Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY)

 - Class of 1956

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Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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gk whip GSW B 55 Q C233 Q-d og l 3 C! Y O NX S X QQ Q25 JW 9 K 5 43 0 555 NYS' fi 5565 f6Jf2fff2fd X' X' ,A g? 70 7 35534 Qawoe 6, . 4 Q! QW " C235 Q 5- 73 5 4059- 'if idx .' fN U XY 'hveg Q xg m g X - Z5 S J A 23 F gb Pg A qvlhj Q' M K ku H . Q WF QWQVW 35 v , fy' 9 9,3 Na www 9 wg 'fWyf:WfM 5335 0,,,f..tif"Jj ,QM W 5 Wgggifgwwv W JM . f' fvV'f7'fJ'Mfgp xmj GQQ QA WQLXQVI gain! L. Q ., .Jifmg Q.ct-ffNH'i 1 VQHQ' QOH SQQ Q 'Q' 'b Degas UQQQ CAKQX If ,. A Q NSQQU- - .. ww W 3555? Q 4 M-XRUQXS QSM! 4335. buugp , . f',1p-if Qfwwiff 1 WW? W fa! f QQ? ff MQW Wwlfvzm' Af mg. WWW Q3 71' M Q ,,,My,5M7Q!f . . Nl! presented by The Senior Class Voorheesvllle Central School Voorheesville,NewsYork U ' H1 ' 2-'Q-V F Q '3 f 1 V, 1' , f4?Tf, 'A' Md, lx Y ,Alf L-. 1 H N at . ... faa 1' wsu, ,,, ,ff " 4" ,V 1 ' ' , ' ae . , 4. 5 . !"'4 Q f X Q- Av gi ' w -tw... , ,A 5' ff W may 457 . Q A Je' 'H,,'f,,ga, sy i 9, M e Q. 'J f 2 ff 'X 1 we A f 4 Sf -W,-W . My M K 44, f, 5 ,f A ,, ff y 444' 6 w - , P1-a. , W. . ,WW J., I, X 4 D f 1 1 1 l ife L l 2, , ,Wf1'?,r3kfu4z-iff 1 1' 'f , 7' l "f if .af if 1, LTL!! ,, ,ly A 45, , af' J VA! I, u 0 VA A V , 4. , an Q f l Wa , ' 1 , X X "'W'W'fW'l ff! ff WW , 2' FCREWORD ln much the same way as our buses have carried us over the roads to school during the past twelve years, so have we been guided over the paths of learning by our very ahle tear-hers. Uf course there have been some had roads along the way. 8 few seemingly impassahle at limes. We have encountered detonrs occasionally. but those ol us who olwserved the traffic rules and followed the road map have arrived safely at our llCHllllllll0ll- Ulf,-1IJlf,117'l0N. In this, our TOIi'I,'Il, we will try to show you by words and pictures some of the experiences we have had during our journey, lil: "V ' -- . s if , bay' 3-.yy ....f',.J 26 5-P+' W ".5,.f. 0 ki ' T BLE CF CGNTENTS Introduction... , I Seniors ...... . 7 Grades... I9 Activities ....... . . . 3I Senior Activities . . . . . . 43 Advertising ..... . . . 47 3 i . - g.65f""2fT ,N , ii x' ,f R., I Front Row, left to right: Miss Howard, Miss Smith, Miss Miss McMartin, Mr. Berglas, Mr. Martin, Mr. Brayden, Zelsnack, Mrs. Stage, Mr. Bouton, Miss Cochran, Miss Mr. Jackson, Mr. Andersen, Mr. Baker, Mr. Granditz, Busier, Mrs. McGarr, 'ss Montanerelli. Second Row: Mfffyler, , 'f"""',f l 5 .4 X. 7-QL 4- Dfw ' 0' w M0 FACUI. I Y gf vw If-'V' ' S f W ,W- xwt.-f 0 Front Row, left to right: Mrs. Vincent, Mrs. Bashford, Mrs. Mrs. Etheridge, Miss Joslin. Second Row: Mr. Stott, Mrs Moran, Mrs, Van Olinda, Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Salvatore, Meacham, Miss Wright, Mrs. Preston, Miss Koslik, Mrs Blessing, Mrs. Streets, Mr. Farrell. 2 S 5 K: lr' . 'QW 'rw WW Cty E we ff' 'fir Front Row, left to right: Mr. Charles F. Batchelder, Mr. Second Row: Mr. Aubrey C. Sickles, Mr. Clayton A Wyman, V. W. Osterhout, presidentg Mr. Jerry G. Badgley. Bouton, Mr. Henry E. Briggs, Supt. of Schools, Albany Dist. 2g Mr. William C. Senning. BCJARD 0F EDUCATIO TORCH STAFF Left to right: Jon L, Ziehrn fPh0tography Editorl, Earl J. Whitbeck fBu5iness Manogerl, Ruth E. Albert fArt Editorl. Clifton C. Smith ffldvertising Managerl, Bruce E. Zeh iEditorl, Margaret M. Munyan fflssistant Editorl. it Tgwl' rii fe Y -- ji 15:1-,QL ,,.,Vl . 5. ,.v.,' i in Q-1:1 . Q Q .. ww 'L""""f'FA. .. WW mf f-'W' -1-45, DEDICATIC In grateful appreciation of his patience and understanding during two years as our homeroom teacherg his constant assistance in all of our various activities, notably our Junior Carnival and Sen- ior Playg and for his unfailing good humor in all Crises, we, the Class of 1956, dedicate our yearbonlQo MR. DA'V'l-D W. MARTIN 'fJ.M 1 .,,,,.,,,:,.-,, 0 Agatha 1 f v h. A N, , , ,...fMx '.rw A?':afz:., fx-f-hw 3 - El 4 rw. '45, ,gzcsmzaz-erm N2 ,.,.,.,N.v-V-ww x V' f 4 ::-:::- Qwb AL .. sf fy In , , if f 3 'w f Q , f f 2353"-' - -' 5 7 55214.51-: : I WWLWQQ v,,,,, ,KMQW -16,5 MN,,,.. hw. .,,,, 4A,,,. , 4 3' 2 . "3 - - H A5531 X , 4 .V .W MWTM. - V.. , hwy' z 4-no an 0 J 2 5 in Z ,Q 5 lx as , 'figs V 'K H , D "' K K if - ' P V J L7 f J! 7 1 D .A ' N V is XX J- if 'l K , F 5:1 C ' Q XX p A AJ . , - fr F S . .l I " ff If lv D L JN ' ' n ' A M v .,2 I '. WM' ,V li , 6 Alii Ay .W 4 . 3 - .W ' fi-.44 ' ' f J' fl "l,,R,H5iIHS f B ll a I ,f Secretarial W - , flijyf w A Mixed Chorusg G lubg CHARLOTTE DONNA ABBOTT Clubs Heldefbafkef' f'Ti'?'ig E 5 EDMUND SALVATORE ARDIZONE 43 Cheerleaderg Intramuralsg Art . . College Undecided Rabbit Glee Clubg Library Clubg Helder barker, CGrade Editorl 43 Intramu ralsg Art Clubg Music Appreciation, Future Teachers of America, fSecre- taryb 4g Traffic Squad: Dancing Club Spring Festivalg Physical Education Demonstrationg Christmas Program. Clubg Torch Staff, fArt Editorl 4g Class Officer, iSecre-taryl 33 Spring Concertg Christmas Program. In a merry whirl. Varsity Clubg Football: Basketball: Intramuralsg Art Club: Dancing Clubg Class Officer, iSecretaryl 1, KTreas- urerJ 2g Physical Education Demon- stration. A f fly, I I 'J t I J I 3 J ' : Xi it ! ,X 1 - 1 I X lv 4 'If e Hxfqff " lx I I ' s AUDREY GERTRUDE BAKER Comptometefs School Aud Band: Glee Club: Library Club, lPres- identl 2, 4: Helderbarker, fAssistant Circulation Editor! 3, fCirculation Ed- itorl 4: Senior Play, lChairman Prop- erties and Costumesl: Traffic Squad: Spring Concert: Physical Education Demonstration: Christmas Program. FUN Famished, absorbed, and contented. JOYCE MARIE BOYNTON College Glee Club: Library Club: Helderbarker: Intramurals: Future Homemakersf of? gn N, America: Physical Edutgdydn Dem - stration: Christmas P5 gram:,,Chaif1's. man Candy Booth.,J-1 rf' JOHN WILLIAM CAMPBELL College JC Band: Mixed Chorus: Student Council: Helderbarker, fBoys' Sports Editorl 3, 4: Football, fManagerJ 2, 3, 4: Base- ball: Basketball, llVIanagerl I, 2, 3: Intramurals: Traffic Squad: Spring Concert: Physical Education Demon- stration: Christmas Program. Y, ew , , F y we fd-I J i l- :I xr f ,AJ i ' at -as ' I :, ix Cjtf-flat., 4, tid Q52 or .ft 1 . lf I -1 I f---- j Q! 4 fl . 'O ,ugl- fr O 4 0' v ' 1 :fl f ?3"Z7"'LilL N:j'l'fLA . 1 ,f44l,f1.1,-gQ LJ kfiii1fQLQ,Lff,ejfgJ I k 4 flggf ,41f,c?Mdfg . f:3'ZVf1XJ, QQ V chef, W FREDERICK JOHN DOUGLAS JR. College Moldy Library Clubg Helderbarkerg Varsity Club, fSecretary5 3, 43 Footballg Sen- ior Playg Class Officer, fVice-President! 3, 4g Slide Rule Club: Music Appre- ciationg Physical Education Demonstra- tion. N 'W f ' mf K 6, ,Y , ff' , -,Q f I ' ,..-V. , , 4.1.1 I jf X I 1 bf A WILLIAM BARRY DOUGLAS Army Pijf-Puff Varsity Clubg Football: Baseballg In- tramuralsg Physical Education Demon- stration. .M Al work in the f s 2 mffm, x Q ,rf , WWOWL 1 Q, 2 fifffiiafz 2fvr4'f'yxff:W,,'f7 ff O 0 ,'z1rZu'4Wfm7Wv f 15 ,1 31511 , 1 X ff f f 'W M JO ' A fmrf f,,.,y'f Ziifzf ,f . , WW nw, M , f 4 ff ., , f ,ff df C if f Wwjwfw K , 44 ,, ' 114 f, ff" 1 5 lfwhmlm . M ff f 1591 2. Qgvgfymf ' L. 1 , I , , E., , .f gVj,,,l gr gl' 1 vw, 71' fi . ' ' ffff PEN., ,cJQL,L, Q:s.rM',,LV 10 J.. M4 f.- Tof ,. ,, ,. . of-, . . ,Q egg, , If ,. 2. .f rf' ' 49 Mwyfkgsix J C. 2 . f o f , M' X 2 ,M , wr ,. gm.-Y, ,mms I NAV shop. nl? 2 af ff I 1 H W I '4, rw M V 4 z ,..-ww,-5 1 .. MICHAEL FRANCIS FIELDS College Ulcer Mixed Chorusg Student Councilg Var- sity Club: Footballg Basketballg Intra- muralsg Art Club: Class Officer, fTreasurerJ 3g Physical Education Demonstration: Spring Concert. c-449 i f"0f"k I I ,V "1 know the answer."' MARGARET MARY FISH Nursing Peggy Glee Clubg Helderbarkerg lntramuralsg Senior Playg Spring Concert: Major- etteg Physical Education Demonstrationg WILKES FURMAN JAMES KENNETH GINDER Air Force Sam Varsity Clubg Football, lManagerl lg lntramuralsg Senior Playg Class Officer, fTreasurerJ 4g Traffic Squadg Physical Education Demonstration. Christmas Pro ram. , , g . 1 College or Service Wilkie , . L, . I Library ,Cluhg lntramuralsg Traffic " iff A ,Info Squads Plfysical Education nj V " ' ' 'C tion- 'Ii' 1 , 'au ff' A 1' ,C V A, . D 1 ' A fy . Q , ,gf I K' g aww V I A -', 'V . ' I 'L F 'Q H 51 v ll Z 7,1 ' 7 ' 1 70 W fl? X X 1 W J-vm ' f',f , f AA,V , I I : f O A itil 9, , Q, T T f a s "-, l ,,,,, V49 H 5' LM- K i u . 13:3 ' QVC' -flu" 71153 , V2 l 0 JJ J L A, , ii, W , . 1 .' A Jkvqlp ,I H All is! H ' ,."' - . U 'a M- ,Irv . - up ' 3 , . JMJ R ,J ' 1'!,Jz,V'j A jgzffw f' ff- I . ' 'W 4- - .f y r J? ,wj-ff' je ffdvqzf Q jkflb at ,ff -q- i . up U ye M' fk" IC, is-3 A A C 5. I . . ,,..":' fl . Sl g I l f gf .ii .Z E 'r .fiifl C e f fe' r A ft 'fl-4 '- P ff A K' y , V' 9 ' fjfnv J f M 7' F N 12:15, ff ll M aw gf P L fy ,ff f, f ff Tai? if J-' .., 4 and ev f 759' , fb I J' jmjm Yi Ml' ,.:. ff -f" ' if 4, Lf U W fig. 27' ' - Vf'- 5 ' -aff rw ff Jgf, 2 M . f, Q "2 f i A,,f,, will a x cAP.oLE ELAINE JOHNSTON Business School "' A Af Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg Library Clubg Helderbarker, iAlumni Editor? 4g Intramurals: Future Homemakers of Americag Senior Playg Art Clubg BARBARA ANN JOHNSON College Ann Mixed Chorus g Clee Club 9 Library Clubg Student Council, fTreasurerl 3, lMember-at-largel 4g Helderbarker, llfeature Editorl 3, lAssistant Editor- in-Chiefl 4g Cheerleaderg Intramuralsg Senior Playg Spring Concertg Class Of- ficer, CPresidentJ 45 Physical Education Demonstrationg Christmas Program. Spring Concertg Traffic Squadg Physi- cal Education Demonstrationg Christ- mas Programg Dancing Club. Pete never had it so good. PETER AUGUST KNAPP College Pete Bandg Mixed Chorusq lntramuralsg Senior Playg Art Clubg Spring Concert: Chefs' Clubg Christmas Programg Physi- cal Education Demonstration. I2 V O f I. t, ,, "- I 4 ' 'ML g 14 W 1 His gg I ' 4 so ee he 5 ad it I MARILYN JANE LAUSTER College It varies Glee Clubg Helderbarkerg Intramurals: Senior Play, fCo-Chairman Publicityl, fChairman Make-Upl g Spring C rtg Christmas Program Physical ca- tion Demonstratio , X L W lic f f X4 , My ' f?'fff'1-"X f 'M , "" 111 V, ' f,'f f-Q-ff f v f , my tw ggajfw 714 -, f.-1:37 . "O " I f,"f, f ff-Aw .- f ffQyf,!f f , . , , , fm ,M 4, , ,, C,,5,fr.j,JJ'l.J5V My g ,gl 0 . Ryu- hfj THOMAS HOW MEACHAM College ,A Tiger Bandg Student Council, fVice Presi- dent? 4g Varsiy Club, CPresidentJ 3, 4g Footballg Baseballg Basketballg Sen- ior Playg Spring Concertg Class Officer, fVice-President? 2g Traffic Squadg Physical Education Demonstration. MARGARET MCLAURY MUNYAN College Peg Bandg Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg Li- binary Clubg Student Council, fSecre- aryl 3g Helderbarker, fGrade Editor? 2, iNews Editor? 3, fFeature Editor? 45 Cheerleader, ICO-Captainl 4g In- tramuralsg Senior Playg Torch, fAs- sistant Editorl 45 Spring Concertg Girls' State: Physical Education Dem- onstrationg Christmas Program. . , 03.33.-h if' ff- OD ffejfff exif?- -15' Mb' QP6 S My A592 E' hi I . , 4f.,-,,, If - ' Maia M fb' f gf., , 44. ,. .w tf ,iff X . ,wi fffm I - at XWM I V I fir f Y f 2 , , 4, f ,V I' In Vw ' 1, f I f f og ,41 Kwai f W 'iff 2 f N N 1 fl Q4 ff! f ,K I f UZ 2 1 , , ,J f Of 9? f f X ,f ffl Q! t U I U IV I 1 I I jnwjll A ff JL' V V If LM I U I W fwwlzilly WW , p Aff U Wil i LEW , ,y - V.,, 1 My r v fi: V I -V 1 I f ' , A .vfffLfp,"-af," A I: ,424 5 9 ff f '7-W' 'WW , I flfiff' f , ' A-ft I " ' '71 - 'ff AAAM I - , I A., I WILLIAM FREDERICK ROBERT GEORGE NAD EAU Navy Bob Mixed Chorusg Helderbarkerg Varsity Clubg Basketballg Dancing Club: f. OKESSON JR. Undecided Oaky Library Clubg Varsity Club, 4Vice- President! 3,41 Football, lCaptainl 3g Baseball, fCaptainl 3, 4g Basketballg Physical Educationl Dernonxstrationg 0' ,. or f fa JOAN ELISABETH PL 'IUTH College Bambi Bandg Mixed Chorus: Clee Clubg Stu- dent Councilg Helderbarker, fCirls' Sports Editor! 3, fEditor-in-Chief! 4: Intramuralsg Senior Play: Class Officer, lSe-cretaryl l, 2, lPre-sidentl 3: Physi- cal Education Demonstration: Spring Concertg French Clubg Music Appreci- ationg Christmas Program. I . ' .1 . . , Sl'de R I Club. -'Y .I I Physical E51-iicfation Demlgnstrationg 1 lguf I I I- X, X Spring Chrgtmgiiy.-rlProgra5III. Q ' , i wr, If ,l , If .L W Wy M If. 'I Ig l 4. id 1, F? Y- V A A .I f ,ij ,-"Hs QQ- if ' A .f .z XM VV Wi, ,fy-"' A ?.,If'q ' if XY ' -f,. Mg ,V lm' 3 V, 3 if., Y h . X , vc s U SV1 li ' Q ,VVS ft ii I? ll xx I A' 1 -'N , . I f -f I 5 I' . 1 . . I, , ' M, Ji i, , if .img , ffvfj Qlllel, genlLL5 Cf' wOKl9. , gf ,A . if ' 1 I If fi! Q ffm' 5' ff 1 , ",,f-" Q 5 I, I I, ' I. fl! 1 dyxji ll 14 N41 MARILYN JEAN QUENNEVILLE Nursing Lynn Glee Club: Helderbarkerg Cheerleader, lCaptainJ 45 Intramuralsg Future Homemakers of Americag Senior Playg Art Clubg Spring Concertg Physical Education Demonstrationg Majoretteg Christmas Program. .33 It's high time. CLIFTON GEORGE SMITH JR. College Delmar Varsity Clubg Football, fManager1 1: Basketballg Intramurals: Torch Staff, fAdvertising Manager? 45 Slide RHIC Clubg Traffic Squadg Physical Educa- tion Demonstration. DORCAS ANNE SNYDER College Dore Mixed Chorusg Octetg Cvlee Clubg Li- brary Cluhg Student Council, fMember- at-large? 4: Helderharkerg Intramu- ralsg Senior Play: Art Clubg Spring Concertg Physical Education Demon strationg Future Teachers of America fPresidentl 4g Christmas Program. 'tb I fa QIE3, ,J 'ij tdlfffzgn, ' Alma jay? 'ti ' . 1 0 it dawff ffl 0 Mp lyoaf' 4 I I 'V1' MM Wyfz g f,.,g if A, , 'lr 'Y to if ,Mr ,. I tyrytrl ' ,fl yyyryyyaiy 1 C W ala I rz1-jiirtliffifI r r sit'i ' ff l IWW I LV, or W r n if 1 Y I I l I f -8, 'K ff 7 3 ' , , yry I I ' ,, My ,,- ah: 'ff - . 545 - ' ' f P Q Q , o -tx I 7 -' :f 'W f A ' f- nf f ..:.iv?f u'-'. 'W'-"43y", 4 Q H f, ,, 1, E .f 'f , , 3 'f, ff f' f Qgff W- 4 ,ft-ff. ' f -51 " -- 1 If i , " i f if 'I 1 ' "'f ff ' PATRICIA ANN STURTEVANT , ..,. , ,,.. College Pat HOMER AUSTIN STARK Vocational School Library Club: Intramurals: Senior Playg Slide Rule Club: Chef's Clubg Traffic Squad. NMNXN Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg Helder- barker, fAssistant Grade Editor? 3: Future Homemakers of Americag Sen- ior Playg Spring Concertg Traffic Squad: Christmas Program: Physical Education Demonstration: Class Officer, gretaryj 4. J' . :BMA-Q-L' W f fa ,f 1 ,jf Z 4 , I W f f , f ., if MW CAROL JOYCE VAN WORMER Executive Secretary Carol Van Band: Mixed Chorus: Glee Club: Hel- derbarkerg Intramuralsg Future Home- of America: Senior Playq Concert: Majoretteg Traffic Squad: Christmas Program: Physical makers Spring Na+., F Education Demonstration. o x , 'L iff: M X A I C 'WJ-lv: .,,, Qu. 5-qv s Qqxt ' N H WAI -X. A XXNKM. -fs-lL:-5, . XX X .A Q s x N dr' -Lea: A , I A-. Szurteva 5 pool parlor. -. ,X 'U 4 X N x . o x s - N , K . N, X' xq I Y , x my I W' -XXX X Ik ,. gc ,. .Ki ix 4 A abifi, ig M I, Ju' .tx W I X' '- . . dl 'M' - ,, I C - i Yi Vx X 'X M 'I' x KX? . X C. I-'xp Q f, s I , X 5 - Y -,. Q Y X x k Rx l S. H A 4 x. . i 'W . I, u -n N W is ' I I V X' ,thnx as QP X w ,X , f TQ A ld WX C J Q , 4' '," f V 4 Q Nasty break. ii jyslfii vi W f P T7 P- f li 1 7 ,Q if f AJ A ix L V fm AJ fmf 'xflffzll gp 5 X X7 Will 5 fl new w, ll 'Y N if T Sift ' lfbf L s , ff al Qin yi, 1 f ' P I .fy 2 4 I 'X lf ,fx 1Afx,,52Z WUC V, L , I t I7 I, ,, . 1 , 7 rl X jf fl, I , PNN N' N 1 1 4,4 if .1 f ,XXI f , A N4 fl X' l I X l ,S ,- A fix , F W' fir 4' l , wr l N ff'-Ll 50 1 ' 43 1 J '. " ' A , 1,1 X Q f V yv V V , I V, xnxx N x Lx 4 i P ji, I My , M ILCNJLILI K 'A 'V ' il I-'Wi Eff' ,Q ,T if or ,il KENNETH J. WEIDMAN f iv J V PHILLIP STANLEY WHITE College Kos JEARL JAMES WHITBECK College Phil College Sam .Ir Varsity Cluhg Foothallg Basketballg In- tramurals: Physical Education Demon- stration. Bandg Varsity Club: Footballg Intra- murals: Senior Play, fSet Chairmanl 4g Torch Staff, fBusiness Manager? 43 Spring Concert: Traffic Squad, fCap- tainl 4g Physical Education Demonstra- tiong Chefs Clubg Christmas Program. M- :' . ,. 'Fw . ' ' -' . sa, Helderbarkerg Basketball, 1Scorekeep- erl 2, fManagerl 3g Baseball, fScore- keeperl 3g Traffic Squad. 17 A ,X lg I X5 1 l , Ally!! I Ly 7 AM V,e,42f1-Af ,fd X at ' 4 A IN a ' , I Viftgl e fficemgwl for at t C A ikilffyj . , 7, Wy BRUCE EDWIN ZEH College lack Band: Student Council, fPresidentl 4: Varsity Club: Football: Basketball, fCaptainl 4g Torch Staff, fEditorl 4: Class Officer, fVice Presidentl 1, fPres- identl 2: Spring Concertg Slide Rule Club: Boys' Stateg Christmas Program. Aff?-7.Jf,gfl 'M A 'Z f -, A l , . Joijpnwis ZIEI-UG, ""C,fZ'd'7 04. Navy V, I, Little Peo X Mixed Chdrus: Hgtliibrbarkergj Seiix at ' , w X , P1-W4 Af? Chilli' Tlqich Stag, Ifigllolfji L it 4 KATHRYN MARY ZIEHJ raphy Editor! 43 Sllxnng Concert: Ph Buggies: College Kathy ical Education Demonstrauonl Chains Cleo Club: Helderbarker: Intramuralsg Club' Future Homemakers of America: Spring -4!lfl!,lConcertg Majoretteg Physical Education X Demonstration. A bill in the hand is worth two at the COURICT. WM I8 'W .pf i4f4W?"?w z fm ,wwf f .V+ X4 44 ' hw Aww-L, wr"""""w ' s 1 5 aww' "1 4 ,4N"i? 1 :11-wew . ,E .- I ,fr . .MQ ,O N,-'J E 5 ,CSM 5 ls W E Yi!! f' . ff! Front Row, left to right: Van Wormer, Quenneville, Snyder, Fields, Baker, Albert, FiSh, Lj3USt61', BOYMOU, Abbolnl J- Plauth, Cinder, Johnson, F, Douglas, Sturtevant, Campbell, Ziehm, Ard1zone, Nadeau, Thzrd Row: Furman, Dpug as, Munyan, Johngtgn, K, Ziehm, Second Row: Mr. Andersen, Okesson, White, Meacham, Stark, Zeh, Smlth, Wh1IbCCk, Knapp. '56 2 - ',. . X, 1-M N , F3 C32 mr I fif f X' f db- ' ' If X . 1, ohfigf 017' Q, Y, 1652! Wx' V ' ,H+ W7 ,Mia UM ' WW 717, f-11,1 'f,ff4m6, Qyfg ,lf 7 " fl?" ff I A ,V ,W Franz Row, left Lu right: Z1-ll, Sidlllllill, lloluling. Rolyeu, KHIIIHU, N. l'llnwndorI', Slnrtevallll. Miner, Plue, Gott Meilingrsr, Usterhoul, Mzlrinm-Ilo, Du lioir-1, Nlunyun, Nude-au. Tlliru' Row: Mulmn. ll0lH'l'IS. Kidder, Cray, K. Elmendorf Second Row: Gulnulu, flonm-H7 Fl11flHllLll'f,f, 51-vc-rson, firm-1-nv, l.u Dllkt', lVle'Quuid, AK'k0l'IllLlll, Qlll'IllltWllll', Mr. Martin l I g . yer, FHS -iuqg, cxsh .gf X -. A . J M., . ,n ff f 'FJ y jf if Q I ' 5 X1 -A G f If .- J I 45 i 9 sf' 1 1 Qi' I f L 3 ml X F J H M P3 A A YW? gwa ,pm ll N v X if ,f g 5 A we ff W Af fr 6 , 6 ,K FQ v I 42 ' I M Q .A 'X V r .. , 4 Vllu b M Q .. .. ,. . A , 4.4.2 Z ' S ff 5 . -f , A ,, 1 I . .. . A . . Q. S S M . - X .. Q ' I an 4 -Q' QW ' "v1' A "',W me f I .-.,.., . r .. y 'WW 'x L! sq . ' , U if " A V if we f ,, ,. .. . , . A . ,. .,-EL. , . .I . ,I Z Z . 5, 'D I i i , U e. I .- 'A H -1 .EI -A-fag, vvl, .' r oi.. if 2 2. ' .- , f I W 4 x " -'i ' ' A f - AA V -S ,. vac, A ' " - - 1 6' , my .5 '- A ' 'Q ,g ' X , ff' - Q v ,ix X. H A 1 .,--21-51g::- -egg v ,- . jg ,., A ' e 1, , -, f., - .f . I , . X K - -si 'A ' A Yi H f A 62 . K .J 1 . 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IMSOH, Mrs JM Gfdrr, Thzrd4.Rqw,1 Cdnpbell, Seyboth J. , Smigfhyf. gmipz, Eioahd, Mahifj Elmendorf, R. La Quire, ffwuf ,wwf 'K'e'flarri, E Sd.1i1o7w,j-IwIfa'Quire, B'6y71e Wagner, Croekeb V UL ,Al ' k H 6 ,WC by lnnw, L. Sxfnith,-Giirnlicld, Weidh n, Westbrook, Bq,LeifOkesson, NH-leg, Bepfydggf X , I 1 ' Vi! A 3 S ' V S . 4' Jil? f L 'WML wh!! . y I Y S A 1 v L IV L if Nj! 1 f J! 7 I ,V ' , f .jf 'f,lV,f, 1 f . L fb' 0 Nf VC . ' ff' jf. f'-1 'X I in 1 ,-, 'yi Y' I fl '71 f ,W M .J.f3,f. , , w '-13' on . -1 ,wp .fi if 1, , I x., , r 'Vv.!!. of W f ' 1 ,, w r ' f LS! J X, ., ,N r .gn f I , f fi , X 7 V , , X g . , -' , 'F f ' , - . ' v C . , i V - V -, ,. X . if 1 . ' W' an V 'JJ My wr N 6, rg 1, ,116 XZ TW f 1 1 C A 1 4 5 L Ei .ju W , , 1 JJH14, I 1 . V! 1' I ' ' V 1 V i 'ffl' I .' '. VMJ Puwlfff ' M 'WD 1 V 7 I MLA1 1 bpm All 0 N U4, x JL frk l .Hit cfm ii or O' M Q U rw C1 fi U 0 Pi n Q Fax FE. 'Fife 1 3 Front Row, left to right: Davis, Carr, Gates, Munyan, Krause, Johnson, Hotaling, Guthrie, R. Vosburgh, Senning, Bryan, M. Vosburgh, O'Connell, Billsborrow. Second Row: Mrs. Stage, Pawlus, Zeh, McAdam,- Baldwin, J. White, Brown, Countryman, Rzany, Plue, Filkins, Reissman, Beards- ley, G. White. Third Row: Throop, Hayward, Goergen, Mager, Okesson, Mead, Halsdorf, Fish, Hallenbeck, Winne, Smith, Spaulding, Sharp, Jacobsen. 21 s t It 'N My ' 0 , . ,Z 5-, - I I , ., Z3 r ,.,, , i ,.f I 'izzff . . A' at mean P43 Si M rn rg H M W Pi 0 fi wtf Front Row, left to right: McCartney, Murphy, Kott, Goer- gen, B. Lasher, Hotaling, DuBois, Braun, Jackson, R. Wagner, Webb, Abbott, O'Conne11, Camber, Kohls, Brooks. Second Row: Miss Cochran, Brown, Knizek, Shufelt, Relyea, Badgiey, L. Greene, J. Severinghaus, Bergstrom, Van Der '60 - McAdam. Kruik, Amos, Bates, Ozard, S. Smith, L. Lasher, Reissman, Berger, B. Greene, Mr. George. Third Row: L. Smith, Curlette, Moran, Douglas, Ulion, Platz, Austin, Meilinger, Hammann, Elmendorf, Hallenbeek, Warner, Gates, G. Smith, Taiiman, W. Severinghaus, Gimlick, D. Wagner, E' . . y rg mnfihmnme :wi gimp S3 fix if Front Row, left to right: Adkins, Ayers, B4-arfisiev, Eiciririge, E. Stark, Sharp, Lamhoy, Sf-nning, K. ,lui-kson, Furman, Conte, Homeyer, Navilia, A. Brown, Pawlus, fihutlin. Sm-- ond Row: Mrs. Tyler, Miner, J. Brown, SLliiHiJllI'y, Winn:-, Gimliek, P. Stark, floons, Snyder, Van Der Vi-er, You- rnnns, Taylor, Rzuny, Pickett, Whitman, Schroeder, Bailey Uunston, A. Brown, Moran, Miss hiontnnvreiii. Tllirfi Rou' 'l'. .ini'kson, ifrnliill, lfonnors, Nutrvsv, Ainsii-r, Ihni-ki-ngtyl-,A Smits, iii' Lorenzo, .FillliSillllig, linyiy, Hung.-ly, Mndm-Q Mt. Hugh, iiIlIlIIl1'lllIl, Svybolh, lfnrl, Yosburg, M,-Cm.mE,v Adams, i.aDukv, Mr. .iam-kson, 'GI fi O ..., . 2 1 ogy at J ,KQV " ?"'l , Front Row, left to right: C. Seward, I, Knapp, B. Hayner, Gray, H. Vaughn, M. Curless, J. Loveday, C. Cable, J. J. Hallenheck, . Gilbert, J. Baker, J. Flansburg, M. Ardizone. Third Row: D. Sterling, W. Connell, P. Berg' Heller. econd Row: Mrs. Van Olinda, W. Smith, K. Strom, E. Williams, J. DuBois, R. Van Der Veer. 3: HAY5E C.LUl"ISf BuT'7eur-..LqT,,, ,S 6-A DD'-way. - 4-".14"r". Q: 20 A QQ awf an 69" wg 2. 4 i Front Row, left ro fight: S- Kavanaugh. E- Smith, S- P. Joyce, D. Smith, L. Kendall, H. Miller, E. Westbrook, Martin, R- Meilingefo R- Schultz, A- Smitsf L' Mac Dfmaldv K. Bastiani. Third Row: J. Hotaling, L. Jackson, L. Miller, N. Smith. Second Row: Mr. Farrell, L. Knapp, P- LHWYCT- W. Loss, W. Smith. C. Miles, J. Sturtevant, C. Littlefield, D. Gaul. 23 1 i 1 X 4 5 1 Front Row. left to right: S. Hayward, G. Hendricks, K. ford, F. D'Arpino, J. Curlette, J. Bayly, R. Bell, J. Williams Cfabill, A. Davis, P. Jav0bS0n. L- KHHPP, D. LiViHgSf0I1, G. Baker, J. Berger, R. White, R. Dunston. Third Row: J. lcyce, B. Brate, B. Mazzara. Second Row: Mrs. Bash- J. Hallenbeck, D. Campbell, K, Fryer, J. Allard, D. Hur witch, K. Guyer, H. Bastiani, R. De Lorenzo, C. Haase. 5-A C25 3 , Pi rf, 'D fr A m n gm KJ- ,-1 Fnmg Huw, lwfl In riglrl: Il. lllion, lf. XVilQl!QL4Illl'I', ll. Mr, Shall, ll. lxlursv, S. lillI'llIll'l', M. Blllk'glI'l'Ql0l', N. Rivvl Svhultz. lf. Vain liuwriwwsnzly, N. lVlw'A1l:1m, ll. Yamz, ll. lf. Slllllll, ll. lllllll'll. W. Sivlwrl, S. Wnldlvillig. Tflfrff R014 Wnfirlryman, N. l,UMllI5, V, x'1l'lllllLll'l', li. Nluuk, .Nffwnl Rauf: M. 'l'uylm', ,l, lim-lyvu, l'. ll0llQLlilS, li. Uliwr. W, Culvlc M. 'llalylolg ll. llllll'lll'llll'l'. V5 mi- 1' J . rw hy Front Row, left to right: L. Flansburg, K. Gunther, P. Northrop, E. Booth, J. Hurwitch, K. Flansburg, J. Dis brew, L. Frenzel, C, Connor, S. Haase. Second Row: Mrs. Farrell, R. Cinder, J. Dolence, L. LaBaugh, L. Kellam C. Sutherland, S. Huber R Cootware J Perry J Ho - meyer. Third Row: J Batcher R Hellijai A Chainylc E. Crounse, R. Boynton A Brate R Frohlich T Ham , mann, J. Bailey, J. Whltman W wir Front Row, left to right: M. Russell, L. Martin, P. Oliver, E, Relyea, L. Wais, K. Mudar, L. Schultz, B. Moak, S. Homeyer, V. Van Ravenswaay. Second Row: Mrs. Moran, F. Trinkaus, F. Winsser, C. Johnson, J. French, C. Salis- bury, H. Thomas, R. Meilm er L Luscomb J Lawyer Third Row: R. Vincent M Ronl-tenstyre C Smits R Duncan, T. Ochse, R Lauster G Slnber M Adams R Rivers, J. Relyea. M iw-4 D Front Row, left to right: Austin, Joyce, Livingston, Fryer, Badgley, Navilia, Amos, Barber, Adkins, Brate, Bastiani. Plummer, Lee, Holmberg, Harvey, Dales, Johnson, Davis, Third Row: Mrs. Vincent, Hayner, Barrowman, Carangio, Jacobson. Second Row: Ford, McCann, Connell, Long, Gill, Kavanaugh, Lasher, Brunk, Bidwell, Coons, Black- man, Brown, Miss Koslik. 3-A 6, - i lub ' Q Q i - i . fn M f A hymn fem was f'f.m Front Row, left to right: liclyea, Shufcll, Taylor, Sutton, Westbrook, Willsvy, Greene, Henry, lxlLlZlll'I'0, Fish, J. Sterling, Scoons, Moak, Quenneville, Mvfllilltovk, Uzarml, Smith. Tlijrd Row: Mrs. Vincent, Sliedml, Wintle, lllunyan, Vosburgh, C. Smith. Second Huw: Vim-ent, Ford, Pafundu, Summing, Miles, lllinlline, Mclfliigli, Okesson, Person, P. Salisbury, Morse, L. Sulislmury, Youmuns, Mrs. Blessing. Front Row, left to right: S. Davis, R. Batcher, E. Boynton, C. Haase, D. Moak, W. Furst, K. Gunther, J. Lawyer, S. Barrett, J. Bidwell Second Row: D. Austin, D. Lodge, M. 2-A Wagoner, L. Springer, S. Grant, S. Cox, J. Homberg, L. Durban, J. Gates. Third Row: L. Donato, G. Mattison, B. Cable, J. Adams, F. Johnston, K. Crounse, E. Boeck, J. Donato, E. Donato, Miss Wright. x7f0 hurl Front Row left to right: L. Gardner, J. Schultz, M. Cable, Taylor, L- PCFSOII, J. French, R. Voshurgh, W. Wood, S R White ,B Seward S. Northrup, L. Rockenstyre, H, Tice. Third Row: J. Hayward, B. Mills, T. Reynolds, S Curless D Rolyea L.,Knapp. Second Row: Mrs. Preston, Camber, D. Meyers, C. Lower, L. Winsser, C. Shufelt, T D. smith, C. van Kott, L. Vaughn, D- Waggener, S- UUOH- 955055 fs.: W Front Row, left to right: L. Adams, B. Cable, C. Curless, Greene, E. Greene, B. Homeyer, C. Barber, J. Fuglein, S. G. La Baugh, D. Kling, C. Bidwell, P. Kelly, S. Blackman. Cox, R. Donato, B. Hellijas. Third Row: R. Berger, R. Second Row: C. Bastiani, R. Bailey, P. Barrowman. D. Plue, N. Brunk, D. Delehanty. G. Budin, R. Fish, D. Donato, R. Bailey, G. George, J. Duncan, Miss Joslin. l-A I-B wr m m 53 rs "'f' f FVUIU ROW, lfffl lv WFTIU5 H- Mflilk, .l- Mf'lllil1I04'li. .l. l1.SIn-dd,1I. lll1'N:ll'y. M. llllllvl' B. Snye P, Trinkgug Vinr-ent, fl. Springer, l'. Norlhrup, Nl. Smith, ,l. llrwkvli- Smilli, ll. lxltlllllgllllll, Mrs, litliwiiige. Third How: lf. Rus- slyre, B. Hrelyr-u, K. lVlf-flunn. Swwzrl Huw: l'. Pulumlu, sell, ll. Svliuilulv, l'. Snyder. N. Lodge l'. Lannhnn B, 'l'aylor, .l. 5f'llll1lM, ll. l'lu1-, H. Nelson, ll. Voslwiirgli. vim Table I: Mills, Mintline, Johnson, Davis,Ginder,Hallenheck, Fisher, Cgouvgre, Tucker, Thelander, Sutherland, Lawyer. Pllle- Table H5 J0hHS0H, AdafHS, KHOWIBS, MHIUSZSK Standing: Mrs. Meacham, Plauth, Cable, Langenhack, Mc- FOICY, R6lYf3-3, Rzany, l-10dgE- Tflblf H12 Sfeflillll. BNHS, Narv, French, George, Van Ravenswaay, Bastiani, Hood, Ulion, Bailey, Moak, McDonald, Snyder, Mrs. Streets. 0 O Kindergarten P.M. ,, ww ew I Table I: Minde, Long, Simpson, Livingston, La Baugh Hultzen, Coughtry, Pawlus. Table II: Barrett, Stranahan D. Schaap, Dolence, Spencer, Rockenstyre, Miller, Ford. Table Ill: Schultz, Batcher, Gilbert, Vosburgh, Kling, Palmerone, Leonard, Crounse. Standing: Mrs. Meacham, Nicholson, Howard, Joyce, Campion, laycox, Kling, McDon- ald, Ellery, V. Schaap, Brown, Herzog, McAdam, Mrs. Streets. Q xl-f , . ,, U f 1 .f I , f . 1 ,, if 'xi , we 4 . 'P ' . 'L' .. v' ' M QQ CC-au.,nn"" X , 2144 uubgff 3:,g:4'Zf5i.fg""' ' 4 M- gfQH.,..nv" "Uv 50' ,: V- 5 A -Q Y, ! a ' .l lllh- I, QIGUCCIIIV' . ,, . , ,,-11 7 ' . ' J. Picard P, Hart R , - h . S. St kg S. Stark, L- Leonard, T. Guthrle, M. MLVee, J. Austm, h 7 , graft TMI? gigrkt-Jr is feampionagecond Row: R. Campbell, Abbott. Thl.fL1RlJwZ Mr. Forkel, B. Pxcard, J. Osterhout . en '. . , - P. Leonard, R. Van Der Kruik, D. Cox, R. Lamboy. New Salem School .1 .s A ,'0:,nIl:a'344il5"oW, Jziqdqx flag .w':4ruqu""f'1 mufp '." 4 ,,o'.!."q gaufiuch ' w- 'IE ,nm I if Q ' If w '4 . ' fi' Q .- M M ' 'A ' -A A , .. A x 5' Q 4 R " if A 5 ' 'Q .yzw."W?'3 4' ,. , L Elffi'-5 33.P?3A2 f 1 Q 5 7+-1m IZ QE 2 V W ' s b .' . W QA-, , ?'f. W ' M? . f- 14 Y, Z 5 W: ' 7 ' fl Q TY . -jan 5532121 1 H 1 ' Qw . 1 ,,A, -2 .ap M, .W . 5: F f 3 41,93 -412 19 , 4 . X ' ' ff ' Vf ' ,I " " ,, ffvfh. A f fy A .. ,lf 'M lfmnl Huw. lwfl In rigfllz ,I. l,1-rmurd, H. flgunpilm. ll, Hu. ,l. llnlnlingg, Nl. IMHIQIRIF. V. llotalling. D, Braun. D Howling, ll. A'll'I,fJlliIIfI, M. Slnznnks, l'. Namwz, S. Khlmla-ug Sllll'k4'I', 'lf Kim-io, Thin! lfnux: Nlrs. Sisson. U. Nlvycv. .I. Hive-nlmrgh. Hwwul Row: W. W1-nk. XI. Illllillillg., IT. lim-in, R. .lurxim M- -Ullly. ll. Ulvllgllalx B. UOIIIIIVQIIHIII. I Muslim. S, llulzllillg. X. Q14 W J 'N A - aw + , x Y "wks, 'ff A ,, A s K 'Q 4' ,flzmw . - 'Q 'A ff, ,. 32 .-or M W- G if -an ,M . ,,, , 2 Wh VA- A A ' 'fl ' w wh.. 4 xg, w' 4 af? .f Q - 1 5k my X Wei-1-OA A x, ......., .110 1' ,, W Q w.Q.,1..1,.w.,.M.,..Wg..0...',,.y.,.W..v,. -1 YP X"""YQ X K, X N. N3 X, X X K x X WW! DX X 4 1, L, .2 f A 1 f V13 ip ,Aj ,if , J, ,ff Q x X w X N 2 . ,ig H 'M 1- if , , , ,. . A --,J ' ,fha f A, 'f .,f, ,f-W y. ,A,?4.,.,.- f - Wag "- 1 Z kQ' f - -, f u , 1, Lefz to right: J. Mohan, E. Ardizone, R. Roberts, E. Fields, C. Smith, B. Ackerman, Varsity Basketball W'e're waiting . . 1, 32 2, Meilinger, W. Hotaling, W. Okesson, M. B. Zeh, icaptainl, R. McQuade, T. Meacham. Oakie shoots Jump it up .. -Q ,V , A ,, b . ' . ,I ' f,,'f'fl T -' ' 44 . "M" :f" Q 1-. .gf-2::-.5-4?i2'1:":fa ' ,. " f: -Hp 4" 4'vf?5i' 295' 7? ,QS ' " ' 5 ' e' , 5 5 -M-'-i f ,Q a ,. '-" N- - X - I Q 5 A .5 . I .G a s Q . s -4f1,ff. f 4 x .. AA Q 3 'eg X ' 1. S 2 ' 'M' W ID , I K X . Q J -T7 ,v-N-X . ,sf VI L iffy- - Q. 4' 4' .r-My 4f'- 7 "f5'ii A as 1 ,Front Roux left to right: Mr. George, 1Coacl1J, G. Houk, E. Mager, M. Munyan, D. Marinello, M 'X ' BateS?dD. Picard, W. Kellam, W. Knapp, E. Krause, R. Vosburgh, W. Osterhout, W. Patterson, W Sxihnlidt, Munagerg T. Furman, Manager. MYPW A mr rr W 'A ' .. ff' r 5 I ll? , 0' A W K 0 0 L: ' f 'rw Jr. afslt . X 0- . VJ' ' t 5' 1 ,' " A 'V 'Q V Mike, Milt and Williard ready for -'Q' WL S, ' action . . . 4 D Y 1 V, ' 11,1-, W - Jn., M I, 7 M. ig, , ,. . I WWW V. . ' W WP ' Q lj W N 'ff ' 'J ' . V . . mf-ff . "" . -- 'Q ,Y f of Voorheesvzlle sznks one gm , 6 D' 1 Q, ,v X 5,3 gf. XL ' .,., or S 3 E 2 . New X'?':2 ,315- 29.335 x QS 1 xX N Dave shoots as Mike looks on , . . l. Aim k pf .3 W .Q I ji 1 t A, . ,gags ' V fy' 0 ' u. ,f-':,4fZ.awg,.::v , wifi? f ' A222112 211 V ff ' ' , ,,,.,- , , ,f nf' Sz: ':,,1'1,,,QLI ,f 5, 1' Mfr if 'alfa Front: Marilyn Quenneville. Second Row: Janet Hallenbeck, Ann Johnson, Edith Jane Hotaling,4 Mary Beth Frohlich, Peg Munyan. Varsity heerleaders Ya gona F-1-G-H-Tr' u... ' r I ,, . h ,. syn .Qt . f . Whafs got! Qllaf n Y' 1' ' ' 4. -2 1 P ,, I X ,, L nt ' ,. s J u l 34 in A n . A , fl ' Vv' Q vu- ' V' 'iv 'J -- L J ' ' x X x . ' gm, .XXI .1-.r ' f' J ' . ' 1 J' ,I rx. Di- ,J - 23.9-1-f Y 'tjrx A u N ."sWw' 1- mi" SJ-DE M' ' X 14 ,A '9'a1x- cf' ' 'x u ' . . '1 -, .. X 1 xi ,- 1 J X no .cs X - ' V .Nh 1 1 ,Z X 'Front R01:u.'flejLr'Xlo rightzulanet-Scoons, Sally wifyan, Het Ba luiveconcl R01Q0Qlj7IIiYilynX!fQp1Hb1S, Q.-I . . '4 1 - ' X' Ann Senning, Ru lbertklj 4 5 Vg' X' 'W LV I 7 , . u L fx V . I x . V 2 '-f' ' J CJ' " - ' -1 V? NXJL SR . . A J J ' JK g in I ' ' LA XL L f F .0 .K , X 0 Jr. Varslty Ewybody ham? heerleaders Our f.V.'s That's our coach . . ,- vwwam . .fm X ' Q sew ,kb X Q c , wi . 5 X . -N 3 xl .... 1,5 Q ,X 4. SQ fp W 2 V. SXFV? 'xi EY I " "- X S X gy . N, 59 , ,Q gf 3 Kb' 4 ,A . AQ: ' 5 x Z5 tlaiyzt MQEE W Okessh, H La- T Furman Second Row P Douglas, I Campbell fMan WPG!-Betv,-4' Kgfder fCa T.-ff ewchqgg J Glnder, W. agerb M Decker R Roberts, E MC1l1HgCT, W Hotalmg Kellam Gray,1W,,,Sch'HTw5"E Relssman, R Vosburgh, E Krause, B Halsdorf R Okesson, T Crocker, G Houk 27714, P Olxesson, P. Wlnne, Mr George fC0achJ ' WW, - 'P g fig u- J :- ae 17275 V wfww-svn W W "' ' V mf., Af" " ' pq .. ff: K ,W M. , uf' X V yu. E vil 1 71 f'f'f- fi X ' bkwge-Y-M V wi .' r may 74? ' H are as Q 5 ' I :IA W ' sw M ,Mmmmm M l Front Row. left to right: E. Ardizone, B. Zeh, F. Douglas fSecretaryl, W. Okesson fVice Presidentl, T. Megreham lPresz'der1tl, A. Kidder fTrea5urerl, W. Douglas, M. Fields. Second Row: D. La Duke, R. Roberts, E. Reissman, E. Whitbeek, H. La Quire, J. Cinder, W. Gray, W. Kellam. R. Vosburgh, KI. Bates, B. Halsdorf. Third Row: R. Pawlus, G. Houl-1, M. Decker, M. Munyan, E. Meilinger, T. Crocker, R. Okesson, E. Krause, W. Hotaling, D. Marinello, P. Okesson. Varsity Club ef And here we are! W .- x I M3355 :ris- .QFL-':v,-:ful-q.',:55'Z1:, . .. .,,, --:V TS 35 af 1 x 1, wx . - f six e. Q Now listen here . . M w... Pen -fw JK P5 vm' Front Row, left to right: Brown, G. Nadeau, Frohlich, Johnston, P. Sturtevant, Plue, Albert, Van Wormer, DuBois, E. J. Hotaling. Second Row: Batchelder, M. Munyan, A. Johnson, Miner, Plauth, Greene, Luscomb, Krause, Elmendorf, J. Sturtevant, Senning, Snyder, Abbott, Scoons, C. Johnson, Stark, Knapp, Throop. Third Row: Mohan, Baldwin, Schmidt, J. Campbell, M. Munyan, R. Nadeau, Vosburgh, Ziehm, Halsdorf, Mead, Krause, Ackerman, Mager, W. Hotaling, Pawlus, R. Campbell, La Quire, Mr. Baker. Front Row, left to right: Gott, Nadeau, Frohlich, Johnston, Carr, Severson, M. Flansburg, Brown, Salisbury, Albert. Second Row: Mr. Baker, Boynton, Abbott, Baker, J. Sturtevant, Gubala, Zeh, Adams, Munyan, Hempel, Schroeder, P. Sturtevant, Ziehm, Quenneville, Scoons, Johnson, Guyer, Davis, Bayly, Third Row: K. Nadeau, Stark, Smith, Sellnow, Van Wormer, P. Flansburg, Elmendorf, Relyea, Krause, Hallenbeck, Luscomb, Weidman, M. Lauster, Connell, Fish, C. Plue, Kennah, White, Rzany, Miner, G. Lauster, B. Flansburg, M. A. Plue. if W W Front Row, left to right: Quenneville, Van Wormer. Second Row: Batchelder, Luscomb, Coergen, Knapp, Kott, Jackson, Baker, Cates, Webb, Mohan, Whitbeck. Third Row: Ozard, Youmans, Van Der Veer, Taylor, Raush, Jackson, Moran, Mader, Sharp, Ackerman, Bates, Tallrnan. Fourth Row: Mr. Baker, Platz, Hallenbeck, Greene, Douglas, Mead, Elmendorf, Ulion, Campbell, Cimlick. Whois hiding behind the Sousaphone, John? AN Qi ,gg "And the band played on . . . "The Sugar Stomp" on the 'sweet mx!" , ,.,, ., Tit' ' X K N X :SEX ,. ,garb .,K,.m., ,f 5 5 x -X 'W 'gs N xg 39 'UNA A 2 M 'duff t . Af AC., Helderbarker 75,3 W, . r 1 v rr an f ' fe -W re '4.,, WW 40 Front Row. left to right: R. Allnert, M, B. Frohlieh, J. Campbell, C. Abbott, ,l. Plauth lEdz'torl, A. Johnson lAssi.wtanzf Ezlizorl. C. Johnston, K, Greene, Nl. Munyan, S. Gott. Second Row: Mrs. Stage lflclzfisorl, Mrs. Salvatore lfltlzfisorl, D. Cimlir-k, E. Zell, J. Boynton, F. Douglas, A. Baker. J. Gulmala, K. Guthrie, Miss Cochran lfidviwrl, Third Row: A. Se-nning, M. DuBois, D. Kennah, J. Hallenlieek, F, Krause. A. Westbrook, .l. Sturtevant, N. Miner, Nl. A. Plue, P. Cuyer. Front Row, left to right: Davis, S. Munyan, M. lllunyan, Snyder. Baker lPresidentJ, Hotaling lVz'Ce-Presidentl, Albert, Johnston, Boynton, Rzany. Library Club Second Row: Adams, M. A. Plue, Miner. Countryman, Connell, Greene, Krause, Elmendorf, Sturtevant, Flansburg, Severson, C. Plue. White, Du Bois. Hrs. Salvatore, Third Row: Furman, Jacobsen. Vosburgli, Hotaling, Douglas, W. ,.. - . gg,f5,gJqf4J I5 .2 .. A . rw fa hx .rrmrxmwf V X i r mv Q .ri Z f K tg PPM' W S 5 ' X x R Cx 4 15 N ' ' ' S ' . l' A. X : fl J M Q2 4 D 2 Z A' ' s ' A X 1 D if 1 f ' 4 i . 'fill ' K W, 571 " 5 l. :.' " 1 . W rf XX ' .4 A ' 1, ff if ' l K ., U Okesson, Stark, Filkins, Krause. Pawlus, White, Sharp, P. Okesson. Winne. .4-...W Student Council lil iiilli gttlillllilltlil ll .IVM MV i an-1: ' 5 as-no-k Front Roux left to right: M. Munyan, K. Greene Ldecretaryl, T. Meaeham fVice Presidentl, B. Zeh lPl't'.N1'dE7ifl, Nl. Nlunyan 1Trea5urerl. A, Johnson. D. Snyder. Second Row: Mr. George, E. Krause, T. Furman, M. B. Frohlich, M. Du Bois, J. Plauth, A. Senning. E. J. Hotaling, B. L. Hotaling. l. Campbell. W. Schmidt, J. Serining, W. Batchelder. Traffic Kathryn Ziehm. Audrey Baker. Carole Johnston, Clifton Smith, James Cinder, Phillip White, Charlotte Abbott, Wilkes Furman, Patricia Sturtevant. Left to right: Earl Whitbeck lCaptainl. Homer Stark, Carol Van Wormer, Class Poem gTwas the day before vacation and all through the school Not a student was studying which is hardly the rule. The presents were taken to 216 with care In hopes that everyone would soon get their share. Both of the Ziehms were in their seat While Bobby and Tommy were picking on Pete. Mr. Andersen in his sport coat and I in my suit Sat waiting for Ioyce to stop talking to Ruth. When out in the hall there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter. On my way to the door I tripped over Mike Who sprawled in his seat like he was riding a bike. I threw open the door and stood there aghast For it was Eddie and he'd remembered his pass. The light in the hall was exceedingly dim The lockers were slamming, the scene was grim. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a hot rod with pupils instead of reindeer. The driver was plump but he looked like a wreck I knew in a moment it must be Whitbeck. More rapid than seniors his pushers they came. And he whistled and shouted and called them by name. Now Cinder, now Furman, now Abbott, now Johnson, On Campbell, on Weidman, on Baker. on Johnston! Crash through the door, bounce off the wall, Now dig away, dig away, dig away all. As young girls before the wild Okesson fly, The car drove on as Dorcas asked why. So up to the school roof the coursers they flew With a car full of toys and Earl Whitbeck too. And then in a twinkling it sounded like rain, But I knew it was Van Wormer shaking her brain. The air ventilator was too small for Earl to negotiate So they sent down Clifton. his thinnest associate. The gifts were dispersed to everyone there, Goodies to eat and goodies to wear. Santa was at his best and had a kind word to say liven to Sr-rooges like Ioan and Bruce Zeh. He patted Bill Douglas on the top of his head And said he pitied him for a brother like Fred. Peggy lVlunyan's stove was all she could wish. lt was envied by Sturlcvant, Qucnucville. and lfish, Then Santa prepared to go. lor through the snow he must wullmx To visit I,i1llHlllgIllIF,1.IlllllI4IWLIYOIII in COPYIIIQIIIIS llollmx. lle lc-It through the air sllL1ll.2lidcd lay llomcr and l'l1ilWhite. And exclaimed. ullappy LIIIFIISIIIIIIS In all and In all 11 goodl11'gf1f.' IJ. ll". filltlfllill, IJl't't'III!Il'l' IT. l954l- W ' iii MH ' ,v j f 33' 2. n A . WWW, M Mm, X Qi. 1. ,: -4, U . I , ,ww 'f,- 'ww f Qi g. y n ' V ' -W -W,--1, ff- - 9 ,lb W , f -1 Y- A.. . . Fa VI- ZW? , X 4 ,14p..,f r1'x5.lm,E2fX" , ,ff 1-J iw-1 " 212232 f 4, ffl 1 f , ,. ,I Q., 4 1 Q . ,. ,W W. ,ff 1 Q '5 f Q v , rf X sy 1,2 3? . , A ,I 14 ' z-,,. ,.:,f.f A cgi 7 ' X O 5 , ' -1 'feb I r. ' -,-1.1-1x 5. ...,.,f.: .X ,ix V .Qyvgf , JK LJw,,M Q 4 ' f X X 4-W ,V 0 X 15 , X X fm 7 is XR 5, 'sim qi Q-, x 53 x wx A v , X -:,: hgh"-V,-,Xg+'ff'NfX A . ..- .fa ' ' :.,,:::. ' ""i"' ix ' s ILWQL X. . .,x...,,.,. ...., , , M " f "' '--v:,:-3.-:5 XM ZW , F ' V- -as 1, 5 ,wgfm g, ' ? 1' ij. . M W L V . 3 X f 'X X 1 I V . I ...X vc f' ' 'W' 9' ' X W , , ,, , A . ,.,., , .-mg--X:5,,v'.:w-, -ww -' f 1: , A 4 .9 53 ,,, I ff I -jk . ., , , ..., . x.M..x.,.,f--W - GMU , - A My .NW K 0 - .fi 'few' " 3 V if La 4 ,Q Wm' ,,wiz,g::il5f3Q a ! . Olona Paradise . r f 1 f , -1 af , . , . . . x - ,.1- , .,., JK " " ,A,.AV ,f 75 ,M , . f'f"'i:i1 ', . ,. : . ...f f ,. ' A' "a i ' fz f f-ff H, V- . 5 f y-f , -1 '. , ,. ,M n 1 f ia tv g -x H f,1M,,.a:,-M . I u ' ..., :Eb , WW'7f2b:. ' H I WI. fi , , 523 fl, if Y- Ml, A V ' Z Q ' f' I . ff ,A . . ,.,,. ., , 55311 , , 37? 1W,f,Q,,f I fwkeif "" " Anyone for pineapple rice? fa and Priscilla prepare Uwcn fur the big night . . . f xa W aft, 6 , . , ,x we-1 .,... - v .. t e-1:-.9 v .,,1 Q w ., V . - , W , ff, ' ,.,,. , If Q Y if i .-iz.. 2: ,-sr .:,zI'., ' .. f f " - ,twfg-,f Y , ,W ., . E It J. f .-.-:-99-1123 Q . '- ' kifinw .1 . ,....... W L .. .l,, . is qu Q 3 ,, ff? W ' if aff., f j Vs A Q at ll :: ,,-- I -.Hy , bg'- wz ' ' , .Z i f' ' fl' ,l .A X, Q - V gg gf. . ,..- -,M The Coronation . . The lflflg and queen . . 0 0 F , ,,l. 'f I V4 fi ' 1 X59 , 'VffLZ'fff??2, " 'f ' I Q . 4 l . - "' old gwes way to the new. . , wil l f l , . mm Jenny questions Michael . . f . il f n K i The entire cast . . V 5 ? Q ' f f "t' 1 ' 5 fffv- A , V. rf f V f- .W in f' -flfff , V 7 '," , ,.,,,55,,., 4,, .,m,. , 4, ,,...,4y .X MY" 7? ' ,Q 52 2.1, ' , v , 3 ' f V f Q . V 1. -1 ' ll V 1 5 , V f ' , M 1 .4 job wall done . Mrs. Dcazy . . l"alh1'r Mnynihrm is Irving fliffirult . . lilmivk. lmudw mmf paint 'l1f,fa.2fff Zvi f , at Q r ' ' :"+55'2Qm ,www ' ?' sk J" 1 M RW 5 H Mother's little helpers . . Whafs the attraction? 1 , t Night Birthday spanking H appy-go-lucky . . fm Party Girls ' A The morning after the party before . . Life . f ' , f Q 3' I 5 , 5 ff W4 39 Q uf- t.t t , i I 1,7 gi L3 PWQWTX' 'Wt ,Wm ,, " Whafs up? if we Q A BRA has 'gllgf' 3 Tiger Tom . . Anyone for punch? Sleepless nights at Caroga Lake V, ,. ' V '2'l -. ' 5 l W Mm "4i 1 ' wg ml aw if Xe g .3 , 'awww we ' 5: , f ..,. WW g- fm-2. ,Q am i Secretaries Left to right: Miss Edna Moak, Miss Marian Albert. 5 E 2 3 M E e,7,, , , l -1 ' " 7 . l ' ' A X,,w:.,4 PJ 3H?g,:f5,i4 wg ' it 2- fm?-L , '14 .L if , . g 5 rm " j , .a g A f 1 -----l vi. I .. x Ajlyfi -7 Y Left zo right: Mrs. Doris Relyea, Mrs. Thelma Ableman, rg i" Y'-14 J, 'jf 3 Mrs- Ruth Gill, MTS' Elida Miller- 7- M, '?'yif1ff,: ,."Wl' a '-' 'M "muff" fe- g ,- k.a.,lfa.- ' ' . . .. ' R 4 .A FQ ' ' -K ' Y: 1 ,253 fvs..f,1faf:2 - .M ' "-'f ' . -'V'- 4 i wg, - +' veea f ' M 2 f , 111 ,, ,, I f gf V 3 f ' if '! fi ' I Q , 12171 1 M iw , ,V ,V f f-'14 Cf ff 'f if 'w:,w4v':f, '54 Bus Drivers Left to right: Mr. Ardizone, Mr. Humr-za, Mr. Shanks, Mr. Gregory, Mr. Fields. Custodians We A Left to right: Mr. Forrest Baker, Mr. Harold Gregory, Mr. Michael Pafunda. A' "3 awww, Success and Happiness to the Senior Class RICCVS MARKET THE 1soRoEN oomnvxmv Milk Ice Creom Doiry Products If lfs Bordens- - lfs Go! fo Be Good Tel, 4-11158 ood 3-111911 WE AGAIN REPEAT - - - "BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE" Thv foundry hm plc-dgvd to bc fl con t uctivc part of this Coinnnunity. WI- nn' making thi- things that will provide for LIN 1 hcttm-r standard of living. IYQ are cspccially proud of thc- line men and women of this Connnunity who work with us toward our Goal. 5 ALBANY CASTING COMPANY, INC. VOORHEESVILLE, New YORK PHOTOGRAPHS by THE FRUIVIKIN STUDIO 29 Cenfral Avenue Albany. N- Y PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS ALTAMONT PHARMACY 011.111-Lm ny. IJQ-LUCIA, lm-., P1-op. fltkbllllllwj' - - Cfwzufwy - SL'lAZ'Tt't' . Y. 182 Blain Str:-wt Altamont. N CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 LONG LUMBER 81 SUPPLY CO. "All !.'ind.1 uf STOCK and .ejzwial .xizf LIf11IB1fR aut and milled to ordrf' Laljgewt Selection 01' Toys and Gifts De-lmm' 9-36111 and 9-1661 211111 New Scotland Rd. New Scotland CIOMPLIMENT5 OF STUDLER'S SALES 81 SERVICE 2-13 Ile-Inwaul Aw-nm Ik-1111z'11'. N. Y. P11mf1f- 131-1111411' C1-221-1 INGA EARTH FLOWERS 14. IJ. 2. .fX1,'1',fXMON'1'. N. Y. ,fX1lm,u1y 1'1lHll1' 2-55717 XXHJIIIIIHI1 721:53 l"l,U11'l','lf,S' lf! flu' ,'1I,l, HI,'I,',1,S'll PNN I I VOORHEESVILLE HARDWARE, INC. 18 Malin Street Voorheesville, N. Y. BADGLEYS' Tel. Voor. RO 5-2088 COMPLIMENTS OF DR. AND MRS. DQNALD G. SUTHERLAND GENDER 31 SMITH ,1I:1.S'UN C'0fX'TR--1C,'TUR.S' Vcw1'1l1'vxxi11c'. N. Y. Plnmm- 1iOn'1xxx'm-11 .3-21 17 O1 3-7581 JOHN F. ADAMS I'I.I'.1IliI.YcJ 411111 l1lz'.41'l'I.YcJ 'Imam' '1-311137 Nvxv Svol1.1l1c1. N. X. I III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIII I IIIIIHIIII IIIIILIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIHIIIII IIIIIIIII SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS TO HTHE CLASS OF 56" THE STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT ..........,.....,.....,.SA....,...,...........,,..........,,...... BRUCE ZEH VICE-PRESIDENT ..,.,... ............ T OM MEACHAM TREASURER ....,....,.., .,,C.,,w, M ICHAEL MUNYAN SECRETARY ,,... ........... K ATE GREENE COMPLIMENTS OF KISSEL'S GARAGE AND TRAILER counr O. B. VUNCK 61 SON Mfg.of Cortland Supreme Fc-eds VunCk's Balanced Dog Food Dairy - Poultry - Hog - Horse "A Pcrfvct INfIate For Your "Give Your Stock a Tr6at!', Pet's Plato!" VOORHEESVILLE RO 5-2364 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS INDIAN LADDER FARMS COM PLIMENTS OF HANDY DANDY DRY CLEANERS JAMES MCGRATH Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF THE DUFFY MOTT CO.. INC. VfilDfTlf't'SVilIf', Nvw York COMPLIMENTS OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIAL CLUB OF THE TOWN OF NEW SCOTLAND TEN EYCK INSURING AGENCY. INC I4 CIITJIIJCI SIITPI Xllmxly IIARRY Li, Q KILHILIQUI' 4 K COMPLIMENTS OF W. W. CRANNELL LUMBER 81 COAL CO.. INC. Voorh6eSx'il1t'. New York QOMPLIMENTS or MAIN BROTHERS OIL CO. Your Gufzznrztrr of .5'f'1'z'im' 24 HOURS A DAY De,-linar. N, Y. Phont' 9951 ALTAMONT HARDWARE - PAINTS - .YOTIO,Y.S' - DRY GOODS Tele-phono 5071 A. R. CRABILL. Prop. Altamont Paint 81 Wallpaper Store Established 1885 E, I. Lapc. Prop. Bl'll.il'll'X - Gian - Drcoratm 1' Szlpjrfifw l'Vindozt' Shadwv "Largest Selection of Leading Lint-sl' Hotpoint Radio and Applianccs 4 Sales 8: SC'1'YlCl,' 7 Telt-vision UOMPLIMENTS OF HOTALING COAL CO. COAL OIL Dclnia r, New York ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE GUIDANCE f l'JalanC1,-d training f acttivitics. Placvine-nt in km-y positions in bnsint-ss, prolt-ssionzll and 4!,OX't'liI'l' mont oflficcs. lflil-131 Washington Auf.. Albany 111. N. Y Statm: lit-gistt-1't-d -3 Vets-ran Approvccl KEYSER GAS 81 APPLIANCE CO. 259 llclawaro Avvnue Delmar. New York COM PLIMENTS OF ART HOB BOBBY TOLL GATE ICE CREAM Slingerlainck. Now York l1ilHl1'l11l,1l,l1,l1l I rl1l1'I1,l1'l'1l1I'1I I I I I11l11I11l"l l1I11l11I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I IJ -Imzu. COMPLIMENTS OF THE NEW SCOTLAND KIWANIS CLUB DELMAR LUMBER 81 BUILDER'S SUPPLY, INC. PAINT W HARDWARE .MA.S'ON'.S' SUPPLIES N, Y. Phone' 9968 ClUMI'LIMIiN'I'S OF NEW SCOTLAND WOMEN'S DEMOCRATIC SOCIAL CLUB ALTAMONT ENTERPRISE Established 1881 Pzmiurf of flu' Ht'ldc'Il7HI!.'c'I PIIOIM' Alt. 3121 Allmm' Q-81 DELMAR NURSERY 81 FLORIST .N I'. Xvl'l'S1.lI1C11Q .YI'R.N'ln'R1' mm' ff1f1','1','.Yffi7II-N'f'fS .11 1.31 l1v1g1xx'nl'v .XXVIIIIU .S"l'r PRI? P31111 IQVIINHNKI :Mu ITUIIIIQII1 N, X I1-lvpllmmv fI8I1h l'llIllllllllllll I I1ll1llllllilllllllllllllllllll'l lllllll ll.ll ll ll ll'llllllll'1l'1ll ll l"l1ll ll Il VOORHEESYILLE FOOD MARKET 22 Matin Street Voorheesville ROckwell 5-2222 MEATS - GROCERIES - FROZEN FOODS FIELDS' BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP in Barbers 1 Beautician Quick Service N0 llvdllfllllg Compliments of NOTICIYS DEPARTIIENT STORE Phone Yoorheesville RO 5-2793 Compliments of FRANK L. SNIITH HARRY L. BROIVN IEIVELER NVatches. Diamonds. Jewelry. Giftware lfafch, Clock. fernelr-1' Repairing 1823 1N'estern Ave. Albany 3 at W'estmere TOVVNE 8 COUNTRY 'Carpel Specialixtx Since 1945, Bigelow Rugs and Carpets 1 Cleaning Plaza Shopping Center Phone 2-5032 VVESTMERE DEPT. STORE VVestmere. New York Name Brands for All the Family Compliments of EMPIE'S FOOD MARKET Guilderland Center Telephone Altamont 7916 I I I llllllI11IllIllllllllllllltlilllllltllllllllllll'lnl1l I lllll I In I NEAL VVILKLOVV FUEL OIL lx'liROSENli Dial Albany 8-5913 VOORHEESVILLE V- R. D. 2 YN. Y. Compliments of SCHOOL CAFETERIA Ruth Gill Thelma Ahleman Doris Relyea Elida Miller Compliments of GUILDERLAND RADIO 8 TELEVISION Telephone Albany H-4-120 VIC SANTORE ROGER WELLS ARMSTRONGHS DAIRY Grade A Czzermey Milk CREAIVI QUALITY ICE CREAIU Phone Altamont 3111 Compliments of KLAMM'S AUTO Altamont. N. Y. Phone 5561 Compliments of BEN THOMAS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Voorheesville. N. Y. Plumbing Heating RO 5-2977 RO 5-23-1-1 WHY NOT START A SAYINGS ACCOUNT IN VOORTHEESVILLE SAVINGS X LOAN Compliments of MAC'S SITPERETTE New Salem. New York lulmlnluntliililliylllllllplllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIilllllllllllllll lllllll1lIllll ll llll lllllllll llllllllllllll lllllll llllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ll lllllllllll ll lllll I I I I I I I I I Illl'l I'I l'llllllIlllI'II'l I I Ill Ill I llllllllll I Illlllllllllllllll I IlllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllll R. E. GILBERT Engineert - Szzrreyorx l62l Central Avenue Albany 5. N. Y. Compliments of HAPPY'S BAR New Salem. New York IWIEAGHER FLORIST llwll Western Avenue Phone 2-74-H Albany. New York Compliments of SUNSET REST Compliments of SULLIVAN'S LIQUOR STORE 3 South Malin Street Yoorheesville ROc'kwell 5-2683 10 A.M. to IO P.M. Compliments of D If T C H E R- S R. D. 2 Altxunont Compliments of THE VUUIQHEESVILLE AMERICAN LEGION POST I493 ll0M'S SERVICE STATION IJ, TURK. Prop. lllnlziflgfrx null Iilllllllllllllll BETHLEHEBI C0-OP FREEZER LOCKERS, INC. Salisbury Street Delmar. N. Y. Phone 9-3037 Food Lockers Freezer Suppliei L. C. SMITH Lawn M0zt'erv and Garden Tmctorx Sharpener! and Repaired 1 Snlex C-3? Service Phone Delmar 9-2 315 Compliments of MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 227-229 Quail Street Albany 3. N. Y. ETHEL U. VVOOD INSURANCE Automobile - Fire - Liability YOORHEESYILLE, NEW YORK Phone RO 5-2119 IVIINTON IV. BECKER SHOE REPAIR 125 lNI41ple Avenue .'5Ill.11NOl1I. N. Y. Compliments of YOORHEESVILLE PHARMACY JOHN E. HELLER. Pl1.C.. Prop. Compliments of SIIULTZ AI,I'I.I:XNI'ES Yum'ln'1'sxill1' NI-yy YU,-k 21 llmn' lowing St'l'Xll'1' lllmm- 9-1446 R.-XIl,l'lY'S GAR.-Klili I4-'l'ffN'l'flt'.-Il. .'II"l'r?.lIUl3Il.1f 1ff'fI'.-llR1.Ytf lifflflfllfy flllfl Bllflll' llvlllfx, llirlrlllillg-lfllx QE' f',lf4'4'fyrg' H.IllI'I'lf'S - .Mitra ,'X1'14'SSUl'i1's - Molril vIllIl'S Pflllt .'Ii.wu.1m-t IgHifj.,,, Q3 1-:NMI-, 1. SI.,I,IU. Cnr U'r1sll1n4g 'l'lirr lliffllllll f,.llx'.3' 'l'lx'1'l.'lx'S '1'R.-lC."1'47lfS M-lllll' Axe.. Y1mI'l14'4'sx'lll1'. N. Y. R11 5-Tllltu ll'llxwUml Rll' llllsl OH. l'UW"" Rl'llWW'9l -XV'-l fl .SMICRIL NNW YORK Illllll'ilHllIllIllIlllliIl'IllIlIlllllllllllI'lIllllllllllIll Illllllml I'I ItI"ltlll I I I I I I IwI+.IwInI I I I I,I,Iq,il,,.,,I,I,I I I I I I.I I,I I I I,I I,I I Vllllllllll Illllll I I I1 Compliments of ALTAMONT SUPER MARKET Compliments of STOCKHOLM'S GARAGE Renault Denlerx 1170 Wlestern Avenue CHAPMAN'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ROSS CHA PMAN. Prop. Madison Ave. and Lark Street Tel. 3-8786 Compliments of IVHITEY'S TAVERN Altamont. New York Tel. Alt. 7801 Compliments of BLANCHARD K YANZ INC. BL'ILDI.YG CONTRACTORS -1100 9 7 0 Delmar. New York 9--1563 Compliments of KENNETH TICE Light H1111 Henry Hauling Sand and Gravel Excaratioli and Blacktop l1"0rlc RO 5-2192 Compliments of MR. and MRS. C. G. SMITH and FAMILY Compliments of PAT'S RANCH Altamont. New York I ll llllllllll I1 I1 lllll I1 I1 I llll ll I ll I llllllllllll llll 1l11l1 I1 I1 I I I I 1lilHl1I lIIllllllllllI1lI11I1lI1lIl1I1lI1lIHI'lIlVI1lI1 I Il I I Compliments of FICIYS MARINE SUPPLIES Outboard Motors and Brmtx 1611 VVestern Avenue Albany. Y N. Tel. 2-7-111 Compliments of AUSTIN DISTRIBUTING CO. Pine S RO 5-2285 THE CARROLL PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 4 Pharmaeists Delaware Avenue at the 4 Corners Free Phone Delivery Delmar. N. Y. 9-1769 Compliments of VAN'S SERVICE STATION 200 Main Street Altamont Best Wishes SEVERSON'S INSURANCE AGENCY Phone -1181 Compliments of VVESTFALL CHEVROLET Altamont Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of HAINES K ZIMDIERMAN EQQO 1 1 L.. STATION Round and Square Dancing Every Saturday Night lllll 8 - 30-12 I 30 16-15 Western Avenue Tel. 8-8961 IIIlIllI11llllllIHI11IIIIllI11I11I11I11I11I11IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllI11I11IllIlilllIllI11IllllllllI11I11IllIlllllIllI11I11IllI11II1I11lllllllllllllllllllllll II1l11Illlllltllllllllllllillllllllllll I I I I I treet Voorheesville. N. Y I I I I I I IwInl1I'lwIn Ill I llllvlil I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IllllllllllllllIlllllllllnllllllllllllllllllllllllllI I I I I I Complinlc-nts of -I K J SUPPLY lflefffirnl Appliflllfel Plumbing 111111 Heating Alt: 1111 ont R. D. 2, N. Y. Phone 5008 Compliments of GRACE GIFT SHOP Giftx - Carflx - jewelry 81 Maple Ave r1L1 0. Yoorhcesvillc. N. Y. Phone RO 5-2327 GRACE DOUGLAS COMPLIMENTS OF CLASS OF 1958 P11-siclent ........... ...... l Donna Leo Kennah Vice--President ..... ........... l Ianct Scoons Sa-Cn-tary ....... ..,.,.,, X 'Ve-slay Knapp T1'l.'HSl1l'i?l' ...... janet Hallcnbcck COMPLIMENTS OF BLUE SPRUCE FARMS Altamont Nt-w York t:oM1'1,1M1':N'l's mf THE VARSITY CLUB COMPLIMENTS OF MASTER CLEANERS 81 DYERS. INC. DELIVERY SER VICE Phones Albany 8-3494 Altamont 3064 COMPLIMENTS OF MR. AND MRS. FLETCHER COX COM PLIMENTS OF PUBLIC SERVICE GARAGE WILLIAM MUNYAN P1'0px'ivtm' COM l'l.l IXIENTS OF FLOYD J. BRUNK FUNERAL HOME XlHUI'lll'lNX lil, Q3-Qlil l l'lllll'l'.ll lllllllt' Ill X 41UIllt'l'SX'llllt .intl llvrnv lililltili li, ISRVNK l,l1't'IlSVLl Oxuxvx' I I I I I I I11I11I11l I I1 I1 I I1! 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Svheneftady, New York Plliflfifllg Pfelding GLENN HENRY AUTO BODY 31 FENDER VVORKS By Fire House on School House Road Phone 2-497+ Formal l1'ear For Every Ofcavion To Hire DELUXE TAILORS FRQKI Cor. Engle Lind Hamilton St. Albany. N. Y. phone 5-2485 Chas. OdlllJ3Shlilll evening 3-0417 Compliments of TO BILL'S SERVICE STATION Altamont. New York THE CLASS OF 1956 BOOSTERS XII. and Mrs. Hurry flgiinsle Ml amd Ml'S. fl 4-rm1' gm- flux Nl: illlfl fvlrs. lJ4-wilt Chnl M1 4 nxlc l Mus K 1-rn an-th 'lin- Mn 2 urlc I Mrs, nlnim- s Hinclr-I PRQGRESS PUBLSSHERS INCORPORATED n coLvlN AvE.- PHONE 2-4401 Q ,li1-BANY,N,Y, Q 11,2 G MM W M, W N x ' f2".,i'31iY.Q5A :A mf, ' fwifixfyou :HL W QW Mp lm ings -M6635 ani 'X S WW Rxw, . 1 cuss' Q W 54' Muff Wjjxyjijjff' X272 We J' MM A6302 UZQWMW ,za 0, Pygmy 5Q W ,awed W, ,VJQ awifkxi-PM 45 Q7 wm,:c11 My If 7UW 'ef AUM" WWW 'I M44 " ,4WK3'n WW My U MJ+ K':1H'X fy! Cd, OJ Q Q9 Bow E32 -49 a Q X . 'NC wi QQ l 3 gx x-,fx o X 5 X6 QE? 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Suggestions in the Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) collection:

Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 18

1956, pg 18

Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 50

1956, pg 50

Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 29

1956, pg 29

Voorheesville High School - Torch Yearbook (Voorheesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 35

1956, pg 35

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