W F West High School - Chehalin Yearbook (Chehalis, WA)

 - Class of 1961

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kv" Dbfatvwpw. fd, 4 QW 415 if f VXI5 3, E f 4oQ4g'f'fYX , cf 4 qu QL 6 ,Q AV Q6 ?D Q 'Q Q 5 1 Q 9 EAW- Wbpqesso-2 4 XC , se Qefwgg , Q li 15 4 fTEfzfQf2 M, ' L' Qoffy mv W X E , L '5v ' H U! Maw if Xxggqx x?5v Q:Ie0fZ'oQJQ W if I Kxflfw NC xgf "Ja I Q 5 xxx SRM wff A xv Q N S+ Q X X i x iz W fy gajjfpffi M fffffffw 1 D ". 1 4 .iw uw A, 'H M1 if J' ' 'Qi .4 Af THE YEAR 'I961 WILL BE REMEMBERED AS . . . The year John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a Democrat was inaugurated the 34th Presi- dent of the United Sates after defeating Richard M. Nixon in a very close election. President Kennedy was the first Catholic and youngest man ever to become President. The New Frontier was explored with such groups as a Peace Corps and and a brain-trust cabinet. The United Nations faced a critical situation in the Congo, Russia and Red China caused a tense situation in Laos. Castro's Cuba was a trouble spot. The first man in- to space was chosen from among the seven astronauts under training. The United States sent up numerous satellites with their delicate instruments, while Russia sent up a few large satellites and attempted to send a rocket to the planet Venus. The United States census was completed showing an increase in suburban living. The population of many cities went down, including Chehalis. Conservatism was becoming noticeable in many of the nation's schools. Popular music, reflecting the young people's tastes, had several big bands and orchestras playing themes from such motion pictures as "The Apartment" and "Exodusf' The continental look dominated men's fashions. Tightly tapered pants, thin ties and button down collars were the rage. The girls tried to give their hair that wind- blown look patterned after Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady and style pacesetter. Knees were exposed beneath short skirts and pointed toes were the style in shoes. At W.F. West High School the new football field was dedicated. The four tennis courts and new administration building were completed. The Bearcat football team was the state champion by the state press poll. The Forensic Club came into its own and won many trophies. A foreign exchange fund was established to bring a student to W. F. West High School next year. If for no other reason 1961 can be remembered as the last year for 4,048 years luntil 6009, that isj that can be read upside down as well as rightside up. 'vw' fllefmlfh W. F. WEST HIGH SCHOOL 1961 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTCN Roger Cooke . . . fdifor 0 'U 4 , 3 . 3 H, 9 lf! E , mt X .,,.-...W-Y, , 1731 k 1 6:-iii 'I' N '- g s a is , c M ix i ESE IM 5713! 'l h ,af . www- mc. ,-QLi,,,i,,wH , is or MR. and MRS WILLIAM F. WEST PREFACE This year's Chehalin has sTrayed some- whaT from The Typical annual of The pasf. The many poinfs of i n Te r e ST around W, F. WesT High School give The annual sTaTT a rich source of ma- Terial around which The yearbook can be developed. The sTudenTs of W. F. WesT High School have some of The finesT faciliTies in The sTaTe. The new fooTball sTadium and The Tennis courTs make our provision Tor sporTs com- pleTe. We of The annual sTaTT hope you will ,long remember your days here. This annual has Tried To picTure The highlighTs of The year and blend Them wiTh The year's evenfs. We hope our en- deavor has been accomplished in The eyes of our readers. TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Senior Class . Junior Class . Sophomore Class Freshman Class Football . . Basketball Spring Sports . Freshman Sports Activities . . Advertisements AOUT H CO ER Th d 8 10 24 28 32 40 44 48 56 59 78 p h kf d h h 1 p hhlplhd fl I h a a ,rm , -a , ,.., 5? k,..L , H. -Q a Qlfz ,5,.,l 5 +1 .11 mum f,. ,, mm-, , .f i 5555561-if? 4. ewgg, Y . .gn w"WW' .fx 1 . Q ff 5 K ,rv .. . ,Jw my K -...., Q-. ,.,-on-ov.-1 xxmk W' EXW ii' ,..-X MT, .f f ff' ff fn Qi Q ,,.. S' 1' i , ,,,,, , , n".,', , -'EA fa.. V, 3.531 5:55 I ,,,,9g,,,,55w5L,,.Lz3j,,,gi-154425 ,,.. Qpmfw, .,,.. ,..., , , pm qv md S , my K, ,, W -W ML,, , A ig A Q I L1 'ia ,Q NN sa qw L f5'G,Z-1fD45- 32 fha guran , W f' P' .1 . Fqw. '-M., M...-.-..-....,.. W ,.,,, K f-1 ,t ,Z l g J Q x, CHESTER V. RHODES Superiniendeni L. ROSCOE MITTEN Pri nci Dal MARCUS BOETTCHER CHESTER N. COOKE MILDRED DENISTON OSCAR FAGERNESS RODNEY Science 4 ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY ? ,I I 1-ws z-- X ' arg -1 - . . mi BOARD OF EDUCATION Harry D. Gleason, Chesier V. Rhodes, Lee Giffey, Dr. Carl Lofberg, Torn Wood, Paul Tornow. V. , , W Q BERTHA REVENAUGH VERNON E. WEDIN DOROTHY McCLUSKEY RUTH BALL Secretary Vice-Principal Secreiary LUnChrO0m Supervis i I 5 English, German Lafin, Public Speaking AgriculTure Senior Problen Spanish World History GAIL HOFFMAN SALLY HOOPER Home Economics English Physical Education HENRY OECHSNER lnclusfrial Arts Washington Hisfory ESTHER O'CONNELL Libra ry RONALD SIMPSON FAY B. SMITH Music Business Eolucarion ww N I ' E f X K l xg I . 'E E 2 Q i WALTER KAUFMAN DONN LAUGHLIN EDWARD NEILL Industrial Arts Art English JAMES OECHSNER CARROLL. PEARSON ANNE RICE Counselor Marhemarics English Science' Home Economics Typing TOM SMITH RONALD SULLIVAN CLARA WEDIN Algebra Physical Educalion Counselor Driver Training Typing 1 i l l THE SENIORS OF 1961 N A ROB BETTS Rosen cooks Vice Pl'6SlClGl'11' feasuref' 'Neg' T JIM JAMES President LEO POPE KATHRYN HUBER Secretary Sergea nt-at-a rms Since 1957, when the Class of 1961 entered as Freshmen, W. F. West High School has been the site of many outstanding events. The Class of 1961 was around when the first basketball team in over forty years competed in a state basketball tournament. The following year the team placed eighth in the state tournament and in 1960 the Bearcat basketballers won the State A Championship. In 1960-61 school year, the Bearcat football team, led by the Seniors, won the mythical State A Championship in football. During their four year stay at W. F. West, the Seniors of 1961 witnessed the renaming of the high school from Chehalis High to W. F. West High School, a community swimming pool opened atRef1veation Park which the school used in P. E. Classes, the two party system of student body elections was introduced, the Forensic Club was brought back into existence, the old football stadium was torn down and a beautiful new turfed football field, track and stadium were built on the high school campus, four tennis courts came into use, a musical was put on for the all-school play, the emphasis on academics, especially science and langu- ages, became evident with the addition of courses such as calculus. As a'freshman, Bud Wedin led the class as it tried to orient itself to its new and beautiful ecology. Roger Cooke guided the Sophomores who made the last big bonfire for the Thanksgiving Day Football game. in the spring the Seniors were honored at the Sophomore Hop "Exotica1' Finally upperclassmen, the class under Phil Hines presented a formal dance, the Junior Prom "Neptune's Garden." As leaders of the school the Seniors enioyed a busy year. Jim James was president. At the Senior Ball the classes tried something new in music-fountracklstereo tapes instead of a live band. In the spring everyone enjoyed the picnic tinanced by 'the the Senior play "Brother Goosei' The world situation caused a greater emphasis on a good education. The launch- ing of Russia's "Sputnikf' an earth satellite, brought the American youth to an in- creased awareness of their duty to obtain a sound academic foundation in high school. The quality of their education has been constantly measured by many tests they have taken. The pressure was on, especially on those who planned to attend college. For some, Baccalaureate and Commencement was the culmination of their formal education, for others it was a stepping stone. 'Whey-ga JANET I. ALLENDER CHERYLL J. ANDERSON MICHAEL G. BARDELL RUTH A. BENNETT ROBERT L. BETTS JANETTE R. BIEKER SHARON L. ARRINGTON DAVID L. BALL SHARON O. BECKER , ... ' 'vs RON M. BETHGE BETTY A. BORGE MARGARET J. BURTS ROBERT H- CARROLL- STEPHEN M- CARTER MILTON G. CASAD ELIZABETH A. CLIFFORD , , X.. an N. ROGER COOKE BONNIE L. DANIELS JAMES L. de MOISE DENNIS M. DOYLE AVN!" ..,,,,,f .V Vf.,. K. ORVII-I-E D- DURDEN PATRIC D. DYBVIG STEPHANIE A. FISHBACH HAROLD R. FULLER E 3 J. FUNK JANICE I. GARRETT MIKE C. GEIGER JUDITH I. GRAVES KAREN M. GRAY SANDRA cs. HANSEN I GERALD L. HEIN DAVID F. HELM IARL E. HENDERSON PHILIP A. HINES ROBERT O. HOLLAND KATHRYN E- HUBER KENNETH E. HUBER CAROLYN M. HULL CLAY W. HUNT SUSAN K. JACOBSEN MARILYN J. JACOX JIMMIE D. JAMES I I I ROBIN B. JAMES LINDA I. JOHNSON WAYNE D. JOHNSON RALPH S. JOHNSTON SHARON R. KAIN 'KATHRYN J. KATYRYNIUI PATRICK A. KELLEY KAROL J. KELSO EDWIN T, KREGER JANICE M, LADELY DELORES LAYLAND CHARLES LILLEY Gl0R'A C- UNDSEY DELBERT E. Loveu SHAROL D. McGOVERN SHARON J. MEREDITH SANDRA G. MEYN RICHARD l. MICKEY MARILYN R. MILLER MARVIN MOOBERRY BONNIE M. MULLINS NANCY R. MULLOWl MERRILEE S. NEWCOMB KAREN L. OLSON ff LINDA L. PEHL JOHN P. PEIFFER ROBERT PINKERTON1 LEO H. POPE ALLEN W. RASMUSSEN LINDA C. RENNI: 'C'f21"d' 'ELYN M. RHOADES THOMAS J. RICHARDSON .S DONALD R. ROBBINS HAROLD H. 'ROSEBROOK ,LY A. SCHLITTLER NOLA Z. SCHMIT KATHRYN A. RICHERT WARREN L. ROBERTS GERALDINE M. SCHINDLER RANNY S. SCHMIT KATHY A. RIDENER MARILYN K. SCHNEIDER Q17 s. VERNA P. sELcHERT DELORES J. semi WARREN R- SEXTON RUTH l- SHUMAN JOHN E. SPAHR ROBERT A. SPARHAWK f .j'f'?,v-nr" , cARoLYN M. STEARNS SUSAN D- STEEPY NITA M. svlN'rH RICHARD D. SWENSON LINDA TALBOTT GARY K. TEITZEL EDNA I. THOMAS DONALD R. TODD JOHN TRAVLOS MYRNA I-- TY'-ER NEIL G. VILES VERNON E. WEDIN Jr. MARIE E. WICHERT MELANIE A. WILCOX ROBERT A. WISNER DOUGLAS L. WORKMAN RONALD M. WORKMAN DIANE L WQRTHINGTON I9 JANET I. ALLENDER FBLA, FHA CHERYLL J. ANDERSON Crimson and Gray, FB LA, FHA, Honor Society SHARON L. ARRINGTON Chorus, FHA DAVID L. BALL Entered from St. Helens, Oregon f3j, Basketball MICHAE L G. BARDEL L Entered from Ft. Collins, C 433 Boys' Club SHARON O. BECKER FHA, Librarian RUTH A. BENNETT Chorus, FBLA, FHA RON M. BETHGE Crimson and Gray, Sports Editor 14, ROBERT - I. BETTS olo. C Club, Honor Society, Boys' Club President, Basketball Football, track, JESSI JANETTE R. BEIKER Chorus, FHA BETTY A. 'BORGE FBLA, FHA MARGARET J. BURTS Chorus, Crimson and Gray, FHA ROBERT H. CARROLL FFA, Football STEPHEN M. CARTER Junior Vice-President MILTON G. CASAD Golf, Boys' Club ELIZABETH A. CLIFFORD FHA, Girls' League N. ROGER COOKE C Club, Honor Society, Soph. Pres. , Chehalin Editor, CHSOTA, Football, Tennis, Boys' State, NS F- -Math Institute BONNIE L. DANIELS Crimson and Gray, Librarian, Girls' League SENIOR ORVILLE D. DURDEN Boys' Club DENNIS M. DOYLE Boys' Club PATRIC D. DYBVIG Band, Chorus, Drama, Forensic Club, Basketball STEPHANIE A. FLSHBACH Entered from Winlock 131 Crimson and Gray, Spelling Contest HAROLD R. FULLER Entered from North Thurston UH, Boys' Club DARLENE J. FUNK Entered from New Town, N. D. Ml , Girls' League, ' Chorus ' JANICE I. GARRETT Chorus, Crimson and Gray, Librarian MIKE C. GEIGER Band, Boys' Club JUDITH I. GRAVES Chorus, Crimson and Gray Typist, FBLA, FHA KAREN M. GRAY Chorus, FHA SANDRA G. HANSEN Chorus, FHA, Librarian GERALD L. HEIN C Club, Football DAVID F. HELM FFA, Baseball, Tennis EARL E. HENDERSON EFA, Boys' Club PHILLIP A. HINES Band Pres. , Junior Pres. , Forensic Club, Drama PATRICK A. KELLEY Band, CHSOTA ROBERT O. HOLLAND Boys' Club, Stagecraft KATHRYN E. HUBER Senior Class Sec. , Girls' League reporter KENNETH E. HUBER C Club, Football, ASB Vice- President, Stagecraft CAROLYN M. HULL JAMES L. de MOISE ASB Publicity Manager, Tennis, Band, Baseball, Football Crimson and Gray CLAY W. HUNT Entered from Port Townsend, fill Boys' Club SUSAN K. JACOBSEN ASB Treasurer, FBLA, Crimson and Gray MARILYN J. JACOX Crimson and Gray, Librarian, Girls' League JIMMIE D. JAMES Senior Class Pres. , C Club, Stagecraft, Basketball, Foot- ball, Boys' State ROBERT B. JAMES Football, Gymnastics, Chorus LINDA I. JOHNSON Drama, FB LA WAYNE D. JOHNOSN C Club, Football, Wrestling RALPH S. JOHNSON Band, Football, Tennis, Wrestling SHARON R. KAIN CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray, FBLA, Girls' League Secretary, Publicity Club KATHRYN J. KATYRYNIUK CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray, FHA, Drama, ASB Secretary Northern Region Student Council Secretary, Publicity Club KAROL J. KELSO CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray, FHA, Honor Society, Girls' League President, Girls' State, D. A. R. Good Citizen EDWIN T. KREGER Chorus, Football JANICE M. LADELY Girls' League, FBLA DELORES LAY LAND Girls' League CHARLES A. LILLEY C Club, Chorus-President, Drama, Football GLORIA C. LINDSEY Honor Society-President Chehalin-Business Manager, Drama, Crimson and Gray, CHSOTA, Lewis County Spelling Award DELBERT E. LOVELL C Club, Chorus, FFA, Basket- ball, Football, Track SHAROL D. MC GOVERN Drama, FHA, Tennis SHARON J. MEREDITH Entered from Tenino 131, FHA, Girls' League SANDA Cr. MEYN CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray, Drama, FHA RICHARD L. MICKEY CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray, Boys' Club MARILYN R. MILLER Chehalin, Crimson and Gray, Drama, Honor Society, Publicity Club, Girls' League, Gymnastics MARVIN MOOBERRY FFA-President, FFA State Mechanic Champion, Boys' Club BONNIE M. MULLINS Chorus, FBLA, FHA NANCY R. MULLOWNEY FBLA-President, FHA, Publicity Club MERRILEE S. NEWCOMB Entered from Bellingham 13, FHA-Treasurer Girls' - League KAREN L. OLSON CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray, FHA, Honor Society, Publicity Club LINDA L. PEHL CHSOTA-Editor, Crimson and Gray, FBLA JOHN P. PEIFFER Band, FFA ROB ER T PINKERTON Boys ' Club LEO H. POPE C Club, FFA, Baseball, Football ALLEN W. RASMUSSEN C Club, Chorus , Football, Track, Wrestling LINDA C. RENNER Chorus , FBLA EVELYN M. RHOADES FBLA, FHA ACTIVITIES THOMAS J. RICHARDSON FFA-President, Boys' Club KATHRYN A. RICHERT CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray, FHA-State Membership Chr. , Publicity Club-President KATHY A. RIDENER FHA, Girls' League DONALD R. ROBBINS FFA, Boys' Club WARREN L. ROBERTS FFA, Wrestling HAROLD H. ROSEBROOK Football, Boys' Club GERALDINE M. SCHINDLER CHSOTA, FBLA, FHA, Honor Society BEVERLY A. SCHLITTLER FHA, Girls' League NOLA Z. SCHMIT Chorus, FBLA, FHA RANNY S. SCI-IMIT Entered from Napavine Q31 FFA, Boys' Club MARILYN K. SCHNEIDER CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray, FB LA VERNA P. SELCHERT Entered from White Pass Q35 Girls' League DELORES J. SETTLE Chorus, FBLA-Secretary, FHA WARREN R. SEXTON Boys' Club RUTH L. SHUMAN Chorus, FHA JOHN E. SPAHR Boys' Club, Wrestling ROBERT A. SPARHAWK Boys' Club, Tennis CAROLYN M. STEARNS Chorus, Crimson and Gray, FB LA, FHA RICHARD D. SWENSON Boys' Club SUSAN D. STEEPY CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray, Editor, Honor Society, ASB- Publicity Manager, Publicity Club NITA M. SVINTH . Entered from Aberdeen C35 CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray, Honor Society, Girls' League Forensics LINDA K. TALBOTT Chorus, Crimson and Gray, Drama, FHA-President, Girls' League Cabinet GARY K. TEITZEL FFA, Boys' Club EDNA I. THOMAS FBLA, FHA DONALD R. TODD C Club, Football, Golf JOHN TRAVLOS C Club, Crimson and Gray, Football, Wrestling MYRNA L. TYLER Chorus, Crimson and Gray, FB LA, FHA NEIL G. VILES CHSOTA, Drama VERNON E. WEDIN JR. C Club, ASB President, Crimson and Gray, Honor Society, Stagecraft, Basket- ball, Football, Track Captain Boys' State, NSF-Summer Science Program MARIE E. WICHERT Chorus -Secretary, FHA, Librarian MELANIE A. WILCOX CHSOTA, FHA LARRY D. WILSON Chorus, Football ROBERT A. WISNER Football, Boys' Club, C Club DOUGLAS L. WORKMAN Band. C Club, Football, Baseball RONALD M. WORKMAN Chorus, Boys' Club DIANNE L. WORTHINGTON Chorus, CHSOTA, Crimson and Gray-Typist, Honor Society, Music Scholarship Workshop, Forensic-Sec. - Treas. I sJo4g,xeduuo3 meg 22 - O -.O xpaenong U5 VW ma NA uahuw O I Z "I Z P 4 I- O In if E 33 6 T T CD 'LL O O X' . 5' LO Z P Z Pl '4 3 C F O :EJ E - 2 70 -4 O S Ei W C U E rn E Z 1' 6.5. El ig A L 2, NOSNHOI' HNAVM Mn iNAHA1VDl AVN H.lNIAS VLIN A311351 NDI!! i . ' I N ,v , i l A C W w,,,,"-,, W W N, W 1, W, pf' I " ,I ,, W M, 1 n w 1 P' "ww 'V w m U , N, ,, , ,,,,,,,,W M - ,W , ,N N, ,pw 'MAJ pw: fm , BW' m., W, ,vw 'H ,My 4 Wa -M ww Y W T H s u M Mm ,ifgw 'W w,,,:' fx -H QW '.,, Nw., , W., M A, x 7 W.. , Mum - . Xu WM"'S-4. 0 if ,. Mkt, V. 3- H: ug, --c-1 1 1 Q' fa '- ,K li - , if H v.. fi Haw 4-.funffn M K Mm., Wm, WYQXQZ Q. 1, is 1 v T, Q' in wwf v vf f" ua- 5- uv ,,"ii-V A A I W '51wLwf" I Y-am X 5 Y ,A Ai A ' , -swvwg H' jg", ,Lf I F- M- ,gm qw - '3 K I 1 ' , . 1 ' ' .6 1. ,nz w , - 'Q We ' 2, Q74 1 .L A ,pwwni ' 1:5-wage Wfi+fw'w,,QT' V ti, N vf,1'i,'-'fffgqv I H 'UWM ' "Bi 7 H in V' 'wiki V mli5'H.1LywvQmnH N! "W Q, ' .Y I M ,ef 6. V , 3 is ,lf M " E 1, f "L ENN? G L Am 5 W i , as v. Y W My W 'f ' K SENIOR H ONORS VERNON WEDIN, Jr. Valedicforian 4.00 ROGER COOKE Saluiatorian 3.98 KAROL KELSO Valedicforian 4.00 F-v'-"qv --- V THE JUNIORC LA S Ethel Smith President - 1 .1 '5 ., Q, Q 1, V , , ,J J l VN -,. J..- 'X Si Hin X B nneen 5 ' in , J. t L B if Allegra, Bill Ashley, Tom Allen, Fred Atfaway, Lana Allie, Joann Anderson, John Beecher, Jim Benedict, Pann p f 5363: Jkt , ' ,, ' x ' ' it A if 'Q' R J oool il 3 ' BS ol, It J ea! .B M.. at X I Terry Taylgr Joan Stevenson Karen McKinnell B65 C3535 Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms 'tiff . J ' ' .. W 21 'QR fs VLY, V A A ' l B i n y B 5, at-y, 'I' 6- Y ' . 5" I K .' i kiwi I' , KV J 3 xx I ,,, wtf' V I , .4 L -, , ml -J ,115 J it ' - w - ng, -f sl, ra gd 15 Ny N Tn L ' 1 Betts, Steve Blun, Lois - Boekelman, Jewel Bray, Jean Britton, Alan Brown, Greg Buess, Lynn Burbee, Don Q Calhoun, Roger Campbell, Jim Chrisman, Glen Clark, Daryl y if f E br . 3 x ,W , abr 'U l y V 5- A 1. K V 'sa tk is f sz S 3 J' ' 'S All X b Xl 'fl lf.. x . Q A A A " Q -f J Q 1 Ll l 5 A1.. - 4 4 V I V i J f XX'-J I ' 'Y' Q 4 'Af l 2 Q' .. K 1' K N I f x 2 4' N Cyl ff: ,x Q X ' sei. ' 1 X, """ x K 2' -sy. xr Q '1 5 J sl ' W Q l A 4 I Connell, Tom Cooper, Howard Curtis, Jo Danielson, Jill Davis, Sondi Day, Jim Eastman, Carolyn Flem, Dianne Foulke, Janice Galpin, Daryl Geiger, Dennis Gleason, Wayne Graham, Cheryl Graham, Dennis Grant, Edla Gunther, Craig Gunther, Joel Hammons, Cheryl Haskin, Judy Haskin, Russell Haynes, Louis Hewlett, Patty Hokanson, Jarlee Hostettar, Tom lnderbitzen, Mary lrish Elizabeth Jackson, Earlene Jacox, Linda James, Glenn Johnson, Judy J 25 N : D 'f"f1..: , , K M na. , , ,k. 3 Q mh ' ,A., A V1 Vw K -algal , X ,g X Knaggs, linda Literal, Cheryl Ming, Joe Knudson, Sandra Kostick, Kathryn Kreutzer, Herb Kreutzer, Jeri lee, Susan Lutes, Bonnie Marshall, Mike McCollum, Phil Miclclaugh,, Carolyn Miller, Ken Moon, Delbert Moses, Dick Mowrey, Jay Murray, Steve Norberg, Randy f l px it , 3 fi' ' ,a s 42 ax -. fn, h 1 x if Nordlund, Bill Osborne, George. Pack, Jim Parypa, Albert Plotz, Sharon P Rasmussen, Steve X Richert, Roberts Roorda Sabin, Schlinclw Ronquis I D X , .QUWN 4 G G 'sf' 1 'W 5 W '- ' 532 - ff' ,fgzwfn fa "ff .. ' A QM .L LY' 5 , WN -v Q W' id. 4 f J wig 1, L .:.1 ., , I 2 1 Q my J f 5, , "Wx 1 . fs-, Q a M gA l M I, F54 :X K K g', fn.. 1 a Schlihler, Ron Schwartz, Sharon Simmons, Greg Smith, Betsy Smilh, Mike Snyder, Mike E a - A. - - :D 'E C , 'M ' ,I Spiers, Mary Stockwell, Janice Tallman, Jan Tauscher, .Ianet Thayer, Nelma Thomas, Jeff ' k 3 Yi 3 , cr, L Uhlmann, Mardi Uplegrove, Janice Vanderslrom, Alfred Walch, David Walker, Linda Wendling, LeRoy Wirfa, Rick Wood, Bill 1,-,F--W THE SOPHOMORE CLASS -, n, lag 3 ir' gs N sh is X Richard Baginski Doug Pemerl Cafli l-Ofbefg Pat Sexton Ron Hansen President Vice-President SecretarY Treasurer 5e"9ea'1f'37'afm5 in x-5 X r F9 " 'Liv 6 v- x ' A ,. '- 5, 5- 'Q' I A I .f 1 U if f Y we 6 ' XQA - Abbey, Arthur Anderson, Marmee Baxter, Kathy Briem, Gerry Clark, Bob Allencler Martha Arnold, Richard Baxter, Steve call'ou""Br'an Chftznii gaihryn Anderson, Agnes Atterton, Ellen Boles, Shirley Case,. Faith Coo , :I a I Anderson, Gail Bailey, Virginia Bradshaw, Nancy Chaffm' Nancy cond' aug as . . .K :fn i W, N, ze W , 4' ' 'r ii.. P v no uf , , Q it J I A x Q. -lv. . ,123 l . ya fa- A . -fa 5. in . af se' ,K . Q' f . l 2.4 Daniels, Diane Davis, Robert Dugaw, John Eriksen, Karen Eshom, Ernesl Evans, Sally Evers, Lois Felchner, Jim Fisher, Kathy Foulke, Jim Gaden, Inger Gibson, Susan ag, . x fi fn ax " si: 5-f are - , 51 J 'gg- 'X is x 4 5 v an Gillard, .lim Goff, Mary Graham, Pai Hampson, Sandra Harms, Susan Haunreifer, Kathy' A ,rj A r x ,J ig,-'Q T' X 8-1 1 Hendricksen, John' Hill, Jean Huebner, Ron Hunt, Rebecca irish, Margaref Jendryka, Stan , l 'Q' sa 'M K X, 1 fb "Q ,J i f F2 i Jw AW Q 4 ' in all Johnson, Frank Kleespie, Steve' linoff, Bob Madison, Joel Madison, Teresa Mallonee, John 29 v X i t 3? BS it f +' 5 1 xxx xx 11 i 3 by gr l f Xi' Q5 I l 3 'W is 1 zbxgl ,' X S D is ,S ff, 1 l W' f 4' 1' ' A x , :J K It fi, V1 Mafihall. CindY Newsted, Susan Pemerl, Bill Meier' Bill Noel, Jim Poetzel, Joseph Miller, Dorothy Miller, Joan Miller, Robert Myhr, Reggie Norberg, Roger Oleson, David Olson, Judy Pearson, Ecl Rasmussen, Gary Rhodes, Jack Richardson, Fred Roberts, Don 1 ' J R ,,., f 'Y r,a y A 4 so f R 9 , 5 "- 1 1? W s"5 QV r Q 4 ' ,f?iY'Ellii Robinson, .lim Riddle, Don Scott, Bob Schneider, Romalie Schwedler, Carole Smalley, Pam Snellgrove, Ed Spady, .lerry Spears, Mary Anr Stanfield, Regina Stolp, Diane Stratton, Richard gn., L X ll. i X in I ' I . K 'EW v I "" J ' 'G' 1- -' ' V X -' 1 l W A r 5-W r rie F . - x ' Sf :Sgr X rf' 'tv' 2 k,,.. . In , 'itl 1' ,, lN 1 X Welch, John White, Jeff Wilcox, Claire W Wood, Kaye 4 - ,,-. ga ,.: I 7 Teiizel, Arlene Teifzel, Sam Thormahlen, Sharon Thummel, Dave Tornow, Brian Q if Travlos. Angelica Trees, Cheryl Trupp, Marfha Ulry, Willard Warmulh, Bob ,,....-,, 732 1 THE F RESHMAN CLASS 1' pr-a 2 'RNS 4 , Mike Rasmussen Jack Benedict Karyl K.-ah John Wiley President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms L ,A r G.. .M ,S . ,," Q , I V! ' 'fi :U A Y' ' VV ,,- . , V , V I are ,M ,t t : iii, A A ' xr Rf I. C 1 V 46: 6 , .gi L VJ' ' , Y ,V Zqz V V ' ,gg VV, V A 5 VV A 1 M , , .i,x it ,1.: , if will , ... , - ,. f 1 t .'i, 3' B - 4 A., - Adolphsen, Susan Ames, Benny Anderson, Dale Aust, Sharon Baggenstos, Bob Bennett, laura Bennett, Marvin Betts, Pam Bever, Glen Bieker, Marilyn Blankenship, Susie Boles, Joann Bowman, Richard Bradshaw, Clint Brandt, Jean Breen, Sterling Briggs, Maurice Burnett, Bill Burnham, Carolyn Butts, John 5' " Pg J m y J r 1' Us it K ff 0- , .i , gs? -- Q an y -er, 1 5 ? Ni H3 i ' 1 - ef r 'ji' ,fx H W 4-.N X I X , 3 3 Q 1, ,- . . V 1 'Ci , ,W 1 Q r , 'M , F314 ' K ' , cf ' ,, . Q it IQ mm l 1 Callison, Richard Childers, Kris Christenson, Jim Cook, Nancy Crismore, .lim Dewar? Charmaine Dugaw, Mike Eastman, George Eddy, Maryanne Eshom, Sandra Eyle, Geneva Farrar, .lerry Fields, Harry Fishback, John Foister, larry Ford, Yvonne Galpin, Caroyln Gaskill, Steve i , n o Na 1 Gerber, Carl Graham, Harold Grant, Alfred Gunsolley, Glen Guyon, Connie Guyot, Pat fi i f , Hardy, Karen Haskin, linda Huebner, Leslie James, Larry Jern, John Johnson, Beverly 33 , K lie fi -if 1 r JG ,. ,.. K ,I , f f is vit ,gk X 1 H '7 if 2 X Q va. s -ig :.V 1- Johnson, lynn Johnson, Steve Johnson, Tina Just, Betsy Kask, Denny Katyryniuk, Tom E x ' , uh' 1,1 Q., J 31, 7, ,,ifg,Qa k . ,. , 9' 1 , 5 J Q:-3' 9' ,K . W? osh as Keech, Roger Kinclle, Tim Ladd, Jim larson, Linda Lee, Martha lofberg, J. C. 'Qi y' I 5 fs? f J s .15 'I McBride, Robert McCormick, Albert McGandy, Jill McGovern, Terry Machleid, Mike Madtson, Linda J. . ff, 'F ' 1 xg in ss'-sikijgf 4' M w 4 r if ' Q is xy . Cf' Y it X7 X s 'S 1 ii ' mmf, -,,, E ,tx fa, 1 V I 5 I A A LV Maul, Dennis Mielclaugh, Don Ming, Mike Mitchell, Mary Lynn Moultrie, Sherry Murphy, Gary Nacht, Bob Newstead, Timg Niska, Ann Norwood, Davi Pakar, Tom Panesko, John 152 ,' in A111 H l f k,f4 lrypa, Mary Ann nulson, Marni emerl, Dan emerl, Kathy etra, Jennifer nit, Chuck J , ! NJ 4, WVVV s Z V- ,I A "iff, ' " 'x1 , - U 'xy ,if L ' ' - Vg I Phillipi Sharon Pollock, Ron Racquer, Pam Ramacher, Duane Ramacher, Lonnie Rasmussen, Judy pm gif. 1, ,B .-. ,1". if 1 K S 5 wa, 5, 'ia J Reed, Janice Richardson, Loretta Roberts, Victor Robinson, Herbie Robinson, Kay Roewe, Mike AE I S f XX ff! ' s XX.!1X.i .sm-X N .J X 5 . . Z, Rosbach, Steve Rosebrook, larry Rosenkranz, Ronnie' Rutherford, Lonnie' Sauter, Trudy Scherer, Carolyn y I ,Maw ,- gxnn' . . .Jig M i "K Q. ., :A '-.ga , we 'S 1--.. I Y S Selchert, Fern Senk, Charles Senter, Dean Settle, Carol Severns, Janet Severns, John 35 1.4 lx 'A1 f i f L - 4? if 54 ! Smiih, Kitly Snaza, John H Snellgrove, Ed. Stratton, Jim Slrasser, Frank 2 3 3 Nw , 69' Y 1' . A Q Q' i! ,.'Va T L 3 TI' T, -o n 'V 6 Tallman, Blair Thomas, Paula Thomas, Lorrie Thompson, Judy Thormahlen, Elliot' , 5 Todd, Barbie Tucker, Ken Ulry, Linda Viles, Don Wendling, Nifa 9 M ,. -. I-1 TZ, T whipc, Luanna Wilhelm, Roger Wilson, Dennis Wirla, .laniev Wbrliinan, Gary SIE STEEPY SUSAN JAC ALL SPORTS QUEENS OF 'I961 6 KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS YNE JOHNSON YVONNE FO O a ,.,,1.... . g ff. A '55 , K :.. ,:' M ,,,.: U., Q .J W? , CHUCK LILLEY Tackle DELBERT LOVELL Center STEVE MURRAY End fm. , , -.- ...K . 1. . . .54 nnbt . ROGER NORBERG Tackle 42' C 'A'S AUD Varsity, W7 J N 4 K X - ,ffl I on A Q .-, - I All 4 if-i 3 FIRST ROW Cleft to rightjz Wilson, Huber, Buess, Johnson, Bardell, Hein, Lilley, Todd, Cooke. SECOND ROW: Pope. Wirta, J. Gunther, Workman, Kreger. Burbee, G. James, R. Betts. THIRD ROW: Jendryka, Travlos, Weisner, C. Gunther, Wedin, Hostetter. Snellgrove. A. Rasmussen. Osborne. Lovell. -5 ,,,, , I I mzn W az: N? r. l . LEO POPE Al. RASMUSSEN HAROLD ROSEBROOK DON TQDD Quarterback Tackle Tackle Guard i I STATE 'A' CHAMPIONS gp Rf' .Qf W lu, -ili b B 1 175 lo, S.-, ,..?..l..--- wi 4 ' X lg Q Q 6 .N fn n ska , X :Q 1 ,a X all eiilfe QI' .1 Bl 'fr' FOURTH ROW: Scott, Cottet, D. Geiger, Wood, J. flames, D. Pemerl, Welch, Foulke, H. Flosebrook, Tornow, B. Pemerl. FIFTH ROW: Cooper, Abbey, Baxter, Thummel, Hansen, Henricksen, Ulry, Riddle, Meier, Norberq, Wendlinq. Murray. SIXTH ROW: Sullivan, Smith, Giske, Poetzl, Fechtner, Baginski,,G. Rasmussen. F JOHN TRAVLOS WILLARD ULRY BUD WEDIN LEROY WENDLING Guard Tackle len Half Guard an DOUG WORKMAN Right Half liee BILI. WOOD Left End ,N , . ' , eeell A A O A BOB WISNER Fullback P O all , iff' I RICK WIRTA Fullback ' 43 , STEVE BAXTER Left ROB BETTS Right End I 3 LYNN BEUSS Left End DON BURBEE Guard 40 I 2 A RICHARD BAGINSKI Right Half FOOTBALL The season began with a 7-O win over Centralia, thus bringing The Shrine Trophy to Chehalis for another year. Other gruel- ing games such as a 19-13 vvin over North Thurston and a 13-13 tie with Mark Morris High of Longvievv gave the fans many thrills. The traditional Thanksgiving Day game ended in a 13-7 victory over Centralia. Centralia O N. Thurston 13 Montesano 13 Raymond 0 St. Martins 6 Elma 0 Shelton 13 Mark Morris 13 Centralia 7 1' ROGER COOKE Right Half The victorious Bearcats carry Coach Giske off the field after the Thanksgiving Day game. HOWARD COOPER Right Em-I DENNIS GEIGER Tackle CRAIG GUNTHER 'left Half 1960 VARSITY After a Terrific season under the direction ot coaches Rod Giske, Tom Smith, and Ron Sullivan, the Bearcat Team ended The year with an eight win, one Tie record. The Team was not only the League cham- pion, but also achieved the distincton oi being mythical state "A" charnp, by vir- tue of the state press polls. Chehahs 7 Chehalis 19 Chehalis 20 , Chehalis 28 Chehalis 31 ' cnehaiis 12 EU KREGER Chehalis 19 Tackle Chehalis 13 Chehalis 13 1. .una-, Bud Wedin C665 passes to Joel Gunther as the Tiger defense rushes in. l Q' T 1 gg -A - X 3' on GUNTHER GARY HEIN TOM HOSTETTEK KEN HUBER ighf Half End Quarterback Right Guard l lx -7 -i- -1 WAYNE JOHNSON Left Half 2' K Q of STAN J ENDRYKA Guard 5 W iiiii JIM JAMES left End A lll i kh GLEN JAMES Quarterback 41 no WN ima 1""m""-M -sw W""'v-w- M-...,.,,,w-N-...M l l L , E ., ' - BASKETBALL .Xe-iwzqgfvi TChehaHs WChehaHs Chehahs Chehahs TChehaHs 'Tchehalis Chehahs Chehahs Chehahs Chehahs Chehahs Chehahs Chehahs Chehahs Chehahs Chehahs Chehahs Chehahs Chehaus Chehahs TChehaHs TChehaHs Manager Downey, B. Pemeri, G. Guther, Betts, James Dybvig, Ball, Wedin, Wood, M. Smith, J. Gunther, Coach Smith. SEASON 'I960-61 DespiTe a lack of experience on The 1960- 61 squad The BearcaTs finished Third in league play. Coach SmiTh led The Team To Their final eleven win, eleven loss ser- ies, nine wins of which were in CenTral League play. 'A' SQUAD SCORES 47 R. A. Long 70 nn .nnn 52 Pielso nnnn.nnnnn .nnn 58 47 St. Martins 43 ....... 72 Yelm ............... ..... . . 55 ,mu, nnm 48 Centraha .n. .mn.61 61 Alumni 58 nun, .nnn 42 EIn1a nnnnnn .nnn 66 56 Montesano 48 Nun, mnn.55 Eatonvihe .un mnn 68 nun, .nnn 75 Rochester nn. .nnn 65 ,mu, .nm.61 Raymond nmn mm.62 ,nun .nnn 52 VVhite Pass nnn. .nnn 41 ,mu, nmn.50 St. Marhns nmn .mn,39 NNN, .nnn 70 Nf6lH1 nnnnnnn. .nnn 62 ,Nun nnnn 49 Eln1a nnnnnn .nnn 58 49 Montesano 51 65 Rochester 75 nnn. nnnn 55 EatonviHe nn. .nnn 45 75 White Pass 41 ,mu nnm.54 Raymond nmm nm.69 58 Winlock 50 . mnn .mnn48 Raymond nnmnmnmnn .nm.59 T'Non-league games J am, 15 S- ! u vi KL Q ghe- 1 L 13" W 'Q ' .M r-.AQ. M., + YY I N, HN 1 3 MIKE SMTIH Guard JOEL GUNTHER Guard VARSTY 1-Esgiifw ,iw-, M 4'-wma: I fr .r ,rs 5 ,rf , is ,fi ,rn W! if R. .r 3' V' riff' ' f E561 if i 4 ROB BETTS Forward BILL WOOD Forward SQUAD JIM JAMES Cenfer BUD WEDIN Forward JP .-'- DAVE BALL Center PAT DYBVIG GU NTHER center 'B' SQUAD Junior Varsity, FIRST' ROW: Betts, Fechtner. Snellgrove. Hansen, Baginski. Thummel, Henricksen, warmuth. THIRD Row: Coach Giske COOPGF- SECOND ROW: Abbey. Scott, Tornow, B- Pefffeflf D. Pemerl, Cottet, Graham, Dugaw, Rasmussen, Rhodes FOURTH' ROW: Manager Semanski, Murray Osbourne The 1960-61 Junior Varsity completed a successful fifteen win, eight loss season. Under the direction of Coach Giske the Bearcats finished with a high placing in the Central League. Over twenty athletes turned out this year for what became a season of strong desire and neck and neck competition. Dave Thummel was awarded the "B Squad" free throw award. 'ChehaHs tChehaHs Chehahs Chehahs 'ChehaHs fChehaHs ChehaHs Chehahs ChehaHs Chehahs ChehaHs ChehaHs 1ChehaHs ChehaHs ChehaHs ChehaHs ChehaHs tChehaHs YChehaHs ChehaHs ChehaHs ChehaHs Chehahs 46 R.A. Long ...... ........ 5 1 Kelso ............ ........ 55 St. Martins .... ........ 2 5 Yelm- ............. ........ 3 2 Centralia .... ........ 54 Awmni ..... ........ M Ehna .............. ........ 33 Montesano ...... ........ 3 3 Eatonville .... ........ 3 2 Rochester .... ........ 35 Raymond ........ ........ 4 5 White Pass ....... ........ 1 9 Green Hill ...... ........ 3 9 St. Martins ....... ........ 25 Yeim ,,.,.....,..... ......... 2 7 Ehna ............ ........ 48 Montesano ..... ......... 50 Green Hill ..... ......... 2 6 Green Hill ..... .............. .2 Rochester .... ................... 4 5 Eatonville ....... .-.... ...... L22 White Pass ............. ......... 2 G Raymond ........ .. .......... ......... 3 9 WRESTLING s w,- g 'MXH' S945 rf li FRONT: Meier, Travlos. BACK: Stratton, Richardson, Schlittler, Graham, Riddle, Jandryka, Coach Gust, Manager Schlindwein, Rosbach, Katyrynuik, Wisner, Johnston, Rasmussen, Geiger, Ulry. 'Z' ts' The 1960-61 wrestling team, coached by Mr. Harry Gust, went farther in league victories than any other team in the sport's history in our school. The Bearcats competing in a tough schedule of Class AA schools got off to a good start with a victory over Fort Vancouver, 36-16. They placed a strong second in the AA S.W.W. league with 5 wins and 3 losses. In the district tournament they finished in fifth place with 43 points in aftwelve team tournament. Bill Meier Q11 wins and 4 losses for the seasonj and Dennis Geiger Q13-3j placed second to earn a berth in the state meet. The only returning lettermen from last year's squad were Alan Rasmussen Q12-13 Bob Wisner C8-31 and John Travlos 114-U team captain amhwinner of the Inspirational Wrestler Award. QAII pictured at right, GYM NASTICS FIRST ROW:gHokansen, Spady, Buess, Hostetter-,' Brown, Haskins, L. Ramachor, Roberis, Keech, Noel, C. Burnham Piper, M. Miller. SECOND ROW: R. Miller, Norwood, Thor- 'FOURTH ROW: Lintott, Ames, Robinson, D. Bus-ham, Norberg mahlen, Gillard, Workman, Strasser, White. THIRD ROW: D. Ramacher. Coach Sullivan. GOLF FIRST ROW: Thomas, Ronquist, Bowman, M. Dugaw, James, Gillard. SECOND ROW: Wirta, Graham, Allegre, J. Dugaw, Murray, Fishbach, Brown. ' TRACK fwrs 'gal iliiwf-53,7 in itvltaai f , , J 1-9,65 , r , 'i.'F"'L'5'a cafulus strsss 1 ff 3' F' J , swfs tv f N cumis mu' 1-F-"1-335, L,.- 4 hs he I .ff X FIRST ROW: Stratton, Hansen, C. Gunther, Buess, Rasmussen, THIRD ROW: Riddle, Taylor, Schneider, Johnson, Callison Wedin, Betts, J. Gunther. SECOND ROW: Ulry, L. Johnson, Katyryniuk, Hilton. FOURTH ROW: Kleepsie, White, Cooper D. Geiger, Graham, Newsted, Benedict, Butts, Anderson. Norbergj, Rasmussen, Rosbach, Schlinwein. 1961 ALLAN RASMUSSEN Participation in track this year was far greater than expected. With only seven returning lettermen the team had a great deal of work to do in building a strong competition. However, with determina- tion and a squad not lacking in potential, the year proved a true success. 49 t 2 t me I . WM :gnu ' .gl 'rRAcK LETTERMEVN -fy-.,. J. Gunther Wedin 100, 220, Relay 880 Relay-Hurdles Rgb Befls C. GUI1l'h6l' High Jump-Hurdles m 220-100 Hansen, Stratton Mile Relay 880 440 Relay BASEBALL -WLETTERMEN M. Smith, Pope, D. Workman, B. Perfiirl. JUNIOR AND SENIOR BALLPLAYERS -61" ' , , ll. -if' ' ' ,H N .Xtra ai I- ,iff .QA .mg ,K .L mf R. Workman, M. Smith, Pope, D. Workman, T. Conngll, Holtetter, Richardson, SOPHOMORE BALLPLAWYERS FIRST ROW: Arnold lmanagerj Snellgrove, Tornow, Cottet, Fechtner, Baginski, Connell, Foulke Cmanagery. SECOND ROW: Norberg, Thummel, Scott, Walch, D. Pemerl, Semanski. FRESHMEN BALLPAYERS FIRST ROW: McBride, Wiley, Workman, Pemerl, Rasmussen, Tucker. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Severns, Lofberg, Kask. BOYS' TENNIS -W .5 .1 Huggy' num' K .,..,.'-.----"3 i . V ,Liw fkrmwz 4 ' ,,,,,,,,, H a R W Q ROGER COOKE REGGIE MVHR First Singles 3rd Singles . if, A LYNN BUESS 2nd Singles Lofberg, Milleril H ull R 9 Al' xx? xp Gleason, Ames. Panesko, Wilson Pettit, D, Viles ' GIRLS'lTENNIS Steepy, Olson, Evers, Ericksen, Lindsey nl me-rvv FROSH FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: James, Viles, Anderson, Wilhelm, Burnett, Butts, Rowe, Jer-n, Rosbach. FOURTH ROW: Coach McGovern, Guyot, Breen, Tucker. SECOND ROW: Dugaw, Oechsner, Pemerl, Newsted, Benedict, Callison, Katrynuik, Workman, Severns, Rlasmusson, Petit, Riosebrobk, Pakar, Fishbach. L: Ramacher. THIRD ROW: D. Ramacher-, Lofberg, Graham, BASKETBALL, B SQUAD: FIRST ROW: Pakar, James, THIRD ROW: Kask, Pemerl, Petit, Wiley, Rasmussen, Gun- Tulcker, D. Miller, Manager Dugaw. SECOND ROW: Lofberg, solley. FOURTH ROW: Coach Oechsner, Benedict, 'Severns, McBride, Anderson, Callisoln, Newsted, Fishbach. A SQUAD: Butts, Viles, Wilhelm, Coach Neill. 54 bum '?"'l I BEARCAT PEP STAFFS 1 S I BACK ROW. Agnes Anderson Judy Johnson FRONT ROW Jeri Kreutzer, Cheryl Literal. YELL STAFF S Mme After-Emme A.. F HA ciushwisher s hanksgiving Day game bonfire QBurn that Noon time basketball x Vhe Old ..,. 5. 1 l 1 1 i Honor Society Christmas party ,Ni - I 1 walk. ,I - - ln: And The New lain mmm -Q x lf' ,Q 1 gh A 1 '?Vx'f V al Q v 53 1151 State champs take tm: fnclzl ,.,,,,, ...rv nvwvwvv' .l A an Stroll ln the sun Hqa-iii' lrls' League mlxer sweepstakes wi HTISI' N, - Jolly janrtors Q Chem Inn 1 W ., wkigwf 'W kk A EVGWI c mnastlcs ,,wI,, ' l .ly .--""' Look pretty ple1se fy, fp ws ,glill 3 .MX f 3 l ? l ,w ' F53 E W ' ,l, we A 6 HQ sf- . I t ,, .. 'U' A 2 Q 5 3 5 3 s fl, Yrs 5 N. r Q' K e Q fi. 5 E 'A - 3 . Q K -W--.--,..A..-....N..n.-, 4 Suu , ., A 4 I ff'7'1f, ' wf K 1 ' , 4 x THE W. F. WEST HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL fav' -O O V l sg! 0 in ASSOCIATED S-TU DEN T BODY OF EICEBLS KAY KATYRYNWK - Secretary SUSAN JACOBSEN - Treasurer QAROLYN HULL - Publicity Manager BUD WEDIN - Pl'eSidelll' KEN HUBER - Vice-President BILL WOOD - Sgt.-at-arms CHERYL LITERAL - Song Queen BONNIE LUTES -- Yeil Queen 1 'WI' M sw Jia Pann Benedict and Jack Rhodes work on annual. W 1, me , .ww CH EHALIN ROGER COOKE Editor ,ag fi GLORIA LINDSEY Business Manager ll' Roger Cooke, editor: Gloria Lindsey, business manager: Pawn editor: Spencer Johnston, assistant editor. 159141. SUSAN STEEPY Editor Much time and effort is put into every issue ot the Crimson and Gray. Editors, writers, typists and adv. salesmen strive tor perfection in order that the Crimson and Gray will live up to the expectations ot the students. A new printing process is responsible tor the improvement in the appearance of the paper. This year five delegates attended the Pacific Coast Press Clinic at the University of Washington. Mr. Chester Cooke, advisor of the Crim- son and Gray and Susie Steepy, editor, participated in the class instruction. 52 WF UJ-A SEATED: Bethege Steepy Worth ngton Olson Richert STANDING Knaggs Stevenson Schindler Kreutzer FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS of AMERICA NANCY MU LOWNEY President The FBLA members enioyed, as in past years, a Christmas party, a spring ban- quet, and regular monthly meetings. Most students in W. F. West High School have at one time or another purchased school supplies from the FBLA supply center. FBLA, along with the commercial course offered in high school, gives stu- dents a firm background in modern busi- ness techniques. This year's officers were L , "' K. Hutchinson, G. Anderson, D. Worthington, L.. Johnson FBLA SALESMANSHIP Nancy Mullowney, president, Elda Grant, vice-president, Delores Settel, secretary, Evelyn Rhoades, publicity, Cheryl Gra- ham, treasurer, Carolyn Middaugh, his-- torian, Cherry Anderson, store manager. Mr. Fay Smith is the advisor. l it 5 T I I 3 ga k:,, ,....,. ' ' 3 SEATED: Kostick, Settle, Anderson, Rhoades, Walker, Taus- cher, Renner, Pehl, Jacobsen, Johnson. STANDING: Graves, Allender, Schneider, Bennett, Worthington, Thomas, Grant, Schindler, Graham, Wendling, Middaugh, Rasmussen, Clif- ford, Baxter, Mallowney. 7, l FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA LINDA TALBOTT Editor The Future Homemakers of America have devoted their time and resources This year around The state Th e m e, "Rocket Away with F.H.A." They have conducted a baby sitting service, several bake sales and a banquet honoring their parents. Several members have worked Through FHA on the March of Dimes. FHA hold monthly meetings proceeded by a dinner -whether it be a potluck, an outdoor pic- nic or a meal featuring foods from vari- ous parts of The world. Delegates and officers made trips to a regional meeting, leadership training meet, Demonstration day and state convention. FHA has been successfully led this year by President Lin- da Talbott. Mrs. Sally Hooper and Miss Marilyn Peoples are advisors. a Miller, Whippo, Robinson, Childers, Aust, Haunreiter, Guyon, Spears. FIRST ROW: Thayer, Richert, Olson, Katyryniuk, Fisher, Evers, Raquer, Boekelman, Attaway. SECOND ROW: Curtis, Spiers, Ullman, McKinneIl, Lee, Undegrove, Knutson, Miller, Briem, Eyle, Johnson. THIRD ROW: Haskins, Interbitzen, Brandt, Sauter, Richardson, Rasmussen, Burts, Newcomb, Settle, Mullins, Clifford, Arrington. FOURTH ROW: McGandy, Larson, Ford, Robinson, Lee, Pemerel, Guyon, Todd, Case, Wilcox, Glanz, Hansen. FIFTH ROW: Roorda, Haunreiter, Wirta, Smith, Just, Moultrie, DeMars, J. Miller, Krah, Shindler, Baxter, Talbott. SIXTH ROW: Selchert, Davis, Smith, Evans, Wilcox, Sexton, Jaoox, Jackson, Graves, Tyler, Spears, Marshall. FUTURE ARMERS of AMERICA i:,' . MECHANICS AT WORK D. Roberts, T. Richardson inf! Q":r TOM RICHARDSON President One of W. F. West's most active groups. Participated in National F.F.A. Week, and prepared booth for Western Washington and Southwest Washington Fairs. Enroll- rnent at all-time high. Past presidents were honored at annual banquet celebrating 30th anniversary. Torn Richardson repre- sented chapter at convention in Kansas Ctiy. Marvin Nlooberry choice for state farmer mechanics award. Officers: Gary Teitzel, v-pres., Pat Graham, sec., John Mallonee, treas., Fred Richardson, rep., and Marvin Mooberry, sentinal. Mr. Fagerf nes is advisor. ie, , H--- . V . ls. ers!! I 1 as, f 50,- 1 L O 9 ff I C 95 FIRST ROW: T. Richardson, F. Richardson, Graham, Egtep, D. Robbins, Powell. Ramacher, Rosebrook, Hunt. FOURTH Nlooberry, Teitzel, D. Roberts, Kleepsie, F. Johnson. SECOND- ROW: Grant, Graves, Marshall, Clark, Foister, Beachner, J. ROW: Pope, Ming, McCormick, Carroll, Miller, Moon, D. Christensen, Henderson. W. Roberts, Rice. Johnson, Schmit. THIRD ROW: Graham, Eshom, Jendyrka, 65 GIRLS' LEAGUE ,,,, , V KAROL KELSO President The Girls' League was especially active and succesful This year under The leader- ship of Karol Kelso. Activities of The year included The annual Girls' Mixer,' The Sweetheart Tolo, The Big Sister Pro- gram and The Leadership meeting held with The Centralia Girls' League Cabinet. The Sweetheart Court looks on as Wayne Johnson and Yvonne Ford step forward as King and Queen of Hearts at the 1961 Girls' League Tolo. SEATED: Richardson., Kelso, Svinth, Updegrove. STANDING: ' ' Evers, Miller, Huber, Newcomb, Talbott, Briem, Knudson, ' Reichert, Mallowney, Benedict. L. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY HONOR SOCIETY BANQUET Speaker: Miss Janet Reed, England GLORIA LINDSEY President One of the few select organizations is the National Honor Society. A student becomes eligible in his sophomore year and is admited if he meets standard re- quirements in scholarship, leadership, citizenship and service. Besides regular meetings, activities include a Christmas party and Spring banquet. SEATED: Miller, Olson, Steepy, Wedin Betts, Casad, C. Gun- ther, S. Johnston. STANDING: Cooke, Svinth, Lindsey, Worth- ington, Kelso, Blunt, Smith, Flem, Updegrove, Anderson, Schindler, Benedict. 67 SPENCER JOHNSTON Presidenf Forensic activities aT W. F. WesT gained new impeTus This year for several reas- ons. In January The mem- bers adopted The charTer of The Forensic Club. The ad- option of The charter set The True groundwork for future forensic activities in our high school. In addition To This sTep forward as an or- ganizafion, The Forensic members have done a not- able job aT The different speech Tournamems. AT an inviTaTional Tournament aT Grays Harbor College in January Chehalis members Took The sweepsTake Tro- phy for best accumulaTive scoring. This scoring was implimented by one of our debaTe Teams which Took first and by a firsT in inTer- preTaTive reading To other lower scores. The close of other inviTaTional Tourna- menTs aT Cenfralia College and ST. MarTin's found Che- halis had Taken second place in debaTe and firsf in ora- Tory in each case. BuT prob- ably The crowning achieve- menT of The Forensic year was The disTricT debaTe TournamenT in O l y m p i a where a Chehalis debaTe Team for The second year won a righT To comppeTe at The STaTe debate meeT aT W.S.U. aT Pulman in April. Much crediT for The success of the Forensic Club goes To Mrs. Mildred DenisTon, advisor. 68 FORENSICCCLUB ww FIRST ROW: Evans, Wilcox, Gaden, Spears, Lofberg, Miller. SECOND ROW: Larson, McGandy, Hokenson, Johnson, Wor- thington, Svinth. THIRD ROW: Dybvig, Dugaw, Casad, S. Johnson, Panesko, Hines, Johnston. SIGNS OF SUCCESS -- Spencer Johnston, Phil Hines, Susan Lee, and Nita Svinth display some of the trophies won at Forensic tournaments this year. ,,'... CHSOTA Cheryl Anderson, typistg Melanie Wilcox, musician, Linda Pehl, editor: Patty Richert, assistant editorg Rick Kelley, technician. PU BLICITY CLUB FIRST ROW: Kain, Olson, Katyryniuk, Richert. SECOND ROW: Miller, Stevenson, Lee, Richert, Updegrove, Flern. THIRD ROW: Blunt, McKinnelI, Mallowney, Kelson, Steepy, Benedict. LINDA PEHL Editor CHSOTA, the high school radio program once again put on Weekly titteen min- ute broadcasts, every Thurs- day morning the staff and th e weelds participants went to KELA to tape the Satu rday mornings program. The most active members had the opportun- ity to work at "KELA Day", when the students take over the regular broadcast for the day. Mr. Chester Cooke is advisor. Katy 'Richert President T h e Publicity Club's mem- bership consists ot eight Senior and eight Junior girls. The Club aids the Publicity Manager and Pep Staff in making posters to advertise games a n d vari- ous school e v e n t s. This year's activtities have been selling tickets tor the plays, ushering at football games, publicizing the A.S.B. ticket sale and selecting Mr. and Mrs. Basketball. 69 klx , A WAJ5 if ix x 31 MIKE SMITH President The C-Club had an acTive hand in runnig The den, es- pecially during baskeTball TournamenTs. Funds made from The sales go back inTo aThleTic equipmenf for The varsify leTTermen. Officers for 1961 were: Mike SmiTh, presidenf, Wayne Johnson, vice-presidenT and head of The C-Club's parT of The den, Roger Cooke, secrefary -Treasurer, and John Trav- los, sergeanT-aT-arms. Mr. Tom SmiTh is The advisor. ,f M sg""X,,, ROB BETTS PresidenT All The boys of W. F. WesT High School are members of The Boys' Club. During The year several assemblies were held, usually with an ouTside speaker. This year The Boys' Club sold hoT dogs aT The Tournamenfs for Their funds. Mr. James Oeschner is The advisor. 10 "C" CLU B Hill AIILI El., .,.... .,..,...e...,s....f-m-f,.---f..t--f.,,,,N.,,.. ..g,,.,,..,,,,.,,,,...,.,s:.z,g.. ,....,N. 36 I f"- Ml ff,f f,.- I -f ' f 'k.:1f 1+ I 'fi 5' We """'-".... ,... .T"F . ,, lam 5 : 1 FIRST ROW: Wirta, Hostetter, Wendling, Betts, Travlos, Lovell, Cooke. SECOND ROW: Pope, Hein, Burbee, Weisner, Johnson, C. Gunther, Todd. THIRD ROW: J. Gunther, Smith, Wedin, Woods, Huber, Buess, G. James, J. James. FOURTH ROW: Workman, Casad, Lilly, Pemerel, Murray. Hansen. BOYS' CLUB wmv BOYS' CLUB EXECUTIVESE LEFT TO RIGHT: Glenn James Treasurer: Ralph Johnston, Senior Representative: Dave Thum- mel, Secretary: Lynn Buess, Vice-President: Rob Betts, Presi- dent. S, -, Q ..,, DOROTHY MILLER President 'XA is responsible for a varied program activities for girls. Business meetings conducted once a month with Dor- y Miller presiding. Other officers are: wgellca Travlos, vice-president, and Car- Lofb. rg, secretary-treasurer, Playdays ith Central League and other Southwest ashlngton schools are one of the out- nding features of their program. Miss il Hofman is the advisor. GLENN JAMES President The Stagecraft Club is re- sponsible for the scenery and lighting at all school stage productions, gradua- tion, and any other activ- ities requiring this type of assistance. T h e all-school play "The Lute Song" was the most difficult stage pro- duction the stage crew has ever done. More members were employed than in any other previous play. Mr. Walter Kaufman is the ad, visor. 7- --Y 1- .v ,--w-u1---,fv- --.vw GIRLS' ATH LET W , W, ,ia , ..,..... w ,.., FIRST ROW: Lofberg, Evers, Travlos, Wilcox, Spears, Evans, Cook, Hunt. SECOND ROW: Briem, Eastman, Johnson, Haskins. Miller, Burnham, Baxter, Raquer, Teitzel, Childers. THIRD ROW: Grant, McGandy, Larson, Todd, Petra, Mitxhwill, Tall- man, Thompson, Anderson, Eyle, Thormahlen. FIRST ROW: Henricksen, Woods, G. James, M. Smith. SEC- OND ROW: Holland, Bagenski, Huber, Spady, J. James. THIRD ROW: Wedin, Tornow, Thummel, Snellgrove. 71 "Lure soNG" Directed' by Mr. Laughlin CAST MEMBERS: Chuck Lilley Sandra Meyn Gary Hein Karen Eriksen Gloria Lindsey Neil Viles Tina Johnson Chuck Senk Tom Hostetter Sharoxl McGoyern Jack Rhodes Janice Uptegrove Marilyn Miller Craig Gunther Martha Trupp Bob Casad Vernon Wedin Judy Olson Joel Gunther Dorothy Miller The first all-school musical, "Lute Song" was popular and a financial success. Costuming, special effects, and sets were of the finest qual- ity. This play will long be remembered. The students, devoted many hours to achieve near perfection. -1 59 '12 L SENIOR PLAY "BROTH ER GODS E" Directed by Mr. Neill CAST Betty Borge Janice Garrett Allen Rasmussen KafhY Ridener Ron Wbrkman Nancy Mullowney Rick KelleY Linda Pehl Bonnie Mulins Sandra Meyn Cherry Anderson Evelyn Rhoades "Brother Goose" by William Davidson was a refreshing comedy in three acts. It sported only one setting but an excellent variety of character parts. The plot concerned a family in which both parents had recently died and the older brother was attempting to raise the other children. r,.,,.,, V W. F. WEST HIGH, " . , s ............ 1 74 . A FRONT ROW: Hines, Dybvig, Eastman, Hokenson, Johnston, Flem, Trupp, Katyryniuk, Miller. SECOND ROW: Krah, S. Johnston, Tallman, Roberts, Ulry, James, S. Rasmussen, White, Peiffer, Kelley, D. Workmen, deMoise. THIRD ROW: Malonee, Schlindwein, Ming, Keech, Bennett, Ames, Breen, s SCHOOL BAND A' ,1 . l av, fit I Phillip Hines President This year's band was successful both musically and financially. They sponsored two United States Navy Band concerts to earn funds for new uniforms. The uniforms pictured have been replaced by new red blazers. Although the band is taken s a class, it also performs in many extra-curricular activities. The full band plays at football-games, at the Christmas program, at music meets, at the Spring Concert, and marches in the various parades in the twin cities. The pep band, a smaller group, plays at pep assem- blies and the basketball games. This year a small "pit orchestra" was formed to provide music for the all-school play "The Lute Song". y 'U w. F. WEST HIGH FIRST ROW: D. Funk, L. Larson, Foisten, D. Roberts, Piper, B. James, Lilley, L. Wilson, M. Mitchell, Selchert, Teitzel. SECOND ROW: B. Johnson, L. Madtson, Tyler, Roorda, Garrett, Kreger, Eshom, Gray, Bieker, Renner, Bennett, Wichert. THIRD ROW: Case, Settle, Graves, Schmit, Mullins, D. Settle, Lofberg Caccompanistj, Robinson, Hull, Attaway, SCHOOL CHORUS Haskin, Bieker, Eyle. FOURTH RCW: Funk, Burnham, T. Johnson, Miller, Worthington, Workmen, Rasmussen, Dybvig, Lovell, Brandi, Scherer, lnderbitzen, Childers, Blankenship. Officers this year were Charles Lilley, president: Pat Dybvigy vice-president: and Marie Wichert, secretary. Charles Lilley PresjdenT Under The direcTion of Mr. Ronald Simpson, The chorus again pleased audiences on several occa- sions. Officers This year were Charles Lilley, presi- denTg PaT Dybvig, vice-presidenTg and Marie WicherT, secreiraray. AT The ChrisTrnas program, Spring Con-- cerT, and The CenTral League Music FesTival They per- formed as a whole, bur aT Times srnaller groups were Tearured. JJ 'WOT 2, f .A rf-vw, ...,... N 1'-' , A9 :xl ,E , f- M M., 'if K ' 5 fw:, 2 r 5 Z. M2 ,, ,, ' aww. 3. ,, .1 ,. , iw w N -Q ouR sPoNsoRs '- ffl -A ,, ' "'W1'5g:1IQ: iZG?f:'f:f , . L Q78 Y , Y W A-W - I YZ - ZLL' A 5 f A I 'K ., , M 4 4 i .5 J' xi 4. g and ' A Q vk ' 'r W T" 1 Help Keep Washington Green Weyerhaeuser Company VAIL-McDONALD OPERATION Chehulis, Washington LEWIS COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Buy Your New ond Used Cars from Q MEMBER OF THE LEWIS COUNTY DEALERS ASSOCIATION CHEHALIS CHEHALIS GARAGE Chrysler-Plymouth-Valium ENTERPRISE ELECTRIC Electrical Products LINDSEY MOTORS Studebaker-Lark-Boats-Motors 'SEVERNS MOTOR CO. Buick-Chevrolet-Corvoir OAKES PONTIAC Pontiac UHLMANN MOTORS CO. Ford-Mercury-Lincoln-Falcon CENTRALIA CARTER'S GARAGE Chrysier-Plymouth-Valiant COUNTRYMAN MOTORS DeSoto-Plymouth-Falcon 'EDDINS AUTO CO. Ford-Mercury-Falcon EDDINS IMPORT CARS Triumph-Volvo-Tr-3-Hilman SEIP 81 HANSEN Oldsmobile HOWARD HUTCHINS Nash-Rambler-Willys ED. S. MAYES, INC. Dodge-Dorf WARREN BROS. CHEVROLET, INC.- 19 Chevrolet-Cadiilac-Corvair YARD BIRD"S SHDPPING CENTER 75,000 Sq. Ft. Under One Roof - Still Growing If You Are Nol' Shoping Here- I We D0l'l'f HCVE If. YOU culllf IF You Are No, Here: You Are Paying Too Muc GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1961 Open Every Day-Including Sunday SPARKY congratulates the I GRADUATING CLASS OF 1961 SP,q,7, X 'MU 4. 2137 'f I' F LJ A N r x U ' II ,1 X XINIIIIV' iq L xxx 47 We xx Q - -S A Co. "At Your Service" 80 T019 MARKET STREET PUBLIC UTILITY DIST. No. I 4 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTOLy y y OF LEWIS COUNTY ROD'S CAFE ll Miles South of Chehalis on Old "99" CASCADE MOTEL On Highway 99 at l3th Street Chehalis BUlLDER'S BARGAIN BARN "It Pays to Pay Cash 707 National Ave. SH 8-8888 I MADSEN'S CORNER STORE Groceries 5' Mobil Products South City Limits KANOUSE'S FOOD CENTER I769 Market - Chehalis EDDY AUTO PARTS I I67 Market Chehalis KELLY'S SPORT SHOP Doyle's DR. W. L. HINES Mercury Outboard Motor Sales CHEHALIS PHARMACY 884 Market 2292 Market SH 8-3282 Everything in Drugs Chehalis, Washington SH 8-4260 B. s. H. SUPPLY D.-,yfefs Titan Chain Saws FULLER'S MARKET BASKET CHEHALIS PHARMACY 2400 Market SH 8-7851 Three Stores to Serve You Everything in Drugs Chehalis - Miracle Mile - Centralia SH 8-4260 D. R. FORD REPAIR SERVICE Madsen Corner 2379 Market Chehalis - SH 8-8341 VlRGlL'S GROCERY 1267 Cascade SH 8-7373 LOUIS A. VIMONT 896 Market SH 8-3201 Chehalis, Washington Clyde 81 Lewis I SOUTH GATE sERV,CE CLIP JOINT SAUNDER'S FOUNTAIN Tires - Bafferies - Accessories Orville and Chris Christler At the St. HeIen's Hotel 2424 Market SH 8-9077 Haircut SI.00 I539 Market SH 8-8242 GRAHAM IMPLEMENT CO. Case and Moline Form Machinery JAMES ELECTRIC General Electric Equipment JONES' DRUG STORE The Friendly Drug Store 2394 Mafkef ' SH 84448 1504 Marker SH 8-4281 856 Mme' SH 832008 BOROVEC PEERLESS FOOD PRODUCTS CAROL'S Genefa' H"""F'9 chow Time Meats PMI-LADIES APPAREL 2344 Market SH 8-7420 Ioflll Clld Mqfkel' YVIAIIMOD .I3U:l .IAHTIIIHD Robert's 'DOD logo-I 6 Qnim0YW-dmu MODE O'DAY 33 8- 2 SISE-8 H2 ts:I1oM TIPES 882 Market SH 3,1274 870 Market s SH P Chehalis GOLIZIE WALLER MCGANDTOEOSJIEILL SERVICE HUGHES SHOE STORE alrstyllng v ar et s 872 Market SH 8-7933 81 2273 Gail SH 8-7295 Chehalis Washington Chehalis, Washington fi mir F.9'iY'I- First Federal Savings 81 Loan Association 4'Hn DIVIDEND PER ANNUM f3V2'Z, plus Vzfk bonus? 921 CHEHALIS AVENUE Free Customer Parking l 1 1 1 NATIONAL FRUIT CANNING COMPANY We Freeze Lewis County Grown Fruits and Vegetables SHerwood 8-4403 770 State Street Chehalis, Wash. 1 i GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1761 Lewis County Medical Service Corporation Phone SHerwood 8-4131 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 82 , 55155.41 - I , 4v.l. AlBERTSON'S LOCATED IN THE FAIRWAY SHOPPING CENTER RAY SPEARS GARAGE CARE WILL SAVE YOUR CAR 669 State Street Chehalis, Washington L. 61 E. BOTTLING COMPANY 901 State Street Chehalis, Washington WEST COAST FRUIT 61 PRODUCE CO. SHerwood 8-4485 958 West Street S Chehalis, Washington FRENCH CLEANING WORKS SHerwood 8-3733 972 Pacific Avenue Chehalis, Washington or Fashion's Famous Names" 115 South Tower Centralia, Washington HELENA'S SPECIALTY SHOP 314 NORTH TOWER Centralia . . . Washington lf You Are Looking for ANYTHING Try The WASHINGTON IUNK COMPANY 1336 Chehalis SHerwood 8-7201 Fairlanes Inc. Bring Your Date to Fairlanes FOR an ENJOYABLE EVENING -Between Chehalis and Centralia- Phone PE 6-4100 1401 S. Gold Garrison's Rexall Drugs FOUR STORES TO SERVE You CHEHALIS CENTRALIA 1 SH 8-9222 PE 6-3222 FAIRWAYS WINLOCK PE 6-3770 SU 5-3451 J. C. Penny Co. SHerwood 8-4331 891 Market Street Chehalis, Washington Best Wishes for Future Success to 1961 Graduates Bob Todd Fuel Oil Co. TEXACO PRODUCTS Palmer Lumber Co., Inc. "Quality at the Right Pricev 952 Prindle Street SHerwood 8-7162 Chehalis, Washington 83 . li erte A CCISCCICIG Saw 81 Tool A eeeee - i rtrrr. ,, - " f. , e ","' A . . ' ' ."' hf- ' 1 "" Phone SHerwood 8-3339 ' t 1 .5 L'LhL- '-'L1 '.'f1 1, --- QQ ' ' ,I . . Ti i I 1248 Chehalis I ff?" I 'm' H H Chehalis, Washington ' if' -"" I Memylmi ,: , Q. I 5" ' . ,. VIYV H. C. COFFMAN Cr CO. Since 1889 THE LEADING INSURANCE AGENCY Phone SHerwood 8-4493 844 Mrket Street Chehalis, Washington I CENTRAL REDDI-MIX INC. NO JOB TOO SMALL 2347 Market Street .Phone SH 8-8809 Chehalis. Wsahington Howard Fear Herbert C. Heath CHASE AGENCY lnsu rance. . .Bonds 925 Pacific Avenue Chehalis 84 Washington I i YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED FOR FOODS MADE FROM MILK f' 'M i...,..Z Drink 3 giasses of milk every day GOL GU FlED I MCCOY-YOUNG INC ALBERS FEED and SEED CO. GRAYSTONE I "Bulk Delivery" "Everything in Concrete" A - M'll - L ' S ' . - U10 ' 099"19 UPPIWS 950 West SH 8-7451 SH 8 4141 PE 6 3306 ALI KELLEY'S CASl'l MARKET CHEH ECO IPACIFIC BY-PRODUCTS 1089 Chehalis SH 8-4251 i BRICK 8' TIL ' Sawdust and Shavings Chehalis National SH 8-7811 . D Chehalls. Washington I WR, DAN KEEN 8. HowARD's INC. S Marker Sweet HBUlldll'1g MGIGYIOISII n 7 P.O. Box S70 Centralia Chehalis SH 8-8381 Cl'lEl'lALlS CITY LAUNDRY Chehalis Avenue 6 Main Street LLOYD OWEN and SON LUMBER CO., Inc. TWIN CITY SALES Ralph and Ross Seymour PE 6-6304 Centralia SH 84822 National Avenue SH 8-4133 y , E Sonnen-'ann'S CITY CLEANERS 'NC-' . 1055 Main SH 8-7488 361 Rhode Island Everything for the Home Chehalis Q Chehalis Centralia if . I I , ENTRALIA Beff Halls I FRED PEMERL TIDEWATER C COMMUNITY SERVICE "Service with a Smile" Stove - Diesel - Furnace Oil 346 State St. SH 8-8343 KNITTING MILLS School Sweaters SH 8-4724 Chehalis 1002 W. Main PE 6-3994 I ' il 1 W BOZARTH'S SALES DAIRY BAR Dis,,ibu,o, of LINnv's CHIROPRACTIC 889 Mom Shee' SHAKERTOWN SHAKES CENTER Chehalis Washington I 1730 Ville SH 3-4395 1107 Park St. Chehalis. KOREIS' BLAKEEY 8. HOUT INC. HENRICKSEN HEATING EC-KO FUEL I "Your Building Supply Friends" "See Pete for Heat" Chehalig Washington North City Limits, Chehalis 1060 Chehalis SH 8-4365 Y 'I A , A it I:' fi I KAIJA FEED 81 SEED 707 State Street WAYNE'S PHOTO "Complete Camera Supply" A 8- W ROOT BEER STAND 719 W. Main Centralia Chehalis Miracle Mile SH 8-4810 PE 6-9471 PERRY BROTHERS 5,2 We SH 8-8621 CHEI-IALIS STEEL Co., INC. PlPPIN'S 85 Chehclis Steel Und DPC School Supplies 109 N. Tower Centralia V 499 National SH 8-8631 I , . -,,, , , ' ,,, ,, ,, , , ,,,, , ,, , ,,, L , , ,, , ,,'MA,A, ,,,e,,, , ,,,,, ,, L HEMXPHILL-O'NEll.L I LUMBER co., Inc EECHTNER 5 JEWELRY STORE LEWIS couN1Y TITLE co. Wholesale West Coast COSTUME JEWELRY Titles Since 1888 F"eS' P"'d""S 825 Mflfkef I 117 Pork sr. SH 8-8641 Chehalis, Washington I Jim 81 George's CENTRAL T.V FLYING A GARAGE CHlLDREN'S APPAREL SHOP and APPLIANCE Market arid perk 9ll Mflfkef SH 8-3382 Your Admiral 'Dfealer Chehalis, Washington l 911 Cl-lehqlisg Aye, 1 1 DR, w, F. LQUGHNAN GEORGE SEARS DRUG CO. BAR-I-EI-15 MENIS S-I-ORE oPToMETR1sT 905 Market i 881 Pacific SH 8-3871 118 Columbus Bldg. Chehalis Chehalis E ehehahs SEARS ROEBUCK8i CO. UNIVERSAL FURNITURE CQ. CHEHALIS SAW SHOP S:':S?':J:o:MSI::rd::::d 897 Market SH 8-3261 853 Pacific I SH 8-4824 I 89-I Market SH 8-4473 Chehalis, Washington Chehahs A ,LM , 1 -lAC0B'5 BAKERY RUEL WEST HARDWARE I Giffey 1 and FOSTER'S FOUNTAIN Hardware - Houseware Q HOME TOWN HARDWARE I LUNCH 948 Chehalis Avenue 823 Market SH 8-7114 811 Market Chehalis Q SH 8-4232 MooRE's MEN'S CLOTHING Q Better Quality For Less V' R' LEE 8' SON 5 CHEHALIS GRAIN CO" IN 869 Market SH 8-82I4 Insurance and Real Estate IO28 p,.IndIe I 917 Mafkef Sffeef A cheholis Washington NATlONAL BANK OF WASHINGTON FLOE'S INC. LEE HULL INSURANCE Coffman-Dobson Branch Truck Sales fr Service AGENCY 861 Market SH 8-4411 I339 CIIEIIOIIS Ave. SH 8,333-I 1026 cllellClllS Ave., Cllelldlll DUQUWIS SECURITY STATE BANK PEMERL'S SHOE REPAIR "BURNET'-l"S JEWELERS" 900 Chehalis Chehqlis Avenue 347 Market SH 3-736l Chehalis Washington Good Luck . . . Seniors 833 Market Street General Auto Repairing BARBER SHUI' chehiilis Washington H36 Main SH M829 Pacific Ave. clielioiis LEWlS COUNTY HARDWARE CHAMPLAIN RADIO 8' -I-V HELM ELECTRONICS 86 Wilson Athletic Goods 892 Pacific SH 8-3212 TV - Radio - HiFi 11080 Boistfort SH 8-3742 ,., , ,. 1066 Chehqlig SH 8-433 RISTER'S STATIONERY HENRY GATCH AGENCY Real Estate and Insurance - , - --- vw- -..,-7-up---q MCKINNEL 8-4252 PE 6-4252 . , 1128 Pork SH 8-7423 TRACTOR CO. l10lIS Centralia Route 2, Box 70 SH 8-8688 oBuRN's FURNITURE 8. Budzlszewskl CHEHALIS wAsi-:moron CHEVRON SERVICE ' I APPLIANCE STURE Free Pickup 5 Delivery E' 9 Park Chehalis iovo Market sn 8-9045 Allis-Chalmers E MASSEY-FERGUSON CHARLET'S GMC 'mucus coAsTAL REFRIGERATION puknnumg co, inc, COMPANY "Quuli1-y Hgme Furnishings "Where Goocli Value and Your Dollars For Less"' G + T H1 .. H 8- e oge er 083 Mme' S 7241 310 w. Tower PE 6-3367 Tri-Mountain Burger Bar "WE RAISE OUR OWN BEEF" Route 3 Box 172E Chehalis-SH 8-8556 M. C. GRIFFITH FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP I03O Market SHerwood 8-7l2l NORTHWEST LUMBER 6. MILLWORK COMPANY Proffitt's Department George Osborne, Proprietor stores south city Limits SHerwood 8-4429 I "First with Qualify Since 1907" Chehalis Centralia , Koffee Kup Kate FLYING SAUCER CAFE Open 24 Hours - Breakfast Served Anytime 5He'W00d 8'738l Lunches and Dinners 2025 Mflfkel' Chehalis' Wash' Homecooked Foods Bread and Rolls 791 Market SH 8-3761 BUCK 8. SON FARM EQUIPMENT co. POSl"S 5l'UCli0 OLIVER TRACTORS HOMELITE CHAIN SAWS BURNETT BU"-DWG ZISS Market Chehalis SI'lel'W00t'l 8-4902 Chehalis, Washington I IRVING MOTOR PARTS MODERN PLUMBING ol HEATING SHOP Complete Stock of Motor Parts and Quality Merchandise and Service Machine Shop Service BB Market Sl-lerwood 8-3823 IIZI Main Street Chehalis, Washington 87 2 flowers by WARD'S QUALITY MARKET Benny's AL Gnd TED MEATS, FRESH PRODUCE and GROCERIES flvwfffs f0V all Ofcasions RETAIL MEATS at WHOLESALE PRICES FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE 1514 Market SHerwood 8-3333 842 Market SHerwood 9-3522 y A 0. Rubber WeId6l'S Ben Franklin Sfqre Kelly Springfield Tires Locally Owned . . . Nationally Known RECAPPING AND REPAIRING 1111 Market Street Chehalis, Washington 815 Market Chehalis' Washington SHerwood 8-3821 Tires Inc CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES ' ' the the cLAss and FACULTY of 1961 R. A. "Bog Jacobsen - George M. Harris Goodyear Tires M S N - CHEHALIS U IC CO., I C. 1040 Market Chehalis, Wash. SHerwood 8-8601 "LIVE WITH. MUSIC" 1 BRUNSWIGIS BerryhiII's SHOE STORE I VARIETY sToREs 829 Market Street SHerwood 8-7178 located in CHEHALIS and CENTRALIA 88

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