Von Steuben High School - Progress Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1949

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Von Steuben High School - Progress Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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A A ff ? 3555314 A Y hx 113 + A ' E A 'S S A A will fp, f A ,1 .Ei Q Q Adv.. ig, K' T' K S, X H XTE TEE Q E A XS Ea A X S l Ax W ,:! ""'...b:v?'2-Q f S 49 'J J, E- fl Ai f V Y SL 'S ' 1- , " i'f,'1-T:' . " M . "aft" flf"5 Og . :ip 2-2Ei?Q ' 77 T " Qkkf N A "TT T XP-f+r-9. sg 5 E- A A N '?i?ili.:f f xy "T V 'F , ' gg i!! T ' NV! ' Q D - A yf V A AHPS lw !m! -my T, A K J' ig 3 Z , , K -3- -,F YT x x K Q lflx Vhx JT, AA ...I n V A-5. ' ayrgg. t ,I 2,951 fa ., f - T N E Y 5 L Af 'S :7 A A,.w ' XV , If 1'-K 'ix'-N NX - 1,4 ,JJ 'I+ 1 1 4 L. f , lu-AJ, f .Ev-'Sign .Zi-Q' ,,. it -Ed f ,gigs 3 ' 4- ., X,-j.l' Q "ff V - 4j T jp ,f f 5' .' Q W 5 1 1 -ff ' A Nga-1. , Sh-Q x"' f T I -1- " ' " 1 f ' 45? "1 ,fl If if 3 I 'mud A , :tlfi X I L K 7 -Z ,,- K gi' 'G .gutf.., 1., fL if' ' ' 7 15' Q'fib'9 - ' - ' 4 N 'Sf' -41, 'A in Z A! 4 gif. -. - ' S'2',:t'5'L Aj' Ari ,APT I f-Q , 'a,,,.' 'MY S A JB: ' . L..-K'1"Tf' ff--'Y f fl 'A- 171, H V 1' , , ,EL 1, ,. E ,Tj A 'Af ' If M, - ff? f""bI" A f ' 1 +v+ E Ta 7 V . 1 U" f K my L " E fbfiug If " Il .T ,lMfL- .1 . ff, f 'A A T, f g JM T' " til A ,,.J f ffq P Z ,EM ! L 1k R' -,P I lfyl L- I ,. , . X L 7,,f'i!g 'lik 7.11" ' PRESENTED BY THE JUNE CLASS CF1949 AND THE JANUARY CLASS QE 1950-voN STEUBEN HIGH SCHOOL. . ,CHICAGO ' 3- x -J!-"kr I 1-f f "" LA . 7--1' f' IL? T' k Ur 1, E.-'X 1 P X ' l,,w,,-,. Y vD,1'Nx4f U ,W-,JJ jUp.,v -L, I L LL' 'E A L ,U 'ij-ML A J:-4. 5 I E. X I Y, -- E,-A , Tx .N N TSE A -T J A T A f T T A ff ff f mf A lbnil aff" T ,Ju R A J f V ,VI ' X X 'K T wvfVK ll A S' X . ffl' - L , T,41 Sl"j'..I M Lv V n , , TAM , 1 .' ,Sf ff L x54upi H. f 5" M .fszl it E-f- ' Q-'fl' Ag-..+,,,f"' :I-,,?"f I G' f Sgia vizf 5 Sf IN:-J Taj ,211 CT T A y T f A , A Ay , ,, . , , ,f . .E . 1 I. .S T -if' x A - - - .---, 4 ' A 4 ' Nj ' ' .N , S T L' I 4 -' "- L W, Q ff -' ' : 1, Q I A ', T V , 'lit I - if '73 - ,' - . gi 4 A QQJ .H 'XA ,T-if ,f..es1-.Qe,g?-'e3. 4 '- H, W T Eg g , -i Q?"'Gn- :M A 'T 'leak 'E " :T ' T ,S 5-.. ' 1' ' ' ' E 5 rf . XT.. THQ g , f A fl 6 A Y ' ! I E 1 ri V 5' V izgk jf V JI! .f :xv V , Z N' , ' fc' I J11 A I flxj 5 H5 l T 'Njjf K V T 2 3 '-. H 5,1 '5 "l zjilmw' Y QL, , L ' F ' ' -3-'QR' M, L 1' , , ' 4 ""' WL ff ' . 1 T ' ff S .ff ,T T T ,J f T A if SE EN? 7 9 ,f ' : I W 4- T f ,. . -- T, ' X ,, -Q .Eg , , -' ' fda" K 1 'N M " ' - ,n hl T . A EE H EXAAATET E-T 4 if A - A , t1 ,, . .A ' '--A ? " 'Tlx T .5 Q5 A A' The cold winter earth shows little promise of bearing fruit, but nevertheless, with the advent of spring the earth awakens and with it the prophecy of green fields. Modern youth is comparable to the change of seasons. They, just as the Forty-Niners of a century ago, will let nothing stop them in the search for their El Dorado! l A AV Ls UC: X ,N 4 A fd WN X Q51 fr ,lk ' :W ' .Lx - gg rf' Q u IIXQPTR M 55,155 Il v 4 9 1. XTX P-C f' f lx 7,41 Il nf ' EQ I US! ax , N : E-53 A x 4 Ar S 1 ' 'I n w '5 ffbz K I 1 1 bu I I" I hh ,l fd T 5 1 l huwll 'X' ll R ts he f FN Ez.-I ' -1 -T H if Q Q X 4 f -- - . f I 1 F EX X L xl-"V , 1' 'U I f .nf Y Irfsg if vi ' 1 A.. 'I K .A , iv.. 'Q Tj' ,ggi In if- 1 B o'i', ' E4 VI", , vizifjx ,. 5" '- v ' ,'f:"fbL Fi ' 1 . .- VI" Y. ' .P-L ,affsg X Q L WW 'L Al 1 v 521 Q ' I -'ffhi f x ' 5 x f .IU 1 W ' 'P ,ffl r if , X 1 l if 'wi I 1 w ,L ' 9:5 , . 'ff .:. -A .I I 515- 1-y if 1 n ' I Q' Egan-Evgiff K Q3 ,, ,Jw-, K ,ki X if, 1 XY 1 X ai , ff? 21 'ff V ,, ,, 1 x x ff C 13,1 .ltd 'U' 3 WMM 4, . , Y ,M A X , . e- x. YU! h 5' Y W, 1 I 9 f J , , r -Q la, f . , ,., f f , , .-A Q . vi, X Ir l UlJY,Mfw1!, Wflfj ,Mffvi 'A' Hfllill A I AA br, ,1, Umm- Wy, xl Nts W q f' I, It X ,i ' 1 f, , fy , . 3 My VWwJ,JU .IWJPIV f DEDICATION M . ' 1 VI V J I My UL, TO u ff -ry, W' ' W -SA pf' f WV ,q , , L55 aman . ea r . K p Vw fifajlrf krfelfoja WV S VVhen Miss Shea, Von Steubenis beloved principal for twelve and 'V a half years, announced on january 28 that she was leaving our school an A 1 ,Ji Y' 1 f r il, Q -y f f 1 -.-4 6 af' s N., ' " I if I x J S I .0 .1 , ' I U Q U ' l I ,f Q tb I F to become superintendent of high school district 4, the whole of Von Steubenis world seemed suddenly to fall apart. How could we main- Jain our scholastic standards without her efficiency, our equilibrium without her poise, our social ease without her charm, our honored place ,in the community without her stability and graciousness? Miss Shea had led us from the status of an embryonic high school to a position in the first ranks among secondary schools. Her high ideals, her wise guid- ance, her understanding direction had made the school deeply satisfy- ing to students, teachers, parents, and school officials. In losing her, Von Steuben was indeed losing its principal inspiration. Yet, despite our consternation when we learned of the loss which was to be ours, we were very happy about Miss Shea's promotion and very proud. We almost felt as though we were being promoted, too. We assured ourselves that Miss Shea would always belong to us, that the twenty-five semesters of her life which she had devoted to Von Steuben would always remain as a wonderful part of the sturdy fabric of the school. So, in dedicating this book to you, Miss Shea, we say: i'FareWell and may good fortune ever attend youl Thanks a million for every- thing. Send us a thought now and then, for you will always remain dear in the hearts of Von Steuben." l . xx xr-J J Q ww ' E3 Rf, J I Ut U, 7' --2' xi fr ' S K-at ' w 6, I 'rrp Xiwyj V Page 6 I 0 1,14-,z'4 .K ix.-,. WW, . W if ,Q Y,'PfVf ,'-X, . Z ffyf , X - ., guy 321 , , n 44,7217 ,, 4. MU - ffm' fn "Wx , .V4,Z,q,,1w, X , I , L .fx ' , 0 f t' , ,, Z f ,L 1' I ,Ja cw . ' ,I , ,Aw :if ' sy X iwf k.. Aff' ff 'K A 4 ,u m ,X Q " Y, V ,,,:,:-ff ka f 44 ff: . 1 ,,v1,, V LW . , Al - -, 4 H , 5 A , V , '. f - .2 ,. ., f Q Page 7 Al l, lu' WELCCME lla. .!4CLQl"Iflfl6l,I'lIfl Yes, Von Steubenls world came tumbling down when word reached the school that a new principal was to take the helm on the first day of the spring semester, but one of the greatest miracles in academic history took place When, before that day was over, Von Steubenls World was reconstructed firmly, surely. Within an houris time, the hand at the wheel was proving to be expert, experienced, steady, and strong. Now that We have come to know Dr. Ackermann We understand Why the school so quickly after her arrival sensed the fact that all was right. She has won not only our respect, but our love. YVe respect her for her scholarship, her quiet sureness, her firmness tempered by under- standing, her familiarity with classroom problems put effectively to use in school guidance, her skill in leadership made apparent by her sage counsel Whenever her advice has been needed. We love her for the warmth of her friendliness, the laughter twinkling in her eyes, the sympathy revealed by her Willingness to listen to our troubles and aspirations, the human qualities that make her just one of us. And so to you, Dr. Ackermann, We say: 'SVVelcome to Von Steubenl Let us climb further heights together aiding one another, cheering one another, bringing glory to one another through our services to the community. And may you be as happy to be with us as We are to be with youll, Page 9 348, egidfer C2faim:5 or 0JQI"l'l lr, 49 lm Miss ELEANOR SVVARTZ Office Secretary Miss NIARY SCHYVAHTZ Office Secretary ROLAND O. ml.-XRSH Assistant Principal L I1 lAu1.1cs PORTER Tom' IJEDIQIUNIAN Studcnt Sccrcturics PKIQL' ll! gxperla .jwlega Miss M. RUDD. Adjustment Teacl r, Adviser for 4A ai 1B 3 MISS BI. COLE Placement Counsellor, Arlene Crippando. Student Secretary. MRS. KI. RUSSELL 4B Adviser. Rita Goldberg. Student Secretary MR. B. Fnncatsox Junior Adviser Miss NI. KELLY Sophomore Adviser MH. E. UBER lA Adviser Page ii jnclerkef ibecicle iibedfinied will S--.ff 'A .thumff 57000 -mf 000 HCA .jfeadured of file .fdrffi y rin fo ou llppm' lvfl, .vluncling lvfl In riglzl: Nllss N. BICHC. Xllss li. XlCI:XHliAl, Svrllwrl: Xllss CI. llooxlcxg Nllss QI. XlANAS'l'lCR, Xllss C. KONI-ILL, Klux. S. XVINTUN, lmlgllalgc- licpalllmcnt V llpprr riglzlq Xllss N. Blilxcz, xxlm also tml-lws llomc Ecu- llUllllL'S Cfz'1111'1'l1'fl: Nllss -I. S'I'l'Ll".-XNIK, Xlu. C. AIINOTI' lCt'lllCl'l, MR. A. lixrwlxsxl, Xlusic lbkxplllllllfxlll Cfwzfw' right: Xlus. 4X. lllxsmix' psultenll. Xllss H. BERLIN, Clmnlm-1'cia1l lDc'p1u't1m-11t I,nu'c'r loft: Nllss Xl. Zrgsmvctlx, NIR. AI. BECK1-31-L Art Depart- lNt'Ill l'.lgL1' I 0 fx, x ' li R fy A vt XX. 7 j' 61' Yi M j L! 0 ln, ll'lg:f'A3 Q5 0 flollf Q ge Ol' 0 Cty C5 l0l'leel"1f -RX . xtjiwts' x.XX.,X Mixx' Y 'X TJ .Lijf'5jllL'x, Y fx .-'Q x 'r Z,L'fC-11,3 If W-LJf'f'ZL7 . Upper left, .s'tandin,g: MRS. j. LENTERS, Miss F. CLOWVACKI, MRS. M. RUSSELL Seated: Mxss E. HEEEERNAN, Miss N. JOHNSON. Upper right, standing: Miss M. CUBINIINCS, MR. C. MOHTON Seated: Miss E. VVARKENTIILN, Miss E. DEVEIKE, Miss M. LYNCH Lower left: MR. E. NIATTOON, A1188 E. CARROLL, Miss M. KELLY Standing: Miss M. CLARK. Mlss M. TWVUIIEY, MR. R. MITCHELL Lower right IURS. M. PREVOST, Librarian, SHIRLEY ANN KRUss, Stu- dent Assistant Page 13 FLCOUQI' IIJCIKUGAL Wlflggefif 0 Uppcfr left: NIH. C. llolslxzyxsxx. NIH. H. -lutxscmx, Mn. F. C ,oL'LsuN. NIH. N TASTO, SCICIICC Depurtmcut Vppcr fiflllfi NIH. I. C ' N LLN L, . In. E. Umgu, Mn. D. BUSH, Nlathematics Department Lozvcr right: NIH. B. CGHIQN. Nl E lsb . BASMUSSHN, MH. B. FERGUSON, N ' . ' .' x IR. Ii.. Uuuz, Suencc Department Lower lvff: Kings NI. BAILEY, Mn. O. KERLEY, Bl H T. I 155 DTSE, MR. C. IIEVVI'I'I', Nlathcu a t' D ' I1 lcs epartment Page 14 O 0 meg lgfan ew gui!! for .gzcclenf .xdcluenfure JF, , 4 ,.. , -rw- Uppcr left: MRS. M. lXlATSON, Miss F. NEWBEHGER, Physical Educa- tion Department Uppcr right: MR. T. SIXIITH, Mu. H. lNlACIDA, MANNY BERKOWITZ Student Tvacher, MH. C. GOLDSTEIN, Physical Education De- partmcnt Luzvvr left: CAl"l'AlN I. SAUND1-ills Cstaudingj, SERGEANT BALSIS SERc:r1AN'1' II. RYNIEXVICZ, R.O.T.C. Cseatedj. Lowcr right: MH. L. ll'lYlC, Nlvclianical Drawing, MR. H. CROSS Industrial Arts. NIR. N. KIHCIIHUI-'F. lVooclsh0p aff' Nggqgmm Uthman if L 'W- 1 XWI Ar ff 41 ,AT it muilllinl '14 Page 15 GRAD ATE Paw- I6 WWWQZ' ,Q , f"" M. A , -..fii4Q?a, 4 f M 6 .,.. f V 1 4 gf 1 1 Q f f? J EQ ie ' 7 gs , 3 5 , if W, 4 , a ? f 5 4 Z, 2 :E Z 515 1 if Tk Xi f 3 Lf ,! ' 1 3 Bm- 4.4, mf ,W KVM WWfwWWf ff My W W, .14 Weyiage rom fire princiloa At the end of the semester, I am happy to be able to confirm both my first impressions and the assertions and prognostication of my col- leagues and fellow Workers in the vineyard. Von Steuben is a school of Which the community, the student body, and the educational World may be justly proud. The physical equipment is ideal, and needs only constant vigilance to be kept in that condition. The Faculty is out- standing, equipped in every Way to prepare its charges not only for higher institutions of learning, but for all phases of life as they occur. The students are of excellent mental caliber, eager to learn, ambitious and competent to deal with the problems of youth. The maintenance staff is unfailingly cooperative and ready to do its share in upholding the reputation of the school. The community as represented by the Parent Teacher Organization and similar groups has been completely helpful and understanding in the discussion of those problems that con- cern both home and school. To all members of the school family, be they students, parents, teachers, clerical staff, administrative officers, maintenance staff, nutrition staff, and school supervisors I send my very cordial gratitude for your helpfulness and cooperation. For the graduating class in particular I Wish a most happy future, and the hope that Von Steuben has given to each of its members the solid foundation which makes for lasting success. Page 18 O 0 .ZW a 'Sa P8615 MPO .528 Qlf' Class Officers: Mel Feldman, president, Dan Ebert, vice president, Lois Markon, secretary, Bill Venit, treasurer. 'tt Standing' Howard Freed, Center left, gift commi ee- g. Robert Ruttenberg, Rita Goldstick, Nancy Basan. Seated: Sally Drew, Gerald North, Alan Janger, Hannah Lipsitz. Pa if ana! jdeilf' guicbng .Slicer ge Left: Miss Marguerite Z. Rudd. Graduation cominittee-Standing: Larry XVeiss, Eugene XVeinstieng Marvin Cohen. Seufccl: Charlene Rosenberg, VValter Stone, Marilyn Mitchell, Marlene Arbetter, Peggy Iensen. X V ,A ,:b, . l"wi- lil 1 H a gommiffeefi MOTHERS, DAY TEA Standing: Betty Bernstein, Fred Rosen, Rita Epstein. Seated: Willard Hall, Iadk Greenberg, janet Scholl, Eileen Feldman, Morton Richter. CLASS DAY LUNCHEON Stunfling: David Morgan. Norman Share, Richard Sillierlnerg. Seated: Carol Leviton, Bev- erly Snider, Betty Scot- ese, Ben Linsky. Barbara Karzen. INCIDENT.-XLS Standing: Harriet Vleinert. Reynold Herman. Seated: Mel Rnclieli. Bev- erly Hyman, Art Soloman, Barliara Simon, Irving Starkman. Vivian Kretsli- mer. ClllAlJUpX'lllUN Standing: Peter Nletropon- los, .Ieanine Kravitz. Sor- rell Lapins, Geri XVolt. Smllerl: james Xlagnnson. Lawrie Gliekinan. Marjo- rie Doeliring. l'lN'l'l'lllT:XlNMENT Siunding: Florence Lndgin, Robert Reese, Sally Ben- dersliy, Estelle Mosko- witz, Ronnie Penzik, Rntli Ellman, Norman Green- lmerg. Seated: Alan Feder. jlze Cfaaa of june 794 l ELSIE ANDERSON, "Andy" 1 G.A.A., Beta Tri Hi-Y, Finance Oilice Secretary, Oilice Practice Secretary, 2A Club. 1959-Private Secretary "Capability Herself, MARVIN ANDERSON, "Andy" Bowling Team. 1959-Draftsman "Nice to Knouf' MARLENE ARBETTER, "Mar" journal Staff, National Honor Society, Service Society, C.A.A., J.Y.L. 1959-Author "Good Naturea' Gal" MERWIN AUSLANDER, "Merfy" :ZA Club, Letterman,s Club, Smith Tourney Champ, Con- cert Band. "Topped by Noneu IRVING AZAREN, "Irv" Movie Crew. 1959-Mechanical Engineer 'KHe'd do well in any feldn BEVERLY BARD, "Beve" journal Business Manager. journal Staff. C.A.A., 2A Club, Locker Guard. 1959-Publicity Agent "Fair and Soft Spolcenl' NANCY BASAN, "Nance" G.A.A., 2A Club, Horseback Hiding, Intramurals, Lunch Guard. 1959-Ma azine Illustrator "Eicient, Ablectionute and Amkitiou.s'7' GERALD BEAR, "Moose" Track Team, Soccer Team, C.M.C, 2A Club, Book Room 1959-Architect "Friendly Personalityu ELAINE BELL, "Lennie" Study Secretary, G,A.A. 1959--Singer "Those .sweet Tones ring out as true as a Belf' VERNON BELON SKY, "Belly" Lunch Guard, ZA Club, Locker Guard, Smith Tourney, German Club. 1959-Father of a Football Team "Tall, Dark and Handsome" : Page 21 385 faaa of yune 1949 SALLIE BENDERSKY, "Sassie" French Club, C.A.A. Club, C.M.C. 1959-Socialite "Sugar und Spice" DAVIDA BERMAN, "Divvie" C.A.A., Pan American Club, Class President, Attendance Office Secretary, Intramurals, Lunch Guard. 1959-journalist "Quiet and Sllll, fmt sllelll get by" MARVIN BERMAN, "Marv" C.NI.C., Pan American Club, ZA Club, jr. Achievement. Class Chairman. H159-Man of Distinction 'iP1enfy of Character" MARLENE BERNFIELD, "Mikki" National Honor Society, Concert Orchestra, Drama Club. Swim Leader, ZA Club. l959-Radio Actress "The Sis stand for Sweet, Sincere and Smart" ADELYNE BERNSTEIN, "Add" CAA., QA Club, Oflice Assistant, Enrolling Secretary. J.Y.L. 1959-Commercial Artist "Baby Blue Eyes" BETTY BERNSTEIN, "Bartz" Recording Secretary, Enrollment Secretary. Attendance Office Assistant, Service Society. 1959-Research Scientist "The Executfce Type" STANLEY BEYER, "Stosh" C.M.C., Concert Orchestra. ZA Club. l959-Millionaire "Melaricl1oIy il1IlSiC'i!lllh HENRIETTA BIEBER, "Blue Eyes" CI.A.A., Secretary, Section President. Real Cross. l955l--Mali llari llelper H A Grin is the Hung ROBERT BIEBER, "Bob" Service Society, ll.O.'l'.C. Cuartl Detail, ZA Club. Biology Lab. Assistant, Ushers Club. l95?JADoetor "Ile Keeps you In Sfifr'hex" LEANORE BLATT. "Lee" C.iXl.C., G.A.A., Lunch Cuartl, Otliee Helper l95?iflJi'olectiii51 MRS. Degree "Nose for Neu'.x" 1. W. J 7 1 Ulm Chiu BETTY BLUMENTHAL, "Betz" Symphonic Choir, Operetta, Service Society, G.A,A., Busi- ness Manager, Secretary, Chairman of Class. 1959-Teacher of Mathematics "Size knows her figures well" BIRGIT BLUMENTHAL G.A.A., C.M.C,, Lunch Guard, French Club, Locker Guard. 1959-Display Designer "A Little Bit . . . Goes zz Long lVuy" DAVID BLUVER, "Dave" Movie Crew, Officers Cluh. Guard Detail, Ushers Cluh, ZA Club, Riiie Team. Book Room. 1959-Unknown mln or Out of Lniforni, Dave is Tops lL'ifl1 HSN ISAK BRANDHANDLER, "Izzie" Smith Tourney, Intramurals, Biology Club, QA Cluh. 1959-Commercial Artist "Nice Looks ...A X 'ice Guy" GERALDINE BREGMAN, 'iGerri" GAA.. Journal Agent, 2.-X Cluh, Knitting Cluli, Otlicc Helper, 1959-Occupational Theraplst "BubhIin,q Bit of Femininilif' HOWARD BRENNER, "Howie" Band, Symphonic Choir. Divison Chairman, Letterinans Club, Baseball Team. C.XI.C. 1959-Lawyer 'iClotlze.s' Make the llunv DONALD BRIN, "Don" Soccer Team Lettermans Cluh. Symphonic Choir, Baschall Team, Svs',.m.ng Team, CAI C. 1959-Doctor "Varie are his Sjlflff-SU ELAINE BK DWN Concert Orchestra, Enrollniffnt Secretary, French Clnh, QA Club, G.A,A., Service Society, 1959-Occupational Therapwt "Putty and Pfeasirig' FONALD BUEHLING, "Don" Symphonic Choir, Lunch Gnarcl. 1959-'Automotive Enginesr "Peck,.s' Bad Boy" SHELDON BULWA, "Shelly" Basketball Team, Smith Tourney, ZA Clnh, Lunch Guard. 1939-Dentist "lust Glue H'1n a Bf1,s-lccftlnzzliv 0 Page 23 Ae Cfadei offline 1949 xg M' IACKIE BUYER C.A.A., Chairman of Class, 2A Club, Red Cross, Lunch Guard, Pan Amcrican Club. 1959-Singer with a Band "Lm'c'ly and Sweet to Knmun KATHLYN CASEY, "Kasey" :ZA Cluh, Swim Lcudcr, Symphonic Choir, C.A.A.. Intra- murals. 11139-Nurse "Ying, .llftv of ljljlltllllllfv ARLENE COHEN, "Cookie" Otlicc Secrctury, Locker Cuurd, Service Society, C.A.A. 1959-Social VVorker "Su'c'c'f and Sincere" MARVIN COHEN, "Marv" Fire Marslmll, C,M.C., Lunch Guard, Squad Competition. 1959-,fM'countunt "Um SllCCC4S'.S'fllI Busiiiess Mani' IOHN CONNELL, "Irish" Smith Tourney, Teachers Secretary, Student Council, Boolc- room Helper. 1959-Undertaker "Smiling ll'ISl1l71llI1u CLYDE COREN, "Clydie" llcad of Sound Staff, Sound Crew. 1959-Electrical Engineer "Quiclcer than Soumil' IOAN COWAN, "Dimplcs" C.A.A., Office Hclpcr. Secretary of Music Apprcciution, C.Nl.C.. Horst-hack Riding, -l.Y.L. 1959-Posscssor of un MHS, Dcgrcc "The cycw lmrc it" WILLIAM CUNNALLY, "Hill-billy" N lli-Y Mcmlucr, :IA Cluli, C.Nl.C., Intrmmu'uls,,Pam Amer- icam Cluh. H 151511-Architect l .AlIllI'H4ll1 Iluppgf lx xi K rx DOLORES DECKER, "Dee" xl C2.A.A.. Tcnchcrs Secretary, lfiunncc Otlicc Sccieturv, Pan American Clulm, A 15159--Sccrctairy "Says Litflc. lDm'.v .llllflln IOANNE DEEM. "Io" C.f'x.f:., Class flllillflllilll. llitlc Tcnm. QA Club, Lunch Cuurc . 15159--Pulilic llculth Nurse ullycll liked athlete" Page 24 I l glee Cfadd ofjune 1949 RALPH DIEBALL Hi-Y, Lunch Guard, C.M.C. 1959-Engineer "Quiet and Sincere" RAMONA DOCTOR, "Mona" Class Chairman, Service Society, C.A.A.. Locker Guard. V 1959-Research Technician i'lnteI1igence and Success" MARIORIE DOEHRING, "Margie" Lunch Cuard. CAA.. Diyision Chairman. Annual Rcp- resentatiye. Cym Secretary. 1959-Photographers Model MOII. you beautiful dollfu SALLY DREVV, "Sal" At Farragut-Student Guidance, Crossword Club. At Steuben-C..-XA. 1959-Nurse "Our Florence Niglztiriguieql DANIEL EBERT, "Dan" f L Ar is 4 National Honor Society. Business Manager. Science AlllYlL' Crew. Office XYorlcer, ZA Club. F 1959-VVealthy Businessman , ' 'KIndu.striou.s and Ileiicfrzrlabie' GERALD EDELMAN, "Ierry" Soccer Team. Lunch Guard. C.KI.C.. Intramural Basketball. 7: 1959-Genius A'.Vi,!l1tif limidi, lLifll u card RUTH ELLMAN, "Ruthie" L, Health Secretary, Class Chairman. CAA. Dr-li-gate, ZA Club. Lunch Cuard. 1959-A fist "l1a.syf on 'lie Eyes", RITA EPSTEIN Adjustment Secretary. Captain Cy in Leaders, Skillet Sisters, Class Secretary 4 sem.. C.A.A.. Enrollment Secretary, 2A Club, Service Society 1959-Uncertain "Nicene.s'.s4 without Iinzitsi' ALAN FEDER, "Big Al" Basketball Team, Intramural Basketball, Smith Tourney 1947-48, Business Manager, Div. Chairman, Student Coun- cil Delegate, :ZA Club, Journal Agent. 1959-Business Tycoon i'Aim.s' to Pleasel' IEROME FEDER, "Cornbeef" Band, Soccer Team. Lunch Guard. 1959-Successful Businessman "A Diamond in the Houghi' Page 25 A Cfaaa ofyune 1949 ,l EILEEN FELDMAN, "Ai" Cym Leader, C.A.A., C.M.C., Attendance Office Secretary, Class Secretary, Pan American Club, ZA Club, Intramurals. 1959-Psychologist U . "A truer Friend und YV0rker ccnnmf be founri MELVIN FELDMAN, "Mel" Lettermans Club, Soccer Team, Track Team, Service So- ciety, Movie Crew, Business Manager, Smith Tourney 1947-48. T959-Successful man "He krmaxv his Figuresi' SEYMOUR FERDMAN, "Sven" junior Basketball, Smith Tourney, Letterman, Concert Orchestra, Music Festival, 2A Club. 1959-Engineer "King Midris Touch on the Violin" FRANCES FERRARA, "Frannie" President of Skillet Sisters, Service Society, President ot Tri Hi-Y, C.A.A., Business Manager, journal Agent, Boxxx- ing Club, 2A Club. 1959-Nurse i'De1'in.'fc'iy Cizurmfngp HARRIET FINE, "Kitten" French Club, C.A.A., Gym Leader, OI'Hce Secretary, Di- vision Secretary, j.Y.L., 2A Club. 1939-Radio ActIess "The Eye-Deal Girl" STUART FINE, "Hot Lips" Concert Orchestra, Division Chairman, Pan American Club, Intramurals. i959-Coyernment Employee "A .Xl ,Qlzfy Fine Feiiown ,-f.6'?'?fi ROBERT FINKEL, "Fink" Bowling Team, Chess Team. 1959-A Sports XYriter "Tall, Dark, zmri fo the Point" DONALD FOGEL, "Don" Basketball lutraumrals, Smith Touiaiy, QA Club, Book Boom llelper, 1959-VAeronautical liuglucer They Don? Come :ing Belief' DONNA FORSLAND, "Dee" Symphonic Choir, Nlatlrigals, Swim Leacler, Division See- l'k'iLll'j', C A .-X. l95Si+Siuger C1lfl'!lilfi-NlIL't'QI1l S.i1gi'oo HOWARD FREED, "Freedy" Senior Basketball Team, Smith Tourney Capt., Pau Ami-le- icau Club, Baseball Team. N159-l'lay.11g, Basketball - Manager of the Chicago Stags "Une in ll .lliiiionu l"u'e 36 0 o v jlre Cfaaa 0 unef ALLEN FREEMAN, "Tommy" Soccer Team, Track, Biology Club, C.M.C., Book Helper. Bowling Club. 1959-Dentist "The Cozzclfs Boy" RONALD FREEMAN, "Iosh" Concert Orchestra. Business Manager, Rifle Team, Guard Detail, Ollice Messenger, Lunch Guard. 1959-Secretary of Treasury "No Limits to Vitality" DONNA MAE FREY, "Dee Mae" Tri Hi-Y. CA..-X., Symphonic Choir, 2.-X Club. 1959-Housewife nlliglzty Sweet" LARRY FRIEDMAN, "Lat" Baseball Team. Basketball Team, Student Council, Busi- ness Manager, Letterman. Smith Tourney. 1959-A Bi! Business Executive "Really ll Regulzir FENG" VERNON FUNK Smith Tourney. Basketball Team. Swimuiini.: Team. 1959-Engineer "Devil Jlay Cureg' EILEEN GELFORD. "Lee" Knitting Club. C..-Xu-X.. Lilmratry' Assistant. 1959-journalist i'Clmrm und Pof.se" SHELDON GILFORD, "Shelly" .lournal Staff, Sound Crew, ZA Club. Biology Club, Pan American Club. Office Helper. 1959--Advertisin, 'KTull, Dari and .lI.lImm" LAWRIE GLICKMAN, "Garbage Can" National Honor Society, Service Society, Concert Orchestra. Basketball Team, Lettcruians Club, Coiuuiissioner of Fi- nance, Student Council, Business Nlariagcr. 1959-Big Businessman 'Ilan About Sleubeni' HERBERT GOLD, "Fat Boy" Bowling Team, C.M.C,, Boolcroom Helper, Chess and Checker Club, 2A Club. 1959-C-Man "Herbie-with the laughing facev LAWRENCE GOLD, "Larry" Swimming Team, Concert Band, Symphonic Choir. Lunch Guard. 1959-Sailing the 7 Seas 'Variety is his Spice of Lifel' Page 27 lie Cfafsa offline 7949 f f 1,4 Wyyf- 4, mi ,, I, ' 9 77511, I 1 f, 1.6 A nv . 1 e iffflflfl M' 1 5 f eff, Pgigf' IAY GOLDEN, "I" Intramural Basketball, Stuclcnt Council, Lunch Guard Movie- Operator. 1959-Business Executive "Pric'ele.s'.9 as his Hlllllfv BERNIE GOLDMAN, "Barnyard" ,A Service Society, Concert Orchestra, French Club, 3. Class, Biology. l959YC0IlL'l'I'l Pizmist "Quiet, 11111 ,gets llfllllllllv RITA GOLDSTICK, "Rest" Annual Representative, Book Room Asslt., Service Society, Office Secretary, C.M.C., C.A.A. 1959-Successful XVOIHZITI. "Sweet unrl Lovely ' ARITA GOODFRIEND, "Bonnie" RiHe Team, C.A.A., ZA Club. Locker Guard. 1959-Housewife "A friend in neezl is a friend inrleeriu NAOMI GOODMAN Service- Society, Pan American Club, C.A.A., English Sec- retary, Journal Secretary, C.M.C. 1959-Actress "Small Petite and Very Sweet" HARVEY GOULD, "Haw" Basketball Manager, Lettcrinzin. :ZA Club. 1959-Comedian "Haro draws attention" GERALD GRABOWSKY, "Stubby" Bzlseluull 'llc-uni, Swim Tcmn, :ZA Cluli Prosiclent. Letter- mun's Clulm, Smitli Tourney. l959-Civil Engimw-r "They lltllllf rome any lIl'ff!'l'H BRUCE GRADOUS l?J5?J-l'ra1ctic1' lxll'CllL'llll' "Vl'ell likvcl by alll' BELLA GREEN, "Butch" llonor Souix-ly. St-i'x'icc Souii'ix', Ulliu- Sl'L'l't'tl1l'X. Symphonic Clioir. C.A.A. i959-Boi blilil'L'1N'l' A'Corm'r on ull BI'tllll.S'N IACK GREENBERG Bilslictlmll 'll-nun, lhsvlntill 'l'i'i1lii. Lcttoruiuu, ZA Club. lil-:3ll7'l:l'iltlll'l' NVrih-1' MTII1' Allilvlii' Dynunio' 28 O Q 3 Q CAM 0!,Q,,,,f,e1949 MORTON GREENBERG, "Hose Nose" Movie Crew. Pam :xIllt'I'lL'ilH, ZA Club. 1959-Advertising 'iF0r HCS' u fully Good Fc'Ilmv" NORMAN GREENBERG, "Norm" Swimming: Tcauu, Suiitli rl-0llI'llL'Y, lr. Aclnir-vm-im-lit, ZA Club. 1959-Anotlicr NVQ-stluruoli PL-glur MAllL'l1l1.S on lmml Lvlzcu 110411011 HELENE GREENFIELD, "Chickie" G..'X..'X...l.xY.L..C.xl,C,,,l17llTllLll8tlll'l',2.A Clulm, Illffkllllllfillx, French Club. lluuor Sur-ir-ty. 1959-Xlodcl HCllfL' lilllc' Clliflcn CAROLE GROSS, "Carry" CllL'L'l'lCrlKll,'I', Cl.,-XA.. Lum-ln Cuurcl, QA Cluli, lillNllIl'NN Xliumger. l9-59-XlgLrri.4!v "Short und Slllljljlffn WILLARD HALL, "Willie" C.fxI.C., ZA Clulf. l959iClio1'ux Girl lim-utor "Ile ,llruls Iliff lllfrlfl 1L1'If1 ll Slllllfli ALICE HALPERIN, "Hal" C.,-NA.. :ZA Cluln. Klux liurlrlix S1-1 il., l"r'a-in-ln Cflula. l959-St4Ario!r.1plif-r HA Smilc' for .Ulu GLORIA HANSEN, "Glo" C.A.A. 1959-Still Smiling USIJIIITIVUS low um . 1' ' 1 CHARLOTTE HARRIS, "Char" C.A.A., 2A Clulm, lim ,5HIH'I'lC'.lll filllll. 1959-Nlurrivcl "Clair is no C'XL'I'jlflUIl ffm! UH good llzingn funn NIIHIHH ,iff MURIEL HEFTER, "Butch" Honor Society, Concvrt Orclwstru, Syniplnonic Clioir. Svrv- ice Society, C.A.A.. ZA Cluli. 1959-Teacher "l'Vl1iz on ll'lzeel.si', KEITH HENINGER USl16I',S Cluli, Guard Dc-tail, Ollicn-rS Cluli, CfJlIIIlC'lltlX'I,' Platoon. V ' V 1959-Marine or Navy Curccr "About Face to Sz1cc'e,szsVi Page 29 Ae Cfaaa ofjune 1949 REYNOLD HERMAN, "Stickers" Letterman, Division Chairman, Business Manager, Student Council, Pan American Club, ZA Club, Manager Basketball Team, Smith Tourney, Service Society. l959l-Big Deal HHU Sticks' to youu IOYCE HOFFMAN C.M.C., G,A,A., Locker Guard, Division Secretary, Book- room, ZA Club, Intramurals. I 959-Model "The Model Figurcw DONALD HOMER, "Don" Student Council Representative, Pan American Club. Track Team, Track Team Manager, Letterman, Spanish Club. Symphonic Choir, Division President, 2A Club. 1959-States Attorney "Ouie1 and Ilelpfulw BETTY HYlVl.AN G.A.A., QA Club, Locker Guard. 1959-Liberal Arts Degree "Nose For Nates", BEVERLEE HYMAN, "Baby" National Honor Society, Service Society, l.Y.L.. Recording Day Secretary, G.A.A., Library President, Lunch Guard. Locker Guard, 2A Club, French Club, Symphonic Choir. Music Festivals, Intramurals, Biology Club. 19.59-Fashion Model 'illiifty Bminu NANCY IACOBSON, "lake" Choir, G.A.A., journal Agent, Chairman of Class, Secretary of Division, Swim Leader, ZA Club. 1959-Air Hostess 'KA cute little blonde of iuliom wclrc all ftllldn ALLEN IANGER, "Iingleioints" Pan American Club, lr. Achievement, Biology Club, Sound Crew. 1959-Chemist ' "Quiet and Nici' to Kuowii PEGGY IENSEN, "Peg" Locker Guard, G.A.A., QA Club, llealth Chairman. Student Council Rep., Annual Agent - 1946, Class Chairman, NYater Ballet, Modeling Club, Girls Ritle Team, Class Secretary, Swim Leader. 1959-Airline llostess "Cute and .vzt'ccfg Peg O' Ulu" Ilearf eurft be beat" GORDON JOHNSON, "Gordy" Competitive Platoon. Color Guard, Rifle Team. Guard Detail, Ushers Club, Non-Comms Club, Oi'l:icer's Club, Military Ball Committee, Stage Crew, Movie Crew, Service Society, Hi-Y. 1959-Soldier of Fortune "Tliere's soliietlaiiig about ll solciief' ROBERTA IULIUS, "Bobbie' Office Secretary, Gym Leader, Locker Guard, Librarian Asst., G.A.A., Class Secretary, Health Chairman, Health Librarian, 2A Club, Careers Secretary, French Club, Intra- murals Basketball. 1959-Physical Ed. Teacher "Sweet SlI17l'1iSfiCl1fi0fl,, Pa ge 30 O 3 s jlze' Cfadd ofyune MARILYN KAILES, "Mickey" Class President, Library Assistant, GAA.. QA Club, j.Y.L., Pan American Club. l959-Lawyer i'Girl of niysferyn AL KAPLAN, "BIondie" At lx'Iarsliall-Basketball Tenin, S.l'.li. XYinncr, lr. llunui' Society, Gym Leaclcr. Intramurals, Division St-cy., Ilzill Guard. At Yon-Basketball Tegnn, journal Stall, Smith 'l'oii1'm-y. 1959-Aclvertising Executive nSfCUl7L'll .s gunz lL'lI.S' .llur.vliull'.x' loss" ALLEN KAPLAN, "Al" Track Team. Cross Country, Smith 'l'mir1it-y, ZA Club. 1959-Car Dealer NAS ll l1i1.s.'iies'.s' Ninn, lic' will malty ll .s'i1r'r'c'.s'.s' of zziiyfliiiig lie llUL'Su - I HARRIET KAPLAN, "Har" i Gym Leaders, Syinpliunic Choir, Business Manager. G..-X..-X., Intramurals. QA Club, Clee Club, Lo--lier Guard, Pan American Club. Cy in Captain, j.Y.L. 1959-Singer i'Su'c'et and Lovely" MORTON KAPLAN, "Chief" Soccer Team. Letterman. ZA Club. Sanitary Guard. 1959-Contractor "He'll build up to .suc'cLss" BARBARA KARZEN, "Barb" 2A Club. Gyiii Leader. CA .-X. Board. llistury Cliairiiian, English Chairman, Health Chairman. Acljiistim-nt Sccy., Division Secy.. Biology Sc-ey.. lntraimirals. Pan Aim-ricaii Club. National Honor Society. 1959-Artist "A ruse by any miller iiuimv .fr gi- IACQUELINE KASE, "Iackie" G.A.A., Pan American Club, ZA Club. Locker Guard, Finance Office Secretary. 1959-Housewife "She'.s' got a 'Kasel on Abe, GERALD KIEN, "E" man C.M.C., Letterman, Track Team, Sanitary Guard, 2A Club, Band, Orchestra, Intramural Basketball, Lunch Cnaril, Student Council Rep. 1959-Chemist "Quiz Kid" RICHARD KNOCKEMUS, "Dick" Intramurals, 2A Club. 1959-Farmer "'Tall, blonde, and what a smilev MARLENE KRAIITBLATT, "Sidyshappy" Library Asst., 2A Club, G.A.A, journal, Service Society, j.Y.L., G,A.A. Delegate. 1959-Advertising Director "Sweet Personality" Page 31 3 Ae gfafifi ofyune IEANNINE KRAVITZ, "Rikki" G.A.A., Symphonic Choir, Gym Leader, J.Y.L., Service Society, Solo Choir, Mikado. 1959-Secretary "Forever willing to lzelpv VIVIAN KRETSHMER, "Viv" Swim Leader, journal Stall, G.A.A., Letter Girl, Secretary of Class, Intramurals, 2A Club, C.M.C., Locker Guard. H159 --Journalism 'Une of the liesf is our friendly and likeable Viui' SHIRLEY ANN KRUSS, "Bunny" Lilirary Assistant, Bookroom Helper, Locker Guard, -l.Y.L.. Class Secretary. 1959-Uncertain "Intellectual inlere.s't" IRVING LANDSTROM, "Irv" R.O.T.C.. Bowling League. 1959-Military Instructor 2 "A fellow you are surf' to liken BURTON LANGER, "Chick" Swimming Team, Baseball Team, Soccer Team. Smith Tourney, C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Division Representative. 195SJfSueeessfnl Veterinarian "Clotl1cs, looks, and girls galore' SORRELL LAPINS, "Sooky" Soccer Team. Co-captain Soccer Team, Letterman. Letter- y , man's Cluh, Service Society, Symphonic Choir. l959vUnecrtain M0110 of Ilie l1o1,'.s"' YALE LAUTER, "Buddy" Service Society, Symphonic Choir, Business Manager, Student Council llenresentative. 2.-X Cluh. Basketliall Team, Baseliall Team, Bowling Team, Letterman's Clulx. 15159-Lawyer e of llie iiiewsf' LOIS LAVINE, "Lo" Student Council Ilepreseutative, G..-X..-X., C.M.C., QA Clulu, Locker Guard, Luneli Guard, Class Sec'y., Class Chairman. H1551-Uncertain "Sweet Soiil1i.v!if'i1Iioi:" MERYL LAVINEL "Mickey" G.A.A., Business Manager, Knitting Clulu, :ZA Cluh. I.Y.L. 19159-Secretary V "Pox.ve.s-vor of u zlcliglzfful personality" ELAINE LEDERMAN. "Babe" Lunch Guard, Art Secretary, Enrollment Helper, CIA A, Bowling Cluli. 1959 --I lousewife 'ev "Her .smile is lzer prissporf' l'ag.ic 32 . ' we Ofylflfle TOBY LEDERMAN, "Teh" OHice Secly., Enrollment Sec'y., Class Sec'y., 2A Club, G.A.A., Library Assistant, Bowling League. Service Society. 1959-Uncertain "Friendly Personality" PHILIP LEIBOW, "Phil" R.O.T.C., Fire Marshall, Guard Detail, Div. hliiiiiiger. 1959-Salesman "Military Casanova" ARLENE LEON, "Lee" G.A.A., Gym Secretary, Service Society, Library Assistant, Teachers Secretary, Aclyisor's Secretary, ZA Club. 1959-Many a wealthy playboy "Ev.'erylJody's pal" BOB LESH, "Tiger" Senior Basketball Team. City Finalist, North Section Champ, Annual Committee, Letterman's Club, C.M.C., Smith Tourney Captain, Student Council Representative. Class Secfy., 2A Club. 1959-Father of a basketball team "One of the lJoys" ELIAH LEVIN, Concert Band and Orchestra, Letterman's Club, Soccer Team, Service Society, Baseball Team, Smith Tourney, QA Club, Chairman of Classes. Business fyliinagcr, B.O.T.C. Band. 1959-Chemical Engineer "A charm all his man" IRWIN LEVINSON, "Irv" Lunch Guard, Symphonic Choir. Intramurals Basketball. 2A Club, Pan American Club, 1959-Millionaire "Steuben'.s- Romeo" RAYMOND LEVINSON, "E" man Track Team, Baseball Team. Bowling Team, C.Nl.CI,, ZA Club, Mikado, Pan American Club. jr. Achicyi-mr-nt, Smith Tourney. 1959-Accountant "Short and Slirewdu CARQLE LEVITON, "Carolee" Lunch Guard, C.M.C., G.A.A., ZA Club, Class Chairman, Class Sec'y., Class Librarian, Intramurals, Locker Guard, Pan American Club. 1959-Radio Actress "Quiet and Sincere" LORRAINE LEVY, "Lorry" G.A.A., Teacher's Secly. 1959-Comptometer O erator "Silently she buillds her thoughtsv SEENA LEVY, "See" G.A.A., Finance Sec'y., Office Secly., 2A Club, Intramurals, Troubadors, Class Chairman, Enrollment Sec'y. 1959-Kindergarten Teacher "Niceness without limitations' Page 33 lie Cfaaa ofyune 1949 1 E Page 34 LENORE LEWIS, "Lenny" G.A.A., j.Y.L., Librarian, Locker Guard, Health Sec'y., 2A Club, French Club, Music Festival, Intramurals. 1959-Pavlova's Protegee "Twinkle Toes" BENIAMIN LINSKY, "Bennie" Iournal Agent, Sanitary Guard, Pan American Club, Intra- mural Basketball, Smith Tourney, 2A Club. 1959-Millionaire Playboy "Man behind the seenesi' HANNAH LIPSITZ, "Slaphappy" Library Assistant, Service Society, G.A.A., I.Y.L., Ir. Achievement, QA Club, Ping Pong Chairman, Bowling Team, Columnist in 2A Bulletin. 1959-Nurse 'Yndustrious and energetic" ' FLORENCE LUDGIN, "Flossie" Journal Staff, Gym Leader, Service Society, Division Secyy., G.A.A., G.A.A. Delegate, Citizenship Card Representative, Locker Guard, Team Captain, Class Chairman, :ZA Club, Intramurals, 1959-Author "Our humorous atlzleten SANFORD LUKES, "Sunny" Student Council Representative, Concert Orchestra, Lunch Guard. 1959-Uncertain "Short, dark, and plenty of sparku BARBARA LUREY, "Irish" G.A.A., Lunch Guard, Class Sec'y., 2A Club, Class President. 1959-Commercial Artist "Bright as a new pennyi' IAMES MAGNUSON, "Maggee" Hi-Y Secretary, Irving Park Hi-Y Council, Rcprcsentative Chicago Hi-Y Council, Stage Crew Chief, Symphonic Choir, Pan American Club. R.O.T.C., Swimming Team. Firc Guard. 1959-Millionaire "His Amiabilify will steer him to .success IACK MALACK, "Tennessee led" f Smith Tourncy, Track Team, Ili-Y, C.lNI.C. 1959-Fightcr Pilot "High Flyer' IRWIN MALMAN, "Muscles" Soccer Tcam, C.M.C., Pan American Club, 2A Club, Band 1959-Comedian. "Our Class joker", MARTIN MALTER, "Marty" Business Manager, Intramural Basketball, Smith Tourney Division Chairman, QA Club. N l959-Civil Engineer "Marvelous, Miglzty-Maltcru O 0 of af.. ef... .,f,f1.... 1949 ARTHUR MANASTER, "Art" Sanitary Guard, Intramural Basketball, Smith Tourney, 2A Club, Honor Society. 1959-Engineer "A handsome lad with a bright futurel' LOIS MARKON, "Kitten" Honor Society, Symphonic Choir, Service Society, Class Chairman, Class Secretary, G.A.A., 2A Club, Mikado, Bowling Club. 1959-Speech Therapist "An unforgettable person" RUTH MARKS, "Babe" G.A.A., Student Council. Office Secretary, Locker Guard, C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Intramurals, Gym Secretary, 2A Club, Journal Staff, Division Chairman. 1959-Millionaires VVife i'One of the crowd" DOROTHY MATTHEWS, "Dot" G.A.A., Knitting Club, Choir. Girls Rifle Team. Secretary of Class, Librarian of Health Class. 1959-Housewife "Swell gal, everyones pall, IOYCE MCNULTY, "Mickey" G.A.A., Gym Captain, Colonel of Gym Leaders, Locker Guard, Intramurals. 2A Club. Tri Hi-Y. Pan American Club. 1959-Physical Education Teacher "Stay as .sweet as you arei' IEANNINE MELL, "Rusty" G.A.A., Cheer Leader, French Club. C.M.C.. :ZA Club. G.A.A. Horseback Riding. 1959-Owner of Idle Hour "Jeanie 'stirs up' .s-miles' PETER METRoPouLos, "Pm" C.M.C., Sound Staff, Sound Crew, Hi-Y. 1959-Rich Man "Anything for a laugh" RONALD METTE, "Bo" Letterman, Smith Tourney Champs 1948, Golf Team, C.M.C., Lunch Glylfd, English Chairman, journal Agent, Business Manager, ZA Club Officer, Bowling-QA Club. 1959-Counting his millions "All kinds of jigures for himu SHIRLEY MICHEALS, "Shirl" G.A.A., French Club, ZA Club, Office Secretary, Lunch Guard, Health President, Intramurals, 2143i Secretary, Librarian Assistant. 1959-Physical Education Teacher "Body and Soul" SHERWIN MILLER, "Iackson" C.M.C., 2A Club, Chess and Checker Club. 1959-Georgia Peach "Easy to get along withv , Page 35 :":" V ai-15"-wifi is , milf: - 2785 fa5A ofyune 1949 SHIRLEY MILLER, "Lurshie" C.A.A.. :ZA Club. Drama Club, J.Y.L.. Biology Club, junior Achievement. 1959-Torch Singer "Mild and l7lOdCSfU MARILYN MITCHELL, "Mare" Student Council, QA Club, Gym Secretary, G.A.A.. Locker Guard, Gym Captain, Lunch Guard. Intramurals. "A .s-milc and a word for all" HOWARD MONGITE, "Howie" Track Tcum. Cross-Country, :ZA Club, Intramural Bas- lietbull. 1959-Columcrcinl Pliotogrgiplicr 'iflrlppy Gu Lllckgf' DAVID MORGAN, "Dave" Swimming Tcaun, ZA Club, C.NI.C.. Lunch Guard. 1959-Rancher UA zcmzclcrfrzl guy rlcscrving the best" DONALD MORITZ, "Don" Intramurals, :ZA Club. C.M.C., Smith Tourney. Lunch Guard. A'Dmz juan .lluril:," ESTELLE MOSCOVITCH, "Baub" C.M.C., G.A.A., Health Secretary. ZA Club. Olfice Help. Intramurals, Pun American Club. Locker Guard. Class Chairman. 1959-Nlodel Vlifc "Carefree and Gllflli BERNARD MOSHEL, "Red" Brrskctbull Tcauu, Buscbull 'l'cum. Succcr Tcaun. Track Tcum. Lcttcrmaui. IQSH-l'12lI'lllk'I' UYllI'll'll urc his .wporI.v' MAC IVIULNIAT, 'ABud" 'llfUlll1tlClUI'S. C.Nl.C.. ZA Club, Sanitary Guard. Iiitluilmlrall Buskctlmll. Lunch Cunral, Biology Club. Ill-59-SllL'k'1tSSIilll llusincss Nlllll UNIV1' In kriurf' IONA NEHF. "I" GAA., Stuclcut Council Rcprcscntutivc. Swim Leader. ZA Club, Class I.,ibrau'inn. Horschack Riding, I.Y.L., Music Apprcciution Club. 1959-Posscssor of ar MRS. degrcc "Fuslziun in Iucclim'.v.v" ANITA NEWMAN, "Honey" Anmml RCPITSOIIIRIIIYC, Swim Leader, Secretary, Office llclpcr, Drzunu Club, G.A.A. Delegate. G.A.A.. C.M.C., 2A Club, Horseback Riding. journal Agent. "AIu'ay.s 11011 and full of pep" Page 36 O Q v jkeigfadd ofyune IERROLD NORTH, "larry" Student Council, Soccer Team, Track Team, Letterman, Letterman's Club, Sanitary Guard, Salesman Club, RO. T.C., 2A Club, Pan American Club. 1959-College Man "North winds bring ,goodv SANFORD NOVITT, "Skeezix" At Schurz-Bowling Team, President of German Club. 1959-Auto Mechanic "A pretty nice guy" IOHN OSCHMAN, "Osch" Track Team, Smith Tourney, C.M.C., :ZA Club. 1959-Bank President "XVortlzy of your friendslzipu PAUL OSSHER, "Duke" Baseball Team, Swimming Team, Lettermans Club, Smith Tourney, Symphonic Choir, Lunch Guard, Business Manager. 1959-Forester "Not only u Duke by IIUIYIBD . 1 ELAINE PATRICK, "Irish" G.A.A., Library Assistant, Student Council, Secretary to Advisor, Service Society. 2A Club. 1959-Social VVorker "Kitten nn the keys" ROGER PEDERSEN, "Pete" Manager of Soccer Champs 345, ZA Club, C.N1.C., Lunch Guard, Business Manager. 1959-Business Man "Great oaks from little aerirns groin' RONALD PENZIK, "Ronnie" Smith Tourney, C.M.C., Pan American Club, ZA Club, Lunch Guard. 1959-Big Business Man "Euer.s'harp Pen-ziku IEROME PERELGUT, "Ierry" C.M.C., J.Y.L., Movie Crew, journal Agent, Business Man- . ager, 2A Club, Pan American Club, Smith Tourney, Lunch Guard, Bowling Team. 1959-Businessman "To be eueryoneis friend is this boys creed" f X SONIA PERELGUT, "Sunny" Bowling, G.A.A., ZA Club, Lunch Guard, Service Society. 1959-Teacher " 'Sunny' side upv ' ELAINE PLUSKER G.A.A., 2A Club, Lunch Guard, Pan American Club C.M.C., Locker Guard. 1959-MRS. degree "Gift for Gab" :Page 37 r f lie Cfaaa ofyune i949 MARSHALL POPP, "Popp" C.M.C., Sanitary Guard, 2A Club. 1959-Draftsman "A Prince ofa fella" RUTH POSNER, "Ruthie" 20335 Secretary, Class Secretary, Career Secretary, Library Assistant, Health Librarian, Locker Guard, G.A.A., 2A Club, I.Y.L., Intramurals, Horseback Riding Club, French Club. 1959--Teacher "Sweet as apple cider" STUART PROIANSKY, "Pro" Smith Tourney, 2A Club, Basketball Team, Lettermanis Club, Lunch Guard. 1959-Future Stag "He scores not only with the womeni' FERNE RADZIN, "Blue Eyes" G.A.A., ZA Club, Lunch Guard, C.M.C. 1959-Secretary "Sincerely yours," IEANE REIDIBOYM Locker Guard, ZA Club, Class Librarian, G.A.A., Pan American Club, Intramurals, Bowling, Class Secretary, C.M.C. 1959-Fashion Designer "Cute and Cuddleyn ROBERT REISS, "Bob" ' B of E Radio WVorksh0p, junior Achievement. Concert Band, :ZA Club, Placement Secretary, C.M.C. 1959-In Radio Field "Little Minxv ARLENE RESNICK, "Al" G.A.A., Gym Leader, ZA Club, Health Class President, Locker Guard, Girls Rifle Team. Attendance Oflice Secretary? D 1959-Going or an MRS. egree 'Z'-IW 'ASparlclC Plenty" MORTON RICHTER, "Rickert" Basketball Team, Track Team, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Music Festival, Chimes of Normandy, Mikado, Smith Tourney, Service Society, Student Council Repre- sentative, 2A Club, Intramurals, Library Helper. 1959-Leader of Halstecl Street Labor Union. "Quiet, hut 11 swell fella" MARY ANN RILL Locker Guard, Symphonic Choir, Tri Hi-Y, 2A Club, Attendance Secretary, Class Secretary, G.A.A., Swim Leader. 1959-wllcgistercd Nurse "'Shc'll hit the top" FRED ROSEN, "Frou" Business Manager, Student Council, Band, C.M.C., Smith Tourney. 1959-Psychologist "Always enjoys lll17lS:,'lf,l Page 38 0 0 we Cfdffff Ofjlflfle CHARLENE ROSENBERG, "Chuckie" Honor Society, Service Society, Symphonic Choir, Division Secretary, G.A.A., Bookroom Assistant, Intramurals. 1959-Private Secretary "Her smile is like the surf' DAVE ROSENBERG, "Neback" C.M.C., Lunth Guard, journal, Smith Tourney, Basketball, Baseball Team, QA Club, Biology Club. 1959-Uncertain MA Bit of Ererytlzingv RALPH ROSENGARDEN, "Rosie" Student Council, C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Swimming Team, Division Chairman, 2A Club. 1959-Used Car Dealer "Life is Always 'Rosiei " SHIRE ROTHBART, "Sy" National Honor Society, Business Manager, Letterman's Club, Manager of Basketball Team, 2A Club, joumal Agent, Service Society, Pan American Club. 1959-Still Taking Trig. "Socially Supremeu NATALIE RUBEN, "Sunshine" Business Manager 3 Semesters, journal Agent, Student A Council Representative, Division Representative 3 Sem., Annual Representative, Class Chaimian, Class Secretary, Pan American Club. Troubadours, Health Librarian Sec- retary, G.A.A.. C.M.C., ZA Club, Teachers Secretary. 1959-Ballroom Dancer "Our Personality Smile Girl is 'mighty popular' " BEVERLEE RUBIN, "Bev" G.A.A., Red Cross, Locker Guard, QA Club. 1959-Unknown "Double Troublel' DAVID RUBENSTEIN, "D.I." Orchestra 7 Semesters, Movie Crew 7 Semestcrs, Sound Crew 2 Semesters, Chairman of Class, Secretary of Class, C.M.C., Lunch Guard. 1959-Teacher "One of the Bestl' MELVIN RUDICH, "Mel" At Austin-Glee Club, Ballet, Movie Operator, Mathc- matics Club, Boys Band, Officer in Engineers Club, Hall Guard. At Von Steuben-Movie Crew, C.M.C., I.Y,L., Junior Achievement, Smith Tourney. 1959-Television Engineer "Not here so long, but liked already" BOB RUTTENBERG, "Rutty" Soccer Team 2 Semesters, Track Team, Baseball Team 4 Semesters, Letterman's Club, Division Chairman 5 Semes- ters, Lunch Guard Captain, Basketball-Smith Tourney, 2A Club, Biology Club, Volleyball Team. 1959-Professional Baseball Player "The Star of the Diamondv NANCY-RUE SAKOL, "Nan" Annual Representative, Finance Office Assistant, C.A.A., Pan American Club, 2A Club, Record Day Secretary, Troubador, Ping Pong Club, Riding Club, Class Secretary. 1959-Possessor of an MRS. Degree "The New Look" Page 39 3 in jim CAM Ofjune 1949 SHIRLEY SCHLIN, "Baby" Librarian, Troubadours, G.A.A., Secretary, 2A Club, Drama Club. 1959-Tourist "Social, Sweet, and Swelll' CARLENE SCHMIDT, "CarIey" Gym Leader, Presidcnt Tri Hi-Y, Girls Rifle Team, G.A.A., Health Chairman, Gym Captain, Intramurals. N159-Kinclt-rgartcn Tcachor "S1uc't'l mul Fffivimifu ROBERTA SCHNEIDER, "Bobbie" Gym Lt-adcr, G.A.A., Bowling Club Chairman, National Honor Sot-ivty, ZA Club, Service Society, j.Y.L., Pan American Club, Class Chairman, Finance Secretary, Tcacht-r's Sccrctary, Intramurals. 1959-Dental Assistant "lf twpulnilify, .s'wactries.s', and energy lead to the road of glory, Bobbie will head the paradel' ADRIENNE SCHRAIVI, "A" G.A.A., EZA Club, Modeling Club, Rifle Range Club. Gym Leader, Locker Guard, Class Chairman, Business Manager. 1959-Model and Career Girl "Life of the Party" gf, 4? SHIRLEY SCHRIBER, "Red" G.A.A., Class Chairman, Class Secretary. Gym Captain, Locker Guard, ZA Club, Librarian. 1959-A Furrit-r's Wife H0118 Redhead VVitl1out A Tempcru CHARLES SCHRIVER, "Gus" ZA Club, Biology Club. 1959-Owner of a Ranch "O11ietr1L's.s' makes liim uylzat lic' is" CHARLOTTE SCHWARTZ, "Chickie" QA Club, Drama Club, Pan Amvrican Club, G.A.A.. Class Sccrc-tary, ,l.Y.L. 1959-Singcr "Su'vt't mul IJCIIIIIITH IOANNE SCOPE, "Io" G.A.A., :ZA Club, Music SCL'l'UfllI'y, Division Librarian. l959+Lawyc-r "Alu'ug1.v IJl'I7L'lIlIlIl1ll'n ,E Z3 X ir . "wif l E BETTY SCOTESE, "Betty" G.A.A., National llonoi' Society, St-rvicc Sot-it-ty, Swim Lt-aclvrs Club, Otlict-1' of Swim Loaders, Locker Guard, Pau Ann-rican Club, Intramurals, Marking Day Secretary, 2A Club. Bowling, Ping Pong, Class Secretary, Class Chairman. l9159-Oct-iipational Tlwrapist "Sim lms u Corncr on beauty and brains" , ALICE SEAMAN, "Honey" V G.A.A., Locker Guard, Lunch Guard, C.M.C., Student , Z L A Council, Division Chairman, Tc-am Captain, Intramurals, 'I , Gym St-t-rotary, ZA Club. , f-3, '.'N'V l959w-lylillionaircis Wilc i N100 lo lxnow 7 " 5 f l v glgixii l Page 40 jlle Cfaafs ofjune 1949 MASON SEGLIN, "Mase" Library, Bookroom Assistant 7 Semesters, Pan American Club, Room Chairman, Room Secretary, Troubadours. 1959-Artist "Fame is Sure To Bc His" RONALD SENOFF, "Brother Brown" German Class Chairman, Intramural Basketball, Lunch Guard, C.M.C., QA Club, Physics Chairman, 1959-Billionaire "Il'itfy ls His Miclzllc NVKIIHLR, ROLAND SHAPIRO, "Rollo" Baseball Team, Intramural Baseball, Intramural Football, Letterman, ZA Club. Lunch Guard, C.M,C., Smith Tour- ney, Intramural Basketball, Swimming Team. Track Team. 1959-Playboy "Man About Steuben" NORMAN SHARE, "Norm" Ir. Basketball Team-City Finalist, Letterman, Lcttcrman's Club, Business Manager, Smith Tourncy Captain, ZA Club. 1959-Journalist A-SfClll7Clll.S Danny TIIUHIILSH IANET SHOLL, "Ian" G.A.A., QA Club, C.fNl.C.. Class Secretary, Music Apprccia tion Club. 1959-College Girl "Sweet and Petite" IOAN SILBER. "Red" G.A.A.. QA Club. Spanish Club. 204 Secretary. Bowling. 1959-Interior Decorator 'ASIIJII reach the height nf .sm'cc.s:s" RICHARD SILBERBERG, "Ricky" Soccer Team 3 Years. Track Team 2 Years. ZA Club. 1959--G-Man "A Fella After u Girls Own Heart" HERBERT SILVER, "Herbie" 2A Club, Bookroorn, Lunch Guard, Pen Pal. 1959-Commercial Artist "A Happy Di.s-pmsritirmv MARTIN SILVER, "Marty" At Marshall-Hall Guard, Division Officer, Class Officer, R.O.T.C., Non. Com. 1959-Physician "As precious as his namel' BARBARA SIMON, "Babe" Annual Representative, Business Manager, Swim Leader, G.A.A. Board Member, G.A.A. Style Show, Chairman of Intramurals, Gym Team Captain, Horse-Back Hiding Club, Health Class President, Finance Office Secretary, Water Ballet, Gym-Swim Playday Representative, 2A Club, Office Assistant, Careers Class President, Letter Girl, Ping-Pong, Pan American Club. A 1959-Stubby's Wife "" "B-Beauty, A-Athletics, B-Boldness, E-Egfr-iency. Thafs why shek' our Babei' W Page 41 AQ CKGL55 Ofylftlfle SYDELLE SIMON, "Sid" G.A.A., Pan American Club, Class Librarian, I.Y.L., Lunch Guard, C.M.C. 1959-Possessor of an MRS. Degree 'iNice to walk with: Witty to talk with" IOYCE SIMONS Attendance Office Secretary, G.A.A., Algebra Secretary Division Secretary, Pan American Club, Troubadours C.M.C., Locker Guard, 2A Club. 1959-Uncertain "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice" BEVERLY SNIDER, "Bev" Gym Leader, G.A.A., ZA Club, Class Secretary, C.M.C. Music Appreciation Club. 1959-College Girl "All those dimplesl' ERMA SOBEY Tri Hi-Y, Officer of Tri Hi-Y, Swim Leaders Club, Officer of Swim Leaders, journal, G.A.A., Girls Rifle Team, Locker Guard, Pan American Club, Intramurals, QA Club Bowling 1959-Tourist usllfflll hit the topn ARTHUR SOLOMAN, "Art" Business Manager, Concert Orchestra, Orchestra Competi- tion. 1959-Engineer "Quiet and Nicev DONNA SONDERGDARD Symphonic Choir, G.A.A., Swim Leaders, EZA Club, Intra- murals Bowling, Intramurals Basketball, Intramurals Vol- leyball, Class Chairman, Class Secretary, Girls Rifle Team Pan American Club, Division Business Manager. 1959-Secretary "She walks in beauty" IRVING STARKMAN At Von Steuben-Tennis Team, Sound Statl, Division Representative, Smith Tourney. At Marshall-Senior Honor Society, Junior Honor Society Division President, Student Council, Hall Guard. l959fSeicntist "Mar.s-lzallfs' Gift to Steuben" ALLAN STEELMAN, "Corky" Track Tealn, Sound Stall, Division Chairman, C.M.C. Intramural Basketball, Lunch Guard. 1959-A Used Car Millionaire. "A Miglity Man" WILLIAM STEINMAN, "Beazy" Track Team, Basketball Team, Vice President QA Club Biology Club, Smith Tourney, Business Manager, Division Chairman, Inlrann,u'al Baseball, Intramural Basketball Honor Society. 1959-Civil Engineer "Beyond Canmore" WALTER STONE, "Walt" National Honor Society, Student Council, Service Society, Editor of Class Paper QZAJ, Comm. of Assemblies KZAJ Oliicc Helper, Ticket Salesman, 2A Club, Sound Crew Journal Reporter, Library Worker, Business Manager Sound Crew Club. 1959-Scientist "A Gentleman Among Usl' -is Page 42 jlie gfaaa ofyune l9l49 EDWARD SUHAIDA, "Eddie" R.O.T.C. Guard Detail, Lunch Guard, Locker Guard, Bowling Team, QA Club. 1959-General "Rifle Range Romeo" IAMES SWIMMER, "Iimmy" Division Chairman, Swimming Team, C.M.C., ZA Club, Intramural Basketball. 1959-Architect "The fuddy-daddy IVatchmaker" ALLEN TANKEL, "Tank" J.Y.L., 2A Club, Track Team, Smith Tourney, Lunch Guard. 1959-Mr. America "Muscles Plus" IENNELLE TEMPLETON, "len" Symphonic Choir, Swim Leader, Beta Tri Hi-Y, G.A.A., 2A Club. Locker Guard, National Honor Society. 1959-Still Capable "Silence is a sign of wisdom" l I WILLIAM TESSIEN, "Bill" , C.M.C., 2A Club, Lunch Guard, Intramurals. 1959-Television Director "VVe'a' like to know him better" EDWIN TUNICK, "Frenchy" Baseball Team, Letterman, C.M.C., Sanitary Guard, j.Y.L., German Club, Intramurals, 2A Club. 1959-A Dentist "Varied are his Professions" HAROLD TUPLER, "Hal" 2A Club, Bookroom, Lunch Guard, I-'cn Pal Club, Office Assistant, International Club. 1959-Disney's Double" "His personality appears on paper" GLORIA UHR, "Glor" Gym Team Captain, Class Secretary, Class Chairman, C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Pan American Club, Intramurals, Locker Guard, All-Star Volleyball and Basketball. 1959-Model "The Eyes have ity WILLIAM VENIT, "Willie Lump Lump" Student Council Representative, Basketball Team, Base- ball Team, Soccer Team, Track Team, Letterman,s Club. 1959-Athletic Coach "A champion in more ways than oneu CHARLENE VOKAL, "Char" At Farragut-Hall Guard, Library Helper, Division Sec- retary, Office Helper, G.A.A. i At Von Steuben--Tri Hi-Y, G.A.A. 1959-Oflice Worker . "Nice to know" J' Page 43 jlre Cfaaa ofjune 7949 HARVARD VON BERGEN, "Haw" Letterman, Baseball Team, Smith Tourney, Bowling League, Symphonic Choir, Mikado, Advertisement Agent, Salesmanship Club, Locker Guard, Hall Guard. 1959-Salesman "Friendly Pars-1nu1lity', , ARNOLD WAINER, "Tex" ii Swim Team, C.M.C., 2A Club, Drama Club. 1959-Rancher 'The eyes of 'Texusi are upon youv ALFRED WEINER, "Al" ZA Club, Pan American Club, Guard Detail, C.M.C, 1959-Big Business Man "Commercial Genius" HARRIET VVEINERT, "Honey" G.A.A. Board, Swim Leader, Intramurals, Library Assistant, Ping Pong, Team Captain, Health Chairman, ZA Club, Spanish Club, Troubadours. 1959-Mrs. Sagan "Personality Plusv BARRY WEINSTEIN R.O,T.C. Officers Club, R.O,T.C. Non-Com's Club. Guard Detail, Ushers Club, Fire Marshall, Journal StaH, Science Dept. Movie Crew, 2A Club, Service Society. Exhibition Marching Platoon, I.N.G, 1959-Lt. Gen. U.S. Army ' "Quiz Kidu EUGENE VVEINSTEIN C.M.C., Pan Ameriean Club, Honor Boll, Grammar Club, Asst. Business Manager, Biology Club, Intramurals, Honor Society. 1959-Doctor "Liked by ull" IEROME WEINSTEIN, "lerry" Guard Detail, Rifle Team, ZA Club. 1959-Mechanic in Air Force "A claslling good fL'llOlL'n HYMIE WEISS, "Rum" Troubadours, ZA Club, Smith Tournament, Chess and Checker Club. 1959-A sports writer for a paper "A little Big Dealer' H LAWRENCE WEISS, "Larry" Service Society, Concert Orehestra, Concert Band, Student Conductor of Band and Orchestra, Movie Crew, 2A Club, Pan American Club, Operetta and hlusie Festival, C.M.C. 1959-Musician "King of Swing" MORTON WEISS, "Morty" Track Team, Baseball Team, Band, Symphonic Choir, Division Chairman, 2A Club, Smith Tourney, Lunch Guard, C.M.C., 4B Football Team, Intramurals. 1959-Businessman , "Big Deal" Page 44 I 0 jlie Cfarid ofyune RICHARD WEISZ, "Dick" Soccer Team, Lettermanis Club, Service Society, C.M.C., QA Club, Sanitary Guard. 1959-Lawyer "A lmnclsomc fellow witlz ll liriglzt futureu MAURICE WISEL, "Moe" C.M.C., IZA Club, Baseball Manager, Basketball Manager, Le-tterman's Club, Secretary of I.iCtfCI'111il1'1lS, Intramurals, Smith Tourney. j.Y.L. 1959-Concessionaire on Lake Shore Drive "A regular guy" GERI WOLF G.A.A., Symphonic Choir, Choreographer for: "Chimes of Normandy" and "Mikado", Student Council Representa- tive, Secretary of ZA Club, National Honor Society. Com- mander of Swim Leaders. Gym Secretary, Miss Cadet Major. Division Secretary. Pan American Club, Class Secretary, 1959-Successful in am' field "To knou' lzer is to love lzern ' RALPH ZEKELMAN Movie Club. Ushers Club. Biology Club, Fire Guard. 1959-I.lI'1CCI'tLlII1 "Happy gn luelty" 52 ,N IOAN ZOCH, "Io" Troubadours. G..-XA.. Leaders Secretary, Riding Club, 2A Club. 1959-Private Secretary dSmall. cute. and ffl6'7lflIlfv IANICE ZUCKER, "Blue Eyes" G.A.A., C.fNI.C.. Gym Leader, Intramurals, Horseback Riding Club. Bowling, Class Secretary. 1959-Laboratory Technician "S0pl1i.s-tic'atirm'7 5, GLENN THEILBERG, "Chico" lNot Picturedj Stage Crew, Ushers Crew, Movie Crew. Hi-Y, ZA Club, Guard Detail. 1959-Army Cook "His umialaility will .5-leer him to suece,s:s" Page 45 we Cfaffif of gegfuaf ff CAROLYN ABRAMS G.A.A., Teacheris Secretary. 1960-Housewife "Not another like lien, IOAN ALLEN, "Ioanie" Library Assistant, G.A.A., Tri Hi-Y, Miss Colels Secretary, Intramurals, C.M.C., Locker Guard, Teacher's Secretary. l960ABeautician "Sincere and nice to known IRWIN BABETCH "His Strength is Unequaledi' IORDAN BALIMAN, "Iordy" Track Team, Track-City Finalist, Baseball Team, Sym- phonic Choir, Smith Tourney, 2A Club, Letterman's Club, Intramural Basketball Captain ,47, 4B Football Team. 1960-Baseball Player "Bright as cz New Pennyv BOB BERLIN Senior Basketball Tem, Smith Tourney Champs, Letter- men Club, City Finalists, North Section Champs, C.M.C., English Chairman, Student Council, Business Manager, Smith Tourney Captain. 1960+-Big Time Capitalist 'iTall, Dark, and Athletic 9, ADRIENNE BERMAN, "Adie" Drama Club, G.A.A., G.A.A. Delegate, G.A.A. Board Mem- ber, Lunch Guard, C.M.C., Oflice Secretary, Teaclierls Secretary, j.Y.L. 1960-Doctor "Her Smile is Unequaledi' MARLENE BERNSTEIN Swim Leader, Commissioner of Publicity, Business Man- ager, C,NI.C.. ,lournal Agent, G.A.A., Se1'vit'0 Society, Lunch Guarcl. 1960--Artist "Talent Galore, Lotfx' More in Store" IRVING BINDER Business Manager, C.M.C., Class President, Soccer Team Lunch Guard Captain, Camera Club. "Silent Honnuf' HUGH BIRTMAN Illllllllllllllll Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, C.lNI.C., Soc- Cvr TCRUII, Division Chairman, IA All Star Football Team Swimming Team. "A llnnter Next to Dnniel Boone" ROBERT BLITZSTEIN, "Digqer" 1 At Lane-Football Team, Ilall Guard, Dance Club, Roving Patrol. At Von Steulmen-Library Assistant, Camera Club, Luncl Guard, C.M.C. u,lIUfll'NlfU Gunn Page 46 0 0 I jlze Cfadd of jedruar 1950 ALLAN BLOCK C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Library Assistant, Swimming Team, Bowling Team. 1960-Artist "A Sound Mind and ll Sound Body" MITCHELL BRANDWEIN Smith Tourney, Baseball Team, Division Chairman, Busi- ness Manager, Lunch Guard, Class Chairman, Pan Ameri- can Club, Intramural Softball, Intramural Basketball, IntIamural Volleyball, English Chairman. 1960-Lawyer "Those Foolislr Questions" IAY BROWN Concert Orchestra, Concert Band. 1960-Shoesalesman "Friendly and Full of Fun" IERRY CALENDER Symphonic Choir, The Mikado, Intramural Basketball. Intiamural Volleyball. Hall Guard. At Lane+'iTech Prep Staff." 1960-Playboy "A Real Playboy" HERBERT COHEN, "Tevele" Basketball Team. Letternienls Club, C.Nl.C.. Lunch Guard, Intramural Basketball Team. 1960-Cashing in on his chips "Card Shark Cohen" DORIS COHN, "Dicki" G.A.A.. Intramurals. Bowling. Horsebackriding Club, Teache-r's Secretary. Lunch Guard. Swim L1-adr-r. C.Nl.C., Chemistry Club. GAA. Heprescutatiw-. 1960-Nurse "Quiet But Not I'mrotic'ecl" GWEN COOPER, "Little One" C.M.C.. G.A.A., Gym Leader, Lunch Guard. Dixisiou Secretary, Ass't Business Manager. "A Cute Little Clzicku AUDRIE DEAN Secretary of Student Council, junior Conuuissioucr of Puli- licity, Student Council. Attendance Office Sccrr-tary. Class Secretary, Youth Conference Delegate, GAA.. junior Commissioner of Elections. 1960-Mother of three, wife of one HBECIIUU and Brains Do G0 Togetlzern CAROL DOMAN G.A.A., Division Secretary, National Honor Society. 1960-Housewife "Fair and Soft-spolcenv PHILIP DORFMAN, "Bushman" Business Manager, Soccer Team, C.M.C., Lunch Guard. Intramural Basketball Champs, Intramural Volleyball Champs. 1960-Doctor "One Who Will Go Furl' Page 47 M4 jhe Cfafid of jehruar 7950 : , . . V' W MAURICE DULTZ, "Merry" Baseball Team, Junior Basketball Team, Senior Basketball Team, Lettermenis Club, Lunch Guard, Smith Tourney, Music Club, 2A Club, ZA Paper. l960-Millionaire Furniture Dealer "Never ll Dull Moment When Hefs Aroundv GILBERT FELDSTEIN, "Gilly" Swim Team, Book Room Attendant, C.M.C., Baseball Team, Lunch Guard, Smith Tourney, Volleyball Champs Intramural. . 1960--Storeowner "A Sure Ilit Not Only With the Girls" FRANCINE FEUERSTEIN, "Fran" G.A.A., C.M.C., Pan American Club, Lunch Guard. 1960-Mrs. X "Good Things Come in Small Packagesi' MARSHALL FISHBEIN C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Rifle Team, Bowling Team, Fire Marshal, Track Team, Book Room Helper, Journal Agent. "A Guy Youire Sure To Lilcev EVELYNNE FREED, "Evvie" President of Pan American Club, Girls Glee Club, G.A.A., C.M.C., Intramurals. 1960-Supervising the Business World 'iCuter than Candy and Twice as Sweefv PHYLLIS FREY Gym Captain, Class Chairman, Class Secretary. Intra- murals, G.A.A. Representative, C.M.C., Lunch Guard. Study Assistant, Oflcice Assistant, Libarry Assistant. 1960-Social VVorker A'Alway.s' VVear.s' A Smilev GERALD FRIEDMAN, "Red" Einior Basketball Team, Basketball Team, Lettt-rmen's u m 1960-Career in the U.S. Navy Air Corps "Superman" LEROY GAUSS Division Chairman, C.lXl.C., Lunch Guard, Smith Tourney, Class Librarian, Library Assistant, Intramural Basketball, Business lNlanager, Bookroom Helper, journal Agent. l960iBusinessman MA Favorite Among All" IEROME GELLER, "larry" C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Sound Room, Librarv Assistant. l961l-Disc-jockey ' "Une of the Bestu IRA GITLIN Secretary in Economies, Manager of Basketball Team, Manager ot Baseball Team, Lunch Guard, Vollevball Team. ' 1960-Millionaire "Always Sharpl' Page 48 I 0 jlze Cfadd of jegruar 1950 MARILYN GODGIN Glee Club, G.A.A., Library Assistant, journal Agent, Intra- murals. 1960-A Model VVife "The Picture of Innocence" BARBARA GOLDBERG, "Babs" G.A.A., Intramurals, Lunch Guard. "A Little Bit of Evc'rytl1ing" HERBERT GOLDBERG, "Herbie" Orchestra, Movie Crew, C.M.C., Class Registration. 1960-Interior Decorator "An Artist in our .lIicl'.st" MYLES GOLDE, "Mickey" Smith Tourney Champs. Division Chairman, Class Chair- man, Business Manager, Lunch Guard, Student Council, ' Intramural Basketball. 1960-Successful Businessman "Happy, Handsome HC-mann PHYLLIS GOLDSTEIN, "PhyI" Teacher's Secretary, G.A.A., I.Y.L., Locker Guard. 1960-A Congenial VVife "E15erybody,.s' Pal, Shes- Our Gain ARTHUR GOROV, "Art" C.M.C., Soccer Team. junior Track Team, Senior Track Team, Cross Team. Lettermen's Club, Lunch Guard, Co- Gaptain, Track Team, Business Manager. 1960-A Multi-Millionaire "Handy Andy in Person' ROSLYN GREENSPUN, "Rockie" G.A.A., Gym Locker Guard. Lunch Guard, j.Y.L. 1960-Housewife HA Swell Gal To Known BOB GROSSMAN Smith Tourney, jr. Commissioner of Finance, Lunch Guard, C.M.C., Intramural Basketball journal Agent, Stu- dent Council-ZB, 3A Pen Pal Club, Intramural Volleyball. 1960-Playboy "He Knows the Sbon' Cut to Succe.s'.s", RICHARD GUNTHER, "Dick" Concert Orchestra, Concert Band, Chimes of Normandy, The Mikado, Biology Helper, Volleyball Intramurals, Bas- ketball Intramurals. 1960-Doctor of Medicine "He'.s- Got What It Tukesv DOREEN HARRIS, "Blondie" G.A.A., C.M.C., Library Assistant, Pan American Club, Intramurals. 1960--Still Looking Pretty "Oh You Beautiful Doll" Page 49 jig Choi of geiiaafy 1950 IAMES HUIRAS, "Iimrny" At Lane-Hall Guard, Latin Club, Track Team, Baseball Team. At Von Stcuben-C.M.C. 1960-A Plumber's Life For Him "One of the Boysv MURIEL ISAACSON Library Assistant, Office Secretary, Advisoris Secretary, Tcachcris Secretary, J.Y.L., G.A.A. 1960-Bookkccpcr and Sccretary "Quiet and Good Nafuredi' SUZANNE ISAACSON, "Sugar" G.A.A., Intramurals, Division Business Manager, Lunch Guard. 1960-She Shall Make Music "Everything her Name lmpIie.s"' TOM IANDT, "Bugs" 1960-Mink Farmer "Strioe.s- For Successv RUTH IOFFEE G.A.A., Swim Leader, Class Room Chairman, Business Manager, Intramurals, Class Room Secretary. National Honor Society. "Holds Weight in Our Class-D BARBARA IOHNSON Symphonic Choir, The Mikado, Chimes of Normandy. Tri Hi-Y Committee Chairman, G.A.A., Library Assistant, Advisor's Secretary, Class Secretary, Marking Day Assis- tant, Pan American Club, Service Society, Iournal Staff. "Shes Always Smilingv MAE IOHNSON G.A.A., Intramurals, Prcss Club, Advisoifs Secretary, Pan American Club, Marking Day Assistant, journal Reporter, Tcacheris Sccrctary. "Simple and Sweet" ARLENE IULIN, "Ar" G.A.A., Prcss Club, Library Assistant. l960hPrivatc Sccrctary "Ax Nicc Ax They Come" M, ff IANICE KAPLAN G.A.A., 20335 Secretary, 401 Librarian, Symphonic Choir. 1960-Archaeologist "Vim, Vigor, Ana' Vitality" ROBERT KAPLAN, "Bob" Socccr Team, Lettcrmen's Club, Commissioner of Socials. Chairman of C.M.C., Youth Council Delegate, Executive Board Student, Council Bailiff Student, Student Council, National Honor Society. 1960-Retired Genius "Looks Sharp, Feels Sharp, Is Sharif, Page 50 O Q .Qjlie Cfaao of jeeraar 7950 GERALDINE KARMEL, "larry" G.A.A., Lunch Guard, Student Council Representative. C.M.C., Librarian, Secretary, Division Representative. "Lily Pans Has Nothing On Her" DORALEE KAUFMAN G.A,A., C.M.C., Intramurals. In California-G.A.A. 1960-M.R.S. Degree "Always Helpful" RENEE KOLKEY, "Renie" G.A.A., G.A.A. Delegate. C.M.C., Gym Leader, Class Secretary, Pen Pal Club. Helper tBooks and Boarcll. 1960-M.R.S. Degree "Ba.shful but Cute" IEROME KRISTAL, "Hymie" Letterniens Club, Soccer Team, C,M.C., Concert Orches- tra, Concert Band. Library Staff, Movie Crew. 1960-'Calling Dr. Kristal . . "It'.s- Not the Money, ltfsr the Principle" HARRIET KUPCINET G.A.A., Lunch Guard. C.M.C., journal Agent. 1960-Air Line Stewardess "Cute and More Than Friendly" MARVIN KUZNITSKY, "l5Ia.Sh" Smith Tourney. Soccer Team, Track Team, Division Chair- man, C.M.C.. Lunch Guard. Checker and Chess Club, journal Representative, Student Council, Gym Captain. 1960-Bagel Twister "The Bakery Romeou CORRINE LANGER, "Corky" Water Ballet, Officer of Swim Leaders, G.A,A. Dr-lf-5.gat4-, Intramurals, Pan American Club. Lunch Guard. 1960-Even Teaching Rocks How to Float "Oh, Those Big, Brown Eyesl' INA LEFSTEIN Annual Committee, Librarian, G.A.A., Intramurals, Divi- sion Secretary, Health Class Secretary, Office Assistant, Concert Orchestra, Lunch Guard. 1960-Foreign Correspondent "Personality Babev ROBERT LIDSKIN, "Bobby" C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Sound Room. 1960-Still Trying to make Up His Mind "Cu.san0ua Had Nothing On Bobby SUE LOTTERMAN, "Suzy" G.A.A., Library Assistant, Business Manager, Teacher's Secretary, C.M.C., Girls Glee Club. "S0ciable Personalityv Page 51 Cfaaa of jedruarg 1950 X W GERALD LUBELL, "Droopy" Business Manager, Student Council Representative, Divi- sion Chairman, C,M.C., Class Librarian, Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Volleyball, Smith Tourney, Lunch Guard, Boom Chairman. "A Man of Few Worclsfi FRANKLIN LURIE, "Frankie" Swim Team, Book Room Attendant, German Class Chair- man, Division Chairman, Movie Crew, Intramural Volley- ball Champs, Intramural Basketball, C.M.C., Lunch Guard. 1960-Mechanical Engineer 'Yflnllres Make the Manu LOIS LURIE, "Lushy" G.A.A., Concert Orchestra, C.M.C., Class Librarian, Lunch Guard, Class Officer, Office Helper, Locker Guard. i'Eu.s'y on the Eyesv PHYLLIS MALKIN, "Phyl" Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Mikado, Gym Teacheris Secretary, j.Y.L., G.A.A. "Shy but Nicev LEE MARKS Lunch Guard, C.M.C,, Library Assistant, Bowling Team, Golf Team, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Careers Club, Swimming Club, journal Agent. 1960-Chemist "Always on the Square" LEWIS MAYRON Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Choir, Chimes of Norman- dy, Mikado, Algebra Assistant, Cross Country Team. Track Team, Intramural Basketball Champs. 1960-Opera Singer "Singing His IVay To Fume" MARY LOU MCPHERSON, "Mac" Beta Tri lli-Y, G.A.A., C.M.C., Symphonic Choir, Secretary to Ollicc, 20336 Secretary, 1960ADoctor's Receptionist "Small in Size, but Tull in Personality" ALLAN MORRIS, "Al" Movie Crew tScience Dt-pt.l, lI.O.'l'.C. Noncoms Club, Ushers Club, Guard Detail, Platoon Competition, Squad Competition. H160-Arcliitecl "Tl1cl'c".v SHH1l'flllIl,LI About A Solclieru BARBARA MOSKOWITZ G.A.A.. ZA Club. Lunch Guard. C.M.C., Advisors Secre- tary, Music Appreciation. -l.Y.L., Intramurals. lQGOSBIL'I'Cl1llllCllSlllg i'Slie'll Go A Long Why" MYRNA NEIMAN, "Candy" G.A.A., Teacher's Secretary, C.M.C.. Lunch Guard, Bow Day llelpcr, Knitting Club. l960aDrcss Designer usllllllllg Personulityi' Page 52 O 0 jlze Cfdfifi of jedruarg 1950 EUGENE NOWOSIELSKI Track Team. 1960-Perfecting Television nA C0061 Kirin MARIORIE NUDELMAN, "Margie" G.A.A., C.M.C.. Study Secretary, Class Secretary. 1960-A Happy Housewife "A Smile That lViII Carry Her Through" EILEEN PATIS Advisor's Secretary, G.A.A.. Symphonic Choir, Intramurals, Teachers Secretary, German Chairman, I.Y.L., 401 Library Secretary, Gym Leader. Gym Captain. 1960-A Successful Hoilsewife "If Size Hu.sn't Head It. It Hasnit Been Printed Yetn IOAN PETERSON Tri Hi-Y, G.A.A.. Gym Secretary, Division Secretary, Marking Day Assistant, National Honor Socicty. "Fun To Knou' RFE mg7f?,' RUTH ELLEN PIO G.A.A., Tri Hi-Y, Tri Hi-Y Secretary, junior Achievement, Division Secretary. Symphonic Choir, Chimes of Nor- ,A mandy. Mikado, Student Council, Serylc Society, National Honor Society. 1960-'VVriter 'Shelli Go A Long Why" WAYNE POLEY, "Red" At Marshall-Band Concert. Hall Guard. Lunch Guard. At Crane-Band Concert, Hall Guard, Secretary ot Class. I V-4 At Von Steuben-Concert Band. 1960-Interior Decorator P ,, "He Has a Grout Future" GERALD POLLARD, "Polly" Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball, Lunch Guard, Locker Guard, C.M.C. 1960-Businessman rf "Good Nutured Guy" CHARLES PORTER 5 "',',, ' Service Society, Concert Orchestra, R.O.T.C. Flag Detail, Journal Columnist, National Honor Society. "Calm, Cool, Collectedi' DOLORES POSNER, "Dottie" C.M.C., Lunch Guard, G.A.A., Riding Club. 1960-Social Worker "Intellectual M i.s'.s"' RUTH PRICE, "Pricey" Symphonic Choir, Division Secretary, Sophomore Advisor,s , Secretary, Pan American Club, C.A.A., Service Society. 1960-Laboratory Technician "Sugar 'n Spice, and Everything Nice" Page 53 jim X llilllli Cfaaa of jegfuafy MYRNA PRITIKEN, "Tootsie" Business Manager, Intramurals, G.A.A., journal Repre- sentativc. 1960-Mrs. "Venus Had Nothing O11 Her" RICHARD REEVES Track, Pcn Pal Club. 1960-Draftsman "Hell Go A Long Way" FREMONT REIZMAN Student Council, Movie Crcw, Track Team, Honor Roll, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Class Chair- man, National Honor Society. l960-Scientist "None But Himself Can Bc His Parallell' MORRIS REZMAN, "Merrie" Soccer Team, '46, ,47, '48, Smith Tourney Champs, Let- termen's Club, Intramural Basketball, Student Council, IA C.M.C., 3A-4B Football Team. "Athletic Dynamol' 7 SHERWIN RICE Student Council, Journal Agent, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, C.M.C., Lunch Guard, 1960-Businessman "A Chormer Among Wfonierf' THALIA RICH C.M.C., G.A.A., Lunch Guard, Class Librarian, Class Sec- rctary, Class Chairman, Advisors Secretary. 1960-Fashion Illustrated "Shell Rival Longfellow" MORIEAN ROGOFF, "Ieanie" Advisor's Secrctary, Symphonic Choir, Chimcs of Nor- mandy, The Mikado, C.M.C., Lunch Guard, G.A.A. 1960-Privatc Secretary 'RON The Tfllfli To Sm'1'i'.x'.v' BARBARA ROSENBERG G.A.A., Lunch Guard, Symphonic Choir. "All Uuf For Victory" LOIS ROSENBERG G.A.A,, Lunch Guard, C.M.C., Intramurals. l960-Accountant "Quietly She Builds Her Thoughts" IUDY ROSENBLUM, "Pushcart" G.A.A., Pan American Club, C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Intra- murals. 1960-An Artist's Wife "In Our Hearts Thcre's Only Room For Iuclalincf' Page 54 C 0 1 jlze Cnaiflf of EQAIALLCLI' HELENE ROTHENBERG G.A.A., Pan American Club, Symphonic Choir, Chimes of Normandy. Lunch Guard. 1960-Psychiatrist "She Gets Aroundl' IRIS ROTHSTEIN, "lust Plain 'I'I" Annual Representative, Class Secretary, Lunch Guard, G.A.A. Representative, Spanish Club, Symphonic Choir, Secretary in 20335. 1960-Still Telling Those Cute Little Jokes "Beauty Plus" LaDONNA ROTHSTEIN, "Lonnie" Class Chairman. Locker Guard. G.A.A., Class Librarian Pan American Club, j.Y,L. 1960-Happily Married "A Friend to All" FRED ROWE, "Freddy" Class Chairman. 1960-Doctor "It'.s' the Little Tlzings Tliat Count" MARLENE RUBIN, "Mickey" G.A.A.. C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Class Secretary, Class Chairman, Horseback Riding, G.A.A. Representative. 'NA Heart of Goldu RONALD RUBIN, "Ronnie" Lunch Guard. Smith Tourney. Library Assistant, Hall Guard, Band-Lane. Bowling Team. Club Cliairman, Intraf murals, Movie Crew, Secretary English Class. 1960-Indianapolis Speedway Drixer "How Fast Can You Ben NORMAN RUDENBERG, "Norm" Journal Staff, Lunch Guard. Iritramural Baskr-tliull, Intra- mural Volleyball. 1960-Engineer "One of the Bes-tn DOROTHY RUNE Swim Leader, Tri Hi-Y. G.A.A., Intramurals. 1960-Housewife "Blonde Bombshell" BERNARD SALTZBERG, "Beans" Iunior Basketball Team, Smith Tourney, Basketball Intra- mural, Baseball Intramural, Football Intramural, Letter- menls Club, Student Council Representative, Div. Business Manager, Iournal Agent, Lunch Guard, Sound Crew, Movie Crew. 1960-Gym Teacher "None but the Bestn MARLENE SALZMAN, "Mjcki" G.A.A., Intramurals, Bowling Club, Horseback Riding, Teacher's Secretary, Lunch Guard, Gym Leader, C.M.C., Drama Club, G.A.A. Representative. 1960-Spanish Interpreter "One in a Million" Page 55 I f' we Cfaffff of gegfuaf AGNES SANTO Health Library 1960-Pharmacist "Stay as Sweet as You Areu MERRILL SCHIFFMAN, "Murphy" Golf Team, C.M.C., Chairman of Spanish Class, Swimming Team, Office Assistant, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball Champs, Library Assistant, Lunch Guard, Eng- lish Class Secretary. 1960-Architectural Designer "An All Around Guy" EARL SCHNEDER, "Schnitz" Commissioner of Socials, Chief justice of Student Council, Student Council Representative, Tennis Team, Smith Toul- ney, King of 2B's in king contest, Director of Variety Show, Delegate to Youth Conference, C.M.C., Intramural Basketball. 1960-A Successful Lawyer 'Look IVl10is BIll.S'lli1ILf Nmap MARSHALL SCHNEIDER, "Wingie" Soccer Team, Lunch Guard, Lettermen's Club, C.M.C., Intramural Basketball. 19s0NPlay Boy "Men of Mice, He Sure is Nice" PAUL SCHNEIDER Basketball Team, Intramural Basketball Champs, Intra- mural Volleyball Champs, Smith Tourney Champs 1948, German Chairman. C.M.C., Lunch Guard, Division Chairman. 1960-Cartoonist "A Little Bit of Euerytiiingii 'HEY ADELINE SCHULTZ Health Secretary, Lunch Guard, G.A.A.. Intramurals, Pan American Club, C.M.C. 1960-Social Wforker "Not Another Like Her" IUNE SCHUMAN Gym Leader, Division Secretary, Business Manager, Class Secretary, G.A.A., Class Chairman. 1960-Air Line Hostess "Dainty and Dl'll1Ill'l'n ROCHELLE SCHWARTZ, "Rocky" Symphonic Choir, Solo Voices. G..-MA., journal Typing Stail, Girls Glee Club, Basketball Intramurals, Volleyball Intramurals. 1960-Nurse "just Cali Her Hell" BARBARA SHER, "Blondie" Symphonic Choir, Chimes of Normandy, Division Secre- tary, G.A.A., Iimior Radio XVorkshop. IHGO-Singing at the Met "Stay as Sweet as You Arci' HELEN SHERE, "Doc" G.A.A., Sullivan Biology Assistant, Girls Rifle Corps. l96UfDoctor usilliilitllli-9 Gift to Vonu Page 56 O n we gfarfd of gegfuaf BERYL SIEGEL C.M.C., G.A.A., Lunch Guard, Teacher's Secretary, Li- brarian, Service Society, Locker Guard. 3A Club. 1960-Psychaliquist "A Girl IVor1l1 Knowing" SANFORD SILCROFT, "Silk" Soccer Team, Track Teauu, Cross Country Team, Letter- man, Lettermen's Club, C.lNI.C., Business lN'Ianugcr, Lunch Guard, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball, Li- brary Assistant, Service Society, Sciuifinulist, City Truck Meet. ' 1960-Mechanical Engineer "II'liere He Falls Slzort, Is iXlllllll'l'lS Fault Alone" '- ff 4 ,Z f 2,f,fn,,W,ff ,MAL L 1. 4, 6 f gy , .. LESTER SIMS Movie Crew. Smith Tourney, Basketball Intrgunuruls, Vol- leyball Intramurals. Division Clniirmgm, English Chairman, English Secretary, Spanish Committee, Lunch Guard, u C.M.C.. Student Council. 1960-Musician "Vl'm-tli His XI'ei,Ql1t In Gold" A FRANCINE SINGER, "Fran" "II'oril1 His' II'ci,gl1t In Gulfln C.3I.C.. Health Secretary. Locker Guard, Class Secretary, A -lunior Achieveinent. G..-XA.. Class Marker. l A 1960-Art Teacher "Not Very Tall, Well Likczl Hy All" .g it DEBORAH SIROTT Iournal Agent. G..-X..-X.. Dixision Chairnnm, Lunch Guard. bi Health Class Chairnnin, lntriuniirnls, C.Xl.C. 1960-Mrs ............. "Laugh and the Uhrlfl l.u1iuln Wiili Yon" SYLVIA SNIDER, "Syl" Office Secretary. Spanish Chili. CL..-LA.. junior Achicxe- ment. 1960-Commercial Artist Ulf S1.L'6L'fliU.S.S II'i.'rc Sfrrnyili. Slirvcl Ba' SIIIIITIIHIIIH BOB SPITZ Soccer Team, Lettcrnn-nls Cluh. Student Council, Coin- missioner of Clubs, Swim Ti-uin, Cross Country Tcuin. Division Chairman, Track Tcani. Lunch Guard, Intramural Basketball, Smith Toiirrn-y, Honor Holi, Li-ttf-rnnin, Class Chairman. 1960-Retired Millionaire "Oh That VVinning Srnilen IDA STEIN G.A.A., Gym Locker Guard, Tcachcrls Secretary. 1960-Housewife 'KA Person Everyone Likes" AVIS STEINBORN G.A.A., Horseback Riding Club, Symphonic Choir, Chimes of Normandy, Mikado, Lunch Guard. Intramurals Gvm Secretary. 1960-Horse Breeding "Nice Things Come In Small PllC'klI,QC.S'D AUDREY STERNBERG G.A.A., Intramurals, Lunch Guard, j.Y.L. "Her Clzums Give Her A Plus Rating" Page 57 jlle Cfadd of jegruar 7950 aa! BRUCE STONE, Science Movie Crew, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, OlIice Helper. "A Smile and Good Word For All" SHERWIN SUMMER Lunch Guard, Golf Club, Book Helper, Bringing up Trays from Office. 1960-Salesman i'Nic'c lu Know" MICHAEL TEICHNER. "Mike" Basketball Team, Lettermen's Club, C.M.C., Division Chairman, journal Agent, Lunch Guard. I960iA Retired Businessman "Tull, Dark, and Ilrlnrlsomen MARILYN TURCHIN, "Babe" C.M.C., Locker Guard, Lunch Guard. 1960-Housewife "A Charm All Her Own" ARLENE WEISBERG, "Arid" Gym Leader, G.A.A., Chairman of Ping Pong, G.A.A. Delegate, C.M.C., Locker Guard, Bow Day, Teacher's Secretary, Intramurals Referee, Fashion Show. 1960-Physical Ed Instructor "Happy Kidv HAROLD WEISSMAN, "Hersh" C.M,C., Classroom Secretary, journal Agent, Bowling Team, 4B-4A Football Team, Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Smith Tourney, Intramural Basketball, SA Pen Pal Club, Lunch Guard, Intramural Volleyball. "A Little Big Dealer" ERNA WESTAWAY Symphonic Choir, Chimes of Normandy, Tri Hi-Y, junior Achievement, G.A.A., C.M.C., Service Society. 1960-Housewife 'ilizml VVurking mul Sincere" WARREN WEXLER Track Team, Co-Captain junior Team, Lettermenls Club, Soccer Team, Annual Committee, Cross Country Team, C.M.C., Business Manager, Intrauuiral Basketball, Class Chairman, Chess and Checkers Club, I.Y,L,, Intramural Volleyball. 1960-Bigtilue Businessman "A Rising Star" ESTHER WOLIN, "Este" ' G.A.A., Secretary, I'an.American Club, Class Chairman, Lunch Guard. 1960-Housewife and Mother "A Friend To All" BONALYN WUERMER, "Bonnie" G.A.A., Concert Orchestra, C.M.C., Attendance Office, Service Society, Bowling, Intramurals. 1960-Foreign Correspondent "A Great Little Girl" Page 58 0 0 v 47 Q CEM of gedmw 1950 SEYMOUR WULF Rifle Team, H.O.'l'.C. Squad Comma-titimi, C.IXI.C., OI'IiuL- Assistant, Bowling 'll-ann, Liiurairy CII-rk. 1960-Engineer UA Favorite' XV1It'I'l'l'C'l' HIC Gm'."' LOUIS ZONENBLIK, "Bushman" 1960-Professional Caunlmlcr ULUIIIK' l.UL'L'.v Lifvn , V, -yn W? f 53 ' z . IQ . L, ,, I f-5s1,,j ,,. ,, fff 1. Qgmf , f f fl , x fl . .W fi'f1:,:f E ' 67 if X EUNICE BERG. "Euny" Library Assistault, Oifiu- III-lpvr, C.NI,C., U..'X.:X., I,unL'In Guard. Diviaiun Sci-rm-tary, CIuss Smflwlairy, Swim 1,1-nail-r Knitting Club. IIIITLIIIIIITAIIS, Bowling, IIn1'wvImL-Ii liicliml. Gym Score-tary, 196iI-CFIIIIIIIIIIIJQISI "H'I1Ur4' TI1z'rf"w Lifc' I'I1z'ra"x EIIIIIIH IND! Picturedl MERLE OBERG, "Candy" C..-XA.. Lm'Iugr Cunrci. 196lJAHappiIy Xiurrii-d A'Hu1r 17fc:HIfIQ Huw my Him: MORRIS SAELENS 1960-Interior Dem-curator HOUIUI. But Still U'r1twr,x Run l7m'1n" ' 1 ff- 105 Page 59 gal , GRADUATES OF THE FUTURE FIND THEIR INSPIRATION IN PAST ACHIEVEMENTS iibefuing cgnfo fke pafif Ar my nuenfiond PICTURED BELOXVZ PICTURED ON OPPOSITE PAGE! Top: Sherwin Fischer, Barbara Fink and Betty Dim Q tracing routes of the '49ers. A Wpmg Class at Work- Ceriter: Shililpn Orenstein, Snianne Isaacson examin- Beverly Bard at Calculator. Harold Long and Harriet mg mm 9 5 H1 A geometry C '155' Kaplan at mimeograph machines in the oHice prac- Lower: Ruth joffe, Fremont Reizman, Warren YVexler, tice Class. Arthur Gorov experimenting with rheostat and switch to prove Ohnfs law. Elsie Anderson using the adding machine. N-x Rr ff L f A 2 V X Q ' 'yw ,J ig, 7 1, NV TP' YMWL WMA O l uf Clif IJCOUQI' 095 I1 Listf-ning to foreign lilllglliljll' l'l'CUl'dS. Standing: Judy Hurwitz, Rohm-rt Kaplan, jay NVciss1n11n, Sf'ufc'f1: B11rb111'u Sclnlberth. Pc-rfc-cting thcir gpm-cl in typing. Bc--tty Brandt, Nancy Banks, joan Dec-ln, Clmrlelm- Hosvnlwrg. l':lj11' fin jorfg inerfi me gofden .7006 for earnin lfppvr loft: Pmilim' Baku' painting dolls. Cmlfvr: joan Peterson and lthonda Firnc-storm cicvelopiug their artis- tic abilities. Uppcr rigllt: Sam Fl'1lllkl'i, Frvcl Hose-n, and ltoiwrt Maincxvith at band pructicv. Lower left: Frcd liowv turning il block of wood on ll lathe. Lower riglltz Donald Buchliiig uscs gi jig saw, Page 63 X va-11-A "-" sm Y M may film v Llflglftage xS?ll,6!QI'l!5 lid web' 30111 0 Aboce: jackie Epstein. Beatrice Oholer, Bob Davis, Nlurilyn Levy, Shirley Cohen. Backs- to camera: Don Arnstein, lioscttn Schatz and Don Epstein discussing a current prohlem in un English eight class. OPPOSITE PAGE-Upper left: Nick Zagrafos and Roberta Ingram trace routes of the gold rush. Lower left: Patricia Levitino in a French costume. Lower right: Sondra Epstein, Irving Marks in Spanish costumes. Page 65 Adagem MQQA fke mm Top lcff: Hita Epstein, Frzlnccs l?Cl'l'1ll'1l liostcss and gncst in ll domestic science class. Cciilcr: Natalie llnhcn, Ccrailclinc Evcrct, Nita Fox try ll new recipe. Top right: Arlene hlnlin incusnring, hem for 'Ioycc Mc-Nnlty. Niue johnson looks on. Lower left: Eugene Heytow uncl llclcn Kziisci' get Cliairlottc Finston s reaction to ll lllllgllllgtx poster. Loircr right: Rosalie Kohn, Sha-lclon Nlitchcll and Corinnc Fink fstanclingl do research to upholcl thcir opinions. fa of glxloerirnenfafiorw Uppos-ite page: Ralph Dieball and Carol Doman make chemical tests. Lower right: Sherwin Davis and Faith Galcshnrg do biological research. fw fi VW ,qfxi l I ,K ,X 3 X W gc 5 1 Q Lx V, X Q - . X x Q . 1 .ww-.A a', s HM f Mfr. wk 'Q W'6H'4f, 13 Q 1 fw fs. ' ' AW' y X1 QZZWT ' f ,yawn MM, fa f ,,V4 ' , I -, 'mf' 1 ' wif 0 ' ,WM -.. , , 6,4275 viii. 1 A W if -M 1. fn f 'Q I 24,1 ' Q ff g 1? Z f 1 ,Z ugh ACTIVITIES I 'FQ A-33. , :- Q Q' gf V I . 3,4.5..,xS ww' E f K, x.,. W g x s 1 , 3 E .1 L x e 5 1 f xg 1 i. -he-.nf . ks I E I A I lim , V. ' v wff 1, I n J .,, 5 ,li V? If me f f , 1 M Mfnfnmrw W' H :xc :MMI Ile: sfoxrilll-99 M IIIITPMISIS M! Ill Sm: Sill itll!!!-lf ltllflffw Y! is 'K Q, QW, ffff J Of! 3 ,V 2' 3 1 ff f X Kwik? f Q fff lf 4 f T 77 ZZ? 1, Y ,M r U f 1 wx- . ANN, M' x ' 1 L ' 451 Q l jlze Sfara QIOOL flown On jizeir gofalen P20015 2 Page 70 O jmerd cgincl may eind 0 oaarning Von Steuhen's annual P. T. A. Parents' Night and Open Ilouse, November 16, was Well attended. Parents viewed the exhibits and saw the progress their sons und daughters had made through the latest methods in education. Open House was concluded with ll program in the assembly hall. Its main features were Ll panel discussion, "The Adolescent Looks At Himself' and 21 speech hy Officer Ted. F. Croack of the Alhariy Park Police Station. The panel speakers were: Nlurvin Strauss, Ruth Ellen Pio, jerry Cerstenfcld. Rosalyn Creenhlatt, Jeanine Kiuvitz, and Dick XVeiss. ,,.,,,, ., -. .. new -o fs... fix n f- I ' . 1 ' i vw- ni 1 vw. v-., WLM: w-qssmz1 if-.41 it M' CZ oil' Cf K O 0 Ol' Ll Pelneifa On opposite pu,gc'-lop: Arno EilllHilllil'l' K ' P85011 tif LCl,6!0 - , olxo, and .It'1lllilltx Kravitz, Katislia in the lovc sccinc-. Left: Eileen Kranncn, Yum-Yinn :incl Maimlmll li1lS0iA, Nunki Poo in ll lovc duet. Higglll: Betty Billll1t'lltlll1l, Pitti Sing, Lois Nlurkon, Pt-vp Bo, and Eilvcn Kramen, thrcc littlci inuicls from sclinnl. Alminw: Art Wt'illiJt'l'Lf, Poo Bull, Arnc l':illbilld0l', Knlio, and Lew NIQIYFOII, Pish Tnsh await tlic-ir vxccution. Lwfl: Standing, Eilm-n Krznncn, Marsluiil Husof, and Low Mayron. Sczltvd: jean- inc- Kravitz, and Forlws Sliclplivlil fMikadoQ, und Ccri W lf ' ' Art Wi' l X' ' 1' ' Q 0 , it stu. Kneeling: tin Jug, Alllt' hiiiliiiitlclg and Muriel llcttcig Pitti Sing. Right: Arno EilliJilIdl'l' and -It-zniinv Kravitz Continuv thc- lovc scene. Page 72 C 1 41 ,al :R U A ffh 'mmf .fdrfififd produce Kogrfuf .graind 0 medial? Front row: S. Lukvs, S. Ferdman, D. Kistmxr. H. tlill'llgOChiL1l1, N. Schwartz, A. Block, S. Clilfllllld. Svvonfl rout' E. Zimblcr. L. Luric. C. Carl, D. Rllbt1l1St6il1, C. Porter. E. Trugcr, Russ. P. Nlulkin, Ll. Borodkiu, NI. Brown, H. Cun- thvr, Tarlov. E. Lvvin. K Third row: li. lJ0l'fll'lZlll, Xl. Shulin. D. Alflvclsoll. S.Stei11, DI. Strull, II.K11isc1r. C. BL-ruficld, Lcncll, N. Brooks, G. Kaplzul, H. Levinson, j. lmvitt. A. Slmlmun. L. NVviss. M. Richter, Kristal. Fine, H. xsxllllllilll. .-X.Col1cn. Sluncling: A. Hosontlml, H. Coudumn, E. Levin, -I. Rosenberg. B. XVlll'I'l11UI'. II. Potic-1111. II. Brown. L. Clickmau. Page 74 I 0 K . V A1 , I Zi 5? Z. - Q . waz -V f , ,A ,- ft T I A' , 2 , .1 I , ,, ' ? Q 3, N Z, 3 1 1 41 A . xx L, f x Z 5 5 2 if 2 f Z i fl lfl,5iCaf gem5 are gknclecl in gofden onezi BAND Front rnzu: Nl. Stvrn, H. Cluntlu-r, ul. Brown. rl. Birnlzuuln, A. lioselxbs-rg, R. Rosen IL. L4-x'1n. Swrmlll muy' I. Stein. ID. Fugc-lsmn, Il. KIIDPUYIIIQIII, ll. Novak, II. Iugburg, j Furlms-r, Stumpf, B. Cottlv. C. Kim-11, ll. Iloflvstc-dt. Tlzirzl rout- B. Putzik. II.Zuol4. l1.Kli1-11. S.lJ11x'is, c:.Slll'I'Ill1lIl, l1.Tulman, W lmlf-y. Ifinc. NI. Hiclltw, l,. NU-iss, lD.XY11rs11w, B. Harris, NI.AllSlL1IldGI' Slnzuliug: ID. Pincus. Il. Fcric-r. .-X. Xlillc-r. S. ZLISILIYSIQX, l,. Cllickuuul. Page T5 g4 bl15iC6l! j0I"f ilflelffi QPOGIMCQ QOZCIQFL 017,85 t QQ 1 f i EFT TO lil CHTJ PICTUHED AT LEFT, FRoM 1.4 4 First row: Dolores Klein, Avis Steinborn, Geri YVolt, Ar- lene Classon. Second row: Erna Wfestaway, Ilene Aronson, Pat Levan- tino, Kathleen Casey. Third row: Ruth Ellen Pio, Barbara Sehnberth, .Iennelle Templeton, Elaine Niolay. ' " Munson, Charlene F rth row: Morjean liogotl, Lois ou Rosenberg, jeamne Kravitz. Fifth row: Alice Neinenger, Barbara Peterson, Merle Levy, Marcia Feldman. Sixth rout: Arnold Dnbren, Arnold Knpferberg, Martin Marcus, Kenneth XVoH, Nlarshall Astrin. ' 5' - - l nan, Herbert Shalowitz, Simon Seventh row: blames I rue 1 Agar, Herbert Fischer. Eighth role: Shelclon Sehnster, lionalcl Levine, Marshall Hasof. Donalcl Stein. V! vw- Q1 PICIl'UltlClJ AT 1ilGli'l', ifnoixr 1.1+:1f'1' 'ro incur: First row: Eileen Kramen, Lnba Hisehall, Frances 12- bieky, Bella Green. Second roxy: .Ioan Allen, Naney tlaeobson, Donna Fors- lancl, Barbara Sher. Agnes Sampson. Third row: -Indy Braverman, Barbara johnson, Betty Blumenthal, Lois Nlarkon, Carol Conviser. Fourth row: Charlene Cross, Barbara Bamnbeck, Mary Ann Hill, Arlene Steinman, Muriel Hefter, Fifth row: Norma Horwitz, Rochelle Schwartz, Rhoda Pa- lon, .Beverlee Hyman. mod Miller. Art XVeinberg, Yale Lauter, ' A Arnold Markowitz. Don lXleMurclo, jordan Borns, Bob Leavitt, Sixth rout' Sherwc Serfenth row: Hay Levinson. Eighth row: Forbes Shepherd, Sherwin Greene, Lew Mayron, Marvin Smoller. Page 76 0 Q s jkeg A840 RIGID MCG gckoed 0!Cl, SOUND CREXV-Top pic'f1n'e: Sheldon Gilford, Clyde Coren Chead of the sound staff and crewl, Peter Nletropoulos, Alvin Cold, XValter Stone, Mr. Herlmert Iackson Qsponsorl confer before an important assembly. Davicl Rubenstein and Xlilton Silx'er1n11n check plronograplr STAGE CREYV-Lower left: Blames lxlllgfllllblllll, Mr. .lLlCliSOll, Wllyfllt' Anderson, Harlan lvllllltlll, Eugene Anderson, and Frank XVulsl1 check stage lights lx-- fore a performance of the uklikncloh. HI-Y-Lower right: Peter Nletropoulos, lVillnrd Hull, Alolnn Connell, Xvlllltllll Cunnally. and 'ltunes Magnuson discuss plans for lli-Y meeting. c0z,,,w,4g ,,i,gp1g4- 41" Page 77 .41 v I' lr' , A s1,,tfJf'sMtf -A X V 4 , , pf Y .. tg, , V, ,f--arf "R .,f-"D ' v's::fkQ -f' 1 , x i, ww is Rr 1-- .sxk 7 5' .-vi X-r :jx t . fr ,. 1 , . i L XN .1 wh-W' 4 ' -Ns .J' Editorial hoard and sponsor ot thc lournal at work. Stanrliiig: Al Kaplan, sports cditor, Barry NYt-instciu, ncws cdi- tor, Miss M. Cunnuings, sponsor. K I Sculczl: Shcldon Gilford, inanaging cditor, Ruth Ellcn Pio, lcaturc cditor. Columnists Charlcs l'ortcr tl'ass in licvicwk Vivian Krctaluncr, lflorcncc liudgin, who writc Snoopinullound Stcu- licn, and Marlcnc Arla-ttt-r tlfashions and lfadsj La em gui e ournaf joward MLW oa 5 This vcar thc journal has run smoothly undcr tht- cxccutivc hoard picturcd ahovc. They havc issucd a cartoon and contcst supplement with cach issuc. Cartoonist Barry Crcciibcrg has hccn an untiring worlccr. ljarlc Zimlmlcr and Alulcs Kaplan furnislicd a lrcslunaii-sophomore contcst which consisted of prolilcms in math and scicncc. Thc winners had intcrvicws and picturcs pulilislicd in the journal. Michacl Porte, cditor in cliicf for thc first scmcstcr, and Sheldon Gilford managing editor this scmcstcr, composcd thc jinglcs for thc 'Tcachcr ot thc Month' contest, also a part ot the supplcmcnt. St-wral columns wcrc givcn ncw namcs, "llc-rc 'N Thcrcu became "Snoopin' lllound Steu- lpmf' Wliss Ilitsu hccnmc "Black 'N Bluc' and "Clothcslinc" hccamc "Fashions and Fadsf' i'Undcr thc Showcrsl' hoys' sports column is now "Sportalk." A new column which has proved yt-ry popular is "Emily Pillars, Post. l'ag1c 78 O 0 - CGCAQ of C0l'liQ5l5 Ol" iAQ The mock election conducted by tlie journal last November proved to be an accurate prediction of President Trumaus victory. Members of the journalism classes took ballots and bi ll tl x Q l l the votes. 1 o ioxes to t ie c ivision rooms and assisted in counting .SQAOO V., , -W , ,,,-w.-,-., ,. , , Vail I.,2lllLlL'I'-5 Keen Teen Col- l H f umn in the Daily Xexvs scooped tlie "Krazy Hut Contest". The liuts were so unique tliut tlic iudges found it dillieult to de- cide on it winner. Girls designed tlie liuts. Nvliicli were iuodeltd , . o C s' ,AZ 'IA-efV'?' by boi s. ' V- .xv Vi J f i,.,' vv 'Vfuf' I' A . s ""'f H Q' Another tuiitest xvlneli li N A 'ff ., 1' T""'D ' DUN ed Dtlpllltll' is tlie 'ileiielur gi I '-,tw ggi' l-fy S ol tlie lXlU1itl'iU contest Xvliicli if I4 tlie students mls e from clings in - fl 5 Ld the torni of iingles. Af 5' if my ' t I ,' 4 , ilrr i ,V QP! X A I ' if !,i4,f i Y-K f V l .Ad if ' I 1 1 t ' P me 'W . lvllllff right: TX niun llflf'T1- X ' berg. staff pliotograpl'ier,,,NN kl'lfWVb delicate lilccliiinisili rnilff m cauiera to Lois Miirlcori leon- ' N " . tributor to Cabbages und ' fp Kings 7. and reporters, Hurrirt ' - Kupcinet. Nlurlene Krtiutblutt f and Erma Sobey. "" Center: Al Kaplan models Mi designed by Jeanine Krtix itz. 21 4 ,ff f A-..z1.,4.1,AT,,,f' js uff1+1g,f My iq fig F if M 'UI W I iff S "' 'V f if .Y weft iimij .pl If , ! i 1 .-,V 1' K. ,Q . f ruff, QW Lower left: Ruth Ellen Pio and Helene Greenfield show Bur- bara johnson pictures of jane Powell, interviewed by Hutli. -iff' ., Lower right: Phyllis Malkin. Seena Levy, Audrie Dean and Arlene Leon empty ballot boxes after the election. Page 79 mfr J wp, rear 0fg0,,,.,,f,r1e,fr,, X 1,-J" wklr 4. f .mf ll 6? . Upper right: Hot-hello Schwartz, Alice Ilulprin, Nancy Sukol anal Ilzlroltl Tuplvr J-5 I xy! assist Earl Zimlulcr, ext-lmngc 4-clitor, in svncling 'l0lll'llillS to author sclmols. if Ji J I , J, I ' J Q' U X . . , . , KL . J Center left: liay IACYIIISUII, Nlrmrtcm lxuplaun, Stuart Projnusky and Normzm Sllllfl' fb N Hr 1917 LOIIII D11 frs or IS Il mu mn ,IJ ' I J I l - t zmwl' cl'.'t"l t' . F' " , . . . , ' 'lb - l Cmzfcr rzglzf: Arlvne lmrmxr, :Xrlcnc llL'SlllL'li, Pllyllls lxlllllilll, Bvtty Bt'l'IlStt'Ill and it ft,-gl Bum-rly Burcl, gym St'Ll't'tilI'lK'S, svncl in m-ws lor tht- Al0lll'Il2ll. KK V, r 1 V M I ,gf JJ R5 X ' I,mL'f'rl1'ff: Ii4'pm'ta'1's, lllllll Nlarks, lILll'I'll't l'IIll'. fXrl0m- hlulm, Nlzu' -lolmson and ' I 'N- Numni Clnocllmln, look mx-r file-s ol ulcl lOllI'lllllS tm' inspiration. 'x- N X ' QV 5 m , , , . . . - . f 1 1 ' Lmvwr rzglzls Nlilflllfll cv01lLflll, typlst, assists Bvu-1'ly Bart. lDllSIlll'SS ll1LlIl1lj.fK'I'. ' pk' X . X N A I J If f f l':lLf1' 80 ' Q S t. .X -se ,-' 'We-.. This yearls Proflress is a record of the june class of '49 and the hlanuary' class of 50. The work was started by Miss Varian M, Shea. former principal. with the aid ot representatives from hoth classes. Dr. Elfriede Ackerinann. our new principal. supervised the coniple- tion of the hook. The dedication to Miss Shea and welcome to Miss Ackerinann were written hy Miss E. De Vere. The annual representatives col- lected and compiled the material for the histories and prophecies ol the class memhers. They were also treasurers of their respectix e classes. The journal staft and journalism classes. under the direction of Miss Margaret Cuinininqs. were respon- sihle for all titles and articles. Memliers of the special arts class under the direction of Mr. jnlins Becker, drew the forty niner sketches. Barhara Simon and Har- riet XVeinert typed and arranged the histories and biographies. ANNUAL HEPIiIiSl2NTA'l'IX'Ii5 Top pieflire: Hita Coldstick, Maurice Rey- nian, Nancy Sakol. Center picture: VVarren XVL-xler, Ina Lel- stin, liohert Lesh, Anita Newnian. Lower pieture: Marjorie Doc-luring, Bar- hara Simon, Howard Freed, Natalie Hiilien. Paile 81 66 regress lysfaff Annual represezitatives Nancy Sakol Natalie Hulien confer with Doctor Acker- inann as she takes over this yearis animal S 44, ,fha fi -inf! Www .st f f as . i -'-r " it f fn X ,fi1s:fcvf:f J' . . Zn fy, Q 1 r X! . .yr 1. I H ' V ' if f , .. ward Freed, Barbara Simon, and .gluafenf can em - .7006 far dw jufufe ,mm mum :xuwffl Nm ga , .ffm STUDE i L IN SESSION: Sfflllflfilg, loft to riglzt: Clmrlnttc Finstnn. Phyllis Knrnicli. Lawric Cliclunam. llolwert Spitz. Allan Grossman, Nlurleiw Bc-1'instciii, Pctvr Nlillvr. Sl'llfl'lI. lvft to right: Nlr. B. Colicn. sponsor. Ed- clic Nlargolis, Anclriv Dc-un. Arnolcl l2inlJincl1-r, lilurl Sclinciclcr, llolmert Kaplan. THE llUNOll SOCIETY MEETS: NT COUNCI First rout llc-lc-nc Clif-c-iificlcl, Bella Crm-n, Cm-ri XVolf. lloinonu Doctor. Bl1l'lDkll'l1 Karzen, Hutll xlnllky nlvnncllm- Tcmplvton, Hntli Ella-n Pio. Bolm Kaplan, Frcinont llvizinun. XVL'llt61'StOll6. SITIIIIII rmc: Ba-tty Sc-otc-sv, Lois Nlurkon. .lcaninl limvitz. Clmrleuc llosenlmerg. Carol Domau. liulwrtu Sclnwiclcr, Nlurlvnv Arlwttvr. Bevcl' y Ilyman, Donna SOl1d6l'g21l'Cl, lrvinf' St-ulxn Tllircl mul' llingcfin' VVl'lllStClIl, Bill Steinnmn. Artlnlr N11 llc-ynolrl llcrinzln lhnicl Flu , . " ian. . anuster, Charles P ' , . ' L -rt, Lawrie Clicliml Nut pir'furr'1l: N ' ' Oftel. Mason Seglin, .1n. l1lllf'lH' H1-rnfivlml. -Immun Pctcrson. . , "3 lmgl 5- , jlaelaf ive eruice on fAe gyucafiona jfai TRI-HI-Y F irst row: loyce McNulty, Iennellc Templeton, Erna NYestaway, Dorothy Rune, Lu- verne Crygienc. Judy Stuinpf, Lois Munson, Frances Ferrara. Second row: Ruth Ellen Pio. Joan Allen, joan ' Peterson, Barbara johnson, Mary Lou Xlc-Pherson. Erinn Sohey. Third row: Mary Ann Hill, Betty Stefan, Car- lene Schmidt. Elsie Anderson, Chur- lenc Yokal. Dorothy Oerter, Donna N x , Wulf' I' rey. LUNCH CLARDS First fmt: Barbara Levine. Shirley Levine, Corinne Langer. Bergit Bluinenthal. Second mu? jay Colden. Sanford Lul-rcs, Caro' Levitan. Huy' Edf-lmrm, Hr. C. Dohrzynski. Third mu: Peter Miller. Bcxfgrly Hyman. Earl Schneider. llalph llfJSf'Tll1ill'ClK'I'l. Har- shall Fislilyflfr. Fourth Row: Sonia Perelgut. Irwin Lrfxinson. june Cohn. Nlarily rr Turchin. Kayla 1,1-vy. Fifth Roux' Vernon Belonslsy. Stuart l'rojarrslQy. Louis Zonenlvlik, llolnert lll1llf'IIlJf'I'l1. Sixth Hour: Mortan VVciss. Jerome Fr-dvr. ltrrlplr Dieball, Paul Ossher, Donald Buch!- ing. xt We ,rrr 1, Pictured here are two of the social and service organizations which help to make a smooth running school. Like the Tri-Hi-Y, the Hi-Y. and the -l.Y.L. Ipictured on other pagesj are extracurricular groups which encourage social and cultural activities and a spirit of coinracleship. The lunch guards, the corridor maintenance corps fCNlCj, student council, the Honor and Service societies all help to keep up the morale of the school and promote fine school spirit. Page 83 M Pilng eruice Zyfazifd Wea! gui 5 Ar Mogredd Upper picture: Corridor maintenance corps nnder the direction of Miss T. Idtse. First row: Helene Greenfield, Benita Landaw, Nicholas Vittore, Howard Gorhelf. Second row: Martin Kovacs, Doris jass, Marjorie Popejoy, Diane Levin, Sandra Herman. Third row: Lois jacobsen, Geraldine Doring, Bay Levinson, Edward Tunic, liich- ard Burton. Fourth row: Evelyn Ghernowsky, Lenore Weiss, Mildred Votcshak, Roberta Colin, Phyllis Nemirorl. Fifth row: Betty Alter, Adrienne Bodenstein, Ruth Marks, Estelle Moskowitz, Anita Brown. Sixth row: Stanley Beyer, Gerald Kein, Howard Brenner, lioltert Lesh, Balm Kaplan. Lower pictrne: . W j. Y. L. Standing: Bay Levinson Edward Tnnick Charles Novitz Marvin Schumer Allan Marrinson Stanley Beyer Ralph Bosengardcn Howard Brenner J f Serztecl: , Y'Varren YVexler jerry Kein Helene Greenfield Shirley Ann Krnss Sonia Fessen Jerome Kristal Page 84 . . ' il . Q 5 f1dkx.v Finkel. Seated: Bay Levinson. Mel Feldman. Seymour Goldstein. en of game jAr0u9A0uf jkeir Liliefcf i ,iv 'i i I I fi I 5 'lg LETTERKIEYS CLUB First row: Carlton Peterson. Sanford Sileroft, jordan Borns. -Ierome Kristal, Nlorris VVeisel. Stuart Projansky. Mr. B. U. Nlarsh, assistant principal, sponsor of the club. VVilliam Yenit. Sorrell Lapins. Arthur Clorox . Gerald Friedman, Edward Meltzer. Second row: Kiel Sinton, Howard Freed. Nlarvin Smoller, Beynold llerinan, Nor- rnan Share. Harvey Could. Donald Brin, Robert Kaplan, Dave Eli, Robert Cohen, jack Greenberg, Yale Lauter. Third row: Shire Bothbart, Eli Levin. Sain Carl, Robert Buttenberg, Paul Ossher, jordan Bauman. Les Bosenthal. 'Nlorris liexinan, XVarren XVexler, Edward Margolis. Harvey Hollek, Sherwin Fischer, llerbert johnson. Fourth row: Irwin XVeinberg, Sherwin Greene, Nlorton Kaplan, Hiehard XVL-iss, Bobert Lesh. Bobert Berlin. Xlanriee Dnltz, Edward Fields. Xleiwin Aus- lander, Harvey Babeteh. Cerald North. Lawrie Cliekman, Nlorton Kaplan. BUXVLINC TEAM Standing: Bob Levit. Nlarxin Anderson. Bob Page 85 .9 1 mx H 5 U ,fp THLETIC ljklglx 86 I i . 5 L Y ' sw-Q X wx gufw w XS. V , X . 4 J. S' we w w , w 1 X w , , E 4... .x wf ww 5' LVWW W W XM f yay gf A y lf 'ff W W ff? 41 X . ff 1 -"" .3 aL ,Qwves ,JL mf-my , WW, ,A.,.,, , ,,,,, , 1 ,W4 f W W ffc Sl-" Top Left-SENIOR SQUAD-First How, Left to Right: Co-Capt. Freed, Kaplan, Carl, Co-Capt. Berlin. Babetch, Auslander. Second Row: Ahlman, johnson, Gordon, Rosenthal, Schneider, Lesh. Glickman. Tlzird Row: Coach Smith, Rothbart, Blumenthal. Fox. Garland. Feder. Funk, Teichner. Fields, Soipmers. Herman. Lower Right-JUNIOR SQUAD-First Role, Left to Right: Savin, Kalman, Saltzberg. Lambert, Beezark, Corpash, Coach Goldstein. Second Row: Venit, Richter, Rosenbloom, Grossman. Ferdinan. Ehrlich. Freedman. Third Row: Gould, Capt. Projansky, Freedman, Greenberg, Share. Bulwa, Kaplan, Elia, Lauter. panfderd gfaze Qjrai in Quedf of ef? 3114 Baskethall is one oi the niost popular games played in the United States today. At Yon Stenhen it is the dominating sport. and the students are very enthusiastic ahont the games. Little did Dr. Naisniith. the originator of haskethall, realize the game he devised with the txo peach liaskets would grow to its present day popularity. lt has heeonie a tradition for Stenhens basketball teams to he among the top ranking cpiintets in the Pnhlie League. This year the teams did not Win the championship, hut their hard fighting aggressive hall playing drew much recog- nition from sports Writers and rival Coaches. Page 88 Q 0 a Yr ' vw-:W Page 89 'dw 'W aronqf cam fo ga in WOIJA .gzcfion XVith thc coniing of spring thc Barons don their baseball uniforms, sharpen their spikes. ind hcgin practicc lor thc coining season. This year the team, led hy veterans -Iordy Bau- nian, Nlorric Dnltx, Gerald Crahowsky. Cilhert Fcldstcin, Larry Friedman, Bernard MO- sliel. Billy Ycnit. and Edwin Tunic is cxpccted to have one of its inost successful seasons. ,MD s N, y-. ,A :Cl-if -and G t f , , K , XNZQ , ff Qi 7, , ,W , S211 X ,X W2 41' ,MW R A, ,, Q M, 517 Z . , Q 'l M . , ' 'mx' , A 4 V 55 X K lx . N .M-at pi f ' 'dia' V 'A .sg V f , " , 4.-fm X 'M ,W fu A ' ffm, . M-lv -nf' :Qi-SAM' :nfl www , ,.,I4.A, A M, :fir VJ ,Q , 'rjxfpy 7 , , . L V jgiwg, we-...' xx., 5 V Y 'vi Q ' A112-1 - ', is if x if W V ,, J- ,. 1. , c. ,l i , ' .A ,M Q., -cg ' ,f.'2':4, X at -fn, , y f www , T M, - vw.'.':wff ' f "" ' fn . Za, , :A ff J- . i X E 2:4-., Wo 1.1 , I 42. S HJ , t f- . -' ' xxbg ' , j. ,ring , ltohert Hnttenherg, the teanfs star hurler, pitched Ll no-hitter in a practice game and has hecn going great guns ever since. Top left: 'Iordy Bauman. slugging portsider. takes practice swing as Gerald Crahowsky catches. Top right: Edwin Tunic snags liner. Clciifcr: Boh Ruttcnherg. acc Baron pitcher. lets loosc with his "high hard oncw. I.o1z'i'r right: Bernard Klo- shcl scoops np gronndcr. l,ou'cr left: Gerald Cra- howsky tags Nlorric Dnltz as hc slidcs in to second hasc. llaigc 90 A jfying Clnafermen .jvlurcl e on fo Mcfory Art Corov and Warren Wex- lcr star low hurdlcrs, prac- Y A, gk' if A tice for coming track meets. 1 L. i i Sanford Silcroft and Ray l Levinson leap high hurdles. Coach Herbert Magida in- structs the track inen on the proper method oi starting. i l l 9 " 1' Men of the cincler pathways - rulers of theswooclen :runway - thatis Von Steuhens gallant track team. Although lacing tough competition in the North section, they continually ranked as the team to hate The hurdles, one of the K' ' 'l 'l f l team's hest events, were run hy Warren Wcixler, Art Goiov, Sanfolc S1 Cro t, ant Ray Levinson. These same boys also excelled in the clash and formed one of the best relay teams in the city. Because ot these mainstays, the team Won the greater percentage of their meets. a Page 91 acquefeem friue fo Annex Ckamlaiond ip The tennis team under the direction of Coach Torn Smith had one of its most successful seasons in 1948. Lead by Sam Carl, Mel Sinton, Earl Schneider, lrwin Gurson, and Irving Starkman they placed second in North section. Their only loss was to Sullivan who went on to Win the city title. This season, paced by veterans Schnei- der, Curson, and Starkman the netmen are expected to better last year's record. Wife f " z A-,nw X 4 .V ,Q ' A ' 4' W5 ff f Page 92 O Q v CLlflgCLI"00ff .Weir ag fo Succedd d the Kangaroos exempliiies the type Von Steubeifs soccer team, nickname , ' k of sportsmanship that is typical of St ability they more than mak Top: Mel Feldman shows Marshall Schneider, Billy Venit and Sorrell Lap- kins proper goal tend- ing technique. Lower: Coach Herb Ma- gicla instructs Billy Venit, Gerald Bear, Marshall. Schneider, Morris Rez- man, and Alan Freedman on thecorrect method of dribbling. eubenis athletic teams. What they lac in e up for in aggressiveness, and spirit. 'K ,. timid: S Y it ,iw .wwf .Qi X ff, f X2 3 rw R - ,f -W . 9 . 5.1" Y JPN Afvii V , A J isis fly A X ,:Z.- i ' Z Jzf Qi '? if , ,H g. ' ,. - 4 QW 1' , . .,k'KiJf 'x "K, X if ., mf- , 5 ' 'f 'l 'Q , " ', 4 ' iff C QS 37' ' 4' 2 -+P"!'1F',Q,' 7 'f"X,f,.:iN'i I 1 Xl! Q 'Q' . , ,Mig W7 553 Q ' J' Y' ,. V Q g wir Q K ,l J 'lu 45 N -5 S 1 ff M ,- .Vx hh Q X' Awww , r X -v -fs' x XX 1 . W XQ , 3 X ,I . - ,AX 5 F Q- 'S ' . 'z if ' Q 5 U If Q x W wx: ,r"""' .,w+"""' M -A I S - xx 3 ,Q Sf?-M 1 ,...., WM J fwsmwi X. ,... Q ur sara, ofa ga, GRD! pI"8l06ll"Q PICTURED ON OPPOSITE PAGE COLOR GUARD fo .NEP I 7 fne Anderson, Von Steuheirs Color Guard - Alan Virlin, VK ay George Harrington and Raymond Nlargel. Center left: All weapons receive a weekly inspectim Gordon Iohnson and Loren Levin. in from leftl shows the in- Lower right: Phil Leilcow fsecond from tracaeies of the Ml rifle to Seymore XVolf, Allan Nlorris, and Marshall Fishhein. Charles Porter. PICTURED RIGHT e of the rifle team as bserves the scor h lc ok on. Top: Miss Cadet o Eugene Anderson and Frank Wfals i Center: The rifle team in action - Norhert Magnuson, and Wayne Anderson. kelman sights on Lower: Ralph Ze ' nd Allan Morris look on. Suhajda a a ubazookav as Reliant, james Edward Page 95 235 li I . 1 ,Z at mm my Q9 coco oo' Q All x X is X V X W I i l 2 l 5 l l If 4, ff , W 7 f W enew jigkfing .ggairif O! 9204! WMISA lqoneem OPPOSITE PAGE Upper right: Nliss Cadet, Geri VVoll', deinon- strates her knowledge of the sand tahle to Norheii Reliant. Ralph Za-kelinan. David Bluver, and Robert Bieher. Center left: "This is the situation. inenl' says Barry VVeinstein to Edward Suhajda, Glenn Theilberg, Martin Silver, and james Niag- nuson. Center right: Frank XValsh and Allan Nlorris inspect guard detail members Maxwell Poper, Harold Blohm, Terrell Schwartz, and Allen Alprin. Lower left: Rifle team members james Carlin, Malcolm Sperling, and Allen Alperin total their scores. Lower right: David Bluver looks on as Charles Porter prepares for the daily Hag-raising, ceremony. ABOVE U17lif'1'r'.s' Call. Front row: lingerie Anderson, Frank Xllilsh. .lack Nlitcliell, David Kistner. limi' role: lflarlain XVillinan, Barry VVeinstein, David BlllN'L'l', Cordon johnson. and Phillip Lcibow. Page 97 W-31" MEM M ,IM , .mn- Q I 1 l 1 1 65, 'N-shi Page 98 I u PICTURED HIC, A Barbara johnson in Eile Adri drienne Scliramm en Feldman doir f enne Schramm ch I1 Qlftefbf 0 gun CU16! ,MGM SAPOM lllCTl.'RlfD OX OllllUSlTlf PACVIE Fourth row: Left-Lcielqer Qiiurds. High!-Indoor baseball. Third muh' Left-Gy in leaderb. Right-Birds nest and imc-rte S cfcond mu? Left-A soccer :nine Rigid-C. A. . X. lmai-rl First mic: Left-Biuketlml l 22111111 Hzgflf-C. .-X. AX. rlelrlgntm and limi-cl A 'll'l doing a crab walk. a ping pong gimme. lg a birdls nest. inning on the ' d lung. ringers. - Carl ' ' ene Schmidt shoot Eileen ing for a basket. Feldman playing badminton. 9 of gxercide M ffl .th , ,Q .iff 'll lf, ,E vu L Page 99 www bikin-J huuuflg Z'-T142 ills! :rw .2V 'T My 6 Y 4 ,V , .. 1.. ........,:.,,,.. ..,,......Q- ...., .-...,A..........,-hA. ,a........-.,:..Yn.1. .. 4- V- A- 1 Y 1: f ' ? x .'7 9f' " .t . , , l 4 ' ,M-if-z wr 15' , V .,V , , ' 3 1 V 5 ' V , . - a . V -un- nun WIKI .fy L fa-wwf W '-" . L X 5 A w' ' r , I 5 f if , f 2' ' v , ' f , A ,.- 4, in ll f nf lf ,l WWW, ' Q ,..,wf4.....1,.,, Q f ....... A. ,,,,, mi' fyiyal , f f 1 f . X 1, .. 2 " Q 1 W. ' f my I c W m,....,.,,,,,,,, W , ff f, , , ffff V2 A 1 K. , U 5 f-fy M ' , f .,,, a 'J 5 'il' ,a ' ' .5--..,.: f 1 W f ff ' 'f X W' ' l ......A. ,, ., sn,,,W..-m- L M- ,,.. ,,,,,,-... , f ,. ,,,, .:W,,,,,,,,.,,.l, , f .. A U ,,,........, If f2,m,..-..,,, A. Mmm, 2 4 V ,,, llll , .,,,. A .. :W A V l VV M. -,,, ,, .,,,, i V V L a F4 MM-'W "" f M---W M f.M...4 V, ...W ' WM W warn 5 , UW M . V 1 w..,.... ,,,, ,,,,,,,. , , V fkm.. ,,.. i 5, "U ' 2 k l ' ,,. ,.VAA 1 rm P I If W 126 ' , an , f 2 Q X W I 4 , 9, ,f ,.t.m,,,W.,,,,,,,AN,Wn Vi f , g di 2 . ' ?"""""'wf uv- ,,,.,.. ,,,,,, . 4 f I 0 ,WWI , ,,,. AWVVVV 'N V f V V 4 V V ,,,, , ,, , , QW '- f ,W ,,,.,,, M W V T,-4a-4.444 1. l M , y......... I 7?""W"jQ7g' V,,, .,,,,,,,, , , ' ' ' 1 VV 'NmWwn,,, 'W "fVV' Wm W .,,.,.,,,, 1 H U1 I ,ii . in--1 aim I -V Q 7 e VM Q fd X lx ' w---M .M cwiefg iuefi .fdclclecl piadure on fAe Qjofclen ,illeaklz jfai PICTURED AIEUYF On .stall lmr.s': Carol l,l'Yllflll. ,Xrlc-nv Clrippanclo, Mari- lvn Mitt-ht-ll, lovcv YXIQ-Nnlty, Ilarrivt Kaplan, Bar- llara llulainson, jlanicv ZIlClit'l'. Gym Lez1fl1'1',s', from lofi In riglzff hloyct- TXlcNnlty, Nancy 1 Iason, Elainm-' l?l'lCllDL1ll. Arlvne llcsniclx, Phyllis YHIIIIQ, Nona SQ-lnntx. lfxc-lyn -Iolmsun, Barlmara ll0lJlllSOIl, Lola Kaplan. Kl1c'c'lil1,Q: Barluara lJlJlI'l'SUII, flarlflnr- SQ-lnnicltn Ian Tarlm. l mga' HND I'lC'l'UliliD ON OPl'OSI'l'E PACE Un IIm'.s'c'l1m'k: Ellen Bllltltlllk Avis Steinborn, Barbara Slwr. Swim Ll'l1l1Cl'.S', from Ivff to right: Revella Berman, Cori XVolf, jcnncllc Tclnpleton, Betty Scotese, Carly Lynne Samuels, Dorothy Steinberg, Corky Langer, Erma Solmcy, Vivian Kretslnner. In lLYlfl'l'I Vivian Salalnon, Anita Newman, Ioan Nai- man, bloannv Banclvll, Geri Everett, Barlnara Schu- lmc-rtll, Dm-otlmy Hnnc. O 0 V if 'f A awww DEEP WATEP ,ff f Mr ffy ff .41 ... , 'ffnixiz -'fm-..22,,::,::"::":: Sff1f'112"1:"::":'71:1 ,M .if ,, i.:L.,'X QLQSE1. 4 wh gm., f. , 'flgwvxml'-35:5:'.v w,?'fff x V K . fl 5:5 -- - ' f fum Wh., . O., ,, No.6 4.-z ' wsu 15.-as ' ' . , K ' g 1 N vii' V it .911 memory 0 RONALD NATKIN BORN - Amino 3, 1932 DIEIJ - Ocrronrgn 14, 1947 uYet not to thine eternal resting-place Shalt thou retire alone, now eouldst thou Wish Couch more magnificent. Thou shalt lie down With patriarehs of the infant World - with kings Fair forms, and hoary seers of ages past, All in one mighty sepulchref, vvlllllllll Cullen Bryant Ave atque Vale To Ronald Natkin . . . our beloved friend and classmate . . . VVhose foncl memory will remain in our hearts, throughout our lives. Page 102 O 0 -fp Q Wfwi.-4 A 'K 1 s g p P , , f. . 7 X' f ,, - n ' , - I ' ' 7 ' J J J .Q-,L ' a N-" , ' x ' ' ' s ' -s - K Xi, ' ' v 'A ' r . 1, 1, .X I "' ' ' ' " in-4. ' np "J""'J' Q SBLNXSAL . M1 DM.. M, fw SN K Q MMV f , Q piffiw QMCJJ 23? Mzww AMW A pf MM W wil Qui 5222 ff W6 0- f 6'N10'Q' on-if MAJ UM' Q! LMA! 1 JJA J WVU WMM ' Of ff M 4 fifwjl A f V9 BMP, QYQWJM fy I X X ' ' fx 4 PM! x W ' f -4 ff ffl Maj f l Vw f , QOQ 'X UU2 3 f 7 nj S I , fjfmf A My Nx T 'fu I v ,, MNAP NYT!! PJ! J J . !.,,f.,,Al 7 rfji XQ ff ' I fb - - 1 I U ' Y -" x1 lf fi-' 'Q , '. 4? 'H'4,,, ' -7+ A, , ,il-jf' , M 'fx.!fQ1-"..f'x-Jx mf . ' 153 ,N 2 l ' ', X f Js - . I ' 'MV' ' 'X - ,..- ' k,Q..fyj 'Q - r , I ' I ff ' ' Y f ., J ' 1 -f , ' X ' . ,cf ' 1 ,ff V , J fa! r, ,qjrvf r v1,f-L,fXJ Qvv V 1 A .N I JM .J 4 L 4 ig, gg ' I - MJ- M fig ,fjffiljf 'Z' A gina, X r 'me K XX C X' I 129 5 WM 7 WWQ 'UL -l1...' , yd-fd. ,f ZFZQQ75. W qu ' M. - 7'-1'-J, -, '01 Dgog QS, wgbf-?.9-fYL ,WM my f 2 mmm Q t . . fl. ,LM ! CQAJQQ Q mm' Mm 'MQ ' MW M ' j Rf' WJ L M M 7 , . ff ' ' Za! WW J J wuz' kv .4 4 -Jbffx ' 060p0 L9..q,J, 5-414.1 ' ,z 'L ' L7'-v'bvs"-" " my ff - 36,4357 " ,feoag Z C7 -4. ga f QZQA' 449, , ' '0 0LQ'.6'4Zr':"f Awww ,fa2JA1-7M-QC i . 'pw 5' ' M. ZW 'E . fi! -40:-4'f,.l,,,K 4. ' 'Z' gm fwfv ,M fi-aw, ' -I 1 "f"'5?' M ft' f Awfyv ?'e'Q'J V' "'f1 9A- -n.,,- fm! M Q, ajfvfypffj f4""""-Q1"f,.f-ff: ,V Q S,,,,.u:f,Vm1-...f 0' WLKKQ: 7, ," auf! ,ff f ffffwfr, O lk jfiffff ff? , I fvyiffifdvfv M fu WJ' y 91' J is WDM I ,s ," f,s 0 ,XA',"f',,7:!1l: .' ,fj'- I Xu b ,,,f A J,-,,,f! f,,I ,lu in Er wff, ff . f' f'i ',.ff-W rw f"' C' " "w '7 ff" , wif ' b I Ip xv J up A 1,., ,wp 13,4 If , ff f f ff, ,jf J, wif F 1. ffyiwfy Q92 Vw www if U ydf wj fm? T29 fvvf f2""2'fn,2,,0, 'fQ FW' Q' 97' . M . . af ' f :.- 'W Q 0' " U qi L5-5 yfwqhwf ' ,WL Afrrv' u Q ' ff' U, X AA ff 7 my ZZ' ' 'TQ ' WW 5 lg iffy? w bf 5 3 5' yg f fhigr if A iff? . D E32 S ff 3514? , l 4 WMV" "f'ffW R 'icky ,f W ' 3 -.142-?mz?f,f,'e'b-QV L V V , X .7 y. ' "F . . . , nf . fad . Ml- an G7 FI . 1 ,. P V .i: i'i:f?S'-1 3-H 1132 1' - '+:ffwfwif Q Y .4 4 ?m2 Q5aQ5f5Qf.fs-vm I k -vm, W 1.,, -L-H"--"""' , A s ' a ' ,"'-"K fy. Law Q fm . ...S . , Mai . . 1 " if-M. CT UW, -1 "5 QYIVWYW wif--.aff " I-f - 'fy 4-3,13 ly ui- ' 'u',J "' f n w?-2 .74- l l - 'J' ' qv" " V .. N .I5f!,gfiQi' ' J Ma? If . . 'M ,1 4, 1 6 ' . ., 1 win'-w:LJlWHx,1, 4iwg,?2Q?2f My 2' QE r, ,' lwgf1L135: , , , Mi 9 X w WMD 52, 3? V. J , s s fy 1 ,L U' V I ' 5 , by ffXKf2fU Af 1 , V. A Y fx, N Af DKK N v sv? it :QE 'f,1, 4' V. I A Wx rx A Si EJ lf? Q li ., J QQ I 9 KXQ N' ' ' ig' NK A , 'F' if M M3 231, Q qxhffw .. Q.,- , ' - ...My - I A644 Z GLM v'-E Loggi! 'L 4 WF' f if Mfffi L7 41 L WW 10,553 if S ,K 3 Aiglpufw f6wJ,z,i,,,,X3 w-ant! MM N X 1 13-1-.1 x i X 1 1 D' Q 'iw' 1 A 4 J k 13' ' H Y x :I : Qi A .iff 9 A 4 ' QQ A, j' X ji, - nz? I fl" fi - X X: X 2 1 A45 . 1 -A ' ' .L.--1 cg-F Vt' X -' I 5 -c' f'-f f 1 5' Af Jpf ,A A L . I I , 1, H 'LQ fi fx "L r 1-. 7' f ' h 'N 1 V ? 1 A .Tm 6 x ' -A' f, V ' I 1,4 NA ff--LA, A4 cl' ,Au Q A I any ' ,Q , 4- . f 0 . ' - le 1, wx , 5,5240 , CZ ' A I X Q X, H, A A 'Q 'X ' ,A ' Y x 5 V ' ' A: " if!-X Q A r I '- x. A D 5 04 ,M A5 4 5 Z ww ' .' V5 , V ,A Q1 X , my ' 1 I I 1 A Q 5 N NF X A , I Ya R xi ' WI, -' I ., Q . q I 5 ' 1 4 E E v in X ' 2 At' A. 1 5 I ,--- Y I " 6 xi-'X wh, -,W 3' J I vsgq wdxx x ' I , , N xA K kk A ' Y, , H i ' ' , x-, , ' 3 . V A, , ' x 'X M QA A Q 3-Ax ' :W , w.. ' -X A , 4' X N, , S x , . 44 . A, A5 , X A I -fj f' ,YN , A A " X, .N 1, Q-.A fn, .QA , ' N , .. , W . M fl L AA 4 J U ' X ff. -4 x 'NJ A

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