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3n jWemortam FACU LTY PROFESSOR G. W. TIDD June 12, 1947 C. A. MONTGOMERY Assistant Director of Extension Service June 21, 1947 PROFESSOR LOIS RAINWATER November 26, 1 947 PROFESSOR H. B. RIFFENBURGH January 5, 1948 STUDENTS DARRELL L. ROSE May 10, 1947 HARRY T. BRAND, JR. August 17, 1947 ALFRED X. HOLDEN February 18, 1948 CALVIN R. GROVES April 25, 1948 HERBERT M. MANDEL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF NORMAN B. HODGES BUSINESS MANAGER ESSOR GUIDON T. BAIRD FACULTY ADVISOR W ? ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF MRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA " . . . . Her past has been a glorious one, but the greatness of her future shall know no bounds. In the fields of science, industry, agriculture, commerce, or wherever the call to duty or service may be sounded, there you shall find her sons and daughters. Imbued with her principles of personal honor and integrity, her spirit of loyalty and comradeship, they shall move ever forward as leaders in the world of tomorrow. To her future greatness and to those who have made her great — her administration, her faculty, her alumni, and her students — we humbly dedi- cate this — THE BUGLE OF 1948 The increase in applications for admission to col- leges and universities has again made it necessary, as on two previous occasions, fo r the Board of Visitors of Virginia Polytechnic Institute to con- sider a plan for the expansion of V. P I. In 1872 the Commonwealth of Virginia, under the Congressional Land Grant College Endowment, ac- quired Preston and Olin Institute and established in its place Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College. The year V. A. M, C, later renamed Virginia Polytechnic Institute, was established, a plan which called for the erection of the old brick group of academic buildings and barracks was adopted. The buildings and landscaping called for in this plan were completed before the first world war. After World War I the alumni initiated a move- ment to erect a memorial in the form of a gym- nasium. The Administration approved the build- ing and commissioned Warren P. Manning to study the campus, select the site for the memorial build- ing, and offer his plan for the future development of the college ' s physical plant. The Manning Plan, " the basis for the expansion of V. P. I. for all time, " was submitted and adopted in the early 1920 ' s. Manning ' s plan called for a break with the old quadrangle scheme and the adoption of the present oval, with the gymnasium and stadium on the minor axis. Opposite the War Memorial Building on the same axis an administration build- ing was to be erected sometime in the future. The plan also showed tentative future developments which are now represented by the stone dormitories, dining hall, agricultural group, Davidson Hall, Patton Hall, and the Mineral Industries Building. In a period of twenty years " the plan for all time " has been completely carried out and V. P. I. is not yet equipped to grant admission to all qualified applicants. The Manning Plan did not anticipate a school of 6000 students, which, by the end of The World War II Memorial Viewed from the Parade Ground m B - f ii Approach to the World War II Memorial from the Mall World War II, was forced on the consideration of the Administration. During the period between wars there was a steady increase in the enrollment at V. P. I. A study of this steady increase reveals it would have been sufficient to bring the student body to its present size even if there had not been a war resulting in educational benefits for the vet- erans The Administration, after studying this in- crease in enrollment and surveying the potential college students in the state, concluded that V P I. must expand sufficiently to accommodate 6000 students by 1955. As a result of its findings, the Board of Visitors, in 1946, engaged Alfred Hopkins and Associates to study and report on a plan for growth. The Hop- kins Plan, which calls for further development of the oval scheme, has not been approved in its entirety, but its basic suggestions have been adopt- ed and will be used in future developments. One feature of the plan which transcends all others is the erection of the War Memorial at the campus terminus of the Memorial Hall. Another firm of architects working with the alumni on the memorial also selected this focal point as the logical loca- tion of the monument. The Hopkins Plan divides itself naturally and prop- erly into groups located so as to provide facilities as conveniently as possible Imagine yourself standing in the doorway of the gymnasium looking toward Burruss Hall. You will see, in the future, on the left of Burruss Hall the applied science group including Davidson Hall and the Academic Science Building. At the far left, radiating from the oval, will be living quarters and the extended agricultural group. On the right of Burruss Hall will be Patton Hall, McBryde Hall, and the com- pleted Mineral Industries Building comprising the engineering group. At the far right on the major axis of the oval will be the memorial On rising ground behind the memorial you will see the Graphic Arts Building. To the right of the mall will be the new library in the same location as the - 7 ' v Agricultural Unit Number Four will connect the General Science Building and the Agricultural Engineering Building 2M if j|- " p.-- ii-i|l ; mJt ' « - 1 1 1 sbBi .iist ' isis ■ ' in ' . I oaaS ' USiK ' ' . ! f. m -,ii|: iw ft! h i I w ■ m r. ' Above is shown the Building which will connect the New Agriculturol Hall and the General Science Building present structure. Beyond the old quadrangle there will be new dormitories and the necessary dining facilities. As V. P. I. is a state institution the proposed buildings must be financed through the State Budgetary System, Thus, plans can be adopted and buildings designed but nothing may be erected until appropriations have been made by the Gen- eral Assembly Prior to 1948 partial appropriations have been made for the completion of the agri- cultural group and engineering laboratory, addi- tions to the infirmary, and erection of an academic science building. The money for the other develop- ments has been requested but as yet has not been approved. The expansion of Virginia Tech ' s physical facilities will not change the institution ' s primary aim; rath- er it will strengthen her position and increase her usefulness. V. P. I. will continue to serve the stu- dents, the state, and the nation in the fields of teaching, research, and extension Virginia Tech will continue to operate as a tech- nical professional college serving Virginians first . ' ., ' ,.! ' ■ Irtri 1 ' « " The Soils Laboratories will be housed in the Agronomy Lab, shown above and predominately. The work at V. P. I. will be so arranged as not to encroach on the areas of the other state institutions. The Agricultural and Engineering Experiment Stations and the Agri- cultural Extension Service will intensify their in- vestigations of current problems arising in indus- try and disseminate the information uncovered to the persons and agencies that will benefit by it The Agricultural Experiment Station which has been conducting research in the field of agri- culture since 1887 will continue experiments to find better farming methods. However, added emphasis will be placed on its study of the mani- fold problems of distribution, marketing, and social activities in order to make suggestions toward a better community life for the families in the rural sections of Virginia The facts learned through this research are distributed to the farmers and their families by the staff of the Agricultural Ex- tension Service. The Extension Service, serving as the connecting link between the Experiment Sta- tion and the rural families, now plays an integral part, and in the future will play an even greater part, in the life of every Virginian At present we do not have an extension service in the field of engineering, but we do have an experi- Our artist ' s conception of a portion of the new hospital as seen from the Mall The East Gate will connect Patton Hall and the new Engineering Hall ment station which is conducting some worthwhile research, which in most cases is connected with some phase of Virginia ' s industries. Virginia Tech has engineering branches in four of the leading industrial centers of the state: Richmond, Norfolk, Bluefield, and Danville. The Engineering Divisions, operating in cooperation with other educational institutions, offer the equivalent of six quarters instruction in any engineering curriculum taught at Blacksburg. The curricula taught at V. P. I. will continue to cover the fields of engineering, agriculture, and commerce, with added stress being placed on the preparation for positions in Virginia ' s industry. Al- though no additions are planned for the immediate future, the curricula will be kept abreast of cur- rent developments and trends with courses and departments being added if the need for them arises. The functions of resident instruction, research, and extension work are so closely related that each aids and strengthens the other. Since the experi- ment stations are in contact with agricultural, in- dustrial, and commercial interests, the student ' s attention is focused on practical situations, current attitudes, methods, and objectives. The student ' s introduction to the environment in which he will work after graduation and the broadened pros- pective the professors gain from research results in improved instruction. As more practical applica- tions of the courses are added to the curricula more students will realize that they will benefit by specialized graduate work in their chosen field. At present the degree of master of science is con- ferred with majors in twenty-six departments: the degree of doctor of philosophy is offered with majors in four departments. The college ' s enlarged facilities will make it possible for the graduate school to offer these degrees in other fields if enough students indicate a desire to take advan- tage of this training. In the past seventy-five years V. P. I. has grown from a college with a student body of 132 until it is now the largest school in the state. Following the same ideals that have given her a successful past, and with the students and professors, backed by loyal alumni, working with improved facilities, Virginia Tech looks to an even greater future. The staff of THE BUGLE is indebted to Messrs. Corneal and Johnston, architects and engineers of Richmond, for much of the information presented in this article. To them, and to Mr. J. Ambler Johnston in particular, we extend our heartfelt thanks. IB Our artist removes the trees and takes a look at Burruss Hall flanked by the Applied Science and Engineering Quadrangles J)r. (Waller S. cNt ewman GfaminLs tration Our President . . . On Greater V. P. I. It has been said that " the land-grant college movement has been responsible for making the United States the greatest tool-using nation of the world. " The truthfulness of this statement is supported by the unpar- alleled production of industry and agriculture in both World War I and World War II Our college and alumni played an important part in this productivity. To the students now enrolled at V. P. I., the record of our alumni is an inspiration and a challenge. The task confronting those of you to gradu- ate in the next several years will be a two-fold one; that of maintaining and increasing the productive capacity of the nation, as well as — and this is of equal importance — of influencing the social and economic pattern of our nation and the world. It is apparent that there is a renewed and extended interest in college education on the part of all our citizens. This, we believe, will be reflected in increased enrollment at Tech. To take care adequately of the students who will be coming to us in the next six to ten years, it will be necessary, we believe, practically to double the physical capacity of the present plant; to increase our efforts in research and graduate work; to add new courses sup- plementing present offerings; and to adjust the teaching load and salaries of the staff. Our success in securing the finances to meet these needs will depend, in a large measure, on the service that the institution can render the State and on the record and achievement of the present alumni and of you, the students who will soon go out as graduates. To the student body, I wish to express our deep appreciation for your fine spirit of cooperation in making the best of crowded conditions in the present abnormal situation, and we want to assure you of our conviction that you have contributed to a greater Tech through your industry, atti- tude, and spirit Walter S. Newman President Ojaministration CLARENCE P. MILES Dean of the College DR. JOHN R. HUTCHESON Chancellor EARLE B. NORRIS Dean of Engineering THOMAS B. HUTCHESON Dean of Agriculture Jjepartmenh COLONEL ROBERT B. H. BEGG Civil Engineering DR. BYRON NELSON COOPER Geology PROFESSOR CLINTON HARRIMAN COWGILL Architectural Engineering PROFESSOR HENRY LANKFORD DUNTON Agronomy DR. MARION CLIFFORD HARRISON Languages DR. THOMAS WATKINS HATCHER Mathematics PROFESSOR CHARLES WILLIAM HOLDAWAY Dairy Husbandry PROFESSOR WILLIAM GRANT IRESON Industrial Engineering PROFESSOR JAMES BERNARD JONES Mechanical Engineering DEAN THEODORE WILLIS KNOTE Business Administration PROFESSOR GEORGE WASHINGTON LITTON Animal Husbandry PROFESSOR HARRY LYNN MOORE Poultry Husbandry PROFESSOR WILLIAM ARTHUR MURRAY Electrical Engineering DR. LOUIS O ' SHAUGHNESSY Graduate Studies ond Applied Mechanics DR. EARLE LONG OVERHOLSER Horticulture DR. FRANK LEIGH ROBESON Physics PROFESSOR ARTHUR EDWARD ROWLAND Aeronautical Engineering PROFESSOR HARRY WARINNER SANDERS Agricultural Education PROFESSOR CHARLES EDWARD SEITZ Agricultural Engineering DR. JOHN WILBUR WATSON Chemistry PROFESSOR HAROLD VANCE WHITE Metallurgy PROFESSOR JOHN WEED WHITTEMORE Ceramic Engineering DR. IRL DONAKER WILSON Biology PROFESSOR WILLIAM LEE YOUNGER Physical Education H. .ERE are the Classes — Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen. To them Alma Mater has endowed many wonderful things. All that she is and all that she is striv- ing to be is imbued in each of them. Her principles are their principles, her knowledge is their knowledge, her fame is their fame. All that she possesses she has will- ingly given to these — her classes. May they forever re- member their great heritage and may they in turn con- tribute their share to the glory which is Greater V. P. I. Hcmel Watts Scott Bagley Officers of the Glass of ig O J. E. SCOTT President G. W. WATTS Vice-President R. W HAMEL Secretary R. M BAGLEY Treasurer The history of the Class of 1948 has truly been an interesting one When the members of the class first entered V P I in 1944, little did they realize that upon their shoulders would rest the responsibility of leading Tech ' s students through the transition period from wartime to peacetime conditions. During the war, a great percentage of the men were called to the service of their country, thus dangerously reducing the ranks of the class. When the conflict ended, however, men from previ- ous classes returned to complete their studies and graduate with the Class of 1 948, replenishing the thinned ranks. Thus, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Eight has met and accomplished the mission set before it. It has helped preserve those traditions so dear to Alma Mater, and has led the school to the time where we can see in the future a truly Greater V. P. I. Millta Yl] MILITARY PARKER DUVALL ARCHIBALD Arlington Industrial Engineering Class ' 45 i .n. i n Force Co G (1 2), Co. L, Sqdn. R (3), Sqdn, It Mi; Supply Sgt., 2ml Lieut., 1st Lieut. (3), Captain (4); soiMir i :: t . Corps Secretary t. ' i). Corps Vice- President itt; Omicron Delta Kappa tti; Scab- bard I Blade ( 1 : V s. ( ' . 10. (1 2 1 ; s, SI. (3 41; Maryland Club il 2): Capitol I lull i 3 4); Rifle Club (1); Canterbury Club (4). WESLEY L. BAUM Saint Brides Electrical Engineering Class ' 48 krtillerj Co. M (I 1, Co. (2), Btry. I (3 4); Corporal (2), 1st l.t. (3), Captain (4); Senate (3); t ' Oountrj i 1), Track Mi; Intramural Softball (I 2), Wrestling [ 1 i, Boxing (1). Cross-Country (4); Sentinel ( :; It. Assistant Editor (4); Eta Kappa Nu (3 4), Recording Secretary i It; Tan Beta Pi (3 It; Phi Kappa Phi 1 4 1 ; A. I. E. E. Iti; s M. E. (4). HARRY FERNANDO BESOSA San Juan, Mechanical Puerto Kill. Engineering ( ' las: Co. I. ( 1 Cpl. (2), plj tut. i Rad-Tech 4S 2 :■: i, Bn. Staff Supply Sgt. i ■ ' ■ i I i ; Chairmai (41. (3 4 ). in. I i, Color Sgt. i of Recreati Engineers H,i. Staff (4 ) ; i :: i. Bn. Sup- in ( ommittee, JOHN WILBUR BURCHARD Manassas Industrial Engineering Class ' 46 (Air Force) Air Force Co. G (1), Co. L (2), Sqdn. R (3), Regt. Staff (4); Cpl. (2), Captain (3), Major, Regt. Supply Officer (4); Senate (2 3), II., nor Curt (3 4), Jury Foreman (3), Judge (4); Scabbard and Blade (4), 2nd. Lieut. (4); A. S. M. E. (1 2); S. A. M. (4) Vice-President (1); S. A. M. E. (2); Capitol Club (1 2 3 4); Piedmont Club (4); Maroon Mask s. S (1 2 3); Glee Club (1 2 4); Rifle Club (1 2). WILLIAM PRICE CARTER, JR. Bluefield, West Virginia Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 Artillery Co. L (1), Co. M (2), Btry. K. (3), 3rd Bn. Staff (4); Cpl. (2), 2nd Lieut. (3), 1st Lieut.. Bn. Adj. (4i; Senate (3), Ass ' t Defense Attorney, Honor Court (3); A. S. M. E. (12 3 4); Y. M. C. A. (4); DeMolay (4). 20 MURRAY LIONEL COOPER Petersburg Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4il tAir Force) Engineers Btry. S (1), Co. L (2), Co. E (3), Co. F (4), Corporal (2), Supply Sgt., 2nd Lt. (3), Capt. (4); I ' i Tau Sigma (4); A. S. M. E. (12 3 4); Lord Heading Club (1 2 3). Cske (jxineteen Jorhij-eicjrit Jjucjle SENIORS JOSEPH M. CRITCHER Florence, South Carolina Industrial Engineering Class ' 4 5 (Air Fo Engineers Co. E (1), Co. L (2), Co. E (3), Co. O, 3rd Bn. Stafl (4), Cpl., Pit. .Sgt. (2), 2nd Lieut. (3), Capt. (4); Senate (2 3), Executive Committee (2 4); Intramural Rifle Team (2 1; Bugle (4), Vssoc. Editor 14); Scabbard and Blade (4); A. S M. E. (1); S. A. M. (3). JOHN WARWICK DANIELJR. Newport News Bio-Chemistry Class ' 4!) Artillery Band 11 2 3 4) ; Cpl. (2), Sgt. ( ■ ' ■ l. I.t. (4); Senator (I 2); Honor Court (1); Phi Kappa Phi (4): Biologj Club ii 2 : ' , 41. sec ' y ill. Vice- President (3), President (2 4); Cave Club n 2). CLAUDE WILLIAM DEACON Covington Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 Engineers Band 1 2 3 4); Corp. (2), 1st Sgt. (3), Lieu- tenant (4); Va. Tech Engineer (4); Pi Tau Sigma (3 4) ; A. S. M. E. (4). JOSEPH ELLIS DIXON Pungo Electrical Engineering (Mass ' 4S Engineers Band (1 2 3), Co. (4); Cpl. (2). 1st Lt. (3), Capt. (4); Corps Secretary (3); Scabbard and Blade (4), Capt. (4 1; A. I. E. E. (1 2 3 4); Southern Colonels (1 2 3 4). ROBERT BENJAMIN DUNN li u in, Pennsylvania Business Administration Class ' 4 (Army) Artillery Co. C (I). ( ' ... M I 2 i. Btry. I (3), Btry. L (4) Sgt. (2), 1st Sgt. (3). 1st Lt. (4); Senate (3) Alpha Kappa Psi (3 41; Business Club (1 2) Cotillion (. ' lull (3 41; (ike Club (li; Maroon Mask (2). 21 MEADE CASTLETON EDMUNDS, JR. Petersburg Biology (las-; ' 4s Artillery Co. M (1 2), Btry. I (3), 3rd. Bn. Staff (4); Cpl (2), 2nd I.t. (3), Lt. Col. (4); Cadet Senate (3), Prosecuting Attorney, Honor Court (4); Cheer Leader (3 4), Head Cheer Leader (4); Intramural Football (1), Softball (1 2); Scabbard and Blad. (4); Omicron Delta Kappa i4i; Monogram Club (4); German Club (3 4), Publicity Chairman (4); Petersburg Club (4). VlrcjLnLa 1 olijhecYinLc institute MILITARY DAVID SAMUEL FARMER, JR. Halifax Agricultural Education ..-- . - Artillery - 2nd : S Intramural til (1 3 I ; Alpha y y Seminole Club (4 j 4 H I 11. HARVEY GEORGE GILLESPIE, JR. Pounding Mill Mechanical Engineering s ' 48 Bngil L l 2 l . ( E 2nd Bn. Staff 4 Li . Bn. Suppfj Officer u Jurj (4); ]!iti.j! football J Va. Tech Engineer - : V. M. t. I i: Dellolaj (3 . JOHN PATRICK GILMAN nod Civil Engineering 47 I Air i Engineers - - 4 ) : Pic, . Lt. Col. I 4 I ; dilate iTlliS AIt ' of Cadets Bifle Team Intramural trad i - Tau B--ta 1); Chi Ept S abbanl and Blade (3 1), 1st 1 (S 4); S. A. M. I L S. C. E. (1 2 3 4): Newman Clul I » - Pres Rifle Club I 1 2 3 t Richmond Club GARLAND WRIGHT HEADLEY ■„!- Business Administration Navy i Clob V. M C. A. (1 2 -— " MELVIN CLAY HOBSONJR. Ailing Chemistry RAY LEE HOLLANDSWORTH Willw Agricultural Education ( la - i Infantry i . " . i Army i Infantry ... N i l J Co. B (3 Lt. ( 3 i. Cat.t. ( 4 i; Senate i -am i 1 2 3 4 i. i apt imural Wrestling M 2 3 4); Pershing Rifle bard and Blade (4); ' bemisnrj Club H2 • lai . Pub- Ikatk - Btry. S (1 2), Co B S- . i Lt Cant. (4); Intran D-lta Kai j (4): Alpha • ■ -j bard and Blade - - 4); Igricull F F. A. ■ 1 2 3 4 j. L lte CMineteen iJortij-eLCjrih Jjucjle SENIORS HERBERT MAURICE MANDEL - Civil Engineering Class ' 4J (Army) Eng: E i ,. Btrj K Bn. Staff (4); Pfc. . -_ Col. • - ' - Track - rarBity M . 1 . Va. Tech . _ B - 5 i E-iitor-in-Chief (4), Poblicati s B Tau r -tj - Pi Delta .: - .: Ep- ' 3 4 . : Phi Kappa PI - Uelta Kappa (4); S.-a ' jbar.i an.l Bb - H. E. - r E. 14); Lori Reading Club - : Yankee Club (1 ! JOHN RUEL MANNING Washington, D. C. Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM RUSSELL McFALL Clintwood Industrial Engineering - ' -. _■ - - I i . Btry. K ili; P e Sgt., lsJ I. (4); Senate (4), g ate Vice-Pres. (4); B -: In- tramural Football 2 4 I ; B - - M. E - Crab (1 2); Newman Club ( 1 2 - Bifle Crab ( 1 2 3 4 S. A. M. E. - - _ [e (4); Ba- Intramural Softball (12.. ill II ! ball - I); S. A. M. t RIEMAN McNAMARA, JR. BKMld Business Administration .. . Infantrv to. N ' Sg 2 I. 1st l.t - - r Court (2 Trtas. . :(■: Vice-President, ' hair- man 4S Ring Conunitl Upha Kappa Psi - .board an.l Blade 141: Busi- ness Club .1 2 % 4 1 : Richmond Club .12 President (3); Student Final e B ard (3 . FRANK COCHEU MONTAGUE Arlii Architecture Class ; " vrm i Artillery Btry - B1 -apply 2nd Lt. (S), Cap . (4); S Intra- mural Tr.k .12 4. Football 1 2 3 41. Baseball - _:na l -ltu Psi (4); All lulramuial Team g Rifles - I I -octal and Cultural Program Committee CHARLES BENJAMIN MOORE Business Administration - -- Artillerv Band (12 3 4 1st Lieut. , Intramura. Soft - Club I); S :h»est Vir- ■23 vircjinia JroLyteclinlc 3nstdutt MILITARY EDWARD M. NETTLETON HempBtead, New Ifork ROBERTO FRANCISCO NIN Coloso, Puerto Rico Mechanical Engineering Architecture Class ' 47 t Merchant Marine ) Tranaportat ion Clo ' 47 Engineers Co B I i 2), Co V Band (2), Co. II (3), 1st Bn. Stall (11; Ciil., Sgt. (2), 1st Sgt. (3), 11m. Supply Officer iii; Senate i 2 ; Wrestling (3 4): Baseball Manager (2); Intramural WreBtling (8 1); Pi Tau Sigma (3 4 1, Lee Pres. (4); . s. l. E. il 2 8 4); Y. M. C. A. (1 2); Pres. Fresh. (1); Cabinet ii 2), Vice-Pres, (2); M gram Club (3 4); DeMolay (12 3 4); Canterbury Club (1 2 S 4 1. Jr. Warden (2 4). Co. I. i I i. i o. N (2), ( ' ... A. Co. K (8), Co. E, Co, B, Co. O (4); Cpl.. Sgt., Supplj Sgl (8), 2nd l.i in; Senate ill; Track (3); Intramural Sports 11 2 8 4); Sentinel (3 41; Bugle I :i 4); Va. Tech (4); A. 1. A. (2 :: ! , Pres. 12 i; Short Wave i tub i 3 i i ; Newman Club i I 2 :; 4 1 ; Cave Club (1 2). ROLFE ROBERTSON i lainetn ille Agricultural Education ( llass ' 44 (Coast Guard I Artillery Btry. I (1 2i, Btry. I. Btry K. Bn. Stall (3), Regl stall mi; Sgt., l.i,. Capt., Major (3), Cnl 1 (4); Acting Pres. Corps Senior Class (4). Senate (3), Executive Cmt. (3), Defense Att ' y, Honor Court (3); Football ill. Boxing (1 2 3); Intramural Softball (1 2), Track II 2), Boxing (3), Football (1 ' 2 3i; Scabbard ami lllade (4); Block ami Bridle (4); Agricultural Club (12 3 4), Vice-Pres. (4); F. F. A. (1 2 3 4), Vice-Pres. (4); Cotillion Club (2 3 4i; Piedmont Club (4). CLARENCE ACRA ROBINS, JR. I ' .irtMii ill Ii Mechanical Engineering Class ' 47 (Air Force) Artillery Co. M (1 2), Btry. I (3 4|; Cpl. (2). 1st Sgt. (3). 1st Lt. (4); Intramural Softball (2 8), Basket- ball (2), Football (4 1; Va. Tech (1), Sentinel (4), Va. Tech Engineer (41; A. S. M. E. i4i; Ports- mouth Club (4). GLENN WILLIAM SAUNDERS, JR. Ib, I, L -well Civil Engineering Class ' 48 Engineers Co. N II 2), Co. B, Co. E 131. Co. E (4); Sgt. (3), 2nd Lt. (4); Baseball (1 2); Intramural s,,tl ball (1 2 3 4), Football (12 3 4), Basketball (1 2 3 4); Va. Tech (2); Va. Tech Engineer (4); Bugle (4 1, Sports Editor (4); A. S. C. E. (2 3 4); Richmond Club (1 2); Petersburg-Hopewell Club (4); Monogram Club (2 3 4); DeMolay (2 3 4); Rifle Club (1 21; Y. M. C. A. (1 2 3). 2 4 JOHN EDWARD SCOTT, JR. Cra, 1. look Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 Engineers c, L (1), Co. N (2), Bn. Staff, Co. B (3), 1st Bn. Staff, Co. B (4); Cpl. (21, Color Sgt., 2ml Lt., Bn. Adj., Capt. (3), Lt. Col (4); Corps Treas. (3), Corps President (3 4); Swimming (3 4); Class of ' 48, Vice-Pres. (2), Pres. (3); Va. Tech Engineer (3); Omicron Delta Eappa (3 4), Vice- Pres. (4); Tau Beta Pi (3 41; Pi Tau Sigma (3 4); Scabbard and Blade (4); German Club (3 4 1, Pres. 14 1, Leader (3); DeMolay (1 2 3); Portsmouth Club (3 4), Vice-Pres. (3), Pres. (4). IfiSifejDfir. L ke Oxlneteen Jortij-elcfni Jjucjle SENIORS WILLIAM PARKE TERRY, JR. Richmond Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4 7 (Army) Infantry Co. K (1), Co. L (2 3), Co. B (4); Corporal (2), Sgt., Supply Sgt., 1st Sgt. (3), 1st Lieut. (4); Honor Court (1 2 3 4 ) ; Senate Secretary ( 2 ) ; rntramural Tennis (2 3), Softball (3), Foot- l.all (3): The Virginia Tech (2 3 ). Desk Edit,, r (3); Editorial Start ' , The Bugle (4); A. S. M. E. (4); Richmond Club (1 2 3 4). NEIL HERBERT TRINER New York, New York Civil Engineering Class ' 40 Kh-ihlrl -. Co. N (1 2), Co. E (3 4), Cpl. (2), 1st Lieut. (3), Capt. 14); Defense Attorney, Honor Court (4); rntramural Football (12 3 4), Baseball (1 2 3 4); Tail Beta Pi (3 41, Vice-President (4); Chi Ep- silon (3 4), Vice-President (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Scabbard and Blade (4); A. S. C. E. (2 :: hi Yankee Club (4); Ring Committee, Class of 1H4H. GEORGE WILSON WATTS Portsmouth Aeronautical Engineering C lass ' 48 Air Force Co. M (1 -1 i, Co. B (3), Regt. Staff (4); Pfe, Corp. ri), 1st Sgt., 1st Lt. (3), Capt. (i); Senati (1 1 :i i ; Honor Court (1 2), Ass ' t Prosecuting At- torney, Honor Court (3); Intramural Football (1); Vice-President, ( lass ' 4 ; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences (1 2 3 4), Vice-President (2); Ports- mouth Club (4 1 ; DeMolay (1 2 3 4 1, Senior ouncilor (3). JJistincjuished Jnliitarij Students tg j-tg O RICHARD M BAGLEY Air WESLEY L. BAUM Artillery WILLIAM H. DARNELL Engineers DAVID 5. FARMER Artillery JOHN P. GILMAN Engineers CARL F. GODFREY Artillery HERBERT M. MANDEL Engineers JOHN R. MANNING Engineers RIEMAN McNAMARA Infantry EDWARD M. NETTLETON Transportation ROLFE ROBERTSON Artillery JOHN E. SCOTT Engineers NEIL H. TRINER Engineers 25 vircjinia 1 oLi tecknic institute MILITARY - ■ : : . _ - - E z l ] C Aie C nineteen cyortij-ticjlit JjuqU JUNIORS : : T : - _ : - - ■ . - - - - - - - _ - - See : r Era— z : - ; ■ : ' V irqinia Jroudechnic Qnsiihx t = - JUNIORS I A ei II R I 1 1. ill nr i I I I hi s i ' i rhompson I I alio I D ■, I M , , ■ I 1 I I ' S Voi hull, I i B Walkei l W Warwii I W B Wassi ii. i, in Wats -ii ( B Watson I M Webb I II Westlake W R Whit, VY i Wilkinson W I Williams, I A Wisei arver, P W 4d k 1 h±A pa i - " 1 SP f - M Wj K.J V m w fl PW 1 !8 (S Oxineteen jorttj-elcflit Jjuqle SOPHOMORES Abroms, W E r , H. E rs, P. L on, J B. Alphin, R O i, W F Anderson, J W. Anderson, Anderson, W. .vs, P. H. Appich, C Bailey, F Boird, P. L Banks, E F i Barlow, J H Barnes, N. L. Earnhardt, H J Bascom, W. C. Beninghove, W. T Benjamin, W. B. Beverley, W. M. Bidwell, : Birdsall, C Blalock, H G. BorthwicS- Bowman, N. R. Boyer, W. J. Bozarth, J. L Brad Brodley, W. M. Brammer, J L z. w. Brooks, F. O. Brouse, F. W. Browder, R. L. Brugh, L D. Buck, J. F. Bullock, J. L Bunting, R. L. Burch, C. D. Burgess, I. K. Burtc Butler, J K Button, W. R. Cannon, A. S. ' -.. Vircjinia 1 olytechn ' ic institute ■- 1 MILITARY Carter, W. S Chramiec, M A C lowers, C R Culbertson, R K Dance, S. L. Dew hirst, W. S. Dobson, C A Domazet, J T Dwyer, H. I. Eanes, M. E. Eisel, J W. Eley, C. M English, J. B. Evans, S. S. Ezell, W. F. Ferguson, G. D. Fergusson, W. E. Field, G. B. Fletcher, R F Foglesong, D. L. Ford, C D. Fox, G L Funk, R. J. George, H. W. Gibson, R. W Gilbert, R W. Gillespie, J. P. Gil ley, J. E. Gorman, J. V. Goulder, L L Gourse, J. A Green, R W Hall, C. A Hammerly, R. L Hammock, B. R Hammond, G. Hardcastle, H S Harrah, E. B. Harrison, T. C Harrison, W. B. Harvey, H J Harvey, R_ W Hassmger, W. E. Henry, J. E. Holland, A. J. Horner, W. W Huddleston, R. L Huffman, D. W x i 30 L ke cHlneieen 0ortij-ei()rit 3u(jU SOPHOMORES 31 Huffman, S A, Hunt, H J Hunter, T. C. Iddmgs, A T. Isley, J D Jacob, L. S. Jacobson, P S. Jessee, W J. Johnson, J L Johnson, W. R. Jolliff, J. K Jones, S. L. Kendnck D L Kinder, C E Kirby, J. C. Kittinger, 0. T. Knox, W. D. Koty, J R. Kraehenbuehl, A Lambdin, R L. Lane, A. L Langrally, C. H Langston, W Lane, S. N Larrick, D E Lee, W. M. Lemmon, E. T. Lewis, G. D. Long, T. B. Lynch, T. F. Lyon, L. B, Marion, C. B Markham, P G Martin, B M. Martin, R. E. Mason, J C Massie, W H McCatty, A H McCready, H M McManaway, B, N Meriwether, H Michael, J. W. Milstead, L M Minnigerode, C. Monroe, R. E Montgomery, R Moore, H. L. Morns, F. H. Virginia 1 oLyteckmc institute MILITARY _ r E _ - - - - _ m X lie C xineteen orhj-eujnl Jjuqle SOPHOMORES PP 3 v irqinia 1 oujUchnic Just it Lite _ E 1 3Q - - _ : ■ - . :- e - 1 SOPHOMORES Williams, B. N. Williams, E. M. Williams, G. M. Wilson, J. A. B. Wilson, J. A Wmslow, C. E, Wisman, W. R Withers, W T Wood, J. M Wood, M T Wood, W D. Woodford, H W Woolfolk, W. F. FRESHMEN Adair, B. F. Alexander, J. Anderson, B. M. Anderson, S E. Andrews, J. E. Ash, J. 0. Atkinson, J. Babb, E. M Baggerly, J. T. Bailey, G P. Baker, J. C Baker, K S Ballard, H D Barbee, M N 34 C ke Oxineteeri jortij-elcfrit Jjucjle FRESHMEN 30 Borco, E. D. Barret, R. W. Beale, R. F. Beckett, J F. Bell, R P. Beranek, J. Berry, J. E. Biggam, R. F. Binder, G. Blackwell, W. C Blair, L. A Bonney, D, E. Bradshaw, J. F. Brantley, P. H. Brennan, J. R, Britton, C. R. Browning, R C Bullock, S W Burleigh, H T Burnett, V. R Burns, N. H Burton, T. K. Butler, J. P. Calkins, R E Carson, J. M Carter, S W Catlm, F. S Cauley, R N Chilton, J F. Christopher, L. H Clarke, B. Z. Clarke, J. L Clarke, L. C. Clayton, C. A. Clements, H N Cockrell, E. R. Collins, M W. Collins, W. J. Colonna, W. N. Colston, R. D. Cook, W. A. Corell, C. S. Cotting, C. L Craig, C. L. Creasy, E. H Cromer, J, R Cross, D B Crouch, E. M. Virginia (Polyiecknic tfnstltuti MILITARY Crump, C H Culbertson, C. G. Cutler, D. G. Davis, E. B. Davis, J. E. DeHaven, G. W. Dirom, P. H. Disney, T. E. DoByns, E. K. Dorey, F. Drinkard, D. L. Duncan, W. W Dunkum, R C. Eason, W. R Elmore, W 5 Engleberg, A J Entsminger, L W. Farrar, V. E. Fink, D. R. Fletcher, W P. Ford, R L Francisco, C. P. French, F. D. Frith, R. D. Fulghum, R S Fulton, Z M K. Garland, D. E. Garrette, G. B. Gay, J. B. Gay, W. T Gilley, B H. Glass, J. H Glass, J. W Glenn, C. E. Glover, A. G . Goodman, E J Gordon, J. D. Graves, T. W, Gray, J. W Haden, E J Hager, W. C. Haley, E. A. Hampton, M. L. Hampton, T. J. Harper, R. H Harris, A. J. Harris, E. C. Helie, J. P. 3d C ke CHlneteen Jorhif-eicfht Jjucjle FRESHMEN 37 Henley, J. T, Henretty, R. M. Herndon, M, T Herron, D. W Hierholzer W P Hitt, M B Hobbs, D. R Hodge, W. E. Hodnett, C E Hoggard, G F Holbrook, T J Holden, A. X. Hollandsworth, V. R. Hopkins, J. E Hubbard, S. H. Huffard, J. S Hughes, R. D Hurst, R, J. Hurlbut, T. A Hutter, H. H. Isaac, S T Jennings, W. M Jimenez, J J Johnson, E T Johnson, J. G Jones, C. A Jones, D. G Jones, E G. Jordan, C F. Kennett. J H Keyes, W. L. Kirkland, H L Knight, H E Knight, L L Kricorian, J A Lane, F V Lampert, R. G. Large, P. M Lastovica, J. E. Leisner, H W Leverty, R. G Lewis, P. A. Lewis, W E Lindsay, W A Linn, D. R Lloyd, D S. Lodge, BE Logan, R H. vircfinia jpolijiecrinic umt ' duhe MILITARY Long, W. D. Love, J. S. Lucas, R. E. Lumsden, R. E. Lundberg, J. A. Madison, E. L. Madison, E. D. Manly, B. Manson, A. C. Marshall, C. V. Martin, R. L. Mason, J. P. H Mauzv, M P May, J. C. McClary, J. E McCraw, J C McCown, A T. McHone, R W. McKimmey, L. T. McMurrer, J E. Meador, A. H. Me|laender, J P Miller, J. I. Miller, M. P. Miller, R L Milstead, T. G. Minichan, D P. Mitchell, R H Mobberley, J C Moberg, A J. Montague, R. B Montgomery, R. M. Moore, R. Lee Moore, R. L. Moore, T B Moseley, W W Motley, R. L. Mullins, J W. Murray, R. H Mutter, B. D Newman, C. W. Newman, 0. W. Nicholson, C W Nickell, E. R. Noel, H S Nunn, W W. Omohundro, P. C Omps, A. R 3S .JttJ ' 1131? " " " -n-l I |l. .,: ' ■ ' , 1.,, mmaw CJfie OxLneteen fortij-eicjrit Jjucjle FRESHMEN 39 Orville, H. T. Owens, L. E. Parcell, R. E. Parker, H. G Parr, W. L. Parson, E. S. Payne, D. A. Payne, P. L, Pedersen, C. V. Pennybacker, J. H. Peterson, R, C. Pettit, A. G. Phillips, W B Phlegar, F. L. Porter, J. C. Powell, G. C. Preston, F. L. Pruitt, R A Quesenberry, R. C Raiford, M. L Ramsey, J. M Reed, M D Reynolds, E J. Rhea, R. E. Rierson, N E. Rietman, H P. Roadcap, R. S. Roberts, L E. Robertson, W H. Robinette, R. C. Robinson, J. F. Sandy, R H Schaefer, W. T. Scott, P. M Scott, T. M Scruggs, J. M Shelton, H R. Sherman, F. W. Shockey, J. Shrader, H A. Simpson, D. F. Sinclair, C. W. Smith, C. W. Smith, H. G. Smith, J. E. Smith, W H. Steed, R H. Stephens, R J. ircfinia PolytecknLc institute FRESHMEN Stephenson, W L. Stiff, W. L. Strother, G W Suit, R. L Swartz, H M Sweet, H M. Tait, R. Tanner, W. T. Thomas, R 0. Thompsen, R S. Tomlin, C. T. Tuck, J. E. Tucker, J. R. Tucker, W. T. Turner, A J. Turner, R. B. Turnley, R J. Tuttle, A N. Tynan, C. I. Umbarger, W M Umphlett, C. J. Upson, J S. Varson, W P. Via, K R. Waldrop, T. W. Waller, F. W Watson, L. H. Weaver, S W. Webb, H. W. Wellford, E. P. Wells, L. H, West, J W White, R. L. Whitehurst, B. M Whiteman, C H Williams, J. C. Williams, L W Williamson, H. A. Willman, G. F. Wilson, S. B. Wilson, T. E Wingard, R M Witt, H M Woodson, P. C. Woody, C K. Young, J.N. Young, W. F. Zeigler, J M feW hi i 40 Mini: ;n in ke Oxlneteen ijortif-eicjlih 3u(jle CjlvLlL tan CIVILIAN WILEY CABELL AGEE Becklej . Wesl irginia Business Administration c lass ' iS Navj i Corps in: Senate (1); Football Manager (4); tn- tramural Football (2 8), Softball (1 2 8 4). Basketball (8 4i, Bowling i :; i), Manager (8 4). JAMES W. AILSTOCK Beckley, Wesl Virginia Biology Olasa ' 48 JOHN LOUIS AMATO New York, New Fork Light Building Construction Class ' 44 (Artillery) Corps (1 2); Bugle (2); A. I. A. (4), A. S. M. E. (4), Newman (lob (4 1, Yankee Club 4i. BENJAMIN EVERETT AMES Driver Business Administration Class ' 46 (Army) Corps (1); Corps Senate (1); President Civilian Student Body (4); Intramural Sports (1 2 3); Pershing Rifles (1); Business Club (1); German Club (2 3 4), Executive Committee (4); Peanut Club (12 3 4), Vice-President (4); Y. M. C. A. IVA CARLOS ANDERSON Roanoke Business Administration Class ' 4. r » (Air Corps) Corps (1); Football (1); Lonesome Pine Club (4). 42 LAURENCE EUGENE ANDREWS, JR. Roosevelt, New York Geology Class ' 47 (Army) Corps (1 2 3); Corps Honor Court Jury (3); Wrestling (1); Treasurer Class ' 47 (1); Sigma Gamma Epsilon (4), President (4); A. I. M. E. (4); Cave Club (1 2 3); Maroon Mask (1 2 3); DeMolay (2 3); Virginia Academy of Science (2 3). Cshe CJxLneleen [jortij-elcjrit Jjucfle SENIORS IRVING MAURICE APPEL Brooklyn, New York Business Administration Class ' 45 (Navy) WILLIAM WESLEY ARGABRITE Blacksburg Business Administration Class ' 48 CARROLL LARKEY ARRINGTON Bluefteld, West Virginia Business Administration Class ' 45 (Air Force) Corps (1 2); Senate t 3 i ; [ntramural Sports i I 2); Business Club (2 3 4); V. M. C. A. (4); West- Corps (1 2); [ntramural Spirts (12 3 4); Busi- Alpha Psi Omega (3 4 ) , President ( 4 , ; Business minster Fellowship (2 3 ), Treasurer (2), President ness Club (2 3 4 ) ; West Virginia Club (1) ; V. Club (12 3 4); Yankee Club (I 2 4); Maroon :-; ) ; Christian Youth Council (2). M. C. A. (1). Mask (1 2 3 4 ) ; Senate Honor Court Committee (3), Lord Reading Club (4). GEORGE ROBERT ARM1STEAD JAMES DIGGS ASHLEY FRED GILL ASHWORTH South Hill Danville Keiiova, West Virginia Chemical Engineering Horticulture Business Administration Class ' 4 . ' i ( Air Force i Class ' 40 (Air For.,, i Slass ' 4 . ' i ( riny ) Corps (1 2 3); Intramural Softball (4), Baseball Corps (1); Virginia Tech News Staff (4); Hortieul- Colorado State College (1); Corps (1 2); Football (4), Football (4); A. I. Ch. E. (4); Southside tural Club (3 41. Treasurer :■: , President (4 ; (1), Basketball (1), Varsity Football (2), Aasis- Virginia Club. Seminole Club (4). taut Football Coach; German Club (2 3 4); Mono- gram Club (2 3 4). 43 Vircjinia 1 oiijtecknic Qmtitutt CIVILIAN HENRY TIMMONS BADGER Franktown MARSHALL LEE BAILEY Charlotte Court House Agricultural Economics Class ' 4(1 ( Navj i JAMES MICHAEL BACOS B klyn, Ne York Biology Agricultural Economics Class ' -IV ( Navj I Class ' 40 I Navj I Corps il 2 S); Intramural Football Hi. Softball Corps M 2); V S. A. E. ( 4 1 ; Agricultural Eco- Corps (1 2) ; Wrestling (1), Varsity Wrestling (2) ; ( 4)_ Bowliua (4); S . M E, (1 2); Biologj nomios Club (4); Eastern Shore Vnchor Club (4i; Intramural Spoils (I 2 :i 4); Agricultural Club Club (41; S. u E, (4); Yankee Club (4); Treasurer (4). O - :i )i Agricultural Economics Club (1 2 8 n. I)p« i u . (a) Treasurer 4 ; Mid-Virginia Club (3 4); DeMolay (1 Z). FRANK H. BALLARD Black Mountain, North Carolina Dairy Husbandry Class ' Is HENRY J. BANACH Radford Civil Engineering Class ' 4ii i Navj i BILLY SHELBY BARBOUR Wayne. West Virginia Agricultural Education class ' 4a ( Army) Corps (1 2); Football (1 2 3 4). Co-captain (4); Monogram Club (4). 44 die C XLneteen [jorhij-eicfrih Jjucfle SENIORS JOHN VANDERSLICE BARNES Roanoke Industrial Engineering Class ' 48 ( Air Force) ROBERT WOODHAMS BARNES Mathews Mining Engineering Class ' 4. " (Army) ROBERT DAV1ES BARRANGER Roanoke Aeronautical Engineering (lavs ' 40 ( Air Force) Roanoke College (II; S. A. M. (4); Roanoke Corps (1 2); A. I. M. E. (1 2 :i 4 ; lave Club Corps Hi; Senate (2), II. r Court (2 Mi, Prose Club (4). (1 2 . ' i 4), Vice-President (2), President (3); Mid- cuting Attorney (2 : ' . I ; I. . s. ill, Roanoke Club Tidewater Club (1 2 4). (1 2 :: 4i, President (3 4). THOMAS NOTTINGHAM BARTRON Hampton Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4s (Navy) JOHN ALISON BAUM Saint Brides Agricultural Engineering Class ' 47 ( Navj ) Class ' 4 5 CARL M. BEALE, JR. Norfolk Agricultural Engineering William and Man (II; Mount Saint Mary ' s (2); Norfolk Division (1); William and Man (2); Cornell University (2); l ' i Tau Sigma (4); A. S. Princeton University (3 4); Senate ( ' ■ ' ; ' Ph) M. E. (1 2 3 4); Hampton Roads Club (4). Kappa Phi (41; Forestry Club CI 4i; A .- ' . A. E. (3 4). 45 Virginia 1 olijtecknlc institute - CIVILIAN CHRISTIAN THEODORE BEECHWOOD, III i onneaul Lake, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering Claee ' 4 s ( Air Force i DONALD HALEY BELOTE I Inancock Business Administration Class " ill Vrraj i ALLAN VADEN BENNETT Algona, West Virginia Metallurgical Engineering class ' 16 (Navy) I niversitj ol Utah (1); Norfolk Division (2); A. Corps (1 2); Eastern Shore Anchor Club (12 3 4), Corps (1 2); Sigma Gamma Epsilon (1); Pershing S C. E. (4). Rifles, Sergeant i 2). American Society of Met;ils (4), Cave Club (8 4). £-. yW KENNETH WILLIAM BERGER Norfolk Biology Class ' 48 (Army) CHARLES REGINALD BERRY, JR. Staunton Business Administration Class ' 46 (Navy) ROY HENDERSON BIBLE, JR. Roanoke Chemistry Class ' 48 (Army) Norfolk Division (21; Pennsylvania State College Corps (1); Intramural Football (1); Business Club University ..f Maine (1); Alpha Theta Chapter of (1) ; Virginia Tech (4), l ' hi Kappa Phi (4), Biology (4); Shenandoah Valley Club (4). Phi Lambda Upsilon (4 1; American Chemical So- Club (4), Lord Reading club (4). ,i,ti (4); Roanoke Club (4). 46 L ke OxLneteen forhif-eicjrd JjucjU SENIORS MARTHA KATHRYN BISHOP Blacksburg General Business Class ' 48 Co-ed Basketball ( 1 ) ; Business Club (3 4 ) ; V. W. C. A. (1 2); Wesley Foundation (4). WILLARD SLADE BLANCHARD, JR. Norfolk Aeronautical Engineering Class ' 48 (Air Force) Norfolk Extension 11 2 ) ; I. A. S. (1 2 3 4); Nor- folk Club (3 4). WILLIAM GRAYSON BOGGS Onancock Mechanical Engineering (lass ' 43 (Merchant Marine) U. S. Merchant Marine Academy (1); Corps (1); Intramural Football (1 I); Virginia Tech Engineer ( 1 ); Pi Tau Sigma (3 4 ; Tan Beta 1 ' i ( 4 i ; A. S. M. E. (2 3 4), President (4 1; S. I. E. (1); East- ern Shore Anchor Club (1 2 3 4 ) , President (41; I ii-ii ring Council, President (4); V. M. C. A. (4). CHARLES R. BOISTURE Berwind, West Virginia Metallurgical Engineering Class ' 4 4 (Army) Bluefield Junior College ( 1 " 2 ) ; Sigma Gamma Ep- Bilon (1 2 3 4); A. S. M. (1 2 3 4). WALTER NOEL BOND Fredericksburg Mining Engineering Class ' 4. " i (Army I WILLIAM IRVIN BONDURANT Bluefield, West Virginia Mechanical Engineering Class ' 43 (Arm.! I Corps (1 2); Freshman Football ill; Intramural Bluefield College (1 2). Football (1); Sigma Gamma Epsilon (4), Secre- tin ( 1 1 ; A. r. M. E. (2 3 4 ), President (4)s Fredericksburg Club (1 2), Engineering Council (4). 47 Virginia jrolylechnlc Qmtltuh CIVILIAN THOMAS W. BOOTH Saltville Chemical Engineering 1.,-s ■ I I RAYMOND CHRISTIAN BOSSERMAN Lexington Business Administration Glass ' 49 (Army) GEORGE MALLORY BOUSH irginia Beach Bio-Chemistry ( lass ' 48 i Ur Force) Corps il - ' i ; Treasurei ol Civilian Student Body Intramural Football (8 !). Volleyball (3); Biologj (8), Senate (2 3); Secretary of Class ' V.) (1); Club (2 8 4); Forestrj Club (2); V M. » Virginia Tech II i; Uphfl Kappa Psi (3 I); Busi- (4); Science Club (4). iipss Club II 2 3 li. Vice-President (8), President (4i; Shenandoah Vallej Club (4); Veterans Club i li. GAVIN CARTER BRISTOW Franklin Agricultural Engineering t lass ' 4 4 (Army) ELMER CLYDE BROACHE, JR. Aylett Business Administration Class ' 45 (Army) JAMES BENHAM BROADWATER Big Stone Gap Business Administration class ' 4ii (Navy) Corps (1 2 3); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Alpha Zeta Corps (1 2); Alpha Kappa Psi (3 4); Business Corps 111; Intramural Basketball (3); Alpha Kappa (4); Agricultural Club (1 2 3); A. S. A. E. Club (1 2); Mid-Tidewater Club (1). Psi (3 4), Vice-President (4); Business Club (4); (3 4). Lonesome Pine Club (1 2 3). 4S ke Oxlneteen (jortif-eicfht 3u(jle SENIORS HENRY COPENHAVER BROSIUS Marion Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 (Air Force) HORACE EMORY BROWN, JR Falls Church Mechanical Engineering Class ' 44 (Army) IRENE PRESTON BROWN Abingdon Home Economics Class ' 48 Corps (1 2 :i 4); Virginia Tech (1 2 3); Phi Marion Junior College (1), Sullins College (I); Kappa Phi 14); Pi Tau Sigma (4); Tau Beta Pi intramural Tennis (4); Southwest Virginia Club (3 I). Secretary (3); . s. M, E. (3 i), Record- (4). ing Secretary ( :i ; Railroad Club (2 3 1, Treasucr (2), Vice-President (3). MALCON MARVIN BROWN, JR. Miiric.n Business Administration Class ' 4. ' i (Air Force) Corps (1 2); Freshman Boxing Manager i I i; Southwest Virginia Club (1 2). ROBERT VERNON BRUCE Huntington, Weat Virginia Electrical Engineering ' kiss ' 48 I ;i ' I. E. E. (1 2 3 4). JOHN SAMUEL BUCHAN Irvington Aeronautical Engineering ( lase ' I. " - i Vir Force i Corps (1); I. A. s. (4i; Northern Neck Club (4). V.i Virginia 1 oit tecknlc institute CIVILIAN NEAL BUNTING Fries Business Administration Class ' t s , , m I WILLARD PORTER BURDAKIN Norfolk Mechanical Engineering Class ' 18 i i mi i RICHARD SAMUEL BURKET Portsmouth Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 Corps i ' - ' i ; Maryland State teachers (..Mrs, ' (1); Corps (1); Pi Tau Sigma ill; A, s. | E. (Ii; Norfolk Division (1 2 ; A. s. M. E. (8 1); Souther Business Club (I 2 8 4); . U. C. . (8 Ii; Norfolk Club (8 4). Colonels (4). ii. (i. .i- Club (1). JAMES BERNARD BUSH, JR. KENNETH S. BUSH EUGENE LESLIE BUTT Waynesboro Radford yards Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Business Administration Class ' 47 (Navy) Class ' 4S Class ' 48 (Army) Corps (1 2) j Intramural Basketball (] 2 3 4), Bluefield College (1 2); Business Club (2 3 4) Football (1); A. s. U E. (4); Shenandoah Club (1 2 3 4 i ; DeMolay (2). 5Q CJie Cfx ' ineteen Jortif-e ' icfhl Jjucjle SENIORS ZULMA J. BUXO Caguas, Puerto Rico Home Economics Class ' 48 Hume Economics Club (4). LEONARD CARROLL CANTOR K ichmond Biology ( l.iss " 47 I Army 1 Corps (1); Biology Club (4); Lord Reading Club (4). FRANCIS LEWIS CARR Leesburg Civil Engineering Class ' 42 (Army) Corps (1 2 S 4); Chi Epsilon i4t; A. S I i: I 2 3 4); B. S., Animal Husbandry, 11)42. RICHARD NORMAN CARROLL Virginia Beach Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4. ' . (Navy I HURBERT EARL CARTER Madison, North Carolina Agricultural Education ( lass ' 48 i Coast Guard ) EDWARD JACKSON CHAMBERS Shoals, In. liana Electrical Engineering ( las ' 48 i rniy I Norfolk Division of William and Mary and V. P. I. Brenard Junior College 11 2); Intramural Spurts Evansville College il 2); Basketball i ' ■■■ 4.; lnira- il 2 :i ; Intramural Basketball (1 2 8), Football Ci 4); F. F. A. club i :; 4i. Seeretarj i :i ; Agri- mural Softball (3 ii; I I. E. (4). (1 2 3), Softball (1 2 :i); A. s. M. E. (3 4); cultural Club i :; I); Tar Heel Club (3 4). Norfolk Club (4). 01 Vlrcjlnla loit tecknic institute CIVILIAN GEORGE S CHAMBERS Clifton Forge Electrical Engineering i lass ' 48 JOHN ROLAND CHANDLER Onai ck Business Administration ii ' 48 (Air Corps) RAYMOND JAMES CHANDLER, JR. Lawrenceville Business Administration l lass ' 47 ( Army Business Club (I 2 :i 4); Eastern Shore Anchor Corps i 2 : ' . j ; Corps Secretary (2): Basketball (. ' lull (i 2 ;{ 4i, Treasurer (3), President (4). ( -J ) ; Intramural Cross Country (1); Track (2), FRED RANDOLPH CHAPMAN FRISBY F. CHEW MAURICE GUSTAV CHRISTIE Smithfirlil .St. Arlington Buffalo, [few Sort Industrial Engineering Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Class ' 45 (Navy) Class ' 48 Class ' 48 (Navy) nsselaer Polytechnic Institute (It; Corps (1 2); University of Buffalo (1). Senate (4); Wrestling (1 2); Intramural Wrest- ling (1); Society for the Advancement f Manage- ment i4t; American Chemical Society i 4 i ; Peanut Club (4). 52 C ke CJxLneteen [Jorhij-eLcjht Jjucjle SENIORS RICHARD DAVIS CHUMNEY Wannboro Agronomy Class ' 48 (Army) Corps (1 2) . JAMES DOUGLAS CHURCH Richmond Aeronautical Engineering Class ' 47 (Navy i JOSEPH VINCENT CIUCCI, JR. Richmond Architecture Class ' 4 . (Navy) Brown University (1 2 ) ; Intramural Football (3); Corps Hi; Duke University (2); Senate (1); Per- l A. s. :: 4.; Richmond Club (4). {J™ «■« J - ' ; , A - J- A - ,4, v Secretary (4); Richmond ( lul» (2 3 4); Engineering Council (4). JOHN H. CLARKE GEORGE KIME CLEEK WILLIAM LEWIS COBB Churchland Staunton Ruther Glen General Agriculture Chemistry Industrial Engineering Class ' 4.5 (Army) Class ' 47 (Navy) Class ' 45 (Army) Corps (1 2); Intramural Softball (1 2): Agricul- Corps (1 2); Phi Lambda Upsilon (3 4), Treas- Corps (1 2); S. 1. E. (1 2); s. A. M. (3 4); tural Club 4i; Portsmouth Club (2 3 4). mer Hi; American Chemical Society (1 2 3 4). Short Wave Club (3 4i 53 Virginia 1 oiijtecknic institute m 1 CIVILIAN EDWIN F. COCHRANE, JR. Baltimore, Maryland Industrial Engineering i lass ' II (Ah Fori e) Corps (1 2); 9 M n WILLIAM BUCHANAN COFFMAN I. may Aeronautical Engineering i lass ' IT I Air Corps I Corps (I ' - ' :! i ; Intramural Boxing 111, Track I i I, I ball (2); Gamma Alpha Rho (4); Pi Tau Sigma (4); institute of Aeronautical Sciences i 4 i ; V M i c (4); i:ke Club (4). MELVIN COHEN Richmond Chemical Engineering Class ' 47 ( Navj I Auburn (3); Corps (1 ; Intramural Wrestling III; Tau Beta Pi (3 I), Recording Secretary (4); Phi Lambda Upsilon (8 4), Vice-President (4); A. I. eh. E. (1 i! 8 4i; Richmond Club II 2 8 4 i ; DeMolaj (3 4 i ; Lord Reading Club I 3 4 i. JOHN JAMES COLLINS, JR. EDWARD STRICKLAND CONRAD Norfolk Business Administration Class ' 4 ' . i ir F i A lexandria Electrical Engineering (lass ' 4s (Navj I MASON KEITH COOK Roanoke Dairy Husbandry ( lass ' 4 ; ( Army i Corp (I 2); Business Club (1 .1); Norfolk Club Duke (1); Eta Kappa Nu (4i; Tau Beta Pi (4). Corps (1); Alpha Zeta (3 4); American Dairy (1 ■ ' , 4), President (S); Newman Club (1 2 3). Science Association (12 3 4 1. President (3 1; Agri- cultural (Tub (2 3 4). Vice-President (31; Roanoke Club (3 4) ; Y. M. C. A. (12 3 4). sM " " ' " ■■;4f i |lgliiiiillfi [ 54 (Zke OXineheeYL jorti)-eicjni Jju(jle SENIORS THEODORE SANDERS COOK St. Louis, Missouri Civil Engineering Class ' 45 (Army) STEPHEN CORBIN, JR. Hilton Village Business Administration CHARLOTTE EVELYN CORRELL Christiansburg Business Administration Class ' 48 I Lis-. ' 48 Corps (1 2); Intramural Football (1 2 3). Volley- Corps (I 2 3); Cheer Leader (2 3 4); Treasurer ball (3), Softball (1 2 8); Virginia Tech (1 2); (lass ' 48 (1 2 3); Business Club (1): Cotillion A. S. C. E. (1 2 3 4); Y. M. C . A. (1 2). Club (3 4), Executive Committee (31; Hampton Roads club (1 2 3 4), Treasure! I 3 I NATHANIEL WILSON COVINGTON, JR. V ' U- I ' m Rural Sociology ( luss ' -, ' ■ (Air Force CHAPMAN DAVIS COX Agricultural Education lass ' 44 ( Army ) BRUCE I. CRABTREE, JR. Na !i illi ' . Tennessee Architecture i lass ' 4 i i mi i Corps (1 2); Intramural Football (1 2 31, Bowl- Corps (1 2); Intramural Bowling i :! 4); F. F. A Vanderbilt Universitj ill; 11 Courl ill, ing (3); Agricultural Club (4); Agricultural Eco- (3 4). Treasurer (3); Agricultural Club (1 2 3 4) Justice i4 ; Omicron Delta Kappa (4), I ' m. 14); nomics Club (4); Seminole Club (4i. V. M. c i Tau Beta Pi ill; Tau Sigma Delta (4), Treas. ill; I. V ill. Treas i 4 i . Cotillion Club i 4 , SI I ' ll 111 ( " Nil-. ' I " ! 111. 55 Ijf Vircfinia 1 oliflecYinic institute CIVILIAN WILLIAM DOUGLAS CRAGHEAD, JR. Roanoke Industrial Engineering t l.iss ' 4:-; i u I ' ..] i . I orpa ill; s. A. M. ii GALE MAX CRANDALL Qaule] Bridge, Weal irg-ini;i Electrical Engineering Class ' 46 ( Navj i ROBERT HENRY CRANSHAW Richmond Mechanical Engineering i llass ' 48 ( Arnrj i Cor P a " 2 )l Intramural Football (1 2 S), Wres- University of s (1 2); University oi RiehmoM - ,:;i; l - ' ■ E ' E - " - 3 4 - (8); I ' i Tau Sigma (8 4); A. s. M i: (4); Rich- ii I I HI. I 4 I. JOHN COFFEY CREWS Reiffton, Pennsylvania Electrical Engineering Class ' 47 (Na vy I Cornell University r2); Corps (li; intramural Foot ball (4 4i; Virginia Tech (4), Editor (4i; A. I. E. E. (1 2 3 4i. DEWEY CAMPBELL CROCKETT Wytheville Business Administration ( ' lass ' 4s i ii Force ) intramural Pool (2). CARL GILES CROWDER, JR. Upper Montclair, v™ Jersey Business Administration ( ' lass ' 4a ( Ai in. I Corps (l -J i ; Senate i4i; Intramural Tennis (1); Business Club (1 4); Mosquito Club (1); Yanket Club (4), Vice-President (4 1. i fa ' i aiilis 56 CAte C xlneteen [joriif-eicfht Jjucfle SENIORS EDWARD DODSON CUNDIFF Roanoke Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 Corps (1 2); Intramural Softball (2); A. s. M. E. (4); Roanoke Club (4); Southern Colonels (1 2 3 41. ROBERT L DABNEY Roanoke Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 CHARLES WALTON DAVIES Richmond Chemical Engineering Class ' 44 (Army) Corps (1 2 3); A. [. Ch. I ' .. (1 2 3 4); Cotillion ( il i 4 ) ; Richmond Club (1 2 3 4). ALEXANDER M. DAVIS, JR Max Meadows Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4ei t Irmy I EDWARD LEE DAVIS, JR. Roanoke Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 Corps (1 2i; Corps Senate (2); Pi Tau Sigma Corps (1 2i; A. s. M. E. (1 2 3 4) ; Roanoke (3 4); A. S. M. E. (2 3 41; S. A. M. E. (2); Club (4). Rebel Club (4), Vice-President (4); Maroon Mask (1 2 3 4); Speleological Society il 2i 57 JOHN ARMSTRONG DAVIS Lynchburg Chemical Engineering Class ' 4G I Marines I Corps (1 2 3i ; Boxing (1); Track il 2); Intra- mural Football (l 2i; Softball (1 2); Track (1 2i; Boxing il 2); Pershing Rifles 2 3): A. I. Ch. E. (4); Cotillion Club (2 3 4). Executive Committee (4); Canterburj Hub it 2 3 1. President (3); Ue- Molaj i 2 :: I ; Southern ( olonels c 3 i Vircjinia 1 oit tecknic Omh ' duhe i bii i CIVILIAN ;-;..,;- -.-. «. „ « - :::;-: _ . CARL JOHN DEIMLING Art rtecti af ragif i i»g EDGA1 L DEL- : :-; = : ■ - .I--. C rp- - as CWfc - - - -.-. . - •••-e ; h :■••:■■: :-L»y- _ C«aae«tieaE CIA Seers ? . -gicia Tec . 2 . ; Aavar- ai f n=;ic S- -- -earner : Boas? CimmTt- Presieil _ . . - " 0 z€ C lneieen Joriij-elcjlit Jjuqie SENIORS MILDRED JANE DEWESE - - -. E ---: - ' .. NATHAN LOOK DICKIN3 ' - - . E. . - ••: -- ' .•■ " ■: ;■ ------ ' .-■■■ i E -;•■«-■ ; - CLAUDE EDWIN ::n ■■: B - ,_? _-. -;- - :.-i z.: - " .- :: Class " - ¥:--■- n PETER COOK DODGE •■■_::••• :::::■ - - - - . •-««« CI- " Virginia 1 olijiecluiic Onstiiute CIVILIAN THOMAS ARMSTRONG DOLLINS, JR. Roanoke Mechanical Engineering JAMES T. DONAHUE Blackaburg Mechanical Engineering Clas« ' 48 Class ' 48. Corps tii; Senate ill; Intramural Sports (I 2 3 4 I ; A s l, E (I 2 3 1 i ; DeMoluy 2 3 4). ROBERT C. DOREY, JR. Newport n.-u Industrial Engineering Class ' 48 HARRY LEE DOWNEY PAUL FREDERICK DUCKWORTH GEORGE TUCKER DUNLAP, JR. Lynchburg Mechanical Engineering ( ' hiss ' 4(5 I Army) Lexington Agricultural Engineering Class ' 48 Chili (4l. Big bland Business Administration ( llass ' 4:. 1 Navy 1 William and Mary College (1); Corps (1 2); In- Corps (1 2 3); Rifle Team (1 2 3); Intramural Corps (1 2); Agricultural club (1 2); A. S. A. E. tramural Haseb:ill (2 3 , Softball (1 4), Basket- Rifle Team (II; Virginia Tech Engineer (41; A. S. (2 3 4i. Sgt.-at-Arms (41; Shenandoah Valley ball (1 2 3 4), Football (12 3 41; Business Club M. E. (4). (3). 60 CJfte CJxLneteen [jorhij-eLCjht Jjuc ie SENIORS PAUL SPIGGLE DUNN Bland Business Administration Class ' 4ii Air Force) BOYNE E. DUSHKOFF Mullens, West Virginia Business Administration Class ' 4. ' . (Army) CHARLES H. EADES Petersburg Industrial Engineering Corps (1); Business Club (4); Southwest Virginia Corps (1 2); Intramural Spurts (1 2); Business Club (1). Club (1 2 3); West Virginia Club (1 2). HOWARD NELSON EANES Petersburg Electrical Engineering Class ' 4 7 (Navy) WILLIAM STAPLES ENGLEBY, JR. Roanoke Mechanical Engineering (lass ' 46 ( Navy i HERBERT LANCELOT ENGLEMAN, JR. Richmond Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4 4 (Army) Corps (1 2 3); Corps Senate (1); Intramural William and Mary (1); Intramural Football 111. Corps II 2); Syracuse University I :: ) ; Intramural Sports (12 3 4); Virginia Tech (1); A. I. E. E. Softball (4), Basketball ill; Pi Tau Sigma (4); Football i4i. Basketball 14); . s. M. E. (4); (1 2 3 4); Richmond Club (1 2 3 4). A. s. l. I ' ., iti; German club (4); Roanoke (bib Richmond (bib i i i ; Maroon Mask (4). (4). 61 Vt Ircjlma 1 olyhechnLc Qmiliutt CIVILIAN ROY LEE FARMER Nathalie Agricultural Education i lass ' 48 (Air Force) Ferruni .Junior College (1 2); Vlpha Zeta (41; Block and Bridle (3 ii, Watch Dog 4 ; F. F. A. (41; Agricultural Club (3 4), Treasurer (3), Presi- dent (4). CHARLES HENRY LYNCH FAUNTLEROY AltaVista Dairy Husbandry Class ' i ' ' i 1 1 Force i Lyn hburg College (I 2); Corps (3); intramural Softl .ill (3 ii. Tennis (3 4 , Golf (8 4) ; Dairy Club ill; Agricultural Club (4). JAMES OSCAR FELTON, JR. Hertford, North Carolina Mechanical Engineering Class ' I ' i i Navy i Milligan College (1); Westi ster College (2); Intramural Softball (4); Basketball (4), Football (ii; A. s. M. E. ci 4i; Tar Heel Club (3). STUART PAXTON FISHBURNE Agricultural Economics Class ' 48 (Air Corps) Dunsmore Business College (1); Corps (2); In- tramural Football (3 4), Horseshoes (2 3 4), Basket- tall (3 4), Softball (3 4). Volleyball (3 4), Bowl- ing (3 4i; Alpha Zeta (3 4); Agricultural Club (2 3 I). President (4); Agricultural Economics Club (2 3 4i. Vice-Presideni (4); Agronomy Club (2 3 4), Sgt.-at-Arms (2 ; Cotillion Club (3 4); Shenandoah Valley Club (4); DeMolay (4). FRANCES J. FLEENOR Cleveland Biology Class ' 4.s ROBERT KEEN FLOYD Danville Business Administration Class ' 45 (Air Force) Corps (1 2); Alpha Kappa l ' si (4), Master of Rituals (4); Pershing Rifles (2); German Club (41; Seminole Club (4). L ke CHiYieheen oriij-elcjm: 3ucjle SENIORS JOHN RUFUS FOX Spartanburg, South Carolina Civil Engineering (hiss ' 4fi (Air Force) HORACE GROVER FRALIN Roanoke Electrical Engineering i lass ' 48 ( Na i EDWARD THOMAS FRANK East Rutherford, New Jersey Civil Engineering Class ' 48 (Army) Corps (1); Intramural Baseball (2|; Virginia Tech Corps (1 2 3); Assistant Defense Attorney, Honor Cornell University (II; A. S. C. E. (41; Yankee Engineer (2 3); A. S. C. E. ( 1 2 3 4). Court (3). Club (I); Newman Club HI. ROBERT LOUIS FRANTZ Fincastle LINDEN ALTON FRAVEL W IstH. ' k Agricultural Education ( lass ' 41 (Air Corps) LESLIE ANN FRINGER Bio-Chemistry (hiss ' 4s Mining Engineering Class ' 4 7 (Navy) Corps (1 2); Intramural Spnrts (1 2 ; Bugle (4i; Universitj " 1 Tennessee (1); Corps (1 21; Track Roanoke College ill; Intramural Basketball I2i; Sigma Camma Epsilon (:i 4), Vice-President (4); (3); Intramural Bowling H 21, Track i2 :■ ' . ; V 1 ' . Biolog] Club (2 :; n Vice-President (21. Sec ' y A. 1. M. E. (1 2 3 4); Roanoke Huh Mi; De il 2 3 41, Treasurer (4), Agricultural (lub (4); (4); W. C. . i 2 :; 4). Vice-President (3), Dis- Molay (31; S. A. M. E. (1 2). Apple (lull (2 3); V. 1 ' . 1. Rifle Club (1 2). cussioil Group Leader (4). 63 vtrcjlnla JroLt tecknic institute ■ CIVILIAN JAMES TAYLOR FULTON Danville Industrial Engineering ( hiss ' t.i (Navy) Corps ll 2); Virginia Tech Engineer ( :l ) ; s. V M (I 2): s. . M. ( I i ; German Club (3 1 ; Sem- inole Club il 2 3 li FRANK L. GADDY Arlington Mining Engineering Class ' 4 4 I Army) EMMETT CONNER GARDNER Hillsville Agricultural Education I llass ' 4s i Aim ) Corps il 2 3); Intramural Volleyball il 2), Soft- Bridgewater College (1 2); Emorj and Henry Col- ball i I 2)i Sigma Gamma Epsilon (I); [. M E lege i :! I ; Agricultural Club ill. F. F. A. Collegiate (1 2 :: I). Sgt.-al Vrms (2), Sec ' j (3), Vice- Chapter id, [ ' resident (I). Pres. ill; Arlington Club (1 2) j A. s. M, E. (2); Ring Dance C aittee (8). JOHN MILTON GATES Beckley, West Virginia Business Administration Class ' 48 (Army) Bluefield College (1 2). IRVIN WYATT GENTRY, JR. Portsmouth Industrial Engineering i llass ' 44 ( Army) Corps (1 2 3); S. A. M. 4 ; Cotillion Club (:! 4), Executive Committee (4); Portsmouth Club (4). 64 WARREN T. GENTRY Greensboro, North Carolina Chemical Engineering Class ' 4 7 (Army) turps (1 2 3); Prosecuting Attorney Honor Court (3); Intramural Sports (1 2 3 ; Vice-Pres. Class ' 47 (3); A. I. Ch. E. (l 2 3 4): Tar llerl Club (4i, Acting Pres. (4); DeMolay (4); Cheerleader (3 4), Head Cheer Leader (3). (Zke CTxiYieieeYi tfortij-eiqkt JjiKjle SENIORS STANLEY MOORE GIDDINGS Hampton Mechanical E ngineering ( ' hiss ' 4 " (Navy) CHARLES HAYS GILMER Lebanon Agricultural Education Class ' 4 ; ( Army) ABIGAIL G. GIRARD Oil City, Pennsylvania Business Administration Class ' 48 r..i-|is (1 2 .S); Intramural Softball (1); A. s. M. Corps (1 2); Intramural Softball (1 :i . Horse- E. (1 2 :) 4); Hampton Roads Club (1 2); Rifle shoos (3); Agricultural Club (1 2 3 41; P. F. A. Club (1). (3 4). HAROLD CHISWELL GLASS Roanoke Electrical Engineering Class ' 4 8 (Navy) LEO KLEIN GLASSMAN IVims (iruvc. New Jersey Electrical Engineering Class ' 48 (Army) HELEN FORD GLOVER Richmond Architectural Engineering Class ' 4: University of North Carolina (1); Eta Kappa N ' u Temple University (1); University of Delaware (2); Intramural Basketball (41; A. I. A. (1 2 :i 4). (4); A. I. E. E. (4); Roanoke Club (12 3 4). Intramural Softball (1 2); Lord Heading Club (4); A. I. E. E. (1 2 3 4), Scc ' y (4); Yankee Club (4 1; Band (1). (l r Virginia 1 oii tecknic institute V 1 W CIVILIAN JOHN CHARLES GOATER The Plains Animal Husbandry ( kiss ' -Iti LIGHTFOOT HARRISON GODDIN Toano Business Administration l hiss ' 1 . " ( | in v ) LOUIS GROVER GOOD Hopewell Mechanical Engineering i lass ' !•• i i inv ) Corps (II; donor Court ill, ABSt. Defense Coun- Corps il 2); Cotillion Club (2 S I), Pres. (I). Corps (1 2); Pi Tau Sigma (li; A. S. M. E. oil i4i; Block and Bridle Club (8 i , Seo ' y (4); Mid-Tidewater Club il ' J i ; Social Activities Com- (1 2 8 4). Agricultural Olub il 2 3 li, Sec ' y (1), Pres. mittee (4). i 2 i ; Livestock Judging Team i l 2 8 4). JOSEPH EDWARD GOODE Huddleston Agricultural Education Class ' 48 (Air Force) ALLEN HARLESS GOODMAN Christiansburg Industrial Engineering Class ' 4(1 (Army I GEORGE WILLIAM GORSLINE Uwngdon Agronomy Class ' 48 (Army) Agricultural Olub (1 2 3 4); F. F. A. (12 3 4). CorpB (1 2); S. A. M. (1); Southern Colonels (2). Michigan College of Mining and Technology (1); I Fniversity of Kentucky (2) ; Senate (2), President Pro-Tern (3), Defense Council, Honor Court (4); Agricultural Club {■ 3 4); Agronomy Club (3 4); Shenandoah Valley Club (4). CJie CN.ineteen ijoriij-elcjkt Jjucjle SENIORS ALBERT JAMES GRAHAM, JR. ANDREW LESTER GRAHAM, JR. JOHN CECIL GRAY c Irewe Mechanical Engineering Class ' 45 (Air Force) Floyd Agricultural Engineering !;iss ' 4,n ( Air Force) Richmond Mechanical Engineering I lass ' 4 4 i Army) Corps (1 2 3); Intramural Football (1), Volley- Pi Tau Sigma (4). President (4); A. S. A. E. Corps ii 2); Intramural Football (3 4), Swim, ball (1 2 3 4), Basketball (3 4), Rifle Team (12 3 4), Treas. (3 4). ming (2i; A. S. M. E. (12 3 4); Richmond Club (1 2); Pi Tau Sigma (3 4), Sec ' y (4); Tau Beta it 2 :: I). Pi (1); A. S. M. E. (1 4); Mid-Virginia (12). JULIUS GREENBURG Richmond Chemical Engineering I lass ' 44 (Air Force) Richmond Extension (1); Phi Lambda Upsilon (4); A. I. Ch. E. (4 ; Lord Reading Club (4). JOHN FRANCIS GRIFFIN, JR. Charleston, West Virginia Metallurgical Engineering ' 45 ( rmy ) WALTER STALEY GRIGGS, JR. Portsmouth Electrical Engineering ( lass ' 48 i Savj i Corps (1 i; Intramural Football (1); A. s. M. (1 2 Norfolk Division (1 2); A. I. E. E. (1 3 4); Speleological Society (4), Vice-Pres. (4). Shori Wave I lub (4 ; Cave Club (4i. 2 3 4); 67 Virginia Potijtecknlc {Institute CIVILIAN CHARLES EDWARD GROSECLOSE, JR. Williamson, West Virginia Mechanical Engineering Class ' Is i Army I (las. ROBERT FULTON HACKLER Sal I vi Ik- Metallurgical Engineering 17 ( Air Force) Blucfleld College (1 ; Basketball (3 4); Pi Tau Corps (1); American Societj for Metals (4). Sigma (4)j A. S. U. E. (2 3 4). ROBERT WATSON HAGAN Hunt ington, West Virginia Mechanical Engineering ( Ilasfl ' 45 | a i Marshall Co liege (1); CoTpfl (2). RAYNARD TAYLOR HALE Blacksburg Agricultural Education Class ' 4?s (Air Corps) Alpha Zcta (4): Agricultural Club (1 2 3 I), Treas. (2), Reporter (3): Collegiate Future Farm- ers of America (2 3 l); Wesley Foundation (1 2 3 4), President (4); Dairy Judging Team (4). BRUCE THOMAS HALL Baltimore, Maryland Electrical Engineering Class ' 48 (Army) Intramural Sports (1 2 3 4): Tau Beta Pi (3 4); Eta Kappa Nu (3 4); A. I. E. E. (1 2 3 4), Sec ' y (3); Veterans Club (1 2), Viee-Pres. (2). IRVING PETER HAMMER Brooklyn, New York Chemistry Class 4S 68 die OxLrieteeYi [jorhij-eicjrit Jjuc U SENIORS JULIUS PAUL HANUSI Lansing, Michigan Electrical Engineering Class ' 40 (Na ) CHARLES LICHTENBERG HAROWITZ Richmond JOHN THADIEU HARRIS, JR. Norfolk Chemistry Class ' 4V I Army I Business Administration Class ' i:, (Navy) West Virginia Institute of Technology (1); Corps Corps (1 2); Intramural Football (1 2 3 4), Corps (1 2); Intramural Sports (1 2). (II; A. I. E. E. (1 2 3 4). Baseball (2), Softball (4); American Chemical So- cietj (1 2 3 4); Richmond Club (12 8 i). ROBERT BRUCE HARRIS, JR. Logan, West Virginia Business Administration Class ' 45 (Marine Corps) Corps (1 2i; Senate 4 ; Intramural Football (1 21, Wrestling ill; German Club (4); West Vir- ginia Club (4). CHAPMAN LEIGH HARRISON Y Kent Agricultural Economics Class ' 4G (Navy) Corps (1 2); Corps Vice-Pres. (2); Intramural Sports (1 2); Alpha Zeta (3 4), Chronicler (4); Omicron Delta Kappa (4); Agricultural Club (1 2 3); Agricultural Economics Club (3 4); (lerman Club (12 3 4), Leader (4 1; Mid-Tidewater Club (1 2); Richmond club i :-: 4); (lass ' 40 Ring Committee; Corps Executive Committee (2). (i!» CHARLES ALLAN HARRISON Charlotte, North Carolina Civil Engineering Class 4. ' i (Army) Corps (1 2i; A. S. c. E, (1 2 3 4). Chairman Engineer ' s Club (4). 4 ; Virginia 1 oLijtecknlc Qmiltutt CIVILIAN ORA VANCE HARTBARGER Lexingfc m Electrical Engineering 18 i Ut Corps) WILLIAM LEWIS HAWTHORNE U.i. Mechanical Engineering i lass ' it RAYMOND FRANK HECK, JR. Roanoke Forestry and Wild Life Conservation Li— ' 45 i V 3 ) Corps (l)j Virginia Tech (2); I I. E, ill. Corps il 2 3); [ntramuial Football (1 2 3)j His Corps II 2); Roanoke Club (I 2 3 41. Vice-Pres. ,D; Y M. C. V. President (2), Gold Tri- ketball (1 2); A. s. M. E. II 2 3 4); R,.:in.ikc- (4); German Club Ml; Forestry Club il 2 3 4). angli (2) ' lub il 2 3 4); Cavaliers i I 5 ) ; Southern Col Is (1 2 ::.. ARTHUR DOWNING HENDERSON Williamsburg Mechanical Engineering Class ' 45 (Air Force) MARY LOUISE HENLEY Coalwood, West Virginia Home Economics Class ' 48 RICHARD WASHINGTON HEVENER, JR. Higlitown Aeronautical Engineering Class ' 45 (Air Force) Corps (1 2); Basketball (1 4), Baseball (1); In- Radford State Teachers College (1 2); Senate (4) Intramural Sports (1); I. A. S. (1 2 3 4). tramural Softball (2 3 4j; A. S. M. E. (1 2 3 4); V. W. C. A. (3 4). Cotillion Club I4i; Hampton Roads Club (12 3 4). sViCMWi iiVn::ivw!r - O cMineteen orty-dcjlit 3u(jle SENIORS CARMAN THEODORE HICKS Taunton, Massachusetts Chemical Engineering Class ' 48 (Army) JACK HOLLAND HICKS Bedford Chemical Engineering Class ' 46 ( Navy) SARA LEE HILLMAN Hillsville Business Administration Class ' 48 Northeastern University (1 2); A. I. Ch. E. (3 4). Corps (1 2); Senate (4); Foothall (1); Intramural Basketball (4); Business Club (12 3 4); Glee Sports (1 2); Virginia Tech (1 2); Chemistry Club Club (41; V. V. C. A. (4), (1 2), Treas. (2); A. I. Ch. E. (3 4); DeMola: (2 3); Glee Club (2). JAMES E. HITE Hendersuii, Ninth Carolina HERBERT W. HOBISH Brooklyn, New York Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Class ' 46 (Navy i Class ' I Corps (1 2); Eta Kappa Nu (4); Tau Beta Pi (4). Brooklyn College (1); A. I. E. E. (1 2 3 4). KATHRYN BYRD HOGE Pearisburg Home Economics i lase ' is Virginis [ntermont College 1 21; Alpha I ' si Omega (3); Mai Mask II 2 3), Sec ' y (3): Home Economies Club (3). 71 Virginia 1 oLt teckmc unsiltaie CHARLES MATHEW HOGG Icomico Light Building Construction ( lass ' 46 I Navj i HERMAN LINDSAY HOLBROOK Phoebnt Forestry and Wild Life Conservation llass ' 45 i Vir Force) CIVILIAN ERNEST McTAVISH HOLDAWAY Blackeburg Business Administration Class 48 (Air Force) Corps (I); . I. k. il 2 9 ii; Uid-Tidewater Club Corps (1); Intramural Sports (1 -2 3 4): Alpha Corps (1); Delta Kappa Psi (2 3 4), Sec ' y (4i; (1 2 3 4). Vtce-Pres. (4). Zeta Hi; Forestrj Club (1 2 3 4). Recorder (2 8 Business Club (1 2 3 4). 4), Forester ill; Hampton Roads Club (12 3 4). HARRY WALKER HOLLAND Danville Chemical Engineering Class ' 46 (Army) CLAUDE MILTON HOLLYFIELD Roanoke JOSEPH CHARLES HOLMES Roanoke Chemistry (lass ' 4. ' . (Navy) Metallurgical Engineering Class ' 48 (Air Force) Corps (1); Senate (4); Intramural Football (1); Roanoke College (1 2); Senate (4); Intramural Corps (1 ' 2 :l I ; Pershing Rifles (3). Virginia Tech (1); Phi Lambda Upsilon (4); A. Football (3), Softball (3); A. S. M. (3 4), Chair- I i Ii. E. (4); Seminole Club (4). man (4). 72 Csvie (yxLneteen cyorhj-elcjkt Jjucjle SENIORS ANDERSON BRUGH HONTS, JR. JOHN ROGER HOOVER WILLIAM GENE HORNE Front Royal Aeronautical Engineering (lass ' 45 (Air Force) Smithsburg Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4o (Navy) Cedar Springs Civil Engineering Class ' 48 (Army) Corps (1 2); Intramural Football (1 2 31; Wrest Corps (1); Rifle Team (2); Gamma Alpha liho Basketball Manager (4); A. S. O. E. (1 2 3 4). ling (12); Basketball (12); Virginia Tech. (12); (4); Pi Tau Sigma (4). Guidon (3), Associate Editor (3); Omicron Delta Kappa (4); 1 ' i Tau Sigma (3 4), Sec ' j i :i ) , I ' res. (4); Tau Beta l ' i (4); (lamina Alpha liho (4); A. 1. Ch. E. (2); I. A. S. (3 4); Apple Club (12 4). ARTHUR THOMAS HORTON, JR. Patterson Business Administration ( llass ' 4. ( Army) BARBARA JEAN HOUSER Petersburg Architecture Class ' 4 BENA JO HOUSTON Marion Horticulture Class ' 48 Corps (1 2); Howling (2 3); Alpha Kappa l ' si (4); Senate (2); C. s. B. Sec ' y (4); A. I. A. (2), Agricultural Hub (] 2 3), Sec v (3); Horticultural Business club (12 3 4). Sec ' j (2); Hill, rest lb, use Council (2); Y. V. 0. club (1 2 3). Treas. (3); I. K. C. (1 2). A. (1). 73 Virginia 1 oit tecknic umtitutt CIVILIAN DOWELL JENNINGS HOWARD, JR. Richmond Mechanical Engineering . - I rm ) JOHN WILLIAM HOWARD, JR. Welch, West Virginia Chemical Engineering Class ' IT | Navj i EDMUND SWEENEY HUDGINS Richmond Electrical Engineering ' 48 i Air Force) Okls. A M. (2); Corps f.1); Intramural li.isk.t Corps (1); Intramural Football ii); A. I. Ch. E. a, i. k. I: (4). ball (S); Pi Tau Sigma (S «); rau Beta I ' i (8 4), [4). Vioe-Prea, ( 4 ) ; Phi Kappa Phi (.41; A. s. U, E. ,4« ; Rifle Club (1). IVAN LLOYD HUFFMAN Charlottesville Industrial Engineering Class ' 39 (Army) Corps (1 2i; S. A. M. (4 I; S. A. M. E. (2). JOSEPH STALLWORTH HUGHES, JR. Norfolk Civil Engineering Class ' 48 CHARLES E. HUNTER, JR. Roanoke Business Administration Class ' 4.3 ( Army) V. 1 ' . I. Norfolk Division (1 2); A. S. C. E. (4) J Corps (1); Intramural Football (1); Business Club Club (3 4), Sec ' y (3); Canterbury Club (1); German Club (41; Roanoke Club (3 4), Vice- I I I Pres. (3 I, Treasurer (4). 74 CJie OXineheen [Jorhij-eicjrih Jjucjle SENIORS JOHN DULANY HURST Richmond Business Administration ' 4- (Ail Fori -i GLENN HAROLD IRVINE Lezii . Business Administration ir Force) GRIFFIN LEE ISAACS Norfolk Mechanical Engineering ' 48 I Merchant Mai ' 1 2 ; Softball (2 3 i : Football (1 2 ::i; Norfolk Division V. P. 1. and William and Mary ! Basketball (12); Cotillion Club Mi; (12); Hampton Roads Engineer ' s flub il 2 3 i ; - h Club (1 2 3 Il A. S. M. E. ' 1 2 3 4). last MILFORD LEIGH ISEMAN Richmond Light Building Construction ' 1 - (Air Force I - ■■■■ (2 3); Bowling (12 3 41; Volleyball (2 3 I ; Football (4); A. S. M. E. (1); A. S. C. E. (2); A. I. A. 3 41; Richmond Club (12 3 4); Proctor of Dormitory (2 3); student Counselor (3 4). ROBERT GLENN JACKSON Craddock Mechanical Engineering t lass HI (Navy) Honor Court (2 3), Prosecuting Att ' y (3); Pres. ..f Senate 13 4i; Intramural Football ill; - ball |3 ; Virginia Tech (3 ) ; A. I. E. E. (1 2 3 4 I . Vice-Pres. (3), Pres. (41; A. S. M. E. ill; Nor- folk (lub I4i; Portsmouth Club (4); DeMolay (3 4i; Service Recreation Committee (3 4); Dor- Cbairman (4). 75 SAMUEL WILSON JACKSON Bluefield, West Virginia Mechanical Engineering i ! ,,- ' 48 Bluefield College (1); Corps (2); Virginia Tech Engineer (3 li. Bii-r -- -■ r (4); Pi Tan Sigma i 3 4l; Pi Delta Epsilon (4 1; Phi Theta Kappa (11; Tan Beta Pi (4); A. S. M. E. (2 3 4 1. . - 1); H.Mola; (3 4 i ; Publi- cations li ' Mr.l (4); Ass ' t. Student Counselor (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Omicron Delta Kappa (4). Virginia 1 oLijtecknic Omiitutt CIVILIAN WILLIAM ELLIS JACOBS GEORGE RICHARD JANOSKO HENRY WAVERLY JARRETT, JR. Scaradale, New v.»rk Business Administration ( lass ' id i Army) Richmond Civil Engineering i lass ' 48 I ttavj i Norfolk Aeronautical Engineering lass " 4 ' i i Army i Corps (11; Intramural Football ! i; Virginia Tech University t Richmond (1); Tan Beta Pi (4); Cups (1); I. A. s. (4), Secretary (4). (8 ii. Advertising Manager (8), Business Manager s, c, E, (2 8 4); Richmond Club (4). (4); Pi Delta Epsilon (4); Business club (3 4), Treasurer (4); Yankee Club (3 4); Publications Board (4); Alpha Kappa Psi Hi. Omicron Helm Kappa (4). JAMES LEWIS JOHENNING Lexington Animal Husbandry Class ' 48 (Army) JOHN HAROLD JOHNSON Wylliesburg Agricultural Engineering Class ' 40 andoah Valley Club (3 4). BRYANT LEE JOHNSON Union Level Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4S (Army I Block and Bridle Club (2 3 4), Secretary (3); Pennsylvania stale College (1 2); Senate (3 4); Corps (1 2 3), Cpl. (2), Supply Sgt. (3); Intra- Cotillion Club (3 4); Agricultural Club (2); Shell- Pi Tau Sigma (41; A. S. l. E. (2 3 4). mural Softball (2), Bowling (2); A. S. A. E. (3 4), Vice-President (3), President (4); Seminole Club (1 2 3 4); Y. M. C. A. (2 3 4). 70 Cske OxLneteen orty-elykt JjuqLe SENIORS PELHAM WILKERSON JOLLY, JR. Petersburg Industrial Engineering Class ' 49 (Navy) ARMISTEAD JONES Richmond Business Administration llasa ' 45 (Air Corps) Tulane University (1 2); S. A. M. (3 4); Richmond Corps (12). Club (3); Petersburg Club (4). GORDON BOYCE JORDAN Blountville, Tennessee Electrical Engineering Class ' 4s (Army) C. S. B. Senate (3), Chairman (3); Tau Beta Pi (3); Eta Kappa Nu (3), Secretary (3); A. I. E. E. (3); Vets Club (3), Secretarj (3), Treasurer (3). ROBERT EDWARD JORDAN Chester Metallurgical Engineering Class ' 4li (Xavy) ANNA LOU JOYNER Hillsville Home Economics Class ' 48 HOUSTON JOHNS KAUFFMAN Petersburg Electrical Engineering Class ' 46 (Army) Corps (1 2); Virginia Tech (1 2); Phi Lambda Basketball (2 3); Home Economics Club (3 4); Corps (1 2); Honor Court, Prosecuting Attorney Upsilon (3 41; Tau Beta Pi (:i 4), Pres. (4); A. V. W. C. V. (1 2 3 4). : : Tau Beta Pi (4); Eta Kappa Nu (4): Omi- S. M. (3 4); Life Saving Corps (4). cron Delta Kappa l : German (Tub (4); Peters- burg Club (3 4 1, Corresponding Sec ' y (4). 77 Virginia 1 olijiecknlc institute CIVILIAN HENRY BRADLEY KILGOUR, JR. Purcelh tile Mechanical and Electrical Engineering class ' 46 (Signal Corps) Corps (1 " 8)| Universitj of Maine I I I : S. B. Senate (I); Intramural Softball (2 3 ) ; Virginia Tech Engineer Business Staff (2); Pi Tau Sigma I I i ; s. U r (8 4), President i 3 i ; A. s M. Li. (2 n; Apple Club ( 3 11, Vice-PreBident (4). BURNIECE PUGH KINDER Radford Home Economics Class ' is Radford ollege (1 2); Home Economics club i :; 4 i ; Maroon Mask (3). RICHARD L. KIRBY i. toria Agricultural Education i lass ' 48 JAMES EVERETT KIRK Blacksburg Agricultural Education Class ' 4 8 JOHN WILLARD KIRK, JR. Roanoke SPOTT CHARLES KRAUSSE, JR. Richmond Electrical Engineering Class ' 4ii (Navy) Industrial Engineering Class ' 4(1 (Air Force) Aggie Club; Future Farmers of America; Y. M. C°n 6 CI 2)j Basketball (3); President, Class of Corps (1 2); Cpl. M Co. (2)j A, I. E. E. (3 4); c A 1940 (l); German Club (3 4); Mayor, Trailer Richmond Club (3 4) Sergeant-at-Arms (.4); Cadet Camp No. 3 (3i. Honor Court Jury (1); DeMolay. 78 L ke cHlneieen £ orly-eiqkt Jjuqle SENIORS JOHN HARRY KROEHUNG Springfield, New Jersey Ceramic Engineering Class ' 46 (Army) Corps (1); Football (1 4); Wrestling (1); Base- ball (1), Track (4); Intramural .Swimming (3), Track (3); Sigma Delta Fsi (3); Sigma Gamma Epsilon (4); Kcramos (4), Secretary-Treasurer (4); A. I. C. E. (1 2 3 4); Cotillion Club (4); Mono- gram Club (4). PAUL PETER KUHN New York, New York Civil Engineering ( hiss ' 48 ( Army ) ( ui mil University (1 ) ; A. S. Club (4); Newman Club (4). C. E. (4); Yankee TONY THOMAS KUJAWA Monessen, Pennsylvania Business Administration Class ' 44 (Air Force) Corps (II; Basketball (1 2), Football (1 3); In- tramural Baseball (1), Softball (1); Men. .gram Club (4). Vice-President (4); Newman Club (4); Yankee club ill; Keystone Club (4). NATHAN KURZROK Jamaica, New York Mechanical and Industrial Engineering K. P. I. (1); Corps (1 2): Intramural Table Ten- nis (4), Softball (4); A. S. M. E. (4); S. A. M. (4); A. S. A. C. ( 1 2). KENNETH BELL LAMPERT IDE ROY LANE, JR. Buchanan Metallurgical Engineering Class ' 45 (Army) Norfolk Industrial Engineering Class ' 45 (Air Corps) Corps (I 2); Intramural Football (12 3 4), Bluefield College (1 2); American Societj for Basketball (1 2); A. S. M. E. (1 2), A. S. M. Metals ill. (4); German club (3 4); Norfolk Club (12 3 4); Kill, Club (1 2). 79 Virginia JpolyhecriYiic Jnstitutt CIVILIAN THOMAS BACON LANE, JR. Portsmouth Electrical Engineering Class ' is Norfolk Division (i 2); Eto Kappa Nu (4i; A. I. E. E. (3 4). JOHN ARTHUR LANSING rw Philadelphia! Ohio Architectural Engineering Class ' 48 Purdue University (I); Virginia Tech Engineer (4); T.ui Sigma Delta (3 4), President, (4); A. 1. A. iii; Order of DeMolay (3 4). HUGH ALFRED LATIMER l jMiar.Hii-rk, New i ' ors Electrical Engineering Class ' 47 (An Force) Corps (1); l i-- ' k Staff, Virginia Tech ( ' 2); Business Manager, Virginia Tech Engineer ( :; i ; Publications Board (3 4t; Vice-Chai m, i :ations Board ill; I ' i Delta Epsilon 3 »); Omicron Delta Kappa (3 II; Eta Kappa Nu I ■ ' . 4); President, I ' i Delta Epsilon i 4 i ; Tan Beta I ' i ( 4 1 ; I E. I. (2); Order " I DeMolay (1 -l :: 4). Master Councilor (3). JOHN L. LAWRENCE Mil] horn Springs Industrial Engineering GWYNN M. LEARY Norfolk Mechanical Engineering Class ' 45 JAMES MADISON LEE Washington, D. C. Aeronautical Engineering Class ' 48 (Army) University of Maryland (1); Carleton College (2); Sales .Manager, Virginia Tech Engineer (3 4); I. A. S. (3 4), Vice-President (4); Pershing Rities (4). 80 Oe (Nineteen tforhj-eiqltt 3uqle SENIORS JAMES ANDREW LEONARD, JR. Salem Civil Engineering Class ' 48 (Ait Corps) Roanoke College (1); Intramural Softball (3); A. S. C. E. (2 3 4). LEWIS LICHTENSTEIN, JR. Jersey City, New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Class " 4. " . (Air Force) HERMAN LIEBERMAN Clifton, New Jersey Electrical Engineering ( llass ' 46 i Navy i Corps (1 2); Intramural Baseball (2); A. S. M. E. Corps (1 2); Cadel Senate (2); Track (2 4); (3 4); Newman Club (1 2 :i 4); Yankee Club Intramural Foot ball (1 2 3 41; Virginia Tech (4|; (4). A. I. E. E. (4 ; Yankee Club (4i; Lord Reading Club (4); S. A. M. K. ( I . THOMAS CLINTON LINDAMOOD Harrisonburg Electrical Engineering Class ' 46 (Navy) Corps (1 2); A. IS. M. E. (1 2 ; A. I. E. E. (3 4); Shenandoah Valley Club (4 1; DeMolay (4); Glee Club (1 2); Southern Colonels (2). JULIAN HARRIS LIPSCOMB Chester Business Administration Class ' 47 (Air Force) EDWARD SEYMOUR LIST, JR. Richmond Mechanical Engineering (las- ' 4 " i (Air Force) Corps (1); Winthrop College (2); Intramural Howl- Richmond Extension (1); Pi Tau Sigma ill; ing (I 2), Football (1). Swimming (1), Baseball M. E. (4); Honor Court, Richmond Extension (1), Basketball (11. Golf (1 21; Business Club (3 4); DeMolay (3 4); Veterans Club (3); Rich- mond Club (3 4). 81 s (1 i Virginia JroLt tecknic Qmtituh CIVILIAN HARLAND BASCUM LITTLE, JR. V;i m sh.ii u Business Administration Class ' 4- " » I Air Force I Corps ii ; As.s ' t Football Manager (1 4). JOSEPH WOOD LONDEREE, JR. South Charleston, West Virginia Industrial Physics Class ' 46 (Navy) SAMUEL REA LOW, JR. Roanoke Industrial Engineering Class ' 40 (Marine Corps) • " iii;. tl 2 .1 1 ; Virginia Tech Engineer (41; Pi Corps (1); S. A. M. (4 ; Roanoke Club (4). Delta Bpailon (4); Pershing Rifles (8); Physics Club (4). STANLEY JACKSON LOWE Roanoke STEWART VERNON LOWRY Richmond Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4(1 (Air Force) JOHN FINLEY LUCAS Skippers Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 (Navy) Mechanical Engineering Class ' 46 ( Vim I Cornell (2); Corps (1); Intramural Football (1 4); Corps (1); Intramural Football (1 2 3 4), Basket- Vale University (2); Corps (1); Senate (3); Base- A. S M K. (4). hall (3); A. S. M. E. (1 4); Richn I Club I all (1); Intramural Football (1 3). Volleyball (12 3 4). (1 3); A. S. M. E. (1 3 4), Vice-President (4); Monogram Club (1 3 4); South Side Virginia Club (1). 82 Cshe OXtneteeri [zjortij-eicjrit Jjuc ie SENIORS KENNETH SHELTON LUCAS Roanoke Mechanical Engineering Class ' 45 (Navy) Corps (1 2 3); A 8. M. E. (1 2 3 4); S. A. M. E. (2 3); Roanoke Club (4). CALVIN TOMPKINS LUCY, JR. BURRELL MOHUN LUTTRELL Amissville Mechanical Engineering Class " 44 (Air Force) Richmond Extension (1); Corps (2 3); Corps Exec. Corps (1 2); A. S. M. E. (1 2 3 4), Treas. (4); Committee ( :i ) ; Senate (4); Senate Secretary (3); Piedmont Club (1 2 4), President (4); DeMolay A. I. E. E. (2); Richmond Club (1 2 3 4). (4). Richmond Electrical Engineering Class ' 4 7 (Navy) JAMES ALBERT LYLE, JR. Lynchburg Industrial Engineering Class ' 48 (Air Force) WILLIAM DAVID LYLISTON, JR. Newport News Chemical Engineering Class ' 45 (Air Force) MELVILLE JEWELL MacDONALD, JR. Norfolk Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4.j (Army) University of Virginia (1); Intramural Sports (4); Corps (1 2); Intramural .Softball (123 4), Bas- Norfolk Division (1); Corps (2); A. S. M E S. A. M. (2 3 4). ketball (1 2 3 41, Football (1 2), Track (1 2), (2 3); S. A. M. E. (2); DeMolay (1 2) Tennis (1 21; A. I. Ch. E. (1 2 3 4); Hampton Roads Club (1 2 3 4). 83 Virginia loLytecknic institute CIVILIAN WILLIAM E. MocKENZIE Camden, New Jersey Chemistry i lass ' 48 FRANK BELL MAGILL Dublin Biology (Muss ' 46 (Army) University of Illinois (2); Corps (1 ; Senate (4); Swimming (1); Track (3 4), Co-captain (4t; Guidon I 3 4), IMitur (4); Omicron Helt:i Kappa (4); Sigma Delta I ' si (4), President (li; Cotillion (lull (4); If. M. ( ' , A. Cabinet (1 3 4); .Monogram Club (8 4); Block and Bridle Club (3 4). GERALD MANSBERG New ork, New York Electrical Engineering Class ' 48 (Army) Cornell University (I); A. I. E. E. (3 4); Yankee Club (3 4). MARY LOU MARKHAM Lynchburg Biology Class ' 48 JANE CHEESBOROUGH MARTIN Savannah, Georgia Chemistry Class ' 46 HARVEY KENT MARTIN Coopers, West Virginia Business Administration class ' 44 ( Army) Madison College (1 2); Chemistry Club (1 2 3 4), Armstrong Junior College (1 2); Chemistry Club Corps (1 2 3); Alpha Kappa Psi 1 3 4 . " Presi- Secretary (4); Y. W. C. A, (12 3 4), Secretary (1 2 3 4). dent (. " ); Business Club (2 3 4 5); West Virginia (4). Club (1 2); DeMolay (1 2 3 4): Glee Club (1 2 3); Rifle Club (1 2). 84 Cske OXlneteen Jorty-eiqlit JjucfU SENIORS THOMAS G. MARTIN HENRY CLINTON MARSH Onley THOMAS FREELAND MASON, JR. Colonial Beach Business Administration Class ' 45 (Army) Business Administration Class ' 4. " ) (Army) Business Administration Class ' 45 (Army ) Corps (1 2); Intramural Football (1 2), Basket- Corps (1); Business Club (1 3 4); Eastern Shore Corps ] 2 ; Business Club (1 2 3); Northern ball (1 2); Softball (1 2), Boxing (1 2); Busi- Anchor Club (1 2 3 4), Reporter (4). Neck Club (1 2 4), Secretary (4). ness Club (1 2); Cotillion Club (2 3 4), Sec- retary-Treasurer (4); Mid-Tidewater club (I 2); Student Finance Committee (4). EDGAR FRANKLIN MASSIE ALBERT LEONIDAS MATTHEWS, JR. Petersburg Light Building Construction JOHN WILLIS MATTHEWS Louisville, Kentucky Mechanical Engineering Class ' 45 (Army) Lynchburg Civil Engineering Class ' 45 (Army) Class ' 4S Corps (1 2); A. S. C. E. (1 2 3 4), President (4); Corps (1 2); C. S. B. Senate (3 4); A. S. M. E. Corps (1 2); 1 ' i Tau Sigma (3 4), Recording Sec- Engineering Council (4 ) ; Lynchburg Club (1 2). ( 1 ) ; A. I. A. (2 3 4 1 ; DeMolay (1 2 3 4 ). retary ( 4 ) ; Tau Beta Pi 4i ; A. S. M. E. Junior Councilor (4); Richmond Club (1 2 3), Sec- (2 3 4). retary (2); Petersburg Club (4), President (4). 85 Vircjinia 1 olifiecknlc Institute CIVILIAN LANGHORNE DOUGLAS MATTOX, JR. Bluefleld, West Virginia Business Administration class ' 45 i ii Force) IRVING LEONARD MAXWELL East Williaton, New York Electrical Engineering JOHN COLLIER McCABE Richmond Civil Engineering i llaaa ' I I (Army i Corps (1 2 1 ; Virginia Tech (1 2); Business Chili Intramural Swimming (2 3), Volleyball (2 3 4), Corpa (1 2 3); A. s. c. E. (4); Richmond Olub (2 3 i); Weal Virginia Club tl ; Black Diamond Softball (3)j A. I. E. E. (4); Yankee Club (4). (4); Newman Club (4). Club (8 4); Y. M. ( I. (1). MERLE NELSON McCANN Disputant;) Agricultural Education Class ' 45 (Army) JOHN MURRAY McCONAGHY Richmond FRANK HERMAN McFADDEN Roanoke Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Class ' 40 (Army) I lass ' 44 (Marine Corps) Corps (1 2); Intramural Football (2), Basketball Corps (1); Junior Varsity Football (1); Intramural Corps (1 2); A. S. M. E. (1 ' 2 3 4); Roanoke (2), Baseball (2); Alpha Zeta (3); Agricultural Football (2 3 4), Golf (3), Track (2), Softball Club (1 2). Club (4); P. P. A. (12 3 4); V. M. C. A. (4); (3); A. S. M. E. (3). Petersburg (lull (4). 80 ! litop jSffi n iZi ilia M M xM L ke CHineieeYi tJorty-eiqkt 3ucjle SENIORS JACKSON HOW1SON METCALF Roanoke Business Administration Class ' 4; " (Marine Corps) Corps (1 2 8); Intramural Football (1 2), Soft- hall (2). JACK LEASE MILLER York, Pennsylvania Business Administration Class ' 46 (Air Force) (Hips ( 1 ). JAMES DIX MILLER Pulaski Business Administration Vanderbilt University (1); Corps (2 3); Alpha Kappa Psi (4); Vice-President (4); Business Club (3 li. Treasurer (4). ROBERT HARRY MILLER Norfolk Electrical Engineering Class ' 4S (Air Force) Norfolk Division (1 2); Cave Club (3 4). CARY FLOYD MILLINER RHEA FRANKLIN MOORE Ninth Tazewell Mechanical Engineering Animal Husbandry Class ' 47 (Air Force) I lass ' Hi (Navy) Corps (1); A. s. M. E. (4); Eastern shore Anchor Corps (1 2); Alpha Zeta ( :i 4); Block and Bridle (lul. (3 4), Vice-President (4i. Club (1 i ■ ' ■ it, Secretary (2), President (4); Agricultural Club (1 2 3 4i; Livestock .Induing Team (3 4). 87 Vircfinia Jrolifhechmc Unstitute msk CIVILIAN RICHARD WATTS MOREFIELD Princeton, WeBl Irginia Electrical Engineering Class ' 48 (Navj ) Bluefleld College (lit. C lord College (8)1 I E. E. (4i. BENJAMIN FLOYD MORGAN, JR. Stony Creek Agricultural Economics Class ' 46 ( Navy I MANLEY JAMES MORRISON Parkersburg, West Virginia Business Administration ( llass ' 44 ( Air Force) Corps (1 2); Agricultural Club (4); A. E. S. (4); Corps (1 2); Wrestling (1); Monogram Club (4). Mayor Trailer ( ' amp ( 4 . ROBERT CALDWELL MORRISON RAYMOND CURTIS MORRISSETTE Richmond Chemical Engineering ( lass ' 48 ( Vim i Richmond Mechanical Engineering Class " 4(i (Air Force) DAVID M. MOSES Norfolk Metallurgical Engineering Class ' 45 (Army) Westminster College (1 2 3); A. I. Ch. E. (3 4); Richmond Extension (1); Pi Tau Sigma (4); A. Norfolk Division (1 2); Sigma Epsilon Pi (4), His- Richmond Club (3 4); Engineering Club (4). S, M. E. (4); Richmond Club (4). torian (4); A. S. M. (4); Lord Reading Club (4). rVs - 38 die CJxLneleen [jortif-eicfhk Jjucjle SENIORS WILLIAM SMITH MOSES Appomattox Business Administration Chess ' 45 (Army) ALBERT CLEMENS MUELLER, JR. Cranford, New Jersey Chemical Engineering ( ' hiss ' 17 (Army) NORMAN FREDERICK MUNRO, JR. Richmond Mechanical Engineering Corps (1 2); Business Club (1 2 3 4); Alpha Union Junior College (1 2); A. I. E. E. (3); A. I. A. s. M. E. (1 2 3 4). Kappa Psi. Oh. E. (4); Cave Club (3 4). JANICE ANNE MURRAY Blacksburg Business Administration Class ' 48 Ohio University (2 , Antioch College (3). RICHARD CALVIN MYERS Statesville, North Carolina Mechanical Engineering Class ' t7 (Navy) LAWRENCE PAUL NAHAY New York , New York Electrical Engineering Class ' 48 ( Army t Corps (1 2); Sgt.-at-Arms (2); Intramural Sports Cornell University (It; A. I, K. E. (4); Southern 11 2); Pi Tau Sigma (4); Pershing Rifles (2 3 4); Colonels (4). A. S. M. E. (2 3); Tar Heel Club (2 3 4), Vice- Pres. (3 4). 89 Virginia 1 oii tecknic Umtituh CIVILIAN JAMES JOHN NEATE Kails Church Light Building Construction class ' 48 (Coast Guard) JOSE M. NEGRON-CRESPO Arecilin, Puerto Itiro Civil Engineering ( ilaes ' I S FRANK PAGE NELSON Rustburg Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Class Mi; (Array) Manager Basketball (I), Manager Baseball (1); University of Puerto Rico (1 2); Newman Club Corps (1 ' J i ; Intramural Softball ill. Basketball Intramural Wrestling (2); A. I. A. (S 3 4); Cap (2 8 4i. (l), Football (1); Biology Club (1); Forestry it .»! Club (4); DeMolay (1 2 8), Treas. (2 8); Club (3 4), Viee-Pres. (3). h -.■ Mayor, Trailer Camp No. 3 (3 4). HERMAN MORGAN NEWMAN Roanoke Civil Engineering Class ' 4S (Army) Track (2); A. S. C. E. (4); Roanoke Cluh (4). JOSEPH NICOLIA, JR. Richmond Mechanical Engineering Class ' 46 (Army) JOSE LUIS NIN Coloso, Puerto Itioi Civil Engineering Class ' 4S (Air Force) A. S. M. E. (3 4); Richmond Cluh (3 4); New- University of Notre Dame (1 2 3 4), Columbia man Cluh (3 4), President (4). University (1); A. S. C. E. (1 2 3 4); Newman Club (4). 90 Cshe Oxineheen [jortij-tLCjrit Jjiujle SENIORS EDWARD L. NOBLE, JR. Richmond Industrial Engineering Class ' 4 4 (Air Force) DONALD PAGE NOFSINGER WILLIAM ALFRED NORMAN Amsterdam Business Administration Class ' 45 ( Army Staunton Mechanical Engineering ClaBS " 46 (Army) Corps (1); Intramural Football (1 2 3 4); Roanoke Corps (1 2); S. A. M. E. (2); A. S. M. E. (1 2). Club ( 4), Vice-President (4). BURTON P. NUCKOLS TRELYON W. O ' CONNER, JR. WADE MASON OGG, JR Blacksburg Springwood Richmond Civil Engineering Agricultural Engineering Electrical En gineering (kiss ' 4S Class ' 4:i (Air Force) Class ' 45 (Army) Tau Beta Pi (3 4); Chi Epsilon (4); Phi Kappa Corps (1 2). Phi (4). Corps (1 2); A. I. E. E. (1 2 3 4); Life Saving Corps (4), Quartermaster (4). 91 Virginia 1 oLi lecknlc institute CIVILIAN RUSSELL ANTHONY O ' GRADY Richmond Mechanical Engineering Class ' 16 i Navy | Corps (1 2 3); Tau Beta Pi (41; Pi Tan Sigma (4): A. S. M. E. (1 2 3 41; Richmond Club (1 2 :i 4i; Newman Club (4). WALTER S. OVERTON Parmville Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Class ' 4ii THOMAS HENRY OXENHAM, JR. Richmond Business Administration Class ' 46 ( Army ) Corps (II; intramural skirls (1); Business Club (1 2 3 4); Cotillion Club (4); Richmond Club (1 2 3 4i, Treasurer (2), President (3). LEO ARCHIE PADIS Norfolk Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4S (Navy) Norfolk Division (1 2); A. «. M. E. (1 2 3 4). ROBERT ADAIR PAINTER Pulaski Civil Engineering Class ' 48 ( Air Force) CHARLES JESSE PARKS Richmond Mechanical Engineering Class ' 45 (Air Force) Chi Epsilon (4); Tau Beta Pi (4); A. S. C. E. Corps (1 2); A. S. M. E. (4); Richmond Club 141. (41. CAie OxLneteen [joriij-elcfrii Jjucjle SENIORS THOMAS WESLEY PARSON, JR. DOUGLAS ALLEN PAYNE Jarratt Fredericksburg Business Administration Mechanical Engineering lase ' -Mi ( Army t Class ' 4 7 ( Air Force) HARRY KYLE PARKS Anawalt. West Virginia Business Administration Class 4 ti (Air Force) Bluefield College (1), Hampden-Sydney l ; Intra- Corps (1); Intramural Basketball (1 2 3), Soft- Corps (1); Senate (4); A. S. M. E. (12 3 4). mural Softball (3 4), Football (3 4), Basketball ball (1 2 S). (3 4); Business Club (4); Alpha Kappa Psi (4). tf 4 tArti DONALD PORTER PEERY Coeburn ALEXANDER 0. PETERSON Norfolk HORACE LEE PEARCE, JR. Hampton Industrial Engineering Business Administration Civil Engineering (hiss ' 4:, (Navy) Class ' 47 (Air Corps) Class ' 48 (Navy) Corps (1 2 3); University of Virginia (3): Foot- Corps (1); Business Club (1 2): Lonesome Pine chi Epsilon (4): A. S. C. E. (1 2 3 4) ball ll 2 3 4), Wrestling (1), Track (2); Vice- .-,, , ,, .. President Class of ' 4: (2); Cotillion Club (2 3 4), Ass ' t Sec.-Treas. (3), Leader (4); Hampton Roads Club (1 2 3 4); Monogram Club (1 2 3 4). Vice- Pres. (2), Treas. (3), Pres. (4); Athletic Council (4). Pres. (4). Virginia jroiifiecriYilc institute CIVILIAN DONALD EDWARD PFLUEGER WALTER BRUCE PFOHL READ NICHOLS PIERCE Winston Salem, North Carolina Mechanical Engineering i l;iss ' 15 i ir Force Freeporl . « 5 ork Business Administration Class ' 4ti ( Marin - Cnrps ) Roanoke Aeronautical and Industrial Engineering i lase ' 1 4 i Air Force) Corps CI - l I Virginia Tech (li; I. . S. 1,4); A. Corps (I 2)j . S. U. E. (1 ' 2 :i 4); Tar Heel Corps (1); Basketball ID; Intramural Tennis (3 s I E. i); Roanoke Club (J 2 :t 4). Club (1 2 3 4); Y. M. C. A. (4); Veterans Club Ji, Basketball (1 3), Football (1), Softball (3 4), (I); Officer ' s Reserve Association (4). Bowling (1): Bugle (4); Business Club (12 3 4); Yankee Club (12 3 4). WILLIAM ROBERT PIERCE Grundy Aeronautical Engineering Class ' 48 (Air Force) Gamma Alpha Rho (4); I. A. E. (4). OSCAR A. POHLIG, JR. Richmond Industrial Engineering Class ' 48 (Army) University of Richmond (1 2 3 4); S. A. M. (4), Vice-President (4). FRANK BURTON POOLE, JR. Richmond Architecture Class ' 4o (Air Force) Corps (1 2); A. I. A. (3 4), Vice-President (3), President (4); Cotillion Club (3 4); Richmond Club (12 3 4). 94 0 £ cKiYieieen 0orhi]-eiqlit 3u(jle SENIORS CHARLES PRINCE POWELL, JR. Hampton Business Administration Class ' 4 4 (Army) JAMES ALBERT POWELL Petersburg Electrical Engineering WILLIAM HAMILTON PRENTICE, JR. Pocahontas Ceramic Engineering I Lass ' 43 ( Army I Corps (1 2); Track (2); Intramural Bowling (2); Corps (1 2); Senate (1 3|; A. I. E. E. (1 2:i4); Bluefield College (1 2); American Ceramic Societj Business Club (1 2 3 4), Secretary (1); Horticul- Richmond Club (1 2); retersburg-Hopewell Club (4); Masonic Club (4); Black Diamond Club tural Club (1 2 3 4); Hampton Roads Club (12 i:i4); DeMolay (34). (I); V. M. C. A. (4). 3 4), Secretary (3); Y. M. C. A. (1 2 3 4). SINCLAIR CHARLES PRESTON MYRTLE MACKLYN PRICE Blacksburg Business Administration Home Economics Class ' 48 Class ' 4 JOSEPH CARROLL PURCELL Cleveland Agricultural Education Class " 48 l Army) Corps (1 2 3); Senate (2); Ring Committee (2 3); Intramural Sports (1 3 4); Home Economics Club Agricultural Club (1 2 3 4), Vice-President (1); Cotillion Club (4); Southwest Club (12 3 4). (1 4); Lutheran Student Association (12 3 4), F. F. A. (12 3 4), Reporter (4); Lonesome Pine President (2). ( lub (4). 95 Virginia loLijteclinLc Jnstitute CIVILIAN JAMES ALEXANDER QUIRK Calhoun, Kentucky Electrical Engineering Clam ' 48 ( Air Force) si Joseph College ill; A. I. E. E. (1 2 3 4); Life Savins; Corps (4); Newman Club (4). AUGUSTUS CRENSHAW REED, JR. Norfolk Industrial Engineering class ' 4(i (Air Force) Norfolk Division li; Basketball (2 :i 4); Intramural Football (2 S), Softball (2), Volley- ball (2), Track (2); Aeronautical Club (1); S. . M, ill; German Club (4); Monogram Club (4); Norfolk club (4). EUGENE HOLMES REILLEY, JR. Charlotte, North Carolina Electrical Engineering Class ' 48 ( Winy i University ol North Carolins (l 2); Track (8); lull-annual ' IViinis (3 4); Eta Kappa Nil (8 4), Vice-President (I); Tan Beta Pi (4); A. I. E. E. C! 4 1, Vice-Chairman (4); Tar Heel Club ( :; 11. DONALD FITZGERALD REILLY Baltimore, Maryland Business Administration Class ' 40 (Merchant Marine) Corps (1 2); Boxing (1), Track (1); Intramural Football (2 3 4), Basketball (2 4), Softball (1 2 4), Track (2), Boxing (1); Business Club (3); Monogram Club (4); Newman Club (3 4). JEROME REINSTEIN Richmond General Science Class " 47 (Navy) Emory and Henry College ( 2 ) ; Corps ( 1 ) ; Intra- mural Sports (3 4 ) ; Biology Club (1 3 4 ) , Vice- Pres. (4); Richmond Club (3 4); Glee Club (4); Lord Reading Club ( 4 ) . 06 JAMES H. RENFRO Dorchester Business Administration Class ' 45 Qg cKlneteen Q ' ortij-eiqki 3uqle SENIORS MARTHA IVIS REYNOLDS Patrick Springs Home Economics JOSEPH HENRY RHEA Damascus Business Administration Class ' 48 Class ' 4 8 HARRY A. RICE Athens, West Virginia Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Class ' 45 Co-ed Vice-President (4 ) ; Senate ( 4 ) ; Intramural Corps (1 2 3 ) ; intramural Horseshoes (1 2 3) ; Basketball (.2 3 4); Hum.- Economics Club (1 2 Business Club (1 2 3 4); Southwest Virginia Club 3 4); House Committee (4). (1 2 3 4). JACK ANDERSON RICHARDSON Baltimore, Maryland Business Administration Class ' 45 (Air Force) WILLIAM HENRY ROACH Silver Spring, Maryland Mechanical Engineering Class ' 41 ALLAN W. ROADCAP Roanoke Business Administration Class ' 4S Corps (1 2); Alpha Kappa I ' si (,4); Business Club Corps (1 2); George Washington University (3); {1 2 :i 4). Secretary (3), President (4); Eastern Football (1), Track ill: 1. S M. E. II 2 3 I) | Shore Anchor Club (12 3 4). Capitol Club (12 3 41; Newman Club (4 1. 97 vircflnta Polijiecknlc institute CIVILIAN STANLEY MEREDITH ROBERTS Norfolk SUE HARMON ROBERTS Home Economics ROBERT EUGENE ROBERTSON Petersburg Industrial Engineering Cls s ' 48 i Viii ) Industrial Engineering (lass ' 46 i Army) Class ' 48 Corps (1); S L, M iii; Norfolk Club (I ' J :i 4). Radford College il 2); Home Economics Club Universitj of Rlchm I ill; Petersburg-Hopewell ii 2 :; ii; Horticultural Club (3 1 ) ; Dairj Club (8 n; Assistant Student Counselor (4). I ' I IIHl ' SS (4). ANDREW ROBESON Bin. -ksl, in- Industrial Physics Class ' 46 l Naw i GROVER LEE ROGERS Hampton RICHARD 0. ROGERS, JR. Biuetield, West Virginia Chemical Engineering Class ' 4s (Army Air Force! Civil Engineering Class ' 47 ( Army) Corps (1 2); Virginia Tech (I -1 1 ; Physics Olub Corps il ' 2 i ; Ass ' t Prosecuting Attorney, Cadel Duke University 111; Phi Lambda Upsilon (41; (3 4); slum Wave Club (8 n Honor curt ( ■• i ; Tau Beta 1 ' i (3 4i. Secretary Black Diamond Club i :i 4i. if 4i; Chi Epsilon is IK President (41; A. s. C. E. (1 2 . ' 1 41; S. A. M. E. (2); Ham]. I. m Roads Club (8 4 i. !I8 C lte OxLneteen Jortij-eicjkt Jjucjle SENIORS VIRGINIA ANNE ROHLFS Upppr Montclair, New Jersey Home Economics EDGAR ROLAND ROSEN Fort Dodge, Iowa Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 Class ' 48 WILLIAM LARRY ROSS Logan, Wesl Virginia Ceramic Engineering ( l.iss ' 45 Army) Home Economics Club (3); V. V. C. A. (3), Wrestling |3); Intramural Wrestling (3); rati Beta Corps il 2); Intramural Softbull (li, Bowling Treasurer (3). Pi (4); Pi Tau Sigma (4); A. S. M. E. 14), ill; Keramas (4); Sigma Gamma Epsilon (4i, Monogram Club (4). Secretary-Treasurer (4); Vmerican eramit Societj (I 2 3 1); German Club rl :; II; West Virginia Club (1 •- . MAURICE BROADDUS ROWE Fredericksburg Agricultural Education l lass ' 45 (Army ) Corps (1 2 3); Block and Bridle Club (4); Agri- cultural Club (4); Fredericksburg Club (1 2). JAMES MEREDITH RUSSELL FRANCIS ALBERT RUZZA Mm. Tal Livingston, New Jersey Agricultural Education Agriculture i hiss ' 48 i Air Force) Class ' 42 (Navy) F. F. A (1 ■ :; !); Agricultural Club (1 - 3 II. turps M -J i ; Block and Bridle Club li; Agricul- Vice-President (1). tural Club (4); l.mkn; Club (.4). ' .Hi vircjinia JroLt tecknic institute r i ■ CIVILIAN WILLIAM GRANVILLE SALE, JR. Norfolk Industrial Engineering I i I Army I LEON SAUNDERS Norfolk Business Administration SB ' 45 I rmv t RICHARD B. SAUNDERS Richmond Industrial Engineering Class ' 45 I ir Force) 1 i); Intramural football (1 S «), Soft- Corps (1 2 1 ; Harvard (2); University ol Maine Corps (1). ball (.:! 41. Basketball IV; A M f.4); Norfolk 13 ) : - IJ Volleyball (1), Baseball (2 31; dob S U r (IS); Business Hub (3 4); Norfolk t ' lul. il -1 41: I.or.l Reading Hub (4i: Hillel Foundation i :; 4 1. Sergeant-at-Arms (4 ; Y. M I A. (4). JAMES FRANKLIN SAYRE Iniubar, West Virginia Industrial Physics Class i: ) Army) Corps (1 2 : Physics Club (4). JAMES HAMILTON SCHAUB Washington, D. C. Civil Engineering 15 I Army ) GEORGE H. SCHECK Hagerstown. Maryland Mechanical Engineering -- 4 " . ( Army i _-■ Washington Unhersity (2); Chi Ev-silon (4 , (_ rps (1 2); Swimming (1); A. S. M. E. (2 3); Secretary (4); A. S. C, E. i4j. Glee Club (12 a 4). 100 die CAlineteen Jortij-eicjrd Jjucjle SENIORS ROY ANDREW SCHUCHA Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania Bus iness Administration Class 4 i (Air Force) CALVIN WALTER SCHWABE Baltimore, Maryland ALBERT RALPH SCOTT, JR. Winston-Salem, North Carolina Biology ( lasa ' 47 i Navy) Electrical Engineering it I Army I Corps (1); Softball 2 , Tennis (2); Bugle (1 2 Corps M 2 3); Cadet Honor Curt (I 2 3), De- Corps (3 2 3); Intramunil B-iwling (3), Volleyball 3); Upha I ' si Omega (2 3 4); Maroon Mask t.-n-.- Utomey (3); Class President (3); Virginia (3); [ E E. (2 :■!); ;iee Club (2). Tech Mi; Biology Club (3); Student Veterinarj Societj - t , President (4); Richmond Club (1 2); DeMolay (2 3 4i. Scribe ' ; j ; S. A. M. E. (2 3). PATRICK HENRY SCOTT Richmond Business Administration l.i.-.- ' 4. ' . (Army ) WILLIAM MURPHY SCOTT Vinton Agricultural Education Class - 4 (Army) CARLTON EUGENE SEAY Norfolk Light Building Construction Class ' 40 i Army I Corps (1 2); Senate (2 3 4). Chairman, Special Alpha Zeta (4); F. F. A. u 2 :; 41. Watchdog South I)ak,.ta School of Mines an,! Technology (1); Affairs Committee 4l; Intramural Sporte (12 3 .2,: Igricultura] Cluh (1 2 3 41. Treasurer (4). Corps (1); Intramural F., (1) Tra. 4 1; Business Club (2 3 4); Hampton Roads Club , President Class - (1 2 3 4). 101 vLrcf ' inia 1 oLi tecknic Qmtltute CIVILIAN THOMAS J. SEWARD i idlothian Civil Engineering BENJAMIN THOMAS SHARP Richmond Chemical Engineering BENJAMIN SHEFFIELD i rewe Electrical Engineering Class ' 45 (hiss ' 48 Class ' 4K Corps (I 2); Intramural Football in. Basketball Gettysburg College (1); Junior Varsity Football (2). (it; Virginia Tech (2), Sales Manager (2), Asms tan! Business Manager (2); Virginia Tech Engineer I •_• i ; Phi Lambda Upsilon ill; Tau Beta Pi (4); I Ch. E. (4). Treasurer (41; DeMolaj Mi; Richmond Club (1 2 3 I i. GEORGE WILLIAM SHELTON, JR. hatham Business Administration ( ' hiss ' 4 " I Army ) VICTOR NORWOOD SHEPHERD Smith Boston Business Administration Class ' 4ii ( Army i CARLTON HENRY SHICKEL Bridgewater Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 Corps ill; Business Club (2 3 4); Seminole Club Corps ill; Senate (3); Alpha Kappa Psi (3 41; Bridgewater College (1 2). II 2 3) J V M. C. 1. (1 2 3 4). Business Club (1 2); Seminole Club 11 2 4). Vice-President (4); Southern Colonels (II. Us JFt 1 Si .:: in jWSI .i HI " .. . " -,tf V m 102 L ke OKlneteen orty-eicjkt Jjucjle . — - ' — s — SENIORS PAUL RAWLINGS SHRIVZR Norfolk IViechanical Engineering Class ' 4« (Air Force) LEON 0. SILVAN Nt-u York, New York Metallurgical Engineering 1 lass ' 46 I Navy) GEORGE W. SKAGGS Dublin Electrical Engineering Class ' • " (Navy) Norfolk Division (1 2); Pi Tan Sigma (4); Tan Corps (1 2) ; Intramural Boxing (2), Wrestling (2), Corps ill. Intramural Football (1 2 3 4 ) ; Soft Beta I ' i (4); A. s. M. E. (1 2 3 4). Football (3); Virginia Tech Engneer i :: i ; Sigma ball (1 2 :: 4); A. I. E. E. (2 ii; Speleological So- Gamma Epsilon (4); American So. riety for Metals ,,,. t -j ( (3 4), Executive Committee ( ' ■■ 4); Vankee Club (4); Ritle Club ( 2 I ; Current Allans Club (3), Exe- cutive Commit tee (3); Lord Reading club (1 2 3 4i. JOHN ALBERT SLOCUM, JR. I. m hliurg Chemistry ( lass ' 45 i n Force i Corps 11 2 i; A. I. Ch. E. ( 1 2 :: I ; A. C. S. 14,; Veterans Club (3 4i: Lynchburg club it 2). EASLEY STONE SMITH Crewe Agricultural Engineering Class ' 4a ( Air Force I Corps (1 2); A. S. A. E. (1 2 3 4); Mid-Virginia Club (12 3 41; Y M. C. . (41; Veterans Club ( 41. HARRY C. SMITH Ru.lfonl Chemistry Class ' 4h 103 Vlrqlma jPoliftecriYiic Omtihukt CIVILIAN JAMES LAWRENCE SMITH, JR. nn.Ti Corps 11 S); Sctij- CotflK, • PHILIP LINDEN SMITH Aev Engineering a. Ted - tub [1 »). i Inb l 1 i RANDOLPH WREN SMITH Agricultural Engineering I . Tr-JSUTM- (SI, Iturj] Clu ' .llioo l-H Alumni Hub i 1 i :■: 4 • . Treasurer ■ Mi.l-Vinrinia Club i 1 Souths rgmia Club - WILLIAM B. SMITH, JR. stry Class - - WILLIAM THOMAS SMITH ouih Industrial Engineering CI as Corps (1 2); Chen I 2 % 4 emmo e Hampden -Sydney (1 2); Sesai 1 rtemouth Cta HORACE MILES SMYTHERS Woodlaini Agricultural Engineering Class ' 4« I ' Army | If. : Wrestling (1 S ); Intramural Basket Aloha Zeta ■ ieBt (4;. 104 Si bi oA cAllneteen orlij-eicjkl Jjucjle SENIORS GEORGE WHITE SNEAD Shawsville Business Administration Class ' 45 (Army) Corps (12 3i, Treasurer (3); Senate (1); Honor Court (1 2i; Intramural Football 1 2), Basket- ball (1 ; Virginia Tech 111; Business Club (1 2 3 4): German Club (1 2 :; 4i. Secretary-Treas- urer (2 3), Vice-President 4i; Roanoke Club (1 2 3 4). RICHARD ROY SNEDEGAR Roanoke Electrical Engineering " 4 7 (Army) CARROLL GIVENS SNIDOW Roanoke Industrial Engineering Class ' 46 (Air F • I irps li: A. I. E. E. (1 2 3 4), Secretary (3); Corps Hi; Tau Beta Pi (4); S. A. M. (4), Sec- DeMolay (4), Senior Deacon (4); Y. M C. A. retary-Treasurer (4); German Club (4 ; Roanoke i 2). Cabinet i2i; I. if. Savins. ; S A. M. E. Hub (4), Treasurer (4i. ill. MARCUS REEDER SNIDOW RICHARD CARL SNOW JOHN WILLIAM SOURS, JR. Roanoke Hi lt,.n Village Roanoke Mechanical Engineering Biology Civil Engineering Class ' 46 i Xa»y) Class ' 4 Class ' 46 (Marine Corps} Corps (1 2l; I. A. S. (2); A s M E. i :-: I ; Ger- Senate (4); Intramural Football (2 3 41, Volley- Corps (li; S C. F. (3 4i; Roanoke Club man Club (2 3); Roanoke Club (3 1. ball (2 3 4 1. (3 4). 105 Virginia 1 oti teclinlc Jnstltutt CIVILIAN HOBART SPEEGLE, JR. Hampton Mechanical Engineering ALGIE LEWIS SPENCER (lit . Agricultural Education ( lass ' 48 ( Annj ) Corps (ii; F. F, A. { I 2 3 4 . Reporter (4 ); Igi b n H in il ( lull i 1 2 3 4i. WAYNE EUGENE SPITLER l.uiiiy Business Administration Class ' 46 ( Air Force I Corps (II; Virginia Tech (1); Business Club (1 2 :i ) ; German Club (2 3 4); Shenandoah Valley Club (1). RAY VAUGHAN SPIVEY EDWARD COOPER SPRAGUE, JR. BENJAMIN SQUIRES Vymd so , Hempstead, New York Forest Hills. New York Agricultural Economics Business Administration Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4.-, (Army) ' » " ' 44 K " " Class ' 4S ' U ' " v ' Corps II - ' ) ' . Senate (41; Bugle il 2); Agricul- Corps il 2); Alpha Kappa Psi (3 4); Business C. C. N. Y. (1 2); A. S. M. E. (1 2 3 41. ,„,.., I club (i 2 3 4); F. F. A. (1 2 ; Agricul- tlib (2 3 4 ' . President (3); Yankee Club (1 21. tural Economics Society (4), President (4); Co- tillion C ' lul) (4); Peanut Club (1 2 3 4). I hi; CJfte C xineteen [Jortij-ticjYih Jjucjle SENIORS MARIAN JANE SPEARMAN NELLE CARTER STARNES DERRICK HERMAN STASSFORT Chattanooga, Tennessee Architectural Engineering Pearisburg Norfolk General Science Chemical Engineering ( ' hiss ' 48 ( lass ' 48 Class ' 44 (Army) University of Chattanooga (1); A I. A. (2 3 4); The Virginia Tech il 2); Virginia Tech Engineer Corps (1 2 3); Intramural Basketball (1 2 31, W. C. A. (4). (S), Circulation Manager (3); Pi Delta Epsilon Baseball (1 2 3 4); Virginia Tech (1); A. 1. (1,. (4), Secretary (4i; American Chemical Society E. (1 2 3 4); s. A. M. E, i2 3 i ; Cotillion Club (1 2); V, V. c. A. (1 2 3 4); Co-ed Council (3). (3 4); Norfolk club (1 2 3 4i; Y. M. C. A. (4). HARVEY RAVENSCROFT STiBBlNS, JR. Ashland Business Administration Class ' 48 ROBERT PALMER STOCKDELL Roanoke Industrial Engineering Class ' 43 i Aii Force i HENRY WOLFGANG STOCKMAR, III Richmond Architecture Class ' 48 i Army) Corps (1 2 3); Baseball Manager (1 2); Basi- Corps (1 2 3); Senate (4); Intramural Football Auburn (1); Tau Sigma Delta (4); A. I. A. (4i, ness Club (4); Richmond Club (4). (4); S A M. |4); Ruanoke Club (4). Vice-President I4i. 107 Vircfinia 1 otyteckmc institute CIVILIAN WILLIAM CHARLES STRAUSS, III Washing! D. 0. Electrical Engineering Class ' 48 i Navj I Corps (1 2 8); Virginia Tech Engineer (2 3); Pi Delta Bpsilon (8); DeMolay (2 8); Pershing Rifles (2 8). CLAUDE W. STUART Si Inn Business Administration Class ' 48 ALBERT PIERCE SUPER Petersburg Chemical Engineering Class ' 47 ( Vim i Corps II 2); Honor Court (21 A. I. Ch. E. Hi; Petersburg Club 4i; Newman Club (12 3 4). WILLIAM BRAGONIER SURFACE RICHARD FRANCIS SUTTON ( Ihristiansburg Agricultural Education Class ' i (Air Force) JAMES ARTHUR SWACKHAMER Winchester Forestry and Wildlife Conservation (hiss Ms ( Army) I Corps (1 2); Alpha Zeta (3 4); F. F. A. (1 2 Salem College (1 2); Alpha Zeta (3 4), Censor Corps (1 2); Intramural Football (1 2), Basket- 3 4); Agricultural Club (1 2 3 4). (4); Forestry Club (3 4), Chief Forester (4); ball (2). Track (2); A. I. A. (1 2 3 4); Glee Usistant Manager, Basketball (3). Club (1 2). Middletown, New Jersej Architecture ' 45 (Air Force) 108 C rie CsXineteen [Jorhif-eLcfht Jjucfle SENIORS JOHN RAYMOND SWEENEY DOROTHY JEAN TABOR WALTER DUKE TAFT, JR. Princeton, West Virginia Home Economics Norwich, Connecticut Civil Engineering Class ' 4s (Army) Class ' 48 Intramural Basketball (2 3); A. S. 0. E. (4) ; irginia [ntermont (1 ' ± ) ; Home Economics Club imi hmumI Snttlmll (3 ), Volleyball (3), Football Newman Club (4). U 2 3 )• (3); A. S. C. E. (1 2 3 4). Nashville, Tennessee Civil Engineering Class ' 48 ( Air Force) TERRY F. TANNER MARY HELEN TATE JACK PRESTON TAY Quitman, Ceorgia Marion Oriskany Biology Home Economics Chemical Engineering rmy) Class " 48 Class ' 48 i ii Force) (lass ' 47 (Army) Corps (1); Vice-President, Class of ' 47; Biology Mary Washington College (1 2); Alpha Phi Sigma Roanoke College (1 2); Tan Beta Pi (4); Phi Club (2), Vice-President (2); Y. M. C. A. (1 2). Hi; Southwest Virginia Club (3 4); V. W. C. A. Lambda Upsilon ill: A. I. Cli. E. (3 41. Vice- (12 3 4), Cabinet (3 4); Canterbury Club (3 li. President (41; A. I. Ch. K. Scholarship (4). Secretary (4). 109 Virginia Jrolijiecknic tlnstitute CIVILIAN RUDOLPH SHELTON TAYLOR Ashland Architecture Class ' 48 ( Armj i EARL MANSUELLE THIERRY Roanoke Civil Engineering ( 1 iss ' 4fi i Arms ) FREDERIC BRAWNER THOMAS Indian Head, Maryland Light Building Construction Class ' n i Army) Randolph-Macon il 2); Tail Sigma Delta (4 ; I. S. C. E. (2 :i 4): Maroon M.isk i :: li; Roanoke Corps il 2); Track (1); Intramural Boxing (2). A. I. A. (1 2 :i 41, Treasurer (4). Club (8 4); Cave Club (2 3 4i. President Mi Softball (2); S. Ch. E. il 2 8 4j; Capitol Club (l 2 :; ti, Treasurer (3). HOBART McKINLEY THOMAS Culpeper Business Administration Class ' 45 (Air Force) WILLIAM FRANCIS THOMAS Cape Charles Agricultural Economics l lass ' 4. ' j ( Army I RUTHERFORD BOSTON THOMPSON, JR. Hampton Chemistry ( ' lass 4. " i ( Navy ) Corps (1 2); Intramural Sports (1 2 3 4); Busi- Corps (1 2); Alpha .eta (4); Agricultural Club Corps (1 2 3 4); Phi Lambda Upsilon (3 4 5), ness Club (4 2 :i 41; Piedmont Club (1 2 :s 4), (4); Horticultural Club 14); Agricultural Eeo- President CI; Chemistry Club (1 2 . " I ; Hampton Vice-President (4). noraics Club |4 ; Eastern Shore Anchor Club (1 2 Roads Club (1 2). 8 4), Secretary (3). 110 (Zke Oxlneteen oriij-eicjrit Jjucjle SENIORS THOMAS CATO TILLAR Emporia Industrial Engineering Class ' 4 " (Navy ) WILLIAM RUSSELL TISE Springfield, Massachusetts Mechanical Engineering Class ' 48 (Navy) PETE A. TOKARZ Port Richmond Industrial Engineering Class ' 47 (Air Force) Corps (1 2); Senate (2 3); Defense Counsel (S) ; Swarthmore College (1); Intramural Basketball (3). Corps (1 2); Track (1 2); S. A. M. (1 2 3 4); C. s. B. Constitution Committee (3); German Mid-Tidewater Club (1 2 3 4), President |4); Club (2 3 4); Mid-Virginia Hub ( 1 J . Richmond Club il 2 3 4i; Newman (lib (4). EDWIN HARRISON TOMPKINS, JR. Norfolk Electrical Engineering Class ' 48 Norfolk Division (1 2 l . WILLIAM DUDWELL TONEY, JR. Mechanical Engineering Class ' 45 (Air Force) GILES BARKSDALE TRIMBLE Swoope Civil Engineering (lass ' 45 (Air Force) Richmond Extension (1 21; A. s. M. E. (12 3 1); Corps (1 2); A. s. c. E. ( 1 2 3 4), Vice-President Richmond Club (3 4 ). (1). Ill Vircjiriia jPolijiecriYiic tlmtitute CIVILIAN ALLAN WARE TL I Nf Class EDWARD CARTER TURNER ■ Industrial Engineering KENNETH VANCE WAGENBACH York - - - rrnj) - - - - ■ E. 1 I) ; Pie-lm ■ ■ S - HUNTER T. WAGENB DAVID H. WALKER ROBERT MORRISS WALLACE E _ ; - ■_■ : . i : - ■ - - Purine n Administration - 112 M ' Lslie GXlneteen orty-eiqlit JjucjLe SENIORS JOHN THOMAS WALMSUT .- •■;; .: ._ ; ■_■ ■ ' ' - - - - - - si ri n g FiJk a - »i.-E; ;-:• ;•- ■ ._; - -« --; ----.•■ - t 3t«jr:«r hiaxmaa.- - CM (1 - 133 injuria Polytechnic Juniiuh A - CIVILIAN ROY LEE WATTS Glasgow Industrial Engineering i lass ' 46 i t ni i Corps (2); Shenandoah Conservatory of Music ill; Oregon State College (3); Intramural Basketball (8), Softball (l); Virginia Tech (4); s. A. M. (4); Shenandoah Valley Club ill; Assistant Stu- dent Counselor ( 4 ). HAROLD PAUL WEINBERG Richmond Metallurgical Engineering ( his- ' 46 i Navy) s. M. (8 I). Publicitj Director (4); Richmond Club (8 1); Lord Reading Club (8 4), President i ii. WILBUR EDWARD WHITAKER Portsmouth Industrial Engineering ( llass ' It f Marine Corps » i ' " His ii ■ ) ; Cotillion Club (3 4 , 2nd Vice- President (8), Vice-President (4); Portsmouth Club (2), Sergeant-at-Arms (2), ROBERT ALVIN WHITEHORNE Portsmouth Electrical Engineering Class ' 46 (Marine Corps) Corps (1 2), Cadet Senate (2); Bugle (2); Per- shing Rifles (2); Eta Kappa Nu (4); A. S. M. E. (1 2); A. I. E. E. (3 4); Cotillion Club (3 4), Executive Committee (4); Portsmouth Club (4). ROY SURFACE WHITESCARVER Salclll Business Administration Class ' 48 (Air Force) Prosecuting Attorney, Civilian Honor Court (4); Intramural Manager (2); Business Club (4); Maroon Mask (4); Roanoke Club (4); Student Counselor (2 3 4); Veterans Club (4). 114 CLARENCE WILLOUGHBY WHITMORE, III Buffalo, New York Mechanical Engineering Class ' 4(1 (Navj ) Corps (1 i 3); Virginia Tech Engineer (4); Tau Beta Pi ( :i 4), President (4); Pi Tau Sigma (3 4), R ding Secretarj (3); A. S. M. E. (4); Do- Molay (2 3). Cske CJxLneleen [J orti}-ei(jrit JjucjLe SEN MORS FERDINAND H. WILBOURNE Blacksburg JAMES FORSTING WILDEY Tarns, West Virginia ROBERT IRViN WILKERSON, Roanoke JR Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering ( ' kiss ' is Class ' in i Navy) Class ' 4 5 (Army) Corps (1 2i; Intramural Football (3 4), Swim- A. S. M. E. (4); Roanoke C ' luh (4). ming (1 2i; Pi Tan Sigma » . A. s. |. E. (4); (.lee Club l.i I. WILLIAM ANDREW WILKINSON, JR. I ' earislmrg Mechanical Engineering ( lass ' 42 ( Air Corps) EZRA HOLMES WILLIAMS Danville Business Administration Class ' 4 i I Army I Pi Tin Sigma (4); Tau Beta Pi (4); A. S. M. E. Corps (1); Seminole Club (4), President (4 . il); Engii r ' s Club (4). CHARLES ANDREW WILSON, JR. Richmond Light Building Construction Class ' 4 " (Air Corps) Corps (1 2); Football (12); Track (1). 115 ! vLrqinLa Polijiecknlc {Jnstltutt - m CIVILIAN JACK CARLTON WILSON Hampton Business Administration class ' 4. i ( Air ( torps ) SAMUEL HENDERSON WILSON ( Mi rl Electrical Engineering ClasB ' 17 ( Navj I WILLIAM WALLACE WILSON Alexandria Civil Engineering Class ' in ( Navy) Corps (1 2); Business Club (8); Cotillion Club Corps (1 2 3 1), Major M ; Intramu ral Cross caps (1); intramural Football (1 2 :i 4), Bowl- (3 41; Hampton Una. Is Club (I ■: :i 4). Secretary- Countrj (2), Wrestling (2), Football (2 41, Soft ing (1 i! .-{ 4), Softball (I 2 : ' , 41, Basketball treasurer (3). ball i ' 2 i . Bridge ill: Etu Kappa Nu (3 4); Tau ,i ■• :i J); s . c. E. (I ■_ :i 41; Washington Beta l ' i (3 li; . 1 E. 10. (1 -1 :t 4). Secretarj club (I 2 :; 4); Newman Club 14) (■_ ' ), Vice President ( :; ) ; DeMolaj i I I. ATLAS BURNESS WINDHAM, JR. Petersburg Industrial Engineering Class ' 4 . " (Army) V. M. I. (1 2); S. A. M. (4); German Club (-1); ivtersburg Club (1 2 3 4), Treasurer (.4). WALLACE MARTIN WINFREE I lumfries Architectural Engineering Cla s ' 4. " i (.Marine Corps) Corps ( 1 ). ORTLEY NEWMAN WOLFE Big Sinn,- Gap Business Administration I hiss ' 44 (Navy) Lincoln Memorial University (1); Alpha Kappa l ' si (4); Basiness Club (1 2 :i 4). 116 C ke CJxLneteen Jortif-eicfht Jjucfle SENIORS ALONZO EDWIN WOOD, JR. Lynchburg Statistics DAVID LEE WOOD Gary, West Virginia Electrical Engineering Class ' 47 (Navy) LLEWELLYN WOOD, JR. Warrenton Ceramic Engineering t ilass ' 45 i my Class ' 46 (Army) ( " rps (1): intramural Bowling (1); I. A. s. (2); Corps (1 2); Virginia Tech Engineer (4); A. I. E. Corps (1 2): Sigma Gamma Bpsilon (4); V C. S. American Statistical Association (4). K. (1 2 3 4); Black Diamond Club (4). (1 2 3 4): Piedmont Club (1 2 4). JOHN HENRY WRIGHT Rapidan Business Administration ( lass ' 14 (Army) Basketball (1 2 3 1); Cave Club (12 3 4), Treas- Corps (1 2); Bugle (3); Piedmont Club (4). urer (3); Y. W. c (12 3 4). MARIAN FRANCES WORMALD Arlington Biology Cla;s ' 4K JOHN MOORE WRIGHT, JR. Richmond Industrial Engineering Class ' 4S (Air Corps) C. s I ' . Senate (2); Tau Beta Pi (4;; S M (4i. President (4); Engineering Council (4); Phi Kappa Phi (41 117 Virginia 1 olytecknic Qmiiiutt SENIORS WILLIAM CARLTON WRIGHT Elisabeth City, North Carolina Business Administration lass ' It; i Army ) Mars Hill College (1 2); Corps (3); Alpha Kappa I ' si (4i; German Club (S 4). Secretary-Treasurer (41. BERT JENNINGS WRISTON, JR. Kingston, West Virginia Business Administration Class ' 4:. I Nail ) c.rps (l • i; Baseball ( l , Basketball ii 2), Football (1); Monogram Club (4i; West. Virginia ( I ill. I 4 1. i:il ' iii ' j|i!J.l|!ii r i mini WALTER WRENN WYATT Herndon RODERICK WHITER YOUNG Blaeksburg Horticulture Class ' 48 Civil Engineering Class ' 43 (Air Force) Corps (1 2 3); Track (I 2 X 4i, Co-Captain (4); Horticultural Club (1 2 3 41, Vice President (2 Intramural Bowling (12 3 4), Football (1 2 3 41; 3 4); Agricultural Club (1 2 3 4); Y. M. C. A. A. S. C. E. (3 4); Monogram Club (2 : ' , 41; Y, M. (■ )• C. A. (1 2). 118 CJfie OXiYieheeYi joriij-eLCjki Jjucjle CIVILIAN Adams, R. P. Airheart, A. J. Akers, W. R. Albright, J M Allen, R. W Allen, T. P. Allen, W M Amos, R. A, Anderson, C A Anderson, E. L. Arnold, L. D Ashburner, J. R Austin, A. L. Ayers, G. Ayers, J. G. Bodkins, T. S Bailey, R K. Baker, R. A. Baker, S. R Barco, R. L. Barker, H. M Barret, J S. Barrett, P. H Bartlett, A J. Bartlett, S. B. Barry, D. Bates, M L Baucom, W E. Beamon, T M Bell, D. K. Bell, W. G. Bennett, S. H Benson, R W Beverly, M B Blackmon, C. W. Blaisdell, T M. Bland, H. B. Blanton, W. J. Bogese, G. J. Boggs, D. L. Boitnott, Joyce D. Bolick, A. J. Bonner, R. G. Bosserman, R G. Boswell, W. E. Bounds, D. M Bower, F. H Bower, J M 120 Caic Csxlneteen [fjortij-elcfrit Jjucfle UNDERCLASSMEN 121 Bowery, E. R Bowles, V. M. Bratton, E. F. Breeden, E. G. Breeding, R. P. Brenckman, R. D. Bresnahan, Rosemary A Brett, L. E. Brewer, C P. Brooks, R. R. Brooks, W. B. Brown, R, B. Browning, H. M Bruce, B. D. Bryant, R L. Burchard, H Ann Burks, C. M. Burton, R. C. Burton, T. E. Busser, L. F Butler, R. P. CaldwelJ, H. H. Camm, J. A Caperton, S. A. Cordelia, W N. Carlton, C. S. Carlton, J. R. Carmines, R Carr, J. A Carver, J. T. Cassada, R. K. Catafygiotu, S. T. Cathey, F. H Chandler, W. H. Chappell, L. B. Cheatham, G M. Cheney, D. T. Childress, T. J. Christiansen, W. S. Churchill, J. W. Clark, G. H. Clarke, C. H. Clary, J. H. Clayton, J. T. Cleaver, F. W. Clegg, A. W. Clement, G. K. Clements, J. R " " " ■ tdt-c Vircfinia 1 ott tecknic 1 nstitute CIVILIAN Cochran, J. R. Cocke, W. R. Cohen, H. J. Coker, S. P. Conner, W. J. Conway, Eileen A. Cooper, C. M. Cooper, L. M Corr, L. F. Cosby, R. E. Coutts, W. G. Covel, R. G Cowan, E. Jewel Cox, M. K. Craig, I. M. Cramer, R. C. Creger, E. T. Cregger, M. R. Crenshaw, A, B. Crim, G. L Crim, W. M Crist, G. B. Crockett, J. G. Crockett, J M. Cromer, B. G. Cromer, K. G. Crotts, W. L Crotty, R. B. Crowell, 0. Crump, J. W. Crutchfield, J. H Culbertson, E C. Cummings, W. C. Curnn, F, R. Cutler, N. S. Daffron, H. V. Darden, S. P. Datig, J. B. Davis, C. T. Davis, G. M Davis , R. H. Davis, R. V. Davis, S H. Davis, W. S. Dawson, W J Decker, W. M. Dickson, R. H. Dobbins, R. A. 122 CJfie CALineteen [joriij-elcfki JjucfLe UNDERCLASSMEN A 123 Virginia 1 olijtecknlc tJnsiltute Dodd, J. D. Dolinger, J. R. Donahue, C. F. Dougherty, J. C. Dove, G. D. Druen, W. D. Dudley, W L. Duff, H L. Duhan, S. Duke, C. A. Duke, L B. Duncan, P. L. Dunton, E. D. Dutton, H. W. Easter, C. D. Economy, N. G. Eggleston, J. M. Eimers, H 0. Emerson, C G. Erwin, W. C Estes, B. M Faison, G. L. Fauber, C. R. Faulconer, L B. Feagans, K. C. Fellows, C W. Felton, S. J Felton, S L. Field, D. E, Fillak, L. A. Fisher, C M Fitzpatrick, J. H. Fleek, D. L. Flemer, J. W. Foltz, J. F. Foote, Margaret H. Fox, A. R. Fox, T. R. Freedman, A. J. Friedman, A, E. Fuqua, I. N. Fulford, G. E. Funk, W. M. Gantt, A. E. Gardner, J. E. Garrett, T M. Gilbert, R. C. Ginder, J. R. --. n CIVILIAN - boc_ - Goffigo -- R. J. G. W. L L _ 1 ' . ' I : : I •V. c. GrmdstoffJH. T. Grove, F i I R Hoboush, r L Hogoman, W. E. Hagy,J.T. R ta C. E Home R Hammer, J E Hancock, H. P. Hank-: T - Z N. er, H. H. Har rty Jo HarreN, B. C Harris, F. M. Harris, Jo Ann Hams, R. B. Harrison, R L. -gs, H. M. Havnaer, C. H. Hawkins, J. C. ey, W. H. M. 7. M. G B. Hicks, G. W. J L. i e 1.4 n t ' OAe Uxlneteen orttj-eicjlii Jjucjte U N DERCLASSM EN 125 Hilton, A B Hodges, J. W. Hodges, N B. Hodgson, G. P Hodsden, W. I Hoggard, H. C. Hogge, I. A. Hollandsworth, C J Hood, J. G. Hoover, W. B. Hopkins, R. S. Horton, E. W. Houck, J. C Huettell, L J Hufnell, R. N. Hughes, J Hulcher F H Hurd A D Hurt, J W Hypes, J. W lannolo, F P Jabi, K. A. K. Jackson, Barbara Jackson, B, L. Jackson, Mary Jo Jacobs, A. L. Jacobs, A Jacobs, W E. Janosko, A D. Jarrett, B. P Jarrett, W T. Jayne, H M Jefferson, J. J. Jennings, R. C. Jesse, Barbara Jeter, H. D. Jewett, F F Johnson, Anna H. Johnson, Ethel S. Johnson, J. C. Johnson, J E Johnson, Nancy Johnston, S. F. Johnston, W. S. Jones, D. Cordelia Jones, J. N. Jones, R. S. Jordan, H. R. --— - : t Virginia 1 oiytecknic umi ' duit CIVILIAN Joyner, E. B. Joyner, W H Klawitter, W A. Keil, C. F. Kern, W. H. Kernodle, H. L. Keyser, Janet E Kibler, L. G. Kibler, W L Kilbourne, R S Kimmerling, H W. Kincheloe, D E, King, B. F Kinzie, J. G. Kirby, E L Kiser, J A Kitchen, J B Knight, E W Krakoviak, A I Kummer, J A Kunzman, C. H Lam, E. L. Landers, P. D Lankford, J. B Latta, R. E Latta, W R Lawson, J. C. Layman, G W LeCouteur, E H. Lee, N F Lelcng, M. P. Lenz, E, G Leonard, J G Lewis, G D Lieberman, A M Ligon, J. F. Linkenhoker, W D. Linthicum, B J. Linton, G. M Lipscomb, R. E. Little, H. A. Lok, G. J. Long, A A Love, H. C. Lovett, M H. Lowery, R. C. Tuggle, T. W. Macklin, H H 120 ifi Cshe Oxlmteen [jortif-elcjhi Jjucfle U N DERC LASSMEN • m e o -% % i p 1 . : - - Ik « d TW 127 VircfLnia 1 olijiecknic institute Macon, B. K. Maddock, J. F Magruder, P. B. Mahanes, C. M Ma lone, J M Mann, W. W C Mannas, R. G Manner, J M Manning, Gloria E. Manuel, R. E. Manuel, R. Earl Marshall, W D. Martin, R. H Martin, W B. Martinsen, S. A. Massie, C. M Maxey, HE Mays, C H McCarthy, J P. McCoy, Joyce M McCrary, J. D McCrickard, T, L. McDanel, R. L. McDonald, Phyllis J. McElrath, Thora C. McGmnis, B L. McGinnis, C. M Meadows, A. U Meredith, B. C Mergler, D H Merrill, A. H. Middlebrook, C. Q. Middleton, E. G Midyette, J W Miller, G H Minor, J. C. Mitchell, C W Montalbano, J E Montgomery, C M Moon, G- W Moore, D. L. Moore, H. V. Moseley, M M Moser, P. B, Motley, M. C. Mullin, J. B. Munford, Tommie L Murray, J. C. ii m- ufcmt CIVILIAN Murrie, J. E. Nagle, 0. R. Nathanson, B. Neagle, C E Newcomb, G. L, Newman, G. A Noble, B. V. Noblin, E. Y. Noffsinger, G. R. Noftsinger, R. B. Nolen, H. P. Norris, J. W. Oast, R. W. Obenshain, E. P. Olcott, R N Olsen, L. C. Osborne, W W Otey, J. F. Overly, F A. Owen, J. J. Parker, B. F. Parks, J. C. Parks, M. B Parsons, C. B. Pascoe, Susan Payne, C. L. Pearson, H. L Pennington, E W. Perkins, E. F. Perkins, W. E. Perkinson, J. L Peterson, H. E. Philpott, H. W. Pierce, Anne M. Piercy, G. H. Plott, P. K. Potter, A L Powell, Ann C. Powell, C. B Powell, R. M. Preddy, T. K. Preston, J. B. Prewitt, A. N. Price, C M Price, R. M. Prillaman, N. Prongay, D M. Pruitt, J H A C m ■ ' 128 LJie Q ineteen forly-eic kt Jjugle U N DE RC LASSM E N tins! r, ft , % r 129 Pruitt, R. L. Quartel, D. R. Quirk, V. P. Rainey, M. B. Rasmussen, P. G. Redd, J. B. Redwood, M L. Reese, J. E. Reese, W. T. Reid, R. C. Reynolds, A. E. Reynolds, J A Rhodes, C. A Richardson, B. E. Rice, J M Richards, G G. Rickey, J. B. Riddle, D. B. Ridgeway, J. C. Riggan, W. B. Rives, R T. Roane, Mary F. Roberts, H. E. Robins, J. A Roden, L. H Rogers, E. H Rop2r, L. J. Rosenberger, J. W Ross, C. L Rudasill, C. L. Rynex, C. D. Saltzman, E. M. Samford, W B Satterfield, J. C. Scherer, M. E. Schurz, J. M Scott, B 0. Scott, C. S. Scott, J. H Scott, J. T. Scott, Mary E. Seibert, W. Semchyshyn, W Shaffer, J. A. Shanks, C W. Sharp, G. H. Sheehan, C. R. Shelton, R. J. Virc inia 1 oLt tecknic institute CIVILIAN Shelton, W R, Shinn, J. M Shockley, V. Ruth Shorter, J S Showalter, W H. Shriver, E. C Silverman, Anne Simmons, E R Simpson, R. C. Shamburger, M. E. Slayton, W. B. Slonaker, L. E. Smith, Audra B. Smith, H E. Smith, L. K Smith, L. W. Smith, R V Smith, T D Smith, V V. Smith, W. R Smith, W. W Snead, J. R. Spamhour, J D Spanos, G L Spatig, T, G Speake, C A Spencer, J R Sprinkle, J. K. Spruhan, G H. Spruhan, J K Stamback, P. C Stoddard, M Strawn, R C. Styne, R. J. Suiter, W. D Sutton, J. V. Swann, Mary G. Swecker, W S Sword, J H Taliaferro, R C Tankard, R H Tennis, R. L. Terell, F. X. Terrell, F. A, Thomas, D. L. Thomas, E. J. Thomas, J. W Thomas, W. C. 0. W f 0«S k $0 ) rife. Mt hkwikJM 130 O cMineteen ortij-eiqkt 3u(jle UNDERCLASSMEN ■iSW - © tA HI 131 Virginia 1 oit tecknic institute Thomson, E, L, Thornton, A, G. Thrower, J M Tice, G. M Tickle, Solly J. Tilley, W. P. Tolley, L. E. Tomczak, Doris T. Toxey, J. N. Trant, B. S. Trent, C. F. Triplett, Virginia E Tucker, N E Tuggle, T W Turner, C A Turner, J. F. Vanderhoogt, A L Van Note, Edna E. Vassar, C. 0. Vernon, E M Via, G E. Via, W A Vogelbach, R VValdrupe, Ruth J Walke, L. H. Walker, H W Walker, W M Walters, M Walton, W H Warnner, W K. Washam, W J Watkins, B T Watt, C N. Watts, W. H. Waugh, R. H. Weaver, H A Weaver, J. E. Weaver, R M Webb, R F Weeks, W L Wellford, J. 5 Wellford, W P. West, M. P. Weston, W. A Whaley, R. 0. Wheeler, W. H White, J. C. White, R. P. U N DERCLASSMEN Whiteman, D. L. Whitescarver, C. K. Whitmer, F. L. Whitmore, C. E. Whittington, Jane Whyman, F S. Wiatt, R. M Wickes, R. E. Williams, F. A. Williams, H, M. Williams, J. G. Williams, J. P. Williams, R J. Williamson, G. S. Wilson, C. B. Wilson, C. R. Wilson, L. D. Wine, J. R. Wingert, H. E. Wingfield, B. H. Wingo, S L Wisecarver, Ann E. Wolfe, Jane L. Wolfmger, J. P Wood, B. F Wood, E. B. Wood, T. R Woodford, C P. Woolwine, E. A. Workman, C. R. Wysor, R. B. Wright, T. J. 132 C g Oxlneteen (jorty-eicjkt 3u(jle Officers of ike Glass of ig g C. M. FORBES President R McNAMARA Vice-President R C. BOSSERMAN Secretary G. R GOODSON Treasurer Officers of the Glass of ig$o J E WEAVER President I. F. BURKE Vice-President C. M. PRICE Secretary J. K. BUTLER Treasurer vircjinia Jrolijtecknic Dmlllule S necessary as the heart is to the body, so the Corps is a vital part of Virginia Tech. Here her traditions are enshrined, her principles perpetuated, her future as- sured. The school develops the mind; the Corps develops the man. Leadership, loyalty, honor, comradeship — these are the things for which it stands. Countless are its sons, and enviable are the records which they have made. To- day the Corps is building to even greater heights of achievement. However, with all the changes that time has wrought, certain things have remained the same. As before, when the command is given to " Pass in Review, " the long straight lines of blue-and-gray clad cadets swing into sight. With heads held high, with steps unfaltering, with eyes ahead, the Corps marches on. . yy i,» » r» i v -. m m Left to right: T. G. Plummer, Treasurer; C. M. Forbes, Second Vice-President, J. P. Gilman, President; P. D. Archibald, Vice-President, W. W. Patton, Sergeant-at-Arms Missing from picture: Lsorps of ( aoets E. W. Walker, Secretary Rebuilding — this was the theme of the activities throughout the Corps during the past year. Many new ideas were adopted while many old practices were renewed The Corps has come a long way since the fall of 1947. Today it is a regiment strong. Its military and governmental agencies are functioning efficiently once again. Gone is the feeling of uncertainty which accompanied the years when the men of the Corps were away at war Great are the plans and hopes which its members hold for its future success and attainments Much has been accomplished in the past year but many things still remain to be done. The Corps is once again en its feet — there it shall firmly stand and move ever forward to its goal. n n n n f% Standing (Jury members) : Stevens, Plummer, Mobberly, Manning, Ames, Gillespie, Winslow, Webb, Glover, Fridley. Seated: Modena, Asst Defense Attorney; Triner, Defense Attorney; Burchard, Judge, Gilman, Advisor, Edmunds, Prosecuting At- torney, Parker, Asst Prosecuting Attorney. Missing: Walker, Sec- retary. ftonor (yourl The Cadet Honor Court is composed of a judge, advisor, secretary, prosecuting attorney and assist- ant, defense attorney and assistant, and a jury of twelve men. All members are elected by the Corps except the judge, who is appointed by the president of the Corps of Cadets with approval by the Senate. The court has as its primary function the unpleasant yet most important task of trying suspected violators of our honor system. Never has a sentence by the Honor Court been disapproved by the Administration or successfully con- tested in a civil court. This is a record of which the Honor Court is justifiably proud. 136 o n ?f mmtfwA Top row Proffitt, Large, Cannon, Etheredge, Harper, Showalter, Pinkham, Walbert, Orville. Center row: Gerhardt, Patton, Green, Smith, Alvey, Atkinson, Orr, Dunn, Vockroth, Eisel, Farrell. Seated: Robins, Montague, Thompson, Gilman, Manning, Hobson, McFoll, McNamaro. Hie Senah enate The Senate of the Corps of Cadets is the legislative body of the Corps government Composed of elected representatives from each class in each battalion, it is the Senate ' s duty to decide on all ques- tions concerning the Corps which are not of a judicial nature During the past year the Cadet Sen- ate has been very active in the solution of numerous complex problems arising from the effects of a new and growing Corps. Numerous suggestions and recommendations have been forwarded to the ad- ministration on issues to improve Corps conditions. A complete study and revision of certain features of the Constitution, Honor Court, and freshman regulations has constituted a large portion of the Senate ' s work. Vockroth, Hobson, Archibald, chair- man, Critcher, Akers, Mejlaender. Gxecutlve Ljommith The Executive Committee of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets is comprised of representatives from each class and is responsible for the name and reputation of the Corps of Cadets and for the admin- istration of freshman regulations. The Executive Committee ' s overall aim through its varied respon- sibilities is to maintain high and gentlemanly standards of conduct throughout the Corps. 137 C 0 ike iyorps . . . The Academic year of 1947-1948 has been a noteworthy one for the VPI Corps of Cadets Steady prcgress toward complete restora- tion of the high traditions established during prewar years has been maintained Increased skill in accepting and discharging respon- sibilities by the senior and |umor classes has been most noticeable. Though the scarcity of numbers with which the senior and junior classes are comprised has been a recognized obstacle, this handicap has been more than offset by the high quality of leadership demon- strated by the members of these two classes. The superior perform- ance of Cadet Company, Battalion, and Regimental Commanders and their staffs has strongly contributed toward steady progress. The required assignment of the Second Battalion to Rad-Tech barracks introduced an unprecedented departure and a real challenge to the cadets assigned to this campus Cadet leaders have risen to this challenge and have by their efforts overcome obstacles and solved problems with apparent ease Many of these problems have been maior ones in nature, but all have been solved This is a tribute to the resourcefulness and fidelity of all members of the Second Battalion. The sophomore class has performed its functions in a superior manner It has accepted and supported in an admirable way the strong and mature leadership of the senior class in eliminating a number of obiectionab ' e elements relating to management of the freshman class. It is realized that this contribution by the sophomore class has occurred during a period of transition, and that each member deserves much praise for his broad-minded contribution to- ward an improved VPI Corps of Cadets of tomorrow. The full fruits of this contribution will be recognized to a much greater degree in the years to come The College year of 1947-1948 bears witness of a restored Corps of Cadets ' strength equal to that of 1935-1936 Also, complete restoration of Advanced ROTC courses in all but the Ordnance and Signal Corps Units has been accomplished Establishment of the two new ROTC units on our campus is firm and healthy As time passes, the future members of the VPI Corps of Cadets will inherit much from the present members for which to pay thanks The members of all classes now enrolled can look back on 1947-1948 with pride in a |ob well done THOMAS W MUNFORD, Colonel, CAC, Commandant. First row Col. Munford. Second row: Lt. Col. McCann, Lt. Col. Glenn, Maj. Clark, Moj. Kurtz, Copt. Newmon, Capt. Lockett. Third row Maj. Hobson, Capt. Moore, Maj. Reynolds, Capt. Whitesell, Maj. Epperly, 1st Lt. Simonds. Fourth row: Capt. Hatter, Capt. Hawkins, Capt. Fields, Sgt. L Thomos, Sgt. Walker, Sgt. Nelson, Sgt. Pillis, Sgt. Anderson. Fifth row: Maj. Moore, Sgt. Watkins, Sgt. Underwood, Sgt. Christenson, Sgt. Kiyfes, Sgt. Dean. Sixth row: Sgt. Birdwell, Sgt. Burleson, Sgt. DeVault, Sgt. Fairfield, Sgt. Wall, Sgt. Hogue, Sgt. Cloud. Not pictured: Lt. Col. Neal, Sgt. Maile, Sgt. M. Thomos, Sgt. Elliot. 138 Me CHlneteen ortij-eiqkt Jjuqit Watts Burchard Robertson McFall Gilman R. Robertson Vl irqima ecjlmenial Staff R. ROBERTSON Colonei J P GILMAN Lieutenant Colonel and Executive Officer W R. McFALL Major and Plans and Training Officer J W BURCHARD Major and Supply Officer G W WATTS Captain and Ad|utant Individual in character, distinct i n personality, unified in pur- pose — this is the regimental staff We came together as strangers, but in parting we bid farewell to true and lasting friends. We have lived, worked, and played together. Our job I has been a pleasant one, difficult at times, but always richly ' ; rewarding in the end. The men with whom we served have been of the finest. Their spirit of cooperation and determination has made a hard task easy. The credit for the job we ' ve done belongs to many- -the men in the Corps of Cadets. May the little that we have accomplished add its share to the pride which is theirs— the pride of the Corps. And so we of the staff, Rolfe, Pat, Mac, Jack, and George, take leave so that those who will follow may carry on in the same spirit as those who W. Holmes Robertson, Sponsor have gone before. 139 rill I 1 oLiitecknLC institute kix i!$p JveaimentaL Jjano Daniel, Moore, Headley, Deacon, Boswell One hundred strong, V. P. I. ' s " Highty Tighty " Band has finished a stellar year in marching, military, and music. The new year brought a return to the high musical standard held before the war. Concerts were played at Southern Seminary, Covington, Radford Women ' s College, Roanoke, Burruss Hall, and at graduation exercises. Spring quarter was high- lighted by many full-dress parades leading up to government inspection. Little rest was had by the band between wide activities in intramurals, rifle drills, marching, and concerts. Company spirit reached a new high as the band traveled to put on colorful exhibitions at Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Washington in support of our fine football team. The Cadet Corps as a whole is always well represented at any function of which the Band is a part. 140 OFFICERS G W. HEADLEY Captain C B. MOORE First Lieutenant C W DEACON Second Lieutenant J W DANIEL Second Lieutenant L E BOSWELL First Sergeant W E BEAMER Supply Sergeant SERGEANTS H D Clark M H. Lewm R F. Lowe O. T, Kirby J D. Louthan D C Thomas CORPORALS K. R Alexander H A Hervey W E. Fergusson C H Langrall G. L Fox J. J. Pohl J P. Gillespie L. E. Rennie J. P. Goodwin W. W. Rennie C. A. Hall J T. Walbert E. A. Williams PRIVATES FIRST CLASS W S. Carter W D McLain C. A Dobson J. J Pennello E. B Harrah E T Ruehl J L. Johnson R D Traugott R, L. Lambdin G. M. Williams B. M Martin J A. Wilson ke CMineteen utunoreo J) rum ana Jjtiqle C orp$ B. F. Adair H. D. Ballard M N. Barbee F. B. Ba r hcm W. M. Beverley J. W. Blair W. E. Blottner R W. Bobb C. J. Boyd J. F. Bradshaw J. S. Bradshaw M. A. Chramiec R. D. Colston W. B. Conner C- G. Culbertson A. M. Cullum J. T. Domazet J. T. Erwin D. R. Fink J. E. Gilley PRIVATES J. W. Glass J. Goldsten J. D Gordon H. G Hart M T. Herndon W. P. Hierholzer A. X Holden D. H. Howell A. V. Isaac P. S. Jacobson J.J. Jimenez C. E. Kinder F. V. Lane D. S. Lloyd R. H. Logan E. D. Madison J R Moloney J. Mason W. F. McDade F C. Morris G. W. Headley, Captain Mrs. W A. Headley, Sponsor R. L. Motley R A. Pruitt W. S. Sullivan A P. Myers J M Ramsey J. H. Taylor R E. Parcell G W. Ring M. E. Taylor W. L. Parr W. A. Rule F Theofanos E, S. Parson P. M. Scott A. J. Turner P. L. Payne H. G. Smith R. B. Turner F L Phlegar D C. Stables B. N. Williams G. C. Powell E D. Stoneman P. C. Woodson 141 [joriij-eicfki Jjucjie 1 ; . J ' HfeM ' iHi i v . - - if y 51 ft ' 1 ■ 2 ttbfc toX r ;?i 6j r 7 Qnfanlri] 1. Dilberry in ranks at Langley Field; 2. The Black Meteor, Langley Field ' s rival to the Huckleberry; 3. The fly-boys walk; 4. The fly-boys ride; 5. Almost a Maggie ' s draw- ers; 6. Typical Fort Meade barracks; 7. Punching holes in paper; 8. Dogfeet put on the dog; 9. On the firing line; 10. Egad, a grease gun. 3nggs Nettleton Scott Coulon Forbes Zzfirsl Jjattaiiori Staff J. E. Scott, Lieutenant Colonel Mrs. John E. Scott, Sponsor 143 J E. SCOTT Lieutenant Colonel C C BRI6GS Lieutenant and Adjutant P. S. COULON Lieutenant and Plans and Training Officer E. M. NETTLETON Lieutenant and Supply Officer C M FORBES Sergeant Major The First Battalion Staff is composed of five officers in the Cadet Corps. It is the duty of these officers to supervise and coordinate the activities of the units in the First Battalion. The First Bat- talion is composed of four units. Two of these units are Infantry companies while the other two units are Air Corps squadrons. The four units composing the First Battalion have become a strong group which has been striving to better the conditions in the Corps of Cadets. The graduating members of the First Battalion Staff sincerely hope for a successful year for the Corps of Cadets next year. The men that take over our jobs next year will be expected to carry on the spirit and leadership that is traditional in the V. P. I. Corps of Cadets. Go mpanij of A 1 1 1 ' W Briggs, McMahon, Nachman, McNamara, Rosson, Alvey Envied by all and envious of none, Captain Mac ' s Troop- ers, ably aided by numerous " co-captains, " rose to new heights in spirit and drill. Consistently high in company competition since its re- activation, every man in the company from rat to senior has his eye on winning that blue infantry citation cord. 144 OFFICERS R. McNAMARA Captain W. B. NACHMAN First Lieutenant F. H ALVEY Second Lieutenant W. J. McMAHON Second Lieutenant D. R. ROSSON Second Lieutenant W. A. BRIGGS First Sergeant C WRIGHT Supply Sergeant SERGEANTS P. G. Adams R. P. Overstreet W. F. Green E C Rice E. L, Hargrove H. C Sykes CORPORALS D L. Barnes W. J. Jessee R. Bucher L. B. Lyon C. D. Burch C B. Marion W. E. Cox W. T. Miller G. Hammond, Jr W. L Proffitt W. L. Hockett O. D. Taylor, Jr. L M Walton PRIVATES FIRST CLASS J. R Budner G W. Slate J B. Fannon W. A. Thornhill L. R. Foster, Jr H N. Troy J F Lazear J. M. Wood F. H Morris H. W. Woodford R. C Scott, Jr. R. M. Wright ( ke OXineteen utunarea W. E. Abrams J. W. Andersen B. E. Anderson J C. Baker H. J. Barnhardt C. C. Beazley J. H. Binns R. L. Bunting T. K. Burton A. H. Carroll R. E. Charlton P. H. Dirom E. C. Dogett L. W. Entzminger H. L. Ergenbright F. D Etheredge C. J. Ford G. B. Garrette B. H. Gil ley E. G. Harris W. B Harrison W. B. Hearst W. L. Hunter PRIVATES L. S. Jacob, Jr. W. B. Jennings R. T. Jones J. D. Kane W. E. Keesee O. T. Kittinger A H. Kreienbaum, Jr W. A. Lindsay, Jr T. B. Long R E. Lumsden J H Markley M P. McClintic B. B, McConnell J. C. McCraw J. I. Miller, Jr. M. P. Miller T. G. Milstead A. K. Mock V. T. Myers J M Patteson D. V. Pedersen A. G. Pettit, Jr. E. J. Reynolds, Jr a oYnpamj of R. McNamara, Captain R. D. Richards R. S. Roadcap, Jr. L. E. Roberts M G Sawyer J M Schwartz E. W. Sharp H. R. Shelton 145 Miss Jean C. Norman, Sponsor B. M. Shively R. R. Shriver D. F. Simpson H. B. Stanton, Jr. G. W. Strother C. B. Thomas G. T. Trayer J. R. Tucker A. L. Turner J. A. Urquhart E. P. Wellford R. C. White W. F. Young jorhif-eicjhh Jjucjle Wi A C ompam Jj f - — - - ■ - E — = rr. - - - : ' ' ' ' -■ ' - --■ It: t : i - : : t ------ - - ■ _ ------ ii ' . ■ . - " i ' O C xineieen utuncrea a omparuj 3 -■■ .-v. - . - _ - r : - : - 1 - - : - -_ ' - - . E : l _ _ : : - - Mhs. 1 C ' Jo rlu- 1 l ( hi J) a tjie 4 1 Third row: Mathews, Andrews, Mugler, Thalhimer, Sellers, Warwick, Watson, Cook, Inge. Second row: Cappleman, Burchard, Beard, Williams, Mackey, Ironmonger, Bnggs First row: Ellis, Archibald, Fornes, Gallup. During the past year R Squadron, the original air unit at Tech, has made great progress toward furthering its reputation as a notable unit. Holding to the conviction that the unit should work for the good of the Corps, it is characterized by energetic par- ticipation in athletic, scholastic, social, and military activ- ities. 148 OFFICERS P. D ARCHIBALD Captain J G. I RONMONGER Fi rst Lieutenant W. B. WARWICK Second Lieutenant W. J. ANDREWS Second Lieutenant W. H. GALLUP Second Lieutenant H P. MACKEY First Sergeant C L. COOK Supply Sergeant SERGEANTS R C. Beard J. A. Mathews C B. Connelly J. B. Sellers W. L Fornes J A. Thalhimer CORPORALS J H Barlow W. E. Johnson R L. Bidwell J W. Lawson M S. Brooks J. C. Lee J. K. Butler J. H. Piper H, B Coulon R. M. Trombold T. P. Inge H M Upson PRIVATES FIRST CLASS R. L Dudley H. V. Rowell H I. Dwyer J. H. Skinker J. D. Garman B L Sumner T. C Harrison H. K Swann R W. Harvey L. T Wilburn R. W. Johnson N. H. Wilson CAie OXineheen utunorea i v PRIVATES R Alphin A V. Hanbury R D Alwood W. E. Hodge W. Anderson A. T. Iddings J. T. Baggerly J P. Jemenez J. J. Barry L. L. Lawhorne E L Bates J S. Love R C Beck B. N McManaway G. Binder M P. Mauzy C R. Britton D P. Minichan F. W. Brouse R L Moore J H Burkholder W W Moseley P. N Burton J P Mugler C. J. Cappleman R. R. Neel L C. Clarke E R Nickell W D Coleman R P Nordenbrook W J Collins H G. Overstreel C L, Cotting J. C Payne F. Cumbia J. H Pennybacker J T. Ellis E. L. Phillips S S Evans M L Raiford R. W. Gibson J. M. Rice A. G. Glover R. E. Richard W. C. Hager R. C. Robinette oto I i P PI ( 1 IBU % | M ™ — k. fc ' J MM Sauao, 1 IICIOYOYI P. D. Archibald, Captain T. D. Sanford W H Smith J. N Steingasser W. G Sutherland H. M. Sweet R S. Thompsen W A. Thomson 140 Mrs. E. P. Archibald, Sponsor C. E. Thweatt H. A. Wente T, A Tokarz R. S. Wheeler R. J. Wachter R F. Wilkins R, C Walker E J Williams R. W. Ward G. K, Williams J M. Watson C. D. Willis H M Welch N. D. Worrell joriij-etcjki JjucfL m Sauaaron j - : - -■ : : - . z. - - - — _ „ - — . - .._... r the Cot - . : : E : -■-.■ " _ - ed t . " ■ OFFICERS ; . : First ; BAGLE - E :: dle - SERGEANTS - z - - : f : corporals - - - ; PRIVATES FIRST CLASS : J : - h - . - O ze C xineteen sjtunorea T : -_ ■ : - last i H - z -.-. i-r; - - - - L - - L - - : : E J r ii«r ' roti S •■• Z -::;:- : " . H _ : 151 zTorlu-eLqnt Jjuali : - £ • • • nqiwers sbianaL ana Or). nance 1. Opening day at Belvoir. 2 Harry hands cut the pertinent poop. 3. Johnny get his gun 4. Sweat and strain diagram. 5. Heave 1 6 All was not work. 7. Darnel! went to Edgewood Arsenal. 8 . . . Gently down the stream 9. Without getting wet 10 The boys II. A damp job 12. New looies I .f(4f nr.7-!-]t m -d p 10- Gerhardt Nollet Mandel Gillespie Second JjattaLion Staff H. M. Mondel, Lieutenant Colcnel Mrs. N. Lash, Sponsor H M MANDEL Lieutenont Colonel C B. GERHARDT Lieutenont and Adjutant H G GILLESPIE Lieutenant and Supply Officer R T. NOLLET Sergeant Major Although the Engineers, V. P. I. ' s " Lost Batta- lion, " found themselves in the far-away hills of Rad-Tech this year, the battalion nevertheless maintained the rigid standards of the Corps of Cadets and embodied the revived spirit that has been characteristic of the Corps this past year. Not really lost, but merely exclusive, the batta- lion faced difficulties previously unknown to any unit in the Corps. All the upperclassmen had to make daily bus trips to the mam campus to attend classes and take part in college activities and duties. The freshmen, living and also taking classes in a drab, uncollegiate atmosphere, pitched right in to help make the reactivated battalion the best ever. The result has been, in spite of a good deal of healthy griping, high spirit and high morale. 153 a ompanij € Second row: Alexander, Schaffert, Scales, Portner, Payne. First row: Atkinson, Saunders, Triner, Glossbrenner, Thacker. The E Company engineers are carrying on their old tra- ditions of teamwork and pace-setting leadership in their environment of Rad-Tech. With a spirit of determination, high morale, and hard work, E Company has shown itself to be a prominent unit in the never-to-be-forgotten " Lost Battalion. " As the pride of the corps, Company E leads the rest with a worthy past, a spirited present, and a brilliant future. 154 OFFICERS N. H. TRINER Captain L V. ATKINSON First Lieutenant G W. SAUNDERS Second Lieutenant E W GLOSSBRENNER Second Lieutenant H R THACKER Second Lieutenant H M. PAYNE First Sergeant F D PORTNER Supply Sergeant SERGEANTS H E Agnor E B Parker A Alexander J B. Scales G L. Schatfert CORPORALS F C Bailey A O Kraehenbuehl J. L. Bullock F D Muddiman J. M. Chaney H R Sanders C R. Glowers E Simpson J C Dute A P Smith R J. Funk F R Walden PRIVATES FIRST CLASS W S. Dewhirst T F Lynch S. Finkler N E Rierson L F Garber J N Sheppard R H Harper D B Shumate M W Hudson W H Sutherland T D Irvin R V. Wagner Csvie Cyxineteen jtunarea Go PRIVATES R P, Adams R, M Hylton B M. Anderson E T. Johnson S. E. Anderson W L. Keyes E D Barco L L Knight R. T. Barham J A Kricorian R N. Bradshow D L Kunkler R E Calkins R E. Lucas J L Clarke E L Madison E M. Crouch B Manly D L. Drmkard R L. Martin W W. Duncan J. C May W R Eason R. W McHone A J Engleberg R. L. Miller F. A. Faison J E, Mills C E. Glenn R. H. Mitchell L A. Grant R. M. Montgomery R. M Henretty R Morris D. C H.ldebrand J. W. Mullins M B. Hitt A. F. Nelowet T J. Holbrook W. W, Nunn V. R. Hollandsworth J R. Patteson R D. Hughes J. R Phillips T. A. Hurlbut R D. Price wipamj € N. H. Triner, Captain R. H. Saunders C W Sinclair B. W. Schaaf F F Smith C. N. Schumann V. L. Stater C. A Scott R. J. Stephens T M Scott W. L Stiff E. Showalter R. Tait H A Shrader 155 A. N. Tuttle Mrs. Frances Triner, Sponsor J. S- Upson W. P. Vorson ' E. T. Walker F. W. Waller S. W Weaver B. M. Whitehurst J. W. Zeigler [jorhij-eicfhh JjucjLe (jornpamj J Second row: Adams, Darnell, Flora, Vincent, Nottingham, Hethenngton, Connelly, Lipscomb, Huffman. First row: Barksdale, Walker, Cooper, Thompson, Godsey. With the reactivation of Company F as an integral part of our Cadet Corps, the officers and men of this organiza- tion have attempted to revive that fraternal spirit which existed prior to the war. Lest these words be misinterpreted, it is further stated that we have emerged stronger in spirit and discipline with the sole aim of pomoting a greater V. P. I. 156 OFFICERS M L COOPER _ Captain E W. WALKER First Lieutenant J F THOMPSON Second Lieutenant J P. GODSEY Second Lieutenant B H BARKSDALE Second Lieutenant J W LIPSCOMB First Sergeant W L ADAMS Supply Sergeant SERGEANTS T T Connelly D W Huffman W H Darnell N D Nottingham A K Flora B S Vincent CORPORALS J R Barnes P G Markham H J. Barnes W W Patton H. R Barnes R R Payne C W Bridges D G Scheel I K, Burgess E T. Steel W. L Gunter K. H. Thompson W M Trippeer PRIVATES FIRST CLASS J M Carson H P Rietman C. L. Craft H. F. Schoenfeld R F. Fletcher F. G Sutherland L. Glover H J Thompson C. S. Lilly P V. Wagner A. M. Pitzer W. R Wisman Cske Oxineheen ULurwred " 2 • K. S Baker R. C. Browning, Jr. F. P. Bryant V. R Burnett N H Burns J B Butler D H Carver M D Cheatham E E Gulds E P. Childs W R. Clark H T Cobbs R E Coffey W. N. Colonna R. P. Cox T. W. Delanhanty C A. Dews E L Dickerson D G. Drewery R C Dunkum PRIVATES H W, Etheredge V E Farrar R L Ford D E Garland E J Goodman J W Gray E J Haden J C Hethenngton D R Hobbs T M Hollowoy S H Hubbard H M Hudgins J B Johnson C A Jones P A Jordan D E Juberg J E. Lastovica E E Lee B E Lewis J Ligon a ornpamj g M. L. Cooper, Captain J F Lisenby B E Lodge J A Lundberg R E Mauzey C G Middlebrook A. J. Noble H S Ncel 157 Mrs. Anna Cooper, Sponsor R L Nordstrom R M Pinkham A J Ramey D Z Rathbone J R Ruff W L Stevens y C Thompson C I Tinan C T. Tomlin R J. Tucker R D Webster H M Witt [joriij-eicjht Jjucjle Yi a ornpamj Second row: Spiers, Jenkel, English, Sears, Lester. First row Nin, Farrell, Dixon, Whitt, Wright, Glenn. First in drill, first in spirit, and first to proudly wear the insignia of the signal corps and ordnance department, Company 0, capably led by " Pungo " Dixon, has sought to instill in its men a keen pride in achieving military excel- lence, yet at the same time attaining a feeling of comrade- ship among its members. 158 OFFICERS J. E, DIXON, JR Captain R P. FARRELL First Lieutenant E. G. GLENN, JR Second Lieutenant R. F. NIN Second Lieutenant J W LESTER First Sergeant E A WRIGHT Supply Sergeant SERGEANTS R. D. English B F Sears R A Jenkel L Spiers C R Whitt CORPORALS P. L Akers J J Malcolm W. J. Boyer R L, Mann A A Geiger E E Moss B R Hammock W. H. Schwarz G T Hilton W N Wallace R A Kabrick C. E. Winslow PRIVATES FIRST CLASS W ' H Andrews E K Newby H W George L C Pitman, Jr D. L Kendrick W. C. Purcell R H. Metzendorf W K. Shoun P Mirakin, Jr R L Waring W H Moore W. T. Withers Wi X ke OxLmteen uLunorea J- E. Andrews F. L Beamer R. P. Bell E A Bender J E Berry R. F. Biggam G L Bramer P. H. Brantley J R Brennan L. D. Brugh, Jr S. W. Carter R. F. Case C S Corell H L Crumley L C. Daughtry, Jr E B. Davis G. W. DeHaven T. E. Disney H. S. Earl, Jr. C M. Eley, Jr R. C. Elliott R. F. Epperson PRIVATES C. P. Francisco R. D. Frith C. H. Gimbert T. W. Graves C. R. Guthrie L. C. Harcum S C. Harris H. E. Haught D W. Herron J. R. Hill V. W. Hodges G. F. Hoggard J. E. Hopkins A W Huntress W T. Hylton F. T. Jones, Jr. D. M Koogler R. G. Lampert J P. Morns H, G. Parker R. C. Peterson H. B. Phillips a oYnpanij J. E. Dixon, Jr. Captain Mr J. E. Dixon, Sponsor J. C Porter F. L. Preston L. D. Smith C M. Southworth R- R. Walker L H. Watson J F. Robinson W. T Schaefer W. L, Stephenson R- D. Stewart C. E. Whitehorn F C. Wiatt F. W. Sherman C. W. Smith G. R. Smith 159 L. H Trigg W. T. Tucker T. W. Waldrop C K. Woody F. R. Yost J- N. Young ortij-eicfkt ucjle m » -V, Cfrtille ry • • 1. On the range at Sheridan. 2. We had a band, too. 3 General Bres slips us a clue 4 How to shoot down a plane. 5. Pass in review 6 A class in I. C Engines. 7. Radar and rookies. 8 Review under the sun Carter Middleton Edmunds Critcher Gravatt Hiiro JjattaUon Staff M. C. Edmunds, Lieutenant Colonel Miss Freda Simms, Sponsor M C EDMUNDS Lieutenant Colonel J M CRITCHER Captain W P. CARTER Lieutenant and Ad|utant B R MIDDLETON Lieutenant and Supply Officer G S GRAVATT Color Sergeant A battalion staff may be classified as a group of men act- ing as a coordinator and advisor of the units under it, and as an administrator of orders received from higher staffs. Such a definition sounds like all work and no play for college men on a staff Such is not the case with the Third Battalion Staff We work earnestly as a unit, but we also do all in our power to make our college days as enjoyable as possible, and ones that we will not forget in the years to come All in all, we, the members of the Third Battalion staff, could net have wished for a better year at Tech We have enjoyed the company and fellowship that comes with working and associating as a unit As a group of men in our last year at Virginia Tech, the only thing for which we ore sorry is that we must say " so long " to the school that we love, and to the men, our classmates, whom, during the past years, we have come to knew and respect. I til IF ,. a: M fci »I il i J ijri 1 1 Jj alter u 3 ru Second row: Keys, Orr, Shelor, Godfrey. First row: Smith, Baum, Robins As Battery I enters its second year since reactivation the atmosphere of achievement, fellowship, and the will to win is as dominant as it was in the " " of pre-war days. Under the leadership of our captain and his junior of- ficers, we are striving for the advancement of Battery I, the Artillery, and a better Corps of Cadets at V. P. I. 162 OFFICERS W. L BAUM Captain C A. ROBINS First Lieutenant C. F. GODFREY Second Lieutenant E W. KEYS Second Lieutenant W. N. SMITH Second Lieutenant R M ORR First Sergeant L M SHELOR Supply Sergeant SERGEANTS T C Burns R A Jordan E. C Hastings J. F. Milleson W S Jones D. W. Wisecarver CORPORALS W F Ames J D Mitchell P. L Baird R E. Monroe E A Barham J- C Moss J. L. Brammer G L Parsons J E Henry F. R Taylor T. C. Hunter J. A. Wilson PRIVATES FIRST CUSS O. L Birdsall S. A Huffman R. L. Browder J. D. Isley W. D. Fore W. D. Knox R. W. Graves R. E. Martin W. E. Hassinger G W. Shafer R. L. Huddleston A W. Shelby CAie CJx ' iYieheen jtunorea HT T, M Bailey R F. Beale J C. Birchfield W. E. Catlett D B. Cross W L Davis C M Dixon F Dorey W S Elmore W E. Flippo R- S- Fulghum J R. Graham C A Haden E A Haley H. J Harvey R L Haynes J. P. Helie R D. Hubbard R. J Hurst C. R. Jones R H Jones PRIVATES J B. Joyce C E Kernan W M Lee D R. Linn D G Mason J P Mason J A Maxey R. S- Maxey L T. McKimmey G H. Meyer G B, Miller C P. Mitchell J. C Mobberley R B. Montague D M. Moses T W. Moss D D Oliver P C Omohundro A R. Omps R A Paylor J. Y. Pope Jjaiierij 3 W. L Baum, Captain Mrs. F. 0. Baum, Sponsor T T. Potterfield R C Steele H A. Wheaton R C Quesenberry H H. Tamburo J C. Williams R. F Randolph W T. Tanner H A. Williamso L B. Riddle K M Taylor G F. Willman W H. Robertson J L Tomlinson J. T Wilson G D Shelor K. R. Via S B Wilson R H . Steed L H. Wells T. E. Wilson 163 oriij-elcjhi JjucfL Wi Jjathri] J . - - : " : ' ■ . - " : - t : 5 : ' _ . - : : - : : : : : : . - : : _ £ : " - «SC :: = . : z - " . ' : 3r : 1 - - - 5LE - - I -- - PtfVATB FIKST C1ASS - " (S 2 C nineteen utunorea PRIVATES Jjattery J . ' : : r - _ _ - _ - i - . - . : : . 4c - H - - I - _ : - - _ - T J. R. Manning, Jr , [ : i - - : . . - ' . . _ : E C o rtij -eiqlit JjuqL Jjattenj b r j Ql " " r f s - iff§ a roL Second row: Cecchini, Webb, Jarrett. First row: Dunn, Montague, Garrett. " Fight! Fight! Fight! " can be heard loud and clear as the men of Battery L march along. " Esprit de corps " is high among the men of this newly formed battery and each man takes pride in the fact that it is becoming a better unit every day. Under the fine leadership of our captain, F. C. Montague, we expect to come out on top in competition. 166 OFFICERS F. C MONTAGUE Captain R B DUNN First Lieutenant P F. CECCHINI Second Lieutenant L D GARRETT Second Lieutenant T. H WEBB Second Lieutenant R J JARRETT Fi rst Sergeant R T REDD Supply Sergeant SERGEANTS H. L Brown J D. Gardner W. V. Dunn D W Jones P H Foster W C White CORPORALS J. R Allison E T Lemon W. C Bascom W F Martin E, L. Everhart A O Parker C. L Hall G F. Patrick W R Johnson N. T. Powell J. K. Jolhff R E. Quinn R A Sloan PRIVATES FIRST CLASS E F Banks T K Loving N. R Bowman J. W. Michael F. Brooks D. S. Oliver W. K. Johnston W. C Potts D. E. Larrick R H Strickler b CJte CN.Lnehe.en yjtandreo M F. Ankers J Atkinson A B Barksdale H L Brown D S. Camden A S Cannon R B. Carter J F Chilton B Z. Clarke J. C Cockrell M. W, Collins R. K. Culbertson D. G Cutler L. H. Engleby J. T. Gardner R W Gilbert I B Hall T J Hampton R E Hawks PRIVATES B. G- Howard S T. Issac M A Juan-Palmer W M Jennings E. G. Jones D G Jones H E Knight S. P Lane P M Large D. L Lipps R B Malcolm C R Martin J K. McBroom A T McCown A H. Meador J P Mejlaender H O Meriwether C W. Newman W F Olinger Jjaiterij Id F. C. Montague, Captain A Orlian R. G. Payne J F. Perkins H L Phillips J E Phipps D. M. Prillaman 167 Mrs. James Lewis Montague, Sr., Sponsor S. C. Redd R. E. Rhea D. L. Shook H M, Swartz W. M. Umbarger C. J. Umphlett R. L. White D V. Wiley L. W. Williams R. M. Wingard W. F. Woolfolk Toriij-eiCjht Jjucjle p. ERE is the unprinted book of knowledge. From the scenes, episodes, and faces depicted here we have learned a lot. Indelible are the impressions many of them have left upon our minds. Never to be forgotten are the experiences of which we were a part. Some of the scenes recall fond memories while others we would prefer to let slide into oblivion. All, however, have repaid us in the form of experience. mm mm «Ktft«f s ■1 v 1 Miss Mary E. Drake Jjob jtope, who made this year s selections Miss Hilda Marie Meredith X Miss Judy St. John i Miss Viola Latimer Miss Mary Allen Hazen Miss Janet Jones Miss Betty Joyce Payne Miss Mary Jane Tays i ■ i - i Miss Jeanie Comerford Miss Nancy Dow I The staff gets a rough time from Archibald, Tightest Senior Officer. 2. Biggest Bullslinger, " Bill " Carter, re- lating one of his more interesting episodes. 3. Lover Robertson, Nuf Sed 4. " Jax " Glossbrenner, Most Fogbound with- out a doubt. 5. " Stripes " Burchard, laziest, hard at work. 6. Undisputed master of dodging regulations, " Smoot " Edmunds, pulling the stuff as usual. 7 Rolfe Robertson, Best Senior Officer. 8. No milk for McNamara; he claims he knows of better stuff 9. Grossest Rat, Mr. Hutson, waits to chat with the Old Man 10 Frank Montague, best athlete, shows his talents 11 Biggest Chiselor, W. P. Terry, maintains his reputation 12. Murray Cooper, Biggest Griper, tells Robby how it should be done. 13. Suction Hound, Johnny Scott, pays a social call on the Colonel. Ji emones 1 . Rad-Tech revolution. 2. Daddy Briggs- 3 Weekend revelry. 4 Aeros register. 5 Bob, George, Johnny, and Dick lead the ring fig- ure 6 A rolling Moss gathers snow. 7 Rhumba? J « emones . Hampden-Sydney and Formville vocalize. 2. Hole, sweet hole. 3. Alumni discover it ' s the same old story in the Mess Hall. 4. Know n only to Bob. 5. Spore cheerleader. 6. Signals from the moon. 7. Cramming for a busy weekend i emorin - - - JL emones WOMEN ' S i BARRACKS J , emories 1. German Openings. 2 Lose some- thing, Robby? 3. Dead Terps. 4. Self-styled talent. 5 R. O W. wishful thinking. 6. Glen Gray in the gym. M emones I Let ' s see 50 wrinkles. 2. Who says we don ' t live in closets? 3. German Club officers at Openings 4. Registration-day jam at the Book Store. 5. Trigg models for a sled. 6. Cotillion wheels at Open- ings. Jf t emones 1 Unit operations 2 Tube testing in electronics lab. 3. Gascline engine study in M E lab. 4. Dormitory darkroom 5. The big breeze. 6. Sunbathing surveyors. 7 A C lab session 8. Puttering ceramic engineers. M emones 1 Bracing wcuther. 2. Second Aim i us over. 3. Cadets will not snowballs in the vicinity of the barracks 4. Annual spring ordeal. 5. Another wet Armistice Day. 6. Class of ' 51 I Broom, Webster, Montague, and M emories 1. Speoker at vespers. 2. This dance was fun 3. Athletes in uni- form. 4. Fred has a rush he r the dungeons of the gym 5. Dr. Newman and civil engineers 6 Any day at the Activities B- 7 The first string. 8 A m is born. M emones 1. Steve Hughes, Bugle photo ed- itor, in action. 2. Spherical dyna- mics. 3. Virginia MacWatters in Burruss Hall. 4. " Want me to wash it out? " 5. A VPI Christmas in Washington. 6 The Monogram =s keep traffic moving. 7. jltural exhibit. 8. Hilton of the Tech Engineer hard at work. C 4H e4- vital part of a student ' s college education consists of his extra curncular activities. Whether his interests lie in student government, dramatics, publications, social ac- tivities or some other form of student activity the expe- rience derived from these things will add much to the value of the education that he is striving to receive. At Tech a student has a great opportunity to show just where his interests lie. In return for his many efforts in extra- curricular work he can expect both credit and a great deal of personal satisfaction. It is through the personal asso- ciation found in various forms of activity that a student gets to really know his fellow classmates and future friends. -» " Houser Ames Clegg Beasley C wilian Stuoent Jjoaij President BENJAMIN E. AMES Secretary BARBARA HOUSER Vice-President ALONZO W. CLEGG, JR. Treasurer RAYMOND R. BEASLEY The Civilian Student Body is composed of all civilian undergraduate students enrolled in the college Its mam objectives are the promotion of fellowship, student cooperation, and welfare of the students with the ultimate aim of a larger and greater V. P. I. Before the war the civilian students were definitely in the minority, but with the return of the vet- erans, the Civilian Student Body has increased approximately ten times its pre-war size, and now constitutes the major portion of the college enrollment. The organization of the student body has progressed greatly under a new constitution which provided for a larger and more efficient Senate, a more effective administration of our Honor System, and consequently a more integrated and bet- ter informed Techman. The Civilian Student Body has endeavored to obtain a closer union with our Corps of Cadets to effect greater understanding, firm fellowship, and the fulfillment of our ultimate goal, the enrichment of our Alma Mater. 188 CAie C lneteen [jorli]-ei(jht Jjucfle Left to Right: Ernest G. Breeden, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney; Houston J. Kauffman, Prosecuting Attorney; John E. Vawter, Judge; Bruce L Crab tree, Associate Judge; George W. Gorsline, Defense Counsel; Jack C. Goater, Assistant Defense Counsel. (yLVLLLan jto)ior vyourt The function of the Civilian Honor Court is to enforce honor court regulations among members of the Civilian Stu- dent Body and provide suspects with a fair and impartial trial The officials, with the exception of the |udge who is appointed by the president, are elected from the Civilian Student Body at large. The jurors are students who are picked by roster from the Civilian Student Body, with a different jury being appointed for each trial Kjlvliuui Senate The Civilian Senate, composed of members who represent the dormitories, trailer camps, and town students, formulates the policies which govern the Civilian Student Body. IS!) vlrcflniCi JroLt teckriLc institute Editor-in-Chief Herbert M. Mandel Associate Editors J. W. Burchard J. P. Gilman J. M. Crircher M. C. Hobson W. P. Terry Sports Editor G. W. Saunders Photography Editor S. Hughes Art Editor R. F. Nin H. M. Mandel Editor Mrs. A. W. Mandel Sponsor €4 Left to Right, Standing: Wasserman, Farrell, Suther- land, Goulder, Hoffman, Scales, Mandel, Kirby, Tate, Bryant, Mills, Smith, Snider. Seated: Hobson, Hil- ton, Nin, Critcher, Saunders, Eggleston, Gilman, Hughes First row: Woody, Moberg, Tuttle, Weaver, Bell, Hopkins, Frith e IQ O Jjacjle Assistant Editors A. B. Hilton 0. T. Kirby C. P. Mills C. P. Smith R P. Bell I D Bryant J M Eggleston R A. Eggleston C M. Eley R. P. Farrell T. M Fisher R. D. Frith L. L. Goulder N. J. Hoffman EDITORIAL STAFF J E Hopkins J J Jefferson J E McClary A J, Moberg W. B. Nachman R E. Parcell E H Richardson N B. Rietman D R, Rosson H. R. Sanders J. B. Scales C L Smith H, G. Snider W. H. Sutherland F. G. Tate H N. Troy A N. Tuttle A B Wasserman H. W Webb C. K. Woody G. T. Ward Long hours, lost sleep, and neglect of studies- -but it was worth it The editorial staff proudly presents The 1948 Bugle, and will allow the book to speak for itself. 190 Left to Right, Standing: Butler, Plummer, Manuel, Williams, Barker, Godfrey, Thomas. Seated: John- son, Hodges, Reid. €4 e 1 94 O Jjuale f H. M. Barker N L Barnes J. K Butler T. R. Fox R. L Frantz C. F. Godfrey BUSINESS STAFF J. P. Goodwin J. W. Lipscomb R, E. Manuel R T Nollet T G Plummer J W Rcsenberger Miss Anne Silverman M E Taylor R. 0. Thomas Miss Ruth Waldrupe H. E Wheeler H M Williams Led by N. B. Hodges, Jr., the business staff of the 1 948 BUGLE obtained a record number of subscriptions after an extensive sell- ing campaign. More pictures were taken for this edition than any previous one, and individual representation has never been equaled. Although the staff was inexperienced, everyone contributed his ser- vices in a most efficient manner by soliciting and collecting for THE BUGLE. The advertising was supervised by R. C Reid in a most efficient manner, and was ably assisted in the office by Miss Ruth Waldrupe. 191 Business Manager Norman B. Hodges, Jr. Assistant Business Manager Cecil A. Speake, Jr. A dvertising Manager Robert C. Reid Business Secretary Miss Nancy Johnson Norman B. Hodges, Jr. Business Manager Mrs. N. B. Hodges, Sr. Sponsor ff , rf%9 Editor C. W. Fellows, Jr. Managing Editor W. L Dudley, Jr. News Editor K. W. Berger Sports Editor B. F. King Feature Editor A. A. Long Desk Editor H. T. Grindsraff Head Photographer F. A. Overly C. W. Fellows, Jr. Editor Mrs. C. W. Fellows Sponsor €4 e Left to right, standing: Debusk, Craighill, Whyman, Harris, Hamel, Motley, Jacobs, Fellows, Berger, Wheeler, Ashworth, Meadows, Potter, Smith. Seat- ed: Dudley, King, Long, Gnndstaff, Hancock, Crook- ston, Overly, Senter, First row: Saf fell. Hall, Austin, Weaver, Collins. Lrqima s -eci EDITORIAL STAFF R B. Harris W. L. Motley John Hutcheson J R Morris W. E Jacobs J C Parks E H Jeffries A L Potter Ethel Johnson A B. Rust D U. Livermore 1 L Saffell F. E Malina L D Senter G F. Matthews C. P. Smith D S Mayer Sally Tickle A U Meadows W. H Wheeler R L, Moore F S. Whyman Art Amos J. D Ashley E T Ashworth J II Austin M L Craighill N J Crookston I L DeBusk C. R Fauber Jack Green C H Hall R. W. Hamel B. A. Hancock An increase in size, change in physical make-up, and an intense campaign to bring all campus news to the students first, highlighted the 1947-48 publication of The Virginia Tech, the student news- paper. Staffed almost entirely by veterans, the paper ' s primary achievement was to regain the position of importance it once held in campus activities. Business Manager William Ellis Jacobs Advertising Manager George B. Field, Jr. Circulation Co-managers G. Royden Goodson Bennett Nathanson Rad-Tech Manager William S. Dewhirst Office Accountant Lee N. Trower Office Secretary Miss Anne Silverman Left to right, seated: Dewhirst, Nathanson, Jacobs, Field, Goodson. Standing: Isaac, Brantley, Clarke, Adams, Dute, Kaplan, Jones, Inge Cshe viraima C eck BUSINESS STAFF R. P. Adams P. H Brantley, Jr. J. L Clarke, Jr. Miss Betsy Cregger J E Davis, Jr. T. P. Inge S T. Isaac S L, Jones B H Kaplan H M McCready L T. Southall The Business Staff of The Virginia Tech has done an extremely notable piece of work this year. Under the experienced leadership of " Bill " Jacobs, many new ideas have been developed and tried. The big |ob for the business staff comes on Thursday afternoon when the Tech is prepared for mailing and campus distribution. With the circulation managers supervising, a large staff accomplish the task in a minimum period of time. Monday night, the " dummy " sheet is laid out and an idea of ths content of the paper is obtained. At this time, the manager gets a general sketch of the bills to be paid. This leads to the primary |ob of the business staff, to keep the Tech on the paying side of the balance sheet. 193 William Ellis Jacobs Business Manager Mrs. E. W. Jacobs Sponsor Editor-in-Chief Alfred Brooks Hilton Monaging Editor Joseph G. Ayers, Jr. Associate Editors Miss Jessie L. Davis William G. Batte A. B. Hilton Editor Mrs. A. N. Hilton Sponsor Left to right, seated: Wood, Batte, Davis, Hilton, Ayers, Crews, Meadows Standing: Freedman, Munsey, Sealy. CMe Virginia C eck GncfLyieer EDITORIAL STAFF J. C Crews A J. Freedman A U Meadows V W. Munsey B Nathanson L B Riddle B J. Ros J G Sealy N O Wagenschein D L Wood The Virginia Tech Engineer is the official engineering magazine on the V P. I. campus. Published five times a year by the students of the School of Engineering, it devotes its pages and write-ups to the furtherance of engineering knowledge and covers the entire en- gineering field by the publication of articles by authoritative leaders in the profession, and by engineering students on the campus. I!I4 Seated, left to right: Deacon, Davis, Jackson, Fcx, Gillespie. Standing: Scott, Saunders, Duckworth, Saltzman, Robins, Gilpin, Boggs, Flora, Disney, Weaver, Webster, Stephens, Waller, Harrison. Cshe Vircjiviia C eck OncjiYieer BUSINESS STAFF W G Boggs C W. Deacon T E, Disney P F. Duckworth A K Flora B J Gilpin R L Harrison C A Robins, Jr E. M. Saltzman G W. Saunders P M Scott W L Stephens J A Umlaut, Jr F W. Waller, Jr S W Weaver R D. Webster E A Wright The success of any publication depends largely on its Business Staff. The Business Staff this year not only expanded its circula tion greatly, but it also secured a greater volume of advertising. The members of the Business Staff receive practical experience in journalistic management and salesmanship which is of invaluable service to them in later life. 195 Business Manager S. W. Jackson Advertising Manager A. R. Fox Circulation Manager Sid Davis Sales Manager H G. Gillespie Sam W. Jackson Business Manager Mrs. L. A. Jackson Sponsor Managing Editor W. R. Akers Assistant Editors W. L. Bourn T. E. Dunn Left to right, standing: Robins, Rust, Mitchell. Seated Nin, Dunn, Akers, Baum, Godsey. W. R. Akers Managing Editor Mrs. P. L Akers Sponsor C he Sentinel ART STAFF W. L. Baum Miss A P. Cunningham T E Dunn J P, Godsey C P. Mitchell R F. Nin Don Quartel C A Robins, Jr A B Rust, Jr. In 1941, the first V P I Sentinel appeared on the campus. Spon- sored by Pi Delta Epsilon, National Honorary Journalistic Fraternity, The Sentinel, though essentially a calendar, endeavors to present the lighter side of student life in its cartoons Also included in the pages of this publication are the dates of the previously scheduled social and athletic events. Though strictly military at one time, The Sen- tinel has had to turn partially civilian in the last two years due to the large number of veterans on the campus. 196 Standing Fellows, Latimer, Jackson, Akers, Mann, Jacobs, Hodges, Hobson, Mandel. Seated: Mr R D Michael, Dr R E Bates, Hilton, Chairman; Professor H H McNeil, Professor G. T Baird. jrublicatiom Jjoaro Until February of this year the Student Publications Board consisted of ten students and four faculty members- - the editors and business managers of The Virginia Tech, The Virginia Tech Engineer, and The Bugle; the managing editor of The Sentinel; one representative from the Civilian Student Body Senate; one representative from the Corps Senate; the president of Pi Delta Epsilon; three faculty members elected by the student members, and the Director of Student Affairs In February the board voted to accept as members the director and business manager of the student radio station WUVT. The functions of the Publications Board are to coordinate the activities of the represented pub- lications and the radio station, to provide for systematic accounting procedure, and to insure maintenance of ethical standards by the respective members. It elects the heads of the publications and may, if the need arises, remove them. Standing: Robins, Donahue, Wright, Hilton, Wagenbach, Booth, Bond, Singleton, Gucci. Seated: Saffell, Secretary; Hall, Vice-Chairman; Boggs, Chairman; Dean E B. Norns, Advisor. OnalneeYln(j (council The purpose of the Engineering Council is to establish a representative body to promote the best in- terests of the V. P. I. School of Engineering, to represent the various curricular clubs, and to coor- dinate their efforts in relations with the administration of the college. The Council, one of the ofd- est organizations on the campus, is composed of the president and one junior member of each of the curricular clubs, the editor of the Virginia Tech Engineer, and has as its faculty advisor and counselor Dean Earle B. Norris, dean of the School of Engineering. 197 1 iibucatLom at ()York 1. Bill Dudley and Chuck Fellows prepare an issue of I HE VIRGINIA TECH 2 A one-minute break as THE BUGLE goes to press. 3. Steve Hughes, BUGLE photo editor, enlarging like mad. 4. Smitty, of THE BUGLE and THE TECH, looks at his handiwork 5. Deodline in THE VIRGINIA TECH office 6 Paul Mills, Ted Kirby, and Herb Mandel put THE BUGLE to bed. 7. The desk staff of THE TECH in action. 8. Brooks Hilton, VIRGINIA TECH ENGINEER editor, at work in the darkroom. 9. Mel Hcbson of THE BUGLE gets results. 10 BUGLE man Frank Tate explores the workings of his camera. 11. THE BUGLE ' S Jack Eggleston in the photo lab Pin % appa Tin ' - - - : : : : : : : : " e - : : - t : : -7 ; 7 : : : ' ' : - :ted - : : ■ c - ■« r ■ - - " r • 2 e z - -. 3 _ - .... j$SS - a - y : : - ---- - L S LOUISE . :r . FULLB : Dr. L D (Pi Delia OFFICERS - - LAI ' _ ; -je --- Secretor Opsllott - : the : I - Jest honorary fral I i i i the ■ 3 ] za ... :..::;- - L . : 1 I • _ - I H. A. Latimer Miss Viola Latimer Ojlplia Zeta is 1 to estob- ■ Fosl . ■ ; _ re JLeta OFFICERS ITa Censor R. T. HALE . ...:... :::: E. M. Ware . 2 1 hi barnbda UpsiL OFFICERS R B. THOMPSON Pre: M. COHE? 1 V ce-Pre; - G. K. CLEEK on Phi Lambdc ; founded fcr reward, recognition, ana fostering of excel- - ■ MEMBERS 203 R. B. Thompson a micron The purpose of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society is to recognize those students and members of the faculty that have shown out- standing leadership on the campus in all phases of college life — -scholarship, athletics, social and religious affairs, publications, speech and fine arts — and to bring these stu- dents together in a congenial group for the improvement of campus life. JJelta Jvappa OFFICERS B. I CRABTREE, Jr President J E SCOTT, Jr Vice-President D L. KINNEAR Secretary R M BAGLEY Treasurer G T. Baird W B Bell P. S Dear P N Derrinq P H Fame, FVDh B. S Gille: T W. Ha W S Hicks J. R. Hutchesol T. B Hutcheson J. B. Jones D L Kinnear MBERS P. H McGauhey R H McNeil P. Miles Newman orris iughnessy lainey edd obeson Sanders W. L Sandidge, Jr. J W. Whittemore D. Wilson unger STUDENT MEMBERS P D Archibald R L Hollandsworth R D, Chumney A B Honts, Jr. M. C. Edmunds, Jr H J Kautfman J P. Gilman H A, Latimer C. L. Harrison F B. Magill A. B. Hilton H M Mandel R. V Smith B. I. Crabtree, Jr. President Miss Dolly N. Fischer Sponsor 204 CsCiu Jjeta OFFICERS C W WHITMCRE President N H TRINER Vice-President M COHEN Recording Secretary G L ROGERS Correspond, ng Secretary H L WOOD Treasurer (Pi The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred hon- or upon rheir Alma Mater by distinguished engineering scholarship and exemplary char- acter. MEMBERS H J Banach W L Baum W G Boggs E G Breeden W E Brewbaker H E Brown R R Bulter B I Crabire; E S Conrad J A Darden J S Flaherty J P Gilman R A Gil more H C Glass A J Graha H T Gregg B T Hall J E Hite A B Honts D J Howard, Jr S W Jackscn G R Janosko R T Johnson G B Jordan R E Jordan H J Kouffmon O T Kirby H A Latimer T M Light A L Lipson J D Lou than J Lynch H M Man del J W Matthews R R McDaniel T P Norwood, Jr B P Nuckols R A O ' Grady W R Okie, Jr, R A Painter E H Reilly W C Rice H, S. Robins E R. Rosen J W. Rush, Jr J H Schaub J E Scott M H Shackleford B T. Sharp P R Shriver, Jr W Seidel C G Snidow J J Stone J P Taylor J, F. Thompson G B Vockroth J G Wellborn C W Whitmcre W A Wilkinson S H Wilson J M Wright, Jr Miss B. J Houser (Women ' s Badge ' 205 C. W. Whitmore President Miss Barbara Whitmore Sponsor Scabbard and Blade, composed of sen- ior cadet officers, has as its primary purpose the raising of the standards of military edu- cation in American colleges and universities. At V. P. I., Company " L " Seventh Regiment of Scabbard and Blade serves as a liaison be- tween the Military Department and the Corps of Cadets, receives ideas and suggestions from the Corps, weighs them, and passes them on to the Commandant with recommenda- tions; also acting as a neutral ground on the way back to the Corps. Scabbard and Blade, in addition, works to encourage and foster the essential qualities of good and efficient lead- ers; and to promote friendship and good fel- lowship among cadet officers. Scabbaw ana JjLaoe OFFICERS J. E. DIXON Coptain J P GILMAN First Lieutenant J W BURCHARD Second Lieutenant R. L HOLLANDSWORTH First Sergeant R McFall McNamara, h N H Triner J. E. Dixon, Jr. Captain Lt. Col. J. H. McCann Sponsor 206 JVeramos OFFICERS H. R FORKNER President J H SJORGREN Vice-President J H KROEHLING Secretary G M BOYD Treasurer Keramos is an honorary engineering fra- ternity composed of graduate engineers and students in ceramic engineering who have shown exceptional qualities of leadership, in- genuity, and scholastic ability. MEMBERS R. W. Croweli Prof P. S Dear G. W. Gray E J. Merideth W. M. Otey W. L. Ross W H. Wheeler Dean J W. Whittemore 4 207 Ojlplm - ' E I I : . . ■ : e • 30 to degree iratior ... :...:::: Jxappa 1 si OFFICERS - ; ssident . . .Secretary " easurer Rituals : : ;unalor H. K. Martin Mrs. W. B. Mortin - - 1 L Csdll o i OFFICERS HONTS Pre NETTLETON ■ • ' ■ ' fHEWS - ......Re rd rig Se . .Treasurer up Ml au Sigma tahlished to promote o closer b ship ' ng. J B. J P Mahanev M ' les, Jr T N E H E. Bi Bund W P Burdok.t R H ' A B M L Cransh C V. N L Diet F. C R L. t ' J H t ; FACULTY MEMBERS E E 1 C STUDENT MEMBERS D B L T I li J. E. S P F J f 209 A. B Honts, Jr. l. ' .n A. B. Honts, Jr L ia JXappa Oxu OFFICERS " That those men in the profession of Elec- J. S. FLAHERTY President trical Engineering, who by their attainments E H REILLEY Vice-President in college or in practice, have manifested a w - L BAUM Recording Secretary , j i j L-i-j. i • H. C. GLASS Corresponding Secretary deep interest and marked ability in their H N CAMDEN Bridge Correspondent chosen life work, may be brought into closer R. R. WRIGHT Treasurer union. . . " — Preamble, Constitution, Eta Kap- pa Nu. FACULTY MEMBERS G C. Barnes W A Murray W. G. Dechant R. L Parsons J. Lynch J. J. Stone P H Mann MEMBERS B M Widener W E Brewbaker R. R. McDaniel L E Dolan R T. Retallack G. L. Faison J. W. Rush B. T. Hall R Satchell J. E. Hite J. R. Scott R T Johnson W. C. Strauss G. B. Jordan J F. Thompson H. J. Kauffman R A Whitehorne T B. Lane S H. Wilson H A Latimer H L Wood 210 iL SLLOn Chi Epsilon recognizes students of Civil Engineering who possess to a high degree scholastic ability, character, practicability, and sociability. Believing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the fra- ternity offers its members an opportunity to work together for the advancement of their profession, their school, and society in gen- eral H J Banach F. L. Carr S W Cotton J. H Fitzpatrick J P. Gilman R C Jennings G R Janosko G M Linton H. M Mandel E F Massie W. P. Murden )P. Nuckols A Painter A Peterson H, S Robins B F Rockecharlie G. L. Rogers J H Schaub N H Triner J F Turner 211 G. L. Rogers President Mrs. G. C. Rogers Sponsor Gflpka 1 si Umeaa -.-■-■ v. ' . : : - . " . : : ■ : - : : ; - : : i_ i - - ■: : «we - - Sigma Ljamma Opsilon -.--■ : : -: : : : - 1 . T . I - ■ J nking JtifL i : - : . _ - - - — - - — 31 ock cuir ) 3,- L - L JO L - - - . - - . : - Ljamma Ofipha Jvko Gamma Alpha Rho, organized in the Spring of 1947, has as its goal the fitting recognition of outstanding aeronautical students, togeth- er with a desire to st rivejo raise the standards and prestige of the AtJEiJput CQl, Department. W. B. eeftman A. B Honts J R Hoover W. R Pierce C. E. Spruill W B Warwick OFFICERS H C McCLANAHAN President B P. DENARDO Vice-President J. D LOUTHAN Secretary R W WITHROW Treasurer A E ROWLAND Faculty Advisor J B EADES Faculty Advisor H. C. McClanahan, Jr. President Mrs. H. C. McClanahan, Jr. Sponsor ■J Hi OFFICERS J. A. LANSII : h. cov ■ a. — JJelta Che: gen ' ■ • ■ MEMBERS - i ; J A Lonsing Richard R Snedegar President Ojipka 1 ki Umecfa OFFICERS RICHARD R SNEDEGAR President CHRIS H HALL Secretary FRED W. CULPEPPER First Vice-President R. PAUL FARRELL, JR Treasurer SAM W. JACKSON Second Vice-President NORMAN B HODGES, JR Historian Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity, composed of college and university men who are or have been previously affiliated with the Boy Scouts. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men in the Fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship, and to promote service to humanity. This imposing objective includes four major fields of activity which are: service to the student body and faculty, service to youth and community, service to members of the fraternity, and service to the nation as participating citizens. MEMBERS W E Abrams J W Ailstock, Jr L D Arnold, Jr J W Blair M. B. Blair, Jr. S. H. Bennett, Jr W. G. Boggs C. R. Britton A N Cole, Jr M. W. Collins W. N. Cnm, Jr F W Culpepper W H. Darnell R H Davis E. D Dunton R A Elliot R P. Farrell, Jr G. L. Fox, Jr E. G. Gatlmg J V Gatlmg J B Gay, III R W Gibson, Jr J V Gorman, Jr J A Gourse C H Hall D H, Harris V R Hancock N B Hodges, Jr, R L Huddleston S A Huffman Stevens Hughes. Jr T C. Hunter, Jr S W. Jackson L S Jacob, Jr C R. James, Jr. F R. Jarratt S L Jones C C. Kestner W. F. Kindle J W Lester, Jr W D Linkenhoker T B Long, Jr W D Long R. F. Lowe L M Milstead E E Moss, II M B Parks, Jr. P L Payne W E Perkins, Jr L E, Rennie W W Rennie R. L Scott M E Shamburger, W B. Smith R R Snedegar G L Spanos F. G Tate J E Thompson L N Trower S H Upchurch, Jr B S Vincent H E Wingert W D Wood, Jr. Mr. Robert M. Culver Dr. Walter S. Newman Mr. M Buford Blair, Chairman of Advisory Committee Mr. Joseph B, Dent SCOUTING ADVISORS Mr Waldo H Jones HONORARY MEMBERS Mr Paul N Derring FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. Joseph E. Hardy Mr Robert H. McNeil Mr, Alfred C. Payne 218 Mr. James B. Jones Mr. Joe W Gutheridge Mr. James A. Rives Dr. William L. Sandidge S. P. Fishburne President Mrs. E. F. Fishburne Sponsor OfyrLCuLturaL CjIlw OFFICERS 1947-1948 S P. FISHBURNE President J W MIDYETTE Treasurer M. K COOK Vice-President C F TRENT Reporter R L HOLLANDSWORTH Secretary J C PURCELL Sergeont-at-Arms E G THOMPSON Faculty Advisor The wide variety of activities sponsored by the V. P. I. Agricultural Club pro- vides training for each member in leadership, parliamentary law, public speaking, community activities, and cooperation among members and faculty All members are constantly reminded of the latest advances in agriculture through books, maga- zines, and speakers secured by the club With an organization designed for the de- velopment of the individual, all members upon graduation feel that they are much better equipped to serve their country as an agriculturist. MEMBERS H G Alexander J. E Blond J T Carter, Jr C S Davis R E. Foster A H Allison G T Blume R B Carter S L Davis L A. Fravel C A Anderson L H Boothe G J Chudoba W J Dawson F. D French M. C Andrews R S Bcwersett R D Chumney W M Decker J E. Frye W D Andrews R S Bracken J H Clarks C S DeHaven R L. Furmval L D Arnold A A Bradley H N Clements, Jr J E Dickerson T. B Gale A B Atkins J P Brooks E R Cockrell 1 W D;ehl E C Gardner J R Austin W A Briggs S R Coker R A Dobbins F R Gardner E M Babb, Jr W K Bower W. B Coleman E K Dobyns J T Gardner H T Badger C E Brown J D Coles J D Dodd J D Garman F M Bailey C. W Brown W J Conner F Dorey G B Garrette M L Bailey C W Browning C D Cox W V Dunn A P. Gillespie J A. Barlow R L Bunting J W Cox, Jr W, W Dunn H H Gilmer M L Bates H T Burleigh, Jr. N M Coyner, Jr. R L Edwards J H. Glass C W. Beottie J K. Butler J A Crews A J Eubank W L. Golladay R. C. Beck E F Button B G Cromer E. L Everhart J E Goode J. Beronek J A Camm L J Crowgey, Jr. D S Former G W. Gorsline G. Binder M R Cammack M H Crump S J Felton G S. Gravatt L. Birdsall C S Carlton W R. Crump, Jr. W B Fletcher R L. Gravatt W. C Blackwell, Jr. H. E. Carter H F. Dailey W. E. Flippo B B. Gregory 220 R L FARMER ... M R CAMMACK. C T DAVIS .... B H Griffith C S Grimes C W Grizzard D L. Groseclose F T Grove W. A Gwaltney C A Haden R T Hale J R Hawes J T. Henley T F. Hines R T Hogue B L Houston H. T. Hunt J W Hurt D B. Hutcheson J W Hypes M W. Jefferson, Jr. R. C. Jennings L M. Jewell, Jr J L Johenning C. R. Jones G W. Jones W S. Jones C F Jorden R A Jorden A, S. Joyce W. L. Keiter R. F Kello W. C Kelly R. S. Kilbourne Ofgricullural Glut? OFFICERS 1948-1949 President R S JONES Reporter Vice-President W Z LESTER Sergeant-at-Arms Secretary J. C PURCELL Parliamentarian E G THOMPSON Faculty Advisor D. E. Kincheloe W. B. Kingree J G Kinzie Jr R L Kirby H. L. Kirkland E H Kline F. V Lane R F Lane P M Large E N Le Coutevi W. M Lee H A Little R B Long W D. Long J S Love A R Lupfon S E MacDonald D T Mason E A Marsh C M. Massie W H. Massie H E. Maxey C H Mays F S McClaugherty J. L McDonald O E. Mehring W. B. Meredith G B Miller J F Milleson, Jr A L Mitchell, Jr. G. W. Moon R F, Moore T B Moore D L Moore, Jr. W L Montley B F Morgan F G Morgan L C Morgan M. B. Moschler E Mullins R H Murry B. D Mutter R T. Myers M K. Nester R H Nelson W Newman G. R. Noffsinger H P Nolen E P Obersham, Jr, H Ollison D D Olliver A R Omps W. Osborne J F Otey W. Palmer J B Parker C. L Payne J E Phipps, Jr J R Pickeral H B. Pierce, Jr. G. H. Piercy T T. Poterfield W. C Potts A C Powell D. M, Pnllman J M Ramsey J C Reynolds E M. Reeves C M Rice D B Riddle W. B. Riggan M F. Roane O B Roller J W. Roche J M Ramsey M B Rowe J M Russell J C Satterfield J H Scott, Jr W M Scott S P. Shaver G D. Shelor R R Shnver W. B. Shupe, Jr J W Sink A. Slemp D K C. Smith R L Snidow J C. Sparks A L. Spencer R V. Spivey L M. Sprinkler R. H. Seed C P. Stevens A D. Stone, Jr. F. E. Stump 221 A Y Stokes H K Swann W S Swecker R H Tankard W T Tanner, Jr. J C Taylor R M. Testerman W F Thomas S J Tickle L E. Tolley W E. Trent D P Turner K R Via O L. Waddell S B Waddell D E Walker H W. Walker R S Wheeler J C. White T R White H E. Wilhelm P F. Wine L W Williams E F. Wilson S. B. Wilson E A. Woolwine C. E. Wood W. D. Wood H. W. Woodford M. K. Woodford G L. Wright R. L. Farmer President Miss Mary Alice Jones Sponsor of, (jro)iomij LyLub The V. P. I. Agronomy Club is o chapter member of the Student Section of the American Society of Agronomy. Its purposes are to develop leadership, cooperation among students of agriculture, provide educational and social activities for agronomy students, and aid students in keeping abreast of worldwide agronomic development. OFFICERS G W. MOON President . ' . C WHITE Treasurer R. S. JONES Vice-President H A LITTLE Reporter M. R. CAMMACK Secret N T. POWELL Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS F. M. Bailey J D Dodd G W. Jones C 1. Rich MM r m ' . ' L Bates A J Eubank R A Jorden B. Riggin m. ' mm W. C Blackwell W. E Flippo R F Kello A. G Sherrill W A W. A. Briggs R. E Foster L. C. Kelly J P. Slater G L. Chudoba F P Gardner R S. Kilboune J L Starling R. D. Chumney G B. Garrett J A. Mi Meson A V. Stokes E. R. Cockrell G W. Gorsline R H. Nelson W. K Swan G. W. Moon President J D. Coles G J Gravatt W. Newman E L. Thomson Mrs. Nancy H. Moon W. H. Cregger C. W. Grizzard E. P. Obenchain W. A Thrasher Sponsor R A. Dobbins T. B. Hutcheson J. Pickrell C E. Wood n n r nC £ r n - p. g a a ' A Ofmerican Ceramic Society The V. P. I. student branch of the - amic Society e pose of furthering companionship and interest among students enrolled in cere engineering. The members soon become aware of the opportunities and inter- phases of ceramic engineering through films and through talks by guest speakers. This youthful addition to the field of engineering has taken its place success- fully among its elders, and the ceramic industries acknowledge with engineering graduates of V. P. I. W. M. OTEY . . H G SPENCER ■ rl E E Childs, Jr E. M Desmond W. F. Dot: C. V. Ferguson J F. Foltz, Jr G. W. Gray W. B. Harrison OFFICERS Pres ■- " -surer .Vice-President " BOYD, P W. ... ..Fa - obs ffr E Johnson J L Jones J H. Kroehling T McConnell E J. Mere-: Meriwether, J J. E. ' MEMBERS ■ F L Paden : ;ge • Ross ■ ' - H. N. Troy itoto (son ams Vilscn oung W. M. Otey oent M Morrison 223 ci mertcan JJairu Science Cfssociaii The V P I chapter of the American C -ice Association is a curricular J for the purpose of promoting good will and developing personality and Eodershif among ;nts enrolled in dairy husbandry. This objective is carried ublishing ack I Dairy Day, and having the Club Mumni Banquet • • tf A OFFICERS J ' JW 1 easurer ' Sj A Ml ' ■ A Wwaager ' MEMBERS , -ai Redd A i A ljI ' ■ ■ yf • amd 3, BT » L M m 1 P J 1 ngon lone g •■■: ' -mas ' M K Cook J - ■ ■ . es Miss D. L Mini afd ' sey ' -„-. Cfmerican institute of Cfrckitects The purpose of this student section of the Virginia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects is to provide the student with a broader and more compre- hensive view of the profession This is accomplished by weekly meetings of the club. The programs consist of talks by guest speakers, movies, and student discussions OFFICERS K V WAGENBACH Present J. V CIUCCI Secretary T R SILCOX Vice-President R S TAYLOR Treasurer C M LINDNER p ut J L Amato H S Applewhite C. E. Bishop B B Brooks R P. Butler J R Carlton G K. Clement L B Coburn C D Cress W. B Dcdson Mrs H F. Glover M S Hicks Miss B J. Houser M L Iseman J J. Johnson MEMBERS L E. Jones W. N Layman R. D. Magann J A Mallon A L Matthews R. E Mickadeif J M Mcintosh J J Neate R F. Nin F P. Poole W. A. Sowers H. W. Stockmar J A Swackhamer J L Tyree K. V. Wagenbach President Mrs. Alice Hargis Wogenbach Sponsor E. H. Refer, Jr. Mrs. E. H. Refer Sponsor Ojmericmi unstitute of electrical LsYtqineers The : Student Chopte af the Americ : - - -_ ■ - sentat x oi z broader and more : e - - t ' : Thrc : : . . . . j the E E strives i r contact i g field E __: _ ■ : - Bed E _ - E - I : OFFICERS lirmar E T -- Sec rmar " -:: - : : - . : L : . - . _ : : : : ' :-: ) .... : E:: - : V ggs Ho MEMBERS I E - E . - -: - : : : - E 5 : : - H . E _ E - - I - - Liebei : E : - - - : -■ - : T : ; . : er L 5 : - _ - : - : E E ;mburger E F Shctrpe E E E : : : : . . " - " 7 i : E Strauss E . ■ est - E : L ::: GjmerLcan institute of Jnininq and yyietatLurcjicaL Gwjbieers The Burkhart Chapter of the o -; : : Dliurgical Engineers acquaints the student a -- sor e phases :- ' r k . ;- ;_; ;-:::ems and current practices are presentee tc the dhapter : eons of motion pictures or addresses giver : en of indi : OFFICERS : : PresidenJ - -_ ' - Secretary-Tree " - " " :: -JsnX -- E r _ EOTHFERN ... Faculty At P.L Akt J E - iers L E - - : - ■ : - H. . Bai F. D Bt L A E EG Bralle S A_ Caper! R. L Car- L :;-ter - _ Zarver J L Colemar : - E- r _ Dot : |_ z.- ._ t : E Hare - E Hedges E E Hot E -. 11- MEMBERS ■ E ' ■ ' • ser -nan : 3i T F ' ■ ::: H E r ::r . E Parks : : - - - ■ - ■:-- - : f D I. Pr : : H j Rakes - 51 ewes - - z C z aferrc ft F. Tit - T - 3ur g W. N. Bond Miss Jane Bean Sponsor J. H. Sakwsom Mis Freds Cfcoacy Gjmerican Society of Ofqriculturai Cnqiiieen The : Student Dhapter : — e 5 - E rr es tc prar ■ I teresft " " " - - . Fc rures, rural electrii ca- • ■ : : ----- To occc rs purpose 1 _ . - - funity for the . - ; : Tti J H Be j - : E Kfing : f E OFFICERS - L I - Seastar : •.•;••■••:; - F - E _ ! : : se r - T E z ; : r - : - - ■ b - Reed I H. She : - : . : E - 5 e i : : .- G merican Society of Civil Engineers The student chapter of the American Society of Civ Eng neers is an engineerinq society organized to bring its members in direct contact with professional enqmeers of good reputation, the .: icqucint g the student tr ictices of the profes in the field. It also serves to prorr;- T ; fee lg ;- fe : ± p among student have a common aim, that of becoming profioe-- : mg leers OFFICERS E. F. MASS IE President EH HANM .... ieaetai ' 3LE : : - E _ p. h ■- --; faculty members - H Begg J. L Ho F. : MEMBERS C C An 6 d nn r ' ; o c ' L Smith r S E LaMo R. H r: - j H Fitzpah :l " , J - B anc J. A Leonard J J tosg,e F ,zier i M. L Baugher . - He F Harlan L E Brett ! d c J I F " F f ; . B H H °H P P F c ■ T T CW fr c ---■ r f m r. i rctts . ■ F H. A T. j. Seward : : £ 3 C :. Newman E W. S PC Dodge j. L 229 E. F. Massie, Jr. Miss Jenny Osborne ct. W. G. Boggs Chairman Mrs. A. G. Boggs Sponsor nierican Society of Mechanical Oncjineers The purpose of the V. P. I. student branch of the A. S. M. E is to broaden the student ' s acquaint- once with the practical side of Mechanical Engineers, to keep each student informed about engineering progress, to develop the student ' s initiative and ability to speak in public, to enable him to establish fraternal contact with his fellow engi neering students, and to meet engineers engaged in the active practice of mechanical engineering OFFICERS W. G. BOGGS Chairman C. M. MEASE Secretary J. F. LUCAS Vice-Chairman S. W. JACKSON Corresponding Secretary B. M. Luttrell Treasurer MEMBERS E K. Adams, J. B. Adams, T. J Alton, R. A. Amos, Jr., C. Ball, R L. Ballentine, W. C Banner, Jr., T N. Bartron, H F Battelene, W. G. Bell, Jr., H. A. Bennett, R. Bennington, Jr., W. M Beverly, H. C Blankenship, W I. Bondurant, T. H. Borthwick, W. L. Bradford, E G Breeden, E. W. Brinser, D. B. Brown, H E Brown, Jr., W. P. Burdakm, I. F. Burke, R. S Burket, W. N. Cordelia, C. I. Carden, R N. Carroll, G. H Clark, J. T Clayton, Jr., A. W. Clegg, Jr., R. H. Clift, R. H Cranshaw, J C Croft, J. W. Crump, E D. Cundiff, D. P. Curley, R L. Dabney, A. M Davis, Jr., E. L Davis, J E Davis, Jr, C W. Deacon, W. H Deierhoi, R L Dent, H. L. Dickinson, J A. Dickson, T. A. Dollins, C C Doughty, S Dunhan, P. F. Duckworth, E C. Duncan, W. S. Engleby, H L. Englemon, J. E Erwin, W G Farmer, J. C. Farquharson, W. V Fay, J. O. Felton, Jr, D A Fleming, J W. Forman, E G. Gatling, J. V. Gatling, S. M. Giddings, W. D. Gillie, Jr., J. R. Ginder, L. G. Good, J. M. Gulbronson, A J. Graham, J. C. Gray, C E. Groseclose, R. W. Hagan, J M Hagood, C H. Hall, J S. Hamlin, T. J. Hampton, K. M. Hart, W. H Hartley, A. D. Henderson, W. I. Hodsden, Jr., J. R. Hoover, R. E. Hord, Jr., D. J. Howard, Jr., R. R. Hunter, G. L Issacs, K A Jabi, R G Jackson, S W. Jackson, Ira Jacobson, B. L. Johnson, R C Jones, T. W. Kennedy, L. G Kibler, C. W. Kilbv, H B Kilgour, O. T. Kinley, O. T. Kirby, M D. Kunze, N. Kurarok, L M La Place, W R Latta, J C Lawson, R, T. Lawson, G. M. Leary, E T. Lemmen, L. Lichtenstein, T. M Light, E S List, T. F. Little, E N. Lohr, G J. Lok, H. H Lovelady, S. J. Lowe, J F Lucas, K S Lucas, B. M. Luttrell, D. McCallum, J. M. McConaghy, F. H McFadden, P. A. Moni, Jr, J M Manner, J. R Manning, R E, Manuel, J. B. Margolin, L. Morrazzo, W. B. Martin, J, W. Matthews, C. M. Meose, A. H. Merrill, C C. Miller, Jr., C. C Miller, C. F Milliner, J J. Milly, R. B. Montague, C. W. Moore, W. C. Morgan, R C. Morrissette, V. V. Motley, J W. Mullan, B. Mullins, N F. Munro, B. Nathonson, E. M. Nettleton, J Nicolia, Jr., W. A. Norman, C W. Nye, R A. O ' Grady, W R Okie, A. E Oldaker, W. N. Overton, Jr., L. A, Padis, C J Parks, B L Partlow, J. D. Peebles, W L Pletz, J. J Pennello, W. E Perkins, J. C Perks, A. W. Phillips, C. W. Pollard, W. A. Potts, J R. Powers, A Previte, J. R. Reames, W. H. Roach, M. L Robinette, E. R. Rosen, J, W. Rosenberger, G H. Scheck, C. S Scott, Jr., J. E Scott, Jr., W. W. Sellew, Jr, E. A Sexton, M. H. Shackelford, C A. Shriver, P. R. Shriver, J L. Skidmore, G J. Sloan, Jr., R A Sloan, J H. Smith, R. V. Smith, W C Smith, E. J Snead, Jr., C. L. Sponos, J. R Spencer, B. Squires, A C. Stevenson, C. F. Swanson, H. M Sweet, M. J. Thompson, W. D. Toney, J. N Toxey, A. W Turner, B C. Tyler, J. A. Umlauf, A. L Vanderhoogt, J E Via, C. W. Vogelsang, N O Wagenschim, J. A. Walder, L R. Wall, J L. Walthall, M. Watson, H A. Weaver, W. R. Westlake, H. E Wheeler, C. K. Whitescarver, F L Whitmer, C W. Whitmore, F. H Wilbourne, J. F. Wildey, R. I. Wilkerson, W. A, Wilkenson, H. M. Williams, J. A. Wilson, H. E Wingert, N. H. Wood, J. B. Woodward, A. E. Wright, R. B. Wysor. 230 Ofmerican Society of Jneiah The V. P. I. Chapter of the American Society of Metals endeavors to acquaint the students enrolled in metallurgical engineering with the activities and work of the national society, A preview into future work is given through lectures and movies in an effort to equip the undergraduate with greater knowledge cf his field and thus lead to better engineers for tomorrow. OFFICERS E S. SMITH Chairman H. T. GREGG, JR Secretary-Treasurer A N ESHMAN Vice-Chairman H. R. WELSH Advisor A V Bennett C R Boisture E F Brogdon G Burton L H Dillon A N Eshman J M Forbes J. Goldsten H T Gregg, Jr J F. Griffin R. F, Hackler R W Hamel, )r W H Hawley, Jr A. C Holcomb, Jr. C M Hollyfield R E Jordan P. I Karp MEMBERS J. B. Kearfott W A. Klawitter I R. Lane, Jr. R R. Mailer D. M Moses J C Moss, Jr. J. L. Perkinson C R. Schollenberger L O Silvan J A Steele R W Sweeney H. N Upson E L Vannuis M. O Walters H. P. Weinberg ' " Wolfe E. S. Smith Chairman 231 jjiolocfif Ulul The Biology Club of V. P. I. is designed to promote interest in the biological sciences and to promote fellowship among the students Members of the faculty and students are invited to give short talks on their experiences in the fields of biology. All students who are interested in biology and its various branches are welcome as members. OFFICERS J. W DANIEL, JR President MISS L A FRINGER Secretary J REINSTEIN Vice-President R H SMITH Treasurer w — MEMBERS f m J. W. Ailstock R B. Bolton L. W. Entsmmger G. L. Fox, Jr W. F. Kindle M P. Lilly (Miss) c -±. R F. Barbe L L Goulder A Longo R L Barco E. G Harris C W. Nickolson l ' .fe W E Beamer S A Huffman, Jr R C Quesenberry rn H K W Berger F. H Hulcher L E Rennie B S. Clark (Miss) M J Jackson ' Miss I R S Roadcap J. W. Doniel, Jr. President Mrs. J. W. Daniel L A Davis W. M Duncan J. G. Johnson R H Jones H. R. Shelton R Williams, Jr. Sponsor H W. Kimmerlmg 2:(2 PI 3 3. us mess CyUw The Business Club has been organized to promote and carry out educational and social programs designed to aid the students to become better citizens in the future business world, and through its efforts foster friendship and cooperation among the various educational groups on the campus. OFFICERS R. C. BOSSERMAN President W. E. JACOBS Treasurer J. A RICHARDSON Vice-President T B LONG Sergeant-at-Arms R. G. BOSSERMAN Secretary R. L HUMBERT Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Albertson, E S Allen, H L. Allen, Alvey, Andersen, Andrews, Appel, Appich, Argabnte, Bailey, Ball Barbee, Barksdale Barnes, Belote, Berry, Bibb, Bishop, Blankenship, Bogese, C. V. Bond, R. B Bond, Borthwick, Bova, Breeding, Broadwater, Broyles, Budner, Bunting, Butt Caldwell Cannon E B Carter, W. S. Carter, Catlin, J. R. Chandler, W. H. Chandler, Childress, Chilton, Clark, Clevenger Cohen, Cole, Collins, Cook, Corbin, Cornett, Cox, Cozart, Craig, Cregar, Cregger, Crews, Crowder Crump, Crutchfield, Culberson, Currin, Cutler, Daffron, Datig, Davis, DeLaney, Doggett, Dorsheimer Eanes, Easter, Elmore, Estes, Eubank, Fannon, Fauber, Faulconer, Fields, Flaherty, Fletcher, Flippen Floyd, Foote, Ford, Forguer, Fornes, Fox, Gay, Gentry, Glazer, Goodwin, Goyne, Graham, Gray, Grind- staff, J. R. Hall, W. E. Hall, Hamlin, Hammerly, Hampton, Hargrove, Harlow, Harris, G. D. Hart, R. R Hart, Hatcher, Hattem, Hey, Hogue, Holdaway, Holdway, Horner, Horton, Hoyt, Humphreys, Inge, ' A. V Isaac, J Isaac, Jr., Jarrett, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Joyner, Kane, Keesee, Kilgore, Kinsey Kneienbaum Koty, Lacy, Lambdin, Landers, Lane, Larrick, Lee, Leisner, Lewis, Little, Lowery, Luhring Lutz Lyon, Macon, Mogruder, H. K. Martin, W F. Martin, Mattox, McCorkle, McKee, McNamara, Modena C. R. Moore, W. A Moore, Morrison, Moses, Ncchman, Noble, Noblin, Orville Owen Overstreet Oxenham, Padgett, Pamplm, Parks, Parron, Patrick, Perdue, P hillips, Phipps J E Pierce R N Pierce, Pittard, Plumer, Pollard, Potter, C M. Price, R M. Price, Prouty Pruitt R C Reid W R Reid, Reynolds, Rhea, L. J. Roper, W B. Roper, C D. Ross, J. G. Ross, Saltzman, Saunders Sayre Schaefer, Scherer, Schucha, Schwartz, Scott, Selby, Sellers, Shelak, Shelton, Shiflet Sigman Silverman Sim- merman, Simmms, Simon, Slate, M. G. Smith, W. W Smith, Stoneman, Stowe, Stuart, Sykes, facey Tate, Tatum, H. H. Taylor, Terrell, Thomas, Tilly, Toye, Triplett, Trower, Tucker A J Turner C A Turner, Umbarger, Vest, J. B. Wall, J. E. Wall, Wallace, Walton, Watkins, Watson Wellman Wheeler White Whitescarver, Whitman, Wilkins, Willkinson, D. F. Williams, G. M. Williams, G S Williamson H A Williamson, Willis, Willman, J. C Wilson, J. L. Wilson, O. N. Wolfe W E Wolfe Wolin E B ' Wood, R. L. Wood, Woolfolk, Worrell, Wright. 233 R. C. Bosserman President Mrs. Chorles D. Bosserman Sponsor The Chemistry Club is organized primarily to provide its members an opportunity to further their knowledge of chemisty. Talks by members of the faculty, motion pictures produced by various chemical firms, and inspection trips to near-by planrs all stimulate the interest of the members of the club and make the meetings a constant source of enjoyment and profit. OFFICERS L STALMANN M H GRYMES Secretary J. H CRENSHAW MEMBERS S L FELTON B F Adair H Claypool J C Holmes B Miller A D. Shields C Almaula G K. Cleek D H Howell H S. Mussick B. R. Shields, Jr H 5. Andrews F K Cole W L Hunter A P Myers J A Slccum P H Andrews M W Collins B. B. Jackson M H Nelson F R Smith W E. Atkinson E A Conway W J Joel- son, Jr E R Nickell H C Smith, Jr J T Baggerly E E Culpeper C L Jacocks R A Paylor L W Smith R. W. Barret M F Dawson P M Johnston J H Pennybacker W. B. Smith, Jr B L Bei E. L ' . 1 1 eane Pittmger R. C. Spongier R.H.I W. F. Dodd G W. Kmzer W L Phalen N H Stevenson, Jr J C. Birchf.eld S. P. Dowdy C. D. Kittmger R W Phillips, Jr B. L. Sumner E Bleicher C E Dressier J, B. Kitchen, Jr B. C Pierson D. B. Sweateram J. D. Boitnott 1 Edmonson V M. Lamb A L Potter J E. Swann C W. Bondurant, Jr D. E. Field D W. Levi S C Rainey M, K. Testerman Bowman B. S Freeman A M. Lieberman C C. Rowlings R. B. Thompson D L Brown E K Goffigon E S Long J. M Rice J M Thrower H. G. Brown, Jr J A Gourse W E. MacKenzie L B Ridle J. H. Tilgham R. G. Brown A Graham A C. Manson W. H. Robertson J. T. Walbert 1 D. Bryant S. M. Graham J C. Martin B P. Rouse, Jr. M. L. Wallerstem J H Burkholder C. M. Hole F J. Masuelli T S Russell E. P. Whaley J L Bush 1 P. Hammer F McCaleb M E. Scott R. F. White R H. Bushey C. L Harowitz J. E. McClory G. W. Sewell R A. Williams P. H. Caplon J. B. Harvie B. B. McConnell L. H. Shorpe A, R. Willis F. C Carter J. E. Henry R. D. McNeer, Jr. W. E. Sheorin R, A. Wilson L. H. Christopher M. C. Hobson _•:;) [zforesirif C Lub The Forestry Club is organized for students either enrolled in or interested in forestry or wildlife conservation The club attempts to establish a thorough under- standin g by the students of the opportunities which are open to them in their re- spective fields. Social meetings are arranged so that the students may become ac- quainted with prominent men already successful in the profession. OFFICERS R F SUTTON Chief Forester L D GARRETT H L HOLBROOK Forester W. D LINKENHOKER. C. C BEASLEY Skinner Recorder .Program Chairman MEMBERS 1 E Achai G. E. Gurganus W G Mathews G. S Richards A D Adams G R Harris R. L May W. C Royall B A Barrow R F. Heck W J McMahon J M Scruggs H F Brammer H A Hervey R. L Miller M T. Smith C. L Brownley C W Hill H. V Moore W. B Smith M A Byrd J R Hofferbert R. J. Muncy W. W. Smith R N Cauley W A Hubble J E, Murrie M 1 Stoddard 1 B Cochran J W Ingle F. P. Nelson R. J. Styne J M Crockett T Jamison W. S. Overton W A Tyler R. K. Culbertson A R. Jeffries C V. Peterson H. B. Whitmer W S Davis A. C. Johnson J W. Powell G. E. Wiley C M Dixon W. S. Johnston P. B. Price B H. Wingfield E W. Estes A M. Leggett M, L Raiford W. Witcher F. M. Garber J. G Leonard J. B Redd A E. Wisecarver W. A. Granger G. D. Lewis J. H. Markl H. A Rice ey J. M. Wood R. F. Sutton Chief Forester Mrs. R. F. Sutton Sponsor 235 JLome 0 conomics Uhw Evelyn Hancock President The Home Economics Club was established for the benefit of the students of home economics in order to promote a better understanding of the ideals of the home economics profession, and to serve the department and the college. The organiza- tion is affiliated with the National Home Economics Association, and the require- ments for membership are those maintained by the national group. EVELYN HANCOCK BURNIECE KINDER OFFICERS .President SUSAN PASCOE Secretary-Treasurer .Vice-President DR CECELIA R. EARHART, Associate Faculty Member Ann Burchard Zulma Buxo Erma Catron Jean Cothern Betsy Cregger Mary Dove Mary Engleman Ruth Jones Cordelia Jones Anna Joyner Janet Keyser June McDonald Elizabeth Montgomery Tommie Munford MEMBERS Macklyn Price Mildred Price Mary Reaves Katherine Reynolds Sue Roberts Gene Robertson Audra Smith Catherine Pamplin Pat Snidow Mary Swann Dotty Tabor Dawn Teske Ruth Waldrupe Gwendolyn Ward Kathleen Wright 236 Jtor{iculluraL ULul? The Horticultural Club is composed of students interested in horticulture. The club ' s aim is to promote educational and social fellowship among its mem- bers. It endeavors to stimulate interest in the horticultural profession by exhibits, by annually presenting an award to an outstanding horticulturist in Virginia, and other- wise. The club is actively supported by professional and commercial interests within the state. OFFICERS J D ASHLEY President A R LUPTON Secretary R W YOUNG Vice-President B J. HOUSTON (Miss) Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS £ Mr F R Deiling Prof A. G Smith Prof L. C Beamer J D Nicholson Dr E L. Overholser Dr L L. Davis Dr F S Horsfall F H Scott Dean H L. Price Prof. R C Moore Dr F. S Andrews Mr H E Huddleston W 1 Prcf A. H Teshe MEMBERS L D Arnold E W Givens W H Massie T A Ramey J. H Austin W L Golladay H S. Miller C. G. Robinson G Binder C A. Haden M C Motley D A Slemp J H Bivins J. P. Helie R. H. Murray T D. Styles C. W. Blackman J. T. Henley A R Omps W S. Sullivan J. H Butler R. D Hubbard F. H Onderdonk T. E. Wiley C. S. Dehaven K. C. Jeffreys J. F. Otey F, L. Williams J D. Ashley W. W. Dunn B. R. Lacy J B. Parker G. L. Wright President S L. Gabay R A Lecouteur C. P. Powell T J. Wright Mrs. J. D. Ashley G. E. Manning (V iss) G W. Raiford Sponsor 2S1 J. L. Soffell President Miss Mory Scully Sponsor Institute of OferonauticaL Sciences In these times of international strife and unrest, the airplane constitutes the strongest link in our chain of national defense. It is the aim of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences to disseminate the latest available information on aeronauti- cal developments and to aid in the training of competent, imaginative aeronautical engineers. OFFICERS J L SAFFELL President H W JARRETT Secretary J. E. MONTALBANO Vice-President S G. WRIGHT Treasurer W Anderson A V. Atkinson R D Barranger W S Blanchard L E Boswell J A Broden J Bradfield C P. Brewer R B. Brown J L Brumback J. S Buchan A. T. Butt G. L Cahen R K Cassada H. M Chapman J D Church H. D Clark W. B. Coffman D. B Cross S L. Dance V. J. Daniel H D. Davidson B. P. Denardo C A. Dobson MEMBERS C W Dickinson P W Kesler R W Sealock W M Dunwody W D Knox A W Shelby H 1 Dwyerm C H Kunzman C P Smith D E Dye J M Lee P L Smith J M Eggleston H V Leonhardt W W Snead R A Eggleston M H Lewin L D Spiers R, D English J F Ligon C E Spruil S S Evans J D Lauthan P C Stainbach R H French C M Mahanes J N Steingasser H S Fletcher J, A Mason B L Sumner D. C Gilmer R W McAllister E Talmage C W Grubb J L McCarty W A Thomson J C Hawkins H C McClanahan R H Trice R. W. Hevener W C. Mcintosh V L. Vaughan F M Highley J P. Mugler R. F. Wallace A B. Honts R Nagle E A. Ward E W. Horton D. B. Osborne W. B Warwick F, P. lannolo D E. Pflueger G W. Watts J G. Ironmonger C F Phelps H A Wente C. R. Jacobson W. R. Pierce R W Wi throw C. R- James J G Plockis C B. Wood W T. Jarrett L W Purdum D E. Wornon N. Johnson D A Rich J C Williams J B Karpa A W Robins W P Whitlock W. D. Kean W. F. Sounders 23S Society for tke Cjovancement of Jnanacjemeni The object of the Society for the Advancement of Management is to gather all students of industrial engineering who are interested in furthering their understand- ing of the responsibilities of management in the everchanging industrial world. J. M WRIGHT, JR. W. E. Abrams B L Anderson P D Archibald J V Barnes 5 H Bennett C. C. Briggs H M Browning F. R Chapman F W. Cleaver W. L. Cobb OFFICERS President J W BURCHARD . . C G SNIDOW Secretary-Treasurer .Vice-President W M Crim, Jr A E Friedman W. M Funk A L Haboush J E Hackley I L Huffman W L Johnson P. W. Jolly R C. Jones K. B. Lampert MEMBERS G C Lowry J A Lyle J E. Maxey E R Mellen, Jr A H McCatty W. R McFall E J McVeigh M W Noftsinger F A. Overly C E, Ridenour ■r. R T Rives J. G Sealy C R Sheffield W T Smith W. T. Tarkenton E C Turner T A. Tokar; S H Upchurch, Jr. R L Watts A, B Windham J. M. Wright, Jr. President Mrs. J. M. Wright, Jr. Sponsor N. T. Powell President W. A. Turner Sponsor 4-ut Cjtumm ULub " To make the best better, " This is the motto of all 4-H members. The V. P. I. 4-H Alumni Club is composed of former 4-H members and the Extension Club agents on the campus. Our aims are to continue the spirit, fellowship and achievements characteristic of 4-H boys and girls, both young and old OFFICERS N T POWELL President W S. SWECKER Vice-President MARY GRAHAM. ENGLEMAN Secretary CHARLES HALL Treasurer G W GORSLINE Reporter GWYNDOLYN WARD Song Leader JANET KEYSER Song Leader G A ELCAN Faculty Advisor MISS HALLIE HUGHES Faculty Advisor MISS CATHERINE PEERY Faculty Advisor W A TURNER Faculty Advisor M L Bates Erma Catron J D Coles W. J. Collins, Jr D S Farmer W. E Fhppo J D. Garman G. B. Garrette J C Goater T L Gnzzord V D Grizzard A J Harris, Jr F V Lane W M Lee T, K Loving B D Mutter 240 MEMBERS R H. Nelson C W Newman, Jr, B F Parker M B Rainey W. C Robinson W B Shupe, Jr. R W. Smith T D Smith L M. Sprinkle H K Swann Mary G Swann Sally Tickle C F Trent H W. Walker C E Wood W D Wood Ljerman (ylul? OFFICERS J E. SCOTT, JR President G W SNEAD Vice-President W C. WRIGHT Secretary-Treasurer C L HARRISON Leader R M BAGLEY Assistant Secretary-Treasurer MR B S GILLESPIE, JR Foculty Advisor Founded in 1892, the German Club has always had as its aim the providing of dances which are of the highest credit to our club and to Alma Mater. Only through the loyalty of each member and through unbreakable bonds of good fellowship are we able to accomplish this enjoy- able task. The officers and members of the German Club appre- ciate the gracious manner in which its guests have re- ceived the German Club dances. The good name of the German Club is based on hospitality because the German Club always has been and will be the host, and gracious- ness to our guests is our duty and obligation. We sin- cerely hope that the German Club dances of this year will forever remain a fond memory. Mrs William C. Wright, Opening Formals Sponsor Mrs. Chapman L. Harrison, Midwinter Formals Sponsor Mrs Benjamin E. Ames, Winter Privates Sponsor Miss Tyler Robinson, Easter Formals Sponsor W. R. Adams T, P. Allen -B. E. Ames R H Arthur F. G. Ashworth G Ayers P L Baird, Jr. erman MEMBERS S. H. Bibee C W Bridges, Jr R W. Bundy T. C. Burns A. B. Carter C. H. Eades M C. Edmunds, Jr. ULul? C G Emerson W. S Engleby R K. Floyd C M Forbes H E Fndley J T Fulton G A Gehrken J S Gills C F. Godfrey G. R. Goodson, Jr. R W. Graves R S Hagerman R B Hams R F Heck, Jr O E Hopkins, Jr. A W Howard D W. Huffman C E Hunter, Jr M. F Jenny R S Johnson S L Johnson H J Kauffman E. W. Keys J W Kirk K. B. Lampert B K Macon W A Moore R M Parker J B Preston A C Reed, Jr. W. L Ross J A Ruffin, Jr. F. Saunders, Jr W. F. Saunders JAW. Smith J. D. Smith C. G. Snidow M. R. Snidow L T. Southall W. E Spitler T. C. Tillar W M Trippeer G. B. Vockroth E W Walker, Jr W. R. Westlake A. B. Windham J. E. Scott, Jr. President Mrs. Mary L. I. Jeffries Sponsor 243 HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. P H. Farrier Dr. W. L. Sandidge OFFICERS L H. GODDIN President W. E. WHITAKER Vice-President, Fall Quarter 1947 T. N. SPARKS Vice-President T G MARTIN Secretary-Treasurer H. L PEARCE Leader W N SMITH Second Vice-President B L JACKSON Assistant Secretary-Treasurer MRS J W OWEN Club Mother MR J A WALLER Club Advisor MR. F D. ROLLINS Assistant Club Advisor The Cotillion Club has been in existence on the campus of V P. I. since 1913. Since its founding, the club has con- stantly endeavored to improve social conditions on the campus and the social relations between the student body and the faculty. Through the efforts of a congenial and representative group of men, the Cotillion Club has realized a significant achievement toward raising the standards of this phase of campus life. After three years of temporary inactivation, the Cotillion Club resumed its normal activities in April, 1946. The tra- ditional hospitality and friendly atmosphere which has al- ways prevailed at Cotillion dances has been exceptionally apparent at a ' I sets of formals presented by the club since its reactivation. It is the hope of the Cotillion Club to continue in its efforts to further advance the importance as well as the quality of the social relations and activities on the campus of Virginia Tech. Mrs Horace L Pearce, Opening Formals Sponsor Miss Louanne Neff, Midwinter Formals Sponsor Mrs. R A Whitehorne, Winter Privates Sponsor Mrs. T. N Sparks, Spring Formals Sponsor 244 CjotiLLion Uliw F. H Alvey R. B. Anderson D. Armstrong P, L Akers E A Barham, Jr. T, W. Booth T H Borthwick L. H. Goddin President MEMBERS R. P. Breeding J. R. Cooke S Corbin L F Corr B I Crabtree C C Collum J M Cole Miss Alice Martin Sponsor 245 C W. Davies J. A. Davis R C. Dorey R B Dunn R A. Eggleston S P. Fishburne C. W. Fellows, Jr. B E. Garrett I. W. Gentry E. B Gregory W. H. Gallup, Jr W E Hagaman G W. Headley A D Henderson J R Hoffman D B. Hutcheson J E Henry G. H. Irvine J R. Ittner J L Johenning C K. Johnson R J Jarrett D B. Kearney E, W. Knowles J H. Kroehling G. C. Lewis F, B. Magi II J M Mcintosh J F. Maunder, Jr. H. B Micks C. B Moore C. W. Moss W. P. Morton T. B. Oliver R. M. Orr T. H. Oxenham H B. Pierce, Jr F. B. Poole, Jr. T. G. Plummer S. C. Preston T. A Phillips R. Robertson T. R. Ross L. J. Roper C. R. Smothers G L. Smith J. L. Smith, Jr R. V. Smith R W. Smith G Spencer, V. Spivey D. H. Stossfort W. J Sweet J R Stortz P A Tanner, Jr F M Travis R. A. Vest B. T. Watkins R. L. Watts R B West R. A. Whitehorne J A. B Wilson H. R III Henry T. Gregg, Jr. Master Councilor Miss Jean Harper Sponsor Uroer of JJeJylolai) This year Zorobabel Chapter, Order of DeMolay, suffered a greaf loss. The passing of Dr H. B. Riffenburgh marked the end of an era in local DeMolay acfivities. Dr. Riffen- burgh was appointed to the Advisory Council early in this Chapter ' s history. During the war years, when the school enrollment was at its lowest, it was only through his guidance that Zorobabel Chapter remained active. His appearance at Chapter meetings was regu- lar and all of the members enjoyed his visits and participation. OFFICERS Master Councilor HENRY T. GREGG, JR. Senior Councilor CHARLES H HILLMAN Junior Councilor ALBERT L MATTHEWS, JR Advisory Council... J C HENMING, Chairman, H A LATIMER, H. W. JACKSON MEMBERS P. G Adams J S Autry J M Bacos R. M Bogley B H Barksdale, Jr. J O Beard R L Bidwell N. R. Bowman S Brooks R L Bryant CD Burch S M Butler W P Carter G H Clark H. D. Clark M Cohen L F. Corr W C Cummings D M Detwiler R C Dickens T A Dolhns M E Eanes D W Flippen C M Forbes R. L. Frantz H Gallup T Gentry C B Gerhardt E. G Glossbrenner G R Gcodson E W Goyne E L Hargrove N J Hoffman A. X. Holden J. G Ironmonger S. W Jackson A F Johnson W. R. Johnson D W, Jones • .bier R. F Lane J A Lans ' ng E T Lemmon C. B Marion A R Marfshall W. B Martin J L McCarty R H Metzendorf B. R Middleton C. C Miller J D Mitchell J C Moss ■ E M Nettleton E B Parker J D Peebles C B Powell J A Powell W. L. Pi A S. Riffenburgh G. W, Saunders Schwabe J. C Seymour B T. Sharp W. B Smith R R Snedegar L T. Southall H B Stanton R. H Stnckler J. W. Thomas, Jr. H N Upson B C. Vinson E. W. Walker S. W. Weaver W. C. White C. R. Whitt W. R. Williams S H. Wilson ■2-17 -£«« Saving C eiv The T : : : : : i: ::::;: : F the : — nation on new life sc. _ the : -- : . " : : ; " = ;c I lege 5 and ho firsl : z detachrre " ; n times : emerger : OFFICERS : : . ■ Z:: : : Que - I :_- : Veaman : ease : 3i : j __ - : : : : 3NGE •-- E -- E 5 - 3 V. P. Qwt E _ - _ : eon I- E ; ; - = £ -:: Jvlfle Glut? Pos- records c — e c the ;l lent. C : ft -. : :„::: " " - hec. schedule of matches 1 and fair play o OFFICERS ■1 ::: - I - _ L BUSH W J? ... :...:::: - L -:: : ' : . " _ • _ : E " - : : 4 It. : :--:- H - . : e h r E . " T - : : : 4 J - » BrotSe : e - : JV JT " ■ _ : : T . - _ - ■ j2 : : e -■ ' . - 1| J - 7 E . - e : L. 1 r E _ : • " ! sdgett All 1 E : h ' Sweet 5 L _ - . : W Kwnfl 1 _ E E Htf IH - Petti! ::-- r : [ . ■•■ - : : : ' E : - E . ;: -: : : E _ : ••• •; :-:•-. . :• :-: : :. -: E 12 ■ R E _- jtlllei (ylul? H. P. Weinberg President Mrs. S. L. Weinberg Sponsor The Hi I lei Club, an affiliate of the B ' Nai B ' rith H i I lei Foundation, is an organ- ization for the Jewish students at V. P. I. The club, founded in 1929, offers a program of interfaith work, with social, cultural, and religious activities to furnish its members with a more complete education toward becoming better citizens. H P WEINBERG H J COHEN ... S DAVIS L SAUNDERS ... W E Abrams J Alexander M Appel H M Barker E. K G E. H. L. S L Bauman W. Berger Binder Bleicher L Bregman I Brenner A Burnstein C Cantor P. H Caplan M Cohen S Cohen B E Cooper L M Cooper M L Cooper O. Coplon S. Coplon S. Duhan S Finkler A J Freedman A E Friedman OFFICERS President C E BARR Corresponding Secretary .Vice-President H. LIEBERMAN Chaplain Treasurer N J HOFFMAN Sergeant-at-Arms R S SERLING Faculty Advisor .Recording Secretary MEMBERS S L Gabay L K Glassman J. Goldsten, Jr G Golub J A. Gourse J Green J Greenburg I P Hammer C L Horowitz H. W Hobish R Horwitz M L Iseman A L Jacobs A Jacobs B. H Kaplan P I Karp H. R Kaufman N Kurzrok VI M Lehman M Lepchitz M H Lewin D, S Liberman A. M Lieberman J Lifshitz 250 P. M. Lipkin A L Lipson F E Malina H M Mandel G Mansberg J B Margolin G H Meyer M P Miller J R Morris M Morrison D M Moses L R Moskowitz W. B. Nachman B Nathanson G L Nothmann (Miss W. Nusbaum A. I Orlian W. L. Pletz M Rabushka E. Radler S. Ragone J. Reinstem A. G Richter L. E. Roberts B J Ros H Rosenbaum A Rosensweig A Rosenthal E M Saltzman M E Scherer H F Schoenfeld J M Schwartz R S Serlmg L Silvan E D Simon C. Steiner J Sycle, Jr J A Thalhimer N H Triner M L Wallerstein M I Warshaw A B Wasserman S Weber H L. Weinberg M L Weinstem F, S Whyman L M. Wolin S. S. Wulc O e cM ewmcm (ylub The Newman Club of V. P. I. is an oganization of Catholic students which strives to foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interest of the Catholic student. The Newman Club is a member of the Newman Club Federation, which is a union of similar clubs at other colleges throughout this country. OFFICERS J. NICOLIA President D CURLEY Secretary W J MELVIN Vice-President A A MODENA Treasurer REV. FATHER L R. FOHL Chaplain J L Amato H R. Anderson J V. Anderson R. N Anderson F Boehling D Boehling V Brennan E Conway A Deppe J DiPiazza J. Ferguson E Frank J. P. Gilman J Gorman A. Haboush MEMBERS J Hild N Johnson J. Karpa W. Keane P Kuhn J. Kummer H Leisner J Lewis L Lichenstein A Lcngo P Mani J R Monnlng R Michadeit J. Montalbanc W M. Moore D. Moses R. O ' Grady J Pennello A Previte D Reilly P Romano G. Scheck A Super F. Terel P Tokarz D. Tomczak T Twomey A. Versace L T Wilburn J. Nicolia President 25] R. D. Chumney President Mrs. W. T. Chumney Sponsor 1J. Ji. G. Of. Caknet The Y, M, C A. Cabinet is an executive body composed of the officers and com- mittee chairmen of the Young Men ' s Christian Association who are in their junior cr senior year. It plans the policies and supervises the entire program of the Y. M C. A. in every phase of its many activities on the V. P. I. campus. The Cabinet uses as its guide the purpose of the V. P. I. Association which seeks to set up and to carry out ideals of the highest type of Christian conduct and fellowship among all V. P. I. students. OFFICERS R D. CHUMNEY President B ROLLER Vice-President J J OWEN Secretary J E GARDNER Treasurer S R Baker W G. Batte H G. Gillespie H T. Gregg T L. Grizzard V D Grizzard V Hartbarger 252 MEMBERS W H Hawley J C Mason S. Hughes, Jr. C W. Moore R. S. Jones D, L. Moore E S. King G G Richards W D Linkenhoker W Thompson F B Magill S B Vincent W. C White if. Jn. Cj. Of. junior (cabinet The Y, M C A, Junior Cabinet is an organization of Christian fellowship com- posed of members of the freshman and sophomore classes. The main objective of this cabinet is to acquaint the freshmen with the Y. M. C. A. at Tech and assist them in their college life. The Junior Cabinet has an organized program of its own and sponsors many outstanding projects on the campus. Membership in this organization is restricted to those students who have shown exceptional traits of Christian character and leadership abilities. OFFICERS J C MASON, JR President I N SCHWARZ Vice-President WENDELL SEIBERT Secretary R D Alwood D E. Bonney S M Caraugh M. A. Chramiec J. T Domozet G. L. Fox C. E Hodnett MEMBERS W S Johnston W W Mann R. L. McDaniel R H Murray S F. Otey R E Parcell J Y Pcpe W. B Riggan J. A. Robins A D Stone F E Stump J. C. Mason, Jr. President C A Turner Mrs. J. C. Mason Sponsor 253 The Glee Club, which provides a musical outlet for approximate has made tse i 3n indispensable campus ore i 3n. Under the direction of Hesch the club has ; -ainment for and participated in numerous col- lege act ties during the year. It is the mam purpose of the club tc not only ty, but also a sense of orgr : I rjtion, and unit : -- : l ■ - - OFFICERS ! MEMBERS J ■ 1 M ■ R. H ■ W _ Sponos w - - - - - E ■ . " E. M. Vernon T R Fc C E " -- Miss Charlotte Boss ; _,.-. - eck _ )l aroon )U The Maroon Mask is the dramatic society at V. P. I. It stomary for the Maroon Mask to produce three plays each year — one each quarter. This eat directed all our efforts on the production " Brother Rat " with the hope of keec ng an ancient and traditional rivalry on a friendly basis. OFFICERS ._ : : :: e E E : - » DERSC JS : - - r - - en Ilegg - - . c - ;-nan - ... r ...::; : - L : - : : Tre - £ : T : : i . •■•;■-: Mrs. J. Marshal Southern Uolonels The Southern Colonels orchestra was founded twenty-six years ago and has performed its function of providing music for dances at Tech and on other ca mpuses ever since that time. During the 1947-1948 season the orchestra has been larger than any other dance band in Tech ' s history. The use of larger brass, reed, and rhythm sections has en- abled the present orchestra to play music which has more rhythmic and harmonic fullness than any featured before in the history of the Southern Colonels. MEMBERS T KIRBY First Alto Saxophone W E COOK Second Tenor Saxophone D R ROSSON Third Alto Saxophone J EDI XON Fourth Tenor Saxophone R S BURKET Fifth Baritone Saxophone D. C WHITESELL First Trumpet J P MCCARTHY Second Trumpet C. H LANGRALL . " Third Trumpet E D CUNDIFF First Trombone W W. RENNIE Second Trombone L P N AH AY Thi rd Trombone R M DILLON Drums W. G. BATTE Piano E. M VERNON Bass C A DOBSON Vocalist PROFESSOR JAY HALL Faculty Advisor 256 Mkt l ' : : ' ' :?: « s£ inrrrifiBiiv Uavalien The Cavaliers were organized in July 1946 by W. L. Hawthorne assisted by C. M Mahanes The purpose of the band at the time it was organized was to supply V. P. I. and the surrounding area with a soft and sweet style of music which everyone could enjoy. The band has gained popularity through the state of Virginia because of its slow, sweet music and the season of 1947-1948 has been very successful with en- gagements every week-end. MEMBERS W L HAWTHORNE Trombone J R CLEMENTS, JR First Trumpet and Vocals F WENT Second Trumpet J R FABER Third Trumpet L C GRANNIS First Saxophone C M MAHANES Second Saxophone L D ARNOLD Third Saxophone E T. RUEHL Fourth Saxophone F HELM Drums T M SCHURZ Piano E. P. ELLISON Faculty Advisor ' J . " .7 W. L. Hawthorne Manager P. S. Hawthorne Sponsor ( ave L Lub E. M. Thierry President Miss Linda Marie Leake Sponsor The V P. I. Grotto of the National Speleological Society, better known as the Cave Club, was organized in 1942 to encourage the exploration and scientific study of caves and to provide recreation and adventure for its members. Many new caves have been discovered, explored, and mapped by the grotto and other technical in- vestigations are now being made in the field of speleology. OFFICERS E M THIERRY President J F GRIFFIN Vice-President MRS JOYCE FOREHAND Secretary MRS MARGARET ROBERTS Treasurer DR H W JACKSON Faculty Advisor MEMBERS L E Andrews R W Barnes E Bleicher L Boothe G R. Breeding M. M. Brubeker G. Burton T K. Burton W A Briggs C J Cappleman J D Coles C L. Cotting A J Deppe B Fisher W N Forehand F B Gilmer B Jackson (Miss) J J Jefferson E. Jefferson (Mrs ! W E. Jefferson J G Ironmonger P I Karp F Lesure ' 258 T B. Long J W Lunsford R H Miller R L Moore J C Moss Dr J W Murray J Oxford D B Riblet L B R.ddle R L Roberts T. D Smith M E Smith (Miss G W Strother B L Sumner J H Sword H N Upson R M Weaver H W Webb H H Wiss M Warmald (Miss) C Wright (Mrs ) T J Wright Kjaoet Cyk torus The Cadet Chorus was reorganized this year to give the pleasure of group sing- ing to those members of the Corps of Coders who enjoy choral work. The chorus went caroling at Christmastime and plans a number of appearances in the future. OFFICERS J F BUCK Director J C MOSS Assistant Director J E HENRY Executive Officer J D MITCHELL Secretary J. W MICHAEL Treasurer R W BARRET Librarian C C BRIGGS Business Manager C W. Appich J Beranek W M Bradley L H Christopher B Z Clork H W Clements C L Cotting F. D Etheredge P H Foster MEMBERS Z M W Fulton J P, Gilman S B Higginbotham H H Hutter K. C. Jeffreys I B Lower C V Marshall R B Montague W W Moseley T. N Mess C W Nicholson R M Parker W H Robertson J E Smith H N Sweet R S Thomas J R Tucker R. S Thompson R L White J. F. Buck Director Miss Sydney Johnson Spenser 259 Jjtack JJlamono Ulul? The Black Diamond Club was organized in the fail of 1947 to promote a better relationship between the students from Bluefield and its surrounding areas. The alumni associations of its constituent areas have given their encouragement and cooperation to the club. Weekly meetings are used to plan projects and social functions. OFFICERS R A VEST President E L BUTT Vice-President W N SMITH Secretary J T M-CLINTOCK Treasurer G W SEAVER Sergeant-at-Arms PROFESSOF J W OWEN Faculty Adviser W R. Akers C. L, Arrington W C. Banner J. R. Bates J. R. Budner M. R. Campbell W. P Carter C. W. Fletcher F G Fuaua I N. Fuqua MEMBERS C W Gentry C C. Godsey (Miss) J E Hatcher M Henley (Miss) J W Howard S W Jackson A R. Jeffries R L Lambdin H K Martain ■Jtlil L D Mattox J P. Oblmger J. W. Pick E G Roberts W. R Reid W R. Shelton W G Skewes G L Spancs D Tabor (Miss I W E Wolfe Uapilol ULub The Capitol Club was formed in 1929 by a group of students from Washington, D. C. Since then, the club has increased in membership and importance, and has become one of the most active social clubs on the campus. Its purpose is to pro- mote closer relationship between students from the Capitol City and suburbs, and to be of service to prospective students from that area. OFFICERS C P. MILLS, JR President C A SPEAKE, JR Vice-President F B THOMAS Secretary-Treasurer C L SMITH Sergeant-at-Arms C P FRAZER Faculty Advisor MEMBERS R N Anderson K. C. Harris J J. Neate H P D Archibald W H Hawley H T Orville W M Bradley M L Hendry A L Potter J W Burchard M C Hobson S. C. Redd W. S. Carter A Hudson C P Smith G. K. Clements W P. Knox D Scheel C D. Ford J R Manning G J. Sloane C. P. Mills, Jr. A. E Gantt M P Mauzy R. L. Toye President A A Gelger E S. McCarthy H M. Welch Mrs. C. P. Mills, Sr. B Nathanson Sponsor 261 R v ifc i jjhtivX • C lm eastern Sliore Gfnchor Uliw ' - z : . " - : " " ■ _ _ : : : aits and the " - H-. she - ' .- : : : : : : : This clut Endeo xs ' : :::■: md girls of 1 x _ Eadh Bar the clut : ■ : ■ . : ----- e Eastern Shore 5e : " ::--:.■;■ : - ' S Beach Hote OFFICERS _ : : . : Tr : : - J S_ OiMJcr Mrs, V. A C-c-; B ' - " . E : L S. Jc . - - - - I - - J H .5 • - : - I H f ; 1 ULampton Jxoads L luh The Hampton f si " ■ - : : : T he object of the clut I . i 30DG : fs - - - : " " . _: : uf the organizal I 3 i " } better oc ted 1 - ; .- ■ ■ . ■ - ■ OFFICERS ; E EGGLE : ' : ' . : T ... ■■• : •■• E i: : ! .; ■ - ■ E - - - z . ■ ' . L : : : : E - . L - 3 1 r : . . • ; " . . : 5 ' ■ H L 7 : F 1 : f 1 . L E C ' l : - Z E : . - L E 5 T - - . ; 2 : . C ke Oastern Shore Ojnckor ULub The Eastern Shore Anchor Club is composed of students and their wives from the eastern shore of Virginia and Maryland. This club endeavors to promote good fellowship among the boys and girls of this locality. Each year the club awards a scholarship to a " worthy high school graduate of the Eastern Shore. " Several social functions were sponsored during the past year, including the successful annual Christmas dance held at Wilkins Beach Hotel. OFFICERS J R CHANDLER President C F MILLINER, JR Vice-President T B LONG, JR Secretary H T BADGER Treasurer L N TROWER Corresponding Secretary H C MARSH Reporter L H DUNTON Faculty Advisor ¥9 m -a? G. K, Ames E D Dunton MEMBERS W G Matthews J H Scott, Jr. V S. K. Ames D H. Belote W G Boggs W S Elmore, Jr, R F Fletcher W B Fletcher R H Mehaffey H Messick (Miss) W A. Moore M E Scott ( W H. Smith E V. Stewart A w R L. Bunting E K Goffigon R. L. Nordstrom R H, Tankard, Jr fe im T K. Burton T. A. Holland S T. Nottingham, Jr W. F. Thomas ■■■ •■B W H Chandler L S Jacob H L, Phillips, Jr, L. N. Trower (Mrs ) J. R. Chandler W R Clark S F. Johnston A C Powell (Miss) H Watts, Jr President W. N. Colonna, Jr W. R Lewis J W Powell W. H. West Mrs. V. A. Chandler Sponsor C A. Dobson C. C. Doughty W D. Long J A Richardson P. D Widgen W. F. Young 262 jtampton Jvoaos ULub The Hampton Roads Club is composed of students from the lower Virginia peninsula. The ob|ect of the club is to promote good will and fellowship among all members of the organization, to aid new students in becoming better acclimated to college life, and to promote a deeper understanding between the Corps of Cadets and the Civilian Student Body. OFFICERS R E. EGGLESTON President W E JACOBS Vice-President S CORBIN Secretary-Treasurer R T LAWSO N Social Officer C M FORBES Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS F W Albertson P. G Fournier R H Lambert E. H Richardson R M Bagley R H Fournier J C Lawson c F Roy F R Barham B E Garrett R C Lowery J M Shinn F Bradd J W Gray G J Mangus M L Slye J F Bradshaw G R Goodson F E Molina J R Snead R. Carmines J P Goodwin C. E Minnegerode R C Snow J W. Churchill G Gclub C R Moore S W Stieffen J R Clements W A Granger H L Moore E D Stoneman J R Cochran W C Hayes J P Mug!er F X Stora R A Cramer D B Hartman H W Muir J R. Stortz R C Cramers J C Hawkins E Y McGann R L Tennis D B Cross J A Higgins W J McMohcn E D Trotter D G Cutler L D Hogge C. E Neagle R W Ward N S Cutler H L Holbrook M J Neofitou E S Wenzel 1 T Christian J A Huller H L Pearce R B West G W Dixon R W Johnson E. F. Perkins W A Weston W F. Ezell J Kastelberg J J Pohl R M Wiatt G B Field M G Lambert R E Quinn J. C Wilson H. G. Forrest D. E Wornom :!( .! (yxortkem C Yeck ULub G. W. Headley President Miss Jane E. Mullin Sponsor The V. P. I. Northern Neck Club is composed of students from Essex, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland Counties in the state of Virginia First organized in 1923 to promote friendship and good will among students from this area, it was reactivated this year after a five year suspension because of the war OFFICERS G W. HEADLEY President F L HARDING Vice-President T F MASON Secretary E C RICE Treasurer R H SANDY Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS W. D. Andrews F M. Bailey O J Beranek W C. Blackwell E. L. Bowen J. P. Butler L H Christopher E. R. Cockrell H R Croasdal e E K Dobyns J B English J W. Flemer S Gresham W A Headley S H Hubbard J W Humphreys L M Jewell H E Knight E T. Lemmon E. W Rice J M Rice M L. Sanders W. L Stiff 166 1 ieomont Uuw It is through sectional clubs in which the student of V P. I. are enrolled that they enjoy more social activities than they ordinarily would With this fact in mind, the students from Orange, Madison, Culpeper, Rappahannock, Fauquier, and Prince William Counties reorganized the Piedmont Club Smokers and parties given by the club have helped to make the college year a pleasant one The Christmas dance was the outstanding event of the year for the club. It was financially and socially a great success and attracted its share of favor- able publicity for the school. OFFICER B M LUTTRELL President A L Austin S C Aylcr M L Bates R S Bowerstett B Butler A K Brown H L Brown C W Browning T C Broyles R G Bruce A Burchard (Miss) B. Butler D M, Button W R Button J F Chilton M Crump E DeJarnette J S DeJarnette J T Domazet T M Fisher R W. Gizaues C. R Graves F M Graves E Holladay S L Jacobs R B Loving MEMBERS T K Loving J L McCarty R H McCarty J M Mcintosh, Jr W Massie E A Marsh (Miss) N K Marsh (Miss I J M Marshall, Jr W A. Meredith H B Micks C L. Payne H, L Pearson C. M Price 267 W W Sanders, Jr R W Sealock T N Spar ks A D Stone, Jr J C Taylor H M Thomas R J Turnley D F Williams A. R Willis A J Wood (Miss) D Wood, Jr. J H Wright W. Wright B. M. Luttrell President Mrs. L H. Luttrell Sponsor Jxlckmona (ylul? T. H. Oxenham, Jr. President Mrs. T. H. Oxenham, Jr. Sponsor The Richmond Club of V. P. I. was first organized in 1894. Since that date it has carried on its program of fellowship and guidance toward all students from Richmond and vicinity through the medium of social activities both in Richmond and Blacks- burg. OFFICERS T H OXENHAM President J G HOOD Corresponding Secretary R P BREEDING Vice-President H JAMGOCHIAN Treasurer G B VOCKROTH Recording Secretary MR, G J COLI Faculty Advisor C W Appich F. C Bailey R H Bailey E F Banks J. E Belcher W J Blanton D E Boehlmg F H Boehlmg G J Bogese E. R. Bowery T. N Brooking J. G Brooks R. E. Brooks S. G. Brooks W P Brown B D Bruce R. L Bryant L. E. Busser R. D. Chandler G. M. Cheatham J. D. Church J. V. Gucci C H, Clarke J J Cohen M. Cohen (Miss) L C Collier R Q Collier M B Comley L H Cooke J W Corbin R E Cosby E J Cowan F R Currin H V Daffron R H Davis E J Degen W H Deierhoi W E Durham H N Eanes H L Engleman G L Faison W E Ferguson M H Foote (Miss) J P. Gilman G. S. Ginger J. R. Gloyer H T Gregg F, T. Grove A L Haboush E A Haley R. W Hamel MEMBERS E L Hargrove G. B. Hey R J Hickerson J D. Hurst F F Jewett P. W Jolly D R Kasten W J Keane C F Keil L G Kibber L H Kimbrough S C Krausse P D Landers E G Leitch R G Leverty G M Lmder E N Lohr G C Lowry C T Lucy G E Manning (Miss) W. B Martin J P H Mason A L Matthews J E Maxey J C McCabe R McNamara B C Meredith G. H. Meyer W, T. Miller C W Miller A A Modena F H Moris R. C. Mornsette R C. Morrison J C Moss J Nicolia R B Noftsinger G. A. O ' Grady P C Omohundro W C Pace W E Perkins J. A Powell L. S Reames J Rebman G. B. Redmond C L Rudasill J. C Seymour W F. Seymour M E, Shamburger L N Sharpe E. S Smith W. B. Smith H C Smyth L T Southall i R Spencer J A Tate W P Terry J A Thalhimer W D. Toney J. B. Triggle S H Upchurch H N Upson L H Walke W M Walker W I Wallerstein F H Walters J B Watlington J W. Watson C N Watt H P Weinberg W R Westlake C. E Whitmore W T. Wiggins C E. Williams R J Williams L M Wolin J L Wolfe (Miss) 268 JVoanoke L Lub The Roanoke Club was reactivated to promote goodwill and fellowship among all students fr om Roanoke The mam function of the club is to offer an all year round social life for its members OFFICERS R. D BARRANGER President C E HUNTER Treasurer R F HECK Vice-President H A WEAVER Sergeant-at-Arms C F GODFREY Secretary R. E. L CHAPMAN Advisor MEMBERS A J Airheart J M Chaney J E Henry L L Marazzo C G Snidow P L Akers M K Cook J R Hildebrand Y W Massey M R Snidow R H Arthur E M Crouch S B Higginbotham K F McQuilkm J W Sours W M Atkinson, Jr J H Crutchfield J W Hodges W W. McClanahan W F Stanley W E Atkinson R T Cutright W T Hutts W J Messick J L Stephens J R. Bahon E L Davis R M Hylton S H. Metcalf E M Thierry P L Baird R L Dent R J Jarrett J P Nelson G M Tice E M Baird R 1 Denton J J Jefferson H. M Newmon A R Tnppeer R. K. Bailey F C Dillon J- G. Johnson H S. Noel W M Trippeer J V Barnes G. 0. Dragon P A Jordan M W. Noftsinger R. S Vio A K Barbour J H Durham W H. Joyner D P. Noftsinger W A Via B, L. Bennett W. S. Engleby, Jr H R Kaufman T W. O ' Conner M. 0. Walters M. B. Beverly L B Falls J H Kennett J W Peterson H C. Walton T. S Beverly E M Fawcett E W. Keys R C. Peverall R C. Walker R. H. Bible, Jr J W. Fitzmaurice C D. Knootz R M Powell E. T. Walker S H Blackwell J H Fitzpatrick E. L. Lam H. C. Quinn J. E Weaver H. C. Blankenship R L Frantz H V Lacy J C Ridgeway E P Well ford R M. Blankenship R. S. Fulghum G W Layman C H Richardson R S Whitescarver H E Block H C. Glass C L. Legg A, W. Roadcap C K. Whitescarver B B Brooks J W Glass R R Lemon H. E. Roberts R E. Wickes C. E. Brown W A Grove D S Lloyd B Scott D V Wiley H M Browning J. R Guilfoyle 1 B Lower S P Shaver R 1 Wilkerson W. G. Browning H P. Hancock S R Low C R Sheehan H E. Wills V. M. Bowles T. N Hankins K A Lucas E F Sharpe G F. Willman J T. Burch W. H. Hartley R E. Lucas H M. Sink C B Wood M. L. Burdette, Jr G V Hash R. D. Magann J W. Sink J L Wood P. A Cannaday R S. Hasp J J Malcolm W E. Sigmon T A Wood J. R Carlton J F. Hasselman W. F. Martin J H Skmker, Jr. H. P. Wood J. W. Cassell W. L. Hawthorne R. L. Martin G M Smith 0. H. Woolwine R. D Cassell J. C. Hawt in: G. W. Snead J L Wyatt R. D. Barranger Jent Mrs. R. D. Barranger Sponsor 269 Seminole ULub E. H. Willioms President Mrs. M. R. Payne Sponsor The Seminole Club, composed of students from Pittsylvania, Halifax, and Henry Counties in the state of Virginia, is an extracurricular club with the aim of promot- ing a closer bond between the students from this area and aiding new students in becoming acclimated to college life. OFFICERS E H WILLIAMS President V. N SHEPHERD Vice-President M C MOTLEY, JR Secretary W C POLLOK Treasurer W W OSBORNE Sergeant-at-Arms O T. Adams J D Ashley W E Baucom R D Blasser E M Burrell H S Caldwell L E Cassada R K Cassada T J. Childress, Jr J H. Collie A B Crenshaw R A Elliot B M Estes D S Farmer H A Ferguson J A Ferguson R K. Floyd W T. Fowlkes J T. Fulton C M Gillie W. N. Goodson J A Gosney C. L Hall J B Harvie J A. Hawkins H W Holland R I Howard C. K. Hughes, Jr A D Hurd J H Johnson 270 MEMBERS R T, Jones M P Lacy J G Martin R H Martin R W McHone V V Motley W L Motley J E Murrie W L Neal J W Norris P R Ogle W. H Overton N T. Powell D M Pnllaman J A Prillman J H Pruitt B. H Robertson J H Salley W. B Smith, Jr. J L Starling O P Stawn C M Stowe C V. Swanson J T Walton E A Ward W H Watts W M Wellman M P West E E Westbrook, Jr. F, S Whyman Skenanaoak VaLLeii CjIlw Since its reorganization this year, the Shenandoah Valley club has made tre- mendous strides in achieving its former status of being one of the outstanding sec- tional clubs at V P. I. The membership is composed of students from Augusta, Rockbridge, and Rockingham counties. An informal Christmas dance held by the club was one of the outstanding events of the season. This dance was highly successful and a good impression was made on the guests of the club The club holds regular meetings and smokers throughout the session to further the fraternal feeling among the members. OFFICERS W A NORMAN President R S LONG Vice-President N F. LEE Treasurer T V McCLURE Secretary A T McCOWN Sergeant-at-Arms L A ONESTY Faculty Advisor MEMBERS H E Agnor C M Dunlap T C Lindamood J W Rosenberger F A Argenbright G T. Dunlap W E Lucas C D, Ross J A Armstrong W M Dunlap E L Lutz A D Shields C R Ayres W H Edmonson H W Lutz J S Shields J Beard S P Fishburne J H Markley E R Simmons C R Berry W R Fleming M P Miller H G Smith H J Bloss F. Fletcher R L Miller H G Snider W. M Borthwick F M Garber F H Moffett M 1 Stoddard R C Bosserman J W Gilkeson R A Moffett R H Strickler R. G. Bosserman G W. Gorslme J E Montalbano E. Tarbell J M. Bratton R A Grasty W P. Moomaw F L Tardy J B Bush W F Green R. G Moore E M Taylor E A Byrd W E Hodge J A Nichlas D P Turner C. J. Cappleman D W Huffman W Nusbaum R L Watts E P Childs J J Johnson W. L Phalen B Werth R. F. Dahl R. W. Johnson J A Potter R H. White W M Darnell C. C Kestner M. L. Redwood R. F. Wilkms C S. Davis D M Koogler R C Rhodes S H. Wilson W S Davis J G Leonard B. Roller J M Zeigler W. A. Norman President Miss Martho Rodriques Sponsor 271 Csar jteei ULul? W. T. Gentry President Mrs. R. J. Gentry Sponsor The Tar Heel Club, reorganized in the spring of 1947 as a sectional club of students from the state of North Carolina, brings together those from the " home state " to form a comradeship to remain long after college days, and to cultivate friendship and respect between Tar Heel alumni and students. OFFICERS W. T. GENTRY President R C MYERS Vice-President C A RHODES, JR Secretary W B PFOHL Treasurer PROF JAY HALL Faculty Advisor MEMBERS J M Albright S B Bartlett, III W C Batson A J Bohck H E Carter W S Christianson J O Felton C A G.bbs W E Hall C H Havnaer J E Hite, Jr W H Kern, Jr P B Mag ruder J C Mason H H Mathews R S Montgomery B F Parker E H Reilly, Jr J W Thomas LARGE part of anyone ' s life on the campus is going to games or meets and cheering the team on to victory. Techmen, wherever they go, are hailed as men who play the game with keen interest and undying hope. They fight on to the end no matter how tough the opponent or how slim the chance. Whether it be football, baseball, swimming or track, the teams from Tech reflect the height of courage and the best in sportsmanship. 1 Co-Coptoins Bill Barbour and Bobby Smith cyoowaLLy 1C)4J P. I. 20— FURMAN 6. Virginia Tech lifted the curtain on its 1 947 football season in Miles Stadium on September 27 by defeating a scrap- py Fui an eleve 1 I e i t score came the U jf the firsl arter after a stead) jrive : 55 yards. Beasley carried the : ' or the final ten yards and the initial score Furman ' s Purple Hurricanes also made their only six pointer in the opening quarter on a pass play from the 28. In the second period, Sterling Wmgo made his debut to college foot- ball by prancing 33 yards for a touchdown the first time he got his hands on the ball. Tech ' s final score came in the third quarter when Beasley again hit paydirt. V. P. 1.7— VIRGINIA 41. V. P. I suffered its first defeat of the season at the expense of the Virginia Cavaliers. Rated as a toss-up, the backs from Charlottesville, in near perfect form, were too much for the Gobblers. It seemed as if they Tech kicks off ogoinst VMI in Victory Stadium in Roanoke on Thonksgiving Day ■■■ ■■H Zai Leonard Joel :-bour, Bobc 5 ' z • B : : 2: Taylor, Coy Chambers 3enr Zekert Jim Adams, Harry Walton, Oren H; Bowles, Tom Bums, Willicm Hegamyer, John Kraehling, Dave Thomas, Maynard Bruce, H. ■ Chip Collum, Vic Anderson, Bill Donovan, Frank Taylor, Jimmy Kitts, Jr., Mei z-n Baucom, Le- Ralph Beard, Horoce Pearce, Erving Rand, Cordell McCraw, H. O. Meriwether, Howard Jones, Dan Butkovsky, Richard Whtte, Dc : man, Pete Smith. Row 6: Manoger Goil Robinson, Steriing Wingo, Bud Fisher, C. K. Jchnson, Pat Deforce Church, Robert Frocker, Manoger . ' . e. Vjee. Absent when the picture was taken were Bob He could do no wrong os they crossed goal six times during the contest. Tech ' s only score came in fourth period when Cordell McCraw slipped through, blocked a punt and raced 45 yards to the end zone. DeShozo picks up yardage against Furman V. P. I. 7— WILLIAM AND MARY 21 . Tech entered the game against the W. M. Indians rated as definite underdogs, but until the third quarter, it looked as if there would be a differ- ent story. The Gobblers were the first to score, hitting paydirt in the first period. A pass from Bowles to Hopkins put the oval on the 19 yard line, and DeShazo carried it over from there, -sn ' t until the third quarter that Blanc of W. M. dashed 26 yards for their initial score. Shortly after the kickoff, a fumble again set up a ' . 1- ' . ' icore. Blanc once more scored se from the four yard line. The fine pointer of the game cc Poplinger around left end for the Indian ' s tally. The c was highlighted ' al long runs by Wingo and by Bobby Smith ' s soaring punts Desp THE COACHES Led by head coach Jimmy Kitts, Tech ' s board of strategy master-minded the T- formation through the 1947 season. Left to right: Tom Pierce, G. F. (Red I Laird, Herb Royer, J. R. Kitts, S. D. (Texl Tilson, Mel Henry. broken hand, Smith had an average of 46.8 yards per try. V. P. I. 0— ARMY 40 Virginia Tech met the powerful Army team at West Point on October 18. The Gobblers held the Cadets scoreless in the first quarter, but then gave away slowly to the steady impact of the Black Knights. The Cadets managed to push across touchdowns in each of the remaining quarters and go on to register their thirty-second consecutive victory by a score of 40 to 0. Hopkins about to latch on to Osisek in the Virginia Game M KHERi?flOMKlVtt ' fliB V. P. I. 19— MARYLAND 21. On October 25, a homecoming crowd of 1 3,000 watched the " T " formation click for the Gobblers as they led throughout the game until the final minutes. Tech scored first in the opening quarter after a sustained drive of 46 yards. DeShazo carried it over for the initial six pointer. A few minutes later in the first quarter Beasley raced 58 yards for another score and Tech led 12 to 0. In the second quarter, Maryland scored on a pass and at half time the score stood at 12 to 7. Tech took to the air in the third quarter, however, and Army ' s Rip Rowan stopped by Tech Smith in action against W. M. scored on a pass from Bowles, to Hopkins. Cooke kicked the extra point and the Gobblers led 19 to 7. The Terps tossed the oval all over the gridiron in the final quarter and managed to come out on the long end of the score 21 to 19. The statistics showed that V P. I gained 235 yards by rushing compared to Maryland ' s 117. The Old Liners, however, completed 10 out of 21 passes for 178 yards while Tech completed 4 passes for 36 yards. V. P. |. 42— GEORGE WASHINGTON 6 On October 3 1 , before a George Washington Home- coming crowd, in Washington, D. C , V. P. I. once again broke into the win column by run- ning over the Colonials to the tune of 42 to 6. On the second play of the game, Beasley broke through the secondary and romped 60 yards for the first score of the rally. Just three minutes later, it was Beasley again on a 58 yard run for Tech ' s second score. In the second quarter, Sterling Wingo took a punt on the Tech 35 and Ballard pounces on Pennell of Virginia Tech ' s Starters: Line: Meriwether, Ittner, Cooke, Burns, Barbour, Hess, Hopkins. Backfield: Collum, Bowles, Smith, DeShazo ■ Top: W. L. finally stops Wingo Center: Collum gets away against W. L. Bottom: Bowles makes Tech ' s third tally in the W. L. game ran it back to G. W. ' s 37, On the next play Wingo once again showed his amazing speed by scoring on a reverse without being touched At the half the score stood at 21 to 0. The Gob- blers came back in the second half and im- mediately began their scoring once more The fourth tally came when Bowles passed to De- Shazo in the end zone. On the play following the kickoff, G. W. fumbled and Walton recov- ered for Tech. After a sustained drive, Beasley scored his third touchdown of the day from four yards out. Shortly afterwards Adams intercept- ed a pass and returned it to the Washington 32. Dave Thomas went over for the score. Ross Orr then kicked his sixth straight extra point and Tech finished its scoring rally. The Colonials ' only score came on a 70 yard drive with Bernot hitting center for the sixpointer. V. P. I. 26— RICHMOND 14 The University of Richmond Spiders filed into Miles Stadium, wallowed in the mud, and come onto the field determined to defeat the Gobblers. However, it didn ' t take long for the lads from Blacksburg to show just who was boss. The first tally came in the early minutes of the game when Dick De- Shazo crossed the goal line. Shortly afterwards, Tom Burns sneaked through to block a punt and Meriwether ran 35 yards for the tally. Four plays later Bob Hess repeated this performance by blocking another punt and this time Adams did the scoring. At half time Tech led the vis- itors 20 to 0. In the third quarter Walton faded to pass, coudn ' t find his receiver, so ran all the way for Tech ' s final score. With V. P. I. ' s sec- ond and third team playing quite a bit, Rich- mond managed to push across two touchdowns and the game ended 26 to 14. V. P. I. 27— WASHINGTON AND LEE 14. Tech ' s Gobblers remained in the win column by knocking off the Conference leading Washing- ton and Lee Generals 27 to 14. Both teams scored in the first quarter; DeShazo going across from the three for Tech ' s score, and a pass play from Working to Fahey tied the ball game up, 7-7, In the second quarter, Wingo went on an 88 yard sprint for V. P. I. ' s second T D Bowles also scored as the first half ended and the Gobblers led 20 to 7. Neither team hit paydirt in the third quarter, but in the fourth Working tossed another into the end zone for a W L. tally. As the closing minutes of the game drew near, Walton faked to Wingo and went around end for the final score V. P. I. 14— V M, I 28. Virginia Tech ' s Gob- blers showed complete football supremacy over the Keydets from Lexington before a crowd of 33,000 on Thanksgiving Day, in the first half; but fell before a barrage of passes and went on to defeat in the second half. Sterling Wingo galloped 80 yards for Tech ' s first score in the first quarter. On the second play in the second quarter DeShazo carried the oval over from the three yard line. At half time the score stood at 14-0. The Keydets came back after the in- termission determined to win. Playing the weird- est football that Tech had faced all season, the Keydets from V. M. I., using spread formations scored four times and went on to win 28 to 14. The long passes from Thomason to Gantt were the highlights of the game, along with the line play of Jack Ittner of V P. I and Chi Mills of V. M. I. Top: Meriwether breaks loose from Richmond Center: Thomas picks up 40 yards in the Richmond gome Bottom: Gantt of V. M. I. stopped by Beasley THE SQUAD First row (left to right ' Burt Wriston, Bud Fisher, Jack Chambers, Dick Sayre, Jack Shockey Second row: John Pohl, Jim Ashburner, Charley Harris, Perry Frye, Ivan Cole, Coach Flake Laird Third row: Trainer Joe Henning, Guy Spruhan, Bob Dickson, Captain Cren- nie Reed, Manager Bill Home. JjaskewaLL, igzfj-igzfO SCORES V. P. I. 58 Old Dominion 46 V. P. I. 51 Georgetown 66 V PI. 53 Quantico Marines 57 V P. I 48 Bristol Y M C. A 42 V P I 31 North Carolina 39 V P. I 59 William and Mary 41 V P. I. 54 Virginia 49 V.P.I. 44 Roanoke 43 V. P. I 45 Duke 52 V.P.I. 36 North Carolina 68 V P. I 58 George Washington 60 V P I 71 Hampden-Sydney 49 V. P. I. 50 V M I 39 V. P. I. 51 Richmond 46 V.P.I. 42 William and Mary 46 V.P.I. 35 Roanoke 42 V. P. I. 75 Washington and Lee 49 V P 1 . 55 Richmond 48 V P. I. 57 Virginia 43 V P. I. 57 Hampden-Sydney 55 V P I. 55 Washington and Lee 47 V P I 59 V M . 1 51 Top: A high leap in the Carolina game Bottom: Locker-room scene Tech ' s 1948 cagers, paced by Bob " Shorty " Dickson and coached by " Red " Laird, finished a very successful winter season. Despite a slow start, which saw the Techmen drop heart-break- ers to Georgetown, Quantico, and Carolina, the Gobblers rallied to defeat William and Mary ' s Indians here at Blacksburg for the first in a series of victories against Big Six competition. The most exciting game of the year was played in War Memorial Hall against Roanoke College. The score see-sawed throughout the game, and with fifteen seconds left to play, the Maroons led 43 to 42. Jack Shockey aimed a shot from mid-court, and as the crowd held its breath the ball swished through the net just as the timekeeper ' s gun popped. Tech had won, 44-43. Wriston sinks a hard one After defeating Roanoke, the Gobblers waded into the remainder of their schedule, and came out champs of the Big Six and sixth in Southern Conference play. The team was invited to the Southern Conference Tournament where it was defeated by the Carolina ' s White Phantoms after a hard-fought game. In the final analysis, excellent coaching, teamwork, and support added up to make the Tech 1948 basketball season a successful one. Fisher speeds past Carolina Chambers tackled by Washington and Lee Standing: Altman (coach), Kernan, Grove, Morris, Pogue, Goodwin, Mills, Thomas, Baker, Kibler, Jacobson. Seated: Wright, Williams, Nettleton, Johnson, Blalcck, Lane, Culbertson, Rosen (captain), Oliver, Adams, Barlow (assistant coach). ( Yifreshli YLCf Bill Altman ' s grapplers, though not so successful by statistics during the 1948 season, gained v aluable ex- perience which will guide them through future seasons with greater success. Faced by the toughest schedule in years, the matmen rolled up their sleeves and proceeded to give all their highly favored opponents hard, tough fights — fights typical of all V. P. I teams. Surely the highlight of the season came at Raleigh, N. C , when the N. C. State Wolfpack, defending conference champs, fell before the Gobbler grapplers, 6V2-15Vi. Lost to the team by graduation will be its most valu- able man, Captain Ed Rosen. His services will be missed next year as greatly as they were enjoyed this year. Blalock and Orzano of Duke at the start of their match s WLrnnwtq The Tech natators, 1948 style, accumulated 384 points to their opponent ' s 343, during a season featuring four wins and six losses in dual competition. The team, coached ably by Lou Onesty, turned out numerous ex- hibitions of swimming skill, both in individual and team events. Outstanding individual was Frank Brouse, who during the season lowered the school record for the hundred yard freestyle from :58.2 seconds to the fast time of :56.8 seconds. Frank surprised all opponents who had defeated him earlier in the season when he came back in the state meet to turn the tables on his foes. Constant point getters in the sprints were Walter New- man, Bob Aumack and Billy Blair The team, handicapped on the whole by lack of ex- perience, nevertheless managed to dethrone the V. M. I Keydets from the state championship at the State Col- legiate Conference Championship meet by the stellar performances of Co-Captains McKeithen and Greenlee, and Brouse, Dance, the Rennie brothers, Wood, Smith, Jarrett, and Walter Newman. Bill Smith, Roby Jarrett, Jerry Newman and " Ig " Krakoviak climaxed a splendid season with their outstanding diving performances in the state meet when the first three, Smith, Jarrett and New- man placed in the finals, Krakoviak barely being nosed out by last year ' s champ, Martin of V. M I., in the qualifying rounds With the experience gained by this year ' s competition, next season should be highly suc- cessful. T ' ■■ " i ZOOY0BREA5T 440Y0FRFF i n U. J J HI LJi U V ' {■ L -V .V V- sWaV Seated: Bulger, Dance, Kolker, Brouse, Greenlee, McKeithen, L Rennie, W. Rennie, Cculcn, W. Newman Second row: Alphin (manager), Krakoviak, Kroehlmg, Aumack, Johnson, Wood, Taylor, Iddings, J. Newman, Smith, Borden (manager). Third row: Onesty (coach), Parcell, Hicks, Kennett, Blair, Roy, Collins, Oldaker, Weiss, Murray. Out!! But Tech scores Jjaseballj 1C)4 J The 1947 baseball team had its best season in several years, winning nine of twelve home games and losing a total of only seven games of an eighteen game schedule. SCHEDULE V. P. V P V P V P V P. V P V. P. V P V. P. I. 4 I. 4 I l I. 3 I. 6 I 14 I. 10 I 11 I. 12 5 Ohio Wesleyan University.. University of Delaware .... University of Delaware .... University of Richmond . . . William and Mary West Virginia Institute of Technology 4 Washington and Lee Emory and Henry 10 Virginia Military Institute. . . 4 V P. V P. V. P. V P. V . P V P. V P V. P. V P. 7 Roanoke College 1 3 Roanoke College 4 University of Richmond 2 Washington and Lee 6 5 Virginia Military Institute... 6 10 University of Virginia 4 6 William and Mary 3 7 Hampden-Sydney 2 9 University of Virginia 6 r Front row: Faison, Mervin, Kale, Hunter, Boehling Second row: Beard, Caravatti, Bass, Counts, Woody, Gallup. Third row: Frye, Adkins, Gathwright, Griggs, Beasley, Hoffman, Foltz. Back row: Proctor (coach), Cheatham, DeShazo, Burns, Poole (captain), Maxey, Kennedy. a ' F " a I First row: Myers, Dance, Mayo, Monroe, Ford, Jacobs, Waldron, McLear. Second row: Eastman, Hunter, Anderson, Magill, West, Walton, Cooper, Adams, Gravatt, Slye Third row: Beard, W. Taylor, Shelton, Loving, Neofitou, Saunders, E. Williams, Donovan, Payne. Fourth row: Toye, Middleron, Brooks, Anderson, F. Taylor, Bell, Mills, I ttner, Carter, Degan (man- ager). Fifth row: Lacy (coach), Brown, A Williams, Wright, Blalock, B. Williams, R. Fournier, F. Foumier, Rollins (coach). ( rack The Tech track team, behind the able coaching of F. D Rollins and B. R. Lacy, chalked up an above average record for the ' 47 season. Defeated only once in dual competition, the trackmen went on to cop second honors in the state meet at Williamsburg, and fifth place in the Southern Conference meet at Chapel Hill Paced by Co-Captains Frank Magill and Bob McLear, the cinder- men completely outclassed W. L , Wake Forest, Richmond, and V M I, by scoring an average of almost 100 points a meet After participating in the state and conference meets, Tech ' s thinclads wound up their season in a dual meet with N. C. State. On that warm, sunny spring day, an inspired Orange and Maroon team entered Miles Stadium and proceeded to come within two points of upset- ting the highly favored Wolfpack, 64-62. This meet was the closest and surely the most exciting dual meet in the Southern Conference last year. As the Bugle goes to press, the track team, ' 48 version, is whipping itself into shape for the on- coming season. Each cinderman has deep in his heart the desire to make the ' 48 season the most successful in Tech ' s records, and with that old traditional Tech spirit to drive it on, the team will ac- complish that desire. " Mac " leads against W. L. Carter lets one go Bell clears the high bar I ' It ' ll, , » Jvifie C earn Back row: Sloan, Whin, Moody, Huffard, Wiggins. Front row: Bush, Wright, Scales, Wood, Hobson. The Rifle Team, coached by Major Hopson, Sergeant Birdwell and Sergeant Watkins, fired its way through a very stiff schedule this season. Led by J. B Scales, the riflemen have participated in both postal and shoulder-to-shoulder matches with the best teams in the Continental United States and Hawaii. The results and averages compiled by these men stand favorably in national records, and the team may well be proud of its work. Uross (country This year the Cross Country team was again in its place on the fall sports program after an in- active war period. Under the excellent mentorship of coach Lou Onesty, the harriers pounded the turf to a very successful season. They were undefeated in dual meets, swamping both V. M. I. and Roanoke College, placed second in a tri-meet with Virginia and W. L, and were runners-up in the annual Southern Conference tussle. By far the outstanding man was the captain of the team, Curtis Shelton, who took first place or tied for first in all the meets, and placed third in the Southern Conference meet. Joe Beard, Bob Brooks, " Tex " Carver (manager), Frank Magill, Bev Middleton, Ken Loving, and Curtis Shelton earned monograms. K»y.«,TC; i it wt 9.AJ I First row: Beard, Magill, Neofitou, Loving, Middleton. Second row: Seymour, Baum, Harvey, Mills, Waldron, Brooks. Third row: Onesty (coach), Smyth, Thompson, Prongay, Carver (manager). J onocfram Ulul? HORACE PEARCE President TONY KUJAWA Vice-President ROBERT SMITH Secretary CHARLES FORBES Treasurer The Monogram Club aims to con- tribute to the welfare of Virginia Tech at every opportunity, to foster and pro- mote athletics at Tech in every way possible, and to maintain a close bond of fellowship between varsity athletes. I ts members are elected from the candi- dates made eligible for varsity mono- grams by the coaches and the Athletic Council. A dance is sponsored after each home football game from which the club receives its sole revenue. This revenue is used to buy club members ' monograms and sweaters, and other H. L Pearce Mrs. H. L. Pearce awards in addition to clubroom mainte- President Sponsor nance and improvements. MEMBERS J R Ashburner G. M. Cheatham C R Harris J C McCraw W F. Saunders F Ashworth C C Collum R Hess A W McKeithen J L Saffell F. H. Ballard C M. Cooper M P Holland H Meriwether C. L Sellers B. S Barbour J R Cocke E Hopkins B R Middleton C H Shelton J Beard J E Counts J R Ittner R. M. Orr W R. Shelton R Beard W. N Dannenburg W E Jacobs D S Oliver G. L Smith R R Beasley R T. DeShazo C. R James J B Parker R V. Smith T L Beavers R H Dickson R J Jarrett R G Payne R E Taylor W. G Bell H W Dutton R E. Johnson H L Pearce D L Thomas W. T. Berry M C. Edmunds W D. Kean G R Poe H C Walton D. E. Boehlmg E M. Ellison T W. Kennedy D W Poole R. F Webb F. S. Bowles H Eimers L Kimbrough J H Pruitt J R Whittle R E Brooks G L Faison J R. Kitts W H Raab E. A. Williams R W. Brouse C. M Forbes J. H Kroehlmg S Ragone J P. Williams W. C. Brown J F Foltz T, T. Kujawa E H Rand T. S. Williams D B Brown W. H From J W. Lark C G Robinson T. E. Wiley J R Bulger P. A Frye C M Leonard A C. Reed S L. Wmgc T C Bums W H Gallup J B Leonard D F. Reilly B J. Wriston G M Cale G S Gravatt T. K Loving E R, Rosen W W. Wyatt G 0. Carver W W. Greenlee J F Lucas F, Saunders P. E. Zender C L Chambers G. R. Goodson F P. Magill G. W. Sounders G. C. Zeckert E J Chambers W. H. Hogamyer R M. McLear _. - - V • - hJ - Sports Snots • Above: 1 Payne takes the 100 2. Hit and run 3 Carter about to heave one 4 Chip Collum sloshes through Richmond for a gain 5 Tech reserves wait their turn Below: 1 Under the Generals ' goal 2 A gain against Furman 3. Tech har- riers 4 Billy Barbour, Gobbler co-captain 5 Shockey made this one good. ' fj- jcM r w v-Mi- +■■■ «W mmg§ ,ism Standing: E. H Rand, Jr, J. P, Milhous, E V Russell, Jr, F D. Hollms Seated: W. R. Legge, H. L Pearce, President, W L Younger, Dr. L. O ' Shaughnessy. Oftkietic Kjouncil The Athletic Association was organized September 26, 1 891 , at a meeting of the Corps of Cadets. It is a self-governing, formally-organized body of regularly matric- ulated male students of the college The purpose of the association is to foster, main- tain, promote, manage, and conduct all forms of intercollegiate athletics at Virginia Tech, and to assist insofar as is possible with the intramural and physical education program. Members elect the officers of the association and vote on all matters re- quiring attention. Since the association is incorporated as a non-stock corporation under the laws of the State of Virginia, the Athletic Council serves in the capacity of a board of directors, and formulates the policies and plans of the association and sees that they are carried out. The council is composed of three students, four faculty members, one member of the General Alumni Association, and the Director of Athletics. The student members of the council must be members of the association. Sports Skots 1. Tech grapplers hard at work. 2. Big Jim and opponent. 3. The cheerleaders: Dub Whitescarver, C. C Briggs, Hobie Weaver, Smoot Edmunds, Junior Gentry, Jess Jes- see, and Steve Corbm. 4. Curt Shelton, harrier captain 5. Near pin. 6. Cavalier about to hit the dirt 7. Captain Ed Rosen with wrestling coach Bill Altman. THE VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE CORPS OF CADETS PROUDLY SALUTES ITS GRADUATING SENIORS as an expression of their appreciation for the highly commend- able leadership of these men in the rebuilding and strength- ening of the corps, symbolic of the indomitable spirit of V. P. I . 8§j£S8 Confidentially, TRYOUR TEAK OWNERS When in Roanoke eat at the MANHATTAN RESTAURANT " The Eating Place of Unique Excellence " Specializing in ITALIAN AND CHINESE DISHES Mgr. VPI ' 43 109 S. Jefferson St. Roanoke, Virginia Dial 2-6873 BROWN ' S SUPER MARKET Fresh Meats, Fancy Produce Selected Frozen Foods Phone: 8227 Blacksburg, Va. CHAS. P. LUNSFORD JAMES J. IZARD Chas. Lunsford ? 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Phone - Christiansburg, Va. HOME FURNISHINGS Electrical Appliances JOHN W. TAYLOR PACKING COMPANY, INC. HALLWOOD, VIRGINIA Z- " i ' : " Taylor ' s Brand IRISH POTATOES, TOMATOES and SWEET POTATOES PIEDMONT STORES, Inc. IKE MENSH, Mgr. MARLBORO SHIRTS AND SPORTSWEAR Christiansburg, Virginia ROLLER FLORAL CO FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION Phone 154 PEARISBURG VIRGINIA RADFORD FURNITURE COMPANY I YLbK dUILL I..j? HOUSE FURNISHINGS — FLOOR COVERINGS APPLIANCES FRANK J SMYTH EUGENE B SMYTH RADFORD, VIRGINIA Compliments of SCOTTS 5 10 STORE RADFORD, VIRGINIA THE COPENHAVER COMPANY Men ' s and Boys ' Clothing, Shoes and Furnishings RADFORD, VIRGINIA PHONE 3841 DELUXE CABS DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE PHONES: 3361 - 3933 RADFORD, VIRGINIA THOMAS INGRAM FURNITURE Everything to Make The Home Comfortable 1003 Norwood Street Phone 4236 Special Discounts to Students RADFORD, VIRGINIA WHITEHEAD ' S PHARMACY REAL DRUG SK Rodf c : xi in c it - TEHEAI : ■: _ — - : - : : :: je -:. Longines - Elgins — althc : : EE SAUL SIMON :- - ewbj e ::i. MICK — or — MACK l ' iz t z ' : - : : _- : e -- z ee: ects BLUE RIBBON RESTAURANT r :: i; _ -; rginia RADFORD b VIRGINIAN TH EATRES z z r ITH the ivr WHITE UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENTS Known Throughout the Service as Makers of the BEST WHITE UNIFORMS Frank Thomas Co. ::-: = - " : :_ : i WEAR AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SHCEI They Look Better. Neat Better : : Give Last n : Z fori AMERICA ' S BEST On Sale at Leading Store- Everywhere • . — p - - r _ • CRADDOCK-TERRY SHOE CORP. Lyr :hburg, Virg ill a BECAUSE : -_e :: e: - : : sdfc ? % RO - - For : Zior : r z Line of ' •■ :m: a tches — fountain pens . : jewelry— fosto l 3 5terl : silver MINA ' S JEWELRY STORE E : : : THE 1948 BUGLE IS BOUND IX A KIXGSKRAFT COYER DESIGNEE - ' Z :: 1 1 . ZEE l ■ THE KINGSPORT PRESS. IXC. ■ ' ■ Z ' . z : EN1 JE5SEE LYRIC AND LITTLE THEATRES - { - NOLAND COMPANY, Inc. -£i- ; . : " : " : . :- : : : : - : ;- : : I: . : a S.C : : :: XT Gc ' . - ' - ; . . . : ires ORDER YOUR 1949 BUGLE NOW : : ■ - : : : ■ I? E Mm ISMK . »f ' : = .:• . : • • c I ■oiieiE ii - — — • — , — -- - V -: cte :_ :: z- ' -i — :: ► rings _ = e: :_ JB P NS - z KEYS, V. P - -_E IC • e :e :: ■l-Z ' ' I L G BALFOUR CC ' - -7 - : : : ;- PRIDEN FRIDEN CALCULATING MACHINE AGENCY Phone 2-3662 Richmond 19, Virginia 4 N Sixth Street BRANCH OFFICES THROUGHOUT THE STATE OF VIRG N - CLARY ADDING MACHINE AGENCY E 7-212? : . : : i - :- : THE PI T T " uiBunn fl O f f T c Ki£ vc " t4 i le uc : :- - 3RE t : tt bei e : . : wsbecome : portc — : : _ ege : : ;:t:t tec :f: s revealed : r are the or matertc proof o :: the or sible E Jenoe c — e alue oi jr photc ::: : : : : nanshif : :z : -. Designers and en ra ers of the Smith ' s finest school publications L CHBURG. IRGI I Creating YEAR BOOKS of Distinction It ta es more than " good printing " to create outstanding Tear Books. The J. P. Bell Company specializes in Year Books. First, by maintaining a Department of trained and experienced personnel that devotes its entire time to the planning and servicing of Year Books. Secondly, by maintaining a plant equipped with the most modern machinery, manned by skilled, efficient workmen. There is a certain mark of Distinction on all J. P. Bell publications. FOUNDED 1859 J. P. BELL COMPANY, Inc. 816 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG VIRGINIA Aft •A ' 1

Suggestions in the Virginia Polytechnic Institute - Bugle Yearbook (Blacksburg, VA) collection:

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