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- f - WMM 4 V ' V V T' ' 'K ' K' "3 "r""1"f. AE 5 "Elf gr, ,,.,,x 1 ' ,1 lj ., ,V ":"'1ff,.Q.. ' 'K N Y J-Iii, 'fgji,3,j',5:4: . ' ,"'n"'77,Qf5fV1V,' k,:93:J'1' ' ' ' 2 i, ' "txlxC,.,Q.L5iA"L9':l'x't'11k. ' 'l . ' . . ""' - Jw' H V , ,. ,w V X. x - 9 , , f ' a - - 1 w ' f "2 ' 41fw2',1.,. ' X ' hm- m ln-1-, " -1f.'f--5-fi Q- , . ' ,v 1 . , V- ,, , 1 Ka,-v-mfpm--gJ-,'v-2-gm--rzm-,, F , ' ' ,,' xv... ,' I :N COMMEMonAnQNf oF TH E u.s. NAvY'S 200114 A NNlVEHSAFW 4f THIS Book ls MEN oF uss VULCAN 4 . ' "w,,..X.a1,,gQ.I2F",M,, - :V Y ..,, - , , , ' ,uwsiwlinf " V- ,V 45'-"I1'-W-V-LLQZE: f ,,4,. ?::,,,,d,. ,Q 1. If .,', Q V. ., . L 1 . ' ' 'K' '1- .." y , fa ---1 "Nfl:-zzs-ssmqv, 5- A fwf Y 1 ' f-1-ngztfjzyp-vm., .-- MW' W K 1 i 1 l 1 1 1 1 K w i K 1 A i , I XM wfxjEPART1v,E 'S ,g f ff ? 7 f f f 5 fi JZ ef ff V ff ff' Z Zf flfgfyl f f ,Z f M I-at N J if Q xx.JQ3gENDY L 1 f 4s 1 THE CHAIN OF COMMAND T or aff T 5 4 tt, l .. . ,L g - Q 1+ i L' "'4444lf"t - ' 1 . 0 G' fm 4' wi 1-U. A lf: ,Lf rn f. " Vo co Sf 35 33 CCIIAHDER Ill CHIEF - - XNT 'lf II! .3 a . 41 41. 5 :gf f.fQ7 5' sccnmnv or offense U 1'-A,.'.:F, I ,110 I X xxsv - ,'T'41.s.-v NA uu- an ' . fr' lun f' - ' ' '- 5' gi ' ' . SECRETARY CF THE NAVY 2, 5 .Z Q? .lu Q, TES ,-'sss X ' x 0 'T f NW "4 F Z ' cmcr or mn ommous fl ,Q on is . H' vu. "I 3Xxxxs' A ,-" " N 'sp N001 1. - Oo . xx CCIIAHDER IH CHIEF V' A. -, ll.S. ATLANTIC FLEET v Q' If xxx 1,1 X . 7lAN1Tc s, -,,,- ' X Q YVAI sup Q I F ' , l 11 i S N: QQ communes num sumcs roncs xkA Q u.s. Anmlc nm : O3 Xx- "'fANw 'X X QERVICE 0' 94 fo 0 l in I if Qt CCIIAHDER SERVICE CRCTIP TWC 5 ,f ERT' Q 3 S o- ,, 1 7 I ' JLIQ' i 'QC if 1 6' r44N'nc ff' X MM- ff, .Q-.1 E , A 4' " E, ...JE .E ,e Y, 'Q 'K commnsna orncfu ,, F ,Q A A E- lm 1 E TISS VULCAH lAR-51 "E" 'f x g ,,' ? i '-.L 12:-LQE5' T 5491.1 1 1 w i i 5 INTRODUCING COM NAV SURF LANT A New Command A Traditional Mission For A New Navy "...More than 220 ships and about 80,000 Navy men and women are now part of a new command called the Naval Surface Force. U S. Atlantic Fleet. No longer is there an Amphibious Force, a Cruiser-Destroyer Force or, a Service Force. Rather. the Surface Force encompasses all these functions. The unique missions performed by the former commands will continue with the same amount of pride and professionalism as in the past." "Beans, Bullets and Black Oil" Without fuel, ships could not sail, without bul- lets, guns would remain silent, and, most im- portantly, without food, sailors at sea vyould go hungry. Thus, a small variety of ships in the Surface Force have the important mission of replenishment at sea. That is, it's their job to take on a vast amount of supplies, rendezvous at sea with other Navy ships and pass these supplies during under- way replenishment operations. Giant oilers, refrigerated store ships and am- munition ships steam with task force units to en- able the amphibious assault ships, the cruisers and the destroyers to fulfill their specific obliga- tions. Technical expertise in salvage and diving opera- tions is also a function of Surface Force ships. When ships, for some reason or another go aground or go dead in the water, salvage ships and fleet tugs provide valuable assistance. Newer replenishment ships in the form of the combat store ship, the fast combat support ship and the replenishment fleet oiler will eventually replace several other ship types because they offer "one stop" service. That is, a ship such as the fast combat support ship CAOEJ will be able to re- supply the necessary food, black oil and a wide variety of ammunition from her giant storeroorns. Repair tenders-called floating factories-offer many varied services to their nests alongside. Al- most every type of work is done in tenders-from cutting hair, medical, dental and canvas work to machinery repair, electronic calibration and pat- tern making. The various missions performed by the many ship types and shore commands within the Surface Force compliment each other to make this major surface command a cohesive, well-equipped sea- going strike force. The thousands of Navy men and women serving in these ships and at the shore support facilities continue to be the most impor- tant elements affecting the accomplishment of the Navy's mission of sea power for peace. Naval Surface Force Atlantic Fleet . COMMANDER NPFVAL SURFACE FORCE UNITED STATES ATLANTIC FLEET NORFOLK VIRGINIA 23511 Thii yeah manhi the binth o5 the Naval Sangace Fohceg Atlantic with ita many challengeb and aebpontibilitiei that diaectly a56ect the whole Apectnam og Sahgace wahgahe I f ' -I . 1 ' - ' I ' P ' ' I P 0 I f O O Chie5 og Naval Opeaationi Adminal Jameb Holloway laid that the eitabliihment og the San5ace.FonceA Atlantic and Pacigic will give the Sahgace Navy the unique capability to: n...EmphaAize and innovatively expand the integaation og Saagace wangaae conceptb, tactici, headineii and thaining to meet oggennive ai well ai degeniive miiiioni and to Aignigicantly enhance the Sangaceewangaae image by developing a nataaal community with eitabliihediaeqaiaementi, paioa- iiiei and objectivei with which all Aahgace Aailoai can helate.n AA new Aaagace Ahipb and weaponi Ayatemb entea the gleet in no incneaaing nambeni, all oaa eggohti Ahoald be channeled towaad N A obtaining pho5e44ional and capable peaoonnel. bAdminal Holloway Aaid. nThe Sangace Foace matt Aacceiagally compete gon the belt o55icea I and enliated talent available. Attaacting and aetaining high calibea, enthuiiattic and dedicated men 50a can nav Ahipb, in my viean it itz g moit compelling goal. Thii goal can be 4acce445ally achieved by initituting and maintaining challenging Atandaada and cheating an atmozsphene that genefiatefs efspikcit and a tense og contvcibution to a vital Navy million on the pant og each oggiceh and man a4Aigned.H 'The Naval Saa5ace Fonce Atlantic.nnll make eveay eggoat towaad achieving thii goal., with yoaa Aappoht and aaiiitance, the Sangace Foace will be a unified goace that will weave the Navy and the nation well in the yeahh ahead. ay ' feel? I 'Zim' 7.12204 R. E. U MSON, Ja. - Vice Admiaal, U.S. Navy by 4-1 CAPT C. F. RICHELIEU CGMMANDER, SERVICE GROUP TWO Captain Reichelieu assumed duties as Commander Service Squadron FOUR on 7 June 1974 and additional duty as Commander Service Group TWO on 1 January 1975. Prior to assuming duties as COMSERVRON FOUR he headed the Systems Integration Branch in the Office of CNO. He attended St. Lawrence University, Union College, and received his commission from the Midshipmen's School at the University of Notre Dame in July 1945. Prior to his entrance into Submarine School he served as Assistant Gunnery Officer in USS LUNGAPOINT and as Gunnery and Operations Officer in USS MYLES C. FOX. He was 'then assigned as Aide and Flag Lieute- nant to Chief of Staff, Commander Seventh Fleet. Upon graduation from Submarine School he served in the submarines PICKEREL and CREVALLE. From 1953 to 1955 he served as Ship's Superintendent for sub- marines at the San Francisco Naval Shipyard. In 1955 he reported to USS CA TFISH and served as Engineer- ing and Executive Officer. He then served as Ass't Officer in Charge of Guided Missile Unit 51. ln 1959 he took command of USS THORNBACK. From 1962 to 1964 he served as Sub- marine Weapons System Officer in the Office of CNO. In 1964 he reported to Staff, Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet where he served as Force Plans Officer. This was followed by Command of Sub- marine Division THIRTEEN in Pearl Harbor. He com- manded USS KANKAKEE fAO-392 from July 1967 to May 1968 and USS SEVERN fAO-612 from June 1968 to August 1969. 06 QQ 0 Q O 2 7 Q, A 1 Rx! 5' 4 1 E E Q5 0 451 f ' if .X J Sify. eg 44NTIC Pye f 5 ww. u,ww1-.w.',,u4J.mW.M. 12 M,-,-:..l..,.,..,......-m..,,,..,...-. CAPT C. J. LIMERICK, Jr. CHIEF STAFF OFFICER CDR R. F. WILSON SUPPLY OFFICER LCDR E. J. MAMER MATERIAL OFFICER LCDR R. H. JOHNSON, Jr. OPERATIONS OFFICER Q., .M 'N EA' W ww .Fw N :I 9 5 1 , .1E11Z:111'1 . i f 5 f,,A NTIS i' I ll", Ill' ! LT H. F. BERCK, Jr. LT J. M. GANDY, III ASST OPSXTRAINING OFFICER PLANS OFFICER LT R. L. OWENS ASST MATERIAL OFFICER CWO3 F. R. NESTER ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER W VIII 5? A, 11 .. .W-Y W.--R, V Mm M -f-1-mv.. .wmwf-wwf - vm-'H -- - -- - QMCM M. R. TAUCHEN SKCS L. L. SWENSEN PNCS C. W. NASH i -"- V, Q ' W,, ,, .',1MawM.,u..,v?X . ,Ln 4,1 Noc G. w. TINGLE RMC w. L. THOMAS FTGC M, STEEL GMGC N. H. WILKINSON -QW l 1 l W-MW YNC S. M. EDGE FTGC G. R. KING YN1J,N,HEARN YN SK1 W. G. BROWN MS1 F. M. LOZADA RM1 C. D. MILLER ,QQ l MS PN1 J. M. RUTH YN2 G. M. SCHOTT YN2 C. G. MCKAY ,fl F' RM 92iswvs'5.V""""T'-F' ,.,..W,, Z, ,,,, , ,,,,,,, ,W .. "ww, YN RM2 J. J. BUDLONG, Jr. YN2 W. J. RINKE RM2 C. PETERS I MS MS2 C. D. HOLLAND YN3 M. B. MCGEE RM3 J. E. OBRYAN fr' RM YN3 R. R. REESE YN3 T. A. STAMM MSSN J. R. HARPER I A. as fx: ' x S N, 'vw MM1 S. REPNYEX, Jr. MXN x Q5 an rk9"'u. J S? fm Y wx I7 If 'Q ,axes 4 at ., NN. , , X, Q ' if N , W, Aw ,H f 'W-5-r A' XM I W ACCENT ON ARTISANS VIII' T0 me Q E 5 A senvlce , LA R 'ii' 'N ' FLEET J.-J AR"5 K A I I i T S y " V ,pl-,S-img.,--M ---, 5 -H ---- A -- -L -f---- ----- Y K I I Y I w I 4, s I, W 3 K. 5 E 'Y 5 1 x Q ! .S CAPT C. W. TAYLOR COMMANDING OFFICER Captain Clinton W. Taylor, U. S. Navy, was born in Memphis, Tennessee and attended University of Tennessee, and Memphis State University. Commissioned Ensign in 1952, he served his first tour of sea duty in the Pacific on board the destroyer USS TWINING fDD-5401 as First Lieutenant and Weapons Officer. Following that tour, Captain Taylor served as Navigator and Operations Officer of USS BRECKENRIDGE fTAP-1761. In 1958 he was assigned to duty with the Pacific Fleet Amphibious Force and served as Commanding Officer, USS JEFFERSON COUNTY fLST-8451. Shore duty followed in 1960 as Captain Taylor served as Executive Officer, U. S. Fleet Gunnery School, San Diego. Returning to sea in 1962, he served as Executive Officer of the destroyer USS BACHE IDD- 470j in the Atlantic Fleet after which he was assigned to the Of- fice of CNO. ln 1967, Captain Taylor was assigned command of the Atlantic Fleet destroyer USS HUGH PURVIS fDD-7091 which made deployments with both the SIXTH Fleet in the Mediterranean and the SEVENTH Fleet in the Western Pacific.- Prior to his present assignment, Captain Taylor served on the Staff of Commander Amphibious Force, U. S. Pacific Fleet as Force Operations Officer and the U. S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. Captain Taylor has been the Commanding Officer of the USS VULCAN IAF?-51 since July 1973. In February 1976 he will assume duties as COMSERV- FORSIXTHFLT. If RADIOMAN IRMI SI GNALMAN ISMI CPS SPECIALIST IUSI QUARTERMASTER IQMI I I I BOILERMANIBTI Q7 .b DENTAL TECHNICIAN IDTI HOSPITAL CORPSMAN IHMI' DISBURSING CLERK IDKI MISSION STATEMENT BNI A UNIT OF THE ATLANTIC FLEET MOBILE LOGISTIC SUPPORT FORCE DESIGNED TO FURNISH REPAIR FACILITIES AND LOGISTIC SUPPORT TO ALL TYPES OF SHIPS OF THE U.S. NAVY, AT ANY TIME, AT ANY PLACE 'Q A MINATURE SHIPYARD OF 700 MEN AND 36 DIFFERENT ARTISAN RATINGS SI-I 1941 1975 34 YEARS OF NAVAL SERVICE DATA PROCESSING TECHNICIAN IDPI ENGINEMAN IENI PATTERNMAKERIPMI MOLDER mu DATA Sy 51' EMS 1WI?gg,RYMAN STEVARD CSD, TECHNICIAN msg I .-.,.-. I BOILERMAKER QB MACD-IINlST'S MATE lg,LU5TgA1QR WW onrvsmn mom 'O' I MACHINERY REPAIRMAN IMRI ELECTRICIAN'S INTERIOR MATE IEMI I COMMUNICAT ONS ELECTRIC! AN UCI 3 I t GUNNER'S MATE IGMI OPTICALMAN IOMI X! suecmqmcs v rms coNTnoI. vecnuncmh' :gn TECHNICIAN IFT7 V 16 LITHOGRAPNER ILIJ STOREKEEPER ISKI YEONAN IYNI PERSONNE LMAN IPNI FYI OOATSWAIIUS MATI3 POSTAL CLERK IPC! IECALIANILII SHIP'S SERVICEMAN 1 I I UPI IIIIll TECHNICIAN Rl CNSTRUMENTMAN HMI PHOTOGRAPNERT MATE IPHI I SS VULCA HISTDRY VULCAN'S ME The God VULCAN, according to Roman mythology, was the God of Fire, and patron of metallurgy and han- dicrafts. He was considered the divine artificer and creator of all that was mechanically wonderful. ln a quarrel between his parents Jupiter and Juno, he sided with his mother and was thrown from Mount Olympus by Jupiter. After falling for a whole day, landed on the Isle of Lemnos, where he stayed and regained favor of the mighty gods of Mount Olympus by serving as their blacksmith. All volcanoes, especially Lemnos and Etna were his workshops, where he forged the thunderbolts of Jupiter, the shield of Hercules, and the armour of Achilles. YW? ,Z ,Www 17 l r 1 gr Q W' Zfsvfwmw I , Q l VULCAN' HISTORY JUNE 1941 - PRESENT VULCAN is the first of the modern repair ships. Her keel was laid on 16 December 1939 at the Camden, New Jersey Yard of the New York Shipbuilding Company. At the launching ceremonies of 14 December 1940, Mrs. James Forrestal, wife of the first Secretary of the Defense, broke the traditional bottle of champagne as VULCAN's sponsor. Official commissioning of VULCAN was held 16 June 1941 at which time VULCAN joined the Atlantic Fleet. Soon after VULCAN was pressed into service during World War Il. From her commissioning to December 1944, VULCAN operated in the Atlantic and Mediterranean areas, basing at Argentiag New- foundlandg Havalfjordur, Iceland, Algiers and Mer-EI Kebir, Algeria. Her first major repair job was the emergency repairs made to the USS KEARNYIDD-4321 after she had been torpedoed by a German submarine off the coast of Iceland in October of 1941. VULCAN was awarded the European-African-Middle Eastern Cam- paign Medal for participation in the allied invasion of Normandy lincluding the bombardment of Cherbourgi during the period 15 August through 25 September 1944. 1st VULCA 1910 4 f 1 1 Q 4 x W v .ur M W W X M wiwxf-Y' X M-sf M'-aw V ,-f R' NZ' X v..,W5-rf 4-wa A .. , .,,, -W" ff' , I J,- .,,.,-f.---""""" 3, 1 M if ss 7 Ml sa .W A -'lvkfw , M, M I 4 W AMW W y W 4 , X M J-My M Q, wav, ,W W M X W, X , ff , 4 W X X x ff A WM - f U W -M V, , .. 4, . ,X f ww, x 'wfliw 1 , K HN O7 ,fww , , f Q ,, I .I Q M ,, X V WMI f M I ,W X X, fffa Z1 M L AN t f ed to the Pacific Fleet where she continued tO Peffofm vital Vepaif ln December 1944 VU C was rans err . ' , . - - ' ' I I d , d L and support services for allied merchant and naval ships while based in Ullthi Atoll, SHVOISWZHZZQ ti Zgsisteggi Gulf, Philippine Islands. In September 1945, VULCAN was deployed to Buckner SY, ll' d h' d d and driven ashore by the effects of a typhoon. As a result of VULCAN repair efforts many a ie s ips amage . many ships were saved and a disastrous situation averted. ln October 1945, traversing lone huncirjgrairgcl frien- ty miles of mine infested water through the Island Sea of Japan, VULCAN 'ed af ?m,a Woe O Orca shi s to Hiro Wan Ja an and established a necessary and vital repair service facility ID this forward area.. Dur- P , P , , , . ing this Pacific deployment, VULCAN was awarded the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal for the period 2 September 1945 through 10 March 1946. In April 1946, VULCAN returned to the United States and the Atlantic Fleet for duty where she has remained fulfilling her repair mission. During the Cuban Crlsls, ln October and November 1962, VULCAN was deployed to the Caribbean area to provide repair service to those ships engaged in the Cuban Quarantine. ln September 1964, VULCAN departed Norfolk to participate in the coim- bined NATO exercise, "Teamwork", during which time she served as flagship for Commander Service Squadron Four. VULCAN was deployed to Greenock, Scotland during this combined exercise and provided repair and service facilities to fleet units participating in "Teamwork". Upon termination of exercise "Teamwork" in early October 1964, VULCAN was deployed to Rota, Spain and participated in the largest peacetime amphibious exercise since World War ll. "Steel Pike I". Operating off Huelva, Spain, VULCAN provided repair service to the fleet units until completion of exercise "Steel Pike I" in late October 1964. ln May 1965, VULCAN served as flagship for a Mobile Logistic Support Group and provided repair and service facilities to fleet units engaged in Dominican Republic operations. ln May 1970 VULCAN entered the Norfolk Naval Shipyard where she underwent a four month overhaul period. During 1971-1972 a time of increased Navy commitments in Southeast Asia and frequent deployments of Atlantic Fleet units to that conflict, VULCAN undertook one hundred-fifty-three along-side and concurrent ship repair availabilities and com- pleted them with enthusiasm, professionalism and dispatch. Quality work, increased ship-days on the line, and savings in maintenance funds were the result. In no less than eleven cases, VULCAN prepared ships to meet urgent operational commitments with minimal notice as dictated by exigencies of the tactical situation, in each instance the commitments were met and VULCAN'S contribution was vital. ln 1972, VULCAN passed a Material inspection fby the Board of Inspection and Surveyl and received a grade of Outstanding in the Ad- ministrative lnspection and was awarded the Battle Efficiency "E" and the Red Engineering These ac- complishments were duplicated in 1973 when VULCAN added hash marks to the Battle Efficiency "E" and Engineering "E" awards, and received an additional award, the Supply ln 1974, VULCAN received the Supply "E" again and the Communications USS VULCAN is presently assigned as a unit of Service Group Two Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, and continues to perform repairs, provide medical, dental, engineering and supply support and conduct religious services for some 73 ships including aircraft carriers, amphibious, destroyer and service forces types currently assigned VULCAN parent tender. ln July 1975 VULCAN was awarded the "E" as best of 7 Tenders and Communications ...A -,Q 'i if is - ,z :- +v l E I l I 1 l l l ! l l l l l 4.l S 23 I., x..w...m..- A' W Q " ,V x s""5 QW Wills um X WN WWA ,Z ,yi A . 9 vf f X 1 1 1 Q -Xxx AS 1 s K1 ? 54 5. - 3 'xx .-: 2 yi 'E 3 Y .1 X X -1. 2 1 2 L N 5 X . X J w, K 'K H, Q X x , 5 5 xx A-f .- K v .. K l- , QK .. . ,V , . - Ng, K ,ii :zggjt Q x XL- FSI .J SLK R X fig 4 K 2 N iixil k 3- 5 x X 51.3. 2 is R -1 ' " fx - X if YQ E X ,Q X R ' -- QQ 2 1 xx X ' N ' ,gf lx 3. -xxxwwlv. 'sg 4-5... ' W1 f ,, X-K K . , - xii ' ' K. xx xK Q S . .X g NNKK .QK .MK Q-- X - . KK A ' QA. :K K, f ., . . - - , 23? ,QF x -5'-za-X E L " F-' K Q KK Lkgk A.. K. K--,K K 455' K..-X - Q.-. , , X? X4-.Lf X . 1. f 'K x QS' .. X X 5- , - . --K 'S M X ' si' ex L ., K X bg' k 5. , . - . 4 x x' '3 3 . N . -. .51 XY- A Q- .1 31.15 A -, .. A KK -1 .YK-.K Kg. - iw f, L . K L KX'X. KK fQ-L 5 K .-Q--.-.W-.X.'K'g . K. - 5 'E . . . . 1- .- -'Yffki3-'-LY - H: 'Q . K. . - -,K , X 1-arg.-fi.--. ' -K XX-1.-Q, w ,K .,. --.lg :"f1:.g , - ' M'-X-..... - - rT.1.l1iwf: , , , - 6:3-qK'3ff-as ,K A 5" W. Q X.-'ifix-Xi'-XTX-f-e -fi- -. :--ny. ,gm-Q:-. ff-,Q - gf.--g . --.-.f . K K . -rp- 'yr.K-Kg.L,- , H 4:K:K.,.g-.-i-' -2 -15.2 .. ,- .K - , -j.K:,5X:-. N 1 'jfg5--,K - 1 KL' '- X4---' - 1 5 X ,-.,.Kj -5 A 'H "QQ Kg - 4 -X j"",.f we . - -Q. -'93 .. . y K.g:.K-, .- - A - . K+ i KK.K,KN-.K-QQ- S-X. . K K - . - - 1. f :.- ' .- Us A- . 'Q X.-.-.s-N. -+- .Qs - .- . - NN- v . ,. Ka-jrf?3i"' . K. KW, k Q 'f 'A ' ..-Six KN 'FN Q5.'EwKKiKfX-"X-'-3-jqqy-5- .KK Q. - . XKi9ff'K X-M-QQQQSK K -4 K ' - ,L'i5""'1T' -----..-f . -.X X K -I . . 1- S.-A ' ' Y' "1 K M- ---- --...L - . -.K.-1-.ff STN- .K.-lfx-.KA -K 1 -6,5455-.-1. 5 .QL-Sp' v.K Y - '- - ' -.,...,,M.........,N,KKKlhKD -...A .SQ .K52-:5E5-"5S1.,- -J-.Ex-Qs -XKKKK -' -1- .,,......m.k.,.-...... . 'L'---ng 55.46 fix-'Q . x X . ii K- .K X 1 ' Q- K-.s-y.3xx,5-5.9 . X-.Cf . ,.,-.Q.:..,K .K,Q.K ,W - X. .,q .Q, . X .Q ..,,,.... X n. d,4,,...-'F 4. ,via L 1 X ., Y- W, ne:-""i'f: - 'i 'X , A , ,. x.mX 1 fs 1 A w3N,31b'5,,..,,A,.,, 4 J., AN!-W - ,,..,..-WM' 2 -Q ,,...,...M' , ff -A-'gag ' "T Wx ' Q11 ' ff, 2 Keel Laid 16 December 1939 Builder New York Shipbuilding Corp Camden N J Sponsor Mrs James Forrestal wife of first Secretary of Defense Commissioned 16 June 1941 Weight 16 245 tons Length 530 feet Beam 73 feet Draft 25 feet Boilers 4 C400 PSD Propellers Q4 bladesl Speed 19 5 knots Officers 26!Crew 750 others of Same class uss AJAX KAR 62 uss Hecron CAR 72 uss JASON CAF? 82 QALL PACIFIC FLEETJ 1941 1944 Atlantic Fleet 1945 - Pacific Fleet 1946 - 1975 Atlantic Fleet 34 Years of Continual Active Naval Service 4 I 'NSN Q W JM Q 4 A + ' P A A my gum, fi N X ' x Q x w tr X +f.,:" 1-, H., xy- X M X H , W WN X Mgm .I ,YW W ., w ' x N 51 L Q. g,,,,X wax .Q 4' wir S S Q 7, K gk 43 sm if YKA ' Qu X g 5 N X ,R f QW ,V I 1-sf ff X yfsyf Z X A ' f ,W h f fm f UM, Z-4 y- kwgfb 4 ,MQ xx' , -fh , ,, QS X 5 if D9 107' CLEAR COMMUNICATION OFFICE X use fox uacswr ' LE rrsas own' X Qff V N X Vx ses S X 1' ' 2 , ,Q .X X ! W X X X Q5 V X X Q is X U R939 933 QYS Um ,HEP J X :MESS wx 'Sip N9 ETX ikggsgizglo it " AC?5g1Cf,,MS 5 Xis,cEQNr QQ N D fa Ops 5"i'?-259359 C N DF! B, Z QW 9, W Y qui 'Y 3255625933139 in 9 TROL 5055 Wg t A l :Hom f Tyne Receives GQ W CT . So sus-sue QR 1 QAM KIN . - .NX G X - 5 ,'f QZHCS. 'X-.diggs , N xi LEAVE AUTHEDRIZATION KOFFICER 8: ENLJSTEDJ icago 11 SSN X M z. NASEYLAST. mgsr, muon sm'r1Au 3, GRASS 4, umr Lo. cone 5. oxibv s. sxcx 1. owes 'wwe Lvy a. name Lame - f Q. LEAVWG In VT V1 W OUTSIDE C-ONUS PERMQUSTA AREA EXECUT1 E DEPARTME ax QQQAS' 4.4 I Commander T. A. Goodall was born in Evanston, Illinois, but calls his permanent home in Cleveland, Ohio. He has a B.A. degree in Business Administration obtained at Oberlin College, Ohio - Class of 1955. CDR Goodall entered Officer Candidate School, Newport, Rhode Island, in September 1955 and received his Ensign's commission in January 1956. Following commissioning he has served successively in the Atlantic Fleet as Communications!Operations Officer aboard USS EVERGLADES fAD-241, Norfolk, Va., flagship for COMSERV- FORSIXTHFLT on two Mediterranean deploymentsg Recruit Training Officer NRSD 4-86!L at U.S. Naval Reserve Training Center, Cleveland Ohio, Operations Officer aboard USS SURIBACHI KAE-212, Norfolk, Va., and Weapons Of- ficer!Navigator aboard USS GLENNON rDD-8402, Newport, Rhode Island. ln December 1965, CDR Goodall received his first overseas assignment in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as the only Naval member of a joint U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy 10 man team sent to the land of Haile Selassie as a CINCSTRIKE Command Mission to establish joint staff procedures for the Ethiopian Ministry of Defense. ln December 1966, CDR Goodall was assigned to Staff, Com- mander Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla SIX, Charleston, South Carolina as Weapons Officer. At the conclusion of a Mediterra- nean deployment with COMCRUDESFLOT SIX staff aboard the Flagships USS TOPEKA fCLG-81 and USS FORRESTAL 1CVA- 59j, CDR Goodall reported for duty as Executive Officer, USS PLA TTE KAO-242 in Long Beach, California, in December 1968. During this period two deployments were made with the Seventh Fleet in the Vietnam Area. ln March 1970 he was ordered to Washington, D.C. for Pentagon duty with the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, on the staff of DCNO Logistics QOP-041. ln April 1974 CDR Goodall was assigned to his present billet as Ex- ecutive Officer of VULCAN. CDR T. A. GOOD LL EXEC TIVE OFFICER if C-5 DD 5 I 7 Cf Z 1. I ' nf , ffmggf--Nw ,f V- -Wfw,,.1X -,.,......,., ,,...,,, ,7,!,,,W,, 4017... x..- , .W f ,X-.--, , 1, , . I f -5- - , W MMM ,ff x WAMKQMXA-yw, ' Q - X f, I I I I I I I I I I CDR W. J. WINSLOW, Jr. LT D. R. WEBER LTJG T. R. SCHWIEGER CHAPLAIN TRAINING OFFICER LEGAL OFFICER 1 I 1 i JL f MASTER- T- RMS FORCE fi. lib' P? 19 HT1 R- E-C01-BY ENC F. A. STEWART MM1 N. R. NUSSBAUM GMG1 R. J. KOLAR, Jr. BM2 D. D. STOOTS BM3 W. C. BRODIE EM1 R. D. BABCOCK FTCS C. N. LANDIS PNCS F. D. BRUTON YNC J. W. ZAHNISER X DIV . "X" Division personnel provide administrative and other services to all VULCAN crewmembers. The department includes the Chaplain's Office and Library, Captain's, Personnel, Legal, Career Counselor's and 3M Offices, Post Office, Special Services and Master- at-Arms Force and Educational Services Office. any-5 hexmx ' . 915 Lb. ' fu 1' Fl YN YN2 R. R. FEEMAN YN3 B. A. MANNINGER YN3 Fl. L. BLUE YN3 J. R. SCHWEITZER YN3 J. T. WILSON PNC Fl. W. TUCKER PN3 A. J. PEW PN3 R. D. NAUGLE PN3 W. D. MONTGOMERY PN3 D. L. HAMPSHIRE YN3 W. J. SHIPLEY PNSN G. B. MARTIN fb PNSN R. C. SACKS PNSN W. J. COOPER PNSN J. M. FRANKLIN WW W, ,ff Cf , f VV f NCC D. P. MCLAUGHLIN LN2 S. W. STICHMAN YN3 E. L. JOHNSON WW JN, , hf ,, .. ,, ix! ,v,,g4.,, M, Q Aj 1 ff . fawa I A Q X f X I 2, Jj! . A , , ' fum' 1, .-,, 1 f QW 4 SN SN R. W. HARTIGAN PC DC2 A. J. SMITH SA PC2 M. N. GARCIA PC3 W. W. CANNON PC3 J. J. CADIGAN CD E5 E! in EM PC3 J. W. ZEDLER SA M. E. MAERTENS EM2 C. N. MARSHALL -Q ,J GM GMG1 E. W. GEBHARDT SN M. S. BARBER FN FX. L. HALL FN J. MATHIS OM2 M. A. SOLIEN MM3 G. C. ZEKIEL X x n N" vm A M .SMXX ,xvwf-,, fw xy X, ff NW Q. X xx fv Q xxx wx QX X X N ga X A XXX f xx A v A NX X Q95x,K X Q, lx 'N f- ww. , -:J-1-J-'M' , . 44-51314-L"1A'A" ,, Qggmyfny , W W. f .-, W Q. Sfifw M- 4 ,MMR A-fx ' .f.,aLw1-N ,..-f':fw1"" "' - ' N A A .1-,f:r:'2T-TTEWM' x "" wpf.1?WZi4q:11fz': - NA-,7 , ,P ,.,, 4. N ,,,, L Sf l ,ww Wfwnf vv 9 0 .S : 7 'WV f V ,,. 'l 'Wh W W ff ,XW , ' ,gy Nwcm xr' iii' fi" Ng X . TS F' My 53, M 'Q- X ,QV 4, ig nu, if ,Q,,,,,.,,,.,f,, , ,,,,.,,,,,,q 42,5 'mv xfff fy ,Mg YN .,.-.f.-,.-.wr-x--1-. .,., . - . .. -V, : 1 . ' .hw ,u g 1. vm. :w w ,,Lff..Q-w. - -W CDR D. S. HUNSICKEF1 CHAPLAIN SA C. E. DEMORAN A ff PN1 E. ALEXANDER SN J. C. SIMIONE A f fW,,,,.mW 4 e ' f! ! , , f iff M ff f ff!! ff! . ,'! annum E! 'ma-c,!" 'f 'W' x L Q I L .lg 15.1.1":i2L2Iif,:55?5gE2'2.l?fggge. !!.! : a?! A z ! l Lf 4.gpzLL1.Q,ygLQ,4:',::1,5. rf ! '! l I !-l l ll ! I I'- Nxwxx yur 42 u RN 5. 5 9 f f f Q ' f ff! W ff GMGC C. R. JENKINS YN3 J. A. ISRAEL YNC R. S. RAY ff 'fn 1 .11 44 'hmm Wg X, XX X ww X "ix WRYR'-f .ww 'xfxx QNX NX xi-kms l JN is X.. N, N w 2,5 EM Ulu 'i Q' --I' Mlm 469 SN R. J. HAFIDING S+. will-n V eff. f A :.QX:..s5 aff -f NWW Wg .., 'wifi XM W, .X . MW, , X fl Zxy' 33,1 X' W , .wwwfwfix fwdgmj ,, x ff ,, ' ,i-52 p , 4-QW www I sir? X5 55 'H-. rx A , A.. ff XM X ,f,, gf 'a W-x Y X Y 'H- .Q V' f if 5, f X is . x ff. Z ,X X . if M W fan-C' xx 7 wffy LT K. W. MILLER OPERATIONS OFFICER Lieutenant K. W. Miller graduated from Maryville College, Maryville, Tennessee in June 1967 with a B.A. in Political Science. He entered Officer Candidate School, Newport, Rhode Island, in October 1967 and was commissioned an Ensign in March 1968. Following commissioning he has held the following billets: Elec- trical Officer on board USS SHADWELL ILSD-152 March 1968 to March 1970 when he qualified as Engineering Watch Officer and OOD iFlg March 1970 to August 1970 as Assistant Degaussing Officer, Naval Station, Norfolk, Virginia, March 1971 to June 1973, as Executive Officer, NRC, Chicago, lllinoisg August 1973 to January 1974, Fl-2 Division Officer, USS VULCAN, January 1974 to present, DCA, USS VULCAN, August 1974 to present, Operations Officer!Navigator, USS VULCAN. The Operations Department is the nerve center of the ship. "ON" Division consists of Quartermasters and is tasked with safely navigating the ship. "OI" Division is made up of Operations Specialists. At sea the Operations Specialists monitor all shipping in the vicinity of VULCAN and keep the Conning Officer in- formed of the shipping situation and how it will affect the ship. When operating with other Navy ships, the Operations Specialists provide the Conning Officer with tactical information necessary to allow the ship to man uever within the formation and fulfill its operational commitments. "OC" Division consists of the Ftadiomen and Signalmen. They are the exterior voice of the ship. Their specialities allow the ship to talk with other ships and shore stations through the use of radio, flashing light, signal flags, and semaphore. 1 F CJ- ,ir , ,,,. ,,:,, , Q. . -. SM l RM LTJG R. D. PAIANO ENS E. A. WRIGHT COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER ASST COMM OFFICER OS QM SMC B. P. BLACK RMC J. C. WEBSTER OS1 R. S. ARMSTRONG QM2 J. F. FINAN, Jr. RM2 D. D. KILTS RM2 L. A. HAMMEL, In , OC DIV ,i RM2 J. E. PINSON RM3 R. A. MAGILL RM3 C. D. TYLER RM3 D. M. HAMMOND' RM3 G. E. HANNA RM3 D. A. ORMAN RM3 P. C. HAMMEL SN R. C. HOOPER, Jr. RMSN W. A. BASOS SM2 K. B. WARREN sms T. E. SEAGER sms G. E. JUMPER SN D. L. PANDOLPH SN R. L. ACKER DIV QM3 E. J. GRIFFIS QM3 C. E. BELL, Jr. QM3 D. S. THARP QM QMSN R. HOWARD QMSA L. R. WELLS QMSA D. A. DOCKERY OS SN R. D. HARRISON SN D. R. MORGAN SN D. J. LYONS OI DIV oss w. J. BAKULA ossN J. L. DUNBAR YN3 L. C. KING www Z KN-.N NNN ff? V . +I ,X V 7 ,fl' , ' ' Jw Q J A, f W5 Wwwx 1 ' Q , f ,, wmwf vw f 'Vfjfii1n IQ MZ 1 i I I i 1 1 A K , il 2 i 1 1 mv' f N I SX -N W N XS 21 1 2 n NIS f 'W f X Y x Ei s N fy-xy Q :ff QXWXZ xg, , X Q X 2 N X x A K +1 s X as f, , W if fs ,XJ DEPARTME 0 Q 1 1 QW! W f H W WWW I WWW V f wwwwf " WMM! f WW ff WWW ,',k, , qfwwwi WW f A w LT F. J. MEHRTENS 1 MAY 1973 to 11 DEC 1974 LT Mehrtens enlisted in the U.S. Navy on 3 October 1945 and served through the rate of BMCS. He was commissioned an officer on 1 July 1965. He has served on the following ships: USS PHILIPPINE SEA ICV-471,- USS NOR TH CAROLINA IBB-551: USS MISSOURI IBB- 63j,' USS WISCONSIN IBB-6421 USS GHERARDI IDD- 637j I IDMS-30I,' USS PILOT IAM-1041, USS LOWRY IDD- 770I,' USS BARTON IDD- 7221: MINRON 10 IMSB 36 and MSB 40j,' USS MARIAS IAO-57j,' USS OKINAWA ILPA-31, USS CASA GRANDE ILSD-132,- USS SHADWELL ILSD-142 and USS VULCAN IAR-5j. He has also served at Atlantic Reserve Fleet, Orange, Tex., Naval Net Depot, Tiburon, Ca., Naval Section MAAG IBelgium, Netherlands, Luxemborgl in Brussels, Belgium, American Embassy on Brussels Naval Base, Ostende, Belgiumg Recruiting School, Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Md., Naval Recruiting and Officer Procurement Station, Raleigh, N.C.g CPO Military Leadership Academy and Naval Instructor School, at Naval Station, Norfolk, Va., Naval Firefighting Instructor School and Naval Damage Con- trol Training Center, at Philadelphia, Pa., Naval Ord- nance Systems Command Field Safety School, Naval Ammunition Depot, Crane, lnd.g and Staff, Comman- dant Fifth Naval District, Norfolk, Va. FIR T LIEUTENANT LT R. I. STILL Lieutenant Still is a native of Saline, Michigan. Upon completion of four years of study at the United States Naval Academy, he was commissioned an Ensign in June 1968. His first duty assignment was that of First Lieutenant on board USS JOHN KING IDDG-32. This was followed by assignments on USS GUADALCANAL ILPH-71 as Gunnery Officer and First Anglico Sub Unit ONE as a Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer in South Viet- nam. Lieutenant Still reported aboard VULCAN from COMSERVLANT Staff where he served as Training Of- ficer. The mission of the Deck Department is to plan and ex- ecute deck seamanship evolutions and operations. These evolutions and operations include: anchoring, mooring, fueling and replenishment at sea, loading and unloading of cargo, and operation of the ship's boats. Deck Department personnel are also responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the exterior of the entire hull of USS VULCAN and associated weather decks. BM1 J. W. BROWN BM1 T. L. ALBRIGHT BM2 G. D. BAUCUM 1' 1-22: BM BM3 K. S. ARMSTRONG BM3 D. W. GARTY BM3 G. B. GIBBS IST DI BM3 F. LECOUNT BM3 J. S. SABO BM3 P. B. STUCKEY BM BM3 J. W. TURNER BM3 K. P. HARRIS BM3 V. W. MILLER BM3 C. O. SCHLEY BM3 H. L. SAUCIER BM3 K. R. WALDVOGEL 'I I .W I I2 II H I U 'I I I 5 I I I . I I I I I I II 'I I I I I I I I I I -i BM BM3 F. M. SWANTIC SN G. D. GLENN SN. E. ESPINOZA 3 SN J. L. FLORES SN J. J. NEWELL, Jr. SN R. H. CARLSON f f . ff 44?,f? .J S 4 S 24 ' 'his Z S is X X A gy jf' wgw X M5 X I XY? fist? 625 , f 3 5 2 A .MQ W'-ww . 4 L Q2 3151 4. " gk , , Q 'yu' Q 2 ' 1 Xl. N if 312 'ff 5 ,h f .... . A BM SN R. G. FICKLING SN H. IG. SANTANA SN A. R. BENTLEY SA SN P. F. VANDENABEELE SA D. A. GARDNER SN W. E. GORIG BM SN K. E. BUSH SA M. D. GOUCHER SN G. B. ENGSTROM BMSN P. R. LAPAN SA R. L. HARRIS SN T. H. MILLER SN SN C. L. BLACKLEY SN R. H. HARRIMAN SN P. J. TUCKER SR K. L. ALLEN SR W. COTTER SN W. A. BECK f 1 ,wwf ,uf f L.. . , ' Z' VV 0 'fn f 61 'mfg BM SA Fi. K. SIMONSON SN Fl. J. MOORE SN W. H. RUSHING SN K. J. MAHONEY SN Fl. FARLEY SN T. H. DUNNING 5 SN R. W. BARKER SN B. L. WOLFE SN M. BENSON SN T. J. HEFFERNON SA C. M. HUFFINE SN T. P. FRIEDL 1 f I c .- 5 X1 New xff I .XV N X w Wan-Q' 'NM' YL ls ,..-w-""' S X 'E 3 Q 2 2 2 s ,sf 4 A .x . QQ? ,z s 3 Z l ' s SM 1 5 64 XXALOXQ X A , X X i-XXX X - X. .Q NXXX X XXX .1 XX X XXQANX x-XXX X X -XXX X X-:XXX XX , XXX X X X f X XX X X1 X .xx 1 . X x X Xvxxk' XX 2 ff' f if .J iff . 'I ' ' XWA x ' 1 HN h --.wh-my ' ' - ',.., 357 g-W. A . ,,,,, X " 'A ' -q,ff-12", N-r-Q-f..........i QW X av ulxnf-X. . NN NNN. www 1 1, 4114 K 255 ' - 94 v ng 1 1 qi , , Nm, .' bw., 'X ,1 4 ',,,.,,: A. .,,,,,,g X , X I A 5, . , r ,X i n Q., X-J WX. 14.0, , J V, .,,, : ,K S ' X X '7i' 2:gf-Q22 ij X115 X X f Y 1 -W X , , H "f , ,1 ,uf ,P - 'af ' fi 77 J I I 4 I I' ff HZ?" , 5 I 1 .4 14 4 A 1 f . 6 1 WX I ,Ga , ,Y f NX J Q4 I L 9 X V li? .- A i mira. ' XXX, U, gx 5 jk ' Q law f-., "Q-,KX X f 'S X , ,, XX jgrxw, 'TL - A "VT 1Q.,,:J9'X f XZ, XW-.X X X , X ,,7.X'9,ifx,X, ' Xfjuifzfwg . . Qqsymzgqwx 'XJW- ':X A ? f BSN" S' 'J' we 'C X"'wXX X XXW, .X x V W T 65' z.L...., , I ,ip 'f' w fww , f,,,. W .JZ raw f 4, E W f 4 W,, W fi I 'wx k if O. ffww W . ' fl I . H ' I f Y wwf , I A ff' ' ff" f 79 'R .1 "0 inf dv i!" f 1 ' s W Z ef 9 f 2 K 1 W gm 3 f 2 W ,V 4 X5 4 W f 4 .f sv, , , af ,, ,i ,gh Wwhf A f V A Z .WI ,WU ' If 4ffw f. 'Q' fy? X2 f if A zpgfy Rf-'f""qi 'f A Y 0 J'-xp! xi fb? A X f W f 7 , Lv, K XM f M- if ,, ,W ,Z as EW , X ,, 4 Z 4 . . 7 .V f.- h,.,5Y 4 y U + f f f f V , f ff V U Aw 'w'w:4Zj4Qg'9?fifA ' M " f mf 'f??2wcf:. 1 f f W, rf Yi ' I ' A Y V M4 , I 3 X -- , f ' I 1 X25 fn, 7 f, ? 41 L I Q X f f ,, , IN 4. " ,Q K I V,, ',70, FHM, M am'-1 QKEW' W' 5 , U , 1, vqjvglylqbl -7' f ,V-Giffml--' an av V Q, '.1lq Qvu, ' ,732 , 'W' W 'af "2 .L 'V i J ' W I . f fa f 1 , I' V , , if ,, ,Q M X- ,Mya A , ,L , ' ' ' 4.0 -Y , f- ' 4, 4' 7", Z 4 yd V V K V I, L 'K . , V Q f 7 Vf Q 0, 4 f f,f,, f ,X 0 X f X fl, V' "fy, 'ai 0 I ,, I ' 0 " UW fm 9, 4 Q 5' MQW ' 0 5 f W vffzaff x Q5 1 ,W 4. f by A , , A f , 2, faffy ,,g, ff W 4 . - fvmff 'W img f, f- . S RN J lf? 7 1 X I f,, ff- , 'f 1 -V f f 1 ,Mg A , f fi 3 Q 1 1 L , , f ,.-W, , 5 ' 9 , fe ', 4, 'ff f - Q M , V, f 4 . If . Z ff W ,X A , 5 M W W4 wf Q , 2 LT R. M. HENNESSY 6,8 SE SSSS LCDR J. A. HAMEL ENGINEER OFFICER Q4 74 - 5 755 Lieutenant Commander James A. Hamel enlisted in the U.S. Navy on 2 February 1946. He has served on board the following duty stations and ships: USS BADGER IDE-10711, in charge of the Main Engine, USS EARL K. OLSEN IDD- 765j as LPO of the Engineering Dept.g USN 81 MCRTC, Columbus, Ohio, as Station Engineer and District Boiler lnspectorg and USS PRESERVER IARS-81, where he served as MPA. LCDR Hamel was commissioned Ensign in the U.S. Navy on 1 July 1962. Following commissioning he was assigned to USS FORRESTAL ICVA-592 as Main Engine Material Officer and then to USS KANKAKEE IAO-391 as MPA. LCDR Hamel served ashore at Navy Station, Guam, as Security Officer and Service Craft,Officer and Naval Support Activity, Saigon, Vietnam, as Repair Officer. His next tour of duty was at RTC, Great Lakes, lll., as a Regimental Commander and Material Officer, and following that again in Vietnam as Repair Coor- dinator, South. Most recently, LCDR Hamel was assigned to the Naval Exam Center at Great Lakes, Ill. in charge of the Engineering Section, before reporting to his present billet as Engineering Officer of USS VULCAN. The Engineering Department is responsible for the Opera- tion, maintenance and repair of the engineering plant. The Engineering Department is also responsible for providing household services to ships along side for repairs. A DIV. is responsible for evaporators, refrigeration equipment, anchor windless, steering engine, boat engines, cranes, steam heat, fresh water, emergency diesel and various lau n- dry and galley equipment and compressed air systems. B DIV. is responsible for the ships boilers, emergency feed pumps, fuel oil, and feed water systems, with all their related equipment, pumps and associated equipment in order to provide steam for the VULCAN, ships alongside and propul- sion. M DIV. is responsible for the main engines and all other air compressors, fire pumps, feed pumps, and propulsionfservice related equipment not specifically assigned to another division. E DIV. is responsible for ships electrical power, generators, distribution, ships alongside power, VULCAN internal communications, automatic telephone system, gyro compass and all installed shore telephone and IC equipment. R DIV. is responsible for VULCAN's damage control, hull repairs, and maintenance and upkeep of all VULCAN piping such as fire main, ventila- tion and boat repairs. LT R. M. Hennessy enlisted in April 19593 he served on board: USS DES MOINES ICA-1341, USS INDEPENDENCE ICVA-6215 USS SPRINGFIELD ICLG-71 and USS TACONIC ILCC-172. He was commissioned in June 1968 and served on USS PLYMOUTH ROCK ILSD-291 IDCA1,' INSURV BOARD flnspectorlg USS AMERICA ICVA-661 tRepair Off.l before being assigned as Engineer Officer of VULCAN. f X w 'X as gm kJ... WO1 M. D. VERNON 1 2 ', Aqkwhru.. BTC H. R. SENTEHS f V fr nf 11 1 in E? EM BTCM R. C. MITZEL '.fpvw41uvl'wf MMCS J. E. GEORGE MMC D. E. TRAYLOR EMC L. WHITE HTC A. D. comes HTC H. B. HARKNESS ADI MM1 C. C. JACKSON MM1 R. PITTS EN2 B. G. BROWN EN EN3 D. E. GRIFFIN, Jr. EN3 R. M. HANNINGTON EN3 D. E. YOUNG EN3 R. E. MASSEY EN3 C. E. PRINGLE MM3 D. DEESTRELLA MM3 J. D. TRAMMELL MM3 M. S. POPOLO FA M. A. BYRON FA J. E. MAFERA FN H. J. HIGGINS FA G. A. ANDRESS EN FN Fl. E. ELTING EN3 M. L. CHFIISTOPH FA G. D. BUSH EN FA J. P. SMITH FA W. N. MACON FA J. Fi. JOHNSON FN FN A. D. LOTT FN T. L. VAUGHN FN B. W. NICHOLS FA E. M. HENLEY SN T. K. PALMER SA J. D. ANDREWS, Jr. FA EN1 R. L. wooo FN G. C..MILLER FN R. H. ELLIS il In 4 BDI BT1 L. R. HIGGINS BT2 V. S. DOBSON BT2 C. P. MCGIRT BT BT2 G. M. RHOADES BT2 Fl. A. ANDERSON chi MNA' X , MON BT3 A. D. AROMIN BT2 C. E. BURNES FN D. WEFINER .Q q. BT BT3 H. R. CORAZZINI BT3 C. B. DAY BT3 H. F. FUENTES BT3 J. R. LAPOINTE FN J. M. GAMAN BT2 L. L. POLFEIT FA BT3 E. W. RUMMEL FR P. BADALATI FA R. C. BOUCHER -3 A 1 5 E 4 N 4 T .E 1 .Q R. BT FA G. W. CONNER FR E. D. DOLAN FA L. J. EDER FA FA Fl. L. FRIES FA J. L. HIGGINS FA K E LAEL W ,awk ff, , W ,f ' 5? . 1 I I I 4 BT FA D. L. NICHOLAS FN R. D. PARKER FA W. POLK FN W. T. SHANEYBROOK FN R. L. STANFIELD BT3 S. A. STILLINGS ? FA G. C. ASHCRAFT FN T. E. SWEENEY FA B. L. ASHCRAFT FA M. C. RITCHIE FN W. G. MCLEAN MRFN E. E. MONICA J M DIV MM1 R. L. LOVELY MM1 J. H. JOYNER MM1 B. J. HANSON MM2 J. E. CORBINE MM3 N. R. HEFIMOSO MM2 C. GILLILAND MM3 J. M. BRONSON MM3 R. S. DUNCAN 394, wwf ' ,yfwxw L ww N MM3 T. W. JOHNSON MM3 E. D. LOPEZ MM3 M. W. OWENS MM MM2 M. L. PAYTON MM3 R. D. PERRELLA MM2 M. C. ROBERTS MM3 G. W. STEVENS MM3 J. J. COIA ig MMFA R. L. CAMERON FN C. M. ABRAHAM FA J. P. ARFIOWOOD FA D. L. BOWERMAN, Jr. FA J. BRZOZOWSKI FA S. R. BUXBAUM f FN M. A. WEST FN J. J. CAMBELL FA G. J. COLLETT MM3 D. E. ALLEN MM3 P. J. MAGUIRE MM3 C. E. OHTH FA R. C. GALLUP FN M. A. GROSS FA M. J. HANEMANN FA FA R. E. HOWE MM3 L. W. HUGNEY FN L. A. KLEIN EMFN W. E. MACHUS FR M. D. MASSENGALE FR D. J. GODBOLD FN R. E. RICKMAN FA A. J. SEARCY FN T. R. SELBY -q 4 I E V 5 i 1 . s V W 1 E DIV EM1 L. F. HASHMAN EM1 A. L. SPRATT 45 Q9 EM IC1 J. D. MITCHELL EM1 C. E. CHRISTOPHER EM2 J. T. MASHBURN 3 2: :rl QQ IC EM2 D. C. PATTERSON FA O. A. CANTO EM3 R. G. SINSELL 45 Q! EM EM3 R. D. HOGG EM3 R. P. DELVAL ICS J. J. MOLESKY lC3 S. K. COTE EM3 A. V. KOON EM3 J. L. HAWKINS vllltv 5 -nmm 252 P7112 ,.. Z' zo 9185, Qzzo -422 mITlU 1593 U' cn FN K. M. MILOTTEE EM3 B. A. BEARD FN J. K. SMITH Gb 1 in E? EM FN H. F. LEE FN J. W. CECIL EM3 Fl. S. FAIR FN I. LEE FN T. W. LEPPARD FN L. J. RIGGS FN FN D. S. PAWLAK FN R. A. CURCIO EMFN M. BENSEN R DIV HT1 G. B. LEE HT2 W. E. SMITH HT3 S. A. WHITE HT HT2 T. R. KELLOGG HT2 M. A. GRESS HT3 T. J. ROBERTS HT3 J. W. CHADWELL HT3 H. J. UMANSKY HTFN D. G. WILLIAMS HT HTFN A. C. WHITERSPOON HT3 P. B. KOMISKEY HTFA J. W. CONNORS HTFA R. D. LOGSDON FN A. W. BONIFIELD FA S. C. SIECKO 4 HTFA B. D. MATHAIAS HT3 E. J. MonEAu FN R. E. CASSIDY NK 1 cw f, vu- uuvnn'-va u. 1... , 1 --sr , .-., I llItlVll'f'1.l'A . ... . X ...N--.- n-lv I I I A ...N .... lm, I . , 1 10' W Y IIT f :I ! - v A7 ""' "' ,. .. .. .. ,Z. 1 CY .P 5 nc-nn so-Nxt. ,, 5' 1 me: L .f . lllilllldvl - lllllc J - A I !9'!'!.'1!x:'f g ' .. S -L-.Q ,,,,, 'I Q5 --- f, X - " fir? ii, um r I '. 'aPu'y. L- , - . . mu::Lc-1:-'un vu If .-1-qw. A..-1. non-v.u11u1'v un rf' :...L:n..:Kxv5 ,,g,!11,,,, I it ' ua. mum-ws -I ,, I- - -.-. . .- , n hifi l - U I ' "' -.-. f r ' ' 111-mu:-I-v - f sho un 5 ' ' 5 "" " I V . 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'H' "'- W'-'-4 ---'-' ,g U f'--'f"-"' fT"""'4""""""""T""' "' 5" ""'-'if' ' 1 "' "U """l7A-L.i'g " ? , f U- : : f 5 A r R I Ill- I 2 I 1 . 2 Q? . . . - V , ' I 1: f' """' """"4' "'i"" "' "" I ""' """"'"f""'""""'""'f""""""'' -Y' :nov vgnmq 2 Ei 11 7 Q 1 1 l W'-'-' 1 . 1 , 1 I 1 I J - I ,,-----..- .... .J ..... ----us':'.u-use ---Q 1 I ------ -- ---- -,i,- -A---A-- --.-- -vl- I E , I - 1 ...,.. : I 1- . . - - ,J . ,,v,-...,, , ..., Ag--A--'--'ff--' --f'-s"""'--"' 'jji:::I12'i"f"-',f.'?I::'""'n""""""" ""' 1 1 --- ,H -fL Al- 1--T-f:: i -11jj'j-,,. . -- -I - ' I L , , 1 - -nggmunusnma 5-1-------,g--f---'--1f---- ---- ,tif--'-"I,-"'-""1s" """Tf"-""'3F""" "'n"' """'I-"""""fl' ' V6 " MQ' mx ix 41 i'5'f V' , X i w J E F The Supply Department of USS VULCAN provides comprehensive supply afloat services to VULCAN as well as customer ships. S-1 Division personnel procure, receive, issue and account for all con- sumables, equipage and repair parts on board. S-2 Division personnel operate all phases of the enlisted dining facility food service operation and make all authorized issue, sale and transfer of food items. S-3 Division personnel receive, store, issue and sell ship's store and clothing items. They also operate the ship's laundry, soda fountain, barber shop, and vending machines. S-4 Disbursing Division personnel collect and disburse all public funds aboard ship as well as performing all afloat pay and allowance services. S-5 Division personnel prepare and serve all wardroom meals, clean and maintain all officer's country spaces, and procure, receive, store and account for all war- droom food service activities. S-7 Division personnel provide total data processing functions to the ship. The ADP services are furnished as an integral part of the Automated Supply!Accounting and Intermediate Maintenance Activity Maintenance Management Sub- system. CDR . B. O'CONNELL SUPPLY GFFICER Commander O'Connell was born in Hartford, Connec- ticut and attended Newington High School, received a B.A. degree from Trinity College and an M.B.A. from George Washington University. Commissioned Ensign in 1956. He served his first tour of sea duty in the Pacific on board USS ANDERSON ITAP-1111. In 1958 he was assigned duty in Washington, D.C. with the Of- fice of Naval Intelligence. In 1960 he was transferred to the Supply Corps and attended Supply Corps School in Athens, Georgia, followed by assignment to USS HULL IDD-9452 in the Pacific as Supply Officer. Subsequent duties ashore were at the Naval Supply Research and Development Facility, Bayonne, N.J.g ex- change officer with the Royal Canadian Navy as an Instructor, duty under instruction, George Washington Universityg and prior to his current assignment, Com- mander O'Connell served on the staff of Commander- in-Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet -as Budget Officer. 1284 L. '1 - LT G. B. LURING LTJG R. A. GREINER ASST SUPPLY OFFICER SHIP'S STORE OFFICER ., QX, 5 1. I ii 3 7 .1 I5 S X 5' .EG I 5314 I.. In I I8 I9 HCI as is Zi 25 26 2.1 E3 22 9 , ri - x ' I' X8 va I M, f,,, f aww" 92 fn- 425.3 YH- mf- Am -L., ,M M, 12 3 4 5 3 7 B 3 11133312 33 IQ 2516171819 29 23 22 23 24 25 25 27 2329345 N""'-N. LTJG S. W. MERRELL DISBURSING OFFICER CWO3 M. F. KOSTICH FOOD SERVICES OFFICER CWO2 A. S. MICHAELS FOOD SERVICE OFFICER i N... X..- X. I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I 41 SKCS T. D. SPROUSE SHCS L. WILCHER MSCS F. P. SAMONTE MSC L. D. EVANS X SKC F. J. SHEPPERD 2,612 fy 4? I SK SKI C. A. MCGATHEY, Jr. HT1 J. R. EDWARDS SK2 J. H. ADAMS S-1 DI SK2 C. Fl. CONNORS EM2 P. E. KUBERA SK2 J. E. STANTON -1 ,I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ! I SK SK2 R. R. THOMPSON SK3 C. W. BANDY SK3 S. J. BISHOP SK3 J. P. HALE SK3 H. R. JOHNSTON, Jr. SK3 D. L. MUSE SK3 G. T. PENOUILH SK3 E. WASHINGTON, Jr. SK3 G. R. WYCH, Jr. 7 SK3 P. D. BROWN SK3 G. L. CARLISLE SN W. A. BRANDON, Jr. HT1 FI. L. ERFIICSON SN J. W. EVANS, Jr. SKSN FI. W. FUGATE SK SA W. A. CARL SN D. G. GAIA SKSN R. L. DAVIS SN J. C. INGFIAM SN H. W. LATSCH SN P. R. PLACE SN SN FI. A. SMITH SA J. P. HOOVEFI SA T. J. PHILLIPS , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I DIV MS1 L. E. DOSE MS1 J. T. POLANSKY MS2 R. D. ARNOLD MS2 B. R. DELACRUZ MS2 C. E. HEBRON MS2 E. E. HENRY MS3 H. J. ANDERSON MS I MS MSSN W. C. BARRY MSSN M. L. COX MSSA K. E. GAUTHIER MS3 S. A. ROTH SN G. W. BOERNER SN J. HARBISON "Vx XX . ,. xPXY-a..:-- 'i.gx:Q X ' " X .QQ S . 1 Q . W w N w r i w 1 l X I if J S-3 DI SH2 S. W. BROWN SH2 J. T. PEPPERS SH2 T. P. SMITH SH2 C. E. HINSON, Jr. SH3 E. C. DELEON SH SH3 A. GONZALEZ SH3 D. A. GROSS SH3 B. C. HENRY .. 'A' 100 SH3 M. L. BROWN SH3 M. ASPACIO SN F. HARDWICK SH SH3 M. N. JENSEN SN M. R. REYNOLDS SN W. L. SANDERS SN S. J. BRADLEY 4 SHSN C. JOHNSON S-4 DIV SK1 G. N. MIXON DK2 E. S. HERNANDEZ DK3 S. L. WORRELL S DK SN E. C. DAVID MS1 F. M. NIEVA MS1 T. R. SAHINO S-5 DI MS2 V. V. ORTEGA MS2 O. WINTERS MS3 A. J. MARTE I MS MS3 J. O. CARAMAT MS2 P. L. RIVERA SA D. R. GIBBS A M-QW lOl l MS MSSN R. Z. MANGUBAT MSSN J. E. FIEYES MSSN Fl. A. GERONIMO MSSN D. A. BASTIAN MSSN J. M. STALEY MRFA J. A. HAUCK 102 S-7 DI DP2J D LILLEY DS2 B J NANNI DP3J H WILLIAMS DP3 G. R. BUCHHOLZ DP3 P. F. BODLING DP3 A. E. MARTEL DP2 D E WHEELER DP2J W NIENSTEDT DP1 W H EDGE 103 104 -" ' 0 4 DS DS3 R. W. MAY DS3 S. A. CHILLUFFO DPSN J. F. JOHNSON DP DPSN K. G. BUCKMAN DPSN S. B. BRUNNER DPSN D. W. HOWARD . if X N Q 'N' XYNQM x is V? ga CW 'op N x X S 1, hw ,wwf X 1 2 f 4.4 fa ZZ gf ? 7 X 1 V f 4:1 Q Q Q 'f QW ' f 2 7 , Mai? f Q NX S , x 105 XS Y S X Q 5 X 5 X X a XX X- xxQ":XA XfgSXs5XXwg X XXXXgX 51X x 5 XXX XXX X-fx Nix Y - X Xi- X-' XXXXNXXXXN x Q I fxbx XX A X N W X -Q X X X QNX XX A xi S XX QS X ,-sxXXh 5 5- X-gvkfx gh 'X 1 'E vXi1X'RfvSSg 'X N S X- XXX X X K g Q sg X X 'E .kv - X X X 5iYxX L S gn g XX x E K Xx X0s iw Q - X 3 S- .XX Xxjxvx S X WX5wiXXfXg XTX X 5 S X T x ' xx X Y X Q X XX XX X X Q .N X- X 5 S 14 x X yi Q XXX.:-X X A F X -Mr 1- X xr A X XX XX X N, X XM x S QXXXX X X X XX J Ngx. X5 xxi 'SX XX K ' y r-K Z if J ' f fff' K ' 7 Y 9 V, wwf' XA .X gs NW X W'Vm,m xA Q ,,,.e gm X CSX, x ' N ' x 'X-XXX wx V J tx -X N0 N ,SW X x X VQ m f x fm, X .1 , NX x 1 X E: x VV N34 Q, xt- Maxx fig . S-K fs, 11 Ngyx .jf kh.. 1 Oy. K X -, Vim X X X .- X , WA X , V 5 1 X . x h ' X X X W! 1077 YW Y.. .W Y A Sw sxfxx A x 2, gv F3 Xi W S 45 'f 'QS XA ' gpwrrdlfl ,W :xi ,W f ,W f V wc ' '-TN' ' -' ,N Q, X 4,3 x . N, ffm 'uf 108 wg -qvwtwwww, X A f X A X 1 S ZX X -. Us mxxiwf 4 mo,- ,wgwfwggv sl 1 Q Q I X-xyx 'N .141 X J Wx Q Q Y 4, X X NM .I 0 4 X - my , .X , y,,XwvwfXqQgw, X L A W-'-""' is uv- f V5 Q3 .naw awww K 'n.,.x .X ,NZ f X .W . N ff ' x W i f wwf ' ,, f . Q SE Q AS efff . , f ,NW , ,f l qw x X ,,,,.,.., ,,.. ,--,,.,, ..,.. f. ,,V, I f 1-f,ywA,, , xwawx, as S -X ' WKQW QNX .5 5 Q fm, , ky 1. ix 0 .Q x. x ww E33 N N fm-,, W M22 , , ,U ,X Q XZ , my ,X H,,1O9 ,-WW-9 .- gf X Wyxw. AWN WSW , .X WW ,, ,H 2 ' 'MW,Vf I W gag ,, 1 W 4 V X ,f f ,2 ,f' ' X ' -ff ywsf V f. Mi! W' A 1 W I +544 W I M19 x x 111 7 l MS f 'X Q 1 . ' x,,,, I IW I I IIQM W WM' LJ, ' V Y A ,,. ,,,,W,,,,..,,-WW,,,--ywf f fm' lf ' si E I li .N 1 5 5 I 1 1 x 5 'x P S JSR Q f VZ X ff X Vw ff K ,Q .MQ XWN .S X f, A K ax . 'Nx N .M w Sf N Q1 Q J . ww Q x S 7 E SI 2 -4 Y W W N 2 S, 7 5 xy . X i X 'Q X ww? R nv M KN Wy, f 3 www, X fa bx rig , Myne QNX, l The mission of the Dental Department is to prevent dental disease, eliminate infections, and restore, as well as possible, lost oral function due to dental dis- ease. In addition to treating VULCAN personnel, the Dental Department is responsible for the initial screen- ing and treatment of all ships being serviced by VULCAN and all fleet personnel on a sick call basis. To accomplish its mission, the Dental Department provides all routine dental care and most speciality ares of dentistry on board VULCAN. ln addition, the Dental Department conducts an ongoing program in preventive dentistry and education. Our goal is to eliminate dental emergencies and infections which result in lost manhours to the fleet. 1 16 CAP'N CRUNCH CDR D. R. MGRRIS DENTAL GFFICER Commander D. Ft. Morris was born in Chicago, Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois for his B.A, degreeg and entered the University of Illinois School of Dentistry receiving his D.D.S. in 1965. CDR Morris in- terned at the Naval Hospital San Diego, California in 1965. From there, he served as the Dental Officer aboard the USS CURRITUCK KA V-71, flag ship for COMPATFORSEVENTHFLT, deployed to WESTPAC. He then served as the Dental Officer aboard the USS TANNER IAGS-151 an oceanographic survey ship up- dating ocean charts ofthe Vietnam area. In 1968, CDR Morris was selected for a one year fellowship in prosthodontics at the Naval Regional Dental Center, Norfolk. In 1969 he was selected to receive long term civilian graduate training in prosthodontics. He attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City ob- taining a M.S. in fixed prosthodontics in 1971. His next duty was as the Prosthodontics for the Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejuene from 1971 1974. ln June 1974 CDR Morris assumed his present duty as the Dental Of- ficer on the VULCAN. iv LCDRl4.A.AKERSON 2.11 LCDRJ.A.GUCK V117 118 DDI DT1 J. WOODS DTP2 D. R. ADAMS DTG2 S. E. JOHNSON, Jr. DTP3 B. A. PRICE DTG3 R. D. BLANKENSHIP DN L. W. CHEW DN D. MULL DN D. A. MADISON SN J. S. RICHARDSON DA A. R. HIGGINS DA J. B. TEMPLIN SN C. H. LEIMEFI ,,,l., ,pry Z W 'Z f W f ff ? f'Qf 6 f i Lg lb , Ag , 1777, Q f 'Rv 119 fm-mmf!-:JJ-Slum-+,f2L'M'A EDICAL DEPART My 95112 ' Ck Q ,,V,, K X ,, WL nf t-ff:-, , 'WW Z, f W fff W 1 X f V 2 -W 1 , -3' 5' IN- ' ,sw gy Q- s f' ,Af ',-'11 9 f W 1. f S f M . ' fl V,!.y X 1 f Z ff! 'f 0 if , 4 , ff X ff' 5' 4 " 'ff ff f f Qfyy 1 Z ,ffl f f X wif XZ X Wwfifkfzf rf MEDICAL OFFICER LT J. R. Barnes was born in Winfield, Kansas. He lived in Arkansas City, Kansas until completing high school in 1963 when he entered the University of Kansas. After completing a B.S. Ed degree in 1966 at the University of Kansas, Dr. Barnes taught mathematics in Denver, Colorado. He then spent two years as a laboratory in- structor in chemistry at the University of Kansas while completing pre-medical requirements. He entered Kansas University Medical School in September of 1969 and received the M.D. degree in 1973. While in medical school he was commissioned as an Ensign in the Naval Reserve Program and became a member of the 9-4 Medical Company. He spent six weeks at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in 1971 as a student-clerk on orthopedic surgery. His last year in medical school, Dr. Barnes participated in the Navy's Senior Student Scholarship Program. In 1973 he transferred to the Naval Reserves as a member of Medical Reserve Com- pany 9-23, to participate in a civilian internship. Follow- ing the completion of his internship he was ordered to active duty aboard USS VULCAN. The Medical Department and H Division personnel are responsible for promoting physical fitness, preventing and controlling diseases and injuries and providing treatment for the sick and injured. Sick call is con- ducted daily with a battery of diagnostic aids including physical examinations, laboratory evaluations, and X- ray facilities for routine examinations. A well stocked pharmacy and a 14 bed slckbay is available to ad- minister indicated treatment. VULCAN is also assigned medical guard for all ships present. VULCAN also provides some selected minor surgery, serves as a Triage Center for major procedures, administers re- quired immunizations, and conducts a sanitation in- spection program to ensure biological safety in VULCAN's food, water, and berthing facilities. HM 121 122 f,,-mu-uv HMC C. O. WALKER ,jffkk M.-an W W fr ff .gf f, W W, , f 4, fly' ,W ,oyf W , Q ,,f' 4 'f f A L 'M . f ,,,,,,. ,Tux 17 V ,fff l M of fa f U HM H DIV HM1 J. M. HART HM1 J. J. BEFORT HM2 J. F. ROWLAND AMW HM2 F. B. MORRIS HM2 T. W. LIPKINS HM3 J. S. WILDER HM3 D. B. HENDERSON HN F. C. HYERS FN K. D. WILSON 123 3 x 6 l W i ,F-M 124 4' Q J, X X X 2 Q x X N X ' W " 'F X of , Q- U if NT' MQ? f X f Q Q- , f ,Q . g X 0 if ig . , ,Q f Q, wx X f xx , X xx . xx . 1 I x x F 4 g- A Q ,ifv 'Q T ,LV. s i Q S i . . , 1 4 0 fl V 1 ,TZTIH T""Z"T" f"?jTT':,',E1Z-f'1r-22,14 rig.:-.-::.z'f -, Sf Z Q V95 'z,, W Nw' fw Qs W- QE S B , X S f ,Q as FWS A 374, QS' .3 NX, 2 f KM, iv W fy X Q9 gals Maw Q f k X ff .xy .iv ,. QQ .5 , Q Q kwa 3 y . x f - 'ff QQ A xv Xi f' X W, My mf, 3 ,. ff 'f Qi, x Q - X- is w y f X: s f X f, 1 ? N2 WN .X , Q, X z ' W 4 125 l 126 LCDR N. J. SHACKELTON, Jr. REPAIR OFFICER Lieutenant Commander Shackelton is a native of Syracuse, New York. He was graduated from the United States Naval Academy in June 1963. Upon com- missioning, he was assigned as Communications Officer, USS ABBOT IDD-6292. He then attended Naval Destroyer School, Newport, R.l., followed by a tour as Engineer Of- ficer of USS WILLIAM M. WOOD IDD-715j from September 1965 to April 1967. He served as Operations Officer of River Section 541 in Nha Be, Vietnam from August 1967 to August 1968.iHe then attended the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, until September 1973 where he received Master of Science and PHD degrees in Operations Research. He was then assigned to his present position as Repair Officer, USS VULCAN lAR-51. The Repair Department's mission is to provide maintenance support for all ships of the United States Atlantic Fleet. The intermediate level maintenance per- formed by the VULCAN Repair Department bridges the gap between work performed by the ship's force per- sonnel and extensive shipyard overhauls. The Repair Department is composed of seven divisions. The Hull Repair Division lR-12 is manned primarily by Hull Maintenance Technicians, Patternmakers and Moulders. These personnel manufacture and repair many hull struc- tures using heavy metal plate, sheet metal, pipe, and wood. Additionally, many parts not available through the supply system can be poured in the foundry. The Machinery Repair Division lR-22 is made up of Machinery Repairmen and Machinist Mates. These men overhaul many types of naval machinery and valves as well as man- ufacture parts for all of VULCAN's shops. The Electronic Repair Division lR-31 performs maintenance on ship- board electrical systems, as well as movie projectors and gyro compasses. The rates of personnel assigned to R-3 Division are Electricians and Interior Communications Technicians. The Electronic Repair IR-42 Division's Elec- tronic Technicians, Radlomen and lnstrumentmen per- form repairs and calibration to electronic and mechanical test equipment and meters. This division also repairs teletypes, typewriters, and clocks. The Ordnance Repair Division IR-52 is composed of many varied shops and ratings. They are the Optical Shop, Print Shop, Ordnance Repair Shop, Photo Lab, Drafting Shop, Fire Control Shop, Canvas Shop and Engraving Shop. The Quality Assurance Division lR-62 consists of the non-destructive testing personnel, the diving team, and Repair Depart- ment administrative personnel. The Propulsion Repair Division IR-71, made up of Enginemen, Machinist Mates and Boiler Repairmen performs repairs to boat engines. air conditioning system and boilers. R-7 Division is also responsible for supplying the ship with the necessary locksmith services required. j MZ fd LT R. L. EDWARDS LTJG J. W. MCCOLLUM LTJG R. W. CANTWELL ASST REPAIR OFFICER HULL REPAIR IR-U DIVING OFFICER IR-61 CWO3 R. C. MaCDONALD ORDNANCE REPAIR IR-51 CWO3 G. W. REEL ELECTRONICS REPAIR IR-4I CWO3 W. R. BERTRAM ELECTRICAL REPAIR IR-3D CWO3 H. L. HINNANT LT R. W. JENSEN ENC T. J. BUSTOS MACHINERY REPAIR IR-21 ELECTRICAL REPAIR IR-31 PROPULSION REPAIR IR-7I 127 128 HTCS J. A. GREEN QR-11 HTC J. E. PIFER QR-1, HTC T. LITTLECREEK CR-11 HTC E. G. JONES QR-U HTC R. D. THOMAS gn-U HTC-W. W. BRAXTON QF!-11 MLC A. J. HILTON QF!-U HTC J. L. THORNE QR-1, MLC G. A. SWANSON KR-11 MRCNI A- W- LESTER KR-2D Mmcs w. H. EVERLY QR-21 MRC R. o. RowALD gn-zy MMC D. W. HERRON KR-21 MRC J. M. HUDNELL QR-21 MRC H. MATTICE QR-2j EMC J. M. LETITIA IR-22 EMC R. L. CUPP QR-31 ICC A. E. MOUTFRAY QR-3, 129 130 EMC R. H. BISCHOFF QR-3D ETCM D. S. KENT QR-41 EMC A. HICKS QR-31 :Mos M. s. MAGILL QR-41 EMC H. N. EYRE QF!-3, RMC D. D. ABERNATHY QR-41 lmc R. H. KAUPPINEN QR-41 omc F. w. KLEEB in-sy FTGC J, C, GREER 49-5, ? FTCS R. L. BOWEN QR-62 MRC W. J. SMOCK QF!-61 MMC R. V. LEBUDE QR-61 HTC J. B. THOMPSON QR-61 BRC A. W. LASALLE CR-71 EMC A. W. SCHROEDER QR-71 W MMC L. E. GREEN QR-7, fi 131 , 4 wx n X, Hx v 2, W f Vkf X Qi f 1 9 , 7 1 w w w X xx sy xg - Q X xx vi' X5 A N .X ks' fi? --x If x N X X..:.., X , XX K wg Qwig 'X' Q X A vp X x 1 fx L A DIV HT1 B. C. DAVIS ML1 J. E. WHITE MR1 T. S. FLECK HT1 C. E. FFRANTZ, Jr. HT1 W. J. GALVIN HT1 J. M. GODWIN HT HT1 M. L. JENSEN HT1 W. N. KOCH HT1 J. W. LAIL HT1 D. E. MACKEY HT1 D. ABRAUGH HT3 E. J. HARDY WW 133 1 134 Ml. HT1 J. J. ORDEMAN HT1 G. E. SMITH ML1 A. EVANS PM HT1 J. J. MONARK PM2 D. L. BOWMAN HT2 M. K. CORCORAN HT2 J. E. CULLUM HT2 T. E. CUSTEFI HT2 L. B. DOSS HT HT2 J. L. ELLESTAD HT2 FI. W. GAFIAY ML2 FI. T. WILSON HT2 FI. W. HANSON HT2 P. G. LANTZ HT2 M. P. LITTLE HT2 M. A. NINKOVICH HT2 R. A. SMITH 135 136 T l A , 1 5 I 1 1 HT2 J. W. ZUELLY HT3 W. K. BAKER ML3 K. P. BALZER V HT3 M. R. BEARD HT3 R. A. DEININGER PM3 M. D. DRAKE I lx J I I HT3 F. L. GALLET . HT3 B. D. GENTRY A PM3 S. M. GILLIGAN i HT3 A. J. GRACE HT3 H. L. GRAVES H HT3 B. F. Gum.: A I I J ML3 D. A. JOHNSON HT3 G. L. BEMIS HT3 G. P. HANKA HT HT3 T. E. HELMICK HT3 B. L. HIBBARD HT3 B. M. HITE HT3 S. M. LAPOINT HT3 R. L. LEE PM3 A. S. PILI PM HT3 W. L. MILLIGAN PM3 S. G. MINUNNI HT3 M. B. HELLER Y E Lf- 3 Le 1. 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W. WEAR HTFN W. I. WHEAT SN T. J. WINSON HTFA S. J. YANIAK 142 ,VW Z WWM, HTFN D. W. YOUNG HTFN R. A. FUERST HTFA B. J. BURNETT HTFN J. M. LEARNIHAN FA . DIV MR1 W. L. TOTH MR1 W. J. AMYX MR1 C. L. CARLEY MR MM1 J. B. CARSON MM1 F. C. GLENN MR1 M. HAMILTON MR1 D. L. JORDAN MR1 G. W. MERRELL MR1 E. O. PUNZALAN MR1 D. A. SILVA MR1 L. J. MATUZAK MR2 M. R. AUER 'H-in Iiwf 143 W W f M figy J f gy H X X , M f wyfwwwm H cf WW W 5 f f . ff , f f M K , f A 0f7fwwffg,,Z,.Z- fl- y 0 . , 2 M qgvfgifif W ' x 4.1 ,C J H f Y 144 MR MR2 R. B. AUSTIN MM2 R. J. BIXBY MM2 C. F. COLLISON MR2 C. V. MATTESON MR2 S. L. MATTESON MM MR2 J. P. MCCELLAN MM2 R. R. MCELRATH MR2 F. X. MOLINEAUX ,A 1' MR2 E. A. MUCHA MR2 A. NEEL MR2 R. C. PERKINS 0-W .was-ma Milf' 1 1 1 1 1 MR2 C. RAGAZA MR2 A. R. SCULL MR2 M. N. THOMPSON MR2 C. J. VAASSEN MM2 S. G. LANOVORA MR2 R. C. HERMANSON 1 AAA fm -and MM3 T. L. ANDERSON MM3 K. S. BAKER, Jr. MR3 R. BALLENGER 145 ,. 1 146 MR3 J. M. BLOYED MM3 J. L. BUHMANN MR3 R. M. CATLING MR3 L. R. CECI MR3 I. M. COUSINS MM3 R. W. FOWLER MM3 T. R. GREEN MR3 R. T. KASSIC MR3 H. D. KELLEY MR MR3 T. F. KENNEDY MR3 D. J.' KOSTUCK MR3 J. E. LEBLANC ...Q MR3 T. H. LECLUSE MR2 P. A. LOCH MR3 R. E. MARLAR MR MR3 M. M. MCCALMAN MR3 B. A. MCMAN MR3 T. P. MERZ . A f ix-Qif?F w Q X X V XX Q ,, . Q-Qs. W. Wm: Nx.135Q.x..: ,QQ X is xy .xx .. ...X . .. 2 f .. 1, Q x Q. ,.....Ag., W -aw. M , ffxmyfi ff f . . T ,i , JI ' -' f f f f 5. 1 , . , f ' 5 W xv 'jf 0 . X gg N hw J W , Qs A Z 1 A 1 . . 9? V . ff. , f " f S Q .2 iQ'-,,.e:w A- X.. N N f X L xt swag W ,, wx . , Q f 'w w . ww. xp.. O I 4159 7, -. ., I W, my -: S x 1 ' Q 'Q - M" - , Q . 'Q X UQ 1 JJS,-M 'V B x f v . .XX .S ,. 5 1. . Jvqf ' .gh W : f - X ggiwiggi 'N 4u.fPf ,, fS 'wlybf - f, ff YS X ' Q Q! .wi fwibv S ': -mx U Q 2' X ' .fyrj in . x ' Q I - 'X my . S7 . KW my, 5 -, , f f. kv, -N f-:Q f gf' W vp i .5 4 y y V Q gilfv Y7xFf ff 'ffl' X A21 , I QQ Xp 1- 1 xg. gwfxgz, Y f 1 1 Q' 1 , Q. 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DERBY MM1 W. GRIGSBY BT2 C. R. KRIZON MM2 W. C. LAMBERT EN2 J. H. ONEAL EN2 H. P. TINSLEY MM1 W. F. LAW MM2 M. J. STRAIN -7 DIV W w 5 I 167 3 - I 168 EN2 L. W. MM3 J. E. EN MM CANTAMESSA BT EN3 T. P. DEWYNGARET BT3 P. L. GAUTHREAUX EM3 J. A. GOODWIN 45 -- E! ir EM MM3 A. M. GRIFFIN, Jr. EN3 R. A. JOHNSON BT3 M. B. MOORE 1 BT3 D. C. SHERMAN MM3 J. A. SOUTHERS MM3 J. P. STOUT .BT MM3 T. N. TYLER MM3 R. C. KISH BTFN B. K. PACE FA E. R. CRUZ FA R. H. ELLIS ENFN A. L. GREER FA A. HENDERSON FN G. W. JOHNSON FA E. F. UHL 169 1 IO, W EN ENFN D. E. JUSTICE MMFN Fl. T. KENNEDY FN D. W. MCCAULEY, Jr MM FN A. Fl. NEW ENFA P. L. ONESTY ENFN J. F. ROTH, Jr. 4 FN G. GAUVIN FN M. DANFORTH Q fi 'Q My , gym 4 M wwf f 2 .,,a-,I ,, 5 ff 41 . 1 1 f . W , , I ' " s VW ,sine f, ,M W' x Q' ' if f X. 5 YW f f ,W ix- fjf 5 mf Q! Wg.- ,Z .gf -' X 4 f ' 45 M52 Q ,.,- ' , .. ,W hy As ww . H4 W K ,f ,M ,M WM 1 , 1 M x A e , 1 5 I I 5 in ' E 172 N is .0 M ii S ,M V ww S , ww. 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Secy. Treas. Historian Mrs MIS MIS MIS Mrs MIS Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Loch Salway Moss Godwin Nemecek Perkins Bullens Dellert Loch Bullens Kauppinen Mrs. N. Taylor Lcenterl 3? C 6 1 w 2 1 E NSURV PREP 223 224 FI I FISCAL YEAFI 1975 BATTLE EFFICIENCY AWARD FOR SERVICE SUPPLY COMMUNICATIONS I-, ' " .mf M vi 7 v '1' ' mia ,,5,gA5i,1.,. ,. 1 f 'Lf , H mf-V, z, f ff ,Q ,I I ,, Wa, w 1,1 9121 Vf W 5 ,K - 225 X If m- 226 i I v 1 5 I T I i 5 1 I A n I 5 1 4 1 4 P X W2 W' 227 'u L EVM Z 4 , I a... Q...- yzf :vf ...M ...4 Q I, X 1 J . 22E3 IS BABY PG mms ewes l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I v I I I I 'I I lf - f v - ,. 'N J!Q? ,'f1x? .X ' W" fl?-I Q P' I I I 1 229 WMMQMMMAWWWQQP M 'Www v M may wf A5 .4 QAM Gigi .Af ew a., I", v f ff A , tx K -v 'ss NJ. 4 ' nk-L 'I - l Q is .,'1 1 v 1. .X "1 ffl ,.- D 1, VUL 'M ..,,A4..y 1 232 111 I CDR T. A. GOODALL 115. Loon H. A. AKERSON PH PH3 w. R. RHYINS MMS G. C. ZEKIEL x i YEARBOOK STAFF My--ML ,Km WW4 Jw' , ,W .. Xxq- X 3, , , ,, WWW f' ' ' wwf u A Q F , r E Mm, ' X ,ff K .am-I f 1 f 3. A QCLUTI ON Q o I 200 YEARS OF HISTORY 5 Qi UNITED STATES AND THE U.S. NAVY Q E14 October 13, 1775 - The Continental Congress gg 5 ordered two sbqbs to be fitted out, one of 14 ? -P uns and one o 10 ns,to cruise the Atlan 6' A K Ku 7276 -1916 tic and intercept Britisb tranyorts. sp, . I 75 hhd dth ddt tabhhdth Utd N F b ' ' VY 81 ptandtdxot h Th 13 fthNvy 200thBithdy mam . . C tm tal ' d th Nvy ity A th s esg 7 andth th rve fb' f mme sp dbym on 0 M006 Endleafs - Uss CONSTITUTION, 44 gm Pagan, ,fN0"""'0" launched in 1797. "She employs my tbougbts and of my dreams, " wrote President jolm Adams as sbe If neared completion. Original cost was 8302, 718. The: U.S. Nd1Q"'S greatest warsbqb, known as "OU Iron- 1 sides". Sbown bere as sbe appeared in 1798, and I, in Boston Naval sbqfyafd in 1975, painted by ENS ' 4 jam Charles Rmb, UsNR-R. NORFOLK 8100+ 0 'G' 234 WALSWORTH Cruise Book Office PUBLISHING 815 West Little Creek Road f?2ME'2'.IfX.,U........ Norfolk, Virginia 23505 Qs. G. X 59515 1 , ,V J 0 3 V --N I 1' Wm L ewhv -'---"---- " ""'x"---- V --1 . . . A, .. ..., .. ,- ,.,,, ,. 4. ,,.,. .. . -W ., , ,

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