W C Sullivan High School - Vista Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC)

 - Class of 1965

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W C Sullivan High School - Vista Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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Pls--v-v-Q N 0 Im, fl f u LLQ h l 3 .12 lf 1 uqwJ,,'5fmwy-lflf Q Q pwclf HFLW' .13 b-m.t'k, 15.0 4A-'K-"Y" N XF' XJ Xf NX ,Xi X A .X V X .fx X . 7, I 5 ,J V7 f 1 faux- 4 1 f X KN K xv ff X 1 X X xg QPWWNB E N 0 F 0 6 My g I -f Ag? 5 BLM sf E 5 4 L Q Q JXYLWLLQEAUZ f'mLML Jb,U MU Eg , LL'QfM KEEQQQ tk. 5.5 6 TrJmL'1 Q 3 l. 'S T ' S. p, Q . ' 'S . . fy QJQEQXSX " fem ww ,, ..fffvf. -Fig! b S ' , - . -1 1.1 415 wir: 4"Lf'f'?7 5 '-4. 1, 1 f w w -g 1 5 , - --, -.'u.-If - f .4 -, ,F ,-,faq Q. , A- ,H ,W ,-'-1 , ,pf . .. " ' . - -A --11- '. - P -N' . A ' .'T'1'E'- .5151 1 - , 5, xc ?P'w-q , ' ' .5 gf .W ,ff yi, gg, QQ 4, Siv? K ble,-V ft! K," - 2 .X F 'fM5'WjfKwWwg 2 ff WW , WW, My ,J Mq by JXSDW 5 5, w. .' X ' v ,. 22 W UMW Y i , fplygf 'P 4 I C. L WNW 1 I 5 , . a :- ,1 L if ka 2' 'X 55552 5i??5 ie . xnfifg 'N fr 35 P' 4? ' ' . F! gf Sf-' gg N ff? .V , , '5 5 5 , 4- -I f-ul-, J 4.41. -yn g all-' . '...g,-1. ,.-..p-.4. ...ig.-,,4n.uh1 . 'm'f.1..-..... :Ln.EL.3.j.:.:L+..f.ik1 u..A" Q S . A , . ' it Q xii 5 Q5 ' rw s S ,"' 1 if ww A QQ 3, -lv. gagsw 1-I 4' gy :, 'qw '1 f , H J- Y 1. f avi 0 X f ,, lx Q , y L Rx L 1 ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF W. C. SULLIVAN HIGH ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA USTA ' FROM CAPABLE LEADERS . FOREWORD Among the greatest treasures which we will take away with us when we leave high school will be our memories.' Whether they be of joys or of disappointmentsg of triumphs and delight or of frustrations and sorrow, we will value them all as precious souvenirs of a part of our lives which we can never experience again. Many years from now we will look back on our high school years with deep emotions--admiration and respect for the capable leaders from whom we learned, pride in our efforts and labors in the workshop of education, elation in the joys we experienced and the honors we received, nostalgia for the friends and the tasks of our youth. In the 1965 VISTA we have endeavoredeto present a collection of some of our memories of Sullivan High School. Perhaps in the years to come it will serve as a useful reminder to us when we pause to look back on the vista of our wonderful high school years. 4 ,, All together now. . . Any questions ? CONTENTS Administration ......... Classes .... . . Features ..... . . Organizations . . . . . . Athletics ...... . . . Annual Staff - "Let's do it my way." -IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES T s DELIGHTFUL MOMENTS OF "Show me where the yellow went Need we comment? I 555 .. Shout, students, shout ! -11, .4.i. culty Game. VICTGRY AND DEFEAT . . . JOYS . . . DISAPPOINTMENTS CP4w-2.-1 gL--' it '.," -- V 4 V315 I f J -:f at -nf 3 -, x, Y A .V ,-, ,, M ...Ve . ..., ,. ,QM Z fm., g,.. gf-y DEDICATION In searching for someone who is admired by the student body at Sullivan, we wish to select one who is not merely a teacher but also a respected friend- a friend who understands the uncertainties of youth and encourages progress toward assuming the responsibilities of adulthood. She instills in us a desire to cultivate high ideals and to possess an open-minded tolerance for others. In addition to guiding us, she firmly believes in and works toward high ideals in her own daily life. We, at Sullivan Junior High School, feel that we have ended our search in the selection of Mrs. Mary P. Gettys to whom we proudly dedicate this sixth edition of the VISTA. a va., si Q 'sw' 'S 'A 'N a we WH ga Mrs. Mary P. Gettys 6 . 129' f..."f""' DMI ISTRATIO ILW KHAKI iN Superintendent of Rock Hill Principal: Public Schools: E. H. Jones Walter C. Sullivan Secretaries: Mrs. Madeline R. Hagler Mrs. Barbara S. Stevenson 5 . . Q f IO Mrs. W. A. Barron W. M. Hull- Cha-irman W. W. Lumpkin H. W. Robinson- Treasurer R. E. Sibley- Vice-Chairman R. Frank Spencer W. C. Sullivan- Secretary L. W. White- Asst. Secretary W. M. White FACULTY Mrs. Elizabeth F. Thomas Social Studies Mrs. Doris H. Greene Social Studies Mrs. Mary S. Rayfield Social Studies Mr. James E. Blackbuxg Social Studies i K ' B Mrs. Hazel Joiner KN Social Studies Mrs. Elizabeth Carter Civics Mrs. Suzanne A. Jones World History Mrs. Carolyn D. Hammond World History Mr. Paul T. Campbell World History 32'-, .f i-53,1 eeff uf- -ef 1 I l Mrs. Frances J. Milling English Mrs. Joan Carter English Mrs. Dona A. Livingston English and Guidance Mrs. Elizabeth T. Pope English and Guidance Mr. Darryl Blanton English Mrs. Betty Simpson English and Social Studies 2? Mrs. Sandra B. Davison English Mrs. Susan G. Barron English Mrs. Camille Killian English Mrs. Nina K. Graham English Mrs. Ethel F. Dickert English and French Mrs. Rebecca A. Tedder English FACULTY Mrs. Ruth B. McFadden Physical Education Mr. Reggie M. Kelly Physical Education Mrs. Barbara F. Quinn Music Mr. Paul G. Mackey Band Mrs. Thelma K. Burgess Mrs. Anna L. Sturgis Arithmetic Arithmetic Mrs. Betty W. Spencer Arithmetic Mrs. Judy Vargos Arithmetic I 3 FACULTY Mrs. Jacquelyn L. Roach Home Economics Mrs. Jearme P. Hood Home Economics X , .sq 5 . Olaf, Mrs. Peggy T. Barnes Arithmetic Mrs. Eula Y. Oates Algebra Mrs. Joan Dennis Algebra A Mrs. Estelle D. Wimberly Algebra Mr. Charles Robinson General Math Mr. Billy R. Jenkins General Math and Algebra Mrs. Martha P. Busby Algebra and Guidance Mrs. Maxine D. Murdock Business Math and General Business Mrs. Catherine MCD. Minors General Science Mrs. Claire S. Godwin General Science Mrs. Sammy A. McCar1ey General Science Mrs. Frances H. Wood General Science Mrs. Sandra F. Helms General Science Mrs. Magdeline S. Sutton Physical Science Mr. George E. Townsend Physical Science Mr. Jerry McKenzie Physical Science 15 favs. 'kt , :Q 9 5 M 6, ,. N.. ,. . ,Q I ? , T., x , FACULTY Mrs. Josephine M. Huey. Librarian ' Mrs. Lucile M. Aycock Librarian Mrs. Mary P. Gettys Physical Science a.nd Guidance Mrs. Winifred M. Mackey Biology Mrs. Carrie L. Reeves Biology Miss Liesel M. Ohl English and French Mrs. Lucetta M. Shirley Latin Mrs. Grace W. Jacobsen Latin , Ai x SX L ' X E?Jjr up Qu in 'NCI r Q 'X VN j X Ak ig Eff? y S! 7 Maw TE TH GRADE President: Jimmy Lynng Vice-president: Mary-Ann Beckhamg Secretary: AnitaNe1song Treasurer: Barbara Moore I8 Wendy Abe rnethy Marion Adams Billy Adkins 1 Deanna Angell Gayle Archie Janis Armstrong Carol Adkins Diane Adkins Linda Adkins Nelson Alexander Janet Allender Diana Andrews Ann Auten Mary Ruth Auten Evelyn Aycock Horace Bagley Martha Bailey Bobby Baker Judy Arthur Paula Atkinson Sarah Austin Linda Baker Renee Baker Steve Baker Jerry Ballard Marsha Ballard Gary Barker Cheryl Basham Cynthia Batten Nancy Baynard Elaine Barnes Jerry Barnes Michael Barnhill Marie Barrett Jane Ellen Bartles Earle Barton Mary Ann Beckham Ricky Beckham Clara Bigham Billy Blackwell Steve Blackwell Pat Boatwright Angelia Beck Cathy Beckham Faye Beckham Linda Bochette Aaron Lee Boles Joan Bollin Ronnie Boulware Truly Bracken Pat Bradley Ronnie Broom Nancy Brown Linda Jane Burleson Mary Jane Branch Buck Brandt Terry Brasington Mike Brewer Manny Brooks Cathy Brookshire Geraldine Canty Lynn Canty Billy Capps Claire Carter Penny Carter Ricky Carter Linny Butler Kay Caba.niss Terri Cagle Harry Cason Tommy Chapman Diane Charles Donna Cheek Linda Childers Rexie Childers Christ ine Conne 1' Jerry Coope r Betty Copeland ' Billy Clarkson B re nda Clinton Andy Cloninge r Eddie Collins Vickie Collins Judy Connelly Brenda Kay Craig Jimmy Crocker Linda Crocker Louise Crosby Larry Cunnup Dianna Dabney Ruth Cornwell Brenda Cox Naideen Cranford Glenn Davis Bertha Dease David Dease Bonnie Demby Conrad Dillingham Cindy Dixon David Elkins Johnny Ellis George Evans Sally Drennan Steve Driggers Johnny Dunbar Helen Dunn Richard Dunn J unior Earle Mary Faris Bo Faulkner Ben Fewell Gloria Floyd Debbie Fowler Pam Frostick Ellen Faile Jeanne Faile John Fantry Richard Gamble Diane Gaulden Judy Gettys Larry Ghent Billy Gilchrist John Gordon Barbara Kaye Hagler Buck Haire Donna Hall Beth Gourley Jimmy Gourley Karla Greene Jack Greene Richard Gregory Sheila Gregory Kathy Harrington Ken Harris Judy Harrison Becky Harsh Gerald Hearon Steve Hege Dickie Hallman Delores Hammond Becky Harper Libby Helms Ricky Herron Walker Hicklin Toni Hicks Carol Hill Eunice Hinson Perry Ann Hope Mike Hunsucker Jesse Hurst Jayne Hoffman William Holler Larry Hollis Patricia Hood Danny Hooper Earl Hooper Ann J ordan Margaret Kee Michele Keel Carolyn Kelly Joy King Brenda Lane Danny Ivey Janet Theresa Johnson Sxsan Jones Larry Laney Anne Ledbetter Mike Lediord Harriet Leslie John Arthur Lesslie Pam Lesslie Robert Mallaney Patsy Marks Dennis Martin Norman Liester Donald Lindsey Billy Lockridge Chan London Betty Lumpkin Jimmy Lynn Linda Matthews Ellen Mauldin Janice Maynor Kenny Melton Genevieve Miller Alice Fay Mills tead Wayne Martin Doris Mather Linda Marthers ffl! Gerald Mitchell Bobby Mobley Diane Montgomery Steve Montgomery Barbara Moore Claudie Moore Phyllis Ann Murr Kreg Myers Judy McClain Frances Moore Linda Morris Brenda Moss Jackie Moss Phyllis Mullis Gloria Mungo Eddie McFadden Gail McFadden Mike McGuirt Jamie McKenzie Ferris McManus Esther McNab Billy McC1eave Dorothy McClintock Brian McDaniel Todd McSwain Anita Nelson David Nivens Gwendold Norris Jackie Oates Judy Oliver Julia Passmore Judy Peake Marvin Phifer Sandra Orr Jean Outlaw Pete Pappas Jean Parker Steve Parker Stuart Parrish Jerry Pittman Eddie Platt Elaine Pontus Leann Pope Linda Porter Kathy Powell Dale Phillips Martha Phillips Wayne Pinson Charles Pursley Bobby Reel Nancy Reese Vivian Reid Anne Reynolds Raymond Reynolds Stanley Robinson Bill Rockholt Larry Roediger Marilyn Rhoden Bob Rightsell Eddie Riffle Johnny Rinehart Janeta Roberts Pat Roberts Kathy Ross Linda Rowell Larry Russ Laura Russell Lyn Russell Johnny Sanders Donna Rogers Cliff Ross Donna Ross mq Donald Sands Sharon Satchel Steve Sealy Pam Sears Janice Seay Don Sexton Ronnie Simpson Johnnie Sledge John Small Kathy Sexton Patricia Sexton Billy Shaw Gloria Sherer Charles Sibley Garold Simmers Don Snipes Sharon Smith Evelyn Snyder David Spelts Joyce Sprouse Ronnie Stafford Charles Smith Dickie Smith Ronnie Smith Jackie Stewart Ruth Stokes Wayne Stroud Virginia Sturgis Martha Sutton Rodney Sutton Diane Tobias Kathy Toney Virginia Tucker Sandra Sutton Linda Thomas Gary Thomasson Brenda Threatt Debbie Thx-eatt Alene Thrower Phyllis Walley Floyd Webster Nancy Webster Marilyn Wendt Carolyn West Bill White in 'S in f Mike Wallace Mike Wallace Steve Wallace Carolyn White Lyle Whitner Danny Wolfe Joyce Wood Freddie Woods Teresa Workman an 1 'E Vernon Williams Wayne Williams Mary Williford dih- ii'-6 1-A B Joyce Wright Bob Wyatt Dale Williams Gail Williams Mary Ann Williams Terrell Williams Harold Willis Sue Wilson Larry Underwood Elaine Yandle Jane Yongue Absentees: Lloyd Ardrey, Ronnie Beck, Cathy Cato, Vicki Garner, Wendell Hayes, Teresa Loflin, Ricky Miller, David McAteer, Wanda Rogers, Tommy Ward. Mr. Stoll Mrs. Whisonant Custodian Dietician 46 v S 5 1 Q 1 1 5 Q Y :G 2 Y E ,- Q . . l , . 5 .,,.. -,331 ., 5 6 Q Er X -1 ::,, was X- Q 1 Q7 X' , 4 w A gf? wf 1 Fx X 3 X , N N Q- X f Q X +- - - AX , 1 ggi, Y N Q A ew 5 , N fuss-w.,, tt -r, 'gf , s'de5'3'-' , ,fs ,x 2 s 2 P A 1 F lf fs - KY: A ' , A 5 4 Q f N. s . W lk Kenny Adams Susan Adams Carmen Addis Betty Allen Eddie Anderson Jeannie Anderson Judy Armour Butch Arthur Lowell Ashe John Mac Aycock Jackie Bagley Dale Bailey Donna Baker Jimmy Baker Yvonne Baker Phillip Baldwin Sara Ballard Lucas Barron Donald Baskin Barbara Beard Elaine Bigham Jerry Bigham Mary Alice Bigham Robert Bigham Tom Blackmon Brenda Boatwright Brenda Faye Boatwright Jimmy Bolin Ellen Boyd Larry Boyd Margaret Bradford William Bradley Elaine Belk Wade Belk Sandra Belue Buddy Bennett Nancy Bennett Gene Best Edith Biggers Dianne Bigham ,,.L W. M .W ww 1 ffm.gilFii -j E Dean Brady Betty Jo Branham Ronnie Brazil Danny Brewer Louie Britt Terry Britton Patricia Brock Johnny Broome Dixie Brown Janice Brown Mitchell Brown Ricky Brown Sue Brown Terry Brown Monty Browning Danny Buddin Patsy Buis Joe Burgess Lou Burkett David Burrell Trent Carpenter Sherry Carter Judy Cauthen Wanda Chapman John Charles Richard Chavis Calvin Childers Danny Childers Karen Childers Douglas Clark Chuck Cobb Linda Coleman Tommy Burriss Fred Burton Donnice Bush Mary Jane Byars Tony Byars Sue Cain Terry Calvin Kirk Canty Jane Ellen Comer Jimmy Comer Charles Conner Linda Cornwell Linda Covington Jerry Craig Roger Craig Billy Creighton Donna Dansby Barbara Dawkins Sue Dawkins Sharon Dawson David Dellinger Steve Demby Lindsay Dickson Clifford Dills Margaret Dowdle Carol Drakeford Jerry Driggers Marvin Driggers Leslie Feemster Diane Ferrell Norman Ferrell Arnie Fleek Stephen Ford Nona Anne Friday Belinda Friedman Mary Funderburk Wayne Garner Lynda Garrison Becky Gauldin Linda Ghant Sandra Duncan Margaret Dunlap Karen Dunn Rita Eddings Mary Ann Embry Jodie Emerson Michael Faris Robert Farrow Dale Gilbert Sissy Gilchrist Nancy Glenn Nancy Goforth Dennis Gordon John Gordon Susan Gordon Bobby Graham 'K Frances Grant Sandra Green Essie Gregory Ronnie Griffin Joe Grobusky Arlene Grogan Della Faye Gwin Greg Hale Jerry Hallman Bob Hamilton Eddie Hammond Lee Harp 1 Pat Hefner Floyd Helms Sheila Henderson Ed Dantzler Henry Frankie Hensley Shelly Hessenthaler Vic Hickman Vicki Hilton Dicky Hinson Gary Hinson Ken Hinson Phillip Hinson Patsy Harper Joyce Hart Sandy I-Iaselden Anne Hatchell Karen Hawkins Terry Hawkins Eddie Healan Tim Heiskell 1 F Ronnie Hinson Stephanie Hinson Phil Hoke Betty Gale Hopper Brenda Hovis Bobby Howe Ray Howison Kay Huckabee iv , 'wr jf . Tommy Hudspeth Dianne Hughes Jim Hughes Susan Hund Gail Hunsucker Larry Hutchinson Hamilton Hutto Linda Hutto Susan Jackson Danny Jacobs Keith Jenkins Walter Jenkins Ray Jones Mike Jones Tommy Jordon Nancy Kee Gayle Kiker Donna Kimbrell Dwayne Earle K James King Charles Knox Eddie Laney Lynn Langley Gale Lark ing, Jr. Dianne Jennings Richard J hant Brenda Johnson Cathy Johnson Judy Johnson Linda Johnson Mike Johnson Mary Nell Johnston John Latimer Jimmy Laughridge Linda Lewis John Little Randy Lloyd Linda Logan Bill Long Julie Love Alan Lovette Kenny Lucas Ralph Ludlam Vivian Lyons Alice Maloney Jo Anne Maples Martha Marshall Kay Martin Jackie Massey Dianne Matthews Carole Mathis Johnsie May Laura Moore Leslie Moore Martha Moore Rudy Moore Lynn Moran Mark Morgan Mike Morgan Debbie Morris Keith Morton Chuck Moss Frieda Moss Jewel Moss Patricia Medlin David Melton Tim Merrell Stanley Merritt Brenda Mitchell Billy Mobley Brenda Moore Charles Moore Juanita Moss Rosemary Moss Jimmy Mullinax Mary Anne Mullinax Milton Mungo Carol Munn Debra Murphy Barbara Myers A Kenneth Myers Tommy McCallum Gay McCarter Anne McCaston Johnnie Mae McClain Pat McClain John McCrorey Charlie McDonald Sue McDonald Rita McFadden Ronda McFadden Roseanne McFadden Gary Nelson Dickie Nivens Billie Ann Norwood Kay o'De11 Becky Orr Walter Owens John Page Janet Parnell Linda Parrish Peggy Parrish Richard Parrish Charlene Parsons Jack McGill Don McKenzie Gail McKinna Donald McManus Susan McMaster Sylvia Nalley Bill Neely Bobby Neely Kay Passmore Martee Patton Sarah Peach Mary Jane Peeler Annette Pelletier Betty Permenter Ethel Perry Wanda Perry Shirley Pittman Mildred Player June Poole Pam Porter Carol Price Buddy Privette Lydia Pruitt Brenda Rabon Gloria Raines Ann Ramsey Raymond Ramse Bob Randall Y Bobby Roberts Barbara Robinson Wayne Rodgers Carroll Rutledge Bill Sanders Ronnie Sanders Sheila Schwartz Janice Sears Larry Sexton Margaret Shaver Adrian Shelley Swain Sheppard if un- Elaine Ratterree Peggy Reynolds Bobby Rice Gene Rice Karen Rice Bobby Rinehart Mary Ritter Edna Roach Carol Sherer Butch Shillinglaw Fred Shipman Becky Simmers Jimmy Simmers Carrol Smarr William Smart Betty Jo Smith Carolyn Smith Marion Smith Marvin Smith Jimmy Snyder Mugsy Sparks Jimmie Spears Bruce Spelts Mary Stamper Roger Starnes Barbara Stevenson Danny Stover Susan Strait Jean Tinker Larry Thomas Barbara Thompson Mike Thompson Pete Thompson Ruthine Turbeville Susie Turney Donna Underwood Frieda Wade Dee Walden Sheila Walker Karen Wallace Kenneth L. Strickland Margaret Strickland Ginger Stroud Freeman Sturgis Sallie Sturgis Jimmy Swanger Patricia Tedder Kathie Templeton Libby Ward Danny Warr Ricki Warren Bonnie Webb Donna Webster Donnie Whitmire Artie Whitsell Bill Whitesicles 1' N Barbara Whitner Darryl Whittington Barbara Williams Danny Williams Jay Williams Judy Williams Margaret Williams Patricia Williams Steve Williams Larry Williford Billy Willis Barbara Wilson Susan Yates Joe Yawn Simmie Yonce Billy Yongue Neal Wilson Ray Wilson Harriet Wise Benny Wolfe Susan Wood Terry Workman Ronnie Yarbrough Rachel Yates Absentees: Rosemary Adams, Sidney Baldwin, Carroll Brazzell, Carl Brindle, Teresa Capps, Jean Croxton, Billy Hamilton, Judy Hancock, Ricky Helms, Everette Hoagland, Mickey James, Don Johnson, Carolyn Kennington, Paul Neal, Teresa Parrish. Lucille Queen, Charles Rockholt, Randy Waldrop, Evelyn Wilburn, Billy Williams, Michael Wood. 67 President: Bobby McFaddeng Vice-president: Mike Randallg Secretary: Jackie Adkinsg Treasurer: Randy Bracken 68 Jackie Adkins Patsy Alexander Peggy Alexander Davey Allen Mike Allen Gary Allender Bill Anderson Jorene Anthony Kay Auten Ray Baber Frances Bailey Larry Baker Kathy Balthis David Barker Sandy Barnes Dennis Barnhill Suzie Barrett Shasta Beck Dale Belk Jean Benfield Mike Bishop Judy Black Warren Black Glenna Blackwelder .2:s91.-W1..K:','vie i":i ,FN - "Qi-WH' Wt. V .ow , mawm -Qe!1S'ff?:4... - if -Ae gefsa e- em. .Sv aigwfai-1e,oi.uf 1 . E' ,g-1,Q,..k,k1 ,nik 5 1, ae, F 565 Gwen Burkett Jean Burrage Angy Burroughs Faye Bush Kaye Bush Sandy Bush Ray Caldwell Martha Campbell Bill Bollin Jimmy Boulware Ricky Boulware Gale Boyd Randolph Bracken Wayne Bradley Diane Brady June Brakefield Virginia Dare Bridges Keith Brown Pat Brown Lance Brazell Stanley Bryson Debbie Buddin Richard Burgess Dalaine Burkette Judy Canty Wallace Carney Glenn Carter Larry Carter Mike Carter Pat Carter Vickie Carter Cathy Cassidy Cathy Caveny Ed Chambers Lillith Chapman Karen Cheek Nellita Childers Claudia del Cimmuto Bobby Clark Larry Clinton Mike Comer Myra Connelly Randy Cook Joe Cornwell Elizabeth Costner Jean Couch Tony Couch Billy Covington 5, iJ Cody Faile David Feemster Donnie Ferguson Dianne Ferrell Anne Fields Tommy Freeman Chucky Gaillard Billy Gainey Debbie Covington Kathy Craig Jerry Crosby Kenny Davidson Patricia Davis Dubbie Deason Emilie Deaton Ricky Denton Scott Derks Andy Douglas Martha Dowling Robert Drennan Michele Dupre' Buzzy Elder Dianne Epps Tena Epps Bobby Gardner Dickie Gardner Kay Geddings Patsy Ghant Henrietta Gill Nick H. Gill Rosemary Givens Beth Glasscock Dicksie Greene Julie Greer Charlie Grobusky Joe Gwin Cathy Hair Harriet Hardin Dessa Harris Roger Harris Carol Harsh Sharon Haselden Billy Hayes Sandra Hefner Delores Hensley Andrea Hepp Becky Herron Irby Hipp Mike Lacey Vivian Ledbetter Jean Leopard Ethelinda Lesslie Curtis Lewis Debbie Ligon Anna Faye Lineberger E rne st Locke Kaye Hoffman J. D. Holland Judy Holland Kenneth Hood Eddie Horton Bill Howell Linda Kay Hudson Susanne Hurst Gary Jacobs E d Jamie son Jeannie Jamie son Jimmie Jamieson .-,N 1 I o A I Bud Johnston Paula Johnston Robe rt Jones David Knight Sue Long Mike Lumpkin David Lyle III Tommy Marks Mary Ann Martin Neal Mathis Corky May O'Shel1a Melton Smitty Montgomery Paula Morgan Vickie Morris Beth Mullis Billy Murr Hallie Murray Tim McCa.l1 Peggy McClain Charles McClintock Catherine McClure Ann McFadden Bobby McFadden Frances McKellar Mickey McKeller Sammie McKenzie Sandra McManus Joel Patterson Lil Patton Patty Phillips Shirley Polk Lynn Pope Gene Porter Guy Pursley Billy Rabon Johnny McNee1y Mary Robin McNeil Otis McSwain Dianne Nalley Sharon Nelms Carol Nivens Annie Outen Elizabeth Outlaw Frank Owen Lucy Owen Ted Pappas Karen Parks Jimmy Parrish Mike Parrish Mitchell Parrish Steve Parrish Danny Rainer Mike Randall Darold Ratliff Betty Jean Ratterree Charles Reeves J. P. Reeves, Jr. Laura Rhinehart Sammy Rhodes Dickie Rice Jean Ringstaff Katie Ritter Ronnie Roberts Gary Robinson Johnny Robinson Roger Rollins Sandra Rooks Billy Ross Brenda Russell Richard Sadler Carol Schavey Sally Scott Jerry Settle mye r Pat Settle myer Darlene Sexton Ray Sturgis Rollie Sumwalt Sylvia Tadlock Guerry Taylor 4 Vicky Templeton Kathryn Thomas Ronda Thomas Mike Tinsley Danny Shaw Danny Sherer Ruth Shipman Barbara Shuler Brenda Shumpert Gloria Sikes J u Juan Simpson Steve Simpson Carla Sligh Susan Smith Mike Snipes Susan Spitz Linda Stamey Carolyn Stewart Sondra Stewart Tim Street Pam Tinsley Wade Tucker John Turner Keith Turner Ott Turner Ricky Tutwiler Meg Urquhart Tina Vincent Richard Walker Linda Ward Gail Warlick Kathy Welch Frances Wells Charles Whisonant Barbara Williams Eddie Williams Jenny Williams Johnnie Williford Sarah Wilson Paul Yandle Ab se nt e e s: Linda Garrison, Whitey Hamilton, Judy Har- rington, Betty Jean Pinson, Cgokie Rinehart, Donnie Starnes, Jo Anne Starnes. Freddie Yannotti Brenda Yarbrough Margaret Yarbrough President: Bobby Sumnerg Vice-president: Toy Rheag Secretary: Diana Hicksg Treasurer: Steve Moore. SEVENTH GRADE g Peggy Abercrombie John Abrams Sue Adams Ann Creighton Terry Alexander David Laverne Allen Joe Allen Carl Anderson Carolyn Anderson Donna Anthony Barbara Arant Arthur Archie Butch Armstrong Sherry Atkinson Kevin Austin Elizabeth Auten Vivian Ayers Gail Bailey Terrie Baker Carla Barton Nancy Batten Ronald Beam Kitt Beaty Diane Beck w dn 'K ian Clyde Brumfield Patty Burkett Debbie Burrell Sammy Bush Barry Byers Wayne Cabiness Ann Calhoun Wanda Callahan Eddie Bell Gail Bennett Henry Berry Brad Bigham Ruby Black Jane Blackmon Gary Blackwell Denny Blakey Mike Bolin Billy Boyd Vivian Brand Wanda Broome Melva Broom David Brown Larry Brown Roger Brown its Q5- Betty Canty Dean Canty Jimmy Carpenter Doris Carter Lynn Carter Mike Carter Lloyd Case Brenda Childers Michael Childers Rudy Clark Wayne Clark Dotty Cloninger Mary T. Coleman Chandler Cook Sam Covington Waitus Craft Dianne Craig Marty Davis Buzzy Deas Frankie Deaton Delois Devinney Debbie Dickson Jennie Dixon ,.... E tm Marcy Friday Kay Funderburk Debbie Funk Kay Galloway Debby Gardner Patti Gardner Ray Garner Keith Gatlin Sonny Dixon Doris Dowdle Judy Dozier Denise Drakeford Edward Dulin Margaret Dunn Glenda Elkins Carolyn Epps Susan Faulkner Beth Ferguson Lyle Ferguson Frankie Fincher Nancy Fleetwood Ray Forster Delois Fowler Randy Freeman Donnie Gaulden Rickey Gwin Gary Gladden Gary Good Lynn Goodson Cecilia Gordon David Gordon Lawanna Gordon Debbie Grant Danny Gray Ricky Greene Joanie Green Andrea Gregory Gerald Gregory Willis Gregory Paul Gwin be X. 9 'W 2 Kenneth Hafner Terry Hafner Bobby Hallman John Hallman Briggs Hamilton Isabella Hammett Becky Hancock Carolyn Hancock Linda Hooper Barry Hoke Dennis Hopkins Perry Horne Sylvia Horton Cheryl Howe Shilon Howell Keith Hunsucker Glenda Hardin Billy Hargrove Kelly Harris Mike Harris Jane Hayes Barry Hearon Marshall Hearon Patsy Henderson Elizabeth Henson Diana Hicks John Hill Marie Hill Cindy Hilton Neal Hoffman Kathy Hollis Steve Hood Patti Hutto Jimmy Jackson Le Roy Jackson Lewis Jackson Chip Jacobs Claudia Jenkins Margaret Jessiman Judy Johnson Linda Johnson Vicki Johnson Jill Jollie James Jordan Jan Kaney Linda Kay Eddie Kellett Cathy Kimbrell Harry Kletcher Carroll Lambert Shirley Lane David Ledbetter Angela Lesslie Sherrie Ligon Johnny Logan Marie Lowder Melaney Ann Massey Jackie Mathis Lee Ann May- Sharon Melton Renee Miller Jimmy Miner Robbie Miskelly Johnny Mitchell Phyllis Lowder Douglas Lowery Julie Lumpkin Terry Lunsford Carolyn Mackey Barbara Mallaney Jan Maners Joe Marett Kathy Marks Jimmy Marsh Denise Marthers Beth Martin Bobby Martin Kathy Martin Lee Martin Joyce Mason A. C. Monroe Joyce Moore Steve Moore Debbie Morehead Charles Morgan Rocky Morgan Geraldine Morrell Tommy Morrell Mary Morris Douglas Morrison Randy Mosteller Donna Mullis Rocky Mullis David Munn Randy McCall Mattie McClain Ricky McDaniel Terry McDaniel Ronnie McFadden Ricky McGee Earl McKenzie Spencer McMaster Ricky Neely Eddie Nicholson Bruce Poore Johnny Pontus Carolyn Porter Eddie Presler Janice Price Pat Price David Pyatte Larry Queen Susan Norman Gene Norris Richard V. O'Berry David Parrish Gene Parrish Pat Passmore Nona Peebles Billy Phillips Mike Phillips Roger Phillips Ted Phillips Jimmy Pittman Ronnie Pittman Ken Pinson Sandra Plemons Anthony Pless Trudy Quinn Jenny Ramsey Ricky Ramsey Sue Raymes Toy Rhea Eddie Rice Melba Rivers Sonny Roach Mike Robinson Deborah Rudder Donnie Rushing John Ryme Louis Sabettie Ann Sanders Kaye Sanders Kathy Scannell Stan Schultz Wendell Scruggs Paula Sealy David Settlemeyer Neely Sexton Sharon Shelley Sylvia Sherer Randy Shirah 6- Lester Strickland Danny Sturgis Ellie Sturgis Ricky Sturgis Sharon Sturgis James Sullivan Bobby Sumner Betty Sutton Don Shumpert Jodie Sims Marion Simrill Teresa Slagle Jeannie Smith Jerry Smith Joe Smith Marc Smith Sherrill Smith Tommy Smith Patsy Snyder Shirley Snyder Ricky Spitz Sylvia Starnes Vicki Stevenson Frank Stewart Vickie Switzer Marilyn Tate Stanley Taylor Steve Teno Billy Thomas Ray Thomas Barbara Thompson Bill Thompson David Tinker Bobby Tinkler Steve Tolar Iris Trent Linda Tucker Elaine Walker Janet Wallace Pat Wallace Marlene Watkins Betty Sue Watkins Judy Webb Ginger Weir Andrew White Hap Whitehurst Steve Whitener David William ABSENTEES: Dale Baynard, Barry Brown, Terry Catoe, ClintChandler, Gertrude Darville, William Ellis, Anita Hinson, Kelly Martin, Mike Morris, Mike Parks, Marie Stillwell, Robert Richardson, Johnnie Waldrop, Frank Webster. J. L. Wilburn, Gerald Winders, Shelby Wyatt. 94 Earline Williams Jessie Williams Jimmy Williams Louise Williams Douglas Williamson Mark Willis Jean Marie Wilson Roger Winders Debbie Wolfe Elliott Wolfe Dianne Woodhurst Bonte Wright ,fb-'WNQ ,M A A fs gf 9 ? Maid of Honor - Wendy Abernethy Queen - Marie Barrett CGURT Sue Wilson Michele Keel Martha Moore Karen Dunn Brenda Mitchell Sue Dawkins Katie Ritter Sondra Stewart Linda Kay Lawanna Gordon 97 HALL GF . 1 -4- ly U J ,JN IJ 5 'N Most Intellectual Billy Blackwell, Truly Bracken Wittiest Carolyn White, Ronnie Stafford Most Courteous Joan Bollin, Charles Sibley Most Athletic Barbara Moore, Tommy Ward x. Best Looking Billy Clarkson, Linda, Jane Burleson i C C C! n- an-Bmw rr - w wmrnwnwlmawhkkm FAME Best Dressed Donna Ross, Manny Brooks Most Talented Johnny Rinehart, Nancy Reese Most School Spirit Jane Ellen Battles, Stuart Parrish Best All Around Marie Barrett, Jimmy Lynn Most Likely To Succeed Laura Russell, Claudie Moore Not Pictured: Second Honor Grad- uate: Marion Smith. Third Honor Graduate: William Reed. WW W M Wfwiwyw Linda Jane Burleson HO GRS First Honor Graduate Fred Burton Q1 5245 gf WW , K ,xx -2 dbllfj , Q A f .,-W' e 7 gt ll af- K :Pin NY 'sl' LkV.,,,,, ,.., ,,..., K .K .W wM1f,,,,,Mm. , ,. ig!! 1. fg Q11 w.Q,1,,1i,,gi1f:5f ' q ,'. V Lijg,,,::.-i1j1i:1:Q.L-fzkgi1:13 1T'4 5'1 fZ i' fQR?1i? 3aY2?3f X K' ,A ..., , - V , A am K Q k awwifgwx.-Q-f wvlwmi- .1,:,M V, wsggf K f k 5 'X ,gk -K Q if km L W- iii ' . ffm-mf ,pw Q . ..W ' 6wq5 ' 'Q xx' ,A A 'f i I 4? -2 T 413, K Q a s ,L Q. L,, , V f 1 JZ: 5' Q iii ' ,- E Qlhit- X- if 'ii' g" ' 1 4 gk 4 if gf' 2 v 4 x g 22525 F QQ? gi, 'mn J' , fb'-ff 5 fw if-1, .1, , S yu! if 4 ffm 'A 5 4' lf S5 wr W if 4 'f 3 ! 2 23 1 44 Uv I 4 x ANNUAL STAFF FIRST ROW: Walker Hicklin, Janice Sears, Harriett Wise, Martee Patton, Libby Helms, Elaine Yandle, Chan London, Brenda Lane, Perry Ann Hope, Sandra Sutton. SECOND ROW: Gayle Klker, Nancy Kee, Ann Ledbetter, Billy McCleave, Jimmy Lynn, Wendy Abernethy, Esther McNab, Nancy Reese, Becky Harper, Truly Bracken, Lynn Moran. Carolyn White. Judy Williams. THIRD ROW: Sue Wilson, Janet Allender, Laura Russell, Billy Blackwell, Eddie McFadden, Steve Baker. Sissy Gilchrist. Sally Drennan, Carol Hill, Judy Peake, Ann Hatchell. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS g FIRST ROW: Dianna Andrews, Sheila Walker, Lynn Russell, Chan London, Wendy Abernethy, Janis Armstrong, Kathy Welch, Donna Wingate, Janice Sears, Virginia Tucker. SECOND ROW: Wayne Tucker, Richard O'Berry, Jerry Crosby,Jesse Williams, Jennie Dixon, Cathy Caveny, Della Faye Gwin, Sherry Carter, Henrietta Gill, Donna Rogers, Virginia Sturgis, Brenda Moss, Mary McNeil, Kathy Brookshire, Donna Hall, Barbara Dawkins, Judy Black. THIRD ROW: Billy McCleave, Jimmy Lynn, Ellen Faile, Kathryn Thomas, ,Diane Ferrell, Karla Green, Jimmy Snyder. ' 1 ,. Vg. .- ,ggwm .Mum K S ,gi gs X wif fbi 1A 1. y z.. Q4 . Q -Q, N ' v , 1 Y' , -f fi K, S K 31 Q as H K- ljjs , , Y if gf , Z2 :S ff A 1 wi N W 'ig X Q H A X, W K' we W W f i we 1 gf 1 ...Ax vw- 1 L 1., ' 3 .-.Q 2 QE. 1 . W 3 'Q - f k ,L A J1,,1W,,z 3 -f . ,- Q A ,L ,N x, 1 ,Q E f x ,whim S23 1 1 Ff , . S 1 as 5? P 3 Q 1 ' ' V' " 55 is i 2- t K is M ' k I 'xg' 1" i"" '3"L':-: LY '5 H x Q ' ...f f W W A 1 'I W" BE 2 -, CONCILIUM GLYMPICUM FIRST ROW: J honnie Williford, Sue Brown, Cookie Rhineheart, Jo Ann Maples, Margaret Strickland, Jean Benfield, Frieda wade, Kaye Bush, Lawanna Gordon, hana1ar Cook, Andy Douglas, Bobby Sumner. SECOND ROW: Ray Wilson, Manny Brooks, Donna Rogers, Johnnie Sledge, Cheryl Basham, Laura Moore, Martha Moore, Patsy Buis, David Gordon, Mike Randall, Jack McGill, Stevie Moore, Arnie Fleek, Gary Allender. THIRD ROW: Stuart Parrish, Jimmy Laughridge, Eddie Riffle, Paul Neal, Larry Hollis, Bud Johnston. David Settlemyer, Gerald Gregory, Gary Ennis, Bill Anderson, Eddie Edwards, Bobby McFadden, Wade Belk, Randy Bracken. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS FIRST ROW: Judy Connelly, Judy Peake, Carol Hill, Becky Harper, Truly Bracken, Janet Allender, Nancy Reese, Elaine Yandle, Brenda Lane. SECOND ROW: Billy McCleave, Jimmy Lynn, Eddie McFadden, Steve Baker, Earle Barton, Donald Sands, Billy Blackwell, Mike Wallace. S QVMFQQV Wgigw.-me' Q I 1 . 7 4 .Q SPX 9 fy Y an f -P ,F ' 15.3 i 7 P1 A a , X. - 1 'Q E K 56 5551 3 ? K P . .:,, S ' L , L Q LQ W S A 5 Y . 4 , Hg F 8 ,E 5 i T - Q 515. . V 555 9 W Y pf.: 1 L, ew 33 ge, K Q X it Qi ' Q 5' 1 Q W, , 5' Vw , g. AE? xi as 3 S 1 X W, knit? A 1 f 9 X W . , 2' 'WF' 1 ' 3 W nail Jw - au.. L' ' ss ' , , , R as 3 if .X . si? Y A J' f Q Q S-' Y 5 Q is 35 ,,. K 5 . i , 1 A ' ex. w. ,sg . tg y.. ' 1:3 X sf W Q., Q .- .W w X A F ' A ff -Q 1 Av 3,12 " " , ' ' .Q V , Ag. k ki , X. Ji' as f xl: i if 53 Q M . W, X X v Y z S A SG ,g Q - K Wa i W Ss Y 1 -X, ., NW ew. M 'W ' -'. N Mfgxw Q, 1" Q . 1 K K K- ' . 2 2 5 ' 4, -- -- MAJ ORETTES Carole Mathis, Terry Hawkins. Martha Phillips. AN FLUTES: Sandra Orr, Donna Dansby, Pam Porter, Judy Harrington, Janice Phillips, Carl Harsh, Trudy Quinn. Shilon Howell. CLARINETS: Martha Phillips. Edith Biggers, Sylvia Nalley, Alice Malloney, Gay McCarter. Johnsie May. Mildred Player, Carol Shearer, Terry Hawkins, Richard Tutweiler. Buzzy Elder, Gaul Warlick, Guy Pursley. Steve Parrish, Shirley Polk, Deborah Buddin, Barbara Mallaney, Cindy Hilton, Lee Martin, Eddie Pressler. Daniese Blakley, Margaret Jesseman, Gail Bennett. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Larry Roediger, Benny Wolfe, Frances McKeller, Gary Jacobs, Gene Norris. TENGR SAXOPHONE: Johnny Rhinehart. TRUMPETS: Manny Brooks, Steve Sealy. Marion Adams, George Evans, Kreg Myers, Larry Underwood, Lowell Ashe, Wayne Rogers, Ed Henry. Wayne Bradley, Roland Harper, Dale Belk, Micky ASSEMBLY BAND Manny Brooks, Mike Hunsucker, Billy Mobley, Steven Sealy.Cliff Ross. McKeller, Sandy Bush, Sammy Rhodes, Kenny Davidson, Bill Bollin. Ray Baber, Robert Jones, Louis Sabetti, Briggs Hanilton, Ray Tinkler, Sonny Dixon, Hap Whitehurst. BARITONES: Dick Smith, Stuart Parrish, Pete Thompson, Dee Walden. TROMBONES: Butch Ross, Larry Russ, Kathy Harrington. Michael Jones, William Bradley, Billy Ross. Darold Ratliff, Frank Stewart, Bobby Rhodes, Eddie Rice, John Ryne, Mike Harris. BASSES: Mike Hunsucker. Linny Butler. BELLS: Danny Lee Ivy, Carol Mathis. Sandra Kefner, Kay Funderburk. PERCUSSION: Robert Mallaney. Bill Mobley, Danny Buddin, J. P. Reeves, Randy Byrum, Bobby Rhinehart, Joe Grobosky, Danny Warr, Bud Johnson. Bobby Gardner, Robert Drennen, Robert Snipes, Gary Allender. Ricky Denton, Gary Ennis, Sammy McKenzie. Gene Weaver. Buzzy Dees, Roy Forrester, Earl McKenzie. l BOYS' FIRST ROW: David Dease, Bruce Spelts, Bobby Rinehart, Jimmy Snyder, Butch Shillinglaw. Tom Blackmon, John Page. SECOND ROW: RayWilson, Danny Warr, Freddie Woods. Billy Shaw. Jimmy Spears, Marbin Phifer, Charles Smith, Billy Mobley. THIRD ROW: Mike Ledford, Danny Wolfe, Johnny Rinehart. Bobby Rice, Bud Johnston, Billy Gilchrist, Steve Baker, Steve Parker, Bill White, Johnny Gordon. CHORUS GIRLS' FIRST ROW: Linda Matthews, Juanita Moss, Donnice Bush, Sue Wilson, Anita Nelson, Linda Morris, Mary Ann Embry, Carroll Rutledge, Linda Coleman, Brenda Threatt, Carmen Addis, Lou Burkett, Barbara Thompson, Linda Logan, Betty Ann Auten. SECOND ROW: Johnsie May, Jodie Emerson, Martha Sutton, Terrell Williams, Mary Ruth Auten, Dianne Hughes, Donna Underwood, Karen Dunn, Ann Ledbetter, Becky Harsh, Jean Outlaw, Barbara Robinson. Joyce Sprouse, Elaine Pontus, Rita Eddings, Judy Arthur, Anne Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Susan Wood, Linda Adkins, Harriet Leslie, Leann Pope, Angelia Beck, Brenda Moss, Margaret Ann Strickland, Martha Phillips, Diane Gaulden, Kay Huckabee, Sarah Peach, Brenda Moore, Sue Brown, Dixie Brown, Louise Crosby, Nancy Bennett, Carol Mathis, Nona Friday. FOURTH ROW: Gail McFadden, June Poole, Doris Mather, Phyllis Walley, Gloria Sherer, Margaret Shaver, Freida Moss, Vicky Collins, Faye Beckham, Sandra Duncan. Martha Bailey, Karen Hawkins, Barbara Williams, Carol Price, Janice Maynor, Gale Lark, Judy Armour, Susan Strait. FIFTH ROW: Sherry Carter, Barbara Stevenson, Sharon Smith, Joyce Wood, Carol Adkins, Cynthia Batten, Pat Roberts, Paula Atkinson, Patricia Williams, Kaye Passmore, Bertha Dease, Linda Childers, Linda Porter, Sharon Dawson, Janeta Roberts. SIXTH ROW: Sharon Satchel, Betty Gail Hopper, Susan Adams, Kay Cabaniss, Joyce Cabaniss, Joyce Wright, Toni Hicks, Clara Bigham, Sheila Gregory Ruth Stokes, Carolyn West, Helen Dunn. 1 BOYS' FIRST ROW: David Dease, Bobby Rinehart, Danny Warr, Johnny Rinehart, Ray Wilson, Bobby Rice. SECOND ROW: Danny Wolfe, Billy Mobley. E SEMBLES GIRLS' FIRST ROW: Carolyn West, Toni Hicks, Kay Cabaniss, Becky Harsh, Sue Wilson, Rita Eddings, Jodie Emerson. SECOND ROW: Diane Gaulden, Linda Morris, Margaret Ann Strickland, Anita Nelson, Martha Bailey, Carroll Rutledge, Wanda Perry. Q UNIOR HIGH CHORUS FIRST ROW: Ann Sanders, Peggy Alexander, Ruby Black, Denise Marthers, Melva Broom, Linda Hooper, Peggy Hasty, Becky Herron, Sondra Stewart, Kathy Balthis, Sharon Haselden, Debbie Funk, Debbie Covington, Lil Patton, Betty Sutton, Janice Bartles, Patti Davis, Julie Greer. SECOND ROW: Frances Wells, Carla Sligh, Jorene Anthony, Patsy ,.Alexander, Jodie Sims, Anne Fields, Kay Auten, Katie Ritter, Linda Stamey, Meg Urquhart, Michele Dupre, Debbie Ligon, Sarah Wilson, Vickie Morris, Jean Benfield, Tena Epps, Mary Ann Martin, Catherine McClure, Sherrill Smith. THIRD ROW: Geraldine Morrell, Tina Vincent, Kathy Scannell, Glenda Elkins, Lynn Carter, Ruth Shipman, Marilyn Tate, Sherrie Ligon, Debbie Morehead, Vickie Switzer, Lynn Goodson, Kathy Welch, Debbie Jenkins, Paula Johnston, Beth Mullis, Brenda Shumpert, Sharon Melton, Delores Hensley. FOURTH ROW: Ann Calhoun, Betty Sue Watkins, Rebecca Hancock, Lawanna Gordon, Debbie Gardner, Lee Ann May, Pat Wallace, Kaye Galloway, Joyce Moore, Iris Trent, Janice Price, Cheryl Howe, Cathy Hair, Susan Spitz, Lilllth Chapman, Vicki Johnson, Cecelia Gordon, Nona Peebles. FIFTH ROW: Marty Davis, Deloris Fowler, Patti Burkett, Carolyn Mackey, Patti Hutto, Sue Adams, Patti Gardner, Donna Mullis, Bonte Wright, Shelby Jean Wyatt, Jan Kaney, Cookie Rhinehardt, Faye Bush, Dale Baynard, Carolyn Stewart,Jean Burrage, Lynn McGuirt, Vivian Ayers. SIXTH ROW: Margaret Yarborough, Earline Williams, Shirley Lane, Margaret Dunn, Shasta Beck, Linda Tucker, Jill Jollie, Shelby Jean Greene, Carolyn Epps, Susan Faulkner, Mike Bishop, Ray Thomas, Ricky Sturgis, Tommy Smith, Mike Tinsley, Jimmy Carpenter. SEVENTH ROW: Diane Brady, Martha Campbell, Carol Nivens, Kaye Hoffman, Barbara Shuler, Jeannie Smith, Curtis Lewis, Pat Settlemyer, Dubbie Deason, Wallace Carney, Joel Patterson, Jerry Settlemyer, Randy Bracken, Dennis Barnhill, Mitchell Parrish, Ricky Boulware, Guerry Taylor, Ray Caldwell. EIGHTH ROW: Ricky McDaniel, Billy Thomas, Johnny Mitchell. Mike Carter, Chip Jacobs, Terry Catoe, Barry Hoke, Richard Burgess, Otis McSwain. TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: Doris Mathers, Lee Harp, Perry Ann Hope, Lyn Russell, Martha Marshall, Terrell Williams, Evelyn Aycock. SECOND ROW: Joan Bollin, Barbara Moore, Susan Gordan, Belinda Friedman, Mary Jane Byers, Laura Moore, Mary Ritter, Barbara Myers, Anne Jordan, Carole Mathis. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Walley, Margaret Brad- ford, Cathy Powell, Jackie Oates, Jane Ellen Bartles, Pam Frostick, Libby Ward, Susan Yates, Sally Drennan, Margaret Kee, Anne Hatchell. 1 GM .Af if Q f fn yi. Q i A-2:3 Rig if. Ev Q i iv j 5 v ,M . swy A-g s f W J: 4, - if tai 1 - , ' 2 Jeff ww, M is .ge 3' aww' s k se N ivan' fi , 'S 6441. " X Y. V MM fn 1 1 . .df VJ' . Q . v JV TEAM FIRST ROW: Charles Knox, Raymond Reynolds, Jimmy Laughridge, Ray Wilson, Danny Wolfe. Boyce Faulkner. SECOND ROW: Bucko Brandt, Keith Morton, Claudia Moore, Charles Sibley, Kreg Myers, Joe Yawn, Ricky Brown. FOOTBALL B TEAM FIRST ROW: Kenneth Myers, Ronnie Griffin, Hamilton Hutto, Dale Bailey, Pete Thompson, Jimmy Comer. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Yarborough, Phillip Baldwin, Bob Randall, Jimmie Spears. 1 wx QA ,xy - I wg -ki Q , if . Aw W' -.A .. Q ,1 Q wa Q Y fm 5 W . , my , .ea-m...1,-I. mann 1 . -, ' 1 x 3 wa. H S 1 V X . mx ' Q ., 1, 1 gf: A SQ , ' is ,: "V" " 'Lk ,-v ww-f A ,f ,X M1 fig if UNIOR HIGH FOOTB LL Captain: Mike Randall, Co-captains: Bobby McFad- den, Danny Shaw, Coach: Mr. Reggie Kelly. FIRST ROW: Glenn Carter, Tony Couch, JimmyJamieson, Ed Chambers, Mike Lumpkin, Scott Derks, Lance Brazell, Randy McCall, Billy Gainey, Pat Brown. SECOND ROW: Chucky Gaillard, Eddie Nicholson, Wallace Carney, Billy Ross, Joel Patterson, Bobby Clark, Ted Pappas, Roger Phillips, David Feemster, David Gordon, Corky May, Randy Cook. THIRD ROW: Robert Mallaney, Coach Kelly, Mike Comer, Bobby McFadden, Danny Shaw, Mike Randall, Joey Gwinn, Steve Simpson, Randy Byrum, Waitus Craft, Gary Ennis, Ronnie McFadden, Randy Bracken. JUNIOR HIGH TEAM Ed Chambers, Chandler Cook, Mike Lumpkin, Rocky Mullis, Tony Couch, Billy Ross, Danny Shaw, Ronnie McFadden Coach Kelly, Irby Hipp, Steve Simpson, Wallace Carney, Steve Moore, David Gordon, David Feemster, Randy Cook Joe Marrett. ALMA MATER ALMA MATER, HAIL WE GREET THEE, SONS AND DAUGHTERS COME TO MEET THEE3 KEEP US NEAR THEE, WE ENTREAT THEE, DEAR OLD SULLIVAN HIGH. SULLIVAN HIGH, WE LOVE THEE, MAKE US WORTHY OF THEE, MAKE US KNOW AND FILL WITH GLOW, ALL OUR HEARTS WITH LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING. HERE WE COME AND DRINK OF WISDOM, FROM THE FOUNTAINS OVERFLOWING3 AND DE PARTING STRONG AND NOBLE, FROM THEE, SULLIVAN HIGH. ll8 X ANNUAL STAFF M 7Z4yQ,4wM1 kgwgmwlwwo MMM Wg My AW 22 QA E Wim. NK RSM , QW 55 im MQWIAMWWA 'YM' qgzfv-9 5 Aw Q A , 2, H' Ax. M., W? f . QQ' W' 9,.-.LAW 50455 J Q Ni My ,QM 3029? NCQWOEWUXQ X55 q T ., -.-- AUTOGRAPHSW :wan JW bj56w41iJ3Q,f ,wgffw Mblfjfwfwfw W N My Mgfbigf- wif WM 6 f'wU',f! We , eiwmfn 3 M . H . H L Q ggi fwzfzffff QXQX Wwe Q xx N WWW g? M q Q N SKK SN X Q W . X 'X nnvocnmquwe. 'A' A H F""4" 54" 1 A' E52 Jump QMGQRHTE bf wb' Wi MMWW .291-F35 M, 29, Lew . mgmwmmmoaa Mwklwvmww WMWMWW GM-RR iiov B 8 R7 - KNEW W?f' ffwff1CfTp WW ffm ugyljwwgw .a,. 1 - ..q.,.u-M L-----A-AA s-.r-A--- -V+ -- ull.. A " ig W V W wajjjig fjywwwj W N v ,2- f . 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Suggestions in the W C Sullivan High School - Vista Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) collection:

W C Sullivan High School - Vista Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 76

1965, pg 76

W C Sullivan High School - Vista Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 98

1965, pg 98

W C Sullivan High School - Vista Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 111

1965, pg 111

W C Sullivan High School - Vista Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 92

1965, pg 92

W C Sullivan High School - Vista Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 9

1965, pg 9

W C Sullivan High School - Vista Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 132

1965, pg 132

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