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.-v:' ' THE YEAR OF EXPECTATION AND ASSESSMENT . Sa : 4 in I r k . ,. . k ju .Y Ir: ,Set-D.-, Vw, Qgihgl -' , wb -W" " f-if-M 'ff' . ,ml-' ' " 3-'. -A 3231521 -fx ' J , 'S A I 4 2 -.w"V,5 Q..- WW AND NEXT .... .WE HAVE . '17-66 103-123 150-162 179-207 212-214 216-217 '1-'I6 Introduction 8: Student Life "Our Graduating Class" 67-79 80-1 02 Academics Homecoming 1 24- 147 ' 148-149 "Our Special People" Special Services 163-1 78 Organizations 208-211 Statesman 215- Evening Song Alma Mater 218-220 Administration Faculty 8: Staff Underclassmen Athletics Yearbook Staff ln Memory Of Senior Directory If-1 , 4 f -af-""'fMTFF fy As we move into OUT fTfST YeOl' of UhTVefSTTY STGTUS, If is Vel'Y appropriate Thdf OUT theme be "THE YEAR OF EXPECTATION AND ASSESSMENT." The entire UhiVeI'SiTY COmmUhiTY should OhfiCiDGTe OCCOmplTShihQ QOOIS fhdf Clfe beher fhdh previous years, Gnd we should all DefTOdTCGllY pause to I'e-eXOl'T'lihe OUT 0ChieVemel'1fS thus fOf. The YeOl'bOOk staff chose OS its 'Theme-NEW HORIZONS. We belTeVe ThOT the CCIITIDUS COl'T'ImUI'1ifY fdd- ITITDTSTTOTTOI1, faculty, Sfdff Clhd student bodyy should challenge each other, fOI' better TCIDDOTT, the QI'eC1f- est qualify education, and OVefOll, to make "THE LAND OF TROY" CI place to be loved Ohd feSDeCTed by CIII. As YOU QO 1'hl'OUQh these pages, we hope Thdf we should have been Oble to COpTUfe these quolitiess -Th the mdkihg. Marsha Johnson Editor TO YOU WE DEDICATE Mrs. Sandra M. Williams It is with a great deal of pride and pleasure that we dedicate the 1980 Trojan yearbook to Mrs. It Sandra M. Williams - Program Coordinator for the Foster Hall University Center. As do all staff members, Mrs. Williams has been an inspiration to the student body and to her colleagues alike. Having a deep concern and respect for the talent of others, Mrs. Williams has strived through the years to help improve the student activities on campus. Mrs. Williams received her B. A. degree from Bennett College in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. Mrs. Williams has served as an advisor to the various clubs and organizations in Foster Hall. Thus, It is with deep feelings that we pay tribute to a dedicated person and leader. God Bless you, Mrs. Williams, and may your future years of service and devotion to Virginia State University be many and enriching for both you and your associates. Trojan Yearbook Staff -1980- TO YOU WE DEDICATE THE 1980 TROJAN YEARBOCJK ff FROM WHENCE WE COMETH College History The history of our proud land-grant college, Virginia State, is quite an interesting one. The campus is lo cated on the sloping green hills between Ettrick and Petersburg, Virginia. It has not always been known as Virginia State College, but was founded the Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute. The organization of this institution is attributable to the activities of the Virginia Negroes in politics during the eighties. The bill for establishing our Alma Mater was drawn up and led through the legislature by A. W. Harris in 1882. Neces- sary legislative action was made and on July 4, 1883, the cornerstone of Virginia Hall, the "Main Building," was laid. In as much as construction funds were insufficient, appropriations were made by the legislature to enlarge the College. Work was diligently accomplished to the extent that in October, 1883, the school opened its doors and accepted 170 men and women in its first class. The courses of study embraced the normal and college departments. There were seven teachers, while James Storum, an Oberlin College graduate, acted as principal. In 1885 Professor James Major Colson succeeded Mr. Storum as principal for four months prior to the coming of John Mercer Langston, our first president. Mr. Langston immediately set out to build up a large and representative student body in addition to developing high standards of schol- arship and conduct. ln 1886 the college department sent out its first graduates. During its organization the department has awarded 48 men and women their degree of Bachelor of Arts. In May 1887 by an amendment to the original Act of Incorporation, the General Assembly standardized the curricula of the normal and college courses, while in the same year President Langston resigned his office to become representative in Congress. Consecrated service and lofty ideals were brought to the College by James Hugo Johnston in January 1888. During his administration the school met severe re verses through the force of politicians who were unsympathetic concerning the education of the Negro. As a result on March 29, 1902, in an amendment to the original Act of 1887, the General Assembly elimi- nated the College department and changed the name of the institution from Virginia Normal and Colle giate Institute to Virginia Normal and Industrial Institute. In spite of this discouraging circumstance a second brick structure, Vawter Hall, was erected in 1908, and the faculty was enlarged. In 1914, following the death of President Johnson, John Manuel Gandy, an instructor at the institution since 1889, was elected third president. He worked diligently to further the interests of the college. In 1915 the courses of study were reorganized to meet national requirements for a four year high school and a two year normal school. Between 1918 and 1922 courses designed to train teachers of vocational sub jects were introduced, and the Board of Visitors restored the college department. In 1930, by legislative enactment, the name of the school was changed from Virginia Normal and lndus- trial Institute to Virginia State College for Negroes. Also, the Smith-Lever extension work for Negroes was brought to the College. Dr. Gandy retired on July 1, 1942, and was, until his death on October 5, 1947, the first President Emeritus and Professor of Research. Dr. Luther H. Foster, treasurer-business manager of the College, served as its acting president from July 1, 1942, until April 1, 1943. Later he was elected by the State Board of Education to become the fourth presi- dent. In 1946, by an act of the General Assembly, the official name of the institution became that of Virginia State College. On July 6, 1949, while in the midst of working on the physical expansion of the institution, President Foster died suddenly. Dr. James H. Johnston, ll served as acting president from that date until President Robert Prentiss Daniel of Shaw University was elected to the office by the State Board on Decem- ber 15, 1949. As we look to the future we carry the words of our President: "If Virginia State College is to survive in the higher educational environment . . . we must understand and be able to conceptualize and carve ourselves a special niche in this environment, but we must first understand that environment. . . "lf there is one phrase underlying the ferment of this critical period in the history of higher education and spe cifically for Virginia State College it would have to be 'The Age of Relevance'." THOMAS M. LAW B ET: . pc-lk' ...ff ' ,F -,Q ., 1 - F" -12. 'aff A ww.-X Q, ' Z , f .. 1 .V 1 -'Fw-AJNL4'T"'-M, . , iig W. Av E gy. E .X nur: A 1:1 ,.za.J A 7-T' 5 Q, 9 abd W Z" 'TS' I , I f - -Ui So WhClf if we GOT with OUI' finQel'S. Melts in your mouth not in your hands. "CRABS" Via .A M og. -fd ,. 1..-..-, ., ' Gammon may be fun, but not as much cs this melon -Z -. .Q , fvfgfgg , C 5.4 - x .V1 31- 5 Q31 QM! un 95 M4-25 Q :iff 5213 ZQQW L 'S my :mu gm -: fa- v ,efgsxzggw K ' 'W' - f:f+'iQ54i5?w?wf:f H W., , . vs- a 3, ,gf Q w .v W A ,-g.,wf.,.f,,1ikgf,g,,fw . 5 J v. 23 I X ,EV A .4 ,,f-'Ig , 5 I Q4 "-Q-"'-rx. +A., . .,g'?f 4 M55 ' ' 1.,wm,x. W 1 1-gzafgwzf uyswps . W QL 5. ,gs W mg ww g1fez,4azAQm11 fy L 4 . J' ' f f 'L r ' V w W S .W .g,k1535i75,3 H , 1 A 3 w wzxirz, ' ? Lgjjjggiwggefr L., xi M N,4M W fm,-I 1 Q25- M, Q, .fa 1, 2, J, 'ai QS? 39' -A JSP' , .f . .QF ' air W W W sw .Q K, ..,..,, , Ui -at ff-' 9 X .vi ,. gf 65 Ji N , .1 .-:Qi Mom sold never talk with our mouths' full. Good job, medic on duty. "Quick get your fingers out of the gravy," 'WT LLL' ig - uw HOW WE EAT . . 1 ' V , ,5f'1,, 1 5 W .di ' -W1 Je 1 -i Q, vu my ww, A If wGSn'1 worth the Wclif. "ThOl1k God FSC' meGf." .,,, , TAKING THE TIME TO BE OURSELVES So here we srt all broken hearted Funny I never saw that before P' un- Y I I! 1 IFE 5 P in T71 n run fl , :un un I El- I I. ati SDE -ii? There s not this much attention In class It I wln your place If you win my place We re running on empty We gust got thrown out for not eating our potatoes - L, s 5.5, ,fade gilfffzl iff? f ' rvwlm-sn.. ....- - ' ,wma-1.-n-V 123 . rw H ,Q 4 ' .2 saga-3.5 xp..-H QE. -,ps .0 :YQ 1 x 'ff Q ' K' 1" gm. is A 1 A -.X' Au ,avail , 1 I X ,- I . I Q, . 'fFm?Pf A' A , f 2 W 'S 'KTUW Q . . 'fuer L iw .mv Q Si x i w"" , n- -4 ,H Jw, . 'Q FGSTER HALL Eating is my favorite class. L, We just ccn't wait to see Ryan's Hope. YOU Q0f it! f1.Q"'.Q, . "' J' '5. 3' -ffxt . " . w, up f- 'WA I ,in . ,,, i fx . It 5 -?MJ..'..'i 1. Q v t t .f gr-uni 43 . I know I CGD mGke this shot. THE PLACE TO BE has-4-Q... Somethlnq's olwoys hoppenlnq. I l 1 Cc.rn't you focus that thing? When you really get good you con do thls. Beautiful but out ot focus. This is cz stick up! 9 , STILL MAKIN' IT Another senior who missed taking his picture. -L , ,e :Ai Hanging out after lunch. lik GRADUATICDN A New Horizon For All Nil, 'FH' QA .-1-Y"7lf,v -All f'vfEZ9lsfgggQ5- JJ Z? We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be lo arrive where we slarled And know the plClCe'fOf The fil'Sl' time. T. S. Elliott The Lillie Giddihg F I7 rx A Taalib-Dln Abdulwakil Petersburg, Va. Economics Diane Allen Newport News, Va. Speclal ,Eaucatlon Samantha'Anderson Danvllle, Va. Mathematics Danny Adams Petersburg, Va. Electronics Cheryl Anderson Va. Beach, Va. PSYCIWOIOQY Alaezl Ajunwa Eflrick, Va. Llbrary Science 8t Medl JCDS1' Anderson Sutherland, Va. . Tanlfl Anthony Navalc, CT. EISITIBDTGFY EGUCCIHOD Angellta Ard Portsmouth, Va. Textlle 8: Clothing Denise Atkinson Rlchmond, Va. Speclal Ed. Allen Banks Petersburg, Va. lnduslrlal AHS Abraham Assegahegn Petersburg, Va. Business AdIT'llI1lSll' atlon RaymondBagbu Chesapeake, Va. Sociology Larry Atkins Emporia, Va. Health 8: Elgyglcal Ed. Sheila Bailey Surry, f Va. B.l.S. Avilcilelllliirnks Tabb, Va. El9ClTOI'tlCS YVOI'1I'1e Banks Hempstead, N.Y. ElemeDfOfY Ed. Sophronia Baylor Petersburg, Va. Engllsh Ed. Garland Bennett Portsmouth, Va. Sociology DOFIS Bdskfield Columbld, VG. Textiles 81. Clothing Roney Bazemore Portsmouth, Va. ' MuslcfEd. Q Gildd Bdftle RiChm0hd. VG. Specldl Ed. ShCI'0h B6CI'd Petersburg, Va. Elementary Ed. Diane Berry. Petersburg, Va. Elementary Ed. Moges Blru Petersburg, Vo. Anlmol Sclence Linda Blue Newport News, Vd. Office Admin. Randolph Boone Suffolk, Vo. Geology Ddrlene Black Providence Forge, Vo. Business Adrninislrollon Bdrboro Bonner Church Rdg, Vo. Business Admin. I , fa,1f'f , Barry Blclgmon Chonce, Vo. Business Admln. Sheffi Booker Richmond, vo. Geology Tdmdro Boose Pelersburggila Special Ed. B Ronnle Booth Oxon HIII, Md. AcooBuntlng l Graoie Brooks Monrross, Va. HOITIS ECODOITIICS Ed. MICHGSI Brown Alexandria, Va. Geology Bruce Boowe Hampton, Va. Agriculture Georgina Brown Qyndas, Na. B.I.S. Markle Bowman CIOVBF, VC. Hedlfh 81 Physlcal Ed. : Kenneth Brown Lynchburg, Va. BUSINESS Admin. PGITIBIQ Brown 1 CHGSCIDSGKS, VG. B.l.S. Russel Bl'OWn Palmer Perkbrvld Elem9DfQfY Ed. Clllford Bryant Rlchmond, Va. Drafllng Techl Harry Caln nnn Jr. PBTGFSDUIQ, VG. El6CfI'Ol'1lCS Tech. X agp' ShCI'lel1e Brown PSYSYSDLITQ, VG. Social welfare Dennis Byrd Waverly, Va. Recreation Waldorf Brown i Richmond, VC. Geology Gay Cabiness Alberta, VO. Sociology Karen Cain Emporia, Va. Special Ed. Reglnald 'Cameron Baltimore, Md. English Alvin Cannon New Church, Va. Business Admln. Adrianne Carter Pocahantas, Va. Elementary Ed. James Campbell Weems, Va. Business Admin. Veronlca Carglll Palm Beach, FIC Home Economics Stanley Campbell King George, Va. EleCff0l1iCS Tech. Sandra Carr Halifax, Va. Socilogy Donna Carter Heathsvllle, Va. Accounting Sharon Chdmbllss Petersburg, Va. Muslc Ed. Vlvlan Cherry Norfolk, Va. Sociology Barbara Cofleld Rocky Mount, N.C. Robyn Champ P0l'l'SIT'lOUfh, VG. Ea. Gary Cobb Hampton, Va. Business Admln. itil. Walter Chdwlk HCITIDTOD, Flne Arts Ea. Warren Cobbs Petersburg, Va. K Applled Vocal? 3 Tony Colden Health ar P.E. Judy Cole Petersburg, Va. Elementary Ed. Ffl6dG Cooke RlChmOI'Id, VC. SOCDFOOY Carlton Cooper 'cllnon Forge, va. Accountlng Tawanda Cole i CCC Petersburg Vaf' SDSCIGI Ed. Kate COISITIGI1 Ashland, Va. I Polltlcal Science Nancy Cooke GIOUCBSTSY, VG. BAD Patrice Counts Trenton, N.J. Elementary Ed. Aubrey Cousln Crewe, Va. Business Admln. Denlse Crumm Rlchmond, Va. Recreation Glorla Crute South Hlll, Va. Health 81. P.E. Angela Cowan Portsmouth, Va. Accountlna Alfred Crump Providence Forge, Va Health 8: P.E. Franceen Crews Nathalle, VG. Elementary Ed. Rhonda Crump Providence Forge, VC. B.E.O.D. X Bertha Cummlnqs Nashvllle, Th. PhySlCCll Ed. Daisy Daniels Newport News, Va. Elementary Ed. Rita Darden Boykins, Va. Business Admin. Ruthie Davls Richmond, Va. , Microbiology Pafrlcla Danlels Petersburg, Va. Business Admin. Darlene DCVIS Newport News, Va. Soclal Welfdfe Claudette Darden Boykins, Va. Business Admin. Haffle Davis Petersburg. Va. Home Economics Stacy DGVIS Ettrick, Va. Special Ed. Wllllom Dovls Henderson, N.C. Automotlve Tech. Indio Dodson P6fefSbUfQ, VC. B.E.O.D. Sondra Drummond Petersburg, Vo. Home Economics Willie Dowes Jr. Hampton, VCI. Sociology Dorothea Dowl Petersburg, Vo. Speclol Ed. Mourlce Dixon Ettrlck, Vo. Electronics Tech. ChClflO'l'fe Downlng Norfolk, yg., Psycholody D'Jlmlor Dugger Petersburg, Vo. Psychology MGTCEIIUS Dungee Llllle Plymouth, Va. Music Ed. Tammle Dupree T Rldgeway, Va. Elemenfdliy Ed. Margurlte Edmond wavenyfgva. Cosmetology Jeffrey Dunn l Plainfield. N.J. ' Soclology X: Pdmeld Dunn Pldlnfield, N.J. Sociology wunam Echqls Loulse Echols 5 Blalrs, Van B.E.O.D. Dryfork, VG. Mdih Pamela Brown Chesepeake, Va. B.l.S. Mlchelle Edward Buslness Patrloe Elder Q I Freeman, Va. Socloloqy Wlllle Elllot Wllson, N.C. Muslc Ed. Cherry Edwards Ettrlck, Va. Food 81 Nutrltlon Cathy Eldl'IdQB Petersburg, Va. - Offlce Admln. Vlvlan Edwards NBWDOH News, VO. Elementary Ed. Elva Elllot Claremont, Va. Soclal Wellaregff' C Carolyn Epps E Petersburg, Va. Home Economlcs JCCQQJSIIDB Estes ChGI'l0fl'eSVille, VC. B.E.O.D. Feleclo Fegons 1 M wakerleld, ya. a.l.s. Janet Flowers Q Petersburgg Vo. Buslness Ea. JOSBDTI ELITE CTIGSGDBGKB, VC. Electronics Bfehf Evans Richmcnd, VG. Industrlal Arls Kyrola Ferguson Petersburg, Va. Speclcrl Ed. Sheryl Ford Dlsputcma, Vo. Business Admln. Andrea Foxx Wilmington, De. B.l.S. Llnda Gay Prlnce George, VG. HOITIB ECONOMICS Alfred Goode Petersburg, Va. Soclology Flexton Gardner Charlotte, N.C. Microbiology Constance Gee Peteriburg, Va. B.E.O.D. Wllllam Galtls Flne Arts Ed. Juanita Geter Business Ed. ' Bennle Goode Rlchmond, Va. Sociology Carolyn Goode Boydton, Va. Health 81 P.E. Gwendolyn Gibbs Richmond, va: Of1'Ice Admin. wuben Givens cnesfenown, Md. Recreation Randy Goode EHrlCk, VG. B.l.Sg Diane Gllberl Via Beach Val Ehqllshn Roberl Gray Petersburg, Va. ' Music Erlc Green B.l.S. Almd Grllfln 5 Gloucester, Vo. Psychology Ida Grayson Washington D.C. Buslness Admln. Renne Greenfield Glittrlck, va. English .lf . X. Cathy Green M Rlcnmondfgga. RGCTBCIHOD Ed. KClfI'lfICI Gl'eShGITl Rlchmond, VG. Speclal Ed. as Charles Recreation Jacquelin Hall Political Science Debfd HGfI'iS Klll'T'lCfI"l0Ck, VCI. 'Sociology Melody Harris A Chesapeake, Va. P English Eldine Hamlllon N0ff0lkg VG. Psychology Alben HGfl'lSOl'l RlChm0l'ld, VG. Healfh 81 P.E. James Hardy Soclal Welfare Gefdldlhe HOfI'iS Washington D.C. Psychology Mlchael Harris Portsmouth. Va. Music Ed. Prlsclllo Harris Suffolk, Vo. Business Admin. LGVSITIB H8I'1d8l'5OD FGIIS Church, VC. Elemenfdry Ed. Brenda Hlcks Sussex, VG. Zenoblo Howell Eflrlck, Vo. Speclol Ed. :Myron Hoskins Brooklyn, N.Y. Elementary Ed. MGUTICB Hehdel'S0f'l Andrea Hendrick Betersburg, Accounting Stephanle Hicks Chemlstry Jerome HOIIIITIGFI Windsor, Vo. Heolth 8: P.E. Joanne Hutcherson Petersburg, Va. Plant 8: Soll Sclence James Hill Pamplln, Va. Automotive Ed. Krls Holmes Washington D.C. Famlly 8: Comm. Serv. Edna Hinton Emporia, Va. Soclal Welfare TFGVG HOIITISS Roosevelt, N.Y. Kaye Hyman Suffolk, Vo. Soclology Charles Isler RlChI'T10nd, VG. Health 81. P.E. Stanley James Automotive TecnQ DGTVBH Jackson BUSINESS Adl'T'lll'1lSfI' ation Andrew Jefferson Petersburg, Va. EISIB JGITTSS A RutherGlen, Va. BUSIDGSS Admln. Avis Jefferson Petersburg, Va. Library Science fMedla Herman Jefferson l-il'1dC JGHDIDCS 'Nottoway County, Va. N0fh0ll e. V0- Industrial Arts Oftlce Admin. Carlton Jeter Crewe, Va. W Business Admln. N Carol Johnson Petersburg, Va. Social Welfare Kefmif JOhl'lSOl'I Annapolis, Md. RSCYGGHOD Mary Johnson 1 Petersburg, Va. Elementary Ed. - Geraldine Johnson Elementary Ed. Pereuna Johnson Hampton, Va. Sociology Wayne Johnson Adrlane Jones Camden, N.J. WGFSGW. VG. Recreation Music Ed. ANQBIO Jones MCKSNNBY, VO. EISITIBNTOYY Ed. EVSI' ly JONES Suffolk, VG. BUSINESS Ed. Johnllyn Jones Richmond, Va. Business Admlh. Brenda Jones CNCITISS Clfy, VO. Business Adrnin. HOWOl'd JONES PSTBTSDUFQ, VO. PHYSICS. .S DTBOITISI JONSS Monfcldiur, N.J. B.E.o.D. JONHO JONSS Business Admin. LBTOZ JONES Petersbugg, Va. Music Ed. I 41 Ricky Jones cnarlias City, va. Hecllfh an PTE. Pamela Klng BGlfIm0re, Md. Accounting Deboro KhlQhf NOffOlk, VCL Sociology Earllne Klng e Denise Klngl, Hanover, Vo. Soclol Studies Ed. Lomont KIZZIS RlChIT1Ol'1d, VC. lndustrlol Ans ned. Bernice Knlghf Suffolk, VO. Sociology RODIDBHB LGmbSl1 South HIII, VG. Biology MGIISSG LGI18 Surry, Va. B.E.O.D. Harry Lee Hartford, Conn. Industrlal Arts John Lewis ECONOMICS Clarlce LGSSHGI' Suffolk, Vg. Elemenfdry Ed. Larry Law I Ettrick, Va. Recreation Ed. Angela Lewis wdffen Lee Pef6l'SbUl'Q, VG. Soclal Sflldles Pefel'5bUfQ, VG. Pollfical science Mary Lewis Petersburq, Va. SDSCIOI Ed. Sylvester Lipscomb Farmvllle, Va. Plant 8: Soil Science Dennls Logan washington D.C. B.I.S. Michael Llffle HCICKBHSCCK, N.J. BUSif'teSS Admln. Cheryl Lucas Spotsylvania, Va. Accountlng -. Patrlcla LOCkhdr1 Petersburg, VG. Special Ed. Janice Lyons Petersburg, Va. Buslness Admln. Diane McCray Avis McLaughlin Bll'tQhGmfOh, N.Y. LOUISCI, VG. I Psychology Elementary Ed. John MCLendOn Rlchmond, VG. Shretta Majetle Wtby., Ct. Donald Marable Rlchmond, VCI. BUSINESS Admin. Helen MCWiIIIGl'nS Chestetg Va. Business Ed. Gerald MODDS Bassett, Va. Geology Jacquellne Maplin Health 8: P.E. Christine Mapp CODE ChOl'le5, VO. Home Economics Didhe Mdflhel' FCIFITIVIIIS, VCL Pdlltlcal Sclence MCI'kS LGWfel"tCeViIle, VCI. Llbl'CIfY SCIENCE McKenIey Mdson Petersburg, Recreation KGfOI"lG Moon monmond, vo. Elementary Ed. Vlckle Marshall Mdrtlhsvllle, VG. Accounting Chrlgtine Moyes Petersburg, Va. Hedlth 81 P.E. Delphtne Mason DISDUTGDCI, VG. Business Admin. Soundro Moyo Washington. D.C. Blology CCFHOD Mlllef Richmond, vo. F Biology Mllton Mlller Camden, N.J. Psychology Jeffrey Mltchell Suffolk, VG Sociology Llnwood MODIS Newport News, Vo. Soclology Douglas Mlloneu Amello, VG. Buslness Admin. Keren Mitchell Mclrflnsvllle, VG. Buslness Admln. ll'iS Mltchell Level, Vo. Recreation Kdfen M0l1del'l Clothing at Iextlles Rlcky Morgan Richmond, Vo. 3:5 tttttt Geology 1 Clara Morris Accountlng Jeff Y MOITISOD Accounting DGDHCDIB Nelson Danville, Va. Economics EVSIYI1 MOITIS Ruther Glen, va. SDBCIGI Ed. Arthur Marton Ch9Sfef, VG. BUSINESS Admlh. Mlchelle MOITIS N0l'f0Ik, VC. POIINCCII SCIel'lCe Mark Nance Trenton. N.J. Business Admin. LOITGIDB Newby Iv6r, Va. Business Admln. Barbara Nickerson Washington D.C. Psychology Yolanda Parham Del'lClfOf'l, VG. Electronics James Parker Chesapeake, Va. BUSINESS Admin. Carol O'NeaI Petersburg, Va. 'Special Ed Yolanda Parham Petersburg, Va. DOI'0fhY Owens Halifax, Va. Special Ed. Angela Parker Lawrenceyllle, Va. EISITISDYGTY Ed. ShGl'0I'l Parker Krnslon, Psychology Dwondo Poherson Fl. Monomoulh, NJ. Blology Lorna Phllllps B.E.O.D. Fdlih PlTChfOI'd Richmond, Vo. Economics Robin Perry Petersburg, Va. ACCOUDYITIQ William Pcllerson NOl'fOlk, VO. Buglness Admln. Befndfd PlfChfOfd Rlchmond, Vo. Polltlcol Science wnuum Pnlmps Wiliomsburg, vd f B.l.S. llce P TBITI POIDGBXYBI' Ldhhdm, Md. BUSINESS Admin. Phllotheo Pollard Olflce Admln. Fl'Gl1ClI'le PODS Kllmornock, VG. ACCOUnllI'lQ lI'Vlhe RBGVSS Vlneldnd, N.J. Polltlcol SClehC8 Paulette Pompey Richmond, Vo. Business Admln. Michelle Pope P6l'el'SbUl'Q, VG. ACCOUl'll'lnQ Bobby Pope Kilmarnock, va. ly Oswald Purdle Ivor, Vo. Electronlc Technology Rulh Reovls B.E.O.D. Cheryl Redman Ehrick, VCI. B.I.S. Laura RlChCfdSOh Petersburg, Vo. Elemenloiy Ed. Debra R0bll'lSOh Specicl Education Carol RiChGfdSOI'l Sp6CiCIl Ea. Moses Rlvers Y Petersburg, Vo. Psychology Qx Jednne RiChGl'dSOl'I Richmond, VG. Hecllfh 81 P.E. EdWGl'd RODSITS Chesapeake, VG. D0mIl'lIk R0bInS0n Phllddelphld, PG. Sociology Donald Robinson Saxe, Va. Pre-Med Biology Cynlhla Roney Carson, Va. Business Admin. Joann Royster Skipwlth, va. SOCIOIOQY 1 Evelyn Robinson Dlspulana, Va. Accounting Gwendolyn Roney Carson, Va. Home Economics j Dale Rogers Painter, Va. Special EduCQIiOn Sherril Rose Slony Creek, Va. English DebOI'Gt"l Sdndldth Emporia, lligg Va. S Elementary Ed. Oliver Savage Jamaica, N.Y. Sociology Aftehe SCIWOOISN Richmond, VCJ. Special Ed. S Paulette Silver Suffolk, fVa. Elementary Ed. Stella Savage Social Work Stephanie Scott Valerie Simons Williamsburg, Na. Business Admin. xv Linda Slade Surry, Va. Home Economics Larry Smith Carolyn Smith Suffolk, VO. Elementary Ed. Louisa, Va. Health 81 P.E. Patricia Smith Petersburg, Va. Business Admin. Mario Smith RiChmOI1d, VCI. Music Ed. Jennifer Smith Jamaica, N.Y. Sociology y Mary Smith Health 81 P.E. Emporia, Va. Patricia Smith ,Matthews, Va. B.E.O.D. Dennis Snead Black Stone, Va. lngtrumental Nlysic Eel. Terry Spagy Eastern Shore, Va. Special Ed. Larry Stewart Petersburg. Va. Industrial Arts Marvin Sorey Chicago, III, Business Admin. Jessica Spencer Hampton, Va. Political SCiel'1Ce Lindd SONGS Belinda Spratley Norfolk, Va. Business Admin. Janice Slith Brodmax. Va. Special Ed. S Bonnie Si'OkeS Zuni, Va. Office Admin. Ellen TGYIOT Ann Swlndell Goldsboro N C Special Ed. Sherri Taylor Petersburg, Va. Political Science Gregory Taylor Chester, Pa. Business Admin. Robin Sykes Business Admin. Rita Taylor ' Richmond, Va. Elementary Ed. Betty Terry Skipwith, Va. Health 81 P.E. PI'eSfOl'l TYICCKIG y Richmond, va. Geology Faye Thomas Va. Beach, Va. Social Studies COfl'l6l'lne Thweafl Disp utana, Va. Business Admin. Eslelle Thomas Norfolk, Vo. Sociology Garresler Thompson Norfolk, Va. SocioloQV :Roslyn Thomas English Helen Thompson Colonial Heights, Va Elementary Ed. Kennelh Thweafl Petersburg, Va. English Lonilo TTIWBGH Disputono, Vo. Accounting Yvonne Tuggle Chester, Vo. Business Admin. Zeldd Tucker Block Stone, VG. Business Admin. DOf6fhG Townes ROSIYD TllQhlTICn B.I.S. Clarksville, Vo. Sociology Samuel Turner Rudolph Tull New Church, Vo. Business Admin. BIGCK Stone, VG. lndusfridl Arts Ed. Cheryl Voughon Pomplin, Vo. 'Accounllnd A Wanda Vaughan Fefersiiurg, va. Business Admin. Tricia Vincent Jarratt, Va. Business Admin. Timothy Walden Baltimore, Md. Biology JCIITISS VGDGY Petersburg, Va. Business Admin. HSDIY ViZCGI'l'0IitdO New York, N.Y. B Sociologyfffs x Nile- Dehnis Vid Martinsville, Va. lhdUSffiCll AHS Ed. I Theclster Wilde Petersburg, Va. Social Welfare MQW Q oi RlChCJfd Wdlkel' East Orange, N.J. Languages 81 Literature Terrie Walker Petersburg, Va. Social Welfare DGI"liel WGTS Norfolk, VC. Industrial ANS AFIQGIG WCSHIDQTOD NOrf0Ik, VG. Fine AITS Edifh Walls W Pefel'SbUfQ, VG. Social Welfflfe Wlllidm WQITSD ylvor, Va. BUSlI'leSS Admin. Edward Ware r Dover, De. Sociology Alysia Washington Bowling Green, Va. rrB g,rsiness Adminliw Carolyn Washingjgn Richmond, va. Special Ed. Zsd"Zso Washington Roonoige, Vo. Office Admin. Regindigw WClfSOI'1 Hampton, Vo. Business Admin. iiiiiiiiiifoslyn Webb Asheville, N.C. Eiel'T1el'Ii'GfY Ed. 'A' BeiindO WGiSOI'T POITSUIOUTYI, VG. Music Ed. VGFIESSO W0iS0f1 Newark, N.J. Health 81 P.E. Frederick Watson Piscctowoy, N.J. Dietetics Alvin Wayne NiI1G W6iiOI'1S Smithfield, VG. Special Ed. Nikeiu WhCIl'fOI'I Annette White Exmore, Va. Suffolk, Va. Political Science Socialwelfare AniTO White W, Hampton, Va. J Business Admin. Beatrice While Rosalind Wilder Farmville, Va. LYUCNDUFQ. VG- Special Ed. social We'f0'e Kevin While Suffolk Va Sociology Linda Wiley M 537 Dorollqyc Wilkins l Farmville, VCI. Special Ed. B.l.S. Eiirry wilkins Waverly, Va. Sociology Raymond williams Richmond, Va. Accounting Joseph Wilson fi Wclshlnglon D.C. Accoqnting ' l:MarthE1 Williams , , LPetersburg, yo. ACCOUl'llll'1Q' PClCing Wllllams Petersburg, Va. Cosmetology Floyd Wilson Red Bank, N.J. Vlvlan Wllllams Petersburg. Va. Special Ed. Wanda Wilson Library, Pa. Clothing 8: Textiles Jacquelin Wright Hampton, Va. Special Ed. Samuel Wright Matoaca, Va. Business Admin. Darnell Wood Petersburg, Va. Political Science Morris Wright Matthews, Va. Electronic Tech. Priscilla Woodson Petersburg, Lila. OffiCe Admin. PeCOlCl Wright Emporia, Va. Accounting Richard WYGH Ci'1eSieI', VG. Health 81 P.E. PGfflCe Young Washington D.C. SOClOl0QY All is well that ends well, Fair I alone, in words and deeds? Why, all men strive, and who suceeds? All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime. And, departingleave behind us footprints on the sands of time. Footprints, that perhaps another, sailing o'er lite's solemn mane, a forlorn and shipwrecked brother, seeing, shall take heart again. Kenneth Younger Vernon Hill, Va. B.I.S. sv ps .r" ha JN rx - 'II . -:' I Y. ,' -,Q-I I . Y, ,' .Q-' v '. 'Q I -.Q us gi QQ Q. .4 ,!1T5' ea. ' if " . , s 1 ' nl! "V P ., 44x44- - . I w e.--M Q K"'- .- F-. - QI 1, . 75 . , ' N. ' -.3 ' . . I . II , .. .I I . I L. ' f , rf . 'L . H. mg , . ' -. fv - . - : 'af'-'u ' if , Inf- ' v . 5" '9 I4 -' ' ,- , ' fail" H' ,,, ' ' IN? , -5 . ' . ., A-. 1 , gf.. -. A ...- . . .' "Nw 1, ' , W 5, '- ' "1 ' ,' "po M?" ' 5 - - 1" . , , L f '.N"a. ' 'Q '- i9 ' H-5 , '43 " - - O-. , EWQ H 'qi ' "W f-355 ' 'FZ' .' if g 4 ' ' ' ' , ' ' 'J' ' ' 1 . I ,I Q JGNIQI ,, -5- I - ',-I Q III . .51 IIIIWIIIQF .' - . ' ' -- . :Ez 2 ,A ' , J' ' M wg E-fy . KL, ' .. ' - 1 , -1 1. V- 41. - . . -L H - All -ig, - r Ji-ff 1 ' ' . L - I-- Q' A - .5 ' K- - I az ' 'MQ " f: n W - - fy: - -K . ' ' ' '1 " '- "2 hall' -1 . .V 1, ff 'bw A 'Qi w- N- 5 GJ- 1 . '. ' X f . '-' ,, . YG . 4 ' H ' " 5 4 F 0 f , , 2 A . ' 9 T21-,-f,5w1' '- ' 1 va, fx ' Q 1 - , . '11 " 'A M L III -,, 13. xI I -'I ., .,.:IIII, +I L. 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' I IIII -' 1-fv ..+,'i'v' Irfgaig: fy ' ' . 14 Wd- ' . 'I ,J - Z I X r I Y5tQv: .' I 'wI': Q j I . .' . - 3, I . -in ul-M . 1 ' Q-. . - - 'Z . -', .- ' w. ,- V 1 W X , ng " Umgima State Cllmtvensitg PETERSBURG, vmcslNlA 23303 18041 520-5000 Z1 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT As an integral part of the Virginia State Family and its Mission this year, you perhaps have been witness to an intricate, yet welcomed, transi- tional phase in our legend. To fully comprehend and appreciate the mystique permeating our "Year of Expectation and Assessment," one needed only to have demanded nothing less than all the University had to offer and, in turn, given back nothing less than all one had to give. Those who accepted what there was to experience, by their own contri- butions, have made it better now for all. Those who realized individual growth while living the VSU story are those who saw their University mature with them. Now, we have arrived at the dawn of our Renaissance. For while we proudly proclaim our celebrated history of a century of leadership is post- secondary education, we have emerged with broadened horizons, with a new name, and an expanded mission. As President, it has been my greatest joy and privilege to have harvested these successes with you, and as I look back, I realize that it's the going as well as the getting there that's good. I contend the greatest challenge now before us is whether we shall allow our proud past to become more meaningful than our future. Thomas M . PRESIDENT "VSU: EDUCA TION, RESEARCH AND COMMUNITY SER VICE IN CENTRAL AND SOUTHSIDE VIR GINIA. . ." An Equal Opportunity EmployerfEquaI Access Institution Ms. Cl'tl'iSfil'te DGWSOI1 EXGCUHVG ASStS1'Gl'1f to The President Mr. James E. Jones Assistant to the President for Institutional Advancement Mr. Robert M. Hendrick Assistant to the President for Support Services MT. Befndfdih F. Dabney Special ASSiSfCI"tf to fhe PI'eSid6I'1f Dr. Arnold Henderson Vlce President for Academlc Afialrs A Dr. Porcher Taylor Vlce President for A Student Affairs e Mr. Charles Belt Vlce Presldenf for Resource MCIDOQSITISITI' D. Allgood: Music E. All good: Math ematlcs J. Beck: Chemistry J. Bellamy: Foster Hall P. Betz: Mllitary Sclence W. Blce: B.l.S. H. Braxton: History, Phllos- ophy W. Brewlngton: Llfe Science J. Brlckett School of Graduate Studies F. Brlckhouse: Accountlng T. Brldge: Cultural Atfalrs D. Brower: Mlll tary Sclence C. Brown: Geological Sol ence L. Brown: Lite Sclence L K , .QQS 4-:df .1 if ffm l .ff , 'L i by -. l JY, -25" 11 "' J K x Q 1 S J' 1' H2 It ' M l f 1 ' l Qxaf' L fa . .. .i.X.4, 'x E Q 7 'Q E' 3 . H ff 1 I2 4 i it . .r V 1 n' 1 A ' 1 1 'li ' eg I 4 .lk Y , I 1- -. - - I - is-aa, u' T 0-6 .v 4 ' sq I , v- .4 J ' ,ll as -...J + ' fl Q mx X . b.,. '41-. 1 ,. M 1 SQ 'LY W. 1 any ' I J Q we .J 4 , : X ,- is L T as 8 ll! l . wt' FQ: ' una ,.-X if T ' 1' ' 1 . -'K 1. Qs THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE 4. H . lm ll vw , A D 'Y gnv' O. Brown: Counsellngtenter G. Burton: Mathematics A. Cameron: lnstltutlonal Research M. Coulton: CoOp R. Cun nlnghamz Dlr. of Student Servlces M. Dabney: Educational Leadershlp D. Dlqas: Academic Affairs M. Weems: Hu- manltles Soclal Sclences Lula Divers: Natural Science J. Edmonds: Music W. Ellas: Dean of School of Science 8: Technology J. Emute: History J. Epps: Chemistry Evom: Industrial Tech. L. E4 wiv, 1-trr ., , l I+ V t l ' l - ' . , it ,q.l3,-.i p E' 6 ' 4 ,I -4' 4- -ve- . 655, A . 6 X! ' V 5. , 'Xu A ', " '- Ee lf3SL,1. ..4f'?tk?-- .a - t t A . l " ' gf F, H 4 gf H ' Q L - . fs ,J I '3' ii-f . is t an M .cs . '1' - i . E L lil r q . l lf Klki KVLKA K 2592: rl t. 1 A Y fs' - A E 3 it I , ,Z a ll l I Jwv ' H ' I I X .11 A 2- 5311, w fn L ff' f ' u as, ju ...Mg .M .. 1, IL I . h ful 33.11 'sa M. Fleldsz Agriculture C. Flythe: Athletics C. Flynn: Flne Arts C. Foster: Chemistry W. Foster: Chemistry 'I-1 H , X .'Vl " 'fef ": F' fs 4 F rx it - 'tr 1 N fe- - - - L yyy A. Freed: Continuing Ed. W. Friedman: 4 1, 4 3 54.1 , f i A J " . Q4 Hrsrorv J. eurren: Industrial recn. R. ff A ,f rw ' 'ifg ,J Q Gee: Ledrnlng Resource Center O. if , ,V 'Z F . "F Gerren Campus Pollce f 1 4' 4 QL. b f F t . K - ., -' Il ' M I ' .I VA -aff 4' Ng, ,' rr A s L1 N' Tx D. Gibson: Agriculture M. eiuiur: Fine E. 3, :QL j fe 'f i - Arts D. Hdrding: Language A81 Llt. M: Hdr- Ly' .gr '-' r"': pf F ,U dlngz Co-Op C. Hdrris: Music tt 9 -5 mlm ft. r I ""T' .1 r 1 r" 'T '-. . A , r , , . r "w -Q7 V A THE P GUIDING MINDS THE ,T - . 1 5 1 1 1 i I ' s a s 5 r 4 4 . . f 3 G. Harvellz Llbrary E. Hawlett: Language 8: Llt. M. Henderson: Language 8: Llt. L. HIII: Industrlal Research S. Hlnes: Life Scif SDCGS V. Howard: Mathematlcs M. Howells: B.E.O.D. J. Hunter: Health 8: P.E. C. lrvlne: B.E.O.D. M. Jackson: ReadI ng CIIDIC 12133553 M. Jackson: ROTC C. Jenklns: Learning Resource Center H. Johnson: Llbrary W. Johnson: Mllltary Science L. Jones: Flne Arts YJ" Q 4 nf of , asf.. W Ns V. Jones: Sociology E. Knuckle: Psychol- ogy F. Lane: Mathematics M. Latheef: SEA fCR E. Lawrence: lndustrlal Tech. P. Lee: B.E.O.D. Lowe: Counsellng If - 'fp- T ' ,l :Iyar g-P 12 51 by Lg-yin 112 ' A L 7 - 1 ...Q V .A mf . f 4 L A A . - .- - lg. P: Q- aa- :il - M Q . 1, Y - jf' 'A A -gl . - A- ' , J ' ' Y ' Q' , '7' 4 4- . A X X V, .Y W ' f - f ffl 4. .. vi ti --1.11 Q fl .,. x l V ' 4 .- 4 . " -. ' ' ' - ' 1 fe A 1 . l y f .-.. A , Y 3 . t, M - lg,-Ah -A bi. V 1 'X Center M. Lynn: Mllltary Science J. Mc- ' P ' T' CISIIGDZ EGUCCIHOD J. McKee: Counsel- L lno Center R. Mabey: Hlstory A. Macklin: Flne Arts L. Martln: Agrlcultgyre P. Mattox: Military Sclence G. May: Foster Hall l l 2 Qt 3 3 l .., . 1, , . Uggifg, gmt Emir Z . an L"5tT 1 Z.. E. ! 5 wi' . , C v., - - - . ' A -A Q- 2 'v ' x ' ' X ..., ,f . it K qv V l -, .. . E .J T - af- ., , 1, z- A tg, J nn ,, .D . H , qi gui Ii.: l .vt , " we 3 ily' lv it A --M 'Y' 'p q .3 W l l 4 U 2 'Y l ' l' 5. gm 43215: 4 , m ,ff Y ll A ag . . , Q 5 x L Q' A ur Y .J 6 li .-1 A . 'S .. 'W ' if W -:if P9 ii 4' 'H' lggritxw -.1 ,t ,ku 'V Q . f " - J .Y 'L it l ,X 1 'x .x If 1 A L xx I Xfnx .ww 5. yt-I ,bl -5.3 .I G.. A 1, .. 'Q' 'axgiwh ,ga A-fr sf- u. if ' an ' .lm 1. ll l 11 lr , ,.. 'rif f ' g""'l...gll I ,l c W " l 124.2 " :lui il '-2' ,- .. .1 ls I 3 x 5 si' ? F It sp- .4 f A t l 'w W .1 lf l -- 4 l S lwfxl 3- M 2 slr S X Qi . at Fwc 31 ii . , . Q 'I tl, my xr? 4 . fall X W D. Mohan: SEA fCR A. Moody: SEA fCR E. Morrls: Sociology G. Mounts: Military Sclence N. Naraln: Chemistry B. Norman: Lcmgudge 81 Lil. S. Onyeperechl: Language 8: Pick- ett: 'Eiilucatlon B.'1Powell: Language 8: Llf. M. Powell: Llfe Sclence R. Powell: CoOp P. Reed: Language 81 Llt. I. Rldley: Industrial Tech. .A. Rinaldi: Health 8: P.E. R. Rltz: Business lint. his- airs . H F. ROQchI MIIITGYY Science J. Ross: Mill- tary Science S. Ross: B.E.O.D. J. l'Sleff t ROUdfI'96Z R6SldBI'1C6 Life B. Schenck D. Sen: Life Science A. Sheikh: Re- 1, 5 ' search S. Slddlgi: Life Science C. Sims: 2 Residence Llfe R. Singh: Mathematics W. Sklnner: Mllitary Science E. Smlth: Mathematics C. Spratley: Academic Af- falrs K. Srivastava: Physics C. Stronach: Physlcs 4 I 9 A S: , , - Q., 5, iiy m pfx . H545 4 Q- -A 1 ei ' a Q A 1 - t L. - , 5,258 55. . V , - . ' . Hr - U Q N " - W ' 1 I ' J X ' : 'urz A -.v . , xr f a Jw .2 f - f 'iff 1 ESQ. if-ga, ' S x C :: : at t S 4 r t n'g Sa X . T 'i 'eti S L' . P 1? fl H R 1' . 1 h, . et! 4 , . K A e q f ,, 6 , 1:- , . 5' f S . ' , :tk Q sk Q Q TEX t "Awww f THE RCOT CF EDUCATICN t X . gssg , ,,. ,,, , Q - gm f '--. 4+ Q lmfu ' 4 4 ,,. E 1 , J . -1 fx vt 5 gf V T. , f. .53 'I 33 -K T 1 X M: 'buh M v A all F . T f- f :'- wr. . 'f :J -35.55 " ' lg - -::- . Q- , -' T' e i 351 - , . 'f L- L cr ff: 'J- . l . L . J' 1 lr, -P . M- ' V W Mg, ,. Q ' -'Er W V' ' WEEE, -v. T T f : W 44' -Tiff '-f X er My J J T.: T ,:' ,ls ' 'L l P . i f -3 ' ' J l.,,f..-L. 4 "W" .Xi ' , f". t '-iz T A 'E ' " ef . ' TQ? 1 17 V, E: -I, V A 1 . wiv Q ii . A,- -. .53 Tk -'T Ai? l lxnr - 5 7 X ' - M "7- S , ' x 1 Q 1 l ' X T A '31 ,e 'LX Y q V T f' s i .. 4" ' 3. - rzeiff' " ""2'2ia "ze . W- ' 7352 . - N , ,- T '- o "3 ' ' ' "wx, ew! ' W A I-is F Q e- ,cv D. Survlne: Military Sclence J. Tambe: Buslness D. Taylor: Sociology L. Thomas: Admlsslons C. Thompson: Military Scl ence C. Thornton: Mllltary Sclence L. Tollerson: Foster Hall F. Underwood: ROTC J. Upadhyay: Llfe Science E. iblanaoz Flne Arts E. Walker: Admlsslons M. Walsh: Instltu tional Research T. warren: Unlverslty Bookstore M. Dlscenza: Dlr. Learning Re source A. Westbrook: lndustrlal Tech. Wllllams: ROTC S. Wllliams: Foster Hall E. Wllson: Llfe Sclence J. Wilson: Auto motlve Tech. W. Wood: Education- Readlng Center S. Wooden: S.D.l.P. Coordinator D. Woodson: Flne Arts D. Yancey: Aca demlc Affalrs mums:-g-vvsLxaamn:1l.:. .ml-nur1mlanl 17v . N - . , Y 'S TH - A' Ni Y , W my 0 X ' ' Q ' 5 vw I 2 - V . K , 1 Q ' x ' . t . W " p -"'. - K wif' 3 4' . V li I ' , -:Jr A L E x Q- J in . '-' ' 5 .Lu R .ii . - -L 45 I Z mv V ' K V. 5 M ,. wwlqfffgg egg. jj? H W A NY m Jug :Ji Y ww Q , 1 wv uw - ' 'Www 1 " A ., V F091 Lgkgf- ww. ,v wr . f-,IDF 3 'Y' "gl -'.! "' Fai., 1,.,. M 9 ,W ,m it 0 f' "A k Q A Y A' ,, ,m W 'V f ,- 9? , 4 , f r c Q . .S, 'I ' A in Qi "W F Xu "u 'N 11 E , ' Wuxi ' 'H y",.i':n fv-li Q., I 1 ' ' , , .. is -- ' a f ' r 1 J ' P ' '51, 4 new ,Sf . Jw! , " JAH mf, U, fu, W ' .nf T 1: 'fda dv 1, - 5 A I. v ' ' ,mx I' , , , ., .M . ,- QP! 57 vi ., x xxxx 4 im ,N n 3 4 Q6 '. f ' " 'Z ,. -I ,, ,, uw .Y .gig xg Y fin Wh W. M s ' ,? "' -gm gk. A, jk ll '5- . Ex. nvmlrlnmamu lrqnlwm .. 4nr'wxx' ww zmllmnlaxrmssfsvw Wmav. 9 I L'-7 W Mm 3 1 W A14 sf. -4 .A:. , ,,,.?,1p,.,, I .,,, , , . Lg ,- w :L V '-9 I I. ,r a , if , : 'z :rf F 'S ,NF wig.,-.. 4 Q , iw 3.21 n' . -'.L..Qq+ftf ...3 4 ,fn-wax.: Wy' 'Wi-P' H in 5:3 .Q fyj, ,. 'EN' A 'I 'Wffii' -' ' vdwm, 1 ,.. in !' ' -is ' x, ff . , gf .H .,a: ' 5? , V' 'A N H' H MV km W Mu - M ' "H 1 w 3- X w 15.4. -H'ag.,., -an V- . . , I 1 ' I 'dmv H " Mm vim -ww? 'I -'N , N 1 Y" H f" UW H - 1 WH V' 11 xH W ' VN M' H H H ' H X N Qu H ,,111,,gw , ,. 9 Dr. Dorothy N. Cowling Acting President of Virginia Union University Speaks at the Formal Opening Convocation "The means for acquiring an education is avaii able at Virginia State" but "the responsibility is on you to attain it." i THIS IS HOW IT ALL BEGINS qwmi E- w. ,., ,A K T.. ' " Wind 1441 2 .Aa- H. 'iff' REGISTRATICN 79 I . 1 ---M .. ?f'??::v'A ,..,. ....,. . ve' , I III!! . P' I s ,. I ,.,, M L, fQz?fseSks1QI:?I'Ififf wiv I M. . - "' 5 ',,, , Q "f -wzffum f , -"'irII'm I:11.:1III:Ls:2w'IIIfZ I I ..I. i uEi:k, VIWIII MW . ITE! 41- V--af 1.1. ' - F ,i' VER, THE SCHCDOL OF BUSINESS The School of Business is an undergrad- uate school offering the bachlor of science degree in seven departmental areas. The school had its' beginning as a department in the Division of Arts and sciences in 1950, the department was reorganized because of its growth in The School of Commerce, and on July 1, 1972, it became the School of Business Admlnlstration. Effective after the academic year 1977, lt became the School of Business. The School of Business seeks to develop In Its students the abilities neces- sary for responsible positions In business, In dusfry, government, and education. Stu- dents should be expected to serve in a varlety of supporting roles in the vocations they enter after graduation ln order to pre- pare for executive posltlons. The school ls desirous of business and Iearnlng the prlncl ples rather than to be overly involved in techniques-why rather than how: ABQ mm 'NHT -- S...- 1, 1,3555 is Q K. 5 1 M 21,5178 11 ,, 1 11 1.11 W 1 1 ,pazaztisaf ymgg - 115615: wwgg - ww n 1 , enmm, ,, 1 521122114926 1 vm F W M, P my ri. whiff' vs: 5: ,me gm- 1,1 521 , VL, , . l2 lim ' dw 5 5161.9 ewif ,1 - :www - 15111115 YS 1, " iii? , H1 1515. .1 , ,V 2 5 , WH 9' 11Ef1'2Qf?T,1 J: Y L ,Q - :S-Q A9551 5111191111 , mm- 15 J 1,3-3.ff"2 I 1 A V 2532 rl 1 K xzggglwsssz iw' .EQTEHSW Q I mpg 11, E 'Swv 111111111111 11121112w1v Q E 1,1,. k,Z,15W 1 -1 Q 2- ' .13 1 1 J gi : . , ..f 5:11 1:1 1 1155211212 ?5l2fE35?E51?"V' szziasiiasif' f .,Y-.g2H. ,, . , ,,,,4, ,W gn ,, 4 Pc 'kk' M 11w"m21ffaT1s2'1L 4 fu, M 111, ,, 21? 1 1 X we yas: , -. 52522 ,, I Mil , fu f .L 1 Mg 1 ,A 1-IL Jail? ffl 1- A- 1 WEE JM., - 1:1 Zi '11 ff 'i 1 'QZQQWQEXQQ 'F "fT'Mf'Z1f, ' ' "'1,tz,1, ' ' H'K 3' ' ' " 'f' A " ' :T "ix ,Ya Q V 'V V . N 'me School gf offers undergrad- M wir 11-Siam , Y Y ' yoke graduate ,...- V U 'Milonql FQOCIBISEW ln. services 1 ,coopeiqtes warn other schools of fhe colg , F, h 5y11 1,7 1, , figrfl X f phases broad V 1 1 1 1 -11.145 f discontent courses 'H 1 . profisfewnwiseexiegi Mlencesfrepreientlnagfijenerally accepted? 1 e"' 1 .X .. X X - . , , if in i -Q29 f vs. ,r I V 'm 1u?"W -,gg ,.1a -. 59.1 mg-5 H H H if 1-EUQ4 -- .wqfezzfszgf U fl sf V 0, U, ,Ma . gggmvggi , .N 'Aff M22 - , Y .fm , ffm--Aga,-?.5Q:F ,.2.,,1M 12: A X if ss . ' ' w Ji. ..,.-.,, .3 11,2 55325325 .I ' . 1 . 'SN '-,I - 1.. A li rl' .' . , as JPp,E,6 3:E?:.?li'f 7- Arfmfwfx in wg, Y .f , -,. ai 4: Ra 4 - .255 Q X T, - V ' el 9 ' "--15fff,.5,' 1 ' Q "Eg-Kg, A 1 wi Eu ff: w f f 5 w,eg W,,. A kk?-v Psi 4. xgggga.: Q -- mx J., 1 ,A .WEL V+ 'L ' -, L x Qm1'23'i1g,,! IV Y ii A Nfy5s,gpg1QQ,ffQsszigsiiisilgisglgiiasaggiw,.,,,' '1,' ' """ gi ,,i ,M 3 f ,55g,, : 5 5526 . M1 , L. Q , f?':f?S::1iv , ,. , 5 g - T'-12? ' W W . . 'W . .JLQ I Y ,ge l ,.,, I E 'zz ug, x" '5 -M H?-gf'-1' --- " " 5353? efsvmm vii? Q A X KWH .3 NL l QS W N F niw' ' M: mm . bb-s: W..,V., - .1 ' - iw, s y Y 3,isgfgggesfzssfissfsssfgrar" .fm Z S X255 Wm. X1 .W ,,4,..'!'AM E Q53 v Lx :fi 4 ,1--'gf-1i:'5.fM-Q N21:fffs 1 M ,gfzwzgi f 56: .-afmfw 9 2 V' .::',,-'zz f,'n,-Q12 ..2.m3:N, 1 Q THE SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES Deon of School of Humonllles Dr. Colvin Mlller 33. The School of Humonllles and Soclcl Scl- ences Include the major disciplines ln the Humonllles and Social Sciences and the R. O. T. C. DFOQTGITI. The School of HUfTlCI'1lfleS Gnd SOCIGI SClel"lCeS ls very mUCh COD-I cerned Wlfh the educcllon of the TOTCII Def- SOD Gnd Dl'epGl'eS SfLldeI'1f5 for various CG- feefS ln MIIITOFY Sciences, Low, EdUCGflOI'l Moss COmmUnlCGfl0hS, Social Welfdfe, R search, PUDIIC AffGlI'S, Gnd Fine AHS. L1 AND SCCIAL SCIENCES 1:53 .mul ----- + The School of Natural Sciences consists of slx departments: Chemistry, Geological Sci ences, Llte Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology. The Bachelor of Sclence CB.S.J degree is offered ln each of these de- partments through currlcula which prepare students for either graduate study or for Im medlate employment wlth government ser- vices, private lndustry, or as a secondary school teacher. All of these departments ex- cept Chemistry offer the Master's degree. The school strives to advance sclentlflc un derstandlng through research and teaching, and by sharing lt's expertise with the com munlty. In addltlon to the degree programs which already exist in the school, the follow- ing nine new degree programs wlll begin ln 1980 and 19812 Plant, SOII, Gnd Wafer SCI- ence: Envlronmental Sclence: Nurslng and Preveterinary Medicine: Agricultural Mecha nlzation: Environmental Resources Manage ment: Agricultural Business and Economics. Dedh of School ot NGYUTCI SCiehC9S DI'. WGHGF Ellas THE SCHOOL T l 4:2 kxv l . I C Q. if 1 Hi , 1 42122 xg! W ' ' '- fvwff 3-,- f my s . . ,2- . Hflbm 3 waif'-N we v.1f.h,-, 1351 ' iz! , . K ' 43:1 51 3555231-Q . Naomi 'f 3 A , ami' , , ' F' 5' L ... L Tie, Y ' yigjfmt 1 H 1- ' " Q 7Q-jffg' 1 x ,' ,- xi ' ' pg. 1- -Q , . 1--Q'-'lgfl il A f f fgu ASQ . 3. lv 2 f L , 1921 -5 " ' 2 ' 1",',t,-3,-.FAQ Q' A ,-L, ,Q ,- N. p 1 1 1 -,.,-,,,'-1:5 gr! L .nf ' , 1 111 '. -' A f-5 , . 'A ' 1' Q2 Q1 1- -if ,F '. 7 vi +521 E I . M6225 if " , M 1 V+- f f ifmf, n 523. ' 'iw xi , if ' ' N' X ' , pw 4 V 1 K . . , 1 ,gg ' 5551i ., :Ny-. Y' 5 z.-5 l . 4 9 I Y . Q- 1' My v A E v-N .,:.:fa-xi "fe :m mm 'if wif H 231 ' -M ' f W 'i .mf 'f,i?5e8s5QW? ffa 1 , W S XX 4, ,I I mf ,WL ml ,W 3' 'TQ-gk-1:.v 1 hw .1-. any ! J '-,gs-1.5 ., D. QI . f A ,Q 1 ! I Q , 1 Qi' ' fx ' W 1 ,av-f ' 3 Z wffgigg gj l' ' if H 1' s, , ':YQ1lQii": ' " :mf Wax.: M ffzf- WT-4iFl fb' 2 ' 6 M ' Q I is " 1i3f5i?Lf' " fl? X 'Av '- . . l Q? : :x X .Elf 153' ik 1,313 Q ' :JL f 'fx K A gc gigs ,QL ,A . , ,W ., vgfffgk, 52 ' --,. -ws- 5 .,,. ba LX, Q : .q ' - ,. Egg, ' L,-'. " if . -f ww, ,iw-.. 'W B. , M . -,'. . L 51 Z ffl .,., - f i fiiiw V 1' , 5 i -'N ., ' if ml'-F., - W I iff X X ' K 0 '-M. X Y - , U- X Wee: 1 ,N ,yi I '.E'1i ' iwrsfle - " 'A 'if .L V225 fl " . 'fi if FL' . ' Q' l' 2' 41' . wr, 2 I 1 ,f j,.:r.iu ful 'Ol I . .Ay Q . -.,, '. ..a 1 ,L- QE, 2 . 1 - . 'li u., A +- 112, 2 X, l L .3 , 3'- , 1 3 -: 1 L' it W s z ' ' .-...W 9 H in X mil i .skill Dean ot School Graduate Studies, Dr. Edgar Toppln 1-4 SCHOOL CDF The graduate program has been an important part of Virginia State University for 40 years. Between 400 and 500 graduate students enroll through the School of Graduate Studies as regular, degree- seeking graduate students each semester. Another 400 to 500 enroll as special students through the evening, week- end, and oft - campus extension courses of the School of Continuing Education: many of these spe cial students eventually enroll ln regular master's de gree programs. Master's degree programs are of- fered by 17 of the university's 25 departments. Since tour of the departments offer two master's programs each there is a total of 21 master's degree programs. 'Q , Q... .3 I U1 1 .wi W 3 .n, GRADUATE STUDIES T? .2"..a O l X? Q -"V i, THE SCHOOL GF CCNTINUING EDUCATICDN Dean of School ol Continuing Education, Dr. Alvin Hall The School of Continuing Eduoollon at Vi glnia State University ls the arm ofthe Unive slty that extends the resources of th campus to the broader community. The pr grams of the School include the Evening Co lege, The Weekend College, th HolidayCollege, the oft-campus progra non-traditional studies and a variety of no credit activities. Each semester Continuin Education enrolls over a thousand part-tim students, mainly working adults who are pu suing degrees or special interest. w , ' sgisegisaggfii, 1 1x'1fE5f2f?'5fJ'! H " ,w M ' w iii- ,Q . -Y L www, w. - gm, , M.. , ,w ' wg., , . . J HN , ,, ww, L L M T., ,, 43, ' , ft A my . " . 'Sw , 1. f H if M35 MATOACA LAB ANI: f iff , M T25 Q., , 3-,. -5. -- ' " l lZZ'ZITf . Dr. Jlmmle Battle ' Director Gandy Hall . i .lfsty 'wg um' 3? if 'W 5-gg 'H mi A.. 3, n ww i w w , My Am wi- m ,1 . N, . N A- r' K Q 'V 'M Q, , A ,K X ,N 1 1 ypzlsfw-,-gNg'12 1 , 1' Q fQ:CI""W 'WE vw 1' 2-M 1 wr' ,-,,,,.,.., 1 S GANDY HALL ifll :xi l.I1'Ig?1I . P ,.llQlll Q , U.. i ' vi 4, K'-w fa F4-:I ,.N lv- l' iv qi! gg -uf5"'5'f" . ax M xx , f T .. LA-pak 1 u ,QEWHF -K... X 3 x X' yy' ,H X, ug 4 141 ' 'aww I M, Q. , ,X 11 'TJ I A 3' WBT s 5' " rg 'ln 7 If? XML -aan. I w ww if ...- -n asia .pn 1 'cv' :f K' Vhh x? W 'ii N: Ui, in an a, ff' ,,,,, H ws-Qffgf f 5 .if hfi-iff' Y - - fl M :.Q A- ' - - -Q in 4 gi - L Q. 151 J Q i, 1'-MP.. .. - :fl ry 1..n-mana-11v' -Y V ga L., N W i , al 1 L- n i -' 1544, , , .iw V-Qi' " -.5 u-1-Q-----., ,- , E 1:1 , .-mf i h L ! .. X f M: '- "nf L ' f - S -XX .- , fi N 5-mfr' 1 -l . ' ,V fr V... 71,1 , .h W Vuxqv. . A,.,,,,, , , 'I ,. X .. ,. w' rv ,. ,. nv , 1, ., 1 l.A',.,,.,.-, I Y - , - V ..- , ' W-1 f , U 1 L ' W an ' ll., N 'ifgfu I .X U , -o , ,ht Wa. I f ,, 4' ,f H If hd 1 AL ff S rw' I 12 4 36 rilf' fl" I x xxa- W .wx K Ww if 4. .Ef:' W .F w f 'fr - A 'E 1. . f I Q f NM ua "Ol Q N-1, ROTC The heart or core of Vlrginla State College's ROTC dep ment ls its Four-Year Program. This program is designed to allel the trainlng and education a college student recel while pursuing a degree ln a particular field of study. The two years of ROTC, called the Basic program, are deslg to develop basic concepts of the Army and leadership tentlal. The last two years of ROTC, called the Advanced gram, are constructed primarily to prepare the cadet to sume the duties and responslbllltles of an officer in the Unit States Army. FOUI'-YBOT PTOQTUTTI F l l I' l I Twovear Program The TwoYear Program is primarily designed tor iunior Colle f community college graduate students, and transfer dents ln tour-year colleges who did not participate in D during their flrst two years. Basic Camp training at Fort Kentucky, for six weeks substitutes for the first two years a dent has missed taking ROTC. Cross Enrollment Program This program ls designed for students attending do not host ROTC. lt enables them to take ROTC at State College, receive credit, and quality for a an officer ln the United States Army. This to students for both two and four 3 Union University, Saint Paul's Colle R John Tyler Community College, J. nity College, Virginia Commonwel con and Southside Vlrglnla Comr forthe program. program Students from ichard Bland Gfe Summer Camp Practicum C6 hoursj The ROTC Advanced Camp Summer Practicum is six long. ln individual and group experience, students apply leadership training. Students are constantly exposed to let er ship situations which require decisions made under pr ical and mental stress conditions. This program enables ROTC students in the Four-Year to attend college take ROTC and have all tuition textbooks and required expenses, except room an paid for by the Army. In addition, the cadet receives a month for the duration of the scholarship, except for a week Advanced Camp during which he ls paid at the rate onehalt the base pay of a second lieutenant. Scholarship Program . H5999 d f"5 1 f I 4: F!! , ll! " a,4s 's .S yi , J , 91, ' s'x' I L-ill I I I 5 1 . av J-.DF ' W jj' if 6 ., -as JIU, ct: f'5 I . ' . T Q ' N351 ' .xf Q ,,.l.3r' 9 ' QA Ii-.J 1, D O 2 . I . o :qi ,, L , W, 1 ' - . I -ml 4 Q! a ' NV' 1 41 a Q S: 4 .: . I U I I ' I '1 4 "N ,fm , ,g w I Q , 1 5 ' , . ,W . ,M 5, ki. J will ,. . ny.. 5.7 any-:N q .ig""vJ 1' C L mi-W Q I , W -unus- "fmt" L H EZ? QW Fr- tg : M , , i gym K Am J VI xr Q H 5 JT 3, ' . -- ' I u , ' I , S X NIL 23- ? Il ' , B . I bf K E X457 . I IQQ? H' ' 'f 5 5,11 Q, ,1 W '- v I' 1 :LW fu i Q ,359 P, -,ni i hm, I 5 TOFN HCMECOIVIING 'I 979 , 1 ,p,. ,H - . , 54-s .'2gr:I':-:su!'.' . . -5 : A, a ' " 935-9116. ' 1 ..-. Ex, "N ffl. ,f J., 2 I N P' . 1 1 N ' lx. ,. ,f Q vm 5 9' fa 'M 1 f ,. w ' , U w .ax F 1 A Q ' x I A f ' ,XX " Q 'lf K IU I I I X 'V -.-:-'f-..-.s-f-,,,5, J' Y,,.....,- ,. ' M mf, . - K2-F" gym ,,...- v F , I 1, X- w 1 "' A fx 'E J- L lk? L .N A 1 1- , 4 x'l9 i ,A . 'Q - 7 ' f 1- -er.. l K. u .X , s ,,, ig U3-gf"1 r . - ' iq-,-Ar' fifth r-1, I KN : N 'QQ 'A-xx Y! A-.'-A ' - f- -A if , ' 'wi qg.x5 . ,tu 4,-' " ..t4.A:x - QTN - - ' JAQ WI' f 1' -px f In-mf 'll Y .f H N-Y . N- Wh Qin'-Wm XR . X A H- ' 'ANN , x f',v- V xg 'kiisq Aa. .' ,MQ-.9 ,Q 14 14 x-A1-, fy ,5 ' 7 . -x 'x x U XS, ' :gi 3X K 'wk -v ' :J Mx 401. 1. X- - f K 4 '-if E --Q' ,' , 'T' N I Y A 4y,.k. -. XI "' 7 -X ww -g 4 + f - 1' Lf, ,.....-A-. - 2 1 M. , 4 I .J HCJMECGMING HIGHLIGHTS 1 k fa.. Friday, the day before the game: there was the distinct feeling of victory in the air. We all sensed it, we all knew it, so what better way to show it than by means of a "PEP RALLY," True, we had tasted the agony of defeat, but not this time for with our unity we finally knew the full strength of the Mighty TROJANS!! Sf-M4 .Ina f 1, iw. .E ,L P xk- A "l,. V- -. V if-,. '- 1 N I' M- 1 -- .Le "- IE'-if ,V 5' , , V 'I ' 721 ' - ', F-M f. "1 -. , 1 it , i 1 V A Qi I 1 1 A ,, , A . u , .Q ' f fo. ,: 3 W J ,nn xy X11 v !, l V U I J 4 it Xt A X1 fa 5 gy. .5. 1 -- 5 y V -A 2 ' ' ' 5 MSN gi' . -4 Qyfxyjix XNKMXGX WCHQQEMN N -1 qi' ,flq 1"1f'L -f L L.,, 4 1 ' , :JW new ' fu ' 'PQ 1 V 5-A .-" "-...'. npx fl- I A , , ,., .V Q , pl 1 D e , , ,, f, n, .A 1 g .., f - 3 X fvf-F, f+,, f,'r'VS-fww - pw-if X ' ff ' "N v ' ..:'L'xv L.: N FF rf k.,' ,. x - ' X ' I ,- JF-'L"f" N X' X N x, ,i JJ - N - 1 1. JSM 'H' 'fi - Q is-P5 'fl-JPL , ' X M ,ymv-7-15 f qQF:gE1fQTQffE-ff,EQQTS 1 f i " 1 - 'W"': ""i. ' mi-.L--7.1-f-s-i-' .2f'4kf""tl1'-iF'fx"' -fi ,,,, -.1' bf -'?"'9ffkA, WSW inf. A - x H "N ' A - duh , M ' 'w ' 'KH ,, L 4 .1 '11E',Qj?ffWQ4:,-' - 1 'W LW "'- I ' ' K ,X ,M . Y Nw' V ,,,,, 1 xx1x-xxx -1 ' -W W2 , M? .. .Q ,,,,, , ,,,, , V . - V B rw - A - v 1 ,, . 6 ' - , 1 r 1 i ug. 'f V f f If J ,f :A Q . Rv! fl ' XQN X -v , QA ' ix 5 - mp, , r- U .1 .' Ui 4555 PARADE Once Again Gola Affair 5625 ZEN 3158 6650011 -4.58 L-,, cwusmq ASSHFI I nm. MMM .J- r-,f 1 ' I . , ' ." Y.. .V .jg lm PRE-GAME ALWAYS AN EXCITING EVENT ,fl , W MMM, l lil l W l lt Was A Good Game lt was a great game and we should have won. The mighty Trojans played a fearless game until the very end. It was a few minutes left to play and the opponent scored a heartbreaking fleldgoal, making the score 3-0, the final score of the game. M ul1.qmn','r fluff , QNLQWW, ' . iff l I--'i+llnlIr'gnl t nl, l,. 15,4 . . . '- ."f:rf."i:f-'f.f':'rf'lx".JQ."fix 1 'J-1, A xv .,'.! 13s.-,again-,E '44-'V-2G'i.i':f1Q'-W"'gR"f .pl 1-1. -IL 5 R .il I W 1 I .J Q. ...Q--p hi! X X I 1, 73' 0 - - Q " 19-I , Eg' 2 4' 7 , x tix, : 4S.Wm,L wif, jj. 1, 5.86-4, Fi -Z .1 ..,. '31 50 Q1 y ' x""' - '-J' -A ,.l ,ff , , U I X 1 SOUN ev rm, ,Q ,,, 1, w J H D 1 J 1 'r A ' . , , -a1is+,3, '- Q,-4 fry! I. , Vw:-www iwgwwng- V- ' " ' ,- ,,'. L?7TL'57A.uQ4:,:f-A P H---ff ' Hr f . LQ. 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T. .vl If , , '- 1'?.!.:'I' 'j L' In 311, -yfq "l,'fW"' 'Ng' Q- 1- A 'l1m 2uf. -fa. f.-A..'vN Miss FfeShI'T1Gl'1 Brenda MCMiIIi0n jf, 1. '7"g:.1'-' 5 'F'1"-M1 L .,.,,,V,- .V W .'L"i"' ff" vi , 'J', . -' 'f mu? . ,A Em, A Mlss Junior Ruby Inge Mlss Sophomore Koro King IW, Miss Senior Chorlohe Downing A 'Wm-5-M 118 ' J-,gg M 1 Ml. Bolsseau L68 Mr. Big Brother Terry Baits DCIS HGITIS ' rr Mr. BrdnCh HGII Mlss Business Administration J0fff9Y DUN1 Vlnette Luck MISS 8.E.O.D. CHIISWIC Jones Mlss ESSBDCB Sh9fl'l8 ROBINSON Esquire MGD of H19 YSG' ECKOH Whlb MISS B.I.S. TCITIITTY McCoy MISS Hedlfh 8 P.E. Geneva GIGSS Mr. Hedlfh 81 P.E. Jimmy Norcom MISS IOFCI Phi Theto Lisa DBFCIITIUS Mr. Howord Holl Nooh Strong MISS PSYCNOIOQY Mr. Psychology Ruth Inge Moses Rlvers Mlss Puryear Hall Ellzabeth Harris Mlss Yearbook MCI'ShC Johnson Mlss S.C.A. Brenda Johnson ,Q e A J. Mlss Vets of State Llndd SOIICB MISS ROTC Mlss RBDG POIDGSXTBF Mlss 1st Bahallon Sherrl Taylor MISS 2nd Battalion Gale Gale 1- Mlss Headquarters Company Mlss Monica Taylor Mlss Company A Frieda Galloway msrlwfxriggyyyir Mlss Company C Pamela Sparrow Jimi: MISS COITIPGDY D MISS Cheryl DCVIS 255' r, , gm..- ,fs ..- ,,. M .w 9, ' . ,N ,... r,, ,QU 53535 V 457 nA gi, 1 ww 7 ,Yi H. xx ,il As , ,Z w 5244: S af 35 '24 v iff 5:14-. fresh and 'xi v . ask' 'ici L, new M. L Xi. , A, V in 17 K ' '.-p1zeq:'saXZsa?S" . ..,, L., fm YJJJJLB. .Jana film 'X Torrence Abernathy Q13 Richmond, VG. Mary Abner ray Newport News, Va. Lorl Aaalr Q25 Baltimore, Md. Thomas Aaklns 423 Charles City, Va. Carolyn Alestock UQ Klng George, Va. Samuel Alrbrman Q39 Chesapeake, Va. Tlmothy Allston up Norfolk, Va. Jackie Amado up Atlantic City, N.J. Melody AmDY C0 Dlrlwlddle, VCI. Thomas AmDY C37 Dlnwlddle, VG. Vanessa Anderson Q23 Gordonsvllle, Va. Brenda Andrews C13 Alexandria, Va. Cuprlce Anthony my Vlrglnla Beach, Va. DeJuanna Archer 12p Petersburg, Va. Karen Armstrong Q13 Richmond, Va. Laura Artis up Rlchmond, Va. Eartha Arvln C25 Rlchmond, Va. Angela Avant C31 Portsmouth, Va. Anthony Balley Q32 Fredericksburg, Va. Letltla Balley Q23 Baltimore, Md. Sonla Barley 413 Surry, Va. Debate Baker up Phrraaelpnra, Pa. Beverly Banks up Frankun, va. cynrnra Banks gap Frankun, va. iff-Of 'A 'Ui Naalne Banks up King 81 Queen, Va. Sharon Banks 423 suffolk, va. Brenda Barbour C15 Rlonmona, va. Kevln Barley Q39 Amelia, va. Annette Barrow C33 Waverly, Va. Mark Bassard C35 Ettrlck, Va. O. Barvholomew C25 Nigeria wllllarn laauoon Q13 D0 wasnlnafon, D.c. f Tony Baxter up Roanoke, VG. D6nlSe Baylor Q25 Lawrenceville, VG. Cassandra Beale Q11 Norfolk, va. Pnyllls aeall ray suffolk, va. lrlsdean Beazer Q21 Miami, Fla. Rhonda Bell up Lawrenceville, Va. Tanya Bethel MJ Akron, Ohio Carolyn Bethune up Petersburg, Va. snella Blagmon up ChCf'lC6, VC. Della Blanding 423 Hopewell, Va. Jetaune Bledsoe Q13 Rlonmona, va. sfepnanle Bleasoe my RIChI'T10hd, VG. Cynthia Blizzard C13 Surry, Va. Sylvia Blizzard Q31 Surry, Va. Ruth Blunt QD Emporia, Va. Connie Boggs C33 Eastern Shore, Va. LLFNZ Blu V. .., 127 Denlse Boldlng gay washtnoton, D.C. Anlla Bowman qty Washington, D.C. Thalla Brackett 123 Rtohmona, va. Kyle Brantley up Queens, N.Y. wattaoe Braxton Q33 Richmond, VC. Stephanie Brunson Q37 Rose HIII, N.C. Natascha Brooks My WIITTIIDQTOD, Del. Arlene Bl'OWl'1 CD Charles City, VC. Arlene Brown My Suffolk, Va. Cynthla Brown Q13 Norfolk, Va. Donna Brown my - Washington, D.C. Donna Brown C11 Norfolk, Va. Kevln Brown C33 Philadelphia, Pa. Stanley Brown My Richmond, Va. Aaron Brunson C33 Newport News, Va. Barbara Burnette MJ Washington, D.C. Antonio Burney C11 Newark, N.J. Lewis Burton C35 Eastern Shore, Va. Dennis Butler Q33 Richmond, Va. Felecia Bynum Q21 Washington, D.C. Sylvia Bynum C31 Capron, Va. Joan Cabler Q25 Lynchburg, Va. Paul Campbell C35 Washington, D.C. Chris Caple MJ Alexandria, Va. H.- ff '- 53 N - ik Lf Xxx. u t l if 97 ,MK ll f QW'-v 'K gg. ,LHP He pn . Renard carlos 437 jjgnle B01 79 1-Phfl Crewe, Va. "" Eva carr 429 Halltax, VU. Lorenda Carson Q19 Emporla, Va. LoLa carter Q23 NSWDOTT News, VG. Patrlcla Carter C25 Kenbrldge, Va. Renfleld Carter My Washlngton, D.C. Wllhemlna Carver Q13 Portsmouth, Va. rlna Cary Q25 Sussex, Va. Mona Cason fly Norfolk, VG. Anthony Cathan qty Long Branch, N.J. Gall cnamberllss gap Surry, Va. Larry Chamberllss Q33 Stony Creek, Va. Darlene chanaler qty Brooklyn, N.Y. Deborah Chandler Q0 WCShlDQfOl'1, D.C. Marnelta Chapman Q0 Smlthfleld, VC. Robblnette cnatman 423 Petersburg. Va. Fellela cnrlstlan up Charles Clty, VG. Tlra cnrlstlon qty Rlchrnond, VG. Valerle Claiborne My Hopewell, Va. Vernessa Clark f3y Portsmouth, Va. snerrese Clarke Q23 VIFQIDIO B6CCh, VC. Erle claua up Norfolk, va. velvet Clay gay Anderson, s.c. Carolyn Clements My l-lalltax, va. 129 Michael Cobb Q23 Suffolk, Va. Jerry Coffee up Norfolk, Va. Crystal Colden my Portsmouth, Va. James Coleman Q21 Hackensack, N.J. Qulnstar Coleman my DeWitt, Va. Nathaniel Colllns C33 Petersburg, Va. Andrew Compton C13 Charlottesville, Va. Sarah Cooper CD Franklin, Va. Tessa Council up Franklin, Va. Cathy Cousear C25 Jamalca, N.Y. Arhonda Cox Q33 Toano, Va. Brenda Cox Q2y Middleton, Ohio Michelle Craighead Q23 Hopewell, Va. Arlene Craine Q23 Newport News, Va. Ramona Crawley my Waynesboro, Va. Stephen Crooms UJ Baltimore, Md. Frederick Cross Q31 Franklin, Va. Beverly Crute Q11 South Hlll, Va. Carlessla Daniel Q11 Manassas, Va. Juan Daniels Q23 McLean, Va. Carl Davis C32 Norfolk, Va. Derek Davis C13 Jennifer Davis Q11 Landover, Md. Renee Davis up Gloucester, Va. 4"'- l ., , E22 ik Hull N, 'Q' l dm 3 ff at f Sharon Davls My Lawrencevllle, Va. Sonny Davls up Hampton, Va. Valencla Davls Q21 Rlchmond, Va. Yvonne Davls MJ Suttolk, Va. charles Day up Roanoke, VO. Jon Dennls up Delrell, lvllcnlgan Kellna Dlllard 423 Perlsrneuln, ve. Renlla Dlngle my Upper Marlboro, Md. Vlrglnla Donnell gn Pnlledelpnle, Pe. Brlan Dewe up Roanoke, VCI. Llnda Duckett my Roanoke, VCI. Frederlek Duqger Q23 P9f9l'SbUI'Q, VC. Melanle Edwards C13 Portsmouth, Va. John Elllot Q29 Claremont, Va. Joyce Elllotte C2j Capital Heights, Md. Mary Ellls Q13 Stamford, Ct. Wanda Engram my Courtland, Va. Pamela Epps Q32 Petersburg, Va. Tracey Epps Q23 Hopewell, Va. Allson Evans Q13 Boydton, Va. Frances Evans my Carron, Va. Karem Evans my Boydton, Va. Gladys Faltz Q11 Courtland, Va. Audrey Faucett Q35 Mlddlesex, Va. Daphne Ferguson U1 Hampton, Va. Mae Fltchett CD Eastern Shore, Va. William F099 C13 Petersburg, Va. Sharon Ford Q23 Hampton, Va. Deborah Francis Q23 Hampton, Va. Jettery Franklin Q23 Lynchburg, Va. Avls Frazier up Richmond, Va. Rhonda Frederick up OXOI1 Hill, Md. Joy Frlnk Q21 Philadelphia, Pa. Karen Garlrn my Alexandria, Va. Sheila Garnett C13 Mlltord, Va. Warren Garrett up Richmond, Va. Vera Gibbs Q13 Richmond, Va. Michael Gibson up Richmond, Va. Karla Gilchrist Q21 Washington, D,C. Deborah Giles C25 Washington, D.C. Geneva Glass C33 South Boston, Va. Angela Goodall Q11 Oxen Hlll, Md. Luclan Goode Q25 Richmond, Va. Sheryl Graham C21 Newport News, Va. Angela Green Q21 Lawrenceville, Va. Jacquetta Green up South Boston, Va. Kevin Green MJ Richmond, Va. Sonya Green Q33 Lawrenceville, Va. Wllliorn Green CD Richmond, Va. Juanita Greene GD Charleston, S.C. Percy Gregory C21 M0 cj U CIA Backlngham, Va. Cheryl Grlltin 423 Baltimore, Md. Marchelle Griffin Q21 Suffolk, VO. Norma Hackney my Amello, Vo. Eugenia Hairston MJ Martinsville, VG. Tony Hamilton Q11 Norfolk, Vo. SCIIIY Homln Q11 Sedley, Va. Cheryl Hankins up Bolflmore, Md. Amy Harold up vlrglnla Beach, Va. Cathy Harrell up Bronx, N.Y. Porta Harrington Q11 Vlrglnla Beach, Va. Ellzabeth Harris Q21 Hopewell, Va. Rolaunda Harris C17 Hopewell, Va. Bernadette Harrlson Q33 Portsmouth, VG. Charlestlne Harrlson Q11 Dlnwlddle, VG. Calvin Harrlson Q33 Brodnax, Va. Barry Harven up Petersburg, Va. Steven Hofch Q2j Richmond, Vo. Valerle Harrlson CD Norfolk, Va. Sandra Hawklns up Brodnax, Va. Vlrglnla Heath MJ Painter, Va. Elsie Heckstall C31 Norfolk, Va. Glenwood Hence Q33 Warsaw, Va. Alfred Henderson C11 Rlchmond, Va. Antoinette Hlckman C13 Trenton, N.J. Derwln Hlcks Q33 Suttolk, Va. volerie Hlcks up Suffolk, vo. Yvonne Hlcks C13 Rlchmond, Va, Llsa Hinds up Brooklyn, N.Y. Crystal Hines up Pnuoolerpnlo, Po. Carolyn Hobbs C23 Ettrlck, Va. Davld Hobbs Q35 Hampton, Va. Tlm Hodge qty Marllnsvllle, Va. Charlene Hofler Q32 Petersburg, Va. Tanya Hopson UQ Newport News, Va. Anthony Howell Cty Surry, Va. Lorenzo Howell up Phlladelphla, Pa. Andrea Huggins up Mount Vernon, N.Y. Jw wr- kts 2 . Bernadette Huggins up Rlchmond, Va. Denise Hunt Q31 Portsmouth, Va. Phenous Hurt CD Dlnwlddle, Va. Kelth Hughes Q35 Hackensack, N.J. Ruby Inge C33 Danville, Va. Ruth Inge Q31 Danvllle, Va. Gregory Ingram C23 Martlnsvllle, Va. Anlta Jackson Q23 Portsmouth, Va, 'xy "Q, :R v sw A I It X 4 Q . A 4 35 ' ,, ll lf '.l.-E. ' if X. Cynthla Jackson CD Alexandria, Va. Darlene Jackson MJ Waverly, Va. Haywood Jackson Q23 Hopewell, Vo. Theresa Jackson My Sutfolk, Va. Wanda Jackson Q31 Flushing, N.Y. Cecelia James C25 Richmond, Va. Lorraine Jarvls C23 Brooklyn, N.Y. Priscilla Jasper up Madison, Va. Beverly Johnson C11 Washington, D.C. Catherine Johnson up Wyetheville, Va Charles JOhnson C33 Long Island, N.Y. Marsha Johnson C33 Petersburg, Va. Minerva Johnson up Fork Union, Va. Raymond Johnson CD Norfolk, Va. Rita Johnson f2j Newport News, Va. Ronell Johnson C33 8, Petersburg, Va. Valerie Johnson fly Beacon, N.Y. Anf0nl0 Jones Q0 laolllmore, Md. srendo Jones Q29 Sultolk, vo. Deborah Jones Q 13 ClGfelT1Onf, VC. Ethel Jones up Richmond, Va. Glenn Jones Q33 Richmond, Va. Linwood Jones f3j Wakefield, Va. Lorine Jones Q13 Prlnce George, Va. -- MoJJl's PLL Mui fzoue. P1 L 19"-GV 135 clli e1 Mary Jones Q33 Stony Creek, Va. Myrna Jones up Washington, D.C. raaa Janes up Monflcello, N.Y. Lyala Jae 433 Petersburg, Va. Frank Jaraan Q33 Suffolk, Vo. Mark Kane up Hampton, Va. Lucla Kayholman 423 Columbla, Md. Jackie Keys up South Carollna Wllllam KIDO Q11 Hampton, Va. Ella KnlQhfQ'1J Alborfo, VG. Tammy Kountz qty Lexlngfon, N.C. John Lacy 42p Norfolk, Vo. Pamela Landon C33 Pl'lI'1C6 George, VC. Pamela Landy up P0l'fSfTIOUfh, VC. Theodore Langhorne C23 Lynchburg, Va. Karen Lee up Hampton, Va. Kelth Lee 423 Rlce, VCI. Jacquelyn Lee C39 Rlchmond, Vo. Wanda Lee Q25 Westmoreland, Va. Larry Lewls Q33 Yonkers, N.Y. Melvln Lewls Q23 Amella, Va. Wayne Lewls MJ Rlchmond, Va. Wlllls Lewls C15 Gochland, Va. Cheryl Lipscomb C13 Rlchmond, Va. 415' .A- X hz K' X, ,... i Candy Llttle gap Heampstead, N.Y. Dwayne Llttle Q33 Hackensack, N.J. Marjorie Llrne Q19 Hampton, Va. Antoinette Lomax my Plainview, Va. Ul'1dC LOCKHGH C21 NGWOIK, N.J. Jacqueline Lucas C23 Washington, D.C. Kevin Martin 439 RiChm0hd, VG. George Marrow C33 Hampton, Va. KAPIDA Howard Marshall q2j Hampton, Va. Quintln Martln qzy Chdfhdm, VC. Berdenia Mason Q39 Petersburg, Va. Arleihd Maytleld CD Petersburg, Va. Marie McCorkle up Brooklyn, N.Y. Cynthia McGhee Q33 ROGDOKG, VG. Paul McFadden up Atlantic Clty, N.J. cyntnia Merarlana 433 Stony Creek, Va. Yvette Mendenball C0 Hampton, Va. Thomas Midgette U3 Washington, D.C. Terren Mike C11 Ellzabeth, N.J. Dennls Mlller Q31 Gretna, Va. kevln Miller up Salem, N.J. Jan Mins 413 Lynchburg, Va. Stephanie Mins up Silver Hm, Ma. Bonnie Mitchell up Richmond, va. HMA pii Crystal Mltenell 423 POl'fSfT10Ufh, VG. HGrI0n lvlllehell up Hampton, Vo. Robln Mltchell 427 lvlarllnsvllle, va. Ted Mllenell gay Petersburg, Va. Loney Monroe Q13 Rlchmond, VCI. Varls Monroe Q25 Washington, D.C. Theodore Moody up Garysburg, N.C. Angela Mountain Q0 Alexandria, Va. Bobby Murphy my Hampton, Va. Sylvla Myers up Gloucester, Va. Margle Nance CD Frederlcksburg, Va. Marshall Nelson Q11 Scotch Plalns, N.J. lclm Newell 42p Newark, N.J. D-:nee Nunnally my Amltyvllle, N.Y. Angellna Oliver MJ Hampton, Va. wllme o'Rourke up lvllaml, Fla. Willie Outlaw Q23 Washington, D.C. Mlddleton Owens Q31 Brooklyn, N.Y. Sharon Owens C35 Jarratt, Va. Wllllam Pace Q2j Goochland, Va. Jacquellne Page Q33 Portsmouth, Va. Jacquellne Parham Q11 Petersburg, Va. Venessa Parham Q23 Jarratt, Va. Karen Parker Q21 Lawrenceville, Va. mf! . k 'N it I1 1? Sv' lu' le Ina Mai. .E :xx 1 ,. , Q: T 5' : , . ' . I Nathanlel Perry up kph' Norfolk, Va. Mary Peterson C0 Mlddleburg, Va. Sandra Pettus C33 Newark, N.J. Gwendolyn Phllllps C13 Petersburg, Va. Carey Plerce C23 Surry, Va. Rene Polndexter CID Loulsa, VG. Fredla Ponder up Salisbury, N.C. orrba Porton up POffSITlOLIfh, VG. Tyrone Powell Q29 Hampton, Va. Anlta Press up Eastvllle, VG. Kim Prlce 433 Petersburg, Va. Beverly Purdue 423 Ivor, Va. Sylvester Ralney Q0 DA Q Hampton, Va. - Romont Randolph up Richmond, Va. Jonathan Ransom qty Norfolk, VC. Gregory Redford Q17 Rlchmond, VG. Barbara Reed up New York, N.Y. Julia Rlchardson MJ Charlotte, N.C. Vanessa Rlchardson Q23 Spotsylvanla, Va. Harold Rldley C21 Washlngton, D.C. Harold Rlvers up Petersburg, Va. Joyce Roach CD Dover, Del. Mllton Roblnson Q21 Warsaw, Va. Wayne Roblnson Q32 Amella, Va. J, fl t Tab 54 WA' IELL4 Shrimp Constance Rolllng up Rlchmond, VG. Kevln Ross Q13 Hampton, Va. Johnny Rowe Q35 Petersburg, Va. Dlane Ryan Q13 Richmond, VG. Gregory Salom Q23 Washlngton, D.C. Carolyn Saunders Q11 Sprlng Grove, Va. Carl Scott C23 New York, N.Y. Dennis Scott C23 Emporla, Va. Normajean Scott up Amelia, Va. Sherrle Scott 123 Baltlmore, Md. Calvln Sewer C31 Bronx, N.Y. Doretta Slms Q13 Kansas Clty, Mo. Daphne Slmmons Q13 Pnlladelpl-lla, Pa. Glennls singleton 415 RlChl'T'lOl'1d, VO. ltushi slnglelon 423 Pnlladelphla, Pa. Gall slvels up Chesapeake, Va. Debora Slemp CD Suftolk, Va. Allce Smlth Q13 Palnter, Va. Raymond Smith Q31 Petrsburg, Va. Reginald Smlth Q21 Petersburg, Va. Lloyd Snowden CD Virginia Beach, Va. Monlca Spencer Q23 Columbus, Ga. Sabrlna Spratley C25 Petersburg, Va. Sylvla Stanley C25 Eastern Shore, Va. 4 , l X ,, "IIT ,lvl gp-1 .ZX -5 Ben Stallmacher Q13 Hartford, Conn. Darrell Stewart Q13 Newport News, Va. Charles Stlth Q13 Freeman, Va. Aprll stakes Q13 Washlngton, D.C. Annette Streater Q23 P0ffSmOUfh, VG. Noah strong Q23 Kp Nlartlnsvllle, va. Carl sturals Q13 POIDTSI, VCI. Joseph Suber Q13 Petersburg, Va. Carmine Talley Q13 RIChm0nd, VCI. Patrlela Talley Q13 Rlchmond, Va. Carey Tanner Q33 Phllcdelphlu, Pct. Carolyn Taylor Q23 Sussex, Va. Gregory Taylor Q33 Amltlyvllle, N.Y. Larry Tatlor Q23 Freeport, N.Y. Lats Taylor Q13 FCTFTIVIIIS, VU. Norma Taylor Q13 WOTGTDUTY, COND. Tracle Taylor Q13 Capron, Va. Vlvlctn TGYIOT Q13 Alberic, VG. tartan Telfalr Q13 Rlchmond, Va. Venus Terry Q33 HCllIfCX, VO. Vera Thlgpen Q13 Petersburg, Va. Wg ps ug pwflb Larnanaa rnamas Q13 Kansas Clty, Mo. Marla Thomas Q13 Washlngton, D.C. Ronald Thomas Q23 Kansas Clty, Mo. Glorla Thompson Q13 Surry, Va. Joey Thompson up Andrews, S.C. Joseph Thompson Q21 Richmond, Va. Paul Thompson Q0 Brooklyn, N.Y. Verna Thompson up Amelia, Va. Yolanda Tillman My Washington, D.C. Gary Tlmmer Q31 Queens, N.Y. Sonia Truehart C2j Lawrenceville, N.J. Robln Tucker QD Dinwlddle, Va. George Turner Q11 Richmond, Va. Reginald Turner C11 South Boston, Va. Michelle Tyler Q31 Spotsylvania, Va. Rhonda Tyler Q25 Spotsylvanla, Va. Lawrence Urquhart C21 Waverly, Va. Willlam Vla Q31 Martinsvllle, Va. Curtis Wade C31 Hackensack, N.J. Monlca Walker C13 Franklln, Va. Lacy Ward CIJ Pamplln, Va. Michael Ward MJ Chesapeake, Va. Seelva Warner CD Purcellvllle, Va. Gareth Washington Q13 Hampton, Va. Carol West my Petersburg, Va. Yolanda west rap Chester, Va. Angela white gap Suffolk, Va. Y' he wt, 4 iii?-s - R ,"'N ,Ak l tl gy' Stephanle White C23 Petersburg, Va. Shlrley Whltehead C0 Franklln, Va. Randy Wiley up Leesburg, Va. Franklin Wllkes Q33 Richmond, Va. Brenda wuklns up RlChmOnd, VG. LaDonna wnklns up Richmond, VC. Brenda Wllllams Q11 POI'fSl'T'lOUfh, VG. Charles williams up Albena, vc. Cynlhla Wllllams Q23 Petersburg, Va. Gerald Wllllams UQ New York, N.Y. James Wllllams Q13 Petersburg, Va. Rosa Wllllams U3 McKenney, Va. Darren Wllson C23 Petersburg, Va. Tonyn Wise 12, Newport News, Va. Mary Wltchu fly Chatham, Va. Deano Womack Q33 South Boston, Va. Michael Womble Q29 Iwi Fl Washlngton, D.C. Roy Woods C33 Roanoke, Va. Shella Word C23 Chatham, Va. Jacquellne Wormley CD Tappenhannock, Va. Gregory Wynder C21 Hampton, Va. Clarence Wynn C12 Vlctorla, Va. Norma Wynn MJ Richmond, Va. Catherine Wyrne Q0 Newport News, Va. Pii 143 Mary Young Q35 Courtland, VG. Velma Young f39 Hustle VC. 'Rf sl 1 ' xr 421 GETTING INVOLVED Q - E If-Q. :P .1 , f 4 CL 1 ga ,,f ' 1. 4. f ,A . ,M N ,L is R ..,, ,, , , ,. v 'I4 2 'U Q: 1 eq ' sl x W K M 5 Ai iwfiiifagi ' ':z:5lv3fLfz'l sv rms" vzf' Q 'EYE nn I . '-f?'1i.' ' ' fig- f N A I W-H Nw JH Q 1.!:J, if.: 1" Q M , wmfifn.-1 -J Eiiifff' 'J 41155 1 C .L , , www. I ' by , : fi, 44 mr' , . 1? ' 41153-1'-.i'i.51f ff -, , -rw I2 V . 1.2: 3 , KA. :,-- - . vw , ' f 1" I P ,F ' L' 5. ' I .1 2 5' . - . , ,, v.., . .. 'ML 1,.1211.w,. nm 1 .33.21 L 1 Ar B., N' dw 'H 'M E 1, uf f ,V I 11. .. W lg 7 . ,, ,., .,A . W., .:. if x 3 it. a 1 f av x s fr' dl, 12 lilfilx A Y ..-qv :Li Q eq? -EEL... fi: 1-:Y H A35 32 if " -Sm" awpfgw5255552-figgzzs " - ' 'ff ::5?E.Ea:,.,5-::e,.1, . ' E 55' H :-vc: A5 3235 1 2:59. 4 x if 4 . 3 5 Q Q v w K, X im' , i fl" '1'1'f1'5if??3ff.f? X ' i.,:f ,, m1VAA ,V ge ,ian an-Q ,:. . lug -.,11 S, 1 ,y-ww A , mu? xN A W- . ' ' J Q W 0 48 O sd 1' 'T XE:-N ":3r ZPL MW www I ,- M - U 9 x... ' 'AM - ."s 5' A- -.4l 17:4 j., , Hi., .1', Y I 1, 'X ff? 1 Q QS if ., an Ju A-.W ,J I. -v-1' 'UVA -u-W -Je- Ai, i K ' , X ,X'x K xx. :1 if I 4 - -X , ., ., .434 A r XL, 1 My 1 1 1 If? The f0ll0Wll'lQ DGQBS Ole dedicated to those IDSFSODS Tl'lGf WOI'k behind the SCENES, to ITICKG VSU'S daily Opel' CHODS FUD Sm0OfhlY. The Yearbook Staff selected the title of "Special Services", because each oftlce represented here, as well as the numerous other offices, not listed, are very speclal . . . . . . Each plays an important role in assurlng the success of VSU. THE TROJAN YEARBOOK STAFF SALUTES YOU ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE -.t i.m- L"' CONTINUING EDUCATION ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Mrs Della Rclndoll Accounfdni PURCHASING AGENT S OFFICE N. x -1 .qi- -lf'-if Financial Aid Office X, . A.. XX A rl i"""?-Q-w z 1 we n , .:. ,:..:, V ne -,TP-'ff . , 1.35 ,mg i ,Q Q El? fa K, 4-fa J w ww W, uw F ww m H' 11 1 M mg ...J- L N ,Q -1: t Wai- in - vf5l5fg:?? ADMISSION'S OFFICE BOOKSTORE Hghnj fadbbfyt :iii 1 f, ,s I COUNSELING OFFICE 155 rf a r Vlrglnla Audlt 81 Evaluaflon Staff Dr. Rlchard Dunn Dlrector, Va. Audlt 8 Evaluation .iii - w if E , -:J -.-Q- i f. -frw--wiv'-'frrlfrf' fll . , 11 -sm V Is. - 1 .hz Dr. Carolyn Brown Director, Job Corps Advanced Career Tralnlng Program 3' wk ,Ja rl-it ii-'91 iq' 'li 5- Q, 95 is ,F IM? 5 .8 ,Al MI. MINOR HGTGIFIQ, Dil'eCfOl' Foster Hall University Center Mr. Roosevelt Cunningham Dlrector, Student Services Mrs. Sandra M. Wllllams Program Coordinator. . ttxf ' 4. 'Ai .21 x t , , .. vt "' 'v Ms. Gracie L. May AAG-ajjj Receptlonlst f""' l .- 9 my , .,,, ni we M Mr. John Bellamy, Jr. Associate DIl'eCt0l', Sflldent SGFVICSS I . . C ::,. , 'tt .' . AV. C ' 'I --:--555:-g -':"' 1 Mrs. Evelyn U. Burge Secretary j C 159 1 'l x-5, x "L" X . Ax -'SWB' '11- Ms. Gwendolyn Booth, Telephone Accountant X ww uv K V I CASHIERS OFFICE W4 TROJANS IN REVIEW if Q k - E55 I L 441, . Q 3Qugwa-'filwvqqgjwfgeqgdf f , -.--2- -213 i - , '-xi 'Yo . , x X . -H' w " " V I? - F - X Y 1555 , vi, , A ...- ' H' " , . . 41 - , ..M. A f , 1 , ,j ' ' ""'a,F F1 , P ' ' ' V ff ., ' f""1: .31 5' L ,I K ' fl 1 -W ' J ,4 , b , , ,, V S, ,, ,N S ' n..,g, .Z., 6, Xi x 1: sw , MY :-: if v . xx, ' f Qwfsa., h sag-. -.1. FW' - . f - ' M ' je I ' iw., Wgggii . H ,V ,Z ., are, ,7 , ' M.. X was :V Lffssgbixf - :few while . X- - . . 1'?52?f'-5' 'E' 1 ff' A562112 iii . S'wi'fkff - V- , -"' V, g V Q- Q 'W ' M g 5 Q Qin ' W ffwzffarw My ' 11 A fwss M .3,fg5ypL,,r wzfislif 1 ' 5,51 2 fy -,S M. ' 5 .,-Q if? q,, , X T62 si mizw U' ,,,, . Ly --A ,, AA . ,. . 3 f ' ' :fy 7 ' ' " --'xl 5 ' in, .' , N we in ,Q " , .11 f - - - I - .-.. U, Y gf' I if + gif' A if-Xi ' x 1, , A - A-,sl 'N jf , L : H' - ' ' - f ' ws , -5 ' 1, ul 1 ' Li. , 0 i H gmw' - Hp, , 1 .aww A y , , --1 ,rr i Y WB. 3 4-agfw , gf- 5 ..... 4553? up 1 7 . X -, .. 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Bin, . f-A Q, , 1 xv :ri 2.15. vw 'sm I' .www www 7 i J C' fb ff n Q2 -A , Q 9 9 ,- ' -5 ' " f' ,- - V .V . , V 2 "3 ' f , fs ad' fhg ' f 'Bly ,:- 5 srga - 1. ,M 1 5 .wg --'A Wg, . 33 ' D. . V- ., S5 1 4 , J Xfivg? QUT 'Ef7Q1m. wk 'EQ ,Asa Jgrfffi Q s 19-0 mf, J i CFI 3 i 3 7 .1 lo ' 1 5 8 -3 r -1, 'fs 'S HONCDRABLE MENTICDN lilfllril e , as F4 K . . ,1'f?"t4 E- ,pl -Q77-xyti' George l.eOl'1Ofd beCCI'T1e the fil'Sf fOOfbGll player in the history of Vlrglnla STCTG UI'1lVefSifY to QOID 3,U00 YGl'dS ln G CGfeeI'. Vlrqlnla State University also had two players named to the all CIAA team-Layard Banks, and Carter Burnett. Cflffef Bufneff Gnd Kehnefh MCEdCleI"I Wefe ndmed to the DiSffiCf 19 AllSfOf fedm. Carol COX-DiSffiCf 19 All SfGf. 1 1 4 af I W' 2 f ff kr: 3? 3 iii -3 , 4 ,. . A I ...-, 3 .E J Ez 3? is if MLW H " ,, -, EL ,,,, , lr'sM.m , 1-5, 1 kv 1 Qgggg , AH . - , :TQQWQ 'Iii yr f- f-ffkfff A ' w f',5:',J 13 "WEL mi 'Ye J 'wx "5 2 , g: fkwL ' M 1 1 . pm f E152 : w " min ' fsziezi i P 'Fa 11 3. 1 WL-5255 ' 15" N M S af U .6 H , 5 1+ K . , Q 3 6 8 If H Q w I :EZ Q fu 2 2 1 . W H Y ? --ZE ::': vK ,:'7:!2 gl- 3 NSA: ' ,lv Milt I Q 1 y ! , 9 A ,:g2 7 ' 1 r w A . 5 ' 'ax L , , -., l L 1,35 iii 1-A so Ile - i CIAA Coaches Poll Rookie of the Year AII NAIA Team Dlstrici No. 19 Second In Scoring in NAIA Dis- Irlct No. 19 Eighth In Scoring in All NAIA 'I67 X S Vikki f BJ?--e 'fr-f . 15, f , 0-2173? A 117. ,mf S 4 , Q1 - .Q V wr If 3-uv in xr 1- 43' ffl :ng .',,-.1 l' Wim? if' .A .. 'I979 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM A ,r CIAA CHAMPIONS r 5 4.1 1979 WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT PLACE 9-18-79 Hampton Institute Hampton, VA 9-24-79 Hampton Institute Petersburg, VA 9-27-79 St. Augustine Petersburg, VA 102-79 James Madison University Harrisonburg, VA 104-79 Shaw University Raleigh, NC 109-79 Elizabeth City State Univ. Petersburg, VA All CIAA Invitational Hampton, VA 1018-79 Volleyball Tournament Shaw University Petersburg 10-1579 Elizabeth City State Univ. Elizabeth City, NC 10-25-79 Shaw University Raleigh, NC 1029-79 St. Augustine Petersburg, VA 1030-79 Liberty Baptist Away 1031-79 William 8: Mary College Williamsburg, VA 1 1-51679 CIAA Volleyball Championship Hampton, VA Steve Allerbey-Coach 6215 TIME 6:00 p.m 6:00 6:00 7:30 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 VIRGINIA STATE SCFTBALL 'I979 CIAA CHAMPICDNS IT TOOK SKILL SPEED TEAMWCDRK THE SPIRIT CDF TRCDJAN LAND NAIA DISTRICT '19 CHAMPIONS 'I979 CIAA CROSS-COUNTRY RUNNER-UP 'I979 The players are: Kneeling lelt to rlght-Anthony Carthan, Jimmy Barnes, Cary Tanner, Wllllam Freeman, Slandlr 'lst row-Mark Preston, Anthony Preston, Anthony Calllcut, Larry Baldwin, Steven Hatch. Back row-Coach Vl- IICIT1 "P6I9" BSDFIGII, Befndfd PGl'k6I', CGFI WOITIGCIC, Calvin SITIIIIW. ilnliiii QQ v - n 'vi We "" "TW - f ff 'w.,N,f '- f, new 1, X ,Lf sg., X12 It JI' , ' wi , ,. IL vt' h I I8-1 Virginia State University closed out an outstanding track season by winning the 1979-80 CIAA Indoor Track Championship, in addition to winning the CIAA Championship, the Trojans Clnder Team won the NAIA District 19 Indoor Track Championship. The Trojans were led by Anthony Callicutt, who was defeated only once in the 1000 meter run during the indoor track season and David Hemingway, high jumped 7 feet four Q43 times. In the CIAA Championship, Callicutt was voted the outstanding runner of the meet and Hemingway the outstanding jumper. Virginia State's Coach William "Pete" Bennett was named CIAA Coach of the Year, and he also received that honor from the Coaches of NAIA District 19. The Trojans didn't let their indoor success spoil them because in their first outdoor meet, "Hampton Relays" the Trojans had eight C85 first place finishes, one C13 second place finish, two Q21 third place finishes, and two Q27 third place finishes. Callicutt and Hemingway were true to form as they were outstanding in the Hampton Relays. Booster elllb L-R: Dr. Taylor Dr. Nicholas Mr. Vernell Dr. Claucl Flythe 'iii VIRGINIA SWE had Mr. Cunningham Q Athletic Director Lt. Col. McKee Mr. Maven Mrs. Burge ggfyfhdrh JM, Vffzfe Gr s7aLLau?JffZ?'i' fr, 6' 066120 6' efwbe P may 571322 ,p-l1nrpv1A'd.YIFl"'!f"g'f5 ' f ':13:'fi a : '.'WIgf 2r7.ff-'?'5?ZE555f'g5iE'Qif?65?QZ'eQ9!9H .. A ,55g'a'vif,:afwg'5"3far,2affg1:pafpm':f 41.11.-,D-'Af' "Q,.-q',5QC.....aaf::fi--'f -15-55-gmix I, :.i f f' ,gg ,g,.59f,,y4fm4441g-pf.,g::,1,g1ff ,gg N,::!f,5,eigf,5f:fg'f'G?X55-453135,x ' A-'I Iliff ...,-ffvrqllwwl-Q9f7':'f4'4'L1if19,07 'Qf?r'5tEi'ix? 44 , ' ' "' ,1E'H1i.'im',' ' - Illjgflflfflj Ifnfffyfa , - ..-- --V - - -'yqy -wmv'-'f'Q Dv' ' mnvvgvlnuv X ,i ' .--f,,afp'f7iii?-'-'ie,1,-5,-'g'!l'11-'f''-'Lbfu-,J ' 251,23-2u""' ' . 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A A555141- ' I' f '-'-'ff-""'-Awfq .iff ufrr-'H!"Y5'aZfx3':Gwwfif -S If "' "' "' ' ff"'dW' ff' ff-f""f'H':'Qfsgffff-f.ff.:.f..,f L--:fn-f.'Jl::lim-elkfm H 4, . gggppasf.-ay L. f!1ln1F::'?,J4L5-d"5'g,',!:!!!"flligjlllgn-,,,,-,f-'Jf'l15 , ll 'nv' 9f,5'p111IiInvpeS1,,,.nlp1142-f wpfgg- ,,. f -':,....::L7-. . J.. f.....fn1-e-'-sg..-wndff'-w,.pl-'alll ff , ,17,,, ..,-,- .,.. , , wi' .fd Qi i - ll ' , , .,-'-'-- V ,,,--'. ..-. - , s,- ,?f"",,.., f . JPI'Ul-J: 33113975 PIT? .I NI W ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA is a sisterhood of women sharing the common Ideals of scholarship, leadership, service and character. In 1908 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA was founded at Howard University in Washington, D. C. The organization exists in parts of Africa, and the West Indies including I over 406 chapters, ALPHA EPSILON chapter was established at Virginia State University in 1926. OFFICERS President ................ ................ ............ J u lia McKinney Vlce President ......... ...... D arlene Bowzman Recording Sec. .......... .............. J oni McNair Corresponding Sec. ..... ....... K aren Dameron Treasurer .................... - ......... Denise Botts Parllamentarian ...... ............... D enise Davis Chaplain .............. ............. D enlse Atkinson ADVISOR ......... ....... L anghorne Anderson "I thlnkywhen I shall come to die There will be no need for tear nor sigh for once I've been an AKA Llfe owes me naught I've llved my day." Bm 31" I I 1"YQ11Z..?'fs fn' 11- 'gy' J 'Fr '-Z..-11' 4 Alpha Phi Omega ALPHA PHI OMEGA was founded in December 16, 1925 Lafayette College, East- ern Pennsylvania. Alpha Phi Omega has been vital to the well being of all man kind for centuries. Our brotherhood has brought to Colleges and University Campuses, both large and small, all across the nation, the important aspects ot frlendshlp, leadership, and service. Alpha Phi Omega has charted more than 589 chapters across University and College Campuses. We strive to further the freedom which is our national educational and intellectual heritage. The men of the Rlslng Sun shall always illuminate Virginia State University. OFFICERS President ............ ......................... ....... R a ndolph Boone Vlce President ....... ................... .......... C a rlton Miller Secretary ........ ......... J erry Clarke Treasurer ......... ....... K eith Owen Hlstorlan ........ ......... L arry Turner ADVISOR ....... ...... D r. David Porter TTT e Q Cl P S i P h I Kdztfffda The fountain of our beloved fraternity lies in our four cardinal principles: manhood scholarship, perserverance and uplift. The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Ino., WCIS founded November 17, 1911 dt Howard Uni- versity. The fraternity was founded by Brothers Edgar A. Love, Frank Coleman and Oscar J. Cooper with the guidance of their advisor, Dr. Ernest E. Just. Omega Psi Phl was first black greek lettered fraternity established on a Black institution of higher education. lt was incor- porated October 28, 1914 the Nu Psi Chapter of Ome- ga Psl Phl Fraternity was founded on December 12, 1927 at Virginia State University by Luther Porter Jack- son. Omega Psi Phl is the largest black greek lettered organization with well over 60,000 brothers. Our frater- DIIY ls COIT'IpOSed of an elite QTOUD of men dedicated to the Improvement of society dnd the betterment ot all lT'fCII'IkInd WI'lICI'T is the idea behind OUT ITIOIIO "FRIENDSHIP IS ESSENTIAL TO THE SOUL." OFFICERS BdSIIeuS ............................................. Bro. Miohoel Brooks Vice-Basileus .................................... Bro. Reginald Coles Keeper-Of-Record 81 Seals ....... Bro. Charles Walden, Jr. Keeper-Of-Finance .................. Bro. Rudolph V. Sykes, Jr. Parllamentarlan ................ .......... B ro. Anthony Jenkins Chaplain ................................... Bro. Theodore Moyler, Ill ,, ' ' X ' M '-V .4-"gn . . ' , f: sf ml-CIE A J. . I9 I -' , 1 v . .-. .111 KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY, INC. was founded at Indiana University on January 5, 1911, based on the fundamental purpose of achievement. The Alpha Phi Chapter ot Kappa Alpha Psi was established at Virginia State University in 1935. From the organization's beginning, achievement has meant progressive accomplishment in the personal and group Interest. lt's organizational structure, its programming, its motivation, its publications, its projections and its strong brotherhood are ln keeping with the purpose of achieve ment. The "NUPES" ot Virginia State University strive to uphold the obiectlves ot the Unlverslty through their motto, PHI NU Pl. OFFICERS Polemarch ............,... .................. ......... M a urlce Banks Vlce Polemarch ......... ......... F red Watson Keeper ot Records ........ ......... G reg Mlles Keeper of Excheque ........ ............ D ennis Via Strategues ...................... ........ M ervin Porter Parllamentarian ....... ....... R on Brown ,. fx- -A 1 'r"'U 2 L X ,I IYAD I E1 w T1Z5'?ltvM-- 9 or T, t iff, jf QQ , xiii fklii 'yi' , I ,I 1 Squires enter into Death SQUIRE was founded on November 4, 1955. nder the leadership of Dr. James C. Nelson. s time pass the brothers of Esquire had o ream ot become a Social Organization. On ebruary 6, 1978 the Esquire Club otticlally be ame the ESQUIRE SOCIAL SERVICE FELLOWSHIP ROJAN CHAPTER. The purpose ls to promote leodershlp, pro esslonallsm, better moral standards, better ress, and closer Mole and Female relation hlp. The Esquire Motto Is "BE YE ALWAYS A ENTLEMAN". Spring of 1979 the name was honge to Esquire Xlll Fraternity, MBILI Chapter OFFICERS: uler ......... ........... L ord Dwayne Locewell . Ruler ........... ...... L ord James Dickerson en-Mon .............. ................. L ord Lee Little sst. Pen-Man ........ ....... L ord Kevin Barnes ollector ..........,................. Lord William Warren eeper-Of-Peace ................ Lord Walter Chawlk rlme Mlnlster Of Religion .. Lord Eckert E. Whlte, ' lll Advisor ..,....,. ..,.... L ord Floyd Jackson i 0,-ew' Is, N ff ' A N- r . N 0,7 Mr. B. Dexter Allgood Director 81 Advisor Gregory C. Golngs President Scherrell D. Hardy, Secretary: Willie D. Booth, Jr., Treasur- er Mark Nance, Asst. Treasurer: George H. Bunch, Ill, Bus. Manager Gina Dozier, Parllamentariang Janet D. Ford, Chaplain and James Carson, Sgt. at Arms. Shelton Smith Asst. DITSCTOI' Franklin Acree VlcePresldent Q. 'T l,. "' ,lj Liz. I life. 1 I . ' I. -v-' ,L 'f . 'kg 1321, .EE T I The VIRGINIA STATE UNI VERSITY GOSPEL ENSEM- BLE was tlrst formed in 1971 under the tltle of Larry Bland's Gospel En- semble. Slnce that time the Choir has been changed to the Virginia State University Gospel Ensemble. During the pe rlod of 1975-1976 the cholr was under the dl- rectlon of Mr. B. Dexter Allgood. God blessed the cholr with their first female dlrectress, Ms. Cora L. Harvey, from King and Queen, Virgin la. Under Ms. Harvey's leadership the choir traveled extensively. The cholr ls once again under the outstanding leadership of Mr. B. Dex- ter Allgood. In Aprll ot 1979 the choir was vot- ed as the att BLACK UNI- VERSITY GOSPEL CHOIR IN THE NATION by the Na tlonal Black Caucus in New York Clty at Colum bla Unlverslty. :KQV I IOTA PHI THETA FRATERNITY started on the campus ot VSU in 1970 with 19 brothers. Throughout it's existence the fraternity sponsors and participates In numerous community benefit projects. Objectives of the Fraternity are to induce brotherhood throughout all phases of society, promotion ot a harmonious atmosphere around campus, and to develope responsibility among its in coming members. OFFICERS Steven Eure .......,........... ................... ................, P o Iaris Jonathan Coleman ...... ........ V Ice Polaris Raymond Bagby ........ ......... T reasurer Keith McCabe ...,....... .............. S ecretary Irving Lee Reaves ...... ....... P arlimentarian I -" Jo S DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC. was founded on January 13, 1913, at Howard University by twenty-two college women who dedicated themselves to social welfare, academic excellence and cultural enrich ment. Today, these same high ideals of education are exemplified ln the actlons and hearts ot the mem- bers ot the ALPHA ETA chapter here at Vlrglnla State University. Founded In 1929, the members of ALPHA ETA have had a productive list of services to the campus and college communlty. Delta Sigma Theta OFFICERS President ..... Vickie C. Marshall Vlce President ............... Patricia McKinney R. Secty. ,............. Regina Haley Treasure .............. Lisa Deramus Flnanclal Secty. ............ Andrea Hendrick Project Chairperson ...... Marlce Rollins Corresponding Secty. ................CharIotte Hazelwood President V. Pres. Treasurer ., ..... . Secretary ....... ADVISOR. Inter-Greek Council OFFICERS ........Fred Watson Daisy Daniels ...............Pamela King Patrlcla Mcklnney .......Mr. Elton Morris Y A, W LQTQE I Zeta Phi Beta ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY was organized at Howard University on Jan uary 16, 1920, as the result of the encouragement given the tive founders by Charles Taylor and A Langston Taylor, member ot Phl Beta Sigma Fraternity: who organized a sister organization to the tra- ternlty. As a result, Sorors Arizonor Clever, Violo Tyler, Mytle Tyler, Pearl Neal and Fannie Petty, became founders ot Zeta Phi Beta So rorlty. Thus Zeta Phi Beta with Phi Beta Sigma became the tirst ottlclal greek letter sister and brother organization. OFFICERS President .............. ...................... ....... K a tana Moon Vlce President ......... ................ ........ K a ren Munden R. Secretary ......... ............ K athy Jones C. Secretary ......... ....... M artha Wllllams Treasurer ............,. ...... M arget Hinton Sargent-at-Arms ....... ........ A rleen Schools Hlstorlan ................ .............. C heryl Lucus Advisor .............. ........ M rs. M. Whltmen Delta Kappa DELTA PSI KAPPA is a professional and honorary society for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation majors. GAMMA THETA chapter ot Virginia State Unlversl- ty was Installed Nov. 5, 1975. Our maln objective ls to promote high academic standing and protes slonallsm ot all Health, Physical Education and recreation majors 7 N. OFFICERS President ................. ................ Vlce President ......... Rec. Sec ............... Corr. Sec. ..... . Treas .............. Sgt. at Arm ........ Chaplain ........ Hlstorlan .......... ADVISOR ......... through out the country. ,.,.. f A I .... ,-5 ., . .........John S. Johnson Christine Mayes Iris Mitchell ..................Lisa Ford Albert Harrison .........CaroIyn Goode .......Cathy E. Green ..........Janice Holt Dr. K. Bennett OFFICERS President ............... ............... ....... W I lbert J. Bailey Vice President ................... ....... W llllam B. Thomas Secretary .............................. ..... B renda Johnson Corresponding Secretary ....... ....... B renda Jones Prayer Warriors ..................... ........... W arren Davis Treasurer ........................... ............ B etty Saunders ADVISOR ....... ....... D r. Harold E. Braxton Q - R WZ5 X M . If I i , Q 'ATQZET r. ' I 73 , ' 7 .fi ft lf' :ffm 1, 5 'sf-' ' L 4 z :qw . .-ru r 1,2 If 13' T241 H545 :Li-' ?3tr'f?Lgi"1- The Student Christian Association of Vlrglnla State University is a fellow- ship of students and faculty mem- bers who, by study, worship, and seeking to understand Chrlst and in his splrlt, to serve their fellowman on the campus, in the nation and throughout the world. The totally voluntary program encourages and seeks honest dialoque between reli glon and dlverse facets of culture. All are welcome to participate. Phl Beta Lambda is the College chapter of Future Business Leaders of Amerlca. The Xl chapter ot Phl Beta Lambda was chartered in April 1953, af Vlrglnla State University. The prima ry purposes of the organization are to develop self-confidence and strong, aggressive business leader- ship so that these future businessmen and women may participate more effectively In the business and com- munity llfe of which they are soon to be an integral part. ADVISOR ................ Mrs. Hattie W. Ross Business Education Office Admini- stration -..-0 94" ' 'H -PT., M The Business Education-Office Administration Club ls a departmental activity in the school of Business Administration. lt's pur- pose Is to promote the advancement of students in the field of business and the developed competencies not realized through formal programs of study. OFFICERS President .............. ...... C hristihe Jones Vlce President ............ .......... I ndia Dudson R. Secretary .................... .................... R uth R6-0viS Corresponding Sect, ,,,.,,, ......... J acqueline Jones Treasurer ....................... .--.----------- M CITY Jones ADVISOR ........ ....... M iss. Doris Blount The Business Administration Club was founded In 1972. The purpose of the Business Administration Club is de signed to promote professionalism in the field of Business Administration: to Improve the business skills of present and future business leaders: promote and stimulate civic pride through various proiects for the gen- eral Improvement for it's members and for the community, and to seek better understanding: prestige and recognition and unity among its members. To do and perform such matters and things as are allowed by all to attain the objects and ends for which It was organized as here in above set fonh. i .77 ,, i If mi sl oFFlcERs It 'Q ' President .................... Alvin L. Cannon Vlce President ................. Rudolph Tull Treasurer ..................... Kenneth Brown -1 I Secretary ....................... Vinette Luck Asst. Treas. ..................... James Porter Asst. Sec ............... Deborah Needam ADVISOR ....... ......... D r. Mary Newkirk E gvmi'-1. flip.-r' 3 J SM U 1 A v 6 K KE' ? ..,.,1 "v X A FN Y . . mb ' 'lst 4' el -ik: 1 y 4 X . 5-4 .-. -4.- -+- ' Q Hi M ' r- u .JA i . l . 5 1., rl A Q Q. V. r,,. Trlnkle HCII Cdbinei BfCll"ICh HGII CCbiI"Ief g 'E w K Eggleston Hall CObiI'I9fS M5ii!7flb?i2igi 1 PUFYSOI' HCIII Cdbihef Fxf P H I B E T A S I G M A Through the efforts of A. Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse and Charles I. Brown, Phi Beta Sig- ma Fraternlty was founded on Jan- uary 9, 1914, at Howard University to promote brotherhood. lt is a Na- tlonal Fraternity and extends to Af- rica, Europe, and Switzerland. The Alpha Alpha Chapter was found- ed at Virginia State on February 19, 1931. Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta were the first Greek letter brother and sister organizations. Ma CULTURAL AFFAIRS N' H Y The SGl1fG Cruz Sentence l'eDOffBd fhdfl "W6'f6 COITIIDQ Fl'Om" ls an Ul'10bfl'USlVe W0l'k, conceived with ll'lf9Ql'lfY Gnd Del'fOflT1ed Wlfh ll'1feCflOUS l"lUlT10fli1'Y. While lt ls a product of the black experience, Its great- est-and most surprising-quality was the way it lo cated that experience on a grid of university. Alvin Alley Repertory Ensemble is a superb group young dancers that have developed under this aegi of the famed Alvin Filey American Dance Theatre. A are united by a strong belief in what they are doin and all love to dance. They are "total dancers" a home ln jazz, ballet and modern. Q or r ffl o ll BRIDAL FASHION SHOW given by Tiffony's Bridol ond Formol Shop Morch 27, 1980 Auclilorium, Horris Holl E ii 52 fl L2 l 1 Davld Halberstam earned a Pulitzer Prize for hls re portlng from Vletnam tor the New York Times in 1962 and 1963 and ls the author of two of the bestselling books of the 1970s. The Power That Be and The Best and The Brightest. On November 27 he lectured at Virginia State Uni verslty. The Best and The Brightest, published in 1972, provlded a detailed look at the period in America which began with John F. Kennedy's Inauguration and ended wlth the extreme political unrest of the late 19605. The Powers That Be provides an eyeopenlng detailed look at the astonishing rise to power and in fluence of the American media. "Halberstam, at 45, ls tame and power's own notary pubIic," said the Wash- lngton Post. "He was certified as a wielder of power the day John F. Kennedy tried to talk the New York Tlmes Into pulling him out of Vietnam." Ms. MCTYSI E. Epps Senlar ReCl'lCII f Reception Vocal Music MGIOF, Membef of COIWCBTT Cl'lOiT, ODGIC workshop, Theatre Guild, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, OITISQG Pedfl. -J'-lfv, nf' ok- A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO ONE OF OUR OWN . . . MILTON JOHNSON Mr. Johnson, a native of Petersburg, is an aluumnus of Vlrglnla State Unlverslty. He was a member of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes for flve years. He became a part of the group ln Phlladelphla ln 1973 and went on the with lt to tours of England. Brazil, Puerto Rico, Canada and other places. Playlng both trumpet and Flugelhorn. Johnson appeared wlth the Blue Notes at the Kool Jazz Festlvals during the summers of '74 through '78 and at Carnegle Hall ln '75. Mr. Johnson ls a member of the Petersburg Jazz Ensembly, and Is currently pursuing a Master's degree In music educatlon, here at the Unlverslty. The Trojan Yearbook staff, as well as the entlre unlverslty, are proud of your accomplishments and wlsh you much luck ln all of your future endeavors. xt up A LM Mary Lou WWICITIS Virginia State University Resident Scholar Series Articulate, Distinguished, First Lady of Jazz April 1980 Clark Terry and the Jolly Giants: Terry ls regarded by many leading jazz critics as the greatest jazz trumpet player alive. He has been a featured performer on the NBC Tonight Show and has appeared all over the world as a soloist with leading symphony orchestras, and with such great big bands as Charlie Barnet, Duke Ellington and Count Basie. He is also a leading jazz cllnlcian in colleges and universities. 200 The irginia tate man FQEF1 1 -wigs: . fwe:wr1:.g " JS I fa Qpx re- qtst row, kneellngp: Tammy Jeltrles-Head Photographer, Cralg Goodlng-News Edltor, q2nd row, kneellngjz Mlchelle Baker-Editor-lnChlef Renee Greentleld-Assoclate Editor, Cathy Cousear-Reporter, Carey Tanner-Poetry Edltar, Mae Fltchett-Sports Edltor fstandlng, L-RJ Greg Salmon-Business Staff, Derek Davls-Business Manager, Marty Styles-Reporter, Mellssa Lane, Gloria Jackson, Klm Gasklns-Typlsts Wallace Braxton-Word-game Contributor, Daryl Davlston-Reporter, Karen George-Feature Editor. Other Staff Memebers: fnot shownp Phyllss wllllamson, Pafrlcla Jackson, Reginald Gramblln, Marcus Clark, Marcus Slmmons The Vlrglnla Statesman ls Vlrglnla State Unlverslty's one and only newspaper. Besides provldlng the unlverslty communlty wlth pertlnant news and feature storles, It also provldes persons Interested ln journallsm flrst hand experience wlth working on a newspaper staff. One need not be a journallst, though, lf hefshe wishes to work on the staff. The maln crlterla for belng a member ls the wllllngness to work hard. Our motto Is "We Strlve For ExceIlence." We may not be perfect, but we are unceaslngly pursulng the goal of perfection! lf you are Interested ln learnlng more about the Statesman, make a vlslt to our offlce upstalrs In the Old Gym. HIGHLIGHTS CF THE YEAR 4979-'I980 99 Stokely Carmichael Unaccredited 6' Business eq' by Cancelled Schggl yay Stith Scores Thirty-Two Tlfifgzf ' Q, C0 0 ' am Q0 x- 'K' Q ' 9- C, 12. Ox oxqlxiiewooqv to xqn First by Ixxki-lglasfgm O0x0eXofjQ:f as A i' Cheetvsu Q C N P55 waqwfacov Q W so at 0514? 4 660 YXORXY' ,rl ,G 'iq Q 6 gllkltcheti 0 'clifixfjjxvoqgg S 'K NL No 'ox AN was 6, dcgcil X20 dodge ev Rot 06659 XX 142 -1-1 Q2 iafjfloey 00 Q c woo '.1'5.f'2'l'.7'.1'.'I.i5' '3'I50'til"?5if'i11l'I,S3E?"'S'f?02'u.?"pZLIi'2i?nT0 "Sf..Z""Z5 5 ' comes mmm: ' 1500 Slgll . ' 'W' 12,1119 Petition we 3081- l Q m'3F55Z?' UQSNGW11 01, . .C S0 slag of N was anew' swssfe 9696 ii T. 125039 Colson to be Honored a S 9 ,. S b,xfgf,23Y3 0415 you 111255129 T s 1. SCENES ARCDUND CAMPUS T: -4: ,W ' wb ' f . ,I',vA: 'N A ., - . , 'JAVA' 'x I Y M - ,.-.L , 4 "'l '..' -A -'gf W' , ., M 1 -ff M ' " W? b 4 U .1 2. H . - th' ' V n.- ', if 'xwaff , . 137, Q f- N ' my-v X ,M '71, if lee , , 1 I ' " y . n . "'I 3 7' V- . -V -Vs ff we, V, .', A -' ' N 1 4 ' Q, L - , , ' ' 1 .. . Ju I 3. ". Q ., , .'- A ., , 14 1 - . 5 I, , Q1 y ,. ,,,i,V. W .P , A l , , . . , . ' Q .. ' V gi N, ' .' . K u nf " - , S "-- ' V 9 4' - . ' :W T A-. 1 As- I . , -K", 'V 1 e, I r . ,,' O , F qi, .9 , , , . A- . . ' ' 4, V- H - fi- ' fg ,Vy'A-Lg1'r41f?i3g:-:f'f'-A--.,, V V ., - . . 1 4: ' -O '13 . iii?iEf'.7.7j ii' " V 1 . M A , 5,-11, ',' -uf .n.- iz,-, gs ltr . - I H- V , Qi - ' 0 if . wi, I gi gf.,qfggfimii1,iEPKVVgjgV, - -, . , 1.1 A73 ,f ' gf! 5, VA , ,4 , I . V fn: -J ,4 g' 6. - 1 h ,f Q At ..,'- V, ' -1, -' I- if ' 33,-, 5,3 -. -V -. NNW. V -.7 '- "ff ,Sf ' 1 I. 09,54 ,X , Y. ', -lip J, .fjllgvy 1 -1 V ., V 7 A ff- . . , . , s U . . V V -V .2 , -11 7 Higggiqiggy 'Q x V. f' h V, . .1 2. ' . ff' ' 'H ' av ' ' :Alf .- E- . Vi: s I I I, E Q -31 .51 In 2, V BVEM LM VV . W gg,gik4:3,Kf1kiV X Q V 1 - -, V, - Xizfm imp - X ' ' -V - -3 - '-'93 V f ' -. - ,V V 1' H' ' L' " . . ,Q - V g . w2Vf?ffi-. ,- .' - ., Q 'f V 1 " A 52352 4 .. '-'L VM ' 3 ,f A ' I mf--Hx.-2' I' pax ' - f --:'-- -V. 5 .Jr 3,1 1-4013. L - " y ' QV - .a4.::5'. : --5: A-.ff rl'- '- A "- . 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S ,V V' x 1 V . 1 " Q E , K ' 32:11 V, J A , I fj'.,'m" ' ' 'K v ' 4 . ' 'sg .,?Jf:Vff,., . h iNfw51Q:,'3Mi-- .4 M EE I ' .rs , -'Q ' , ' ,L,Vyp,,-j--. " x wg! 1' AV -Q. .Q ,, ww . , V 7 ' W :iw x if ,fqmz A4 I A X g - . . 1 . H ns, . 1 I., ..,-V Lv VV , , .wx Z get? fr. TV g??'Zfff7'1'4' , Aff ' V' 14"-'rf X ' 'V N ',"' . ' g F-.-,- - 4'4 ,X V .11 , -, H 1' If ' ""'1 .- " K-Tv'fr.Af 1' 3, A I, VY ,, A vfn....L ,VM 4 1 7 ,, 4, V V f f V- V : v -' v . . 1 .UM V 4 ,, 4 . -.evyf ' S "rr ., 'fgwi' ' 'fn ' rj' mf.- M 5 , .-:Q-f.av -1 'Ein-: V 1-. "5 :gm v M L, Egg was f 1 " 2 Q H :S Qilhgsmr, ' I ' wha: 'iw .rigs 5-, .E V, 71- ig 1, ...v,?K3,J,:. ,iz rg ,Y mf?-5 , . ' ' :ig 355. , .fm w X. -156: :QM 1 H . , ,655 ., ., .jr " 4 ,Q Ti "1 3' . nf 1 mf K . 4 'K ,fif ' 1 I Pg I l' 1' ,. in -vs, -h if 1 -hqge AX 1 LI 525 ,R Q '1 mf A ,., 1, .,. -,v .lr N- if 1 V' - '11, ms f ' ..n ' wig' H F526 5 ' ,Q " , . WM, , ,, , ggi' V - 15 . . . , - X, .,- V " va - .I fl I . ' 'regex S X, mg, , . . w . , ii A . P ' 1 ' Y , K f 'H U Q" , .W-gg. A . , .W , - " Q' -1, wt. . 14 .v,g ' -1--' 'V ' ' ff' :EQ -:,'...x.' ,....-:Egf , Tiggglk . .Lg A .. 4 fy.- Q N 'f X ' .fm V .H '--" -W egg, '1 "iff 5,-. IN LOVING MEMORY OF: FACULTY 84 STAFF DR. DIVERS Mrs. MCTQOTST Evans STUDENTS Ms. Carol Davis Mr. Wllllam DOVIS Ms. Norsho Delk Mr. Robert Etheridge Mr. Lewis McGrift Ms. Carol O'NeaI NOT BY THE YEARS WE LIVE BUT HOW MUCH WE GlVE.' FROM ONE DAY TO ANOTHER GOD WILL GLADLY GIVE TO EVERYONE WHO SEEKS HIM AND TRIES EACH DAY LIVE A LITTLE BIT MORE CLOSELY TO GOD AND TO EACH OTHER. SEEING EVERYONE WHO PASSES AS A NEIGHBOR, FRIEND OR BROTHER, NOT ONLY JOY AND HAPPINESS BUT THE FAITH TO MEET EACH OTHER TRIAL NOT WITH FEAR AND TREPIDATION BUT WITH AN "lNNER SMILE" FOR WE KNOW LIFE'S NEVER MEASURED BY HOW MANY YEARS WE LIVE BUT BY THE KINDLY THINGS WE DO AND THE HAPPINESS WE GIVE . . Helen S. Rice Submitted By Eckert W. White, III grab NN ,, 1: A W ' , - , ga-fe 'K ,QP like gf-Q-KL wi wi 'S -x.f,' 5 'E 7 . ,Eg . 'GQ ' f1',j'. Wfufiiea f , 1 -. 'f:!',.a Q Q21 , -1.KT,,e J 1 'ELQEEQK jg f'f'esS gsrQnd::5s AIE1gMoter. 5 , ' W ' mi' 1 Q, ' -wi H 2' 4 .-if We ' ,ig 1 f .3 1 3. dig' 3 V W ::: 'ii ". D, ,Q l 1 ' ljkiil? M W , f ,. E ' 0 . ia., if 'Q H-5, , M :"+- b' 'Lx if , ,,, ffriz an-, Q . f .AP 1 . " if . 3 J . '+ I 2 I I le' Q ' 1 '11 " 1 . 'Q 9 .I l A ..,. X ' gg L 1 .- N C I W N fix f Q1 JL H xi?:L ,N , V. 55 gi ' M X1 f 3- '17, - lj 1 W -- x, . n .gig .. 4. - ,214 , , .TV ff 9 Sff2NX gp M ,. if' ""Z'Q e 154' Z K S S 1, S- s ,s,,g'4-' ' gr- Q- , ,J,.' .. . , 3 , M, sill by -as ,, LVN V' 5 V ,T "' ei if + K K .655 " ' X 152' , st " wk" -W ' l 1434255 M tt ita t f Q HA'lL, VIRGIl!lA sm ,Q Q 1 I fs .ggvenlngyggnal K ., 1 " Words Sy Alston Waters 7 'll I ' ' Far above the Appomattox, On its lofty hlll, 4, Stand the school we love2so Xgearly, and ' l always wlllztt t 5 I lllfl Q N l .... H X l Though the years may come between us, stlll .. W N' 't -1- - -' ' ' what'er our fate y We wlll keep the song betore us, Hall Vlrglnla State. it 4 REFRAIN -Q Carry me backs to Alma lglater f ' Flhiglr stand the trees ands t s Llfdlsweetest song we sing .Y four ,sll mother, s he he Hgll to Wrglnvla State, our horrigfor eyerljjoreg J M we f .' gg Keep our alm and e f' darkest nlahl, , Lead us on to full ' V guldlng llQht: ' - Then when we tulllll or great, N- ' We wlll slna thy praises 1 1 a 5 5,4 i V ,v ' ' V ' . 9 l W Nw, if-'f ,Vj1r7,. st Hall is ' . 'l " ' lxj- If e g '-v "', fn . ' I 0 ' 'J'-S" a Q , ' Aff ada.-lp Q" ? 61.9 -'Ad'-4: Q- Qs Q X Senior Directory ABDUL, WAKIL 1800 Boydton Plank Rd. 414-E Musllm Social Fellowship ADAMS, DANNY CFIVE-OJ LEE 736 E. Bank St. Electronics Club, VSU Bowling League, Vet Club ANDERSON, CHERYL 6100 Harnessmaker Ct. Va. Beach, Va. Omega Psi Phl Sweetheart ANDERSON, JANET Rt. 1 Box 227 Sutherland, Va. 23885 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Phl Beta Lambda ALLEN, DIANE 1115-16th St. Newport News, Va. 28607 C.E.C., SNEA, Freshman Rep. tor Student Org. ANDERSON, SAMANTHA Rl. 5 Box 313-D Danville, Va. Mathematics Club, Pep Club ANTHONY, TONI 2348-D Navajo Ct. ARD, ANGELITA 904 Hancock Ave. Portsmouth, Va. Groove Phl Groove Sweetheart ASSEGAHEGN, ABRAHAM Box 1221 Petersburg, Va. 23803 President International Club ATKINS, LARRY P.O. Box 14 Emporia, Va. 23847 Omega Psl Phl Frat. Inc., SGA, Inter-Greek Council ATKINSON, DENISE 2300 Ford Ave. Richmond, Va. 23223 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Kappa Delta Pl BAGBY, RAYMOND 740 Malbon Dr. Chesapeake, Va. 23320 BAILEY, SHEILA P.O. Box 311 Surry, Va. 23883 BIS CLUB BANKS, ALLEN 524 James Rd. 44 Petersburg, Va. 23803 Kappa Alpha Psl, VSU Marching Band, R.O.T.C. BANKS, AVILA 69 Cavy's Chapel Rd. Tabb, Va. 23602 Blg Brothers and Big Sisters Org., Electronics Club. BANKS, YVONNE 134 W. Marshall St. Hempstead, N.Y. Alpha Phl Alpha Sweetheart BASKFIELD, DORIS Rt. 2 Box 483 Columbia, Va. AITIBTICCI1 Home ECOI'TOI'T1tCS ASSI1., KGDDCI OITIICTOD Pht Honor Society BATTLE, GILDA 2901 Parkwood Ave. Richmond, Va. Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pl BAYLOR, SOPHRONIA 938 W. Wythe St. Petersburg, Va. 23803 Engllsh Club, Upward Bound BAZEMORE, RONEY 310 Vlklng St. Portsmouth, Va. 23701 VSI Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Omega Psl Phl Ffdt. IDC. BEARD, SHARON Rt. 1 Box 159 Petersburg, Va. 23803 BENNETT, GARLAND 317 Wynn St. Portsmouth, Va. 23701 Iota Phl Theta Frat. Inc., Future Urban Planners Council BERRY, DIANE 53 Salarnaua Court Kappa Delta PI, VSU Marching Band, Clarinet Cholr BIRU, MOGES Center HIIS Apt. 41 International Club BLACK, DARLENE Rt. 1 Box 370 Providence Forge, Va. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Business Admin. Club. BLAGMAN, BARRY Rt. 17 BOX LB Chance, Va. 22439 Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Intramural Football BLUE, LINDA 917 23rd St. Newport News, Va. Otflce Admlnlstratlon Club, Phl Beta Lambda BOOKER, SHERI 3111 Edgewood Ave. Richmond, Va. Phl Beta Sigma Dove, Geology Club, Recipient "Sigma Xl Award BOONE, BRUCE 46 Snow St. Hampton, Va. Blg Brothers and Big Sisters Organization BOONE, RANDOLPH 1508 Lake Spelght Drive, Suttolk, Vlrglnla 23434 Alpha Phl Omega Fraternity, Inc.-President. BOOSE, TAMARA Rt. 4, Box 559 Petersburg, Va. BOOTH, RONNIE 4545 Wheeler Rd. Oxon Hlll, Md. Asst. Sports information Director, Accounting Club BOWMAN, MATTIE Rt. 1 Box 228 Clover, Va. 24534 Womens Softball team, Physical Education Majors Club BROOKS, GRACIE Rt. 2, Box 694 Montross, Va. 22520 Moddls Phi Moddls, Kappa Omlcron Phl Honor Society BROWN, GEORGIANA Rt. 1, Box 64A, Dundas, Vlrglnla 23938 Business Intormatlon System Club BROWN, KENNETH 560 Smyth St. Lynchburg, Va. 24501 Business Admlnlstratlon Club-Treasurer BROWN, MICHAEL 7925 Grlmsley St Alexandria, Va. 22309 Blg Brother and Blg Sisters Organization BROWN, PAMELA 2209 Georgetown Blvd. Chesapeake, Va 23325 Business Information System Club, VSU Gospel Ensemble BROWN, RUSSELL 1723 Allendale Pl. Palmer Park, Md. 20785 Alpha Phl Alpha Frat. Inc.-Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi BROWN, SHARLENE I 4102 Castlewood Road AKA Sorority Inc., Miss Junior, SGA member, B.B.B.S Org. BROWN, WALDORF 2700 Clltton Ave. Richmond, Va, 23222 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Tennis Team, Welghtllttlng BRYANT, CLIFFORD 3112 Edgewood Ave. Richmond Va. 23222 Track team, NCAA Dlvlslon ll All-American BYRD, DENNIS Rt. 1 Box 225 Waverly, Va. 23890 Phl Beta Slgma Fraternlty Inc., Recreatlon Majors Club CABINESS, GAY P.O. Box 74 Alberta, Vlrglnla 23821 Soclal Welfare Club CAIN, HARRY JR. 22 N. Old church St. Petersburg, Va. 23803 Electronlcs Club CAIN, KAREN Rt. 1 Box 300 Emporla, Va. AKA Sororlty Inc., Alpha Kappa Mu CAMERON, REGINALD 805 Kevln Rd. Baltlmore, Md. 21229 CAMPBELL, JAMES Box 174 Weems, Va. 22576 Iota Phl Theta Frat. Inc., VSU Marchlng Band CAMPBELL, STANLEY Rt. 1 Box 101 Klng George, Va. CANNON, ALVIN 20833 Rlver Rd. Terrace Ettrlck, Va. Kappa Alpha Psl Frat. Inc., Admln. Club CARGILL, VERONICA 4319 Australlan Ave. West Palm Beach, Fla. Home Economlcs Club CARR, SANDRA Rt. 3 Box 65A Halltax, Va. Soclal Welfare Club, Pep Club CARTER, ADRIANNE P.O. Box 744 Pocahontas, Va. CARTER, DONNA Rt. 2 Box 348 Heathvllle, Va. Accountlng Club, Alpha Mu Gamma Honor Soclety CHAMBLISS, SHARON 1411 Weaver Ave. Petersburg, Va. Dean's Llst, Kappa Kappa Psl Sweetheart CHAMP, ROBYN 600 Wartleld Dr. Portsmouth, Va. Delta Slgma Theta, VSU Marching Band CHAWLK, WALTER 703 Gary Lane Hampton, Va. Esqulre Soclal Fellowshlp, Art Club. CHERRY, VIVIAN 3567 Seay Ave. Norfolk, Va. Gospel Ensemble, Concert Cholr, Soclal Welfare Club COBB, GARY 1032 Mary Peake Blvd. Hampton, Va. Kappa Alpha Psl Frat. Inc., Business Club COBBS, WARREN 20957 Rlver Road Terrace Petersburg, Va. Concert Cholr, Opera Assoclatlon COFIELD, BARBARA 614 Myrtle Ave. Rocky Mount, N.C. Statesman Staff, Kappa Alpha Psl Sweetheart, Dean's Llst COLDEN, TONY'102 Seward Hall Ettrlck, Va. Who's Who, Football Team, Basketball Team, AAHPER Club COLE, JUDY Rt. 1 Box 138 Petersburg, Va. 23803 COLE, TAWANDA 1800 Boydton Plank Rd. Apt. 6 H Petersburg, Va. 23803 Alpha Phl Alpha Sweetheart, Howard Hall Judlclal Court COLEMAN, KATE 556 Ashcake Rd. Ashland, Va. 23005 Polltlcal Sclence Club, Blg Brothers and Blg Slsters Organlzatlon, Vlr- glnla State Unlverslty Gospel Ensemble COOKE, NANCY Rt. 2 Box 358 Gloucester, Va. 23061 COOKE, FRIEDA 507 Zlontown Rd. Rlchmond, Va. 23229 Gamma Slgma Slgma Sororlty Inc., Blg Brothers and Blg Slsters Orga nlzatlon, VSU Gospel Cholr COOPER, CARLTON 18 County Rd. Clltton Forge, Va. 24422 Accountlng Club, CPA Club COUNTS, PATRICE 225 Hazel Ave. Trenton, N.J. 08638 Essence ot Esqulre COUSIN, AUBREY P.O. Box 155 Crewe, Va. 23930 Jlve Phl Jlve Fellowshlp Qtounderj COWAN, ANGELA 213 Ivey St. Portsmouth, Va. Publlc Admlnlstratlon Club, Accountlng Club CREWS, FRANCEEN Rt. 4 Box 116 Norfolk, Va. 24577 CRUMM, DENISE 3124 Hanes Ave. Rlchmond, Va. 23222 Groove Phl Groove Sweetheart, Recreatlon Club, Women's Volleyball Team CRUMP, ALFRED Rt. 2 Box 27 Provldence Forge, Va. 23140 SNEA Club, Track Team, Health, Physlcal Ed. Club CRUMP, RHONDA Rt. 2 Box 27 Provldence Forge, Va. OAD Club, Phl Beta Lambda CRUTE, GLORIA Rt. 2 Box 286 South Hll, Va. 23970 CUMMINGS, BERTHA 1200 Foster Ave. Nashvllle, Tn. Basketball Team, Soltball Team DANIELS, DAISY 731A-34 St. Newport News, Va. 23607 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlty, Inc., Inter-Greek Council, Pep Club DANIELS, PATRICIA 20501 Church Rd. Petersburg, Va. 23803 Natlonal Student Business League DARDEN, CLAUDETTE Rt. 1 Box 443 Boyklns, Va. 23827 DARDEN, RITA Rt. 1 Box 444 Boyklns, Va. 23827 DAVIS, DARLENE 1039-36 St. Newport News, Va. 23607 Soclal Weltare Club, Blg Brothers 81 Blg Sisters Organization DAVIS, HATTIE 1220 W. Hlgh St. Petersburg, Va. 23803 Scabbald and Blade, Kappa Omlcron Phl, Home Econ. Club, Amerl can Home Economic Ass., Natlonal Home Ec. Ass. DAVIS, RUTHIE MARIE 338-A Shady Grove Rd. Rlchmond, Va. Mlcroblology Club DAVIS, STACY ANN 21004 Second Ave., Ettrlck, Va. 23803 Cheerleader, Llfeguard DAVIS, WILLIAM THOMAS 9 2 P. O. Box 685 Henderson, North Carolina DAWES, JR. WILLIE J. Hampton, Va. The Blg Boys of Party Phl Party Soclal Organlzatlon Councll DIXON, MAURICE JOSEPH 20812 Rlver Road Terrace, Ettrlck, Va. 23803 DODSON, INDIA VANESSA 540 Summlt St. Apt. 4 Petersburg, Va. 23803 Buslness Educatlon, Ottlce Admlnlstratlon Club, Phl Beta Lambda, Homecoming Queen tor Phl Beta Lambda DOWL, DOROTHEA DENISE 318 Irvlng St. Petersburg, Va. 23803 Drama-Llttle Theatre, Councll tor Exceptional Children, Afrlcan Dance, Awareness Art Cultural Ensemble DOWNING, CHARLOTTE DENSE 1405 West 41th Street, Norlolk, Va. 23508 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlty, Inc., Blg Brothers Blg Slsters Organlza tlon, Psychology Club, Mlss. Senlor DRUMMOND, SANDRA LASENE 1025 S. Crater Rd. Apt. 13H Petersburg, Va. 23803 Vogue Soclal Servlce Fellowshlp, Alpha Phl Omega Sweetheart DUNGEE, MARCELLUS CARDERY Box 24 Llttle Plymouth, Va. 23091 Concert Cholr, Gospel Cholr DUGGER, D'JlMLOR LOIS 222 Chappell St. Psl Chl Psychology, Volunteer Servlce at Central State, Psychology Club DUNN, JEFFERY N. 696 W. 8th St. Plalntleld, N. J. Presldent ot Langston Hall, C. P. I. Student Representlve, Student Govt. Rep., Chess Club, Jones Dlnnlng Hall Sounds, Karate Club DUNN, PAMELA GAYLE 696 W. 8th Sl. Plalntleld, N.J. Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society, Kappa Alpha Psl Sweetheart, So- clal Welfare Club, PreLaw Club DUPREE, TAMMIE LAVERNE Rt. 1, Box 2 Rldgeway, Va. 24148 SNEA ECHOLS, LOUISE DENISE Rt. 1, Box 133 Blalrs, Va. 24527 Pep Club, BIS Club, Phl Beta Lamda, BED 81. OAD Club ECHOLS, WILLIAM RAY Rt. 2, Box 313-B, Dry Folk, Va. Math Club, Chess Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon Honor Soclety EDMOND, MARQUERITE OLIVIA Rt. 4, Box 130 Waverly, Va. 23890 Groove Phl Groove Sweetheart EDWARD, MICHELLE DENISE 20318 College Pk. Ave. Ettrlck, Va. Theatre Gulld, Statesman, Buslness Admlnlstration Club EDWARDS, CHARRY ALTHEA 21201 Pen Mar Dr. Etlrlck, Va. Delta Slgma Theta Sororlty, Inc., Kappa Omrlcon Phl EDWARDS, VIVIAN ELAINE 3310 Oak Ave. Newport News, Va. SGA Representative, PanHeIlenIc, Delta Slgma Theta. ELDER, PATRICIA MANSELL Rt. 1 Box 252 Freeman, Va. Alpha Mu Gamma, Soclal Welfare Club ELDRIGE, CATHY JUANITA 717 So. Jones St. Petersburg, Va. Phl Beta Lambda, BEOD Club ELEY, THELMA J. 4th Ave. Apt. ELLIOT, WILLIE LEE 801 East Green St. Wllson N.C. Kappa Kappa Psl, Kappa Delta Pl, VSU Marchlng Band, Conce Band EPPS, CAROLYN 472 Reservolr Helghts Kappa Omlcron Phl, Home Economlcs Club EURE, JOSEPH 1506 Landsworth St. Chesapeake, Va. Iota Phl Theta Frat. Inc., Electronics Club. EVANS, BRENT 3701 Delmont St. Rlchmond, Va. Track Team, lndustrlal Arts Club, Intramural Sports. ESTES, JACQUELINE 517-11A St. N.W. Charlottesvllle, Va. BEOD Club, Appeallate Club, Kappa Sweetheart FEGANS, FELECIA Rt. 1 Box 121 Warlleld, Va. BIS Club FERGUSON, KYROLA 3340 Normandy Dr. Petersburg, Va. FLOWERS, JANET 2300 Dupuy Rd. 34 Petersburg, Va. Pl Omega Pl FORD, SHERYL GREENE Rt. 2 Box 4 Dlsputana, Va. Dean's Llst, Buslness Admln. Club, Phl Beat Lambda. FOXX, ANDREA CHEREE 2809 N. Harrlson St. Wllmlngton, De. Omega Psl Phl Frat. Inc. Sweetheart, Accountlng Club. GAY, LINDA GALE Rt. 2 Box 459 Prlnce George, Va. ROTC, Scabbard 81 Blade, Kappa Omlcron Pl. GARDNER, FLEXTON 1829-B Tlnsley St. Charlotte, N.C. Kappa Alpha Psl Frat. Inc., Chess Club GATTIS, WILLIAM WADE 612 Llncoln St. Art Club, Iota Phl Theta Frat. Inc., GEE, CONSTANCE DIANE Rt. 2 Box 276A Petersburg, Va. Phl Beat Lambda, BEOD Club, GETER, JUANITA ELIZABETH 619 S. Adams St. Phl Beta Lambda, Otllce Admin. Club GIBBS, GWENDOLYN 4304 Delmont St. Rlchmond, Va. Groove Phl Groove, Sweetheart, VSU Cheerleader, Phi Beta Lambda GILBERT, DAIANE REBECCA 1008 Falrlawn Ave. Va. Beach, Va. Mlss. Kappa Alpha Psl, Mlss. Lang. 81 Klt. 1978-79, English Club, Kapp Alpha Psl Sweetheart GILLIS, RHONDA YVETTE 2800 Annandale Rd, Falls Church, Va. Phl Beta Lambda, Buslness Educatlon Club GIVENS, WILBERT WILLIAM 208 Calvert St. Chesterlown, Md. GOODE, ALFRED AYLESWORTH 1641 Talley Ave. Petersburg, Va. ROTC Cadet Commander, Soclal Welfare Club, President GOODE, BENNIE JR. 6306 H. Pewter Ave. Rlchmond, Va. Soclal Welfare Club GOODE, CAROLYN ROSE P.O. Box 232 Boydton, Va. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlty, Inc. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soclety GOODE, RANDY LAVON 20231 Sheffield Place, Ettrlck, Va. Statlstlclan For Basketball 81 Football Teams 81 Intramural Basketball GOODING, CRAIG V. 21315 Chesterfield Ave. Ettrlck, VA. Yoga Society, Mlcroblology Club, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Soclerty, lnterntal Club GRANDISON, ALETA HOLOMES 4501 Wlllowdale Ct. GRAY, ROBERT E. 1800 Boydton Plk, Rd. Petersburg, Va. GRAYSON, IDA MARIE B13 Somerset Place N. W. Wash. D. C. Swlng Phl Swlng Soclal Fellowshlp GREEN, CARTY E. M. 1004 Cratton Lane Rlchmond, Va. Chapllan-Delta Psl Kappa Honor, Treasury-Recreation Club, Phl Beta Sigma Dove, 3 Yrs. Basketball Team, GREEN, ERIC JEROME 3501 Maryland Ave. Phl Beta Sigma, Tgck Team. GREENFIELD, RENEE 3306 Foster Ave. Ettrlck, Va. CoEdltor Newspaper, Mlss Theater Guild, Languages 81 Literature Club. GRESHAM, KATRINA Rlchmond, Va. GRIFFIN, ALMA Y. Ware Neck, Glouchester, Va. VSU Gospel Ensemble, Psi Chl, Big Brothers and Blg Sisters Org GRIMES, CHARLES WELDON 1025 S. Crater Rd. Apt. 12-A Petersburg, Va. HALL, JACQUELIN NANCY 715 Dabbs House Rd. TAPS, PreLaw Club, Senlor Class Treasurer HAMILTON, ELAINE 378 E. Brambleton Ave. Norfolk, Va. Psychology Club. HARDY, JAMES WILLIE Rt. 1 Box 6 Phl Beta Sigma Frat. Inc. HARRIS, DEBRA ANN General Delivery Kllmarnock, Va. President of Swlng Phl Swlng Soclal Fellowshlp, Miss Swing Phl Swlng 79-80 HARRIS, GERALDINE 4th Ave. Apartments VSU Gospel Ensemble HARRIS, MELODY 345 Dexter St. Chesapeake, Va. Psychology Club, Spanlsh Club, Llttle Theatre HARRIS, MICHEAL JAMES 811 Randolph St. Portsmouth, Va. Kappa Kappa Psl Honorary Society, Who's Who, Alpha Kappa Mu, Kappa Delta Pl, ROTC. HARRIS, PRISCILLA 402 Dutch Road, Suffolk, Va. Business Admlnlstratlon Club, VSU Gospel Ensemble HARRISON, ALBERT SR. 3466 Chapel Drlve, Rlchmond, Va. Delta Psl Kappa Honor Soclety, Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor So clety, Kappa Delta Pl Honor Society, Health and Physlcal Education Majors Club HARVELL, ZENOBIA 20112 Rowanty Court Apt. 7 Ettrlck, VA. HASKINS, MYRON CHARLES 333 Lafayette Ave. Bklyn, N.Y. Jones Dlnnlng Hall Sounds HAZELWOOD, CHARLOTTE ANNETTE 2206 Llnda Lane Petersburg, Va. Delta Sigma Theta, Corsp. Secretary, ROTC, Health and Physical Ed. Majors Club HENDERSON, LAVERNE CHARISSE MARIE 2927 Random Road, Falls Church, Va. HENDRICK, ANDREA R. 1025 Crater Rd. Apt. 8G Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Accounting Club HICKS, BRENDA ANNE P.O. Box 254 Sussex, Va. Councll for Exceptional Children, Special Education Book Club, Stu- dent Natlonal Education Assoc. HICKS, STEPHANIE WYNN 640 Summit St. Apt. A63 Chemistry Club-President, Alpha Mu Gamma Foreign Language Honor Society-President, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Alpha Mu Epsilon Honor Society, SGA Rep. HILL, JAMES C Route 2 Box 57 Pamplln, Va. Cooperative Education HINTON, EDNA P ST. RT. Box 37 Emporla, Va. Blg Brothers and Sisters Organization, Soclal Welfare Club, SGA, Pep Club HOLLIMAN, JEROME Route 2 Box 203 Windsor, Va. Concert Cholr HOLMES, KRIS KAREN 718 Oglethrope St, Wash. D.C. Vogue, Home Economics Club HOLMES, TREVA LAVERN 14 Sherman St. Roosevelt, N.Y. Delta Slgma Theta, Sorority, Inc., Alpha Kappa MU Honor Society, Who's who In American College Students HUTCHERSON, JOANNE BRIGETTE 507 Windham Street, Petersburg, Va. HYMAN, KAYE KATHLEEN 204 Oak Street Suffolk, Va. ISLER, CHARLES MAURICE 1911 Delrlp Drlve Phi Beta Sigma Frat., Wrestling Team, Track Team, NAACP, Choir, ROTC, CrossCountry JEFFERSON, HERMAN DANIEL Rt. 1 Box 19 Nottoway Co. Va. Pres. Phl Beta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Socl ety, ROTC, Industrial Arts Club, Who's Who JONES, HOWARD DONZELL 371 Terrace Ave. Petersburg, Va. Soclefy of Physics Students, Who'S Who, Sigma PI Slgma Honor Socl SW JACKSON, DARVELL 400 Mars St. 321-D JAMES, ELSIE ANNETTE Rt. 3 Box 151-B Ruther Glen, Va. Dean's Llst, Buslness Admln. Club JAMES, STANLEY LEWIS 842 Hlnton St. Mllltary Sclence, 197579 Football Team JEFFERSON, ANDREW MCKINLEY 1929 Mosher Sf. Baltlmore, Md. BIS Club JEFFERSON, AVIS YVONNE 658 Roberson St., Petersburg, Va. JENNINGS, LINDA MARIE Route 2, Box 272D Nathalle Va Phl Beta Lambda JETER, CARLTON L. Rt. 1 Box 233 Crewe, Va. Phl Beta Slgma Frat. Inc. JOHNSON, CAROL ELIZABETH Rt. 4 Box 566 Petersburg, Va. JOHNSON, GERALDINE S. 32 Isabella Ct. Apt. +13 Swlng Phl Swlng Soclal Fellowshlp. JOHNSON, KERMIT LOVELL 337 Forest Beach Annapolls, Maryland Esqulre Soclal Fellowshlp JOHNSON, PERUNA 723 Farrland Ave. Hampton, Va. VSU Gospel Ensemble 7680, Soclal Welfare Club. JOHNSON, MARY A. 1443 Talley Ave. Petersburg, Va. JOHNSON, WAYNE 2140 Kossufh Sl. Camden, N.J. Groove Phl Groove Soclal Fellowshlp Inc., ROTC JONES, ADRAINE MECHELLE Rt. 2 Box 975 Warsaw, Va. Kappa Kappa Psl Sweetheart, Marchlng Band, Concert Band JONES, ANGELA P.O. Box 131 McKenney, Va. Student Court, Cathollc Fellowshlp Organlzatlon JONES, BRENDA ARNETT Charles Clty, Va. Student Chrlstlan Assc., Buslness Admln. Club, Public Admln. Club. JONES, DREAMER LARITA 18 Lexlngton Ave. Montclalr, N.J. JONES, EVERLY ROSE 709 Remus Lane Suffolk, Va. JONES, JANITA Y. 5649 Greenwood Rd. JONES JOHNILYN PATRICE 2303 Hlldreth Sf. Rlchmond, Va. Buslness Admln. Club, Slgma Dove JONES, LETAZ STANLEY 1748 Halcun Dr. Petersburg, Va. Concert Cholr, Intercolleglate Muslc Assc. JONES, RICKY "HULK" Rt. 3 Box 194-A Charles City, Va. Iota Phl Theta Frat. Inc. KING, EARLINE DENISE Rt. 2 Box 48 Hanover, Va. SNEA KING, PAMELA DIANE 3413 Ellamont Rd. Baltlmore, Md. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soclety, Alpha Koppa Alpha Sororlty Inc. KNIGHT, BERNICE 513 Warwlck St. Suffolk, Va. KNIGHT, DEBORA ANN 7551 Roselleld Dr. Norfolk, Va. Soclal Work Club, NAACP. KIZZIE, LAMONT 1907 Blntord Lane Rlchmond, Va. Ind. Arts Club, Iota Phl Theta Frat. Inc., 4H Club. LAMBERT, ROBINETTE JACQUELINE Rt. 2 Box 53-A South Hlll, Vo. Blg Brothers 84 Blg Slsters Organ., Moddls Phl Moddls, Chemlstry Club LANE, MELISSA ARDELL Rt. 1 Box 7-C Surry, Va. BED Club, Phl Beta Lambda LASSITER, CLARICE ONITA 631 1st Ave. Suffolk, Va. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlty Inc. LAW, LARRY D. 21513 Pannlll St. Esqulre Soclal Servlce Fellowship Inc., Photo Club, Chess Club. LEE, HARRY AUSTIN 239 Cornwall St. Hartford, Conn. lndustrlal Arts Club LEE, WARREN MOYLAN Tanglewood Apt. at-L37-A LEWIS, ANGELA DARLENE 532 B Cottonwood Dr. Petersburg, Va. TAPS, Cheerleader. LEWIS, JOHN THOMAS 9329 Coleson Rd. A.S.P.A., Economlcs Club. LEWIS, MARY LYNN 5328 Cottonwood Dr. Petersburg, Va. Speclal Ed. Book Club, SNEA, Councll for Exceptlonal Chlldren. LIPSCOMB, SYLVESTER HIRRANE Rt. 1 Box 338 Farmvllle, Va. Alpha Phl Alpha Frat. Inc., Vldeo Camera Man VSU Marchlng Band. LITTLE MICHAEL STEVEN 301 1st Sf. Hackensack, N.J. Accountlng Club, Small Buslness Instltute. LOCKHART, PATRICIA YVONNE 235 Byrne St. Petersburg, Va. Zeta Phl Beta Sororlty Inc., Kappa Delta Pl Honor Society. LOGAN, DENNIS G. 3624 Auslln St. S.E. Washlngton D.C. VSU Bowllng League, BIS Club, Honor Student LUCAS, CHERYL DENISE Rt. 4 Box 210 Zeta Phl Beta Sororlty Inc., Accountlng Club LYONS, JANICE D. 1462 Ferndale Ave. Petersburg, Va. Buslness Admin. Club, Phl Beta Lambda, Personnel Admln. Club. MC CRAY, DIANE 42 Holland St. Binghamton, N.Y. MC LAUGHLIN, AVIS Rt. 1 Box 271 Loulsa, Va. Alpha Koppa Mu Honor Soclety, Student Chrlstlan Assc., SNEA MC LENDON, JOHN OWENS 2101 2nd Ave. Rlchmond, Va. Phl Beta Slgma Frat. Inc., SNEA, Resldent Asst. MC WILLIAMS, HELEN DENISE 4609 Bermuda Hundred Rd. Chester, Va. MACLIN, JACQUELINE ANN 1400 S. 1st St. Kappa Delta Pl Honor Soclety, Delta Psl Kappa, Trojanettes Sottball MAJETTE, SHRETTA CHRISTINE 31 Plaza Ave. Wtby., Ct. VSU Gospel Ensemble, Resldent Asst. MANDEN, KAREN 3673 North Landstown Rd. Zeta Phl Beta Sororlty Inc., Kappa Omlcron Phl Honor Society MANNS, GERALD LAMONT Rt. 3 Box 872 C. Bassett, Va. Geosclence Club, Table Tennis Club, Gymnastlcs Club MAPP, CHRISTINE D. Rt. 1 Box 187 M Cape Charles, Va. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlty Inc., National Home Economlcs Assc. MARABLE, DONALD W. 6841 Carnegle Dr. Rlchmond, Va. ROTC, Buslness Club MARINER, DIANNE S. 209 Grove St. Farmvllle, Va. Alpha Kappa Mu, Publlc Admln. Club. MARKS, KAREN P.O. Box 367 Lawrencevllle, Va. Llbrary Sclence Club. MARSHALL, VICKIE COLLETTE 1167 Yorkshire Rd. Martlnsvllle, Va. Delta Slgma Theta Sororlty Inc., Accountlng Club, CPA Club MASON, DELPHINE OTELIA 1106 A St. Martlnsvllle, Va. Alpha Phl Omega Sweetheart MOON, KATANA PATRICE 225 East 36 St. Rlchmond, Va. Majorette, Zeta Phl Beta Sororlty Inc., VSU Gospel Choir MOORE, LINWOOD PIERRE 3313 Llght St. Newport News, Va. Esqulre Soclal Servlce Fellowshlp, Drama Club, Statesman. MORGAN, RICKIE LEE 3421 S St. Rlchmond, Va. Geology Club MORRIS, CLARA JENNETTE 719 Harrlson St. Petersburg, Va. Phl Beta Lambda, Accountlng Club, ROTC, Pep Club. MORRIS, EVELYN THERESA Rt. 3 Box 267-A Ruther Glen, Va. CEC, Pep Club, Vlce Pres. Whltlng Hall. MORRIS, MICHELLE LYNETTE 3505 Somme Ave. Norfolk, Va. PreLaw Club, Alpha Kappa Mu, Alpha Phl Omega Sweetheart. MORRISON, JERRY BURKE 24 Chestnut St. MORTON, ARTHUR LEE 12149 Jefferson Davls Hlghway Chester, Va. NANCE, MARK EUGENE 812 Edgewood Ave. Trenton, N.J. BAD Club, VSU Gospel Ensemble. NELSON, DAPHANIE LYN 665 Holbrook St. Danvllle, Va. Economlcs Club. NEWBY, LORRAINE Rt. 2 Box 229-A Ivor, Va. Buslness Admln. Club, Phl Beta Lambda, Amerlcan Soclety Publlc P.O. Box 83 Dlsputana, Va. Admln. NICKERSON, BARBARA ANN 1705 East Capltol St. Washlngton D.C. Psychology Club, Mlss Eggeleston Hall, Mlss Psychology. O'NEAL, CAROL 1211 Hawk St. Petersburg, Va. Kappa Delta Pl Honor Soclety, CEC, Kappa Kappa Psl Sweetheart. PURDIE, OSWALD P.O. Box 234, Ivor, Va. Buslness Admln. Club, Phl Beta Lambda, Softball Team MASON, MC KENLEY D. 751 Mt. Alry St. Apt. B Petersburg, Va. ROTC Cadet Captalrt, Scabbard 8: Blade. MAYES, CHRISTINE RAMONA 507 Chrls Rd. Apt. 2 Petersburg, Va. H.P.E. Maiors Club, Who's Who Among Students in Colleges 8: Unlv. MAYO, SAUNDRA LYNN 223 Rhode Island Ave. N.W. Washlngton D.C. OWENS, DOROTHY M. Alpha Phl Alpha Sweetheart, VSU Marchlng Band, Pres. Eggeleston P.O. Box 283 Halltax, Va. Hall CEC, SNEA. MILLER, CARLTON EDWIN PARHAM, YOLANDA 6600 Phllbrook Rd. Rlchmond, Va. 915 Young Ave. Petersburg, Va. Alpha Phl Omega Frat. Inc., Beta Beta Beta Honor Soclety. Kappa Omlcron Phl Honor Soclety, Home Economlcs Club. MILLER, MILTON LEON PARKER, ALVIN WAYNE 20810 3rd Ave. Ettrlck, Va. Rt. 1 Box 74 Dendron, Va. Groove Phl Groove Soclal Fellowshlp. Electronlcs Club. MITCHELL, DOUGLAS JEROME PARKER, ANGELA MARVETTE Rt. 4 Box 59 Amella, Va. P.O. Box 184 Lawrencevllle, Va. Buslness Admln. Club, Student Chrlstan Assc. SNEA, Kappa Delta Pl, SGA, Student Chrlstlan Assc. MITCHELL, IRIS ELAINE PARKER, JAMES GREGORY Rt. 1 Box 57 Unlon Level, Va. 1221 Klng Arthur Dr. Chesapeake, Va. Delta Psl Kappa, Alpha Kappa Mu, Softball Team, Volleyball Team. Kappa Alpha Psl Frat. Inc., ROTC, Buslness Admln. Club. MITCHELL, JEFFREY JEROME PARKER, SHARON TERESA 1801 Center Ave. Suttolk, Va. 621 Fltzgerald Dr. Klnston, N.C. Unlted Penetecostal Assc., Student Chrlstlan Assc., Soclal Welfare VSU Marchlng Band, Afrlcan Dance Group, Sigma Dove. Club. PATTERSON, DWANDA DARLENE MITCHELL, KAREN Y. 11 Allen Ave. Ft. Monmouth, N.J. 3 Beta Beta Beta Honor Soclety, MBS. 3206 Lee 51, PATTERSON, WILLIAM NEAL pep Club, 3346 3Cll'IdY St. Nortolk, Va. ROBINSON, DOMINICK DAISEE Blg Brothers 8s Blg Slsters Org., ROTC, Buslness Admln. Club. 6246 N. Gratz St. Philadelphla, Penn. PAYTON, ALLEN Kappa Sweetheart. 21212 Sparta Dr. Petersburg, Va. ROBINSON, DONALD CHARLES Veterans of Forelgn Wars Club. Rt, 2 Box 30 A Sqxe, Vg, PERRY, ROBIN LYNN Blg Brothers 8: Blg Slsters Organ., Beta Beta Club. 23 S. Burch St. Petersburg, Va. ROBINSON, EVELYN ELIZABETH ACCOUDIIDQ Club, Phl Beta Ldmbdd. P,O, BOX 171 Dlsputqnqv Vq, PHILLIPS, LORNA D. Agcgunflng Club, 531 Summlt St. Petersburg, Va. ROGERS, DALE A, BEOD Club, Phl Beta Lambda. VSU Marchlng Band, Pearl Court. Box 110-18 Palmer, Va, PHILLIPS, WILLIAM H. RONEY, CYNTHIA DENISE Rt. 3 Box 181 WIIIIGITISDUTQ, VG. Rt, 1 BOX 66 A Cqr50n' Vg, KCIDD0 Alpha Psl Frat. Inc., BIS Club, Statesman, NAACP. Buslness Admln. Club, Amerlcan Soclety tor Personnel Admln. PITCHFORD, BERNARD THOMPSON RONEY, GWENDOLYN 617 N. 38th St. RIChm0l'td, VG. Rt, 1 BOX 66-A Carson, Vq, TAPS. HOITI6 ECODOITIICS Club. PITCHFORD, FAITH LA VONNE ROSE, SHERRIL 617 N. 38th St. Rlchmond, Va. Rt. 1 Box 204 E Stony Creek, Va. Economlcs Club, lnternatlonal Club. ROYSTER, JOANN POINDEXTER, TERRI CAMILE Rt. 1 Box 96 Sklpwlth, Va. 8922 Walkerton Dr. Lanham, Maryland Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Soclety, Soclal Weltare Club. Purple Pearl ot Omega Psl Phl, Buslness Admln. Club, Pep Club. RUSSELL, PAMELA ELAINE POLLARD, PHILATHEA VERNICE 1025 S. Crater Rd. Petersburg, Va. 629 Summlt St. Petersburg, Va. SANDLAIN, DEBORAH WHILAMENIA Vogue Soclal Servlce Fellowshlp, Soclal Organlzatlon Councll. Rt. 3 Box 350 Emporla, Va. POMPEY, PAULETTE JENNIFER Omega Psl Phl Purple Pearl. 3114 Utah Place Rlchmond, Va. SAVAGE, OLIVER ALFRED Buslness Admln. Club, SGA, Phl Bate Lambda 15619 N. Condult Ave. Jamalca, N.Y. POPE, BOBBY A. SAVAGE, STELLA KAY Rt. 1 Box 216 Kllmarnock, Va. 14 Pratt St. VSU Marchlng Band VSU Marchlng Band, Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Soclety, Who's Who POPE, FRANCINE VANESSA SCHOOLS, ARLEEN DELORES Rt. 1 Box 214 B Kllmarnock, Va. 1420 N. 30th St. Rlchmond, Va. Accounting Club, Swlng Phl Swlng Soclal Fellowship, SOC. Zeta Phl Beta Sorority Inc., Slgma Dove. POPE, MICHELLE DENISE SCOTT, STEPHANIE LEE 3131 Fleld Rd. Rt. 9 Box 232 Reldsvllle, N.C. REAVES, IRVINE LEE Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soclety, PreLaw Club, Alpha Sweetheart. Rd. 416 Vlneland, N.J. SILVER, PAULETTE ALVERTA Iota Phl Theta Frat. Inc., NAACP. 200 Lee St. Suffolk, Va. REAVIS, RUTH ROBINSON SNEA Rt. 2 Box 433 SIMONS, VALERIE CELESTINE PI Omega PI Honor Soclety, BEOD. 141 Howard Dr. Wllllamsburg, Va. REDMAN, CHERYL DENISE Buslness Admln. Club, Softball Team. 20822 2nd Ave. Ettrlck, Va. SLADE, LINDA SUE BIS Club, Accounting Club, Purple Pearl. Rt. 1 Box 122 Surry, Va. RICHARDSON, CAROL LYNN Home Economlcs Club. 387 Market St. SMITH, CAROLYN L. CEC, SNEA, Table Tennls Club, Bowllng League. 505 Rlddlck Clrcle Sutfolk, Va. RICHARDSON, JEANNE NAOMI SNEA, Blg Brothers 81 Blg Slsters Org., Kappa Sweetheart. 2022 Boston Ave. Rlchmond, Va. SMITH, JENNIFER LOUISE RICHARDSON, LAURA SALTER 161-31-119 Ave. Jamalca, N.Y. 617 North Carollna Ave. Petersburg, Va. Kappa Alpha Psl Sweetheart, Mlss Phl Nu PI. RIVERS, MOSES DAMON SMITH, LARRY 4 1025 S. Crater Rd. Petersburg, Va. Rt. 4 Box 99 Loulsa, Va. Student Court, Psychology Club, SGA. SMITH, MARIO N. ROBERTS, EDWARD FRANKLIN 910 W. Clay St. Rlchmond, Va. 4501 Alrllne Blvd. Chesapeake, Va. VSU Stage Band, VSU Marchlng Band. VSU Marchlng Band, Inter-Resldentlal Councll, Pre-Medlcal Club. SMITH. MARY H ROBINSON, DEBRA DENISE 611 Emporla, Va. Vogue Soclal Fellowshlp Inc. Fashlon Edltor Newspaper Staff. SMITH, PATRICIA ANN THOMPSON, FAYE DENISE 619 S. Adams St. Petersburg, Va. 240 Shlpp Lane Va. Beach, Va. Phl Beta Lambda, Slgma Dove. Hlstory Club, Pep Club, VSU Marchlng Band. SMITH, PATRICIA ELIZABETH THOMPSON, GARRESTER HARDY Box 793 Mathews, Va. 558 Brlar HIII Rd. Norfolk, Va. Phl Beta Lambda, BEOD, Resldence Llte Council. ROTC, Intramural Football Coach, Soclal Wellare Club. SNEAD, DENNIS M. THOMPSON, HELEN PRATT Rt. 4 Box 212 Blackstone, Va. 1309 Covlngton Rd. Colonial Helghts, Va. VSU Marchlng Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Concert Band Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soclety. SOLICE, LINDA RENAE THWEATT, CATHERINE DENISE 25 Oak Lane Trenton, N.J. Rt. 2 Box 56 Dlsputana, Va. Mademolselle Club, Newspaper Staff, Basketball Statlstlclan. THWEATT, KENNETH LEON SOREY, MARVIN DEWITT 1007 Augusta Ave. Petersburg, Va. 819 W. Coyler St. Chlcago, Ill. VSU Marchlng Band, Engllsh Club. Omega Psl Phl Frat. Inc., Jones Hall Sounds THWEATT, LANITA RENEE SPADY, TERRY RENAR Rt. 2 Box 55 Dlsputana, Va. Eastern Shore, Va. Accountlng Club, CPA Club, TrICIty Club. VSU Gospel Ensemble, SNEA, NAACP, CEC. TILGHMAN, ROSLYN MARIA SPENCER, JESSICA RENE Rt. 1 Box 329 Princess Anne, Maryland 724 Pelham Drlve Hampton, Va. Gospel Cholr, BIS Club, ASPA, Phl Beta Lambda. Assc. ot Polltlcal Sclentlsts, Resldence Llte Club. TOWNES, DORETHA GAIL SPRATLEY, BELINDA ANITA P.O. Box 615 Clarksvllle, Va. 1709 Arllngton Ave. Norfolk, Va. TUCKER, ZELDA DIANNE Student Chrlstlan Assc., Buslness Admln. Club. Rt. 3 Box 61 Blackstone, Va. STEWART, LARRY QWIZARDJ TUGGLE, YVONNE ANITA 1130 Arllngton St. Petersburg, Va. 4605 Bermuda Hundred Rd. Chester, Va. . VSU Bowllng League, Intramural Basketball 79-80. Moddls Phl Moddls Frat. Inc., Pep Club Coordinator, SGA. STITH, JANICE L. ' TULL, RUDOLPH ALLEN Rt. 1 Box 442 Brodnax, Va. Rt. 1 Box 13 E New Church, Va. Pep Club, SNEA, CEC, Speclal Olymplcs. NAACP, Dean's Llst, ROTC Cadet, Baseball Team. STOKES, BONNIE CHERYL TURNER, SAMUEL MAYSO Rt. 1 Box 132 B Zunl, Va. Rt. 2 Box 248 E Blackstone, Va. Phl Beta Lambda, Alpha Phl Omega Sweetheart. AIASA, VIAA, Kappa Delta PI. SWINDELL, ANNE MARIE VAUGHAN, CHERYL LYNETTE 404 Hamllton Dr. Goldsboro, N.C. Rt. 2 Box 149 Pamplln, Va. CEC, SNEA. a Dean's Llst, Accounting Club. SYKES, ROBIN RENE VAUGHAN, WANDA DANETTE 1346 Patterson St. Petersburg, Va. 1220 Rome St. Petersburg, Va. Business Admlnlstratlon Club, Phl Beta Lambda, Alpha Kappa Mu. Pl Omega Pl Honor Soclety, Phl Beta Lambda, National Bus. Ed. Assc. TAYLOR, ELLEN YVONNE VENEY JAMES LARRY 243 Grlggs Ave. Sussex, Va. 1800 Boydton Plank Rd. Petersburg, Va. CEC, SNEA, NAACP. Buslness Club, Marketlng Club. TAYLOR, GREGORY LAMONT VIA, DENNIS L. 400 Deakyne Place Rt. 3 Box 389 Martlnsvllle, Va. Buslness Admln. Club, Omega Psl Phl Frat. Inc. Kappa Alpha Psl Frat. Inc., Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soclety, Who's TAYLOR, RITA JANE Who, ROTC. 1702 Maury St. Rlchmond, Va. VINCENT, TRICIA W. TAYLOR, SHERRI LYNN Rt. 1 Box 99 Jarratt, Va. 21503 A Chestertleld Ave. Ettrlck, Va. Buslness Admln. Club, Vets ot State, Certltlcatlon Clerk. Miss Freshman, Mlss Sophomore, Mlss Flrst Batllon ROTC WADE, THEASTER ANN TERRY, BETTY JEAN 1800 Boydton Plank Rd. Apt. 10 L Petersburg, Va. Rt. 1 Box 96 G Sklpwlth, Va. WALDEN, TIMOTHY ERNEST Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlty Inc., Alpha Kappa Mu, Kappa Delta Pi. 4106 Kathland Ave. Baltimore, Md. THACKLE, PRESTON ALLEN Allled Heath Protesslons Club, Mlcroblology Club. 314-C Klrkland Dr. Rlchmond, Va. WALKER, TERRIE DENISE Geology Club. 641 A Cottonwood Dr. Petersburg, Va. THOMAS, ESTELLE L. Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Soclety, Soclal Weltare Club. 7404 Stony Run Rd. Norfolk, Va. WALKER, RICHARD WAYNE Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Soclety, Alpha Kappa Mu. 44 S. Munn Ave. East Orange, N.J. THOMAS, ROSLYN AUDREY Sports Edltor Statesman. 215 Redoak Ave. WALLS, EDITH VIOLA 333 N. Crater Rd. Petersburg, Va. Soclal Wellare Club. WARD, EDWARD JOSEPH Dover, Delaware Groove Phl Groove Soclal Fellowship, TAPS. WARE, DANIEL E. 1324 Oakwood Place Norfolk, Va. Varslty Basketball. WARREN, WILLIAM HORACE P.O. Box 263 Ivor, Va. Esqulre Soclal Servlce Fellowshlp, Business Admln. Club. WASHINGTON, ALYSIA E. RFD 1 Box 89 Bowllng Green, Va. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soclety, Buslness Admln. Club. WASHINGTON, ANGELA TERESA Rt. 1. Box 74 Norfolk, Va. Art Club, Kumba Workshop, TAPS. WASHINGTON, CAROLYN JANE 3900 E. Chatman Dr. Rlchmond, Va. WASHINGTON, ZSA ZSA 1729 Moorman Rd. Roanoke, Va. Student Chrlstlan Assc., Ottlce Admln. Club, Phl Beta Lambda. WATSON, BELINDA K. 532 Bunche Blvd. Portsmouth, Va. VSU Marchlng Band, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Kappa Delta PI. WATSON, FREDERICK A. 101 Flsher Ave. Plscataway, N.J. Kappa Alpha Psl Frat. Inc., lnterGreek Councll, Home Economics Club. WATSON, REGINALD KEITH 1920 Zlnzer Rd. Hampton, Va. Buslness Admln. Club, Blg Brothers 81 Blg Slsters Organlzatlon. WATSON, VANESSA 175 1st St. Newark, N.J. Women's Basketball. WEBB, ROSLYN L. 1 Warwlck Rd. Ashevllle, N.C. SNEA, Junlor Class Secretary, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlty Inc. WELLONS, NINA DENISE 151 Rlvervlew Ave. Smithfield, Va. CEC, SNEA, Alpha Phl Omega Sweetheart. WHARTON, NIKETA L. RFD Box 120 Exmore, Va. Assoclatlon of Polltlcal Sclentlsts, Pre-Law Club. WHITE, ANITA MARIA 725 Teach St. Hampton, Va. SGA, Dean's Llst. WHITE, ANNETTE DELORIS 313 Boat St. Suttolk, Va. Soclal Welfare Club, NAACP. WHITE, BEATRICE L. 512 Race St. Farmvllle, Va. WHITE, KEVIN RAY 1909 Carollna Rd. Suttolk, Va. Alpha Kappa Delta, Publlc Admln. Club, Student Chrlstlan Assc. WILDER, ROSALIND SILEASE 210 Ash St. Lynchburg, Va. Soclal Welfare Club, Unlted Penecostal Assc. WILEY, LINDA VANESSA Rt. 1 Box 236 Farmvllle, Va. Buslness Intormatlon System. WILKINS, DOROTHY RUTH 1130 W. Hlgh St. Petersburg, Va. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlty Inc., CEC. WILKINS, LARRY LEE 632 Dogwood Ave. Waverly, Va. VETS ot State, Soclal Physlcs Club. WILLIAMS, MARTHA ANNETTE 704 Commerce St. Petersburg, Va. Zeta Phl Beta Sororlty Inc., Accountlng Club, VSU Marching Band. WILLIAMS, PACING ANTONETTE 443 S. Adams St. Petersburg, Va. ROTC, VICA Club. WILLIAMS, RAYMOND L. 2104 Falrtleld Ave. Rlchmond, Va. Phl Beta Slgma Frat. Inc., Wrestllng, Tennls. WILLIAMS, VIVIAN ARTIS 1121 Stalnback St. Petersburg, Va. WILSON, FLOYD DOUGLAS 15 Marlon St. Red Bank, N.J. Groove Phl Groove Soclal Fellowshlp, BIS Club. WILSON, JOSEPH W. 1100 21st Place N.E. W0 Washlngton, D.C. Golf Team, Accountlng Club. WILSON, WANDA JEAN 2511 Grove Rd. Llbrary, Pa. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlty Inc., Amerlcan Home Economics Socl ety. WOOD, DARNELL 20812 Rlver Road Petersburg, Va. Soclal Organlzatlon Councll, Party Phl Party Soclal Fellowshlp. WOODSON, PRISCILLA ANN 1057 7th St. Publlc Admln. Club, BEOD Club, Phl Beta Lambda. WRIGHT, JACQUELIN PRUDENCE 504 Patrlck Court Hampton, Va. WRIGHT, MORRIS ELWOOD Mathews, Va. Electronlcs Club. WRIGHT, PECOLA ANNETTE Rt. 1 Box 158 Emporla, Va. Accountlng Club, Phyetle Club, Blg Brothers 8: Blg Slsters Organlzc tlon. WRIGHT, SAMUEL ELLISON 20804 Vernetta Lane Matoaca, Va. ROTC, Scabbard 81 Blade, Economlcs Club, Chapel Organlsl. WYATT, RICHARD ALBERT 13028 Bradley Brldge Rd. Chester, Va. HPE Majors Club, Phl Bela Slgma Frat. Inc. YOUNG, PATRICE MARIA 3727 Jay St. N.E. 465 Washlngton, D.C. Alpha Phl Alpha Sweetheart, Soclal Welfare Club. YOUNGER, KENNETH JEROME Rt. 1 Box 71-B Vernon HIII, Va. BIS Club, Math Club, Accountlng Club.

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