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f,-.1-.f-,-Q, pwwp- -f aww gem C9351 319301691 mm 7 1 1 . ?, 4 Ps y't'X I -. 1 5 1'- n . J, 1' M s 'X , 1 i L 'Q Q' Q 517.51411 M 1980 Ploneer W E Boswell Hug School Fort Worth Texas Table of Contents Organhahons Sports Facuky Seniors Underdasmnen Cmsmg P399 D399 page 104 page 112 A page 124 page 144 Pioneers Go On and On 1 A Year's Worth Gt Going On The spirit of the Pioneers overliowed this year, in sports as well as academically. Friendships were regained after the somehow lost summer months, and Boswell's campus continued to grow, adding a new gymnasium and fine arts center to the master plan. Pioneer athletes did their share of expanding, too. They wereisupported by the student body, faculty, and parents through their hghting times, and somehow the students managed to keep up their academics when they were not over-heated by "football fever", Spare time, which was difficult to find, was worshipped and consumed heartily. Hobbies were turned to for relief, or many students just planned a Unight in the town". It didn't matter how time was spent by the Pioneers, they managed to go on and on. .-. it fffii if 'H ,l I , I if-ggi, Q' . fiffififclf. My , - " 14 1 f sf iff, . , ,ll it yffi' QQ! '?'5'g33f.ZE?gg ,525-g,:I-15.'4fflgg P,-ge-' 't'a,gi'? 1 5. , ,PGH 1 tg' , ' msfelg ,e',,j"f1.f'fE5ff, E .3532-' i' W fi ff t Q Y-,Q sgffefs fijf-'segigggaeg',41,,5jt,epg??ffjfjg, ' legs., Kuff at 4,'xf?is9i tix, f g, il"153!'ff-.., , is 5? if div ,king ,A i'i?ii!gYJ?W1 M 1 1 l e as ft W F V 'g ' I ,, f 1, tip' ft' i , 3 is 'A . 1 , K ,L 3 A . W! ,ff Q, ,gywwgdxy git sity - 'QF ' vi K'l"'fw'tf tfii--ff 1? A 5, ai , If s fjg 'lt' . P H A 5' if A f it t t' it i 5 . .V . W3 A . f f 1 A ' S , C hi- 2 Pioneers Go On and On Hifi al Even running in rain on Boswell's campus could be fun as seniors Laurie Ware and Carter Horner ind. bl While strolling through a Held of wild Howers, Sheri Means and Rick Steppick enjoy afternoon sunshine. cl The assignments given by teachers never ceased to amaze students, especially freshmen, who were new to the l'system". dl While working the lathe, metal shop workers admire their work, el Hamming it up was something Kevin Otto did well, victimizing fellow senior Debbie Wagner. fl Sailing on peaceful Eagle Mountain Lake was a favorite pasttime for some students. A L Pioneers Go On and On 3 A Challenge Of the Minds From computers to cosmetology, students at Boswell were exposed to a wide variety of curriculum. From the basics of English, math, and science, to the areas of the arts and trades, they carried on the tradition of trying to be the best. With their noses in books or feet on the peddle of a Singer zig-Zag, Boswell students were kept busy with what they had come to do, learn. But it never ended. From day one, we were bombarded with vocabulary, snowed under by mathematics, and overrun by science. Teachers had a constant supply of artillery in which to blot-out the darkness of ignorance and show students the light. Seemingly incomprehensible trigometric functions stayed on the minds of many of Miss Ott's students until the early morning hours, while others battled with simple equations. As freshman English students dove into l'Romeo and Juliet", seniors made it through t'Hamlet" as biologists were uncovering the mysteries of life, and history students were retracing the steps of ancestors. If not in a classroom, ICT, DE, VOE, and Ag Co-op gave students a chance to give the ureal world" a try and at the same time, get credits toward graduation. Along with the books and the work came the excitement of clubs which sprung up around the campus. They offered relief from llbrain strain" and time to spend with friends. Looking back over the year, it was easier to realize that learning never ends. There are always new goals to conquer. And there will always be Pioneers meeting these goals, Pioneers who are going on and Oli. 3 l X . ' ,A .ae . I in ' tfwf- 1 'x'w...N3 .... A . ff' Q . A 4 Pioneers Go On and On 0 I 11 4 iijx lx 'elif- qlf. wg, I 5 i' Z1-,Jgfl ,A wg., Q. I ' .4 ' f' u A. lk. ' ,i it H . 3 w "' ' ta - I .155 Gin. --S5 '- Va " xr!-lk. K .J . .l 2 ' 4 W, 'af' , 44" 4 4 . . grx' 392' Af .v0"5" t I t in A It dv: iv. fa rr, mf : .Ag 1 , V 4 i 1 , .fe J if - ,Q it 4 'M av' P-,vw 2 to 3, ,...e"" Sgt, 1 Rs ,x 1 f 'f, sf: 75' UQ c ,nw f al Drafting instructor, John Cleveland, demonstrates to one of his students how to construct a perfect square. bl Biology II students observe with unbridled curiosity the uterus of a pig during a dissection lab. cl Mechanical trades students learn the basics and use them to do minor repairs during their two hour class periods each day. dl Juniors Tracy Johnson and Karen Lomerson diligently sketch the plaza area of the campus as part of an art assignment. el Advanced drafting senior, Scott Worrell, deftly concentrates on his architectural abilities. fl Senior Diane Murray is secretly found during a rare moment. Pioneers Go On and On 5 KZ vi , 1 4 fr. , ' Til EW? ' ?-T261 Ys' 4.55 S fffgffff f , -:SIL ' - ' ' ' ' X Zigi, ' , ' " , A x ' f ' K r 1 , V V , V' ' :X 1 4 x f . ji f x 1 I i ' IF., if ' y , J Q X Xe f .. ,ci-5' y ' -hu L ' ' 'K E , 1 Q few' w f iii , , ' 21' 93 S-wif if. , . ' C1 YP. , r V ' ' ', ft" fr if-if 4 xx K+. u 1 re! as l iw , ff., 5 .Emu J 34 x , 1 'Y F G' U31 xx 'f' A A. in gi-, '13 'K p ii S 'ls Z8 ,,-T27 x. lg' A n Y . if 'B' nn? 1 I-ul, Tai P: 514.- - 155455. Sh' ,L X' 174 J ,ii li: , 1' V. ! V- o ' N 1:2 ' . ' Y EQ: L In . 2 6 " 1 ., 'E ,- . 4- . lu. A . 'Qi' 1-' . 'F ' -... 1 A Gym Has Formal Opening, Arts Center Rises Upward Pioneers continued busting out at the seams and Boswell's campus continued to expand. When the workers started the cement pouring, the result was the "super-gym", a giant 2,318 seat sport facility, opened for use in October. Construction then moved westward on campus to the site of the Fine Arts Building, the future home of Boswell drama productions and its band complex. lVlore new faces appeared on campus with an enrollment over-flowing with 1100 students. The new buildings planned were to provide places for the student body to grow and use in expanding activities. The gym came to life by being the site for the 1979 homecoming pep rally as well as having its formal opening in November with both boys' and girls' varsity teams playing in their Hrst home games of the season. Four new dressing rooms were fully equipped with showers and blow dryers, and painted in the proud Boswell colors of Blue and Gold. The new structure, with two courts, will facilitate every athletic event from basketball to tennis. Students watched with eager anticipation as the steel beams of the Fine Arts Center were built up higher and higher. The 52.4 million project is expected to seat 1,500 together on the floor and the balcony. The center also contains practice rooms, dressing rooms, rooms for building sets and sewing costumes, as well as the Ugreen room". The Boswell campus expanded a great deal over the school year, providing more space for Pioneers to grow. t. ... rag-,, .........!3 l 8 Pioneers Go On and On yfvqwvw ng?-www 'Keg-gat. "H rv" .4 ai Sitting in new bleacher chairs, girls' Coach Donald Enax admires the vastness of the new Pioneer gym, bi Two of the Fine Arts Center work crew discuss plans during a long, hot workday. ci A view of the new gym from the student parking lot. di A workrnan hangs in there while working on the Fine Arts Center. ei Construction workers put the pieces of the Fine Arts Building and Band Hail together. ff Hobbies Provide Rest, Relaxation Putting a horse through its paces with the glowing red sun setting calmly in the west, or checking in with the tower before taking off down a long runway into the sky are some of the things that people like Laura Wright and John Barber do in their spare time. Whether it be battling the windy whitecaps while racing a sailboat or tinkering with minute motorcycle parts, Boswell students seem to find many difterent things to amuse themselves. There are different seasons for different hobbies, so while lVlike Beckner may be skiing out on the lake during the hot summer vacation, someone else may be all bundled up, bombing the slopes in Red River during the icy winter months. All in all, people seem to find some kind of hobby that fits their personality and meets their definitions of a good time. Some people prefer to continue their hobbies for years at a time even passing them down as a family tradition by collecting trinkets such as Diana Wartelle's growing camel collection. These things may be worthless to some, but priceless to their owner. Among this never ending list of Ucollector's items" are such things as t-shirts, koala bears, matchbooks, napkins, straws, autographs, glasses, ticket stubs, spoons, plants, keys, or records. Rounding up the calves to try another run is an everyday routine of vice-principal Angie Averhoff Every day after putting in her hours of work at school, lVlrs. Averhoff ventures to the stables to Usaddle up" into her hobby. With the school days coming one after another and students groaning more and more, there is still a means of 'lescape" with a hobby whether it be Janell Norris working on the bar while practicing ballet or Dana lVlcElreath talking to her plants to help them grow. As long as it appeals to the individual, it's just another step for Pioneers who tend to keep to growing on and on. 3 L l l i i glint- l X , i i l X' , , NS S i K , ' r S '3 , 4 Yti n -7 . 1 , i . I-, '! l if n ga. :gf 25-52 I , hiv., 41-'iw xx,- vi f 5 ' ' , V Lx 1. I Ma- ,fgg Lani! A i I al Senior Mark Rauch demonstrates his limitless resource of strength as he crushes Dr. Pepper cans against his forehead. bl Two students work fervently to arrange their notebooks during the precious few minutes between classes. cl With a few minutes to herself, senior Erin Hooper looks back peacefully on all the happenings of the day. dl During the spirited pep rallies, a vast variety of signs and contraptions were displayed. el Bodie Wartelle shows off his vast athletic genius by twirling a basketball on only one linger. fl A couple takes advantage of a quiet moment , or two during lunch, ,Z-f", X Gegilg' X me .Merc i 12 Pioneers Go On and On P5 f--tm qiwwg 7 to 552' ,ff -'01 1 , . - - Q,-sk, In the true spirit of Pioneers the student body, faculty, and supporting fans, whose everlasting memories will go on and on we look to the most meaningful words of the past and present students of W E Boswell High School our alma mater: The blue, gold, and white, We love so dear, Boswell High. Our alma mater We will cheer, Boswell High. Lift up your voice, And join our song, Sing our praises Loud and strong. Pioneers go on and on Boswell High. Pioneers Go On and On 13 . .ge-.. .1.f-. .- K , ---Q.: ' ' 3, -'1 ' I .. , M A-L, - 4 . 1,--W-- - i gg: qfzl V X-gggv' ' "' -.V -.93 if? -g A ..-VJQ V . ,nv 1 ' 1 Q,"-Y-'-,L , 3. - -6.4-41: " Z4 1--... ..- Z.,-1 I '. 'P 4- M f :Q .-.,,,s v,., 4 1 :-A-, A -- -NK -4.3,-,-.f -. .C- X V4 - " "ar, f .s-"F-3 - 43. ' .2 g-sb, 'Q-4. S.','3" Qv "' .., --.,:. ' Q, P---- ",. --M, 531, M t.,,. "-'f gun vs - Q, ...f x - . QLLP GERS NEMO? 1. CE 'E' u , if if f K ,n !' 9 . nj 1 A V . I 1 ' M ,.. . 'pi ' 1, J' x J 3 Q ,,.--- . .f 7 D .......,i ' 5 -. " v ' 2 .. ---- -5 --.... - 1 -..Z- ----f' ,.1,. 525.355a,2,i,,.,,1,,,, '7 f 3 .' " '3f3??'Y4f3g .322!,1..I:fz.ai3!Z1if.5e:.fEf1"517??fj:f- . 5 5 : . 515'--1-w "' - -frf-' -. X' ...-...........x1 J 1 ' f '- 3 , -.. ...... . , . - . A 1 l. ..- ' gg - -- ... . , . 92 5 - 2 . . - . - an ..,, . I ' i 0 . t-- .-...J . - ,.. V by . ,fi wi K ' T' -ff- f VXfvA Jw! . ix,-ei Y , I ,.,,...--' :xl . . ., 7 , X "'f...-I" ' .4 N - k P 'K .4-4' 19.1-ZX' .RAT -' ' X" 1, . R' "Wh" - f"' ' 1'.v,.gtc0' .-...Lg ,y." , x 1,1 "'7- y...':5-.,,.gggg'::. , ' . v 'G . ,Q . Q Q Q --nun f- ,h,.44'v! Iv u 1 v 1 .- '!- . Er 6 v 1 Qi' , -urn.: 133- 5 1-I 1 ' V yr , W, 35 , "f:g::::::::::' --.3332 : 'lf . 2 .S o - J f .QL-'L "QW-F'-fi 5761. . ? , , ' 1 A, ggigi.- .ME , Q f Y 1 , , . - . Z' K -'4 ' '- 4 ff .-Q. ' X' , . 'f ' Y Q V xg 3 ' - 2, L,,-+7'.,,a?S'XiV: , fi- 3 -5---3-...Q . W1X'k11,fz"a. ? ' ' if . ""i"' 1 H lleL':ia,2.gQ31gE I ' E" ?:51nl5W'?f25' , .. I 1551.25 1'3hi1'ifE' '-f A' "' ' ' 1 ' ' wi 1 I ,gli in ug! Q ,vw x Q! X 'gZvw.a! rv ,. , 1 2I.'. 0 Q1 al Pioneer Press Staff Adviser, Miss Rennetta Davis. bl The familiar smiling face we grew to love. cl At home in the news room, Miss Davis could always be found proofreading her students' work. dl She was always eager to lend a helping hand to those who needed it. el Contemplating over copy that must be read and reread before it could be printed. A Friend and an Inspiration Dur Adviser Each year, the publications staff dedicates the yearbook to a faculty member who we believe has made a great contribution to our school. This year's dedication is also a tribute to the lady who has worked beside us and has kept the yearbook alive, Miss Rennetta Davis. In the past, other staffs have wanted to do what we have done, but she has always declined or persuaded them otherwise. However, this year, we felt the credit was long overdue, and therefore, Miss Davis, we dedicate this yearbook to you. She has accomplished something that few teachers have, relating to students on a one to one basis. When this happens, the friendship and respect established can last forever. Many who have worked with Miss Davis, understand this feeling very well. For the seven years she has taught at Boswell High School, she has become an everlasting friend to many who have passed through her Journalism, Publications, or English classes. With this friendship, has also come her years of experience in publishing newspapers and yearbook. She has a 'lnose for news", that is, she knows what constitutes news and what does not. This is what she teaches her Journalism classes. She never ceases to encourage her students, plugging them with ideas and Flowing sentences, only to stand in the background, giving the individual student the glory of the by-line. To many, it seemed that she was predicting the end of the world daily, screaming l'Deadline is today, people!" The road to Saginaw became well worn by Miss Davis as she carried the beginnings of every newspaper to the Sentinel to be printed. Somehow, With her help, the paper was always out on time. uch the same in Publications There were endless dates to be met Many Sunday It was m . . afternoons and after-school efforts were necessary to meet these deadlines, and Miss Davis was always there. When llGive My Regards to Boswell" rolled around, she was the one who counted the votes for class favorites, and kept the results secret until the moment the decisions were announced the night of the show. Even though Miss Davis works behind the scenes, her accomplishments can be seen every two weeks and the day the yearbook is returned-the results of her sweat and tears, and her days of tension. Even thou h we her students will leave' her care her devotion and her expectations will 9 i , , , , continue to inspire us throughout our lives and careers. Because of the dedication of Miss - Rennetta Davis, our goals will be achieved. 16 Pioneers Go On and On - iw, 1 'H LL X3 Z Z Xe-. 5 7551, wx, Q .. , i we 1 E 'ia my , '71-1,'El,? , 3, 1 . a if ,U Pioneers Go On and On 17 Homecoming 8 1979 Although the Pioneers were defeated by the Castleberry Lions, on Homecoming October 12 it didn't discourage their great enthusiasm or desire to achieve on the football held. Students prepared each day for the highlight of the week, Friday night. The student council-sponsored dress-up days and a Thursday night torchlight parade were signals that the time was near. Besides these preparations, the student council also went through great extremes to decorate the cafeteria into a "IVlini-disco" for after the game entertainment. After the dance, students continued their evening by eating at various restaurants, proudly wearing decorated mums from Boswell High School. The annual ex- cheerleader breakfast was held in the library prior to the pep-rally, which was the first to be celebrated in the new gym. Again with their spirits, the senior class came out it 1, winning the Homecoming spirit stick. All classes competed hard for this honor, and it was the student body's spirit and faith in the Pioneers that gave them the energetic desire to go on and on . . . The morning of Homecoming 1979-80 gave some students a chance to exercise as they cleaned the excessive decorations off the trees. The entire campus was "TP'd" overnight as just another spiritful act of excited fans. Spirit was evident all over campus and burst 18 Pioneers Go On and On I X, efijvi' 1 'fs Seniors Bmw" al Janet Fulkerson cries in excitement as football captain Marshall Woolsey presents roses to her as the new Homecoming Queen bl Dolly Parton portrayed by David Moerbe gives her Beat Em Bust Em cheer at the Homecoming pep rally cl Senior class members wave to the crowd in their winning car dl Enthusiastic sophomores ride around the track in the car they decorated in the student council contest el Janet Fulkerson shows a glowing smile as she rides the art club float around the track fl Pioneer of the Year Marty Ezell Escorts Homecoming Queen nominee Debbie Wagner at the Homecoming pep rally with the hve nominees for Homecoming queen and Pioneer of the year being announced The queen nominees were Amy Kimmel Debbie Wagner Cathy Corn Sheri Means and the 1979 80 Homecoming Queen was Janet Fulkerson Escortlng these young ladies were nominees for Pioneer ofthe Year Jody Johnson David Taylor Mark Rauch Kevin Otto and the recipient of this honor was Number 19 Marty Eze on and on .. The half-time activities were highlighted with the car decorating contest. Taking hrst for their decorated hot air balloon were the Seniors Although only one class could win, all classes participated with enthusiasm and hard work Homecoming was not only a memory to be cherished by Seniors of 1979-80, but also celebrating in the festive activities were the of X692 reminiscing from a decade ago and celebrating their coming home. Their memories, along with ours, will continue to go Pioneers Go On and On 19 Thespians Salute 20th Year fUSound of IVlusic" In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of America's best loved musicals, Thespians performed an outstanding production of uThe Sound of lVlusic" for students and various members of the community in December. "The Sound of Music" was hrst presented by Leland Hayward, Richard Halliday, Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, New York City, on November 16, 1959. This touching and exciting play is about the Von Trapp family, as their father learns the meaning of love through his children and a wonderful lady named Maria, who Ends that being married to the man she loves is what she rather have than being a nun. Playing the lead as lVlaria and Captain Von Trapp were Lori Morlock and Ricky Pope. The two oldest children were Liesl and Friedrich, played by Kim Davis and Paul Hostetter. Kurt, Louisa, Brigitta, and Gretl were played by Tod Williams, Carrie Cleveland, Caren Sharpe, and Cindy Edgmon. The supporting cast members were Becky Brooks as the Reverend Mother, Gary Harlow as the uncle, Max, Gayla Pretzer as Elsa Schroeder, and Eddie Smith as Rolf Gruber. This anniversary celebration production was dedicated to the memory of Boswell drama and art student, Donna Cole. 0,54 323: Q 4 4 Q 4 o"t'2 za or 000 sg. O 'XA o 4 in 20 Pioneers Go On and On as f f' in if n 4 l ' l mi 'X ,V ' X .nys a.. t W ' K QE: J ' Y ,E ,.. . , , ' X . f. A- frifff! i L :Xiu K sa, 1 if 5 5 , is I X s .V A xx-4 L' 4 h .ls T5f..,,' , 1 K 7 f"'J1 .Xx,i"" +0-w"c,,,aNMZ al Gary Harlow persuades Ricky Pope and Gayla Pretzer to attend the Austrian festival. bl Lori Morlock and Ricky Pope, playing the two lead roles in the fall production of "The Sound of Music," add to the plot of the story with a happy marriage. cl Kim Davis secretly meets Eddie Smith in the Gazebo. dl Becky Brooks gives Lori Morlock a bit of advice to ease her breaking heart. el The Von Trapp family sings a song led by their father, Captain Von Trapp, fi Lori Morlock, who portrays Maria, leads the children in singing "My Favorite Things". gl Maria leads the children in "Do Re lVli". hi The entire cast participated in singing USO Long, Farewell". Pioneers Go On and On 21 ,WH I .f ., yt Faces in the Crowd al Congressman Jim Wright greets students after the Lincoln Day Assembly. bl Aaron Yochum displays the physique that won him the title of 'lVlr, lVluscle'. cl Denise Charbonnet accepts the trophy for Mrs. Cottle's and Nlrs. J from ones' classes, the girl's intramural basketball winners, Dallas Cowboy Jay Saldig along with a 'special' award from Saldi, dl Betsy Szlasa sings 'lVly Heart Belongs to Daddy' at lGive IVly Regards to Boswell' on VaIentine's Day. el House Majority leader Jim Wright waits to speak at Boswell's Lincoln's Day Assembly. fl Dallas Cowboy's Jay Saldi and Tony Hill answer questions from the student body before the Dallas Hoopsters' game March 4 with Boswell 'All Starsk gi Most Studious nominees Debbie Hill and Steve Harlow are presented to the audience during 'Give lVly Regards to Boswell'. a 22 Pioneers Go On and On I i F'-N kv. ,wax -X ,BHS . -v f xg Z 1 1 X v I 4 I I N.. .fs-' .4 , Q A , 'Q H Q, , 4Q1 C2 V A W .i.y1..W, ,, ' X Q-YY! V A X-if fx ' .- N . 3S!,C,,V,V , . W ,. 1 x f i?ff'Q3, 1-55 'A .5 , w - ' ' .-,5f, '-1 lm., k M 5 ,. 99, J I A v 4 , I k ?, , 5 i' 'L w ,gffklls Q sw " MR.-1 Q x ' ' fi A K, N 4 o w A , Gi 554, ,A gg.-fy im- 31 Q4 W 2951 432 Z , jllgffifgd -f . .nov f A 1 f , 0 x i'2Yf1' KW F it Je, f 2 ff va 51 .J 157' I 7 j' . W. r . . . 2 1 E xx qw, A 1 - KX as , K N X fl, ,zu ' . x L 5125 ggi. M -,ffiffggi 3 Q. .QWQ5 QL- JTKTQ' 1 -- 1254 1 ilzfrff Q -K,- . . . , . ,X . , .z. V? li. -A 34 'U . Z'ff4w -.M V425 1, ,Ya .A A? Pioneers Go On and On 25 Athletic 26 Pioneers Go On and On IVIcEIreatI'1 ,.-J I 'Q 5 1- e 6 W mf 'Www ws, B0bwAII 6h'? -Q 28 Organizations p Q . . A mix Wxjiff' Q3 , ,xxx .Q X i 4 1 - ':?z?lW9Vfif, 5"-fsmfi 'z " KG W 4 - . - ' 334' 'ff Qgw.. QufgJewnmrWr4awGriGDVmS A year of service began for Student Council members even before school opened in August. In July, fourteen members attended a San Angelo University Leadership workshop and had the distinction of being the largest land loudestl group there. Volunteers helped newcomers at freshman orientation in August and aided teachers in setting up their classrooms for the opening day of school. Homecoming week was the Student Council's initial extensive project of the year. Members were responsible for planning the dance, half-time presentations, a '69 Reunion, a week of crazy dress days, and numerous other activities that had Student Council members running ragged. Other projects throughout the year included a Halloween safety project for grade-school children, a canned food drive at Thanksgiving, faculty-student volleyball games, and a Christmas concert. Members also started what they hope will be new traditions: Decorating a real Christmas tree in the cafeteria, and sponsoring a visit from Santa. Activities planned for the remainder of the year included the return of the Mr. Muscle Contest, St. Patricks Day activities, attendance at the state convention and Senior Citizen's Day. lg, M -5 30 Organizations ra-np, Hyrfmzsw x J al Student Council Members. bl Council President Kevin Otto and Kevin Robinson set up the ball in the Student-Teacher volleyball game. cl Members of the executive board discuss an assembly with the council. dl "Country Harvest Band performed for students before the Christmas Holidays. el Cathy Corn and Amy Kimmel visit Santa Claus CMark Rauchl and his helper CDavid Taylor! before Christmas. fl Council volleyball players send the ball over the teachers, who solidly defeated them. Organizations 31 Band al Band Council bl Flag corp members for 1979-80 were: Lisa Davis, Donna Perkins, Kolette Gish, Denisha Price, Bobbie Ross and Jan DeVries. cb Band director Chuck Maxwell directs the Wind Ensemble's Christmas concert held at T.C.J.C. dl Boswell twirlers show their No. "1" spirit in the mornin e rall .el Drum lVla'ors for 1979- 9 P P Y J 80 were: David Lang, Angela Russell, and Robin Langley Preparing for marching contests, playing at the new gym dedication service, participating in the Rock-a-thon, and preparing for their trip to the Lake Charles, La., Band Festival were just a few of the many activities in which Boswell's Band of Gold participated this year. The band began early preparing for the UIL marching contest, as they marched in the mornings before school and in the afternoons after school. Led by Drum Nlajors David Lang, Angela Russell, and Robin Langley, and under the direction of Mr. Chuck Maxwell, the band marched their way to all division rating at UIL competition November 6. Band students participated in the annual Rock-a-thon which raised approximately S1500 to S2000 towards their trip to Lake Charles. In December, students participated in the All-Region Band tryouts, with Boswell placing a record number of 10 students on the Honor Band. These 10 32 Organizations were Barry Brents Scott Copeland Kolette Gish Andy Hartsell Paul Hostetter David Lang Jeff Owens David Piekarski Pat Vawter and Laura Wilson Five of these students went on to compete in the Area Band try outs later during the year In the spring the band was to prepare for their trip to Lake Charles La to participate in the Contraband Days marching Parade and Concert Contest Cham-Cbbwng all-NJ '. Q ,.i, ,WA .,A,L ,Mk .. H 43 Q, 8 5' , 'mfiwgi Adi 4:1 X42 'va Q: Q, ' ' ' -, se wg w " Q f fi' ' - V ' 'Eg Q1 A , ' . ga, H 1 A nf 2 1 v I ,- gi? 1 f V F44 w- ,- 1. 4 Q A Q Q' ew Q4 "" . 'TW L, Q ' ' , Mfg, ey ,, ' f 'f M. f 4, A w 15 NW Nix 4 'M , is , , qw? f ji.,-f 31,1 ,, W4 '-.U K S' f, e p f ,, , inf mbmf 3? YT: X riffs" . SYN' f 3 f , ,W 4.-.. N 2-,J .,.W, w .Q X, A Q. , , im L ri 8 ,, JF' ,Sf ,ff yu, x ga, f, M ff -55 ,ml 'M K ' 3 '- 39' Q A v'i Q- . gif 2 9 4 6 ty il f Y Y' -.4 1 f f x v SM fig I I S ,5 Um. L 3 1 y, 3 s 32 v. v , xv. ,J 5 ,gf M, 4 J 1 J 6 X5 4 L8 ,db Q, -.1 li fixes.-I Yun x -'swwn.Mx..,wM1 P4 I X 2' b x 1 5 A J' A A 3 YA S I X x Q L W M K X B 1:5 4 yr' B Asfflggfrha , 83, , MAA? nf B ' B 52 -BB 'S -Br' X5 B , 9- 1 B' Y W5'hB ii' ' a fi ' ' . B, I ,V l A ug, 1 ,L A I K ' A . J VM L7' Q ' B 45' " 7, fig ' f - ff tu B 4 , 2 ' 8 1' , 'g L-1 1 B I B' a':V'2,.w 'i B 'ul ' ..... f'B A Q yfv ' B 'By g 3 lr M2 ak, Q if 4' ' 4 , , I Q! 1 ,I ,lx ,,..,, 4 . V, W 4" 7 1 4 lgr K x v V' -r ' 4 34 X 15,5 if ' 0 4 A fSk'1 KL ' Nix-'SV M" Wg QA 1 ,W S '-K . . K 0 5 ' y A 1 4: 3 , 3 psig N , Q A rf af A - lrby 'fr Ev xi, 1 if af 2? A Y " G . W g J -sS ' '51 i if Y- -8 5 W J 7 5 1. X 4 iv It ' ' '55, T ' g f 'X ,-I-1-vs I , ,Azz Q - MM , J W-ww Af -uk 0w'E 4 fr gms ai 36 Organizations Choir al Boswell choir, bl Music teacher Linda Stringer watches her choir with a look of approval. ci Choir members try to sight read during their second period music class. dl Members of the choir rehearse a program. el Members of second period choir rehearse as one of their daily requirements. fl Madrigal singers. I .3 S 'fx of M124 .3- Dhn ' +' . Show tunes, popular tunes and 16th century madrigals were a few styles of music sung by the Boswell Choir this year. The choir raised money by selling merri-belies and baked goods. Ten of the choir girls performed as l'riuns" in the December musical ilThe Sound of Music," which involved many difhcult Latin songs. December provided several performance dates for the choir. December 16 was spent at Ridgmar Mall singing for shoppers. On December 10 they sang for elementary students at Gilliland Elementary and a concert of Christmas music was performed at TCJC on December 18. The Madrigal singers also performed for the Saginaw Lions Club as a dinner at Vance G-odbey's in January. Organizations 37 K' 38 Organizations Q. -y ab1Y'Ka'::: 4. ,P 55 i.f.'f'. V s T 1 r ,Lily .., f, . X . " ' -xii , 5 .-xx ,sg X . ' T Nec. Q, , 4 1 x 9' EN.-ff -.v 9"-cv -.y:'?X' X -f-s X .. -3 , .3 -X wr-. . .V - x ,., FFA In the years 1979-1980 members ofthe Future Farmers of America prepared for shows such as the Keller Fair, The Texas State Fair, The Boswell FFA Stock Show and the Ft. Worth Fat Stock show, along with the San Antonio Livestock Show, San Angelo Livestock Show and the Tarrant County Junior Livestock Show. In the same time all the shows were going on, district ofhcers were elected. FFA members had nine meetings this year and a Christmas Party, The young farmers attended two banquets: the area awards banquet and the district banquet during the year. Learning to Do, Daring to learn Earning to live and Living to serve was the motto by which the Ag students worked and learned. Amy Williams was the chapter sweetheart and competed at the district contest in January, prior the members' show at their farm. al FFA members. bl Jeff Stevenson takes his white face calf on his daily walk around the pens at the Ag farm. cl Stacy Davis examines her sheep before the FFA show in January. dl Some people in Ag mechanics work repairing a trailer. el Troy Vawter watches carefully as his pig eats during a daily feeding. if . 'F 1' 1 Qs --W yy 9' an ' 'Ve N x Organizations 39 FHA members tried to live up to their goal this year which was "Helping youth assume their roles in society, through home ecomonics education in the areas of personal growth, family life, vocational preparation, and community involvement." FHA did this by sponsoring a Parent-Member 'tHoe Down" in October and FHA members lent a helping hand to Senior Citizens during Senior Citizen Care Week. Speakers gave hints during class visits to help Homemaking students look and feel more attractive. Other activities planned for the year were a Christmas party at a Day Care Center, an after-school Frisbee Contest, a Mad Hatter Party, and in early spring, the second annual Computer Dance. Nlembers also worked in the concession stands at the Five home football games. FHA's high point member was to attend the state convention in Houston and the second high point member was to go to Denton to TWU for the area convention during the year. FHA placed major emphasis on consumer education, homemaking, isa 4 'LQ 1 ,. lf, ji' 1 Q. I 'ze D is-9 QI 1 U 4 40 Organizations A'- 1 if 15 f ,g4fF'E""" v and family life education combined with explorations of jobs and careers. , 15- we i EJ ls 'fx l H - ' 1 Q' fr- f 7 .i , F' 1A .r -tx ,QX .N K CQ' .241 mix if X S 1 41.1-In al Counselor Bob Trammell delights FHA members by exercising his musical talents at their Parent- Member Banquet. bl Homecoming teacher, Nlrs. Shirla Harris, assists students in making crafts using dough. cl FHA members and their parents take part in the annual Parent-Member Banquet in October. dl Freshman Kim Tarter studies a plastic container as other students arrange flowers for a home economics project. el Senior Steve Barker and freshman Alicia Long act as host and hostess for the Chapter Grandparents who helped give them ideas for the Senior Citizens Care Week. Organizations 41 Kgr Xu' 42 Organizations A brand new organization was formed this year to promote more spirit during basketball season. The Spirit group, known as l'The Boswell Ten", were 'O ro 3 CT U7 pon routines during the home Varsity basketball games. The girls were judged on performance, appearance, congeniality, Hexibility, and coordination. The group raised money by selling baked goods during the year. E picked from twenty-ive who tried out to perform pom L E The spirit group also hope to perform on the football held next year to help cheer the Pioneers to Victory. uThe Boswell Ten" Pioneer pom pon girls were: Karla Thome, Lauren Scheer, Terri Petelin, Jodi Barton, Dianne Murray, Mary Beth Cook, Robyn Julich, Mary Ellen Szlasa, Michelle Hoskins, and Celeste Bandy. c al Pom Pon Girls ready to begin halftime activities. bl The Pom Pon team performs one of several routines for home crowds. cl The . new Pom Pon team consisted of ten members: Jane Szlaza in splits, behind, left to right: Dianne Murray, Mary Beth Cook, Terri Petelin, Jody Barton. Standing, left to right: Michelle Hoskins, Robin Julich, Karla Thome, Lauren Scheer and Celeste Bandy. dl The 1979-80 Pep Squad yells "Charge" to boost the pioneers to a victory. el Members of Trailblazers try to help student Laurie Ware avoid hitting another car as she parks for a ballgame. fl Pep Squad. gl Trailblazers. x 44!Organizations ,,.f .,.. ve ,. Pep Squad The Pep Squad worked extremely hard this year as they learned new hand routines, and new cheers. They attended each varsity football game, backing the Pioneers all the way through. the Final game. At summer camp the Pep Squad ofhcers took high honors as they were awarded six superior ribbons, two superior trophies and one tropy for the most congenial group. Kellee Fowler won runner-up to the most congenial girl and Kelli Hall won a trophy for the most outstanding girl. Pep Squad officers for the year were president, Kelli Hall, vice- president, Sharana Shield, secretary, Kellee Fowler, historian, Cara Nlackey and treasurer, Cara Stewart. Some people may wonder just what it is that the Trailblazers do around Boswell's campus. They do more forthe school than just park cars during the home football games. This year's Trailblazers have helped load and unload equipment for the Pep Squad on all away games. They also led the Torchlight Parade, providing the torches for the event. . The Trailblazers Ofhcers were, president, Scott Christianson, vice- president, Lee Pittman, and secretaryftreasurer, Brent lVlorris. They were sponsored by Joe Bryan, Bob Blakey, and Deryl Fox. A g wi '55, In F9 'V' 1 'V' 7, 0'5" 5 L Organizations 45 JETS The Junior Engineering Technical Society of Boswell High School had a number of exciting and challenging activities throughout the 1979- 80 school year. The JETS club's main event for the year, The Science Fair, came in the middle of winter, February 20-21. This was a highly anticipated moment, in which a great deal of time and thought was spent with teachers inspiring ideas and students preparing projects. Inspiration of ideas was begun early in the school year with a trip to Texas A 84 M at College Station. A Field trip to the Museum of Natural Sciences and History in Fort Worth helped to broaden club members' ideas. Additional held trips, activities, and science fairs took place during the year. Club sponsors were Mr. Samuel Lee, Miss Alma Cox, Mrs. Melba Riggs and officers were Denise Charbonnet, president, Cara Mackey, vice-president, Celeste Bandy, secretary and Don Dagg, treasurer. They were kept busy arranging special activities and organizing the annual sausage and cheese sales. Money from the sales went to the Arthur Wilcock Memorial Scholarship Fund which enables a senior JETS club member the opportunity to further his education in a science-related held. 'awwuwuuy ,l,sufWg3WdEmMd?53 ,...,e if l il il li? . ll illl it vvitlii-'fgt 122595 W lfff' as W L f ' sq fi 6 is 531 'T '. 43. if f ," "":w'-53 tile' 1' lei. 6 . A , Q g. 1 M .,,:A laik? :Ny P I 'V .rrfffai V ig. , 1.-fini? et. fl I -W , . . ESQUQJ 3.5. . , , . N- ,lg , - . if 1.450-fgyg-Jn' -- b eifrfiiii' Qffff A ' V f' C -'L fig -, ffs 11: 46 Organizations N . .49 X, al Donna Dominey charts a tiny white rat's progress during Biology II. bl Junior Engineering Technical Society members for the 1979-80 school year. The sponsors were Mrs. Melba Riggs, Miss Alma Cox, and Mr. Samuel Lee. 37 Senior Mike Byers is seen selling sausage, part of the JETS club money-making project. dlSenior Steve Harlow attempts to create a "bug-free" computer program. el The Chi Alpha Mu Chapter of Boswell High School for the 1979-80 school year. Sponsors were Miss Kathleen Ott and Mr. James Atchison. fl Seniors Scott Worrell and Alan Livingston observe senior David Piekarski as he runs a program on one of the school's computers. ts gs W 1- d Boswell High School's Chapter ofthe Chi Alpha Mu Cbetter known as the Math Clubl was busy from the time the Math Club was made up of selected FI! um' 1' in the field of mathematics. Their first trip for the year was a weekend in Houston visiting NASA and listening to speakers. Next, a tour of the Braniff Airline Facilities at D.F.W. Airport was given by a Branifl' pilot. Members also had a chance to see the magic of lasers at the Museum of Natural Science and History in Fort Worth. Many other activities and projects were planned for the year by the club's sponsors, Miss Kathleen Ott and Mr. James Atchinson and the oflicers, Scott Worrell, president, Chris Stranc, vice- president, Lesa Blakey, secretary and Angela Russell, treasurer. Organizations 47 year began with fund raising projects, Q9 ,Y field trips and other exciting activities. 5.- 1! flmf' for students with above-average grades, Q good citizenship, and an enrollment in a 1 higher mathematics course. Math club's C basic goal is to inspire student's interest C- 7:96 H ' Q-,,,,,. mf",-4 il.. ji...2i' Wifi el-eg Q- - - ..--....,s..1 e ab Thesplans. bi Gayla Pretzer receives several flowers as Ricky Pope watches. ci Gary Harlow tries to enjoy a performance as Eddie Smith causes a distraction. dl Suzie Murphy takes a ride and interrupts the concentration of "Final Dress Rehearsal" ei Fred Hutton takes a plunge as the cast of "A Good Doctor" watches in astonishment. fl Senior Debater Scott Worrell tries to make a point. gl Debaters. 9 In September Thespians enjoyed a picnic at Forest Park, where they participated in poetry reading and, of course, visiting the animals, and Thespians celebrated Halloween with a dress up party in October. November brought in the planning, casting, and hard work necessary in preparing for the fall musical. In December the curtains opened and the proud cast presented HThe Sound of Nlusic" to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The International Thespian Society Convention was held at Rosenburg in January. In February the troup provided the entertainment and sets for the i'Give Nly Regards to Boswell" presentation. In Nlarch, Thespians invited several schools to participate in the One-Act Play Clinic in which each school was judged on their own play. The district One-Act Play contest held at TCJC was also in Nlarch. Early in the year Thespians sold two-year planners, note pads, and cookbooks to make money and in lVlarch they sold Easter bunnies. Thespians ended the year in lVlay at the Awards Dinner in which new members were initiated and scholarship money was granted in memory of Donna Cole. Organizatio Spanish Club This year, the Spanish Club was kept busy with their activities and fund-raising projects to go to state convention in Austin. They had a bake sale, sold peanut brittle, candy sticks, sour balls and candy dishes. Some of the activities that members participated in were bowling, eating at a Mexican food restaurant and a joint Christmas party with the French Club. Spanish Club members were to go to a state convention in Austin in lVlarch, along with an ice skating party at Tandy Center. Officers ofthe Spanish Club this year were president-Diana Wartelle, vice- president-Cathy Corn, secretary-Dayna Henson, treasurer-Wanda Blount, and PASF chairman-Janet Casey. al Spanish Club bl Spanish Club members enjoy a meeting at an area bowling lane in the fall. cl French and Spanish club students had a joint meeting for their Christmas party this year at Kim Blakeman's house to enjoy each other's foreign customs. dl The French Club's Halloween party, held at Cara lVlackey's house, proved to be a popular spot for many differently dressed trick-or-treaters. el At the French and Spanish Club party, Mrs. Jones enjoyed cleaning up after a pie somehow found its way to her face. fl French Club 50 Organizations 1aE:3,,,,5e...E,,,, M 5, 3 -.mx Q. .. K c if " y Q m e-4 Q M ,.... 1.1,-gag. g .Q :Vi fn-'15 -- -.. gags. 432,63 W I W sg as .. fs .. - K fy . ,qrggvigs , 1 "r is ' l"' I fNl,,l- . The French club worked hard to make money for their activities during the year. One of their fund-raising projects was the selling of doughnuts and hot chocolate in the winter. The main activity ofthe French Club was to be the Spring Banquet. They also had a Christmas party with the Spanish Club and were to go ice skating with them in January. French teacher, IVIrs. Loita Cottle, was to sponsor a week long trip to Europe during spring break. Ofhcers for the French Club were: presidentfLea Ann Hylton, hrst vice-president-Tracy LaQuey, second vice-presidentfCara Mackey, Celeste Bandy was secretary and treasurerfTerri Petelin. The historians were Lee Garner and Nancy Groce. Organizations 51 The 1979-1980 Art Club officers were: president, Jimmy Brumbalowg vice-president, Jimmy Vosbergg secretary-treasurer, Karla Thomeg and historian, Rachel McLain. The members began the year building the homecoming float which was planned by Karla Thome and Jodie Barton. They were to go to CrystaI's Pizza for their Christmas party, and visit museums for their VAN Club entertainment. C . . ...QT ff ' H- 3?i1 "f " "' 'A , :Y F 'i r. ' af' 1 B zx lg X' I J ' . i 'x al Mary Ellen Szlasa concentrates on her artwork. bl Hero club members. cl Mrs. Jo Ann Brown and Kari Shaw work frantically on the art club Float that was presented at Homecoming. dl Janet Fulkerson, after being crowned 1979 Homecoming Queen, displays the club's masterpiece. el Miss Beverly Hall lights off a tiger during the annual Hero Toy Drive. fl Lisa Rankin wraps toys for needy children. gl Art Club members. 52 Organizations vw-...,..,... .rxsgwg I 'er 1, 7' W WEB A . re 'J ff, .i Q 1 ,!. ..: '- A ia .6?'f.'Ls.7'f' .-. Hero During the 1979-1980 school year Hero had various activities scheduled for members. The hrst and most important activity was traveling to elementary and day care centers three days a week. As a community service, the group sponsored a children's movie, along with the city of Saginaw, two Saturdays a month at the Community Center. To excite children at Calvary Day Care Center, the members hosted a Halloween party hlled with fun. Seriously thinking about neglected children, they sponsored a Toy Drive to aid a Christmas party at Hunter Day Care Center. Traveling to Edna Gladney Home enthused the girls who lived there, and a visit to the Easter Seal Society fascinated the children there. Another interesting visit was to the Child Study Center to observe children with special needs. E. Oflicers for the year were: president, Cheryl Johnson, vice-president, Robin Roarkg secretary, Robin Julich, treasurer, Brenda Kelton and historians, Betsy Johnson and Dee Dee Granado. Organizations 53 E Y Pioneer Press PIONEER PRESS staffers prepared news for the student body and the community twice a month when they put together the school newspaper. The staff learned the fundamentals of news, feature, editorial and headline writing during the year, enabling many of them to enter UIL contest events in lVlarch. The newspaper, an eight-page tabloid style, was mailed out to homes of each student enrolled in the Eagle IVlountain- Saginaw Schools. Guest speakers during the year for the classes were Donna Darovich, STAR- TELEGRAIVI feature writer and Gail Burris, public relations ofhcer of the Fort Worth National Bank. b c al PIONEER PRESS staff. bl Even with cold hands, Laura Scarborough finishes up copy for the PIONEER PRESS, along with staff member Brad Shaw. cl Dee Dee Granado concentrates on a story about HERO. di Sheri Means, Theresa Bicknell and Janet Casey take a break in second period journalism. el PIONEER staffers Todd Womack, Carter Horner, Amy Kimmel and James Hoover get ready for another big deadline. fl Photographer Scott Day takes great pictures, even when he stars in them. gl Bob Allen and Jackie Petrilli alphabetize index cards for the yearbook. hi PIONEER staff. 54 Organizations rs, .et 1 '13 ,. ,L -, ,AA T' ?'7 X .,.s lU.l Cl Pioneer Staff It wasn't difhcult for the PIONEER Staff to get inspired this year, for their determination was proven bebofe school at the UTA Summer Workshop. Members ofthe PIONEER Staff won second overall at the contest for their theme and layout entries. They were the first staff to place at a summer workshop. The members who attended were, Jackie Petrilli, Carter Horner, Susan Reece, Sheryl Fowler, Amy Kimmel and adviser Rennetta Davis. Meeting deadlines, staying after school, and working on Sundays were just some of the duties the PIONEER Staff became accustomed to. After the last deadline, they only had to wait anxiously for the arrival of the yearbook, even more so than the rest of the student body. The yearbook came out in IVlay of 1980 with a supplement to be added in August. in X 4' X , N ' ,W fx ' ,TLC , fif- T rf' K 'Lit' - V ' W, ye: 1 Y X 1 5,3 'V 1 I ff WN X' Z 4 5 ' ...vw - Organizations 55 OEA OEA, a youth organization which is part of the VOE tvocational Ofhce Education! program, started off the year with a Halloween party combined with elections of the 1979-80 ofiicers. Elaine Turner was elected co-op president, Melissa Ruelas, lab president, Lana Shewmake, secretary and treasurer, and Terri Winn historian. lVlrs. Sharon Young and lVlrs. Gwen Dean were the OEA sponsors. In December the group held a progressive dinner with salad, main course, dessert and exchange of gifts taking place at a few of the volunteering OEA students' houses. In the month of February, OEA students were to attend a West Area OEA conference and contest including areas of office work such as job application involving typing, Bling, and bulletin board contests. Then in lVlarch members attended the state convention in Dallas. If competing students did well in contests, they were to travel on to Minneapolis, lVlinnesota, to the national convention in April. Along with the many other things activities in which OEA members have been involved included National OEA week in February, the Secret Pal program, in which students chose a teacher for their pal. To top off the year, the group planned a get-together picnic. a b , e 56 Organizations VOCCT During the year the oiiice duplication students duplicated for Boswell teachers and did the P.T.A.'s printing and other outside jobs. The students also learn basic typing and tiling skills, check writing, layout and design, family hnancial management, and record keeping. The club, Vocational Office Careers Clubs of Texas, met for meetings monthly at various places. Besides social activities, the members participated in various service activities. In the spring, members who earned enough points were to participate in the state VOCCT contests. In the past, teams have made good showing and expected to again this year in San Angelo. Oflicers for the year were: president-John Nlunoz, vice- presidentfRonda Kennedy, secretaryfKerrie Winn, treasurer- Gloria Nlartinez, Sargent of armsfLois Nichols, reporter-D'Lana Cannon, and club advisor-lVlrs. Billie Thompson. ab OEA members bl Senior Melissa Ruelas practices her office skill in vocational ofhce education. ci Junior Debbie Anders works with a calculator in OEA. di Sophomores John Munoz and Kerrie Winn work with a copying machine in office duplication. el VOCCT members. Organizations 57 The Whiz Quiz kids were a relatively quiet group on campus this past year. . . quiet that is, unless you happened to be in the library during practice sessions. This academic club was made up of a small number of dedicated students whose interests had no limits. These N 5 students were required to maintain at least a lB' average, good citizenship, and could miss no more than two practices. 0' The eventual goal was to defeat all the area schools in the Fort-Worth Dallas region in competition. Tournaments, E played in a jeopardy fashion, were held on Tuesday nights at the Dallas Christian College. Contestants got to hear themselves compete Saturday nights on the radio station WFAA when that week's contest tape was aired. Sponsors bombarded students twice a week with data ranging from the arts to the atom, The end result was ten very competent, well-rounded contestants. f-E A-Y Jw ,k,. 1- .vN,,--:FT-'f-'ig,y8J-M ' , :L.,,..1f-"w,g,v,- 'vi , .f.gxlggEfa...,. ,... 9.12. ' K 'H ff .WG 7 ,AV M:-X., E 58 Organizations The National Honor Society inducted new members for the 1979-1980 school year in early lVlay with a formal, candlelight ceremony. Students were selected on the basis of scholarship and teacher recommendations, while maintaining a 3.0 grade point average. Ofhcers were Bob Allen, president, Steve Harlow, vice-president, David Taylor, secretary, These people also made up the executive committee. Academy and DXFW airport in February for a tour and outing at Barbrook Recreation Center in Haltom City. This outing was to be an all day picnic comprised of swimming, eating, playing games and various other recreational activities. i 'T 1 e, ' -jf'-' aj ,, .. ' fs api? ' .Z df- P aku- N . V I x -ic. hlkixliv 5 b' i i it-9 .. fc i V ,',, V.:, R 1 W, . K ' Ls . if ' . l ly Q - I 'VJ is ' Mx ul 9 ' x ,+.eW" Q 'L sg -Q3 vfvlrudr' ,J al Whiz Quiz kids. bl Senior Don Dagg responds to a particularly difiicult question at Whiz Quiz practice. cl Senior Betsy Szlasa absorbs facts while Junior Mary Ann Hood thinks the question over. dl National Honor Society members give their undivided attention to the speaker. el lVlr. Mike Williams speaks to NHS members concerning the election of ofhcers. fl National Honor Society for the 1979-80 school year. gl National Honor Society president, Bob Allen, vice-president, Steve Harlow, Secretary, David Taylor, treasurer, Mark Klosterp and reporter, Jackie Petrilli, Organizations 59 lVlark Kloster, treasurer, and Jackie Petrilli, reporter. in The group planned to visit American Airlines Flight I an orientation. The society also held an end of the year Z 60 Organizations Mechanical Trades I al Mechanical Trades members bl Mr, Irvin Barnes helps students with parts to a lawn mower. cl The valve placement ofa lawn mower is being repaired by students dl Kenneth Elliott studies parts of an engine. el Construction Trades students help improve the looks of the school campus by pouring a walkway from the parking lot by the gym fl Construction Trades. Y 3 Boswell's Mechanical Trades had a busy year between overhauling and cook-outs. They were busy learning about engines and working with minor auto problems. VOCT in mechanical trades stands for Vocational Opportunities Club Training. The ofhcers of VOCT of 79-80 were: president, Robert Roarlc, vice-president, John Cobb, secretary, Eddie Leverett, treasurer, Kenneth Elliott, reporter, Randy Barksdale, parliamentarian, and sargeant of arms, Brent Morris. Ji nwwnrfg f .. ,. 1 Construction Trades Z f ' ' i M , X ' 1 I1 tix ---3,.::2.:1:H A ri I -- 1, 6? x 1 kr' S 5 '-Q1-if X A , - 1. Tir . . " 'P-M. X, W y H A Mi'-., .lf -: 53:1 .vw Q1 it -c' ' Ma-9...-s-. my + f .., -, ,,.4e.. , .l ,W fff' ,f"" ZH Za A Construction trades started the year by building a patio for a resident of Saginaw. There were also some improvements made to Boswell's campus by the group, such as benches in the plaza, a walk across the lawn of the new Pioneer gym and a ramp in the rear of the Ag Building. Organizations 61 , K DECA . f. . 1. The active students of BosweII's DECA club had a busy year taking part in school functions and raising money for special causes such as Muscular Dystrophy and participating in a Bowlathon during the winter months, DECA club members and other participants bowled up a total of S651 to go to Jerry's kids. lVIr. Olen Nlahaffey, DECA sponsor and teacher, contributed many hours to the club activities through the year. Along with the Bowiathon, DECA sold coupons that were good for a 11x14 family portrait. In Nlarch Johnny Warren was an alternate to the state DECA contests in Houston. 62 Organizations b c 'SKf?5".i f M- fn ,Q 3' 1-J .1 .xv 4 'Q .., f I5 15 . A , x 1 f ', Q . ' 'fi' J., , ,lf 5 I wx Ap fy b ,f A V 31" , 1 ' M if 55.1 U ff' ff v :,-' 'fftf , ' f+V"' H Act :tidy wg ilf?'g',,4. ir. fn X.. -1 .31 My f' y '- Q-, 4 ,igi,,i5. I J ai? Q, .-'effz , lgfigf . . b .... , . ya: 55"-12"2:.? Q25 '-Jfssfff. 'F fkfiii' " sm " ,, ig:5gA:2V1,K?x I WA ' 'X' :iff K 'la ' r "Y Q -,331 K Y C1 Cosmetology students traveled Q everyday to Castleberry High E Schoolfor their three hour class in 4-3 basic hairstyling. GJ BoswelI's eight students enrolled in the course this year and involved themselves completely in every ITI L3 available activity, including the club O Vica, which stands for Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. The class was made up of all juniors, which included: lVlary Wilson, Ginger Jones, Janice Caraway, Trudie Ellis, Terri Hall, Julie Axline, Cindy Hodges, and Yvonna Brown. 2:1 64 Organizations lllICT This year was Filled with activities for ICT, ranging from meetings and contests to holiday dinners. Their nrst meeting was the District Fall Leadership Meeting at Grapevine High School late in October. The State meeting was to be held in the middle of April at the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth. The VICA Chapter was to attend a spring meeting at Sam Houston High School in Arlington, lVlarch 14-15. ICT congregated at the Chelsea Street Pub for a Thanksgiving dinner and later they met at the Hayloft to enjoy a Christmas dinner in a western atmostphere. The ICT students were to meet with other schools to hold contests in different job skills. They also had projects to enter. ICT was to hold their employee, employer banquet late in April or early lVlay. e The club sponsor for the 1979-80 school year was lVlr. Joe Penn. HVAO do-og al Cosmetology student, Terri Hall, practices her "braiding" techniques bl Cosmetology students. cl Senior Mark Byers watches as ICT members get ready to see a film. dl ICT and CVAE Co-op students enjoy a quiet period. ei ICT group. fi CVAE Co-op group. Organizations 65 lf' -....,-.5 zikpg QW, . ,L 39 N V. ' X' A , Q 9 fx x 4' , . .1 ' , . QEEBQQ' , V , mv a b C d , W Z Ans- Teacher Ass'st t ,A I EIVIS W..-IZ 1 al Office assistant Tammy Grant records absences. bi Ofhce Assistants, cl Library Assistants, dl Ofnce Assistant Kelly Bailey takes a rest after a hard day of picking up slips. ei Library assistant Karen Lomerson makes sure W the books are in order, fi Teacher Assistants. "i iq MQ SV N . CL' cn .9 Organizations 67 I- fi- SD 3 4-1- an I- Ll. Boswell's Future Teachers had a busy year with activities ranging from its traditional bake sales to raising money for Muscular Dystrophy. To show their school spirit, they sold spirit carnations at the hrst home game and sponsored the balloon contest for Homecoming. At the district FTA convention held at Texas Wesleyan College in December, president Jan DeVries was elected district recording secretary. She was to run for a state ofhce at the state convention held in Houston February 1-2. Other ofhcers were vice-president, Bobbie Ross, secretary, Teresa Wallace, treasurer, Sharana Shield, historian, Beverly Buchanon, and parliamentarian, Leesa Cherry. Also in FTA tradition, student teaching day was held in Nlarch, and fuzzy animals were sold for a money- making project. For holiday festivities, the club went to Four Seasons Rest Home to sing Christmas carols, and afterwards they went to Parton's Pizza for a party. Sponsors for the year were lVlrs. Sylvia Underwood, lVlr. John Cleveland, and lVlrs. June Newman. 1, K6 ' if .T i A 3 A i v ..,l g we ,R , , Y' iw , 1 X, 5 - A Q i figs. ' ,g ...I K gy, 3 5 7 ,. ,yn 1. b WH' 68 Organizations x 1 1 , l , l 1, 1. 1 X s N V sal" lnil-'mf' W' ,-Q AK ! G .fy ,x-A s.- C "LP f. ."f,v, .. S ' F: S -'x al Future Teachers of America. bb FTA President Jan Devries points out some "special sections" of the FTA scrapbook. cl Boswell FTA members check through their scrapbook before entering it in the district contest. dl FCA girls ofhcers left to right: Debbie Wagner, Diana Wartelle, Theresa Bicknell, Tracee Fowler. ei Fellowship of Christian Athletes. fl FCA boys officers top row left to right: Mark Rauch, Nlarty Ezell, Marshall Woolsey. Bottom row, left to right, Jody Johnson, Jimmy Dickens, FC A Organizations 69 5.215 La., GY: 7-HEX . X .k., , gg R 5 i ' r 4 x X O-,,x wx N HN was 'MR' K R n fi vf 333 -ifggimz 35221 ii: .il 5. X ' s E313 '-.3 3. is Qi, 3525 70 Sports 414 1, 'V' .f 1 ftxyx QQCQQVPGS 2 Sports 71 Season Long For Pioneers Despite the fact that Boswell's 4-6 record failed to earn the team the 3A-5 district championship, the Pioneers provided everyone with excitement from week to week. The squad started off this season much like last, dropping their first three games, all non-district. However, North Side and Keller, who were expected to give Boswell a run for the crown, also dropped their opening three decisions. Due to this, the Pioneers' spirits were still high and all had an optimistic outlook on the next week as the Pioneers opened district by spoiling Brewer's Homecoming 12-7. But the Carter-Riverside Eagles had the same thing on their minds as they shocked Boswell 16-7, giving the Pioneers their Hrst Homecoming loss in 12 years. Boswell suffered another defeat, a 24-0 blanking at the hands of district champions North Side, before rebounding for a 14-0 whitewashing of winless Castleberry. The Pioneers traveled to Keller with slim hopes of a district championship still alive. But those hopes, along with those for a winning season, were dashed as the Indians held off a second half Pioneer rally to hand Boswell their third district set back, 24-14. 72 Sports Jar .,,,.gW'N Kaur if Q 3 C 'M 2' as-If 74 Sports The defeat at Keller proved to be the last one of the season for Boswell as they came back to win their last two games. The team edged Diamond Hill-Jarvis 10-6 before the last game of the year, which was probably the biggest victory for the Pioneers. The Hornets of Azle came into Pioneer Stadium 8-1 and heavily favored. The Pioneers refused to let the across- the-lake rival beat them, and pulled out a 12-8 victory after a game plagued with turnovers. The Pioneers' offense was spearheaded by the backheld conbination of junior quarterback Brad Shaw, senior fullback Jerry Davis, junior tailback Alvis Yardley, and sophomore tailback Todd Staton. The line, anchored by senior tackle Kevin Otto and senior guards lVlark Rauch and Billy Rose, also did a fine job. Senior receiver Marshall Woolsey led the team in receptions, many of which were touchdowns. The defense once again played a large part. Tackles Otto and Rose led the defensive line and senior Iinebackers Daniel Gutierrez, Keith Jackson and Jody Johnson did a hne job throughout the year. The defensive backfield was led by senior safeties Nlarty Ezell and Woolsey and senior cornerback Danny Pemberton. ai Varsity football coach Jack Clemmons explains play strategy to safety Marty Ezell. bi Fullback Alvis Yardley gets a hand-off from quarterback Brad Shaw in the Pioneers' game against Diamond Hill. ci The Pioneers' iron defense stood solid against Brewer's advancing offense. di Captain Mark Rauch receives some extra taping on the sidelines during a game. ei Pioneer defenders are unable to stop an opponent from catching a pass near the end zone. ,.f" ,x Sports 75 ., A.NL Tw.,.,e..,. ,, ,m.L or , 1 ,T .. annul!! 3 Two Pioneers were placed on the 3A-5 coaches' All- District football team. Senior receiver and safety Marshall Woolsey made the irst teams on both offense and defense at his position. Senior Kevin Otto received honors for his play at the offensive tackle position. Many Pioneers also received honorable mention for their outstanding performances through out the 1979 campaign. Senior guard Billy Rose and senior tackle Mark Rauch were recognized for their offensive playing. Senior tackles Greg Garrett and Otto, junior end Mike Beckner, senior safety Marty Ezell and senior linebackers Keith Jackson and Jody Johnson all drew praise from the district's coaches and received honorable mention guards on defense. 76 Sports ff? if ai Pioneer varsity: front row left to right: David Castaneda, Brian Bush, Jeff Parr, Keith Parks, Todd Staton, Gary Brinkley, Greg Garrett, Ken Collins, Kenny Hoppenrath, Greg Garner. Second row left to right: Greg Ingram, Brent Hutchens, Billy Rose,Tim Yochum, Alvis Yardley, Kenny Corbin, Sammy Cruz, Troy Vawter, Scott Nlettig, Third row left to right: Jimmy Dickens, Steven Redding, Jerry Davis, Jody Johnson, Jimmy Stride, Don Dagg, David Vawter, Kurt Thome, Doug lVlowelI, Kirk Montgomery. Fourth row left to right: David Taylor, Marshall Woolsey, John Barber, Steve Barker, Tim Stevens, Keith Jackson, Daniel Gutierrez, Ray Redding, Kelly Bailey. Fifth row left to right: Brad Shaw, Marty Ezell, Danny Pemberton, Mark Rauch, Kevin Otto, Eddie Bailey, Richard Majors, Darrell Beckum. bl Pioneer offensive tackle Kevin Otto and wide receiver Keith Parks foil a play by the Brewer Bears. cl The 1979 Pioneer Football Sweetheart senior Debbie Wagner. dl David Taylor and Danny Pemberton block a play from the opposing team. ei Senior receiver and safety Marshall Woolsey and offensive tackle Kevin Otto were elected as All- District players from the 3A-5 teams. Boswell Opponent 8 Nlansheld 14 0 Everman 7 0 Grapevine 15 12 i'Brewer 7 7 iiCarter 16 O Worth Side 24 14 iiCastleberry O 14 iiKeller 24 10 'Diamond Hill 6 12 iiAzle 8 iiDistrict Games 9 it fp 3 v . , :'f"i'3eah"114,'f sp ' N.: 'jf -'J' N f iiiii. :ml ' NP' my Sports 77 a' if? 5 3 J I f f 137 F G I 2 X . if 'Hi ,S Junior Varsity Breaks Even With 4-4-1 Season Tally The junior varsity football team broke even this year with a 4-4-1 record. Their last game against Azle, a 0-O tie, demonstrated the closeness of their games all year. The j.v., although they did not win district, played many close contests and were a hard-working bunch. Coach Mike Amick said, uThe thing that impressed me was their willingness to work." The squad put together a stingy defense which was led by defensive linemen Bart DeLackner and Billy Don Applewhite, linebackers Grady Ezell and Rusty Freeman and defensive back John Garrett. Also helping to spark the defense was Gene Reed. Offensively, the junior varsity team was led by the rushing of Freeman, who followed the blocking of guards Fritz Sayers, John Willkie, Ezell and tackle Robert Groce. Also outstanding were quarterbacks Craig Williams and Ted Stevenson, who both led the offense. d e 'W Y , , 1 I . 1 u Q ig:-. V Q. Y f 3, ,-.. . 4, F . . rf .1 4 N , .IQ -" ' , ,lit G " , , .. ' . ' I... 1 ' ' f ' -' ' ' f- ,- '- S , . 4 .1 V ' 354 - , -if B Y yl . eff? A ' T ff Ike W I ' K , ' 5 3" , V' ui. , A A 'N tn ' ' X . A -1 F I , '. Lf". -I "IQ 1 ' . ' , 1 . .L v ' : A 4 lg'-? -L. X 4 if ,A 1 , sf al Coach Ron Clark gives words of advice to players on the sidelines. bl The junior varsity offense gets set to plunge into victory. cl A j.v, runner gives some second effort for more yardage. dl Coach Jack Clemmons shares some wisdom of football with members of the j.v. team. el Junior varsity team: Row one: George Randall, Dewayne Price, Fritz Sayers, Neil Lackey, Rob Miller, Randy Means, Dean Peterson, Tim Young, Steve Baker, Brad Miller, Manuel Ramirez, Joey Taylor. Row two: John Scott, Chuck Mellott, Robert Morales, Rusty Freeman, Brian Huftman, Greg Garrett, Ted Stevenson, Jeff Bilbrey, Marc Charbonnet, Kenneth Elliott, Billy Applewhite, Gene Reed, Row three: Evan Williams, Adrienne Allison, John Willkie, Bart DeLackner, Rocky Allen, Jeh' Stafford, Jay Rosson, Craig Williams, Billy Phelps, Gary Barber, Phil Laster. Row four: Paul Dunn, Joey Fief, Steve Selner, Devery Johnson, Mike Linstrum, Robert Roark, Steve Thompson, Grady Ezell, Robert Groce. Sports 79 Freshmen Gridders Win District With 8-1-1 Record This year's freshmen football team put together a very fine 8-1-1 record. After a tie and a loss in their first two games, the freshmen put it all together, winning their last eight games and capturing the district title in the process. The freshmen combined to produce a very potent offense and defense. In district play the team scored 152 points, while only giving up 31 points and recording four shut outs. Olfensively, quarterback Alan Daniel, tailback Tommy Castillo and receiver Phil Bandy were outstanding, along with the whole offensive line. The line consisted of Eddie White, center, Tommy Guedry and Arthur Jenkins, tackles, Jim Ragle and Chuck Knowles, guards. Defensively, there were many individual efforts but Coach Terry Reynolds said this was typical of his defense, "We had good team effort through the year," according to Reynolds. Leading the defensive charge was Greg Bicknell, linebackers Scott Christian and Guedry and linemen Tracy Adams and Jenkins. The team's most exciting game was with Diamond Hill. After trailing 7-6, the freshmen rallied for an 18-13 win and the district crown. Q lf, 9 Q R , , y + v v v v , , v 'v v Y 7 K 74, ' ' ' y gf 9 5 1. , - sg 7 1 ' 'ff 1 , nv. X , .rc , ,. 3 . - W f, au' 80 Sports 'I - . -Q .M J? . , . t ,Q , 1--'J-we Q. -- can f"v in ., we .,,.. . - 2 i f v 3,51-.. gt...- .gi-...- 1 u-...iv fi alia.-xg' v -Az: s V id LI' ,-ff' i "FE'1..'-,- ' Q. ,ir . ,444 '. . ,' -fjt"f'V"1e+11-i-.gy S .- . I , sk -- G- -a' K: " ' , mgg ing" ' 4- Us K 45, - 1, 4. .1 , ,, , ,W u V . ,4 4, .-ld""'. ,af ww.. 4 ., a , 3 9 .r ' ,p kr vw -vw-vw-8-Li-N af,-':,,,1g.A1 ,,, nf 'kpnvwif-j S' we s . , -f 1 ,xx-.9 ri 'v'1'f-N. t-. , N. n..' Z' . n'+"g-."' 3. ze . iw . '-,v..v-.-,,, .ig f ' ' . ,, !,1'.,f.q1. - ,. , , , , 1 . Tf ." '.' ,ar ' " 1' ' , x ' Na.,,,,',--,..,g,.,3 N. .-.a.- ,gg ' ' Q' V, .1 V...y - ' . ,.. st . . , . .N , .-A-A ,Yu- .nw , 1. r ' ,1 .,-nfa,-- WMV. j, , -A " er-saw . . x,. ' f 'A' ,, - . s 1, . .,,..,,w.L-,H - i K f. 'Q .,4,ami't,' g f fx i.. 1 . . ...W uf A .-f, y , -i - . 4 4, , NA - . r -N4 xx, , ,K , ,,, as ,,., , , 4 M,,4 K .-.' jjivudx Y-f'1AtA, 3 auf' "- 4' ,H-iv , sgfi, ' "xiii, ' r 'T -e I fi-'ea eeee eeee F r I 1' 1 . .. a... at... ,,L il . 54. . . al Freshmen offense goes on and on for a victory. bl Coaches Terry Reynolds and Tim Daughtrey watch the Field as their freshman team works toward another win. cl Freshman defensemen close in on the Steers' offense. dl Quarterback Alan Daniel rushes on for more yardage. el Freshman team: Row one: Felix Martinez, Darral Murray, Pat Dumas, Mark Ritchey, Troyce Henson, Byron Grant, Mark Woolsy, Duane Henson, Mike Cherry, Cris Costen. Row two: Gary Marony, David Hendrix, Marty Teague, Chuck Knowles, Russ Mackey, Jeff Hays, Todd Brune, Mike Norstrum Kevin Smotherman. Row three: Mark Roden, Cheyenne Minick, Craig Ford, Jim Krause, Tommy Castillo, Alan Daniel, Jim Ragel, Randy Applegate, Barry Hankins. Row four: Joey Highhll, Rob McKinney, Ronald Riding, Jim Rager, Glen Miller, Edwin Bailey, Paul Gaston, Devin Barton, Bobby Jones, David Gibson. Row tive: Scott Houston, Tommy Guedry, Greg Bicknell, John Riggs, Eddie White, Daren Merck, Todd Bagby, Scott Cristen, Rex Blue, William McMurry. Row six: Coach Tim Daughtrey, Authur Jenkins, Kevun Smith, Tracy Adams, Coach Terry Reynolds. Sports 81 Rhodes, Davis Run To State Meet Cross country runners Everett Rhodes and Melanie Davis were already envisioning the state meet at Georgetown when they began the year with their fellow competitors in September. The two runners, who qualihed for the state competition held in December, were consistent top 10 finishers all year. Rhodes led the boys' team to a second place at district at Keller on November 20, enabling them to compete at the regional meet in Arlington, where the team earned a seventh place. The senior runner placed ninth to gain a state berth. Other team runners were Tom Petrushka, David Granada, Chris Huffman, Brian Huffman, Roger Corbin, Jim Seals, and James Hoover. The girls competed individually, with their best showing coming at Keller, as they placed highest out of 60 competitors. Besides Davis, the second year state qualifier, runners were Vickie Steel, Dana McRae and Tammy Springer. Running on the junior varsity level for the boys were Rod Grope and Chris Wells. The teams competed in meets at Country Day, Jesuit and St. Marks in Dallas, Mesquite and Grapevine before the district meet. 82 Sports K ,J' A .W V iq ' 5 1 4 A 1 3.1 to . 1 . gil: cp 990 asm! i 1 -:vu f , J - 2 1' " f , 1 ,tax is Y 1'iQQ-fftiizireq: t J t U is g Vi is t .. . , is XX is -Q S Wu.. 9 . 5. , v , .2 , .tj-,VJ ' 1,-999 . - .Qi out i.wf':1ei- J ,, - r" '--' :sf ,sv 41, F e -. 1- .4 ... X w 1 .. .,,,.,- 0' Qjfl.-.1-lizafw I 535,334 .. "'. z:':'. ' -" Qfazkvfjx rw ,. i31A.fL,' - rv - . ,gal . - .. , 1'r . 'fm-X' -X - 'iff ff tv V, . 'eff' - fa M 1? 4 ,- s'f?-if-yf'S 7,,'eT ,' '- - 1 i"":iT:feSf'- 7' A 4114, 1 - :flyer 2-1 ,"m"..'4 A -.15" ' +, .. . J - , -. s ,I fw,,,.i :sg W' ' ' .wi 5 : 1 fi 4 'awk-Q, U v -zip. F +1-iv Pg ' sag' - , if swf' -Wliaisy-fif'-w . ., - ,L at 'E 4 J P3 le E-5 I - 9 - L ' . '- 'JA .Evil-.5 Ya, ,s. -' " ' . f ru- ' ' 135' ' '21, . 1" V: F' 5 ff" 'iv Q-"4 ff " ' it' - 1 if P i 4, gfsk sl ' wt x A j1-f"4.S 'Y g -,h. D 'L ' Q 'J " ' ,yu VL? W, , .W I at 3 Fa., VW ,wh sv f.: ..f, A . .L .1 -- 'r fi X M ...IQ A my - 4 1 -fe-Wiggles ii' lv ,i . -,-1-.-iq., A W i .V iff' ff 1' ,Q w an 1 "i'-.YYSQ , u 4 1 Hrs l-Y, wen e 'ie--1"-iii". X A T -r" . 'nz J , X. V .35,,iig,.i 3GTft , " Li fi. , ff, ,- 41 Y fi' 1 L , N Ji ,Bjvfv gg, ."'., ,. -4 f R ' My-ip, fs' ww wi Lv , 1.-JP' fs lat so-:Selma al Boys' varsity cross country team left to right: Coach Ken Williams, Tom Petrushka, Roger Corbin, Rod Grope, David Granada, Everett Rhodes, James Hoover, Brian Huffman, Chris Huffman, Chris Wells, Jim Seals. bl Senior Everett Rhodes pulls ahead of an Azie runner in the boys' district cross country meet to finish third. cl Boys' varsity cross country team members line up awaiting the start of a race. dl State qualifier Melanie Davis runs with ease tothe Finish line in another race. ei Juniors Melanie Davis and Vickie Steele run individually representing Boswell's girls' varsity cross country runners. fi Junior Tom Petrushka Finds it even harder to make the last 100 yards to the finish line of the course. Sports 83 f. Nt. Netters Host First Tourney Hosting the first Boswell Invitational Volleyball Tournament highlighted the netters' year with the Pioneerettes winning the consolation bracket of their tourney. With Coach Debbie Biondi, three returning starters, and lots of new players, all combined their talents and efforts to compete in the name of Boswell. Varsity player Patty Horton llalways kept our spirit up," exclaimed sophomore Patti Woods. Junior-Varsity captain sophomore Dawnell Dalloff led sophomores Lois Nichols, Patti Woods, Diana Garza and Freshmen Liz Gillen, Cristal Webb and Vicki Garza on the junior squad. Coach Biondi said, "We are looking to next year. Our team was in re-building stage this year, but next year's will be a different story." The varsity team was headed by Juniors Janet Hilton, Patty Horton and Sandy Johns. The rest of the team consisted of sophomores Tyla Whipp, T.J. Hayden, Jeannie Shore and Tammy Day. Coach Biondi summed it up, "lVlost of the girls are returning and we're hoping for a strong team next year. 84 Sports x 1 K 4 t 1 1--v W ' 6-'K A 5, r .L f T ai Sophomore Tammy Day hits the court after a tough volley, bi Varsity volleyball team: left to right, Front row: manager Shannon Reeves, Coach Debbie Biondi, manager Paula Watts. Back row: Tammy Day, T.J. Hayden, Patty Horton, Jeanne Shore, Tyla Whipp. cl Sophomore Tyla Whipp jumps up for a block. dl Vicki Garza sets up a volley. el J.V. volleyball team: left to right, Front row: manager Shannon Reeves, Coach Debbie Biondi, manager Paula Watts, Back row: Liz Gillen, Dawnell Dallof, Patti Woods, Cristal Webb, Lois Nichols, Vicki Garza, Diana Garza. fl Janet Hilton and Patty Horton stretch to return a ball back across the net. gl Cristal Webb follows through after hitting the ball. , when-v "' Q 'llinidi ' Sports 85 Q1 3 86 Sports UQ! In vm: M 1,--.- ztigibg ltliifspgv-1, v ,,, 2 a mf- ,A Q iff' b c Q- , 4 E 3 i X 3 x ,, ,x I ,AA KxN ' W1 X , Q.. A :'.Vi0? ,nil 2? Cagers Record Best Season in Years Even though the 1979-80 Pioneer tive finished fourth in district, they recorded their first winning season in many years. The team's overall record for the year was 16-14, with the cagers capturing six district wins while losing eight. The Pioneers considered their season a success, coupled with alot of excitement, after beating North Side for the first time in the four years since the Steers entered district AAA-5. The game was one of the many exciting ones of the year. In the North Side game, the lead changed hands several times, with Boswell finally ending up with a 46-45 victory. The Pioneers kept their home fans on the edge of their seats in close contests with Lewisville and Gainesville prior to district play, then gave them more excitement in home tilts with Brewer, Azle, and Castleberry. The team played many close contests, with eleven games ending with two-point margins. The Pioneers were victorious in nve of the two-pointers and lost six. ffm' During district the cagers competed from week to week with teams who helped them exhibit their growing Wg? experience and poise under pressure. The team competed in three tournaments in the early '5 part ofthe season, winning two second place trophies, 6 W1 i. 1 W, avpf f SWE i 42 ,S 2 QQ fl ,' .-.fi--1 al Senior Randy Lauderdale shoots for two points. bl Seniors Mike Crisco, 24, and Reed Bogue, 20, watch as a Castleberry Lion takes the ball toward his goal. ci Senior Danny Pemberton tries to out- rebound a Castleberry Lion. dl Sophomore Kraig Thome, who was named "Sophomore of The Year", in 3A-5, goes in for a lay-up against Carter. el Junior Kurt Thome looks for a team member for a pass. fl Varsity Team, left to right: Coach Tim Daughtrey, Kurt Thome, Kraig Thome, Danny Pemberton, Randy Lauderdale, Darrell Richards, Terry Hawthorne, Mike Burns, Coach Don Boen. Not pictured: Tommy Hutton. Sports 87 a Sprt 55,5 if I . ,124 5 C K Q t 1 , v WWW? 799' R- hw .41 Q ir g H, 915+ ,.,, ..,.,,.t,.. Q ,RY al Post Danny Pemberton out-jumps 1 his opponent to shoot a jump shot at 'V E North Side in the hrst district game. bl - -f X Senior Randy Lauderdale jumps high to C. S ' catch a rebound in the Azle Tournament. cb Junior Terry Hawthorne , twists and turns to shoot against North Side defenders, db Senior Mike Crisco shoots for the basket against the A . I P55535 Castleberry Lions. el Hawthorne puts An ' , "' one up during a game against Keller at iffy:- ,gj home. fi Sophomore Kraig Thome posts up so Mike Crisco can pass him the ball. -:if 9 ,vc gl Thome jumps high to rebound the ball, including second at their own tournament and a third. Randy Lauderdale was named All-Tournament at Grapevine and Azle, while Danny Pemberton and Mike Crisco earned All-Tournament honors at the Boswell Invitational in December. At the end of the season, 6'3" center Pemberton was named second team all-district while team members Lauderdale, Reed Bogue, and Crisco received honorable mention, and 6'2" forward Kraig Thome was chosen as AAA-5 ilSophomore of The Year". Although there were many outstanding players, the main incredient for the successful season was uteam unity and team concept," according to Coach Don Boen. The team held together through some tough games showing outstanding character and leadership. After last year's team had set the foundation for winning, this year's was able to take on step further, establishing a winning foundation. Boen again stressed that the team came together as a unit which was shown by the tive starters, with the high pointer for the year averaging 12.7 points per game with the lowest average being around 10 points. Sports 89 11.1 al Number 32, Rusty Freeman, strives to shoot over an opposing player in a home game. bl Paul lVlurry, waits anxiously for the ball. cl Sophomore Steve Ward goes up for two while the opposing team looks stunned, dl Junior Tommy Hutton blocks out for the rebound. el Sophomore Rusty Freeman skillfully dribbles through the Brewer defense. fl Front left to right: lVlarc Charbonnet, Kurt IVIays, Ted Stevenson, Rusty Freeman. Top: left to right: Coach Tim Daughtrey, Jeff Stafford, Grant Taylor, Craig Williams, Tommy Hutton, Paul lVIurry, Devery Johnson, Steve Ward, Brad Shaw, Chuck Mellot, Phil Laster. gl Junior Brad Shaw plays defense against the Brewer Bears. Sports 91 al Freshmen players go up for a rebound in a home game. bl Freshman basketball team members: front row, left to right: Mark MacDonald, Russ Mackey, Alan Daniel, Phillip Bandy, Paul Hostetter, Shane Wixom, Back row: Coach Jack Clemmons, Bill Trapp, Greg Bicknell, David Duzan, Arthur Jenkins, Tracy Adams, Todd Bagby, Tom Rauch, Tom Sommerfield, Jim Krause. cl Freshman team members jump high for a lay-up. di David Duzan steals the ball out of the hands of an opponent. el Freshman Jim Krause leaps high for a jump shot. fl A freshman team member jumps over his opponent for a shot. a 'Fr b 92 Sports xx ,,, 7 if . aa ,. Q N0 54.14 I ' .1 R 'J tKW-h:'. .- 1 ,sag ' Us ,, . , , W-ww ,Q , . ,ML ..,,..,,,,,,1,,, e f Freshmen Post 23-3 Record The freshmen cagers posted a season of outstanding victories with a record of 23 wins and 3 losses, tying for district with Carter-Riverside. The team set the best record this year out of all the Boswell basketball teams, and the best record ever at Boswell. The team also won two tournaments, including Boswell's own and the Castleberry Tournament. They came in second in the Keller Tournament, losing out to Carter, who captured hrst place. Tracy Adams, was placed on the junior varsity, after showing excellent skills on the court. Some ofthe other oustanding members who contributed each week were Alan Daniels, Tommy Castillo, Phillip Bandy, Arthur Jenkins, Greg Bicknell, James Krause, Kevin Smotherman, David Duzan, and Paul l-lostetter. Sports 93 ,, ' 6 M un I a b C -k. if ' 'K . , 6452 55 Q fi W if 152' Ea, 5 ' O 12:47 , 1: Z xv, yas, MQ:-S' Ku, ,, . may 94 Sports Zi X! Girls' Team Posts 8-6 District Tally The excitement of playing in Boswell's new gymnasium and their trek down to Conroe were just a few highlights of the Boswell Pioneerettes' basketball season. Opening their regular season on November 19, the varsity girls traveled to Mansfield and Aledo where they picked up their First two wins of the season. The dedication of the new gym was a new experience for the girls as they faced Irving in front of a full house only to fall short of a victory. The team traveled next to Conroe, where they participated in the Conroe High School Tournament, in which they suffered defeats by La Porte and El Campo. Junior Mary Kay Winchell was named to the All Tournament team there. The team worked to get back on their feet as they experienced defeats from Cleburne and from Arlington Lamar and Bishop Lynch in the Arlington Classic. The girls got it together to defeat the Lake Worth Frogs 68-20. This year the girls co-hosted the Boswell Tournament in which they received second place after defeating Neumann Smith and Bonham, but fell to Lewisville in the final round. Senior Dana McElreath and Denise Charbonnet were named to the All-Tournament team. On December 17, the girls began district play by defeating Diamond Hill. But they next fell to the Azle Hornets by a 31-point deficit. The team ended the first half of district with a disappointing 3-4 record. In the second half, the team fought back to defeat all but the Azle Hornets and the Keller Indians, as they closed out the season with their record standing at 8-6. Leading scorers for the Pioneerettes were Mary Kay Winchell with 294, and Dana McElreath with 249. Leading in rebounds was McElreath with a total of 295, followed by Winchell with 249. This year's team will lose Dana Mclilreath, Susie Reece, Debbie Wagoner, Diana Wartell and manager Donna Reynold as graduating seniors. Returning to next year's squad with a lot of court experience will be Winchell, Theresa Bicknell, Charbonnet, Dayna Henson, Tammy Stafford, Karen Lomerson and Le Ann Trapp. Moving up from the J.V. for the last few games were Laurie Burgess and Cindy Reasoner, who helped with varsity chores and gained experience for next year. e "' I l if 7 4 . lil:-was l f ll ' 1 ."-we-...,,-,L g V fiiililt. .- M MVK ,.,. .. 'LL W A W - , . NN... , N ai Senior Diana Wartelle shoots over a North Side Steer at a home game. bi Junior Mary Kay Winchell goes up high for a lay-up during a game. ci Senior Dana Mclilreath jumps up high over a Castleberry Lion for a shot. di Sophomore Laurie Burgess positions herself for a rebound after Dana McElreath shoots. el Junior Dayna Henson stretches out to make her lay-up during a game against North Side. fi Senior Debbie Wagner dribbles around three North Side Steers. Sports 9 96 Sports S :afikwvv 95 W ab Senior Susie Reece tries to gain possession ofthe ball during a home game against Diamond Hill. bl Guards Dayna Henson and Karen Lomerson prepare to rebound LeAnn Trapp's free throw. cb Varsity Girls: left from right, front row: Debbie Wagner, Denise Charbonnet, Diana Wartell. Second row: Tammy Stafford, Karen Lomerson, Dayna Henson. Third row: LeAnn Trapp, Dana McElreath, Susie Reece, Theresa Bicknell. Back Row: Paula Watts, Coach Donald Enax, Mary Kay Winchell, Donna Reynolds. dl Coach Donald Enax talks to the team during half time. el Post Mary Kay Winchell stretches high during a jumpball. fl Post Dana McElreath goes in for a rebound as Mary Kay Winchell shoots. Sports 97 .Q - Junior Varsity The girls' JV set a record of the longest unbeaten homestand and in district play ever, and ended the season with an 8-9 overall record. Angela Fuchs and Lana Tilley were the season's leading scorer and rebounder, respectively. Wanda Blount, Jennifer St. Germaine, Laurie Burgess, and Cindy Reasoner showed a great deal of leadership and enthusiasm for the team. Sophomore Reasoner and Burgess were both moved up to the varsity squad later in the year, The whole team showed great improvement, and as Junior Jennifer St. Germaine put it, 'iWe are ready for the U80-81" season." b wr M as ai J.V. basketball team front, left to right: Angela Fuchs, Christy Leatherman, Joann Bever, Tracee Fowler, Jennifer St. Germaine. Back, left to right: manager Donna Reynolds, Betty Jo Covington, Wanda Blount, Lana Tilley, Cindy Reasoner, Laurie Burgess, Suzie Golden, Terri Tate, manager Shannon Reeves. bi Sophomore Suzie Golden is cornered by some Castleberry Lions in an away game, ci Freshman Melanie Glover goes up for two points. dl Freshman Cindy Graham passes the ball to a teammate. el Freshman players, front, left to right: Vickie Gonzales, Stephanie Waggoner, Kelli Eagle, lvlechelle Langford, Tammy Bolton, Cynthia Espinosa, manager Jayme Jorgenson. Back, left to right: Renee Gray, Sandra LaGrassa, Trae Newton, Melanie Glover, Traci Jones, Stacey Hjort, Carla Biggs, Kari Shaw, Lynn Peters, Cindy Graham, Dana Richardson, Coach Debbie Biondi. fl Freshman Tammy Bolton uses her dribbling ability to outfwit her opponent. gl Jennifer St. Germaine jumps high as she goes in for a layeup. 98 Sports Freshmen Getting used to Boswell is one of the first things a freshman must do, however, the freshman girls soon broke through the barrier and brought home a 7-9 season record. Since only four other district schools had freshmen girls' basketball teams, games were scarce but the learning experience was invaluable, according to Coach Debbie Biondi. The freshmen girls competed against Brewer, Azle, Keller, and Castleberry twice, and also competed against some local private schools. These included Fort Worth Country Day, Cleburne and Nolan High Schools. The young Pioneerettes gained victories against these three teams, Their record was 7 wins-9 losses. With so few games the emphasis was placed more on technique than on spirit. lVlelanie Glover's hard work paid off as she was named the leading scorer and Stacey Hjort as the leading rebounder for the team. Coach Biondi summed the year up saying, UOveralI it was a successful year, even though the scores don't show it, The girls improved greatly." .ff Q' F. 2 Sports 99 After a long summer of vigorous workouts, Boswell gymnasts faced a diflicult but promising season with both the varsity and junior varsity teams setting their sights on top competition in the region and eventually the state meet. The past year, changes within the women's team were made creating two varsity teams to compete instead of the conventional one. They competed against each other in most meets, however in the major meets the two combined to form one. This not only gave more members a chance to compete, but also strengthened the overall team. The year's men's team helded 25 members, with 15 being newcomers. The girl's division had a larger number of experienced members, and with the year's newcomers, the team's overall strength was heightened. -4" 1' 5522 S9 12155 2:15 15 SX te M853 an x :fwfr sea :es 1 mg v. vi nic: at e Regional Meet , ..,, ,,.,,,., -W f . .fav .M , . sa ,.kf i A :mm Q al Senior Mary Ellen Szlasa practices on the beam. bi Girls' varsity: top row, left to right: Sandy Raesz, Linda Deyoung, Robin McMenamy, Jane Szlasa, LeaAnn Hylton, Mary Ellen Szlasa, Debbie Phipps, DeeDee Russell. Second row: Coach Carey Cribbs, Manager Brenda Lewellen, Carol Lay, Tracy LaQuey, Diane Perry, Linda Williams, Angela Phelps, Meredith Pray. cl Sophomore Ellis Castenada watches Gerardo Barrera as he performs a difiicult trick. di Junior varsity: top row, left to right: Vickie Thigpen, Amy Williams, Susie Murphy, Kim Pace, Kim Tarter, second row: Gina Jordan, Stephanie Keim, Shelly Thompson, Phyllis Carpenter, Coach Carey Cribbs. ei Junior Gina Jordan practices a routine on the bars during workout. fi Boy's varsity: top row, left to right: Coach Darrell Daniel, Aaron Yochum, Marty Starnes, Gary Gray, Clayton Duffee, Jeff Cantwell, Pete Schmerber, Robert Rodriguez, Manager Keith Elliot. Bottom row: Rob Miller, David Castenada, Lupe Campus, Kevin Robinson, Gerardo Barrera. gi Junior varsity: back row, left to right: Russell McMenamy, Eddie Flores, Jimmy Connors, Eden Barrera, Kyle Whitaker, Manager Keith Elliot. Front row: Ellis Castenada, Felix Martinez, Jay Molina, Andy Sams, Manuel Ramirez. hi Junior Lea Ann Hylton does an arabesque on the beam in preparation for the big meet. ii Senior Aaron Yochum uses total concentration and strength as he works on a difficult routine. 12.2.1 Se- Strong points for the men's team were the events of floor exercise, vaulting, and rings. As for the women's team, their strong points were vaulting and also Floor exercise. Competing in top form throughout the year for the teams were seniors Carol Lay, junior Linda Williams, and sophomore Angela Phipps and Tracy LaQuey. Men's top competitors were seniors Kevin Robinson, Aaron Yochum, Jeff Cantwell and Gerardo Barrera. Coaches Carey Cribbs and Darrell Daniel felt conhdent toward the season and felt the team had set good attainable goals. For the first time, Boswell hosted the Regional meet, which was held April 4-5. During the winter months Boswell was being considered to be the host of the State meet, and this SOCKS 101 decision was to be made by spring. Netters Begin Early Season This year's Boswell tennis team started the year early with Fall Tennis competition at TCU's Mary Pottishman Lard Tennis Center. Though the tourney was cancelled after the first four matches due to bad weather, Boswell ended up with a 2-1-1 record. The Boswell netters were joined this year by snior Lauren Sheer, an Oklahoma state-ranked player. Lauren played number two girls' singles and she and her doubles partner, Kris Wood, had a good chance of advancement in district. Warm weather early in the year gave the netters a chance to work out and have matches with such teams as Burleson, Keller, Watherford, and Azle before they began district play in April. District was to be held at Tarrant County Junior College this year. The girls' competition would be held April 1-3, and boys' April 7-9. Going into District, Terry Hawthorne, last year's second place district winner had an excellent chance at grabbing Hrst place. lVlary Kay Winchell, Boswell girls' number one singles player, also had a great chance of advancement. C t,. .,... Mak . z" K ., ,.., K-vf , K .f e. -to 'X '..,.f .- - . .- v - K L ,aff S .-,' as iigsj A 1 ft'- W . '-.. 1. - -f...,, as. 2 Jj,'a4 , X get Q gg f2j? yf,,' C.. Twfz ,:,: Z iY ' W, 14 K - Q7 AX? , . - . vi 7 fi? ' ,!'g, f ' W, or our FTA i'iC .av-. 102 Sports , .W . ,f .. U , sg ts 3 HQ' .E ikuga -5. .K r .9 22-age 3 teyzare f if 't ' rl fafgfiet-saws W' 1. 1 SQGQ 354-3 .ts H , l 'ae . r Y- ,"' 1 ,tw s. x--KKK 4K1 v 'X' K 4 'Q ' 1. i . 't.,i1,Jt ,,i lx? f in . CL E ss' gif' 5-ll. X . K fa we-..fj:g 4' .. ' ,K g , f gfQ,':gs,, i s f ' A 'nv-.. .N V .S 5 l l i f al Lauren Scheer prepares to hit the ball. bl Top row, left to right: Sandy Parker, Janell Norris, Tracy Johnson, Mary Kay Winchell, Jayne Garmon, Kathy Kirkham, Coach Harold Hawthorne. Front: Lori Cook, Jima Walls, Kris Wood, Lauren Scheer, Terry Petelin, Cheryl Jones. cl Terry Hawthorne goes up for the return. dl Junior Sandy Parker makes a graceful return while Jayne Garmon watches. el Junior Todd Womack watches the ball go back. fl Boys' Terry Hawthorne, Tim Carne, Lee Armer, Eric Cook, Coach Hawthorne. Front: Chris Summers, Mike Weikert, Scott Shewmake, David Fahtke, Todd Womack. gl Lee Armer stretches for the return. hi Sophomore Scott Shewmake rejoices after a good volley. Q ' kb, ,pw fw- f at K 1 Q 1 :S I' lf' ' ' , .....-e,..:'K."-5-e-Aazsf " 5. -fx' Q. 'gif -' - "f A 7 . - - 4..- .. os,-3-A . .3 c, I Y - - - -f -J-lx X5 34:41. M, iezftffe f ms 32 3' K " if 2 Y-iz i-5 44 , . ., X, , . .ic .,k,..,, ., .,,, ., af .. , .- ...-,n.,,s.. , ...i , s., ' ' - teas? 39515 14-max ggk:4,.16,g'f4q, wasggsif y if' 95uggg:rg girl ' -. e. 332101-.'a . W iss! M r . 5.r.E...z2+., zw. 4 sk,t..QA..-.-iw,u,,1f34,.,'.i:fqff,.25-t 7: :RSS ,t Q. gs. r 3 t. ' xi 'gy wc... -U "1 ,r , . an 3"-'Yea :.'iy.itw::Qaz,5,s-, 2. U 1-59 K 583.3312 - flak ':xi'3eggA:f:f.n :if ,ry-1 ' -2. , wfi,f1W'fff1Q'? sfgifffvif- if ' 'Satin . , :Jw 1 N 4 r S 1 i ati.. WNW a,,gJsfg:2,,,1,1.i .ge 5 M-.ffzr :Sm tj 1 I ai : g'52?i?t'fs,H?..s A . 5Wavfi-?,-5Seg1gf:5f2,.- N ff' ty v: , vs J Qsgiif-4,523-553733511'Nl ff -' 512,,QtSgiffiii,,eg?,55f1::5ge,3fag:E35'2f,sgi3l15f.Et55price? ,ffgffy 'wtevl ! 351335-Msffffh ' -fi -if N-2,5161's-a1,'.'r:a-1--,QWif'ov -Wei' .. .f,g,ccy'g:,r.t, ts: f.3f.w5utff,frge1igg., . W sms.. ' - '- .. xsgfm., fg it we - if-'fr .gffr.efsf1s,v.s3s . fs-3, 1 :ff ' so lg. -' T l s 1-INK .. Y - we ., 2 .. . ' 1 sg-:f5gv,,5Jic- ,sf -1 1,-,gas as-4 , fi gs, J , 'tileii ml' - -A ' ' so -'g,"f r-I . was fy I, s-rg-pP: . . X 5 1' ,vga -' :aff if' 'if ' "v . ' - 52:55 . v . .- :mg em- rf. -' nf gf: z - so QQYQRS-Q -. Y . ee- f ffsige, S-5 - fs. o Q bang 2 'K . . 've to lg i ,A 2 . S ' . , ' 1 "'-'f'5"'s a R, . . . if , ww, ' 104 Faculty Q ff' it . ,.,Qj7 x V- ,K+ 1 1 b Q-- I . 2 1 ,.c' K h 'if V , QQGEUTUGU Faculty 105 Don Watson . T . Q as Q. Board President at 'JE 42513 l x, it il 1 T Arthur Perkins A V, Board Vice- 271' fn ' President 1 .gf V 1- il ' f- it - . Q Mary Williams V , Board Secretary g 1 r if 3 wrt , ' ' ' T.J. Elkins lip, X . Warren Keith X if Q 1 112: f-1 sr i Nlax Newcom I-ft . '25 l A . is Ed Willkie ' f W ' gk 5 H ' if, A ' ' f ffitlaie x Administration Hosts Gym Dedication The Administration at Boswell changed hands once again this year with the new face of Vice-Principal Weldon Hafley roaming the campus. The evergrowing student body accepted the new face with flying colors and lVlr. Hafiey, who graduated from Boswell, is now at home again. The School Board had a long agenda including setting an April 5 election to fill tive empty board places. The board hosted the opening of Boswell's new gymnasium November 27, as well as overseeing the construction of the Boswell Fine Arts Center, Wayside and Gilliland physical education facilities, and Saginaw and Eagle Mountain Elementaries' classrooms. The board continued their annual meetings every month to discuss new buildings and regular policies. Although they had many tasks to complete, the board members continued to achieve their goals and help to further better education throughout the district. 106 Faculty C f in ' 'T Bill Anderson Truett Absher i f Q ' Superintendent Assistant Superintendent 1 . K if .' , g..,- 1 "1-I o , , Mp, , g fsf,,,'S I v ,, r - ' isis - fx- drift A' T - ,-si, ' 'ff,Jr:g:f.--.-. A -Mfr' ".L.uv-'Y' ' .. ni, nf" .-,ia-" kia ,, WA .F 2, 5 eggs? 1 1...'-f.,?i'g.f I ----nu 5 -V . g 1 4 --1. ' '.' . ' 1' r' Lf-5 5' 1 1' ., ,.. .L ' f- '. .' 4 ' ll V X 'fl Qc' ' ' I ,aa ' A V A 'E'-, Ig. PJ, I v : ?g,1:'f?. . , K , s tr -21327 .. .W . - .,.,, 1, 5 3:10. V- Y Y . W " ' 'Ali 92' A A9-Q, f , fa! , Qu: 1f Y,,f'i' ' Fin, Yrs., ,A ek, .Mita R t F . ,ffthag W .5 C 'W 7 Q' 4311? , g , , 4 Y as-1',::'gf' an L . ' A K We W 9, i . Burt Weems Principal 5 . f"' rf' ,v C 1,1 any 1 al President of the Board, Don Watson, cuts one of the first ribbons in the opening ceremonies of Boswell's new gym. bl Spectators watch as both boys and girls varsity basketball teams hold the ribbons waiting for them to be cut, and freshmen and J.V. teams quietly observe on the Hoor at the gym dedication. cl Vice-Principal Angie Averhoff quietly contemplates a student's problem during a conference in her ofhce. Mary Deviney K Wanda Jernigan R , W : 1 Y i . -- -u. N L- X -'54 I Carla Nix Bob Trammell A w X-N Qi , 1. Q TQ, Kay Watkins ' ' Michael Williams l. in I. X' X . s ' l ,I .3 K- Angela Averhoff Weldon Hafley Vice-Principal Vice-Principal Faculty 107 Bill Adams Mike Amick James Atchison Randy Baker Irvin Barnes Debbie Biondi Robert Blakey Don Boen Jo Ann Brown Joe Bryan Doug Carrell Gloria Chatelain Ron Clark Jan Clements Jack Clemmons John Cleveland Suzanne Cofield Loita Cottle lVIiki Covic Alma Cox Della Cromeans Darrell Daniel Tim Daughtrey Rennetta Davis Gwen Dean Donald Enax Pat Finch Sue Fiske Deryl Fox Ann Fulkerson Al Griffin Brenda Guthrie X :W -M if , A , -' 4 Q all S Q hh X C g xl ,ire-wx -if 'Rex -vu .x ,F 'Q .Q 92712 1. C ' IQ 'I' ',, . ,. ,a I , , ' n . V ' ' 'NZ if M?" X v 'Wai in Si ' x I Jw. ,fig A Qwlll lg K, . wif: Hx, . .,.,, 1 ,fy 3 ilk 1 1 7 1 vw ff ' Q' Cbvbqa Q- L l xl e L ur K ff Q m , h N . 2 4' Tia 1 5. 4 A , . ,5 'V' 4 , A - 'Xi ' X I if ,S F k :X w b ff-nfm..V Wx '52, . ,lin 2239. v C, Q 5 W", I To Students ' Teachers Strive To Pass On Knowledge al Beverly Houck plays Rosanne Rosanadana during the l, Homecoming pep rally. bl Joyce Hargrove writes down s' 5. ' 3 4, T 1 if fn, G x X 1' 4 , ,. s l K X it I I X 4 , 7. xv X 9 l l ll. Ni' 7-e .1 Q4 as ,R E' 'f 6 Vilma 4 'gif' i ,vs ,ri-I 1 ml fl-l :fly l 1? . .- 2 li to eat. c Wi ,x, .S 1 A U if . 7 XXX! iii lffv i x C - -7 ---W 1- J , mm x,,,, - ky ill I9 X X ,. Q K t 0i a fxxqf' A Wxlllxskhrx S f K g 5 S S so ' .F ,X A lb- 9 s lx is., , :fa I 1 ' ' K ' gm' xfl ff Hifi' S Robert Williams Sharon Young " - absences as she listens to her debaters practice. cl Loita Cottle and Randy Baker take time from class to grab a bite Beverly Hall Joyce Hargrove Shirla Harris Harold Hawthorne lVlery Henry Beverly Houck Lucy Jones Danny Jordan Alan Kirkpatrick Debbie Kretsinger Samuel Lee Forrest Lykins Olen Mahaffey Carolyn lVlcGehee Gary McKinney David Nloerbe June Newman Jency Owens Joe Penn Elaine Peters Stephen Petty Terry Reynolds Melba Riggs Judy Shahan Sherri Spindor Linda Stringer Susan Sutherland Teresa Taylor Billie Thompson Sylvia Underwood Sandra Wade Ken Williams Faculty 109 3 110 Faculty .wwf eww 'fin . gg- Mi , 4533 ,- V ! :Y-4 lg 5 ,gyw , 4 if 'X 25 ki. ,. :sl " awk K, f" F 4: x I Q. 4 f5'?"Ff + wa 4 Jeannette Chambless Claudia Hill eeef . fn i .,-. ... ' l Auxiliary Staff Betty Doster Mary Holbrook - x EM Margaret Milburn Pauline Moore Betty Johnson Charlene Shank Dorothy Norris g ff f ,fx-m1,.1 f . " 5 , i ii I A: I L .Li :...,N i N 5 t M X X , r -.Z.i N ,f-. 6 al Cafeteria Manager, Claudia Hill, is busy at work handing back change as the lunch lines open, bl The teens at Boswell can't seem to learn to put up their own chairs, so they get a little help from custodians. cl The end ofthe day brings a lot of things and one of them is cleaning up the cafeteria kitchen for Pearl Ash. dl Boswell's campus is kept clean by hard-working custodians who help keep it spruced up. eb "lt's so shiny I can see myself," says Mrs. Dorothy Norris. Faculty 111 ve: f 1, W iff! :vp-.: i.5Q:p?351i'53E .,...1X-L.. ::...5,:gfsg5 Y' mrs-Q 1:fQ,..Q1 15.W,.B?. :m2:5'iqff1 .:.Q,r2a4M :wa gg: ,fix gf. .WY ,g 'HW' . EV' ak 1 wr - 1 112 Seniors Yi W , 1 I H'-wx ,gb . SA iiiy ' Q 4 Q :il 'Elf , ? . f mfs? Q13 " ' Y -f 4' ' 0 1. '.N 'van , , , ff ur ilu W9 F1 f QVWWGDVPS Seniors 113 '13 Pr 4 .,g 4 eq , H . W Avy Q' ' X ty!! ,. 115, Xrijfi 'Q if .dw K 4 Mg" 1 v " f W'f+,,,' Q . as... ax.: N. "":' A.. 'li-1'+? X Q -4 . A 5, L gif' It s an Fa L .- 4 Y Seniors Gear-Up for Last Go-round Senior class officers for 1979-80 were Debbie Wagner, front, president, Mark Kloster, vice- president, Debbie Hill, secretary and David Taylor, treasurer. VICKIE ADAMS-FTA 629, OEA 129, Art, FHA, NHS 129. BOB ALLEN-Thespians I49, Student Council I49, Jets C39, NHS 629, IVlatl'1 Club, PIONEER Staff, RICHARD APPLEWHITE -- Band l39, Key Club l29, ICT 429. FRANK ARTEGA-FTA, FHA, Art Club. ROBERT ARTEGA, KELLY BAILEY-Football K49, Basketball 449, Baseball, Student Council l29, FHA, Office Assistant. RENNETTA BAILEY, JULIE BAKER-Pep Squad l39, FTA 139, Art Club 439, HERO. ...W ,, cw mp. , . qi, 9,211 , . i 4 gg: I 5, e 1. ,J wi, "xii 3- fi 6 1 il 5 .4 4 ' h ff 4 -In rc Q 1 5 f .1 .- ' i I .ca W ,. -- . ,. ,, V., , ,L L 4, : try ikffgym x V 1 x V' 1 2- . 'H -. , . - Q . -I 4 + .. TC A nl., N . fi? 5 sl -5- 5-3 , 22- K' .- "' ' Ld f 1f..::3QI 1 ' , if . .- o , V. i . ' .' , i , I 'eff f , I 'Q H Pg ,ig , l - , , , 1 In Q1 A, ' ' 7' I 1, I A Q , , , ' i L 5 II' -' Q ' JOHN BARBER. STEVEN BARKER-Football, FHA. BOYD BARKSDALE-Football, Mechanical Trades l29, CVAE Co-op. VALERIE BARRINGTON-Library Assistant l29, Jets 429, French Club l29, Teacher Assistant, Seniors 115 SUSAN BISHOP-Band 431, FTA, FHA, OEA, Art Club. KIM BLAKEMAN-FTA 431, FHA, Pep Squad 121, Gymnastics 421, Ofhce Assistant, Spanish Club 421, NHS, OEA, VOE, Teacher Assistant, PIONEER PRESS Staff. LESA BLAKEY-FTA, Band 421, Student Council 421, NHS 421, Math Club 421, Spanish Club. REED BOGUEYBasketball 441, Golf 441, Math Club. JAMES BOHANNON-ICT 421. GARY BRINKLEY-Football 431, Baseball, FCA 421 NHS 421, Nlath Club, FHA. BECKY BROOKS- Band 431, Jets 431, Choir 421, Thespians 431, French Club, Debate 421, Student Council. JIMMY BRUMBALOW-Art Club 421, Spanish Club, PIONEER PRESS staff. MIKE BUCKNER-DECA. LORI BUIE-Art Club, FHA. MARCUS BYERS-ICT 421, Gymnastics, Key Club. MIKE BYERS-ICT 421, VICA 421, Key Club. JEFF CANTWELL-Football, Basketball, Tennis, Gymnastics 431, Jets 441, NHS 421, Math Club, Teacher Assistant. ANGIE CARPENTER-VOCCT 421, HERO, OEA. CARLA CARTWRIGHT-FTA, Art Club 421, Jets, Student Council, Pep Squad, OEA, NHS 421. DAVID CASTANEDA-Football 431, Gymnastics. TINA CHANCELLOR-FTA 431, Gymnastics 421, Pep Squad 421, FHA, OEA, PIONEER PRESS Staff, NHS 421. BEN CHAPMAN-Ag 441. DELORES CONTRERASfBasketball 421, Track, Pep Squad, Art Club, Thespians 421, HERO, Teacher Assistant. RAMONA CONTRERAS-CVAE Co-op 421. JOEL COOK-French Club, DECA, ERIC COOK-Tennis 431, TRACY COPENHAVER- Pep Squad, Spanish Club 441, Volleyball, FFA 431, FTA 421, NHS 421, Student Council 421. ROGER CORBIN-Football 421, Cross Country, Track 441. DEBBIE CORBIT-Gymnastics 421, FHA 431, Jets 421, FTA, OEA 421, Office Assistant 421, NHS 421. CATHY CORN-FTA, Spanish Club 421, Art Club, PIONEER Staff, NHS 421. TOMMY CRAIN-Football 441, Track 421, Jets 431, Math Club 421, French Club 421, Whiz Kids 421, NHS 421. MIKE CRISCO-Basketball 441, Golf 421. 116 Seniors an , ', , Q I af' Q , 1: ' . I 5 "1 1 - , O' ff 3 A V 4- iv ell 4153? .- A.- Q. , i 'S , I' .v,.., fc 1+ BIN f. 10. .T . Y 66 .i - ' 5 ff we . s L2 r wear ,. IF' Y 5 , , I .1 L' 'W fe- ,W EQ?-314 A T: V 1 sf .. . T W , f- . , . ' V5 Q. -2, ' it 1 37- Q3 A I A . . I l X A f , 'X . x l "'-4. W . ' A. Q. g 3 Q1 15 DONALD DAGG-Football 143, Track 123, Jets 133, Math Club 123, French Club 123, Whiz Kids 123, NHS 123. ADRIENNE DANKO- Gymnastics, Basketball, Pep Squad 123, FTA 123, FHA 123, FCA, Thespians, Jets 123, Spanish Club 123, NHS 123, Teacher Assistant. GARY DAVIS-Football 123, Trailblazers 123, FFA 123, FHA, JERRY DAVIS-VOCT 123, Football 133, FHA. LISA DAVIS-Band 143, Tennis 123, Math Club, MARK DAVIS-FTA 133, FHA, Student Council 133, Office Assistant, OEA, NHS 123. DON DAY-Art Club, FHA 123, Thespians. SCOTT DAY-PIONEER PRESS Staff, PIONEER Staff. ANGELA DELANO-Band 133, FTA 123, FHA 123, OEA, VOE Co-op. JIMMY DICKENS- Football 143, Track 143, FHA, FCA 123. DONNA DILL-FTA, FHA, VOCCT 123, CVAE Co-op123, Library Assistant. VICKIE DOMINEY-Art Club 123, FTA 123, Pep Squad, Ofice Assistant, OEA 123. LORA Doss-An Club 123, Spanish Club, FHA, FTA. MIKE DYER-Football 123, FFA 143, Ag Co-op123.JAMES EDWARDS-VOCT123, CVAE co-op123. KENNY ELLIS-Art Club. MARY EZELL-Football 143, Basketball 123, Track 123, Baseball, FHA, FCA. JOHN FEIL- Baseball, Key Club 123, Jets. SANDRA FIGUEROA. STEVE FORRER-Football, CVAE Co-op, SHERYL FOWLER-Pep Squad 133, Gymnastics, Basketball, Track, FTA 123, Art Club, FHA 123, French Club 123, PIONEER PRESS Staff, PIONEER Staff. JAN ET FULKERSON-Gymnastics 123, Art Club, FTA, FHA, PIONEER PRESS Staff, Spanish Club, Student Council, Thespians, FCA, DENISE GAGE-DECA123. DEBBIE GANG. MARK GANNON-Football, Golf, Basketball, Baseball. GREG GARNER-Football 143, Track 123, FTA, Jets, FCA. LISA GARNER-Band, FTA, FHA, FFA, Pep Squad, OEA, French Club, Teacher Assistant, PIONEER PRESS Staff, Golf. GREG GARRET-Football 143, Baseball, FCA. Seniors 117 CECILIA GILES. TAUNA GILLEN-Basketball Pep Squad, FTA 127, DECA, OEA. RODN EY 7 GRAHANI-Tennis, ICT, DELORES GRANADO- FHA, HERO 127, Art Club, Ofiice Assistant 127. ROBERT GRANNAN. TANINIY GRANT-Pep Squad 127, Basketball 127, Track, FTA, Art Club, FHA, Spanish Club, Office Assistant. DEBBIE GRATE-CVAE Co-op, Pep Squad. NANCY GROCE-FTA137, FHA, Thespians 127, Pep Squad, Jets 137, French Club 137, Art Club, Nlath Club, Student Council, PIONEER Staff, NHS 127. SALLY HAM-Band 147 FTA, Jets 127, Math Club 127, French Club 127, Student Council, NHS 127. STEPHEN HARD-Band137,DE, STEVEN HARLOWeSpanish Club, Jets, Tennis, Key Club, Math Club, NHS 127. LISA HEADRICK-Band 147, Jets 127, OEA, NHS 127. JILL HEFFELFINGER-Basketball 127, Track 127, FTA 127, Pep Squad 127, Library Assistant 127, DECA127, NHS 127. CHRIS HIGH-Golf, Spanish Club 127, Key Club 127, Ofhce Assistant, Teacher Assistant. DEBRA HILL- Basketball 127, Track, FTA 147, FHA, Pep Squad 127, Spanish Club, NHS 127. GREG HIPPS-Football, FTA 127, Trailblazers 127, FHA, HERO, Ofhce Assistant. GREG HJORT-Jets. DEBBIE HOLT- Gymnastics 127, Spanish Club 137, Pep Squad 137, FTA, Jets, FCA, OEA, NHS 127. ERIN HOOPER-FHA, Thespians, OEA, PIONEER PRESS Staff. CARTER HORNER-Basketball 127, Pep Squad 137, FTA 147, FHA, Art Club 137, PIONEER PRESS Staff, PIONEER Staff, Student Council, FCA, NHS 127, French Club 127. MICHELLE HOSKINS-Jets, CVAE Co-op, Art Club. DAVID HUNTER-Thespians, Spanish Club, Jets 127, Nlath Club, NHS 127. BRENT HUTCHENS-Football 137, Jets 127, lVlath Club. GREG INGRANI-Football 147, Track 147, Jets, Teacher Assistant, PIONEER PRESS Staff. KEITH JACKSON-Football 147, Basketball 137, FHA 127, FTA, FCA, HERO, Office Assistant, Teacher Assistant, Baseball. JACKIE JACOBSONAFTA, FHA. CHERYL JOHNSON- Pep Squad 137, FTA 127, HERO 127, DENNIS JOHNSON-Band 147, Jets, FHA, Library Assistant. 118 Seniors T' is sa.- ve ff, T' is X Nt'- rw, JODY JOHNSON4Football 133, Track 133, Baseball, FFA, FCA 123. DIANE JONES-Jets, FHA, FTA, NHS 123, Nlath Club 123, Student Council 123, JERRY JORGENSEN-Tennis 123, Spanish Club, Math Club. ROBYNE JULICH- Gymnastics 123, FTA, FHA, HERO. MILDRED KEIM-Pep Squad 143, Spanish Club, Track 143, Jets 143, FTA, Student Council 133, NHS 123, Gymnastics, Math Cub. BRENDA KELTON-Pep Squad, HERO 123. Teacher Assistant. SUSAN KEYS-Pep Squad, Track 133, Basketball, FTA, FFA, HERO, Art Club. AMY KIMMEL-Pep Squad 123, Spanish Club 143, Tennis, PIONEER PRESS Staff, PIONEER Staff, Student Council 123, Art Club. MATT KIRKHAM-Football 123, Band 143, Jets 123. EDDIE KIRKPATRICK-Band 143 FFA 123, Key Club, ICT, Ag Coop. MARK KLOSTER- Football, Basketball 123, Jets 133, French Club, Student Council, Key Club, NHS 123. RICKY LAMBERT-Jets, DECA. DAVID LANG-Jets133, Band 133 NHS 123, Math Club. ROBIN LANGLEY-Band 143, CAROL LAY-Spanish Club, Gymnastics 133, Thespians, Jets 123, Ofhce Assistant, Teacher Assistant, FCA. GAIL LECLAIRE, RHONDA LEMME-Spanish Club, FHA, FTA, Art Club, OEA. ALISON LETNES-FFA, Jets, MARY LEVERETT-VOCCT 123, FHA, Teacher Assistant, CVAE Co-op. CATHY LEWIS- Basketball, Track 123, Pep Squad 123, Art Club 133, FTA 133, OEA, NHS 123. TAMMY LITKE-Pep Squad 133, FTA 123, Art Club, HERO, SPANISH CLUB, NHS 123, ALAN LIVINGSTON-Band 133, Jets, NHS 123, Math Club 123. LIZ LOCHABAY-HERO, Art Club, Student Council, CVAE Co-op. DEE DEE LONG-FTA133, Pep Squad 123, Spanish Club, FHA 123, Student Council, NHS 123, MARTY LONG-Football, FFA 123, Ag Co-op, ICT. CARA LUFTMAN-Pep Squad, Thespians 143, Spanish Club 133, Jets, Math Club, Student Council 123, NHS 123, Teacher Assistant, PIONEER PRESS Staff. KEVIN MARKUM-Basketball. JOE MARTINEZ- Football 123, Trailblazers, Art Club, FHA. Seniors 119 KRISTI McCULL0UGH4Spanish Club 433, FHA 423, PIONEER PRESS Staff. DANA McELREATH-Basketball 443, Track 423, Spanish Club 443, FTA 423, Student Council 433, Jets. CAROL McKEEHAN4VOCCT 423, FHA, OEA, Art Club. KIM McKINNIE-Pep Squad 423, Art Club 443, FTA 423, Spanish Club 423, FCA, Student Council, Teacher Assistant. DANA McRAE-FHA 423, Cross Country 423. SH ERI MEANS-Pep Squad 423, Basketball, Track 423, FTA, HERO, NHS 423, PIONEER PRESS StafT, Office Assistant. CINDY MEYERS. KEITH MO0RE4Tennis 433, VOCT Coeop 423. JAMES J. MORI-Track, Gymnastics 433, FTA 423, FHA, Baseball. LORI MORRIS-Pep Squad, VOCCT 423, DECA, OEA, FHA. CARL MOSS-FFA, Ag Co-op. DIANNE MURRAY- Pep Squad, HERO, Art Club, FTA, OEA, VOE. RANDY MURRAY-Football 423, Basketball, FHA. CARLUS NABORS-FFA 433, Key Club 423, ICT 423. DANIEL ORTEGA- Basketball 433, Jets 433, Math Club, NHS 423. KEVIN OTTO- Football 443, Student Council 443, Track 423, Band, FTA, Math Club, Teacher Assistant, NHS 423. MARY PARKER-Band 433, Thespians 443, Spanish Club, FTA, NHS 423. JACKIE PASSMORE-DECA. DANNY PEMBERTON- Football 443, Basketball 443, Track, Baseball 433, FCA 423, FHA, Jets, Teacher Assistant. DONNA PERKINS-Band 443, Spanish Club 423, Student Council 443, FTA 423, FHA, Basketball. DIANE PERRY-Gymnastics 433, Pep Squad, FHA 423, Spanish Club, Student Council. JACQUELINE PETRILLI-Band 433, Student Council 433, FTA 433, Spanish Club, PIONEER PRESS Staff, PIONEER Staff, FHA, NHS 423. DAVID PIEKARSKIfBand 443, Math Club 423, Jets. ROBERT PIKE. PETER POLINSKY-Band, Debate 423, French Club, Library Assistant, Teacher Assistant. DENISHA PRICE-Band 443, Student Council 443, FTA 433, Spanish Club, FHA 423, NHS 423. MARK PUGH-VOCT, CVAE Co-op. SHERRY QUINN-FTA 443, FHA, Pep Squad 423, Spanish Club, Ofhce Assistant, NHS 423. 120 Seniors 'C' 'T r""" Q-r' gf. Asa- .. it ,Mx Q 'Un K a Q4 4 3 i l f 4 X., -1 11 xg, . M A Vfft is E 4 r C ' l I I , ,.,,. ..,4,.i, .as '- i , . . ls. ,A ur-'l P' Y 4. ass, 'l 1 xl J kb. Q. ik ,ft is 5- 1- 5 "fl , ., Q ss, , I .1 -E L V 1 F 4 ,- an - Q, v I J, P' MARK RAUCH-Football 433, FCA 423, Jets, Student Council. SUSAN REECE-Basketball 443, Pep Squad, FTA, 423, Track, Art Club, French Club 423, PIONEER PRESS Staff, PIONEER Staff, NHS 423. DANNY REEVES- Y, VAC. ROBERT RENFRO-CVAE Co-op. f DONNA REYNOLDS-Basketball 423 Pep ik K 'xmas t 1 2' A Squad 421, FTA 441, FCA 421, Office Assistant, iii , Teacher Assistant, Spanish Club, NHS 423. A E EVERETT RHODES-Football, Track 441, cross , ' 'Y 11 Country 433, Jets 421, FHA, NHS 423, FCA 421, 5 A. Y .4 - ' Ofhce Assistant. DARRYL RICHARD- - Basketball 433. ROBERT RILEY-Football 433, bf Baseball 443 Track Spanish Club Key Club, NHS 423. KENNETH RITCHEY-Football, cvAE ce-ap, A ,es 4 vo4:T. KIM RITCHEY-Pep Squad, Volleyball, 2 DECA 423. ROBIN ROARK4Pep squad 421, . iv. ' y 1 E ' if FTA 423, HERO 423. PAMELA ROBERTS- Gymnastics, Library Assistant, HERO, FHA, ' ' H 43 VOE. , a 'tx ' ,417 , Jets, Art Club. BILLY ROSE-Football 443, 1' it Track 433. MARY ROSENBERG. MELISSA we RUELAS-Band 443, FTA 423, OEA, KEVIN ROBINSON-Gymnastics 443, FCA 423, X 3 dy Us , as L- 'ar ,fi ' E .2 4 ANGELA RUSSELL-Band 443, Basketball, -f FTA 421, Jets 433, Spanish Club 421, Student I r Council 423, NHS 423, Math Club. JAY It Russetlfreothall 433, ICT. JOSEPH , SALDANA-ICT. LAUREN SCHEER-NHS 421, ,ws FCA, Spanish Club, Tennis, Thespians, Porn 2 ss . Pon Squad. u - V l i 1 ,,, PETE SCHMERBER-Football 423, Gymnastics 423, FHA. SHERRY SCOGGINS-Spanish Club, Choir 423, OEA, Thespians. LISA SEALS-Jets 443, Spanish Club, 423, FTA, Band 433, Thespians 433, Math Club, Student Council, JAYME SEXTON-FFA 423, FCA 423, Jets, FHA. 4:17 KENT SLATEN-Football 423, Tennis, French Club 423, Jets 423, FCA 423, NHS 423, Math Club, PIONEER PRESS Staff, PIONEER Staff PATTI SMART, TONYA SPRY-HERO, FHA, OEA. SCOTT STACY-FHA. Seniors 121 STEPHEN STALLINGS-Football, Art Club, FHA 123, Baseball. KAYLYN STARNESfArt Club 143, Tennis 133, Student Council 123, FTA 123, PIONEER stan, NHS 123. JERIANA STETLER-OEA, Teacher Assistant. TIlVl STEVENS-Football 123, Track 133, Basketball Spanish Club, Jets. JEFF STEVENSON-Football, FFA 133, Ag Co- op 123. PHYLISS STEWART-Gymnastics, Band 133, FTA 123, OEA 123. CHRISTOPHER STRANC-Band 143, Math Club 123, Jets, NHS 123, JOE SUTTON-FFA133, DECA 123. BETSY SZLASA-Thespians 143, Choir, French Club 133, FTA, Jets, NHS 123, Student Council, Math Club, Teacher Assistant. DAVID TAYLOR-Track, Football 133, FTA, Spanish Club, Jets 133, FCA 123, lVlath Club, Student Council, NHS 123, Office Assistant, TOBY THIGPEN-VOCT 123, Football, Track, CVAE Coop. KARLA THONI EePep Squad, Art Club, FTA, Spanish Club, OEA, Ofhce Assistant. JANICE THOMPSON-Basketball, Band 143, FTA, NHS 123, FHA, Teacher Assistant. SUSAN THOMPSON-FTA, Spanish Club, DECA, NHS 123, FHA, TRACI THURIVIAN-Pep Squad, FTA, Tennis, Spanish Club, NHS 123, OEA, VOE Co-op. TERRY TIDWELL- Gymnastics 123. ELAINE TURNER-Pep Squad 123, FHA, FTA 133, DECA, OEA, STEPHEN URBAN-Jets, FFA 123, Ag Co-op. ANDY VANCE-Band 133, Art Club 133, Thespians 123. PATRICIA VAWTER-Band 143 French Club 123, FTA 123, Jets 133, Student Council 123. DONNIE VONWAHLDE. DEBRA WAGNER- Pep Squad, Basketball 143, Track 123, French Club, Art Club, FCA 123, NHS 123, Student Council, Teacher Assistant. RANDALL WALKERABasketball, Spanish Club, Football, ICT, FTA, PIONEER PRESS Staff. JAMES WARBRITTON-ICT 123, Key Club. LAURIE WARE-Pep Squad 133, FTA, French Club, Gymnastics 123, PIONEER PRESS Staff, PIONEER Staff. JOHNNY WARREN-DECA. DIANA WARTELLE-Basketball 143, Pep Squad, Spanish Club 143, FTA, Track 123, Jets, FCA, NHS 123, Math Club, Student Council. VICKI WAUFORD-Gymnastics, FTA 123, Pep Squad 133, Office Assistant, NHS 123, HERO. 122 Seniors BRENDA WESTERMAN-Art Club, DECA, FHA. TOMMY WESTERMANfF0otbalI 421, ICT 421. SHIRLEY WHITE-VOCCT 421, HERO, FHA, Pep Squad, Teacher Assistant, WALTER WILBORN-VAC 441. BRENT WILLIAMS-ICT. CONNIE WILLIAMS-Gymnastics 421, Pep Squad 421, OEA, VOE Co-op. JILL WILLKIE-Band 441, FTA, Student Council 441, Debate. DAVE WILSON-Football. GREG WILSON-Band 431. JEFF WILSON- Football, FFA 431. MELISSA WINBLOODA Tennis, French Club 421, Jets 421, Thespians 421, PIONEER Staff. TERRIE WINN-Pep Squad 431, FTA, OEA 421, FCA, Ofbce Assistant, NHS 421. MIKE WITT-FTA 421, FHA, Art Club, Jets, DECA 421. DELISA WOOLSEY-Basketball, FCA 431, Tennis 421, French Club 421, HERO, Volleyball, Of'Flce Assistant, OEA, VOE. MARSHALL WOOLSEY-Football 441, Track 441, FCA, Jets, Baseball, NHS 421. SCOTT WORRELL-Tennis 421, Debate 431, Nlath Club 421, Jets 421, Student Council. LAURA WRIGHT-Gymnastics, Art Club, Pep Squad, FTA 421, Spanish Club 421. AARON YOCHUM-Football 421, Track 421, ICT, Gymnastics. TIM YOCHUM-Football 441. RODNEY YOUNG-CVAE Co-op 421, VOCT 421. Seniors 123 124 Underclassmen TE' iff ul ll Micah Pcwawssl DATDGQI in U nderclassmen 125 M, I Tlfacy Juniors 126 .441 H 33 I Qc? A ,. fa: , 454 'v'L ' 2 W , . 1 Jumori cuaSS 1 . , , X! ,gil KAW 5 A"xM I l. Juniors Plan Prom, Get Ready for Big Year I 1 A x l v' , 1 Q V x X' , 4,1 ,- ' n Q 51" N X '05 X 5: 1 x a 41 :wb I t Q W 277 5 x 2 X N l 15 1 s V 5 A , X' , N A. ' 'VC 'f 5 " ' L 1,61 55? . 1.-, rv, fi., V Xl A 1 'K V J . inf- T-sg Q f 1 i V 2 Y - ' 1 af ei, :Q " " fi I! ' J , 1 .. I l . , 2 is r ' - ' , Is Y . ?.,i:gQ i S Tri! n . - Q, A u 3 Q er le J, , -. ,V . i 1 ' - A "1 A Eg? , ' l J, v 1 v, x I, I Y Q V 5?g N an "' 5 5-vt.-AL' I Z,,'k I S - T avi . 3 - 5 , fir' 'I FQ"':'f" X l mrrzl f' Q Junior class ofhcers were Sharana Shield, president, Kim Wagner, vice- president, Tracy Culver, secretary, Gina Jordan, treasurer. Linda Alexander Randy Aldridge Mary Allen Debbie Anders Lee Armer Julie Axline Edward Bailey Cheryl Baker Celeste Bandy Jerry Barber Jim Barber Chrisiina Barnard Jodi Barton David Beckner Mike Beckner Darrell Beckum Theresa Bicknell Wendy Black Wanda Blount Stephen Bobo Mitzi Brennan Mark Bridges Michael Bridges Brian Bush Juniors 127 Harry Brooks Yvonna Brown Brenda Cambell Dwayne Campbell Kelly Cantrell Janice Caraway Tim Carne Connie Carpenter Steve Carter Janet Casey Denise Charbonnet Patricia Cocke Donna Cole Ken Collins Jeanette Conner Mary Beth Cook Scott Copeland Kenny Corbin John Cornish Vickie Crisco Sammy Cruz Tracy Culver Margie Curtis Michelle Dagg Denise Danko Melanie Davis Sherita Davis Don Day Richard DeAnda Tim Dennis Tammi Dodson Donna Dominey Jeff Donahue Toby Doss Clayton Duffee Jesse Paul Dunn Marty Dunn Keith Eagle Carol Edge Sonja Elledge Becky Ellis Trudie Ellis Randy England Patti Evens Mark Faries David Fathke Joey Fief Tracee Fowler Brad Frizzell Angela Fuchs Janine Gauntt Tom Gardner Aaron Garrett Jayne Garmon Joe Gay Teresa Gholson Ken Gibson Garry Gilland Kelly Grannan Christy Grimes Rodney Grope Daniel Gutierrez Kelli Hall Terri Hall Kim Hankins Andy Hartsell Terry Hawthorne Angela Henson Dayna Henson Tammy Henson Julia Herndon Brett Hicks 128 Juniors +C 'avjwx-fig IJ ! sl. .CN1'..s 1 a' grgsgfwgsvi ,, ioii . 'A S T V' ' . fi' .C C ..-C x , C . C: ls'y :iss E . C xr X- C x E A C Q Q rib X Q A C .,.. I N Q - Cy F M ff lg S ,J 'x -etlt 2 C1-was 'ff--'- W- f 1 ef" X C . J V 1? N' fin. X l 'lii"siiC'llli3l,1 H ' -C,sf:,f.f-r-fr:CC -sseagml ,,m.2f5,y, N K W . C X 'E i"S'S?s3!2??7R3l55 C ,C 2 r 5 A ,C C - i . C C, 4,1 CC .R 4 fi ' M y fs C 1 4' Q ee' wifi? f J ss , - Q 5 X ,Q ' Q 'T ' ' lk ff.-N' M 'fl fiim i , - C -It + 5' , C ' 'IC C if - , T ,J 3 ,C " 1 ' - on - i ' T Csyr 5 f ' C CC :fi K , ? f K 1 . D . if ' K Q V 4 sf 1 ' A V Q X K Kaye :RX v Ci., I 'hll li x ii xr. 'Cyfle 'Nl Y!! lx EV1' ,IZ l . ' f yyyyy V gg C E ' ' C -i'i ' A " it Q f if " fi- 4 Y ll Dr A i. i l A k' A-.I , f , ' -K R K: s C X , MN ' my ,- C pf'Ci'.. T l f Ml? X M Cl C. in ' fC C N, ,.., T C S 1 inigi C: I, ,C ii it 'im l lil! ii ' X -L7 CACC' K W . C E8 'X K , K 1 .K . - V 1 I K X K awww R 1 we l t b Q C - K Q ' g, v. .C ' :wx , 1 . ,, i , ta X VV... 7. .C C, ' A C -af? , 32 '53 . ix xi. l 3f.C : ?, a1,, , L t if we LMA 1 Tewvejjfas , v, , at in F ' -' 5 4 x 74' v ' J . . tv , N 'r- , 1, , 1 J, .fffgxx 5 ,. ,, 12 MIM A 'Q g l i H ilk D I 5 lg Y 55,41 .RW.ggl.ifv K. 3 ,K V , . aets'fRd" 1 T " " ti ' fl 4 -1 T ' ie--- f- lw l ,. N . F A, X ns. - gg , , : T 4, Csgqr Z V V - - 1 a A .V J Nu , ' ,fun 1 S I Z 1' Y' F" ' ,staf f ' gl 4- ir 1 I ,I N i, ...5 N.. - .X V, 4 ' u X i i- I l ' Q S , T i ' 4 L ,T if x ,ef S 'A , by A .. s.- I . -' l". T' Q wr ' , WX A L : , , I Y, V Q . XX thnx fig, Y , 7 fn i, fi' f T fe--I S 'ef' ' - ' ' 2 Q t it Q 'K . ff? .V 1 A v S K' - 'Q z - 4-' -L ' - 9 I ' ' , , -P are . T . N il e. ' " 'S , X -l ' ' J if rr- L L T J - ' J --L Q 4 an -QI. 9' " ' . N T I . . Q S gl 'xx ,VA K 2, SQ 5"-J' l mi s s l 2 v i lf eil J i. 'S 1 L F 'C S V 'P E+ Sr Wg qw ' J ' 1 'K 1 f Tiff. ,X Zi A .al L if S or f' e il S -Q, .M ,R , . . 5 , ff ' sl ' L - Y 'Ze-A is 5' .' ' ' .,. D ' f YT, 'S 'o 4' ' i 5 e ,gg 1 A ,, "en Q3 62,51 iq. gina Jn. , s ' l A 5, 'E 1, ,M rpm, item qu? A .J Fi T f' ,S es A I 1- 9 S 1 , xl A f x Q, v ' k . " 'N xx 4 l A-P T ' xy E K ' g t 3 i I i A, V, Terry Highhll Janet Hilton Cindy Hodges Steven Holmes Mary Ann Hood James Hoover Kenny Hoppenrath Rhonda Hornsby Patty Horton Brian Huffman Scott Huke Lea Ann Hylton Tommy Hutton Don Jensen Sandy Johns Betsy Johnson Tracy Johnson Ginger Jones Gina Jordon Kim Keck Mike Keene Kristy Keith Teresa Kelley Gary Kellum Lisa Keller Doug King David Knott David Krause Laura Krebs Frank LaGrassa Gwen Lambert Bryan Landes Donita Langford Donna Lawrence Ricky Leu Deborah Lewis Karen Lomerson Denise Long Cara Mackey Richard Majors Robert Maldonado Eddie Martin Peter Mash Kenneth Mason Jackie Mathis Anne McBee Mike McBride Janice McCrory Terri McDowell Rachel McLain Mark Mclnroe Robin McMenamy Kelly McMillin Scott Metting Anthony Molina Robert Morales Kirk Montgomery Carol Morgan Robby Morgan Lori Morlock Deana Moss Doug Mowell Steve Muchmore Mike Nagle Laurie Nickel Todd Neimeyer Janell Norris Ronnie Nowell Susie Nowlin Stoney Orr Natalie Owens Kimberly Parks Juniors 129 Delia Parker John Parker Sandy Parker Vince Parker Keith Parks Jeffrey Parr Terri Petelin Jeff Perkins Deborah Perkins Steve Petrushka Tom Petrushka Mark Picklesimer Alvin Pool Debbie Pope Kelly Post Meredith Pray Jeff Precella Gayla Pretzer Carey Puff Cindy Raesz Manuel Ramirez Lisa Rankin Kathy Rau Terri Raymer Steve Redding Stacy Reichelt Lisa Resendez Elaine Reyes Ken Rodgers Charles Rodriguez Teresa Rozenburg Rhona Russell Sherlin Russell Kim Rye Jennifer St. Germain Kyle Sayers Laure Scarborough Sara Schultz Shannon Scott Pat Selby Brad Shaw Eddie Shelman Lana Shewmake Sharana Shield Laurie Simmons Buck Simpson Paul Sims Cherie Smith Lorraine Smith Tammy Stafford Marty Starnes John Steves Cara Stewart Jimmy Stride Mary Ellen Szlasa Phillip Taylor Kurtis Thome Diane Tidwell Wes Tidwell LeAnn Trapp Lisa Tuttle Curtis Van Hoose Julie Urban Kenny Van Meter Troy Vawter Lynn Vosberg Aimee Wagar Kim Wagner Melissa Warbritton Tracy Ware Julie Warren Paula Watts 130 Juniors s f: 1 5, T' A ffl' ' K .v -Q ' xt' tl -ist' J , , f 4 s s . g , ' h ,fi X, ' X K a a i f X K A S 'QLQ' i ' K of ' 1 V L y n .tt al Q X if ff f ,f Q . - ' .: . qi ' S-X ' X M "Def fl we e X ' f - f ti ' if gf l if f iff ' li " ' . N w f' . S 'Z 'av it ' f' S- ,mms 1: W - fl ' X f . it r xx s es-2 R s s e we-rf ts t ?f'T?TY' . 6 Sf ' f, , -- V N K .v ' . 1 f if '. - W x ki lx .QQ Q to W i el gi, it-y ur: " gi " .-+1511 161 - i , ' T , i . i ,ff s tl -.-- wyggtglif- ,. s K XR ll' - 4 YWJ7 'f.. K5 7 fe f if it if Q T - v 3 Q - " ' - H K." 2 T x S . ' .H My ' Y, . i 'J' - , l ' S fi 'X X . I I , f , j iii K , - I if f . .- S ' . . da , V . V jx- e 1 , . -J 1 f fr if ' ' X - 4 . ' f A if -5- J x. We I , lf? 'P ' ,Qtek J S, - il' S -'M A t T j , . 2 'ii ' A-'ily l R f FM T in' ' I s in A .lv fgagye QA , b IX gg X: V ' 'fs an 4 fa?-V3 h 'ig A" -jfilji XA tv iii ' Y V X 5 ,A 1 Q, .,,,3STf of' k ji, Q 1,3 I ,oy 4 I V, V . LIN 5 i rg l 'fl ,fi i' " f - - f re A - ' ' 5 . li? ' ', N T sk S. 'S' by all uf ,,,b ya . Qs 1 Q A A fjs if " Q l . 'r . 'Q ' if' ' 'f-1 : e 1'Klixa,ti1 'Y f -' .. - ,e-l S , 2' J 'S " Ta-s ' T 1 1 -' t . L h S S N zo ., A ., s I Q : ' Q J tisfevif lf tl V' s igffixli 1 'xl f y :ff-" 7 gf i'i Qffi?lf'f'l2l-if gt E it l . , t h f. to . -we N pf K K LN K . I -.-f .' 1 Fx W 1... If . K f g .cg I . 1 K - k ai -sl it xv A ., . iffa ff W Q 5 is .l- 1" s .- f f "uf V- --4 ' Q , ,af ,.X. fi ffjr I Q- sms A 'wl d LE J if J flfswf 5? wisiii ,li-'hx 2 , T535 f 5 if f? ' T ' ' 1 ' ff , L fk ' M- ' 'L David Weathers " ' I gy ' I I Chris Wells I+, X . .- Gary Westford Q ' A 4. , 7 Martin Whipp , H . I X A .. F K A Kenneth Wilburn rt 5 V A N4 U . 4 W Aldene Williams ' . 4 K " I I , 8 Linda Williams J A Hilti iffiii 1 I N-,i x Xfi L , I , Jerry Wilson ' ,w i,,i., W 'g Mary Wilson I A N, -1+ I 'Q f ' 4 - Mary Kay Winchell - ' A' A , ,- X - Todd Womack ' W A. , A ' h g Kris Wood r.. , -N ' 1' . A :ti Rodney Wood , 'Q my 12 , , s f 1 Troy Woodul ff-E - 'if' I l it fi" ""I iii I x , Marjean Worle ' V ' I U ' X "X"' 'I' lun fl ti I "' JI. r Wua neux I A N, ' F I Q' iff : r'-WUI, G SQ 9 ti I - I - 5 I4 .. Milf . li ' A X Alvis Yardley X , 5 Eric Yochum A . Y' Connie Young ,tg T. I gt A . i t xxf,,7,ffi ff J" .. 4 A In lVlemoria Donna Sue Cole C G ""' July 8, 1963-November 27, 1979 R IN .eb s "M TH E BAR egg.-2.-ae Sunset and evening star, j And one clear call for me! ,f 1 And may there be no moaning ofthe bar, V ,I va When I put out to sea, ' f l , J But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turns again home. Twilight and evening bell, "t And after that the dark! ' And may there be no sadness of David Knott fafewell, January 21, 1963-October 7, 1979 When I embark? For though from out our bourne of Time and Place The Hood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. Alfred, Lord Tennyson 1889 Juniors 131 , , f " Q 1 if a' "? Q, ,YN 2 hiv, Eze ., ,MW x...,.h .. 2 , A? , ,ITTNN Q x 4 Z v, I xi f . . wW,kk 1 ,fl 4 If , ww i, , dsx 'S .Ax .441 . Q ku! 1 PT 1.3-1 .A fa. " Sophomore class officers: president- Fritz Sayers, vice- president-Amy Williams, secretary Gaye Frizzell and treasurereSteve Thompson, Class of '82 Reaches Halfway lVlark - , , I ,' ' 1 W ' 123 K C I, Ar A ff . X V X w ,gm cl ff f l 1 S sl l J. e ' l v V N gfj , ..s .F ,- l fi' A - A fr' 'X Donna Adams Rocky Allen Adrian Allison Keppe Andrews Billy Applewhite Debra Arnold Lynda Artzberger Robert Baker Steve Baker Gary Barber Randy Barksdale Deborah Barnard Cris Becker Lisa Beirute Sheri Bell Joann Bever Sophomores 133 Jeff Bilbrey Jonice Bishop Erin Bohannon Tim Borchardt Robin Brinkley Scott Brookshire Peyton Brown Beverly Buchanan Linda Buie Brent Bunnel Laurie Burgess Angie Campos D'Lana Cannon Rayne Carroll Ellis Castaneda Harold Chambers Sam Chambers Marc Charbonnet Sandy Cheek Leesa Cherry Bobby Cleveland Donna Cleveland John Cobb Ronnie Cole Natha Copenhaver Robert Corn Betty Jo Covington Terri Covington Richard Cross Tammy Curry Cara Dagg Dawnell Dallof DeWayne Davis Kim Davis Tammy Day Bart Del.ackner Jan DeVries Linda DeYoung Tim Dill Sandra Doss Bill Duke David Duvall Bryan Dyer Cindia Earley Susan Edens Keith Elliott Kenneth Elliott Donna Ennis Grady Ezell Mark Faris Rachel Figueroa Eddie Flores Debby Forrest Kellee Fowler Rocky Fox Rusty Freeman Gaye Frizzell DeAnn Gage Lori Gallman John Gang Greg Garrett Tonya Gary Diana Garza Debbie Gibson Kolette Gish Suzie Golden David Granado Jay Grate Gary Gray Jana Green Toni Grigsby Robert Groce 134 Sophomores 351 'X si. , si - 4 a Y. assi? A as 3 .V - '- Q t ' :T ' ar i if ear' S2 L it W X g y X, ilk t ak ies .ff if 1' sm:l2:::-- r .af . . . sf, 7-ei. S! 5, .iw 5 f Q H., , 253 53: V-r - 6 1' A' A is q i JN 1 Q , ' , ,A X, , .t-::,.,.f'jg G . . ' ' tow, I ,i , A H5 ri.-tunnis! fi? kg- Il- 1 i, Q sw sziax ,.- 7"' 1- ' tsiiffi' - 'G W -- we tw A A N Hi- ky N" ' Q Q 1 Q C i ' ,get ,f ' , fsffav , 1 -' W "' X f ' i 'Hi Q, x '4 v. - C N ' Asif i lla' ll' M ES?-,'ff,I?lC5g", 3 I f ' V d V M ' I . . if M , ,, -. G 3 I 'Y":'f x? x Wi t - ks' M -1 'Q FW -iztxi' xg A Q Q fm t V if Q . Q 1 A .5 if A .5 6 . .iw if . V rv 5, - 1 E55 s' l C i y J N V - ., 3 A' - 'W I r ' Y , . ' YG we at J . at . . J .V ,7 if' TX va gf 5.3.14 ' . N7 ggi . f 1' 1 t . st 1 I - 2 J is il V fi' C i C G of ' . TL G 7' G Q1b , G t J rf, 1 W3 ' C c N-1 , X J C Y J Q? C ici ... -i F f ,wufmftfffkg 1 A yi A 1 g , I .N p 4 Q V rt, -as A 4 A Q , J' f f L 'S' 'cf 1. Wt ,,. , L, T . ,ox 1 L .f'4ifpF'6 1' A ,X -.3 - ,A id, tl - X W- J . A ,,,i1s ,ti,A W V f 1 r Q : 4 if . ' .., . md R 3 U ' WY rg M W1 N ' Q av ' 4. Q A 7 , --1 fx ., L. K f Eagan l . ,A -: ' , 5.A KL 'R 'K L - 'L x ' 4 T 1 N M J - A 5 l --we A 4 5 g I f, ' , W3 ff A -x I. 4 , ,wx :Q AW? l 7" ' 7 ' H 4 X! x VX A N. f Xb fa : f" l?l'?.i li 535225 ysgy , I A gb X x f X - 1 if :es X , E :Q 42: -..,-L X K' in ' l 5 x Qi , . ' ' ,V -- ' I W,,X -s4,5,t fi 'f LQ, 4 si ' ' ' ' , 1 1 4 n .Q . + .4 ' ' 4 . TT 'Z ' I A K fr , 4? , I ' . HK ' - x xt - . , . ,f V . 5- f X N wx V 8, '--' ie L3 kk S ' ffglrf VK x N ' '5 ., I .4 5 xl V , Hg ' : X A I K A lf I "M . My W - 1' VK t s - ' 'F "' Qs: , 'C' 4 U .N r ' 1 , . l I H o's" 'f gi fe t, FX E4 . ,, l l 1 .., aw: , 4 J' Michelle Gruman Brenda Gutierrez Kim Hackbarth Robert Hafele Rhonda Hamner Robin Hamrick Gary Harlow Bobby Harris David Hay T,J. Hayden Ronald Henson Tom Hobbitt Pansy Hodges Traci Hogan Kevin Holder Steve Hollister Miriam Holmes Darrell Hoots Kristi Hoppenrath Robby Hughitt Fred Hutton James Jacobson Devery Johnson Jimmy Johnson Cheryl Jones Donna Jones Glenda Jordan Gina Judge Stephanie Keim Ronda Kennedy DiAnn King Kathy Kirkham Leonard Kostyak Adele Krause Todd Krezer Neil Lackey Taren Lamb Terry Lambert Brenda Langley Tracy LaQuey Phil Laster Brad Latham Christy Leatherman Launi Leggett Randy Lemme John Leonard Brenda LeuAllen Mike Lindstrom Christopher Loughridge Katherine Majors Mike Mann Tandi Markum Skeeter Martin Gloria Martinez Kirt Mays Julie McDowell John McMellan Neil McMurdie Patricia Meadows Randy Means Chuck Mellott Brad Miller Greg Miller Michelle Miller Robb Miller Alisa Millner Julie Milner John Molin Ben Moore Brent Morris Susan Morris David Morton Sophomores 135 John Munoz Paul Murry Brenda Newby Lois Nichols Rhonda Nichol Marty Oldham Johnny Ortega Andre Owens Jef? Owens Kim Pace Mark Pachares Danita Parker Gloria Perez Jimmy Peters Billy Phelps Angie Phipps Georgia Pirie Lee Pittman Shelly Plemons Ricky Pope Shelly Powell Rob Pretzer Desiree Quillen Sandy Raesz George Randall Bobby Randolph Cindy Reasoner Ray Redding Gene Reed Shannon Reeves Janice Rettig Johnny Rhoads Robert Roark Robert Rodriguez Lisa Rogers Bobbie Ross Jay Rosson Melissa Rozenburg Karen Saldana Jessica Salgado Andy Sams Fritz Sayers Bob Schickedanz Teresa Schmerber Kim Schnell Gloria Schultz Jamie Schusler Brian Schwengler Cindy Scoggins Tammie Scoggins J,D. Scott Steve Selner Stephanie Shannon Bob Sheets Scott Shewmake Jeanne Shore Donna Shriner Denise Smith Eddie Smith Tonyia Sooter Tom Spindor Julie Spraggens Tammy Springer Becky Spry Jelf Stafford Jerry Stafford Todd Staton Vicki Steele Titus Stetler Jay Stewart Ted Stevenson Jenny Stewart 136 Sophomores .- .W 1 .PN f x A '1-X .4., J fpd as fl ii l if Z R . ,fx ig Q: K ' 1 - - fm ' S M V 'R Q I S . 5' xx 'W K . . it T fee, W T 'eii ti - , 1. W9 S ., Q- 4' sg' A' . 'vw . , Kg 'Vs 1" if xv: 3 , 55? .,s1ci,res?f-'17 YS tirfzf' L A .s fyf .eo F321 e e, R ' 'Y X A M 1 ral ' . , ' ,K pil " ly M. G J ls J 'e , L . L all i s S ffl ",kk ' 4. f Q W f K ,., g gh - I I' , 5 5 4 W v: fx im- , Y .. Q- ,.i qxk w ax i j 1 J f T as gigs Xxfy . ll Q - si. - it fp: T T - 5 3 6:1 gt., R Cm i ' J t.e. L ' in My '77 rw hggg 'sere J L . W if ,J ., ,...Q 1 ' 1' - 5, its I ,- ' f f v L. W " Ni Q 1 ",, K Q Qi ,M . x WJ - f -ei ,T K in ' . " ft' ex "3 Q Vu ' . , ' K -5 iv, fl 4' ff ' X? ii' G V! . W i T I , K ,',i, ,T t gif T , if 'A' Q " lg ij, Ste M. ' 0. 3 we .tte T f I 7, gi 1, 5: L J X Q . , -- i s M so - teee . 1- to ' if- . - I Us .5 ae Z J A Q s ff-V1 PTT 'V 1 5 i 5,, ,,gE3aN5 , 5, K , L A X , , V V. km 5 1 K- Q ' T- A 'C gg "iz N' U Q Y ' Q 'Sf' I 4 SQ 1 ' Si S X X J I SS T ' W ' w n ' 5, i ' nv ' V, .. 'g ,- A . ll I i -, .- s I1 I A ' .4 ' 'rr barn i T ' ,f l, , xt .M . s'f" -, ' I f f -r i'i-M. I if -1 ., 1 ag, ,,..- 7' . A' -l'!'i K .2 l' ev. I-P1 A. i 'As I Q., L p C' li W 5 ,fc 5 '-:T ,fl M' 5, I I JM v Sei? Q x I z Q in I , ip . , W X X E11 L fz f fy! i ,if J A' I , Q .TT I T4 rf' 1' X if B T Q ' ' A ,M K ' . , 4,1 9-Q ,I 1 , , .1 K' ' .X I' Y xxl 'X :Ls V '. N N 1 I Qi , -, f V. o mf, I ff Iii W. .grfg t- l L.- "W, 1 5. D ww..-as um R' 584' ,......-nt .ua-be . Q ,Eff-fl Q.. 1+ yyugmigjl' fmt, ,xt-if 7,-i I A-...... Billy Stolz Brenda Straw Leah Strickland Barbara Stroud Barbara Sutton Grant Taylor Joey Taylor Terri Tate Enock Teague Steve Thomson Mark Tidwell Lana Tilley Stacy Tiroff Denise Trammell Terri Tuttle Jennifer Urban Nancy Valle David Vawter James Vosberg Lori Wagar Teresa Wallace James Ward Steve Ward Darcy Watkins Robbie Watkins Rosemary Weaver Jeannie Webb Mark Webb Tyla Whipp Kyle Whitaker Evan Wllborn John Willkie Amy Williams Craig Williams Cindy Wilson Laura Wilson Robin Wilson Lana Wixom Kerrie Winn James Wisener Angie Wolfe Debra Wood Pati Woods Dana Wright Sheila Wright Debbie Young Tim Young Sophomore English III students concentrate as Nlrs Sylvia Underwood teaches them the nner points of grammar. Sophomores 137 ,f 138 Freshmen ff ,f '23 andy 'Fr iZ2e I4 Bandy. Freshmen Learn the Ropes of High School B 353551 zz ll f' if i -s its F . il' x i. xl' D XX! ,V, o .z z2 Q : T ' i i -N' 'l'h . U igi Q' -9 A AS' A if T s rp. - p i x I i fi x 5 ' i H' 'Nl ' T1 f T 'if .Wg ' i - .VZ Y X xl . 1' xxl 9 I Y i ' A Freshmen class officers for 1980: Tracy Adams, Alicia Long, Craig Ford, and Phillip Tracy Adams Eddie Aguilar Melissa Allison Wendy Allison Lynn Allen John Allen Teresa Amerson Randy Applegate Dalene Arnold Janice Axline Todd Bagby Edwin Bailey Karen Bailey Brian Baker Trisha Baker Philip Bandy Freshmen 139 Russell Barrett Eden Barrera Devin Barton Kevin Bedford Cole Bewley Greg Bicknell Carla Biggs Dianna Bittel Rex Blue Ellen Bobo Tammy Bolton Robert Booth Stephanie Borchard Becky Brewer Melissa Bruce Todd Brune Melissa Buckner Patty Bullard Eddie Burns Sheila Burns Donald Burris Matt Campbell Phyliss Carpenter Angie Cartwright Tommy Castillo Pal Cheek Mike Cherry Annette Christenson Scott Christian Jimmy Conner Roberta Conner Lori Cook Patty Cook Sally Coomer Darla Cooper Randy Cooper Chris Costen Portia Cox Scotty Craig Jorge Crespo Alan Daniel Sherri Davis Stacy Davis Patrick Dumas Carl Duque David Duzan Kelli Eagle Kandy Elliot Chuck Ellis Kelly Ellis Terry England Cynthia Espinosa Wade Landes Tammy France Judy French Sandy Frizzell Craig Ford Tammy Foster Sheila Foster Gregg Gannon Nadine Gamez Jimmy Garcia Dora Garza Vicki Garza Paul Gaston Anne Gee Denise Geltz Michael Gentry Nanette Gholson David Gibson Elizabeth Gillen Melanie Glover 140 Freshmen ef X of 'lit We , li X. ' .,,, sf .. , 1 I V '+C t C h - . .t y -5 Q w , ,a X ttc, U . K I , ,1, xx ! 4 V I if A- , 31 ff ' -' X 1 luv we 4 il. i, ' Y .- W ' M , if . C J S' ' V, kin? 1 a I x 1 3 . , Q S is af 1 X . i ff . it A iill' i A PX 1' WXQYTQ-ff' x , ' ix .. X kkib' , .,:. ,!A"5v, : .V K V: :-. 1:54 . V g. A , , af N W N YY Y . J A1 AA f S , it Q i 1-' C .Q 5 V rsr . l ws' - f- 1 Y vu:-1 lv? 1 s . Lg Q. 1 at -X P' I: an m , lv 1 . V' i bl - :,g.g.ssg2yt: ,- 1 .572 f'i- - i ,Q i ,af is'. V - . . . ,QMWQ L T Av , . Q . Q, , - W i , , t M f HCR 4L'V 3.1 1 i L item, A. kk 4,2 A 3, K W C . ' K . l I C A f , ui' if ft 'lla ilsiil Iwi-l, s .. I 4 ,L A 1 i Q L l x g ' f Yi Vi -WX H ,. : igg x , A c QR zffff X' 5 -.r W5 MW SQ if is isiilill 6551 4 -f ' V zz K 3 -Ml A :lf ' XJ. K f vs 'K l i?A...1 f ' ,I assi' 'L i vy- te. 'N Y A H h V' m up 1 t . " ful? 'W C' 6 "5 t C . " - ' Y W! '1 . t fri Q If A f -i W I VV V V tw pgia VV . VV ' 1 .:efVVVfw. V XX, V S av i Q V VV VV V-V . ,.,3 MSP, 0 'V i, VIS ' . k J ' iii: Q ,I 'JV ' - X V ,, VV? ff m .V mv fl WVV, .V 1, my U Lf at eg i fi , r aft i'i -if Fr: 'X WV . 5 an f wfirri -1- - V 94-nf' . V 'iq V .VH . ,, Q-V f V Que , 1, Q V .a 6 Q F VP WG V W 1' 8' J .,n. 1 W ' ' 'l i -fi E i ' 1 I - l We 54 C ' ,.A, , H V0 d 'W V V :,f vt , re .J 3, J t: f Q e we I , XY .. xx ' 'V V V VV VV gf V V 5, V V 1 J kr' A VV -Vxx V N, L . ki 1 N if f , Xl 1 fa P A gr ' klr, A ' - W Y x , f it G mit 4 . ' 3 ' ' ' ' - 3 Y 'fit " ' " ef .- 25' p 1 -' if , tk 4 f! V ,j n V nigf . .fi v-S l N xl 1352 aii J iff' N gs 'r ' ' E . . 1 'iv ii li ajfifwf V. Q. A -fw V,-., 'V 1 F we elicii ' r f 'i . 4, t' 3 'v ' le A A c -ii . .5 XV , . i' if J r - ' ' I N w V ' ' rl Y f ' 5 ' ' f gfg K, ' I A . t like ' 1 4 - so , 2' Nc ., Q, V, V V V V I cr 'li z if ' ?5. VV f X7 HAA. li , t . . W fs- S ' ' 'af ' , if , V , . a . ' fl ' i eat 4 J' ai l -Y V 1 5 5 Ag V V V . - 4 V VVVVVV5VV w , VV VV V ,Wt " ' 'A 4 J 4 i f ' J ,, ar' S -- Q S if 9 :3 f ,. ff L-if ' fin A ,X Sylvia Gonzalez Vicky Gonzales Cindy Graham Byron Grant Renee Gray Kelly Greene Gigi Gregor Julio Crespo Julie Grier Scott Grannon Tommy Guedry Joel Gunderson Junella Guzman Kathy Hampton Kent Hampton Rene Hampton Barry Hankins Gwen Hansford Starla Harden Mark Harris Jeff Hay Debra Heimlich David Hendrix Duane Henson Troyce Henson Dee Hess Preston Hess Gordon Hiebert Joey Highhll David Hilton Stacey Hjort Sandra Hollis Terri Hollister Paul Hostetter Scott Houston Chris Huffman Justine Jacobs Arthur Jenkins Travis Jennings Keven John Debbie Johnson Stacie Johnson Bobby Jones Traci Jones Jayme Jorgensen Keith Keene Danny Kennedy Juanita Kester Jerry Kizer Renee Kizzar Chuck Knowles Kim Kostyak Jim Krause Jackie Kuhlman Sandra LaGrassa Mechelle Langford Shirley Laster Mitchell Laymance Lucy Ledbetter Eddie Leverett Gary Lisenbee Alicia Long Russ Mackey Gary Maroney Felix Martinez Mike Mash Belinda Matthews Mark McDonald Michael McDowell Valeria McElyea John McKee Rob McKinnie Freshmen 141 Russell McMenamy William McMurrey Marie Melugin Daren Merck Ron Milazzo Glynn Miller Misty Miller Cheyenne Minick Ralph Mireiter Jay Molina Suzie Murphy Darrel Murray Steve Nagle David Namy Mike Nerstrom Leigh Neumann Trae Newton Eric Nicholos Jeanice Nolte Martha Owens Mark Parker Cathye Parsons Cyndi Patino Barry Peck Jay Peninger Dianna Perkins Lynn Peters Kelley Phillips Wendy Phillips Joe Porch Richard Prichard Jim Ragle Pilar Ramirez Celestina Ramon Rena Randolp Tom Rauch Reanne Reeves Dana Renfro Dana Richardson Lesa Richardson Tammy Rickert Ronald Riding John Riggs Tommy Ritchey Mark Ritchie Barbara Robsman Mark Roden Susan Rogers Dee Dee Russell Tracy Russell Sharisse Rutledge Terry Rye Kim Samouce David Sands Mike Sands Matt Schutt Jim Seals Kari Shaw Walter Shore John Simmons Mike Sims Kelle Smith Kevin Smith Kevin Smotherman Chris Sommerheld Tammy Sooter Tracy Sparks James Stacy Lonny Stetler David Stevvart Brad Stiles Kim Strickland 142 Freshmen T g 1: - I M Y .V 5? S 44,6 K A 1555: QQQSL, . 5 -S Q I - t Nfxgclk S S . fi iiri T N --as NW av Q. W L Y g-Q S Sv 9' S' xg:g ',,,,g S ii 'f S. S' "5 ' ' - -fir f . " K 1 'dz V K h ML E -My K willy , F S , 'S 'iii 'V S S S i fr K wpsfrf 5 t ,. 1 - ' M il- P 1 .,,,, XG , , tw -ein Q, , , . 3 it L Q Y' I l .T Y A 3 its ii' 1 ia'lf W f- .J - P Q , ala S- - Q, YV , , ' i--S S l""W" 1, hi S mf s ' V ' S S' S' in ,rf e K 3 v 'M . , Xll. P St wr S as if S i , co.eei S K R JS x 23 73, N 4 -I S Y 9 .W A , P Q ,S M W r- A- S pe H .3 :ge ,T ,lrs Q ' , s ' F - ,X A S ,, ,TT ER I LAK 'ff' if 'z S ' 34 Q, i t ,QEEJNX A l" ' 4' r E' ' ii S A - Jw. 1 NYS Q 4 I 3 pf! K S SS ,SS t . S n -'S A R M .A x A ,V S Q :, gy tw i i K I .. . . ..ee P' T ' " ' P A ' W ' . V fr S t ' f 1 b Jge , g .,y,: is ,-my ' K .. :ixival I 3 T 1 'R g if 1 5 . v ff- x ' . - sr .- fi: K FSS' I' -4 -' . x Q7 fx , 5, i' 3 f 'E ? K ft - to ef. jig S if . f v ii 5 QT? ,S S' :ig 'h if "' si- ,i., iff, R , Ni xi iw t 1. Q i ' 1:3 'e r - . ia a 4 -f - '- - , .' ,pi ' 1 5 1- c va' , Y J. yr, A , xi S . t " 5 1 'Q 9 'im KN he HS ssssf f ' ' l1s's, 7 . f .AI ,.' ic A t 1 M i., R P. l - " f3S: gSS:5i?Sg J.. Fri? Mig '. '- S S Sq S ,gg y Q' V Y . ' QiNiii'Vlll QSR li -: ft v 5 fs .l r W ,f gg s srges A55 f xffig Q m Q' 'X s sg: ml ,hi 33: S we - T en' 3, , .. 1 1 1 l t -it " J 4, . V 'V 5 wi -,I lv "ti 7 l A on ' Qs - ' v y sf ?3':f' , af 'K 1'ffb""-V? 242 4522? ' fi X ,A --" J. af et i . ul :'flt:,i"i -gf-sm R ' ' "e "Q 1529- 1-,gf,-f -ga : en g- ' 4, 1 ,,. ,ft S ff i Q 1 , W 'V-' X " 'C 7 W. ' V fi or X S . inf' K X L l l I gl-V K ,' l, Q ' A 9 V Q ilg l x I 1 S , 12" i W f ? -X. Fe "ll A "if its il S X. ' 'f 5' s. 'W ' ft fe' W. N.-5' K s iy ii J ':i4' K ' ,AAV 'gl am Qlvh A S V 1 Ayv, EV, Wi M Q 2 I 4i,:,if9l K ' A ' P N ' 1 i --" T N W S A' , J, , A WbL, ' ti ' ' ' if su., 5 ' F , -x '73 N f . ' X ' i R N gy W, I 'f X ' I K rv" T V 1 ax ,,,,,,,9f ,f . - , ft ' - '5- ? ' ' N - - ' s 25 W' W . "f 'is X f I 1 . V c g gn 'VAW. - N fb , F A t . 'i ' i-f 1 I 4 mat: 1 X il if Fernando Zapata Glenda Sutton Rick Sutton Kres Summers Jane Szlasa Kim Tarter Shelli Tate Keith Taylor Marty Teague Vicky Thigpen Shelly Thompson James Thorpe Tammy Thorpe Jana Townsend Bill Trapp Tammy Tucker LeAnn Tyson Daria Underwood Ana Vasquez Ben VanEtten Susan VanEtten David VanlVleter Carter Veida Jessie Vega Amber Wagenknecht Stephanie Waggoner Kevin Wagner Jima Wallis Bodie Wartelle Christal Webb Mike Weikert Jimmy Westerman Barbara White Eddie White Pam Whitheld Jef? Wilson Kim Wilkerson Kenny Wilson Donna Winn Shane Wixom Tim Wood Mark Woosley Danny Wright Tammy Wyatt Tony Yardley Debbie Yocham Scott Yocham Kelly Young Tyler Young Freshmen 143 NS' s. . b 4,s,,:q 5 ' S. ,1- 1 x ' . i . 3 R I. . 'ff 1 if Closing CI g 145 J Pioneers continued to go on and on throughout the year to take the next step towards new goals and achievements. From the first day of school, we knew that 1980 would be a year of successes and failures. Through the exams, sports, and activities at Boswell, we realized that Pioneers are a special breed, individual, yet able to pull together when the school year was most trying. We learned and grew, together. We played and made friends together, sharing our experiences with one another. And as these nine months came to a close, the memories came flooding back to the seniors as graduation neared, and to the underclassmen as they realized their time would come. Here, a search began for a guiding star to lead us in the years to come and to assure us that there would be hope for tomorrow. And there was the Pioneer spirit that could never die, it would go on and on, like the memories of 1979 and 80 that will never be forgotten. ab Junior Denise Danko works hard getting her project ready for the Boswell Science Fair in February. bl Junior Kyle Sayers carefully recites to his fellow classmates during lunch period, ci Senior Janet Fulkerson and Sophomore Amy Williams enjoy their lunch period with a laugh, dl Debby Forrest seems to be "up in the air" when it comes to Grady Ezell. el Senior Karla Thome and Junior Jodi Barton add a smile to a rainy day. X. J Ad 146 Closing fwitlzw' " Y ,Q ti ?,.z:?7 k in G 1: Q . Q F wif ' ,921 Q wx fi , tv. , -, ,C . 1, ffgvls 1111--' I K . if I ii Ae 6 if 'f N? .,.' f'f.v 1 v'P'. 5 .b fog: 33533 JT, w, X 4 5,411 , fiwf ivtfbii .lil-X ,Ei K Qi, x.., A 1 c.-:FA V . .ff A ,af a al Junior Mary Allen sizes up herself with a smile. bl Senior Everett Rhodes enjoys his period as ohice assistant, cl Senior Kay Lynn Starnes concentrates on her typing. dl The 1979-1980 Publications Staff-Top row, left to right: Laurie Ware, Jacqueline Petrilli, Bob Allen, Sheryl Fowler, Susie Reece, Nancy Groce, Amy Kimmel, Adviser Rennetta Davis, Cathy Corn, James Hoover. Bottom row, left to right: Carter Horner, Todd Womack, Scott Day. 148 Closing Bob Allen Cathy Corn Scott Day Sheryl Fowler Nancy Groce James Hoover 1980 PIONEER STAFF Boswell High School Adviser: Rennetta Davis Photography Carter Horner Amy Kimmel Jackie Petrilli Susie Reece Laurie Ware Todd Womack Color: Scott Day Todd Womack Rennetta Davis Q5-L ,- 1-be , . if , , 1 Closing 149 .4. v-IA 7' .' 'rl x .v ' 'Nik .vu ,I+ .ADi5fl??5-?1f??U??f??'f95- I AQ-iiiiiiiiffiflsiflfw WT 1 , .gA6edi3L?D9nna51,33 ' rA55if15f7ffi55'413'?4'1?3 150 12924921 933 2 ., ' f Adams, AQ!-'liiifi 415453197 35?3f'lS??4?9- ?sif??'1?i5lE51.?7 if 0l1PTl?3'fi L,LL ' ' Align 'AlV in ,,,, ., T , 'LY Allstlti, nnaexaofj , 1.. Aliso?3Mao?112iv4?i14Hfil,4 Ail6f1EiRiiCli9413l35T2l??f2'lfi A WAllen, Ro'nert+3o,'l55,1fjA ,g 115, 25, 27, 149'-,if-4 Allison, Adrian-133 QQ, Allison, Melissa-139 B Allison, Wendy-139 Amerson, Teresa-139 Amick, Mike-106 Anders, Debbie-56, 127 Anderson, Bill-106 Andrew, Keppe-133 Applegate, Randy-139 Applewhite, Billy-133 Applewhite, Richard- 115 Armer, Lee-102, 127 Arnold, Debra-133 Arnold, Dalene-139 Artega, Frank-115 Artega, Johnny-136 Artega, Robert-115 Artzberger, Lynda-133 Ash, Pearl-110 A Atchison, James-106 Averhoff, Angie-11, 107 Axline, Janice-139 Axline, Julie-127 Bagby, Todd-139, 92 Bailey, Edward-127 Bailey, Edwin-76, 139 Bailey, Karen-139 Baker, Julie-115 Bailey, Kelly-66, 76, 115 Baker, Brian-139 Baker, Cheryl-127 Baker, Randy-108 Baker, Robert-133 Baker, Steve-133 Baker, Trisha-139 Bandy, Celeste-127 Bandy, Philip-139, 92, 93 Bailey, Rennetta-115 Barber, Gary-133 Barber, Jerry-125, 127 Barber, Jim-127 Barber, John-11, 76, 115 Barker, Steven-41, 76, 115 Barksdale, Boyd-39, 115 Barksdale, Randy-133 Barnard, Christina-127 Barnard, Deborah- 133 Barnes, Barrera, Barrera, Irvin-60, 108 Eden- 101, 140 Gerardo-101 Barrington, Valerie-115 Barritt, Russell-140 Barton, Devin-140 Barton, Jodi-127, 147 Becker, Cris-133 Beckner, David-127 Beckner, Mike-10, 127 Beckum, Darryl-76, 127 Bedford, Kevin-140 Beezley, Cole-140 Beirute, Lisa-133 Bell, Sherri-32, 33, 34, 133 Bever, Joann-98, 133 Closing Bicknel,l,fGreo31fil0,ii92ffl:. if A-Caiitvvright,i.Angie-140 Birkwel'iiT?1ffsSaf49ii39645 1 f 521577 Cartwright Carla-116 'Ei127ii"'-Q-.Iii ' 5- ire ' 2 5 - BiQQs13C4riii?'?9,z140i 'DLL A it ltsiimygexeffelu Bfwi.srDebhfee+99-4 1981 f 54 I 1 '-1-i "ii 1 I Bishop, Jonice-1341i Bishop, Susan-116 ' Bittel, Dianna-140 Blakeman, Kim-50, 116 Blakey, Lesa-30, 116 Block, Wendy-51, 127 Blakey, Bob-108 Blount, Wanda-50, 98, 127 Blue, Rex-140 Bob, Ellen-140 Bobo, Stephen-127 Been, Don-108, 87 Bogue, Bob--72 Bogue, Reed-88, 116, 86 Bohannon, Erin-34 Bohannan, Pat-116 Bolton, Tammy-42, 99, 140 Booth, Robert-140 Borchardt, Stephanie- 140 Borchardt, Tim-134 Brennen, Mitzi-127 Brewer, Becky-140 Bridges, Mark-127 Bridges, Michael-127 Brinkley, Gary Don-76, 116 Brinkley, Robin-33, 34, 134 Brooks, Becky-21, 116 Brooks, Harry-128 Brookshire, Scott-134 Brown, JoAnn-52, 108 Brown, Peyton-134 Bruce, Melissa-140 Brune, Todd-140 Bryan, Joe-108 Brown, Yvonna-128 Buchanan, Beverly-134 Brumbalow, Jimmy- 50, 116 Buckner, lVlelissa-140 Buckner, Michael-116 Buie, Linda-134 Buie, Lori-116, 145 Bullard, Patty-140 Bunnell, Brent-134 Burgess, Laurie-94, 98, 134 Burns, Eddie-140 Burns, Mike-87 Burns, Sheila-140 Burris, Donald-140 Bush, Brian-76, 127 Byers, Mark-65, 116 Byers, Mike-46, 65, 116 Campbell, Brenda-128 Campbell, Dewaine-128 Campbell, Matt-140 Campus, Lupe-101 Campos, Angie-134 Cannon, Delana-134 Cantrell, Kelley-128 Cantwell, Jeff-101, 116 Caraway, Janice-128 Carpenter, Angie-116 Carpenter, Connie-128 Carpenter, Phyllis 100, 140 Carne, Tim-102, 128 Carrell, Doug-108 Carroll, Rayne-134 Carter, Steve-128 Caspar J5Fi9'ff50, '123 ...Castanedai David-76, :V Qigs 'lQl,'i1'l6 V, ' Castaneda, Ellis-134, casmio, tammy-140 Cantry, Michel-140 - Chambers, Harold-134 Chambers, Sam-134 Chambless, Jeannette- 111 Chancellor, Tina-42, 43, 116 Chapman, Ben-116 Charbonnet, Denise-29, 96, 128, 22 Charbonnet, Mark-134, 91 Chatelain, Gloria-108 Cheek, Pat-140 Cheek, Sandy-134 Cherry, Leesa-134 Cherry, Nlike-140 Christeman, Annette- 140 Christian, Scott-140 Clark, Ron-78, 108 Clements, Jan-108 Clemmons, Jack-74, 78, 108, 92 Cleveland, Bobby Joe- 134 Cleveland, Donna-134 Cleveland, John-108 Cobb, John-134 Coffield, Suzanne-108 Cole, Donna-138, 131 Cole, Ronnie-134 Collins, Ken-76, 128 Conner, Janette-128 Conner, Roberta-140 Contreras, Dolores-18, 48, 116 Contreras, Ramona-116 Cook, Bart -V116 Cook, Eric-102, 116 Cook, Lori-102, 140 Cook, Mary Beth-128 Cook, Patricia-128 Cook, Patty-140 Coomer, Sally-140 Cooper, Darla-140 Cooper, Randy-140 Copeland, Scott-128 Copenhaver, Natha-134 Copenhaver, Tracy-116 Corbin, Kenny-76, 128 Corbin, Roger-116 Corbit, Debbie-116 Corn, Cathy-31, 54, 116, 24, 149 Corn, Robert-134 Corner, Jimmy-140 Cornish, John-128 Costen, Chris-140 Cottle, Loita-108 Covic, Mike-108 Covington, Betty Jo-98, 134 Covington, Terri-32, 33, 34, 134 Cox, Alma-108 Cox, Portia-140 Craig, Scotty-140 Crain, Tommy-116 Cribbs, Carey-100 Crisco, Mike-88, 116, 86 Crisco, Vickie-42, 43, 128 Crespo, Jorge-140 Cromeans, Della-108 Cross, Richard-134 Cruz, Sammy-76, 128, 126 Culver, Tracy-42, 43, 128, 127, 126 Curry, Tammy-134 Curtis, Margie-128 Dagg, Michelle-128 Dagg, Cara-134 Dagg, Don-51, 76, 117 Dallof, Dawnell-134 Daniel, Alan-84, 140 Daniel , Darrell-101, 108 Danko, Adrienne-117 Danko 146 Daugh 91, Davis, , Denise-50, 128, trey, Tim-84, 108, 87 DeWayne-134 Davis, Gary-1173 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, 149 Jerry-76, 117 Kim-20, 134 , Lisa-32, 117 Mark-117 Nlelanie-87, 128 Rennetta-108, , 16, 17 Davis, Sl-ierita-128 Davis, Sherri-140 Davis, Stacy-140 Day, Don-128 Day, Don-117 Day, Scott-55, 117, 149 Day, Tammy-134 ' Dean, Gwen-105, 108 DeAnda, Richard-128 DeLackner, Bart-134 Delano, Angela-117 Dennis, Tim-128 Deviney, Mary-107 DeVries, Jan-32, 68, 134 DeYoung, Linda-100, 134 Dickens, Jimmy-69, 76, 117 Dill, Donna-117 Dill, Tim-134 Dodson, Tammy-125, 128 Dominey, Donna-33, 34, 46, 128 Dominey, Vickie-117 Donahue, Jeff-128 Doss, Sandra-134 Doss, Lora-117 Doss, Toby-128 Duster, Betty-111 Duffee, Clayton-128 Duke, Bill-134 Dumas, Patrick-140 Dunn, Jesse-128 Dunn, Marty-128 Dunque, Carl-140 Duvall, David-134 Duzan, David-140, 92 Dyer, Bryan-134 Dyer, Mike-117 Eagle, Keith-128 Eagle, Kelli-99, 140 Earley, Cindia-134 Edens, Susan-134 Edge, Carol-128 Edwards, James-117 Elledge, Sonja-128 Elliott, Kandy-140 Elliott, Keith-101, 134 Elliott, Kenneth-61, 134 Elkins, T.J.-106 Ellis, Becky-128 Ellis, Chuck-140 Ellis, Kelly-140 Ellis, Kenny-117 Ellis, Trudy-128 ' Enax, Donald-8, 108, 96 England, Randy-128 England, Terry-140 Ennis,.Donna-134 Espinosa, Cynthia-99, 140 W 5 'g ,, Evans, Patti-128 i - Ezelticrady-134, 132, 147 , Ezell, Marty-19, 31, 69, 74, 76, 117, 114 Faries, Mark-128 Faris, Mark-,134 1 Fathke, David-102, 128 Fell, John-117 V Fief, Joey-128 Figueroa, Rachel-134 Figueroa, Sandra-117 Finch, Pat-108 Fiske, Sue Flores, Eddie-134 Ford, Craig-140, 139 Forrest, Debby-43, 134, 147 Foster, Tammy-140 Foster, Sheila-140 Fowler, Kellee-125, 134 Fowler, Sheryl-18, 113, 117, 149 Fowler, Tracee-98, 128, 69 Forrer, Steve-117 Fox, Deryl-108 Fox, Rocky--134 France, Tammy-140 Frances, Wade-140 Freeman, Rusty-134, oo, 91 French, Judy-140 Frizzell, Brad-128 Frizzell, Gaye-19, 134, 133 Frizzell, Sandy-140, 138 Fuchs, Angela-98, 128 Fulkerson, Ann-108 Fulkerson, Janet-18, 19, 52, 42, 43, 48, 117, 147 Gage, DeAnn-134 Gallman, Lori-134 Gage, Denise-117, 145 Gamez, Nadine-140 Gang, Debbie-117 Gang, John-134 Gannon, Greg-140 Gannon, Nlark-117 Garcia, Jimmy-140 Gardner, Tom-128 Garmon, Jayne-102, 128 Garner, Greg-76, 117 Garrett, Greg-134 Gary, Tonya-134 Garza, Diana-134 Garza, Dona-140 Garza, Vicki-140 Gaston, Paul-140 Gauntt, Janine-128 Gay, Joe-128 Gee, Anne-140 Geltz, Denise-140 Gholson, Nanette-140 Gholson, Teresa-128 Gibson, David-140 Gibson, Debbie-134 Gibson, Ken-128 Giles, Cecilia-118 Gillen, Elizabeth-140 Gillen, Gary-128 Gillen, Tauna-118 Gish, Kolette-32, 134 Glover, Melanie-140 Golden, Suzie-50, 98, 134 Gonzalez, Sylvia-141 Gonzales, Vicky-99, 141 Graham, Cindy-141, 99 Graham, Rodney-118 Granado, David-134 Granado, Dee Dee-54, 118 Grannan, Kelly-128 Grannan, Robert-118 Grant, Byron-141 Grant, Tammy-66, 113, 118 Grate, Debbie-65, 118 Grate, Jay-134 Gray, Gary-101, 134 Gray, Renee-141, 99 Green, Jana-134 Greene, Kelly-42, 43, 141 Gregor, Gigi-141 Grespo, Julio-141 Grier, Julie-141 Griffin, Al-108 Grigsby, Toni-134 Grimes, Christy-128 Groce, Nancy-29, 113, 118, 149 Groce, Robert-134 Grannon, Scott-141 Grope, Rodney-128 Gruman, Michelle-135 Guedry, Tommy-141 Gunderson, Joel-141 Guzman, Junellaf141 Guthrie, Brendaf108 Gutierrez, Brenda-135 Gutierrez, Daniel-76, 128 Hackbarth, Kimf135 Hafele, Robert-135 Hafley, Weldon-107 Hall, lCampizil, Beverly-53, 108 Hall, Kelley-128, 50 Hall, Terri-64, 128 Ham, Sally-118 Hammer, Rhonda-135 Hampton, Kathy-141 Hampton, Kent-141 Hampton, Rene-141 Hamrick, Robin-135 Hankins, Barry-141 Hankins, Kim-128 Hansford, Gwen-141 Hard, Craig-118 Harden, Starla-141 Hargrove, Joyce-108, 109 Harlow, Gary-20, 48, 135 Harlow, Steven-47, 63, 118, 23 Harris, Bobby-135 Harris, Mark-141 Harris, Shirla-40, 109 Hartzell, Andy-35, 128 Hartzell, Kathy-34, 135 Hawthorne, Harold-109 Hawthorne, Terry-71, 102, 128, 87 Hay, David-135 Hayden, T.J,-135 Hays, Jeff-141 Headrick, Lisa-118, 33, 35 Heffleflnger, Jill-118 Heimlich, Debra-141 Hendrix, David-141 Henry, Mery-109 Henson, Angela-128 Henson, Dayna-71, 97, 94, 96, 128, 95 Henson, Ronald-135 Henson, Dwane-141 Henson, Troycew141 Herndon, Julia-128 Hess, Dee-141 Hess, Prinston-141 Hicks, Brett-128 Hiebert, Gordon-141 High, Chris-118 Hlghfill, Joey-141 Highfill, Terry-129 Hill, Claudia-110, 111 Hill, Debbie-18, 118, 115, 23 Hill, Tony-23 Hilton, David-141 Hilton, Janet-129 Hipps, Greg-118 Hjort, Greg-118 Hjort, Stacey-141 Hobblit, Tom-135 Hodges, Cindy-129 Hodges, Pansyf36, 135 Hogan, Traci-135 Holbrook, Mary-111 Holden, Kevin-135 Hollis, Sandra-141 Hollister, Steve-135 Hollister, Terri-141 Holmes, Miriam-43, 135 Holmes, Steve-129 Holt, Debbiei11B Hood, Mary Ann-129 Hooper, Erin-12, 118 Hoots, Darrell-135 Hoover, James-129, 149 Hoppenrath, Kenny-76, 129 Hoppenrath, Kristi-135 Horner, Carter-2, 54, 113, 118, 149 Hornsby, Rhonda-129 Horton, Patty-129 Hoskins, Michelle465, 118 Hostetter, Paul-141, 92, 93 Houck, Beverly-109 Houston, Scott-141 Huffman, Brian-129 Huffman, Chris-141 Hughitt, RobbyM135 Huke, Scott-129 Hunter, David-118 Hutchens, Brent-76, 118 Hutton, Fred-48, 135 Hutton, Tommy-129, 90, 91 Hylton, LeaAnn-101, 129 Ingram, Greg-54, 76, 118 Jackson, Keith476, 118 Jacobs, Justine-141 Jacobson, Jackie-118 Jacobson, Jamesf135 Jenkins, Arthur-141, 92 Jennings, Travis-141 Jenson, Don-129 Jernigan, Wanda-107 John, Kevin-141 Johns, Sandy-129, 38 Johnson, Betsy-129 Johnson, Betty-111 Johnson, Cheryl-118 Johnson, Debbie-141 Johnson, Dennis-118 Johnson, Devery-135, 91 Johnson, Jimmy-135 Johnson, Jody-31, 76, Index 69, 119 Johnson, Stacie-141 Johnson, Tracy-102, 129 Jones, Bobby-141 Jones, Cheryl-102, 135 Jones, Donna-135 Jones, Elizabeth-30, 119 Jones, Ginger-129 Jones, Lucy-50, 109 Jones, Tracie-141, 99 Jordan, Danny-109 Jordan, Gina-109, 129, 43, 127 Jordan, GIenda'135 Jorgensen, Jayme-99, 141 Jorgensen, Jerry-119 Judge, Gina-135 Julich, Robin-119 Keck, Kim-129 Keene, Keith-141 Keene, Mike-32, 129 Keim, Mildred-119 Keim, Stephanie-100, 135 Kennedy, Danny-141 Keith, Kristy-129 Keith, Warrenf106 Kelley, Teresa-129 Kellum, Gary-129 Keller, Lisa-129 Kelton, Brenda-119 Kennedy, Ronda-135 Kester, Juanita-141 Keys, Susan-119 Kimmel, Amy-31, 54, 119, 148 King, Diann-134 King, Doug448, 129 Kirkham, Kathy-102, 135, 43 Kirkham, Matt-119 Kirkpatrick, Alan-109 Kirkpatrick, Eddie-119 Kizer, Jimmy-141 Kizziar, Rennee-141 Kloster, Mark-63, 119, 115 Knott, David-129 Knowles, Chuck-141 Kostyak, Kim-141 Kostyak, Leonard-135 Krause, Adele-51, 135 Krause, David-129, 131 Krause, Jim-141, 92 Krebs, Laura-129 Kretsinger, Debbie-109 Krezer, Todd-135 Kuhlan, Jackie-141 Lackey, Neil-135 LaGrassa, Frank-129 LaGrassa, Sandra-99, 141 Lamb, Taren-135 Lambert, Gwen-129 Lambert, Ricky-62, 119 Lambert, Terry-135 Land, Bryan-129 Lang, David-32, 33, 119 Langford, Donita-129 Langford, Mechelle-141, 99 Langley, Brenda-135 Langley, Robin-32, 33, 119 Laster, Shirleyi141 La Quey, Tracy-100, 135 taster, Phil-135, 91 Latham, Brad-135 Lauderdale, Randyf88, 86, 87 Lawrence, Donna-129 Lay, Carol-119 Laymance, Mitchell-141 LeClaire, Gail-119 Leatherman, Christy-98, 135 Ledbetter, Lucy-141 Lee, Samuel-109 Lemme, Randy-135 Lemme, Rhonda-119 Leonard, John-135 Letnes, Alison-119 Leu, Ricky-129 Leu Allen, Brenda-135 Leverette, Eddie-141 Leverette, Mary-119 Lewis, Cathy-119 Lewis, Debbie-62 Lewis, Debra-129 Legget, Launi-135 Lindstrom, Mike-135 Lisenbee, Garry-141 Litke, Tammy-119, 50 Livingston, Alan-47, 119 Lochabay, Liz-119 Lomerson, Karen-67, 96, 129 Long, Alicia-41, 42, 43, 141, 139 Long, Dee Dee-113, 119 Long, Denise-129 Long, Marty-54 Loughridge, Christopher- 135 Luftman, Cara-48, 119 Lykins, Forrest-105, 109 Mackey, Cara-129 Mackey, RussA141, 92 Mahaffey, Olen-62, 109 Majors, Katherine-135 Majors, Richard-60, 76, 129 Maldonado, Robert-50, 129 Mann, Mike-135 Markum, Kevin-119 Markum, Tandi-135 Maroney, Gary-141 Martin, Eddie-129 Martin, Skeeter-135 Martines, Felix-141 Martinez, Gloria-135 Martinez, Joe-119 Mash, Mikef141 Mash, Peter-129 Mason, Kenneth-129 Matthews, Belinda-141 Mathis, Jackie-129 Mays, Kirt-135, 91 McBee, Anne-129 McBride, Mike-129 McClain, Rachel-129 McCrory, Janice-62, 129 McCullough, Kristi-120 McDonold, Machael-141 McDonolcl, Mark-141, 92 McDowell, Julie-135 McDowell, Terri-129 McEIreath, Dana-11, 97, 94, 96, 120, 26 McEIyea, Valerie-141 McGehee, Carolyn-109 Mclnroe, Mark-129 McKee, John-141 McKeehan, Carol-120 McKinney, Gary-39, 109 McKinnie, Kim-120 McKinnie, Rob-141 McMenamy, Robin-100, 129 MCMEf'lamy, RUSSEHY 101, 142 McMillan, Kelly-129 McMurdie, Neilh135 McMurrey, William-142 McRae, Dana-120 Meadous, Patricia-135 Means, Randy-135 Means, Sheri-2, 42, 43, 54, 120 Mellott, Chuck-135, 91 Melugen, Marie-142 Merck, Daren-142 Metting, Scott-76, 129 Meyer s, Cindy-120 Milburn, Margaret-111 Milazzo, Ron-142 Miller, Brad-135 Miller, Glynon-142 Miller, Greg-135 Miller, Michelle-135 Miller, Misty-142 Miller, Robb-101, 135 Millner, Alisa-135 Milner, Julie-135 Minick, Cheyenne-142 Mireiter, Ralph-142 Moerbe, DavidA18, 105 Molin, Jay-142 Molin, John-135 Molina, Anthony-129 Montgomery, Kirk-76, 129 Moore, Ben-135 ' Moore, Keith-120 Moore, Pauline-111 Morales, Robert-129 Morgan, Carol-32, 33, 35, '129 Morgan, Robby-129 Mori, J.J.-120 Morlock, Lori-21, 129 Morris, Brent-135 Morris, Lorril-120 Morris, Susanf135 Morton, David-135 Moss, Carol-120 Moss, Deanna-159 Mowell, Douglous-76, 129 Muchmore, Steve-129 Munoz, John-56, 136 Murphy, Suzie-48, 100, 142 Murray, Darrel-142 Murray, Diane-120 Murry, Paul-136, 90, 91 Murray, Randy-120 Nabors, Carlosf120 Nagle, Mike-129 Nagle, Steve-142 Namy, David-142 Nerstrom, Mike-142 Neumann, Leigh-142 Newby, Brenda-136 Newcom, Max-106 Newman, Junef109 Newton, Trae-142 Nicholos, Eric-142 Nichols, Lois-136 Nickel, Laurie-129 Nickel, Rhonda-136 Niemeyer, Todd-129 Nix, Carla-107 Nolte, JeaniceY142 Norris, Dorothy-111 Norris, Janell-11, 102, 129 Nowell, Ronnie-129 Nowlin, Susie-129 Oldham, Marty-136 Orr, Stoney-129 Ortega, Daniel-120 Otto, Kevin-3, 30, 76, 77, 120 Owens, Andrew-136 Owens, Jeff-136 Owens, Jency-109 Owens, Martha-142 Owens, Natalie-129 Pace, Kim-100, 136 Closing 151 Pachares, Mark - 136 Parker, Danita--136 Parker, Delia-130 Parker, John -130 Parker, Mark-142 Parker, Mary 48, 120 Parker, Sandy 102, 130 Parker, Vince-130 Parks, Keith - 76,130 Parks, Kimberlye-129 Parr, Jeh'reyA76, 130 Parsons, Cathyef142 Passmore, Jackie 120 Patino, Cyndi--142 Peck, Barry-142 1 Pemberton, Danny f6, 76, 77, 88, 89, 120, 26, 86, 87 Peninger, Jaya-142 Penn, Joe--109 Perez, Gloria f-136 Perkins, Perkins Perkins, Perkins, Perkins, AR.-106 Deborah-130 DonnaA120 Diannew142 Jeii- 130 Perry, Dianne -7, 120' Petelin, Peters, Terrif102, 130 Elaine-109 Peters, Jimmy 4136 Peters, Lynn-'99, 142 Petrilli, Jacquelinef7, 33, 35, 55, 120, 149 Petruska, Steve-32, 130 Petruska, Tome87, 130 Petty, Stephen-109 Phelps, Billy-136 Phillips, Kelley - 142 Phillips, Wendy-A142 Phipps, Angiew136 Phipps, Debbie,-100 Picklesimer, Mark-130 Piekarski, David,-47, 32, 120 Pike, Robbie-120 Pirie, Georgia --136 Plemons, Shelly-136 Polinsky, Petere12O Pool, Alvin-130 Poe, Debbie-130 Pope, Ricky -20, 21, 48, 136 Pittman, Lee-136 Porch, Joe-142 Post, Kelly-130 Powell, Shelley -136 Pray, Meredith-130 Precella, Jet?-130 Pretzer, Gayla-48, 130 Pretzer, Rob-136 Prichard, Richard--142 Price, Denisha432, 120 Puift, Carey--130 Pugh, Mark-120 Quillen, Desiree-136 Quinn, Sherry-120 Raesz, Cindy4130 Raez, Sandy--100, 136 Ragle, Jim--142 Ramer, TerriA130 Ramirez, Manuale130 Ramirez, Pilar-142 Ramon, Celestina-142 Randall, George- 136 Randolph, BobbyA136 Randolph, Runa-142 Rankin, Lisae53, 130 Rau, Kathy-130 Rauch, Mark412, 29, 75, 76, 121 Rauch, Tom-142, 92 Reasoner, Cindy-94, 98, 136 Reece, SusanA71, 94, 96, 113, 121, 145, 149 Reeves, Danny-121 Reeves, Reanne-142 Redding, Ray-76, 136 Redding, SteveA76, 130 Reed, Genef136 Reeves, Elaine-130 Reeves, Shannonf98, 136 Reichett, Stacy-130 Renfro, Dana-142 Renfro, Robert Jr.w121 52 Closing 31, ee, Resendez, Lisa P130 Rettig, JamesA136 Reynolds, Donnav27, 121 Reynolds, Terry 84, 109 Rhodes, Everett--86, 121, 148 Rhoads, John f 136 Richards, Darryl-2121, 87 Ritchey, Kennethf121 Ritchey, Kim,e121 Riley, Robert-63,121 Richardson, Dana-42, 43, 99, 142 Richardson, Lesa -142 Rickert, Tammy-142 Riding, Ronald -142 Riggs, John--142 Riggs, Melbaf109 Ritchey, Tommy-142 Ritchie, Mark- 142 Roark, Robert-136 Roark, Robin-121 Robinson, Barbara--142 Roberts, Pam+121 Robinson, Kevin f 30, 101, 121 Roden, Mark-142 Rodgers, Ken-130 Rogers, Susan-142 Rodriguez, Charles-130 Rodriguez, Robert-101, 136 Rogers, Lisa-136 Rose, Billy-6, 71, Rosenberg, Mary-121 Ross, Bobbie-32, Rosson, Jay-136 Rozenberg, Nlelissa--136 Rozenburg, Tersa-130 Ruelas, Melissa---33, 35, 56, 121 Russell, Angela- 33, 121 Rusell, DeeDee-42, 43, 100, 142 Russell, Jay-121 Russell, Rhona -43, 130 Russell, Sherlin-130 Russell, Tracye142 Rutledge, Sharise-142 Rye, Kim-130 Rye, Terry 142 St. Germain, Jennifer498, 130 Saldana, Joseph -121 Saldana, Karen -136 Saldi, Jayf22, 23 Salzado, Jessica 4136 Samouce, Kim-142 Sands, David-142 Sanos, Mike--142 Sams, Andy-136 Sayers, Fritz-7136, 133 Sayers, Kyle---130, 147 Scarborough, Laura-42, 43, 130 Scheer, Lauren-48, 102, 121 Schickedanz, Bob-136 Schmerber, Pete-101, 121 Schmerber, Teresa--136 Schnell, Kim-136 Schult, Matt-142 Schultz, Georgia-136 Schultz, Sara-130 Schuster, Jamie-6, 42, 43, 136 Schwengler, Brian-136 Scoggins, Cindy-136 Scoggins, Jammie-136 Scoggins, Sherry-121 Scott, J.D.-19, 136 Shannonf130 76, 121 136 . Scott, Seals, Lisa-121 Seals, Jim-142 Patf13O Selby, Selner, Steve-136 Sexton, Jayme-121 Shahan, Judy-109 Shank, Charlenef111 Shannon, Stephanie4136 Shaw, Brad473, 74, 76, 130, 91 Shaw, Kari-99, 142 Index Shelman, Eddie'130 Sheets, Bob-136 Shield, Sharana-130, 127 Shevvmake, Lana--43, 130 Shewmake, Scott-102, 136 Shore, Jeannie4136 Shore, Walter-W-142 Shriner, Donna--136 Simmons, John -142 Simmons, Laurie-130 Simpson, Buck -130 Sims, lVlikef34, 142 Sims, Paul-130 Slayton, Kent-121 Smart, Patti-121 Smith, Denisef136 Smith, Eddiee20,48,136 Smith, keiiev142 Smith, KevinA142 Smith, Lorraine-130 Smith, Sherie4130 Smotherman, Kevin-142 Sommerfield, Chris-142, 92 Sonter, Tammyv142 Sooter, Tonyiaf136 Sparks, ,Tracy-142 Spindor, Sherri-M109 Spindor, Tome136' Spraggens, Julie-136 Springer, Tammy-136 Spry, Becky-136 Spry, Tonya-121 Stacy, James 4142 Stacy, ScottA121 Staiiord, Jetty-136, 91 Stahord, Jerry-1136 Staliford, Tammy-71, 95, 96, 97, 130 Stallings, Steve-122 Starnes, Kaylynne-122, 148 Starnes, Marty-101, 130 Staton, Todd -72, 76, 136 Steele, Vickie -87, 136 Steppick, Rick-2 Stetler, Jerianneef122 Stetler, Lonnyr- 142 Stetler, Titus--136 Stevens, Tim-76, 122 Stevenson, Jeff-38, 122 Stevenson, Ted-136, 91 John-73, 130 Steves, Stewart, Cara--130 David'-29, 142 Stewart, Stewart, .lay-136 Stewart, Jenny -51,136 Stewart, Phylissf122 Stiles, Brad-142 Stolz, Billy-137 Strance, Chris--32, 122 Straw, Brenda-137 Strickland, Kim--142 Strickland, Leah-137 Stride, Jimmy476, 130 Stringer, Lindae 109 Stroud, Barbara-137 Summers, Krisf102, 142 Sutherland, Susan-109 Barbara-137 GlendaA143 Sutton, Sutton, Sutton, Joe -122 Sutton, Rickf143 Szlasa, Betsy-29, 113, 122, 23 Szlasa, JaneA42, 100, 143 Szlasa, MaryEllen-52, 100, 130 Tarter, Kim-41, 100, 143 Tate, Shelli-143 Tate, Terri-98, 137 Taylor, David-18, 29, 31, 76, 77, 122, 115 Taylor, GrantA137, 91 Taylor, Joey-137 Taylor, KeithA143 Taylor, Phillip-125, 130 Taylor, Teresa--109 Teague, Enoch-137 Teague, Marty-143 Thigpen, Toby-122 Thigpen, Vicky-100, 143 Thome, Kraig---88,89,137, 86, 87 Thorne, Karla4122, 147 Thome, Kurtise76, 130, 87 Billie P109 Thompson, Thompson, Janice-122 Thompson, Thompson, 133 Thompson, Susan 122 Thorpe, James- 143 Thorpe, Tammyf-143 Thurman, Traci-113, 122 Tidwell, Mark-137 Tidwell, Diane-130 Tidwell, Terry-122 Tidwell, Wes1130 Tilley, Lana-98, 137 Tiroff, Stacy-29, 137 Townsend, Jana -143 Trammell, Bob-40, 63, 107 Trammell, DeniseA137 Trapp, Bill--143, 92 Trapp, LeAnn PP4' 25, 130, 96 Tucker, Tammy-143 Turner, Elaine-M122 Tuttle, Lisa-130 Tuttle, Terri-137 Tyson, l.eAnne143 Underwood, Daria-143 Underwood, Sylvia-109 Urban, Jennifer--137 Urban, Julie--130 Urban, Steve-122 Valle, Nancy-137 Vance, Andy--122 VanEtten, Benf143 Vanlitten, Susan-143 VanHoose, Curtis -130 VanMeter, David'-143 VanMeter, Kenny-130 Vasquez, Anna-143 Vawter, David---76, 137 Vawter, Pat-32, 122 Vawter, Troy,-39, 76, 130 Vega, Jessie-143 VonWahlde, Don Vosberg, James-137 Vosberg, Lynn--130 Vuida, Carter'143 Wade, Sandra-109 Wagar, Aimee4130 Wagar, Lori-137 Wagenknecht, Amber '143 Waggoner, Stephanie -99, 143 Wagner, DebbieA3, 19, 77, 69, 95, 96, 122, 25, 114, 115 Wagner, Kevinf143 Wagner, Kim413O, 127 Walker, Randall4122 Wallace, Teresa--137 Wallis, Jima-102, 143 Warbritton, Melissaf130 Warbritton, MikeY63, 122 Ward, James-137 Ward, Steve- 137, 91 Ware, Laurie-2, 113, 122, 149 Ware, Tracyf130 Warren, Johnny-122 Warren, Julief13O Wartelle, Bodie-13, 50, 143 Shellyf100 SteveA19, 137, Wartelle, Diana-10, 122, 69, 94, sas Watkins, Darcy-137 Watkins, Robbie--137 Watkins, Kayf107 Watson, D0nfl06 Watts, Paula-96, 130 Wauford, Vicki-122 Weathers, David-130 Weaver, Rosemary-137 Webb, Christal4143 Webb, Jeanniee137 Webb, Mark-137 Weems, Burtf107 Weikert, lVlikef102, 143 Wells, Chris-131 Westerman, Brenda--123 Westerman, Jimmy-143 Westerman, Tommy-123 Westfall, Gary-131 ,f f whip, Maninftal , Whipp, Tylaf-137 Whitaker, Kyle-'137 White, Barbara-143' White, Eddie-143, v White, Shirleye-123 Whitheld, Pam-5143 Wielsen, Jeff-143' Wilborn, Kenneth-131 Wilborn, Walter-123 Wilkerson, Kim-143 1 Willkie, Ed-1062 ' Willkie, JilIf123 Willkie, John-137 I Williams, Alden'ew131y Williams, Amy-19, 42, 43, V 100, 137, 132, 133, 147 Williams, Brent41Z3 Williams, Connie-123 Williams, 0raigw137, 91 Williams, Evan--137 Williams, Ken-109 Williams, Linda-100, 137 Williams, Mary Tom-106 Michael- 107 Williams, Williams, Robert'-109 Wilson, CralgA137 Wilson, Davef123 Wilson, Greg-123 Wilson, Jeff-123 Wilson, JerryA131 Wilson, Kenny'-143 Wilson, Laura-137 Wilson, Mary-131 Wilson, Robin-137 Winblood, Melissa-123 Winchell, Marykay-94, 96, 97, 102, 131 Winn, DonnaA143 Winn, Kerri -56, 137 Winn, Terri-123 Wisener, James-137 Witt, MikeA123 Wixom, Wixom, Lana-137 Shane-143, 92 Wolfe, Angie-29, 137 Womac 149 k, Todd-15, 102, Wood, Debra-137 Wood, Wood, Krisf102, 131 Rodney-131 Wood, TimA143 Woods, Woodul Pati-137 , Troy-131 Woolsey, DeIisaA123 Woolsey, MarkA143 Woolsey, Marshalle31, 18, 73, 76, 77, 69, 123, 26 Worle, Marjean-131 Worrell, Scott-49, 47, 123 Wright, Dana4137 Wright, Danny-143 Wright, Jimv22, 23 Wright, Laura-15, 50, 123 113 Wright, Sheila-A137 Wuagneux, Greg-131 Wyatt, TammyW143 Yardley, Alvis-7, 74, 76, 131 Yardley, Tony-143 Yocham, Debbie-143 Yochum, Aaron-7, 101, 12 24, 22 Yochum, Yochum, Eric-39, 131 ScottA143 Yochurn, Tim-76, 123 Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Connie-131 Debbie-137 Kelly-143 R0dr1eye123 Sharon-109 Tim-137 Tyler-143 Zapata, Fernandoe143 131, 3, With summer just around the corner, senioritis became even more contagious. Students began eating outdoors, playing frisbee at activity period and lunches, and finished making their plans for the summer months. As the end of the year became more evident, activities were at an uproar . . . Tracksters Dana Henson and Karen Lomerson ran themselves to victory at the regional meet with a third place in the 220 and a sixth place in the 440, respectively . ., Melanie Davis was seventh in the mile and Terri Tate was fifth in the shot, while Melanie Glover jumped to eighth spot in the high jump ... Everett Rhodes was fourth in the 1600 meter run and Kirk Mongomery was eighth in the 110 hurdles and fifth in the 330 hurdles... Mrs. Claudia Hill, after 28 years, retired as the manager of the cafeteria. . .The National Honor Society inducted 65 new members . .. In tennis, the netters went to regionals with Terry Hawthorne placing third in singles and Eric Cook and Jeff Owens taking fourth place in doubles . .. Mary Kay Winchell was a competitor in girls singles in regionals, and Lauren Scheer and Kris Wood came in fourth in doubles . . . VOCCT member Valerie McElyea was selected state secretary . . . Teachers Mizell, Shelby, Everett and Hunt, replaced Harris, Ott, Jones, and Williams , . . Senior Follies and Show- Off were a big hit in May, along with the yearbook which came out before the end of school .... Danny Pemberton and Vickie Crisco were named Basketball beau and sweetheart . . . David Lang was awarded the John Philip Sousa award in band . . . The Aggie Band performed a concert for the public in March ... Diana Wartelle Won a S600 PASF Scholarship in Spanish ...The Student Council hosted a breakfast for the teachers and the French club traveled to Dallas for dinner... The Sportsmanship Award was given to Mark Rauch and Diana Wartelle ... As a project, the Home Economics department redecorated a mobile home ... Celeste Bandy won first in the Jets Science Fair... HERO sponsored the Super-Walkathon for the March-of- Dimes. The regional gymnastics meet was held at Boswell on April 4-5 with Tracy LaQuey placing seventh and Dee Dee Russell placing sixth in all-round . .. Angie Phipps placed seventh in vault and Carol Lay finished fifth in vault ,... In boys' gymnastics, Kevin Robinson placed fifth in all-round, Jeff Cantwell placed seventh, Rob Miller placed ninth extemporaneous speaking in CVAE-Co- op competition .... Five members were elected to fill spots on the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw School Board in April ...The Mr. Pibb Ball added to lunchtime activities . . . The school board accepted bids for an addition to the central Administration Building and FTA went to Houston for their state meeting and held a spring induction of oflicers at Colonial Cafeteria in May .... in the high bars, with Pete Schmerber eleventh . . . The choir hosted the district talent show in March ... Terry Petelin was elected president of the Student Council for next year . . . French students toured Europe over spring break . .. Cathy Lewis placed sixth in bulletin boards at the OEA contest .... Junk food was scheduled to be cut from the cafeteria by U.S. regulations . . . Kollette Gish was voted the outstanding musician with Donna Perkins and David Piekarski voted as outstanding seniors at the band banquet in May at TCJC . . . A new menu in the cafeteria brought combo lunches and a salad bar ..., The completion of the Fine Arts Center was set for the first of school, 1980 , . . The choir attended the Sandy Lakes Festival and earned a III rating ... Robert Riley and Mike Byers placed in ICT events in district , . . The FFA banquet was held in the cafeteria in May . .. Liz Lochabay placed second in The one-act play, lThieves Carnival', went to Austin for the state one-act play contest after winning first at regionals in Denton .... Thespian Bob Allen won hrst at regional in informative speaking to earn a spot at state . . . Bobby Joe Cleveland was third in prose and Becky Brroks was an alternate in persuasive speaking to the state meet Two Vietnamese students joined the students body at Boswell ,., Students won the 3A-5 UIL Sweepstakes Trophy ...The band earned a II rating at the Louisiana Contraband Festival . . . Johnny Warren was an alternate at the DE contest for state in finance and credit... Lone Star Farmer Degrees were awarded to FFA members Tracy Copenhaver, Terry Highfill, Eddie Shelman and Kelly McMillan . .. Dallas Cowboy coach Mike Ditka spoke at the all-sports Pioneer 'Round-Up' in May . . . Thespians received awards for their work throughout the year at their banquet in May... Outstanding 153 The Prom-UA Time for Us" a lx .a .1 if P ll.: The 1980 Junior-Senior prom was HA Time for Us", that the seniors of 1980 will never forget. The intimate atmosphere set oft in the Lakeview Room of T.C.J.C, NW campus was illuminated with candelabra, an archway, and dim lights. The greenery and flowers added that special effect the pron1 had on everyone. The old tradition of the reading of wills and prophecies was ended and a new one began. An elegant archway was set up and as seniors and their escorts walked underneath, there was a 'llittle something" said about each senior that their teachers wrote about them. Another major attraction that got everyone in the dancing mood was a live band. l'Essence", who had played at previous assemblies at Boswell, played variety of rock music as everyone ujanunedH,in theirforn1alatHre,on the dance floor. .- fi ' J", av .K I V. f X S . . K K , I' zjjw - J. 1 , , .s- ,, B, nga? 4 rJ ,L L B , d ALJ.: f 1 1 1 al Senior Randy Murray and his date smile for the camera under the decorated archway bl Mike Dyer, Carl Moss, and Sheri Means reach down for another bite while Susie Nowlin contemplates it. cl Senior sponsors David Moerbe and Beverly Campisi introduce the seniors. dl The Band, tlEssence", plays their best and succeeds in getting everyone on the dance Hoor. el Lines of students and their dates wait in anxiety for food. fl Boswell students dance the night away gl Senior J.J. Mori shows Tammy Dodson a little affection while they think no one's looking. hl Senior Sheryl Fowler screams in excitement as just being named "Miss Foghorn, 1980" Spring Activities 155 3 Sadie Hawkins The sight of class members carrying around a huge jar of money, constantly begging for more contributions told everyone that Sadie Hawkins Day was near. This was the time of the school year when the girl got to do the asking for dates for a change, and each class suddenly united into a huge team competing in a field day fun on a hot, sunny day. The crazy events that took place were all in good fun, including a pie-eating contest, cracker eating- whistle blowing contest, wheelbarrow and sack races, egg toss and many more. Points were awarded to the best-dressed boy and girl according to their classes. The contest, which was an addition this year to the fun, brought out a crazy assortment of clothes for the day as students nominated classmates from their second period to compete. Points were scored by each class as the events took place. The final grand total of all points scored by each class ended with the senior class the overall winners, with the sophomores, juniors and freshmen finishing in that order. 156 Spring Activities is S c if S al A pie-eating competitor gets a faceful as her class helper gives her encouragement. bl Wheel barrow racers take off for the first part of their relay to the halfway mark. cl The freshman tug o' war gang gave it all they had in their first pull ofthe event. dl Senior Cathy Corn pogos down the track carefully for her class. el Best-dressed winners were: Keven John, Laurie Cook, Valerie McElyea, Terri Tate, Bobby Joe Cleveland, and Terry Reed. fl Sack racers Greg Garrett and Janet Fulkerson hop on down the Pioneer Trail. gl Senior girls test their strength in the tug o' war. are at .,--r. 1-ef., 431 ,, :P M-A -finve. 1 -GIS WV www Wiegiim Y 1'-T -aa. 'Sas tn Skalgak 49- L , r wi' .fff ' S if 1:-E fi: 245 Q5 " Q M il-.-its x -' - "Y 1351 X bg.aQ4g ' I ' H lb. A ,Tir 'rife W-fxgeek se.--. ge-xvgwg, T ' Lfeffffkq- sent .VHJV .5 'I-r tw ,, gg . f-Q ,di A f ,lf ggi 'inf' as 3 'AMW : M .4- ? ,AAE':M4, vxf - nv, I Q V li ' fi A ' Q4 .fy 2 4 1' ' ' ., 1 , 14' '1.-,- W ug'.l,1" Ji! 0 I sr A' 4 1 ',fg':?.f4LQ-K-LTL , Q, 5, f't5f-'- Q-gf' 3, G15 A7 -Q-0 5 x sk ,5- ,L fa?" "" U 'xy' isa, wt, lg 'fi vs I' n. ,x . .-vb ' ' Q- . .Qx X ' ' wx, fr ,. , , , , , ., ,L , xv x , ,-ffapff - I ' 0- ..' ,fx . ,1 I '1 Hi, at x 7 5 I-WM vw ,V 2. , e. - x v?'f"" 1. I 0 9 Q ' "4 K ,,,u f ' Q .5 - i. f Q11 , . I N 4 X N 3. , . ,lr ya x at-5, i V V . 1 ff ., n f le fix.: . Vfv- Q vw ,. 1 'fi A7 ,W ',, I v al J.V. Baseball team: Front rowfGene Reed, Dewayne Price, Alan Daniels, Tommy Costillo, Phillip Bandy, Duane Henson, Greg Bicknell. Back row-Donald Burris, Grady Ezell, Arthur Jenkins, Jeff Stafford, Jay Grate, Jeff Parr, Gary Barber, Coach Tim Daughtrey , , ,,-,,e,W....,,, ,,,., W 158 Spring Activities -cue nyasfu-may s bu- Sluggers Swing to 6-8 District Record The Pioneers came through the 1980 season with an overall record of 8-15-1. This, however, wasn't really a disappointing season as it was one of rebuilding. Highlights of the year included the 4-0 victory over archrival Diamond Hill in the next to last district game. The Pioneers hnished district play with a record of 6-8. Leading the Pioneers in batting this year was junior shortstop Kurt Thome. Thome had a .359 average and 14 total hits. He also led the team with 10 stolen bases. Senior pitcher-infielder Nlarty Ezell and senior U pitcher-outfielder Danny Pemberton both had 12 7 ' total hits and .300 batting averages. Senior outfielder J.J. lVlori had a .260 average and eight stolen bases. Senior outheld Steve Stallings led the Pioneers with the fewest errors with three. First baseman Tom Gardner, a junior, had a helding percentage of .941 and Stallings had a .924 helding percentage. Ezell led Boswell pitchers with a 3-3 record in district with 23 strikeouts and an earned run average of 2.93. Pemberton had a record of 2-3 if with 24 strikeouts and an ERA of 2.19. Senior A 9 Kelly Bailey had an O-2 record with a 3.00 ERA. f ,'..i'.iQ':1..e-1? f- f - sw. ,Q ri .ou -sa N. , . 1 3" J je, it? V31 if W if 'Al Q Q2 , '."'VlE..i ' LL ' SWE , , ' V 5-Y'----Qi A . K , iv fr I -AM i fi we . QI-Q, .P 4 712, -. is A W, A -- fi' f A: ,aan . f ir ' 4. , :.,.,..- f. ' , iQ 5 . si ,M 5219! ll f X1 A 1. . -' ' ' -'Q ', V , ' 4, -- i " Y, J' 4' - W W mm, ' ansmit 'BUSWEV 'llf' " 1 ' i J J ' .- A - i' ' xnslELL . . Q, V 1 gk iisweiu i igm .N Q- Q jfggw 1-vw, 2...-9'i iii' -P 3 " P' 1 . ,. ' :Eggs 3 l' i. K1 it . 4? Q1 .-,ye .,. '- . t J ' J lj: 1,-tv 2. 'ftig g.-Lil N' -ksii 1' xx I +R l ' l ill A '31-r' . .' . . -a " 4 ,EI 'r w fft ' -' '+.:'-'41-'ez 3 1 .. 9. i bl Junior Jeff Parr jumps high at second base to catch a ball coming his way. cl Sophomore Kurt Thome slides into home plate. dl Sophomore David Vawter, putting every effort into his swing, steps into a powerful hit. el Senior Jody 9- Johnson successfully tags an opponent out at home plate, and the umpire even agrees. fl Varsity Baseball team: Front row-Jeff Parr, Jody Johnson, Richard DeAnda, J.J. Mori, Steve Stallings, Gary Barber, David Vawter, Kurt Thome, Back row-Nlarshall Woolsey, Kelly Bailey, Marty Ezell, Danny Pemberton, Tom Gardner, Keith Jackson, Coach Mike Amick. gl Pitcher Danny Pemberton rocks back to let one goin the final home game against Azle. A' ' ' Spring Activities 159 a b 9 d 160 Sprung Activities at 2. V. ,Q , ,n ,,M, W T2 Q13 f , , . S , ,.L, 1 ' wg. Q ' W,s1'H . ' . s "Tl 70" 2 . 4. Sf-11 'vi Tri A f . f . ., . lv wh 'Q h l In W 'A ',,,,,,,,,,,. . ss ,... f .,., My G . 2. gi S 3 xg S '. b , Y- l li, i - J 1 , was V V 1ftk4.,,,4it4ff'r"4"uf"g F l i l .j N Q l .V 4 .ai l I if-1-' ' Rhodes, Montgomery Qualify for Regional Boswell tracksters had a superb year, although the team was young, they still proved to be strong at many meets. During their First outing, the young cindermen came home with two First place trophies at Brewer. Although at the end of the year the team finished Fifth in district, they still sent two runners to regionals. Senior Everett Rhodes placed second in district in the mile and junior Kirk Montgomery advanced in the 120 yard and the 330 yard hurdles, in which he placed second in both events. At regionals Rhodes linished with a fourth and Montgomery with an eighth and a fifth in the hurdles. Tracksters placing consistantly high were Rhodes, Roger Corbin, Marshall Woolsey, Montgomery, Tom Petrushka, and Brad Shaw. The freshman team took a first in their competition in district, making a tremendous showing at the meet at Azle. al Underclassman Gary Maroney hits the bar after several successful vaults at the district meet at Azle. bl Senior trackster Everett Rhodes kicks in with his last struggling burst of energy to finish the 1600 meter run at Denton. cl Varsity: Top row from left to righteCoach Jack Clemmons, Brad Shaw, Bart DeLackner, James Hoover, Marshall Woolsey, Chris Wells, Mike Lindstrum, Steve Selner, Roger Corbin. Front rowfTodd Staton, David Granado, Rod Grope, Everett Rhodes, Kirk Montgomery, Brian Huffman, Jeff Parr, and Tom Petrushka. di Junior hurdler Kirk Montgomery jumps high in regionals to come in hfth place. el Senior Marshall Woolsey leaps high in district to clear the bar in the high jump. fl Freshmen: from left to right-Arthur Jenkins, Kevin Smith, Tracy Adams. Middle row-Jim Seals, Tommy Guidry, Greg Bicknell, Rex Blue, Jeff Nielson, Chris Huffman. Third row-Alan Daniel, Tommy Castillo, Gary Maroney, Phillip Bandy, Jim Krause. Front row-Cole Bewley, Mark Woolsey. Spring Activities 161 162 5 b Five Speedsters Run to Regionals This year's girl tracksters once again proved to be outstanding in their performances at their track meets. Five of the track members, juniors Dayne Henson, Karen Lomerson, Melanie Davis, sophomore Terri Tate, and freshman Melanie Glover excelled in their events, and placed in the district track meet, which advanced them to regionals. The runners topped off a good year with the girls placing in the top six at district. The district meet found Henson first in the 220 and second in the 100 yard dash, Lomerson second in the 440, Tate second in the shot put, and Glover second in the high jump to qualify for regional. Henson received third in the 220 yard dash at regionals and Lomerson sixth in the 440 yard dash to close out the season. The girls placed third in the Fort Worth Women Coaches' Association Track Meet, and fourth in the Poly Relays, and sixth in the Newman Smith Invitationals. The team then iinished out the season by placing fourth at the district track meet. al Track team: first row: JoAnn Bever, Dawn Mellor, Julie Grier, Terri Hollister, Tammy Bolton, Sandra La Grassa, Kim Pace. Second row: Vicki Steele, Michelle Langford, Angela Fuchs, Cindy Graham, Dana Richardson, Melanie Glover. Third row: Karen Lomerson, Terri Tate, Suzie Murphy, Theresa Bicknell, Dayna Henson, Kari Shaw, Lynn Peters, Coach Debbie Biondi. Fourth row: Shannan Reeves, Renee Gray, Stacey Hjort, Melanie Davis, Trae Newton, Traci Jones, Paula Watts. bl Sophomore JoAnn Bever leaps across the hurdles, cl Junior Dayna Henson uses her last burst of energy to stride first across the Finish line at district. di Junior Karen Lomerson pushes to give the extra ten percent in the district as she Finished first. el Sophomore Terri Tate watches as fellow competitors earn honors at district, fi Freshman Dana Richardson strives for a good jump at district. Spring Activities A x Q, iii- .-,JE If fl! 'ai .-guurv' X 'I s -1 X if . 0,-yr Boys Win District, Fowler Gets State Fourth The Boswell boys golf team captured the district championship by 59 strokes and went on to Hnish sixth at district this year, while girls' golfer Tracee Fowler made her third trip to state and finished fourth to round out the golf season. Senior Reed Bogue was medalist for the boys at district, with teammates Mark Gannon and Mike Crisco falling in at second and third. The team beat Azle to take the 3A-5 title with a total score of 659 in the two-day tourney. Tracee won district on the Pecan Plantation and Rockwood courses and then advanced to take hrst place at TWU in regional play. Margie Curtis was the only other girls' golfer who competed. The girls played at Richardson Berkner and Plano, where Fowler placed second, and at Everman, Keller, and Decatur the state qualifier took Hrsts. The boys' team played in Denton, Plano, and Ardmore, Okla., prior to the district tournament. They also competed at Pecan Plantation, Joshua, and Bridgeport, where they hnished second, third, and fourth, respectively. a b N43 IL 0 9 naw'-"' 037' , I A ' .,-Q f' it .Lf fbi" ' 1 ,.f'f'F,v'. ., - . , .-,, .ff -if ya C nr . . . 2' -... , ,x x-Sea , , 4, . ,- x Q. Q J .ax 1. . -'1Ef,e. "af 4 ' Q 164 Spring Acitivities al Golfer Mike Crisco takes a practice swing at the Lake Country Course. bl Junior Tracee Fowler hnished another successful year after winning district, and regionals and a fourth place at state. cl Girls' golfers: left to right: Margie Curtis, Coach Terry Reynolds, Tracee Fowler and Coach Don Boen. dl Margie Curtis competed individually for Boswell. el Mark Gannon, a senior golfer, looks watchfully as he takes a swing to warm-up before district. fi Senior golfer Reed Bogue won the number one medalist honor at district. gl Boys' team: left to right: Coach Terry Reynolds, Rob Corn, Mike Crisco, Rusty Freeman, Reed Bogue, Mark Gannon. Q f f Q Spring Activities 165 Price, Allen Lead Seniors to Graduation The 219 graduating seniors of 1980 were the hrst to have baccalaureate and graduation exercises in Boswell's new gymnasium. As the seniors had practice and enjoyed a luncheon on the morning of graduation, they began to realize they were edging closer to what they had waited for for 12 years. Leading the class was Valedictorian Denisha Price and Salutatorian Robert Allen. The senior class ofhcers presided at the ceremonies by giving the invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and making other introductions. The speaker was James Rurak, professor of religion from Texas Christian University. As always, graduation was the end and a beginning of a new era for a very special group of people. It was the end of tardy bells, the end of quarters and tests, detention hall and the end of a way of life. Now, some will see the world, some will be introduced to the experiences of college and others will face the prospects and rewards of working and developing skills to last for a lifetime. Although the seniors were graduating into a new phase of life, there would be the memories of Boswell High School that they would never forget. 5 is C 166 Spring Activities riaiiif' lizfwsgki ai Senior David Lang presented a stirring rendition of the lStar Spangled Banner' for commencement exercises. bl Graduates waiting for their last formal program at Boswell to be over. cb A congratulation from Principal Burt Weems is in store for Salutatorian Bob Allen after receiving his diploma. di Greg Ingram faces the Hag during the Pledge of Allegiance. el Senior class president Debbie Wagner introduces the class of 1980. fl Laura Wright and Roger Corbin walk together toward their graduation. gl Becky Brooks entertains the crowd as she sings, 'Climb Every Mountain'. hi Valedictorian Denisha Price address her graduating classmates. Spring Activities 167 technical work went to Donna Shriner, outstanding supporting roles went to Kim Davis and David Krause Brad Stiles was named outstanding freshman and the outstanding underclassman award went to Gary Harlow . . . Betsy Szlasa was named outstanding senior . . . Other awards were best actor- Ricky Pope, runner-up-Eddie Smith, best actress-Betsy Szlasa, runner-up- Lori lVlorlock . . . and super troupers of the year were lVlark Parker and David Morton .... In journalism, winning spots as alternates to the state meet were Sheri Means, Betsy Szlasa and Theresa Bicknell in news, feature and headline writing .... The year ended with many memorable moments for students. Times to be cherished, but most of all memories that will go on and on, as do Pioneers. 168 v f 2 PL Q , m 91 , ,E , .4 l n K 'JA D Xwffwpffxf jQi'w9wifX OWN ?Yg'pv'jf55pg5,,f?'j LQWWQWQNX W M1264 Wy M wi 3 3. 1 , ' ,Q ' iw K -- - '. ., Yi LTI' .Vi..7 .LL-IL'Q.l,I:Tif,,-1191,f.".'vl'-7Y,,'QfIQg,""X'-i.,1I.:L-.:lt1"ff- 7 .... "7'z1,'T .- ,. - ,w . . w 11- W :1,,f.m.A- 1 s ' 1LL,,f-1L::fzaf.-W.: 1-K 1. :,n ,,1,7 -- a1.,. 1 .1 f , ET1:LL-g,,z'tg5'?1L15T71'1:2.ea5i:5f1g?i!15.z-bfflf - eww- 1 . f, -: z if- 11: 13,-fy Le-E-img-2::1,A: 11:1-xv, u irggl-443.1grfgqzgfwggg,251:n,5qgi - -. 1,5 K .1 -iz. . -, ',::,Lf ,ga-1 gr-. -.-,wg,-.,4aq13ew12K:1-V11'-551mn2z,,:1,11.:.xx :mf -f .- f- - ,- .f 1 1 n f. f-1 f 2 f.--1 f..f.x.1.1f :,f1u,:,,,.1..-.:,-m- .Ln-1, ,-yy-.W':,1+::,,f1f1ff31f-- w fW,,,,, Mm fl-wk W MM? WM, 7.,4MfJN+X Q ,ANT JDZLW4 ojrvf .,W41-ff! A . few! wwf ftlwf fpfqx 55. jyf,4,,1 7,w7afCf vwwqrff ,ah ,EXW v72'ZffW-fvwya , 0J4mQ!f-uf-j'WVCf1'-W:-vwjf 44:-M. f54,j Qfmz K 011 fjifbf ff'7C'4'N' AMP W if 2 2 2 gig 25522 M Q52 Q? Qigiifg gimp C033 in 33361691 Qjm,

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