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v i V v - M H -wiv W H F HY H4477 hm-FU WA A N 'Mb-F W JU, , ,- .,, A,,k7,,,,,,,K,,,.-..-f.......Y-. -.f - f - - --- Y- 'f" """-"""'-Q1 1 1 J- "Fr, ,,,,.,,,,.,, 4.. -....... ,... . , ..- .... ,,, .... ,....,,...-,.,., -.........-....-.-.........-.-Y , - ---- -M --, ----------I-1-----f---M -f--------M - ---f---- -W - - T- f- -t-ji'--l 7 f F .V . 1 , I , I I L II I, II III f Ia V, II I A I II I II I , In I I II I II II 'I EI II I 'I II I1 II . I f ' 1 I . . 1 . ,- I I ' - I I ' I :Z I I5 I :II . I I 2, I I I I , I I I i I c I I I I i . I I 3 . I I . I I I ' I I . I I ., I I ,, L Q , , - , , V Y J H--rn -,,-Y.Q -..-.- --w..4.,44: .g. -,...,.. .-.A,A,...,,.., ,,....,,,..,.,.-.,...............,,..4...L..,..-,,.................,..,....,...............,.,.,-.-,....Y-,....,.-..........,..g..,.,,...I.,.,-....,.4--.,.. ,,.--,...,.,.-.-....... ,- I. I , IQ" J' , A 1 ' x,4..z.--..f.-' if OO 'Z'Q,-e x , - TY, '- 1 THE BUGLE 1935 'x, QEWR-xx ' H E K fgg a F xx neg' xx K . L ,mx X R , Xxx X M E'iNlj3??X Q ' X., Q- f ' Xxx X ENN w W S Rf AQ X CGPYRIGHT X F DOERING D TO L YOU SMG A -R Q X X W ' ' S ' 3. X X X Aiwa X is X XX X 'N x 1 .A XKNA X V X hxxfv X-'MX - . f1 '-TX., 4 UN- k Ly., A E 'YVL 'Lili F. . , JR. ' R E 1 R I Mfg--5 . W. . N G, J R X ' BU INES R' N . 12 'SEE' sf: H . 7 A C H 1 E V E M E N ITIIE i193 5 BUGLE THE ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE- CADET REGIMENT uf I, ' If 1 YV X7IRC3IBIIA 5 PGLYTECHNIC UINSTITUTE S VOLUME FORTY'ONE PUBLISHED BY THE CORPS OF CADETS l w BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA irl i a N I r. fo E- 1' ' - . Mill L IT seems to be a very fitting thing that the BUGLE this year should be called "The Book of Achievement." On looking back, not over such a limited time as our four years at school, but over the Whole time of existence of the school, we find a most outstanding progress from the small Preston and Olin Institute of the 1870's to the large plant of the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute of the present day. We refrain from dwelling in too much de- rail on the growth of the schoolg it is a story of progress that is told to us from the time we enter to the time we leave, and never does the story seem less miraculous, nor the sacrifices men have made for the good of the school less wonderful with each telling. ' We turn from the history of the school to view the progress of the World over a similar period, and find industry taking longer strides with each passing decade. ,Industrial plants have grown from what today would be no more than small shops to the large factories we see everywhere. To be specific, there is elec- i -V AV D' . I ..-A A p -A, ,4b- . "ff" ,ig .V . , , 1 gli, 'T f ',-Xp ,jf VV: , ,Mx .: pl ff.. 1 'X ' 4 mx ii ' ' lf, 'x Mel t Nl f- N ., " fg tix " .1 I v. -..-, V fl' A l 1. ' '. , ,' ,f , 5.1 . , V, Y.-' ' l , ,- , ,'1' Q" 'X 5- ', li H' f Y IP' .I ' , I 'fi i V lv- I Q -A- i . -' '-,Q , ' MTF, .- . L.,' tricity, the automobile and the airplane whose development has paralleled the life of the school. Wliere once those who dreamed of such things were derided as visionaries, these same things have now become ser- vants of man without which he would be almost lost. Witlu what we feel to be justified pride, we review the achievements of our class. the Class of 1935. From timid Freshmen, we have moulded self-reliant men who have established traditions of which the school ma be roud made chan es in a s stem our school has lon out rown to Ht a school of its resent size, Y P i 8 Y 8 8 P and permanently banished evils that were retarding the forward strides of our Alma Mater.- Lookiii backward, the achievements of the past seem tremendous, and we are almost prone to rest on the laurels of those who have gone before us. That, however, is not the purpose of this, "The Book of Achievement." It is our aim to point forward to new fields, serving as a mile-stone between the past in which so much has been accomplished, and using the progress of the past years to show the possibilities of the future. The past is only a beginning, a foundation, the world is young, and the work of man only started. , .' li . il 1 1 r If 'Q ,e l y f y l l V1 . D E D I ill C A Y' I I O N .ul 'xx 'R i , fs' A. ll. i'a,.'x XX .i f' wi iii, w x -u ' 1 ' V V n i --ma., 3 fi w.,X X .ig 4 .1 .l - ri .ti N ,. ,fi M., ,i.l.x'iX'r'x5. XX ll il 231 I, J!! yy lQQNgQ'NNlr .fwz'y'i'f,. if , M Y,...X.o. 3.-1. A . ,.q,,?,,y'M y .4.-.l my f. ,f ii, i -vt-b.4w:i - it f. .'.gx.l-fgfzgm ,ai ' fir f-,W f,j'f,v I: '-'i.-N.iKiTg?5tfbT4t. .f J ffl..'jQ'3"'l'f. ftwfia -63339-impl 'W ff! ff. 'Mt -- f sw .fre-aiam-I firm 1 all if mul .N 'il!lf- ill. ' 'H ii! "fda ifiififffii. i, Q Kill gp. L1 II., 11 ilxl gli 11 mil S Achievements of which the Class of 1935 lille lllli boasts can be credited largely to the vision, rpnspltismdnterprise and inspired leadership of a single 1 ' Ml l V i l member .... Drafted as President in his Juniorlifear, he immediately lined the class up as a unit behind K. measures to improve the common welfare of the students. A Ring Dance was held, the first in V. P. I. history. The "Rat System" was abolished. His Works proving his caliber, he was elected, sweepingly, to the Presidency of the Corps of Cadets. Rather than play the dictator, he drafted a constitution for a new student government centering around a Senate and Honor Court. He bolstered the Honor Sys- tem, attacked the class system that was undermining the school. Because of his high statesmanship, and as a small token of our respect and esteem, we dedicate this forty-first volume of the BUGLE to WEBER XAYILDES-'vi .Man of eficbievement . 1 k V wif ff '. , V . .Y 1 N "fig XXX J I . . Wf R X if 2, .Xglfjf . W, x u L11 'Q v' A1 sy N H 1 1 .l iff. Y . ,I 1. lf 5 .g kj. . -,,,, , I. , -5. -.4 N- , Y 5 V-. ., 4-. .- V - 'Sq' 3x.,,,5 -f g -f gfa- aff:-1 - V -, T v,,-sqm , .-:,...,f- ,, v., gf, ' "fx ' ' A' QM!"-2" ff-1 ' V , gf JK' .if ,Zi-' , ,YY-,,A, , , , ,QA-,,,,,,, ,TAA fl," L ,P , fr -. -6 ff-'f min- ' .fa J sw 13335 1 in 'X ,- ' M ,M A vw , , -lim -I Y mm r, iq yr ,, 1 - Q. ,, M in l 'un .u .4 ,waz . - , mfiw' WEN. V - H 1 ,mu .. -wu::,A , ' W 'U " ' H. ,www L, T-" -5 - "L," ' 'H ' . 1 '- Y f Z Y kL's...:L.1L'.".:.--JE. .4,. uv. ,. S11 - ..4iM1 -.-, Y, ,.--, ,-. ' W- ' '- Y Y' f f ,,i,JY lb' fW,,: .', ,f,w.,. XV . .. ' 'if '-:ff " 2 Lf, Y 5 f':T?i?3 "Pi-' 'Vi -if GORDO WEBER WILDES vi SQ 1 5: X , M A S532 7 V X -ff ' 4 x 4,1 :Y -gif uni xy h,NV W an Wi, - ,qv , ,A IC., ffgfv ., Ll", 'lf - ,,: -L fig! fi' I MCA, .vii 5.3. V I.-113,244 ,f V..4fx5,9 ,5 ,.- .1 ff rf,-,,, . ,f1'fw.kH f ' 4f1l!:5-.1 Mg. RDERSCF BO I THE COLLEGE II THE CLASSES III FEATURES IV THE CORPS V ATHLETICS VI ACTIVITIES CKS BCOK UNE DLL F W A L, 5 I. X: M' af. fm MR. DONALD R. RICIIBERG Executive Di-rector of the National Emergefncy Council BUSINESS? ACHIEVEMENT 13 A The National 1?UF'ec?pvery Administration ff ! lhr, ., ill 1 li i 'ii' f AQ , 3419 ! Maia IN 1932 the United States was in the midst of the most dangerous economic crisis it had ever suffered. The nation's business was paralyzed. Quick action on a vast scale was imperative to bring relief to a people trembling on the verge of chaos. Meeting this need, President Roosevelt rushed into being the National Recovery Administration to encourage co-operation between trade groups, raise standards of labor and give sustenance to unemployed, remove false trade barriers, eliminate unfair competitive practices. In making a success of this immense enterprise the present Administration has realized one of the greatest achievements the nation has ever witnessed in the world of business. Fighting opposition on all sides, the NRA came through to place commerce and industry on the semi-planned basis that is the minimum necessity of the times, and it is for these great efforts that the NRA typifies the finest achievement in the business world of today. V1 M ff I x DOCTOR JULIAN ASIIBY BURRUSS Pwfsiclefnt of Vi1'givz.ia Polyteclmic Institute julian Ashby Burruss was born in Richmond in 1876. After working a few years with a railroad company, he came to V. P. I. and was graduated with honors in civil engineering in 1898, having been president of the Y. M. C. A., the Richmond Club and the Maury Literary Society, editor of the BUGLE and the Grey facket, and captain of Bat- tery E. He took graduate work in several different universities, and had the Ph.D. conferred upon him by the University of Chicago, magna cum laude. Early in Dr. Burruss' career he was commandant of cadets and instructor in mathematics and science in a school in Georgia. He held a similar position in Arkansas. Then 'he returned to Rich- mond as principal of an elementary school, later becoming director of Manual Arts for the Rich- mond schools and introducing industrial educa- tion into that city. In 1908, upon the founding of what is now Harrisonburg State Teachers College, Dr. Burruss was chosen to be its Hrst president. He started the building of H. S. T. C. to its present position of the largest woman's college in Virginia. Leaving Harrisonburg, Dr. Burruss in 1919 be- came the first alumnus-president of V. P. I. In spite of many attractive offers from other institu- tions, he has remained with his alma mater 16 years of Dr. Burruss' coming the enrollment had to transfer his services elsewhere. Within three years of Dr. Burrus' coming the enrollment had tripled, andl it has continued to rise. During his incumbency the value of the physical plant has increased many times over. Virginia Tech has been recognized as one of the leading technical colleges in the United States, this accomplishment being largely due to the consistent work of its president. THE DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION f gi W W if f r . ' ff? f a, veins aunts Fna iqasf an af THE DEPARTMENT O PROFESSOR T. W. KNOTE, Head of line Depuflnzerzt of Burinefr Adminirimtian l AMONG the achievements of the last decade at V. P. I. the rapid growth of the Department of Business Administration is not the least. Witli only seven graduates in 1927, the department has more students than any other single department in the school, and is even ahead of the total enrollment of the School of Agriculture and remaining coursesof the School of Applied Science-there being about 250 in the four undergraduate classes. The purpose of the department is to give scientific train- ing in the principles which would enable a man-or a woman, for a number of women also study the course-to profitably run an enterprise of his own or to fit serviceably into a large corporate endeavour. The attempt is to build executives, not clerical helpers. To this end a wide variety of subjects are taught: Money and banking, advertising, accounting, credit, mar- keting and salesmanship, statistics, insurance, finance, personnel administration and labor problems. Additionally the student receives a backbone in general economic theory, and goes into the matter of government in some detail as a subject which the business man will always have to understand. The freshmen beginning the curriculum take a number of general subjects in the business field, then each year the classes become more specialized and go into the matter in greater detail, so that after four years the embryo business man has a very good idea of the way business is run. If he desires, he can continue to specialize in a fifth year, which a number of students have done during the depression years. A Closely associated with the Department of Business Administration is the. Pre-Law course. In fact, the two year Pre-Law course is practically identical with the first two years of busi- ness, with slight variations to better prepare the aspiring lawyer for an accredited law school. if Q if i 'if' 'ic' 'ir if i' 'lr it +o if if WTHE EGQK QF Rcwusvmmwf S SI P1 N E S Faculty R. M. BROWN Libmriafz R. L. HUMBERT Executive Secretaf R. H. MCNEIL M. C. HARRISON 'ofexfor of Engl Direczor of Pzzblica E. C. MILLER Bzzfinexf Mamzg C. M. NEWMAN f ff? gl Pro enor 0 n C. I. WADE T7'6t1J'Il7'6f' C. R. VVOOLVVINE H ealth Ojicer .r" 1" -' 1 1, '1 1 ' Ll' ,' Hy: ' V I I , 1 M1 v .3- 36 M35 u,5,:' fx 1 I iffy ' if .Ry M 2 K R M 'iv .M . lfC R M CGW V 1 1 . . . . .'w,, ,X ' I . . "-' 3 ? fr' i 2? 55 4 4- 4 392 3.52 4- 4 ADMINISTRATION M U Rf fy! M 115' Rf! M ww 'W M .Rd if Ei XM if Sy sr lv THE CAMPUS -if 4, 4- uk if ir -ir-A' nk if if SECOND ACADEMIC BUILDING-MCBRYDE BUILDING HE Second Academrc Burldmg pul sates hourly to the tread of many feet drawn there by the Mrlrtary and Enghsh departments as well as those of busmess admmrstratlon economxcs and hrstory The agemg rvy covered brrcks attest that the burldrng IS only a few years younger than the college rtself Here 1n the sprrng the maples throw large splotches of shadow upon the burldmg and on the Mazn Walk once known as Lover s Lane Half hrdden by swaymg evergreens McBryde Burldrng of Mechanrc Arts stands guard at the northeast end of Faculty Row Desprte newer stone structures It remalns the most beaut1ful of them all for rare Gothrc strength and grace are combrned here 1n hrgh pornted arches and rugged buttresses The charmrng front hrdes a servlceable 1nter1or Insrde students bend over molten metal ln the foundry clays rn the ceramrcs department expensrve apparatus rn the samtary eng1 neerrng lab and the arr IS filled wnth the hum of the shops LP XXX fi ' fl"l'lf"'-fg"'-U ' l J " '-it 'H "5Et""wf ri LQ i, ff! Y 1 , - V I 144 ' .V .. -1.,. Y ' 'A .1-ff W W 4 ' QQQ. Q 11 A-15213-FI .T . , 1 Z' , fp. ', ,. -1,7 1 Q. - :'-'t, f . , H 'NL - Y H734 , 1.7, -. YY .-f Y - - - - - - f-- 7- 4 - 1- ----- "7 f--1 1' " ' " NAA, 1 511 , , ,, , , Y,,,, ,,.,,, --,f:,,.,.,..,L, --i4,,,.,z,hx.-,-- --f 1 11-1 1' X 1.1.1 E A A W , , Y, 4 J, ,, ,U , ,,. ,., Z JL, A , 151, 1 1, ,N f,,1. E31 11f 1-f1 1 1 1 11- 111 1- 4'4A44'u'A 1:11 1'121'11111f:'dL111'1 1 " '111 9 j'?::fT:T?T:fff''ff7fif"17f1f'ff ,1f 1 11111 1111111 1 1. fi-A fb- L1-A-11 1-W1 1 A J"Af ' 'ZWW141 AVN" ii 1 1 1 1,411 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 - f 1 1 11-,,-11 1 , . 111 1 1 " 1 ' 1 11 -11 1. I J V 1 1 1 , . 11.11 I 11 ,, l,,x 11 V mw 1 - J, V 1 -1111 11 1 11.- 1 1 ,INK 1 1 ky 1111 UN1 11 1 1x 1 11, Q1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1,1 1 11 1 1 A XJ! N WW1 11111 11 11.1 111 11111 1111 111111 111, 111111 111 11 1p 1 111 1 1 1111 1 1 1111 1111 .1111 1 1111 1 11' '1111 11111 1111 111 111' 1"1111 111K 1511111111117 ' 111 1' 1 1111 1111, 111111 1111 '1,1' 11'11 11111'1 11 1 1 I 1 1 '11111111 1 ,1111,1 1 111 1 112' 1' 1 111. ,.11 3 i11,f 1 111 ' 1111 1 , 15 ' 11 ..1 121' 1111' 1111 '1I ' 1111111 1, 1111. 1.11 '11 Vp111 1V'J 1111- 111 11 11. 1111 1 1 1 13111 1 1 1111 1 1 MH! 1 1 1 11111 11'1q vi-11 1 11 in 111 1 1111119 1111 1,111 '1' W 11111 111 1 11 11 1111' H1111 1 141.-1 AVFIW' 1 1 .1! ,ll 111 11111 1 " 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 , 1 1 , 1 1 V 11 51.111 11Q11,f-' 1'-111,11 111 1111111 1111 111111 11-1 511111 1111 1 '1111 11 1 1 1' 1' 1 , 11 1 1 111 11 1 11 1 gl . . 1 .1 1 1 ,A '11 1 ' 111 1 111 11 1 1 111 1. 111 1 1U 111111 1111 1 111 1 111Mw 1 1H11 N11 1 1 1 1 1 11 - 1 , -,111 11- 1 1111111 1 11 1 1 1 1' 11-,. I l 1 .1 6545111 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 11 11:11 1, 1 1 1, , ,Yu Y Y Y M77 M-Y, Avn, Lf, an A -,,,, .-,W -W , 1 1 ,11,'1 1M,11 f" 'H"11f '11' 111 11"1 KU ' j1 p11 a,1' ,11sz 1.5531 1- 15 '1 ,gn Hn g-,-N.- A,, YA YA, ,W-- ,1 M , ,, , , ,A ,. ,,,, .. .. -.- -W ,Y.--xL, M . V. , V 1 , 1211 ' '-XfV"1 11 1 1 F 1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 ,.,.,., A.-7, ,.,,. - LHAA-,--. -,.-.Z ,,-,.... ,- g:-f',.,f.- - , --V-:Q--,--4. ,AW ., - 1 -.- - --C S4 - -.4-if--H .2143-M11-1----2 ---,L-. - :1 I 1 1 1 111 ' .1 11 1 1.1. 11 1-.,f- .- Y 1 ,,, -W,xfA,, , ., -1 - - -Y . , --.1,., ,,-.A ,rg .V ,ff-Ja.,---- .tg 1- 1.f..-...H---A.-Yrilf-:-2.3,-:::,f .1 1--Yf-, 113 1 " -' 'K-1' T'w- " " "T 'W' "i"N"' "' ' 1 ' ' ' 1: ' " f , ,5 L-.' -Qi: Q" i ,, 7.,,1 L -4 Aj,-gfgf.Tj,:gj-g'ff 1 .1 T 1. f - ' 'Q - 1 ,241 1. X'-7-741151121 Z 1 1 A Y' W ' N 1--l v NUMBER ONE BARRACKS-DRILL FIELD AND PATTON HALL HE parr of cannon whrch grrrnly protects the quadrangle was purchased rn 1893 wrth pr1ze money won by the Corps rn a competxtrve dr1ll rn Norfolk just behmd the cannon IS Number One Barracks the focus of hfe on the quad rangle Under the flag are the guard room marl room and bookstore Lazy and amrable are the bull sessrons Wh1C11 take place on the stoop of Number One partrcularly durmg the sprmg quarter here too good natured jests Hy thrck as pals gather to watch guard mount rn mrd after noon The wrde expanse that 15 the drrll and recreatronal field over Whrch the regrment sloshes or struts accordrng to the weather occupres the center of the oval around Whrch the mstrtutron IS bu1ld1ng up Patton Engrneermg Hall contarnmg srx engrneermg departments the office of the dean of engrneerrng and the engrneerrng lrbrary Was named for the dlstmgurshed educator and pracucal engmeer who served Vrrgmra Tech untxl hrs death as the first Dean of Engrneerrng QQ' 1: gf ,gf , , X. 'Ki ., -Hx 2 X 4525: 13, Y 1 w , .r Q., , , f ' '. , U. xx X X H' v' ' '1' -A f 'A' t 'Ir if -k wk 'li' ml' if 1 ' y Y.M.C.A.-DAVIDSON HALL I I HE burldrng of the Young Men s Chrlstxan Assocratron socral and tecreatronal center just off the quadrangle IS the most frrendly campus refuge from the bustle of student lrfe Here members of the lower classes especrally re tue for rest and msprratron The Y was bu1lt Wrth mo'1ey rarsed almost entnely by a smgle cadet It was the second student Y M C A burldrng 111 the South and the laymg of the corner stone rn 1899 attracted a large attendance rncludmg Vllglnla s Governor Tyler Smce rt rs pr1mar1ly a stronghold of chemrstry fumes and odors from thousands of experr ments form the sharpest rmpressron and the chref memory of Davxdson Hall ultrmately to be the home of the chemrstry department alone but now temporarlly holdmg the geologxsts physrcxsts and metallurgrsts as well Innumerable skylrghted laboratorres of all srzes occupy the low rear portron of the hall the massrve front: contarns most of the ofhces and classrooms "T XXX l , f. e q y i at at n so o , , 1 W , V . ,- ..,. m...,,,.--X-,,..V Y, -,.1.q,. 2 ,ak ,A X 11 213313: X 11 11XX1 5Q :vii-c5311-Aggya 11 1X 11 s1fg 1 1 1 1 1 A., as-N X X 1 1 X 1 X X55 11 ' ' i' ' Uk ir 'ke 'k t its ir' ' ADMINISTRATION BUILDING--WAR MEMORIAL HALL THE Adm1n1strat1on Bu1ld1ng Sanctum of authonty was burlt to replace the Rock House whrch burned rn 1900 The older sectron ot the structure at least 15 among the earlrest stone archrtecture on the campus and helped 1ntro duce the natrve materral whrch rs berng used wrth such d1st1nct1ve effect today The athletrc center for Vrrglma Tech IS the massrve War Memonal Hall burlt by alumnr m 1926 and dedrcated to therr fellows who served durmg the tryrng tunes of 17 19 Its ent1re tone IS one of sturdy and rnvrncrble coniidence The gymnasmm however sees not only the frerce en counter of sports but also the garty of dances when the hghts are drmly playmg on multr colored decorat1ons and smllmg eyes grve the l1e to smooth Vnzgrnla lmes Memorral Hall also houses ofhces club rooms quarters for v1s1t1ng teams a swrmmmg pool and the Tech broadcastrng studro Behrncl Memorral Hall 1n a natural amphrtheatre overlookrng the blue range of Brush Mountam and beyond IS Mlles Stadrum 1 c' 1 of a c" 1' was 9 rr xx fi u asm-I fs U Q VL Z , 4- 4 nn 4. 4 .4 1, .yr i s ' "' ' ' '1 - --- 7 wi- -. 7.11am AGRICULTURAL HALL-LIBRARY x THE Agricultural Hall is plain and un- pretentious, yet it serves admirably to contain most of the departments of the School of Agricul- ture, as well as other miscellaneous divisions. In the future "Aggie Hall" will be the central unit of a large Agricultural Quadrangle, of which the Agricultural Extension Division annex and the Dairy Husbandry Building are the only other structures as yet built. In the immense, timber-beamed hall of the Main Library the student delves into the accumu- lated knowledge of the world with hushed respect, or retreats into a quiet nook to read and broaden his technically-satiated mind. Outside as Well as inside, the Library maintains its schol- arly chastity and dignity. At the front a picturesque tower looks out lover the wooded campus. The huge pointed Windows of theend facades at night are spearheads of white in the darkness. Originally the edifice was erected as the college chapel. 4, '31 ' -4 4 4 4 H- -1- 4 I.. 1 I ! v'1 1.-I . 351. 5.59 , r, ,lj f - ,X .I -J , , I H BOCK TW E CLASSES ,Q , . , 1: ' r W , W, N 1' f , , , Y, , MR. VVALKER R. YOUNG E-ngifneer in Charge of Construction at Boulder Dam ,XR ENGINEERINGQ ACHMIEVWEMENT lk, :Wk The Buildingxlugiof Boulder Dam ll 'ig -- .QL-55511 'bade' :fHj5.,gG5'g:q 1 v.r.,V'fll'f' if 33331 get ' -v,i'5lr'1i':i If -1 'V 4 .L xx U IT is fitting that the Bugle of Achievement should pay tribute to the members of the profession which has played such a vital part in the history of mankind. Since the dawn of Clmristianitypthe Engineer has been the pioneer of civilization, constantly advancing and striving to turn the forces of nature to the benefit of mankind. The greatest single Engineering Achievement of the century is the Boulder Dam project, now rapidly reaching completion months ahead of schedule. When completed, the dam will harness the turbulent Colorado River. Before work could be started on the clam itself, the river had to be diverted from its course through a tunnel driven through the wall of the gorge, an Engineering feat of major importance in itself. Work has gone rap- idly forward and the huge structure is rapidly taking shape. When completed, it will be the largest hydro- electric unit in the Southwest, and in addition will turn miles of desert wasteland into a fertile oasis. 5 Z ,Y , fb., ,Y Y , ,.- ..-..-,., V,, ,Y,, .g AALW '?"'S"""H:...z"'v' lr' ..,-,,.-- 1- gf V 2 2 Z 2 .cf E : 5- , ' M- 'I " , " M' .","af?'i!ii'f17 " TVN V .-- V ., 5 :W -: - , ,,g,'.. Y . --,..- .,.,..-.-.--..,....,--..-.--V-.7...,..--.-.v.......,,- ri.. ...,. .1.. 4..........., THE DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING ir ya zfxgb X , . lx 1 Ii- 7 j. f I , t Y gy' B 'wg -1 f ff , 1, gf " NLF 1 K1-'wp ' l4'THE BUGLE FCDR 1935 www? SCHQOL CE ENGINEERING X "' COLONEL E. B. Noiuus, Dem: of Ezzgizzeering r I T is in engineering that the star of Vir- ginia Tech shines particularly bright: For 5V. P. I. is known throughout the state and nation for the excellence of this branch on instruction. Witlu such a reputation, then, it is not difficult to understand why more than half of the total enrollment of the institution is en- compassed in the School of Engineering. The student may study engineering in one of ten specialized courses-architectural ceramic chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, metallurgical mining and mining geology-or in the curriculum of general engineering. For all engineering curricula the first year s work is practically the same, giving the young en- gineer a year in which to be sure of the particular branch he wishes to make his life's work, and then to specialize in that branch during his last three years. He may also go further and receive special engineering degrees or the M.S. degree for graduate work. In addition to resident instruction the School of Engineering has two other main divisions: The Engineering Experiment Station and the Engineering Extension Division. In connection with the latter four extension schools are maintained in the principal population points of first two years work later transferring to the main campus in Blacksburg to finish his studies The extension schools which are innovations of only a few years, have already sent many students on to the Blacksburg campus. A Bureau of Community Development and an Industrial Development Bureau are also maintained by the Extension Division. V P I men have made remarkable records in every engineering line. Many of them hold positions of great responsibility in the largest engineering firms of the nation-railroads, architectural and contracting firms electrical companies, consulting engineering establish- ments Others are building highways and bridges, operating public utilities, planning better machinery and bringing efficiency to hundreds of industrial plants. the state-Richmond, Norfolk, Lynchburg, and Bluefield-at which a student may take his ak ir -A' 'ir 'lr 'k ir ir it it 'k 'A' if wk NTHE BOOK CF ACH EVEMENT-k SCHOCDL OE ENGINEERING ' R. B. H. BEGG Profexmr of Civil E7Zgi7Z6E7'l7Zg J O. C. BURKHART P1'afeJ.r0r of Mining Ezzgizzeerirzg C. H. COWGILL Pr0fe.f.r01' of Arcloileelilml Engineering W. T. ELLIS Profeyfor of Power and Fuel Efzgifzeefing 1 L. V. R. HILLMAN Profeffor of Ag7'iLAlllf7II'dl E7Zgi7Z6L'1'j7Zg I. B. JONES P1'0feJ.f0r of Mecfyalzicezl Erzgizzeerirzg X . P. T. NORTON Pfofefmr' of I7ZdZlJ'If7'idl Evzgifzeerifzg S. R. PRITCHARD P7'0f6.f.f07' of Electrical Engifzeerizzg xo! M M M M M 0 f I it of M M M M . M if 0 W M M , .. e M C. E. SEITZ Engineer, Ag1'ic1zltz1ml Exlemiofz Divif J. W. WHITTEMORE ion ' A h Q N 0 - . M Profeuar of Ceramic Efzgineeriuzg - M . M V fffafffaffaff i SENIORS 4,4 -lil .A X X X N, U b f ..u' f1f"' !,1 - , F -' f. -. ,-s.- 4 - Y. . 1 5005 QF ACHlE1,E 6' MSM '5 PN . -.. ,..44w--- .g" ' - - 'Ir , ---'-- v- 7 "" "" 2' .... ' ,,,--wir--ff . is' . ,XI IW K . ! Y ' Y .... P ,EF .-,, A .w.Q- ,Ci v , , . --"'A"- Q,-ag.. if .X . . A ,,. ' P am41,1 4' s ' ' ' ' i R - .- .s . K' , , ' ' ,fly , ., 1 . i n Q- 1 Q., SH... .DWF U 1 3. . . ' s s a mm . s 1 m m 1 MmlHIIIUlUlIUW!UlllII lllllll DHIEE IIDIIHIIIIIIMII 1 'lf Y . , . .. M wg. rw- Y -R My v 5 1 It , 1 'W S 9 WV . ff EH A W!vl"5Gy4L fin, M-jr? Miss MARIANNE KIRKLAND, G. W. Wumss, P,-widen, Evanston, Illinois, S panmr .Senior Class Officers , - ,., ., :, I 5-'I AQ t H H 5 ' " Z ' " ' , ':' ' " F1 4 LSL' 'J EEL B. C. CAMPBELL J. P. TOKARZ J. A. LINDSEY H. W. HOWARD Vice-Prexidefzz Serretary T1-eamrer Sergeant-:zt-Arm: 58 A fff . i OF ACH, OOF A1 9 4,331 , FN 7. . l' JOHN HOWARD ABERNETIIY "Ducky" Lovingston, Virginia BIECI-IANICAL ENGINEEIIING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Piedmont Club. - SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Kg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Piedmont Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Kg American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong American Society of Mechanical Engi- neersg Royal Order of Skippers. l ' ' ll' ii L - r JOSEPH COOKRELL ADAMS ff-,060 Richmond, Virginia ELIBCTILICAIJ ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Duke Uni11e1'Jityg Keysg Sigma Pi Sigma. SOPHoMo1Us-Duke Univerrityg Keysg Glee Clubg Sigma Pi Sigma. JUNIOR-Private, Bandg Short Wave Clubg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Rich- mond Club. SENIOR-Private, Bandg .Intramural Bowlingg Short Wave Clubg American Institute of Elec- trical Engineersg Richmond Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. iff A ir nk A A A 39 OF' ACH, c-05 EVE A1 6 if 'QQ' 64' yi wittitj W ' . i :af '-" ll E. COLEMAN DUP. ADDINGTON l HC' DI!! Bristol, Vi1'gi1'1i:L MINING GEOIiOGY Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Ag Lonesome Pine Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Ag Mineral Clubg Southwest Virginia Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Ag Mineral Clubg Southwest Virginia Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Ag Vice-Presb dent, Mineral Clubg Southwest Virginia Clubg Tau Beta Pi. CLYDE CLAIRKE ADKINS "Lefty" Clmtllain, Vrl1'gll1lil. AGE1oUL1'U1zAL ECONOBIICS Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Footballg Sem- inole Clubg Agricultural Clubg 4-H Alumni Club. W SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Og Seminole Clubg Agricultural Clubg 4-I-I Alumni Club. JUNISJR-Private, Battery Og Seminole Clubg Agricultural Clubg 4-H Alumni Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Seminole Clubg Agricultural Clubg President, 4-1-I Alumni Clubg Intramural Foot- ball, and Base-ballg Royal Order of Skippers. if V ar is af x it 40 - Xxx XX XXX!!! . or ACH, BUOY' EVE 4'5" . 4'2- 'Ve N'l.ELl ALEXANDER VASTINE ALI EN 881 Dufheld, V11 gnu L .ANIIVI XI IIUSBALDR1 I nfavztv If FRESI-IMAN Prrvate Company A A.gI'lCUllflll'1l Club Lonesome Pme Club Anrmal Husbmdly Students Club SOPI-IOMORF Corpoml Company A Agrrcul tural Club Ammal Husbandry Students Club JUNIOR I'1rst Serge mt Compwny A Agrxcul tural Club Anxmal Husbandry Club Intrfunuml Football Alpha Zetx SENIOR Captain Comp1ny A Agrxcultuml Club l1'ltf'1ll1L1ldl Football Alpha Zetq will N o WILLIAM BOYLE ALLEN P1 ospect, V11 glllld. IXGRICUI EURAI Econ OlXIICrs I nfmm 21 FRESHMAN Puvate Company D Bomng Wrestllng Fmck Intmmural Bqsketball Agn culturfzl Club Mlcl Vugmm Club SOPHOMORE Puvite Company D Intramuml Basketball Bowlmg and Baseball Agnculturml Club M1dV1rgInIa Club JUNIOR Sergeant Compdny D Intramuml B'1sketb1ll Bowlmg and Bfrseball Agricultural Club Mld Vlrgmxa Club SENIOR Lleutenant Heflclquarters Company FIFSY Battalxon Intramural Basketball Bowllng 'Incl B'1seb1ll SCOYPIOH Club Agucultulal Club M1dVxrg1nu1 Club Royal Order of Skxppers l -A' ir t 'A' 'X . I r , ,A E x I ' . J ' ' A I : ', A I 'l L11 . 2,2 V I. Vv X f , W . I Q - E :Q A V H ' -I "JV" ilim 'ww' Er I . I ' ' g: I 1 L!! . 'r 1- - I ' 1 l ,f' . Lhfw -- 1 ,K ' .Q , Y .LLQLL - I A 1 ' ' Q: -, 4 J xf' HA 'elf ffBiZlylf , . . '. ' .2 , .I . ' . , .A , L T v r -1 I I - 1 II T , s v, . , . , , . , 1 Q '- , 1 Q L 1 ' 1 Y 1' S ' 2 S 2 L ' Q C Q f ' G Q ' , . . . . . . 5 - ' I . ,-' 'r , Q " i ' Q , 1 . Q - s , Q f . I Q . . A 3 . 1 4 I Y i I ' 3 S 1 ' 1 ' 1 C Q ' 'K g 2. . 2 , , . g . . 1 , 4 Z 4 ' ' Z I A -. 4 , Q 1 . ,C , 1 . ' ' S ' I a f L 3 3 S A ' S " 1 ' . 'V , l . -, ,. , I ' yi Z , f 4, oo, OF AcH,EVE A1 6 in 6 49' N7- GERALD EDWARD ANDERSON ffA77dy!J South Norfolk, Virginia BIECI-IANICAL ENGINEEIRING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN - N orfolla Exlenriong Basketballg Track. SOPHOMORE1N07'f0lk Exlenrion. JUNIOR-Private, Company Eg Intramural Cross-country, Bowling, Basketball, and Free- throwg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tecla Engi- neer. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Intramural Cross-country, Bowl- ing, and Basketballg Editorial Staff, The Virginia . ,,.. ,, igkmir rgniiq-.lmgl-1' . ' , NORMAN RANDOLPH ARCIIER "Slick" Richmond, Virginia ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company D3 Intramural Bowling 3 Architectural Clubg Newman Clubg Richmond Club. SOPHOMORE-COIPOIZI, Company D3 Intramu- ral Bowlingg Architectural Clubg Newman Clubg Richmond Club. ' A JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Dg Intramural Bowlingg Richmond Architectural Clubg Newman Clubg Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company DQ Intramural Tech Engineer-g Norfolk Club g American Society Bowlingg Architectural Clubg Newman Clubg of Mechanical Engineersg Royal Order of Skip- Richmond Club. V persg Tau Beta Pi. 42 - ..,.l1-l--- 438' GQOK , EVE 3:- MGM ' CLINTON WILEY BABEII ' "Red" Richmond, Virginia I'IQNORS CURRICULUJNI IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Chemical IfVa1'fa1'e S erviee FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Cross-coun- tryg Intramural Basketball. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Eg Intramu- ral Football, Baseball, and Basketballg Business Staff, The Virginia Terb Engifzeerg Chemical Clubg Richmond Club. . JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Eg Intramural Basketballg Business Staff, The Virginia Tech Engineerg Chemical Clubg Richmond Clubg Phi Lambda Upsilong Pi Delta Epsilon. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Headquarters Company, Second Battaliong Intramural Basketballg Senior Manager, Intramural Sportsg Business Manager, The Virginia Terk Engineerg Chemical Clubg Richmond Clubg Phi Lambda Upsilong Pi Delta Epsilong Tau Beta Pig O. D. K. ,rw N1 IIQLHNIII I : ie E PAUL IJELAND BAILEY "Peter" Roanoke, Virginia ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engiozeers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Roanoke Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Hg Roanoke Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Hg Roanoke Club. SENIOR-Privateg Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Short Wave Clubg American In- stitute of Electrical Engineersg Roanoke Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. if y if I 1 p af 43 ' K OF ACH I fa 500 EVEMG 40 Ny. WOODROW WILSON BAILEY "PaZ00kzz" Bluefield, West Virginia BIOLOGY I infavzftry FRESHMAN-Private, Company C3 Wrtestlingg Biology Clubg West Virginia Club. SOPI-IOMORE-Corporal, Company C5 Biology Clubg West Virginia Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Cg Intramural Footballg Biology Clubg West Virginia Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Cg Biology as . LEO BASS 'leaf' Portsmoutli, Virginia BUSINESS JADIVIINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery N g Intramural Basketball, and Baseballg Portsmouth Club. SOPHOMORE-C0l'P0l'21l, Battery Ng Intramural Basketball, and Baseballg Business Clubg Ports- mouth Club. ' JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Ng Intramural Bas- ketball, and Baseballg Business Clubg Lord Read- ing Clubg Portsmouth Club. ffffflf NXNxxxX Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Dattaliong Intramural Basketball, and Baseballg Business Clubg Lord Reading Clubg Portsmouth Clubg Business Staff, BUGLEQ Royal Order of Skippers. l I 5293- 'K if if O 'K 44 oo VSA, 43,6 EN? X JOHN WYTIIE BA1 ES J It rw R1ClllHOl1d, V11 rrlnla Coast A1 tzllcl if C01 pf: INPIISI-IMAN Puvfrte B'1tteryI Fo tlnll Rrch mand Club Intramural Basketball ml Football SOPHOMORE Puvate Battery I Intr'1mur'1l CIOSS country Basketball Football and Tenn s Rxcl mond Club Varsity Track JUNIOR Sergeant Battery I Intramural Swrm mmg Basketball Football and Tennrs Manager Svwmmrng Team V P I Lrfe Savmg Corps fmerrcan Institute of Electrxcal Fngmeers Rrch mond Club SENIOR C'1pt'un Headquarters B1ttery Tlmd Battctlron Captfun Swrmmrng Team Frrst Mate V P I Lrfe Savmg Corps V1cePres1dent Rrch mond Club Amencftn Instltute of Electrrcal En gmeers Admxral Royal Order of Skrppers Execu uve Comm ttee Tau Beta P1 at I jr PAUL REX BEACH Pa cl Wa1, VVest V11 glllld, I fn fam ff 11 FRESHMPN Puvate Company C Football Baseball Intramural Tennis and Basketball Brology ClLb West Vugrnra Club SOP!-IOMOIIE Puvate Company C Intramural Tennrs and Basketball Bxology Club West Vrr 5 nm Club JUNIOR Sergeant Complny C Intmmuml Tenms and Basketball B1ology Club Vfest Vrr g nm Club SENIOR Prxvate Headquarters Company Ftrst Battalron Intramural Tennrs and B1sketb1ll Brology Club West V1rg1nIa Club Scorpxon Club Royal Order of Skrppers In I I I I . I I 5,5 1? M Il N wgeiu Hsfiiuw I I 1 I I It I " ' V l ' ' ' ' lllljllwl-Il'L'Bl '1w, ,,I l I" lu ull vw , in ' 'I "'lIl1v"lI l ll rl' ' 1 I , . ' Nj' ki! ' l . - U P gy I ' 'D - , N 1 I EIIECTIRICAL ENGINEERING BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE 'L g t ' , I : . . , 5 C . 7 ' , ' V, K - 'k - W I i X 45 OO 'EVE A1 3 4,59 . 54, 75 GEORGE VANDERSLICE BEAMON "Buck" Suffolk, Virginia NIECI-IANICAL ENGINEEIIING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery I , Football, Bas- ketball, Intramural Football, Basketball, and Baseball, Secretary, Freshman Class, German Club, Peanut Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery I, Football, Intramural Football, and Basketball, German Club, Peanut Club. JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Battery I, Football, Intramural Football, German Club, Peanut Club, Tau Beta Pi. SENIOR-Major, Third Battalion Staff, First Vice-President, Corps of Cadets, Executive Com- mittee, Sub-Executive Committee, Social Activi- ties Committee, Peanut Club, President, German Club, Tau Beta Pi, O. D. K. if H? GUY TI-IOMAS BECKETT A "G Teedleu Logan, West Virginia Q BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company H, Cross-coun- try, Intramural Track, West Virginia Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company H, Intramural Track, and Basketball, West Virginia Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company H, Intramural Bas- ketball, West Virginia Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battalion, Track, Basketball, Intramural Track, and Basketball, West Virginia Club, Royal Order of Skippers. ir , im y it I y y ic V A P X or ACH, OW EV Q, so EMG 4+ 41, Bti.. LOCIILIN SAVAGE BELL Lock Loursvrlle, Kentucky EI ECIRICAL ENGIN1 ERING Coast A1 trllery Corps FRESHMAN Prrvate Battery K Cross country Track Intramural Cross country Order of De Molay Engrneerrng Councrl SoPHoMo1us Prrvate Battery K Varsrty Track Intramural Cross country Monogram Club Order of DeMolay Amerrcan Instrtute of Electrrcal Engrneers Dramatrc Club JUNIOR Prrvfrte Battery K Varsrty Track Monogram Club Order of DeMolay Kentucky Club Secretary Amerrcan Instrtute of Illectrrcal Engrneers Engrneerrng Councrl Tau Beta PI O D K SENIOR Lreutenant Headquarters Battery Thrrd Battalron Captarrx Varsrty Track Mono gram Club Order of DeMolay Kentucky Club Charrman Amerrcan Instrtute of Flectrrcal Engr neers, Charrman, Frrgrneerrng Councrl, Royal Order of Skrppers, Recordrng Secretary, Tau Beta Pr, Phr Kappa Phr, O D K ,NEAR JoHN FRANCIS BLNSON J R 616' Portsmouth V11 grnra CHLMICAL ENGINL1 RING Chemzcal 117617 fm e Ser mee FRESHMAN Prrvate Company C Portsmouth C ub S0111-IOMORE Prrvate Company C Chemrcal Club Portsmouth Club JUNIOR Sergeant Company C Chemrcal Club Portsmouth Club SENIOR Lreutenant Headquarters Company Frrst Battalron Chemrcal Club Portsmouth Club Royal Order of Skrppers l.i..-il- fffffff NxxxxXX .l.ll1 : I if if ir at if Q 47 or Acf., EM 6 Q, 4+ 'SN ,, I' will . .c J 'I 455' ,:a.L,Ii-!,: ,, ,-g. - ' ljji, 541, ALI3ER1"NCJRMAN BODINE MICIIAEL JOSEPI-1 BOGESE "Racer" "L0w" Bowling' Green, Virginia Hopewell, Virginia NIEQHANICAI. ENGINEERING CI-IEIVUCAI, ENGINERIIING Infcmtryf Corps of EWfgi7LC67'S FILES!-IMAN-Private, Company Bg Rappahan- nock Valley Club. SOPHOMORE1COIPOlC2ll, Campany Bg Business Staff, V. P. I. Sfeipperg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Rappahannock Valley Club. JUNIOR-Supply Sergeant, Company B, Junior Manager, Baseballg Advertising Manager, V. P. I . Skipper, Secretary-Treasurer, American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Rappahannock Valley Clubg Pi Delta Epsilon. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Bg Business Staff, The Virgifziu Terbg Business Staff, Tbe Vir- ginia Tech Ezzgizzeerg President, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Rappahannock Valley Clubg Pi Delta Epsilong O. D. K. Fuss:-IMAN-Private, Company G3 Football Track 3 Wrestlingg Intramural Football, Track Wfrestling, and Cross-country, Newman Club Chemical Club, Petersburg Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company G g Football Trackg Wrestlingg Intramural Football, Track Wlrestling, and Cross-countryg Newman Club Chemical Clubg Petersburg Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company G, Wrestling Intramural Track, NVrestling, and Cross-country Newman Club, Chemical Clubg Petersburg Club SENIOR--Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Intramural Cross-countryg New man Clubg Chemical 'Clubg Petersburg Club Royal Order of Skippers. 'A' im p H X it I- Ji' 48 B 49" 4, Mem, JAMES JOSEPH BOOTH fzmmze Portsmouth, V1rg1n1a INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Coast Artzlleoy Corps FRESI-IMAN Prwate Battery M Intramuml Footb'Ill Portsmouth Club SOPHOMORII Prxvate Battery M Intramural Football Portsmouth Club JUNIOR Fxrst Sergeant B'1ttery M Cot1ll1On Club V1cePIes1dent Portsmouth Club SENIOR Captarn Battery M Cot1l11on Club Portsmouth Club Vxce Presndent Bachelor Club .gh Eff HENRY EDWARD BOSTON Beam R1Cl1111ODd, V11 guna NIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Infantry FRESHMAN Prlvate Company D SOPHOMORE Prlvate Compmy D JUNIOR Pnvate Company D SENIOR Prrvate Headquarters Company Flrst Battalron Roy al Order of Skxppers 'A' 'A' t 49 if A A Y , Y , - YB- I 'r - 3 'C ' I 'f ,G :V i ' Y I 51 '- V 'H , Mgfigfix x- HI Wu ' W ll wx W1 W ml I V5 .4 555 I . V A Q ,- - - -Af f . gg 1 . . I , QQ, ' ,f ei I I 31 - - , ,L S' A , , ' F185 I-757573 ETX! -3' : ' " s I I' .I I - 1- 'II 'eegeiiafe 2203" f , A W I ' wt I ff ' ' J: rr JJ . . . . . . . . 4 Q 4 4 1 . A - , 9 '- - 1 ' . g . . - ' , r ' '- 1 Z - " , . g . . . I 7 - , 1 S V ' Q ' ' . Q " I a - T J l ' Z ' , - OF ACH, cola A1 9 '88, Gwr Q24 I v W I --.l.r?.. WILLIAM HENRY BOWEN, J R. CIBMZJJ Richmond, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps PRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Trackg Co- tillion Clubg Richmond Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Kg Trackg In- tramural Track, and Footballg Business Clubg Club. JUNIOR-SE1'gC2ill1t, Battery Kg Intramural Foot- ball, and Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Kg Intramural Baseballg Business Club 3 Richmond Club. Richmond Baseballg Business -Clubg Richmond I gp l I I x I i Emeilglbla gli RODEEICK JENKINS BRITTON "leaks" Richmond, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Business Clubg Cotillion Clubg Richmond Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Kg Business Staff, Bucrsg Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Business Clubg Varsity Boxingg Cotillion Club g Richmond Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Kg Assistant Manager, Boxingg Business Staff, BUGI.Eg Business Cluhg Cotillion Clubg Richmond Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Business Staff, BUG1.Eg Business Clubg Cotillion Clubg Richmond Clubg Royal Order of Skippers, ar . ir W y I y ir if 50 QOK , EVE Q, e 4?- ,Mawr ROBERI LEWIS BROOKS JR Peter Bowlmg G1 een, V11 g1I113. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Coast Avtzllery Corps FRESHMAN Prrvate Battery L Rappahannock Valley Club SOPI-IOMORE Corporal Battery L Intramural Basketball Rappahannock Valley Club JUNIOR Frrst Sergeant Battery L Intramural Basketball Cotrllron Club Bachelor Club Or der of DeMolay Rappahannock Valley Club SENIOR Captarn Battery L Cotrllron Club Presrdent Bachelor Club Order of DeMol'1y Presxdent Rappahannock Valley Club RICHARD ELBERT BROWN Dzck Staunton, Vngmla AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING Coast Artzllery Corps FRESHMAN Prrvate Band SOPI-IOMORE Corporal B and Intramural Wres tlmg Amerrcan Socrety of Agrrcultural En gmeers JUNIOR Sergeant Band Intramural Wres tlxng Amerrcan Socrety of Agrrcultural Engl neers Scorpron Club SENIOR Lreutenant Band Vrce Presrdent Amerrcan SOC16ty of Agrrcultural Engrneers Scor pron Club if as 1, g it it 90 V547 469 ' 6 'Va- HARMON CLETUS BROYLES, JR Clem" West GI aham, V11 g11113, CIVIL ENGINEERING FRESHMAN Pr1vate Company E Baseball In tramural Athletrcs Ameucan Socrety of Crvrl En gxneers SOPHOMOEE Corporal Company E Wres thng Baseball Intramural Football Wrestlxng Boxmg Baseball and Track Busrness Staff The Vlfglnld Tech Engmeer Arnerxcan Soc1ety of ClV1l Engmeers JUNIOR Supply Sergeant Company E Wres tlrng Baseball All Year Intramural Champlon Buslness Staff The Vzrgmm Terb Engmeer Southwest V1rgIn1a Club Monogram Club En grneerxng Councll Secretary Treasurer Amerrcan Socxety of Crvxl Englneers SENIOR Lleutenant Company E Captaln Wresdlng Baseball Intramural Athletrcs Asso crate Busrness Manager The Vngnzm Tech Engl neer Presrdent Amerrcan Soclety of Clvrl Engl neers Southwest Vlrgrma Club Monogram Club Engmeelmg Councll O D K , .ui f YS' ff 452-aff X mu.. EEE' WILLIAM G BUCHANAN J R Buck Glade Spllngs, Vllglnla INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING FRESHMAN Prrvate Company D Basketball Baseball Intramural Basketball Roanoke Club Socrety of Industrlal Engrneers SOPHOMORE Corporal Company D Intra mural Basketball Roanoke Club SocIety of In dustrxal Engmeers JUNIOR Prxvate Company D Tenms Intra mural Basketball Southwest Vrrgrma Clu Monogram Club Soclety of Industrlal Engmeers SENIOR Prwate Headquarters Company Fxrst Battallon Tennrs Southwest Vlfglhla Club Roy al Order of Skrppers Monogram Club Socrety of Industrlal Engrneers It i' t it I 1 K F W ww ::,:: N 'I W i r 'II I III Q2 It L I T I .I 'II' I IrIi.IL,, Ia ' - J - l rr A rr u Corps of Engineers Coast Artillery Corps "' a Z ' 1 : I " s 4 , ' , I 5 ' - ' ' ' , c 3 . . . . . . 9 ' 5 . ' ' s ls ' Z . -. . S I u . 52 I 1 l 6 4?- OF ACH, OYN Ev e O E"'e,,, f f T? H . 'Lwsv",.. V a- if N , m'f:4':er,,bJ ,CHARLES JOSEPH BURKE "Scrum" Cun1be1'la11d, IVla1'yland BUSINESS IAQDMINISTRATION Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Band, Baseballg Intra- mural Bowling, Baseball, Basketball, and Foot- ballg Business Staff, The Virginia Teclag Busi- ness Staff, V. P. I, Skipper, Newman Clubg Northern States Club. SOP1-IOMORE-Private, Band, Intramural Bowl- ing, Baseball, Basketball, and Football, Business Staff, The Virginia Tcrhg Business Staff, V. P. I. Skipper, The Virginia Techmeng Newman Clubg Northern States Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Band, Business Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Intramural Bowling, Baseball, Basket- ball, and Football, Newman .Clubg Northern States Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Bandg Intramural Bowl- ing, Baseball, Basketball, and Footballg Business Staff, The Virginia Terb Engineer, Newman Clubg Northern States Club. PETTIGREW WRIGHT BURKS "lVi!!ie" Big Island, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Infantry FRESHMAN--Private, Company Dg Episcopal Club. SOPHOMOIIE-PflVRf6, Company D, Business Club. , JUNIOR-Private, Company D g Intramural Base- ball, Business Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battalion, Intramural Baseball 3 Business Club, Royal Order of Skippers. -A' ir at if p -pg 53 11- we 000 'EVA' M em, YLQJSY I A . ,', E. w H if GRANVILLE WALTER BUSSEY JAMES LAWRENCE CALHOUN "Punch Drunk" ffcdff Roanoke, Virginia MINING GEOLOGY Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Ag Boxing Footballg Intramural Boxingg Roanoke Club. SoPHoIvIoaE-Corporal, Company Ag Boxing Mining Clubg Roanoke Clubg Monogram Club. tain, Boxingg Cotillion Clubg Roanoke Club Bachelor Clubg Mining Clubg Monogram Club SENIOR'-LiCHtSDRHt, Company Ag Boxingg Co tillion Clubg Bachelor Club 5 Vice-President, Monogram Clubg President, Athletic Association. 1 JUNIOR-Supply Sergeant, Company Ag Cap- Elk Creek, Virginia AGRICUIITURAL ENGINEERING Infantry FRESHMA-N-Private, Company Bg Business Staff, The Virginia Techg American Society of Agricultural Engineers. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Bg Business Staff, The Virginia Techg American Society of Agricultural Engineers. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Bg American So- ciety of Agricultural Engineers. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong American Society of Agricultural En- gineersg Southwest Virginia Clubg Royal Order of Skippersg Alpha Zeta. 'k A 'k X if f ' 54 in E Q .BOO VSW- fvb 4'2- BOYD CLEVELAND CAMPBELL "Toon" Wzty1IesboI'o, Virginia HoE'I'IcUL'I'UEE Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company C, Intramural Basketball, and Baseball, Agricultural Clubg Agri- cultural Education Clubg Executive Committee. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company C, Boxingg Intramural Basketball, Boxing, Football, and Base- ballg Agricultural Clubg Executive Committee. JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Company Cg Intra- mural Basketballg Agricultural Club, Shenandoah Valley Club g Executive Committeeg Secretary, Corps of Cadetsg Vice-President, junior Classg O. D. K. SENIOR-Captain, Company Cg Intramural Bas- ketballg Scorpion Club, Agricultural Clubg Shen- andoah Valley Clubg Vice-President, Senior Classy Executive Committeeg O. D. K. ll J OHN LANE CAMPBELL HSOZIPEJJ I-Iampton, Virginia MINING ENGINEERING Corps of E'ngifnee1's FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Intramural Basketball, Bowling, and Boxingg Hampton Roads Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company H, Intra- mural Basketball, and Bowlingg Mineral Clubg Hampton Roads Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company H 5 Intramural Basketballg Editorial Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Hampton Roads Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant and Adjutant, Second Bat- talion Staifg Intramural Basketball, Mineral Clubg Scorpion Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Hampton Roads Club. 'A' i i' 'k A OF ACH COW ,EV EM 6 2 S ,QCX Af, ,- -4-SI J X WILLIAM FRANCIS CANTIERI ff-Bill!! Lynchburg, Virginia Q DIECI-IANICAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Lynchburg College. SOPHOMORE-Lynchburg College. JUNIOR-Private, Company Hg Lynchburg Clubg Rifle Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Lynchburg Clubg Rifle Clubg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Royal Order of Skippers. iff, Q' .4 A HARRY PHILLIP CAVENDISH "Pzl.r5'J Hot Springs, Virginia BUSINESS ADIVIINISTRATION Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Business Staff, The Virginia Terhg Alleghany Mountain Club. SOPHOMOIIE-Private, Company Hg Business Staff, The Virgifzirz Techg Alleghany Mountain Club. ' JUNIOR-Private, Company H g Business Staff, The Virginia Techg Alleghany Mountain Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Batmliong Business Staff, The Virginia Tefhg Royal' Order of Skippers. 56 l if g A g x A 1 XX ff iii.-ii A o AIS' GOV, OF ACHIEVE A1 ew, WILLIAM CARTER CIIILDRESS ffcafzzyff Richmond, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Foothallg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Richmond Club. SOPHOMORE-C01'POfHl, Company H g Rich- mond Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Hg Intramural Basketballg Richmond Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company G3 Intramural Basketball, and Tennisg Scorpion Clubg Richmond Club. JoI-IN SCOTT CHOWNING "Gr0wley" Corning, New York CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Chemical W'arfare Service FRESHMAN-Private, Company Fg Footballg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Chemical Clubg North- ern States Club. SOPHOMORE-COI'PCIill, Company Fg Intramu- ral Sportsg Chemical Clubg Secretary-Treasurer Northern States Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company F4 Chemical Clubg Vice-President, Northern States Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Fg Chemical Clubg Northern States Clubg Phi Lambda Upsilon. x pf xr' 1: if 57 s K OF ACH, 50 0 E VSA, 498' I GN, if 5 JOHN BAKEIKCLARK l crBuddy:1 ' Milford, Virginia BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE I nfafn,t1'y FRESHMAN-Private, Company Bg Basketballg Rifle Teamg Intramural Cross-country, Track, Bas- ketball, Baseball, and Footballg Biology Club, Rappahannock Valley Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Bg Intra- mural Cross-country, Track, Basketball, Baseball, and Footballg Editorial Staff, V. P. I. Sleipperg Business Staff, Y. M. C. A. Handbook-3 Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Order of DeMolayg Biology Clubg Rappahannock Valley Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Bg junior Mana- ger, Basketballg Editorial Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Business Staff, Y. M. C. A. Handbookg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Biology Clubg Rappahannock Valley Club, Order of DeMolayg O. D. K. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company B, Manager, Basketballg Business Manager, Y. M. C. A. Hand- bookg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Order of DeMolayg Biology Clubg Monogram Clubg Rappahannock Valley Clubg Treasurer, O. D. K. l 1 l l I JAMES NIURRAY CLELAND "Tiny" L5'11Cl1bL11'g, Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Secretary, Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Lynchburg Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Kg Golfg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg German Clubg Lynchburg Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Kg Golf g Y. M. C. A Cabinetg German Clubg Secretary, Lynchburg Clubg Society of Industrial Engineersg Tau Beta Pi. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Royal Order of Skippersg Golf g Ger- man Clubg Lynchburg Clubg Society of Industrial Engineersg Tau Beta Pi. 3253-if 58 or ACH, 6005 E VE 'Nl' 'VI- 'We if is' ,, . ,! , . M ae: ,ng HERISERT LEE CCBBS "Herbie" Wi1'tZ, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEEILING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery M. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery M. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Mg Chemical Club. SENIOR--Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Chemical Clubg Royal Order of Skip- pers. JAMES HENRY COPENHAVER ffjfm Selly" Rural Retreat, Virginia AGIIICULTURAL EDUCATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Mg Footballg In- tramural Basketballg Agricultural Education Club. SoPHoMoRE-Corporal, Battery Mg Footballg Intramural Basketballg Monogram Clubg Agricul- tural Education Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Mg Footballg Wres- tlingg Intramural Basketballg Monogram Agricultural Education Club. Clubg -1 fffffff xxxxXXX ,. l.l -1-n SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Footballg Wrestlingg Scorpion Clubg Monogram Clubg Agricultural Education ,Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. f T 3 Y P P P 'k' K 'X X 59 QK OF ACH! E v Bo E117 433' GN, LUTHER MILLLR COPLNHAVER C0 e East Rfmdfold, V11 g1111't INDUSLRIAI ENGIYB FRING Coast Avtzllemf C01 ps FRESHMAN Private Battery L Southwest Vir ginia Club SOPHOMORE Prrvate Battery L Southwest Virgmra Club JUNIOR Private Battery L Southwest Vrr ginia Club. SENIOR--Private Headquarters Battery Third Battalion' Southwest Virginia Club' Royal Order of Skippers. ROBERT L CORBELL JR Cootze Poltsmouth, V11g1n1a BIOLOGICAL SCIJJNCL Coast A1tzlle1 21 C01 ps FRESHMAN Private Battery K Order of De Molay Intramural Cross country Biology Club Portsmouth Club SOPHOMORE Corporal Battery K Order of DeMolay Cotillion Club Biology Club Ports mouth Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant Battery K' Bachelor Club' Cotillion Club' Order of DeMolay' Biology Club' Portsmouth Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant Headquarters Battery Third Battalion' Bachelor Club' Cotillion Club' Order of DeMolay' Biology Club' Portsmouth Club. as if x ir at 60 Q: We K or ACH 'Sw 75 NR 'FEA I I 'I .I c e MURRAY KEEDICK COULTER V "Aran-ayff U Roanoke, Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Infafzztvqy FRESHMAN-Private, Company Ag Roanoke Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Ag Roanoke Club. JUNIOR-Private, .Company C3 Roanoke Clubg Society of Industrial Engineers. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Roanoke Clubg Society of Industrial Engineersg Royal Order of Skippers. WILLIAM SEDDON COX, JR. FFPHJJII Shacklefords, Virginia BCIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Corps of E11,gi'n,ee1's FRESHMAN-Private, Company Gg Football Rappahannock Valley Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Gg Intra- mural Basketballg Rappahannock Valley Club. JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Company Gg Intra mural Basketballg Rappahannock Valley Club. SENIOR-Captain, Company Gg President, Scor- pion Clubg Rappahannock Valley Club. i..,.l.i.1l- fffffff XXxXXXX 5 ak ir nk 1: if 61 600 , EVE 'Nl' '11 swf ALEXANDER DUMAS DESHAZO "Slmnkie" Roanoke, Virginia BUSINESS IXDIXIINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Lg Baseballg Trackg Intramural Footballg Roanoke Club. SoPHoMoRE-Private, Battery Lg Varsity Base-h ballg Intramural Footballg Roanoke Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Lg Varsity Baseballg Intramural Football, Volley Ball, and Basketballg Roanoke Clubg Business Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Intramural Football, and Basketballg Business Club g Varsity Baseballg Royal Order of Skippersg President, Roanoke Club. at rf"-'r5Hi:'Cii"i F ELIX FRANZ DOERING, JR. "Flick" Roanoke, Virginia HONORS CURRICUIIUM IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Business Staff, The Virginia Tech Engineerg Intramural Boxing, and Bowling. SoPHoMoRE-Corporal, Company Hg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Teclag Business Staff, The Vir- ginia Tech Erzgineerg Intramural Bowling. JUNIOR-S67'g6ll7Zf, Company Hg Editorial Staff, Tlae Virginia Terbg Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Editorial Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Chemical Clubg Roanoke Clubg Pi Delta Epsilong Phi Lambda Upsilong O. D. K. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Eg Editor, BUGLEQ Editorial Board, The Virginia Techg Sec- retary-Treasurer, Student Publications Boardg Chemical Clubg Intramural Bowlingg Roanoke Clubg Pi Delta Epsilong Phi Lambda Upsilong Tau Beta Pig O. D. K. if Jigga 1: 1: as at 62 ' . OO VE Q af, 'Ve Que JOHN PARP. DREAN THOMAS WA1K1Ns DRLWRY john P411 Speedy F01 est V11g'1D13. Rmhmond, V 11 gmm Buswnss ADM1N1sr1cA110N NILCI-IANICAI ENGINLEIQING I'lLf'Cl'I7ftl 11 Coast Avtzller 11 C01 ps FRESHMAN Pr1v'1te Batte1yI Football R1ch mond Club SOPHOMORE Pnvate Battery I Eclxtoual CMH: The Vzrgmm Terh Eugzneer Rlchmond Club Amerxcan Society of Mechamcal Engmeers JUNIOR Pr1v'1te Battery I Edxtorml Staff The Vngnmz Tech Ellglileel R1chmond Club AIDEIICQH Soclety of Mechamcal EI'1g1f16E1S SENIOR Prlvate Hmdquarters Battery Thxrd Bfmttahon Assocxate Edxtor The Vzrgnzm Tech Engineer Amencan Socxety of Mechanical Engx neers Royal Ordel of Skxppers Rzchmond Club -.DLC lqlq 1 ,JS mm ,H HHN 12, l H ' mm , ' H Q.. ww' Q- - ' W 1 ,, V H ,fi . j M 1' , . 1 liege: ,,'1,,1M,,ff-5-' gg . 4 , . 1 , - 4- ' A N 531: V ' r f Qi :ff - x 1 H ' Y re If . r , 2 1 . . ., . T 4 2 Q s S ' , s 1 I s 1 , 3 , . ' 1 4 s . , .S 3 4 I 1 ' T s ' 2 1 Z , , - 2 V 3 ' y t at Q' '11 are e OO, 'OF ACHIEVE 4'7- gr .1 F'-2 afsgaaamr I , -5 rfwgigr, ' ,, 'i M A I 1" . Riff? 1 , WILLIAM P. DUNBRACK "Parchall" Covington, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Mg Footballg Baseballg Chemical Clubg Intramural Bowling, and Basketball. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Og Varsity Footballg Varsity Baseballg Intramural Bowling, Basketball, and Trackg Chemical Clubg Alleghany Mountain Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Og Varsity Base- ballg Intramural Football, Bowling, and Trackg Chemical Clubg Alleghany Mountain Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Varsity Baseballg Intramural Football, and Bowlingg Chemical Clubg Alleghany Moun- tain Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. 44 ,. l l law. HOMER BRYAN ELLER ffH' BIN East Radford, Virginia ANIMAL I-IUSBANDRY Q Coast Artillery Corps Fruisl-IMAN-Private, Battery Lg Baseballg Agricultural Club. SOPHOMORB-Corporal, Battery Lg Intramural Basketballg Agricultural Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant., Battery Lg Intramural Bas- ketballg Stock judging Teamg Agricultural Clubg Alpha Zeta. i SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Lg Stock judging Teamg Agricultural Clubg Chancellor, Alpha Zeta. ir y 'A' k y y it 64 or ACH, goof EVE 43' Nr 'Ve F J ULIAN DAVID ELLETT HI. D!! Pocahontas, Vi1'gi11i.a CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Coast A?'till67':lj Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Southwest Vir- ginia Clubg Chemical Club. S0111-IOMORE-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Tennisg Chemical Clubg Southwest Virginia Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Kg Intramural Ten- nisg Cotillion Clubg Chemical Clubg Southwest Virginia Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Cotillion Clubg Bachelor Clubg Chemi- cal Clubg Southwest Virginia Clubg Royal Order Illll RUSSELL C. ETHERIDGE, JR. "C0zzn!1f'y" Norfolk, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Mg Boxingg Busi- ness Clubg Norfolk Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Mg Business Clubg Norfolk Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Mg Intramural Box- ing, and Bowlingg Business Club g Norfolk Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Business Clubg Norfolk Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. ff!!f!f NXXXXXXX ,i.1 1l---ll of Skippers. L x x Q?Df?Ef 'A' if ir . if A 4 65 l rr K OF ACH, e 'boo EVEMG N 'Vs :Xi , :Q QL ' X WILLIAM E. EUBANK, JR. JAMES THOMAS EWELL, J R. Bill" "fimmie" Bluefield, West Virginia T N01-folk, Virginia ' MINING ENGINEERING BIECI-IANICAL ENGINEERING C0435 A"tiZl6"?! 007793 Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Bandg Footballg Intra- mural Basketballg West Virginia Club. SoPHoMo1iE-Corporal, Bandg Intramural Bas- ketballg West Virginia Clubg Cotillion Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company D5 Intramural Bas- ketballg Vice'President, West Virginia Clubg Co- tillion Clubg Bachelor Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Royal Order of Skippersg West Vir- ginia Clubg Intramural Basketballg Cotillion Clubg Bachelor Club. FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Football 5 In- tramural Bowling, and Volleyballg Norfolk Clubg Track. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Og Trackg In- tramural Basketball, Bowling, and Tennisg Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers g Norfolk Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Og Tennisg Intra- mural Basketball, Football, Track, Baseball,-and Volleyballg American Society of Mechanical En- gineersg Secretary, Presbyterian Christian En- deavorg Norfolk Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Tennisg Intramural Basketball and Footballg American Society of Mechanical En- gineersg President, Presbyterian Christian En- deavorg Norfolk Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. I 1 I l ff fffff x xxxXXX I I 'A' 'A' 'A' 66 . 'k 'k A 00 5,11 '3' ,Z SN WILLIAM MITCHELL EWING Bz Richmond, VII ginia. BUSINLSS A.DMINIsTR.A'I'IoN I nfcmtry FRESI-IMANLP1'lV'1fC Company C' Cotillion Club' Richmond Club. " SOPHOMORE-COIPOIHI Company C' Assist- ant Manager Track' Cotillion Club' Business Club' Richmond.Club. JUNIOR-Color Sergeant First Battalion staff ' junior Manager Track' Cotillion Club' Business Club' Richmond Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant and Adjutant First Bat- h talion Staff' ,Manager Track' Leader Cotillion Club' Bachelor Club' Monogmrn Club' Business Club' Richmond Club. it Roscon SHUMAN FAISON 177277712-' DC11d1OH, Vilginia ' INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING I I I fnfantv If FRESHMAN-Private Company C' Football' Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. SOPHOMORE-COIPOIQI Company C. JUNIOR-Sergeant Company C' Bachelor Club' Society of Industrial Engineers. SENIOR-Private Headquarters Company First Battalion' Bachelor Club' Society of Industrial Engineers' Royal Order of Skippers. Y vs QF ACHIEV 4 7' X ' V ,X bi.Q 1.4. na 55 a ai E I I I I I ' .U N ,'.VV .M lm . 3 . IIE .I li I . ... - I I I'i"'+++ , I I . . I. W..ili"'Vtg I V. e A,-AJ II'-"wig - E"1I1g11ig4'5f'l'jllgf-' 'H 'Hu Iiiv ' "H H' ""' l"."-"" 4.Qg'l'f ' ' . I ' .rr ' 'Un rrf' ' u 'k 'A' it 'A' i 67 oYN 'E 90 V547 we 64,25 v ' V' - .Qt-,,..ei -, Y ' . l -Q--A A 4:14, ROBERT WILTON FAUSEL ffBObU Louisville, Kentucky llfECHANICAL ENGINEEIZING Coast Artillery Corps FEESHMAN-University of Louiwilleg Sigma Chi Sigmag Cheer Leaderg Trackg Football. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Boxing, Track, and Cross-countryg Order of De- Molayg Dramatic Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Kg Varsity Boxirigg Intramural Boxingg Editorial Staff, V. P. I. Skip- perg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Order of DeMo1ayg Monogram Clubg Kentucky Clubg Cheer Leader. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong American Society of Mechanical Engi- neersg Order of DeMolayg Monogram Clubg Roy- al Order of Skippers. NEIL ALEXANDER FINE "Duke" Pulaski, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINIs'rEA'rIoN I'n,fcmt1'y FRESHMAN--College of lVillimlz and Merry. SOPHOMORE-Private, Bandg Southern Colo- nelsg Southwest Virginia Clubi JUNIOR-Private, Bandg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Teclag Southern Colonelsg Southwest Vir- ginia Club. SENIOR--Private, Baudg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tecfag Southwest Virginia Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. i at if at g f ir l is 493' Gow 'Ve 'Vr QV gag 'N , .le Z 4 r ' 4.91 fi- .' ' 'il'-3 " ' - 5, 1 ue.. PARKE P. FLOURNOY g "-' ' Q DONALD JOHN FLYNN "Pew ffKaz" I Baltimore, Maryland BLTSINESS ADMINISTRATION Corps of Engiozeers FRBSHMAN-Private, Company Fg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Techg Episcopal Clubg Dra- matic Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Fg Intramural Trackg Editorial Staff, The Virgi1zi:z'Tecbg Epis- copal Clubg Dramatic Clubg Business Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company F5 Intramural Trackg Dramatic Clubg Business Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Intramural Track, and Swimmingg Rifle Clubg Business Clubg Royal Order of Skip- pers. A Logan, VVest Virginia BUSINIJSS IXDMINISTRATION I 'nfcwz,tv'y FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Track Cross-countryg Intramural Track, and Cross countryg West Virginia Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Eg Intra- mural Trackg Business Clubg West Virginia Club JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Eg Third Mate V. P. I. Life Saving Corpsg Secretary-Treasurer West Virginia Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant and Supply Officer, Sec- ond Battalion Staifg First Mate, V. P. I. Life Sav- ing Corpsg West Virginia Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet. xxxx ' D,ff!! ?? lriil lv A t A t A V t is I 5 J 1 600 ' de emi ' I 'Q w I" if N "ffl ,',fyN 2:ia'i'qy,, J ULIAN MARK FORE 'john Matthai!" Fort lllitchell, Virgiliia AGRICUIJTURAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Trackg Chemical Club. SOPI-IOMORE-Corporal, Company Eg Assistant Manager, Trackg American Society of Agricultural Engineers. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Eg junior Mana- ger, Trackg American Society of Agricultural En- gineers. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Gg Manager, Trackg American Society of Agricultural Engi- neersg Alpha Zeta. ' 1 EDWIN BOOTH FORIIEST "Eddief' Norfolk, Virginia LIECI-IANICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Lg Norfolk Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Lg Cotillion Clubg Norfolk Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Lg Cotillion Clubg Norfolk Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Cotillion Clubg Bachelor Clubg Nor- folk Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. ir 'A' i' 'k ir , , xxxx. ,f'.-'ff - or ACH e BOOK ,EVE e -Qs 'Va A1 -R - fffffff xxxxxxx L... L.. E. mm SAMUEL JOI-IN FOIRTUNE, J R. WILLIAM E. FOURQUREAN "f0lJm2y" "Ned" Rochester, lVIichigan Lynchburg, Virginia BUSINESS AIIMINISTEATION INIINING ENGINEERING Ifnfcwztry Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Ag Football, Intramural Basketball, Baseball, and Trackg Northern States Club. Som-Iomoluz-Private, Company Ag Trackg In- tramural Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Trackg Northern States Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Ag Trackg Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Trackg Northern States Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Track, Intramural Basketball, and Base- ball, Scorpion Clubg Northern States Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Footballg In- tramural Football, and Basketball., Business Staff, BUGLEQ Mineral Club, Lynchburg Club, Aca- demic Honors. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Eg Intramural Basketball, and Volleyballg Business Staff, BUGLEQ Mineral Club g Lynchburg Clubg Academic Honors. JUNIOR-Private, Company Eg Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball, Volleyball, and Swimming, Busi- ness Staff, BUGLEQ Mineral Clubg Lynchburg Clubg V. P. I. Life Saving Corps, Academic Honors. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Intramural Basketball, and Swim- mingg V. P. I. Life Saving Corps, Mineral Clubg Lynchburg Club, Royal Order of Skippersg Busi- ness Staff, BUGLEQ Academic Honors, Phi Kappa Phi. 'A' i k k Q 71 EM 6 9 'Xt , SN 7, JOSEPH LEE FRIEDEN ROBERT CONRAD FRUIT rr :J , . l N f 11502, ' . "Tutti Pruzlzi' O O ' 1 ' - - - . T ' lgmm BfIiLd1S011, V11'g'1111R CHEMISTRY Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Bandg Wrestling, Intra- mural Football, Bowling, Basketball, and Wres- tlingg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tefhg .Edi- torial Staff, BUGLEQ Chemical Clubg Norfolk Club. SOPHOMORE-PfiV3tC, Bandg Intramural Foot- ball, Bowling, Basketball, and Wrestling, Edi- torial Staff, The Virginia Terhg Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Chemical Clubg Norfolk Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Bandg Intramural Football, Bowling, Basketball, Swimming, and Wrestlingg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Terhg Business Man- ager, Southern Colonelsg Lord Reading Clubg Chemical Clubg V. P. I. Life Saving Corps, Nor- folk Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Band, Intramural Foot- ball, Bowling, Basketball, Swimming, and Wres- tling, Sports Staff, The Virgirziu Terhg Lord Reading Clubg Chemical Clubg V. P. I. Life Sav- ing Corpsg Norfolk Clubg Pi Delta Epsilon. CHEIVIICAL ENGINEERING Ifnfafntry FRESHMAN-Private, Company B5 Y. M. C. A Cabinet. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company B9 Y. M. C A. Cabinet, Chemical Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Bg Y. M. C. A Cabinet, Chemical Clubg Central Piedmont Club SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company B5 Y. M. C. A Cabinetg Chemical Club g Central Piedmont Club fgietvf 1 1: ix - 6 0024 EVE 'Ve RNA' 'V r C " I 'fi CECIL HUDSON FULLER "B1'zzIbeI" Newport News, Virginia MECHANICAL ENGINIEERING - Corps of Efngifnecrs FRESHMAN-Private, Company I-Ig Hampton Roads Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Hg Hampton Roads Club. JUNIOR-Color Sergeant, Second Battalion Staff g Scorpion Clubg Cheer Lenderg Hampton Roads Club, Tau Beta Pi. SENIOR-Lieutenant and Plans and Training Officer, Second Battalion Stalfg Student Assistant, Infirmary, Business Staff, BUGLEQ Secretary-Treas- urer, Scorpion Clubg Cheer Leaderg President, Tau Beta Pig O. D. K. ,,g-yi.: ,, .. ,. ,, ra ,I It H N... m't32'gg5Sfjri5gSg3Eg.,Im ,".lllw,. ' x vzpxzvxsaz 75' l 'L . . 1 ",.rEL:4.,t :X Y I tum wif' , .V ,fbi . .Il,.'l5i2:E x W PATRICK J. GALLAGHER, JE. "Toon" Roselle Park, New Jersey BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Infantry FEES!-IMAN-Private, Company Bg Footballg Boxing, Intramural Boxing, and Basketballg Northern States Clubg Newman Club. SoP1-roMoEE-Corporal, Company Bg Northern States Clubg Newman Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company B3 Intramural Boxing, Basketball, and Footballg Northern States Clubg Newman Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Scorpion Clubg President, Northern States Clubg Newman Clubg Royal Order of Skip- pers. ffffflf 'NXXXXXX j if if p 1: -Ar p if 73 OF ACH ,Y aooli 'EVE 'YA 439 LEON GALLOWAY ffG6ZbI! Cherryville, North Carolina . HONORS CURRICULUIWI IN CHEMICAL ENGINEEILING Chemical Wa1'fa1'e Service FRESHMAN-Private, Company E, Football, In- tramural Basketball, Dramatic Club, Chemical Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company E, Intramural Basketball, and' Football, Dramatic Club, Chemi- cal Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Eg Intramural Football, and Basketball, Chemical Club, Lord Reading Club, Phi Lambda Upsilon. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battalion, Lord Reading Club, Chemical Club, Royal Order of Skippers, Phi Lambda Up- silon. 'Ve W... ' .gf . ..I',5r JAMES ROWLAND GAY ' "jimmy" Richmond, Virginia BIOLOGY Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Company F, Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tech, Art Staff, V. P. I. Skipper, German Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Richmond Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company F, Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tech, German Club, Dramatic Club, Corresponding Secretary, International Re- lations Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company F, Assistant De- fending Attorney, Executive Committee, Defend- ing Attorney, Sub-executive Committee, Managing Editor, The Virginia Tech, First Mate, V. P. I. Life Saving Corps, German Club, International Relations Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, O. D. K. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company F, Editorial Board, The Virginia Tech, Executive Committee, Southern Region Y. M. C. A. Council, Vice- President, States Y. M. C. A. Council, State Sec- retary, International Relations Club, President, Y.' M. C. A. Cabinet, Pi Delta Epsilon, O. D. K. XXX XX 09999929-f 1r if 74 00,6 OF Ac,-HEV EM 5 493' SN?- N Vg. OTIS MA'FTIIEWS GILLIANI "Red" Roanoke, Vi1'gi1Iia BUSINESS ADLIINISTRATION Infantry FKESHMAN-Private, Company D3 Intramural Footballg Roanoke Club. SOPHOMORE-C0fPOl'3.l, Company Dg Intra- mural Football, and Baseballg Business Clubg Roa- noke Club. JUNIOR-Supply Sereant, Company Dg Intra- mural Football, Baseball, and Swimmingg Busi- ness Clubg Roanoke Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Dg Intramural Football, and Baseballg Business Club. q3,.u, X l' Il Vw N Iwjfggg UH hx.. J EAN GILMAN, JR. "jenn" Hampton, Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Intramural Club. Intra- Roads Basketball, and Bowlingg Hampton Roads - SOPHOMORELCOIPOIEII, Company Hg mural Basketball, and Bowlingg Hampton Clubg Cotillion Club. JUNIOR-'Fl1'St Sergeant, company Hg mural Bowling, and Swimmingg Hampton Clubg Cotillion Club. Intra- Roads SENIOR-Captain, Company Eg Senior Manager, Intramural Sportsg President, Hampton Roads Clubg Cotillion Club. ,,..Lii. 11 fffffff xxxxxXX iili- -1 xxx xx 'IP,f ffP f,f I I t 'A i 'k V , t 75 Qv1...yllllL,.. .gpy.fNxII.. V '. '.I"1I.IEP:'li,'if5 ' . 1 0'-'OK EVE 'Ve 15' Iv, IIvmw5,.,Lm35l--, MA. i VI mm at I WESLEY PATRICK GCVER, JR. ff Steeple-Dome" Johnson City, Tennessee BUSINESS AJJMINISTRATICN Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Cg Intramural Baseball. SOP1-iOMORE+Corporal, Company Cg Intra- mural Baseballg German Clubg Business Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant-Major, First Battalion Staff 5 Intramural Baseballg German Clubg Bachelor Clubg Business Club. SENIOR-MHjOf, First Battalion Staff g Intra- mural Baseballg German Clubg Bachelor Clubg Business Clubg Defending Attorney, Corps of Cadets. 'I' I Y Hx.. I JAMES MCDONALD GRAYSCN "jimmy" Max llfleadows, Virginia . BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Boxingg Rifle Teamg Academic Honorsg South- west Virginia Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Kg Rilie Club g Biology Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ks Intramural Base' ball: Rifle Teamg Academic Honorsg Order of DeMolayg Secretary, Biology Clubg Southwest Virginia Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Third Battaliong Royal Order of Skippersg Intramural Cross-country Championg Intramural Athleticsg Rifle Teamg Academic Honorsg President, Biology Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Vice-President, South- west Virginia Clubg Alpha Zeta. i' 'k t 'k i OF ACH EM we em, MFE?-ll. 1 WILLIAM BERKELEY GRIZZARD "Berk" Drewryville, Virgillia AGILICULTURAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og American So- ciety of Agricultural Engineers, Peanut Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Og American Society of Agricultural Engineersg Peanut Club, Order of DeMolayg Alpha Zeta. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Og Secretary-Treas- urer, American Society of Agricultural Engineersg Peanut Club, Order of DeMolayg German Club, Alpha Zeta. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Og President, American Society of Agricultural Engineersg Vice- President, Peanut Clubg Order of DeMolayg German Club, Treasurer, Alpha Zeta. ERNEST CONWAY HAGAN "Ernie" Cl2L1'611dO11, Virginia BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Gg Baseballg Trackg Intramural Baseball, Boxing, Track, Bas- ' ketball, and Footballg Business Staff, The Vir- ginia Terlag Biology Club, Capitol Club. SOPHOMORE-COIPOIZII, Company Gg Track 5 Intramural Baseball, Boxing, Track, Basketball, and Footballg Biology Clubg Capitol Club. JUNIOR-Supply Sergeant, Company Gg Trackg Intramural Baseball, Boxing, Track, Basketball, and Football g Biology Clubg Capitol Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Headquarters Company, Second Battalion, Track g Scorpion Clubg Biology Clubg Capitol Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. fffffff NX xxXXX .lill-1-i 77 ik I '-'iT DOY. OF AcH,EVE 'Ve 6 9 'VS 'l-fy. RAYMOND GEORGE HAINES I' OWEN EARLTON HANES "Ray" A 'fNfpf' Cassadaga, NEW Y01'k VV3.Slll1'1g'lZO11, D. C. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GENERAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Norfolk Exlelzriong Basketballg Track. SOPHOhlORE1N07'f0lk Exzemiang Basketballg Track. ' JUNIOR-Private, Company Eg Intramural Bowl- ingg, Art Staff, V. P. I. Skipper. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Intramural Bowlingg American S0- ciety of Mechanical Engineers g Northern States Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. , Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Gg Intramural Boxingg Episcopal Clubg Order of DeMolayg Capitol Clubg American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company G5 'Intra- mural Boxingg Episcopal Clubg Order of De- Molayg Capitol Clubg American Society of Me- chanical Engineers. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company ,Gg Intramural Boxingg Episcopal Clubg Order of DeMolayg Sec- retary-Treasurer, Capitol Clubg American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Intramural Boxingg Scorpion Clubg President, Capitol Clubg Episcopal Clubg Order of Dc-:Molayg American Society of Mechanical En- gineersg Royal Order of Skippers. A ar x if x A 78 XNX,x ff!!! or ACH, Q, Qzoow EVE 45 4'7- .HVWH 14- Y V yGEORGE WILLIAM HARDING "George" Emporia, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN--Private, Battery Og Petersburg Club. SOPHOMOILE-Corporal, Battery Og Petersburg Clubg Business Clubg Order of DeMolayg Ger- man Club. Peanut Club g JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Og Business Club, Order of DeMolayg German Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Og Peanut Clubg President, Business Clubg Order of DeMO1ayg German Club. f "fe a n SAMUEL YOUNG HARDING, JR. "Sam" Emporia, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ig Track, Intra- mural Trackg Petersburg Club. . SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ig Assistant jun- ior Manager, Boxingg Assistant Manager, Wres- tling, Intramural Track, Football, and Tennisg Order of DeMolayg Petersburg Clubg Business Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ig Junior Manager, Boxingg junior Manager, Wrestlingg Intramural Football, and Tennisg Order of DeMolayg Pea- nut Clubg Business Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Manager, Wrestlingg lvlonogram Clubg Intramural Football, and Tennis, Order of De- Molayg Peanut Club, Business Club, Royal Order of Skippers. .1.iil1 fffffff' NX xxXXX i-llill 1 'k i' X 'k , it 79 U ROY GARLAND HARRELL "Barrel" Suffolk, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I fnfafntryu FRESHMAN-Private, Company D5 Football, XVrestlingg Trackg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Business Club, Peanut Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company D, Football, Wrestling, Intramural Football, and Wrestlingg Business Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Peanut Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company D5 Wrestling, Intramural Footballg Business Clubg Secretary- Treasurer, Peanut Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant and Supply Officer, First Battalion Staffg Business Club, President, Peanut Club. ' WOOLSTON HARVEY "Wooly" Radford, Virginia MINING ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Footballg Trackg Lonesome Pine Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Eg Wres- tling, Mineral Club. ' JUNIOR-Private, Company Eg Wrestlingg In- tramural Bowling, and Wrestlingg Engineering Council, Secretary, Mineral Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Wrestling, Intramural Wresdingg Engineering Council, President, Mineral Clubg Royal Order of Slcippers. 'A' ir. t. 'k , Vs E -2, Boo VE"fe 49' 4'7- 5 Y, Eli RICHARD LEE HEADLEY "Butch" Edinburg, Vi1'gi11i2L CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Fg Intramural Bowling, Chemical Club, Shenandoah Valley Club. SOPHOMORE'C0fPOfHl, Company Fg Intra- mural Bowling, and Track, Chemical Club, Shen- andoah Valley Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Fg Intramural Bowling, Chemical Club, Vice-President, Shen- andoah Valley Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battalion g Intramural Bowling, Chemical Club g President, Shenandoah Valley Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. ' HENRY ALFRED HEDLY "Pork" South Norfolk, -Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company H Q Football g Intramural Basketball, Baseball, and Bowling 3 Norfolk Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Hg Intramural Basketball, Baseball, and Bowling, Norfolk Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company H, Swimming, In- tramural Swimming, Basketball, and Baseballg Norfolk Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Swimming, Norfolk Clubg Royal Order of Skippersg Scorpion Club. if B -Ar nk as sl. I Q is 4?- MGM 4 Y f-' " ' ' N' f I 6 , y I, 54-3311 Y fi 1 .E 5, I ' M , .. I t1...nii:.i?. , , , , ag REUBEN BOOTH HICKS ffHix?l Charlie Hope, Virginia AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ig Footballg Intra- mural Baseballg Order of DeMo1ayg Mid-Virginia Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ig Intramural Baseballg Order of DeMolayg Mid-Virginia Clubg American Society of Agricultural Engineers. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Ig Intramural Base- ballg Order of DeMolayg Mid-Virginia Clubg American Society of Agricultural Engineers. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery I g Intramural Base- ballg Order of DeMolayg Mid-Virginia Clubg American Society of Agricultural Engineersg Scor- pion Club. L-. . - rr . .L CLARENCE H. HINNANT, JR. ff I Hr! C I Lynchburg, Virginia NIECI-IANICAL ENGINEERING Corps of E7Zgi'IZ667'S FRESHMAN-Private, Company F g Intramural Sportsg American Society of Mechanical Engi- neersg Lynchburg Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Fg Wi'es- tlingg Intramural Sportsg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Lynchburg Club, JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company F 3 Intramural Sportsg German Clubg American Society of Me- chanical Engineersg Lynchburg Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Fg Intramural Sportsg German Clubg American Society of Me- chanical Engineersg Vice-President, Lynchburg Club. 1 if xy ax 1 YS E Q, 'boo VE"'e 45 Nr JAMES HOWARD HOLAN ' RICHARD W. HOLDERTON "fj772772y"' f'H0lbi6,, Lakewood, Ohio Columbia, Virginia HORTICULTURE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING I vzfantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Ag Footballg Boxingg Northern States Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Ag Business Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg American Society of In- dustrial Engineersg Northern States Club. JUNIOR-Supply Sergeant, Regimental Staifg Advertising Manager, BUGLEQ Sales Manager, V. P. I. Skipperg American Society of Industrial Engineersg Secretary-Treasurer, Northern States Clubg Business Staff, Y. M. C. A. Handbook. SENIOR-Captain and Supply Oihcer, Regi- mental Staffg Business Staff, BUGLEQ American Society of Industrial Engineersg President, Pi Delta Epsilon. Coast A1'tille1i'y Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ig Footballg Track' 7 Intramural Basketballg Piedmont Clubg Agricul- tural Clubg Episcopal Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ig Trackg Intra- mural Cross-country, and Basketballg Piedmont Clubg Agricultural Clubg Monogram Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ig Trackg Intramural Bowling, and Tennisg Intramural Company Man- agerg Business Staff, BUGLEQ Piedmont Clubg Agricultural Clubg Monogram Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Royal Order of Skippersg Trackg Intra- mural Bowling, and Basketballg Business Staff, BUGLEQ Piedmont Club g Vice-President, Agricul- tural Club g Secretary, Monogram Clubg Alpha Zetag Pi Delta Epsilon. if 'A' nk 'A' it OF ACH, OK EV Q, 60 51476 'QQ' 'lfyt 35. It 'Ut wi X Yxiw -fa' l - IL". 1 't......... ' ,.....'i....... M11 WILLIAM DUNCAN HOLSCLAW "Du1zcem" Cl13,1'lCSt011, West Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corjvs FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Mg Footballg Bas- ketball. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Mg Foothallg Basketballg Secretary, Athletic Associationg Mono- gram Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Mg 'Footba1lg Bas- kethallg Vice-President, Athletic Associationg Monogram Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Mg Foothallg Bas- ketballg Monogram Clubg Bachelor Club. " "'rr Iiiiwgm itat t e .' JMS" :ESQ HARRY WORDEN HOWARD "Pzmy" East Orange, New Jersey HONORS CURRICULUM IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Chemical VVCGT'-fCI,7'6 Service FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Footballg Track g Chemical Clubg Northern States Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Eg Footballg Intramural Basketballg Chemical Clubg Northern States Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Eg Footballg Chemical Clubg Northern States Clubg Phi Lamb- da Upsilou. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Gg Footballg Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Editorial Staff, The Vir- ginia Terk Engineer g Chemical Clubg Northern States Clubg Phi Lambda Upsilon. I if W C ..a ff - - 1 I 1' 84 ' soot 'Ev E111 446' 64' 2- .xml W 'R in l ALFRED ARMSTEAD HUDNALL "Nick" Harding, Virginia C BUSINESS AJJMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Wrestlingg Intramural Baseballg Northern Neck Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Baseballg Northern Neck Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Kg Intramural Base- ballg Northern Neck Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Kg Intramural Baseballg President, Northern Neck Club. tl in l , fi..i1.- .,,. i-,,l ROY EDWARD HUFFMAN ffT1,jJI1 Culpeper, Virginia AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Footballg Boxing. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Eg Footballg Monogram Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Eg Footballg Wres- tlingg Monogram Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Footballg Wrestlingg Monogram Clubg Scorpion Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. ir ir . uk y x if 'Nl' EGO ' VE A1 GN? I A .:: -.'V 111' lllgi. A ' :.: Nl .. Eiflw 5 . ,,Ez I , H ,WE ki ,,,Vff TI-IOMAS B. HUTCIIESON ffT07nU Gloucester, Virginia MECHANICAL ENGINEE1iING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Editorial Staff, The Virginia Terbg Football. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Og Footballg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Teclag Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ American Society of Mechanical Engi- ncersg Norfolk Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Og Managing Editor, The Virginia Terbg Editorial staff, BUGLEQ American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Foot- ballg Norfolk Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Managing Editor, The Virginia Teebg Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ American Society of Me- chanical Engineersg Mid-Tidewater Club g Royal Order of Skippers. ROBERT WILLIANI J ACOEUS "jake" New Kensington, Pennsylvania ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Ifn,fafn,t1'y ERESHMAN-Private, Company Dg Intramural Bowling, and Baseballg Architectural Clubg Northern States Club. SoPHoMoRE-Private, Company Dg Intramural Bowling, and Baseballg Architectural Clubg Northern States Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Dg Architectural Clubg Northern States Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Architectural Clubg Northern States Clulng Royal Order of Skippers. 1 if ir It 'kr' i , N6 OO VEA7 'iv WARNER ADELBERT JAMISON ami Roanoke, Vi1 ginia ll'ILCI-IANICAL ENGIN1 LRINC Coast Artzllerrj Corps FRESHMAN-Private Battery N' Roanoke Club. SOP!-IOMORE-Private B '1 tt e r y N ' Ro'1noke Club. ' JUNIOR-Private Battery N' American Society of Mechanical Engineers' Intramural Football. SENIOR-Privmte Headquarters Battery Third Battalion' Roanoke Club' American Society f Mechanical Engineers' Roy'1l Order of Skippers. CLEVELAND HALL J ENNINGS Babe Danville Vilginia 1 BUSINESS ADM1N1s1EAr1oN Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private Battery O- Business Club- Art Staff V. P. I. Skipper' Sergeant-at-Arms Seminole Club. SOPHOMOEE-Private Battery O' Business Club' Treasurer Seminole Club' Treflsurer Sophomore Clflss' Art Staff V. P. I. Skipper. JUNIOR-COlOI Sergeant Third Battalion Staff' Business Club' Cotillion Club' Secretary Sem- inole Club. SENIoR-Captain and Plans and Training Oli- cer Regimental Staff' Business Club' Cotillion Club' Bachelor Club' President Seminole Club. K E Q' Qs 4 7' l X X r r a 5 I ai gig 5 E E N UWM N H. H. NNN, Q C Q hx ix H, W isrlrgfsw 1 W lflwd ref 1: ff U , . s W 3 T, T A 111 H 1 . 1 v ' ' , 1 1 , , 9 a a 1 2 1 r 1 , 1 , 1 Q C 9 3 , x 1 s 4 J A 7 4 x A 1 , 1 1 , , , O 3 J 5 7 Y 1 , 1 1 1 3 7 3 , 1 , 'k i' 'k i ' S7 oo, or Acf.,,EVE 6 6 ,Xa fv, 'Ve I , '4 f Cm, HAMLET GREY J ENNINGS ANDREW JACKSON J ESSEE "Dick" "Azel" lliadisonville, Virginia Cleveland, Virgriliia. AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Coast Artillery Corps Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Baseball 5 Agricultural Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Hg Varsity Baseballg Agricultural Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Hg Intramural Baseballg Agricultural Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Varsity Baseballg Intramural Basket- ball, and Footballg Agricultural Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. 'I FKESHMAN-Private, Company Bg Intramural Basketballg Animal Husbandry Club g Southwest Virginia Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Bg Intra- mural Baseballg Animal Husbandry Clubg South- west Virginia Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Bg Intramural Footballg Animal Husbandry Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, .Company Bg President, Animal Husbandry Club. - fffffff NXXXXXX . 'A' , at 'Ir if 88 OW Ev is so E"1e,1, KX' r I W JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSON "Colonel" Standish, New York JMZECHANICAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Fg Baseball, In- tramural Basketballg American Society of Mechan- ical Engineersg Northern States Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company F5 Intra- mural Baseball, and Basketball, American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Northern States Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Fg Intramural Baseball, and Basketballg American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Northern States Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battalion g Intramural Baseball, and Basket- ballg American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Northern States Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. 'Af wi- -, A ur ,Baz 5 -nr. ll CARL MACFARLANE JONES ffMaEU ' Richmond, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Footballg Intramural Bowlingg Richmond Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company C5 Intramural Bowling, and Tennis, Business Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Richmond Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company C5 Varsity Boxingg Intramural Tennis, and Footballg Business Staff, The Virginia Tech, Business Clubg International Relations Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Richmond Club. SENIOR--Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Varsity Boxingg Intramural Bowlingg Business Staff, The Virginia Terbg Business Clubg International Relations Club, Richmond Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. A . -I 'A' 'k p if p t OF ACH! o0Vt EVE A7 9 'Z 6 49' 49. .L , 4. JAMES ALEXANDER JONES V RICHARD EDWARD'JONES "Pudcli12' H earl" "Dick" Dinwiddie, Virginia MECHANICAL ENGINEEIIING Coast Artillery Corps FRES1-lMANePrivate, Battery Mg Petersburg Club. ' SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Mg Petersburg Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant Major, Third Battalion Staffg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Ger- man Clubg Bachelor Clubg Petersburg Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant-Colonel, Regimental Staifg Society of Mechanical Engineersg Ger- man Clubg Bachelor Clubg Petersburg Club. American Norfolk, Virginia AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Footballg Baseballg Intramural Football, and Baseballg Or- der of DeMolayg Norfolk Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Og Intramural Football, and Baseballg Order of DeMolayg Nor- folk Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Og Baseballg Intra- mural Football, and Baseball 3 Order of DeMolayg Norfolk Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Og Baseballg In- tramural Football, and Baseballg Order of De- Molayg Norfolk Club. 90 QOOK OF ACHIEVE 'Nl' 4'7- 'Ve Ngx. :,.f" V - , SAMUEL LEARY J ONES P7 PAUL AUGUST KENNEDY, J R. fffonefeyff ' ffpdkii Portsmouth, Virginia Suffolk, Virginia CIVIL ENGINEERING ARCLIITECTURAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers Infantry I FRESHLIAN-N0ff0lk Exzemiozzg Dramatic FRESHMAN-Private, Company D5 Intramural Club. Baskethallg Architectural Club. SOPHOMORE-N07'f0lk Extenriong Dramatic SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company D5 Intra- Club, mural Basketballg Architectural Clubg Peanut JUNIOR-Private, Y Company Eg Intramural Club' Bowlingg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Teal: En- JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Dg Intramural girzeerg President, Christian Endeavorg Ports- Basketball, and Tennisg Architectural Clubg Pea- mouth Clubg American Society of Civil Engi- Hut Club. H6355 P1 Delta Epsllon' SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Dg Intramural .SENIOR-Private, Hegdqugftefg Cgmpany, Sec- B21SkClfb2.llQ AfChitCCtUl'8l ClL1lJQ Peilillllf ond Battaliong Royal Order of Skippersg Editor, The Virginia Tesla Engineerg Engineering Coun- cilg American Society of Civil Engine:-:rsg Ports- mouth Clubg Pi Delta Epsilon. fff 91 i I 5 as I is I .S 5?D XXXD ir I ti' at 1: sock OF ACI-f,EV if 5 'Ke' Ny. EM fffffff x X X xxxky WILLIAM J AMISON KERNS "Willie" Roanoke, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEEIEING Infantry FIIESHMAN-Private, Company Ag Footballg Indoor Trackg Roanoke Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Ag Footballg Boxingg Chemical Clubg Monogram Clubg Roa- noke Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Ag Trackg Intra- mural Footballg Chemical Clubg Monogram Clubg Roanoke Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Ag Scorpion Clubg Monogram Clubg Chemical Clubg Roanoke Club. KEMPER LEE KIBLEII ffsleippwf Wilson, North Carolina CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery 3 Intramural Basketballg Shenandoah Valley Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Ng Intramural Basketballg German Clubg Shenandoah Valley Club. - JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Battery Ng Intramural Basketballg German Clubg Bachelor Clubg Shen- andoah Valley Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant and Supply Omcer, Third Battalion Staffg Intramural Basketballg German Clubg Bachelor Clubg Shenandoah Valley Club. i' 'K 'K Ik O Q, at VE""e 4+ Af, FRANK LASSITER KILNIARTIN HKi1!yU Wasllington, D. C. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps Fnlasl-IMAN-Private, Battery Og Footballg Bas- ketballg Intramural Athleticsg Capitol Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Og Intramural Athleticsg Capitol Club. JUNIOR-Supply Sergeant, Battery Og. Intra- mural Athleticsg Society of Industrial Engineersg Capitol Club. SENIOR-Captain, Battery Ng Intramural Ath- leticsg Varsity Baslcetballg Society of Industrial Engineersg Capitol Club. FF: , X rv :X 1 .I Ea ' 'f M ' ' gfjigur' lllllwr5Q.Q,gw.111u"'I I . ii -i:u -- I rgw - :Qi rig -, H: -3,11 - I' GEORGE H. SANFORD KING ffrfzzyr F1'6d61'ICkSbLl1'g, Vi1'gi1'1ia BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE Ifrrfantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company B g Biology Clubg Rappahannock Valley Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Bg Biology Clubg Secretary, Rappahannock Valley Club. JUNIOR--Private, Company Bg Treasurer, Biol- ogy Clubg Rappahannock Valley Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Biology Clubg Rappahannock Valley Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. f I I 1k'V if Q, We or ACH, Oovx Evg new P' A A. A HX. AM" C, WILLIAM STUART KUSTERER "Willie" Richmond, Virginia. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHIWAN-Private, Company Gg Newman Clubg Richmond Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Gg Newman Clubg Richmond Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant Major, Second Battalion Stalfg Newman Club 3 Cotillion Clubg Richmond Club. SENIOR-Major, Second Battalion Stalfg New- man Clubg Cotillion Clubg Richmond Club. mm. A. DOUGLAS WILLS LANFCRD "Doug" Roanoke, Virginia AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ig Intramural Football, and Basketballg Roanoke Clubg Agri- cultural Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Ig Intramural Football, and Basketballg Roanoke Clubg Agricul- tural Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Ig Intramural Bas- ketballg Vice-President, Agricultural Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Alpha Zeta. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Ig Intramural Bas- ketballg President, Agricultural Clubg Vlce-Presi- dent, Y. M. C. A, Cabinetg Alpha Zeta. A if A A 94 QOOVN Eve 498' 41 GN, FRANIQ BRISTOL LANHAM "Silas" P3,1'liC1'Sbll1'g', West Virginia AGRICULTURAL ENGINEEIIING .Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Mg Academic Honorsg West Virginia Clubg American Society of Agricultural Engineers. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Mg Academic Honorsg West Virginia Clubg American Society of Agricultural Engineers. JUNIOR-SEl'gE21l'lf, Battery Mg Academic Hon- orsg West Virginia Clubg American Society of Agricultural Engineersg Alpha Zeta. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Royal Order of Skippersg Academic Honorsg West Virginia Clubg American Society of Agricultural Engineersg Alpha Zetag Phi Kappa Phi. SAMUEL VVOMACK LEE "lVamic" Drewryville, Virginia AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION Coast Artillery Corps . FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Lg Baseballg In- tramural Basketballg Peanut Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Lg Intramural Basketball, and Baseballg Order .of DeMolayg Peanut Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Lg Intramural Bas- ketballg Order of DeMo1ayg Peanut Clubg Future Farmers of Americag Alpha Zeta. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Lg Master Coun- cilor, Order of DeMolayg Peanut Clubg Future Farmers of America g Chronicler, Alpha Zeta. Lxxxxxx Qf fffff t t t Vs or ACH, Oo EVE 'Ve 3 if 'Xie' Af, JOHN WILBUR LEONARD "Benny" Chincoteague, Virginia MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FIIESHMAN-Private, Bandg Intramural Bowl- ingg Eastern Shore Club. SOPHOMORE-COIPOFRI, Bandg Intramural Bowlingg Eastern Shore Club. JUNIOR-SCI'gC3.l'1t,A Bandg Intramural Bowling, and Footballg Eastern Shore Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Bandg Intramural Bowl- ing, and Footballg President, Eastern Shore Club. - - an Y EIC .Leg Il - IIIIIIII II II. - :.Y...I4II I I - II II .I I ' 42 Y I I "II II ll' IJ?-' - , , I I . III --,fy 3' CHARLES WILLIAM LEWIS "Sn0z" Fort Eustis, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Corps of E'n,ginee1's FIIESHMAN-Private, Company F5 Chemical Clubg Hampton Roads Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company F5 Intramural Wrestling g Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Chemical Clubg Hampton Roads Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Fg Swimmingg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg V. P. I. Life Saving Corpsg Secretary, Baptist Young People's Uniong Treas- urer, Blacksburg Young People's Feclerationg Chemical Clubg Hampton Roads Club. . SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Swimmingg V. P. I. Life Saving Corpsg Treasurer, Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg State Vice-President, Baptist Student Uniong Student Member, Y. M. C. A. Advisory Boardg Chemical Clubg Hampton Roads Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. ir I g gg .pkg g my 'k 'A' M if 96 if or ACH is 1 Q, 'boo EVE"fe 4+ fy, WILLIAM WALKER LEVVIS J ULIAN ASTOR LINDSEY, JR. "WilZia17z" npuffu Culpeper, Vii-giiiia, WaSlIi11g'to1I, North Carolina AGRICULTURAL ECONOLIICS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Infantry I"7JfCL"7ft7'?! FRESHMAN-Private, Company Dg Intramural Baseball, and Bowlingig Agricultural Clubg Cen- tral Piedmont Club. SoPI-IoMoRE-Corporal, Company mural Baseball, and Bowlingg Agricultural Clubg Central Piedmont Club. Dg Intra- Intramural Agricultural Club, Central Piedmont Clubg Alpha Zeta. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Dg Baseball, Bowling, and Footballg SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company D3 Intramural Baseball, Bowling, and Footballg Scorpion Clubg Agricultural Clubg President, Central Piedmont Clubg Alpha Zeta. FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Baseballg Business Clubg Seminole Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Eg Baseballg Tennis, Intramural Football, Tennis, and Basket- ball, Business Clubg Executive Committeeg As- sistant Prosecuting Attorney, Corps of Cadetsg Treasurer, Sophomore Class 5 Seminole Club. JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Company Eg Baseballg Tennisg Intramural Football, Tennis, and Basket- ballg Business Club, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, German Clubg Bachelor Club, Seminole Club, Executive Committeeg Assistant Prosecuting At- torney, Corps of Cadetsg Treasurer, junior Classy Monogram Clubg O. D. K. SENIOR-Captain and Adjutant, Regimental StaH7g Baseballg Tennisg Intramural Football, Ten- nis, and Basketballg Business Clubg Secretary- Treasurer, German Clubg Seminole Clubg Secre- tary-Treasurer, Bachelor Club, Monogram Clubg O. D. K. . fffffff 'XXXXXXX , Il' i it it it 97 oow OF ACHIEV EM 6 we swf ,,NA, -, V H H 55-L.......,.1 HENRY MANN MCCARTHY CLARENCE H. MCCLOUD "App!el1ead" N "Bill" Richmond, Virginia N orfolk, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Infcmify Corps of Engifneers FRESHMAN-Private, Company C 3 Intramural Basketballg Cotillion Clubg Business Clubg Rich- mond Clubg Newman Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Cg Intramural Basketballg Cotillion Clubg Business Clubg Rich- mond Clubg Newman Club. . JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company C5 junior Man- ager, Basketball g Intramural Basketballg Cotillion Club g Newman Clubg Business Clubg Richmond Clubg Social Activities Committee. SENIOR-Captain, Company Cg, Manager, Basketballg Monogram Clubg President, Cotillion Clubg Business Club 3 Bachelor Clubg Social Ac- tivities Comrnitteeg Newman Clubg Richmond Club. S. FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Footballg Intramural Basketballg Norfolk Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Hg Intramural Basketballg Norfolk Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company H5 Intramural Bas- ketballg Norfolk Club. . SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Intramural Basketballg Norfolk Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. fffffff NXXXXXX uk A ir ,Sirk R yy if 98- BOOK IEVEA1 4,52 Emi CHARLES BRADLEY MCELROY HMQCII Wise, Virginia ARCIIITECTUIIAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRES1-IMAN-Private, Bandg Editorial Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Architectural Club 3 Lonesome Pine Club. SOPHOMOEE-Corporal, Bandg Editorial Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Archi- tectural Clubg Secretary-Treasurer, Lonesome Pine Club. JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Bandg Managing Ecl- itar, V. P. I. Skipperg Cotillion Clubg Bachelor Clubg Architectural Clubg Vice-President, Lone- some Pine Club. SENIOR-Captain, Bandg Cotillion Clubg Bach- elor Clubg Architectural Clubg President, Lone- some Pine Club. as lliqaasi . Hi tex - ni . mm was M... A BENJAMIN LEE MCMAIQIN . ffmacii Shelbyville, Kentucky BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I nfafntry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Football 3 Wrestlingg Intramural Football, and Wrestlingg Kentucky Club. SoPHoMoItE-Private, Company Eg Footballg Wrestlingg Intramural Football, and Wrestlingg Kentucky Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Eg Intramural Footballg Business Club 5 Kentucky Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Ag Intramural Footballg Business Clubg Bachelor Clubg Ken- tucky Club. if wr y if y 1 A .3 . .il H y H. 2 law l'iil:lf3s::l'iii"'Ei??ir 1 rrri 'ilu or ACH BOOK ,EV 4,62 64,75 EM A HUGH EDWARD MACKEY "Low" Hot Springs, Virginia AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Corps of Efn,gineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company F5 Agricultural Education Clubg Alleghany Mountain Club. SOPHO1NfORE1Pl'lV3.tC, Company Fg Business Staff, The Virginia Techy Business Staff, V. P. I. Sleipperg Agricultural Clubg Alleghany Mountain Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company F3 Business Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Intramural Bowlingg Agricul- tural Clubg Alleghany Mountain Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Intramural Bowlingg Agricultural Clubg Alleghany Mountain Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. WILLIAM ELLIS MANNING ffisfzrf Sutllerlin, Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FIIESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Basketball, and Baseballg Seminole Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Kg Intramural Basketball, and Baseballg Seminole Club. JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Battery Kg Intramural Baseballg Seminole Clubg Cotillion Club. SENIOR-Captain, Battery Kg Intramural Base- ballg Seminole Clubg Cotillion Clubg Bachelor Club. g I I If - if B lilli 6005 EVE 183' A1 Gmr XLJULIAN HANNIBAL MARTIN "Blow-plus" Danville, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTIIATION - I frbfantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Football, Intramural Football, and Basketballg Business Club, Danville Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Eg Intra- mural Football, and Basketball g Danville Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Eg Intramural Bas- ketballg Seminole Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company Eg Intramural Football, and Basketballg Business Club, Seminole Club. . I IIIQix?!, , lJfll 'Il''":oo"'..IigfQ,ljfgl.mffQ MAX WARTIIEN MASON ' fffviaxu Luray, Virginia BUSINESS JADIVIINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery' Og Intramural Baseball, Football, and Tennisg Shenandoah Val- ley Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Og Intramural Baseball, Football, and Tennisg German Clubg Shenandoah Valley Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Og Intramural Base- ball, Football, and Tennis, German Clubg Shen- andoah Valley Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Intramural Baseball, Football, and Tennis, German Clubg Shenandoah Valley Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. f yr vp, ,fa is i -1-1 1,, K OF Acfllg 498' mfr , PORTER TALIAFERRO MILRY f'B.fz1y'f Roanoke, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Ag Trackg In- tramural Football, Track, Tennis, and Basketballg German Clubg Roanoke Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Ag Intra- mural Football, Track, Tennis, and Basketballg German Clubg Business Clubg Secretary, Roanoke Club. JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Company Ag Intra- mural Football, Track, Tennis, and Basketballg German Clubg Business Club, Vice-President, Roanoke Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Intramural Football, Track, Tennis, and Basketballg German Clubg Bachelor Clubg Roanoke Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. -:fe-FV. ' if-1 , 3 11 X lx X' W R .T , ru- ERNEST CLINTON MINNICI-I . "Big Mme" Richmond, Virginia DAIRY HUSBANDRY Coast Artillery Corps -FRESHMAN-Private, Bandg Agricultural Edu- cation Club. SOPHOMORE--Corporal, Bandg Varsity Wres tlingg Agricultural Education Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Band, 4-H Alumni Club Dairy Club, Agricultural Education Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Band, 4-I-I Alumni Club cultural Education Club. ' 'fu Dairy Club, Editor, V. P. I. Dairy Annual, Agrii -. 'fffff .x xXXX T . t 'k 'k ir if 102 OVX EV z so E'L'e ,I+ Af, Q - fffffff' XXXXXXIN l K I I l W io A ig I ROBERT PALMER MONTEITII RICHARD HENRY MOORE ff.B0bJJ ff-Dick!! Richmorid, Virginia Ashland, Virginia ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN--Rifbnldnd Exzezzriang Basketball. FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ng Baseballg Mid- SOPHOMORE-Rirlmzond Exlefzriong Basketball. Virginia Club' JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ig Intramural Cross- B SOs hE?P3??r1Y?te'CFZttery N3 Intramural country, and Footballg American Institute of ase a ' I ' Ugmm U ' Electrical Engineeringg Richmond Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery N g Intramural Base- SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third bam Mldvlrgmla Club' Battaliong Intramural Cross-country, and Foot- SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third ballg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Battaliong Intramural Baseballg Mid-Virginia Richmond Club 5 Royal Order of Skippers. Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. 103 Q, 'bo VE"7e 'XXX 'Vp WILLIAM AUBREY MUDD, JR. "Billi' Richmond, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Mg Footballg Trnrkg Richmond Club. SOPHOMORE-COfPOI21l, Battery Mg Richmond Clubg Business Club. JUNIOR--Sergeant, Battery Mg Richmond Clubg Business Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Mg Richmond Clubg Bachelor Clubg Cotillion Club. ERB.. .'. JOHN ROSSER MURRAY ffB0bU Memphis, Tennessee INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ig Cross-country German Club. SoP1-IoMoRE-Corporal, Battery Ig Golf Team Society of Industrial Engineersg German Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Ig Golf Team Society of Industrial Engineersg German Club Tau Beta Pi. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Ig Golf Team President, Society of Industrial Engineersg Cor- responding Secretary, Tau Beta Pig Leader, Ger- man Clubg Phi Kappa Phi. tg.1x.gx gx if 104 O Q, 'bo VSA? ,Xe 417, ating. . EEEQEJ PRINGLE JENNINGS MYERS ffP7,0U Nathalie, Virginia AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ig Baseballg Agri- cultural Education Clubg Agricultural Clubg Sem- inole Clubg Intramural Baseball, and Track. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ig Intramural Baseball, and Trackg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Agri- cultural Education Clubg Agricultural Clubg Sem- inole Clubg 4-H Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery I g Intramural Base- ballg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Agricultural Educa- tion Clubg Agricultural Clubg Seminole Clubg 4-H Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Agricultural Education Clubg Seminole Clubg 4-H Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. NLE. . .Yr . ......., , . ROBEIRT BEHAN MYERS "Bobby" East Orange, New Jersey ARCHITEC1'URAI, ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Footballg Intramural Footballg Architectural Clubg North- ern States Club. SOPHOMORE-P1'lV0.tC, Company Eg Intramural Golfg Editorial Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Architec- tural Clubg Northern States Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Eg Intramural Swimming, and Golf 3 Architectural Clubg North- ern States Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Architectural Clubg Northern States Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. 105 11.1 OOF.. OF ACHIEVE A1 6 Q 6 ,I+ 417, I y so .J QV. A EY FREDERICIQ HENRY NASH "Freddie" Blackstone, Vi1'ginia BUSINESS ADIVIINISTRATION I 'Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company C3 Rifle Tearng Intramural Bowlingg Mid-Virginia Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Crg Rifle Teamg Intramural Bowlingg Business Clubg Mid- Virginia Club. JUNIOR-Supply Sergeant, Company Cg Rifle Teamg German Clubg Business Clubg Mid-Vin ginia Club. I. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company C3 Rifle Teamg German Clubg Bachelor Clubg Business Clubg Mid-Virginia Club. , - 'lr ss '. 'J IRS 25um.5f3II.,Iu... "' Il., sf' 3, C. RICHARD NEIIER, JR. "Dick" Lynel1bu1'g, Virginia ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Corps of E7'Lgi?Z667'S FIIESHMAN-Private, Bandg Trackg The Vir- ginia Techmeng Lynchburg Club. SOPHOINIORE-COIPOIHI, Bahdg The Techadetsg American Institute of Electrical Engineers' Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Bandg Southern Colonelsg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Lynchburg Club. Lynchburg SENIOR-Lieutenant, Bandg Leader, Southern Colonelsg Lynchburg Club. N995 gg. af. .'x. iryggggg ig! 106 l l I I F Ya Q' , 13- 417, 'Ve B 5, , X, I -' - 4l...+ - -rf .4 , I - a.m..,. 1 .H M1 i I. .. ,SWF ,, v, Lg IN Xu All iiiaiised? if- lL. ...Jr WiLL1AM WINGFIELD NELSON "Sclmozz!e" Buffalo Springs, Virginia ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company C. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company C, American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company C, Intramural Bowling, American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers, Mid-Virginia Club, Order of DeMolay, Rifle Team. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company C, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Mid-Virginia Club, Order of DeMolayg Rifle Team. GEORGE WALTER NEVILS " Windy" Hopewell, Virginia CHEMISTRY I fnfafntry FEESHMAN-Private, Band, Football, Intra- mural Baseball, Bowling, and Football, Chem- ical Club, Petersburg Club, Newman Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Band, Intramural Base- ball, Bowling, Football, and Tennis, Newman Club, Chemical Club, Petersburg Club. JUNIOR-Private, Band, Intramural Baseball, Bowling, and Football, Chemical Club, V. P. I. Life Saving Corps, Petersburg Club. SENIOR-Private, Band, Intramural Baseball, Bowling, and Football, Chemical Club, V. P. I. Life Saving Corps, Petersburg Club, Royal Order of Skippers. N l 1l..1... i- fffffff XXXXXXX f , ar af if . at 107 eoovx OF Acfffe-VE 4-ef' Af , 'Ve I Il!! mu HEWLETT ALVIN NICI-IOLS FREDERICK CLYDE NISBETH UNCH' "Hm'p0" N01'f01k, Vifgilliil Ogdensburg, New York DAIRY HUSBANDRY ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING In afntrz - f .I Coast Artzllery Corps F f -P" . C . RESHMAN uvrlte, Ompany B FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ig Student Engi- SOPHOMORE-'C01'P0f2l1, C0-'UP2U1Y B' neering Councilg Northern States Club. JUNIOR-SUPPIY Sefgeflflf, COIUPHHY Bs Infffl- SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery I g Northern mufal Football, and V0ueYbau- - States Clubg Architectural Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, COFUPWY Bs IUUHIUIUFU1 JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ig Student Engineer- FOOYIDRU, and V01lCYb21U- ing Councilg Northern States Clubg Secretary- Treasurer, Architectural Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Student Engineering Councilg North- ern States Clubg President, Architectural Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. JEAN 'l.l'l'T3 i' 4 if e ,C E A 108 is E e 'boo VE"7e 45 'Vi M. EUGENE BYRNE O,CONNOR "Gene" Richmond, Virginia BUSINESS A1JM1N1s'rRA'r1oN Coast Artillergy Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Newman Club, Richmond Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery O, Assistant Manager, Wrestling and Boxing, Newman Club, Business Club, Richmond Club. , JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Battery O, junior Manager, Wrestling and'Boxing, Newman Club, Business Club, Richmond Club. SENIOR--Captain,lBattery O, Manager, Box- ing, Monogram Club, President, Newman Club, Business Club, Scorpion Club, Richmond Club. GEORGE H. ORCHARD, JR. ffL0Z05! Lynchburg, Virginia ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-P1'lV21f6, Company F, Cotillion Club, Intramural Sports, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Lynchburg Club, SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company F, Intra- mural Sports, Cotillion Club, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Lynchburg Club. JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Company F, Intra- mural Sports, Executive Committee, Cotillion Club, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Treasurer, Lynchburg Club. SENIOR-Captain, Company F, Manager, Intra- mural Sports, Business Staff, BUGLEQ Cotillion Club, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, President, Lynchburg Club. Qi ar g x is at if 109 EM 'Stl' SA! ,X 1 'Vf-Elf I JAMES EDWARD OTTAWAY opml, Vernon, New York BUSINESS ADMINISTILATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Lg Footballg Bas- ketball. SOPHOMORE-Pl'lV21f6, Battery Lg Varsity Foot- ballg Varsity Track. ' JUNIOR-Private, Battery Lg Varsity Footballg Varsity Track 5 Scorpion Clubg Newman Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Varsity Footballg Scorpion Clubg New- man Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. ELWOOD ALEXANDER PAIS HE!!! Pocahontas, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Basketball, and Baseballg Southwest Virginia Club. SoPHoMonE-Private, Battery Kg Varsity Foot- ballg Intramural Footballg Chemical Clubg South- west Virginia Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Foot- ballg Chemical Clubg Order of DeMolayg South- west Virginia Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Chemical Cluhg Order of DeMolayg Southwest Virginia Clubg Royal Order of Skip- pers. -Ar yy if S, y ak it S if S 110 ol Ev It go EA' 49' r L--:-: F41 JAMES EDWIN PERKINS "Park" Bluefield, West Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Infafn,t1'y FRESHMAN-Private, Company D, Intramural Baseball, and Bowling, Cotillion Club, West Vir- ginia Club. ' SOPHOMORE-Private, Company D, Intramural Baseball, and Basketball, Bowling, Cotillion Club, West Virginia Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company D, Intramural Base- ball, Basketball, Swimming, and Bowling, Cotil- lion Club, West Virginia Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battalion, Cotillion Club, West Virginia Club, Royal Order of Skippers. BRAINARD JACOB PETERS, JR. "Pete" Norfolk, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-PEIVZIC, Battery M, Episcopal Club, Chemical Club, Norfolk Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery M, Indoor Track, Assistant Manager, Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Chemical Club, Norfolk Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery M, Junior Manager, Baseball, Chemical Club, Norfolk Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battalion, Manager, Freshman Baseball, Intra- mural Bowling, Chemical Club, Norfolk Club, Royal Order of Skippers. ff g are af if if I 111 ai 2 l 14 Vx or ACH, E00 . 'Ve 496 'V 7. WILLIAM ALBERT PETERS "Re-Pete" Hempstead, New York CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Eg Order of DeMolayg Trackg Chemical Club 3 Northern States Club. SOPHOMORE-CO1'POIU.l, Company Eg Chemical Clubg Northern States Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Eg Vice-President, Presbyterian Christian Endeavorg Chemical Club g Northern States Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong President, Presbyterian Christian Endeavorg Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Assistant Pub- licity Manager, Blacksburg Young People's Fed- erationg Editorial Board, The Virgifzia Techy Chemical Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. A FREDERICK JoHN PETZINGER ffpetli Portsmouth, Virginia ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Trackg Portsmouth Clubg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Terhg Business Staff, The Virginia Tech Engi- near. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Hg Trackg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tech 3 Business Staff, The Virginia Tech Elzgineerg American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Portsmouth Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Hg American Insti- tute of Electrical Engineers, Portsmouth Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Third Battaliong American Institute of Electrical Engi- neersg Portsmouth Club 5 Royal Order of Skip- pers. Ik p www 'ky it E if p p if 112 or ACH, Q, wool EVE 4+ 41, Me -lx CEM ' - ' s xp RUPERT BoYD PORTER "Moon" Norton, Virginia ELECTRICAI, ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Mg Football, Wrestlingg Lonesome Pine Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Mg Lonesome Pine Club, American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers. JUNIOR--Sergeant, Battery Mg Wrestlingg In- tramural Unlimited Wi'estling Championg Lone- some Pine Clubg American Institute of Electrical Engineers. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Mg Wrestlingg Vice-President, Lonesome Pine Clubg American Institute of Electrical Engineers. I it E 'Ns e I .H 1 M N ,, ' I - H, ,T - team I JAMES WILLIANI PRICE "jimmy" Stuart, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I nfcmtry FRESHMAN-Private, Company Ag Intramural Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Tennis. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Ag Intramural Basketball, Tennis, Football, and Baseball. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Ag Baseballg In- tramural Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Ten- nisg Business Staff, The Virginia Terla. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battalion, Baseball, Basketballg Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball, and Tennisg Business Club, Scorpion Club, Royal Order of Skippers. -11 fffffff Nxxxxxx 1l .L.l-1 XXX ' 5fffP?P 'k t A t H Y . 113 495' 600 A4 I swf BRUCE EMMETT PRITCI-IARD NRGCALVINIM. PRITCHARD, JR. Hpllddlinn rtpfiffbjl Norfolk, Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Company DQ Intramural Bowlingg Society 'of Industrial Engineersg Nor- folk Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ng Intramural Bowlingg Society of Industrial Engineersg Nor- folk Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ng Intramural Bowl- ingg Society of Industrial Engineersg Norfolk Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Intramural Bowlingg Society of Indus- trial Engineersg Norfolk Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. IrIi1ton Village, Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESI-IMAN-Private, Company F g Intramural Footballg Hampton Roads Club. SOPHOMORE-COI'P01'2ll, Company F 3 American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Hampton Roads Club. JUNIOR-Supply Sergeant, Company F g Amer- ican Society of Industrial Engineersg Hampton Roads Club. ' SENIOR-Lieutenant, Company F 3 Cotillion Clubg Bachelor Clubg American Society of Indus- trial Engineersg Hampton Roads Club. if gg . tg g g A at ir II4 9 498' OOY' A1 SN, , gg V ,, C ASIiTON HARRIS PULLY HORATIO D. QUESSENBERRY rrydcklz . rcpefcyrz Norfolk, Virginia MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Lg Footballg Wrestlingg Intramural Footballg Norfolk Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Lg Intramural Football, and Duckpinsg Assistant Manager, Base- ballg Sergeant-at-Arms, Norfolk Club, Order of DeMolay. JUNIOR-Supply Sergeant, Battery Lg Intra- mural Football, Duckpins, and Swimmingg Junior Manager, Baseballg Secretary-Treasurer, Norfolk Club, Order of DeMolayg American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Lg Intramural Footballg Manager, Baseball g President, Norfolk Clubg Order of DeMolayg American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Willis, Virginia ' AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company C3 Future Farm- ers of America. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Cg' Future Farmers of America. JUNIOR-Private, Company Cg Agricultural Clubg Future Farmers of America. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battalion, Agricultural Club, Future Farmers of America, Royal Order of Sl-zippers. i' 'A' it ' 'k ' 'k Q06 498' M Gmb ROBERT WILSON QUILLEN "C1I'eeky" Castlewood, Vi1'gir1ia AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company B5 Agricultural Clubg Southwest Virginia Clubg Lonesome Pine Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. SOPHOMORE'-Pl'lX'flfC, Company Bg Agricul- tural Clubg Lonesome Pine Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. JUNIOR-Private, Company Bg Agricultural Clubg Lonesome Pine Clubg Rifle Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Agricultural Clubg Lonesome Pine Clubg Rifle Clubg Y. M. C..A. Cabinetg Royal Order of Skippers. FREDERICIC GTIS REESE ffpzlj.-ff! Lawrenceville, Virginia CHEMISTRY Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Lg Intramural Football, and Baseballg Mid-Virginia Clubg Chemical Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery L g Intramural Football, and Baseballg Mid-Virginia Clubg Chemical Club. I JUNIOR-Private, Battery Lg Intramural Foot- ball, and Baseballg Mid-Virginia Clubg Chemical Club. ' SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Royal Order of Skippersg Intramural Football, and Baseballg Mid-Virginia Clubg Chemical Club. 'k f yy y y X A y y t V 116 Y, 600K Eve- 438' A1 Smr CHARLES ALEXANDER REID 'fear' . Emporia, Virginia, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ig Trackg Peters- burg Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ig Petersburg Clubg Order of DeMolayg Business Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ig Petersburg Clubg Order of DeMolayg Business Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Business Clubg Royal Order of Skip- pers. , lst We 3 I ,Chun "l ll u' 1. .yes V ' -fnlllgwl' MALCOLNI JOHN REID "W'einie" Staunton, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ng Intramural Basketballg Shenandoah Valley Clubg Order of DeMolay. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Ng Intramural Basketballg Slmnzxndoah Valley Clubg Order of DeMolay. ' JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Ng Intramural Bas- ketballg Shenandoah Valley Clubg Order of De- Molay. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Ng Intramural Baslcetballg Shenandoah Valley Clubg Order of DeMolay. if ytsl will H A xr xt yr We ooo EVE A1 GN, . A.-- .evv .1 -W . ..,. ..." ' .... raw.. L: 4 CLARENCE SYDNEY REVELL ffsydli Hampton, Virginia BIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, B a t t e I y N g Hampton Roads Club Q American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ng Hampton Roads Club 5 American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ' JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ng Hampton Roads Clubg American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Hampton Roads Clubg American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineersg Royal Order of Skippers. . l 1 ' 3 'l LYMAN HODGES RIPLEY ff-Rip!! Roanoke, Virginia BUSINESS JAJJMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ng Business Staff, BUGLEQ Business Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Busi- ness Staff, Y. M. C. A. Handbookg Roanoke Club. U ' SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ng Business Staff, BUGLEQ Business Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Business Clubg Roanoke Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery N g Business Staff, BUGLEQ Business Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Busi- ness Clubg Roanoke Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Business Staff, BUGLEQ Business Staff, The Virginia Tecbg Business Staff, The Virginia Terk Elzgineerg Business Staff, Y. M. C. A. Harzdbookg Business Clubg Roanoke Club. 'A' f'i' X 'k it OW Ev Q, 'bo EMG 49' 4'2- -an ,ff HERMAN EDGAR ROBERTSON "Robby" Roanoke, Virginia IVLECI-IANICAL ENGINEEIRING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ng Intramural Baseballg Roanoke Club. SOPHOMOIlE1PflV21tC, Battery Ng Intramural Baseballg Roanoke Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Ng Intramural Foot- ballg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg The Techadetsg Roanoke Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong American Society of Mechanical Engi- neersg Director and Manager, Southern Coolnelsg Roanoke Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. GEORGE MAXWELL ROBESON "Gumbo" Montverde, Florida INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Lg Boxingg Intra- mural Boxingg Lynchburg Clubg Society of In- dustrial Engineers. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Lg Intramural Boxing, and Wrestlingg Lynchburg Club 3 Society of Industrial Engineers. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Lg Lynchburg Clubg Society of Industrial Engineers. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Ng Lynchburg Clubg Society of Industrial Engineers. i' I ti' O- wk ' I at or ACH eoolk 'Ev EM 498, GN 7' . HERMAN ASHLEY R.OBINE'l'T "Rummy" Norfolk, Virginia BUSIN.ESS ADDIINISTRATION Corps of Eozgiozeers FEES:-IMAN-Private, Company Hg Footballg Baseballg Trackg Intramural Basketballg Norfolk Club. SoPHoMoaE-Private, Company Hg Footballg Baseballg Intramural Basketballg Order of De- Molayg Norfolk Club. JUNIOR--Sergeant, Company H g Footballg In- tramural Basketballg Order of DeMolayg Norfolk Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Footballg Baseballg Basketballg Scorpion Clubg Norfolk Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. D E. SAMUEL S. ROBINSON, J R. "Stem1z5bip" Palls, Virginia. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Basketballg. Rappahannock Valley Club. SOPHOMORE-PIiV2lfC, Battery Kg Intramural Baseballg Rappahannock Clubg Society of Inclus- trial Engineers. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Base- ballg Rappahannock Valley Clubg Society of In- dustrial Engineers. SENIOR--Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Rappahannock Valley Clubg Royal Or- der of Skippers. . if E xi g ar ir 120 QOOK Elle- 433' . l . mm A1 Gwr V-M BENJAMIN F. SAUNDERS, JR. "Bennie" Richmoild, Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ig Footballg Rich- mond Clubg Executive Committee. SOPHOMOIIE-Corporal, Battery Ig Richmond Clubg Executive Committee g Society of Industrial Engineersg Sergeant-at-Arms, Corps of Cadets. JUNIOR--Sergeant, Battery Ig Richmond Clubg Executive Committeeg Society of Industrial Engi- neersg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Cotillion Club. SENIOR-Captain, Battery I g Presidentg Rich- mond Clubg Executive Committeeg Prosecuting Attorney, Corps of Cadetsg Society of Industrial Engineersg Executive Committee g Cotillion Clubg O. D. K, -its J OHN MILTON SCOTT "Scottie" Illarion, Virginia BUSINESS 1-XDMINISTRATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Footballg Baseballg Executive Cornmitteeg Business Club 3 Southwest Virginia Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Kg Intramural Football, and Baseballg Executive Committeeg Business Clubg Southwest Virginia Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Kg Intramural Foot- ball, and Baseballg ,Southwest Virginia Clubg Business Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Kg Business Clubg President, Southwest Virginia Club. , 'kg g g g gfk g t or ACH QQOK ,EV EM 49,6 GN? flrsu -Ek: . ,' M CLARENCE P. F. SHEFFIELD "Shef" Boydton, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTIIATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Baseballg In- tramural Football, Baseball, and Basketballg Mid- Virginia Club 3 Business Club. SOPHOMORE-COfPOf2l, Battery Og Intramural Football, Baseball, and Basketballg Order of De- Molayg Mid-Virginia Clubg Sergeant-at-Arms, Business Club. JUNIOR--Sergeant, Battery Og Intramural Foot- ball, Baseball, and Basketballg Order of DeMo- layg Cotillion Clubg Treasurer, Mid-Virginia Club g Business Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Intramural Football, Baseball, and Basketballg Order of DeMolayg Cotillion Clubg Vice-President, Mid-Virginia Clubg Busi- ness Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. N WILLIAM DAVID SHELTON, J R. "Bill" Richmond, Virginia AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ng Footballg American Society of Agricultural Engineersg Rich- mond Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery N g American Society of Agricultural Engineersg Richmond Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Ng American So- ciety of Agricultural Engineersg Richmond Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong American Society of Agricultural Engi- neersg Richmond Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. as-0595 ar lex jr ar vc 122 'bo VSA., We ew l at REGINALD COLIN SKINNER - GEORGE BERNARD SMH II "Reg" HS77ZlUyH Richmond, Virginia H zu 11SO11bll1 g xrll guna CHEIVIICAL ENGINEERING CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps Coast Avtzller 2,1 C01 ps ff' ii, ,Lv l1i7,.,,.', - ... FRESHMAN--Rftfdllwild Extefzriong Tau Chi Delta. SOPHOMORE-RiCl7772071d Exlemiong Tau Chi Delta. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Og Richmond Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Richmond Cluhg Chemical Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. , -ir , 1: 1: if K OF ACHIE 0 v Q. so Enfe 4-as 'Vr- DAVID ROGER SMCAK "Smokey" Wasllingtoli, D. C. CHEMICAL EVNGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps Faesi-IMAIQI-Private, Battery Ig Footballg Traclcg Intramural Football, and Trackg Capitol Clubg Chemical Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ig Footballg Trackg Intramural Football, and Trackg Capitol Clubg Chemical Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery I 5 Intramural Foot- ball, and Trackg Capitol Clubg Chemical Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Royal Order of Skippersg Intramural Football, and Trackg Capitol Clubg Chemical Club. BYRON DEMENT SPANGLEE "Skippol' A Buena Vista, Virginia BTECI-IANICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery I 3 Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Alleghany Mountain Club, SoPHoMoRE-Private, Battery Ig Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Assistant Manager, Footballg Alleghany Mountain Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ig Y. M. C. A. Cab- inetg Junior Manager, Footballg Alleghany Moun- tain Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Manager, Footballg Y. M. C. A. Cab- inetg Alleghany Mountain Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. ar fs x.g if at 124 V Q, so E"fe ,Xe Af, 5l.." HARRY BRADEN SPENCE HL' G!! B1'0Wn's Store, X7l1'g'll1lEL BUSINESS ADMINISTR'A1'ION Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company C5 Northern Neck Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Cg Boxingg Intramural Baseball, Northern Neck Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company C3 Business Clubg Northern Neck Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Business Clubg Northern Neck Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. ab?-'t HOWARD ARNOLD SPRUILL - "Hank" Portsmouth, Virginia CIVIL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps - FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Footballg Bas ketballg Intramural Basketball, and Wrestling Portsmouth Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Og Football Boxingg Intramural Basketball, anti Wrestling Portsmouth Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Og Footballg Box ingg Intramural Basketball, and Vrestlingg Ports mouth Clubg Monogram Club. Portsmouth Clubg Monogram Club. irlgt xglxt as 125 SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Og Footballg Baseball 3 Intramural Basketball, and Wrestlingg Mi, 1. Ooyx OF ACHIEVE Me 9 9 .QC "ily, LEONARD ANDERSON STARLING ffsdgif Q Leaksville, North Carolina AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Business Staff, The Virginia Terhg Agricultural Clubg 4-H Alumni Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Og Business Staff, The Virginia Teehg Agricultural Clubg 4-H Alumni Club. ' JUNIOR-Private, Battery Og Business staff, The Virginia Techg Agricultural Club 3 4-H Alumni Clubg Seminole Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Business Staff, The Virginia Techy Agricultural Clubg 4-H Alumni Clubg Seminole Clubg Royal Order of Skippersg Pi Delta Epsilon. 1 l 4 ..ll ...lll...lll I .lll lll-llllll as 'G . i'.I.....MM... .. . , ALEXIS PRESTON STEELE, J R. "Mike" Statesville, North Carolina MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company H g Art Staff, V. P. I. Shipperg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Interna- tional Relations Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company H 3 Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tech Efzgineerg Y. M. C. A. Cab- inetg Carolina Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg President, Carolina Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. if y wk y x y ar 126 eo VSA, 4912, EN, RICIIARD WALTER STERNBERG GEORGE MILLER STRAUGHAM . ff-LV-biwejj ffSZtgd1.Il lllaplewood, New Jersey HONORS CURRICULUM IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery N g Intramural Bowlingg Chemical Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ng Intramural Bowlingg Chemical Club. ' JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ng Intramural Bowl- ingg Chemical Clubg Phi Lambda Upsilon. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battalion, Intramural Bowlingg Chemical Clubg Royal Order of Skippersg Phi Lambda Upsilon. Ashland, Kentucky BIETALLURGY , Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company G, Intramural Bowling, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Trackg Mineral Club. SOPHOMORE-C0fP0fill, Company' Gg Intra- mural Bowling, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Track, Mineral Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Gg Intramural Bowling, and Track, Scorpion Clubg Mineral Clubg Secretary-Treasurer, Kentucky Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Scorpion Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. 'A' , i' t 'ir t OK OF ACH 151, BO EA, we swf ,M 2:5 I-,u ' JOSEPH JULIUS STROBEL fffoeil VVashington, D. C. HONORS CURRICULUM IN CHEMICAL ENGINERRLNG Coast Artillery Corps FRBSI-IMAN-Private, Battery Ig Boxing g Intra- mural Bowlingg Capitol Clubg Chemical Clubg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Terbg Academic Honors. SOPHOMORE-COl'PO1'8.l, Battery I g Intramural Bowling, and Cross-countryg Capitol Clubg Chem- ical Clubg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Terbg Academic Honorsg Order of DeMo1ay g Phi Lamb- da Upsilon. JUNIOR-Supply Sergeant, Battery Ig Intra- mural Bowlingg Capitol Clubg Chemical Clubg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Teclag Academic Honorsg Order of DeMolayg Secretary, Phi Lamb- da Upsilon. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Ig Intramural Bowlingg Vice-President, Capitol Clubg Chemical Clubg Academic Honorsg Order of DeMolayg Scorpion Cluhg President, Phi Lambda Upsilong Phi Kappa Phi. MACON GRAHAM STROUD "Stump" Norfolk, Virginia BIECHANICAII ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Lg Assistant Man- ager, Footballg Norfolk Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet. SoPHoMoRE-Private, Battery Lg Assistant Manager, Football g Norfolk Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Order of DeMolay. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Battery Lg junior Manager, Footballg Norfolk Clubg American Society of Mechanical Engineers g Order of DeMo1ayg Cotil- lion Club. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Battery Lg Manager, Freshman Footballg Norfolk Clubg American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineersg Order of DeMo- layg Cotillion Club. 128 - 6 Nl' OF ACI'-lj '54, 7' xi 5 M J RROME LEO SCHWARTZ ffl' Ly Hopewell, Vi1'gi.nia CHEMISTRY Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company G, Intramural Boxingg Petersburg Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Gg Chemical Club, 'Petersburg Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company G, Intramural Swimmingg Business Staff, The Virginia Tech, Editorial Staff, The V. P. I. Skipper, Sergeant- at-Arms, Lord Reading Clubg Petersburg Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battalion 3 Business Manager, The Virginia Terhg Lord Reading Club, Chemical' Clubg Vice- President, Petersburg Club, Royal Order of Skip- persg Pi Delta Epsilon. if PAUL LELAND SWECKER NPOPU Monterey, Virginia AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, 'Company G3 Intramural Basketball, and Track. SoPHoMoRE-Private, Company Gg Intramural Basketball, Football, Horseshoes, and Track. JUNIOR-Private, Company Gg Intramural Football, Horseshoes, and Track. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Royal Order of Skippers. fffffff XXXXXXX 'A' 'k It if p 129 gooxg OF ACHIEV Z 5 AA Af, EM .ul 55: gi g E HHH ffv-ll' ' magssgffu 5 Q' . 'ss Z- II all 'II - W Ye . , . ,Q A Y . uf 655- , ' W,-f !',p55.'2lf: I i . 4 .- i 1 - . X f ,A r . I , I: , 1 ' ' I I Y ,, A 41 WILLIAM DAVIS SYDNOR JAMES CALAHANE TAYLOR "Bill" HIi77Z77Zi6H I-Iamilton, Virginia Hanlptoll, Virginia MECI-IANICAL ENGINEERING CHEMICAL ENGINEIIRING Coast Artillery Corps Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Shenandoah FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg Cotillion Valley Club. Clubg Newman Clubg Hampton Roads Club. SoPI-IoMonE-Private, Battery Kg American SoPHoMoIuz-Corporal, Company Hg Cotillion Society of Mechanical Engineers. Clubg Newman Clubg Hampton Roads Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Kg Swimmingg JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company H 3 Junior Cheer American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Leaderg Assistant Vice-President, Cotillion Clubg SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Bachelor Clulglg Tegman Club? Vlcbpresldent' Battaliong Manager, Swimming Teamg Shenan- Hampton Roa 5 Cu ' cloah Valley Clubg American Society of'Mechan- SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ical Engineersg Royal Order of Skippers. ond Battaliong Secretary-Treasurer, Cotillion Clubg Bachelor Clubg Assistant Cheer Leaderg Newman Clubg Hampton Roads Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. - fffffff- NXXXXXX -1-iii if -If 1: ir if 150 OK OF Ac,-HEV '50 EA, 4,59 64,75 xg JOHN HERBERT TAYLOR Heabo L-IWI encew Ille V11 guna ELECTRICAI ENGINEERING Coast Artzller 11 C01 ps FRESHMAN Prrvate Battery L Wrestlmg Short Wave Club Mrd VIrgmIa Club SOPHOMORE Prrvate Battery L Short Wave Club MId V1rgInIa Club JUNIOR Prrvate Battery L Short Wave Club MId Vrrgmra Club SENIOR Prrvate Headquarters Battery Thrrd Battalron Presrdent Short Wwe Club Amerlcan Instrtute of Illectrrcal Engmeers Mrd Vrrgrrua Club Royal Order of Skrppers RICHARD FIELD TAYLOR Dzcle Ameha, V11 glllla ARCHITEC'lURAL ENGINEERING Coast Artzllevy Corps FRESHMAN Prrvate Battery K Order of De Molay Amerrcan Instrtute of General Contrac tors MIdV1rgIrI1a Club SOP!-IOMORB Corporal Battery K Intramural Tenms Order of DeMolay ArchItectural Club Mrd Vrrgrnra Club JUNIOR Supply Sergeant Battery K Intra mural Tennxs V P I Lrfe Savrng Corps Aca dernrc Honors Chaplam Order of DeMOl.1y Archrtectural Club Secretary Mrd Vrrgrnn Club SENIOR Lreutenant and Adjutant Thrrd Bat talron Staff Intramural Tenrus Honorary Mem ber V P I L1fe Savrng Corps Treasurer Order of DeMOlay Vrce Presrdent Arclutectural Club ScorpIon Club Edxtoual Staff The Vngfnlrz Tecb Engineer Presrdent M1dVIrgInIa Club Tau Beta PI fffffff NX xxxxx ,,lL. t i' Ik 'A' it 151 I I ' V IIII III I II lll 'I' ' Q III1j1lll"II. "1g3l1IggQllI II N Illjlllgglllxg "' , 1,x iw - Y .,.. ,V in i I A 1 y . . l il, 1 , flj ,K : . -.1 I , , f I , -'I I-,,..v., re , u rr - u L . , , . . A 4 'B I 1 ,H . . . . X . I I I 1 I 1 S S A '- I S ' 5 - - s - - , I 1 ' ' s - - I - I 9 - .- , 3 . 9 g . . 5 5 1 ' ' ' 1 . . y . , 1 1 3 I f 5 . ' ' ' ' . ' . 4 . . 1 n . - . . . 5 , . 3 I 1 . 1 . . S ' . 1 1 ' ' - A .- , - S S ' 'I - - - S , S ' I S S I ' 'S , ' S I x 'fm OO, OF ACHIEV so 9 if 6' 49' Wg. it : .. Us H ' - I .A ilir . EDGAR E. THACKEII, JR. ffEd.U Dante, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Infantry FRESHMAN-Emory and Henry College. SOPHOMOILB-Private, Company Dg Lonesome Pine Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Dg Business Clubg Lonesome Pine Club. i SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Business Clubg Lonesome Pine Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. ill. DUDLEY THOMPSON ' 'T0nz1ny" Clifton Forge, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Editorial Staff, The Virginia Terlag President, Fresliman Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Alleghany Mountain Club. - SOPHOMORE-Corporal Battery Og Editorial StaE, The Virginia Teclag Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Chemical Clubg Interna- tional Relations Clubg Alleghany Mountain Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Og Editorial Staff, The Virginia Teebg Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ As- sociate-Editor, Y. M. C. A. Handboolzg Vice- President, Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Secretary, Inter- national Relations Clubg Chemical Clubg Vice- President, Alleghany Mountain Clubg Pi Delta Epsilon. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Editor, The Virginia Teclag Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Chemical Clubg International Rela- tions Clubg President, Alleghany Mountain Clubg Royal Order of Skippersg Pi Delta Epsilong O. D. K. 'Ir A 'k A. it I H yyyty y it - 152 OF ACH, 493' SNP- r B , ' fgi ' I T ,,. f 's i' ii' . G . B . my! I I II A -XM, - X ' W mi IIIIIIM if 'A "' iii ifkigfwclzs I ss! ' ' , A ',,1'4:r,fi""'T'Q"' ' . , .tr . , . I . -eigiggx.. I, p,,nv:?,l:,:,:-,J ,?-,.E- GRAYSON PIUS TODD "Teddy" . Baywood, Virginia AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN--Private, Battery Mg Baseball, In- tramural Baseball, and Basketball, Future Farm- ers of America. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Mg Baseballg Intramural Baseball, and Basketball, Future Farm- ers of America. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Mg Baseball, Man- ager, Intramural Sports, Future Farmers of Amer- ica. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battalion, Treasurer, Future Farmers of America, Royal Order of Skippers. - 5--QLW5 ... 'Xi , L inf SV' E - " Gini. , 5 EIEEE BEEEE ggggg H aus a llllllllllllll IllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllil YI 1 af I llll JOHN PAUL TOKARZ "To.leie" Port Riclimond, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Chemical VVarfare Service FRESHMAN-Private, Bandg Basketball, Base- ballg Business Staff, V. P. I. Skipper, Newman Clubg Rappahannock Valley Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Bandg Intramural Bas- ketball, Baseball, and Football, Business Staff, V. P. I. Sleipperg Newman Club, Secretary, Chem- ical Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Treasurer, Rap- pahannock Valley Club. JUNIOR-Supply Sergeant, Band, Intramural Basketball, Junior Manager, Intramural Sportsg Secretary, junior Classy Business Staff, V. P. I. Skipper, Cotillion Club, Newman Clubg Vice- President, Chemical Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Bachelor Club, Treasurer, Rappahannock Valley Club, Tau Beta Pig Phi Lambda Upsilon, O. D. K. SENIOR-Lieutenant, Band, Secretary, Senior Class 3 Treasurer, Corps of Cadets, Basketballg Cotillion Clubg Bachelor Clubg Newman Club President, Chemical Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Vice-President, Mid-ticlewater Clubg Tau Beta Pi Phi Lambda Upsilong President, O. D. K. 1 1 a XXXN ?, f,ff F Y - t P ik 133 ' Q. wool - 'EVE .gb A16 M WALTER LES. TURNER, J R. "Snag" Roanoke, Virginia. CIVIL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRSHMAN-Private, Battery Lg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Teclag Assistant Manager, Footballg Order of DeMolayg Roanoke Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Lg Assistant Manager, Footballg Order of DeMoIayg American Society of Civil Engineersg Roanoke Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Lg Assistant Man- ager, Footballg Order of DeMolayg American So- ciety of Civil Engineersg Roanoke Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Master Councilor, Order of DeMolay3 American Society of Civil Engineersg Roanoke Club. WLDJ ' ELLIS IVEY VANDERSLICE "Vamdy" Hampton, Virginia BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Freshman Footballg Hampton Roads Clubg Biology Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Og Hampton Roads Clubg Biology Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Og Hampton Roads Clubg Biology Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Hampton Roads Clubg Biology Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. -x Ax xi 1: if 134 of Ev QQ E117 498' 647 EVERETT CALVIN VAN DYCK HVLZIZU PoI'ts1nouth, Virginia ELEC'fRICAL ENGINEERING Corps of Efrzgifrwers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Gg Trackg In- tramural Tennisg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tecbg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tech Engi- zzeerg Portsmouth Club. SOPHOMORETN0ff0lk Exleurion. JUNIOR-Private, Company Gg Tennisg Intra- mural Football, Bowling, and Trackg Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Order of DeMolayg Monogram Clubg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Portsmouth Clubg Tau Beta Pi. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Captain, Tennisg Intramural Foot- ball, Bowling, and Trackg Monogram Clubg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Presi' dent, Portsmouth Clubg Cotillion Clubg Royal Order of Skippersg Order of DeMolayg Tau Beta Pi. , , I E EE L- hang EDWARD MATHEWS VANN HEdU Rocky INIount, North Carolina BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Ifll-f6l'IZt7'fl,j FRESHMAN-Urzi11erIily of North Carolina. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Ag Intramural Baseball. JUNIOR-Private, Company Ag Carolina Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battalion 3- International Relations Clubg Carolina Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. - JPAN- 10172 "k if 'it 'X 'A' il -1:11-1 . eooa OF ACMEVEA7 , me 'swf MURRAY GREEN VIA , rrL0wu Critz, Virginia AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company B3 Wrestlingg Baseballg Intramural Baseballg Agricultural Clubg Future Farmers of America. SoPHoMoRE-Private, Company Bg Intramural Baseballg Agricultural Clubg Future Farmers of America. JUNIOR-Private, Company Bg Intramural Base- ballg Future Farmers of America. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong President, Future Farmers of Americag Royal Order of Skippers. JOHN VODAR, JR. "john" Disputanta, Virginia ELPJCTRICALY ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery I g Trackg Cross- countryg Intramural Basketballg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tech. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery I 3 Editorial Staff, The Virginia Tech. JUNIOR-Private, Battery I g Trackg Editorial Staff, The Virginia Techg American Institute of Electrical Engineers. ' SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Trackg Editorial Board, The Virginia Techg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Royal Order of Skippersg Pi Delta Epsilon. f .xii xt gix at 156 OOK OF ACHIEVE 'Ve 6 6 ,gb 417, I I I .W i-.,.lv,,-.' .-. 'A'..Lf:i..L.2Y, RICHARD PERROW WALKER FAIRFAX EDWIN WATKINS "Wbity" "Fax" Colemans Falls, Virginia St. Stephens Church, Virginia AGIIONOMY l.lIECI-IANICAL ENGINEERING Infantry Coast Artillery Corps FIzEsnMAN-Private, Company Bg Agricultural FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Club. SOPHCMORE-Private, Company Bg Agricul- tural Club, Rifle Team. JUNIOR-Private, Company B3 Secretary, Agri- cultural Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Agricultural Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. Basketball, and Baseball, Rappahannock Valley Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Basketball, and Baseballg Rappahannock Valley Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Bas- ketball, and Baseballg Rappahannock Valley Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Intramural Basketball, and Baseballg Student Assistant, Department of Graphicsg Rap- pahannock Valley Clubg Royal Order of Skippersg Tau Beta Pi. XXXX 137 K OF ACH, 493' AI7, 'Ve ,Eiga . - W 15,1563-I I. FRED ERNEST WAY, JR. HZJOZDU Kenova, VVeSt Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Infantry FRESHLIAN-PflVHfC, Company Bg Intramural Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Baseball, West Virginia Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company B3 Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Base- ballg West Virginia Club. JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Company B 3 Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Base- ballg German Club, Bachelor Clubg West Vir- ginia Club. SENIOR-Captain, Company B, Intramural Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and ' Baseball, German Clubg Bachelor Clubg West Virginia Club. CHARLES DEALLISON WHITE "Charlie" Newport News, Virginia AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Mg Footballg Hampton Roads Clubg Agricultural Club, Vice- President, Freshman Class. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Battery Mg Hampton Roads Club, Agricultural Club, Secretary, Sopho- more Class. JUNIOR--Supply Sergeant, Battery Mg Hamp- ton Roads Clubg Agricultural Club. SENIOR--Lieutenant, Battery Mg Hampton Roads Clubg Agricultural Clubg Scorpion Club. If 05955953-'k - 13,8 QJOOVS 'Ev EM Ni' 64' r I 'j' GORDON WEBEIR WILDES "G01':i0n" Oxford, North Carolina BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I'lLf6l'ILt7'flj FEESHMAN-Private, Company Ag Editorial Staff, The V irgirzicz Terhg German Club. SOPHOMOIIE-COIPOI1ll, Company Ag Editorial Staff, The Virginia Teclag Business Clubg German Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant lviajor, Regimental Staifg Vice-President, Corps of Cadetsg President, Jun- ior Classg Sports Editor, The Virginia Tefbg Vice-President, Business Clubg German Clubg Bachelor Clubg Sub-Executive Committeeg O. D. K. SENIOR-Colonel and Regimental Commander, Regimental Staffg President, Corps of Cadetsg Chairman, Executive Committeeg Sub-Executive Committeeg President, Senior Classg Business Cl-ubg Vice-President, German Clubg Bachelor Clubg O. D. K. l we ,I ?':?3':f . E5 ' ' JAMES EDWARD VVILKINSON "U7ilkie" Evington, Virginia B1ECHANICAL ENGINEERING Infantry FRESHMAN-Private, Company D. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company D3 Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers. JUNIOR-First Sergeant, Company Dg Minia- ture Ring Committeeg Paletot Committeeg Amer- ican Society of Mechanical Engineers. SENIOR-Captain, Company D5 Scorpion Clubg Vice-President, American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Vice-President, Tau Beta Pi. - 159 fa dl' ook or AcH,EVE M44 'Vr- VICTOR ELLIS WILLIANIS H'V'ic!! Edwardsville, Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Infavztry FRBSHMAN-Private, Company C5 Northern Neck Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company Cg Intramural Baseballg Society of Industrial Engineersg North- ern Neck Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company C3 Society of In- dustrial Engineersg Northern Neck Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, First Battaliong Society of Industrial Engineersg North- ern Neck Club g Royal Order of Skippers. WILLIAM B. WINGFIELD, JR. "Bill" Richmond, Virginia AGRICULTURAL :ENGINEERING Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Company Hg American Society of Agricultural Engineersg Richmond ' Club. SOPHOMORE-Corporal, Company Hg Ameri- can Society of Agricultural Engineersg Club. JUNIOR-supply Sergeant, Company ican Society of Agricultural Engineersg Clubg Alpha Zeta. Richmond H g Amer- Richmond SENIOR--Lieutenant, Company Eg Society of Agricultural Engineersg Clubg Censor, Alpha Zeta. American Richmond if -xy L.x fy x 140 OK OF eo EA., dd, SAI, Nl , HIE .gg JOHN DUDLEY WOOD WILLIAM GLOVER WOOD "f1cczmzcy" "Bill" Flint Hill, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia CIVIL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Coast Artillery Corps Corps of Engineers FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Ig Trackg Edito- rial Staff, The Virginia Teclvg Y. M. C. A. Cab- inetg Sergeantvat-Arms, Piedmont Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Ig Editorial staff, BUGLEQ Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg American Society of Civil Engineersg Secretary-Treasurer, Piedmont Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Ig Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg American Society of Civil Engineers 3 Vice-President, Piedmont Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Editorial Staff, BUGLEQ Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Vice-President, American Society of Civil Engineersg Piedmont Clubg Royal Order of Skippers. Fiuzsl-IMAN-Private, Company G5 Intramural Track g Roanoke Club. SOPQIOMORE-Private, Company G3 Intramural Trackg American Society of Mechanical Engi- neersg Roanoke Club. JUNIOR-Private, Company Gg Roanoke Club. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battalion g American Society of Mechanical Engineers 5 Roanoke Clubg Royal Order of Skip- pers. fffffff NXNXXXX 'A' - 'k nk 'ir -A' ' 141 ii 'Nl' OOK OF ACHIEV 6 L- EM . Sw, r' ff, ROBERT S. RADFORD YATES "FIM" Lynchburg, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Chemical Ufarfare Service FRESHMAN-Private, Company Fg Chemical Clubg Lynchburg Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Company F5 Chemical Clubg Lynchburg Club. JUNIOR-Sergeant, Company Eg Chemical Clubg Lynchburg Clubg Phi Lambda Upsilon. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Company, Sec- ond Battaliong Royal Order of Skippersg Chem- ical Clubg Lynchburg Clubg Phi Lambda Upsilon. .- 2 . WILLIAM LEE YOUNG, JR. "Bill" Danville, Virginia :ELECTRICAL ENGINEEIIING Coast Artillery Corps FRESHMAN-Private, Battery Kg Intramural Cross-countryg Business staff, The Virginia Terbg Danville Club. SOPHOMORE-Private, Battery Kg Business Staff, BUGLEQ Business Staff, V. P. I. Skipperg Business Staff, The Virginia Terbg Secretary, American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Sec- retary-Treasurer, Danville Clubg Order of De- Molay. JUNIOR-SCfgCElHf, Battery Kg Business Staff, BUGLI-ig American Institute of 'Electrical Engi- neersg Seminole Clubg Order of DeMolayg Scor- pion Clubg Pi Delta Epsilon. SENIOR-Private, Headquarters Battery, Third Battaliong Business Manager, BUGLEQ Chairman, Student Publications Boardg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Seminole Clubg Order of DeMolayg Scorpion Clubg Royal Order of Skip- persg Pi Delta Epsilon. if -x ir pf x 142 -I O V QV 'bo EMS I+ fv -. WESLEY ERNEST APPEL . ROBERT LESLIE ARNOLD ffzqpp-yi! HB0 il 111Cl1111011d, Virginia Lucketts V11 gllllil, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINLLRING Civilian Czvzlzaoz FRESHMAN Rzcbmond Exzemion. FRESHMAN Civilmn Student Union Intm SOIHOMORE Rzcbmond Exlefzfiofz. mural Wrestllng Student Uniong Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, and Club. Student Uniong Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, and Baseball Society of Industrial Engineers, Rich- i i i 1 if K or ACH, oO EVE 'Ve 6 Q, 'QQ' 'vy- CI-IARLES GILBERT BURR "Charlie" Blacksburg, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Civilian, FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Union, Reporter, The Virginia Tech, German Club, Y.'M. C. A. Cabinet. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Union, Edito- rial Assistant, The Virginia Tefh, Editor, Y. M. C. A. Handbook, German Club, Intramural Track, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Union, Managing Editor, The Virginia Tech, Editor, Y. M. C, A. Handbook, President, Virginia Intercollegiate Press Association, German Club, Vice-Chairman, International Relations Club, Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet, Pi Delta Epsilon, O. D. K. SENIOR-Civilian Student Union, Editorial Board, The Virginia Tech, Editorial staff, BUGLI3, German Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Chairman, International Relations Club, Secre- tary, Pi Delta Epsilon 3 Vice-President, O. D. K. HAROLD ELMO CAMPBELL NH E JJ Lynchburg, Virginia ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Civilian FRESHMAN-Duke Univemizy. SoPHoMoRIz-Lynchburg Exzemion. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Union, American Institute of Electrical Engineers. SENIOR-Civilian Student Union, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi. 1' 1 it at I . In if 144 O08 QF ACHIEV EM ef G 45' 'V r xqlb' ill! ' JOI-IN CHAPMAN COLE "j'0hm2y" Richmond, Vi1'g'inia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEEIIING Civilian FRESHMAN-RiL'l77IZ077d EXlEl1.1'i07ZQ Basketballg Tau Chi Delta. SOPHOMORE-RiCb7?Z072lf Extenyiong Basketballg Tau Chi Delta. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Union, Intramural Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, and Baseball, Society of Industrial Engineers, Rich- mond Club. SENIOR-Civilian Student Union, Intramural Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, and Base- ballg Society of Industrial Engineers, Richmond Club. WILLIAM FRANKLIN COOKE ffiafzzff ' Richmond, Virginia MECIIANICAL :ENGINEERING Civilian FRESHMAN--Rifbmand Exzemian. SOPHOMORE-Rirbnzorzd Extemiong President, Sophomore Class of Richmond Extension. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Union, Intramural Sports, Southern Colonelsg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Richmond Club. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong. Intramural Sportsg Southern Colonelsg Prosecuting-Attorney, Civilian Board of Governorsg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Richmond Clubg Tau Beta Pi. www as y 11 1: if 145 OOYK OF ACMEV EM 2 -1 e 'N' I 'W . WILLIAM STEPHEN COUPE "Colonel" Louisville, Kentucky CIVIL ENGINEERING Civilian FRESI-IMAN-Private, Battery M. SoPHoMo1uz-Private, Battery Mg American Society of Civil Engineers. E I ' I II II . II . I I i HAROLD WILLIAM CRAUN "Cavan" Burke, Virginia DAIRY HUSBANDRY Civilian FRESHMAN-Briflgezmter College. SOPHOMORE1BI'ldg81lldlE7 College. - ffffffl xxxxxx,Q . JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Dairy Clubg JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Swimmingg Agficulfuml Club- Vice-President, Kentucky Clubg American Society SENIOR-,Civilian Student Union: Dairy Clubs of Civil Engineers. Agricultural Club. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Swimmingg American Society of Civil Engineers. 1' l .' 'k ' Q X' S y . 'k if 146 OF ACH, W E Q, 600 VEA76 45 'Vi HAMPTON JENNINGS DAILY "Bicycle" East Radford, Virginia ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Civilicm FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Uniong Fresh- man Track. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Uniong Varsity Baseball. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Union g Secretary, Short Wave Club. SENIOR-Civilian Student Union g Short Wave J oHN LAFAYETTE DILLON "Nick" Portsmouth, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Civilian ' FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Uniong Fresh- man Football, Baseball, and Boxingg Portsmouth Club. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Uniong Foot- ballg Portsmouth Club. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Footballg Boxingg Monogram Clubg Portsmouth Club. Club, SENIOR-Civilian Student Union g Footballg Boxingg Monogram Club 3 Portsmouth Club. JnN.l?7Z 147 -11 ,QA 0 Z mr O05 OF ACHIEVE 'Ve 'Vx - - 1 1 f 4444 ---i--- ll . E' . 1 Q 5 I I f ' A I I ' I I . V Q . 'ii 4' -. JAMES RALPH EARLY ANDREW J. FRANCIS, JR. "Rip" "fimmie" East Radford, Virginia. Vifhitegate, Virgillia ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ' Civilian Civilian FRESHMAN-Virginia Milipa,-y Imgigmfe, FRESHMAN-Virginia Milimry lnrliluteg Foot- SOPHOMORE1Ifi7'gi7Zi4 Mililary Inrzimze. ban' JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Wrestlingg d S?ZHOL3OR?ER?M0ke.C5HiieSCCXul2nb.Stui Intramural Wrestlingg Short Wave Club. en Oat .0 fnemors' . "" a met' Demasthenran I.1terzu'y Society. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Wrestlingg . .. . I '. Intramural Wrestlingg Short Wave Clubg Ameri- t.gLiNIO?EFi:ii1aT Student Union' Amman In' can Institute of Electrical Engineers. S I U E 0 ec um 'ngmeers' SENIOR-Pl'CS.ldCf1t, Civilian Student Uniong Chairman, Civilian Student Board of Governorsg Vice-Chairman, American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Executive Conrmitteeg O. D. K. we I c . if ir 1: G if 148 eoovi EVEM 'Ne' Swr 7 ARCIIIE LINWOOD FRYE "Gmfgzz" Lueketts, Virginia I-IORTICULTURE Civilian FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Uniong Intra- mural Bowling, Intramural Baseballg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Uniong Intra- mural Bowling, and Baseballg Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Junior Man- ager, Intramural Sportsg Captain, Intramural Bowlingg Intramural Baseballg Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet, Agricultural Clubg Secretary-Treasurer, Pres- byterian Student Sunday School Class. SENIOR-Civilian Student Union, Captain, In- tramural Bowlingg Intramural Baseballg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Agricultural Clubg President, Pres- byterian Student Sunday School Class. . AIICHIE CLIFTON GRAY ffKiPH ' Blacksburg, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Civilian FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Uniong Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Union 3 Busi- ness Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Vice-President, Luther League. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Associate Editor, Y. M. C. A. Hmzdbookg Business Clubg Student Assistant, Y. M. C. A.g Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Vice-President, Luther Leaueg Treas- urer, Lutheran Students' Association. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Associate Ed- itor, Y. M. C. A. Hfuzdbookg Business Clubg Student Assistant, Y. M. C. A.g Y. M. C. A. Cahinetg Vice-President, Luther Leagueg Treas- urer, Lutheran Students' Associationg President, Blacksburg Young People's Federation. ig., I at .x x 149 6 ,gif OF ACH, GOD A1 Fw 'Y 2- HARRY MISH HAMILTON, JR. Hfllefu Nliddlebrook, Virginia DAIRY HUSBANDRY Civilian FRESHMAN--Civilian Student Uniong Agricul- tural Club. SOPHOMORB-Civilian Student Uniong Intra- mural Basketbnllg Dairy Clubg 4-H Alumni Clubg Agricultural Club. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Agricultural Clubg Dairy Clubg 4-H Alumni Club. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Agricultural Clubg Dairy Clubg 4-H Alumni Club. JOSEPH ALLEN HARDY fffoeii Bedford, Virginia AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION Civilian FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Uniong Intra- mural Football. SOPHOMOIIE-Civilian Student Uniong Boxing. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Trackg Agri- cultural Education Clubg American Society of Agricultural Engineers. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Trackg Vice- President, Scorpion Clubg Agricultural Education Club. - ffffffo! xxx xxxu I -i-.1.......i. ar. yy xy y -jr 7 . F I in I 150 eooyg. OF ACHIEVEA1 4,62 GN? :S Sdrn S, , 1 A ig tb X tt 1 I II , - "w,f , 3'lS-S To Q A tx. S- it fm?-!'fA2Qfg , f' ffiq ,fat l'3!g!5 3 5. -,, :mi ami 55555 H3 E! ES us e llllllllllllllIIIIlltlIllllllININIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ... ,Q it WILLIAM ESTON HARVEY Appomattox, V11 g1111zL AGIiICULlURAL EQONOMICS Cwzlzan Cross coun Club Intramural FRESI-IMAN Pr1v'1te Company C ily Intmmural Sports M1dV1rg1n11 SOPHOMORE Puvflte Compmy C Sports M1dV1rg,1n11 Club JUNIOR C1v1l1an Student Umon Intrunuml Sports A5,r1cultur'1l Club SENIOR C1v1l1an Student Uruon Intramural Sports Scorplon Club Agr1cultu1alC lub 2- 'SEQ N E-If gl MARVIN ANDLRSON HOPKINS H 0 ppy Rmhmond V1rg1n1a INDUSIRIAL ENGIYEERING Cwzlzan FRESI-IMAN RlCl77IZ072d Exlezzxzofz SOPHOMORE Rzcbmoml Exzemzon Umon Intmmural 1nd Bowlmg So Rxchmond Club JUNIOR C1v1l1.1n Student I'ootb'1ll Tenms Volleybflll cxety of Industrral Englneels Umon Intramural and Bowlmg So R1chmond Club SENIOR Cxvxlran Student Football Tennis Volleybill cxety of Industrml Engmeers ,itil-l fffffff XxxxXXX -. .il11- 151 U V H E ll: 'L .-J "" -L 1' .-"IJ E' " ' .41 , HL... Hr , -fu L Y i ta ttt H ,rf 1 1,14 , , H M " +4 " 5 "'.' ' ' , J " . E , - ' A -: ': it - 2 2 -v Z x: : E : Y 1 : I ' 5 T , A , -1-I, - , O l Q . . 'T ff U ff U Cy 7 . 1 3 rw A 1 rw I 4 4 A. - . . . . . . ., ' - - . . , 1. ' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' " Q T4 Q - f . - I, I - . . . . a 4 ' .. I a 4 - ' ' . ' 4 ' a Q ' 1 f 1 ' i . S G .1 . 4 . I 9 . . ' 5 Y ' , , . . . . . 7 -' -' S , , 1 , S ' . . Q Q ' - ' ' 4 , Q . ,QB as OOK OF ACHIEVE MSN, HASWELL CLARON JACKSON "jack" Ivanhoe, Virginia. DAIRY I-IUSBANDEY Civilian FIIESHMAN-Private, Battery Og Agricultural Education Club. SOPHOMOIIE-PIlVt1fS, Battery Og Agricultural Education Clubg 4-H Alumni Clubg Agricultural Clubg Dairy Club. JUNIOR-Private, Battery Og 4-H Alumni Clubg Agricultural Clubg Dairy Club. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong 4-H Alumni Clubg Agricultural Clubg Dairy Club. EDWIN RANDOLPH LEE ffRdnU Roanoke, Virginia ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Civilian FRESHMAN-Private, Battery L. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Union. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Union. SENIOR-Civilian Student Union, I A yy A A 1 x 152 'bo EA, 4,56 64,75 -3 RANDOLPH LOWRY LEVVIS ffRfln!l Catawba, Virginia INDUSTRIAL ENGINEEIQINGQ Civilian FRESHMAN-RiL'l77l2072d' Callegeg Track. SOPHOMORE-Ricbmomi Extemiang Basketball. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Union. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Intramural Football. ARMIS'FEAD R. LONG, JR "Huey" llfadison Heiglits, Virginia MECHANICAL ZENGINEERING Civilian FIIESHMAN-Lynchburg Exzenrion. SOIJHOMORE-Ljlilfbbl .'1- g Exlerzxiwz. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Rifle Team Intramural Tennis. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uninng Varsity Ten nisg Intramural Tennisg Rifle Teamg AnIer1c'1n . Society of Mechanical Engineers. at ir at if if OO-A OF ACH1EV E111 6 2 6 4+ rv, CHESTER SMITH MCLEAREN W rrnlafxa Herndon, Virginia DAIRY I-IUSBANDRY Civilian FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Union. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Uniong Intra- mural Boxing, and Track. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Trackg In- tramural Track, and Boxing g Alpha Zeta. SENIOR-Civilian Student Union 5 Intramural Track, and Boxingg Vice-Chairman, Board of Governorsg President, V. P. I. Dairy Clubg Alpha Zeta. JACK GEBITART' MOSES HI 616' ,eu Chatham, Virginia AGIIICULTURAL ENGINEERING Civilian FRESHMAN-Private, Company G3 American Society of Agricultural Engineersg Danville Club. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Uniong Ameri- can Society of 'Agricultural Engineersg 4-H Alumni Club g Danville Club. A JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong American Society of Agricultural Engineersg 4-H Alumni Clubg Seminole Club. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong American Society of Agricultural Engineersg 4-H Alumni Clubg Seminole Club. -1- , ir y Virj Wy -if 154 YS E Q, 500 Vsmfs 49 Nr vig- JOHN MARSHALL MURPIIY Hpatll Sevierville, Tennessee ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Civilian FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Uniong Footballg Basketballg Intramural Baseballg Student Assist- ant, Electrical Engineering Department. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Uniong Foot- ballg Intramural Baseballg Monogram Clubg Stu- dent Assistant, Electrical Engineering Depart- ment. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Footballg Basketballg Monogram Clubg Assistant Business Manager, The Virginia Tecbg Intramural Base- ballg Student Assistant, Electrical Engineering De- partmentg American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Football, Student Assistant, Electrical Engineering Depart- mentg American Institute of Electrical Engineers. ROBERT LEE RAMKEY "Deacon" Richmond, Virginia NIlECI1ANICAL :ENGINEERING Civilian FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Union. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Union. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Union. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Tau Beta i' W 'kv U I-'k by I it vb MSN, EDGAR EARL SIBOLD GEORGE NIAXIE SMITH "George" Newpolt, V11 g'11'112l. Petersburg, Virginia Er EQTRICAIL ENGINLLRING CIVIL ENGINEERING Cwzlzcm Civilian FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Uniong Footballg Basketballg Baseball. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Uniong Foot- ballg Basketballg Monogram Clubg Cotillion Clubg Treasurer, Board of Governors. JUNIOR--Civilian Student Uniong Footballg Monogram Clubg Cotillion Clubg Board of Gov: ernorsg O. D. K. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Captain, Footballg Basketballg President, Monogram Clubg Vice-President, Cotillion Clubg Honorary Mem' ber, Bachelor Clubg O. D. K. - 1 XXNXX fffff Ootk OF ACHlEVE Q, Q' 'WGN 43' h 7- -? V L LT' ' 1 ,K ' ig to ,, , U ,n .NN -- I L f - V A I,"-., I A ' X rs , .3 xx . I ,, ' ,f eggu I N AN' ,L I MM A I .. , N .. .K .M I 1i' :,ss:f-SSW in in 5?2iEQ2QEmmGQmS1zQf 44 E 513' l l :: llllill mu nm H um lllllllllllllllIlllllllllIlill!!llllllllllllllllllll 54' 5 1 'ii Q:-a..' xi' N I W' hi FRANIQ ADDISON SPENCER DIRFFIE FREEMAN TYLER 'vida' ffpoppaff Buckiiiglmm, Virginia South Richmond, Virginia ELECTRICAL ENGINIEERING :ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Civilian Civilian FRESHMAN--Ufziled Stale: Nnwzl Amdeuzyg FRESHMAN-Rirbmorzd Exleazriozz. Intramural Baseballg Amateur Radio Club. SOPHOMORE-Ricbmond EXZEWMH4 SOPHOMORE-'Uniled Sfflfff Na flfl I Afffffffffyi JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Intramural Amateur Radio Club. Bowling. JUNIOR-United Smlef Naval fffffdmifi Mus' SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Intramural tering Petty Oficer, Corps of Cadetsg Amateur Radio Club. Bowling, Football, and Boxing. I SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong American Institute of Electrical Engineers. iiiii-1 ffffflf N'xxxXX iiiill- 'A' i' it 'k 'k I 157 .49 to OOK OF ACMEVEA7 Fw 7' NEWTON PETEREIELD VEST "Newt" V Richmond, Virginia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Civilian FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Union. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Union 3 Society of Industrial Engineers. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Civilian Board of Governorsg Business Club. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Manager, Intramural Sportsg Civilian Board of Governorsg Scorpion Clubg Business Clubg Richmond Club. WILLIAM ADOLPH WALDMAN "Willie" Norfolk, Virginia CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Civilian FRESHMAN-Norfolk Extemion. SOPPIOMORE-N0ff0lk Exzemimz. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Chemical Clubg Lord Reading Club. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Intramural Footballg Chemical Clubg President, Lord Read- ing Clubg Phi Lambda Upsilon. if W , wk I E ir A if 158 EM SN, WILLIAM IRA WHITE "Bill" Wl1ite's, Virginia DAIRY I'IUSBANDRY Civilian FRESHMAN-Civilian Student Uniong Agricul- tural Education Clubgp Intramural Basketballg Rappahannock Valley Club. SOPHOMORE-Civilian Student Uniong Agricul- tural Clubg Rappahannock Valley Club. JUNIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Treasurer, Dairy Clubg Agricultural Clubg Rappahannock Valley Club. SENIOR-Civilian Student Uniong Dairy Clubg Agricultural Clubg Rappahannock Valley Club. x 1 if C a ar if 2Ziu4'.2ii- NTHE Buorr Fora ross EMERGE DR.XV , COLD-STORAGE FOR MATT H :sm ri. i. . .ll'1l.Q'l iGUA.C...5FRES H iM'EiN r W ,AND Ati55',t,' L ..,.N if "1 ' FOOT BAJLL RAT IN THE 'f"f's7-7??5k:j. Y, , Resses if it 'ir 'lr Senior Class Histor 'T A story of achievement has been the basis of the history of the class of 1955, and with these achievements revived freshly in our minds we set out to record them forever. The story begins at the most logical point, the War Memorial Hall. The time of the beginning of the record is some such ungodly hour as 5:30 in the morning when, we are told, the first mem- ber of our class arrived in line just to the right of the gym. And so we registered to solidify into the class of 1935. Orientation week rushed by, leaving us in a storm from all sides. But if orientation week constituted a storm, we hesitate to classify the following Saturday, when the upperclassmen re- turned, and the rat system began in earnest. But in the swift tempo of the place, life rushed on, and we began to see signs of improvement as far as we were concerned. The freshmen foot- ball team had started its season and we were impressed with the ability that seemed to rest there. From those days we remember such names as Ray Mills, Red Negri, Dave Thomas. George Smith, and others, who were the driving force of a great team. We still look back at the Var- sity squad of that year and wonder what hap- pened there. Weigliing 195 pounds from Hank to flank they seemed unable to get a start, and as a result, a poor season. However, the day in Roanoke that year was one that we will long remember. The Corps left Blacksburg early in the morning and went down to the Magic City via the Huckleberry. There the Gobbler team showed its potentiality for the first time, and helped to make our first Thanksgiving Day trip a big success. Returning to Blacksburg and the Thanksgiving Dances, it was an all too short period before we were faced for the first time by that spectre on the horizon of student happiness . . . Exams! However, with a varying degree of success, we found ourselves at the end of them and finally staggered home for our first Christmas vacation. Back in school, problems presented themselves. ranging all the way from the rat system and academies to election of class officers. To the latter problem we pressed ourselves with much diligence, and elected Scott Francis to lead us for the rest of the year. The end of the winter quarter brought us a feeling of unity that we had not had before. We began to see ourselves as a unit with some deh- nite goal in mind. That goal was that we should leave V. P. I. a better place than we had found it. So with the coming of the spring of 1952 we began to look ahead to the next three years that we were to spend at V. P. I. Fourth floor and riff it it at if if tl'-HE Book or Acurrvrmewrir -2:522 1 I basement bull sessions began to point out changes that would improve the school. june, 1932, came more suddenly than many of us had hoped for, and in what seemed no time at all we found ourselves decked out in full dress and parading over the drill field before admiring alumni and parents. The class of 1932 passed out into the world, a finished product and we became sophomores. Back in school in September, and after the rather disappointing football season of 1931, it was a pleasure to see the 1932 edition of the "Orange Hurricane" take the Held. Starting out with an impressive win over Roanoke College, and carrying out the schedule with but a single defeat, at the hands of Alabama, we were greatly impressed with our new coaching stall, Redd, Tilson, and Younger. As we look back over the roll of that great team, we are not a little impressed with the records that our classmates made. Ray' Mills was the triple threat back that warmed the hearts of many alumni with his broken held running. Negri and Huffman did well in the forward wall. George Smith showed up as a blocking back without equal in the con- ference. After the football season, and with examina- tions staring us in the face there was little time for anything but classes, and three weeks found us again ready to pack and start for home. Back in school early in January, and with plenty of time on our hands, we began to show the fresh- men how they should conduct their lives. On that day in early May, just thirty-live days before school was to close came the incident that did more to mould our class into the unit that it was to become than any other thing. This was the deplorable dynamite episode. Calls for a strike were issued. Through strong leadership and clear thinking that situation was cleared up and the class of 1935 became a strong organiza- tion. And so, june found us ready to step up one more rung in the ladder and as the class of 1933 passed out of the scene we became juniors. The junior year is undoubtedly the best year of them all. The junior is not beset with all the petty differences that rise, and has time to think of improvements that can be effected and changes that should be made. And so with all this in mind we came to the beginning of our junior year. Rushing through a hectic football season with potentially the best team in years, we saw the Gobblers fall far short of what they should have been. Winning or tying most of the state games, we saw our team losing out to opponents they should have taken. The V. M. I. game was dis- appointing, resulting in a scoreless tie. As football ended there arose in the minds of the class an event that was to materialize into the social high spot of the year. For years it had been the custom on the first of May or some 1,1 1 1 fnwg w ij H I 731 l ' v ' ' , F ii .caozu ms oovvmr , ryy.1.,,1i.ooKs 161 , it it. . ..,... , jj u ,, ,, W,,f,a- i ,. I ,W k7,,.s,.s,, f -ON?E 1 v ,, -Q ew-fafatafafaff 1 fd 7 if QW Q li j Q! V M W W M M if li ONE-TWO " nk M WTHE BUGLE F0re1935utf at -at ' 521 ' AND i j 1 I . .. uk l' 3 M i,,jg111'1.WQv I 1 it X f ik w Tift M Mlearv ..-r rr - ' - 2,5 j T jj - 1 aria:- ..,. j . 1- Q SNOVVIIN "MA .--.--... ,.:, c .. , .E DUSTY it : 1 . H lr . - ..... w wllul sv im H W' . :.g. - . . r j . . i. 1 . N . . . ... .c :fr av . in H l' l' l' N W l' ' ' H -ta.: W . Mn"u"u ar lc ..,. ... .far-025.5 .jr such date, the seniors-to-be were allowed to wear their rings for the hrst time. Feeling that this system of initiating the class ring fell far short of everything that the ring meant, the class de- cided that some ceremony was in order. And so, the Ring Dance. The idea was advanced early in the new year. At first the proposal met with many obstacles from every side. It began to ap- pear that the plan was not a feasible one, but with an eye to the future classes that were to come, a committee was appointed to carefully investigate the proposal. It was in the winter quarter of that year when we heard that Scott Francis, who led the class since the spring of 1932 was called home and had to relinquish his position as president of the class. At a meeting of the class shortly after, Gordon Wildes, who had been vice-president, was elected to the vacated position. In the last week of April the first Ring Dance ever held at Tech became a reality. To the strains of sweet music and accompanied by a kiss from the One And Only we received our rings. It was an impressive scene, as was the sabre arch in the Hgure that followed. We had reached one of the highest goals of every cadet, the privilege to wear the class ring. It was the early part of the spring quarter of our junior year that the class took the initiative in a concentrated movement to abolish the old rat system that had gone out of date years ao. At a meeting of the class a committee of all the first sergeants and sergeant majors was selected to carefully investigate the present rat system. After much careful study they evolved, with the help of representatives of the two lower classes, the present system that is now in effect. At a joint meeting of the three classes the plan was voted upon with unanimous approval. But in the meantime other matters required our attention. So it happened that we turned our minds from administrative details to the rap- idly approaching examinations and finals. The Junior-Senior Prom was our contribution to the social success of that occasion. And so, as the class of 1934 went out to take their place in the world, we became seniors, and were at once concerned with the details of sum- mer camp and the coming year. We had reached the zenith, and were at last the lords of all we surveyed at V. P. I. Leaving all the details of Munroe, Meade and Humphries to be explained in the' pictorial sec- tion, we rush on to September when the Corps again convened at Blacksburg and we started our senior year in earnest. In the first place the new freshmen regulations had to be explained and oriented, which in itself was no small job. It was during the fall of this year that The Virginia Tech was notified of the fact that it had won the prize as the most representative college newspaper in the country. This is a real accom- plishment, and one of which we are justly proud. . p A V . ' " ,. U WW.. M' H ,a 'V ' kia' fi li l,il rr it rw is -2 .af g E i li M y 5PRlNiG r A' 2 j ' 162 1 I ex if aft:-at Book or ACHIEVEMENTQ egka f, It reliects credit upon Dudley Thompson, the Editor, and upon the class as a whole. The senior class trip occupied our attention for a while. After much squabbling back and forth it was decided that the class would make the journey to Portsmouth to see the Gobblers tangle with the Wolfpack of N. C. State. And so, leaving Blacksburg in any way possible, rang- ing all the way from ROTC cars to busses and trains, the senior class finally convened on Fourth Street, Portsmouth, that Saturday morning and took the town by storm and by popular acclaim. We walked away with the Armistice Day parade, competing with regular units from all branches of the service. In the afternoon we were priv- ilged to see an inspired and determined Tech team down the State men in one of the most thrilling battles of the year. The football team was trailed all season by a fourth quarter jinx that was persistent in turning what seemed to be sure victories into defeats in the final minutes of play. The Gobblers avenged themselves on Thanksgiving Day, however, when they took the Kaydets into camp to the tune of 13 to 0. The game was played on a gridiron that resembled a quagmire, and the rain that fell all through the game didn't help matters a great deal. Early in December of this session the germ of a plan was brought to light that was to result in a new setup of student government at Tech. This plan was the formation of the Senate as the governing body of a newly constituted student body. So, when school opened in January the Execu- tive Committee appointed a sub-committee to work on a plan. A constitution was drawn up and presented to the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors. The Administration was highly in favor of the plan, and passed it on to be voted on by the Corps and the Civilian Stu- dents. With a favorable vote cast by these two organizations, the old order passed out, and for the Hrst time all the students at V. P. I. came under one student governing body. The class of 1955 looks back on this change as its major accomplishment during the four years spent here. In the new setup we see the end of many of the faculty measures that were prev- alent under the old order. From the newly cre- ated Senate we can already see many changes for the better and look into the future to see succed- ing classes through this body, work out changes that so many alumni and students have hoped would be affected, but have not been able to in- augurate because of difficulties arising from the students themselves, or from the administration. The swift passing of time marked many inci- dental duties and pleasures, but surely and cer- tainly that day in june when we were to pass into the War Memorial Hall as students for the last time approached, and the last weeks of May found us all very busy with the last of our exam- inations. For three years we had watched the classes be- fore us draw up in line at the Stadium and re- ceive their reserve commissions, and then pass on into the Memorial Hall to become Bachelors of Science, and june 11, 1955, found us not too sure that we were ready to leave. But the dances and whirl of Finals had come to an end and we . . . passed on from seniors to alumni. We look back on the four years that we have spent at V. P. I. and especially the last year and a half, and hope that we have added to rather than detracted from the prestige of the school when we were "lords of all we surveyed" at V. P. I. HUEY " . Q - il W W... .. V it in my int? l, 1 I TH ,SENATE I 1 I SENIOR B K EIBJED4-fmu'V' M. L 73.1. mm kdm- Iii' E5 WON afwffafaf-karat JUNIORS 11-,111 'ZZ umor Class 0ff1C6IS . . VAN. R. H. COPELA J. D. Russia F. K. SHIRK ........... W. C. ROBERSON, R ..... 55a?'Q 'kTHE BUGLE FOR 1935 0 M 2? X ai M M lo V 32 I J. B?7Z3ge,3?YCK Mlsss Evlglggmiifgllicfiq SHELTON S9 Sp ..,0 , 51 . . J N M J B D P M M V P M S M T Q4 IA S 8 W f Nx Sy if . 0, W W , , M . - W 166 xi 'K' 'A' if 'K If YXN 'kt uk-uk if 'lr if if -AfTHE BOOK OF ACHlEVEMENT'k uk xo! wi wr M L M if L l A. L. HARTMAN J. R. ALLISON T. A. ALLISON J. A. HEISLE11 Winchester, Virginia Delton, Virginia Maysville, Kentucky Richmond, Virginia X' Electrical Engineering Biology Agricultural Education Chemical Engineering Private, Band Sergefml, Company C Private, Balfery L Sergeant, Bullery I i M Q2 V it f W ll W W .L . L, ,hu A wi.. ,r,,, ina- avii -ff 11 f ,W R. M. BACHMAN A W. L. BARNES B. XV. BISHOP W. J. BLAIKLOCK nr Bristol, Virginia Cardinal, 'Virginia Darlington, Maryland Washington, D. C. Architectural Engineering Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Industrial Engineering t Sergeant, Company D Sergearzl, Bfzllery K Sergemzt, Batlery I Ser-gemzl, Bntiery O 0 -6 all M ll M ar P. S. BLANDFORD K. M. BOSTWICK C. 'W. BRADSHAW T. N. BROYLES y Beaumont, Virginia North East, Pa. Rice, Virginia Leon, Virginia Animal Husbandry Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Education Agricultural Education X Privafe, Company G' Private, Band Sergeant, Bnltery L Sergemzr, Compaizy C, M 167 V 5 war-:ff-aff-rar 1IrTHE BuoLEFoR193sf if tr 1 M M M M M M J. S. BURROWS J. N. CARGILL R. P. CARTER WM.CATL1N,jR. P 1 North East, Pa. Hilton Village, Virginia Alderson, West Virginia jacksonville, Florida Q9 Mechanical Engineering Architectural Engineering Chemical Engineering Industrial Engineering QW Private, Battery M Firrt Sergeant, Battery K Sergeant, Company D Private, Battery I it V 1 ' " ev .7 ...rt we was . . .. v, . 1. M O. M. CLARK, JR. J. C. COLEMAN R. H. COPELAND G. A. COSTAN Kinsale, Virginia Richwood, West Virginia East Falls Church, Va. Lynchburg, Virginia Mining Geology Chemical Engineering Agricultural Economics Industrial Engineering Private, Company E Sergeant, Bam! Color Sergeant, Firrt Sergeant, Battery 0 or , Third Battalion Staff t M' W in M M N! A. N. CRANE, JR. F. S. CRAWFORD R. N. DARDEN, JR. E. G. DAVIS jersey City, New jersey Alderson, West Virginia Newsoms, Virginia Hampton, Virginia sf Chemical Engineering Business Administration Agronomy Business Administration Sergeant, Battery K Sergeant, Company A Private, Battery M Sergeant Major, QQ ' , Regimental Staff My 168 M if 445' 'A' 'Ir 'A' if fk 'A' 'k 'k' 'A' xrvwia' tiki xr:-is BOCJK or Ac:-IIEVEMENI4 Q-,,.,, G R DAVIS J H DUZE 'I H EPIIS JR J W EWING Richmond, Virginia Fort Hancock, N. J. Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Dairy Husbandry Chemistry Business Administration Business Aclmmistrltion Fifzft Sergeant, Bmzd Private, Battery M Supply Sergemzl, Bullery K Sergemzl, Balzery K H M FISHER G S FRANCIS W FREEMAN L F GARBLI1 Wilmington, Delaware Richmond, Virginia Cardinal, Virginia Strasburg, Ohio Mining Engineering Dairy Husbandry Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Prnmle Brztfery I Sergeant Bztlevy I Prwale Company E Sefgemzt Bmzi L. T. GATLING, JR. W. S. GOODE A. G. GREEN, JR. T. GREIG Battery Park, Virginia Clifton Forge, Virginia Markham, Virginia Covington, Virginia Civil Engineering Business Administration Business Administration Business Administration Sergeant, Company E Sergeant, Company A Supply Sergeant, Company B Fin! Sergeczrzl, Company D -aaa Q C JI it it M M M -M We Iv' :If 'I V1 Q! A t if I W I M it my W it it M A M 1 I it M 169 M 'A' ir 'k 'A' it i' uk 'A' ir 'A' G-WWW! 'IITHE BUGLE FO 5 -:v V G C GROSS S. F. HALL F W HARRIS T T HART Richmond Virgina Norfolk, Virginia Glen Allen Virginm Warrenton Virinid Chemical Engineering Business Administration Industrul Engineering Biology Pvzwzle Bztfery I Sergemzl, Bfzzlery O Supply Seigemzl Bnttefg N Sefgenzl Company A B H ADKINS J. W. HASKETT D HAYLEY E N ANDREWS JR Danville Virginia Norfolk, Virginia Winchester Virginia Richmond Virginia Electricwl Engineering Biology Horticulture Chemical Engineering Sergeanl Company E Private, Bmzd Private Company B Fnft Seagemzf Battery I H. V. HUMPHRIES Covington, Virginia Mechanical Engineering Sergemzl Major Tlaird Battalion Staff if 'A' ir ir 'k 'Ir ir uk nk' 'Ir 'tc -kTH,E BOOK OF ACI-IIEVEMENT4 Richmond Virginia 1' armville Virginia Fordwick Virgini Dinwiddie Virginia Industrial Engineering Business Administration Industrial Engineering business Administration Supply Sergeant, Battery I Sergeant, Battery L Sergeant, Band Sergeant, Battery I It M T. T. jrsrrnrnsl 4 J. M. forms H.4A. JOIINSON, gk. F. E. .IONES C L KERSTEIN G H KIDD W A LANSFORD G F LIINZ JR It. Roanoke Virginia Roanoke Virginia Bethesda V1rg1n11 Newport News Virginia Electrical Engineering Business Administration Business Administration Industrial Engineering Sergeant Company E Sergeant Mayor Sergeant Company C Sergeant Battery I P. R. LINDSAY C. P. LUGRIN 12. D. MCCOLLOCH C. CI. MCVAY Lynchburg Vir inia. Glen Lyn Virginia Buchanan Virginia Clearbrook Virginia Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering Sergeant Company G Sergeant Band I Sergeant Battery I Sergeant Band 171 'A' 'A' 'tr 'tr 'A' if 'Ir ir 'A' 'A' 4-.-gssxwx 47757 f mf 1 41 I Lf I v II I II 11 4 . I I Q 4 7 s 5 f ' 1 , . ' . . I I 1' Pirrt Battalion Staj l -4 1 g a ' Q : -4 L A I V 7 J I I we-Q-sc-Q BUGLE FOR1935i' -if E F. B. MOORE C. I. MOTHERSHEAD W. L. MULLEN J. R. MYERS Marion, Virginia Etta, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Salem, Virginia Architectural Engineering Agricultural Education Business Administration Horticulture ' 1 Privale, Ballery K Sergeant, Ballery N Firrl Sergeant, Company A Sergeant, Company A V ll il ll ll 0 V ll 1 W X M w wr v il ' R. H. OLIVER C. A. PAMPLIN H. H. PATTEN C. P. PATTON . Suffolk, Virginia Sutherland, Virginia Calypso, North Carolina Herndon, Virginia ti V Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Business Administration Biology Supply Sergeant, Battery M Sergeant, Company B Supply Sergeant, Company A Sergeant, Company D l ir I. G. PLUNKETT L. G. POLHAMUS, JR. R. C. POWELL, JR. B. A. PRITCHARD N! Appomattox, Virginia Windlester, Virginia Petersburg, Virginia Norfolk, Virginia Business Administration Business Administration Architectural Engineering Chemical Engineering Sergeant, Company D Sergeant, Band Supply Sergeant, Company F Firrt Sergeant, Company E 172 it . -.k 553 .2 NP- " kit 'k if 'A' ir ir 'lr uk wk' af if Til? in-lr nook or fmlalememer-+ii ,,Ys1sar4anu...- . , E. D. PROUDMAN, JR. G. C. PYNE, JR. J. K. RAINIER H. F. RANKIN y Hampton, Virginia Mechanical Engineering Private, Battery M l R. G. ROBERTSON Petersburg, Virginia Industrial Engineering Sergemzl, Company F J. D. RUSSELL Suifolk, Virginia .-ff on 4-y 2 fwfr wkdliljitrgk wi-a .Je i vi l . .HF Iggy 'iz I. Roanoke, Virginia Briclgeton, New jersey Reiclsville, N. C. Architectural Engineering Biology Business Administration ll' Sergemzi, Company G Prizlnte, Bntlery M Private, Company A ,yi 4' 1 W My it . wt .NI all in ,l Iliff LE lg! M' Galax, Virginia Hampton, Virginia Delaplane, Virginia N, Je' XV. C. ROBERSON, JR. F. D. ROLLINS B. A. RUCKER, IR. N Animal Husbandry Industrial Engineering Animal Husbandry Firrt Sergennl, Baile:-y 1. Sergeant, Battery M Sergennl, Company B x. lx tl . 4 ip a .cl it N . ,Url il 12 if is J if l i fl C. W. SANDERS F. K. SHIRK J. J. SHULKCUM Ashland, Kentucky Philadelphia, Pa. Roanoke, Virginia i' lx i, 1 Business Administration Metallurgical Engineering Industrial Engineering Business Administration ,gl . Supply Sergeant, Company D Sergeant, Company F Sergeant, Company G Private, Company C 'Sf air 'ir ati' oft? it fwfr Yin' 175 - I X1 Q My ,ws 1 , QTHE OR 951: if wk S SHUMATE J S SIMMLRMAN T C SLAUGHTER B T SMYTHE Warrenton Virgxnm Wytheville Virvinia Wishington D C Pleasantulle N Civil Engineering Mechflnicnl Engineering Agricultuial Economics Mech'1n1c1l Engineering Suppl, Swgemz! Company E Puwzle Cmnpmzj A Sergeant Battevy 0 Prnfnle Bnziezy K I I SPITLER D SULLLNBERGLR, JR R G FARKINGTON C D TATE Covington Virginn Monterey Vlfglnla Hickory Virginia Gate City Virginia Business Aclministmtion Business Aclmmistrfltion Chemiml Engineering Chemical Engineering fnrt Sezgeanl Buttery N Prmnle Cunzpnny A Fm! Sergeanl Company C Smgerznl Company A u J B. VAN DYCK J. W. WEBB S. A. WLNIQ H. S. 'WHLARY Portsmouth Virginia Holcomb Rock Virginia Vineland New Jersey Crewe Virginia Electrical Engineering Chemicll Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Architectural Engineering fnrl Sergeant Bnllery M Sergeant Major Private Batlery M Private Company G Second Bfzltvlion Stay? 174 A j B u G L E F A 1 3 .V - I ' .J 1 " .J r I - ' J , - 5 'G -5 . I-ll i if gp, ,' ' . vm W uf .' sr' " ' U-L - . 1 1 4 4 1 u .' - . 4'.w . J ., .' If V . .K J , A . . I! , l . Mar I V . 4 1 . ,Y.11m - "" f I , C 9 : 1 , . U. I I J r . if -if if 'k ' ir -A' 'lr 'ir nk 'vw- 'A' uk if THE Boox or ACHIEVEMENTHH' H. P. WILSON, JR. A. A. WOOLFORD S. C. WORRELL XV. R. YONKER Fireco, West Virginia Ocean View, Norfolk, Va. Newsoms, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Industrial Engineering Electrical Engineering Agronom Electrical E P ale, Compmz G Priwzle, Band Private, Ba fer I'i1!lI-8, T354 iiwfwlfr ... ' ifI.:.::iTf .ml gig gmc. H t.- ,A ::1:,I3r l .M - , H .. ...M-Q an-'ff'-9" ,, , 55:35 fha- M' I.. "iff--' 4. ff. 'f'E:g., , N Ng-ff ...m1",,,,,y- ' Y ' Ecf- .,-" ':5i3:., .. H """' : " -' - 'Zi' '.+:""'-V 'gun -""' 'U' ... 'sr , .LTL -. - '--f ,- " " CSS' Q . "f at 5257 ef N --3, ii.. 3553: '-:ga N. .! 1 "" I af A,--'b:5?" ., y -. , few N s W 5 f 1 + . 1 v ' . '- ., 1.1. 1.1, ,, 4, , ,, : -.M 1 .-: ' A 1 -IJ 'n 2 fix .- , A ,.,:" .:1- ,rdf 5 5. 9' 2. 24? 5151: .. .eff W ' U 7 ' i 3551: ':f53f:1EfE " '5 .S55555 " .f I f 'H' WEE:-rig: 5:5515 . ' 'QI:I:q2g::zq:1. -' -4 2' 5 1 . a ' 'fffflf fn - ' iff' '- ' -' fl 2. is 1E.1.-.-.+:.f.:.f.:.-"4 V-Se: .ri 4 V "EEE - 'e - - T5 . : -I X :gg l' ..'f :, ' n mml,-, 2.2 2 11: ssi au li zzwmfi az ! 'll ug., I., 'i " .,.g5: ""' Mi I' rf" ,"A E Y ..::::L'., -,: I' .:::5g:: 4, -.f i '-:kia A-3: 5.515 4 : .: I :E EAI, if 'A' 'k if 'A' 'A' if uk 'Ir 'A' roy M1 M ll V xl M . qi ll . ,, 3 M P . V V Q7 V lil .sm J ""' an 5 W Blur In ir, IMNQX V? 4 ffl E M af' 5? ir A 21 li iz 5, Aw 5 " Y U .V M Qt TJ 2 I W xi? v 2 . ' M li X M 175 77? -AITHE Buotr FCJR1935i'k -if ek . ses I ll 'i if tl v . 1 V.M.I. seats BAQQTLE RC -TASZSGEE zNsPEcT.1oN i, i. ufafrs' ii llv'lii"vfim355sX ii ii iii iii es was ANOTHER I 'ix 1-. unior Class History Way back in the fall of '32, when we still thought college was really like the movies made it out to be, we gathered at V. P. I. After duly registering, we were turned over to the sophomores. The Department of Mathematics figured that, all things being equal, we would gradu- ate in 1936. Wie made our debut to the world at large and Blacksburg in particular in the Rat Parade. The parade was much the same as past performances and differed only that the exposed anatomy belonged to the members of a new class. After that, we settled back to watch the '32 Gobblers go places. At the same time our freshman team wasn't doing so bad either. Time and tide wait for no man, and one day we looked around, and Finals were with us. The noise and confusion was most impressive, aeroplanes roared and attacked everything in sight until even the local birds were not safe. Ma- chine guns and anti-aircraft were called into action to repel the bombing attack. The autogiro pilot incensed the anti-air- craft crew by stalling overhead and mak- ing faces at the gunners. As sophomores, our main distinction was that we were a little more onery than most sophomores task the Physics Departmentj. Aside from Van Dyck and Crozier we had no one to act as boogey man for the freshman class, so the rats had a fairly easy time. Most of our time was taken up by the juniors who still thought they were sophomores. The high spot of the year was the awarding of the contract for the '36 ring. After many sleepless nights, the committee, headed by jimmy Van Dyck, turned out one of the finest class rings that V. P. I. has ever seen. When josten finally got the contract, the whole class settled back to impatiently count the days until May, 1955. After a hectic year of dances, juniors, professors, exams, "Home Sweet Home," it it 'k 'ir at 'A' 'A' it 73: 'ir ir if Inspection and Finals, we came to the conclusion that being a sophomore was a duty and not a pleasure. We returned in September looking for new Helds to conquer, these were readily supplied by the Applied Mechanics De- partment, although there is a question of doubt as to whether or not they were conquered. Dynamics took its usual toll. Immediately plans for the Ring Dance were formulated and committees ap- pointed for the biggest social event of the year. Exams followed right on the heels of Mid-Wiimters, and once again we experi- enced a brief taste of civilization. Spring . . . Easter . . . The Ring Dance bringing with it the privilege of wearing our rings .... Inspection .... Senior week .... Exams .... Finals . . . . The Prom!!!! And we are seniors at last. Witll almost twenty-Hve cents a day being supplied by the paternal govern- ment, and leave regulations being what they are, life became worth living once again. Numerous classmates succumbed to Dan Cupid's arrow, and could be found almost any week-end at one of the nearby girls' schools. There was some talk, just before Christmas, of hav- ing a long roll call at Randolph-Macon. The Gobblers came through on Thanksgiving Day to revenge last year's scoreless tie. The day was a complete success, in spite of weather that resem- bled the "Deluge" Although spirits were slightly dampened, the evening was also a perfect success. Following right on the heels of Thanksgiving came dances .... Exams .... and then at last "Home Sweet Home" for the last time in 1954. After a short period at the paternal tireside, when we tried to explain to our doting relatives and ador- ing girls, that cits were really much more comfortable than our uniforms and we were home for a rest and not to give a fashion show on what the well-dressed cadet will wear, We staggered back for the much-needed rest. Classes, and some vacant places, the exams had taken their usual toll. ir 'A' 'A' it i' 'lr 'A' 'Ir it 'A' -A'THE BooK or ACHIEVEMENT 62253 If SOPHOMORES 'ir if if l1'THE BUGLE FOR1935 Sophomore Class Offlcers XXX if F. M. BANKS V Mus. J. L. BANKS Pfesirierzzf Beckley, West Virginia Spomar W. H. RUBY, JR. ..... V d A J. C. HULCHER ........ 3 y I-I. E. WILSON, JR. ........ T J. L. INGLES, JR, ...... S g A , gf, g 3 ' , 1 .:, , L,,-....1:. , .. Q! 180 12? ir 'k 'k 'k 'ir ir ir ir if A A ae 5 4 .1 Il f.. ,I 2. W Y ' 'd l iff iw A. L. ABBITT C. F. BAILEY F. M. BANKS J. M. BLESSING, JR. A. V. BLUNT, Jn. J. C. BOATRLGHT R. A. Bonn, Jn. M. W. BRADSHAW W. Z. BROWN P. R. BUCKO R. S. Bunnuss R. E. CALLAI-IAN, Jn. C. C. CAMPBELL, JR. M. M. CARMELL E. C. CARTER W. H. CARTER C. CATLETT P. W. CAWLEY F. P. CLARK , J. C. CLORE J. W. Comm W. T. COLEMAN R. M. CROCKETT M. K. CUMMING L. V. CURRAN J. D. DAVIS, IR. H. E. DLCKBRSON P. B. DOUGLAS C. W. DowNs L. L. ELEY M. F. ELLMORE F. H. EVANS, JR. J. T. EVANS, Jn. H. H. FERNEYHOUGH S. B. FITTS, JR. W. W. Fosrnn -'-- 1 Lf ff. s- f' Lf 1: T. .f 1: f f T 211 N .' ..fvQQ-55557 LA? gg lg! V ,PHS L, hi! D if IVV LL H ,V DT" A J .v f'ijQjll- fx ii ' f 'f ii 1:4 5-ixfG2ff 5 i.'Z,F4 ,L A if Q"Xv.P1?7?j '3'f"f,I 'QIQ27' ii .-1 if yi A? r' '. .-"M AJ Vfi F1-SIR x ,'- A Q TIN A 'T Q 71? i .1- ".W W. KV", ' 'N .L L ,ff xi' Q. me 1 L1 TVSNKWZAJZ .3551 +' ri C , fu' V. Wi. Xi ,T if "'-.Tiff Mr QW' LiN'!.+'Fg 'i 'N :U IQZXXW U ' ffl 545 fl Q J, W WU? .5 W 1.j'Ls, ,V M, fx Ii " IV: f 'if' , H f QM? sl-'V' mx f .Li gly , Q-' .K 9 L47 .xy P, C. Fox Q,-., .' ff rwygw J. B. FRAY ,EA-W1 J. G. FULTON, JR. sS Tvs . 1 L Y' 1. W. GEMMELL rl, 5' X Q'v L . .L ,, ,.,- L.: Ai., 181 L 1 1 v 1.7, 1 2:73, N' I r " -N-T-1 f ?.-. .- --Lf .A iz. ,A L A 'A' ' C " T --'44,-4: -..A .Lf ,,.,- Lf F. W. GLASS M. P. GOODEN S. H. HALL E. H. HARVEY W. E. HOLBEIITON I. HOPl'ENSTEIN J. C. HULCIAIEII C. M. HULL R. B. HUMMEL W. B. L. HUTCPIESON G. M. HUTCHISON J. L. INGLES T. E. JONES A. R. KEMP A. A. KIRK B. D. KUI-IN, JR. W. F. LAIIEY E. H. LANE, Jn. G. S. LEONARD C. G. LOGAN R. T. MCCLOIIE H. C. MCGRATH W. C. MCMULLIN D. W. MAHANE3' W. F. MARTIN H. M. MEYEIIS, JI1. G. K. MILLER P. MITCHELL J. D. MOORE, JR. J. E. MOORE R. C. Mooms M. L. O'NEALE H. S. PAGE W. J. PAIS J. M. PARKER O. G. PILAND J. D. POWELL R. K. PUNCIIES W. J. REAIIDON, JII. J. W. RESSEGUIE 'A' Ik 'kTH J. K. Ro W. A. ROTHEIIY W. H. RUBY J. F. RUSH S. F S L. V. SI-IELT W. H. SH H. B. SMITH W. O. SMI M. A. S J.T.S K J. STEPHEN B. M, STITES P. M. STOL J. W. su F. B. THACK R. L. THOMPS , Jn. J. E. TURNER C. A. WAGLEY J. C. WARE R. B. WARE M. C. WETHERALL G. L. WILSON H. A. S. WRIGHT E. WILSON E soox of ACHlEVEMENTfk J' V M M M M M 0 M M M I M af 0 I f N. M KM M M M if I M M M M M 'A' n if M M If M 183 A ' -If fx if wk iv jk if f if ,VVJ 1 Q' Q30 R T H E O R 1935 2 i w Qamfsw 5 mf wljiwdf X E' aww iii! aw X W3 if W' me .f-""""' can if ir if 'A' 'lr if 'Hr ik 'if if it W F M V V V M M 455A 111 M :izn f .5ffj1dQwf '- ,W flflf .4 :fm A,::,. M if . '1:1.:: IZ- :.: ,.,, ..... Q 4 ' 4f iw Q? Qi' Q f : 1 T Zlii M y , .l 4l , I i 4A44 , f if -lc fkTHE BO Sophomore Class History One bleak and desolute day in September, 1933, the class of 1937 came into being. They were a Wide- eyed bunch of high school hopefuls, W i th an exaggerated opinion of themselves. After a hectic week, when they were initiated into the mysteries and duties of the Rat System, they par- ticipated in the last Rat Parade that V. P. I. will ever witness. In the meantime, the freshman football team was cleaning up all opposition to win the undisputed title of State Champions. Following on the heels of Christ- mas and an all too short vacation, came the election of our class offi- cers. After electing Mac Banks presi- dent of the class, the Pin Committee was chosen and immediately began work. At the end of the year the class made one of the greatest sacrifices possibleg they voted unanimously to support the Sophomore and Junior classes in the movement to abolish the Rat System. Returning in September, the class was faced with the difficult problem of being Sophomores under the new order of things. In addition they had one of the largest Freshman classes in the history of the school to contend with. Witli some diHi- culty the situation was gradually ironed out. Christmas came and with it came Exams. It was found that Santa Claus was not so liberal with quality credits. ik 'A' 'A' 'A' nl' 'k 'A' if 'A' S. H U P Acnlrvemem 4 e"?2E.-'32 COMING DOWN 'P PM F-sg BURNUR 185 o K o F . , K J ppyyp up M . it W in ixil i'i' Q U X1 ll 7 , cd., y t 'lift i oy F 0 l iilll 3 . lists I l W 'iii lrlrrlii i it i i yy... AA I U ' .P V lt , y ly ii i ...y yu M ll i ii Sf, so V M M M M -777 FRESHMEN 4 4 4 Z t BUGLE FOR1935 0 X I M Q9 we sa Presidefz Beckley, West Virginia Spomor 0 N wi W Q9 L.A.V13CEL1.Io MRS. E. V ECEL LIO M W X 0 I Freshman Class Officers M V W HAH IP,z M it O V W J. M. XWEST T M N? 0 1. hi..-.-Ym-,,- -... v - A ' ' wi W M w W ' 188 ,., -kfffffaffff YYY?- s R.D.H 5 y Q s.c:.B S5 A av A f 1. Y -f 7 f PM ru C. I. ABBITT J. ADAMS, JR. A. K. ADKINSON R. M. ALLEN J. A. ALPHIN R. B. ANDERSON A. A. ANTHONY, JR. D. A. N. BACOT H. F. BAILEY C. C. BAKER, JR 'M. H. BAKER R. BAKER F. C. BALLARD WM. BALSLEY J. H. BANTA T. G. BARNES C. L. BARNETT J. C. BARNETT C. M. BEARD S. W. BELOTE R. A. BELZ F. BENSON B. F, BERKAW E. BIBB N. B. BILLUPS S. VV. BISHOP H. M. BLESSING A. V. BLUNT E. E. BOCKHANS A. M. BOERNER T. G. BOSWELL L. D. BOTTOM C. M. BOUNDS, JR. S. C. BOWEN J. B. BOWLES J. S. BOWMAN W. M. BRADSIJAW, JR. F. BRJENNER W. F. BRENT, JR. C. N. BROADDUS ,.-1. '.r ,f -- ,1,. ,fl r u lr 1 r r- g f V -, U KH. mf' I' L.. V. 5 LL X." 4 M M H A 'E 'TTD-" Tv' X . XNQ xy.. gi . 189 ,H . V , ,Q ' . M V 1 11 JUN' y M , ' .H xlf 1' H LX 'V' .XM 155 M'-.NT P, T . 9NW!rr?i A- 1 lg Xl ' Y R Tiff vfki,-":'3 KY ,y fx' :QQWQ p 1: . T yi 5 z.: ff :M M2111 if' Q. . . ,U A if1"a,1N T T T N ' w 'HE L Q1 Q 9 ,T ,Nw if W I fi .45-Q .. . V., x"Jh.l!'ff5 -.W G. 115'-.V 1,1 . . 9 ', fl fi 1 if 'f f ST X35 if P11 is xl ll -:J 1' E ' w W AMW A N." ?. . mr. ,mb f Nfl. UW' L- ,I v A My-1 iff? Fbhily- .519 A ,,T 3.3 ' F! 'Ni- 2 l ., 1.4 . A A 5 T li E- In ww V iYf,X1!,fE Evil." ' Cf X' Hz 'lf if XY iff gif ' Y: "fi-.2427 mf !A-. :Q-. If T INV' VW ,J . . . I W., 'Z y : A A mf Uy'vvj.fn I . 1 1 1:33 155, ' XIII 3 .N .T .T f Y fi.-. .. 5' , , 1, J . A, . H, ,. 17'-Q.-2--iii f 715 --'f A-. -N ffl rx rw f +. A A f A J 7 Q fifirl 'ETJTYDZ-V' Q-f -gj,ff"l , M -k -.ff 'f.f4.-f:f'4f'. f - - 1 x JJ Jw if , 1 J Y 2 "i 4 x JI, XX 40,1 Nz N, N1 W A I I J. if ,I fu 1. y JA' x f JW T? J, 'Z 1 flg 1 f 'l AI . 'v ff H F li, .J J.. 1" -1 7? y 1 2 xylwl JIM' 'J J X22 x ff I 1 'Q if Jw' w f ,- .ln V My ' J 1" 21 .1 my: rx ' up 1: I I I.. 1 f ft E , . I . 1,' W. BRoo1cEs A. C. BROWN A. M. BROXVN J. W. BROXVN S. C. BROYLES J. S. BUCHANAN G. I-I. BURGESS W. J. BURLEIGH, JR. W. BURROUGHS, J G. R. BURRUS J. L. BUTLER U. B. CARPENTER, JR. N. CARMICIA B. R. CARSON, JR. D. CARTER G. W. CASE S. S. CASSELL, JR. D. E. CASTO H. S. CHAPPELL, JR. A. J. CHEWNING, III S. S. CLARK G. J. COCHRANE D. T. Co1NER T. W. COLBOURN J. W. COLEMAN W. S. CONNELLY E. N. COOPER M. L. CORBETT C. B. Cox, JR. E. B. Cox, JR. J. P. Cox, JR. J. A. Cox J. A. Cox R. B. Cox C. P. CRAIG J. H. CROCKETT M. CORBETT J. D. DARDEN - B. F. DAvIs J. B. DAVIS M. P. DAVIS W. B. DAVIS W. F. DEAL, JR. C. P. DEAN P. B. DE FURIA J. M. Delux, Jn. J. D. DIAMOND J. DICKEIISON I. E. DISCHINGER, JR J. C. D JIOVANIDIS C. F. DONAHUE F. G. DOOSING ' J. W. DOUGAN J. B. DOWNS L. B. Doxny J. T. DUDLEY J. G. DUNLAP W. D. DUNN G. W. EASON A. J. ELLIS R. L. EMOIIY, JR. B. B. FERGUSON, JR. W. H. FERGUSON W. K. FENTRESS W. L. PINNEY J. FISHER J. O. FITZGERALD A. FITZGERALD P. H. FITZGERALD W, C. FITZPATRICK H. A. FLORANCE J. M. FOGG G. T. FORD F. R. Fox R. T. FIIANZEL E. H. FULLER J. M. FULTZ F. C. FUNFIELL WM. FURGUSON, JR. N. K. FUnTUss I I ,Y -,x '-3 I .::I-'f,,w 'fy' if? . +R. . 44 4 .4 4 4 4 4 41 42- fl 4 -'z 49-14' Iii' 'E 'Sl N - ri iw 4 rl WN 4:31. I Tf1"l'f 5 . A ,144 4-' Q-4 VE T! 'fg '4Xf4,4 4311 :ff " 17'-. 4 'N 4 MW :f'f.! ,Wi "f' T f-' . I 4. . 41x A .L 44I4 Ll, 44 ,V 'I-Q414WgJ KM ffs W 4" IM, 414 4 4 'if 341. ES, 151.-4 .-'WN 4- .f- 4 '-fx V M ld W JV A I4,4,q.,1 ' 'Cuz' I . W! 4'-L1-'4 444-.4 QQ M R24 if rw-W., 4-.4 Q ,' W 53 4A.425K, 4ij.4,1i4 4.4 Ale 4444 I I 4 V .x WSW ""Af,-fy . ' J 4, . 4 4 ,I 44, bCK'xXJ!A,. :W 4' wsu, I .NLNANMI V4 A. V11 -4 4 ish I. 1' 45.xl,4M ufx' 3114 .. 4 rw ,Rc ., . 14424 ,I - '7 44 4 4 V Q' 'lflf I 4 ,ya 4154? .I '4-f'.7'jf fllfw 4 . -. Nl I 4 ff ,N 4 4 4 I H406 if '4 fi ' 4 -45. lux ' 'I M", .444 Q" iii, N4 W I' Ixgk.'A I-Q 'fl 44. v. 4 fr 's:Qx,4!fQ 'Qi IP H491 l 4' 5 45lt"g!+ 4. 4. N94 4 4 W.. ,,,,, ,. ,-if -7'f'3g .Ti -- - . .. .- . . ,. - . . . . . f- 4 :A-I 4. L4 L3 4. Eg 4' Au R -4 3 5 ff if 2 Y V H. F. GALE H. H. GARDNER C. E. GARRET1' L. M. GARRETTE H. R. GARY C. P. GAY, JR. E. F. GIEE R. G. GIBBS ' J. M. GRAHAM, JR. ' F. C. GREEN J. W. GREEN W. R. GREEK, JR. R. N. S. GRIFFUX1 W. A. GRIEEITI-I, JR. D. T. GRINNAN G. HALL W. D. G. HAMILTON J. P. HANKINS P. J. HANNA H. H. HARDENBERGH W. E. HARMAN G. G. HARRIS, JR. E. G. HART H. D. HART A. M. HARVEY, JR. R. D. HATGHER R. S. HAWS I. K. HEARN, JR. W. D. HERDERSON E. D. HENKLE M. HENRY J. F. HENSHAW P. HENSHAW C. W. HEPLER C. W. HEUER 3 W. C. HEWITT J. F. Hrcxcs 4 C. M. HIGGINS V. B. HIGGINS J. HOFFMAN K 192 . .... ' 2 .I L 'I f"F? 1 4313 ' .A A .44 ,. v Iv ff -1 ef i ff' 'v -f '- r Q T ,.- Ti' IN M Pi ...K L -. K 1' 1. X..-.....:....,, ' X ' --EG N-4. X,-.. T. E. HOLLAND N. T. HORNE F. M. HORSLEY H. A. HOTT W. C. HOWARD T. C. HOWELL R. F. HUTCI-IESON B. A. HYLTON J. T. HYLTON A. V. INGE R. F. IRELAND B. JENKINS V. T. JIZTER G. H. JOHNSON T. H, JONES F. H. JORDAN L. KELLY S. D. KELSEY R. V. KIELY F. M. KING J. H. LACKEY W. M. LA FON W. S. LA FON E. W. LAKE J. K. LAMBERT S. B. LAND J. R. LA PRADE H. R. LARNER J. W. LATANE J. W. LATANE G. E. LAWRENCE C. H. LEAP W. N. LEE J. C. LEE B. G. LEWIS C. S. LEWIS L. R. LIGAN O. C. LINKAUS H. R. LITTLE J. S. LOUGH . I X, . 1 -L I -- V .. 5x .ff .,f ,rf .-- R. P. LUCAS E. J. MAGILLEY C. M. MAPP E. C. MARSH T. A. MARSH D. J. MASON C. MAY W. M. MAY G. P. MCCONNELL T. MCDONALD Q. T. MCINTYRE M. MCNEIL H. S. MEAD B. M. MEDLIN G. T. MEHALKO R. D. MELTON J. W. MICHENEII H. S. MILES F. S. MILLER J. A. MILLER C. C. MIsI-I J. H. NIONGLE A. I.. MORGAN M. G. MORGAN R. H. MOORE F. R. MOOIIEEIELD R. W. MULLINS J. H. MONGLE E. A. MYRICK G. T. NICHOLSON T. H. NOTTINGHAM J. I.. OAKEY C. I. OLSEN W. R. OLMSTEAD J. S. OWEN F. C. ORE M. M. OTTLEY D. W. PAGE J. H. PARKER W. T. PARKER W. M. PAYNE J. L. PEARSALL R. D. PERDUE W. J. PETERS R. PEYTON J. T. PH1LL1Ps J. M. PIERCY M. A. PILCHER C. P. PITTMAN J. T. Pins A. H. P01212 W. M. POPE P. H. PORTER A. R. PORTERFIELD F. PORTERFIELD C. W. POWELL R. B. POWELL G. R. POWLEY S. POWERS F. J. PRAEL J. R. PROBST J. B. PRUDEN S. W. PUTNEY J. A. RAKESTRAW H. G. RAMSEY ' J. G. RAWLINGS D. E. REPASS H. REYNOLDS J. L. ROBERTS A. S. ROBERSON J. D. ROBISON B. H. ROGERS T. F. Rosn S. RUSH X. W. RUSMISELLE C. M. SANFORD J. R. SEABORN D. V. SRAGL13 C. V. SERBEL1. R. T. SHARP .x xv .11 L EN Lv P. L. SHELOR C. L. SHOCKEY J. B. SILVESTEIL Q. E. SIMPKIN L. R. SIMMONS A. W. SINCLAIR M. J. SLOVIC H. C. SMITH E. SMOLA C. T. SOUT1-xE11N R. W. SOWDER W. T. SOWDER J. IE. SPRADLING J. R. STAFFORD G. C. STARBUCK S. C. STEELE W. R. STEPHENSON S. M. STOAKLEY R. H. STOVER D. W. STUEES E. S. STUBBS j. B. STYLES F. A. SUMPTER J. A. SWANEY D. H. SWARTZ J. S. TATE R. W. TATTERSALL WW. R. TAYLOR J. S. TERRELL H. R. THOMAS J. S. THOMPSON E. L. THORNE D. C. TIMEERLAKE M. W. TIMBERLAKE J. A. TULPAK C. P. Toxmnz H. P. TRUILHEART J. T. TURLEY W. L. UTZ R. H. VANDENBERG uk' W. P. VAR C. A. V L. A. VI: J. VENTU O. R. V E. P. VEST 'A' G. W. VUNCR K. F. WACIISMIITH A. P. WAR JMW R. C. XVALKRR E W. C. W' TE W. T. WEBB W. H. WRDDLR . . EST III W W. M. J. O. WIGGS H1 W. W. WILKINS G. S. WILLIAMS J. WILLIAMS K. B. WILLIAMS P. WILSON W. B. WINE E. E. WOOD E. E. WOOD I. WOLFSON C. L. WOODWARD W. E. WOOLWIN F. B. WRAY C. J. WRIGHT N. S. WRIGHT R. R. W RIGHT THE BOOK Or ACHIEVEMENT-k 0 N Y AL, M M M M M 0 M II M M V 0 I M M M M M k I -Z M M M M if 0 M M M M 197 Ik ir 'A' 1? 'A' ir if Vi' ir 'lr if T H E BUGLE FOR19 gg- -Af +- Plgi , , ,4 Q51 ,,g:.11.f ",,, f gg, grgqrg-f,.f gay- . 2 G -- '- A 1 W' lb- .MO Eg zz, . "'4'fqf!?...A1f71 Q ' I ' ' A 1 In an " zr- : 1, W -114: -5 'S-7 i ,. , . A , If l Z4f A . :se "HTE'Quai Y' n"T'T?21 u 1rr :A:,:i:::: IZ.. 3' -:5::::::..-:E Zj: l:LE:Eg,: ' 5555. 555 155555: , :,4 4 .,,..-- -- -.., . ...' -A' it Q if 'ix' 'A' if wk is' if -gh flldlt g an W a tw c' . 2a't""faf'f'il.5 i M f , ,J3 . "V,.6A Freshman Class fx.- it . , gm 'all , WW ? m .-V. , A 'il iii, y ' , , , , l -l l w I 4 l l i l l I A 1 l l i 1 l l l it it at 199 Hlstory When the news that the Rat System had been abolished became known to the outside world the entering enrollment was almost doubled as more and more high school heroes decided that they would look good in a uniform. Almost six hundred assorted freshmen found themselves suddenly in Blacksburg one sunny September day in 1934. They were quickly put through the registering process and then turned loose on the quadrangle. 801354 or A.cHnEvtMEN'f if When the upperclassmen returned, they hardly knew what to do with themg gradually order came out of chaos as the upperclassmen found out how they were supposed to act in the presence of Fresh- men and not Rats. The freshman football team cleaned up all opposition to win the State Cham- pionship. Quite a few of the team should prove to be valuable assets to the varsity. "Sails" were discarded after the Var- sity took V. M. I. into camp to the tune of 13 to O. The trip was the lirst for the freshmen with the Corps and despite the rain, they had a big time. With scarcely time to recuperate from the Roanoke trip, the tests began to Hy thick and fast. And then . . . Exams! ! Despite the fact that the "Rat System" was abolished primarily to allow the freshmen more time to study, the mor- tality was higher than that of any pre- ceding freshmen class. Evidently the old adage, "The devil finds tasks for idle hands," is only too true. Following on the heels of Santa Claus came a rapid procession of dances, exams parades and at last . . Finals l l I With all its glamour and excitement, and recog nition at last with its escape from the hated "Mister". 'fx-at-is. if viz' wir 'at it 'A' iT r . V, an vmfx' WY., 'TX QP X2bsQk5.n.M -. . f, . V,,, -, New BUCK THREE T R DR. J. VV. WATSON Head of the Department of Clzemistry and Chemical Engineering X N F f ff ff CHEMICAL ACHIEVEMENT l 1 The Extraction of Bromine from Sea Water xml I 'TN na li l fait? ' 1' I!! , 3 5 H' jim lx ','5,,, . jmtlul 4, 3 lx y L ., ,,. ,,i 4- i .f. A. ...l, ,fqrkiff sa. lo, ., - ,,. X x GQ, . 1 ur., I V, 1, k 4?-It firm, FLW' ig. V1 ,, "'Q'T'1T'Ti J I ll " 1 Y l 9 4,3 " I ,"'l 'l dt., ,ri ' fi-fr y' . , i 1 7 ,W ,z ,1.,,.....n.....?.g il t 4' IN darkened, secret chambers mediaeval alchemists strug- gled with weird concoctions in their yearning to convert baser metals into the precious gold. Today science has grown to a more respectable position than in the era when magic and mysticism ruled, but man has lost none of his old desire for the glittering metal. There is a belief among many scientists today that gold in the future will be taken from' the waters of the sea. Only recently has man discovered a process by which bromine can be extracted from sea waters in commercially-prohtable quantities, significant because of the extensive need for bro- mine in the industry of today, particularly in treating gasoline with tetraethyl lead. This process is not only a great achievement in itself, but it may in addition mean that the time is not far away when gold, also, will be recovered from the ocean. lu.. r Y Y ' ' " l1j1"ff,L'4J4- - 5 M, .if- -0 --J-My 1 ff -V - - A - U- 11 ,,. ' X "'-Til" 't'-:14 L- , , I V , k V1 ,ff H V iE.12l.I4i,:, ig.,Tgigzl,i:f1.:.13gfQ1pg53g13yEx54 ' 'NI 11'w' -u. , g - -.ZEAQJL ,jig - - - . ' - f -V , '?P,"L-7: ' ,V ' - 'F " 4.','f:'-:",A5' ,V f f' Riff! f L -f' -1:2212-Gf A -.r w ' Lili,-,Z - 1 ' 1 ix- 1 Q ' -N.g,., -. :'f1"17-3 ii! ' B71 ' V ' 5 QS' . ' " ' .-Ji1':Q'.w'.'.-JJ:'.j-'-2532-f1.':Hf:f-2-.'1v5X'f' . V I . -V VVVV I i 4' . E ...... . .-H. Q-.lmivuygf , Y ' ' Q Ufflfv 329 A an I THE DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE 'ak' lm Q f X ff? 'I 'fm "W flwx Av Q - ff-H ff S X ""' ff war Y 3-gg 'ki'Tfi,'HE Busts FOR 1935 iii'-rd' was? THIE DEPARTMENT I I I Docron J. E. WILLIAMS Demi of Me College AT V. P. I. the academic-scientific di- vision is known as the College, which is made up of the Business Administration curriculum, the applied science curricula fBiology, Chemistry and General Sciencej and the pre- professional curricula fPre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dentistry, and Pre-Lawj. The pre- professional courses, being only of two years duration, do not lead to a degree, although the student deciding to continue at V. P. I. after this time may transfer to a four year cur- riculum and continue without loss of credit. In addition to the regular curricula departments there are other instructional departments connected with the College, which, however, of- fer no degree. These are the departments of English and Foreign Languages, Economics and History, Mathematics, Military Science and Tactics, Physical Education, and Physics. It is within the various curricula of the College that the student can find the broadest, least technical education at Virginia Tech-an education most like that offered in liberal arts colleges and universities. Biology, especially, is known locally as a curriculum in which by substitution of classes, it is possible to get into many fields of study. To a lesser degree this is also true of Business Administration. Perhaps it is for this reason that practically all women students at V. P. I. enroll in either the Biological Science or Business Administration curricula. Many students from the Engineering and Agricultural Schools take work in the College, either as requirements of their course-for there is much need of pure and applied science in these fields-or as electives. The faculty of the College, particularly in the scientific divisions, conducts considerable research in the numerous well-equipped laboratories, the results of this research usually ap- pearing in a bulletin of the College. In this, of course, it works side by side with the facul- ties of the other two schools. Test tubes, and dissecting knives and adding machines--in- struments of patient laboratory struggles-also take up many hours weekly of the students enrolled in the College. 206 sk 'A' 'A' 'A' it if 'A' 'k ir :Ir -A' if if xt ic wr:-as BOOK OF AcHuEvEMEN'T4 OF SCIENCE Faculty W. E. BARLOW JJ01' of Melallnrgy and Memllo g1'aplJy P. B. DYCK Profeffor of Pbyficrzl Edzrmliorz HARRY GUDHEIM Profefyor of Matbeliiaticf T. W. HATCHER PI'0f0J'.l'01' of Malhezzmlicf LOUIS O'SHAUGHNEsSY P1'ofe.r.ror of Applied .Meclmmcy P. C. SCHERER Profe.1ror of Playfiml Cl1emi5try F. L. ROBESON Profefyor of PlJyJic5 W. H. RASCHE Profeffor o Affeclaauimz J. W. WATSON Profefxor of Inorganic Clfemiflry I. D. WILSON P f for of Zoology and Animal Pathology 0 if Sl M1 M M ill A x, .V r. M if l il 6 o X l W M W W M it . 0 'Z W M M 'M f xo .QV gf M V uk uk -nf 'fr -af if if if if f if w fl WN X ' fs! if 3 'Q ff' if ' . f 4' I, xg Jzi, V31 nik-if-,sgi GR 5425 4, ,di-NO 1 NX , 11, ' ' Aviv -QTSQX , ,ff l - 1 xffxp VANITY FAIR :za , A an 1.4 'I htm MISS VIRGINIA DOERING Editoff Favorite ' X -' f I ff: I , . ,-, . U IW .-If f . , f x,,,, 4"'. X P. -1 'V -- -fit? '- , -' 4:5 N In ,. . IJ. , . 'ici T' iT..w- ,,.' '- 'mr' QQ.. -- , 1. E -. 1: ,I . .-A . . .-"":Tl:" "UM " ' :'T'xT?3 15 " 'TWTT 'QF P' QQ' 'R-Q"f",1 j"F"'T7 f1f'k1 ,.i:.ffff5.f1fi?,:,e.QLf2f1'1 -11:'.-11511155111 'if 1'11i+1211 1 1 1 1 11111. -' 11 .Q " '11?1L1'-1 54" 1 iff' 55,315 11 1 ,au 111211111111 111 11 W' W1 111 l - - - 'f V 'r , '. "J-' C 'LL 1-H1 ianfff -1 f 1 f' 1, 1, 1 --1 -"H" ' "1 "' 6 ' 111 11 W 1 1 1 11 Q1 F4-3'. E ' ' ' V 1 ' 1 111 Y1fr1'i?15 11 1 1 1 1 1 ' 4 1 111 11191111 is '1 ' F' ' ' fy fr' 'HN 1 wr 1'?15f111 1 1 Hlff N" 1' '1?,m'H5'x11 11 1 157515 1 ff-11 1 I 111' 111 1,111 111.11 15 15 111 I111 1111 1 1 1 1 111 1 111.14 - 5. ' " 1-1. 1 1 1 1 Mm! 1 1 1 1111.11 -j1,,.1 1 1 1'1 211111 1 1' 1 1 1, , 11 1 ' ' " 1 .1 I 11 if T711 1 1 . .1 11, 1 11 1 11 1 1 N. E lr ,, 11 :Il 11 "i1.fl'4 ' W1 1 .,r J 1 14 ' ,1 1 11 .1 rkf 1 1.1 ,111 11 1 1 1 Q11 1 1 1 MAIIL11' 11 ' L11--111' 1 1 11 1 ' ' 1 '1 .V 1 11 1'-163111 1'1 ' 1 'n' ii' ,1 1:11 1 1 1 11111 1 1 1 11 11 12.7111 1 M 1, 1,1 ' - 2 11 'i?559A"1 '-A 11 1111111 1 1 1 11-1-1 1 1 1':11"r-11 1, 1 1 1 UH? 111121: 1 11 - 11 1 ' 11 1 1 1 - 11 1 '.111':111 1 1-11. 1 '1 1' '1.. 11 W 11211 -111 1 A- 1 in J ,Q L X! 11 ,LI-1,1 11 L51 A 1 1 111.121 11 11 1 1 13 .f ,A 1. 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W1 W.: ,1 W., ..wL.'.,. ,Y Z4 u':'Ug - -. w,- V- Wzssszk ,N H w m v " ' E M"1r ..w. - N. , s ..m...... H '1.'.-Qu' ' uw m uw uw uw , 52U,sf:gggigfimiaasge-gs? ,V Li: ,wsmfgggfssxazafag Aw QQ, ,M-Wm rw 5 Q K Q J wx N, if 3 - - wp gms ,Mm ,E 1 ewygk SZ, Q W, X- ,. w m I "'5- fEw,.0"m"'w H ' wx In 3?W"IWw - '-H'f'2j:Qs1f'Az,,w 6 f 2'a53z'1Vf-ll - wa-'f 1 ' J wfipuf 1,,"f1E,.iri,,41m... www., " A ' W ,G ie' Q1 gg! 11. JW .nw 3 ,. ., Q .- -, w 1. - Q -qu v uv ' m ,Mxss CAROLINE JORDAN 1 f 1:- 5 3 f f xx x ZQW if w v .-:.:. , - ' " if Ji' 1 ' Q. MLB?-'Ql'-1 yu ,N f1l,W':. ' 'A' ll' 7? 'A' i' - MISS MARY JANE LANDIS 5 IX' 9 '-as 0' , ' ,lp -- f -5 Q . F L' '1 Lf-192. .N 1:1 -fr - ' Mrss NANCY WILLIS ,f ,,, XX r ' X X . ,..,,,, w A '1 " -'H - A -, :J ,x,, Q 1 1 K W ",,.,4- , -1' X . ,-1, Lil? "1 - --fp' --3, 'QN ,f"7.f' I--X, 1 H , , --.x-,fy ly, fi! .iHX,,Yj,, A' 1145 "' .---' 575, f f H f 1 -' ,X Qu Eli? f , A ,fig .. v 1 1 X ' :NEW l el: W JH Q, My ,A Jfgzx N 2 ,N X r-.-.-., QT v 'Z ' X ' " ""' '54 'rw 11' :' . F' A X 1'---" L-f -'-QL-f--Y 4 1 - 4 H ,,f-.. if--.. "-SQ. '-Yi-,"Q3Q'-,,,- If X X-ff s nf -- , .i p- A -V Y f , ? .A Q ' . pf g:.-: ,:::,,"', '.T, 4.3 ,..- .. '- XJ YQ. 515. - - 1 E N Y N r I 2 .J 'nb L49 X, ,f A 337,124 fi' V V i..7n-..g,,,...,,, M: k,x Lx -, I '. tl ,fa " "' 1 - T ' V -f f f- f--4 -W, Y ' 11,i,gi,:i,gi1 "Tlii: 13: 'zur fxifzfc-I-if-an 5255 1 "3 N- 1 .IV QXQ' fllw . 1 'N Y- if 1 P 1 ,4 N I ' V., N , 1 'om' xl ,Q 3. , 1 ', L'- , :V ,Q mm., 1 in W 1J',f,1m fl' 4 "N Ag : ,X I ,fi an mu f in I ,L U ,N L J Y 2 ' f',,z , , N , ww H I X I .V I .-". . 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"S xk , ,iff N A J Jggff ,f Q ,Q-q NW- L 'X 'iz QQ--, -iifgjqh M' X QQ .,f:way, X my ' ' . s 1, ,J xx-x 'ix V, I NXT,--Q 1.4 M M 11 Q,-!:i,yT,R :KN F ', !,A,, x 41' 3-gy-.x Liv' m cv figs 1,, xo -yifff R 3W:,'- ,ii- .Vf K-Q., Q f -5 "v.. -jg J. 1 C Q ,fi Y ,Q-Fvjx X ,, xx, 14 1 " 11 xx .My rf, af: gfg 1, MQI1 W1 V57 , ' ,nf fQQ'f ' w xlg 4 W ji riff fffx .jf,v' , . W , 1 ,1 I 1 X Miss JACQUELINE CLARK y f xxx f x! 7' N. X M. I f-.1 we 1 , .,f Q LV - x , f f x , ,Jx g ,. ,, x rx xy L, M, Y- x -bw pm-. . .-,g3ff,g Xx 'A 1. X uv, A W , , I x 1' X 1, 1" " K..1 1- :Q - -x , -' --srfm 4, L Al J! TECHIJFE f t f P 4 ' ll 4": ll vm N 'lllll l 'H lil , 1 sw, ,' r, 1 ,. Ex, Q ' l', it. ' I ,il ,. Q, 1 bg., 'ISL l JH 'Sfvl-,gif we, l':"i1l 'C 1: Xi, ,l W-2' '- lr , i . f l Q V il, 1 I v, llll on yt 3, 2-ii" lll -rl fl, ' 'I l'- il , 4. 'M-Q .. R-if 1' Efflq ll 'f'.4f'f 1 5 . ,N 5-l3.'.!4.l Vx 1 , 'Il X. li mal, 54: 1Ai'if"- ' 'nil 5 Vfjl l tri lx 'wwf llll :lf 'ii . J! Ylilillffl Isl-, rm. W: of as ,nylll if vi fl 'll :KM n ..','1 ul lf' an i if i Nl.-ll: A -.N -,Q 1 U " W! . f 1 , llllilyl L. 'X ,p lllllll il -'Glfl Nj V22 ,J .l ,ff - l 9' 'll' ll W f .- lkfxl' glfhl . W ,MJVJ ,i. if 1',.:',-in' ll. ll an 'VI MJ' 'fr li, iff r i- 4-W1 'Z 'L'-f nl , Qu lx, I. 'if ' rl? fif- Mn ull. ,L-Xiu , l .1 ,xl li Sal il .L -, l 3 - -'il w l' fl' ,1. HQ' Lf lxi".'X',' ,rx ya 'Ali V 5-, 12 xy, I klknw ll' :NNW ll Ll-"Q, tx ' ,ill 1114! -,QI lj. ,if-I x .i. -L 1 :A - 1 '-W fm , , Q, gf. r' ff. "fi .- xx ,I . 7 Y -, . , - ii 1 " . . 1 - .. l l f x f , V.. .r l lg-, -,A L, rg J f E 17 i .y . The most memorable events of the athletic season Homecoming with its demonstrations and optimistic are Homecoming and the Thanksgiving trip to Roanoke. phophecies of victory, and the return of last year's graduates. Spirit is highg freshmen labor all afternoon constructing a great pyre of wood which when night comes will send a pillar of fire toward the heavens while the cheering Corps rallies around. The gameg victory over Virginia, our ancient foe. And then the Roanoke trip 5 for the first time in four years it rains and what a rain l-a miserable drizzle throughout the game. The arclor of the Corps was not dampened, and they backed the team to a victory over V. M. I., traa ditional rival, while the Governor looked on. T i ,Q . g -ff-if -. W rf .gfwfl-. N- -ff-X' Y V f- f 7.64.1 RING DANCE The Class of 1935's irxexhaustible supply of new ideas fostered the institution of an annual Ring Dance. This colorful event took place April 27, 1934, after weeks of careful preparation. The gymnasium was a symphony in black and white, which set off to great advantage the contrast of white mess jackets and many-hued gowns. The highlight of the evening was the military figure-the arched row of flashing Sabres, and the arbor which was the cynosure of all eyes as each girl pre- sented her escort with his ring and a lingering touch of the lips. The seniors looked on enviously and the sophomores were already formulating plans to make the second Ring Dance surpass the first. farm-at Buetr FOR1935 , -1-I -1 -'v Q:- -it lf- 74 153.1 limo. lttlfl.-W QQW. And now we come to camp six weeks of heit between the third and fourth rounds in our struggle for a diploma Engineers at Humphreys on the Potomflc bridge building trenches for a tflste of ditch digging Wnshxngton for re- laxation and l'1stly the hike where We Walked a whole day 'md ended up within sight of our starting point across the creek fiaffza.-4, .-igfqziif iiigjll' ll hi iw Meade housed the Infantry .... in tents .... sand everywhere .... from breakfast food to sheets . . . . night combat problems through the brush . . . . sham battles with rnost of us casualties long before the battle started .... The School of the Soldier ..,. nude bearable .... by nightly excursions into Wash- ington .... Where there were many strange sights . . . . and stranger happenings . . . . still looking for the lame duck in the Capitol building. 222 'ir ik if 'ik' 'A' ik wir if 'A' uk . M , f V . r , 1 if Lira- V :V - -,if Y it . 41 ei 5273-:I' fl'l'.a?1f.'-i'5i"l:EZ?E 1.-:': .' . ' 1 'win ' if 'iv Y 5.22 32 177"E'i"?lllWll' 'bw' i' f 1 , E - , QUE ,'wvi,,ir' 45455. 921- Mill . - . w"'w"',51: f' rtlj-95::TiffP1'-3-iiiiflfftf''1lf5:i1'...liJlliiaEEl'H.!!! .... i H..-. . LL 'E' 12.5 .J - , i,f"1u,,,, ,Q lwqgg-..:.!,,1,.z1f' fuxufiniu . . . 1 X V . K ' n a . : K L Y n n u Q C . I 1 a A 1 YY if tk if 'A' it -sr THE Book or ACHIEVEMENT4 ....,.. l , ' ' Monroe .... the Mecca of the Third Battalion . . . . somehow we passed the physical . . . . and drew the funny khaki uniforms and dungarees that we wore by day .... but by night .... Buckroe Beach . . . Chamberlain . . . Norfolk . . . Hampton , . . Vir- ginia Beach .... and other surrounding points of inter- est . . . Paletots form retreat to reveille . . . drill, drill 225 and more drill from reveille to retreat . . . after much ' . drill and preparation we were permitted to shoot th- cute little guns that they have hidden in cozy nooks -f and corners all about the post .... some excitement was afforded by one gun going off too soon .... but We got over that . . . and left for home and fire- ' side to catch up on our sleep. 'A' if it 'A' it 'A' it 'lr 'k if 47717 N ll S6 it M nk if ll J t W tv i W Xl ., t e gf X. l X Q X Q N li l i X V lf X I D ll 1 " X , if T H ii B U G is FO it 1 Q 3 5 :af if if F r W A y WYNN 1 i f i , t X N SUNDAY M YEAH STUDY! V! , 'I 'X I l v" X f . N I X I A jr: l ' ,MTHE IN FSQAANOKE gs if Mu. l1",,gL W1 .X 1 ' Fire drill .,... antiquated equipment .... rather ' burn than trust those spindly ladders" .... "Wl1o's XVI. fire company?" .... and those Sunday mornings . . . . . nine, ten and even eleven o'clock .... bliss .... Who studies when the new Callierx is out? .... The soda fountain .... 1400 drinks a clay and not a fe- , male yet .... Rube hasn't set them up yet either .... ' The library Mecca of winter evenings The fac- ulty apftrtment beautiful new 'tddition to Blacksburg X 224 . FIRE DRILL ri D'9l5iCT'?lDy, ll1'1'll eff" ""l't'll"w . . . . A never-to-be-forgotten scene, the snow-covered Hr trees .... And Thanksgiving, when "growley" ceases. to be "grow1ey" and becomes, if you please, dinner . . . . The M. E. lab .... row after row of humming and vibrating machinery .... impossible to cal- culate near 'em but try to get out .... And the Dedi- cation in Roanoke . . . . where the band acquitted it- self so creditably .... parades of President and popu- lace alike .... if wt' wk TAF 1? nk' 'ik' ek 'ik' if XX 1k i wk THE BOOK or ACHIEVEMENTHA' fy TM ovruo OUTTFORDTHE? mum Rouen THE L 5 L F 9 i 1a i V i i l , 39 Jfyfmpibdfih W hahaha I i , Y . , Ml Faculty row .... now but a memory .... houses moved .... Row bissected by the huge Administra- tion and Teaching Building .... Weekend attractions, Lynchburg and Roanoke, and points north, south, east, west .... Then spring drill season . . pomp and circumstance .... putting the pups up .... and other exhibitions for gaping onlookers .... sham battle .... smoke and noise and hundreds of brats in the way .... the reality of it appals one .... 225 " ik 'A' it 1? wk at vt wk I who takes it too seriously .... The Gobbler was se- lected wrongly as Il mascot .... should have been El dog .... hundreds to choose from .... they lead parades, howl at retreat, beg in front of the Mess Hall .... Then the commissions .... thin white line of young hopefuls .... and lastly the optimistic ad dress .... last class to be graduated in War Me morial Hall .... if H 5 i !E Fx I , .iq ' i 'kTHE BUGLE FOR1935' fbf I w ' n , uw -mu. , ,W user" , wwnfggggjwuxxxw Www W UWM Mu H N H m.v,Tm H G, ,uf uw 1 W ' ,. M , ,f im 1. ff xl' f ,fi 49 If if is i 1 Qu' Ei f H ,ma A ,fda Z L 0 N y uw .EMfQff JV 55 uw uw we ,,, H PROFESHSOR 'BVQUEST LOVER .13fo05sT BuLL5L1NiEEfi uw ,M "iii ,. X S. TIE T241-1 nfs T gg fiilply 0FFfCg4y, y , zfi'-SM ,W ,U if , ,, H ' 'wwQk?AFgv1'N" 't!A Exx!' u"u1'wwV Nw ww H" SEQWVF' , 5 H I if J sg? N ,J XX? fl? X ,f vss"-Sri' f JAY HALL ST DF S ED Magis. X BEST FIRST BUGLE ELECTIONS 226 .DVC K F Mg. J. A . LI N D S EY BEST s ENvpfg OQFIQNCER AND Mosrq h I " POPUQTAR. PROFESSOR iff-afxf '1a1af++ Ei' if it 'Ar 'ir ww-IE Mama or Aan-asEvEMENTff , N N l y 'FQ 5 QPUMR v ro ' "' QUCCEED BATES X , EHAPPIEST f , 1? ' ffm iff " ' Mwwwggf N l I 4 'inn noumvov g V Qgmo 001557 84. . m , Y V ll LIN ,Q , W 5 N - j A A., ' U: -5:5:5: JJ 3 ,-w 1 I W? -' 1 ,--:-::'E5.55-5-5 L ' H Awx wlfgi V-H u '-'32 '1'. vw wb """ ' -' U' , 3-ff?7l'- Y ' A ""'9'f'm 'V W ' :Qwrzww NWUWH- N ux.,1wxw,1'Hu!H ' -1 7 ' 'z w "' 'fl5ff'?f .. li .+5l"g6" .- ' gf ,,,. -,- , . ' wx A P A , ,,.. ff .,,J1E1, ,. X , - may I HST -, ,A - we- A 51550 K 5 BIG G55 T LO VER ai ' V I M , B P. W. CAU LEY - BEST conponxu. V BUGLE ELECTIONS JJGE n,,: Nick- ,H W, gm.. H 4' WB H m - ,W wz ,I fggszz ww u M N M. m ,Q-E H ffm Y Us :H H My H--wa H. V :K 'ww J Him , W H Hu is W Eg.. , H ga, sa , w w un w .M WH' H M T ', JJ f . f - f n , V ff + g My ' W V ' W W if 1 'V Q JJ mg 'M M xi Y 4 QW :fir Bloassr V QHVPER ry H U, -5 J W H 111'-L1 , A' '. L N mm m f 1 , I yu. i ., ' x - V N 5 -f A I Y' MISTER" BJTEBKE? FFEFHHAN 5 ,. 227 X f is uk' if 'ir if it 'A' if 'ik' 'ir if , ff I ,gf BOCK FOUR if fx T H E C C R P S I1 xx X,5.f.,,gL .h-5: f,G",.g.: fa fo .,.f1,,A ,. , ,- -,.,- '1 - ja. '.,,,g,, ,L An: pug yr. ,. ,Q ' , .fi 5.51 L Q if r 1 !,j GEN. DOUGLAS A. MACARTHUR Chief-of S taf, the United States Army nd, r 1 fi: MILITARYlf ACHIEVEMENT The Signing lof the Armistice 1 l t , . ii gi it I ,HX A it ll li at in lifiiiiiiil f,y,,,f li? .3 L: -: ,B 'HLQQV Kxffglfls' rift la la? f 2l't,La,: E ti IN NUMERABLE were the magnificent feats of the World War, but of them all the greatest achievement was the Armistice-as the greatest achievement of any mod- ern war is simply its ending. Four years the world had been in the throes of deadly hostilities. Suddenly on November 11, 1918, quiet settled on the war-torn battlefields of E urope and men on both sides, hating each other tor years, were free to wonder what had started the con Hict that had cost the world millions of its supreme man- hood and set it back a century in economics and science. The Armistice was greeted with Wild acclaim by a War- sodden worldg in the trenches, following the first wave of silence, there came a curious rippling sound which observers far behind the front likened to the noise of a great wind. It was the sound of men cheering from the Vosges to the sea." he 'ia x - 5511 -7 , ' ' 5' -' Uh Q g . A41 ' ' '5f"1:,-gf? E ' , 1 rs ' Q-aj.: v.- . f ,.. .,.- 0.1.41 1. 'I 'L' as-212334-I: I Y' - ,:+m4- 'xi f 54' I . - .- 'Tiviw ni, 1 - .iii . 5:2-: "WW I 1" ' 1 ,Lv . :.- e-I2 -' ,Sim-F-f 33,1 H3 ,i?'.Efiff 'J-35?-'iaf:Z'.' T-:LL :fn f " ..,,' EJ- L I, ,Ag 1 . 1 n ,V --51. F M I if fm +6 :-- L . 4 1, L 11,-1 ,S W 0, B iw V xr 5 L1- 1 ,W E I E +1 A x la V I HA -xa ' 'G' H 39 w A fl 5 1 1 4. " I a 1' 1 J -J' -'f yr :gy u 4- . 1 'Q -'G r r ,M f, f ' K 'wc ' l. '15 ,rj 'K E! 9 I' ' . . 4 X I ' f. , I . 1, J f ff' 1 I - 4 P f . ,, .H . , , ,Q I I C'-fx 1 .ga 1 1 4- xr' , ,J 1 X I 'U 17 .K , ' IF, QE 1: ' 'I' 4 M ax l, : 1.1 A L rf 1- l P' HL I . . -I . ,. V 5, -h ,'. F, w . X 1 gk VW V, 'gh I AD"'4'w an --, 'ffl-'---:1.,'.f. 5 V' kg . . M, 41n....,: .,ae,... ,gy ' l u ' S I , , ' 'I W ,A ,, I . I .T I My 1 , 22- V I , , T K " Lv W ' ,, H , 1 ' 1 6 , ff .3 4 - Il 14-I 1 3 ' 1 -1 THE DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE of -+51 1 ,' .r Ks .,f I I Lk 1 ?',j 1 li? TX M M v li M W uk ly l W li N? T Nil v v 3 W s . l V W W V li at wi Q v ii Zaz- Q-vwr I4-THE BUGLE FOR 1935i T-if if THE DEPARTMENT LT.-COL. Joi-IN BLACKWELL MAYNMKD, C.A.C. Commandfzrzt of Cadelr :HERE we have the eight gentlemen who hold the military destinies of V. P. I. in their hands. To them falls the duty of acting as disciplinarians for the Corps, they mete out justice to all malefactors according to the de- gree of transgression. 'Tis they who prescribe the comings and goings, the place, time, uniform and the various other incidentals that are essentials of the daily routine of the regi- ment. While at times, these does and don'ts seem to hamper the enjoyment of college life, they are an integral part of the doctrine, "discipline builds character." And above all else, they give instruction in the mysterious RO-TA-CEE, under which the juniors and seniors learn the art of scientific extermination of fellowman. They also act as the Chancellors of the Exchequer for the paternal government that reimburses the upper- classmen for their daily toiling in endeavoring to grasp fundamentals. Aside from the I. D. R. and the Advanced ROTC manual, they are firm believers in the Rules and Regulations of the Corps of Cadets as set forth in the little red book. This fact gives rise to the old army game of seeing just how close one can come to infringing upon these rules and getting away with it. The beginning of each year sees several cadets get- ting their fingers burnt from playing with too much hre. The most frequent casualties oc- cur in the ranks of the senior class, trying out for the first time the senior privileges one hears so much about during the three underclass years. However the old adage, "alls fair in love and warf' allays any hard feelings that may have arisen during our four years here, and we leave V. P. I. in june, grateful for the invaluable training that we have received at the hands of these able masters. , T We are especially grateful to the department for valuable tactics learned in the many skirmishes that took place between us during our four years as cadets. What we have learned as cadets in outmaneuvering the enemy may one day stand us in good stead when we are officers. W 234 fa-aff-xffafa THE BOOK or ACHIEVEMENT ak ' OF MI MJCT GR LITARY 'SCIEN C C E iw M ,C C M C AA C RTC ' C EVM X ' D - C NVCH 1 Q ' I i 235 -::'ss:i.1 afffvvffffvrff K ill BUGLE FO wp 5 R I 3 :ir Xi wg- X01 M M M M r pr -' ,r V " --- -,... .' .M ' -1 .gf 'fins -y M- V " "gb Sify ,fJ,,3'f w3,f 0 N Z w w sa W --SEQ 5225? ':::,.fj.., ' 1'ff'i2.1.1g Z '5fw"'-'g V V v , "" frf1 ' 4 , -T: . ' Y- N--0 U, i grit ga :ESQ-iiigf JQMKQQ S, ,E - ,. - 4 ' W 3' H. H5 :53.Qi3"5::.. iii 'l::. "" ,, J? ' ,"" .1 ,fix ff "fb 4 f'1'?"'1"f.!'fQmf 5 L 'X l fa 'QQ ..,. . .... ff! r ' H 1155: ,-::5:2EE ' wif iff ? H ,...AA , " 5' 2: U gg " 1 EE NPQM Y' U we x az 'T'ET'ef"' -. ,gr 4.-4 ,--.. 4 ,... . .... , , ,. ,, ,Q . Jr- "-' ' -',' Q - .. ' .:"'"-2:1::-:-:::1:r:f:'-" ..."-4-:':1:2r:e1::-:1:1: 2:11111-Q "'4'-"4' ', ::':?:- : ti as ' SQ v 2 f V 11E::f2:l:14 M M V M 0 'Z M uk affff-xxx-A'-ff-fav 45iS'SRiS L1NDs1:Y DAVIB JONES WILDLS JENNINGS RBYNOIDS AND HOLAN Reglmental Staff In the dusk the regiment forms before the bar racks, The Adjutant reports and takes his post The Colonel orders the battalion commanders to march their battalions to mess The outsider, standing at the end of the walk perhaps wonders who are the proud seven who step along before the tramping blue line of Tech's Cadets. To the men in uniform however those on the staff are the leaders of all things military at V. P. I. Their real job is the leadership of the Corps. They are to keep up the "esprit de corps and to lay down the military policies of the regi- ment. Take Wildes the Cadet Colonel. Wildes ' the first place, has command of the Corps in military functions. Then he acts as a liaison offi- cer between the military department and the Corps. He answers for all the Corps actions, both goo and bad and sets the tempo of all things military. ones, the second-in-command, takes charge of the regiment in the absence of Wildes. His odicial title is Regimental Executive Officer, and his rank Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel. The man with more steady work to perform than any other member of the staff is Lindsey, Cadet Captain and Regimental Adjutant, who has the duties of forming the regiment for ceremonies, keeping the guard roster and other official docu- ments in addition to his nightly bellowing of the "Stick list". 2 Then there is Jennings the Regimental Plan and Traininff Officer and Cadet Captain Most of his woe is occasioned on Corps trips when he has to make all the arrangements I-Iolan Cadet Cap tain and Regimental Supply Ofhcer keeps the regi ment supplied vx- ith all the necessary military sup- plies. Like ennin s his heaviest work is occa- sioned when the Corps is away from school. Davis Regimental Sergeant-Major and Rey- nolds Revimental Supply Sergeant do most of the paper work for the staff and being juniors in line for high promotion look forward to next year in what little sparc time they lind on their hands. Mas. J. A. LINDSEY Washington. N. C. Sponsor if ik if 'ir ir if if 'k 'ir 'lr sa if 1r'rHE Book or AcHuEvEMENTi' ..,.,., sjigiumow 'HN J g, f ' 'iii hd J 1 QS-3-'S -V fy' .. xx 1" Ik XI I V V X I f DAVIS, NEI-IER, LEONARD, MCELROY, TOKARZ, BROWN and FLETCI-IER CIczpt:zi72 C. B. MCELROY Liezztemzrztf J. P. TOKARZ R. E. BIKOWN E. C. MINNICII J. W. LEONARD C. J. BURKE C. R. NEHER J. L. FRIEDEN Fifi! Sergeazzl G. D. DAVIS Szzpply SEl'gEdl7l R. L. FLETCHER Regimenta.1.Ba.nd Sergemzty C. G. MCVAY C. P. LUGRIN J. C. COLMAN L. F. GAREER L. G. POLHAMUS H. A. JOIINSON Corpomlf J. A. RICHIE M. G. BRIGHT H. M. MEYERS W. M. B. WILLIAMS C. J. WEST Priwzlef J. C. ADAMS A. A. ABADY R. B. ANDERSON C. M. BEARD K. M. BOSTWICK S. S. CLARK B. F. DAVIS P. B. DE FURIA N. A. FINE F. C. FUNNELL R. G. GIBBES Y. Y. HARRIS A. L. HARTMAN W. D. HENDERSON J. W. HASKETT D. HAYLEY C. M. HIGGINS H. A. HOTT W. M. LA FON, JR J. C. LEE M. MCNIEL I-I. S. MEADE E. B. INIORSE ATHE BUGLEFOR1935'k -nf ir A M R M Nl E5 V M QI E, IZ A R .Ik ' I. If W W -Af YYY?- C. B. McEI.RoY MISS KATHERINE MOELROY gapfam Wise, Virginia Sponsor 258 G. T. NICHOLSON G. W. NEVILS H. R. NEVILLE J. T. PHILLIPS J. T. PITTS J. B. PRUDEN S. W. PUTNEY F. P. REINIIARD G. C. STARBUCK J. A. VENTURA W. M. WI-IITE A. A. WooL.FoRD Ik 'A' 'k if wk 'ir wk 'ir 'Af 'Af' it 'ic 1-THE BOOK or ACMEVEMENTA' 12255522 Regimental Cadet Band Sound off! Troop the line! What is a parade without a band? The Corps could hardly carry on without us, and we think that this year we are putting out the best music ever. In the adjacent counties, and even the state, if there is to be any event of any importance occurring, you can be sure that the Band will be there. During the past year, it was our privilege to play for Presi- dent Roosevelt as his official band, when he dedicated the Veterans, Hospital at Salem. This spring, when all the apple trees were in full bloom, we journeyed up the Valley to Winchester as guests of the Festival As- sociation to be one of the official bands, lead- ing one parade and playing an important part in all others. We are all justly proud of this, as it rewards the untiring effort and extra drill of preparation. Extra work has been marked by the fine spirit shown by all members of the band. This year we can justify our past of being one of the most 'A' 'lr ir- 'k ir if 'lr 'A' ir 'ir closely unified companies on the quadrangle. All extra work has been done always with the minimum of griping and the maximum of efhciency. We boast of having some of the best in- tramural athletes in the school. While we do not win all of the time, the Band is al, ways among the select few of the highest rating. We have many men prominent in the social life of the campus, and honors are rather thickly scattered. The activities of Mac and Tokie are known to all. And Neher and his famous Q Pj syncopated rhythm. What could we tell of Scram, joe ditto and Johnny fof whom nothing must be said that will not go through the mailj that everyone does not already know? And dear old Goo-goo. And Minnich? Little man, what now? And George, the laziest C and P man on the quadrangle. Boasting! Sure we are, this year we have something to be proud of, and if we don't blow our own horn, who will? -iwi-Ask 41717 0. N Qi aa M V SZ . X M W 53 6 -:fb iiwfgvjlfl EEZ it A 0 W i tTHE 35 ,. Q.. - ,df ,- N ...-.4 v,i.:dy:as-Af-I-nm .-t.-1:5 5-'L Ly W My . . A, :., Hi. ' V Z -- - ' " his N. af' '35 ,,,,' ' - -'QQ HQ: N: -. ,AW -- "T" - .fxgf ,"gfx" :-ff if ,E 'fr I I f M .Ll kg' -- ,,.. r RFQ 4 XE , 'df5'x' i.r W 5 L, ,, K fi ' Lnfi gi , LEW 3, f is A ' " 1 Y , . I x H it A Y. ' 4 Jw M N U11 55' ' N Y -1 2, ' 535 ,1 IE U1 2-iq Ui ' wx 1w1asSga: Humane W gl 1 W In . Y 5 X , , , i Q W :V tj"i'iff-if-:bww Xxx 5-.ks-s 'fr 'A 'ik THE BOOK OF ACHIEVEMENT4 "SH , .W . " 5,5 xf- , w my ' 'H EWING, FRUIT, Govna, I-IARRELL, KIDD AND HYATT First Battalion Staff You have your artillery, and you have your air forces, but, say the military strategists, the bat- tle is never won until your forces have drawn the enemy off, and occupied the ground themselves. And that is the function of the infantry. It is these marching men who finally decide whether the battle is yours, and not those who float high in the air in planes, or those who sit well in the rear and calculate where a shot will fall. The First Battalion is composed of infantry men. These men go deeper into the science of squads right, squads left, and extended order drill than do the other units on the campus. The leader of this outfit is Gover, the Cadet Major, who hails from johnson City, Tennessee, and his "Squads Right" and "junior, put your hat on straightn have become bywords on the quadrangle. He has as his right hand man Ewing. Bill is from Richmond and is a product of John Mar- shall High School Cadet Corps. He graduated to his post of Battalion Adjutant from that of Color Sergeant last year. Then there is Harrell, Battalion Supply Officer. Harrell is from Suffolk and featured in athletics until an accident forced his withdrawal from the field. Last, but not least if it it 'tk if ik ik 'ir 'kc 'Ir of the commissioned element is "Tutti" Fruit, the Battalion Plans and Training Officer. The other boys, who, incidently, do most of the work, are Kidd, the Sergeant-Major, and Hyatt the Color Sergeant. Their duties are chiefly to understudy their superiors, and look toward next year when they will have arrived. ,Q-:As Mus. W. P. Govxzn Johnson City, Tenn. Sponsor giffzf A. V. ALLEN C'a7Jffli11 Captain A. V. ALLEN Liezrtefzarmf W. J. KERNS C. D. ADDINGTON B. L. MCMAKIN G. W. BUssEY Fifi! Sergeaf-21 W. L. MULLEN Supply Sergeant H. H. PATTEN Sergeantf W. S. GOODE T. T. HART J. R. MYERS C. D. TATE F. S. CRAWFORD Colrporalf W. H. CARTER B. J. HERIVIAN H. E. WILSON Miss DIARY NVOODRUFF XVil'lSt0I1-SHVICIH, N. C Sponsor LE FO R 19 35-R A A MEMBEIKS F. M. BANKS M. A. SNEAD R. A. BODE Privatef C. L. BARNETT E. BIBE J. L. BORDEN C. N. BROADDUS F. M. BROWN P. R. BUCKO E. P. CARTER G. W. CASE E. COOK C. B. Cox J. H. CROCKETT J. B. DAVIS H. E. DICKERSON L. G. DOXEY T. L. FORD F. C. GREEN J. P. HANKINS T. E. HOLLAND Company A N T. R. F. J. R F B . T. HORNE C. HOWELL B. HUMMELL H. JORDAN W. KESTERSON V. KIELY M. KING D. KUIIN G. LEEEEVRE J. D. MCCULLOCPI R. W. MULLINS W. R. OLMSTEAD F. C. ORR J. D. POWELL H. F. RANKIN R. RINIZR W. S. Ross J. S. SIMMERMAN D. SULLENEERGER E. P. VAN HOIKN P. P. WILSON N. S. WRIGHT if BUG 242 k i t W k i W k i R f EEELf,iiQe ' Q- ,E YNY?- L51-'iii MUILFN ADDINGION MCMAKIN ALLEN KEILNS AND PATTFN Company A A Cornpanys history dates back to the first assembly of men to wear the gray of V. P. I Since that time it has gathered into its folds many 1 green freshmen and turned out scribes athletes military geniuses and men who have made history for Tech. Notable among them are Gregory first Vir inian to receive the Con- gressional Medal of Honor for bravery under fire' Castleman the war ace' Williams with his Retreat? Hell No! We ve just come! True to this spirit A Company has always been 1 lead- er. We were the first to be organized first re- cipient of high score award in intramurals and first in any parade This year we claim as captain our priceless Addington MCM3hlH and Bussey The triplets Price 1' ortune and Miley are indispensable. Vann s ambition is to be an attorney. ones and Coul- ter are this y,ars addition along with the Mis- ers . We were sorry to lose A. W. Price but we will never forget him. Gordon Wildes Cadet Colonel and Jimmie Holm in their underclass- men days were members of our idea of the Pride . uk 'uk if 'A' uk if it , if 'ir ik T. ,tim A A.. ., f-A-p - V- -4 - V.-Y v. I my ,-- - glam V .Earl : Ami J W 2 A 'K 'XTHE BOGK OF ACHIEVEMENT4 I , g Z, C 1 "Aggie" Allen, with his trustyr"'I:ooeys", Igerns, 1 , g 4 7 4 , J U U L L t is , , M yy M il' M xo M M i M M 43 544' BUGLE FQR1935'i' 795' 'A' 1 F. E. XNAY Mus. F. E. WAY Capiain Kenovn., VV est Virginia C n plain F. E. WAY Lf9ZllH72d7ZIfJ' A. N. BODINE J. B. CLARK A. J. JESSEE H A NICHOLS Fzut S 61 germ! A V WATTS Szzpply Seagemzf A G GREEN Sugefzlztx H IREY W CAKE YW SADLER A RUCKER A PAMPLIN E GILL C01 P01 ali J K ROBINSON Sponsor MEMBERS T. E. JONES J. G. FULTON H. P. MILLEII J. W. RESSEGUIE H. L. MELTON Private! J M ANDREW W BALSFY A M BOERNER C BOWEN O BRAGG COHEN W COLEMAN F DONAHUE B DOWNS FLORENCE FOR1 GARRETT GLxsQ GREEN S GRIFFIN Company B R. F. HALL W. E. HARMzXN W. E. HOGE B. A. HUILTON J. C. KEY T. A. MARSli L. C. MAY F. R. MOOIKEFIELD J. S. OWEN J. M. PARKER R. H. PETERSON J. M. PTERCY J. M. SKEEN J. T. SKEEN J. B. SMLTI-1 E. S. STUEBS E. EARL WOOD W. J. XVYSOR R. M. ZIMMERMAN 2 'T .Qi J ' f ' . sf Y . . ' J' ' B. 1 1' A J. . C. . Cl ' J. . J. h . B- ' H. A. 1 - 4 2' ' G. T. Q ' ' J. W. 4 M' ' F. W. f . . . R. N. . - ' 44 -A' if uk' -Af if 'A' -A' ir ir if XYQJX I x..,h ,,.- cs-. .,.,,.,,? mx ,-, - ,-, - . - ,.. , ..:. , - -.. "vga-..Nass., l + J ll' I' YillllX"Ivflll'll 'Ki f N x 1 J , - 4 . , .J X 'swf JW. ,L ' i-A - -5 ,-- 'R L- ff. ' -as-Jr-ng .a L , M. ,K L, ,w L R H: -,-, 4 ff, f,-.:.:.:-. J. x-.. 7 as -1 - f , Jn-11. .4 9'-L ,fa .LQ-f -'L'-'f ' f' , - WATTs, NICEIOLS, jrsssma, WAY, CLARK, BODINE AND GREEN A Company B Company B calls for a big one! What a wealth of conviviality and good fellowship are brought to mind by the mere mention of the name. What endless memories of good times are inseparably linked with the ivy-clad northwest end of Barracks Number Three. We are called a company of small men. But remember 'iprecious things come in small pack- ages." Some companies point with pride to their not so dazzling arrays of athletic luminaries. Others bore you with military records. A sizeable quota of Tech's athletes call Company B their home and our military history makes one's chest stick out. But there is another quality which seems to us far more important. That is the sociable dis- position, our comraderie, our mark of distinction. Old men have it, and keep it always, newcomers are quickly imbued with the tone and spirit of the company, their rightful heritage and inalien- able characteristic. ,,,... lil all if ,l,, 'l 41 SW 7 is 4-fi Ixifzglzvll mi' ' 'A' . fluff li 1 , ' irlg . lil, R if-Fa hSf"r-5 f-...Q 'A lil 1 will 11 Dru Q' T ll iw ,sir 'ig '-iff..1j:- ii3fi!izZvl xr ll J-'L l . itil? Lil 'V' l iw lim lt? ' l 1-1 i I"-A ,A up r ,lily 1 i . 'X ., 'A Qi -,ii , . i lit iz: W K. - 4 , -3:-. . ef---.fasfxvl if f' 'sv .-:Le lSB-QNS- ,. -x km -fn ,-,f-- yay, ffl ....,.4"' 77 - , AVIHE BUGLE IOR1Qss Captain, Richmond Vir iniw Captain H. M. MCCARTHY Liezziefmfm F. H. NASPI W. W. NELSON W. W. BAILEY R. S. FAISON 1' iff! Sergefzlzf R. G. TARKXNGTON Snpply Sergeant W. A. LANDEORD Sergeant: . N. BROYLES R. C. ROPP A. E. HAMLET J. F. BRANDON J. R. ALLISON A I J II ' ' ' I 'Q 'A' . 5 .A-1: J W .I ag. W5 R- ,J ' L X I' I Ky:-I ' 1 4 H. M. RICCARTHY MISS KINTIIEYKINE MCCAIITHY . E' 1 I -4 T Corpomlx J. M. BLESSING P.. MITCI-IELL W. O. SMITH MEMBERS G. S. LEONARD J. C. CLORE M. VU. BRADSHAW Priwztef H. T. AYERS H. B. ARRINGTON A. V. BLUNT J. R. BRYANT J. T. BUTLER L. D. BOTTOM S. C. BROYLES W.. T. COLEMAN J. C. COOPER C. E. CALHOUN C. W. DOWNS W. B. DAVIS J. DICKERSON R. L. EMORY T. W. EASON P. C. Fox J. B. FRAY H. J. GEERING J. W. GUILL Company C J. B. GOODE C. T. GIBBS E. H. HURST F. M. HOIKSLEY C. S. LEWIS C. M. MAPP E. L. MCCOY H. K. MOTHERSHEAD W. M. PAYNE H. H. PERRY H. REYNOLDS, A. S. ROEISON J. O. ROBISON J. J. SHULKCUM R. R. STANLEY J. R. STAFFORD J. S. TATE W. L. UTz M. C. WETI-IEIIALL K. B. WILLIAMS J. E. WILLIAMS W. C. WHITE Arianna, 2 46 kffffaffwfaf YY? 'ir TA' if if HYTHE Book or ACHIEVHEMENT Y l TARKINGTON, BAILEY, Nasir, MCC.AllTl-IY, NELSON AND LANDFOKD Company C The ranking Company of the First Battalion-M winner of the gold band for second successive year-truly a military unit with Schweickert- Captian, U. S. Army-product. Happy-go-lucky freshmen-jovial sophomores- magnetic juniors-understanding seniors are here living in unison and harmony. First Battalion Staff-Starring C Company highlights-Major W. Pratt "Column Riot" Gover and "Lover" Ewing from Richmond. Both rained out of their sunSHINE Thanksgiving. Sorry, boys! ! ! Introductions-'55 leaders-All swell pals- hellraisers-gentlemen-Captain Ed-Wynn QAP- plejackj Applehead-Cotillion "Prexy" and liked by all-First Looey fire-escape, pride of Black- stone-Snozz and his Lithia water-Windy, the broncho-buster-Roscoe, the Buddy boy-Benson, our Route-step Looey. ' Skippers-Toots, better half of Insured Storage and Company-Pop Rex, tank in action-Prof. Dick and Instructor Price-Military Vic and Scumbo, the noble. A real outht this C Company. l y .C- , . . Y , . .. . ,1-. .-. -.. .. . , . ,....,- . yyy C-.- J-.,,...,-.,,fa: -5:"'-if. ' -'uf 111.4 ., -.fag '---ml Fiilif -ff,---..f .L'ii"T-L...f.'i'h"-24-?':i1zzs?.m :..'5 ...,-F S. ,, QQ ff' A ' ' ' ' Y ' " - ' ' 1 1- A - T . - Nr. ef-2.'az'f-f1'H--' - -5: 1-zu-5f.3', Q, , '- '. . V 1" - c-: 1 -.1f, . 5,1 V -, - .. ' ' - , ..V . , art...-V . r A -. . . tk uk' if ak ir ni' C 'lr wk 'A' 01555 ir a. .- ,, Y, F b. ..-,.+-,ak-q-.r - YV Y ,, . C A.. ,..n7,!,.--,, ,i:,f,v- H,-15.7 vvqffy r, fc.. .4., . v 44 ,- V , , ,I Q lim.. .- AAT... A-,LNB ,J , ' - f - in - T1 A fu 1 . c y . ' 1 o "ia JPXWQSQQE ' ,,,' 1f'mif5'l A-iii", it ' w i :nn if' i. Q -g'a:v,'i'eg 'sr' Q, 1' - xl' J' ii H mit- 77? CQ AI:-IE BUGLEFCJR1935'-if if af .I E WILICINSON Miss ELrzABE'rH WARREN Captain Caplfzzn J E WILKINSON Lzezlfelzmzly O M GILLIAM W W LEWIS P A KENNEDY N R ARCHER Flfff Sergeant T GREIG Sllpfly Sergeant J D RUSSELL Sergemztx M BACI-IMAN PLUNKETT PATTON CARTER COL LINS C01 1901411 C W BALDXYIYN Lynch burg, Virginia Sponsor MEMBERS M. K. CUMMING W. C. NEWMAN O. G. PILAND I. HOPPENSTEIN R. H. BRYAN M. F. ELLMORE Private: M. H. BAKER J. W. BEARD T. W. BLOOMEIELD F. L. DAVIS J. W. DOUGAN J. D. DUDLEY C. B. FEAGAN3 W. L. FINNEY E. S. FRANCIS H. FISCIIER L. N. GARIIETTE F. M. HALSEY M. HENRY H. H. HARDENBURG Company D G. G. HARRIS O. M. KEELS L. L. MARTIN T. K. MILLEIK R. C. MOIRE O. P. .MIORGAN G. A. NIMMO R. B. OGLESBY J. R. POTTER B. H. RODGERS C. L. SHOCKEY J. B. SILVESTRI J. E. STOVER J. S. TERRELL N. W. TERRY M. W. TIMBERLAKE E. L. TURNER G. W. VUNCK J. O. WALLACE J. M. WEST G. S. WILLIAMS R. R. WRIGHT 2f4?4i'vf?.ie, R. ' . J. G. C. P. J. H. WOOD R. P. J. L. V A 'vw- 248 wifi-REE-:A++ 1 K X i , ' I - 1 -k v 1 GIIEIG, KENNEDY, Lawls, WILKINSON, GII.I.IAM AND BACHMAN Company D D Company is more than a military unitg it is an institution. It is traditional that D Company act as a "liaision" Company between reaction and progress. In our attempts to combine intelligence with Spartan discipline we are called indifferent and non-regulation-art for art's sake is our reward. - D Company is a personality, many sided and with many moods. Individuals stand out like bright spots of color. Eager, alive, pulsing with new and stimulating thought. D Company is an intensely interesting group with which to live. If you are looking for help on Einstein's theory of Relativity, don't bother us, but if you want to discuss femmes, fiction or high class night clubs, drop in any D Company room and you will talk with Connoisseurs-if you indulge in any of the indoor sports, muster your own spirits. It is a pleasing picture, and we of D Company can say with Kipling: . . . "God be thanked! Whate'er comes after, I have lived with men!" BUGLE FOR 1935 M V M M 9 X M Q' -A-- Mg, ,.::,,i f M W -' ::: 'g E:::: .,.4. gb:-rj: ...,'4 x-5:32 . ' I k I X as Wg 5 f x V 5 .. ..,. fi, -- .... Q 21,3--" v:'::"-f' Mg -f " .-... 'lik' ' Hp 52.Z'ij,'f 3"""Vl.." V! -11. 1E?""' ,M::-- 4--'ff' ff" iff' 'li 1: J "::. "- , -5, f qw- Q15 -- -.-- " 5 fi?-1 rw Eg -A Q?qf'i',.ff4?'uw 5 ,510 719' .c "f55r:4 'riirsfifii 'P 5555 " 1 fi' xl. 5 'A'4 I ?555:3:g5,:f5:::, V, .' . . ,.,,, A A ,,., H H ,.,. ,. ., .Q .,,,.. : U A. ,.4....'. 4,-.- r v-3 'R iff' na: 121 2: 35151 'ns :as mQsss 12 Q u me waz m if iz I' 3 . X 2 2 if K an ' W M 0 W M M M M 'Ir ik 'ir if if if 'A' if if ir CAMPBEII FULLTR KUSTEIIER 'WFBB AND TYLER Second Battallon Staff And so what!-I mean now what! Dont be alarmed at this array for it is only Cutie Kus terer the blond Norse God and his gallant co horts. Despite the suitability of these faces for the rogues gallery let me assure you that each will intrepidly conquer all that crosses his path. They will follow the footsteps of these North men never faltering never turning back. Kusterer Cadet Major is much sought after by the fairer sex but in his quiet unassuming way he has passed them all without a second glance. Shall I ever forget the firm sure manner he marched down Campbell Avenue on Thanks- giving Day and the noise of breaking feminine hearts. Soft sighs that arose to a whisperin wind. He bears his military honors easily- true southern gentleman. ohnny Campbell Adjutant tall handsome and one of those innate military men. It is ru- mored that at one time he wanted to read orders at Hollins College .... Such military ambition. Cecil Fuller Plans and Training Officer gen- tleman, and scholar. If there is an honorary fraternity to make, Cecil will make it. This man will go far. He has what it takes. It is whis- pered that bonds of matrimony will claim him very soon-lucky girl. 2 Don Flynn Supply Ofiicer I beg your par don dear reader Don is studying hence his absence Another one of our scholastic honor men In the common venacular he is known as a good kid. Willie Webb Sergeant-Major and Bill Tyler Color Sergeant juniors of this static have much determination and many aspirations. Each is expected to go far. Mus. A. J. Kusaazmsn Richmond. Virginia Sponsor 'ik' ak ir 'A' 'Ir if 'ir 'A' at ak ,knit BOOK OF Ac:-a1EvEMENT1k afaq, - V --- -- -Ji.-v . .Lili .... Q ....,. ll' 'Y : - WW -,,,.,, ' 'Wjjj ii' 'ihgjfi ,f',, WM Y '- : www, r'.:-995855 -'ffl . ., 1 , ' ' , . , u my - , . rt rr - - , - , c ' . , c . , c it n , , u 1, 1 s 4 9 s c z c 9 : L J c L 1 , c A 1. L g c c Z1 z HJ H C 5 C 7 4 1 a 4 c r U H 4 , c 1 , cg-Ls-x-A -5471457 l I-+I:-IE BUGLE FOR 1935+ If ,P A M A J. GILMAN, JR. MRS. .l. GILMAN, JR. II RI 3 Nl S6 I W Captain Norfolk. V i I'giIII:I Cazplfzizz J. GILMAN, JR. Liezzlemzfztx H. C. BROYLES W. B. WINGFIELD E. F. DOERING J. H. MARTIN Firm' Sergeant E. A. PRITCIIARD Supply Sergeant S. SI-IUMATE Sergearztf B. H. ADKINS T. J. CARROLL L. T. GATLING R. N. HALE M. PEREL C. L. KERSTEIN COI'p0l'dlJ' ' G. W. MCALI'IN I W. H. RUBY MEMBERS R. T. MCCLURE G. M. HUTCIIINSON W. H. IRESON J. P. VENEZIA W. P. ROBINS J. W. SCHOLTENS Priwzief C. F. BAILEY T. G. BARNES A. M. BROWN D. E. CASTO M. A. CHAMBERS O. M. CLARK J. D. DIMOND J. G. DOOSING S. B. FITTS J. T. FISHER R. T. FRANZEL W. FREEMAN D. T. GRINNAN G. B, HALL A. B. HAIKPEIK E. D. HENKEL W. C. HEWITT Company E A. V. INGE S. D. KELSEY A. A. KIRK S. B. LAND R. T. LARGENT C. H. LEAP B. M. MEDLIN D. H. NALLE W. W. OSBORNE XV. J. PETERS S. G. POWERS V. R. PUGH R. M. PRIODE D. E. REPASS J. C. SANDERS N. D. SANDERS S. M. STOAIQLEY P. TERRETTA F. J. VASSELLOTT: L. A. VIECELLIO C. L. WOODWARD F. B. WRAY M. J. ZWEIG W .. . . 14: nga, - A.-".. . f 'I f ' ' . '. ' ,.'.'.I-JW?-.'-.EiEi"....... - I I.. ':. -.-f Z. I ' A . ' P fwi . C , Y ,.,,. . . V .. ,. N, H Nl 252 S. H M A A W, I N W Y Um 'k if i' if if Ik if if 'ir 'Af Q ' A 1 s-4 ta 0 Q is r fa. c a ia V E M eg N I at gil. ll ill PLUTCHARD, DOERING, WrNGF1rs1.D, GILMAN, Bicovuss, MARTIN AND SHUMATE Company E Captain Jean drew our names out of the box that contained the names of the men in the sec- ond battalion. "You will call that the First Company until further notice, Mr. Gilman." That is how E Company got its start this year. When anybody speaks of intramural sports, this bunch in E Company is right in there with the high point boysg but when the subject of fire- fighting is mentioned-well, to put it modestly, we beat the town's tire apparatus to the scene twice. It's a nne thing that our champion wrestler, Clete Broyles, was nearby to lend his mighty arm for assistance when Martin fell in "Wolf Creek." Kerstein has complained of a terrible leak in the roof over his room and Flick Doering happened along from a frequent visit "up on the hill" one night and did a little "roof-hating" in the "stick book." And now when Freeman starts going to breakfast and Senator "Willie Wing" starts wear- ing his top hat in public and passing out cigars, the Company will be in fine shape. A 4 ,Y A,-Y . V, 1, . K . . 1 , Q g ., "jf, " irfjli --- -- - --.-Y-.- 3- ..,,-..---1 -- . ..l..:,L..J A fi CA, X f- , J. - -.-l-- t 1 'ffxSf2""m?QmX-in-. ,V 1 4. f -i , Pi fa 1 a f affix-f 'ae-"-A P -e ee i 1 ' f 4 ll 1 , 'M lm rl ,lf wr il xl! V I wfi may tml? fl!!! wi lslfil iliwili Mft K '5 1 M Wi . in - .I ui n x, ,- .G p'1Q',,'1, L l J .yy rv. Eg y lltllz' L, A,, N: 2 ul -','. ,l , l- tl XXVI lkmyifll Nfiifi Ig va: 1 1' -i li hi? Wi SM M lair!!- t Nami? ,Iliff C' II OIILHIRD Cnpfam Caplanz G 1-I ORCHARD TNI! Lzefzlezzmztf C M PRITCHARD J S CHOWNING Seroml Lzezllezzfzfzln C H HINNANT J R GAY F1711 Sefgemzf T B PUGI-I Supply Seigefzzzt R G POWELL Sefgemztx R. G. ROBERTSON W. T. OAKES . J. DAVIS . H. GARLAND . O. COCKEY . W. SANDERS Corpomlf J. D. MOORE W. A. ROTHERY MR H B Omumu I I nLhbul x7llf:,lH1 I Lponsm MEMBERS C WADE K PUNCI-IES P CLARK CATLETT R MULLEN Przwztex H ADAMS BAILEY BEISEL BONWELL M BouNDs W P BROOKS CARPENTER . .COLE . . Cox . . CRAIG . .DEAN . DOLPHIN W. W. FOSTER . R. GARY . T. GIEBS R. S. HAWS Company F J F HENSHAW HIGGINS HUGER KLEIN W D KAHN F LAHFY J S LOUGI-I E MCGFORGE MACDONALD J MUDDIMAN A MYRICK R PEPMEIR PI-IILIPS SANFORD . . SHARP . .SLORIC . H. SPANGLIZR . . STEVENS . B. TI-IACKER . P. TOKARZ W. B. WINE J. F. WRIGPIT 2111-Aw.':.F5-if -I ...WL .7 3.1---M .L-.V-.-.--1-W 4-E... -,. -.WE I . V , . : .',,.'L., .1 VV . H 1 tg R3 ...iw 5 1 --.JH .un v' M. . ..... ..-... I, .AI . Aff w Iggy, R ,R wg .- ' If-1 27' MI-: I- ' .PI .. 254 t i' 't i' 'k t I . , . R .. L si f' . wif: II I. H . F-if 11 zi- i i' 'k Y ' D. . - - A D R. . 4 V. B. I . .- J , F, , R. D. 1 QA E. F. I .' R. W. KOONTZ A- E- KNOBLER . - , . 1. . . ' ' . . J. . bu 'U 1 J- I - , H. F. T ,, RB B l vw Q . C- U. B. A C M Q gg R T R CP M5 P C J F I F C C H L 1 H-' H u i ,gH,,l- ,HHN ,, H mama 'Wim Hu Vg H-ii. i ii mu avg: wi i. . .- 1: u i PUGH, GAY, HINNANT, ORCHARD, PRITCI-I.-XRD, CHOVUNING AND POWELL Company F If you expect to visit F Company at this mo- ment, you must follow them to mess. That is Captain Orchard receiving the company from the "Top-Kick." "Com-pa-nee A-ten-tion! Squads Lef! MARsh!" And thus F Company moves off to mess. As they march, you can see that they are from the school of strict military discipline. It is from hne looking generations like these that many out- standing campus leaders have arisen. "Col-um RITE! MARsh l" Many outstanding leaders in business, industry, science, and society today once paraded under our guidon. Perhaps some things they learned in our barracks contributed to their recognized success. From the seniors, now soon to leave our active ranks, it is not impossible to suppose that in a few years hence we shall read of Orchard, a master electrician, Pritchard, successful whole- saler, Chowning, noted for chemical research, Hinnant, celebrated contractor, and Gay, famous surgeon. And as Company F moves on down the main walk to mess, just remember us as be- ing fair and square, and men who DO THINGS! Buc3LErOR1Q3s VV. S. Cox . Miss ELLA Cox Cuptaivl Shacklefords. Virginia Spmzsnr Captain ' W. S. Cox Liefftemzzzlf R. P. FULTON J. M. FORE H. W. HOWARD W. C. CHILDRESS Firft Selgeaffl S. B. WEST Supply SE1'g6d77f L. B. LEE Sergeafztx P. R. LINDSAY F. K. SHIRK J. B. BUROESS J. R. CARDWELL G. C. PYNE W. N. HAMMERSTROM Cm'p0nzl.s' P. W. CAWLEY M. P. GOODEN C. A. WAGLEY MEMBERS C. J. LOGAN J. XV. COFER L. V. CURRAN I-I. B. SMITH F. E. SIBERT Priwztes R. M. ALLEN B. F. BEIIKAW P. S. BLANFORD A. C. BROWN W. J. BURLEIGH G. R. BURRUS R. S. BURRUS J. M. DERR W. D. DUNN L. L. ELEY J. T. EVANS L. L. FITTRO J. M. FOGG E. H. FULLER W. H. GEVEOON R. D. HATCHER I. K. HEARN Company G B. G. HENDERSON H. N. HUTCHESON R. R. KAUFMAN J. H. LACKEY JAMES W. LATANE I-I. C. MCGRATH F. S. MILLER W. M. PARKS M. A. PILCHER A. R. PORTERELELD J. L. ROBERTS C. V. SERBELL W. H. SHOEMAKER C. T. SOUTHERN A. E. STUMP J. A. TIRPAK K. 1-. VVAC!-ISMUTH J. C. WARE W. H. WEDDLE I-I. S. WHEARY H. F. Wil-IITMIRE J. O. WLGGS H. P. WILSON if 256 ir ir 'lr if if 'Ir 'ir if 'lr ik ir ir ir w it - ata M fS53i?FT ' is Ha-it Book or .f1QlelltiVElVlt1rll 4,1 l 1 - N . l . . ,. L, 1.4, W . ..,-MA . , 'saw , e- qv.. LEE, CHILDRESS, FULTON, Cox, Foius AND WEST Company G G Company's outlook was very gloomy at the outset of the fall quarter. Witlu only a Captain, a First Lieutenant and a couple of Sergeants from the june appointments, it looked as though the Company would be disbanded .... Then came the inevitable .... Behind the locked doors of Captain Agnew's office in a lengthy conference, the Second Battalion was revamped, and the First, Second and Third Companies were organized. The Third Company, which later adopted the let- ter "G," consisting of men from all four of the original companies .... New acquaintances were made .... new friendships formed .... We were lucky in getting the pick of the second bat- talion ofiicers .... Fore and Howard from old E Company, Childress from H Company, and we retained .... our stocky, good-looking First Lieutenant, Bob Fulton. With Captain "Pussy" Cox at the helm, we worked back into the old G Company form. With the achievements of former G Com- pany stalwarts, Stakes, Donati, Wright, Boschian, and others to inspire us, we look to greater Iields to conquer. We are no longer the "Low" com- pany of the quadrangle, but we still cling to the high ideals and traditions of the old G Com- pany. fd Li, itil, aa L "I ,QE l l , 5 'f W viitplz " it-wp -'Nigga' ii'-LV pi 1 g ' llll lg V ff in ,ffl at ni' f' rf i f L, V UL NW .1 NW till + '1 illai la whiff if R fi . f i, ltlal .7 l mf aa F54 J i'-,l - , i., Ml A 'il sl' ixl. xiii My iikffie aL Ffh" l' lil in Vg. L: ,I .51--tl its 2 MQ :Xl 5.1 , tial tl 'iff ali' frm,--fri, e-7'--e., ,, . 4 l ' 'l ' QL :5:S.:fifp,l?iSf i'- f M , . .. ,-. ,ll -:Qty it ,. ws -vt 5.4 X, T-.1 gf. aaaaea l: 1:,l., :N:vgao'N:V,'-23?-':'u ---. 1 hit:-::.. f-"": if - H ,f- ' , I . "E: .:1'1lQ,. 1 . , 255' , 1 '-Ig. H A r f?1.f,,P' 8' .. JF, , Ei, Nr. 1 1 ,,.. 1 1 ' .-1125: W z-: I 3, 1, 41. ,..4.-:-:Az-:--1-:':-z-: I .V -:A 'S 1 'N , , W .. M 4 "'7ff:1:::f 3251525 5 ' S:5:5:5:5:5:5:5E2. ' 2' V 1 'V , Y ' I U 1 M "f'f'f'f":': "-"' ,i-5.1 . 555 311 25 21 H nii mimrff 11.93 11 uusiw -1 1: Q J' 2 as irwaas HUGLE FCJR193a1l' 2 M 'jffwf f - an fN:'w:y"""Z1:: jp? VE? . :.1:.A .tqirii-,:'Jwj:rqii'd:l,' 0-f 'GER W 'QW wif Q' 5, L? Q-5' 3? c. l Ii -'gk :Hz X I as 1 1 I "MTE: gf , xg YF We x My 3 1 2 if F Q U ,fia- nhr if ir if ir ak' 'lr 'A' 'A' 'lr uk it cg-mfs TAYLOR K1sL1:11 BEAMON l'lUMPI-IRIES AND COPELAND Thlrd Battallon staff George, the man with the big voice and one hundred and five percent militaristic ability, plus a quality credit average that makes everyone ex- claim, "How does he do it?", came to the Staff from Battery I. His hobby is solving the brain- twisting problems that Professor Clower of the Mechanical Engineering Department prides him- self in evolving. The list of clubs and activities that George figures in prominently reads like a roll call of campus organizations. Richard, the rising young architect with the big voice, will long consider his hardest problem in life was Colonel Begg's "Concrete," His greatest ambition in life is to read the orders in the Harrisonburg State Teachers College dining hall. Kemper's one big problem in life is teaching Major Tenney the regulations of an ideal college. Kemper and the Major agree on everything ex- cept that ridiculous regulation, "Thou Shalt March to Mess." Little is known of his alliances with the fair sex, although we suspect his ruling ambition is to have only to walk from one room to another for his meals-without the rest of the Staff to keep him company. Kemper's greatest woe are the molecules and atoms of Doctor Wat- son's Physical Chemistry. 'A' ik 'A' if 'A' it ir Humphries the diminutive but extremely ca pable Sergeant-Major, has done an excellent job of seeing that the Battalion finds its way to the Mess Hall on cold mornings. Copeland, the big, handsome Color Sergeant, threw the entire stu- dent body of Hollins into mourning when he transferred his affections to other fields. iv H Mas. W. S. BEANION Suffolk. Virginia Sponsor xmas Boox or f4?'4.74? f Q-ij ? Ziff? B. F. S XUVDICIKS Capluin Caplaizz B. F. SAUNDERS Liezztefzmm J. R. MURRAY D. W. LANEORD R. B. HICKS Firxt Sergemzt E. N. ANDREWS Snjiply Sergea zl T. T. JEFFRIES S87'UE4Z7ZlJ' '. D. MCCULLOCK . W. BISHOP f. 1. JONES . . LENZ . . HEISLER . . FRANCIS MRS. B. SXUNDERS Richmond Vil'1:,iIli'1 Sponsov' C01'p0l'dl.Y . C. EDMUNDS MEMBERS R 1935'k 'k if . GALE . GARRETT Battery . .HULCITER . .YONKER . .RUSH . .GEE . . DOERING . V. SHELTON P1'iZ!dlE.l' . A. ANTHONY . A. BAKER . S. BOWMAN . S. BUCHANAN . H. BURGESS . C. CAMPBELL W. CATLIN . M. CROCKETT J. C. DUNLOP H. M. FISHER J. O. FITZGERALD GROSS HAFF HENSEIAW 1. HOFFMAN W. B. L. HUTCPIESON J. T. HYLTON J. L. INGLES R. F. IRELAND W. B. JENKINS . JOHNSON . P. KIDD .D. .W. LIGON LUCY MAGILL MCCONNELL MILTON MEI-IALKO MICHINER I J. A. MILLER R. P. MONTEITI-I M. G. MORGAN D. W. MURPHY J. L. OAKEY D. W. PAGE H. S. PAGE 1. H. PARKER J. F. PEARSALL P. S. PERDUE C. W. REEVES W. S. SAUNDERS Q. E. SIMKINS W. H. STARR L. C. ST. JOHN H. P. TRUEHEART R. H. VANDENDERG C. A. VAUGHAN D. R. VERNON E. P. VEST T. A. WITTKAMP W. R. YONKER 'QXINSS 'k 'fi' H E B U G L E F O 1 F H R 1 C E J Q G C C F R S J' J' STROBEL W. E. I-IOLBERTON R. F. HARRIS G B H P E W Is M L A ' R G H 5 R A G Ig R II C B C A 1' II R G P G F R D J A G T G S J 260 'A' 'A' 'ir ir if ir ir if ir Tk 'K 't irTHE Boom or ACHIEVEMENT'k s ri-5 l I - i P' .1 , I i ,H L. ...- ...-.,, C... . , -,.....-.. -.-:.f"S1' Lrlicill ...glll..Jl1iQF.fs7Qii5l inn it ,z i sg! , 1, ANDREWS, Srnonnr, SAUNDERS, Mummy, Hicxs AND Jnrrnuss Battery I Our Pride, Battery I, has this year bravely at- tempted to bring to the Corps a fine example of what a Company should be. Though through previous years not rated so very high, it has come out excellently through full co-operation of officers and men, and has achieved a high standard of Company spirit. Foremost in fairness and spirit our "Nazi" Captain has led the way, helped through the tough spots by our wonder boy "jo-Jo." Speaking of leaders, our own "Doug" is the read "Leader" in the crowd and our "Smiling Lieutenant" Ros- ser is always there to back us up. Last in line, but far from last in spirit, is our old Ruben who, though in charge of the other end of things has always been high in the hearts of the fellows. As a unit, Battery I has given the school some very fine men who have spread throughout all activities, including athletics, Corps ollicers, and social clubs. It has really tried its best for thc betterment of the Corps whether at home or abroad-on regular leave or otherwise. ! if if ar if if if -k if -if I if Ek Y?'i' 44:4 -Qswwsib 't T H E B U G L E F O R 19 3 5-k -t -1 VV E RIANN ING Crlptaiu Captain W E MANNING LZEIUGIZHIZII J M SCOTT A A HUDNALL W H BOWEN G B SMITH F11 Ji Sezgemzt J N CARGILL Supply Sergemzl S 67 gemzl I' R A MOORE W H PAYNE A N CRANE W L BARNES W H HOWARD J W EWING Mus. J. H. MANNING Manila, Phillipine Islands Sponsor MEMBERS Corpovzzlf . J. E. TURNER B. M. STITES W. C. MCMULLEN F. J. AI-IERN C. L. PROFFIT J. N. STEPI-IENSON J. W. SUMNER R . L. THOMPSON P1'iwzte.r A. K. ADKINSON J. B. ALPHIN D. A. N. BACOT R. R. BAILEY G. L. BALDWIN J. H. BANTA J. G. BARR S. W. BISHOP T. G. BOSWELL Battery J. B. BOWLES M. W. BRUCKMEYER G. W. BUCKANAN R. E. CALAHAN S. Z. CECIL C. B. Cox J. A. Cox W. M. CURTIS J. D. DAVIS M. D. DAVIS W. H. FEATHERS W. C. FITZPATRICK W. S. FRANCIS J. M. GRAHAM G. W. HALSEY WK G. HAMILTON A. M. HARVEY' C. W. HEVER L. L. KELLY W. S. KING 'K G. E. LAWEIKENCE B. G. LEWIS R. H. LITTLE W. F. MARTIN C. C. MISH F. B. MOORE J. A. RAKESTRAW L. R. SAMMOUS C. D. SEAGLE A. J. SISK D. H. SWARTZ H. R. THOMAS J. S. THOMPSON D. C. TIMBERLAKE J. H. TURLEY B. T. SMYTHE E. N. UMBARGER NV. P. VARNUM E. E. WOOD W. E. WOOLWINE H. EPES 262 'k 'k i 't 'X 'k if 'N w-1. ik af H it ua G to K P A c H I E 'lf M t. N I L' ,dare -iz 5 4' BPES, SMITH, BOWEN, MANNING, SCOTT, HUDNALI. AND CARGILL Battery K I Ever since its formation, not so long ago, Bat- tery K has always tried for top honors in military. In 1932 we won the coveted gold band. In 1933 we won it again, the first company ever to hold the band for two successive years. We may not have a long history, but we have a brilliant one, and all indications point to an even finer future. Military isn't the only thing with us though. There's a spirit of comradeship and friendliness among us that keeps every man "putting out" for the good of the whole company. Then too, welve got our share of scribes, play boys, and athletes, and more than our share of really good fellows. This year our Captain and his Lieutenants have kept the underclassmen on the straight and nar- row path and made them enjoy it. We'll miss "Snooks" Manning-the man who was drop- forged, not born, next year. And "Smokey," "Handsome," "john," "Bill," and "Smitty" will be a real loss. We won't forget them and we wish them all the luck there is. l mil, lllfr' Wi. va l'IiiX'j lvl.: .,l 'VI 1 Q rff , ,I Fir! EN U lla fltfi2ff I if -4 P. ayqa Kp: I 5 "fu X U 5 Xl' NY t "H-la' ly w H A, P l"K 1. 1 I. fy ,a xl ww Mr my AJ f -1 lil l l ll :lx M twill M REM YZF? 775 A, il 412 . all lil i i rv: 134 X. . , 1 v,1,,f W 5 , A, , A . - i A fz::es..e:vN:ms-1-J 'I if - ee: f 3 .- -rv f wp .W - .- X:-. -X75 1 if P52 TH -- J'-L Fl ff P-1 ra -4-3-lil:-?4""Q"-T12-N3'-"1--7' .1-1. 1 . Ex. X R. L. BROOKS Cll11fClI:71I Captain R. L. BROOKS A. H. PULLY . W. LEE H. B. ELLER NI. G. STROUD First Sergemzl W. C. ROBERTSON Supply Sergeant J. M. CRAFTON Sergemzlf . M. ELLER . W. BRADSI-IAW . M. JOHNS . S. PLUMMER . L. DILWORTH . E. WEARN Corpornh E. H. LANE Nlrss NIELL BURTON Richmond Vi1',f.:ini'1 Sprmsov' MEMBERS F. M. DILLON XV. J. PAIS J. F. BOONE W. F. NUNN C. D. RICHARDS D. R. CHAMBERS Privalef T. A. ALLISON W. S. BARKSDALE F. W. BAXTER R. J. BENTZEL N. S. BILLUP W. F. BRENT 1. W. BURROUGHS S. S. CASSEL . R. CERVERICI-I . S. CHAIJPEL .. W. COLEOURN W. S. CONNELY Battery M. L. CORBETT JAMES A. COX . G. DALEY . . DICRENSON . . DOUGLAS . . FAzIo W. K. FENTRESS . B. FERGUSON . . FERNEYHOUGH 4. . FITZGERALD . . GARDNER . . GRAHAM . . GRAY . . GREER . . HEPLER C. M. HULL . T. JANNEY -. G. JONES J. R. LAPRAD . N. LEE . W. MAI-IANEY . S. MILES J. H. MONGLE J. E. MOORE . L. MORGAN . W. OTTLEY . P. PITTMAN . R. PROBAT . G. RAMSEY . F. ROsE . R. SEABORN . E. SMOLA W. J. SOWDER . W. SOWDER . . SUMPTER . . SWANEY . . WALKER . .WRIGHT WTHE BUGLE FOR 193514: if -Af I M I I I L W 'A' J I . Z? iw ' I-I Lie1rte1mnl.r J. A. MOTTOI.A R. B. Cox J S. MEREDITH V I S 5 Ti. H it 1 113 1131 A M B C 5 S: .L H H T Y 2 Qi 5. V J E W R v 51 C W R F xl G H T ? 2 T 9 R C A S V A .R .24 ff i . M Y 57'f'RT3?':'.- fx ' ' 'K 'N I N .LL ....,. nw N, 5' my S 2 . ww 'Ar 'A' 'k 'ir if if 'ir 'A' if 'ir W 't iTHE BOOK QF ACHiEVEMENTf i 1 1 3 i 1 -.x .. ii is i 1 if i i H J ,- N ,, t i.. W jiiwumi I W myw'j imuwi jmgi Mqg!..5,j',, ROBERTSON, ELLER, LEE, Bnooxcs, STROUD, PULLY AND CRAETON Battery L Battery L in its short period of existence com- mands an undisputed position of respect in our regiment. The proud bearer of the coveted gold band for two successive years, which is an achieve- ment second to none in the history of V. P. I. The order that instigated us has gone, endow- ing us with a heritage that has continued with us, and a feeling that is known only to those that have and continue to fill our files. Such prestige as we now enjoy is not without contributions from those members drafted to the "Skippers" who proudly continue to call Battery L their home It is with no little regret that we are severed from a friendship and co-operation that we will always cherish In our last salute to you, who are to follow us, we feel confident that you will keep alive and carry on with that same spirit that we have enjoyed in being with you VE- -mggxlif Y L, . V, Q, 4 W ii W V 1 3 5- 4 4' 42 4 4 X K 4 , V, . , ii HF A.,-"LW-, , .Y'..l'M.f.4 ,XJ ' G. H. STANLEY C. C. BAKER 'RFQ-W i'THE.BUGLE FOR1935'ir if J J. Boone: Captain Caplfzifz J J BOOTH Lzezziemmif C D WHITE W D HOLSCLAW R B PORTER W A MUDD F11 rl Sergeant J B VAN DYCK Miss LENA BOOTH Portsmouth, Virginia Sponsor F. H. EVANS W. Z. BROWN R. B. WARE J. F. RUSH E. F. HARVEY S. H. HALL H. C. MINSKER Priwztef A. L. ABBITT Supply Sergeant R H OLLVER Se1 gemztf . H. WALKER . G. KNOWLETON M. HOLLOWAY N. BROOKS D. ROLLINS . K. BOWMAN Corpolzzlx V J. W. BRANDON F. C. BALLARD J. C. BARNETT J. B. BAYDUSH J. C. BOATRIGHT C. E. BROADWATER J. S. BURROWS J. A. CARPENTER A. J. CHEWNLNG N. T. CAMICIA D. C. CARTER B. R. CARSON MEMBERS Battery M R. N. DARDEN B. W. DODGE J. H. DUZE L. E. DLSCHINGER E. W. DEVOTO R. F. Fox J. M. FULTZ W. H. GAREER VU. A. GRIFFITH E. G. HART J. F. H1cKs T. R. JOHNSON T. H. JONES D. M. JUNKIN W. M. MAY R. P. MURRAY M. L. O'NEALE R. PEYTON A. H. POPE F. A. PORTERFIELD E. D. PROUDMAN T. M. PRICE J. K. RAINIER W. J. REARDON S. RUSH J. G. RAWLINS M. J. RANO J. C. SIEGRIST A. W. SINCLAIR J. E. SPRADLING P. M. STOUTAMIER D. L. STOWE W. R. STEPHENSON D. W. A. STUBBS W. K. TAYLOR W. R. TAYLOR A. G. WALKER A. P. WARE W. T. WEBB S, A. WENK S. C. WORREL G. L. WILSON I I R E F E WSP-BQ 2 if if 'ir if gi if 'i' if if if 'Q K' it 'egg-e A 44.i: 5,1- aoorr or LM -1 qv , ..-- - OLIVER, MUDD, W1-urn, BOOTH, Horscraxv, PORTER AND VAN DYCK Battery B4 Born in the "Boom" of 1928, Battery M has been "Booming" consistently ever since. While the older companies on the Quadrangle are bask- ing in the reflected glory of the deeds of the ancients, Battery M has been making history of its own, both in military and out. While scribes have not flourished in abundance, nevertheless such men as Myron Lockwood, '34, Captain and valedictorian, a man that will long be remembered by those who served under him as a true officer and gentleman. Tech athletics have been plentifully supplied from the ranks of Battery M. To the varsity football squad it has given Duncan Holsclaw and the wrestling team, and "Moose" Porter, a grappler of note. And so through the years the sons of Battery M have marched to fame and glory. And to the capable group of ofhcers headed by Jim Booth, who leave us in June, we can only wish the same continued success and drink a toast to their hap- piness-Prosit. a are t fl f--e KM Wd wg WH 511,553 "1 4" 4 l f tml ze:-V' I-1 'MLW fig: ly ll fill' l 51 pill Q li. ww . irq WM lfsl ll' x l '-V-' ' , 5 1 1 .2 lwN?a'5i' lJ:t".f'3yf '. il- aw -9-f A' fm up : ri- 1 wg ill Q- it U aj lliwggl FM' Wg wr- ,pgxyfi lla 'Wil in lily W,-11 J WIA. .Af-vp!-'f,? will 'nil' my 1' 1 Wi .l f ya l, if lfbilfl-li -.w'f' luklef! Tiff ll na IJ J: Mt W! , X. f il. Wx 1 - E7 . 2, Y Wm ffjly ,J , f tTHE BlUGLEFQR1035if if at X. if II M M W I I 1 F. L. KILDIAHTIN Captain Captfzilz F. L. KILMARTIN Liezzlemzfzif X A M. J. REID f C. E. ANDERSON G. M. ROEESON . N E. C. BRANDON V- Firm? Sergefzfzl J. I. SPITLER ' ' Supply Sergemzt - 1 F. W. HARIIIS J Sergemztf R. G. MELICR v C. C. RICKER X f C. H WOOD . C. C. IVLAST C. I. MOTHERSIIEAD, JR. J. E. BENNETT VJ 3' M I I IZ MRS. A. N. KILLIARTIN Washington, D. C. Sponsor Corporfzlr O. XW. JOHNSON J. L. HUMPHREYS E. L. HARRIS P. C. BRINKLEY R. D. CLAUD MEMBERS G. H. VADEN, JR. R. L. OAS R. S. JERRELL Priwztef C. I. ABBITT J. D. ADKINS S. W. BELOTE J. F. BELL R. A. BELZ H. W. B JERKE W. M. BRADSHAW, JR. D. J. COINER J. D. DARDEN O. L. DAY Battery N W. F. DEAL, JR. J. C. D JIOVANIDIS H. E. DIEKMAN R. V. DUDLEY L. W. EARLY W. H. FERGUSON, JR. J. D. GEMMEL R. F. HUTCIIESON J. E. HII.I.sMAN R. C. HINES M. H. ISON J. L. JEFFERY W. T. JETER A. R. KEMP W. E. KNEWSTEP, JR. E. W. LAKE J. K. LAMBERT JNO. W. LATANE, JR W. J. LAXVTON J. M. LONG E. J. MAGILLEY N. H. MAREAN B. MELVIN W. T. PARKER, JR W. M. POPE P. H. PORTER C. W. POWEI.L R. B. POWELL G. R. POWLEY F. J. PRAEL W. E. REYNOLDS C. W. RUSMISELLE JR P. L. SHELOR R. H. STOVER J. B. STYLES W. G. TI-IAYER B. W. WARING V. W. WHITE W. W. WILKINS M. I. WOLFSON G. T. WRENN C. J. WRIGHT, JR. W 1' 268 'lr 'A' 'ir ir if if 'lr 'k.I'k 'Ik ..., + if -ea ll ia to to if B at i v N If Zglfs it X r l , Y K Y - Y W , x i i SPITLER, BRANDON, ROBESON, K1LMA1xT1N, ANDERSON, REID AND HARRIS Battery N Lovers, scholars, gentlemen, inebriates, mani- acs, etc., this the conglomeration that forms our military family, Battery N. In four years of life, the "Foreign Legion" has risen in every field from the novice class to that of expert, and looks for more fields in which to prove supremity. The Senior olhcers are led by "Captain Frank," the Cellini of the Battery, who is ably assisted by "Weenie," Cassanova of the Corps, "Andy," with books always handy, "Gumbo," who loves Morpheus more than women, and "Puss," our downtown Romeo. The Juniors, with "Joe," "Frank," "Ray," "C, O," "Charlie," "Aggie," "Mullett" and "Doc," outstanding in "outside" activities, are the best in the game. The Sophomores and Freshmen are very quickly learning how to derive the best results by the ap- plication of the technique which has been handed down to them by their predecessors. N Battery, the most cosmopolitan Batteryon the Quadrangle, is headed for a new deal in- What? ,N . fl' l ,Q till V, lli.'l,7'.?' b 1' tg if 'a,3y!l,,-ff,u xi ' 'H,'nNl IU! vli'lfl'H'4 J,,, 'ittli'fff' ,- fe, If ' '53-lil if. I, if lll'ff'l'lfl i 'I' g l, .: ,VA 5 lm is 5 1 -. f,- 1? it -W W' c 'lt M 'X fl, his lxflllvif nfl' fl' ,,, Sal 'H ,Sv url, r' ,gt ,f.,,i, r rg, cw, I f, yy li il ll, I' 3,1 Jil M 1' 1' Q al 1 as ' X . y If '-ix. ip N. sl -.V ly fi ffl 2, 'ff 1' ltif , 'fm 32 u ij lflblflclia -.1 -, -l 5' , ' li fa g, ,al rpg, ,yi 14 Ei lglxll ,ll V l rl ill .ff 'QjQ:,lQf1l , QD. 10: ey , 1 SM jj 'ful f Q' am ' 1- ,gf All lk wwf l-Sit. f"' ia lfulflf l-Eli". "Aff Hb: gl' if +3 7 5 1 ii, M i ,I ull lilly lr-ff l Hy? f-1211, ,J -rx f' .. .fm ,fi li J fl lifltlfllcl Eli' " llfllflfly lay, 9,-5. xxlz' l 'Civ :qi 'X -"lei 'gill'-'Xl an I fy 1 H 'yi ly ,. Ag R 5 Y if 3 I, fi xi ,yi f ir if 'R' UGIJE FOR1935, E. B. 0'CoNNoR Captain Captaifz L. B. O CONNER Liezzlemzrztf H. A. SPRUILI. G. W. HAIKDING R. E. JONES W. B. GRIZZARD Fimf Sergeafzt G. A. COSTAN Supply Sergeant E L MUNDAY Sei gemzm' H I BENNETT W J BLAIKLOCK S 1' HALL T C SLAUGHTER W H MILLER C T SAVAGE Miss VIRGINIA ILLIG Richmond, Virginia Sponsm' C01'p01'alJ H. E. ATKINSON F. E. BELL A. H. SHAEER H. T. STULTZ E. R. PHILLIPS J. B. STOVER G. C. VAUGHAN P. G. THAYER P1'iwzte.r MEMBERS F. R. BENSON E. E. BOCKHAUS F. G. BRENNER T. H. CALLAHAN M. M. CARMEL Z. W. CLIEWNING W. CLEERB E. N. COPPER R. L. CROCKETT Battery O J. K. DAILEY J. H. DAVIS H. E. DUNAWAY A. J. ELLIS C. P. GAY C. C. GORDEN P. J. HANNA E. L. HARRIS W. C. HOWARD S. F. JENKINS W. S. LAFON J. S. LAIRD XV. LAIRD H. R. LARNER O. E. LINKHOUS R. P. LUCAS W. B. MAGILL E. C. MARSH D. T. MASON H. D. MAST S. T. MCINTYRE G. H. MELVIN R. H. MOORE J. H. NOEL T. H. NOTTINGHAM C. I. OLSEN J. P. QUARLES R. T, RAMSEY A. ROBERTSON S. F. SAUNDERS T. W. SHIPLEY H. C. SMITH J. C. SNIDOW C. W. STEWART R. W. TATTERSOLL E. L. TIIORNE I-I. C. WILLEY I. D. WILSON I. WOLFSON if -af if A A if ar if ir if M... ---.xx .. 1-Q, ,N 151 tel ci o c tel 1 v r ra E lat if ,,,,,1 .- , , -. .,1-- - 1, Y If X V . .. 1 I VV ,Z W . 2 g -.Mk ,-W - M. 1 ' . ' .- S -151-xi? if N1 P7 11 V 1 ' ' ' . 1zxes21l"11"-'Z '- "'-'-" Z1 r . ,. , 21. , . W x 1 1 JJ 1, 1 1 11 , , 4 11 Q a 1- 1 1' .1115-,., , COSTAN, JONES, SPRUILL, O'CONNER, HAIKDING, Giuzzmzn AND MUNDAY Battery O Started four years ago with the present Seniors as the first "Rats," Battery O has steadily forged ahead. From its first "Rats" have been produced three Captains, first honors to O'Connor, our Captain, "Little Tenney" Kilmartin, "Babe,' Jen- nings, Staff. Our Battery can boast of a great variety: Scribes, there's Grizzard, Sports, Spruill, Daily, etc., Mili- tary, Shafer, best drilled private in the regiment, Lovers, Slaughter, pictures enough to paper the wall, Hall second with twenty, Spruill, evaded Cu- pid three years, captured now, Harding, tried a new girl each set of dances up to his Senior year, then conquered by "Conquest", Grizzard, girls come up to see him, Costan, hospital, night duty, Lynchburg. I Wfith the end of the Hscal year 1935, the "Cor- poration" still has things well in hand. 1 l l I W - , ,Mr L- Nfl' 1 1 'G 1 W1 Est il 1' Wig li x in'-, 1-11' 1, fl wily' ,- , I lj-Q15 17 y WB ,.-ff 271 .Q Q I1 --,Y ,fa fix. l T we -1+ J, --iff fl TL J- .aF'Fe'iifii?'l2eF-"4r ' 35 151 ffl. et? 2111 if 1231 Eli 151' X ,f 1 l gil' A-A 'J , : Z- 111 1, .1 11,1 1,-. 1- 1,1421 ,X . fl "1i"i'ii 1,-1, .J ii? .,1 1.,1 .1 1-5-1 1111-1 11 1111i 1. 11 111 I flfiif 311 1 4. I . , YV, -1' I ll V1 1 1 11 l1111l14t li '1,,' ,il 1 . , 1.1 w . Fl '1 'I 111' 11' 11' -1. ,?,'fi1f1'l, 1 rf? Yiqgf171-1 1 F1751 lV'1 1 rfll 5 1 H1 ilitlyii .l, -1 l "K 'ff' ",lE1'!, if 1 .51 . 31,1 'ti RTE-fi51 1 11 .JN 11' '12 ,I 111.61 'f X3 '51 1- 5 X, 1 '11 il 'ul .1 'I 1' 1 . 112 l. :tiff Y "' -f ,1 11-.111 .N V . 1 "yu rs mf 1. if' i'a'i'j fy., 1V5fY,1'!. 1 1 .1 liinilfif' 111. 1:1'l,f I-. ' ',1', 1J11fl1f.1' X- -'1 .v 1,1 K -7 '1 1 Fil 'i 111 lk ,fl W1 '-J,-L 11 51,1 ,n 'II' gl ..1 111' 1 Nl I. 111 Jr 1-:11,'f'1, ll' Ai Hx 1 1 xiffff 1 11 1 1 X, ll... fl 2' HMBOOK FIVE H f A T H L E T I C S sink KX "N N29 X1 Nix wikgvf ..f- f- ' ff: . Lf P ff k.i5!7JJf!l?JQJ4f7xyA -- , -...Y. ,MY W . ,N .,.-.,,- -..4 - 'ZTARRING JIM" BAUCH 1.932 Olympic Decathalon Wifzmev' 15? 'A' 'ik ATHLETICX ACI-IIEVEMENT ,A YN '. i The Olyrrt "'. ,pic Games fits' it if QQ, ft fl fill 1 2 ' 'deign .4 121.1 -- 1-r,-I, VJEIVFS-i ..... a.. V ,,,l3L:.. V-4.1--1-sa? ' 15. A THE Olympic Games, held by the ancient Greeks every fourth year, were revived about the turn of the present century. The modern Games, holding competition in nearly every imaginable sport, represent the peak in athletic achievement because the finest athletes in all the world put forth their most intense enfort in Olympic competition, yet clean sportsmanship and friendliness rule supreme. Some 2,0Q0 athletes from 39 countries took part, and around a million and a half spectators were attracted by the Games, in which world and Olympic records in many events toppled before the onslaught of lean-limbed, bronzed young men and women. The United States far outclassed all comers, with 59 first places, only a few less seconds, and thirds. Italy and japan also made spectacular performances, the latter showing particularly re- markable strength in the swimming events. iw I ' 'J U' 3 1 4 i f fp. 4 W Jim gy -gf ig f m ' A ij f51iL5Di5' . ,. 3 iq RTZfS?W35iN , XQQNAQI QLKQA ,q l,,.V . ,. v. fl - .1.a.,x.aAA.n.x.:'33A, v i!! V Myafxpigarj W 'ff"Z'c'5r"'?'1f M fimzffv 'A +9 Eg I-I Q- M if it , 4 e Li, E3 1 pax. M lm X X M kiffg it W . 1 B Z'f?f'i?:?Mi-'f x 55' - f L+ 55 bw 'R 2- ffwifil HMA -5 ' I 'Ukfwxrg l'1'ih - "I-AA, lx Ji-1 5" in .',fzf?2'A I W -wi MW vs f fx K HP--. 1Ag5,,'Td1'E5q ,s,Q mfliji' ' 3 , -wg' f'-. , A A 5+ A W" 4 'L fxkfsn , . , .Y .!31xj1.y,": -, ,5 ',,.F. 42' LF .I 4 fffkgfg m ' A fo' f was 41 . "N" "'j'1, vm! ,"f L.. 1, ,".LL.l,5"f V - , , -1 ' l ,WJ ,-v, ,.. -, . 4:7 35? 1, -' I V wufilffan -tl. :llk : uw!U1g'?v1m uxywwq w W H T W Q wa M me Q, U. ' '4 J ,M EL .. CL 4 ia- 4 ....-1 4 'ink ' A I, N A ' Ill! , 5 .7 ' A Q-1, m uw if , H. - T ' Nr , " - hih1.::?b v I X , 5: TEL: 5 21 - fr' 2 1-1iJn1'I"g ws W ,,'4 Lum HW W , 1 1 "7 M X " Q' mmf HH mu w 5 W THE DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS :aj 5 I W Q 5 K V E E T f e ' ' T QL ' ff - . - , air mir it if if i 'ak t k if -A-THE Quota ron iaas. T E D PARTM E T H E N C P MILES D lo of Al!! zcr THIS department, under the expert su- pervision of C. P. "Sally" Miles, is in direct control of athletics and athletic policy of Vir- ginia Tech. Both the freshman and varsity coaches are in this department, which in reality is a part of the student Athletic Association. ','Sally', Miles, '01, Graduate Manager of Athletics and directly in control of the depart- ment, has been at the helm of the organization and of the department since 1907. While a student Sally was perhaps the greatest tackle that ever trod the gridiron bearing the colors of V. P. I. Upon his graduation, he coached the varsity football team for two years, '05 and '06. The '05 team was one of the greatest teams in the history of the school. In 1907 Mr. Miles accepted the post of graduate manager of Athletics, a post which he has held ever since. Next in line is I-I. B. "Puss" Redd, head football coach. Mr. Redd graduated from Tech in 1922 and for the next nine years engaged himself in putting out championship freshman football teams for his alma mater. He was appointed head coach in 1932, after a shakeup that brought Tex Tilson and Monk Younger from Davidson to assist him in molding the great '52 Gobbler team. Tex and Monk both played ball for Tech, and hold secure pos- itions on Tech's All-Time team. With one exception the entire coaching staff is made up of V. P. I. alumni. Earl Tilson is the one lone exception, he came to us from Washingtori and Lee where he starred in foot- ball and wrestling. At present he is the wrestling coach and assistant freshman football coach. Macauley McEver, head freshman football and basketball coach, and varsity base- ball coach, was a member of Tech's never-to-be-forgotten "Pony Expressf, Bill Porterfield, the remaining member of this competent staff, is still remembered by everyone for his remark- able playing during the hectic football campaigns of '32 and '55. At present Bill is the box- ing coach and assistant football coach. , M 278 'ik if 'sk Athletic Council E. A.P VIC!! I-V I 8717 31' C. M. NEWMAN am!! 1 ew LOQ I' lyM Z1 ,I . r X , , I 4, -5- -,err-as soon or ACI-WlEVEMENTk 0 W 0 F A T H L E T 1 C S gg, Q M M M G. W. Bussm Pzefzdezzt ir 0. R x V P ai QV QV C C CAMP S CIEIJIQ Tre .1?,f2rHS. 0 W M M M' M F y M b J. E. WILLIAMS Faculty Memb 0 Z M QW M M it 0 J Q! x 2? C 279 C M 'k 'A' 'ik 'A' i'-'k i 'A' is if 1 XRS ll! VARSITY SPORTS 'kiwi at-He avert roar iaas TECH 21-ROANOKE COLLEGE 0 The 1954 edition of the Gobbler football team rang up the curtain in the season's opener with a 21 to O victory over a scrappy Maroon team. Gath- ering power as the game proceeded the Gobblers showed splendid coordination to push across a touchdown in each of the last three periods. On the first play in a varsity game, Fittro made a sensational catch of Dickerson's pass to score the first touchdown. Captain George Smith cap- tured the ground gaining honors, with Cunning- ham not far behind. The greater share of the glory goes to the line that showed the offensive and defensive strength IRESON, FULLER, FULTON AND WEST Varsity Football TECH 0-TEMPLE 34 The Techmen invaded the north the follow- ing weekend, and suffered the worst defeat of the season at the hands of the Warner coached Tem- ple grid machine. Although the Gobblers were outplayed in the second half they were never out-fought and held the Owls to 7 points in the first half. During the second quarter the Gobblers began to click and drove the ball deep into Temple ter- ritory, where it remained until the half. In the third and fourth periods the Owls drove through the Tech tackles for long gains. Tech's blocked punts contributed largely to three touchdowns and a safety to Temple's total. The individual honors at to it that won it the distinction of being the strongest 80 to Red Ellglish and Louis Fiffffi, W110 Played . A line in the State before the end gf the Season, great defensive games for the full 60 minutes. M -ki l li 4 5 A lx 'K . H. B. Reno G. M. Sign-rr-r L. L. Frrnto B. D. Svaxeusn I Coach. Captain End and Captum-elect Zllcmagca ' 282 K . af f-at-kaiafa-+ -Af if 'kwa nook: or ACHIERVEMENTQ' 6225 The Tech eleven marntfuned therr thrrty year ROANOKE PRESENTS STRONG DEFENSE TECH 13 UNIVERSITY OI' FLORIDA 20 In a game that was packed full of thrrlls and suspense played on a ram soaked turf the Ga tors from the Unrversrty of Florrda downed the fightmg Gobblers 20 to 13 The two teams were rather evenly matched rn all departments but rn passrng the Techmen proved to be drsastrously weak both olfensrvely and defensrvely It was passrng that proved to be the margrn of vrctory for the Gators for 1n the last quarter wrth the Gobblers leadrng 13 to 7 Florrda pushed across the tyrng touchdown on a long pass A few mrnutes later Tech fumbled on an attempted pass and Florrda recovered deep rn Gobbler ter rrtory to push across the wxnnmg touchdown rn the goal four trmes rn the closrng mrnutes of play therr eleventh vrctory to the tune of 6 to O It was one of the most thrrllrng battles that ever took place rn the Rrchmond Stadrum A steady 74 yard drrve led by Duncan Holsclaw was clr maxed wrth the only score of the game when I'1t tro made 1 sensatronal catch of D1ckerson s heave rnto the end zone The Indrans were dangerous at all stages of the fame and forced the Gobblers back to the1r own four trmes rn the closrng mrnutes of play fum bles proved costly to the Indrans as the Gobblers kept the1r vaunted passmg attack under control TECH 9 UNIVERSITY OI' MARYLAND 14 Again the fourth quarter Jrnx camped on the trful of the Gobblers as they lost to the Old Lrn ers rn the tradrtronal trdewater battle 9 to 14 It teams brought forth for the edrficatron of several ai' ir if if is ek if uk if if domrmnce over the Indrans when they rolled up thousand delrrrous fans H. E. DIcKEnsoN J. A. Cm ENTER Clsonc' Srnmo I-I. A. SPRUILL Back Back Bc 'lc Back 2 5-ilviix. a . l K . gg ', K ' 'IIECH 6-WILLIAM AND MARY O C u was. an amaeiag display of footballulthat theltwo I K1 N I V I e v To Nr BUGLEFQR1935i' it ir M ll: Q ll 1 , . r l ri N 1 x x Z ,-J' v if X I Y 1 V X E l Yr. it !vi'2bt5.- Li . N.. 1 i A - .N s. 'N L1 L.: '15, . . Horscraw MAKES FIVE YARDS OFF TACKLE AGAINST FLORIDA The Techmen scored early in the fray when Dickerson's punt slipped through Sothoron's hands and Thomas fell on the ball, on the 8 yard line. Three plays later Holsclaw went over for the score. Tech's only other score was a safety resulting from a blocked punt. Maryland scored once in the first period on a sustained drive, and again in the fourth quarter on a shovel pass to Sothoron. TECH 7-WASHINGTON AND LEE 15 After outplaying their opponents for three peri- ods the Techmen received the cold shoulder from Lady Luck and lost the ball game in one minute of the fourth quarter. The entire first half was played in the Generals' territory, Dickerson's su- perior punting keeping them continually on the defensive. In the second quarter Copenhaver blocked a General punt and Carpenter returned it to the 5 yard line. Holsclaw carried it over three plays later, with Negri converting. In the closing minutes of the fray, the Generals gambled and won. Deep in his own territory Matrox heaved one down the alley to Smith who raced 70 yards for a touchdown. On the kickoff Tech fumbled and W. Sc L. recovered inside of the Tech 20 from where they pushed over the winning score three plays later. TECH 0-S. CAROLINA 20 The Gamecoclc-Gobbler tilt in Columbia was a repetition of previous encounters. A few com- pleted passes with a couple of fumbles and a blocked punt thrown in gave the Gamecocks the ball game. Captain Smith led several long drives down the field that were only stopped by errors at the crucial point. Fumbles proved to be most costly, the Game- cocks recovering four of seven fumbles by the J. E. 0'r'row,xY J. D. Russxau. Back Batik L 45 4- 4 35 4- 4' 4 4- 4 4 i if if DAVE THOMAS DAVE JONES End Center if 'ir if uk ir i' 'lr lihiki SMITH PICKS UP EIGHT OFI' TACKLE Gobblers. One of these paved the way for a score. The Gamecocks scored three times twice on passes and once on a long dash off tackle. TECH 7-N, C. STATE 6 Narrowly surviving the Fourth period jinic that harrassed them all season Tech scored first and most points in the "Tidewater Classic" to turn back State's vaunted Wolfpadc. The margin of victory was Dave Thomas's perfect conversion to cap a spectacular sustained 70 yard drive after the opening kickoff. With Smith and Dickerson doing the ball- toting, the Gobblers marched to mid-field, and Smith broke off-tackle for 34 yards, aided by beau- tiful blocking to place the pigskin on State's 16 yard marker. In three plays Smith and Dickerson made it a first down on the 5, where Dickerson took it over for a score four plays later. State s lone tally came in the closing minutes of the fray as the result of a Hashy running attack Regdons attempted placement was wide as the game ended. TECH 19-UNIVERSITY OI' VIRGINIA 6 The Gobblers made a complete success of Homecoming at the expense of the grid team wear- ing the colors of the University of Virginia. Strangely enough all the scoring of the day was done by the Captain of each team. George Smith contributed three tallies while johnson was re- sponsible for Virginia's lone tally. The first tally came as the result of a sustained march down the field as the second period began, with Smith taking the ball over for the score. Virginia's lone tally came in this period when they recovered a fumble on Techls 22 and, with johnson as the spearhead of the attack, pushed over a touchdown. THE Book or ACHlEVEMENT'k 6...-,..,,..,, l NORIKIAN 0cHs BEN NY BOTNICK Guard Guard J. H. CovENHAvER BEN DUDGE GW11'd Tackle ir 'A' wk 'A' if ir I .r A. ,f fi ti it fl ill 5 N Y , l N .V 5 my y rf Q n 'Ki w X y . M xv '51 ld ,xx 7 xy 'ffl 7 5 l Y .wgsw lu- it M ' ' 'l 21, 1 ' 1, ,tits Via '- w J i fi" ' nf " i i A . , 1 ,r ,, ,,, M, . iv. -1 . . , 3, i , 1 . . .,.gM., V , , . . , l I 5 Q i . .. r 1 Hia., aaa w -,nhl 1 . Mn.. X., wx, ,L ,V K , 4 J, , . r . it W H- 1 -A ww" - f,gsg.1.i.i:..U"12ffi" 1 M Hap... , i.Vt,sge , s.. I WTHE Quote rom 'i935'a5.r' sy if I , at .uni i Y ,V T IE. r wr . , Y jx Y V "WHEN 'rms LINE STARTS TO WEAKEN AND BACKS FAIL T0 GAIN" Smith scored again in the third period after a 51 yard jaunt off-tackle, aided by perfect inter- ference. In the fourth period Smith led the drive from Virginia's 39 to the 2 yard stripe from which point he took the pigskin over for the last touch- down of the day. Both of the last two touch- downs were made possible by the superb quick- kicking of Foots Dickerson. TECH 15-V. M. I. 0 Playing the annual "Turkey Day" classic on Maher Field in a soupy sea of mud the Gobblers set the stage for both touchdowns by close fol- lowing of the ball and when the opportunity came the Techmen proved to be unstoppable. Ben Dodge paved the way for the first score late in the second quarter when he recovered a Kaydet fumble on the Squadron's 16 yard line. Three line plunges by Dickerson netted the first score, and jones kicked a perfect placement to make the conversion good. Dodge and Mac Banks teamed up in bringing about Tech's second scoring chance, Dodge again recovering on the V. M. I. 23 after Banks had blocked Clark's punt. A series of line plunges took the ball to the six yard stripe where Smith took it over on a reverse off-tackle after he had taken the ball from Holsclaw. In spite of Captain Smith's outstanding playing throughout the entire season, the Gobblers seemed to have had a fourth quarter jinx roosting on their trail. But for one or two plays in the last period of at least four games the Gobblers would have had much better than a fifty-fifty season. W. A. Naam F. M. BANKS End Tackle I K r fe- ar so . x H. W. Howmm W. D. Hox.scr.Aw Tackle 311070 ak if 'ir it if 't at at i it if irTt-IE BOOK or ACI-llEVEMENT'A' W. L. Yoimcan 0. L. DAY Coach Forward Varsity Basketball sEAsoN's REcoRD Max SNEAD H. M. MCCARTHX' F01'wa1'd M imager V. P. I. 25 Kroger Blue Devils 41 V. P. I. 50 The College of William and Mary 24 V. P. I. 9 University of North Carolina 29 V. P. I. 19 Duke University 27 V. P. I. 29 Roanoke College , . 17 V. P. I. 22 Washington and Lee University 29 V. P. I. 17 University of Richmond 37 V. P. I. 21 North Carolina State College H , 40 V. P. I. 19 Washington and Lee University 49 V. P. I. 20 University of Richmond .40 V. P. I. 24 University of Virginia 29 V. P. I. 26 The College of William and Mary 42 V. P. I. 17 North Carolina State College 29 V. P. I. 31 University of Virginia . . 54 V. P. I. 25 Duke University 32 V. P. I. 24 Roanoke College .W . 26 V. P. I. 13 University of North Carolina 29 V. P. I. 25 Virginia Military Institute I. 24 V. P. I. 25 Virginia Military Institute 40 . First Team Porilion Second Team v M. A. SNEAD Forward G. W. MCALPIN O. L. DAY Forward H. J. HAGA . J. C. SIGRIST Center F. H. EVANS J. A. MOTTOLA Guard H. E. DICKERSON L. L. FITTRO Guam' A. E STUMP Again Tech's basketballers went through a poor season, not from any lack of fighting spirit on the team's part, nor because of lack of efliciency on the ,part of the coach, but because there were the old handicaps that continually dog the Gobbler basketeers. A green team of mostly sophomores and juniors who had not done so much in basket- ball in years previous, injuries that put some of the most important players out for a considerable part of the season, and the greatest handicap of all, lack of height, were some of the mishaps. At the start of the season, Tech went down before the Kroger Blue Devils, Roanoke city league champs, 42 to 25. Two days later Tech met the University of North Carolina. The short Tech forwards again found their height insufli- cient, being unable to get through the tall Caro- 'A' wir 'ir ik if i W if 'ir wk lina defense, with the result that they went down 29 to 9. In these first two games Louis Fittro and joe Mottola began to show promise at the guard positions. On the fifteenth, Tech won the first vic tory of a season not over-plentiful with success by sending Roanoke College back down the road on the short end of a 29 to 17'score. With joe Mottola and Max Snead leading the way, the Gobbler quint early ran up a lead that they held throughout the game. On the seventeenth, how ever, the Techmen received a bad setback at the hands of the University of Richmond live. Their brilliant veteran combination was more than the Gobblers could cope with, and Richmond tucked a 19 to 49 victory under their belts january nineteenth found Tech in Lexington Q11 ' :LI if f:a"'7f. ,tix 'ffl 'SWMVX 'Q'Nx-IWATHE BUGLE FCDR1935 F. H. Evims J. A. Mo-rrota Ueilfllf' G,1.ma1'd receiving a drubbing from W. 81 L.'s Big Blue. Indulging in virtually unhindered scoring sprees, the Generals slashed through the Gobbler five to pile up a 49 to 19 victory. Returning to Blacks- burg, Tech showed the University of Virginia a better fight. All the way through a fast and thrilling game the Techmen kept right on the heels of a fighting Cavalier five. A little better luck on long shots would have certainly seen the V. P. I. boys ahead, instead of on the tag end of a 29 to 24 score. The quintet from Blacksburg made a bad start on their tour of the Southern Conference teams of North Carolina by dropping a game to N. C. State's Wolfpack, 29 to 17. In Durham, Fittro and Snead set th pace all the way, holding Duke at 25-all four minutes before the whistle, but Duke put on a spurt to win 32 to 25. The following game at Chapel Hill was not quite a repetition of the first game with the U. N. C. team, for Tech led at half-time, 8 to 6, but the giants from Caro- lina were too much for the Gobblers, who were down 29 to 13 when the dust cleared away after the game. Tech's brilliant Scrapper Day played 1 great game at forward. The thirteenth of Jan- uary the superior height of the V. M. I. Kaydts enabled them to hold the Gobblers throughout the first half, and' then to pull away during the closing minutes to win 40 to 25. The return to Blacksburg, on the second of February, marked the second victory of the sea- son for the Techmen against the Collge of Wil- liam and Mary. In a game that was characterized by accurate foul shooting, and Snead's brilliant playing on the floor, the Gobblers rolled up a 30 to 24 triumph. On the seventh, however, Duke again took the Techmen into camp in an exciting l A. E. Srunrr- L. L. FITTBO Guard Guard Varsity Basketball game. Scrapper Day kept the stands in an up- roar by his dashing in and out under the very feet of the Blue Devils, but Tech finally went down 27 to 19. On February ninth and eleventh, Washington and Lee and N. C. State again were Tech foes, and again the Techmen couldn't get started. W. 8: L. won, 29 to 22, while State, showing some of the most uncannily accurate shooting ever seen in War Memorial Hall, piled up 40 points to the Gobblers 21. Starting on their second trip of the season, the Gobbler quintet battled the University of Richmond basketeers on the fifteenth, and were handing them a drubbing for the first ten min- utes of play, but at this point Fittro sprained an ankle, and the Spiders got under way to score 40 to Tech's total of 20. On the sixteenth, the Col- lege of William and Mary handed the Goblers a 42 to 26 drubbing, and at Charlottesville, the Techmen received the same treatment at the hands of the Cavaliers, to the tune of 54 to 51. Short little Scrapper Day's brilliant performance was the only bright spot for Tech in these two games. And then, on the twentieth, Roanoke College ad- ded another blow, by defeating the Gobbler bas- keteers for the first time in five years, 26 to 24. The end of the season finally came, and Tech putting out everything it had, salvaged one sprig of laurel for a very, very bare wreath by ringing down the curtain against V. M. I. with a 25 to 24 victory. The game, as hard fought and exciting as all V. P. I.-V. M. I. contests are, was a see-saw affair throughout, the lead constantly changing hands, and neither team having the game on ice until the final whistle. Again Scrappr Day was the star, ably seconded by Mottola, Haga and Siegrist. it 'A' 'ir 'k nk if 'A' 'ir it 'sk if 'k 'A' 'Ar if if if 'A' if -Af -kT!-IE BOOK OF ACI-EIEVEMENTHWK xsfskik. QHALL DROPS CLOSE TILT 'ro RAINEY or VIRGINIrK Varsity Boxing Starting the season with a number of veterans from last year's team, the prospects of the varsity sluggers seemed very bright, with Bill Porterfielcl, star of the footballers and boxers in former years, as their mentor. But the season opened, and, as has become the usual thing with Tech's winter sports teams, things began to happen that were anything but good for the team. Major disasters were: The loss of Captain "Red" Negri, South- ern Conference heavyweight champion, who was ruled ineligible by Conference dictum, Bob Fau- sel, star in the 145-pound class was unable to box, as he had to meet the exacting requirements for an army air corps flying cadetshipg and "Rip" Bussey, last year's captain and star of the 155- pounders, and Jeff Brandon, successful 115-pound battler, had to drop from the squad after severe defeats in the North Carolina State contest. These losses left Coach Bill Porterfield with Dillon, I-Iall, Russel and Spruill, three juniors and one senior from last year's squad, to act as nucleus for a num- ber of sophomores from last year's freshmen team. With a set-up such as this, the team seemed doomed from the outset, but hard work on the part of coach and team brought out some real talent and many consistent winners who in sea- sons to come will have every hope of bringing to V. P. I. boxing prestige that has not been shown for many years. The total of 14 matches won as against 30 lost with three draws is not a very im- pressive score, but it isn't necessary to make ex- cuses, the boys have what it tal-:es to make good fighters, and next year will see some truly great leather slinging. The curtain rang up on the boxing season in Blacksburg, against last year's crack freshman squad from the University of North Carolina. These boys, cleaner-uppers of all opposition last W. B. Pon'I'I-:IwIIII.n W. G. Bussrev Coach , F. M. DILLQN E. B. OyCONNOR Manager ii. af -Af if -Af if 'QNYN5' 5.4'az.i,5,, fkTHE suotr ron iassa- at -if C. M. Huu. F. M. BANKS year, took over the varsity berths, and went to town. Tech went down before them 7 to 1. Freddy Hall, down in the 115-pound class, won the only bout in a 3-round decision against Caro- lina's Edward Diehl. If the Irish hadn't already an impressive reputation for fighters, O'Flaherty would have built one all by himself in the way he kayoed jeff Brandon, in the 135-pound class, midway the second round. Journeying to Washington on January 19th, the Tech boxers scored a draw against the Catholic University aggregation, against which capital sports writers didn't concede V. P. I. a chance, to raise considerably the hopes of Tech boxing fans. Tech's four wins, all by newcomers to the team, were by Charles Hull in the 115-pound class, who won a sparkling victory over his opponent after floor- ing him twiceg by Buddy Herman of the 145- pound weight, who slammed into his opponent to score a technical knockout, Mel Carmel and Ben Dodge of the 165-ers and unlimiteds, respec- tively, won decisions in their bouts. On February second, Tech received a shutout for the Hrst time in nine years of boxing, and the first ever at the hands of Virginia. Southern Con- ference champs, those Cavaliers, but they were very consoling in their statement that it was the classiest array of fighters V. P. I. had ever sent against them, their 8 to 0 victory to the contrary notwithstanding. The second boxing meet in Blacksburg, on the ninth of February, saw the Techmen winning their one match of the season against Vyashington .and Lee University's squad. Sophomore Charles Hull, who had developed into a classy boxer, lost a close decision to Fallat, of W. and L., but the next four Techmen in succession won their bouts, three by decisions and the fourth by a technical if at B. J. HEllMrKN M. M. CARMEL K. O. Ben Dodge in the heavyweight class won the match for the Gobblers when he gave the one point margin to victory by fighting Bailey to a draw in the last bout. It was Blaiklock, in the 125-pound who won the knockout, while Fred Hall, 135, Bob Fausel, back in the 145, and Hank Spruill, 155, were other Tech winners. The closing match of the season was fought against North Carolina State College in Raleigh on February sixteenth. Taking the lead in the first three bouts by Blaiklock winning his 125- pound bout, and Hull and Hall of the 115-pound- ers and 135-pounders, respectively, fighting to draws, the match seemed to be well underway to a victory, but the absence of Fausel and Spruill, winners in the Washington and Lee match, left holes in the squad through which State drove two victories, and then proceeded to clean up ,the match in the remaining bouts. ,SEASON'S RECORD V. P. I. 1 University of North Carolina 7 V. P. I. 4 Catholic University Q 4 V. P. I. 4 Virginia Military Institute 4 V. P. I. 0 University of Virginia 8 V. P. I. 4M Washington and Lee University BW V. P. I. -2 North Carolina State College 6 THE SQUAD Clary A 115-pound ....... C. M. Hull 125-pound . . . . . .W. Blaiklock 135-pound .... T. H. Callahan 145-pound .... B. J. Herman 155-pound .... F. M. Dillon 165-pound . .. .... W. A. Rothery 175-pound .... M. M. Carmel Unlimited . . . . . .B. W. Dodge 'ir it 'k ir if if sk ir f ,tru-as BOOK or ACHIEVEIv1ENTi' ge CAPTAIN BnoYLEs Scoiuss A FALL ' Varsity Wrestling The varsity wrestlers started the year with a fine aggregation of lettermen from the last year's squad, as well as having a number of freshman contenders and excellent material in men who were substitutes for last year's squad. Those re- turning for work this year were Carl Lugrin, Russell Minter, Captain Clete Broyles and Bob Priode, in the 115, 125, 145, and 155-pound classes, respectively. Ben Adkins and "Moose" Porter were reserves last year, but they came out this season and gave excellent accounts of them- selves in their 135 and 175-pound classes. The fine freshman team from last year furnished such men as Dan Chambers, Squeaky Evans, Morris Gooden, Bill Robins, Jack Bell, Charles Wagley and Pop Dailey. A The wrestling season started at Chapel Hill, lair of the lads of the University of North Caro- lina. Carolina, proving later to be one of the strongest teams in the Conference, handed the Gobblers a 23 to 9 defeat. Minter, Priode, and Porter won their bouts by time decisions, but Chambers, Catlin, Broyes and Dailey were de- feated by falls, and Adkins was downed by time advantage by fighting Carolina opponents. Success crowned the attempts of the wrestlers when they met the Wfolfpack of North Carolina State College in Blacksburg. Victories by Captain Broyles, Minter, Gooden and Priode by time ad- vantage and that of Daily by a fall ran up a score of 17 for the Techmen to 11 for the Carolinians. The following week-end the matmen journeyed deep into North Carolina to take on a scrappy bunch from Davidson. Fresh from N. C. State, the Gobblers were not to be denied. The Tech team rolled up 17 points against 13 for Davidson. The meet of February sixteenth in Blacksburg Eanr. '1'n.soN H. C. Bnovnlcs Coach Captain i l R. B. Ponnzn S. Y. Hannmu Manager 4 'A' . il -I ilf Wi if li '. i -. M t . 1 N. M ll ll if A f ti W M M M O V W Y. W ii if . N ii li tl S5 ,staff-,strife B. v -9 1:5315 THE BUGLEFOR1935 Wm., avf..,..P..f,.fW W ... 5 ,1,'w.lg, A. TECH buns IN PRACTICE Bour proved to be the most disastrous of the whole season Only forfeitnre of Deans match with Catlin prevented the Kaydets from scorinv a complete shutout Dean was injured after having a considerable time advantage over his opponent, Catlin in the 155 pound match The last match of the season against Washing- ton and Lee University was one of the most col- orful and exciting mat contests seen in Blacksburg. Evans lost by a time advantave but in the next three bouts Minter and Adkins bested their oppo- nents to win by time advantages and Captain Broyles pinned his man to gain a fall At this point the score was Tech 11 W and L 3 The 155 and 165 pound classes were lost by time advantages and then came the colorful bout of the whole match Few who saw it will ever forget the gameness with which Porter kept com- infr their heads together As the bout went on, the match by diving at each other and crack- ing their heads tovether As the bout went on, with each man voing his limit neither was able to pile up enough time to win, so it went into extra periods. In the iirst, Porter was pinned in 2:52 of the 3 minutes, and in the second, he col- lapsed just as he had Kaplan almost on the floor. No V. P. I. man was ever given as hearty applause as Porter received that night. The match ended when the loss of a fall by Dailey gave the W. and L. team the necessary points to win the match. t ' SEASONS RECORD V. P. I. 8 University of North Carolina 23 V. P. I. 17 North Carolina State College 11 V. P. I. 17 Davidson College 15 V. P. I. 5 Virginia Military Institute 29 V. P. I, 11 Waslmington and Lee University 19 THE SQUAD Clam 115-pound .... ....,........ .... I . T. Eyans -125-pound .... ..... S . R. Minter 135-pound .... .... B . H. Adkins 145-pound .... ..., H . C. Broyles 155-pound .... ..... W . P. Gooden 165-pound .... .,... B . M. Priode 175-pound .... . .. R. B. Porter Unlimited ........................... I. K. Dailey J. T. Evms S. R. INIIYTER . 1 .C S , ' . a I . 5 . . by . 7 , . .. , . .O . U g 3 . D. ...a . MEZZ'- W. CATLIN J. K. DAILY -xafffffffw 'ir it t ik ir 'KTHE BOOK OF Ac:-IIEVEMENT 4 625553 l ' P P l l..illlflllllYfQr2lEsQi?lllWllillw NEGRI KNOCKING OUT A LONG ONE Varsity Baseball . With the coming of Spring et al, we hear the thunk of the horsehide against the leather of the glove, as Mac McEver puts his diamondeers through their early season paces just as the Bugle goes to press. Graduation and other losses have riddled Tech's baseball lineup on the eve of the longest schedule in a decade. McEver has lost nothing else than his infield, outfield, and one of his strongest battery combinations, nine men in all have played their last game under the colors of their Alma Mater. McEver has two veteran hurlers and one catcher to steady a brand new outfield and inheld. Bill Saunders, who pitched a no-hit game, a one-hit game and a four-hit game last year as a sophomore. Puss Lindsay is an extremely capable southpaw hurler with a good change of pace and some bafiling slants and twists on the ball. Captain Paul Kelsey is slated to share the backstopping honors with Dave jones, a promising sophomore. Both of these boys are hard-hitting on the offense as well as being capable catchers. McEver is at present planning to convert Walt Dunbrack, an outfielder into a hurler. Fittro, Harris, and Price are also untried mound recruits. In the infield the most likely combination is Gee, at first base, Joe Russell at second, Mills at short, and jimmy Price at third. At present Mac has only one outfielder of promise, john Garrett, up from the freshman ranks. McEver has his work cut out for himthis season to build up a winning ball club after the whole- sale exodus of talent that took Negri, Downing, Pickup and Mohler from the infield, Casey, Bell and Mitchell from the outfield, Sutherland, john- son and Jennings from the mound, and Johnny Yorke, catcher. THE SCHEDULE April 3-University of Vermont at Blacksburg April 5-William and Mary at Williamsburg April 6-William and Mary at Williamsburg ' ' 1 BIACAULEY MCEVER P. V. KELSEY Coach. Captain 2 'A' 'A' ir 'k if 'ir 'A' 'A' 'k J. A. Lnmsny A, H, FULLY Manager ,gsm 777 'kit-IE'BUGLE FOR 1935i' 'A' ik April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May 15-Roanoke May 17-William 10-Roanoke College at Blacksburg 12-Washington and Lee at Lexington 13-Washington and Lee at 16-V. M. I. at -Blacksburg 17--V. M. I. at Blacksburg 19-Maryland at Blacksburg 26-Richmond at Richmond 27-Maryland at College Park, Md. 29-Virginia at Charlottesville 5-Washington and Lee at Blacksburg 4-Washington and Lee at Blacksburg 7--Richmond at Blacksburg . 10-V. M. I. 11-V. M. I. 13-Virginia Lexington at Lexington at Lexington at Blacksburg at Salem and Mary at Blacksburg CLOSE PLAY AT FIRST May 18-William and Mary at Blacksburg VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD H. H. Downing ..............,......... First Base E. L. Mohler ..... .. First Base P. B. Pruitt ..... . . . Second Base W. A. Negri .. Third Base E. Pickup ...... Short Stop P. V. Kelsey .... Catcher 1. W. Yorke . , . . . . . Catcher Wiley Jennings . . . . . . Pitcher G, F. johnson Pitcher J. A. Lindsey . . . Pitcher E. R. Minnich .. .... Pitcher W. S. Saunders ...... Pitcher Sid Sutherland . . . .... Outfielder W. B. Bell .... .... O utlielder A. L. Casey ...., .... O utlielder Ike Cessna ........ .... O utfielder W. P. Dunbrack .... .... O utlielder P. Mitchell ....... .... O utfielder THE SEASON V. P. I. 8 University of Vermont ...... .. 6 V. P. I. 1 University of North Carolina ......., 6 V. P. I. 5 Virginia Military Institute ......,.... 5 V. P. I. North Carolina State College frainj V. P. I. 4 Washington and Lee University ...... 5 V. P. I 0 Roanoke College .............. .... 3 V. P. I. 14 Elon College .............. . . . LIU V. P. I. 9 Elon College .............. .... 6 V. P. I. 4 University of Richmond .... .... 1 7 V. P. I. 7 University of Maryland ........ . . Z5 V. P. I. 4 University of Virginia .............. 14 V. P. I. 6 Washington and Lee University ...... 5 V. P. I. 8 Virginia Military Institute .......,... 1 V. P. I. 16 Roanoke College ............. 5 V. P. I. 1 University of North Carolina . . . . . . . 7 V. P. I. 4 North Carolina State College . . . . . . .10 V. P. I. 0 North Carolina State College . . . . . . 1 V. P. I. 2 University of Richmond ,.... . . . 4 V.P.I. 2 University of Richmond .... .... 1 0 l l I O. L. DAY W. P. Dunmmcx W. S. SAUNDERS G. F. JoHNsoN M yi- 'Ar tk uk 'A' ir 'A' -ir if if A iii Back Row: Stoutamire, Holberton, Ingles, Rollins Lenz, McMullen McLearen and Riner ' Front Row: lvlrumger Ewi lg Catlin, Grayson. Turner, Shirk, Captain Hell, I-Iartman Shafel Mother head and C11 tex 'Vams1ty'Track Unfortunately, the Bugle of Achievement goes to press without being able to record the prowess and achievement of the 1955 participants of the ancient sport of the Olympus. Under the expert tutelage of Coach Tex Tilson the cindermen are striving to put Tech back on the map of the track world, and to regain for Tech the feared name of "The Dixie Raiders. Five lettermen and a small handful of prom- ising sophomores will lead Tech's bid for State and Conference track laurels this spring. On the whole the prospect is considerably brighter than it was for the 1934 season, and Tex is expecting a vastly improved team. ' Tech's greatest strength is concentrated in the pole vault and in the running events. Tech is especially well fortified in the dashes, in which the veteran Ernie Pritchard will team up with Ed Turner, a sophomore that cleaned up all oppo- sition last year Both of these boys are capable of doing the hundred in ten flat Dick Holberton a letterman and Bill McMul lin stellar freshman hurdler of last year should garner their share of points in the timbertopping events Turner seems to loom as the pick of a scant array of 440 men Ivan Mothershead who last year came with a few tenths of a second of shattering Tech's all 'time records in the mile and 880, is the chief hope of these events. Lock Bell, captain of the Techmen, is out to better his best time of 10:16 in the two mile grind. When it comes to the pole vault and the high jump, Tex isn't losing much sleep. In Al Hartman, Alex Shafer and joe Mottola, he has a trio of vaulters that will all clear 12 feet or better this season. Forrest Rollins, a letterman, and johnny Fortune should both hover around the six foot level this season. Pritchard is slated rw. for M S.. D. T1LsoN L. S. BELL R. W. I'IOl.BI:1llTON W. M. Ewmc Coach Captain Manager 295 Q a -aint BOGK or AcHmvrMrN14 eawmy as af at if if if if -af -1: e ta nr V Ni M M M M i'II-IE BUGLE FOR 1935 ir 'k 'Ir MOTHERSIIEAD WINNING THE HISTORIC MILE IN 4229 to share the broad jump with Rollins, who leaped 21 feet 7 inches last year as a sophomore. Tech opened up the season by placing sixth in the annual Indoor Conference meet at Chapel Hill, March 9. The 1955 outdoor schedule: April 15-Washington and Lee at Blacksburg April 20-Davidson at Davidson, N. C. April 26-V. M. I. at Blacksburg May 4-Maryland at College Park, Md. May 11-Big Four State Meet at Lexington May 18-Southern Conference Meet at Durham THE SEASON V. P. I. 52 University of Maryland .......... 74 V. P. I. 61 Waslmington and Lee University. .65 V. P. I. 59 Davidson College ..,.......... 67 V. P. I. 62M Virginia Military Institute ....... 63M V. P. I. Third in State Meet with 37M Points. x Firsl Team E. N. Hibbert E. A. Pritchard E. N. Hibbert C. I. Mothershead 880-yard dash Ewen! 100-yard dash 220-yard dash 440-yard dash C. I. Mothershead Mile run R L. S. Bell W. H. Lyne W. H. Lyne W. A. Kerns W. A. Kerns A. L. Hartman W. A. Kerns W. A. Kerns G. S. Lenz Two mile run R Serwzrl Team E. A. Pritchard E. N. Hibbert E. A. Pritchard W. Catlin . P. Carter . P. Carter 120-yd high hurdlesR. W. Holbertson 220-yd low hurdlesR High jump Broad jump Pole vault Shot put T Discus T Javelin T . W. Holbertson F. D. Rollins F. D. Rollins F. IVI. Fazio . J. Carroll . J. Carroll . J. Carroll F. D. ROLl.INS C. I. NIOTIIIFIRSI-IEAD E. A. PRITCHARD A. L. HARTMAN ak' 'A' 'lr if 'lr 'A' ir if uk' 'k ' uk ir -15553 'XTI-IE BOOK OF ACHIEVEMENTif't 'k Back Row: Coach Scherer, Manager Sydnor, Rawlings, Powell, Fisher. Kerfoot, Derr, and Wenk. First Row: Coupe, Sclmltens, Captain Bates, Fulton, and Holloway. Svvimm Entering into their first year of intercollegiate competition, the Tech swimmers turned in a season's record of two wins and three losses against the strongest tank teams in the state. As a fitting climax to the season, the team placed fifth in the Southern Conference meet, ahead of the University of Virginia and Maryland. The mermen dropped their first meet at home to the undefeated Richmond Y team. The meet was nip and tuck all the way, with the visitors ekeing out a 45 to 35 victory in the closing events of the evening. The Techmen also dropped their next meet to the undefeated, Southern Conference Champions of W. 84 L., 54 to 30. Bobby Fulton garnered Tech's only first in the dives. The following week- end the Gobblers defeated the University of Rich- mond swimmers in the home pool by a score of 42 to 52. The next week-end the team wound up the season with an "iron-man" stunt of swimming two meets on successive days. On Friday the team won from Randolph-Macon at Ashland 4-4 to 39. The next night they dropped one of the most thrilling meets of the season to William and Mary at Williamsburg, 47 to 37. With only eight men on the team the Tech mermen garnered four first places but weakened in the last two events, be- cause of lack of reserve strength, which gave the home team their margin of victory. Bates was i I1 297 g Team high point scorer with a first in the dives, and seconds in both the sprints. With three men competing in the Conference the next week-end, Bobby Fulton and Sam Wenk scored all of Tech's points to place the team fifth in the scoring. Fulton took a second in the dives, while Wenk placed fourth in the 440. The outstanding performers of the season were the three seniors who will be lost by graduation: Bates, Fulton and Coupe. Bates and Fulton in the dives lost only one first place during the season, while Bates in addition was a consistent point winner in the sprints. Coupe in the breaststroke lost only one race in two years on competition. SEASON'S RECORD V. P. I. 33 Richmond Y. M. C. A. 45 V. P. I. 30 Washington and Lee 54 V. P. I. 42 University of Richmond 32 V. P. I. 44 Randolph-Macon 39 V. P. I. 37 Williani and Mary 47 Fifth in Southern Conference Meet. . THE SQUAD Bates-50 and 100 yard Free Style and Dives. Fulton-Dives and Relay. - Coupe-200 yard Breaststroke and Medley Relay. Fisher-220 and 440 yard Free Style, Backstroke and Relay. 4 Wenk-220 and 440 yard Free Style and Relay. Kerfoot-150 yard Backstroke and Medley Relay. Scholrens-100 yard Free Style, Breaststroke and Relay. Holloway-50 yard Free Style and Relay. 'A' ir 'A' 'ir 'ik ir it if 'wk 'A' '777 N NFS" ' Q, 13 Second R 'w Ew ll Crowley Greenwood and I B VmDyck Frst Row Kyle E C VanDyck Palmer and Goode Varslty TCHHIS Last spring after a long layoff tennis as a varsity intercollegiate sport was revived at Tech through the interest and untrring work of a small group of students coupled with the help and cooperation of a few faculty members Handi capped by lack of financial support and the poor condition of the local courts the team made an excellent showing in winning two out of live matches played. A Tech opened the season by dropping a close 4 to 5 decision against Roanoke College The fol- lowing match against Maryville College was won by the Techmen 4 to 2. The next week-end the team journeyed to Washington where they lost to Georgetown University 9 to O. The next day they traveled to Williamsburg to drop their second consecutive match to the Indians of William and Mary by a 6 to 3 count. The team however closed out the season in a blaze of glory by de- feating the Kaydets 'of V. M. I. in a thrilling court duel, 5 to 4. Four seniors who played regularly last season have been lost to the team through graduation. Captain George Palmer, who was responsible for the revival of the sport, Benny Katz, jack, Goode and J. B. Maynard, jr., have gone and Captain- elect Calvin VanDyke faces a difficult problem in finding replacements for this stellar quartet. The nucleus' of this year's team consists of 298 Captain elect Calvin Van Dyck and Buck Buchan- an veterans of last season s campaign. The out- standing prospects at the present time consist of the two McCulloch brothers E D. and J. D. who waged a long and drawn out battle last fall for the intramural singles crown Max Snead immy VanDyck and Nashner. Both the McCullochs are steady consistent players Snead is a smooth rather than flashy player Nashner is a brilliant flashy type of player given to being slightly erratic under pressure. immy VanDyck is regarded as a sure bet to fill one of the vacant posts if he can return to form after a two year layoff. Calvin VanDyck and Buchanan will probably form one doubles combination while J. D. McCulloch and Max Snead are at present the likeliest combination for the other doubles team. 1954 RECORD . . . 5 Roanoke College ...... ....5 4 5351444 It it It it It It It It It It P I P. I. Maryville College . . . . . . .2 P. I. 0 9 P. I. 3 'William and Mary .... ..... 6 P I 5 4 Georgetown ........... ..... . . V. M. I. ......... .. 1954 SQUAD CAPTAIN G. W. PALMER B. F. KATZ J. E. Goona J. B. MAYNARD G. W. BUCHANAN E. C. VANDYCK 74' W ll E ' '... ... I ' -i I.-all ' I fgftlflf I 'T' .. ,I 5 gi.. 4' ' , V 2 HW 1 A5 C . I 1 is . , A. . C, .' f W rf as v I . A . ' 0 M . rii 3 M , ' E to n Ln Pl' Ft ll' ut: fir att . 'rl-it Book or Acianevrivierxsrflf at Second Row: Wearn. Garrett. Baker, Captain Benmon, Melvin. and Lane. First Row Clineelingl: Cleland and Murray. Golf Team The 1934 golf team turned in an exceptional performance for its second year of competition, with a season's record of three victories, and a like number of defeats. This year with prac- tically the entire 34 team intact, with the loss of Garland Wood leaving the only vacancy in the lineup, the team is expecting to turn in an even better record. Last year's squad split a double bill with Hampden-Sydney, dropped one to the University of Richmond, took Roanoke College over the hurdles in making a clean sweep of a double bill with the Maroons. They dropped the final meet of the season to the Southern Conference champs of Washington and Lee. From all indications of early season practice, the squad is rapidly rounding into form for the strenuous 1935 Campaign under the leadership of Captain George Beamon and the tutelage of Coach Gay. Burr Melvin, ace number one man t 2 of last year's team, has been swatting the little white pellet in mid-season form. Lane likewise is showing excellent form in early practice. Bea- mon, Cleland and Murray are all showing tip-top form for early season practice, and all show rapid development towards return to last season's form. Considerable interest has been taken by the freshmen in the organization of a freshman team for the 1935 season, a number of excellent fresh- men golfers have shown up for practice to date. Among the freshmen, Baker, Derr, Oakey, Gar- rett and Davis have been outstanding in practice. A tentative schedule of matches is pending for the freshman team. 1934 SEASON RECORD Tech won from Hampden-Sydney. Tech lost to Hampden-Sydney! Tech lost to University of Richmond. won from Roanoke College Tech Tech won from Roanoke College. Tech lost to Wasliington and Lee. fic 'A' fir it 'A' wk uk uk ir 'A' FRESHMEN ATHLETICS 4 4 4 12245 L Br ck Raw Coach Tilson Castoro Djiovanidis Shockey Hewitt Ross Rawlings Colbourne Parker Cor- bett Bishop Ellis Coach Porterfleld 'md Head Coach 'VIcEver Second Row Davis Lake Creggei l?ovycn Rakeptpjavs Hemv Cooper Mast Trueheart Zweig cn ms fm owers Fnst Row Williluis Boerner Do cg A Robison Neil Barnett Murray Bradshaw Woolwme Wiggs J Rob son and Coleman Freshman Football 'IECH 1' ROSH 32 EMORY AND HENRY FROSH 7 Showing tremendous drive and excellent co ordination in all departments of the game the 38 team completely swamped the baby Wasps in the seasons opener. With Cregger and Henry leading the attack the frosh opened up with a bang to score three times in the opening period. The first string backfield was extremely fast and well coordinated with Cregger and Henry as the leading ball toters. The line dwarfed the backtield by comparison with an average weight from end to end of 205 pounds. TECH FROSH 13-W. AND L. FROSH 6 The Gobblets climbed another rung in the lad- der to State Championship in the next game with a .victory over the highly rated Washington and Lee team, 13 to 6. Henry and Cregger teamed up to lead the Tech team to a second half victory in putting the pig- skin across the line in the third and fourth quarters. Henry backed by a fast heavy line made both tallies, one after a 35-yard run. TECH FROSH 12-DAVIDSON FROSH 2 Virginia Techs Gobblets defeated the raging Kittens of Davidson at Richardson Field by the score of 12 to 2. The Gobblets dominated the game throughout and had little trouble in putting over two touchdowns. a-affwa--aaa-:fa Davidson fumbled a Tech punt early in the first quarter and Doxey recovered to place the Freshmen in scoring position A series of line plunges and passes served to push over the first touchdown. The second touchdown was the result of a long drive in the third period. TECH FROSH 20-VIRGINIA FROSH 12 Scoring twice in the first period on passes the Freshmen from the University of Virginia jumped into a 12 to 0 lead as the period ended. The Gobblets came back strong to bottle up the Cava- liers passing attack and then put on a scoring drive of their own. TECH FROSH 14-V. M. I. FROSH 0 The Gobblets climbed the final rung in the ladder to the StateChampionship when they com- pletely overwhelmed the Kaydet frosh in the tra- ditional Armistice Day battle on Maher field at Roanoke. The Gobblets struck twice for quick touchdowns, which gave them a 14 to 0 triumph in a game that was played in a sea of mud. The play of the entire Tech team was out- standing, giving promise of some excellent varsity material. In the backfield Henry, Cregger and Shockey were outstanding, while the entire line from end to end was extremely capable with Murray and Barnett turning in the most outstand- ing performances. FPTHE BUGLE FClR1935'3r -if if , 'AA g -qiwwl-.nam . ,gphiiii A Third Row: Louth NlcEver Must Shockey and Southern. 16q'Tl-IE BODK OF ACHIEVEMENTJK' 2 o N lt M M lt W 0 V ll V Second 1f0'l0.'qW2llk2lUSliilS. Bmlnette. Poyvers, Sedgle, Seigel. and Manager Clark. it of W 30 21 KW 37 22 47 33 42 40 46 28 t 2 24 33 D 22 25 D 39 46 24 ' 47 34 f M i M V.P.I. .... . V.P.I. .... . V.P.I. .... . V.P.I. .... . V.P.I. .... . V.P.I. .... . V.P.I. .,., . V.P.I. .... . V.P.I. .... . V.P.I. .... . Fin! Team WALKAUSKOR HENRY ..... SHOCKEY .... SOUTHERN .. POWERS ...,. Fivnt Row: Ellis. I-Ie lry. Lake Murray Doxey and Boerner. Freshman Basketball sEAsoN's RECORD jefferson High School .... Roanoke College ...... Massanutten Academy ....... V Washington and Lee University ......... . . - Virginia Military Institute. . . . . . . . . jefferson High School . . . . . . . . . . . Woodrow Wilson I-Iifrh School . . . . Washington and Lee University .. Roanoke College .......... . . . . . Virginia Military Institute. . . . FRESHMEN BASKETBALL SQUAD Pafiiiwz ... ..... Forward. . .....Forward.... ....Center. .. ....Guard..... .. Guard ...... .. 303 Second Team . . . BOERNER . . . . DOXEY . . . . . LEIT1-I . . . . SEAGLE . . . MURRA5' it if 'ir it ir wi: if it ik ir sl ' v 'A' I Y M lf lt few' : ,Q- Ay .,f ,af Mfwfw ' ik t X X J Q . , A ll. ?Q1 .wif .rw ' A il! it Ml M wx Ji l i. N.. ffl 5.15 . X . '- .al W. r 4. K 1 1. I X - . gl 'WJ ' l fr yi M slr X lk lf: X , ' Q5 xg .yy Ml y. H I 4 1 '41, .gil lla Ry 'hx X QA? Exif? J or ml A rf Tlelli BUGLE FGM 'IQIIJA l ' Back Row: Coach Bussey, Veccllio. Corbett. Fogg.-:. and Ross. Front Row: Coach Porterlield. Sowrler. Kell. Surratt. Lough. Sheppard. and Manager O Con lor Freshman Boxing SEASON'S RECORD V V.P.I. .... .. 5 University of North Carolina.. V.P.I. .... .. . 5 Virginia Military Institute .. V.P.I. ,,,, .. SVZ University of Virginia ..... .. V.P.I. .... 7 Washington and Lee University THE SQUAD Clan 115-pound, T. Fisher. 125-pound, E. H. Kell. 135-pound, R. W. Sowder 145-pound, T. W. Colbourn. 155-pound, G. C. Sheppard. ' 165-pound, W. S. Ross. 175-pound, M. L. Corbett. Unlimited, L. A. Vecellio. 594 . -if if fer of 'H 11' 'ir . desi by 'fit 'il' W W N ' NQKQ it :fi if we Home or ACHIEVEMENT-ft . , . .ir . ,g H. it y y .. ! g wi li X f l vt Q f if ' . i N? Brick Row: Davis, Tokarz, Magill, Porter, Robinson, and Neale. Front Row: Coach Tilsun, Woolwine. Hewitt, Inge, Pilllllllll, Walker, Starr, Harvey, and Maimigei- Harding. g , Freshman Wrestling - sEAsoN's RECORD . , . i J ,. 4 .i. lx V.P.I. .... .. . 21 University of North Carolina .... .... 1 5 - ' V.P.I. .... 21 North Carolina State College .... .... 1 1 ' 1 V.P.I. .... . . . 10 Virginia Military Institute ....... .... 2 2 if W ' V.P.I. ..,. .. . io Wiiehiiigiefi and Lee University .... .... 2 6 l THE SQUAD Clzzrf X I , tv X 115-pound W. H. Starr 125-pound C. P. Pittman i f 155-pound E. C. Megiu 5 IN 145-pound D. T. Grinnan 155-pound C. P. Tokarz .Ae 165-pound W. C. Hewitt i 1 175-pound W. E. Woolwine V, J Unlimited J. B. Davis T x V X' if W 505 if it -it 'utr far -it -it :ie ,e ffl, 6, e tx I yf M W iisvg BUGLEFOR1935-xt' at Av V Third Row: Harris. Jones. Ga1'1'ett. Hu'cher. and Long. . Second Row-: Bradshaw, Mitchell. Price, Catlett, and Melton. Fzrst Row: Douglas. Moore, Wetherall, Callahan, Laird, Johnson, Thompson, and Dobbins. Freshman Baseball THE SQUAD J. W. GARRETT .... ..... R ight Field D. I. STOWE ...... . Shomzop J. M. LONG . . . .... Center Field R. E. CALLAHAN .... .... S laomzop C. CATLETT . . . .... Left Field R. T. RAMSEY ..... T bird Bare J. C. HULCHER. ..... Pint Bare G. C. Piucis ........ .... P itcher O. W. JOHNSON ...Second Bdfe M. W. BRADSHAW .... .... P itclaer W. B. HARMON . . .Second Bare E. L. HARRIS ....... .... P itcher JONES ...... ............ C fzzclaer V V It I Xl 'ff 1954 SQUAD I 1-Washington 8: Lee University 2 I. 31-Virginia Milita ry Institute 4 I. 1-Augusta Military Academy 6 I. 4-Washington and Lee University 15 l. 4-Oak Ridge Military Institute 11 I. 3-Oak Ridge Military Institute- 14 I. 10-Virginia Military Institute 4 I. Augusta Military Academy frainj I. 0-Hopewell High School 4 306 'Ar it 'ik 'A' if 15: 'Ar 'if ui ar if -km-it Boost OF AC!-i!EVEMENT'k W. C. McMullin J. E. Turner .... B. M. Stites ,... J. A. Mottola .... Back Row: Swaney. Pruden, Bishop, Ellis, Casto. and Jones. Front Row: Davis, Meredith, Clark, Jenkins, Cox, Bacot, and Manager Fore. Freshman Track 1934 SQUAD . . . . . .Hurdles .... . . .Sprints 440-Yard Dash . . . .Pole Vault R. Riner ..... W. W. Osborne W. F. Martin . G. L. Wilson . ..........,..........Weights High jump and Broad jump . .......... I . .880-Yard Run . . . .V ...... Weights THE SEASON V. P. I. 43 -Washington and Lee U. .... 74 V. P. I. 6423-Greenbrier Military Academy 52M V. P. I. 64y3-Greenbrier Military Academy SZMQ V. P. I. 44 -Virginia Military Institute . .75 V. P. I. Fourth in the State Meet with 52W points it 'ir if it ir if if air if Tk C"-2-Wevll Wi i 'IrTl-IE BUGLE FOR 1935 0 . 1 ii . I ii 'A' 0 M p l w yi . J. GILMAN M. B. Bram 'ir if 'ik wwf' 1 - I Manager Director it I, Intramunral Champions 19344935 xx W .. XJ SWIMMING 1935 INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS I' . 50 yard Free Style ............. G. Rawlings All Y6f1f,Cha1HPi011Sr H- C- BYOYIQS, COYUPHHY 50 yard Breaststroke ..... ....., M .j. Zweig E,'74w R01f1f59 5CC0f1d, E- B- MOISC, Band, 74 W 200 yard Free Style ..... I. G. Rawlings Pofflfsi fhlfd, C- I- Mmhefshead, Battery I, 68 ' 50 yard Backstroke .... ..... A . I. Chewning POIHIS- - ' . . ' 100 yard Free Style . . . .... J. G. Rawlings Cfossfoumry J M Grayson Head Q . A h .. . ., .... . . , quarters v Fancy Diving .................... A. A. Kirk Indoor Track .GDI A . A K. Shirk, Company G X 200 yard Relay -----.- ' -----.---- QOIHPHHY E Track ,.... ........ S . J. Fortune, Company A fHall, Hedley, Kirk Hlld KCISYCIHJ Swimming ......... J. G. Rawlings Battery M PreekThrow, W. C. Howard and I. S. Laird, Bat. O D P' ......... R. . K 4 if ALL-YEAR CHAMPIONS Tdii Pirigs .... ....... I7 ..E0'EfZ'1vifl22FaSZf,5 v First ......... Company A 1715 pointsj Second . . . .......... Stone Dormitory It Third ........, ......... c ompany G - WRESTLING W Fourth .......... .......... B and 118 . . . .............. D. R. Chambers 'A Cross-country ...... ........ C ompany E 128. .. ..... E. C. Minnich v Tennis qsiagiesp .... J. D. McCulloch iss .... B. H. Adkins I y Tennis ftearnj . . .' ..... Company A 148 . . . .... J. R. Early X Tag Football ..... .... B ateries L-M 158 ..... .,.... W . Catlin Duck Pins Battery O 168. .. ..... .... W . T. Robins Boxing ,,,,,,, ,,,,, B artery N Unlimited . . . ......... ..... R . B. Porter Wrestling .... . . . Company E Basketball .... ..... B attery O Swimming .... . . . Company E BOXING Free Throw . . . .... Battery O 118 . . . ........... . . .j. C. St. Clair Indoor Track .... ...... B attery I 128 . . . ..... W. I. Blaiklock Volley Ball . . . ..... Company A 138 . . . .,,,, R, W, Soudef Ten Pins . . Headquarters 148 ..... T. W. Colburn Track ...... . . . Company A 158 ..... ..... G . C. Sheppard I-Iorseshoes . . . .... Company F 168 ....... ...... W . S. Ross Baseball .... Batteries LQVI Unlimited .... E. Bennett 1.64142 ,gf if -k -if if WA' if vk 'ir A 'ik aft:-it Boot of Acuevtwitutt-C Buck Row: Thayer. Howard. and VVilcy. Front Now: Ewell. Spruill, Costan. and Lnlrd. Intramural Athletics Witli an increased effort on the part of the De- partment of Physical Education, more than 1,600 students took part in intramural athletics during the current session. Various teams and individuals vied with each other in cross-country, tennis, tag football, bowling, wrestling, basketball, swim- ming, indoor and outdoor track, free throwing, volleyball, baseball, 'boxing and horseshoes, mak- ing good the departments boast of "Athletics for all." ' , The program is under the direct supervision of Professor M. B. Blair, Assistant Head of the De- partment of Physical Education, and is supported by that department in an effort to afford every student the opportunity to indulge in some form of competitive sport. Intramural sports are the ideal of "Sports for Sports Sake," and the overemphasis that shadows most varsity sports is lacking. Although no mon- ograms or letters are given, handsome intramural keys are given to the intramural winners and to the organization which succeeds in garnering the highest total of points during any one year. The winners of the annual intramural fall cross- country jaunt are awarded cakes, giving the event the cognomen, "The Cake Derby." Fifteen lus- cious prizes are distributed each year to the heel and toe artists. Tennis draws one of the biggest crowds of as- pirants for championship honors, as nearly every- one with any knowledge of the game goes after the intramural title. Tag football fand it's not as sissy as it sounds by a long wayj yearly draws a crowd of the more stalwart souls who do not think seriously of life and limb. They report ostentatiously to play foot- it 'f-it it ik 'ir 'Ai it it 'ii' it ball, but in reality they are looking for a free-for- all battle. Generally they get their wish and everybody's happy. The bowling alleys are kept hot all the year round, both by the students, and the members of the various faculty leagues that find their recrea- tion in this sport. Unique and original team names keep the interest at a high pitch, especially among the faculty as the "Wharf Rats" battle it out with the "Pole Cats" for the league lead. Of primary importance is the basketball cham- pionship, won for the second consecutive year by Battery O. Around this championship is being built the nucleus of a new scheme in athletics. This year, for the second time, the intramural court champs of V. P. I. and V. M. I. met for battle. And for the second consecutive year Bat- tery O won the tilt for Tech in an overtime period at Lexington. The second annual water carnival was held March 7, before one of the largest crowds ever gathered in the pool. Earlier in the year the second intramural swimming meet was held under the supervision of the members of the varsity swimming team, which is composed almost e tirely of intramural winners of last year's meet The freshman swimmers dominated the meet as the varsity men were ineligible to compete The finals of the boxing and wrestling tourna ments always draw a large crowd of bloodthirsty individuals hoping to see someone get knocked for a loop. The old saying that everyone loves a good fight regardless of who is doing the fighting is well carried out by the capacity crowds present when the intramural boys step out on the mat n - if x w qbffJ..1'2-2inz.l:S , 1'-li .31 . TMJ? f,"T"'T"i? fb' A 7' Q1 1.4, A fl, 14. ,U bf BOOK SIX A 3 gf.. f. 1-. s L , 1 if - Y -1 f fy' f I ' ' Wir 'X "iW'9K K X qLX2xgQXik. V P n vi. ! ' -V, .gg E I .1 ' Z' -QL1 ., f H ' vu ,N ,, f - "7?f'l 'T Til. E" if ::.f:fi'11 ffff'7TfQ f,g.if',3fiif' MR. IIENRY A. VVALLACE Secretcwy of A gricultme . .AT AGRICULTURALiiliiliN.ACHIEVEMENT Lx. Harvesting witi'li'Ni"'XJ the Combine r l- iixl Y K-if ' .,,. 1 x, .I 532, it yaeig A rjrifriilalliitri i5ri.f'i'ii1Q.. 55,1 .ffffffi ft? if-Viifif iff A ,r it THE first implement used for harvesting grain was the sickle. It was a crude implement, cutting was difficult, and it was necessary to gather the cut grain by hand. Improvements on the sickle were madeg the scythe was developed and a cradle was fitted to the scythe, which left the grain partially gathered into loose piles. Cyrus McCormack next invented the harvester, but, while the harvester saved time and labor in cutting and bundling wheat, the time and labor of transporting the harvest to the thrasher could still be eliminated. To do this, the combine was invented. Little imagination is needed to see the time, labor and expense saved, and the great increase in output made possible by being able to cut the wheat, thrash it, bundle the straw and sack the grain in one operation, and for this development we hail the combine as the triumph of modern agriculture. . 29 43' "1----....f' L1 4. w3u jig, 'QQ WW.. .1'-..-5-...if'f4-?- -win?-Lk -1'- , rw '35 YYY' -'I L....n' . ' ,Ah-ff iv- E-2, v-'X egg:- 'MEF' ilil 'gpirs-,,,, an-1 'M' Mx 4,1 N lt uv Esau-3Qa,Lsg ii ' IHQTK-.rv ASPH' ,fzPi,f1,iw ..,',,,.,, 'Q vsrsmurffwaz. Z.-fi -A-ML 3 635.39 I :W 'W 1 'Y' Qilnftg W"""'s5:"?"A' :Q 1 WH mg U V nmmlfvfliffimi WN22'nQF1f wQZr W'15"fT" lf wyffff ,.--.em ' Iff1wJ15E:w f?,mMMM .- A 'X af xl I ,,, ,A KI Y 2 f IW' P 1' 4 N ' fi aw -P-1-.ff A X fl ,ff I f I I I I I ,fl JP A Z ---,,. X I P I O P ' I M Mffff, 1, lj' X 'IH If lib fill X 1 1 I z, , 4, I K' H ll i ' ll 11,69 IJ, h I f 1f ff f f I I J lijq F I riff F I X JI!! A il 'ff' " We ff I 2 1 If f 1 f I ff I ? NI l y I U 13431 Ii! l , f FK! fl 5 'X ufqill, fm ,I 5 o f , 1 S ai' I I ,lv Jiffy fig lu' I I 'I K I fy ,ff www . N V uf f,.,fiA gg, if 5 'f !f I S :fl fm! f j ' fi H mf! fljiffjgflf fgfuff' fwsff I fuylr A I ' If ,E f 5 if,1:",Fgf'J Nw II.I J i H -' ' f ' + ' iiii-if -fw-A-fglf L l I , X- ,,,,,, A I ' fax! v I , .f S, '..4 1 , ' - f. " fegf lF I,Q,:fi ' ?' 12 J Aw' 1 liz". . d,.,- A W ' :Q1f'?,ll,,,'y k 7 1' Th if ' h M' Sf' 3. xg-WVVYJ ,ali 1 J 'A i f +"vff-1-i fl.-if-r 5si1 ' J Ei I E? , n .l.-ll rg Y , all f K '22 - ,rf -L2--'J 5..-Y ' ,K - , ,-:ggi 'M --' J f Siffjzxef' ,L il: " ,GM Y -- 1- ,Y -3 ,4M ga " n ..Q-1544 . W f -4-1'-f".f.-ii aff? -. ' if--N 4 , b , ,- f""1....-"'b'3'?'5NY MQ .Q f z . Q' 'if'5'i-N-A ,.L4'iif:f s 1 -III ' Y A T I'--I 5'-I-fziixfhw,'.':gf4ff52ffl''1-,LYIQMQ 'A ff'-X, kTf1'?4V!'f?5i2l?W?f'T75Wvf'jflYI:We'-T"5 --.1.sw7'6"'r'"f??T-555133-ZhrqgiQgfggfffrg'1'3'if 3 '2ES'm,.f.u.Q1,.,,.'.Lm.Q,:""-byA I, -'tl " W i,3Qgk.", ,,., ,Eiga yi: H L I U -.MA.:,!,:v,.L2w,'.MlJ. :w,,,:.4lMW N !!!,. .X , W, 'H AN N Dt A ' I X . If2+1flgYif:fi? Wai-w2 1aW,344 1 g IIII IIII III l lx + ' ff QW iff ' ""'II' " "" Yfi , 'w . 1 "iff 1' F" - V Vw ' - II'I i ' I-.I - -,III,I . J ,.4..I ' -2W fHs' ef - ' s,m . .f" L 1 NA M , 'V It vm!! V H 2Y:5y.!3- ,N bljl,'vlW',1:1mfg.N-.W'hg5H-H: yu . : ,5 V I I. Andqldiyldkxvlk ' u -, X ,,'- - -..,,. lm: ...I, AWw'Ilvy"yv1gW'N1f"v',"4l'g'jH'Ef"' "WgI1f"'ff-'!1Uf'vILE01-'pqg,,' -" fif' "" "V ""5ifW4' -,L Lg ,-H W. fl ll l,'9' 'Ef" .,', ?'5.'f??,AjV ,'Q,77u" 5 ' ''-fuY!':.'11H" ,"fM2 1Q13 1' fl,9 '2a'ff': w' ,'.'W"W .n :u: Zf'W ' A'1 '4Jgcflfww ,I,, 1. f' 7' I . 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I If mmii Iliff "'Ef:J""'-5fitliqjfqlx ' fail,-Q:d'l'i fflfgvyi 'Thfiff' " 'ug 'fl 1,7 W9 E 'fJaf':"V1!fl 'il 1153.1 ii . ,fp A I' ff luxmuji flrfflfj vyl' il- fy l'f"',E 'il Ulf 'hi U i""gJilf'- I-'yfrli 1317 5'-Lv' f "'- H' 'rm I iqlfff' U' NIM- ng Jglnf' '1'1-,','1,,f'5i ff '1'16.'121'fjflfllffffl 5541 in "If 1 'J 'ffm- -3629 'Ha 'f ff' ZFX" A 5,5 - F '. if 51 VP ' '-9rff1,i"'Ml 1 4!.'f:'nQ fi'i'e1'fLf1 Ili 1'-2-WZ I g'.'!'J?'kQ 'aff' s' 21 FUN w il 1 'lf A- y1,.,f1 -Q 9 .Jw-'Y 'E WMV M52 Vfrfa :',U,, f 11 Q 3,7 N 5:11 ft ff' 3" '3xg:UaNU,ggs!,Hg f5lUpl:y,j'!,,.W5gi,1 fl if fig 'll AL1,10,',w w-In wyij, gfjfnf, gg f:.f,-mi L, L1 VX: fggfj-rn M L: Ig-gzffiwl. ..gf5,'fm.-'.,:,'ifAgf, Q75 . 3-fg,,,.fA1b 4 ..'I'-fff!ff1f'fl'!f T 5: aa? iffefff,'M'f'f,f'lQif'1P'E,a1s Fiifglfjfl :fig ,ijt-,Sli gi:',pnf,,"f1Q .4362 'ff " '- 1 ff -hlxlh-' !17""! ff ''fF.fff7 -fi , .' hill!!! 53 QU: 'Auf ,"f."iH-51 - 5fff,"I'.f I f""f4'C Lf 145' W' E' K 1,3 I' X bm, -ei flfillfkjl 'gf 'QMZKI Il I fx J! fjgiil-gil' il' xi I FW 1-:E I X W1Wfri..J,f,! 1 ,1fQQz'ff T E1 fM1if H? 1 Ma' 'f'f'ff' flfim' Y Y - f ff f f ffjfwfig WH ,Hag if W ff HM f -'IH -V? 'if Elf: 1 A 1 'P if F , ' 1 " . V 'f f I nl ' ' 'Ir M1 asfff'5?i??7W'1l1g qui qw IWW! If If f HEMI' A f 5 THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE -ir WHY RV-1 WW Wx .Jw fl!!! I ff , I if ii W 'i it 442249 H E N HARVEY LEP Pu C11 fA c I GREAT Wave of industrialization in the past decade has not changed the fact that Virginia is still predominantly rural, conse- quently the School of Agriculture at V. P. I. probably more than either of the other units, is able to give the state the most practical and immediate aid. This help is not only through the resident instruction-the actual classroom and laboratory training of young men in the practices of scientific agriculture-but also through the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Agricultural Extension Division. The Experiment Station has at its disposal more than 400 acres of land and many buildings and other equipment which it uses to determine the most profitable and economic way for Virginia farmers to operate. The Extension Divi- sion aims to carry information to those out in the state who are for different reasons unable to get instruction at any college itself. This is done through demonstrations literature, cor- respondence, club Work and other means. Both the Experiment Station and the Extension Division are partially financed by the Federal government. The Division of Resident Instruction works through nine separate academic depart- ments in which a student can receive a degree, both bachelor and master of science. These courses are Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Engineering, Agron- omy, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Husbandry, Horticulture, Home Economics and Rural So- ciology. In addition to these departments, the following instructional departments are classed in the School of Agriculture: Agricultural Chemistry, Botany and Plant Pathology, Poultry Husbandry, and Zoology and Animal Pathology. The first year of practically all agri- cultural courses are the same, giving the student time to consider fully before specializing. The School tries to equip its students not only to become skilled agriculturists but also intel- ligent leaders of rural communities who know and can solve the problems of the nation's basic industry. 316 os vv- 1+-THE BUGLEFOR19-'35ak if 4, V M T E D P A R T M E T til f W M 'M 0 V lt A Dem: 0 gif ,aiu-Q li li . .l l V i V , 3 4 c in uf, A V , , . 4 l W W yy , V W ft 0 WFT? if if 'lr 'ir - it 'A' it uk 'ir it OF-AG R L. B. DIETRICK -- . - I nf w A. W. DRINIXARD ireror 0' Je fricfz Jam! x efment Slfzli C. W. HOLDAWAY P 'o efxor of Dairy Hfubandry W. E. CARNETT J. R. HUTCHESON ire: 1' 0' e frirzz 111111 Ex efz ion f11'J'01z R. E. HUNT Pro e .r r 0 Afzimfzl Hmrbfzmlry E. C. MAGILL Pl'0f0.fJ'0l' of A grimllznal Edffmliozz T. B. HUTCHESON Profefmr of A gronomy QW . r if af -kms BOOK Or AcH1EvEMEN'rif --1152223 0 W R 1 C U L T U E M' M M Plafexfof of 'I0',lL'l1llll1E D I ffl A5 ll E lb 1 012 QD X 1 f . M Rum! Socmlogzyl W . V M D to ftla A5 lt IJ D111 M M rw f M 0 A. H. TESKE AJJ'0Cidl6 Profefxw' of Horlicllllzzre H. N. YOUNG Profeffor of A grimlf- ' I E ' if if 'il' ul' 'ir if ir if ir 0 V M M M M M 'A' . V fllld L'07Z07721CJ' v 317 - 1 ' 1 ff? CORPS 444 Now the professors are no longer asking if Mr. 579 W WTHE BUGLE EGR 1935? vit ra Ta I 'I 1 f? 'Y M , . I i PRITCHARD, CARROLL, TOKARZ, SAUNDERS, jarrsaras, Wrrnes, BEAMON, Govan, ANDREWS AND CAMPBELL Corps Of Cadets CORPS OFFICERS G. W. XVILDES .................... Preridefzl G. V. BEAMON . .. ..... Fir!! VireAPreride1zl T. T. JEFFRIES .... .... S ecoml Ifice-zfrefirleriz E. A. PRITCHARD .... ............ S 8L'l'ElcZI'y J. P. TOKARZ ...... ....... T 1'ea.rm'e1' C. C. CAMPBELL . .. ..... Sezgemzt-AZ-Av'12'2.r B. F. SAUNDERS . . . .... Prorerntivzg Ailawzey W. P. GOVER ............ Defemlilzg Allarney T. CARROLL. . .A.fJ'i.rlmzl Prarerllting Aliowzey E. N. ANDREWS .... AfJi.ffd7Zl Defending .AHCIVZGQV In years gone by, the ollicers of the Corps of Cadets constituted the nucleus of the Executive Committee that was the basis for our student gov- ernment. But the old order of things hath changed, and in the place of the Executive Com- mittee is the newly organized Senate as the student governing body. The new Honor Court has been formed to take over the administering of the honor system. Now with the burden of responsi- bility and work more equally distributed the corps officers are finding time to lay the basis for one of the greatest student governing organizations that the collegiate world has ever seen. t lx, j So-and-So, who happens to have the misfortune to be one of the otlicers of the Corps, is still in school. Wfe no longer see three or four haggard slept, wearily trying to fulfill all of their vari- ' A . ous duties and still trying to get a scholastic edu- -. cation. Instead we -are almost at a loss to try to Mi Si young men, who looked like they had never XI! . K. distinguish our campus leaders from ordinary people. Instead of the former lethargy on the part of ,N if the student body, there is a new found interest in every matter that is brought before the Senate. 'k Politics have arisen that rival those of Vfashing- I ton, and with them have arisen several radicals ' . as well as the conservatists. In place of the for- I ' G. W. Wmms Mus. emu. M. Nmvnnq mer cry of "Railroad," we now hear the multi- I ' ' i Pwsident Blac'Q?2EfEg,.Virginia tudes exclaiming "Huey Long." l X Q. 520 A at as- at af ak af fr -ff if at it iff -if THE afoot: or .acranrvrmturdf l I l I l ' - , f . rl ' I' , ' . f M 1. fy 1 f ' Q .1 Rear Row: Fahr, Pugh. Lugrin. 'I'urne1'. Case. McCla1'in, Schneider. Sandy, and Brown. ' f First Row: Saunders. Carroll, Cooke, Johnson, Pritchard. Vest, Jones. George, Francis, Vvildcs, Cox. 1 Campbell. Bates, Shumate, Mish, Curtis, Spencer, Andrews and Gover Lk The Honor Court jj The V. P. I. Honor Court according to the OFFICERS V Constitution of the Student Body is, "a court com- EY"-"ES 4--- ----We ----4 - -'-- A---M ll?e?l'f51jd0W0i" ' - - Ox -------------- -----f -..-A.A-..A....A ...... ..., lil ,UG 'DOUG 6 Posed of elected a-nd appointed members of the M. A. HOPKINS ...,.. .......v. - ...... - Assistant Judge Advocate e student body, and is the supreme judicial body of E. A. Imifci-amp 0 ,,,,.,.,.,, .,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, M ,,,,,,, Qgze,-1, L X the student body." The Court has its own pro- W- R- 0WS'1"fA" me- ------ --M ------ M 4---f -Y-3-RCIQOW21' cedure which it follows in all trials. MEMBERQ The chief function of the Honor Court is to gragecutiny Artor11eys.- .farm-S: ,, try all cases pertaining to the violation of the We Ig- gggflgmb w 5 HOHOII SYSTLCIII. ill-ggfisfffnt ?"0se'5'Utm9 B. C. Campbell - - - fr lfinfiiiioll J' C' C010 The Honor Court is presided over by a judge, GQ FQ Jgjmsonu Jr. C. C. Cosby who is appointed by the President of the Corps of QffejgSf1Gfgi?r11ic11sr g,f5gge1' Cadets. An assistant to the judge is appointed by F.'a.'spcncer T- Pugh X 7 the President of the Civilian Students. The at- Pefcfwe ff jgfufjfgser ji j j torneys for the defense are elected by the students, aj IE- famgeivs gl- yilson Xl y but an accused student may select anyone in the ' ' 00 e ' ' Dunn 3 rj student body for his defending attorney if he so V T desires. The prosecuting attorneys are also elected j from the student body. ' The jury is composed of twelve men, three .l V elected from each class. The jury passes judg- ment on all cases brought before them, as is done . in civil procedure. - 15: The Clerk of the Court keeps a written record of all proceedings of the Court in a permanent file. The present Honor Court grew out of the old Executive Committee which performed the func- tions of a legislative in addition to the functions of a judicial body. With the lessened responsi- bility on the new judicial body, the Honor Court has been able to perform its principal function much more efficiently. Pl YJ jj VV. S. Cox Judge Advocate Nhss PEARL RILIJ1: Slmckelsford X711 una Spmism if it at it 'air 'K if 'uk it ek 'Xi c "kTl-IE BUGLE FOR 1935195 sir :er Y . . Allen Bates ' 1. . Bemnon Bell Be . .Bennett t . . J. . , - . . Boston Branch ' , . . Campbell , 'I . . Cargill V .Q . . Carter ' . . Case . . '. Cauley Chappell . 1. Cooke Cox Craig - ' . . Cummings Davis Dilworth , - . . Dodge ' ' 1 . . Eller Falu- Francis I f . .Gay George , 1 ' -1 r , . . ' l 'x it it it 6 l. lit tt if W V it v gi Ei? ll V , 19: dive G W. Wrnmas Pres'ide'n.t ,4-42,45-5, ,gg Y, .M l l lllnn lllllll Sixth Row: West, Pamplin, Oliver. and 'l'arklngton. Fifth Row: Branch, Dodge. Sandy, McNeil, Jones, Grinnard. Jones, and Steele. Fourth Row: George, Bennett, Chappell, Thompson, Linkous, Terretta. Wvilson, Craig, Pilclier, and Case. ore. Kemp. Cauley, Cummings, Meyer, Vest, and Fal1r.Th.-irrl Row: Campbell, Hulcher, Robinson. Protitt. Mo Second Row: Cooke. Boston, Hopkins. Cargill, Davis, Bell, McClure, Allen, Snyder, Dilworth, and Francis. First Row: Bell, Campbell, McCarthy. Wingiield, Hicks, Bates, 'Wildes, Kilrnartin, Cox, Gay, VanDyck, White, Spruill, and McElroy. Members: W. S. Goode 'l'. Greig D. T. Grinnan R. B. Hicks M. A. Hopkins J. C. I-Iulcher J. T. Hylton D. Jones A. R. Kemp F. L. Kilmartin P. R. Lindsay 0. E. Linkous H. M. McCarthy R. T. McClure C. B. McElroy C. S. McLe:u'en M. McNeil .l. D. Moore F. M. Mooreiield H. N. Myers XV. T Oakes R. H. Oliver C. A. Pamplin M. A Pilcher P. H. Porter W W ll, The Senate C. L. Profitt J. L. Rielutrcls J. K. Robinson VV. Rutherall A. Sandy M. R. F. W. Sclngzider B. Smith G. J. I. Spitler A. Spruill H. J. R. Stailbrd ??1?'75'F25'?' ein :sn ' OH Fl- 97:1 .V 106-6 ' -6 4J:'d0'5.:.v2 ru:c.-1-'19 'mea m-:HHH2-Q nU:p:W.Q- 13,1 'E"5"""' fb '1 :rg 5, 2 .. FSF? asa ser sie :FC 2.25 2 . I1- J . 'Ware F. VVay C. VVhite .I. Wilkinson --- Miss MARY ALICE.mTlLDES Tacoma, Washington Szmnsor Ofliaers: G. W. Wirmzs - ...... -...- ..... -...-.---.-.--..-- ....... --- ..... -President A. J. Finmcrs -.s.-..- ..... .. ..... --..- ...... ....--..-...l7ice-President S. B. Wits? , ........... - ...... --..w,...---..-,.......g...... Secretary A. C. Buowxv . .... s-..-.--..- ...., -- ...... a...f1ssista'n.t Secretary C. C. CAM1'Bm.1. ,-- ...... ..-....m.......-.-l , G. C. PRICE VF- ,--- - -A-..- -W ----- -Mm--M f Se1'gecm.ts-at-Arms The administrative powers of the student body are vested in the Senate which convenes every fourteen days. The President of the Corps of Cadets presides over the Senate, and in his ab- sence, the President of the Civilian Students' Union takes charge. The President and Vice- President of the Senate appoint the judge and Assistant Judge of the Honor Court respectively. The Secretary of the Senate keeps a record of the proceedings and publishes all notices of the Sen- ate, Membership in the Senate is proportional to the student enrollment, but each cadet company is entitled to one representative from each class regardless of the size of the company. The first meeting of the Senate was held on February 4, and presided over by President Wildes, who first organized the plan of a student senate. The constitution of the Corps was re- written, and an improved plan of finance for Corps and student activities was adopted among the first accomplishments of the Senate. Many existing evils in the Student Body were remedied, and the morale of the student was greatly irn- proved through steps taken by the Senate. The body this year numbered seventy-four members. it 'ir it it wir it if if 'it if -Af strut Boox QF ACHIEVEMENTW Y M Ji' l a ANDREWS, BANKS, VANDYCK, BEAMON, W1LDEs, and VECELLLO it The Executive Committee my 4 The Executive Committee is a cadet court which exercises jurisdiction over the First Year G. V. BEAMON HH 1 I ' D . A ' i . 1 I A .Chairman , -1 31 Cadets. It is composed of the Vice-President of l I the Corps, the Presidents of the four classes, and G' W' WILDE5 ""' sewn" R'fPfm'f"ff'1ff ji ' the Assistant Defending Attorney of the Corps. J. B. VANDYCK .... ....... I zmipr Reprerenmzive A The Vicopresident of the Corps acts as Chairman F. M. BANKS .... ..... S opbomore Representative and with the aid of 'the Assistant Defending At- . , tornCY investigates all cases reported to the court. ljflgixxs 'I ""' ""' F "efb7Wn Repmenmlwe The purpose of this court is to advise the First T, J, CARROLL i '--- -----'----- I "WfffKf'f0"-' 1 Year Cadets, to discipline those who violate the H Freshmen Rules and Regulations as stipulated in ,. the Constitution of the Corps of Cadets, and to prevent mal-discipline of the Freshmen by upper- classmen. l' H l The court has the power to inflict such disci- pline upon the Freshmen as it sees fit and in ac- . cordance with the Constitution which states, A "First offense of the Freshman Rules and Regu- lations shall be subject to confinementg second offense shall be punishable 'toursig third offense N i" and extreme cases shall be referred to the Honor ji' Court." . I The present Freshmen System, new this year, . has been very effective under the guidance of the .V f Executive Committee. I G. V. DBEAMON Miss Bnrfrx' OBERFELL Chazrmcm Lynchburg, Virginia Sponsor 'N 'I -it is -sf af if wk at -it if if . 5 44? 51,4 .fy 4 ,1 1 'A ,z, , Qc L, if AC 155 ff' K , X lr, 'X 'XX NN4- x X xx C,-. 0 f PUBLICATIONS gg gg X x QTH E auorr FOR 1935 xl, it lf I F. F. Domumo Jn. Miss B151-'rx' 0'Bv EDITORIAL STAFF . C. G. BURR ........ T. B. HUTCHESON .,.. . I F ta A 0 N 1 Edifm- ' Blacksburg, 'vii-giiiii Q spmaw it M lk XV. A. PETERS .' A. P. STEELE f J. D. XVOOD ..... N P. R. LINDSAY .... A S. A. WENK . . . . .Arroriate Editor . . .Arrociate Editor . . .Afroriote Editor . . ,Arrocioie Editor Phozfogmlzbhic Editor . . . .AJ.firio1z! Editor . . . ,Arriytant Editor The Bugle laddie who wise- Then there was a bright cracked, "Be it ever so homely there's no face like But useein' your your own-see it in the BUGLE.,' face" is only a small fraction of the purpose of the Tech annual. The whole thing is this: To picture V. P. I. life in an attractive and perma- nent form, valuable to the undergraduate who remembers vividly the incidents depicted, but even more so to him as an old grad, whose dimming recollection of old friendships, old pranks, old forgotten days, it may recall. Additionally the staff has this object: To make the book look beau- tiful. To make it so, a faithful, if small, staff of seniors and underclass assistants Plan and labor into the wee small hours of the dawn, spend day after day getting individual records, writing up clubs, taking pictures, trying in every possible way to put out the best possible book and still make the printer's deadline. 'Tis a well known fact on the campus that the editor and the aspiring juniors who hope to be editor next year, are seldom seen in class, at meals or anywhere else during the winter quarter. Such is the price of Ambition. Caesar was ambitious, and look what it got him, the editor has to be ambitious, and look at him. Qt? ill-2-acistefif 326 1 I l A 'v 1 1 Il l 1 i SEQ A,ss.rs154z1Ti if 'ir if if ir uk uk uk 'ul' if N .k L lf. I 0 V E ii 'A' - ., 0 t'lll fl llll llllll I if if iiii . iiifl Q iii. iiiiii , , . NEWER' 'ir if at 'lr it at The Bugle The 1935 BUGLE Business Staff has done excel- lent work in selling subscriptions, soliciting adver- tisements, and collecting bills. The BUGLE is financed by revenues from three sources: Advertising, subscriptions, and represen- tations-that is, we hope it is financed by these revenues. lt is seldom though that costs of the book are made. Advertising pays for about one-tenth of the book and this is by no means a minor income. Due to that fact, this year you will find a unique ad section. Five thousand copies of this exact section are being distributed to the alumni of the school. R. O. T. C. checks play an important role in the BUGLE income. About seventy per cent of the revenue comes in from supscriptions and represen- tations. This is usually collected when R. O. T. C. checks arrive. The BUGLE acknowledges .a great indebtedness to Professor G. T. Baird who has spent both time and hard work on the publication. To Professor Baird, we of the business staff take off our hats! THE BOOK OF ACHIEVEMENT4 W. L. Yuurm, Jn. Mns. W, L. Youxo B-usimess Manager Danville. Virginia Sponsor BUSINESS STAFF H. ORCHARD .......... Collerfiorz R. L. CORBELL . . . L. ScHxwARTz ..... . L. FRIEDEN .... Bass ........... . . . W. HOLBERTON ..... . H. ADKINS .......,. C. I. MOTHERSHEAD .... . W. SANDERS ..... .. ........Saler .Arxorzafe Bzzr. . .Adffertirirzg . .Di.l'f7'fbZlli07Z Afrt. Bzzrifzefr . . .Amt Safer . . .Ami Salef . . .AJJL Sale: Manager Manager Manager Ma1zage1' Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager i if-kaffff-x-kia i , -X. "ha D. 'l'uoM1fsoN Miss S.umH '1'1-ioiursox Editor Clifton Forge, Va. Sponsor EDITORIAL STAFF D. 'THOMPSON .,....,.... - ........,. -W .... -.. .... --.s...c..Erlitor-in-Chief T. B. HU'1'cHlssoN .,...,. --..- ..,...,. -.- v... ..... - .....,, B Ianag-ing Editor O. M. Cmluce ,.., C? ....,.,.. -.....-.- ,,...... -.-...-.--.News Editor L. T. GATLIN ....- ...., .... .... .. ....... -.-...-- ....., - .... n.Feature Editor F. K. Sunni: .... -...- ................. -..-.... ..... .....CG'lHf1J!lS Editor J. YV. XVATSON ....,................ - ......,.. S- .,..,... - ......,,..,., Sports Editor C. WV. DowNs .......,. ,. .... ...W ........ C. ..... .... - .-, ..,. ...Desk Editor Editorial Board: Desk Staff: .l. H. Duze C. G. Burr D. L. Folkes F. F. Doering J. R. Gay J. F. Hicks J. Vodar J. C. Ware Editorial Assistcmts:S71ecitrl W1'ite1's: E. XV. Burroughs J. L. Fricden M. K. Cummings M. V. Overbey J. B. Downs M. Kano R. B. Hummel R .1 , . W. B. L. Hutcheson 'Wm 'ms- H' Y. Hyde A. V. Blunt P. Tcrrem S. M. Burr G. H. Burgess H. H. Iflsirdenburg F. G. W. Eason Fnlu' A. E. Holdaway S. V. Holden D. W. Mahancy W. P. Minter J. E. O'Byrne M. Payne - W. W. H. Starr D. XV. A. Stubbs D. C. Timberlake A. V. Walker I The Virginia Tech It was, indeed, a surprise, and a very pleasant one, to the editorial staff of The Virginia Tech when it received notification last October that it had been awarded tirst place in the contest held in connection with the national joint convention of the National College Press Association and the Collegiate Press Association held in Chicago, Ill. The Governor Horner Trophy, a silver loving cup, for the most representative undergraduate weekly publication in the United States, was sent to the Tech as formal recognition of the honors accord- ed it. Two weeks later at the convention of the Vir- ginia Intercollegiate Press Association held jointly on the campuses of the Radford State Teachers College and Virginia Polytechnic Institute, The Virginia Tecla was awarded first place in the con- test held in connection with the convention. The Virgifzia Tech is the official organ of the student body of V. P. I., having been organized in 1903 under the sponsorship of the Athletic Association. The student body assumed full con- trol of the paper in the spring of 1931. Sixth, Row: Kano. Burgess, and Stubbs. Fifth Row: Gatling,'W:1tson, Ware, Timberlake, Burroughs, and Stanley. Fourth Row: Duze. Powell, Hutcheson. Marsh. Wallcer. and Brown. Third Row: Clark, Shirk. Hummel. Downs, Cumming, and Downs. Sccoml Row: Holdnway. 0'Bryne. Burr. and Overbey. First Row: Frieden. Thompson. Gay. and Vodar. I y 1 i 328 'k 'ir The Virginia Tech The business staff of The Virginia Tech offers practical experience to students on the business side of newspaper work. The staff is charged with the securing of advertisements, the circula- tion, and the financial items incidental to the pub- lication of the college paper. Much of the credit for the success of the Tech this year is due to the fine work of Dick Matthews, and the staff wishes to extend its gratitude to this willing leader. Under the guidance of I. L. Schwartz, the Tech managed to pull through the remainder of the year under favorable financial conditions, being able to publish a number of six page issues. Many additional friends were gained through the ad- vertising columns and the outside circulation. The prompt circulation of the Tecla through the barracks and to the many readers outside of the Corps of Cadets was due to the excellent work of the circulation managers and their assistants, and the staff is to be highly complimented for their fine work. BUSINESS STAFF J. L. SCli!VAlI'l'Z ,...... ......,,,... - ...,..,,,,... 15' usiiicss Zllamlger I. F. S.xiJNni1:ns ..... - ....... Local Afluertising Mamlgcr L. A. S'r,inLINu ...,.... ......... L oval Cf1'lf'lLlCltl0'l1 Mw1.ag7e1' W. S. Gooma ...,..,... ,.....,..,...........,.,,,......... ll lfriliug lllmiagcr F. B. '1'1r.xcmrn ,.... .......... N ational Allvcrt-isihg Manager ak-THE aooic or ACHIEVEMENT'k , wal. J. J. G. J. J. W. J. J. T. J . R . E. J. I-I . E. E. 0, J. SCHWARTZ Busmess Managew Local ArZ've1'lisi11g Assistants .' F. Brandon D. Davis M. Hutchinson E. Peterson J. Slllllklllll B. Tyler Local Circulation Assistants : R. Allison B. Arrington M. Broyles D. Gemmell L. Haislip Mailing Assistants E. Bibb L. Borden S. Chappell Cooke B. Cox Miss WILLIE Wann 'TEMPLE I. N. F. YV. F. J. C. E. 0. I-I. A. C . WV C E. W. Hopewell. Virginia. Sponsor I Hoppenstein T. Horn M. King R. Olmstead C. Orr D. Powell . V. Serbell E. Smoln. A. VVilson Natirmal .flrivartisivzg Assistants : F. Bailey V. Inge ' Accountants : M. Bounds R. Greer P. Tokarz Service Managers D. Henkel J. Peters . Fourth. Row: Wright, Brown. Borden. Crockett. and Cooke. Third Row: Chappell, Ferguson, Bibb, Thacker, Hutcheson, and Serbell. Scconfl R01lJ.' Smola. Powell, Hopenstein, Arrington, Brandon, and Broyles. First Row: Tyler, Goode, Saunders, Schwarlzz, Starling, and Allison. ik if 'A' 'ir ir 'A' if t -4.777 ik lr V ll X li ll if v ii . 5 'i W Ui V M if spxpsp- IH UGLE FOR1935 we S L Jomss Mns Lrnuw L JoN1:s Editor Portsmouth Virginm Sponsor EDITORIAL STAFF S I J ONTS Ddztm m Chief T W Drirwrrw G E AN nriisov .M--.-.......--....-.. Associate ....----.W-.-i....,..-.- ..a-...-. Feature Writers and Staff Assistants : . . 'lmylor . . Haines . . Cardwell . . Burroughs . . Cwuley L . . ee . . Kcrstein . . West . W. Scholtens . B. Dow ns The Virginia Tech Engineer The Virginia Tech Engineer is a technical jour- nal published- four times a year by students in the School of Engineering, and is the only student technical publication in Virginia. The aim this year was to publish a magazine, written in a semi-technical language, whose mate- rial was representative of the School of Engineer- ing. More student articles were published this year than in any of the ten years since the maga- zine Was first printed in November, 1925. Technical articles make up the body of The Engineer in each issue. The supporting material consists of features. Sorne that were used this year were: "Techmen In The World," "Techn'1en On The Campusf "The Dean's Page," "Clip- pings," "With The Engineers," and "With The Architects." These features undergo a change issue by issue as the need of a new type of mate- rial is felt. No doubt the new editor has already invented a few new features to use in Volume XI. Third Row: Cardwell. and Downs. Second Row: Lee, Burroughs, Anderson, Kerstem, and Drewery. First Row: Taylor, Haines. Jones, Scholtens. and Cauley. 403 ir T E B I 1 -iii M ,,,.. 'X' iii, 433 . stiii Q iii, iiiii , X uit V t 2.2 , r ererrrrr r r rrrrrr rrrrrr I i k 1 EB V " ' M W J V V W 0 fi--afar-A--if-afar-af ir 'A' 'lr -Ar if fuse Boot or ACI-llEVEMENTi' 1:25225 The Virginia Tech Engineer Tfllfxflutlllll- The success of any publication depends largely Tfal ENN' EER on its business staff. The Virginia Tech Engineer faced many difficult problems at the beginning of the current year, among them being the solicit ge . . . . . Mig ing of sufficient advertising to make the publica my business staff this year not only expanded its cir culation greatly, but it secured advertising from . . MARCH 1 35 many nationally known companies The experience gained in working on the bus: ness stalt of the Engineer is varied. An advertis ing manager and his staff solicit advertising for BUSINESS STAFF the magazine through correspondence as well as C W Blum Busmcss Mmmgm by actual personal contact with business men. The H C BHOYI-IS Awlwvfe Blwmess llfmaaw P R Lusnsm Cnculatzon Mrmugev circulation manager, with his staff, distributes copies of the magazine and secures subscriptions by writing to alumni and soliciting in barracks 1 TLPR1: 1' AzZ'ue1tzsmg Illanager Busmcss Staff B F Berltaw The Virginia Tech Engineer has completed a J W Cofel very successful year through the perfect coopera 21 CAVf::,ihe1 tion of its business and editorial staffs, to put out a magazine that deserves its title, "The Best Engi neering Magazine in the State of Virginia V ' ttf M if First Row: Cofer, Lindsay, Baber, and West xo QV af Second Row: Berkaw, Pilcher, and Ware Qi 551 ir . n A' JI T E ti T T 1 1 is M' tion have a sound basis for its existence. The . - ,Y V ' iiii iii I iiiii X ,Q N - it O E ll 1 J Efijjiiiijijiiciiffffn' 4. T. , 1 4 Q. ' ijg1iij:11Q1'jQjj5g1': e - l ' M g 3 2 It ' No, r it W M , M l M ff V in li V f at -Af if -if fx if at if M , afri-at auort FQR'iQ351ir at a I f , M . is 1 -, V Gu1dOH - In a Book of Achievement one achievement of the year worth mentioning is the revitalization of the students handbook. Resulting from experi- ments of the year before by the same staff, the 1995 volume included numerous changes in the appearance and content to make the handbook more attractive and interesting. First, advertise- ments were cleared from the body of the book by running them in a special Green Section in the back. Next, the written material was gone over thoroughly in an effort to make it present a com- prehensive picture of life at Tech-much rewrit- ing and rearranging was done, and new features were added. Finally, the layout was made spark- ling and lively by the use of many illustrations of campus leaders, ranging from full page to half- column in size. Full page pictures were also added to mark the divisions of the book. The green motif of the advertising section was carried out in the cover and end-pages. As a permanent name for the handbook, "Gaiden" was chosen- a name typical of V. P. I., and signifying the role thelhandbook plays in student life. l Second Row: Gray. Hoge. Perry. Clark and Arrington. First Row: Brandon, Allison, Clark, Burr, Thompson, and Meaflor. if if if it if it if 'if' ' X . ' 1 l J. B. Cxauui Mrss .IACQUELINE CLARK 5 Business Manager Milford, Virginia Y , Sponsm' I C. G. Bunn .... .... - .- ...... M.- ,..,. W ................ Editor J. B. Criuuc ...................... ..- ....... -...Busi1zcss Manager 1 Stuff Members: xi J. P.. Allison X' H. B. Arrington J. F. Brandon 0. M. Clarke H. R. Gary A. C. Gray rx K W. E. I-Ioge l' ' C. M. Meador i I-I. H. Perry XX D. Thompson l A H ff ,I ' if CA A 'K l . XM l f i ii ' .Z .Lg ff Xx x. l 'A l ll Xl l 'x 7,7 ,, , . 1' , . aes me r r Q it 'A' 'A' Student Publications Board There are some groups which, quitely and with out public notice, carry On work indispensable to other groups and persons. Such a body is the three-year-old Student Publications Board, which controls the major student publications of Virginia Tech, and which has been responsible for re markable betterment in these publications, es pecially on the business side, since its creation Perhaps the most important single function of the Board is the authorization of contracts with print ers andothers. The Board may request financial statements from business managers at any time and it supervises the cooperative Vaughan-Good win Insurance Plan, by which the Tech publica appoints new editors and business managers, upon the recommendation of outgoing officers, and holds them responsible for all matters appearing in their respective publications. The Board is composed of three faculty representatives and five students one from each publication, and the president or Pi Delta Epsilon, who is ex-Officio member VS L YOU c 'Xlrss KKTHLTEN B ss Chuumcm Danville Vlrginla Spoozsm W L YLUNC Clicmmom I 1' Dum G Secretary Faculty M mbei s R I-I NILvCli P1100 ,Student Zllembev s B lllel Doe: in Hoi in Thompson L Youn HOLAN, DOERING, Baum, YOUNG, Prucn, BABER, AND THOMPSON ir if 'k 'lr 'ir it is 'k if it , E THE BOOK OF AcHlrvEMENr-if -af,'tE. I V. .il N- l' .f H. H :L Y ' . . x : ,,,.,,,.,.,r,,,, .,A,,rrrr,rr,r,,rrr,,,,,,,,, . " 9 - P. 1. ci: N ,uma ,,,.,..,,,,, c., ,,,,r rr ,,-4,,,,,,,,,,,,, i- f . - , . : tions are guaranteed from financial failure. It G. T. Baird Ei Ri 1 -ii- C. W. 4 " F. F. -' g j J. H. 1 D. i VV. . g ll ..j5Ql.l1lsaHlriQJJllllllJl5951155 I C-ggiiksi -"! 7' W gf HONOR ORGANIZATIONS -if jk TAT fin-.14-c, fgfzg O. D. K. Omicron Delta Kappa was founded at Waslm ington and Lee University in 1914, and has es- tablished circles in over forty of the leading col- leges and universities of the United States. Its purpose is to bring together the outstanding cam- pus leaders, and, through them, to organize and promote the worthwhile things of college life, to foster a clearer understanding of student-faculty problems, and to recognize the outstanding ability as marked by achievements. It also inspires others to strive for conspicious attainments in stu- dent activities. The Alpha Omicron Circle was established at Virginia Tech in 1953. The number of active faculty members is limited to four, who are elected for a period of four years, and a faculty advisor, who is elected for a period of one year. Student members are elected in October and April. The current session has seen the fraternity up to its neck in vigorous elforts to improve the wel- fare of the students of the institution. BUGLE FDR 1935 ul' ir ir 'Ir if 'k ir if 'Ir if if 'A' 'A' uk' if fmt BOQK OF Acu-iltvtmturuk 62322 Alph Alpha Zeta, national honorary fraternity of agri- cultural students, has as its objects: To promote the profession of agricultureg to establish, foster and develop high standards of scholarship, char- acter, leadership, and a spirit of fellowship among all of its members, to create and bind together a body of outstanding technical men who by scholar- ly attainment, faithful service, and maintenance of ethical ideals and principles, have achieved dis- 21, 557 Zeta tinction and are capable of honoring ,achievement in others. The V. P. I. Chapter was established in 1952. Members are selected from undergraduate and gradate students of agriculture who are high in scholarship, and on the basis of character, leader- ship, and personality. Members must receive the unanimous election of the student members and the faculty advisory committee. 'A' -A' ir if 'A' 'ir 'A' 'ir uk if DEI?-'E v4rTl-IE BUGLEFGR19351k' if may Phi Kappa Phi Election to Phi Kappa Phi is the highest recog- nition of scholarship that can come to a student of Virginia Tech, for it is the purpose of the so- ciety to promote and honor scholarly attainments in all branches of the college. Phi Kappa Phi is the national honorary scho- lastic fraternity for technical schools that corres- ponds to Phi Beta Kappa of liberal arts schools. The local chapter is the twenty-sixth of the forty- five now existing in the United States. The V. P. I. chapter of Phi Kappa Phi is the oldest national honorary Organization on the cam- pus, having been established here in 1921. It is composed of faculty and student members, elec- tion of the latter taking place in january and in the spring, with initiation following the spring election. Not more than ten percent of the gradu- ating class can be tal-:en in each year. MEMBERS C. D. ADDINGTON C. E. ANDERSON C. W. BABER G. V. BEAMON L. S. BELL C. G. BURR H. E. CAMPBELL H. H. CHELF .af J. M. CLELAND L. C. COLE W. F. COOKE J. F. COONEY P. G. CRADDOCK H. 1. DAILEY H. B. ELLER D. J. FLYNN W. F.. FOURQUREAN C. H. FULLER J. M. GRAYSON W. B. Gruzzann F. B. LANI-IAM J. R. MURRAY W. W. NELSON J. P. NEWMAN R. L. RAMKEY C. A. REID J. J. STROBEL J. H. TAYLOR M. G. VIA R. P. WALKER H. A. WELLS J. E. WILKINSON is it 'ir tk Ik it' 'k if -I at -,af fri-sr Boolc or AcHlEveMENrt N- M i f 16 . , I W M A if ll T -I M il M M M lol wi M Phi Lafmbcla Upsilon Phi Lambda Upsilon was begun in 1899 by the outstanding senior chemistry students at the Uni- versity of Illinois. Now it is a national honorary chemical society, with thirty-two chapters in col- leges and universities throughout the United States. One of the aims of the society is the installa- tion of chapters in other institutions. The pri- mary purpose is the promotion and protection of high scholarships and original investigation in all branches of applied chemistry and pure chemis- 339 try. The colors of the society are the red and blue shades of litmus. The motto "sigma tau" signifies a mark of honor. The Alpha Theta chapter at V. P. I. was in- stalled in 1953. Since that time it has greatly increased in both activities and membership. Four faculty members of the chemistry department are now active members of the chapter. Student mem- bers are elected each year upon a basis of scholar- ship and personality. - M M M o 3 , M M M M 1 . N. o Sr QV M QV M f ii: fairs-a--fra-ff. , 1f Q-vw? iii!! irTHEBUGLEFOR1935 J H HOLKN 7' es: I Q.5!.'aS2NE?'clf1.' .4 c - ' ,gay P1 Delr P1 Delta Epsilon national honorary journalism fraternity consists of men who have distinguished themselves on undergraduate publications. I chief purpose is to raise the standards of colle- giate lournalism. Consequently in its Hfth year on the Tech campus Pi Delt has carried through several important projects and has gone far toward the completion of othersi Among the accom- plishments of the session are: Assistance with the eighth annual convention of the Virginia Inter! collegiate Press Association- assumption of respon- :-H V Y ' g H Um.. wlllmkwa H "HW . - 37-- rf 'wi .ef-1 " will ' ' '.i If qv' ' r t 'Q Ji: QW" Eaggmv a lf: 1 1 H T35 i H. ' ' ' 1.agf""' f Y C' Y cuz! ,- .mi - Hi." , N . S ' 'A aa fr A H .t l HN , 1 . ' c 1 'W " 'f' fx in H ' 1 'U I , . - 1 u mia w Y . .H Ta i . ,ga If - i 1 7- Us a A . 4 1 ii I ui N H VH l . Sz. .5553 in .li H ii Z 'gage M' -7521 i liggghii 1 i-- : ' f ia ' f-sf . ,1 1 , ' N 4 I N555 i 'Hui ,gf ' NME: WW.,.5Eggj:i.i Zigi . , 4 1 - J ts , 7 7 C 5 J t i 21, 54 0 Epsilon sibility for Gzziclorzg establishment of a coopera- tive cut morgueg and revision of the constitutions of the Student Publications Board and the Vaughan-Goodwin Insurance Plan. The frater- nity also worked on a proposed General Activity Board to supervise, financially, all student activi- ties on the campus. It encouraged underclassmen to participate in publications work, and it held various social affairs to stimulate the good fel- lowship that is the heritage of journalism. 'k if 'A' i' 'k 'A' 'A' 'Ir 'A' if if 'A' 'k ni 'A' e, sXx Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi is a national honorary engineering fraternity which was founded at Lehigh Univer- sity in 1885. It is now the largest and most out- chosen from the upper one-fourth of the com- bined engineering class for their year. Further requirements for membership are character, per- THE Booic or A4 standing engineering fraternity, and has members in all parts of the world. The Virginia Beta chapter was installed at V. P. I. in November, 1933. The local chapter has held three initiations for students since that time, and several alumni initiations. Members are sonality, and probability of success in engineering. The purpose of the organization is to promote better understanding among the various engineer- ing branches, to establish engineering as a true profession, and to promote a broader culture among engineers. fffffffffft v l l CURRICULA ORGANIZATION 4 4 4 qxnx 'KTHE BUGLE FOR 1935 . . Adkins A. V. Allen . . Baker VV. B. Besley . S. Blanford D. W. Limronn Miss I-Lxzni. Kuics1.iNc: Presidevit Roanoke. Virginia. Sponsor Illcmbers : L. Fry E. C. Minnich A. Fullen C. I. Motherslxczul H. Garber C. H. Page H. Gibson R. D. Pfalzgrnf D. Haines P. M. Phillipe M. Hamilton B. M. Priode . N. Broyles . S. Buchanan . C. Cfike . C. Clore 1. VV. Clear '. T. Clarke .. C. Coiner . H. Copeland . . Craun i . . Dudley . . Eller . . Ellen' . B. Fray W. I-Iolbetton L. Harris C. Jackson G. Jennings W. Lnnforrl H. Leap W. Lewis S. MeLea1'en S. McMahan E. Mackey C. Mast Michel P. Miller K. Miller H. R. B. R. J. VV L. M. VV A . R. C. B. G. Ramsey G. Hoop YV. Sadler A. Sandy W. Shipley O. Smith A. Starling W. Tiniberlnke B. Tyler V. Vifatts P. Walker D. NVl1ite J. Wood The Agricultural Club The Agricultural Club has experienced the most successful year in its history. The present enrollment is the largest since its inception in 1930. The most important outside activities were the sponsoring of the Little International and the Dairy Show, in which a large number of the mem- bers took an active part. The Club, however, does not confine its activities to education alone, but serves also as a medium of social outlet. On several occasions throughout the year parties were held and the Club gave a private dance for its members. The Club serves as a medium of bringing to- gether all the students enrolled in the different Agricultural curriculums. The primary objects of the Club are the development of leadership, character, and the instilling in the students' minds a sense of responsibility for the further progress of agriculture in their respective fields. The Club meets every Thursday night, at which time students present topics pertaining to some phase of the Agricultural Industry. Oyyicers: ll. W. I...xNFonD ............... ----..-...u...- ..... --..- .... P7'6Sl:C12'flt G. T. Cinmirn --...-...--..-...-.... ...... - ..... - ......... Vice-President I-l. B. ELLER rm..--.... .... -..-m.--.Vicc-President R, WV. l"l0LBERTON ......... -- ........ - .... -.-CW ........ Vice-President P. M. P1-iii.i.11-is ..4..--.m.. ...... -.m .... -.. ......... Vice-President L. A. STARLING ..... - ..........,............ .... -,.-...m- ....... Secretary W. W. Lifzwis ...-....c ,.... ,.......-.....-..,,.-,.... T7'6lXS'll7'6?' W. R. Gxnsox - ........ - ......... Faculty Advisor Z0.4'l C C M H P 'r J J 1 S. S. Cussell J C lx I R H VV YV C H B J H J l 'T t . : M'll ', M'll ', Jackson, Clear. Hamilton and Shipley. ' Fourth Row: GarliegllfSiinii3?uBzfker,el1'ullen?lCoiper. Blanforcl. Ci-aun, Piiode, Walker, .Timberlake Wood, McLarin. Pfalzgraf. Haines, Paige, Besley, Leap, Jennings, and Adkins. 3 I W h Tlriwl Row: White, W. C.. Dudley, Eller, Watts,dBucl:1arigrn,t Ramsey, Casell, FYY. Haflls. MCI' 213111. Mothershea . an as . f , ,- , ik , C 14 d, B' ,l , S. ller, Mackey, Michel. Smith, Fray. ,ClQre. and Tyler- ifiggiliir'oii1Ciul'x'o!iilg:ilishj1i, gllleigpglzkiiik, Iidlcixiithn, rihiiforrl, Pliillippe, Lewis. Starling, Minnich, and Wlnte. if 'k 'A' if ik 'ir if 'Af 'A' if if ul' if 'A' 'A' if The American Institute oi Electrical Engineers The V. P. I. Branch of the A. I. E. E. has been active on the campus since 1917, when the Elec- trical Engineers' Club was granted a charter by the national organization. The Club aims to in- form the student on the latest developments in the electrical field, and to give the student ex- perience in speaking on engineering subjects. The purpose is accomplished through the invitation of prominent men to speak before the club, through inspection trips, and through demon- strations, talks, and moving pictures. This year the A. I. E. E. was fortunate in hav- ing its annual district convention at V. P. I. on April Sth and 6th. Many of the country's most prominent electrical engineers visited the con- vention and spoke to the students. Representa- tives from all southern engineering colleges were present at the meeting and banquet. In addition to their regular meetings, the Club holds a smoker once each month. The students knowledge is broadened through participation in the activities of the Club. The college offers academic credit to the members of the three upper- classes. THE BOOK or Ac!-iiEvEMENr1k L. S. BELL Mrss NANCY Wrrus Chairmrm Wnsliington, D. C. Sponsor Oyiicers: L. S. BMLI. ................. ..........., C hairmcm A. J. FRANCIS ....,. ....... - ,.....,. L ..,, I fica-CI1.f1.irma11 S. B. WEST .,... ..r ...... ..... - W... ....... ...Secretary Cnrxumns Lan - ............ .... .... - ....... - .,..... C 1 umsellor Zllcmbcrs : .l. C. Adams A. J. Francis IZ. I-I. Adkins C. L. Kerstcin J. V. I-I. Barker J. M. Murphy .l. 'W. Bates W. W. Nelson L. S. Bell G. H. Orchard H. E. Campbell F. A. Spencer H. J. Daily S. B. Vllest VV. L. Young Third Row: Campbell, Orchard, Murphy, Spencer, and Barker. Second Row: Daily, Nelson. Young, Adams, Adkins, and Kerstein. First Row: West, Bell, Prof. Lee, Francis and Bates. 'A' if 'ir 'lr ir it ir 'A' 'A' 'ff 455252 if "- : 'AQFHE BUGLE FC'JR'1f?357k' at' ak .wg .i MJF American Society of Agricultural Engineers The American Society of Agricultural Engi- neers is a curricula club for the men majoring in Agricultural Engineering. The Society meets every Thursday night, at which time current topics in the field of agriculture as related to en- gineering are brought up and discussed before the group. The members of the faculty as well as the students take part in these discussions. College credit is given to members of the three upper classes for active membership in the Society. Since Agricultural Engineering is a compara- tively new iield of engineering work, few people are acquainted with what Agricultural Engineer- W. B. Giirzzimn Miss VmGINI.s DOERING Presirlent Roanoke, Virginia Sponsor Oyieers: VV. B. Gmzzann ,.,, mr-.. .. .... -,..--.-.,,,P1-esident R. E. BROYVN ..c-...... ..-..- ..... , ..,..... Vice-President J. B. Buncnss .n, ...................... -..-.- ...... E.. Secretary-T1'casurer Faculty Members: P. B. Potter S. Sjorgren Members: J. J. Bass J. M. Fore K. M. Bostwick R. B. Hicks R.'E. Brown F. B. Lanham J. B. Burgess J. G. Moses J. L. Calhoun G. C. Price l ingstands for. Briefly, it is the engineering pro- fession in which the basic principles of engineer- ing are applied to the development of the better means of carrying out the science of agriculture. The four general fields into which this profession is divided are: land reclamation, rural electrifi- cation, farm machinery, and farm buildings. In order to promote this work so broad in scope we have the Aggie Engineers. Third Row: Bass, Brown. and Moses. Second Rau Savage, Calhoun, Grizzard, Fore, Lanham. Hicks, and Wingneld. Fzrst Row: Sjogren, Burgess, Bostwick. Price. and Potter. r YK f""" 0 it sk if If W 'ir if ik if 'ia American Society of Civil Engineers The student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers at V. P. I. was organized in 1922. It is an organization for the purpose of bringing the students enrolled in the curriculum into closer contact with the practice of their pro- fession. It helps to acquaint them with the bene- fits that they, as graduates, will derive from a membership in their professional society. Meet- ings are held twice a month and discussions are led by practising engineers, faculty members, or by students who have had engineering experience. The Virginia State Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers rewards interest and scholarship by granting a Junior membership in the society for one year which is paid up and presented to the graduating senior having the best scholastic record for his four years in col- lege. Student chapters of the University of Vir- ginia, Washington and Lee University, V. M. I. and V. P. I., held the first state A. S. C. E. Con- vention at V. M. I. in March. Each spring the society holds a picnic at Willow Springs Lake as a farewell party for the seniors. X, . Va H---X .- Q, f X., , . Y ml! -"5 1 cue.--. ,A-!g'f.,.g. pf-..a..' H. C. Bnoruas Miss VIVIAN Auarnr Chairman Blacksburg. Virginia Sponsor 0Wcers: H. C. Bnormss ........ -.-. ..... -..-..-..-..-- ............... -u ....,. , President J. D. Woon ..... .......- .... - .... .. ...... - ...... -..-........Vice-President S. ...... . -M Secretary cmd Treasurer Ill embers : Prof. J. C. Begg S. L. Jones J. L. Brown G. XV. McAlphin H. C. Broyles S. Shumate P. W. Cauley W. I-I. Shoemaker W. S. Coupe G. E. Smith W. I-I. Dickerson I-I. B. Snyder P. W. Fager H. A. Spruill L. L. Fittro W. L. Turner R. L. Fletcher F. J. Vassalotti L. F. Garber L. A. Vecellio L. T. Gatlinv' J. P. Venezia A. F. Hamlet J. D. wood Prof. VV. T. I'Iil1'tIl'lU,ll A. S. VVright C. V. Yezitts Fourth Row: Shoemaker, Hamlet, Vecellio, Yeatts, Venezia. Fittro, and Gutling. Third Row: Wright, Cauley. Fletcher, Garber. Vassalotti, Fager. and McAlphin. Second Row: Brown, Snyder, Prof. Hartman. Prof. Begg. Smith. and Coupe. First Row: Dickerson, Turner, Shumate. Broyles, Wood. Spruill. and Jones. if ' W -uv 9 J. I ll 'Mi ll Us ref. Mi ii ij Wit li. f' 1, T! " fs' LE-r.v.' iff. wily ' YK 'QE ig, , .gg .J 4 it ,rrxiyg .ry .J U iqfl 4. ,ir s Jil.: iii' 715 J' ii iifii E. 1' ,f i tin' IW ,ip-' .' VI Lil 1' J' Hn. . ni mt, yy, H15 Libr? ., , 4-, V A r:r.'u-V .fi :I X. J i, X'-.1 fi .hir if-. . 1 li, l. Sfrili lixlfhi ill ,. -E f 4 I' K G L' , iii? ii ig if 'ij MW TTL' ii. lfgl x'w,g 'rbifi' K. U .ir - fi 3.. Mi ' " FN L-C 1. ff, 54 will WW 5, 1-Xu :Lf-Q, , ,.'f Ly. v M. irish 'W ,J f rf. . wg . if-2 V. fitiffifal i, . l "Q4'1,.",'li' . 'F is. 'lrjxkryyi 'ii if 'tr .A x .wf li. I -. .' riff! 1.x .Af .i ' -' v WV., ytyiv ',3.'ffiA 1 5- l If ii il IQ: .Tiff iii' ,lffl jiii W I 'Z .4 9,l"f!!x 347 'gf 'ti'i f og.. P 'M , 'Q wh. "Q 'L' 1. 1 X i xj , ,- :K y W ,. ,-521.5 -, L. 9,11 . yi ,. yr, ,. it , 51,14--xl iuiwlf' V1 . , . if fa aw: ff: L. lin! ,ii V.-.g'iI1'f,7 fc .W X. M..j,l .JV 'i .. -i lg . A ""f'. lt X r, f,-X, , NL i i - it l i i., i Rs l. mi Jil, if EW.. 1.5! Wi ,i ,Q it iii" i xiii :XJ,,lf',.' ni., txkmx Wil. vm 1 N buff! .l .QA ijjl lx 'Lf Q W My ' '1.,"':1 ,555 ffl i . ' " J A "H a fini 5-., l' will Ar .iiiiw W px It l.W.j,l I 1 'N f 'Fi i'x I , +..f'v.J,Cy all' li h - il. l VY ln lxi.l.7i af' . X. vfxi-iff' rl" fix l,Qtl:,4iQ! lfifl ii " ' ii .M ,Hi e'4 ill fly .fx i' N, 1 Q' . Aff igfi' ff" HV .XM cy!! -'il 'fi'-.5 ...Q g., ll. 'fl lllul 'l " ii lx 1 fi it 1 inffvf .ff 'fi 5 Q", ll l iiniir Yau, i fy lynx' vii. l 4' X f. .. f ,V 17' it X 11 lr Kala!" X' 734 I ' :,1 Nw fl' " T SW lill.lQiw Q ,lj , LLL v 1 glial ' in A. F. J. F. J. I, ...x . .. I i ,. i ., L , 1 . CTL-1' ' ' ,J . 2 ,V ' J ' " J' 3 3 -5 " fn -j i i 1 I r l J J i l ix N V W I V- . C 1 'lu in .wc 1. -wi 1 l lhimui will A. N. BODINE -. -. f - Mns. L. A. BODINE Clwnirmau Bowling Green. Virginia Sponsor 01771-ers. N- BODINFZ . ..... . ......... .. ..... ............ . ..ClLCL'H'717.l't'IL F. Gnosucmsn .. Honorary C1l.llf7'7l1,U?L E. VVILIUNSUN ...... -. ..... ....... ..... .............. . . V iUC-ClLlli7'7ILll'lZ W. Bxsnoi' .. .... -EM ...... ..-...-...-.- ..,............. Sec1'etm'y L. DILWURTH i ,,,,, ,. . . . A ,,.,,,, W.-- ..,,,,.,, T'I'CUS7,l1'67' Members : J. H. Abernethy VV. S. Barksdale W. 0. B. Baylor B. KV. Bishop A. N. Bodine W. F. Cooke J. L. Dilworth 'l'. W. Drewery F. F. Groseclose T. B. Hutcheson W. A. Jamison J. W. Leonard S. C. Revell B. T. Smythe W. D. Sydnor F. E. Watkins J. E. W7ilkil1S01l W. G. Wood 2,1 2-' QL The American Society of xMechanical Engineers The V. P. I. Student Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was founded in 1915. The Mechanical Engineering Club which had existed on the campus since 1905 was the nucleus around which the present organization was founded. The purpose of the American Society of Me- chanical Engineers is to bring the mechanical en- gineering students into contact with developments in the field in which he is specializing. At the meetings of the Club the members make short talks on new developments and trends in me- chanical engineering and kindred sciences. At the last meeting in each month talks are made by guest speakers who are men of distinction. It is the custom of the society to make an annual in- spection tour to the scene of a construction job or an industrial plant to see the principles that have been taken up in the classroom as they are put into actual practice. This year the trip was taken to the Norris Dam construction job and to the aluminum plant at Alco, Tennessee. Tlzirrl Row: Abernathy. Drewery. Richards. Watkins. Cooke. Baylor, and Bevell. Second Row: Syclnor. Barksdnle. Hutcheson. Sniythe, Vinod. and Leonard. First Now: Jamison. Dilworth, Bodine, Prof. Groseclose, Wilkinson, and Bishop. .. -',. -Q.:-' if 'Q - . fs. 1 l 1 l fx-' pf,-' ff..-' K,---., f 1 X.. . .L s -.,,. ewx A.-L 1 A-.,.hQl'.k: 'Ir it 'A' Architectural Club The Architectural Club has had an interesting and somewhat unstable history. It was originated as a student branch of the American Association of General Contractors. As the School of Archi- tecture progressed, and began turning out more designers than administrators, the need for a change was felt. Consequently it was changed into a regular student seminar for those students enrolled in the school of Architecture. However, the old title was maintained until 1932 when it became known as the Architectural Club. At the beginning of the current session, the Club decided to abandon seminar credit and widen the scope of its interest. Instead of closely con- tinuing the architecture of the classroom, it ex- tended its program to cover the promotion of the finest of student-faculty relationships, the develop- ment of goodfellowship and friendly competi- tion, and the enforcement of a code of conduct in the drafting room. The establishment of re- lationships with older architectural clubs in dis- tant schools has been attempted, and social acti- vities take some part in the new program. THE BOOK CIF Aci-HEVEMENT if l F. C. Nrsnmr-I Mns. R. Nrsmaru P-resident Ogdcnsburg, New York Officers: F. C. NlSllE'l'II ......... ............,. . uP:-esident lt. F. 'I'.wLon ....r... .... ,...... V i ce-President J. H. WALK!-R ............. - ............. Secretary-Treasurer lfrmczzlty Illembers .- Prof. C. H. Cowgill Prof. P. P. Stewart Members : E. N. Brooks C. B. McElroy J. N. Cargill F. B. Moore J. A. 1-Ieisler R. B. Myers C. M. Higgins F. C. Nisbeth M. H. Irson J. F. Poulton R. W. .Iacobus I-I. 'l'. Stultz P. A. Kennedy W. R. Taylor E. R. Lec R. F. Taylor J. H. Wzxlker F'o1u'Ili Row: Kennedy. Lee. and Jaeobus. Third Row: McElroy. Myers, Heisler. Higgins. and Poulton. Second Rn-uf: Moore, Taylor, Cargill, Irson. Stultz. and Brooks First Row: Stewart. Taylor, Nisbeth, Walker, and Cowgill. dl: if if 'A' if it it if 'k J. ,x X,-., . .1 i 4 I ti if . l h si ii tt tl N . ti is V . 4'i91'f"1' .kv .11 . tl y V ,4 i J. M. GnAYsoN A sr-M .ee - 'E 5 .. -fsweiillw T f . 1iff.j1gif32:il'e2g"'iij, J gf!" ' -A VA,-1113? ri - 2. ma. za ,rvkffisys-f :-- .I 1.- 'v ' ' . f -i 'sig 7 i " -Q: ' Q ess. L '- 'If Thi. Tk-' ,by - ,, r- .. fgvifl.- ,4i.. . , 1'f-'-we . ff, 14. 53.55 .,-....7r". ' Q . L-,N-1. if ' f. 'gig .if f . .TZEM 5 . x,., M, Ag. ! , Q 7 - figs-. in., -. , Kilim .i ifvsffs X -iHfa5,y-RU' . dw. 'U 'tif ' W5' Miss BETTY BRAND Salem. Virginia Presirlent Officers: J. M. Gn..wsoN .,.- , ,.,........ -...-,,.,,,,, P. R. BEACH .C .....,. ..... - C ..,.. c ...... -.-... Sponsor .....-..-,...-...President First Vice-President J. D. PowEl.L ........ Y ............ -.. Second Vice-President R. B. HUMMHL ............. - .,..,.... . ........ -- ....,.......... -..- .,..... Secretary R. M. ZIMMERMAN ,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,W.,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,--,..,,...,.,..Treasurer HORTENSE WHITLOCIC J. R. Allison P. R. Beach M. VV. Broekmyer W. W. Bailey G. H. Bryant J. O. Cox R. L. Corbell B. Cohen I-I. I-I. Chelf J. T. Daugherty W. L. Finney Members: F. W. Glass J. M. Grayson R. B. Hummel Virginia Holden E. C. Hagan J. VV. Haskett W. E. Knewstep G. I-I. S. King C. S. Lewis Kzxtherine Nutter Alice Oglesby ,H ,,,.,, ,,,,,-,,w.Cr1.t1c Elizabeth Oglesby Mary Overlay C. P. Patten .T. D. Powell H. H. Perry M. J. Rane R. R. Stanley Dorothy Snoddy B. Simpson E. I. Vanderslice I. D. Wilson. Jr. I-Iortense Whitlock B. B. Ferguson R. M. Zimmerman Biology Club The Biology Club was organized during the winter quarter of the year 1932, for the purpose of bringing together students in the science curri- culum. The Club is composed of students taking Biology, General Science, Pre-medicine, Pre-dent- istry, or Pre-pharmacy. The meetings are held weekly on Thursday night, and usually consist of a program in which students and sometimes fa- culty members make speeches on subjects of inter- est to the Club. Freshmen and sophomores re- ceive one-third of an hour credit for each quarter, while juniors and seniors receive two-thirds of an hour credit. The past year the Club adopted a key, bearing a stage of mitoris, which symbolizes one of the principles of biology. The ofhcers for the Club are elected quarterly, as provided for by the constitution. Third Row: Lewis. Ferguson, Hummel. Perry. Powell, Vanrlerslice. Second Row: Nutter, Oglesby, Snoddy, Overby, Beach, King: First Row: Whitlock, Chelf. Clark, Grayson, Wilson, Hagan, Allison. aint Book or ACHIEVEMENl'ir Business Club The Business Club was formed February 11, 1931, by a group of men taking Business Ad- ministration who desired to discuss business problems of the day. The Club has grown stead- ily in size and prominence since it was formed until now it ranks with the biggest of the curri- cula clubs. The Club meets every Thursday night with the faculty members. The discussion is started with talks by members of the Club and outside speakers, and continued by the questions of the Club mem- bers. The talks are always made on some cur- rentltopic pertaining to the world of business. These talks have proven of great interest and benehcial to the club members. Although the activities of the society are limit- ed, the members derive many advantages from the weekly meetings. Not only does the experience of making talks stand them in good stead, but also the open-forum discussion which follows each speech gives him an opportunity to air his views on the subject. G. W. Hannmc Miss I-Imam CQNQUEST President Atlantic, Virginia Sponsor Officers: G. W. I-I.um1Nc -W .,-..- ..... -.-C ..... - ...... -...- ....... President 'l'. Gnmc .,... ..-mm .,.. ........ - M. .... .. ............ -..Vice-President 0. W. .lormsox . ..,.. B ....... Secretary cmd T1'casm'er Muinliers: S. C. Bowen 0. W. Johnson C. J. Burke W. A. Lansford R. D. Claud H. M. McCarthy M. K. Cumming R. C. Mopre E. G. Davis E. B. 0'Conner A. D. DeShaz0 J. E. Perkins J. P. Drean R. T. Ramsey J. C. Findlay J. A. Ritchie P. P. Flonrnuy l. F. Saunders P. .I. Gallagher .I. M. Scott '1'. Greig J. I. Spitler S. F. Hall C. W. Stewart G. VV. Harding E. E. Thacker G. NV. Wildes Third Row: Claud, Ritchie, Stewart, Ramsey. Nunn, Burke. Gallagher. Lansford, anrl Drean. Second Row: Moore, Davis. Finley, Johnson. Hall. Sanders, Spitler. Thacker. and Perkins. First Row: Cummins, Greig. Wildes, McCarthy, Harding, O'Conno1', DeShazo, Scott, Bowen, and Flournoy wir :fr uk at 'ir 'nk si' tit ik ik lil X lr. l lx 45-nknsai rl .K X' vi l !f N. ,I Q l l ,f l s 1 , ik . 4 rg. ln W lr N. f . K if i'. ' rl . ,. Q 14. . If if lll f 6 iw 'ily V' ,. ,..i. ? Y f' . 4 -"' l . iw ft- f i c N f I J. P. TOKARZ Miss LEAH MILLER President Williamsburg. Va. Sponsor Officers: J. P.:'l' .........., L ,... - ....... W.. ....,, .. L ..,..... - ........... ..Presidrm.l: C. D. 'Lvrii ..... --.- ..... W .......... .....,...... - ...Vice-President F. P. CLARK ...,.,. ....-., .,................. ............. S ec1'eta1'y-fl'1'casw'cr Faculty Members: Prof. F. H. Fish Dr. H. B. Riffeuburg Dr. J. W. Watson Members: E. VV. Burroughs G. B. Smith F. P. Clark D. R. Smoak H. L. Cobbs J. J.'St1'obel J. C. Coleman C. D. Tate F. F. Doering, D. Thompson S. B. Fitts J. P. Toknrz H. A. Hott W. A. Waldnum C. W. Lewis H. A. Wells E. A. Pais NV. M. B. Williams 7 .Q vi U j Chemical Club The Chemical Club is a curriculum club for those students majoring in either chemistry or chemical engineering. The purpose of the Club is to foster and build up an interest in chemistry other than that-which is acquired in the classroom. The Club brings the student in contact with the chemical industry through the discussion of chem- ical problems. Meetings are held weekly. At the meetings one senior speaks on a chemical subject and another speaks on a non-technical topicg in addition, two juniors perform an experiment on some interest- ing chemical development. A prize is being of- fered this year to the senior who gives the best talk and to the two juniors who give the best demonstration. Several free moving pictures in- volving chemical operation, design and construc- tion have been shown by the Club. These pictures have been opened to all students. This year we were very fortunate in having the opportunity of hearing a talk by the president of the American Chemical Society. ' ' Y Fuwill, Ifrrw: Hott. Wills. Waldman. and Borroughs. ' Thiwl Row: Coleman, Lewis, Thompson, Cobhs. and Docrlng. n Second Row: Williams, Fitts, Dr, Riifenburg, Dr. Watson, Prof. Fish, Smouk, and Pais. First Row: Strobel, Clark, Tokarz, Tate, and Smith. l f , I 1 J fi if at fins Book or ACHHEVEMENT is The 4fH Alumni Club , Officers: C. C. Amcms .,...... ......... - - ..... -..-u...- ......... -- .,.... -..Presiclent H. FISCHER ..... --- ....,. ..... - ..... - ,,,.............. .. ..Vice-President .I.,W. W. Corian ...,,. ..- ....,..... - .....,, Sec1'etcu'y and Treasurer J. D. Amcms ....... C ..... M.-- ...,.. H ....,.,. Se1'germ.t-at-A1'1n1.s This is the fourth and most successful year in the history of the 4-H Club of V. P. I., a social organization whose members were former 4-I-I Club members in their home communities. This club is designed to bring former 4-H Club men together in one group in order that they may become better acquainted, develop better fellow- ship, and learn more about the various activities on the campus so that they may be leaders in the type of work the 4-H Club does in their home communities. The club holds semi-monthly meetings on the campus, at which time various phases of the stu- dent activities and problems of the rural youth are discussed. This gives the members a broad view of college life and the work they have to do when graduating from this institution. Several times during the year, social gatherings take place, the guests being the Radford State Teachers College 4-H Club or girls from Blacksburg. The club also takes an active part in the Rural Youth Move- ment of Virginia and the American Country Life Association. M. V J!! C. C. ADKINS President C. Adkins D. Adkins B. Anderson Blanford W Cofer Cake . Comer . Eller S. G. Bowles W. . W. . C .. H Fischer . C. Fitzgerald. B. Fray N. Gnrrette N. S. Grinin M. Hamilton R. Lnl'rade Jlvmbrfrs: Miss AGNES MILLER it Baskerville, Virginia. ' C. G. E. J. R . VV J. B R. li. L. G. R. K VV. B. S pcmsor ' : Fifth. Row: Moses. Bowles, Wood, and Anderson. Fourth Row: Todd, Walker. Miller. Walksinitli, Hamilton. Pultz, and Oliver. Third Row: Fray, Eller, Griffin, Parker, Garrette, Wilkilis, Adkins, and Sandy. Second Row: Blandford, Priode, Powell. Fitzgerald, Ln Prade. and Mapp. First Row: Cake. Coiner, Fischer, Adkins, Cofer, Starling, and Minnick. M. Mapp W' I K. Miller ' C. Minnick . G. Moses C. Oliver Ka T. Parker - D. Powell M. Priode C. Pultz A. Sandy A. Starling . P. Todd ' ' P. lvillkiil' ,, F. Wulksmith W. Wilkins . J. VVood A M QI ii .C .... if ll! 3 if 'ir if ir ir if 'ir 'ir if uk , g W iii M ' xi I ii at QV II. '1 -. x' l'.' . 1.1.1, . V .l' 5 .. .5 jf 1,3-wx My 1 . ,. ., ' -'ll -In fl F1111 -.t A 1. l . .xl W i. ..,, . il' V. 1 .ff . . ., '.m .-. .wt 1 Ill' ll H " " X. igw .NK , V ,I ,. if Jilr .xlgf li' .wr .. ., l. I 'rl 1- 'L sf W . . v'.-, I 1 , , I , . E-.1. 'Qxiff i. ' jfl X, ' If . . 1 51 '- ilk' 'iff r as-, QQ .., . Eg,-. ' r I - ' -rl 1 .el 1 f w ,I Q ,l tu. lv l-lx lv is I' V V. fn ,. t ,K ,li .,1, '. If .IU ff." i. ' " le ,X l .,, Al -,il l1'llf'l X Il' M QW . it ,filrf.,. fill X. , ,lb , .1 :- " r-. 1 'J w Ry f. Mu 1,1-,r xxyj . . . x, J l Ur ' J I ml if .11 I :vit .. ., 'NIE .W . ,I--1.4 1. ' .'- l 1 1 f.5,i1.9.l 'QQ U ', J' H". il If In Z, .31 :L 1.v, ' H WVR , J 1 tllfbfi' ..r.'3f,7!, In lu F Ig: . f., .V,..,!i ll, , Nbr. :I , . . 0 I -.' V. f. l A l l 'Hi 1 fill ll. ls Q, 'wifvlfif' ft I .H .M,.,.,1,4 it wx .QM gf w,x:,xlV1 1 1' r .W W l, ' ,19 4 fjyl . .45 w . My If, M ,- J.. 1 ll t, . lt c. H cz is 1 12 fi . YV. A. W.u.nM.xN Miss Ensm ROSENBERG Presirlent Roanoke. Virginia Sponsor Members : A. A. Abady C. I. Kerstein L. Bass J. B. Buydush F. F. Brenner M. M. Carmel B. Cohen L. B. Epstein J. L. Frieden L. Galloway I. Hoppenstein A. E. Knobler H. M. Meyers I. R. Mollen S. F. Miller K. Nuslmer M. Perel S. F. Saunders J. L. Schwartz VV. A. Waldlliarl M. I. Wolfson I. Wolfson M. J. Zweig Lord Readmg Club Ojicers: W. A. NV.i1.n1u.xN .- ........ -,..- ...,..., M .,... ..-W-, ,,,,,. M.,-MP1-esidem M- PEHEL ....... H..- ................ - .... - ..... -M ................... -.Vice-President l-I. M. NIEYERS . .... ... .....,... ww., ...., ..,, ,,.,..,.., -,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,-,,Sgc7'etary L. GALLOWAY .... , .... ..,,. ... ,,,... .... ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,--A, Treasurer Nl. I. 'WOLFSON .Wm ......... ,,,,,,,,, S crgeant-at-Arms The Lord Reading Club was organized in the fall quarter of 1953 by students of V. P. I. who belonged to the jewish faith. It has for its ob- ject, the promotion of understanding and good fellowship between those of the jewish faith and those of the Christian faith, and the development of strong bonds of friendship among its members. During the past year, the Lord Reading Club has had as its guest, Dr. Edward N. Calisch of Richmond, who was well received in an address which he delivered at the Y. M. C. A. At other times the club has been host to a number of in- terested visitors from Roanoke, and has in return visited them in a body. There is no recognized place of Worship for members of the Jewish faith in Blacksburg, therefore, the club endeavors to supply this miss- ing element with services conducted by its own members. In addition to holding services, the club has an endowed library from organizations in Roanoke, Richmond, and Cleveland. These books, some of which are very valuable, have a free cir- culating capacity. The club is a comparatively young organization. It looks not to past records, but to making future ones. F7 R i. 1 , . ,H -' 1 .. . .,,f,. N4, ,M-, , H ...-N x iii. 51.-e7" Third Row: Mullens, Aliady, Miller, and Zweig. Second Row: Wolfson. Brenner, I-loppenstein, Kerstein, and Knobler. First Row: Galloway, Schwartz. Waxldmnn. Perel, and Wolfson. , V x -1-r if time BAOOK or Ac:-inrvemrwruk N Newman Club Ojiicers: E. B. 0'CoNNon . .............. -..--..-. ......,................ -.Presizlc11.t L. S. REYNULDS ---......- C ........... - ...,..... Vice-President J. C. 'I'AvLou .....,., ...- .......,.. -- .......... - .,,.,,,. -..Scm'etary-Treasurer The Newman Club was founded by Cardinal Newman of England. The club is composed of Catholic college students and is represented in al- most every college in this country and Europe. This club has as its object the fostering of spirit- ual, intellectual, and social interest of Catholic students in colleges and welds them together in a common union. It strives to make a diligent ef- fort to assist the Institution whenever possible and to aid in the work of the church. Two years ago this club became affiliated with the Federa- tion of College Catholic Clubs and has since car- ried on the work of the federation. In 1924 a mere handful of eleven youths who were desirous of bettering and uplifting them- selves spiritually and morally, organized the V. P. I. chapter of the Newman Club. Today, we find a broadened and well-developed group of a hundred men who have carried on the work of Cardinal Newman with flying colors. i S. ., E. B. OlCONNOR Miss ANTOINETTE O'CoNNon ,. . President Richmond, Virginia " , Sponsor- I ,f M E'7I1flI"I'S : W. Z. Brown J. Rano C. J. Burke J. Slovic I N. T. Camisa. P. Tokarz P. B. Defurio, A. Vecellio ' ' E. B. 0'Connor Ventura r M M M M l . Third Row: Tokarz. and Slovic. Secogzd Row: Brown, Camisa. Ventura. and Vcccllio. First Row: Riino, O'Connor. Burke. and Defuriu. at if 'A' it it is if 'ir uk 'nk' C. l , X. l tr ii ii V I if 5 er t to Tl r if Q y ii li atm-at Bursts rosa -woes-.lf if ao . Y Southern Colonels The Southern Colonels of 1935 carried on the good name they have al- ways had in the past, and i which they hope they will . maintain in the future. For the past seven years there have been two or- chestras on the campus. Miss C,m0l.1N1a Jommw H. E. ROIIEWISUN Miss Frmxcus U'l'LEY In Organizing the "Colo, Roanoke, Virginia Di1'er'tm' Lynchburg, Virginia nc , ' Sponsor Sponsor D615 this Yea-fr Pfecedent was shattered by combining the best from each into one. This orchestra provided the music for most of the hops and dances on the campus, which in- H- E' ----- - -we -ee------e--e'- Dffewfi NIMH' eluded Monogram hops and Bachelor and Scorpion A. L. I-I.m'rM,xN .., .................. -...-.a.....- ...,,. Asszstant Director , , J. L, F,,,E,,,,,N H --nyyww WMM ---- ,W Q... R ------, Assistant Ma,,.,0e,. Club dances. This left them time for only the G- K- l'0WlfHY --- ---- - -------------------------------eo- ----V Pfam' -r1fC""ffif1" more important outside engagements among which W. F. Coolers ..., , ,.... -.- ,,..... -.- .... -......-., .,,, ..... W ..,.,.,,.., ,Prana , , , , V. J. VENTUM ---mm.MVMW--MW ,Mn Wm-D,.,m,Ls were the Presidents Ball, Midwinters at Green- D- HALHY ---------------- - ----,- - ---------- -'--------A------ B HSS briar Military Academy, and the Phi Gamma Nu A. L. I-I,m'rMAN ...... - ..... ..-..-.. Trombone w C. G. MCVM' H. A. HOTT C. R. Nm-xml P. C. Lawsox N 'I' . . CAMICIA -..- ..... Trrlmpefs ...W .... ..- --.-...- ............ .Reeds Fraternity dance. The quality of the music has been considered excellent and has been in keeping with the popular trend. Playing, practicing, and working together ab- sorbs all the leisure time of the members, and loses them to many outside activities, which has caused them to become a closely knit group of friends which we hope will not be broken in the future. 1 Lawson, Camicia, Neller, Ventura, Cooke. Robertson, Powley, Haley, McV:1y, Hott and Hnrtrnan. 'W ' 'T wk 'Ar sir air 13' nk' 'll' fi' if r V' a- A airs-lr Bona oi- acwnrvrrarrai 4 'I yi Engineering Council 0jjice1's: L. S. Burr. ,,,,,. ,,,,,. - .... ..... - .i...,..,... M ,..,.. - . ...Presirlcnt I, I '. C. W. Bauer: - ......,. -- .... -.- ...... Vice-President l S, W. WEST . - .....,,,,,.,,,.,,..,,, ---.Sccrctrn'1l , E. B. Nonms ...,.,...........,.,.......,.....,., E ....... - ....... ..,.1i'acuIty Aclrism' fx The Student Engineering Council was organized 57 rg in 1931, when the need for greater co-ordination HE 9 ' among the engineering students began to be felt. T if The council consists of the President and Sec- retary of each engineering club, and the Editor A' f and Business Manager of the The Virginia Tech Engineer. The Dean of Engineering is the advisor L Q B M N all ' l to the organization' ClI1uir1nrIihL Wiiislliriiggii, Leis The purpose of the council is to help solve prob- SP0"S0" if lems confronting the students, such as assisting with the employment of graduating stuclentsg to enlarge the scope and facilitate the advancement ' of the individual clubs by theexchange of ideas and combined co-operation, and represents the stu- M"l"""'7'Sf dent body in its relations with the engineering C. W. Babel- L. .Innes 'Xi - facultyi L. S. Bell R. lwlurrny . This year the council sponsored two programs 'BIZISRTQD ' .iliteth I. demonstrating the proper way to apply for a job. II C. Broylcs Shumnte I Moving pictures and lectures have also been spon- F- P- Clark P- Tokmz . . . J. G. Crafton I-I. XValker ' 1 sored from time to time. The outstanding A' A. George B. West y T ' achievement of the Engineering Council has been W Harvey l Y the sponsoring of Engineers' Day, which was be- -. -4 gun last year as a permanent part of the program , during Finals. A I3 J .lil tl . er l l . V 7 - f l I Secwzd Row: Shumate, I-Izlrvey. George, Barber, Norris, Clark. Crufton. Tate, and Bodine. First Row: Broyles. Murray. 'l'oknrz, Nishcth. Bell. Walker. Jones, Bishop. :md-Xvest. V+ NA' it if it it 'ir 'ik' l y a af tier E Q' -T l a , 1 L' J .Ay if A 664. if V , .bf 'A f . A-Tl-it swore For l935'f if -if EW .: .ui my eager .w i V- 'gag ...ip H. M. G. VIA Miss FAYE NELSON President Martinsville, Virginia Sponsor Members: J. D. Adkins J. A. Hardy M. W. Reynolds T. A. Allison G. Hurt B. W. Sadler H. B. Arrington C. W. I-Iepler lt. C. Scott G. L. Baldwin S. F. Jenkins J, M, Skgen C. W. Bradshaw R. E. Jones J. T. Skeen S. C. Broyles W. 0. Jones J. R. Stafford T. N. Broyles E. H. Kell R. A. Tavenner J. P. Buchanan J. M. Kline VV. W, Taylor G. W. Clear G. E. Lawrence H. R. Thomas E. Cooke C. I-I. Leap E. L. Thorne J. H. Copenhaver S. W. Lee G. P. Todd M. A. Crigger I-I. L. Lowery W. L, Utz W. C. Dudley C. M. Mnpp, Jr. F. N. Vaden H. H. Gardner C. L. May M, G, Via W. H. Garber C. I. Mothershead J. D. lVall L. N. Garrette V. W. Moody W. C. White J. W. Garrett P. J. Myers E. S. Wise J. M. Hagy C. R. Pepmeier R. R. Wright H. D. Quessenberry Faculty Members: Prof. H. C. Groseclose Prof. E. C. Magill Prof. H. W. Sanders The V. P. I. Collegiate Chapter of Future Farmers of America Ofjlcers: M. G. VIA ................ .- ...... ....--..-..- .... ...- ................. President C. I. Mori-innsi-IE.m ..-., ,.,,. ---.-,r,-..r ,.,,,,,,, W ,,,, Vine-P1-esident J. T. SKIZEN ..... -...-.. ........ - .... -..- ..... L.. .... .,... - .....,...... S ecretary G. P. TODD. ........................ - ........ -.- ..... L ..... -..W ............. Treasuref' Picon. H. C. Gnosncnosrz ...... ...-...-..... ,..,.... -.Fac11lty Arluisor The V. P. I. Collegiate Chapter of Future Farm- ers of America has as its mission the fostering of a greater interest in vocational training. The meetings of the club are held monthly. At the meetings, the opening and closing ceremonies of the organization are always observed, and prob- lems are discussed that arise in the teaching field, which are always planned by a program committee. Since all the members are prospective teachers of vocational agriculture, a great deal of effort is made to familiarize everyone with the func- tions of such an organization. The local chapter on the campus of V. P. I. acts as a nucleus for all chapters located in high schools throughout the state, and prepares future leaders for such chapters. The object of the club, primarily, is the promotion of thrift, leadership, and scholarship, as well as to strive diligently to encourage vocational training and educational ac- tivities among the student members at V. P. I. Fifth Row: Baldwin, Kell. Scott, and Kreiger. . Fonrtlz. Row: Vnden. Statiord. Sulnpter. May, Garrette, Sanders, and Adkins.. Tltird Row: Taylor, Wright. Garrette, Gardner, Lawrence. Thorne, Jenkins, Kline, Quessenberry. and Travenner. E Second Row: Broyles, Mnpp, Thomas. I-Iepler, Jones. Hardy. Copenhnver. and Hagy. First Row: Bradshaw, Arrington, Dudley. Mothershead, Via, Todd, Broyles. Lee, and Buchanan. vi' if ik' at -ir if ik 'ir it l l l Q--Y - nl H . , s. 1 Q Y .- 1 fe --f- -fEflT5'?ff?f?TQ:?"-.-. Q LJ if 5,2 lr .bl l li: V sg lt-.fl i Val l 'l L." lf ef lan 'lil v. v-1 I ill' Wllfil' l. -fl ' -.1 Rf Y. M. C. A. Cabinet lxkwllfli omw-3: il gli J. R. GAY H--. ..... --..- .... -..- .... - .... -.-- .... -,-..Pv'esidcnt lxwfii' D. W. LAN!-'olm ,.., -...-..-.- ....... .... . .- ....... Vice-Presiflevlt uf' W. B. '1'Yl.Ell ..... -...- ........ .-. ..... -..-.... ...... .C..., ....... Secretary llf3llly'Q:J C. W. LEWIS .. ............ ,............ .. a .... -..- ..,. .... - M--- ........ T1'e1rs1.n'm' if liil "Religious Emphasis Week," conducted by the Y. M. C. A. Cabinet in the fall, brings before H the Corps of Cadets, men who are prominent in Y-'J' college religious work throughout the country, and 'ff this week serves as the foundation of the "Y" .,.a..W y work for the remainder of the year. Discussion ll ., Q E 3,4 if . V ,, groups, led by local chaplains or members of the g 3 faculty, are held at frequent intervals throughout the barracks, while on alternate Wednesday nights A GAY vesper services are presented rn the lounge of the Sponsor yy Y. M. C. A. building. Exchange services are made M5231 . . . . , . . yoga-- wlth neighboring colleges, while numerous out- Membels' jf fl . ll . side speakers are brought to the campus. W. Beard P. M. Guermnr R. G. Robertson llilfi G. B1-igllr R. D. Harcllel- B. w. Sadler ,J 'N' ,ly The business meetings of the cabinet are held N' Bmyles R' B' Hummel B' F' Saunders llN,lv7'. . . G. Burr W. G. Il'8S0ll R. T. Sharp ygwlflrlf on those Wednesday nights not occupied by ves- . E. Campbell J. L. Jeffery F, K, Shi,-k hify,-y per services. Suppers are served at each alternate BA Cglffgfb 2- 3 M bl1SlI1ESS l'I1CCtlI1g. W: Cofer R.. '1'.' McClure D: Tllumpson Q G 1 . E.'Dunaway C. C. Mast W. B. Tyler "fl The cabinet does not confine lts rellglous and 51S1'2i31', Jr- 5Qk111'2 . . . . . . . . . 'E . . . are ' soclal welfare activities to Techland, for It gives R. Gay. o. M. Neels. J, W, watson, Jr, .J all ll valuable assistance to the surrounding communities gi lk 373' l of the county. During the fall and spring quar- Mforaysml .lf uf Powell vv. M. ll. Williams .l"lf.'3'ly ters members of the cabinet lead the Sunday serv- g"f3Y. lon' Price . B' J' Wood llrlgl . . . . l . . Tlmll .l. A. Rltcllle J. D. Wood rxlrj' ICCS ln the rural schools, while each Christmas they ,we ,lj - ' lf. " A g1VC a party to the mountain folks. li, 4' c, 1, 'gg C lklftf lilligil 'SEQ lil . MSA .E .FHL E Elf' LK l gf all nn aff. gl ' fl mlm ylxffgff-l, lf .JJ lfw: I fly ' ,lllfl A 1 lllffl Vx ' lin - tsl-,rg J' ,I - lk 1 if 1 ' Fourth. Row: Frye, Burr, Meador, Brown. West, and McClure. .lffily Third Row: Gray. Ware, I'IUIl1ll'lCl, Powell. and .Ietl'cl'y. lx lfrl, Second.. Row: Steele, Glass, Green, Broyles, Grayson, Shirk, and Tokarz. 'nl 1 'lf'-'fl'J First Row: Clark. Tllolllpsoll. Lewis. Derriilg, Guy and Tyler. ---s., 1-T-.-- 'ff--., ,Elly szgq wx nfs l ffl: 'xj 'ljlll Milf fl' ?" J' ,f',5 llll,ll'i"7' IU' ll X-5'-gd. fl., ll i l af 5. .A f .-7 LX , Ns-yr ,-Q ' 'fy-s ...-Q' -A .-Af V- .1 I ' ' ff" x""'-A SOCIAL 3144 fi f Mi' B 'Ed' rig " 1: 1 -1 'E' fl I -. 1 ' i Sk' T H I in U C- L l. i7 O R 1 9 3 5 'ISI sq' if l ll 1. ' i W 1 c V Cot1ll1on Club KN , Opicers: 1 ' H. M. McC,mTny ,.,,, -W, A,-., N-1---M -,.' ---QM--mgpresident lm G' M- SMITH ---------- -'--,---f--- -V ---- -.-M --...... -...-....V1Tce-President 'N A1 'LY C' TAYLOR -----,-- -- ---- ----'------ ---- -------.ScCrctm'y4Treasurer I TK. lNI. Ewzm: ,,-,,,,,,M-- ,.w, M--H---MA WK--V?mLcade,. Dx Il' 'I' JEFFRIES ----- - ---------- ------N --A- -- ----,... Second Vice-President il J' B' VANDYCK -------- -4--- - ----A--- ASSiSfa11t Secretary-Treasurer X AN, 'I' E' TUNE" -f-A- - '---A- ------M -w---, --- -... Sergeant-at-Arms if' For twenty-two years the Cotillion Club of 1 V. P. I. has taken a vital part in the promotion 1 of the social life on this campus. Feeling that the l1 ,f I enrollment of this institution had grown to such 1' 'Z X fy, H' M. MQJARTHY MISS VIRGINIA JORDAN a si e that the one dance club could not accommo- Vi Pres1.aa11.f san Agronio, Texas date all of the students who desired to dance at . porsm' S rl the formal dances, a group of students got to- ly I Members: gether and on March 5, 1-913, organized the Cotil- .X gd,B,,S gg gorrest R. C. Powell lion Club of V. P. I., to share with the German . , . . oo 1 . rancis C. L. P' Hitt ' - - ku Y , 1?f,w?,, ?i1,,,,,,, Q M. P1.?t, Club the function of giving formal dances on the '-df! Ml- W. Biggslmw ef-Inggfgllcr 55: Qi- 55-glial-d campus. In this the Cotilhon Club filled a long lk, X if- 15325221 Jlvcfglgfggs 21V-ug glggsms felt need and has since afforded many pleasant 'Vi W. Z. Brown G: Jones F.. Siulnders l1OL1I'S of Cl21I1Clf1 and l ' Q ybnqfsey GQ linolvltou gsegilem Id Tec en g social recreation to the . . ecx . us erer .. . '. e e hill . J. C. Clore E. Linkous G. M. Smith R. R. Cook P. Lugrin G. C. St. b 'k - - - 1 E. gopglilrd NI?.h?I?in2glg 91. BG- S5303 Under the capable leadership of its president, 4 1. . . or e i . c a IY .. . t ' 1 W CCrafton McElroy J. A. Ssiizlyriley H' M'f1E!ICCarthY' the dub has enloyed 3' very . . raig . McVay J. C. Taylor I ' 1 .jx M. K. Cumming Ii Moore D. T. Thomas success u year The club shares with the Corps .X X cg. IE. RAn1x9E-gfgeld qjgiompson such student leaders as Peter Brooks, Jim Booth, . . . 1 . . arz . , 4 Ilgplxey I gFw111n11 ln. 311111391-k jean Gilman, C. B. McElroy, Bill Manning, ' . . ,4 ITHITIC S . IVCI' 1 . . an 'C ' . 0 tx y. Ji, DE Egetjt k ogchm-d pf sgynigfck George Smith, as well as many outstanding men 'l '1 1 . 'll all ' . 'flgc 1 . . 3. Cl' 1 B. B. Ferguson E. Perkins M. C. WetI1c1'all of the under Classes- . 1' 1 lx I uk' f. l . V f at l ' f Fmnth Row Davis Copeland Swfmev Brent Lmkous Page Wetherall Pritchard 'lhompson 'ind B13ClSll iw Tlmcl Row Slnders Brown Ploflitt Jeffries Xr'lI'lDYCk McVaV Lugrin Moorcfield iurner Hull Powell md Walker Second Row lhllllfllllt, McFl1o5 Stloud Fllett Gilmm Kustezer S"Llll1d0l'S VanDyck Tokarl Booth Nludd J.1lClBl1SSCY Fnst Row Corbell Britton Brooks I"1ylo1 McCarthy Fwing Jennings Perkins Eubanks and Pritchard. ka t uk' it 'ir - it at 'ir ir wk' if 'iz' I xx 1 Fifth Row: Seagle, Cecil, Cumming, Newman, Dillon, Edmunds. Hulcher, Francis, C1ore.- and Starbuck. , I l , . ' 2 . . I H 1' f 5 1 1 1 1 1- .2 1 . 1 s 1 1 . 1 r . 1 , z. . 1 . ' 5 'I "1 ' I ' '1 ' 1 J 1 1 1 - " 1 1 1 '1 '11 ir ' .' J 1 1 ' ' 1 - ', ' .'1 1 , 1 1 1. 1 r X 362 al' ir uk' mu t, ,dsx wail ,. ' , ' sis ww.--1 42222: 5 y , w 1 X , , , ,ww ., ,, M, H, Wm, M me " W WN Q ssgffimuzscgxw--ww 'SB-tXi"S THE BOOK OF ACI-iIEVEMENTi' QF . ' y . I X557 X ' M i,S S EDWINAI' M EELA'U6H'EPQTY V ROANOKE-WBGlN'lA k Cv-5,oon50r- 771anA'sgz'vz?:9, C-Olilyftbfl fr P55AK3E - NI'A ' .Sponsor ir 'ir ir 'A' if ir if 'A' 'A' if S51 S6 W M Ev QI 'kai-HE snort roi: ioasaf if ar A f Miss SUE MALLORY Lawrenceville, Virginia lllembers : B. Grizzard W. Harding I-I. Hinnant Hoge R. Hyatt I... Ingles Jenkins XV. Johnson A. Jones E. Jones L. Kibler S. Leonard A. Lindsey VV. Mason G. Melick T. Miley R. Murray P. Murray I-I. Nash Newman I-l. N ottinghani Sponsor R. Phillips W. Pobst E. Porterlielcl VV. Resseguie C. Roberson K. Robinson . H. Ruby B. A. Rucker S. Silnlnermnn A. Shafer B. Smith 0. Smith H. Vnrlen C. Wade V. Watts E. Way VV. Webb VV. Wilfles Williams E. Wilson German Club Oficers: G. V. BEAMON W, ..,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, , ,,,., M ,,A,A,,-,, W ,president 0- W- WU-DES ---- --.--.-.-..... ....- . . ........... W- ..... Vice-President J- A- LINDSAY -----.--.-.. --- ...... -- ...... .... - ..-.Secretary-Treasurer J. R. Munnn' .,,-,,-,,, ,,,-,, ,,,,,,,-,, h ,,,,-.,,,, , ,,,,-4,h,,A,--- W.Le,1de,- In 1892 the cadets of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute felt the need of a social organization of dignified character and cultured attainments tc sponsor and provide a more enjoyable social life on the campus. In the more than two score years of its existence the German Club has adhered closely to the high aims set forth at the time of its founding. The five sets of German dances each year are outstanding social events of student life and well deserve the splendid reputation they have attained throughout Virginia and neighboring states. The oldest of social organizations on the cam- pus, the German Club is considered the more conservative of the two dance clubs. Its ranks continue to attract each year several score out- standing members of the student body, a group carefully selected but wholly cosmopolitan. - Under capable leadership and with the co-oper- ation of its current membership, the club has en- joyed a very successful year in sponsoring dances fully in keeping with German Club traditions. S' I , . G. V. BEAMON Q President X! If i F. M. Banks W. V G. V. Beamon G. . ' J. C. Begg C. , E. E. Bibb W f J. B. Bragg J. X' C. G. Burr .l. it C. C. Campbell B. J. N. Cargill 0. Y' W. I-I. Carter .I. Z. VV. Chewning T. R. D. Claud K. . J. M. Cleland G. ,, I P. 0. Cockcy J. 2 , P. Davis M D. J. Flynn R. W. H. Freeman P. ' , C. P. Gay J. i J. R. Gny lt. ' ' W. P. Gover I". A. G. Green P. T. .1 ,L , V E Xi .. 1 - Y " ji l li Green, and Burr. Fifth Row: Murrau.y, Caimpbell, Gay, Robinson, Simxnernian, Bibb. Cargill, Freeman, Hyatt, Fourllz. Row: Roberson. XVehb, Rucker, Bragg. Smith, Jones. and Ressigue. Third Row: Vaden, Claude. Johnson, Leonard, Phillips, Ruby, Shafer, Carter, Jenkins, and Porteriield. Secrmcl Row.: Wade. Smith. Gay. Way. Grizzard, Flynn, I-larrhng, Mlley, Ingles, and Banks. First Row: I-Iinnant, Cleland. Mason. Wildes, Bcmnon, Lindsey, Murray, Gover. and Nash. n s 564 A f ik' ir ak 'st' it 'k it at ik' it ' ig' X 2 WTI-IE BQOI4 OF ACHIEVEMENT-k f5 I:ILfI II II III Ll wwrwfz 1' gag. II I ,QSM ,III , ' , II,,.,,: I Q29 T ,XIII II J' IIIM WIKI. I -I 1,15 is I I Im, , f -- -wi 2 .. Sw., 5 ,- ns 1 5 QCINIHWIII Iff??'?fff??III,"'I.I , MII -wi A I .3921 .3 ,I IEA? Wsgwk W. II I If 'IL FYI" II IIIQRQQQSSZIWQQV as I: IQII V 'ESIPQIISIIQ "I III .gym N Y ,Ii ZIII, III ' ga: f- Wm as . M25 fgifgf 35315255 'vw " 'I'-I"III-325353312 ' Z L II II I IIIW I I Mi - I :ag 'L I2 wg If I . I I I ' I gag N121 , I I LII I II III 5' Q:-:IQ Ia' I I I I f f I4 II: I I IIIISIIIII1IIzgIgsy'Il III- 'I-' ' . IF' ' I II I I W I I I MISS HELEN' COINQUEST- I- f ATLANTIC - VIRGINIA I 1 Sfbngga 0PPI2IfQs2?IIQfIQg,f:ffI542H I vvvhm V I I II I I I , Mfqfffiildwiaef' I X I ' T I ' ' I X I ' II II I i I 1 I I I I I, I I I ' ' I ' I, 'IIIIIQ III II ' NWI W' I II "I QM, A -I g u rl' I I ' I I I . I ' I I- I-IVZIHIJI ww f :IIIWN' - IX 31IIA,,F..:f- ,, WITT. ,..?,--.,,,, fgvggz W.. 7:2 I X EQQFIII I ' IX if 'A' 'A' 'ir 'ik' if 'ir if Wi' ' I III I 'I JI II JI if Order of DeMola.y The Zorobabel Chapter of the Order of De- Molay is the V. P. I. branch of that great Na- l5'THF Quote ron -iaasf Officers: W- L- TURNER .... -. ....r -- .... ---fllaster C'ou1l.cilm', First Quarter J- B- CLARK- .................. ........ Il faster Councilor, Second Quarter 5- W- LEE... ..... .-.W .... .... .... Master Councilor, Tlrircl Quarter R. F. TAYLOR. R. E. JONES .... ....., ... .....,... .. ............... T1'easu1'er ,M ...... e....-...Scribe Members : E. N. Andrews R. C. Moore J. F. Brandon. Jr. VV. W. Nelson L. S. Bell E. A. Pais R. L. Brooks W. J. Pais J. B. Clark C. A. Pamplin M. K. Cummings J. M. Parker H. E. Dieckman M. Perel J. P. Ellis A. I-I. Pully R. W. Fausel C. C. Osterbind J. M. Grayson, C. A. Reid A. G. Green, Jr. I. F. Saunders W. B. Grizzard XV. H. Starr S. I-I. I-Iall J. J. Strobel G. VV. Harding M. G. Stroud S. Y. Harding, Jr. li. F. Taylor J. A. Hoisler VV. G. Thayer R. B. Hicks I-I. R. Thomas C. H. Irby W. L. Turner R. F. Ireland G. H. Vaclen, Jr. M. I-I. Ison R. C. VValker G. I-I. Johnson C. J. VVesI7. Jr. R. E. Jones F. A. Whiter S. W. Lee E. C. VanDyek VV. B. Magill I. D. Wilson, Jr. H. S. Miles XV. L. Young S. R. Minter tional organization for young men. This is a fra- ternal organization for young men between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one years of age, and has at least one chapter in every large city in the United States. These chapters are sponsored by the various Masonic organizations in these cities. The local chapter was instituted in Blacksburg in 1929 under the sponsorship of the Blacksburg Commandary Number 52 of the Knights Temp- lars, and has been steadily thriving under their sponsorship since that date. Through the courtesy of the local Masons, the Zorobabel Chapter has at its disposal two club- rooms in the Masonic Temple, which are very handy for meetings and as a lounge during dance week-ends. The Chapter from time to time dur- ing the year sponsors several social events which include smokers, dances and banquets. Fourth Row: VVulker. Thomas. and Moore. U Third Row: Young, Perel, Panlplin, Greene. Brandon, Cummings, and Vaden. Second Row: Saunders. Irby, Parker, Reid. Johnson, Ison. and Grayson. First Row: Jones, Taylor, Clark, Turner. Lee. and Brooks. it 'ir if 'Af it 'ir 'ir it it ar' 'ar if 'R 'A' if -Ar fflifflcf' u vw -w , ., ,W - 1,1 ff ww " ,R v ' wg 3531 Q 355 sung, V f fd 5 'gg we, S, :A f' THE H0014 or ACHIEVEMENTQ Q 'WWI1W1'UT"W"MUi'FQ'V gP?m1u.W 1 3-,ffm veia2?Nbu m- mu W fl 4 1 , 1 .ff X f fb XS! 3 5 l 7 2 X LJ ' ' Wm. , ,wif Ex f Sr Wi, 2 1 . 4 1 . ER V f S p , 'W 1 1 V 1 L X w ' ' 1 . H Uveehpxn Qu -- 'W "Q -w, if dk 'wk 'ic 'k if 'Af' 'uk 'A' it , , '. I 3 1 4 I x if ,4-f!r l+THE BUGLE FOR1935?r A 'ae tcqaaeti we .ig QKK: Y 15 'U I uf V u Y , GOVER fit W. Vi. yr sg as , " 1Q,YNLVVil.:DES.,: -.Q Z du: ,. ,,.,,,,c,e YN- Bachelor Club When words gets about that there will be a Bachelor Club dance on Friday night, the population of Blacks- burg takes to cover as soon as the shades of night have fallen and only emerges the next morning when fully convinced that "those Bachelor boys have finished their party out on the hill." But it is not as bad as all that, for while the civilian population looks upon the or- ganization with askance, it is the ambition of most cadets to take part in the festivities on the hill. The club was organized as a social group, and in the furtherance of goodfellowship and social amenities, holds about ten dances a year. These dances are pri- vate in the strictest sense of the word. These thirty boys are selected each year at the end of the spring quarter, and at the beginning of the fall quarter by the retiring members of the club from the senior class. ' if uk' 'k uk 'A' 'ir wk' -A' 'ir WA' 'A' 'k l I . Scorpion Club A Scorpion is an arachmid of the order of Scorpio- nides. They resemble miniature Hat lobsters, have powerful chelate pedipalps, and long narrow, flexible abdomen, capable of being curled up over the back and terminating in a poisonous sting. They are noc- turnal in habit and prey on all destructive insects. There is a family of "32" Scorpions existing on the V. P. I. campus from the class of '35. The Scorpions take it uponthemselves to prey on all evils that set foot on the campus. In the course of duty, the Scor- pions impress .upon others the necessity of a high- pitched spirit for successful athletics at V. P. I, The Scorpions find time to flutter up on the hill and take a look in on the social affairs of life, for it is there they have two dances a quarter. These dances are noted as being the best informal dances given in Blacksburg. ir1'HE Boox or 'Ar if 'ir 'A' if - 'ir ir ir if f -4363115 M V V V W i'lHE Boots Fore 1935 it M V M J . ss..- Q 1 w,5r..,. J v D. Tnozvmson Miss MARY JANE Lin-:ms 1 PI'G8ifl87lt Covington, Virginia m , Y Sponsor J Members: f A. M. Boerner E. Mackey J. B. Bowles Riuer 7 H. P. Cavendish D. Spangler '- M. L. Corbitt I. Spitler W. P. Dunbrack L. Stephenson ' J. B. Goode Sullenberger t W. S. Goode Thompson i T. Greig P. Van Horn P. J. Hanna B. Walker H. V. Humphries W. Waring J. K. Lambert A. S. Wright 1 , - ik Alleghany Mountain Club H Oyficers .' D. lnoisn-sox ...,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- ,,,, Eg,-M,--,-,,4Pq'e3idgnt H. V. HUMP1-mms ..... - ....,., MMM- .,,,,,,, W ,,,.,,,, mV'ice-President T- GIIEIG .M-..... .... .i..-.....- ...... Sec1'etary4Treasurer A- S. Wmcrrr .... u.. ...... -u ............. .....SC7'00G1lt-llt-ATTTLS Boys from Covington, Clifton Forge, Lexington, Buena Vista and vicinity constitute the Alleghany Mountain Club of V. P. I. Considering the small membership of the club it has clone remarkably well, both in bringing new men to Tech and in actually making money on its annual Christmas dance. The dance at the Wlestvaco Country Club last Christmas was acclaimed the best dance ever held at the club. Dudley Thompson assisted by Miss Mary jane Landis of Covington led the figure. We congratulate Dudley on his ability in super- vising a dance that was really profitable, both from a pecuniary standpoint and in showing the "folks at home" that Tech is the proper school for their young presidents. 'V . li W M Third Row: Riner, and Lambert. Serroml I?nw: Sullenburger. Van Horn, Stevenson. and Corblitt. First Row: Goode, Spitler, Thompson, Humphries, and Greig. sfwfsfafaff-if A if 'Ar 'k -af at 'kill-ll? soot or .!-KCl-llEVEMETwlTir 'ax Capitol Club Ojjiccrs : t 0, E, HANES M, ,,,,,,,A.,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,A - ...... - .g,.,A,,..,.,. Preszdent J, J, S'l'liDBEL . ,,,,,, .,,.............. , .-..- ....... VMC-l'7'!?SitlB'l1f 11, L. Ftmem-pu ..,A.,..g.... ...,...... - ..,. , ..Scoretary-T1'efmm'm' J, 0, llmgg ,,,.,, H ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, -M ,..,.., - .....,...,..,,..., Sergennt-uf-A'r4n1.s The Capitol Club was organized in 1932, by the members of the old Cosmopolitan Club that lived in the immediate vicinity of the nation's capitol. It was formed essentially to promote the social life of the men hailing from this district, and to aid new men coming to Tech for the first time. In- cluded in the membership of the club are boys from nearby Maryland and Virginia towns. The club is' essentially a social organization, as the numerous smokers, banquets and parties given during the year will bear mute testimony. In addition to their numerous social activities on the campus the club throws an annual dance for the members during the Christmas vacation, which from all current reports is in fitting with the gay life of the capitol. The club is planning to carry on the idea of a dance at the end of the school year, that was started by the club of last year. The club has been growing greatly in size in recent years, and is at present one of the largest, if not the most active club on the campus. The activities of the club are furthered to a great ex- tent by the support it receives from the Alumni Chapter of the District of Columbia. www al 3. bf lt f V .I ,X li 'Q .l y' i l .Ar , ,ff ,I x. 0. E. Ii.-KNES Miss NIAIKGARET NORFOLK '- i , President Washington. D. C. 3, Sponsor I I fm l VX-'ff Members: ,K li. M. Allen O. E. Hanes it lj B. F. Berkaw R. S. I-laws l N. B. Billups A. ll. Kemp . E. E. Buckhaus F. L. Kilmartin lf NV. M. Bradshaw R. WV. Koontz l l f J. 0. Bragg YV. A. Lunsford X ' J. C. Busley C. I. Olsen ,Q E. P, Carter M. A. Pilcher ' S. S. Clark J. L. Roberts E. N. Cooper T. C. Slaughter M. F. Elmore D. R. Smoak 11. L. Fletcher J. J. sn-oben xx. f E. H. Fuller J. W. Turner V , E. C. Hagan VV. J. Nvysor R. M. Zimmerman v i l txt . i i l l l . v. ' i ,x K A Fourth. Row: Cooper. Bockhaus, Billups, Carter, Berkaw, and Allen. Third Now: Gary. Elmore. BI'2lllSll!1NV. Turner. Fuller, I-laws, Bragg, and Clark. " j I Second Row: Busley. Kemp. Koontz. ZillllI1t'l'lllilll, Wysor. Pilcller. Roberts, and Olsen. j First Row: Smouk, Hagen, Strobel. I-lanes, Fletcher. La.nsf0x'd, Slaughter, and Kilmartin. NK' 571 x ,fi K . t as at as at fa' af .. .l r ef at 5504- A. P. S'1iEELla J . Mus. A. P. STEELE President Stntesxille North Carolinfr YV. Bwlsley J. VV. Brown XV. 7. Brown H. E. Dickerson L. G'1llow'1y . M. Hi iis fi' Members : OYLSOT . . Nlellon - . . Patten ' . . Rankin . . Snead . . Steele . . V'1nn Carollna Club 'Oyicers : . - S'l'r:1fL1a .... ......................... -.- ...,....,.......,... -..-...Pv-esident A . . SYEAD M- ..,.. Y- ...... ..... . . .. ,.... c.. .....,. - ..., Vi1:e-Presirlmzt W'. 7. BROWW .... .... .. ...... - .....,..... - ,,,, -H... ,,,,,, Secretary . . DICKERSON ...- .,......... .. ........ .,,,,, H ,,,,, 7 '7'dfLS'll1'E7' To increase fellowship among students of a certain district and to encourage them to advertise their school at home' thereby increasing the en- rollment of the institution should be the aim of every sectional club. To this we have set our- selves and vie firmly believe that we can double the enrollment of the students from the Carolinas in two years. While the Carolina Club is one of the newest sectional clubs on the campus having been formed in the fall of 1939 we hope to make it one of, if not the best. Our members are from widely separated districts and this fact has limited our social activities notably the customary dance dur- ing the Christmas furlough. However, in later years, when more boys from Carolina cities are members of the club, the dance will undoubtedly be in evidence. The club, at present, has as mem- bers nearly three-fourths of the students registered from the states of North and South Carolina, and by next year we expect this proportion to be in- creased. suerr For 1935 I M V is ill. g l-IE! A I . V an . lffi f , ll 'K 1 ' ,R c ,hp 1 1 W 1 ggi ' t 1 J rigs 1 C 1.-Qg. 254 . C , Tlrircl Row: Rankin, and Galloway. I . Second Row: Brown. Balsley, Melton, Vnun, and Higgins. First Row: Brown, Snead, Stcelc, Dickerson. and Patten. ik nk' 'k 'Ir ' 'A' if 'Ar if ir ir it 194' it 'Ir it ak Eastern Shore Club Ojjiccrs: J. VV. Llzoxann ................. .....,...... - ...... I'resident N. W. Tmuxx' ...,..., . ...... .. Vice-l'resident T. E. JONES .W .,,...,,.........,,... -.- ,... - .........,. Secretm'11-Treusu're1' The Eastern Shore Club is made up of all those fellows in school from the eastern shores of Virginia and Maryland. We are unfortunate this year in not having, as we have had in years before, any members from the eastern shore of Maryland. However, next year may bring a few "Misters" from that part of the country. Although our club is one of the smallest at V. P. I., it is by no means the least active. On the contrary, being so small, we can accomplish more in less time than many of the larger clubs. Our dance, held during the Christmas Holidays at Cape Charles, Va., was a huge success. The purposes of the club are to create a bond of friendship between men who will probably be business and social associates of each other in later life, and to induce more boys from this vicinity to come to V. P. I. Our meetings are held once a week to discuss things of interest to the general assembly, and as is the case with most meetings of this sort, it usually retrogresses to a free-for-all "bull-session." THE Boost or ACHIEVEMENT . X.. i lx' .L Y J. W. Miss Jnanmrrrn LEE Bonru Prcsirlent VV. Belote T. Fischer F. Gihl F. I-licks E. l'IlllIlliIIl E. Jones M embers : Wilmineton Delaware Spool sm J. W. Leonard C. M. Mapp D. T. Mason T. H. Nottinffham N. W. Terrv W. M. B. Williams Thirrl Row: I-linman, Fisher, Mapp. Gibbs, and Hicks. Second Row: Belote. Mason, Nottingham, and 'l'erry. First Row: NVilli:uns, Leonard. and Jones. 373 ir fir 'A' if ir i' ir it it 'A' '27 Eg V it if ii l it y 0 . , M li i io! QV M M M M it 'W M M M if gf if if QV . Hampton Roads Club Officers : . GILMAN ..,...... .. Mn-, .,.,, MF. ..,..,A., M, ,,,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,Presidfmt G. F. LTENZ H ..... ..-. ... .... ..- Y.,v, -..Y ............,... T7ice-President J. L. CAMPBELL M.. ...,.. ,... .............., .n ..., ,,,.,Secretw-y-Treasiurer J. W. ScHoL1'IsNs ..N...-. ........ -..-- ,..... -- ..,., -..Sergeant-fit-Arms A familiar face is a welcome sight indeed , fa nk I H E B U G L E li O R 1 Q 3 5 if -if -if I N l it il V l 3 , I i - if J. GILMAN, Jn. Mus. JEAN GILBIAN, Jn. 1 Presiderlf Norfolk, Virginia X ' Spmism' X I7 Ne1n.11ers.' ' ' ' F. G. Brenner G. F. Lenz 'X X J. N. Cargill C. M. Pritchard si Mp M. Carmel F. D. Rollins xl ,f E. G. Davis S. Rush ' " A. J. Ellis J. W. Sclioltens X J. Gilman E. E. Smola , W. A. Grijlith H. T. Stultz W. H. Howard J. C. Taylor . , M. H. Ison R. Taylor ' W S. D. Kelsey E. I. Vanrlerslice Q' , X I ll, 1 X ' when one first arrives in college and goes a long way toward dispelling pangs of home sickness, which seems to be, and quite reasonably so, a common freshman ailment. Sectional clubs, such as the Hampton Roads Club, are organized to help orient new arrivals from the home town and vicin- ity. In addition, this club holds a military dance during the Christmas holidays, and at least one during the summer months. The social activities during the regular session consist of smokers, with refreshments a la Owens to help enliven the group. The territory included in the membership of the club at present comprises the whole lower pen- insular, from Camp Eustis to Fortress Monroe, bounded by the York and james Rivers. We make new acquaintances in our own club, prepar- ing the way for warm friendships in later years with men we would never have known had there been no sectional club, or at the best, known only slightly. 7'l1.i1-d Row: lson, Kelsey. Ellis. Carmel, Brelulelx Benson. and Smola. Second Row: Griffith. Davis, Cargill, R. Taylor. Howard. Rush. and Scholtens. Tlrirrl Row: lson, Kelsey, Ellis, Carmel, Brenner, Benson, and Smola. ir ml' it it 'Af it xi' uk 'k mi' 'ir 'lx if Lonesome Pine Club Officers: C.. B. McELnov .. ....... -. . .-. .......... H ..... President R, B, Polrrrfn ,,, . ...,. -.-mc ,..A., Ville-Pl'c'Sidc71i F. B, '1'HAc1mn ..,,..... - ...,..,,,.... - ...,...., . ........... Sccrctary-T1'eusm'e1' The Lonesome Pine Club is a social group or- ganized of the boys from the counties of south- west Virginia along the "Trail of the Lonesome Pine" immortalized by john Fox, jr., in his fa- mous book of that name. The nucleus of the club is formed by men from Wise County, but any from that section are cordially invited to join our group. Our purpose of organization is to foster a fraternal feeling among the men of that section and to enjoy the benefits made possible by such an organization. The Christmas dance furnished no end of pleas- ure for all those who attended it. In addition, it brought in enough money to enable the club to carry on its program for the year. It also fur- nished a splendid opportunity for the folks back home to see "them soldier boys from V. P. If' 2-Ssii THE BOOK OF ACI-IIEVEMENT4 C. B, McEr.RoY Miss IIATHERINE lWCELROY President Wise. Virginia Sponsor' Members: H. B. Arrington J. C. Boatright C. E. Broadwater F. WV. Glass N. T. Horne .I. W. Kesterson L. C. May G. P. McConnell G. 'l'. Nicholson P In . H. Porter riotle. B. M, J. M. Skeen J . T. Skeen E. E. Thacker l Tlrtrcl Row: Broadwater. Boatwrigrht. Skeen. Porter and Nicholson. S cl I' w' I-Iorne White Arrinffton 'ind Skeen A econ . so . . . D . . . First Row: Thacker, F. B.. Thacker, E. E.. McElroy. Porter. and Priode. 'A' uk ir 1' ir ak ir if 'A' " -97" -Simi XKITHE BUGLEFOR193514r .-., 254145 f Nl XA . Q x i V -1 l. V . .K tv xx ' .u f 4. i , at 'QYWN !..0.,x. G. I-I. ORCHARD President MRS. G. H. ORCHARD Lynchburg. Virginia Spofisor M emb ers : A. K. Adkinson T. G. Boswell R. S. Burrus W. F. Cantieri D. R. Chambers J. M. Cleland J. W. Cofer G. A. Costan J. A. Cox W. E. Fourqurean J. B. Fray M. F. Gooden W. N. Hnlnmerstronl I. Hoppenstein J. C. Lee P. R. Lindsay E. C. Marsh F. S. Miller P. Mitchell R. H. Moore J. S. Owen A. V. Watts .l. W. Wcbli W. E. Woolwine R. S. R. Yates Lynchburg Club Oyjicegs: G. H. Oncufmu ......,,...,. - .... -..- ..... ..... ..... . . .- ..... - ...... President C. H. HINN.-mr ..... , .... --...- ............ - ...,. - .... .....,... V ice-President A. E. STUMI' ..... - ........., --.W ...,..,. Sec1'eta'ry J. R. C.xnnwm.i. ,................. .... L .,..., L ,Treasurer E. H. LANE ..... C. .,.. L ....... - .......... Sergeant-at-Arms As the name implies, the Lynchburg Club is composed of the boys from Lynchburg and vicinity who are attending V. P. I. The club was organ- ized in 1904 under the name of "The Campbell Club," but the following year the present name was adopted. The club is proud of the fact that it is one of the oldest and biggest of the sectional clubs here at "Tech." The Lynchburg Club is primarily a social club although it does its part in advertising V. P. I. in the vicinity of Lynchburg. It also tries to help the freshmen over the rough places by friendly advice. The business of the club is taken care of in regular meetings. Each year the club sponsors one or more ban- quets and several smokers here at school, and a dance during the Christmas vacation in Lynch- burg. This year the club also gave an informal dance between the winter and spring quarters which was a gala occasion. This year, the Lynchburg Club's thirtieth an- niversary, has been one of the best in its history. Fourth Row: Marsh, Boswell, Aclkinson, Fourqurean. Cuntieri, Cofer. and Cox. Third Row: Mitchell. Burrus, Lee, Xlfoofwine. Miller. and Gooden. Second Row: Lindsay, Vkfebb, I-lannn l'Sl'l'Olll. Hoppenstcin, Moore. Fray, and Chambers. First Row: Cleland, Cardwell. Orchard. Hinnant. Lane. and Costan. it if 'A' -it it if it -A' ak vt it wir l I i- i ' 4 ., . -if if HYTHE Book or Acuutvemcmr-it l MidfTideWa.te1' Club LCCTSI 'A W. S. Cox. Jn. ..., .......,,....,. ...,. , Presirlcvlt J. P. 'I' .,.,. Vice-Presillcnt n .' i W. Fnl-:i-:MAN ...,, .. ....... ...., S e1:refary i W. L. Bmmns ..,, ....,., Trens'u'rw' W. I". Bnumcs ,........,.,......,,.,,. W- ..,.,. s .....,..Y...., Sennrmrt-at-Arms The Mid-Tidewater Club is composed of stu- dents from Mathews, Glouster, Middlesex, King W ' if and Queen, King William, Essex and New Kent -k counties. The club came into existence in the fall ' of 1954 through the interest and efforts of several , students from this section who felt the need for ' . .i a sectional club covering these counties. Though W. S. CM MSS PEARL nm-E 'f the club is small in numbers, much interest and 1-mfflani slmclrelsfm-gi, vii-ginm activities by the members have gone to make this, b7'm'S"" our first year, very successful. M,,,n,,,,,.s. n The club was formed with two main purposes, W. L. Barnes W. B. L. I-lutclleson Y hrst, to bring together for social contacts the stu- 5:5 gl'-nl:-121533: V+' 'VV dents from this sectiong and second, to further AIM: Brown S: Sl' Rnninnnn the interests of V. P. I. in the section represented W. s. cox. Jr. B. W. sinner '- by the club. The social activities of the club have I- E- Dfschingcl' A- W- Sinclair consisted of dances, meetings and smokers. Al- 1535: nk though we have held only one dance so far it W. Freeman K. F. 'Wuchsmuth -. was most successful from all standpoints. The R- F- H'1fCl'CS0'1 J- C- Wflfe. ' meetings and smokers have also been successful T' B' Hutcheson F' E'WM"1"S l ' ' in making school life more enjoyable. Our sec- V H ond purpose has been furthered by subscribing to the plan of sending the Virginia Tech to all high Q . schools in our section. i- A g . vi xl . M l 'A' Fourth. Row: Merllin, Ware, and Brown. Thirrl Row: Tokarz. Bounds. Dischingcr. und Fox. Second Row: Martin. Brooks, Hutcheson. and Hutcheson. First Row: Tokarz, Cox, and Bzmrnes. if uk it 'Af it it ul' 'A' wk 'ir K ny n W 'ZA'-7 T M 1 U G L E F O R 'I 9 3 5 wif if Til? . .A t 1 welll? , 1 ai A ' l .. x tl X1 .l' 4-f X 1' X uw. it J X t , ft Url. A 'v 1 I i X. l i X. r it fi xl! wi it e . , r i . . l . ll I x 4 il R. F. .'l'.wLon Miss PIATTIE Courmzn Prcszdent Amelia, Virginia Syumsov' A. L. Ahlmitt C. I. Ahhiltl: W. B. Allen C. VV. Braclshaw C. XV. Baldwin F. E. Bell T. J. Bloomfield L. D. Bottom J. F. Brandon R. I-I. Bryan J. C. Butler VV. T. Coleman XV. S. Connelly E. Cooke J. Dickens E. Gee M. E. Gill R. L. Emory R. B. I-licks R. H. Fitzgerald H. Irby ll. Land D. Lucy C. Mast I-I. Moore A. Moore I-I. Nash C. Newman W. Putney R. Seaborn C. Smith 0. Reese S. Ross L. Thompson P. Trnehca rt A. Vaughan C. Vnnglmn Il. Vernon S. Wheary 4. . . . . The M1dfV11'g1n1a Club Officers: R. F. 'I'.wi.on .,.,,,, ,W ,,,,,, L-, ,,.,,,,.-,,,- NMA, ,,,,.,, ,-N--Mp,-Qsidem C. P. F. Srinrninto ,,,,,,,,,, -,,, ,Ha ,,,,, -,M .,,, WH Vigwpresidgnt J. M. JOHNS ,.,,l., ,W-, ,,,,, A .,,,,,,,,, Muna ,,A--.-, -W AAYAQU' Secretary C. W. BIIADSHASV a... ,.,.,.,, -W ,.,,,..,,,,,,, ,M ,,,,, ALAAY Y v,A,, A,,, - 1' p-gasw-gr VV. S. BARKSDALE ,-. ..,,, w...,...,.,,, ,.,,,,,,,, -MM.,,g In 1919 the cadets at V. P. I. from the vicinity of Mid-Virginia organized a club for the purpose of helping freshmen from that vicinity to become acquainted with conditions that they meet on the campus, and to promote good-will and loyalty among all of its members. The club is purely social in nature, among the chief social functions of the year are smokers, ban- quets, beer parties, and attending an occasional movie en masse. Each year the club gives a dance during the Christmas holidays. This year the dance was given in the Blackstone Armory, Fri- day night, December 28. The syncopation for the occasion was furnished by Harrell Underwood and his Commanders. A summer dance was given for the lirst time in Crewe last September, with music by Hal Thurs- ton. The novelty of the idea. proved such a suc- cess, that it is expected to be continued in the fu- ture. 1 Y - --- J X Fourth Row: Emory, Abbitt. Senhorn, Dickerson. Connelly, Vaughan. and Trueheart. Third Row: Ahbitt, Baldwin, Vernon. Fitzgerald. Land, Coleman, and Putney. Seconrl Row: Mish. Reese. Lucky. Irby, Vaughan. and Butler. First Row: Brandon. Sheflield, Hicks, Taylor. Johns, Nash, and Bradshaw. as -if if ae af at ok at if -a- .4 QR if 'Ar 'k The Monogram Club 017icers: G. M. Smrx-r ,.... , ,...,..... - ...... -- ,....,, h .,,.,.,..,.,,.., h .,,,,.. .President G. VV. Bussm' , ,,,,,. .,- ,,,. -... - .......,,, - ....., ,,lf'ice-President R. W. l-IoLmznroN ,....... ...W .......... --..Searetary-Trr+us'm'er J. I-I. COPENHAVER ....... W .... ,..- ........ Sergfzrmt-at-Arms The Monogram Club is composed of men who have earned their monograms in some branch of sport. Football, Basketball, Boxing, Wrestling, Track and Baseball are recognized as major sports, while Tennis, Golf and Swimming are minor sports. The aim of the Monogram Club is to promote better athletics on the campus and to encourage men to go out for sports. Sportsmanship and clean athletics are also stressed in the club ac- tivities. The Monogram Club is very lucky in that it is the only club on the campus to have a club-room of its own. This club-room is beautifully fur- nished. A radio and magazines make the room a place where members can enjoy themselves. Social activities also play a part in the activities of the club. In the fall, usually after home foot- ball games, the club gives three hops to acid to the pleasures of football week-ends. In addition, the club holds a number of private dances from time to time. . .- . .Tl-IE BOOK OF AC!-llEVEMENT'i 'Ti ' B. F. J. XV B. J. H. NV G. M. J. VV J. J. J. O. H. F. J. B. F. J. R. Flttro W. A. Negri E B ' . I N G. M. Smrru Miss Toursm Pmcz President Blacksburg. Virginia. Spoozsov' Members: H. Adkins L. I.. M. Banks M. P. Gooden . . 0Conner F. Bell R. F. Hall .. . Oehs J. Blaiklock S. Y. Ielilflllllg' J. E. Ottaway Bptnick A. L. l'l2l.I'ff1lil.Il 0. G. Piland F. Brandon B. J. I-lerrnan R. B. Porter C. Broyles R. W. Holberton B. M. Priode G. Buchanan, Jr VV. D. I-lolsclaw E. A. Pritchard XV. Bussey H. XV. I-Iowarcl L. S. Reynolds M. Carmel R. E. l-luffman F. D. Rollins A. Carpenter C. M. I-Iull W. A. Rothery Catlin D. R. Jones J. D. Russell B. Clark W. H. .Ieffress W S. Saunders I-l. Copenliavcr P. V. Kelsey C. J. Siegrist K. Dailey W. J. Kerns G. M. Smith L. Day J. A. Lindsey M. A. Snead E. Dickerson C. P. Lugrin G. E. Sorluro M. Dillon H. M. McCarthy B. D. Spangler L. Dillon S. R. Minter, .lr. H. A. Spruill XV. Dorlge M. L. Mitchell M. G. Stroud H. Evans C. I. Motlnershead A. E. Stump T. Evans J. A. Mottola D. T. Thomas W. Fausel J. M. Murphy E. C. VanDyck Third Row: Banks, Buclnimm. Reynolds, Ottowny. Fittro. Lugrin. and Mitchell. Second Row: Dickerson, BIOtllCl'SllClN,l, Lindsey, V:rnDyck. Rollins, Sprnill, I-Iurtmzui, lllurphy. and I-Iuffnurn. First Row: Bell. Saunders, Cupenhavcrl Holberton. Smith, Hussey, Bruyles. Carpenter, and Sodaro. vi A' are 'lr if if 'Af fa' sir -ir 4?-,. - R 1 , rr if va BUGLE FG 035i A. H. Pu1.x.Y President G3 ei' G. E. Anderson C C .l. H. VV E . J . '1' . J . R. J . XV . Baker B. Baydush F. Bennett . F. Brent VV. Burroughs W. Cake J. Carroll H. Davis C. Etheridge T. Ewell . K. Fentress J. L. Frieden E. B. Forrest W. W. Foster F. C. Funnell I-I. F. Gale S. F. Hall J. W. Hnsket I. K. l-Icarn Miss M.nw Ancensra Cunnan Norfolk, Virginia Sponsor Members : S. G. Jones T. H. Jones . G. Knowlton . H. Lackey M. W. Ottley B. J. Peters H. Powell B. E. Pritcllard E. A. Pritchard A. H. Pully S. M. Stoaklcy M. G. Stroud J. A. Sweaney R. G. Tarkington C. A. Vlfagley A. P. Ware W. 'I'. Webb Wiggs A. H. Woolford G. T. Wrenn J J J. O. li. E. Jones Norfolk Club 0fjicm's: A. I-I. Pni,1.x' ,.... ,, ,, U, ,,,,. , lfywsifimf R. C. ETI-IERIDGE ......... -... rw .,,,,.,.,.,. ,MU Vvigevlfrggiflgpri H. F. BENNETT .... .. .... ... ....... .,,,,,. Secrefm'y-T1'eu3-m'g7- G- T- WRHNN ..... -..NA ........ uw Senyeaizt-at-Arms The Norfolk Club is made up of fellows from Norfolk and the immediate vicinity. The purpose of the club is to make the boys from Norfolk bet- ter acquainted with each other. Each year the upper classmen from this vicinity help the fresh- men from Norfolk to get situated here at school. In order to get acquainted with each other, the club stages a smoker now and then which invaribly ends in a "good ole bull-session." The club gave a dance at the Nansemond Hotel, Ocean View, Virginia, during the Christmas holi- days. The purpose of this dance was to get pros- pective students interested in our school, and to demonstrate to our friends at home how the social life of V. P. I. is carried on. The President, A. I-I. Pully, was responsible for the dance being a big success this Year. B. Peters led the figure and was assisted by the President. if magg- Fourth Row: Burroughs, Ware. and Lackey. Third Row: Haskett. Woolfo1'fl. Hearn. Funnell, Ottley, and Stover. Second Row: Ewell, Fentress. Green, Stubbs, Baker. Swaney. and Pritchard. First Row: Stroud, Peters, Wrenn, Pully, Bennett, Hull, Brent, and Frieden. -rfafafsfaff-4.-as uit it it The Northern Neck Club Ojjicers: A. A. HUUNALL ....... , ,..,......... ..-.- .,...... .. ...,, .................. - President L. B. Lian .... u nw-, .,...... ..., - - ........, , ...,........ Vice-President H. E. Dumnvay ..... - .,.. c .... - ....... -.- .,.,,,...,.... .SCC7'UffL7'1l-T7'l3llS'LH'U?' The Northern Neck Club was organized at V. P. I. in 1931. The club endeavors to get new students from Northern Neck interested in the school and to help these students who attend the institution too. It is also a means through which boys from the Northern Neck may come in closer Contact with each other. ' Club meetings are held at regular intervals, and in addition to the regular meetings several smok- ers are held during the school year. A banquet is held at the close of each year. The annual ban- quet, usually held the third quarter, serves to bid a farewell to the senior members of our club and to elect new officers for the coming year. The Northern Neck Club holds its annual dance during the Christmas holidays, which for the past two years, has been held at Kilmarnock, Virginia, and was considered one of the leading social functions there during the holidays. We welcome new students of next year to our club. L THE BOOK OF ACHIEVEMENl'k r - .,.. Tl. i kg- Y , - 1 i E -x ri ii i ii ii-rl ri 1 i - .ix .NJNl?wNwii'1ii"' ii ' ' ii ii' H i . .,.,. . lx'- l . A. A. HUDNiKLL Miss Am KELLY ' i President Lynhams. Virginia i . Sponsor y Members: i ' lr, O. M. Clark T. A. Marsh H. E. Dunnwuy VV M, Payne A. A. I-ludnall Q C. M. Sandford J. W. Lutanc H B. Spence xl ' . B. Lee E. V. Vllilliams t Nl , w- tr l Thiwl Row: Sandford, Payne, and Mnrslx. Second Raw: Dunnwny. Spence. Clark. and Latane. Fwst Row:: Williams, Hudnall, and Lee. 55.31 ir if at iT if 1k'.'k it 'ir if if ii l A Q yi ia M V Q gi ..ii W T if 0 M N ill-IE BUGLE FOR 'l935,. p e g, N J .7 if fa V W. P. Govan Members: Addington Bachman Cox Davis Gover Harris Leonard P. P. Wilson Mrss HAZEL COLLINS Washington, D. C. Sponsor J. M. Murphy R. C. Ropp C. D. Richards J. S. Stover C. D. Tate J. S. Tate H. E. VVilson Olcl Hlckory Club 0J7icers: VV- P. GOVER .... .... ..... ,.., - ..... ... . , ..,. ,N ..., ,, .,,,,,,, Yvv, ,,,-,, P resfflgqzf C- D- ADDINGTON .-....w ............. F .. ..... .,,.. Vice-President K. M. BACIIMAN ...... . ...... ......... S ecreta7'y-Tv-ef1sm'r3r 'Tis most fitting and proper that Tech's newest sectional club should take unto themselves for a monicker the nickname of Tennessee's most fa- mous son, General Andrew jackson. And as "Old Hickory" led his Tennessee stalwarts, so does "Steeple Dome" Gover, our military genius, lead the legions of the "Old Hickory" State into the daily whirl of Tech life. The club is composed solely of boys hailing from Tennessee, which is arather broad scope for any organization to handle, but in spite of the ter- ritory involved, the club has accomplished won- ders in the first year of its organization. The club was organized as a social organization with the dual purpose of having as good a time as possible, and interesting high school graduates in getting their education in the arms of our "Alma Mammyf' So far the club has had little oppor- tunity to accomplish anything in the latter line of endeavor, but they havedone an excellent job of the first assignment. v President . f ' 4 C. D. i n. M. X f E. B. W. B. X. f W. P. T Y. Y. :ir G. s. l X 1' I X if x lf lt f it i M A. - x vf -A' i x " 19 G i f Fourth Row: Wilson. Murphy. and Tate. 4 Third Row: Tate, Stover, Cox, Orr, and Klelly. - Second Row: Richards. Davis, Leonard, and Ropp. First Row: Bf1CllIl!il.Il, Gover, and Addington. wfsafsaafsaa-as 'il' if it ir if i Peanut Club Oyjicers : t R. G. I-I.nmm.1. .... - ,... - ....,.. --.-....., .,,,.... -...-..-a ...,. - Preslrlenl W. ll. Gmzzann .,,. um.- ,....... -- ........ -.- ...., M .....,, Vice-Presiclenf J. D. Russr:1.1. ,...A, ,.,,.., ,.,..... -......---... SC'Cl'Cfl17'Qll-T7'CCISHTC? li. D. Cmun ....... -M ....,,,. -...--...... ........,.., Se1'geant-at-Arms The Peanut Club, whose membership consists of the boys from Suffolk, Emporia, and vicinity was organized in 1952 with a membership of twenty. Each following year has contributed an increased interest and membership in the club, un- til at present there are fifty-five active members. The purpose of the organization is to create a better relationship among the members, to pro- mote social activities for its members and to en- courage high school students from that section to attend V. P. I. The latter of these purposes has taken the foreground during all of the past years, and it is believed that much success will result from the effort. Financial support for the club's activities is received almost entirely from the revenues of the annual Christmas dance. The dance this year was the best that has been held in that section of the state in many years. We have only to hope that in the future the club will continue to enjoy the success that we have had this year. C. F. Bailey G. V. Benmon J. F. Bell 'UP -1 I FT? CD CD CD F CD De FN 1 5 fi ffl EI T71 Z y -4 It 0- - ll is 1+ ...Q ce Qiifa R. G. ITIAHRELL Miss VVINII-'RED BA'r1's Presulent Portsmoutli, Virginia Sponsor VV. A. A. .Johnson Kennedy, Jr. Kirk Fifth Row: Thomas. Worrell, Johnson, Harding, Bradshaw, and Pope. Second Row: Pittman, Sharp, Gay, Kirk, Nimmo, Savage, and Brenner. First Row: Kennedy, Grizzarcl, Harrell, Russell, Claud, and BCHIIIOII. t uk uk uk dk ir d ir it ir , 1 ,I ,. " Iv - ' 1 f i X .U f' Weeeeeeperrnrerweaneeree aoQnaQeeFerrP2Feaen2o5ae .'. - ' - .v-w Q 'WQFIUPUO Q U1 mg' W 52255555 erase 525555.32 M agess W :P unease a 2. L, - - 5 ff 4 wenweeoseoeayooeeepmemwo Qereeeeweeezmweeeeewecin ' ' 'U .- 5gSmS??W5gEgQ5E3E5225ES5 ... R f' F, ,FE -4:-gg... ' g5S2,i,ggQG5.f:.'UE:5'::Err:Q5QQ5'r -':'-5ro5:uo.o..9- gm Ei1'H223m?r-5 5 s-DCD'-gui G- H . Q on : 5 o -. .. ,. lg, 5 rn "' x1?6i1 . 24'iaAr.'. .,,p44i, xcsiggsc .pq l lf , if if Fourth. Roan: Parker, Prurlen, Grinnan, Carson. Pope.. Hines. Francis, Williams, Davis. and Thorne. Tlmwl Row: Stevenson, Cox, Reid, Phillips. Miles, Mehalko, Hart, Boone, and Bell. N ,,. ' Q-T 'qisaeezf YPTHE BUGLE FOR 1935i X. ii if gi ii if i I V i J. yy G. J. ' F. V V J. H. W M. J. J. v ... J. R. . J. V v Y V .V V V as l v it W M. J. Borussia Miss ELs1E Kroner: President Richmond. Virginia Sponsor Members : V. Barker F. E. Jones H. Burgess D. VV. Murphey B. Burgess G. W. Necils 'W. Baxter . J. Burleigh B. Carpenter S. Chappell . WV. Cleere P. Davis C. Djiovandis R. Downing S. Faison M. Fultz S. Jerrell A. Jones C. A. Pamplin VV. T. Parker P. S. Perdue R. C. Powell G. C. Pyne R. G. Robertson 'l'. E. Rose G. B. Rush M. J. Slovic J. L. Selnvartz G. M. Smith P. Tcrretta Petersburg Club 01I'icers: M. J. Boruasx ...., ,-,.AA,LAw.-, P resident R- C. POYVELL .... - - ..... .... .,,,,,, V i ce-President D. W. Mum-mn' ..- - .....,,.. ..,,,,, ,-,,,.. g AMA-,, S4401-gm,-y J. L. SCI-IWARTZ ...,... -M -4,,- .T1'gg5u7'g1' This social group of prominent looking young men hail from Petersburg and vicinity. And they're as prominent as they look. For years this neighborhood has produced men of prominence on the Tech campus, and it still does, if you can believe what you see. These men are out to achieve things, and they do it. And how! Take, for instance, that stu- pendous, colossal affair that wasn't George Wl1ite's Scandals, but the glamorous dance that the Peters- burg Club threw over the Christmas holidays. Ask any of those who attended, and most of the Tide- water cadets did, and they will all vouch for the club's success. The activities of this club has made it one of the greater sectional clubs of V. P. I., on the cam- pus and off. Frequent social gatherings and smokers keep the home 61365 burning at Tech proper. ' Fourtlzv Row: Barker. Faison, Nevils. and Slovic. Th.-ircl How: Murphy, Perdue, Parker. Baxter. and Burgess. Second Row: Robertson, Burleigh, Downing, Chappell, and Rose. First Row: Pamplin, Powell. Bogcse. Schwartz, and Burgess. ir 'lr dk 'A' 'Ar if if 'Ir ir 'Ir ul' if af afriat Boox or ACHIEVEMENT The Pleclmont Club Ojicerss W. W. I.:-:wus ..... ..,...... .....,... . . - ..f...... - ..... Prvsfflvflb ILA. lineman ..,, AY.......A. ..A. V i f'f'-l'N:Sidlf'11f W, 0, SIKIITI-I .,,,,,.,, .- .... Scaretc11'y-Trcasilrrff' G. S. W1i.i.1.xMs ...,.....A...... L ...... Sernecmt-at-Awns The Piedmont Club is organized each year by students from Orange, Louisa, Madison, Albe- marle, Fluvanna, Rappahannock and Fauquier Counties. The club's annual Christmas dance is welcomed regardless of where it is given. The dance was held this year at the "Pot and Kettlev Club, Orange, Va. Through the efforts of both members and oflicers the dance was made a real success, financially and socially. While we are here at "Tech," our informal smokers and ban- quets comprise the social activities of the club. Interest and the growth of the club has been stimulated this year and at present we have a group of boys with one thought in mind and that is to uphold our part in the Old Dominion while we are here. The membership of the club has greatly in- creased along with our activities, and now we wish to give credit for the aid given by those who are to leave us, and give a hardy welcome to those new members who will be with us next year. xg.. 'NV. W. LEXVIS Miss CA'l'l'IERINE Jozsms President Culpeper, Virginia M. H J. E. 'l'. N. I-I. H. Z. W. J. C. J. B. P. B H. H. I-I. A P. C. R. C. A. G. lt. S. T. 'l'. G. G. J. F. Hlemlwrs : Baker Brown Broyles Cl 1 cl f CllClVlllllg' Clore Davis Douglas FCl'll0yllUllg'll Florence Fox Fru i lx G reen G ri iii n Hurt I-lu rris H enslm w R . YV VV N. H . G . XV YV .I. .l. B. S. VV. W. G. K. J. Sponsor XV. Holberton E lil. Ielolbcrton W. Lewis , H. lllzxrean L. Melton K. Miller K Miller H Payne VV. Kessegnie K. Robinson Y A. Rucker ' Slnnnnte 0. Smith, Jr. L. Utz S. Williams E. Williams D. lVo0i Fourth. Row: Baker, Brown, Chelf, Florence, and Miller. Tlrirzl Raw: Clore, Green, Mzujeun. Miller. liesseguie, and Melton. E Sammi Row: Griffin, Robinson. Holherton, Davis, Fox, and Broyles. First Ro-zu: Shumntc, I-Inlbertnn, Rucker, Lewis. Smith. WVillinms, and Hart. 585 if 'X' 'ilk' 'ir if il! if if if if . I7 Y W V v V V K ll X X X V V ll W Bursts For 1935-r fe -rf w ' 1 -' Zi yi A . ilu 'ES F . Q E. C. XVANDYCK Mus. W. J. VANDYCK President Portsmouth, Virginia M X Sponsor . Zllembers: 1. 3 J. C. Barnett J 4 A. B. I-Iarpel' H ,, L. Bass S. L. Jones ' J. F. Benson H. A. Spruill 3 A Y J. J. Booth w. B. Tyler 5- R. L. Corbell E. C. VanDyck . .N L. C. Doxey J. B. VnnDyck I if J 1 el lf xg , l l x, X 2. xv l' ' N. E? 1 V. xv i f , . Portsmouth Club Ojicers: ' E. C. VANDYCK - .... - .... L.- ..... -- .... ma. ........................, President J. B. V.niDrtfK ,,,..,.,-W..- .... -.-L,,.... .,,,... W., Vice-President R. L. Coiuxnnr. ,,.---..,,-..--,,,..,,..,,,. Seereta.ry'Treasurer W. H. Ftznousox ..,..,,...-...-.- ..,.. .. ..,, W, Sergeant-tit-Afrms The purpose of the Portsmouth Club is two- fold-Hrst, to bring together all the V. P. I. boys who live in and about Portsmouth for social pur- poses, and second, to make an active effort to in- terest the boys finishing high school in that dis- trict to come to V. P. I. The club gave a successful dance at the Ports- mouth Country Club last Christmas, with many out-of-town cadets and alumni being present to add to the color of the occasion. Last November, the Portsmouth Alumni Chap- ter was formed, and right at the beginning of its existence did a great deal toward making arrange- ments for the Senior Class trip to Portsmouth. It also helped- the club materially in planning their Christmas dance. In the future it is planned to send a member of the club down to Portsmouth every spring to speak to the graduating class of Woodrow Wilson High School in an effort to interest them in coming to V. P. I. Third Row: Barnett, Harper, Ferguson, and Doxey. Second Row: Jones, Tyler. VanDyck, and Petzinger. First Row: Benson, Corhell, VanDyck, Spruill. and Booth. 386 X txt , i P ' -Af if if if 'ir uk if if if at X 'SQ sf: if af ine BOOK or Aciminrvrmrrsir ir Rappahannock Valley Club Oyicers: R. L. Bnomcs ..............,.. .....,,,............ Presiflent A. N. BUIHNE ,.., ,,..... .... - , ,,, ,,,,, Vice-President J. B. SMITH ,.A. ,.A. ..... - .,.,,. - . Secretary C. I. hl0'l'IlEllSllliAD .....,..,..........,..,......,,.. .,,..,......,,. C ,..,.,. T 1'eas'm'er The Rappahannock Valley Club was formed about forty years ago. It was first composed of cadets living along the shores of the Rappahan- nock River and in nearby communities, but today, because of the increase of sectional clubs, it has confined its membership radius to a radius of forty miles of Fredericksburg. Among the early leaders of this organization were: M. M. Neal, 'o6g C. D. Montague, 'O7g R. W. Ware, '21g T. B. Gayle, '23g and T. D. S. Ninde, '2-4. Meetings are held at regular intervals for the purpose of carrying out the business of the club, to acquaint the freshmen with older members and to maintain friendly social gatherings throughout the year. Each year at Christmas the club holds its annual dance at Fredericksburg and is consid- ered one of the most enjoyable social functions of the season. In May the club fosters a banquet for its members. R. L. Bnooxs Miss ANN BELL LEE President Drewryville, Virginia R. A. Bode A. N. Bodine C. N. Broaddus R. L. 'Brooks G. R. Burruss J. B. Clark F. C. Green F. M. King Members .' Sponsor G. H. S. King I. Mothershead R. Moore H. Perry R.. Pepiniel' T. Pitts B. Smith Ventura V Third Row : Green, Broaddus, Smith, Pepmier. Perry, and Moore. Second How: Burruss. Pitts, King. Clark, Ventura, nnrl Bode, First Row: Bodine, Smith. Brooks, Motlnershead, and King. 387 ii' sir Y 'i' sk 'ir ik it it fi' IZWAV if X if if V V if i V V v F TY, I s Q i Qjll B. F. Sauxnlcns Miss EDITH G1LM,xN Pl'l'Sffl6'l1t Richmond, Virginia Sponsor J10'I71l!07'Si A. A. Abntly J. A. Hcisler J. C. Adams R. M. Holloway .I. H. Adams M. A. Hopkins E. N. Andrews J. C. Hulclier VS' E. Appel T. 'l'. Jeffries C. W. Babel' G. H. Johnson J. I-I. Bunta. P. K. Klotz J. VV. Bates W. S. Kusterer YV. I-I. Bowen R. P. Monteith E. N. Brooks F. R. Mooreiielil J. C. Cole E. B. 0'C0nner WV. F. Cooke D. VV. Page G. li. Davis H. S. Page H. E. DeVoto J. F. Pearsall F. M. Dillon XV M. Smith T. W. Drewry B. F. Saunders 'l'. H. Epes .I. H. NValker J. 0. Fitzgerzllrl S. ll. Xvest E. C. Grigg G. G. Wehrsteflt E. L. Harris XV R. Yonker Richmond Club Officers: B. F. S.-XUNDIZRS ............., ...,...... - ..,..,,....,,, M Mm, ,,,,.,,., President J. W. BATES .......... -.,-... .... ........................ F irst ViC8-P7'6S'id87lt 'l'. T. JEFFHIES .- .......... - ............. -....s.- .... Second Vice-President J. C. I-IULCHRR ....... .... - ...... , ..-.- ............ - .... Seeretary-7'1'eas1cr'e1' J. ll. ADAMS N, ,....... - ..,..... - .... HW., .....,,.,.,, ,,SH7'fjPllW.f-llt-A7'711S The Richmond Club is composed of students from Richmond and vicin- ity, and having for its purpose the sponsoring of a more friendly feeling between all students, especially those from Richmond. The club is one of the largest and best organized sectional clubs on the campus, and has for several years in the past enjoyed a reputation as such. a social organization This year has been an exceptionally good one inasmuch as the well known wolf has been kept from the door. A few dances held during the summer were a moderate Hnancial success. This coupled with rather conservative individual dues, has succeeded in providing smokers for the meet- ings. The Christmas dance was the outstanding event of the year for the club. It provided no end of entertainment for the club, and attracted its share of favorable publicity for the school. The club, having made the wolf an honorary member should finish the year in great style . . . and with a clean slate. ' . -gg Y l Ttllt. I-If ll s. Yonk'r. Devoto. Fitwerzllcl, Dillon, Adams, Paffe, and Abacly. g'li'iiitlhR51iJ1liSixlddiiledoke, Aiifiel, Iiidlz, Hopkins, Gregg. C0lc,bDavis, Page, Pearsall, Bantam. and Brooks. Second Row: Heisler, Monteitll. Andrews, Holloway. Drewery, West, Morefield. Johnson, and Walker. 7 First Row: Kusterer, Bowen, Hulcher. Jem-ies, Saunders. Bates. Adams, 0'Conner, and Baber. i , ass 'ir ic 'A' THE BOOK OF Rifle. Teamt E. V. MACATEE - ....., N.- ....... .. ,... -..-. ...- ........,...,. -- ..... Couch F. H. NASH .......,., ,-.- ..,.. ..- ....... M..- ..,.....,..,., .-.,..-....,.....Cf11Jidi7l An oflicious young second lieutenant fresh .from the Point was boasting about his prowess on the rifle range before the entire mess. Thinking to take the boy down a peg, his major wagered him a box of cigars that he couldn't fire ten rounds at 200 yards and call his shots. The lieutenant covered the bet, and the entire mess turned out -x5-isis ACHIEVIEMENT 4 to see him shoot. Carefully adjusting his sling F, I-I' NASH MISS Mmm, NASH Captain Blackstone, Virginia and sight and all the other little details essen- tial to good shooting, he commenced firing. Whop! !-Miss! called out the "Louie." Whop! ! Miss !-Whop! !-Miss !-"Wait a minute," cried the major, "you're not shooting for the target." "I know it," calmly answered the shavetail, 'Tm W. S. Bnrksdale J. F. Benson ills-mbers: Sponsm P. Flnurnm M. Grayson . . ,, W. Z. Brown A. Heisler shooting for your cigars. . J. R- Cardwell H. Irby R. Lon Good rifle club year. equipment and 210111 . . . 1.. . arter more ammunition . . . twenty percent more candl- J. C. Coleman dates this season . . . Benson-who shot 168x300 M- K- Cmllffff - his first year. . Captian Nash-most ardent enf R' S' Faison thusiast. . . Coulter-by far the laziest. . Fai- son-who came out to get a free trip to Wash- ington to see his girl. . .and Coach Macatee- the man with all the patience in the world. We may not be the best shots in the world . . . don't claim to be .... but we try our derndest! ,. .F 2 Kerstein . Nash . Wells li fl.: ' Second Row: Long, Wells. Kerstein, I-Ieisler, Coulter. Grayson. Cnrrlwell, Carter, and Brown. First Row: Coleman. Flournoy, Brmlslmw. Irby, Nash, Faison. Benson. and Clore. 389 it if 'ir 'A' uk ' 'A' 'A' if 'slr 'A' ! l ll tl ll M tl M l ll M , tl ' M V tl tl M M M at if W M M tl M uk ro tt W W S 'Qt'-7 I 1' i. ' -It . il, . g ,X '. 4 C. ii .ii 5' G' , ands ii iii sitlluii H. J JENNINGS President Miss J.icQuisLrNn GAYLORD Asheville, North Carolina Sponsor Seminole Club Oyicers: C. J. W. L. B. H. J ENNINGS ..... - ..............., ......... N ... ...... -- ...,. D. President YOUIN f' .f........... -- ........ .s V.... . .... .....,, T 'ice-President ADVINS -. ........... - .... - ..... -N ........ - ..,,.., W... Secretary l3l'YANT N ....,.. L.. ..... vm, ........ - ..... -... ,....., - Treasurer H- T. HYLTON W.- ...... L.- .,... .. ....... L-.- ....... - Sergecmt-at-Amns It is through sectional clubs that the students of V. P. I. are enabled to enjoy more social activ- ity than they ordinarily would. With this fact in mind the students from Danville and vicinity formed the Danville Club. In 1933 the name was changed to the Seminole Club. Students who live in or within a radius of fifty miles of Danville are invited to become members of the Bootie FOR1935fk at ia M , it N, WH in V , . W A if M .V i ll , , y ,Xt i .v, S. B. C. J. A. R. T. J. J. S. J. J. T E. J. C. J. X l. fi ju s it JL, 4 1' T. Adams H. Adkins C. Adkins D. Adkins A. Anthony S. Baker G. Barnes E. Bennett R. Bryant B. Fitts W. Green W. Guild C. Howell T. Hunt '1'. Hylton I-I. Jennings L. LaPrade flf6'lI7.lI87'S : G. B. Lea B. G. Lewis J. A. Lindsay H. R. Little W. E. Manning J. H. Martin M. G. Morgan J. B. Moser P. J. Myers H. VV. Phillips L. A. Starling J. B. Stover J. S. Thompson G. H. Vaden W. W. Vllilkins, Jr. E. Wood VV. L. Young organization. This year we enjoyed our largest enrollment. Our main purpose in the club is to bring to- gether those fellows entitled to membership and create a feeling of friendship among them. Throughout the year, 1934-35, we enjoyed several smokers, a banquet, and a dance which was held during the Christmas holidays in Danville, Virginia. Next year we are looking forward to an even larger and more interesting club. lx 1 i ll L A N!-xx Frmrtlz. Row: Green, Hylton, Baker, Anthony, and Moses. Third Row: Wood, Tholnpson, Lewis, Powell, LePrade, Adkins. and Barnes. Second Row: Little, Bryant, Adkins, Morgan. Vaden, Fitts. and Stover.. First Row: Martin, Young, Jennings, Lindsay, Manning, Starling, and Adkins. -at if if 'Af 'ir 'A' it if ii' 'ff '94 'itll-lE BOOK OF ACHIEVEMENT4 Shenandoah Valley Club Oyicers: li. L. lll':.xnusY ..... .....-...- .,.. ----- ..... -.........-.P1'cside91t J. L. Cmnfa-oN ..... -.. ,.,.... --.--- .... --.,.-....Vice-President F. I-I. Evans ..,...- .... --.We ..... -- ..... ,Secretary-Treasu1'e1' G. C. S-nunxucx ...- ......,.a...., - .... - ..., L.- ........ ....Se1'geant-at-Awns The Shenandoah Valley Club has been one of the outstanding sectional clubs on the V. P. I. campus for a number of years. The member- ship is taken from the boys hailing from. the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. This club is a social club organized for the pur- pose of aiding the students from this district while at V. P. I., and also to interest boys from the Valley in entering Virginia Tech after grad- uating from high school. Two Christmas dances were the outstanding social events of the season. The formal dance was held in Winchester, andthe informal at Harrisonburg. Both dances were very successful and made a good impression on the folks at home as well as giving much publicity and prestige to V. P. I. The club holds regular meetings, smokers and banquets during the session. These informal get-togethers are for the purpose of promoting a more fraternal feeling among the members of the club. 3 R. L. HEADLEY Miss LENA RANCK President Edinburg, Virginia Sponsor Members: R. R. Allen H. A. Johnson J. L. Borden H. R. Lanier R. A. Belz C. J. Logan P. W. Cauley J. C. Coiner J. M. Crnfton B. J. Davis F. H. Evans D. I-lnley R. L. Headley C. M. Hull J. S. Lough P. W. Mais C. G. McV:15 L. G. P0lllillllllS H. G. Ranisev WV. H. Shoemaker G, B. Smith S. C. Steele Fifth Row: McVay, Haley, Borden. and Allen. Fourth Row: Polhamus, Johnson. and Larner. Tliird Row : Belz. Shoenmkcr, ltlziis, Hull. and Davis. Second Row: Coiner, Logan, Caulcy, Ramsey, and Steele. First Row: Lough. Crafton. Hedley, Smith. and Evans. slr ir if 'ir ik' ir 'Ar ir ir if 1 . i M wr ll W , li emffg y R if li ll' ll' M 1 0 if M M Y M . l Q5 ,V li W M ll QW it M M al u i' i lilkl ,j j l , M3711 l ., .ji ,, K ll ' A Nw my W llyl Y ,l jj il ljlxl Q j, -in l El 'ET jim V , 1-Mil ' .bl jj jig rm Y 14' ,M N lx'41'54: jl l , ,W 1.2 ,, Q, H41 lr. 1 .Nl QQ, If V 1'-R 4 al M4 M' ii ll 'r I I l V A. il . .1 r, ll ,rj g , lil j JJ 1--A l ll W x- j ,cf 'x lllij i 1 iX,. it lfl M! ,k ,4 l j 'l, it l 1 aj J kj fl 1 1 ilk j-:CT jj il ji In fl W j' T". --Cf u.1.... X . Sign. -S "' ' -is ir l H e ' rnnxlq' S., emi it' -- f f t. lm,ffr:,,.a-'1,,,.-1-cz' lr iuere role 19354: rr 'am The Royal Order of Skippers The Royal Order of Skippers is an association with the most exclusive membership on the V. P. I. campus. Only those Who are the Senior privates are eligible for membership, and we are more than proud of the boys who are brought together under our colors. Four years of the trials and tribulations of Army life have served to bring us together in a very closely knit group, happy and carefree on occasion, but in a common cause, united to iight to the last breath for our order. 25" - '17 . XD, ' 2 Our historic emblem, the Death's Head, is the sign that has caused more than one unjust sophomore or junior to quail when one of our number goes on guard. It has come to mean justice to many a transgressor of the unwritten laws of fair play here on the campus, We are, in fact, the traditional friends and protectors of the freshmen who seem to be the receivers of all the mistreatment the upper classes can give them. w. V1 -, lf . 1 -.5 ,I ,A J A rl ' I A A 1 x rf Z L n vs 'la ff' f a f V.--,,.., ,,,,,,.- il 21 Y- is 11, .V f, lf ' gi G'-I lb i- '-.1 gh.,-Q Q- W-., Q '13-1 I, ,J a lr . ln re. , ,v x 1... .r L. 4 . 1 l 1 I The Royal Order of Skippers This year we have had many a skirmish with the Army, and our old watchful opponent, Major Tenney, has caused many casualties in our ranks. We have found, however, that the Major is one of the squarest opponents a man eve-r had. In fact, he has become more our very good friend than any sort of an enemy. No narrative, however short, would be complete f T 93 without a word about our dance. Following the old tradition, it was one of the most enjoyable social affairs ever given at school. With permission for the under classmen to don "cits", military activities were sus- pended for the evening, and we hope we were the good hosts the comments of those who attended the dance have led us to believe. x , 1-- sine snort FOR1935'k if at X . U u p ' xi at M .L . ix l. lu x X N ' J . J N. J . 4 I-I r J . , f. ' A vi 'r , . K 1. J. 1-1 T c. ' R it J. M. Scu'r'r Mus. XVILSON YV. Scorr President Marion. Virginia Sponsor Members : R. Allison J. R. Hyatt C. Broyles NV. A. Hylton B. Cox J. Ingles B. Cox F. H. Ireson I-I. Crockett F. B. Moore H. Ellex' A. L. Morgan A Fine F. A. Porterfield C. Finclley J. D. Powell Fisher XV. C. Roberson M. Grulmm C. D. Senglc M. I-Iorvey N. S. XV1'ight lf 1' l I W 'st X xx li 'A' .x l f J. I V Xi N. Umbarger E Southwest V1rg1n1a. Club Officers: J. M. SCOTT .-- ....,... -d...-....,...-.,..,,,,.H,-,M .,,,, ,AYP1'CSiflC11t J- M. GRAYSON ...-..a ...... -... - ........ Vice-Preside1it J. S. SIDIMERMAN ...... -....-.- .... .... - . Secretary-Trgagy1'g1' The V. P. I. Southwest Virginia Club was organized for the purpose of promoting greater friendship among the boys from Southwest Vir- ginia attending V. P. I., and membership is ex- tended to all boys from that section. The regu- lar meetings held by the club throughout the year offer a wonderful opportunity for the boys to become better acquainted. Besides the regu- lar business meetings the club has several special meetings at which refreshments are served, and during the spring quarter a banquet is held for the members. The election of oflicers for the coming year takes place at this banquet and the club is placed in the hands of the newly elected officers. The club sponsors one dance each year which is held during the Christmas holidays at some town in Southwest Virginia. The dance for this year was held on Christmas night at the E1k's Hall in Pulaski, and turned out to be one of the season's gayest and most successful affairs. Fifth Row: Graham, Eller, and Wrigllt. Fourtlr Row: Seagle, Ingles, Cox, Crockett. Castle. and Porterfleld. Third Row: Ireson. Harvey. Morgan. and Moore. Second Row: Pins, Umbarger, Powell, Cox, Allison, and Hyatt. First Row: Roberson, Simmermzm, Scott, Grayson, and Broyles. 1. T 594 li! lily.-. .- 1 - - . . :gpg t 'ir 'Af 'k 'ak' if 1'c'ir' if ir uk' if if THE Booic or ACHIEVEMENT'kf V West Virginia Club Oj,7icers: D. J. FLYNN ..,.... -.-...,-- ,........ ....-..- .... - ..... -....-..President W. E. Euimmr ..... - .,.. - .......... .. ..., . Vice'Preside1zt .I. C. Cox.iamAN ,.... ...... ..,. ,... S e cretary-Trerisurer F. M. BANKS ...- ....... - ..,..... ,.....i,..,. ........ - S ergeant-at'.f1rms The West Virginia Club was Hrst organized in 1905, but soon after was discontinued until the present club was founded in 1927. The club is a social organization founded for the purpose of bringing West Virginia students at V. P. I. into closer contact, and also to bring new students from West Virginia to this school. The club has been very active this year hold- ing numerous smokers and informal meetings on the campus. The annual Christmas dance for members and their guests was held at Beckley this year. The proceeds from this dance were used to buy club keys for the members. The club also held a banquet for its members in Feb- ruary. The club is now working on a loan fund which is to be subscribed to by alumni of V. P. I. from West. Virginia. This fund will be available to students from West Virginia who wish to at- tend V. P. I. D. J . FLYNN President F. VV. Banks P. R.. Beach E. E. Bibb R. P. Carter J. C. Coleman D. E. Casto W. E. Eubank D. J. Flynn P. B. De Furia C. M. I-Iiggins B. Hoge J. Hoffman J. S. Laird W. Laird M embers : Nl li ii W ii 0 Ai Miss Vincixm BlIRllli'I"l'li - Logan, West Virginia V Sponsor ' ' N. Lee r S. 'r C. Lewis , ' M cIn tire Minsker 1 W li if ir ir L. O'Neil ,N V P. Reinhard ' H. Ruby R. Smnmons G. Thayer G. Thayer E. Way P. Yarnum 1 ' A. Vecellio - ' - C. Wade ii il W ii M F'01l7'UL Row: Minsker. Howard. Laird. Thayer. Hoffman, O'Neil Vecellio. and Willcv. Third Row: Barr, Melntyre. Lewis. Bibb, VVade. Hoge. and De Furia. ' Secovirl Row: Wilson. Casto, Vilflllllll, Thayer, Laird, SZHDHIOIIS, Higgins, and Lee. First Row: Way, Carter, Ruby, Eubank, Flynn, Coleman, Banks, and Beach. if it it it ii it 'A if Y V X . ' if if 'ir it 'A' fir 'wk it i' uk S I 5,,....,.,.. 1 m'M X H M' + .- 2-.exam w V Hx H 1. ' - VLA: M:.,,, V W. , . H " W Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. C ct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1935 0 Zl-Roanoke College ,,.,... ,.,,. .,,,,,, B 1 acksburg, 28-Clemson College ..................,,,..,. ,..,,,,,,,, B lacksburg, 5-University of Maryland ,,,,,,,,,,,,......,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Baltimore, l2-The College of William and lVlary ..................... Richmond, I9 ' ' -Un1vers1ty of Florida ,,,......,,,......,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., 26-Washington and Lee University ,,,,,,.......,....... Bluefield, W 2--University of South Carolina ................ ............ B lackshurg 9- North Carolina State College .... I6-University of Virginia ............ 28-Virginia Military Institute .....,. ...,...Por'tsmouth, Charlottesville ......................Roanoke, Va Va lVl:l Va Tampa, Florida Va Va Va Va Va THE VIRGINIA TECH Official Organ of the Stuclerit Body of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute Distribution: l000 subscriptions in the student hotly, read by 2000 readers. 400 subscriptions to all leading high schools, in Vir- ginia and adjacent states, reaching 49,200 students. ' fActual survey., The acZ'Uertising range reaches a group of buyers new forming their buying habits. WRITE THE BUSINESS MANAGER, BLACKSBURG, VA., FOR RATES ,398 Each year hundreds of freshmen, and perhaps just as many upperclassmen, pause before the end of one, then another, of those high old bookcases on the east side of the College Library and gaze curiously, mayhap a bit rev- erently, at the pictures hanging there. The old teams of Virginia Tech look down from those prints of yesterday. They are the boys of the nineties and years not much later. They recline in that sprawling nonchalance with which teams of those days somehow had a habit of group- ing themselves. Their most striking adornment, other than very odd-looking attire, is long hair, and here and there is a halfback or a lineman with a moustache. The observer reads, "The First V. P. I. Football Team, 1892," or "The Team of '94," and similar captions. A long trail stretches out in the wake of these groups- a trail that leads right up to the present hour. Few of the many who look with perhaps a whimsical sort of curi- osity realize what thought and effort, even sacrifices, mark each milestone of the years along that route. It was not an easy path-the long line of development and expan- sion that wends its way from yesterday to today. Hap- pily, the story of it is one of gradual advancement. The history of Virginia Tech athletics falls logically into three periods. The First Era is from 1872, the year the college was founded, to 1891, when a student athletic association was first formed. The Second Era spans the years from 1891 to 1903, the year that athletics were placed under a permanent system of management. The Third Era is from 1903 to the present. The Fir!! Em The first two decades in the life of the, then, Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, brought forth only haphazard, unorganized efforts toward sport. No guiding hand molded the Hrst link in the athletic chain: it took shape solely through undirected student initiative. It is natural to view the athletics of the First Era as a VIRGINIA TECH ATHLETICS A HISTORICAL SKETCH ' By IVIEI. JEFFRIES, '26 foundation for what was to follow. Yet this foundation, viewed as a framework for the organized program of the nineties, was a sandy thing at best. It was in no wise a program, though there were doubtless games and compe- titions of various sorts, all intramural. Few of these could have been planned ahead. They were mostly the sudden brain-child of buoyant youth, which then, as now, needs must have its exercise and its rivalry. Track and field sports in an organized way were em- bryonic, even in the older institutions of a bustling young America that was still licking the wounds of civil strife. Here the sport was a venture unborn, though friendly rival- ry in feats of running and jumping must have enlivened many a balmy spring evening. There was admiration, of course, for physical prowess but no thought of a team. The sport of ancient Helos had not yet captivated young America, least of all the isolated plateau atop the Alle- ghanies. ' The youth of the seventies were rapidly becoming ac- quainted with the new game of baseball. Few mitts or gloves were to be had, yet most of the cadets knew the principles of the game. Lengthening shadows back of Number,One Barracks put a halt to more than one "choose up" game ere the first graduating class had voiced its fare- well to alma mater. Several cadets, among them Harry M. Smith, now a prominent attorney of Richmond, are said to have played on a local town and campus nine in 1877. In the eighties, teams that often, if not always, were a combination of town and campus players, met rival outfits of the vicinity. Nevertheless, a sports con- sciousness that thirsts for victory over teams of rival col- leges had not yet touched the V. A. M. C. cadets. During this time, football, so soon to become the great- est of college sports, was rearing its head in the East at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia and Rutgers. It, more than baseball, was to usher in the Second Era of Vir- ginia Tech athletics. f The Second Em. Nothing is permanent except change. Likewise, change, in the sense of progress, comes of effort, oft-times of sac- riflce. So it was with the Second Era of Tech sports. Youthful vigor, coupled with some serious effort on 399 The I Virginia Tech Engineer A technical journal, published bi- nionthly by the engineering students of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Subscription: 31.00 Per Year I Write BUSINESS ll1ANAGER '1?H'E VIRGINIA TECH ENGINEER BLACKSEURG, WTIRGINIA Clover Brand lce Cream f' M anufacturecl by CLOVER Cvreczmery Covmacwzry I nc. X-lx ROANOKE, VA. RADFORD the part of those students most interested in one or more branches of athletics, had furthered a growing sports con- sciousness within the student body as the so-called "gay nineties" approached. Nor was the faculty untouched by it. On September 26, 1891, a few days after the new session commenced, the cadet corps met and formally organized the V. A. M. C. Athletic Association. The first officers of the association were joseph A. Massie, presi- dent, james XV. Osborne, vice-president, and Adam T. Finch, secretary and treasurer. The affairs of the association were quite limited and not burdensome, so the organization was placed wholly under student management, where it remained until the graduate management set-up was introduced. After much discussion, black and cadet gray were named as the college colors, and the college yell was finally chosen to be: H "Rip Rah-Reel Va., Va., Vee! Virginia, Virginia! A. M. C." The athletic association, newly adopted foster child of student life, newly gowned and given a battle cry, felt first the growing pains of football. Some attempt was made that fall to arouse an interest in the game. The chief crusaders in this cause were Professor E. A. Smyth, jr., and Cadets joseph Massie, j. W. Stull, HQB. Pratt, Jr., C. T. Friend, and S. Vance Lovenstein. Under the entreaties of the ring-leaders, some of the students assem- bled almost every afternoon on the undulating terrain where Barracks Number Four and Barracks Number Seven now stand, and chose up sides for scrub games. Professor Smyth and Cadet Stull always served as captains of the rival teams. History records that "it was not football, and yet we had some fun." There Cadet Massie, who was to become a star guard at the University of Virginia and later the trainer fcoachj of Tech's 1894 team, first played the game. The first football team that went forth to battle in the name of the college took the field one year later, in the fall of 1892. On October 21st, the Rip Rah Ree boys faced St. Albans School, of Radford, back of "Number One," and were the victors, 14 to 10, without benefit of much in the way of team play. Strength, weight and staying powers outlasted the strategy and skill of a lighter foe on an up and down gridiron whose bounds were plow furrows. Unselfish, whole-hearted personalities brighten the story of the early elevens. The loyalty and zeal of Professor Ellison A. Smyth, Jr., was unflagging. To him, more per- haps than to any other one person, belongs the credit of starting football at Virginia Tech. He is, indeed, the "Father of Virginia Tech football." The first team was the fruit of untiring effort, not only of Dr. Smyth but of Professor W. E. Anderson, a former University of Virginia player, and Cadets Stull and Pratt. This quartet took counsel together when school opened 401 Roanoke Hardware Company Distributors for MARTIN-SENOUR MONARCH PAINT-IOOZJ 109 W. Campbell Ave. Roanoke, Va. aff awe Martha washington Qianhiss The MOUNT VERNON Package The PLANTATION ASSORTMENT 314 S. JEFFERSON ST. ROANOKE, VA. irheart- irk Clothing Company lncorporated P' CHAPEL HILL CLOTHES Favored by College ZVIefn, Everywhere 25 W. Campbell Ave., Roanoke, Va. Q TIM I -ff N .L 1.1: - Y " Q Ea,y Al,lt ,Jwi Eu yy '- .,,.,g.-,. ,' ' or ' 1 4'-T.. ' -iQ ' ' U BRUYA Compliments of l GUY'S, Inc. A Good Place to Eat ROANOKE, VA. VLV6.4iIfIfL6lfLll VO. I Steadily increasing is the chorus of business leaders, jurists, and financiers who, consulting wide experience, advise young men to make life insurance their first investment. This is Wise counsel if for no other reason than that the younger a man is the more insurance he gets for less money. The fore- sighted young man will first capitalize his future earning-power through life insurance. Time enough after this has been done for ventures into speculative fields. QA-B Jl4AbLZElfLCE 0l'lfl,j9HflfL7 of RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ' Established 1871 ' BRADFORD I-LWALKER, President 402 JQTE' lV1anufactu1'ers of Treasure Craft Jewelry and Stationery Since 1897 Makers of 1936 Class Ring Avmozmces the Acceptance of Contract for I 9 3 7 Class Ring 0 OWATANNA MINNESOT x 43 in the fall of '92, studied the game, ordered equipment and aroused enthusiasm. The team of '93 lost both of its games despite a zeal just as great on the part of familiar crusaders. Without victory to bolster conndence, enthusiasm for athletics was at rather low ebb when the session of 1894-'95 opened. Some misgivings as to football were evident in the stu- dent body, as well as within ranks of the faculty, which, excepting Professors Smyth and Anderson, had shown little interest in it. joseph Massie, newly graduated from the University, was the modern Horatius who "kept the bridge" against the inertia and discouragement that would retard progress. He answered the call of his first alma mater and coached the team without pay. He enrolled as a post-graduate and served not only as coach but as quar- terback. After four shut-out triumphs, the Techs played their first game with V. M. I.-a fiercely-fought test at Staunton, which V. M. I. won, 10 to 6. The new sport, thriving now upon the superb tonic called Victory, had come to stay. Ever helpful, President McBryde gave the boys a part of the horticultural gardens for athletic use. The game became more firmly entrenched in the next three years under the wise guidance and tire- less efforts of Dr. Edward E. Sheib, one of the great per- sonalities of all time in Tech athletics. Dr. Sheib came from Tulane University in the fall of '95 to occupy the chair of history and English literature. He left the Insti- tute in '98, beloved and admired. The athletic grounds were called Sheib Field, in his honor. Vicrories over V. M. I. at the close of the seasons of '95 and '96 tacked a welcome sprig of laurel to a tattered gridiron banner that rode out the rough storms of crush- ing defeats by University of Virginia and University of North Carolina. The banner, moreover, changed color in the fall of '96. The now familiar orange and maroon replaced the black and cadet gray. The college itself changed its name: the Virginia Agricultural and Mechan- ical College became the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. No more did the cry of "Rip Rah Reel" rend the air. The now familiar "Hokie" yell took its place about the time that the Institutes '96 team first donned the new colors, on October 20th, against Roanoke College. Then, as now, teams of growing importance had a way of being an increased expense. Professor Smyth and Dr. Sheib generously met the deficit each year until 1898, when it became too great. War clouds were Hying higher than the drooping banner of a poverty-stricken football team. But Major W. Stull, a hero of the first years, put a team on the field. A new personality f'bent his shoulder to the wheel" in '99, And this man, Professor Charles E. Vawter, bore all alone the brunt of financial responsibility until 1901, Professor William H. Rasche, at present head of the De- partment of Graphics, was another dominant figure in ath- letic affairs of the day. Finances of the association stead- ily improved as faculty and students contributed unselfishly of money, time and effort in the interest of athletics. 404 CALDWELL-SITES CO. 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Y 5 L if-P-'mli'1ff '11 1:93 i?r"iXf,- '.'v2f, 'x,,, ?'3 3?!E .. , U ..: -I - " 'MC' 5Z:'i.E:iZF:1,u"i:fa.iE1?5:'-"Ll ?, aiff?Vf . - "'q'5?au2jfwYiQ,73?,:s2feHg,i,,?xf:1+-'mrgigy Ypmfim . ' Eff-.-fffzv 42 Izw, E : 406 The stirring drama of football sometimes has a way of making those who love it blind to the virtues and impor- tance of other sports. Football was dominant, even in its first ten years at the college, yet baseball gained an even larger following. As early as the spring of '92 the 'cadets had sent forth what is said to be the first all-cadet nine that carried the name and colors of the V. A. M. C. This team rode over Brush Mountain by the torturous trail- for it was little more than that-and trimmed the New- ports, 18 to 8. Dr. Walter B. Ellett, who for years has been an able and popular figure on the Institute faculty, was one of the cadets who played in that game. The first baseball game with V. M. I. was played at Roanoke, May 15, 1897, and V. P. I. won, 6 to 1. The Hrst game with the University of Virginia, played at Charlottesville, May 2, 1900, was a 12 to 0 defeat, but the boys shut out Wash- ington and Lee, 2 to O, at Roanoke three days later in the first clash with the Generals. As early as 1894 athletic interest was reaching out to new fields and new methods. Class football and baseball teams were organized. The plan was hailed as an impor- tant step forward by campus publications and soon had built up a strong class rivalry. These teams were the main source of varsity material. They were the stepping stone to varsity honors and varsity stardom. The Coloee, a college paper devoted mainly to athletics, was established in 1897. Its life span covered less than a year, due to financial troubles, yet it was a sure index to the increasing interest in sports. Three years previous student writers on the staff of The Gray faciaet, the monthly literary magazine of the corps, had voiced in unmistakable terms the tenets of a growing sports consciousness. One declares that "There is no reason why athletic sports should not attain the prominence here that they have at other col- leges of the South." He deplores the lack of "a complete gymnasium or other facilities for indoor practice" but re- joices that "The President and faculty are heartily in sym- pathy with everything that is done to promote athletic in- terests." His message was, indeed, no false outcry. Rather was it an added proof that the athletic spirit then sweep- ing the country was proving so strong that barriers of con- servatism at the V. A. M. C., just as on many another cam- pus, could not prevail against it. The first Field Day exercises, held in the spring of 1896, were as sure a sign of the mounting cognizance of sports as the robin is of approaching spring. They were the start of track and field sports at the Institute, though ten years were to elapse before any V. P. I. athlete was to dash along the cinders in competition with a collegiate rival. The facilities provided for the first Field Day--a clay that was the forerunner of bigger and better ones of its kind-were poor indeed. There was no graded run- ning track and no field apparatus other than what the cadets themselves had improvised. The contestants had undergone no preliminary training, yet Lewis Ingles ran the century clash in ten seconds and Luther johns broad jumped farther than 19 feet. Ingles already had become Zfantel 1Batrirk iaenrp ROANOKE, VA. A. B. Moody, Manager 300 ROOMS 300 BATHS Terrace Dining Room, Coyfee Shoppe and Private Dining Rooms Modern in Every Respect-Courteous Service The Meeting Place of Roanoke CA ROBERT MEYER HOTEL, Moclernize Your Home Make it a 1935 Model ECG umber Company QINCORPORATEDJ CHRISTIANSBURG, VA. 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' N. ff-'I'fEw5f S-E :Vik .5 L" " .' F-I '. "?a.i,'-'rf S' 'kifpfxij 3.5. :. , 2 -giizei' .,,,r. , .,,:..5353-ml-s22f5gf',-.'F:si-, 5, f:j:.?.1.'i:i.5f+,-rg, 'Lrg ' i"- ,,::, .,., ' . 'lqqpifqlhi ,gqsmim 1 -I r his ww W , s , . .1 , ' 1 v"", . I ' .Q in . ..,Ml.T,H vQ'Mi,QQ1L -H e, . gl, A , .1 ' .. .:"""'JIM.Qf...zszQ5vie4-1351puff img, -if 4 4 3,u,Yi.ff,?gf.'ggJW 13" J 1'f1'fF:'S.: 'Z if . . .'.' YJ' ' S "'7: fem : n . g5ef 1If - 'XIII ,u.,f.5.........4,..1..1.w. I. . ..e. L.. -r.1.. .- f -f--J. '- JL hf1,i3.-'Ar .asf-Q-f.. I a fiaming meteor of the gridiron whose deeds at halfback rank him, even now, with the Institutes all-time great. Thus the first step toward a new sport was taken. Ingles' pounding feet on the green turf in '96 are echoed today in each sharp swish of the steel spikes that dig into the cinders of the Miles Stadium track. The important interclass rivalry, heightened anew by the Field Day program each year, became more than ever a clarion call to the banner of sport. This rivalry was a lively entry in the augmented sports parade that marched up to the portals of the new century. When the new century started, all athletic signs at the college were pointing to "Fair Weather Ahead." There was now a growing confidence that athletics could be self- sustaining. Football, in particular, had made rapid strides the two preceding years. The team of '99 had lost only to Virginia and the team of 1900 had proved its mettle by soundly defeating North Carolina A. and M. and tying University of North Carolina. Under the coaching of Dr. A. B. Morrison, of Cornell, the eleven of 1901 had startled the South Atlantic sector by its brilliant play in defeating every opponent except Virginia. The V. P. I. had taken its place among the gridiron elite of Dixie. Brilliant players were climbing to stardom: such stal- warts as Hunter Carpenter, "Sally" Miles, Peter Willson, john Counselman and C. I. B. DeCamps. To the rabidly partisan fandom of the day their names stood for speed and daring. A team built around such men was bound to attract followers and spectators. The importance of football as an activity of cadet life thus mounted per- ceptibly. The college rightly felt that athletics at the institution had reached a point where the students alone could not control and manage them properly. The hour for faculty supervision was at hand. President McBryde appointed a committee consisting of Professors Smyth, Vawter and Pritchard, of which Professor Vawter was chairman, to have supervision over athletic affairs. There was graduated from the Institute in june, 1901, a cadet who was destined to play a prominent role in athletic affairs during the next few years. This alumnus, james H. Gibboney, answered the first call while a gradu- ate student during the session of 1901-'02, Delegated by the Faculty Committee to draft a plan of permanent gradu- ate management of athletics, his was the hand that carved out the new set-up. This set-up placed the management of athletic affairs in the hands of a graduate manager, who is appointed by, and responsible to, the Athletic Council, of which he is chairman. This plan went into effect dur- ing the session of 1905-'04. It is the same today except that several changes have been made in the council mem- bership, which is now smaller. Mr. Gibboney himself was chosen as the first graduate manager in 1904 and held the position while serving as instructor in chemistry, until he left the college in 1906. He was also instrumental in starting the student newspaper, The Virginia Tech, which remained the oflicial organ of the General Athletic Association until it became the official organ of the stu- vf- -'--- . -- . tt.. r.. .... 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Centrally located , il WY' gl! ---and providing distinc- V , 2 . . . X tive service witl1 excellent g food and reasonable rates. A : mecca For college students and their iamilies For more tlwan tl1ree score years. PIURPI-IYI? Horn. lViurpl1y'sl1as been a F5 5 f 4 0 ,arg R I C H MON D V I RG' Nl A E545-fi AQ? 1 an ' RI 1 ' gf rfi-.fvitijq 5 i 1 1 IJ , i gQfgg,,g QI1 1 1 " " c yfqf --f " X- 637. "i7' . a s EE E ,5 . Qin g M, VIN. - . . -,, , - -w Y- W. cv. Z W zfef ff L59 9 6670319654249 6 412 dent body in 1932. It was with funds created by the Tech that the first permanent bleachers were erected on the athletic field. Mr. Gibboney made a significant contribution to the well- being of his alma mater. 'It was fitting that Sheib Field, enlarged and regraded during the session of 1901-'02, was soon thereafter renamed Gibboney Field. The Tbiwl fm Placed on the sound basis of the new set-up, Virginia Tech athletics at once gave convincing proof that they could be self-sustaining. The college-faculty as well as students-became keenly interested in the athletic teams. Victory was sweet, defeat merely a boon to greater loy- alty and to greater determination to work together for teams that would bring honor, prestige and glory to the school. When Mr. Gibboney relinquished control, baseball was firmly entrenched as a sport. But football was the mon- arch of the local sports realm. Brilliant players, strong elevens, righting traditions sent loyalty and enthusiasm to a new high. The phenomenal Hunter Carpenter, at right halfback, became the greatest player in all the Southland, and the East, too, felt the sting of this well-nigh unbeat- able boy. Virginia Tech football perched itself upon the top rung in Dixie. Army and Navy were counted among victims beyond the Potomac, their defenses riddled by a fighting line and a flaming comet called Carpenter. The captain and right tackle of the 1903 team that trimmed the Naval Academy eleven was a strapping boy, six feet two inches tall, a young giant who had a way of beating the ends downfield under punts and spilling the receivers. His was a name to conjure with on South At- lantic gridirons-in spite of the fact his teammates called him "Sally" and his mother had christened him Clarence Paul. His career as a player on gridiron and diamond was a worthy contribution to alma mater. His contribution in years to follow-years that still roll on-was to be much greater. Save for three short intervals since 1905, "Sally" Miles has been the directing head and a driving force in Virginia Tech athletics. He was assistant football coach in 1904 undre Dr. J. C. O'Connor, was head coach in '05 and '06, coach of baseball in '05, '07, '13, and '14. He was first appointed graduate manager in 1908. Under his tutelage the team of 1905 defeated the Mili- tary Academy eleven at West Point, 16 to 6. Three weeks later the Techs realized a ten-year-old dream in whipping the University of Virginia by a score of 11 to O on Lam- beth Field, at the University. This game, preceded by disputes and fiercely fought, caused an 18-year break in athletic relations between the two institutions. Thus there was started a close identity with athletics that has shaped the athletic policies of the Institute. As an influential committeeman of the Southern Conference for ten years, as President of that body in 1952 and 1935, and as a member of the National Wrestling Rules Com- mittee, his influence has extended far afield. The brevity of this narrative does not, however, permit even the sem- . 4I3 Clothes for the Collegian liffade to measure by STAR DIRECT TAILORS From Malcer to Wearer Baltimore, Maryland See Ben H. Bolling at the College Book Store o--'-H-----'--f--'-------'-------'-- --ii------1'-----'--f--Q--f o I 7 . 3 Green s Hotel I I H ome-Like Atmosphere I . 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Three facts concerning his unfinished career stand out now at a time when it is too early to appraise his regime accurately: First, that he holds a warm and en- during love for his alma mater and a true devotion to all that he deems to be to her best interests, no one doubts, Second, he is not a hand-shaker and diplomat, even in a broad sense, but is evidently a far-sighted manager and strict financier, Third, he has ever been a torch-bearer for clean athletics properly conducted. "Sally" Miles dreamed of an imposing new stadium for 20 years before the first spade full of earth was turned in its making. He made the stadium possible by careful and conscientious handling of the funds of the Athletic Association. Named in his honor by the cadet corps of the institution shortly before its dedication in October, 1926, Miles Stadium stands as the greatest material monu- ment to his stewardship. Back of it there stands an inher- ent honesty and strict integrity from which he has not swerved. This integrity, a keynote of his long career, Miles aptly voiced in 1922 in a message to the student body: "With the honor of one's college, and the honor of one's self, ever before us, athletics can be the greatest force in college life for the upbuilding of true character." But athletic history is spun by teams as well as by graduate managers. The football teams from 1906 to the stirring days of the World War lost few games in Vir- ginia and frequently took first rank in the state. Once or twice each year they went North and put up splendid battles against football's mightiest machines of the day, and sev- eral times scored moral victories, even though actual tri- umph was denied them. The years were not many in which Virginia Tech failed to rank with the first flight in Southern football. Track was inaugurated as an intercollegiate sport of the college in 1906 and basketball in 1908. Within five years the track teams were able to hold their own among teams of the South Atlantic. The old athletic grounds, first known as Sheib Field, later as Gibboney Field, was again re- graded, enlarged and improved in 1909 and was renamed Miles Field. A running track was laid and facilities pro- vided for the field events. This field, now regraded to serve as part of the drill and parade grounds of the col- lege, was used for all outdoor sports until Miles Stadium was built. Standing on the threshold of an augmented sports pro- gram, the Athletic Association adopted a new constitution in 1907. With four sports on the calendar in 1908, the old system of separate coaches for football and baseball was discarded and Branch Bocock, a Georgetown alumnus, was appointed athletic director and coach of all four sports, and served ably for two years. His first eleven, the team of I09, won the championship of the South, and the basket- ball teams of '10 and '11 lost only one game in two years. Coach Bocock returned in 1912 for a four-year tenure that brought other notable successes. Mr. Miles, having re- 417 1, Complifments of NOLDE BROTHERS Makers of American lllaifl Bread-Cairns RICHMOND, VIRGINIA R. H. Lowe, Inc. -imdb- Pl-zunzbing -- Herrtiv1.g - Roofing C07'LII7'CLCf07'S -4083- ROANOKE, VIRGINIA TI-IE l935 BUGLE is bound in zz KIN GSKRAF T COVER nun-vnnpv .Quo-:nun-v-ann Designed and Produced by the KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE MEET ME AT TI-IE TEXAS TAVIERN II4 West Church Avenue and 6II Main St., Lynchburg, Va. 611 Main St. Lynchuburg, Va. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA 51: Hamburger Chile IOC Denver and Western Sandwiches W'e seat 1000 people-10 at a time .lk -. I I fs "9 'JN -HU,-EHZQ " I' I :SW H mm, :I f U, 5:1 I II: HI E V F , y La f- - ------,-W ,M...T ,,., , ' ' ' ,...,Q .fm " H 1 u I sw - 325352 . I wx. 1 sy M, -M mf IW :Wg wt N E7 . N ,Q , , . , . . 1- "f':'7f ':',f1. -.w. ' 'jv 'V-2 , I f V, JL I . ,.,, . ,, I I ,.1 - -fe 1 I , 5311 sqm." 'I ,Want X4 - I X' I I I QM .. H is , "IMI, jg, IM 1 . ,I '55 , 949 .L X A ' ,. an ,H Ivy X xl H I ' E f I, , X I ' ,- I I ' wi -Y Xxfxv .!':f:'2ff'fi:g4s1fI1, A f wt ',..' ' ff, 'l'LwL,- :ell -' ',I1:.Il' 'LV-7 I ' I ' " 1 -7 " ' , ':" v' 'L H' 1 3.5 xp-49,2 "V J, Img X9 J, ft . '45-3,9 , f " A 1 I, Q .iw ' 'H I ' H 226' ' ' - ' sszzgu f' jwivix ' 1,7 In - 1: ' -it ' DAT A I ,J I ' WL, fi' ' - ' ,It .. . , A 455 Q , q, FTE l...7 '. lack- ogan 0. INCORPORATED One-Price Department Store Walkover Shoes, Munsingwear, Stetson Hats, Griffon Clothes, Pillow Cases, Sheets, Bathrobes MEN'S FURNISHINGS AND TUXEDOS mAAAAAA ONE PRICE TO ALL BLACKSBURG VIRGINIA A. Frank 85 Sons ESTABLISHED I 8 6 5 I Supplies for Clothiers and Uniform Dlanufacturers . 327 W. Baltimore Street Phone Plaza 6266 BALTIMORE, MD. "The M anis Store" Smart CLOTHES FOR THE MAN who cares! STYLE, QUALITY VALUE and SERVICE Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention BUSH 8: HANCOCK 2 2 W. Campbell ROANOKE J. E. Blackwell 81 Son Wholesale Prociuce Caterers To The V. 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ROSENBERG 8: SONS "THRU-T1-1E-BLoK" Mid-Way Service Station Between Blacksburg and Christiansburg ESSO OFFICIAL STANDARD ESSOLENE "lVIost Popular Station for All V. P. I. MC'7Z,, COMPLETE CAR SERVICE DAY AND NIGHT "Sunshine" Kanode, Mgr. THE PURCHASE OF OUR NEW CREATIONS IN PLUMBING FIX- TURES WILL MAKE YOUR BATH ROOM AND KITCHEN AS AT- TRACTIVE AS YOUR LIVING ROOM. Visit Our' Showroom at No. 11 Salem Avenue OLA D COMPA , NC. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA signed as graduate manager in 1912, was again appointed in 1914 and held the reins until 1918. Charles A. Bernier, who had been an outstanding cadet and athlete at the college in 1911-'12, became athletic di- rector ancl coach in 1918. An able man of the highest athletics well until his resignation These were the war years and the The athletic program was curbed college became mainly a training type, he served Tech in the spring of 1920. first post-war session. drastically when the ground for the Student Army 'Training Corps. Hundreds of cadets went from the college to the cantonments, and thence overseas. Among them were athletes and other cadets who fell on shell-torn nelds and now sleep their eternal sleep beneath the sod of France. Time shall not erase from Tech football traditions either the names, or the enduring personalities or the example of jay Frank Clemmer and of "Rusty" Moore, the great center of the teams of '15 and '16. The outstanding team of the Bernier regime is the eleven of 1918, which is the only undefeated and untied team in Tech football history. In seven games its goal line was crossed only once. The fortunes of Tech football ebbed somewhat in 1919 and '20, though some of the old stars were back from the trenches. Meanwhile, the basketball teams were battling their way to the high pinnacle. Elevens of '21 and '22 found the comeback trail under Ben Cribbage and Monk Younger, the latter a star end of pre-war days, Younger helped Cubbage turn out a South Atlantic title winner in '22 and moved on to Davidson. Cubbage was succeeded in 1926 by Andy Gustafson, fresh out of Pitt, where he had been a great fullback. For three years the terrific driv- ing power of Gustafson's double wing backs was built around a classy backfield quartet called the Pony Express. The scintillant figure in this backfield was Frank Peake, whose phenomenal ball carrying exploits may well chal- lenge those of Hunter Carpenter. The Pony Express backfield was just finding itself on October 25, 1926. This day was, certainly in one sense, the greatest in the history of Tech athletics. The new Miles Stadium, far from com- plete, and the new 1'S400,000 Wfar'Memorial Hall and gymnasium were dedicated. Stadia dedications, the record books show, are seldom accompanied by the tom-toms of victory, but the Techs shook oil' the jinx just long enough to eke out a 6 to 0 win over Virginia. Virginia Tech had become a- charter member of the Southern Conference when that far-Hung sports body was formed in 1921. The junior varsity outfits, which had served as a stepping stone to varsity teams in '19 and '20, were done away with and, in accordance with Conference rules, freshman athletics were installed, with Henry fPussj Redd as head freshman coach. A system of mass ath- letics, embracing compulsory physical education classes and an intramural sports program, was instituted by the college in 1920. Wrestling and tennis became intercollegiate sports in 1921 and were recognized by the Athletic Asso- 42l I mx, M .M . 1, ..p,' J - - ,Avid , , - 4 :.2 it-fi ' A "-- -. . . , ... A 1, Z, :Q ."' I , fzfsi., ,,:-Ev 7 :U 'Q-avr' Q "' I my t W ln' N ,V ,ff 'jyhfgfvtt I. ' -f. ., '-N, ,',-"- ' ' -' 7 " ': 5-' ' - we-,., .'f. A 41. " ', "'-4 ' 1 g,51+t.r2..'f3z. , fi ,, " t!Q"?t"a4 L -' v . 3 1 1. - ' f: - , ' Wft' 1" L "-2,5151 qrfq-gl . , -,, ,, X. , PM ,,. ,, .x ,.. 2. 3, L, , -,,,,w, NQYQSWJ , 1"""4', ,f M iii E f 1' lf? :q i TH 12 w x QA - 5 ' ' I in X II i -.. i "1 I A , W X I 1 'A 1 7 i 1 f U 0, I , ,Q ' X -tu f CTE? 'Egg a M' I! H 15 S 'Q' IL I U , ,, , -.17 B TL. Y -M l, . W zzwfsm- , Q' 1 ' -,i-5,1-ly' EfJ53J'f?1Q - ' 9' ' I AE Ni-1, WLS: .QA - ' ' Q , AE? H , t f F? fi 't f t . f tt - -2 - gs Q T 1 ' , e QL, ,sf , '15, , , " f.fg.f1t1 1 x ., v su T ' 'f ' I Q. N ,V ,. X 4, ' ,, ,. V ,,A , .. L H . ,A fr U '.j!4'4t 0 X I U f x 1 .5 H., O , 1 M - ., Q.f:1PQ,4 ,. . , 2 ,f M fi, .Mn ,W.,,,',-,.,i. 1, T ' -'f'E"'-5:2531 '1-5, -,.5.,?iLnYx.g5i,3ug X f 4 ' ' ifiQv' 5'?if??f?', ' . iw V J-.g'i:: 5,-." . 1 4 ' fT',-"vr.t1:' C Q .f. fr A-" F91-y xr- " - 1- f' .,, - X -, I-,-, , , - - ve'-A - ' t, A sa - :1 . sf N W w W V H , X me 1 t a ,Y . , , 3 ,A '.-'Ai ' -V ' ei ' ff- - 'f 'W it O I ML .EQ , ,af-ew' ' , iii - V 277 nb 9- i5fggli'f'v':. '51, , Q- A if ggi, - 'Y I r Q, ff 1-f.71"?fYif"":j"'l-,T -177, "1-, -1 'V ,H 'V .,5ff1fffQ1.g'f7Qg ,U '?i2f'?Qr,1g,i,-S?'f?L1F'f " 1,4-H2 1'-it '- :ill 5'5ff-,:,1'f7:i"4!9'f't": O? t ' 1 ,gi 1 1 -' 55-1339" "A" ,dba J., , . , l LL - J - i lyric anti little Theatres Plank and Whitsett, Inc. SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRUG STORE 'G The Merfs Shop " PICKWICK BILLIARD PARLOR 422 here and there, despite some assistance from the college. Many ,are of the opinion that a compulsory athletic fee, such as that in vogue at most other Southern -colleges, is highly desirable at Virginia Tech. The plan is not yet in effect. 4 Despite current financial difiiculties, the panorama of Tech sports is ever changing. A new swimming pool, made possible by gifts from alumni and patrons, was opened in 1955. Golf, as well as swimming, has joined way point of the "prosperous twenties" the perspective on sports had so shifted and its scope become so much broader that the Athletic Council wrote a new constitu- tion, which was adopted by the association. - The late twenties came, with their few briefs years of amazing prosperity. Additions were made to the per- manent seats of the Miles Stadium horseshoe, through the generosity of a loyal alumnus, the War Memorial Hall was handsomely equipped, a brimming sports program attained full stride, at startling cost, a :HS-44,000.00 "gate" paid to see Tech and V. M. I. renew their ancient gridiron feud at Roanoke. Yet the prosperous and poor look alike to Father Time. There always comes the hour when the paths of men must part. Frank Peake left the gridiron stage in '28 and Andy Gustafson resigned as head coach soon after the '29 season. "Bird" Hooper almost filled Peake's shoes in the Tech backfield, yet the elevens left little to cherish in coming years until the present alumni coaching staff answered the call of alma mater in 1932. Henry fPussj Redd, the head coach, had made a remark- able record as tutor of freshman elevens that lost only nine games in 49 over a ten-year span. Monk Younger and Tex Tilson, his associates, had left no doubt of their ability during a nine-year tenure at Davidson College. All three were former stars and captains of Techelevens. The first product of the new regime was a sparkling eleven that crushed every foe except Alabama, numbering Georgia among its victims, and bagged the state championship. The last two seasons have brought no titles. Feeling the financial pinch of the times, the Athletic Association has "tightened its belt," so to speak, the past few years. It is marking time after the rapid expansion of "the prosperous twenties," even curbing the program The Lilley-Ames Co. eq COLUMBUS, OHIO Manufacturers of Military and College rf UNIFORMS and Equipment X SABRES AND swoRDs go ll at jx Y ,F ga A Catalog on Request 423 X' lu...trims-Ad:' MEYER ,L-, ,.,iT V w a ,I V gf.. ...w-ax,-f x J i 1 F3 l 4 4? at SABRES and Sabre Equipment for the V. P. I. CORPS For more than half a century N. S. Meyer, lnc., have been privileged to supply the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and other branches of the Service with their requirements of sabres, swords, insignia, buttons and other uniform equipment. Our experience of fifty years as manufacturers and distrib- utors of quality products is your guarantee of satisfactory performance. MAKERS OF SABRES For The Class Of I935 N. S. MEYER, INC. NEW YORK t it iv is :- w mi t iulru " aff .hal -,, ,.:' , . i., People Witlz Discrimiffmtivzg Tastes Prefer E-SSKQY QUALITY MEAT PRODUCTS because of their Deliciousness, Purity, VVholesomeness, and FRESHNESS O THE WM. SCHLUDERBERG T. J. KURDLE CO. 317 E. Campbell Ave. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA ii ii im .af fe 4 i i ,J W . . . ...,. Mk Q, .Wes J,,,M?gy,,2gX is ms 3-Qyvgisso.-if Ugg? Q as,gw,,,,, 45 .QW . ,NM .. A' - . , ., ek , is 1 5 Q of ' We ei ge f 'F em ' - I , Q .f 'Q we f 2 i 1 EXW gave gc ew' 4,- Jfvi og Y' gg' 6?,Qf?7iU'v gf: Ngsjlgf :new fm we 2 iwfwf.: ff A. vfflgs- 4 M 4 Megane.. M1-f Q X ,fs M A ek ss v 3 A f , Q X A f T Jambi' V., v se .K Qwwfs U1 v 1 92 V5 'f f vig W s N 33 we 122 Q miss i y.4i..Ve2,.,Q .yn ,Yay ,v , . gy. f pg Weep 'fe' Q y. f f .1 :rx-s' 'is 'f vs ,,ifJ,?' as g 5' -95 -a gy X igjgf' 3 exe? " I 3 ,fi S fi 5 si-., 5 ' -ff 0 As 'f' 9 ef ,eyof iyfey 'se ge! figwgwszw 355,33 3321. feez?Qje 'ef 4 ,5 s V5 few gf pe 0 Mil' ? Qww 2 if Q5 V 0,!o .ggi i 1 53 S ,551 A W jjgggvf . 2 M sf QM f as 4 X W 4 4 ii give ggi? ,W X bl. Dansk? is w ofzzfqivfffnggi VS? ffgef W wi g is 9 fe W , 2 we 1 8 W , 95 X D 'A is .W is W 2 Q N Qi? f ' figs Q A af' Q2 M qv Z Qgw Q M we A 2 1' we f ANY outstanding e m p I 0 y e r s W e have met look upon pipe smokers as the men most likely to he thinking men, men who make decisions calmly, men who can concentrate. Men of this calibre, they say, prefer a good pipe and tobacco . . '. Perhaps it is true, then, that pipe smoking SMOKING sometimes helps in get- ting a job. And for pipe smokers, there's one tobacco which, above all others, is 'fjust right" for pipes. That is Edgeworth-the tobacco that combines slow - burning niildness and coolness with a rich tobacco flavor. Larus SL Bro. Co., Richmond, Va. TOBACCO .. ED' E UHTH ciation the following year. Wrestling became popular under George Herring, a talented young coach whose teams annexed four championships in eight years. Boxing was started by Karl A. fDickj Esleeck, a cadet, in 1925, and one year later was recognized by the association. Boxing and wrestling were made freshman sports also in 1928 and were established as major sports in 1931. At the half- the ranks of the ever-growing list of teams, though neither sport is as yet under management of the Athletic Asso- ciation. The association at present sponsors 12 teams and employs six full-time coaches to train the various squads. Such is one account of the pulsating drama of Virginia Tech athletics-a narrative told here without the aid of many invaluable records. Wllen the Field House-an indoor arena built in 1915-crumbled to ashes Within a brief halfrhour in 1923, many priceless records and trophies became part of the flaming pyre. The drama is that of a passing show, a parade that started some three score years ago and seems destined to march on for scores to come. The most brilliant exploit of those years? That was left to freshmen to perform! In 1925-'26 the class of '29 was undefeated in football, baseball, basketball and track. It had no other worlds to conquer. In the realm of college sport that record may become a deed for the ages. d u-'JPH mfg: .?Q,T"f'7jW,.-1111, 1--o -'NX " r""I CH fx f o . .Gin :WW A f ::iii:- 55:1 qv flxzl wg'!,wY,f'b'n'ws r il:-an--"""'-'. .ali 5.15-', 1, --,.- .:z-. --gain: EE E' 11' l The LUSTER 8: BLACK VIRGINIA BAKERY INCORPORATED Students Room Fuwzfisltzfngs lgelightful Delicacieg BI-ACKSBURG, VIRGINIA BLACKSBURC., VIRGINIA ROANOKE, VA. 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HEVERYIHING ron mf cfm" NAV' r GOODRICH TIRES GOODRICH BATTERIES Radios--Accessories Drive-ln Service TERMS TO SUIT Coodripll 'silverlown ' ' Slores l6-l8 E. Church Ave ROANOKE, VA. cHAs. 1. LUNSFORD JAMES J. IZARD CHAS P. LUNSFORD ' CHA . LUNSFORD 8: SONS eneral Insurance Dial 730I I Colonial American Bank Building ROANOKE, VA. The College ook Store Owned and Operated by the V. P. I. 'V L R I Athletic Association k WE KEEP YOUR REQUIREMENTS SO TRY US FIRST 1' WE WELCOME YOU Ami Appreciate Your Patronage WELILQNS TMLOIQUN C 9 -ITAlIlU.CDIDEElD CDIJ.CD'lTU-I EEU for Shale kt' 54'?zfbcV'iC6 A ll IIAXIIII li ' VI IIC! IX I A Rcfpresentatives- "Jimmy', Cargill "Joe" Russell K'Buck', Reynolds 'cwillielj VVCMJ- 428 The Makers of 19- 171 I8 19 zz za so 31 35 CLASS RING The Chas. I-I. Elliott Co. ENGRAVERS PRINTERS JEWELERS Lehigh Avenue and Seventeenth Street KJHILADELPHIA, PA. 1. f Announcing the ew 1936 Bugle THE ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE STUDENT BODY OF THE VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE With A clvertising Supplement for A lumni and Advertisers The Bugle, an Effective and Permanent Advertising Medium INTERESTING INFORMATION FOR THE ADVERTISERS CIRCULATION: 500 Copiesf e a c h o n e read by at least 22 persons, this constitutes a market of at least I 7,600 potential buyers. 400 copies distributed to I-Iigh Schools of Virginia and adjacent states, read by 49,200 persons factual survey made by the Bugle in 1934-359. 5000 copies of the Advertising and Alumni Supplement read by at least 8 per- sons, a total of 40,000 persons, a market of great value. Three-fourths of one tenth of one cent to reach each reader. Advertising Values: Total circulation reaching l06,000 persons, presenting a per- manent and valuable market of readers of younger ages who are now forming their buying habits. THE BUSINESS IVTANAGER OF TI-IE BUGLE THE VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE BLACIiSBURG, VIRGINIA N ame of Firm- Aclflress: 2. 3. 4 CLASS OF BUYERS: The pur- chasing power of Bugle readers represents a select group of potential buyers. The ad- vertising message brought before this group will result in positive and definite returns. TELL THEM YOUR STORY NOW. PERMANENCY: The Bugle is retained by its owner permanently, is referred to time and time again for many years, becomes a part of his environment. The Bugle has the distinction of being a medium of lasting qualities which fact is not true of many other forms of media as the magazine, radio, newspaper. Fill in the Coupon Below Indicating Your Preferences or Write The Business Manager of the Bugle, V. P. I., Blacksburg, Va., for additional information. RATES: National Local Full Page 575.00 550.00 Half Page 40.00 30.00 Quarter Page 20-00 Eighth Page l2.00 . 430 f--- ...J Q W. Q "" fm' "" fi? ?SE'P1Mw ...,. " "" 7 A W 5 x ..,,, : ,-,., . 'Y 504 JOURNAL BUILDi NG 43I - , P?" fi ? Unusual Excellence is Never the Result of Chance QUEEN CITY In producing school publications, we endeavor to render a helpful and constructive service directed toward enabling a student staff to issue a representative and distinctive pub- lication. ln connection with our new and modern printing plant we maintain a large Art and Service Department where page balance, typography and complete decorative and illustrative motifs are created and worlced out. PRINTING COMPANY VY Gompleze Qjnerfvicejir Jcfzool 7Ju6lz'cczzz'0fz.v CHARLOTTE, N. C. fPrz'nz'err qt' fire 1935 fn ,,,,,,,,I,,,,..I.I 1 B u GLE up - I IIII' -- I""i"- I ,e Y N jx n g . 1 E - Vlij Simi llll u ll ' 'I Il 'I I llllull I II ' m V I ,EJ ll ...W-. Quilt I.,,ma 'G' Q 1 W' I! I 1 'Hmm I an... , wa? .' . af mlli' III: IIII 'IIII 'II-init? S .Ig iIlaII.I.l.s I:IIIlII .III ' "I ih -'lll--E l":1' e E S -f Q ,im III . liiiii liiiii . I' hill? - fa -: N L 5 1- , ' f:l l' i l ,Jw X 2 55-'X A 5 " As XX i f -i X' fi- N i 432 .6-5 iff? 114' 65 I I N-uf 1 +1-uv A -1,,::L,,,.f.1-Y.,-4--, F-11"-551'f'f-1'tQv12.-,A--:L-.-.-71,.v- - ---LW '- ' . .'-' X. . . E -1 'A Y f-"M, . ' ' ' ' . K H. ,. ' ' --.411 . . I N A , -Sasf, . . , . -1 . . - A A 1 4 A:

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