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2 ? 51 V X. Q 33.1 f 2 " x .Pye if? " --s J . ' V -Ji X... w S . 145? ' 25,11 Q his , V , ,.1-.Q , .V AQ'-,., , ' 5j5,gf..1. 1 , V' - A i-YQ.. T 7 L 4 F g J . . N4 X 55.1. - ff, 7'-Ish! -V "fa.ff2Zl3-5135? J: El, jf , V. f-lg- Q 'St 'ff' ifk' K gijfigblirtx 15121. ' .,. ..',ul,-11, L Q H, ,V :gi t T ."'f' 4 94. L17-.ff ugly X77-1 5 2- V "5 ,v '- 4 A 1-ili- + 41 wi .P , Q., ..,l L 4- E li P1 rs n 4 V ,, V X I 5 E V 3 F r n 4 fi ,, Sak Ib Q , L 21,552 Q T ZQ I :I MxT:Q-Iwi'-1'zSlf '? , , is . 1 Taken P oto of Yhgh Schoo in 19 54 aaleata DEDICATION F EDUCATION BOARD O FACULTY SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN JUNIOR HIGH ELEMENTARY FAVORITES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES 740 Alutddl Staff 'Wana 71694 Salou! Wana, With honor and respect, we dedicate this yearbook to our faithful friend and leader, A. S. Hill, super- intendent of schools. i I I The "Wi1dcat" staff takes great pleasure in presenting the members of our Board of Education. We are very much in- debted to this group of men who give freely of their time and talents, serving without pay, and in many cases, with- out gratitude. 6 V6 ,YQZ V u XO Eaves' Yteffwg 61 A. 6065 I ovgai Yi PM xzafoes W V6 55:56 969959 is Q, 5,896 qgie' 50 V. Y' QS 915 95 0 ul I s ?Mfff A, S. HILL B, S., Ph. B. Superintendent O, LEE FAULKNER B, S. . M, A, Business Education Senior Sponsor ELOISE SHANNON B. S. Music Junior Sponsor HAROLD BRIGGS, JR, B. S. English, History Freshman Sponsor 3' 1 .an GORDON Fox GRACE E. HILL B.S. B.s,, Ph.B. Coach, Science, Shop H0fHeIH3kil1g Sponsored by: BURLINGTON SALE BARN, Burlington, Colorado MARY HOENSHELL Adams State College Seventh and Eighth Grade CATHY FOX Saint Mary College Third and Fourth Grade LUCY RUSSMANN C. S. C. E. Fifth and Sixth Grade HELEN HERKHL LOIS KING C. S. C. E. Nebraska Wesleyan Universrty Second Grade First Grade Sponsored by: AMERICAN LEGION POST 138. Stratton, Colorado 5 ing JE . K S S f 32 H h i W Q" MX.xa., i W H ,f. IEE , , 1 eng fax I -, Q 5 4 'iw my WENDELL IENNINGS KEITH SCHWARTZ President 1-3-45 Editor Annual staff-15 Paper Staff Vice President 4: Annual Staff 4: Paper Staff 1-2-3- 1-2-3-45 Student Council 2-3-45 Band 2-3-43 45 Class Reporter 35 Band 3,45 Baseball 15 Basketball Dramarics 45 Track 1-2-3-45 Football 2-3-45 Basket- 1-2-3-4: Track 1'2'3-4: Football 2-3-4. ball 1-2-3-45 Baseball 1. - Sponsored by: BATT REALTY CO., Stratton, Colorado MARY JACKSON Treasurer 1-3-45 President 25 Student Council 2-35 Annual Staff 45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Cheerleader 2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Physical Education 45 Paper MA RIORIE SCHWARTZ Editor 45 Paper Staff 2-35 Pep Club Officer 3-45 Secretary 45 Annual Staff 45 School Paper 3-45 Homecoming Queen 45 Prom Queen Attendant 1-2-35 Homemaking 1-2-35 Student Librarian 25 Glee Club Homemaking 25 Student Librarian 25 Class Reporter 15 Pep Club 1-2-3-4. 1. ri Xxx-.iff DUA NE SHIRLEY Student Council 1-4g Secretary 1 Cheerleader 1-2-3-4g Glee Club HENDRICKS : Vice President 1-3: Treasurer 2: 1-2-3-4g Band 1-2-3-4: Secretary Annual Staff 43 Pep Club President 3-45 Dramatics 2-3-45 Home- coming Queen Attendant 1-2-3g Prom Queen Attendant 1-2-3: l-lomemaking 1-2-35 Student Librarian 2g Paper Staff 2-3-4g Physical Education 4. MEGEL Reporter 4: One Act Play 3-4g Paper Staff 2-3-4g Band 1-2-3-4: Basketball 1-2-3g Football 3. flop EARL WILKINSON Basketball 1g Baseball 1-2-3: Baseball lg Track ily. , ' 'miami ' iw' Sponsored by FIRST NATIONAL BANK Stratton, Colorado 1 Y its Q, am - 135-40- 5 . Eff N io' U ,ir N..-ff 'za ke ON N BEVERLY BOESE President ARLENE THORSON Vice President HELEN ZIMMERSCHIED Secretary MARGY ANN KERL Treasurer MELVIN EDMUNDS DUANE MONROE BENNY GRIMES IEAN MONROE WALTER REEDER PAUL SCHREINER JOHN STEININGER ZELLA MARIE THORSON Sponsored by: SEIBERT EQUITY COOP Seibert, Colorado and OASIS SERVICE STATION Vona, Colorado .uf L, , H, J, -,Lf bw., , L. ,.ff"'v4' LA 'H' ff f M NBP, Y,- w Q 1 L.. M Hr 'Sk my . v 4 , I :.,,gAQ,7fg, M L W, ,QL N, L LL LL M 254 1-,355 1 gl, 5? 5365 T 271 Qi :1 If - fi Sb , - ,L ...x l 1pl L L we-,L -3-QU , , - -1, vw LL ,1 i SL L L ii ' en? y Q f km X J Y 1 L L 9,125 f ' R if .154 L,.L L 5 """ .. i V 152251 sf , Zigi, A ff E ,Zfi L -, f .. 'f s 'A Q Li , Lf . '- 4' Y. g wg ' iff -f K 9' N 'V 3sX i, :, LL.5f Lggi ' - is , L ,L ,Q Hui' -si it ,Vw 3, Lk ax ll? My up L LA L ' Law, KI " V "Q, .,.. 151,-' , J' . Q di J' 'wld L":::L- Q, My , ,.,, '-' L,,,'i , ' lswgggvwvg Lf . Q 5 7, P 'ff' 'f -' X' ' 2 gifs-Yf,?TLl'T'N, Lii L L-'LL L ' ' Eff - L L ,W LL ,, - - L L L M , K g W VE A L L Lp, V L? .QP NM- V XA, Qtvgiifx . xy! W v L , M wwf, , , if Q ' ww L LL ,ng L L 'km 1, 1 ' 1:46-' ,fL A L ,W V,-am 4, L lawn -Q ' , .701 4' Ex, .Q .L W.. ,'L AQ 1 A kwa My Barbara Boyd Hazel Burian Steve Card Marilyn Corwin Carolyn Kline Clifford Reeder Esther Reeder Loren Wilkinson LeRoy Wolf SP0rlsored by: VOHB' Colorado and in-VER GRILL CAFE Hatton, Colorado Sa Fern Pickard President Harry Covey Vice President Donna Zimmerschied Secretary Eugene Patterson Treasurer " WMM Dick Hendricks VICC President X serv Magi Seqetkay Fora Presxden 317- Treasurer 7'zec4mea QM, X,,1 Hive my , t , ,rv A fM4Nfiwf'vvx N' ' ,L AX I .-Li, ,IQ Ag . L 'X " R074 Frsher -my Schwartz Robert Eastin 6635 Sponsored by: Fredficks LIONS CLUB, Vona, Colorado and A. L. DUCKWALLS, Burlington, Colorado rw wa f'Q'r, Sponsored by: DAIRY QUEEN Burlington, Colorado B i to B rg,ln if?-if , - W. r 1 f , -, K ' .' i1'?14-f3?9' 5 .. flf' ', 'L -. -- i" i YQ fl B. ' .J ' Ju f L w j v I an I I, S L W w y Ea ly y .L ry .tv .A . or , as A W ' .1 V, in K , ' Q. 'klk X' Burleigh Becker Donna Becker Barbara Duncan Bill Eastin Vera Helderman Anna Bell Jackson Wayne Miller Chester Monroe Donald Pickard Carl Schreiner Melburn Scothorn Tommy Seaton Inez Staatz Virginia Staatz Sandra Stewart Nels Thorson Betty Warren Frank Warren Paul Zimmerschied Sponsored by: HENDRICKS RED and WHITE Vona, Colorado ,V A In W 3 5 Yi A 1 , Zfemenfnfqy Sponsored by: A. W. MORGAN Vona, Colorado and KIT CARSON County Abstract Burlington, Colorado 74:4 azz! Bobby Allen Douglas Becker Marvin Becker Kenneth Bowersox Deanna Browning g r ' M A Duane Byer 5 Patsy Corwin V1rg1n1a Duncan V. 4, k:Vt.,, 7 iw 3 S g . . Evelyn Fell Loretta Fell Ronnie Fell Jackie Fisher Bud Fredrick Arlene Harsh Agnes Helderman Carol Megel David Miller Donald Prickett . Richard Rasmussen ff l 5 y W Wayne Rasmussen if i A Richard Reeder August Staatz A , Dewey Staarz l i f Wilbur Staatz Linda Tanner Lief 'I'horson Marsha Tinkum Albert Tubbs Kenneth Wolf A Q A Ronnie Wolf ,,... - Rodney Young g B rncyl A in c Joan Zimmerschied :fl ggL.s 'F l"" i"'Lfi'ybgi,L ss? s r X me A , is g sb s M5 f gt Vw 2 1 K r -,fi .. va bfgxw, ' fwarfew w 1 'i - J ' .-pa n 4- 1 iw .V 5 rr-:ref ' gig , if ' A- f ,Qi-lik A eff- x :, ,e:am,gf- " j , If ar- waz: 2,1 I 'fini ', -' t -fiaififfffl f if ' , a g ' viii, ' J , ,, " Wil: 2 '- ,Q ,. -t ,J .... :ll A s S il if , 'A . ' was A , ' '. x f fra , nr I - ' -1'-1" A , , s., F If ,X I ffsg,B,f.43 A A . .1 t Inf., r. , X' s A V, 3 f ,, Lg .. gs yn Eh 1 za A ser . .. A X. g ix . fy ji . ,I ,f -,I s - ,g - . 1 Q fwlligiiiigf r ii, E 1 . s r. - z fin 1 s 2 fr 4 as Q 9 Q N as is X H 6 , J y gl A sf. .ms 11 .2 Hwy: x as his 1 1, -V sw - 1, I ig llawvrxwlmlzsniwhiewsl , 'Q,, :illllfi E s'.. 33 55141 N Mr 'Q 50:45 mm! '7ocnz!6 614464 5? ,H Jimmy Allen x A meg s Evelyn Bowersox Jeanette Byers we Geor e Card, Jr, E h: J I J Lynette Dasenbrack Marilyn Duncan Ronnie Downey Larry Eastin Lowell Fredricks Barbara Grimes Jackie Hendricks Jimmy King Ronnie Monroe Bonnie Monroe Helen Monroe Jimmy Patterson Larry Pickard Alvin Rasmussen Edna Reeder Gary Salmons Jeanette Seaton Linda Schreiner Carol Schreiner Reba Staatz Patty Stewart Danny Thompson Karen Thorson Larry Wolf Patty Warren Sponsored by: EQUITY CO-OP EXCHANGE Bethune, Colorado and BUSKY FRONTIES SERVICE Burlington, Colorado .Ls .- in-,,, wr f Q 5- Qin i Q , J V"' E K , s , X .af Q XX. :Q , 15 ' J rr ig.. ! , 5, r,, an is hi , ,, . f 'f , K 6: I Im! 1, Xanga' s y-LL X 'EE' - Q fgfwiif w Q Q s """' v is 3 X S 'Q bf"""1l 'V ff 'vu-...W ' 7 ' . . ' i ' x ' , 2. ' 'Q A A D . X .xx W , z s T 'G is ,A First row: David Allen, Betty Brinkhoff, Darlene Browning, Terry Clapper, Second row: Robbie Coles, Cynthia Davis, Rodney Davis, Bobbie Downey, Betty Duncan, Donna Eastin. Third row: Domia Fell, Donna Rae Jones, Rickie McCle11en, Carolyn Merriweather, Rogeray Palmer, Lyndel1Sa1mans. Fourth row: Walter Schreiner, Jean Schean, Avas Staatz, Feba Staatz, Robert Staatz, Danny Tanner, Fifth row: Janice Tinkum, Carl Thorson, Sherry Thorson, Donnie Warren, Joel Zimmerschied. Sponsored by: ' CHAPMAN GARAGE, Bethune, Colorado and GRUBBS HARDWARE, Stratton, Colorado V 0- 1 'a ll QWMW We would like to thank Bing Crosby for his selection of the most beautiful girl. There were six candidates from which Marilyn Corwin was the girl chosen to be the "Most Beautiful Girl in Vona High School. " Sponsored by: CHUCK'S MOBIL SERVICE Burlington, Colorado and W-B DRUG CO. Burlington, Colorado 0379 yfw00f1- rm-on 11, 1954 lies E.:-gy Ann Ierl Vous. Public Schools Yom., Colorado Deer lies Ksrla It is difficult to ohoose the prettiest girls from photographs only, but Elly lestnore, Pu-Amount rake-up artist, gre.- eiously oonsented to help us. After taking into consideration personali- ty, heir-do end bslsnoe of features, we have msde our decision es nerlnsd on the photos being returned herewith. Hoping no one gets hurt, and with beef, wishes - Sine sly, I 9 Bing Gro sby BC 2 ll Bnolosures r .BMJ We are obligated to Miss Doris Day for selecting our most Handsome Boy in Vona High School. Dick was selected from six boys, who were nominated by QLJ7 W m1,M,Q --.P-O Q- fll' .7fL.f.7 Z .1 Ovvpg 'LG Jew if w the student body. ,,,.f A . J ff A .,,vZ1Z' ,VM Z f 64-f L,hMhpL,g Sponsored by: V McDONALD'S, Burl- 3 ington, Colorado and l I EVA G. H. HERRELL REAL ESTA TE, Vona, Colorado. Y' v. 1, . 955+ 5 V ,A o A e - ,l and 66660 has Q5 3 E ?'f-of ' F 'Q is fix Attendant A RLE NE THORSON Queen MARY IACKSON Attendant SHIRLEY HENDRICKS - -'bv Sponsored by: RED and WHITE, Seibert, Colorado and STANDARD MILLING CO., Burlington, Colorado f AALAA'Sn at 33 ,S 51 ga gl 3 5? Q5 a W 5 3 5: if E 3? .HKMZQU "rf" Em an ,-kan GRIMES, Forward HENDRICKS, Guard EDMUNDS, Guard MEGEL, Guard CARD, Center MONROE, Forward SCHWARTZ, Center IENNINGS, Guard Sponsored by: SKATE BOWL, Burlington, Colorado and IOE'S GROCERY, Vona, Colorado 34.5 Ierry Megel, Duane Monroe, Steve Card, Keith Schwartz, Melvin Edmunds, Wendell Jennings, Benny Grimes, Dick Hendricks, Mr. Fox, Coach. nga S Sponsored by: STRATTON EQUALITY CO-OP Stratton, Colorado and CARL SCHWER, M.D, Q N we Stratton, Colorado S 532' in t -'fs' M X Pew! ' LeRoy Wolf, Steve Card, Larry Schwartz, Paul Schreiner, Floyd Fisher, Gene Fredricks, Clifford Reeder Walter Reeder, Eugene Patterson, Robert Eastin, Mr. Fox, Coach. ? S W lter Reeder, Center- LeRoy Wolf, Back, a iIg':S0red by: Front row, left to right: Larry Schwartz, , straf:,I:S 201-EL Center, Clifford Reeder, Back: Dick Hendricks, Back, Benny Grlrnes, Back. I olo DE LAHf1d 'ado Back row: Floyd Fisher, End, Eugene Patterson, Center, Duane Monroe, Endg Keith Sieb ET REALTOR Schwartz, Back, Melvin Edmunds, End, Wendell lennings, Back, and Mr. Fox, Coach CII, Colorado F00 VOM TBALL SCOREBOARD Vona 34 Vona 18 Genoa V 34 V323 34 Uiomecoming, Ssjier VOM 18 -'Des 12 VOII3 40 Seiben 7 50 Kirk 47 Arriba 0 19 1 1. gm J Wana 71' Na . 5' 1 H H Q o f gi f. ,K vga r lg. '25 WS! 5 75 4 I 1' L IFS gf Q X: W 2 K 22 Q-5 155 ' ,4 rv, fr I Yi. .Qu gg -ff V,I'i'1 iF" m:' ' CTT fy Q san., Left to right, back row: Wendell Jennings, Duane Monroe, Benny Grimes, Melvin Edmunds, LeRoy Wolf, Larry Schwartz. Left to right, front row: Clifford Reeder. Jerry Megel, Dick Hendricks, Gene Fredricks Robert Eastin, Eugene Patterson. No picture: Keith Schwartz. FIRST PLACE WINNERS AT DISTRICT TRACK MEET. BENNY GRIMES WENDELL IENNIN GS Bf03diUII1P Pole Vault vuzgaad First row: Marilyn Corwin, Zella Thorson, Arlene Thorson, Shirley Hendricks. Second row: Melburn Scothorn, Virginia Duncan, Barbara Duncan, Chester Monroe, Kay Ford, Helen Zimmerschled, Beverly Boese, Harry Covey, Third row: Miss Shannon, Director, Esther Reeder, Donna Becker, Mary Jackson, Anna Belle Jackson, Fern Pickard, Donald Pickard, Jean Monroe, Barbara Boyd, Margy Ann Kerl, Donna Zimmerschied. Fourth row Burleigh Becker, Paul Zimmerschied, Douglas Becker, Duane Megel, Carolyn Kline, Keith Schwartz, Wendell Jennings, Benny Grimes, Bobby Allen, Marvin Becker. anchfagmzd First row: Marsha Tinkum, Jimmy King, David Allen, Vera Heldennan, Ronnie Monroe, Carol Schreiner, Albert Tubbs, Second row: Miss Shannon, Director, Carol Megel, Kenneth Bowersox, Duane Byers, Carolyn Kline, Jimmy Patterson, Betty Warren, Sandra Stewart. Sponsored by: HOLLYWOOD CREAMERY, Stratton, Colorado and STRATTON PRESS, Stratton, Colorado Left to right: LeRoy Wolf, Wendell Jennings, Shirley Hendricks, lean Marie Monroe, Mr, Faulkner, Sponsor, Kay Ford, Esther Reeder, Benny Grirnes. Sponsored by: DE HOLLANDER SHOE STORE Stratton, Colorado and TOM AMBLER Burlington, Colorado 'ay Front row, seated: Zella Thorson, Arlene Thorson, Jean Marie Monroe, Mrs. Grace Hill, Sponsor, Helen Zimmerschied, Marilyn Corwin, Marjorie Schwartz. Back row: Shirley Hendricks, Beverly Boese, Melvin Edmunds, Earl Wilkinson, Keith Schwartz, Duane Monroe, Donna Zimmerschied, Mary Jackson, emlaae Staff Left to right, seated: Arlene Thorson, Paul Schreiner, Margy Ann Kerl, Assistant Editor: Wendell Jennings, Editor: Shirley Hendricks, Secretary, Walter Reeder, Beverly Boese, Back row: Zella Thorson, Kay Ford, Mary Jackson, Jean Marie Monroe, Helen Zimmerschied. Sponsored by: WOODSON'S, Stratton, Colorado and J. C. PENNEY CO., Burlington, Colorado p apex Sta Left to right, seated: Keith Schwartz: Zella Thorsou, Beverly Boese, Mary Jackson, Editorg Helen Zimmerschied, Assistant Editor: Marjorie Schwartz, Margy Ann Kerl, Robert Eastin, Jean Marie Monroe, Paul Schreiner, Barbara Boyd, Fern Pickard, Walter Reeder, Duane Monroe, Shirley Hendricks. I ' I O Front row,. left to right: Arlene Thorson, Mary Jackson, Zella Thorson, Barbara Boyd, Carolyn Kline, Shirley Hendricks. Back row: Kay Ford, Marilyn Corwin, Donna Zimmerschied, Miss Shannon, Sponsor, Sponsored by: HAROLD H, PARK, Burlington and SAM HUDSON MTS. CO., Burlington K fa. ,- 4-.W A-a. faeisiiir ' .,.. I qw ' O Front row, left to right: Shirley Hendricks, Kay Ford, Helen Zimmerschied, Mary Jackson. Second row: Zella Thorson, Fern Pickard, Hazel Burian, Beverly Boese, Donna Zimmerschied, Barbara Boyd, Miss Shannon, Sponsor. Back row: Marjorie Schwartz, Carolyn Kline, Esther Reeder, Arlene Thorson, Jean Marie Monroe, Margy Ann Kerl, Marilyn Corwin, glee K 4--1 ' r 'f , ' r ' gt . ' F E First row: Marilyn Corwin, Kay Ford, Shirley Hendricks, Barbara Boyd, Mary Jackson, Helen Zimmer- schied, Donna Zimmerschied. Second row: Carolyn Kline, Jean Monroe, Hazel Burian, Arlene Thorson Beverly Boese, Zella Thorson, Fern Pickard, Esther Reeder, Marjorie Schwartz, mmmaapapgzae First row: Anna Belle Jackson, Donna Becker, Vera Helderman, Barbara Duncan. Second row: Sandra Stewart, Virginia Staatz, Betty Warren. Third row: Marjorie Kemper, Inez Staatz, Sponsored by: HI WAY MOTOR CO., Burlington and WM. R, HENDRICKS, Burlington, Colorado Front row, seated: Helen Zimmerschied, Shirley Hendricks, Carolyn Kline, Beverly Boese. Back row, standing: Mr. Briggs, Directorg Wendell Jennings, Benny Grimes, Duane Megel, Student Director. fp- Sponsored by: FOSTER LUMBER CO., Stratton, Colorado and FRANK and LUCILLE WILSON, Vona Standing: Hazel Burian, Jean Monroe, Steve Card, Harry Covey, Helen Zimmerschied, Esther Reeder. Seated: Clifford Reeder, Carolyn Kline, Wdltdqdyfsddddgfgd " MRS . MABEL MONROE Us 1 3 N'1 A MRS . VIOLET EDMUNDS PETE THOMPSON, Custodian and Driver JOE ZIMMERSCHIED , Driver GEORGE CARD. Mechanic and Driver K Oddd mwfgowlc "rf me mugs Loafer' s Mo. - - wg . W ' fiiiimgfgg' N V f, y i V e A yr Vlzinmii V , 9 15 ljixif-SKTSR 4 V If ggzemmsrseme :wwf w msn sms: Wuz We Robbedr . sm. H v Contenrment Leg Show Try This Do It R1ght, Girls Going Our Way ff-wk Q ' And It "Ca11 e dam ew 9 . 5 ,O fy" 45 f , r ,,'-r . if 1 tif, 'fs , , .Al 1 , 1. , f ,df , . 'Hy- rx A f. Ts: nwb1'?!,su My 'gs ., . 4il V- ."- !ff:T :1 .."L14, "',l'-- .'l 1 '.. ' 'fl W, V fan f, 4, Mig. Y amz-r r,- f J .3 H 2 w -4 hi 24 w, ll U F i2 H ww-ff G+1 J '12 5 9,1 1X ,,..u-f Qu ,S 1 -uw 3 X .nssffnn-.2 -zsmgovcny. gy. gan, 1,-4 s-.ar .1-uf ,av- Q.: pf..

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Vona High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Vona, CO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 6

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