Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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x8 A i Avinp, ' , GX 3 Q be X-'xx' K CQ Xx10 QA f- E050 JL N' A ., X icy Wh v- A L-111 . , 'mia' Q-,WSW iii 10 Q vO7O,kj3ffiEQ"X K -Q QOMQ Tmwgl ' S'-J-fbk, x-QA? , Vi f15QQ f ww' WM ,nf MAX, QW ,YM MMM diff up M yo QQ MM ML! QUW " ' tj f DA V V532 x MQW MWF T! '.' 1f-.. I ,j 'wi :', A g5": 'ff' QQ, - -:'l 1 -1,R. VU -ff .va ' xauqw it ofrrr Q-aff' " 5 4 '1 43 'P V .r " U X of 10 if g' J,-Liv Q14 xciafg 4 L ad 1 f A52 Qs 0' ,Jr ff- gl Ay Y gf0!JJ Q ft v' -F -AW- 37 ou E .xc dvlbf, .0 50 -T7 .AG7 3 F Q H -P' ,ZH 5-A' 0 f J J7 J7v,:c'7 A A ff4raAJ YQ Aff, Mfw'f3Lg0'!fifa ,if JJ' Jwfj' QM! J M Mig We-,,t EM ,gj,,i'f'f2f W M M WML JJWWJ A I - icfs-rg '.4LC,Uvg!'v... fe1L'42W"aQ-QJQMJLMT , 51,5 75 ,.a!t, have R4 . DH' fx ,ifhffdbjigfbf QJMLJ an Qqowvm W1 1-V P5211 Qgawwggivff Q if 2131? gi Moi, .9 JZ? f,f'H -:U O,-,4M f W iw fqix JU"-YU-1-+30 'V ' Q A 7' M-OC J! P . HNPQWQ' , Ukfyx nf QDQM' QQALI 'Q f, ,I . l,QlQj2,Owtw,fN,,,1 T13 "IG-Lf, fwd xabcgmwbj , fly 'wr OM nm Ui 1 wf W 1 I QJNQJU7-1 ji'-I fdv' f hum. N fN?Lm-QQ Qawrbwvl A Wal WM K MU Pjv , Wal! f' I T up 1fVJ !LvWy,v , flu", 3, UV A, Vjfj I V nj J 3 jf! M7712 raw 5 JV f U' ,J ww' M pf M 0 V M W I 1 'J D L' I All I L, yi, ,L U' j 4 L Jr yi ,E Af .iV. . Q 5? l ,VY M, ! Sis - , aiijiyg C1251 ,' , ' Kwik-f - 5 iifi V ,V if .-www QU ., 7-'za fc Fa. M . , . ,fy v mvfw H' WN: 54 ,L M 5 gi fb J kg, , 4 , , ,.,.w:i E ni .L Kc, 5Q.fe1we': ' 1 L- K, X' 'gsfsflf-2-s M'-'gsQf1, l 2' 21- 2515 pw I ... L . , 'f1,.'w.f, F ., wr ' 'x. ,JE ,,,, EM . 1 gf,,i,,,. -2 5' 1 . 'wwn . xv 521 ,gy K. -I1-A. . -qw--1-. X N 15-f -L I 1-'5 ,. 4, v A, , 'Z-giiff s ' x 1f1'E'1'fl,15"iqi JM S 'fmful' ' Q47 15' ,- v - 11:-1, Uv 13511 fffiwwy ff M 5 JAR .f r' . 4' P wp 06w WM - fx if lfhiiff , , I 55 7 X SW, IQ5'?55EfiJ 9 fwpg, WAHM' '-vi' . , qi-pg ' nn, 2, Paw , 4- . ,. E. 5 ir! an , 2' r- E , LX 2 X Q X R ,. 74fw . fwjw KM M5 1 I l 4 fsY4'. f ge, ,,V, W wfizV1, 9 f fy, K 'ff Presented by the Senior Closs VOORHEESVILLE CENTRAL SCHGOL gk vooRHEEsvlLLE, NEW YORK af' Afgg. ff 7 32 rw fax 45 N ,V ,Q sig? 'Q Vw A' ai A 1. f WA' ff A zff"'g-ic-'. : 'f-4,5-1, 'U' --1 , V ,ls-Sf V . 4 .:ff.,.,,, ' -1. .- V:,:..g:.fs,':fm:fg-ev-mgqg:451:55 rm' "Zp,.ewK5y f 1: sgafzif-Qwwaznzrgwqg .-2:V. ,xy ,- V 1':1:fVes.:ff:err-f:f:fms-:?5:-:sms -' gn , sw f ' 1 ffffzgzs- 'V'-:-ru-a1.gQ:V5f::cg4--V.- -f . - 1-V :, ,V ,,::,:-gpzqszw -, 'rg ,, , - - 3.qg:V:, 5' f P24-13: ' ' ,"i.s.:4f::2,155,3e2::: , sv' ' , . , . , , , ,I ,. ...,,:,-, Liga, I 5, V , 4 1958 ! '- 'K FA .- .-I .. gy e-Q'-an - ' 'v X,--S . "- . NX ,, N 47 . s , we - , L .,r,, 5 Jo F ,-- v , 'S f!.',f.,f-f-fiom if ,w " T . up , g MA X, 5 afar- , 'Xp 0' M p,...-F" g I - 'W ,.,.M,,.ff 'fd Q 1: I 'X Ib' " Q gg ' e I c ,Ll r' HHH QE! i N c if il l ln, p sw ll-. 2 FE Emil' or 4 1 5 A a J i so 5 I if Q mlb. SIB 'i Q 1 ' - 4 5 1 . Q i N . K fig.:-If . ,- 3 g 45252: 5- Q SM' Q 1 . tdw 4 .A 3 A 5 E 2 ...fy rr .9 e f Q A nmufll 3 2 E 5 ll il Ill Il t " 5 - Qmusctsszs ,Ch ,...-mum!! xii Q A i r s s X 1 3 HA K .ap Foreword 1958 marks the last year that the old building will be used as a high school. Therefore the 1958 Torch has attempted to record many of the pleasant events that have happened during the year. It goes further to present in words and pictures a panorama of the ordinary, daily occurrences which make all the years in high school worthy of remembrance. Thus it is the purpose of this book not only to bid farewell to the old school but also to pre- serve forever a portion of our lives that would otherwise be only a memory. Table of Contents Introduction .. Seniors ...... Underclossmen. .. Sports... Activities .. Advertising. .. Administrotion Having scrvcd thc school district for 37 years, Mr. Clayton A. Bouton, supcryising-principal, received honor this year when the citizens of the school district brought forth a petition for his name to be incorporated in the new building. Mr. William C. Brayden continues to serve as guidance director, science teacher and vice-principal. . The Board of Education has met often and Worked diligently on the new school. XVe also thank the grade teachers who have aided us in many ways, typified by Miss Lucinda Wright who worked with us on the junior event, the senior play, and accompanied us to Washington. LEFT TO RICHT: Mr. William C. Brayden, Mr Clayton AA.kBouton. C A ,. f ,, if ,fl Q, V V V v v X iq N J 31 I N , VL' FLW FROlNT ROXV left to right Robert L. jackson, ROYV: Clayton A. Bouton CSuperuising-principalj, Charles F Batchelder XVxm rn X YV Osterhout fPresi- Henry E. Briggs Superintendent of Schoolsi. dentj jerry C Badgley XV1ll1"lHl C Senning. SECOND an V' it 1.-.a -. -1. --r 11.-Q ' 1 :... nam.-J.vi,.-.....u1-. V -- ---- - - ----' - --'- ,Nw...ss-:nu 1 GRADE FACULTY-SEATED, left to right: MHS. Blessing, Mrs. Sisso Mrs. Bashford, Miss Koslik, s. Preston, Mrs. Van,Q' da. STANDING: Mr. Kallpp N Pa 'X H H 'lx 0 nf- ,. l .X . WD S525 D is is ' N J xr? 1 ' 51 A' N X n kv ' - X 5 X, ,, , , . J r ' Z A, X 'x Ri so X Q. :il Xl N Q HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY-SEATEDD'-..1eft lmxlfightz Mrs. M, Spratt, Miss J. Howard, Miss F. 4amN, Mrs. '-,.' i.l',,lll T. Mccan, Mrs. D. Lee. STAND1 . Mr. W: si Brayclen, Mr. D. McCartney, Mr. W. BlErglas,,Mr. KN., ,., , 5 W ZW Q ' EW EQ, .. my M34 .... wfh 1 4 H ,,,lH H f A V I Mrs. Streets, Mrs. Berglas, Miss Joslin, Miss Wright, Mr. Forkel, Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Pafunda, Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Etheridge, Mr. Farrell. d FocuHy M , , U! V' in ,X 1 -A iw , . lQCeorge, .Mrs C. Hemmett, Mrs. A. Skidmore Miss M JDewey,fMrs. B.ffTyler, Mr. K. Wade, Mr. ,T, Baker fMr. D. ffMartin. M. .Q I e"' r"N""'S f M-, ,.................., . ...... --D,..,.......W-M.-M.W..,,..,..... f ! f f f I ? . Z Q f Q 1 A - 'F'H'ftf Q 2 MM iles? E 0660600000 0 00000000 000000000 0 000 Dedicotion Mrs. Thelma H, McCarr is a teacher who will be thought of whenever the old school is brought to mind. She has been teach- ing general business subjects there for more than ten years so she is certainly a teacher familiar to all of the students. The class of 1958 is especially grateful to her for being our sophomore homeroom teacher, our junior class adviser, and for helping us with the junior dance and the magazine drive. Since she has been so helpful to us, it is only fitting that we should express our gratitude by dedicating the 1958 Torch to Mrs. Thelma H. :N'ICCv3.I'I'. 1 ,. A .,.' ,Q -91 'tdfksfgf 5. V, Y' EY? A rxutz.-Z.. . . Kd V , , .W fit. H Q - , Q ,Q , I . -' r M I-.rr 2 ar 7' - , V ' - -..L .2 4, 5 y K-jf ' K V F 'ff-my ,Mig n ' . H , when Q -1 1 -M l. ' " Q 5353? M i -1 1- ' , .f -a,,, , . , ,VA WV ..f.,. 1 I ,ff igfxk ' .4 f f. uw:-un' " S. - 1 , ,, 4 A ai wi L. vii A V ' ff.. ,, 41 Ayr . 'wi ...f .- 146-Q 'asa V 4-,LG Li ,QL A 44- l 1,1 7 ifci Zi- Y 0 W f'ff'l.." k -'fficf LQ' F f ,, m 5 Ginlfl gp, -,L 1 M V t1ffffV6'Ijf'2' gf 'L-L' MU. l'V4L!"l Qfflcl , ,Y1fc4.vff7 :-4 L , A ' J ' "- f 'lf 101 ,f V, f J, CAL-ju. 2 91,451 5, ZVUJ1 gui- ,K L1 41,21 . 'T ,,-,-- JL-1,f-f , -A, ., 4, V. 'V I 5 wg, .f 2 fu ,' ,Lg 15" fi - il 'C "XV ff' " A37 QM jf wafin th old Qvuilcllng 1Yl1,lrl.-XM CUll'l'lS BATCIIELDEH Cnllpgq' BCHCII Mixed Chorus 1, 21 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Torch Editor, Basketball Manager 3, Baseball Manager 3, Senior Play, All-State Music Festival, Christmas Program, Spring Concert A is .x ,, I ,A 5 it an Q MILTON FRANCIS BATES Q? M ,SIX Xflilx Na Dy ' - - S .vt , A YN .f , L F N Dancing Club 1, Varsity Club 2, 3, President 4, Leaders Club 4, X UL QQ' Boys' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Ca ainQ3, 4, Basketball . 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Traffic 3Squad,jPli Sj,C2ylEdllCt191Ql1 linff ,iii X 1 J H ' - JI fDb'Lia' !'w M ef vii f I A 1 I i A ,,, at ,, M mx Q, A v fv j Cl rl, A A ' D xf J mm , 'J 'VO' " 5 ft' lf ff 0 . U W ,J JANET TERESA BAYLY , iff' Secretarial lllork Ian NJ. bX,4-A17' Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Clee Club 4, Soph Sisters 2, 3, 4, Student V 1 Council Vice President 4, Assembly Chairman, Canteen Com- JI-' ,Y mittee, Torch Photography Editor, Art Club 1, Dancing Club 1, CV Cirls' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, 1 Senior Dance Chairman, Physical Education Demonstration, All- U I State Music Festival, Albany County Music F estival, Christmas ' Program, Spring Concert YVILLIAM ROGER BEARDSLEE College Bill Chess Club 1, Senior Play, Traffic Squad ., u ' A F' - ea- ffm fl A v y .K ,J 'xt' rl l YVJ A G. QI! X in s V-lf X s J' CJ We ki lmfi'e-dug held. QUYI dcuafceo, J LP 2 QQ' Vrxv I F . if ' 'l' 'f , V 'l Q-X fi 141- il 5' , ELIZAQBETHJMARYEBOWN 'Z' 'Z' College . '-1 3 3 3' 1 , Liz Heldeg-bager 4, Airt 4, Girls' lntimufgils 4, Sdnior Playg Titans- WI9 ferlfed from Chadwick High School. ' 3 in ' ,- i .3 A 1 U P -.1 ' ,, . 1 Q I V -lf v A all o 9 L' P' g A 1 'vig "' X j 'Q' -i"3'if X., S 4 ' 1 BQBERT FRANK CAMPBELL l College l , Bob , V Mixed Chorust2, 46bQdJraliers 3, 4, Student Council 4, Class L M 4 3, elgle arker 45 Dancing Club 15 Base- lx fy, ball Sei r plilay, 9l1ristmfs'Program, Spring Concert Yr I pkg '41 U ll" ry ' ,, Wx dwg jf.- u s 92 M Mft OQIHEID LYDIA ELIZABETH COUNTRYMAN Undecided Tootie ,X ,f Y Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Helderbarker 3, Future Homemakers of UW America, Library Club 1, 2, Art Club 1, Dancing Club 2g Dramatics Club 1, Girls, Intramurals 1, Physical Education W p Demonstrationv Z5 Aw ' U Ag 1 l j 6, fl gl I 3. ! gg 'O I -Q nge 0 J ,Aj IA' J 1 ff .af a I K A u it GEBNHD CliOCKER" Q 51 .ey Af ' Ace Mixed hE'n?1S 4, Art Clizfb 1, 2, 3,4 ancing Club 1, Chefs, Clflb ll 4 1, Varsity Club '31, 2, 3, 4, Leaders' Club 4, Boys' Intramural, lgxs' 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, tain 4, Physical Education Demonstration, Christmas Program, Spring Concert 2 M v M, ,L gyjilgeiyfjfiifxii f wing and Sway with A 9 aioy ae, I 3 it 13 JOHN EDWARD ELMENDORF Q' Navy Snooky if Dancing Club 1, Chefs' Club 1, Printing Club 1, 2, Boys, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Traffic Squad Captain, Physical - 3 S' Education Demonstration , , , 'rn ok .P - . if .J v9 xu.,-f' BEATRICE FLANSBURG I , 4' X is Secretarial Work , Bea Q95 , Q' XJ Mixed Chorus 3, 4, ciee Club 1, 2, 3, h ading 1, 3, 4, ,S .. Physical Education Demonstration, s :pi ro am- W Sf,-'A pu W , Concew ' , H,-JA ii I ' Q.. ,ff , 9 , if t. A is!! .1 vo 1 X "IlIlll W A W-UQ' ' J.-fy I f X P 9 t tl p I ,M '-M7 N..-fr , A ' x K+. L f I rf S' ff Wt Q ,-'f T- 1 GORDON FBISBEE, IR. M Navy Transferred from Bethlehem Central High School ' MARY BETH FROHLICH Nursing Fra Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, Choraliers 3, 4, Soph Sisters 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 4, Secretary 3, ASCCD Work- shop 1, Discussion Leader 2, 3, Canteen Committee Chairman, Hospitality Chairman, Class President 4, Helderbarker, Asst. , Girls' Sports Editor 1, Cirls' Sport Editor 2, News Editor 3, Editor-in-chief 4, Cirls' Intramurals 2, 3, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4, I Senior Play, Physical Education Demonstration, All-State Music Festival, Albany County Music Festival, Christmas Prog , , -. Em Z H ,7' iff! ',vCjiff Qnchccntecl Sea, J Construction Boys' Intramurals 15 Traffic Squad, Physical Education Demonstration DOROTHY JUNE GIMLICK Secretary Dot ii Helderbarker 25 Future Homemakers of America 35 Girls, In oautumn .e , 0,, JOSEPH D. GENOVESI ' 1WAr xg!!! Joe s murals 45 Senior Play5 Traffic Squad I JM 5 llilll PHYLLIS JEAN GUYER Teachers' College Cutie Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Clee Club 1, 25 Student Council 3, 45 Class Eiorsyffommittee Chairman5 Torch Art Editor5 Helderbarker 2, stgalvjbflni Editor 3, Alumni Editor 45 Art Club 1, 45 Dancing lu I 1 Ch Club 15 Football Scorekeeper 45 Basketball Sco elc r 5 Senior Play5 Physical Education Demonstration5 ' l unty Music F estival5 Christmas Program5 Spring Concert Ch Gui... wagn- D' , bg 3 ANET LEE HALLENBECK A J 1 C egeqg N' . 1071 Q7 x d s 3, lee Club 1, 25 Class Treasurer 2, Class leer ry ' rc reasurer5 Helderbarker 1, 2, 3, 45 Dancing Q 'x,C1u 15 rl 5 b 35 Leaders' Club 45 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 45 'sica E ucat n Demonstration5 All-State Music Festival5 J' W1 yxghunty Music F estivalg Christmas Program, Spring U Concert ennieo rom ecwen, and ,IOYCE IRENE IIEMPEL Secretarial Work Joyce Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Cleo Club 1, 2, 35 Future Homemakers of America lg Library Club lg Charm Club I5 Traffic Squad5 Christmas P1'Og1'klIl1g Spring Concert College Gil Class Treasurer 35 Varsity Club 2, 35 Leaders, Club 45 Boys, Intramurals 2, 35 Football 25 Basketball 2, 45 Baseball 2, 45 Junior Event Chairman5 Candy Booth hairman5 Senior Play GILBERT FREDERICK HOUK rf iv 5 Wg M ff' BRENDA LEE ILCHUK fy! W College leading 45 Transferred from Taylor Hi h School ,Ta or Mixed Chorus 45 Leaders' Club 45 Girls, Intramurals 4- C S i Y : I Pennsylvania 5, WW rllillfr' at l Q VVALTER DOUGLAS KELLA MW A4 N a oy Walt - l Chefs' Club l, 25 Printing Club I5 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 45 Leaders' Club 45 Boys' Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 45 Basketball l, 2, 45 Baseball l, 25 Physical Education Demonstration- ' Z " Christmas Program Z, 3 gp , " Qafig 5, f "'1-I s '- .. ' fri' eff f W lf' K Vw f' . W , 1 . l JM M' Will ftlijxf, Q 4 tllgzilllplri l ll! llll Q A lvl Ul A V' iv if X 'l lo. UU 41 ,H ?,b3VvflkllllLl381bllvALLlll1E 13113 Igilliciiiyllblvffn p A ' aa ii lt wi 1 12 med, rug ,Cla 2,1 , tddlent ncil re , 3, Noonhour Qlbm tee a1i1X4iaI1,4, Class S , tzlrxgllggj Cla s Pr I dent 2, Class Vice 4, ch A . Ph! A gr y Ed ,Sis 5, " -,,",' itffs t o 5 DSl1Cl:1l1l?Clli1lJ Dralgfflticslir liib hliirliWl p "' 1, Cheerleading 3, 4, Physical' ucaltiony e of trationxj X U College WESLEY LEWELLEN KNAPP ' W' es Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Choraliers 3, 4, Student Council 1, 3, President 4, Class Secretary 2, Art Club 1, Chefs, Club 1, Print ing Club 1, 2, Var 't Cl b 2 si y u 2, 3, 4, Leaders, Club 4, Boys' Intra- murals 1, 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Physical Education Demonstration, All-state Music Festival, Albany Count Music 'E ' l Chri , st mas Program, Spring Con t S W 7' ilgmll. gil' All 'il li w l l 5 evil . , 1 iw , llll XJ A ' I ' 1 o N Q 4 gpliltlll' ROBERT WALTON LAQUIRE College Big Boy 1 fl P S 1' Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Torch Asst. Advertising Manager, Art Club 1, Dancing Club 1, Chefs' Club 1, Boys, Intramurals 1, 2, Senior Play, Traffic Squad, Physical Education Demonstration, Christmas Program, Spring Concert k ,fa V, ,1-111, g- bf i, ,, - I arp, ai. "'f.:.,a-fm' V , JA Q. 2, an ,V , K J Mfg, ,K ' 4 'ff - ' "ATT 'Y fs ' 4" 1 ,f 'N"fii ' "fi", 'M' J U. le I, 4 If 7 17, 4 ,E ,,T. J ggi 4. fr. 1.41 'E ' 1 7 I '34 , ' GAYLE AUDREY LAUSTER ' 'f Clerical Gayle Mixed Chorus 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Soph Sisters 3, 4, Helder- barker 1, 2, Asst. Circulation Manager 3, Production Editor 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Cirls, Intramurals 1, 2, Senior Play, Christ- mas Program, Spring Concert 13 fa gn thio ochool EDWARD CHARLES LQCERE Operating Engineer we aloe put on it in ysviw Ed jSenior Transferred from Peru Central High School ' f Q' -,f.L1fv 1,74 I f ,-, 3 21, 1 'Ill' 61, fy 'if' J-,jw?A.: 'kia Vim, 4,.4iiA, I ! -'ff f ff,-4' 974 fi, , lo P r,, .f ,I gr I J" T' ' ,H J ,'.f,U,!:v,, ' u ' A KEITH ALTON MABIE -'J' Undecided Keith Torch Advertising Managerg Dancing Club 1, 25 amatics Club 15 Chefs, Club 15 Boys' Intramurals 1, 25 Se ' P Playg Traffic S D . . quad, Physical Educ tion Demo ation rl 3 iii' if new M A nd WALTER ERWIN MAUNTO wg-5, N Mechanic rom ethlehem Central High School Slippery Transferred f B ' fl filzf-4717 tj If XX K ,ff fi, I P 1' f' L1 A 1 f V 4 , Af! fi ' br-5 2 THOMAS MILES X .NJ Engineering A Varsity Club 4g Football 45 Senior Play!! l ,-. I-l ,A , Y 4-,IV f j",'.l1l -X, ,al X ,J 'lil ff i. A3 9, Lf ff. H" A If ,,.. A1 .rrcfgq -f .ff .sr i 1-I rl q.:?' llfrr 12 eww waiwvk AMI"-Q'5MSl'fl'+ E? eu g, ,g,,., 777-wyocdif our play, Six Stitclueo iv. 1 S iw fd fvwff' X-1'0""VwUbA. QM HQ firearm., ' N go ALAN LEONARD MINER W X "L" College Butch Chefs, Club 2, Boys, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Football 3, Senior Play, Physical Education Demonstration l KAREN ALETHA NADEAU Secretarial YVork Clee Club 2, Art Club 1, Dancing Club 15 Charm Club 1- : X, A FQ L IQ' Araffic Squad K a,ln V1 wt ,rl w y Nfl , lol,i 5,11 S 'S i aim! liff ffffgjw 2-A W nr . E V 1' Q. 1 ,lo If MVB? f,,'h gf! I if mm I ,"'r'1W?'lgV'f3 4, A A' ww A ,Q A' fl I l If H S If Ari" ,, I' ROBERT BLAIR OKESSON Go to South Pole Oak Torch Circulation Manager, Chefs' Club 1, Printing Club 1, 2, , Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Physical Education Demonstration T7 g DAVID E. PICARD gas , Thumper Mixe or lkfilioraliers 4, Dancing Club 1, Chefs' Club 1, ty 2, - Boys' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, Bas 2, 3, Lkqays ucation Demonstration, Christmas ,Zi A iQgra , Signing Concert do QFD? 'ff:e2a1f,'s, EN C- J 9JwN-QLASL Q5,.,.Sjl 07 lv-49s'l1f , the - unior arnwcal, and iii -I-R-s CQAIS-4.10 -,xL,k, j f f In KENNlQ'Q1'1 ALDEN 111Vh.11S fix 1 I, K 08.0, f- ,iw -'G CC f W f it 0' r f ,W X 1 I ,fftf ' to ' cfudjfgfzlvn Q . V Cbldxlflft ,, rjw College KB' N Ken HCldC1'lJL11'kL'1' 1g Art Club - Chcfs Club 1 Printing Club 1 Boys' Intrzuiuiruls 1, 2g Senior Pl IX T1 iffic Squad WARREN THOMAS ROBERTS Nav W y Traffic Sqtiad-lf fl! amen N Vlfl J 'xi I l F - , 1 , l :JXQJN KWH al If , A t jr em: 1 1 Y lm i jjwtf WW it vy f Ml l 'DJ' BARBARA ANN SALISBURY Secretary Barb Clee Club 1, 2, 34 Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior Playg Traffic Squadg Physical Education Demonstrationg Christmas Prograrng Spring Concert RAE CAROLYN SCHROEDER Office Work x Rae Clee Club 2, 3, 45 Hclderbarker A9st. Production Managgr 4g F uturc Teachers of America 45 Librar Club 1- Char X - X , x K x 5 4 , ' 1- , -v H, C y , m Club lg Traffic Squadg Christmas Prograrng Spring, Con rfx-if , . ' C35 1 V N Y Y xx K h x , A- s 'A ' . v X l 'xi x' X. xx 1' X X 5 A lr l -- V V , N X X l 1 -V. X, 9 wx. X A t 1 X 1 it 1 X 16N XX X x Q A uw' -'xr f x . fi. Sw ' 4. .,.-M -. - ,fv...i.-J ...-.f,u-.rum-.ze gm:-uuuxw-i1aa1a.L.-,4J.-ff.asQ1fa3-l'Al.ld15n-AfL-l2.:1lif-S'1!sld""-'Lf'X'W5l- I ' "7 - 7""'J Y' "'ii V"s-iii-I ' 'hi-li' "' ' 0.640 ff G' -Za Q-wedge f Zf3fi,f,,eW W emxmwqfwfr ' p ou Q L nwfrfpfa ka Q, 1,-??63,f5geflfZPlfEal1a5,a529B5 4252.50 new ' 54726215 Soph Sisters 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Canteen Committee, .3226 School Improvement Committee Chairman, Class Treasurer 1, 4, Class Vice President 2, 3, Dancing Club l, 2, Charm Club 2, Girls' Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 Physical Edu- cation Demonstration, All-State Music Festival, Albany County Music Festival5 Christmas Program, Spring Concert CAROLE LOUISE SELLNOW Office Work Iceburg Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Clee Club I, 2, 3, Cirls' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Traffic Squad, Physical Education Demonstration, Christmas Program, Spring Concert x 2 . V: 1 IOSEPH PAUL SMITH ' 1 Navy X, ,I Sweetheart ixed Chorus 4, Chefs' Club l,i b, si Intramurals 2, Physical N P my xp.: Jo' Education Degiftionstration fr 1" ,V , fs . r' ' Al' Wxl' X f s I "5' V 2 Q It my it y 6 xii' fi r' JV' I by X1 I, ,gf ., ' xp 1 1 1 I 7 up I-Y il X 5' l xl, I ti il", lil '1 Q lfi X' ti I if 2 If li 5 gig ,fH,,v., ix, in ,N gf LINDA LEE SMITH Secretaridl Work Lyn A Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Band Majorette, Clee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Art , Club 1, Dancing Club 1, 25 Charm Club 1, Girls, Intramurals 1, il' 2, 3, Senior Play, Traffic Squad, Physical Education Demonstra- v vp tion, Christmas Program, Spring Concert I -. ,. r. s . A tl Slay if f if 1 . W .WW .VI 2 fl if Coll? by LUX! il Annie 11 r 4, , .idle 2g W fifzgitury 4g Torch Literary Editorg Held- ! 'T grbf kt-QL . v lg Dancing Club 1g Charm Club lg 0' lllfgi jllt-jbglllqbls 4. Seiiyor Plnyg Traffic Squadg Physical 5 Erducatfbh Qllrriqnsti'-ipiggimgwgxaistlnas Programg Spring Concert C. ' .Tb 'Alu' I f Wir .QV ffl' 1 Lic If 2 I, P k. X , 1 ,UU 1 lvl 'WL Jvsv he MQ SCN ff I. 7 wflaw drift, Hi, lyuvqjj 1 L 7 L 'vw at if off? f av" wwf!! ffif U0 ,Lf f Mill' if ifffifib Ai! GL My Y L ,. X. 4, . Lwfjd L w,aLbfllff!l1y4f Class Officers C SEATED, left to right: Rf. B. Frohlich IPresidentQ, J. Scoons fTreas- urerl, A. Westbrook fSecretaryI. STANDING: D. L. Kennah fVice Presidentl. 2 ", ix, Ui ' 'mfs Jgi '03 , t . ...f .1 . Chairmen of Events SEATED, left to right: M. Bates, I. Bayly. STANDING: C. Houk, I. Hallenbeck, C. Lauster, D. Picard. if 1 vw- x4,..,. A 'QT ?3,,QQ ,,.,' , ', , ,-. - I f 9-nf V 4 4 ,Mx ,, I bi M 1 W.. x' 61 ,,,,,ff"' an q f 'f ' mummy? .F 55 ,.,.. -, P 1 '. NMMA ' Pu FRONT ROWV, left to right: Cates, R. Cipp, O,C43I1llL'iT, Pine, Carr, Davis. SECOND RONV: W 1 iii fi I 5 1 . . I T I xi - x XY ' .-,aim 1 1,35 . -1 . '. fu.. ' 1 warn, Rlllllyllll, jol111s011 Mr. XVAIQTC, Smith, C Frisbee, Hulsciorf, Krauss, Vosl111r11l1, Rzuny, A. l"1'isl1cc, S1-1111i1111, Brown, Hotaliing, Ciliwrt McCann, Throop. THIRD ROXV: Hayward, Okcsson, Sl1u1'p, Spllllikiilljl, B11ldwi11, Bcurdslcy Mead, Reiyvn, H11lic11i1eck, Da111Zi, T011 Eyck, C10CI'1lt'll. FRONT ROW, li-ft to right: Hotaiiing, Van NVic, McC11rt11cy, Berger, Murphy, Bates, Kott B. Lasher, Abbott, Kohls, Frislmcc, Cm-rgr-11. SECOND ROXV: Amos, S. Smith, Bcrgstrom L. Lasher, Feld111a111, I. S1-x'c1'i11g1i11111sc, Mudur, Rr-lyeai, Buclglcy, Rciss1111111, Mrs. Skidmore THIRD ROXV: xyllll Km-Hur, Cutvs, Fish, NVcl1b, Kirk, Meiiinger, HQIIIIIIIOIIQT, Ha1lle11i1cck, W Severi11gi1o11sc, Douglas, El111c11do1'f, Ozurd. FOURTH ROXV: R. XV11g11or, Caunpbell, Tall- 111an, D11 Bois, Ulio11, VV11r11cr, I... Smith, D. NVa1g11er, Braun, jackson, Curlette. i V. 4 2 .'. . 11 5 2 i ' ' I? Q i 1 515 4 1 M . is T 1 3 1 . 3 i NV E, , A -WANG N5 4 N, ., 515i .- P. NYC Ms- 4 f H " 1 , 3, ji: 5 V Y 3 3 , F 5 , 1 ff T " 1,'agf 3 4 '. f , ,i , , , ,, , . , 4 V . ,-,, ,5 'W WW 471' U -A FRONT ROVV, left to right: Sharp, Diedrick, Le Cere, Rubin, Lamboy, VVinne, Vanderveer Cimliel-c. SECOND ROXV: Smith, La Duke, Beardslee, Adkins, Senning, Moran, Mrs Spratt. THIRD ROXV: 1. jackson, McCartney, Schroeder, K. Iackson,YMader, Bailey, Adams. FRONT ROVV, left to right: Frisbee, Rzany, Chattiu, VVhitman, Conte, Navilia, Eldridge, Homeyer, SECOND ROVV: Rockenstyre, DeL0renzo, VVickham, A ' S d ' l , yers, ny er, Paw us Bayly, Crabill, Mrs. NIcCarr. THIRD RONV: I. Layaou, Vosburg, Conners, Carl, Seyboth Hammann, R. Layaou, Miner, Furman. fl f Af 7' 'C J T 1 gn L WW A A FRONT ROW, left to right: Hallcnhcck, Martin, Kavanaugh, H4-llcr, N. Smith, Baker MCVCC, Wcsthrook, Cilhcrt, Flanshurg. SECOND ROW: Miss Dt-wt-y, Sprulv, Sterling Joyce, Haynor, Feldman, Cliclcr, Comic-ll, Canal, BL-rylstrmn. THIRD HOW: SClll'l't'I', W Smith, Danzi, Ostcrhour, Hart, Schultz, Lovcclay, Milos, lhlllllilll, DuBois. FRONT HOW, lc-ft to right: Mr. George, E. Smith, Picard, D. Smith, Kelley, Kendall Lawyer, Bailey. SECOND HONV: jackson, Amslcr, Salisbury, Loss, Flanshurg, Miller Billsborrow. THIRD ROW: Gray, Wickham, Meilingcr, Vaughn, W. Smith, Hotaling Sturtevant, VanderVcer. E l II' - v n FRONT ROVV, left to right: VVaggoner, Mazzara, Wenk, Livingston, Batchelder, Ricci Douglas, Schultz, Moak, Pawlus. SECOND ROXV: Berger, Rauch, Grover, Crabill, Leonard Iacobson, Davis, Campion, Van Ravensway, Gardner, Mrs. Tyler. THIRD ROVV: McCann Hallenbeclc, Lane, Baker, Morse, Allard, R. Morse, DeLorenzo, Haase, Dedrick. FRONT ROVV, left to right: Meilinger, VanWie, Joyce, Hayward, Wickham, Brate, Ulion Bailey, Bayhylle, Frisbee. SECOND ROVV: Mrs. Hemmett, Curlette, Alexson, Watson Smith, Frisbee, White, Campbell, Taylor. THIRD ROW: Williams, Dunston, Fryer, Cuyer Edson, Abbott, Bayly, Seibert, Darpino, Relyea. .fu , 1 u n 4-+ as pf 1 '-Inc A X an A- "in STANDING, left to right: Cox, Chainyk, Batcher, Hanainan, McCraff, Pcrry, Hoineycr, Whitman, Cronnsc, Mrs. Van Olinda, Huhcr. L, Flanshurg, Frishce, Dishrcw, Starkcr, Frcnzcl, Gunther, Suthcrlancl, K. Flanshurg. SEATED, FIRST IIOW, front to hack: Hanuman, 6 A Bratc, Picarcl. SECOND IIOXV, front to hack: Cootwarc, Ilaasc, Connor, Booth, Vander Kruik. THIRD IIONV, front to hack: Northrop, Kcllaun, Cintlcr, Frohlich, Bailcy. 1 STANDING, It-ft to right: Rvlyt-a, Ilivcrs, IIusst-ll, Winsscr, Frishcc, Holncycr, Mcilingcr 6-8 Adams, Ouhst-, Wickham. SEATED, FIRST HOW, front to hack: Moak, Trinkans, LL-Ccrc, Campbell, Lzunhoy. SECOND IIOVV, front to hack: Martin, Muclar, VanIIuvcnsway, Salis- bury, Laustcr, Lt-onarcl. TIIIIID IIOXV, front to hack: Luscoinh, Wais, Duncan, Schultz, Lawyer, Rockt-nstyrc. FOURTII IIOVV, front to hack: Rclyca, Olivcr, Grover, Plue, Eveleth Shull Mr. Furrcll, tcaclzer. 9 A, N Q, is 'fhguf xx' aaa, , . - --X I A-sf. ..,., J ,I Y ,, ' -X 'Q , Q r ' '- ' T ff I+ V W, , 'A ,, ,, ,fffffg , I ' J , ' f "1 f N L, A x 4' -qi, if wfaug, f 171 Q 1 xxx SEATED, front to back: Brate. Brown, Gill, Badgley, Austin, Bergman, Fryer, McCann. SECOND ROXY, front to back: Kavanaugli, Adkins, Hayner, Connell, Jacobson, Brunk, Rubin. THIRD ROXY, front to back: Layaou, Bidwell, Lee, Dales, Barrowman, Holmberg, Ford, Blackman. FOURTH ROXV, front to back: NVickharn, Harvey, Scherer, Davis, Amos, Ioyce. STANDING, FIFTH ROW, front to back: johnson, Long, Plumber, Hatch, Living- ston, Hadsel, Shawl, Christianson, Vincent, Mrs. Pafunda, Mrs. Bashford, Absent: L. Navilia. FRONT ROXV, left to right: Klilcs, Smith. SECOND ROVV: Salisbury, fklazzara. THIRD ROVV: Fish, Ozard, Xiintline, Salisbury, Relyea. FOURTH ROVV: McHugh, Sterling, Westbrook, Youmans, Shedd, Horse. FIFTH ROW: Senning, Hart, Moak, Okesson, Shufelt, Glider. SIXTH ROXV: Peterson, VVillsey, Quenneville, Taylor, Berezes, Vosburg, Sutton, SEVENTH ROVV: Smith, Parson, Vincent, Ford, Mr. Kallop, Pafunda, Wintle, Schultz, Munyan. Absent from picture: Robbins, Seay. ,f ,K X - ft W ' 4 QM ffi' Q W 4 l 724712 Q' , -nf' fm . , f 4. i . LIL .H '41 FRONT ROW, left to right: Loss, Donato, Bidwell, Lawyer, Moak, Durban, Austin. SECOND ROVV: Frisbee, Relyea, Haase, Wood, Donato, Springer, Adams, Gates. THIRD ROWV: Lodge, Furst, Butcher, Davis, Joslin, Holmberg, Gunther. FOURTH RONV: Crouusc, Cox, Johnston, Heller. FIFTH ROVV: Mrs. Farrell. Absent: j. Donato. SEATED, FRONT ROW, left to right: Sprole, Mills, White, Nortlirup, Wickham, Brooks Rockenstyre. SECOND ROXV: Van Cott, Lower, Taylor, Hayward, Tice, Person, WVinsser Wood, Smith, Schultz, Shufelt, Krupka. THIRD ROW: Waggoner, Sliull, Mrs. Moran McGrath, Ulion, Lynch, Absent: Relyea, Vaughn, Vosburgh, Gardner. l I I s I I l 3 sf fm TNC I if I grim' M, .Y ,!fWL. FRONT ROVV, left to right: Morrison, Kling, Lynch. SECOND ROW: Donato, R. Adams, Fuglein, Delehantjv, Homeyer. THIRD ROVV: Vosburgh, Bailey, Starker, Gipp, Kelly. FOURTH ROXV: Duncan. L. Adams. STANDING, FIFTH ROW: Donato, Mohan, Fish, Hanaman, Barrowrnan, Berger, Miss Koslik, George, Bidwell, Cox, Bailey, Machia, Blackman. Absent: Plue, Brunk, Petersen, Robbins, XVhite. SEATED, left to right: Moak, Nelson, Christianson, McGrath, Plue, Springer, Trinkaus, Smith, McClintock, Taylor, Snyder, MacW'illia1ns. STANDING: Vincent, Pershall, Pellistri, Russell, N01-thrup, Rockenstyre, Monaghan, Shedd, Miller, Snye, McCann, McNary, Morse, Pafunda, Relyea, Lodge, Lanahan, Sellnow. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Blessing. Absent: Vosburg. . ,,,., , , I . , S, , A 4 , X 4 ,..,,, y atb uw if df Hill FRONT ROW, left to right: Cipp, Crounse, Coughtry, Brate, Fisher. SECOND ROW Butcher, Cinder, Kling, Herzog, Joslin, Parshall, Hood, Foley, Cootwure, Davis, Ct-orgc THIRD ROW: Bailey, Hack, Ellery, Eveleth, Hallenbeck, johnson, XVood, johnson, Joyce, Ford, Cilbert, Langenbach, Jones, Kling, Cox. FOURTH ROXV: Miss Wfright. Absent Adams. FRONT ROW, left to right: MacDonald, Mutuszek, Moak, Relyea, Ulion. SECOND ROW Pogge, Plue, Plauth, Oliver, Lodge. THIRD RONV: Thelunder, Pawlus, Rockenstyre, Schultz Francis. FOURTH ROW: Mule, Sterling, Long, Tucker, Livingston. FIFTH ROW: Rzany Lawyer, Miller, McNary, Palmerone. SIXTH ROW: Mills, VanRavensway, Sutherland Snyder. SEVENTH ROW: Mrs. Preston, D'Entr0ne. 1 C ,I ii' Q, '7 1' it-V ,qv-i 14 , yi, , FRONT ROXV, left to right: Butcher, Gipp, Fuglein, Iohnson, Huber, Duncan, Donato, Lawyer. SECOND ROXY: Frisbee, Du Bois, Rlatott, Martin, Brown, Kelly, Catto, Donato, Donato. THIRD ROXY: Miss Joslin, Joyce, Delehanty, Akelwicz, Evangelisti, Matuszek, XVhit'man, Amsler, Harvey, Bludar, Durban, Hammann. Absent: Clark Ilchuk, Hood, Kohler, Iackson, Chainyk. FRONT ROXV, left to right: Mrs. Etheridge, Sutton, Warner, Trinkhaus, Watson, Remley, Relyea, Perras, Tice, Yan Caasbeek VanCott, Le Gere. SECOND ROVV: Plummer, Pellestri, Schramni, VVickham, Schroeder, XVintle, Pawlus, Northrup, Vunck. THIRD ROVV: Olsmit, Mudar, Smith, McCann, Severinghaus, Rauch, Wilber, Plue, Gardner. Absent from picture: VVebler, Mazzara, VanRavensway. Q zz Z T 7 fl' ff 1-A I-B Pv' s,f I' if M41 ' 1 .2 dl ff Saws ,. Yi K S 'A ff ,. f ll! ,427 V T 1 'S' Q ,I ..,, W, i . f T , ' -'W' L- - fi 4 A S M , I 4, f 1,43 f i M m fw ""' f 4, ,,,' s ' I' if ' Q l 1 ffm M. 7' .J .,.--.,.,,..,. .. . . ,i,,,?w.J ,. 'V' 'ts-:wi I 1 '11 we - -s , - ,,- n, -i3:l,, - Y . Fw, . - 75 ,. w-A x- .Jn . gf " -T-54' ' 'QQ-Q HAI N .,,, Va- I Q i xr. , I I -- 1 So 3- is-c .IFN FRONT ROW, left to right: McNary, Edmunds, Shear, Domennuth, Weblcr, Blackman, LeVie, Fisher, Polhemus, Scherer. SECOND ROVV: Dt-Marco, Mintlinc, Radley, Thclunclcr, Bunk, Butcher, Tice, Klopfer, Snyder, Sickles, Schultz, Pzifundu. THIRD IIONV: Pitt, Fur- rell, Mrs. Streets, Springer, Morrison, Brute, Cipp, Mrs. Bcrglus, Kicrnozck, Stark, Murphy. Absentees: Flansburg, Mills, Hood, McCartney, Fuglcin. Kindergarten A.M. Kindergarten P.M. FRONT RONV, left to right: Pauley, Nclscn, Donato, Lynch. SECOND ROXV: Hcffncr, Lamica, Kohler, Proctor, Cox, Homcycr. THIRD ROXV: Simmons, Hotuling, Donato, Meine- ker, Durban, Brown, Riccio, jackson, Ford, Mrs. Berglus. FOURTH RONV: jewell, NVhitmun, Coughtry, BILXCVVIIIILIIHS, Rivcnhurgh, Duncuuse, Evers. FIFTH RONV: Mrs. Streets, Stauf- facher. Absentees: Cimlick, 1. Donato, MacDonald, Matuszek, White. ,...-., an O in... xl I 0' W s 'I 'f A' .,W,.,,...-,,,.',.,. ,Y.,.. ..,..,,.. . ,.,,,,,. ,,, x 'J if "' ' "" " W ' , VIVAW " palm 94 lull Wm-W. FIRST ROVV, front to back: Riccio, Jarvis, Michalski. SECOND ROW, front to back: Countryman, Braun, Riccio. THIRD ROXV, front to back: Shank, NVenk, Bayhylle. FOURTH RONV, front to back: Kidder, BIcVee, Campion, Hayward. FIFTH ROW, front to back, HotaIing, Leonard, I. Hotaling, Mr. Forkel. SIXTH ROW, front to back: McDonald, Riven- burg, M. Hotaling. SEVENTH ROVV, front to back: Klapp, Nasner, S. Hotaling. New Salem Grades 3-5 New Salem Grades I-2 FIRST ROVV, front to back: De Vellis, Moak, Michalski, Leonard, KIapp. SECOND ROW: Dancause, Mcklillan, Countryman, XVenk. THIRD ROW: Schaap, Leonard, Iaycox, Stranahan. FOURTH ROW: Michalski, Schaap, Campion, Riccio. ...'-., -rzirgg., M, 6' 5, A 1 df' qv" 1 Q w., , ,,,.f,,,,,,,f,.,,,, ,,,, ,, ,, , .11 31' 2 4 A. IM V, ,, in .... -at ff fW , '2 ., - ffm, ASNE x .- Unclerclcassmen in Action X . xfi x 1 . . A, .., .uxi. x - THE AFTERNOON KINDERCARTEN enjoy their play period in the old playground. pull :HUGE +, Q R62 553.515 . THE SCOREKEEPERS keep game to game statistics for haslcethall hoth home and away games. 32 THE LOWER GRADES relax at a game of dodge hall daring their noon hour in the Old gym. VICE-PRESIDENT NICKY BILLSBORROW holds the attention of the junior Organization For The Promotion of School Spirit as she offers a suggestion. 69 T Wil 'WW4 W, WV 1 M 1 ' af V Y 7 f -,Q ,z,,f5U ,'1 , 4 , I f ,f f V- 'iv' ff, , AV , W 44, 7 ,,, If MM, ' x ff' ' f ifwgf, aff 7 f 9 H f ' gs -3 ll I Clockwise: janet Hallenbeck, Bonnie Hotaling, Janet Bayly, Anne Senning, Mary Beth Frohlich, Sally Munyan. Junior-Varsity Cheedeoders sq N K .Ny Vs V A, si in 'Hr ' lim xx r I N F D V G rs ITY A ,V r Nl , Tx r i X p WHeeHeedersm 1 , f X x W I QA ,- The Varsity,cheerleaders have worked hard to improve themselves by practicing after school. Under the leadership of janet Bayly and Mary Beth Frolilich as co-captains, they participated in pep-rallies in order to help the student body learn the cheers and lead the cheering at football and Varsity basketball games. The junior Varsity cheerleaders, during their after-school practice sessionsg developed new cheers and improved old ones. With Beatrice Flansburg and Donna Lee Kennah as co-cap- tains, the I. Vfs also took part in the pep-rallies and encouraged the student body to support our team during the junior Varsity basketball games. Left to right: Carol johnson, janet Scoons, Sylvia Brown, Brenda Ilchuk, Donna Lee Kennah. Substitutes: Ianet Berger, joan Goergen, Miss McMartin. Absent: Beatrice Flansburg. ,Aw .4.',.,, I V t - '- -rfmwmwfwwwwazz ., 'Z " f , V I mei' Front Row, left to right: P. D. Douglas lManagerQ, P. I. Douglas, jackson, Moran, Senning, Smith, LaDuke, Moran, Campbell, Osterhout. Second Row: T. Danzi, Ulanagerj, Platz, Hallenbeck, Severinghaus, Hanaman, Footboll This year the football team, coached by Kenneth George, has experienced a discouraging season. The returning senior lettermen were Tom Crock- er, Bob Okesson, and NValt Kellam. Milt Bates, ineligible this year, was made honorary captain with Bonar Halsdorf and Tarz Krause sharing the captainship. Even though the experiences proved unsuccessful they practised hard with intentions of winning. The team had a new experience this year, play- ing one eight man contest with Averill Park, which was looked upon with great anticipation by the players. Other schools met were St. -Iohn's of Rensselaer, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk, and Argyle. The season concluded with the Meatball Game, in which all of the team members had a chance to play each other. Bayly, P. Danzi, Hotaling, Ulion, Salisbury, Campbell lManagerQ. Third Row: Mr. George, Okesson, Kirk, Krause, Hammann, Kellam, Meilinger, Crocker, Elrnen- dorf, Halsdorf. Halsdorf blocks as Krause tries for yardage. Moran and Halsdorf tackle while Hotaling and Crocker look on. .A , fa , fr .L I n I V4 hr nf, ,f rff d-:z! , , I f Q, 'f Q Q 'E' ' ' . 'ff '3 1 "ef-I xr i ' 'ff ' .V l K VV , , Q 1, A , ,,, ., Q or ilu? V :, : P f, -1: f,gg.r,.v 1 -- .,,' ', 1 W w ,-. . ,H ' , ,,g,,y5M2HfW: ,W fu V,,. gy, P 4 - , f - .., A 2 V M: J' P 'Gia E . 2. j . otfq Center: Captain, David Picard. Left to right: Houk, llotaling, Elmcudorf, Crocker, Baldwin, Knapp, Meiling- cr, Krause. Halsdorf, Okcsson, Smith. Varsity Basketball Only three veterans from last years varsity re- turned to play this year. Captain Dave Picard and lVes Knapp, seniors, and Bill Hotaling, a junior, formed the nucleus of the team. Added to these were regular junior varsity players of last year, Gene Krause, Bonar Halsdorf, Tom Crocker, and Bill Elmendorf. NVith other jayvee members these boys practiced and scrimmaged diligently to build a better team. Catskill and Mohanesan. Our victory over the latter was our first victory over a two year span. However, we still remain the smallest school in the league. This year only three seniors were regular mem- bers of the basketball squad but the large number of junior and sophomore members gain- ing experience should benefit next yearis team. r . r 'L b ' i i l i ' if 1 f There were some chi ges in fhe d , Maggy ' 1 l H L, y Hilti' League this year ' id We may! jo, Wi ams, gp' asap XAVJ gi i .sf f flx ' W ' . 'J e my gy e ylp j jf , Jvrtcarct shoots as Halsdorf, Elmendorf, Krause Krause Shoot ag J V, M and Hotaling wait for action. L aff wifi l cm J' 1 I V 5. ' J 1 if ,nf Y f' 1 ' "' ,I , X7 t rl .1 IQJL .fi , ja Tlzroop jumps as Ulion and Hammann wait for ball. Meilinger jumps high as Furman, Ulion, Ham- mann, and Sharp wait tensely. Junior Varsity This yearis Iunior Varsity team consists of two juniors, Lester Sharp and David Goergen, six sophomores and three freshmen. The team, coached by Mr. George, has had several victories and a few close games. The team put in many hours of practice after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. High scorer for this year was Bob Meilinger, who averaged eleven points a game. Fritz Hammann was not far behind Bob, with an average of nine points a game. Among the junior Varsity victories were Mo- hanesan, Berne-Knox, Maple Hill and Heatly. By the system of rotation of the first string, each of the boys had a chance to be captain for at least one game. The junior Varsity team has greatly improved and will be a great asset to the Varsity team of next year. Front Row, left to right: T. Furman, J. Senning, fManagerI, W. Throop, W. Smith. Second Row: D. Goergen,9'L. Sharp, P. Douglas, F. Hammann, Mr. George lAdviserQ, R. Meilinger, N. Ulion, M. Moran, T. Moran. Y 1 bf XJ K , ls! Q J X . , 4' s l rl . ,,. .1- ' . iff l- V 'T lf, , "' -4 it X. -H X 5 - ' l Xe L f f xi i iii h X From' Huw, Ivft tn right: L. Smith, P. Okesson, R Ulu-sson, K. Txlaliie f.lfllIlll,Ql'f,l, R. Hallcnbeck, 1. Mc- Cann. T. Furman. Svrmid Row: R. Mcilinger, W , lil? lf Captain Tam Crurkvr shows Larry Smith how to slide as Dave Picard guards the base. wyg i 1, ig-?' .L' 'IF P. M " MF 5- .K , 1 -I ,., f , - - J- ' V '- l- '- -i , V -.. ,., x '5 K' i J.-.gzftw i -V . . . , H-N, ' l ' P "" - I , ' - ' 4J.Y'lik 'f - . Ir- i f ' l .--.age A - ft if ' qc- 'L it I a, 1 H., J h -, .ri S ff N 1 - . , Q ,"i"'fg'rif!'jf'ifj . in . 'wi -, ""-M' fa, ,Z I l K ,,, raw, .,.W P . ff 4 A 1.. ,iw-amli I .. ,fizghyp .iq fig-,135 ,I 4. - -ff U r ,I V mimic, ,U -VV .A , -f I . , A ,N L. . . . ., ff 'V 'nm 'f wk :J gk. in "r, , , I ' N i I A 'qi .' rx if ,. X3 ' 7, A .fs p , p H 4 KW hifi. ' 3?"::"x.Ii' K - X X . . KW Hotaling, E, Krause, T. Crocker, D. Picarnl, P, Danzi, R. Campbell. The beginning of April starts baseball season. A cloud of dust and a player sliding safely into home plate, the leap through air and a spectacu- lar grass-top, last-out catch of a line drive. The thrills of a game and practice are long remem- bered by the team and spectators. Coach Harold Mead demonstrates proper bat- ting stance. Tarz Krause and Bill Hotaling team up against batter Bob Okesson. - MII' ' 1 J . HIGH SCHOOL BOYS-Kneeling, left to riglit: Throop, Salisbury, Moran, Bayly, Seyboth, DeLorenzo, Furman. Standing: Gilbert. Flansburg, Frisbee, Relyea, Krause, gl we ' "'S al sm 5 'Kiln :X JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BOYS-Front How, left to right: Smith, Gaul, Campbell, Hallenbeck, Dunston, Darpino, Taylor, YanderYeer, Berger, VVilliams, Relyea, Morris. Second Row: XVilliarns, Miller, Osterhout, Vaughan, Schultz, Miles, Smith, Hotaling, Meilinger, Intramurals HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS-On Trampoline: Ilchuk. Stand- ing, Counter Cloclcwise: McCar1mey, Johnson, Hotaling, Van Koehler, Scoon, Salisbury, Sellnow, Girnlick, B. Lasher, YVicl-cham, Brooks, Severinghaus, Kohls, Pawlus, Kennah, Bayly, Gates, Flansburg, Goergen, Berger, L. Lasher, Youmans, Diedrick, Frisbee, Kott, Le Gere, Lamboy, VVhitman, Rzany, Ayers, Adkins, Chattin, Reiss- man, Amos, Murphy, Badgley, Naxilia, Homeyer, Rubin, Vanderveer. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS-On trampoline: Ricci. Inside row: Brate, Bailey, MacDonald, Smith, Frisbee, Bahylle, Van Ravensway, Smith, Campion, Crabill, Jacobson, Feldman, Joyce, Leonard, Frisbee, Lawyer, Daxis, Kelly, Brian, Kendall, Smith, Grover, Flansburg, Glider, VVat- son, Hallenbeck, Meilinger, Van XVie, Ulion, Kavanaugh Smith, VVenk, Mazzara, XViclu'nan, Moak, Pawlus, Bailey Schultz. Outnde row: Martin, Joyce, Livingston YVestbrook, Rauch, Gilbert. Crocker, Bates, Baldwin, Smith, Dunston, 'Wagner Olcesson. , . Y viva, J ZH., :.?.'I.. ly ' 'f' 1. 11:54 ' i,,, if , - ,X K , f l ll lfilll 5 f" ' '1""3iil.i,i.ii+ ,F 'PQ . Ng. r . . X Amsler, Morris, Edson, Baker, Batchelder. Third Row: McCann, Douglas, Oliver, Connell, Bayly, Allard, Cur- lette, Gipp, Moran, Sterling, Abbott, Lane, Alexson, VVhite, Guyer, DeLorenzo, Dedriclc, Haase. 11'l'll1!... 151311 'N sbgg ata - " XXQMP' ' "' ' ' ' ' GN? 'l 1 fu fqvilli xterm Y .J Left to right: j. Hallenlweck, I. Ozard, I. Coergen, S. lXIunyan, Miss McNlartin 1.-lclviscrl, S. McCartney, H. Homcycr, A. Frisbee, M. B. Frohlich, B. Ilchuk. Leaders' Club The Leaders Club is divided into two groups which meet during activity periods. The mem- bers improve their own skills and learn the fundamentals of teaching other students. Each was assigned a gym class in which they are in charge of the trampoline activities. Varsity Club ,-4 Kg X 1 5 e A -xl. li . l ...Ji I ug:-' Q' W ll ' 'N' lp V .4 ,QNX- vp, sk E' Clockwise from left: Roy Gilbert, Bill Hotaling, Wesley Knapp, NValter Kellum, Tarz Krause, Bonar Hnlsdorf. , X J f' J x, Pu UM! D D A Q11 ., dj B a B ff , 9 'l an W A X B V 7 Seated, left to right: Senning, Funnan. Kneeling: Throop, Bayly, R. Okesson, Baldwin, Meilinger, Ham- mann, Danzi, Smith, P. Okesson. Second Row, Stand- ing: McCartney, Douglas, Elmendorf, Hotaling, Miles, Picard, Kellam, Knapp, Bates, Crocker, Halsdorf, Kirk, Krause. E i vu l lf 7- 5 ACTIVITIE, W' I I Oli '-4 J 4 ,Mar lmwwfnr .Aa mr Zia 7. Aa ' f fr ' 1 ,,, y' ,Mg .. V" ' t f' A zlqx "' 9-4 C 7-1 S Our Court and their escorts at thu junior-Senior Prom, ln leaving the old building we recall many activities and areas of the school that are familiar such as the proms and the sport dances in the gymnasium, the hours spent in the candy booth selling candy and earning money. Mr. Bray- den's office served as headquarters for guiding, counseling, and an occasional reprimanding. Long remembered will be the competition for the gym between so many activities: the senior play, public speaking, basketball practice, intra- murals, and gym classes. Mr. Martin calmly directs rehearsal of 'ASM SfifCl1CS f0f Ego." , ,g - f , , f-ff l X K ' 1 t ' ' l li up ': KL' 1" l I Q - it-M5.f'j y -,if lr 1 7 f , ' J 2 1 Y 2X 4 -V W I. , ,383-cf. l if 1'ifj',gf - Hifi? f' if w 1 4 ' . L 1 fi if' The purchasing public await their turn for supplies and candy at the seniors' booth. Mr. Brayden helps plan a future for Bill Batchelder 1 .. ag, fi X fi' I - "' ' NH - L.: A III' f-' Left to right: D. Gimlick, A. Westbrook, L. Smith C Sellnow, R. Schroeder, J. Hempel, B. Salisburyj Nadeau, J. Elmendorf CCaptain2, W. Beardslee, I. Traffic Squad Torch Staff Sit-ting, left to right: B. Okesson fSales Managerj, P. Guyer IArt ECU, B. LaQuire CAsst. Ad. Managerj, B. Batchelder KEditor-in-chiefj, I. Bayly CPhot0 ECU, A. Mx if Genovesi, K. Rivers, M. Bates, W. Roberts, K. Mabie, R. LaQuire. Keeping order in the hall was a big responsiblity of the senior class traffic squad. With the help of Mr. George and Captain John Elmendorf they were able to carry out their job successfully. Throughout the year the Torch Staff devoted much time toward capturing their last year in high school and recording it in this, the ,58 Torch. With help and patience from Mr. Martin, adviser, the staff came through with assignments completed and deadlines met in time for the delivery date which climaxed the year's work. Westbrook fLiterary Edj. Standing: Mr, Martin fAdoiserQ, K. Mabie fAd. Managerj, D. Kennah fAsst. Photo. Ed.Q, I. Hallenbeck CBus. Managerj. + st... 11... .ati 5- , Q-mmf " ,,,-v' Seated, left to right: 1. Scoons, L. Sharp CTreasurerQ, I. T. Furman, B. Hotaling, A. Senning, R. Campbell, D. Bayly fVicc-Prcsirlcntl, NV. Knapp fPresident2, C. John- Webb, E. Krause, Mr. George, S. Brown, M. Frohlicli, son fSccrct11ryQ, NV. Batchelder, P. Guyer. Standing: B. Gilbert, J. Rubin. Absent: wV.Bi1tCl1E'ldCI'. Student Council Committees The representatives and the executive committee of the Student Council under the direction of Mr. Kenneth George discussed and solved many various problems which were brought before them concerning the Student Body at the Councils weekly meetings. XVesley Knapp pre- sided over the meetings as president. Secretary Carol johnson, and Treasurer Lester Sharp made weekly reports to the council. The Constitution Committee under the chair- manship of Anne Senning revised some of the weaker points of the school's constitution. The Assembly Committee under the leadership of vice-president, janet Bayly, organized all the assembly programs. The Noon-Hour Committee with chairman, Gene Krause, conducted various different types of entertainment for noon hour recreation. The Canteen Committee under the chairmanship of Bonnie Lou Hotaling held monthly clean-up sessions, planned a budget and assumed all responsibilities of canteen activities. "Improving School Spiriti' was one of the topics of the council. Under a committee head- ed by Phyllis Jean Guyer each of the grades from 9-12, picked permanent school colors which will be kept till graduation. Two reporters were also sent to the radio station to announce hap- penings of interest at Voorheesville. Throughout the year the Student Council strove for school betterment and reached a better understanding between students and faculty. I r Noon Hour Left to right: Marilyn LeGere, Gene Krause, Mary Lou VanKoehler. Assembly ,1 Left to right: Charles BearQlslee,,ja3ief Bayly, Donna Lee Kennah, Lester Sharpe 'MVK ABQ, K lf r . 'V ,f ff J' :Y ii VL .' , ,' i f ' 1, Q' V 4 aj, 4 - K.. - 11 B, -N J W' F , 1. " M 1 5-' fix! - 4 1 , ,A qv V ,ff , N V gm-J" V ,4 ff' 1, -' - 'L' Conteelniy Left to right: Bonny Hotaling, Nicky Ulion, Brenda Ilchuk, Billy Batchelder, Carol Taylor, Dick Spaulding. 1 ,,.q 'J X v F Y l 1 ,,.. N, , p qiiu , I , L , 'Tw ,J l. " ,f . J ,Hia , , f 1 . 1 A! 1 .,, V' in We gn I 7xg'i 5 V E : Af f QQZ9 . 3 Z, if 'll' g J 1 I n ." ' B 1 2 ,' , 7 V -5 4 , M , ge f' lc 29" '-I 2' ,I g 7 f at 1 i , - M ' ' ' ' ' J77, f , if 5 ZW 1 Q ' . ' f , 1 4 .Z , , f' 9 , ,rf-fm f,,,jn-,7-n ', 43' fimyjfwfj- F363- ,ygf gf B A Q, f, ,1 f 1 1 ,gi ' ., , if LY, " X ,V 1 if W . V if 43 Df'fi' i The musicial organizations, under the direction of Thomas Baker, have grown in membership and skill this year. The girls glee club which meets once a week participated in the Christ- mas program and the Spring festival. All-Stare S4'4lfi'mi.' Xlillligllil ll.llClli'ltlCl'. 5i'1'Ull4l linux 1L'ff to right: David Picard, Donna Lee Kennali. janet Scoons, -lanet F-ayly. janet llallenlieck, Xlary Beth Ff0llliCll, Robert Campbell, Thin! Roux' XYesley Knapp. The mixed chorus composed of boys and girls from the ninth through twelfth grades performed at the Christmas program, the Spring festival, open house, and graduation. The band which also played at those functions carried on its only marching assignment, the Memorial Day parade. Both of these groups met twice a week and offer- ed one half credit for regular participation. The Choraliers, a special singing group. was organized again this year with fourteen members from the senior high school. For the fifth consecutive year, members of our chorus and band participated in the llegional All-State Music Festival held this year at Mont Pleasant High School, Schenectady. Music Kneeling: L. Smith. Second Row, left to right: S Brown, 1. Ozard, XV. Batchelder, L. Sharp, D. XYebb S. Bates, G. Cates. Third Row: C. Taylor, I. Glider XV. Connell, 1. Loveday, XY. Loss, E. Mader, NI. Moran J. jackson, H. Rauch, L. Eldridge, H. Gimlick. Fourth Row: D. Youmans, D. Goergen, Mr. Baker, R. Camp- bell, T. La Duke, 1. NIacEwan, j. Senning, K. jackson, N. Ulion, R. Tallman. ILE Sw ,iw- iKs.QSw9'n Front Row, left to right: Davis, Hotaling, VanKoehler, Guyer, Iohnson, Hallenbeck, Flansburg, Scoons, Hempel, Kennah, Smith, Sellnow, Gates, Cipp, MacEwan, Froh- lich. Second Row: Gilbert, Campbell, Taylor, Mun- yan, Brown, Ilchuk, Lauster, fxlader, I. Severinghaus, 561. Wi: ,1 , 1. ,L x l", hh M74 ,. Iwi lv .,v , A M if f ' f "ff ww .4 Q 1 M Q rf, Bergstrom, Ozard, Amos, Kott, Bayly, Braun, Rockens- tyre, Mr. Baker. Third How: Senning, Moran, Sharp, Mader, Halsdorf, jackson, Smith, Knapp, LaQuire, Picard, Rauch, Crocker, W. Severinghaus, Krause, Gates, Hammann, LaDuke, Furman. Mixed Chorus Glee Club Front Row, left to right: Mr. Baker, Taylor, Conte, HHH, Adkins, Be?lfdSlee, Mllfphy, Gipp, Thifd H0105 Kennah, Countryman, Hallenbeck, Flrmsburg, Smith, Plue, Gimlick, Br00kS, P2-Wlus, KOH, Davis, Rzany, Lauster, Schroeder, Sellnow, Chattin, LeCere. Second Row: Sharp, Cates, VanDerVeer, Rzany, Vosburgh, Goergen, VVhite, Youmans, Ayers, Snyder, Amos, Reiss- Mader, Severinghaus, Bergstrom, Badgley, Carr, Mac- Ewan, Eldridge, Lamboy, Bates. 1""' Z A P9 wa i bv - - 43, -.v 1 r.- 'W sl' . S K. v FF X V I 5. yi-r xi Q - 4 it K 1 5' 171 I X Q-WF . A s is fs L . A 1 'i M371 . T H 'WCA I - f rl Stumling. Ivft tu right: E. Mader, A. Carr, J. XVhite XY. SL'Y0l'lllQlXillIS, Nlr. XViulc, S. Bic-Cartney, D. Feldman Miss NYright, R, Nlutrt-sc, M. Cates, K. Bergstrom, H llomcycr, J. Bcrgcr, RI. Badgley, R. Schroeder, I. Rubin, C. Taylor. Future Teachers Library Club Seated, left to right: B. Pawlus, G. Lauster, M. Cates, C. Taylor. Standing: S. McCartney, C. Rzany, P. Snyder, H. Homeyer, I. O'Connell, K. Bergstrom, Mrs. Salvatore CAduiserQ, M, Badgley, P. NVinne, I. Whiteman, M. Conte. -Llillii IRR! IE UKiLI!lHE'i! T ' 'gf I IW' I HIV IIIEZWA M? A . ' 4 I U 0 Assisting a grade teacher for two five week periods was the principal activity of each mem- ber of the Future Teachers of America. Regular meetings were also held where the various facets of the teaching profession were discussed with Mr. Wade and Miss NVright, the groups advisers. The Library Club got into full swing in Sep- tember by electing Mary Cates president and Carol Taylor vice president. Besides carrying out their normal duties, this year the members worked on a manual of all the duties of a library club member. fl .Q 'MM lllmllllllill Milillrll 'W' .Lllixlii ISK? if-E HHH! FZFEEI lil .K K 'Was Sitting, left to right: P. Cuyer fAlz1nmi Edj, A. Sen- ning KFeaturc Edd, NI. Frohlich CEditor-in-Clziefl, M. Davis CNews Ed.D, Miss Dewey fAduiscrQ. Standing: I. Hallenbecli Cflirculation Manj, S. Munyan CAsst. Feature Edd, T. Kenton K.-Xsst. News Edj, R. Schroeder fAsst. Production Maul, BI. Badgley CAsst. Alumni Edd, G. Lauster CProduCtion Manj, S. McCartney fAsst. Grade Edd, D. L. Kennah CSports Ed.l, S. Bates KGrade Edd. Absent: N. Billsborrow fr-Xsst. Sports Ed.Q. Helderbclrker VVith the opening of school in September the Helderbarlier became active once again. Edi- tors and reporters were busy bringing news of Voorheesville Central School to all families of the school district. Mary Beth Frohlich, Editor- in-chief, Anne Senning, Feature Editor, and Marie Davis, News Editor, planned the paper .-.N----.Jas D , Q -- -U, 'N-9' ...... A and assigned reporters to each article. The re- porters then hurried about to get their stories and turn them in on time. Then followed the correcting, typing, printing, sorting, and finally the mailing of the Helderbarker. At the end of the year there were two prizes awarded for work on the Helderbarker. The first was for outstanding journalism, and the second for promptness in getting assignments in. Although only two people could receive these prizes, everyone who participated enjoyed work- ing on "their Very ownu newspaper. REPORTERS-Seated, left to right: johnson, Mader Amos, Ayers, Severinghaus, Taylor. Standing: Ozard Krause, Campbell, White, Reissman, Brown, Vander- Veer, Rubin, Lamboy, MacEwan, Plue, Brown, Mr Martin CAdviserj. lf f if ,f 4'-y rf E! Iliklwyy num W 2 Chess Club brunt Hour, left to right: McCann, Allard, Hallenbeck. Second Row: DeLorenzo, Douglas, Morse, Alexson. Third Row: Monk, Mnzznrn, VanRnvenswuy. Fourth How: Ricci, Livingston, Hnnse, WVilliams, Dedrick, Edson, Darpino, Morse, Gardner. Standing: Bayly, Leonard, Tyler, C-uyer, Relyea, Crabill, Davis. French Club K1n'clin,Q. lcff to right: llobcri Caunpbull, ,lllllicc Bvllrds' lcv, NYilli1uu Curlcitc. Stumliug: lNl1u'ion Budglcy, Crutol Lnmboy, Marilyn Lcllcrc, Donna You1llLll1S. MIS- Skidmorc, jimmy Inckson. French I and French II students who were interested in more Verbal use and a further knowledge of the language met as the French Club. At their weekly meetings supervised by Mrs. Skidmore they sang songs and played games in French. junior high school boys and girls of varied ex- perience met weekly to become better acquaint- ed with the rules and methods of playing chess under the watchful eye of Mrs. Bernice Tyler. Individual games and tournaments were played. Bill Curlette and Richard Matrese helped young- er members with the game. 'N 425- 11 .5 3. if . A' A ' I f V yt A - ' ' 'ff' V I I X. Q ,t1, ,.,, YM pqvv I- ,Vim .295 xx I V ' ' J X i Zvi! A I " A ,J ' A H gl 3 , ' 1 ft ,M 4 1 'Q 'vs if -Fm 5 gf! ff,fWlsc me 15' 1 . be ,W ' e lt M ll L. l z 5 Front Row, left to right: Ricci, Livingston, Ulion, Kavanaugh, Pawlus, Hallenbeck, Martin, Smith, Mazzara, Heller. Second Wickman, Meilinger, Smith, Baker, Row: Bayly, Glider, Hayner, Feldman, Jacobson, Leonard, Campion, Kendall, Flansburg, Davis, Crabill, A general study of the dramatic arts has been conducted this past year by the 7th and Sth grade dramatics clubs. Under the direction of Mrs, Mercedes Spratt the group has learned how to present and direct a play, how to memorize lines easily, and how to act certain parts. . X ' Ioyce, Smith, Brian, McVee, Morse, Mrs. Spratt. Third How: Lane, Watson, Vanflavensway, Grover, Oster- hout, Hotaling, Hart, Iackson, Williams, Picard, Mac- Donald, Lawyer, Scherer. v V . - X, Q, , f Y f I . . v ' V ,. , 41 f XX 'xr ,Lx , s- . N lf x ' . x N ' K l' . i M , , a ' 7 i x Dromotics Club it I J xr, llll XV? Xl , 2 lvl Q Nw N 1 fl Q ll l ll gl, ll til l nw! X l lx 7 t il Xslx f' lt A Ui l S l ' ll' l l l lll l w Nl il gr , Nfl Q M , , 1h ,fy t, ,fl lVllNf tl ,l Y it I X l lil ln lxlp Nl! I 1 gil lm X l lv W, M. 1 I X .vi -,E H, X, v- . X J I Ml X A H L ,kj .1 x . ' i f M mi, it , lUl . , Although this is the first ,car that ex rtffclu ,fi fl A T ' has been formed, it has ma- e mtuc pvogre . H , xl' N Under the supervision of Mrs. Dolotliea lee ef gmt. 1 l ' f art club met once a Week during which p 'mbensf A pawlm, did projects in ceramics and prglnt A . fig, ,I Standing 'N M f , f f 4 . l ,,,. If - - 9-" " H77Qf,Q4'-f,. .,,, .- , J, ,1 .plliltjvlill X ' l. if rig. Leefltfli yu if lrmxxll YI it A Qwtl , J 4 I , ,fn xy' N. f 5 ,,MAm,, f lll ' 'l 5 cl I N "'l W i""'i Ill .Q t. px, f Ii' 'Hg xx iffi' Xxx by Q X tl l I sg. 51 L rl in wlll all lil wx K i XL 2- lv. W, 1 I ,,,h ,QA Lcft tu right: Miss Edna Monk, Miss Marion Albert. Secretaries . T f , : K ' 6 lx-f ln' , ,- I -1. . 4- W ,. vs xxx. . J 5 Left to right: Mrs. Ruth Gill, Mrs. Thelma Ab Mrs. Elicla Miller, Mrs. Doris Relyea. Cooks 52 Custodions E- Lcft to right: Mr. Michael Pzlfundu, Mr. Forest Baker. W9 s Bus Drivers leman Left to right: Mr. Humes, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Shanks, ' Mr. Gregory, Mr. Schultz, Mr. Ardizone, Mr. Fields. i l wiv,- 6 l BFE f' And We Z'har1ktl1c,4d11crtisers Success and Happiness to the Senior Class RICCVS MARKET ff, f 1 ff! 1 -mf : . f . , f' " , 4- ,. . fe, , A Q If-Q, e me, ' Q12 Z A 'Y ff-ii' , 1 ,. fy 32 , e eeee f '5' '- J fda, A my J fn 7 'L QQ. ' 1 fy . 7' ' 7 . 2 - '13-:I-a'13L.g.QZ ,:-: :f3:3'1f.E5:'f 1-. 1 ' ss We s I DELMAR SPORTHAVEN Bowl For Health Delmar, New York Phone Exist Berne Ill-AI-I3 Bullrlozing Cvllazx, Porlzlx, eff. Shale, Fill, 7l0f7.Y01.l JIM SALISBURY R. D. No. 1, Voorheesville, N. Y. KOLANEKA FAR-BI DAIRY All Dairy Products Guilderlnnd, N. Y. ALB 2-2020 BLUE SPRUCE FARMS Altamont New York EMPIE'S FOOD MARKET Guilderland Center Telephone UNion l-88l6 DELMAR TAVERN We .verve dinnerr and delicioux Pizzas to take out SULLIVAN'S LIQUOR STORE 3 South Main Street Voorheesville Rockwell 5-2683 NEALS Specializing in SEA FOODS New Salem Burners Oil Service PANG'S OIL SERVICE Office 9-2592 121 Adams Street Delmar, N. Y. K. Pangburn A. Mallory 9-4645 RO 5-2959 W. W. CR-ANNELL Lumber and Coal Co., Inc. Voorheesville, New York DOM'S SERVICE STATION D. Tork, Prop. Mobil Gas and Lubrication Maple Ave. Voorheesville, N. Y. RO 5-7386 Compliments of DR. AND MRS. DONALD G. SUTHERLAND X f to .ll ubx Q' K! !l.'!l H VYYYVQV 712.1 7 W 42 ' ff 45 W .M . 1' 2LfjM5Lf'?f1C'i'Z,1'7 yy. .,. 1- +"'fW A If X .X Compliments of the ARCHITECTS of your NEW SCHOOL Irma! ,- " ., A ' ,, 'U-1-nu-1.--. .- ' ' , x ..-if - 45 ,..- LJ' N . .e ' fnjx-"Aja ' ww W. ' pax 1A I I rf F , -1, MAC'S SUPER-ETTE New Salem, New York "HONEST MIKE" RALPH AND MARION COX Barber and Beauty Shop New Salem. New York JOHN DUBOIS Remodeling, Painting, Decorating Contractor New Scotland Rd. New Scotland, N. Y. Phone 9-3333 VOORHEESVILLE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Dividend on Regular Savings Accounts On All Balances Over 310.00 1 Z 0 Per Annum NORMAN BAYLY CATERER Call RO 5-2221 The Voorheesville AMERICAN LEGION Post 1493 A Preferred Selection of the Finest in Men's Wear TAD'S OF DELMAR INC. CATHERINE L. SMITH Real Estate City and Suburban Properties Telephone RO 5-2205 fi' 1 ig' l 'N'-r - 1 I i 1 I l l MC MANUS, LONGE BRGCKWEHL, INC. G EN E RAL CONTRACTORS 65 ARCADIA COURT, ALBANY 5, N. Y. - Q Rt'77l4'77lbL'I' That Good Food Good Ice Cream Th ow Good Times At The TOLL GATE In Slingerlands INGA BARTH FLOWERS R. D. 2, Altamont, N. Y. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Albany 89-4476 VOORHEESVILLE HARDWARE. INC. I6 Main Street, Voorheesville, N. BADGLEYS' Tel. Voor. RO 5-2088 community. ' 1 We are making the things that will provide for us a better standard of living. ' 'i e' ' WE AGAIN REPEAT . . "BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE" The foundry has pledged to be a constructive part of this We are especially proud of the fine men and women of this community who work with us toward our goal. I ALBANY CASTING COMPANY, INC. vooRHEEsvlLLE, New YORK ,r.,......,.- I-I 3 - .nn iq L X A I e THE KIWANIS CLUB CF NEW SCOTLAND DUKE'S DAIRY BAR East Berne, New York Homemade Ice Cream Fountain Service BOB MARTIN AUTO SALES, INC. Imported Cars 55 Delaware Ave., Delmar Phone 9-2420 Used Car Lot-325 Delaware Ave. T. W. DUNN'S SONS Dealers in Cattle of all kinds Delmar R. D. LOWER NOVELTY COMPANY Automatic Phonographs Prompt, Courteous Service Office 904 Albany St., Schenectady, N.Y. Phone EX 3-O5 38 HARRY L. BROWN jeweler Watches, Diamonds, fewelry, Giftware 1823 Western Ave., Albany 3, Westmere Tires-Batteries-Tune-ups Hal Morgan SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Delaware and Bedell Delmar, N. Y. Phone 9-904 Brakes-Mufflers WARD G. ACKERMAN, INC. Lumber - Coal - Feed Altamont, N. Y. UNionl-8543 HAPPY'S BAR New Salem, New York name, .4 .fu ,r . , . ff ., ' .. 76, Q Ni . rf, mf. ,f . " . 4 I ,if 'if 3422. ye 1 lfoafa f f f Z f'Qy I me fl, 9 , gf e Q , X ' f "if61', Y g,f,5,gQ: ffee6:2:p,qpf,w.ff 'ggi-T? , 0.49: 411 1, .1 We 'Qs v- . ? ik 2- HAPPINESS AND SUCCES TO THE CLASS OF '58 FROM THE CLASS OF ,6O S COMPLIMENTS OF PUBLIC SERVICE GARAGE William Munyan Margaret A. Smith Member Hequembourg Agency. Inc. GENERAL INSURANCE 121 Wall Street, Schenectady, N. Y. Albany Phone 89-1112 Schenectady Phone FR 7-2282 Evening FR 4-4396 NEAL WILKLOW FUEL OIL - KERosENE 24 hour burner service Dial Altamont UN 1-2228 Voorheesville, R. D. 2, N. Y. DELMAR LIQUOR STORE PETER AND KAY JONES VOORHEESVILLE FOOD MARKET AUGUST BRATE, Prop. ROckwell 5-2222 Meats-Groceries--Frozen Foods DELMAR NURSERY AND FLORIST A. P. Verstandig NURSERY and GREENHOUSES at 454 Delaware Avenue STORE 390 Kenwood Ave. Delmar, N. Y. Telephone 9856 FIELDS' BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP Quick Service No W'aiting SALEM PARK GROVE Route 85A. Voorheesville DELMAR LUMBER 8 BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. Retail Lumber Yard Delmar, N. Y. ...v- F I .iT l 1 1 l Compliments of NEYV SALERI GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRS Phone RO 5-2702 BEST WISHES From THE 5-H RIDERS GINDER 8 SNHTH MASON CONTRACTORS YOORHEESYILLE, N, Y. Phone ROckwell 5-2722 or 5-2983 DELMAR PHARMACY Rexall Agency 24- hour Emergency Service Delmar 9-2588 THE FRUMKIN STUDIO 29 Cenlral Avenue Albany, N. Y. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS THE ANN LOUISE SHOP Hair and Aacessories 406 Kenwood Avenue Delmar, New York Delmar 9-4765 STONEWELL GROCERY New Scotland New York Compliments of SCHULTZ APPLIANCES Voorheesville New York MR. AND MRS. MICHAEL FROHLICH AND DR. RUDOLF FROHLICH HDENNIITS DINERU Frank arm' Sally Denmark I'I.lII1IJUI'gC'I'SfS.lIICIXN'ICI'19SfI'IOId0gS Honiebakecl Pies and Cakes GENOYESI FOOD BIARKET New Scotland Rd.gNew Salem 53 Central Avenue Albany. N. Y. Phone RO 5-2008 Compliments of LETTER --5" SERXSICENTER MARINELLO POULTRY FARM Junction -I3 and 85 Clarksville, N. Y. Phone RO 8-'23-I7 Satiffaction Our Specialty Slingerlands. N. Y. SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS FROM VOORHEESVILLE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION SLINGERLAND BARBER SHOP Kenwood Ave. and New Scotland Road at the Caution Light Compliments to the SENIOR CLASS from the TRAFFIC SQUAD OF "58" Compliments of Best IN'ishes to the SENIOR CLASS from the ARMSTRONG DAIRY VARSITY CHEERLEADING SQUAD STU DLERS SALES AND SERVICE INCORPORATED 243 Delaware Ave. Delmar Phone Del. 9-923 ALTAMONT CO-OPERATIVE G. L. F. SERVICE FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER FARM SUPPLIES Custom Grinding. Blixing and Blending Services Altamont. New York COMPLIMENTS OF HELDERBERG LODGE New Salem, New York PHONE RO 5-2005 ALTAMONT ENTERPRISE Established 1884 Printers of the Helderbarker Compliments of SCHOOL CAFETERIA Ruth Gill Doriy Relyea Thelma Ableman Elida Miller Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of NOTICK'S DEPARTMENT STORE Phone Voorheesville RO 5-2793 WESTMERE DEPT. STORE Westmere, New York Name Brands for all the Family CONGRATULATIONS: To the Voorheesville School on the Class of '58 and on the Building Program INDIAN LADDER FARMS, INC. PETER G. D. TEN EYCK, Pres. CONGRATULATIONS: To the Voorheesville School on the Class of '58 and on the BuildingProgram TEN EYCK INSURING AGENCY, INC. HARRY C. GoTT, Mgr. - lll , ti , ttt.i man L, I n 4 f-Q ,, f 1 If if ' - 1 , :T Lf .. -vb - - A - S5541 J., . .-,nA ., 1 ET 1 Compliments of JOHN A. "JACK" VAN DFSEN Your Mobilgas Denlcr49898 RESTAYRANT 317 Delaware Ave.. Delmar BRUNK FUNERAL HCME vooRHEEsvnLLe-sERNE ESTABLISHED 1901 BRUCE G. BRUNK-Lic. Owner Phone-Voorheesville ROckwe1l 5-2611 Compliments of KELLAM'S GARAGE Lazrnmozrer Sales and Service l'1"heel Balarzfe and .-llignment R D 0 Altamont Lifenxed Irziperlion Station ' ' ' ' RO 5-2998 VOORHEESVILLE SEVERSON'S INSURANCE PHARMACY AGENCY Altamont. New York John E. Heller, Ph.G.. Prop. -12 Blain St. Voorheesville, N. Y. Tel. RO 5-7383 Compliments of Compliments to the SENIOR CLASS A FRIEND From THE CLASS OF 1959 lVe Deliver I 2 xN'OOLXn'0RTH CO, -16--18 Grand, Street 119 Jefferson F ll Phone 6-8233 Phone 62-3921 Delmar, N. Y. Phone 9-425-1 CRISAFFLLI BROS., INC. Itrzlzhn-American Grofgrj Ifholesale and Retail THE DICTACOUSTIC CO. Dictating Machines-Tape Recorders STROMBERG TIME CORP. Time Clocks-Time Stamps 106 Ontario St. Albany, N. Y. Phone 62-0702 Compliments of A FRIEND "The school is what the .ftudentx make itf' JUNIOR ORGANIZATION For the Promotion of School Spirit Formal PVEZZT For Every Occasion To Hire MASTER CLEANERS 81 DELUXE TAILORS U Albany, N. Y. ' Chas. Oclabashian Phone 5-2485 2312 Western Avenue Evening 3-0417 VVESTNIERE PHARMACY Phone Q-9891 or 2-7941 1815 lVestern Ave. Albany 3, N. Y. "The City Drug Store in the Suburbs" GUILDERLAND, N. Y. Beautiful Odorless Dry Cleaning 3 Hour Service at the Plant COMPLIMENTS OF BORDEN'S ICE CREAM IF IT'S BORDENS - IT'S GOT TO BE GOOD Compliments of MEADOW' BROOK FARM DAIRY HOXVARD GAGE ,, CHAS. F. ww wn-1 .Q sons Altamont Phone PU 3-1l55l Filhing Tackle --Spirz-I-'ly Caxting u0LDsToCK's SPORTING uoons BAILEYS GARAGE lfl North Bro.idw.iy. Corner Franklin Elsmere, New York Sfhenectzidy, N. Y. .9 foltcpuls X ,QQ QA- ' P sparkle in 'J , yourpurty 3 Q1 'H' if 5 ALBANY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. BETHLEHEM C0-OP the shelley players FREEZER LOCKERS, INC. . . . proferrional summer theatre . . childrens day ramp Salisbury Street Delmar, N. Y. new Scotland' n. yn Compliments of Compliments of f tv' TA RANT DUNCAN S RES U MR. AND MRS. GILBERT E. HOUK Phone wofheesviiie RO 5-7387 AND MRS- RAYMOND HEMPEL KISSEL'S GARAGE AND TRAILER COURT l i rj t u" l . ' . z A . 4 - . A 1 v WP- ff, 'mmf' Jigga A 'Bmw ?Q1'2 7 ' .' 1 I ' 1 1 VAN'S SERVICE STATION 200 Main Street Altamont, N. Y. SPRINGER 81 SON Local and Long Distance Moving - Agent - UNITED STATES VAN LINE Coast to Coast 75 Second Ave. Albany, N. Y. 62-3756 RO 5-2954 COMPLIMENTS OF NEW SCOTLAND DEMOCRATIC WOMEN'S CLUB KEN TICE SEPTIC TANK WORK Excavating and Foundations Bulldozing Rockwell 5-2192 GEORGE Fowl.ER's uouon stone 333 Delaware Avenue Theatre Bldg. Delmar, N. Y. Delmar 9-2613 F. GOLDRING. INC. FLORISTS Slingerlands, New York Telephone 9080 ALTAMONT HARDWARE PAINTS NOTIONS - DRY GOODS A. R. CRABILL, Prop. UNion 1-8571 F. W. NEWMAN 81 SON. INC ELECTRICAL ooNTRAcToR Albany, N. Y. 3-3181 g - -- :--1--- - , In 1 1 ? COMPLIMENTS OF CORTLAND FEEDS MED-O-DALE FARMS Guernsey Milk and Cream All Dairy Products Wholesale and Retail Tel. Altamont UN I-2891 ALTAMONT PHARMACY GILBERT J. DeLUCIA, BSC. Proprietor Accuracy - Courtesy - Service 182 Main Street Altamont, N. Y. THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIAL CLUB of New Scotland ALTAMONT SUPER MARKET STUDENT COUNCIL WESLEY KNAPP .......... President JANET BAYLY .... Vice-President LESTER SHARP ......,,.. Treasurer CAROL JOHNSON ...... Secretary Compliments of MR. AND MRS. CHARLES BATCHELDER MAYFAIR DRIVE-IN New Scotland Road Route 85A For Prescriptions Sirk Room Supplies Films and Developing-Baby Needs Cosmeticsglce Cream Call 3-1049 SECOND AVE. PHARMACY Gunter A. Berg. Prop. 190 Second Ave., Albany We Deliver Compliments of A FRIEND NORMAN'S KILL FARM DAIRY CO., INC. The Finest in Dairy Products The Best in Ice Cream: Velvet ALBERT'S CERAMIC STUDIO Greenzuare, Supplies, Firing and Instructions 39 Kenosha Street Albany, N. Y. Phone 4-0264 ETHEL U. VVOOD AGENCY Franklin L. Shultes, Owner Ethel U. l'Vood, Sub-Agent All Forms of Insurance RO 5-2119 Enterprise 2118 VACUUM CLEANERS SALES AND SERVICE Disposable Bag, Repairs ana' Parts Thomas W. Roe RO 5-2963 62 Maple Avenue Voorheesville, N. Y. BANKING OFFERS MANY KINDS OF JOBS If you are a High School Senior and are interested in a job with: 0 A CHANCE FOR ADVANCEMENT 5 GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS 9 INTERESTING WORK 9 GOOD PAY we would like to tell you about the opportunities at the National Commercial Bank and Trust Company. Just telephone Miss Mary V. Hennessy, Personnel Director, for an appointment. ALBANY 4--4111 .64 I The Cqndlelfght COMPLIMENTS OF Restaurant 1706 Western Avenue Wcstmcrc Cor. johnson Rd. FINE FOOD - LEISURE DINING MR, AND BANQUETS-PARTIES Open Daily 5 P. M. to 12 Mid. stmday 11:30 A. M. to 10 P. M. FLETCHER COX Closed Tuesdays LONG LUMBER 81 TROJAN HARDWARE co.. SUPPLY CO. ""All Kinds of STOCK INC- and Special Size LUMBER Cut and Milled to Order" Largest Selection of Toys and Gifts Congress and Fgurth St, Delmar 9-3613 and 9-1661 2100 New Scotland Rd., New Scotland Ashley 2-7330 . ' . H' 9. , 1 QQ ' , J 1. . y tfs il l V N . 1 9' I 1- 1 4 El 'Z Nz N - 135 f """""' 7 X . ,fs 5 - ' Cf: -i 'A Z if J ,B,,.,1,w,, Z ' I lll' 7 Ill I 1 Are you looking for a job after graduation? We have a 1 variety of jobs for you to choose from that offer good starting salaries, frequent increases in pay and pleasant working conditions. COME IN TO SEE US NOW! NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY has EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 158 STATE STREET, ALBANY, N. Y. ,ii-11-11 lil I1 PlCARD'S GROVE NEW SALEM, NEW YoRK Albany Business College Guidance-balanced training ac- tivities. Placement in Key positions in business, professional and govern- ment offices. 130-134 Washington Avenue Albany 10, N. Y. State Registered-Veteran Approved GRAY 81 RUSSELL. INC. CONTRACTORS PLUMBING - HEATING - AIR CONDITIONING - ROOFING SHEET METAL WORK Rensselaer, New York 4-1874 LLOYD W. SNOWDEAL Chief Engineer YOUR FAVORITE RADIO STATION WOK0 1460 Spot Albany MR. AND MRS. P. D. WESTBROOK AND MRS. M. D. WESTBROOK Compliments of THE VARSITY CLUB VRBANAC'S ATLANTIC STATION fohn Vrbanac, Proprietor Western Avenue Albany 89-9986 IWILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 227-229 Quail Street Albany 3, N. Y. BRACO SHOE REBUILDER Orthopedic Work our Specialty Anthony Braco, Prop. Zipper: Repaired or Replaced 14 Main Street Voorheesville Compliments to the SENIOR CLASS from the CLASS OF 1961 BEN THOMAS Plumbing and Heating Voorheesville, N. Y. PROGRESS PUBLISHERS INCORPORATED " """V'N AVE. 0 PHONE 2-4401 OALBANY, N.Y. 4' , ,, 5 lf? 1" 6 7 Q ' X W 'VT' .W We Z f r , 1 mf' I f yff 1 f ! I , Z , , ...,. .. , ' v , wp., V f 1 1 I QQ! Y ff- 5 '.., 9 " ' ,' if r i'-2. jitif gi '1f : 5zH yn. f K5 ""'a. 5 , V . , . -51: .V f f f ' 11 V 3 ,, V Nr , -1 M SPONSORS MR. KENNETH TICE MRS. K. ROSELAN MRS. JANE FRYER MR. AND MRS. M. PRYOR MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS WILLSEY MRS. ELIZABETH SCOONS MR. AND MRS. EDWARD SELLNOW MR. AND MRS. JAMES SALISBURY MR. AND MRS. HENRY La QUIRE MR. AND MRS. JOHN E. HALLENBECK FAREWELL The sfaff of fhe l958 TORCH wishes +o express i+s grafirude +o our paren+s, feachers, pho+og- raphers, publishers, adverfisers, sponsors and all 'rhose who have helped us wi+h fhis yearbook. We also fake +his oppor+uni'I'y +o bid farewell +o 1'he faculfy, 'ro +he s+uden+ body, and fo +he old building now in i+s lasl' year of use as a high school.N L 1 . A , iff wfffF'3f1'5'fA r' 795'1 WVYIM'f7r,'f.E'1'i'Wf?'1FfQj' '1l5'5'bj'.Q'X-if ' 80' 3' R' fr-1'37'fQf'3J-Qf'f1'ifi1T1wii- X " ' , W?fY'1'v',' f . L, 4. ' t . . g,,f4g'1?K,XX na!-3jQfg?Yj.!5i x - , rg '- V 'gm ,L"' , . ' H' ' g V jwifizwggg'-'.1Eg ' A g , Qt' ' ,f , ' U V X pw w"j',f"' u- W I X n gf ,W My OWQKLW W4 WM MM W gg5'f V9 Qggfigjffw Qffwywmf jkffyf by ju? DX Mba wffjif PM? W wwf ZDAQRFYZZ f 1 M Qfggyijfmw MMM? Jmsgfqlzffgfvg My QMITQWJ IM W ,2amcg.MM9ffLQ w g , 1 1" PTLJAAZWIW f fri' "I'l?RBlJ!7,lH"jK E!l!il!1R'xZVH'b'f9S5iiB"I1WlA!I11K'!15'h N' "ifl'J', 1- Ji, I-,W ' A. 'LC ul fi' " ' . - ' ' " ' f "

Suggestions in the Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) collection:

Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 73

1958, pg 73

Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 42

1958, pg 42

Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 13

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Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 15

1958, pg 15

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