-27, 29, 91 Norwood, D.-78 Norwood, H.-91 O'Connell, Miss Esther-8 Oechsner, Mr. Henry-10, 64 Oechsner, Mr. James-8 Oleson, D.-27, 28, 40, 52 Olson, A.-84 Olson, J.-26, 40, 64, 94 ORGANIZATIONS-14-27 Osborne--21, 23, 28, 84 Pohl-84 Pakar, J.-91 Pakor, T.-78 Panesko-21, 23, 78 Porriott, Mrs. Colloi13 Porriott, G.-67, 91 Parypa-78 Pauley-24, 91 Paulsen, E.-66, 73, 91 Paulsen, M.-25, 78 Pearso l I-91 Roberts, V.-29, 79 Roberts, W.-91 Robinson, H.-79 Robinson, K.-25, 79 Robinson, L.-91 Roewe, K.--23, 27, 91 Roewe, M.-17, 20, 23, 73,79 Roof, T.-41 Rosbach, Steve--27, 65, 66, 76, 79 Rosboch, Susan-22, 27, 91 Rose, L.-25, 91 Rose, M.-25, 28, 85 Rosebrook-24, 79 Rosenkronz, K.-25, 27, 29, 92 Rosenkronz, R.-79 Ross-29, 92 Rutherford-24, 65, 66 79 Sabin-29 Sauter-79 Scherer-25, 79 Schlindwein-85 Schlotzhauer-85 Schneider-25, 28, 29, 41 Schroeder-24, 65, 67, 92 Schultz, T.-24, 65, 85 Schwedler-16, 41, 50, 64, 94 Scott, J.-27, 29, 85 Scott, R.-20, 27, 28, 34, 41, 51 Scott, T.-92 Selchert-27, 79 Semanski-41 SENIORS-33-53 Senk-79 Senter-29, 79 Settle, C.-25, 28, 79 Settle, R.-25, 28, 92 Severns, J.-23, 27, 62, 79 Severns, P.-28, 85 t Sexton--42 Show-2 8, 8 5 Shay--92 Sherrill-25, 42 Shively, Mr. John-10 Simmons, P.-85 Simons-92 Simpson, Mr. Ronald--11 Sinclair-63, 73, 85 Sinnett-92 Storns-92 Stedhom-67, 92 Steveson, D.-29, 65, 67, 73, 92 Stevenson ,J.-29, 86 Stewart-29, 65, 67, 92 Stolp-25, 43 Stottlemyre-17, 29, 67, 87, 92 Strosser-28, 80 Stratton, J.--80 Stratton, R.-28, 43 Strickler--25, 28, 92 STUDENT COUNCIL-16-17 Surface-80 Svinth-86 Tallmon, B.-28, 80 Tollmon, M.-92 Tauscher-92 Teitzel, A.-17, 22, 24, 25, 28, 43 Teitzel, Miss Freda-12 Teitzel, S.-43, 49 Thode-24, 86 Thomas, P.-80 Thomas, S.-92 Thormohlen, E.-80 Thormal-ilen, K.-86 Thormahlen, S.-27, 43 Thorpe-86 Thummel-17, 21, 26, 27, 34, 43, 60, 62 Todd-73, 80 Tornow, B.-26, 27, 43, 61, 62 Tornow, Mr. Paul-8 Travlos-25, 43 Trees-25, 86 Trodahl-80 Tfupp-25, 28, 29, 43 Tucker, K.-80 Tucker, T.-86 Turnbull-86 Ukuro, Mr. Raymond-9, 64 1 Ulry, L.-29, ao Ulry, W.-27, 43, 65,66 Uptegrove-27, 92 Valentine-25, 80 Vandol-92 Viles-17, 26, 27, 76 Voss, 8.-43 Voss, K.-86 Voss, S.-92 Wodley-86 Wagner-92 Wolch-86 Walke r-86 Word-92 Wotilo-63, 86 Wedin, B.-21, 63, 73, 86 Wedin, Mrs. Clara-10 Wedin, Mr. Vernon-8 Welch-44 Weridling, Joyce-92 Wendling, Juanita-21, 25, 80 Wendling, K. ' Whippo-26, 80 White-17, 27, 29, 44, 49, 51, 66 Wilcox-16, 21, 26, 44, so Wilder-65, 86 Willis-66, 92 Williams, P,-86 Wilson, D.-24, 29, 80 Wilson, P.-92 Wirto-1 8, 25, 26, 64, 76, 80, 94 Wood-25, 44 Wood, Mr. Tom-8 Workman-26, 80 Worley-67, 92 Young, B.-92 Young, F.-24, 65, 66, 67, 92 Zard, D.-92 Zard, G.-86 Zenkner486 "IT's o good book, it seems To me . . . Thofs opened with expecfolfion cmd closed with profit' Louisa Moe Alcoh' fTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made'

Suggestions in the W F West High School - Chehalin Yearbook (Chehalis, WA) collection:

W F West High School - Chehalin Yearbook (Chehalis, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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W F West High School - Chehalin Yearbook (Chehalis, WA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 5

1963, pg 5

W F West High School - Chehalin Yearbook (Chehalis, WA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 34

1963, pg 34

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