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A.. 1 Qi 11 1 I 4 V A 1 A .fr 1" I I I 1 'r 1 . rl. n - li 1 . ,. .- Ag' ,- is 4, f 1' Q v , w p w ' ' 1 'I 1 , . A wx , r - in 9' h 1 f I .I X .,' I ' ,ur Q .JI 'Ilff' .- 5 fg .V 174 W lf' , 11. ki. .gv L -'ia , W V ,, wad. V 1- .- ,+V . 1. -. F ,gi ,L 'r ' iv? El -. T221 - gli". I . ,M P -1 v w' 4 '- . Wir .N A+.-f si 'rx Q A -6 , ki Y 14 1 I 1 V f ll. 1 S . ll ,454 . R , ff. ' 3:15 3 kwfd A 'U .U K. Q-Erwg, .Q 'B f 'ww- X Dedication To Mrs, Vesta Ellis, who has contributed 10 1fZ years of her life teaching in V, H. S, and given so generously of her time to extracurricular speech and dramatic activities, we dedicate this record of events of Vivian High School for 1953-'54, Bearcat Staff BACK ROW: fStandingl Robert Wendt, George Breen, Pete Stolley, Carl Moore, Ray Kuckleburg, Chris Schatz. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs, Cross, advisor: Sandra Booth, Barbara Kuckleburg, Nancy Oller, Joann Stinson, Sharon Cross, joyce Bower, Orin Lindquist, Orville Hall, Arlo Huffman, Claude Hulce. FIRST ROW: fsittingl Gayle Stolley, Virginia Hullinger, Kay Hi1ton,'Alvin Hall, Donna Heston, Nadine Clickner. MR, NELSON Superintendent English Social Science Athletics Dramatic s Faculty MRS, ELLIS English Mathematics Commercial Speech Dramatic s ,nl MRS, CROSS English Science Social Science Publications Mas. KING MRS. HALL MRS. MCLAUGHLIN Grades 6, 7 and 8 Grades 3, 4 and 5 Grades land 2 Board of Education STANDING: l,eRoy Authier, Herb Smith, Mryle Hilton. SITTING: john Hullinger, Chet McLaugh1iY1l Ed Hall. LEE l-IOWDER Custodian NJN 1 :fin i GAYLE STOLLEY "Some people seem able to resist every- thing but temptation," Plays-4, Declarn-4, Debate-3, Music-4, Annual Stuff-2, Bearcat Staff-3, N, F, L, - 3, Softball-Z, Homecoming Attendant, 'V Club President-1, JIM HOWDER "A prince of a fellow and an all-round good guy." Salutatorian Basketball-4, Baseball-Z, Track-3, Declam-I, Debate-Z, N. F, L..-Z, Plays-4, King-1, Extemp-l, Boys' State, Student Council-1, Music-l, NADINE CLICKNER "Not only good but good for something." Salutatorian Plays-4, Declam-4, Music-4, Annual Staff -Z, Bearcat StaffJ3, Class Officer-Z, De- bate-3, Softball-2, Original Oratory-1, N, F. L..-3. KAY HILTON "Always in a hurry but usually just on time," Plays-4, Declam-4, Music-4, Editor ofthe Annual-I, Annual-2, Bearcat Staff-3, Stu- dent Council-l, Softball-Z, Mistress of Ceremony, Cheerleader-4, Student Body President-1, N. F. L.-1. GARY SILVERNAIL VIRGINIA HULLINGER "Take time to ready it is the fountain of "A hurricane has nothing on me." wisdom." Valedictorian Declam-Z, Debate-4, Track-2, Basketball Debate-4, Plays-4, Declam-4, Annual -4, Baseball-2, N, F, L.,-4, Plays-3, Stu- Staff-Z, Music-4, Bearcat Staff-3, Queen dent Council-1, Extemp-Z, Homecoming 'I' Bearcat E'-'1it0T'1, Exfemp-2, Student Attendant-1, Council-Z, Girls' State-I, Softball-Z, N. F. L..-4. in ' A K Q? Q - DONNA HESTON "One of those people who is never too busy to do something for somebody." ..Majm-ing ExESZ1eIg5:LDi?ngIiIguing .- Music-4, Declam-1, Plays-3, Bearcat ' Staff-3, Softball-Z' Annual Staff-Z' Basketball-4, Plays-4, Track-2, Baseball -Z, Music-l, ' BURTON HEATH BARBARA HEATH "Why worry? It just takes time " 1-Sh -u . ' h h 11 d h ' Debate-3, Basketball-4, Track-2, Base- where :he :o:': ?' e W1 an B e won t ball-2, Plays-4, Declam-3, N. F. L.-3, Softball-2, Plays-3, Music-4, Student Music-Z. Council-1, Bearcat Staff-l, Class Officer -3, Annual Staff-1. ALVIN HALL "Patience! I'11 do something sensational yet !" Debate-4, Basketball-4, Track-Z, Base- ball-2, Plays-4, Declam-1, Editor-l, Annual Staff-Z, Bearcat Staff-Z, Business Manager ofAnnua1-l, Class President-4, Original Oratory-2, N. F. L.-4. Class History WE CAMEQ ws sAws ws coNQUEREDu Almost twelve years ago we came, weak-kneed and just a little scared, Only three-Donna, jim and Gary-have not sailed all the way with us. Through the years we have seen that if we were to conquer we fir st had to conquer our selves, So far we have con- quered but we have not done italone, We owe much of the credit to the hard work and advice of our parents, teachers, and com- munity. Motto - HE CONQUERS WHO CONQUERS I-IIMSELF. Colors - ROSE AND GRAY Flower - AMERICAN BEAUTY ROSE Class Poem They're gone! They've left! They will return no more, The willful, skillful, fighting group- The class of '54, ' They lead! They were The best we ever knew, Twelve frollicking, rollicking years of school And now they're finally through. Oh Say! What now? How can we carry on? The great, the noble, the mighty ones Of '54 are gone! Class Will Eleven victims of the desired disease, graduation, have passed into the outer world of which we think we know so much, On their deathbed in the final days of existance they bequeathed their earthly possessions to those unfortunate enough to remain behind. The class leaves its temper and pep to the Freshmen, It wills its exuberance to Betty Lindquist, its energy to Dick Oller. It leaves their sleepy days to the Sophomores and bequeaths its talkativeness to the teachers, To the juniors goes the title "Seniors" and to all the students and faculty they leave the wish that they will never forget them--the Seniors of '54-. Senior C1ass4P1ay "junior Prom" was the Senior play which was presented No- vember l3 and 14, It was directed by Mrs, Ellis. All the Seniors and Claude Hulce were in the cast which was as follows: Hildy Haines --------- Virginia Hullinger Olivia ------------------- Barbara Heath Oueenie Smith ------------ Donna Heston Chuck Haines ------------- Burton Heath Frankie Brown ------------- j im Howder Mrs, Haines ----------------- Kay Hilton Cora Haines ------------ N adine Clickner- Willie Vermin --------------- Alvin Hall Jerome Haines --------- Gary Silvernail Clarence Weegar -------- Dean Lindquist Cassandra Cholmundeley--- Gayle Stolley Doctor Prescott ---------- Claude Hulce V ' Senior Skip Day With a whoop and a holler the Seniors took off for the Black Hills, Thursday afternoon, May Z2 on their Senior skip day, Rapid City played host to them that night and bright and early the next morning they arose and went on to Deadwood. In Deadwood they set themselves gently down upon the chair lift, fdangling their number 10's as gingerly as possible, and watched a mile of Terry Peak slide underneath them, They toured the Homestake Mine and spent the rest of the afternoon in the Homestake Recreation Center, After spending Friday night and Saturday morning around 'Spearfish way' they streaked on to Rapid. Saturday night it was viewing the movie at the drive-in theatre and dancing in the Bon-Air. After that they called it a day and trotted back to the cabins and to bed. ' Sunday morning dawned to find sleepy 'Seniors stretching, yawning and reaching for their "Sunday go to meetin' dude." The majority of them loyally went to churchg the rest just layed around and took life easy. The last bit of money was splurged on a Sunday dinner and so ----they returned----br oke and tired, fbut looking well around the waistlinel. Senior Snaps Q5 1 5, rss. N ill.. if' y I: ,,. O '19 A y,,,,,,,,,,, , Oh! Not Willie! Why, Jerome! You lucky kids. Well covered. Oh, my achin' arm. Oh, you're so masterful. 10. ll, Finally ! To the Alumni, Behind the scenes. Rurnmage hats. Sad UI occasion. 12 13 14 l5 I6 17 Now hen- this Show-offs. You didn't. Reducing. Actors. Suitcase legs. ananianiv?iiiiuwiivwiiiianiiuwiiiivnniiiuw an an V? U? UWQSLOEODM Fgnhdm .l"ll'I'll'lllllIII HBHOMWNUUUNH 233535 :qi A :am .lIl'Illlll.llIlll gmU:vg0m 230 36 .BHG IIl"'llI""'l"ll' :NE MO Sam: an EEWSQAUE .m 'U A an Ukgm H0055 HO Hnvgwvhm 'IIII WMEORMQ MO wgwhdgq UWGOBUZ umsmsq .asm l.IIllIlIllIl. QOSMHEUWUHDH mmgo UWQOBOZ H2554 .adm ""'lII'l mhg-Sm MO HHOMHMEUWUHDH LEOBHUO Owdm 'HE I'll' :OUHHMHMQ HBHOQHUAW: gmvhgjw an -Smjzdm Gian? I"I"'llI"I UWOHUEN1 HEQOHUZVOHSV U? HUQBOHA QUEMH I'IlI"l"l"IlI.I EDU354 s.dmHOPdgHdm an HOSAUMHO Ugvdz "'I"'l"I"I" mmyngvq adm HOu23dm 15202 H2554 'adm "l'll mdsoamo UQMHO :EEN U? HO aO:dUgUm0HnH ULEU gmc ,sho Il""""llll" :gum HHOHQQ EN 5: VWEUQOEHUE .4 A :gm lI"I"l""l"l"lIl GOSMUOUEH v?m'SnOE05vH dhdpkdm 'lIll"IIII'lI'lII HGQOMQWUUOE UWMHDDUEUDVH dhdnhdm 'IIlII'.IIl'I'I' Ovgvhm H0332 V? an an ,E .GH gum VT an an E2 NON F2 :gags an U? an :dm A255500 an sn UT an at an EUEBEEEOU vyianuoniuwuwuoniuoniiiugniuonisniuwuvsnuwsnivwuwuonuwik if 44 0305 amz l"ll'llllIllllIlIll llllllll H duo: U vow M 530835 .4 A .Rum 'I'.II'."Il'IIl"I H-Omunvmmvmwdumvm A30 35 .EG ".I""lI""'I :ings H0 BOM: Auumwgdvmm .4 A Som llllllllllllllllllllll sorghum SUWUETF-m .4 :am ""'Il"l"l mivdvm UHSEHUQ A30 020 .Eno 'I :hvbzm w0 UUSHH vgsbzdm U5 54: HSUQUEUE .4 A .Sm l"'ll""..ll""' GOENOOEH DEG 25 lllllllllllllllllll lllll U ,ENE H3532 .2 N gum as -A: N32 :EEW A9540 QMHBAQJ MUOESMA 83:-Sggm anuouuwiiiiiuviiiiiiiiivwiivonikuonanisni iuwuwxnsnfiuwsniiuysnikiiuwiiiiiuviuwiuoni I f ,fp . 'V' Y 3.4 HP' x 9 JIM HULCE President I uniors W R L I CARL MOORE V c -Presid t St d nt C c 1 ELLEN WHITAKER Secretary St dent C 1 Scenes from the Iunior Play gy.: , DICK OLLER Treasurer FUIQ I unior Class Play Look Out Lizzie", a three-act farce, was presented by the Junior Class on the nights of April 30 and May 1, The play was coached by Mr. Nelson, the class advisor. Four underclassmen took part in the pr oduction. The cast of characters were: ll Silas Long, an old farmer ----------------- Dick Oller Sarah, his wife ----------------------- Ellen Whitaker Hazel, their daughter -------------------- Mary Hulce Lizzie Blanks, the hired girl -------------- Nancy Oller Hank Blinks, the hired man --------------- Carl Moore Minnie Hall, the neighborhood gossip ------ J oann Stinson Richard Biltmore, a stranger ------------- Orville Hall Dave Hinkle, an old miser ------------------ jim Hulce Prom and Banquet Vivian High School's seventh annual junior-Senior pr om and banquet was held May 14- in the two community halls. At 6:30 the Juniors and their advisor, Mr, Nelson, entertained the Seniors, Mr, and Mrs, Ed Cross, and Mr. and Mrs, Willard Ellis. Dick Oller was toastmaster for the evening. Jim Hulce, the Junior Class president, gave the welcome. Alvin Hall, Senior Class president, returned the good wishes. Mr. Nelson spoke on the things that lie in store for the Seniors. Ellen Whitaker read the theme poem. Carl Moore prophesied the future of the Seniors, The hall was decorated in the chosen theme - Gypsy, Four Fresh man girls dressed as gypsies acted as waitresses, The prom began at 9:30 with the attendance of 29 couples, the teachers and their escorts, Because of the shortage of students in the Junior Class extra couples were invited, The theme song was, "Vaya Con Dias", o P O ' m CHRIS SCI LAT Z OR IN LINDQUIST if CLAUDE HULCE RAY KUCKLEBURG NANCY OLLER QRVII-,LE HALL if --ll ,Q X 'x R at 1-my in 'fwmyfgw 'X xx if si JOANN sT1N50N GEORGE BREEN SHARON CROSS PETE STOLLEY Freshman Class SANDRA BOOTH MARY HUI-,CE AR LO HUFFMAN ROBERT WENDT President Vice-President 5eCref6ry BARBARA KUCKLEBURG BETTY LINDQUIST Student Council Treasurer LYLE SMITH JOYCE BOWER mio cr-IESTI-:R EDITH VAUGHAN Grades 6, 7, G 8 BACK ROW: Mrs. King, La Donna Breen, David Cross, Howard Hulce, Cleo Hullinger, Kay Howder, Carol Chester, FRONT ROW: Joyce Chester, Joanne Rognstad, Willis Mclaughlin, Richard Masteller, Norman Bower, Marlene Lindquist, Bonnie Schatz, Dora Lea Pitan, Grade Basketball Team LEFT TO RIGHT: Willis Mc Laughlin, Norman Bower, Richard Masteller, David Cross, Howard Hulce, Mr. Nelson, NOT PICTURED: Max Chester, Lloyd Bower, Merlyn Masteller, Allen Weller, jerry Vaughan. Grades 1 df 2 BACK ROW: Larry Chester, Dick Stolley, Gary Lindquist, Mary Gannon, Herbert Pitan, SECOND ROW: Alberta Hulce, Douglas Hulce, Johnny Kuckleburg, Nancy Kennedy, Eileen Regennitter, Teacher-Lulu 'McLaugh1in. FIRST ROW: Duane Masteller, Dennis Scott, Diann Authier, Carol Rognstad, Donald Chester Ronald Hall, Grades 3, 4, ci- 5 BACK ROW: Merlyn Masteller, Cecile Hullinger, Lola Kennedy, Carol Pitan, Linda Tomhave, Judy Heath, SECOND ROW: Diann Lindquist, Max Chester, Jerry Vaughan, Maxine Hullinger, Lloyd Bower, Allen Weller, Teacher-Mrs, Hall, FIRST ROW: Kenneth Price, Donald Larson, Carolyn Scott, Jeanette Weverstad, Karen Lindquist, Jessie Mae Judd, Mary Jo Kuckleburg, Janet Masteller, DATE Nov. 17 " 20 " 25 " 27 Dec. 1 ll 4 ll 8 " 15 ll jan, 5 ll 8 " 12 " 14- Feb, 2. ll 4 5 ll 9 ' 12 ' 16 19 jan. 1 Championship game jan. 22 and 23 Jan. 28 and 29 Championship game Feb. 25 and 26 Consolation game Basketball Review TEAM WE THEY Blunt 58 61 Harrold POStp0I18d Agar 53 62 Murdo 30 56 Draper 86 41 Presho 67 39 Kennebec 86 59 Ft, Pierre 4-8 54- White River 50 51 Draper 63 53 Presho 85 26 Kennebec 66 53 Reliance 4-8 75 Murdo 47 70 Ft, Pierre 55 56 Belvidere 63 55 Reliance 4-1 53 Blunt 75 57 Agar 58 65 VIVIAN INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Reliance 57 53 White River 45 58 L C C TOURNEY St, Lawrence 71 53 Ft, Pierre 62 71 M C TOURNEY Reliance 64- 63 Kennebec 57 38 DISTRICT TOURNEY Ft, Pierre 59 68 Draper 82 52 Kennebec 73 52 First Five and Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Nelson, Gary Silvernai1,jim Howder, Alvin Hall, jim Hulce, and Carl Moore L U LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay Huron, Barbara Kuckleburg, Sharon Crow, and Joann Stinson- 6 S park P1 ugs FIRST ROW: jim Hcwder, jim Hulce, SECOND ROW: Alvin Hall, Carl Moore, Gary Silvernail. THIRD ROW: Orin Lindquist, Burton Heath, Bearcat Squad FIRST ROW: james Hulce, Alvin Hall, james Howder, Gary Silvernail, Carl Moore, Burton Heath. SECOND ROW: Mr, Nelson, Orin Lindquist, Orville Hall, Dean Lindquist, Arlo Huffman, THIRD ROW: Lyle Smith, Chris Schatz, Pete Stolley, Ray Kuckleburg, George Breen, Dick Oller, Claude Hulce, Bob Wendt, 23 PETE, DEAN GEORGE Student Council BACK ROW: Raymond Kuckleburg-Secretary and Treasurer, jim Howder, Pete Stolley, Mr. Nelson-Advisor. FRONT ROW: Carl Moore-Vice-President, Kay Hilton-President, Barbara Kuckleburg, Ellen Whitaker, Glee Club 9 v BACK ROW: Edith Vaughan, Mary Hulce, Virginia Hullinger, Betty Lindquist, Barbara Heath, Barbara Kuckleburg, Donna Heston, SECOND ROW: Mrs, King-Director, Keo Chester, Joann Stinson, Nadine Clickner, Nancy Oller. FIRST ROW: Sandra Booth, Joyce Bower, Sharon Cross, Ellen Whitaker, Gayle Stolley, Kay Hilton, The sextette was composed of Kay Hilton and Betty Lindquist, altosg Sandra Booth and Virginia Hullinger, second sopranosg and Nadine Clickner and Mary Hulce, fir st sopranos, Soloists were Betty Lindquist, contraltop and Nadine Clickner, mezzo soprano, The director was Mrs, King, Declam BACK ROW: Burton Heath, Pete Stolley, Orville Hall, Gary Silvernail, Raymond Kuckleburg, Claude lf-lulce. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs, Ellis, Coachg Gayle Sto11ey,Joyce Bower, Sandra Booth, Joann Stinson, Kay Hilton, Virginia Hullinger. FIRST ROW: Sharon Cross, Barbara Kuckleburg, Mary Hulce, Nadine Clickner, Betty Lindquist, Nancy Oller, Declam Eighteen out of the thirty-five students in high school took declam this year with good results, In the local contest Nadine won first in poetry and Nancy took second, Gary rated a superior in oratory and Burton got excellent, In dramatics Virginia received first honors and Betty second, Kay won the humorous contest with Gayle receiving second place, In the district declam contest at Murdo Virginia was given an excellent and Nadine, Kay, and Gary were chosen to represent the district at the divisional contest in Rapid City, There all three rated excellent, Vivian held a second place contest where Nancy rated good, Betty and Burton, excellent and Gayle, superior. At the N, F, L., at Mitchell Burton entered oratoryg Nadine, poetry, and Gayle, humorous. Burton made it to the third round while the two girls went into the fifth and final round being placed fourth and fifth respectively, Declam was coached by Mrs. Ellis, Debate STANDING: Mrs, Ellis, Coach: Sharon Cross, Orin Lindquist, Pete Stolley, Orville Hall Barbara Kuckleburg, Arlo Huffman, Mary Hulce, Raymond Kuckleburg SEATED: Burton Heath, jim Howder, Gary Silvernail, Alvin Hall, Gayle Stolley Nadine Clickner, Virginia Hullinger, Fifteen students participated in debate this season under the direction of Mrs Ellis Vivian entered nine debates--in Philip, Presho, Vivian, Pierre, Winner Murdo N F L at Mitchell, division at Murdp, and the state "B" at Huron. Debaters received first place in Pierre where fifteen towns competed, and also in Winner, Pierre, the division and the state, Vivian won many ribbons in extemp original oratory and for outstanding speakers, Vivian entered two new features in the debate field--a student congress and a discussion at Hur on, v The debaters won championship trophy at the state debate match which brought the debate season to a close, TOTAL N, F, L, POINTS AT END OF THE '54 SEASON Gary Silvernail Virginia Hullinger Alvin Hall Nadine Clickner Gayle Stolley Burton Heath jim Howder , Rayrnond Kuckleburg Orville Hall Pete Stolley Sharon Cr oss Orin Lindquist Barbara Kuckleburg 4 years 4 years 4syears 3 years 3 years 3 years Z years 2 years Z years 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 351 350 281 123 109 103 80 55 50 43 28 26 21 Champions 'Q N-,mal A IIBIQ 1954 if ibz p Vivian State "B" Debate Champions Vivian copped the State "B" Debate Championship title for-the first time in its history at Huron March Z9 and 30, The debaters were in six debates losing only one, Twelve teams competed in this tourney, In the first debate the Vivian affirmative met Highmore negative, Vivian met DeSmet in the second round and Newell in the third-round. At the end of the fir st day's debating Vivian was the only undefeated team, Tuesday morning the Vivian nega- tive lost to Newell with still five teams remaining in the competition. In the fifth round Vivian affirmative debated and won over the Clark negative giving them the right to vie for I championship against Beresford negative, Mrs, Ellis, the Vivian coach, received the trophy, and medals were awarded to the members of the winning team, The Vivian affirmative team, Alvin Hall and Gary Silvernail, went through the tourna- ment with four wins and no losses. The negative team, Virginia Hullinger and Gary Silvernail, had one win and one loss, Virginia Hullinger placed first in girls' extemporaneous speaking while Alvin Hall tied for second in original oratory in the state event. On Wednesday, April 28, a testimonial banquet was held in honor of the debaters and their coach. Mrs, Ellis presented the debate squad while the three state debaters demon- strated the work they did at the state tournament. Alvin ,Hall gave his oration, "Crime Does Pay", Virginia Hullinger talked on the extemp subject, "Should Eighteen Year Olds Be Allowed To Vote?", and Gary Silvernail explained and discussed the debate topic.. Mr. Bill Turner from Mobridge was the guest speaker, The honored guests were presented with gifts fr om the community, South Dakota fMarch 29 - 30 Activities ot the Day Ball Game Supper Plays C or onation Dance Homecoming RED AND WHITE DAY October 3, 1953 King Jim Howder Queen Virginia Hullinger Mistress of Ceremonies Kay Hilton Attendants Gayle Stolley Gary Silver nail Crown Bearers Diana. Authier Dennis Scott Iunior - Senior Prom G Banquet May 14, 1954 32 I unior - Senior Prom G Banquet May 14, 1954 Awards and Honors Journalism Awards Vir ginia Alvin Kay Declam Gar y Nadine Kay Vir ginia Debate Degrees of Distinction: ----------------- Gary, Alvin, Virginia Excellence: ----------------- Burton, Nadine, Gayle Honor: --------------------- Orville, Jim, Ray Merit: ----------- Sharon, Pete, Barbara, Orin Music Nadine Barbara Heath Mary Sandra Kay Ellen Edith joyce Vir ginia Shar on Betty Gayle joann Barbara Kuckleburg Donna Nancy Keo Basketball Awards Major Letters ' Minor Letters Gary Dean Orville Alvin Burton Bob james Howder Richard Claude james Hulce ' George Raymond Carl Pete Arlo Orin Chris Lyle Honorary Captain -------------------------------------- Gary Cheerleaders -------------- - ---- 1 Kay, Sharon, Joann, Barbara Valedictorian ---------------------------------------- Virginia Salutat or ian ------------- - -------- Balfour Award ---------- Girls' State ------- Boys ' State ----------- King --- -------- Jim Howder, Nadine --------------------- Alvin --------------------- Ellen ---------------------- can ------------ Jim Howder Queen ---------------------------------------------- Danforth Foundation Leadership Awards ------- Virginia and Gary GIR LS Sandra ------------- virginia ------ Sandr a - - Gayle ---- Virginia --- Vir ginia - - Barbara Kuc kleburg ------ Gayle --- Gayle ---- Gayle -- joann, Kay Virginia Gayle ---- Vir ginia - - - - Barbara H Mary ---- eath Nancy ------- Who's Who in V. H. S. Most Promising Freshman Most Representative Senior ---------------- Most Studious ----- Most Co-operative --- --------- ---- BOYS --------------- ----Lyle --------------------Gary -------------------- Gary -----Alvin ------------------- Mos: Original ------------------------- Alvin ------- Most Fickle --------- i ---- Biggest Bluffer - - ------------- Most cheerfui ----- ""'MOBt MiSChieV0uB ""."""" ---- ------------ Best Athlete --------------------- --- Hottest Temper ---- - ------- ---- ----- Prettiest Hair -------------------- ----- Prettiest Eyes ----- Cute st Dimple s ------ ----------- Best Natured -------------------- Best Dancer -------- -- Raymond - jim Hulce jim Howder -- Raymond Jim Howder ---------------- Burton - ---- Carl --- jim Hulce Raymond ------ Carl -------------------ciaude ----- Lyie Nadine --------------- - - ---- Best Blusher -- -------- ------------ - Arlo Orville Gayle ------ - - -------- -- Kindest --- ----- ----------- J im Howder Gayle ---------------------------- Wittiest --------- -- Raymond Gayle --------------------------- Best Sport --- jim Howder Kay --- - --------------- Most Reliable --- ------Alvin Ke o ----- Kay --------- Kay ------ -- Kay ----- ------ Most Basmu1------- ------------------ Arie ------- ---- Best Physique or Figure ------- ---- --- Carl ----- Most Popular ------ Best Dressed ------ ---------- ------ Gary jim Howder Gary Candid Camera 2. CK J' . I. K: Y if .K kV,k i O ' ' ' 1 r . ev H 3 i i s I. an .A 5 i 5. ' ,fs S. 3 O ,,t Q gan my we ' 1, i af R ff, fl : vc we 1. 3-D 14, Believe Me, Mom! 2, Surprise! 13. It Only Happened Once, We Bet! 3, The Last of the Mohicans IZ. Triple Trio 4. Typical Drips 11. Those Colgate Smiles 5. Don't Be Deceived! 10, Has Anyone Seen My Momma? 6. Smile Pretty, Girls 9, Duh ...... ! 7. Pretty 'Eyed' Baby 8, Oh! Oh! Curtain Time! www annum if -vm X RS fi? K num 1 V H S s Ch1namen 11 Wallflower Z The Hoe down 10 Tough Guy 3 Hobohemla 9 Blg Deal 4 Emperor Hulce 8 What's So Funny? 5 Glum chums 7 Qulet! MEN at Work' cqufog 'mpg "'1 f 391 " ,- .. I , l..o..4..,r..a A nm..-4 by Iuuswonfu IROTHZI mmm... ll... u. s. A. XX-. . . I.. t vm -r ' YV -I If 1' ,' X , . ' Jllxr nf 'M qlY.V' 'V gf -I-Vw-:V-,.-f -V. "Cif'7TV-IVFZF E' 1 ' 'L -LMAPVPK .BWV V, ,fwfr I X. -,,,.L,xr.-f, Vt' ' V. Va, 11-1 QQVVVL.-3? avr- V- V ,V-:VI -V -Vps, ' . Q- ,f x . w fn.. ,.. 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Implement C0 C 1 L mber, Paint, And Hardware Y S 1: f t on Is Our Suc V S th D k t Congratulations To The Seniors Of 1954 Vivian State Bank Your Home Town Bank Is The Place To Go When You Need Financial Assistance Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Loans - Insurance Drop In And See Us Any Time C, W, "Chuck" Tomhave, Cashier D, M, "Dave" Moore Assistant Cashier Vivian South Dakota eath'S Store ' Groceries And Meats Priced To Sell Phone 6F14 Vivian South Dakota L... 0 O. 5 I gtex f ' Q Q fl' 5 ri 51 I A N n 'I I ' mf X Q 1 West Central Electric C0-op., Inc Modernize With Electricity Murdo South Dakota Get Used To The Improved E my And Perf mance Of F d Trucks - Cars - Tractors .lack Goodman V S thD k t ,Tfi-State illing Co. Manufacturers Of Trisco Products Vivian South Dakota RHODES MERCANTILE COMPANY Presho South Dakota OHLSON COMPANY Dry Goods, Groceries And Meats Phone 97 Presho South Dakota J, E, STANLEY Real Estate Presho South Dakota ANDERSON GAS AND APPLIANCE CCMPANY Presho South Dakota THE PIERRE NATIONAL BANK "The Bank With The Chime Clock" Established 1889 Walter H, Burke, President Curtis B, Mateer, Cashier Royal Van Camp, Assistant Cashier Charles H, Burke, Assistant Cashier Pierre South Dakota SHUR-KOLD LOCKERS Curing - Processing - Butchering Frozen Foods Vivian South Dakota OLLER IMPLEMENT C OMPANY Standard Oil Products Minneapolis-Moline Farm Machinery Baldwin-Gleaner Combines Parts - Service Phone 6-F-Z0 Vivian South Dakota ED GANNON'S .MER CANTILE Vivian South Dakota PETE'S Pop - Pool Vivian South Dakota H, K, BAR DUFFS TEXACO SERVICE Texaco Products Gasoline, Oils And Greases Firestone Tires And Tubes Your Patronage Appreciated Manager Duff Fosness Phone 4 Presho South Dakota PRESHO LIVESTOCK AUCTION Buy And Sell Your Livestock The Auction Way Don Tracy - Owner Phone 75 Presho South Dakota WEST CENTRAL ELECTRIC LOUIES TEXACO SERVICE CO-OPERATIVE, INC, Beer - Pop - Candy REA Short Orders H, R, North, Manager On Highway 16 Presho South Dakota Murdo Draper, South Dakota LINDQUIST OIL COMPANY HARDWARE AND CONFECTIONERY Tires-Tubes-Accessories C, B, McLaughlin Vivian, South Dakota Vivian, South Dakota THE LYMAN COUNTY HERALD R, N, Ellickson, Publisher Presho, South Dakota GAR NOS BAKING C OMPANY For The Best In Baked Goods Phone 53 Presho, South Dakota Standard Service SWEENEY AND WHITNEY Phone ZW Presho, South Dakota. BECKWITH HARDWARE Paints-Wa11paper-Linoleum Plumbing Phone 18 Presho, South Dakota PRESHO IMPLEMENT COMPANY john Deere Sales - Service Presho, South Dakota FAR MERS UNION SHIPPING ASSOCIATION A, S, Boe, Manager Dealers In Grain - Coal - Twine - Seeds Phone 90 Presho, South Dakota SPARGUR HARDWARE Best Wishes To Class Of H54-" Pierre, South Dakota FIRST NATIONAL BANK In Pierre Member FI D, I, C, Pierre, South Dakota ROBERTS LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Dry Cleaning - Laundry Fur Storage At Foot Of Pierre Street Phone 303 Pierre, South Dakota DR, L, A. HARVEY Dentist Pierre, South Dakota THE LAUNDR OMAT "Wash While You Shop" f2 Block West Of Post Office Pierre, South Dakota BERTS SHOES Boot And Shoe Repair Quality Footwear Pierre, South Dakota ANDERSON SUPER MARKET The Market Where You Can Park It Pierre, South Dakota HOP-SCOTCH BAR The Most Talked Of Bar In The West Fort Pierre, South Dakota STANLEY C OUNT Y ABSTRACT COMPANY Bonded Abstractors A11 Forms Of Insurance Surety Bonds G, E, Sumner, President Verna Sumner, Secretary Fort Pierre, South Dakota SILVER SPUR BAR "The Northwest's Finest Bar "Irish" O'Leary Earl Fackelman "Irish" Was Here Fort Pierre, South Dakota I LYMAN COUNTY M, Q. SHAR PE A LAND COMPANY Lawyer And Counsellor Real Estate - Rentals Insurance Kennebec, South Dakota Kermebec, South Dakota BOOSTERS ascaewewewefaoc THE TONY CLOTHING STORE Pierre viagra l A South Dakota THE REMINDER Pierre '9""'4"9'4'4' South Dakota EVANS BAKERY Pierre ""9""'t'W South Dakota HINKLEY CHEVROLET COMPANY Pierre WW"-f""" South Dakota PRESHO CAFE Presho 3k'9"k3k'9"k South Dakota HI-WAY STORE Presho vvvkvkikvk South Dakota OLSON SERVICE Presho 'H"t"""f" South Dakota ROBER,T'S PHARMACY Presho '9"4"4"'f'k't South Dakota SHERIFF HOWARD PARKS Presho """W""""" South Dakota JOES' McCUE Kennebec '9"5"f'if"0" South Dakota SAUNDERS MAR KET Kennebec """'9"4""'t South Dakota DUFF'S CAFE Fort Pierre """"""""t South Dakota COULI..'S BARBER SHOP Vivian """M"9"" South Dakota ROGNSTAD DAIRY Vivian 'N""'5"9"" South Dakota ,nr-3 iylrhx -i I. ,, Thu.. if I- 'L' . .IF Y! . Ar yi V I I' 'fl ll . fi , ' g . E Q4 ,nc I - .- 5 A -'vaslh 3 A,-fi, ---Y f,-. c-W, '-zgwy- 1,-. 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Suggestions in the Vivian High School - Bearcat Yearbook (Vivian, SD) collection:

Vivian High School - Bearcat Yearbook (Vivian, SD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 6

1954, pg 6

Vivian High School - Bearcat Yearbook (Vivian, SD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 8

1954, pg 8

Vivian High School - Bearcat Yearbook (Vivian, SD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 34

1954, pg 34

Vivian High School - Bearcat Yearbook (Vivian, SD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 49

1954, pg 49

Vivian High School - Bearcat Yearbook (Vivian, SD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 54

1954, pg 54

Vivian High School - Bearcat Yearbook (Vivian, SD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 17

1954, pg 17

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