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v I I 's 3 5 it ,V V 0 -I 'x 1 I .J J Er n w fi as ' I , '. - + ,v fl 'A , w ws' ,Aw ' 1 4, Ir, xg LXVTQ ' wc- 'iii X mf - ' V 1,4 5 in.. A X . Lg: . 'fs F. . 551241 J rj" ,u gg, C' 9'- '-.,,, 3CFfWl ?P- fiw' 1 ,J T'!l1', V 'I-q.J!'l.:, L fl, 4 IQ iq 13 .V V1 1 53. iii ' MW, I.. .V 1: w .N N CRI. ' f 11 my Wu, QQ!!! lu, 1 wily! M' W ' sl It ., O b 1 fl an I ill . .fp-fr' EAL.- 'ilk ,rv""4'l' fl, ik b ,was 2 .Lam f fn 'jf Qu. 1 J .5410 wra jfj' 0 ,isfifiijim s ,, za I of ' J 'll ,wi ' ?.M'1lsvJ . 3 f 'Q .5 ' l i f T J A, Ai V ' 'lx ' .I i 4: Q ' ' H: l P 3 ' Y V. .Z Q Y gzip F' N 1:1 ik,-l if el l IMPRINTS 7977 Viterbo College La Crosse, Wisconsin Volume ll Af 1. , . Zi- .fd ',1-iffh ,' A 1 , f I ' 1.,',,:- , ., .Ny , VA . N ..-"':-mm - , ,. : , bww Nw-. - .' 3:-,ff-1 I 5 . "-9 ' 5 -: .. - X -A2 w. ,,, . f TABLE OF . 125 ' ' ' NV, L AA ll . -ag - ,A ' gugrba . P .lo Academics . . . Administration Staff ............. 37 Student Affairs Seniors Un derclassmen Freshmen HIOFS Sophomores ..... 3 IU l ...... . . . iiltkrfflbx I 4. Timm me I xP.u4gLK. INA UG URATION BA: OF A PRESIDE T Key Speakers included . . S. Grace McDonald, preceding president of Viterbo. S. Francesca Zoeller who represented the Franciscan com- munity. The Most Reverend Frederick W. Freking, Bishop of LaCrosse, conferred presidential authority and responsibility to Father I. Thomas Finucan. 1 President Finucan delivering his inaugural address. , . .lv N Theresa Hruby, Senior Class Rep, repsesented the Father John Heagle acted as Stu em Commumty' master of ceremonies. 4. . -..W PRESIDENTIAL RECEPTION MJ. Mader, K. Pattison, and K. Finley enjoyed the party punch as they mingled with guests. Nancy Kassmeyer and friend v N I yr' "" ,f-,4.g . H .'J' ll "Let's have a faculty meeting." ff Question: "Are they priests?" Answer: "No, they're brothers!" Viterbo girls acted as hostesses by lending a hand at the punch table. Student Lucia Hidalgo offered her congratulations to the new president. If xl A, n 7 Members of academic com- munities within radius of the Midwest states attended inaugural reception. Events of the year focused upon an expanding campus. Dedications of two new build- ings, the Nursing Center and the Fine Arts Center took place last fall. The Nursing Center took its shape as the old St. Wenceslaus school was reconstructed with On january 18 the new Fine Arts Center opened its doors for student use in classes as well as theatre, art, and music productions. Formal initiation of these events took place in March as a series of programs evolved from the three departments. nursing facilities. lt has been in use since the fall semester. 1. 2. 3. 4 5. 6 Fine Arts Center. Viterbo College building. Marian Hall. St. Rose Convent. Nursing Center. St. Wenceslaus church. In the Octoberfest sp1r1t, S. M. Gossling and M Kampa helped paint Viterbo's 'XX N. Starling upon winning the Miss Congeniality award and placing in the Miss Octoberfest finalists re- ceived congratulations from I. Swing, another pageant contestant November 13-15 were the dates set for a three day peace conference, "The Search for Peace, " held at Viterbo College. Father Heagle served as chair- man and members of the Program on Non Violence of the University of Notre Dame conducted the conference as in- terested members spent time in inten- sive study of peace. S Huser admired the view that her 6th floor Maman Hall room captured. Mrs Horlhan, College Nurse . Weekly college masses took place every Sunday, 11 a.m. at St. Wenc's ef The stillness of a library is reflected on 3rd floor as Friday 5 p. m. approached. ill' -7' , 4 . W. fu sn .f' 4 s S. M. Thea Bowman presented a convo on the heritage of Negro spirituals . Dort Hall made the prime decision of the day--whether to have a meat loaf sandwich or beans and franks for lunch 4 E jx ,ai 2 X 'FASCINATION gg 1 . CAPTURED THEIR HEAR TS Pokey ' constan mpamon D Pat Lande and S. Helen E1 bernd used their sc1ent1f1c background to put together a 1, 000 piece puzzle. lt's a lucky day, I'm changing my mind and ' 1 e W. Vmleavingto I' Qi find an answer . f-,kr A- Q 1. - -. . It QQ at 00 .y -V just for changin' U3 l.l.I U3 L.I..l .Q Fla' f? - lm' -' " S , 'Kan , A X ' " if SMA ...I 1 an . S. Helen Esther Lueck and Marge Klostermarm View a film in Education class. 'F-se, I ,-., -'is-.r 'fgT1".:. - ,jf 1 ' . ,m.. xii" 25.-... ,H .f,.,-. , ,S S. ROSE RITA COLLINGON, Education , ta, 1 .,.z.- , S. THEODINE SEBOLD, Ph.D. , Education wig? Children go where Isendthee . 16 NEW FINE ARTS CENTER CORNERSTONE LAID I X 17 Now is the time. You tell me your idea, I'll tell you mine . . . MR. STEVEN BIGLER, Art S. MARYAM GOSSLING, Art 18 S. Carlene Unser assisting M MR. TIMOTHY CRANE, A rt Slindee on the weav S. MARIE LEON LA CROIX, Thea Through the changing scenes of life . . . 9 Viterbo Musicians . S.M. CYRILLA BARR, Ph.D. S. M. ARLENE LAVERD IERE S. ANNAROSE GLUM MR. DAVID MULFINGER I 1 x is if . 1124 .Q Q NH! Wppl, s. ANNINA AVERBECK, " M . Lb . me 1 'man s. Rosella Names, Music Librarian, provided assistance to a student in the music library. ,-'-- ,..,. -' fd' ' ESQ P ' s ,mills ' 7 ' s ' . if H : f-- 1 s mai A 7 Re f 1 77 ggi f ,Um K lil-I 1 1 ,K sw r XX 1 0 ' ' 3 M R . ss s , 12 Mx . .. s I s 1 4' x ' f" yy- .1 1 S. MARCELLA STEFFES S. FRANCESCA ZOELLER x I. 1 I n I Y'-NN s. LUCILDA MEYER 21 s , "" w il'--llM5.',.: H 51" S . CAROLYN ROCK 1 ll Come gather R 'round people 1' where ever you roam, Ready. . . I r Set. - - Sm11e. . . MR. DARRELL POFAHL, Sociology . And admit that the waters around you have grown . . . R. STEPHEN BEDWELL, Psychology MR. VERE VANCE, So va E w i S. MARLENE WEBER, Sociology Explorers of past time, encountering a world of problems, diversified civilizations, s. RITA SHERIDAN, Ph.D., History with projections into the realm oftomorrow . . . s. M. CELESTINE CEPRESS, Ph.D., English Come writers and critics S. M. CHARLOTTE BONNEVILLE, Ph.D., English S. RITA RATHBURN, English who prophecies with your pen and speech - .lg Y...J5-4-I..- l S. SIBYLLA KREIBICH, German S. Bernyne Stark encouraging her French class to use the Language Lab for now is the time when dreams can flourish . . 25 DR. ARMANDO ALONSO, Spanish MISS MONIQUE. TADIER, French Cs Ba H, 4 S. HELEN ELSBERND, Ph. D., Chemistry sa so .-4" DR. LEAH SENFF, Biology S. ANN POLLPETER, Biology WY-f. DR. JOSEPH KAWATSKI, Biology l've got to find out what life's about . ' JANEES LAI-I fd . DR. ALINE NIECKARZ, Chemistry ls it anything more than earth and water? -an f-. 1 xA.. W- Amin A-sz" J- ., 3 s wr, 1 1 v awp, 'KX my .,:f I. FR. STEPHEN BOEHRER, Theology FR. CORNELIUS VAN DER MR. ALEC CHIU, Philosophy POEL, Theology S, ARITA DOP KINS, Theology FR. LYLE SCHULTE, Philosophy FR. JOHN I-IEAGLE, Philosophy The message may not move me . . . but they've got a good thing goin' . . . SOMEWHERE THE SUN IS SHINING SOMEWHERE THE LOAD IS LIFTEDQ ...F--1 7-.ns N-fs-I ,r Y' " xii' Q -XX 4- 4 K i N MRS BEVERLY BATCHELDER, Nursmg Instructor, buefs K Tw1te, nursmg student s. GRACE CLARE BEZNOUZ, Nursing Rb:-f A!- ! . ,...L f A '12 X any ,,g. 1 S. AGNES SCHWEIGER, Nursing I S. MARY JAMES RAEMAEKER, R I f .M A Nursing I .,-1" W L X Mas. MARGARET THRU, Nursing ao SOIVIEWHERE THE DAY IS LONGE'Rg SOMEWHERE THE TASK IS DQNEQ SOMEVVHERE THE HEART IS STRONGER S. JANE FRANCES FERRING, S Nursing ky KG' Y GQ-IIA TA. .Eg uw, w, A in K. S. WILLA KYLE, Nursing r' 2 LEFT: S. ROSE SCI-IAPMAN, Nursing RIGHT: S. CATHERINE THERESE FELL Nursing LEFT: MRS . DOR OTHY BEERs, RIGHT: Rosa KREUTZ, Nurs' sing 1 ha X T 4 X ,cm ,1 ,.-1 U' ,,-zu' , ., X " Ut: .al-"' ' If 4:21, wt' .xl I fl. sm. ,IJ -.J . Ji 'im A T4 MRS. CARRIE BRADEN, Nursing , f. vm Q 'r CENTER: S. TI-IEOPHANE WURZER, Nursing As Mr. Jerome Lysaught, Director of National Commission for the Study of Nursing Education spoke for October 30 Nursing Center Dedication Banque as interested Viterbo nur- sing students listened. . R , 'S YJ, ff E T E jf R wwf- -' ' R Q-it sw ...- gwg- F - 1- ' ' p s- K V 'qw-"i':' ,L Aj,-53:j.3.,:gE -1 XJ, In W!u1H'T?' ,, flat 1 A- 3 . -fe,g.,.4' k n l :E -- v,:-:- J M M - ,..':-rl r . sr, ,K i w? ,I , U H umm X. ww MM , 'Lan l ,I xii-gm -x 1 - 'Ww ,, "M, WH, 11, ,, 4 ,y ,ra-' 'WF-. it :GPM-:4 ff 'slim Q Q N' A at-7552, Y rm , H , M, N E- Iv- R Q1 1 F1 ,L-iw 1, . ,, ,Q S. GEORGIA HAMMELL, Nursing 1-5 - 'Q . A , , L'-"u,..e A "Hs ' - x : f - A Q .-'np' 5 . M.:- V 1 39 7. -fi c 5 e 1 ' '. iii! 2 . A,L President Father I. Thomas Finucan Dean of Studies S. Mynette Gross Dean ofStudents S. Paula Marie Ripple It's time for starting a new day. . l S. Dolorita Heiting, Registrar, informing Pat Dziewior of classes of- fered for the spring term. Mr. Paul Host, Director of Development Mr. William Chamberlain, Business Manager it'5 time for walking a new road . S. Ladonna Kassmeyer, Controller S. L. Schmitt, Director of Placement Miss Janet Linderbaum, Director of Admissions Mr. Joaquin Carbonell, Bookkeeper Mr. James Finn, Admissions Counselor Mr. Charles Schmitt, Eine Arts center Manager Qfw' R J. .Ad 2 3 4 5 6 Mrs Mrs . Mrs . Mrs 7 as M. E. Clements E. Kramer L. Balow C. Butkus Miss L. Segmour Miss C. Becker Miss C. Zeilke Mrs. M. Madigan Mrs Jud Thom son Book Store .QQ ui!! Mrs. Betty Fitzpatrick, - Y P 1 Manager Receptionist 1 . Mrs. 2 . Mrs . 3 . Mrs. 4. Mrs 5 . Mrs 6. Mrs B. Russ B. Thompson L. Snider B. Gilbertson H. Frisch H. Gantka Mr. James Sommer, Chef '7 3 4 5 37 Mrs. Ellen Terpstra, Receptionist 6 S 1' x R- "'!" YOMB SCULPTURE S. Natalie Foffel, Librarian S. Eudora Navarre, Librarian -N.,-4" S. Frances Claire Mezera, Librarian. S. Roberta Gilles, Librarian s.f,,g a , - 4 41 ' v . x 'il in " LJ. l.I..I L13 U3 L.L. LL. L..I..l U7 Q ff ff W, K x KL iii? -f i.:?i 'gf 1 f' ,. .if Wu' ,.-C13-f 114 ,"g IN hi- - 4 ., . . In VX' .-32770 QM, . .4 The answer is rely on youth - x:..u1 CLASS REPS 1. S. Paula Marie R ppl 2. B. Cox 3. T. Horihan 4. T. Hruby BELOW RIGHT - J. Bahn not a time oflife, I1 r I R. S. B. 1. C. Bladl 5 2. M. J. Pedretti 3. R. Nowak 2 4 4. N. Kassmeyer 5 5. P. Harms 7 8 6. S. Glynn 1 7. S. Huser 8. C. Leyd d css but a state of min . . 40 P..Misa11er M, - Q .u w ' j .654 'nr J 15 .. Q- WN S R WW NWNW' L - ' X- X' Y? NX5 . Y NNE SOCIAL LIFE Lookin' for fun - feelin'groovy . . 4 7 IO 3 8 9 11 1 The catch-all file I l L 15 -r r L ki-4 ' ' r +0 ag, 1-off ,- I,A. vetgeff W bb 4 1 4,r' 4' Q .,.N MJ. Mader J. Bahnsen W. Brookman G. Zom K. Schwartzhoff S. ox ' ,nm J Hall Dwyer Lizana Plein Walsh STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION To help a wandering student to find his way, To follow truth, forever seeking light To do my best, from dawn until the night 11 10 4 8 9 13 14 12 Pfiffner Steuer Lee Puetz Binner Lynch Frisch Strigel Till Baumler Slinger Mc Corm W ld 2. ETS. Nowak Mc Will Klees Huser , S ettel P Benzing K mpa L Slinge B Benzing M Bimer G Casper S Mary I I Weber M h f BIOLOCYCLUB To think, act, and react scientifically in the modern world . . . LJ 'i'?i.9..., -I i ni 9 2 Frue 8. Dr. Kawatsk 9. M. PJEVEIS i 10. L. Bazarak 11. Mrs. Senff 12 . I. Pautz 13. M. Ruff 43 1 53.'?.!2'i1iEeSi.?QiPi?Yi2g1,E13?.. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB maiden. . L FOREIGN STUDENTS CLUB J. Baumler, C. Bladl, M. Benda, K. Mann, Mr. Lawrence. S. Contreras A. Liu A. Beck 8 T. Tan .A.Kwok 123 4 5 7 9101112 S. Bernyne Stark M. Vega D. Yontraralc L. Hidalgo M. Chow S. Shiu P. Leung Whose rays are peace, joy, love 1. I. Schluter 2. C. Bladl 3. L. Kubarski 12 451. Baumler 13 14 15 16 5. E. Busta 6. I. Sharp 7. S. Contreras 7 8 9 1Q 11 8. E. Conway 2 9. soperl 10. . trige 1 3 4 5 11. L. Hidalgo 6 12. N. Keller 13. M. Mc Cormick 14. I. Frischman 15. K. Mann 16 . Dr. Alonso and understanding for all peoples . FRENCH CLUB 1. L. Kimmet 2. A. Kwok 3. A. Liu 4. D. Loewenhagen 5. Miss M. Tadier 6. K. Sullivan 7. I. Frischmon 8. E. Traynor 9. B. Spika 10. S.B. Stark 8 7 9 10 42' 9,-X ,, SITTING: S.A. Liddiard S.R. Rathburn D. Tunning I. Dolan K. Sullivan D Schuch B. Spettel. STANDING:,A. Lee, D. Pieree, J. Burke, ,N. Kassmeyer, K. Marin, S O'Regan, B. Schneider, S. Glynn. W' 11. D. Schuch 12. P. Leach 13. I. Dolan 14. S. Huser 15. S.P. Andre 14 15 12 13 Jifgfkffl 'r-SL 1 TVSNQ.. N.. . 12 15 1 SIGMA DELTA Cast: 1. S. Glynn 2. C. Loper 3. M. Tumaniec 4. G. Glander 5. M. E. Grams 6. K. Krause 7. W. Thoreson 8. S.M.I.. La Croix 9. P. Kujak . M. Helmke 10 11. B. Spika 12 . R. Loewenhagen 13. D. Johnson 4 . A.M. Gillen 15. Mr. Hinze THEATRE ARTS G. Glander and A.M. Gillen re hearsed their roles for ADAM and EVE during the fall term. 3 62 37 7 a 9 10 3 34 31 32 pi! 5 3 38 9 40 24 25 27 ' 29 30 15 20 21 22 16 19 11 12 13 14 1 2 3 4 D. Adams J. Muenzenburger D. Pierce E. Busta D. Schuch . M. K. Vincent M.j. Pedretti J. Roesler D. Burns S. Huser V. Brice I. Schlutter A. Baumler M. Flock D. Ranieri B. Benzing L. Kubarski E. Conway K. Mann L. Hidalgo 1 5251 . 3 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 S.C. Heil C. Slinger M. Helbing S.C. Achens S.R. Heil M. Mc Cormick P. Peteison P. Laude T. Slinger J. Cantlon 48 SPORTING CLUB I. K. S. L. M M G. K. I. I. Bahnsen P attison Contreras Bazarak Schimke Rievers, Kunert Lukasek Kassmeyer Sharp W V ,,, 1 Creators ofa special adeptness, agility of the bodyg for life belongs to those who are strong . . . .N MR. BERNARD IOHANSEN, Dance Instructor, from Winona. MIRS. BERNADETTE BEDWE L Ph HOME ECONOMICS CLUB SITTING: M. Wlaitegull, D. Hall, B. Raser, G. Casper. STANDING: N. Keller, R. Foley, j.Kassmeyer, B. Bousta, M. K. Vincent, M. Ruff, D. Blake, J. Schaller, I. Hammell, 1. Weber, D. Wilson, S.D. Wessling, G.A. Brandis, M. Flock, S.A.M. Nash. Food Preparation Lab incor- porated classroom-learned concepts in practical experi- I EDGE . Using familiar figures in unfamiliar ways . . f avi .W fir' lg, fan i 'I f "-- 1 ni , I SITTING: Mr. Epstein, Mr. Schlueter. STANDING: SJ. DuPont, S. Joyce Ann, D. Taylor, K. Wottreng, M. Slindee 50 I SENIOR CHORALE N LEFT SECTION: A. Anderson, B. Bliss, M. Culver, B. Fleming, C. Fraser, M. Frommelt, D. johnson, M. Kampa, K. Kolbo, P. Leach, T. Lynch, A. Malin, J. Mathison, B. Ranieri, S. B. Saner, N. Starling, K. Sullivan, P. Swing, M. Tadier, M. Tumaniecg MIDDLE SECTION: M. Bautsch, B. Bouska, S. A. Borja, M. Bittner, S. Grassl, G. Brandis, E. Courteau, A. Farber, S. Ideker, D. johnson, L. Laverdiere, L. Kimmet, J. Krause, B. Kueter, E. Malin, M. Mader, L. Nolan, T. Slinger, M. Woods, RIGHT SECTION: L. Anderson, J. Cantlon, V.Dreis, M. Gerke, D.Grand1, A. I-Iarnmel, C. Kaiser, K. Kampa, P. Klimesh, K. Krause, S. Laubmeier, D. Pierce, P. Schmitz, C.Slinger, D. Soczka., M. Stejskalg Pianists: M. Larson, D. Rimmetg Director: S. Cyrilla Barr. YOU GOTTA MAKE YOUR OW KI D OF MUSIC, SING YOUR OWN SPECIAL SONG. MAKE YOUR OW KI D OE MUSIC, EVE IF OBODYELSESINGSALONG. SITTING: P. Leach T. Lynch K. Kampa I. Krause D. Johnson M. Tumaniec STANDING: M Woods B. Kueter ' D. Grandl S. Grassl S. Laubmeier D. Soczka D J. FRESHMEN CHORALE MARIANETTES Swing ROW 1: C. Loper, K. Sullivan, A. Gillen, K. Lukask, S.A. Lavardiereg ROW 2: B. Flem- ing, D. Adams, K. Pattison, A. Baumler, J. Mathison, D. Pierce, L. Andersong ROW 3: D Rienier, J. Roesler, A. Hammel, C. Slinger, N. Starling, V. Von Arx, G. Kunert. 52 MIXED QUARTET SITTING: N. Starling, K. Kolbo. STANDING: E. Ryan, J. Gillette. ORCHESTRA P. Leach, P. Swing, S. G. Speltz, N. Melde, C. Fell, S. Kuehn, I. Morrison, K. Kolbo, R. Speltz, S. C. Rock, S. M. Steffes, C. Stanek, Melde, L. Morrison, A. Schiltz, D. Melde, T. kopf, M. Larson, K. Pattison, V. Bigley, D. K K. Lukasik, A. Skipton, P. Ladwig, S. Bustle, Dreis, S. A. Esselman, M. Woods, D. Johnson, Fraser. Tension lifted for Chorale mem- bers after giving their Christmas concert. 53 P. Hauser, S. Ducke, E. Steinhoff, B. Bliss, K. M iller, R. M. Gross egler, V. C . With dummy sheets, galleys, pictures, copy sheets, proofs, and deadlines, not without headaches and heartaches, the pathmakers of Viterbo publications con- tinued on and displayed theirjournalistic talents, IMPRINTS SITTING: S.M. Gossl Advisor. I. jose M. Kampa D. Waldera Editor. A. Baumler I. Baumler STANDING. K. Sullivan M. K. Vincent D Schuch L. Lizana .ia if Ria 3251! is l f :figll-fl - A fi 1 if XA-,gf ff ' -,X , 4 . s J' A' ll R i I I' "I .1 7 'o,,v VY .1 A f 1 --,-ii. fig? , N K ' -l x': l H Nfl Mtg ' l f ' xl Y , ar l LUMEN 1. K. Buros 2. B. Spika 3. M. Culver 4. M. Kane 5. D. johnson 6. D. Adams 7. N. Starling 8. P. Harms 9. I.. Laverdiere 10. G. Glander, Editor. 11. Mr. Rohrer, Advisor. 12. T. Horihan light and dark ness, through all time to be W To give IS SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB 1. T. Lizana 2. I. Baumler 3. 1. Sharp 4. S. Kock 5. S.M. Weber . B. Bothe . V. Dreis . E. Busta . P. Petterson . D. Berns . K. Till . T. Moore . E. Conway . I. Pautz . I. Muenzenberger . MJ. Pedrettl . K. Mann . I. Schluter . C. Bladl M 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. I. Kassmeyer 16 17 18 19 20 21. . Mc Cormlck 22 . A . Baumler to receive - with this little light of mine, l'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine . . LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Mc Cormick, B. Fleming, T. Blessinger, S. Huser, R. Nowak, K. Birmer, T. Moore, K. Till, B. Benzing, I.. johnson, R. Klees. r l 4 5 6 LITURGY 3 7 CLUB 8 1. S.C. Unser 2. D. Kimmet 3 1 2 . M. Doerre 4. D. Adams 5 D. So k 6 S.R. H '1 7 S C H '1 8 S C R k CCD CLUB 1. s. 2. E 3. M 4. M s. c. 6. M 7. s 8. s 9. s 10. J. 11. s 12. s 13. c. 14. M 15. s 16. v. 17. C. 18. D. 19. G. J. Soeller Sprosty Voss Slattery Hawkins Salseider Laubmeier S. Smith J. Lang Baumler J. Heil T . Kunavich Slinger Bartlcus K. Hopan Dries Osterhaus Burns Dettle STUDENT L figp A DISTRICT T 11 it f -J' NURSES ASSOCIATION 1.85. : I.. Y , H 20. D. 21. S. 22. M 23. H. 24. P. 25. D. 26. R. 27. M. McGr aw Bu elt He lb ing Urb an Peterson Adams Re cker Tully N 1 .. 'Tef- X 'hi BK 'FF- L 'ga A19 f il 58 , .516 f 7? Marilyn Slattery, La Crosse District Student Nurse of the year. The new campus government in action as campus leaders met at a Coordinating Board meeting. NAME OF DIVISION Language and Literature Science Nursing History-Sociology Music, Art, Drama Elementary Education COORDINATING BOARD STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE Iulie Dolan S. Rita Rathburn Mary Bittner Mrs. Gloria Patterson Sue Laubmeier S. Agnes Schweiger Shirley Kock Mr. Darrell Pofahl Margaret Tacheny S. Carolyn Rock Cheryl Leyde S. Rose Rita Collingon Students at Large: M. E. Grams, M. Gillette, S. O'Regan, K. Mann. "7 f' -stil I 1 MARIAN HALL RESIDENT ASSISTANTS AND MODERATORS 1. S.P.M. Ripple 2 . K. Till 3. S.C. Cepress 4. S.M. Weber 5. D. Mc Graw 6. S.L. Kassmeyer 7. I. Layton 8. S.H. Elsbernd 9. S.M. Gossling 10. L. Plein 11. S.C. Unser 12. G. Zorn 13. K. Kampa 14. S.A. Pollpeter ,Q ,A SSE SSE SSE X W3 J 4-'EE . SE aiu: .Rrw4x',h" I fjff,.."',1"!,1 1:1 ff 52-fx if: aff SISTER CLAIRE ACI-IEN Spokane, Wash. Sociology ADEIAIDE ANDERSON British Honduras Music SISTER ANNAMAE BORJA Woodruff, Wis. Music Education BARBARA BOUSKA Bangor, Wis. Elementary Education , uN Q 'W-43' 23' "s-ff f SISTER JANET BAGNIEWSKI Cicero, Ill. Elementary Education LINDA BLUME Marathon, Wis. Elementary Education KT? ,f?T,N WANDA BROOKNLAN Tomah, Wis. Art Education L. xg' GLORY ANN BRANDIS SUE BRAUN Ashland, Wis. Cazenovia, Wis Home Economics Nursing Q A' vim J 5 r " if, z Ling, , , it Y 5 31 BETTY BUSTA EILEEN COURTEAU Fort Atkinson, Ia. St. Paul Minn. Dietetics Music Education 63 i 152 1 'Qu , . J.'lJl N w:g!'4IP' f 'Mk' 17 u - I. . T, 2 h., SISTER KIERAN FOLEY West side, Ia. English ww? i gg GLORIA DETTLE Tomah, Wis. Nursing KATHLEEN GANSER Madison, Wis. Nursing 64 ' r MARY JO ERNST Bellevue, Ia. Medica 1 Technology ifphf- . ' ' . f mi 'V 5. F 57: i 'aff FW WILTT7' xi H. fe GAIL GASPER Cedar Grove, Wis. Biology 'Q-!' 'rms' SISTER JUDY GEBELEIN Cicero, I11. Sociology DIANE GRANDL SUE GRASSL Winona, Minn. Stratford, Wis. Music Education Music Education SI-IEILA GLYNN Frontanec, Minn. English MARY HAFNER La Crosse, Wis. Nursing CAROL HALL Kellogg, Minn. Elementary Education DOROTHY HALL West Salem, Wis. Home Economics fin B DEBBY HAMMERS Chaska, Minn. English KATHY HAWKINS Wabasha, Minn. Nursing MRS. CAROL HAWLEY La Crosse, Wis. Elementary Education THERESA HRUBY Montgomery, Minn. Elementary Education DIANE JOHNSON Green Bay, Wis. Music! Theatre Arts JUDY JONES Sparta, Wis. Elementary Education MARY JULIAN La Crescent, Minn. Elementary Education LORETTA KIMMZET La Crosse, Wis. Chemistry! French MELVINA I-IUMPAL Calmar, Ia. Elementary Education gen- " An far" SHIRLEY KOCK Vail, Ia. Sociology JEAN KRAUSE St. Paul, Minn. Music Education KAREN KRAUSE Milwaukee, Wis. Theatre Arts BARBARA KUETER Bellevue, Ia. Music Education I.-f H A ffl iw., ,mg . uri na -H H Ji m 1. Y X . lx 1 Q . .gain CORINNE KUEHNER Fort Atkinson, Ia. Nursing SISTER THERESA KUNAVICH Clinton, Ia. Nursing 'FW ANN MALIN Genoa, Wis. Sociology SISTER JOYCE MOELLER Marion, Ia. Mathematics SARAH LANSING Ossian, Ia. Elementary Education MARY JANE LAYTON Spring Green, Wis. Nursing SISTER MARY IVAN LEONARD C1cero, B1010gY ANNA LIU Malaysla Socmlogy fin--". MICHELLE NELSON KAREN PETERSCI-IMIDT KAREN RADTKE Holmen, Wis. West Point, Ia. La Crescent, Minn Nursing Art Education Nursing f '- I .1' ' 'Y W ig, , n L L 1 11" ' 3 1 - ' n ax ig X -il "-e-,K 9 ,. Q 2 , Q b W'-Iggy' EPA. . M-A S 70 NANCY REINART La Crosse, Wis. Art Education e II I II I H I I I I I I I .v LOIS SANWICK JUDY SCI-IALLER Westby, Wis. Onalaska, Wis. Nursing Home Economics A- I.II I M II II ,249 MARGARET SCI-IMITZ Bangor, Wis. Music Education RUTH SIEVERDING Bellevue, Ia. Art Education TI-IERESA SLINGER ELIZABETH SPROSTY SISTER STELLA SMITH Faribault, Minn. Prairie du Chien, Wis. St. Paul, Minn. Elementary Education Nursing Nursing SISTER SHIRLEY STRAUB Woodruff Wis. Sociology BETTY STRIGEL Arpin, Wis. Elementary Education 72 KAREN TILL Bellevue, Ia. Elementary Education MARY TRAYNOR Elmwood, Wis. Chemistry X --. I :HZ ,. W. M , 5 S vu' e ,QW 1,1 ,W VICTORIA VON ARX Caledonia, Minn. Music .7 73 is A 'l ,1 wc. "Ns IEANNE SWING JEAN WALSH IUDY WEBER La Crosse, Wis. Mauston, Wis. Prairie du Chien, Wis. Nursing Elementary Education Home Economics! Biology 74 Y' Pi ff? ..1,1.--1, '- -'ff------V-vw -g- -- ..'.w3 I u"' IN . T1 I I . 'EM iii f ."-:FQ L L, ri ' ,, , E I. an ,IL Q-3.'N Q? LINDA WEBER Bellevue, Ia. Mathematics SISTER DARLENE WESSLING Cicero, Ill. Home Economics KRIS WOOD La Crosse, Wis. Nursing GRETA ZORN River Falls, Wis. Nursing ROSEMARY BOIKE Ashland, Wis. Nursing DELORIS FELDMEIER Houston, Minn. Home Economics MARY ELLEN GRAMS La Crosse, Wis. Nursing SHIRLEY SCHULTZ La Crosse, Wis. Home Economics BONNIE SPETTEL La Crosse, Wis. Elementary Education MARGARET WEBER Bellevue, la. Mathematics PAT KLIMESH Calmar, Ia. Art Education SISTER JANE LANGE St. Paul, Minn. Nursing PAMELA MC NERNEY Upper Marlboro, Md. Nursing MARY LOU SALSEIDER Rothschild, Wis. Nursing X R f UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASS FRESHME J W H, an JM i DIANE ADAMS Cassville, Wis. Nursing ARLENE BAUMLER West Union, Ia. Elementary Education LAURA BAZAREK Chicago, I11. Biology AI LING BECK Guam Art DORIS BERNS Monona , Ia. Nursing DONNA BLAKE Waukon, Ia. Home Economics TERRI BLESSINGER Racine, Wis. Elementary Education LORNA ANDERSON SUE ATCHISON JEAN BAHNSEN Spring Grove, Minn. La Crescent, Minn. Lockford, Ia. Nursing Element:-my Education Medical Records i 1 ' n . w, V 1 E 1 , w 78 Jai-Lffgki f-1-W V-V---jaw? .um Z ...Z We - H rg-LEX I 1 I FIM, . MAURITA CONRAD La Crosse, Wis. Nursing "ef f . 1 a jgquf W ,. ,N -"V fm? L T may . .V :gf v -114 -'., . ,A Y 1 . V iff", 'J1f'vl'j.' ' V Tl,,gM,H I ,Il ' -1 ' ' 0 N ar -fr!" .J C' I fl I .z gg 1 f lf - I BONNIE BOTHE MARY BRUEGGEMAN CATHY BUROS Onalaska, Wis. Reedsburg, Wis. Platteville, Wis Nursing Nursing Nursing fi I. li' , S-iv' SANDRA CONTRERAS MARY CULVER JUDY DAMMON E1 Salvador Ashland, Wis. Genoa, Wis. Medical Technology Theatre Arts Nursing , 5 " 3 ,, W ,JJ PV Q' c f " L, FATEMEH TARKASHNAND DAWN DOBRZYNSKI VICKI DREIS ANN EWERS DEHNOO Iran Medical Technology South Milwaukee, Wis. Spooner, Wis. La Crosse, Wis. Nursing Nursing Nursing , E: ,QL eg I In .. .- ' wi N -u ,I Q V . 'fi X 'Q In if -f KAREN FELDMEIER BARBARA FLEMING SUSAN FOX CINDY FRASER Houston, Minn. Wilton, Wis. Marshall, Minn. Cresco, Ia. Nursing Nursing Sociology Music Education g- -N, v':QE in " ' ' I BARB GERKE I - 1 I 1 Bangor, Wis. f- , Nursing ' MARY LOU GERKE - La Crosse, Wis. Nursing ' - sky ANNE MARIE GILLEN Vkfhite Bear Lake, Minn. - . Theatre Arts f PAT HASTINGS MARGARET HERRICK LUCIA I-IIDALGO JUDY KASSMEYER Decorah, la. Lansboro, Minn. El Salvador West Po1nt, Ia: Nursing Sociology Medical Records Home Economics 80 X ,fx we Rx 1 2 W. I, 1 ,71- YY ii BOB HALTNER La Crescent, Minn. Nursing 'T.g,,,4f ANNA I-LAMMELL New Albin, Ia. A W C 'OWN V Nursing PETER HANSEN La Crosse, Wis. Biology 1 , !,"m,Zaf+ J 4 L if 'FK' 7 qr-fur ANGIE IMI-IOFF New Albin, Ia. Elementary Education DENISE JOHNSON fe-w La Crosse, Wis. History LINDA JOHNSON Ettrick, Wis. English vs 11' "' 5 V ' ' 1' ' A ' f I i Q r f J , ' L41 CARMEL KAISER MARY KIEF Edgar, Wis. Fond du Lac, Wis. Music Nursing n :Z , W, MJ., ,T LINDA KUBARSKI Hillsboro, Wis . Nursing BARBARA KUI-ILS Holman, Wis. Nursing PAT KUJAK Arcadia, Wis. Theatre Arts GLORIA KUNERT La Crosse, Wis. Nursing MARGARET LEACH La Crosse, Wis. Music CYNTHIA LOPER Mc Gregor, Ia. Theatre Arts KATHRYN LUKASEK Sparta, Wis. Nursing ROBERT LUXFORD La Crosse, Wis. Nursing MIRIAM MARTIN Sterling, Ill. Nursing SUSAN MASEWICZ La Crescent, Minn. Medical Technology JULIE MATHISON Coon Valley, Wis. Art KATHY MEYER Kaukauna., Wis. Medical Records I. :,: 1 A , U N ! ' pu w r x ' , 1 u ,. Au , V I X We is-'S , P' F W u QQQW.-.m:m... - ,,,1QQ5ggg..,, "V" , uw... 5,"gTm... Wfzgisgil I N L 115 4-2 5? M 'MI M, Fi " '- yi -Y ff--V772 -in -E---f-H --,E+-v -- f 4 NWN ,H wx , W.. M ,qi ,N ,ggf5H.i,H ? E5 I... H. V 3 ,ag : e A-4. ' ! if -f I l ' - gf ws--f I '- f ',,,,.,,-ku Y ,C .- l 'fn , rwwffgrw l 'rf fi A' 'B E , Z 5 M E fi Z- -- Y 'Q-.Sww Magi. H V 'iii , t ' i -, fe f f- ' .-aff Q , ,V ' f0""- as .-1 .f W N I , ,Ni N ...z TONI MOORE Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Elementary Education STEPHEN NELSON Galesby, Ill. Anesthesia BONNIE NESBITT La Crosse, Wis. Nursing LAURELEE NOLAN Dubuque, Ia. Music MARGARET PAGE La Crosse, Wis. Nursing KATHY PATTISON Durand, Wis. Nursing PATRICIA PETERSON La Crosse, Wis. Nursing DEBBIE PIERCE La Crosse, Wis. Sociology DEBORAH POULTON Sterling, Ill. Nursing BERNADINE RANIERI Park Ridge, Ill. Music Education RUTH RECKER Bloomington, Wis. Nursing MARLYS REUVERS Faribault, Minn. Biology v-"if JEANNE ROESLER La Crosse, Wis. Nursing BETH SCHNEIDER Blair, Wis. English DEBBIE SCHUCH Green Bay, Wis. Medical Records CYNDI SCIBORSKI La Crosse, Wis. Nursing KATHY SHARP Sparta, Wis. Nursing CAROL SLINGER Faribault, Minn. Nursing BETH SPIKA Racine, Wis. French Sw' 'RTT 115175 'TI':. PE' MARY RUFF DENNIS RUFLON ED RYAN Mc Gregor, Ia. La Crosse, Wis. La Crosse, Wis. Home Economics Anesthesia Elementary Educatlon 'Q' 4115 'Lf 559 H+ K We -1 K i 91" M ETS. M.. 51,5 gt 7 P, ,gn y ni' 6' 415 at " 'F' ,L n , ,f We L. .33-L. ., 3 - fr A di if f , ' u' ' '. if if , " ' Ks, - 1 . 'jffrll A, J SA- ' - P ,Q f . Ja : . ' -H .V 1 L, ,V x 1: , , , f - 51' 1' !1"4ww1-AE, if jeff 4 une. A ' M wiv '. .rf . ' g.. ' " ' , , V-U ,J 2. - Ag, ' 1 , 974,111 V su. A -,N , Q .Jinx - ., J . f -r "'-ti: I . 'i,-, 1 ,g s , ,y 3, r- I., . .I .,- 1 , -- , v ,fr u .3 ..':- J. Aggfqsiw rg,- ,n. 2 ' , Wi-. jk 5.1, 2- - a".'.,f 5' sf., 3 -' 4. 1.qf"ff' gffa-J -'-A as ' aw' .pw 9 '- . -,Q " -- . Us 'mv De I K A V! V 1, A1 1 L-Q 84 ,495 NOLA JO STARLING KATHY SULLIVAN Canton, Miss. Music Education Tomah, Wis. Sociology ef Y-X qglvfwfiv' DIANE TAYLOR Bloomington, Wis. Chemistry Gia, 'QC-Z' 'Cf T' 'PY ku! . A. 85 JV! LOUISE TEMTE La Crosse, Wis. Music Education MARY TULLY Ferryville, Wis. Nursing HELEN URBAIN Caledonia, Minn. Nursing MARY KAY VINCENT Elkader, la. Home Economics MONICA WALLESER Lansing, Ia. Nursing AHERSON WELSH La Crosse, Wis. Sociology MARY WHITEGULL Black River Falls, Wis. Home Economics SOPHOMORES ROSE MARY ATCI-IISON La Crescent, Minn. English BONNIE BENZING Sparta, Wis. Elementary Education KATHY BINNER Wabaslm, Minn. Elementary Education CYNTHIA BLADL Yuba, Wis. Sociology ELAINE BUSTA Fort Atkinson, Ia. Sociology BERNETTA BREY Reedsburg, Wis. Medical Technology JOAN CANTLON Ettrick, Wis. Biology JEAN BAUMLER MARY BAUTSCH MARY BENDA West Union, Ia. La Crosse, Wis. Waterville, Ia Nursing Music Education Nursing '7:'5,-7? wh MARGARET CI-IOW Hong Kong Sociology DEBBIE CLAUSSEN La Crosse, Wis. Nursing ELLEN CGNWAY Harpers Ferry, Ia. Nursing BETTY COTA Harpers Ferry, Ia. Nursing DEBBIE CROOK La Crosse, Wis. Home Economics SUE DOZARK Aurora, I11. Elementary Education ' vw ire' 4.3234 V lv qffg LF: I I - Q DONNA DUPONT BEVERLY EDER Chippewa Falls, Wis. Nursing MAXINE FLOCK Sparta, Wis. Home Economics RITA FOLEY Harpers Ferry, Ia. Home Economics JANET FRISCHMAN Forest Lake, Minn. French CATHY GORST Pittsville, Wis . Nursing JOAN I-IAMMELL New Albin, Ia. Home Economics MARGARET HAMMELL New Albin, Ia. Nursing PAT HARMS REBECCA HOMMER THERESA HORIHAN MC Henry, Ill. La Crosse, WIS La Crosse, WIS Elementary Education Nursmg NUTS1Hg if qv.,-.1 DANIEL HUNDT La Crosse, Wis. Nursing DANELLE HURLEY Brownsville, Minn. Home Economics SUSAN HUSER Arpin, Wis. Elementary Edu cation BRUCE IERUE La Crosse, Wis. Nursing ANN MARIE JOHNSON Canton, Miss. Sociology MARY KAMPA Arcadia, Wis. Art MARY KANE NANCY KASSMEYER KATHY KEILY La Crosse, Wis West Point Ia Butternut, Wis. Nurslng Engllsh Sociology ai. f"" ?f 15 ' me '. .11 Y,-, ,S lezifilz UlE5Jq7Tm I 4 I iii-'A NANCY KELLER DOROTHY KIMMET RITA KLEES MARCIA KOENIG Bascobel, Wis. La Crosse, Wis. Wabasha, Minn. Caledonia, Minn. Home Economics Music Elementary Education Nursing NANCY KOTNOUR La Crosse, Wis. Art Education PAT LANDE Waseca, Minn. Medical Records MAGGIE LEDVINA West De Pere, Wis. Medical Records RICHARD LOEWENI-IAGEN La Crosse, Wis. Theatre Arts MARY JANE MADER Marshfield, Wis. Nursing KATHLEEN MANN Readstown, Wis. History gr-- ' I 1 , , W' 3 90 .SICK fuazsf 4 Il ,. N 1 63' N ll it-5,-'7' Y z T' ,w H? ' 277 1 i -1 7 13, fe- ' I Y df' ,- -, - if-1 FJ, .- V I -Y ei ,E 'Vw' -' V 9 ' -14 ., X., u,- .- u I A. F-,-n Wu' . '. ii A 'f I im - 4, jf., -5, W s,f!':x,'JE.1.' mf.j:,5'Q xilrx-d,, -cc, is gil ".q54 if -' L 'ir ": 'V 1, Q 1- '1' ' -"5 ' F N! l MARY Mc CORMICK Caledonia, Minn. Elementary Education ' X .. I i MARY MCWILLIAMS PATTY MICHUTA PAT MISHLER Mc Gregor, Ia, La Crosse, Wis. La Crescent, Minn. Elementary Education Nursing Nursing JANET MUENZENBERGER West Salem, Wis. Nursing RITA NOWAK Beaver Dam, Wis. Elementary Education SUZANNE O'REGAN Montgomery, Minn. English MARCIA PARR La Crosse, Wis. Medical Records JOAN PAUTZ Watertown, Wis. Medical Records MARY JO PEDRETTI I-Iohnen, Wis. Medical Technology Qu ,SZ ,ar BONNIE PROKSCH JEAN SCHLUTER Coon Valley, Wis. Baraboo, Wis. Nursing Sociology KATHY SCIBORSKI La Crosse, Wis. Medical Technology JUDY SHARP Sparta , Wis. Nursing LUCILLE SLINGER Faribault, Minn. Biology LAURENE SLONIKER Wonewoc, Wis. Nursing DIANE SOCZKA Wausau, Wis. Music Education S. JEAN SOELLER Stanley, Wis. Nursing pC' I ,lr E E.. WM .ai .- EI . 'sg' 5' '1 . ji:- 'TE' ,. -- ,EN 2 SQ SUZY WILSON Benton, Wis. Nursing .ff 1 V r f'- f I Ve V' 'S' U. .xl ANTW 'wa-ff . I MJ, r V I A 1 KATHLEEN STERNWEIS Marshfield, Wis. History MARGARET TACHENY Mankato, Minn. Art Education LINDA THOMPSON La Crosse, Wis. Nursing A-eq ,IFS 14" MARY WOODS Kendall, Wis. Music Education EILEEN TRAYNOR Elmwood, Wis. French MARY TUMANIEC La Crosse, Wis. Music Education six 1 lc, 1 93. X IU IQRS MARY AMUN SON La Crosse, Wis. Nursing S. PAT ANDRE Spokane, Wash. French g,-Y.f PEGGIE ARTTUS Wilton, Wis. Nursing 'pf ZX... BARBARA AUGUSTINE . Cresco, Ia. i Home Economics RITA BARTLETT Mauston Wis. .,f Elementary Education A 4451, MARILYN BARTKUS Somerville, Nj Nursing 2525 , ,L ' x 'A 1 5 -::,-E X 'vi VERONICA BESCI-I MARY BITTNER PAM BYE BARBARA CLEMENTS La Crosse, Wis. Reedsburg, Wis. La Crosse, Wis. Bangor, Wis. Nursing Biology Medical Technology Nursing 94 . Hifi' " 2 al haze hr 1 BONNIE COX West Salem, Wis. Sociology MANUELITA CURRY Bay St. Louis, Miss. Elementary Education DONNA DALSING La Crosse, Wis. Nursing JULIE DOLAN 51 , Marion, Ia. English 5' MARGARET DOERRE te 'E La Crosse, Wis. Art Education S. IOANNE DUPONT Marion, Ia. Mathematics nfl fs' wr-"V SALLY DWYER LIZ ENOS ARDELL FARBER SUSAN FICK Kendall, Wis. La Crosse, Wis. Reedsburg, Wis. Lake City, Minn. Nursing History Medical Records Nursing 95 JANE FITZPATRICK La Crosse, Wis. Nursing MARY FRISCH Arcadia, Wis. Elementary Education MARYLYN FROMMELT Dubuque, Ia. Nursing MARY FRUEHAUF Superior, Wis. Medical Records CATHY GIB SON Ontario, Wis. Nursing GEORGE GLANDER Downers Grove, Ill. Theatre Arts SUE HANSON La Crosse, Wis. Nursing X " r 5 I ,,. -,f, T-fqvggmp-f 4 as .Y -- W Q..-f' 'Syed SUSAN HASER S. CAROLYN HEIL S. ROSELYN HEIL Viroqua, Wis. Marathon, Wis. Marathon, Wis. Nursing Elementary Education Elementary Education Y ' 'E' H 'gf-as '- K ww? ' N Y, f 5 i. C1 ""! nw' 5 'X -""l? , u ,aw-9 . , vm-, 'rw if bf' ,, N, uf ': 'KIT F -- 4 ' zwemrn J' A ti .-.. U1 4 ' iffiii- qui .. -' ,'3 I ,, 1 Q5-.--r S. JOYCE HEIL Marathon, Wis. Nursing MARY HELBING Shelbyville, Ind. Nursing IAN HINYTZKE La Crescent, Minn Nursing KATHY HOPHAN La Crosse, Wis. Nursing SHIRLEY IDEKER La Crescent, Minn. Home Economics ' IOSEPHINE JOSE Guam Elementary Education KRIS KAMPA MARY KELSEY TI-IERESA KEY BARBARA KLEIN Arcadia, Wis. La Crosse, Wis. Harpers Ferry, Ia. Beaver Dam, Wis. Elementary Education Nursing Home Economics Nursing Z- itl'i'?i? " Y 'W HN if J"- Hfd: ' ' :RS ' 5 ' -1 c-mir, 5 4 ,iflfl . W .l.. . ' I 4 ' -' X I, P5 Q , T' as. as 'waz 1 AA 5 , 1"-l k E LH" V. , WHEEL. E 'A ,A N. , l I- leg:-:ggi lr- 'ei' 'T"'7 ROBERTA KLUG Caledonia, Minn. Medical Technology KRIS KRONER La Crosse, Wis. Nursing IDA KUENNEN PATRICIA LABOISSONNIER Waucoma, Ia. Wheaton, Ill. NllI'Sll'lg Nursing SUSAN LAUBMEIER Richland Center, Wis. Nursing CHERYI. LEYDE Lansing, Ia. Elementary Education S. ARLENE LIDDIARD Waukon, Ia. English S. LOIS LOEFFELHOLZ St. Paul, Minn. Medical Records TI-IERESA LYNCH Decorah, Ia. Elementary Education ELLEN MALIN Genoa, Wis. Music Education age -, '., . ' YS-J' K' . 'WTLTQ1' - X YH-'x ffm Y w ,5 ew El? ' ,-5 wap: win -1: Y gag r 3 - +52 N png-fm' ' f X ws' 1 . "-' 1 V71 fe--T! K7 W LYNETTE MC CLINTOCK DEE DEE MC GRAW MARYELLEN MEINHOLZ SUE MILLONZI Bangor Wis Dodgeville Wis Middleton W1S La Crosse, Wis. Nursing Nurs1ng Home Economlcs Nursing MARY MOE La Crosse, Wis. Nursing CARLA NOEL Dubuque, Ia. Elementary Education KATHY O'DONN'ELL Chicago, Ill. Medical Records CAROL OSTERHAUS Bloomington , Wis. Nursing DIANA PA SCH Wilton, Wis. Nursing CAROLYN PF IFFNER Lansing, Ia. Elementary Education MARCENE ROMAN EK Bascobel, Wis. Nursing S. BETH SANER Bozeman, Mont. Music IO ANN SCI-IRODER La Crosse, Wis. Nursing JANE SCHULTZ La Crosse, Wis. Elementary Education BARBARA SHEA La Crescent, Minn. Nursing S. PATRICIA SIEPKER Gray, Ia. Elementary Education CKY Vt F 'X LAX bk AX A - 29 I KAREN PEDRETTI Genoa , Wis. Nursing EILEEN PUETZ Cascade, Ia. Elementary Education BEVERLY RASER Excelsior, Minn. Home Economics 'XTR' , .. A -n I ,jr .rp 1. -'F '1 10 0 ni v MARILYN SLATTERY Randolph, Wis. Nursing MARIE SLINDEE Lansing , Ia. Art MAUREEN STEUER Wausau, Wis. Elementary Education 'Ss-fi PQ l I PEGGY SWING La Crosse, WIS Muslc Education WANDA THORESON La Crosse, Wis. Nursing DIANE TUNNING Coon Rapids, Ia. English JULIE TYDRICH Hillsboro, Wis. Medical Records MATIE VEGA British Honduras Art ELEANOR VOSS Sheboygan, Wis. Sociology HELEN WILEY West Salem, Wis. Nursing DIANE WILSON Houston, Minn. Home Economics Y"-:Ir Aff' 2 ire.-f , , l V l l lil f 1 'TE' 51.4 Thanks to Mr. Willard Diehl, La Crosse, 'ESP' Wis ii ll SISTER MAE KAISER l Special Mg ROOPNARINE TI-IAYLOO Guyana Chemistry Fre shm an N for photographic services absorbing, emitting and stimulatingg as fast- approaching deadlines commit vacillating pencils to evoke yet another dummy sheet while flashbulbs pop one more time, please say cheese and ink refuses to flow from hand and heart. creativity accelerated with coke and tootsie pops, our friends--Webster. roget, and an eruption of permeating ideas that solidify into reality as the midnight oil burns low burns low as it has been a short-lived eternity of temporal acquaintances mocking drudgery, and emerging wisdom. it shall be orimal potentiality 120 aglow actuality. n 'go IMPRINTS STAFF Doris Waldera Mary Kampa Josephine Jose Mary Kay Vincent Debbie Schuch Kathy Sullivan jean Bahnsen Linda fLizanaj Moss Kathy Pattison and Sister Maryam Gossling r t . M4 x,M. .wx fi X ' ft. ' 1 2' 'Ji -Y Y,Y--n,,,, .,..v Y Y . ,,, ' , 'je A .1 xr 1 w s 'ia ' Ph. "gf, .41-,jx 4: -4 ..,,, "wr- V 3, 1 IH gf-9 7 s S azz' 'Lf' 'la fir -4' n 1 abr .k, Mum, K.. ' flu- vdihv' ,uw !'1h".f'12L:' .f +.j7PY'fci 5' 'r' -

Suggestions in the Viterbo University - Cameo Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) collection:

Viterbo University - Cameo Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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