Virginia Polytechnic Institute - Bugle Yearbook (Blacksburg, VA)

 - Class of 1967

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute - Bugle Yearbook (Blacksburg, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 472 of the 1967 volume:

I 1 1 A R. I ? izx- ,.f1.,,L..'ffc.- ' -' . lf'-1' flfrfri' B G L RAY Youm, JR. - EDITOR - CHARLES HL LINTHICUM'--5BUs'9l'N"EQA53i?55,gRM'ANAeER ,.4v,,Q H " 1-"1'if ,-ffm-.,.3:2'iE'-.f'5......, ff , Q ,P f Qf Sf' ' ' - 5 if wg. -4 f , K -. i f 'f+ -B- ,W 253. W? V 5 -'-ffiiig. M -"ii , j -J T5-1. 4- .7i,'. " 'Q-55 L -3 ,5 - - A, ,V-,Q - VVS, s V- x , , -- - ,, , . ,A - f '- 1. " , . ?f,.p': :B - -' Kg... - I i, f" 'mf-"""'u. L-f" Rf.-ff" ,.- ' - - -F Eu ' ., A A ' VV . --1"f' - Q W" f T71 1L . W, '?'f A - :',f- "-, 1 X W H If .- - , '.-":'j-jg, fir: 3 ,mmm ' 1. - --' " "jr I 41 ,, WWF. , Z." -A , - T12- -Wk G Dv- V V Y 4 wmv H 'Wm '...J4-F13 LMA, :: .H 4, , xi' "' X 'W""w A M ""' t, .Al15:Q1l,g,...,,.f.,jj3qT- W , ,,."fE5f33M aj? ,..,, ' .W M' " "', ' , K ' f -' 5-fx -3 " "i"v 'f , ' '- . - M ' M' V :aww ,,,. . mm M I ,. wh. f1,',,E,,"' -f , -F, ' W - fi, ' -W N fmwmiw A! .'Avjw'Aw M www, W W Q . pw L, ,Hd-:fl 0 ' " . -'N' ' wufyw- ' qw 2 ' ,. L --"W 'KZ ""' 1-5" '5- Q! uw wi" W 1 . TIS, . -, 1 .1 W-2:4 'F A " "2 " 4' Q ',"'-7" 3"'f'-gs-Ti-'1 'MN 'X my If ,f A W Yvrg - hm: W,-7' L,A,.:x2l!H'-'I-,t, , M ,, A ..,..""'Y1 .W . , ', yy, .W , qv-1 .png 'fi W W0 ' ' -Q-MWF? .Y M."t H4?""'hi' ""'a "il-L'-':"4?' "W" Y ' ' M521 5. w W' wjh: 1 2 ,WMM fps 1-"LA, 5.4.1, 1 Q-5' -104,31 ' -5, 1 ,fn My H ' N .M-W' ff-Q ",, Q-Uliftza. 3"-.n -I '!-T1'W-..,,-.- M' M- ME:-' 'fa , ...V K WM, V .- ,4-ff g L 1-gag Lf.f-15: - -lv'-.,g,gn?'-,Q .1 ' -,ibf-9"-'fib K ag: Y, ' X ,N 3 ,M .. :lon .rw-if 5 . ,, if -i5a'33'-4.,g,,,-1 1 VA, X v Q 1-14. -ff o 'Q ' i-afxm , 44- 'ff-, 4 ,p.J.f:,,,- 1 I Yi,,,,.-- ,.,.." V :ug ,J:1:,-il. g , 2, W f M ,-M M M . , --an ,ww sygur " -XY,x.,' ,,-- f'j ,-K 25 uf fi 53 3- A 'sw-1:,E,..wm,, V V . fu. . 3, V Y WYJ, V f,,"f s ' 1, ,rv - g , f '50 '- ' 5' ,Q , ' ""'-f"-w3""w.u-f-""'f" 'kwl 12-....' "-1"'s":""""'-:'1"i.-f"a'.--f.i! 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V ,ln 4, - ,,.V -' , :,':Lr!:nlv,'g i?'.,,. 'Q "til avi! 1' ',s.',: yev . f I 's - ,Q. -,fguliyff ..U'4L- 1 4214+ 3-1, ."A',,,k ',P..v ,,4hL.. ,72,, . -'H+ p.,.sb.1- ,-0'g.,ffQ, 1, ,Aqfh Q '?'5':,,.Iq h. UH. JL... v .Maj pig. Aff- 4-1 , W ,1.,, ' A 'v 4-5 YW. ' ' X1 , ' Ji, ,-5'-'qalog .gn fx. v - 'JV' -PJ .,"f'g' 4wlxf6,,'.',. -. 1- ' sf ..-- vv 1 ff NMA ..,. ,-I, , . l :fig ,sn ' 5 , Bfilejwi, ,H ' ' AE 7,1 gr , , . r 1! - 5 fyuatw. ,, , fm 1 . N -. x, ll A. n I .. K -'iv - Q - T,s 1 u n Q 1 x 1 x x x,1,,,x Q x 1 5 s X, x x s x 1 x x x ,xxx x x, x I .. V' l 'x .4 1, Y X XX Xxx 'Ja av X X ' XXX ,E 0,17 h 5 QLEHLE X Q 2 QQ X. F5 1 VS' 01 5 X ,Q Xxx X'- sa I, - . F xg - X N L14 W Y ? tix Ts X 'L ' xx fi - 'I 'fs '12, 1 N N x vj 'g' 1 u u 1 N -V I 5 1 1 M' P54 1 M-A JL: 1 I H Nm dwx x x 1 1. 1 Q x - ,N x x x s x x s -jxl x 2 1 V as xf- Q X XXX , s ,? .AQ X X 'g X-L - I - .5 XX, 3 X-if ,'+ - 9 I 'XX ' V X "vs x 1, , V - 4 X l Q .' ,, s xx X l. - I x - 5 a -. ,Q B ,S ,Q 'Hg x XX . - 3 .N . Q N , , 1 1 ' 's s X ' ' , N xx , k- X , .. L H 4 K xg XX WI. . , 3- 4 'L V 2. f , IT. -X XA I sk '35 ld W5 XX X X E 1 ' x 'UIQ - I 's , S s ' , - 'X il , we f xg yy X 3 W ' X 1 e gfI""'e a l 1' s l u f ' , " x x Fik x 1 im' 'M 1 x x x"xX""' x x x mf" x x x C X! V in Sail xx x ' ' . ,. J .. xr 'I' ,X X Vx 5 -' 1 X XL Nl . I xx 4 KX! ' 3 O 2 Q, , XX XR ' X wh XX A ifuwwf WM WSW Qvivbwn 7-'wwbb ,i i W V V -in Y- - n XM 1-4V445,24A4f. Tai was LAW wa:-if-sae? A nmzig, 5MT5x-...',5w5 1, 'JI LW iii! TNQ ff, fi 4 1:3 ZH HI . ' 'i'1 1 VPU.. . , 3 4 1. Fl 3 Y F 9 I if E Q1 3, E 5 ii ,f-"' ..-v"' -J' AMW MW. . 1 .Q, xzfk'-.Q 'k Nyfx S x. ,:... ww iff W5 A Q i y H., ff -2 as .W pd' Q X ., ,-1- L 'E , f , 1. if D S NR e f ' 1 A wg Ha N3 x X L, XX Q' 5 K ' K X . ww! f E w wisp its X.-I s Aw Q ' Ni' gf 4 ks .K , .sg kg Ns' FN " 5' f 1- , W q n ,Ly K N I S - ,Q K -k:. Q NA K' I . X .NSA . Ak ' A QL A -. ""' '- 1 ,.. . Q 10 ,i,:, 5 . " A . " ' Hx 1 K A - . 5 ' 'Q Q A '-.,,: .S ' -' f . . , . ,sz K . .-:, k - Q' Ax ' f . n I 1 I P gf .P F x , 'A t , W :B 5 0 Q 1 , :I K 1 K ' . A Q L 1 i. win . X, C , xaspiff .L.X, ' 5 'fx - K g , I SX., x Nik 'iv fs' f A 1 K A if is X x 'Z 1011- , E . N :. . . 5 is 8259 if - . N, .. 3 Q . Wkv . X MW: C X Q if 'M Yagi .kV. ., , it X ,, Q , - L, Y all ' fs x 8 Q ' . -. 2 L t Z ':5'i" ' X , -h R Q . L K Mg' O K sf? . 5 as? if ax is O . IX nf Q ,QQ , in-S' gk W Q QS me ,. it x . Q N Q N as as 3 3 X Q f H 'fQ, - s "'Q S , " 'L '1Q: :.., 2 5 : Campus Life at INTRODUCTION Bl lJL GRANT ,..,.,A, Eclii-or SPORTS JOHN TRESSLER . . . Edi+or 20 BEAUTY KEN GREENE . . . Edi+o RING DANCE TONY Kuus . . . Edi+or Tech from 2,000 isl Since i872 Virginia Polyfechnic lnsfifuie has grown To The posifion of Virginiefs larqesf land qranf Universify, housing some 8500 siudenjrs, Yef, from Lane Hall fo Lee Dormifory, we siill have reiained fhe scenic beauiy of 'fhe Virginia highlands. Tech from 2 21 S Parade View Registration Remains The Headache of The Year Lei me ou didn? mean +o bend my l.B.M. Card. Each year Ihey 'fell us Thai' IBM Regisiraiion is simple and e1"Ficien+. We ai V.P.I. don"r believe ii. Our Iwo days of IBM regisiraiion are days of fear of'rI'1e pink IBM card which mean "IBM wiII decide your schedule for you." ,Vw X, I -f , . ,I www, 'Ia g is ,,,.:,, I I i I ,K Vw Wifi be I Em rm-as we W Yllllll INK! iUKlHK.S 22 3595? Wi? "5i5U!Wff33'g?11M M f"""'w. x"""'X Any secfion buf 4TI . . . Jusf geHing oui of Burruss . . . . . . is fhe firsi obsfacle. ,ff S X ,b am -- W , , Vsumjwf 'ffuwmfzsgig fa-. Rain cannoi sfop our leader. Clulch Dancing 406 would you believe. :V . 9 ,Q N , f W 4 wg :af 1' . - l i f it . x 4a,s',,'1Q 5".f 3 ,, ,W-M, H we 5 ff: 41264 an if 'af Garland, we've heard of holding The bag, 24 bu? really You would lool: 'lhaf way foo if you were governor Sludenf Governmenl Weekend proved lo be wel buf won- derful. l-lenry Mancini enlerlained Friday nighl. During half- lime of rhe game in which Tech Tied Wes? Virginia, Governor Miles Godwin spoke, and Marsha McNeil was crowned Miss VPI ol I967. U. S. B. Weekend-Wet and Wild Mancini and "The Shipper." NM 66 99 . . And God Created Women . . , 115- XS The only way fo sfudy. "l wonder whai we's like?" ,,l Sie H was once said Jrlnaf Tech was lne only place lefl fo go and gel away from women, buf now girls are beginning 'lo be a big and beaufiful parl' of Va. Tech. From Hillcresf To Egglesfon more and more coeds navel To classes, brighlen- ing Hue Tech-man's life. sf, 2 All fha! alr and only one phone KSA I5 'Q fn 3 Worlr, work, worlc. Coed confemplaies 'Hue day. 27 Consfruc+ion's answer fo ihe S.A.B. closing. Going up anyone? ,nxfifwfgafxgwi www' ii i' Y W' ' , WW KV 4 I . wr. I I army. ,Nw I ,, This is where "The Pavemeni Ends". This year Tech sfudenls are slomping lhrouqh 4 million dollars worfh of conslruclion on campus. Conlrary lo rhe old saying, "Millions for dorms loul nol one cenl for Academic Buildings," Tech is build- ing a new Archileclure Building. 28 Construction Is Confusion Is someone building an ark? Our busy workmen fake ano .. ,Lf ,Ally .W fi. 5:2 If 1 WSF' ,- ' 513. ,I , 4 A J . ' s.rfI7i'3F1i'k gafgwff' gf' ' :L A' 1 ' 1 .. ,,...4. , .W AA, Nh fi Highfy Tigh+ies on TV. 1, , " 1 3 " 4' , ii, , 'Q 4 , M x, f ff' XA , ,M . M"-ff' ,M ww t -- A 1 .. X 4' ' f , , ,-. K """',T...,..-",....- gp... T. , ,,,w, ,- ..-el' HW s. A ff ,,, 'VV , , U ful M" , w ,IMI MW, ,W ff:-4 , 2 QR pg. ,,, , Q1 . ,mi f-VLQA' , V A4 -nr 'ffffff figf x4 f fu 4 " gm , V M, H A ., 8 M dw ' 'NW' W ' , ff 1' "w"?'fiff,, gf? ,gh ' 7f" A , 3 in ' , ,Anna . A ' A fm , wif, V wwq' Ai " 9' , :aw gffiw H-ff mi Q ...W--F-'v .22 T2 ,WM - -0 if-V , aff-+ f, ill ! E www 1,2 X, 41 my ,,. M Gobbler calcula+es Seminole defeat 30 5' w Rf' ii? , '2 5 ami' ll . -32 j Q , x if W, A - F 2 l v - 3 4 , fi M "l i 'A'A ,, i WY 2 'v i 'i Mgr if , - , X I gm W, A 'F , i 4:"'h? 'YS , af f ' . - Sw, .,, W , .. V , .. vv - ' ' ll 'Ura , V l , i ah I . 1, 1 'mf i 3. ii s lv W 1 MZ," I 4 'l yx 'Z 'YM' 1 R . . J, lr ' 1 v Tech's Homecomin . . . The I966 Homecoming proved lo be llie mosf exciling and color- Techwomen provide iha+ ex'l'ra fouch ai homecoming. ful in Teclffs lwislory. Salurdavs Televised game spread news of Teclfs viclory over Florida Slale lo alumni all over llwe Soullweasl. ll was Va"le+Y 5PlCed Hoa' Parade- lruly a memorable weelcend. g,-"sniff 5945? ri , fir!" I Q 1 W l i ii rw jim Seminoles ge? 'falren for a ride. E321 424 Homecoming . . . Friday nighr of homecoming some Techmen spenr ihe evening iisrening ro ihe lsr Tech Varieiies con- cerr while oiher Techmen pui lasr minuie Jrouches on dorm displays and homecoming floars. Safurday nigh? afrer ihe game Techmen were enferiained ai ihe Monogram Club Dance in The gym. Corps shows off for 'rhe TV cameras. 942 Floafs show Tech's grow+h. Pal 'H WE ?1USHhD .7145 SEYUIUOLQES' We did you know! Gregory Guard performs for TV . . . is a grand affair. 33 Pass in Review Since The founding of Virginia Polyfechnic lnsiiiufe The Corps of Cadeis reviews have been one of The oldesi and mosi cherished Jrradiiions of our school, Homecoming and mosf aciiviiies would lack much color if ihere were no formal reviews +0 higniighf the weekends. Regimenial S+aHi views froops in review. 34 difgr dz .qw .1 , , , F fA,f..,.4-ezhs, I--Q"f 'ed fa- if 'Y 5 K' W Q , ...wry x- 4 f I 'M N W . W.-., ' J-ff: f- VW, ,,u1ig7-1 , . Q ,I - :,,,3jjf -.g,3,e,:,,,fg 1,5 , A . , Y A -M w, fm ' L M- ,xy.,." W' ' A , MG, , NIM, ,W . , ,nw ,aw f ,,, W . ' , 77'1": N. .,." WN' 'iii ' M- 'I - - ' ' ' ' 11 , . :qw 'Mrvfv ' 4 W :Wg Yf- - ,f ' . ' g A U, ' new ,.:fs-rw " , ', , A I - - ,I . -Y ,.,, 44 f - fx' ', . ,, . , xv- A w -ef-Y W- .me w,,.',..2- 'f f Q M N , 3435- , A f 5 , X , M ,N ru, H , Q - f - A ,, Jw,-. Y- , H fu-A?4f,,, A : A ' Dari If -1 ef: G . .M ,M A -r d ,an ,A , V , A F? QW MM! , . VM, M., i, K A ' A' fy' T' A' ' ,f , 'TH' fr""' an it - M Company passes 'H-me General. , ., , .,. . , , M, , f , I .f A X' ,, V MNA ' Nw." 1 'A .7 fn Sfaff views proceedings from vaniage poini' in 'froni of iroops. C Squadron marches onfo The drill Held. S Squadron wairs pa'rien+Iy for "Pass in Review!" 4 l":ff"'f ,ns 3 4 'QI 1 iw. K W- 'Egg ,Tix 'Wh gi? ,QL ,. , K , N l, EMT X-. Q, if A pic+ure worih a I,000 words. .nz - .U-,uns ,.,n pn-on . M lll-ll Chow Line. if gig Help! I I . I Q -- lwn Y QS .14 Xi' We k if K Coeds doni lske ni erlher. M f i'f5Nf"'L Q . a' . pf ,Gs ,A,L W . W LQ A R A .If mx ls rf Vff 8 wx mm , M W ' Q ,.. V "' -. Us "W" 3 mzengg M..,.,. , r- 1 H"-ff-1--... ,,,, . V ...,,N,,,,cM., 1 w W fu W, W ,N ii W' ,,, I 'B M... :,,:,,,-, M M , ..., LW. W 4. WMM-f BM eww.. f ,A www- 'ff MM, ,, or M-Q.. 0 z,---W--,, .. .w.,.....,,,, me-M ,, ' M -ma, W, , ,,. ' 4 .r ,W M Q., " ' w-an N -. --my --vu' 1. N"""",, , Y' 4... ---M.. , ,, 1. .,,,,,., -.u..,... M - v-v,.W,,.,, ,, uma.. U W -...wg """ 'ww-u-,,...,.,,.. ,, ,. -' -4-.V W --.-...Q--..., ,, 4. -.U ...,.,., -- 1- n as M m M... uw... r-.W H-Mm, vnu.. nw --W. -m-.. va... an-9. v-um 1--..., a- -. .. I i 'Q' Overcrowded condifions don'1 help ihe food. Food? VPl's siudenfs are fed in +wo dining halls, Owens and Schuliz. Mosf siudenis make Two, and some even ihree hips +0 our dining halls each day. Afier each of These 'rrips many Tech sfudenfs spend much fime discussing The Types of 'food They have eaien earlier. Q WHYV ,...,h lm' 2- Zi, jr' wana, il Q1 Bui mos? people hold hands! Winding unwinds 'lor Germans. 'f ,z "I clon'T wani To go There." German and CoTillion Dance Clubs enTerTained To The music oT Kai Win- ding's and Jimmy Dorsey's Orcl'1esTras. Germans enTerTained in The Blacksburg ArmoryTorTT1e TirsT Time This Tall while CoTillions' Tormals were in The Memorial Gym. 38 Kulis discusses polifics j ss , K ,,,, , W "'3'hPfwh,' ' Dorsey does H for Co+illion Club. Fall Formals Featured Fun and Frolic ,J S' ,eg Af, ffm- fn Direcior Kingma Voices of V. P. I. e Glee Club af work. In 'rhe pasi years V.P.l. has had only The Glee Club as a display of ii's vo- cal ialeni. However, lhis year rnarlced ihe beginning of ihe Campus Choir, a mixlure of male and coed voices. The choir iirsl presenied ilseli in a concerf ar Chrisimas, joined by lhe Glee Club, ihen on Easier anoiher conceri af Naiural Bridge. C 6, , 'f"' : 5 ' , A V Y pax A' V 1 5, wk, 45'f.i'1"v , :+ W Z Y - m,, ,54-XX: gif' YTD em erfllr r Mum, f- Wim W .vwm QM f?,- Ml f' '?q . i . "' in Q V, ,Q ,fygfmwriri Q 'V r 4' ru, 4 , IH' ,I ,,, wg' g : , T- af f W ' ' Xgfvw C AL 'J' Cir G W k ,, M W, M,y , ' , ' x MV f M i I , ? Z: 419, 6 ' , 4 ' 4 ww 'Mt The Campus Choir af worlr. Tech Sirs 41 I E 5 Z E Ah-You can do beHer fhan fhaff' This year The Maroone Maslc Players presenled "The l-loslagef' a play by Brendan Behan. "The l-loslaqeu Tells of The l.R.A. keeping a Brilish soldier hoslage in a house ol proslilulion, This provided some inlereslirig and lively scenes melcing lor an excelleril play and produclion, and fell him no+ fo leave his slcirfs lying around his room any more." Active Coeds Tech's afhlefe of fhe week cloes her Jane shoofs for iwo. Our lair Coeds have once again proven llwemselves fo be noir so frail as llney seem To be. This season loaslcelball gained some allenlion in 'flue form of a challenge from Radford College. "Tricks-Kiclcs," Jrlwe l.lv1. champions, ac- cepled llne challenge and proved our Coeds are llwe greafesll Green goes affer runaway player. if we 7' ,fm ,VL,, I W Q1 .W mm Why is Huis girl only playing l. M.? X W?-ia. .," Sh 'W- yy Aff, fe W A ff uv., 'ff?iw.wderMef 4 Jim ui nag: 4? , ,, , , Q . yy We ,J,AQn?5:?, il, by ie 1 1 1 x"',,.r gm 142.5 4. ' iw, R bw Wwffflllflllllllll I 1 4 'ff' 'M 'W',,.w""""'v A W ,,w.f"W""' 'il l 4 P:lll.u, l l l . ff Ny? 5 J V. A 2: . Q . 3 4 ,V I L 5 if I ' fx? Y l ' 1 1 , ' ll l 'wg Y lwf- f ,ff ' l X 'fi-ff V Q ,, 1. 4 ,ff l as ' I I ,,vf Tlquwsh' I 1,1 'ff , , V l - MA ,, ,L 4. ,, ,fu ' ' . 'W V A '55 X -49" V. , ' , Q--,,-,ff-+1f-'f:W'- Q- A ,Ny-ff , paw. W ----f W 'L fx, ,fx j sk' ' - -, Oh, well . . . , Q , ,. A H Axim, 2, wi L Q p ggrll kl lggg-gi r - - Xb' ,Q has - , J S Q ,I-. 5 y ssq fi y k R L ' ffm? S ,Af N X- ':"j-Q-lisfiso-iahhk U mg Y ,... ,. W 75 ...f W A X. WAV-w,x A? f H you can'1 aFFord a car, +here's always Some piciures nalurally speak 'for ihemselvesl 46 tudent Cars on Campus Virginia Tech, unlike many universilies, allows all sludenls lo operale cars on ifs campus. Allhough lhis policy leads lo many lrallic problems, The convenience ol having his car is greally apprecialed by lhe Techrnan. Two large parlcing lols provide sludenl parking: mosl academic buildings have Their own inadeguale lacully parlcing ltacililies. W. A w W2 Wm-use .x,, D ,gi X S aw-r'f'5'3' Bui I know +ha+ my 'lesf paper is ihere somewhere. Profs Uffices I wonder if his wife has seen his desk? UL A , 4 f fi V Zi: L .,, A Techman during his college ca- reer is ushered info many professors' offices. The impressions galhered from +he arrangemeni of ihese offices range from mildly inieresiing +o frighlening. lf lrue greafness comes from inclivicl- ualiiy. ihen our professors are fruly greaf as observed from 'rheir ollices. xl'-"" gif' Wff-v"""""" An office wiih one desi: is bad, bui fwo-I 49 in '55, ,,AVf . 3 0 JW? 1 B.J.K.-WUVT's darling of +he air. Well, i+'s noi' Mr. Clean 4a Candid Shots of Publications As rlwe yearboolc camera wandered ilnrouqlw lhe publi- ca+ion's building if capiured many people al worlc and al play. Numerous lnours are deyoiecl +o campus publicalions each year. Mos? Teclwmen will leslify llwar work willw ilne sludenl publicalions is rewarding as well as fun. e OUI' 'l9ilfle55 lead "- Tressler sfrikes agai 'RQ vsx-7 vw ,QQ ,. ' lf' rf nnfefwils 9' Wir srs sr s sasws so s, s 4, 0 snr 1 if rsfs NCS, 4 ++'fffsfi,,,,,.Nfi-r 0 4 es' rr 1 91 at ,W slum... Open house. f,,m Wiki' 51 Life In The Infirmary Doc checks sfudenfs arm 2 2 5 5 , 5 4 2 X 1 I Cadef confemplaies enfry. N How are you 'Fixed for bugs? Everyfhing is sierile. Life in llwe Infirmary can be fun if you aren'+ siclc. Complainls are many. underslanding lacking, as well as facililiesp in spife of llwese obsfacles our slafl does Hs besf. ln Jrhe fufure Techmen will have lo be more considerale as well as fun loving. 2' . . . Yes, a deflnlfe 'fool' problem. As 'Fha nurse checks. ihe Doc says R 5 Q 5-figs-is SQ i px 25 X s ra ggi . was Nr 55315 j ' s ls, , E i F Sporfs on campus fill 'rhe leisure hours of many Techmen. Any allernoon, a visiior To Jrhe World War ll Memorial Gym will be greeied wilh The bouncing of baslneiballs. splashing of wafer from 'rhe pool, and The melallic ring of weighls being dropped in lhe weighl-lilfing room. Bob shows how i'r's done. A frue leisure acfivify. Upsidedown world. 54 Winner' f'f f Mfg, ,,, ,, , V .W-,, i - ff A, ffff, , wi, ,g?, M , 2' f, , If M, 37 .ew -QE..,, , f '- M , rf eh v i efif f t: fa 7 , Ag ' 'li' Z 7 ? 2 5 if s 1 5 3 2 3 K4 W Q mg -an Cow College U. S. A. Unknown fo many Techmen, V.P.l. keeps barns and live- sfoclc. The facilifies are used for feaching modern +ec:hniques in lives+ock rnanagemenlr as well as for research. From Jrhese barns have come many prize-winning animals. Tech's green- house is also useol for research and development A long walk fo hard work. ef I ' I :W Q" i ' We-,ww , ' f- ' L ' f- mm--1' N95 ,. W Wfihm , 1 ...f- WWW N w A14 K W- M -. ,.r.,., 9 ASNQK 1 i --. S i O 1 Jw' Af f' X s sw- .X ,1 IM -'S' A . - N35 f 4 2 xx' Q Ax . -Q-S 5 . 4 A Jef Buffon Crusher, would you believe? l l Labs On Campus Engineering laboralories lypify rhe growlh and vasl' amounl of iechnical lcnowledge al Va Tech. Labs are an iniricale parl of boih engineering and non-engineering curricula al Tech. Research and research granls are very imporlanl 'ro rnosl Technical universilies and Virginia Tech is no exceplion as seen by our growlh in lab facilifies. 58 mu' 'Q , A 2 W , ? wr, ny, 343 mf fi 4 ,1,Q, ff , f ,V r , V " In 'W 1 ww fb Y . , ' V4 -. V X 'i,. .Z nw P 1 3, R 5 ' , :Q aw! it 5g gf 2 .24 wx ,F Y "8 I ms c x -,Q at A .1 My f .M ,,. s i f 5 41 1 f X 4 ,nz ,, J ,.,. V, fn., ,yi aw' 1 , ,, Q , 4 V K 2 5 E . I i f , Q--2 ttjlim. KF 1 ,f,h,,,Q g , A ..,.r K N 'Q 4 ,f X ' 1 i Cade+s provide music a+ The Corps Varie+y Show. Military weekend proved +0 be 'rhe highlighr of winier quarier for miiiiary siudenis and insfruciors af Va Tech. The Corps Varieiy Show Friday nighf provided humor and music for Techrnen and daies. Miliiary Ball Saiurday niqhi and ihe crowning of ihe queen of miliiary weekend ended ihe fesfivifies. Miiifary sfudenfs relax ai Milifary Ball. Mounfain humor. i i I 3' , f f 6 , my ,, A d lMIIIfdTY Ball Queen. Military Weekend M ww 55 ul Q TR 'wma . -S N vw 3 sf . ..,AX ,AKQSSEXWMK Q ,Q Q 2 4 ss . x J' ,SQ X ix, S Z? ,- 'Q .2 S. . Lx' QUIK' 2fsN mSN Af Q as 4 il nl . 6 3 If Zag Ganga Mmm W' 'qi -W, 9 AMW Q4 lui Q 1'-09 1' 1 In 25 , I , ,L ,- ibm- New Engineering Building consfruc fion. Mail consfrucfion, l958. Then on Campus The campus fhen. Burrus Hall, l930 64 New Engineering Building, I967 The Mall, I967. ow on ampus Tech campus' ioday. Burruss Hall 'I'oday. :SF X,-mi BEAUTIES Ellen Cox Homecoming ueen Chrisfy Tidmarsh Judy Warren Liz Turner Sue Spooner Jenny Farris i i i i Miss VPI Couri' Ellen Cox, a junior from Prince Frederick, Mary-V land. is majoring in Polilical Science. ElIen's exlra- curricular acfivilies are headed by cheerleading and Garnel' and Gold, and are supplemenfed by an aclive inleresl in wafer skiing and ice slcaling. Virginia Farris Teddy Buch anan Angi Ma Doroihy Gray Gaye lroler Tech Festival ueen Virginia Lee Farris. a senior from Dublin, Virginia. is maioring in Fashion Merchandising and cloih- ing design. Besides her busy aca- demic scheduie, she is aciive in Garnei and Gold and ihe Home Economics Club and enioys ouiside inieresfs like horseback riding and swimming. Tech Fesfival Queen Couri Miss VPI Marsha McNeil, a iunior from Roanoke, Virginia, is majoring in Family Devefopmenf. Marsha! busy academic schedule is aug- men+ed by ber exfracurricuiar aciiviiies as secreiary of rbe Roa- noke Club and member of Hwe Ring Dance lnviraiions Commiiiee. Sfanding: Chris Miller, Nancy Fox, Virginia Farris, Seafed: Barbara Shaver, Judifh Warren, Sharon Topping. Marsha McNeil Homecoming Queen Courf K 2 2 4 1 un' if ,2 ':,,Zm'fa ., .11 J. 'K 4 f f, fi L 1 7 v I at I nv- 7' IKE VY Q, , ,, W ,4-,,. ,E , awww Q Q 1 3 f 5 M' . .,.,m'5m . 1 W 'L ,gf an J , y ffm' , WL, , M V yfw, dvftgv P' 5 , L", 'S f M Q Na+-,,,,, M,,,WM,W 'fs H , f W 4, , ,L,x W, X n,5iW,M4j,,m,K4.mW WMV V , 7, ' , ,,,.,,.,qA Mn fy W M gg f yu J yarn, 4 X1 MV' f ' 'V I A ,. 5 ,Mg,5, if f- WM. A 7' LW' "WWW , " Nz, QQ f J ,Q 3 3 v W 4 VWAA A V ,MWWM , .3 5 ,-6' A ' f W , X,,1.x'iQa M ,, . ..7,5,yff'-,"sf'?f2 ,J . W e .E A ,,2h,i': an w W W I , f V 4 gf-www, cb 21 x , 'ff we ifijnfhm ' LW 'FV + it ,Q 4fWf3,V. ' ,Q 5, w '53, ' fi 3 f ,MQ , . A ,, U, , ' K ' 'P if 'L ' ,,' 1 sf, A V M I , , ,, yi WW' ' W Q 1 Pi if :QV if 1 --' S' ', vii-QT'-3J'r1-"f ff 'ff 'f 1 5? QQ, qw ,,a'fnM-M' ,JW AWN 'ff , 421 if K Q wwf wma .MW wh A ff A1-M I 'I SPURTS Hokies Lose Only One Game in Route to Liberty Bowl The I966-67 Grange and Maroon gridmen compiled an impressive 8-I-I record. one ol lhe besl in recenl years al Tech. All-Americans Frank Loria and George Foussekis Ied Ihe defensive unil To greal heighls and nalional' prominence. Quarlerback Tommy Slalilord direcled lhe Claiborne Eleven in ballle wiih his fine signal-calling, hard-nosed running, and Timely passing. Tommy Francisco was lhe leading ground-gainer on The leam and lop scorer in lhe slale. Homecoming proved lo be one ol 'rhe all-lime Thrillers. as 'rhe Hokies held on for a 23-2I viclory over 'rhe aerial-minded Seminoles of Florida Slale. In 'rhe lradilional Turkey Day game, records Tell like rain as The Techmen annihilaied VMI 70-I2 behind Francisco's six louchdowns. The offense sei a school record by amassing 5I6 yards lolal offense againsl' The Keydeis. Jon Ulin also sei a school record wiI'h 28 exlra poinis in one season. As a resull of lheir iine showing lhroughoul The season, lhe Hokies were inviled lo play in Ihe Liberly Bowl in Memphis againsl lhe Miami Hurricanes. Despile a delermined ellorl on The parl of Gobblers, Miami oulscored lhem I4-7. Even in deleal our gallanl Techmen won lhe hearls ol Ihe nalion and showed lhal Virginia Tech does indeed meril The nalional recognilion which il received. A hosf of Hokies show why Tech's defense ranked 'Fourfh in lhe nafion. TECH O O O O- O TULANE O O 7 6-I3 Tech Tulane I3 Tolal Firsl Downs I8 ISI Nel Yards Rushing I95 I6 Nei Yards Passing 47 Barefocf lakes a Slaliford pass for long yardage. Tommy Francisco is finally sfopped affer a long lriclroff refurn. I. . Francisco Turns The corner and heads down field. HYRYLIS The season opener was a big disappoinTmenT To all Tech fans, mosT of whom had To hear The game via radio, as The l-lolcies dropped a I3-O decision To The surprising Green Wave of Tulane UniversiTy aT New Orleans. The l-lolcie offense could musTer only I6 yards passing and ToTal yard- age of only T67 yards. while The Green Wave, rolled up 242 ToTal yards. Our offense was hiT by The loss of halfbaclc Diclcie Longerbeam, who suffered a fracTured cervical verTe- brae wiTh only four minuTes remaining in The game. He was losT To us for The remainder of The season, buT NCAA officials ruled ThaT his year's eligibilify was noT losT. Tommy STafford was Tech's leading ground gainer wiTh lO5 yards. When The l'lolcies reTurned home, They showed Their True colors in whifewashing The Colonials of GWU 49-O. The l-lolcies offense ran wild as Tommy STaTford ran 3l yards for The TirsT Touchdown and Franlc Loria ran baclc a punT in slow mofion for an 80-yard Touchdown play. End George Fous- selcis bloclced a punT and recovered a fumble To seT up Two scores in The second guarfer. The half ended wiTh Tech sporfing a 34-O lead. The second half was no beTTer for The Colonials as The l-lolcies poured on I5 more poinfs, six of Them on UTin's Two field goals. The Colonials were To be commended, however, for Their spiriT in The face of such a crushing defeaT. The win, Tech's easiesf since Coach Chai- borne Toolc over in I96l, was iusT Two poinfs shy of The school scoring record of 5l poinfs vs. Richmond in I959. TECH I4 20 7 8-49 GW O O O O- O Tech GW I8 ToTal FirsT Downs ll 284 Nef Yards Rushing 76 97 NeT Yards Passing 85 IT seems "Mr, Francisco can caTcl'1 Too! l A Tough Mounfaineer line closes in on Tommy Francisco a'fTer a shorf gain. Gebblers Crush Mountaineers Everywhere Except on the Scoreboard SpiriT highlighTed This rain-soalced, hard-hiTTing conTesT as WesT Virginia surprised Tech wiTh a I3-I3 sTalemaTe. The spiriT oT 25.000 Tech Tans sTood a rugged TesT as WesT Virginia ran a punT reTurn 50 yards Tor a Touchdown The TirsT Time They Touched The ball. Tommy STaTTord's I5-yard Touchdown run laTer in The guarTer Tied The score aT 7-7. AlThough Tech was beaTing The MounTies everywhere excepT on The scoreboard. The halT ended wiTh WVU nursing a IO-7 lead. MounTaineer luck conTinued in The Third guarTer as a Tield goal ran The score To I3-7. WiTh l:32 remaining in The game, STaTTord Took The ball around righT end Trom The Tour-yard line and Tumbled as he was hiT by a hosT oT Taclclers aT The one. Ken BareTooT was on The receiving end oT The Tumble Tor The Tying Touchdown. The crowd wenT wild, buT The slippery TooTball was never seT on The Tee, and John UTin's PAT-aTTempT was wide. Tech's Tinal scoring opporTuniTy came wiTh one second remaining on The clock, as UTin aTTempTed a 39-yard Tield goal. Yells oT The Francisco finds some daylighT and rolls for anoTl'1er Tech firsf down. TECH 7 3 O 3-I3 W. VA. 7 O 0 6-I3 Tech W. Va. I6 ToTal FirsT Downs 6 225 NeT Yards Rushing 69 80 NeT Yards Passing 40 Tommy STaFFord baTTles upfield on a lriclc-off refurn. sTudenT body and The sTrains oT "Tech Triumph" passed inTo oblivion as The Tield goal aTTempT was shorT. T "Mr. Quarferbaclrf' Tommy Sfafford, runs for good yardage againsi UK's Tough Wildcafs. Francisco picks up some very Tough yards To keep Tech's drive moving. Hokies Grind Uut Tough 7 -0 Victory Uver Wildcats The Wildcafs seem To be having a rough Time keeping up wiTh Ken Barefoot 79 The FighTing Gobblers played one oT Their TinesT games OT The season as They surprised KenTucTcy, Coach Claiborne's Alma MaTer. 7-O. Tommy Francisco Ted The Hokies wiTh 77 yards Tor 20 carries and Tommy STaT- Tord compleTed 7 oT T2 pass aTTempTs Tor 84 yards. The only score of The hard-ToughT deTensive baTTle came when Francisco, carrying The ball 7 Times in a row, scored Trom The one-yard line on TourTh and goal. Perhaps The highlighT oT The conTesT was The minus 9 yards rushing Tor The WildcaTs, as The T-Tokie deTensive uniT lowered The boom and moved inTo The number 4 spoT in The naTion. This deTense provided Tech Tans wiTh anxious momenTs when iT ThwarTed a KenTuclcy drive on The 6-yard line in The closing seconds oT The game. Again The Techmen were hiT by iniuries as The oTTensive uniT iosT The services oT Rick Mollow and The deTensive uniT losT Jimmy Richards, boTh Tor The remainder oT The season. TECH O O O 7-7 KENTUCKY O O O O-O Tech UK I2 ToTal FirsT Downs 9 Ilo NeT Yards Rushing -9 84 NeT Yards Passing I5l Tech is sTopped cold by The powerful Vandy defense. Teeh's Defense Shines in 21-6 Victory Over Commodores The l-lokie defense did an ouTsTanding job. holding Van- derbilT To 48 yards rushing and one hard-earned Touchdown, as Tech crushed The Commodores 21-6. Gene Fisher quick- kicked The TirsT Time The l-lokies had The ball. and Donney Bruce knocked The ball loose Trom The Commodore saTeTy man. The pigskin Then bounded inTo The end zone, where Sands Woody made The recovery Tor Tech's TirsT TD. MomenTs laTer Tommy Francisco recovered a Commodore Tumble on The Vandy 2I-yard line To seT up anoTher score. The Touchdown came on an I8-yard pass Trom STaTiord To Ken BareTooT. Tech carried This I4-O lead inTo The locker room aT The halT, Early in The Third quarTer, Frank Loria Took a VanderbilT punT To paydirT. Loria grabbed The ball aT The Tech 35-yard line and headed Tor The sidelines. where he picked up key blocks Trom Waddy Harvey and Dan Mooney, beTore scampering The final 60 yards un- Touched. The remainder of The game proved To be a de- Tensive baTTle, alThough VanderbilT capiTalized on a Tech Tumble Tor Hs lone Tally. TECH I4 O 7 O-2I VANDERBILT O O 6 O- 6 Tech Vandy 6 ToTal FirsT Downs I2 IO4 NeT Yards Rushing 48 45 NeT Yards Passing I7l Loria does one of his specialTies-This one lpunl reTurnl for 65 yards so T T Harvey starts up field with an intercepted pass. Francisco seems to be playing leap frog as he dives for extra yardage. Gobblers End 51-Game Series With UVA With 24-7 Victory Most ot the yards Stattord got against UVa did not come this hard. The Hokies next headed tor Charlottesville, where the Cavaliers were waiting to play the game billed as the biggest game ot the 60's in the state ot Virginia. lt was supposed to be a game showing the potent ottense ot Virginia vs. Tech's rugged detense. Before the Gobblers lett the contines ot Scott Stadium, they had shown the crowd they had the better ottense and detense. The Techmen roamed almost at will as "Mr, Touchdown," Tommy Fran- cisco, scored three touchdowns in the 24-7 thrashing ot the Wahoos. The detensive squad was nothing but great as they stopped the Nations no, 2 quarterback, Bob Davis, with a minus 24 yards rushing. Davis only surmounted 74 yards total otlense all atternoon. Although the Cavaliers gained tour yards more than Tech's average, the Wahoos will never believe it as they got only l79 yards total ottense and scored only one touchdown. The victory over UVa ended a 5l-game series with the Cavaliers which ended with 25 wins, 23 losses, and 3 ties tor the l-lolcies. The next game with UVa will not be until '7I, but the Cavaliers will have trouble torgetting the big one ot '66. TECH 7 7 lO O-24 VIRGINIA O 7 O O- 7 Tech UVa 20 Total First Downs I6 252 Net Yards Rushing 8l 43 Net Yards Passing 98 4 TECH Davidson and Beamer close in on FSU's Ron Sellers. Tech Hosts an All-Time Thriller Against Seminoles A greaT oTTense, rugged defense, a loT oT husTIe. and iusT a liTTle luck were all parTs oT Tech's acTion-packed 23-2I win over The Seminoles oT FSU, The ice was broken when Danny Mooney caughT FSU's Kim Hammond behind The goal line Tor a saTeTy. ATTer The Seminoles Tree kick The Techmen Took only Three plays beTore STaTTord connecTed wiTh Ken BareTooT in The end zone on a I3-yard pass play. The TirsT guarTer ended wiTh Tech leading 9-O, buT FSU roared back To score in The second guarTer. Bill lvloreman scored up The middle Tor The Seminoles To bring The score To 9-7, which The l-lokies Took To The locker room aT The halT. ATTer The halT, The Seminoles again drove in Tor a score To Take over a I4-9 lead. Frank Lorie puT The Gobblers back inTo The game To sTay wiTh an 80-yard paTenTed punT re- Turn which Tired up The Hokie Team and compleTely sTunned The FSU Team. On The ensuing kickoTT, Jon UTin showed why he is Tech's no. I kicker when he kicked an onside kick which Tech recovered and Turned inTo a score To lead 23-I4. BuT FSU's Gary Paicic led his Team back 7 plays laTer Tor a score To close The gap To 23-2l. AlThough There was no scoring in The TourTh guarTer, The FSU club drove To Tech's six-inch line and on TourTh and goal The greaT Tech defense sTopped Them shorT. This game wiTh all iTs Turns oT luck and exciTe- menT was cerTainly one oi The besT games ever To be played wiThin The sTaTe oT Virginia. ...,,r" fl Yardage came Trough againsl' The classy FSU Team as Tommy Francisco finds ouT. Tech FSU I5 ToTal FirsT Downs IO5 NeT Yards Rushing I I I l65 NeT Yards Passing 338 , 5 We x Ken Whifley moves in 'lo help Davidson and Beamer as fhey bring down FSU's Sellers. The fension of fhe game can be seen in ihe faces of Ron Davidson and Frank Loria. 83 Gene Fisher sends ano+l1er fine pun? down 'Field The Holcie defense sTops a Deacon back cold in his Tracks. Hokies Use Deacon Mistakes to Take 11-0 Victory Tommy STaFFord rifles a pass down field. TT Took The Demon Deacons 35 minuTes To com- miT an error, and when They did The Hokies moved in Tor The kill and an ll-O shuTouT, The game was Tech's mosT disappoinTing vicTory To mosT people, buT They played a highly underraTed Team which has always given The Hokies a Tough game. Tech Tailed To achieve Tield posiTion as Wake's punTing game was played To perTecTion in The TirsT halT and The Techmen never passed Their own 45. The game was give and Take mosT oT The day as There were I5 punTs-seven by Fisher Tor a 4O-yard average. George Foussekis recovered a Tumble on The Wake 34 and Tech moved To The 23 where Jon UTin booTed a 40-yard Tield goal on TourTh down To break The ice midway Through The Third quarTer. Tech goT The ball on The TwenTy aTTer Wake missed a Tield goal and moved 80 yards where Tommy Francisco scored Tech's only Touchdown. The Hokies converTed Tor Two poinTs on a draw play To Eddie Bulheller. The Deacons were held To l49 yards ToTal oTTense as The Tech defense shined as usual. Wake played good ball over halT The game. buT Tech played good ball Tor The enTire gamej ThaT made The diTTerence. TECH O O 3 8-l l DEACONS O O O O- O Tech WF 9 ToTal FirsT Downs Il I3O NeT Yards Rushing 75 64 NeT Yards Passing 74 Rain and mud slowed down TecI'1's passing game againsT W8rM. Gobblers Sneak by Indians and I Tech's defense Iiglrlens up To puT The freeze on The Indians' running game. 85 Francisco finds The Toofing slippery as he grinds ouT some shorf yardage. TECH I4 O 6 O-20 WM. 84 MARY O O O I5--I8 Tech WXfM IO ToTaI I:irsT Downs I7 I59 NeT Yards Rushing 34 59 NeT Yards Passing 239 Trample Keydets The I-Iokies ran up a 20-O lead aT haIT Time and Then had To hold on To pull ouT a 20-I8 vicTory againsT William 8: played scored aT will The resT oT The TirsT haIT. The Tinal score Tells The resT, as The Indians caughT Tire in The second haIT wiTh quarTerback Mike Madden hiTTing Chuck AIberTson and Bill Carr. BuT in The closing minuTes, Tech's deTense TighTened up To haIT The Indians and hold on To a 20-I8 vicTory. Mary's rampaging Indians, The TirsT haIT, which was in pouring down rain, was all Tech as The I-Iokies The TirsT Time They goT The ball and scored aImosT ATTer The scare The Gobblers received Trom William 84 Mary, The 70-I2 smoThering oT VMI was quiTe a change. As usual, boTh Teams were keyed up Tor The annual Classic. buT There was never any game OT iT, Tommy Francisco seT a school record, as he led The Gobblers wiTh six Touch- downs. The 70-I2 vicTory seT a new school scoring record and was The mosT one-sided game in The 62 game series. The VMI Team musT be congraTuIaTed Tor Their spiriT and courage in The Tace oT such a humiIiaTing deTeaT. TECH 7 28 I4 2I-70 VMI O 6 6 O-I2 Tech VMI 27 ToTaI FirsT Downs 9 359 NeT Yards Rushing 43 I56 Ne-T Yards Passing l5l Tech and Miami line up for the first play ot the game tor Tech's offense. Tech Gains National Recognition and Respect in Liberty Bowl Tech lost the Liberty Bowl I4-7, but the nation will not torget the "tiny school ot 8500 in the mountains ot Vir- ginia" who brought with them triends and alumni by bus, train, and airplane trom all over the East Coast, and hun- dreds ot students who also joined together to support the rugged Tech football team. ln the Liberty Bowl the tem- perature was 3I degrees and the Gobblers broke the ice in the tirst quarter. Jimmy Richards blocked Miami's tirst punt deep in Hurricane territory to set up the score. The Hokies rocked Miami trom the start, throwing Miami guar- terback Bill Miller tor losses time atter time as they tought an ottensive unit that averaged 228 pounds. Tech rolled up six tirst downs in the tirst quarter to Miami's none. The Hokies went into intermission leading 7-0 and looked like they might pull ott a major upset. Francisco took the second-halt kickott 57 yards, but a 40-yard return ot an intercepted pass put the Miami Hurricanes on Tech's 27- yard line. The tough Hokie detense, with All-Americans Frankie Loria and George Foussekis, threw back the Hurri- canes and took over on Tech's I4-yard line. Again the ot- tense surged to break Tommy Francisco loose tor 35 yards. but he tumbled on the 47 with one man between him and paydirt. Miami moved in with a spectacular passing and running attack that seemed to be halted until a roughing the kicker penalty gave them the break that set up the tying score. Tech, by this time, could not muster another attack and eventually the Hurricanes trom Miami showed why they were no. 9 in the nation. The Gobblers tought a brave and gallant battle and tasted deteat tor only the second time this year. We were jubilant in deteat but would have been more so in victory. "Win or lose, we'll greet you with a glad returning, you're the PRIDE OF V.P.l." "Give'm Hell Techl 86 The Tech line shows Miami how fough fhey really are. Francisco, all alone, fears down 'field for long yardage. TECH MIAMI Tech 7 36 75 7000-7 O07 Tolal Firsl Downs Nel Yards Rushing Nei Yards Passing Ericlc Johnson's block springs Francisco loose for anofher 'firsf down. lwlnv-'-'K +--nun--n 7-!4 Miami II 55 IO8 Bw.. 87 1966 Gobbler Football Squad T. A. Firsf row: J. Reba. K. Whifley, R. Lindon, S. Woody, T. Francisco, Sraiiord, T. Groom, E. Bulheller, J. Raibie. Second row: F. Cobb, Bowling, D. Farmer, R. Maguigan, S. Garcia, D, Bruce, E. Johnson, D. Semones, A. Kincaid. Third row: F. Loria, F, Leonard, J. I-Iarvey, R. Piland, C. Culpepper, G, Fisher, S. Dawson, E. Barker, P. Wrenn, F. Beamer. Fourlh row: D. Dedo, J. Richards, D. Cupp, K. Barefool, M. Miller, D. Thacker, J. Schrecker, T. Swords, J, Ufin, Fiffh row: R. David- SENIORS--Flrsl row: Eddie Bulheller, Tom Slafford, Tom Groom, Coach Claiborne, Torn ,................... .4 son, R. MoIIo, J. Bigelow, B. Henderson, D. Mooney, B. Grifiifh, L Luonqo, F. Magarian, J, Brownell, G. Foussekis. Sixfh row: C. Collis A. AguiIar, T. Parks, D. Gainous. J. Criqger, D. Efzold, E. Carler J. Green, J. Haynes. Seven+h row: T, Georges, C. Omohundro, C Yaras, K. Koepcke, S. Bocko, R. Fife, R. Treedwell, D. Longerbeam Eighth row: G. Consfanrinides, J, Maxwell, F. Mooney. S. Divifa, C Forresfer. 2iQ,,n,, FooTBALL SCOREBOARD Tech Opponenf O Tulane I3 I George Washingion O I3 Wesi Virginia I3 7 Ken+ucIcy O ZI Vanderbill 6 24 Virginia 7 23 Florida Siale ZI II Wake Foresr O 20 William 81 Mary I8 70 VMI I2 Liberly Bowl Francisco, 7 Miami I4 Ken Whi'IIey, Jim Reba. Second row: Fred Cobb, Ronnie Lindon, Sands Woody, Sal Garcia, Dave Farmer. Third row: Don Bruce, John RaibIe, Andy Bowling, Ron Maquigan, Erick Johnson. I 88 Gobblets Finish Strong to Salvage 2-3 Record HT we -iw er T Q39 ,,,,..,.,.......,............--.-v----- A GobbleT brings down his man in varsiTy Torm. The GobbleTs came on sTrong aT The end OT The season, win- ning Two oT Their lasT Three ouTings in compiling a 2-3 record Tor I966. ln Their opening game, The Baby Techmen losT a sguealcer I4-I2 To The WesT Virginia Treshmen. Playing Their only home game, The LiTTle Holcies TasTed deTeaT by a score oT 37-8 aT The hands oT The WildlciTTens oT KenTuclcy. Previous To a disap- poinTing 7-6 loss To Ferrum in a hard-ToughT deTensive baTTle, The Tech Freshmen upseT Tavored Maryland I3-O. The GobloIeTs downed The VMI RaTs 36-20 in Their season Tinale. The Tech Freshmen showed much TalenT in Their play ThroughouT The sea- son and should provide sTrong supporT Tor The varsiTy in The coming years. Gobblei' hand-off goes for long yardage againsT The WildlciTTens of Kenfuclry Firsf row:rF. Sneil, A. Monsour, L. Creelcmore, M. VogeT, H. lmmeT. G. Schwabe. FourTh row: D. Sfraqer, L. Buckner, B. SlaughTer, K, Ed- B. Kaemph D. Biralco, E. Harris. Second row: J. Lenzi, R. Gardner, E. wards. B. Mason, M. HiTTard, J. Tucker. FiTTh row: P. DawyoT, P. McDon- SholTis, N. Marchbanlcs, M. Harrison. J. Kaiser, T. WiTbern. Third row: neTl J. SwarT, N. Ring, manageri L. McSwain. J. RoTTer P. Bhaclsburn, M. Widger, D. Combee, J. PignineTTi, P. Ripfey. Eg, Firsi' row: J, ShaTer, M. SchwarTz, G. Thompson, B. Baum, J. D'Amico, B. Jerry Cassel, mqr.g L. Nowland, B. WolTe, K. Culnan, G. SmiTh, T. Ramsey, Kelso, G. Harding, l. ReTo. Second row: B. SmiTh, D. Broqan, J. STravopolus, R. BenedicT, R. Juras, L. LuckeTT, Coach Al Long. D. Bollinger, P. Ware, B. STaTham, J. Illig, R Evans, R. ConTorTi. Third row: Cobbler Squad WHIS State Soccer Championship WiTh a uniTied Team eTTorT, The Tech Soccer Team en- ' ioyed iTs besT season ever, compiling an 8-2-2 record. An opening loss To The UniversiTy oT NorTh Carolina Tailed To dampen The l-lokie spiriT as They bounced back To down a highly raTed Virginia Team I-O. Following a 4--2 seTback aT The hands oT powerTul Lynchburg, The Gobblers downed Appalachian STaTe 3-2 behind Preble Ware's Two goals. Try as They musT, neiTher Tech nor WashingTon and Lee could break The 2-2 Tie. ln The nexT maTch Tor The T-lokie Eleven, a Team eTTorT provided a 5-O win over King College. League-leading Roanoke College was shocked 6-3 behind an ouTsTanding eTTorT by lan ReTo, who scored Three goals. Tech conTinued To roll along, downing Campbell College 3-2, beTore baTTling Randolph-Macon To a 3-3 sTalemaTe. Prior To The sTaTe Tournament Tech downed EasTern Men- noniTe College and picked up a TorTeiT Trom William and Mary. Avenging an earlier Tie, The VPI BooTers scored in The Tinal overTime To down WHL and Take The sTaTe cham- pionship. Bruce STaTham was named The TournamenT's lv1osT Valuable Player, The Gobblers have a very sTrong soccer Team, and Coach Al Long musT be praised Tor his eTTorTs and specTacular resulTs. Campbell College "recovers?" ' ' N 3 in sg " I 3 '-f-WZ? 3 The Orange and Maroon prepare +o score againsi- some persisien+ defenders. A Holrie blocks anofher lriclr. SOCCER RESU LTS Tech Opponenl I UNC 2 I Virginia O 2 Lynchburg 4 3 Appalachian Slale 2 6 Roanoke 3 5 King College O 2 Washinglon 84 Lee 2 3 Randolph-Macon 3 3 Campbell College 2 2 Easl lvlennonile I Win William 84 Mary Forleil Slale Championship 2 Washinglon 81 Lee The Gobblers fake advanfage of a free lriclr. .n-"W fa A Holcie and Campbell College man fry desperafely fo refain possession of ihe ball. 'Q K Gobblers Drop Fourth-Ranked Duke in Opener Wayne Mallard prepares To puT The move on a PiH defender. l'lusTle, deTense. and experience denoTed The T966 Gob- bler squad. This squad had eighT reTurning leTTermen, who did everyThing expecTed oT Them in compiling an I8-6 record. The pressure was very greaT on The Gobbler baskeT- ball Team To emulaTe The Gobbler TooTball squad. which received a bid To The LiberTy Bowl. The pressure didn'T seem To boTher The Hokies as They played ouTsTanding baskeTball ThroughouT The season. Senior Ron Perry's Tricky ball han- dling. Glen Combs sharp ouTside shooTing, Ken Talley's hard- nosed rebounding, Ware's shooTing under The board, sopho- more Chris Ellis' Tine eTTorT To The Team. and The sub work oT Don Brown were only a Tew oT The TacTors responsible Tor The Gobblers' Tine record. In Their opener wiTh Duke, The FighTing Gobblers showed The naTion why Tech Tans Take such pride in Their Team. The l-lokies sTunned The Blue Devils as They ouTscrapped and ouTplayed The imps To come up wiTh a 85-7l vicTory. SpiriT ran high The Tollowing nighT, as Tans Tilled The Coliseum To more Than capaciTy, The Techmen responded by downing The Boilermakers oT Purdue 79-63. Ted Ware drives for a baslref againsf Wake ForesT. ,W f a ,bi 'wqw '-52 19' ' t, 2 I "UQ:-Q sq? Qf ? 161410 ?kXm I.---. 2' S. f,,, 9- f il is Av, . K 5 ' 4- if X Q 'ii - .5 M gh ga . x Hg wugag-x,. Q N3 Q Y 'Wy' gm f!l Ss K ,X of Q- it sw! The "Spider" oufmaneuvers a whole hosf of Spiders Ware only Igokg oigh+ feel, +all! Ken Talley goes in for a +I1ree-poinf play. 94 IHS ian' Ar li- ,Q Talley goes above a Davidson defender tor two points. n Don Brown picks up a foul 'from Pitt. Teeh's Loss to Wake Forest Sparks Team to Ron Perry displays some ot his ball handling. Teeh Tournament Victory In their second road game in three games the l-lokies met the Deacons ot Wake Forest. The Techmen iust couldn't seem to stay out ot toul trouble as the Deacons downed them 78-75 in an overtime thriller. When all the other students were home tor Christmas vacation, the Golobler team worked on as they won their own Tech Tournament but lost in the tinals ot the tirst annual Gator Bowl Tourna- ment. The Hokies trounced East Kentucky 99-77 in the tirst game ot the Tech Tournament but were a little easier on Richmond as they downed them 76-ol. The Gator Bowl iust wasn't much like home as the Gobblers had to squeak by Penn. State 67-657 but they couldn't get going as Florida downed the l-lokies 92-73. The two holiday tournaments seemed to help the Gob- blers as they clobberecl William and Mary 96-69 in the tirst game atter the holiday break. The l-lokies next took on the semi-pro Phillips o6'ers in an exhibition game and stopped the sharpshooters cold 67-60 in a tine show ot de- tense. Revenge was sweet as Tech stopped the Demon Dea- cons ot Wake Forest 82-70 in the Coliseum. lg Y nj"- ,f Glen Combs bewilders Ohio Universiiy wifh his passing. W ilu'-Q Talley fakes a pass as an Ohio Universily man fouls him. iil' Buddy Marlin bloclrs his man fo leave Perry open 'for fhe shof. So 'lha+'s where Coach Shannon gels all his plays Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech BASKETBALL RESULTS Dulce ..... Purdue ..... VVake Foresl .. E. Kenrucky .. Rkhmond ... Yugodavh Penn Slale .... Hedda ...... William 8: Mary PhHHps 66 .... Wake Foreslr .. Dawdson .U E. Carolina Clemson Pi+r ........ Loyola ....... William 81 Mary Richmond .... Geo. Washinglon Ohio U. ..... . Geo. Washinglon E. Carolina Richmond . . . UNC ..... Virginia . Toledo . NCAA Tournament Bid Puts Icing Ware geTs anoTher assisf againsT NorTh Carolina. Talley concenTraTes on puTTing anoTher poinT on The score- - board. The Techmen downed Davidson 74-68 and sTiTled EasT Carolina 9I-62 beTore losing Their second game OT The season. The 70-68 loss To Clemson ended a 22-game win- ning sTreak in The Coliseum. The regionally Televised game was highly spiriTed and The oTTiciaTing was somewhaT in quesTiOn-aT any raTe, Tech had Two men Toul OuT and had several OThers in Trouble. Like mOsT OT Tech's losses, iT came aT The Toul line. The William and Mary Indians were Tech's nexT guesTs who gave The husTling Hokies a Tough 84-79 win. WiTh ThoughTs OT The loss TO Clemson and The close game wiTh William and Mary, The Hokies headed norTh To Richmond. The Spiders were supposedly ready Tor Them, buT iT didn'T look iT as The Gobblers smOThered Them 89-7I. The Tech- men nexT Turned Their sighTs on The Colonials OT G.W.U. The game was close aT Times buT The Hokies seemed To have conTrol as They downed The G.W.U. Five 78-70. NexT The Hokies played hosT To Ohio UniversiTy, buT The Owls didn'T geT much OT a welcome as Tech rOuTed Them 87-47. lT was now G.W.U.'s Turn To be The Hokies' hosT buT The Hokies Turned ouT To be preTTy rude guesTs as They downed The Colonials, 78-66. Loyola OT BalTimore became anoTher OT Tech's rOuTs as The Gobblers rolled TO an easy l00-65 vicTory. Tech's TourTh loss came aT Greenville, N.C., againsT The EasT Carolina PiraTes, who used slow-down TacTics To hold The Hokies To an unbelievable 33 poinTs. The EasT Carolina Five Then used Tech's worse enemy, Tree Throws, TO down Them 43-33. NexT The Spiders came TO Blacksburg wiTh cries OT vengeance and wiTh upseT in mind. The Hokies, however, puT Them in Their place as They beaT The Univer- siTy OT Richmond Team 87-80. This was The Third win OT The season over The Spiders. The announcemenT OT The Hokies' bid TO The NCAA Tour- namenT was a needed soTTener Tor The Thrashing They re- ceived aT The hands OT The TiTTh-naTionally-ranked Tarheels. Tech gOT inTO early Toul Trouble and could nOT keep pace wiTh The high-scoring Tarheels. The Hokies suTTered Their worsT deTeaT OT The season, I I0-78. The Cavaliers OT UniversiTy OT Virginia were Tech's nexT opponenTs as The Cavaliers came TO Tech riding a 5-game winning sTreak. The Gobblers never had any real Trouble handing U. Va. a 76-60 loss. The Tinal game OT The regular season came in Toledo, Ohio, Two days laTer as The Hokies wenT againsT The powerTul RockeTs. Tech Took a narrow 4I-40 halTTime lead, buT lOsT ouT laTe in The second halT when Ted Ware and Chris Ellis Took The Toul rOuTe TO The showers. The RockeTs downed The gallanT Gobblers 90-7l Tor The second-worsT deTeaT OT The season. The I8-6 record compiled by The Gobblers in The I966- 67 season was a resulT OT a lOT OT hard work by The Hokie Team and a lOT OT spiriT On parT OT The sTudenTs and Tech Tollowers. The NCAA bid gave prooT ThaT Tech has become One OT The SouTh's Top independenTs and One OT The naTiOn's besT. The OppOrTuniTy TO play in The NCAA TOurnamenT was a well-deserved honor ThaT capped a Tine season and a Tine eTTOrT. ES' on 18-6 Season Perry danles an Ohio defender wiih his superb ball confrol. Firsi' Row: Ed Molley, frainery B. Murphy, G. Combs, B. Marlin, R. Perry, W. Deslcins, B. Trinlcle. Second Row: Coach Howie Shannon, S. Kerriclc, K. Talley, C. Ellis, W. Mallard, Charles Moir, assisfanl coach. Third Row: D. Brown, R. Alander, D. Wefzel, T. Ware, John Werzel, assisfanf coach. Nof Piciuredz R. Wagner, M. Jones. A Ware oufiumps iwo opponenfs fo lay in an easy Tech buclref QMHNJ TECH 3 2 rfcn WWA QXXQG lNl bf' KQGINI 4 sm id?-'5'Nf4 TECH TECH T22 TEEH TECH - Lfll I... Ll Firsf Row: D. Walker, W. Anspach. D. Shealor, E. STephenson, R. Neal, G. Gibson, J. Blessing, J. Allen, B. Pillow, D. OaTes. J. WeTzel. assis- R. WeTzel. Second Row: Coach Charles Moir, J. McNulTy, D. Manuel. TanT coach: R. Buchanan, manager. Freshman Basketball Team Gains Experience Despite Losing Mark The GobloleTs had a disappoinTing. baslceTball season in posTing a 2-I2 record. The Frosh had only Tour scholarship players To Their crediT. which is a small percenTage To mosT sporTs. Many' of The C5obbleTs' games were close ones which were dropped in The closing seconds because oT The Solo- bleTs' laclc of Team coordinaTion. This laclc oT Team co- ordinaTion was due To The Erosh having played TogeTher Tor only a shorT while. Many of The Teams played were Two-year schools ThaT had upperclassmen on The Team. and Thus The opponenTs oTTen had experience The GobbleTs laclced. Even Though The GolobleTs did noT have a winning season, They have several players who have shown promise Tor TuTure varsiTy baslceTball. Dale Manuel and Danny Walker led The GobbleTs in scoring. Big John Bl95Sl"9 C0nif0l5 ihe NP for 'The Gobbleh- Bill Anspach puTs The ball up for The freshmen as UVa. players look On. FROSI-l BASKETBALL RESULTS Tech ... ........... 53 Ferrum ........ ... 67 Tech .,. ... 67 Wake ForesT ... ... 87 Tech ... ... 73 Walce ForesT ... ... 74 Tech 4I Ferrum ...... .. 90 Tech ... ... 6I Virginia ....... .. ... 96 Tech ... . .. 92 STaunTon MiliTary ..... . IO9 Tech ... . .. 66 EasTern KenTuclcy ...... 72 Tech ... ... 59 Old Dominion ... ... 85 Tech ... ... 63 Richmond ..... .. ... 77 Tech ... ... 7l STaunTon MiliTary .... . . 67 Tech 64 Morris Harvey 80 Tech ... ... 69 E. Tennessee STaTe .... 97 Tech ... ... 58 Richmond ....... ..... 68 Tech ... ... 73 Virginia . ... 69 ' S 'ss 'si 'wi 4, Q' gl y -sw is N Ni i'is ios. G :.. . Varsify Cheerleaders-Kneeling: Jim Heard, "Mac" Williams, Dick Maureen Francisco, Lynn Moore. Second Row: Whil Wagner, Wilma Hancock, Caplain, Firsi Row: Jim Pilis, Ellen Cox, Toddy Buchanan, Miller, Jim Newfon. Cheerleaders . . . Getting a Good Thing Going . . . Spirif and dedicaiion are iusl Jrwo of ihe many fine ailri- bures of ihe Cheerleaders of Virginia Tech. Along wilh lhe players, ihey feel 'rhe biiier pain ol deieal and ihe lhrill of viclory. Our cheerleaders consianlly rally Jrhe spec- 'ralors io provide rhe needed liii for rhe ieams when 'rhings look dim, Since sludenl supporr is a viial assel for winning iearns. lhe l-lolcie cheerleaders lead a siudenl body which avidly supporls lhe Gobblers. The cheerleaders deserve all 'lhe laurels of vicfory because every Tech win belongs +o lhem as well as 'lo 'rhe players. Laclc of wins failed 'ro dim +he enihusiasm of 'rhe Fresh- men Cheerleaders. They cheered long and loud ai all fresh- men oulings, somelimes making up 'For a laclc of sfudenl' suppori. The Gobblei ieams greally appreciaied lheir dedi- caied suppori. Gobblek-Kneeling: E, Moore. J. Sweclcer, K. Angeline, 6. Smiih. Sfancling: W. Traylor, B. McFadden, C, Ham, L. lvlcDavid, T. Lee. X . -, fsifffi-f N Go Hokies, Go!! v sr -r as Hokie Grapplers Lose Unly One Match in Ten Uutings Fink blocks his man and prepares To Take him To The maf. The Hokie maTmen had one oT The besT seasons oT any Tech sporT, as They scored nine vicTories in Ten ouTings Tor an asTounding 9-I record. The Techmen's regular season began in a dual meeT againsT NC. STaTe in The Coliseum. The Gobblers puT The rnaTmen oT NC. STaTe down and never leT up as They rolled pasT Them 34-5. Auburn be- came The Hokies' nexT vicTim as They wenT down under a barrage oT pins 37-5. The only Gobbler loss came aT An- napolis as highly regarded Navy goT only one pin againsT The Hokies To down Them 26-6. The sTudenTs oT Georgia Tech learned To respecT The Tech Grapplers as The Hokies smashed Georgia Tech, PTeiT- Ter, and Troy STaTe To Take The quadrangle meeT aT ATlanTa. The Hokies scored TOO poinTs again'sT The Three Teams and gave up a ToTal oT 9. Tech nexT Traveled To Chapel Hill, NC., where They downed The U. NC. Team 28-lO. The Gobblers came home To sTay, where They Trounced Old Dominion and V,lv1.I., beTore smoThering The U.V.A. rnaTf men 49-O. The Hokies had 7 pins, 2 decisions, and a TorTeiT To run up The highesT score oT The season againsT The rival Cavaliers. As is evidenT Trom Their record, all The Hokie Team Turned in greaT perTormances. Two oT The Tech wresTlers were undeTeaTed ThroughouT regular season maTches-They were Lonny Gallagher and senior Ken WhiTley. AlThough The resT oT The Team did noT go undeTeaTed They all Turned in winning worksheeTs and a Tine eTTorT. FirsT row: N. Fink, J. Weeks. M, Jarrell, K, Cole, J. STover, L. Gal- lagher, F. Ogle, J. Kennedy, T. Howard, J. Miller, K. WhiTley. Second row: B. Woods, D. Wills, C. Morgan, J, Davison, H. AsTa. WRESTLING REVIEW NC. S+aIe Auburn Navy Georgia Pfeiffer Troy Sfaie UNC VMI OICI Dominion Virginia Jack Sfover seis his Auburn opponenf up for a +aIre down and 'Iwo IO3 Mickey JarreII seems +o have full con'I'roI of I-ns cpponeni' Fred Robinson comes up Tor air. Svvirfimine RESULTS Tech OpponenT 28 UNC 67 4l Virginia 63 66 Appalachian 37 24 EaST Carolina 80 63 Old Dominion 3l 42 ChaTTanooga 62 30 Alabama 74 44 American Univ. 60 63 William and Mary 4l Kneeling: F. Robinson. C. Wainwright Firsf row: S. HusTed, mgr.: T. WaTSon M. Schwab. B. Re-ynoldS, B. Crowder, B. McCa'l. Second row: Coach Redding, B. Pharis, J. Jones, S, Highlev. M. Koza. The I966-I967 Swim Team oT Virginia Tech SuTTered Through a diShearTening 3-6 Season. In Their opening maTch, They were downed 67-28 by a very STrong UniverSiTy oT NorTh Carolina Team aT Chapel l-lill. NexT The Virginia CavalierS seemed inspired and deTermined aS They upSeT The lflolcies 63-4I aT CharloTTeSville. The home pool agreed wi+h The GobblinauTS aS They brolce Three pool records on Their way To a 66-37 Thrashing oT Appalachian STaTe. STeve l-lighley SeT records in The 500-yard and T000-yard Tree STyle evenTS and Bruce Reynolds SeT a record in diving. The win STrealc was To be sTopped aT one meeT, however, as The Swimmers nexT wenT down To deTeaT beTore a conTidenT EaST Carolina Team 80-24. Following This deTeaT, The l-lolcies Traveled To NorTollc To Talce on Old Dominion, where They won Their Second maTch 63-31. BeTore closing The Season wiTh a 63-4I vicTory over William and Mary, The l-lolcies were ouTScored by ChaTTanooga, Alabama, and American UniverSiTy in Succession. There were Several good Swimmers on The Team, buT vicTory Seemed To elude The Gobblers ThroughouT The Season, no maTTer how hard They Tried. Tech Swimmers Meet Rough Competition Rifle Team Third in State Despite Loss of Home Range The Varsity Ritle team was hampered this year by the laclc ot a range and ROTC support, Despite these probe lems the team had a tine year, taking third place in the Virginia State Championship with a score ot l5Ol. Bob Moore, team captain, was high man in his class at the State Championship, the Roanolce Invitational and the Franlc Parsons match. Nick Proteres also toolf a tirst place in the state meet. lvloore won the American Smallbore Record match, malcing him one ot the outstanding shooters in the nation. ln loolcing toward next year, the team will have a new range and will shoot a tull schedule. With several top marl4smen returning next year, the tuture loolcs bright. Lett to right: B, Mafia Nl, Protc-rri, J. Osmers, G. Cornwe l, R. Citat- telty. Bob Moore practices from a kneeling position Cobbler Diamondneers Swing a Big Stick Dick Shroy blasfs anofher ball over fhe Gobbler fence. Henry Webb adds fhe "go ahead" run againsi' V W W- VMI. Anoiher perfec+ Gobbler bunf in +he making. FirsT Row: J. Marin, D. Shory, B. Wellish, B. Kramer, T. Childress, J, WhiTe- B. Landrus, G. EusTice, M. Johnson, Mgr. Third Row: M. KnighT, J Dean R sell, B. Ellis, Second Row: W. Groseclose, J, OaTes, K. STein, B. Dalrymple, Alander, H. Webb, H. Gordon, J. Gregory. Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech VARSITY BASEBALL RESULTS Clemson .... Clemson .... SouTh Carolina ... .. UNC ....... UNC ......... CasTIe+on STaTe .... . . Cas+IeTon STaTe .. William and Mary Virginia ........ .. VMI ...... Wake ForesT . . . Richmond ... Richmond ... VMI ........ Wake I:oresT ... UNC ..... ATTer a raTher sluggish sTarT, The Hokie sTickmen wenT on The aTTack To Tinish Their season wiTh a IO-6 record. In The season's opening Two games aT Clemson, N.C., The Gobbler piTching and hiTTing was ineTTecTive as Clemson won boTh games, I I-O and 9-6. ConTinuing on The road, Tech meT The Gamecocks oT The UniversiTy oT SouTh Carolina. In spiTe OT piTching improvemenTs, The Gobbler baTsnnen were able To score only one run, losing 4-I. However, The Hokies came bouncing back To win The second game Tor Their TirsT win oT The year. ATTer geTTing over Their slump, The Diamondneers Took seven sTraighT games before losing a doubleheader To The Richmond Nine. The Hokies picked up Their sTicks and Took Their lasT Three games including a I5-I4 vicTory over The A.C.C. champs, U.N.C. This Tinal vicTory was noT an easy one by any means. The score bounced back and TorTh unTiI Tech pulled iT ouT in The boTTom oT The ninTh inning wiTh a Three-run homer by Johnny OaTes. The hard-ToughT win gave The Gobblers a sweeT noTe on which To end Their excellenT IO-6 season. tinished I-2-3 to trounce all other competitors and win Tech's Golf Team Wins Third Straight State Title First Row: W. Dickerson, N. McClary, B, Buchanan, D. Radclitt. Second Row: T. Collins, J. Carroll, Coach Buchanan, R. Barbarics, A. Campbell. The I966 Virginia Tech golt team augmented its tine 9-2 record with its third straight state championship. Virginia edged the linlcsmen lllf2-9lf2 and a very strong University ot North Carolina team downed Tech l5lf2- 5lf2 to become the only two teams to deteat the Ooblolers. Richard Barbarics led the team to a 4-3 victory over Ohio by shooting a 7l, three over par. Atter the close loss to Virginia, VMI succumbed to a ISVZ-5lf2 deteat as medalist Tim Collins and Barbarics starred. ln a triangular meet with the University ot Richmond and East Carolina, Tim Collins shot a 64 to tie the Riverbend course record, as the Gobblers downed both opponents. The hlolcies continued their winning -ways, downing George Washington 5lf2-IVZ and East Carolina again 6-I in another triangular match in the Nation's Capital. The golters record was boosted to 8-I in de- teating Miami ot Ohio 6-3 and VMI 5-l. The Techmen ended the season on a high noteq deteating William and Mary 7-O. ln the state tournament, the Holcies their Tech third straight title. GOLFER'S SCORE CARD ... ...... 4 Ohio University .... 3 Tech ... ... 9lf2 Virginia ........ .. I llf2 Tech ... ... l5lf2 VMI ......... . .. 5lf2 Tech ... ... 7 East Carolina ..... O Tech ... ... 5lf2 George Washington llf2 Tech... 5 VMI ...... l Tech ... ... 5lf2 UNC .......... .. l5lf2 Tech 7 WilliamandMary.. O A Tech linksman strolres a long putt. as gg Ng HHN tts? Ltr JeFF McClary sharpens his putting on the Blacksburg course. 108 FirsT Row: H. Vandylce, Z. Samuels F Mu re C McLennan J Coll ns Second Row: L. MerriTT, D. Jordan G Burion M DoTy L Lynch P. Ware. Rebuilding Racqueteers Start Slow But Finish Strong The i966 neTmen oT Virginia Tech had a slow and dis- appoinTing 4-6-I season. However, The Techmen played much beTTer Than Their record shows, losing by close margins To VMl and William and Mary. ATTer an open- ing Tie wiTh Ohio STaTe, our neimen losT maTches To Ball STaTe and WashingTon and Lee before Tinding a winning combinaTion in deTeaTing EasT Tennessee STaTe UniversiTy 5-4. Following Three more clisappoinTmenTs aT The hands oT VMI. George WashingTon, and William and Mary. The recqueTeers Tinished sTrong by deTeaTing Hampden- Sydney, Walce ForesT, and Roanoke. Preble Ware and Jay Collins were sTandouTs all season, being responsible Tor mosT OT The l-lolcie scores in our early losses. NETMEN'S RESULTS Tech Ohio UniversiTy Tech Ball STaTe ........ Tech E. Tennessee STaTe . Tech VMI ............. Tech George WashingTon Tech William and Mary . Tech Hampden-Sydney .. Tech Wake ForesT .... Tech Roanoke ...... ,WLT Could "Dinh" Jordan have losi The ball? -N-as-and-.., Rug During fhe indoor Iraclr season Terry Gallagher became fhe Iirsf Virginia pole vaulfe Techman crosses fhe high high hurdle wiih plenly 'fo spare. IIO r fo bre Tech 62 94 83 I I5'f2 9I al: I5 feel, wilh a record of I5' ZMH SPRING TRACK I966 William 4? Mary Richmond VMI Easl' Carolina Walce Foresl Opponenl 82 5I 62 NVQ 53 Tech hurriers leave fhe slarling block during lime +riaIs. Traekmen Set Five School Marks in Route to 4-1 Record The I966 spring lrack leam slarled oll ils season by dropping ils lirsl meel. an 82-62 loss lo William 84 Mary. In winning ils nexl lour meels by comlorlable margins, lhe Hokies broke lour school lrack and lield records: Bob Whil- more broke lhe lhree-mile run record wilh a lime ol I5 minules, 23 seconds: John Welzel broke lhe lriple-jump record wilh a iump ol 46 leel, 6 inches: Gary Smilh broke lhe 440 individual hurdles record wilh a lime ol 54.3 sec- onds: Harold Hudgins sel a record lor lhe iavelin wilh a lhriow ol 2I2 leel, 5 inches. The varsily leam was runner- Lip in lhe slale, while lhe lreshmen leam won ils slale meel by delealing second-place William 81 Mary 67-59. The cross-counlry leam linished ils besl season ever wilh a 5-I record. In ils lirsl lwo meels lhe leam delealed Ken- lucky 25-3I and Marshall Universily 23-35. Wake Foresl proved lo be lhe "Demon" in lhe nexl meel, however, deal- ing lhe Gobblers lheir only deleal in a 28-29 squeaker. The Hokies bounced back lo deleal Old Dominion 26-30 and swamp Virginia I8-45 belore lhe slale meel. Allhough lhe leam placed lhird in lhis meel. il closed ils season wilh a viclory over VMI, winner ol lhe slale evenl, by a score ol 27-30. The indoor lrack leam compeled in lhe Cheslerlield Re- Iays. Tennessee Relays, VMI Winler Relays, and a dual meel wilh VMI, Compelilion in indoor lrack is on an in- dividual. ralher lhan on a leam basis. This season was high- Iighled by Terry GaIIagher's new slale pole vaull record ol I5 leel, 221 inches, as he became lhe lirsl Virginia pole vauller lo vaull I5 leel. This record qualified him lor lhe NCAA Championships. Coach Pushkin has quile a lew re- lurning Iellermen, and Iooks lorward lo anolher line lr-ack season lhis spring. Firsl row: Coach Marly Pushkin, B Rosa, J. Hulcherson, C. Nicholson B. Slalham, Cv. Smilh, D. Merrill W. Slaples. Second row: J. Brow- neII, B. Whilmore, N. Madson, D Parcell, J. Adamson, D. Barker, R Miller. Third row: R. Rilchey, W Hiall, A. Avenl, B. Arlhur, M. Va- Iollo, H. Smilh, T. Bullerlield Fourlh row: H. Hudgins, J. Welzel M. Reynolds, K. Everill, B. Richard- son, R. Del-Iarl, J. Vasvary. Firsl row: Coach Pushkin, R. De- Harl, B. Whilrnore, R. Rilchey, J. Vasvary, Second row: B. Rosa, B. Arlhur, D. Merrill. 'X .1 ' Q xx J U Q I 1 Q I A ' 2 1 ,I I S' I Q, I ' I Q 'fm i Q an W 0 f 1 if " 3 xg' T ,O , Q in m eg, ' g Q, v ,Yu 5 , 0 t 0 Q.-0' J f A . , , J D J, A 'S ala" I!! -0 ,I 5 I Q 'fight ,fl x a ,, 1 f , , 4 i Q Q ,I il 'V Ji tim J if 9 , Jil L' :H -0 Q if x 'J if , ,-'?,1". 1 , 3afi'K - W T f .p,iIsLl'4l " ' f """'-4'3"f'f " x' .dun 9 w ' fa-v"1' a is far""',:-"-'2"f1,"fi '- 'S up N yd' Af' 'alll 1, , 1 S wi, dlgkffiffs ln E 1-gg 'uid A fa' J' , 5 l . . ,kk ix 1 .vi 1314! 14,1 ' 8 . E 'J 1' ' ' Q fn' 5 I I g I N 1:31 .5 i gi' J I 1 , , K? X, QAM! " 1 J, nl 4, I J, fl J 14, 4 1 , fl , i 1, I I ,' 1 " I I fl f I I 4 av 1 3 1 'f x ' ' RING DANCE se,-f-,ww N, r-.4 ..i.,,,.,.i, was ,, . .:f 3L'-L-'wa' --H"..,1r,.. . ,W T Ti ,. EYA ,TRI li T1 fas f 'i T 2 v a 's:,ifi111nfT2nTrf1iT -6,,.J'ia,'-fnata N ' filllf? ahflxlllb W3i3'i'rS 3125 wt li ll 1 wi 1 w rv ,,- ,y.,1,,. Q M r wwf vs' Sabre arch highligl1Ts cadeT 'Figure Sixty-Sevelfs Moment of Glory Ring Dance Tor The Class of I967 was The highlighT oT our college career. lTs TradiTion is blended wiTh many well re- membered symbols-a beauTiTul girl in a Tlowing gown, a dozen long-sTemmed roses, a glisTening sabre, elaboraTe decoraTions, a big name band, and mosT symbolic of all, The class ring iTselT. The Class oT i935 held The TirsT Ring Dance on April 27, l934, and since Then The sabre arch and ring Tigure have become TradiTional. In I942, Fred Waring' saluTed The Class oT I943 wiTh his beauTiTul "lvloonlighT and VPl." ThaT song, and iTs memorable words TloaTed many Techman and his daTe inTo a dreamland all Their own. Many greaT musicians such as SlriTch Henderson, Les Brown, and Benny Goodman have enTerTained aT various Ring Dances. ln keeping wiTh This TradiTion, The Class of I967 proudly presenTed Larry ElgarT and his orchesTra Tor The Friday and SaTurday evenings oT May sixTh and sevenTh. g C The VP! Ciass ring has ihe Ciisiinciion of being ihe iarqesi coilege ring in ihe naiion. Our ring keeps wiih ihe basic Tech iradiiion, yei is unique. The John Roberis Menuiaciurinq Company creaied The ring irom ihe design submiiied 'ro ihem by our Ring Commiiiee. Every deiaii on ihe ring has a speciei significance fo The member of ihe Class of '67, and eyery iechman cherishes ihe righ+ io wear fhis embiem of ciass disfindion. The splendor of ihe weekend was inifiaied +he civilian DecoraTing was perhaps The besT class eTTorT Tech has seen. The plans were elaboraTe, buT The Tinished producT proved ThaT iT was worTh every eTForT. As The juniors and Their daTes enTered The gymnasium They 'Found Themselves on a doclc Tlanlced by waTer and elaboraTely painTed scenery. ConTinuinq on, They sTrolled pasT a row oT wood-shingled The Ring, A Kiss, And shops and inTo The gianT replica OT The class ring. Once in The midsT oT The ballroom, The real feeling oT The "l"larloor LighTs" Theme was experienced. The eTTecT oT The sailboaT, The liqhThouse and beacon. and The wharf oT shops-all under a suspended TishneT ceiling-was well worTh The Tedi- ous hours oT worlc. Thai long-anTicipaTed momeni' a-rrives as she slips The ring on his finger A Dance Into Dreamland A kiss seals a mosi cherished momenf. The 'iirsf special dance inio a dreamland by ihe sea 3 Juniors and 'their claies enfered 'rhe gym 'Through a gianf replica of +I-ue ring. Les and Larry Elgari coniinued 'lheir musical enchanfmenf as cadef iuniors danced. MOONLIGI-IT AND VP! Brighr moon, shed your Iighr . . . On rhe one l love Jronighl . .. Lei her know someone will nor Clie Jusl as long as you're in fhe slcy .. Tell her. clo . . . l'll loe Jrrue . . . For my love believes in you . . . By rhis ring +ha+ is on my linger I swear rhar my love will linger, So help me ro iincl her, Wirh a lciss lo remind her, Of rnoonlighr and VPI i 'H-We M Q ,fl A v 4' if M 'Jil ' r rf! Q r ' , vi, W V ' i r 1' 'ill' l 'lii kfiiiili ,Sir 4743 WM, l r i 5? 5' vi 5 Saiurday nighi ihe iuniors came io The dance feeling proud and imporiani wiih iheir sparkling rings flashing in ihedim lighi. Too guiclcly, before ii seemed possible. The rnomeni for good-byes arrived, and Ring Dance. for anoiher year. slipped by buf will never be iorgoiien. "Lef's si? fhis one ouf." Civilian juniors enjoy iheir second figure. i A A A . Q 1 W I r ,gm fm f .' r T "io M Ai my i 'X 't 4 'Mafia fi. l ffiiii .,, .yi i fri , if WH 7, . ,, -wffwd' 4, f we- f P K2 Asa: ' M wx: 4, '. e mms-ne 'fx-sr" M ,, 1 1- w'is!uN 11' "Q 'vzJFfifw..a"..4w4.waaas:: Ami A 'W ' ' 'Q W-'Lv-ixsmwsvizix 'mmm--a.vM"w94m3 CLUBS SHARON TOPPING . . . Co-Edifor JOEY SILK . . . Co-Ecli1'or 124 HONORARIES Jol-IN APPEL . . . Ednor CORPS DARRYL McGUlRE . . . Co-Eclifor Q RODNEY ANDERSON . . . Co-Edifor The abiliTy To communicaTe The news and opinions cur- renT in such an insTiTuTion as a universiTy is oT paramounT imporTance in uniTying The adminisTraTion, TaculTy, and sTu- denTs. The PublicaTions Board is The insTigaTing Torce behind Tech's communicaTion neTwork. The Board represenTs The inTeresT oT The BUGLE, The Vir- ginia Tech, WUVT, and The Maelsfrom which are The year' book, newspaper, radio sTaTion, and liTerary magazine respecTively. This year The PublicaTions Board is composed oT The ediTors-in-chieT, business managers, and TaculTy advisors oT The Tour publicaTions, a represenTaTive oT Dr. Hahn, a Tinancial advisor appoinTed by The adminisTraTion, repre- senTaTives oT The STudenT AcTiviTy CommiTTee, Pi DelTa Publicahons Board members are: Sally Qlascock, Pi DelTa Epsilon Represemalivo' Dennis Wholeiy, WUVT General Manager: Jane LiTTon, MaelsTrom Ednorg E. A. Hancock, BUGLE FaculTv Advisor: Charles T-l. LinThicurn, BUGLE Business Manager and F'ublicaTioris Board Chairman: Epsilon lhonorary journalism TraTerniTyl, and The STudenT Government To keep in sTep wiTh The major changes Taking place on The Virginia Tech campus, The PublicaTions Board made Two changes in Their consTiTuTion. ln response To The uniTicaTion oT The Civilian STudenT Body and The Corps or CadeTs, a represenTaTive Trom The UniTed STudenT GovernmenT was added To The Board. A represenTaTive oT The STudenT AcTivi- Ties CommiTTee was also inviTed To ioin The PublicaTions Board. The Board, besides coordinaTing The disseminaTion oT news, has also recenTly backed WUVT's Johnny Cash Con- cerT in a TurTher aTTempT To meeT The need oT a growing universiTy, Al Sauvaqeau, Virginia Tech Business Manager: Garland Riqney, STu- denT Body RepresenTaTive: Dr. Pace, Virginia Tech FaculTy Advisor: Dr. King, WUVT FaculTy Advisor: and E. Ray YounT, EdiTor of The BUGLE. w . .i , . , T ' if f iss Nw .f 9 Or anizmion EdITOr5: Ed Sykes, FraTerniTy Co-EdiTor,g Gaye lroler, EdiTor Georg Davis Sechonal Clubs EdiTor John Appel Honoraries CuTricular Clubs EdiTorg Fred Boland, Religion and Service Clubs EdiTor BuTch Boswell FraTerniTy Co EdiTor The 1967 BUGLE taff This year marks The sevenTy-TirsT year oT publicaTion Tor The Virginia Tech BUGLE. Each oT These years has been Tilled wiTh hard work and a race Tor The deadlines To provide Tor The sTudenTs a compleTe sTory oT campus liTe Tor The year in picTures. This I967 BUGLE will inTroduce a new sec- Tion which has recenTly become an imporTanT parT oT sTudenT life. The OTF-campus TraTerniTies and sororiTies will be covered individually in The new Social OrganizaTions SecTion. Under The capable leadership oT Ray YounT, The many ediTors have worked hard To produce a well-organized year- book. This work begins aT The end oT spring quarTer when The ediTors are chosen and The yearbook is planned. WiTh The opening oT school Tall quarTer, The real work begins. Each secTion ediTor is assigned deTiniTe pages and his TenTa- Tive deadline daTes. These ediTors are Then responsible Tor laying ouT The various pages and providing picTures and Copy. These sTudenTs are aided by sTaTT members, phoTogra- phers, copy wriTers, TypisTs, and The ediTor-in-chieT, of course. By The TirsT oT March everyThing should be in order and The rough draTTs should be ready To rush To The prinTer. ATTer This mass confusion, a proud sTaTT reTires To awaiT The reTurn oT a Truly greaT BUGLE. 'IJ Candy Flaqq, Senior Slall: Mary Kay Gruenlwaqen, Senior Seclion Ecliforg Molly Warriner, Senior Slailq absenl from piclure, Lyn Van l-loozer. F dv? Ll u.-J NJ Buclr Lin+hicum, Business Manager. 4,.,'7 W XJ?-" N' Bea: 4' if 42. if , 'lfw 'Q A '25 ,, ' , M7- Office Sfalzl: Jenny Minoque, Linda Lawhorne, Darlene Tlwornas, and Lucy Minoque, Rosemary Duncan, Office Manager. 127 The 1967 BUGLE taff From lefi' +o rigl1+: Dan Rollw, Rodney Anderson, Corps Ediforg Ed Meselfe, Corps Salesman: Darryl McGuire, Corps Eclllor. ...mi-er 12" ' ' V 'LK f.. -v , r, W ,. l ,5fr9'V"w ' ,ww ,.f.wfww?f.g'A ' 'v Adverfising Manager, Gary Gross. 'W "Www Joe Dempsey, Sporfs Sfaffg Roger Shell, Sporfs Sfaffg John Tressler, Sporfs Ediforg Bobby Woocls, Sporis Sfaff. Q wL,.x Ray Younf, BUGLE edifor, ioyfully waves goodbye io an equally happy BUGLE s+aFl. Q 'XV arf' :- HSL fa - 5 -if x 'C'gg..., V SJ .if V , ,, 6.-Vf..,,, ft' . ef' K jak?-gg VW13' 47. 4 . fy Aux- '?"""'., .Y . . '- """- , -3 X "' ' QwA'An.1tQ X X!y,,', VV - fa ar ,,,g,.hnlv- ,M f-. 1 - x zfif 'fl .al l'.'n ' - Zhi ., 1-..,.sg4:! Organizarion Ediiorsz Joey Silk and Sharon Topping. Adminisira+ion Edi+or, Jean Handy. D s Q' ' 1 I, ' i K5 55. .1 2 kkx- .fa ,aww ef . r i av -gr ooo, Vx .........A, 1 BUGLE Faculfy Advisor, E. A. Hancock. fig . , 5 lf--xy ' Underclass Ediforsz Doug Cochran and Wayne Piaff 1 , Q S i s R24 Q K , 'K 129 X L X ., A J- x . f ' 22 f Ancly Miyalcawa is flue hard-worlring man who is always found in +l1e clarlrroom. Bill Gram' and "Sparky" Harcourf, Sfucleni Life, banging on +l1e darlcroom door 'lor more picfures. Tony Kulls Edl+or of flue Beaufy Sechon 130 The Virginia Tech LasT year, The Virginia Tech was locaTed in The old STue denT AcTiviTies Building on The Third Tloor, hidden away Trom The resT of The campus. The paper Toolc approximaTely Three nighTs oT worlc To puT ouT a single issue. This year. however, everyThing has changed. No longer does iT Talce Three days Tor one issue: insTead, Two days of worlc-hard WORK-puT ouT Two issues of up-To-daTe news, lT all begins as The adverTising sTaTT goes around The area soliciTing ads Tor The nexT issue. ATTer The adverTisemenTs are collecTed. The ad sTaTi goes baclc To The oiilice, posiTions The ads on a dummy sheeT Tor The lay-ouT sTaTT. While The ads are being done, sTudenTs are busy wriTing, inTerviewing and Tinding news. By 7 o'cloc:lc every Monday and Wednesv day nighT The arTicles are being Typed. Soon aTTerwards. copyreaders and headliners begin Their worlc oT puTTing on The Tinishing Touches beiore The Tinal sTep, The acTual laying ouT oT The arTicles on The prepared dummy sheeT. EcliTor-in-chief, Buddy Browning. Desk EdiTor, Lucy Minogue: Staff Wriier, Joe Zehner: Feafure WriTer, Larry Billion. Seaiedx BuTch Boswell, STaTT WriTer: KaThy Rowe, Lay-ouT EdiTorg Jim NewTon, SporTs EdiTor7 STanding: Tom Bailey and Larry Allen, STaTT WriTers. 131 Q 2 Wmeefsifeewww' 3 nf Feafure Edilor Jane Cellyg News Edilor Larry Hmard ' ' Managing Edifor Sally Glascoclr and Buddy discuss a canny problem. Edi'ror's Secrelary, An+l1ea Hailey. Typisis: Cynlhia Berlrle, Kelco Buclr, Jenny Minogue. 132 R W 'VX xx . s Ni X 5. R: N K .NW K X , XVMM. ,. .X Q.. W Furlher inlegralion of fhe various paper slarfs is Then demonsiraled. Afler everyihing has been compleled by dif- ferenl slarls, Jrhe sheels are +al4en +0 Chrisliansburg lo be prinled and broughl baclc for lhe circulalion slall lo dis- Jrribule around lhe campus and lo olher designaled places in Blaclcsburg. The circulalion siall +hen addresses papers wilh lhe addressograph lo be mailed io subscribers all over lhe nalion. To Buddy Browning can be alfribuied many new policies for lhe paper such as lhe eliminalion of lhe lines befween slories and ihe lwo issues a weelc. The bi-weekly paper was made ,necessary by lhe growing demands of a growing college, and Buddy was Jrhe lirsl +0 lake sieps To meel +he demand. Everyone named on 'rhe maslhead on The edilorial page deserves a special badge of meril for 'rhe hard and loyal worl4 lhey have conlribuled lo a line college newspaper. Dr. Pace, 'faculiy advisor, views fhe final produci of a hard nighi"s worlr. Mass confusion arises wlfh lhe deadline. 133 Al Sauvageau, Business Manager. The MAELSTROM cover franslafes fhe arfisfic value 'Found wilhin fhe magazine. Dr. William M. Whife, facully adviser of ihe MAEL- Uni'ry is one virfue +ha+ has 'lo be achieved among a s+aFF in order +o publish a good li'l'erary STROM. magazine 134 MAELSTROM Maelsfrom, Va Tech's lirerary magazine, was organized by Jim C. lvlichie lll and Roberl S. Gilmore in I964-65. Peler D. Trelogan ediled lhe 'lfirsi edirion in The spring of ICI66. This lilerary magazine encompasses rhe lalenls of sfudenrs. faculry members, and alumni of Va Tech. H also confains coniribulrions from oulside coniribufors. Maelsfrom has enlarged from a forly To a sixly-four page magazine wiih a broad sampling of prose, poelry. and arf worlc. Offen ihe magazine coniains special seclions donaled io guesi coniribuiors. Maels+rom offers a very desirable ou'rle+ 'For Jralenlecl slu- denfs. faculiy, alumni, and friends of V.P.I. Sl'uden+-ins+i- galed and srudenf-ediied, This magazine is improving rapid- ly in Hs formal, in The qualify of poelry, ficrion, and graphic arls which is presenfs in ifs overall ariisiic wor'rh as a cul- Jrural ambassador for V.P.l. Maelsfrom is financed by sales and generous pairons. The magazine welcomes prose, poelry, essays, bool: reviews. shorr s'rories, phorography. and graphic arls. Gabrielle Roberfson, Managing Edifor. Bruce Reynolds, Business Manager. was Jane Liffon, Edifor-in-Chief. awww as-ff l illll 135 W From le'FT To righi' are: Jim Camicia, producTion man- ager E B. Baker, program direcforg Bob Riddle, chief The newsmen 'From le'FT To righh ScoTT WainwrighT, George Lafham, Ron Walczalr, WaI+ Kurylo. announcer: and Silling is 'lim Osborn' Some of WUVT's beTTer announcers are, from lefT To righT: "Buffalo Lee," "Tiger" Bob, Delmer Rhodes, "FaT Daddy" Wayne lseafedl, Jim Cimacia, and Phil Beckman. litasaseam ia. .. aaaf 1 gg V t,.. . in i - Denny Whorley Tool: over WUVT lasT winTer quarfer and has Turned in a magniTicenT iob in represen+ing WUVT and making if a beTTer sTaTion Tor The sTudenTs. WVT WUVT, The Virginia Tech radio sTaTion. began The new I966-1967 school year by moving inTo new headquarTers aT The old elemenTary school building, This change of housing required a cornpleTe rewiring oT eguipmenlr in The sTudios and The building a new console Tor mounTing The eguipmenT. The radio engineers are currenTly beginning a compleTe mass rewiring oi The campus. To accompany These new changes, broadcasTing Time per day has been exTended To eighTeen hours. Many remoTe broadcasTs are provided by WUVT includ- ing a parTial broadcasT oi Fall Formals and sock hops during Tall quarTer. The radio sTaTT, wiTh The baclcing of The Publi- caTions Board. also sponsored Johnny Cash in a winTer quarTer concerT. On The lighTer side of enTerTainmenT, The radio sTalT held a banana-spliT eaTing conTesT beTween "l:aT- man" and any challengers, various conTesTs wiTh prizes awarded. and a maraThon where "Tiger Bob" broadcasTed conTinuously Tor TwenTy-Tour hours. Engineers 'From leff +o right Bob Helbush, E. B. Baker, Jim Osborne, Bob Amunclson. The Business sfaff: Bob lnslreep, Don Belale, Tren? Oliver. 3 r, .8 A 137 Announcers for WUVT from lei? fo riglnfz Claude Swan son, Ronnie Hughes, Jay Werlman, Sian Polyilowslii Mike Frieders, Wayne PiaH, Wayne Barforcl. From leff fo righf: Brenda Kibler, Bulch Boswell, Ken Colamarino, Rus+y Romaine, Jeff Finlr, Al Heuss, An- nouncers. i l Q. 3 1 W W W N gk, S 33 ii fr S H0 URARIES QQ: X x X Wx N3 A , .Q .. Q xxxxk, gem W'h0's Who in American Richard Morris Goff Roberf Page Keifh Kafhleen Waring Mundie Chrisfy TidmBl'Sh Richard Ngel Knapp 140 Colleges and Universities Charles H. Linfhicum, Jr. James Louis Blaha, Jr. Andrea Merele Flagg Jonaihan F. Klimchalk Donald Addison Davis Pafricia Joy Maxey 141 Wh0's Who in American Samuel Zalman Markman Reber? John Fennema Jemei Lee Smi+h Roberf F- Workman Thomas Dixon Johnsfon 142 Colleges and Universities y Wray Sinclair Jh ey Rad Th H + G WIlamA. 143 NI f H M Ba rksdal Whds Who in American Dennis Ray Wlworley Marvin E. Cardoza, Jr. Oscar Kenl' Laroque, Ill Ericlr S. Johanson Marvin M. Underwood, Jr. 144 Noi Picfured: William Brian Cave Joyce Marie Howell Roberl Edward Marlin, Jr Wade Mason Ogg. Ill Marvin Garland Rigney Colleges and Universities ONIUN COMICS William Henry Gordon Fas gJ MhIGFkJ D dS db gBIy M+hIISp PHI KAPP PHI Officers Presidenf R. C. Carler Treasurer R. E. Spencer Chairman Membership Vice-Presidenl T. M. Slarling Marshal O. Glisson Commilfee E. G. Thompson Secrelary L. Alcers Journal Correspondenl' S. J. Pairon Sfudenf Members: W. D. Allman, W, M. Barron, A. W. Besse, K. W. Blackwell, E. A. Boyer, J. Brenneman, R. Brugh Ill, J. T. Buchanan, R. V. B. Cox, P. J. Craun, A. J. Daze? IV, P. H. Durand Jr., D. W. Fowler, C. T. Garrenfon, R. M. A. Goff, J. B. Hall, T. R. Hanley, E. D. Harras. C. P. l-la+sell, C. T. Hicks III, D. L. Leach Ill, D A. Lesfer, W. D. Love, R. A. Lyfle, D. L. Margolis, R. E. Marlin Jr., B. E. Morley, J. W. Poulfon, C. R. Predmore, D. M. Self, G. D. Senechal, R. V. Slcorupa. D. L. Smifh, V. R. Spivey, M. B. Warriner, J. W. Weaver, R. E. Whiiehead, R. A. Zborofslxy. The purpose of Phi Kappa Phi is To emphasize scholarship and characier and +o siimulaie menlal achievemeni by membership. The socie+y's mo+'ro is: "The love of learning rules rhe world." An unclergraduare may be considered for elec+ion only if he is in ihe rop five per cenf of his class as a iunior, or fhe lop IZVQVO of his class as a senior. Membership is open 'ro s+uden'rs in all branches and schools wifhin fhe universify. Regisiraiion of new members. 146 Alpha Pi Mu is one oT The campus' mosT ouTsTanding honorary socieTies. For The TiTTh consecuTive year iT has won The "NaTional OuTsTanding ChapTer" award. Mem- bers musT display leadership, breadTh oT inTeresT, eThicaliTy, and sociabiliTy. The pur- pose is To promoTe The lndusTrial Engineering curriculum, beTTer The sTudenT-TaculTy relaTionships, and perform service To The school and sTudenTs oT lndusTrial Engineering. The socieTy conducTs a Teacher evaluaTion program which enables The sTudenTs To express Their opinions oT Teachers privaTely. Row One: G. G. Gamble, Treasurer: T. H. WhiTley, Recording SecreTaryg R. F. CraTTon, Vice! PresidenTg C. G. Hagen, President W. l-l. DeharT, Corresponding SecreTaryg D. J. Guarino, FaculTy Advisor. Row Two: M. D. Robinson, S. R. Hough, Ron WiTcher, J. W. MonTague, A. G. Mullins. Na+ PicTured: John Barr, Eric Johnson. ALPHA PI MU IGMA GAMM Row One: J. B, Wilkerson, J. J. McCue, J. E. Kirk, SecreTary: F. G. Moore, PresidenT R M GoT'T Vice-President N. STrople, Treasurer: R. F. Giles. Row Two: S. R. Garrison, G. D. Senechal Nof PicTured: R. P. Fuchs, M. G. Funlc. R. M. Williams. Sigma Gamma Tau is The honorary socieTy Tor Aerospace Engineers. lTs purpose is To honor Those individuals in The Tield oT aeronauTics who have, Through scholar ship, inTegriTy, and ouTsTanding achievemenT, been a crediT To Their profession Membership is open To ouTsTanding juniors and seniors in The curriculum who have achieved a high scholasTic average and have shown an acTive inTeresT in The aero space Tield. The socieTy'has sTarTed a deparTmenTal reference library Tor Aerospace Engineering boolcs. Omicron Della Kappa, naiional leadership honor socieiy for college men, was founded on December 3, l9I4: and The Alpha Omicron Circle al VPI received iis charler on June 2, I923. The Socieiy encourages and recognizes achievemenl and leadership in scholarship, aihleiics, siudenr government so- cial and religious ahfairs, publicaiions, speech, music, and olher arls. Qualiiicarions for membership are scholarship, excepiional characier, leadership, and service To campus life. Through ifs recogniiion oi These qualifies, Ornicron Delia Kappa brings iogerher members oi The siudenf body and The Taculiy in a cooperaiive eiforr of service and lead- ership in campus aciiviiies Tor +he general welfare of The college. Row One: R. M. A. Goif, M. G. Funk, D. L, Margolis, D. L. Farmer, G. A. Josev, G, Junlcin, M. L. Peacock, F. M. Saunders, D. R. Whorlev. Row Two: D. A. Davis, L. E. Fuller, T. J. Horne, M. L. Oliver, J. P. Key, T. H, Whifley, R. L. McGuigan. Row Three: R, E. Marlin. W. L. Coulbourne, R. C. Linlhicum, G. B. Johnsion, F. L. Buller, C. H. Lin- Thicum, W. D. Allman, V. R. Spivey ,Q-Wh are 'HN O'Fficers: K. A. Nofhnagel, Treasurer: J. Brenneman, Associaie Ediiorg R. C. Linihicum, Presidenlq J. C. Shropshire, Secrefary. The purpose of The Chi Epsilon fralernily is ro conlribule lo 'rhe improvemenf of The Civil Engineering profession as an inslrumenl for +he beflermenl of socielyq ro recognize The fundamenlal characrerisiics of ihe successful Civil Engineer and io aid in +he developmenl of ihose characierisiicsg and io encourage any movemeni which will advance rhe loesf inleresrs of engineering educaiion. lr is composed of iunior and senior Civil Engineering sfuclenis in fhe upper one-'rhird of iheir classes who have demonslraiecl oufsfanding Trails of characler. pracficabiliiy, and scholarship. Row One: E. G. Wilbourn, J. Brennernan, Associafe Edilor of Transilz K. A. Nolhnagel, Treasurer: R. C. Linihicurn, President J. C. Shropshire, Secrelarvg C. H. Linfhicum, J. T. Harris, G. 6. Cornwell. Row Two: P. P. Dunavanl, J. A. Taylor, G. L. Zirkle. J. W. Weaver, L. C. Waison, D. A. Lesfer, P. J. Kay, J. A. Jordan, E. F. Hari, J. G. Nanna, W. L. Coulbourne. CHI EP ILO f '71 fe 76.5.4 149 Members in The Kappa Thela Epsilon Socieiy are chosen from The iuniors and seniors in lhe co-operaiive program. The purpose of 'rhis honor sociely is io marlc in a hiring manner lhose who have broughl honor Jro VPl by rheir dislinguished scholarship and ouislanding characier as undergraduaies in lhe co-operalive program ol engineering and sciences. Kappa Theia Epsilon develops a spirir of compelilive achievemenr in academic work and mainlains a siudenl loan 'lor co-op srudenls. Row One: E, D. l-larras, J. P, Woods, Recording Secrelary: R. E. Marlin, Presi enf B o K- Treasurer: S. R. Garrison, Corresponding Secrelary. Row Two: E, 6. Wilbourn, R M A Goff E Moore, R. l-l. l-larrison, R. C. Linihicum. Noi Shown: C. P. l-lalsell, W. W. Walker THET EPSILO Row One: B. N. Evans, E. L. Wisman, Advisor: R. H. Spiers, Scribe: W. M. Barron, Chancellor: G. W. Griflin, Censor: J. A. l-louclc, Treasurer: E. A. Boyer, Chronicler: T. C. M. Tryowslci. Row Two: K. C. Mallhews, D. H. Crabiree, S. T. Prafi, B. M. Brown, J. R. l-laile, W. H. Arringfon, R. W. Haynes, J. L. Grove, B. G. Cassell, S. G. Barlow, E. W. Drinlcwaier, V. B. Caulev, S. D. Jones. Row Three: W. M. Upshaw. R. A. Blevins, J. D. Moon, D. A. Davis, K. W. Blackwell, J. R. Burnefle, D, D. Coleman, E. N. Carle, J. J. Duniord. Alpha Zeia is 'rhe nalional agricullural honorary 'lraiernily of VPI. Hs obiecfives are io promoie The profession of Agricullure and +o losrer high srandards ol scholar- ship, characler, and leadership. Membership is comprised ol Jrhose male siudenfs who are ar leasl a Third-quarler sophomore and who are receiving insiruclion in Technical agricullure, The sociely presenlrs awards for The mosr oulslanding senior in rhe Col- lege of Agriculiure and for Jrhe mosr oulslanding senior in Alpha Zela. LPH ZET The purpose ol Era Kappa Nu is To honor lhose sludenls in Elecrrical Engineering who have conferred honor upon VPI by disringuished scholarship, leadership, aclivi- lies, and exemplary characler. I+ is composed of iuniors in lhe lop one-lhird of lheir class and seniors in The lop one-lourlh ol: Jrheir class, This year Era Kappa Nu co- sponsored a series ol Jrallcs by spealcers from induslry and if announced an ourslanding sophomore award. Row One: K. A. Slcrivselh, L. H. Kiser, Corresponding Secrelary: E. D. Harris, Vice Presidenl: H. E. Naylor, President C. T. Garrenlon, Recording Secrelaryp R. L. Morrison: L. D, Grifcfin, R. H. Bond, Faculfy Advisor. Row Two: R. M. Holloway, R. C. Browder, J. B. Hall, Bridge Correspondenlg C. P. Halsell, J. P. Woods, R. L. Woods, F. E. Baker, B. E. Molley, D. Sun. Row Three: D. C. Jones, J. L. E Hoff, R. A. Zboroislcy. KAPP """ N ALPHA Row One: J. G. Gibbs, Vice Presidenf: Absenl Members Represenlafive, R. M. Goff, Presidenip J. A. Aracco, Secrelary-Treasurer E G Alpha Psi Omega recognizes and honors lhose sludenls who have made a sub- slanlial conlrriburion lo lhe 'rhealrical arls on campus. Membership is comprised of lhose sludenrs who are al leaslr rising iuniors and who have made oulsranding conlribu- lions To college dramalics. Members parlicipale in Jrhe guarlerly Maroon Maslc produclions and hold an annual inilialion banguel during which new members provide enlerlainmenl, 151 l ll OFFICERS: Row One: D. A. Davis, Presidenlg G. G. Green, Ad- visor. Row Two: J. R. Shellon, Marshall: W. D. Coleman, Treas- urer: C. A. Schiernan, Vice Presidenlq E. A. Boyer, Secrelaryg T. D. Holl. Reporler. Kneeling: J. L. Hullon, J. J. Dunlord. Row One: l. M. Norris, J. R. Shellon, W. D. Coleman, C. A. Schiemann, D, A. Davis, E. A. Boyer, T. D. Holl, G. G. Green, M. R. Cunningham, M. F. Glover. Row Two: R. M. Winn, B. M. Brown, B. G. Cassell, F. W. Drinlcwaler, W. M. Barron, G. R. Kingsley, J. A, Houck, J. R. Crowgey, J. L, Grove, W. H. Arringlon, J. R. Marker, M. P. O'Field, G. W. Grrilfin, D. D, Deiarnelle, J. C, O'Brien. Row Three: R. Lallerly, T. M. Leonard, R. H. Franclc, R. H. Spiers, J. R. Towsend, S. T. Prall, L. A. Ashlon, W. M. Upshaw, L. H. Newcomb, J. R. Haile, G. W. Board, S. A. Rodgers, S. F. Mars- lon, R. N. Carpenler, E. H. Cash, E. M. Prosise. The Block and Bridle Club is composed ol sludenls ol any cur- riculum who are inleresled in some phase ol Animal Husbandry. The club's obieclives are lo promole a higher scholaslic slanding among sluolenls ol Animal Husbandry and lo bring aboul a closer relalionship among Techmen who are inleresled in lhis lield. ll supporls lhe VPI sludenl livesloclc and meal iudging leams and holds a livesloclc and meal iudging conlesl. The highlighl ol lhe club's year is lhe Lillle lnlernalional, a sluolenl livesloclc show al Tech leslival. BLOCK AND BRIDLE 152 The GarneT and Gold SocieTy is one oT The newesT honorary socieTies on The Vir- ginia Tech campus. The purpose is To promoTe and mainTain The academic honor oT all women sTudenTs aT VPI, To encourage high scholasTic achievemenT, and To malce signiTicanT conTribuTions in areas oT service To campus liTe. AcTiviTies include a service proiecT and The FirsT Annual Homecoming BrealcTasT Tor honorary members, The TirsT Tive women graduaTes of VPI. Row One: PaTTi Maxey, Jane LiTTon, Genie Feagans, Molly Warriner, Julia Oliver, Lois PaTTerson, FaculTy Advisor: Marsha McNeil. Row Two: Virginia Farris, Judy Cook, Glenda Pace. Joan Robin- G R ET son, Ellen Cox, Toddy Buchanan, Mary GianoTTi. GOLD Row One: J. L. SandT, T. Szabo, G, R. DehuTT. Secreiary-Treasurer: J. B. CrisT, ForesTer3 W, D. Ericlcsen, AssisTanT ForesTer: D. D. lolalabislmy, Ranger: G. A. GrozdiTs, C. J. l-lolcomb. Row Two: R. E. MarTin, K. W. Blackwell, D. P. Richards, L. S. Davis, C. C. Brunner, R. L. Miller, E. F. Thompson. The purpose oT Xi Sigma Pi is To secure and mainTain a high sTandard oT scholarship in ToresTry educaTion, To worlc Tor The building oT inTeresT in ToresTry, and To promoTe TraTernal relaTions among Those members who show an acTive inTeresT in ToresTry acTiviTies. Membership is comprised oT TaculTy, graduaTes, and undergraduaTes oT high professional qualiTy in The deparTmenT of ToresTry and wildliTe. The organizaTion sponsors scholasTic awards and holds clebaTes and panel discussions on ToresTry. 153 XI SHI PI N f -'C 114' F' 5194 if 'T' 1,-Qs S -if! s 77 lpha Kappa Psi S. Z. Marlrman J. E. Carroll Presidenl Secrelary G. W. Slcinnell W. M. Ogg Treasurer Mas+er of Rituals Clarence Baynes, Bill Drake, Don Fansler, Dick Fasold, Larry Gilman, Tom Graves, Doug l-lough, Fred Lamberrh, George Liillelield, Don Mclver, Ed Meeks, Jeff Miles, Rick Prowell, Dennis Semones, David Turman, Philip Wood. A nalional professional 'fralerniry in commerce and busi- ness, lhe Bela Xi Chapler of Alpha Kappa Psi was inslalled ar VPI on February I8, l939. The obieclives of Alpha Kappa Psi are 'ro lurlher lhe individual welfare of ils members: lo losler scienlilic research in rhe fields .ef commerce, ac- counls, and finance: and ro promole and advance in college level inslilulions courses leading To degrees in business adminisrralion. Members musl' have a qualify credil average of al leasl 2.5, and musl be business maiors. Each quarler Alpha Kappa Psi has a banquel and a field lrip. The lralernily sponsored rhe seleclion ol lhe Tech Fesrival princess lo represenl The College of Business. Scabbard and Blade The Nafional Socieiy of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary mili- fary sociely creaied 'ro recognize cadel officers who have demon- slraled oufslanding leadership abilify. The sociely was firsf infro- ducecl on Jrhe Tech campus in I938, and if is one of 'rhe mosl selecfive mililary organizalions on campus Today. An imporlanl purpose has been lo develop in each member individual characler- islics which have made him a genileman and an oufslanding officer. Members mus+ have oblained a high leadership posifion in fhe Corps of Cadels as well as an acceplable academic average. Bo+h Army and Air Force leaders are considered when new members are +o be chosen. Each year lhe sociely performs a valuable service on campus in i+s coordinalion of one of 'lhe highlighls of Winfer Quarier. +he Mililary Ball. C. D. Bailey. J. L. Blaha. R. S. Cervi, D. A. Davis, B. K. Davis, R. B. Fish, B. H. Fowle, B. C. Furman, H. H. Gilliam, R. W. Graham, R. H. Harrison, N. R. Jamison, E. S. Johanson, J. F. Klimchallc, W. V. Knighf, ii s s. ss X. if M Q5 i .. pgs... is if '95 9- X ki l nf 'A 4 r K . I . v K s "WLM i 5 min 'W . - 4 'K A T Q, 'R ,X T Xi - ..,.. ...Kms if K was-.. ' . Z' S . rf . , iss .. - h ..sf1za2Sf1ff.1f 'X .. .. W " -.S - .Q-.N S 551'-ya. U -s FF' Qu ,fm "2 T! - ni 'I iv- Fi' . mf D. S. Bailey Ca plain ... ia H. R. Anderson 2nd Lieulenanf C. H. Linrhicum, R. C. Linfhicum, L. E. Ringler, R. W Upshaw, C. C. Walker, R. A. Wesfmoreland. , . X Y' . ' ... ,ii I Y - fi 4 . 7 iz T. D. Johnsfon Is+ Sergeanf . Sinclair, W. M 45' ..- ' Q . Q 5 .Q . 3255 ' T n'.l . i L .K , 6 ' V ' 5 Y R X in Q 3 . .... . ..... ,......,, . . iii' . f an ' , in 'F its .... ii' if is 1' 5 gk 53 T322 I 5 7 .. . sq. , 1 4 N 8 5 is .r H T si 155 2 as . A A .7-. 4 Association of the D. A. Davis D. S. Bailey E. B. Kifchen R. A. Wesimoreland Capfain 2nd Lieulenanf 2nd Lieufenanf Isl Sergeanf IX- I ztf, ' . I .K .. ml A E .V iiriii L 3 A A A g 5 iq glrk g . V x l, V,V': I ,,.l . , x ' Qi' "i. sf' V R i M f' I F ' N Q5 ' V g Q ff wa V 2 Q! A The Associafion of ihe Uniied Siaies Army is one of ihe mos'r ac'rive mili- 'rary organizaiions on campus. Hs obieciives are io fosier, support and advocaie ihe legifimaie role of The Uniied Siafes Army. The members ioin in 'rhe exchanging of ideas and informa+ion io provide for and insure fhe na'rion's mililary securify. The V.P.I. chap+er holds regular meeiings concerning miliiary manners and Training, and conducfs +wo pracfical field iraining problems each year. Juniors and seniors having af ieasi an over-all 2.00 Q.C.A. and a "B" average in R.O.T.C. are eligible for membership in 'rhe A.U.S.A. W. A. Aden H. R. Anderson J. G. Appel G. W. Board M. J. Bogese D. C. Booker W. D. Bradshaw C. O. Cdrnelison M. R. Cunningham B. K. Davis R. M. Fanney R. A. Ga rga no H. H. Gilliam W. B. Goodman R. W. Graham R. H. Harrison R. N. Holi W. D. Hubbard J. D. lrvin N. R. Jamison .3 nited States Arm . 5 .Qi 3 K 8 K 9 ' - if T K ' ' r T l fm ff T 1 T- f Vg 1 l U 'Q ws. -I f ' fx l Q, 9 X . :'k9EL5f' ?. :?: Akk' ' . , 1' fvfis . 5 . .2212 , i iw ' - P A 1 is . gf ' -Nf f as 5.31-52' in ' 1 I QQ. ' ' An. . To A no if .N X .4 Q L . . .. X . . I' l' f' . .- ' . 5 7 g A A' AX. w . X j ' - . Q '15 -3 -5' . . 7 1 5175 'R' W -. 4 . A . e . . f ff: .1 - of. - .4 . . W S 0 X A ,K ii , H. a . . 21' ' . ' K 1 n.nn . . A .. w f-'TT mseifff .fi - 'Y L. " J Q ., , i' xy- f Ny . A 4 al 5 K, , A Q .ef if a TD A f 1 1 , . Q. ' T' A ., . . . '22 F" - Y Aix -X Y 6: Q .E 9 . is , A . fs. xv... K ur' x . - . K T .. fx' f Q ' ,Q . ff ... Ei ff? X Q Tl 5 ar Q . E. S. Johanson R. G. Keeler R. C. Linfhicum J. J. May M. A. Megeafh F. D. Muire R. W. Mullins J. K. Nelson S. A. Shaver H. J. Shorlf K. A. Slcrivseflm V. E. Sower T. A. Sleele P. V. Terranova H. R. Thomas J. P. Townsend T. W. Tremper W. M. Upshaw S. H. Veasey C. C. Walker E. J. Weilus J. D. Wesl T. H. Wolekf E. R. Younl J. W. Zier lnifiafes assaulf obiecfive fo find . . . . . . 'lhe old members wailing wilh a warm recepfion 157 I W i, "Wy-.5 V ff' We di- 1 is . 'Q i' Q .... K .X E v Q. , 4 3? P x 1 'Q 1' . L ui - 5 f 1 U F. Klimchal B. C. Furman K. B. Arfhur N. V. Raymond J. D. Wise Maior Captain Isl Lieufenam' Is+ Lieufenanf lsf Lieu+enan+ M. P. Azola R. H. Barlrer R. R. Bergseih J. H. Blaha A. L. Blaho A. H. Burnei' R. J. Cervi H. E. Cosfley B. H. Fowle C. T. Gill L. E. Gilman R. D. Goodall The Arnold Air Socieiy. which is named in honor of +he laie General l-l. l-l. Arnold. was formed ai Langley A.F.B. in I947 and a squadron was formed on +he V.P.l. campus in I949. Squadron A-2 of V.P.l. has 'rhe disiinciion of being 'rhe second such squadron formed in ihe naiion. The purpose of ihe Arnold Air Socieiy is +o promoie Ameri- can cifizenship and +o furiher fhe purpose, mission, iradiiion, and concepi of ihe Uniied Sfaies Air Force as a means of na- iional defense. The socieiy is composed of cadeis who have compleied af leasi six quariers of academic worlc al' an ac- crediied college and af leasi six quariers of Air Force R.O.T.C. Members mus+ also have a qualiiy credii average ol' 2.00 or beiier. and mus'r have demonsiraied leadership abiliiy. i ,." 1 ,B figs . . as f .. . ,f T' -mf "4 .fs 5- Q B P' ki i 158 Arnold .X Q 41 s f ' Qi: J. B. Sfark Chaplain ociet Members lisfen io Dr. Joseph P. McKenna af inifiaiion banquef. Xi Av! f x SOQLIY 2204935 J. C. Huni E. L. Huri H. W. Kailmeyer W. V. Knighf D. J. Mays F. J. Monfavon J. E, Mrazek fi . . 4 if: .X .E .aw 'Q . . v .. .Q . - ss L . 4. R .. - 1 ' J 1 ii' 'ii A M " 'W' R .. .A ' . -fi Q - f Sw f ' Q"' J- ' T M 'J v - fd h, . . Q , fx 4. if , .. K X N wi i f 691 2: 'Q A P Q 1 2 Q ' in f .g N 6 K- A ,Q W5 . x ----. . L A in 'X ..:: N ' R N J J.. - ,W vb xt .. ..- - ., Q K L+' A Qx' ' s, ,Q I . Z, 3 A Xi. TS .X 1 "I if 1 "' . - ., L. C, Old R. E. Richman D. E. Schareif C. A. Schieman A. P. Schusf R. W. Sinclair J. B. Tapp Even +he Air Force musf iale fo Hue ground someiimes. 159 Fi? 572 A ' I 'Qllllllllll' 'im 'fi' The purpose of 'rhe Sociefy of American Milifary Engineers is +o recognize ouisianding engineering siudenis in R.O.T.C. who have demons+ra+ed inier- esf and abilil'y in miliiary engineering, and 'ro emphasize miliiary applicaiions of engineering principles. The members of fhis sociefy consisl of members of fhe Virginia Tech Corps of Cadefs who are enrolled in an engineering or engineering relaled curriculum. and who have af leasi a 2.00 overall Q.C.A. and al leasi a "B" average in R.O.T.C. Engineering plays a viial role in miliiary opera- lions. By means of speakers, films. and field irips io mililary and engineering insiallaiions. members of fhe Posi develop an appreciaiion of l'he peculiar problems of miliiary engineering and how Jrhese problems are being solved. Every year 'rhe Pos? sponsors a display on miliiary engineering in The Tech Fes+ival. This year The display was a bridging proieci. Society of American ilitar Engineers law: x A I . , ,. , tp .lg 5 lf, WEE 6' 4 74 -,X Ss , , I l z E. M. Allen C. E. Anderson H. R. Anderson M. P. Azola rr' rr: 1 K " " i ' s Tffi11-. rg5:f::...:,.. J ..., s gli. I gg' if T gg fs . as --. 'F X - K. B. Arfhur R. H. Barker J. L. Blaha C. T. Boyer gi K i if . Q ls QQ H. E. Cosiley J. M. Coverslone J. R. Early R. H. Harrison si f . A 'Q --'i . i ..' Q i - i . ",ii Q . i r T .. . ' j ZI, . l , . -. 5 J Q ,si - r A A ,a 5 y' 7, i in ,L M A 1 K- A N., H. W. Kallmeyer C. H. Linfhicum R. C. Linihicum F. J. Monfavon W. A. Mounfcasile L. C. Old C. E. Peed K. H. Sanders ..' ......-. V x. X Q xf...V.i5. ' giiig iiiflli . - i L i'i'5fif3fi'-f'5i?25' ' ' iii! iii?ii'Sf,f' K' ..... , X ,. .. .i ,..,.. . . E? Y 'K . A Q ' 5 1 JR N H As A 6 s. K. A. Slcrivseih J. B. Tapp H. R. Thomas L. A. Vecellio .,., A Q A fx i l 160 i L. E. Werlz J. D. Wise Sash and Sabre V. .-.. ,,. :v:,AvV 3 VA.: lll .M - K2 is A r A . f s Q., as .ki V . . , , A. if :,.. . V A ' 1 fs 'f--A. or f A .Q 0 . i y r ai ., , y - . . VIAAVA y :'1 V ,A 3 f , t, S is x N my n V, Q K rf, B 6 ivy 1 ' J ii I f Q D. D. Duvall P. J. Traube S. C. Gill R. E. Nau J. F. Shannon Capfain Execufive Officer 2nd Lieuienani' Finance Officer Public lnformaiion Officer fa 5, E. M. Allen J. W. Aylor R. A. Blevins W. W. Brubaker R. Brugh fs if. fs- wi... L- l f X " rf .. I W. H. Croclcford E. M. Daniel E. D. Knighi A . '::' M " . 'k:- 1 dismal J V' .eg 5 Q W . B 1 is ,Q f N 4 f 'K N Q on 2 0 M. N. Ma++on J. Pierce J. S. Risher B. F. Sauls B. D. Smifh ' ' ... '- 2 Q' 'fxl 1 A A' 'I e A 1, A .D 4, Membership in fhe Sash and Sabre Socieiy is limiied 'ro senior and Third-quarier junior "cade+ only" sfudenis who have in 'rhe pas? shown greal' enfhusiasm and leadership abiliiy while members of 'rhe Corps of Cadefs. The purpose of 'lhe socieiy is 'ro siimulale inieresi in service in ihe Armed Forces of ihe Uniied Sfaies, and 'ro provide ihese men an aclive inceniive 'lhal' will be beneficial io ihemselves and Jrhe Corps of Cadeis. The year's aciivilies include ihe presenlaiion of ihe Maior General John M. Devine Award To 'rhe besi drilled sopho- more ilighl or plaioon, and mainienance of 'rhe Corps museum. Also plans are being made for 'lhe ereciion of a memorial uiilizing 'lwo cannons which were boughf wiih money won in drill compeiiiion by Company "A" in l893. R. E. Marlin T. R. Hanley C. P. Haisell D. L. Smifh Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Recording Secrefary Corresponding Secreiary E. D. Harras A. J. Dazef L. H. Kiser W. D. Love Cafaloger B P' Tau eta 1 0sW'U""9' Tau Bela Pi was recognized as The na'rion's leading en- gineering honor socieiy. Hs purpose is +o recognize in a filling manner ihose who have conferred honor upon +heir Alma Maier by disiinguished scholarship and exemplary characier as undergraduales in engineering, or by 'rheir aiiainmenls as alumni in ihe 'field ol engineering. The aclive membership is composed of undergraduale siudenis in 'rhe school of engineering. Siudenis are eligible for membership if They are in ihe upper eighih of ihe junior class or in ihe upper fiflrh of ihe senior class, and are iudged 'lo have exemplary characier. Women are noi eligible, bul may be awarded ihe "Woman's Badge" in recogniiion of oulsiand- ing achievement 162 6 fk :lffzgz r , ra ss I . X 'A X ff V 'V A -A + gl ui lm ' i O M. P. Azola M. J. Bogese W. H. Snocldy J. B. Tapp R. W. Mullins L. C ld Caplain Isl Lieulenanf 2nd Lieufenanl 2nd Lieufenanf ls+ Sergeanl' Supply Sergeani The Gregor Guard The Gregory Guard is lhe mosl oulslanding and besf known mililary honor sociely on campus. I+ is named in honor of Sergeanl Earl D. Gregory, a graduafe of V.P.l. and lhei lirsi Virginian lo receive fhe Congressional Medal of Honor. The purpose of 'rhe unil is 'lo provide appropriafe recog- ni'rion of a high degree of milifary abilify among +he mem- bers of +he Corps of Cadefs. H' is made up of freshmen. sophomore, and iunior cadefs who excel in scholaslics and leadership abilify, and who possess excellem' charaofer. The Guard performs ai Tech's home foofball games and represenfs V.P.l. and ihe Corps af parades and fesfivals 'rhroughoul 'rhe s'ra+e. F. C. Belen D. C. Booker J. B. Byers we iff we Q 1 - , 1" effgasgfiige ' J fi, :.?x15Q5fI" I J .f f . 2, 'rw . .1 sf, 4 S J. D. Emerson M. J. Giguere C. M. Gray H. W. Kallmeyer M. Kaul J. M. Owendolf A. D. Piclcard R. G. Powell S. A. Shaver W. A. S+eiger D. E. Tolberf G. K. Wade W. D. Wilkinson W. H. Williford E. R. Younf Delta Sigma Pi "?.:- W J Schwieder R. R. Parnell A. R. Wiman R. R. Fox Presrdenf Senior Vice-Pr8sidenT Vice-Presidenf Secre+ary M- A- YOUHQ S. R. CarpenTer B. L. Longman Treasurer Chancellor Higforian DelTa Sigma Pi is a proTessional TraTerniTy organized To TosTer The sTudy of business in universiTies in order To promoTe closer aTTiliaTions beTween The commercial world and sTudenTs of commerce, and To TurTher a higher sTan- dard of commercial eThics and culTure in The civic and commercial welTare oT The communiTy. This honorary TraTerniTy encourages scholarship, social acTiviTy. and The associaTion oT sTudenTs Tor Their muTual advancemenT by research and pracTice. Membership is comprised of male undergraduaTes, gracluaTes, and TaculTy of The college of business. UndergraduaTes musT have a 2.lO QCA. on all worlc Talcen Toward a business degree. The DeiTa Sigma Pi charTer was in- sTalled on November l9, l966, and The TirsT pledges were inTroduced early in December. Two represenTaTives were senT To The DeTTa Sigma Pi con- venTion in ATlanTa, Georgia. 164 W, P. Benson J, W. Drew A. D. Hawkins R. E. Hodge J. E. Farqo R. B. Gilberf J. F. Haley V, ... ww Q1 7 , A. V. Kulis W. E. Louhoff T. Mcllhenny J. B. Powell J. M. Pruden M. L. Robison K, T. Sandridqe R. D. Simoniz J D. R. Smi'rn D. C. Thomas 165 Hi fxX I I Tl X TE X Z, Xi f'f', 1 f. . or D, L. Margolis R. B. Scollon G. L. Moller W. D. Marfin Presideni Vice-Presidenf .Treasurer Secreiary Pi Tau Sigma 4 1 ' , Df7:fZQv,43r5:E5, wr .fn7iEH47W'lw :'fifHL'i5??5 Tl E.f's2ff7.L?Y ' ,,gi71.'g1i:'5 Q51 'flu ' IH! 1 R. M. Budniclci A. J. Dazef. Ill R. R. Dixon D. W. Fowler R- H- HGFFTSOU Pi Tau Sigma is +he naiional honorary mechanical en- gineering Traiernify. lf was founded To fosler 'l'he high ideals of Jrhe engineering profession: io slimulale inferesf in co- ordinafe deparlmenlal acliviliesp lo promole 'rhe mulual professional welfare of i'rs members: and lo develop in slu- denls The allribules necessary for eiieclive leadership. Members are chosen from Jrhe 'rop 331, of fhe mechanical engineering class. and The members may be undergraduaies, graduales, and facully. An acceplable academic record. a faculfy recommendawlion. and acceplance by membership are prerequisiles for membership. Pi Tau Sigma pariicipafed in Tech Feslival and sponsored a candidale for Homecom- ing Queen. 'fnef -fha llzi f f is ' A-A 'EZ' P. M. Jackson R. I:. Marlin L. C. Old J. M. Owendofii J. F. Shannon R. J. Simmons D. L. Smilh J. R. Sfallings l onogram lub Officers--Sillingz Hank Gordon, Vice-Presidenl: Ron Mc- Guigan, Presidenlg Dave Farmer, Secrelary: Ed Morley, Honorary Member. Sfancling: Ed Bulheller, Member al' Large1 Capf. Eugene Cargile, Sponsor, Ron Perry, Treasurer: Scoll Dawson, Junior af Large. wee. M. , The Monogram Club provides a close bond ol fellowship belween varsily alhleles al Virginia Tech lls purpose is ro promole alhlelics in every pos sible way and lo conlribule lo lhe welfare of lhe universily al every opporlunily Membership is limiled lo lhose alhleles who have received a var sily lelrer and who have been approved by The members of lhe club. Monogram Club members are responsible for lhe Homecoming dances ushering al baskelball games, and aiding charily programs B ' - ,W -, E- ,- Seniors-Row One! Buddy Marlin, Mike Sfeele, Hank Gordon, Lovern, Dave Ralclill. Row Three: Don Brown Trick Alander Ron McGuigan, Dave Farmer, Ron Perry, Frank Muire. Row George Burlon, Jack Osmers, Bob Moore, Slar Powley Don Two: Ed Bulheller, Bob Kramer, Gary W. Smilh, Kennelh W. Bruce. Cole, John Davison. Tommy Groom, Tommy Slafford, Roger Underclassmen--Row One: Duncan Merrill, Glen Combs, Ted Ware, Ken Barelool, Gene Eisher, Scoll Dawson, Don Thacker, Jeff Haynes, Jim Richards, Marion Reynolds. Row Two: Dick Shroy, Clarence Culpepper, Lonnie Gallagher, Bob Grillilh, Bucky Wellisch, Tom Childress, Neil Fink, Jim WeekS. Frank Loria. Row Three: Torn Bullerlield, Jud Bigelow, Damon Dedo, Jon Ufin, Bob Whilmore, John Hulcherson, Wayne Rash, Dink Jordan, Wayne Mallard, George Cornwell, Mickey Jarrell, Lu Merrilf, Bob Richardson, Gary Beck, Emmell Farmer, Dan Mooney. Pi Della Epsilon, 'rhe oldesf nalional honorary collegiaie iournalism iralerniiy, was founded ai Syracuse Universily in l909. The Vir- ginia Tech Chapler, being The second-oldesl fralerniiy on campus. was eslablished in l93O. The local chap'l'er was insirumenlal in eslablishing ihe CDK leadership fralernily ori campus in l933. Pi Della Epsilon honors Jrhe sludenls ai Tech who have demonsiraled ouisianding iournalislic abiliiies, and ihe worlcers on sfudeni publi- cafions. Siudenis considered for membership musf have worlcecl for a sludeni publicalion for ai leasl 'rhree quariers, be a+ leasi a lhird- quarier sophomore, and m'usi' have made a significani' conlribuiion lo Their publicaiions. Row One: Lowell Bailey, Louise Trenl, Angi Ma, Elaine Hunler, Dennis Whorley, Carole Noble, Sally Glascoclc, William Bradley, Charles Linfhicum. Row Two: Harold Burnley, Gary Gross, James Coverslone, David Colby, Douglas Cochran, Clyde Bailey, Ray Younl, William Grant E. B. Baker, Ken Chrisiian, James Camicia. PI DELT EP ILON IG DELTA PSI Sigma DelTa Psi is The naTional honorary aThleTic TraTerniTy, organized wiTh The purpose oT promoTing The ToTal TiTness oT college sTudenTs. The BeTa Mu ChapTer aT Virginia Tech was insTalled in l936. Several a+hIe+ic meeTs are held during The year and These are periodic meeTings. LefT To RighT: Gray W. Greiner, Gary S. Scofield, Gary Ward SmiTh, PresidenT: Bruce A. STaTham, Vice PresidenTq Terry R. Gallagher. Yr? PHI ICMA Row One: Sfephen SmiTh, Charles Glennon, Harry Bard, Larry L. WesT, Tommy Judy, RoberT LiTTon, Barry LaTimer, Mike Guy, Phil Somers. Row Two: Donald Ray Campbell. Glen H. Pearson, David C. Chrisman, Charles ErnesT, Jr., MaTT Williams, Ira Fine. Laurence L. Losh, John C. Keller, Terry E. Pick. Row Three: son, Doug Cook, Joseph l-l. SmiTh, David Vaughan, RoberT Aleshire, Mack Tuck, Paul, STough, Charles N. Garber. Row Four: Frank Plannagan, RoberT BroadwaTer, William H. Anderson, Jr., William Harris, Roberr Dellinger, John Pace, Thomas LeooeTTe, Jimmy Reed, LuTher Blair, Jr., Terry PeTer,, Paul B. Vauohar. Jr., Eric G. Werber. Only lasT year, The VPI ChapTer oT Phi ETa Sigma was iniTiaTed, buT since Then iT has been very acTive. Some acTiviTies include: an iniTiaTion and bangueT, service proiecTs, sponsoring oT a homecoming aTf TendanT candidaTe, and represenTaTion aT The na- Tional convenTion aT Auburn UniversiTy. The purpose oT Phi ETa Sigma is To encourage academic excel- lence among members oT The Treshman class. The membership consisTs oT Treshmen and sophomores, in addiTion To honorary members Trom The TaculTy and adminisTraTion. John Allen, KenneTh RoberT- Slovic: Carl PasTabend, John AQ. .L .rl 4 Row One: Richard SwarTouT. Pefe McDonald, George Flanik, Hisforian: C. Glenn Miller, Treasurerg George Davis, PresidenTg Mark Musick, Vice President Rol::erT J. DeaTon, Secrefaryy Dan C. Schmierer, David E. Reubush. Row Two: F. L. Thrafl, Charles Waugaman, John McGowan, John W. Long, Bob Weaver WalTer L. Loope, W. R. lv1cWhirTer, Jr., David A. Throckmorlon, W. Douglas Drum- helier. Row Three: Jay GrvaTkin, Brian Brooks, Leon SwarTz, John M. Tarrh, J. KenT Taylor, John R. Warren, Donald A. Seiler, Ernie Brooks, Clyde E. Kelley. 1 -a- X f + 14 1.121 - 5 fllllllllllllilllk b Ml HEI gm ggi? W2 V ,L 3 -1 ' 1 :'f'1'fVlii' 11 - ,, fWW' ,f f, fMiWW Q f Q,5gNAZZMMLmJ3L,.,,W K .2 K ,iff .Q f 111333, M "" 1 W' ffffm,f,2:Vg,,yf,' , , , ,f fw if ffmzcnfl, vA,,,2M1f, f gf A f MOM L , ,,-f fv f w,,,,m,fw, 'MH , H M V W,A. W , V ? , fyv, i " 'MWW' 4 ya fm 5 ,LQ',ff-fWK'?47fc',f?' V, , ,.,L M M g f 01 , ' E 3 , M ,A5aAV: 1. 7 M , ff ' H J, . ' .. 'AWQHY W ,. I f mvwfffa f ff? A if 5 X A My CLUBS 9 I I f ' 4 ff - 'f1'f -'f LM! Q, r, . 'hge Mrk :fm I H, 'N "QI mf F9524 BQ A. LH. "p-.i-"Li" J M W Vx AML CURRICULAR CLUBS M' Curricular Labs on Campus Firsi Row: R. V. SulTenTuss, J. E MarTin, Advisor, S. G. Barlow, Vice-Presidenh R. H. Spiers, Jr. President H. D, Taylor, SecreTary P. H. Hoedner, Advisor: W. H Welsh. Second Row: J. Riley, J Greenwood, J. M. Beasley, E. Ham ilTon, A. SmiTh, H. Snodgrass, A Michael. Agricultural Economics Club Since iT received iTs charTer in l95O. The AgriculTural Economics Club has promoTed many worThwhile acTiviTies of value To The universiTy. This year The club has sponsored a picnic. a bangueT, published iTs Newsle'l'Ter. and arranged a symposium spealcer Tor Tech FesTival. The club is open To all undergraduaTes in The agriculTural curriculum. The members sTrive To develop inTeresT in agri- culTural economics and To develop Tellowship among sTu- denTs enrolled in The curriculum. Firsf Row: F. R. Benson. P. Harrison, G. F. LamberTh, J, A. FosTer, Sec- reTary, J. R. Eanes, Presidenh D. Riche, Treasurer: W. P. Benson Il, J. G. Baird, Jr.: R. Blaclca. Second Row: G. Goodson, J. L. Dodson, G. Harper, C. Baynes, D. R. Smilh J. Carroll, G. FarThinq. Third Row: M. Young, M. Pruden, B. Linda- mood, B. Pense, R. B. Campbell, R. Wl-iiTT. The aim oT The AccounTing SocieTy oT V.P.l. is To learn more abouT The accounTing proTession and To promoTe an undersTanding OT and an inTeresT in accounTing. Membership is open To any sTudenT in good sTanding in any division oT V.P.l. and oT aT leasT sophomore sTaTus who has an inTeresT in accounTing. AcTiviTies oT The organizaTion have included parTicipaTion in Tech FesTival and a picnic during spring quarTer. The club has monThly luncheons wiTh prominenT speakers represenlring The various Tields oT accounTing. Accounting ocicty The Building Consiruciion Club supplemenis Jrhe class- room educaiion in ihe building conslrucfion field. Their aims are io provide an opporiuniiy for sfudenis +o become acguainied wilh lhe consfruciion inclusiry and +o encourage members +o mainlain a high scholasiic sianding. Acliviiies for year have been: organizing an iniramural leam, having several social evenis, preseniing a symposium, planning an exhibii for Tech Fesfival, eniering a iloaf in The Homecom- ing Parade, and having a dance. Also The club sen? dele- gales +o +he N.A.H.B. Naiional Convenlion in Chicago. Firsf Row: J. K, Allen, G. Beclc, W. L. Bridqeiorfh, R. S. Brown, G. H. Burlon, lll, R. Caldwell, R. G. Carfer, R. Deming, R, F. Dofy, Miss D. G. Gray. B. Haidu, C. E. Heafh, A, Jones, B. W. Kaminski, D , , W ,.,,. f ,. ,... i . . .. n-an-1-aol Club Officers-Leff +o Right S. L. Cox, Presidenf: E, A. Moore, Vice- President W. E. Siory, Treasurer, R. H. Johnson, Sgi. of Arms: Mr. R. M. Larimer, Advisor. Kessinger, J. N. Konzelman, H. McClary, P. W. Morgan, S. C. Nichols F. C. Ochs, J. R, Presfon, R. A. Prilcheff, M, T. Rush H. B. Sedwiclc: D. R. Turman, R. Turner, T. M. While, R. T. Williams, Building Construction lub Officers are: W. T. Freeman, Treas- M G F tc P 'd t R F urerg . , un , res: en 1 . . Giles, Vice-President. Not Pictured: N. Strople. Secretary, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics The American Institute ot Aeronautics and Astronautics otfers membership to all Aero- space Engineering students as well as other related engineer- ing curricula students. The purpose ot the club is to pro- mote the ideals and concepts ot the aerospace engineering tieid and to acquaint students with the aerospace profession. This year the club held a ban- quet and symposium with Dr. Willy Ley as speaker. The club also sponsored a Home- coming Queen candidate and entered a tioat in the Home- coming Parade. Dr. Willey Ley speaks at the AIAA banquet which was held at Lendy's. First Row: B. R. Moretz, Treasurer C. C. Yurick, President: F. Deneen Secretary: C. W. Rountocc, Jr. Visitor-Island Creek Coal Co.: T Second Row: E. T. Kilbourne, Jr. S. Reggel, S. Suboleski, J. R. Lucas W. E. Foreman, E. Simmons, G Owens. Third Row: L. J. Prelaz. J. F Fuller, L. Adler. American Institute of Mining Engineers The Student Chapter ot the Burkhart Mining Society is composed ot V.P.I. students who are in mining engineering and are interested in mineral industries. The club was organized to promote protessionalism in mining engineer- ing and mineral industries. To achieve their purpose the club has planned enthusiastic programs ot speakers trom industry. This year the club participated in the Homecom- i'ng Parade, winning tourth place on their tloat. - A l The purposes ot the American Marketing Association are to encourage students to choose a career in marketing: to serve as an etiective medium tor the exchange and dis- tribution ot intorrnation on the problems, policies. and business methods, with special emphasis on marketing: to provide students with the opportunity to participate in planning, directing. and controlling the activities ot an organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement ot the art and science ot marketing. The club participated in the M.S.U. Marketing Game and is sponsoring a statewide Marketing Game tor participation by other Virginia uni- versities and colleges. Also, they are planning tours ot marketing organizations in Virginia and neighboring states. - First Row: S. King. T. Graves, . Rankin, R. Johnson, President: . lt R J Haley, Treasurer: W. Alphin, F. D Simmons, H. L. Webster, M L. Robison, D. H. Merritt, R. W. Allen, N. Barker, T. A. Wright. l American Marketing Association C. Shelton, Jr., Faculty Sponsor. Abbott. Second Row: R. Nye, . American ociety of Mechanical Engineers A - Firsi Row: M, Williams, G, Miller, T. Bobbii, R. Harrison, Secreiaryt J. R. Siallings, Chairman: R. K. Hedqepeih, Senior A.A.E. Represenia- five: L. A. Padis, Faculiy Advisor: 6. S. Carier, T. Cadoiie. Second Row: R. C. Srniih, J. B. Kaclder, lll, S. R. Luclc, R. E. Willems, Jr.. J. G. Smiih, K. S. Marcuson, Jr., C. L. Kreici, D. L. Smiih, R. E. Nelson, J. A. Harrison, D. C. Slagle. The aims of ihe V.P.l. Chapier of ihe American Socieiy oi Mechanical Engineers are io promoie 'ihe developmeni of professional praciice in mechanical engineering and io pro- vide siudenis wiih 'rheir iaculiy and promineni men in iheir profession. Membership is open io anyone who is a siucleni in an E.C.P.D.-approved Mechanical Engineering curriculum. The chapier holds monihly meeiings ai which guesi speak- ers irom across The naiion spealc 'io +he siudenis on iechnical subiecis. Aciiviiies The chapier has pariicipaied in on campus include a Homecoming iloai and an exhibii and a symposium 'for Tech Fesiival. The organizaiion also has field irips and an annual siudeni-iaculiy picnic. First Row: M. Clark, R. Atwood, S Almazan, J. Lambert, Secretary: J Knapik, Presidentg R. Collier, Cor- responding Secretaryg T. G. Ca- dotte, D. Bourne, M. Harris. Sec- ond Row: B. Jackson, N. Nicholson J. Perry, S. Cratton, G. Grigg, W Wagner, J. Easter, M. DeBernard N. David. American Institute of Architects The American lnstitute ot Architects at V.P.l. strives to broaden the development ot the architectural student and coordinate their program with the rest ot the university. Its purpose is to promote tellowship among the student mem- bers, the taculty, and protessional people trom related tields. Membership is open to any student in the archi- tectural curriculum. Every year the club sponsors its annual Beaux-Arts Ball and a spring trip to places ot architectural interest and importance. Some other activities this year have been a series ot lectures, a ski trip, participation in Tech Festival, and a spring picnic. The V.P.l. chapter ot the American Institute ot Chemical Engineers is open to all students in chemical engineering. Atter graduation a student is eligible tor membership in the National lnstitute ot Chemical Engineers. The club attempts to keep its members intormed ot events in the tield ot chemi- cal engineering. They accomplish this by holding bi-weekly meetings, and sponsoring special speakers and symposiums. The club also participates in Tech Festival and Homecoming Weekend. American Institute of Chemical Engineers First Row: B. K. Falin, B. J. Mc Cutchen, F. H. Knack, D. L. Bacon J. W. Zier, W. R. Vicars, C. H Hitchcock. Second Row: R. F. Her bert, lll, P. M. Bokach, W. B. Leurb T. A Dillard, H. G. Burnley, Jr. Firsf Row: R. W. Craddoclc, B. L. Parsons, Advisor: L. K. While, Sec- refaryy D. H. Crablree, Second Vice-Presidenl: R. Blevins, Presidenig J. Slephens, Firsl Vice-President D. J. Kelley. Jr., Treasurer: J. P. Mason, Advisor: D. W. Barnes. Sec- ond Row: W. F. Palferson, Jr., T. M. Williams, A. Whorley, L. S. Hannah, J. Hardy, J. Gruver, Jr., F. A. Holdsworlh, P. O. Rupp, J. F. Blodgefl. Third Row: J. Garver. R. Clower, D. Lamb, T. Trylcowslci, J. Blevins. Q merican Societ of gricultural Engineers The American Sociery of Agricullural Engineers sirives ro promole l'he inleresis and fellowship of The sludenis in agri- cullural engineering. Some of 'rhe year's aclivilies of The club include programs wil'h speakers from induslry, programs wirh sludeni speakers, field Trips, Homecoming liloai, and a Tech Feslival exhibil. The sociely also compeles nalionally for sludenr branch awards. Membership in 'rhe sociery is open 'fo all sludenls enrolled in agricullural engineering. Firsf Row: E. Brown. J. Newlon, L. Hodges, l. Huffman, Recreafion Leader: C. A. Schiemann, President J. Cook, Reporlerz S. Rogers, P. Gilloclc, L. Rushing. Second Row: Barnes J Goodman M Bun ard J. , . , . g . B. Spangler, J. Baldwin, J. Adlcisson, J. Spangler, J. Grove, J. B. Ed- monds, G. Board. Third Row: W. Palmer, G. Kingsley, D. Thoamason, A. Boyer. 4+-H Alumni lub The 4-H Alumni Club's purpose is +o provide aliliilialion wilh 4-H organizalions al V.P.I, for former 4-H Club mem- bers and conlinue l'heir worlc as bona fide members. This year lhe club had a gel acquainled meeling in 'rhe fall, a supper meering wirh 'the Radford 4-H Club in lhe winl'er, a banquef winler guarrer. a picnic spring quarfer, and a Homecoming float Dail' lub The V.P.l. ChapTer of The American Dairy Science Associ- aTion works To uniTe all graduaTe and undergraduaTe dairy sTudenTs and To promoTe dairying and The dairying indusTry. The club has been acTive This year operaTing a Dairy Parlor and salesroom aT The Virginia STaTe Fair, winning second place on Their Homecoming TloaT, selling cheese aT Thanks- giving and ChrisTmas, having a "geT acquainTed picnic." supporTing Dairying Judging Teams. and publishing iTs year- book, The Milky Way. Debate Club Firsf Row: P. M. Large, Advisory J. UTin, C. Love, Repo-rTer3 J. Grove. SecreTary: J. Houck, Presidenh D. Peck, Vice-President S. MarsTon, Treasurer: S. Flora, B. Brannock. Second Row: B. Cassell, J. House- man, M. GarneTT, lll, C. Noland Jr., C. E. Mowry, H. Gill. Third Row: W, WrighT, J. Harf, T. Elder, T. Spahr, C. Rodgers. To encourage, pracTice, and parTicipaTe in forensic acTivi- Ties on The V.P.I. campus and aT oTher colleges is The purpose oT The DebaTe Club. This year Tech debaTers parTicipaTed in TournamenTs aT WashingTon and Lee UniversiTy, Morris Har- vey College, Lynchburg College, Roanoke College, and Randolph-Macon College. Club officers are V. Russ Daniels, Jr., and Kaye Mason, SecreTary- Treasurer. FirsT Row: RoberT M. Spiller, Jr.. Madeline E. Vingiello, Richard L. Dorson, Wallace O. Bassiord. Sec- ond Row: Alan D. Gillis, Walfer G. PeTerson, Jr., Edward A. Hancock. FaculTy Advisory James K. Assel- sTine, Paul G. Liebeck. Firsf Row: D. L. Terry, E. M. Prosise. D. G. Young, W. Drinkwafer, Vice- Presidenfq D. O. DeJarnef, Presi- denfq L. B. Fields, Reporferg R. Triveffe. Senfinelg C. S. McLearen, Advisor: R. Roller. Second Row: G. Cole, C. B. Scoff, G. W. Griffin, W. L. Harris, W. M. Barron, W. C. Perrow, R. J. Glowinski, J. R. Fin- ney, W. H. Fowler. Third Row: L. L. Koonfz, I., C. Phillips, T. F. Green J. c. Maifland, J. e. wagon. cl P. Davis, A. J. Newchok, J. M Jones, G. S. Trobauqh, W. Thomp- SOD l Ag o. ..... publishing a yearbook, The Virginia Tech Foresfer, a picnic, Collegiate F. F. A. Club The Collegiafe F.F.A. Chapfer works fo frain fufure feachers of vocafional agriculfure for proficiency in conducf- ing and advising F.F.A. Chapfers, and fo develop leader- ship, promofe scholarship, encourage recreafional and educafional acfivifies, and encourage cooperafive efforf. Some of fheir acfivifies include: freshman orienfafion day. big brofher program, a Homecoming floaf, a fall winfer Wiener roasf, a chicken barbecue, and an exhibif for Tech Fesfival. Firsf Row: B. Woodson, C. Rexrode G. deDegnier, J. Gaviff, J. Arnold C. Ingram, F. Olah, G, L. Looney Second Row: F. S. Kay, Jr., R. E Marfin, Faculfy Advisor: S. Nemore Recorder: B. Felfon, Vice-Presidenf R. Haynes, Presidenf: V. B. Cauley Jr., C. Hambrick, Treasurer: D. M Hill, P. Gillock. Third Row: C. Dufy B. Ecklund, J. B. Green, M. Mance D. Hardy, M. Clifford, J. Daughfy B. Jenks, J. Berkley, T. Arvin, W. S Warner, D. McCloy, D. Yeaffs Fourfh Row: J. R. Gardner, D Sfaoles, F. Lewis, B. All, J. Oliver M. McGinley, W. Corley, L. Cook J. Clark, A. C. Hollins, W. G. Jor- dan, Jr., R. C. Thomason, T. Vigour. Forestry lub The Foresfry Club is composed of Foresf and Wildlife undergraduafe sfudenfs af V.P.I. To promofe fellowship among sfudenfs in Foresfry and Wildlife Deparfmenf and fo promofe fhe foresfry profession by keeping fhe sfudenfs in fhe curriculum in fouch wifh fhe field of foresfry are The purposes of fhis organizafion. Acfivifies for fhis year include "Possum Hunt" fhe annual Field Day, seedling planfing, ornamenfal seedling sales, affending A.S.l:.C. Conclave. a Homecoming Floaf, and an exhibif for Tech Fesfival. 182 LRJYN Horticulture Club The Horticulture Club tosters, promotes, and encourages better relations between students, taculty, and professional people in the tield ot horticulture. The club attended the Virginia Nurserymen's Association meeting and sponsored a team in the lntercollegiate Flower Judging Contest. Other activities are preparing and selling mums tor homecoming and a spring trip to some place ot horticultural interest. Poultry Science Club Mitchell, Dr. J. Barden, Faiszt, Advisors. The Poultry Science Club worlcs to develop and maintain a better worlcing knowledge ot the rapidly changing poultry industry. The purpose is to promote interests among stu- dents in the tield ot poultry science. lt also gives the students a chance to meet the members and students in the poultry department. This year +he club sponsored a tloat in the Homecoming Parade. and had several Chicken-Que's. First Row: H. P. Misra A. Chu, S. C. Mohapatra. Holmes, F. O. Essary, Advisory N. Coleman, Presidentg W. Beane, H. P. Krey. Second Row: W. Edner, D. Thomason, D. Print First Row: B, Pinlcham, L.iiHodges R. Johnson, President: J. Markham, R. Dowdy, A. Garrett, T. Payne, K. Matthews, Vice-President. Second Row: P. Carr, J. Burnett, Secretary: D. Hyatt, R. Sissler, F. Duis, Straley, F. Tomlinson, J. Miller, B. Mr. J G. E F L F er American oeiety of Civil Engineers .43 lg AQ Firsf Row: Professor G. A. Gray, Professor R. C. Hefericlc, J. B. Babbs, Corresponding Secrefaryg E. F. Harf, Vice-Presidenfy E. G. Wilbourn Presidenfg J, Brenneman, Recording Secrefaryg F. R. McNeice, Treasurer Professor R. D. Walker, Paculfy Advisor: R. L. Mills. Second Row B. Coulbourne, J, A. Taylor, G. Cornwell, B. L. Allen, J. A. Jordan, Jr., J. W. Weaver, R. L. Tichacelc, P. J. Kay. E. C. Holley, Professor W. W. Payne. Third Row: C. E. Jowell, H. E. Aydleff, Jr., J. T. Harris, D. W. Carfer, J. C. Shropshire, P. P. Dunavahnf, J. J. Jennings, Jr., J. M. Fariss, Jr., W. R. Kelly, S. W. Powell, G. L. Zirlcle. The American Sociefy of Civil Engineers is composed of mosfly seniors and iuniors in civil engineering. alfhough open fo all classes. The sfudenf chapfer offers fhe opporfunify for fhe beginnings of professional associafions and fhe chance fo fake parf in fhe consfrucfive acfivifies carried on by fu- fure leaders of fhe profession and relafes fhe professional developmenf of sfudenfs fo fhe achievemenfs of A.S.C.E. The sociefy promofes conformify fo a code of efhics, and develops affifudes infrinsic fo fhe profession. Regular meef- ings are held bi-weekly. Some of fhe socielys acfivifies include convenfions, symposiums, meefings wifh chapfers from ofher universifies, an exhibif for Tech Pesfival, Home- coming floaf, Homecoming Queen candidafe, and presenf- ing high school programs on civil engineering. The lnsTiTuTe oT ElecTrical and ElecTronic Engineers is corn- posed oT sTudenTs in The elecTrical engineering curriculum. Their purposes are To advance The Theory and pracTice oT eleclrical engineering, elecTronics, and allied sciences: and To promoTe closer associaTion among members oT The pro- Tession. The organizaTion provides a closer conTacT beTween The TaculTy oT The elecTrical engineering curriculum and The members Than is provided in The classroom. The club has sponsored visiTing lecTurers Trom various Tields oT elecTrical engineering To acguainT The sTudenT wiTh The laTesT advances in research and producTion. Also They have Tield Trips and sponsor an exhibiT in The Tech FesTival. FirsT Row: W. S. GvranT, C. T. GarrenTon, Secretary: E. D. Harras, Vice- Presidenh C. P. HaTsell, President G. P. Morgan, Treasurer, D. Sun, F. E. Balmer, Jr. Second Row: W, M. Phillips, Jr., T. M. PhilbaTes, R. L. MelTon, J. S. Kirby, J. A. l'lowell,' E. J. KueberT. Third Row: S. Connell M. Gilbert G. Sims, G. Cawood, G. Tucker, R. L. Morrison, R. A Zborofslcy. 44-4? 'T' Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers l Tech Festival Association i .ab xawalak ' .. . .-iv Firsf Row: L. L. Minguoe, M. Warriner, S. Seay, C. Linihicum, P. Vaden, D. H. Crabiree, D. A. Fansler, D. F. Hough. Second Row: J. Fargo, J. Hill, l.. Whoolery, A. Whorley. l. M. Norris, J. Robinson, Officers are: P. Vaden, C. Linihcurn, M. Warriner, S. 'Seay, L. L. Minogue, D. H. Crabiree, D. A. Fansler. Sealed: Dr. F. W. Bull, Sponsor. M. McNeil, J. Silk, J. Ceiiy, K. Mundie, J. E. Slephens, Jr., R. A. Belvins, J. A. Dalon, C. Baynes. Faculiy-Third Row: R. T. Davis, P. Wisch- lcaemper, P. Rogers, J. P. Miihous. The Tech Fesiival Associaiion is responsible for The co- ordinaiion and planning of Tech Fesiivai, held each spring quarier on The ihird weekend in April. Through ihe work of a board of siudenis supporied by concerned iaculiy mem- bers, +he Tech Pesiival has developed from iis concepiion in 1963 inio a big universiiy weekend. Wiih iis wide varieiy of aciiviiies, ihe iesiival now does much io develop ihe culiural and social aimosphere ai V.P.l. These aciiviiies in- clude exhibiis, convocaiions, symposia, a Maroon Mask pro- duciion, a conceri, Tech Pesiival Queen coniesi, and many oiher iunciions. This group's aim is io provide an inieresiing experience for each siudeni. Broadening The sTudenTs' scope and undersTanding OT The work oT The archiTecTural engineer in school and in acTual pracTice is The aim oT The STudenT SocieTy OT Archi- TecTural Engineers. Also, They evaluaTe all opporTuniTies ThaT presenTly exisT and Those ThaT may exisT in The TuTure Tor The archiTecTural engineer. In iTs second year oT operaTion, The organizaTion has had many acTiviTies, including: lecTure sessions, seminars, exchange Trip wiTh The Penn STaTe So- cieTy, and a Tech FesTival dis- tudent Society of rehiteetual Engineers Pre-Veterinar lub The Virginia Tech Pre-VeTerinary STudenTs Club is com- posed oT sTudenTs inTeresTed in veTerinary medicine. The club's TuncTion is To promoTe inTeresT and scholarship in sTudenTs inTeresTed in The Tield oT veTerinary medicine and To aid sTudenTs in applicaTion To veTerinar'y school. MeeTings are held Three Times a quarTer wiTh guesT speakers, includ- ing local veTerinarians and members oT The V.P.l. sTaTT. The club also sponsors a picnic held in May. FirsT Row: W. A. Jenkins, President L. L. Minogue, SecreTary1 J. H. JesTer ParliamenTari n J ArmsTron Jr G BechTel P ' , a : . g, ., . , . Bishop, B. BarneTT, F. Coqswell, G, Cole, T. Crowgey, J. DicTor, W. DoTson, J. DooliTTle, W. DunnavanT, C. Drurnheller, R. Franck, M. Frank, B. Green, M. Glover, B. HolleTT, P, Holder, J. Howzdy, A. Hailey, D. Jackson, F. Leach, D. Lilly, S, MarsTon, M. McAllisTer, R. NOTT, J. O'Brien, F. Pack, W. Pope. K. RingwalT, S. Rogers, C. Sanders, A. Shirkey, J. STrauss, A. STeiner, P. Ward, F, Wagner. FirsT Row: R. P. Hackney lll, C5 K Keech J R Fox Treasurer H R Thomas Jr Vice PresrdenT K W R166 PF9Sldenl J. C. Hrapchak, SecreTaryg R. S S TT M Lewis Second Row W D Gilman J H F F D S Eh man J W A play and PFOQFBTT1. Bryant J. T. Crispin, M. L. Rayheld Jr i 'is ff' E?gSI if "-'1' ? RELIGIOUS AND SERVICE If .!. f....u f HHWV 1"""y 'v 1' 1 , A J" L I ,L I I l,1 'IQ J L . It 1 Ni: I J x fj r..:..,11. 1 I' h 5 L 1' -fx I :Lg-2 E- E: Z Q72 ' -Zi E " T 3 in : Y 1 v " 3 W 1 5 ,-- S 3 W iff: I L -F: ff -F5 , E il 2' 72-1.1 Z S 1 by: Fred Boland The Wesley FoundaTion's building, wiTh iTs modern archiTecTure, oTTers The Techman a reTreshing change Trom The sTark gray of The academic buildings. The FoundaTion provides The sTudenTs, boTh MeThodisT and non- lvleThodisT, a place in which They may sTudy, relax, enioy friendship, and worship. Wes ey Ili-I T-Fi+1iTf'TTffi' Mil T I T T X I r l I I Z . ,, I I 1 1 X , l T Circle K l The circle K is an inTernaTional service TraTerniTy associaTed wiTh The Kiwanis, IT promoTes service To The campus, communiTy, and conTinenT, and sTrives Through iTs program To develop leadership. Each year The club sponsors a saTeTy campaign and a Tund-rais- ing proiecT Tor The ship HOPE. Row One: Mike Coafes, Lewis Parsley, H. Winsion Aron, LT. Gov.: Ken Chrishan, Vice Pres.: Jim Sheeler, President Ken Blankenship, l-lisTorian7 Nick Wagner, EdiTor: CAP News, Jerry Wallmeyer. Row Two: John Shoulders, Larry Anderson, Ed McNeil, David McNeil, James Tucker, Robe-rT Greena- walT, Bill LivingsTon. 189 r l fx l V i i f f hristian Science fvw Row One: J. Arnold, L. Decker, K, Denson, F. Benson, Row Two: R. Stevhenson. J. Waller. Lutheran Student Association The Lutheran Student Associa- tion has been very active this year in their ettorts to provide tellowship tor Tech's Lutheran students. The trequent social tunctions with the Radford L.S.A., picnics, and dinners have led the association to seek plans tor the development ot a L.S.A. center. The membership ot the Christian Science Organization is open to all taculty. students and their wives who are Chris- tian Scientists. The organiza- tion strives "to turther the understanding ot Christian Sci- ence through individual growth and campus awareness." Row One: Pastor Fisher, Al Shocet, Alan Heuss, Devotions Co-Chairman: Gary Gross, Vice President, Rob ert Berqseth, President: Sandra Crawtord, Secretarvg Marion Boggs, Vicar: Dale Emerson, Devotions Co-Chair manp Clitton Gray, Advisor. Row Two: Michael A. Grove, Roger C. Dennison, Al Blaho, Neil V. Ravrnond, John Alan Lowe, Charles J. Waugaman, Kenneth A. Slrrivseth, Kenneth B. Arthur. Row Three: Bob Kelso, Don otte. ,if Row One: B. Coulbourne. S. E. Liclrey, J. R. Perry, W. H. Armslronq D. D, Dunavanl, J. G. Weeks, Gu C. Wriqhl. J. B. Babbs J. B. Sfark Row Two: Ronnie E. Phillips. Curlis I.. Garner, Harold W. Bohannon Alpha Phl Umega Some of Techs mosl upslanding young men belong lo lhe Zela Bela chapler of Alpha Phi Omega. The purpose of lhe fralernily is lo "assemble college men in lhe fellowship ol lhe Scoul Oalh and Law. lo develop leadership, lo promole friend- ship. and lo provide service lo humane ily .... " Membership is open lo all male sludenls who are or have been in Scoul- ing. The lralernily has provided lhe col- lege wilh invaluable assislance in many proiecls. They lceep lhe War Memorial Chapel open on cerlain weekends, help wilh lhe Bloodmobile, aid local churches and youlh organizalions, and ran a suc- cessful candidale for Homecoming al- lendanl. APO Presidonr D. D Dunavan' lmnoclcs oll a iew ollicers afler a hard day ci service proiecls. They are lell lo righl lmore cr lesslz J. Babbs, Sergeanl' al Armsg J. Perry, Rec.-Sec.: W. Armslrong, Isl Vice Pres. lsland- inqlq D. D. Dunavanl, Presidenl lsealed in chairlf S. Liclsy, Treas. lsilling on lloorlg J. Weeks, 2nd Vice Pres. llyinfn down on lhe ioblq G, Wrighl, Cor.aSec. lsillinql: B. Couibourne Alumni Sec. lslandinql: J. Slarlc l-lislorian lENDl. 41,4 Row One: S. Spooner, L. Turner, B. Coulbourn, President M. B. B. Balzer, J. Burlce, S. Clark, R. Clower, C. Corner, R. Flaherly. Price, Sec.-TreaS.: S. Sherlzer. Row Two: J. Warren, C. Adkins, P. E. Lawson, H. Lowrnan, S. Luclc, J. Musloe R. Seay, J. Warren. Bennell, D. Mays, S. Taylor, S. Glascock. No? Piciuredz V. Arnold, YMCA The YMCA is nor only one of Techs mos? aclive clubs, buf ir is also one of Jrhe olde-sl, lirslr eslablished in l893 by a small group of cadels. ln l899 The YMCA builr whal' is now lcnown as lhe Old Mililary Building. From These beginnings The YMCA has grown lo be one ol VPl's mosl oulslanding or- ganizalions. The club sponsors such diversified proiecls as Freshman Camp, Y-Forum, Chrislian Emphasis Weelc, Henry Mancini concerl, and lhe lalenl show. The clulo is open lo all sludenls regardless ol religious allilialion, race, nalionaliry or sex. The Companions +alre +op honors a+ fhe YMCA variefy show. The YMCA brings fo Va. Tech +he magic fha? is Mancini. The Four Preps combine good humor and good music for an enieriaining concerf Fall quar+er. Over fhe Thanksgiving holidays a group of infernafional sfuclenfs affended an Iniernaiional Conference in Williamsburg. Baptist 111011 "" St d t figs' u en . l li is ineviiable rhar during a siuclenhs college Clays. he is rhrusr info clepihs of life which may have been beyond his reach in ihe home environmenr. lr is a lime when he musi of necessiiy come io grips wirh The forces and influences which malce up his environmeni. In rhis quesl 'For a more compleie unclersianding of himself, he musi lormulaie his personal concepfs ol his uliimaie concern and his reason for being. The Baprisr Srudenr Union provides a com- mon qround for free expression of ihe Chrisiian experience as ir relaies To rhe universiiy siuoleni. This expression lakes rhe form of dialogue. worship, and com- muniiy service, A group of BSU sfudenfs paclr "Toys for Viei +ois" prior +o Chrisfmas M FW is ... Firsf Row: E. Ray Younf, Jr. Jeff Rosen, Guide: Rodney D. Anderson, Guard: Tim Unqvarslcy. Second Row: E. Graham Websler, Terry While Treasurer, Larry D. Swindell, Sr. Vice Presidenfg John G. Rudd, Presi- Ericlc S. Johanson, William D. Minor, Eric R. Bennelf, Richard G, Keeler denf: Kennefh W. Gallier, Jr. Vice Presidenl: Barry J. Grosman, Richard W. Graham ll, William L. Jackson. igma Mu igma Sigma Mu Sigma, an honorary service fralernily, is composed of sludenls who have clemonslraled, lhrough Jrheir daily lives, The ideals of The fralernily. The fralernily slrives +0 promole high academic slandards, fellowship, and a lorolherhood among members lhrough service To school and communily. The service proiecls of Sigma Mu Sigma include a Ring Dance car wash. a cabin parly for gradualing seniors, an inlormalion boolh and guide ser- vice during l-lomecoming. and aiding lhe American Red Cross' Blood Drive. 194 ffm L Q. Froni' Row: Kafhy Bush, Armin Ardai, David Corder, Purser: Carole Cleary Ed Pierce Liz Dyer George Olde Bill Hubbard Tom Bell M Noble Yeoman: Charles Meafh, Capfainy Herman K. Bolsfer, Michael DeBernard Third Row Sfeve Nemore Scoff Craffon Archie Second Mafey Eddie Jenkins, Quarfermasferg Marie-Chrisfine Noble. Dowdy Roberf Thomas John Hill Aina Gayle Wrighf. Second Row: Dan Pharr, Graham Websfer, Dan The Va. Tech Lifesaving Corps provides VPI wifh lifeguards for nfs swimming pool The corps also provides insfrucfors and assisfanfs for swimming and lifesaving classes The service of fhe corps also exfends fo 'rhe communify and fhe corps works in close connecfion wifh fhe Va. Rescue Squad and fhe Civil Defense Llfe Savmg Corps Offen overlooked as fhe key figure be- hind fhe Va. Tech Lifesaving corps is Mr. M. Buford Blair. who should receive a spe- cial salufe in fhis his final year af VPI. As fhe founder of fhe Lifesaving corps and ifs faculfy advisor since I933, Mr. Blair has unselfishly given his fime and efforf fo hold fhe corps fogefher, especially during fhe war years. To you, Mr. Blair. we give deep appreciafion and sincere fhanks for your unselfish service fo fhe Va. Tech Life- saving Corps. R. l-laTcher, Treasurer, D. SwarThouT, Vice-PresidenT and SaTeTy OTTicerg S. Sawyer, Training OTTicer: B. Boswell, PresidenTg C. Jewell, SecreTary. Va Tech Skin Diving Club The purpose oT The Virginia Tech Slcin Diving Club is To bring TogeTher and Train club members To be qualified divers. Any Tech sTudenT or TaculTy member is eligible Tor membership. . . A prospecTive member musT be in good physical condiTion and possess suTTicienT swimming slcills To malce him aT home in The waTer. To become a member, The Training course given by The club musT be passed. This includes a wriTTen TesT and a prac- Tical TesT. To gain Tinal admiTTance To The club The Trainee musT pledge. Thursday-nighT Training session in The War Memorial Gym Pool. Pledging consisTs oT wearing The club plaque Tor one week prior To Tinal pledge nighT. In addiTion To Training new members each quarTer, The club also sponsors a TloaT in The Homecoming Parade and a Home- coming Queen's Freshman ATTendanT. The club sponsors an annual Trip To Florida each spring brealc as a highlighT To The years acTiviTies, which include diving Trips To ClayTor Lake, MounTain Lalce, Naggs Head, NorTh Carolina, and oTher open waTer. FirsT Row: J. Fox, D. SwarThouT, S. Sawyer, D. Russell, L. Spangler, R. HaTcher. C. Jewell. Second Row: K. RinqwalT, P. MaThews, B. Boswell, D. Bailey, L. Powers, B. Campbell, lvl. Russell, M. l-lorrell, D. Tipe, T. Pick. Third Row: T. Smifh, J. Cochron, N. Blake, B. KeiTh, D. LaTToon, P. PiclceT, K. STone, R. Predmore, D. Spillman, R. Reynolds, l-l, Pasquier, P. STough, J. lTen, T. Pick, B. Corbin, A. Speha, C. Clark, J. Goodwin, J. Bruger, D. Hudson, F. Card- well, L. Lynch, J. Doss, D. Robinson, G. Thompson, F. McLain, G. Godwin, W. Veasy, D. Childress, C. Julian, E. STaTTord. There being no Rabbi in fhe area. fhe V.P.l. Hillel club fries fo give fhe Jewish sfudenfs of Tech and Radford College a mixfure of religious, culfural, and social aspecfs of life fhroughouf fhe year. lf sfrives 'ro promofe friend- ship and folerance among 'lhe re- ligious organizafions on campus. J. Blum, P. Kay, Presidenf: B. Grosman, l. Fine, S. Arenson, A. Baer, D. Leiss. Phillip Sporn Award Dr. R. DeJarneHe Hillel Club f""'T"'+---...W Dr. Lufher K. Brice The Phillip Sporn Award for feaching excellence is given annually fo fhe besf freshman insfrucfor in any curriculum and fo The besf insfrucfor in fhe College of Engineering. Freshmen and Sophomores are polled in 'rhe spring and 'rhe vofes are compiled and inferprefed by fwo commiffees. one connecfed wifh fhe College of Engineering and one wifh fhe College of Arfs and Sciences. ln l965 Dr. Phillip Sporn. a graduafe of fhe Virginia Polyfechnic lnsfifufe College of Engineering, gave a sum of money fo be used in fhe formafion of fhis award. Dr. Sporn's feelings are fhaf more good feachers shoud be mofivafed fo 'reach freshman courses and fhaf fhis award would recognize fhis lcind of Teacher. The recipienfs of fhe I966 Phillip Sporn Award are Dr. Lufher K. Brice, Professor of Chemisfry, and Dr. R. DeJarneffe, Professor of Engineering. X Qlf Z K 'at' 4 X ' W' Viz' F. 5 Q - I? N 17 g' 2, :T A lf I W' L f ff? Q. 2 'sb T H 522 MZ? ZW! Xl 4,,,.. S If f SOCIAL CLUBS HK I b + Abbiff SOCIAL SCENES The Blacksburg Armory was Transformed for German Club's "Rendezvous." German Club Moves, Visits Neptune's Hideaway Guosfs aT Fall Formals wern enierfained by a preTTy vocalist EsTabished in I892. The V.P.l. German Cub has conTribuTed To campus social liTe by sponsoring inTormal dances, con- cerTs, and The renowned Tormals. DespiTe a move To The Blacksburg Armory, necessiTaTed by The close OT Squires l-lall, German Club conTinued To mainTain iTs high qualiTy oT decoraTions and enTerTainmenT aT These TradiTional dances. The bands OT Kai Winding and OTey Warren appeared Tor Germans on November ll and l2. baclced by a Theme oT "Rendezvous" WinTer QuarTer broughT a nauTical air To Blacksburg, as The Army was TransTormed inTo "NepTune's Hideaway." The band oT Lionel T-lampTen and The Bill Black Combo perTormed in a yellow submarine, surrounded by mermaids and sea creaTures. "April Love" dominaTed Spring QuarTerq 0Tey Warren reTurned wiTh The STylisTs To a garden alive wiTh signs oT spring. "Make iT aboui' a shof and a half!" sv. ,X Ik. ass-if is Ir. I3 6' -li J 2 L fi i ii ,S , J Bs il f f R . .. L L f A in 'in' Q 1 L f irii 'F Lg-Il 1 23 K4 ALL-L 5 Y 'B lflv ""' sw- B .Li f .QR 'Q' all F I H Q if Q 3, Mo? yea .lpn .a its an ' asrs B ...: ' A ...1 S0 if , Q 'Rv 3 Q R13 gage Q In 2 at 1:32, H A 'Wy " - 5 s i U B 3 . B Y u YN B .. . -1'- QQ L I l - - 1 N, has mf JM fm. 'iss .. 6 assir 53 J Q H v 1- Y- 2? ig 3: g Sn, gg XM ig- K I Q ia . J 'N' if 1 .:Km'mk.1hh' refer, f""'X - vii V ' ,qw-f LE - - 'suv is . - -'N -f F , s .., 'J A A ,A 'PF f A 'Q N K L Z: .-mh. K we y A H 'F'-1' ws, Q Q . , Q .- i xr. JN if J ff a my J f 'J B , 1 ., V -y i f ii , y Q 'f -as so 1: ff. g Q- ,Ng kj!! 1 J' ga W' yi -Q-was-7.12 3.15 ,-,Ei , . ' m . Y W A fx J Ri 5 " ' l - of ,Le wr.. B L AG- Q 3' A A97 01 4 Q 3: N -7 4: A as isaci Q, ,LQ ,. I. Q i 'Uh QU ur A ' .fe as 1 .9 gg- S R my A QQ 3' 3? "' . Q M gi" "' il ff 2 Q 4 ivli, ' 'Q ' N , N Ken? LaRoque Presidenl' Rick Knapp Vice-Presidenl Pal Bruqh Asst Sec.-Treas. Mike Saunders Leader Grayson Walker l-lisforian Mark Oliver Advisor Dave Bailey Alan Baldwin Bob Baske++ Ken Besecker Jim Billig Dan Booker Jerel Boone Gene Brooks Don Brown Bruce Burgess Bob Cannaday John Charlesworlh Chip Chernaull' George Dallas Scoll Dawson Tim Dixon Jack Dmoch Bill Drake Rob Fanney Ralph Farmer Buddy Funk Charlie Gibbens John Givens Dan Goodman Ken Grimsley Berr Henderson Bob Hodges Dick Hodges Dwiqhr James Erick Johanson Bill Kallmeyer Jay Kilchen Randy Leonard Jay May Fin McClure John McKeon Jim Mrazek Ralph Mullins Bob Munsey Tosh Nobe Tom Parks Jim Peeples Bob Powell Pele Pryor Oz Reynolds Wayne Rice Jim Richards Leonard Ringler Don Saunders Bob Simmons Randy Sinclair Bill Snoddy Talbof Sfeel Terry Taylor Woody Veasey Charlie Walker John Warkins Bill Wilkinson Dave Young Ward Bradley J fx, 1 'ls I 'rang-!'.T4"JD 0 I o I f U I f I .X CC . ' fr-Ny, as S S er rf-ra 9 'S-L L ' as ya- sf? 2 si K. ,.u,,s ss- 1' 'Jr -'WN -F S J Q, N I x W A' A Mike Marlon Bill Aden Jim Townsend Skip Underwood Bob Keilh Miss Jackie Harrisc Presidenf Vice-Presidenl Secrelary Treasurer Leader Sponsor, Fall Formals Cotillion Brin s Dorsey, Elgart Orchestras ...W-N. H25 - kihl .s'i1'?' Wwe.. . 0' Rs in Q ., 1 gy .. s....,gg: ' ,- 5- x, :x mas 'A' Ji: .ff ""' .I5GE2eEf.53.Ei!':2i.,1Z P 4 :I3f2'ii'- J -I Miss Sue Campbel Sponsor, Winler Formals s.. .X Gordon Mapp Terry Tucker Mrs. Burrows Forresf Rollins Second Assr. Sec.-Treas. Club Molher Club Sponsor Vice-Presidenl' Mk B b AI I One of 'rhe oldesl organizalions on campus, Aff Avgg +he Cohllion Club has been confribufing 'ro rhe T 1 y gm 5 Many Azola Tech social scene since I9l3. Led by Presidenr r 1 ' 1 f . . . . 'r 'M' 3 M 2 Mike Marlon. Cohlllon broughl several fine ir g orcheslras 'ro campus for formals. Jimmy Dor- i. 2. wil - - jiwi ,fli ,S A Sd. sey and Skeels Morris and 'rheir orcheslras Q Q gf V- r appeared af Fall Formals, backed by an "A'Her , , ,ss Mika Beckley Six" rheme. Winler broughl "Snowflakes and y i --:. Fred Belen " ' sl A sw pm ,,i Michael Boqese Sweelhearlsi 'ro Tech. along wilhl The Sammy 4 W H rb I ' Kaye and Dick Wells Orcheslras. Wonderland M of Fan'rasy" was lhe Spring Formals Jrheme: rhe sg M ,s., orcheslras ol Larry Elgarl and Burl Massengale -s1:-r ..,, g C r yyyr y appeared in a Jrranslormed gymnasium. i i li r Dan Bradshaw r Q FQ L Lonnie Brooks if ii Mike Burrows Q is T yissi si iss' Jim Coversfone L, , S ' T lg Q fi Bruce Dalin 'NT' I l xl ,LQ r Gene Daniel ,,,, K K Rage ss.,.. A i T .QQ k ,V bm on uva .fl-.2-M Sf BusTer Ellis L ' John Failes 1 '0 Q ygygg ,, gene Figher .s.. , Bill Flippen R in in "'h. Bernie Fouls "Mo+her said noi +o." The Jimmy Dorsey Orchesfra appeared a+ Co+illion's "Af+er Six" fheme during Fall Formals. Hank Gordon Jesse Hire Devrow Jarrelf Bob Kahl John Klimchalk George Levicke Jud Lifesy Neff McClary Mike Meqealh Pe+e Morrison John Nelson Fred Ochs Alan Pefliqrew Jack Pickard Bruce Reynolds Sieve Shaver Bob Schmid Lance Smilh Chuck Terry Dan Thompson Dave Townsend J. W. Vauqhn W. C. Waddell Charlie Walsfro Paul Whilehead Bucky Willisech U1 Q 'Q' gg, ' iik E M JJJMX . .3 is f, 2' 3-5, ee, Ns M3 J W. -J , ' ' ' i ..-. 11 5 fgq el.. do 553-' ' if-F mi A W fi 9 f 9 W f' i ' ,NJ 5 -Q' T S Qi- CQ? J 1 -" M., W' f 1 'i J i 1,5 J xc., fe. W1 i .11 i ,r ' sa' fe N. 1 :Q iris' 95" Q' f"'i We ' A "' f fm 'J We kena f, .2-Q qggfg f A "SPS .cya J J . I QJ.. J J .Lf e l B A LL 'iff - ' JA! 'isa -far 'W' if iirr' fi- -ill.. n 2 'W' Sf W- iz., ' 111, if J Q J Y J Q l JJ A .QA -JJ so LW, Mike MeHon adiusls a microphone as his dale looks on. Varsity Glee Club f 3 S 2 1 I This year The all-male VarsiTy Glee Club raTes as one OT The besT in The cou'nTry. ln more Than TiTTy concerTs The versaTiie sounds oT "MozarT" To "Are You Trom Dixie" have pleased audiences every- where. The Glee Club, under STan Kingma. has proved ThaT sTuclenTs Trom a nonmusical school can, and do. excel in The arTs. T-Te has developed a group oT singers ThaT have a greaT Teel Tor Their music. Their lighT-hearTed manner covers The many hours oT re- hearsal ThaT They invesT wiTh a Teeiing oT relaxaTion ThaT The audience can enioy. This year, Tor The TirsT Time. The club released a record oT The besT music in Their reperToire. In- cluded were numbers Trom live concerTs as well as sTandard recordings. Through concerTs and The dis- TribuTion oT records The VarsiTy Glee Club has become one oT Virginia Tech's calling cards. Virginia Tech's own VarsiTy Glee Club in concerf on Burruss Hall's sTage The Tech Sirs, The Glee Club's direchng commiTTee, gaThers around a piano. SeaTecl: Tom WhiTTey. LeTT To Righf: Larry Kyle, Miclcey Reneqer, Ron Garqano, Cad MoraviTz, WyaTT Slcinnell, Jim EvereTT, Chuck WiTson, Ben Allen, Ahan Michael, Wayne GriTTiTh. ancl Ken MaTThews. lllVCI'S1ty Choir Once a week The Universify Choir meeis in The Engineering Aucli- Torium To praciice Their music. STan Kingma, direcTor of boTh The Glee Club and The Choir, along wiTh Chuck ThaTcher, accompanist work hard To ge'r Thai "liTTle exTra" ThaT makes a greaT choir. This Tall saw The beginning OT an enTirely new singing organizaTion, The UniversiTy Choir. WiTh members Trom The Town as well as The UniversiTy, The choir gave a ChrisT- mas ConvocaTion, an EasTer ConvocaTion. and The Sunrise Services aT NaTural Bridge, displaying greaT TalenT in spiTe OT a limiTecl rehearsal Time, As iT conTinues To expancl, The UniversiTy Choir will Take iTs place aT The head OT campus acTiviTies. The new I80-voice Universily Choir 'feaTures a co-ed sTuclenT represenTafion, Taculfy members, and Townspeople. 205 Ti XX -LQ 27" 0-3 L. -.Y , , 1 Q, ' 7 ,-'fff J!! ' ,K ,Vw R 'I f ,M , ' fr ,ffl !, sf K ff? f 30's A 5'f,,g2Lyf,- Um mg' xx g ,I '49 f R, N 4 U H 5 ,g 1 7 . x ,f RA A f GJ M' X -1 fi 7 dl- pd Aw 206 SECTIUNAL CLUBS by: George Davis Row One: KenneTh Michael, Francis CharreTTe, Tom Tillar, Treasurer: Tinker Williams, PresidenT: Jim Cook, SecreTaryg Larry Williamson. Row Two: Darwin Edwards. Greg P. BenneTT, Roy AuenT, Johnny Morgan, Larry Jones, William Thompson, Emporia lub WiTh PresidenT R. T. Williams direcTing The group's acTiviTies, The VPI Emporia Club again conTribuTed a greaT deal To The members' social plans during The '66- '67 academic year. WiTh membership com- prised oT Emporia residenTs and sTudenTs Trom nearby communiTies, The club held dances during The ChrisTmas holiday and The EasTer break. For Those who also like The ouTdoors, The Emporia Club wenT on picnics boTh in The Tall and spring. Mem- bers agreed ThaT The club had greaTly helped Them To enioy Their days and nighTs in college. Row One' David M Swisher James Baird Vice Pres'denT J'm Fink Pres'denT PaTi Gillock Secreiary . . , , i 7 i , i 5 , 3 Tom Blacka, Treasurer, Trudy Knicely. Row Two: Thomas A, Shull, John W. Layman, Larry R. Lynch, Valley lub OUT oT The beauTiTul and pleasanT Shen- andoah Valley and The counTies oT Auf gusTa, Rockbridge, and Rockingham, come Techmen eligible To ioin The Shenandoah Valley Club. The club holds seasonal parTies and one aT spring break in March. Besides The spring bangueT, members have TeasTs during The earlier parT oT The school year To make iT a Three-duarTer acTiviTy. BeTore The year is over The club holds a picnic. STudenTs and alumni Trom The Valley have Tound ThaT The club provides an excellenT opporTuniTy Tor pasT and presenT Techmen To become acguainTed. Charles M. Shaver, Ronnie A. Coleman, Row Three. Jay T. Hanger, STeve Rosson, William L, Cobbs, Peanut Club my pam. Row One: Brenda CuTchins, SerqeanT aT Arms: BraxTon Powell. Secre- Harrell Ill, Richard Cox lll, Jack Webb, Jr., STan G. Barlow, Elliol' Tary: Sam Eubanks, Jr., PresidenT: Jim EvereTT, Vice PresidenT: Whif WhiTTield, Mike York. Row Three: Donald Joyner, STeve W, Turner, WhiTTield, Treasurer: Dapin Edwards. Row Two: Bob Everellg Joel Beale Rodgers, Randolph Barlow, Jr. Braxion Powell, Secrelaryg Whil' Whiffield, Treasurer: Brenda Cufchins, Sergean+ a+ Arms: Sam Eubanks, Jr., Presidenf: Jim Evereff, Vice Presi- denf. From The "peanuT capiTal oT The world" come sTudenTs aT Tech who belong To The VPI PeanuT Club. For Techmen living in The Towns OT SuTTolk and Franklin and The counTies oT Surry, SouThampTon, Nansemond, and Isle oT WighT, The club promoTes Triendship and social life bo+h on and oTT The campus. NOT only during The academic year, buT also in The seemingly shorT summer, The club held dances and oTher gaTherinqs. Members became beTTer acquainTed Through Their geT-TogeThers and a liTTle hard work. One hundred miles away from The campus ar Blacksburg is ihe cify of Lynchburg. Hokies from This cily and ils neighboring area ioin Jrogerher To become acguainied and unify Themselves while af Tech in The Lynchburg Club. Five dances are held during The year for members and guesrs wiih The New Year's Eve blasl being The climax for The club's social calendar. By making new friends in The club which come from The Lynchburg viciniry, Techmen find if easier To find rides home for +he weekend. This is a secondary, buf olienfimes imporianr, beneiir which members gain by being in This seciional club. Row One: J. Conner, D. Jackson Ill, Secrelaryg J. Buckley, Vice Presi- denfq R. Simoniz, President B. Grosman, Treasurer: S. Garnsey. Row D. Collier Jackson Ill, Secrefary: Roberi' D. Simoniz, Presidenf: Barry J Grosman, Treasurer, John E. Buckley, Vice President Two: F. Dauqhfrey, T. Hodges, R. Murphy, E. Meeks, R. Davis. T. Ellior 13' Lynchburg lub Richmond lub Richmond, The capiTal oT The CommonwealTh, alThough Two hundred miles Trom The Tech campus, has The mosT number oT VPI sTudenTs Trom one area ioining TogeTher in a secTional club. lvlainTaining This sTaTus oT being The largesT, The Richmond Club carried ouT numerous acTivif Ties. Two scholarships were granTed by The club To deserving Richmond area sTudenTs, This being one more Than given in previous years. WiTh Tech in The Tobacco Bowl, annually played in Richmond, members prepared Tor a vicTory dance aTTer The game. The TooTball Team did noT leT The TiTle oT The dance be changed as They Thrashed VanderbilT 2l-6, and The Richmond Club did noT Tail in puTTing on a well- received dance. The club provided iTs members wiTh dances aT Thanlcs- giving and ChrisTmas. lT held iTs inTamous New Year's Eve blasT aT The Richmond Arena as a paclced house ushered in l967. Also on The calendar were The spring brealc banqueT and dance and aT The end oT spring guarTer a picnic Tor all members. Row One: W, P. Andrews, Jr., D. R. Young, R. A. Williams, R. D. 'KA Cabell LawTon, Vice President Tommy Grinard, Secrehary: Bob Kopeclo President Hose Riley, Treasurer. R. ForTune. Row Three: J, l-TunT, E, Throcl-cmorTon, J. Lonq, T. Manning Dickerson, D. M. Hill, J, BrillianT, W. D. Gilman, Jr., R. S. Schmid, D. W. H. SmiTh, W. Zenner, G. l-lulcher, W. Ballinger, D. Drummond, Jordan. Row Two: A. Dowdy, R. PeTerag E. Robinson, W. NysTrom, W. RoberTson, J. Pannellg P. Clary, K. W. KenT, M. Wallmeyer, R. Ward, Warwick, l-l. WinsTead, B. Mills, J. Maier. .!' s s i 1 X X X u - U Row One: P. Bolcach, B. Kopecko, Presidenl: T. Grizzard, Sec- relary: H. Riley, Treasurer: J. C. Smifh, Jr., Doorman: J. McKenney, Business Manager: J. Phillips: L. Godsey. Row Two: B. Hollell, J. Nelson, G. Wilson, R. Hoclcell, D. Perdue, Row One: R. T. Crescenzo, T. Farley, A. Palmore, D. Rudd, L. Wilmelh, S. Woodson, D. Deems, L. Gales, R. Williams, R. Poh, T. O'Kawe, L. Nowlan. Row Two: D. Yearls, J. Pippen, L. Burnelle, R. Davis, W. Mowis, M. Gregory, R. Ramseur, K. Richardson, R. Schmid, J. Wallmeyer, R. Holmes, B, Fisher. S. Topping, D. Cleary, M. Bales, T. Neale. Row Three: B. Roper, J. Smilh, P. Pils, P. Phaslarus, D. Milion, B. Perdue, D. H. Lemmonds. Row Three: K. Branum, B. Harmon, G. Moorman, J. Smilh, D. Turner, J. Thomas, L. Parsley, D. Bowles, K. Miller, C. Howard, R. Slovic, C. Chrislian- sen, R. Benson. Xa, Kg.: 'X. ,Nw 211 V . S' : cu Good limes af Capifal Club funcfions. Ed Allman, Secrelaryp Don Hulcher, Social Chairman: Sieven Habeger, Presidenf: Fi-om Jiho populous region of nor-i-he,-n Virginia and -iiie ' d V' 'd 5 B I ' , T . . . . . Jack Plckar ' 'ce Pres' ani ob Co hm reasurer Washinglon, DC. area, Techmen unile in The Capilal Club. While senalors and represenfaiives formulaied nafional policy, club members, under ihe leadership of Presideni Sieven l-labeger, creaied places of enioymenl during Jrhe few vacalions and while ai school. A dance before lhe open- ing of school and lhen olhers af Thanksgiving, Chrislmas. New Year's, and spring break highlighied members' days ai home. A keg parly in May near Blacksburg provided ihe club wiih enough energy To make if Jrhrough final exams in June. apital lub STudenTs Trom The ciTy oT Danville and iTs surrounding area comprise The Danville Club. Each guarTer a dance in Danville communiTy is planned and carried ouT by The mem- bers where They may relax during The welcome break Trom sTudies. SomeTime in The spring The club goes on a picnic To a suiTable locaTion near Blacksburg. The Danville Club is presenTly insTiTuTing a proiecT To assisT Those sTudenTs aTTending The Danville Branch OT VPI Because These sTudenTs TrequenTly Transfer To The Blacksburg campus aTTer going To The branch school. The Danville Club provides an excellenT opporTuniTy Tor Them To be absorbed inTo The life aT VPI and become an inTegral parT OT campus acTiviTy. Row One: Philip Wood, Obie MinTer, Lonnie K. WhiTe, Treasurer Jasper R. Eanes, President Larry R. Hillard, Vice Preside-nT: Clarence W. Baynes, SecreTary: Charles H. Phelps, Jack D. Clark, Jr. Row Two: Tommy Scarce, Charles H. Parson. James F. Haley, Jr., John W. Q 'mtl' 5:9 Lonnie WhiTe, Treasurer: Larry Hillard, Vice President Clarence Baynes Secre Taryg Jasper Eanes, Presidenf. WhiTehead lll, Norman Cook, VincenT ShelTon, Jim Jennings, Donald Mclver, Dick Scarce, George Harper. Row Three: Donald Richie, Tom Bailey, Tom Craddock, RoberT Jennings, RoberT CarTer, Jr., David R. SmiTh, Neal Barker, Dennis W. CarTer, Jerry A. FosTer. A 9 Danville Club 4933? Hampton Roads Club Row One: Richard L. Dudley, Joe Dempsey, Secrefaryg Ellen Cox, Philip Henderson, Allen Powell, Sam Mellar. Row Three: Warren Cobean, Sidney Thomas, PresidenTg Susan Warhol, David Childress, Vice Presidenfg Mike Peck. Glenn Gray, SergeanT af Arms: Edward WhiTe. Giguere, Treasurer. Row Two: Richard Brushwood, Donald Davis, John ldlllllhl V, no I o " , xv, ' iii P 214 From The TidewaTer area of The sTaTe come members of The HampTon Roads Club To share in The friendship and good Times found aT all of The club's social gaTherings. T-lampTon Roaders come Trom The peninsula Towns and ciTies of NorTolk, HampTon, PorTsmouTh, Newpor'T News. YorkTown. Williamsburg, and GlouchesTer. AlThough The club's main acTiviTies are arranging Tor dances before school, aT Thanksgiving, ChrisTrnas. and in The spring, iT also Takes Time To plan a picnic during spring guarTer when The cold has subsided and sTudying in dorms becomes a much more diTficulT Task. The club's proudesT feaT This year was having member Ellen Cox become VPl's Homecoming Queen This fall. The purpose oT The SouThside Club is To coordinaTe and provide social recreaTion Tor Tech sTudenTs Trom SouThside Virginia. This area includes The counTies oT Lunesburg, lvlecke lenburg, Prince Edward, Brunswick, Dinwiddie, and NoTToway. The currenT membership re- quiremenT Tor prospecTive members is ThaT They be inviTed To ioin The club on The recom- mendaTion OT old members. The club held parTies during The holidays and aT spring break, and Then had a picnic beTore exams aT The end oT The year. ff? Row One: Ed BraTTon, Jerry Barnes, Treasurer: Robby WesTmoreland, President Sam MarsTon, SecreTary7 EvereTTe Prosise, Warren Green. Row Two: J, W. Vauqhan, l-lerman Gill, Jim Cook, John Price, Band Co-ordinaTor: Donald Clary, Joe Barkley, Tom Green, Jim MaiTland. Soufhside Club members show Tha+ "There's one in every crowd." Southside Club 215 Row One: M. E. PuckeTT, D. A. Assin, J. K. MonTaque, S. A. Shaver, W. Pugh. R. Shockley, R. Anderson, J. Doss, R. Caudill, R. WaTTson, D, W. Johnson, M. McNeill, B. BryanT. M. Trussell, A. HursT, C. Hoyt D. Tucker, l.. Flipper. Row Three: J. Suzi, D. Lee, Hillman, D. Spenser, Row Two: G. W. RoberTson, W. T. Kipzie, T. ArrinqTon, D. Brammer, l-l. T. WebsTer, M. L. Robinson, D. O. SmiTh, B. Burnop. Roanoke Club IT one carefully inspecTs a map. he will Tind iusT down The road Trom The ciTy oT Blacksburg The Town oT Roanoke. Techmen Trom This viciniTy are eligible To ioin The Roanoke Club. Since iT is such a shorT disTance from The campus To The "Town," Roanokees Tind iT easy To plan acTiviTies on big weekends where oTher secTional clubs have To remain idle. Each Homecoming The club swings inTo acTion and lines up a dance Tor iTs members To be held in Roanoke. BuT Then exTra weekends oT geT-TogeThers do noT sTop Them Trom providing The usual blasTs aT Thanksgiving, ChrisTmas. and spring break. plus parTies and banqueTs sprinkled ThroughouT The year. Away Trom The social and Toward The pracTical and academic. each year The club provides To an ouTsTanding sTudenT Trom The area a scholarship To be used aT Tech. lTs shorT disTance Trom VPI, iTs numerous social TuncTions. and iTs annual scholarship make The Roanoke Club unique. Dan Johnson, Presidenfq Jere Moniague, Treasurer: Marsha McNeil, Secreiaryg Sfephen Shaver, Vice President Row One: R. Thomas, M. Milfer, J. Cochener, L. Turner, L. Dyer, K. reff, R. Mcllearmon, A. Foley, D. Vaughan. Row Three: N. Roberfson Denson, K. Mayo, J. Johns, J. Drumbeller, J, Hylfon. Row Two: D. T. Lunsford, G. McGee, B. MHcheU, M. Sfevens, D. Helms, J. Conner Bayse, T, Wood, B. Parferson, A. Bryant C. MINS, Jr., B. Alvis, S. Gar- R. Reid. orthern Neck lub Holiday dances aT Thanksgiving, ChrisT- mas, New Years, and EasTer keep mem- bers of The NorThern Neck Club as busy during The days oT vacaTion as They are aT school planning Their aTfairs. Members come from The NorThern Neck and The surrounding counTies in The norThern parT oT The sTaTe. AT These numerous dances members achieve The purpose oT The club. To promoTe Triendship and goodwill ThroughouT The organizaTion. During The spring The pace oT acTiviTies does noT slacken as The club gaThers aT a Tormal banqueT and imcormal picnic. Would you believe They all afe lunch in Owens? ,-!.'9- Row One: Charles Ambrose, William SmiTh, Gene Dix, SecreTaryg James C, Clark, PresidenT: John R. T-laile, Vice President Leonard C. Orem, Treasurerg Jim Townsend, William LiTTlepage. Row Two: Danny E. Brann, Edward R. PiTTman, O. C. CrowTher, James B. Green, Dan Gill, Lewis AshTon. BerT PackeTT, David Townsend, Randy l-ludson. I S f ,, 3 if 52551 s Q Q s - + ,Q g i ww e b X 40 3 ss i is 3 . i is is ,Mm 2 ,,-c' NJ TX " ligm X ,Q - 'T' T , , Wm .....N,:f K A 'Ma my 'W ,... ...,. ,nznw hwy , - n 4 W" K ' "" in ssc N- .,,,,, 'T' " -.. Wm .4--. , .W Q., lk. ,NK -..,, .,, 2 l 8 . 3, I .ck Si ,ie P v-.. Techmen become quife sad when fhey occasionally have fo leave The campus. Refreal' al Lane means supper is +o come. 3555014 Tap 9 4J wfu' ms 1"""" , 0,4511 MQW Y mfiibfk IQE Z3 .ifln 0 na ig m ' kx :SMS UNRECUGIHZE I X , 1 V ' 1 ir MM ORGANIZATI AW , ,, , QM? Buddy Browning and Buddy Williams moving old mementos into a new house. 31 Houston Street .... This organization dates back to the tall ot l96I when it was tormed by the thirteen tounding brothers. This brotherhood was organized on the basis ot scholastic attainment and a recognized need tor a social outlet at school. These basic reasons remain as the principle tactors tor uniting our brotherhood into a single body. The tirst house was acquired the year atter the brotherhood was tounded, and only recently did they decide to leave it tor a more tavorable spot closer to campus. The brotherhood is maintained at approximately twenty-tive brothers, with new brothers coming in each Spring picnic at the New River. quarter. By constantly enlarging, they are able to ex- pand their views and gain a broader outlook on lite. The organization is not solely a social outlet, but also a beneticial organization. The brothers have sponsored Christmas parties tor needy children, collected tor the heart tund, and pertormed other usetul services. On campus they have participated in many activities such as Homecoming and Tech Sled, to name a tew. Although there are many ditterent phases in such an organization, the main obiective is that ot brotherhood. not tor the tinite time they are at school but tor the rest ot their lives. First Row: Dug Stencheum, Treasurer: Paul Woo, Vice-President, Neil Mayhew, President: Debbie Giles, Sweetheart, Buddy Brown- ing, Pledgemasterg Pete Blake, Secretary. Second Row: Charlie Capel, Dust Allan, Bob Morgan, Tim Smith, Dick Brown, Glen Giles, is - X ss c X X X , , Bob Bullard. Third Row: Lew Servio, John McDonald, Cecil Usher, Buddy Williams, Jim McCannell, Chap Pierce. Fourth Row: Allen Dotsun, Bob Warrington, Don Putzulu, Ozzie Turner, Bob Jacobs. This broTherhood was founded April 2I, I94I. IT is The oldesT off- campus social organizafion aT V.P.I, lTs alumni are included in many walks of life all over The counTry. The organizaTion was founded To inculcafe among iTs membership a finer spiriT of loy- alTy, acTiviTy, and fellowship To- ward Their Alma MaTer: To develop The highesf ideals of conducT and manners: and To promoTe a close frafernal bond Through means of carefully selecfed associaTes. In shorT, This social organizaTion's goals are "DependabiliTy, Kind- ness, and SinceriTy." The fellowship's members were The founders of l.F.C. and had iTs firsT presidenf, Phil Underwood. Garland Rigney, anofher member, is The firsT Unifed Sfudenf Body PresidenT. Prospecfive members musT be aT leasf second-quarTer freshmen and will be voTed on by all of The acTive members. Two dissenTing voTes shall be sufficienf To bar a candidaTe from membership. There is a period of several weeks in which candidafes and members become acguainfed, wiTh periodic voTes by all mem- bers. This specific Time is enjoyed by members and candidaTes alike and ends wiTh The inducfion of new members. Because of The facT ThaT iT is a social organizafion, The week ends are usually devofed To such endeavors. Combo parfies as well as smaller parfies are The rule. CosTume parfies are held periodically Throughouf The quarfer wiTh differenf Themes. The high poinf of lasT year was The 25Th anniversary. W. S. Brooks l'44l, one of The founding brofhers, was The guesf of honor and The enfire weekend was devofed To This celebrafion. A banqueT, cockfail parTy, and combo parTy were main aTTracTions wifh "breakfasT aT The bar" on Sunday morning. The annual picnic Harding Avenue .... Firsf Row: C. H. Marfin, Jr., Treasurer: M. L. Aliff, Secrefaryi O. S. Woody, Presidenfq Mix Beck, Vice Presidenf. Second Row: J. F. Canfwell, H, S. Unruh, L. B. Robison, Vv'. l-l. Gordon, W. P. Vinyard, Jr., E. C. Silver ll, J. W. Nefhers, R. D. Clark, F. l-T. Bowen, B. E. Collins. NoT Picfuredz R. N. Anderson, J. Gearhearf, E. W. Greene, M. G. Rigney. P. Underwood. is anofher anficipafed evenf. IT is felT ThaT such funcfions are noT defrimenfal To a sTudenT, buT help him in developing info a well-rounded individual. Though This is a social organizaTion, malor emphasis is also placed upon oTher acTiviTies for The benefif of The communiTy as well as The UniversiTy.,A few examples of These consisT of collecTions for The Nafional l-learf Fund, Chrisfrnas Parfies for Underprivileged Children, and specifically an award of Honor- able Menfion in The collecfion for The March of Dimes. Academic progress and achievemenT, The major reason for our being aT Virginia Polyfechnic lnsTiTuTe, are also sTressed. 1 Q E 1 . . . 223 Cl"'C 5'lVeV d"3W"'9 one 'FO' San'-l5 W00dY- Walfon ScoTT Brooks affending 25Th Anniversary Banquef as one of The four founding broThers. Brofhers and dafes enioying a break a+ a Formal Dance. Brolhers fake over band a+ Formal Dance. The brorherhood was founded as a dorm club in l96O. Growing Jroo large for rhe dorm, The organizalion moved info rown. The club is one of four l.F.C. charrer members. Now locared ar IO7 Turner Srreer, The club offers a varieiy of social acliviries ro supplemenr school funcrions. Parries are one rype of acriviiy, wirh rhree or more dance weekends a quarrer. Homecom- ing is rhe big weekend Fall Quarier. Winfer finds Jrhe Formal Dinner Dance and Zela Wild Wesr weekend. The year is rounded off in spring wirh an informal dinner dance and l.F.C. weekend. The club is also aciive in lnrramural Sporis, winning rhe rown fool- ball championship 'rhis pasr fall and parlicipaiing in mos? major sporrs in orher seasons. The club also provides a srrong brolherhood lor The members. The brorhers of rhe club all exhibir a willingness lo work and beller The organizalion. The club offers a broader social life ro round off rhe academic life ai' Va Tech. Carioons and characfers . . . 107 Turner Street .... IQ? ff if is Firs+ Row: G. L. Boone, Secreiaryg G. W. Simmers, Treasurer: M. R. Wiffersheim, Presidenlg T. H. Dunningion, l.F.C. Presidenr. Second Row: J. Kemper, M. H. Scheulke, M. C. Whilaker, J. Guiz, -X E. C. Sfaniey, F. R. Shield, Third Row: D. Brammer, J, Hodges, E. Simpson, R. Pelera, S. Sirles, M Kerville. No+ Picfuredz T. Hockycko, D. Isaac, L. Bell, N. Williams, R. Moore, B. Anderson, B. Tro baugh, M. Bales, J. Peacher, D. Moore, B. Flickinger, J. Green, W. B. Wood, T. Smoof, N. Morris E. Throckmorion, J. Amrhein, R. Maginiss, L. Johnson. l , . 1 e A Ecsfacy and rebuilding . . 5 il iif Q is AQ ! I' W5 I 1 - I s Q. In ,XXX g fix .Tai in Facing IIO Church STreeT af nighf. An aTTerparTy during Fall Formals. EsTablished as a dormiTory club in The Tall oT l957, The origi- nal organizaTion, as such, was sancTioned by The adminisTraTion oT V.P.l, As a dormiTory club, The organizaTion parTicipaTed in many school TuncTions and occasionally won a liTTle prize money Tor iTs eTTorTs. Some oT The iTems ThaT belonged To The dormiTory club are sTill in use by The presenT TraTerniTy. ln April oT l96l They acquired a corporaTive charTer Trom The sTaTe oT Virginia. Some oT Their purposes, as sTaTed in The by-laws oT The corporaTe charTer, are as Tollows: Al To conducT a broTherly organizaTion ThaT will promoTe The highesT morals and ideals among iTs members. Bl To cooperaTe wiTh, and encourage, parTicipaTion oT iTs members in all phases oT campus liTe aT V.P.l. Cl To lease and mainTain a house Tor The use and comTorT oT The corporaTion. ATTer aTTaining The charTer, The broTherhood renTed a cabin aT ClayTor Lalce. The cabin was used as a place To hold parTies on The weekends and oTher social gaTherings. In The spring oT I963 They leased whaT was Then Jones' Funeral Home To be used as Their house. The money used in securing The lease The resulTs of much worlr and cooperaTion among The broThers. 110 Church Street .... FirsT Row: R. S. Miller, Member aT Large: G. K. TenBroeclc, Treasurer: L. W. Perkinson, President B. C. Geri' man, Vice-PresidenT: G. F. FuTrell, SecreTary: J. R. Fox, SerqeanT aT Arms. Second Row: C. R. Toler, K. W Vandenbroelc, B. R. WhiTe, N. Solowow, W. L. Seiver, A. L. ShiTTleTT, J. B. Carine. Third Row: G. M. Monger R. W, MaCanna, C. E. Evans, P. N. Thompson, J. R. STora, J. L. STevens. NOT PicTurecT: J. WinTers, G. Slemp, B. Brown, M. Seivers, R. BenTon, R. Powell, J. Podlesney, R. Romain, H. VoigT, R. SouThern. was raised during winTer guarTer I963 when The coaliTion spon- sored a "BroThers Four" concerT in Burruss Hall. Since moving inTo Their house, aT IIO Church STreeT, They have ToTally reworked The inTerior. Each guarTer a new prolecT is assigned The new broThers To improve The house. In The noT-To-disTanT TuTure possibiliTies oT a new house are being considered. During each school year There are evenTs ThaT have become a TradiTion. Fall guarTe,r is The home- coming weekend, incorporaTed wiTh The school's Homecoming. ln The spring is The annual parenTs' weelcend. Finally, The broTherhood is sTriving To improve iTselT Through greaTer cooperaTion in campus acTiviTies and communiTy Tunc- Tions. They are also Trying To raise The academic level oT Their broTh- erhood by providing an environ- menT conducive To academic achievemenT. f- - Firsi Row: R. Johnson, SecreTaryg T. Johnson, Corresponding SecreTaryg S. M. Law, PresidenTg D. G. Alecander, Vice-President K. M. Miller, Treasurer. Second Row: J. Houska, J. C. GarreTT, SergeanT aT Arms: D. MaThias, PledgemasTerg S. Gimpleson, C. A. LaBarbera, l.F.C. RepresenTaTive: H. M. Funai, W. Williams, SocieTy Chairman: W. Desmond, J. P. O'Connell, C. HurT, D. Chilman, House Chairman: C. PeraTino, W. Shelburne. Pineapples .... A common misconcepTion abouT OTT-campus social organiza- Tions has been The belieT ThaT The clubs are de'dicaTed To The shallow ideals OT consTanT drunkenness and parTying. Our BroTh- erhood, since iTs concepTion in I962, has been dedicaTed To high ideals. The group is a dynamic and many-sided organizaTion. Each guarTer, pledges become broThers and some broThers become alumni. Each quarTer, we Search Tor new ways To Till The social gaps, be iT a pilgrimage To U. N.C. Tor a ball game or a grain parTy wiTh one oT our neighbors. lnspiTe of The consTanT Turnover in broThers and our seeming preoccupaTion wiTh social endeavors, The "pineapples," like all oT Tech's oTher unrecog- nized broTherhoods, are proudesT oT our spiriT and lasTing Triend- ships. We can look on developmenT and be conTidenT +ha+ The TuTure will be brighT. We Teel conTidenT ThaT we and our cohorTs will have a long TuTure oT prosperiTy a+ Virginia Tech. 5 "Hell's Angels" Theme ParTy Fall '65. 5 Mixed Work and Play-A happy hour affer Friday's cleanup. 226 Firsi Row: T. Sfarbuclc. Secrelaryg T. Wachenfield, Second Vice-President J. Flowers, Sergeanf al' Arms: P. Jennings, Firsf Vice-President B. King, Treasurer. Second Row: J. Mulligan, W. Roberrson, C. Franz, Sweelhearlq F. Waliord, D. Thompson. Third Row: W, Waddell, T. Sheehan, D. Fowler, G. Corley, S. Corbell, B. Paine, T. Slriclcler. Fourih Row: T. Hanley, B. l-lalchell, T. Fisher, J. Oberholher, R. Zehmer, M. Richards. Fif+h Row: D. McNamara, G. l-life, T. Kern. if . 400 Progress fr-rf'e . rinr H J M f ' r i p , A House on Progress Sheet A Street . . . This brorherhood was founded by eleven V.P.l. undergraduares in +he Spring of l96l. The charler members believed 'rhal' 'rheir or- ganizalion should be made up of a cross seciion of ourslanding men from all areas of collegiaie life ar V.P.l. The resulr has been a srrong brolherhood composed of srudenrs wilh divergenr views and varied social. economic, and geographical backgrounds - all held rogelher by lhe realizalion Thai, no maHer whal our beliefs and background may be, we can all beneiir greally learning, worlc- ing. and socializing Jrogerher. The brofherhood believes in noi only frying consianlly 'l'o improve iiself, buf also The communily in which we live-The Town and rhe school. lr has, in i'rs shorl life, in- cluded many campus leaders-a C.S.B. President a Class Presi- denl, Corps Officers. a Coiillion Club Presidenl, Cacler and Ci- vilian Senarors, er cerera-as well as provided leadership in such ac- 'rivilies as 'luforing local high school sludenls behind in +heir worlc. Ai 'rhe same Jrime, rhe broihers firmly esrablished a mem- orable series of annual parries- homecoming-alumni day. Chrisi- mas parly, winier Term roaring 20's parly, Tech Fesrival Parenis' Weekend. and Ring Dance beach pariy a+ Claylor Lake. l Hell Nighf , Whaf's in Sfore nerd? The Bar: complefe wiih grinning Bri- ihay. 227 '-gr S -S T X . A A A A 6. Sam Crumpler EG Armstrong B. Hansborough Phil Eddy Treasurer President Vice President Secret ary -. S K , L Bill Thomas Sgtrat-Arms Don Pavell Pledge mas ter L -g. X ,, -. .. Doug Langmack 11 Len Angle John Fedors 'ez Q, N., r , i 'ma Darrell Dalkin s 5- 'gs' f1issss,Qwwse,:e.- 2 ,,. gf- 'aj Q Q, ', x , . J kj Jim Arnold Harold l-luclgins Frank Long Bob Nelson John Morgan Skip Todd Tom Mullikin , 9 x f N X' ' " T K XL If -- X is sf T A r Doug Wylie Frank Ribar Harley Parkes Lee Knott Southgate Leigh Ed Ruark Don Ahlstrand vi -use A , .sq K A-Os . s 2: Y A we f 9-ff l-Ll A T lloo 3 is XS-we S T h lil' W -, S Paul Goad Fred Vaughan Seiji Tsunoda Sandy Taylor Jug Bolling Chuck Varney Buck Miller 405 Roanoke Street .... This Tellowship was iniTiaTed in i956 by members oT The Shadow Lalce Club. The Shadow Lalce Club was Tormed in I947 by World War ll VeTerans who realized a need Tor a supplemenT To The social life aT VPI. They renTed a cabin aT Shadow Lalce where They held Their acTiviTies and social evenTs, In I956, The members decided To converT To a broTherhood and a consTiTu- Tion was wriTTen, Since The cabin had been abandoned and no house had been obTained, The TirsT meeTings were held in PaTTon l-lall. ln January, I958, They moved To Their presenT address aT 405 Roanoke STreeT. Through The years, The broThers have worked hard To build an ouTsTanding social house. Through The addiTion OT a basemenT, a color Television, new TurniTure, and generally comTorTable living condiTions The broThers have sTrived To obTain a Triendly, home-like aTmosphere and Tor This aTmosphere To be exTended To Their guesT and daTes. Each quarTer The broThers hold several social evenTs which conTribuTe To The well-rounded aTmosphere OT educaTion and social enioymenT. The Tellowship has parTicipaTed in such civic acTiviTies as The l-learT Fund Drive, sponsor oT The ChrisTmas ParTy Tor Underprivileged Children, and The TuToring oT below average high school sTudenTs. IT has also become TradiTional Tor our members To decoraTe The College Boolc STore every Horne- coming. FirsT Row: F. Robinson, Pledge MasTer: T. Horkan, SecreTaryg J. Kincheloe, PresidenTg J. Funkhouser, Treasurer. Second Row: F. Lazzuri, B. Windle, B. l-lancock, W. Groseclose, B. Pannell, M. WhiTe, R. EarnesT, B. Reynolds. Third Row: S. MisTr, R. Rogers, P. NoTTingham, D, Farrell, R. Gailes, J. 408 Roanoke Street Formed in l958, This organizaTion has broadened iTs acTiviTies To oTher aspecTs oT sTudenT liTe. The organizaTion now conTrib- uTes widely To communiTy and academic liTe. CommuniTy parTici- paTion is highlighTed by collecTion OT money Tor l-learT Sunday and The ChrisTmas ParTy Tor underprivileged children sponsored by The l.F.C. Academics are sTressed ThroughouT The year Tor Two reasons: lll broThers are oT liTTle aid To The organizaTion iT They are noT in school and i2l academics are an imporTanT TacTor in The 'awarding oT The annual l.F.C. Trophy ldenoTing The ouT- sTanding organizaTion on campusl. An acTive social calendar is Topped by The Tall Cabin and ChrisTmas ParTies, The winTer ParenTs' Week-end and Toga ParTy, and The spring Picnic and Shipwreck ParTies. This broTherhood was Tounded in l958 by Tive sophomores Trom D Squadron. These sTudenTs TelT The necessiTy Tor a greaTer social liTe Than ThaT which was presenTed Them. AT The beginning oT winTer guarTer, l959, The TirsT serious sTep in The TormaTion was Taken, a consTiTuTion was drawn up, and The presenT colors oT blue and whiTe were esTablished. ln I96O, The broThers decided ThaT an OTT-campus house was essenTial To Their TuTure. Thus, The cabin aT Shadow Lake became . Robinson, it Q T. Horken, SecreTary J. Kincheloe, PresidenT J. Funkhouser, Treasurer F Pledge MasTer M. Foley, Vice-Presidenf lNoT Picfuredl Combo ParTy in recenfly finished basement CarlTon, F. T-larrower. J. DeBell, J. Hamm, G. Camalier, L. Brooking, C. WainrighT, G. Goulding, F. Kopriver, T. EETT. NoT Picfured: M. Baker, M. Foley, J. Korman, R. Lindon, C. Lowry, T. Poole, R. Tyler, S. Teel. D. Garnish. lNondescripT pledges holding CresT.l Their TirsT house. The cabin became inadequaTe and in The winTer oT l962 The presenT house. aT 408 Roanoke STreeT, was pur- chased. The organizaTion presenTly consisTs oT l52 broThers and is headed by Two ouTsTanding TaculTy advisors. Dr. RoberT BenoiT oT The Biology DeparTmenT and ProTessor James T. Lucas oT The Business DeparTmenT. The broThers Teel ThaT The year I966-T967 has been one oT The mosT producTive in iTs hisTory. In AugusT oT l966 work was sTarTed on a much needed basemenT, The iob was compleTed by The TirsT week-end oT school and has been The scene of endless parTies since. During The same period a new group oT broThers moved inTo The house and did a superb iob oT remodeling Their respecTive rooms. The Super Bowl came on January I5 and The broThers decided They had To see iT in color, so on January I3 They boughT a color Television. To conclude a successTul year, The broThers have a good-sized lead in The race Tor The l.F.C. Trophy. The broThers plan To conTinue. and hope To increase, Their conTribuTions To The academic. social. and communiTy liTe oT Vir- ginia Tech and The surrounding Blacksburg area. l Firsf Row: E. R. Madill, Treasurer: G. G, Markham, Firsl Vice-Presidenl: Benny Jeffery, Swee'lhearl: H. D. Goodrich, Presidenl: V. W. Snipes, Secre- lary. Second Row: R. L. Jellery, l-lislorian: L. Ellison, Sergeanl' al Arms: T. L. Alkins, l.F.C. Secrelary: W. Green, Parliamenlarian: A. D. Walsh, Pledge Masler: S. P. Dalrymple, Commilleeman al Large: J. T. Phillips, Chaplain: J. 108 pland Road .... Sfarling our as a dorm club in l96l, we made our firsl home al lhe 'rhen-popular resorl area, Shadow Lake. ln l963. we moved info our presenl 'rwo-slory brick house localed al IO8 Upland Road. This home away 'From home sleeps and leeds len brolhers year around. Recenlly repainled and remodeled, lhe house boasls wall lo wall carpeling and a unique card room liled and panelled complelely by The brolhers. The basemenl' is lolally soundproofed. liled and panelled, and furnished wilh a bar. aircondilioner and luke box. The living quarlers up- slairs are well furnished and provide more lhan an adequale sludy area during lhe week. The organizalion operales nol' only as a social oullel 'for ils members, buf more imporlanl, il' offers friendship and brolherhood. Among 'rhe founders of lhe l.F.C.. which is 'rhe governing body of all of 'rhe organizalions, 'rhis organizalion has worked for complele recognilion al Virginia Tech. The Organizalion also sponsors weekend dances and conlribules 'lo Tech Sled. lhe Hearl Fund. and olher communily cam- paigns. Clark. Third Row: K. Comlorl, M. L. Allder, P. D. Pellil, Housemanager: W. Seedlack, W. Mann, W. R. Fox, D. Danzer, G. Pollard. Fourfh Row: R. Summerell, E. S. Farley, D. Snapp, W. M. Snellings, P. Whilehead, W. Reed. Noi' Piclured: T. Chamblin, K. Marlin, P. A. May, J. Fleelwood, M. C. McQuary, W. Slimpson, B. Marlin, M. Loper, R. L. Gilley, E. R. Dunnavanl. G. G. Markham, A. M. Jeffery, T. L. Alkins, and W. Green enioy a cool 'few in fhe soundproof basement 230 Coal Bank Hollow Children's Christmas Parly by This group. The BroTher's house at 704 NorTh Main STreeT. FirsT Row: M. Slaymaker, Vice-President C. Alba, Treasurer: D. WachTer, Presi- denTg B. Leding, SecreTary, Second Row: 5. Borrero, B. Danlcmyer, G. Malone, J. Berez. Third Row: R. Miller, J. Hines, D. Hill, M. Brandon, D. Darden. Fourth Row: P. Dodson, J. Goode, l.. McVey, T. Crossan, D. Wirz, C. Burch. Noi' Pic- Tured: R. Bean, R. BurTan, J. Parks, B. Cravens, T. Bibbins, G. Godwin, T. William- son, J. Hess, J. Hoagland, J. Simonilc, E. Sellers, B. Burch, B. Browning, C. Cornish, J. GuyoT. The ideas oT brotherhood long have been a parT oT man and socieTy. From The republics oT The ancienT Greelcs To The democracy oT America. These concepts have guided man's spiriT and progress and led him on The paThs OT greaTness. WiTh These ThoughTs in mind, TiTTeen Virginia Tech sTudenTs banded TogeTher in The Tall oT I963 To Torm The TirsT local chapTer. OTher Than a place To go, an organizaTion such as This, provides uniTy and brotherhood. Their moTTo is "Many InTo One," and iT means iusT whaT iT says: A brotherhood oT men closely associated and selT-sacriTicing Tor each oTher. Their greaTesT asset is The sTrengTh oT The broTherhood. They parTicipaTe in everyThing Trom bridge Tournaments To spring break Trips To Florida and Nassau. Civic parTicipa- Tion has been a major TacTor wiTh The organizaTion since iTs birTh. A ChrisTmas parTy Tor needy children has been given The past Two years, along with help on The Blacksburg JC TloaT. The seven rings in The shield represenT allegiances ThaT should apply To everyone-God, counTry, sTaTe. mankind, Tamily, brotherhood. and selT. An organization such as This sacriTices Tor The good oT oThers and higher ideals. A brotherhood is one small buT imporTanT parT in The molding of a young man Tor The complicaTed world oT Today. 704 North Main Street . . . 419415. T" Irene Win, Jack Goode, and STeve Borrero enioy fixing dinner for children on Christmas. l i La Mona Ye olcl barlreeper John Friday nighT af+er parTy. McLaughlin sefs 'em up. 100 hureh Street .... This broTherhood, one oT The original social organizaTions associaTed wiTh The sTudenTs oT Virginia Tech, originaTed in The early l95O's, Previously a dorm club Trom Femoyer, The group Took residence aT IOO Church STreeT in l96O where iT has re- mained To This day. They are also a charTer member oT The I.F.C. The social evenTs which are considered mosT imporTanT To The broThers are Homecoming. in Fall QuarTer, and ParenTs' Week- end ancl T.E.K. weekend in The Spring QuarTer. Homecoming Tinds The broThers anxiously awaiTing The reTurn oT alumni and The renewal oT old Triendships. AT The Homecoming game The broThers are seen To be among The mosT spiriTed Tans lTronT row- 5O-yard line The lasT Two years in a rowl. Firsf Row: Ken Kloman, Mike Lucier, lan Refo, Bib Winslow, Bruce STaTham, Bob Crowder, Ross Hooker. Second Row: lseaTedl Eric Engberg, PresidenTq Cindy STaThan, SweeThearT: Mr. R. B. ProuTy, FaculTy Advisor: E. B. Archer, Vice-PresidenT: John Nanna, SecreTary: Jim Thompson, Treas- urer, Third Row: Mike Schwab, Dick Gregory, Mike SchwarTz, Bob Holmes, PeTe Cooley, Wes Hughes, MarTy Drees, Jack Sheehan, Marshell Rambeau, Roger Lovern. Ray Cybulski, STeve Downes. Jerry FriTz, Mike Price. FourTh Row: Henry Holeswade, John lrvin, STeve Ham, Mark Londner, John Mc- Laughlin, Jim Miller, Bill Emerson. NoT Pidured: Dennis Moody and Bob Dawes. ParenTs' Weekend, in early Spring, which was held Tor The Third Time lasT year, has proved To be one oT The mosT successTul exTravaganzas aTTempTed. MosT parenTs are genuinely inTeresTed in whaT Their son's college life is really like: and This weekend allows The parenTs oT The broThers To Tind This ouT. A good Time is had by all and many parenTs reTurn each year. T.E.K. weekend, which is held in May, usually Tinds The broTh- ers and many alumni leaving The house aT IOO Church STreeT Tor a cabin on some lake in order To celebraTe The ending oT The school year and The beginning oT summer. Many alumni aTTend This aTTair and Thus add To The merry-making. There are many oTher weekends ThroughouT The year which are imporTanT To The broThers. ParTies held on Tormals weekends and a ChrisTmas ParTy Tor The broThers are always eagerly aTTended. During many OT These and oTher remaining weekend The broThers hap- pily open Their doors To sTudenTs aT Tech. The house, which has Two parTy rooms, bar room, living room wiTh 25-inch color TV, baThroom, and kiTchen wiTh all TaciliTies, plus living quar- Ters Tor Ten broThers, is large enough To ac- commodaTe a good-sized crowd. The social TuncTion oT The organizaTion has anoTher imporTanT aspecT-broTherhood. This qualiTy is an essenTial componenT Tound in any good organizaTion. The broThers look upon each oTher as worThwhile Triends who may conTide in one anoTher and who work TogeTher. The broTherhood has developed a service TuncTion To maTch iTs social TuncTion. Fall Quar- Ter. They and Two oTher similar groups coordi- naTed a ChrisTmas parTy Tor needy children. Also, during Fall QuarTer They helped in The Tech Sled campaign. NOT only conTribuTing a considerable sum Themselves, They also helped in The collecTion Trom The residenTs oT Blacks- burg. In conclusion. iT may be said ThaT This or- ganizaTion aids in developing well-rounded ciTizens because The broThers become aware oT Their duTies. obligaTions, and responsibiliTies To each oTher. To The college, and To The com- muniTy, FirsT Row: Mary Anne Marshall, Joey Sillc, Mary Kay Gruenhagen, Sally Sfarbuclc IAIuml Second Row Linda Lawhorne Mar Ann T lc r . . : , y uc , Lynn Moo e, Rosemary Duncan, Gaye Iroler, Darlene Thomas. Third Row: Dr. R. H. Gruenhagen, Bobbie RoysTon, Kay Denson, Kafhleen Mundie, Molly Warriner, Candy Flagg, Lis Turner, Marsha McNeil, Sharon Topping, Mrs. R. H. Gruenhagen. Having The unique opporTuniTy of becoming The TirsT wom- en's social organizafion To exisT on The Tech campus was quiTe an experience for Those girls. IT was founded in The spring of I966 by six charTer members, and soon grew To a membership oT sixTeen when The girls of The firsT pledge class became sisfers. During spring quarTer, a consTiTuTion was formulafed and defi- niTe organizaTion of The sororify was begun. The sisfers also enioyed a hayride which was held iusT before exams. In The Tall of I966 Their many acTiviTies included a pledge- acTive parTy, a slumber parTy, and aiding oTher organizafions in Their conTribuTions of Chrisfmas gifTs for underprivileged chil- dren. Five new sisTers were also Taken in. The pin design was chosen and ordered during winfer quar- 712 S. Main Street .... FirsT Row: D. Dorlcen. T. H. DunningTon, T. Afkins. Second Row: M. Brandon, J. Mulligan, M. Balmer, J. Foley. Third Row: C. l.aBarbera, L, Ben Robison, M. Londner, B. Johnson. Roach Turner, 'Roach Sillr, Roach Marshall, Roach Flagg, Rosemary Duncan IsisTerl, Roach Warriner. FirsT Pledge Class of '66. Ter, I967. Also, The members helped wiTh The communiTy blood- mobile, raised funds by having a bake sale, and compeTed in inframural basIceTbaII. A banqueT was held in January To wel- come new members. The sisTers feel ThaT Their purpose is a sTrong one wiTh a defi- niTe place on The Tech campus-ThaT of encouraging and in- spiring sisTerIy feeling and cooperafion and Torming unselfish and loyal friendships among iTs members. In order To become a member of This seIecT group, a girl musT be aT IeasT a Third- quarfer freshman or second-guarTer Transfer sTudenT, have a 2.00 overall Q.C.A., and possess cerfain desirable personal qualifies. The able guidance of The advisors, Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Gruen- hagen, has been an invaluable aid To The sisferhood organizaTion. IFC The IFC was organized To coordinafe The funcTions and supervise The acTiviTies of The various social organizaTions aT Va. Tech. IT accomplishes These goals by seT- Ting sTandards, organizing compeTiTions, and conducTing proiecTs. Some of The ac- TiviTies of The IFC are The inframember compeTiTion Tor The highesT QCA, IFC weekend, publishing a newspaper. organiz- ing members for Tech Sled, and presenfing a unified fronT in The goal of recogniTion of The member organizaTions. The mem- bers each have one represenTaTive in The IFC. F' H, if A .in 'K 'x Y ., P if-5? H U '19 J xxx? 2 I fa ' ., 8 My sf . Q. 1 :fi , wi i ' . 1 Y 54. War ' - ,. -1-G, ,, gh A A N. 0 fm if H .. 'ina-+':,-A1V 1 Q Yi mf -rffwliffw gegv A y ,r JZ, , ? Id Af ' 3 3 2? ' 1 -, . 'W , Q, ff 3' "T if ai" f 1 3 . sp-, - Q -g ,, f k .su , 1lf N? jg i Qi A , . . Vi " H, V ""'f'r I'u?'.. 'A "W "Q ' Q' ' 7 Y' ' 1 ,y MSA Q, 'f R, T K v it K? 'Lg 4, it ,H ix J W ' .V kk fit, 3 Q .f f-5 fi, msn if wa ff -4 ' cw K-1 vw r 4. A 'V '- . K' z 3, , X 1 .pw fs, f , .-.4-mg! Pa - 1.w.w - ,, V 2 , , A f M V.-4. . ' , ' M32 fwfsf' Q -ff Q is-12. Clif A52 gi A -5-Q " 3 , fi.-im' ' gm K Qm, X ' 1 Q55 nfl!! 4-' 1 ' ., "' 'fkkiew ' " 'T rf.. 544' f' Q f 1 fl-far .LQFA 'Yew' f" A." U ' 4' 55' W ' 'Q K 4 if . . ' Ji W " 5 B - , 1 , A A fr, V ', 6 ' . U' 'U 1 '. n , 6 M M 1 Haig? af In 'Qu U It Q 5 - gg , . . . nik . qua ESO fu K 1 1 sf ' Q' 'Q , E' l M ' ,f . ? Q 'L 'gg - ' . 1 .' 5' f 5 , ,, E 5 'rg 44:2 ' . x' , ' 4 QW v 4 7 V :ggi fi fhav., . :ly A, Qs? V164 ' V '19 M i vice Y' V ., , fx T z A 5981 ? ' ' . yvas, 4 9' Ni A w:"4?3.'!fm 7 IE' ' fi f J' A 2' " V A 5 ., ., 'Q' " 5 'V iff'- 'm "' JSM, Je! ,fi A , ""'3, FZ iw in: 3 ,f 1 ,iii Q At? 'Jil ice! 4 1 f .4 Q y W" h ' iff' , A,-I A I A .J . -4 - mf A31 , ' V nd 1, an .lsanxi ,V V 1 :. ' ' rf YJ, my K X A H, ff H1 M , ying: I I ,W M' kr' Yi' Z, ww. W at r , 3 girly h,,,,.55 ' I 4 QM d Y, 5,394 2ab1 A 1 lk .w V ggi' -N ' QQ ff ,V ff ., - ' if 'Q ' '15 f , f 55? ' . Q? YQ, 2 ,, A Q ,wi f i Q fi? K ., lil, :M wx F , LL 3 4 " . f . , , F T 1' Q if H E21 f. -hz: L. i Li 3 A Q ' ' i if A t b , . Qc! V ur - Af f -. K I' ' 1 Q ' fi ,W'? if Q-' ' ff, .Q if r. , 1+gfu . , gmvx K . . fx 'A J- , x .Ak ,sf -' . ,, 0 .'A,.: . 4 QS NS? ik R 1 aff, Q 1 5' Mx , i 4- 4 W f 0 s i f fi 'f I Exp,-Q7 V .1 ,?'i X ,X N ik 'WI 1' vs ff ad ,k Q . I, , kY"'Xjv S ! Q ' 1 ' w Q K Q A N1 f."Xf 42 F' .1 x' 2 ff.-" E: u'g'6?k is ffxixilltixil fiwg Q34 Tx 'Q as V 53,1 ,f tgtsgylfil. X f f f A l K, 732 J 'iw .,1 .QVQM 52, ,H A. 'F.:""'i, 'N' ft: xx. sf f 9 x 'M' , x " yy' Q 5 af q, MQ ,I B", ' ',g3T'1,2Nicfif" rx' 3' 'HX X, 'eff' 5 x Q : Q ,1 X Q Fw ,L .-, ,L xx , .nf Q sf f JI55' N 9 rfbgn 4 fx I fi' X , ff , gg FA52! ,x E 5 3' 4: 'f ' L jg I, 5, . X 5 if X: B, A ff 55,342-xiii, Q-Axyy nn. 5 x I 4, r ' "4 .X "vt' 'xx-f ,ti 13' ,I 'f ',' Q sf ixfsivflfx 'f'Qg3bg",-Niflysgf-A f " x . .. X. , , 1 :QRS 'ik XC' "J: 4? " xy,a 4. fl,.'iN",.fc, ., Q,-,, V ,r .,, if sw, I S. wiv ' I '4 R E S I wk! 9 8,541 X f X 4' M WMA Elm a J Va X195 f ' ,rf " 'xv XX wg . 5 8, 2' .'?3"'1Q:+3,fi f., Q A tm 5 six, Physical Training is an acTive parT of The Corps. Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets This year The Virginia Tech Corps oT CadeTs has expe- rienced a year oT conTinued change and progress. AlThough The Corps has conTinually diminished in size over a period oT The lasT Three years, The gualiTy oT iTs members has guiTe evidenTly improved. The Treshmen who elecTed cadeT sTaTus This year saw obvious changes made while They were undergoing The "raT sysTem." The Virginia Tech Corps OT CadeTs consisTs oT one cadeT regimenT which in Turn is made up oT Two baTTalions and Two groups. The sixTeen companies and squadrons, plus Band Company and The AThleTic Company, give The enTire Corps a sTrengTh oT I3OO men. The Corps is commanded exclusively by cadeTs wiTh The advice and assisTance oT The CommandanT. The DepuTy CommandanT, and The Tour As- sisTanT CommandanTs. By means oT a sTricTly adhered To chain oT command, The Corps is a highly eTTicienT miliTary organizaTion. The purpose OT The Treshman sysTem is To seT The incom- ing Treshmen iniTially on an equal TooTing. Accordingly, The "raT" is subiecTed To a raTher disciplined liTe, and is ex- pecTed To assimilaTe in a relaTively shorT Time The essence oT miliTary living, ThroughouT his college career The cadeT conTinually accepTs TurTher responsibiliTies unTil his senior year when The responsibiliTy oT running The enTire Corps becomes parT oT his duTy. The Gregory Guard performs during The Homecoming Parade. SQNMM Beginning wi+l'1 flue Winier Quarfer, Hie freshmen no longer 'Found 'rhemselves in rhis uncomforfable posifion. The Regimenfal Adiu+an1 observes The line of march a+ a review. Cadels wafch wifh inieresl as fellow cadeis +alre par? in fhe physical fesfing program esfablished by +he Army ROTC Defachmenf. 5 M.- T I fl' sz B-RIG. GEN. MARION W. SCHEWE CommandanT oT CadeTs COL. THOMAS M. LARNER DepuTy Commar1danT The Commandant of Cadets Brigadier General Marion W. Schewe assumed The duTies oT CommandanT oT CadeTs aT Virginia PolyTechnic lnsTiTuTe in July OT l96l. This year will marlc The end oT six years oT duTiTul leadership by The general. Under his guidance The Virginia Tech Corps oT CadeTs has grown wiTh The expanding universiTy, and has meT The challenge oT The changing Times. Gen. Schewe's impressive record as a miliTary man began when he was commissioned as a 2nd LieuTenanT in The Uni+ed STaTes Army Reserve upon graduaTion Trom The Uni- versiTy oT Nebraska. ThroughouT his Army career he as- sumed many command posiTions. In AugusT l955, he loe- came ChieT oT STaTT, V Corps, U.S. Army Europe. Following posTs in The Far EasT, Gen, Schewe assumed The command oT The U.S. Army Garrison, ForT Polk, Louisiana, remaining There unTil June I959, aT which Time he was reassigned To The DeparTmenT oT The Army General STaTT in WashingTon and assumed The duTies oT DepuTy AssisTanT ChieT oT STaTT Tor Reserve ComponenTs. This is buT a porTion OT his re- marlcable career. IT is wiTh sincere Thanks and a Teeling oT regreT ThaT The Virginia Tech Corps oT CadeTs bids Tarewell To Gen. Schewe. The Corps has beneTiTed greaTly under his guid- ance. MR. ELMER H. CREASEY SecreTary To The CornmandanT m,m m W Jian THE COLOR GUARD Each year +he Corps of Caders presenrs many colorful reviews and ofher various parades and formafions. Of course, an inreqral parr of +hese funciions is fhe Color Guard. The Color Guard con- sisrs of five junior color corporais, who are chosen on The basis of rheir proficiency in nnilirary bearing. The Color Guard is always made up of ihe sharpesr iunior caders 'ro be found in Jrhe eniire Corps, and ir is quire an honor ro be chosen for rhis posirion. 239 ici 5 RANDY W. SINCLAIR Cadef Colonel Re imental taff The Virginia Tech Corps OT CadeTs is organized inTo one regimenT OT approximaTely T300 men. The Corps is enTirely run wiThin iTs own organizaTion, and ThereTore needs able leadership To survive The baTTeries oT problems which presenT Themselves ThroughouT The year. This year The posiTion oT RegimenTal Commander was held by Randy W. Sinclair, an able miliTary leader as well as a leader in universiTy-wide acTiviTies. Second-in-Command was Erick S. Johanson, who perTormed The duTies oT ExecuTive OTTicer on The regimenTal level. All oT The oTTicers who made up The RegimenTal STaTT This year were leaders OT The highesT caliber. ConsequenTly. The Corps experienced many new changes ThroughouT This year which undoubTedly improved iTs organizaTion and main- Tainance. The RegimenTal STaTT works in coniuncTion wiTh The CommandanT and The RegimenTal Special STaTT in Torm- ulaTir1g Corps policy. IT Talces a rare combinaTion of individ- uals To worlc TogeTher in such a way as To come up wiTh a highly organized and eTTicienT cadeT corps. This year The Corps was TorTunaTe To have such a rare combinaTion. ERICK S JOHANSON JAMES L. BLAHA RICHARD N. KNAPP CadeT LieuTenanT Colonel CadeT Malof Cadef MBTOF A ' M-mm, REGIMENTAL STAFF-Firsf Row: R. W, Sinclair. Second Row: R. N. Knapp, E. S. Johanson, J. L, Blalva, M. M. Underwood, W. A. Mounf- casIIe. MARVIN M. UNDERWOOD WILLIAM A. MOUNTCASTLE Cadef Maior Cade+ Maior fr. 51:51 52 I L , J- 2 if ' MICHAEL N. MATTON Cadei Major REGIMENTAL SPECIAL STAFF-Fronf Row: M. N. Mellon. Second Row C. H. Linihicum, T, H. Graves, A. P. Schusl, J, L. Smilh, J. D. Johnson. f ,fwfr ni ,.,f :. - af Regimental Special taff Regimenlal Special Slaff is composed of lhe Comman- dan+'s Aide. Scholaslics Officer, Chief Jusiice of lhe Honor Courr, Honor Council Chairman, Defense Alforney. and Prosecuiing Allorney. These posilions are pari of a separare siahf where each member can operare independenlly and mufually beneiif The Corps of Caclels. The members of 'rhe siahf carry our lhose Jraslcs which are subsidiary +o Regimenial Sfaff. and are essenrial lo Jrhe operalion of Jrhe Corps. Special Slalf is jusf a few years olcl, buf The exislence of such a unil' is necessary so lhal' lhe independenl raslcs of rhe srafl can be more elifeclively performed. Y--ww 'fp'-fig EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Left to Right: C. F. Phillips, R. G. Powell, J, R. Dixon, M. E. Olsen, T. A. Steel, E. B. Kitchen, C. A. Gibbens, D, C. Robertson, F. E. Zept, H. L. Keller. Corps Executive Committee The honor and respect ot the Virginia Tech Corps ot Cadets is maintained by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is made up ot representatives trom each class in the Corps, the treshman class also being rep- resented. Throughout the year the Executive Committee conducts investigations and inquiries in order to maintain the image which the Corps ot Cadets puts torth. This year as always, the Executive Committee remained a dominant intluence on the bearing ot the Corps. 243 Cadet 2nd Lt. Emmett B. Kitchen Chairman Cadet Capt. Donald C. Robertson Cadet Cpl. Talbot A. Steel Vice Chairman Secretary The Virginia Tech RegimenTal Band is The pride oT our universiTy. IT is also The TinesT band oT iTs kind in The coun- Try. T-low many marching bands can TruThTully and proudly boasT ThaT They have won The honor oT besT marching band in Three consecuTive PresidenTial lnauguraTion Parades? In addiTion To being The TinesT marching band, The l-lighTy- TighTies also presenT The TinesT in concerT lisTening every year aT The annual spring concerT. This year, like every oTher, has been a rewarding year Tor The band. Viewers ThroughouT The sTaTe, and The sur- rounding sTaTes as well. have been Thrilled by The band's precision. The biggesT evenT oT The year was The band's appearance on naTion-wide Television aT The LiberTy Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee. Flawless perTormances were also carried ouT beTore The audiences aT The UniversiTy oT Vir- ginia and KenTucky. The members oT The band will never TorgeT Formals Weekend oT Fall QuarTer. The enTire band. wiTh daTes, was TransporTed To Williamsburg aT The express reguesT oT The TooTball Team-a rewarding experience, boTh Tor The band and The Team. Commanded by CadeT CapTain Charles O. Cornelison, The RegimenTal Band has This year experienced a year oT change, like all The oTher uniTs oT The Corps oT CadeTs. The Commander move Trom Lane T-Tall, The band's hisToric home Tor many years, was carried ouT wiTh a cerTain amounT oT regreT and CHARLES O. CORNELISON relucTance. EveryThing considered, however, This has been a greaT year Tor The T-lighTy-TighTies. Regimental Band Company The Regimen+al Band enTer'I'ains alumni before impressing The Ken- Tuckians. The 'Flag is lowered ai Lane Hall, Band Company's former home. . 4, 'ifgkf J T 2 T wif, 244 5 5 5- w YS .t . ix " 'gl 3 is G Q V-Qffgxgxsyv sl 5 'I 3 N N A I fx 1 s Q g 5 'S' UL Q Q alfa fUO'Y5'0 N fx, K jg 'K AF - - . -V Wkwwfw- A W . 000 AA Aff! 1 'Qfwh A 1' .2 , M , . ' ' ima: gi . I My g ' ' , l1 6 Q. ,lil , 'ff ffl 1824 Q'fsQms f?S,sfX 5' 4' ri 'Mas Q,9'5'2gTXf?ff' A N.. -wg.. N..-,N W.. A ...,,.,wM.,,.. .. M A, , . - L- ' X 4 ' ,v P 353'-6,5 S W S- filrx-14" "f!s'1X? , J 'B Band Day I966 . . . Tweniy-four high school bands perform for 'fhe Tech audience. Thomas Dobyns, High+y-Tigh+y's dedicaied direcior, con- ducis fhe Naiionai Anfhem. Hight -Tight Homecoming is kicked oFF wiih a salufe 'ro ABC-TV. f i 3 246 4 Q.. gt s n s',".n 1 Q w J Q",- ' Q' 4' n in Q an .uv Q 9? .N 3 i L! Cade+ Cade+ Cacle+ Cadei' Cade+ Cadef Cader Cade? CADET OFFICERS Capf. Charles O. Cornelison 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd Company Commander . James B. Sfarlx Execulive Officer . Hermann E. Frese Drum Maior L+. Arihur H. Burnei Adminisira+ive Officer Li. Larry D. Swindell Scholasfic Officer L+. Lonnie W. Brooks, Ill Public lnforma+i.on Officer . Hoy+ J. Sl1or'H' Plafoon Leader L+. John D. Irvin Plaloon Leader Pep Rallies . a combinafion of Higlrly-Tigl1+y and Universily spirif. PERFECTION . . . a iypical Highly-Tigh+y halffime performance. 247 ,. .3553 FIRST GRO P - ...Q M. in A 71 jg X ,... A KA , 'ifiki , Cr. ...4 STAFF Cadef L+. Col. Donald A. Davis Group Commander Cade+ Maior Roger A. Blevins Execufive OFFicer Cade? Capf. Clyde D. Bailey, Jr. Adiufanf Cade+ Capf. William M. Upsl-naw, Jr. Inielligence Officer Cadef Capi. Michael A. Meageaih Supply Ofificer DONALD A. DAVIS Commander Firsf Group Sfaff-Firs+ Row: D. A. Davis. Second Row: R. A. Blevins, C. D. Bailey, Jr., W. M. Uushaw, Jr. Noi Piciured: M. A. Megeaih. Q. wj5isx.,k ' Firsf Group 4. . .ai . J, . .. - . r kk X, X m L X we O X ' A 5s LT. COL. -D. P. BARNETT Assisfanf Commandanf passes in review. if i 4... . f wr, ,V 4 WAV. 4 ragga 2 J VU, 'Sz -,V . -f. V V . W VV f ' Af 5 Z f VVVW, - x ,V ,, I ,,,.,,mVM ,.,. J ' W ' P ' V V' 1 , . fe V ' WV 1 wfyylltfnqgmaggw .,V 1 K V,,. ,A M M my M VV . , ,,, Q -- as ' ' Q P :, U 1 -V My--V .. ,,,, M, V 1 ,,,V, 4 , Q XLVV A 'Vw V V V M- ,.,. , J V h. V V -- V I M ,5 VV, 2 .M NV' 1 ,P H 3 V ' 1 ' 1 2 V V VV 1 ,, V " . , , V V R EVQMV ,V V ry i A V Q 1 4 , V, ,x K, -f L A ,A ' f' ,ww ' ' 5, V ' - V" 'K x 4? - 5 A ' Y V W - I M, ' Y V Vi v -V Q V - ,LV ,Vg V I M G 6 I ,Kg RM VV I kk A R FL ff :Q 'W V 'Ve V , YN, V V W ' V 1 W -V f"' W--VV 5 1, ' it A V, F -43 ' L V V 8 4 ' S Y Q as v mf W V ' -if ff ii ki 1 :V 5 V L V 5 'f5f'ax,f,V 5' V, I V, ' V 2 it V. V- ' . 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W' V ' V R" ' ' - -J Za-V A -V Law? la ,V 2- -V ,V '- ,M fmjgw W V Q - V W, , qw, Q V V MQQZKEQ LV., ju --gJ,V,W,.Vi,5V'g,z V' -V f - 1 Vigriz H ' VV -- xi -A - y f' ' W ' lu: VW 1- - ' V- f " -I-qi V , H I Ay Lg , it 27 N f 1 V-,VV M: U V, 7 ,V W X U - VAI V w V- V Q . f V ' ji J ,QM jf Q , fwfff - 'fs'-41. . Vg, .,., V- ' W-'f", 4'FV ,fV!,,f we VMQ 4' ' -f V V- W 1 M, A Q 1" PW V ' V Q f 1 4 ' , - f- k 2 -,V '31, "N -1 L 'VW V "7 V ' V- f " W JVVWAV 'V ' i H1-'V V-V M ,. Q wf' V f' fs W? Q 'L .V f' ? 1 ,Y y T?" V-,AK-Q LW- A Q- ,, A Va 0 W 5 " JV I V ,- , wV M, 4 V V ' W 5 V W V . W' " -- My V - , , . X 'sr - ,V VV --V .V M L V I ,fy , . V M ' -+ MQ- . 'H L V - ' V 5 t A I ar - a,Vn , I VV VV, 7.26 Ld, ,www I , 17 kwVZ,NgyQ,,,,5a Ti N I Q K N E I I - fr , 4 MV, VL 'Muir' Q f I V MVC' V' -H153 5 A If 1 fy ZV, -xiii V , fr VYHEWK --A P755 I, 'f I I x , gigabit - -VVMK V X . A,,LfZf , V-Zfwingkr .V g 47 " . , M , a' ' an ,,QW:QfLV-'K Wi' V 4 V - Y Z V wg Vw jaw, V' V W4 -,mm - K M ,V - wi 9' W '- ' " ' '-W ' 'f 4 fm f ' ' , - ' V' 'v ' 'V I ff ' " V- -V . A ' ' 'M VV . f' V V' - -.M -en , V. Q . f -5-V V. V - V, VVV4n,-1- , , .V V . ,V - . V V-V. 8, WV -, ff' -v rm V V mf fi-V - ' VA ' A W 'fan V--. MWVVVVVV V WV T4 VV -V - --VV V if V R ' W -- f ggkj, 'M ' A, 5 ' ,jaw MW' B, , W 2 1 ' H V -4 Q, , fw 9 9 3 '7W,?Ta,,m,.,-,8fi7fV,,,,,Q'Q" g,gvg3,4f,Ax,,I5V-g.J'f- 1. V M W '--' Q "-aEV,yj-QiVJ- 'M' V ,V .wx ' -W ' f ' W' f ' ' ' ' 'W' W - 'ff-V 4 i' " " 4 V 4 VV Q V - 0 , 2 W .R ,HWY ,V,, A. , V .,,, ,fx W SVG. V, 1' I V 'Q 5 M f V, V F I V, V ' la, ,V A "Q - W - ' ' 5- Ww 2' am, ' via www, 1 HERE Early. J. W. Zerlcle. Third Row: J. R. Danielson, B. W. Berlcaw, E. M. Daniel. S QUAD RON EDWIN M, ALLEN Juniors-Firsi Row: R. F. Alley, Jr. Second Row: W. J. Aldriclw, S. H. Bullock, C, E. Anderson Commander Third Row: C. T. Boyer, J. F. Bays, C. L. Moravilz. Fourlh Row: C. S. Beaumonf, B. L. Allen, B. C Belyea. Noi' Piciured: J. G. Appel, H. W. Kallmeyer. 250 Seniors-Firsf Row: L. D. Meier, E, M. Allen, M. A. Megeallw. Second Row: J. T. Walker, J. R Squadron "A" prepares for dinner. "A" Squadron, Tormed in I872, has The rnosT impressive uniT hisTory in The Corps. ln i898 "A" Squadron, represenT- ing The Corps, won a compeTiTive drill in NorTollc, Virginia. WiTh The Trophy money Two cannons were purchased and donaTed To The Corps. "A" Squadron was The honor squadf ron in IQ63-64 and has won The ciTaTion cord more oTTen Than any oTher uniT aT The universiTy. Some oT "A" Squadron's previous members include: J. R. CasTleman, a World War l ace: SergeanT Earl Gregory, The TirsT Virginian To receive The Congressional Medal oT Honor: and, Maior Lloyd Williams, who gave The Marines Their moTTo, "ReTreaT hell, we iusT goT here." Sophomores-Firsi Row: K. M. Foley, R. H. Sedqley. Second Row: R. W. Ar+hur, E. D. LorTon, B. W. Beard, D. A. Day. Third Row: T. H. MiTchell, F. L. Linberg, J. H. Allen. J. A. Campbell. FourTh Row: P. J. Moser, R. E. Todd, C. J. SchulTz, R. A. Harley. Fiffh Row: L. A. Goodson, R. C. Forbes, F. G. Olde. Noi' PicTured: R. L. Colio. Freshmen-FirsT Row: T. L. Hinckley, R. M. ForsyThe, K. W. Benson. Second Row: M. J. Goldberg, G. D. Miller, B. C. James, P. D. Harr. Third Row: L. A. Adams, R. T. STaylor. J. P. Tice. Fourfh Row: J. A. Owen, W. S. Burnley lll, J. F. Judd, W. E. Spruill. Fiffh Row: J. S. Laqiewslci, J. H. Seward. SixTh Row: H. L. Curling, T. C. Snyder. NOT Picfuredz J. O. Dolan, R. A. ATkins, R. M. Buchanan, J. B. CheaTham, N. J. Proferes, B. C. Richard. dron X 'vu 9 EVHDXX SQUADRQN JONATHAN F. KLI MCHALK Commander 3 E' Sffeiyyf A C SENIORS-Firs+ Row: E. Blyflwe, J. Klimclnalk, R. Nau. Second Row: R. l-loll, l-l. Crocklord. Third Row W, Crisp, D. Clary. No? Picfured: R, Pelers, l-l, Vicinus. JUNIORS-Firsf Row: W. T. Blylhe, D. A. Colby, J. M. Coverslone. Second Row: G. 6. Cornwell, R. F Brown, L. R, Coke, J. L. Gill, l-l. B. Coslon. Third Row: P. A. Coleman, J. D. Coolc. A. l-l. Camper B. D. Ewing, H. L. Cook. Fourih Row: H, E. Cosfley, R. J, Melbourne, J. R. Comsia, M. E, Cooper M. A. Burnelle. Fiflh Row: T. F. Bullerfield, R, A. Crosby, F. B.'Coqswell. Noi Piclured: J. E. Burke J. J. Lowry. 252 Squadron "B" shares The disTincTion oT being The oldesT miliTary uniT aT Virginia Tech. Squadron "B" sTarTed ouT as Company "B" in l872, The year The college opened, and has conTinued To excell since ThaT daTe. The members of Squadron "B" Teel ThaT The goal oT liTe here aT Tech is To become a scholar, a genTleman, and mosT oT all a man. To aTTain This goal, a perTecT balance oT social, inTramural, exTracurricular, and miliTary acTiviTies musT be reached. As young men abouT To enTer The ever-changing world in which we live, we pledge ourselves To become ciTizens who will bring crediT upon our counTry, The universiTy, and ourselves. SOPHOMORES-FirsT Row: T. D. Taylor. Sec- ond Row: M. l-l. Jenlrins, D. D. ArmisTead, J. B. AuqusT, C. R. lbach, J. L. Donnelly. Third Row: A. J. l-leuss, E. A. STricl'ilancl, W. Cf. PeTerson, W. N. Bissell, D. E. Palmer. Fourfh Row: J. R. Dixon. C. G. Frayne, R. C. ArThur, R. R. Runlcles, C-. lol. Vaden. Noi' PicTured: T. G. Sheller, L. R. MarTin. CADET OFFICERS CadeT CapT. JonaThan F. Klimchalk Squadron Commander CadeT lsT LT. Richard E. Nau ExecuTive Officer CadeT 2nd LT. W. Hamilfon Croclcford AdminisTraTive Officer CadeT 2nd LT. HerberT D. Vicinus Public lnformaTion OFficer CadeT 2nd LT. William R. Crisp Scl'iolasTic Officer CadeT 2nd LT. RoberT N. HolT lsT FlighT Leader CadeT 2nd LT. RoberT L. Pefers 2nd FlighT Leader CadeT 2nd LT. Donald L. Clary AThleTic Olzficer FRESHMEN-FirsT Row: J. T. BerlcowiTz. Sec- ond Row: B. N. Rimm, J. C. Borden, J. B. Clare, E. L. STephenson, D. Edwards. Third Row: K. Bachman, D. T. Blount D.W.LawTor1, E. S. Taylor. FourTh Row: J. Paladino, E. K. Henry, M. Y. Jenlcins B. R. Gaarder. Fiflh Row: R. A. Davis, J. D. SinqleTon. NOT Pic- Tured: J. W. l-lowzdy, E. J. Cobaugh, M. D. Tipa. SQUADRO UWERS XE 4 'ZS L?'1'f'fa A ,-- SQUADRQN . J I SENIORS-Firs+ Row: K. B. Arflwur. Second Row: B. H. Fowle, J. R, Pearce, G. B. Davis, R. M, Fanney Third Row: S. R.Habeger, W. T. Mosser, N. V. Raymond. Four+h Row: J. H. Perkins, T. E, Bruck. Noi Picfuredz W. A. Aden. BERNARD H. FOWLE JUNIORS-Firsi' Row: R. P. Higuera. Second Row: C. D. Pefiey, J. S. Bacnman, J. S. Barkley, W. H Cgmmander Arrnsfrong. Third Row: S, F. Adams, S, G. Badow, R. A. Smallwood. Four+h Row: E. L, Bowen, J. B Babbs, R. H. Baslceif. Na+ Pidrured: M. P. Azola. B. W. Baird R. H. Barker, M. J. Booese, D. C Becker, D, W. Bradiey, D. L. James. 254 Mike Bogese succumbs fo an old Corps fradifion. "C" Squadron has received many honors and disfincfions in fhe pasf few years. Lasf year "C" was cifed as fhe mosf scholasfic Air Force unif, fhe besf all-around Air Force unif, and was presenfed fhe Beverly S. Parrish Memorial Award. The members of fhe "Golden C" have earned fhe righf fo be fruly known as "The fiqers of C." SOPHOMORES-Firsf Row: C. O. Gordon. Second Row: M. D. Hiaff, T. D. Lorifsch, K. W. Casey, E. J. Dunninq. Third Row: J. C. Holcomb, R. J. Olix, W. J. Bradley, L. C. Mc- Connell. Fourfh Row: J. R. Reale, G. L, Zirk, J. F. Krakower. Fiffh Row: W. E. Merkf, Cv. A. Levicki. Nof Picfured: 6. P, Lavinder. CADET OFFICERS Bernard H. Fowle Squadron Commander Kennefh B. Arfhur Execufive Officer James H. Perkins Adminisfrafive Officer Neil V. Raymond Scholasfic Officer William A. Aden Public lnfcrmafion Officer Roberf M. Fanney Isf Flighf Leader James R. Pearce 2nd Flighf Leader George B. Davis Afhlefic Officer FRESHMEN-Firsf Row: R. C. Thompson. Sec- ond Row: F, L. Morris, N. H. Jones, J. G. Leg- qeff. W. J, Barbour, R. W. Spence. Third Row: L. W. Sleeper, T, L. Dillard, B, C. Kidd, J. J. Peck, R. E. Carson. Fourfh Row: J. B. Black, J. G. Graves, C. H. Eiwen, R, E. Bonney, R. L. Combs. Fiffh Row: D. M, Cano, E. E. Hughes. W. E. Tucker, W. M, Smifh, D. C. Rowand. Nof Picfured: O. D. Wriqhi. SQUADRON DONALD D. DUVALL Commander SENIORS-Firsl Row: P. J. Traube. Second Row: J. P. Townsend, D. D. Duvall, F. R. Draudf. Third Row: M. S. Wlwilfield, P. J. Wilson, Fourlh Row: S. E. Eubanlcs, M. R. Jamison. 1-D- JUNIORS-Firsl Row: F, J. Monlavon. Second Row: W. F. Came, J. D, Crisl, L. G. Lawrence. Third Row: R. l-l. Taylor, M.C.Cuenin,W. l'l.Cra1T,Fourll1 Row: K. W. Lapin, M. B, Woods, B. G. Cassell. Nof Picfured: J. L. Clwrislensen, R. H. Clisclrn. Recognized lhroughoul lhe Corps as lhe unil mosl pro- licienl in mililary aclivilies, Squadron "D" is again lhis year "lhe unil lo bea'r" in The Firsl Group. No one is lougher in compelilion lhan is This can be lraced lo lhe hard-nosed discipline ol lhe men of "D," and lo lhe phe- nomenal sense of spiril, loyally, and brolherhood. Squadron "D" is nol conlenl lo resl on ils laurels, buf is again giving new 'meaning lo ils mollo, "Praebale Exemplumw-Sel' lhe Example." SOPHOMORES-Firsl Row: W. H. Ball, T. A. Barr, C. D. Beane. Second Row: D. D. Fire- slone, R. M. Holl, B. A. Brown, S. G. Clarlc. 1 Third Row: T. F. Hanilan, C. M. Houser, T. S. Thurmound, E. W. Blaclcwell.AFour'fl1 'Rowz H. H. Milchell, P. W. Spencer, C. W. Russ. Fiflh Row: J. C. Wallcins, J. C. Rice, W. F. Beverly. Sixll1 Row: W. A. Whaley. Noi Picfured: W. H. Willilord. CADET OFFICERS Cadel Capf. Donald D. Duvall Squadron Commander Cadel' Isl Ll. Philip J. Traube Execulive Officer Cadel 2nd L+. James P. Townsend Adminislralive Ofilicer - i Cadel 2nd Ll. Marion S. Whilfield Public lnformalion Olificer Cadel 2nd L+. Palrick J. Wilson Flighl Leader Cadel 2nd L+. Fredericlr R. Draudl Flighf Leader FRESHMEN-Firsl Row: C. W. Carlwriqhl, B. D. Weigel, D. L, Sprecher. Second Row: T. K. O'Brien, W. W. Krebs, D. P. Andberq, W. T. Vaughan, J. C. Crews. Third Row: M. W. Hildebrand, D. B. Andberg, E. R. Pillman, H. S. Sfory. Fourlh Row: W, J. lves, R. O. Jones, J. W. Marshall, R. F. Smilh, E. D. Dingivan. Fiflli Row: R. W. Anderson, G. D. Scheulen, J. G. Reed, D. S. Bishopp. Sixfh Row: M. R. Fernbaugh, S. J. Brandon. ' i l 'ram SECO D B TT L10 xl S' l......l I ef Q U,i W x ' ..:r'4 - U B? . g H 1 H. n my u. I I r.: .4 CADET OFFICERS Cadel L+. Col. David S. Bailey BaHalion Commander Cadef Maior Roberr C. Linihicum Execulive Officer Cadef Capi. H. Roger Anderson Adiulanf Cader Capf. Mickey R. Cunningham Infelligence Officer Cadei' Capl. Charles C. Walker Operaiions Officer Cade? Capt Kennelh A. Slrrivsefh Supply Officer DAVID S. BAILEY COL. ROBERT G. TURNER Commander Assislanf Commandani SECOND BATTALION STAFF-Firsi Row: D. S. Bailey. Second Row: C. C. VJalker, K. A Skrivsellw, M, R.Cunninql1am, l-l. R. Anderson, R. C. Linflwicum. An "H-' Company proiecf on a snowy Safurday affernoon. Km fl-" 258 ,g, MLW, ,.','f J'-W ' 1 if " V, f 4 if iww if uf 'V f A f,. f friz ggf f ,,,, V 2 'Wm ff,L , :A," f, , 11 W M, , . ,gm ,ff f O' nf f N 5 my ,J M if i f ML, ' AYW I zu Z5 W Q? f V,,A H i 5 X 1 5 45 an Q 1 W Q 6 v ,,, 31 :'1 qw f ",' f- ff W 4941? C? its SENIORS-Firsi' Row: H. S. Miles. Second Row: S. R. Carpenrer. E. B. Kitchen, J, K. Nelson. Third Row: E. J. Werhs, M. D. Vaughn. R. L. Cannaday. No? Picfuredz G, W. Board, J. R. Haue, L. M. Vaughan. COMPANY ..........- .... lf' . - img i Aki fl. JOHN K- NELSON JUNIORS-Firsf Row: J. W. Grubb. Second Row: B. J. Crosman, R. G. Hafclw, R. M. Harmsfad, C. P. Commander Davis, C. A. Gibbons. Third Row: R. C, Harris, J. T. Hanger. T. FX. Hefcner, J. M. Haqy, J. P. Dempsey. Fourfh Row: C. P. Forrest F. D. Haw S. W. Greer, R. F. Haynes, G. S. Harding, W. G.. Ferguson. 260 Reading The bulleTin board is an infegral parT of The Corps organizaTion. Organized in I893 as The TirsT baTTery in The Corps oT CadeTs, Company E conTinues in TracliTion and spiriT. This year They are wearing The BaTTalion Cord Tor achieving excellence in all phases oT cadeT liTe Tor The second consecu- Tive year as well as being The holders oT The "BaTTalion Broom Tor good housekeeping." Under The leadership oT J. K. Nelson and E. B. KiTchen, They are ouT To win again This year. 5'Ole E," as They have been called in The pasT, leads The Corps in oTher phases oT cadeT liTe. Though noT known Tor marching, They usually managed To place in The graded reviews. They are also responsible Tor leading The Corps in iTs Tamous l'laT Tricks aT The TooTball games. The men in Company E are always up To sornelrhing and RegimenTal STaTT is always up on TourTh Tloor oT Rasche Hall, buT Then Their moTTo "llligiTimus Non Carborundumu seems To rise To The occasion. SOPHOMORES-FirsT Row: J. L. Mead. Sec- ond Row: M. C. ZumwalT, A. J. Hayes, J. B. Byers, F. C. Nuckols, A. D. Pickard, Third Row: M. W, BaTes, D. M. Lanigan, C. T. Snellings, H. C, Walker, M. E. Gleason. FourTh Row: J. B. WriqhT, D. J. Cleary, W. B. Jones. J. H Whelan, B. A. Elmore, M. J. Giguere. CADET OFFICERS CapT. John K. Nelson Company Commander IST LT. Leigh M. Vaughan AssisTanT Corps Chaplain 2nd LT. EmmeTT B. KiTchen ExecuTive Officer 2nd LT. Marshall D. Vaughan AdminisTraTive Officer 2nd LT. RoberT L. Cannaday l Public InTormaTion Officer 2nd LT. Hugh S. Miles Plafoon Leader 2nd LT. George W. Board PlaT0on Leader 2nd LT. Sidney R. CarpenTer Honor Courf JusTice 2nd LT. Edward J. Weihs AThleTic Officer FRESHMEN-FirsT Row: S. C. Long, S. B. Francis, D. B, Shank. Second ROW: S. R. Ban- isTer, C. R. Dickenson, P. E. Turner, D. A. Crismond. Third Row: E. L. Meyers, J. G. Donn, J. J. Theis, L. A. Noriord. FourTh Row: D, D. Reynolds, T. S. Rees. T. K. Haqman, Cv. D, MonTioy, M. Ci. King, T. W. l-loysa, G. R. Brooks. FiTTh Row: C, A. Young, L. Alessan- drini, P. L. Lewis. QQ SENlORS-Firsf Row: D. R. Harry. Second Row: J. T. Phillips, F. D, Muire, J. C. O'Brien. Third Row' L. A, Wilson. R, G. Wingfield, D. E. Brann. Fourfh Row: R. H, Francie, R. L. Dorson, W. C. Peierson. COMPANY H' FRANK D- Ml-NRE JUNIORS-Firsf Row: R. A. Garqano. Second Row: W. T. Phelps, A. D. George, W. A. Fry, B. Dowinq Commander Third Row: B. L. Dickenson, A. K. Gilmer, R. F. Doly, R. R. Givens. Fourih Row: D. Gilliland, L. A Vecellicv, J, W. Donehower. Fifih Row: D, J. Gill, D, B. Russell, Noi' Picluredz H. E. Dix, E. W. Grifiilh 262 Joseph T. Phillips If I 0 n n nf 2. o 3 m n :- rn 5 ui an vi '2. 0 :s G. in """ o 0 Q. '01 0 1 'O' :r rn 3 sl: X wi 'U ..,. 5' i ' The members of Company F insisf lhaf lheir unif consisfs of only fine alhleles. accomplished loyers, and worlhy schol- ars. "F" is yery proud of ils fine herilaqe, and does nof aflempl lo hide The facl. The parficular pride of "F" is ifs unusual abilily in winning lhe Homecoming Display com- pelifion. The greafesl aim of lhe men of "F" is fo repossess fhe gold cord. My ,wma SOPHOMORES-Firsf Row: H. C. VanDylce. Second Row: R. H. Gass, R. W. Carlisle, R. H. Norlh, B. Klein. Third Row: D. Nash, W. A. Gray, E. D. Pierce, C. E. Roberfs, W. G. Sav- age. Fourfh Row: F. A. Henry, C. A. Willeams, S. R. Lush. Fiffh Row: J, W. Sfewarf, J. W. Campbell, Nol' Picfured: C. Jordan, M. Wafls, Cadef 2nd J. V. Consfanfine, W. lvl. Lindsey. CADET OFFICERS Cade? Capf. Frank D. Muire Company Com Cadef Isl' L+. Leon A. Wilson mander Execufive Officer Cadel' 2nd Roberf G. Wingfield Adminisfrafive Officer Cadef 2nd Roberf H. Franclc Scholasfic Officer Cadel' 2nd William C. Peferson Public lnformafion Officer Cadef 2nd John C. O'Brien Plafoon Leader Plafocn Leader FRESHMEN-Firsf Row: G. S. Anderson. S. J Wood, J. W, Miller. Second Row: J. lvl. Duparc, S. Pyle-s, R. C. Cross, G. L. Pick. Third Row: J. W. Holmes, 6. N. Marshall, J. B. Ed- monds, M. W. Hunf, H. E. Ridgeway. Fourfh Row: G. A. Francois, H. E. l-lamilfon, J. D. Kinnaird. Fiffh Row: J. P. Oliver, J. W. Webb, T. A. Loufhan, J. F. Blankenship. Nof Picfured: C. R. Ziclcafoose, L. W. Bull. COMPANY 3. LEONARD E. RINGLER Commander "Ik ,.f""r f' - .A SENIORS-Firsf Row: J. S. Risiier. Second Row: G. W. Griffin, L. E. Rinqier. H, R, Tiiornas, Third Row J. W. Zier, R. L. Hodges. Fourfh Row: A. W. Rhodes, L. P. Tanner. No+ Piciured: J, G. Nanna. r Z JUNIORS-Firsf Row: R. B. Holieif. Second Row: J. E. Hiii, C. F. Faqqari, G. E. Hicks, C. E. He-ailw Third Row: R. C. Henderson, M. T. lsrnaili, E. A. Herndon.Four1h Row: J. W, Helion, W. D. Hubbard M. J. Humpiwrcy. No? Picfured: W. R, Hooker, 264 G" indulges in iTs annual beer blasT. Since iTs Torming in l922, Company G has experienced Two disbandings and Two reTormaTions. Such liTTle pranks as sTealing The "Skipper" Trom The Old MiliTary Building, blowing ofT The end oT Rasche Hall wiTh TNT, and sTaking live goaTs in TronT oT The mess hall are Typical oT her Tun- loving members. However, This is noT To say ThaT Company G cannoT TuncTion eTlicienTly as a miliTary unil. She has long since Thrown oTT The nickname "RouTe STep DeTail," and has Tinished high in The baTTalion repeaTedlv. While proving herself as a proTicienT company, "Turner's Troopers" sTill keep in mind Their TaiThTully Tollowed moTTo: "Wine, women. and song." SOPHOMORES-FirsT Row: J, R. lnqe. Sec- ond Row: W. C. Jones, P. R. Roralaaugh, C. W. Kluqe. Third Row: B. W. Bergmann, J. T. Neale, C. F. Denmead. FourTh Row: J. D. Jen- kins. M. C. CarpenTer. NoT PicTured: J. D. Csuka, W. A. Sieiger, G. C. Wade, W. B. Cadel' I Wilkinson. CADET OFFICERS CapT. Leonard E. Ringler Company Commander CadeT IsT LT. Horace R. Thomas ExecuTive Officer CadeT 2nd LT. Joseph W. Zier AdminisTraTive Officer Cadel 2nd LT. George W. Griffin ScholasTlc Officer CadeT 2nd LT. John G. Nanna Plaloon Leader CadeT 2nd LT. James S. Risher Plafoon Leader FRESHMEN-FirsT Row: J. L. Piurkowsky, J. K. Jannev, T. E. Casey. Second Row: D. G. Buck, W. L. Ashlev, C. 6. Roe, J. C. Ramsey, Third Row: O. C. CrowTher, R. W. Fine, M. M. Hayes, D. R. KiTchens. Fourlh Row: W. E. Dwyer, P. C. Minor, S. J. Todd, P. H. Morrill. FifTh Row: R. P. Wendell, R. W. McClelland, J. H. Gilles, C. A. Odell, Sixlh Row: C. S. Napier, W.-H. Young, C. L. Harris, R. F. PeTTy. NOT PicTured: P. D. BurcheTT. is bn aw...l.1n 55 Nii K 4 1 'o 6 Y., 'U' D , A , 5' COMPANY SENIORS-Firs+ Row: B. H. Adkins. Second Row: B. D. Smifh, J. D. Wesf, R. L. Zirk. Third Row: L. V Alfer, F. H. Knack. Fourfh Row: J. A. Houck, W. D. Bradshaw, T. H. Blackweil. Fifih Row: J. B. Fink A. V. Kulis. Noi' Picfuredz R. J. Cross, J. E. Pierce. R, F. Seay, R. W. Smifh, C. L. Snyder, D. B. Sioner JAMES D' WEST JUNIORS-Firsf Row: K. A. Greene. Second Row: T. R. Wysor, T. H. Wofeki, F. E. Zepf, S. V. Givens Commander Third Row: F. L. Eargle, C. D. Fosier, W. A. Goodhari. Fourfh Row: P. F. Goad, R, V. Creasy. Fifih Row: J, F. Wneeier, R. R. Burgess. No? Piciured: P. R. Eusner, F. R. Younf. 266 Company "H" became a paru of The Corps out Cade-is in I922 as an lnufaniry Company of The Second Regimeni. ln l932, The Company became an Engineer Secrion, and in I934 The designaiion was dropped wiih a Corps reore ganizalion. Noi uniil I962 was any unil designaied "H" lexcepu The aHulel'ic company Tor adminisirarive purposes Tor a shori iimel. Since iis rebirih Tive years ago, Company "H" has earned many honors. In her Tirsl' year, Hue men of "H" won Hue Besr-in-BaHalion award, and since Then have had spirir and delerminauion second To none. The same award was ialcen again in her second year, and The nexr Three years loroughr Jrhree Besrein-Corps awards Tor Sophomore Drill Compeiiiion. Kohler Cup and Eager Squad Eirsr Places malqe The hislory of Company "H" an impressive one. The Company, "Big H," coniinues To march forward wiuh our moHo "H Forever, Hell'Ben+ 'Tor LeaHuer." SOPHOMORES-Firs+ Row: P. N. Sims. Sec- ond Row: B. A. Johnson, T. R. Elmore, M. J. Burdell. Third Row: D. E. McColman, J. S. Smyihers. Fourfh Row: G. E. Meiius, J. Schick- linq, L. A. Gales. Nof Picfuredc S. D. Cassell. CADET OFFICERS Cadei Capf. James D. Wesi' Company Commander Cadei' Isi' L+. Brian D. Smifh Execuiive Officer Cadei' 2nd L+. Lee V. Alfer Adminisirafive Officer Cade? 2nd L+. Joseph A. Houck Scholasiic Officer Cade? 2nd L+. James B. Finlr Public lnformafion Officer Cadef 2nd L+. Waverley D. Bradshaw Plafoon Leader Cadef 2nd Lf. Anfhony V. Kulis Plafoon Leader FRESHMEN-Firsi' Row: M. H. Thompson, A. L. Smiih, R. A. Moisinger. Second Row: H. L. Keller, E. H. Rollfs, R. J. Reagan. G. E. Clarke. Third Row: M. B. Mann, P. A. Taylor, B. C. Finley. Fourfh Row: F. G. Schimmenfi, N. E. Meriz, D. L. Laiham, R. D. Keesee, J. L. Griucliih. Fif+h Row: E. B. Caldwell, R. L. Beck, H. D. Helsabeclc, J. R. Eddy, E. S. Williams. Noi Picfuredz G. T. Waldron. 'fr 'MU' .Sv XR WQsfS ' Li v4i.- K L 432- Yff . -a ff ' ' i . . - ,'v ce .4 STAFF Cade? L+. Col. Richard H. Harrison Ba'Halion Commander Cadef Maior Reber? B. Fish Execulive Olificer Cadef Capf. Herberi H. Gilliam AdIufan+ Cadel' Cap+. Thomas D. Johnsfon lnielligence OFFicer Cade? Capl. Brian K. Davis Operaiions Officer Cade? Capf. Sidney H. Veasey Supply Officer RICHARD H. HARRISON Commander THIRD BATTALION STAFF-Firs+ Row: R. H, Harrison. Second Row: R. B. Fish, T. D. Jolwnslon, H. H. Gilliam, S. H. Veasey, B. K. Davis. at V Fi, M...-N W-- 268 THIRD BATTALIO iam 341 'W : I 6 fa "'f: COL. JAMES H. McCANN Assisfanf Commandam' The Third Herd confribuies many men fo fhe Ranger Company as . N u 1 n i. wa Seniors-Firsi Row: R. A. Shannon. Third Row: J. Juniors-Firsf Row: J. M. Anfhony. Second Row: J. R. GoodalL R. L. Miller, J. J. Miles ff-2... 1. D, Fukher, J. F. . J. M. GiHikin. Third Row: L. E. Werfz, L. M. Sanford, F. G. Sloop, J. H. Peeples. F0ur'fh Row: D. M. Schwebel, J. T. Morris, K. F. Wood. Fiffh Row: D. B. Munden, F, I. Whiffen, R, D. Mifcheil, J. R. Mdesworfh, T. M. Miller. . . .. The seniors Talre in a IiTTIe enTerTainmenT of The Television varieTy. Formed in l927, Company "I" has a heriTage oT which iT mosT cerTainly can be proud. ln her ThirTy-nine year hisTory Company "I" has Talcen more Than her share oT honors which include The Kohler Cup and The coveTed Beverly S. Parrish Award. In The year l964-I965 "I" proved her ex- cellence by winning The Gold Cord Tor The second consecu- Tive year, an accomplishmenT maTched by only one oTher uniT in The Corps. This year, under The command oT CadeT CapTain Niclcy R. Jamison, "I" Company again Tound herself in a place oT prominence. having won TirsT place in The school Tor her Homecoming display. WiTh all classes sTriving To uphold The company's moTTo oT "STrengTh, Excellence, and UniTy," Company "I" shall conTinue To ranlc among The mosT ouT- sTanding uniTs in The Corps OT CadeTs, and shall, wiTh The compleTion OT The currenT year, Tind herselT where she be- longs-on Top. Sophomores-FirsT Row: R. A. Archer. Second Row: R. B. Roller, W. Y. Roper, J. V. Cor- nelius, E. S. FuTrell. Third Row: D. E. LiTTIe. C. L. I-lorner, R. M. Myron. FourTh Row: W. H. Bamforcl, V. R. Daniels, S. C, Van KesTeren, J. C. Carson. Fiffh Row: S. L. Jami- son, K. P, Giedcl, S. M. Burrows. NOT PicTured: R. Powell. CADET OFFICERS CadeT Cepf. Nicky R. Jamison Company Commander CadeT Isf LT. Joseph E. Shannon ExecuTive Officer CadeT 2nd LT. Joseph C. Fears AdminisTraTive Officer Cadef 2nd LT. William D. Ericlcsen ScholasTic Officer Cade+ 2nd LT. Kirk E. SpiTzer Public InTormaTion Olificer Cadef 2nd LT. Jerel T. Boone Plafoon Leader Cadef 2nd LT. Elwood B. Durham PlaToon Leader Freshmen-FirsT Row: M. E. LeisTer. Second Row: D. L. WalTon, J. R. SmiTh, D. D. Wood- son, J. E. Hayward, Third Row: J. W. Fehrs, R. L. Myers, J. I-I. Milne. FourTh Row: R. D. Crosen, G. A. Appel, T. E. Brown, R, D. Car- son. Fiffh Row: R. L. Dorsey, E. B. Orr. S 1 is .1 V , f A -if ? ' 'Tl -. 5 ' . f nn, ' ."' :Parr COMPANY K DONALD C. ROBERTSON Commander SENlORS-Firsf Row: M. L. Milchell. Second Row: D. C. Roberlson, G. L. Burch, M. E. Olsen, D. E. Knighr. Third Row: R. W. Haynes, P. R. Poole, H. K. Dean. 'Wm A Q... 'nnn 2 JUNIORS-Firsf Row: E. L. Meseke, J. J. May, P. G. Marozzi. Second Row: W. E. Meeks, S. E. Merrilf, J. P. May, F. W. Meeks. Third Row: M. S. Soroka, P. R. Maloney, M. H. Walker. Fourfh Row: C. D. Webber, E. M. Monroe, C. C. Masl, D. H. McGuire, P. K. Mallinqly. Fiffh Row: W. F. Skinner, J. W. McMullen, G. B. While. Noi Picfured: P, N. Whiflield. 272 Heads-Company "K's" 'favoriTe pasiime. Company "K" was organized in l927 as The lOTh Com- pany in The Virginia Tech Corps oT CadeTs. The "Golden K" has had a long, disTinquished hisTory as being one oT The Top companies in The Corps. ln The Ten-year hisTory oT The Beverly S. Parrish Award, The Gold Cord, given To The company or squadron massing The mosT poinTs in Corps compeTiTion, Company "K" is The only company To have won This award Tour Times. Company "K" is currenTly wearing The Ba+Talion Cord, which signiTies ThaT iT is The Top company in The Third BaTTalion. The men oT Company "K" are consTanTly sTriv- ing To build upon This Tine heriTage and To carry iT inTo The TuTure. TH SOPHOMORES-Firs+ Row: J. W. McClellan, Second Row: W. J. Nanna, G. T. Newbill, J M. Ross, J. J. Suqrue. Third Row! P. A. Ben- neTT, C. W. We-sT, E, D. Thayer. FourTl1 Row: M. L. Lovern, B. S. Dodson, Fiffh Row: S. M. 'Wa Coleman, T. W, KilpaTriclc, P, W. Nichols. CAD ET OFFICERS Cadef Capi. Donald C. Robedson Company Commander CadeT 2nd LT. Michael E. Olsen Execufive Officer Cadef 2nd LT. David E. KnighT AdminisTraTive Officer CadeT 2nd LT. Maurice L. MiTchell Scholasfic Officer Cade? 2nd LT. Paul R. Poole Public lnformafion Officer CadeT 2nd LT. Garland L. Burch PlaToon Leader CadeT 2nd LT. Harry K. Dean PlaToon Leader CadeT Isl' LT. Richard W. Haynes Corps Chaplain FRESHMEN-First Row: J. T. Thomas. Second Row: C. B. Anderson, T. L. FosTer, M. J, O'Connor, J. J. STaples, Third Row: P. C. Monfaque, R. E. WeTzel, J. F. HunT. Fourfh Row: W. O, Barnes, B. M. Mayberry. FifTh Row: N. P. Zelenslcy, D. J. RoTh, A. L. Clark, G. C. Phillips. NoT PicTured: A. J. Burwasser, R. U. l-lenry. M. F. Kinq. I QQQQQ QOQ4 322 ion IVV ' r6O99 NOV 0600 ao' N, IIIIL pO509 ,I COMPANY ROBERT A. WESTMORELAND Juniors-Firs+ Row: J. C. Lifsey. Second Row: M. H. Poyner, P. V, Terranova, S. W. Moss. Third Commander Row: J. C. McKendree, W. E. Larkin. Fourfh Row: C. S. Marfin, T, T. Torres, P. M. Luffrell, L. F. Spaine. Fifih Row: J. A. Vaughn, Ez I-L Kueberiy W. M. Faqer, J. J. McKeon. No+ Picfured: C. E. Lane, L. E. Lambruscafi, R. B. Loveless. 274 if Seniors of "L" Take a break af drill. "Love, liquor, and laughTer" is The moTTo OT Company Known Throughoui' The Corps as "ye old counTry club" and Tor her indulging aTTiTude in Corps maTTers, Company "L" provides The Type oT environmenT in which liTelong Triendships grow. The spiriT maniTesTed in Company "L" is lcnown besT To her members, and provides The moTivaTion and insighTs necessary Tor becoming beTTer leaders and ciTizens. WheTher on The drillTield or aT "Big Baldwin's," Company "L" always presenTs a uniTied eTTorT. Besides leading The Corps in social innovaTions, "L" also excels in The classroom and on The aThleTic Tield. This ye-ar's TooTball and volleyball Teams Tool: TirsT places in Army com- peTiTion. The reducTion in size oT This year's "company Tube room" resulTed in increased QCA Tor all. IT is no wonder ThaT Company "L" always has a large number ol: alumni reTurning each year Tor Homecoming. We are proud OT our uniT, and our pride remains, even aTTer graduaTion. Sophomores-Firsf Row: W. J. O'Donnell, C. J. Helms, K. H. Beseclcer, W. A. Grigg, D. E. Belanger, P. W. NobleTT. Second Row: H. M. Rauscher, H. S. Gibson, S. M. Arond- sen, J. H. Ford. Third Row: T. M. Leonard, L. F. SauTley, B. M. Woodson. Fourfh Row: K. S. Terry, D. T. Lewis, C. A. Balderson, R. L. Walden. CADET OFFICERS Cade? CapT. Reber? A. Wesimoreland Company Commander Cadef Isi' Lf. Rober+ M. Caffee Execufive OFFicer Cadei' 2nd LT. Roger L. HeFFeran Adminisirafive Olilicer Cade? 2nd LT. Paul H. Miller in-Q ScholasTics Officer Cadef 2nd L+. Donald P. Maiheson Public lnformafion Officer CadeT 2nd L+. Rex Brugh, III Plafoon Leader Cade? 2nd LT. Joseph R. Burneff, Jr. PlaToon Leader Freshmen-FirsT Row: J. L. Cabaniss, P. D. Creasey, D. F. Ogle, Second Row: R, A. CsaTko, R. V. Anderson, M. 6. Rhodes, P. J. Hollar, Third Row: M. F. Bourne, R. D. Reyn- olds, H. L. Durham, FourTh Row: T. KnoTT, R. D. Jamison, C. F. Scheider, R. U. Joyce. FifTh Row: P. G, Liebeclc, J. F. Hann, B. G. Moore, SixTh Row: L. R. STeeneck, D. C. Cochrane, T. D. Frazier, J. B. TrenT. A , i ' gag Mi oo 0 1 I I COMPANY - .mafia - RICHARD W. GRAHAM Commander .l SENIORS-Firsi Row: R. W. Graham, Second Row: W, B. Goodman, J, C, Gordgnh Third Row: E, 5, Ferguson, R, G, Meineny, Fourfh Row: J. K. Musfoe, R. C. Lucas, Noi Picfuredz H. E. Nayfor. JUNIORS-Firsf Row: C. J. Marfin. Second Row: K. E. Lankey, E. S. Kinq. Third Row: R. E. Kohl, G, W. BiemuUer, R. W. Jenkins. Fourfh Row: J. D. Davis, R. G. Kedcr. Noi Pic+ured: P, J. Hafcnard. A. J. Keaf, T. N. Keecn, R, G. Keener, R. C. Kelso, E. H. Kern, J. R. Kennedy, R. V. Kerr, S. C. Winfers. 276 Big Mike" heading ou? fo pracfice for the Thanksgiving Day Formafion. if". Since Company "M" was firsf esiablished in IQZ8, The unif has accomplished ils purpose by producing men of high caliber having such gualilies as leadership, fellowship, and characier. Under The leadership of a very fine and capable group of officers, who carry The spirif as well as fhe disf cipline for a good company, "Big lvlilcef' whose mofio is "All The Way," fhrough fhe years has been considered a company wiih ambifion, cooperafion, and spirii. "M" Company's ambifion is io obiain noi only miliiary honors buf academic and afhlefic honors as well. On arrival lasi' fall 'fhe men of "lvl" all lcnew lhal They had a loi fo learn and They have learned The meaning of friendship, cooperaiion, and feamworlc. Now as Jrhe school year comes io a close, each of ihem feels iusiifiably proud of fhe organizaiion lcnown as "Big Mike." SOPHOMORES-Firsf Row: F. C. Belen. Sec- ond Row: R. A. Lorenzelfi. A. B. Carey, D. W. Spigelmyer, T. O. Cunningham. Third Row: B. S. Wesf, E. A. l-lanes, R. J. Deafon. Fourfh 'L Row: S. A. Forcey, R. B. Obenschain, S. T. Phillips. Fifth Row: R. V. Sulienfuss, R. T. Walker. J. C, Schade. Noi Picfured: D. L. Torlay, L. A. Ashlon. CADET OFFICERS Cade? Capf. Richard W. Graham Company Commander Cade? Isf L+. William B. Goodman Execufive Officer Cadef 2nd John C. Gordon Adminisfrafive Officer Cadef 2nd Roberf C. Lucas Scholasfic Officer Cadef 2nd Edward S. Ferguson Public Informafion Officer Cade? 2nd Roberl' G. Mafheny Plafoon Leader FRESHMEN-Firsf Row: J. S. Annony, R. A. Ridouf, G. E. Eclcerf. Second Row: B. J. DUD- ham, J. E. hlarf, M, B. Calnan. R. C. Dennison. Third Row: M. A, Grove, J. R. Fulion, L. R. Pugh. Fourih Row: W. N. lnlovland, F. P. Slein R, R. Slurqill, R, B. Wilhrow. Fiffh Row: C. A. Moses R. J. Walczalc, D. C. Riichie, C, L, Ohlsson. Sixfh Row: Smiih, J. R. Coiner, J. N. Sfonebaclc. D. M, Cade? Cader Cade+ Caclef Cacle+ Cade? A .it 's . 1155 , v,, si ft? fxz ' 9 4 VF' ' lf: . , W ' L, 1 fi . 1? mf 'lf I ll ' ,4 "lx A STAFF 0 RTH GROUP Lf. Col. Mahlon G. Funlc, Jr. Group Commander Maier Richard J. Cervi Execufive OFFicer Capf. Warren V. Knighf Capt John C. Hunl Inielligence Capt Ronald P. Fuchs Acliulanl Officer Operaiion Oliiicer Capf. Eric L. Hur? Supply Officer Group Commander Assisianf Commandan+ Fourlh Group Siaff-Firsf Row: M. G. Funk. Second Row: R. J. Cervi, W, V. Knight J. C. Hunl, R. P. Fuchs, E. L. l-lurf. The 'Freshman sysiem develops milifary bearing. ,,,,,,,,- .,...0wwvffwW""""""""' awwwww .W.,,q,. 4 f . ,, ,.H,3,,w 278 ff 1 fir 1, K U, nu, J 'Vwwraw Wi vu. 'ff 3154, I Mx X ii..-.i1,,,gig., N,- f! VS' SN ff r 2 gg ,nb Sv fQ,3sv QM 4 -3 F' D A 1 K if- K W, .X vw, S WM-xv-M,.M,,.W,,,,w,,W Nh te' X swf -- ff . A i hifi 53 X K h ,, iq 4X X : 5 ' V :V a ' fi -New k 5 i 5 T L, 2 Q x.., My - 5 Q ' A Q YT , may W. my f: -W' A . -fffif' I. Q . : ' gf I hw X W -' . i A ,wig ,I KE ' I ig 5:94 'X ,A . Y- . Q 3 .. K M, s,'iTlN 'M' Q ,. A 1 ,W A g W 1 5.5325 -SSS ix w X Ffa? Q--M5 -SP1 'ifffg' S of if if . X Q V. :Sf - QSM S: ww f-ff p L al" K ,V -.aff Sig xi . QX"Uw-w Q wp-ak, 'Whse X N Q if wr? Q A x U 'If i , r ' w m a' ET ' SQUADRON N . BERNARD C. FURMAN Commander JM.-4 SENIORS-Firsf Row: D. M. Slavens. Second Row: C. A. Schiemarm, B. C. Furman. R. A. Dawes. Third Row: J. E. Mrazeh, G. W. Barnes. Fourfh Row: C. E. Woofwine, A. J. Blaho, J. R. Snead. Nof Picfured: M. A. Drees. R. E. Ducke++, R. C. Gafewocd. W. E. RoyaH. ...LA JUNIORS-Firsf Row: R. R. Taif. Second Row: T. E. Unqvarsky, R. B. Evans. W. H, Welsh, P. C. Voqel. Third Row: R. S. Reichers, D, R. Wallco, T. L. Whifc. Fourih Row: E. E. Whiie, R. B. EweU, J. W. Smifh. Fiffh Row: R, L, Turner, D. L. Toofhman. Sixfh Row: J. S. Tamer, J. W. Vauqhan, C, L. Wakfrom, No? Pidured: R, T. Falh J. G. Richard, W. H. Smoddy, J. B. Tapp W. C. Tbmlfen, T. R. TwIsda1e, R. H, Swlader, ' 280 Upperclassmen can always find fhe +ime io provide 'freshmen wifh fhe correci fype of discipline. "N" Squadron has made many noreworihy coniribuiions boih io VPI and ro rhe VTCC in Jrhe pasi several years. The leadership ii has provided 'rhe Corps oi Caders wiihin This lime is unequaled by any oiher unii. Ever since The Class of i967 eniered Tech, a member from "N" Squadron has been on Regimenral Siaii. Las? year Ranny Dixon. Regimenral Commander, was "N" Squadrons coniriburion. Once again ihis year, 'N" Squadron has shown iis superior- iry by giving rhe Corps anoiher line Regimenral Com- mander, Randy Sinclair. "N" Squadron's confribuiions To VPI can easily be seen when one noies rhar many of iheir men belong 'ro several of 'rhe various curricula and service organizaiions on campus. The men oi "N" Squadron ialce pride everyday in ihe unil To which ihey belong. Srressed above all orher ihings in "N" Squadron are pride and self-respecl-characrerisiics which go info lhe making nor only of a good cader, bur also oi a good Techman. This year "N" Squadron was faced wirh ihe large iaslc oi rebuilding. The men of "N" Squadron recognize rhar fhey cannor merely resr on Their laurels, buf musr worlc hard, Wiih ihis morio, "Spiri'rus er Uni+us" in mind, "N" Squadron is a unir To waich in lhe fuiure, SOPHOMORES-Firs+ Row: J. M. McClen- non. Second Row: E. E. Harrinqron, G. W. Greiner, G. N. Crandall. Third ROW: C. R. Schellenqer, J. R. Alvis, J. C. Rendler. Fourih Row: K. W. l-lesier, K. S. Branum, D. E. Jennings, D. F. Carrulh. Nor Picfuredz C. M. Gray. CADET OFFICERS Cade? Capf. Bernard C. Furman Squadron Commander Cadef 2nd L+. James E. Mrazelr Execuiive Officer Cadef 2nd L+. Roberf A. Dawes Adminisirafive Officer Cadef 2nd Lf. Roland E. Duclceff Scholasiic Officer Cadef 2nd L+. Gerald W. Barnes Flighl' Leader Cade+ 2nd L+. Calvin A. Scl-iiemann Flighf Leader FRESHMEN-Firsi' Row: J. B. Warren, T. R. Hardie. R. W. Hopkins. Second Row: L. B. Chrisly, D. E. Lane, L. M. Gillis, C. J. Spon- auqle. Third Row: D. J. Beriz, T. A. Porier. W. P. Jewel, W. L. Riclcer. Fourih Row: R. T. VV'es+, A. l. Osborne, A. M. Bayse, K. P. Fewell. Fiffh Row: D. J. Bowes, J. M. Swiadef. E. W. Cruichiield, C. E. Allizer. Sixfh Row: W. S. Yonce, E. L. Tirnberlalce, J. M. Jewel, W. S. Sheilds. Q' 'lif- 124' ,X ZZ 'pl v f W IH is SQUADRON RICHARD E. RICHMAN Commander Wai-N Seniors-Firsf Row: D. G. Burd. Second Row: D. E. Schareff, R, E. Richman, W. W. Brubaker. Third Row: G. L. Frank, J. W. AyVor. Fourfh Row: J. D. Wise, D. F, Rogers, B. F. Saufs. Noi' Pic+ured R. W. Belay. Juniors-Firsf Row: J. M. Sfarfze-H. Second Row: K. H, Sanders, K. N. Smifh, C. E. Peed. Third Row: K. H. Rofhenberg, J. F. Swain, C. Rose. Fourfh Row: P. J, Neri, K. A. Sfein, W, R. ProweH. 282 And Then she said, "Which Corps?" Since her Tounding in l95O. Squadron "O" has had a con- Tinuous hisTory oT high achievemem' and Tremendous pride. Through her ranks have passed some oT The ablesT men oT Virginia Tech, who have enabled Squadron "O" To win The FourTh Group CiTaTion Cord more Than any oTher uniT. This year has loeen no excepTion To The Squadron "O" TradiTion. Under The leadership oT CapTain Richard Richman, FirsT LieuTenanT William Brubaker, and a parTicularly proTicienT senior class, and wiTh The help OT Three Tine underclasses, she has perpeTually placed high in all phases oT cadeT liTe. Ranking high in The homecoming display proiecTs, aca- demics, inTramurals. and general miliTary compeTiTion, Squadron I966-67, has assured herselT oT a memorable place in The never-ending lisT oT achievemenTs oT one oT The TinesT uniTs in The Virginia Tech Corps OT CadeTs. 'es Sophomores-Firsi Row: K. W. Hinson. Sec- ond Row: C. M. Grace, W. A. Cassels, R. J. Weiler, R. M. DowTy. Third Row: C. E. Maxey. W. T. Kurylo, M. W. Price. FourTh Row: R. H. SmiTh, P. E. HuTchens, M. T. VesT. FiTTh Row: H. J. Cain, D. A. Elder. NOT Picfured: M. Kaul. CADET OFFICERS Cadef Capi. Richard E. Richman Squadron Commander Cade? IsT L+. William W. Brubaker Execufive Oliiicer CadeT 2nd LT. Ronald W. Belay AdminisTraTive OFFicer Cadei 2nd LT. Jeffrey D. Wise Scholasiic OFTicer CadeT 2nd LT. Barry F. Sauls Public ln'formaTion Officer Cadef 2nd LT. David E. Schareh' Flighf Leader Cadef 2nd LT. Gerald L. Frank Fligh+ Leader Freshmen-Firsf Row: P. K. TalTy, G. P. Spor- lock, J. A. B. SmiTh. Second Row: D. A. Assaid, R. A. Jones, J. A. Blum, G. F, Wrighi. Third Row: R. C. Jenkins, M. J. Hrirsik, H. M, Goranflo, M. C. Brinkley. FourTh Row: E. L. Franklin, R. W. Layman, R. O Dozier, W. E. Weaver. FiTTh Row: D. N. Beheler, W. E. Glover, J. A. Owens. SixTh Row: C. B. PrueTT, G. L. Byrne, P. R. Callens, R. D. Harris. 'ZEQY EMT :L fgi 1 f N , fn, ff A ll I? ' 3 .. 4 x H- ii? SQUADRON JOHN C. H RAPCHAK Commander A. ,JT SENIORS-Firsf Row: R. R. Goodell. Second Row: R. R. Berqseflv, J. C. l-lrapclwalc, T. R. Hanley, R. D. Anderson. Third Row: C. W, Persl, G. E, Marlin, L. E. Gilman. Fourfh Row: J. J, Mulllgan, R. P. Warren, W, E. Slepp. Fiffh Row: W. L, Jackson, L. K. Hillman. Noi Piciuredt M. J. Benlon. JUNIORS-Firsi Row: W. F. Piclcard. Second Row: T. W. Webb, G. D. Poole, G. B. Piland. Third Row: R. P, Rash, I. B. Relo. Fourih Row: T. A. Sleel, D. P. Slauqlwler, C. G. Reddeclc. Noi Piciuredz D. W. Phillips, S. A. Shaver 284 M14 Three blind dafes coming up! "R" Squadron was formed in i962 and has been dis- linguishing iiself and fhe cadef corps ever since. During The pasi year "R" won Jrhe Group Ciiaiion Cord symboliz- ing supremacy and excellence in ihe Fourfh Group. Lasf spring, The Squadron was named fhe besu' drilled Air Force squadron on The basis of ifs display of drill superioriiy in compeiifion by winning fhe Corps Eager Squad compefifion and Jrhe Kohler Cup. This year ihe squadron has lcepi up ifs winning Hadiiion by placing firsf in lhe Corps Home- coming display confesi wifh iis "Spad R." Squadron "R" Huly exemplifies The spirif of The Corps of Cadels by mainfaining high sfandards of milifary Training. leadership, and academic excellence. The men of "R" have consfanfly upheld Jrhis Hadifion and Jrhe repuiaiion of being fine afhlefes, worfhy scholars, and accomplished lovers SOPHOMORES-Firsf Row: J. B. Melching. Second Row: C. J. Enders, S. F. Childress, T. A. Delpapa, R. B. Allen. Third Row: D. F. Miller, l-l. W. Hudson, D. R. Jacobe. Fourih Row: M. J. DeSandis, D. W. Maier, E. J. Bush. Fiffh Row: J. W. Hopper, J. D. Emerson. Nof Picfured: G. C. Jobson. CADET OFFICERS Cade? Capf. John C. Hrapchalr Squadron Commander Cadef Isf L+. Marlr J. Benion Execufive Officer Cadef 2nd Lf. Rodney D. Anderson Adminisfrafive Officer Cade? 2nd Lf. Roberf R. Bergsefh Scholasfic Officer Cadef 2nd Lf. John J. Mulligan, Jr. Pu blic Informafion Officer Cadef 2nd Lf. Thomas R. Hanley Afhlefic Officer Cade? 2nd Lf. Larry E. Gilman FIigh+ Leader Cadef 2nd L+. William L. Jackson Flighf Leader FRESHMEN-Firsf Row: C. F. Phillips, J. N. Ausiin, J. J. Calabrese. Second Row: D. A. Kincaid, T. M. Smifh, P. M. Bonifani, W. R. Cobearu. Third Row: S. K, Riifer, S. G. Ca- ruocle, J. E. Taylor. Fourfh Row: C. P. Gal- lagher, A. A. Benfon, M. H. Parks, G. D. Russe'l. Fiffh Row: B. D. Hufchinson, R. L. Edwards, E, L. Merld, D, P. Velivlis, T. L. Link. f"s A F 'gg ' adisg , r H I l.r"4 T , 1 . rs! sh-, L -.aim J' V war" SQUADRON .V,.. . W 1 -:4 1 .WN ,N . .-- Q- . - . A :vhidgxix X 5:95355 - . N.. .......k....,.. . BERNARD W. KAMINSKI Commander SENIORS-Firsf Row: G. E. Bray. Second Row: B. W. Kaminski, T. A. Wilson, A. G. Pe+'riqrew, R. O.Warring1on. Noi Picfured: A. C. Sfreef, C. W. Harris. mv-f On ..... . 0 JUNIORS-Firsf Row: R. W. Sfewarf. Second Row: T. W. Tremper, D. L. Rubini, A. K. Norris. Third Row: R. Neal, R. L. Owens, D. S. Wrlqlwf, Fourih Row: R. M, Smifh, S. O. Owen, J. M. Owerwdorf, L. C. Old. Reporl' rar duly is an educafional experience. WIA ffl' if 3 Squadron allhough organized only nine years ago in l957, has eslablished ilseli as being one ol l'he mosl closely lcnil and besl-drilled unils in lhe Virginia Tech Corps ol Cadels. Displaying an exlraordinary amounl of leam ehforl, "S" Squadron succeeded in winning The Homecoming Display Tor lhree conseculive years, in l96O, I96l, and again in I962. Consequenlly, in I963 lhey were presenled lhe "Espri+ de Corps" award. Demonslraling superior knowl- edge ol drill lechniques, lhe Squadron was awarded lhe "AFROTC Besr Drilled Trophy" for l964. The pinnacle ol success was allained when "S" Squadron won The Kohler Cup in lhe spring of I964. Squadron "S," fielding superior sophomore llighls, won Sophomore Flighl Compefilion in The Fourlh Group in The Tall ol l965 and again in I966. ....4q.J SOPHOMORES-Firsi' Row: H. K. Parlcs, W. H. Hull, D. E. Owens. Second Row: B. T. Whiliemore, R. W. Donahoe. A. H. Saunders, J. J. Slahl. Third Row: C. E. Clemenls, P. W. Nonn, P. A. Tuclcer, D. E. Tolberl. Four+h Row: O. L. Gwallney, M. B. Jones. Fiflh Row: C. C. Sloen, J. R. Miller, S. W. Paylilc, J. F. Hibbs. CADET OFFICERS Cadel' Capl. Bernard W. Kaminslri Squadron Commander Cadel Isl L+. Alan G. PeHigrew Execulive Officer Cadel 2nd L+. Thomas A. Wilson Adminislralive Officer Cadel 2nd L+. George W. Harris Public lnformafion Officer FRESHMEN-Firsl Row: R. K. Perkins, NV. M. Thornhill, D. M. Dick. Second Row: S. W. Covinqlon, H. C. Garnell, A. L. McCaslney, J. A. Wessner. Third. Row: J. B. Weld, W. H, Boone, lvl. H. Hills, J. C. Seliquini. Fourlh Row: W. E. Whiliield, R. T. Bair, J. B. Evans, D. R. Gibson. Fiflh Row: C. S. Jellries, W. N. Mann, J. l.. Halliday. Sixfh Row: J. B. Spangler, T. B. Slevens, R. P. Vilrilcas. -v-. cf' 09' 5 ,, Company T-Firsf Row: R. Nollsinqer, V. Sprenqer, R. Slern, B. Bridqlorlln, Avent F. Mooney, W. Plwaris, W. Roop, E. Wainwriqlnl, O. Smill1,W Mason J. Roller. Second Row: J. Boykin, S. l-luslcd, D. Sliroy, J. Richards, A. T. Parks. WILLIAM H. GORDON COMPANY Commander colvlPANY v T 6 C G7 c 0 288 Cade? Cade+ Cadef Cadei Cade+ Cade+ CADET OFFICERS Capi. William H. Gordon Company Commander Isl Lf. Ar'rl'1ur E. Avenl, Jr. Execufive Officer 2nd L+. Gary W. Smiflw Adminisfralive Officer Znd L+. Roberl H. Kramer Public Informafion Officer 2nd L+. Roberf R. Crowder Pla+oon Leader 2nd L+. Edward C. Wainwriglul Plaloon Leader Ranger Company-Firs+ Row: K. A. Greene, L. C. Lambruscaili, J. E. Wallcer, D, P. Wallco, D. P. ForresT, B. M. CaTTee, E. J. Weihs. Third Hill, D. A. Colby, C. Gibbens, H. M. Rauscher, M. E. Gleason, P. R. Row: E. S. Johanson, R. G. Mafheny, R. R. TaiT, C. E. Lane, C. W. Maloney, C. E. HeaTh, T. T. Torres, T, A. STeel. Second Row: CapT. WesT, G. W. Dallas, W. O'Donnell, D. T. Lewis. E. C. Cargile, J. L. Mead, W. H. Welsh, J, W. Donehower, M, H. RANGER COMPAN EDWARD J. WEIHS Commander Eslrablished in I966 by The AUSA, The Ranger Com- pany now operaTes as a separaTe uniT. QualiTicaTions Tor membership are based on QCA, miliTary bearing, physical proTiciency, and enThusiasm Tor miliTary service. The purpose oT The company is To produce TuTure oTTicers who are boTh desirous and capable oT parTici- paTing To The uTmosT in rigorous Army operaTions wiTh The conTidence necessary Tor good oTTicers. To achieve This, a diversiTied year-round program oT physical Train- ing is carried ouT, and insTrucTion is provided in un- convenTional TacTics, hand-To-hand combaT, and basic combaT-orienTed slcills. Though sTill very much in The growing sTage, The uniT's TuTure is very promising, Pride, spiriT, and IOOZ, supporT by The Army ROTC DeTachmenT will enable The Ranger Company To secure a prominenT place among Tech's miliTary socieTies. WILLIAM A. MOUNTCASTLE Sharpes+ Senior MICHAEL N. MATTON Besi AII Around ERICK S. JOHANSON Corps Hero orps haracters ESQ ALEX P. SCHUST, JR. Milifary Misfif JONATHAN F. KLIMCHALK MR. SELIQUINI Corps Lover Grossesf Rai 290 I Each year candidaTes Tor The Corps CharacTers are norninaTed abouT Two weeks prior To MiliTary Weekend. The nominees Try To demonsTraTe ThaT They deserve Their parTicuiar posiTion by acTing accordingiy. ATTer The nominees have shown Their True characTer Tor Two weeics, The Corps voTes Tor whom They Think besT TiTs each caTegory. The resuiTs are an- nounced aT The Corps VarieTy Show. RICHARD N. KNAPP MICHAEL N MATTON COFPS Clown Mosf Likely To Succeed 7 3 mm, , fy. "m ., if + 'W .3 .ky Q s, , V ,, A qs 1 " L , - V' 1 .Q 71 5, ,, ' W , .. VV' , -' 'f I WV K A " K U . 1 f 'V . Vg-f' -1 '1-W A 7 9 5 3,"": -,W Q,-V A f A K. 75, A tv' V. Mt ' if .ALFA h A. i 'Sf li -.. nn.- xs ' W.. -, 'Y' x. S. K QX X X M 1 . xx N . QW ig B iv- ffm Y e 5 . W... ,xg :XX KNQYSN W 1 Qgifmi Ads if mpg, Wax xfwggf X , 1 1-K X Y www W 5 Q Q 'K My 'H M 'Z Q 3fNf"x Q. ., wmwb. mf 1, X N f gm X 'msn' Q kai? TIM Q Jx Q' Q Q-aggifk ,S ,Q B wcggvf Ni is .Q f 'N' ... - .QQ U, 'W mm: we. iw'?s'Wivm, K .wx W , Si L-iw?-.-li... we Q .. . Y ... ., .PW X -' I- X i . A "kk 2 ,Q -:A S 5 g .- .. 51.2.1 71 -. , Q. . .. - .:w:4.,-rLf.- .fi-fa i"-Q1 G51-.Qi j ' 'f-. .fgflf . 'fp-QA. .. - -- .- -f H- - Qflfiwxi . . . . W - W , .V f Q ,- . W .52 Fi? 'ff we 1. 1',yfgij-'i- ffl- .. iff" . fl f- - V i 53 ' - r.i11:s 5 S3 Q as 4.41-f-1, Fifa... ...K--.,-wg. , A-.N ,N x . - K ,. 7.1 K g -,ky 3, 1, V -4 .ans fs. M ' Q - - fw -. rx..-21.5-I W- - X. .. - .. A ,Q 1 as.:-:r Aff.. Y 12.3, Ng N.--S. xv sw? ip- , kk k . I A- -A. . ' , L. e Q. - 2 , 1 X ' N L ,wi ' f -...Z K -Hx 1 si- - 5 . . iw 'fm K A W 1 f N. , W' ,Q E . , Q ELC''X-'A-'-IEW?-Yvi' 1.- A '--- Q if .Q - -62. 'Sf 24:2 Sir-.'1f.i1.liLk'7-N."W'Nj.a5, iv 1 A A -1 ix. , -- i k?-1552 ' .3325-f.2 .QQ . S sl X? . A A Y N ' K 1- -"- '. . KMA f- ji? -y . .gwfgfwgia ,Q Q , v ,E Q K w X N " x MM' NK QQ, six 'vfixpf Sm, v INTRODUCTION ADMINISTRATION BILKL GRANT 4....,,, Edi+or JEAN HANDY .... . Edi+o SENIORS MARY KAY GRUENHAGEN ,,,.. Educ, UNDERCLASSES DOUG COCH RAN .... Ed i+ Senate STuden+ Governmeni Officers-lleff To rigl1Tl: Frank SmiTh, Wade Ogg, Mark Cardoza, Sam Markman, Garland Rigney. The SenaTe is The LegislaTive branch oT The STU- denT C5overnmenT AssociaTion oT Virginia PolyTech- nic lnsTiTuTe. IT is composed oT more Than 70 elecTed senaTors. each represenTing IOO sTudenTs, boTh dor- miTory and Town. STudenT Governmenlr Vice-PresidenT Mark Car- doza is The PresidenT oT The SenaTe. and presides over iTs weekly meeTings. The SGA SenaTe is The sTrongesT oTFicial link be- Tween The sTudenT body and The AdminisTraTion. The SenaTe presenTs sTudenT problems To The Ad- minisTraTion and works wiTh iT Toward a solufion. STudenT social and culTural liTe is also of greaT concern To The SenaTe. The senaTors, Through Their commiTTees, arrange To presenT various enTerTainers on our campus. ln addiTion. The SenaTe brings well- known speakers here Tor iTs convocaTions. The SenaTe, along wiTh The enTire STudenT Gov- ernmenT AssociaTion oT VPI, has come a long way in The pasT year Towards being an eTTecTive advo- caTe OT sTudenT welTare and selT-beTTermenT, and an inTegral parT oT our universiTy. fm 'S 2+ Cadet Honor ourt Warren V. Knigh'r lAssociaT'e Jus+icel, James L, SmiTh lChieT Jusficel, S. Richardson Carpenier lAssociaTe Jusficel. Gary E. Bray lAssociaTe Prosecuiing Aiforneyl, Don Johnson lHonor Council Chairmanl, Thomas H. Graves lchief ProsecuTing ATTorn9Yl. SchusT, A. P. lDefense ATTorneyl. Pa+riclc A. Tucker lRecorderl, Thomas H. Woielri lSecreTaryl, Joel W. Campbell lSergeanf aT Armsl. "To TrusT a man is To make him worThy oT ThaT TrusT." This one senTence Torms The basis Tor our honor sysTem. The sTudenTs of VPI Teel ThaT a college graduaTe should be an upsTanding genTlernan and ThaT a gen- Tleman does noT lie, cheaT, or sTeal. Since I906, our honor sysTem has been admin- isTered by The sTudenTs Themselves Through The honor courT. Since This responsibiliTy oT upholding The sysTem is placed on The sTudenTs Themselves. The sysTem is a living, working Torce on The Tech campus. The Civilian Honor Courl is responsible for invesligaling alleged violalions of The Universi'ry's Honor Code by civilian slu- denfs. The work of The courl is carried our by The following slall: rhe Bench, which hears all cases before The courl and renders a decision as ro punishment The Proseculion Slafl, which is responsible for upholding rhe Honor Cocle by proseculing all violalorsg Jrhe Defense Slaif, which is responsible fo lhe delendanr in each case and sees To il' lhar all evidence in his favor is presenlecl: and lhe Clerlc of Courl Slalf, which is responsible for The records and correspondence of The courl. The Bench: Grayson W. Walker lAssocial'e Jusficel, J. Thomas Bobbill' lAsso- ciale Juslicel, E. lvlilchell Spencer lChief Jusliceli J. Philip Mahaney lAsso ciale Juslicel. ivilian Honor Court The Honor Council: Larry Aaron lAssociale Chairmanl, Laurence Slevens lfxssociale Chairmanl, Greg Bennell' lxoxssociale Chairmanl, Paul Laughlon lHonor Council Chairmanl. The Defense: Ronald Sharpley lAssocia+e Defense Alforneyl, Michael Feclc lDelense Allorneyl, Thomas Fishow lflxssociale Defense Aflorneyl, Neil Aronov lAssocia+e Defense Aflorneyl. Nof Picluredz Merle Valollo lProsecul5ng Allorneyl, Roberl Fisher lfixsso- ciale Proseculing Allorneyl, Elizabelh Snodgrass lClerlc ol Courll. Board Of Visitors H Members of fha Board of Visiforsz H. C. Wyail, Recfor: 6. M. Cochran, W. J. Erwin, C. A. Cmchins, A. S. John- W. A. Williams, Vice-Recforg E. D. Redding, Clerk: E. son, D. Wilhelm, J. W. Landis, W, G. Miles. Showalfer, J. W. Hancock, M. M. Gibbs, W. T. Rice. The Board of Visiiors is ihe governing body of Virginia Polyrechnic lnsiiiuie. The members of 'rhis board are appoinied by 'rhe governor upon recommendaiion by The Alumni Associaiion and The Adminis- 'l'ra'rion. They meei quarierly To approve buclgeis and capiial ouilay and 'io esiablish and review 'rhe policies fhai conirol our Universiiy. Civilian Interdormit Council Soefed: Dean Mangus, S. Markman, Treasurer: W. Emerson, Vice-Presidenf: R. l-lufler, Aihleiic Chairman, T, Akerson, Cullural Chairman: P. Shuffle S. Sherizer, E. Pulley, Acfivifies Chairman. Sianding: T. Dillard, C. Graybeal, Scholasfic Chairman, A. Cook, Librarian: K. Loilin, D. Davison, R. Noi? R. Nelson, K. McGra'rh, S. Mawyer, F. Duis, B, Via, R. Wright L. Aiwood, R, Ramseur. D. Warwick. S. Sage, K. Wood. Noi Picfured: W. Drake, President J. Oliver, Secreiary: Student Activities Committee Seated: Dr. J. W. Dean, Dean Brown, C. Linthicum, C. Flagg, R. Sinclair. Standing: Dr. T. J. Horn, Protessor L. Padis, General M. W. The Student Activities Committee is a standing commit- tee ot the President ot the University and serves as a sub- committee ot the University Council ltormerly the Academic Councili. This student-taculty-administrative committee was developed in the mid-titties under the direction ot President Walter S. Newman. During the titties and the early part ot the sixties, the Chairman ot the Student Activities Com- mittee was the late Lewis Pardue lVice-President ot the Uni- versityl. Prior to I964-65 the Student Activities Committee had a membership ot ten. The control ot student lite through student organizations, including Student Lite Policies, was accessed through the Student Activities Committee. This history ot this particular group has probably aided and directed student treedoms and organizations, tinances, politics and services more than any other single ingredient within the University. lnitially, it had three taculty members plus the Commandant ot Cadets, Director ot Student Ac- tivities, the Vice-President and tour students. ln I964-65. the Student Activities Committee added the president ot the sophomore class to the membership. ln I966-67, the Student Activities Committee allows tor the three class presidents. a representative ot the Publications Board, Presi- dent ot the Student Government Association, Vice-President ot the Student Government Association, Colonel ot the . ,, .Vl, Schewe, M. Cardoza, M. Musick, Dr. Martin, W. Drake, G. Anderson, G. Rigney, R. Kenh. Corps, awoman representative, President ot the Civilian lnterdormitory Council: three taculty members-Dr. Philip Martin, Dr. T. J. Horne, Prot. Leo Padis: and the Dean ot Women, the Dean ot Men and the Commandant ot Cadets. Dr. Warren W. Brandt, Vice-President, serves as Chairman. and Dr. James W. Dean, Dean ot Students. serves as Secre- tary. Dr. Brandt is authorized to vote only in the case ot a tie and Dr. Dean, serving as secretary, is without vote. The Student Activities Committee meets on the average ot twice each month during the nine-month academic period. With the press ot business, this organization has had to meet on the average ot once a weelc tor the past two years. Any program sponsored by any individual representing a group may petition by letter tor a place on the agenda to be heard in regard to requesting approved status or other signiticant student lite improvement. The results ot the Stu- dent Activities Committee are torwarded to the President's Ottice and may be accepted or reiected as the University standing committee. Matters concerning the weltare ot tac- ulty. students and administration are torwarded directly to the University Council tor ratitication: i.e. student govern- ment constitution, changes in the calendar, approval ot the calendar, Student Lite Policies, etc. Borrowing a phrase trom Sir Winston Churchill: H.. .,'M xxx .441 111 ff' wmv jf, AL an Yx N. , PW 'Q u in ' - K + ww' t J... 4 'L S.. it wx gn ADMINISTRATION A scene on ihe expanding campus enfrusfed 'lo our Board of Visifors. Board of Visitors The Board of Visilors meels annually in Augusl. Among ils aclrions al 'rhe l966 meeling was approval of lhe Bachelor of Arls dt-gree now awarded in some colleges al Tech. The Board also voled on lhe presenl budgel for 'lhe eighl divisions of 'rhe Universily and on lhe capilal oullay program. These aclions are made public ai lhe annual budgel hearings in Richmond. Members of The Board are, lefl' fo riglrl: Mrs. Donald Wilhelm, John W. Landis, Adger S. Johnson, John W, Hancock, Jr., William J. Erwin, Mrs. English Showaller, Mrs. H. R. Redding, clerk: l-larry C Wyall, reclorq Waldo G. Miles, Clifford A Culchins, Ill, Charles W. Wampler. Jr., George M. Cochran, Mrs. Mavis M. Gibbs, and Wyall A. Williams, vice-reclor. No+ Picfured: W. Thomas Rice. President Dr. T. Marshall Hahn has been presidenT of V.P.l. since l962. During This Time The universiTy has seen greaT changes -expanded and broadened curricula, larger enrollmenT, rapid and ambiTious consTrucTion of new TaciliTies. A naTive oT LexingTon, KenTuclcy, Dr. Hahn received. his B.S. in physics Trom The UniversiTy oT KenTuclcy in I945 'and his Ph.D. from M.l.T in l95O. He has served as a physicisT in The U.S. Naval Ordnance Lab and as a research assisTanT aT M.l.T. He Then TaughT Physics and was direcTor oT graduaTe sTudies in physics aT The UniversiTy oT KenTuclcy, where he also direcTed The Nuclear AcceleraTor Labs. ln T954 he be- came head of The physics deparTmenT aT Tech: in I959 he leTT To become Dean oi ArTs and Sciences aT Kansas STaTe Dr. T. Marshall Hahn UniversiTy, where he remained unTil he became presidenT oT V.P.l. Dr. Hahn has served many corporaTions in indusTry. includ- ing NorTh American Phillips Co., Reynolds MeTal Co., Leeds and NorThrup Co., and The ATomic Energy Commission. He is a direcTor of The FirsT NaTional Exchange Bank oT Virginia. He is a Tellow oT The American Physics SocieTy and a member oT The American AssociaTion of ArTs and Sciences, American AssociaTion oT Physics Teachers, Phi BeTa Kappa, Sigma Xi, Omicron DelTa Kappa, Sigma Pi Sigma, and Pi Mu Epsilon. He is married To The Tormer lv1argareT Louise Lee. Dr. Warren W. Brandt Vice-President For Academic Affairs Dr. Warren W. Brandt, Vice-President Stuart K. Cassell Vice President for Administration Mr. Stuart K. Cassell graduated trom V.P.I. in I932, maior- ing in animal husbandry and having the highest academic record in his class in the School ot Agriculture. I'Ie was awarded a tellowship and received his M.S. in agricultural economics the tollowing year with honors. I-Ie worlced tor the Agricultural Extension Service. starting in I933 as an assistant county agent. I-Ie helped to organize the Agricultural Adjustment Administration in several counties: in I939 was appointed State Executive Otticer ot the AAA. At V.P.I., Ivlr. Cassell served as assistant agricultural econ- omist in the department ot agricultural economics. In l945 he was appointed tinance and business manager: he held this position until August, I966, when a maior reorganization ot the administrative structure ot the university made him vice-president tor administration. Ivlr. Cassell is a member ot Alpha Zeta and Phi Kappa Phi honoraries. Dr. Warren W. Brandt has been vice-president ot V.P.I. since I963. I'Ie received his B.S. in chemistry trom Michigan State University in I944, his postgraduate degree in I946, and his Ph.D.trom the University ot Illinois in I949. I-Ie served as a teaching assistant at Michigan and Illinois and was a university tellow at Illinois. I-Ie has taught at Purdue and was head ot the department ot chemistry at Kansas State University, where he was also Associate Dean ot Arts and Sciences. I-Ie went to Oxtord as a Guggenheim Fellow in I958. I-Ie was dean ot the Graduate School at V.P.I. trom I963-65. Dr. Brandt is a member ot the American Chemical Society. the American Association ot Arts and Sciences, Phi Lambda Upsilon, and Alpha Chi Omega, I-Ie is married to the tormer Esther Mae Cass. Stuart K. Cassell, Vice-President f 9 'vga' ,A,. ., ,.,.,.,. ......t ,,,t.,i..t..,,.A, , Deans Dr. James W. Dean Mr. James G. Brown Dean of Sfudenis Dean of Men Dr. Dean is concerned wiflw all phases of sludenf life, from To Dean B,-Own ig enfrugfed fl-le supervision ol all aspeds individual problems lo policies atclecfing +l'1e enlire sfuderil of male gludenl life 5+ Tech. body. Miss Manha Harder Mr. Albsri' W. Crawford Dean of Women Assisfanf +o fhe Dean of Sfudenis Dean Harder Came fo Tech fhis yea, as dean of our .Dean Crawford handles Selecfive Service problems and growing Coed populamnn' financial maflers. gf 7 Yam! W X -A M.,,,f'f'TQ1 X 307 Coclcroaches7 Well, +o each his own! Wilson B. Bell, Dean 1 is ,vi E 0 Horficuliure sfuclenfs conduci experimenis in modern greenhouses. 308 College of Agrlculture Agricullure was. of course, one of +he lirsr courses offered al Virginia Agriculrural and Mechanical College, and a+ The modern Virginia Tech, The College of Agricullure coniinues +0 expand and 'ro olzier 'ro iis sfudenls lhe mos? up-To-dale educaiion possible in 'lheir field. Courses are offered in agricullural economics. agriculiural educaiion. agronorny, animal science. biochemislry and nulrilion, dairy science. enlromology, exlension educaiion, foreslry. horficuliure, planf paihology and physiology, and pouliry science. The College has liar-reaching influence Through ils Exlen- sion Service. Through counly agenls and home demonsira- 'rion agenis, +his service brings informalion aboul modern mefhods and praciices lo people Throughoui +he Srale of Virginia. The experimeni sfaiion program is conducled in order +0 carry on 'luriher research and 'ro be coniinually abreasl of The mosl advanced melhods in modern agriculiure. College of Architecture The College of Archireclure was eslablished in l964 wilh an enrollmenl ol l35. By l97O This enrollmenl is expecied 'lo double +o abou? 660. The College would be larger al pres- eni' excepf lor space limiialions and is eagerly anlicipaling 'rhe consiruciion of a new building. According io Dean Burchard, lhe rapidly increasing enrollmenl Hreflecls 'rhe new emphasis being given 'lo programmed design lor man's environmenl on lhe nalional level." The College is divided info 'four deparlmenlsp archileciural engineering, archileclure, building conslruclion, and urban and regional planning. An example of The expanding scope of lhe College oi Archileclure is The Urban Sludies Program, under which siudenls spend a guarler al George Washinglon Universiiy in Washinglon, D.C. While lhere, Jrhey have The opporiuniiy io meel and work wilh planners who are worlcing on pro- grams ihroughoul 'rhe counlry. ff Wm. i ' Wig, ' sr W Charles D. Burcharcl, Dean if f 3 . wasp' Z? I I Z if sl ffr '-QQQWXMM "Where's fha Bafhroom7" The College of Archifeciure oFfers courses in oil and wafer- color painling and sculplure. The honors seminar is a new and very successful experimeni' in ihe College of Arfs and Sciences. Well-equipped language labs aid comprehension and pronunciafion. .ess College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arls and Sciences was originally inlended To provide a background for sludenis in engineering and Jrechnical courses. Now il is The second-largesi college ar VPI, carrying half of Jrhe UniversiJry's leaching load and having more lhan I5OO sludenis in Arls and Sciences curricula. A recenl' innovarion in Jrhe College of Arls and Sciences is lhe honors program, which allows ouislanding sfudenis io pursue cerlain subiecrs in deplh. An honors seminar is also offered: in 'rhis course 'rhe sludeni reads widely and is en- couraged 'ro formulale his own views concerning Jrhe humani- 'ries and social and nalural science. New orierings in Jrhe College of Arfs and Sciences include The lvlasler of Arls degree in English and l-lislory and under- graduaie majors in healfh-physical educalion and philosophy. DR. LESLIE F. MALPASS Dean College of Business The College of Business was accrediled lasf summer by The American Associaiion of Collegiaie Schools of Business. The College was acceplecl lo membership when il received iis accrediiaiion, an honor which belongs lo only IZO of The nalion's 600 deparlmenls, schools, and colleges oi business. Wilh accredilalion comes lhe privilege of forming chaplers of 'rwo nalional scholaslic honoraries on campus: Bela Gamma Sigma for business, and Bela Alpha Psi 'lor accounling sluclenis. Virginia Tech has olzlereol degrees in business since l925. ln l96l The School of Business was formed: in l964 all Schools were designaied Colleges. There are lhree deparlmenls in The College: business adminisiralion, accounling, and economics. Maiors are ol- lered in accounling, business aclminislralion lincluding finance, managemenl. and marlceiinql, economics, business eclucalion, and public adminislralion. The masler's degree in business is also offered. Accounfing labs give siudenfs experience in dealing will-u fhe problems en counfered in operaiing a business. H. H. MITCHELL, Dean Young businessmen in fraining. 5 A possession of which The College of Engineering is very proud: The wind Tunnels. College of Engineering The College of Engineering is The largesT in The'UniversiTy, having an enrollmenT oT 3500 sTudenTs, ancl iT is well-known ThroughouT The counTry as an excellenlr engineering school. Courses are oTiered in aerospace, agriculTural, archiTecTural, ceramic, chemical, civil, elecTrical. indusTrial, mechanical, meTals, and mining engineering, as well as in engineering mechanics and maTerials engineering science. The College oT Engineering recenTly began a series oT ETFecTive Teaching Seminars which are helcl weekly, primarily To beneTiT young Teachers who have been on The TaculTy Tor less Than Three years, Speakers are TeaTured Trom The TaculTy and Trom else- where, ancl The seminars have provecl helpTul To new ancl olcl Teachers alilce. Many engineering sTuclenTs beneTiT Trom The cooperaTive program. By alTernaTing guarTers oT worlc and sTucly, They are able To acquire pracTical iob experience which is a deTiniTe asser aTTer graduaTion, Willis G. Worcesier, Dean A ceramics lab. College of Home Economics There are live curricula offered in lhe College of Home Economics: Clolhing, Texliles, and Relaled Arls: Human Nulrilion and Foods: lvlanagemenl, Housing, and Family Developmenlg Home Economics Eclucalion: and General Home Economics. These courses prepare sludenls for a variely ol careers as housewives, home demonslralion agenls, and many posilions in lhe lood and lexlile incluslries and in managemenl and leaching. Many advanlages lo sludy are available on lhe campus, such as lhe nursery school, a greal help lo sludenls of child development and The Home Managemenl House. Sludenls live logelher in lhis house for a quarler 'ro gain praclical experience in lhe managemenl ol a home. The College ol Home Economics is looking forward lo lhe complelion ol ils new building, which will be a lwo-slory slruclure 'ro which new addilions can be made as lhey be- come necessary. U S1 12:55 IORS The raduatlng Class of 1967 All Treshmen have Their enThusiasm. Their apprehensions, Their goals. The class oT l967 was noT unlike oTher Treshman classes. Our Tamilies leTT us in empTy rooms To be seTTled, new Taces To be known, and . . . regisTraTion. We raTionalized by Thinking Tha+ regisTraTion was only anoTher new experience which improved wiTh Time . . . some Things never change. We were led, almosT dazed, Through The Treshmen camp and orienTaTion program. Then came The realizaTion ThaT, as much as oThers could lead us. we had To Take The responsibiliTy Tor leading ourselves. lT was up To us. Amid The exciTemenT and Tun oT pep rallies and TooTball, came The day-November 22, I963. As Treshmen, perhaps we TelT The impacT more keenly, because suddenly we were To Tace This crisis noT as children buT as adulTs. The Corps oT CadeTs assembled on The drill Tield Tor a Formal ReTreaT and They sounded The 50-gun saluTe. Thanksgiving broughT vicTory over V.M.l. seTTing a precedenT noT broken during our college career. December came wiTh our TirsT seT oT college Tinals. We learned The True meaning oT The cliche "midnighT oil." We also acquired The pracTice oT exilsTing on vasT quanTiTies oT coTTee and No-Doz, Somehow we survived. And we were proud. ATTer a well-deserved vacaTion. we reTurned To "good ol' Blacksburg." WinTer became Spring: we exchanged snowshoes Tor Tennis rackeTs and looked Torward To summer vacaTion. However. Tor some of us, There was summer school. Our prime obiecTive Sophomore year. aside Trom sTudying, was The elecTion oT class oTTicers and The TormaTion oT ring dance commiTTees. '67 survived The "sopho- more slump" and began anTicipaTing The exciTemenT oT Junior year. Fall l965 . . . We were upperclassmen! The deTails oT Fall and WinTer quarTers became insigniTicanT as we Tocused our aTTenTion on May 6-7. Somehow, amid The exciTemenT oT ordering rings and planning our dance, we acquired inTerview daTa sheeTs and ThoughT ahead To our Senior year. I966-l967 has seen many signiTicanT TirsTs aT our universiTy-one of The mosT imporTanT being The unified sTudenT body. AgainsT The backdrop oT a rapidly ex- panding campus, The l-lokies won Their way To The LiberTy Bowl and naTional recogniTion. The '67 baskeT'ball squad broughT anoTher TirsT Tor Virginia Tech- The NCAA bid. BeTween concerTs WinTer quarTer. we have Tound Time Tor iob inTerviews. We are now aware again oT apprehension-noT oT college buT oT whaT comes aTTer. Virginia Tech has grown. So have we. High-rise dorms, The sTadium, The over-all expansions under PresidenT Hahn perhaps parallel our growTh inside. GeneralizaTions abouT our individual minds, our individual experiences cannoT be made. YeT we all know The changing and The growing. The members oT The Class OT I967 may have reached a goal-a mosT imporTanT goal oT becoming maTure, aware adulTs who along The way, also graduaTed. 316 ,. --.W 1 of X f ,f rs'--w..,., A. V, - wh, . - r ,. ' 'MQ f.-to Our man on flue spof-'67 could noi have made if wifhouf him. Till lf G, li' V 2 f , ' 1 ,. 5 r .f is i xiii T gf ,is 4. -w.,N,x-V Q5 The officers of +he Class of I967 are, from lefi +o righi: Roberf Keilh President Jenks Roberfson, Advisor: Roberl Fennema, Civilian Mem ber-al-Large: Thomas Johnsfon, Cadel Member-at-Largeg Palfy Maxey Secrelaryp Thomas Graves, Vice Presidenlg Erick Johanson, Treasurer Geoffrey l-linfze, Hisforian. Senior Class fficers ALFRED LEE ABBITT Hackensack, New Jersey Business Aclminisiraiion PATRICIA PORCELLA ABBITT For+ ShericIan, IIIinois English FRANK LEON ABBOTT Clifion Forge, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion WILLIAM A. ADEN Pefersburg, Virginia Civil Engineering BENJAMIN H. ADKINS, JR. WaIIingford, Pennsylvania Elecirical Engineering DOUGLAS WADE ALEXANDER Briclgewaier, Virginia EIeciricaI Engineering HUST GREGORY ALLAN Blacksburg, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion EDWIN M. ALLEN Roanoke, Virginia Engineering Mechanics RAYMOND WILLIAM ALLEN CaIIancIs, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion SEBASTIAN PASTOR ALMAZAN Cienfuegos, Cuba Archiieciure WAYNE LEWIS ALPHIN Buchanan, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion LEE V. ALTER Richmond, Virginia Mechanical Engineering Vaden en+er'I'ained, Bobbie Roysion poured n eleganf affa r HAROLD R. ANDERSON S'ruar'I', Virginia Elecirical Engineering RODNEY DAVID ANDERSON Roanoke, Virginia Economics WILLIAM BRUCE ANDERSON, JR Blacksburg, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion JAMES FREDERICK ARNOLD Richmond, Virginia Eoresrry and Wildlife HARRY WINSTON ARON Danville, Virginia Mechanical Engineering CHARLES BENJAMIN ARTHUR III Rusfburg, Virginia Dairy Science KENNETH B. ARTHUR Sringfield, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering ROY CLARENCE ATWELL Rural ReI'rea'I', Virginia English MYRON ROBERT AUST Pulaski, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion HERMAN EDGAR AYDLETT Norfolk, Virginia Civil Engineering JAMES WARREN AYLOR Mifchells, Virginia Animal Science DRURY L. BACON III Rose Hill, Virginia Chemical Engineering CLYDE D. BAILEY, JR. Danville, Virginia English DAVID SANDBURG BAILEY Hollins, Virginia Biology JAMES GARLAND BAIRD Bon Air, Virginia Accouniing FRANCIS EDWARD BAKER, JR. Balfimore, Maryland Elecirical Engineering WILLIAM CONKLIN BAKER Pound, Virginia Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM LAURENCE BAKER III Norfolk, Virginia Maihemaiics SENIORS WAYNE L. BARKSDALE CIi'f+on Forge, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion GERALD WRIGHT BARNES McKinney, Virginia Civil Engineering WILLIAM MARTIN BARRON Jeffersonion, Virginia Agriculiural Educaiion ROGER LeROY BAUMGARDNER Chilhowie, Virginia Accouniing CLARENCE WILLIAM BAYNES Danville, Virginia Accounring RAY HARRISON BAZIL Washingfon, D.C. Physics JOSEPH HERBERT BEAN II Berrywille, Virginia Siaiisfics MARVIN XAVIER BECK Richmond, Virginia Archiiecfural Engineering RONOLD WILLIAM BELAY ArIing+on, Virginia Business Aclminisiraiion ARVIN BONAPARTE BELL, JR. Kenbriclge, Virginia Business Educaiion THOMAS STREET BENNETT Glade Hill, Virginia English FRANK ROBERT BENSON Hampfon, Virginia Accounfing WILLIAM PATERSON BENSON I Chamblee, Georgia Accouniing MARK JOSEPH BENTON Arlingfon, Virginia Business Adminislrafion ' RICHARD WARREN BENTON Porfsmouih, Virginia Elecirical Engineering ROBERT REID BERGSETH Arlingfon, Virginia Physics BERGEN FREDEIC BERKAW. JR. CharIes+on, Soufh Carolina Sociology GUY MARCUS BISHOP, JR. Pulaslci, Virginia Accouniing X .4 5 5 is ami va if 5,-fr Af Q w g Dr. Lewis B. Leakey holds flue a'Hen+ion of members of 'Phe AIAA ai' Ihe ban- quef held in his honor during fall quarier. FRANKLIN BENJAMIN BLACK Ill Bluefield, Wesi' Virginia General Engineering TOMMY RINARD BLACKA S'I'uarI's Draf'I', Virginia Accounling TIMOTHY HALE BLACKWELL Greenville, Sourh Carolina Civil Engineering JAMES LOUIS BLAHA. JR. Pefersburg, Virginia lncluslrial Engineering ALBERT J. BLAHO Hopewell, Virginia Mechanical Engineering ROGER ALLEN BLEVINS Abingdon, Virginia Agricullural Engineering DOUGLAS E. BLOWS Norfolk, Virginia Mining Engineering EARVING LEE BLYTHE Franlclin, Virginia English GEORGE WILLIAM BOARD, JR. Rocky Mounf, Virginia Animal Science JOHN THOMAS BOBBITT II Arlingfon, Virginia Mechanical Engineering JAMES H. BOLEN, JR. Winchesfer, Virginia Business Adminislralion HERMAN KENNEDY BOLSTER Roanoke, Virginia General Science SENIORS IRVING W. BOSWELL Roanoke, Virginia Vocalional and lndusirial Educalion JAMES FRANKLIN BOWERSETT Burfonsville, Maryland Mechanical Engineering ERNEST ALAN BOYER Waierliclc, Virginia Animal Science WAVERLY D. BRADSHAW, JR. Richmond, Virginia Business Adrninislraiion DANIEL E. BRANN Callao, Virginia Agronomy PETER ROBERT BRAUNING Annandale. Virginia Mechanical Engineering GARY EARL BRAY Eau Gallie, Florida Business Adminisrraiion JAMES BRENNEMAN Sfuarfs Draff, Virginia Civil Engineering LONNIE WATKINS BROOKS III Brisfol, Virginia Elecirical Engineering EDGAR EARL BROWN Porlsmoufh, Virginia Melallurgical Engineering WILLIAM KENNETH BROWN Norfh Tazewell, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering LESLIE J. BROWNING Logan, Wesl' Virginia Mechanical Engineering ROBERT AUGUST BROWNING III Richmond, Virginia Sociology WILLIAM WAYNE BRUBAKER Vinlon, Virginia Foreslry and Wildlife TERRY EDWARD BRUCK Cincinnafi, Ohio Eleclrical Engineering REX BURGH, III Colonial Heighfs, Virginia Biology JOSEPHINE TODD BUCHANAN Blacksburg, Virginia General Science RAYMOND M. BUDNICKI Cliffon, New Jersey Mechanical Engineering W in iQ5Ef1fl ""'i"'f'?l"' ill ' U,il,ru-vllli' Pd Loop Plans I,4-gialalnrsli -if Your 1 A 1 A'-.xxtlik .. K. Hmmmm . . . ls lhis The nighl' for C pla n Nce GARLAND LEE BURCH Spencer, Virginia Civil Engineering RICHARD LEE BURCH Springfield, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering DOUGLAS GLENN BURD Hampfon, Virginia Aerospace Engineering JOHN DOUGLAS BURGE S1'uar+, Virginia Business Adminislralion ARTHUR HAZEN BURNET Charloliesville, Virginia Mechanical Engineering JOHN WESLEY BURNETT Lynchburg, Virginia Biology JOSEPH RUSH BURNETT, JR. Lynchburg, Virginia Horlicullure HAROLD GEORGE BURNLEY Roanoke, Virginia Chemical Engineering ROGER ALLEN BURTON Bowie, Maryland Aerospace Engineering A. BROOKS CADENHEAD Hampfon, Virginia Mechanical Engineering GEORGE THOMAS CADOTTE Balfimore, Maryland Mechanical Engineering TIMOTHY GEORGE CADOTTE Ballimore, Maryland Archileclure SENIORS SENIORS ROBERT MONROE CAFFEE. JR. BaII'imore, Maryland Business Adminisiraiion ROY BENJAMIN CAMPBELL, JR. Mar+insviIIe, Virginia Accouniing JEROME FRANCIS CANTWELL Lynbrook, New York Physics MARVIN EDWARD CARDOZA, JR. Richmond, Virginia CiviI Engineering GERALD DEAN CARICO Independence, Virginia Aerospace Engineering S. RICHARDSON CARPENTER Annandale, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion JOHN EDWARD CARROLL Arlingfon, Virginia Civil Engineering JOHN FRANCIS CARROLL, JR. Roanoke, Virginia Accouniing ANN WESLIE CARTER Chrisfiansburg, Virginia Physics DENNIS WARREN CARTER DanviIIe, Virginia Civil Engineering RONALD DAVID CARTER Mar+insviIIe, Virginia Mechanical Engineering JAMES VINCENT CASE. JR. Norfolk, Virginia EIecIricaI Engineering I f' 2 sf . Sufi", , rim, The Iopics discussed 'I'o- day by sfudenfs are as varied as Ihe places of discussion. I if .2 1 Iii? ' "' ' . in GEORGE HUGH CAWOOD Brislol, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering JANE MARNE CELLY Severna Park, Maryland Maih RICHARD JAMES CERVI Yorldown, Virginia Business Aclminislralion RICHARD BRYANT CHAPPELL Roanoke, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering DAVID LEE CHILDRESS Hamp'I'on, Virginia Mechanical Engineering JUDITH LANE CHILDRESS Fairfax, Virginia Business Adminislralion JAMES C. CLARK Emmerfon, Virginia Foreslry and Wildlife WINSTON DOUGLAS CLARK Marion, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering DONALD LLOYD CLARY Lawrenceville, Virginia I-leallh and Physical Eclucalion DAVID MITCHELL CLINE Wyfheville, Virginia Civil Engineering DOUGLAS F. COCHRAN Sfaunfon, Virginia English KENNETH WOOLARD COLE Virginia Beach, Virginia Civil Engineering FRANK NAT COLEMAN Prospecl, Virginia Poullry Science GEORGE EDWARD COLEMAN Ill Rawlings, Virginia Agricullural Engineering DALE WAYNE CONRAD Raclforcl, Virginia Hislo ry NORMAN THOMAS COOK Danville, Virginia Ceramic Engineering WILLIAM EUGENE COPENHAVER Rural Re+real, Virginia Mechanical Engineering DONALD G. CORDERMAN Hagerslown, Maryland Mechanical Engineering DAVID NORMAN CORDES Sandsfon, Virginia PoIi+icaI Science CHARLES O. CORNELISON Roanoke, Virginia Poliiicai Science LARRY FRANCIS COSTELLO Ashburn, Virginia Eleciricai Engineering THOMAS JOSEPH COTTER Amsferdam, New York Engineering Mechanics STEWART LEE COX Glen AIIen, Virginia Building Consiruciion VIRGINIA BABB COX Blacksburg, Virginia Business Adrninisiraiion DAVID HAYNES CRABTREE SaI'IviIIe, Virginia Agriculiural Engineering JUDE THOMAS CRADDOCK. JR. CI1aI'I1am, Virginia Business Adrninisiraiion ROBERT FRANKLIN CRAFTON Pulaski, Virginia Inciusiriai Engineering WILLIAM RODERICK CRISP Roanoke, Virginia Business Adminisrraiion WILLIAM HAMILTON CROCKFORD IV Richmond, Virginia Ciwemisiry ROBERT R. CROWDER Mechanicsville, Virginia Business Aolrninisiraiion Hhs Seniors! Do yo In y ur s r ma er GTK I al 6. ff X335 f l W 327 BRITTON BARCLAY CULPEPPER, JR Por+smou'H1, Virginia Indusirial Engineering MICKEY ROGER CUNNINGHAM Jeffersonfon, Virginia Animal Science WLLIAM WARREN DABNEY II Mechanicsville, Virginia Mailw JOSEPH SILVIO D'AMICO BaI'rimore, Maryland Mechanical Engineering EUGENE M. DANIEL Freeman, Virginia Foresfry and Wildlife RONALD EDWARTH DANIELS Mafoaca, Virginia Civil Engineering ROBERT PRESTON DAVIDS Roanoke, Virginia Elecfrical Engineering BRIAN KEITH DAVIS New York, New York Business Adminislraiion DONALD ADDISON DAVIS Burkes Garden, Virginia Animal Science GEORGE BEN DAVIS. JR. Galax, Virginia Building Conslruciion JOHN B. DAVISON ArIing+on, Virginia Clnemisiry ROBERT ALEXANDER DAWES Schenecfady, New York Business Adminisiraiion STANLEY W. DAWSON. JR. Kilmarnock, Virginia Arclwiieciure ALBERT JOHN DAZET IV Heidelberg, Germany Ivleclnanical Engineering WILLIAM LARKIN DeHART, JR. Radford, Virginia Indusirial Engineering GILBERT ROLAND DeHUFF ArIing+on, Virginia Eoresiry and Wildlife DANIEL DWIGHT DeJARNETTE Naruna, Virginia Agriculiural Educaiion LEON KYAR DELK. JR. Franklin, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion SENIORS WALTER F. DENEEN III Johnson Cify, Tennessee Mining Engineering DAVID BRUCE DENHAM Silver Spring, Maryland Mechanical Engineering JOHN VASILIOS DEVOLES Norfolk, Virginia Business Aclminislralion THOMAS ALLEN DILLARD, JR. Gasfonia, Nor+h Carolina Chemical Engineering RONALD ROGER DIXON Parma, Ohio Mechanical Engineering DAVID LEE DOBYNS Dublin, Virginia Vocalional and Inclusirial Eclucalion EMILY LaVERNE DOYLE Hamplon, Virginia Animal Science FREDERICK RICHARD DRAUDT Rockaway Beach, New York Polilical Science MARTIN ALFRED DREES Seaford, Virginia Incluslrial Arls Educalion JOHN WILLIAM DREW III Annandale, Virginia Business Adminislralion FREDERICK KING DUBAY Fairfax, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering MICHAEL RAYMOND DUCOFF Takoma Park, Maryland Eleclrical Engineering SAMUEL MAYHU DUNAWAY, JR. Blacksburg, Virginia Mining Engineering GERALD WAYNE DUNCAN Newpor'I', Virginia Business Aclminislralion ROSEMARY DUNCAN Blacksburg, Virginia Human Nulrilion and Foods JAMES EMERY DUNLAP Bris+oI, Tennessee Disrribulive Eclucalion ELWOOD BARROWS DURHAM Virginia Beach, Virginia Archileciure DONALD DOUGLAS DUVALL Alexandria, Virginia Public Aolminislralion 328 'YY' wb' JAMES TIMOTHY DWYER Washingion, D.C. Foresiry and Wildlife JASPER REID EANES Blairs, Virginia Accounling JOHN ROBERT EARLY Colonial Heighfs, Virginia Elecfrical Engineering RICHARD STEPHEN EDELMAN Virginia Beach, Virginia Aerospace Engineering RAYMOND ALFRED ELLENSON Newpor+ News, Virginia Indusirial Aris Educaiion CLYDE DALE ELLIOT Hampfon, Virginia Elecirical Engineering Will Spring ever come? . ,ik 1 us S 1 ggqg .Q Q Q- S ,,. Q L L :xg V .X is ,.,, NRSVWS X CARTER SMITH ELLIOTT, JR. Lynchburg, Virginia Dairy Science LANDON LEWIS ELSWICK Norfolk, Virginia Engineering Mechanics ROBERT JOHN ENGLAR Reis'I'ersfown, Maryland Aerospace Engineering WILLIAM DOUGLAS ERICKSEN Hamp+on, Virginia Foresiry and Wildlife SAM ELVIS EUBANKS. JR. Franklin, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion CHARLES WINSTON FALLOW Rockville, Maryland Mechanical Engineering SENIORS SENIORS ROBERT MOORE FANNEY Virginia Beach, Virginia Business Aclminisiraiion JAMES EDWARD FARGO Arlingfon, Virginia Business Aclminisiraiion JAMES M. FARISS, JR. Lynchburg, Virginia Civil Engineering DAVID LOWELL FARMER Dayion, Ohio General Science VIRGINIA LEE FARRIS Dublin, Virginia Cloihing, Texiiles, and Relaiecl Aris RICHARD ARTHUR FASOLD Cincinna+i, Ohio Business Adminisiraiion JOSEPH CLYDE FEARS, JR. Topping, Virginia Sociology ROBERT CORNWELL FELTON Suffolk, Virginia Foresiry and Wildlife ROBERT JOHN FENNEMA Merrick, New York Civil Engineering EDWARD STEPHEN FERGUSON Wiris, Virginia lndusirial Engineering CHARLES W. FERST III Burke, Virginia Civil Engineering LARRY B. FIELDS Galax, Virginia Agriculiural Educaiion JAMES BARR FINK, JR. S+aun+on, Virginia Business Aclminisiraiion ROBERT BENHAM FISH. JR. Cleveland, Ohio Chemical Engineering ROBERT EARL FISHER II Roanoke, Virginia Civil Engineering ANDREA MERELE FLAGG Prince George, Virginia Biology AARON RUDOLPH FLINCHUM Pulaski, Virginia Animal Science KENNETH MELVIN FLIPPIN Marfinsville, Virginia lndusirial Engineering Q 5 s X Q. .Jie '35 More and more pledges wall: 'Phe road 'foward broiherhood. :JK Q Ns- ,,.mL j A-3 L":A0fT,' xv' r -Q, fiifvwfafj- W' 'J "Q-Qv?c'?"S-4 'M' " if-1 15' f,5:1'11?""Y,.ui - ' 3 ROGER WILLIAM FLORA Boones Mill, Virginia Mechanical Engineering QW is AUGUST JOHN FONTANA Falls Church, Virginia Elecirical Engineering GEORGE TYLER FORD, JR. - Winchesier, Virginia General Science BERNARD HOOE FOWLE Roanoke, Virginia Mechanical Engineering DONALD WAYNE FOWLER Upfon, MassachuseH's Mechanical Engineering Ford, Virginia , ..'. '35 Chemical Engineering RONALD RAY FOX Harrisonburg, Virginia Business Aclrninisiraiion ROBERT HAROLD FRANCK Cumberland, Virginia Q 1 Animal Science GERALD WAYNE FRITZ Kingsporf, Tennessee Chemislry HUGH DRUMMOND FULCHER Amhersf, Virginia Physics JOHN WARREN FUNKHOUSER Alexandria, Virginia Accounling BERNARD CHESTER FURMAN X J! Richmond, Virginia Business Adminislraiion CLAUDE CABANESS FOWLKES, JR. -v.. '. . S4 'i SENIORS GUY FRANKLIN FUTRELL Newpori' News, Virginia CiviI Engineering ROBERT F. GAINES. JR. WincI1es+er, Virginia Business Aciminisiraiion KENNETH WARREN GALLIER Lynchburg, Virginia Physics GARNETT GRAHAM GAMBLE Marion, Virginia IncIus+riaI Engineering STUART ROGER GARRISON King George, Virginia Aerospace Engineering GEORGE EDWARD GAULDING, JR. Richmond, Virginia Business Aoirninisiraiion GEORGE LOUIS GENEAUX Columbia S1'a+ion, Ohio Physics KENTON SITES GIBBS Sands+on, Virginia BioIogy ROBERT BRUCE GILBERT DanviIIe, Virginia PubIic Adminisiraiion GLENN E. GILES, JR. Newpor+ News, Virginia Civii Engineering RICHARD FRANK GILES Roanoke, Virginia Aerospace Engineering STANLEY CARY GILL Richmond, Virginia Archiieciure Those big comfor+abIe chairs . . . 5 4' I 'N xiii ,iw if U Q Q fr 2. I - i - K. 01' 3-1 in 333 1 HERBERT HAMILTON GILLIAM III Hopewell, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion LARRY ELLIS GILMAN Ashland, Virginia Business Adminisiralion WELTON DAVIS GILMAN Richmond, Virginia Archiieciural Engineering DOROTHY ELIZABETH GIVAN Alexandria, Virginia Clolhing, Texiiles. and Relaled Aris ANDREW CROCKET GIVENS Salem, Virginia Poliiical Science SALLY ANN GLASCOCK Culpeper, Virginia English PAUL THOMAS GLASS Roanoke, Virginia Elecirical Engineering WILLIAM JOHN GLASS Norfolk, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering JAMES H. GLIDEWELL, JR. Lennig, Virginia Business Adminislralion MARION DENN GLOECKNER Blacksburg, Virginia lnclusirial Engineering JOHN ROBERT GOODALL Canion, Massachuseffs Archileclural Engineering DAN EDWARD GOODE Hilfons, Virginia Civil Engineering EUGENE THORNTON GOODE Prince George, Virginia Ceramic Engineering ROBERT DOUGLAS GOODELL Falls Church, Virginia Civil Engineering JAMES EDWARD GOODMAN Craig Spring, Virginia Animal Science WILLIAM BOOTON GOODMAN CharIo'H'esville, Virginia Business Adrninisirafion ROBERT RANSON GORDON. JR. Sou'I'h Bosfon, Virginia lndusirial Engineering RICHARD WEBSTER GRAHAM Il Frederick, Maryland Mechanical Engineering '67's Ha REESE EDWARD GRAVES. JR. Norfolk, Virginia Mechanical Engineering THOMAS HOUSTON GRAVES Marfinsville, Virginia Business Adminisirafion JAMES ASTON GRAY, JR. Lebanon, Virginia Business Adminisfrafion CHARLIE W. GREEN, JR. Blacksfone, Virginia Polifical Science STANLEY ROBERT GREEN Arlingfon, Virginia Mafhemafics THOMAS FIELDING GREEN Sufherlancl, Virginia Agriculiural Educafion GEORGE WINSTON GRIFFIN Winclsor, Virginia Agriculfural Educafion LEE DANIEL GRIFFIN Norfolk, Virginia Elecfrical Engineering JERRY HOWARD GROSECLOSE Rural Refreaf, Virginia Agriculfural Engineering F. G. GARY GROSS Springfield, Illinois Indusfrial Engineering FRANK WYTHE GRUBBS Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering MARY KAY GRUENHAGEN Blacksburg, Virginia English rbor Lighls will burn in our memories for years fo come. Al qyq'lIS2"i4- ,,...-uve NQESPY'-1:filiifafiifsi' 1ss.',f .' . . . . - INN .., m .gg..s K X QRNQ -fee. isis.-Ia--1---.1--:Y -. asf 1 ez: -f - gy .0-xi 55 , 1 'Q 1 N 1 E X E 33: -eg, Sf Q . s.. fe BENNY RAY GUILL Danville, Virginia Agriculiural Engineering STEVEN RICHARD HABEGER Arlingfon, Virginia Mechanical Engineering CARROLL GARLAND HAGEN Richmond, Virginia lnduslrial Engineering PHILLIP EUGENE HAGER Fieldale, Virginia Hislory JOHN ROBINSON HAILE Tappahannock, Virginia Animal Science JAMES FRANKLIN HALEY, JR. Ringgold, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion JAMES BURELL HALL BasseH', Virginia Elecirical Engineering JACQUELINE ELAINE HAMILTON Churchville, Maryland English WILLIAM EMIL HAMMEN Franklin Square, New York English THOMAS RICHARD HANLEY Wesl' Logan, Wesf Virginia Chemical Engineering WILLIAM R. HARKINS Kingsporf, Tennessee Business Adminislralion EDGAR DAEHN HARRAS Arlingfon, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering ALBERT W. HARRELL III Capron, Virginia Civil Engineering GEORGE W. HARRIS, JR. Richmond, Virginia Business Adminisiralion JAMES THOMAS HARRIS Fori' Belvoir, Virginia Civil Engineering LARRY YOUNG HARRIS Virginia Beach, Virginia Biology RONALD WILLARD HARRIS Chesapeake, Virginia Civil Engineering WIELIAM J. HARRIS Hamplon, Virginia Mechanical Engineering SENIORS JEFFREY ARCH HARRISON Bluefield, Virginia Mechanical Engineering RICHARD HANSLOW HARRISON, JR Leesburg, Virginia Mechanical Engineering ELMER FRANKLIN HART Wise, Virginia Civil Engineering CHARLES P. HATSELL Alexandria, Virginia Elecfrical Engineering RICHARD WALTER HAYNES Arlingfon, Virginia Foresfry ancl Wildlife STEPHEN RAYMOND HECHT Sparfanburg, Soufh Carolina Mechanical Engineering ROBERT KELLEY HEDGEPETH Norfolk, Virginia Mechanical Engineering ROGER LITTLE HEFFERAN Alexandria, Virginia Polifical Science CAROLYN MARIE HELTON Norfolk, Virginia Disfribufive Educalion CHARLES THOMAS HICKS III Glen Cove, New York Civil Engineering LARRY KEITH HILLMAN Roanoke, Virginia Business Adminisfrafion GEOFFREY CRAWFORD HINTZE Red Bank, New Jersey Aerospace Engineering CHARLES HENRY HOCUTT Nashville, Tennessee Biology RAYMOND EDWARD HODGE Alexandria, Virginia Business Adminisfrafion RICHARD LEWIS HODGES Roanoke, Virginia Business Aclminisfrafion ROBERT LAYNE HODGES Newporf News, Virginia Building Consfrucfion LEE HOLLAND Danville, Virginia Business Eclucafion ROBERT DeFOREST HOLLAND II Middle Island, New York Healfh and Physical Educafion -: s s L. F -ss. -,.::.N:s,, bff,-- -. ,, ' X2 'fe ' ss .Q N -Skies x Air 5 N in sas ws?-A 0 a ff . i 159' ' ' . . W ssss 'I if Nt' 'N fr lik Whaf a suiicase X THOMAS R. HOLLAND Rocky Moun1', Virginia Eleclrical Engineering REGINALD MANNING HOLLOWAY Hampfon, Virginia Elecirical Engineering ROBERT NELSON HOLT Franklin, Virginia Business Adrninisiraiion JAMES LOWELL HOTT Falls Church, Virginia Elecirical Engineering JOSEPH ASHLEY HOUCK Culpeper, Virginia Dairy Science KENT SIMMONS HOWARD, JR. Floyd, Virginia Building Consiruciion IIJJ s , , W 5 ' " " ' . .,.. - . was ,T ss f11:1-':'VifEzf1f: ,-"- A - K"..-. B ' T T 1' - . 'rr- 7 K ss 6 Q, 337 .Q , Q... GLENN MICHAEL HOWELL Roanoke, Virginia Building Consiruciion JOHN CHARLES HRAPCHAK Cenfral Cify, Pennsylvania Arcliileciural Engineering THELMA ANN HUFF Blacksburg, Virginia Business Adrninisiraiion CHARLES ALFRED HUFFMAN, JR. Hampion, Virginia Business Adnninislraiion DONALD ELLETT HULCHER Alexandria, Virginia Agriculiural Economics LOWRY LANIER HUNDLEY Por'rsmou+l1, Virginia Elecirical Engineering SENIORS SENIORS JOHN CLINTON HUNT Poquoson, Virginia Mechanical Engineering ELAINE HUNTER Annandale, Virginia General Science ERIC LEE HURT Hoi' Springs, Virginia Economics ROBERT JOSEPH HURT Wyfheville, Virginia Hislory JOHN DORAL IRVIN Bedford, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion PENDLETON Mc6UIRE JACKSON, JR. Richmond, Virginia Mechanical Engineering WAYNE LYNWOOD JACKSON Fredericksburg, Virginia Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM LAND JACKSON Soufh Hill, Virginia Polilical Science ROBERT LOUIS JACOBS Alexandria, Virginia M alhemalics NICKY RAY JAMISON Roanoke, Virginia Polilical Science ROBERT EARL JARVIS Alexandria, Virginia Elecirical Engineering ROBERT DEWEY JENKINS Coving'l'on, Virginia Business Adminislraiion TOMMIE HODGES JENKINS Burkeville, Virginia Dairy Science JAMES LOWELL JENNINGS Danville, Virginia Business Adminisiralion ERICK SIEGFRIED JOHANSON Piifsfield, Maine Archiieciure CHARLES DANA JOHNS. JR. Vicforia, Virginia Business Adminislralion JAMES DONALD JOHNSON, JR. Annandale, Virginia Business Adminisiralion ROBERT THEODORE JOHNSON Halifax, Virginia Business Adminisiralion :uf YH The old gives way for Ihe new. ROBERT WESLEY JOHNSON Blacksburg, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion ROBERT WORTHINGTON JOHNSON JR. Chesapeake, Virginia Horiiculiure THOMAS DIXON JOHNSTON Vienna, Virginia Poliiical Science JOHN MARK JONES Woodlawn, Virginia Agriculiural Educaiion RICHARD MARSTON JONES PorI'smouI'h, Virginia Mechanical Engineering JAMES ARTHUR JORDAN, JR Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering DIANA LYNN JUSTICE Fairfax, Virginia English BERNARD WALTER KAMINSKI Balfimore, Maryland Building Consiruciion MELVIN JACK KATZ Richmond, Virginia Poliiical Science PAUL JEFFREY KAY Louisa, Virginia Civil Engineering ROBERT PAGE KEITH Floyd, Virginia Poliiical Science CHARLES WILLIAM KELLEY III Lynchburg, Virginia Elecirical Engineering SENIORS RONALD CHARLES KELLY Richmond, Virginia Physics JOSEPH CARL KINCHELOE, JR. Manassas, Virginia Dairy Science EDWIN BRADLEY KING Harrisonburg, Virginia Accounling RAYMOND KENNETH KIRBY, JR. Salem, Virginia Archileclure JAMES EDGAR KIRK, JR. Richmond, Virginia Aerospace Engineering LARRY D. KISER Abingdon, Virginia Physics EMMETT BENJAMIN KITCHEN. JR. Silver Spring, Maryland Elecirical Engineering . JONATHAN F. KLIMCHALK Springfield, Virginia Civil Engineering FREDRICK HUNT KNACK Virginia Beach, Virginia Chemical Engineering JOHN STEVEN KNAPIK Lulherville, Maryland Archiieclure DAVID EDGAR KNIGHT Chesapeake, Virginia Mechanical Engineering WARREN VAN KNIGHT McLean, Virginia Engineering Mechanics 34 Car 67, where are you? O We Q.. '16 'Qu '17- au. 'xiii Q-Q... M. 341 JOHN NELSON KONZELMANN Falls Church, Virginia Building Conslruclion LOWELL LAYTON KOONTZ Elkfon, Virginia Agricullural Educalion MICHAEL LOUIS KOZA Pi'H'sfield, Massachuse'H's Vocalional lndusirial Educalion ROBERT HENRY KRAMER A+lan+a, Georgia Business Adrninislralion BARRY WARD KRAUSE Manches+er, Connec'l'icu+ Mechanical Engineering PETER ZANE KREGLOH Alexandria, Virginia Civil Engineering CLAYTON LAD KREJCI, JR. Virginia Beach, Virginia Mechanical Engineering ANTHONY VICTOR KULIS Monroeville, Pennsylvania Business Adrninislralion LAWRENCE JAMES KYLE Blacksburg, Virginia Chemical Engineering OSCAR KENT LaROOUE Ill Winslon-Salem, Norlh Carolina Business Adminislralion RONALD HAROLD LARSON Alexandria, Virginia I-lislory DAVID LAMAR LEACH. JR. Bedford, Virginia Geology GARY CURTIS LEAGEN Galax, Virginia Polilical Science TERRELL FRANK LEDBETTER Black Moun+ain, Norlh Carolina Civil Engineering DAVID ARTHUR LEE Roanoke, Virginia Business Adrninislralion TIEN MIN LEE Tokyo, Japan Eleclrical Engineering LORRAINE DENYSE LENZ New Hyde, New York Archileclure DAVID ALAN LESTER Chesapeake, Virginia Civil Engineering SENIORS ROBERT PORTER LEWIS II BaI+imore, Maryland Elecirical Engineering CHARLES HAMMOND LINTHICUM Severna Park, Maryland Civil Engineering ROBERT CULBERT LINTHICUM, JR. Severna Parlc, Maryland Civil Engineering GEORGE LITTLEFIELD Glen Allen, Virginia Accouniing HANS EBERHARD LOEWE Culpeper, Virginia Business Adminislralion DAVID ALLEN LOHREY Wesl' Poin+, Virginia lnduslrial Arls Eclucaiion BRUCE CHARLES LONGMAN Greenlawn, New York Business Adrninisiraiion JANE ANNA LOOPE Blacksburg, Virginia Management Housing and Family Developmeni WILLIAM EDWIN LOUHOFF Danville, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion WESLEY DWIGHT LOVE Greina, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering ARTHUR VONMONTKE LOVING, JR Richmond, Virginia Elecirical Engineering ROBERT CORMELL LUCAS Marfinsville, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion Anoiher busy day in Blacksburg . . . , - 1 , , ,.,.. .,,.. Q SSX O Iii' Q' X Q N. .ix X is .. eq , f is 4 ii Y qa- . -.,, . 5 'N J IC' A 5 1 .1 ,y :ff : x K' I f fs 1 ii , V 343 KENNETH LINCOLN LUEKE, JR. New York, New York Civil Engineering STEPHEN S. LUEKE New York, New York Eoreslry and Wildlife DIRK EVANS LYMAN Wildwood Cres'l', New Jersey Polilical Science RICHARD ALBERT LYTLE Marshall, Virginia Biology JOHN PHILLIP MAHANEY Blacksburg, Virginia Biology JAMES COLEMAN MAITLAND Wilsons, Virginia Agricullural Eclucalion HAROLD FREDRICK MARCUS Pi++sburg, Pennsylvania lnduslrial Engineering DONALD LEE MARGOLIS Silver Spring, Maryland Mechanical Engineering SAMUEL ZALMAN MARKMAN Por+smoul'h, Virginia Business Adrninislralion MICHAEL LEE MARSHALL Spencer, Virginia Physics GEORGE EDWARD MARTIN. JR. Blacksburg, Virginia Archileclure ROBERT EDWARD MARTIN, JR. Louisa, Virginia Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM DAVID MARTIN Princefon, Wesf Virginia Mechanical Engineering ROBERT GLENN MATHENY Wil+on, Connec'l'icu+ lnduslrial Engineering DONALD PEARCE MATHESON. JR Hampfon, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering KENNETH CARL MATTHEWS Hamp+on, Virginia Horlicullure MICHAEL NEVETT MATTON Virginia Beach, Virginia Business Adminislralion PATRICIA JOY MAXEY Vinlon, Virginia Managemenl, Housing and Family Developmenl SENIORS ERNEST McNEIL MAYHEW Lynchburg, Virginia lnclusirial Arls Educaiion DAVID JOHN MAYS Manassas, Virginia Mechanical Engineering LESLIE FRANCIS MCCOY CharIo++esviIIe, Virginia Biology JOHN JAMES MCCUE, JR. Vienna, Virginia Aerospace Engineering RONALD LEE McGUIG-AN Norih Wales, Pennsylvania Dislribulive Eclucalion DONALD CAMERON McIVER Danville, Virginia Business Aclrninislraiion EDWARD RAY McKEE, JR. Winchesier, Virginia Elecirical Engineering FRANCIS RUSSELL MCNEICE ArIing+on, Virginia Civil Engineering JOHN ALVIN MECHAN Fairfax, Virginia Biology MICHAEL ALFRED MEGEATH Ladysmi+h, Virginia Agricullural Educaiion LAWRENCE DWIGHT MEIER Roanoke, Virginia Hislory KATHLEEN PATRICIA MELLOH Falls Church, Virginia Economics COURTNEY DILLON MEYER Falls Church, Virginia General Business HUGH SMITH MILES III Blacksburg, Virginia Mechanical Engineering GARY NEWELL MILLER Balfimore, Maryland Mechanical Engineering cc E .E , im- I Q QP-ptr f Q- xr Xl' X R x X Xb f SW Wx X55 'N ia xr if 'E Q 1 E-::' , .- ,. 'R as as ib- -S fires PAUL HERBERT MILLER McLean, Virginia . I-Iisiory T I i ROBERT STARKWEATHER MILLER III " We 41 Norfolk, Virginia Civil Engineering , N MAURICE LEE MITCHELL I E , 'rri' Roanoke. Virginia , iii ' i fxr f I' I-Ioriicullure is' 344 V UN. , -fwafafsifww MN, -as .,.,.. .. N. ,... . ,,X. N. ,,,:,,:,::,.Q,X.,,-:HM . - , . 5,1-Qyfyfsig 'fP'XN "S.O.P. On Dying"' ii' 5 A-'R Sf- wx X X WILLIAM BENJAMIN MITCHELL, JR DanviIIe, Virginia Hisfory GREGERS LANGHOFF MOLLER Palos Heighfs, Illinois Mechanical Engineering JESSE DANIEL MOON. JR. Long Island, Virginia Agronomy KENNETH EDWARD MOONEY Biacicsburg, Virginia Business Aciminisiraiion FRANKIE GALE MOORE BasseH', Virginia Aerospace Engineering LYNN LANCASTER MOORE Blacksburg, Virginia Human Nuirifion and Foods , X cgcc, s.1 , .cci c iA.2i X 345 ROBERT CARTER MOORE McLean, Virginia PoIi+icaI Science GARY PATRICK MORGAN Hampfon, Virginia Elecirical Engineering DAVID ROWLAND MORRIS DanviIIe, Virginia Chemisiry RICHARD LOUIS MORRISON Richmond, Virginia Eiecirical Engineering WAYNE THOMAS MOSSER Woodbridge, Virginia Business Adrninisjrrafion SANDRA CAROLE MOUNCE Rufherford, New Jersey English S E NIO R S WILLIAM ALLEN MOUNTCASTLE Franklin, Virginia Mechanical Engineering WALDO R. MOWEN III Virginia Beach, Virginia Business Aclminislraiion JAMES EDWARD MRAZEK Arlingfon, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion FRANK DUVAL MUIRE Newpor+ News, Virginia Business Aclminisfralion JOHN JOSEPH MULLIGAN, JR. Falls Church, Virginia Polilical Science KATHLEEN WARING MUNDIE Blacksburg, Virginia Managemeni, Housing, and Family Developmenf MARY DIANNE MURPHY Annadale, Virginia Biology EDWARD HERBERT MUSTOE Orange, Virginia Elecirical Engineering RUSSELL BAYES MYERS, JR. Narrows, Virginia Business Adminisiralion JOHN GRANT NANNA Falls Church, Virginia Civil Engineering KENNETH ALAN NAPIER Bradley Beach, New Jersey Aerospace Engineering RICHARD EDWARD NAU Arlinglon, Virginia Economics JOHN KENNON NELSON Richmond, Virginia Elecirical Engineering RALPH EMERSON NELSON Richmond, Virginia Mechanical Engineering GEORGE CAMERON NEWCOMB, JR Richmond, Virginia Sociology JUDITH ELAINE NEWTON Fredericksburg, Virginia General Home Economics ROBERT C. NEWTON, JR. Por'Ismou+h, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering TOSHIHIKO NOBE SI. Louis, Missouri Aerospace Engineering f"X , -Wi' ,J is Q X K if ' '11-N-rfsiiisew-sime N137 5:. .S5-.. 2 1 Lkh. Vi : X ,.' .bg a Q vi I if vw' I wkuf' WN . , 347 nsporiafion cerfainly has changed since F eshman year' IDA MAE NORRIS Newpor+ News, Virginia Pouliry Science HOWARD DAILEY NOTTINGHAM, JR Alexandria, Virginia Business Adrninisfraiion ROLLIE CLAYTON NYE, JR. Danville, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion JOHN CORNELIUS O'BRIEN Norfolk, Virginia Animal Science WADE MASON OGG III Richmond, Virginia Business Adrninisiraiion MICHAEL EDWARD OLSEN Arlingfon, Virginia Business Adminisfraiion JOHN RAYMOND OSMERS Yardley, Pennsylvania Biology SEAN THOMAS O'TOOLE Baskerville, Virginia Vocaiional Indusirial Educalion JOHN MUSICK OWEN Cleveland, Virginia Elecirical Engineering ROBERT EDWARDS OWEN Chesapeake, Virginia Business Adrninisiraiion KELLY PRESTON PARNELL Hillsville, Virginia Disiribulive Educaiion ROBERT ROBINSON PARNELL Vienna, Virginia Business Aclnninisiraiion H! SENIURS STEPHEN MICHAEL PATRAS Beihpage, New York Aerospace Engineering JAMES RICHARD PEARCE Toms River, New Jersey Indusiriai Engineering ROBERT SCHINDLER PEARMAN Pulaski, Virginia Mechanical Engineering JAMES HALLECK PERKINS Wanfagh, New York Aerospace Engineering LAWRENCE WESLEY PERKINSON III LaCrosse, Virginia EIecIricaI Engineering WILLIAM M. PERRELLA as Absecon, New Jersey I Aerospace Engineering '11.. u K Go ahead, Ra+, fake 0 ROBERT Louis PETERS iiiiiiiiiiiiiii I iiii Xi Baliimore, MaryIancI -Q X Inolusirial Engineering " :s. WILLIAM C. PETERSON , ' . P N T"" 'QV . CIin+on, Tennessee N Archiieciure g i ERVIN EBNE PETTERSON S iaa I Annapolis, Maryland i ' Ye Mechanical Engineering R Q ALAN G. PETTIGREW, JR, Richmond, Virginia Business Adminisirarion CHARLES CALVIN PHELPS Madison Heighfs, Virginia Archiieciure THOMAS M. PHILBATES Lanexa, Virginia Elecirical Engineering Wai 6 ,gf 348 ns.. -im irx 3 , WN I Q. asm .W . A 349 JOSEPH TIERNEY PHILLIPS Richmond, Virginia lndusirial Engineering LARKIN CLARENCE PHILLIPS Ves'ra, Virginia Agriculiural Educalion WILLIAM MARVIN PHILLIPS. JR. Harrisonburg, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering WAYNE VICTOR PIATT Vienna, Virginia English JOHN EDWARD PIERCE Haddonfield, New Jersey I-lislory JAMES POOR POLLARD Manquin, Virginia Civil Engineering JAMES BRAXTON POWELL Suffolk, Virginia Accouniing PAUL FULLER POWELL Hampfon, Virginia Malliemaiics STEVEN WALTER POWELL Troufville, Virginia Civil Engineering STUART THOMPSON PRATT Salfville, Virginia Animal Science JOHN RICHARD PRESTON Johnson Cify, Tennessee Building Consiruciion MARY BYRD PRICE Hillsville, Virginia Human Nuirilion and Foods ROYCE ANTHONY PRICHETT Befhlehem, Pennsylvania Building Consiruclion JAMES MARSHALL PRUDEN. JR. Porismouflw, Virginia Accounling SARAH KNIGHT OUESENBERRY Hillsville, .Virginia Cloiliing, Texliles, and Relaied Aris RANDOLPH RASHLEIGH RANKIN Arlingfon, Virginia Business Adminislraiion BENTON ALVIN RATLIFF S+uarI', Virginia Business Adminislrafion NEIL VANNESS RAYMOND Lynchburg, Virginia Sociology JAMES JOHN REBA Arlingfon, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion THOMAS MICHAEL RENEGAR Radford, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering OLE WIBHOLM RENICK Gafe Ci'ry, Virginia Biology BRUCE REYNOLDS Sou+I1 Orange, New Jersey Englislw DEWEY CONWAY REYNOLDS Roanoke, Virginia Agriculiural Educalion STANLEY CLIFTON REYNOLDS Callends, Virginia Agronomy THOMAS WAYNE REYNOLDS CI1aI'I1am, Virginia Business AcIminis+raIion RICHARD HARLING RHOADES Culpeper, Virginia Incluslrial Engineering GARY BLAKE RHUDY Independence, Virginia Public Adminislralion JAMES EUGENE RICE Danville, Virginia lnclusirial Engineering STUART BENTON RICH, JR. Marion. Virginia Economics CLAUDE WINSTON RICHARDSON, JR Pefersburg, Virginia Disfribulive Educalion Reg sf af on . some 'Ihings never change. ls, l K R. ,. ass if Ar I :,1,2:, y Al 5 X A-E I i'3"-S 'wiv rw Qt I WN, - fx : : 3 ' K I s 351 RICHARD EARL RICHMAN New Marker, Virginia Civil Engineering MICHAEL LEWIS RIGSBY Richmond, Virginia lnduslrial Engineering HENRY HOSE RILEY III Richmond, Virginia Business Adminislralion LEONARD EDWARD RINGLER Williamsburg, Virginia Business Adminislralion JAMES STANLEY RISHER Norfolk, Virginia Mechanical Engineering LOUIS ROBERT RITTWEGER Basking Ridge, New Jersey Business Adminisfralion NEIL EDWARD ROBERSON Roanoke, Virginia Polilical Science DONALD CLAY ROBERTSON Vin+on, Virginia Mechanical Engineering LATHAM W. ROBERTSON, JR. Richmond, Virginia Business Adrninislralion JERRY CLEVELAND ROBINETTE Coeburn, Virginia Aerospace Engineering 5' FREDERICK LOGAN ROBINSON II Richmond, Virginia Biology WALTER A. ROBINSON Warrenfon, Virginia Animal Science RAYMOND SU DDRATH RODGERS Ho+ Springs, Virginia Mechanical Engineering RAYMOND E. ROLLINS Falls Church, Virginia Building Conslruclion JOHN GRAYSON RUDD Midlofhian, Virginia lnduslrial Engineering DALLAS WILLIAM SAFRIET Gale Cify, Virginia Civil Engineering DONALD LEE SAMUELS Alexandria, Virginia Psychology BARRY FAILES SAULS Falls Church, Virginia Animal Science SENIORS SENIORS THOMAS EDWARD SCARCE Dry Fork, Virginia Business Adminislralion CHARLES MARTIN SCHAEFER III Balfimore, Maryland Mechanical Engineering DAVID EDWARD SCHARETT Albion, New York Civil Engineering CALVIN ALOYSIUS SCHIEMANN Chesapeake, Virginia Animal Science ALEX PETER SCHUST FiIber1', Wesi' Virginia Aerospace Engineering WILLIAM JOSEPH SCHWIEDER Ill Alexandria, Virginia Business Aclminislralion RONALD BARRY SCOLLON Res+on, Virginia Mechanical Engineering CHARLES BENSON SCOTT Por'l' Republic, Virginia Agricullural Eolucalion JOHN TRIGG SCOTT Blacksburg, Virginia lnduslrial Arls Educalion DENNIS MICHAEL SEMONES Hillsville, Virginia Business Adminisrralion JOSEPH FRANCIS SHANNON, JR. Roanoke, Virginia Mechanical Engineering JAMES DAVIS SHEELER Balfimore, Maryland Polilical Science JAMES RICHARD SHELTON Cha'H'anooga, Tennessee Animal Science ALBERT JOHN SHIMEK Harve de Grace, Maryland Archileclure EDWARD EARL SHORES Poquoson, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering HOYT JENNINGS SHORTT Pound, Virginia Business Adminislralion JOSEPH C. SHROPSHIRE Ridgeway, Virginia Civil Engineering EARL CHARLES SILVER II Richmond, Virginia Hislory 3' I X -'Q' 1,2 , N X F 'Af is 3. 352 EDWARD GERALD SILVER Fredericksburg, Virginia Dairy Science ROBERT JOSEPH SIMMONS Salem, Virginia Mechanicai Engineering RAYMOND LEE SIMMS Fredericksburg, Virginia Agricuiiurai Economics ROBERT DAVID SIMONIZ Lynchburg, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion GROVER RAYMOND SIMS Blacksburg, Virginia EIec'iricaI Engineering HENRY THEODORE SINCLAIR, JR DanviIIe, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion RANDY WRAY SINCLAIR Abingdon, Virginia I-Iisiory GORDON WYATT SKINNELL Lynchburg, Virginia Accouniing MILTON W. SKOLAUT, JR. Clifion Forge, Virginia Physics KENNETH ARNOLD SKRIVSETH Falls- Church, Virginia Eieciricai Engineering DONALD CLARENCE SLAGLE Marion, Virginia Mechanical Engineering DELBERT MERLE SLAVENS Bayside, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion SENIURS BRYAN DOUGLAS SMITH Norfoik, Virginia EIec'rricaI Engineering CRAIG REGINALD SMITH Roanoke, Virginia Bioiogy DAVID ALLEN SMITH Newpor+ News, Virginia Agronomy DAVID LEE SMITH Bluefield, Wes+ Virginia Mechanicai Engineering DAVID RYLAND SMITH DanviIIe, Virginia Accouniing GARY WARD SMITH Wanfagh, New York Generai Science HAROLD LEE SMITH Cha'I'ham, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion JAMES GORDON SMITH Richmond, Virginia Mechanical Engineering JAMES LEE SMITH Bedford, Ohio Business Adminisiraiion JOHN CHARLES SMITH, JR. Pefersburg, Virginia Eoresiry and Wildlife LEWIS PRESTON SMITH Haymarkef, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion MICHAEL STEVEN SMITH SaI+viIIe, Virginia Mechanical Engineering RICHARD CRISPIN SMITH Glen AIIen, Virginia Mechanical Engineering PHILLIP WAYNE SOYARS Danville, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion WILLIAM HENRY SPENCER III Leesburg, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion ROBERT HALLS SPIERS, JR. SI-ony Creek, Virginia Agriculfure Economics KIRK EDGAR SPITZER Marion, Virginia Indusirial Engineering JOHN ROBERT STALLINGS, JR. Smi+hfieIcI, Virginia Mechanical Engineering We -I x M-Q-in-campus-an i-Fad wk.. ui Tech's budding young ar+is+s escap JAMES EDWARD STANSBURY III Pefersburg, Virginia Biology JAMES BRUCE STARK Hunfingfon, Wesi' Virginia Civil Engineering RANDALL ALLAN STATEN Knoxville, Tennessee Elecirical Engineering BRUCE ALBERT STATHAM Oceanside, New York General Science COSBY HELEN STEELE Pounding Mill, Virginia General Home Economics JAMES EDWARD STEPHENS, JR. Froni' Royal, Virginia Agriculiural Engineering WILLIAM ENRIGHT STEPP. JR. Mercersburg, Pennsylvania Business Adminisiralion EDWARD H. STEVENS Falls Church, Virginia General Science JAMES ARCHIE STOOTS. JR. Charlo'H'esville, Virginia General Science WALTER EVERETT STORY Franklin, Virginia Building Conslrucfion GERALD BANE STRALEY Egglesfon, Virginia Horiiculiure NANCY JEAN STROPLE Falls Church, Virginia Engineering Mechanics SENIORS JOE DAVID STUMBO Williamson, Wesl' Virginia Business Adminislralion DAVID SUN Cary, Nor+l1 Carolina Eleclrical Engineering HARRY CHARLES SUTHERLAND Independence, Virginia Accounling JOHN BROWN SUTPHIN Blacksburg, Virginia Civil Engineering RICHARD LINDSEY SWANSON Fronl' Royal, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering LARRY DAVID SWINDELL Logan, Wesl' Virginia English EDWARD JOHN SYKES Ill Po'H'svilIe, Pennsylvania lncluslrial Engineering LAWRENCE PAUL TANNER Springfield, Virginia Polilical Science BORIS TERAN Mecha nicsville, Virginia General Engineering EDWIN CHISHOLM TAYLOR, JR. Richmoncl, .Virginia Civil Engineering HUBERT DWIGHT TAYLOR Gladys, Virginia Agricullural Economics JOE ALLEN TAYLOR Norlh Tazewell, Virginia Civil Engineering -ww GI' A9 R? S? Q E Nil' we Ii ' i 'ii 1 -. K , 1 1 . NT" 1 'H ' .: : k.,. ::: I I HORACE RANDOLPH THOMAS, JR Holland, Virginia Archileclural Engineering LESLIE MORGAN THOMAS Falls Church, Virginia Civil Engineering WILLIAM H. THOMAS Winchesfer, Virginia Civil Engineering CHRISTY TIDMARSH Newpori- News, Virginia Clollwing. Texliles, and Relaled Arls RALPH DARDEN TINKHAM Suffolk, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering THOMAS EDWARD TIPTON. JR. Narrows, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering JAMES P. TOWNSEND Manquin, Virginia Dairy Science PHILIP JOHN TRAUBE Kendall Parlc, New Jersey Hislory WILLIAM HENRY TREADWELL III Brisiol, Tennessee Dislribulive Educalion SUSAN LYNN TRELOGAN Arling+on, Virginia Psychology MARY ANNE TUCK Springfield, Virginia Clollwing. Texfiles and Relaied Arls SAMUEL PAGE TUCKER Newporf News, Virginia Clwemisrry DAVID WAYNE TRUMAN Floyd, Virginia Business Adminislralion CLAYTON MAURICE TURNER Basse++, Virginia lndusfrial Engineering WILLIAM MITCHELL UPSHAW Wesf Poinf, Virginia Animal Science JONATHAN TITLEY UTIN Oxford, England Dairy Science PATRICIA MARIAN VADEN Chrisfiansburg, Virginia Sociology LEIGH MORTON VAUGHAN Roanoke, Virginia Sociology MARSHALL D. VAUGHAN Vinfon, Virginia Foreslry and Wildlife RONALD OAKLEY VAUGHAN Pulaski, Virginia Biology SIDNEY HAYWOOD VEASEY. JR Fron+ Royal, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion BENNY LEE VIA Collinsville, Virginia Business Adminisiraiion WILLIS RAY VICARS Hilfon, Virginia Chemical Engineering NICHOLAS STEELE WAGNER CI1esI'er, Virginia Hisiory WHITNEY LANIER WAGNER Springfield, Virginia Arclwiieciure EDWARD CURTIS WAINWRIGHT Richmond, Virginia Business Adminislralion CHARLES CLEVELAND WALKER CI1arIoH'e, Nor+I1 Carolina Business Adminis+raIion MARY KATHERINE WALKER Cumberland, Maryland Human Nuiriiion and Foods JAMES RICHARD WAMPLER Wise, Virginia Civil Engineering MICHAEL TIMOTHY WARD Alexandria, Virginia Business Adminislrafion Laier . . . Iaie . . . I 5 . I ii E I I ,f I Ltr X I .X A c 'X DAN ERIC WARDEN Wy'I'heviIIe, Virginia Eleclrrical Engineering RONALD PHILLIP WARREN Cherry Hill, New Jersey Mechanical Engineering MARY BARKSDALE WARRINER Blacksburg, Virginia Clolhing, Texiiles and Relaied Arls R. ROBERT WARRINGTON, JR. Springfield, Washingion, D.C. Aerospace Engineering LLOYD COLES WATSON Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering CLYDE HENRY WEAVER, JR. Culpeper, Virgina Business Aclminisiralion JOHN WALTER WEAVER Marion, Virginia Civil Engineering EDWARD JOHN WEIHS Ballimore, Maryland Induslrial Engineering CHARLES N. WEISENBURGER Triangle, Virginia Civil Engineering JAMES DONALD WEST Belle, Wes+ Virginia Elecirical Engineering ROBERT WESTMORELAND. JR. Blaclcslone, Virginia Business Adminislraiion DAVID PARKER WHEELER Newporl' News, Virginia Malhemalics JAMES FRANKLIN WHEELER Alexandria, Virginia Civil Engineering FREDERICK EUGENE WHITE Sou+h Norwalk, Connec+icu+ Civil Engineering LONNIE KENT WHITE Keeling, Virginia Agricullural Engineering RICHARD JOYNER WHITE, JR. Richmond, Virginia Foreslry and Wildlife SIDNEY MILTON WHITE Alexandria, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering PAUL WHITEHEAD, JR. Lynchburg, Virginia Business Adminislralion SENIORS SENIORS HENRY ARMISTEAD WHITEHURST Pulaski, Virginia Polilical Science MARION SOUTHGATE WHITFIELD, JR. Franklin, Virginia Accounling THOMAS HOWARD WHITLEY Bluefield, Virginia Induslrial Engineering EDWARD GRAY WILBOURN Soulh Bosfon, Virginia Civil Engineering PAUL GARLAND WILEY, JR. Alexandria, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering ALFRED LOHR WILLETT Wake, Virginia Foreslry and Wildlife MARY PATRICIA WILLETT Annandale, Virginia Clolhing, Texliles and Relaied Arls DONALD REAGAN WILLIAMS Floyd, Virginia Business Aclrninisiralion LAWRENCE THOMAS WILLIAMS Chesapeake, Virginia Business Adminislralion NORMAN JAMES WILLIAMS Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering TEVIS HART WILLIAMSON MiI+on, Nor+h Carolina Mechanical Engineering LEON ALFANDA WILSON Fall Church, Virginia Business Adminislralion PATRICK JOSEPH WILSON Croflon, Maryland Accounling THOMAS ALAN WILSON BrisI'oI, Virginia Accounling ALAN RUSSELL WINMAN Morrisfown, New Jersey Business Accounling ROBERT GEORGE WINGFIELD Mon'I'cIair, New Jersey Foreslry and Wildlife WILLIAM FREDERICK WIRTH Annadale. Virginia Eleclrical Engineering JEFFREY DONOVAN WISE Bridgepori, Wesl' Virginia Elecirical Engineering SXT 360 QI, 1i!H"F" I x A Yi: fs RONALD BOND WITCHER Norfolk, Virginia Indusirial Engineering THOMAS GRAY WOLCOTT Wyfheville, Virginia Elecirical Engineering PHILIP ATLEE WOOD Danville, Virginia Public Adminisiralion JAMES P. WOODS III HunI'ingI'on, Wesi' Virginia Elecirical Engineering ROGER LEE WOODS Rocky MounI', Virginia Elecrrical Engineering FRED LEWIS WOODY Rocky Mouni, Virginia Chemical Engineering CHARLES EDWARD WOOLWINE Greeneville, Tennessee Building Consiruciion ROBERT FRANKLIN WORKMAN, JR Newpor+ News, Virginia Mechanical Engineering STEPHAN FAY WORNOM Poquosom, Virginia Engineering Mechanics AINA GAYLE WRIGHT Independence, Virginia English BERNARD H. YANCY EIk'Ion, Virginia Agronomy WILLIAM THEODORE YEAGER, JR ArIing+on, Virginia Aerospace Engineering MILES ART YOUNG Manhassei' Hills, New York Accouniing CHARLES EDWARD YURICK Gary, Wes+ Virginia Mining Engineering RICHARD ALBERT ZBOROFSKY Springfield, Virginia Elecirical Engineering JOSEPH WILLIAM ZIER ArIing+on, Virginia Chemical Engineering GARY LINWOOD ZIRKLE Moun'r Jackson, Virginia Civil Engineering ,, 'm i my , gi 0 1 u yy UNDERCLASSES The Class of 1963 The class officers are, clockwise from lop: John Weelcs Treasurer: Michael Boqese, Vice Presidenf: Glenn Ander son, Presidenlg Susan Spooner, Secrefaryg Euqenia Fea qans, Civilian-Member-af-Large: Mahion Burneife Cadei-Member-ar-Larqe: and Darryl McGuire, Hisiorian The l968 Ring Commillee is composed of, from lefl' fo righl: Carl Beit Lucian Robinson. Gordon Mapp, Chair- man: Glenn Anderson, Presidenlg Paul Dodson, Eugenia Feaqans, Civilian-Mernberfai-Large: William Brugh, Mahion Burnelfe, Cade?-Member-al-Large: Philiip Posl, Benner Cassel, Dororhy Rusnalc. 1 av. ,x 4- A , 9,,,,, q.,,,,A ag..paw-l,,,,, -... . 1. .--, ,Wa W Q Linda Adams Steven Adams Rlchard Aqoe Lynn Ahlqren Ben Allen Edward Allman Penny Amalo Charles Ambrose Robe-rl Amos Charles Anderson James Anlhony John Appel, Jr. Reber? Armslrono Charles Allcins James Auslln Marlin Azola John Babbs Sieve Bachrnan Thomas Bailev, Jr Alberl Bain Barry Baird E. B. Baker Randolph Barlow Slanley Barlow Edqar Barnes Pally Barnell' Gordon Baum John Bays. Jr. Granl Beale Fredericlc Beaman lll Sfudenls wail in line down in Owens Lounge fo order a llgh+ snack 'Q W- W, , V Two sfuclenls siop in fron+ of fhe enhance 'ro fhe lounge fo cha? lax, kms. for a whale. ,, W , fg, r We James Belshan Alice Bennell Carl Bennell Sluarl Berger Raymond Barker Jackson Bells Wayne Blylhe Michael Bogese Harold Bohannon, Jr Peler Bokach Fred Boland James BonDurani', Jr. Daniel Booker, Jr. Kennelh Boswell Jack Bowdre Edward Bowen James Bowen Charles Boyer, Jr. Ralph Bray Ellen Brown Jodie Brown Roger Brown James Brownell James Browning, Jr. John Bryani Ill Waller Bryan? Sleven Bullock Thomas Burdehle Roland Burgess James Burke Mahlon Burneile Thomas Bullerfield Thomas Cahn Samuel Camden Roberla Campbell Allen Camper Charles Caple William Carne Samuel Carpenier S-:OH Calher Richard Caudill Raymond Chisholm UNDERCLASSM N " -l .far , , V i ii"" XE, 366 dk r ' , A, We J iili I i .VV . I at .rr me 'T' ,Hu QW' 1 r , A 2 l ,ffm--f 5 ,?'Wr, 45" -m y MM I if ,W H, -r M- 3" ,, L., wi 1 we "Look, I know i1"s bad, buf we've io eai' if." l H Q2 wa- N s .':' I 3 L x 'S' Q. -M , gg 'CP' paid for if, so we'II have John Chrislensen Terrence Clem John Coe John Comsia Lindsey Coleman Philip Coleman Clyde Collins James Cook, Jr. Marshall Cooper George Cornwell Roberr Cornwell Wayne Corvin Harold Cosiley Beniamin Cosion William Coulbourne James Coversione Ellen Cox Russell Craddock Willard Crafl Samuel Cravens Gary Crawford Roy Creasy, Jr. John Crist Jr. Michael Cronk Richard Crosby Michael Cuenin Slephen Darlinglon Carl Davis Roy Davis John DeBell Laura Decker Joseph Dempsey Roberi Dickenson Lewis Dickinson Rodney Dillman Norman Dillon, Jr. Howard Dix Roy Dodson, Jr. Ronald Doiy John Dolan William Drake Joe Drumheller A sfanaling ovafion is given for a good performance. Bill Enderle seems fo be enioying lhe lafesi "Playboy" as he relaxes in +his self- John Dryden William Dulce Preslon Dunayanl William Dunqan John Dunn Francis Earqle Daniel Ehrman J Gary Ellenberqer Evan Eller Edward Ellis James Ellis Harold Elmore Thomas Eppes Wesley Eager Thomas Fanqler Don Fansler Thomas Farley Roberl Farlhinq Eugenia Feaqans Barbara Ferquson William Ferguson Douqlas Filzqerald Terry Flahiye Slanley Fleminq WA If Wf Q Thomas Flelcher William Flynn Chrislopher Forresf Randy Forfune Ronald Fox James Francisco Roberl' Franlz Warren Fry Ronald Gargano Charles Garrell Ronald Gaynao Thomas Gemmell ' ' ' 75? 1 f I ,f f f 1 'X 1 f f ff 1 'Q gas? . 1 UNDERCL SS E 'C xo Alex Georqe, Jr. Carler Gill John Gillikin Robe-rf Givens Samuel Givens Kennelh Glass Anlhony Graham William Grani' Kennelh Greene Slephen Greer Wayne Griesl Earle Grilliih Donald Grisso Thomas Grizzard Earl Groseclose Jerry Groseclose Forresl Hall Roberf Hall Donald Hamillon Michael Hammes Jay Hanqer Roberf Harcourf Georqe Hardinq Georqe Hardinq Slanley Harris Presfon Harrison Douqlas Harry James Haffield, Jr. Brydie Haynes Charles Heafh Jerry Helfon John Henderson Richard Henderson Ralph Herberl Edward Herndon Thomas Hersey Georqe Hicks Ronald Hiquera John Hill Larry Hillard Linda Hill Slephena Hobbs Ronald Hoclcelf David Hodqson Earl Holladay Roberf Hollelf James Holf Marqarel Holzorele William Hooker James Hopper William Horsley. Jr. Douqlas Hough Ashley House William Hubbard lna Huffman Michael Humphrey Siewarl Husfed Mikail lsmaili James Jarvis Richard Jenkins Jesse Jenninqs Charles Jewell Thomas Jones David Jackson Roberl Johansen Harry Johnson Kyle Jones Davis Jordan Edward Kahl Harral Kallmeyer John Kea? Cedric Keddeck Richard Keeler Michael Keenan Richard Keener William Kelly Roberl Kelso Thomas Kiessler Ernesi Kinq Jack Kirby Roberl Kirby Alexander Klieforlh Mary Kreck David Kroop Edward Kueberl Judilh Lamberi George Lamberlh Kennelh Lankey Carl Lane Kennefh Lampin Somehmes, surprisingly, 'lhe local weafn door discussions. ,. W' ww x f ' y.. N K, x fs, ,, '- 6 s r is conducive 'l'o OU 42:1 ii IF, H s , , at X 's 'it .X 40 UNDERCLASSM N 'Nur 371 William Larlcin Linda Lawhorne Ben Lawlon l-lerberl Layman, Jr. John LeConey Daniel Leiqh Forresl' Lewis Ralph Lewis lll William Lewis Judson Liisey William Lifllepaqe Phil Lineberry Russell Lindley John Lobdell Surachai Lousinlhawanonl' Roberl Loveless James Lowery Anqi Ma Edward Madill Peler Maloney Richard Mallon Vincenl Mankowslci Roberl Manware Samuel Maralon Peler Marozzi Charles Marlin John Marlin Wanna Massie Palsye Mallhews Paul Mallinqly James May lll James May Herman Mays Carl Mcfxllisier Michael Mcfxllisler Judilh Mccaleb Thzmas McCan+s James McConnell Terry McCoy Danny McDaniel Darryl McGuire John McKendree Jeffery McMullen Marsha McNeil David McNeill William Mcpheelers William Meador lll David Meadows William Meeks Ill Ronald Melbourne Samuel Mellar Edward Meseke Michael Michaliqa John Milam John Miles Garneil Miller Roberl Milchell John Molesworlh Ernesr Monroe Frank Moniavon Carl Moravilz Slerling Morrison Euqene Moulion Rolaerr Mueller Dennis Mullinix Arlhur Mullins Ralph Mullins Douglas Munden Teresa Musser Edward Munns Harry Nash Hans Naumann Willie Neal Palrick Neri Arsby Norford Alberl Norris Larry Old David Osbourne James Owendoff Samuel Owen Freslon Oqmar Miles Pace Mary Parkinson John Peck Edward Pedersen Clemeni' Peed Troy Peery, Jr. Anne Pepmeier William Perkins William Phelps UNDERCLASSM gf 1 5, ,,., my L xy in if 2 65" ,lb as -H- y 'W in Fl! ,, ,, -K Z 1 ,- uh... iv le 'K '1,s,Q,V Ronald Phillips Dennis Piper William Pollard David Poole Garland Poole Michael Poyner John Prall Georqe Preslon Everelle Prosise William Prowell Wayne Puqh Samuel Pulney Donald Rainey Thomas Rees Andrew Rhodes Nelson Rinq John Roberls Jov Roberlson Clillord Robinson, Jr Marlin Robison Cecil Rose Gerald Rosson Kalherine Rowe Palricia Rowe James Rucker James Ruhland Kerrnil Sanders. Jr. Monica Sanders Randall Scoll Wade Scoll ax P sv liz F V, - f-NPN P si I P are K W ff AH , K dy X . Ann Reauglw and Phyllis Forbush usually 'Find a lazy way lo pass flue evenings "How can a ducl: gel any privacy wilh all lhese people around lhe pond? Thomas Sandridqe Roberl Scoll Ronald Sexlon Gary Skaqqs Charles Shaver Slephen Shaver James Shell Francis Shellon Vincenf Shelfon Roberl Shisler Richard Shroy Joseph Shumale Frank Sloop, Jr. John Smilh Joseph Smilh Roloerl Smilh Ill William Snoddy Claudia Sopslyle Viclor Sower Thomas Spahr Lawrence Spaine Thomas Sperry 'Susan Spooner Mifchell Slanley Michael Slarlzell Talbof Sfeel James Slewarf John Swain Roberf Tail James Tapp Richard Tarr Ross Taylor Palriclc Terranova Ronald Tharrinqlon Linda Thompson Elaine Thurman Carol Tinqley John Tomlinson Daniel Toolhman Sharon Toppinq Terry Torres Thomas Tremper Lake O'Shaughnessy was one of Hue main aH'rac+ions of fha new dorms af ihe beginning of 'the year. QQ , were if 'fi 44? Q "fi HZ . , ,-ff Mr l use ff' I i ,K N. ' 'L . ,. I y ll! .5 Q' , X ,a X ,. , 1 ,R ' ii Q James Tucker Pairick Tucker Waller Tucker Richard Turnek Richard Turner Roberl Turner Edward Umberqer Jerry Umberqer Jack Vaughn Leo Vecellio William Vinyard Philip Vogel William Waddell Michael Walker Dennis Walko Frank Waikins Thomas Waison Theodore Webb Carllon Webber Howard Websler Lawrence Wellisch William Welsh Lewis Weriz, Jr. John Wesley William Wesson George While John Whifehead Perry Whilfield Thomas Whi++ Frank Whiilen Lynne Whoolery Terry Will William Wolford Bobbv Woods Edward Woodson Thomas Wofeki Douqlas Wriqhi Thomas Wriqhr Gerald Yaqen Karin Younq Ray Younr Marvin Zumwal+ 'ly Sophomore Class Omcers are ffirsf row, leff +o righi, Wilkiams. Hlsforiang Mark Musick, Presfdenfq Mary Anne ars a Secrefary. Second Row: Tom Tikkar, Treasurerg Paf Tucker Cade? Many Sophomores refurned fhis year fo find dormifory conduhons differeni' fhan ihey expecfed. M F- W aauw' wlifwffla 1 sf? M fi"?Z"""W' wkilkgiggffsjk Q . , Alf? P S,-41 H--- X X Sf x- gg ,Q 'Q 'S JN 5 K 1-I-uri f if 'dk lfigmif W4 I fiisr A S- 1-iegkm Q35 A V40- Q, ff- 5 ,SK xii. wiki. 55 X A t., A f k . -1-4, X,.. 1 - " ,.,., " H l 3 W' 'W :-. a Y a . ' ww. Q-."omwf'M"itE Q 4' o ya ' :.f A f'Q1f'ia.f" --... gf - . X Q--La aw , 1.-a ,if Hifi r 'Q MI H-L4 . K' Q,:1 iklxvu -.. 3 4 in - '- L -. Q A LLM? ii W 51.6-ia" Eijf X X 454 wif- sb-Q J pb 'fi , if , 1.' ff SQEQQW? "' ' Q . ..., ,iii . -A. X ,Ki Ng gov-QA Q I M --- -S9542 - M X N f may fd, '- ' A ' ' ' V " 6 L.. i4Z",'5i" M A Hkl k ""'f ' 5 3? a n 'iq J":ifT? gr Y km: .K kkyg I sb , exi' h gm s ,mg M M Q' ' ,. ,W A L.. W V 3 , , a,.., 5-7,:5i,a..:....... A M A .. r we flfa'-'1 .i ,ya L- 2-'f -a ,wise-I, . N, tl ' ,,y. ..g,,- ,UI W 4. If ,bf - I A A sr are if r Sophomore cheerleaders, The backbone of +he squad. zu 'N im ge? f M f- f I -QQ Long lines and mixed emolions are common af Owens Dining Hall 4 i a a K 4 1' q ' ,X we r 'tif 'Q-A -qs.: ,f, ' r f , ww w 4 f 2 i ' liglffr .Q ,,V c cmem A SOPHOIORES 377 Bernard Abey Gerald Adkins James Allen Richard Alsaqer Roberf Alvis Larry Anderson Willie Andrews Rober+ Archer David Armislead Russell Armisread William Armslead Slephen Aronson Ralph Arfhur lll Thomas Arvin Richard Ashby Lewis Ashfon James Auqusl Carl Balderson Mike Ball Wilford Ball Warren Bamlord William Barion William Barernan Malcolm Bales Franklin Bayse Edgar Beamon. Jr Barry Beard John Beard Grefchen Bechlel Frederick Belen Tech co-eds 'Founcl renovaled Eggleslon a greal place lo w0rlI . . and occasionally relax. Daniel Belanqe Gary Bell Mills Bell, Jr. Peler Bennefl Kennelli Besecker Jesse Berqer Lawrence Billion Eli Blackwell Kennefli Blankenship Wilson Blylli William Bowman Charles Boyd Ward Bradley, Jr. Waller Brand lll Kennelln Branurn Roberl Breeden, Jr. Miclwael Bremiqan Clvarles Brewer Roberl Brills William Brillle Clwarles Brown David Brown James Brown Richard Bruslwwood Ronald Bullock Barry Berqmann Larry Burnelle Miclwael Burrows Greqory Buller Gilberl Bullon Edward Buslw Jolin Byers Harry Cain lll Cliarles Calp ll Joel Campbell Jolwn Capilo fifigi'-ffl ' if ff -we ,..,.. im ,gs 'S s J.,-.Q as-sk. 1.. sxairsigs is-T' is ' .. B I N Q so ix? A Ti N vqufk l is X Sis' 1-2 : - E CN ww W Nr 2. S iw Wi Q i Q 'Nik Q - ,e f, me - r Q 1,-4:-W .6 91 -5 Q 2-REL?-si es nf -- S 2 X .. . , . e Q as in - XG se? X ua M 5- 2 V 2 ,Na E' ,vs UNDERCLASSMEN I x + X Andrew Carey Dennis Carrulh Conrad Carler Richard Carler Belle Chasen William Cecil James Charlion Srephen Childress Alexander Chomiclci John Chrisfolerson Daniel Cleary James Clemens Clyde Clamenfs, Jr Ronald Clower David Coclcrell William Connelly Joseph Coppola Sheldon Coleman James Conslanline Judy Cool: Thomas Cooper Ronald Carlisle Jeffrey Cornelius Maurice Coury Larry Cox Cary Crallon Raymond Crescenzo Richard Crolrs Gary Crowder Kaihi Cruise Roberl Crumbley David Danzer Marqarel Darr Charles Davidson John Davidson John Dean Michael DeBernard, Donald Del Balzo Emilio Del Campo Ramon Delcampo Tone Del Papa Charles Denmead Alan DeVenny Alexander DeWill Barry Dodson Raymond Donahoe Archer Dowdy Rodney Dowdy J Richard Duniord Emory Dunning Georqe Dupuy, Jr. John Duran? III Wayne Durrer James Dyer Frank Earley Richard Eclc Frank Edens Willie Edwards, Jr. Dauqlas Elder Boyd Elmore Thomas Elmore Allen Embrey Gary Esles John Everell Charles Faqgarl Ralph Fealherslone John Fishive Georqe Flanilc Johnny Fleminq Kennelh Foley Ray Forbes Phyllis Forbush Samuel Forcey lll John Ford Michael Franklin Clililord Frayne Roberl Frosl Rodney Furr Curlis Garner Roberl Gass, Jr. Leslie Gales James Gaynor l-lerberl Gibson James Gideon Kennefh Giedd Michael Giquere Davidson Gill Michael Gleason William Godsey, Jr Georqe Goodman Hillcres+ Hall offers co eds all fhe comforis of home ?6Z?liSi1ii??H" x . . .i U DERCLASSM N K V, V swyawfrysw.. WM N ' A . ,.., N, X - - Q ifszssagwf K , is f X. W Q 1 ri Y 'K Q X 6 X Ni 'P rl - X . s X 1 .Q W X Q r ei J I X' 1 surf' X by 'Rig ik -. i i fi Q 'X r mg Y N is . 3 as 5 x ix fs , ff . f I s 919.4 Vi-'CKY s, f . s 1 , . W, .E as 'Q s 4 Q' x I Gerald Goodson Louie Goodson lll Charles Gordon, Jr Jerome Gough Chrislopher Grace Lewis Granl Carl Gray, Jr. Waller Gray Carl Graybeal Gray Greiner James Griffin Waller Griqq Roberl Groqq Willie Grunwell Orville Gwallney William Hall Jean Handy Roberl Hanes Thomas Hanilan Lynn Hannah Randall Harlay Charles Harman Marqarel Harrison Elklon Harrinqlon Wynn Hasly Allen Hawkins Barbara Hay Arlhur Hayes Samuel Hedqecoclc Charles Helms, Jr. John Hennessee Edward Henry Kendall Hesler Alan Heuss Marshall Hiall Clarence Hiqqinbolham William Himes Kennelh Hinson David Hobarl Shirley Hodqes Henry Hoqqe James Holcomb John Holloway Ronald Holl Phillip Hommer Dana Horan Craiq Houser William Hull Dennis lrlunl John l'lunl Michael Hulchinson Russel I-lyllon Charles lbach lll Joseph lnqe Roberl lnslceep Clemenl Irons Leslie lryin Larry Irvine Slephen Iseley Slephen Jamison Edward Jenkins William Jennelle Bradley Johnson Dennis Johnson James Johnson Richard Johnson Viclor Johnson Randolph Jones Roloerl Jones Taimadqe Jones William Jones Charles Jordan Vylaulas Karevicius Mike Kaul Belly Keller Alice Kellinq Gary Kereslas James Killcaourne Clarence King Guy Kingsley John Kirby Charles Kneyse Trudy Knicely LeRoy Knoll Allen Koyalchilc Joel Kralcower John Krebbs Harold Krelzer Waller Kuryle Edqar Kyle Dennis Laniqan John Layman Marlin Lealherman Terry Lee Roberl Leeper Kennelh Lenherr UNDERCL SS I I l in Douolas Lemmonds Charles Leonard Donald Leonard Georqe Leviclci David Lewis L nm ., :'K . Sz Q1 E X' X R , Lowell Lewis Slephen Liclcey Nancy Lindberq Daniel Lillle Jerry Liflle Janice Lloyd John Lorber Ralph Lorenzelli Toby Lorilsch Euqene Lorlon Marvin Loyern Slephen Lukas Diane Lylco Carolyn Mallon Michael Mandel Randy Manninq Tirnolhy Manninq Sfeven Marlciewicz Roberl Marlcs Barry Marsh Mary Ann Marshall Georqe Marlin Sieve Massie William Maydian Ralph McDanolds i A '-QYYWYVYXF'-,f 2 2 '22ffff?! 'L 35 JS, Two sophomore Techmen refurn 'lo Lee Hall affer fheir morning classes. Women sfudenfs have confribuied immeasurably fo fhe Virginia Tech campus A USSSQSIN QRS' vrifzmn We an as William Merld Tom McAnge Charles McGarin, Jr Theodore Mcllhenny Jenny Mclnlosh Raleigh McLaughlin Edward McNeil James Mead John Melching Joseph Meredilh Gary Mefius Glenn Miller John Miller Michael Miller Curlis Mills, Jr. Lucy Minogue Obie Minfer Henry Milchell Thomas Milchell Joseph Monroe Phillip Morelz Bernard Morrissey Denis Moser Philip Moser Tim Moser Richard Myron Richard Nagley John Napier James Neale Erik Neyland George Newbill Jim Newlon, Jr, Philip Nichols Larry Niclcell Forresl' Nuclcols Richard Oloenschain Wayne O'Donnell John Old George Olde Rober? Olix Terry O'Neal Thompson Pace lll Joseph Painler Roloerl Pannel Harry Parks Cordell Parvin Bruce Pafrick Slephen Pallerson UNDERCLASSM N 3 1 1 my me The Tech campus boasls cars of almosl' every pos- sible malre, sfyle, color, and size. if A , Affvfk l,5f,,,,Jf, 7 if W f . , 1, l tk MW 1: fi :,,. ,,,: ' 4 fi. ., J f 7 I "':: as at il A 1 "' ' W ' El -f' ,M Slephen Pavlilc Michael Peck John Peck Alberl Pelera Waller Pelerson, Jr William Pharis Douqlas Phillips Slephen Phillips Andrew Piclcard II Edwin Pierce Donald Pinney Joseph Pippen Roberf Powell Milion Prilchell Jaclcson Raines, Jr. William Ramsey John Randolph Phillip Raiclili Harold Rauscher Ann Reaugh Glenn Rehberger William Reid, Jr. Craiq Rice John Riley Henry Rimes Charles Roberls Anila Roberison Gary Roberlson Don Robinson Ronald Roller William Roper Philip Rorabeuqh James Ross Lee Ruclcman Gene Rudd Peler Rupp Charles Russ Carl Russell Ill John Ryder Roberi Sarofeen James Sayaqe Waller Savaqe, Jr. Boolxs wilh -fancy names do wonders for 'lhe ego. Tech coeds 'Find 'lhaf lhere are disadvanlages in living across lhe drillfielcl from my class. Larry Savlley Fred Sawyer Jon Schade Charles Schellenqer, Jr. y "'f- f Roberl Schenk Joseph Schiclclinq Charles Schullz Maurice Schwarz David Scoll Richard Sedqley Louis Serio, Jr. Ronald Sharpley Richard Shearer Ken? Shelllield Waller Shepherd Rudolph Shields Harold Shoclcley Ronald Shoclcley William Shorl Roberl Sholwell Larry Simmons Paul Sims Franklin Smilh Thomas Smilh William Smilh Jaclc Smylhers William Snellinqs Marvin Snyder Nrlolai Solowow Philo Spencer Donald Spigemnyer Warren Spiller John Slahl William Sleiqer Arlhur Sleiner Donald Sievens , ,W ,, " , V , 'ragga V,,, 3, Q. 2 If I f U! , r ' .5-Q W -.c, X .qt YR il 153. Siffg firm A LQ if A 1 N mf ,- - .ig A f K - f- - , Q , -W g - K - - . ar:-S'?:ea. . 5 - K ii' --1...-Q-w 'X we ' 3755- 'NLY x X 1 ' , , ' X l 1 4 , , W ur .I ' x .l . 16 x is ls.. 1, N 'fx X Q we , .157 s . 'K ggpflafffs A ,.,,: T X .5 4 9 i ' Nl a X .,. K ,1 .- t, . 1 'G James Sfewarl Charles Sfoen Susan Sloops Edward Sfriclcland Barry Sulphin Roberl Sullon William Sweeney Ross Sweeny. Jr. Russell Sullenluss Ronald Talum Gary Taylor Slephen Taylor Terry Taylor Kennefh Terry Euqene Thayer David Thomas Randy Thomas Roberl Thomas Charles Thompson David Thompson Ernesl Throclcmorfon Thomas Tillar Rolaerf Todd Donald Todora Douqlas Tolberl Dwiqhl Torlay David Townsend Leslie Trenl John Tressler Greqory Trobauqh Donald Turman Elizabelh Turner Giles Vaden William Valley Russell Van Allen Sleven Vanlcesferen Lois Vincel Joseph Voqlewede John Vollcslorf John von Dohlen Alexander Waddell Greqory Wade Waller Wainwriqhl Roy Walden Joseph Wallmeyer Susan Warhol Judilh Warren John Walkins Charles Walson Michael Walls Roberl Weave r, J r. Emmell Websler Roger Weeks Charles Weiss, Jr. Michael Wells Beniamin Wes? Carl Wesl' William Whaley Gary Wheeler William While Frank Whilley Edwin Whilmore Slephen Wickham William Wilkins Earl Wilkinson, Jr. William Wilkinson William Willford Barbara Williams Claude Williams Lamar Williams Roberl Williams Russell Williams ll Thomas Williams Charles Willis Richard Wills Auslin Wolfe Wesley Womack Lamar Wood Charles Wooddell Benjamin Woodson Edward Wyks Harry Yealls David Young Some wise old upperclassmen found unexpecfed falenls in innoceni freshmen C. A. Adams L. A. Adams V. F. Adklns J. C. Adkisson N. C. Ahaull J. F. Aleslwlre D. M. Alexander R. E. All C. E. Alfimer R. V. Anderson K. 0. Anqellne J. S. Annony J. K. Asselsline R. A. Alkins W. L. Aslmley N. D. Auqllere R. N. Aulfice , J. N. Auslen, Jr R. L. Avenl J. C. Ayers R. R. Ayers T. Babbil K. Baclwman D. 6. Back C. D. Baerlwold E. M. Balley P. L. Baker M. J. Bannon R. E. Barker l-l. L. Barksclale W. O. Barnes A. Barllell J. Baumqardner T. L. Bexley A. L. Bayse J. D. Bealon L. E. Beaver R. L. Beck W. B. Bell K. W. Benson, Jr. C. J. Berkle J. A. Berkley FRE HMEN lah 'Rf B' 'rdf The annual Freshmen Camp gives new sfudenfs a look af campus J. T. Berkowilz B. W. Berlak R. T. Bernhardl D. L. Beyeler D. S. Bishop P. G. Bishop J. B. Black J. K. Blankenship J. W. Blanks R. G. Blaylock S. B. Boqese II R. B, Bolen F. P. Bonqrazio P. l-l. Bonilanl R. L. Bonney S. F. Bopp R. B. Bosserrnan J. C. Borden D. J. Bourne lvl. E. Bourne l-l. R. Bower, Jr. D. J. Bowes J. R. Bowman A. W. Bresko, Jr S. K. Briqhf R. l-l. Brill M. C. Brinkley G. R. Brooks S. L. Brown S. S. Brown S. L. Brown B. E. Brooks J. 0. Brouqhlon lll W. B. Bryanl R, lvl. Buchanan. D. G. Buck R. G. Burleson W. S. Burnley W. J. Burrows F. C. Bush P. L. Burdick R. W. Burlord Freshman Camp infroduces new Lounges provide many E. Brunlc A. Bush F. Bush N. Bush T. Buller lll V. Buller J. Byrum, Jr. L. Cabaniss B. Caldwell lll C. Caldwell S. Caldwell B. Calman L. Cambell W. Camden M. Camden E. Campbell A. Campbell F. Carlco, Jr. E. Carson R. Carlin Carlwrlqlwl, Jr. W. Casanova F. Casey E, Casey A. Caslm F. Cales K. Calron W. Cave M. Clmamberlaln B. Cllealluam R. Clwlclcerinq L. Clmipman E. Clwrlsflan L. Clark B. Clare E. Clarlc UNDERCLASSME '-Q. 'Wk S- age-J 'ff S23 J. B. Clarke J. l-l. Clarke, Ill P. L, Clary R. L. Clufier M. L. Coafes E. J, Cobauqln W. L. Cobbs J. C. Coclnran D. C. Cochrane J. W. Coclce VV. l'l. Coiner, III P. A. Coman G. B. Corner, Jr. W. D. Cool: D, A. Cox R. S. Cox T. Cox A. G. Coyner J. F. Cricler K. A. Cross R. C. Cross W. A. Crowell T, H. Crowoev O. C. Crowllner O.Cunninql1am, II l'l. L, Curlinq, Jr. B. R. Culchins R. E. Cufclwins, Jr. W. A. Curcliins L, B. Daniels F. H. Dauqliirey R. A. Davis M. Daviclson, lll C. F. Davis D. E. Davis J. L. Davis M. K. Davis NV, A. Dawley M. M. Debnam B. E Deqner Fl. S. Del'laven J. S. DeJarne1le R. C. Dennison J, R. Denves L. M. Dewey D. M. Diclc T. L. Dillard NN, D, Dobbins L. A. Doll J. G. Donn R. L. Dorsey J. M. Douqhly J. T. Driscoll C. T. Drumheller G. S. Dubovslcy L. R. Dudley, Jr. l. W. Dunning D. P. Duvall W. E. Dryer R. O. Dozier, Jr. C. E. Dyer J. T. Eadie J. G. Easier D. A. Eafon G. E. Eclcerl R. D. Eclclund J. R. Eddy J. B. Edmonds D. G. Edwards J. A. Eqqers C. I-I. Eiwen K. A. Elliof J. B. Ellis J. l-l. Ellsworlh M. R. Ennis C. G. Evans J. B. Evans S. J. Faries J. W. Ferrell R. R. Farris C. P. Faslabend R. M. Felfon III K. P. Pewell T. Field I. T. Fine J. F. Fink B. Finley. Jr. M. W. Fisher T. C. Eishow R. A. Flinpin Archery is buf one of 'The acfiviiies offered by The Physical Educafion Deparfmenf. Aw AUM 6 A lim L, E. Fiippen S. L. Flora R, M, Forsyllie M. P. Foi'+une. Jr C. I. Fosfer W, M. Francis D, L. Frank E. L. Franklin L. W. Franklin T. S. Frazier S. K. Fridley M. C. Frieders J. C. Fuqaie B. P. Gaarder J. B. Galpen D. M. Gano C. N. Garber C. Gardner M. F. Gardner E. N. Garneii, Jr H. C. Garneif C. S. Garre++ S. L. Gales S. H. Ge-rsuk R. H. Gaffi K. K. Genrry D. R. Gibson B. E. Giesen P. A. Gillock J. W. Givens W. E. Glover H. M. Goranilo J. M. Gould A. R. Gravley J. G. Graves P. S. Green J. L. Grifiiiln R. T. Grizzel R. A. Gross M. A. Grove A. C. Guild O. Guienson G. S. Guy J. D. Gwaikin B. L. Haida B. L. Hall l. N. Hall T. R. Hallam J. L. Haffrday S. H, Holhnway K. L. Ham G. F, Hand J, F. Hann R. M. Hardesry S. R. Harkrader W. T. Harlan T, W. Hoysa J. E. Hayward, Jr. H, L. Harldns C. W. Harmon J. E. HarreH E. B. Harris M. H. Harrison J. E. Hari S. L. Hawkins D. L, Hawpe M, M, Hayes R. W. Hayes G. R, Havworfh G. E, Heffinqron T. B. Hemrn D. A, HeNrns H. D, Helsabeclc R. A. Hendrickson J. R. Hess B. J. Hickey W, L. Hrrdebrand E, A. Hrfdsrrom D. M. HN J, S. HRH M. T. HrLLard M. H. HIHS H. M. Hinaker T. L. Hrncldey J, C. Hlfzelberq L. E. Hodges J. M. Hodqson L. fx. Hoddson J, W, Hocrnernann M, D, Hodqson S, B. HOW, Jr. R. H. Hc'rcyCuH M. D. Hcrre'N E. R. Horseman C. S. Howard M. J. Hrrrsrlc . ,f , J LQ: X S 5 E I. . ' W .3 -1. if w 1.- 2 i . fr, f UNDERCLASSMEN I 5-dw s .1 5 3 if s+uden+s. passes. M. N. W J. Hudqins, Jr. J. Hudson D. Hudson M. Huhrrnan E. Huqhes lil E. Hurr D. Huichinson W. Hyiron D. lnqrarn S. lnqram H. inqram C. James K. Janney H. Jeffers Y. Jenkins C. Jenkins T. Jenninqs J. Jeweii Johns A. Johnson A. Johnson, Jr . S. Johnson W. Jones F. Jones . A. Jones H. Jones. Jr. .Ci Jordan, Jr . H. Joyce F. Judd, Jr. G, Juiiien Organizaiions, like 'rhe Universify Theaier, need 'Phe iime and varied abillhes Incoming 'freshmen may look forward +o a brighfer campus, coed-wise as 'hme S. Ka rmosky K. Keecln B. Keen C. Keller L. Keller, Jr. E. Kelly M. Kelly C. Kenyon A. Kenworlliy G. Kershaw W. Keiclmum J. Kibler A. Kinq, Jr. C. Kinq D. Kinnaird . l-l. Kirk G. Kiser R. Kifclwens E. Knighi Knoif A. Kochendarler L. Koogle Korbv . W. Krebs. Jr. J. Kreipke E. Kunze L. Allen J. Lakas D. Land C. Land E. Lane F. Lanqlians C. Langley LaPorie L. Larson A. Larimer F. League Lee . E. Leisler . N. Leilclw F. Leonard . D. Levin V. Lewis, Jr. L. Lewis E. Lineweaver L. Link D. Linkenlwoker Linkous UNDERCLASSM N 3 98 Some coeds found lnfe somewhaf frying in iheir Hrsf W. Lipscomb D. Lifron A. Loehr M. Loflin L. Louderback A. Lourhan A. Lowe C. Luqar V. Luisfro A. Lunsford B. Macqreqor R. Mackey Maczkowski W, Marica L. Marsh N. Marshall . K. Marshall L. Marfin L. Mariins Mason W. Massey L. Maflwews M. Mayberry W. Mayo M. Mays A. McCall K. McCaH H. McCandlIss McCann C. McCaskey H. McClanahan E. McClurq . MCCorkell J. McCormick A. McCrory A. McDavid G. McDonald W. McGhee J. McKenny E. McMichael H. McQuaiI L. Merkf Mary "Mac" Williams surveys "funny" cards in fhe newly localed college bool:- sfore. Despife fheir new "college" sfafus, freshmen find fhai' some fhings remain 'l'l1e SBYT19. M. Merryman L. Myers L. Merrill L. Michael S. Miller D. Miller G. K, Miller . F. Miller E. Minoque W. Milchell F. Monscell H. Moore L. Moore G. H. Moore E. Moore G. E. Moorman G. D. Mounlioy I. Morqan L. Morris III H. Morrill M. Morrison, Jr. A. Moses E. Munsey D. Muesinq R. Meyers S. Napier . J. Nelson L. Nichols M. Nicholson E. Norlord A. Odell G. Oderwald E. Oqle L. Ohlsson P. Oliver III W. Oliver Qu mg. 4322.2 UNDERCLASSM 4 6- "2"'..." ef .. - X., Q .. 0 -.f-Sa. P i' K iz... w.1, . . .E-ir: - . -" ix iw? E R, A. Oliver D. P. O'Neill C. L. Orlli A. L. Osbourne L. L. Osbourne K. W. Overslreel W. C. Owen J. E. Pace Ill J. B. Packell A. J, Paqonis F. H. J. Paqonis J. L. Parsley D. W. Parks M. H. Parks G. L. Passaro J. E. Pearman, Jr. G. H. Pearson R. M. Pearson G. A. Pendrak A. L. Penland W. E. Penrod, Jr. J. D, Perkins R. K. Perkins K. R. Perlowski J. V. Perry ll P. A. Pelefish D. L. Pelers J. C. Pefers R. W. Pelerson J. J. Peck J. C. Perrin G. L. Pick T. E. Pick R. K. Pickup B. S. Pillow R. A. Pillow W. L. Pinclwl:-ack K. J. Pinzel E. R. Piffman R. M. Pilfman G. R. Pluslw R, A. Poli S. A. Polilowski, J J. L. Polk T. A. Porler A. D. Polls J. D. Powell J. E. Preissner, Jr. D. L. Price G. A. Price J. R. Price B. P. Procfor M. E. Puclcell L. R. Pugh L. M. Pulney S. P. Pyles D. L. Quesenberry J. C. Ramsey J. E. Ronsone, Jr. J. R. Ralclifl S. A. Rawls C. A. Read C. M. Reed J. K. Reingruber J. E. Reish S. R. Repass C. A. Rexrode D. D. Reynolds R. D. Reynolds D. G. Rhodes M. G. Rhodes D. F. Richardson R. D. Rile R. L. Righlmyer K. A. Ringwalf D. L. Rice W. L. Riclcer H. E. Ridgeway D. C. Rilchie K. J. Roberlson W. L. Roach, Jr. J. V. Rosson K. L. Robinson J. R. Rodes C. B. Rodgers C. G, Roe S. M. Rosson D. J. Rolh K. J. Ruhl G. D. Russell . ,,.,, ,, ,,.. ,.,,,,., When exams draw near, s+uden+s will sfudy any place, any iime. UNDERCLASSMEN I 403 M. L. Russell W. R. Rulledge R. K. Sabo S. E. Sage J. W. Saufley M. A. Saufley J. T. Seaborn J. L. Seagle G. D. Scheulen F. G. Schimmenri J. W. ScoH M. R. Scofl J. T. Schmierer M. A. Sclwmilz N. E. Scl'1ul+z D. A. Seiler E. R. Sellers J. H. Seward T. E. Shelfon W. B. Sheldon, Jr T. H. Slnellon A. F. Shirlcey R. E. Slwuey H. T. Shupe D. W. Simmons R. B. Simmons H . L. Sipe E. R. Sisson R. F. Slcoog A. L. Smifh D. M. Smillw D. O. Smifh 6. T. Smifh H. H. Smillw J. H. Smillw II R. D. Smifh R. F. Smifh S. E. Smiflw T. M. Smifh W. M. Smilh T. G. Snow T. C. Snyder P. E. Somers N. S. Sowder B. R. Spanqler J. B. Spanqler R. H. Sparqer A. M. Spehar R. D. Spence R. W. Spence D. G. Spencer D. E. SpTers D. L. Sprecher D. E. Spruill W. F. Sfaov J. F. Shallinqs P. S. Sfanaskf C. F. Sfanley R. T. Sfaylor G. L. Siell. Jr. E. L. Stephenson J. J. Sfaples L. H. Sfevens E. K. Sfonesifer H. S. Sfory H. P. Sfouqh IH B. K. Sfrole P. R. Sfurqill B. K. Subleff M. S. Sussman L. R. Sufer L. D. Swarfz J. C. Swecker R. E. Sweeney L. D. Swinson J. W Swcpe J. H. Sylvesfer J. M. Tarrh E. S. Taylor, Jr. M. F. Terry J. J. Theis J. H. Thomas J. T. Thomas E. C. Thompson G. T. Thomason M. H. Thompson R. C. Thompson W. W. Thompson J. P. R. L. Tice Tinder J UNDER LASSM N iw-F Q-.., ,,w, ik 9 1 ,,.. r . L1 ,. H. 6 4 nz? fag:-i '32 DY' 'C' A 'av 3441 MMV will .,.. v ,ia if. 1 im ,,.., -fl +A M. D. Tipa D. L. Tolson W. L. Traylor J. B. Trenl' P. E. Turner O. M. Tuck, Jr, D. M. Tucker W. E. Tucker J. E. Turner R. V. Turner S. W. Turner R. J. Tullle R. J, Tyler J. S. Tymofl G. R. Urnberqer L. R. Uplworl F, D. Varcolik D. A. Vauqlnan P. B. Vauqlwan, Jr W. T. Vauqlnan D. E. Voeqlli H. D, Vollrner C. E. Vorlmees R. J. Walczak 6. T. Waldron L. R. Wall, Jr. M. B. Wallis D. L. Wallon M. Z. Walfon R. C. Wallon M. T. Wallrneyer R. N. Ward R. J. Ward J. R. Warren J. B. Warren P. C. Warwick S. R. Walson S. A. Weaver J. W. Webb, Jr. O. H. Weqman B. l"l. Welch R. P. Wendell Chris, of fhe Greek's, receives yef anoiher order for good food. J. A. Wessener L. L. Wesf R. E. Weizel, Jr. D. G. Whife G. E. While M. L. While H. E. Whifiield, Jr. W. E. Whilfield S. E. Wilkerson A. M. Williams B. F. Williams, Jr. F. S. Williams J. J. Williams L. A. Williams M. C. Williams M. C. Williams D. D. Willis H. A. Wilson J. R. Wilson W. V. Wingfield N. D. Winsiead P. F. Wirf P. A. Wiseman S. J. Wood C. J. Wollum R. K. Wood D. D. Woodson S. T. Woodson R. A. Wrighi W. S. Yonce C. A. Younq J. Young P. C. Yu M. T. Zelaslca N. P. Zelansky T. Zauf R. L. Zier G. L. Zirlc B. O. Mozingo " xi , K S .J .qw Q77 nik, Newcomers fo Tech can look 'forward fo moments wi+hou'I' sfuclies, such as fhose spen+ in Hue Infirmary . . . or in good, consfrucfive "Happenings" -41 ff , S 5? 4, 'fl rv meal. f or wiih a few friends around an Owens Be AMX Nr- 'X M..m,m 4 . 5, A ,...--gf, 'WF 'flfjxrf' el' .2 J ...A Like so many ofher organiza+ions, WUVT had 'fo find a new home afier fhe SAB closed. The new Confinuing Educafion Cenfer is one of fha maior proiecfs underway on campus. Workman, a now-familiar sighi' on cam- pus, pack up afier anofher day. Lighfs burned all nighf in Ihe BUGLE olifice as fhe final deadline approached. Bugle Staff List EDITOR E. Ray Younl, Jr. EDITORIAL SECRETARY Candy Flagg BUSINESS MANAGER Charles H. Linlhicurn OFFICE MANAGER Rosemary Duncan FACULTY ADVISOR E. A. Hancoclc ADVERTISING MANAGER Gary Gross PHOTOGRAPHY Roger McCIurg, Edilor. Fall Ouarler Andy Miyalcawa, Edilor, Winler Ouarler Bill Enderle Slu Holl George Dubovslcy SALES Ed Meselce, Corps Manager Ed Aydlell, Civilian Manager CAMPUS LIFE INTRODUCTION Bill Granl, Edilor Sparky Harcourl BEAUTY Ken Greene, Edilor SPORTS John Tressler, Edilor Bobby Woods Roger Shell Joe Dempsey RING DANCE Tony Kulis, Edilor ORGANIZATIONS Sharon Topping, Co-eclilor Joey Sillc, Co-edilor HONORARIES John Appel CURRICU LAR Gaye lroler RELIGION AND SERVICE Fred Boland SOCIAL Pal Abbill SECTIONAL George Davis UNRECOGNIZED SOCIALS Burch Boswell, Co-edilor Ed Sylces, Co-edilor CORPS Rodney Anderson, Co-edilor Darryl McGuire, Co-edilor UNIVERSITY INTRODUCTION Barry Mayberry ADMINISTRATION Jean Handy, Edilor SENIORS Mary Kay Gruenhagen, Edilor Lyn VanHooser Molly Warriner Kay Meehan UNDERCLASSES Doug Cochran, Edilor Wayne Piall Larry Billion IN MEMOBIAM FACU LTY Dr Ancell B Groves Professor of Planf Pafhology January 26 I966 Clarence P. Males Dean Emerlfus of fhe College May 2 I966 Earle B Norris Dean Emerifus of Englneermg Ocfober I8 I966 STUDENTS James Denms Harris Richard Lee GarreH' Ill Ocfober 2 1966 Wllllam C Hughes Jr November 2l I966 Jeffrey J Pope January I6 I967 May 24, me 410 WW -M . W? jx .MQ M1 wwfwfw W , ,www 5, , i M SENIOR HIS TURIES ABBOTT, FRANK LEON: 9I6 McCormick Sireel, Cliiion Forge, Virginia: Business Adminisiraiion: American Markeiing As- sociaiion: Public Adminislralion Club: Iniramural Foolball. ADEN, WILLIAM A.: 427 Greenwood Drive, Peiersburg, Virginia: Civil Engi- neering: Associaiion of Ihe Uniied Siaies Army: Colillion Club, 2nd Vice Presideni iJr.l: Co-chairman '67 Ring Dance: American Socieiy of Civil Engineers: Richmond Club: Freshman Cross Counlry and Track: Corps oi Cadeis, Company C, 2nd Lieulenanl. Public lnformaiion OFFI- cer, PFC lSoph.l. Corporal iJr.l. ADKINS, BENJAMIN HUGHES. JR.: 404 Laurel Lane, Wallingford, Pennsylvania: Elecirical Engineering: Coiillion Club: Iniramural Wresiling: Corps of Cadeis, Company H, Supply Sgr., PFC ISoph.l. Corporal IJr.l. ALEXANDER, DOUGLAS WADE: 406 N. River Road, Bridgewaier, Virginia: Elec- irical Engineering: lnsiiiuie of Eleclronic and Elecirical Engineers. ALLEN, EDWIN MICHAEL, JR.: 508 Lesier Avenue, N.E., Roanoke, Virginia: Engineering Mechanics: Sociely oi Ameri- can Miliiary Engineers: Sash and Sabre: Coiillion Club: Corps of Cadeis, Com- pany A, Capiain, Commander, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal, Ranking Jr., Assislanl' Color Corporal lJr.l. ALLEN, RAYMOND WILLIAM: Rouie l. Callands, Virginia: Business Adminisira- Tion lMarkeIingl: Markeiing Club: Busi- ness Club. ALMAZAN, SEBASTIAN PASTOR: Cien- Iuegos, Cuba: Archileciure: American Insfiiuie of Archifecis: Richmond Club: Cosmopoliian Club: Newman Club: In- iramurals, Tennis and Volleyball: Ring Dance Decoralions: Spanish Club: Inier- nafional Day Commiiiee: Tech Feslival, Archiieclural Depi.: Associalion oi Mar- ried Siudenis. ANDERSON, HAROLD ROGER: Main Sireel, Siuari, Virginia: Eleclrical Engi- neering: Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer ISr.l: Associaiion ol: Uniied Siales Army: Sociefy oi American Milifary Engineers: Alpha Phi Omega: Corps of Cadeis Sen- ale, Treasurer lJr.l: Corps oi Cadeis Honor Courl, Secreiary ISr.l: Disiin- guished Mililary Siudeni: Corps of Cadeis, Company E, 2nd Bailalion Sialii, Capiain, Adiuiani. PFC ISoph.l, Cor- poral lJr.I. ANDERSON, RODNEY DAVID: 736 30lh Sireef. N.W., Roanoke, Virginia: Econom- ics: BUGLE Sialif, Corps Co-edilor lSr.l: Sigma Mu Sigma, Secrelary ISr.l: Roa- noke Club: Judo Club: Young Republi- cans Club: lnframural Badminlon and Cross Couniryz Corps of Cadeis, Squad- ron R. 2nd Lieulenanf, Adminisiralive Oilicer, PFC fSoph.l, ARON, HARRY WINSTON, I706 N. Main Sireei, Danville, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Circle K Club, Presideni: Siudenf Body Presidenf IDanvilIel: Engi- neering Club: American Sociely of Me- chanical Engineers. ARTHUR, KENNETH BEVERLY: I89 Mor- fon Road, Springfield, Pennsylvania: Civil Engineering: Socieiy oi American Mili- iary Engineers, Treasurer lJr.l : Arnold Air Socieiy, Adiuianl Recorder lSr.l: Ameri- can Socieiy of Civil Engineers: '67 Sabre Commifiee: Luiheran Sfudeni Associa- lion: American Legion Mililary Award IJr.l: Corps oi Cadeis, Squadron C, Isl' Lieuienanl' Execuiive Officer, PFC ISoph.l, Corporal, Ranking Junior lJr.l. ATWELL, ROY CLARENCE: Rouie 2. Rural Relreai, Virginia: English: AUST, MYRON ROBERT: Rouie I, Box 209, Pulaski, Virginia: Business Adminisira- iion: Circle K Club: Lulheran Sfudenl' Associaiion: Sporfs Car Associalion. AYLOR, JAMES WARREN: Milchells, Vir- ginia: Animal Science: Sash and Sabre: lniramural Fooiball, Soilball, Volleyball, Wresiling: Sigma Delia Psi: Corps of Cadels, Company O, Afhleiics Officer. BAILEY, CLYDE DANIEL, JR.: II43 Franklin Turnpike. Danville, Virginia: En- glish: Arnold Air Socieiy, Inlormaiion Services-Olilicer lSr.l: Scabbard and Blade: Pi Delia Epsilon: WUVT Radio, News Direcior lSoph., Jr., Sr.l: Corps of Cadeis. Squadron C, Capiain, Firsi Group Adiuianl IS-ll, Firsi Group lnfelligence Officer IS-2l. PFC, Ranking Sophomore lSoph.l, Corporal, Ranking Junior, Squad Leader IJr.l. BAILEY, DAVID SANDBURG: 7OI6 La- Marre Drive, Hollins, Virginia: Biology: 412 Associalion of 'rhe Uniied Sfales Army, Treasurer lJr. and Sr.l: Scabbard and Blade, Capiain ISr.l: Gregory Guard: Alpha Phi Omega, Alumni Secreiary: German Club, Publiciiy Chairman: Dis- linguished Mililary Siudeni: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies: Iniramural Volleyball, Badminion, Ping- Pong, Chess: Corps of Cadefs, 2nd Bai'- lalion Siaii, L+. Colonel, Baiialion Com- mander, PFC ISoph.l, Corporal, Ranking Junior, Assisi-ani Regimenlals IS-2l IJr.l: Company E IFr., Soph., Jr.l. BAIRD. JAMES BAIRD, JR.: B684 McCaw Drive, Bon Air, Virginia: Accounfing: Shenandoah Valley Club, Vice-Presideni lSr.l: Accouniing Socieiy ISr.l: Virginia Tecih, Aciing Business Manager IJr. and Sr. . BAKER, FRANCIS EDWARD, JR,: 3526 Sevenih Sireel, Baliimore, Maryland: Eleclrical Engineering: Era Kappa Nu: Tau Bela Pi. BAKER, WILLIAM CONKLIN: Pound, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Ameri- can Sociely of Mechanical Engineers. BAKER, WILLIAM LAURENCE, Ill: I235 Graydon Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia: Mafhemaiics: Malhemaiics Club. BARRON, WILLIAM MARTIN, Jeilerson- fon, Virginia: Agricul+uraI Educalion: Alpha Zela, Chancellor ISr.l: Phi Kappa Phi: Fufure Farmers of America, Treasurer lJr.l: Block and Bridle Club: Sfaie Teachers Scholarship: Ben T. Piiis Foun- dalion: Siaie Scholarship. BAUMGARDNER, ROGER LEROY: Rouie I, Chilhowie, Virginia: Business Ad- minisiralion IAccoun+ingl : Siudeni Coun- cil: Dramaiics Club: Accounfing Sociefy of VPI. BAYNES, CLARENCE WILLIAM: l37 Siokesland Avenue, Danville, Virginia: Accouniing: Alpha Kappa Psi: Accouni- ing Socieiy: Danville Club Secreiary ISr.l: Tech Fesiival Associaiion. BECK, MARVIN XAVIER: I2OO Souihbury Avenue, Richmond, Virginia: Archifeciural Engineering: Sludeni Sociely of Archi- lecfural Engineers: Delia Kappa Sigma, Secrelary lJr.l, Vice-Presidenf lSr.l: Resideni Advisor: Freshman Fooiball: In- framural Foolball, Baskefball, Soilball. BECKLEY. MICHAEL RAYMOND: Wash- ingion, D.C.: English: Colillion Club: Ring Dance Refreshmenis Chairman: Maelsirom Business Slall: Senaior IFr.l: Varsiiy Track Team: All Inlramural Fool- ball IFr.-Sr.l: Corps of Cadeis IFr.-Jr.l. BELL, ARVIN BONAPARTE, JR.: Rouie 2, Kenbridge. Virginia: Business Educa- fion: Pi Omega Pi, Presideni: Phi Bela Lambda: Mosi Ouislanding Junior in Business Educaiion: Samuel T. Isaac Award. BENNETT, THOMAS STREET: Box 235. Glade Hill, Virginia: English. BENSON, WILLIAM PATERSON, Il: 4404 Dunhaven Road, Chamblee, Geor- gia: Accouniing: Delia Sigma Pi ISr.l: Virginia Tech Business Siail ISr.I: Rich- mond Club: Accounfinq Sociefy iJr. and Sr.l. BENTON, RlCHARD WARREN: 4520 Caroline Avenue, Porfsmoufh, Virginia: Elecfrical Engineering: lnsfifufe of Elec- fronic and Elecfronical Engineers: Infra- mural Foofball and Soffball. BERGSETH, ROBERT RElD: I0l3 Norfh Larrimore Sfreef, Arlingfon, Virginia: Geophysics: Arnold Air Sociefy: Pi Tau Chi, Properfies Chairman iJr. and Sr.l: American Nuclear Sociefy: Air Force As- sociafion: Lufheran Sfudenf Associafion, Treasurer lJr.l, Presidenf iSr.l: Infra- mural Soffball, Duckpin Bowling: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron R, 2nd Lieufenanf, Scholasfics Officer, PFC iSoph.l, Cor- pcral, Assisfanf Scholasfics Officer lJr.i. BERKOW, BERGEN FREDERIC. JR.: 79 Chadwick Drive, Charlesfon, Soufh Caro- lina: Sociology: Canferbury of VPl, Ves- fryman lJr.l: Sociology Club, Alpha Phi Omega: Corps Senafor lJr.l. BLACKA, TOMMY RINARD: Shenandoah Acres Resorf, Sfuarfs Draff, Virginia: Ac- counting: Announcer, WUVT Radio Sfaff lFr,i: Shenandoah Valley Club Treasurer iSr.l: Accounfing Sociefy iJr. and Sr.l. BLACKWELL, TIMOTHY HALE: 5 Pleas- anf Ridge Avenue, Greenville, Soufh Carolina: Civil Engineering: Cofillion Club: Bapfisf Sfudenf Union: American Sociefy of Civil Engineers: Besf Drilled Sophomore Plafoon: lnframural Foofball, Baskefball, Harseshoes: Corps of Cadafs. Company H, Sergeanf, Plafoon Sergeanf, Ranking Raf. BLAHA, JAMES LOUIS: Roufe l, Box 242, Pefersburg, Virginia: lndusfrial Engi- neering: Gregory Guard, Execufive Offi- cer iJr.l: Scabbard and Blade: Arnold Air Sociefy: Sociefy of American Mili- fary Engineers: American lnsfifufe of ln- dusfrial Engineers: Newman Club: Corps of Cadefs Execufive Commiffee, Secrefary iJr.i: Air Force Scholarship: Disfin- guished Air Sfudenf: Oufsfanding Sopho- more iArnold Air Sociefyl: lnframural Volleyball and Baskefball: Corps of Cadefs, Regimenfal Sfaff, Maior, Regi- menfal Adiufanf, PFC, Ranking Sopho- more lSoph.l, Color Corporal iJr.l. BLAHO, ALBERT JOHN: 3OI Soufh l8fh Evenue, Hopewell, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Arnold Air Sociefy: Ameri- can Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers: Lufheran Sfudenf Associafion: Freshman Baskefball: lnframural Foofball, Baskef- ball, Volleyball, Track: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron N, 2nd Lieufenanf, Afhlefic Officer, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal, Squad Leader iJr.l. BLEVINS, ROGER ALLEN: Waldon Road. Roufe 4, Abingdon, Virginia: Agricul- fural Engineering: Alpha Zefa: Sash and Sabre: Soufhwesf Virginia Club: Associa- fion for Advancemenf of Engineering: Sfudenf Branch American Sociefy of Agri- culfural Engineers, Presidenf lSr.l: lsf Group Sfaff, Maior, Execufive Officer, PFC iSoph.i, Corporal, Squad Leader, Fiqhf Guide iJr.l. BLYTHE, EARVlNG LEE: 303 Beamon Sfreef, Franklin, Virginia: English: Peanuf Club: Freshman Cross Counfry and Track: lnfrarnural Foofball: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron B, lsf Sergeanf, Assisfanf Ad- minisfrafive Officer, Squadron Treas- urer, Ranking Junior. BOARD, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR.: Roufe 3, Box 309, Rocky Mount Virginia: Animal Science: Associafion of Unifed Sfafes Army: Block and Bridle Club: V.P.l. Ranger Company, Public lnformafion Offi- cer lSr.l : 4-H Alumni Club: Senior Mem- ber of Cadef Advisory Commiffee: Corps of Cadefs, Company E, 2nd Lieufenanf, 2nd Plafoon Leader, Corporal, Squad Leader iJr.l. BOBBITT, J.THOMAS, ll: l4l3 S. Colum- bus Sfreef, Arlingfon, Virginia: Me- chanical Engineering: American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineering iJr. and Sr.l: VPl German Club lSr.i: Civilian Honor Courf Prosecufion Sfaff, Honor Council, Jusfice: I967 Ring Dance Publicify Com- miffee: i966 Homecoming Commiffee. BOLEN, JAMES HUNTER, JR.: 260 Ope- quon Avenue, Winchesfer, Virginia: Busi- ness Adminisfrafion iFinancel. BOSWELL, lRVlNG WARD, Ill: Orlando. Florida: lndusfrial Engineering: Virginia Tech Skin Diving Club, Presidenf iSr.l, Vice-Presidenf lJr.l, Safefy Officer iSoph.l : Virginia Tech Life Saving Corps: Virginia Tech Sporfs Car Club: Clayfor Lake Ski Club: WUVT, Announcer: Vir- ginia Tech, Feafure Wrifer: BUGLE, Un- recognized Organizafion Edifor lSr.i, Phofo Sfaff iFr.l: The Highiy-Tighiy Yearbook, Phofo Edifor iSr.i, Phofo Sfaff iFr., Soph.l: Soufhern Colonels: Concerf Band: Pep Band: Rip Tides: V.P.l. Regi- menfal Band, The Highfy-Tighfies, Band Company, 2nd Lieufenanf, Supply Officer, lsf Plafoon Leader, Supply Sergeanf: Sigma Epsilon Chi, BOYER, ERNEST ALAN: Waferlick, Vir- ginia: Animal Science, Business: Alpha Zefa, Chronicler lSr.i: Edifor of Alumni Newsleffer lSr.i: Block and Bridle, Re- porfer iJr.l, Secrefary iSr.l : 4-H Alumni Club, Vice-Presidenf iJr.l: Varsify Glee Club: Liffle Infernafional, Assisfanf Man- ager: NSF Undergraduafe Poulfry Re- search: Harry F. Byrd, Sr. Scholarship: Ralsfon Purina Scholarship: Nafional 413 Block and Bridle Scholarship: Phi Kappa Phi. BRADSHAW, WAVERLY DANIEL, JR.: 93lI Ledbury Road, Richmond, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Associafion of fhe Unifed Sfafes Army: VPl Cofillion Club, Execufive Commiffee Member lSr.l: Ranger Company: Cadef Senafe iFr.l: lnframural Foofball iFr., Soph., Jr.l: lnframural Volleyball lFr., Soph., Jr., Sr.l: Corps of Cadefs, H Company, 2nd Lieufenanf, Plafoon Leader: Ranking Junior. BRANN, DANIEL EDWARD, Box 294. Callao, Virginia: Agronomy: Agronomy Club Reporfer lSoph.l: Norfhern Neck Club Reporfer iFr.i, Treasurer iJr.l: ln- framural Foofball and Volleyball: F Com- pany, Sergeanf, Supply Sergeanf: Cor- poral lJr.l. BRAUNlNG, PETER ROBERT, 3900 Brenda Lane, Annandale, Virginia: Me- chanical Engineering. BRENNEMAN, JAMES: Sfuarfs Draff, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Phi Kappa Phi lSr.l: Chi Epsilon iJr. and Sr.l: Tau Befa Pi lSr.l: American Sociefy of Civil Engineers, Recording Secrefary iSr.l: Nafional Rifle Associafion. BROOKS, LONNlE WATKINS, lll: 5Sl Venfura Drive, Brisfol, Virginia: Elecfrical Engineering: Corps of Cadefs, Sash and Sabre: Cofillion Club, Publicify Chair- man iSr.l: BUGLE Sales Sfaff lJr. and Sr.l: The Highfy-Tighfy Yearbook, Edifor lSoph., Sr.i: Highfy-Tighfy Band Day Chairman ISr.i: Concerf Band, Trumpef Soloisf lSoph., Jr.l: Band Company, 2nd Lieufenanf, Public lnformafion Officer: PFC lSoph.l, Corporal fJr.l, Regimenfal Bugler. BROWN, EDGAR EARL: 9I Channing Avenue, Porfsmoufh, Virginia: Mefal- lurgical Engineering: American Sociefy for Mefals, Treasurer. BROWNING, BUDDY: 68I5 Norfh 27fh Sfreef, Arlingfon, Virginia: English: Pi Delia Epsilon: Virginia Tech, Edifor-in- Chief iSr.l: Varsify Glee Club: Cheer- leaders, Capfain lSr.i: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies: Resi- denf Advisor lSoph., Jr., Sr.i. BRUBAKER, WILLIAM WAYNE: Roufe 2, Baker Drive, Vinfon, Virginia: Foresfry and Wildlife: Sash and Sabre Sociefy: Sociefy of American Milifary Engineers: Squadron O, Isf Lieufenanf, Squadron Execufive Officer, PFC, Ranking Sopho- more, Cpl., Ranking Junior. BRUGH, REX, Ill: I I3 Royal Oak Avenue, Colonial Heighfs, Virginia: Biology: Sash and Sabre Sociefy, Execufive Commiffee of Sash and Sabre: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Sociefy: L Company, 2nd Lieufenanf, Pla- foon Leader, PFC lSoph.i, Corporal and Squad Leader lJr.i. BUCHANAN, JOSEPHINE TODD: 806 Presfon Avenue, Blacksburg, Virginia: General Science: Garnef and Gold, Sec- refary lJr.l: Phi Kappa Phi: Cheerleader lFr., Soph., Jr., Sr.l: i967 Ring Dance Decorafions Commiffee: The Newman Award for Oulslanding Sophomore: Fresh- man Represenlalive on House Council lSr.l: Residenl Assislanl lSr.l. BUDNICKI, RAYMOND MICHAEL: 558 Van Houlen Avenue, Clillon, New Jersey: Mechanical Engineering: Phi Tau Sigma: American Sociely ol Mechanical Engi- neers. BURCH, GARLAND LEE: Roule I, Spen- cer, Virginia: Civil Engineering: K Com- pany Inlramural Faolball and Softball: K Company, 2nd Lieulenanl, Plaloon Leader, Privale lFr., Soph., Jr.l. BURCH, RICHARD LEE: 5308 Moullrie Road: Springfield, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Capilol Club: BUGLE Slall, Sludenl Life Edilor lSoph.l: Newman Club: lnslilule ol Eleclrical and Elec- lronics Engineers: Gymnaslics Team: ln- lramural Baskelball, Foalball, Volleyball. BURD, DOUGLAS GLENN: I59 Chi- chesler Avenue, Hamplon. Virginia: Aerospace Engineering: Air Force ROTC Financial Aid Sludenl: Inlramural Fool- ball, Tennis, Swimming: Squadron O, Isl Sergeanl. BURNET, ARTHUR HAZEN: I2ll Belle- view Avenue. Charlallesville. Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma: Arnold Air Sociely: Sociely of American Mililary Engineers, lniliafion Officer lSr.l: AFROTC Scholarship: Virginia Tech Regimenlal Marching and Concerl Bands: I967 Ring Dance Memory Book Slall, Treasurer: Band Company 2nd Lieulenanl, Adminislralive Ollicer: PFC, Assislanl Company Clerk lSoph.l: Cor- poral, Trombone Seclion Leader lJr.l. BURNETT, JOSEPH RUCH, JR.: 715 Mansfield Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia: Horlicullure: Sludenl I-lorlicullure Club Secrelary lSr.l: Lulheran Sludenl Associ- alion: Freshman Senalor: Inlramural Fool- ball, Baskelball, Soflball: R.O.T.C. Mili- lary Hislory Award. CADOTTE, GEORGE THOMAS: IBOB Loch Shiel Road, Ballimore, Maryland: Mechanical Engineering: Lulheran Slu- denl Associalion: American Sociely of Mechanical Engineers: Inlramural Fool- ball. CADOTTE, TIMOTHY GEORGE: I808 Loch Shiel Road, Ballimore, Maryland: Archileclure: Lulhern Sludenl Associa- lion: American lnslilule of Archilecls. CAMPBELL. ROY BENJAMIN: R.F.D. 5, Marlinsville, Virginia: Accounling: Ac- counling Sociely. CANTWELL, JEROME FRANCIS: 3I Slark Place, Lynbrook, New York: Physics: Della Kappa Sigma Fralernily: Senalor: U.S. Navy Deparlmenl Scholarship: Inlra- murals, Wreslling, Sollball, Cross Coun- hy. CARDOZA, MARVIN EDWARD, JR.: 2404 Libbie Avenue, Richmond, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Omicron Della Kappa: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies: American Sociely of Civil Engineers: Trallic Commillee lSr.l: So- cial and Cullural Commillee lSr.l: Slu- denl Aclivlies Commillee lSr.l: Sludenl Union Planning Commillee, Chairman lJr., Sr.l: Ring Dance Publicily Commil- lee, Chairman: Sludenl Body Vice-Presi- denl: CSB Senalor lSoph., Jr.l: CSB Senale Parliamenlarian lJr.l: CSB Senale Approprialions Commillee Chairman lJr.l: Sludenl Body Senale Presidenl: Residenl Advisor lSoph., Jr., Sr.l. CARICO, GERALD DEAN: Roule 2, In- dependence, Virginia: Aerospace Engi- neering. CARPENTER, SIDNEY RICHARDSON: 38I2 Forresl Grove Drive, Annandale, Virginia: Business Managemenl: '67 Ring Dance Commillee lJr.l: Business Admin- islralion Sociely lJr.l: Della Sigma Pi, Chancellor lSr.l: Honor Courl Unifica- lion Commillee ISr.l: Corps of Cadels, Company E, 2nd Lieulenanl, Ranking Freshman, Cadel Hal Tricks Commillee lFr., Soph., Jr.l, Field Chairman lSr.l: Secrelary Cadel Honor Courl: Leader, Sophomore Drill Compelilion Plaloan: PFC lSoph.l: Corporal, Assislanl Defense Allorney, Cadel Honor Courl lJr.l. Associale Juslice lSr.l. CARROLL, JOHN FRANCIS: I823 Blen- heim Road, S.W., Roanoke, Virginia: Ac- counling: Golf Team: Newman Club: Alpha Club: Alpha Kappa Psi. CARTER, ANN WESLIE: Box I02l, Roule 4, Chrisliansburg, Va.: Physics: Universily Choir lSr.l: Universily Thealer Coslumier lSr.l. CARTER, DENNIS WARREN: Roule 5. Box 334, Danville, Virginia: Civil Engineer- ing: American Sociely of Civil Engineers lSr.l: Circle K Club, Vice Presidenl lSoph.l: Danville Club lJr. and Sr.l: En- gineering Club lFr. and Soph.l. 414 SENIOR CARTER, RONALD DAVID: IIO3 High- land Slreel, Marlinsville, Virginia: Me- chanical Engineering: Colillion Club: American Sociely of Mechanical Engineer- ing: COOP Sociely: Cooperalive Pro- gram. CASE, JAMES V.: l553 McNeal Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Newman Club: Inlramurals, Foolball, Soflball, Bowling: Residenl Advisor. CELLY, JANE MARNE: 6 Linda Lanea, Cape Arlhur, Severna Park, Maryland: Malhemalics: Virginia Tech Desk Edilor lJr.l, Fealure Edilor lSr.l: Malhemalics Club, Secrelary-Treasurer lSr.l: Lulheran Sludenl Associalion. CERVI, RICHARD JAMES: Wesl Branch Road, Yorklown, Virginia: Business Ad- rninislralion lManagemenll: Scabbard and Blade: Arnold Air Sociely: Alpha Phi Omega: Cadel Manual Revisal Commil- lee: Class of I967 Ring Figure Commil- lee: Cadel Honor Courl, Proseculion Slall: AFROTC Scholarship: Chicago Tribune Award: Vice Commandanl's Award: Wreslling lFr.l: Swimming and Diving Inlramurals: Ranking Freshman: PFC lSoph.l, Corporal lJr.l, Assislanl Regimenlal S-I lJr,l, Maior, Group Exec- ulive Ollicer lSr.l CHILDRESS, DAVID LEE: Aparlmenl 2, Norlhview Aparlmenls, Blacksburg, Vir- ginia: Mechanical Engineering: Hamplon Roads Club Treasurer lJr.l, Vice Presi- denl lSr.l: V.P.l. Skin Diving Club. CHILDRESS, JUDITH LANE: 3l23 Bar- bara Lane, Fairfax, Virginia: Business Ad- minislralion: Capilal Club: Virginia Tech: BUGLE. CLARK, JAMES CARTER: Emmerlon, Virginia: Foreslry and Wildlife: Norlhern Neck Club Reporler lJr.l, Presidenl lSr.l: Foreslry Club Secrelary lJr.l. CLARK, WINSTON DOUGLAS: 3l9 Clinlon Slreel, Marion, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Virginia Tech Amaleur Radio Associalion: lnslilule of Eleclrical and Eleclronic Engineers. CLINE, DAVID MITCHELL: Roule I. Wylheville, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Wylheville Communily College Sludenl Governmenl, Treasurer lFr. and Soph.l: Burlinglon lnduslries Scholarship lJr. and Sr.l: lnlramural Foolball lSr.l. COCHRAN, DOUGLAS FLANIGEN: Roule 2, Slaunlon, Virginia: English: Pi Della Epsilon: Canlerbury Presidenl lSr.l: WUVT, Announcer lJr. and Sr.l: BUGLE Seclional Edilor lSoph.l, Sludenl Life Edilor lJr.l, Underclasses Edilor lSr.l: Virginia Tech News and Fealure Slalil: The Cave Club: Rifle and Pislol Club: Commillee Chairman Tech Feslivalg Shen- andoah Valley Club. COLE. KENNETH WOOLARDI IOO4 Isl Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia: Civil Engineering: American Sociely of Civil Engineers: Monogram Club: Alh- Ielic Scholarship lJr. and Sr.l: Wreslling Inlramurals: Freshman and Varsily Wres- lling. HIS TORIES COLEMAN, FRANK NAT: Roule I, BOX 36, Prospecl, Virginia: Poullry Science: Alpha Zeia, Phi Sigma Sociely: Poullry Science Club, Presidenl. CONRAD, DALE WAYNE: I0 Orchard Road, Radford, Virginia: Hislory: Hisfory Club lFr.-Sr.l, Presidenl lSr.l. COOK, NORMAN THOMAS: l6B9 Franklin Turnpike, Danville, Virginia: Ce- ramic Engineering: American Ceramic Sociely, Presidenl lSr.l : Danville Club. CORDERMAN, DONALD G.: 845 Presion Road, Hagerslown, Maryland: Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma: American So- ciely of Mechanical Engineers. CORNELISON, CHARLES OWEN: 2360 Kipling Slreel S.W., Roanoke, Virginia: Polilical Science: Associalion ol: Ihe U.S. Army: Band, Cadel Caprain, Commander, Company Clerk IJr.l: Conceri Band Chairman IJr.l, Ranking Junior, Squad Leader. COSTELLO, LARRY FRANCIS: Box I2l. Ashburn, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: lnsrirure of Eleclrical and Eleclronic Engi- neers: Young Democrals: lnlramural Fool- ball: Disciplinary Commillee. COX, STEWART LEE: 405 Lansdowne Slreel, Blacksburg, Virginia: Building Con- sirucfion: Building Conslruclion Club Sergeanl al Arms, Building Consirucrion Club Presidenr lJr.l: Foolball lnlramurals. CRABTREE, DAVID HAYNES: Roule 3: Sallville, Virginia: Agricullural Engineer- ing: Alpha Zela: American Socieiy of Agriculrural Engineers, Vice Presidenr ISr.l: Agriculiural Exposilion, Presidenl' lSr.l: Sporne Commillee lJr.l: Sears Roebuck Foundalion Scholarship Fr.l. CRADDOCK, JUDE THOMAS, JR.: Roule 2, Box l87, Chaiham, Virginia: Business Adminislralion IFinancel: Dan- ville Club: Tau Bela Chi. CRAFTON, ROBERT FRANKLIN: 3l6 S. Madison Avenue, Pulaski, Virginia: lndus- rrial Engineering: Alpha Pi Mu Publicily Co-Chairman IJr.l: Alpha Pi Mu Vice Presidenl' lSr.l: Associalion for Advance- menr of Engineering Treasurer IJr.l, Presideni lSr.I: Chairman lndusrrial Ex- hibirs for 1966 Tech Feslival lJr.I: Ameri- can lnsiiruie oi lndusfrial Engineers: American lnsliiule of lndusrrial Engineers Represenialive Io Associarion for Ad- vancemenl oi Engineering: Lighfing Com- miiiee for I967 Ring Dance. CRISP, WILLIAM RODERICK: 2055 Bridle Lane S.W., Roanoke, Virginia: Business Adminislrarion: American Mar- Ifcling Associaiion: Corps of Cadels, Sguad B. 2nd Lieulenanl, Scholaslics Officer, Corporal, Sguad Leader IJr.l. CROCKFORD, WILLIAM HAMILTON, IV: 4703 Sylvan Road, Richmond, Vir- ginia: Chemisiry: Sash and Sabre Sociely: Pi Delia Epsilon: Virginia Tech: Corps oi Cadels, Squad B, 2nd Lieuienani, Admin- isrralive Officer, PFC ISoph.l, Ranking Sophomore, Corporal lJr.l, Squadron Clerk. CUNNINGHAM, MICKEY ROGER: Jef- iersonlon, Virginia: Animal Science: Asso- ciafion of Ihe Uniled Slales Army: Block and Bridle Club: ROTC 2-Year Scholar- ship: Sears Roebuck Scholarship: Farm Bureau Scholarship: Corps of Cadels, Sguad F. Capiain, S-2 Barialion Siaif, Ranking Freshman, PFC ISoph.l, Cor- poral IJr.l. D'AMlCO. JOSEPH, SILVIO: 360 Fol- crolil Sfreei, Ballimore, Maryland: Me- chanical Engineering: American Sociery oi Mechanical Engineers: Newman Club: Varsily Soccer: Inlramural Foolball, Base- ball and Volleyball. DANIEL, EUGENE MASSENBURG, Box IIS Freeman, Virginia: Foresl Manage- meni: Sash and Sabre ISr.I: 4-H Alumni Club: Colillion Club: Wesley Foundaliong Foreslry Scholarship: lnlramural Track: Corps of Cadels, Squad A, Privale, Ad- minisrrarive Officer, PFC ISoph.l, Assis- ranl S-2. DANIELS, RONALD EDWORTH: 4I4 Hood Sireel, Maioaca, Virginia: Civil En- gineering: American Socieiy of Civil Engineers: lnlramural Baskelball. DAVIS, BRIAN KEITH: H.O. 5l3Ih INTC Group, APO New York, New York: Busi- ness Adminisrralion: Scabbard and Blade Associarion oi Uniled Slales Army, Alpha Phi Omega: Corps of Cade-Is, 3rd Bal- ialion Sraff, Caplain, Operaiions Officer S-3. PFC lSoph.l, Corporal IJr.l, Rank- ing Junior Company K IFr., Soph., Jr.l. DAVISON, JOHN BLARE: 2623 N. Rock- ingham Slreel, Arlingion, Virginia: Chem- isrryg Vice Chairman of American Chem- ical Sociely lSr.l: Iniramural Wreslling. DAWSON, STANLEY W., JR.: Box l22. Main Slreel, Kilmarnock, Virginia: Archi- Ieclure: American lnslilule oi Archilecls: Norrhern Neck Club: Represenlaiive of House Council ISr.l. DAZET, ALBERT JOHN, IV: Peslalozzi Srreei, Heidelberg, Germany: Mechanical Engineering: Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Bela Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: ASCE. Treasurer lSoph.l: lnlramural Foolball, Soilball, Baskelball, Golf and Track. Del-IUFF, GILBERT ROLAND: 5808 2nd Slreef Soulh, Arlingion, Virginia: Foresl Managemenr: Xi Sigma Pi, Secrelary, Fiscal Agenl lSr.l: Monogram Club IJr., Si.l: Cross Couniry lFr.i: Indoor and Ouldoor Track lFr.l. DeJARNETTE, DANIEL DWIGHT? Na- runa, Virginia: Agriculiural Educaiion: Alpha Zela: Collegiale Fulure Farmers oi America Chapier, Presidenr ISr.l, Vice Presidenl and Business Manager of Chapler Yearbook: Block and Bridle Club: Sfaie Teachers Scholarship: Flag Foolball, Volleyball, Soflball: Corps of Cadels, Squad O, Privale, Privale lFr.I, Privaie lSoph.l. 415 DENHAM, DAVID BRUCE: 804 Sfirling Road, Silver Spring, Maryland: Mechan- ical Engineering: American Sociely of Mechanical Engineers: American Inslilule of Aeronauiics and Aslronaulics. DEVOLES, JOHN V.: 25I7 Rosalind Ave- nue, Roanoke. Virginia: Business: Sales Manager WUVT lSopl'1.l: Co-Chairman, I967 Ring Dance: Markering Club. DOBYNS, DAVID LEE: l07'f2 Skyview Drive, Blacksburg, Virginia: Vocaiional Induslrial Educaiion: Sludenf Body Treas- urer: CSB Senaior: Vice Chairman oi Facl-Finding Board: Inlramural Foolball, Cosmopolilan Club: V.P.l. Collegiales Dance Band: Unified Siudenl Governmenl Consrilurion Commifree: Siudenl' Union Commirlee: BudgeI of Sfudenr Govern- menr Professional Sociefies, Presiden+ pro rem and Direcior: Associaled General ConIrac+ors of America: Nalional Associ- aiion of Home Builders: American Voca- l'ionaI Associalion. DOYLE, EMILY LaVERNE: 5I2 Highland Avenue. Hamplon, Virginia: Animal Science: Newman Club, Secrelary ISoph.I, Vice Presidenl IJr.l: Virginia Tech, Newspaper Layoul Slahr IJr.l: Uni- versil'y Choir: lnrramural Baskelball. DREES, MARTIN A.: 34 Seaford Road, Seaiord, Virginia: lndusrrial Arls Educa- iion: Tau Epsilon Kappa: lndusirial Aris Club: Hamplon Roads Club: Corps of Caders, Squadron N, Firsl Sergeanl, Sup- ply Officer. DREW, JOHN WILLIAM, Ill: 42l2 Oak Hill Drive: Annandale, Virginia: Business Adminisiraiion: Della Sigma Pi: Tech Fes- rival Commirlee: Circle K Club: Upper Lee House Council, Treasurer lSr,l. DUNCAN, ROSEMARY: 306 E. Hemlock Drive, Blacksburg, Virginia: Human Nu- Iriiion and Foods: Delia Rho: BUGLE, Oflice Manager lSr.l: Home Economics Club, Corresponding Secrelary lSoph.lI CSB Senaior IFr.l. DURHAM, ELWOOD BARROWS: 6506 Ailanric Ave., Virginia Beach, Virginia: Archiieclure: Corps of Cadels, Company I, 2nd Lieufenanl, Plaloon Leader. DUVALL. DONALD DOUGLAS: 88I8 Camlield Drive, Alexandria, Virginia: Pub- lic Adminislralion: Gregory Guard Hon- orary Mililary Sociely: Sash and Sabre: Colillion Club: '67 Ring Dance Commil- lee: lnlramural Foolball. Baskelball, and Wreslling: Corps ol Cadels, Squadron D, Caplain, Commander, Ranking Junior, Eager Sguad, Assislanl Regimenlal S-3 lSoph.l, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal, Aller- nale Color Corporal lJr.l. EANES, JASPER REID: Roule I, Blairs, Virginia: Accounling: Accounling Sociely, Presidenl lSr.l: Danville Club, Treasurer lJr.l, Presidenl lSr.l: Senalor lSoph.l. EARLY, J. R.: Roule I, Box 222, Colonial Heighls, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Sociely ol American Mililary Engineers: Inslilule ol Eleclronic and Eleclrical En- gineers: Corps ol Cadels, A Squadron, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal lJuniorl, Ranking Junior, Isl Sergeanl lSr.l, 2nd Lieulen- anl, Adminislralive Ollicer. EDELMAN, RICHARD STEPHEN: 612 Edwin Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia: Aerospace Engineering: American Insli- lule ol Aeronaulics and Aslronaulics: Alpha Phi Omega: Newman Club: lnlra- mural Foolball. Swimming, and Sollball. ELLIOTT, CLYDE DALE: 852 E Slreel. Hamplon, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineer- ing: lnslilule ol Eleclronic and Eleclrical Engineers: Wesley Foundalion: Associa- lion ol Married Sludenls: Hamplon Roads Club: Induslrial Co-op Program: Cadel Senale lSoph,l: Inlramural Fool- ball lFr.l. ENGLAR, ROBERT JOHN: 228 Horne- ville Road, Reislerslown, Maryland: Aero- space Engineering: Virginia Tech Sporls Car Associalion: American Inslilule ol Aeronaulics and Aslronaulics: Inslilule ol Aerospace Sciences: McCormick 81 Co., lnc. Scholarship I4 Yearsl. FANNEY, ROBERT MOORE, III: 207 64lh Slreel, Virginia Beach, Virginia: Business Adminislralion: Associalion ol Uniled Slales Army: Eager Squad lSoph.l: In- lramural Baskelball, Volleyball, and Base- ball: Corps ol Cadels, Squadron C, 2nd Lieulenanl, Flighl Leader, PFC, Ranking Sophomore, Ranking Junior. FARGO, JAMES EDWARD: 1850 Co- lumbia Pike, Arlinglon, Virginia: Busi- ness Adminislralion: Varsily Glee Club: Della Sigma Pi: Circle K Club: Ameri- can Markeling Associalion: Capilal Club: O'Shaughnessy House Council, Vice Presidenl lJr.l. FARMER, DAVID LOVVELL: 2646 Clusler Avenue, Daylon, Ohio: General Science: Omicron Della Kappa, Treasurer lSr.l: Fellowship ol Chrislian Alhleles, Presi- denl lJr. and Sr.l: Monogram Club, Secrelary lSr,l: Civilian Honor Courl, Honor Council lFr.l, Delense Slall lSoph.l, Delense Slall Chairman lJr. and Sr.l: Varsily Foolball, Co-Caplain. FARRIS, VIRGINIA LEE: RFD 2, Dublin. Virginia: Clolhing, Texliles and Relaled Arls: Garnel and Gold: 4-H Alumni Club: V.P.I. Home Economics Associa- lion, Chairman lor Visiling Scholars lor Tech Feslival: Female Represenlalive lo Presidenl's Trallic Commillee lSr,l: Miss Tech Feslival: Homecoming Courl lSr.l: Miss V.P.l. Courl lSr.l: Slale Academic Scholarship lSr,l: Residenl Assislanl lSr.l. FINK, JAMES BARR, JR.: II3 Green- wood Road, Slaunlon, Virginia: Business Adminislralion: American Markeling As- socialion: Shenandoah Valley Club, Ser- geanl al Arms lSoph.l, Treasurer lJr.l. Presidenl lSr.l: lnlramural Foolball: Ccrps ol Cadels, Company H, 2nd Lieu- lenanl. FISI-I, ROBERT BENHAM, JR.: 3OI99 Harvard Road, Cleveland, Ohio: Chemi- cal Engineering: Scabbard and Blade: Sociely ol American Mililary Engineers, Secrelary lJr.l, Presidenl lSr.l: Alpha Phi Omega: American lnslilule ol Chemi- cal Engineers: Unilied Sludenl Govern- menl, Senalor: Conslilulion Commillee: Dislinguished Mililary Sludenl: Corps ol Cadels, 3rd Ballalion Slall, Maior, Bal- lalion Execulive Ollicer, PFC, Assislanl Company Clerk lSoph.l, Corporal, Com- pany Clerk lJr.l. FISHER, ROBERT EARL, ll: 902 Carring- lon Avenue, S.W., Roanoke, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Roanoke Club: Honor Courl Proseculing Allorney lJr. and Sr.l: American Sociely ol' Civil Engineers: ln- lramural Volleyball: Disciplinary Com- millee, lnvesligalor lJr.l. FLAGG, ANDREA MERELE: Prince George, Virginia: Biology: Newman Club lFr.l: Pre-Vel Club lFr. and Soph.l Residenl Advisor lJr.l: Favor Commillee lJr.l, Residenl Assislanl, lSr.l: BUGLE Slall lSr.l: Della Rho lSr.l: Who's Who in American Colleges 416 SE IOR and Universilies: lnlramural Foolball, Baskelball, and Volleyball: House Coun- cil, Class Represenlalive lSoph.l: Slu- denl Aclivilies Commillee lSr.l. FORD, GEORGE TYLER, JR.: 2Ol Park- way Slreel, Winchesler, Virginia: General Science: Apple Club, Treasurer lSr.l. FOWKLES, CLAUDE CABANESS, JR.: Ford, Virginia: Chemical Engineering: American lnslilule ol Chemical Engi- neers: Soulhside Virginia Club: Co-opera- live Sociely. FRANCK, ROBERT HAROLD: Cumber- land, Virginia: Animal Science: Block and Bridle: Pre-Vel Club: Harry F. Byrd Scholarship: lnlramural Foolball. Soll- ball, and Wreslling: Corps ol Cadels, Company F, 2nd Lieulenanl, Plaloon Leader, Scholaslics Ollicer, PFC, As- sislanl Squad Leader lSoph.l, Corporal, Sguad Leader lJr.l. FRITZ, GERALD WAYNE: I533 Brighl- ridge Drive, Kingsporl, Tennessee: Chem- islry: V.P.I. Lile Saving Corps: Lulheran Sludenl Associalion: Track: Tau Epsilon Kappa Social Fralernily. FUNKHOUSER, JOHN WARREN: I324 Bunker Hill Road, Alexandria, Virginia: Accounling: Accounling Sociely, Vice Presidenl lSr.l : Sigma Omega Tau, Treas- urer lSr.l: Inlramural Foolball, Baskel- ball, and Sollball. GAINES, ROBERT F., JR.: 332 Sheridan Avenue, Winchesler, Virginia: Business Adminislralion: American Markeling As- socialion: Accounling Sociely: Apple Club: Wesley Foundalion: WUVT Slall: Amaleur Radio Associalion: lnlramural Foolball and Sollball. GARRISON, STUART ROGER: RFD 2. Box 568, King George, Virginia: Aero- space Engineering: Sigma Gamma Tau: Kappa Thela Epsilon, Corresponding Sec- relary lSr.l: American lnslilule ol Aero- naulics and Aslronaulics: Inlramural Sollball and Foolball. GENEAUX, GEORGE LOUIS: 2499 Hen- will Road, Columbia Slalion, Ohio: Physics: American Inslilule ol Physics: Universily Choir: Femoyer Hall House Council. GIBBS, KENTON SITES: Box I7l-H, Ivy- dale Lane, Sandslon, Virginia: Biology: Richmond Soulhern Collegiales: Judo Club, Treasurer lSr.l: Biology Club: In- lramural Track and Swimming. GILES, RICHMOND FRANK: 4542 Oak- land Boulevard, Roanoke, Virginia: Aero- space Engineering: Sigma Gamma Tau: American Inslilule ol Aeronaulics and Aslronaulics, Vice-Chairman: Co-opera- live Sociely. GILL, STANLEY CARY: SIO6 Caledonia Road, Richmond, Virginia: Archileclure: Sash and Sabre Sociely, 2nd Lieulenanl HIS TURIES lSecrefaryl: American lnsfifufe of Archi- fecfs: Richmond Club: Universify Bowling Champion lSo., Jr.l: Corps of Cadefs, Company L, Supply Sergeanf, Ranking Freshman, Ranking Sophomore, Ranking Junior. GILLIAM, HERBERT HAMILTON, lll: 42l Park Avenue, Hopewell, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Associafion of Unifed Sfafes Army: Scabbard and Blade, Chairman of Visifing Cadefs Com- miffee-Milifary Ball lSr.l: Ranger Com- pany, Supply Sergeanf lSr.l: Francis Epps Scholarship: lnframural Tennis, Badminfon, and Bridge: Corps of Cadefs, 3rd Baffalion Sfaff, Capfain, Baffalion Adiufanf lS-ll, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal lJr.l. GILMAN, LARRY ELLIS: 2l2 Thompson Sfreef, Ashland, Virginia: Business Ad- minisfrafion: Alpha Kappa Psi: Arnold Air Sociefy: Richmond Club: AFROTC Scholarship: lnframural Foofball, Baskef- ball, Soffball, and Volleyball: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron R, 2nd Lieufenanf, Flighf Leader, Ranking Sophomore, Com- mander Sophomore Flight. GlLMAN, WELTON DAVIS, JR.: 6534 Hanover Avenue, Richmond, Virginia: Archifecfural Engineering: American ln- sfifufe of Archifecfs: Sociefy of Archi- fecfural Engineers: Richmond, Club. GLASCOCK, SALLY ANN: l IOS Jackson Sfreef, Culpeper, Virginia: English: Pi Delfa Epsilon: Virginia Tech, Make-Up Edifor lJr.l, Managing Edifor lSr.l: YMCA: Rifle Club: WUVT: Conflicf '67, Co-edifor: Women's lnferdormifory Coun- cil, Publicafions Board: lnframural Foof- ball, Baskefball, Badminfon, and Volley- ball, Capfain lSr.l: Freshman Represen- fafive fo House Council lSr.l: Senior Represenfafive fo WlC. GLOECKNER. M. D.: lOl8 Monfgomery Courf, Blacksburg, Virginia: lndusfrial Engineering: American lnsfifufe of ln- dusfrial Engineers, Presidenf lSr.l. GOODALL, JOHN ROBERT: l75 Mes- singer Sfreef, Canfon, Massachuseffs: Archifecfural Engineering: YMCA Fresh- man Council: Yankee Club: lnframural Badminfon: Corps of Cadefs, Company l, Privafe. GOODE, DAN EDWARD: Roufe I, Hil- fons, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Ameri- can Sociefy of Civil Engineers. GOODE, EUGENE THORNTON, JR.: Prince George, Virginia: Ceramic Engi- neering: American Ceramic Engineering Sociefy, Secrefary lSr,l: American lnsfi- fufe of Archifecfure: V.P.l. Gobbler Mas- cof lSoph., Jr., Sr.l. GOODELL, ROBERT DOUGLAS: 6728 Cresf Place, Falls Church, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Arnold Air Sociefy: Ameri- can Sociefy of Civil Engineers: Air Force Associafion: Co-operafive Program: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron R, Supply Sergeanf, PFC lSoph.l. Squad Leader, Flighf Sergeanf lJr.l. GORDON, ROBERT RANSOM, JR.: l722 Vaughan Sfreef, Soufh Bosfon, Vir- ginia: lndusfrial Engineering: Sigma Mu Sigma: American lnsfifufe of lndusfrial Engineers, Consfifufion Commiffee Chair- man lJr.l, Program Chairman lSr.l: Dan- ville Club: Delfa Befa Epsilon, Vice Presi- denf lSoph,l: lnframural Soffball, Baskef- ball: Residenf Advisor: Advisor fo Disci- plinary Commiffee of House Council. GRAHAM, RICHARD WEBSTER, ll: 7l8 Trail Avenue, Frederick, Maryland: Me- chanical Engineering: Sigma Mu Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: Associafion of Unifed Sfafes Army: Glee Club: Judo Club: Ring Dance Commiffee: Disfin- quished Milifary Sfudenf: Reserve Offi- 1'-I guevfw cers Association Medal: Corps of Caclefs, Company M, Capfain, Company Com- mander, PFC, Assisfanf Company Clerk, Assisfanf Baffalion S-2 lSoph.l, Cor- poral, Assisfanf Public lnformafion Offi- cer lJr.l. GRAVES, THOMAS HOUSTON: Chero- kee Trail, Marfinsville, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Alpha Kappa Psi: Greg- ory Guard, Public lnforrnafion Officer lSoph., Jr.l, Execufive Commiffee lSr.l: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies: Cofillion Club: American Markefing Associafion: Marfinsville-Henry Counfy Club, Sergeanf af Arms lFr.l, 2nd Vice Presidenf lSoph.l, lsf Vice Presidenf iJr.l: Bapfisf Sfudenf Union, Execufive Council: Ranger Company: Cadef Senafe: Vice Presidenf, Class of '67: Draffing Commiffee for Joinf Sfu- denf Body Consfifufion: Chicago Tribune Oufsfanding Cadef Award: American Legion Milifary Excellence Award: Dis- finguished Milifary Sfudenf: lnframural Track: Corps of Cadefs, Regimenfal Spe- cial Sfaff, Capfain, Chief Prosecufing Afforney Honor Courf, PFC, Ranking Sophomore, Corporal lJr.l. GREEN, CHARLIE WARREN, JR.: 417 Church Sfreef, Blacksburg, Virginia: Po- lifical Science: Soufhside Club: Wesley Foundafion: Public Adminisfrafion Club, Secrefary lSr.l: Tau Delfa, Correspond- ing Secrefary lJr.l, Parliamenfarian lSr.l: lnframural Baskefball, Foofball, Soffball, Volleyball: Corps of Cadefs, Company L, Sergeanf, Plafoon Sergeanf, PFC lSoph.l. GREEN, STANLEY ROBERT: I437 S. Greenbriar Sfreef, Arlingfon, Virginia: Mafhemafics. GREEN, THOMAS FlELDlNG: Roufe I, Box 72, Sufherland, Virginia: Agriculfural Educafion: Fufure Farmers of America: American Sociefy of Agronomy: Corps of Cadefs, Company H lFr., Soph.l, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal lSoph.l. GRIFFIN. GEORGE WINSTON: R.F.D. 2, Windsor, Virginia: Agriculfural Edu- cafion: Alpha Zefa, Censor lSr.l: Block and Bridle: Fufure Farmers of America, Secrefary lSoph.l: BUGLE Edifor lJr.l: Peanuf Club: Harry F. Byrd Scholarship: lnframural Foofball, Baseball: Corps of Cadefs, Company G, 2nd Lieufenanf, Scholasfics Officisr, PFC, Assisfanf Squad keager lSoph.l, Corporal, Squad Leader Jr. . GRIFFIN, LEE DANlEL: l6l Balview Ave- nue, Norfolk, Virginia: Elecfrical Engi- neering: Efa Kappa Nu lSr.l: Co-op So- ciefy lSoph.l: lnsfifufe of Elecfrical and Elecfronics Engineers lSr.l: Sfudenf Sen- afor: lnframural Foofball. GROSS, F. GARY: l52 Easf Hazel Dell: Springfield, lllinois: lndusfrial Engineer- ing: Pi Delfa Epsilon: Pi Tau Chi, Treasurer lJr.l: BUGLE Phofo Sfaff lFr., Soph.l, Adverfising Manager lFr., Sr.T: Lufheran Sfudenf Associafion, Secrefary lJrl, Vice Presidenf lSr.T. GRUBBS, FRANK WYTHE: 4206 Han- over Avenue, Richmond. Virginia: Civil Engineering: lnframural Foofball, Baskef- ball, Soffball: Foofball Manager: Track Foofball: Corps of Cadefs, Company A, Privafe. GRUENHAGEN, MARY KAY: 7l2 Soufh Main Sfreef, Blacksburg, Virginia: English: Delfa Rho, Presidenf lSr.l: BUGLE, Office Sfaff lJr.l, Senior Secfion Edifor lSr.l. HABEGER, STEVEN RlCHARD: 6600 Williamsburg Boulevard, Arlingfon, Vir- ginia: Mechanical Engineering: American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers: Capifal Club, Presidenf iSr.l: Ring Dance Figure Commiffee: lnframural Foofball: Corps of Cadefs, Company C, Supply Sergeanf, HAGEN, CARROLL GARLAND: 904 Turnbull Avenue, Richmond, Virginia: ln- dusfrial Engineering: Alpha Pi Mu, Public Relafions Officer, Presidenf lSr,l: Amer- ican lnsfifufe of lndusfrial Engineers: Circle K Club lFr., Soph.l. Public Rela- E IOR HISTORIE lions IFr.l, Hislorian ISoph.l: V.P.l. Soulhern Collegiales: I967 Ring Commil- lee: I967 Ring Dance Music Commilleeg Richmond Club: Virginia Tech Molor Sporls Club: Senalor ISr.l: Foundry Edu- calion Scholarship Award IJr.l: Union Bag Camp, Scholarship Award ISr.I: Semi-Finalisl in Nalional American Insii- lule ol Induslrial Engineers Technical Paper Conlesr ISr.l: Inlramural Foolball, Sailing: Residenl Advisor. HALEY, JAMES FRANKLIN, JR.: Roule I, Ringgold, Virginia: Business Adminis- lralion: Della Sigma Pi: Markeling Club, Treasurer: Danville Club: Tau Bela Chi: Dan River Mills Foundaiion Scholarship. HALL. JAMES BURRELL: Box 60, Bas- seil, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Co- op Program: Era Kappa Nu, Correspon- denl ISr.l: Phi Kappa Phi ISr.l: Slale Scholarship IFr.l. HAMMEN, WILLIAM EMIL: I47 Scherer Boulevard, Franklin Square, New York: English: Lulheran Sludenl Associalion: lnler-Varsily Chrislian Fellowship: The Navigalors Corps of Cadels, Squad N, Ranking Sophomore, PFC, Corporal IJr.I. HANLEY, THOMAS RICHARD: 312 Firsl Avenue, Wesl Logan, Wesl Virginia: Chemical Engineering: Tau Bela Pi, Vice Presi-denrg ISr.l: Phi Lambda Upsilon ISr.l: Phi Kappa Phi ISr.l: Mounlaineer Club, Presidenl ISr.l: American Insliiule of Chemical Engineers: Associalion for Advancemenl of Engineering: American Chemical Sociely ISr.l: Pi Kappa lSr.l: Senalor ISr.l: American lnslilule of Chemical Engineering Scholarship Award: Appalachian Power: Disfinguished Air Slrudenr ISr.l: Air Force ROTC Scholar- ship ISr.l: Freshman Baskelball, Varsily Baskelball: lnlramural Foolball, Volleyball, Sofiball, Sigma Della Psi: Corps oi Ca- dels, Squad R, 2nd Lieulenanl, Alhleric Officer, PFC ISoph.l, Corporal IJr.l, Squad Leader. HARKINS, WILLIAM ROBERT: 2244 Swannanda Avenue, Kingsporl, Tennessee: Business Adminisrralion IFinancel: Lu- Iheran Sludenl Associalion: Swimming Team IFr., Soph., Jr., Srl: lnlramural Swimming Team Caplain IFr.l. HARRAS, EDGAR DAEHN: l3l8 Norlh Harrison Slreel, Arlinglon, Virginia: Elec- lrical Engineering: Tau Bela Pi IJr., Sr.l: Era Kappa Nu, Vice Presidenl lSr.l: Kappa Thela Epsilon IJr., Sr.l: Phi Kappa Phi ISr.I : Alpha Phi Omega ISoph., Jr.l: Inslilule of Eleclrical a'nd Eleclronics En- gineers, Vice Chairman ISr.l: Resideni Advisor ISr.I: Iniramural Soilball: Corps of Cadels, Squad S Corporal IJr.l. HARRIS, GEORGE WYCLIE5 I303 And- over Rd., Richmond, Virginia: Business Adminislralion: Corps of Cadels, Squad- ron S 2nd Lieulenani, Public Iniormalion Officer. HARRIS, JAMES THOMAS: Ofrs, 9l9 F. Forl Belvoir, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Chi Epsilon: American Sociely oi Civil Engineers. HARRIS, LARRY YOUNG, 5553 Ponlios Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia: Biology: German Club, Execulive Commillee ISoph.l, Assislanl' Secrelary-Treasurer IJr.l, Secrerary-Treasurer ISr.I: I967 Ring 'Dance Flower Commillee: Newman Club: Biology Club: lnlramural Baskelball lSoph.l. HARRISON, JEFFREY ARCH: Roule 2: Box 546, Bluefield, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Phi Thela Kappa, Sludeni Member oi American Socieiy oi Mechan- ical Engineers: Engineering Club: lnlra- mural Baskelball. HARRISON, RICHARD HANSLOW, JR.: Box 638, Leesburg, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Tau Bela Pi ISr.l: Pi Tau Sigma IJr., Sr.l: Scabbard and Blade ISr.l: Associalion oi Uniled Slales Army lJr., Sr.l: Socieiy of American Mililary Engineers ISoph., Jr,, Sr.l: Kappa Theia Epsilon IJr., Sr.l: American Sociely oi Mechanical Engineers IJr., Sr.I, Secrelary IJr.l: Corps of Cadels, Reserve Oliicers Associalion Award, Dislinguished Mililary Sludenl, lnlramural Tennis IJr., Sr.l, Company K, Lieulenanl' Colonel, Third Bailalion Commander, PFC ISoph.l, Cor- poral IJr.l. HART, ELMER FRANKLIN, Roule I, Box 2I, Wise, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Chi Epsilon, Vice Presidenl of American Sociely oi Civil Engineers: Lonesome Pine Club: Co-op Socieiy: Sludenl Invesl- menl Associalion: Inlramural Fooiball, Baskerball, Volleyball, Soilball, Gold Key Inrramurals. HATSELL, CHARLES PROCTOR: 32II Memorial Slreel, Alexandria, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Eia Kappa Nu lJr.l: Kappa Thela Epsilon IJr.l: Phi Kappa Phi ISr.l: Tau Bela Pi IJr.l. Re- cording Secrelary ISr.l: lnslilule oi Elec- lrical and Eleclronic Engineers IJr., Sr.l, Chairman ISr.l: Amaleur Radio Club ISoph.l. HELTON, CAROLYN MARIE: BIOO Fox- dale Drive, Norfolk, Virginia: Dislribuiive Educalion: Norlolk Club, Treasurer: Bap- risr Srudenl' Union: YWCA: Disrribulive Educalion Club, Vice Presidenf IJr.l: Ring Commillee: Universily Choir: In- lramural Baskeiball: House Council, Vice Presidenl, Treasurer IJr.l: Women's ln- lerdormiiory Council Chairman ISr.l. HICKS, CHARLES THOMAS, lll: I6 Maple Avenue, Glen Cove, New York: Civil Engineering: Alpha Psi Omega: Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Bela Pi: Maroon Mask: Universily Players, Secrelary lSr.l : Ameri- can Sociery oi Civil Engineers: I967 Class Ring Commillee: Freshman Swimming Team, Track Team. HILLMAN, LARRY KEITH: 5902 Loch Haven Drive, Roanoke, Virginia: Business Adminisiralion: American Inslilule oi Aeronaulics and Aslronaurics: Judo Club, Presidenl IJr.l: Roanoke Club: Corps of Cadels: Squadron R, Sergeanl, Flighl Sergeanl lJr.l. HINTZE, GEOFFREY CRAWFORD: I9O Brance Avenue, Red Bank, New Jersey: Aerospace Engineering: American lnsli- lule ol: Aeronaulics and Aslronaulics: Maroon Mask: Class oi I967 Hislorian: Inlramural Foolball lSoph.l, lnlramural 418 . 'f 1 i Bowling ISoph.l, Inlramural Soiiball ISoph., Sr.l: Corps oi Cadels: Squadron R, Privaie. HOCUTT, CHARLES H.: 27l5 Berrywood Drive, Nashville, Tennessee: Biology: In- iramural Baskelball, Foolball, Volleyball. HODGES. RICHARD LEWIS: 32l I Whireoak Road. Roanoke, Virginia: Busi- ness Adrninisiralion: German Club: Honor Council: Roanoke Club: Inlramural Fool- ball and Track: Corps of Cadeis, Com- pany C5, 2nd Lieufenanl, Public Informa- lion Ofiicer. HOLLAND, LEE: I609 Blairloop Road. Danville, Virginia: Business Educalion: Phi Bela Lambda, Presidenl ISr.l: Circle K Club, Secrerary ISoph.l: Tau Bela Chi: English Foundalion Scholarship Award IFr.l : Virginia Slale Teachers Scholarship. HOLLAND, ROBERT DeFOREST, ll: Box S, Middle Island Road, Middle Island, Long Island, New York: Healih and Phys- ical Educalion: Gymnaslics Manager, Soc- cer Manager, Sludenl Coach Varsify Gymnaslics Team. HOLLAND, THOMAS RAYMOND: I42 Halcher Slreel, Rocky Mounl, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Inslilule oi Elec- Irical and Elecironic Engineers. HOLT, ROBERT NELSON, 305 Beamon Sireel, Franklin, Virginia: Business Admin- islralion: Ranger Company: Associalion of lhe-U.S. Army: Peanul' Club: Publicily Commirlee for Mililary Ball '67: lnlra- mural Foolball, Baskeiball, Soilball, Track: Corps Senale: Corps oi Cadels, Squadron B, 2nd Lieulenanl, Flighl Leader. HOTT, JAMES LOWELL: ZZI3 Glen Hearher Drive, Falls Church, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Era Kappa Nu: Inslilule of Eleclrical and Eleclronic Engi- neers: lnlramural Foolball, Baskelball, Soilball IFr., Soph.l. HOUCK, JOSEPH ASHLEY: Roule 2. Box 294A, Culpeper, Virginia: Dairy Science: Alpha Zeia, Treasurer: Black and Bridle: Dairy Club, Presidenl' ISr.I, Sec- relary IJr.l: Soulhern Slales Cooperalive Scholarship: lnlramural Soilball and Vol- leyball: Corps oi Cadeis, Company H, 2nd Lieufenanf, Scholasfics Officer, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal lJr.l. HOWELL, GLENN MICHAEL: i026 Windsor Avenue S.W., Roanoke, Virginia: Building Consfrucfion: Roanoke Club, Building Consfrucfion Club: Universify Ten Pin Bowling. HRAPCHAK, JOHN CHARLES: 535 Linn Sfreef, Cenfral Cify, Pennsylvania: Archi- fecfural Engineering: Scabbard and Blade: Arnold Air Sociefy: Air Force As- sociafion: Sfudenf Sociefy of Archifec- rural Engineers, Secreiary: Virginia Tech: Corps Senafe, Senafor lSoph.. Sr.l : Honor Courf Assisfani Associafe Judge: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron R, Capfain Squad- ron Commander 'lSoph.l, PFC, Ranking Sophomore, Junior, Corporal, Ranking Junior, Squad Leader. HUFF, THELMA ANN: R.F.D, fl, Box 474, Blacksburg, Virginia: Business Admin- isfrafion: BUGLE Sfaff. HULCHER, DONALD ELLETT: 7l5 Tim- ber Branch Drive, Alexandria, Virginia: Agriculfural Economics: Capilal Club, Vice Presidenf lJr.l: Newman Club: Agri- culfural Economics Club: WUVT: Faci- Finding Board: lnframural Baskefball lFr.l. HUNT. JOHN CLINTON: 874 Yorklown Road, Poqueson, Virginia: Mechanical En- gineering: Gregory Guard: Arnold Air Sociefy: American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers: AFROTC Financial Assisiance Program: lnframural Foofball: Corps of Cadefs, 4+h Group Sfaff, Capfain, S-2. HUNTER, ELAINE: 7232 Calverf Sfreef, Annandale, Virginia: General Science- Maihemafics: Pi Delia Epsilon, Secrefary lJr., Sr.l: Tech Fesfival Associafion, Sec- refary: College of Arfs and Sciences: The Virginia Tech Sfaff. Layouf and Copy Sfaffs lFr.-Sr.l. Exchange Edifor IJr.l, Layouf Edifor lSr.l: BUGLE Sfaff, Office Sfaff lSoph.l, Sales Represenfafive lJr.l, Office Sfaff lSr.l: Maroon Mask: Infra- mural Baskefball: Powder Puff Foofball. HURT, ERIC LEE: Hof Spring, Virginia: Economics: Arnold Air Sociefyg Class '67 Cadel' Dress Commiffee: Honor Courf Defense Aiforney: Corps of Cadefs, 4fh Group Sraff, Capfain, Supply Officer. IRVIN, JOHN DORAL: Elks Nalional Home, Bedford, Virginia: Business Man- agemeni: Associafion of fhe Unifed Sfafes Army: Lufheran Sfudenf Associa- fion: Highfy-Tighfies, Drum Maior: Tau Epsilon Kappa: Corps of Cadefs, Band Company, lsf Lieufenanf, Drum Maior, Ranking Sophomore. JACKSON. PENDLETON McGUlRE. JR.: I33ll Bellevue Avenue. Richmond, Vir- ginia: Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma: Tau Befa Pi: Skin Diving Club: American Sociefy of Mechanical Engi- neers: CSB Senafor lFr.l: Co-operaiive Program: lnframural Foofball, Basketball, Chess. Cross Counfry Track: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron D, PFC lSoph.l, Cor- poral IJr.l, JACKSON, WAYNE LYNWOOD: Il2 Longsireef Avenue, Fredericksburg, Vir- ginia: Mechanical Engineering: Co-op Program. JACKSON, WILLIAM LAND: 206 Chap- fico Road, Soufh Hill, Virginia: Economics: Arnold Air Sociefy: German Club: Sigma Mu Sigma: Public Adminisfralion Club: Air Force Associalion: Chairman of Uni- form Commiffee for 67 Ring Dance: Cadef Senafe lFr.l: lnframural Fooiball: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron R, 2nd Lieu- fenanf, Firsf Flighf Leader, Ranking Fresh- man, Ranking Junior, Squad Leader: Resi- denf Advisor. JACOBS, ROBERT LOUIS: 2833 Fair- haven Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia: Malhemafics: Capilal Club: Richmond Club: Alpha Kappa Epsilon: Monogram Club: Maihemafics Club: Freshman Numeral Varsify Leffer: Varsify and Freshman Wresfling: lnframural Foofball, Baskefball, Soflball, Volleyball and Wres- fling: Corps of Cadefs. Company E, PFC, Ranking Raf. JAMISON, NICKY RAY: i025 Rosemary Avenue, S.E., Roanoke, Virginia: Polifical Science: Scabbard and Blade: Associa- fion of Unifed Sfafes Army: Corps Sen- afe: Dislinguished Milifary Sfudenf, Army Superior Cadef Award: lnframural Foof- ball, Baskefball, Soffball, Volleyball, Golf, Ping-Pong: Corps of Cadefs, Company I, Capfain, Company Commander, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal lJr.l, Ranking Junior. JARVIS, ROBERT EARL: 2Ol Turner Sfreef, Blacksburg, Virginia: Elecfrical Engineering: Tau Befa Pi: Efa Kappa Nu: Wesfern Elecfric Fund Scholarship: infra- mural Baskeiball, Soflball: lnsfifufe of Elecfrical and Elecfronics Engineers. JOHNS, CHARLES DANA, JR.: Elevenfh Sfreef, Vicforia, Virginia: Business Ad- minisfrafion. JOHNSON. JAMES DONALD, JR.: 5009 Kingsfon Drive, Annandale, Virginia: Busi- ness: Richmond Club: Assisfanf Defense Afiorney for Cadef Honor Courf: Honor Council Chairman for Cadef Honor Courf: lnframural Foofball and Soffball: Corps of Cadeis. Regime-nfal Special Sfaff, Capfain, Honor Council Chairman, Corporal lJr.l, Company Clerk, Com- pany G. JOHNSON, ROBERT WORTI-IINGTON, JR.: Box 63, Churchland, Chesapeake, Virginia: Horficuliure: Flower Judging Team: Sfudenf Council for fhe College of Agriculfure: Horficulfural Club Secrelary '65 and Presidenl' '66-67: Horficulfural Club Tech Fesfival: Agriculfure Exposifion Represeniafive: lnframural Foolball, Bas- kefball and Soffball: Horficullure Silver Key Award '66. 419 JOHNSTON, THOMAS "ROSE" DIXON: i935 Dogwood Lane, Vienna, Virginia: Polifical Science: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies lSr.l: Class of I967 Cadef Member af Large: I967 Ring Commiifee: I967 Sabre Commiflee: Firsl Sergeanf, Sociefy of Scabbard and Blade lSr,.l: Recipienf of Associafion U.S. Army Medal lJr.l: "The Comedy of Errors" lSr.l: Chairman Favor Commiffee I967 Milifary Ball lSr.l : Wesley Circuif Edifor- in-Chief lSoph.l: Alpha Phi Omega lSoph., Jr.l, Social Commiflee lJr.l: Third Baffalion Sfaff, S-2, lnfelligence Officer lSr.l, Corporal lJr.l, PFC lSoph.l. JONES, JOHN MARK: Box 57, R.F.D. 2. Woodlawn, Virginia: Aqriculfural Educa- fion: Alpha Zefa: Collegiale Chapfer of fhe Fufure Farmers of America. JONES, RICHARD MARSTON: 25 Ansell Avenue, Porfsmoufh, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Gregory Guard: Pi Tau Sigma: The American Socieiy of Me- chanical Engineers: Co-op Program: Maior General John M. Devine Award lFr.l: lniramural Foofball, Track, Soffball. JORDAN, JAMES ARTHUR, JR.: 7509 Schaaf Drive, Richmond, Va.: Civil Engi- neering: Chi Epsilon lSr.l: American So- ciefy of Civil Engineers: American Road Builders Associafion lJr.l: V.P.l. Associa- fion of Married Sfudenfs: Roanoke Club: Winner of The Virginia Secfion American Sociefy Civil Engineers Sfudenf Paper Coniesf iSr.l. KAY, PAUL JEFFREY: 43l3 Millbrook Avenue, Tampa, Florida: Civil Engineer- ing: Chi Epsilon: Hillel Club, Presidenf lSr.l: American Sociefy of Civil Engi- neers: Ediior of The Foresighl' lASCE Publicaiionl: Co-op Socieiy: Senalor lJr.l. KEITH, RO-BERT PAGE: Floyd, Virginia: Business Adminisiralion: Colillion Club, Club Leader lSr.l: Presideni: ol: Class of '67: Young Democrals, Presidenl' lSr.l: Sludenl Acliviiies Commillee: Sludenl Publicaiions: Civilian Sludenl Body Sen- aie: BUGLE Slaii: Who's Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universilies. KELLEY, CHARLES WILLIAM, Ill: 5I26 Boonsboro Road, Lynchburg, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Della Bela Epsilon, lnsiilule of Elecfrical and Eleclronics Engineers. KINCHELOE, JOSEPH CARL, JR.: Box 25, Manassas, Virginia: Dairy Science: Dairy Science Club: Agricullure Exposi- lion: Sigma Omega Tau, Presidenl' lSr.l, Vice Presidenl' lJr.l, Hislorian lSoph.l, Associaiion Social Chairman lFr.l: Fool- ball lFr.l: Baskelball lSoph.l: Soffball lSoph.l: Corps of Cadels, Company M. Privale. KING, EDWIN BRADLEY: l32 New York Avenue, Harrisonburg, Virginia: Accounl- ing: Coiillion Club: Pi Kappa Fraiernily, Treasurer lSr.l. KIRK, JAMES EDGAR, JR.: 4803 Wesl' Franklin, Richmond, Virginia: Aerospace Engineering: Sigma Gamma Tau, Secre- 'lary iSr.l: Slale Scholarship. KITCHEN, EMMETT BENJAMIN, JR.: 307 Valley Brook Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland: Eleclrical Engineering: Associ- alion ol Uniled Slales Army Public ln- iormaiion Olzlicer lSr.l: German Club lJr., Sr.l: Sfudenl' Union Board lJr.l: Sergean+ a+ Arms Corps Senale lSoph.l: Corps of Cadels, Company E, 2nd Lieu- lenanl, Execulive Ohficer, Ranking Rai, PFC lSoph.l, Execulive Commiiiee lJr.l, Chairman, Corps Execulive Commillee Sr. . KNIGHT, DAVID EDGAR: 4ll2 Ningo Trail, Chesapeake, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Sash and Sabre Sociely: Ring Dance Floor Commillee: Corps oi Cadels, Company K, 2nd Lieulenani: Ad- minislralive Oiclicer, PFC lSoph.l, Cor- poral, Ranking Junior. KNIGHT, WARREN V.: I634 Wrighlson Drive, McLean, Virginia: Engineering Me- chanics: Sociely of Scabbard and Blade: Arnold Air Sociely: YMCA Freshman Council: Corps Execuiive Commillee: Cadel Honor Couri, Secrelary lSr.l, As- sociaie Judge lSr.l: Air Force FAP Scholarship: Chicago Tribune ROTC Award: Dislinguished Mililary Sludenl: Corps of Cadels, Squad S and 4lh Group Slalrl, Caplain, Adiulanl, Ranking Fresh- man PFC lSoph.l, Corporal lJr.l, Rank- ing Junior, Guidon Bearer lJr.l, Squad Leader lJr.l. KONZELMANN, JOHN NELSON: 7339 Paxlon Road, Falls Church, Virginia: Building Conslruclion: American lnsiilule ol Archilecls: Building Conslruclion Club. KOZA, MICHAEL L.: I35 Allengale Ave- nue, Pillsiqeld, Massachusells: Vocalional lnduslrial Educafion: Varsiiy Swimming Team: Monogram Club: Virginia Tech Feaiure Siaii: Corps of Cadeis, Company T, Privaie. KRAUSE, BARRY WARD: 87 Walnul Slreel, Manchesler, Conneclicul: Me- chanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma: American lnsliluie of Aeronaulics: Ameri- can Sociely of Mechanical Engineers: Co-op Sludenl Sociely. KREGLOH, PETER ZANE: 6l03 Larkspur Drive, Alexandria, Virginia: Civil Engi- neering: Della Bela Epsilon: American Sociely of Civil Engineers: Associale Jusiice Honor Courl: lnlramural Volley- ball, Baskelball, KULIS, ANTHONY VICTOR: 440 Colonial Drive, Monroeville, Pennsylvania: Business Adminislralion: Della Sigma Pi: Newman Club: Honor Courl, Assislanl: Defense Ailorney lJr.l, lnvesligaling Commiliee Chairman lSr.l: BUGLE, Honoraries Edi- lor lSo.l, Ring Dance Ediior lSr.l: Yan- kee Club, Sergeanl' ai Arms lSr.l: Infra- mural Foolball, Volleyball: Corps of Cadels, Company H, 2nd Lieulenani, Plaloon Leader. LAROOUE, OSCAR KENT, Ill: 447 Caro- lina Circle, Winslon-Salem, Norlh Caro- lina: Business Aclminislraiion: Gregory Guard, Commander lSoph., Jr.l: German Club, Presidenl lSr.l: Chairman '67 Ring Dance: Mosl Oulslanding Sophomore Award: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies: lnlramural Foolball, Baskelball, Volleyball, Soilball, Golf: Corps of Cadels, Company K, Ranking Freshman, PFC lSoph.l, Color Corporal lJr.l. LARSON, RONALD HAROLD: 5704 Sco- ville Slreel, Alexandria, Virginia: Hislory: Young Republicans lSoph.l : Capilal Club lJr. and Sr.l: Philosophy Club lSr.l: His- iory Club lJr.l: Secrelary, Senior Class: Represenlalive lSr.l. LEACH, DAVID LAMAR, JR.: 608 Soulh Slreel, Bedford, Virginia: Geology, Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Vice Presidenl lSr.l: Virginia Science Talenl Search Scholarship: Resident Advisor. LEAGAN, GARY CURTIS: Roule 5. Galax, Virginia: Poliiical Science: Sludenl Governmeni' Senaior, Chairman of lhe Conslilulion Commiiiee: Residenl Ad- visor. LEDBETTER, TERRELL FRANK: Box 305. Norili Fork Road, Black Mounlain, Norlh Carolina: Civil Engineering: American lnslilule of Aeronaulics and Aslronaulics: American Socieiy of Civil Engineers: ln- iramural Swimming: Track Foolball. LEE, DAVID ARTHUR: 327i While Oak Road, Roanoke, Virginia: Business Admin- islralion: Finance Oplion: WUVT Slaii: Roanoke Club: C.I.C. Aclivilies Commii- lee Co-chairman '66, 420 SENIOR LEE, TIENMIN: I6-I9, I Chome, Zen- pukuii, Suginamiku, Tokyo, Japan: Elec- lrical Engineering: lnsliluie of Eleclrical and Elecironics Engineers. LEWIS, ROBERT PORTER, ll: 306 bih Avenue, Ballimore, Maryland: Eleclrical Engineering: lnslilule of Eleclrical and Elecironics Engineers: lnlramural Foofball, Bowling. LINTHICUM, CHARLES HAMMOND: Roule I, Box 35BC, Severna Park, Mary- land: Civil Enginering: Chi Epsilon: Omi- cron Della Kappa: Scabbard and Blade: Sociely of American Mililary Engineers: Tech Feslival Associalion, Treasurer lSr.l: BUGLE Ring Dance Edilor lFr.l, Sales Manager lSoph., Jr.l, Business Manager lSrl: Sludenl Aclivilies Commiilee: Dis- linguished Mililary Sludenl: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiliesi Corps of Cadels, Regimenlal Special Siail, Caplain, Corps Scholaslics Officer, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal lJr.l. LINTHICUM, ROBERT CULBERT, JR.: Rouie I. Box 358-C, Severna Park, Mary- land: Civil Engineering: Chi Epsilon, Presidenl lSr.l: Kappa Thela Epsilon: Pi Delia Epsilon: Omicron Delia Kappa, Treasurer lJr.l : Associafion of lhe Uniled Slales Army: Scabbard and Blade: American Sociely oi Civil Engineers: BUGLE Seclion Edilor lSoph., Jr.l: Dis- 'ringuished Mililary Sludenl: Corps of Cadels, 2nd Baiialion Slafl, Maior, Exec- gfive Oificer, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal Jr.l. LITTLEFIELD, GEORGE: R,F.D. 3, Box 270, Glen Allen, Virginia: Accounling: Alpha Kappa Psi. LOEWE, HANS EBERHARD: R.F.D. 3, Box 45-C, Culpeper, Virginia: Business Adminislralion: Lulheran Sluclenl Associa- Hon: lnlramurals: Corps of Cadels, Squadron N, Privale. LOOPE, JANE ANNA: 304 E. Hemlock HIS TORIES Drive, Blacksburg, Virginia: Managemenl, Housing and Family Developmenl-Child Developmeni: Home Economics Club, Secrelary lJr.l: Decoralions Commiliee 'I67 Ring Dance: Tech Feslival Commillee Sr. . LOUHOFF: WILLIAM EDWIN: 5I2 Granville Drive, Danville, Virginia: Busi- ness Adminisfrafion: Tau Beia Chi: Della Sigma Pi: Presidenl' of House Council for Upper Lee lSr.l. LOVE, WESLEY DWIGHT: Gre+na, Vir- ginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Tau Bela Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: Ela Kappa Nu: ln- slilule of Elecirical and Eleclronics Engi- neers: Freshman Maihemalics Award lDanville Branchl: Freshman Chemislry Award lDanville Branchl. LOVING, ARTHUR VONMONTKE, JR.: 2207 Byron Sireel, Richmond, Virginia: Elecirical Engineering: lnslilufe of Elec- Irical and Elecrronics Engineers: Associa- iion of Married SI'udenI's: Richmond Club. LUEKE, KENNETH LINCOLN, JR., An- nandale, Virginia: Civil Engineering: American Sociely of Civil Engineers: In- lramural Fooiball, Baskerball, Volleyball, Tennis, Wresiling, Track: C.l.C. Disciplin- ary Commiflee. LUEKE, STEPHEN S.: Burke, Virginia: For- esfry and Wildlife: Socieiy of American Foresiers: Danville Club: Honor Courl Faci Finding Board: Iniramural Volleyball: Resideni Advisor, Head Residenl Advisor for Monieiih Hall lSr.l. MAITLAND, JAMES COLEMAN: Wil- sons, Virginia: Agriculiural Educafion: Furure Farmers of America, Conslilulion and By-Laws Commillee: Souihside Club: Varsily Baseball. MARKMAN, SAMUEL ZALMAN: 336 Harlon Srreei, Porismoulh, Virginia: Busi- ness Adminisiralion: Alpha Kappa Psi, Presidenl lSr.l: Omicron Delia Kappa: Senaie, Presideni' Pro-Tempore lJr.l: Sec- rerary oi Siudeni' Governmenl: Virginia Consumer Finance Associalion Educa- lional Opporlunify Grani: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies: In- 'rramural Fooiball: Corps oi Cadels, Company M lFr.l: Residenl Advisor, Residenl' Advisor Coordinalor lJr.l. MARSHALL, MARSHALL LEE: R.F.D. I. Spencer, Virginia: Physics: Physics Club: Chess Club: Inlramural Table Tennis. MARTIN, WILLIAM DAVID: Alhens Slar Roule, Box I43, Princelon, Wesl' Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma. Corresponding Secrelary: Tau Bela Pi: American Sociefy of Mechanical Engi- neers: Co-op Program: Inrramural Baskel- ball, Soilball. MATHESON, DONALD PEARCE, JR.. 222 Pafrician Drive, Hamplon, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Senalor lSr.l: Co-op Program: Corps oi Cadeis, Com- pany L, 2nd Lieulenanl, Public Informa- 'rion Officer, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal lJr.l. MATTHEWS, KENNETH CARL: 3824 Shell Road, Hamplon, Virginia: Orna- menfal Horiculfure: Alpha Zera: Phi Sigma Sociely: Horlicullure Club, Vice Presidenl' lSr.l: Varsily Glee Club: Vir- ginia Florisls Associalion Scholarship: Daniorlh Fellowship Award: Greenhouse Sludeni Residenf. MATTON, MICHAEL N.: Virginia Beach, Virginia: Business Adminislralion: Cofil- lion Club, Junior Execuiive lJr.l, Presi- deni lSr.l: '67 Ring Commillee: '67 Ring Dance, Co-chairman: Sash and Sabre Socieiy: Associalion of Uniled Slales Navy, Lieulenanl Commander: Inlramural Foorball, Track, Wresiling: Sam Carson Award lFr.l: Corps of Cadels, Regi- menial Special Slafl, Maior, Comman- dan+'s Aide, PFC lSoph.l, Color Cor- poral lJr.l. MAXEY, PATRICIA JOY: Roule I, Box I7O, Vinion, Virginia: Managemeni, Hous- ing, and Family Developmenl: Garner and Gold Sociely: Home Economics As- sociaiion, Treasurer lSoph.l, Color Com- miriee Chairman lSr.l: Wesley Founda- lion: 4-H Alumni Club: Universily Choir: Secrelary, Class of '67: Social and Cul- iural Programs Commiflee, Women's Represenlarive: Narional Home Eco- nomics 4-H Scholarship: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies: Resi- denl' Assislanl: Women's Inlerdormilory Council: Hillcresi House Council, Secre- Iary lJr.l. MAYHEW, ERNEST MCNEIL: 2l27 Car- ringlon Road, Lynchburg, Virginia: lndus- Irial Aris Educalion: Alpha Kappa Ep- silon, Vice Presidenl lJr.l, Presidenl lSr.l: Induslrial Arls Club: Tech Sporls Car Associalion, Secrelary lJr.l: Fresh- man Numeral: Inlramural Fooiball: Track 421 Manager lFr.l: Corps oi Cadels, Cadei Senaior lFr.l. MAYS, DAVID JOHN: Roule I, BOX 232: Manassas, Virginia: Mechanical Engineer- ing: Arnold Air Sociefy: Baplisl Sludenl Union, Execulive Council lJr,l, Vice Presi- deni lSr.I: lniramural Foolball, Chess: Corps of Cadels, Squadron A, 2nd Lieu- Ienanf, Execufive Oflicer, PFC lSoph.l. Corporal, Ranking Junior, Squadron Clerk, Assisranl Group S-I lJr.I. McIVER, DONALD CAMERON: I24 Clemenl Avenue, Danville, Virginia: Busi- ness Adminislralion: Alpha Kappa Psi, Field Trip Chairman lSr.l: Danville Club. McKEE, EDWARD RAY, JR.: Sunnyside Slafion, Winchesier, Virginia: Elecirical Engineering: Apple Club: Insfilule of Eleclrical and Eleclronics Engineers: ln- rramural Foolball, Baskefball, Chess, Bridge, Tennis, Golf: Corps of Cadels, Cade? Corporal lJr.l. MCNEICE, FRANCIS RUSSELL: 4823 N. 9I'h Sireel, Arlingion, Virginia: Civil En- gineering: American Socieiy of Civil Engi- neers, Treasurer lSr.l: Inlramurals. MEGEATH, MICHAEL ALFRED: Lady- smilh, Virginia: Agriculiural Educaiion: Fulure Farmers of America: Coiillion Club: Richmond Club: Associafion of Uniied Siaies Army: Ranger Company: Inlramural Foolball, Baskerball, Soiiball: Corps oi Cadels, Isl Group Slahf, Cap- lain, S-4, Ranking Rai, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal, Ranking Junior lJr.l. MEYER, COURTNEY DILLON: 92I Parker Sireei, Falls Church, Virginia: Busi- ness Adminislrarion. MITCHELL, MAURICE LEE: 3333 Melody Avenue, S.W., Roanoke, Virginia: Horri- culrure: Horriculfure Club Treasurer lJr,I: Roanoke Club: Tech Fesfival As- socialion, Oueen's Commiiiee: Richmond Club: Pure Oil Scholarship: Inlramural Foolball, Baskeiball, Soffball, Swimming, Cross Counlry, Track: Corps oi Caders, Company K, 2nd Lieufenanl, Scholaslics and Supply Officer, Privale lFr.l. MITCHELL, WILLIAM BENJAMIN, JR.: 257 Arnefl' Boulevard, Danville, Virginia: Hisfory: Circle K Club: Della Bela Epsi- Ion: Treasurer of Sophomore Class. MONTAGUE, JOHN W., JR.: 39Il Sul- grave Road, Richmond, Virginia: Indus- Irial Engineering: Alpha Pi Mu, Publicily Chairman: American Inslirufe of Indus- Irial Engineers, Treasurer. MOORE, FRANKIE GALE: Roule 2, Box 54I, Bassefr, Virginia: Aerospace Engi- neering: Sigma Gamma Tau, Presidenl' lSr,l: Kappa Thela Epsilon: American Insrilule oi Aeronaulics and Asrronaurics: Co-op Sociely: Siudenl Inveslmenl' As- socialion: Insrirule of Aerospace Sciences: Virginia Si-are Scholarship lSoph., Jr.l: Freshman Baseball: Infra- mural Foolball, Soiiball. MOORE, LYNN LANCASTER: 205 De- Hari Avenue, Blacksburg, Virginia: Human Nurriiion and Foods: Home Eco- nomics Club, Recording Secrelary iS,oph.l, Vice Presidenf lSr.l: Delfa Rho: Chi 'XxX. Delia Alpha: Floor Commifiee Ring Dance '67' M'ss V PI Homecomin . I Q, Courf, Freshman Danforfh Leadership Award: Va rsiiy Cheerleader. MOORE, ROBERT CARTER: l238 Earnes- fine Sfreef, McLean, Virginia: Polifical Science: Monogram Club: Capifal Club: Newman Club: Public Adminisfrafion Club: Nafional Champion, American Smallbore Mafches: Freshman Rifle Team: Varsify Rifle Team, Capfain lSr.i: Infra- mural Foofball, Baskefball, Baseball, Bowling: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron B, Privafe. MORGAN, GARY PATRICK: 225 Brighf- wood Avenue, Hampfon, Virginia: Elec- frical Engineering: Hampfon Roads Club, Treasurer lSoph.l: Virginia Tech Sfaff: lnsfifufe of Elecfrical and Elecfronics Engineers, Treasurer lSr.l: Chrisfopher Newport Annual iFr.l. MORRlSON, RICHARD LOUIS: 32l5 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, Virginia: Elec- frical Engineering: Efa Kappa Nu: lnsfi- fufe of Elecfrical and Elecfronics Engi- neers. MOUNCE, SANDRA CAROLE: 24 Car- mifa Avenue, Rufherford, New Jersey: English: Yankee Club, Secrefary lJr., Sr.l: WUVT: BUGLE, Copy Edifor iJr.i. MRAZEK, JAMES EDWARD: 4343 Lee Highway, Arlingfon, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Arnold Air Sociefy: Capi- fal Club: Cadef Honor Courf: Ring Dance Floor Commiifee: Cader Senafor lSoph., Jr.l: Judo Club: lnframural Wresfling, Volleyball: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron N, 2nd Lieulenanf, Squadron Execurive Officer. MUIRE, FRANK DUVAL: IO3 Sionewall Place, Newporf News, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Associafion of Unifed Sfaie Army: Monogram Club: Markefing Club: Hampfon Roads Club: SCA Schol- arship: Cifizen's Foundafion Scholarship: Varsify Tennis Team: lnframural Foofball, Baskefball, Volleyball, Ping-Pong, Bridge: Corps of Cadefs, Company F, Capfain, Company Commander, PFC lSoph.i, Cor- poral, Ranking Junior iJr.l. MULLIGAN, JOHN JOSEPH, JR.: ll7 S. Lee Sfreef, Falls Church, Virginia: Polifical Science: Newman Club: Assis- fanf Defense Afforney, Cadef Honor Courf: lnframural Foofball, Track: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron R, 2nd Lieufenanf, Public lnformafion Officer, PFC, Assisianf Squad Leader lSoph.i, Corporal, Squad Leader lJr.i. MUNDIE, KATHLEEN WARING: IO8 Cohee Road, Blacksburg, Virginia: Home Economics: Delia Rho, Chaplain lJr.l: BUGLE Sfaff, Tech Fesfival Associafion, Public Relafions Commiffee lSoph.l, Board of Direcfors iJr.l: "Sound-off" Commiffee: American Home Economics Associafion, Presidenf iSr.i: Dean's Com- mirfee for fhe College of Home Eco- nomics iJr.l: Auxiliary Dorm, Secrefary lJr.i, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifiesf' MYLERS, RUSSELL BAYES, JR.: 300 Park Drive, Narrows, Virginia: Business Admin- isfrafion: Highly-Tighfies: Ring Dance Cader Figure Commiffee: Civilian Slu- denf Body Senafor: Corps of Cadefs, Band Company, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal, Ranking Junior iJr.i. NANNA, JOHN GRANT: 7592 Allan Avenue, Falls Church, Virginia: Civil En- gineering: Chi Epsilon: American Sociefy of Civil Engineers: BUGLE Sfaff: Tau Epsilon Kappa: lnframural Foofball: In- vesfigafor Chairman for Honor Courf: Newman Club: Corps of Cadefs, Com- pany G, 2nd Lieufenanf, Plafoon Leader, NAU, RICHARD EDWARD: l29 Soufh Garfield Sfreef, Arlingfon, Virginia: Eco- nomics: Alpha Kappa Psi, Efficiency Chairman lSr.l : Sash and Sabre, Treasurer lSr.i: Virginia Tech, Newman Club: Corps of Cadefs Senafor: Corps of Ca- defs, Squadron B, Isl' Lieufenanf, Execu- rive Officer, Second-in-Command, Rank- ing Raf iFr.l, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal, Ranking Junior lJr.l. NELSON, JOHN KENNON: 7830 Rock- falls Drive, Richmond, Virginia: Elecfrical Engineering: Associafion of Unifed Sfafes Army: Coiillion Club: Richmond Club, Secrefary iJr.l: Secrefary Corps Senafe: lnframural Foofball, Baskefball, Soffball: Corps of Cadefs, Company E, Capfain, Commander, Ranking Raf lFrl, PFC, Ranking Sophomore iSoph.i, Corporal, Ranking Junior iJr.l. NELSON, RALPH EMERSON: Rouie 5. Box 283lf2, Richmond, Virginia: Mechan- ical Engineering: American Sociefy of 422 E IOR Mechanical Engineers, Money Making Commiffee lSr.l: Rifle and Pisfol Club: Vice Presidenf of Monfeifh Hall House Council lSr.l. NEWTON, ROBERT CARROLL, JR.: 904 Holladay Sfreef, Porfsmoufh, Virginia: Elecfrical Engineering: lnsfifufe of Elec- frical and Elecfronics Engineers. NORRIS, IDA MAE: 2 Lylisfon Lane, New- porf News, Virginia: Poulfry Science: Block and Bridle, Edifor of The Block and Bridle Annual: Member of Agriculfural Sfudenf Council: Poulfry Club, Treasurer and Secrefary: 4-H Alumni Club: Tech Sfaff: Tech Fesfival: Agriculfural Exposi- iion, Secrefary: Mosf Ouisfanding Mem- ber of Block and Bridle lSr.l. NOTT, CONNIE RITA: IO56 Alview Ave- nue N.W., Roanoke, Virginia: Animal Science: Pre-Vef Club, Secrefary-Treas- urer: Virginia Tech SfaFFTypisf: lnframural Baskefball, Volleyball: Presideni of Hill- cresf House Council. NOTTINGHAM, HOWARD DAILEY, JR.: 908 Cliffon Drive, Alexandria, Vir- ginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Sigma Omega Tau: lnframural Golf, Foofball, Volleyball, Baseball, Baskefball. NYE, ROLLIE CLAYTON, JR.: l26 Alpine Drive, Danville, Virginia: Business Admin- isfrafion: Alpha Kappa Psi: Tau Befa Chi: Markefing Club: Senafor of Thomas Dormifory: Residenf Advisor of Thomas. O'BRlEN, JOHN CORNELIUS: l24 Con- way Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia: Animal Science: Block and Bridle: Pre-Vef Club: lnframural Foofball, Wresfling: Corps of Caders, Company F, 2nd Lieufenanf, Pla- foon Leader: PFC, Assisfanf Baffalion S-2 iSoph.l: Corporal, Ranking Junior iJr,i, OGG, WADE MASON, Ill: 9OI Baldwin Road, Richmond, Virginia: Business Ad- minisfrafion: Alpha Kappa Psi, Masfer of Rifuals: '67 Ring Commiffee: Richmond Club: Treasurer of Siudenf Governmenf: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies: lnframural Foofball, Volley- ball: CSB Senafor lJr.i: Residenf Advisor lJr., Sr.l: House Council Represenfaiive lJr.l. OLSEN, MlCHAEL EDWARD: 6204 26fh Road, Arlingfon, Virginia: Business Ad- minisfrafion: German Club: Life Saving Corps: Capifal Club: '67 Ring Dance Commiffee: Floor Chairman: Corps Exec- ufive Commiffee, Senior Member: infra- mural Foofball, Baskeiball, Soffball, Ten- nis: Corps of Cadefs, Company K, 2nd Lieufenanf, Execufive Officer, PFC lFr.l, Corporal, Regimenfal Assisfanf S-l, As- sisfanf Color Corporal lJr.l. OWEN, ROBERT EDWARDS: 304 Old Gilmerfon Road, Chesapeake, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Bapfisf Sfudenf Union: Peanul Club: American Markefing HIS TORIES Associalion: American Managemenl So- ciely. PATRAS, STEPHEN MICHAEL: I7 Cresl- line Avenue, Belhpage, New York: Aero- space Engineering: American Inslilule of Aeronaulics and Asrronaulics: Associalion for lhe Advancemenl' of Engineers: Yan- kee Club, Vice Presidenl: Tech Feslival Commillee: Newman Club: Ring Dance Fireworks Commillee: lnlramural Foolball, Solrball: Corps ol Cadels, Squadron B. Corporal. PEARCE, JAMES RICHARD: I8 Thomas Srreel, Toms River, New Jersey: Induslrial Engineering: Sash and Sabre: Corps of Caders, Company C, 2nd Lieulenani, Flighl Leader, PFC lSoph.l, Ranking Sophomore, Corporal, Ranking Junior Jr.l. PERKINSON, LAWRENCE WESLEY, III: Box 236, LaCrosse. Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Della Sigma Chi, Vice Presi- denl' lJr.l, Presidenl lSr.l. PERRELLA, WILLIAM McKINLEY, JR.: IO2 Woodcresl Avenue, Absecon, New Jersey: Aerospace Engineering: American lnslilufe of Aeronaulics and Aslronaulics: Co-op Sociely: Rifle and Pisrol Club: lnlramural Track: House Council, Acfivi- lies Commilfee lSr.l. PHELPS, CHARLES CALVIN: IIO War- wick Slreel, Madison Heighis, Virginia: Archileculre: Associalion of Married Sludenls, Secrelary lJr.l: Glee Club: American Insfilule of Archilecfs, Vice Presidenl lJr.l, Presideni lSr.l: Sfudenr Urban and Regional Planning Associa- lion: Firsl Prize Winner of I966 Reynolds Aluminum Prize lor Archileclural Slu- denls. PHILLIPS, JOSEPH TIERNEY: 3604 Noble Avenue, Richmond, Virginia: ln- duslrial Engineering: Newman Club: Rich- mond Club: American Inslilule ol lndus- Irial Engineers: Tau Della, Chaplain lJr., Sr.l: Cadel Senale: Freshman Golf Team: Inframural Badminlon, Golf, Baskelball, Foolball, Bridge: Corps ol Cadefs, Com- pany F, 2nd Lieulenanf, Inrramural Olilicer. PHILLIPS, LARKIN CLARENCE: Vesfa. Virginia: Agricullural Educalion: Foreslry Club: Fulure Farmers of America. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM MARVIN, JR., 77 N. Willow Sireel, Harrisonburg, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering. PIATT, WAYNE VICTOR: 832I Syracuse Circle, Vienna, Virginia: English: YMCA: WUVT: BUGLE: Canrerbury Club. POLLARD, JAMES PULLER, JR.: Box 34. Manquin, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Richmond Club: American Sociely of Cvil Engineers: Inlramural Soflball: Corps of Cadeis II yr.l. POWELL, STEVEN WALTER: Roure 2. Box X-325, Troulville, Virginia: Civil Engi- neering: American Sociely ol Civil Engi- neers. PRATT, STUART THOMPSON: Roule 3. Sallville, Virginia: Animal Science: Alpha Zela: Block and Bridle Club. PRESTON, JOHN RICHARD: I3OI Nar- row Lane, Johnson Cily, Tennessee: Build- ing Conslrucfion: Sigma Lambda Chi: Associarion of General Conlracrors: Na- lional Associafion of Home Builders: lnler-Varsily Chrislian Fellowship: NAHB Scholarship. OUESENBERRY, SARAH KNIGHT: Box I56, Hillsville, Virginia: Clolhing, Tex- Iiles and Relafed Aris: Home Economics Club: Universily Chorus. RANKIN, RANDOLPH RASHLEIGH: 38OI Norlh Nelson Slreel, Arlingfon, Vir- us ' .. ginia: Business Adminislralion: Men's Glee Club: American Markeling Associa- lion. RATLIFF, BENTON ALVIN: Roule 2, Box 27, Sluarl, Virginia: Business Adminislra- lion. RAYMOND, NEIL VANNESS: l29 Oak- 423 dale Circle, Lynchburg, Virginia: Sociol- OQYI Gregory Guard, Squad Leader lJr.l: Arnold Air Sociely, Operalions Officer lSr.l: Judo Club: Sociology Club: '67 Fireworks Commiflee: Cadef Honor Courl Invesfigafing Chairman ISr.l: Alpha Phi Omega: '67 Floor Commirfee: Corps Sen- are: Uniled Sludenr Body Senaie: Unified Conslirulion Commirfee: Dislinguished Air Cadel: Inframural Volleyball, Chess. Track: Corps ol Caders, Squadron C, 2nd Lieulenanl, Scholaslics Officer, PFC lSoph.l. Corporal, Ranking Junior lJr.l. REBA, JAMES JOHN: 552 N. Piedmoni' Srreel, Arlinglon, Virginia: Business Ad- minisfralon: Monogram Club: Freshman and Varsily Foolball RENEGAR, THOMAS MICHAEL: 508 6+h Sfreel, Radford, Virginia: Elecrrical Engi- neering: Glee Club, Techsirs lSr:l: Insli- Iule of Eleclrical and Eleclronics Engi- neers. RENICK, OLE WIBHOLM: Gale Cify. Virginia: Biology: Senalor lSr.l: Infra- mural Foolball, Volleyball: Residenl' Ad- visor lJr., Sr.l. REYNOLDS. BRUCE: I28 Raymond Ave- nue, Soulh Orange, New Jersey: English: Sigma Omega Tau: Colillion Club: Mael- slrom, Business Manager lSr.l: Varsily Swimming Team: School Champion, In- Iramural Foolball, REYNOLDS, STANLEY CLIFTON: Roule I, Callands, Virginia: Agronomy: Danville Engineering Club: American Sociely ol Agronomy. RHUDY, GARY BLAKE: Independence. Virginia: Public Adminisfrafion. RICH, STUART BENTON. JR.: I5I Olive Slreel, Marion, Virginia: Economics: Soulhwesl Virginia Club. RICHMAN, RICHARD EARL: R.F.D. I, New Marker, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Arnold Air Sociely: Sociely of American Mllary Engineers: Scabbard and Blade: American Sociely of Civil Engineers: Co-op Sociely: Air Force Scholarship: Disfinguished Aerospace Sludenl: Vice CommandanI's Award: Corps ol Cadefs, Squadron O, Caplain, Commander, Exec- ufive Commillee lFr.l, PFC ISoph.l, Corporal lJr.l, Execulive Commillee lSr.l. RIGSBY, MICHAEL LEWIS: SOOI Wesf Seminary Avenue, Richmond, Virginia: Induslrial Engineering: American lnsrilule of lnrlusfrial Engineers. RILEY, HENRY HUSE, III: 5II Somersei Avenue, Richmond, Virginia: Business Adminisfrarion: V.I.P. Richmond Club, Treasurer lSr.l: Hal Trick Commiflee: Associalion of Married Sludenls lSr.l: lnlramural Bowling, Cross Counlry, Bas- kerball: Corps of Cadels. Company E, Privale. RIGLER, LEONARD EDWARD: 208 John Wyrhe Place, Williamsburg, Virginia: Business Adminislralion: Scabbard and Blade: Associalion of fha Uniled Slales Army: German Club: Hamplon Roads Club: Cadel Senalor lSoph., Jr.l: Dis- finguished Milifary Sfudenf: Bowling, Soffball, Ping-Pong Inframurals: Corps of Cadefs, Company G, Capiain, Company Commander, Privaie lFr.l, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal, Ranking Junior lJr.l, Capfain, Company Commander lSr.l. RITTWEGER, LOUIS ROBERT: I6 Mon- roe Place, Basking Ridge, New Jersey: Business Adminisfrafion: YMCA: Infra- mural Fooiball and Golf. ROBERTSON, DONALD CLAY: 427 Cameron Drive, Vinfon, Virginia: Mechan- ical Engineering: Gregory Guard: Corps Execufive Commiffee, Vice Chairman lSr.l: American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers: Roanoke Club: Ring Dance Floor Commiffee: Inframural Foofball: Corps of Cadefs, Company K, Capfain. Commander, Corporal lJr.l, - .PFC lSoph.l, Ranking Freshman. ROBERTSON, LATHAM WILLIS, JR.: 804 Wilmer Avenue, Richmond, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion-Managemenf: Pi Kappa: Richmond Club: Sfudenf Govern- menf Senafor. ROBINETTE, JERRY CLEVELAND: Box 579, Coeborn, Virginia: Aerospace Engi- neering: American lnsfifufe of Aero- naufics and Asfronaufics. ROBINSON, FREDERICK LOGAN, II: 2800 Monumenf Avenue, Richmond, Vir- ginia: Biology: Richmond Club, Canfer- bury Club: Monogram Club: Sigma Omega Tau: Varsify Swim Team, Capfain: lnframural Foofball, Volleyball, Baskefball, Soffball, Bowling, Badminfon: Dormifory Iniramural Afhlelic Direclor '65, RODGERS, RAYMOND: Hof Springs, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Ameri- can Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers: As- sociafion of Married Sfudenfs: Freshman Baseball Team: Varsify Baseball Team: Inframural Fooiball, Baskefball, Track: Corps of Cadefs, Ranking Rai lFr.l. SAFRIET, DALLAS WILLIAM: Roufe 4, Box 276, Gafe Cify, Virginia: Civil Engi- neering: American Sociely of Civil Engi- neers. SAMUELS, DONALD LEE: I I I2 Anesbury Courf, Alexandria, Virginia: Psychology: Capifal Club: Bapfisf Sfuclenf Union: ln- framural Foofball, Track. SAULS, BARRY FAILES: 72l6 ldylwood Road, Falls Church, Virginia: Animal Science: Sash and Sabre Sociefy: Infra- mural Foofball, Volleyball, Soffball: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron O, 2nd Lieufenanf, Public Informafion Officer, PFC, Ranking Sophomore, Corporal. SCHAEFER, CHARLES MARTIN, Ill: 3722 Delverne Road, Balfimore, Maryland: Mechanical Engineering: Judo Club: Maryland Club: Sigma Mu Sigma: Ameri- can Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers: Ring Dance Refreshmenfs Commiffee Chairman: Inframural Foofball, Horse- shoes, Cross Counfry: Corps of Cadefs. SCHARETT, DAVID EDWARD: 239 Clin- ion Sfreef, Albion, New York: Civil Engi- neering: Arnold Air Sociefy: Alpha Phi Omega: American Sociefy of Civil Engi- neering: Inframural Foofball, Bowling: Squadron O, 2nd Lieufenanf, Flighf Leader, PFC lSoph.l. Corporal lJr.i, Ranking Junior. SCHIEMANN, CALVIN A.: I6 Norris Road, Chesapeake, Virginia: Animal Science: Block and Bridle Club, Vice Presidenf lSr.l: Business Manager of Block and Bridle Annual lSr.l:4-H Alumni Club, Treasurer lJr.l, Presidenf lSr.l: Arnold Air Sociefy: Virginia 4-H All Sfars, Lesser Chief lJr.l, '67 Mid-Winfer Conference Chairman lSr.l: V.P.l. Live- sfock Judging Teams lSrl: Harry F. Byrd Scholarship: Inframurals, Foofball, Volley- ball, Wreslling: Corps of Cadefs, 2nd Lieufenani, Ranking Junior, Assisfanf Regimenfal S-4 lJrl, Corporal lJr.l, Flighf Leader lSr.l. SCHUST, ALEX JERTE, JR.: Box 32, Fil- berf, Wesf Virginia: Aerospace Engineer- ing: Arnold Air Sociefy lSr.l: American Insfifufe of Aeronaulics and Asfronaufics: Newman. Club: Judo Club: Honor Coun- cil lSr.l: Cadef Honor Courf: Defense Afforney lSr.l: Corps Senafe lJr.l: Unified Sfudenf Senafe lJr., Sr.l: Elec- fions Commiffee Chairman lJr., Sr.l: Corps Scholasfics Commiffee, Chairman lJr.l: Preside,nf's Advisory Commiffee lSr.l: Disfinguished' Milifary Sfudeni lSr.l: Air Force Scholarship lJr., Sr.l: Inframural Foofball, Horseshoes, Wres- fling: Corps of Cadefs, Regimenfal Spe- cial Sfaff, Capfain, Defense Afforney, Corporal Assisfanf Scholasfics Officer Jr.l. SCHWIEDER, WILLIAM J., III: I7 Wesf Cafon Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia: Busi- ness Adminisfrafion: Business Adminisfra- fion Socieiy, Vice Presidenf lJr.l: Markef- 424 SENIOR ing Club: Delia Sigma Pi, Presiclenl' lSr.l: Highiy-Tiqhfies lFr.l: Sfudenf Senafe lJr.l: Commiffee Chairman of Special Invesfigafion Commiffee lJr.l: YMCA Conflicf. SCOLLON, R. BARRY, I I427 Hook Road. Resfon, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma, Vice Presidenf lSr.l: Ameri- can Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers: lnframural Soflball, Foofball. SEMONES, DENNIS MICHAEL: Box 253, Hillsville, Virginia: Business Adminisfra- fion: Pi Omega Pi: Alpha Kappa Psi: Afh- lefic Scholarship: Varsify Foofball. SHANNON, JOSEPH F., JR.: I508 Hampfon Avenue, S.W., Roanoke, Vir- ginia: Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma: Sash and Sabre, Public Informa- fion Officer lSr.l: Coiillion Club: Roa- noke Club: American Sociefy of Me- chanical Engineers, Vice Presidenf lSr.l: Corps of Cadefs, Company I, Isl Lieu- fenanf, Execufive Officer, Second-in- Command. SHEELER, JAMES DAVIS: 202 McCor- mick Avenue, Balfimore, Maryland: Po- lifical Science: American Insfifufe of Physics: Co-op Sociefy: Wesfminsfer Fel- lowship: Circle K Club, Treasurer lFr.l, Vice Presidenf lSoph.l, Execufive Com- miifee lJr.l, Presidenf lSr.l: Lawrence J. Ling Memorial Scholarship. SHELTON, JAMES RICHARD: 34I8 Dell Trail, Chaffanooga, Tennessee: Animal Science: Block and Bridle, Marshal lSr.l: '67 Ring Dance Floor Commiffee: Red Cross 50-Mile Swim. SHROPSHIRE, JOE CANIE: Box 93. Ridgeway, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Chi Epsilon, Secrefary lSr.l: American Socieiy of Civil Engineers: Co-op Sociefy: WUVT: Virginia Roadbuilders Associafion Scholarship: Residenf Advisor lSr.l. SILVER, EARL CHARLES, II: 28 Chafham Sguare, Richmond, Virginia: Hisfory: Delia Kappa Sigma, Presidenf: Richmond Club: Young Republicans Club: Skin Diving Club: Hisfory Club: lnframural Foofball. SILVER, EDWARD GERALD: R.F.D. 2. Box 4OI, Fredericksburg, Virginia: Dairy Science: Dairy Science Club, Cheese Sales Chairman lSr.l: Inframural Foof- ball, Baskefball. SIMMONS, ROBERT J.: Apf. 306, 23I Chesfnuf Sfreef, Salem, Virginia: Me- chanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma: Tex- aco Scholarship. SIMONEZ, ROBERT DAVID: l4II Rad- cliff Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia: Busi- ness Adminisfrafion: Newman Club: Alpha Phi Omega: Delia Sigma Pi: Lynchburg Club, Presideni' lSr.l. SIMS, GROVER RAYMOND: Lof 335. AlIen's Trailer Courf, Blacksburg, Virginia: Elecfrical Engineering: Insfifufe of Elec- frical and Elecfronic Engineers. SINCLAIR, HENRY THEODORE: Roufe I, Box 375, Danville, Virginia: Business HIS TORIES Adminisfrafion: Alpha Kappa Psi: Engi- neering Club: Inframural Baskefball. SINCLAIR, RANDY WRAY: Cummings Heighls, Abingdon, Virginia: Omicron Delfa Kappa: Arnold Air Sociefy: Sociefy of Scabbard and Blade: Gregory Guard: German Club: Disfinguished Air Science Sfudenf: Corps of Cadels, Ranking Fresh- man, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal, Color Guard Capfain, Color Corporal lJr.l, Cadef Colonel, Regimenfal Commander ISr.l. SISSON, HOWARD MILES, JR.: R.F.D. I, Box 46, Salem, Virginia: English: Vir- ginia Tech Glee Club: Maroon Mask: Corps of Cadefs, Corporal lJr.l, 2nd Lieufenanf lSr.l. SKINNELL, GORDON WYATT: I654 Shaffer Sireef, Lynchburg, Virginia: Ac- couniingg Alpha Kappa Psi, Scholarship Commiffee Chairman lJr.l, Treasurer ISr.l: Varsify Glee Club, Techsirs IJr.. Sr.l: Accounfing Sociefy: Civilian Dress Commiffee, '67 Ring Dance. SKOLAUT, MILTON W., JR.: 809 Rose Avenue, Cliffon Forge, Virginia: Physics: Virginia Academy of Science Scholarship. SKRIVSETH, KENNETH ARNOLD: 2903 Rogers Drive, Falls Church, Virginia: Elecfrical Engineering: Sociefy of Ameri- can Milifary Engineers: Associafion of fhe Unifed Slafes Army: Efa Kappa Nu: Alpha Phi Omega: Lufheran Sfudenl' As- sociafion: lnsfifufe of Elecfrical and Elec- fronics Engineers: American Legion ROTC Scholasiics Excellence Award IJr.l: Disfinguished Milifary Sfudenl lSr.l: Corps of Cadefs, 2nd Baffalion Sfaff, Capfain, S-4, Supply and Scholasfics Offi- cer, Privafe lFr.l, PFC ISoph.l, Cor- poral lJr.l. SLAVENS, DELBERT MERLE: l703 Lawson Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Sigma Mu Sigma: Rifle and Pisfol Club: BUGLE Sfaff: Corps of Cadels, Squadron N, Firsf Sergeanf, Pub- lic lnformafion Officer, PFC ISoph.l, Squad Leader. SMITH, DAVID LEE: Roufe 2, Box 362. Bluefield, Wesf Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Phi Kappa Phi: Pi Tau Sigma, Recording Secrefary ISr.l: Tau Befa Pi, Corresponding Secrefary: American So- ciefy of Mechanical Engineers: Co-op Program. SMITH, GARY WARD: 2956 Kenl Road, Wanfagh, New York: General Science: Sigma Delfa Psi, Secrefary and Treasurer lJr.l, Presidenr lSr.l: Life Saving Corps: Soccer Club, Secrefary, Treasurer iSr.l: Universify Players: Monogram Club: Cadef Senior Manager of fhe lnlramural Execurive Board: Indoor Track and Ouf- door Track, Capfain lSr.l: Corps of Cadefs, Company T, 2nd Lieuienanf, Ad- minisfrafions Officer, Privafe lSoph.l, Corporal IJr.l. SMITH, JAMES GORDON, JR.: 262l Hearfwood Road, Richmond, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: American So- ciefy of Mechanical Engineers: Rifle and Pisfol Club: Richmond Club: Treasurer of Monfeifh Hall House Council. SMITH, JAMES LEE: 690 Wellman, Bed- ford, Ohio: Business Adminisfrafion: As- sociafion of Unifed Siaies Army: Scab- bard and Blade: Ranger Company, Pla- foon Leader: Men's Glee Club: Universify Choir: Chief Jusrice of Cadef Honor Courf: Army ROTC Scholarship: ROTC Flighf Scholarship: Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universifies: lnrramural Foofball, Wresfling, Volleyball: Corps of Cadefs, Regimenfal Special Sfaff. Cap- fain, Chief Jusiice, PFC lSoph.l, Cor- poral. Color Corporal lJr.l. SMITH, JOHN CHARLES, JR.: l86I Easf Boulevard, Pefersburg, Virginia: Foreslry: Foresfry Club: Richmond Club: Cave Club: Soil and Wafer Conservafion Club: Inframural Volleyball, Table Tennis: Corps of Cadeis, Company L, Isf Sergeanf, Drill Sergeanf. SMITH, LEWIS PRESTON: Roufe I, Hay- markef, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Alpha Kappa Epsilon: Rifle and Pisfol Club: IFC Journal: Sfudenf Senafor: ln- framural Foofball, Volleyball, Soffball, Bowlinq. SMITH, MICHAEL STEVEN: Box 658. Salfville, Virginia: Mechanical Engineer- ing: American Sociely of Mechanical En- gineers: American lnsfifufe of Chemical Engineers: General Mofors Suggesfion Awards: Residenr Advisor ISr.l. SPENCER, WILLIAM HENRY, Ill: I9I Wage Drive, Leesburg, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Alpha Kappa Psi: Spanish Club: Inframural Foofball, Baskefball, Tennis, Bowling. SPIERS, ROBERT HALL, JR.: Sfony Creek, Virginia: Agriculfural Economics: Alpha Zefa, Scribe lSr.l: Agriculfural Economics Club, Treasurer lSoph.l, Vice Presidenf lJr.l, Presidenf lSr.l: Block and 425 Bridle: Oufsfanding Junior in College of Agricullure. STALLINGS, JOHN ROBERT, JR.: IOl8 Soufh Church Sireer, Smifhfield, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma: American Sociefy of Mechanical Engi- neers, Chairman ISr.l: Peanuf Club: Sporn Award Commiffee: Inframural Soff- ball. STARK, JAMES BRUCE: l23O 9+h Sfreef. Hunfingfon, Wesf Virginia: Civil Engi- neering: Arnold Air Sociefy: Alpha Phi Omega, Hisforian IJr.l: American So- ciefy of Civil Engineers: American lnsfi- fufe of lndusfrial Engineers: Corps of Cadefs, Band Company, lsr Lieufenanf, Execufive Officer, PFC, Record Sales Clerk lSoph.l, Corporal, Squad Leader. Ranking Junior lJr.l. STATHAM, BRUCE ALBERT: 232 Eliza- befh Avenue, Oceanside, New York: Gen- eral Science: Sigma Delfa Psi, Vice Presi- denf: Tau Epsilon Kappa: Mosf Valuable Player, Virginia Soccer Tournamenf: Var- sify Soccer, Capfain: lnframural Volley- ball, Foofball, Baskefball, Soffball: Ci- vilian Represenfafive lnframural Board. STORY, WALTER EVERETT: 607 Preflow Sfreef, Franklin, Virginia: Building Con- sfrucfion: Sigma Lambda Chi, Vice Presi- denf IJr., Sr.l: Building Consfrucfion Club, Treasurer lSr.l : Associarion of Mar- ried Sfudenfs: CSB Senafe IJr.l: USB Senafe lSr.l: M 8: W Disfribufors Scholar- ship. STROPLE, NANCY JEAN: I3OO Gibson Place, Falls Church, Virginia: Engineering Mechanics: Sigma Gamma Tau, Treasurer lSr.l: American lnsfifufe of Aeronaufics and Asfronaufics, Secrefary lSr.l : Sociefy of Experimenfal Sfress Analysis: Engineer- ing Mechanics Sociefy. STUMBO, JOE DAVID: Williamson, Wes? Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion. SUN, DAVID: 420 Normandy Sireef, Cory, Norih Carolina: Elecfrical Engineer- ing: Efa Kappa Nu: lnsfifufe of Elecfrical and Elecfronics Engineers. SUTPHIN, JOHN BROWN: R.F.D. I. Blacksburg, Virginia: Civil Engineering: American Sociefy of Civil Engineers. SWANSON, RICHARD LINDSEY: BIS Sfonewall Drive, Fronf Royal, Virginia: Elecrrical Engineering: Alpha Phi Omega, Secrefary ISO., Jr.l: Insfifufe of Elecfrical and Elecfronics Engineers: lnframural Foorball. SWINDELL, LARRY DAVID: 4I5 Circle Drive, Logan, Wesf Virginia: EUQIISIII 50- ciefy of American Milifary Engineers: Sigma Mu Sigma, Isf Vice Presidenf ISr.I: Regimenfal Band, Scholasfics Officer lSr.l: Virginia Tech, Sfaff Wrirer: Con- cerf Band, Campus Concerf Chairman: Corps of Cadeis, Band Company, 2nd Lieufenanf, Scholasfics Officer, PFC, As- sisfanr Company Clerk ISoph.l, Cor- poral, Sguad Leader, Secfion Leader lJr.l. SENIOR TANNER, LAWRENCE PAUL: 7430 Long Pine Drive. Springfield, Virginia: Polifical Science: Corps of Cadefs, Company G. Privafe. TAYLOR, HUBERT DWIGHT: Gladys, Virginia: Agriculfural Economics: Agricul- fural Economics Club, Secrefary lSr.I. TAYLOR, JOE ALLEN: AIIen's Trailer Courf, Lof 22, Blacksburg, Virginia: Civil Engineering: American Sociefy of Civil Engineers: Governor Wesfmoreland Davis Scholarship. THOMAS, H. RANDOLPH, JR.: Holland, Virginia: Archifecfural Engineering: As- sociafion of fhe Unifed Sfafes Army: Sociefy of American Milifary Engineers: Sfudenf Sociefy of Archifecfural Engi- neers, Vice Presidenf: Peanuf Club: Dis- finguished Milifary Sfudenf: lnframural Foofball, Soffball: Corps of Cadefs, Company G, lsf Lieufenanf, Execufive Officer, PFC lSoph.I, Corporal, Ranking Junior lJr.I. TIDMARSH, CHRISTY: 32 Asfor Drive, Newporf News, Virginia: Clofhing, Tex- files and Relafed Arfs: Home Economics Club: Cheerleader: WUVT Copy Wrifer: Tech Fesfival: Residenf Advisor lSr.I: Courf of Miss V.P.l. lSr.l: Senafor, Chairman Publicify Commiffee lSr.I: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies: Presidenf, Egglesfon House Council lSr.I. TINKHAM, RALPH DARDEN: I645 Ron- ald Drive, Suffolk, Virginia: Elecfrical Engineering: Circle K Club: Insfifufe of Elecfrical and Elecfronics Engineers: Tau Eappa Delfa: Inframural Foofball, Soff- all, TIPTON, THOMAS EDWARD, JR.: 2I5 Fairview Sfreef, Narrows, Virginia: Elec- frical Engineering: Associafion of Married Sfudenfs: Insfifufe of Elecfrical and Elec- fronics Engineers. TRELOGAN, SUSAN LYNN: 3625 Norfh Piedmonf Sfreef, Arlingfon, Virginia: Psychology: Maroon Mask: WUVT: Uni- versify Players: Homecoming Princess lJr.I: Disciplinary Commiffee Chairman, Main Egglesfon lSr.I. TUCK, MARY ANNE: 6llI Amhersl' Avenue, Springfield, Virginia: Clofhing, Texfiles and Relafed Arfs: Virginia Home Economics Associafion, Presidenf lSr.I: Virginia Tech: Homecoming Queen lSoph.I: lnframural Baskefball: Residenl' Assisfanf lSr.I: Delfa Rho. TUCKER, SAMUEL PAGE: 229 Shoe Lane, Newporf News, Virginia: Chemisfry: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron D, 2nd Lieu- fenanf, PFC lSoph.I, Corporal lJr.I. TURMAN, DAVID WAYNE: Box 2Ol. Floyd, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Alpha Kappa Psi, Public Relafions Com- miffee Chairman. TUTTLE, ROBERT JOHNSTON: 230 Wesf Main Sfreef, Salem, Virginia: General Engineering: Virginia Sfafe Scholarship: lnframural Foofball, Ping-Pong, Volley- ball, Badminfon. UTIN, JONATHAN: l2fl4 Osler Road, Headingfon, Oxford, England: Dairy Science: Dairy Club: Monogram Club: Soccer Club: Fellowship of Chrisfian Afhlefes: Senafor lJr.I: Freshman Cham- pion, Virginia: Tech Dairy Show ll963I: Sears-Roebuck Scholarship: Freshman Track: Soccer Team, All-Sfafe l'63, '64I: Varsify Foofball, Inframurals. VAUGI-IAN, LEIOH MORTON: 2308 Laburnam Avenue, Roanoke, Virginia: Sociology: Pi Tau Chi, Presidenf lSr.I: Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer lSr.i: Wesf- minsfer Fellowship, Treasurer and Secre- fary lSr.I: Disfinguished Milifary Sfudenf: Corps of Cadefs, Company E. Isf Lieu- fenanf, Assisfanf Corps Chaplain, Scho- lasfics Officer, PFC, Ranking Sophomore lSoph.l: Corporal lJr.I. VAUGHAN, MARSHALL DARNELL: 340 Wesf Cleveland Avenue, Vinfon, Virginia: Foresfry and Wildlife: Foresfry Club: Corps of Cadefs, Company E, 2nd Lieu- reninf, Adminisfrafive Officer, Corporal Jr. . VEASEY, SIDNEY HAYWOOD: III5 Summif Avenue, Fronf Royal, Virginia: Business Adminisfrafion: Gregory Guard: Associafion of fhe Unifed Sfafes Army: German Club: Apple Club: Reserve Officers Associafion, Sophomore Award: Corps of Cadefs, Company L, Capfain, 3rd Baffalion S-4. Ranking Freshman, PFC lSoph,I, Ranking Junior, Corporal lJr.I. 426 HIS TORIES VIA, BENNY LEE: IO5 Wheeler Avenue, Collinsville, Virginia: Business Adminisfra- fion: Marfinsville-Henry Counfry Club, Sergeanf af Arms lFr.I, Secrefary lSoph.I: O'Shaughnessy House Council, Presidenf lSr.I. VICINUS, HERBERT DAVID: 3850 Mounf Read Boulevard, Rochesfer, New York: Business Aclminisfrafion: Arnold Air So- ciefy: lnframural Foofball, Table Tennis. Soffball: Corps of Cadefs, 2nd Lieufen- anf: Public lnformafion Officer, Ranking Junior. WAGNER, NICHOLAS STEELE: II4I7 Canferbury Road, Chesfer, Virginia: His- fory: Kappa Thefa Epsilon Sociefy: Circle K Club, Cap News Edifor lSr.I. WALKER, CHARLES CLEVELAND: l9I9 Crandon Drive, Charloffe, Norfh Caro- lina: Business Adminisfrafion: Scabbard and Blade, Gregory Guard: German Club: Associafion of fhe Unifed Sfafes Army: Alpha Kappa Psi: Corps of Cadefs, 2nd Baffalion Sfaff, Capfain, 2nd Baf- falion S-3, PFC lSoph.I. Corporal, Rank- ing Junior lJr.I. WARD, MICHAEL TIMOTHY: I63 Hilfon Sfreef, Alexandria, Virginia: Business Ad- minisfrafion: Capifal Club: American Markefing Associafion: American Man- aqemenf Sociefy: Newman Club: Tau Delfa: Madison-Sfrafford Correspondence Sociefy: lnframural Foofball, Baseball, Baskefball. WARRINER, MARY BARKSDALE: I02 Soufhgafe Drive, Blacksburg, Virginia: Clofhing, Texfiles and Relafed Arfs: Gar- nef and Gold Sociefy, Vice Presidenf lJr.I, Presidenf lSr,I: Phi Kappa Phi: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies: BUGLE Sfaff: Delfa Rho: '67 Ring Dance, Flower Commiffee: Tech Fesfival Associafion, Vice Presidenf lSr.I: Virgina Home Economics Associ- afion: Chi Delfa Alpha: Danforfh Senior Home Economics Summer Scholarship. WARRINGTON, ROBERT O'NElL: Apf. 2OI, 6428 Edsall Road, Springfield, Vir- ginia: Aerospace Engineering and Engi- neering Mechanics: Alpha Kappa Epsilon: Newman Club: American lnsfifufe of Aeronaufics and Asfronaufics: Freshman Golf Team: Corps of Cadefs, Squadron S, Privafe, Afhlefic Ofhcer. WEAVER, JOHN WALTER: II9 Sprinkle Avenue, Marion, Virginia: Civil Engineer- ing: Phi Kappa Phi. Chi Epsilon: Amercan Socefy of Civil Engineers: Soufhwesf Vir- ginia Club: Inframural Baskefball: Vice Presidenf, Upper Lee lSr.I. WEIHS, EDWARD JOHN: Box 248, Roufe l5, Balfimore, Maryland: lndusfrial Engi- neering: American lnsfifufe of Indusfrial Engineers, Consfifufion Commiffee Chair- man lJr.I: Ranger Club, Capfain lJr.l: Lufheran Sfudenf Associafion: Soccer Team: Inframural Foofball: Corps of Cadefs, Company E: 2nd Lieufenanf, Afhlefic Officer. ' I I WEST, JAMES DONALD: IIB Maple Road, Belle, Wesr Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Sigma Mu Sigma: Associa- lion ol Ihe Uniled Slales Army: DeMoIay Club: Insrifufe ol Eleclrical and Elec- lronics Engineers: Senaior lFr.l : Corps ol Cadels, Company H, Capiain. WHEELER, DAVID PARKER: 54 Cedar Lane, Newporr News, Virginia: Malhe- marics: Della Sigma Chi, Pledgemasrer: Sludenr Civilian Honor Council. WHITE, LONNIE KENT: Roure I, Box 2I9, Keeling, Virginia: Agriculfural Engi- neering: American Sociely ol Agriculrural Engineers, Secrerary lSr.l: Engineering Club lDanviIle Branchl: lnlramural Bas- kelball, Bowling. WHITE, SIDNEY M., 225 Easl' Monroe Slreel, Alexandria, Virginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Amaleur Radio Club lSoph.l: Judo Club lSopho.l: BUGLE, Pholography Edilor lSr.l: Inslilule of Eleclrical and Elecfronics Engineers: Cave Club: Soccer Team lSoph.l. WHITEHEAD, PAUL, JR.: I303 Lang- horne Road, Lynchburg, Virginia: Public Adminislralion: Corillion Club: TaL.PDelfa: YMCA, Secrerary-Treasurer ol Freshman Council: Sociefy of Public Adminislra- rion, Treasurer lSr.l: Civilian Srudenl Body Senalor lJr.l: Inrramural Foorball, Baskerball. WILBOURN, EDWARD GRAY: Halifax Road. Box 25II, Sourh Bosron, Virginia: Civil Engineering: Chi Epsilon: Kappa Thera Epsilon: American Sociely ol Civil Engineers, Presidenl' lSr.l: American Road Builders Associafion: General Undergraduafe Scholarship. WILLIAMS, DONALD REAGAN: Roure 3, Box 203, Floyd, Virginia: Business Ad- minisfralion: lnlramural Baskelball, Vol- leyball. WILLIAMS, LAWRENCE THOMAS, JR.. 4II Kemp Lane, Chesapeake. Virginia: Business Adminisrralion: Alpha Kappa Ep- silon, Social Chairman lJr., Sr.l: Infra- mural Foofball, Baskerball, Sollball. Track, Golf: Corps of Cadels, Squadron R, Ranking Sophomore, 4lh Group Assislanl Inlelligence Olilicer lSoph.l. WILLIAMS, RANDOLPH ESTEESE, JR.: I556 Bluemonl' Avenue, S.W., Roanoke, Virginia: Mechanical Engineering: Varsily Glee Club, Techsir: Virginia Tech Regi- menral Engineers: lnlramural Fooiball, Baskelball. WILLIAMSON. TEVIS HART: Roule I, Box 229, Millon, Norlh Carolina: Me- chanical Engineering: Engineering Club: American Sociely of Mechanical Engi- neers: Inlramural Baskelball, Soflball, Volleyball. WILSON, LEON ALFANDA, JR.: Add Drive, Falls Church, Virginia: Business Adminisrrarion: Capilal Club: Wesley Foundafiong Honor Courf lnvesligaling Chairman: Markeling Club: Young Re- publicans Club: Inrramural Foolball, Baskelball, Solrball, Ping-Pong, Tennis, Badminlon, Chess, Volleyball: Corps of Caders, Company F, Isl Lieulenanf, Exec- ulive Officer, Second-in-Command, Cor- poral, Squad Leader, Plaloon Guide lJr.l, WILSON, PATRICK JOSEPH: ISI9 Elwyn Avenue, Crollon, Maryland: Accounling Sociery: lnrramural Baskelball, Golf, Bad- minlon, Volleyball: Corps of Cadels, Squadron D, 2nd Lieulenanr, Flighl Leader, Alhlelic Officer, Ranking Junior, Guide lJr.l. WINGFIELD, ROBERT GEORGE: II Glenridge Parkway, Monlclair, New Jer- sey: Foresfry and Wildlife: Foreslry Club: Honor Courr lnvesrigaling Commirree: Canlerbury Club, Presidenl lSr.l: Corps Chaplains Commilree: Corps of Cadels, Company F, 2nd Lieulenanr, Adminislra- live Officer, Company Treasurer lJr.l. WISE, JEFFREY DONAVAN: 6I6 Kem- bery Drive, Bridgeporl, Wesl' Virginia: Elecrrical Engineering: Arnold Air So- ciely, Treasurer lSr.l: Sociely of Ameri- can Milirary Engineers, Vice Presideni lSr.l: Alpha Phi Omega: Sporn Award Seleclion Commillee lJr.l: YMCA Fresh- man Council lFr.l: YMCA Sophomore Council, Presidenl lSoph.l: lnlramural Swimming, Volleyball: Corps of Cadels, Squadron O, 2nd Lieurenanl, Scholaslics Olilicer, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal IJr.l. Ranking Junior. WITCHER, RONALD B.: 3Il Suburban Parkway. Norfolk, Virginia: Incluslrial En- gineering: Alpha Pi Mu: American lnsri- lure of Induslrial Engineers: Varsily Ten- nis: Inrramural Foolball, Baslcerball. WOODS, JAMES PEMBROKE, III: 2I22 Enslow Boulevard, Hunlinglon, Wesl Vir- ginia: Eleclrical Engineering: Kappa Thela Epsilon: Era Kappa Nu: lnslilule ol Eleclrical and Eleclronics Engineers: lnlramural Golf. WOODS, ROGER LEE: Roule 4, Box l23: Rocky Mounl, Virginia: Eleclrical Engi- neering: Ela Kappa Nu: lnsiirule or Elec- 427 lrical and Eleclronics Engineers: Co-op Program: lnlramural Foolball. WOODY, FRED LEWIS: 3I4 Diamond Avenue, Rocky Mounl, Virginia: Chemical Engineering: Tau Bela Pi: American ln- srirule of Chemical Engineers, Vice Presi- denl ISr.l: House Council Scholasric Chairman lSr.l. WORNOM, STEPHEN FAY: I23 Hunl's Neck, Poquoson, Virginia: Engineering Mechanics: S.E.S.A.: Associafion of Mar- ried Sludenls, Treasurer lJr.l, Board of Direclors ISr.l: Varsily Glee Club: Uni- versily Choir: Sreward Bolling Scholar- ship. WRIGHT, AINA GAYLE: Box 2I3, Inde- pendence, Virginia: English: Life Saving Corps. YANCEY, BERNARD HAMERSLEY: Roule 2, Elklon, Virginia: Agronomy: Fu- lure Farmers of America: American So- ciely of Agronomy: Tech Fesfival '66, Special Programs Commirlee: Smilh- Douglas FFA Scholarship: Corps of Cadeis, Company G lFr., Soph.l. YEAGER, WILLIAM THEODORE, JR.: 2II3 Soulh Culpeper Slreer, Arlingfon, Virginia: Aerospace Engineering: Ameri- can Insrirufe of Aeronaulics and Aslro- naurics: Inlramural Baskefball. YOUNG, MILES ART: 27I Robby Lane, Manhassef Hills, Long Island, New York: Accounrinq: Della Sigma Pi, Treasurer lSr.l: American Markeling Associalion, Presidenl lJr.l : Yankee Club: Accounling Sociely: Business Adminisfralion Sociely: Cerlificale ol Recognilion-A.M.A.: In- framural Foorball, Swimming: Corps of Caders, Squadron O I2 yearsl. YURICK, CHARLES EDWARD: Box 767, Gary, Wes? Virginia: Mining Engineering: Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Corresponding Secrelary: Burkharf Mining Socieiy, American lnslilure of Mechanical Engi- neers, Presidenl' lSr.l. ZBOROFSKY, RICHARD ALBERT: 7I2O Conslanrine Avenue, Springfield, Virginia: Elecrrical Engineering: Ela Kappa Nu: Insfilule ol Eleclrical and Eleclronic Engineers: Co-op Sociely. ZIER, JOSEPH WILLIAM: lI32 Norlh Vermonl' Srreef, Arlingron, Virginia: Chemical Engineering: Sociery of Ameri- can Milifary Engineers: American lnsli- lure ol Chemical Engineers, Treasurer lFr.l: Disringuished Milirary Sludenl: Corps of Cadefs, Company G, 2nd Lieu- lenanf, Adminislrarive Oflicer, PFC lSoph.l, Corporal IJr.l. s s s e f New as 4 X 3 r H' s' 'E y Q ' f ' , 6 ' Q E 2 A 6 S S . K ii .. QT ..,.,.,.,. 1. ..,. ..,.. . .V Q., ., .... fe. ,,., , ,A R ,.,,,. A .. .. .., 5:1 555' ,rs "'E::E2'-'.:. NX '--- 1" ,.:.:5: ' ., V . h e "" 5 ' , . sz? . go .Q , ll 0 fs xg ,ye 4 S 5 ' W s 95 e 5: f 9 ss Q 39 0 6 We 6 Makers of the Worlds Finest Class Ring salutes the VP.I. CLASS 0f1967. GENTRY-GILBERT Pl-loTooRAPHERs WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE BEEN SELECTED THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE 1967 BUGLE Studios in Roanoke, Salem, and Blacksburg, Virginia Waier Sireei BLACKSBURG, VA. Phone: 552 23 I9 . . . exploring new ways, creafing new +ools, 'resfing +l1e unor+l1odox . . . is a way of life af Poly-Scien+i'Fic. Poly-Scien+ific, Division of Li++on lndusfries, speciaizes in 'I'l1e design ---I ------IgA! V Y r a n , I . I I I. . ever, our s+eady growfh and flue broadening of research and developmenf programs are crealing new 'oppor'I'uni+ies for bo+l1 bachelor and advanced degree gradua+es. POLY-SCIENTIFIC a division of LiH'on lndusfries Blacksburg, Virginia + Mfg' , ....., U , 1 N 'Sw g Alsnorm Jana- at Heating and Cooling Coils High ratio of surface area to face area High air velocities without excessive friction or turbulence i . Aerofin is sold only by wma for Bullefm S'-55 manufacturers of fan system apparatus. List on request. AERUFIN CURPURATIUN Engineer'ng OH ces n Principal Cities Lynchburg, Virginia 24505 THE 1967 BUGLE is BouND IN A KINGSKRAFT COVER l MANUFACTURED BY Z KINGSPORT PRESS, mr. 1s,,,,,,,f,,,,,,,f Kingsport. Tennessee re A Satistiecl Customer ls Our Greatest Asset Main St. Phone Blacksburg 552-436l r+ 'V 9 Ri W 35 F nf 5 , YOUR COLLEGE BOOK STORE Oflgfd fllfaieif You For A Fine Yearbook -OUR MOTTO- Where Service Mee'rs The Sfudenf fThe College Book S+ore is now in +he Wesi' Basemen+ of Owens, THE COLLEGE BOOK STORE BURNING CCRNING GLASS WORKS BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA THE FARMHUUSE KIINUDE MUTUR 00. PLYMUUTII nocnv mourn, vmcmm Sales Service Blacksburg, Va. 552-4l4l There's ' a career for you .. paper Today there are more than 100,000 different uses for paper . . . and the search for new uses never ends. That is why this fast-growing industry is now among the ten largest in the country . . . and why it needs engineers, researchers and technicians for future growth. Our company, a pioneer kraft paper manufacturer, offers college scholarships for study in electronics and in pulp and paper technology. It offers jobs for skilled college graduates in many other fields. For information, write Personnel Department- IAIIE GHESAPEAKE IIIIIIPUIIMIIIII III VIIIIIIIIIA-WESI PIIIIII, VIRGINIA things go refreshes you best b ettitth , QKC I BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF T c l g ROANOKE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS BOOKS Engineering 8: School Supplies Novelly llems wilh School Emblem Mail Orders Given Prompl Alrlenlion MR. and MRS. MELVlN MILLER Neily's Book 81 Supply Store, Inc. I33 College Ave. Blacksburg, Va. Privalely Owned and Operaled Col eye Inn Eu taumnt "Home of Good Food" Reasonable Prices Courleous Service Main S'l'ree'l' i'i' f ""'r 2 Now with Molstutang! , Relleves diy, cracked lips better than ever! Y '2 Personalized, in ' d' 'd CQ as 12.'ZLclaYe2ZLTe.S 5 JI your family f Now tu ns up as neededl 'B , 39c WEBSTER BRICK CUMPANY, INC. FAMOUS WEBSTER BRICK PRE-SHRUNK WEBLITE BLOCK lHigh Pressure Curedj Dial 344-5505 Roanoke, Virginia l az! 'cfm ' Q: Q1 il SINCE 1910 Traditional Clothes In Good Taste for College Men BAKED S UNE ' " T mlmuw ... , I IIES KL ,W T E I TT J I f ff I S ,.. 'I' ir? UUE EH 5 x - W, I Sfsnf. .Jfi i E CLOTHES FOR THE TECHMAN FINEST LADIES TOO AND Ofhe CHIIIBRIDBE hop 4 aww: 116011014110 107 COLLEGE AVENUE BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA I OF BLACKSBURG HOME OF THE ORIGINAL FAMOUS II lg y - SI' B0 DOUBIE-DECK HAMBURGER TX I 'I cf flfofbf mZUlZ'd.I'll!0!',0WM DM. .. I Colonel Harlan Sanders' FAMOUS RECIPE f ,sfnv K t k F 0 d Q k n senvso ExcLuslvELY AT BANQUET, PICNIC AND PARTY CATERING Phone 552-4271 GABLE SHOPPING CENTER BLACKSBURG, VA. vw C0045 Cell fel' 11, l Q.. 5 s , 3 Q :QE .H ai 52 ? ii f 2 1 ? 31 : E 'f 5 ii if 1 W eg A 262 2 ? E, 5 if 2x Hi? 5 22 is M ? 5 W2 Q! ii 3? ? Q 44, 5 n ,, ,,,,yM fi ..,,, VA A Y G 0 I W W r ' 2 1 Q Q? 9 i gf ' ...,Wmnwf'2' , 4' V., 1 ig f 5 M 4 ,Q,, A EL 55 VV: I I 49 5' Q S ,ns- Lh- WW M H c A ,A - ' ' 'Umm , iw K Across from the Mall ,,..,4V ,r ,...,,, 'A' - -. J. - 51:4 1-'H' , ' - -' Nbr- ,ff fre! - 453 x, A:-xii fZ,.5 -fi I f E-55-f-1 15' 4' 7 iz' "' , 413. 'FW f Z as a ?6' ::5S ' XX, -5 , N ' 7 4,-2,90-.-zf,,"f'guwL ,. ' ,. . "Q 1 7 E15 -1 -5- A ffifawf ' fp "H nl ,aff 7 lei' F .l.5:j'l1i:"-qi' "1 ,N 1, , 35z?:f,f' '4 w"" E. ' . . . and the world Will make a beaten path to your door. X It happens all the time in our country. People with imagination and ambition can expect to be rewarded. Each of us has the opportunity to fulfill our dreams . . . to get ahead by building a better mousetrap. In America profit and honor are rewards to those who make significant contributions to our way of life. This is because We believe in Free Enterprise, the economic system that has given us the highest standard of living in the World today. O, iii E. 233333, APPALA cumfv PUWEH co. GOLDEN GOBBLER RESTAURANT Blacksburg, Virginia ww MILITARY " EQUIPMENT QD l l INSIGNIA SABRES p SABRE CHAINS SASHES SUPPLIERS OF V.P.I. SABRES FOR MANY YEARS 'I CELEBRATING ouR 99TH YEAR N. S. MEYER F NEW YORK Founded I868 , Inc flfhfi Worlcl's Lar-gesl Design and Shipbuilding Organizalion The Company has par1'icipa+ed in 'Phe cons+ruc+ion, refueling a-nd over- haul of more nuclear reacfors fhan any o+her organizafion. In addi+ion 'ro +he building of 'rhe world's laregsf ship-lhe nuclear powered aircrafl carrier ENTERPRISE-lhe Shipyard has buil+ or is building al fofal of 22 nuclear submarines. NEWPURT NEWS SHIPBUILDING AND DRY DUCK 00 3AanL5.f THE OUTPGST CHAS. LUNSFORD SONS Gm IZARD INCORPORATED Chas. P. Lunsford, Presideni' . J. Irving Slayclon, W B ll' I cl V' Pr 'de I Assoclaiesz Secre+ar and Treasurer ' O mg lar ' 'ce es' n James I. Slaydon, Jr. Y Gen Harold N. Hoback Thomas W. Jamison Ronald Broyles Charles I. Lunsford II eral Insurance and Bonds IOI0 COLONIAL-AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK BUILDING PHONE: 345-I5l5 ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Complimenfs of WHITING 0Il CDMPIINY CiI'ies Service Pefroleum Producrs CITGO DISTRIBUTORS Through Nine Virginia Branches for For'I'y Years SPORT CENTER Main S+. 552-I6I I I vi la' G if 5' ,4 M 2, 2. gi , 415-3 1 A 4 V' ., . 1 r.: 3 F' O 5 uve gil "ft-242 we A at Q ir 2,5 Q U is , ... WIN ' ,L A4 are Q , 1.5235 ELECTRICITY: Muscle or mnusmv Behind the great industrial might of America stands a "giant workman" - electric energy. It would require the muscle energy of 70 men working 40 hours a week for one whole year to equal 10,000 kilowatt hours of electricity - less than the average annual consumption of two Vepco residential customers. Yes, electricity is the "muscle" behind our power and prosperity. VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA llliS is IIIB hallmark Ill llllalily IIaIIKIIIu...aIways near to Techmen FIRST NATICNAL EXCHANGE BANK 3, I '41 fb :F A 1. os r 1 5 "1 A, cv 4 w ef ,V!4MgXYN, DOBYNS,I CORPOR TED eflfefaf Konfracford COMMERCIAL - EDUCATIONAL - INDUSTRLAL DUBLIN, VIRGINIA 24084 GRANTS TAVERN RESTAURANT ,4 ww 30 auf mu W .fdjllayff QHQQHQLBP ch b imeeiiiiii izeiinim: mon: THAN so YEARS or 'i""""""T""' exeenr rAsilicArioN LYNCHBURG- V'RG'N'A MAKE Denim Sporlswear, Dress and Sporf Slwiris for Men and Boys, Sporiswear and Blouses for Laclies and Girls. AIR TO A R HEAT EXCHANGER WITH 2000 STEEL TUBES ' EXPANDED AND SEAL WELDED T0 TUBE SHEET. From design to delivery or field erection, RECO meets your specifications, your budget, your schedule. Tanks from 60 to 6 million gallons. Process Heat Exchangers. Autoclaves. Hot Water Storage Heaters. Pressure Vessels. Process Vessels. Process Columns. Stacks. Bins. Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel, Monel. ASME, TEMA, API, FMA, FIA, ABS. USCG, MIL. RFFO 1 Q RICHMOND ENGINEERING COMPANY, RICHMOND, VA. Steel Fabricators Since 1914 as 06'lfH ciiouv V For all your Life Insurance needs contact l0HN R HUTGHESUN IR Shenandoah Lifes Representative in Blacksburg Office Phone 552 4944 Shenandoah Life INSURANCE COMPANY Home Office, Roanoke, Virginia 1 .3 X ffcibxx il Q8 li X' Ay by Xxx Six X :iq S Esc ll Xxx 1 1 , cm:-1' , 5 . .2 , I , I . , . . i11 - , r v ,XX Widen your horizons! Exciting things are happening in textiles today . . . materials for use in outer space . . . inner space . . . and on earth! Cone Mills, a major producer of high quality fabrics, is a part of this dynamic development. ln this time of rapid change, we are constantly seeking imaginative, intelligent young people to help maintain our standards. Want a future with a challenge? Write Industrial Relations Department, Cone Mills Corporation, Greensboro, N. C. CONE MILLS CORPORATION "Where fabrics of tomorrow are woven today." EXECUTIVE OFFICES MANUFACTURING PLANTS-Cliffside, Forest City, Gibsonville, Greensboro, Greensboro' N' C' Haw River, Henrietta, Hillsborough, Pineville, Reidsville, Salisbury in North mg! Carolina. Greenville and Whitmire in South Carolina. Houston in Texas. 4CQNE"p ' W 'l" rnusuiuc PLANTS 'Wi' Q Carlisle, Cheraw Xt Greenville, S. C. Greensboro Xt Haw River, N. C. SALES HEADQUARTERS - Cone Mills Inc., New York -'11'2le2'- Q- VIRGINIA DIVISION ELECTRO -TEC CCDRP. BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA Slip ring assemblies for space 84 defense VALUE VARIETY SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Mem S+. Blacksburg, va, 552-I44I 2000 A. D. is just around the corner. Where do you figure you'II be then? Come the year 2000, you'll be about to retire, for one thing. Will you look back on your career with satisfac- tion? Or with second thoughts? lt'II depend a lot on how you begin your career. And where. At G.E. you get off to a fast start. Big responsibilities come early. 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The Roanoke Times is close Io Virginia Tech and provides news coverage of Hs acrivi- Hes. There is compleie. derailed coverage of Virginia Tech sporis wirh excIusive, on- Ihe-spoi reporfs by Times sporis wrirers. THE ROANOKE TIMES dormitory delivery every morning CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '67 FROM CURNER DRUG STORE "The RexaII S'Iore" BLACKSBURG, VA. SELF-SERV SHOE-CENTER Shoes For Whole Family Shoes For Town and Coun+ry Wear BLACKSBURG. VA. 14 6emarle PAPER COMPANY RICHMOND. VIRGINIA ir man uiacfu rers of KRAFT PAPER WATERPROOF PAPER BLOTTING PAPER MULTIWALI. SHIPPING SACKS GROCERY BAGS CO-RRUGATED CONTAINERS SHOPPING BAGS PIan+ Locafions: RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ROANOKE RAPIDS, NORTH CAROLINA MIDDLETOWN, OHIO WALDEN, NEW YORK BALTIMORE, MARYLAND M TM, Rolling Fronf Conlainer 'For Trash Can and Ofher Siorage mf-C ll50A' QUALITY PRODUCTS SINCE 1876 P. O. BOX 599, NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Qualify rolling doors serving a growing America since I876. Rolling Service Doors Wood Overhead Doors Sfeel Overhead Doors Rolling Wood Closures Rolling Grilles Escala+or Enclosure Shufrers Midgei' Slai' Closures Tee-M Rolling Fronl' Con+ainer lln new Tech Sfadiuml W. H. lBiIIl Walihall, l. E. Class of '32. Sales Mgr. THE FLOWER BCDX C0l'l'Ll0Al'l'l0l'lt6 Your Time is Our Time 0 a Day or Night Say it with D our flowers IOI S. Main S+. BIacIcsburq, Va. 552-5I I I CCJNGRATULATIONS fo Me eggett lf kept. tore Blacksburg Chrisfiansburq Radford C7144 of 1967 Th + H f +h I967 BUGILE wishes + g I' I I' 'rI1 b of fhe cIass of I967 pI 1' f 'Hn In af VPI. We hope 'I'I1a+ II1 f+ II Ia g +I1 besf +o each and y b I 'H1 I THE 1967 BUGLE A Memorable Year 0 Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of VIRGINIA TECH upon the completion of another outstanding year of accomplishments. 0 The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memo- rable activities. To preserve this excellent literary and photographic record, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. 0 We are very proud that the 1967 Staff selected us to print and bind the BUGLE. W'e have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. C. W. WABTHEN lCOMPANY y LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA A Adminislralion Divider 302, 303 Agricullure, College of 308 Agricullural Economics Club I74 Alpha Kappa, Psi I54 Alpha Phi Omega I9I Alpha Pi Mu I47 Alpha Psi Omega ISI Alpha Zera I50 Archileclure, College ol 309 American lnslilule of Aeronaurics and Asrronaulics I76 American lnslilule of Archilecls I79 American lnslilule of Chemical Engineers I79 American Marlceling Associalion I77 American Sociely of Agricullural Engineers I80 American Socielry of Civil Engineers I84 American Sociery ol Mechanical Engineers l78 American lnslilufe of Mining Engineers I77 Arnold Air Sociely I58, l59 Arls and Sciences, College of 3I0 Associalion of lhe U.S. Army I56, l57 Baplisl Sludenl Union I93 Baseball l08, l09 Baslcelball, Freshman I00 Baslcelball, Varsily 92,99 Beauly Divider 66, 67 Block and Bridle l'52 Board of Visilors 300, 304 Brandi, Dr. Warren W. 306 Bugle Slalf I26-I30 Bugle Slalf Lisl 409 Building Conslruclion Club I75 Business, College of 3II C Campus Coeds 72, 73 Campus-Then and Now 64, 65 Capilal Club 2l2 Cars on Campus 46. 47 Cassell. Sluarl K. 306 Cheerleaders IOI Chi Epsilon I49 Chrisrian Science I90 Circle K Club I89 ' Civilian Honor Courl 299 Civilian lnlerdormilory Council 300 Clubs Divider l70, I7l Collegiale F.F.A. Club I82 Concerls on Campus 62, 63 Curricular Clubs Divider I72 Coeds 26, 27 Coed Aclivilies 44. 45 Conslruclion on Campus 28, 29 Corps of Cadels Divider 234, 235 Commandanl of Cadels 238 Color Guard 239 Regimenlal Slalf 240. 24I Special Slalf 242 TOPICAL INDEX Corps Execulive Commillee 243 Reqimenlal Band Company 234 Firsl Group Slaff 248 Squadron A 250 Squadron B 252 Squadron C 254 Squadron D 256 Second Ballalion Slall 258 Company E 260 Company F 262 Company G 264 Company H 266 Third Ballalion Slaff 268 Company l 270 Company K 272 Company L 274 Company M 276 Fourlh Group Slalf 278 Squadron N 280 Squadron O 282 Squadron R 284 Squadron S 286 Company T 288 Ranger Company 289 Corps Cha racrers 290 Colillion Club 202 D Dairy Club l8l Danville Club 2I3 Deans 307 Debale Club I8I Della Sigma Pi I64 Dining Halls 36 E Edi'ror's Wrap-Up 458 Emporia Club 207 Engineering, College of 3I2 Ela Kappa Nu l5l F Fall Farmals 38 Foolball Tech vs. Tulane 76 Tech vs. G. W. 77 Tech vs. W. Va. 78 Tech vs. Kenlucky 79 Tech vs. Vanderbill 80 Tech vs. U. Va. 8I Tech vs. F.S.U. 82 Tech vs. Deacons 84 Tech vs. V.M.l. 85 Liberly Bowl 86 Foolball, Freshman 89 Foolball, Varsily 88 Foreslry Club I82 Freshman 390 G Garner and Gold l53 German Club 200 Glee Club 40. 204 456 Golf I08 Gregory Guard I63 H 4-H Alumni Club IBO Hahn, Dr. T. Marshall 305 Hamplon Roads Club 2l4 Hillel Club I97 Homecoming 30 Homecoming Queen 68 Home Economics, College of 3I3 Honoraries I38 Honor Cour+ Cadel' 298 Civilian 299 Horlicullure Club I83 Infirmary 52 In Memorium 4l0 lnslilule of Eleclrical and Eleclronic Enqineers I85 Inlediralernily Council 233 J Juniors 366 K Kappa Thela Epsilon I50 L Labs on Campus 58 Leisure Time 54 Lifesaving Corps I95 Lulheran Sludenl' Associalion I90 Lynchburg Club 209 M Maelslrom I34 Maroon Mask 42 Mililary Weekend 60 Miss VPI 7l Monogram Club I67 N Norlhern Neclc Club 2I8 O Omicron Della Kappa I48 P Peanul Club 208 Phi Era Sigma I69 Phi Kappa Phi I46 Phillip Sporn Award I97 Pi Della Epsilon I68 Pi Tau Sigma I66 Poullry Science Club I83 Pre-Velerinary Club l87 Professors' Offices 48 Publicaiions Board l25 Publicaiions 50 R Reqislraiion 22 Religious and Service l88 Richmond Club 2l0 Rifle Team I05 Ring Dance lI2 Roanoke Club 2l6 S Sash and Saber I6l Scabbard and Blade I55 Seciional Clubs 206 Senaie 297 Senior Class Hisiory 3 I6 Senior Class Officers 3l7 Senior Class 3l8 Senior Hisiories 4I2 Shenandoah Valley Club 207 Sigma Delia Psi I69 Sigma Gamma Tau I47 Sigma Mu Sigma I94 Skindiving Club I96 Soccer 90 Social Clubs l98 Social Scenes I99 Socieiy of American Miliiary Engineers l60 Sophomores 376 Souihside Club 2l5 Sporis Divider 74 Siudeni Ac'rivi+ies Commiiiee 301 Sludeni Governmeni Weekend 224 S'ruden+ Sociefy of Archifedural Engineers I87 Swimming I04 T Tau Bela Pi I62 Tech Fesiival Associaiion l86 Tech Fesiival Queen 70 Tennis I09 Track ll0 U Underclasses Divider 362 Universiiv Choir 205 U nrecognized Organizafions IOO Church Sfreei' 232 IO7 Turner Sireei' 224 I08 Upland Road 230 IIO Church S+reei' 225 3l5 Housion Sireei 222 457 Divider 220 400 Progress Sfreei' 227 405 Roanoke Sfreei' 228 408 Roanoke S+ree+ 229 704 Norih Main Sireei' 231 7I2 Souih Main Sireei' 233 Hardinq Avenue 223 Pineapples 226 V Virginia Tech Siaii l3I W Wesley Foundaiion I 89 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies l40 Wresiling I02 WUVT Siaif I36 X Xi Sigma Pi l53 Y YMCA l92 Edit0r's Wrap-Up The Time is 8:37 p.m., March IO. I967. AT This Time 'four hundred and TiTTy-eighT pages ouT of The Tour hundred and sixTy in The I967 BUGLE have crossed This desk and have been individually checked and rechecked Tor appropriaTeness and accuracy. Two pages remain To be compiled, laid ouT, and drawn up in order To compIeTe The I967 BUGLE. Those pages are The Two you are presenTIy looking aT. My eyes sTill smarT from The glare oT The Tlash which conceived The picTure on The Tacing page. BuT my mind smarTs even more 'from The sTruggle oT Trying To Tind appropriaTe words To describe The experience of being a yearbook ediTor. The experiences and lessons gained Through my posiTion lie aImosT enTirely wiThin a single frame of reference--ThaT oT dealing wiTh people. The alleged purpose oT This parTicular wriTe-up is To acknowledge Those sTudenTs whose eTForTs over The pasT several monThs meriT recogniTion. BUT I personally am noT in Tavor oT This pracTice in This case simply because every member oT This sTaTT, wiThouT excepTion, has done an ouTsTanding job and deserves recogniTion, and iT individuals are singled ouT, one or Two are likely To be inadverTenTly omiTTed, I only wish ThaT every sTudenT on This campus could experience The spiriT of cooperaTion. noT only from sTudenTs, buT from The TaculTy and adminisTraTion also. ThaT I have enjoyed This pasT year. as well as The "mo- menT's noTice" aid and cooperaTion Trom concerns ouTside The school, such as GenTry-GiIberT PhoTographers in Blacksburg, and C. W. WarThen Company oT Lynchburg. I view The wrapping-'up oT This year's BUGLE wiTh mixed emoTions. EdiTing The BUGLE has demanded an unbelievable amounT oT Time and work. yeT This has unquesTionably been The mosT rewarding year of my IiTe. My goal This year has noT been To win a piece oT paper Telling me ThaT The I967 BUGLE is an ouTsTanding yearbook: These awards are based on journaIisTicaIIy correcT pracTices. some oT which are so sTiTF and inTIexible ThaT sTricT adherence deTracTs more from The book Than iT adds. College annuals are produced Tor sTudenTs. noT judges, and my goal has been To produce a book which you, The sTudenTs. will Teel is The besT book ever To hiT' This campus. IT you enjoy possession of This book one-half as much as my sTaTf and I have enjoyed puTTing iT ouT, we will have succeeded. Thank you. E. Ray YounT, Jr. EdiTor, I967 BUGLE 458 v...----.. ln ww V1 !"'Q,i"', Edifor wraps up fhe las? 'two pages of Hue V.P.l. BUGLE, I9b7. 459 QU. I. 'g-sv: P? xifikv A 1 W .F me' w if ,.,.V.g...... ., 44 35 X 1 NOTES NOTES NOTES NUTES

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