Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind - Spotlite Yearbook (Staunton, VA)

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Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind - Spotlite Yearbook (Staunton, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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.........1 THE 1963 WHITE c:oLuMNs EdiIOI: Q George Oakes I Business Manager: Betty Roop T i Master Photographer: T William Duncan T Advisors: Mr. F. Yates Mr. I . Repass Mr. D. Werner as The Virginia School For The Deaf And The Blind Staunton, Virginia FGREWCRD We are proud of this, the second edition of White Columns, the name honoring the columns of Main Hall, the oldest building on the campus, VSDB is very beautifully landscaped. We en,- joy daily trekking from dorm to classroom and back again. We are grateful for such a fine school. Great hearts are here working for the welfare of deaf youth. Their desire for the success of the deaf is measured by the love in their hearts. We take our hats off to our Old Dominion, a great State that has done what should be done in providing the fine school of which we are a part today. With gratitude we cameg with grati- tude we leave, although when the time comes to say adieu, the student finds it hard to do so. As one former student expressed it: "In your blue and ancient valley, Alma Mater, we have loved youg Now the time has come to leave you. Forth into the world we sally. How my heart with sadness thrills As these loving bonds must sever, But I know I'll find you ever In your blue Virginia hills." T BLE OF CCDNTENTS Foreword . . . - 2 Campus ..... - 4 Administration . . . - 7 Classes . . . - - - 15 Athletics . . . - - - 33 Features. . . - - - 39 Favoritesh . . - - - 46 Young--er . . . - - - 48 2 DEDICATIO Teaching Myrl how to use Landis 36. A farewell gift, Coach. Half-time pep talk. We take great pleasure in dedicating the 1968 White Columns to Mr. Thomas Carlton Lew- ellyn, a man of deeds, who retired on January 1. He has been teacher, counselor, coach, athletic director and above all, a friend. He has inspired us by his example to excel in all things possible and we are grateful that we have been a part of his course in the history of V. S. D. 3 AROLI, D THE CAMPUS N Where Supt. Shinpaugh and his family live. ff' ,f .51 1' ,L K mwk ,H ' , , H 4 .ue f : 171' . ,, .., ii i. ,se , F --'M . e-1-wi., 'f ' .- , a '5 11 2. - up if L iza- i , gi. g,f f',v5 Q :ff A - fa VM ,. .. .. U Q " Jw ' '- .. Fw. '-'1 .Y " fs 1. ,, ,,-:e,g5q:,,'1 Z'-2-as-.1 -:L-jigs .t41Le1.,fwafEf' " 63.11 "1 ,V 3 Q 51 f-v' rf: 1'-pf Qhiirf' M , -f .f U1 ' ' ', ., ' pw- pa."--4.4 y- 5 "-.. 4 ,1 L,4.JlE,:,,-il 1--' ,lf'5,q-:- gg, gy,y'.Sgu, 1 in , w ' . H 1, -- -' ,. ra-.Aw , . -- lr , 'V 'I 1 ,-- 1 -5 1, 1 " ,, ,,.l,1j. :Q K. 5 L I 433 . i 1 1 1, gr, Q-gf," ,Vt ...Lil A 1. me ra-ppp-1 ,N - f A- -sg: fa. f rg JH: 2 ' ' 'I -3. 's 4"E5:i" ,.. .,,. .-.. 'A , man W E' - ,X 1 - .H - ......,eg,,i.:f ,K ' " '-f"'w 'T ', ":"l--if 1-1f7'Z?'.'.':f?:w.E? - H 'I iz Q f ff ' 953' E, . -A1234 ' lF?'2?:'::1 as H f 'L' .-V-. -f - iwfq' ------ : "2,:W .,Jff,zfgps,a - , --,,'.. .14 ,.:::'-" Y' .' .. L!-11'-a5,7 v'e,11:,1.ra?f' . JFI-an-'en -::-.1-"w'f- 1 - ,1--'wg -anf--:4:,-.N 1- l. -- , ,:'ff:-ff-NM - 455:56-l sure- .lf-WZ--' :ra '- -.-T-"g-fs-rg .:::i3..i2fn' -' -rsqgtij-I-:ggi Q, 1: figzf' Jang' a1i'S:'gf9A:1,'e-5 , f'..4' s'5-' - ' 552, , S xi Byrd Hall--where the lollipop suckers are. :ii-'F,fqu5m 1 ,wil " if ,.,!solMW lu msn, ,. Kg .W 5, H, nu ,ws Main Hall- the oldest building on the cam pus--where the sleeping beauties are. 4 JJ. ..f., -r a,,E,f,, '-"F-? J ' 'i'f1l?5' Wins 1 If 9'-:ff ,li-'f Y 41. Darden Hall--"where the boys are." 5 Healy Hall--where the brains are sharpened. Lewellyn GY1T1f1aSiUYf1"WhefC the 1705165 are shaped. fl Ei: an w :QV lent? F I i l BENQ if ina ae l H5 M -"M ""' " A l ' , , .ws , f " 'Q11-r"G!f '-4f". f i?" " ' ,Eff '- 3254 2?:.l.Q1' - . The old chapel--what scenes have passed 'Ten-shun, eyes left! beneath your cupola? Trekking to the classroom Fi1l'enn up! im: . -, Entrenched in movie row. Nail chewers they are, and pencil benders 5 Q it , , -It l, In her secret boudoir, she studies her bugo- Swivelling the light fantastic with our logy. Tennessee guests. -Eifmf in 'lm ww, ' W V, I-1-' 3- -- '-285 Et? 'MSEEEH a s 1,1 j i' i . .V ,. 4f:f:e.,' 55: r in Ole Man Winter comes to V.S.D. and the Helen Smith--surprised by an unexpected fountain freezes. visit from her parents. f 'gf-IW-' U Z S I nun. 'li 'R-MQ' Apes from Gibraltar? No, Mother from looking at V.S,D.B. from across the rail- Darden Hall. road tracks. I 6 L Mr. Joe R. Shinpaugh Superintendent Mrs. Florence Michael Secretary to S uperintendent Q... Ji Mr. John T. Floyd Business Manager ks 1 ,V Five ff' - ' lv w re W 1 M' H Ei' U I ' I?-if . 'Y mu 4,- ur W ,Er-1 E. 5 N i' :by-,.1-' A " A W '11 . T :Eff ffl. ' rw ' f ' - fi Elli s. x ' Q 5 f f i 'FW rf 1 f ' lf' 3 , li ML.. Mrs. M. Miller Secretary to Business Manager Mrs. B. Pence Accountant and Student Transportation Mrs. A. Fitzgerald Secretary and Student Accounts eva. Mr. Paul E. McLe1Land Principal 1 4 we ' ' 1 - 1 Mrs. Frances Wilson Supervising Teacher Mrs. Phyllis Cavengier Secretary to Principal 9 reef- ' Ln. w 5' " ww - w f . ' W W3 Q W.: fl u 'HWW 1 V ll , gf S: N K , Mrs. Lenore Cook Language W, ,, ',,,. ff, 1-K w E ' ij-:gf . ,- , ' , ff gag 2 A wp.. , J 4:52 X - P AW - I f ' .L , - E! Y , in r. ,R 1 A -QZL51' Q Mr. Aubrey Painter History as--:N ,br ,E l M ,fl N nm f -'mga 2' 9 KYEIS1 lf, YR X '44 . H515 i, I A f .ui ss :gp A ll 1, I I 4. Q, 184' 'i . ' ' ,g - ' 3? , V 53? 'W ii" Ak , ?gg,U' ' M M 5a47z,Ja,'7Q,V, Mlg zg a PQ . sE?fzr?3fn1,Q-is -1. lg Q ,l'aj'ff ri- -551 fy .. 'vw , , Wi-9 1 R. -M we , -1 ,Q E 3 .t 9? 42' ' . 5 1 ,W V1 b y Y , , H -., 1 ' 45 Q- .f EF? ' 2' MH N' if gh Y a i, ,1. .- f',,,,-4. DQ ' f " 'A' 'L 1-' , N . W 7? , ,. 5 , 1 va 1 S GLM if W: Miss Shirley Richardson Reading FACU LTY i " -li ' . jk J.. I! w ay: R I 1 W W.. W ,,y, R, '2 .r 'W-a .. M A ni, l S Mrs. Camille Haislip Speech is A ,,1gg,l25W: E7 ,I r 1 A , l A . W l QQ. . - , V HJ , WNW! fs N!,,, N, Mr. Ray Parks Science ,. ' 1 . 1 7 ,, 5 HZ. . V V i 4 l no y yi . r .-r .1..- , ri , w .. , Wwff i S S N , f x"'Y Mrs. Virginia Stratton Math IO . WEE i Z ff 'if KM Y.. 1 N W'-A , 1, I 'H 4 w W f. V. J gp .- rr ,lr Mr. Robert Linzey English -id Mr. Jan Repass Algebra 1 4 'M 1 la ig , Mr. Dawayne Werner Biology r elif -.:"N:mF?ii rqmii2!"HQ"ww"'h"'HQNf"'Hf" ru" w i ru HW W i ' H M 'T : 'i , H H- X . ' ,H . W ,R T ' V 1 i' 1 ' H I' In, r ' I, "Hi w 1" if vflqfjx 41 ' ""MV rf, rr sr: - 5fQEf'l54fWmQ4f' ' 1151" 35:-515' .:ff1M'-11' 'Z . , rfffkff -131'-.'4I'fe4:' ,syF.'.rf1-.fe'e+ffMM:, - 1 I ' '-123,35 '4,x5,,ffjyf,-114951 my ':'11'gg-'f'.',ff , 3 ' , J ..4, 1 . 2 T - -vi, 1 be Now look who are clowning around! MI. Fred Y-HSS The teachers! Literature T uuuuuuunun' FIRST ROW--Mrs. L. Black, Mrs. S. Love, Mrs. D. Woodrumg SECOND ROW-Mrs. W. Mallow, Mrs. R. Rosen, Mrs. G. Greever and Mrs. M. Brown. .wi FIRST ROW-Miss V. Pearce, Mrs. D. Ambrose, Miss F. Paxton, Mr. S. Meltong SECOND ROW-Mr. W. Ambrose, Mrs. M. Clark, and Mrs. E. Weaver. FIRST ROW-Mrs. N. Blackburn, Mrs. A. Shee- han, Mrs. A. Wrightg SECOND ROW-Miss M. Wynne, Mrs. I. Houchins, Miss L. Belchee and Mrs. B. Wilson. FIRST ROW-Miss L. Winn, Mrs. M. Boxleyg SECOND ROW-Mr. C. Owens, Mrs. L. Hinnant and Mrs. F. Roller. VOCATIO C AL TEACHERS , 3, ii ' w ' 2 ' 1 " 1 ,mf-,, ., . ,. r .s f sm y H wo.. if V A ,sr-r ' i "'1 ,Eg Mr. I. Carlton Mrs. L. Crosby Miss N. Gordon v Mr. E. Guffey Mr. J. Hess Woodworking Cooking Supervising Teacher Woodworking Shoe repairing " ' - i. -, , Qi . xr , -LJ or., Mr. L. Hinnant Mrs. E. Kessler Mr. T. Lewellyn Mrs. H. Lewis Mr. L. Pilsums Printing Cooking Shoe repairing Cosmetology Upholstery 1 ,F ,.,,. y , "'i ' 1 ,N ' . yf ,Qi -,., r . I g i f Mrs. O. Raymond Mr. I. Rosen Mrs. W. Rosen Mrs. R. Sebrell Art Woodworking Dressmaking Dressmaking 12 X 7',..:..i 4 T74 -' J ' . , -Q , - 1- rg 5- 1 L 1' L . 1. -Ji ,A on . v Ii. fx f o X- .Lg Y-.. ' z ' 'xff-25' , Mr. J. Holt Mrs. B. Lynch Mrs. B. Yates Audiologist Phys. Ed. Librarian DORMITORY SLIPERVISORS Miss L. Abernathy Mr. J. Bircham Mrs. G. Brown Mrs. M. Davis Mrs. C. Duffer X! iiyl. ff L is 41- .s ff. n l fx! Mr. I. Hess Mr. R. Kiser ' Mrs. G. McCutchan Mrs. S. Moneyhum Mrs. L. Moore I3 's '7 ifil'Q,.f'5?'iz1, M x -5 M s 12 lggli 1 ,5 , 1 u xx ML A 'F I :' N f- "-- - H 41 sg X, V wwwwrwsp. - T.. Ef. , , V I I f ' I " " ' fl fillvilw' 453. -...E i . H ,f 8' II I X N " u 1 ' K 17' . nl W ' ""k. 4' ef- is . ,NX SL " ' -1 , Miss R. Pike Mrs. M. Pooley Mrs. M. Porter Mrs. M. Ramsey MEDICAL STAFF . 5 . Q: - - u u ,,, . H, . ,,, ,. m w n .ay LW-w ,ru Qu Nw ' 'H' '.g,y...'1g.w' mils? H. on-. ru uw 1 mm. , x -' ' : ' H Y , , H H LQQQL. Mw'1w1"l M, M H' 'H MQ.. ,Kgs M ,.,.,.,:g.,qjglll,,,,umE V... Dr. Q. Carr Miss M. Fletcher, Miss E. Reed, Mrs. M. Baber, Mrs. I. Rexrode and Mrs. E. Ben- nett QI-Iead Nursej 14 -:sw " s 1 ' 7, 'lx ILM-..A-.-,:5g'.g.H2-Z-F ..,. s,. ,.-fs,-,-r . - iff. .'-9 14 1 fl: ' 'A ,1.:Zf3 . 3575 Q7 X, mx w A -,:1Q4 " -, ,...... . in ,.. ,... 4. n uf , ' 1 so A4 il :hi IQ r 4 I U It Y 2 if , H 'V 1 ' fix! f Yi 1 If A-E1 ll Mg' rww' wirwwr. , V , b.i iJ , or Miss B. Reynolds um w l f in Mr. T. Sebrell Miss C. Stansberry Mr. I. Thompson of Dr. A. Anderson SENIQRS CLASS OFFICERS Vice-President. . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . , President................. . . Leslie Kidd . . . Gary Dyke . .Peggy Norwood . George Oakes ROBERT H. AREY. IR. Played football and baseball. Safe on first, now watch him score! BETTY I. BLACK Redheaded Cheerleader captain, ever ready to root for the Raid- ers. She was 1962 Homecoming Queen. f RONNIE E. BLAYLOCK Stellar football quarterback and basketball player. He has a ' . backbone, not just a wish bone, for the task ahead. WILLIAM C. DUNCAN A real shutterbug, tall in statureg tall in ideas. 16 GARY W. DYKE Active in all sports, he is a live wire that will never get stepped on. CHARLES D. HOWELL, JR, f Quiet, but sunny in disposition. WILLIAM L. KIDD Script editor, sports writer, editor of Twin Fountains. By his own - efforts, he will rise! ' WANDA J. KISER A quiet, cheerful, friendly girl who ever doeth well her duty. ELTON W. LAWHORN His glory lies not in never failing but in rising everytime he fails. CHARLES E. LYONS Learning came hard, but it was good training for the years ahead. I7 EDWARD T. MCKENNA Subscription manager, printer par excellenceg he works apace, and the results of his labor wears a strong face. BETTY WAYNE MORGAN A pretty one, neat in appearance, with quiet ways. SHIRLEY A. NEWTON Full of mischief, she loves people more than books- a book can't love back. PEGGY I. NORWOOD Always ready with a wave and a helping hand. GEORGE W. OAKES, IR. Editor of White Columnsg in addi- tion to hard work, a smile and good manners, is his way of doing things. THOMAS R. OWENS He laborsg therefore, he conquers 18 BRENDA D. SEARLS Pleasant to look atg pleasant to be with. WAYNE D. SHOOK He believes that the wheel that squeaks the loudest is the one that gets the grease. PHILLIP M. SHORTT He played football, basketball, baseball for the Raiders. Happy and carefree are they that wear a pleasant spirit. H ELEN I. SMITH She preaches a good sermon by the way she lives each day. KEARRLE M. VANDEVANDER Always reliable, his courtesy and sunny smile win for him the af- fection of others. I9 Nancy Cole Ronald Ellis Mark Justice JLI IDRS A President .... ..... B etry Roop Vice-President . . . . . Freda Norman Secretary .... . . . Danny Owens Treasurer . . . . . . Shirley Lacks Shirley Lacks Mary McCray Freda Norman 5 Lewis Roo p Sharon Snyder Mona Lisa II? QM. MCCJ ,, H ' nf' iv- ,ff-ff Danny' Owens Elsie Robinette Betty Roop -5 .f JU IORS B CLASS OFFICERS E President .... . . . . . . . . . . . . William Galloway Vice- President Secretary. . . . Treasurer , . , 21 . . . . . . . Richard Marsh . . . Peggy Jenkins . . . .Allan Anker na ffl' :A "-.5 9:- rf Tiff fillg 5,551-5 ' 'A Q' '-i' i"? 1 r, , C- ..., .J ra r A112111 Alike! William Galloway Peggy Jenkins 1 Tug , ,.,:.,,-I , , ,.,,. I.. ,. , V iam- ----af r .- n.. a.. 5 -5,3 wg, 'K 5524 '1 ' 15" .5 -r :xy ' V V 2 fs f" Tyr y ,, Q: ,f Q .L x:'f FQ 11 , f .qui , ,-' 1' Z , ' V f ,ff '.j-:J 5 ' iff 1, x QQ? :Iwi ff --a +A were . ,-7 gmM.:,,',.. ,kdawig ,,.,,q M, -1 W H ? Nr , f - l r QL' 'f m Q ' 4 1 air, ag :Q L Q43 . 7. r " Qt., s ' v ' ' , 45x Nl , A QM, Wx .Egg L- ' gif- Qs '.-x'q7.m-', .- 1 6 H.- ' gig-51915351 lffj' , . , , , Q ... " y 'GQ uv X: 'K ' 3 3, P M ., 5 I ' ,fn N , ' ' ,. ak- .f 'Q " K . J ? ,Q F " mi H 3:4 - ! A 1 J cy, ' A 5 w W J x gl! 5 is r , -f L :fs a ma Mary Jones Andrew King Richard Marsh LW :J - Gs? X7, Em- Thomas Martin Darlene Pritchard Martha Soper 22 Margaret Spangler Alva Tyndall Patsy West S0 P H OMO RES A CLASS OFFICERS President ..... .... M artha Rodp' Vice-President . . . . . Nancy Wright Secretary ..... . . . Mack Harris Treasurer .... . . Nancy Brown Y' AQ- 'df' Nancy Brown Joan Champion Penny Dellinger Mack Harris 23 ' mfv' l n ,H V- -" mug, H - H. ,H du, ,.,. . l , N N .X I I . 'A , fly! Sheila Owensby V Lum H' 1, H f H W1 . :vu H w m H, , n -Y 1V M145 uw ww k 5' ' ' M'Q"" W , f BL uw uv '- '- lu . , .11 I Z W4 L ul w ul H1 Allie Powell Martha Roop Nancy Wright SOPHOMORE B Vice- President Secretary. . , . . Treasurer. . . . CIASS OFFICERS President................. . . . Bill Clark . . Frank Smith . . .June Fisher William Carter l William carter Bill Clark June Fisher Wayne HSPPSII 24 . i i a H 3,41 ,X r, w, , ,r H H W ,NH mr -Q N H r i rh N N ,H'wrx1:!xx H Wayne Melton J ack Shifflet Frank Smith .T ack Smlth FRESHME A President S ecretary -4, if, Q25 CLASS OFFICERS O D I I C I I I l l C I I l I I C Vice-President . . . . H M Treasurer. . . . . . . .Earl Campbell . . Iohn Caudle . . Kay Collins Richard Dooley l ,. H H v, '1 N M' Wslufu H W ,WW Ann Best Earl Campbell John Caudle Kay Collins 25 A l rf.. PJN w Richard Dooley Joyce Honaker Clifton Lockridge Marshall Nace Barbara Robertson FRESHME l olll CLASS oFFrcERs i... ' o w r f' . President . . . . . . . . . . . . .Larry Cole Secretary and Treasurer. . , . Jerry Ross lumxu Y W ,,, ,T , IKE Z - Larry Cole 'rss w x rw w fs mul is 4359 4 I Bill Davis James Evans Harold Harrison Jerry Ross Patsy Wilson 26 wi-Qi? Y El W ' W' J l FRESHMEN C President ...... . . .Charles Cash Vice-President . . .... Myrl Glenn Secretary ..... . . Emmett Gleason Treasurer . . . . .Calvin Glass Billy Byrd Calvin Capps Charles Cash Richard Coley Paul Crummett "Y ' w - 'za 12:2-ff . . .. tw - fm Hs, f in ' , ww H X g!,,,f1i .. ia A., NA H I n N 5 ffka Jul, " H , , , ww Mike Day Calvin Glass Myrl Glenn Emmett Gleason David Mabe , ,, ,L ' ci ,ark ' 'Q , V, ,w -E: a Xl i j .A E Y 6Ag Bobby Harris, Nancy Wagoner, Ronnie 6B: Sharon Sullivan, Chester Myers, Ger- Mason, Paul Flavin, Mattie Thompsong 2nd aldine Shiffletg 2ND ROW: Reba Io- Poole, ROW: Sandra Strickler, Brenda Honaker, Danny Neighbors, Maureen Harris, David Chanda Winesburg, Marilyn Heppert and Lassiter and Linda Fitzgerald, Bobby Adams Tippy Markham. fNOT PICTUREDJ. 27 6Cg Larry Clark, Rose Crucet, Mary Martin, Ler- lia Fugett, Eugene Lepizzig 2ND ROW: Ronnie Kiser, Billy Goad, Clinton Harrison, Oscar Hud- son and George Dyson. 5Ag George Hudson, Bonnie Honaker, Kathy Grisso, Linda Murphy, Kathleen White, 2ND ROW: Wayne Lassiter, Harold Clapp, Chris- tine Hiller, Diana Hutchinson and Charlotte Quesenberry. 4A: Matthew Searls, Patsy Pullen, Jean Gibson, Brenda Tyndall, Dick Craftg 2ND ROW: Mer- ritt Belew, Sherman Harper, Elwood Culbert, and Johnny Olinger. ESD: Linda West, Diane Hancock, Howard Reid, 2ND ROW: Dennis Roop, Lee Drinkard and Judy Lassiter. 5B: Douglas Casey, Christine Chin, Perry Turner 2ND ROW: Linda Williamson, Helen Helton, Lin- da Long, Roy Hoosier, 3RD ROW: Linda Head- rick, Wilson Dudley, Phyllis Headrick and John Wright. 4B: Frances Wood, Robert Pullen, Durston Wines burg, Sandra Wenzel, Zelma Delphg 2ND ROW: Rita Vest, Ruth Grady, Joyce Ross, Bobby Conley and Wanna Ward. 1 I SA: Russell craft, Penny Cecil, Kathy Kivlighan, 3B: Ruth Freeman, Steve Shrum, Jimmie Dick- Charles 'Keeng 2ND ROW: Bennie Lacks, David Train- ens, Linda Collins, Nancy Shifflettg 2ND ROW: um, Linda Jarrell, and Charlotte -Tavener. Buddy Davis, Beth Hirst, Sterling Noel, Linda Carroll, and Diane Haynes. . ' - H: ru ru nv in um" 'fr'- 2A: Gai1M00re, Kerry Freeman. Fannie SIeb1eS: 2B: Kelly Shortt, Victor Haynes, Finley Loving, 2ND ROW: Kenneth Crockett, Neal Clapp, Paul Byran McGee, Gary Crossg 2ND ROW: Joyce Shifflert. Kenneth Porter. Mike Swilley. Edward Widener, Rebecca Phillips, Mary Bennett and Arnold and Earl Wright. Martha Fleshood. "" 2' "fir, if 6222.69 '- 3 ' llfll 1- I A 2C: Jack Cornette, Thelma Davis, Marsha Morris, V 2D: Barbara Snider, Flora Fouts, Judy Myers, Alene Glass, ZND ROW: Dennis Daily, Sandra Gunter, Kenneth Mitchellg 2ND ROW: Barbara Sexton, Carolyn Lewis, Cindy Smith, and Ronald Noel. Larris Kerns and Randall Lawson. 29 lA: Karen Snellings, Cheryl Bache, Diane Hank- l.Bg Jerry Justice, Patty Neely, John Taylor, Billy ins, 2ND ROW: Jerry Tussing, Debbie Morrow, Elliot, Joseph Lewisg 2ND ROW: Terry Crisman, Mike Albis, Jackie Sine, David Inabinette and Judy Baker, Mildred Howland, Betty Davis and Steve McClelland. Bobby Ann Dunn. 1C: Ronnie Craft, Jon Mills, Susan Cox, Keith PREP Ill A1 Deborah Simons, Garrett Watts, Shir- Pruettg 2ND ROW: Lee Plyrnel, Gregg Thomas, ley Lewisg 2ND ROW: Jimmy Reid, Randy Kih- Roger Petty and Teresa Roach. ler and Thea Ann Bess. PREP II A: Mary Baker, Carol Riggs, Audrey PREP II B: Gerald Brown, Carlotta Lyles, Deborah Shortt, Linda Woodg 2ND ROW: Lewis San- Pike, Pamela Rexrode, Mike Wright, 2ND ROW: ford, Betty Jones, Waldimer Hucul and Dar- David Vess, Gerald Toney, Benny Warden and lene Inabinette. Charles Harris. 30 PREP I A: Sandra Berry, Ray Simons, Gloria Byrd, James Ridgway, Debra Perkins: 2ND ROW: Ed- ward Harris, Donald Blankenship, Ralph Gilbert, Carl Dales, Kenneth Kingery and Kenneth Robin- son. PREP I C: Donald Addair: Kathy Ratcliffe, Danny Hailey: 2ND ROW: Mike Culbert, Jerry Cole and Clyde See. SPECIAL 4: Mary Parris, Elmer Fitzgerald: 2ND ROW: Joe Hathaway, Leslie I-Ieadrick and Edna Davis. ynnn A 5 is 1, , ' mmvuu I m . : lu i PREP I B: Nancy Reid, Russell Thompson, Jeffrey Rexrode, Mary Cunningham, Darol Riggs: 2ND ROW: Patti Ferebee, Robert Brewster, Diane Jonas, Roy Snider and Katherine Chandler. ' 'Il 'T' -5 .ami-, SPECIAL 5: Eddie Stanley, Lu Ellen Justice, Ed- die Hawks: 2ND ROW: Everett Bocock, Carol Lewis, Mary Williamson and James Tyree. SPECIAL 3: I eff Culbertson, Richard Dun- ford, James Wood, and Donald Campbell. SPECIAL 2: Billy Dorsey, Linda Weeks, Linda SPECIAL I: Carol Camden, I eff Cawley, Shon- Hypes, Calvin Lewis. and Charles Hartley. nane Looneyg ZND ROW: Warren Lipes, Alice . Eary, and Shelby Austin. A Miss C. Yates, PBX Operator, and Miss M. Taylor, MIS' E' Burgafldine , Assistant PBX Operator. Night Supervisor for girls "Home'of the Brave" was a hit here at V.S.D. Captioned films have been a big help to us. Students ask Mr- Ray Pflfks a head-scratching question. 32 as Y 5 transit' m EE H 5 FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW left to right: James Evans, Harold Harrison, Richard Marsh, William Galloway, co-captain Leslie Kidd, co-captain Gary Dyke, Frank Smith, Myrl Glenn, Wayne Shook, Tommy McKenna. SECOND ROW Charles Cash, Wayne Heppert, John Caudle, Ronnie Kiser, Lewis Roop, Andrew King, Clifton Lockridge, Danny Owens, Calvin Glass, Bill Clark. THIRD ROW: Coach T. C. Lewellyn, Manager Ronnie Blaylock, Lee Drink ard, Allan Anker, Jack Shifflett, Clinton Harrison, Paul Crurnmett, Assistant Coach Ray Parks and Manager Mark Justice. we OPP O Miller School 41 0 Wilson Memorial H, S. 14 25 Riverheads H. S. 6 0 James River H. S. 13 O Central H. S. 48 19 Lord Botetourt H. S. 52 19 Buffalo Gap H. S. 6 0 Rockbridge H.. S. 13 12 f S. M. A. CLVJ 24 T. C. Lewellyn athletic field-where we spent many hours practicing. Quarterback Danny Owens rushes in the Cheerleaders entertain Homecoming Rockbridge game, evades a Rebel for crowd with a parade at half-time. a long gain. 'E' QW 41 + 4 Mig ai: QQ! 'T ra 'x"'-I at ,vx!'5w..f3"'l5F s I 5 , G, DTQQQS, is Riff-If Al ffm! -6 We 6 H , , - rr -'v "L v pf- -.N-. V M ID., ,I ., . 'Ir . Q' .zvfnhg -'f ,. ' Ve' -'if' .gk 1. .'. I . .-A sl? , L: Li ft A 1. l -M,--- ' M :tg-:f 'Ln -1-1 ' 4 ff -'rid 1 "i1""x"- ,hi 4 4. 'A . rv- 444. -, Wig,-,N , paging, 3 ,,.'1fiu'1. 25- W W, R.. --1, 1 'uqvfgi 'T 4 Uri 2. -1' 'i 1-f 1, 'iw' su ,, ffl.,-"W it A ,. rwl, 4 .e " ,. " f 'in i'3t":E,, f' - -haf: yin- ' .. QI. . .g:,r- rg 4.33-5 L, J. tr, -jim 1 Q Hu V f jx,,.. .,. Lf-y pfifig - -. n . il' 1' l l LtlviF.d4,l,,, - - . at -- .f',..g. Aj ,gps-.' ,. I-ag mi, -9 .ew 12--5: 1' at if " rg: 19, sl, ,g hlglifs 7.1. ,pb ,f Cf 1 y 1. .M 1411 -52' '- . jg -,wafw5ga1:5?i2'f:ff.'.Q 55 ,. . ., ' f'f-'FST I 71.7 3: 3.7:-3--Lf? .:.:Ig,::,.ef ,fue ev f: 1 ' LCLVFU'-'skfzi fv'f1,,-1r'1'-f:F'f::- "' 1-'fr-1 , 2 1'f1"Q1E?ff2 35:1 :.z a,i:+:f if -A as '14 .-- 'ww-' -"" .:., r'f :afac1m-ww"-Hwang :s.JK-'E--" -f ".qi21-y,f-g'Y - "' 'xii-,, Hn1-:'g"'7f . --ff flaw ' " ' 113+ 7-mekfiiif' 1-'Eval'-rf'-Lv:-.Eff--f-' f- fr-1 111 , M. 3 .. A.. i.-mpp,..,.,.,iXf,:.,,,.5-ff-,V -17-.Q-..ff - V -ng. -,-..-- .-1?"2f-i 1222 w.efwf:.-af. fu-w-Is,- Q. 1-, 'f'T1'.- . -1-Y' American Oil Company businessman pre- Fuuback William Ga110WaY sents the Raiders a picture and football runs for Several Yards in the from Baltimore Colts halfback Alex Haw- Ihiffl quarter of the Home' kins. Leslie Kidd accepts for Raiders. coming game. Coach Lewellyn sees that his boys do the The Raiders kick off on a rainy, soggy right play again in a practice session. afternoon. as 1 5 J A 1 11? J I Gary Dyke f1OJ nets a free throw. John Caudle and Lewis Roop C251 ready to jump if he misses o John Caudle Qwhite uniformy out-jumps River- heads center. V.S.D. on-lookers are John Roop 1253, Gary Dyke 1105 and Danny Owens 4133. FIRST ROW from left to right: Earl Campbell, Calvin Glass, Danny Owens, Coach Ray Parks, Wayne A l-Ieppert, Allan Anker, Richard Dooley, Mack Harris. BACK ROW: Lee Drinkard, Wayne Shook, John Caudle, William Galloway, Lewis Roop, Gary Dyke and Andrew King. . WR ESTTLERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Hubert Adkins, Clifford Turner, Barry Alderson, Richard Marsh. Albert Abel, Bland Angus, Woodrow Berry, Paul Light, Myrl Glenn, Buck Dun- navant, Roger Brickey, and Gene Tolbert, Coach Leonard Ogburn. fNoteg Wrestlers are from both the Deaf and the Blind Departmentg H CHEERLEADER ' Posing FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Martha Roop, Betty Roop, Betty Black, captaing Mary McCray, Penny Dellinger. BACK ROW: Patsy West, Freda Norman and Elsie Robinette. Richard Marsh, V.S.D.B. rnatman, grapples with a John Marshall wrestler, then scores. 37 ZW? m""s' i f' 1 ' JH -'av' . ee? 2552 fr-bf . - ' 5 5 , N M " i fr "9" -A at- 55" 2' '-fm Hr.. . :L ei' Biz-,b"5ff' LS - ' 1 1 wa- -- 3. 4 'iff' " ,I-A 'V 'f 'WG ".--i-...xl - , , ff1gv,.T 1? ,nf " 3' '-x, - '1 ' 5 .' ' ' 4" ' 1 L 4 2 L '32 K-V' V' 55- e' L rv -- ,-f- ' f gt rn 4 3? Ur we fra ii 5 fi la - e P xv., .,,,-.W ,lr vt.. p 5 7 W, cr- A- I ' - - . . '54s - Signage ' J.V. FOOTBALL--FIRST ROW: Goad, Markham, Adams, Neighbors, Belew, Hoosier, Harris, 2ND ROW: Myers, Shook, Dudley, Hudsong 3RDROWg Pullen, Davis, Lassiter, Harper, Harris, Head- rickg 4TH ROW: Casey, Winesburg, Dooley, Lepizzi, Craft, Lawson and Olinger. T' I,-a V ,...,- rw .4 , . QW V v' xi ' '4 ,X .Lx I Y I I -- .is W . j, , . :J 1 A. "A ' A+' , -A fr 7' ' '- 5 A"-i-7.3: Y, V, i ' ,,. . v Y A, I . X , , A "' Q5 HX 39, ,V t 'ng 's ' A Q . 9" id M X, SA-, X-et' ' .1 'V - '- f 1 ' "' 6' I- l NN JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS--FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Honaker, N. Wagoner, K. Collins, L. Fitzgerald, S. Sullivan, M. Harris, C. Wines- burg and M. Heppert. J.V. BASKETBALL--FIRST ROW: R. Lawson, G. Hudson, I. Olinger, W. Lassiter, 2ND ROW: D. Neighbors, R. Hoosier, B. Goad, C. Myers, O. Hudson, W. Dudleyg SRD ROW: Coach Kiser, Manager Cash, O. Lockridge, R. Kiser, D. Las- siter and M. Belew. Now girls, this is the way to slim those hips! I Athletic director, Mr. Lewellyn, commands several laps around the court on a cold day. Mr. Werner helps officiate Junior Varsity game. 1 i JR. F Junior-Senior Prom Queen Betty Blacknwith her escort, William Galloway. HCP Teen Hop Queen candidate, Margaret Spangler dances with her escort, Gary Dyke. -S R. PROM ' ' ' , " 2.114 , ,N E . , r,:..f.:,.aa.u Juniors and seniors enjoy the cool breeze at the prom last spring. ' MAY DAY 1962 Freda Norman reigns as May Day Queen. To her right is King Joe Shinpaugh and at her left is escort, Andrew King. -A , L... , , Y. The May Dey Court in all its splendor. The May Pole Dance 41 Mrs. Shirley Panara pantomines for the Homecoming crowd in Healy Auditorium. George Johnston dramatizes " Cur- few Must Not Ring Tonight." HOMECOMING I 962 1 tt I l "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?" WithHome- coming Queen, Betty Black stands the court from left to right: Betty Morgan, Brenda Searls, Wanda Ki- ser and Peggy Norwood. Homecoming Queen Betty Black is crowned by The program must have gotten boring Superintendent I oe Shinpaugh while her escort, co-captain Leslie Kidd and the court looks on. 42 ,-A, ,,.-M Q - -v Waltzing at the Ha1lowe'en Party The Thanksgiving Dance draws many hearts close. Hamming it up at a slumber party. Small children sing, "Rock-A-Bye Baby. H "B1g Belly Squaw" Duncan wins a prize in the Hallowe'en contest. Tippy Markham signs the word, "1ove" on the Gallaudet Day Program. 43 Never knew George was a ladyrkiller. t Mr. T. C. Lewellyn accepts a gift from the fa- culty. Making the presentation is Mr. F. Yates while Superintendent Shinpaugh watches. From LEFT TO RIGHT: George Oakes, Chester Myers, Superintendent I oe Shinpaugh, 'Repre- sentative of the W.O.W., Mr. Repass and Mr. Sebrell. V.S.D.B. accepts the United States flag from the W.O.W. 44 Ouch, you touched my funny bone. Now girls, you're immune to the smallpox. Seniors in Staunton Public Library. Mr. Yates says to Gary, "This may help you attain Solo- n1on's wisdom." H mu :www uw , H W M, W H V ,V , M N if H ,rw,i",, 'W " ' 'H Y 4 ,, ,H H H .H W WHITE COLUMNS STAFF- -FIRST ROW: Mr, TWIN FOUNTAINS STAFF--FIRST ROW: Mr. Yates, G. Oakes, Mr. Repass, Mr. Wernerg Linzey, Mr. Yates, L. Kidd, B. ROOP. F- Nor- ZND ROW: B. Black, P. Norwood, H. Smith, mang 2ND ROW: B. B1aCk. B. Searls, H. 5, Lacks, L, Kidd, B, ROOPQ 31113 RCW: R, Smith, G. Oakes, S. Lacks, T. McKenna, D. Ellis, M. Spangler, W. Duncan, T. McKenna Owens: 3RD ROW: W. Duncan and Mr. JUS- and L. Roop. tice- ' TYLER LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS--Gary Dyke, George Oakes, Shirley Lacks, BACK ROW: Patsy West, Mr. Repass and Tommy McKenna. ' EXPLORER OFBICERS--FIRST ROW: W. DUHCHD. BOY SCOUT OFFICERS--FIRST ROW: Marshall G- Dyke. L. Krdd. G. Oakes, BACK ROW: MI. Nace, Mack Harris, Chester Myers, Sterling Sebrell, R. Owens, A. Klng and B. Arey. Noelg 2ND ROW: Mr. Repass, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Hess. ' 45 A YN ggi .,,. ' if 1 ' MOST STUDIOUS MOST INTELLIGENT Helen Smith A Leslie Kidd George Oakes Wanda Kiser CLASS FAVORITES is WWA 1 m in rl M, m jk 7,1 BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT! FRIENDLIEST Helen Smith Helen Smith Gary Dyke Roger Owens BEST DBESSED MOST DEPENDABLE MOST ATHLETIC QUIETEST Gary Dyke Brenda Searls Betty Black Betty Morgan Betty Black Leslie Kidd Gary Dyke Dennis Howell MOST POPULAR N N Peggy Norwood Phil Shortt Cabsent on leavej Fw, 7 WITTIEST Peggy Norwood George Oakes 4' .F v N' 4-.5 - :L- MOST f P X-' 2 LIKELY 1? SUCCEED Leslie Kidd Betty Black Tommy McKenna MOST T-A-LKATIVE sEN1oR NULISANCES Shlrley Newton Shirley Newton Kearrle Vandevander 47 Wayne Shook W yttt M ., . , E 1 . t t "iz: Q T.-I X H 'D' Zi' P we rw' f t Peggy Norwood Gary Dyke Leslie Kidd WHE YOU A D I WERE YOU G-ER IM ZI1 Betty Black Bobby Arey Betty Wayne Morgan A L-X f 1,5 ' f N t A Q A K F 4 ,m ! 1 E 5 Helen Smith Brenda Searls GCOYSC Oakes

Suggestions in the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind - Spotlite Yearbook (Staunton, VA) collection:

Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind - Spotlite Yearbook (Staunton, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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1963, pg 18

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Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind - Spotlite Yearbook (Staunton, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 28

1963, pg 28

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