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4 The 1986 BOMB Volume Ninety-Two Virginia Military Institute Lexington, Virginia " Oldest College Annual in the South ' ' CONTENTS Organizations . . . 128 Classes 172 Institute 354 Outrage 374 Advertisements . 378 Index 420 Steven R. Sinclair Editor-in-Chief Scot P. Hillier Managing Editor jilliam M. Barber Business Manager Kenneth R. Devero Phol graphy Editor 2 Opening V, IRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE. The words themselves evoke splendid images of the past. New Market. Stonewall Jackson, George C. Marshall, and thoughts of many other individuals and accomplishments are called forth. It is a distinguished past and one that the Institute can rightfully be proud of. Tradition, however, should be used as a building tool, not something to rest upon. The Institute had definitely not rested upon its past achievements. The past year has been proof enough, continued on page 4 The color guard, one of ihe most prominent units in a parade, marches off the field. The Commandant inspects a company ' s rifles while the American flag waves above. Ope V rom the beginning, VMI has had a forward-looking outlook. It was the first state-supported military college in the na- tion. It was teaching cadets engineering at a time when most colleges were still teaching nothing but the classics. It was among the first to teach industrial chemistry, physics and meteorology. The Institute started out as an experiment in education and continues today to experi- ment with new methods and means, con- tinued on page 7 The statue of Stonewall Jackson has seen many changes since it was first erected in the 1880 ' s. Although the stoops are no longer made of wood, the old courtyard has not changed much since it was built in 1850. t 0| - efore the start of one of the biggest rivalries of the year. The Military Classic of the outh, VMI football captains Mike Necessary and Glen Ralston shake hands with the itadel captains. Opening The VMI ruggers out-muscle George Mason as the reach for the ball. While the Corps stands inspection on the bricks thoughts tend to drift onto weekend activities ahead. 6 Opening After restoration, the cannon stands guard o er the In- stitute c ? ?w- r. Despite the facl that barracks Superintendent ' s house is pe afternoon. In this year which marks the matriculation of the class that will lead the Corps of Cadets when VMI turns 150 years old in a short three years, one must wonder if VMI still possesses the dynamic outlook that has shaped it into its present form. Looking around post, one is able to sense that this same outlook that has given the Institute its past is still at work today. From new pro- grams and plans to adaptations of old tradi- tions, there is only one conclusion, VMI is moving toward the future. Opening B. ♦ y the time that cadets returned to Lexington this fall, many projects had been accomplished and many more were in the process of being implemented. Among the most notable changes were the addition of a computer cluster in Preston Library, modular furniture on the first stoop of Barracks, and a com- pletely remodeled weight room in Cocke Hall. These projects as well as many others were part of the overall plan to make some badly needed improvements in the physical plant at VMI. Among the plans for the future are the construction of a new science building on Letcher Ave., the renovation of Maury-Brooke hall, and an annex to Cocke Hall that would be built over Route 11. The addi- tion of a new S-2 rank in the Corps struc- ture was also added in order to em- phasize academics among the members of the Corps. All the changes are designed to allow VMI to continue its tradition of being among the top of small four-year colleges. Taking over the area once divided into handball courts, the newly expanded weight room is among the many building projects projected for the athletic facilities at VMI. Moving Forward 8 Moving Forward Making use of ihe new computer cluster in Preston Library. David Shin attempts to figure out what it is that the computer is telling him. The new building program will completely aller ihe looks of the area behind the buildings on the south side of the post. Mark Thompson modular furnilun ifle rack into hh i installed in all i w i 1 Assisting rats in the acadi in which they had troubh of the new S-2 rank whicl ed this year in order to put stronger emphasis on academ among members of the Corps. pari add- Moving Forward Virginia Program at Oxford For thirty-eight students, including nine cadets, summer study at Oxford University proves to be a rewarding experience. 10 Virginia Progra 0 " XFORD — " This morning I jogged to Mesopotamia and back. Not bad. eh? " The speaker is David Twillie, a spring 1985 graduate of Virginia Military Institute now doing a summer term at Ox- ford University in Britain. Twillie has always been known as a superb athlete — a scholastic Ail-American selectee, in fact. But jogging to Mesopotamia? Hardly. It ' s a joke. And in this case, the joke is a reflection of Oxford ' s inbred confidence in matters academic and a sense of humor that unabashedly appeals to the over-educated. For nearly 200 years, an elongated island just to the east of the city in a branch of the Thames called the Cherwel! has been known as " the land between two rivers, " or Mesopotamia. Gel it? Like its namesake between the Tigris and Euphrates? As I said before, it ' s a scholar ' s joke. a widely respected program now in its se- cond decade. Twillie and 37 other students from five Virginia colleges — Sweet Briar, Mary Baldwin, Hampden-Sydney, Washington and Lee. and Virginia Military Institute — are studying at Oxford University. They live and eat at St. Anne ' s College (founded 1879). study at the Bodleian Library (opened 1602), and generally wander the streets, guidebook in hand, of a city that has been called one of the world ' s greatest architectural Of an evening, like Oxford students the year round, these Virginians are apt to be found tasting the local brew at one of the corner pubs. In other words, they very quickly become indistinguishable from the ordinary Oxford undergraduate. Although the students attend up to five lectures a week, delivered by widely-published historians and literary scholars, the most demanding part of the course lakes place in their tutorial sessions. The tutorial system is the method British higher education long ago devised to ensure thai there would be none of that slouching down in the rear of the classroom to avoid eye contact with the teacher. In the Virginia Program, each group of three students is assigned two special tutors, an Oxford don for English history and one for English literature as well. The groups meet with each tutor once a week for two hours. There, the week ' s writing assignment is read aloud and intensely reviewed and criticized. It can be, as they say. a withering experience. " The bulk of your work in the British university is done with your individual tutor, " says Dr. David Blair, director of the Virginia Program at Oxford. The holder of a doctorate from the university ' s renowned Balliol College (founded 1263). the lanky Blair is a specialist in 16th Century English literature. " In the United States, you concentrate on ' courses, ' which are actually a series of lectures. Over here, it ' s the individual give and take with the don that does the trick. " And just what does it mean to be at Oxford? Most students agree with Twillie: " It blows my mind when John Ashdown [an Oxford architectural historian] tells me that the tower of the university church went up in 1 280. We ' re talkin ' old. " I ' m also a fan of Sir Thomas More ' s. He was a good man. And when I walked in the back quadrangle of Christ Church College the other day, I realized I was looking at the same spot where he studied. " Another VMI graduate, Jack Rose, 21, from Pittsburgh, is the holder of an engineering degree and on his way to Pen- sacola, Fla.. to begin Navy flight training. " This may be my last chance to improve my writing ability, " he says. " And to become a lot more well-rounded at the same time. History that was only vague to me before is suddenly all around me here. Every street has something. I just walked past the spot where Latimer and Ridley were burned at the slake in 1555 [during the reign of Bloody Mary]. " Truly, Oxford exudes history. The past even beckons from beneath your feet. The very time thai the Virginia Program was al Oxford, a portion of ihe old Saxon north-south road, dating from the 8th century, was discovered during an ex- cavation at a new building site. The road is associated with the city ' s founding, laid down well before there were col- leges here. The town is first mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle in 911 AD, and scholars now figure that Oxford became known as a center for learning in the 1 1th century. Another day. students were returning to their rooms at St. Anne ' s when they happened to pass through the cloister of Christ Church. Archaeologists working at the site had just unearthed the skeleton of a monk buried for 700 years. It was a breath-taking find. Mike Ellis, a senior history major at VMI, revels in the con- troversy. " We ' ve had famous lecturers come to us and pre- sent extremely contrasting views on major issues in history. Take the Rise of Protestantism in England during the Elizabethan Age. Christopher Haigh of Christ Church Col- lege told us this transformation was very slow and almost didn ' t happen, because it was a revolution from the Court down to the common people. But Christopher Hill [of Balliol College] told us it all happened very quickly. " I ' ve never come across this before — major authors argu- ing in person for opposing points of view. This means that it ' s sort of up to us to make up our minds. Just like we ' ll have to do later in life. " Indeed, one consequence of the American education system is that students get very used to being fed answers. Or worse, thinking that there is a single right answer to every question. The tutorial system promotes controversy and the search fur questions rather than answers. The distinction between answers and questions is not lost on Danielle Spinelli, who at 17 became one of Mary Baldwin ' s youngest graduates ever. " Here we ' ve had to become very question oriented. Ordinarily. I like to give a precise answer to a question, even though I realize there are very few exact answers to anything. Mavbe tins process is supposed to give us a sense of confidence in our own power ol thinking. " she offers. With two essays and several books to read each week, the Virginia Program is one summer course that really puts its students through their pares. " Well, they shouldn ' t be sur- prised at the hard work. " says Dr. Tom Davis of VMI ' s history department. " The students are paying 81,875 (plus airfare to England) for the experience. And the colleges are awarding six semester hours of credit on successful comple- tion of the coursework, We want them to gel their money ' s worth. " This summer, Davis is the one American assigned to ihe program, though he ' s jusl an invigilator, a watcher. He doesn ' t teach. All the tutoring and lecturing is being handled by Brits. The fact that the program so closely approximates the British Oxbridge experience is its grealest virtue. For Anna Southeringlon. 21, a Mary Baldwin senior and drama ma- jor, " to actually be taught by English faculty is a great asset. It makes it seem like we ' re not just tourists in Oxford. We ' re really going to school here. " To my mind, though, Oxford ' s greatest asset is nothing so grand. Instead. I prefer the town ' s simple ability to teach people the value of walking. It is nothing short of a miracle to see students begin lo fish guidebooks out of their backpacks as ihey make their way along ancient streets and hallowed passageways — streels and scenes thai these same students passed among jusl a few weeks ago but heeded them not. I was there when Chris McGhee of Hampden-Sydney. Stephanie Moore of Mary Baldwin, and Sheldon Davis of VMI discovered, in an Oxford backyard- the very stone model that architeel Nicholas Hawksmoor built in 1736 and proposed as the design for ihe new Radcliffe Camera (or Librarv ) he was seeking to build. For a variety of reasons, including Hawksmoor ' s death, this domed building was never built. Instead, James Gibbs got the commission and pui up the very building lhal Oxford undergraduates and the Virginia Program studenls use daily. But, as McGhee, Davis, and Moore discovered, there sits the Hawksmore version today, in a 12-foot model, gracing the top of a stone garden house. Any place else in the world, this liny bit of history would be a major stop for tourisls and scholars alike. In Oxford, it ' s just a part of a very much larger picture. " I study under the Radcliffe dome every day, " Sheldon Davis points out. " And yet only a few blocks away sits the second-string version. Amazing. I think I like Hawksmore ' s design better though. It ' s less Michael Olmert writes the column " Points of Origin " in Smithsonian magazine and his Official Guidebook to Williamsburg has just been published by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. He holds a doctorate in English Literature. Virginia Program at Oxford CHANGES A, Lnolher VM1 tradilion died this year, with the approval of the majority of the Corps. No longer does the entire Corps eat the mid-day meal together. The change came as a result of the administration ' s efforts to make the scheduling of classes more efficient and to allow more study time in the evenings. The mid-day meal is now served cafeteria style during fourth and fifth class periods. This change is supported by the majority of the Corps which finds the extra lime valuable for studies and other activities. At the same time, the library has become a more pleasant place to study. The periodical reading room and the rare book room, in particular, are popular places for cadets to study or merely catch up on what is happen- ing in the world. The new computer cluster and video center have caused a dramatic in- crease in the variety of services that the library offers. B altering the arrangen addition of a salad bar The periodical reading keep in touch with the wo its for the mid-day I nd a more efficicn al, the ilivrs i ad ' is ,1 pi. i itsideofVMI. Cadels find ihe rare book room is a comfortable as we as quiet place iti which to study. ference works and study puter cluster is a conve- I 1 he fact that Lexington is the home of not one but two educational institutions should mean more cultural and academic opportunities than either institution could provide by itself. To an extent, this was the case prior to this year. VMI and W L were not so closely tied to one another that they lost their individual identities but one was able to use the resources of the other for the mutual benefit of students at both schools. Due to the ac- tions of W L this relationship took many turns for the worse this year. New restric- tions were placed on cadet ' s use of the W L library which made it virtually im- possible to use it without the submission of a permit, jogging through the W L campus was forbidden after the VMI ad- ministration recieved a request from W L. and the new pavilion remained off limits to cadets as well. All of these new limitations can only point to one thing, a poor relationship between the two schools. For the students ' sakes, it means a denial of opportunities and experiences that would enable the student to grow as an individual. Changes should be made before either school is hurt by the ramifications that are certain to result from the present policies. It is certain that George Washington, who boll schools possess statues of. would not approve of th present policy. The new W L pavilion, whi cant most of (he time, hat v limits to cadets. This policy has re the planned construction of within the next l waste money ' that could used for the mutual benefit of both school 14 (Iff Limits OFF LIMITS The W L library was made virtually off limits by the im- plimentation of a policy that gave cadets no time to do any in-depth research at the facility. Jogging through the W L campus came to a halt after the W L administration made the request that VMI run Rat Training Rat at training is probably one of the most challenging activities of the first year at VMI. During military duty on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a new cadet is allowed to attempt and ac complish things that would have been un- thinkable the year before. Nothing makes this activitiy more possible than the dedication of the upper-classmen that run the various stations and work with the various s. Without their work. Rats would not be able to experience the pride of discovering talents and skills that they never knew they possessed. One of the most d allows a cadet to e: sheer cliff. One of the more popular events, the corporal chase, provides a good way to frustrations as well as making for a good tivilies of rat training, repelling. 1 the challenge of scaling down a Rat Training 1 The Flood of 1985 V iadets were everywhere. That would be the impression that anyone passing through the towns of Buena Vista or Glasgow after the flood of 1985 would get. This impression would be correct. In the spirit on which the Institute was founded, cadets, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, waded through the ankle-deep mud to assist in the cleaning and salvaging operations that followed the largest flood in the Shenendoah Valley in over fif- teen years. Despite the pressures of Ring Figure fast approaching and a water shor- tage that resulted in the curtail- ment of showers, the Corps had the opportunity to assist the community in ways not normal- ly available. Letters of thanks by many of those affected give testimony to the fact that VMI was indeed able to give something back to the local community. Trodding through the mud. cadets remove trash from the Glasgow Fire Department building. 18 The Flood of 1985 Furniture from the Dominion Bank building had to be rescued from the muck. The waterline on the building inicales the level that the flood waters reached. — — After ihe flood, piles of furniture appeared on sidewalks i-up operations began in the town of Glasgow. I Parts of the town were completely underwater duri I the flood. T1UI The Flood ofl 985 i EVENTS Honoring the concept of the citizen soldier and what he represents was the purpose of the . . . New Market Ceremony, 1985 Corporal Atwill died on the field of honor sir . . . and so the roll of honor went on until the names of all ten cadets that had been killed at the battle of New Market 121 years before had been called. The event was pro- bably the most meaningful of the many parades and ceremonies that look place during the year. New Market. 1985 was attended by a large crowd of parents, alumni, friends of the Institute, and descendants of the New Market cadets. After the ceremony, the rising first class was privileged to hear author James Webb, who wrote such books as A Sense of Honor and A Country Such as This, speak on honor and what it means in contemporay society. The entire event was a re-affirmation of the prin- ciples that the Institute was founded on. The statue of " Virginia Mourning Her Dead " stands watch over the ceremony as well as the six New Market cadets buried behind it. As the flags blow in tl for the New Market cadet: ilHrndinj: Ihe citi cn soldier i Hi Hi ■ W ■ P t| 1 | r- ' ' ' " ' --4 i ■iy • ■,. " ; ' ■■■ . ' ■■ 22 New Market, 1985 Each of the graves had a wreath laid upon it during the The Corps of Cadets passes in review in front of Virginia Mourning Her Dead New M.irkH. I ' )». " , Parting Embraces, Short Haircuts, and Screaming all point to... MATRICULATION 1985 A he Class of 1989 arrived at the Institute on August 21, 1985. The 375 new cadets discovered the same culture shock that all matriculants experience. As each ' " Rat " was processed through Cameron Hall and up in- to barracks, he found a dedicated cadre staff on hand to ensure that he became adjusted to his new environment. This class is unique in that it will be the First Class when the In- stitute celebrates its sesquicentennial. Thanks to the efforts of both the cadre and the Class of 1986, this year has produced a class that the Institute can proudly call its own. In the " classic position " a new cadet receives the customary haircut that sets him apart from upper ' Saying Good-Bye to all that is familiar and entering into the Rat System is the first test of a new cadet ' s determination to become a VMI graduate. 2i Matriculation Alpha Company cadre march new cadets down to SRC following retreat on the first night of cadre week. A key part of the matriculation process. Colonel Clailiorn counsels a new cadet about the requirements of the economics curriculum. mmf%ij% Marc Moquin brings home exactly what being a Rat means when the Class of 1 989 met the RDC on the night of their arrival at the Institute. Matriculation 25 Alumni from around the nation returning to Lexington, parades, parties, and donations. It must be... 26 Alumni Reunion Weekend ALUMNI REUNION WEEKEND A he presentation of a facsimile check for 1.8 million dollars was one of the highlights of Alumni Reunion Weekend, held May 3-4, 1985. The money was presented by 112 members of the Class of 1935 during their fiftieth reunion celebration. After the books were closed in June 1985, the VMI Foundation reported that the total gift exceeded 2 million dollars- a record breaking dona- tion. The weekend also saw the dedica- tion of the Dolly Hardee Turman rare book room in Preston Library. Both events point out the fact that the loyalty and dedication of alumni are essential to the well-being of Corps and its projects. ■ ... the breeze as the Corps of the returning alumni. Alumni Reunion Weekend 27 It ' s 2300 on a Friday night and the band starts playing, the time must be right for another... With the excitement generated by the game against UVA, Rats cheer football capt Mike Necessary ' s speech to the Corps. ability to have females ;ed atmosphere that 28PepRalli« Attention in barracks, visitors are now allowed in barracks. This message on a Thursday or Friday night meant a time to relax and sup- port the football team in the upcom- ing game. Pep rallies gave cadets a chance to visit with girlfriends as well as dress in something other than pro- per uniform. In a building year such as this, the football team needed as much support as possible. The pep rallies provided that support not only for the team but also for the Corps as well. The saying " so goes the football team, so goes the Corps " is inherently true. Pep rallies sought to boost the morale of both cadets and the football team. If it did nothing else, it did create a diversion on an otherwise mundane night. The pep rally prior to the UNC game was one of the best attended of the year. The majority of the Corps left for Raliegh the next day to support VMI in the second of two corps trips. Climbing to the top of the sentinel box ( provides the best view of the pep rally as I well as showing spirit. Dressed alike to show the unity necessary for victory, Delta Company Rats cheer on the big red team. Pep Rallies 2 c A Weekend of " firsts, ' " made an or- dinary September weekend into a three day long social event. Homecoming Hops It was the best of times. It was the best of times. Homecoming Weekend. September 20-22 was filled with social events, most firsts for the year. The weekend started out on Friday with Jim- my Bishop and Turning Point playing Top Forty music for the formal hop. The band Jump played Saturday night at the informal hop. While both events took most cadets attention, they were hardly the only parties going on. Many cadets attended Radford ' s infamous Beginning of the World parly that was also held on Saturday night. On Sunday, Mary Baldwin had its first Sunday mixer of the year, and the Monogram Club held a par- ty at Zollomans- the first to be held at the pavilion since 1984 thanks to the ABC board. The entire weekend on some of the best days of fall made for an " " awesome " time for eve rybody involved. Craig Harris introduces the V during a break in the music. ling Hops Homecoming Hops 3 1 The 1985 p Homecoming Queen 32 Hom Toming Qu Miss Mamie Johnson, escorted by First Classrr Robert Nentwig is crowned by Cadet Progr Board President Tim Armstrong. Alpha Company Bravo Company Homecoming Court 33 VttU Sett, Ki i$ Charlie Company ' TVCaxeCf Delta Company TttCt , Stefrfautle TOafyiey Echo Company 34 Homecoming Co Foxtrot Company The Homecoming representative line up in preparation for being announced to the crowd during the pre-game activities of the Homecoming football game against the University of Richmond. Homecoming Court 35 Spirit Banners hung from Cocke Hall give support to the team as well as boost the morale of the Corps. 36 Homecoming Cour 1 u u£Cia t Hotel Company ' Tfttw, rfmy fane 7it%fe tntC India Company Homecoming Court 3 7 It was called " Opening " but it was far from a typical hop weekend Opening Hops ? It was the second hop of the year, yet it was called Opening Hops. It was far from a typical weekend however. There was no home football game on Saturday afternoon, an occurrence that hardly ever happens during first semester hop weekends. Fur- thermore, it hardly was an opening to the social ac- tivities of the year since it fell on the third weekend of October. Nevertheless, the bands Push and Crime provided music that made the event an ex- cuse to party even if the name did not quite fit the occasion. Gelling inlo the mood of ihe this cadet and his date. Cadets and their dates keep til night ' s hop. ; hardly a problem for ■ music during Friday 38 Opening Hop Who said that " galoring " could only be done at W L Fral parties? The band Push plays during as part of the entertain- ment of a most unusual weekend. John Stanek and his date enjoy the view from the track. Opening Hops 39 A rainy weekend, a football vic- tory , smiles, and good fellowship could only be the: description of one thing . . . Saturday morning dampened the parent ' s weekend parade bul not the spirits of the families gathered to watch. Families protect themselves from the weather as the Corp; parade ground. Parent ' s Weekend A hey won ' t make us march in the rain! " was a common remark on the Saturday morning of Parents Weekend. But. despite the weather, the Corps did march in front of a large crowd of parents and friends of cadets who had come to Lexington for the annual event, held October 11-13. Following the parade the clouds cleared and by the time of the football game, which saw VM1 defeat East Tennessee, the sun was shining. The entire weekend was one for both families and the Corps to remember. A new cadet enjoys the company of his parents for the first time since a long- ago August day. Attempting to recognize their son. family members watch as the Corps marches onto the parade ground. Parent ' s Weekend 41 After parade and before a football game, many cadets enjoy lunch by . . . Tailgating Ma Lany cadets and alumni solve the pro- blem of how to eat lunch and still get to the football game on time by never leaving post. Instead, they tailgate on the parade ground. Tailgating is not difficult, all that is really needed is a car and food. Some people, however, set up impressive spreads that are a step beyond the normal picnic. Whatever the style, tailgating always means good food and good limes. id his parents eal lunch prior to the ET- Garith Pain SU game di nd his parents eal lunch prior to g ihe parents weekend festivities Bill Seiterlh, Chip Bierman and the Seiferth family | for the camera in the middle ol (heir tailgating party 42 Tailgating Selling llie example for the Corps. Regimental Com- nder Scot Hillier tailgates before a home football Ring Figure 1987 " espile the flooding of a good part of the valley and the Corps being mobilized for clean-up operations. Ring Figure ' 87 was held the weekend of November eighth through tenth with no problem whatsoever. No Saturday classes were a new innovation, one which was greatly appreciated by facul- ty, all cadets, and especially by those receiv- ing their rings. The weekend went so well, in fact, that the class plans to have another par- ty in November 1986. Marking a highpoinl in any cadelship, G presents the Class of 1987 with their rings 44 Ring Figure 1987 ' S?i4 F- John Klassen and his dale enjoy the Friday night dance. Presenling the class as it passes through the ring has long been a part of the traditions surrounding Ring Figure. 1 fa ' •■ W- ' - Y • Ring Figure 1987 Early Morning jarly Morning at VMI —before the flags are raised, before the Corps is called to BRC— is a unique time. In the hours rarely seen by cadets, one finds much of what typifies life at VMI. Lonliness and darkness fill the senses with wonderment while the quiet is deafening. This time, however, is brief. Soon the early morning twilight turns into the dawn and the Corps rises to start a new day. Ill " nil wm UK ■a - ■ 5 j fgstfk- sss S ? ; . _V - HiiaUHH Christmas 1985 It is not every day that the entire Corps of cadets can be seen mar- ching up Main St. For the Lex- ington Christmas parade this year, however, that is what the Corps did. The event, is the first time in many years that the Corps has marched in a local parade. Along the way, the Corps was met with many cheers as a sign of apprecia- tion for the efforts of VMI during the recent flood. VMI held its own Christmas celebration on December 12, which was highlighted by the annual lighting of the Corps Christmas Tree which, unfortunally caught fire due to electrical problems and burned during the night. The Corps marches down Main Si Le in£lon Chrislmas Parade 48 Christmas 1985 ets tend lo go overboard on getting into the holiday (it. perhaps to offset the drab rooms. Christmas 1985 49 Governor ' s Inaugural G continuing a tradilion that is almost as old as the Institute itself, the entire Corps of Cadets inarched in the parade following the inauguration of Gerald L. Baliles as Gover- nor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Preperation for the parade started in Lex- ington two days before the event, causing the Corps to return from Christmas Fulough four days before it was scheduled to be over. All went well, and VM1 was reported by spectators to have been the best unit in the parade. After the Corps had returned to Lexington, it was announced that Governor Baliles had granted amnesty to the VMI cadets in recognition of their efforts in the flood of 1985 as well as their participation in the parade. The Corps passes {arching pasl the state capilol. the Corps of Cadets onlinues a tradition almost as old as the Institute. ' he Regimental Staff render honors A march down route 1 1 was a major part in prepar ing for the parade. :t . • - . % Governor ' s Inauguration 51 Before the Rats arrive, before the " Old Corps " returns, a small dedicated group returns to Lex- ington for... CADRE PREPARATION A o most, two weeks before the start of school meant sun, fun, and only a slight realization that the upcoming year was close at hand. For a dedicated few, two weeks before school meant reporting back from Summer Furlough in order to prepare for the arrival of the new cadets and to organize for the upcoming year. The Cadre spent a long week training and refreshing their skills at leadership and teaching followed by another long week actual- ly training the new cadets. At the same time, various support groups came back to perform functions necessary to a smooth cadre period. The Religious Council came back to counsel, the CADET staff reported back to print the newspaper that was distributed to parents dur- ing matriculation, and cadets also came back to work at the QMD and at other areas of post as well. Without this support, the training of the new cadets would not have been possible. When the Corps returned to Lexington, however, cadre was already becoming a memory and the dedication of those connected with it were already being forgotten. Lou Florio, President of the Religious Council, was on hand to discuss religious opportunities available to cadets with parents and new cadets. Golf Company corporals practice proper marching technique prior to the arrival of the Rats. m Fred Ferrares instructs India Company corporals on the proper method of shining shoes 1 W w Wis ♦ ' Drill and more drill was the key to this ye Sam Hayes works to ready the QMD for the onslaught of Rats which were processed through during the next few days. Cadre Preparation 53 When the floor is swept, the windows washed, and the lockers dusted the chances are that the bugle is about to blow for.. SNI Preparing for the worst, Glen Newcomb sweeps the floor of his room. trank Musarra, gets into position, ready to escort the Commandant through the trunk inspections are a way of life at VMI but none hit as close to home as a Saturday Noon Inspection. Unlike other inspections, which are held " on the bricks, " SNI is conducted right in barracks. The Commandant, tactical and cadet officers inspect barracks from the trunk rooms to the fourth stoop. No area is exempt, not even the concourse. The floor that was acceptable for morning inspection is suddenly unsat. The tops of lockers and bookcases suddenly need dusting. Shoes are shined, brass is polished, and everything is put into inspection order. Then, in a few short minutes that might have been pre- ceeded by an interminable wait, it ' s over. The bones have been given and it ' s simply a mat- ter of waiting until recall sounds. As everyone rushes off to DRC and the start of the weekend, however, it is with a sorrowful glance that one realizes what happened. The room that took all morning to clean is trashed once again only five minutes after inspection. Mike Upton places a room orderly on report for dirty floor during the first SNI of the year. Luke Sossi, Ernie Overeen, and Sean Poremba wail until the last minute to get properly dressed. 11 takes advantage of his FirBt Claw nd writes a letter while waiting for hif room to be inspected. Graduation Parade 1985 A sudden flurry of pink and white slips of paper in the old courtyard mark the last parade of the first class. After this parade, the First Class has only the graduation ceremony itself to look forward to before heading out in- to the world. It is in these last few moments before leaving the Institute that a cadet realizes that the last four years of his life has prepared him to take an important postion in the socie- ty that he is about to enter. For this reason. Graduation Parade is met with both a sense of triumph and a sense of sadness. of 1985 lakes 111. ' final parade myd U 1 ac As status slips fall from the fourth stoop the Corps forms in the old courtyard to celebrate in the final days of another school year. 56 Graduation Parade October 26, 1985 VMI 39 — W M 38 Victory 57 Farewell Colonel Cummings, the Commandant of Cadets, left the Institute in 1986 to take up duties elsewhere. During his two years as Commandant, Colonel Cummings. a 1962 graduate of the Institute has left a mark that will be evident for a long time to come. It is hoped that success and good fortune will follow him wherever he might go. nrvii Nicknamed " Col. Everywhere, " Col. Cummings wears his infamous cowbell during a pep rally. Marshall Awards Marshall Award winners walch the Corps of Cadets pass in review during retreat parade. It is unusual for a small school to have a nationally prominent annual event, but the Marshall awards is just that. The award, which goes to the top Army ROTC cadet at each school, brings many top ar- my officials to Lexington each year. The award, named for George C. Marshall ' 01, gives cadets a chance to attend forums and lectures that are address topics that are important to junior officers in today ' s military A variety of uniforms and ins) awards an interesting spectacle ake the Marshal] Marshall Awards 59 fc.x r 60 Sports Sports 6 1 The Keydels, under the direclion of firsl year head coach Eddie Williamson, improved far beyond what their record reflects. With a new offensive philosophy led by the passing of Al Comer, and a new defensive set. The Team showed all con- ference competitors that they are a force in con- ference play. This was no more evident than in the thrilling 39-38 upset of William and Mary. The greatly expanded training facilities and the strength of a young coaching staff gives VMI Football great promise for the upcoming season. THE TRENCH Over ihe years it has come lo be called " the trench " ; it is the area along the line of scrim- mage where bodies are continually ham- mered, twisted, and sometimes broken. These pages are for those men who are hit on every play, and often play with too many injuries and too little recognition. Offensive guard Robert Burns looks on after having his ankles packed in ice to reduce swelling. (left) Sophomores Dan Young and Tim White converge on the ball carrier along with the rest of a swarming Keydet 64 Sports Sports 65 66 Sporls phomore Mike Mayo goes high for an intercepts iiinstU. ofR. Sports 67 SPIF Cheerleading requires a large amount dedication, long hours of practice nerve to perform in front of unreceptive crowd. Cheerleading can often be a trying experience, like the athletic teams they support sense ol good things to come. All the female cheerleader Southern Seminary Womans Co are selected by competitive Iryou support of VM1 is both admir appreciated. The Cheerleading squad. (Kighll; r ' l Amy Squier. John Cartwrighl, John Poasl, Gee. (Middle Right): Greg Ellis. Terry Spu Komar, and Allen Tolley .(Middle Left); Todd Sueng Jay Lee. Denise Vayga. and Bruce Toll torn Right): Manuel Melendez. and Fernando Gayle.(Bottom Left) BASKETBALL The Keydets. led by Southern Conference Coach of the Year Marty Fletcher and the offensive clout of Gay Elmore and Darrin Mc Donald, fended off the loss of three starters and some key reserves to put together a respectable season. We were told that this would be a building season by everyone but the team. They have shown that this is a year of continued improvement. With the return of Southern Conference Tourney M.V.P. Gay Elmore and the added potency of Darrin Mc Donald leading what is a suprisingly well rounded attack, a Southern conference Championship becomes a very real possibility. Marty Fletcher shows his tra time out. (Above); Gay Eln against U.Va. rk. Intensity, during drives for the ho Sports 69 a Freshman sensation Darren McDonald passes off to Mike Huffman.(Above) Southern Conference Tourney MVP Gay Elmore goes inside for lwo.( Right) 72 Sporls Sports 73 Darrin McDonald drives for Iwo.(Above); Team UnUy. (Right) 74 Sporls Lvm Sports 75 BASEBALL With the return of two All-Southern Conference players, Chris Fenwood and Greg Weddle, and the addition of some promising new talent, the Keydets are showing themselves to be a very capable ball club. Pitcher Todd Tilley sets to deliver John Parrot missed this pitch but e over the centerfield fence for two " W - — ■ tent Wilson, displaying intense concentrati lids a fly ball for the Keydets. RIFLE The ail of marksmanship requires Rifle Team members lo deliver the utmost in con- centration. To the bystander the sport may appear simple, but this is far from the truth. To be competitive, team members must deliver the utmost in concentration, right down to regulating their own pulse and breathing for as long as six hours at a time. The team acquired some new talent this year : and has done well this season, as well as hosting The VMI Invitational on one of the finest ranges in the Southern Conference. Don Calder shows extreme concentration in the kneel- ing position.(RIGHT) This rat checks his shot group 1 King learn (BOTTOM L TO R) Anderson. Mason WL, McCartney TE, Hart JS. Wilson SW. Keily DJ (TOP) Corson ME, Sheppard JW, Mitchell TJ, Sampan SS. Sinclair WA, Sacco . C;g MW. Weatherford J, Chill SA. Chang MJ, Coach Calkins. (TOP) BOXING Boxing is a sport thai by its very nature pro- spers at VMI. The team has dominated regional bouts and produced numerous na- tional champions. This year proved to be no different as the team started its season at home by winning seven of seven bouts against The Citadel. Chill sets the tone for the night as the Keydets went on to win every bo HT UP) Sports 81 TRACK The VMI Track Team has a long history of excellence. This year under new head coach Mike Bozeman has proved a con- tinuation of the teams excellent heritage. Mike Maxwell sprints his leg of the mile relay. (Right) Up and Over, barely. (Above); Andrew quarter of an impressive mile relay team. Henry Ingram clears the high jump.(Top); Joe Ma outdistancing this Duke opponent.(Left) Sports 83 The 1985-86 golf team overcame the j herent obstacles in what can be a vij frustrating sport and was able produc competitive Second classman Brad Johnson exhibits form as he pulls through this tee shot. On the other end golf becomes a gan is evidenced by Robert Nussey. GOLF From left to right; John Swink (coach), Rob Nussey, Rob Goodwin, Pete Stone, Andy Gillesf Todd Patnesky, Scott Jackson, Brad Johnson i Mike Crotty. ]js forgotten, Andy Mason stands his ground. li moment after is on the move. RUGBY Ruggers are an interesting breed, and VMI ruggers are no exception. Mostly half crazed individuals willing to sacrifice life and limb in the name of a good time and cold beer. LJfcl V P " The scrum is joined under the watchful eye of Col. L V Solak. Set to erupt into the scrum Dan Butler, Mike ' . Chipley and Scott Ingram eye their opponents. TENNIS Under the instruction of Cpt. Ludwig The Tennis Team undertook an an aggressive off season training program of long distance running and weight training. This will translate into a faster stronger and more durable team. The end result looks to be a much improved team. SWIMMING The swim Team geared up for ils spring season with a rigorous weight training pro- gram. This hard work coupled with the addi- tion of some promising freshmen talent means we will be hearing more from VM1 swimming Strength, Endur; ..(Left); Sports 87 LACROSSE The lacrosse team has undergone some changes in the past year. The loss of some talented first classmen left new head coach Bartlett with the task of not only building a young squad but reshaping its very philosophy. The coach has placed a strong emphasis on the mental aspect of the game, which will make for a difficult and exciting brand of lacrosse in the future. The Keydels on the offensive against Radford. Skill is evident in changing this opponents d: with the help of some aggresive stick handling t looks for help as the opposition m Towers saves this goal attempt with the istance of Frank Delbarto and Botts Smith. SOCCER Under the guidance of first year head coach Trudgeon the soccer team quickly put an end to a two year slump. Playing almost ex- clusively walk-ons the team struggled to a five and twelve record. With the return of experience to some key positions and the ad- dition of new talent we can expect to see continued improvement in the upcoming seasons. This keydel bailies for a si Chitakesapass.(BELOW) goal. (RIGHT) John Scolt Leornard looks on as Second Classman " ' Spud " Szczepanski intercepts the oppositions ' pass. (LEFT) ■ Eddie Plucinski saves this attempt on goal. (LEFT) Mike Williamson on the offensive. (Above) Sports 91 92 Sports Bones and Gus Shuster press the altack. (ABOVE) GET UP! Sporis 93 WRESTLING Wrestling is a sport that can trace its heritage back to ancient Rome and Greece. The sport is singularly competitive, you against your opponent, no help, there is no team to offer tangible assistance. When your on the mat it is you and you alone. The only help you have is the knowlege that the guys you work so hard with are there pulling for you with all they can. Cliff Coger works on a pin. 94 Spo Sports 95 Photographs and words fall short in the attempt to capture the excitement and character of VMI athletics. New coaching staffs and new attitudes have resulted in many memorable moments as well as a promising future. The next several pages are an attempt to preserve the highlights of the past year. - hi 9f ' ■ •X . " % RCTROSP€CT 102 Corps CORPS Corps 103 John M.Anderson William J. Wanovich Randolph D. Friend Regimental Sargeant Major Regimental Color Sargeanl Regimental Color Sarge HhTThl HI Michael R. Castaldi Battalf Commander Vincent D. Carag, Jr. Executive OffU Gary-John G. Yap Battalion S-l Robert J. Nentwig Battalion S-2 Robert, H. Larosa Battalion S-3 )e, A. Barr Regimental Color Sargeant Neal J. Naff Regimental James M. Daly Battalion S-4 Color Sargeant ChristoperS. Ashworth Battalion S-5 Stephen P. Grzeszczak Battalion Sargeant Majo Corps 105 SCCOMD Ph TT N Y XI Troy V. Lanier Battalion Commander Matthew E. Baker Battalion S-3 Rumsey J.S. Light, III Battalion S-4 James S. Agostini Battalion S-5 John T. Pitcock Battalion Sargeant Major Thomas E. MeHugh, Jr Executive Offi Robert E. Johnson Battalion S-l s D. McGinnis Battalion S-2 106 Corps THIRD James M. Jenkins Battalion Commander Steven K. Anderson Executive Officer Ernest M. Grochowski Battalion S-2 TsuKuang Liu Battalion S-2 James P. Inman Battalion S-3 Jarr Dillion Battalion S-4 Timothy M. Keilty Battalion SS Paul A. Simr Battalion Sargeant Major Corps 107 n -■■ _; i- i BreHEHE i :-■ -.-_ ' - " . " : - ; - P : - Li T ■ .115.. V CVTHS- P RESS1NC VPTHE HILL OF SC ENCE WITH NOBLE EMVIATION A.- GRATIFYING SPECTACLE: AN HONOR- TO ' OVR- COVNTRY - STATE: OBJECTS- OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR- INSTRUCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVDOF- HER- FAME- AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL TO- VINDICATE HER HONOR- OR DEFEND HER RIGHTS SOlfiLTA n »!• - 4; Wayne L. Mason Fcrtf SsTgeasJ Jame A. Comer Supply Sarpeant William K. Kuhrman Guidon Bearer Matthew C. Howard Operations iargeant o—; : : - $ m William P. Wolcott Executive Officer Robert W. Hess, Jr. 1st. Piatton Lt Smardie D. Podo 2nd. Platoon Lt. David V. Spears 3rd. Platoon Lt. 1 1 Corps YOVTHS-PRESSINGVPTHEHILLOFSC ENCE : WITH NOBLE EMVLATION acratifyingspectaclean hcncrtc-ovr-ccvntry-and-ovr STATE: OBJECTS OF HONEST- PRIDE TO THEIR.- 1NSTRVCT0RS -AND- FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVDOF- HER- FAME- AND ■ READY IN - EVERY- TIME • OF DEEPEST- PERIL TO VINDICATE • HER- HONOR- OR- DEFEND HER- RIGHTS Corps 111 nm f Byron L. Childress, Jr. Executive Officer Benjamin Ping Chen 1st. Platton Lt Jimmy W. Kilbourne, Jr. 2nd. Platoon Lt. Marcus J. Hicks 3rd. Platoon Lt. 1 1 2 Corps i 1 T.-J IBLE YOVTHS- PRESSING -VP-THE- HILL- OF- SCIENCE: WITH -NOBLE -EMVLAT10N A GRATIFYING SPECTACLE : AN HONOR TCOVFICOVNTRY- AND- OVR STATE : OBJECTS OF- HONEST- PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRVCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS • OF • CITIZEN • SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PR.OVDOF- HER- FAME- AND • READY- IN • EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST- PERIL • • TO-VINDICATE HER- HONOR- OR DEFEND HER RIGHTS Vt. »r J_ i ■ ? s 1 P ' nM jjk Michael R. Laban First Sargeant Benjamin D. Walker Supply Sargeant Steven G. Gray Guidon Bearer Mark A. Corrice Operations Sargeant Corps 113 ffi Mark A. Laughon Executive Officer Dion Scaglione 1st. Platoon Lt. Ronald 0. Jaworowski 2nd. Platoon Lt. Kordos 3rd. Platoon Lt. 1 1 4 Corps T E HEALTH FVL AND PLEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF HONORAF - YCVTHSPRESSINCVPTHE HILL OFSCIENCE WITH NOBLE EMVLATION A GRATIFYING-SPECTACLE AN HONOR TO • OVR COVNTRY AND OVR STATE OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR I NSTRVCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVDOF HER- FAME AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL TO VINDICATE HER HONOR OR DEFEND HER RICHTS «COL J I L- PRESTON Smhmht ;ili V . . Robert S. Cabell First Sargeant Kelly C. Jordan Supply Sargeant Mark A. Thompson Guidon Bearer Mark A. Barth Operations Sargeant Corps 115 Ronald 0. Mays, Jr. Executive Officer David L. Parker 1st. Platoon Ll. John F. Kiefer 2nd. Paltoon Lt. James S. Walker 3rd. Platoon Lt. 1 1 6 Corps THE HEALTH FVL AND PLEASANT AB OWD OF HONORABLE YOVTHS PRESSING VP THE HILL OF ! WITH NOBLE EMVUTION A GRATIFYING-SPECTACLE : ANHONCR TC OVR COVNTRY AND OVR STATE: OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRVCTORS AND FAIP SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PR.OVD OF HER FAME AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL TO VINDICATE HER HONOR OR DEFEND HER RIGHTS CQjL JT L PRE£rOt _ -, m tffttt M S w t Joseph Ruf, III First Sargeanl Charles G. Simpson Supply Sargeant Arthur D. Whittaker Guidon Bearer Mark C. Barlholf Operations Sargeant Corps 117 P Xffl T James H. Urie, Jr. Company Commander Darryl F. Agee Executive Officer Christopher C. Planeta 1st. Platoon Lt. Cyrus S. Kump, II 2nd Platoon Lt. Jonathan E. Aycock 3rd. Platoon Lt. 1 1 8 Corps THE HEALTH FVL- AND PLEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF HONORABIE YOVTHS PRESS1NC VP THE HILL OFSC1ENCE: WITH NOBLE EMVIATION A GRATIFYING SPECTACLE: AN HONOR TO OVR COVNTRY AND OVR STATE OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRVCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVD OF HER FAME AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERU TO VINDICATE HER HONOR- OR DEFEND HER RICHTS Michael J. karabasz First Sargeant William M. Barber Supply Sargeant James P. Breckenridge Guidon Bearer Bradley J. Maak Operations Sargeant Corps 119 i James L. Ping ree Executive Officer Steven P. Weiss 1st Platoon Ll. Robert T. Thompson 2nd Platoon Lt. Thomas J. FiuPatrickird. Platoon Lt. 120 Corps THE HEALTHFV1 AND PLFA of A . CROWD OF HONORABIE YOVTHS PRESSING VPTHE HILI ENCE : WITH NOBLE- EMVI ATION A CRATIFYINC SPECTACLE- AN HONOR TO OVR COVNTRY AND OVR STATE OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRVCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVD OF H-IR FAMF AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL TO VINDICATE HER HONOR OR DEFEND HER RICHTS P .EST n -■ oft. m r ■■ n ■ I ail ■I ■ ■ I Hi I W f " V W JBW " - 1 ' Jfcj R r j y § David C. Wallace. Jr. First Sargeant Glen A. Ralston Supply Sargeant James R. La Forrest Guidon Bearer Timothy W. Walrod Operations Sarge Corps 1 2 1 Troy V. Heskett Executive Officer Bruce E. Tolley 1st. Platoon Lt. Robert T. Ramos 2nd. Platoon Lt. Gerald G Leffers 3rd. Platoon Lt. 122 Corps 7 YOVTHS- PRESSING ■VP-THE-HILL-OFSCIENCE WITH NOBLE -EMVLATION A- GRATIFYING SPECTACLE : AN -HONOR. TC • OVR- COVNTRYAND OVR STATE : OBJECTS ■ OF ■ HONEST- PRIDE TO THEIR- INSTRUCTORS -AND • FAIR SPECIMENS- OF - CITIZEN ■ SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVDOF- HER- FAME- AND READY IN EVERY -TIME OF -DEEPEST PERIL TO- VINDICATE • HER- HONOR- OR- DEFEND • HER RICHTS -. - . OI. J -ft -L REiTOty • :-v j fi ' ' WW s ' Wim ■ ' Sam W. Hayes First Sargeant Bernard J. Colacicco Supply Sargeant Charles A. Depasquale Guidon Bearer Robert D. Sweaney Operations Sargeant HI John A. Stevens Executive Officer David C. Moore 1st. Platoon Lt. James L. Radle 2nd. Platoon Lt. Adam A. Loveless 3rd. Platoon Lt. 124 Corps YOVTHS-PRESSINGVPTHEHILLOF ' SClENCE:WITHNOBLEEMVLATION AGRAT1FYINCSPECTACLE : ANHONCR TO ■ OVR- COVNTRY-AND OVR. STATE : OBJECTS- OF- HONEST- PR1DETO THEIR- 1NSTRVCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS- OF ■ CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR- NATIVE STATE PR.OVD- OF- HER- FAME AND READY- IN EVERY -TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL TO- VINDICATE - HER- HONOR- OR- DEFEND HER RICHTS ' ■§■» David D. Brackett First Sargeant Robert T. Nussey, Jr. Supply Sargeant Stewart L. Barnes Guidon Bearer David J. Furness Operations Sargeant Corps 125 Stephen F. Hall Executive Office, Samuel A. Holmes 1st. Platoon Lt Anthony D. Hirtz L ' nrf Platoon Lt Jay J. Thompson, III 3rd. Platoon Lt 126 Corps -I YCVTHS PRESSING VP THE HILL OF SC ENCE-WITH NOBLE E " A GRATIFYING ' SPECTACLE : AN HONOR. TO ■ OVR- COVNTRY A ' STATE OBJECTS OF- HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR. INSTRVCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR. NATIVE STATE PR.OVD OF HZR. FAME AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL TOVINDICATE HER HONOR OR DEFEND HER RICHTS Dale Kennedy Firs Sargeant Joseph E. Pinhak Supply Sargeant Roy D. Young Guidon Bearer John S. Phillips Operations Sargeant Corps 127 The 1986 Honor Coun The 1986 Honor Court:(l-i 1) P.W. Bu rch (s oting men ber), S.K. Ande rson (prosecutor) T.J. FilzP alrick (pre sident), c.s. Ashi orth (pro secutor) S.D. Podo (vice pr. dent); ( row 2) J.P. I MA Barth D.F. Agee, K.P Reardon, J.R. G R.D Swe ney; (ro w 3) J.S. Boughton T.K McCartney, T.K. Far leigh J.M Jenkins The Honor System, is one of the few cadet activities that is solely run by cadets. The Corps of Cadets administers and polices the Honor System on a daily basis. To the average college student the principles of ethics, per- sonal integrity, and honor mean little or nothing. These same principles, however, to a VMI cadet, have a totally different meaning. The VMI cadet considers his personal honor as his most prized possession. The code is ap- plied daily to the problems that cadets are confronted with. The code, which was founded in 1839, is still the same code that exists today. There have been minor changes but the heart of the code still re- mains: A CADET DOES NOT LIE, CHEAT, STEAL NOR TOLERATE THOSE WHO DO. (eneral [ommittee [j General Committee, composed of the lie class officers, is designed to maintain h standards of the Corps inside and out- of barracks. It enforces the system of privileges and ensures that actions by nlviduals in the Corps do not fall below the [tfdards and traditions of VMI. Committee Members (l-r) C. Ernest Edgar IV. enninglon, Neal Naff, David Moore, David § rs, Timothy Keilty. Bobby Turnage. Thomas 5r- w " V ' " v- t - Rat Disciplinary Committee The RDC is a traditional organization which has one purpose for existance. This purpose is to enforce the ratline restrictions set by the First Class. En- forcement comes to Rats in many forms. The RDC acts swiftly on en- fractions of the ratline using methods which in most cases solves the pro- blem. In cases where problems are not solved using regular methods of correction, alternate methods are employed. The RDC uses both physical and mental devices to tear Rats down to the lowest of human ex- istance and then, when the lime is right, to raise them up again. The Class of 1989 is introduced to the VMI ratline on the night of their matriculation. 130 Organi allons The 1986 RDC: (first row) M.D. Moquin, J McDonald III, J.E. Aycock; (second row) B Childress, T.J. Kardos, R.T. Thompson, T.W. j Cullough. K.E. Hedberg, T.D. MeGinnis. R.F. Malax Organizations 131 Promaji Club The Promaji club is an organiza- tion ol minority students. However, any member of the Corps may join. The function of the club is to cater to the needs of minority students. The club also functions as a service to the Lex- ington community Circle K Club The Circle K Club is a com- munity service club which is in- volved in various projects which bring the local community into contact with cadets in a way that is not normally possible. 132 Organizations kligious Council e eligious Council is a cadet organiza- ojesigned to improve the spiritual life of Bilious religious activities both on and jjist and to encourage cadet participation Bse activities. The council is made up of eentitives of each religious organiza- |a four man executive committee and Bain Caudill. Among the functions of Bouncil is the assistance of cadets in The Religious Council organizes the l), presentation to the First class as they .date in the hope that their spiritual lives bnlinue to grow in the future. I Cadet Investment Group A The VMI cadel investment group is designed to give cadets hands-on experience with " live money " in the stock market. The group is run like a corporate board. The club started with a $ 100,000 portfolio and have evolved into a $200,000 portfolio this year. Con- sisting of two clubs each with $100,000. the groups meet twice a week discussing, buying and sell- ing stocks. Cadet Investment Group B ! in hi m I hi hi hi ran in 4iKVv " Dtography Club :otography club is set up to promote I ' est in photography. The club is in its j year and plans many projects as the . A Organizations 135 Society of Physics Students The Society of Physics Students is a national organization that en- courages both student interest and participation in pysicsa and closely related disciplines. The VMI SPS chapter has been recognized many times over as an outstanding chapter due to speakers, trips and gatherings sponsored by the VMI SPS. IEEE The IEEE is a professional organization for electrical engineers. It has speakers to enrich their knowledge and go to dinners in order to meet practicing professioals. Once a year the organization attends the IEEE convention and meet with other EE students from the region. The organization holds at least one party every year and gets EE ' s together and out of the books. 136 Org; lSCE ough its activities, which include linars. field trips, paper competitions, nch meetings and the concrete canoe mpetitioii. the members of the ASCE are a better understands of the civil eering profession and employment portunities. ; « II us " n i ! ▼. v -w ' - ■„ pf3H i -n- ri i r is Debate Team The debate team is one of the first teams ever created at VMI. The team was created for the purpose of intercollegiate competition in forensics, to argue the current pro- blems of the day as put forth by the national resolution. The team has gone to many different com- petitions and looks forward to more successful years in this challenging academic competition. Society of Young Republicans The Society of Young Republicans were active in this years elections and sought to muster support for Republican candidates. 138 Organizations [mmins Music 5)ciety h Timmins Music Society is the classical aic organization of VMI. It is named in ok of James W. Timmtns, a 1949 abate and a great lover of classical me. who was killed in Korea. The Tim- ill Music Room, on top of Preston fcrv. is the exclusive meeting area of the Arty. Events which are sponsored by the ■My include lectures, trips to area tical music programs, and the yearly Ei York City excursion which includes a I to the Metropolitan opera and the New o. Philharmonic. Organizations 13 ' ) Commanders The VMI Commanders were formed in 1919 under the name of the Ramblin ' Keydets. The group performs at functions both on and off post. This years group perform- ed at Hood College, the USMC bir- thday dinner, and the faculty Christmas party. Posit Committee The Posit Committee consists of 15 cadets whose purpose is to investigate problems within the Corps which effect the quality of cadet life. Weekly meeting are held in the sub- mess where current problems are discussed. Although many of the Posit Committees pro- jects go unnoticed, they are always working for the corps and will take on any problem, small or large, that is recom- mended by a cadet. I In u, L ..„, ' - HER.- FAME ■ AND ■ R.EADY- IN ■ EVERY • TIME • OF • DEE TO- VINDICATE ■ «R- HONORQR DEFEND ■ HER RI Hop and Floor Committee The Hop and Floor Committee ex- ists for one function, that is runn- ing the Hops that are popular among cadets. It is through their dedication and time that the Hops are sucessful social events. Organizations 141 The VMI CADET is one of the nation ' s last independent college newspapers, giv- ing its staff the unique opportunity of " learning by doing. " The staff is all- volunteer: There is no academic credit given for the journalism or business aspects. The paper comes out 26 times a year. every Friday (usually) during the semester. News items are usually VMI oriented, although at times the national scene is included. The most popular sec- tion of the newspaper is the Dartboard, where cadets can poke fun at the In- stitute, its administration, and each other. Of course, at times, some offense is taken but its all in good fun and besides, we have jounalitic license. The V.M.I. Cadet 1985-86 VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE Timothy J. Perez Editor-in-Chief Gordon Poindexter Managing Editor Dave Adams Associate Editor Patrick Gill Business Manager Gordon Poindexter Editorial Editor Mike Moore News Features Editor David Sheckells Sports Editor Charlie Schoen Entertainment Editor Al Leatherwood Copy Editor Victor Sredl Layout Editor Photographer Frances Arehart Typist Brett Hayes Distribution James Lee Coulter Circulation Dave Miller Steve Thacker Advertisements Michael Calkins Gordon McKinley Writers Jay Ball Staff The VMI Cadet, student newspaper of the Virginia Military Institute, is published every Friday during the academic year except during Corps Trips, holidays and exam periods, in the offices of The News-Gazette of Lexington, Va. A yearly subscription is $12,00 on post and $14.00 mailed off post. The VMI Cadet was entered as Second Class matter September 19, 1944, at the Post Office in 1 Lexington, Va., under the Act of March 3, 1879. The VMI Cadet offices are locatedin the VMI bar- racks, and the mailing address is: Box 7, VMI, Lexington, Va. 24450. postal number USPA54-880 ' 142 Organizalioiis Ft ices Arehart. the Cadet typist, prepares the copy for thpublicalion h L) out often becomes a group activity 1 v A 1 As Brett Hayes and Gordon McKinley look on, Gordon Poindexter writes the weekly editorial. Organizations 143 NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Clubs goal is to in- crease Christian fellowship among the Cadets of VMI. Weekly din- ners are held on Saturday nights. Cadets are also encouraged to par- ticipate in one of the " encounters with Christ " retreat weekends sponsored by the diocese of Rich- mond for Virginia college men and women. These weekends are held at several different locations in Virginia. As we grow in friendship, our hope is to grow in faith. The Navigators is a non- denominational Christian group whose purpose is " to know Christ, and to make Him known. " The main emphasis of the group is spiritual growth and evangelism. The Navigators has been in existence lor only- two years but has experienced considerable growth in that time. The group is oplomistic about the future as they strive to serve the Lord day by day. JU Baptist Student Union is a non- inational group which promotes ollegiate relations through Christian hip. From car washes and canoe fellowship suppers and Slate Con- s the BSU is geared toward having lean fun while reaching out to the Organizations 145 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Society is a profes- sional service organization spon- sored by the Air Force Associa- tion. Their purpose is two fold. AAS aims to promote better rela- tions between future Air Force Of- ficers and the civilian population. Secondly. AAS participates in ser- vice projects in and around the community. They have an An Flight at Southern Seminary and work very closely with them. This year the AAS hopes to attend both the area and the national conclave. CADET WAITERS The primary job of the Cadet Waiters is service to the Corps. Their jobs consist of preparing the Mess Hall for breakfast, serving the buffet lunch, and bringing " seconds " to the Corps at supper. 146 Orga 5T0L TEAM I -MI Pistol Team had a good season this r highlighted by many individual iss as well as placing at several meets, am is open to all Cadets and is looking ai to many winning seasons. Organizations 147 SEMPER FIDELIS SOCIETY The Semper Fidelis Society is an organization by and for Marines. It is composed of Cadets seeking a commission as a second lieutenant of Marines. The society sponsors numerous guest lecturers who come to VMI and discuss topics such as the professional develop- ment of young Marine Officers. The Semper Fidelis Society helps to foster the growth of Esprit de Corps and pride in those few Cadets who are pursuing the title of ' " an Officer of Marines. " STATE OBJECT! OF HONEST PR.IDE TO THEIR. If . - . t : - ,. I ' : O c CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIP. PP.OVD OF HCP C AME AND READY IN ' EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERJI TO VINDICATE HER. HONOR. OR. DEFEND HER RIGHTS • INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Besides trips to various colleges across the East, the IRC pro- vides Cadets an opportunity to develop argumalive skills. Par- ticipation in model UN ' s offers an interesting look at interna- tional relations issues as well as giving Cadets a chance to com- pete against other college students for recognition and awards. 148 Organization Laiger Platoon ; VII Ranger Platoon allows interested lets:) participate in a program to prepare thrdemands of Ranger School. Not all etsnvohed actually get the opportunity Uted the school, but it makes for an in- esfg and rewarding intramural, endless. .-. ■ ■ .. ■ . Organizations 149 FIREFIGHTERS The Firefighters are on call to aid the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Park Service and the Virginia Division of Forestry in their fire suppres- sion needs. The Firefighters are usually called out several times a year. CPB The Cadet Program Board is responsible for the cultural, social, and recreational ac- tivities of the Corps. All other clubs receive their budgets through allocations of the CPB and Cadet Affairs. The CPB is made up of three Cadets from each class and responsible to the CPB and Cadet Affairs. They sponsor movies and lec- turers as entertainment to the Corps. ,SA oriation of the United Slates Army is nization in which Cadets seeking ;ions in the Army may participate in oriented activities. The George C. Company cosponsors the Marshal Conference each year and sends o the AUSA National Convention in ;ton, D.C. Other activities include is and guest speakers in addition to ar meetings. Organizations 151 GLEE CLUB The VMI Glee Club has been the Institute ' s musical ambassador for many years. Parent ' s weekend, VMI Foundation Banquet and the Marshall ROTC Awards have been traditional official functions. The Club visits and performs with and at various girl ' s schools choruses. This tear the Club is planning a trip to Disney World. ASME The student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engieers is a club available to all Mechanical Engineer Majors. The Club enhances the engineering education through seminars, design projects, and field trips that allow members to acquire a better understanding of the Mechanical Engineering Profession. 152 Organizations FCA In the past the Fellowship of Christian Alleles has provided an opportunity for Gets to find fellowship with other m ' nbers of the Corps (athletes or not) and din with girls from surrounding schools. ionally FCA is based in Kansas City, ; but has state offices for more direct munications between the individual x ls and the headquarters. FCAs pupose ' to give the individual the chance to ure as a Christ ian through varying pro- ns while enjoying the fellowship of rs. " The FCA plans on having speakers I attending leadership seminars ughout the stale. I Organizations 153 ENGLISH SOCIETY The English Society consists of any cadet who is interested in Liberal Arts. The English Society shows movies throughout the year which have a cultural significance. It also sponsors novelists, poets, and many other events that pertain to Liberal Arts. Recently, the English Society has become one of the most popular organizations in the Liberal Arts department. The Civil War Roundtable is a club open to Cadets with the purpose of giving members the expressions of battle and living conditions of the Civil War soldier. The club provides re- enactments of the Civil War to New Market and other surroun- ding areas. This year has prov- ed to be the club ' s busiest and there is is much optomism about next years. 154 Organ PRELAW x)CIETY hi Prelaw Society is an organization acated to aiding those Cadets who desire jli.end law school in the future. Each year lb ' ociety makes several trips to various law olpls in Virginia and also hosts many ts ' igious speakers from different legal wgrounds and professions. The Society iter aids Cadets by providing them with lfimation on numerous law schools and ■SAT ' s. Organizations 155 CADET BATTERY The Cadet Ballery consists of those Cadets interested in field artillery and gunnery. Members learn the maintenance of the 105-mm Howitzer as well as the duties of a gun crew. The Battery performs salutes for visiting dignitaries and other Institute functions. Most of the members in the Cadet Battery seem to get a real " bang " out of the group ' s activities. ROCK CLIMBING CLUB The Rock Climbing Club is a newly organized club which em- phasizes the teaching of rock climbing skills and techniques. The club plans to use these skills on the mountains sur- rounding the Rockbridge area. The Rock Climbing Club should have no problem in becoming a permanent club at VMI. 156 OrganizatK 1= NUMBER ONE CLUB Mathew Anderson: Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages — room 147 Mallory Hall. John Ax: Contaminating the liver with Evil Fire Water. Scott Bradley: Alcoholic beverages in barracks. Gerald Bradshaw: Failure to invite Captain Hartley to after taps cocktails. Sam " Speed " Browne: Illegal use of P.O. V. Richard Chambers: Possession of Frosty Libation in room. Emmet Gathright: Playing chicken with 2 Lexington patrol cars while under influence of joy juice during Rat year. Richard Lahue: Doing the gentlemanly thing. Thomas McCarthy: Arrested for destroying brain cells in barracks. Gordon " ' First in . . . First out " McKinley: Unauthorized women drinking unauthorized alcohol in barracks. Scott Miles: Unauthorized drunk driving on post shortly after the Ratline. Marc Moquin: Alcohol on post. Sean Poremba: Possession and consumption of alcohol beverages — room 147 Mallory Hall. David Sheckells: Unauthorized unsuccessful attempt to run down Deputy Commandant in unauthorized vehicle in unauthorized civies while gassing and beering up at EastLex. Better known as the " Willie. " Robert Thompson: Beer-goggled woman hunt in an unauthorized vehicle. Steven Weiss: Captain Hartleys drinking club. Organizations 157 1986 BOMB Bill Barber, Business Manager Ken Devero. Photograph; Editor. 158 Organizatii hard Chambers, First Class Editor. Organizations 159 David Miller. First Class Editor Scott McCumber, Head Photographer. 160 Oreaniza Hashimoto, Photographer Organizations 161 Thomas Slruckmeyer. Sporl K.iilor. Andrew Campi. Second Class Organization Editor. THE 1986 BOMB STAFF Production Staff Editor-in-Chief Brent Hashimoto William M. Barber Photographer Business Manager Brian Collier Kenneth R. Devero Photographer Photography Editor Christopher Clark Thomas K. Struckmeyer Photographer Sports Editor Michael Coleman Gregory C. Gooch Photographer Corps Editor Thomas Murray Andrew C.Campi Photographer Organizations Editor Christopher Stathis Richard Chambers Photographer First Class Editor Hampton Ingram David Miller Contributing Photographer First Class Editor Kevin Barker Andrew C.Campi Contributing Photographer Second Class Editor Antonio Davila Christopher Clark Contributing Photographer Third Class Editor Michael Chang Timothy Logan Contributing Photographer Third Class Editor Harold Wyatt Fourth Class Editor Business Staff Hampton Ingram Fourth Class Editor David Whittaker Brian J. Keith Outrage Editor Advertising Manager Eric Butner Michael Davis Advertisement Editor Circulation Manager Peter Bernstein Business Staff Photography Staff David Previs Business Staff Bowlman " Tripp " Bowles Scott McCumber Business Staff Head Photographer Neal Culiner Head Photographer I .«r ■ . mi RGIN MILITARY INST LJTUTE VMI JIB! " ' ' I t?xr ijn! r. L W4! - iyL. ink ruii 4lttHi Classes 173 174 First Cla Upon becoming another class to wear the ring, we the class of ' 86, began to see the tiny flicker of light at the end of what seemed to be that forever lasting tunnel. In the near future we were going to be the ones who " rule " barracks. We were going to take on more responsibility than ever before in our lives. While rounding the corner toward the home stretch we became excited, relieved, anxious, and some even became motivated. However, we were still ap- prehensive. What was to come? That tiny flicker transformed into a small, but noticeable flame at the onset of our first class year. Dykes! What a feel- ing it was to have, and to be a dyke. Were we ever that clueless? This question surfaced many times. " Ah, back in the Old Corps " , we ' d say. Yes, all we had of a true ratline was memories. Memories of sneaking down to Coeke Hall in the wee hours of the morning — showing our unity. Memories of sweat parties lasting for 30 minutes or more. All swept away except for in the corners of our minds. On the whole, our class was and probably still is a rebellious lot. The best example being when we fought tooth and nail with the Commandant after a heated first class privates meeting for those precious privileges we were so " unjust- ly denied " by the time we became First Classmen. We won the battle, but lost the war to the wrath of Colonel " Everywhere " . " We are firsts, and we deserve it, " was our underlying point of contention. The flame brightens. To sound a more cheerful note, we reflect on the " good ole times " . The UVA corps trip we ' d rather forget, but the UNC corps trip — we ' ll never forget! The Keydets lost the game, but the corps won the party! UNC will never be the same. We even made their school newspaper. At home, the William and Mary game will go down as the Keydet vic- tory of all victories. While the air filled with garrison caps and white gloves we could not help but be engulfed in joy and exuberance as we had just witnessed the best game in VMI history. Now we can ' t forget those Zolloman ' s parties that will forever be famous, Baldwin, Hollins, Sem, Randy Mac, and Sweetbrier runs, Estelle ' s Grill, and of course the frats. But most of all, we ' ll never forget the endless talks with the " fellas " in barracks or elsewhere. The flame glistens. Spring arrived in all it ' s splendor, and along with it — senioritis! Some were writing resumes, others were complain- ing about where they were being stationed, and a few were waxing their surf boards. Yes, during our first class year we conquered; we made it to the pinnacle of cadetship. We came to fully understand the concepts of responsibility, duty and service, and we displayed this understanding as we led the corps in assisting the victims of the flood of " 85. Finally, the light at the end of that forever lasting tunnel was growing near. We were now apprehensive about facing reality; the world outside of VMFs fortified walls. The flame grew to be so bright that it blinded us — almost. Upon graduation, we the class of ' 86 had the utmost confidence that we were the VMI men we had been striving to be for 4 long years. We will always be VMI men, holding our bond strong to and intruder, and striving for excellence at every turn. We have made a name for ourselves and will forever succeed in the game of life. D. Scott Wagner Historian ' 86 We entered 4th grade at Collegiate together. We played football, lacrosse, and baseball together. We fished, swam, and spent all our spare time together. When we graduated from high school, I talked Meade into coming to VMI. In August of 1982 we entered the VMI together. Exactly one year later, while vacationing with my family in Sandbridge, Va., Meade was tragical- ly killed in a hit-and-run accident. Part of me died with Meade on that day; however, his death has served as an inspiration not only to myself but to the Class of 1986 as a whole. As we prepare for graduation, we will con- tinue to look back at Meade ' s death and find hope. Meade, in his short time as a cadet, embodied every quality that a true brother rat possesses. His love, loyalty, and friendship will never be forgotten. Timothy A. W. Spivey ' 86 KL - 176 First Class I Firsl Class 177 DAVID EARL ADAMS, II eanhead. Shrunken Utile Apple Head. Ack " Lalrobe, Pennsylvania ring-Special Student s and Features Editor, Associate Editor; Rugby Club; Club ' 47: Token Old Man; Married Men ' s Club; Cadet Computer Civil Engin VM1 CADET: Writer. New CRC: PSEUDO-President; Civil Engineering Sociely; Assislanl: Honcho at Large ll seems like ihere has only been one thing I could ever be sure o uncertainty. Even as I write this there is no assurance that 1 graduate, so I ' ll Irv to address what has happened so lar. VMI is n for everyone and I ' m still wondering it it ' s for me! It has made i different from our peers in civilian schools; maybe too different, bi we ' ve developed friendships thai are unmatched, friends that v can rely on and trust the rest of our lives. We know how to cope wit bad limes and make the most out of them. Wait till reality hits 01 Thanks are in order-not for graduali To Mom, Dad, Rusty. Bubba, and M, it wasn ' t for your support. To my roomni; will be twisted together forever-] know without your shoulders to help. To the CI. the hill. To God and St. Jude, who g£ but for getting me this fai n: I ' d be home right now ales Jim, and Tim: our live 1 never could have done ol " 8 for getting me u tie through the thicke: and -Back to the grind. It DARRYL FLOYD AGEE " mmmDarryl " Salem, Virginia English-Air Force Honor Court 1; Cpl.3, Sgt.2, Ll.l; Hop and Eloor Comm. 4.3.2.Treas. 1; Circle K Club 2, Pres. 1; Red Cross Bloodmobile 4.3.2, Chmn. 1 ; English Society 2, 1 ; Firefighters 2. Looking back, it ' s really strange that I was so determined to spend my college days in a place like ilns ' ! Now that my VMI experience is winding down I ' m glad I did. but there has been a lot of days when I had my doubts. The Ratline is probabb the biggest incentive to grow up that any col- lege freshman can receive but I ' ll be the first to admit that it was what I needed. Though I didn ' t exactly " tear em up " academically, my education went a lot further than what I learned from the books. Lndoubledl the most important thing I ' ve learned is the value of friends and the ones I ' ve made here are the best. To the frat brothers of 416 Scotlship, I ' ll never forget the bell tower. Brewlhru and F-F-Fourteen! Marc, John, and Jim, there ' s never been a dull moment rooming with you guys. We ' ve fed each other crap for 3 years and it ' s Iteen great 1 Thanks. Stones. Thanks to Mr. Tyler for all the encouragement these past 4 years and to Mr. Hall for gelling me accepted lo this country club. No wonder you laughed when I said I wanted to go to VMI. Most of all. thanks lo my family for your encouragement, prayers and support. I couldn ' t have made il without you. 1 can do all things through Christ which strengthened me. — Philippians4:13 A DYKES: 1983: Steve Codwin " Bambi " 1984: Can Nowlin JAMES STUART AGOSTINI i " Jim, Bambino- Alexandria, Virginia Civil Kngineering-Army Caplain of the Swim team. Swimming 4.3.2,1; Corporal; Ser it; Batlallion S-5; Cadre 2. 1 ; Circle K 2.1; Unknowing Monograrr jib 4,3.2,1; ASCE 4,3,2,1 Secretary 1; Distinguished Military Sujit; Airborne Well it has finally come to an end! Now it i s time to put swim g. VMI and lo Radford in my past. If I had lo reded back o . I would definitely have lo say lhat this ( adetship wen! by exlr My fasl. I guess it is a resull of VMI ' s lifestyle, to survive one da! a lirne. lhat makes it move so quickly. If I had lo do it all over ag , il would be a lough decision, bul then again I did not come icjrll knowing what 1 do now. The lime has come lo give myself a Ink, and reup ihe benefits of my efforts while I was here. Thanks Mom, Dad. and Beth for always supporting me, am ' 0- viding me with this opportunity. Also, my thanks should go Ic hit and Broc, your friendships have kepi me alive through high M and college. Jon, Darryl, and Marc: I really do not think 1 11 have wilhslood all of the nonsense around here without you. W always remember the beautiful arguments over the room ' s sp rg activities and also the olher insane things we have done. Than IB me and Harry for supporting ihe swim team and myself. Wi ny thanks wouldn " ! be complete if I didn ' l say. " Thank you very through my day to day existence. John. Ben and Cary pay ihe ferry r ! p.l Will I FREDERICK RONALD ALBRECHT " Ralph, Hack " Annapolis, Maryland Civil Engineering-Air Force Corporal, Sergeant, Lacrosse 1 ' On matriculation day I was told that VMI is best represented by a ihree legged stool: Athletics, Academics, and the Military. If there rtas a fourth leg it would be the deep I mining friendships formed by Ihose that suffered, loughl and celebrated together. That is the true V MI experience. nfort, but the people ,VM1 will never be a place of .olerable and in a rare moment, fun. ' As with any other cadet, without the patience, under; -upport of my parents and brother I would not have mac w ' hen I was at my lowest, they were always there I loerspeclive. BRYAN EDWARD AMSEL Westminster. Maryland i-Air Force Dean ' s list 2.1; Glee Club 4.3.2; Chapel Choir 4,3.2; Arnold Air Society 1; Society of Young Economist 1; Investment Club 1; Private 4,3,2.1. Four long years have gone b since that hot dav in August 1983 It is hard to believe that I ' ve gotten to the end of that long tunnel and can finally see some light. Hopefully I ' m better off now than 1 was then. I think we all are. There have been alol of good times and bad times but in the end the good times have out numbered the bad. There are three highlights in one ' s cadeiship: Breakout. Ring Figure, and Graduation. At last the big one is in sight: Graduation!! There is only one other day that will be better then May 17, 1986 and that day will be the next day. So many people ha e helped me through these years, far too many to mention here, but a few do require thanks. Adam and Liu, thanks for being such good friends, roomales.and brother rats. Mom and dad, thanks for coming to visit all those weekends, paying all those bills and most off all. pushing me to always do better. And the per- son who has helped me more than anyone is Caroline. You have put up with more than even 1 have, to get to where we are now and you have taught me the meaning of (he word love. May 17 and 18. 1986 will be just as important to you as they will be to me. Good luck Jon and George in you cadelships Good luck class ol 1989. And the best wishes to all ol mv br i raisin the class ol l°86 JOHN MATTHEW ANDERSON History-Navy Number One Club; PX Staff 3,2, 1; The Timmins Socie mins Other Societv. The Chowder Society - Toaslrnas Slockwell ' s Alcohol Safely Action Program -alumnus; P Corporal 3; Sergeant 2. Regimental Sergeant Major 1 " The night is black without a moon The air is thick. : vigilantes gather on the lonely Torch lit hill... Quirk to judge, quick to anger. Slow to understand Ignorance and prejudice and fear Walk hand in hand. " Neil Peart Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks Uncle AJ, without your friendship, advice, and moral support I could not have the positive altitude about VMI that I do. Melon Head, I think it ' s finally lime. The Dood, what can 1 say? I can ' t believe they are unleashing us together inlo this poor, unsuspecting world. John. Fred, 0, Chuck. Thank God a more pleasant life lies ahead. We have paid our dues - always mak- ing the best out of a hideously unlorlnale situation. Steve and Droop loo - until later to you. Thanks Col. Miunix. you are too cool. Lcdr. Turner, thanks lor accepting all of my lerm papers. So much of a good thing i jusl enough. The Dood Let ' s play the Doors The Goose DYKES: 1983: Pete Kallmann 1984: KenKrynski STEVEN K. ANDERSON " Rock, Stump, Uncle, Charlie, Sparky " Falls Church, Virginia English French — Uniled Stales Marine Corps Honor Court 2; Prosecutor 1; Ral 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Third Ballalion X.O. 1; Varsity Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, 1. Team Capl. 1; NROTC Scholarship 4, 3, 2. 1; NROTC Academic Review Board 4; Dean ' s List 3, 2. 1; Ugly Brother 1; English Society 1; Illegal Car Club 3. 2; Circle K 3; Monogram Club 1. How is one lo break down four years of sacrifice and elation inlo two paragraphs. 1 guess vou could say that it ' s been real, that ' s it ' s been great, but is hasn ' t been real great. Oh well, so much for the cheap vacation. VMI has taught me one thing in that il is true that " you may be whatever you resolve to be. " The Institute has many things to offer a young man. I don ' t think anyone could ever slay long enough to lake advantage of all these facets. Maybe VMI should look inlo starting a graduate curriculum??? However, il is true lhat each day represents another chance lo excel under less than ideal conditions, and this is what truly dislinguishes VMI. 1 guess in about ten years we, the Class of 1986 will come back and do a few old yells in the old courtyard. 1 also guess in about len years the present corps will laugh at us just as we have laughed al other alumni. But ihe friendships here at VMI are the best one can ever know. I ' m sure lhat years from now we will gel together and talk of " Glory Days, " right Jim. To Chip, Jim, Jamie, Pal and Dar- ryl, I am privileged lo have you guys as friends. It has been a super four years. To my dearest family. Thank you for putting up with me in good limes and bad. You are ihe greatest and 1 love you. Hey Filz and Ashe, il reminds me of the smell of napalm in the morning, kind of like victory. VMI: " This has been the best restaurant 1 have ever WILLIAM WARNER ANDERSON, JR. " Bill. Wild Man, Mole, Andy " Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering — Navy ASME; Band; Dean ' s Band Company Comma Silver Medal; Navy 4-ye Cadel Computer Assisla lege of Science, England. lonor List; Corporal; Sergeant; Captain; Her; William Brent Bell Award; Navy ROA r ROTC Scholarship; USN Silver Dolphins: ; Exchange Student lo Royal Military Col- Rt-flri ling upon my one ' s life. The Radii first class year i excitement! A c VMI, il compares to ihe passing of Vernal, third class year was painful, began to obtain an (dentil) of myself, and finally ?re and I am nostalgic about old limes. But ihis is ination ... the end of another road leading lo the re difficult one upon graduation. Yet 1 love my brother rats, family, friends, and girls who have supporled me along the way. Consequently VMI holds many cherished and lasting memories of my youth lhat stepped into the cold darkness of the barracks and emerges a man unto the seas of adventure. An adven- ture beyond description! No doubt aboul il 1 haled Rat Year. I detested the cruelly and suf- But if that was the price I had lo pay for my invaluable investment with an exponential fered under the systen friendships, growth and n dary: Paris, London. Zurich, Ro 1 from my girl. A continual bailie of loves. eilles, Toulon, Sicily. La Madalena, Egypt. : adventure of unlimited Urn ■ in, I i young! A sailo A spirit of VMI, William Brenl Bell pushes me lo the corners of the globe and into the miriads of knowledge. My mistakes are engraved in the lines of barracks and my memories of destitute weekends of ihe Dark Ages. I must take the final step. I am ready, I move with remembran ce, and a joy for all that awaits this young VMI cadel. TIMOTHY JOHN ARMSTRONG " T.J., Red, Flame " Shelbyville, Kentucky Mechanical Engineering — Navy Private 1; Sgt. 2; Corporal 3; OGA 1; CPB President 1; CPB 2. 3 " CADET " 1, 2; Red Front Ranger 1. 2, 3; Blue Whaler 1, 2| Bridge Crew 2. 3; Fox Stop Parking Member 2. I There is no way I can express my appreciation lo ihose deserving foi 1 all ihe help in surviving ihese pasl four years. Thank you mom. dad I Ami, Steve, and Jeff. Though I may nol have always expressed it I you have been the most important to me. Thanks also lo all my friends I have made here. Especially Brow B.F., Stump, Fatty, and Jeffrey. I will never forget the limes we hadi I hope il continues after graduation. I would not have made it if i ] had nol been for ihe close friendships I had wilh you all. Friendship: , are what really kept me going. Jefferson and Suzzane you will always be dear lo me. You two wen always so caring md understanding. I hope I do not cause any con- 1 flicl. but thank you Nene for helping during ihose difficult limes, anr ' thank you Mitzi and Tammy for maintaining my sanity with all tht loving and fun limes. II has been a long four years and will be the most memorable. Il ha;, changed me for both the good and bad. I guess il was an equa balance. The experiences have been both good: UVa Easters; Nelson Street. Cotillions, Weekends Easier Breads, Bridge, TV Colony, Richmond, Roadtrips in the — Mobile, and Zolomons ant bad: Pi ' s, confinement, conduct pro, commandant, and NEB However more good than bad. II lh..dn ..!.... II. ul.ln 1 DYKES: Will Creekmure — 1983 Dathan Darby— 1989 CHRISTOPHER SEAN ASHWORTH " Ashe. Fang, Beuh, Woodsy " Richmond. Virginia Civil Engineering — Army IHonor Court 1, 2; Prosecutor 1; 1st Battalion S-5 1; Sergeant 2; Corporal 3; Editor of the " Plug-n-Chug ' " C.E. Newspaper 1; Cadet ! Assistant 3, 2; Hop and Floor Committee 3, 2; Baseball 3; A.S.C.E. 4. 3, 2. 1; " Jem Aldini and the Temptations 2; Late Study Club 2, ■ 1 ; Cadre Road Tripper 2, 1 . It is so hard to write what I want in so few lines. First, 1 would like to thank all of my brother rats. If it were not for you, I would have left a long time ago. You also bestowed upon me the greatest honor that ! I have ever experienced — election to the Honor Court. I hope that 1 1 did not let you down. Mom, Dad, and Todd — thank you all so |much. I love you all very much. You were always there when 1 need- 1 ed you the most (just look at the phone bills). I hope that I have made you all very proud. 1 would also like to thank all of my .relatives, especially you Nina for all of your prayers, care packages, ' Even though 1 have complained about VMI, I am already feeling ' empty about leaving the friends that I have made here. My room- males; Mood, Stew, Charlie, and Howie — 1 love you all like ( brothers. Thanks for putting up with me. Mv close friends; Jeff, Fitz, Di (sp). Paul, " Rock, " Mike, Glenn, Bobby, — Doc. and others — | If you ever need to talk, I ' ll be there. My dykes — Good luck to all of you as you experience VMI. DYKES: Ron Bowdei Tom Spivey i ' m: JOHN FREDERICK AX " Jeff, Schultz. Skipper. Townie " Lexington, Virginia ir Force — Navigator Private 4. 3. 2. 1; Football 4, 3. 2. 1; Number I Club 2; Non Con- formist 4, 3. 2, 1; Co Rack Attack Champ 3. 2. 1; Society of Young Economist 2, 1; Red Front Ranger 3. 2, 1; Beer ' s 4. 3. 2, 1. I can ' t say this has been the best four years of my life but they ' re ones I definitely won ' t forget. My brain must have been on tilt the day I decided to come here. I can ' t say it ' s been a totally bad time because I met friends 1 11 never forget. Rernie, Mike, and Tom you have been the best of friends and I ' ll never forget some of the limes we had. Partying on the Chessie. second sloop repelling team, the night the a x fell during Ring Figure, and the road trip to Lauderdale. Tom and I sucking up the Number 1 . Mom 1 would like to thank you for your love and support in me and also for the meals every weekend. Thanks a lot for making me slick it out. I love you and the experience has been worth it. Carrie I love you more than anything and ! can ' t wait until we gel married in August. You have put up with four years of ihis place with me and now it ' s time to have some fun. Thanks for being there when I need- ed you. I Love You! Well 86 it ' s time to turn out the lights because the party is over, but we ' ll be back to parly again when the flag comes up. " We busted out of class had to get away from those fools we learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school Tonight I hear the neighborhood drummer sound I can feel my heart begin to pound you say you ' re lired and you just want to close your eyes and follow your dreams down " Bruce Springsteen JONATHAN ERIC AYCOCK " Jon. Roy, Two-Tone " Alexandria. Virginia Civil Engineering — Special Student Dean ' s List 4; ASCE; CE Societv of VMI; RDC Secretary; Pvl. 4, 3; Sgt. 2; Gim 3; Marc Moquin Driver ' s Fan Club 3; Fire Fighters 2. 1; Insane 4, 3, 2, 1; Club 333: Club 233; Club 1 18. Well, what can be said? God knows IHTFP. but I am glad I came here. I would like to thank my roommates, parents, brother, friends and girlfriend for putting up with my s— I during my time here. I would also like to thank the CE department for all they have done for me. Marc, Daryl, and Jim we have had some great times. 1 just wish that I could remember what some of them were. Dykes, never give up, before you know it this place will only be a memory. Good luck lo the class of 1986 and all the friends lhal I have made since August 18, 1982, the parly is about to begin. i long way to the top if y nd roll. " — AC DC MATTHEW EDMUND BAKER " Squid. Matthias. Beak (et. ah), Little Buddy " Mechanicsburg. PA WesUake, OH Mechanical Engineering — Navy Cpl. 3; Sgt. Pvi. 2; 2nd Ball. S-3; Tridenl Society (Pres.); NROTC Scholarship 4. 3. 2. 1; PX Worker 3, 2. 1: Rat training Cadre 2; Dean ' s List 4. 2; Col. Snyder Appreciation Society 2. 1; Romper Room 305. 205. 105; The Three; S-2 Math Tutor. It ' s finally my turn to say my two cents worth, but what can I say that hasn ' t already been said? I ' ll do what I always do — shoot from the I owe thanks to many people. I owe Mom and Dad. They got me into VMI and saw me through. Kard. Pitler. Wilbur. Bruce and Billy — w hen [he going got lough the tough gol going and left us here to stick il out. Anyway, we ' re almost through. I could never repay you all, but by now vou ' re used to thai from me. More than anyone else, 1 have to thank Ch how much it meant to have you there for tht has probably been rougher for you than il h; seems to have passed ouicklv. it didn ' t pass fasl waiting. We ' re through the waiting and can j h.rr nd the bad. VMI e. Although time ugh to justify the . I ask if il worth it. I didn ' l know why 1 came to VMI and don ' t know why I stayed. Whether or not four years produced any good — Well. I really can ' l answer thai. I think I ' ve gotlen a lol from VMI, but I also think the Institute has taken a lot from me. The answer? I ' ll play the odds and assume that down the road I ' ll find that time was worthwhile. JAMES CHURCHILL BALL " Jay " Alexandria, Virginia Civil Engineering — 90 Day Army Indiwdual I spent 4 years tnmg to figure out: Why? When I was a rat " why did I come here " ; When I was a 3rd " why didn ' t I leave? " ; when I was a second " why is VMI so blind lo the simple solutions and insists on complicating ihem? " .As a first I surprisingly find myself asking " why am I going to miss il? " The answer — I am not going to miss VMI itself; I miss the greatest, most incredible friends anyone could have, and also the Times: . . . Feb. 12 1st baiTacks buzz . . . Friday night stadium crew . Miller botUe nighl. Sal. nighl guesis (hotel 312) . . . The Car . . . Silling back in ihe room and having a pop . . . Ring Figure . . . Bahamas ' 85 . . . Summer School beats summer camp . . . July 3 ... I was once lold by a good friend before I came lo VMI " Whatever you do don ' l conform. " Well friends of the old 105 — I don ' i think I did. WILLIAM MINER BARBER " Snake Legs, Shop, Sponge, Bill " Walden. New York Modern Languages History — Army 4; Cpl. 3; Cadre Sgt. 2; Master Sgt. 1; Football 4; Baseball 2; ?t Batierv 2. Executive Officer 1; Cadet Computer Assistant 2, Live Fire 2; Fun With Tiso 2; Captain, F Co. Flag . Corps Champs; and finally. Business Manager of 1; Fort Picketl Football Team the 1986 VMI BOMB Ikn uldn ' t gel away without saying thanks: to the people you all are the best. Jack lhanks for your help. Moti explain rm gratitude for your love and palience. Jay July 3rd . . Gerbil. David, Mickey you al has just begun. The WOMB-100-VM1-0 This space is i and emotions, bollom of my heart h too short to express all of my deepest feelings ' let it suffice lo say that I love you all from the very ' To i y family I owe ihe mosl thanks. If it were nol for you Dad, i Jane, Carole, and Kip, I would never have survived. Dad, your words of encouragement, sound advice and much needed financial I help guided me down this long, hard road. Jane, your ever present ■ smile and sincere enthusiasm were much needed and deeply ap- ( predated. Carole and Kip, you were made to order when it comes lo ' • brothers and sisters. Your love, your letters, and yes, at times your i money all contributed to my success. I love you all very much! To Mike and Henia: I ' ll never forgel all of your generosity and kind- ness. Henia, your cookies will always remain my favorite and your wise advice shall always be eagerly soughl. It is my hope that as Mike, Dan, and Kevin read this, ihey will grow to understand just how special their parents are and how special ihev are to me. Thinking of v e a greal debl of gratitude. To both Sam and Qsesl friends, you will never be forgollen. me smile. From " Good Morning, Meeesler Brown, lo " Do you mean a gun or a . . .?, " I ' ll never forgel the great limes we had. To Pulnam: I wish you all the success possible. You worked very hard and I ' m sure it will pay off. To my professors: 1 lhank you for your time and attention. I credit the ML Depl for pushing me further than I thought I could go. Col. Monsour, vour generosity and kindness will be sorelv missed. Thank , you from the depths of my heart! To all who read this " Re nber with nile nl»er I all. ' -mj M STEWART LEE BARNES " Wedge, Stew " Roanoke, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army GA Vice President; ASCE 3. 2, 1; Blood Mobile Committee 3, 2. • Cadet Waiters 3. 2. 1; VM1 Firefighters 2, 1; The Mallorv Hall [Let ' s Do It Again Club " 3, 2, 1; SCSC 2; Pvl. 4. 3, 2, 1. , ' )ne major reason why I decided to come to the Institute was my ather and the close casting friendships lie developed during his ■adeiship in the class of ' 59. After 1 matriculated, one major reason vhy I stayed were the close frienships that it ' s the people thai make MI what it really is. 1 also believe thai in the long run these friend- .hips will be greater than the Ring and Diploma. So thank you Mom, Dad, and " Big Rob " ' for pulling up with me ihe past four years. Thanks also go to Ashe. Howie. Mood, ami Charlie Y ' all have been real roommates. You. Morgan. Moke, Aycock. Agos, Agee, and a )osl of others kept me under control when the Institute was getting ■he best of me. When y ' all are around I would usually be laughing in t malter of minutes, am glad I made the choice to come here, but I am equally glad 1 ilon ' t have to make the choice again. Take care ' 86. Lets keep in )YKES: 1983: Kielh Hannabass Rats: Dennis Gwynn CHRISTOPHER WAYNE BASS " Bass, Basshead " South Boston, Virginia English — Air Force Pvl. 4, 3. 2, 1; Cadet Waiter 4, 3. 2, 1; Committee; Ring Figure Committee; Vic Society; Billing Manager VMI CADET; De; Ghetto Warrior 3, 2, 1. is Other List 4. 3. 1 don ' t like uniforms. I don ' t like rules. I don ' t like being yelled at by strangers. 1 don ' t like haircuts. I don ' t like not partying. I don ' t like cmderblock walls. I don ' t like being told when I can leave, and I ' m not even remotely fond of confinement or PTs. So why did I come to VMI? I couldn ' t answer that question 4 years ago and I still can ' t answer it today. But regardless of all the absurdities I withstood for 4 years, this reckless ride is almost over. It reallv seems like vesterdav that I was bald, a long wav from home, and scared of life without Budweiser and the sweet smell of Southern Virginia. That was a strange lime for me and I needed all the support and encouragement 1 could gel. I gol that and more from two special people in my life, my parents. 1n verending support, and food boxi be ntedc n I ' ve admired all nr ivthing, and I hope I mentioned this place I Dad, I ' m not sure what to say to a n You ' re what I want lo be more than ; really thought you were crazy when yo bul I can never repay you for ihe sugge There are also 4 guys in mv life who have become brothers to me and I can ' t imagine life without them. Tim, Jim Dan. and Greg, nothing can be said to put your insanity inlo perspective. I don ' t even want to try, but ! know it will be what I miss most after gradua- tion. For all you ' ve done, ihis Bud ' s for you! .No 3 the scary part, Hard- DYKES: 1983: Dan Mulhenn Rats: Patrick Popek DAVID ALAN BENHOFF Prospect, Virginia History — United States Marine Corps J Team 4; Semper Fidelis Society 2. 1; Studio 98, 2, 1. Well, I ' ve learned lo laugh at e masa hism. I ' ve become a cynii walked out of the Col. ' s office ' wi belt — laughing hysterically. V 3rd, looking at Kroger ' s and w when you ' d be satisfied with the freedom I -ylhing. almost to a point of sick — but a jolly cynic anyway. I ' ve 4 monlhs confinement under my -iiH«i gazing out my window as a dering — why? You ' re bad off i grocery store. Here at VMI my idealism was shallercd with ihe clash and sudden revelation of reality. It converts to cynicism like an equation. Just plug in the variable, disillusion, and -oKc lor rwncism. Bingo. Had I not met a very special girl. I would have settled for that. However. I met Sue and life doesn ' t look as cruel. My favorite saying " life is hard and then you die " doesn ' t hold up quite as well. I ' m sick of telling mvself that I ' d be a better man and that it builds character anyway. Life here hasn ' t been a field of flowers and sunshine — more like a pit full of muck trying lo suck you down — but the greatest guys were in there wilh you. And through it all, the closest friendships were fused. The last two years with Tim and Jim have been great. I ' m realh sorry Jimmie was out for so long, bul we never forgol about our bo and knew he ' d be hack. And Tim always gave me a laugh — even if it was just his inability to pronounce r ' s. I wish I could list all my friends and the great times we had — I won ' t forget them. And finally, thanks mom and dad. You knew I had enough pressure here and didn ' t need it al home loo. Thanks for putting up wilh me and I ' m sorry I was such a hassle. I was a real project for y ' all from day one — I ' m sorry. " What does not kill me. Makes me stronger. " G. Gordon Liddv ' Shea k J BMS k ! || i§yt, W i| ■• M| MARK EDWARD BLACK " Spider " Milton, Wesl Virginia — United Slates Navy Dean ' s Lisl 1. 2, 3, 4; Acadrmu ally Distinguished 2; Omicron Delia Epsilon; Fellowship of Chrislian Athletes; Society of Young Economists (Pres.) West Virginia Club Football 1, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3 Lellennan; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Reg. S-2 1; Retired Officer ' s Assoc. Medal; " Dungeon Crew. " 18 August 1982. a day that I will remember for a long lime, the day thai I began a four year ordeal ol survival Rut. through I he help of many I have made it. I must mention two guys: Tom Appleton and John ( aimnitngs — vou arc two nt the best friends I ever bad. I have made some other good friends, (Jay, Brure. John, Tony, Chris, and Tim — Hey guvs vou made il bearable — even enjoyable al limes. I came here desiring a good military bark ground and no idea of what to expect. Well I gol the nnlitarv background, and 1 even obtained a ipiahtv idui.ilion Hut. the Listing impression I have ofVMI is that the college Hsell is no more special than any other in the nation. You hear people speak highly ol VMI, bill thev either did not go here or forget what it was like. What makes 1 1 special is ihe men that give up four of the funnest filled years of dieir life to be VMI men. I want to thank the VMI men of the past. Grant Luck to those of the pre- sent, and encourage those ol the luture. Now 1 must thank some tremendous people. First, 1 want to thank Chaplain Caudill lor seeing inr through bad limes with his loving ad- vice. VMI is truly blessed to have a man such as him within Limits Gates. Next I wish to thank my lamilv, without them gelling through this place would lose a greal deal ol value Thanks Mom, Beck, and Dad. I am extremely fortunate i wish lo thank the Lord for bless my whole lire. Praise God. I le; : (he family that I do! Finally I ;houl my cadelship and DYKES: I Tudor (Adopted — Tom ' 1983 Hals: James Wall. Ted Sniffen pplehead " Appleton) ■ JEFFREY R.BOOBAR " R«.olW Houbus " History Spanish — Army Rat 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Reg. Adjulanl 1; AUSA2, 1; Ranger Pit. 3, 2; Glee Club 4, 3; 4 Yr. Army ROTC Scholarship; Air Assault 3. As 1 reflect on my years at VMI I find drawing com lusions a difficult lask. The VMI has provided us wilh the ability to deal wilh any situa- tion we may encounter in life. Yet the pain and depression of the lasl 4 years still cloud my memory. There were times here that 1 would never have survived if it hadn ' t been for my roommates, Dave. Mike. Joe. and Tom Vt e have spent the las! 1 wars together and have sur- vived! 1 love them like brothers and will never forget them. I will also never forgel the support I got from my parents who patiently listen- ed lo my depressing phone rails on ihe weekends. And ihen there is Audrey who has suffered as much or more lhan 1 have the past 4 years. I will love her forever and will spend the resl of my life repay- ing her for her support. To my dyke, Steve, all I can say is to work hard and never lose your sense of humor. If you remember lo laugh every once and aw Ink vou will survive this place. As for Ihe future, I must go out to face the world wilh ihe discipline and honor VMI has taught me, and maybe as the years pass the clouds in my memory will disappear and I will be thankful I spent 4 long years al VMI. PAUL M. BOOS " Rnolit.n. Roo .er. Spazola. Ranshei. Cassanova " Richmond, Virginia Physics — Navy Debate Team 4, 3, 2, 1; President 2, 1; DSR-TKA (Debale Honor ' Society) 3, 2. 1; Society of Physics Students 4, 3, 2, 1; Band Co. 4, j 3, 2, 1; Sgt. 2; Trident Society 1; Glee Club 4, 2; Commanders 4, ! Well, ihis is it. I want lo congratulate all of my BR ' s who have made I il through. I can ' t say I ' ve enjoyed every minute at the T or even I every day, but overall it ' s been a good experience. I ' ve put up with ' the mosl fr ustrating and idiotic regulations ever made, but I ' ve also ' met some of the best guys in the world. Marty, no one could have a better roommate — good luck in your last year. Chris, you have ] been a true friend, see you in the fleet. To everyone else, good luck ' in your future endeavors. And, no 1 didn ' t forgel — Thanks Mom and Dad for everything; I love you. DYKES: Jon Hat [ HA nde . Ike Malrnopoulo; DAVID DANIEL BRACKETT " Jim Jones- Baltimore, Maryland Mechanical Engineering — Air Force ROTC Chapel Chapel TRS 2: 1st Sgt. 3,2. 1. Usher 4; CIC of Ushers 3: Prayer Breakfast Coord. 2, 1; Service Coord. 2. 1; REL. Council Member 4, 3; Council Council VP I; ASME 4, 3. 2, 1; A.A.S. 1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 1: ROTC Award 4. 3. 2; Tutor 1; Acad. Disl. 2: Dean ' s List I Thinking of mv experiences al VM1. I began to weigh the good limes I against the bad. ll wasn ' t long ago when I stood in a line of • bewildered matriculants, far from am familiar face. VMI generouslv . offered me a Rat Bible, a fine haircut, a million rules, and an im- pressive cubicle cramped with three other bald strangers who l somehow made the same mistake I did. Since then VMI has shown 1 this unequaled generosity time and lime again. From Clark King, lo I Machine Design, lo parades unlimited, ihere has never been a challenge like the Ml experience. | But it hasn ' t been all bad times. I surely remember my uncom- promising BR spirit in Rat Training a.-- I ua e three cheers for 86 on ; slide for life — all ihose rack labs so well earned — and ihe long i evenings shooting pool or watching TV on the 200 level, dreading , tomorrow ' s thermo exam. Mike, Dave, thanks for your friendship and continual support. K.C. (my little companion) and 1 will miss you both — God Bless your future. George, Read John 3. Bill, thanks for being such a great friend. Chaplain and Mrs. Caudill, ' ■ you ' ve been like my second parents — I love you both. Of course. Mom and Dad — I couldn ' t have made ihe firsl year without you. 1 u, thank . God. mv i fort r thing. es and bad. leaching I of my lhanks I. " You have taket touch in these four " The fear of ihe Lord is the beginning of knowledge . . . " Proverbs SCOTT ERNEST BRADLEY " Droopv. Droop " Baltimore, Maryland Electrical Engineering — Army The flickering flame al the end of ihe tunnel grows more bright as each day begins and ends. This tunnel, which has been undeniably long and dangerously dim, is a hill steep course, a dark run filled with pushing and panling. e en panicking as a lonely few drop . . . stampeded. Some to recover; some never will. The light each day raizes like s not more than the spark of a firefly: yet it ' s magnified conquers darkness ' dungeon. And more lhan a spark a star, a burning sun thai, for the sake of boldness, pe no more i this tunnel. No, upon reaching the openness, [hat cautious sun. whose filtered bright light lures men onward, will burst upon a balhing sea of blin- ding awareness, glorious -anglasses are recommended. Matthew Fontaine Daniel Mom. Dad. Leslie. Steve, and Scott: We made it. 1 love you all. GEROLD SAGE " B RAD " BRADSHAW, JR. " Baby Whale, Bradley " Va. Beach. Virginia Economics — Air Force Football 4; Golf 4; No. 1 Club 3; Rugby 3. 2; Bloodmobile 3, 2, 1; MBC Club 4. 3, 2. 1; VMI Theater 2, 1: Arnold Air Society 1; Dean ' s List; RFT (Really Fun Time) 1; He Man Commandant Haters Club 2. 1. I came lo VMI with a head full of hoi that they didn ' t even begin to caplun [..I n shear happinei I ami deep fruslralioi ad. ' Nlnpbutlwould ries but soon realized ■uth. The best way to , sadness, depression. do il again. ho helped in someway to get r If I was to thank e this (school?), the vearbook would have to be enlarged by 10 pages. Instead a giant and genuine thanks goes to all my family and friends who helped me lo see ihe light at the end of the tunnel. A very special thanks goes lo the onlv person who suffered more lhan I did while at ihe Institute (she feels it was all her fault), my mother. Mom. without your love and support I might have ended up a Richmond anyway. 1 love you! I also forgive you! Another giant thanks lo all ihe guys in 158. Without Weesel. Mulefish, and Geory Porgy life would have been unbearable. I ' ll be lost without you. Now that all has drawn lo a close I can finally say " I didn ' t know what 1 was gelling into when I came Here! " Veni Vedi Veci Julius Caesar DYKES: Kenry " Birddog " Burgess— 1983 Tommy " Geek " McKee — 1989 JAMES PAUL BRECKENRIDGE " Jim.Breck,all others unpunishable " Cedarville, Ohio Civil Engineering-Air Force Navigators 4,3,2.1, Pres. 1, FCA 3,2, Religious Council 4,3.2-1, Inter-Varsily Christian fellowship 4,3,2,1. ASCE 2,1, CE Society 2,1, Dean ' s List 4, Pvl. 4,3,1, Sgt. 2, F Troop guidon bearer 1, Martial Arts Club 1, Sport Parachute Club 3,2, Glee Club 4, Sum- mer School 3,2,1 Four short years ago I came to VMI because I could not get into the school of m choice, ami also l crause 1 did not know what 1 was get- ting myself into. The challenge given to us by the class of ' 83 made me want to leave almost every day. but the Lord brought me here and never left me. Since then the VMI experience has so far ex- Id not trade it for anything else on p than 1 can ever repay. (Romans ceeded my expectations that 1 earth, for it has given me far J:28) There are main people I must thank for their encouragement and endless hours in pra er lor me. To Ian Sears ' 83 for his constant concern and support, thank you brother in Christ. To Jim Lett. Cor- don Wells and Mike Manfredi for their guidance in the Navigators. To Mrs. Ennis, thanks for all your prayers. To all the minks at the Lamposl and IV, thanks a million for all the good limes. To Chaplain Caudill. thanks for always lending an ear. To all the guys in the Navs, carry in the work (Matthew 9:37.38). Sieve and Joe. lhanks for pulling up with me. il ' s been great in x94. hm.ilh im l.imth I .id. onl l. Ih.i1— gr,u - will m son think as much of me as I do of you. Mom, thanks so much for all your sacrifices for me these past four years. I ' d like to lell you more in this column, but I don ' t have room. Larry, Joy, Jay, and Mary, thanks for your support. John and Jim. you are like sons to me, and my greatest desire i s lo see you serve ihe Lord forever. I hope lhal someday I will be worthy of all of you and make you proud. To close my cadelship I must thank God, who led me ihrough every valley, and Sieve and Angelo He can do ihe same for you. Serve the Lord, and you will be with him forever (Psalm 23:4-6) Dykes: JeffFarry-1983 Sieve Uarren. I ' WJ DOUGLAS WALTER BRENNAN " Du Wally " West Palm Beach, Florida History-Army Infantry A Co. XO 1, Sgt. 2, Cpl. 3, Rai 4, Cadre 2,1, Ranger Pla- toon 4,3,2, Sky Diving Club 3, Airborne Much time has passed since I first came here. Most of it has not been fun. and I found myself looking to others here for help. They always came through, and I shall never forget any of them, especially my roommates Jim, Phil, Paul, and my x-roommale Bob. The fun times I did have with my friends made it bearable as well. I must say 1 learned alot about myself here at the " I " . I guess the most important lesson may be summed up in one quote. I really can ' t say much more. " Though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea. " — Led Zeppelin — I want to thank my mother and father for all they have done for me. Indirectly they went through this place too. I know how much they sacrificed and I hope I can make them proud of what I do with the opportunities they gave me. Now I look to the future with a little unavoidable awe, but I know it will all work out eventually — it did here. " As the eagle leaves the nest, got so far to go. " -Led Zep- pelin — DYKES: Will Cn mur-1983 -1989 ANTHONY JEROME BROWN " Callie, Strawberry, AJ " Richmond, Virginia Economics- Air Force Indoor Track 4,3,2,1, Outdoor Track 4,3,2,1, Cross Coun- try 1, Promaji Club, Vice President 2. President 1 My four years at VMI have been the most demanding years, thus far, in my life. I would like to thank my family for all the support they gave me. There were times when I felt as if I was all alone, but I soon learned that my mother and sisters where just a phone call away. While at VMI I made numerous friends. Friends who I know will be by my side forever, no matter how far apart we are. Yes, the road was rough, but I feel well prepared for the highway ahead. To the Class of 86: Good luck in all your endeavors and may your second life be as fruitful as your first. To the only " original 52 " left, besides myself, my room- male Henry " Wally " Ingram: We ' ve had a lot of fun with many stories. I am going to miss you. Tarn sure our friend- ship will last forever. See you when you get back in the DYKES: 1983: Gram Nullycomb 1989: Anthony McCants 186 First Cla SAMUEL VICTOR BROWNE " Chammy, Sham, Scoots " Falls Church. Va. English-Marine JTrack 4, Promaji 4,3,2,1. Rugby 3,2,1, Cadet Battery 1, Advertising Manager Bomb 1, Dean ' s List 1st Sem. 2, English Society 2.1, Photo Club 2,1, " Cadet " Feature i Writer 2,1 i , I expect to pass this way but c i let i i any good work therefore 1 or animal let me do it now. Let me do it eglect nor defer it for I shall not pass this Looking back on my many years at VMI; I can truly say it has been differanl. I would not do it again but I would not give up my experiance for the world. I have made some good friends at the " I " and I hope we stay in touch long after May 17. Good luck BR ' s of ' 84 ' 86 and " 87. Thanks Mom. Dad. and Sisters. I could not have done it without you. Sam. Bill. Adam — WHAT A TEAM! Take care guys. When a man has no freedom to fight at home, Let him com- bat for his neighbors; Let him think of the glories of Greece and Rome And get knocked in his head for his labours. To do good to mankind is a chivalrous plan. And is always as nobly requited; Then battle for freedom wherever you can; And. if not shot or hanged, you ' ll get knighted. Lord Byron. ; Dykes: 1981: Rick " Mo ! 1987: Andy Kestner 1989: Melvin Brown e " Mcque THEODORE EDWARD BUCZACKI Jr. " Ted,Theo,Pig,Goof Springfield, Pa. Electrical Engineering- Army Pvt. 4, Cpl.,Pvt.3, Sgt. 2, Pvt. 1. Ranger Pit 3, Circle K 3, Neuman Club 4, TCSC, SCSC, FCSC, Airborne 2 VMI has taught me a lot in my time here. I can ' t say it was a smart move coming here, because in many ways it wasn ' t. I can ' t say I would do it again, but 1 am glad I did it. I learned alot about myself and other people 1 would not have had the chance to do at any other school. I ' ve made alot of good friends in my brother rats, guys who made it bearable here, Hickey. Opie, Cake, Tooken. Karl, Chappy, Quill, Pig, and Adam. How can I forget these guys and all the roadtrips we ' ve made in order to keep sane here at the " I " ? I ' d like to thank my family and all my brother rats who have helped me through the journey of four years at VMI. DYKES: Tim Craul-1983 Steve Joern- 1989 PAUL WILLIAM BURCH " Bird,Chilly Willy " Woodstock, Virginia Civil Engineering- Army Sr. Voting Member H.C. 1, Honor Court 2, Acad. Dist. 4, Cpl. 3, TCFC Chairman 3.2. ASCE Vice Pres. 3,2, S-5 Tour Guide 4.3. CADET Newspaper 4,3,1, Member CES 2, Pit. Sgt. 2, ASCE Pres. 1, CES Vice Pres. 1, Cadet Capt.l Four years ago I matriculated as a scared high school senior. My only concern as a rat was making it through each day. At Christmas that year many friends at home asked me why I went to VMI. Foremost in my mind was why did I stay. It has taken the experiences of the past three years to answer that question. What follows are the elements of my answer. Mom and Dad your love and support have been a stronghold in the hardest of times. I can never repay you for the endless opportunities you have given me. Phil, Amy, and Peter your support has aided me immensly. To Clif and Ping who have helped me to grow. To say you are close friends is an understatement. To Ben, what can I say, in four years you have become my third brother. Filz. Ashe. Dee and Rock, thanks for leaching me to persevere against steep odds. Hardship creates strong bonds. To Jada, I will never forget the happiness and love you have brought me. And finally to the brother rats who have supported me and honored me with several responsibilities. I hope I have lived up to your expectations ai brotherhood and friendship r Four years have ended and always reminisce on the hap Institute. DYKES: Terrell M. Munson- Jon M.Jacobs- 1989 ed you well. May ; time to proceed, yet I will imes we have shared at the JOHN WINSTON BUTLER " Daemi, Frack, Spike, Aulung " Chesepeake, Virginia Civil Engineering — S.S. Academically Extinguished 4, 3, 2, 1; Bd. Co. 4, 3. 2, 1; Shark Rider 3; Commanders 3, 2. 1; Debate Team 3, 2 (Sec); Pep Band 3, 2; Rowing Club 1; A.S.C.E. 4, 3, 2, 1; R.M.W.C. Live-in 2; Five Year Man Babvsitters 2, 1; Summer School 4, 3, 2, 1; Barracks I .hi. .3,2. Well 1 rail ' veslcrdav I nielhat wil 1 really believe that I am writing this, it s was bald and straining. V.M.I. has made last forever. med that only i imp. ii I ii|H)ii The road I si nn -1, mil on lour year-- ago has hern long and hard, and wilhoul the infinite patience and understanding ol some very special people 1 would have never made it. Mom — thanks for being there all of the many times I needed you. Knssy and Kaly, you made my stav at and away from V.M.I, a pleasurable one. O.B. — 1 love you. There have been a number of people who have made my time here well worth it. F. Y. Schoen, Leffers, and Powell. Curt and Pfef — Co lift. Well Frick that just leaves you. What can I say, but thank you my friend. We had many a good lime here together my fellow babysitter. Remember the Shark — Now that was having a good lime. Too bad they won ' t print all of the good stuff. I don ' t ever think that I will forget my road trips to Hood, or the long weekends spent at Randy-Mac. I have to say in earnest that I have always ihoughl almnt going (o some other college, but I wouldn ' t give up what I have learned for all the tea in China. Dan — never slop try- ing to achieve votir goals, and above all. never slop dreaming. When a man slops dreaming, he dies. I wish you good luck in your endeavor, don ' t give up. Above all, I want lo thank God for giving me the peace of mind when 1 needed it, Dad — What are we going lo do when we grow up? J.W.B. ERIC A. BUTNER " Bulless. Waldo. Bui " Cleveland, Ohio Electrical Engineering — Air Force Private 3. 2, 1; Rack Lab 414, 314,214, 114; IEEE 1; Arnold Air Society 1; Editor: Rin ; figure me: Section Editor: Bornb 4, 2. 1; Theater 1: Summer Scholars Program 3, 2. Dear Mo m and Dad, I guess t ' s lime to write another lelle . The first one from c adre week is urning a little ye low. It ' s beer a long lime since that first letter an d we ' ve all been through a lot It ' s also been a ong time since I I Id you both how much I love y ou. You have give n up a lot lo get m e here, thai hasn t gone unno ced. I have tried tod my best and lo make you both proud. It has n ' t been easy but f " ' ever said it w juld. 1 hope 1 am able lo gi»e tc my children wha you have I lo 1 hoi I I Dear Carolyn, Can you believe that this " Third " is graduating. I know you never lost faith in me. During the Tin i had lost failh in myself, you were always there lo keep mi Somehow we alwavs managed to find a way to be together, W ihoughl this lime would e to start living our drean your reach if only you firs Well guys, [he game is over, we finally won! friends that you are. After three years logelhe I ' m sure we can do anything- Good Luck! .It ' s Reineml er [X ' aches. Nothing i ROBERT SHENDAN CABELL " Bob. Stork, Booboo, Shaggy. Shag-Master 2 " Norfolk, Virginia - Army (Armor) Ral 4; Pvt. 3; Sgl. 3; lsl Sgt. 1; Lacrosse 4. 3; EE 4, 3; EC 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 2; VMI Awards Committee 2. 1; VMI-JMU Weekend Social Director 3.2,1; Semi Finals of JM ' s (JMU) Dance Cont est 3: Society of Young Economics 2, 1: Economics Cadet Assistant 1; Cadet Investment Club V.P. 1 II is too good lo be true! I finally made it lo my first class history. Il seems like only yesterday I was a bald headed little rat in my dyke ' s room trying to gel a grip on reality. Before I knew it 1 was a third nol much belter off than rat year. What a disappointment! Third Class year was rocky until ihe big switch from EE to EC. Smartest thing 1 ever did. The extra lime away from the books gave me lime to chase the greatest girl in the world at JMl Second Class year was a com- plete blurr except for Micro Theory which nearly gave me a heart at- tack and for Ring Figure which was blurry in itself. 1 don ' t know how any group of guys can cause more destruction in 24 hours. Now we occupy the 1st sloop. A dream come Irue. I don ' t know how, but 1 1 made it. To the people who made it all possible: Mom and Dad. Thanks for the sacrifices and patience during my VMI years. I could nol have made il wilhoul you. To Connie and Debbie. Thanks for being such good sislers and for standing behind me. To that rat roomies: Dave, Mark. Remi. and Jerrv. It wasn ' l always fun. but we managed lo make due and laugh our way through. To Scoll. Richard, Keith, and even Gitch — what can I say to my VMI roommates. You guys are ihe besl and I know we ' ll always stay in touch. I wish ya the best. To all the guys in and around Pervert Corner, I now know why you all live there! Good Luck guys. To the ' 83 dykes: Mark. Disco, Fred. Spence and especially Warren. I owe my cadelship. Thanks a lot guys?! A special thanks lo the one who kept me sane with phi " Carol for standing beside logether. I love you! r futu calls and endle; when il go! lough. I I Bye Bye VMI. DYKES: Warren P. Groseclose " Red " — 1983 Knit ' Sudden Exit ' 9 12 85, Sean Halberg. Greg Ken- dnck. Todd Palneskv, Bill Rusher — 1989 188 First Clas MICHAEL GAVIN CALKINS " Mikey. MonoGrow " Economic trginia - Army dverlising Manager VM1 Cadet 2, 1; Society of Young Economist , 1; Investment Club 1; Waiters 2, 1; Vergin Private 4, 3, 2, 1; ' arsilv Lacrosse 4, 3; Summers in Lexington 3, 2; Summer Camp lot Yet; Nags Head Yaghls Fun at Any Cost 4, 3, 2. 1; The World. ..can ' t believe I am finally writing my first class history. It really eems as if just yesterday. Mom and Dad were dropping me off at mils gales to meet my four year challenge . . . VMI . . . " Why me, " jasked as I fished my hat from the toilet on day two. Well 1 never ave really figured out the answer to that question. It might be the ' nallenge, the big fraternity; or maybe just lack, of knowledge. At by rate. I ' m still here and will hopefully graduate in May. The main pint I guess; is that I stayed! When I look back on my academic enlevements, PT ' s and confinement, 1 realize that friends and the real time, confirm the reasons for staying. I really couldn ' t ask for beller group of friends; especially m roommates David, Jav. ■ergil and 112. It ' s been a complete squal! I will never forgel f ollins. The Dell, Salems, road trips, Nags Head exit. lor the most pari, I wanl to express my gratitude to Dad, Mam, lath, Ronnie. Mamie, and Litt for their love and support when I ' iosl needed it. As for great friendship and advice. Bordem my dyke ; nd I can ' t forget Taz. Without y ' all I never could have made it. All t all, VMI has been an experience and hopefully one day 1 can tell lyself and everyone why I came to VMI in the first place. By the jay dykes don ' t quit, or get kicked out Ceorge! I think it ' s worth it! ' YKES: Borden M. Ray - George H. Bowie: D»H3 VINCENT DAQUIAL CARAG, JR. " Gary Yap, Dee Podo, Dumb A— Tanker, NTF " Grand Island, Nebraska History International Studies — Army Armor Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Capl. 1; Army Scholarship 2. 1; Distinguished Military Student 1; Tanker Platoon 4, 3, 2, 1 (CIC); AUSA 4, 3. 2. 1; Dick Ranker 3, 2. 1; Cadre 3, 2. 1; Dean ' s List 3, 2, 1; Sole Member — VMI Nebraska Club; Confused 4. 3. 2. 1; Real Cadet 4, 3, 2. 1; Weird Society 2, 1; Bobsey Twin A. Four years of frusiration have passed jusi so I could write this stupid history for the BOMB. What a deal! Actually. I ' m prettv damn proud or this place and what I ' ve accomplished! After all, I did want a lough college. I finnlv Ik ' Ijcvc llial this is the Iw-st school in the coun- try for me. Although I dent alwa agree with mam administration policies or hold a great love for some of my so called brother rats. 1 wouldn ' t go anywhere else in the country. All my life I ' ve wanted to become a regular Army officer. And now the goal of a lifetime is Mom and Dad, if you were alive today I know you ' d both be proud. Somehow, though, I know you ' re watching over me. I would also like to thank the rest of my family and friends for all of your love and support. It is definitely needed in a place like this. And to my new family, the Bredthauers. I would say thank you for taking me in and treating me like a member of the clan. That did a lot to ease my apprehension of becoming " The new member. " ' And finally. I owe my biggest amount of thanks to you. Lisa. Without you I doubt ! could have put up with this place. Your love has done more for me than you ' ll ever know. Finding you is the best thing that happened during my cadetship. I owe you so much. I love you Lisa, and I ' m looking forward to our wedding more than anything. Adios, VMI. It ' s sure gonna be nice seeing you as a cadet. And don ' t expect any contributions can ' t afford it — I ' ll have a family. To the Ch you in Moody Hall. ; than n the full KERRY THOMAS CASSEL •■Muleflsh " Glade Hill, Virginia Economics — Navy Sgl. 2; Mgr. 4, 3, 2; Society of Young Economists 1; Investment Club 1 ; Naval Aviators 1 ; Monogram Club 3; Cadet Assl. 2, 1 . Looking back on my last four years I must say VMI has provided me some unforgettable experiences. Most importantly though the " I " has provided me the opportunity to make friends with some of the best guys in the world .eorge. Brad, and Steve I will always cherish our times together as thev have truly been special. I ' ll never forgel our trips to Goshen, Man Baldwin, The Oyster Bowl, and the numerous other places. I will miss y ' all. No w I would like lo thank the main people who have given me love and support throughout my cadetship. First, I want lo thank Joe. Gloria. Joan, and Jason Divers along with Suzanne and Doug Guilliams for all your lellers and encouragement. You all are a very special family to me. To Aunt Polly I owe a super thank you for your many food boxes and the dinners at Natural Bridges. To Cathy I want thanks for all your love these past two years. I ' d love you and I am sure our future will be great together. Finally . lo Mom, Dad, and the rest of my family thanks for everything. Without you all 1 never would have made it. In concluding. I will say that m days at the Institute have been gratifying but I am glad they are almost over. MICHAEL RAYMOND CASTALDI " Cas.Castank,01ive,Slick " Bel Air, Maryland Mechanical Engineering-Air Force Ral 4, Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2, 1st Ball. Co. L, Academiclly Disl. 2, Dean ' s Lisl 3,2,1, ASME, Member of ihe Flirlin with Disaster Club 3,1, Inaugural Parade, Almost! Hollins Col- lege Weekent Coordinator 1 Four years ago I entered VMI with a goal to be as fine a cadet as my friend, Anthony Pais ' 19. However at a first glance. I am sure 1 did not appear to be the most promising cadet of my class, low in self-confidence, in poor physical condition, and the product of a sheltered house hold. Yet I managed to survive rat year. Now. with my cadetship almost completed, I feel that I have met that goal. But the elation with the fulfillment of a goal tends to discredit the lime spent in pusuil of it. The many days of loneliness and frustration have faded away, the days of pride and ac- complishment, have become a branded memory. !No matter how lonely 1 fell here at times 1 was never really alone. Rob and Jeff, without getting too deep, you were always there when I needed you. You ' ve been the brothers I ' ve never had. Mother. Father, Chris and Mary Tyes, you ' ve always supported my endeavors with a love that has shown me just how close a family we are. We have been blessed. Mrs. Boni, you have been a shot in the arm more than 1 can recall. 1 love you for it. In closing, I want to say that my most important lesson learned is inscribed in Jackson Arch: " You may be whatever you resolve to be " . It describes the free will of man lo chose his destiny, while suggesting thai hardwork and perciverance will allow one lo obtain any goal. The four years at VMI have taught me ihe profoundness of that slale- nienl. Thank You Sir! DYKES: Albert O. Kwon-1983 Edward J. Rodriguez- 1989 JAMES RICHARD CHAMBERS " Rick, Ricky " Atlanta, Georgia Electrical Engineering — Army Reserves Cpl.,Pvl.,Cpl.,Capt..Pvt.,lsl Sgt., Dean ' s List 4.3.2,1, DMS 1. IEEE 2.1(Pres.), Bomb 2,1, Eta Kappa Nu 2,1, Dive Club 3.2,l(Trea). Hop and Floor 2,1, Cadre 3, Number 1 Club 3, Illegal Car Club 4,3,2, Zoo Crue 3,2,1, Red Front Ranger 4,3, D Co. 4,3,2,1, 1 Co. 1, PW ' D 3,2, Cadet Asst. 1, " 100 " Club 3 What to say? After the hassles of the ratline, mt first year of hassles with the rules got me a 1 and 4: for being with my budyy " wieser " and buddy Charlie. Ring Figure, says it all. Companay CO for a week. To both of my familes: What I ' ve got to thank you for would fill all 1736 spaces. What I ' ve done has been done with you in mind. A special thanks lo Ridley for all you ' ve done. To the Crue in the zoo: Thanks guys. Without all of you the confinement would ' ve taken its loll. Thanks for putting up with my constant har- rassmenU especially when vou had better things to do than listen lo me ramble on. Fellow dribblers in NEB, good luck in the future. John and Jamie: you two have kept me going for the past three years. Your help and abuse has made me realize how great it was to have two roomaties like you. Thanks. Lloyd and Bill: The I is a strange animal that goes its own way- Learn to ride without getting thrown off. Remember all you take from here is the ring and sheep- skin. ' Kathleen Thank you for always being there when I needed you. Class of 1986: See you in Moody Hall. JRC ' 86 Some of it ' s magic and some of it ' s tragic. But it ' s been a good life all the way. Jimmy Buffet DYKES: W. Tracey Jones HI — 1983 Lloyd " Floyd " Bell, Bill " Beach " Bersing — 1989 MICHAEL DAVID CHAPMAN j " Chappy,Chapfish,Schlongman,Pig " Littleton, Colorado Electrical Engineering-Army Infantry Rat 4, Private 3,2.1. Ring Committee, Ring Constructioi! comm. Chairman. Varsity Swimming 4, Monogram cluh 4,3, Ranger Platoon 3,2, Tanker Platoon 1, Cadet Batter j 3, AUSA 2,1, Honor Guard 3. IEEE 2,1, Circle K 3,21 Dartboard 3,2,1. The Difference 3,2,1 It ' s impossibe for words to describe my experience at uV Institute. The outsider can never fully understand life herej VMI is your worst fear and your greatest joy at the sami. time. On many occassions, I hated this cold and lonely place. Yet, When away from the Institute, I always felt ful of pride lo be part of it all. I hope I ' ve been worthy of the uniform lhal those before me have worn. Today, the cade gray speaks loudly of honor and duly, just like it did 14C years ago. I continue to be a firm believer in the ideals fo which VMI stands. Although, on occassion, I have beer disillusioned I ' ve had good times and bad. I will always remember thi good times. The road trips with " The Boys " cannot bt forgotten. The friendships forged within the walls of bar racks will always be. Ted, Mark, Paul, George, Vince, Jim ' Many others, and even Karl have made my cadetship much more bearable. I ' m Grateful to my roomales. Dave anc Dave, for pulling up with me for the last 3 years. Nor can forget my BR ' s in the EE Depl. Who. along wilh me; sweated out 4 years of demanding academics. Special thanks go to my parents, for without (hem, none oi this would have been possible. I hope I ' ve made you proud ' 1 also want to thank Dae for being there when I needed dur ing 3 of the most important years of my life. I ' ll never forge you. I ' d also like to thank my grandfather and my brother; and sisters for the encouragement and strength they havt I ' ll leave on fc note: no matter where you are in life afle VMI, there will always be a part of you lhal will still be I DYKES: Kendall Avery-1983 VanTrumpore-1989 PING-CHEN CHEN " ■Ping.Benjamin. ' Get your chin in Chen " Kaohsiung. Republic of China, Taiwan Civil Engineering-Marine pl.3, Sgt. 2, Lt. 1, Sky Diving 3,2, Scuba Diving 3,2, iarate Club 4,3,1, Semper Fidelis 2,1, ASCE 2,1, Posit iomm. 1, VMI Fire Fighter 3,2,1, Scouter Club 1, Rat aining Cadre 1 , Cadet Computer Assistant 2,1 our years ago when I first stepped in the Jackson Arch, my jeart was pumping and blood was burning. And I knew I as stuck here for the next four years of my life. But 1 was ;!ad to be here with all of my brother rats, especially my »omates Paul, Ben and Cliff, they treated me like their Yothers. Dad, Mom, Ching-Pa. May and Hsi-Pin, your love nd support have been a stronghold in the hardest of limes. Ml does not just give me a piece of sheep skin (diploma). I also gives me friendship, honor, a »und myself another home. All I ■am and Pain Builds Character. irom Paul: Ping, you became four second class year, although I k ave learned many things about you a lears and I am a much bettei .l di say pline. Finally, 1 No Pain-No pen at the begining ew you well before. I nd from you these two because of you. I coll- ides you one of my best and closest friends whom I can lonfide in totally. We must stay in contact after graduation jr I will miss you intensely. I am proud to know you and link of it as an honor to be considered your friend. — [hanks Paul! I will miss you, too. rom Ben: Ping, I ' ve enjoyed being your roomate for these ast two years. You ' ve been a friend in every sense of the ; ord and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank ou for always being there! I wish you the best of luck in our future endeavors and I ' m proud to have gotten the op- orlunity to know a gTeat guy such as yourself. Stay in uch, your friend always BR! , ykes: Somsak Roongsita-1983 MfredM. Veroza-1989 JOHN BEADLEY CHESSON " ChessXhesnuLMongoJim " Columbia. Maryland Mechanical Engineering — Army ROTC Captain of the Varsity Track Team, Varsity track Team 1,2, Varsity Football 3,4, Monogram Club, Fellowship of Chris- tian Alheletes, Scuba Diving 1 came to VMI for an adventure, to be one of the few who survived the rigerous discipline of a military school. More challenges were thrown at me, than I had bargained for. Yet, I met those challenges and pushed myself into a realm of achievements beyond my expectations. I learned to push myself to a level of excellence only achieved by few. There is no doubt in my mind thai I will coucour any challenges and achieve any goal I may set in life. Thanks, Mom and Dad for being there when I needed your support. The friends I have made here will always be apart of me. Thanks guvs lor the great times and more often than not. Thanks for being there in the really bad limes. My first class year roomates: Jeff Massie, Gay Elmore and Chris Planeta. GOOD LUCK in the future. DYKES: Jay Lasek — 1983 Micheal Karns — 1989 BYRON L. CHILDRESS, JR. " Curious George, Chaka, Bat-Mite, Micro " Manquin. Virginia History — US Army Pvt. 4, Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2, Co. XO 1. Ranger Pit. 4,3, Tanker Ph. 3, S-5 Staff 3,2, Sport Parachute Club 4, VMI Dive Club 3, Rat Training 2, Intramural Boxing 1, Posit Com- mittee 2,1, Airborne 4. RDC 1, Ring Figure Rock Painting Committee 2, English Society 1, Blue Whale Fan Club 2,1 How does one go about putting four years of God — fear- ing terror, screaming hilarity, hurl, and pleasure into one big paragraph? This place has shown me what hard work really is, but more importantly. I think VMI has shown me what fun really is. loo. If you forgel how to laugh at yourself here, then you ' ve missed an important pari of the VMI ex- periance. To Mike, my roomate, you ' re a perfect example of morality and gentlemanly conduct from whom we could all learn a lesson. Troy, my other roomie, I ' ll see you again soon, whether in a Georgetown bar or taking advantage of Hordurian natives. I ' ll miss you both greatly. Mom and Dad, what can I say? Between gross financial outlays, late calls on RDC nights, and verv questionable academic per- formance, you ' ve always been there. Dad if I could become half the man you are and find a girl that is half the lady Thank-you, I love you both dearly. Pele. I kno a ' it ' s a drag, but it goes by so fast your head will spin. You ' r e a great dyke; I hope I ' ve helped you oul in some small wa v. Good Luck. Andrew: go lo UVA and be a lawyer, make 01 r Mom happy. Dykes: Yung Kil Kim- 1983 Pele Baber- 1989 MICHAEL ALAN CHIPLEY " Mike,Chip,Baby Rhino.Fred " Frederick. Maryland Mathamatics-Naval ROTC Rugby 3,2 Captain 1, Spring Football 4, CWRT 3,2, Secralary 1, Cadet Computer Assistant 1, RKT 1 upam unkn I started out in alpl ended on an early morning rifle run when I hit HOC Member Ben Collrell in the head with my rifle. I survived my rat year and proceeded to come back on confinement my third class year. The best thing to happen to me my third class year was my joining of the Rugby Team. Amid the several broken fingers were some of the best parlies available to cadets. Many times I stumbled around after the post game socializing. Third class vear I lost my ral roomate. Charles S. Cubbison had to leave the beloved " I " due to the death of his father. Later the same year my roomate Bradley M. Kwailowski left and enlisted in the Navy. Second class year started out preltv dull, not much happened except the Ed Lee Cup in Richmond. Eating, drinking, and women for a whole weekend with rugby thrown in. In the sprng though the excitement started. I was elected captain of the rugby team and in a high intensity match with UVa I had my Jaw broken in three places. That is probable why I kept my demerits second class year down to one, no inspections. Mv first (kiss year started off to be a drag. I found out that my roomate John (Jack) R. Tucker Jr. was not returning. On top of that I have Clark King ' s RFT to thrill inc. what a great rar. I hope shakrspearc was right when he wrote " Airs Well That Ends Well. " P.S. Bob II i ead this don ' t give up. It is all worth it i Mom. Dad thanks for giving me all the support. " Although life may give you a couple of kicks to the jaw. you have to gel back up and keep fighting. " Dykes: Andrew S.White-1983 Robert L. White-1989 BERNARD JOSEPH COLACICCO " Bernie,Bullethead,Dernjuan,Bernsor , Blackwood, New Jersey History-Navy Football 4,3,2,1, Sgt. 2, Supply Sgt. 1, Monogram Club 3,2,1, Prelaw Society 1, Red Front Ranger 4.3,2.1. The Trail 3.2. FTHC 2,1, Socially Deprived 4.3,2,1, Suc- cessful Alcoholic 4,3,2,1, Room 228 Repelling Club Well BR ' s the party is over and not soon enough! Four years seemed to have passed in the wink of an eye, but somehow my brain was able to capture many sacred memories. These four years here at the " I " definitely were not the most fun four years of my life, but something tells me that they were not meant to be. Thank God its over! Now the fun begins! Mom and Dad. what can I say? Thanks for the support and encouragement you ha e given me over the most trying years of my life. I love you both. Do you really think that I would not have survived at a " real college " ? Maybe. Tom, Jeff and Michael, you all are the best of friends. We have gone through some tough limes together, but the good times far outnumber the bad. Ft. Lauderdale, the Rail Adventures. Stadium cocktail hours, anc or 228 happv hour are just a few. Tom. good luck my and don ' t hit any of your superiors! Always your real hame. " South Jersey " . Michael, all I keep working hard. I know you will be anything you persue. Jeff, good luck in the Air Force as a navigator and best wishes to you and Carrie. Anne, thanks for being a Mom away from home. Your hospitality helped Torn and 1 make it through. Also I would like to say good luck to Pat. Jim, Bruce, Scott B.. Scott D., Cludge, Ernie- Luke. S.D., and Tom D. We had some great times trying to make this place seem like a normal institution of higher learning. Dan keep up the grades and you will pave your way to success. Farewell BR ' s, it is lime to hit the real world. Best of Luck! an say ANTHONY MICHAEL COLLETTI " Cliti.kittycat.Dear Richmond. Virginia Economics-Air Force Baseball Society of Young Economists 2,1,! Monogram Club 2.1. Ring Figure Entertainment Commit- ' lee 2. Promaji Club 3. Pvt. 4.3,2,1 When I first choose VMI, a lot of people were dumbfound- ed and probably with good reason. Guess what, fooled you.j I made it. The past 4 years have been the most depressing and yet rewarding years of my life. Yet through al! the hardship I honestly feel like coming to VMI was the right decision. Fve ' i learned to laugh at little things and cope with major disap-. pointmenls. I ' ve learned a lot about others, but more impor-i tantly is what I ' ve learned about myself. It ' s hard to make it al VMI on your own. Jeff, thanks for all of your help. I couldn ' t have done ill without you. Hang on, sooner or later that special " Kom " will come along. Jim. it was an experience. Thanks. I learned a lot. Glen, you ' re definitely the added dimension. Thanks for the late night bull sessions. Even though I was ( right most of the lime. Tina, you made this place seem more bearable then bad times. No matter the mood I was in, your smile always made me feel better. Thanks friends, I lovel you all. Mom and Dad. you deserve the biggest thanks. Without your love, support, and patience I would have never made- it. Thanks for the secret gifts Dad. 1 promise I won ' t tell Mom. Mom, you ' ve been the greatest. You ' ve pushed me from the beginning to the end. The talks, letters, and even gripes made t understanding, you both. I love want 1 1 e much yo Thanks ■Mo for the n. Thank Dykes: Tom Jewell- 1983 Dan McClinlock-1989 Dykes: Donald Gray Carter Jr.-1983 Bruce Scoll " Tippv " Slables-1989 J. ALVIN COMER " AC Al " Roanoke. Virginia History-Navy Circle K, FCA. Monogram Club, Drug Alco Football, Rat. Pvt. 3, Sgl. 2, 1st Sgt. 1 It like yesterday I had decided to attend VM1 and now I am writing my class history. I have so many people to ihank I don ' t no where to begin. I guess I owe everything to my morn and dad. They have been behind me the whole ivay. I would also like to thank my roommates Kurt, Pat, Roy, and Ron for some of the best limes of my life. They lave been like brothers to me. f would like to wish my dyke Dan the best of luck. The friends I have made I will never orgel. I hope all my experience here both good and bad eventually pays off. To Coach King and Chunk I hop. riendship conli nues. OP I w ill raise oi e to you everyti ' m in California .Ber 1 know you will d i fine but you ca , ' l ay 1 didt " t tell ousc . Mary and Ted wt 11 I guess youca n ' t relieve it Than ,s again mo n and dad for shari ig all r ' oys and trouble s the se past twenly-lwc years. 1 can ' t tell ou how muchy ours upport las meant. but 1 lov you a id ' .S. Roy 1 owe you and your family a special tha Without your support I probably wouldn ' t still be here. )ykes: Tor fom McGn Radle-1983 w-1989 CHARLES BRYANT COOK " Cookie. Chud, Charlie.or Chuck " Powhatan. Virginia History — Army Infantry First YeanA rat, the lowest lifeform on this planet. Second year: A rat with a radio. Third year: A rat with THE RING. Last Year: A rat with a car and ultimately THE DIPLOMA. I cannot say that I have enjoyed my years here at VMI. The feeling that somehow 1 have missed out on something somewhere else haunts me. The bitterness that results will always be there, yet I cannot find it in my heart to condemn this Institute. It has taken me from my childhood fantasies and taught me " the simple recognition that life is unavoidably serious " . What greater task can be asked of such a plai s this? It has been difficult. If it had not been for the love my parents have given to me since 1 was born, I would not have had the strength to carry on. I am indebted to them. Some day I hope I can tell them just how much I love them both, my Moms and Poes. And so. it is now time for me to come into my own. A daunting prospect, but no matter for I have been to the bottom and now I reach for the stars. And now the Messiah cometh in the fulness of time, that he may redeem the children of men from the fall. And because that they are redeemed from the fall they have become free forever. Knowing good from eviklo act for themselves and not to be acted upon, save it be by the punishment of the law at the great and last day. according to the commandments which God hath given. -The Second Book of Nephi.Chapler Two. Verse Twenty — six. THE BOOK OF MORMON Dykes: Coles Terry — 1979 MICHAEL ALLEN CORWIN " Hound, Chowhound, Fish " Newport News. Virginia C.E.-Army Pvt. 4.3,2,1, Deans Other List 4,3.2,1, Football 4,3, Rugby 2,1, Club 48 4,3,2,1. Physics Stud 3,2 The past four years here al VMI have been rough, having to deal with academics, the bogus bones, and the P.E. Depart- will be everlasting, especially those of friends and Rugby Parties. Roomies, thanks for all the good times we ' ve had. Mom, Dad, Frank, and Karen thanks for the constant push that kept me going when I needed it. Dykes: Steve " The Ho " Hodak-1983 Dave " Spas " Martin-1989 JAMES LEE COULTER, JR. " Jim-Bob, Coltfish " McKees Rocks. Pa. Electrical Engineering — Navy Swimming 4, 3, 2. 1; Pvl. 4, 2, 1; Shorl-Lived Cpl. 3; IEEE 2, 1; VM1 Cadel Slaff 1; Monogram Club 2. 1; Waler Polo 1; Club ' 47. It ' s a little difficult to put in il say, bul to avoid insulting thoi this will he mercifully short. I can slill remember the first lime I heard of the school, passing VMI ' s booth at a college fair in Pittsburgh. I ihoughl to myself " Why would anyone want to go lo that school? " ()l course, months later, there 1 was applying in Ma ol " Ml and rushing down lo visit during summer session, booking around thai day. I thought, " Hey, this isn ' t so had, everyone is cool and they ' re even wearing civilian clothes. " I vaguely remember a eadel showing me around talking a twtil walking some line, bul I didn ' t .sec any lines and besides, how had M.uld il be ' Little did I know. . . I would like lo thank my parents and sisters for helping i my four years. I could never have made it without the lov port from my famih anil I am forever indebted to them. To club I 4 : Tim and I)a e. what can I say guvs, you ' re know that you guys are Irue friends, and I both adnnrt : through pool, 1 I I forgel ihe swim team. During ihose long ho le some great friends. It helped a lot lo see fmsuuign ear. To Paul, Dan, Eric, and Jim, I wish you the best of in the .burgh BRIAN EDWARD CROWSON " Bee. Crow, Cro-Magnon, Bink " Suffolk, Virginia History — Army Pvl. 4, 1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Timmins Society 3, 2, 1, Vice Pres. 1; Sounding Brass 3, 2.1; Glee Club 4. 3; Dean ' s List 2, 1; Cadet Assistant 2, 1; Tanker Pit. 2; The VMI Cadel 2; Wednesday ' s Wimps 2, 1; Regimental Band 4, 3, 2. 1; Lazy 4, 3, 2. 1. Reflecting on four ears at VMI is nearly an impossible task. Yel, in the miasma of our existence here I have finally found some path, prosperous or otherwise lo ihe fulure. VMI changes people in drastic ways. Il has shown me what can never truly be — a Utopia in which honor and propriely make a gallant effort to survive in the midst of less than perfect men. To even make such an allempl is in itself an accomplishment, however. In spite of all ellorls to remain dilferent irom others I will be a vic- tim of ihe dreaded Amern an Dream. VMI has killed whal youthful optimism I had. I am not condemning ihe school. In some respects il rises above others. Cadets, I believe, are forced lo grow up and face reality sooner than iheir peers. Mv own romantic ideal ol parades, uniforms, and duly died four years ago. Al present 1 am just numb. Perhaps in ten or twenty years 1 will ha e ihe wisdom lo adequately express my feel- ings about the VMI experience. I would at least like to lhank ihe following people lor iheir support and leadership: my parenls and grandparents. Kevin Snell. Maj. Koons, Col. Davis, and various females who were there when a different poinl of view was needed. My parents stand .ilwne all olhers. howe er. Although my oulward expressions of gratitude may have been minimal, I truly appreciate the nearly endless opportunities wilhin which they have provided " So . Km i ■ back ceaseless ASHLEY S. COOPER Class ofl 985 " Coop " Rocky Mount. N.C. Civil Engineering — Navy olball 4. 3: Lacrosse 3. 2; VMI Firefighters 2; Track 4; ASCE;! JAMES MICHAEL DALY " Jim. Jimmy, Jimmy D " " Arlington, Virginia History — Army i 3, 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3;Sgt. 2; 1st Everyday the pas! four years 1 would wake up and ask myself, " why VMI? " Was il for the academics, the military, or the athletics? Although it ' s been a verv long and hard four years il has also been a en quick and rml-lorgellahU lour wars From matriculation day to graduation the brother rat spirit could easily be found in and out of barracks. At VMI everyone must live under the rules of the system. It ' s been a system that I have disagreed with more than I agreed wilh; but in order lo survive al VMI ihe rules must be followed. The past four years have been the toughest of my life. 1 have gone from a voung high si I I graduate lo a man who knows right from wrong. I could never have done il without the support of my family. friends and the three best roommales a person could ask for. Jim. Paul. Joe, we ' ve been through a lot and I ' ll never forget you all. You all have become more than JUSt roommates but you have become like brothers to me and I love you all for it. Mom, Dad, Debbie, Pat- ty, and John. 1 couldn ' t ask for a more loving and caring family than you. When the chips seemed lo be down, you all were always there to pick me up and make me find a way to make il. Mom and Dad. I may not say this enough but I love you! Thanks for everything! DYKES: Sieve Umburger — 1983 Benjamin Comer — 1989 PATRICK JOHN D ' ANTONIO Moscow. Pennsylvania Economics — Marine Corps Rat 4; CpL, Pvt. 3; Sgt. 2; G Co. CO 1; Semper Fi 3, 2, 1; Cdt. Asst. 3, 2. 1; Honor Gd. NM 4; RF 3; Rat Training 4. 2, 1; NROTC Pislol 4; USMC Schlp. 2, 1 ; SAA 1 These past four years have gone bv quickly. A lol quicker than one realizes. When I came to VMI in Aug. of 82. I was a 17 yr. old boy. Since then I ' ve aged 4 years and grown up a lot more than if I went to any other school. The lessons I ' ve learned and the responsibilities gained are ones I will nol forget- Sure. I complained a lot, we all did. bul all of us who stayed truly wanled to. even though we didn ' l want The bonds thai I ' ve made with my roommales are inseparable. Al, Kurt. Roy. Ron, and Mark- I love you guys like brothers, I always will. But it ' s time we gol away from each other. I can ' t lake the snor- ing thai much longer and I know you can ' t lake me talking in my As I look back, il wasn ' l easy, it ' s nol meant lo be that way. I knew what I was gelling into. (Paul you didn ' l warn me enough!) I don ' l regret my choice at all. now 1 don ' t, maybe 2 years ago I did. A lol of thanks goes to " Doc " Monsour. You always had time to set me straight. Most of all I have to thank the two most influential peo- ple in my life. They never pushed me or pressured me. Mom. Dad I love you! You are the besl parents anyone could have. Janet you ' ve made the pasl year and a half ihe best. I look forward lo our future together very much. Finally the lime has come lo start my life! I ' ve waited a long time for this. Chriss. Good Luck. I know I was a phantom dyke, but I enjoyed DYKES: John C. Wernert — 1983 Chris Sodergren — 1989 THOMAS E. DARBY III " Darb. Darbs, Ed " Poquoson. Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Corps of Engineers Pvt. 1. 2, 3. 4; Sgt. 2; Bugler 2; Head Bugler 1; Regimental Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Dean ' s List 1. 2, 3; Herald Trumpets 1, 2. 3. 4; CIC 1. 2, 3, ASCE 1. 2; Combal Engineers Platoon 1. 2; Commanders 1. 2, 4; Distinguished Military Sludent. The Inslilute is nol what I expected. When I first visited the Institute 1 was told about ihe unique sludent government that the institute supported, bul somewhere between my first class year and thai visit three and one-half years ago that siudenl government has disap- peared. The administration has removed one important aspect of the VMI education. The lvpual first dayman no longer gels the leader- ship opporlunilv that once characterized ihe final year of a cadet ' s life. The paradox of r The experience t change in my perspective of the world was not welcomed by my system. They shaved all of our heads. They scared the honor syslem and the rat syslem into mosl of us and then erased our per- sonal history. We we re all equal and all alike. From that mass of rats arose the most diverse collection of individuals I have ever seen. The only regret that I have is that ihe young boy inside me when I signed ihe book had disappeared forever by one-o ' clock thai morning when we finally wenl back to sleep. I still fail lo und ,1 .,1 y the adm nislralion resists allowing the first class lo run barr cks. Everything that I learned at VMI about self I lea -tied ii ill The nil [,i-i, ne. The a mainder that I learned here I a. vely pur ued ed the selling and I provided the dedicati n. I would like lo thank r to be an enginee r I I put into words what I have gained by ying here yea ; " T usl could lot leave. Something held me 1,.. r bad 1 d n ' lk low. bul 1 no longer enjoy life like [ once First Class 195 MICHAEL WILLIAM DAVIS " Node.Narcoleplic.Ranger Mike " Alexandria, Virginia Electrical Engineering, Psychology-Army Ranger Ph. 4.3.2. Tanker Pll. 1, Cpl. 3(8wks), Clueless ' s Roommale 3.2.1. Dean ' s List 3,2, Conduct pro 2,1, IEEE 2,1, SPS 2, Parachule Club 3, AUSU 4,2, Dean ' s Other List 4, BOMB Circulation Manager 1, Private 2,1, Army Scholarship. ROTC War of 1812 Award THE TREES There is unrest in the forest There is trouble with the trees Eor the Maples want more sunlight And the Oaks ignore their pleas The trouble with the Maples (And they ' re quite convinced they ' re right) They say the Oaks are just too lofty And they grab up all the light But the Oaks can ' t help their feelings If they like the way they ' re made And they wonder why the Maples Can ' t be happy in their shade? There is trouble in the forest And the creatures all have fled As the Maples scream ' oppression! ' And the Oaks, just shake their heads So the Maples formed a union And demanded equal rights ' The Oaks are just too greedy We will make them give us light " Now there ' s no more Oak oppression For they passed a noble law And the tree are all kept equal By Hachet, Axe, And Saw . . . Dykes: Ja Marc Har Ma iley-1983 -1989 JOSEPH SCOTT DEKEYREL " Joe.B.D. " Newport News, Virginia Mathematics-Army, Field Artillery Paul D. Camp Scholar. Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2, Pvt. 1.4. Car in county 4,3.2,1. Drinking in barracks 1. Rugby 2 As for a history. I don ' t have too much to say. I have lead a rather boring cadetship, but simply because it was unevent- ful doesn ' t mean I didn ' t learn anything. V.M.I, has taught me patience and how to put up with things I don ' t like(suck it up). In this world where you rarely get things your way. I believe I am perhaps a little better prepared. Lastly. I must thank those people who helped me through this place: my dyke, who taught me the rules and how to get around them, my dear, dear fiancee whose love and support have made my first class year an absolute joy. and mostly my parents who didn ' t really want me to come here but have given me their unending support and some needed I a|nlmg Thank you all. Mom, Dad, Cindy, and Chris Dykes: Chris E. Hair-1983 Vince D. Buser, Tom N. Hammer-1989 CHARLES ANTHONY DEPASQUALE " Qualude.Lude.Goose.Chad " Vienna, Virginia English-Navy SS Pvt. 4.3,2.1. Summer School 4.3.2. H-Company OG ; representative. H-Company Guideon. English Society. Pre! Law Society. Cadet Battery 4,3. 1st Sgt. 2. Commander 1| International Relations Club, Marine Corps Marathon 3; SCSC 2, FCSC 1 Whenever someone would ask me if I like VMI, I woutl always answer by saying that it was O.K ... I was afraid tj admit that 1 actually liked going to a place that resembles I prison. These four years at VMI have truly been an urj forgettable experience. With the Good times, and even th ' bad limes. The " I " has challenged me every year thai ) have been here. 1 admit that I have not always met thj challenge, but I never told myself to give up. I ' m sure made the right decision in coming here. I would never have made it here without the love and sup ' port of my parents and brothers. I ' m truly grateful ft everything you all have done for me. I would also like I thank my roommates Pal. Jim. and Steve for all the frienc ship and help they gave me. 1 also want to thank the har charging studyers of Rm. 416 SSH. Bernie. Darryl, Jamin John, Phil, Tim, Di and Tom Dev. " Thanks Stones " Dykes: Tom Winkler- 1983 Rich Pell. Bretl Ralliff. Wes Williams-1989 THOMAS PETER DEVENOGE " Tom.TP.Battry " McLean, Virginia Civil Engineering-Air Force Sugby 2, Soccer Manager 1. Summer School Elite 4.3. Myrtle Beach P.D. Jail. Fori Lauderdale Road trip 3. John fc. Fan Club Member-Lifetime. Cpl. 3, Cadre Sgt. 2. Pvt. 1, he Zoo Crue o doubt this has been a quick four years. They say lime lies when you ' re having fun. but how do you explain this ' me? How 1 decided to come to VMI in the first place is still ' t mystery to me. Actually it was Boxhead who more or less introduced me to this Lexingtonian Haven-Thanx Box. The decision to come here was not a tough one however. Most ligh school seniors have several acceptance letters to Wide among. Fortunately, my outstanding high school trades(Sarcasm) made my decision no more difficult than a Join loss. I ' m still trying to figure out if I won or lost the bss. But really the thing about VMI that makes it an un- orgetable experience is all the great friends I have made Sere. Someday far in the future, when money is falling out f my pockets I might be able to pay back Eddie Brow for Lipporting me through college-of course I wouldn ' t bet on jver seeing that day. So Ed thanks for all the Burritos, j okes from the X. numerous incredible roadtrips, but most [f all thanks for being one hell of a great friend. To m (oomates Bruce and Dale: Who would think that Mr. Clean, 1 country backwoods bumpkin, and a slob could get along lo well togelr t ome pretty incredible roadtrips. J Ian I say but ?! in the bed and ch IF. remember trying to kill me oi kilher! Thes .lolacicco who came by my ro iim in here. Bern, who can ■panky ' s when you carried me irft the cabbie in Ft. I.-Dale. hade it. Lastly to my mother cdav I jiuch and I hope : upporl. lykes: Scott " Taz " Horan-1983 harles " Barney " Getz-1989 ? also responsible for mes P. Eneman. what •ken bile the Dog! Hey the fourth stoop? Me re dedicated to Bernie m to remind me to include forget my rat birthdav at back, no to mention the tip I Gel Off! Well Boxhead, we and father: I love you very can repay you for alll your DONALD ADAM DICKERSON " Adam " Vinton. Virginia History International- Air Force Religious Council 1, Chapel Choir 4,3,2,1, President 1, Glee Club 4, VMI Firefighters 2,1, Arnold Air Society 1, Cadet Assistant 1, Airborne 1, Pvt. 4.1. Cpl. 3. Sgl. 2, Dean ' s Other List 3. Academically Exstinquished 4.3 For most cadets the first class history is a means of taking a nostalgic look back on their four years at VMI. As much as Fd like lo do that myself. 1 feel I should use this space to thank the many wonderful people lo whom I owe so much. There are too many for me to cover here, however, there are a few I must mention. First of all, there are my wonderful parents. There ' s no way 1 can even begin lo thank you enough. The financial, emo- tional, and spiritual support you gave me was invaluable. I can ' t remember the last lime I said this, but I truly love you and respect you both, and I hope llial Fve made you proud. Col. and Mrs. Seebode, how could I have made it without you. You were like my family away from home things you did for me are far too numerous for me tion here. I owe my career to you Colonel, Fll m good one. Bry nd the an. Liu. BillyMacandth w what lo say excepl - rable and I love you like Id fella ' s. See you in Mo n brother rats, I don ' t you made this place . Good luck in the real id Ha Finally there ' s Elizabeth. This plac. because of you. You suffered throu and anger with me and helped me fc blems in barracks. I love you incredil happens I ' ll always appreciate the through this unique place. Lasl of all 1 must thank God who ma. sent all you wondcrlul people lo help Thank you all. It ' s been four hard y. Fm proud lo say that l,m a VMI man. Dyke: James Hollinger- 1983 lot of depression about all the pro- ud no matter what you helped me I ihis possible and i 3 JAMES EARL DICKINSON Richmond. Virginia Mathematics-Navy Nothing Since I have nothing nice to say about VMI I won ' t say anything al all excepl to give credit to the one thing lhal has consistently been my only reason for choosing lo stay . . . my family; to my mother and LB and all those seafood din- ners, my only two sislers Paula and Carol (I love you more than you could possibly imagine), my brother David (the best boalbuilder in the city of Boston), and most importantly to my father whose never ending support, financial and otherwise, wilhoul which none of this could of happened. To them 1 owe my life. Love James Dykes: Steve Peyton, VanChau-1989 First Class 197 SCOTT ALDEN DIEHL ' B.F., Big. Liltle B.F. " Muncy, Pa. Biology — NROTC Rugby 2, 1; R.F.R. 4, 3, 2; G.I.B. 3; Club 300 3 Well my four years of college are finally over. I feel like I have missed something along the way bv coming to VMI. but bv the same token I ' ve gained something I am not sure what it is vet. but I ' m sure I ' ll figure it out somewhere down the road. I ' ve made manv friendships here I will never Inrgel. Ed, we ' ve roomed together from the start, thanks for making life at the " I " a liltle more bearable. Thanks Mom, Dad, Marc, Mike, Grandma, and Grandpa for your support Marc, good luck at the U.S.M.M.A., your four vcars have just begun so make the best of them. To niv dvkes Mark and Andy. I wish the best of luck also. VMI it ' s in :for giiiidhvc. but I ' ll be back s DYkKS: Michael Grassi — 1983 Andy Hoofnagle, Mark Wins JAMES TIMOTHY DILLON " Jimsan. Spudman " Ledyard, Connecticut Electrical Engineering — USMC Ran Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 3rd BN S-4 1; A Co. 4, 3; G Co. 2, 1; Newman Club 4, 3, 2: Marshall Museum 3, 2. 1; Shamrock Marathon 4; USMC Marathon 3; IEEE 4. 2, 1; President Eta Kappa Nu 1; Onenterring Club 2. 1; Hike to Your Car Club 2; Club 61 3, 2, 1. I have found that it is easy to find things wrmij; with something. This is easy to do with the Institute, as we have all found. However, there li.ue i.itn m.iin trood ilnn s ih.ii have come from my stay here. The Institute has allowed me the opportunity lo grow. She has brought me close lo so many people who 1 have learned so much from. I shall never forget them. I would like to thank everyone who has made life here bearable. To my roommates, Paul. Doug, and Phil — Life wouldn ' t have been the same lo my dvkes (John and Derek), Spudl o . Weesal, Troysan, Opie, Mark, Tom — Thanks for everything. Last, but most of all. thanks mom and dad for putting up with me and my slay here. 1 hope I ' ll always make you proud. " What we obtain loo cheap, we esteem loo li ghlly ... " — Thomas SAMUEL HARDY DUERSON III " Tripp, Tripper, Sid " Raleigh, North Carolina History — Civilian Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Lacrosse 4, 3. 2, I; Eootball 4; Monogram Club 2. 1; TCFC 3, 2; Sir Edmund Hillary Club. When VMI finally decided lo accepl me, I thought I knew what I was gelling myself into, Well, the first day of cadre dispelled all that, for I was as tost as everyone else. Four years laler and nine hours short )f ihe sheepskin, 1 have finally come to realize with all the anguish arding o , I do not believe ihese four e, nor would I have kepi my utweighed the bad: however, se " imposes for such. Pele, tins place produces lhal the VMI expen il not been for the " real people " here years would have meant so much to m sanity. For me ihe good has definitely c ihere is always a price " The Big Hou Cameron, and Gordon — you showed me thai no matter how bad things can gel around here, there is always a howl lo be had out of it. You definitely made il worthwhile. Uncle Vince, Thank you for all you have done on my behalf. It may noi have been done in grand style, but it is just about over. Finally, ihe real thanks goes to my parents. Mom and Dad, I know you probably developed many headaches over ihe summers I " vaca- tioned " in Lexington, or the stellar grade reports, bul you were always there wilh encouragement, and I love you for il! (.(Mill luck " " Ibeo r before you know i 1 MARK R. ELLINGTON " Duke " Kinshasa, Zaire History French- Army ■Dean ' s List 3. 2, 1; Ral Training Cadre 3, 2, 1; Marshall Museum ' ' Allendanl 3, CIC 2, 1; Dive Club 1; Ranger Platoon 3; Young ;; Corporal 3; Sergeant 2; Private 1 ' " The entire design of our education at the Institute was the creation ' of the citizen soldier, a moral amphibian who could navigate the civilian and the military worlds with equal facility. It demanded a Jlimitless conformililv from its sons, and we concurred blindly- We spent our four vears as passionate true believers, calechists of our ' harsh and spiritually arctic milieu, studying, drilling, arguing in the • barracks, cleaning our rooms, shining our shoes, writing on the latrine walls, writing paper?, breaking down our rifles, and missing the point. The Institute was making us stupid; irretrievably, tragical- ly and infinitely stupid. " — Pat Conroy iDespite its drawbacks, downfalls and short comings, I chose to slay lat the Institute. My idealism died with the end of the Rat Line, and my third class vear proved to be an introspective one full of ques- tioning and disiilusionment. I soon realized, however, that V.M.I, of- fered two things that most other schools could not: one is the ■lops during one ' s slay here, and the other is - which V.M.I, instills in her sons. Through it mained loving and supportive, and I thank nust also express my thanks to Dan Hooker id and Brother Ral. We ' ve missed you. them for everything. I for being a true fri Hooker-Head! Finally, I thank God for being r ngth. ideas; enlarge the mind. " ne must see things, gather experi - Joseph Conrad MICHAEL PATRICK ELLIS " Schmellis, Komrade " Springfield, Virginia History — Navy Pvt. 4. 3, 2. 1; Fencing Team 4, 3, 2, 1; Captain. Saber Squad 1; Virginia Program at Oxford 2; Wednesday ' s Wimps 1; VMI Underground 2, 1 You can talk. 1 know you can. ' Cause I ' ve heard you, and I ' ve heard your case. And it ' s a point of view that has no place. In the world I know, the world I know. — Comsat Angels I ' ve looked back i the : four remembered through an alcoholic Matt, punk i ;-pack, an nothing to do. •pack, and I don ' l need - Black Flag In trying to describe Mike with any degree of accuracy ii short of a novel presents a challenge of near impossibility I will begin by saying thai he is unique. I ' ve come to knov many a drink, often taken in excessive succession. I ha ' " Why did someone so radical and intelligent come to ( belligerently archaic? " 1 still haven ' t learned why. I su because if Mike likes anything, it ' s being different and d things, like being a cadet, or a modern day Tristram Jone he does it well. Fair winds and following seas, Mike. Hansen , place OTMER GAY ELMORE JR. " Gayness, Slimbobway, E, E-man, Ot-a-mer, Tyson " South Charleston, West Virginia History — Army Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President Pre-Uw Society, Dean ' s List The number is loo large to mention in this short space, but I would like lo thank evervone who has helped me in my four years at ihe In- stitute. Special thanks go to Col. Barrett. Col. Maini, and especially my roommates. 1 would especially like lo lhank my family, for without their support I would nol be where I am today. First Class 199 PATRICK W. FARRELL " Boxhead Naturalman " McLean, Virginia Economics — Air Force Ski Club 4. 3; Young Economist Club 2, 1; International Relations Club 1 ; Rugby 2. 1 ; Redskin Fan 4, 3. 2, 1 . I can ' t say I ' m exactly heartbroken about leaving this place but 1 must admit I am lca mg with some good memories. Tom Devenoge and I have done some crazy things together but coming lo VM1 beats them all. At least we suckered Frank and Andy into coming here Since coming here I ' ve gotten lo know all tvpes ot people Irom ihe most gung-ho cadet captains to the most rebellious of privates. The one thing we all had in common was the desire lo make it through this four year endurance Lest. As mj cadelship comes to an end, I feel a real sense of accomplishment. To my roommates; Jim (Slinky). Chad (I can ' t drive 55) and Sieve (Thanks for the hay down) and the rest of my friends who made life al the " I " more en- lovable. thank-, and good lu k 1 imM e pe. 1.1IK ih.uik mv parent- for their love, support and undviug confidence, without which I would have never made il. THOMAS JAMES FITZPATRICK , Fitzratrtck, Mr. Cak Fairfax, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Digger " ID. I. ent 1. Lacrosse 1, 2, 3. 4; Ll. 1; Sgt. 2, Cpl. 3; ASCE 1, 2, 3. 4, Sec. 2; Monogram Club 1; Religious Council 3; Newman Club 3. 4; Honor Review Committee 1, 2; Plug-N-Chug Editor Writer 2; Late Study Club 1.2; Cadre Road Tripper 1, 2. " More lhan an Education. " That has got to be the biggesl understatement of my four years al VMI. VM1 has been like a roller coasler ride. Lots of ups. downs, twisls and turns. Although the ride has not always been fun or easy. 1 honestly have lo say I ' ve enjoyed the ride. That four year ride has taught me so much. Like anything in life, it ' s the people thai make the difference. This is so true al VMI. Paul. Ashe, Rock. Di; you guys have been great! Especial l nor Se en id Class Tirnmv , Scott and Carl, thank von for all ihe support and good times ihis year. To all my olher room- males, 1 have enjoved living with you as well as pulling up with the daily routine of VMI. To all my brother rats who bestowed on rue the greatest honor possi- ble by electing me lo ihe Honor Courl — I hope I have lived up lo your expectations. Mom, Dad, Sean and Moiiiqiir thanks lor listening and giving me the supporl to make it through to the end. Thanks for ihe palience and guidance on ihe numerous phone calls (even the SI 80 one). 1 love you all very much and I owe all tn achievements of my cadel- ship to you all. Thank you! Dr. Monsour thank you for being a friend that I could turn lo any time, day or nighl. To i iv dykes: John, Steve. Mark and Scott, thanks lor putting up me in ihe days of Filzratrick. with Well take care " 86. Good luck in all future challenges of ihe world! I nlortunalelv. lor all ol I lie friendships and good times I had, all good things must come lo an end. DYKES John Mayer— 1983 Granger Gilbert. Eddit — 1989 Harrington. Dan " Hohr LOUIS ANTHONY FLORIO JR. " Butch, Lou, Louie, Godfather. Bing " Yarmouth, Massachusetts English — Armor Religious Council 3, Sec. 2, Pres. 1; Newman 4, Pres. 3, 2. 1; PX Cowboy; AUSA 4. 3. 2. Treas. 1; USCG PR Rep. 82-86; Circle K 3; R at Training 2; Damn ' Yankee; S-5 Staff 3. 2; Tanker Pll. 3; Pre-Law Soc. 3, 2. 1; Ocford ' 84; Young Dem. 2, 1; Bill the Cat Fan; FCA 2, 1; BSU 4, 2; Fire Fighter 1; Pvl.. Cpl., Sgt., A Co. CMDR. ted. It seems just as appeared. My VMI realize 1 Tom and Scotlie, Life al the Institute has often kept me dis things seemed to be settling, something years are a muddle-headed collection ot had many special people lo help thanks for being such great men Thanks Debbie for all your help in the Chaplain ' s Office. You mad. my life so much easier Opus thanks you loo. Chaplain, 1 appreciate your acceptance of my fests and hopes I have been a help. I can ' t forget Fr. Nolo. You have touched my life with your love. Whatever 1 do. I will remember your advice. A great deal of thanks must go lo my parents. Mom and Dad, i am once again in your debt. I love you and all ihe family. To Rich, Arthur, Steve and Natural, lhanks for ihe good limes. Em glad you put up with my weirdness. May Lono look kindly upon you. Remember. " When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro. " To all who believed in me, I hope I have made you proud. Good luck Pele and Marly. Your Lord and master values your fine service. Greatest thanks to the One who has made all tilings possible As I continue rnv life. I will always remember this place and these people lor making mv journey so much better. " God has created m to do Him some definite ervice; He hs com- milled some work lo me which He has not com mitted to another. I have my mission — 1 may never know it in thi life, but 1 shall be told il in ihe next. " - - Cardinal Newman DYKES: Scoll Belliu-au. Tom RerkriofT — 1983 Pele Kelle . Marly Malloy — 1989 JAMES ALLEN FRAZIER Washington, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering — Army : Ghetto W.i . Rugbv 1, 2; Wrestling 3. 4; ASCE; Lab Assis- .r: VM1 Monogram Club. 1 frhen I first walked through the arch of VMI as clueless as one ' ould be. I was positive I wouldn ' t slay loo long. Now, four years iter. I am still wondering how, and better yet why? 1 can ' t say it was |asy or that I could have made it alone. I have made the best friends If my life, especially inv roommates. Tim. Greg. Dan. and Chris. Pow can I ever forget what we have been through. You have made he four years here ihe best possible, and for that " 1 raise you one. " nk mv family and friends o me ' complain all ihe lim nade them oul lo be. Tha ?Hall — 1983 i McDonough — JONATHAN BRETT FRENCH " Frenchdog, Homeslice, Bobby Jones " Ealontown. New Jersey History — Air Force Pvl. 4, 3, 2, 1; Cadel Waiter 3; Civilian 3; Deans Other List 4, 3, 2. 1; Clueless Survivor 3, 2, 1; Bomb Staff 1; Arnold Air Society 1; BIO Club 4. 3, 2. 1. Jackson Arch the Through ked third id. I then swelled: a I Four years ago I walked ih " Something funnv French? " for some Strang answered, " No Sir, " while I iried lo force do academics and cadre support, 1 soon learned he is supposed to be. After breezing through rat y class year with a fury unknown since Cusler ' s last slam became a civilian and decided lo lake ihe road less tra Wendy ' s employee. After dealing wilh freeway traffic for returned to VMI lo finish my sentence which had been increased lo five years. The last three years certainly haven ' t been fun but I definitely think they ' ve been worth it. Only time will tell. It ' s been let ' s say, dif- ferent. All the lessons that have been taughl and the few thai have been learned. That ' s not to say ihere weren ' t good limes — U.Va., U.N.C., spring break, Tech, Goshen, wrestling, pranks, Grundy, coolers, the Juju. flapshol, and all ihe other warped things thai would only be funnv here. The people that made it funny made this tolerable — Ed the frustrated ranker. Chris the anticlue, Mike ihe node. Randy, Marl. Bob, and others. When you guys strand me al the " I, " good luck al whatever you do. Morr And finally and most importantly This whole ihing may have been harder Thanks for the phone calls and lellers Mo well — I owe you more than I ever let on up wilh me but you did — thanks. Anothe and Dad. What can I say? n you ' han it was on me. i they did help. And Dad, DYKES D.i» - 1 ' UM RALPH A. FRYE III " Ralph Mouth " Beaver. Pennsylvania Electrical Engineer — Army Engineer Cross Country Hike and Gun Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Dr. King ' s Physical Torture 1, Virgin Private 4, 3, 2. 1. Congratulations Brolher Rats! After 4 lough years we finally made iL for some of us 5 years. Remember ihe cold dark spring day back in ' 83. and all ihe rough roads we helped each olher pave. Through need a lift, think back to Ring Figure, the hops, and corps trips. Rei reason or another didn ' t gradua Take care and God Bless unlil 10. 15. . . other rats who for i and keep them in your thougl r paths cross again. See you in CALVIN BREADING FURLOW " Ned, Fed, Drunk, Russ " Arlington, Virginia Spanish - Army 4; Pvt-Cpl 3; Sgt-Pvl 2; Pvl 1; International Relations Club 3,1; ■ Staff 3.2: Dean ' s List 3; Preston Library Cadel ' Sigma Delta Pi Nalic K.nk Painting ( .oiinm I Spanish Ho ?ily 2,1; Ring Figun It ' s been a long mad but I proverbial tunnel. I realize complishmenls here to my model of a successful pe inallv see the light at the end of the more than ever that 1 owe m ac- ly. Dad, you have always been the me. I have always tried to live up to your expectations. I hope 1 have made you proud of me. Mom, 1 simply wish you could be here. Chip and Hal. I have always looked up to you all, not just as brothers but as father figures and leaders. Dennys, you share my success as does no one else. You have always stood by me through the good and the bad limes. 1 could not have made without you. I cannot begin to repaj you; I can only hope that you will always be there. BRF ' s of 439: we had some great parlies didn ' t we? And of course we survived the ratline. Third Class Year- Spud, Opie, Sleeb. and Pete Love, we had some good limes, huh? Somehow the bayonets did stay in their scabbards. The it was just inr .u id ( pir. I »illi-l H ii MHir W ,i iics|ni[M iMnldlnicss and mi put up with my vices. Actually 1 think you enjoyed my vices more than I did. Entertaining ai least, right? All ihe best to you roomie. To my crib buddy Mike: Just who is Kalishmkov? And why does he have a psychosis? Finally. Russ, this day is as much yours as mine. You have always been a true Brother Rat CBF ' 86 EMMET STONE GATHRIGHT " Stone, Thack, Stonehenge, Hash-right " Afton. Virginia Civil Engineer -Navy Number One Club - Dean ' s Other List 4,3,2.1; Pvt 4.3,2,1; Karate Club 4; Pistol Team 3, Treas. 2, Capt. 1; ASCE; Rugby 2; Smilly Fan Club; C.S. Promaji 3; Summer School 3,2. 1 At last the privilege of writing my first class history. A privilege that always seemed so distant and unlikely. Looking back. 1 can remember swearing countless times how I would write my first class history, of the many ludicrous injustices, suffered by myself al the hands of the Institute, hoping that by some chance that the president might read it and condemn this placefalong with the some of the freaks who run it). However, now that the lime has come, to remember the good times(Radford, oilman ' s. Club 315. Scag ' s 21st, J.M.U.. etc ), the good friends and the obstacles overcome rather than the trials and tribulations endured. It ' s not over yet and I still have nightmares about scraping paint off leaky rowboals for the U.S.N., somewhere in the Aleutians as an elisted person. Still, somehow. I think I jusl might make it thru. I would like to thank my roomies for keeping ine away from trouble slammer whenever I found a little of it. Al family for their understanding and support " NO FUN ALOUD " C.F. nd bailing me out of the ) a special thanks to my Virginia Beach, Virgin English, Minor Psychology - Spe al Sludenl Business Manager(Cadet). Advertising Manager(Cadet) 2; Cadel Assl. to Psych. Dept. 1 ; VMI Publications Board 1 ; S-5 Tour Guide; Cadel Waiters 3.2, 1; Shamrock Marathon 3,2,1; Young Economists 3,2; English Society 1; 400 Club 1; Sir Edmund Hillary 4,3,2,1 j I would like to thank VMI for; the comfortable beds, the sharp uniforms that attract women of the highest class, the culinary delights of Cro el Hall, the hundreds of hours marching penally lours, the thousands of hours ol incarceration while on confinement. . Ihe useless afternoons practicing rifle manual, the enjoyable trips through the obstacle course in the rain. cold, and snow, the free j weekly haircuts, the friendly sea life and numerous other good j My mother always said. " If you can ' l say anything nice then don iG say anything at all. " Sorry Mom. I will be brief. It is presently the! absurdity of these four wails that my ability to become insensitive to the point of finding humor in the daily injustices of ihe " I " , I woukM truly be insane. Maybe I ' m not far from that now. I am waiting with bailed breath lo depart from this (a ! ' -HOLE and to once again be.; Patrick GUI an individual not Gill, PM, VMI Cadel ID 196884. Before I quit I would like lo lhank my parents Tor support, in all j senses of the word. I would also like lo thank my roommates and all the olher lunatics around this place that made life bearable and al times almost enjoyable. 1 I pray that I will still be permitted on May 17, 1986 to say. " Good- Bye VMI " . 202 First Class CHARLES RUSSELL GILMER " Psycho, Charmie Gimble " Louisa. Virginia History - Air Force iivale 3.2,1; BSU 3.2.1; Substitute Cadel Waiter 3; Asbestos U»er3 hink the best thing to do here is lo talk about the people I ' ve own here and on the outside: my rat roommates. Cockpit, Charp, ,d my favorite, Scoobv Don; sorry about the loud alarm clocks and k fights at 1 A.M. There was then Chess, Spider, Oltmer-Clarence, ,d Planet: we made a strange set of roommates, but there were fenty of good limes. And I couldn ' t leave out the crew at Conlinen- ., Waco, and the dudes and women at North Anna: AJI of them ade my year away from VMI as great a time as it was, and of urse the Bodie Plantation, where I toiled in the summer of ' 84. ■lust especially thank my Mom and Dad, and my whole family for pporting me through this place, and lo my friends in Louisa and ■ away places who are there when i need them. To my niece G in- ■: Don ' t come here even if il is co-ed in twenty years. Most of all, 1 jjsl thank God for picking me up in the bad limes, and helping me ep my head when things are beller. Jnlil you ' ve been beside a man You don ' l know what he wanls, ..u don ' l know if he cries at night You don ' t know if he don ' l; hen nothing comes easy ( lid nightmares are real. And unlil you ' ve |en beside a man You don ' l know how he feels " " Shame on the n " -Bob Seger CARL LEIGH GITCHELL " Gitch, Weegie, Nose. Scott. Repeat ' s Cousir Hampton, Virgini; •; VMI bailing Whoever saidV ' All good things come in time " , was right- I thought the world had ended on Aug. 18. 1982. but it had just begun. The friends I ' ve made are lifelong, the memories we ' ve shared, unforget- table. May 17, 1986 marks the end of the best four years of my life. To Tim and Tom, I thank you for a great first class year(minus the Fish hooks). People didn ' t think we could live together Wingnut, but we showed them difFerentlv(FJUS-4118.„ over, BANG!). Thanks Bob and Rich for the unforgettable years in 320 and 220. The per- son who really helped me slay here, I let down my senior year. I hope our friendship lasts. Thanks for helping me grow up Wags. I hope you leant from what 1 sav not what I do. Granger. Remember " NO ONE LIVES FOREVER! " . DYKES: Marion Lewis " Cubby " Fox — 1983 Granger " Spaz " Gilbert — 1989 ROBERT SCOTT GITCHELL " Wingnut, Gitch. Pee- Weegie, Carl " Hampton, Virginia Economics - Air Force VMI Sailing Team 3,2; Skipper 1; Virginia Gentleman Clul Well-Hello Club-John Boy; Virgin Private 4,3,2,1 My ye t VMi are slowly coming to an end. They have been filled less trials and tribulations, but 1 wouldn ' t be honest with myself if I didn ' t say I had fun some of the lime. I ' m glad that I chose VMI, not because of the discipline and the education, but because of the friends I will have for the resl of my life. I never would have made il through if it wasn ' t for my BR ' s -THANKS GUYS-. Well my first class year is here and I ' m still waiting for ihe fun to come. I guess the author of " To Wear the Ring " never met Colonel Cummings. It has ,however, one of the Well-Hello ' s. We have only joined forces this last year. I ' m glad that I met Dr. Seuss, Mr, Happy and Ricky. In the year ' s lo come, I hope you will always sland erecl. Thanks Brad for pulling up wilh all my troubles I had our ral year and 2nd year. A big pari of me wiil miss you, but that other small pari wont. Well Nose, we ' ve proved everyone wrong, we roomed together and haven ' t killed each other. I guess that it was filling that we spend the last year here together. After we gel those lambskin diplomas, our careers will surely separate us. I ' m really going to miss my reflec- tion, but my only fear is that we may lose touch. But 1 realize that will never happen, unless the Man upstairs deems it necessary that one of us go. Even then the other will surely follow soon. To my rat Eddie, I have only a few words of wisdom concerning your future Cadetship: This place is only a game where the rules always change to your disadvantage. When pondering a lough problem, just remember sometimes sou got lo say what the ! STEVEN GILBERT GRAY " Pope,Spr ut, Sawed Off Shiite Ten Richmond, Virginia Biology-Pilot USAF FCA 2; Vice Pres. 1; BSL ' 4; Council 3.2.1: S-S Slaff 2: Rat Train- ing 1; Lacrosse 3; Cadet Assl. 2,1; Cadet Waiter 1; Firefighters 2.1; Engaged Cluh 2.1; AAS 1; Hop and Floor 4,3.2.1; JMU after taps ranger 2; Pvl 4.3; Sgt 2; C Co. Lt 1; Planned Parenthood 1; Lamaze Classes i; Ben Walker Fanclub " The Lord is my strength and my song and he has become my salva- tion; this is rm God; and I will praise him; Mv Father ' s God and I w ill extol Him. The Lord is His name. ' Mom and Dad: I couldn ' t say thank urn enough in this short space, rinl at all! our Christian examples have been a l. eacon to me. VMI was for you Dad as well as for me. I hope 1 make you proud. God has truly blessed me with your love, guidance, and support. A tear- choked thanks! 1 love you both! Robin. BBMT, DarhV I love you! I always will! You deserve a VMI diploma as much as 1 do. You put up with hours of waiting, rules. confinement, and countless other things ' " normal " guys wouldn ' t put a girl through. You are a priceless gift to me. I can ' t wail to spend the rest of my life with you. Your smile always broke the bleakness of VMI! 1 love you Robin Ann! YLH(Youc lovil g husband) " The fear of ihe Lord is the instruction for wisdom. and belore honor conies humility " PROVERBS 1-5:33 Jason and Lauren, one of the best things VMI taught m e was that 1 need and love vou both Ya ' ll are great! Room 130: " People living in competition, all 1 want is ny peace of mind. " BOSTON DYKES: Mark Light — 1983 Tim Finkler— 1989 STEVEN D. GREEN Class of 1985 " Surfdog " Poquoson. Virginia History - Army Artillery Wrestling 4.3.2,1 First. I would like to thank m Mom to my complaints and encouraging r my backbone throughout the experience. Karen - " I love vou! ' And to my friends. Henry. Pal. Mags, Charlie, Ray, I thank j the memories and for making this place more bearable. DAVID KIDD GRIMM " Grimmer, DK, Dave. Senor " Williamsburg, Virginia Economics-Army Infantry Varsity Tennis 4,3,2,1; Private 4,3.2,1; Airborne Glee Club 4,3; Circle K 3.2, Vice Pres. 1; Monogram Club; Where ' s the Geek 3,2.1; Lauderdale 2,1; Asheville Road Crew 2; Slammed 4,3,2,1; Red Front Ranger 3.2; Rustang Road Crew 2 I often imagine that college would have been like if I had gone to Ll.Va. or W. M. but I can honestly say that VMI was the best deci- sion I ever made. I have learned laith. honor and love. I have learn- ed nut to c oinpi.iniiM- rm prnniplrs Mom and Dad. vou have been pillars of support. Your values and love will not be lost on me. Jeff, Skid, Alix: I thank you for the words of wisdom and caring. I love you all. My memories of my Iriends at VMI will always be fond. Kieth we ' ve proven lhat perseverance is lasting three years together. Good luck buddy. John you took a lot of steam off in the room. I have enjoyed our partying and late night talks. Do well and keep your chin up. Eric, we ' ve had three wild years together. You have been there during mv best and worst moments and have always been a greal friend when it was time to be serious. Through all the jokes and the girls we have hung together like brothers. Godspeed, guys. There have been many other friends I have gained here: fellow atheleles. partiers. classmates. You guys are the best and 1 have grown in many ways through my experiences with you. I wish you all success and happiness. Coach, you have been the big brother lo me when I needed one. I am in debt to vou for having the patience to help me through mv problems Thanks ' Dave you were a great dyke. Thanks for taking me under your wing. Brian, VMI is what you make of it. Go forth and excel. Yes, there have been highs and lows, moments of pain and anguish, vet lollowed In moments of pride and contentment. VMI is not always such a great place to be. She has a knack of kicking a man while he is down, but VMI builds men out of what were bovs and serves her eounlrv with pride and honor. I am proud to have attended VMI. DKG " 86 DYKES: David R. Dobbs — 1983 204 First Class ERNEST M. GROCHOWSKI JR. " Groucho, Turllehead " Sarasota, Florida BS Biology-Army Cpl 3; Sgt 2; Third Ball S-l 1; Scuba Club 3; Rifle Team 4,3; Ranger Pll 2; VMI Firefighters 1; AUSA 1; Three Year Army Scholarship; Biology BS 4,3,2,1; Tiso ' s Torture Permit 2 Tiber ihe night Mike joined Jeff and I ral j our room carrying a rack full of wha ilroad boxcar. He announced that he was our new room le. Jeff and i looked up from our books and said, ' 0h, hi. Nice lo meel you " . Since Ihen Groucho and I have stuck together through four years of triumph and Ir.ipedv. There was rifle learn, sweal parties, nighl up town and those weekends at Donald ' s. Without his friendship, VMI would have been an unbearable misery. J If s amazing how in seven months a lifelong friendship can be forg- , ed, tested and proven, yet here we are. After four years together I ( know nothing could break the bond formed between us. We are , Brolher Rats, but we are also brolhers. Everything that is mine is i also his, and everything thai is his I know is also mine. As we leave ihe " I " behind, we will forget the misery, and remember only the .; good limes we shared because of our lime together at VMI. Good j luck, and thanks BR. ADW, Jr. L 86. Hey Dave! You know whal you should do?! DYKES: Hagan Fischlschweiger — 1983 Tony " Spikehead " Lake — 1989 STEPHEN PAUL GRZESZCZAK. Ill " Slickman, 3Z, Z Man. Schelpp " Bayonne, New Jersey History-Navy Del. 4.3,2; Ex-Marine 1; Navy 1; Ag- Crue 3,2,1; Club " 73 " 3,2.1; Summer Rat Training Cadre 2,1; Pvt. 4,3; Guide Ranger Platoon 4; Mann gressor Force 3,2,1; Zoo School 3; Tanker Platoon Sgl. 2; First BN Sgt. Maj. It ' s finally over afler four of ihe longest and most painful years of my life. I have to laugh at myself because I was so disappoinled afler I applied to VMI ihe firsl time; I didn ' t gel arcepled. 1 never realized how fortunate I was until 1 malnculated in the Augusl of 1982. 1 will always remember the dark, lonely r parties, the close bonds between inr humi ' Mi kne?s ul KAT year. i that I ale pleni) of Sei ond class year broke the ir l r in- 1 Ring Figure and llie 0 si =ityg ind 1 actually had fun. I coulc r Bowl trip. Bolh were great. To ihe men in the zoo. ..Rich. John, Bob, Russ and Sleve-O, thanks for the greal times. 1 could never and will never forgel you. To Mark, " Olay so lake my roomale ' s Mr. Coffee, sir. " " Brother Rat ' Slash, lhanks for being a friend. Rich, thanks for pulling up with me for 3 years. I want lo thank my entire family for their love and sup- port. Eric, I ' m proud of you. You are the besl brolher on earlh. I especially want lo say lhank you lo my mom and dad for pushing me in ihe nghl direction Thanks Dad for your dedication and those ear- ly mid-night lalks. Thanks Mom for your kindness and humor. Thank you both for your love, I hope 1 have made you proud. To my mosl prized possission. my love, my hope, my dreams... Dee Dee...wilhout vour love and caring all this could not be possible. 1 LOVE YOU, I hope you are satisfied. Thanks. Slaler DYKES: Dan L. Butler, John F. Campion, Floyd Allen, Hank Lee — 1983 Mike " Wimpy " Banigan, Scoll " Blimpy " Baber — 1989 JOHN THOMAS HAIR, II " Beaker, JT, Toto, Shirttails, John-John " Fayetteville. North Carolina History Spanish-Army Ral 4; Corporal 3; Ring Construction; The " You and Me Againsl the World " Drinking Club 2; Circle K 2; President, Rocky Newt Fan Club 2.1; Shoot a Duck Club 2.1; Sigma Delta Pi 1; " The Spud Boys " 1; The C.hud Appreciation Society Afler four would at le like this pla. lher I " . 1 would have thought I w Wrong! Still, IHTFP! The only good thoughts I have about this place are for ihose guys who get a dude through this hole: brolher rats. Dave, Wayne, Cookie, Dale, Mike-Dyke and Jack-Dyke, thanks for being ihere. You guys are the greatest!!! Now, for some words of knowledge: Cat-in-the-hat: infantry is not the way! Let lillle sister walch afler and take care of you; you know you can ' t do il yourself. You are ihe man 1 Gina! Waa-aah! Caveman: Mary Lee! (What else can 1 say?) Chud: Walch me! Beware of Bushes, molorcvcle gangs and penguin women. Get out of those bushes! Shamrock: Paisano, watch yourself. I hope you and Ann have many wonderful years together. Beware the midnight assassin! For every successful (and sane) cadet, ihere always is a woman somewhere in the picture. Robin, I love you always and forever!!!!!!!! Just say Fl lM) It dot First Class 205 STEPHEN FRANCIS HALL " Sieve, Burger, Dr. D II, Eddie Munster " Midlothian. Virginia B.S. Biology-Navy Cpl 3; Sgt 2; Band Co XO 1; Band 4,3,2,1; Rat Training 1; Tour Guide 4,3.2; Navy Scholarship 4,3.2,1: Dean ' s List 3.2 Marathon 4; Colorado 3,2. 1 ; JMF Road Trip Club 4.3.2. 1 from the very first. It VMI somehow had a pull on n challenge that I Tell f had to (al forever questioning whal might ha see just how much 1 could lake. 1 and ihere has been much of ii here. The good limes have been really good and more often lhan I would have believed. The Colorado and Winlergrcen ski Irips have been greal (lhanks Dave, Cy, etc.). Thanks also to Devin and Scott for the open invitation al Madison, we had a lot of fun up ihere. Rootnates. il has been a lol of fun living wilh you guys. 1 still can ' t believe we made i( logelher. Dad and Mom, thank you lor all llie supporl and encouragement, especially when I was disappointed with myself, lo u have always been ihere and I appreciate M Jim and lar Lou. I am so proud of you bolh! Good lurk Allan, knock ' em dead oul there. SCOTT ROBERT HARBULA " HB, Hyperbola, Rambler, Major Mac, H-Man " West Mifflin, Pennsylvania History International Alfairs-Air Force Pvt 4,2,1; Cpl 3; Deans List 2; International Relations Club 2, Pres 1; Pre-Law Society 4,3,2.1; Timmins Sociely 4.3,2.1; Cadet Assis- tant; Promaji Club 3; FCA 4; Newman Club 4; Zelda ' s Zombies; Pitt Car Club 3,2,1; Ocean City Happy Bottom Patrol 4,3; Cpl Barker ' s Posler Child 4,3.2 These pasl four years at VMI would be inconceivable wilhoul ihe love and supporl brought about In my family, friends, and BR ' s. To my family 1 owe so much for I received so much. Mom and Dad. you gave me the inspiration to conlinue. We ' ve weathered ihe storm together and even though we had our doubts, ihere is nothing to stop us now. When I walk across the stage 17 May so shall you, in my hand. To mv four sislers; ihe Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. And people wonder why I chose VMI. Growing up wilh all of you was definitely an experience lo say ihe least. Kalhy, lhanks for sav- ing my life in ihe bathroon thai night. Karen, the Vette rides were nice but lhal bike ride was awesome! Kim, " I ' m leaving il all up lo youuu. " And ihen ihere ' s Kerrie my only younger sisler or " Tar Baby " shall we say. Well Buckwheat you ' ve come a long way since those days and have grown into a beautiful young lady, bul how could you have not, you have had three olhers lo lead ihe way. To ihe gang al ihe Cadillac Ranch, you ' ve made the 24 hour weekends worth il. Rob, hope lo see von after graduation if you are able loget lhal permit approved. " Alas poor Henry, I knew him well Horalio. a fellow of infinite jest " Oh yea Tuborg. stay away from those tequilla shots and Radford, you hicksler you. Guys you ' ve made an intolerable place tolerable. ...thanks. Finally, Al you ' ve been my second father. 1 came here because of myself, bul 1 slaved for you and I am glad People sav lhal 1 am like you, well ir lhal is the case, it looks like we ' ll be travelling ihe PA turnpike and not Route 30 to the Pearly Gates. JAMES THOMAS HARCARIK, III " Jim, JT, Slav, Har-check, Rag " Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering-Air Force Pvl; Cpl; Sgt; First Sgl; Cadre; Civil Eng Lab Assistant; Plug al Chug Slaff; Water Polo: Circle K; ASCE Many people ask lie, " Whv did vo got VMI? " , and lo this day. I ' m still not sure The VMI e.per can nol be described by words alone. Il in olves confinemen . IT , going cm ess, breakout the VMI ring, etc the list goes on . ndon . The only thing that 1 do know, is lhal my four years wenl quickly and lhal I would not Irade ihe VMI experience for anything in the world. It seems like only yeslerdav when I was going down the roncourse. getting my rat hair- cut, learning ihe Honor Court, and being called a " maggot " . Even though the ratline was ven demanding Imth pin mi ally and mentally, il challenged me lo earn ihe VMI degree. However, I did not make il through VMI as an individual, and ihere are many people who have helped me along the way Without my parent ' s love and supporl, I never would have made it through VMI. I never would have made it through the ratline without the help of my dyke and everyone who was in Bravo Company. From my ral roomates, Sieve and Eric, lo Jeff and Mike, besides being a friend, you made VMI a liltle easier. And finally, to Al, John and Max, my lasl year in ihe sinks was greal. Hey John, maybe next week ihe " over ihe hill gang " will win their second game. To Greg and everyone else who was in my squad in cadre. I learned a lol from cadre and besl of luck in ihe future. To my dykes, 1-arry and Mike, make ihe VMI degree your goal - it ' s worlh it. 206 Firsl Class CRAIG DYER HARRIS " The Most, Craig-Man, CD, Bomber, Bubble, Butt " The East Coast B.S. Biology - Army resiling learn 1,2,3,4; Vice Presidenl Cadet Program Board; ionogram Club; Ring Figure Hotel Committee; Career Fair Corn- Wee; Contributing Sports Editor; Road Warrior Society; Virgin rivate; Club " 246 " 2; Club " 1 46 ' 1 ; Female awareness staff. fell, this is my second attempt! The first was a little too profound, ' oone who knows me would have expected that sort of class history. ' has been quite an experience going to school here. 1 even Managed to have a little fun. But now it is time to say goodbye to MI. But before I go, let me say thanks to the class of 1986 for all ie great times. We have been through it all. )m 1 would like to mention here; Bob- laugh and smile at VMI our third class ?ar. You are a winner and will be forever. Dave-man (the prettiest), lease turn off the blowdryer, it ' s 7:00 a.m. Mike-man (the bad- 2st), you will never drive my car again! Ken-man (the coolest), you ■ally are the coolest. Vergie, thanks for everything. Please keep the iology Department going. ad and Joanne, thanks for the love and support (especially the nancial support). 1 wish 1 could have spent more lime at home dur- ig the summers, but the mother " I " was busy helping me further ■y education. The same goes for mom and Guy. I am lucky lo have II of these people to care for me. I love all of you. eds lo be said. It ' s too had tlm i,, i ; ' YKES: Steve Evans — 1983 Tom " Space " Curran - JOHN STANLEY HART, JR. " Johnny, Pizza Bear. " a Cucaracha Hanover, Virginia Economics- Army VMI Boxing team 4,3,2.1; College Repubfc College Republicans Bo ing Team Treasun s 2.1; Vice Chairma ; Pre-law Society; Cot 1; VMI Cadet Sports Wr My experience at VMI was unlike anything I ever expected. I came here a very cocky individual, and it was hard for me to conform. After breakout I finally realized I wasn ' t any better than anyone else, and I became part of a great class. The rest of my years at VMI went pretty smooth. My grades came up after rat year, and I was lucky to slay out of trouble. My two years with Dean. Tony and Steph were great. It ' s a shame Dean had lo leave, but he ' ll always be a brother ral. Living in the sinks was an interesting experience. Max, Al and Jim , il ' s been great. But Jim find a real team!! The Cowboys repre- sent America ' s true bandwagon team, and you know it!! Looking back on my years al the Institute, I really can ' t believe il ' s coming to an end. Boy, how time flies when you ' re having fun!! There have been ups and downs. I will never forget the feeling of those awful Monday mornings or those senseless practice parades. When the prison gates opened on weekends though I really had fun. VMI is the kind of place lhal really makes you appreciate the good times. The greatest thing about VMI is the friendships it builds. I hope I can keep in touch with my brother rats in the future. Fll never forget them. I just hope the administration won ' t change this place anymore. This is not West Point, and the ratline has to remain lough or VMI will turn into jusl another school. Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting me. You ' ve been great. Dave, you have a big decision to make. I think VMI would be good for you . Joe, keep toughing it out. ll will be worth it in the end. Well that ' s ii " Bye-bye VMI!! SAMUEL WHITE HAYES " Sam, Mule, Purple " McKenney, Virginia Civil Engineering-Air Force Pvl 4,3,2; Sgl 2; 1st Sgl 1; USAF Four Year Scholarship; S-5 Staff 3; Class of 1941 Award 2; ASCE 2,1; Dean ' s List 2,1; Arnold Air Society 1 ; Civil Engineering Society of VMI 1 . Four years ago I thought I knew whal 1 was gelling into by coming to VMI. Boy, was I in for a surprise! I really could not believe how un- prepared 1 was. As it has been for most other cadets, rat year was an extreme low. Al the end of thai year I thought that if I did make the four years, I would probably need lo slay a fifth. But the next year was a great turnaround, and it has been uphill ever since. Second class year was especially a good one. Making the Dean ' s List and receiving lhat coveted ring was very motivating. Now, this year I have everything I ever wanled and then some. But 1 did not come this far alone. 1 have received much support from the " homefronl " lhat could never be replaced, and as a ral, my dykes really kepi me going. From the beginning 1 have been lucky to have real great roommates, especiallv the two I have shared room ' 09 with for the pasl three years. We definitely have had our differences at times, but Ron and Tom have been great friends. In high school there was but one place 1 wanled to go lo college, VMI. I am glad I came and stuck il oul because 1 think I really learned a lot from VMI. I jusl hope lhat in the future that my dyke and all the others that will come to VMI will have the opportunity to dos vsrll " God grant me ihe serenity lo accepl the things 1 cannot change, courage lo change the things 1 can, and the wisdom lo know the difference. " First Class 207 WILLIAM BRETT HAYES ' Geek, Greek, Beef Hampton. Virginia Economics-Air Force ger 4,3.2.1; Society of Youi up 2,1 Chairman 1; Posit Commi st Deal in Barracks; Cadet Waite Pvl 4.3,2,1; Baseball m Economists 4,3.2.1; Invest ( tee 1; GC Secretary 1; The 3,2,1. Ask not what VMI can do for you, (because it won ' t) but ask why am I here.. -an attitude 1 once had. However, once I realized that the driving force which compels a person lo go through VMI is one of personal challenge. I changed my attitude. I must say that leaving behind the regulations, bones .mil Col. Cummmgs will be easy, but leaving behind the friends who hn e made the unbearable, bearble, will l r Ii.n.l friends v.h.i been ihnmgh mil lirll i l ,t lough tour year situation, in other words, true friends. People like my dyke Bubba Hazelgrove, my roommates: Gordon McKinley, Patrick Gill, Andrew Mason and Chris Bass (rat year). People like Karl Sjolund. Bolts Smith, Gordon Poindexler, Steve Thacker, Mike Calkins, Jay Ball, Dave Sheckells. Mike Collelti, Greg Weddle, Tim Kielty. Scott Wagner, George Sheild and the list goes on It would have been im- possible li go through VMI without the good times v.i ' ll provided. Thanks, my house is open to all of you. Well, I wish we could have gone through this one together Patrick Becker and Jeff Martone hang in and enjoy, it goes by all too fast. Kelly, one could not ask for a better brother. The things 1 have learned from vou. your support and love will never be unnoticed. Thanks Smellcro, I love you. Mom and dad. you never forced me into anything in life, only sup- ported me. You gave me responsibility and showed me the way. You suffered with me and never lost faith. Without your love and sup- port. I never would have made it. This victory is ours to share. KURT ERNEST HEDBERG " Headcase, Jimi Snuka " Pound Ridge, New York Hislory-Navy Varisily Swimming 3; Water polo 3.2,1; Pvt 4; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; Sup. Sgl 1; Ll 1; Hop and Floor comm. 4,3.2.1; Scuba club 1; Summer school club 2,1; RDC 1; Square root club 4,3.2; Circle K club 2,1; Boxing 4; Rat training 2; The-being-able-to-live-with-Roy-for-four- years Award; Cadre 1. With all the B.S. aside, the " I " really wasn ' t that bad of a place. I know its hard lo say it now, but some time in the future I just might miss this place (emphasis on " might " ). Four years with Roy. Pat. and Al have left an impression on me I ' ll never forget. You all will be in my memories and heart forever. Ron you are there too. All I have to say is that these four years have been unique, for God only knows how I would have turned out had I gone to a regular college. As for you Morn, Dad, Doug, and Jenn, words cannot express my love and gratitude lor vou. PS. My quote of the day: ,- again. Then quit. There ' s no Well, that ' s that, let ' s have a beer.... DYKES: 1983: James Wamsley, John Lewis 1984: Gordon " Christie Brinkley " Fox- STUART NEWLAND HEISHMAN " Stu, Heish, Ha Woodstock, Virginia jivil Engineering-Army Football 4,3.2,1; Dean ' s list 3; Monogram club 2,1; CE Society I VMI 1; Fellowship Christian Athletes 1; ASCE 2,1; President- I i day wonder club 3,2.1; Private 4,3,2,1. After hearing the stories of my father and brother about the ral-li and VMI life, I told myself there was no way I would go to a schc ' where they shaved my head, abused me for a year, and then ;l curfews on me for the next 3 years. College was supposed to be a ll more fun than that! So I set my sights on Clemson, UVA, etc. TV came the time for me to make that big decision. So what did I do I got a mental hernia and signed a football scholarship with VMI ' still don ' t know why I made that decision, but now I ' m glad I dij VMI has challenged me both academically and athletically, leachiij me to push myself harder to succeed. The honor and discipliiL gained al VMI will help me throughout the rest of my life. To me, one of the most important aspects of VMI life has been In many close friends I have gained throughout my cadetship. I lharl, all of you for your friendship ami I hope that I have been as much;, part of your life as vou have of mine. To my roommates Glen, Jir; Mike C. and our newest edition Mike N.. I thank you for everythii and wish you the l esl in everything you do in life. Finally, lo the most important people in my life, my parents at, family. I thank you for the love anil support throughout my cade; ship. You were always ihere when 1 needed help and that has mea a lot to me. Dad. vou kept me pushing myself harder by constant reminding me " nothing worth anything in life comes easy. " I ihii that statement best describes VMI and the attitude one should car throughout life. Goodbye, VMI. DYKES: 1983: Paul McCusker 1984: Brett Carter, Tracy Toye TROY VINCENT HESKETT " Basket-head, Meskett,Troy-san " Leesburg, Virginia Hi story -Army ! ' 3, Sgl 2, H Co. XO 1, Ranger Pll 4,3,2, Rat training 2. Ai rne 3, Ring Figure Rock Painting Committee iat does a person of very few words say after spending four yea l e. but: Thanks. Mike and Byron, for putting up with me for thr rs! We ' ve had some times haven ' t we-hopefully we ' ll have al i;re. I ' ll never forget you guys, and Mike don ' t give up - Til be ov Ire sometime. I Tom, Mike, Jeff, and Jamie try I . I hope it goes by as fast for you ; Ll and Dad, there ' s no way I can ) and I hope that I ' ve made you pre pvenirs, they can ' t be boughien... " IXES: 1983: Scot Donahue 1984: Yuh-LongTarng r thank you enough. I lo ROBERT W. HESS JR. " Robert Dub.Dub " Fairfax, Va. Mechanical Engineering-Air Force Rat 4, Cpl 3 Sgt. 2. Ll. 1, Ring Figure Honor Guard 3, VM1 Awards Committee 2,1, Air Force Scholarship 3,2,1, Cadel Recreation Committee 2,1, Foreign Studv-England 2. Cadre 3.2, Rat Training 2,1, Boxing Club 4,3, TCFC 86 I can honestly say that I have never " liked " VMI. However, at limes I have fell very proud of [he fact that I went lo VMI. I do regret my decision. I would have been stupid lo s!a if I had not ihoughl I was profiling from the experience. I ihoughl one of ihe most imporlant lessons I would learn was lo recognize and live wilh ihose ridiculous aspects of ihe system that could nol be changed - lo accept the un- just. Now I see I missed half of ihe lesson. A laclical officer once suggested that to excel in any system one must recognize the dif- ference between ihe ridii ud us aspects that can and cannol be changed and then execub ,i rurdinglv S ha I he said is true I ' nfor- tunalely. 1 found lillle al VMI that 1 could change except myself. When I had changed as much as I wanled to. I reached an Apparently, much of the academic and military facully and staff have forgolten that they are here for ihe sludenls rather than ihe olher way around. I am bilter now, but I have been told that ihe bit- lerness will pass. The semesier I spent at The Military College of Science in England gave me a new perspective on life at VMI. I was Ircated as an officer in England. I was given responsibility for lyself. I will leave VMI wondering why, afler ihr isled lo look aflc .self - given a chance to practice being an officer by priviledges lhat go wilh ihe responsibility of ihe r barracks. DYKES: 1983: John Rice, Somsak Roongsila M " ' " ?ing the JOHN MARCUS HICKS " Lightbulb.Hickey the sickey,Hazer " Great Falls, Virginia Electrical Engineering-Air Force Pilot I have grown here beyond all of my experlations. It has nol been easy or pleasant, bul I ihink I would do it again. The stories lhat my brother told made the rat line seem like a greal advenlure. Lillle did I know thai the advenlure would last four years. I have learned much here. From our dykes and my brother, who escaped in 1984. I learned values lhal 1 will live with forever. Also, the people I have known here have taughl me to live and nol jus! exist. We have worked and played hard, and almost succeeded in slaying sane. Thank you all for your friendship and support. I never would have ade il dthoi tyou. My parents also deserve a great deal of credit for their six vears c pulling up wilh Ihe Institute ' s hassles. Not only have ihey made ihi possible, bul occasionally even tolerable. Their love and confideno has made all of ihe difference. To ihe class of 1989 and ll wear ihe ring, I wish you luck in your lives here and beyond flu RICHARD GEORGE HILL IV " Rich, Pugsyly, Mr. Fixit, Buckaroo Bonzi esq. " Waynesboro- Va. Biology — Air Force? Rat 4; Civilian 3; Pvl. 2, 1; Rat Football; Wade Williams Practice Rabbit 4; Academic Survival Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Waynesboro Private Association 1. 5; Cadet Newspaper. It was once said, by whom I haven ' t the forest idea, that " sits he however so high a throne a man still sits on his bollom " and on his bottom a man does sit. there ' s jusl not a golden fleece on peoples behind thai make- lliein special, bu! all loo mans |ieople forget this. I came to the " I " and was introduced to (Ins brief theory in the most awakening way; for here no one is belter than I and 1 any better than ihey and so the tale of the ratline goes. This I learned, but due to technical difficulties I became a civilian third class year and the lesson learned al the " I " isjusl not true; for somewhere in the deep recesses of my gut 1 found 1 was indeed | etter than being a civil ser- vant working for 4.25 an hour. Back to VM1 1 strolled confident to succeed. I was greeted by three great roommates, they held me a spot. Wags, Boo. and Giteh — better people I could not live with. F.i h ul mil are real special people. As only an EC-CC first destined not to leave I feel both happiness and sorrow but soon it will be my lime and justly so for I am standing against the storm and shall not be conquered b) it. Surviving through persistence has seemed to be the program for me Sonja you accepted my exit a you. all things will come full with me and we ' ll do fine! return with the utmost grace and for cle for your love and support. Hang Tracy — Fly War — Damn — Eagle Fly! Scott, LOT Moe keep your chin held high and go for it Bubba. strive for whatever you want it ' s out there just waiting for you. Lastly, mom and dad Cod bless both of you tor you ' ve given me things some people never ex- perienced, love, support and happiness. Hey mom don ' t worry I ' ll mnh it!! ROM IV DYKES: James Alton Cook 111 — 1983 Sean Michael Halbcrg — " The Blade " — 1989 SCOTT PATRICK HILLIER Fairfax, Va. Electrical Engineering — Navy Cadet First Captain 1; Managing Editor BOMB 1; ETA KAPPA NU 1.2: IEEE 1,2; Pres. Photo Club 2; Head Photographer BOMB 2; Commander King Figure Honor Guard 3; Francis H. Smith Award 2; Faculty Emeritus Scholarship 2; EE Dept. Academic Award 2; Early Selection Nuke Power 2. When I first came to VMI, 1 was not sure why. I remember vividly standing in the matriculation line outside Lejeune Hall wondering what I was doing I made it through the cadre period only because I was totally disoriented. And could not think clearly enough to even consider le ving. did not know why 1 ■r slop myself from When the atmosphere finally settled down, 1 was here, but I knew I would slay. 1 could accepting su li a ■ hallenge. I have had main good experiences and have accomplished mam things since thai first dav They have been worth every drop of sweat and every sleepless nighl. I am proud to have had the opportunity lo lead ihis corps. I care deeph about Ml and its people I hope I have clone a job Mon fth.i and da else co d, thank you. You ha Id 1 ask for? Nanc yout v. you h akmg m ave alway • away I been there, ould never h. You alwa ve lasted Rob, Tim. Kevin don ' be strangers You hav llak a „,„,e ,se pride Willi me. Iov. e a lot lo t DYKES: Dai Joh Mulhem I Mason - — 1 983 - 1989 ANTHONY DOUGLAS HIRTZ j " Tony, T. Frick, Daemie " Lynchburg, Va. B.S. Biology — Army. Infantry Dean ' s List 4, 3. 2, 1; AROTC 2-Year Scholarship; Regimen I Band 4, 3, 2. 1; VMI Commanders 4. 1; VMI Cheerleaders 3. i Caplain 2; 1st Cpl. 3; Pit. Sgt. 2; Ph. Ldr. 1; 5 Year Man Baby £ i ter 2. 1; Shark Commander 4, 3; Varsity Biology Squad 4, 3, 2. J Serious Breakoul Enthusiasts 3. 2. We ' re adding ihe lasl notes lo the final chapter of a long, lurbuh, saga Endless ups. downs, in-betweens (and more and more dowr have been our demise throughout these four seemingly endli, years. Bui the beauty of ihis is, the ultimate up is nearly ours, ai when it is, we will have won, defeating the evils ol the Institute, w ( all its evil, sell-serving people . We must also carry with us l positive aspects of VMI and ihe teachings of the wise and wonder, people who have given us lessons to be used throughout life. always say our favorile phrase — IHTFP, but, even as thai is In ihe guys have made it lolerable and worthwhile — here is to bu; very few. John and Charles (of 421 fame), we said as rats we ' d write this. firsts: FY Stevens, FT Sehoen. John Chillum — you were a gr dyke — I ' m proud lo still call you a good friend. John HirU — ' doesn ' t matter how you win this war bul only lhat you win. I dc care; my faith in you never changed. David and Cy — you wera great supporting cast. Gerry — I can safely say lhat for the last or 15 years another brother wasn ' t a necessity, bul I won ' t cc plain. And John Butler, when it ' s really over, you know whal ll ran lo; S-A-D! Thanks for being Erack, Daemi. Au Lung, and loyal friend. Mr. and Mrs. Leffers — if 1 hadn ' t had my parents, I ' d have wislj for you. To my parents and whole family — the support wasalw right on time — thank you so much. This has been terribly sentimental, bul here ' s a final note — U passage is dedicated to The Shark — an unparalleled parly vehi; lhal made me and lots of depraved cadets very happy. 1983 210 First Cla SAMUAL ANDREWS HOLMES Elec " Wad " Oxford, Pennsylv ical Engineering - Air Fo AFCEA Award 2; Ela Kappa Nu 2, 1; Sport kle Club: Hop and Floor Committee 4, 3, 2, 1; IEEE 4, 3, 2; Rank; ESW Highway Safely Study 2; Dribblers Club 4, 3. 2, ?re ' s Goldlhorpe Club. " NORML " Dad and family. Erie. Chris. John, Tim, Llovd - I hank- I. ( Inl, PHILIP ROPER HOWARD " Howie " Petersburg, Virginia English — SS Pvl. 3. 2, 1; Tennis Team 4, 3, 2; English Sociely 2, 1; man 2; Sports Information Assistant 1; SCSC 2; Number One Inevitably this class history, is going to he one big " Thank You. " The support thai I have received has been incredible. Mom and Dad, whal can I sav? Thanks lor being there e ervtime 1 turned around. I love you both dearly! Daddy Phil and CIGI, I always appreciate all you have done for me during my stay at V.M.I. I couldn ' t have made it without you. To the rest of my family, your support will never be Stew, Mood, Charlie, and Ashe, it ' s been a howl! Without your help and guidance, times would have been really tough! You all have really defined the term " friend. " Hubby. Scott W.. Max and Mike. I will always remember the times in room 442. Wayne. Rob, and Todd, thanks for helping me through those third class Blues. Coach Slockwell, I will always be indebted to you for all the lime and understanding which you donated. On behalf of my family and myself, thank you! Hev Lashlev. can you believe this! Andrew, good luck in the future! and lake care of yourself. DYKES: John Lashlev — 1983 ROBERT CLIFTON HUBBARD, JR. " Hub. Redneck " Covington. Virginia English — Air Force Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; English Society 3, 2, 1. Treasurer 1. Secretary; TCFC86 3, 2; International Studies 2, 1; OGA 1; Summer Scholar 3, 2, 1; RCA Record Club; Nerf Football League. " Now I know what it ' s like lo go to school; I wish lo Hell I knew whal it ' s like lo go to college. " When Harrison Friendly, Jr. ' 61 gave me a VMI catalog in the spring of 1981. I laughed and told him there was no way I ' d ever go lo any military school. I can ' t tell you why I wanted to come or why I stayed because I don ' t know. I ' ve loved it. hated it, cursed it, and praised it. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn ' t; Bui neither would I give up ihe experience for anything. I came here as an immal leaving as a VMI man. with a Ring oi olher. It wasn ' t fun or easy but bee made it. My sinceresi Thanks go to buddies elsewhere who showed me home die Meadors. all my friends ire high school punk and I ' m one hand and a diploma in ihe use of some special people, 1 my BR ' s, my roommates, my real college life. The alumni ind relatives, and finally, my family. Mom and Dad. where would 1 be without you? You ' v all you could do. I know you worried a lot. but thanks for believing in me. Mom, thanks for all the tailgate parties, thai weekly leller. and for saving my checking account. When I get married I hope I make as good a choice as Dad did. Dad. lhanks for all the advice and guidance. I ' ve learned a lot about everything these pasl four years, but you ' ve taught me more than ainone else could ever hope lo teach me. If I become half the man you are, then I ' ll consider myself successful. Carolyn. Thanks for the open door and all the let- ters. You ' re ihe besl sister in ihe world even if I didn ' t take your ad- vice, bul what ihe hell ' s so great about Roanoke College anyway? P.S. Thanks Bill and Owen. I wouldn ' t have made il without you. MICHAEL C. HUFFMAN " Huff.Bill.Geek.Spike Huffman- Midlothian. Virginia History-Army ' Private 4,3,2,1; Unauthorized Car Club 4,3,2,1; President Monogram Club 1; Summer School 4.3.2,1; Basketball 4,3,2,1. Captain 1; Crew From 102 Cockpit Club; Road Warriors As always, procrastination got the best of me, and this history is the product of another hurried effort. Thus, I will keep this as brief as possible, or shall I say as brief as lime allows. First, I want lo say thanks and goodbye to to my roommates of four years, Cy, Dave, Scott, and Jim. We didn ' t see eye lo eye on every occasion, but I think lhal has, and will conlinue to benefit us in a world that doesn ' t always do the aforementioned either. I ' m sure we will hook up again in a more enjoyable scenario. Panch, Tyson. Plaley, Sir Q. and all the others who I ' ve shared a few beers and laughs with, I hope lo catch up with all of you somewhere down ihe road. Mom and Dad, thank you for the love and .support during nn four year vacation at the Institute. Well it is now 1 1:20 and this is due at taps, so I better close by saving goodbye lo the " Lexicon of Love. " MCH DYKES: 1983: Chris Pela, Kenny McAllister 1984: Rufus " Special " Kay SCOTT CARLETON HUNTER " Snake.Scooter.Mr.Conner.Hunt " New Cumberland. PA Civil Engineer-Armv Football 4,3,2.1; Unauthorized Car Club 4,3,2; Private 4.3,2.1; Corporal 3; Sergeant 2; Summer School 4,3,2; Cockpit Club 4,3.2. 1 ; Crew From 1 02 4.3,2. 1 " Why did you go to V.M.L? " don ' t know. I guess I just madt asked many limes, and it ' s Irue. I really don ' l know why 1 came. I ' m still trying to figure il oul. " Why do vol sla ? " Another good ques- tion, only this time I ' ve got a little belter answer. " My grades were so bad 1 couldn ' t go anywhere else! " I ' ve got lo give a lot of thanks to my family for their support, especially my mother and fallier. Thank you for your love, listening to me complain, giving me advice and guidance, and most of all for paving ihe bills. I ' ve also got lo give credit to my roommales. Dave " Kooter " Moore, Mike " Basil ' Huffman, Cy " Kerr " Kump, Jim " Slinkey " Urie, and I can ' t forgel myself, for pulling up with each olher for four years. If there ' s one ihing I ' ve gotten from mv " VMI Experience " , it ' s friends. Steve. Louis. Mike, Cy, Dave, Jim, we really have had sonic good times and I ' m sure ihere will be many more to come down ihe road Just remember Pamh. (here ' s no need to worry, I ' ve got your back covered. There ' s a quote I once heard when I was Irving In decide of school lo allend. " College is 70% social and 30% learning. " to disappoint you Dad, but you were wrong. " VMI. it ' s a terrible place lo be, but a greal place lo be from. heard il loo many times, I can only hope il ' s Irue. Life begins when VMI ends. ScollC. Hunter 1986 DYKES: 1983: Malach. Mills 1984: Anthony " Quinn " DuBose Mcintosh. Rodney " Napota HENRY BERNARD INGRAM " Wally Bumphus, Wallycus. BB " High Point. North Carolina Modern Language Football 4; Track:High Jump 4,3,2,1; Promaji Club 4,3.2, 1 Three years ago I matriculated not knowing what to expecl. Now as graduation nears. I slill look at the future with a certain uneasiness. VMI has sheltered me from the harshness of the real world for four years. Il ha s sheltered me in such a way thai 1 find it almost impossi- ble lo see myself anywhere else. VMI has helped me to find lhal in- ner strength I never thought I possessed. Il has introduced me lo a new life. One of honor, friendship, things thai I will cherish forever. I ' m a stern believer in ihe old saving " ihings gotten lo easily aren ' t I would like to wish all ihe luck in the world lo my brother rats but especially to this one in particular. Calio. No other person ex- emplifies this irue brolher rat spirit as well as you do. We have ex-; perieuced many hard and Irving times together; those are ihe ones, that have brought us into a bond of Inrndshjp lor life. Last of all, I would like lo thank mv entire family. Cora, Jean, and Grandmolhei m»i all have lieen supportue and understanding in ihe lasl tour years. Bui most of all 1 would like lo thank my mother, for she is the ' sole source ol my inspiration I love ou with all my heart. 212 First Cla P.SCOTT INGRAM " Gram,Bookend,Hobbif Richmond, Virginia Hislory-Army uKL, Rugby 3.2.1, Vice President of Hop and Floor.sociely of -foung Economists, Tennis learn 4. Well Resled Approach 4.3,2,1. [he Man in the Class Vhen you get what you want in your struggle for life, and the world jiakes you king for a day, just go to the mirror and look at yourself, ind see what man has to say. For it isn ' t your father or mother or vife whose judgement upon you must pass, the fellow whose verdict founts most in your life is the one staring back from the glass. Some people might think you ' re a slaighl-shooting chum, and call you a wonderful guy, but the man in the glass say ' s you ' re only a bum. if ' ■ou can ' t look him straight in the eye. He ' s the fellow to please. lever mind all the rest, for he ' s with you clear up to the end. And tou ' ve passed your most dangerous, difficult test if the guy in the flass is your friend. You may fool the whole down the pathway of tears, and get pats on the back as you pass. But your final reward ■ ill ! ■ heartaches and tears il ou " e (healed I he man in the glass. . his poem was given to me bv someone who has stuck with me Jhrough my entire four years here. I would just like to thank him for II ol his support and espo iall lliank him tor helping me grow up - THANKS UNK! special thanks goes out to my parents. 1 know I ' ve been a lot of rouble through out the pasl four years and I know we haven ' t seen i ' ye to eye on a lot of things, but I want you to know that 1 love you 1 ery much and thanks I ' m putting up with mv bullshit! In all honestly ■m not sure how I ' ve benefitted from this place-] guess time will ell. -P.S.I. i Toler JAMES PATRICK INMAN " Jamie.The Enema Manjamer " Nashville, Tennessee English-Army 3rd bn. S-3 1. Dean ' s Lis, 2. ' Honor Court 1, Cpl. 3, Sgt. English Society 2, 1 , The Zoo Crue 3,2. 1 . When 1 came to VMI I had preconcieved romantic visions of grandeur. On my pre-ral visit the parade was so impressive I could not wait to gel up here. What a shock the first year was. I came to the reality that friendship is what keeps you here. The friendships that have begun here surpass any I have encountered or expect to encounter. To my friends I say 1 love you and will miss you. To my roommates Ricky and John I am sure-glad to have known thai com- passionate side that sou both often try to hide. To my parent - Mons and Pons • your love ar expressed in words. I love you and am grateful ial are as great as you, we ' support cannot be God for providing ;ee about that hot H R ish you the best of luck in the fulun ngers huh. " Chicken bile the dog " " @ in confidences. Long ago il must be. 1 have a photograph. Preserve your memories. They ' re all that ' s left you. - Paul Simon DYKES: 1983: Duane Ray 1984: Bill Bershing, Floyd Bell PAUL FRANCIS JARVIS " Bug " Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering-Army Swim Team 4,3,2,1, letter winner 4.3,2,1, Dean ' s List 2 , Cpl 3, Sgt 2, Pvl. 1, ASCE 4.3,2.1, Civil Engineering Honor Society 2,1, Water Polo Club 3,2 l.Vice President 1. When I look back over the four years at the Institute. I can remember a lot of the hard limes as well as the good limes. I came here a kid out of High School thinking nobody a couple of years older than me could scare me. boy was I wrong. That first week was the longest. I never realK thought about leaving this place, because there was always somebody there to help me through the low points that everybody feels. Am. thanks for all " I ihe support, and patience with me in my swimming. Your office was always a good place to sleep as a ral. I would not have been able lo make il through ihis place if il wasn ' t for my roommates. Thanks Jim, Jim and Joe you guvs are like brothers In me For the moral support ! would like lo thank my family. Thanks Mom. Dad. Lisa, Keith, and Grandma. You guys were always there lo cheer me up and lo keep me on The funny thing aboul VMI is thai the cadets can complain all they wan! aboul VMI, but the second an outsider says something negative aboul VMI we are all defending ihe place. I am no different. Bill I bet you thought I forgol about you. Well thanks for making it so en- joyable lo study. Why don ' t you sing your Beyerman song again? Good luck swim learn! Steve you guys can turn the program around. ANTHONY THOMAS JASINSKI " Jizberl. Ihe Jazz, Jizz. Jazzbo " Erie, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering-Army, Armor Mililaria Society 4 3 2 1, Vice president 1, Tresurer 2 1; SPS 4 3 2,lresurer, Wargamer 4-1; Mallory Hall Malilia 4 3; Tank Pll. 3 2 1 TC; Dean ' s List 2; The Dean ' s other list 3; Pvl. 4 3 2 1; Cpl. 3; ASCE2 l;SummerSchool3;Band43 2 l;Haydown43 2 1; Last minute Ring Figure Dale 2;Hardrocker 4 3 2 1. The end is near(or is it?). After four(?) long years the finish I proaches. I started the " rat race " with little knowledge of the ahead. Somehow I never managed lo gel ahead. Academi pulling me down. End of rat year left me looking forward t class year (I still can ' t figure out why!) First semester third cla I decided lo try oul the Dean ' s olher list. Thankfully third cla ended. Second class year I got on the Dean ' s List but still behind. All I see now is lhat magk al sheepskin waving at the t Now I ?ap- .„l k many of ihnse friends and family who helped me make il through. My dyke and his fire sale stereo in ihe sludy room. And of course ihere is my faithful roommale of three years, Al Miller, always ihere when I needed a quick and easy victory in our favorite hobby (Wargaming). But ihen again Al usually won ihe Saturday uighl wreslling, live from rm 117. Of course how can I forget ihe in- sane anlics of " Jar head " Jim LaForesl. From ihe pinkribbons. pacifier, and Ins dictionary like abiliH to spell an word so long as il didn ' l have more lhan three letters. He also was Al ' s tag learn parl- ner on sat. nights This line is dedicated lorn) accomplice in all those after taps wargames, here ' s to you RML. And lo Billy. Joe, Dwighl. Rich. John. Jose. Bill, and to everyone else. Bye. Bye. JH ' M,l| ll anks goes oul to n y Mom and Dad for their mor al and nancial s upporl. 1 would ha e never made il through williiuil I. What yo u do when you do i ' i have to determines what yo It ' ll be hen you ■aii ' l help it. " - Link And he I list think nothing i npossible. " -AH. DYkES: 1983: " Big Slob " Bob Zilhaver 1984: " Hosehead " Jose L. Corpu: RONALD OREST JAWOROWSKI " Jaws, Ski, On Alexandria. Viginia Electrical Engineering-Navy Pvl 4: Cpl 3; Pvl 3; Sgt 2; 2nd Pll Ll 1; Parental Scholarship 4; Navy Three Year Scholarship; IEEE 2.1; Dean ' s Lis! 3,2, 1; Trident Society 1. Upon entering VMI I passed through a door which has taken me through a lime warp, of sorls, lo graduation. I ' ve learned a lol in these pasl four years, some of which painful, especially that lime during ihird class year when I recieved a very slringenl and unfair penally due lo being caughl up in a " change " al the Institute. Allhough those times were not always good; 1 wouldn ' t irade them for the world, because VMI has laughi me alol aboul myself, most of which was to grow up and deal with responsibility. I want lo thank Mom and Dad for spending all the lime, effort and money to help me wilh my education and mistakes. I ' d also like lo thank Sam and Tom for being helpful and considerate roommates in " ' 09 Pediatrics. " And finally I ' d like lo lhank K.mberly for " Being JAMES M. JENKINS " Basil, Birdman. Jimmer " Eairport, New York Hislory French-Army Pvt.4; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; Third Bal. CO. 1; Dean ' s List 4,3,2,1; Academicalv Disimguished 3.2.1; Hislrov Honors Program 2,1; Honor Courl 1; Football 4; International Relations Club 3.2,1; Society of Young Economists 2. I; SCSC 2; Distinguished Military Sludenl 1 ; Army ROTC Scholarship 3,2, 1 . I find il difficult lo sum up 4 years of ihis place in a few words. Maybe it ' s because one experiences a wide variety of emotional highs and lows in jusl a normal day here. To those who made my mure njo able than I deserved. I say thank you. Steve. Chip. and Pal good luck and lhanks lo you and your families for making Northern Virginia my home away from home. Mom and Dad, your love was boundless your supporl was endless. Once again you proved thai a loving family is heaven on earth. Sue, I ' ve never met a more patienl or understanding person. You ' ve added a lot to my lime here. Finally, for all ihe moaning and tnli lung, that is common to everyones ' exislance al VMI. I must admit il really wasn ' t so bad. ' In fad, I had fun. 211 Fust Cla ROBERT E. JOHNSON " Rob " Springfield, Virginia Electrical Engineering-Air Force Fencing Captain, Circle K Club, I.E.E.E., VMI Firefighters. I suppose vears from now I ' ll be looking back at the " ! " and saying lo myself " it wasn ' t so bad. " That is the way it always is I guess. The good lime seem to stick with us and we dwell on them. The bad times have a tendency lo fade away. I want to remember them though. They are what makes us strong and lo forget them is lo forget what you ' re made of. It was easy lo stay here when things seemed lo be going my way. bul when I had 4 tests to take in one week, S8.000 to colled for ihe S-l and got boned for pulling ihe colors in Ihe wrong spot during parade on lop of il, 1 really wonder what kept me here. Whal I hope lo say years from now is " il wasn ' t all that easy. " One of the other things I want lo remember is that I really do want to be a sheepherder in New Zealand. For some reason I have always thought I would be content there. I hope I make it to New Zealand or at least die a contented man. I don ' t want to drone on about the people lhat I love and thank because if I can ' t take them for granted who can I. There are two in particular though, two very special women who I will always love. I don ' t have lo worry aboul forgetting ihem but I waul to remember thai they were two turning points in my life. The last thing I want to remember is that I really was young, once. " Ashes and diamonds. Foe and Friend, we all are equal in ihe end. " — Pink Floyd Dykes: DaveMatawilz-1983 George Noewatne-1989 LAWRENCE STEPHONE JONES " Sugarbear.Bear,Honeybear " Ashland. Virginia History-Air Force Football 4.3.2,1; Pomaji Club 4,3.2.1; Historian of the Promaji Club; Monogram Club 3. The time I have spenl al ;. and enjoyable. I never could say, " see ya. " to nine wonderful people. 1 du. " if il wasn ' t for her ever had made il. 1 also ,d, Cheryl Williams, her lid Well, il has been four long y VMI has been painful, depressing thought the day would come thai 1 VMI. But it has come, thanks lo s. would like to say. " Mom. 1 love love and encouragement I would r owe a lot of thanks to my girlinei love made the light through the lunnel visible. I also like to say thanks lo Tony and John who cared more than enough about me and my well being. You are truly friends. Thanks. VMI throws all kinds of screwballs al you. Il takes a very special person or group of men lo over come these different pilches thrown at you. 1 would like to say lhat the class of " 86 is a special breed of men. Good luck lo all in your VMI is the kind of place lhat one would never forget but would try desperately to forgel. VMI is filled with bad limes and good times. It seems lhat ihe bad times out weigh the good times; bul with ihe love from your family and friends ill compared lo the good times, dio stood bv me. Everv time I re to pull me back to the what made VMI bearable for me. ihe bad limes t ng then surface. T Everyone needs a lending hand now and then, and I ap- preciate all (hose who gave me their hand, their friendship, and especially their love. THANKS!!! Dykes: Jim " Wendell " Ric J.C.Gregory- 1989 -1MJU CHRISTOPHER KANTER " Yoda.Kanterhead " Norfolk, Virginia History-Air Force Pvt.; Hop and Floor Committee 2.1; Well R Approach 4,3,2,1. Well it ' s over now ai summer school, OK. a been a learning experi ships lhat have been i be forgollen. I wish yo Duke, Scotlv. and Bil d I ' m glad. Four years and a lillle lot of summer school, is enough. It ' s ;nce that I will not forget. The friend- lade are also somelhing that will not i all the best of luck. I — Bill whal can I say. We gave ap but what are roor e greal guys and I ha on. Keep in touch. es for lol of needs. Rob I wish you well and I i as much from me as I did from my each other endle anyway. Ya ' ll are respect lor each or Eli, Gibby, and ( guidence thai evei hope lhat you ' ve le dykes. I would especially like to thank my family, for they were always there with the encouragement that I so desperately needed. Mother. I couldn ' t have done it without you. You have always amazed me with vour dedication and I just want you lo know lhat you were a source of strength for me. Terry, you ' re one of a kind. You made four otherwise unbearable years bearable. Your patience with all of the rules and regulations was something that could not have been expected tm appreciated ami behe e me il wa . They say the best pari is after gradu Dykes: Eli Ca Rob " Slob " K n. Gibby Smith, Glenn Ha First Class 215 MICHAEL J. KARABASZ Holland, MI HI — Army ell lo V.M.I, and in doi THOMAS JOSEPH KARDOS " Kard (Head Board Etc.). Top " Stamford, Connecticut Mechanical Engineering — Army Pvt. 4; Cpl. Pvl. 3; Sgt. 2; Sgt. (Top) Lt. 1; Cadre 3, 1; R.D.C. 1; Rat Tng. 2; Cadel Asst. 2, 1; A.S.M.E. 3, 2, 1; Summer School 4, 3, 2; Academically Disl.nguished (Never); " The Three " 3, 2, 1; (,ol. Snyder Apprrnalion Society 2, 1 At last it is time to say far mixed feelings. The last four years (summers included) have not flown by like I was told they would. Il has been a very long series of ups and downs. Bui with graduation drawing near, the good times seem great and the bad ones not as dismal or frequent as they once did. In a way il seems so appropriate thai al just about the time you starl to figure this place oul and things begin to look up, they hand you a piece of paper and lell you lo leave. I ' ve changed a lol since Aug. " 82; that ' s probably why I came here and staved. V.M.I, has laughl me a great deal, and, although some of il I could have done without, I know I am better for il. I ' ve made mistakes, learned from some, but repeated a lot more. Most of all, 1 think I now know ihe Irue meaning of friendship, as one only could by coming here. uld like :Tor given me. To my friends, esp. Piller, besl guys anyone would like lo pass who showed me that allhough you yourself, it ' s nol nearly as much fun. elf, bul I guess that ' s why i i thank those people who ' ve helped me -■ parents, for ihe love and support you :mg , The Mule with. And lastly to Beak, lake it through here by Dykes: Slephan Dombroski — Rick Nelson— 1987 Rick Skiff, Ian Dolan — 1989 l un TIMOTHY MICHAEL KEILTY " Kool-tay, Turko, BK, TK " Vienna, Virginia History — Air Force Pvt. 4, 3; Sgt. 2; Balallion S-5 1; EC GC 4, 3, 2, 1; Vice President Class of 1986; Baseball 2, 1; Posil Commillee 3, 2, President 1; Society of Economisl 3, 2; Cadet Recreation Site Committee 1; Turko and the Dancin White Weasels 3. 2, 1; Ghetto Warriors 3, 2, 1 Life at the " I " was such a greal lime. That I can ' t do it justice without a short rhyme. 1 came here for reasons I don ' t myself know. But I ' m glad that I came and reluctant to go. I strained in the ratline, the VMI way. And nearly drowned in a pil on " Breakout Day. " And Kevin, Dear brother, I ' m deep in vour debt. If it weren ' t for you, I ' d be there yet. I struggled with Econ, and though 1 gave il a try. What they demanded, 1 couldn ' l supply. A diminishing grade point persuaded me. To polish my skills in Hislory. 1 remember " Ring Figure " jusl Theresa and me, " hustling " around at the " Regency. " nd l u ignrous summers having " fun " Al ihe beach in Lexington. And ihe raw excitement of a number three. For taking unauthorized liberty. Mostly I ' ll remember Jim, Chris, Dan, and Greg, And a friendship nurtured on many a keg. And on a division of labor Dan thinks wasn ' l bad — Thev stayed on permit, and ] cleaned the pad. Our four short years togelher have vanished like a dawn, Bul memories of the ratline will ever linger on. And brolher rats remember, though the memory wets an eye. Thai the spirit of the ratline, is the spiril of VMI. Mom and Dad, you ' re ihe greatest: I Love You. Dykes: Jim Johnston — 1983 Chris Tognali — 1989 DALE KENNEDY JOHN FRANCIS KIEFER " Muhad. Reefer, JFK. Goob D, Mr. Bud " Richmond. Va. Mechanical Engineering — Navy Library Cadet Assistant 3; Marine Detachment 4, 3; Navai Aviators 1; ASME. BAC 4, 3, 2. 1; Dinasaur 4. 3. 2. 1; The Yee Haa Club 2,1; Resident of the Barbarian ' s Lair 2, 1 ; 1 Ok Bud Team 2. 1 ; Ll. l;Sgl.2. Once upon a time there was a boy who had ihe heart and dreams of a gianl, yet things happened and he buried ihe secrels of his person deep within himself. He decided to escape from within so he journeyed through a valley. This valley was unlike any ever seen by most men. The valley made the boy face darkness, despair, doubts, hardships, and fears that were in and around him. His dreams were smashed at his feel and he stood naked lo the valleys elements. He met people along the way — some good and some bad — but he . Then he emerged with i still grew and learned through each the lesson engraved in his mind to use one day and new dreams of a man played in his head. He walked forward not knowing what the world was ready lo throw at him but he welcomed the challenge because he had come lo realize that he was his own man now and had a wild hair. VMI — where everybody is somebody and somebody can be himself. B.W. It has been an unreal hell yet deep down 1 know it has helped in some way. Yet I do not know of vet lhanks to the people here and around me, I gulled it out. Thanks mom. Bob. Coll, Chris, Tim. Pat, Cam, Beth, Steph, Tray. Grandparents, relations. Uncle Ed, Dan, Tonv. Mark, roommates, BR ' s, friends, Mr Bud and the rest — you are all Muhads. In memory of my father J.C.K. There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at ihe flood, leads on to fortune: omitted, all the voyage of their is bound in shallows and miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, and we must lake the current when it serves or lose our ventures. {Julius Ceasar, IViii, W. Shakespeare) To my roomies, thanks for making one thing good here. Bye Bye Birdie! DYKES: Brett Allen — 1983 Jeff Mac Bridgeforth — 1989 1 13 i a rfk =W y?t i • i JIMMY WALTUS KILBOURNE, JR. " Jim, Hy me. Jew, Geek, Stillborn - Winchester, Virginia History — Army, Armor Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1, President 1; Tanker Platoon 3, 2, 1; AUSA 2, 1; CWRT 4. 3, 2,1; Honor Guard 4, 3; Pvt. 4, 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Circle-K 2, 1; The Difference; Dart Board; Firefighters 1; Bobsey Twin " B; " Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2. 1 . It is unfortunate hypocracies! Too or mark of reforn s plagued by so many such a great insti n individual faclic ihe Institute. The Corps should be left alo wimps or permit worms. I wol [amission, or wanted to parly, he Too many cadets ruin the image embarrassed to admit where I go yplace else though. I hate the frats! If a person didn ' t want lo g should have gone somewhei of the corps so that sometiir lo school. Enough of that. I thank my parents for the luilion money. I hope my little brother does allrighl. 1 lhank Mi abeth |i r adding the female touch lo a near complete and fulfilling cadeiship. Thanks to Vince and all my friends and the geek clique. Long live the difference. Jimmy W.Kilbourne, Jr. DAN EDWARD KIRBY Dan. slick, hey. nimmph, Kirb Pungo, Virginia Beach . Virginia Mechanical Engineering-Army Reserv Thanks. (Irs! of all. lo my friends: Jim for juggling the women, Daryl for laughing al my jokes. Dan, Mick. Gary, TK, Mccabe. Dave, Mike. Rob, Bob , all of you M.E. studs, and everyone in the class. You guys helped me thru the most Irying 4 years of my life. The man they drew out arid the Imiv thai m.ilnrulated are two distinctive- ly different people. The one that ' s graduating is a lille better, but the boy had his moments too. I ' ll miss him. As lo whether I ' d do it over if I could travel hack in lime, well, I ' d probably be a mechanic or a plumber in Norfolk. And I ' d be happy I ' m still glad I made the other (notice 1 don ' t say right) decision I ' ve never honestly liked VMI. I ' ve been happy here at times, but never liked the place, not The road trips were great! Gotta love that BUG! So what if a 6 ' 10 " guy doesn ' t fit? I can ' t afford a school bos! And thanks, Rob, for the permenent vent window. Now I ' ll never forget vou. And, yes. Major Barr, I did deserve an A. Thank you mom and dad for all the sup- port. I love you both more than vou could know Cindy, Ginny, Rob, Ron, Mic, Helle, thanks lor being there. I love you all. Dan |IYkr Wan. ' Hum Tlullip. - l«»iU Gerry " Wild Man " Ernst. Harlan AloisiusCarvey — 1989 CHRISTOPHER PAUL KOLODITZ " Chris, coldculs, crisco oil " Pills,, Pa. Civil Engineering-Army Pvt. 4,3,2,1, F troop 4,3, I troop 2,1, ASCE 2,1, SPS 1, 08 club 3,2,1, Red Front Rangers 3,2, Lacrosse 4.3.2, Major Tiso ' s torture permit 2, Steelers Tan club 4,3.2,1, Ben Walkers fan club 4,3,2,1, President 1 xpen •I willr iilx-r for the The people I have to thank the most are mom and dad. The support you have given me has been immeasurable. 1 don ' t know how long I would have stayed without your support. In all the phone calls and letters you backed me all the way. 1 will never be able lo pay you back for everything you have done for me. I ' ve tried lo make you proud of me. 1 love vou bolh so very much. Thank you for everything. The thing I remember the most is ihe people I got to known and the friends I made. We ' ve been through good and bad and sluck together. Thanks Ed. Jon, Mike, Scott, and Randy. I ' ll never forget Ed ' s juggling acts, Jon ' s face dive into the street, Mike ' s large, 1 mean huge, nose, Scoll ' s car third class year, and Randy ' s star Irek ' s uniform. You have made this place bearable and help me keep my sanity. I wish you luck in all you do in the future. Santa-Jackson. Scooter, Reddeath. TV guide. Node. E.T., Goshen, Chair Farce, blue battleship, Jon kissing the ground. Sandy, Green eyes, Atlantic city. New York City, dirt-bike riding, summer school, Huey Lewis, water-skiing. Ring Figure Lacroose slick, Kris Knife, hay monsler. rack-lab. road trips, kal oom, Hardbodies. and class of 1986. BOHICA.(idea from E.T.) WILLIAM KARL KUHRMAN Vienna, Virginia Mechanical Engineering Cadre cpl 3. sgi-2. acadeniH alK undistinguished 4,3,2,1, airborne 4, air assaull 3. Rat Training ptl. leader 1, grub pvt 1, dinner ap- precialion nighl 4,3,2, He-Man woman hater ' s club 3.2,1 Let ' s be real. Who wants to wrighl endless lines aboul whal signifi- cant impact the VMI experience has had on their life. Every year it seems as if Firsl Classmen try to come up with the mosl profound histories. As for me, my growing experience here has been consis- tant with the countless numbers of VMI men who have gone before ! me, my academic performance not exactly steller, and the ideals I , once held onto so strongb arc now i]ueslionabIe. I ' ve lived some of the worst days of my life here, bul breakout, the roadlrips with ihe boys, Ringfigure, running the block, and chasing I women are some of ihe fondest lh.ll alion in sight, it seems as if I can take everything VMI I through with a smile. I will all ways remember George, or. Hicky, Smurf and the resl of the boys and all the I we had. Now, I ' ve pul off writing this history until the I ' m putting off homework to get il done, and I have to - rt because I ' m getting ready to run the block with some So, to my family - You are my life and I will always Love you. To mom and dad no man could do beller lhan to have you behind him. Thanks for everything. I love you both. ... And now, it ' s time to rock CYRUS SCOTT KUMP " Kumper, Skrumper, Kerr, The Immortal One. Spaz " Newport News, VA. Biology BSChemistn minor-Army 1 Football 4; Dean ' s Rowing Club l;Ci Crash Car 1 List 3: In I Here I am again trying lo make another deadline r else suffer the ' consequence of ihe omnipotent " bone " . And so it goes at the in- i stitute. Yes, sometimes I wish I would have gone to another school i and not had the hassles (understatement), but for some reason I ' know somewhere down the mad I ' ll be glad I came, I hope. It ' s been one heck of a i hallenge ami delimteb an experience; which is whv I ' came, I think. Anyway, I ' m glad I had the privilege of being thrown ( together with the four best possible roomales. I mean literally thrown together on day one, and stayed all the way lo G day, graduation. Jim Li., David M.Mike H., and Scott H., what a feat ' guys! Thanks for the great times and try to forget the bad because we all know it was just the tension of the daily routine. Let ' s keep in touch and I don ' t mean just on reunions where we dress up in five , hundred different colored clothes lo get horse off old yells. I mean in jlhe " real " world too, where we ' re all going and I know you will all J do super. I wish you the greatest of luck! To the rest of my BR ' s you : ,guys made sure there was never a dull moment, keep it up, GOOD : LUCK! Dirlz, your the man. Thanks Mom and for the support, I couldn ' t of done it without you, I love vou! Sterling you ' d better ace Hollins. Hey guess what I, made the deadline. And so il goe s. MICHAEL RICHARD LABAN " African. Communist. l.abanovitch " Harare. Zimbabwe History-Army Artillery Cpl 3; Sgt 2; 1st Sgt 1; Cdt Assl Library 3,2; Head Cdt. Asst. 1; Cdt. Coordinator 1986 Symposium; Cadet Batten. 3,2,1; Ranger Platoon 3.2; AUSA 3.2; International Relations Club 2,1; Orinteer- ing Club 2,1; Ring Figure Rock Painting Committee answer lo that most common question; I lound this place ir nary, and I ' m glad 1 did. I ' ve enjoyed almost every minut d the minutes I didn ' t enjo were good lor me nonetheless. Consequently, I ' d like to thank my parents for sending me here, and all the individual Americans I met along ihe way. from Walt Galanly and Sandy McNamara. right through to the fifth floor of Scott Shipp Hall, the Political Scientists. Army ROTC. and Major Tripoli and on lo the Corps, my dykes, my brother rats, company males and roomales, Byron and Troy, and former roomales, Kent. Craig and Rob. I suppose I must admit; you are the second best nation I ' ve seen, and I ' d like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to Zim- babwe, whenever you can scrape up enough lor a plane ticket (and Lastly, I ' d like lo thank the US Army for my mot Ishe Kumburera African. (God bless Africa). " It is Africa, the beloved country " Alan Palon " To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. " Tei rl.ike I I JAMES RENE LAFOREST JR. Chemistry -United Stales Marine Corps Pvt. 4,3,2,1; Goll Cumpans OGA Representative 1; Golf Company Guidon 1; Wrestling Team 4; Rugby 3,2,1; American Chemical Society 3,2.1; Semper Fidehs Society 3,2,1 Why VMI? Why Chemistry? Why in ihe heck the Marine Corps? If I Iruely knew the answer perhaps 1 wouldn ' t even be here. Could il be as Sir Edmund Hillary once so appropriately said, " Because it was there. " ? Could it have been the constant prodding of my father to travel in the opposite direction? May lie it ' s just fate. Who knows? Who really cares? As I look back. I nov Special thanks go to cepled me despite my temper a a doubt the only individuals thai could live wi schizophrenic. I, for lack of better words, !■ grateful lo Mr. Mrs. Gillilland without wh have never attended ihe Institute. Thanks also Scott, and my ral Todd; without tin would have never been whole parents How can I do them j won ' t even try, as my attempt t wilt only say that their love am To them, I owe a debt which I c ave never made it by myself. penally AJ and Jizz who ac- rre exploits. They are beyond live wilh me without tun e them bolh. I e guidance I ci i my dykes Matt presence the VMI expent nr nally, I would like to thai ce with a few hundred words? I Id only be woefully inadequate. I ipporl made everything possible. DYKES: Scon Belliveau. Matthew Lobby — 1983 Todd " Lover Boy " Armel — 1989 RICHARD VIKTOR LA HUE " Bananahead, Killer, Anything bul Dick " Bail Tot ' lz, Federal Republic of Germany Mechanical Engineering Ral 4; Cpl, Pvl 3; SGT 2; Number One Club 1; ASME 4,3,2,1; Sps 4,3; Kaempfte Schwerkraft 3,2, 1 ; VM1 RFC 2,1; Naive 4; 1 HTFPC 3.2.1 I can hear the rocks calling. I can hear them calling In ihc rumble of rats feel. On the stairs before meals. Hungry. The gods wani a sacrifice. And we musl give it. Our last bit of water, or Ourselves splashed on the scree. Late at night I lie awake. Falling fear and helpness grip me. Back muscles tensed in a struggle Tunnel vision. Vertigo. To Schwilti, Mark and Ross with whom I shared the freedom of the hills, may you always be " On Belay " . Experience is what you get when vou were expecting something else! William A. HalleUr. ' 47 Thaks lor all the sop| orl Mom and Dad and everyone. Ross you owe god. There is no hope. There is no Future. There is only The Horror -Apocalypse Now RAGE TheH. DYKES: Kimving " Damn " " Chu — 1983 Ross " Awesome " Miller— 1985 Steve " Hick " Wasko — 1989 220 First Class MICHAEL L. LAKOS nmander. Regimental Babysitter, Nose " Waleska, Georgia Mathematics German-Air Force Football 4,3; Sergeant 2; Regimental S-5 1; Arnold Air Society 4,3,2,1 Treasurer 3,2 Commander 2,1; Sport Parachute Club 4,3,2,1 Treasurer 3 Vice President 2,1; FCA 4; MOWW Award 4; National Sojomers Award 3; AFA VFW Award 2; Dean ' s List 4,3,2,1; Red Front Rangers 3.2; FTHC 2.1; All Palchin 4,3; Air- borne 3 When I first arrived in Lexington. 1 had never seen the Virginia Military Institute before. It was a culture shock. I remember driving up to Jackson Arch with my father and my brother Christopher or Chnty, as I know him. Mom and Scan slaved at home. Luckily I had the chance to play college football for two years. I had a lot of fun playing. It was because of football that 1 met my roomates. Jeff, Ber- nie. and Tom, you guys have been great. We have fought, laughed, and drank together. ! wish you all the luck after we leave Lexington. As for myself it ' s off to the Air Force, and not the Marine Corps. Chris (Coon-Skin). Most of all 1 would like lo thank my parents for their love and sup- port during inv adelship ami also throughout my 21 years on this earth. Chrily and Sean, my two brothers. 1 love you both. You are a great pair of brothers. To my brother rats I want to say two words. Thank you ' Thank you for the comradery during our ratline, the long hours of studying together. Ring Figure, and now finally graduation. VMI has taught me a lot. I will never forget this place and what il stands for. Now we have one thing to lake wilh us. By this I mean our rings and the sheepskin. Those big gold -vinbols mean something when you wear it. I am proud of my ring, and 1 hope everyone else who has one is proud of their ring also Finally I would like to say something lo my dyke and co-d kes. John, hang in there, and get rid of lhal cocky at- titude. Stuart you are OK, T.J. you are psycho, wilh those eyes. Dan don ' t gel your PhD. before vou graduate. Good luck to 87,88, and finally 89. Good luck brother rats. Jet i ttenlen W.r Frc ■ M.i . Aufwiedershen Brudei Ral DYKFS MarkPruden— 1983 John Corley (Cocky) — TROY VERNON LANIER " Laundry, Laundry Nads " Waianae, Hawaii Mechanical Engineering-Air Force Ral 4; 1st Cpl 3; 1st Pit. Sgt. 2; 2nd Batallion Commander l:j Deans Lisl 4,3; Ral training Cadre 3,2; Vice President ASME Club I 3; Treasurer ASME Club 2; Airborne; Who ' s Who Among! American College Sludenls 1 Thank you Mom for all that love and support you gave me during my ' years at VMI. I still remember that first letter I wrole you aftei matriculation. " Mom , if you only knew half the things they do lo us, ' you would have never persuaded me to come here. " I ' m glad lhal you did. I love you Mom. To my roomates: Thank you guys for making life at VMI bearable I 1 have benefitted from that keen competition for excellence that has always been present in our room. We had some rough limes, but we 1 always pulled together and worked it out. We had some good limes, where time and destination did not stand in the way of a good road ' Irip. You guys are what VMI is all about. I ' m proud lo call you my friends. We ' ve known each other so well for 4 years that il is a miracle we, didn ' t gel sick of each olher. I need lo apologize lo you for all the grief I gave you during the winter of 85. I guess I ' m geiting mine now. You really helped me make il through here and I think it is safe lo say that we will be buddies for life. I ' ll hunt wilh you anytime even if ou did trv to waste me in the middle of the desert. Troul fishing in Colorado 90!-Rock When you ' ve found someone who is usually nicer to you than he should be ... you ' ve foynd a friend. A few years ago I found a friend, and we ended up living together, kicking and dragging each other through this place, and so far, we kinda like each other. Well, Bud- dy, the get-to-know-you period is almost over, and the fun is about lo start. I just hope we have as much fun on the outside as we did in- , side. Meet you at happy hour at the Koolaroo-Dogtag D ' lhfS Mark A. Coan — 1983 Tommy Henning — 1989 ROBERT H. LAROSA " Bob,BBob " Springfield, Virginia Biology-Special Student Corporal, Seargant, 1st Batt. S-3; It is hard to put four years into words because you only catch the feeling you have al that particular moment. 1 would just like to say thanks to Tim and Scot mv roomates and my dykes Weede, Doug, Vern-for without each of them I would have left VMI. Thanks guys. The slumber party is over! Finally. MARK ALAN LAUGHON " Langern, Laugh On, Logan. Elf Jr. " Bedford, Virginia Civil Ktigineering-Air Force Pvt.4; Cpl.3; Sgt.2; U.I; XO 1; ASCE 3,4; Ski Club 4,3,2,1; Scuba Club 3,2.1; Sport Parachute Club 3,2.1. Hop Committee; Air Force Cadet Award 3; SCSC 2; VMI Firefighters 3,2.1. Seven years ago I watched my brother leave the hills of Blacksburg (VA Tech) and travel to Lexington to become a VMI cadet. 1 had never heard of this place, and never dreamed of attending. It was a decision which 1 couldn ' t understand at the time, but none the less I was proud to sav that mv brother was a " Keydet " . These four years have definitely been an experience. The road trips, running the block, and days at Goshen will be unforgettable. Every lime I look al the ring on mv finger. 1 think of the good times we ' ve had. I just want lo say thanks to Remi, Di, Brenl, Eddie Brow and the entire Jungle gang for making this place bearable, good luck to ,,ll ; your support and listening Mom and Dad. whal can 1 s that has kept me here, your leclures when 1 was a rat ana e later, the hundreds of food boxes, letters and your faith in r you for your patience and support, I love you. s had i and Melinda, i through the ratline together. Ring Figure Thank you for your love and for being then class will soon begin to fade, but never cor life long friends who all share a unity that no we are brother rals and we are friends. if p iHRr. ' ld£ gm KsBSfe " " H --J i EHftS I WILLIAM ALAN LEATHERWOOD " Al, Alan, Lealherhead " Farmville, Virginia Civil Kngineering-Air Force Cadet 1; Hop and Floor 2.1; Corporal 3; Private 4,3,2,1: VMI Summer Scholars Program 3.2 After four years here, I can honestly say that I have not enjoyed a single one of them and if I had it all lo do over again, one thing ' s for certain, I would nol do it here. The friends that I have made while here are the only things that I want to remember about this place after I leave. For three years I have warned to write something philosophical in my first class hislory, but now that the time is here, there is nothing philosophical lhal I can ihink of to write. I guess philosophy is jusl too over-whelmed by realily here. Finally, I would like lo use the remainder of the space to thank all of the people lhal helped me make it through-Bobbie, Scott W., Max, Jim, and John, ll ' s been greal with you, but lei ' s think about alter- natives before and all the family. ! i And Connie, what cai almost over " Please I nelliing like this again. Mom, Dad, Andy, iu!d have made it without your support. hat I haven ' t already said? I ' m glad it ' s le if I lefl anyone out! Whal a long strange trip it ' s been -Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead GERALD G. LEFFERS, JR. " Gerry, Lefty. Airborne " Kusihurg. Virginia Biiilugv-Army x r 4,3; Cheering Squad Rat 4; Cpl. 3; Sgl. 4; Lt. 1; Hop and R 3.2; Ral Training Cadre 1; BS Biology 4,3, I would lil " hi thank .ill ..I m roommates over ihc vear for helping this poor boy make it. Tony, I thank you for your friendship and guidance for all those years. Rumsey, you are just the roommate every slob like myself has ever needed to gel through here. Both of you are brothers to me. Mom and Dad. von never pushed me into coming or into slaying at VMI. For that alone I ' ll never be able to repay you. I hope to make you bolh proud in the future. Alison, thank you for being so suppor- tive of me. Sorry about the picture. Mr. and Mrs. Him, you " sixth son " thanks you for giving him another family all of these years. Liz, are you happy to finally be reading this? 1 hope so. You are the reason I ' ve been able to look heyond these grey walls and to survive as long as 1 have. Thank You. 1 came to VMI of my own free will. That same will has made me slay. I hope that some years from now my mind will be mature and wise enough to find the reasons for bolh of those decisions. Now, 1 am only happy to be near the end of my cadel years. VMI is a good place. But the real world calls. GGL 222 First Class RUMSEY JOSEPH SMITHSON LIGHT III " Bucketheadigus Cigantica, Rums- A-Way, Rum " Aldie, Virginia Biology -Army Battery: S-5 Staff; on Crew; Rugby Has the gentle valley and solid walls of barracks made me a man and set my life in a different direction than if 1 had taken another path? As I sit here at the beginning of my first class year, thinking back, I come to the conclusion that the answer is, no. 1 could have partied more, studied less and had better grades at JMU or VPI. What is the answer? Why did I stay when so many have left. The answer must lie m the people, the qualilv ol rm friends, my brother VMI has given me a deep appreciation for things I pass by day to day, that goes unnoticed by others. Where else could I find a friend like Gerry Leffers or a family like his, that would accept me as a son. But as brothers, we have fought each other, any one else pointed out our shorlcommings and we looked after each other. When our lives drift apart, we ' d better keep in touch or I ' d loose a part of myself. 1 hope some day to love VMI, as my parents. They see so much good in this school and me. Their love and support has helped me, especially for the first two years. The trials of VMI has brought me closer to them, my grandmothers, and especially my sister Ber- nadetle. Good luck Brian, you have three hard years ahead. God bless and I love you all. LIU TSU-KUANG " T. K. , Louie, LuiggLKuang-Kuang " Taoyuan, Taiwan, Republic of China Civil Engineering-Chinese Army I Having flipped through the Bombs for 3 years, 1 can hardly believe | now it is my turn to write something down in the yearbook of this no- ' ble institute. 1 have to say: I am glad that I came here. I started will little command ol the Knglish language, and a a ral to whom the en- ' tire world ws absolutely novel. To be honest, I was not even sure ' why I was here. However, as I look back, now I own something thai ' will be with me always : self-discipline, chenshable friendships, and I the magic spirit that is shared by every brother rat in the class ol| nineteen-hundred-eighty-six. I would like to thank my mother, my family, and the Republic of China Army for supporting me these ' four years and giving me this precious opportunity to observe whati makes America America. Thank you, Adam and Bryan, for the un-! forgettable helping ham Is, thank von . Dave and Gary, for putting up ' with me for so long. I am about to put on another type of uniform. 1 ; Thirty years from now, I will tell my grandson( if I ever have one), " 1 used to be a VMI cadet. " Goodbye VMI, God Bless You. VMI, but few as close as you Liu. I con- " sider it an honor to have lived with such a fine cadel and such an outstanding individual. Your academic prowess, military bearing, ' and the courage thai il look for you to come from Taiwan to such a ' different place, impressed us all. But what really impressed me was your willingness to set aside all your own troubles to help a friend. ■■ I ' ll always think of you as a brother and hope our friendship doesn ' t end on 17 May in Cameron Hall. You have an outstanding future ahead of you Kuang. I know you ' ll do well . -DAD ' 86 ' YKES: C. Naralhong — 1983 R. Lee. Armstrong ADAM ANDREW LOVELESS " Adam,Lovey,Pig (one of the many) " Leonia, NJ Civil Engineering-Army Cpl 3, Sgt. 2, Ll. 1. Cadre 3.2, Rat Training Cadre 3,2,1. Rugby b,3, CPB 3,2,1, 2 Year Army ROTC Scholarship, F Co. 4,3, I Co. 2.1, CE Lab Assistanl 2,1. Academically Exlenguished 4,3,2,1 I have learned a great deal in the past four years about myself. I now ■jndersland more aboul honor and pride and how these two lerms are related, for how can you have honor wilhout pride, or pride without honor. 1 have disagreed with many of the changes made in ihe rat system since I first arrived on 18 August 1982, but 1 have learned I -vork wi h whac I vas given. The re has bee many a lir dered v hy 1 can, e her •and w elhe it wa . .ill v-iirlh are lhal after it i all o ver and 1 ... ne back here as I ihe be nefils wil faro ulweigh Ihel The friend will al ways be nbered: Bill. Sam Pul, and course the pigs with which 1 spent many a weekend in em would like to thank my parents for all they have given i Dad, thanks for everything, wilhout your support I neve made it through here. while I ' m dead " Jimmy )YKES: 1983: Gary Mackin 1984: MichealCrotty TIMOTHY ISAAC MACAULAY Saugus, Massachusetts History -Army " It was the best of limes, it was ihe worsl of times. . . " -Charles Dickens As I sit here trying lo organize mv thoughts, 1 ask myself: What have 1 gotten out of my four years at VMI? Character? Hardly. What I received is a better understanding of others and myself. I came lo VMI looking for a school lhal offered more lhan a degree. VMI is what I expected and more, ll has been difficult, bul 1 do not regret my decision. Let it suffice to say that these were not the best years of my life, bul when I am old and look back upon them I am sure they will be among the most unique. What I treasure most from my VMI days are ihe friends I have made, especially Jim and Dave. You guys are ihe best roommales a guy could ask for. You kept me laughing at limes when I didn ' t think I could laugh anymore. Cood luck lo both of you. I know we will keep in touch. Paula, in a sense you have had your own VMI experience. Leaving home w lillle bit lougher because it also meanl leaving you. Y mailbox full of lellers and my memory full of happy t together. I love you and hope ihe future will always be a. ' for us as the pasl four years havr been Mom and Dad, find it difficult to lell you just how much you mean lo me. I hope I can do my feelings justice in this small space. Wilhout you ihis op- portunity would not have been possible. I have tried to do my best and make you proud. I hope I have succeeded. Thank you just doesn ' l seem lo say enough I love you both very much. To Ma and Poppy, John and Karein and everyone else who made my life easier by their packages and Idlers-Thank you. i always a i kept my DYKES: 1983: Tim Shobbrook, Bob Ker 1984: Gary Bissell JEFFREY D. MACLAY " Jeff ,J.D.,McKick " Brookfield, Connecticut Civil Engineering-Navy Varsity Soccer 4,3,2,1; Monogram 3,2.1; Corporal 3; Sergeant 2; Promaji 3, ASCE. They said it wasn ' t going lo be easy and ihey were right. However, we have endured, our time has come, and we now depart each lo our separate ways. Behind us we leave the Institute to carry on the tradi- tion of producing men who excel in whatever they choose. With us we lake the experiences, memories, and friendships which neither time nor distance can erase Finally, before us is the world of reality we have so diligently prepared for the pasl four years. I hope all mv Brolher Rats will find what they are looking for in life and wish them luck on their journe lo gel there. Take care and ( iod be with you. Tn th pursuit of happiness, the difficulty lit tight up. " -R.H. Grenville ring when IK res is a j.ninicv. nnl .i ilol DYKES: 1983: P.B. Dunahoe 1984: R.A. Miller. D.E. Schnock Ben Sweetland ROMAN FRANCIS MALAVET ••Siump.Chump,Chimp,Frog.EIHidio S( r New Market, Virginia ( History-Marine Corps Pvl. 4; Cpl. 3; Pit. Sgl. 2; Co. Commander 1; Ral Training 4,3.2; Semper Fidelis Society 3,2.1; Bulldog 85; Ral Disciplinary Com- mittee Member 1; Member Narley Crew. V MI has allowed me the opportunity lo gel very close to a lot of good people. AH of them have a common bond: strength. They can live under intense hardship ami still laugh at adversity There is no other school like VMI in ihe world. VMI men function ihe best under stress. 1 hope ibis longstanding tradition of men performing in a tense environment remains VMI ' s forte. I would like lo lhank my father for giving me the aggressiveness needed lo accomplish what I waul. Thanks Joaquin, for being my older, wiser brother Thanks Juanila, for all your support during ihe " trying " third and second class years. Jacinto, you must learn from all of my mistakes. Mom, you know how much I am indebted to you for all thai you have done. You are my rock of Gibraller. I love you. DYKES: Li. I " 1U ANDREW WILLIAMS MASON " Andy M., Grape Ape " Richmond. Virginia History-Army Grub Pvl. 4,2,1; Human Being 4,3.2,1; Rugby Rat-Academic Pro- bation 4; Acacemic Sabatical(VCU Exchange Student) 83-84, Fall 84; Bartender going banana ' s bartender. Summer-Fall 84; Back to VMI, Spring 85 : Be here next year. From ihe second night thai the old corps was back, my ral year, when my brolher Danny look me out to the first class parking lot and we saw a UFO, I somehow knew VMI myself weren ' t always going to see eye to " I " . After Emmet ' s and my excursion lo ihe Citadel in the weasel van, I knew I was going to have lo change my ways. Moke tried lo gel me lo study but I ' d already dune irreparable damage lo my GPA, so ihe dean said bye. I d like lo think (and so would ms parents) thai my lime away taught me something about responsibility and procrastination. However now ihal I ve returned lo ihe mother " I " , I realize something about VMI brings out the apathy in people if you let it and I do. Not to worry, VMI lias provided me with more than enough drive as long as I ' m away from her. Like my " normal " buddys around here, I love her and I hate her. Gordo, from the night we went oul in Richmond, after you gol your " Time-Off. I knew I ' d found a roomate and lhal there were some damn good friends I ' d lefl behind. You, Bretl, and Patrick provided me a cave where I finally felt comfortable. Brolher Ruggers 83.85.86 and dear rugby, you were the escape and outlel I needed. Remember Va. Tech 85? Scotty, Box, Duke, Horse, Gordo, a botde of Chablis. And Lloyd Cole- or how aboul ihe night ihe night before w the fellas in the sinks, and from Ghello to Pervert-words don ' l describe how hard we got off. I ' m filling the void lefl by not gelling lo party w you guys 3rd I.lss year especially Ring Figure. Finally and most importantly, to people outside ihe " I " , Mom and Dad.T.D. T and D as well as Pam. Rob. Tiff. Pat, Chip, Hal and my Brau Sieve M. - I love you all, with an intensity indescribable on paper. Mom and Dad if I have ihe patience and love for my kids you ' ve had- I ' ll be ihe 2nd best parents in the world. DYKES: Joe Link, D.K. Wensel. Flakey — 1983 Justin Shepard — 1989 GEORGE MARTIN MASON " Marty, Pokey.Suds, Muffin " Oaklyn, New Jersey History-Air Force Band Co. 4,3.2,1; Pep Band 4; Talent Show 3; Glee Club 4; H | and Floor 4.3; Pvt. 4.3,2, 1 ; Wrestling Team 4; Boxing Team 3,2, | SEC. 2; Summer School 4,3,2, 1 ; Barracks Drinking Team Summ] 85; EC debtors club 4,3,2,1; NY-NJ Bus Ride ( The Vomit Comii) 4,3. As I look back on my many experiences al VMI a tear of jou ar. sorrow conies lo my eye. A lear of joy because of the great lifetin; friends I have made. My Iwo roomales Paul and Chris. Paul y have been a true and unique friend. You are very intelligent and i don ' t think too main [wople understood you; well I did and I lo you for your uniqueness. There is no doubt in my mind that you wj go far in this world. Chris. " A Home Boy " , You were on my lev; which helped in dogging Paul. Thanks and good luck. I ' d like , lhank my rat roommales; Dave, Dave, Ralph and Dale, for startiii me out on ihe right foot. A lear of sorrow for self failure in academics which will cause me spend another year here al the " I " the tear has been dried by tU four mosl important and influencial people in my life. First Jennife; my Fiance ' , who 1 met when I was a rat. Thank you for sticking wi me; 1 know it has been hard. I love you! Second my little broth Paul. 1 have been an example; I hope a good one. And finally rr i parents, I know I put you all through hell but I ' m sure the sheepsk ■ ' will make up for it. Thank you all for your support, I love you all to BR ' s one lasl thing for you; Author unknown to me: THE MAN IN THE GLASS : I what ■ for self, anil ihe won makes you king for a day. Jusl go to a mirror and look at yours- and see what lhat man has lo say. For il isn ' l your father or mot or wife, whose judgement upon you musl pass. The fellow wh verdict counts most in vour lite is the one staring back in ihe glass Class of ' 86, Reach for the Stars. DYKES: John " Cambodian Refugee " Cooper — 1983 Charles " Pepper " Anderson JR. ; John " Sail " Banigan - ft ROBERT BLAIR MASON " Mace,BigGuy.RB " Lakeland, Florida s-Air Force inam Memorial Parade Contingent 4, First Cpl 3. First Guide Sgt Xadre 3.2. Ring Figure Honor Guard 3. Rat Training Cadre :-;(Assl CIC).l(Pll Ldr), Rat Training Rem Cadre 2, Comptroller lestmeni group A 1. IEEE. Society of Young Economists, Dive ( . Photo Club, Naval Aviators Club |l of all I wish 10 say thank you to my mother. Your love. (Jance and endless self-sacrifice lor our children lias made me At I am today. Thanks Mom. you ' re the best in the world. I would like to thank my Grandfather for all he has done for his children i grandchildren. If only words could be enough. Dad, I am glad finally got to spend some time together, so that I could gel to liw you and Kathy. I want to thank you for all your advice. stance and making all this possible. To Gigie. Rick, all my njlives, friends, and anvone I have failed to mention: thank you for riting this bearable. To Todd. Opie. Rick, The Zoo, and the rest of nBrother Rats: I could not have done it without you. Thanks, we rjie it. Kermit. stick it out. It ' s a hard road, but that ' s partly why v ome here. Strength through strife; it will someday be more than s lh il. How do I sum up four years (and then some?) here? I bor- r from Jimmy Buffet. " Some of it ' s magic and some of it ' s tragic. Mil ' s been a good life all the way. " And. " If we couldn ' t laugh we vlld all go insane! " Thank you God for the strength. Lnlly in the directions of his dreams and endeavors to live the life I, he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in cjmon hours... In proportion ha-s lit- simplifies his life, the laws of ll] universe will appear less complex, and solitude will not be s ' ude, nor poverty poverty , nor weakness weakness. If you have b, castles in the air, your work need not be lost: that is where ihev s ild be. Now put foundations under them. - Henry David Thoreau t-vES: 1982: T.K. " Cookie Tony Edwards 1984: " Clyde " Kermit Lilllefield Chip Gibson. Cory Attn WAYNE LESLIE MASON " Captain Caveman,NeanderthaJ Man " Gailhersburg, Maryland History.Minor in Psychology-Army Circle K 3,2,1; Corporal 3; First Sergeant 1; Mary Lee 3,2,1; Dean ' s List 2; Skydiving Club 3; Vice Pres. Rocky Newt Fan Club 2,1; RingConslruetion Committee 2. On August 18, 1982 I matriculated here as a rat and began a four year journey thai was to prove to be the hardest of my life. Some of my experiences here were the best of my life, some the worst. Mv first year and a half were filled with confusion and self doubt. I can remember sitting in my room wondering when il would all end. September 1 983 was a special lime, a luming poinl. Il was then that 1 met a woman who shared and helped me through depression and then enjoyed my happiness with me. She created a focus for mv endeavors and without her I would not have made it. I dedicate mv years at VM1 to Mary Lee. Mom and Dad thanks for all your sacrifices and hard work to raise tuition money. I realize what you have been through and I love you very much for it. Deep apprecia- tion also goes to all my relatives and Mary Lee ' s parents who helped out here and there. erybody without Dl be disappointed. .ild i l ha e made it through. JEFFREY LEONARD MASSIE " Mas.Freak. Fuzzy, Azwomee,A-Ho " Hahn Air Base, West Germany Phvsks-German Air Force finally come to and e id. My experie nces al VMI nged as well as inlere sling. There is no need for ee .e four years of ren emberances In o Ihis space have been wide i I have two of the best friends in the world in Gay and Platy We ' ve been through a lot together and I ' m sure we will always slay close. Thanks for being there when it was important. You are known by the company you keep and I am glad that I have been lucky enough to sav that you are indeed my friends. I would like to thank Col. Sauder for pulling up wilh my off the wall ideas about physics. You always made it a bit lighter and enjoyable. • ild . i like 16 thank Herr Weing and Herr Goebel for ; their help. I will have doi Mom. Mother, and Papa Shu k. Stating vour names does more lhan if I were to write volumes of what you have done for me. Your love and support has been tremendous, more than 1 probably deserved. I hope that I have matte von proud and graeed our name in a way that you have in making it whal it is. Janet, my love, you have been firsl in my life from the moment you entered it. Thank you for pulling up wilh the life 1 chose here. All 1 ran sav i- thai things .an onl gel better from here ' Warren G. Harding. Hang in there boy because you ' re going lo RONALD 0. MAYS JR. " Ronnie.R.O.,Townie " Buena Visla. Virginia Civil Engineering-Air Force Golf Team 4;Corpora] 3; Cadre 1,2; Sergeanl 2; Arnold Air Society, ASCE. Echo Company XO, Rat Company Commander When I First decided to come to VM1. 1 figured I would be facing the biggest challenge of my life. It has been a long lough road, but with all of the positive has seemed well worth it. I have made many friends along the way. many of them 1 will never forget. 1 also will not forget the great road trips. Thanks, Roy. Kurt, Al, and Pat for making my first class year definitely the best. My life al VMI was rough and kind of miserable al limes, but my close friends from home seemed to give me all of the needed sup- port. There is no way I could really lhank all of you enough. However, out of everyone there seemed lo be two people that were always there lo support me. Actually, they were ihe only people who saw bolh sides of my cadelship. the good limes and ihe bad ones. No matter whal ihe situation I could always lurn to them. Mom and Dad I really can not say enough, except, I love you and thanks P.S. Gay. [ could not have had a beller partner to go through the rat line with. P.S.S. Jeff, Remember " Barbarianism " Good luck DYKES JAMES P. McCABE Reston, Virginia Mechanical Engineer-Navy al Training 85; Lynchburg Triathlo VMI- .in i ' |i(-riiiKc! Tlic IiinIiIiiIc has rliliiialcK ailileil more ups and downs lo ihe rnllerrnaslrr ul life. Why i who didn ' t have any relatives go through college choose VMI? I guess my answer to lhal would have lo be the challenge lhal VMI of- fered. John and Mick-whal a room! If we had a couple of more years together we would end up in Hawaii for sure. Mom- I hope Ihe diploma me.i say we bolh v To Ihe coacl as il does lo me. 1 Ihink I ( I one piece of sheepskin Thank you for all the ; afely DYKES: 1983: John C.Newland 1984: John -Airhead " Piedn Ravbold david Joseph McCarthy " DJ. MAC " Waterlown. New York Electrical Engineering Pvl. 3.2.1: Sergeanl 2: Intramural Aerobics 4,3,2,1: Combj Engineer Pll. 2 " A tall and honesl person " was the firsl impression DJM gave mi Afler I got lo know him a lillle beller, 1 discovered lhal DJM ; something more lhan jusl lhal. I have to say, I would have nev| been able lo discover the real DJM if we had spenl the pasl foi years elsewhere. VMI helped him reveal his hidden potenliall Iremendous physical slamina. strong will lo win. meekness of tn| strength, and eagerness to adjust himself to new challenges. V»| also helped me find oul ihe olher side of DJM. He is so easy lo gj along with. He is determined to have a good lime no matter whn Thanks lo VMI, this bright young man will always be with me, n. only as a tall and honesl person, bul a Hue brother rat. TKL - 86 THOMAS DANIEL McCARTHY " Clubber, Mr. Bluebook, The Exterminator " Deplford, New Jersey ' Football 4,3,2,1; Society of Young Economists 2,1; Monogram Club 4,3,2,1; FTHC 2.1; Number One Club; Red Fronl Ranger 3,2,1; Private 4,3,2,1; Rm. 228 Repelling Club; The Trail 4,3,2,1: (Socially Deprived 4,3,2,1. Well the four years went fast. Thank Cod! Dan thanks for making ' me stay when 1 wanted to leave- Sorry for all the problems I caused ' you. As for rm ral room malt ' s Jtl ' l. Grougho. and Dave I know I pul you through a living hell, but somehow you guys were always there when [ needed you. Well Bernie, Jeff, and Mike we made it somehow together for the past three years. Jeff, Ring Figure was an linreal week and the number one played a big part in it. Remember all the partying and the occasional boxing matches. Bernie. we were the Jersey Connection and nobody would mess with us. Thank God iihis never happened or else we would have been in trouble. Mike, you belter keep yourself in line or else you ' re going to meet the -hoerack. ScnousU. remeniln-r .ill tin- parlies ami the repelling club Bernie and Jeff remember the party in Lauderdale. Good Luck ' You ' s Guy ' s " you ' re all friends for life . Let ' s parly at Moody soon! Mom and Dad these past four years have gone by quickly. I know ihe phone bills were high but 1 needed all the encouragement I could gel. There wasn ' l one time when both of you weren ' t there to get me hrough a crisis, esperiallv rat vear. I can ' t even imagine what was ;oing through your head every lime 1 called home. Without both of ou ihe task of making it I h rough here would have been an impossi- ble one. I could always counl on you to cheer me up. Thanks for everything. Breakout. Zollaman ' s Parlies, and Ring Figure will lever be forgollen. Stewart, TJ, John and Dan good luck in the next hree years while you ' re here. See ya in May of 89! TERRENCE EUGENE McCARTNEY " Tooge, Mac, T " Grafton, Virginia History-USMC Honor Court 1; Rat 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt.2; Co. Cmdr. 1; VMI Boxing Team 4,3,2,1 (Captain) 1; Marine Scholarship 3.2,1; Ring Figure Commiltee 2; Deb Colillion 3, (Chairman)2. 1; Rockbridge County T.D. Club 4.3,2,1; Semper Fidelis Society 4,3,2.1; Summer School 2; Let ' s go Krogering 2. talw ays I wha just mighl find You gel have tried to walk the fine line between being a leader and al the same time being " one of ihe boys " . I ihink that you need both to be worlh a damn at either I sincerely hope that 1 have succeeded, I did my best. The memories of my cadelship are both good and bad. [ have learned a lot about myself and how to deal with others. VMI has taught me lo deal with the important ihings in life-like honor, ihe necessary ihings-like discipline and hard work, and ihe absurd things-like Saturday classes and the Blue Book. There ' s a lot to be said for Iradilion. I ' m sorry that ihe only traditions that survive here are the unimportant ones The Ratline was an awesome experience. I ' m sorry to see it go. Boxing? I started oul with something to prove lo myself, then I ac- lually started enjoying it. I ' ll miss it. Hang in there fellas, you golla love il. Thanks for believing in me. Doe, I won ' l forget you. I guess it ' s lime for the credits now Mom and Dad. I can ' l thank you enough for all that you ' ve done. I know it hasn ' t always been easy and I haven ' t always made you proud. I love you bolh with all mv hearl for slanding by me Pose, John, Nell, Trish. Mob-thanks for the support. The Fellas-thanks for being ihere. Jimmy Mac-You re the best friend a guy could ask for. thanks. Dub-thanks for helping preserve my sanily. I ' ll miss you. Good luck ' 87. God Bless and Godspeed " 86. DYKES: 1981: 1982: Campion, Floyd Allen, Dan Butler 1984: Frank Campion JOSEPH AUGUST McCLOSKEYJV ' Kluge, Kluge Mo Fayetteville, North Carolina History-Army Pvt. 4,3,2.1; Varsity Baseball 4,3,2,1; Dean ' s List 3; Dean ' s other lis! 4.2; Monogram Club 3.2.1; Pre-Law Society 2; Sec Tres 1; Rm 228 Rapelling club 2; Illegal Car Club 4,3,2. I can remember jusl four short years ago telling mv Dad ihere was no way in hell I was gonna go lo a military school. I guess I was wrong. I came lo VMI not quite knowing what lo expect, and after the first day I saw more lhan I wanted. It seems the longer you ' re here you lend to forgel the bad limes, and only the good limes sland oul. Now that my time is up, maybe it wasn ' l such a bad decision lo come here. Whal I will never forgel are the friends and ihe good times 1 had here. 1 will never forgel ihe parties, (he beers, the rum cokes-righl Jim? and of course the roadtrips. Jim D., Jim P., and Paul, it ' s been a good three years! I couldn ' l of asked for better roommales. I ' d like to lhank Coach Maini and Coach White for pulling up with all my troubled times bolh on and off the feild. I ' d especially like to thank my Mom Dad whose support and occaisional kick in the bull helped me make il ihrough the " I " , I love you both. ' " You can ' l expect a boy to be depraved until he has been to a good school. " -H. H. Munro DYKES: 1983: Mark Airaghi 1984: Todd Tilley First Class 227 TODD WILLIAM McCULLOUGH ' " Mac.Squirrel Hunter.Trooper.Townie " Lexington, Virginia Civil Engineering-Air Force CPL.3, SGT.2, LT.l, RDC, Ring Construction Comm., Same 4,3. ASCE 3.2,1, Lacrosse 4,1 ASCE Community Projects Comm. Chairman 1, JMU Roadtrippers 3,2,1 Pace car 2.1 Legendary Slate Policeman 3,2.1. Townie 4.3,2.1. It has been a four year adventure that won ' t be forgotten. 1 will never forget those friends Eve made here and hope everyone travels far in their dreams. Kenny, Rob. Jeff A.. Jeff S.. Ronnie. Rob, Clint and Kermit, I hope tha t we may cross paths frequently again. Jimmy, thanks a million. Don- na and Mike, Dianne and Rich, Brennan and Joel, and the Wetmores, thanks for everything!! Mom and Dad. you ' re the greatest!! I hope you both can rest now! You have suc- ceeded! Thanks also to the Lord Jesus Christ without whom we should not stand this day. Donna. I can never thank you enough for your lime, support, understanding, presence and love. Now we will have the rest of our lives together!!! We have made it together!!! I love you!! Those who follow the path of challenge have found the way to achievement. Anon. Yes. to let everyone know, there are things more im- portant to me than my gun collection!! Grandad, take care! Y ' ou are still voung. Ecclesiastes Chap. 3 Psalm 1 18:6 Dykes: James Ayers- 1983 Kenny Cobb- 1989 james augustus Mcdonald hi " Jimmy mac.Jimbo.Mac " Sterling, Virginia Mechanical Engineering-USMC Rat 4. CPL 3. PVT 3, SGT 2, PVT 2, Busted Cadet Capt Lt„ PVT 1. Lets go Krogering 2, USMC Scholarship 3,2,1, Rat Training 4,3.2. Deb Cotillion 3,2,1, Semper Fi Society 3,2,1; Summer School 2; Rockbridge County TD Club, Cadre 4.3,2,1; Confinement Kid 3,2,1; Rat Disciplinary President 1986. I came to VMI four years ago and now I ' m finally leaving. I can honeslK say that I ' m glad I did it. VMI is an experience I ' ll cherish forever. I learned a lot about myself and others. VMI has prepared me to go out into the world and survive. Of course I could not have completed this task alone. Without Tooge. Rob, and Dave it just wouldn ' t have been the same, we ' ll be friends forever. My Brother Mark ' 83 taught me endless ways to attack the VMI system. My dyke Brent gave me the knowledge I needed to work with rats and eventually lake his place as RDC President. I thank my Parents and brothers for all the support and love they gave me through all ihe good and bad limes. I will always be grateful to these people. The only advice 1 have for my dykes is to slick with VMI and do your best. As for 1989 ' s RDC President use your imagination. If the administration won ' t let you have them one way, hil them from another direction Dykes: Paul B Dunahc Tommy Jernigan-198 ( -1983 THOMAS D. McGINNIS " Frank, George " Dumfries, Virginia History-Psychology-Marine Corps Baseball 4,3,2,1, Semper Fidelis Society 3,2,1, Rat 4 .Cadre Corporal 3, Sergeant 2. 2nd Battalion S-2 RDC 1. Bohica Club 4. Anti-Poremba Club 4, Anti-Discipline Club 3. Anti-Military Club 2, Anti-Rat Club 1 . Friendship somehow can ' t explain the feelings which develop between men who have undergone the rigors of the VMI experience toghelher. It ' s jusl not enough to sum up all Ihe things you ' ve endured together for four years by say- ing you ' re simply " friends " . It ' s a peculiar sort of bond which develops belween people at VMI. Yet, il is nol unusual, for every man who has ever worn the gray has in- evitably fell that bond. Perhaps il is impossible to find a word truly adequate to express the emotion. For every cadet there is no one in his life who can be closer than the men who have been with him from the start. The same men who have been there together from thai gruelling, terrifying first day of Cadre to lhat long awaited walk across the stage on graduation day. Somehow by a process which is unique to VMI, a stranger becomes the most important person in your life. Someone with whom you share e very thing. And someone who knows you perhaps even belter than you know yourself. If there exists one underlying truth al VMI it is that no one can make it alone. You push each other through and endure il all with an over powering desire to I finish together or nol al all. Al the end of the ordeal then, odd sort of sadness exists with the realization that you are | separating yourself form the very 1 people whom you have come 10 rely upon so dearly. Though we may enter the " I " as strangers and survive here as friends, so finally we leave not jusl as friends, but as brothers. J. Ruf The hard work paid off. I couldn ' t have done it without my family ' s love support. Thanks also go to my great roommates, Lori, the Chaces, all the others who cared. Dykes: Frank Cooper-1983 Pedro Dejesus. Jihn-Khan " Brian " Lu-1989 PATRICK LEE McGUIRE Class Of 1985 " Mags.Mole.McGuire " San Diego. California English-Navy Wrestling 4,1, Rugby 3,2,1, Monogram Club 4,3.2,1, SCSS Posit Committee 3, Dyke School 2, Blue Whaler 3,2,1. English Society, Number One Club. Bartender for the Den. : hell | Well, here goes. It ' s been real interesting. I l hasn ' t always been fun. but what are you gonna do? It ' s ; been said before but I ' ll say it anyway, I never would have j made it without the friends I discovered. Doug, Dave, Jay, I Tayloe, Ray. Bill, Pal, Steve, Both Charlies, and a whole ! bunch more. Thanks guys!! Mom and Dad, thanks for all , the support! Lisa. Thanks for putting up with five years of ' , 3.5!! Some how all of this is going to be a benefit to me in the future. We ' ll see. It ' s said that lime heals all wounds. I hope I never forget some of the pain we all had to live with. ' , The good times have been there, blue whales, the den, road I trips, and Goshen all helped. But the good times tended to be few and far between. Oh well, enough complaining. It ' s over and the times are ahead.. There ain ' t a whole lot more I to say. To all my friends, good luck! George, hang tough! So j long VM1! Mags. The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and i everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned; the best i lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate in- I tensity. W.B. Yeats Laughter is the only thing that cuts trouble down to a size where you can talk to it. Billy Clyde Puckett , Dykes: Harry Bitzberger-1983 ' George Bouchard- 1989 THOMAS ENRIQUE McHUGH JR. " Q.Cutly Freak. Freak-Daddy, Sir-q Tomas " Tak oma Park, MD. Economies-Army Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball 4.2. Promaji Club 4,3,2, 1, Monogram Club, 2nd Battalion XO Sgt.2. It seems like just yesterday that I arrived at VMI without the slightest inclination of what I was in store for. After all , 1 had my own envisions of what college life was all about. And I figured that the only difference between VMI and another college would be the uniforms and a little marching here and there. I even thought the Rat Line lasted a week, can you imagine that? As I received my rude awakening, I wonderd why I was being so unjustly punished. But through out the passage of time and events such as break out and Ring Figure, what 1 originally perceived as negative aspects for VMI began to fade and in it ' s place a sense of pride emerged. VMI has had an instrumental impact on me and I ' m a better man because of it. Mom, Dad, Grandma and sis you have been my foundation for years. Thank you for being so loving. Gladys, you ' ve been my inspiration through it all and your name is engraved in my heart. Roomies! Louis, Fred, Darryl its been hell at times but the laughter will be remembered most, you guys are the best! And I love you all. Louis, my brother never forget to lean on me whenever you need it, never forget Hojos either! Fred, you ' re a damn trip! Darryl. will you please miss one meal in your life! " hey butler, moon me now! " , wish you were here Jerome, by me. My other rat roomales: Steve Thacker you ' ve been a great friend, and Larry Lunchbox, where are you? Boobie, little brother, hang in there, your time will come and I ' ll be in touch. Lenon, continue to " reach for the moon and even if you miss, you ' ll still be among the stars. " I ' m proud of you dyke. " Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence Dykes: En Kluckoski- 1983 Lenor Mings- 1989 JAMES KEITH McKENZIE " Mack, Keith " Culpeper, Virginia Chemistry-Air Force Tennis Team 1,2,3,4-Captain fist class year, Vice Presi- dent American Chemical Society-Second Class, Member ACS Finally . . . It ' s all over. I never thought that I would make it this far. It seemed through my entire cadetship that gradua- tion was a light that could hardly be seen at the end of an in- finitely long tunnel. Well, here it is. I have made it! I can ' t even begin to express my gratitude to my parents for their care and support. There is no amount of money that could ever repay them for everything they have done for me. All I can say is I couldn ' t have made it without both of you. Also, thank you Brian for being there when I needed you around. Good luck with your next three years here. I am confident that everything will turn out great for you,. Thanks John, Dave, and Eric for making the past three years bearable. You guys will always slay in my mind. Living at VMI isn ' t easy and is often times very trying. As a first classman, it ' s great having a dyke to ease some of these times. Bobby, I want to thank you for everlything. I couldn ' t have asked for any more in a dyke . . . except fewer special reports. Take care of yourself Keith Mckenzie " 86 Dykes: Ritchie Seymour- 1983 Robert D.Childress- 1989 JAMES GORDON McKINLEY III " Gordo, Germ. Gordie " Richmond, Virginia English — Special Sludenl Grub Private 4. 3. 2, 1; Cadet Waiter 4, 3, 2, 1; Rugby 4, 3, 2, 1; Gen. Walker ' s Sponsored Sabatical 3; GC Secretary 1; Eng. Soc. VMI Summer Session 4. 3, 2, 1; Number 1 Club; Snapped Wig 4, 3.2,1. What have I got to look forward to? One more year here. Really. I ' m psvched for those winning old yells which end class meetings. Rah Rah . . . zzz. It ' s not going to be the same without the boys. However, in my 3rd class sabatical. I was able to find out what I had been missing. Rut it turned out I missed this hole more, hard to believe eh? Not really. People couldn ' t believe 1 was coming here. I could not either. It hasn ' t been easy, but I ' ll be oulla here one day. Tons of credit goes to my dyke; Billy Yickers. Himself a 5 year man. he showed me liow to rise al-ove ihe ranks of being one ol lite 4 most hated rats in D. Co. thanks smurf, I enjoy staff tables at DRC. 89 Dements did not impress anyone except VCU. Sorrv Gen. Walker I ' m still " Ram Tough. " 2nd class year, I ' m back! Kudos Col. Buchanan. Ring Figure, what a howl . . . Keil and I extinguisher team . . . thanks Hyatt. Coffee sir? I hale coffee! What ' s that alcohol and women in barracks 2 number ones! no wt Gov. Robb, 20 days beats 4 mos. Barbados you 1st class yr. It has flown by. Roomies I ' ll be reading about vour corporate merger so camping with vou anytime. APE — vou kn you. Thaks Ghetto — The Cave — etc. Megan, and Chip — how can I put to words support, and understanding of which thanks Brent Kudos . Jennifer ... I got e you soon, Brett I ' ll . PG I ' d go catalog . what I think alioul am and Dad. Cray, llangibles like; love, have given infinite ? during my sabatical and I ' ll never forget your words, " Whatever you decide to do, I ' ll be with you 100 percent. " Well 1 decided what to do, I ' ll be out soon. Rents Bro and Sis — 1 love you all more than I can write. Mom and Dad you have given me belter guidance than this place ever could. PS. Rock, hang in there. DYKES: Bill ROBERT BRENT McMANIS " Brent, Micky. Mick, Mr An us, Happy " Bedford, Virginia Kleclrical Engineering — Air Force Pvt. 4, 3, 2. 1; Sgl. 2; Dean ' s List 2; SCSC 2; IEEE 2, 1; Arnold Air Society 3; Rat Training 2; VMI Firefighters 3, 2. 1; The VMI Bomb 2; Jerry Aldeny and the Temptations; Dribbler 3, 2. 1; Newturer " Into the Fog. " Well, it ' s finally over. These past four years were not exactly fun, but I can honesllv say that it was well worth the time and effort. I haw learned main valuable lessons at the " I, " but more important- ly. 1 have made some ol the best friendships a person could want. Di. Mark, Remi; thanks, vou guys are the best. Chris " small p. " Jon " budday. " Charlie. Phil and Hey. Hey Slew, you guys in " Jungle " lake care. Good luck in Med school Put. " Hey Fatty, don ' t be that wav! " I ' ll always remember the good times I ' ve had with my BRs. Ring Figure and the air band conlesl at Hollins were two great weekends. Gelling kicked out of Radford and MFCP and " zog, " these were all limes lo remember. Most of all I would like to thank Mom, Dad and Melissa. Without your never-ending support and love I would nol have made it through these four years. Thanks also go out to Grandma. Granddad, Nancy, Will and Libby, and to Karen, a very spenal person. I love ou all. " We are the people our parents warned us about " J.B. |i KF Ro|, U.l.ehc . i ' w: ROBERT WILLIAM McTYRE " Billy Mac " Virginia Beach. Va. History — U.S. Air Force Pvt. 4, 3. 2, 1; Football — Thalman; ERA; Dean ' s List 2; Va. Col- || leges All Transfer Team. inYoi elt Believe in yourself, and in your dreams, though impossible things may seem. Somedav. somehow vou will gel through to the goal you have in view. Mountains fall and seas divide before ihe man, who in his stride, lakes the hard road day by day, sweeping obstacles away. Believe in yourself and in your plan, say not — I cannol — but, I can. The prizes in life we fail to win because we doubt the power within. — Author Unknown — I don ' t know how many limes I ' ve read those words to gel a little inspiration, bul I ' m thankful for them. For me VMI was nol an easy place, and it look its loll over ihe years, bul 1 can honesllv say I have no regrets. Through ihe good and the bad my family anil Inends stayed with me and lor thai I am grateful. Mom and Dad, thanks for everything — you can breathe now. Miss Slrachan can you believe it? I owe you. Grandpa, this is our achieve- ment, I couldn ' t have done it without you. A special thanks must go lo Mr. and Mrs. Humphreys for giving me a home away from home. To my dear Kim I can ' t say enough. Vou gave me the strength to see this through. You ehanged mv tile, and I ' m looking lorward lo our future, I love you. To my roomies I say, hold on, there is still hope — I think! Just watch out for the freaks!! Hey chicken, it wasn ' t lhat bad was it?!? I wish you only the best. Finally, I ' d like to dedicate my VMI " experience " to mv grandmother, Mrs. J. R. Jennings. I think she would have been proud. R.W.H. DYKES: Jay Wil -H3 Roger " Corn Dog " John 230 First Cla ROBERT C. MEADOR " Sd, Meteor " Lexington, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force Wrestling 4; Racklab 452, 314, 214. 114; Virgin Privates 3, 2, 1; Nerf Football League 3, 2, 1; Crash Tester for Honda Accords 1; First Class Fatties Workout Squad 1 ; Commuter 1 . I ' m not sure what I ' m supposed to say in this history, so 1 guess I ' ll just say that I wouldn ' t change m) lasl three years for anything. It ' s been a long hard road but it was worth it. I ' ve learned a lot from this place and I ' m glad 1 stuck with it. Mom and Dad — thanks for your love and support. I could not have done it without you two. Thanks Morn lor all the great home cooking you gave me and half my class. Thanks to both of you for those Superbowl Sundays and the cookouls, they were great. I love ya ' ll. Sis — thanks for the open ear and all the advice you gave me. You really set me straight a few times. By the way, when will 1 become an Uncle? Kit — thanks for being there. I leaned on you a lot and you never failed: you really made these last two years bearable Thanks for all your love and strength. Don ' t worry me. And Mrs. Robertson I ' ll marry her one of these days. Thanks u all my friends at the " " especially my room- males Clint, Padg, and Eric, and to the pest who was always in the room — Rich — thanks bildd) you kept me going. Good luck to all of you. P.S. Don ' t worrv Mrs Mill. Rub will make it. SCOTT CRISSMAN MILES " Mellon Head " Hopewell, Virginia Economics — Air Force (Special Student) The Number One Club. I would like to start my history bv expressing m deepest thanks to id parents and m girllru iid S.uidv . I « »r all I lie love and support you have given me these past lour years. 1 love you all. Rat year had to have been the longest ten years of my life. I was lucky though in having two great roommates: Stupid and S.S., just kidding Tripp! Remember our Sunday mornings at the movies? Where ' s my sock! We definitely made the best of a bad situation. It really i s hard to believe that my stay here is over, and thank God! true friends, and I have made some Steve. Droop, Malt: you guys have friends. We managed to put a place in the world. Hey Matt, what .e lessons that I could have never orld. and I feel now, after four years, r lies ahead. To all my friends 1 have in the future. And to all you L big " winners out there I also wish the best of luck, because thing VM1 gives you friendships that will lasl forev been great roommates, not to lot of sunshine in the cloudie time is it? VM1 has laughl learned anywhere else in this that I am ready to face whalev made at VMI, I wish the best of It out there I als lined It ' I lhH ALBERT BERNARD MILLER " AI, Alby " Charter ' s " Problem Child " 4; Tanker Platoon 3, 2, 1; Timmms Music Societv 1; Mililaria Society 3, 2, 1; Echo Private 4, 3. 2, 1; Carrier of the Red Eye Disease 2, 1; Goldcoast 3, 2, 1; Troll 3; SDI Symposium 1. I came to VMI on a hot August day in 1982 not knowing even the most basic facts about tin- Institute Now that graduation approaches I realize thai despite a lew drawbacks the experience has been trulv worthwhile. While most of what I have learned has been outside the classroom, this is what makes " the VMI experience " truly unique. In my four years here I have seen the entire range of human behavior and this is win the pressure cooker of barracks is the best school of leadership in the world. As an extra added bonus I have had the privilege ol Iwmg a member of one of the finest classes ever to matriculate at the Institute, the class of 1986, thanks Brother Rats, most of you have been great. While I ' m giving out the thanks I ' d like to thank my Parents for their monetary and moral support, especially Rat year. I could not have made it without you, and I will never be able to repay the debt 1 owe you. To the Rats of 1 1 7 I wish each of you a successful cadelship; to " Ox " 1 hope you get those six stripes you want 1st class year, to Todd get a brain and some new glasses s.i von don ' i l Hik like ,1 Ld bug. to Jose, a real company and third class year, to Derek special student status as ossible, I wouldn ' t want to be a " happy " sailor either! my roommates, you have all been tolerable and great and year has been outstanding. I wish you all the best in the First Class 231 " T Au ■ DAVID A. MILLER III " Opie " Waynesboro, Va. Electrical Engineering — Air Force Sgt.2 1. IKKK 2. 1. Wc-Pres.denl IEEE I. Cadet Slafl 1; First Section Co-Editor The Bomb 1; Waynesboro Firsl Class Pvts. 1; Ring Figure Comm. 2; Pvt., Corporal 3; Pvt., Sgl., Pvl., ; UVA Roadtrip 3, 2. On the firsl day of cadre Col. Nichols told me 1 wasn ' t smart enough to be an Electrical Engineer and that 1 should look into Econ. or History. With those words I was welcomed to VMI. It hasn ' t been an easy 4 years, and maybe I should have changed my major; in fact, if it hadn ' t have been lor one spectacular semester academically I never would have graduated on time (as of right now 1 still haven ' t, but I ' m not worried!!!). What 1 can ' t figure out is what the hell I was thinking when 1 applied to Ml. no girls, no frat parties, no hair, and too much studying. I won ' t say I ' m glad I came here, but VMI has taught me more than am oilier school could have. There have been a few good times. UVA (thanks Marg). JMU (thanks Randy and Dave). Radford, and let ' s not forget all the road trips to the girls schools in the area. To all the boys Ned. Rob. Jim. Gene, Goof, Hicky. Ricky, George, Dave, and even,- body else I failed to mention, good luck in the real world; and remember, if you don ' l know the answer, dribble ' What can I say about my roommate of three years? Ned, we ended up together third class vear. survived but I don ' t know how. Second and First class years we drank in barracks together, roadl ripped together and actually enjoyed each other ' s companv al tunes. Finally gradua- tion, and no number one ' s! Regardless of how different we are I ' m nale and I hope our paths will cross again ■ a few drinks! I w; . Hey Fed, ii to thank II. I llic I |u.i i ilu-v ; 1 ol nn family for all the sup- ra here. Mom and Dad, I put you through more than the average son does, and you still loved me through it all. Thank you for putting up with my problems, and for being the best parents a son could ever want Thanks also to all inv beautiful sisters and P.T. (you ' re next!), for all the support. I love you all. DANIEL PATRICK MONAHAN " Cyclone, Dirly-Dan, Madman, DP. " 29 Palms. California Civil Engineering — Marine Corps Football 4. 3, 2. 1; Track 3. 2. 1; Southern Conference Indoor 400m Champion; Monogram Club 3, 2. 1, Vice President 1; ASCE 4, 3. 2, 1; Chetto Warrior 4. 3, 2, 1: Key-West Tourist 2. 1; A- Team 2. 1 . After taking the five year plan through high school, 1 fell I was ready for anything. I was headed for the normal life al a regular college. but the word discipline was etched in my mind. A wild hair was ex- perienced, and I chose VMI to make me a real man. VMI has its Lips and downs but I can say that it ' s the special people imprisoned within the walls which make this place bearable. The crowd I ran around with is a class bunch of guys. We have had many a cold one and mam a laugh throughout our catletslup. My room- males these last 3 years T.K.. Basshead. Chienk. and Head have made every day in 142 a lillle bil easier. I will cherish our friendsh ip forever. Remember. SNAP SNAP BIP SNAP BIP SNAP GET IN IT! I would like to thank my loving parents for gelling ine through this place. Mom, thanks for your continuous love and understanding. You are so cool. Dad. believe il or not 1 greatly appreciate everything you have ever done for me. Thank you. I love you bolh Athletics al VMI have made me a belter person. I ' ve experi bitter defeat on Alumni Field a few limes yet was able to tal tape down in the PIT 1 love competition but I hale to lose thank my Father for lhat superior Irait. All my coaches gave chance and I hope I achieved your expectations. Thank you al glad I came to VMI. I have no regrets. 1 will miss all of my pals I leave and all ihe good times. And ihe others, as they say Mexico City. " AMF. " JONATHAN TURNER MOODY " Mood. Beuh " Richmond, Virginia Electrical Engineering Rat 4; Pvt. 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 2; SCSC 2; Jungleman 2; Jerryj Aldini and The Temptations 2; Cadet Waiters 2. 1; IEEE 2, 1; Layout Edilor VMI Cadel 2; Latestudy Club 3, 2, 1 . There ' s no way 1 can summarize what has happened lo me in the ' f past ihree years on one page. In retrospect they ' ve gone by quicker • than expected, and 1 can " ! believe thai my days in ihe jungle are ' l limited. Ashe, Slew, Charlie, and Howie, you guys are what this ' place is all about — you ' ve been the best budday ' s anyone could i ask for. I couldn ' t have made il through here without y ' all, good j luck!! I ' m really gonna miss the B.S. sessions in the jungle. Nagromsi and Brenl (ayy!!). I hear Jerry Aldini and the Templalions are going] on a tour next month — lei ' s go! .Ashe and Mane — watch out for i incoming cookies and concrete pillows — ok?! Rooms 103. 166 I and all rn other Budday ' s, I ' m looking forward to partying wilh you all in ihe years lo come. I ' ve changed in ihe past three years, and J I ' m not quite sure whether it ' s for good or bad. I hope it ' s for the j better. Anyways, I ' m glad I ' ve lasted tins long because I will never I forget the friends 1 have made here, or the things lhat have happen- j ed lo me while here. Mom. Nanny, Gibbs. Jinx, and Jane, I wouldn ' t I be here now, writing this if il weren ' t for your constant support. I 1 love you all. and I hope I ' ve made you proud. Troy, good luck in 1 your future al the " 1 " — you can do it. Look out world! Hei " And what is good. Phaedrus, And what is not good — Need we ask anyone to tell us these things ' " — Robert Pirsig DYKES: Steve Goddard — 1983 DAVID CARTER MOORE " Rooter, Transportation, Davy, C.C., Oh God " Lynchburg. Virginia Biology. Psychology Minor — Army Class Historian 4. 3. 2. 1; Dean ' s List 2. 1; Psychology Dept. Assis- tant 2. 1; Spirit Squad 3. 2. Rugb) 1; Cadet Recreation Committee 2; Ski Instructor 2. 1 ; Illegal Car Club 4. 3, 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3. Sgt. 2, Lt. 1; Cadre 3, 2; 102 Crew Member 4, 3, 2. 1; " Fral Rat " Club 4; Colorado Club 3. 2. To my parents: thanks for all the support. To my Brother Rats: thanks for all of the memories, you ' re the best group of guys I know. To my roommates. C " the Kumper. " Jim " Slinky, " Scott " Scooter, " and Mike " Mad Max " : It ' s been one hell or an ex- perience living with you these past Tour years. I ' ve learned a lot from you guvs. Lord knows we ' ve been ihnnigh enough together. Best of luck! To Duke: we ' ve had a lot of wild times together. I ' d say " shall we. " and you ' d say " we must " — Go for it! We always did. You ' ve been a great friend. To VM1 . . . well what ' s there to say? 1 decided four years ago to make il through this place; maybe for the challenge. I still don ' t really know. I ' m not sorry that I came here or even that 1 stayed, but i " d sure as hell, never do il again. This place has taken so much from us, and I hale that. It ' s hard to really know just whal we ' ve gained here. Has il or hasn ' t il been worth il? I ' m sure the " real world " will let us in on the secret soon enough. Speaking of the " real world, " it sure feels good lo be gelling back out into il again! — Bye Bye VMI! MARK DUANE MOQUIN ' Moke Wytheville, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army RDC V.P. 1; Ranger Pit. 2. Ph. Ldr. 1; Dean ' s List 2; ASCE 4. 3, 2. 1: VMI Firefighters 2. 1: Circle K 2, 1; Cadre Cpl. 3: Pit. Sgt. 2. Co. Cmdr. 1; Rat Training 3; VMI Society of CEs; Red Fronl Ranger 4, 3. 2, 1; Club " 33 " and " 18 " Pres. 4, 3, 2, 1; Maj. Mad- den Appreciation Society 1; Number " 1 " Club 1; Private 1. First off. I guess I really can ' t say I ' m glad I came here because it ' s been four years of misery. All I know is thai il had belter pay off because if il doesn ' t. I ' m going to find one oi those main people who lold me 1 would be glad 1 wenl here and really let them know about il. There are so manv people lo lhank I don ' t know where to slarl. First 1 should lhank Mom and Dad for all the support you gave me; 1 know ] put vou through hell with all m good drunks and " special " happenings. Thanks to you loo Michelle for all your love and sup- port. And you Michael, what can I say, thanks for all the good humor to help me through this zoo. Finally, 1 owe a great deal of thanks lo the animals of Club " 33 " and " 18, " I know whal a XXXXXX 1 was somelimes and 1 know how hard I was lo get along with and I appreciate all ihe support. Thanks for all the good times (and ihere were a bunch). We share a lot over the years and I hope we still do after this nightmare is over. Ain ' l no fun waiting around to be a millionaire — AC DC Doing nothing means a lol lo me — AC DC 1 was trapped like a fly on the wall. I v ape from the fale thai ,ake — AC DC To Maj. Madden; Whal I need I like, whal I don ' t 1 fight and I don like you, so say bye bye while you ' re still alive, cause your lime i due — AC DC M MAX CONRAD MOREHEAD, JR. " Head " Suffolk. Virginia History — Special Student! Ordei Time sure does fly when you ' re having fun. Il seems like my ral haircut was finalK growing oul jusl a short lime ago. I ' ve had time fly past before, but usually I ' m having a good time, not suffering. The past four years have been a headache, but I have managed to have a few good limes. These good times were possible because of all the good friends I ' ve made during my cadelship. Al, John. Jim. Scoll. Jeff. Phill, and the rest of you guys, thanks for the good limes My family and friends from home also deserve many thanks. Mr and Mrs. Nurney. you folks are great. Thanks for all the things vou did lo make life at VMI a little more pleasanl for me. Next, my thanks go lo a very special person who has been with me during all of my VMI vears. Tamm during these pasl years, has gotten a first hand view of VMI and probably knows more about the school lhan most cadets. Even so, she has stuck with me and has given me a lot nl [niwlilr Mip| ort ami hue hn.ilK. I umilii like to tr ami lhank my parents for making rn VMI experience possible. Without the love vou have shown during these past four years, I doubt I would have ever made il. Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. Hopefully, everybody ' s efforts will pay off. ERIC DEAN MOREHOUSE " Eric, Chicken " Berwyn, Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering — Air Force Tennis Team 4, 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club, Circle K, ASME 4, 3, 2, 1; Pvl. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Rustang road crew 2, 1 ; Dealhnde 85 It is by seeing ihe light at the end of the tunnel that permits me to write this brief account of my college life. If 1 didn ' t know it was all coming an abrupt end very soon I doubt I could sum up 4 years of the VMI experience in so few words. I ' ve had so many good times at VMI that all of the hardships seem Keith, John, and especially Dave to thank. All the wild times a blast. Als o. 1 have my parents to thank steadfastedly supporting me through my many successes and blunders. Finally I would like to wish my Dyke, David, the best of luck. At times I haven ' t been the best role model but you seem to be on the right track and I am cer- tain everything will go well for you. MARTIN JEFFREY MORGAN " Jeff, Wease, Hey Hoser, Kind of Mealy " Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force OGA Secretary; Plug-n-chug; ASCE Community Projects, Westmoreland Davis Scholarship; GPA Croud; Jerry Aidim and the Temptations; 4-Rat, 3-Corporal (one semester), 2 and 1 -Private. On 18 August 1982, I entered VMI with the notion I could make it on my own. From that day on I knew I could not. There 1S only one thing that a cadet needs to make it, and that is friends. With them, you are unstoppable. Without them you can be stopped very easily. I wish I could list all of my companions, but that would be impossible. There are a few that should be recognized though. My roommates put up with quite a bit of hassle from me. Frankly, I don ' t see how they did it. Mike, Glenn, and Jim, thanks for all the good times. Room 150, you guys are crazy. Ash, Mood, Spuge, Charlie, and Phill, thanks for all the memories. They are all good. Vickie. Philip and Matt, thank you for letting me stay in Richmond, I really ap- preciate it. I guess now I can really thank my Mother and Father. Without your love and support, I would not have lasted a week. 1 love you both and thank you for everything. There are more people I would like to thank but I don ' t think it is necessary. You know who you are. Before I close, I would like to say one thing to all the people who did not think I could make it; I ' m sorry I disappointed you. PS — Ronn i. " torf JONATHAN BRUCE MORRISON " Napoleon, J. B. " Mineral Wells, WV 26150 Mechanical Engineering — Navy BSU Council, Presiden ciI2, 1; Sport Parachui Thanks to the people who helped me make it. Thank God for the strength to endure 4 years of hell Thanks to Mom and Dad and all at home for all the love and support. Thank you Cyndi for being your wonderful self! And thank you for the laughter and the tears, and for a lifetime together! I love you forever! Thank you Bob and Skip Van Derveer, for putting up with my weekly intrusions. I can ' t say I enjoyed my four years, but I definitely learned from it. Onward and upward . . . JBM ' 86. Dykes: Ben Robertson — 1983 Joe Grealish, Matt Ans, John Gentry. Pete Chambers — 1989 234 First Class VINCE ALAN MORTON Stella, N.C. Civil Engineering, Army — Armor Corporal; 3rd, Sergeant; 2nd, Regimental S-5 Lie God, Thou art my God; early i for Thee, my flesh longeth for Thee in a dr no water is: To see Thy power and Thv glor in the sanctuary. Because Thy loving-kindn lips shall praise Thee. Thus will I bless The my hands in Thy name. My soul shall be and fatness; and my mouth shall praise The remember Thee upon my bed, and medit) watches. Because Tho ' of Thy wings will re} 1st k Thee: my soul thirsteth ry and thirsty land, where ry, so as I have seen Thee is better than life, my hile I live: 1 will lift up Mir.] , with i th joyful lips: when I n Thee in the night been my help, therefore in the shadow I followeth hard after Thee: Thy right hand upholdeth me. But the shall go into the lower parts of the earth. They shall fall by the sword: they shall be a portion for foxes. But the king shall rejoice in God; every one that sweareth by him shall glory; but the mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped. Holy Bible, Psalm 63 God Bless, Dykes: John Har John R. Gentry - ■ndCiesill- I ' lH.t MICHAEL EUGENE NECESSARY Sluggo, Ness, Maytag, Mike Ashland, VA Mechanical Engineering Football 4; Track 2; Co-Capta Council; Fellowship of Christia Mechanical Engineers. I can still remember that day 4 years ago when we saw the room that Ho-Jo ' s decorated. Mom you were crying, Michelle you were crying, and Dad ... I guess you were just a dad. Thanks guys, you ' ve been my greatest fan, the source of continuous love, and the crutch when times were bad. Mamy Ness, Sluggo, and Chelce 1 can ' t imagine life without you . . . thanks, and as Fogelburg said it in his song " Leader of the Band, " " I don ' t think I ' ve said I love you near enough. " To the football team and coaches, we ' ve been through some rough times, enough to make anyone quit Thanks for your confidence in electing me captain ... I hope 1 was the leader you expected me to be. Good luck in the future. Last but not least to the people I ' ve shared this stage of mv life with. My roomates Glen, Slu, Jim. Mike, my friends Bob, Jimmy " D, " Steve, Haji, Wolf, Brose, and not to forget Woo what the hell are we going to do without demerits and confinement to deal with??? Finally to Stacey the first blind date of my life . . . I ' m not complaining. Our relationship has been something special, hope the " sometimes " we ' ve had will last. Dykes: Todd Tudor — 1983 Joe Hurly, Pete Lampman — 1989 PETER DIRCK NEEDHAM Sluggo, Slug-nut, Peanut Kitty Hawk, N.C. Civil Engineering — NROTC — Marine Option Varsity Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 2, 1; Semper Fidelia Society 2, 1; CM. Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Morning Gun Detail 3, 2, 1; The PX Circus Committee; Dean ' s List 4; Private 4. 3, 2, 1; 300 Club 1 was raised in Chapel Hill, I have been an avid UNC fan since 4th grade, and I was also accepted to Carolina. Yet, here I am, my first class year, preparing to go to UINC on a Corps trip. It ' s a strange feeling. I have envisioned myself going to UNC almost all of my life, thai is, up until; I signed my name in the matriculation book. I ' m happy with my decision, however, because I have accomplished things I could never have accomplished at any other school. Not all my accomplishments have been especially noteworthy, such as, be- ing awarded well over my fair share of confinement and demerits. The greatest compliment I can give VMI is that I have made many lasting friends. I ' d like to mention a few, my roomat like to lhank vou for helping me to slay in school cumulating demerits faster than could major-mil thank you for being there when I had girl problei known you since my ninth grade year in high school, and thank you for being my good buddy when I didn ' t feel like I could talk to anyone else. Also, Gordon, I want to apologize for pressuring you into coming lo VMi because you would have been a belter fral while I was ac- Big G., I ' ve : thai i fal i you had been here the In . Finally, J.C., wo years. It wa vhereve n ' t the s are, I wish Finally, I wanl lo thank my parents. I know I did it in a very round about way, but have finally accomplished my goal. I have graduated. Thanks for being patient with me. I ' m sorry about all the gray hairs I have caused, but I ' m on my own now (scary thought, isn ' t it?). Remember what I ' ve always said, " I ' m not such a bad kid. " (A little immature perhaps). I love you both very much. Dykes: Nate Turner — 1983 JoeyCefalu— 1989 ROBERT JOSEPH NENTWIG Boxford, Massachusetts History. Modern Languages-Army Corporal 3; Sergeant 2; First Lieutenant 1; Marathon Pen Marine Corps Marathon 2; International Relations Club 1; List 3.2: Academic Stars 2, ] . It has been ,i long jennies which did not e the molding of the man 1 did manage to sa worth it? I suppose so. Would I do it all not- In four short years I aged thirty. Well, 1 s is loo easy to put this place down while I am still her that this " History " would be much different if I wen after graduation. Yet, I already can look back and la here. The bad is fading awav and the good continues i lot of the boy. Was it ■ again ' No. definitely To : It ha been interesting. I am sorry for being a pain. Really. I am. Tuhorg, Stay a way from the tequila and Radford Scott, if she doesn ' t write by tomorrow. Id blow her off. Dad. thanks for all your support. Every time I called home for money you never gave me a hard lime, and I know my phone bills were outrageous. Hul M)iir moral encouragement reallv helped. M.i ■u reallv are my sweetheai ng Queen. You made m] now what I would have dc for always being there when : the r t I- ., i infinitely easier, that letter-a-da . Good luck Stevi DYKES: John Carpenlei Stephen Brehe GLENN DOUGLAS NEWCOMB " Newg, Couch Potato " Richmond, Virginia Economics-Air Force Private 4,3.2,1; OGA Sec. 1; Drug and Alcohol Committee 2,1 Society of Young Economists 2,1; Young Republicans 2.] Treasurer, Third Class Finance Committee 3.2,; Ring Figure Corr mittee 2. 1 guess I came to VMI to be different Although I must say that m years here have not been four of the most rewarding years of m life. I have learned many things that cannot be taught in classroom, and have made mum relationships which I am cerlai .,11 last further dm life. There are so mam people to whom I owe thanks thai I could not begin to list them all here. I must , however, thank some of them personally. Mom and Dad, you have given me so much encourage- ment, exhimiled so much patience, and shown your love so many times and in so inaiiv ways that I feel I can never repay vou. I could never have even begun to make it here without you, and I only hope that my deepest love and most sincere gratitude will be enough to repay you for all of your love and kindness. Thanks for everything. 1 love you. Jeff and Mike, you made life bearable in a room fit for one. Thanks for all of the good times, and for all of the bad times you helped me through. I wish the best for both of you. Sherry, Dwighl. Steve and Doug, thank vou for all of the encouragement and for always being there. Phillip, thank you for listening to my com- plaints and for being the best friend anyone could ask for. I also would like to thank God for giving me the strength to get through here. I could not have made it wihloul him. I will lake many memories with me when I leave here. Thankfully the good times will be the ones which 1 will remember the clearest, thank you friends, I love you. " Dreams die hard " -Johnny Lee " I guess that ' s why they call it the blues " -Elton John BRUCE EDWARD NICKLE " Nichie, Ricepalty, Nipple B.E., Brucey " Burke. Virginia and Slevensville, MD. History-Marine Corps Varsity Wrestling 4,3,2,1; Pre-Law 1; Monogram Club 3,1; Roadj trip Society, Always a member of 453; The Zoo Crew. Cpl, Sgt, I Pvt., Semper Fi 2,1. My father recently told me " 1 am glad you went to VMI because you | would have ended up a punk rocker with orange hair. He ' s probably , right. I did have a chance to go to a city school where 1 probably i would have ended up that way. But instead I took the once in a [ lifetime chance to attend VMI. Thank God it ' s a once in a lifetime ; thing because I would never want to do it again. However somewhere, somehow 1 grew up at the Instarool. 1 mean the In- 1 sdtule. This may ama e others but compared to my former self I ' m 8| new person, new hairslvle and everything 1 think I ' m now ready to I plunge into the real world and can ' t wait. For this reason I ' am I grateful and owe the Institute much. Before 1 do plunge into the world I would like to thank everyone who ! helped me along. Mom. Dad, Andy, and Carol thanks for everything ' since birth. I wouldn ' t be here without va ' ll and will always love ya. ' Scott and Bernie thanks for helping me out rat year. I couldn ' t have finished it without ya ' ll. Wow, Tom you ' r the only roommate able to pul up with me for 3 years. How did you do it? Dale what can I say? If we were any different one of us would have to be dead, but I ' am glad you moved in. Craig, thanks for weird times. Dave it was great J sponging with you. To everyone else 1 couldn ' t fit in here good luck and hasta luego. Geez this is begii " The Wizard of Ozz " . Well I dont remember life as a VMI dude is always intense, take it playing the right tune and you can have fun here. nd like the end of Mike, Fred good luck and MICHAEL CECIL NORTHROP THE BADDEST Mike-Man.UBA " Albany, Georgia and Leavenworth, Kansas Biology -Army Wrestling 4,3,2,1; Monogram Club 4,3,2,1; Pvl 4,3,2,1; Sgl. 2; Club 246 2, Club 146 1; Road Warrior Society 1; Ring Figure Hotel Committee 2; Confinement 3,2; Beer Drinking 4,3.2,1 My father asked me in high school if I would be interested in going to VMI. I gave him a definite NO! Well, guess what? It ' s funny thai I can feel such affection and pride for a place I hate so much. I ' m really having a hard time writing this, there are so many feelings and events lied up and spinning through by my head that just don ' t seem expressable in words. This place seems to force you to use every emotion known to man and these emotions become interwoven amoung the people you ' ve known amd not known, main- ly your BR ' S. VMI has taughl me a lot, mostly about life amd surviv- ing. You face so much adversity here thai you become cold and calloused by it. But your friends and others are always there two bring ihe warmth and softness back. Maybe these are the reasons 1 wear my ring with such pride. Mom and Dad, I told you I ' d make it. Even if I had to do it the hard way, the easy way isn ' t as fun. Todd and Brent, I couldn ' t have asked for lo belter Brothers. 1 love you all, thanks. To the road war- riors, Dave (the prettiest), Kenny f the coolest) , Dukefthe smoothest) , and Craig ( the most) you all are the greatest. We ' ve definillv had some wild times together. Vergie, you ' ve always been there, I ' ll never forget you. Guys on the wrestling team, you all have been my family these last 4 sears, good luck to you. Hasla Luego ROBERT TRAFTON NUSSY JR. " Everly Bros..Dr.D.Bobby T.,Spud " Midlothian, Virginia Eleclrical Engineering-Air Force Golf 4.3.2 Capt. 1; IEEE 2,1; Ski Colorado 2,1; Choir practice 4,3,2,1; Cheese King 3; Monogram Club; JMU Road Trip Club 4,3.2,1; I remember my grandmother saying when I was about 10 yrs old, how happy it woud make my grandfather if I would go lo VMI one day. Well, i honestly never thought I would come here, but 4 yrs ago I matriculated into VMI. And now 4 yrs laler its almost over. Thank God! 1 can honestly say that 1 have not had fun here bul then again I would not trade the VMI experience for anything, for il is truly an everlasting experience, thai has taught me a great deal. And when May 17 does come I will be proud to be a graduate from VMI. Probably the best thing that comes out of VMI are the friendships one acquires. For the friendships are what make this place bearable. I have made some great friends and I hope we all will stay in touch in our future. To my roommates, Fred. John, Steve. David, lhanks for always being there when I needed you. To the guys at JMU a special lhanks for letting us party all the time with you guys. Fred, Devin, and Jeff we ' ve been together for eight yrs., now, lets make sure we stay in touch in ihe future for life won ' t be the same without yaTI for you are the best of friends and without all of you guys this place would nol have been bearable. 1 love you all. Thanks again. Lasl bul nol least, I want to thank my parents, sister and the rest of my relatives for without your love and support I might not have made it. To my Mom and Dad and my sister. I love you very much and I could lhank you for the rest of my life and that still doesn ' t seem enough, but lhanks again for your love and understanding. The only regret I have is that mv grandmother will not be at my graduation for I truly loved her with all my heart. RTN ERNEST JAMES OVERSEN " E.O. ' OH ' .Ern Ernst " Colls Neck, New Jersey Economics, Psychology -Naw Pvt. 3,1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Deans List 3; Scuba Club 1; Trident Society 1 ; Society of Young Economists 2, 1 ; ny existence 8 i few lir It is difficult l been an " unique " ' experience; an experience that would i been possible without the financial and moral support of my | I will forever be in your debt and can only hope I treat my ■ the same love and care you have shown me all these years. 1 Lo DYKES: Dave Malawitz — 1983 Robert " Happy Man " Rosol — 1989 First Class 237 ROBERT N. PADGETT " The Weasel. Pops. Raccoon Head. Padge " Richmond. Virginia Mechanical Engineering — Navy Corporal 3; Sergeant 2: Rack Lab 414. 314. 214, 114; Nerf Foot- ball League 3. 2. 1; Naval Aviators Club 1; M.E. Cadet Assistant 1; S 1E Student Member 1. I ' ve been givi Ihn : paragraphs to give anvone who reads this some idea of what has happened to me and what I have learned over the past four years. Well that ' s just impossible. Two or three books maybe. Its just too hard to explain lo someone how different this place is from any other school and often frustrating because after I finish Irving, all I usually gel is this " What a fool! " look. So if you see me on the street one day don ' t waste your lime by asking me who decide to come here : butt i guys grow up. of the past eighteen years disappear. It ' ts against the world. If you ' re not willing lend a hand there, go somewhere else; you di other school one may gel a degree but akea hat VMI , All the lux, your Broth sacrifice here or belong here. At son- education is ijnuUlul There are a number of people who have helped me beyond measure and they deserve much more recognition than I can write in this small space. To all my friends from home, you are the grealesl peo- ple anvone could ever hope lo know! A special thanks goes to The Hulks and Bubba. I love you both! My corporals were right when they said we wouldn ' t make it without our Brother Rats. Thank vou Bulless. Meteor. Hubby, and the Class of 86. You are the brolher I never had! And now mv family. Dad. vou are the man I have tried lo become although I don ' t think I ' ll ever reach your level! Mom, if there is a sweeter, lovelier, more understanding woman anywhere. 1 want lo meet her! Kay and Barb, you ' re the greatest sisters ever! I love you all!!! G dln - VMI. Someday I ' ll write a book ... or two. STEPHEN RICHARD PANCHAM " Porpoise. Panch " Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineer — Army (SS) 2. 1; Monogram Club: When I first started out here at VMI 1 thought college was going lo be fun. I quickly learned that I wasn ' t in college. Life as a Ral was miserable, the sweat parties, rifle runs, and the RDC. Afler Breakout ihings changed. M third class year was rough, I felt that I was still in the Ratline, but the few weekends that I had seemed to gel me through. Next was ihe year everyone talked about, your second class year and Ring Figure. 1 go! mv ring, what a feeling knowing I had made it that far. Finally my first class year came, and I don ' t think I could have made it if it wasn ' l for my roommates and all mv close friends. " Thanks. " Huffman, Hunter, Kiefer. Dan, Dwyl, Moore, Kump, Rucker. Cook. Ingram. Elmore, even ou homeboys! Hope we can slill keep in touch through ihe years. The coming lo VMI is choosing the road thai I ' ve chosen my own palh. because when you venture road of unknown uncertainties and you approach a fork in slop and look down one of those roads, I am sure you ' ll set ding on the side smiling, then vou ' ll know which road I eled, bul I feel TIMOTHY JOHN PANOFF " Zippy the Pinhead. Mole, Panoof. Slim " Annandale, Virginia Mechanical Engineering — Navy Pnvate, Corporal 3; Sergeant 2; Second Class Drum Major 2; Lieutenant 1; Drum Major 1; Commanders 4, 3, 2, 1; UP 2. Presi- dent 1 ; Pep Band 4. 3,2,1; Ral Training Cadre 2. When one comes to VMI he enters a whole new world. An environ- ment that is slrange to anyone who does not live within its walls. At the time I could not understand the Ratline or what it to do for oneself. Now I understand. If you can un. Ml has done for vou then the stay was worth it. I feel thai 1 have reached some sort of understanding of VMI and 1 ; am thankful for ihe lesson learned. I only hope that those who en- ' dure the years lo come will take advantage of what she has lo offer. Rob, Scot, and Kevin, you supported me through an extremely lough time in my life. I am indebted lo you forever. Mom. although : you never understood this place, thank you for your love and care. Dad, vou taught me what it takes to succeed and be the best at whatever I do. Thank you. I will always miss you, may God be with you. DYKES: Stephen Schaaf — 1983 . t L. DAVID L. PARKER " The Prettiest " Lynchburg, Virginia History — Army Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Ring Figure Committee 2; Pre-Law Society 2, Phi Kappa Phi Society 1; Dean ' s List 3, 2, I; Academically Distinguished 2, 1: Road Warrior Society; Club 246 2; Club 146 1. still remember that hot humid August day when our class culaled like it was yesterday. It ' s hard to believe that the last rears have passed so quickly. Yel at the same lime it feels as if pent most of my life al V ' MI. It has been a very important four for me and I feel they have been well spent. 1l has taught lore about rmsell and other people lhari I thought I could ' ve ed in a lifetime. It has taught me discipline, honor and the ling of true friendship. But the most important lesson I ' ve learned is thai in life there will always be ups and downs through h iint ' musl alwa - keep i . head high, arrv on. and gne |l)(l r ; ■ never forgetting to sh p and help his It-How man along the way. jld like to thank m parents lor their immeasurable support and that they have given me throughout these hard grueling years. Also, I extend niv thanks to mv godparents lor their support and lel- rs which always kepi my days bright and my mailbox free of ibwebs. And deep appreciation goes lo my sister, Jane, for her ve, tellers and wsiis without I never would e made il through ral year. Also, the completion of ral year wouldn ' t have been possi- ble without ihe guidance and friendship of mv dyke Sieve Amato. Last but certainly not in any way leasl I would like lo lhank my greal roommates; Kennc., .raig. Uot.hv and Mike who have become closer to me than any brothers ever could. I love you guys and wish you Ihe besl of luck in the future where I know you will excel at anything you do. DYKES: Sieve Amato - l«)R3 CHRISTOPHER HOWARD PEET " Regimental Puppy Crusher, KublaCoon " North Kingstown, Rhode Island History — Marine Corps Cadre 1, 2, 3, 4; Sky Diving Club; Scuba Club; " Gnarly Crew Semper Fidelis Societv: Regimental Executive Officer. and sister, I o The love and lhat the only i Because I ' m afraid thai mj lamiK has had lo take a back seat while I ' ve been here, it is onl right lhal they go first now. To my parents e a debt of thanks which I doubt 1 can ever repay, jpport you have given me is immeasurable. I ihink »y I can repay you is to be as good a parent to mv kids as you have been lo me. All lhal 1 am I owe to you. The lessons you have tried to teach me have not gone lo waste and I will take ihem with me as guides for ihe rest of my days. Mom, it is OK for a strong man to cry. The V ' MI experience is jusl lhat, an experience. However trying to describe il is like telling a blind man aboul the color red. Words cannot convey meaning lo ears lhal have not heard the echoes of barracks for four years. So I will not even try. Suffice it to say thai ihe experience is singular and will serve those who sur- vive it for the rest of iheir lives. BR ' s, you probably laughi me the most of all. There is dogtag who introduced me to the Hat Creek Polyleche Institute and Rock who taught me lo hunt two and four leffed wild boar. Laundry, who showed me lhal the Air Force may not be all that bad and Jim Seeley who showed me what strength really is and whal friendship is all aboul. Dad you once told me that when I gol my commission as an officer of Marines, it would be time for you to plant the flag and for me lo pick it up and plant it up on a mountain. When I reach ihe summit, ihe hill and the view will belong lo us. Semper Fi C.H.P. Class of 86 TIMOTHY JAMES PEREZ " Swivel-hips, Mexican-American " San Diego. California History. Spanish — Army Editor in Chief Cadet 1: Sounding Brass 2; Dean ' s List 3, 2. 1; Distinguished Mililan Student 1; National Spanish Honor Society; Rugbv Club; I think I was in the band 4, 3. 2. 1; Club ' 47 Token Ethnic. Whal lo write . . like pointing p al nighl and picking which star will drop and die. There are so nany emotions to choose from yet each by itself is inadequate. Anc simple words can ' l caplure hearts of thought; words are like empty cocoons left stuck on trees. So, try lo see these hearts. I want to wr le as a boy that has Iried lo laugh and cry himself into manhood ihr ugh ihe 1000 days as a cadet. And 1 am sad as this circus ride jegins lo slow, aboul lo slop. Jim, my besl brothers. When VMI spun me by the vo grabbed me. Always. I will never forget ihe r only you two could bring. d, vou knew when lo pick me up, when to lei me ; the besl friends and as ihe parents I lhank God Terri, you are ihe sisler a boy could only pray for. I owe you so many humorous limes, I have lost counl. The Cadet staff: Who could believe il? I can ' l help bul wonder, " If we didn ' l gel free papers, would be subscribe? T.Y. Greet, thanks for seeing a bit o ' the writer in me. Aim whichever way it goes. I tried lo be your cowboy. our Hershey kiss eyes are all I ' ll ever need to see. ILYMWM.A To my relatives, friends and God: i needed you. cause what you see is what vou gel. For all I ever ou can doubt me. denv me, stomp me, or hold change me. And if vou don ' l like all lhal. well . . . di.i ilry. DYKES: Dan Ko First Class 239 AMBROSE R. PHILLIPS III — Air Force Starter. Promaii Club 4. 3, Well the end of the road is near! Sometimes I find it hard to believe, vet in other wavs. I realize that it ' s been a long time in the making. I often spoke with my brother rats who fell thai these four years have flashed by like a shooting star. I ' d be a fool to agree because it ' s been the longest and probably the hardest years I have, or ever will experience in my life. I can still remember the first day I ever set fool in Lexington, when, after football practice I asked where the nearesl McDonalds or 7 eleven was and the response was; ' " There tsn ' l any! " I knew at that very instant, the road lo OZ was going lo How did I make it? I oflen ask myself that question. Withoul my dyke Melvin. my friends and loved ones, I would have never made il! But a very special thanks goes lo my parents, who were always ihere as a friend, a motivator, a cheerleader and a shoulder to lean on. 1 love ya! As I reflect on my days at VMI, I wonder whal my advice would be to a young man aspiring lo challenge ihe " VMI experience. " I ' d probably lell him; unless youra little off. don ' t In it. M thoughts lo those who have seen and conquered the challenge of VMI . . . You ' re a special and unique breed of man who will always stand oul. among the rest! GLENN PAUL PHILLIPS " Glamorous Glennis, Ganjaman, Philipe " " Manassas. Virginia Mechanical Engineering — Navy Navy Scholarship, Cadet Assistant 3, 2. 1; Naval Aviators Club; Dean ' s Lisl 3, 2; Carrier Arrested Landings; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; ASME Club 4, 3. 2. 1; Treasurer 2; Rowing Club 1 ; Ski Club; Rt. 60 Night Rjder 1; Seahag Search and Assault 2. These past four vears have been the most slressful years of my life. However, ihev ha e also been chall enging and with great anticipa- tion. The hope of Naval Flight School. Most important is the help given by my family, parlicularK mv mother for without her support I could not have endeavored. To Brother Rats who gave VMI character when gloom was ihe order of the day, thanks. 1983 GEORGE D. PICKETT " Duke. Pick " Daytona Beach, Florida Biology — Marine Corps Pvl. 4. 3. 1; Sgt. 2; Wrestling Team 4. 3; Rugby 1; Rugby " Roadi Trip " Crew 1; Well Resled Approach 4, 3, 2, 1; Sport Parachule| Club; Ring Figure Hotel Committer (Honorary Member); Scuba] Club; Naval Aviators; Semper Fidelis Socielv; Monagram Club; Col-] oradoClub3. 2. " In Ihe bailie of life it is not the critic that counts; not the man who ' points out how ihe strong man stumbled, or where ihe doer of a deed could have done belter. The credit belongs lo the man who is actual-. I ly in the arena; whose face is marred bv dust and sweal and blood; , who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again! because there is no effort wilhoul error and shortcoming; who does ' actually strive lo do ihe deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotion, spends himself in a worthy cause; who at best knows, in the end the triumph oi high achievement; and who al (he worst, if. ' he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall, never be with those cold and timid .-.mils who have lasted neither vie- ■ torv no defeat. " Theodore Roosevelt , thanks for all the support - rooming with yo I love you both. . and having our vable topic. " Billy Mac. " it ' s been great — wish you could have been with us more than just one year. Sc olty — " Gram " — my only real roommate, looks like we are ihe only, single ones left! Don ' l lei the freaks " Ball vou up " — you ' ve been a. 1 super roommate and a great friend. Dave Moore, I ' ll never forgel all the good times, those road trips were ihe best times of our lives. You say. " Shall We. " I say " We Must! " — Go for it. You are definitely one of a kind and a true fnend. Room 146 — Mike, Craig, Kenny, Dave, and Bobby — lhanks for pulling up with me. Very special thanks lo Danny and Vergie for being there with a helping hand. : Laidher much guys! DYKES: John Kendall. Derek Pattei 1983 Jeff Joiner— 1989 . Stan Bass. Drew Smith - JAMES LEWIS PINGREE " Ranger, Jim " Portsmouth, New Hampshire Mechanical Engineering — Navy Baseball 4, 3, ASME 4. 3, 2, 1, Ral Tr 4, 3, Sergeant 2, Golf Company XO 1 ling 1, Cadre 2, 1. Private day lhat I was a r In! AMI. lass history. Il seems like yesler- i sight. Now the end is near and I Over the past 4 years have struggled and fought to survive the VMI system. My years at VMI have been my toughest but most rewar- ding. I have changed from an unsure high school senior lo a self confident and responsible man with goals and dreams. Although I have had many bad times at VMI 1 can only remember the good limes I ' ve had and the good friends I ' ve made. I could not have made it without the support of my family and friends. Thanks to my roomales, Jim, Joe, Paul. We have gone through a lot together and I love you like brothers. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the support both financially and spiritually. I love you both. Thanks Peter, Lynne, Gigi, Crampa, Mimi, Papa, Kari, T.D., and Dick for all the support. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Mackey for treating me as one of the family. Thank you Kathleen for the constant flow of letters and love -ILY — I ' mfoi Good luck Golf Company Ra DYKES: Mark McDonald — Chris Ray— 198 JOSEPH ERNEST PINHAK " Joe, Ernst " Concordville, Pa. History German — Army Timmins Music Society 4. 3, 2, 1, President 1, International Rela- tions Club 3, 1, Orienteering 1, Mililaria Club 3, 2, 1. Fencing 4. AUSA 4, 3, Ranger Platoon 3, Debate 3, Dean ' s List 3, 2, Academically Distinguished 2, Corporal 3. Sergeant 2, Supply Sergeant 1. A four year journey has come to an end. What a strange one il has been. VMI has had a profound effect upon me. I am certainly a far different person from that individual who drove through Limits Gate on August 18, 1982. I have become a little older and a little wiser. It has been a maturing process. My personal likes and dislikes have solidified and it seems that my perceptions have become clearer. A true individual has emerged. I have been exposed to ail the good and bad features of VMI. Hopefully I have gollen the most out of the former and the least from the latter I certain!) hope this has been the case as VMI abounds in the latter. I would like to thank my parents for the exceptional support and understanding they have given me in all mv endeavors both at VMI and elsewhere. " Ja! Dieseni Sinne bin ich ganz ergeben. Das isl der Weisheit lelzer Schluss: Nur der verdienl sich Freiheil wie das Leben. Iter tafili . Ii erobeni muss. " Goethe Faust DYKES: Mark Zir JOHN THOMAS PITCOCK " Pitter, Stingo, Joe " Granville, Ohio History — Army Rat, Corporal, Sergeant, Second Battalion Sergeant Major, Cadet Assistant, VMI Firefighters, AUSA, Rat training cadre. Ranger Pla- toon, Airborne school. Col. Snyder Appreciation Society, Romper Room 305, 205, 105 The Three, Pee Wee Herman Fan Club. Understanding VMI is like " trying to unravel a sweater that so- meone keeps knitting .mil knilling and knilling. " P. W. Hermann Although it has been 4 years, it does not seem it and I will continue to marvel at ihe passage of lime long after graduation. Il seems as though one day was in high school, and the next I was gelling my ring. Memories have become shrouded in that mist called time which covers the bad and allows only the good to remain. VMI is a very unique and often inexplicable place. Many things have changed here, even since appeared on the scene in August of 1982. There were many times lhat I haled VMI and there were even some thai il wasn ' l lhat bad after all. The key to the good times, 1 believe, was the people around you. Kevin. Charlie. Malt, Tim. Billy, and Bruce, want lo thank you all for making my time at VMI what fun il was. I ' d like also to thank my family for all the support thai they have provid- ed me in the last four years and I ' d like lo close by saying thai I ' m happv to be done. CHRISTOPHER CARL PLANETA " Plally, Planet-A, Jake, Carluche, Guido " Hamden, Connecticut Hislory-Marine Corps hifjil arduous years of mill Ian, i end. Mom and Dad, it ' s finally t never slopped supporting mi everything yo KM) Pre-Law Society; Semper ration have finally come to an i have put up with a lot and percent. Thank you for rylhing. Gay, John, whllh ind Jeff, your friendship made life fun in a pla none. Semper Fi. " Used to make me so fed up People always asking me What will you be when vou grow up? ExactK what I wanna be ' " Spent a little time in school Wishing 1 were somewhere else Having fun and acting cool I just wanna be myself Huey Lewis EDWARD MATTHEW PLUCINSKI " Brow, Eddie-Brow, Ski " Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering-Special Student ASCE; Concrete Canoe; S.E.H.C; Soccer 4,3,2.1; Co-Cpl.l; R.F.R. 4,3,2; C.I.B. 3; Monogram Club; Virgin Pvl It ' s finally over. 1 remember reading previous histories and getting great ideas for mine, but when it comes time to sit down and write one I ' m at a loss for words. If there is one thing I have learned from VMI, it is the meaning of friendship. I wish I could thank everybody who made my life bearable, and that is impossible, but you know who you are and I thank you. Thomas I ' m speechless . I probably should be thanking God that I am still alive after our many excursions. By the way you still owe me 876.27! To all my roommates who have put up with me. Roman.Tim, David, and John thanks. B.F. deserves special thanks, I could never have asked for a better roommate or friend. Mom, Dad even though 1 wear the ring, you wear it with me. You deserve it as much as I do. I love you and I hope 1 made you proud. To the rest of my family 1 am forever grateful. I love all of you and without you none of this would have been possible. Finally I have tough and at I Farewll. " If I marry half the woman my mother is and become half the i my father is 1 will consider myself a success. " D.G.C 83 CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS POAGE, II " Pooge, Poge-Ay " Reslon, Virgii Mechanical Engineering- ltan Corps Fencing 4; Lacrosse 3,2; Lazy 4,3,2,1; Illegal wheels club 2; Pvt. 4,1; Cpl.3; Sgt 2; Bugeler 4,3,2,1; Herald Trumpets 4,3.2,1; Trumpet soloist 4,3,2.1; ASME 4.3,2.1; Cadre 3; RDC 1; Regimental Band 4,3,2,1; The " 119 " Club; Deathride " 85 " 2.1; Water Polo 1; Lauderdale Club 1; Rustang Road Crew 2,1 Now thai the end is drawing near I guess it is time to reflect back on my VMI career. I came to VMI for all the wrong reasons, but 1 can ' t say thai I regret it. Thanks Dad for pushing me to go to VMI. Mom I love you. Thanks for all your support and guidance through my combined three years of hell. We made it. Thanks to my family. Aunt Mory, Uncle Allen. Pete, Michelle,, Ryan, Moll, and Granpa Archer (Being Navy Class of " 32 " he influenced me ihe most), and everyone else. I don ' t want to forgel my little brother Mott. To my Buddies (Especially the " 119 " Club and ihe Ruslang Road- trip Club) we had a hell of a time fighting the system. Sam, Eric, Rob, Tim. and John, Eric Dave, etc. We had bad times and good times and our friendship ended. Remember VP1 ihird class year, and UVA, UNC firsl class year. Matt Wilson you have a tough act to follow. Hang in there. Remember when you are ready to quit, look at all you might have missed. There are sacrifices to be made in any position, at VMI we tend to feel we make more than most but look where we end up. It has to pay off. We must make it work. Good luck Matt: To the class of 1989 you must keep the up! Good luck to you all. atline strong. Don ' t givi 242 Firsl Class SMARDIE DIDIEK PODO Fairfax, Virginia Mechanical Engineering-Army Honor Court 2,1; Vice-President 1; Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgl. 2; Ll. 1; Academically Distinguished 4,3,2, 1 ; Illegal Car Club 2; Other Stuff 3,2,1; deButts Scholar To those who have given so much time for my benefit I will always be grateful. Thanks to all my friends for their support and friend- ship. Special gratitude goes to the Late Night Club for making the endless late nights and early mornings bearable. To my roommates Mark. Brent, and Remi, I ' ll never forget these past years. Thanks for all the help and anxiety. 1 wish you all the best. Andy, good luck nn your next three years and learn well. Mom.Dad.Handie and Etie, Thank you for your love and patience. Cod bless you all. I hope I have made you proud. SDP DYKES; 1983: Scott McCee 1984: Andy Tunnard GORDON WALLACE POINDEXTER, III " Dexter, Dex, Dagger-Head, Otis, Gordy I " Waynesboro, Virginia English-Air Force Virgin Private; Waynesboro 1st Class Pvls Assn; VM1 Cadet:Uyout Ed. 2 Editorial Ed. 1, Managing Edilorl; Rugby3,2,l; Dean ' s List 4; English Society 2,1; English Society Mascot 1; 17 1 2 min Lex to MBC Club; Ring Figure Amnesia Club; RFT 1 ; CMC. Four years ago, one of my high school buddies (now one of my lov- ing roommates) told me that I would be a - well , I can ' t tell you what he wanted to call me, - if I didn ' t come here. Being the off-the- cuff kind of guy I am, I filled out the sheet and was on my way to VMI. What a no mind! I should have gone to the Bartender ' s In- stitute of America! I have had a few accomplishments in my Cadelship: I made the Dean ' s List (once) and I made it to the Cockpit 6 Tuesday nights in a row third class year (including the night before a final exam). The real accomplishments I have to my credit here are my friends. Pete. Tripp, Cameron, Wayne, The Jungle Boys. The Cave Boys, and the rest of the mutants who are the best people in the world to go through Hell with, have made it allmosl worthwhile. Thanks have to go to a lot of people who put me through here: Mom, Dad. Mr. Bowman (Thanks for the scholarship and the Virginia Gendeman!), and the myriad of family and friends who helped me out. A very special thanks goes to Moe. If you cut off my nose and never spoke to me again (I hope that doesn ' t happen), you ' d still be the best thing that ever happend to me. All I can say is I love you. CWP " Every man has a right to live, Love is all that we have to give. Together we struggle by our will to survive. Then together we fight , just to slay alive ' The struggling man has got to move. The struggl- ing man, no lime to lose. I ' m a struggling man. And I ' ve got to move on " Jimmy Cliff DYKES: 1983: " Big Al " CUft 1984: Harrison " Breezy " Bresee SEAN E. S. POREMBA " The Dude " Springfield, Virginia Economies Management-Navy (Surface Warfare) Virgin Private and Proud of IT; Number one club; Bomb 2; VMI Firefighters 2,1; Ghostbuslers; The Society of Young Economists 1- The Trident Society 4,3,2; The Chowder Society 3,2.1; Tired 4,3,2. 1 ; PT and Confinement King 4,3,2. 1 ; My " VMI Experience " Matriculation: Had I but died an hour before this chance I had lived a blessed lime. Shakespeare Rat Year: Well the first days are the hardest days. Don ' t you worry anymore. Cause when life looks like easy street There is danger at your door. Grateful Dead All 4 Years: Those who know what ' s best for us must rise and save us from ourselves. Rush 1st Class Year: Well you know that the future soon will be past. Bob Dylan Graduation: Goodbye cruel world. I ' m leav- ing you today. Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye... Pink Floyd The first thing that I noticed when I came to VMI was that sometimes we got woken up a lot earlier than I would have liked. One grows accustomed to it after awhile. Someday soon, it will all be over, and when it finally is we can alj have a good laugh. But first, a KENNETH DALE POWELL " Boog, Hillbilly Bear " Concord, Virginia Mechanical Engineering — U.S. Marine Corps Pvt. 4,3, 2, l;Cpl. 3; Posit Committee 3. 2, 1; Marine Detach™ 4. 3; Semper Fi Society 2, 1; Secretary ' ASME 1; The " Zoo Cn 2, 1; Cadet Assistant 1: Dean ' s List 4. I V M.I. My experience i As a young senior in Marines and who km friend(?) I decided something lhal 1 am ; want in experience again. ; nothing that I had expected or enjoyed, h school. 1 had planned on enlisting in the . what else, but thanks to the advice of a attend V.M.I. My years at V.M.I, are i that I endured, but something I wouldn ' t . I think I would ha e enjoyed my cadetship a lot more had it not been for the changes that have occurred over the past few years. I am very concerned about these changes. And I hope something will be done to erase these scars caused by these changes in the years lo come. I would like to thank all of my friends who have helped me make the best out of these last four years. Thanks Dan. Jim. Gary, and the n -I l in brother rals and Iru-nds. I ' ll ne er Inrgi-t vou guys and the good limes we had together Tom (No Bone) deVenoge and Bruce (play that tune) Nickel thanks a lot for letting me enter your quiet lit- tle home. I think I finally picked the right room. Finally. I would like I made it all happen: n xpress my love and thanks lo the people thai mother, Richard. Merlyn and the rest of the DYKES: " Skip " Goodwille- PAUL R. PRU1TT, JR. " Jughead,Pru " Carrollton, Virginia Mechanical Engineering — Navy Football. ASME 3, 2. 1; Sport Parachute Club 3, 2; Driye by the Stars Club 2; Dean ' s List 2; Cadet Assistant 1; Extend Your Sum- mer Furlough (10-2-10) Club 2; Virgin Private Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Club 61, 3, 2, 1; VMI Firefighters 1; Trident Society 1; Academic Tutor 1. living and dead are purely d " Kurt Vonnegul inn idental. ami should It seems like yesterday was 18 August. 1982. The days are long, but ihev all seem lo blend mln a period oi alniul 5 minutes. Hopeful- ly May will get here soon, ll will be the beginning of many new things for me. I am not going lo write about all the things we have done in these 4- years, Cyrus?, Cockpit ' . Eslelles v , Farm vi lie?. Oyster Bowl?, Nerf Basketball?, B-52 ' s?, Vegetable Pushups?, Spr- ing Break?, Easier Break?, FT?. Pretzel Man?. Whipped Cream? Well Mom and Dad. I ' m almost out there. Thanks for letting me do what 1 wanted! I would also like to thank Mr Camp for everything he has done. There are far too many people lo (hank, bul 1 also want to thank the Joyner family, especially one of its members. If you know me chances are you ' ve met her. Elaine, ihese four years are almost over (unbelievably so!), I ' m ready for the road ahead. I hope you are! Enough of the sappy stuff, I want lo say something about the In- stitute. It is considered ' the 8th wonder of the world. You need to have been in the courtyard to understand this, but it is the only known hole above ground. So after 4 long years 1 will do the " Backward Thing " and walk oul the bottom instead of crawling out " Peculiar uniicgiil ivel suggestic 1 dancing lessons from God " Kurl JAMES LOUIS RADLE " Jim- Winchester, VA Civil Engineering — Air Force n Society of Civil Engineers y first class history. 244 Firsl Cla GLEN ALAN RALSTON " The Big G, Rockfish " Colonial Heights. Virginia Biology, BS — Air Force 3SU 4; Chapel Choir 4; FCA 4, 3. 2, 1, President 1; Religious louncil 1; Monogram Club 3. I, Secretary 1; Dean ' s List 3, 2, 1; Sen. Garland Grav Scholarship -. Football 4, 3, 2, 1, Co-Captain 1; ■B Team Cheerleader Public Relations Committee 1; AFROTC CSP Student. e ihine eyes opened? He d Jesus made clay, and ihe pool of Si-loam. eived sichl " John 9, Therefore said they unto him. nswered and said, a man th; noinled mine eves, ami said unto me, go nd wash: And I went and washed, and I 10-11 have had mv eves opened lo ihe world around me and the ». iheail sin. e arriving al All We have all had I he opportunity n •education " at VMI lo learn much more than what is laug looks — to appreciate the smallest of life ' s pleasures and to i o and change the negative to positive. ( nK time will allow us I ireciate what today we love lo hale. M all the things I have had my eyes opened lo — there is i rtould like lo lake time lo note. Mom although it may not seem I il limes; I LOVE YOU and 1 truK appreciate your sacrifice ■elflessncss. I hope that 1 am as loving and caring a parent ai lave been to all of us. ■ I Myeyi ■ opening now lo the future Anni — I hope you are then o my classmates — the bonds we have created these four years ■ ill last forever; Bob. Slu. Mike N.. Jim. Mike C. and everyone else — 1 pray your lives are full and fruitful. mallv. 1 would like I DYKES: Curtis Southern and the " 137 Crew " — 1 983 Joe " Larry Mondello " Lourcey, Robert Churchill — 1989 ROBERT TROY RAMOS " Rob, Single-Shot, Little Mexican " Fayetteville. North Carolina Biology — Army — Medical Corps Cadet Assl. 4. 3,2.1; Glee Club 2, 1 ; Pll. Ll. 1 , SgL 2, Cpl. 3. Pvl. 4; Ral Training 2; Waler Polo Club 1; Swim Team 4; Summer Camp Apathy Club (FEBA); Airborne: Tutor 1; Dean ' s Lisl 4. 3. 2, 1; Academically Distinguished 2. 1. " It ' s a realily of life that men i pelilive games draw the most cc there — to compete. Thev knov thev get in the game The obje- decently, by the rules — bul to w mpelilive and ihe mosl live men. Thai ' s why tl ules and the objectives never known a man worth his sail who in the long in his heart, didn ' t appreciate the grind, ihe is something in good men lhal really yearns for. Tid the harsh rcahtv of head-lo-head combat. " " And in truth, l ' v run. deep dow discipline. Ther needs, discipline Vince Lombardi This place was just one lug challenge to me before I got here. It was also a challenge 1 just couldn ' t back down from ( " You ' ll be back in two months! " ) ( " Yeah! Right! just watch me! " ) Mom and Dad, you ' re nol the reason 1 came here, but you are the reason I slaved. I ' ve tried lo make you proud of me; I hope I haven ' t failed. No belter friends could I have asked for, Mike and Jeff. You two have taught me a lot aboul myself; some I knew, some I wouldn ' t ad- mil .. . thanks ... I think!? Bruster, look ihis up when you gel the chance; Il just might help you get through this place — . " " Nil lllegilamus Carborandum! " VMI — Adieu ... Med School, here I come!! DYKES: Tim " Filz " Fitzgerald — 1983 George " Brusler " Armbrusler. Long Gone — 1989 JOHN CHARLES RAPACKI " Slosh, Astro " Southwick, Ma. Chemistry — Navy S-5 3: Rat Training 2; President ACS 1 Four years al ihe Institute? Nobody can adequately explain the ex- perience so 1 won ' t even try. Yet no mailer how things developed or whal I thought, things could have always been worse. I could have quit. Thanks Mom and Dad. vour support made all the difference in the First Class 245 ROBERT DAVID REYNOLDS " Rapper. Bobby. D.. Hacksaw " Richmond. Virginia Mechanical Engineering — Air Force ASME 4. 3. 2. 1; Colorado 2, 1; Cheese King 2, 1; Choir Practice 4, 3, 2, 1; JMU Road Trip Club 4, 3. 2. 1; The Big Men 3; Privale 4,3.2. 1. Looking back on die pasl four years 1 can safely say " Thank God il ' s over! " I don ' t regret coming to Ml but I ' m glad the experience is over. I ' ve had some of the best tunes of my life here but also the worst by far. To my roommates: Steve: " Burger what are you do- ing? " John: " Get in the hole! " Fred: " Stay away from Baldwin. " Robert: " Let ' s get out of here, il ' s lime for Choir practice! " Tot olhei . lie. PHILLIP JORDAN RIDDERHOF " Kong. " " Crazy Chicken, " " Hooper " Fredericksburg, Virginia History — USMC Football 4; Rugby 3, 2, 1: Semper Fidelis Society 4, 3, 2. 1; Orienteering 3. 2. 1 ; Death March 2; Bullfrog 1; The Fan 4, 3, 2, It Self Mutilation Club 3. " Alice laughed. ' There ' s no use trying ' she said, ' one can ' t believe impossible things. ' ' I dare sav vou haven ' t had much practice. ' said the Queen. ' When I was your age I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why. sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. ' " AI.ICF IN WONDERLAND bv Lewis Carroll tt.ll I ' m of Mann other lhr Thanks 1 1 liel and I ' ll graduate (lio|iefiillv ) lo liecome an officer ed fingers). Thai ' s three things I ' ll think of the all right people: Mom. Dad. Dave. John and Edith, my mi. ties, and I ' m.ilK niv Irund-. m Hn hnmnd who prmulcH trasl lo Ihe whole Valley scene. Woof W....I ' Hark ' Bark ' MICHEAL DAVID RIVENBARK " Horse, Barkhead, Uamnia Gumber Barbarian " Va. Beach, Virginia Mechanical Engineering — Navy First Class Privale; Rugby 4, 3, 2, 1; First Capt. 1; Football 4; Resi dent of Ghetto Corner 4, 3,2,1; Member of Narly Crew. It ' s been a long haul. Thank you family for bearing with me. 01] Lord there were so many mistakes made. 1 hope I can overcom i them. I know some changes weren ' t good but I hope the othei changes ha e gi en me the strength lo overcome them. Thank yoh Navy Dept. for a chance. 144 and Narly Crew I will never forget lh.! unbelievable times that we created. Rugby team, carry on in fill tradition. Dad, I am learning and will continue lo learn all the thing.j you have already laugh) me. I would like to sav so much more losil many people bul I find myself at a loss for words. One las! effort | thanks for pure friendship from you; John Hehl and B. F. Diehl. . DYKKS: Phil On 1983 246 First Class WILLIAM GEORGE ROGERS Richmond, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Army Pvi. 4, 33 4. 2, 1; IEEE; VMI Firefighter; Barracks Electrician; I Romper Room 105. After four years here, I can now see the end. It seemed, al limes, I thai my " college " years would never come lo a close. The breaks j seemed to pass all too rapidly and ihe years seemed lo blend | together, as if one conlinuous span, ll seems impossible thai mv (time here is about lo come to a close, and 1 can almosl begin lo [believe that ihe good memories will overwhelm ihe bad. As 1 look | back over my first ihree years, the good limes were great and i already seem lo be most prevalent in my mind. Eventually the hard (limes will be forgotten and ihe friend:-, roommates and good limes i will remain when 1 recall my four years. i Thanks lo Mom and Dad for everything, you gave me love and sup- ■ port and so much more. Thanks lo Kalhy and Neal you bolb mean a great deal to me. Ann-Renee ' , you made all the difference, you were i always there when I needed you and you were ihe joy and happiness , in my " college " life. Tim, John, Mall and JFK Thanks. 1983 LOUIS GENE RUCKER " Lup ' e. Bear, Lou, Louie " Bluefleld, West Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force Football 4. 3. 2, 1; Promaji Club 4. 3. 2. 1; Private 4. 3, 2, 1. 1 came lo VMI no! knowing exactly what lo expect. Well, I got more of a challenge than I expecled. There were so many bad times, bul there were also those few good times One thing 1 learned was it is not embarrassing to cry. because I cried numerous limes. Il fell so good lo lei go. 1 know now I can lake on anything, well amosl anything. These years at VMI were the loneliest times of my life. Il fell so dark and cold. 1 occasionall) wondered if anyone cared, but 1 knew belter. Most importantly I would like lo lhank my family for being ihere. My roomies were ihe best. First there was Tom my mentor. Tom and I went through a lol of hell together. Mosl of all and last but not least Darryl, helped me keep my sanily. You all were and still are precious friends. Of course I ' ll never forgel my friends, drinking buddies and laughing buddies, you all were great too. Thank you all. VMI has changed Louis Rucker in many ways. Some of them were probably not for the belter bul lime will heal old wounds. Always remember my smile. Goodbye nil. ■ 1983 JOSEPH RUF III " Ruff, Ruff Lein, Josef Berlin, Wisconsin German History — Navy Pessimist 4. 3. 2, 1; Semper Fidelis Society 4. 3, 2: Special Student Hopeful 1; Navy 1; Coach King Auschwitz Olympics 4. 3, 2; Resi- dent Anarchist 1: Rifle Team 1; Pvl. 4, 3; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; First Sergeant 1; Arbeit Macht Frei 4, 3, 2; Frei 1. Die grossten wunder rnililan her dis .iplin. die der gegensland des ■ verachlung: die offiziere hielt ich fur so viele exer- soldalen fur so viele sklaven, und wenn das ganxe kunste machle, schien es mir als ein lel« ' iulit: ' - monumenl der lyrannei. Daza kam noch, dass ich den ubeln ein- druck, den meine lage auf meinen charakler machle, lebhafl zu fuhlen anfing. Ich war ofl gezwungen, zu strafen, wo ich gem wer- ziehen halle. oder verzieh, wo ich hatle slrafen sollen; und in beiden fullen heill ich mich selbsl fur slafbar. In solchen augenblicken musste nalurlich der wunsch in mir entslehen, einen stand zu verlassen, in welchem ich von zwei durch aus entgegengeselzten pnnzip unaufhorlich gemarterl wurde, imrner weifelhafl war. ob ich als mensch oder als offizier handeln musstei denn die pflichten beider zu vereinen, halte ich bei dem jelzigen zuslande der armeen rcgiMit-nl tur -Hei iKlei Our 4 years here at VMI have made Ruf and I Irue friends. We shared the laughs and groans over endless B.S., and the many pinheads we encountered were deall with accordingly (watch out Poremba). To besl describe this " Mr. Magoo " look-a-like, one must look at his numerous hobbies: Isi teaching German lo Ziggy, 100 page term papers, flicking ears, clearing-up Groucho ' s back, drink- ing tequila and losing il. " math. " running (lo ihe head), wasting food, polishing shoes, driving, bul besl of all . . . laughing. Thanks for all the memories Joe. TDM THOMAS W. RUSSELL " Muscle Head, Rock " Sam Houston, Texas Civil Engineering-Marine Corps Pvt 4. Cadre Cpl 3. Cadre Sgl 2, Cadet Capl 1, Deans list 2.1. ASCE 2,1, Computer Assistant 2.1, Parachute club 4.3, Naval aviators club 3,1. V-pres 2. Scuba club 3, Bulldog 4.3. Semper Fi society 2,1 It hasn ' t been the most entertaining 4 years of my life but il has been the most productive. My philosophy all along has been " work now, play later " . I need to thank some impor- tant people in my life. First of all my family who has sup- ported me the whole wa . I love you all and I owe you everything. I also need to thank the Taggarl family and all thier associates, the Benhoffs and the Peels. Thanks for tak- ing me in and giving me a home away from home. And of course I need to thank all my buddies, especially my room- males. Dogtag.Laundry, and Panz. You all have shown me some good limes that I would never trade for anything. You were my ral roommate for the first Iwo days. Unfor- lunalely we were splil up. bul I ' m sure glad we decided to reunite for the next ihree years. Maybe i ' ve never told you, bul i ' ve always been proud of you, from cadre 3rd class year, your success as a cadel, to your performance at bulldog. We ' ve built a friendship thai will last for life. Jusl think rock, i ' ll be talking about you for the rest of my life as im buddy who wore his long Johns ' til they rolled off his body. See ya in Colorado — laundry The man who introduced me to Texas ... I owe you a lot. You always kept me laughing or at least cussing. I ' ve con- sidered myself a besl friend . . . next to your hay of course! I just don ' t know how I can ' t say that it ' s been a loi of fun, bul you have, and you were always there. Thanks, keep your chin up and tin- hluegrass loud! The Colorado Rockies aitiii ' but ; sDb Dykes: Pel :rF.Hahn-1983 .d-1989 DION SCAGLIONE " Scag " Brentwood, New York Economics-Air Force Pvt. 4.3. Cpl. 3. Sgl. 2. Ll. 1, cadre 2, Deans list 3. karale club 4, Pistol learn 1. Cadel Assistant 2,1, Cadel Waiters 1, Arnold Air Society 1. In the pasl three years, as I sal in Cameron Hall wat ching with admiration as the graduating class crossed the stage, I wondered what il would be like to be in their shoes. Well, very soon it will be our turn lo cross the stage, the class of 1986, and others will be wondering what it would be like lo be in our shoes. That long awaited day of graduation will lie the happiesl day of my cadelship. The day they shaved my head and threw me into a totally new environment unlike any faced by my peers. As I look back on my decision to come to VM1 I can see that I did not choose the easy road. The pressure VMI puts you under, the demands they make from you and the sacrifices that are required from you are all part of what makes VMI unique from any other school. During my cadelship 1 frequently questioned why I ' m al ?ome up with a logical efusal lo quit. Others VMI and why 1 stayed. I never. reason other than slubborness always told me that it would pay off and be well worth it in (he end. Well now it ' s the end, and as I look at myself and my brother rats and how much we already stand well above our peers I gel the feeling ihev were right. All my sacrifices and heartaches were worthwhile. Going to VMI not only required sacrifices on my part bul also oti the pari of mv lamilv, especially mv mom and dad for their supporl and for the sacrifices they made so thai I could have the opportunity lo be where 1 am today. Lastly I ' d like to thank Michelle for being such a beautiful person, and for doing all she has her friendship and love means the world to me. Thanks. " I will mak e it up to you. " Dykes: Stephen Melitz- 1983 Danny Schnock. Dave Williamson. Rob Miller- 1989 ROBERT JOSEPH SCAGLIONE " Buffalo.Scag.Itailan Battalion " Virginia Beach, Virginia Mechanical Engineering-Air Force Football 4.3.2,1, Monogram dub 3.2,1, Fellowship of! Christian Alhelcles 4.3,2.1 I can still remember telling my father I would never come lo VMI and now I am trying to write about my last four years I here. There are a lot of negative points about VMI but al the ' same time without much thought I could match them all with positive points. The biggest one being that of friend- ship. The friends you make at VMI are not " fake friends. " They are friends that will be there when you need help, or if | you jusl want to have a good time. I will always charish the friends I have made here. Without them, these last four . years would have been an eternity. Thanks 144 even if our room always did stink, goodluck in what ever you do. Thanks to my friends Glen, Mike. Slu. Hound. Jimmy, John and die resl of the football team. Good ■ luck lo all of you. Finally thanks goes to mv family without your love and sup- port this place would have been unbarable. Thanks dad and mom for taking lime out and coming up to the games 1 ap- preciale your supporl and love vou both more than words Dykes: Billy Akers- 1983 Pete Catalano- 1989 248 First Class JOSEPH HOWARD SCHINSTOCK III " Joe.Chinstrad, Tornado Head.Merle " Sierra Vista. Arizona Civil Engineering-Army iPrivate (grub) 4,3.2.1, Rifle Team 4,3.5. Mark Thompson |should be a private club (Pres) 3,2,1, Liver Abuse Team 4,3,2.1, Death Trip ' 85 2, First Class Fatties, Col. John Fan Club 2,1, General Malcontent 4.3,2.1 I came here with delusions of grandeur. Not visions about myself and goals I would obtain, but visions of this place. They were all false. It changed what was into some thing 1 don ' t even know, what is fortunate is that I realized and was not fooled like so many of you. It is hard to say what it is like to come from so far away to this place. Only those who have can know this feeling. It People look at me and wonder what I ' m doing here. I slop- ped asking myself thai awhile back. I won ' t give this place the gratification of knowing it defeated me. It didn ' t. Is this bitterness? You tell me. So I ' m not pro-VMl right now. You couldn ' t pay me enough to do it again, but in the same breath, you couldn ' t pay peo- ple or the memories. I d like to thank my parents for putting up with the seeming- ly endless piles of bills and always being there to listen to my complaints and gripes. I hope I ' ve made you proud. 1 love you both. Christine, thank you for making these last two years so special. I love you. To my roommates. Mark. Wayne, and Rob. thanks for putting up with my occasional bouts with insainity. And to all of my surrogate parents in Virginia, thank you. " I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptlings which came from my true self. Why was that so very dif- ficult? " — Herman Hesse Dykes: Brad Norwood- 1983 Al " Capone " Lapinski. Bob " Phanton " Lucas- 1989 CHARLES CARROLL SCHOEN IV " " Charlie. Sloth-b.Charlie-o.Budday.LFB " " Atlanta. Georgia English-Social Student Hop and Floor 3, 2, pres. 1, Staff 4,3. Entertainment editor VMI CADET 2.1. English Society 3. secratary 2, pres.l.College Republicans 3.2.chairman 1, Jungle 2.1. Ghetto 1. Dean ' s other list. Illegal car club, virgin private. Dr. King fan club. sr. ed Hillary. SCSC. LND I never have been able to figure out why I came to VMI. but I do know why 1 always come back. And that is because of the friends I ' ve made here. The VMI that civilians see is one of academics, athletics, and military which is held together by an incredible honor system. These four institu- tions of VMI are what make up its shell. The heart of the in- stitute lies in the people you grow to love and cherish. Without my buddays I could never have made it here. We ' ve woked hard, played hard, and bummed hard, but at least we did it together. Thanks Tripp and Peanut for all the good limes. Poindexler — good God its been a howl! Thanks for making life a litde easier and always being there ready to sit on the stoop al 2:30 in the morning. Mood. Ashe, Stew, and Howie — lhanks for making the jungle a haven for us Buddays. You guys are the best and I love you. Rick — we surprised them-ha, but we did it! Most of all — Thanks Mom. Dad. and Laura for all your love and support. I hope I ' ve made you proud. VMI . . . The guys in the den . . . scenic route . . . cigs on the stoop . . . geeks and winners . . . slothing around the o- course . . . you wanna beer? yeara . . . late night BS . . . blue whales . . . flagg-ed . . . decking . . . Estelle ' s . . . dart- board ... SP ... sleep squad . . . Sunday parlies . . . smack-smack . . . smack . . . Schoenables . . . Circus in the X . . . howdy . . . IHBMMMSWGDT . . . Buddays . . . breakfast club . . . . Confinement sheets . huha . . . road trips ybe And . another beer. What anyway and besides all oui Dykes: Brell Allen- 1983 Robert Gates, Bryan Collie uld -l-ri " ytii ■ do Meanwhile hav ithout all these jerk -Don Henley ■I 3 7 ' rvi FREDERICK GEORGE FIELDS SCOTT II " Hollywood, Freddy, Frederick " Hampton, Virginia History-Air Force Promaji club 4.3,2,1, sec-3. Cadet Waiter 3,2.1, Vietnam war panel-moderator 2. Schev recipient 2, Commandant ' s other list 4,3,2 As I sit here writing this first class history, I am awed by the fact that four years have gone by so quickly. I would be a fool to say that 1 liked it here, but 1 have learned so many things about myself: things I never would have learned at a " normal " school, Belore coining here, patience was not one ofi -i. ' II after lour I ha ' learned that are willing to The friends I who will turn you can have whatever you want only if work hard and wait for the rewards to o have made here are true friends, not the their backs on vou when the going gets tough. My room- mates, Tom. Louis, and Darryl have made lime go by all the faster. Your smiles and laughter always turned a bad situa- ,:| t good time. Mom II the stress and i ;. I hope that I ha past y. proud to have such loving a teachers here who taught me. The military aspect of this pi; id dad, thank you for pulling u ' n I have encountered these made you proud of me. I am id caring parents. To all the never once thought possible. ce permeates everyone ' s life. but the academics are an integral part in making each of us " whole men " . Finally, Nina. I just want to say that you have made me a happy man. Despite everlhing wrong with this place, it was all swept aside after I met you. Words can ' t begin to express the feelings each other and that ' s all that ' s important. The past four years are al an end. We will all go our seperale ways, bul the memory of this place will burn in our hearts and minds forever. We can all say we ' ve learned something aboul ourselves. Goodbye. Dykes: Jack Manley-1983 Richard Smith. Craig B JIMMIE WAYNE SEELEY II ler, Seeley-monsler, Chickenhawk " Orange Park, Florida History — Army Infantry ; Sgt. 3; Private 1; Rugby 4; Hop and Flo ■ins such a long lime ago. lhat day back in August 82. I knew I enlered Jackson Arch lhal my childhood was over and there io turning back. I think that after my four years here. I will hole) lore secrets. VMI has brought out both my strengths and nesses and I know now that I can take a helluva lot of abuse till nunc back lur more. Never in m life have I had In dig deep iffenng can d cleanse and within in ' , -i ll In find out how strong I «i while 1 was in the hospital and said lhal - to the human spirit, it can break it or it cai so lhal we conic U gain a quid confidence in ourselves and a greater sympathy for the suffering o| ethers. 1 now know this to be true, and 1 am a w iser person because of it. I don ' l think I could have ever made it here at VMI, if it wasn ' t for the love and support of my parents Mom and Dad I love you both more than you will ever know I hope I have made you proud of me. Dave and Tim, you guys are the greatest roommates anyone could ask for. We have seen the good limes and the bad here al VMI, I will miss you both terribly when you leave Chris, thank you for being there when I needed you. Your friendship and love will be sorely missed when you leave to go to TBS Richard and Melissa, thank you for your love and letters, it keeps me going. Far better it is to dare mighty things lo win glorious triumphs, even Ihough checkered by failure than lo lake rank wilh ihose poor spirits, who neilher enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight knows not victory nor defeal — - Theodore Roosevelt. DYKES: John Dodson — 1983 Mark Joynt— 1989 HENRY E. SELNAU JR. " Hank, The Urn " Thaxlon. Virginia Chemistry — Air Force Racquetball; Hunting; Rocketry; Women Walching 4, 3, 2, 1; E. B. Jones Scholarship; Leslie-German Award; American Chemistry Society Award; Goofing Off 4, 3, 2, 1; Brother Hazing 1; Rock At- tack 4. 3, 2. 1; Sallyport 4, 3,2, 1. The first time that I heard of VMI was in 1976. When my oldest brother was selecting a college. At lhat time the RAT LINE was hor- rible. I said lo myself lhal 1 would never come to this place. However in 1982 1 matriculated at THE INSTITUTE and found the RAT LINE lo be less harsh than before. Now as a First Classman I can see myself as my younger brolher enters VMI. To BRENT I leave you all my pains, agonies, and all the VMI RED TAPE I have en- countered. The past four years of my life will forever remain in my mind because they were the grealesl challenges lhal 1 ever under- took. I wish to thank mv parents and mv brolhers for their support. To all my BROTHER RATS 1 wish you the best of luck and lo the underclassmen I leave you ihe traditions of VMI. NEVER SAY DIE VMI. JAMES DAVID SHANLEY " Husk, The Man, Big Guy, Shambo " Rolling Meadows, Illinois Civil Engineering — Army Varsily Basketball 4, 3, 2, 1; ASCE 2, 1; Sgt. 2; Second Class; Drum Major 2; Commanders 4, 3, 2; Biggest Rat 4; RDC Top Three 4; Tiso Appreciation Society 3. 2. 1; 6 ' 8 " and Over Club 4, 3,2, 1. I Altending " The Institute, " with no prior knowledge of its background has made for me somewhat of an interesting situation. 1 1 have developed a love, yet hale relationship in my short, yet long I stav, if that makes any sense at all. Being the tallest cadel in the 1 school ' s history one might think that I would receive some special at- 1 lenlion. I think ihe fan mail I received (over 86 RDC cards) was! everyone ' s way of letting me know he cared. Nevertheless, goodj ihings in life don ' l come easy, and now thai I have almosl four I " character building " years under my belt, I can honestly say that ' I ' m glad thai I allended Virginia Military Institute. VMI has taught me independence and instilled a confidence thai l can do things on my own. However, for ihe limes when I needed ; someone. I would like to mention some special people. Big Ed. Maj. ' , Page, and Col. Jamison, thanks for the guidance lhat helped me through the most complex situations. My many roommates, especial-, ly Dan, Daryl, Jersey, and Trey, I wasn ' t lhat hard lo get along with! , And several olher guys: Opie, Buckethead, Spud, Sling-shot, " Q, " and Mike, thanks for being such good friends. Along wilh my Brolher Rals and friends, my Family has given me ihe encouragement that really pushed me through VMI. Mom. Dad, Darso. Randi, and Carry, I love you all so very much and though we ' ve been apart, 1 believe we are closer than ever before. Thank you for being ihere in my time of need. Finally, I ' ve probably learned more about life and people iham academics in my cadelship. And with that note of knowledge. I leave VMI with Ihe mam memories I ' ll cherish forever. KEVIN HAYWOOD SHARP " Magoo, Charp " Falls Church, Virginia Economics — Navy rt. 4, 2, 1; Promaji Club 2. 1; Ranger Plaloon 2; Summer School ,3,2. 1; Rat Training 1; Civilian 3 efore 1 came to VMI a girl told me exactly what I would go through i a rat. I didn ' t believe her, now I do. I found out that VMI can be lh a curse and a blessing but luckily it ' s the blessings thai make ,e curses bearable. Thanks Mom and Dad for your help and jidance because without it I could not have made this strange urney. To thank everyone who helped me to survive the " I " would . Ii.n BR ' i Iriend.s I ish you all success and happiness. Thank you all. May we live 2 x the dawn. Cookie and Spud, our adventures in Richmond will ways be the finest of my memories. Operation Tik Tiki with the ombies is unforgettable. The three musketeers will ride again! All lanks 2 God 4 the light, the sun. the rain, and the rainbow. enmark (VMI) is a prison. Then is the world one. A goodly one in hich there are many confines, wards, and dungeons. Denmark be- ig one o ' th ' worst. We think not so my lord. Why then " lis none to ou; for there is nothing either good or bad. but thinking makes it o me it is a prison. Why then your ambition makes it one. ' Tis loo arrow for your mind. Act II, Scene 2 Hamlet lykes: " Tony " Sinlhipong. Greg Bartlett — 1983 iraig Thompson— 1989 DAVID BRADLEY SHECKELLS " Shecks, Smeegs. Heckler " Mobile. Alabama Richmond. Virginia Civil Engineering -Navy Private 4. 3, 2, 1 (not quite virgin); ASCE; Cadel Waiters 2, 1; Cadet Staff 2, Sports Editor 1; Ring Figure Comrmttee; Number One Plus Club; Day Sludenl 3, 2, 1; Remedial Summer Academic Training 4. 3, 2; Pervert Corner 3, 2. 1; Caught up in the Dread 2, 1 II seems like only yesterday I was a rat in my dyke ' s room looking at an old Bomb wondering if 1 would ever make it far enough to write my own first class history. Somehow, I knew I would. The lime has slipped up and caught me from behind. I never saw it. I also remember promising myself that I would creale a literary work of art complete with profound quotes that would sum up my whole cadet- ship in a few lines. False, and afler ihree years I ' m still looking for those quotes. My greatest thanks must go to those two people who have always been there with unending support and patience through thick and thin. I hope 1 can live up to your expectations. Selden. you have taken me in as one of your own, and I feel like one. Mom. we ' ve come a long wav through some rough limes, bul that has yet to stop us. I will always remember who I am. There are numerous other friends I would like to menlion. Friend- ships have been forged here in this furnace, if you will, that will by far outlive my bad memories of four years al VMI. Mike and Jay. ihe partv is almost over, bul I ' ll never forgel our limes together as wombmates. We showed ' em. Also, thanks to buddy rock Joe for changing my allilude and my lingo in general. Gerb was always pull- ing something I never saw right out of ihe blue, like a trout. There are many others (Paul, Max, Taz, numerous Mobilians, numerous new friends I ' ve made in Virginia) lhal somelime or another have set me straight and narrow. Thanks, you know who you are. IlH e learned anything in four years here, it ' s to live o it ' s the only way lo make it. Goodnight and goodbyi First Class 251 GEORGE CABELL SHEILD " The Brow, Georgie-Porgie " Newport News, Virginia History —Air Force S.S. Number One Club; Ring Figure Chairman; OGA " A " Co.; Invest- ment Club; Drug and Alcohol Comm. 2; Pre-Law Society 3, 2, 1; English Society 3, 2; Glee Club 4, 3: Douglas M. Carter Francis 1 I I Award; Baldwin Boys Club 2. 1; He Man Commandant Hater ' s Club; Dean ' s List. Many nights I have cussed the decision to come to VMI. but in the end it has. been worth it. I came to the Institute for a challenge that wniild supersede amlhing I had tried he I ore. Tims. ' . Italicizes wen- doled out to me with great profusion, as lhe had been to rm Father and Grandfather. Main experiences were ■ many were gratifying successes but all had changes I have undergone will benefit ughl eward. The profound the rest of my life. Without the love, support, and encouragement of my Father and Mother 1 would never had made it. They have both sacrificed so much for me I will never be able to thank them enough. I have received encouragement from all ol m family anil friends and I will never forget it. My Brother Rals, particularly my roommates Steve, Kerry, and Brad, gave me strength 1 never thought 1 had and made me laugh when my troubles seemed overwhelming, Susan, and our future together, gave me something to live for more meaningful than anything I had ever known before. To all of you who have helped me along the way 1 give you my deepest thanks. " Far better it is to dare mighty things, to i though checkered by failure, than to la spirits who neither enjoy i " Every day is a bonus " F.W.S. DYKES M.lion Scarpa— 1983 Sam " Jun-Jun " Callejo - e rank with those poor suller much, because they live in iclory nor defeat. " — Theodore DAVID W. SHIN l ' ET, Quil, Junior, Little Corporal, Shinbo Springfield, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Army 10-85. I had manv expectations prior to coming to VMI. I wanted to work hard and succeed at all the things I set out to do. It was a hard journey that 1 could not have finished without the support of my family and friends. I thank them for their support and their reassurances. 1 must also mention the hard work lhal my dyke put into me. He was always there to assist me in every way, I know I could not have pulled through without his help. 1 will be eternally grateful for everything he did for me. I must also extend my thanks to Chaplain Caudill who has been my spiritual guide at VMI. He has helped me in every way with his cheerful altitude and his sincerity. It ' s been a long four years at the " I " but it ' s been worth il. 1 won ' t say 1 love the place just yet, but I know it gave me the opportunity to do cerlain things thai 1 could never have experienced anywhere else. Major Tiso, I enjoyed every minute of class 10-85. I am still a leg but I can ' t wait for my first blast. I thank you for your advice and friendship. DYKES: Oh Young Kwon — 1983 Richard Song— 1989 I W 1 M jf% - ■ Jr Si CHARLES GREGORY SIMPSON " Greg, Chuck " Blackstone, Virginia History Spanish — Army Sport Parachule Club; College Republicans, Treasurer 1; Deai | List 3; Sgt. 2; Supply Sgt. 1; Chapel Choir 4, 3. I came lo VMI wanting a challenge from my college career. In I!] respect, the Institute did not lei me down. I the Ratline, wilhou doubt, was the hardest thing lhal I ever did in my life. But lhanks my friends and faculty advisors, I was able lo parlay whal seemed ' be an academic failure after my Rat year into a double-major w , many opportunities open to me. Now, however, the Institute tries , placale and accomodate its " new cadets, " in hopes of moneta gains. Il seems that they have forgotten about building men aij molding characters and weeding oul the ones who do not possess tl qualities of a VMI man. The Institute will " reap whal it has sowi and perhaps, some day. change its ways once again. Fortunately have had lo rely on help from many friends lo make il through VR and I would like lo thank them all. First I would like lo thank tl! Lord, who has helped me ihrough many obstacles. 1 pray that he w continue to slay wilh me. My parents and " lillle brother " have bei ; a conslanl source ol support. Sorry about the phone bills! 1 probab ; would have died from loneliness or some other lerrible maladay not for the wonderful companionship ol my fiancee. Thanks Ka Also, having good roommales sure makes life a lol easier her Thanks Mark and Jay. In closing, 1 would like to say hello to n Granny in her new home wilh the Lord as of 1 5 September 1985. PAUL ALAN SIMROTH " Smurf, Tooken " Charleston, WV Civil Engineering — Army 3gt. 3rd Ball. Sgm. 1; Scouler ' s Club 3, 1; Pres. WV Club ■ Cbt. Engineering Plaloon 3, 2; ASCE 3, 2, 1; SCSC 2; Same .ard 2; Assl. Editor ASCE Newsletter 1; Fencing 4; S-5 Slaff 3, 3AUSA 4. 3, 2, 1; Airborne; Same 2, 1; Academically Extinguish- ' 4,3.2.1. j usual, I wailed unlil the lasl minute to write this. I thought about ' al I wanted to write, but the only thing that kept coming across I mind was that I have hated this place for four years. Thanks to [city, Goof, PigV, Karl, Quill, Mike, and Charlie (who escaped to pU) and those counUess weekends away from the I, the VMI ex- , ' rience was bearable. 1 hope that 1 onb rememlH-r the good limes |ch as Goshen. JMU, and Radford, and the Sat. nights at Estelle ' s! j ' orge, no matter what, it ' s always your fault! (There ' s no justice in Is world!) I hope your strategies work! Quill, grow some hair! Emember Dave, Hicky and I won ' t always be around to drag you tme! Karl, why do they call you Mr. Ketchup?! Goof, you im- jessed a lot of girls with those classy lines of yours! How can Jyone help but be envious of your trails?! Hicky, after four years of tidying, drinking, ,md failing Calc III (not necessarilv in that order) nal can I say? Thanks! Good luck! This Bud ' s for you! p Mom and Dad, Thanks for putting up with me! I love you! Unl a little lime at school. Wishing I were somewhere else. Having In . . -. Huey Lewis and the News YKES:MikeDillenuilh— 1983 Scott J. Kealoha — 1989 Virginia Program al Oxford I; Bomb, Editor-in-Chief 1. Managing Edilor 2, Section Editor 3; Private 4. 3. 2, 1; Corporal 3; Scouter ' s Club 3; Timmins Music Society 2, 1 ; Trident Society 2, 1 . It is difficult to try to sum up the lasl four years of my life in a few short words. In fad, at this point, it is impossible to focus in on ex- actly whal these years have meant. Coming to VMI is simply something I had to do. Time will lell whether or not it was the right decision. I suspect that it was. As I write these lines, various memories, good and bad, flood back before me. But even they are too numerous lo recount in so short a space. Il is best therefore, to simply say thank you lo ihose Brother Rats who have helped me " climb the ladder " and have been there when 1 have fallen back a rung or two. Without your support I know that I wouldn ' t have suc- ceeded. Mom. Dad, Jamie, Dai id and Don. I couldn ' t have done il without your help also (Financially and otherwise). I love you all. l All , and if i end i ; the Willis the bitter pasl, mart i Shakespeare All ' s Well Thai DYKES: Doug (Jrbanek — 1983 " Chicken, Dap, Josephu Virginia Beach. Virgin Economics — Army I left home 7 vears ago and headed for ihe mountains of Shenan- doah. Time has flown like ihe blink of an eye. I ' ve had some moogie limes since then but I am sure that as the years progress the good ones will stay wilh me as the bad ones slowK lade from memory. My family has always been behind me and there is no substitute for the love you have given me. Kevin, my best friend, the love and en- couragement you ' ve given me is priceless. I love you all. My other famiK, BR Billy. Meade. Todd and Jelf. you guvs have always lighted ihe path home for me. Thanks, and I love you. Beverly, thanks for mam good memories. You are special. Tracy, and all ihose other people at home who have touched my life, thanks. Dr. and Mrs. Hargroves you have given me many opportunities which have paved the road lo mv future. I will carry the love and support life. I love you both, thanks. Kelly. j have made the: nks dyke, for you inderful. I lo- Phil. ndship. Coach Whit thanks for believing because 1 will always believe in you. And my VMI Buuudeys. Kitty. Coop, Geek, Bull, B.K.. Lloyd. Tripper and all ihe guys, 1 can ' t wail for the reunions. Cavemates. Bolls and Frank. I ihink the cave will go down in demerit history. But even wilh all ihe trouble 1 could not have had two belter cavemates. I love you guys, ug, ug. All these people have done so much for me and ! am forever grateful, but there is a leacher in my life who has never forgotten me. and neither have 1 forgotten her. She has stood by me and shown me how much she loves me vet I have failed lo n pund To lell her now will nol ease ihe pain I have caused, but I do love you Linda and I hope deep down inside vou knov thai, because nothing could be DYKES: Phil " Hubba Bubba " Hubbard — 1983 Richard " Sparky " Sparks — 1989 JEFFRY ALAN SMILEY " Townie, Round Town. Joker " Lexington, Virginia Biology — Army, Armor Varsity Baseball 4, 3. 2, 1; Monogram Club 4, 3, 1; Dean ' s Lisl 3. 2: Academically Distinguished 2; DMS 1; Pvl. 4, 3, 1; Sgt. 2; " Wow, " Member " Club 400, " 1 Hale Mallorv Hall Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Calc II 4, 3, 2, 1; Fort Bragg ' 85. Well, what can I say? At limes I hated this place bul there were more times that 1 loved il. I ' ve always been proud to say " I ' m from VM1. " This place can drive you crazy al limes bul I can remember the good times as well. Especially my dykes and all the crude things they would do lo me. Bul I loved every minute of it. Also ihe rat biology lab was full ol good times; popcorn, radios, gelling boned for being improperly dressed. My lasl ihree years were also full of surprises. Especially the baseball trips. Some of the things we all did. Ifonlv Coach While had found oul. And lo my dykes, John and George, hang lough because it is worth il in ihe end. Now comes the lime lo lhank everyone who helped me slay alive al VM1. Well, there were my rat roommates, Scoll, Carl, Jim, and Sam; my dykes, Kenny, Gray, Graham Curtis, and David; my roommates for the lasl three years, Rob and Mike, who made me sludv and for lhal I love ihem because 1 would not have made it without them. There are also my baseball BR ' s lhal made Ihe VM1 experience easier lo handle They are: Clilly. Kluge, Frank, Bull, Chicken. Toaslerhead, and " the Geek. " Thank you KalhyW, Now ] w.uit In -how spt ' i nl thanks tn iiiv grandparents and ! ;ii h Donny While without whose help, I would nol have been able to go lo college. Thank you again Coach While. You have given me an education I never thought I could have. Now I get lo thank my mother best mom in ihe world. She ha alwavs been ihere lo help me. I she is. Thank oii again mi Also, thank God that il ' s over! Whal ran 1 say? She has lo be the e cry and laugh and she has eryone lo know what a great DIKES: kenm -Bird Dog- ' ilnrgcss— | »83 John Glover, George Armbruster — 1989 MINOR BOTTS SMITH " B, Bink, Smithmo, Ugh " Charleston. West Virginia Civil Engineering Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; A-Team 1; Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, 1; Foolball 4; Monogram Club; CM Club; Ski Club 3. 2; Cavemate 3, 2, 1 . As I sil here now pondering what to write, several ihoughls come to mind (for a change). I remember talking with Karl and Trip about how cool it would be lo go lo VMI. and then finding lhal it wasn ' t loo cool al all. To ihis day 1 still blame Chicken. I mean there has to be an easier way lo gel a degree! 1 like to ihink lhal someday the sacrifices made will be worth it, bul there were too many limes when il seemed lo be a lost cause. Al any rale, rm VMI program w,i logged mlo (lo use an old muscle term) and came close lo being a shorl one. Had it nol been for the low kev (Hmmiti) pressure of the big one, 1 may have been yel another victim of ihe malh department. Seriously though, I have to count mv blessings for some seriouslv ' ■Happening " parents and family. Then ihere is ihe cave Whew! Whal an experience. All you readers can buy my book liecause ihere is not sufficient room here. Thanks Muscle and Chicken for the good karma and everything else! (You Special thanks to Peanut, Bull, Mikey, DP.. Tripper. P.G., Coop, Lloyd. Fitz. Churchill. B.K.. Mellon. Clit. Ten Percent, Dexl. Fal- dog. Rock, Pigme, Chuckles. Basshead. Gitch, Panty. Brehays. and everyone else who partook in this strange experiment. The oulside help from Lvlc, Lisa, Quintic. cspci i.ilK tor hooking me up with Sonny and Richard at ten on Fndavs Thanks again, laler. DYKES; Billy Akers — 1983 Lee " Kojack " Rimler LUKE EDWARD SOSSI " Sloshy, Sos, Skywalker " New Windser, New Tork Mechanical Engineering — Air Force te 4, 2, 1; Sole Sun I came lo VMI with two aspirations: lo get an engineering degree and a pilot slot. Bv some order of luck and good fortune, I have been able lo obtain both of these. Bul I can ' t claim ihis achievement lo be solely my own. Through these lasl four years I was lucky enough lo know people who gave me help, encouragemenl. and sometimes a good kick in ihe a — . To my roomm ates and friends lhanks for pul- ling up wilh me. The good times never outweighed ihe bad ones but at least we gave it a try. To Pele ami his larnilv (hanks for giving me a little sanity while I was away from here. To my family, who I can never thank enough. I love you all. DYKES; John Carpenter — 1983 Kevin Lewis. Jack Toepher — 1989 254 First Clasi KENNETH BYRON SPAIN " Spunky, Ken-Man " Lynchburg, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army [resiling Team 4. 3. 2, 1; Fung Figure Hotel Committee; ASCE 3, l 1; " Club 246 " ; " Club 146 " ; Road Warrior Society; Virgin irivale. lour years finished already? Are you serious? Did the time pass by Lickly? I ' d have lo say no. Many things have happened since ugusl 18, 1982. Some good, like the zillion road trips with Dave md Mike and Oaij: and Robb and everybody else. There ' s nothing ike getting set free from this place. Bui before all the road trips was !lat unforgettably good lime known as the ratline. Partying with my uddy Brent at Zolloman ' s will definitely go down as one of my Lvorite outings (also as one of mv longest hangovers — 9 weeks as jn-call). here are many people I ' d like to thank. Mom and Dad, 1 love you olh, thanks for everything. Sim, you helped me more than you ' ll frer know (Beat Citadel!). And my little Bro ' Cary. thanks for being ol just a little brother but a good friend. Thank you Susie. Jan, and ;eth. Without your letters I would never have made it through rat Sow for my roomies. Hey Mike man, thanks for sparing my life, jexl time you wake me up in the middle ol the night I ' ll try lo be a Ille quieter. Seriously though Mike, you ' ve been a great roommate, raig and Bobby, having you guvs move in was great. 1 hope you olh become rich and famous doctors (I could use some free ad- ice). Last but certainly not least. Big Dave. Good luck in law :hool. You ' ll do great. 1 love all of you guys. ing for sure. I it four years r m [ I kn DAVID VANDUERSEN SPEARS " Dave Beau Spearovitch " Fairfax, Virginia Biology — Navy Class President 1986; General Committee 4. 3, 2, 1; Pvt., CpL Pvt., Sgl.. Lt.; Dean ' s List 4; Navel Scholarship 4. 3. 2, 1; Cadre 3. 2, 1; Terry, Jim, and Robs Roommate 3V2, 2. 1 — and everything that ' s implied. So. where lo begin? Coining I nun I V A lo Ml priced to I ' quite a trip. I thought 1 knew what lo expect, but hitting the ratline was like a kick in the teeth. Mac. you owe me for all this! Anyway, now that VMI is in the past (?) I can say that it wasn ' t so bad after all. VMI Is a strange, harsh teacher — however a worthwhile teacher none the less. In the " real world, " qualities such as HONOR, COURAGE, and PRIDE are unique. For those who walk the stoops, they are basic. Junbo, Tooge. and Dubs, 1 don ' t think I could have picked more f %$ed up roommates — and 1 would never change the experience for another. Estelle ' s, Spaky ' s, Natie Bho ' s, Scotch, confinement. P.T. ' s, Commandant ' s " Bad Boy " List. Hobble De Ga Ga, Cockiness, the works! You all are like brothers. Good luck in the Air Force and Marines!!! Mom and Dad. without your help I would have never gollen in. Without your support I would never have lasted. I love you! To my brothers and sisters, thanks for putting up with me all the while. I love you loo! And of course, Martha, yt source of pride and inspir; know I do. St. Pauli! Finally, lo the Class of " 86. I hope I have been worthy of the task bestowed upon me. I am privileged lo share the ring. TIMOTHY ANDREW WOODLAND SPIVEY " Spive, Popeye, Timbo. Boody. Hooter. Buuh " Richmond, Virginia History — Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Committee 3. 2, 1; Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, l;Sgt. 2: Virginia Genllernan Cocktail Club 1; Beers 4. 3. 2, 1; Sinks 1; Boxing Assistant 1; Monogram Club 4, 3. 2, 1; White Animals Fan Club; Blue Whale Club; Radford Road Trip Club 3, 2. 1. to believe I have actuall; and Dad enough. Your help and t lire cadelship has been the key lo than you will ever know. Jake, v« help. W.ihout it my rat year I ' m You and Tom are (he best brolhe made it. I can honestly s friendship and guidance Wingnul, Weegie, you Thanks for making this Dan. I told you being a i be a first before you k thanks for all your help my home a school will i J seemed like an eternity. I still find it hard illy can ' t begin to thank Moi uragemenl throughout my en- survival. I love you both more re unique. Thanks for all the so sure I would still be here i the world. Jammer, I finally y it wasn ' t a whole lot of fun. Without your t highly doubt that I ' d still be here. Fitz, guys were all outstanding roommates. an outstanding first class year. Tom and it wasn ' t all that bad. Hang in there, you ' ll ow it. Doc Monsour. friend and advisor, ' Mom and Pop " Warner, thanks for being y from home. The friendships I have made al this soon end. Good luck lo the Class of ' 86 in all your rs You haw made ■ adrl-hip Ix-arablc and e en lun •ially you crazy fools in ISO. God bless you all. re a true Brother Rat as well E spenl together I treasure the T.A.W.S. ime people say duck hunters a »l to take life for granted, i very special fnend. The ' — George Stanley First Class 255 RUSSELL BURRUS SPRIGGS " Gus, Muss, R.B.. Bed-Man " Mount Vernon. Virginia Civil Engineering — U.S. Air Force Pvt. (Virgin Sleeves) 4, 3, 2, 1; Swim Team 4. 3. 2; Water Polo Club 2, 1; Illegal Car Club 3, 2; AFROTC Scholarship 3. 2. 1; ASME 4. 3; ASCE 2. 1; Dean ' s Other List 4, 3. 2, 1: " The Zoo Crue " 3,2, 1. Well my VMl " experience " is finally coming to a close and not a moment loo soon. I can ' t say I ve had a great time here, but there iwti |il ' nl ul punt times mixed in with the bad. I ' ll never forget the 3rd sloop slam-dancing. Friday night air band and videos, and the numerous road trips in " RBS 82. " Id like l„ thank Mom. Dad. Ben. and Jennifer for all their love and encouragement thai kepi me going through the lough limes. To the iii tn iIm ' iki ,nn " th.inks li.r making this place more bearable; to my roommates John (my grealesl critic | and Bob (R.T.) and the animals in 173 for the wild limes and the roadlrips south (Radford and Tech). To my Rats 1 leave the philosophy my dyke instilled in me " neyer lei .) .iileniii s gel in the way ol your education " — MRJ ' 83 " Situation normal: all fed up " — Douglas MacArlhur AMF-VM1 JOHN DAVID STANEK " Ninjamin. Natslu The Hawk " Lynchburg, Virginia Mechanical Engineering — Army Pvt. 4, 3. 2, 1; Band 4, 3; Dean ' s List 3; Scholarship 3, 2; ASME 4, 3, 2, 1; Rustang Road Crew 2. 1; Deathnde 85; Red Front Ranger 3, 2; Pizza Puke Club 3; Where ' s the Geek 2, 1. It is laps 13 Sept., and I have to write my first class history. I would like lo thank my parents for making all possible. 1 know I have not been perfect but I hope you are proud. I think back oyer the past three years, and all types of images push through my head. They all have something in common. Sam, Eric. Chris. Dave. Eric, and many others. You all have been there through it all. The parties, the confinement, the good limes, and bad limes, fins Ills been uiii liiniie toe lour years, and I haye learned a lol from you all. People always ask me why I went lo VMI. and I do not remember. I will always know why I stayed. Tim. best ofluck. Then face lo face, now I know Then I shall understand fully " 1 Corinthians 14:12 DYKES: Dana Ne. CHARLES J. STEENBURGH, JR. " Chuck, Chuckles, Chuckie, Norb Jr. " Virginia Beach, Virginia Mathematics — Army, Field Artillery Drug and Alcohol Committee 3, 2. 1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Capt. 1; He Man Woman Haters Club 1 ; Major Tiso ' s Workout 2; Dean ' s List 4. 3. 2, 1; Academically Distinguished 3. 2, 1; International Studiei Program; Distinguished Military Student. I this place. 1 763 characters isn ' t nuch space t sum up four ye can say lhal I ' ve nev r grown mo n Ihe little kid who n atnculaled I i August 1982 ndeed. Too many people saw me through this experience lo mention here:, Marty, Steve, Mark, Joe D.. Grey. Moose, both Pams, il goes on andfl on. Mom, dad, and Sissy, I certainly never could have made it U without you. But in spite of all those who helped, you won ' t go all the,! way unless you do it for vourself. And to be honest, that ' s the only I reason I ever made it this far. 1 guess I could reminisce about rat year, breakout, hop weekends, Ring Figure, but il all goes without saving. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Thank you mother " I " — in your own way you made me actually lr lor the first time in my life. Who would have ever thought those two kids in that 9th grade class would ever end up at VMI as best of friends 7 years on down the road? 1 know 1 wouldn ' t have, but as lime went on I came to kn fine individual, a person who could be relied on and we ' ve grown to , take on the world. I ' ve been fortunate to know such a person a Chuck, and as time goes on ! hope we will keep a friendship such a ours. Bui always remember, horns onlv fall off good cars and it ' s f easiest to turn on a light with the switch. D.S.C. 256 First Cla (VMERON MOSTELLER STEPHENS " Chuckles. Grog, Fatty " Mobile. Alabama Chemistry — Air Force [ball 4: Cpl. 3; Private 4. 3, 2, 1; Cadet Waiter 2, 1; Cadet Espapcr 2. 1; Cadel Assistant 2; Rugbv? 1: Chub Cruisers: Sir oiid Hillary Illegal Car Club 4. 3, 2; Phi Delta; Beta Thela Pi; Ndhanrs Room Orderly 3, 2. Be I am four ears later laughing about it its I write about my last m years at VMI. I would like to (bank my parents for the oppor- W for a good education and for putting up with. me for the last B years. I hope I ' ve made you proud. I would also like to thank Fik and Beek for their support over the years. I n ' t think that I would have put up an argument about coming ffii if I would have known of all the friends I have made here. tut, Tripp, Cordon, Patrick (Chiropractor and restaurant en- eneur). Brett (just a geek). Muscle, Bolls, Chicken, Mikey and ;l al. Ya ' ll have made this place a lot more bearable and fun. To imales, Gordon do something about that fool cheese will ya, p gel up!, and Pete don ' t pea on the radiator. Thanks for all the :h J.C. could have been here so we could all pull oui ther. the Institute goes, this is a place where a n ebodv and somebody can be himself. Take it as 5 best you can. As my Grandaddv told ber " what man has done, man can do. " ibe JOHN ALBERT STEVENS " Jabba. Budoah. Johnny, Destruction " Fredericksburg. Virginia Civil Engineering — Marine Corps Rat 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Company XO 1; Swim Team 3; Rat Trainir 2; Semper Fidelis Society 2. 1; Bulldog Platoon 2; NROTC Scholai ship 3, 2. 1;ASCE4, 3, 2, 1; The " ZooCrue " 3. 2. 1. naked, bestial who. squatting i i hands, and ale of it. 1 said: " er, " he answered, " but I ill In the desert 1 saw a creali the ground, held his heart t good friend? " " It is bitler-biller. " he answered. because it is biller and Ixvause it is my heart. " Stephen Crane I have so much to be thankful for. this place lakes back much more. I think 1 found what I was looking here. Special thanks lo the people who helped rue and Dad, Bob and Russ and Tamarn Jane. To God, VMI. I am forever grateful. TODD ANTHONY TABB " Thag, Yak 23 " Gainesville, Virginia Economics — Air Force Rugby 4, 3. 2; Track 3. 1; D.S. 85; Soo Crew Men Weekend Radford Student 2. 1; Wimpbuster Buster 2; Recovery Crew 4. 2; Survivor of the Inslitute 4, 3, 2, 1. bowels of hell and deliv of being a IstClassmar ups on the weekend ar severely disillusioned a! hool that matriculates one into the i after three long years to the elation it the " I " has had its ups and downs, is at all other times. I came lo VMI eave even worse but I have to admil. ! learned more aboul lile and rmself in my vears here than I believe I would have anywhere else Does this imply thai I love ihe place? 1 doubl il but ask me again Mav 17. i486 and I may give a different Of course there are many people to thank for helping me gel through here. Mom and Had especially for your support. Jim and Lee. you guys made m breaks lun enough so I could stand to come back. Eric and Lou, I never thought Iwuig obnoxious could be so fun, Daylona will never be the same. And finally, two of the most caring people. Angle and Rick. I am forever indebled for the lessons ol lov nig and perseverance ou both taught me. I love vou both The thing that VMI had given me cherished about everything else, is the chance lo fly for the USAF. Il has been my goal since I can remember. Who knows what the future brings; above all else, though VMI was not the greatest place to be at it is a damn good place lo be from! " Gibbie " Smith — 1983 First Class 257 HENRY TABUR Havard, Massachusetts Economics — Army eringClub4. 3. 2, 1; President 3, ll lias been a long four years. I was excited when I first came here bul ihe greatest excitement will be graduation- Was il atl worth il? Yes!! The bad times will soon be forgotten and there will be no more regrets. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the love, support, and food packages that you gave me. I hope you are as proud as I am that I made il through it .ill lso thanks hi all mv brolhei rats and room- mates. Rob, maybe you can put in a permit, so I can see you after graduation. Scott, if you don ' t gel a letter by tomorrow I ' d blow her off. Jay. wanl some wine! Hey dudes Id ' s parly!!! JIMMY LEE TAGGART " Doglag. Frogfag, Country Boy " Hat Creek, Virginia Civil Engineering — Navy Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Capl. 1 ; Pres. Mallory Hall Let ' s Try II Again Club 4. 3. 2; SS, V.P.; Naval Aviators 2: Rat Training 3, 2; Old Corps Little John 4, 3; E. Co. CO. 1 ; ASCE 2. 1 ; Bluegrass Guilar Pickers 4, 3, 2, 1; Chairman Obnoxious Bool Club 1 . To my Mother and Father: My goal in life is lo one day understand the reach of your efforts, your pain, and your love for me . . . For ihen perhaps, my child will hold me in the same golden lighl in which 1 hold you. and carry with him. ihe same uncompromising love I carry and shall always carry for vou. — Both of you ... I love you... I ihank you and I love you. I guess ihe tiling thai m.ikes a good Inendship is compalability. So here ' s lo a redneck, hillhilk. beer drinking, tobacco chewing, non- calculus-compuling, lazy. two stepp ' in. no-hunting cowboy. We ' ve seen it all and we ' ve never spent a mghl in jail. Thanks for taking me in and giving me a second home. I also need lo thank you for pro- viding me with some bluegrass culture thai helps lo keep my sanity in this age ol War Protesting. Yankee Drug Music that e ervone listens to. You ' ve been too good lo me. Take care, stay out of trou- ble, and keep in touch. FORGET HELL! — ROCK Jim, you had a rough adelship u ademically. bul I admire you because you never gave up your pursuit ol your Civil Engineering degree I think you have always had a deep desire lo return lo VM1 as a sloopee because you were always talking like one. How aboul that Chrismas dance al Sem 3rd class year? You BRFed me by sel- ling me up with thai real healthy girl, but you did gel your jusl rewards thai night. Then there was that road Irip lo UNC in the " yak wagon " — how about thai " shin " you ' re quile a friend Jim I just hope 1 can find more oul ihere like you — Healthy, Gut and All — LAUNDRY DYKES: Mike Gleason — 1983 EDGAR FRANKLIN TALBOTT, " E.T., Hillbilly, Felix " Grundy, Virginia Physics — Navy Rat 4; Corporal 3; Sergeanl 2; Private 1; Dean ' s List 4, 1; Sep Club 3; Sigma Pi Sigma 2, 1; Cadet Asst. 1; Society of F jKS Students 4, 3, 2, President 1. 1 can ' l believe that I ' m ihe same person thai drove through its Gales four short years ago. In many ways I ' m not that perso «j go! a lot in common with him, but the differences are plain ' I . VM1 has taught me about myself and others. I ' ve learned a lolSul | — bul the most important things I have learned is how mucl B ! have lo learn and how to overcome the many challenges W future. Hey, it hasn ' t been an easy road to travel, but as Iiert Frosl wrote " I look ihe road less traveled, and it made . be difference. " First I would like to thank my parents. I would never have n;il without your support and guidance. Thanks, I love you both.: sti would like lo lhank my grandparents. Your love and suppori ,ve pulled me through. Also. 1 have to thank my wild and crazy ani- mates — Scotl. Chris, Jon. Mike, Randy — I ' ll never fbrf.ur escapades. Memories . . . KABOOM. .38 Special, blue battleship. Lost to of JD, red dealh d by db, Talbott time. TV guide, 14th level t ' IL New York, secret room, catch my drift. Need 820 Randy ' i Front Ranger, Twin Falls, Atlantic Cily, blow gun, C a " hallway. " Nodehead, Flop shot, watering skiing, motorc i Riot in the Hyatt, " Less taste — More filling, " Bob Seger, I it- side the B6000. Santa, tubing. Asimov. Lightweight, McCi ' gb chainsaw head, UNC. UVa (Keys), Tech. Lambdi,- wavelength!?,Nattie bo beer, Buzzy and Wierd, Synaptic ip BOHICA. Where did Chris go? — he turned to oil, 4x4 .. . W goes on and on — but none will be forgotten. DYKES: Skip Goodwille — 1983 sent back to Jersey — 1989 STEPHEN LIOYD THACKER " Toaster Head " Lutherville, Maryland Civil Engineering — Army EJeball 4, 3, 2, 1; Cadet Staff 2, 1; CE Chairman 1; ASCE 1; l ale 4, 3,2.1; Red Front Ranger 4. 3, 2; Buzzy Fan Club 2, 1 F four long years we have been playing the game called VMI. The rs were always changing and the deck was always stacked but we flly made it. I ' ve experienced every aspect of VMI, from confine- Ejit and PT ' s to running the block and even studying. I ' ve received l ' full VMI education. To those who have not experienced eSihing here al VMI, I hope the rest of your life is not as boring aW past four years must have been. There have been good times talso the bad limes. Without my friends and family I could not ft made il through this place. Scial thanks to my Mom and Dad who have supported me from t beginning and given me that frequent kick in the ass to keep my Crse fairly straight. tyd luck to Scotl and Scot. I owe you both a lot. I ' m sure we will i. . the place you love to hate, and hale those changes in latitudes, changes ; quite the same — with all of our run if we couldn ' t laugh we would all go ins J|my Buffet Be has a flavor the protected never know. -An Anonymous Marine Ues: Mark Airaghi — 1983 t;, Fitzgerald — 1989 CLAYTON MALCOLM THOMAS IV Arlington, Virginia Civil Engineer — Army AUSA 4, 3; CWRT 4, 3; Newman Club 4. 3; Basketball 4, 3. 2; ASCE 3, 2. 1;CE Society 2, 1 It seems a long time since we first entered barracks when we leave as alumni. Within thai time, we ' ve h. periences and gathered many friends. We started with r matnclanls and now leave with a few, fellow Br ' s w lasted these four long years through many turbulent ai occurrences that have brought us together as a class. 1 am reminded of what I ' ve heard from many alum great place to be from. " This phrase will become mor graduation when we will see what a greal adwirititgi ' i VMI. We know thai VMI men stick together. 1 hope t ny hopeful rewarding " VMI is a vious after tt,- I be r nnded, though, that not all oi s to be with us today. While emember those Br ' s that cai Br ' s made it through re rejoice our gradua- _ JOSEPH JUNE THOMPSON " Jay " Eayettville, North Carolina Economics — Air Force Arnold Air Society; Society of Young Economists; Marshall Museum Assistant; Investment Club; Corporal; Sergeant; Lieutenant; Omicron Delta Epsilon So many times during our cadetship we were reminded of the three legged stool of military, athletics, and academics. At times we became cynical as the third leg was shortened and our little slool was upsel. But we pressed on learning about the place, because of the place, and in spile of the place. We worked hard each day to meet the challenges and overcome the obstacles lo justify our $3.33 a day scholarship money. Yet we managed lo find amusement in the daily routine — ripped zippers al two minute call, inaudible turn- outs which only the words " or you will be placed on report " wee understandable, and only lefthanded gloves returned by the laundry. However, ihe Honor Code and the unselfish support of our Brother Rats were constant sources of strength and pride that made up for the rest. I have to lake this opportunity lo express thanks and love for my parents, who accepted countless collect calls and supported me in whalever I undertook. I also wan! lo thank Luke Vamer for his love and friendship — we really missed you these lasl two years. Dykes Hugh Daughtry — 1983 John Shipley— 1989 MARK ALEXANDER THOMPSON Des Moines. Iowa Modern Languages-History Marine Corps Cpl. 3, Sgl. 2, Pvl 1, Marine Detachment 4,3, Semper Fi Society 2,1, Scuba Club 3,2,1, Sky-diving 3, Cadet Staff 1, Red Front Ranger 3,2. Cadet Asst. 2,1, The Joe Schinstock ' s-On-Confinemenl Entertainment Commit- lee.Prez 3.2.1. Dean ' s List 1, NROTC (Marine Op) Sch. At a time when I should be recalling all (he things thai have happened to me over these four years I can only concen- trate on those people who helped me endure: Mv family- parents, grandparents and sisters. Each one with their own philosophy-helping me, strengthening me. My friends-John, Mark. Andy and the Kegleys-people who stood by me and believed. I love you all. There is no way lo efficiently thank you. I guess you can say this ordeal has been quite the com- munity effort. Wayne-I wish you were here with us! Fate deals some bad hands. Rob-purely insane. This man should be committed. Gordon-compadre. It ' s nic there like me. That ' s scary Joe-Whal a show, unlike Thanks. You ' ve taught n especially how lo be me You ' ve loane brother. Ya k lo kn then lost people I know the actor, alol in your belligerent way. You ' ve gotten me in Irouble. E money. You ' ve understood. Jusl like a Cain-Abel-Somebody got a rock? Last and nowhere least a dedication to someone my family and friends may not understand. I don ' t ask them to. nor will I explain why. I have lived lo try and experience as ng, for one who was ' , I.., many things as possible, right never given the chance lo exper only brolher-the one I never knew-il is now time for me tt live for myself. Otay, Steve? Dykes: Glen K.Mays- 1983 Brian " The Cruiser " Loughrey. Tom " Simple Sidney ' Shellon-1989 REDMOND JOHN THOMPSON JR. " Faly, Uncle Fester,Remi,Tonka " Virginia Beach. Virginia Electrical and Computer Engineer-SS Lacrosse Soccer 4.3,2.1 Monogram 3.2,1 Academically Undistinguished 4,3,2,1 SCSC The year is finally over. I don ' t know if I have made it yet but I hope so. Di. Mark, Brent, Ed, Jeff, Tim! And the 05 gang Thanks for putting up with all my bad times cause I know there were plenty. Again I say thanks and I ' ll miss you all!! I sit here and contemplate what this school has done to and for me and I ' m not sure! I have changed alol over the 4 years Fve been here and I ' m not sure it was all good. MATT. JEANNE, MO, and JO ] love you all so much and Fve missed you so. Now that I ' m done I hope I will be able to -.p. M.l .ill lime uilli you that I lost. Jo vou have grown up without me and I feel sad about that. I ' ve pro- brably missed you the most. I ' m sorry. I would need a book to say thanks lo the rest of you of which I don ' t have space to lhank personally. You know who you are. Relatives, friends, BR ' s. and Mike. Mom Dad 1 wish 1 could tell vou how sorry I am about the problems I ' ve presented you with. I have to say that you look them all in stride. I have lo dedicate mv degree to you since you were the 2 driving forces which pushed me the most. Without you 1 would be nowhere. I love you both more than I know how to express in words and I ' ve missed you so. It ' s been 4 long years and I ' m coming home. Thanks. 1 love vou. I ' m proud lo be your son Redmond J. Thompson Dykes: Jay Williams-1983 Trey Walker- 1989 ROBERT TALLEY THOMPSON " R.T. " Stafford, Virginia Civil Engineer-Navy Rat 4. Cpl. 3. Sgl. 2, Ll. 1, Football 2, RDC 1. Cadre I Color Guard 2, Ral Training Cadre 3, Sporl Parachu! Club 3. tt aterpolo 1. Orienteering Club 4. Aggressors 3, ' Ring Figure Cannonball Committee 2, ASCE 4.3,2,. NROTC Scholarship 1, Number One Club 3, The " ZOO " i Dykes: John R. Sludl-1983 Thomas F. Moore. Michael W. Doucetle-1989 w AMES CLIFTON TINSLEY " Dinsdale " Porlsmoulh. Virginia Civil Engineer-Army Irate 4.3.1, Sergeant 2, VM1 Dive Club 3.2.1. ASCE a. CES 2.1, Parachute Club 3. Dean ' s List 2.1, Militarily Ilinguished 1.SCSC2 m sit here and try to write this. 1 find it very difficult to p; my feelings into words. 1 guess I ' ll begin with my rjmates: Ping. Paul, and Ben. 1 couldn ' t have asked for tier roommates. I ' ve come to see vail as brothers and you cinilely made this place bearable. I hope yall keep in t ' .ch after graduation. I have no regrets coming to this p e. The good limes (like the schooners, right Bob?) and tl friends I ' ve made more than outweigh the bad times. If I H to do it all over again I wouldn ' t change a thing. I would Sly like to thank my Mother and Grandparents for their s port throughout my cadelship.« in Seldo 1989 -1983 BRUCE EDWARD TOLLEY " BT " Bay City, Texas Modern Languages-USMC Football 4, Monogram Club 1. S-2 Tutor 1, FCA 4.3. Drug and Alcohol Counseling Sub-Committee 3.2. Promaji 3.1. Cadet Assistant 2.1. Semper Fidelis Society 3,2.1. Spirit Squad 3.2, Capt. 1 . Cpl. 3. Sgt. 2. Lt. 1 Nobody makes it through this place alone, and I ' m no c - ceplion. I cannot sav in w riling the true appreciation I have for the support given to me bv my mom and dad. my brothers and sister. Andy. Alan. Tom. Dinna. the Tolley Clan, espeeiallv Aunt Nanrv and I rule Kennv. im friends at home, and ihe Class of 1 986. Four years ago. after graduating from high school, my grandmother gave me a poem on a plaque which read: Look to this day Yesterday is already a dream, and Tom- morrow is only a vision, but today. Well lived, makes every yesterday a Dream of happiness and every lommorrow A vi- sion of hope. I cherished this idealistic poem, and it kept my spirits high as I entered VMI. However, as I look back on that same poem, after completing four long vears here, I see how I have matured. Those dreaniv yesterdays were well earned. TJiey made me grow with the pain as well as the good times. And that vision of hope. well. I know now that it can change in an instant yet through perserverance and flexibility, that vision is still my own. Now. about that today, that today was defined to me 16 March 198.3 as 1 read my dykes calender. The print jumped out and said: Now it is high lime to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than which we believed. Brother Rats, that was our Breakout Day. We did make it together. We have paid the price with lime and soul, now its lime to live! Dykes: Mark Pappas- 1983 Kent Doane- 1989 THUAN-HIEU-TRAN " " Choo Choo Tran " Falls Church. Virginia Civil Engineering-Air Force-Pilot Pvt. 4,3,2,1. Arnold Air Society 4,3. American Society of Civil Engineers 2.1. Air Force ROTC 3 year scholarship. Airborne 84, VPI Summer School 85. Four years of VMI passed by quickly, now I can look back at my hard work and enjoy this great achievement. The VMFs experiences are loo many to describe, but these will During Rat year, thanks to the RDC ' s confinement. I was forced to stay in barracks and study. I finished the year with the highest GPA of my cadelship. The penalty tours given also prevented me from going lo the movie on Saturday afternoon with my dyke. My third class year was when I discovered how much I dislike Mallory Hall. My GPA took a nose dive. To make mailers worse, I was attacked every afternoon by the " Rack Monster " . The best lime I had as a cadet was during my second class year. Going to Ring Figure and Senior Prom in Richmond was alot of fun. Thank you Thu Thuy. Second class year was also when I discovered how wonderful weekends are away from bar- racks. Hunting on my roomate ' s farm breaks the boredom of barracks life, thanks Hank. Going inlo the first class year, all ihe daily tasks are now done for me by my dyke. Good luck at VMI Mike, someday we may be flying in the same squadron, who knows? Graduation is around the cor- ner. I will be so happy to come back to see VMI as an alum- ni rather than through ihe eyes of a cadet. All these experiences were possible only because I had the love and encouragement of my grandfather, father, mother, and sister. Thanks grandad for getting me inlo VMI, and the inspiration lo become a jet jock. Thanks Dad for your decision to let me attend VMI. Thanks Mom for sending all ihe things I forget after furlough. Thanks sis for brightening my day with your letters and packages. I love you all very much.THT " 86. Dykes: HauTrongTrai Stephen Michael Dolbe 1983 -1989 FRANKLIN ALEXANDER TRICE III ■ ' Muscle, Fat, Musclehead " Richmond, Virginia History — Army :rosse 4, 3, 2, 1; Captain 1; Cavemale 3, 2, 1; A-Teai nenl Club Standout; Monogram Club; Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Sir undHillar) Club; Sinks 1. W ell during in , ,i l i-lup 1 nails believed I have set some new standards ( urn eming the amounl of trouble and especially demerits one person can bring upon himself. Bui regardless of the confine- ment and demerits I would have a difficult time saving il hasn ' t been a blast! 1 am very thankful for the outstanding friends 1 have made and the unique experiences I have had with them; these are the memories that will stay with me forever. My greatest friends are without a doubt the CAVEMATES: Chicken, Minor B., and our new addition Ackloo — the greatest roommates in 1 1, il i, H ks Keep up til ' 1 1 1, in I priming and woodie-. — we ' re down ' I owe my greatest thanks to my family. I couldn ' t ask for a more outrageous little brother than Holt or a sweeter " better half " than Holly. Dad and Myrt, I can ' t thank you enough. But, I would like to ajHilogi e lor all the grav hairs and extra years 1 have put on you — I may not graduate on lime but I WILL graduate. 102. JAMES HUGH URIE JR. " Stinkbomb, Jowls, Chipmunk " Reslon, Virginia History — Marine Corps Corporal; Pit. Sgt.; F Company Commander; Honor in ' s List 3, 2, 1; Vice President Semper Fidelis Society; ?w 4, 3, 2, 1; Weight Room Crew 4. 3. 2. 1; Crew From Well. Ill try and keep this short. To describe how I feel about VMI could take several thousand words, lieeause a place as intense as this brings out every emotion there is. There have been some really trying times, but with good !nemi and great roommates (four years together!) things always seemed to work out in the end. But all in all, I think it will lake me several vears to realize whether ihis place has been worth it or not. I ' d like lo thank my roommates Cy. Mike, Scott, and Dave for putting up with me. I ' ll miss you all! To Kenny, Mike, and Roman, thanks lor all the good limes. Your friendship has meanl a lot lo me. Hope lo see you all after graduation lo raise some more Hell ill. inks also lo mv lannlv, sour love and sup|Mirl has really helped me through ihe years. Finally, all my love lo Michelle. You ' ve brought new meaning lo my life. J.H.U. JOHN RODERICK URQUHART " Chaka. Jake, Urq-monster " New Orleans, Louisiana Biology, B.A. — Special Student Cadre Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Pvt. 1; Dean " s List 3; Boxing Team 4. 2; Number " 1 " Club 2; Zoo Crue 3, 2, 1; The Chain Gang 1 ; RCJR 3. Well, I don ' t really think that I could possibly summarize my life al the " I " in such a short space. Lei ' s just say it ' s had bolh good and bad points. Not being known as a sentimenlal person, it might be bard lor people to believe that this is my writing as I thank lliose people who have helped me endure this place. But il is. First Ridley and Mrs. Nichol, Col. and Mrs. lnman. Gene and Lynn, whal can I say but thank-you for providing me with homes away from home; your kindness and generosity was verv greatly ap- preciated . . . GOD BLESS you all. Tom, I know you may have been an intimidating figure when I was a rat but I can ' t think of any other person I would have rather had as a DYKE, because you were more than just a dyke, you were also a friend. May you and Leslie enjov endless years of happiness together. Jamie and Ricky I know it may have been hard living wilh me at times, thanks for putting up with me and let ' s slay in louch. You guys are the greatest. Lionel 1 can ' t think of any person that I respected more as a RAT, but you were an inspiration. I only hope that someday I can be the man that you are. Thanks again. Finally Mom and Dad I know we had our differences in ihe past and that I may not have lived up to your expectations (but hell I had some tough acts to follow) Anyway what I ' m trying to say is that no mailer what has happened in the past or what happens in the future I will always love and respect you from the bottom of my heart and I am honored to be your son. John ' " To be what we ai DYKES: Tom Crawford (Tom Dick) — 1983 Bill (B.B.B.) Lloyd (Floyd) Bell - GEORGE TED VARLAS Westchester, Illinois Civil Engineering — Air Force .1. 1; Sgt. 2; Cpl. 3; Cadre 3. 1; ASCE; Arnold Air Society; Dean ' s .isl 4; Dinner Appreciation Night 4. 2; He-Man Woman Haters ; :iub3, 2. 1. Vhen I first heard of VMI, I had the impression that it was an ideal ollege environment. On malrit illation da . however, that perception vas changed rather abruptlv Ml is a place of many challenges and ■w rewards. The Inciidslnps de eloped during llie ratline and ' .iroughoul mv cadelship have made coping with these hardships 1 ery easy. Karl, Goofy, and the boys. Monday has always seemed xceptionalh dull because ol the interesting weekends we had — it ■ as fun. Finally mom, dad. and Deno your love, support, and i acrifices have been very important to me throughout this endeavor. I love vou all very much. — later VMI DAVID SCOTT WAGNER " Wags, Diamond Cutter " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Air Force ! Training 2, 1 ; Track 4; President of the OGA; Breakfast 1 suppose the best place to st VMI was one filled with un for granted that it worked in year went by, I came to reali; rl is at the beginning. The first ye; mainttes, apprehension, fear, an a nothing of the VMI system, yet i positive way for the Corps. -As t ■ that the Institute had its faults as MI - i of the , ,.la - presses However. I started to doubt [wondered if VMI was all it v .As I sit here now I realize the faults in the svsl role in the making of the VMI man. The VMI i deficiencies; the VMI man either works to con on toward more important finals X ill) this I can say that I ' 1 to understand this mad little world called VMI, and hopefully what I lake from VMI will enable me to help others in theirs, as well as my own endeavors. There are not words to express how I feel about all the great friends I ' ve made, the memories we share, and the Irving limes we ' ve all endured. I really want to thank the class of ' 86; without your support I would never have made it. To Bob, Gilch, Rich, and Mango — you guys are tops! Great roommates cant be replaced. To Grandmother and Granddad, I hope I ' ve made vou proud, you ' ve stuck behind me all the way — thanks. And finally, to mom and dad I present a very special thanks. You two have been there every lime 1 needed you, you underslood mv feelings when limes were lough, vou provided the love and support in a manner no one else could do, and you ' ve been the most enjovable parents thai I could ever ask for. Mom and Dad — I love you. Goodbye VMI BENJAMIN DEWAYNE WALKER " Chip, Boy E., B.D., Benny-Bean " Wrestling 4. 3, 2. Captain 1; Baseball 4. 3. 2. 1; Monogram Club 4. 3.2, l;PromajiClub4. 3,2. 1; Cadet Supply Sgt. 1. Four years ago when I entered the Institute. I entered not knowing how long I ' d last or what exactly I was gelling myself into. I was voung, full of life, and vigor but seemed a bit misguided. I suppose you could say I was a diamond in the rough. Now I see myself voung, full of life and vigor but now wilh an experience that will last far beyond my years at VMI. I know 1 couldn ' l have made it to where I am without ihe help of some er special people: to my mother whom I love most dearly, words cannot express my gratitude and thanks for always being ihere when I had problems (God knows I had my share; smile) to Coach Sherlock. Your advice and help in leading me in ihe right direction when 1 went astray. Paul, in the past four years we ' ve roomed togelher I ' ve really grown lo respect you immensely. I love you like my own brothers, thanks for the honor. Ping and Clif thanks for all ihe experiences we ' ve shared since rooming together. Room 1 16 will live forever in my heart! To my family Vanessa, Lenora, James Johnnie Sherrod and Troy thanks for all the love and support you ' ve given me. To Dwayne and Gary I expect only great things from you, hang it worth it. Uncle Al thanks for your timely le and advice. To all others whom I ' ve failed t of all I thank God for Blessing me with my t dure and for allowing me the grealest experi Gray and the rest of mv BR ' s 1 wish yoi " roads diverged in a wood .1 look the that has made all the difference. " :» in .he rs of e e it will all be ncouragemenl thanks. Most al nl... Ih nee of ability to en- my life. Steve [1 e best jf ' luck! " Two less [ravelled by and JAMES SIDNEY WALKER " J. J., Hershal, Hersh, LiT Shorty Walker " Pasadena, Maryland Civil Engineering — Navy Football 4, 3, 2. 1; Wrestling Team 4; Pvt. 4, 3, 2; Lt. — 1; Monogram Club 1; ASCE1;C.S. 4, 3, 2, 1 Finally my 4 years al VMI are slowly coming to an end. They have not been ihe most enjoyable years of my life, but ihey have prepared me well for the future. I have learned that the world is very unfair and is filled with ups and downs. VMI has given me a head start on the disappointments and taught me how to deal with them. The system al VMI is not one I totally agree with but it does serve a purpose. There are so many people thai 1 would like lo thank for making my stay al VMI bearable. First and most imporlanl ] would like to thank my family. Their encouragement, support and love gave me the strength lo accomplish ihe goals I set out to accomplish. Nexl 1 would like to thank my roommales (Stone, Scag, and Jeff) for pul- ling up with my less than even disposition. I musl also thank ihe Meador and Willis families for their kindness and gourmel meals. Also special thanks go to my BR ' s and other friends for the good limes and the laughs. I wish all of you good heallh and the besl of luck. Goodbye V.M.I. James Sidney Walker DAVID CAPLAN WALLCE JR. " The Cat in the Hat, Spud Boy " Scottsville, Virginia History and Spanish — U.S. Army Infantry Virgin Private 4. 3; Token Sergeant 2; Golf Co. 1st Sgt. 1; TCFC 86 Representative; CWRT; Ring Figure Construclion Committee; The " You and Me Againsl ihe World " Drinking Club; Circle K; Sigma Delta Pi, Sgt. at Arms; Rockv New! Fan Club; " The Spud Boy ' s " ; CHUD Appreciation Society; Rugby II seems so long ago when we all firs! got here as rals back in the summer of ' 82. It was a long, slow grind but al lasl we have made it through the storm. Now we go our own separate ways inlo the world, leaving ihe Inslilute behind bul laking ihe memories of our Brother Rats with us. The friendships I made here will lasl a lifetime. I will never forgel all of you wonderful guys. I consider you family now. Good luck Brother Rals and may God bless you all. I realized il as a rat thai 1 would never make withoul my family ' s support. 1 will forever be and dad, for all ihe love, support and undersi I ' ll never forget all ihe limes you lalked me ini you were there lo pick me up when I was d stronger person now because of yi Jimmy, you are ihe best brolher a j need me, I ' ll be there. I ever. Cindy and David, I ! through ihis plac aleful lo you, mor iding you gave me ? into staying or ihe lime n proud lo be your son a guy could ask for. Whenever yo lhanks for being the best Crann u a long and happy marriage. Yo all are always in my thoughts. I love you all. Gina, thanks for coming into my life. " V happiness my way. I never ihought lhat 1 Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with ihee withersoever ihou goes!. 264 First Cla KENNETH KEEGAN WALPOLE " Tadpole, Golf Tee, Slinky, The Instigator " Ringwood, New Jersey Mechanical Engineering — Marine Corps Pvl. 4, 3, 1; Sgl. 2; Semper Fidelis Company Guidon; Member of Narle ely 3, 2, 1; iw; Ghello W r4, 3, i hard lo describe whal four years at VMI is really like. It seems that I was always looking to the next year for things lo gel beller bul r did. The one positive ihing I will say about the Institute is that it brings a special breed of people together thai you won ' t find in any other school. My friends and I have had more laughs in the nds allolled us by the institule lhan most people do , a lifetime. would like to thank my mom and dad for supporting r ly four years al VMI. I couldn ' l have made it witho now you will continue to back me in whatever I choost ■ throughoi EUGENE M. WALTON, IV " Gene, Lady Killer, Frye ' s Powhatan, Virgin Electrical Engineei I guess I proved vou can gel through here wilhoul having a I things — dales. Ring Figure, alcohol, fun in general — I wouldn ' t Irade my years here for anything. I want lo lhani molher for all her support. Thanks to mv brother rals for pullin through some hard limes. Jim Nowlin and Dave Bnttigan, than! everything — I ' m sorry you ' re not here writing corny things t( loo. Thank you. Grant, for gelling me started. Good luck. Marc. ihe place of persistence. Talen than unsuccessful men with U -warded genius is almost a proverb hdur »rld is full of educated derelicts. Persisienc. are omnipotent. " — Henry A. Wise — 1983 " Nolhing in the v nol; nothing is n EDWARD RANDOLPH WARD " Psycho-Ward, E. R. " Norfolk, Virginia History International Rel. Spanish — Army VMI Theater 4; Advertising Manager Cadet Newspaper 4, 3, 2; In- ternational Relations Club 4, 1 Treasurer; Spanish Honor Society 1 President; Rowing Club 1 Treasurer; Distinguished Military Student as getting myself inlo when I came still unprepared for whal I met. usness, I made it through rat year 1 ihen went to Spain and matured my 3 years here. Though I dreaded e 1 was able lo handle this place. e my joys and wo- rn French; Sam E 1 knew beller than most what I here. I came anyway and wn Smnrlmw. probablv pure tenaci and 1st sem. of 3rd class year more there in 1 semesler than it coming back; 1 did and this lit Good thing because I quickly picked up 3 months of and was 6 demerits from leaving al mid-semester. Mom kept the home fires burning and the thanks. I ' ve had good fnends Anderson (asshole); Will Blar Pinhak; Glenn Phillips; and Ron Carr. Rich and Craig Schwartz and Will Debaun were ihe guvs who always had a partv waning for me when I got home. There are many I don ' t have room to name — you made me laugh when nolhing else could. Frances Arehart, what more can I say? Thanks for being a second mom. — My family deserves special menlion. Mom, VMI brought us closer together. More than anyone else, you helped me make it. Nanny and Grand- dad and Susan, everylime I saw you I could tell how proud you were thai I was a Cadet. Thai gave me more motivation lhan you ' ll ever know. — Looking back. I can say thai I always did my best, always did what 1 thought was right, and remained true lo my beliefs. Something lhal mosl cannot say. There were limes that I fell short; bul I always gave 100 %. I apologize to no one. Goodbye. I ' d ralher die while I ' m living than live while I ' m dead. Jimmy Buffett Dykes: Nick Albero — 1983 GREGORY W.WEDDLE ■-Head.Bull.GW South Boston. Virginia Mechaniral Engineering- Army Private Baseball, Captain 1. All Southern Conference 3.2.1, Ghetto Warrior 4,3,2,1, Monogram Club 3,2,1, VMI Homerun and RBI reeords that they ' I been fun. but I will say that I in ' lllflnng ti lends I ' d like to say thanks to , first of all my mom who has put up with my bull $ and given me support for the past four years. Secondly to Donny While who has made this place more tolerable and who is just a great guy, but mostly I ' d like to thank my dad who is not with us anymore. A day doesn ' t go by that I don ' t think about him. Without his in- ll.i ul-i r come here. I miss hir graduate, I just hope l ' nd I wish he were here him proud. I guess I ' ve made the best of my stay here. I ' ve had some great roommates and friends who have made this place more enjoyable. I wish them all luck. I ' m just glad that the time has come for me to say Goodbye to VMI. Dykes: Scott Gines- 1983 Jay lawson.Darrin Galleo-1989 RICHARD HUNT WEEDE " Boss, Thumper, Rich, Chard " Camp Lejeune, North Carolina Economics-United States Marine Corps Private Ral Training Cadre 2,1. Color Guard 2. Ranger Platoon 4, Aggressors 3,2, Ring Figure Cannonball Committee 2, Firefighters 1, Zoo Crue 3,2.1, Club " 73 " 4,3,2,1. Summer School Tankers 3, New Market Honor Guard 4 My Dad wanted me to go to VMI. I wanted the University of South Florida; so we comprimised. I went to VMI. I watch- ed the class of 1983 matriculate when I was in high school. I saw their first night in barracks-the funny thing was, that 3 years later 1 was to have the same experience, by those " rats " that i had watched 3 years earlier. If I had known then what I know now my decision might not have been so hasty, Pm nol putting down on VMI, but my " fun " four years of college have not been very fun. Sure, there have been good times, but they just don ' t equal out with the bad I ' ve learned much from VMI. The Honor system, the discipline, the academics. I ' ve made some very close friends-The Zoo Crue: 3Z, R.T.. Buddah, Gus, God. Freeze: we have had some really wild and b zarre times. You guys mean a lot to me. II you are wondering win it says I SMC above. at this point in lime I still have a chance . . . I ' m praying!! I want to thank mv parents: Mom and Dad. I could not have done it without you, not only financially (tuition.S. School, etc.) but also vour loving support, food boxes and patience throughout my roughest years. I love you very much. Hank. VMI is the place to be from; but to be from here you have to go thru it I think you ' ll make the right choice when the lime comes. Class of ' 92 go 4 it!! Brother rats: It ' s been fun. It ' s been real, but it hasn ' t been real fun. Long live the Class of 1986 . . . IHTFP!! Dykes: John Koch- 1983 Steve Simulcik- 1989 STEVEN PAUL WEISS " Weas.Weesel " Highland. New York History-Naval-Avialion Private 4.3. Sergeant 2, Lieutenant 1. Cadre 2. Number 1 Club, Investment Club 2,1. Secretary 1, Marshall Library Crew 2,1, Baldwin Groupie 3,2,1, He Man Commandant ' s August 18. 1982. What a fateful day. If I had know was getting into. Nol a whole lot of thrills in Ral ye; class year brought more work, more parties, and ye i what I -. Third Annie. It also brought me a chance which cost me a summer of VMI summer school. Second class year brought more An- nie and ihe biggest party ever: Ring Figure 1986. The Hvalt will never be the same. Summer was California, Nor- folk, and even a lillle Annie squeezed in there. Finally First Class year, eight months until graduation. Annie yea, and of course my ral. Room 158, what can I say, many good times, many bad limes and lots of lost sleep. .ill not i for this place. There is no more rooi ihe ridiculousness of the Institute. I will though miss the dear friends I have left behind. Finally thanks to all who helped me through: my parents, my siblings, my roomates and most of all my Annie. Good luck Wayne and wear the Ring proudly, after four years here you will deserve it. Every sweet has its sour; Every evil its good. Ralph Waldo Dykes: Joseph Leonard-1983 Robert Wayne Jones- 1986 266 First Class DANIEL WILLIAM WHALEN " Bucket,Dano, Whale Meat " Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering — Navy Swim Team 4,3,2,1, Water Polo 3,2,l President 1) ASME Vice — President 1, Monogram 4,3,2,1, Ft. Lauderdale Club 3,2,1, Virgin Private, BAC, Barbarians Lair 1. A lot of changes have happened in the four years I ' ve been at VMI.I think the biggest one has been me. No one seems to know how lucky they are to have something until it ' s taken away. There have been a lot of bad times(too many), but each one has helped me grow. All the bad limes.though. can ' t equal the great times VMI has given me with my friends: I ' ll never forget any of them. Thanks for your help and support — Johnny Lightweight, Hillbilly, Cookie, Pee- ly head. Bubble head. Citadel Mike, Kirb, Jimmy, Shan, Muhad. but most of all " Dwyt " . Dwyt, you and I have had the greatest limes together. We should have written a book. Maybe we should come back here as tacs — Nah. we ' ll get together soon to party again — but not soon enough. It ' s friends like these thai gave me an answer to the question — Why am I at VMI. Now. I ' d like to thank my mother and father. Dad, if there is anyone I would want to be like when I get older, it ' s you. Mom, 121 letters plus an endless supply of food my Rat year is a pretty good record. I never would have made it without the support from both of you. Even having a sister at W L made things easier. I love you all. The woods are lovely, dark and deep But I have promises to keep And miles to go before I sleep And miles to go before I sleep - ROBERT FROST Dykes: Andy Jones- 1983 Quinn Donovan- 1989 ERIC SCOTT WHITEMAN " DWYT, Whitefish, Sweetpea " Wilmington, Delaware B. A. -Biology-Navy Swimming Team 4.3,2,1, Water Polo 3,2,1, Monogram Club, REGIMENTAL BAND, Seal permit 2, Room " 119 " Club 3,2.1, Fl. Lauderdale Club 4,3,2,1, Private 4,3,2,1 Well, when this gels printed I know I ' ve made it. It hasn ' t been all fun. this years ' understatement, but I ' m still glad I. Eric Whiteman, did it. Of course, if I own a child someday the Old Corps will seem harder to him than can be imagin- ed, with a little exaggeration! I know my parents are proud of me. but I ' m kind of glad to have gone this far mvself. Not trying to brag or anything bu ■ thing I did learn that the VMI fun just about anywhere with upled or destroyed, stand back and look re supposed to none anyone. Many parties have they dis many people they upsel. but when yoi at one you ' ve gotta love him. We ' ll yoi the less. Seriously now, I want to thank the family, especially Dad, and Mom for the pressure and assurance, but I think mainly for the money. I love you! . . . and my buddies, who made me get on confinement and kept me from studying, thanks for all the help. To all the good professors, well most of my professors were good, and last and certainly least, my swim teammates, THANKS !!! Well, Buckethead, Sam, Chris, Peelyhead, Kief, Rob, Panch, Cook, and John . . . Good luck. You guys will need it. " L ' on peut me reduire a vivre sans Bonheur, mais non pas me resoudre A vivre sans honneur. " — CORNEILLE Dykes: Karl Protil- 1983 Andy Lavin- 1989 AUTHUR DAVIS WHITTAKER, JR. " Dave,Whit,01d Man ' Kinsale, Va. History-Navy Rat 4, Rifle Team 4.3.2,1, Captain 1, Sergeant 2, Illegal Car Club 2. Off Duly Spelunker 4,3.2,1. Summer School 4,3,2, VMI Monogram 3,2.1. First Class Private, Guideon 1, Trident Society 2, 1. Lost Physics Major 4. Five yearman Dyke Club 4, Dr. King Auschwils Olympics 4, 3, 2. Well buddy, it ' s been a rather interesting four years at the " I " and they only give us this small block of paper to write our memories down. What else is new? Well, at least we can say we got something from going to VMI; if not somewhat of an education then definilly a unique friendship. Dave, I ' m sure you know how tight our friendship has grown. Through the damn sweat parties, going to rifle prac- tice as OD — OG, and especially our alcohol controlled weekends at Oak Grove, we ' ve grown pretty close. You ' re like a fifth brother to me,(you know my mother has already adopted you!). It ' s going to be hard saying adios this graduation day. but I know I ' ll always have those crazy memories. Your wit and humor made the tough times at VMI bearable. Thanks for trying to see the fun and craziness in everything. And don ' t have to worry about me trying to help you swallow anymore aspirin! Thanks BR and good luck with Anchors Away!! GROUCHO VMI86 Thanks Mama and Papa. I made it. To my roomates, I owe you alot. Thanks for the friendship, company, and the fun. And thanks Donald for the home away from home. Also John, Fred, Robbie. Sara. Anita, Lauri: you ' ve all made it worthwhile, Hove you all. " Love, Hate, Fear, Loneliness, a touch of anger tied up with a knot of pride: that was ' VMI ' " — JAMES WEBB Yeah! I know Groucho!! ADWJr. VMI Dykes: Tim Boylan- 1983 Sean Raborn- 1989 DARRELL GERALD WINFIELD " The Baby Maker. Billy D., Mudpuppy, Dee " Mechanical Engin - Air Force ROTC Member of the Promjj Club; Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. When I reported to matriculation I had never seen VIM] before. 1 soon wished il could have remained thai way. If it wasn ' t for the sup- port of my family and my best Iriend who came here that first year with me, I know I wouldn ' t have made it. I made a lot of good friends here that. I will never forget. They are surely the only thing that I ' ll miss about this place. I ' ve learned so many things about myself since I ' ve been here, the most important Ix ' ing thai 1 can do anything I set my mind to. WILLIAM PUTNAM WOLCOTT " Pooler, Ernest. Puller " Norfolk. Va. B.S. Biology — U.S. Army Infantry (Med.) Varsilv Lacrosse 4. 3. 2. 1; B. Company Executive Officer; Sgt.; Cpl.; Carroll Scholarship; Dean ' s List 4. 3, 2. 1; Cadet Assistant; Sports Editor for the Cadet; Cadre 1 ; Hampden — Sydney Applicant. We all make mistakes I just happen to make bigger ones, such as sharing a hotel room with Bolls Smith for a Hop. wasting too much lime at MBC. nol sending enough lime at L ' Va., and not attending Hampden — Sydney College like everyone else in my family. I came here oul of respect and admiration for my Father, Dr. Ruffin, and Mr. Coupland. hut 1 slaved here due lo ignorance. Pop ' s in- credibly had map reading. (Have we missed the Farmville evil Son?), and trustworthy friends (but Putnam. Devil ' s gale is the beginner slope!) I hate when thai happens. In the end, I ' ll smile, lhank my friends, (we swear, those moguls weren ' t there belore). Look up ' Oplinuslic ' in tile dictionary, chuck some Au into the Chesapeake Rav and jusl keep going. (Towards Australia, alright male) Mv family will be waiting patiently in Hamp- den — Sydney for me lo cross the lawn. (You can ' t miss (hem. they ' ll be wearing VMI ribbons.) They took the right exit this lime. Don ' t you hale when dial happens?! Hi., un (4 long V and DYKES. Franklin Hiidgens. Bobbv Ldwards. Ben Collrell. Teddv Gollwald — 1983 Bob Kuhn and Sieve Frankel — 1989 JOHN VICTOR WOLFE " Wollf, Wolfman, Wolfte, Wolfers, Mad Man, Dad " Earlysville, Va. Civil Engineering — Air Force ROTC Virgin Private 4. 3. 2. 1 ; Rat Repelling 3; Dean ' s Other List 4. 3, 2, 1; Academically Extinguished 4. 3. 2. 1; Summer School Stud; Civilian 2, 1; Nomad Roommale, All-Pro 4, 3; Confinement Club 4, 3; Chrome Apathetic Cnmplainer 4, 3, 2, 1; Master Skater and Block Runner 4, 3, 2, 1. Good Luck. kids. .thing mi tall. DiKFS tt mi M.Sipher— 1980 Greg Rollins — 1988. Kevin Jon. ROY FRANKLIN WOOLWINE " Sammy. Hulksler, Anti-Northerner " Richmond, Virginia History — Navy Rat Football; Varsity Football; Pvl. 4; Cpl. 3; S K Club; Aviators Club; Monogram Club; Class Society; Al Comer ' s Advanced Study in Slubbo; School, Mm j be Cool " ; Ro 1; Circle r; Trident is; Headburg ' s - Hi»l Building Program. I ' ve had a lot ol learning experiences in my life, but I can honestly say VMI lias been the influential one so far I ' ve gone through a lot of bad limes and many limes I ' ve wanled lo quil. The only thing that has really kepi me here is the friends lhal I have made. God, only knows whal we ' ve been through. Ron. AJ, Pat, Kurt. I ' ll always remember the good time and try to forget ihe bad. I never could have gotten this far without ya ' ll. Al, I will especially remember our times together, mainlv our Rat war. laving around the locker room contemplating on " How our parents could have done this lo us! " and debating on how long it would be until we saw the outside world. ■ lo (he i that my Rat year was just a bad dream. Kurt, I ' ll never forget our road trip to the Citadel. Four fun filled " advenlurous " days. Pat, All I can say is " Give the Marines your best! " Ron, We ' ve had our times and I will remember them well. Especially our road trips to L ' Va. and Chapel Hill, nol to mention FCPevery night. Al. your the l est, you taught me a lot about lile I know we ' ll remain friends for the rest of our lives. All you guys mean a lot lo me. Mom. Dad. What can I say? I never could have survived here without vour supporl. Tracv and Paige thanks a lot for vour hugs and kisses. You all mean a lol to me and I will be forever grateful. I love you all. Thanks! ! dedicate my entire Cadetship lo WILLIAM JAY COULTER, the best friend I ever had. P.S. SPECIAL THANKS lo the Comer family for putting up wilh Al and inv adventures and In Mr Mrs Mav- for giving me a home a was DYKES: Mark Pappas, Gene Raffi " ROCKY " B Adametz— 1989 GARY- JOHN GILBERT YAP " Yapper, Yapsan, Gary " Manassas, Virginia Mechanical Engineering — AFROTC Ral 4; Cpl. 3; Ph. Sgt. 2; 1st Battalion S-l 1; Cadre 4, 2; Scubs Club 3, 2; Sport Parachute Club 3; Velcro Slnpes 3; Dave ' s Room- mate 4, 3, 2, 1; Cobwebs in the Mailbox 3. 2, 1; Forced to Jon Club or Organization 4, 3, 2, 1; Dyke 4, 1; Dr. King ' s Aerobic Death 4, 3.2. It hasn ' t been ihe i .,1,1, Udlho irs, bul they have been the nd friendships will endure foi VMi is like a family. Il is the Father that disciplines vou no matter if you ' re righl or wrong, it is the Mother lhat comforts you through en- during friendships. It is the little Brother that you always fight, but always protect. And finallv it is ihe lillle Sister you love lo show off. I know no one will admit lo this (I Tor one will not) bu; VMI has become home. No one can truthlullv sav MI hasn ' t changed ihem. Most for better, some for worse. Maybe someday at a reunion perhaps, while wearing our obnoxious and nauseous alumni dyke, we will admit it. We will admit to anything while we ' re drunk. Admit or not it ' s true. The lessons learned were hard bul for ihe better. Every day each of us wonders just why we came here and why we stay. No one has the answer until graduation. I ' d like to personally thank everyone who made ihis possible. First Mom and Dad who supplied the love, money and care packages. All m lifelong friends in im class and in the others and most of all, my perennial roommate for four years, except for the firsl day, Dave McCarthy. I pray both of us graduate on time. My Dyke Wuzzard is about lo experience something he can nol begin lo imagine. I hope he makes il or I ' ll make him beat his face. To Dave, and Dale, Dan and Tony, and T.K. and Dave, we did il guys!! To those behind me good luck and remember: There are no easy Ratlines, just less dif- ficult ones. 1 hope 1 graduate now. I don ' l wanl to write another of DYKES: Larrv Butler. MatUTabh - 1983 ROY D.YOUNG JR. " Roy. Squirrel Hunter " (iralio Civil Engi Cadet Battery 2, 1; VMI Firefigh ing — USAF 1; VMI Circle K 2; Guido: Bearer (Bd. Co.) 1 ; ASCE Sludenl Chapter 2, 1 ; Survivor of ihe In 4,3, 2 ' home for the VMI, but jusl about firsl year, Then the 1 do I begin? How about, when ms only days ago thai I was a ■ the lasl 4 years i Ral, away from en thinking about graduating from .iving ihe Ratlin ' and rnv academics for the I thing I know, I have a Rat of mv own and ihe whole VMI picture becomes clearer than before. The Ratline and the VMI experience have taught me many valuable things about myself and working with others. Il has especially made me aware of what I can accomplish through determination and hard work. The experience can ' t be forgotten. I appreciale the opportunity I ' ve been given in coming to VMI and I thank The Lord for giving me the strength lo make il this far. My Dyke, Mike Westfall. was ihe best Dyke a Ral could ask for as well as the best friend I could ask for. Thanks Mike. And thanks Mom and I , id lor e er thing over I lie lasl Iwrnlv -two vears. I love both ol I did my share of complaining while here and life at the Institute definitely had ils ups and downs, but I don ' l have any regrets aboul coming to the " I. " I ' m proud of it and I ' m proud of whal it ' s done First Class 269 TIMOTHY SCOTT YOUNG " Tim.Timbo, Wilbur " Rocky Mount, Va. and Gray, WV Electrical Engineering-Army Cpl. 3. Sgl. 2. Cpt.l, IEEE Treasure, AUSA 2,1, Dean ' s List 4,3. Army Scholarship 4,3,2,1, Firefighter 1. Rat Training 2. Romper Room 305, 205. 105, Illegal Car Club 2, EE Cadet Asst. 1, EE Dribble Club 4,3,2,1, .Azalea Festival 2,1, The PX Club, Columbia RCA Recard Club, Female in Barracks 3.2 Well, its finally over, four years of good times and some not-so-good limes that couldn ' t have been possible without the help of a lot of fantastic friends, mom and dad and of course God. Rat year with Clitty, Scag and Carlos was filled with such note events as shining up, not studying, and pray- ing logethor before sweat parties in 411. Third class brought about new roomates; Matt. Pitler. and Tolleyhead, along with being entertained by the 1000 faces of Pitler, Matt ' s ears, and being quelled by Bruce. Second class. Ring Figure! Need I say more? First Class brought Billy into 105 (He ' ll never be the same). After 3 years we had finally acquired the priveleges of the average high school senior. There were road trips to MBC. RMWC. Sweelbrier, Tech, Hollins. Radford, Richmond, and Grandma ' s. Those were some great times! To those of you still at VMI, I had hope you have as much fun as I did. Boy, keep the PX in business and just kick ass. Bill (my dyke) I hope lhat by now you ' ve gotten a clue. Mom and dad. I love you! Thanks for the Exxon card and al kickbacks. Good luck 87. 88 and 89. Bye. Dyke John Geis, Ivan Marcolte-1983 ..Anderson- 1989 ANTHONY TODD ZIMMER , Tony,Zim ,, Waynesville, Ohio Civil Engineering — Air Force Civil Engineering Society 2,1, ASCE 3,2,1, Monogram Club 3,2,1, Boxing Team 4,2,1, Varsily Soccer 4,3, Deans List 3,2,1, S-2 Tutor Monogram Award Winner 4,3 World Wars Metal Corporal 3, Sergeant 2, All American in Boxing A New Day This day is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it — or use it for good. But what I do today is not important because 1 am exchangning a day of my life for it. When tommorrow comes. This day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something lhat I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, and not loss; good, and not evil; success, and not failure; in order that I shall not regret the price that I have paid for it. Dr. Heartsill Wilson I have paid four years of my life to a " college " whose memories and lessons will last a lifetime. There are too many people to thank (besides you know who you are). Mom, Dad, Steve. Mike and Courtney, I love you. Thanks. Dykes: Mark " Lasey " Stengle — 1983 Paul " D.S. " Rozzahegyi — 1989 270 First Class First Class 271 272 Firsl Clas Firsl Class 273 Firsl Class 275 The Second Class year proved lo be one of transition for ' 87. When we returned to VMI this year, we wei in the Corps in all facets of cadet life: six of our number served on the Honor Court, our highest rankers wt and carried the colors, more of our BR " s were presidents and vice-presidents of VMI publications and ii with everyone finally studying more and more within their majors, the class left a greater sense of beloi interest in the affairs of VMI. With this prominence came responsibility and we responded by offering ide leadership of the Corps that had formed and been kicked around during slow nights and study and fourth stoops. is for the the third The plans for Ring Figure that had. for the most part, quietly been laid and executed last year suddenly came to fruition in a burst of activity during the month of October. Beginning with our class parly with the Monogram Club at Zollomans, October was full of signed contracts and collected money that climaxed on the eigth through tenth of November with Ring Figure ' 87. ntum generated during the first semester, we sailed into 1986 ready lo lay the foundation for our first class year. With the eleclion of our OGA and RDC towards the end of the semester, the class put its collective head together with ihe belief that the time had now come for our ideas lo iiol just be contributions, but to shape the policies of the Corps and Barracks. C. E. Edgar IV. Historian. Class of ' 87 276 Second CI., JEREMY OUANO ARNAIZ " Jay, Oddjob, Little Brown Man " Riverside, California History -Army I came lo VMI From a land far away, California, wilh little knowledge of what 1 was getting myself into. From the moment I firsl walked into Jackson Arch I was convinced I had made the greatest mistake of my life. Bui looking back at my VMI experience I now believe that VMI was the best choice. The 3 years I lived in barracks have been exhilirating at times, boring at other times bul always a challenge. True to her promise, the " I " has made me a ' man ' and for that I am grealful. But the greater gift were the friend- ships I have found here. In Villi ' s constant pressure environment friendships were created which will last a lifetime, even if I never 1 meet any of my friends again I will always remember my time here and the friends I made. A special goodbye lo all of my roommates, though at times we angered each other we are slill the best of bud- dies. And finally a thank you to my family, even though ihey were a continent away thev were always wilh me. STEVEN BRADLEY BLINN Cherry Hill, New Jersey- Biology ' BS - Navy Religious Council 3.2; Illegal Car Club 4,3,2; Ral Training 3,: Cadre 2; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2 Three years of V.M.I, is much beller lhan four!!! V.M.I, is full of . . I thank God for my close friends and especially my roommates fi being there when times got rough, as they usually do at V.M.I. Most of all, thank you Mom, Dad, Larry, Buddy, and Randy for ha ing faith in me and my goals. The support I received from all of yc made my slay here all the more enjoyable. I love yo u with all n DANIEL EDWARD BUTLER " Dangerous Dan, Cpt. Elastic, Bullhead " Arlington, Virginia Mechanical Engineering-NROTC Rugbv Platoon 3,2,1; Class Private 2,1; RDC Gold Card Holder, Remedical Fitness Club 1; ASME ?, E.I.E.I.O., All Around Virgin if 1 i ny friends, give me a break. Besides Reid didn ' l get hurt too bad. Well first things firsl. I ' d like to wish all my fellow cohabitants in the slugs nest (231) the best of luck. Lets see there is Paul " Brainiac " Branmgan, Steve " The Fish " Robinson, Chris Peckerhead Peckham, and last but not least Jerry " I don ' t care how many PT ' s 1 have, because 1 play football " Ledlow, I ' d also like lo say ciao lo Rand and ihe rest of you guys in squat Co. Of course this also applies to you Maniacs on the Rugby Platoon. Love you all. Here are some of Dan ' s favorite expressions: Oh Yea; You better get strong quick; ARG, she ' s a sturdy craft when ihe wind blows hard; and then some; or homo you don ' t; last " EI-EI-O " . If this makes absolutely no sense lo you. your not alone. EI-EI-O. I ' d like al this time lo say lhal. Yes Dan Butler was a rat and did matriculate wilh ihe Class of ' 87, and no my hair is not receeding. 1 know this is contrary to many rumors, bul il is true. 1 did enjoy the Ratline and sneaking up behind Steve " You lumpy bag of ham- mers " Wilson in the Ratline. Even though Ihis led to many moons of confinement. I also thought it was fun when the room averaged 52 demerits in one semester. And I ' ll keep rambling on until all these stupid lillle blocks are filled in. Oh yea. Roger Ramdyke always remember, when it ' s 4lh and 20, Punt. Take care and don ' t punt loo often. Later much, Dan the Man. Help received ' Mom senl all that good hot cocoa {HC) and Paul Brainiac friends corrected my spelling. Shut-up cheese! (EI-EI-O) DYKES; 1983 Warn 1984: Rogei i Wn Second Class 277 RICHARD TEMPLE CRUZE, Jr. " Ricky. Cruzer, Mad Dog " e. N.C. (By way of Franldin County) - Army Art. SS Ral Pvt., Forevei Football; son of 4.3; Coach 2; Confinmenl Club 3; Demerit King Rm. 240-340 3,2; Ral Daddy 3.2 It was ihe best of times, il was the worst of times... it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.. .CQ. That is the best way for me to describe my cadelship, an emotional rollercoasler. From roadlnps to Norfolk with Werners and Murph, to 3 months ronfine- il. all it. the MI i ,|,n! with all the crap that goes on, I guess lha bucket on his head. Itecause crap does r I ' m always proud to be a cadet when the I .U those parade-things in front of barracks. 1 would like to thank those people who made my stay more ei joyable: To my dyke Keith, my roomates Rick, Shawn, Dave, Tro Chris, and Derrick, thank you for the good limes. Also, lo roon 128 and 108 from ' 85, and to 158 from ' 86. Bill, Pat, Neil, Mat Kerry, George, Brad. Weesel, lake care, hang in there for the lime To my rat, Sam, time flies, hang in there. Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to thank Mom and Dad for your constant support and understanding. You listened to my gripes and wild stories, and somehow tolerated my academic defi- " k you, I love you bolh very dearly. I only hope I have Dykes: Kieth Samuelson— 9 Sam " Chakka " Tyus - JOHATHAN CARTER FREEMAN " Beaker, Demerit Magiiei " Richmond, Va. History -Special Student i.; Sleeping 4.3.2; Roland ' s Ranger- It is impossible to reflecl on all the experiences I have had here in this short space given. The close friendships I ' ve made here could nol have been made anywhere else, I hope they last a life time. Wendy, nothing could put more of a strain on a relationship than this place, I think we have made it. Thanks for being there and thanks for putting up with me these past few years, there are belter limes ahead. Jay, your support has been incredible. I know a simple thanks is nol enough but for now it will have to do. Mom and Dad . this last year has been more of a hardship than any I faced of want lo face in the future. You have bolh given me so much, I can never ful- ly show my appreciation. I hope lhal I have made you proud, 1 love you both very much. Rick, Kevin, and Tony we ' ve had some good times, you guys have kept me going when I was down. The parly is on me next year. Good luck to you guys and the rest of ' 87 nexl KELLY CHRISTOPHER JORDAN " Ranger " Fort Collins, Colorado History -Army Infantry DMS 2; Dean ' s List 4,3,2; Academic Stars 2; Ranger Pit. 3,2; | AUSA 4,3.President 2; International Relations Club 3,2; Newman I Club 4; Breakfast Club, charter member 3; Cpl.. Supply Sgt., Marine Corps Marathon 2 My 3 years here at VMI have not been exactly whal I expected. I came here from Colorado thinking lhal 1 was going to a school lhat I was just like West Point only stale supported; how wrong I was! 1 left all lhat 1 knew back west and when I found out something aboul this place 1 thought that I had made a terrible mistake. My dyke, room- i mates and my parents helped me see lhal VMI was a good place lo graduate from. On my own, I found out thai VMI is a good place J because one must work for everything that you gel here; nothing is ' handed to you. I have made some of the best friends lhat I ' ll ever ! have and I ' ve had some wild limes. I need lo thank Kurt, Lucho, and I John for many things; you guys made this place whal il is for me. Without my parents and little brother I ihink there are times lhat I wouldn ' t have made it; thank you for your neverending support. Many others have had an impact on m y 3 years here; to those ' unmentioned people (you know who you are), I owe you thanks as well. Il is hard to graduate and leave the best class in barracks behind, the class of 1987. but my time here is completed. Another year has passed me by still I look at myself and cry what kind of man have I become ? All of ihe years I ' ve spent in search of myself and I ' m still in the dark ' cause I can ' t seem lo find ihe light alone. (Styx) Cod and the soldier all men adore. In times of war In times of peace when all is righled. Cod is forgotten and the soldier slighted km the grave of an Knglish soldier) 278 Second Cla STEVEN WILLIAM WILSON " Taz, Stevo, Lumpy, Wils " Virginia Beach, Virginia Mechanical Engineering - Army ■ m wonder why I would attend VMI. After my tenure at the ;1 Academy, but 1 can honestly say I ' ve never once regretted it. I s a special school like no other. I will always look back on with i memories. Sure, everybody has pood limes but the good limes Jul VMI have meant so much more. . ' of all, I want to thank my parents. Their confidence and belief e to make my own decisions has been a source of motivation. Kve always provided support and a positive word-often when I i -i. deserve it. 1 will always l e grateful. 1 want to thank all the people I ' ve come to know and my many ■ mates. The special and quality people you find here makes idling a little easier. And to my Brother Rats — I ' m sorry to jBest of luck First Class year. It is time now however lo take my Second Class 279 Holding the last nole, Ed Dandar C. ASHLEY ABERNATHY RICHMOND CHARLES M. ALLGOOD BOYDTON SCOTT R. ARMSTRONG LEBANON. TN TODD E. ARRIS VIRGINIA BEACH JOHN T. AVIS ROANOKE r hI STEVEN L. BAIRD OLYMPIA. WA KEVIN D. BARKER MINATO-KU. TOKYO i v V r JOHN H. BARNARD ALEXANDRIA kr - mf WILLIAM C BARNES CHESTERFIELD DEAN A. BARR WEST CHESTER. PA MARK A. BARTH LOVETTSVILLE MARK C. BARTHOLF ALEXANDRIA JAMES E. BEAN SALEM 280 Second Class Hey Jay, Who ' s escorting whom? Paul Muitson awails the inbound pass. WILLIAM A. BERNESKI WILKES-BARRE. PA HUGH J. BETTENDORF WINCHESTER WILLIAM D. BEYER ROANOKE JAMES W. BIERMAN TRUMBELL, CT ANTHONY S. BRADS TROUTVILLE PAUL J. BRANNIGAN ASHVILLE, PA E. FRITZ BRAUNLICH WHEELING. WV TRENT A. BRIDGES ROCHESTER NY J. ROBERT BLACKWELL BALTIMORE. MD WILLIAM H. BLANTON WHITE POST T. BRUCE BONES RICHMOND JOHN S. BOUGHTON DALLAS. TX B. T. ' TRIPP " BOWLES RICHMOND Second Class 281 JAMES M. BRIGHT MUENSTER.TX JEFFERY R. BROWN WAKEFIELD WILSON M. BROWN RALEICH. NC BRADLEY A. BRZOZINSKI WEST ISLIP, NY J. CLIFFORD BUNN ASHLAND LOUIS M. BUONPANE NORTH HAVEN, CT TODD E. BURDETTE STEWARTSVILLE, NJ ROBERT K.BURNS ATHENS. GA DENNIS E. BUTTS ROANOKE ROBERT E. BUXTON EXETER. NH HAROLD B. BYRNE WESTPORT. CT STEVEN G. CADE PULASKI WILLIAM E. CALLAHAN ATLANTA, GA •2H2 s,-.,.n.n:i,i ANDREW C. CAMPI WEST LONG BRANCH, NJ RONALD L. CARR WAUKESHA. Wl PETERJ.CARTY WILUAMSPORT, PA MICHAEL E. CESTARO VIENNA BRADFORD CHANDLER! WEST REDDING, CT TIMOTHY M. CHESTER RICHMOND JLNHOCHI WOODBRIDGE JOHN A. CHICOLI SOUTH FORK, PA DAVID C.COCHRAN ROANOKE CLIFTON M. COGER ROCKY MOUNT MARK A. CORRICE MORRISTOWN. NY JOSEPH F. COUGHLIN SAN ANTONIO, TX CRAIG H. COVERT ROANOKE O for U.tvi ueky and Spud show some good ole VMI Spirit Rennie Sullivan supports The Class of 87. MARK J. CURRENT MIDDLETOWN, OH EDWARD C. DANDAR NOKESVILLE ERIC J. DAVIS PITTSBURG. PA RAYMOND J. DAVIS HADDONF1ELD, NJ WILLIAM J. DAVIS ASTON, PA MICHAEL H. COWAN HOOD R. ALAN COWAN SUFFOLK J. MARK CRANFORD HOLDEN, MA OWEN J. CURLEY WINCHESTER MICHAEL K. DAWSON AARONSBURC, PA P DEVENS FORT BELVOIR I DEVENS I XSBURC M ERO IRTH.TX 28-1 Sc.-on.ICIa CHARLES 8. DOZIER LANHAM. MD PAUL H. DURAY WESTWOOD. MA CHARLES D. EARLY HARRISONBURG ROBERT A. EATON ROANOKE ROBERT W. ECHOFF JR. EAST SETAUKET. NY C. ERNEST EDGAR FORT McPHERSON, GA GREGORY L. ELLIS ALEXANDRIA JOHN D. ERW1N NEWPORT NEWS JONATHAN T. EUBANK SINGAPORE MICHAEL R. EVANS ALEXANDRIA MARTIN C. EWALD SAVONA. NY THOMAS K. FARLEIGH MIDLOTHIAN CARL A. FEDDELER PALM HARBOR, FL D. GLENN FERGUSON NATHALIE JOHN R. FERGUSON GERMANTOWN. TN MONTE C. FERGUSON ROCKY MOUNT JOHN C. FICARRO BOWIE, MD FANANDUS GAYLE NEWPORT NEWS VICTOR M.GONZALEZ META1RIE, LA ROBERT B. GOODWIN ROANOKE ALANS. GREENE FREDERICKSBURG JAMES R. GREENE MILFORD, MA B. SCOTT GRUBER NAPLES, FL TIMOTHY J. GUCK STONY BROOK, NY STUART F. HALASZ MECHAMCSVILLE DANIELS. HALL BELTSVILLE, MD WILLIAM P. HANCOCK RICHMOND PETER T. HANSEN BETHESDA, MD CARL L.HARDEE PORTSMOUTH KURT W. HAUK SUNBURY, PA Using his charm. Andy Keslner makes a fine S-5 tour -• « guide. Crew ol 282, too cool for school. Second Class 287 J RICKC. HEINE VIRGINIA BEACH ROBERT L. HINSON III NEWPORT NEWS V. DAVID HOKE II WAYNESBORO MICHAEL E. HOOPER ARLINGTON MATTHEW C.HOWARD CHARLOTTE. NC RALPH R. HUDSON JR RICHMOND THOMAS P. HURRELL MARTINSVILLE T. SCOTT JACKSON RICHMOND ROBERTO T. JACQUEZ PRESCOTT, AZ RANDY K. JANEY SUFFOLK C.SCOTT JEWELL ALTAVISTA ASHLEY B. JOHNSON BALTIMORE. MD DERRICK A. J(i! NSON PRINCE Gl ■T«praMVfc4M» ■■■■■• Carl Hardee caught with his pants down. Chris, Jamie, and Bill mellow out after an SNI. i -_ - f_l_i_ JAMES B. JOHNSON WINCHESTER JOHN C. JOHNSON ROANOKE MARK K. JOHNSON COLONIAL HEIGHTS PERRY E. JONES COVINGTON SCOTT T. JONES OAKTON MICHAEL A. JUSSILA ' NORTH HARWICH, MA R. ANDREW KESTNER SPRINGFIELD DENNIS J. KIELY SPRINGFIELD ROBERT B. KINN DANVILLE JOHN KLASSEN FISHK1LL. NY ANDREW V. KOROL ROCHESTER, NY DEAN A. KRATZENBERG CRIMESLAND. NC Second Class 289 CHARD D. LEMAYII1 SALEM JOHN I LIGHTNER MARION. OH MINin I. LOVING LEXINGTON BRADLEY J MAAK tt ESTFIELD, NJ JAMES A. MALLIS ROANOKE ROBERT P. LANNOM LEBANON, TN EDWARD C. LEDFORD ASHEVILLE. NC GERALD R LEDI ( WOODBRIDGE KENNETH L. MARSH HAZARD, k JOSEPH S. MASSIE 111 RICHMOND MICHAELS. MAXWELL SUITLAND, MD JOHN T. MC CARTHY LYNCHBURG WILLIAM J. MC CARTHY VIENNA KEVIN C. MC CLUNG ANNANDALE MICHAEL I). MC DANIEL DRAKES BRANCH JONATHON M. MC LEAN NEWNAN. GA Se onil Class 291 John Pilloni catching up on a little reading before hilling ihi hay. 1 Tony Brads corrects the Rals for not paying attention derail HIRAM A. MORALES JR CAROLINA. PR MATTHEW H. MORGAN MANAKIN-SABOT PAULE. MUNSON ROANOKE RAPIDS. NC TOM R. MURRAY I II NORFOLK r l J NAFF BOONES MILL JOHN C. NACLE IV WILMINGTON. NC RICHARD P. NELSON ACCOMAC SAMUEL F.NELSON ACCOMAC PAISARN NGARMWONGWAN KSHINGTON [ii CHINAWAT NOIWAN ANNANDALE JOHN H. NOLAN- YUBA CITY. CA JOHN B. F. OL1NGER ASHEVILLE, NC KYLE U. OLIVER ANNANDALE 292 Second Cla CHRISTOPHER M. PECKHAM RYE. NH THOMAS C. PEER SOUTH BOSTON NATHANIEL W. PENDLETON III WYTHEYTLLE JAMES C. PENNINGTON JR ALEXANDRIA JOHN S. PHILLIPS DECATUR. GA ROBERT E. PHILLIPS MEDFORD. NY JOHN R. PILLONI GLEN RIDGE. NJ JOHN E. POAST III ALEXANDRIA THOMAS V. POLITANO WILMINGTON, VT Second Class 293 VERMEL. REICHUNGJR MERRIAM, KS REYNOLDS B. RENSHAW ALEXANDRIA RONALD A. ROBINSON JR MIDLOTHIAN STEVEN S. ROBINSON DUMFRIES PAUL D. RUSSO JOHNSTOWN. PA TRACY M. PORTER KING WILLIAM KEVIN T. PRICE TITUSVILLE. FL KEVIN P. REARDON RICHMOND ERNEST J. SACCOJR VOORHEESVILLE, NY JONE.SACHR1SON CLEARWATER, FL C.JEFFREY SADLER RICHMOND SOMKIAT SAMPAN WASHINGTON. DC iT 294 Sfii.n.l Class ■WMHQ During a working inspection, Mark Johnson strips his rifle. SOMSAKSAWANGSAK « (iSHINGTON, DC CURTIS R. SCHOONMAKER GREAT FALLS CLARENCE SCOTT WILMINGTON, NC GREGORY A. SCOTT POWHATAN TIMOTHY L. SNYDER APPLETON. WI KENT P. SPARKS DAISY, TN GEORGE C. SPENCE CHESTER ROBERT S. SPRINKLE BUCHANAN WILLIAM 0. SEIFERTH CLIFTON PARK, NY JASON W. SHEPHERD GEORGETOWN, KY KEVIN P. SINCAVAGE MORRIS PLAIN ' S, NJ DAVID M. SMITH HOLTWOOD. PA G. DAVID SMITH STA1 NTON f. - He. •. F - w m m 1 J £ ' ££$ Si ME; ; ■ t I Reaping the benefits... The photo editor caught by hi; Willi iho approaching Ring Figure, all possibilities are contemplated. CHRISTOPHER M. STATH1S RICHMOND CHRISTOPHER P. STEARNS CREECE THOMAS K. STRUCKMEYER SARASOTA. FL RENNIE M. SULLIVAN RIVERSIDE. RI TERRENCE P. SUTHERLAND FREDERICKSBURG MATTHEW C. SUTTON POQUOSON ROBERT D. SWEANEY RICHMOND RADOSLAW J. SZCZEPANSKI NEWARK. NJ JOHN H.TAYLOR SANDSTON JEFFERY A. TEMPLE AMHERST. OH GERARD P. TERTYCHNY BOWIE, MD G. ALAN TOLI.EY BAY CITY, TX WILFRID C.TRAMMELL ROME. GA 2 (, With a ralio like this, no wonder Jim G Hollins - social scene. Mike Hooper rounds out his education Hl ' NG NGOC TRAN RICHMOND MICHAEL B. UPTON HAYMARKET KURTR. VOGAN WASHINGTON GROVE, MD THOMAS J. VOYTKO PITTSBURGH. PA HARRY C.WALKER JR. NEWPORT NEWS TIMOTHY W. WALROD KALAMAZOO, MI KENNETH I. WALSH JR. LYNCHBURG WILLIAM J. WANOVICH LIBRARY, PA MITCHELL L. WARD GLASCOW KEITH D. WASHINGTON LAPLATA, MD MICHAEL A. WEISS MIDLOTHIAN WARREN W. WEISS PITTSBURGH STEWART B. WHARTON III RAN SON. WV RICHARD J. WHITTY WICOMICO CHURCH MICHAEL D. WILLIAMSON WESTMINSTER, CA WILLIAM T. WILLIAMSON RICHMOND DONALD T. WOOD A MHERST M. GRAY WOOTEN JR SCHLEY SEONGHOON YUM FALLS CHURCH RICHARD B. ZGOL MOUNT PLEASANT. SC I WILLIAM E. ZINS NEWPORT NEWS ANDREW C.ZOLPER GLEN ROCK, NJ i 298 Second Cla Ring Figure ' 87 The Class of 1987 celebrated Ring Figure November eighth through tenth, 1985. This event, which highlights the second class year, went forth as planned-despite the flooding that occurred the previous week. It is hoped that the following pages will represent some of the more memorable moments of this very special weekend in the history of the class. Second Class 299 30(1 S.-i-i.nil ( l.i Second Class 301 3112 Sr I I I.. Second Class 303 .Ill I N,,,i„|l l.i Sound Class 305 The Class of a Third Class Officere:Adani Volant - Preside ) Turnage- Vice President. Tom Ri As the summer of ' 85 drew to an end, forgetting about the " I " became impossible and more and more we began pondering the aspects of Third Class life. Cadre, academics, rats. TCFC. and Ring Figure preparations were but a few of the many aspects we questioned. Third Class year opened many new doors to which we could manifest our talents and abilities. Our first chance came with Cadre. Considered a tremendous success and one of the best in years, this year ' s Cadre was paid high regards from both officers and cadets. Furthermore, the corporals ,were complimented on their fine leadership and performance. Several weeks later, we were honored when asked to carry the Colors for the second Class ' Ring Figure Parade, indicative of their trust and confidence in us to perform such a task. In the past most Ring Figure Color Guards have been comprised of second classmen. At almost the same time the Color Guard was chosen, the decision to give full voting privileges to our class officers was granted earlier than usual, thus bettering our efforts to enforce the G.C. to our standards. Unlike the G.C.. however, we had no input into the decisions made about the ratline. ■Although we strongly disagreed with many of the changes made, we avidly entertained the chance to work out the rats. It will be a long time before we forget seeing the fourth stoop blanketed with grey blouses and white ducks and everything in complete silence until. .. ' " CLICK-CLICK. ..RATS. MEET THE ANIMALS! " After that sweat party any rat who had formed a nice opinion about Third Classmen quickly learned why a Third can be a Rat ' s worst nightmare. Dealing with the rats was fun but there were bigger and better things that needed work such as TCFC and preparations for Ring Figure ' 88. lust as fast as we elected members to the individual committees, we went to work and quickly found ourselves far ahead of schedule. By means of creative ideas, hard work, dedication, and committee coordination, we are approaching a plan for a very successful and event filled Ring Figure There is still one aspect which, so far, has been left out and probably most of us would prefer to keep it that way. It not only has become an integral oart of our cadetship but is one of the biggest reasons we came here in the first place. Did we expect the " academic ratline " to be much worst than academics during rat year? If at first we didn ' t, it only took the first day of classes to change our minds. How many times this year as opposed to rat year did we have four or five tests over the course of one week? Enough said. ks time goes on we share the good times and the bad times together, thus creating and sealing new bonds, strengthening our unity, and displaying .the true meaning of the word " Brother Rat " . However, this spirit of brotherhood has just begun to grow. This year is but another stepping stone on ihe jagged and narrow trail to graduation. TFR 88 fi Sieve Waters and Jason Dudjak with their parents. Paul links and Rob Sawyer help matriculation run more smoothly. Hi Calvin N. Anderso Chesepeak James D. Anderso Louisville. KY Micliael Andt Virginia Bead rancis D. Andres.J Aiinandale Mark S. Arboneaux Fallbrook. CA Edward Armstrong Bayshore, NY BoH.Baik Falls Church David Baker Acton. MA Andrew Barends Camp Hill. PA Brian K. Barnes Sperryville 308 Third Clast Mark J. Brislol Kingsport. TN Paul Brotzen Sanla Monica, CA Thomas M. Bruffv Lynchburg Sean M. Bischoff Springfield Richard D. Blocke Vienna Thomas E. Bohlmj Richmond John Boniface Galax James CD. Bowen Atlanta, GA Third Class 309 Donald W. Carter Virginia Beach ■|W. Campbell III Franklin ;rtJ.Canlanio,Jr. Glasgow Sean P. Cantrell Bardslown, KY m T. Carroll Richmond t. id S. Carter Michael S. Bryant Elkton, MD James S.Buddo.III Virginia Beach ( Jinslopli Zebulon. NC r 3 John P. Cartwrighl Dallas. TX Martin Castillo Jersey City, NJ Charles C. Cayce III Atlanta, GA Stephen P. Champion Radford Francis W. Charl. Yorktown Heights. NY tin iiu i. Mi., Michael W. Clegg Newark, NJ Michael C. Coleman Frankfort, KY Waller W. Coleman Woodstock Christian A. Comberg St. Petersburg, FL Theodore Comeau Perry Hall, MD. Gregory Connor l..-n . MA Mike Co Suffolk Ja Norfolk William H. Cronenberg South Ozone Park, NY Robert Crow Park, MD Iding the garrison fla Third Class 311 Nick Lovelace and Brad Adams lake in a home football | game. Scotl Davila Richmond Robert Davis Virginia Beach Roscoe Davis Athens, GA Shell,),! A. Davis Portsmouth Francis X. DeVenoge Mclean Frank J. Delbarto Mystic Islands, NJ Al Cuellar Burke Neal J. Culiner Richmond Theodore Cusick Towson, MD Jason M. Dahlquisl Bemidji. MN Davila Alexandria Andrew P. Demaio Virginia Beach Brian A. De: Petersburg Christopher M. Demi Framingham. MA Wilson Deppe Williamsburg Kirk Dewyea Broad Run 312 Third Cla Oh God, not HIM Ray Lynch and Jimmy Wealherford hard al work - or hard- ly working? Joseph D. Elie Marlboro, MA Kevin W. Everharl wv P. Evans Olympia Fields, IL Eric Faison Midlothian k G. Fen Miller Place, NY John L. Doyle Richmond Robert L. Draper Roanoke Brian Durham Matoaca R;iv Dyer Sterling Ross Eggleston Midlothian Brian P. Egloff Commaek, NY Chris Finwood Hampton Kevin Filzpatrick Ja Robert A. Gardne Soulh Charleston r. Jr. WV David Gibbons Virginia Beach Andrew M. Gillespie Alexandria fc id John Gillespie Bedford " P 1 K Ronald Gillespie Old Tappan, NJ Lance Gilman Walerville, ME ' Xflfl Chrislopher Goerner Doyleslown, PA B J.C. Goff Oregon- OH Gregory C. Gooch Dublin Eugene Gormley Pho , NY Roberl E.L. Gowan.IlI Houston, TX Wilbur T. Gregory.III Ft. Richardson. AR i-njoving his favo 314 Third Class J. Scott Griffea Woodbri Christopher M. Hannum Oley, PA William Harper Fort Defiance Robert Harris Greensboro, NC Brent Hashimoto Burke James Hassell Atlanta, GA Graham R. Hatcher Lynchburg David T. Hickev Falls Church First corpral Kirk Dewyea sends C. Co. corprals about their duties. Third Class 315 ulli ] l(ii)|iri Annapolis, MD David Hope Norfolk Michael H Rehobcth, MA Paul Hicks VaUey Grove, WV Roben Higgins Rye, NJ Bob Hildebrand Bridgewater Roy HilUlI Alexandria David Holland Rocky Mount Carmine Inleso T - River, NJ Douglas Jacobsen Robert j Wesr Patersoi Coleman and Dave Williams parly il up al the UV B.J. Keith Laredo- TX Thomas Kennedy Alexandria John J. Keppeler Indian Rock Beach, FL Grant Kiehl Fincaslle James Kiker Virginia Beach Ron Kindley South Hill Third Class 317 Kent V. Lalimer Wilmington, NC Gregg Laiangie Bermardslon, MA Jyh-Der Lee Washington, D.C. Michael Lee Colonial Heights Michael J. Leeney Bridgeport, CT Brian A. Lewis Mount Union. PA Mark D. Lamb Milford, NH Michael L. Lamb Barboi John A. Larue Sleubenville, OH » J. Lovelace Pet Fed. Rep. of Ge Richard Luther Clifton Forge Swider and Second classman Steve Cade being jal with their matriculants. 318 Third Cla Scott P. McCumber Midlothian Derek C. McFarland West Friendship. MD Michael M. Mayo Steubenville, OH Third Class 319 Jr -v Hugh J. McMenamin Woodbridge, MD Terence McMillian Columbia. MD Scoll Miller Alexandria Clark Mitchell Sewickly, PA William J.Mitchell III Bakersficld, MD Carl A. Millehner Fredrick. MD 320 Third Class Brian O ' Neel and Sam Russelljoke around in surveying lab wilh Ll. Creasey. James M. Mumiru Arlington Thomas S. Munnc West Islia. NY Paul l Mm ra Great Falls Frank V. Mussara Cleveland, OH Steven 1 Near) Virginia Beach Gerald T. O ' Buckle Jamacia. NY David A. Omstead Old Tappan, NY Patrick 0 " Neil Sumter, S.C. Michael D. Owen Toana Edward R. Page Pittsburgh. PA Charles E. Nelson Palma D Mallrc, Spaii William Nixon Martinsburg, WV Thongvil Noonpackde Kensington, MD Stuart G. Norris Richmond Brian O ' Neel Westminster. MD T.K. Oakes Alexandia Third Class 321 Garith C. Palme Fairfax Mike Pannell Olive Branch, MS John V. Parrot Williamsburg Stephan C. Pearson McLean Don Pham FalJs Church St: Jim Tuemler wades through the flood waters by the fe .; Chessie Trail. r . ) »-v . jffijg Matt McGhee does his part in digging out B.V. after the Great Flood of ' 85. ' _ 322 Third Cla Roberl B. Sawyer Tacoma, WA John Scarpino Garden Cilv. NY Dan Riley Woodbridge James W. Ring Mallusk Phillip G. Roberts III Stale College, PA Todd Robison Pelerburg Gregors F. Rollins Albermarle, NC Samuel L. Russell Ft. Sam Houston, TX Maynard and Dave Sullivan work the radio pho matriculalion. Third Class 323 Doing his part to introduce th Hashimoto checks on this one ' s pro I VMI, Brent Michael Schei Malaga. Spa ames T. Sch Fayetlevilla. MC George B. Secrisl i Vista Andrew E. Seliga Jacksonville, AR i W.L. Sei Garden City. NJ Daniel Shrimplon Holmdel. NJ Charles J. Schuster ■Falls Church :s L. Sigmo m: en Simpson While Springs, WV Geoffry S. Sklar Norfolk Rucker Slater Paeonian Springs Jay Smaaladen High Bridge. NJ Mark 11 ■ Ri ha Thomas Spetz Paducan, Kl 324 Third Cla James Jannusch asks one of VMI ' s walking i whal Ihe Corps will be dining on for S.R.C. Sheldon Davis gives refresher lessons on strain as Ihe rats return from their initial R.D.C. meelin D. Scott Slachelek Middlrluwn. I 1 Christopher C. Starling Quantico Christopher L. Start Great Blanc. Ml Dumfries Andrew C. Stewart Washington, D.C. Kenneth A. Stewart Hampton Mark Stock Stone Mountain, GA Richard Stone Vienna David Sullivan Wilmington. DE Joseph Swider Oakdaler. PA Third Class 325 Gregg Th James P. Tuemler Culloden, WV Scoll TurlingLon Richmond Bobby Turnage Richmond J. Hammond Urner Hagerstown, MD Andrei P. Urtiew Livermore, CA Thomas J. Ustach Modesto. CA Edward D. Wallelhm, J Alllebc 326 Third Aubrey Wallon Locusl Grove. GA Chi-Hsiang Wan Washington, D.C. John J. Wanat Pheonixville. PA Kevin Warren Richmond Kevin Washington Harrisburg, PA Stephen W. Waters Martinsburg William M. Wauben, III Springfield James Weatherford, Jr. Danville Timothy West Petersburg Trace P. West Norfolk Timothy L. White Atlanta, GA Thorpe Whitehead Moneta JamesJ.Wiecking Richmond Ted Wilkinson Amherst, NY Calvin E. Williams Alexandria David Williams Cheseapeake one knows what thirds eat. but at least the Commandant doesn ' t know iVhat we wash it down with. Third Class 327 Delaney C. Williams Chesapeake John P. Williams Charlollesville Oscar R. W illiams.lll Chester Anthony W ilson Radford Christopher B. Wilson Richmond Daniel B. Wilson Richmond jg __ Mark Wilson Palos Hills, IL Douglas Wishart Union, NJ Michael Wood Richmond ic Woodhouse Virginia Beach James Wright Stanlev, NC Bob Zoeke Henrietta, NV Wayne A. Si Phoen Greg Thomas and Frank Delbarlo lead the rats in th first parade. The Class of ' 88 - Taking on New Responsibilities Thir.l Class 329 Fourth Class On August 21, a mass of high school students arrived at VMI. the mass of 1986+3. Soon after, we realized that we had left our former lives behind us forever. Our cor- porals, our dykes, and all of Bar- racks undertook the difficult job of trying to make us uniform, to us to conform to VMI standards. Some of us were slow learners but we began to pull together and help each other out of many tight spots. Slowly, friendships began to develop and this helped to fuse our mass even tighter. There were many trials to overcome but we, with a little guidance from our dykes, survived. We survived the sweat parties, the R.D.C., infinite push-ups on the first stoop, ... i 330 Fourth Cla Fourth Class 331 Wright Patterson AFB, 01 332 Fourth Chi William Bain averk Daniel Baker Richmond Mich, Piltsb el Balao urgh. PA John Moun Banigan lain Lakes, NJ Mich. Moui el Banigan lain Lakes, NJ Troy Richn Barber rond Raph Rich iel Barsaman lond Drew Virgir Willis Salist Basden ia Beach rn Beallie urv. MD Palric Eden k Becker on, NC Lloyd Bell Atlanla, GA Willia Virgir m Bersing ia Beach Micha Vienn el Biliunas Gary Bissell Fairfax Ange o Biviano Fourth Class 333 Winthrop, ME Virginia Beach George Bouchard Lexington Daniel Bowen Glen Carbon. IL George Bowles Bernard Boyd Baltimore. MD Steven Boyd Pittsburgh, PA Kevin Boyum Robert Bradford Ellicott City, MD Stephen Breheny New York. NY Harrison Bresee Orange McPhail Bridgeforth Richmond Dan Brockell North Haven, CT David BrownN New Kensington. PA Eric Buchanan Signal Mountain, TN Paul Rosahegyi discusses the ramifica- tions of Army ROTC with Lt. Holland. ■ ft pr, 3.i i KourthClas- John Corley Decatur. GA Sieve Wasko exchanges a lasl embrace with his mother before seeing the other side of VMI. Harold W alt is given a brief lesson in military courtesy before leaving Cameron Hall. Fourth Class 335 t " I ' 1 Jose Corpuz Chicago. IL Ned Cox Richmond Craig Crablree Richmond Chris Crawford Birmingham, Ml Bill Crone Portsmouth Nal Cross Glen Allen Micheal Crotty Prince George Thomas Curran Wall, NJ Gerald Damron Huntington, WV Dalhan Darb Simpsonsville. KY Jonathan Davis Warrenlon Benjamin Dawson Alexandria Pedro Dejesus Washington, D.C. Richard DkitT Middlebury, CI Kent Doane A I.evingto u K.iurthl l.i The VMI Faculty and Staff attempts to tell our parents that they have done the right thing. (Far left) die left) David Gi what is ic These at nd loes on ihe wall " , inied during that firsl t position ek. (Mid- his first taste of . (Top left) members feel that there is time like the present to begin inslilli respect of VMI. (Top) Studying our Rat Bibles occupied all of c " free lime. " (Bottom left) Michael Dolbey Centreville, MD Quinn Donovan Pittsburgh. PA Sean Doolev cksburg DuBose Brian Duffy Valley Cottage, N Andrew Eade Lakewood, OH Gerald Ernst St. Joseph, MI Ashley Fairchild Buena Vista Thomas Fanshaw Glyndon. MD Jeff Farleigh Midlothian Timothy Finkler Chester John Fisher Winston-Salem, NC Daniel Fitzgerald West Chester, PA Matthew Folsom HilM ' s Gilbert Fonlenul Mobile, AL William Foo Lexington Scott Fouls Peru. IN Gordon Fox Rich Steven Frankel Rehobolh Beach, DE Eric Geiger Cumberland, MD John Gentry Camp Lejuene, NC Charles Gelz San Francisco, CA Jon Gheen Leesbtirg ' Oh my God! Why do I have your Rat Bible? " (Top) Our first experience with the QMD. (Right) 338 Fourth I .las. Granger Gilbert Richmond John GiltZ Chaumont, NY David Ginski Joseph Grealish Yorktown Heights, NY John Gregory Richmond Harper. Ill " Boy. these bags are getting HEAVY! " (Left) Brother Rat Dejesus is questioned by two first cl eryday . - (Top) Fourth Class 339 " You don ' t know it, do you? Don ' t » Kenneth Hasle Alexandria Neal Hei Colorado Springs, CO George Henning Thomas. H 340 Fourth Cla 341 Fourth Cla Joseph Laws South B Kevin Leamy Bedford Scott Leonard Virgin, Kevin Lewis East NorthPort, .MY 342 Fourth Cla PIP 9 Meeting ihe RDC for ihe first time an experience never to be forgotten. Neil McSweeney Virginia Beach Paul Mele Silver Spring, MD Christopher Menia Virginia Beach 344 Fourth Cla Michael Mezzacca New Providence, NJ Cera Miles, Jr. Roberl Miller Woodbridge William Miller, III Christopher Mitchell Vienna Michael Moore Locust Grove Thom.o Moore St. Mary ' s, WV Mike Monfalcone Mechanicsville Michael Murphy Fairfax Larry Nathan Garland. TX Steven Nezas Last Hampton. CT George Noewatne, Jr. Madison, CT Kyle Nordmeyer Balaton. M Fourth Class 345 While Mr. Moquin seems intent on inspecting the contents of the misc. boxes, an infamous " blotter check " isoccuring in the background. (Right) This sergeant checks to make sure that the Rat Bi- ble is what our B.R. is really looking at. 346 Fourth Cla Michael Porle Ro Craig Price y, NJ Sean Raborn Natural Bri William Rader, III Springfield, OH Philip Raiford Courlland Edward Rodriguez Follslon, MD Andrew Rose Midlothian Let ' s face it Brother Rats, this is a killer strain. Fourth Class 347 ughl on the sloops Robert Rosol Latham, NY Gregory Rougeau McLean Davin Ruohomari Nashville, TN William Rusher Richmond Buddy Schmeling Freeport, NY Daniel Schnock Wood bridge David Scott Alexandria Brent Selnau Thaxton Thomas Shadle White Hall, MD Thomas Shelton I ' Justin Shepard Richmond John Shipley Fayelteville, NC Brian Shotlo Bel Air, MD Gary Sibayan orkloun Stephen Simulcik oodford 348 Fourth Cla ng. Camper; Fred Smith Dale City Richard SmiUi Trenton, !NJ Edgar Sniffin Fredericksburg Christopher Sodergren McLean Matthew Sossi New Winds. . NY Richard Sparks Virginia Beach Timothy Spence Fancy Gap Robert Spieldenner East Sandwich. MA Thomas Spivey Richmond Matt St. Clair Jarrellsville. MD Bruce Stables Hopewell Steven Stafford Pearisburg Allan Stoneman Richmond Kevin Sullivan Midlothian Keith Sykes ( " apron Van Trumpore Littleton, CO Andrew Tunnard Fair Lawn, NJ Sam Ty Hopew Steven Valack Darien, IL Robert VanWinkle Fairlax Alfredo Versoza San Francisco, CA Nicholas Voudouris Athen Our first lime on guard p amusement for all of Barracks few notable exceptions. f 2 -V : 1 % 350 Fourth Cla William Walker, III Fairfax Jim Wall Key Biscayne, FL Sieve Warren Basking Ridge, NY Madison Heights Seaborn Whatley, III Mark Whisenanl Manassass Rob While Virginia Beach Randall Willard Virginia Beach Cairo Williams Coral Springs, FL Thomas Williams Glade Spring David Williamsor Pasadena. MD Charles Willis Fredericksburg Lowell Wilson Tacoma, WA Matthew Wilson W ith dignity. Post Number One patrolled for the first lime by o Brother Rat. Fourth Class 351 352 Fourth Cla . . . but limes weren ' t always bad. The Corp ' s trips to UVa and UNC provided chances to get away from post and rejoin the real world for a lime. With the many hops to attend, we got the chance to see girlfriends. Parent ' s Weekend let our families see the immeasureable change in us that had already occurred. Thanksgiv- ing and Christmas furloughs gave us much needed rest and relaxation. ith this balance between VMI and the real world, our stay here has begun on a good note and as long as the class of 1989 sticks together, a proud tradition will continue, the tradition of " ... a crowd of honorable youths pressing up the hill of s noble emulation ... " INSTITUTE Institute 355 Gerald L. Baliles Governor of the Commonwealth of inia When Governor Baliles was sworn into office on January 11, 1986, among the responsibilities he assumed was that of Commander- in-Chief of the Virginia Militia. This responsibility includes that of overseeing VMI. Among the offices that Gov. Baliles has previously held is that of Attorney General of Virginia from 1982-1986. Superintendent General Sam S. Walker i r General Walker was inaugurated as VMI ' s eleventh superintendent on July 1, 1981. Since that time he has guided VMI through many changes. Since his arrival the Depart- ment of Mechanical Engineering has begun, along with an innovative drive for computer literacy at VMI. General Walker began at VMI but graduated from the USMA and was commissioned as an infanty officer in 1946. He is a veteran of both Korea and Vietnam. He was awarded his first star after 23 years of service and he became a four star general prior in 1977. General Walker speaks al t Parent ' s Counril in Orlober a] meeting of lite Dean of the Faculty B.G. John W. Knapp VMI appointed Brigadier General John W. Knapp lo the position of Dean of the Faculty in 1985. He has served on the faculty for 25 years and had been the Civil Engineering Department chairman for five years prior to this appointment. He earned his M.S. and PhD degrees at Johns Hopkins Univeristy. Among General Knapp ' s awards are the 1978 Halliburton Education Award for ecx- ellence in teaching and the 1979 Bliss Medal of the National Society of American Military Engineers. General Knapp graduated from VMI in 1954 where he was co-captain and a star of the swim team. He has thirty years of Army Reserve experience. Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Colonel Leroy D. Hammond Colonel Hammond returned to the Institute to take the newly-created position of Ex- ecutive Assistant to the Superintendent. A 1957 Graduate of the Institute, Colonel Hammond has had experience with the ad- ministrations of several colleges before returninf ' to Lexington. a u :iS8 Institute Commandant of Cadets Colonel John W Cummings Colonel Cummings began his second year as (he Commandant of Cadets at VMI this year. He is a 1962 graduate of VMI and has a career 22 years of active duty in the regular army. By the end of the second semester. Colonel Cummings left the Institute to take up duties as a Brigadier General elsewhere. His dedication to the Corps and constant presence among them will long be remembered at VMI. Deputy Commandant Captain H.A. Willcockson Captain Willcockson has served as Deputy Commandant since 1977. Prior to coming to VMI Captain Willcockson served over twenty-eight years in the U.S. Army. I Colonel Cummings. in a lypical pose, eyes the Corps as it Furlough. ' Music Department Treasurer ' s Office r Inslilute 361 Admissions Office 362 Institute Comptroller ' s Office Business Office Inslilule 363 Civil Engineering Civil Engineering is llie oldest of the engineering professions and the broadest in scope. It is the parent of all the specialized branches of engineering. The Civil Engineering curriclum provides a background in science, engineering, and cultural subjects. The laboratories are modern and well equipped with a wide array of special apparatues for individual use. (first row) Ll. Col David M. Crim. Capl. Owen M. Kirklev. Col. Donald K. Jamison. Cdr. Ronald A. Er- chul. Maj. Ronald B. Meade; (second row) Ms. Ruley. Ll. Roy R. Creasy. Ll. Col. James R. Groves. Maj. John H. Page Biology The curricula of the Biologv Department is designed for those students who desire to prepare themselves for a career in such biological fields as forestry, marine biology., medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy. The department offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science, with the B.A. offering a wider range of courses and the B.S. pursuing specific scientific courses to help the student qualify for asmission to medical and dental schools. (l-r) Col. Fred C. Swope. Col. Burwell E. Wingfield, Col. Louis R. Hundly, Col. John H. Reeves Jr.. Col. Oscar W. Guplon 364 Institute ATE -HER- HONOR- OR- DEFEND -HEF : COL J T 5 u PRESTON Aerospace Studies The Air Force ROTC Program provides college-level education that qualifies eligible cadets for commissioned service in the United States Air Force. Cadets who are qualified may volunteer to attend parachute training and an advanced training program, for which they are paid. English The ability to speak and write clearly and ef- fectively is necessary in just about any oc- cupation. Thai is ecactlv where the English curriculum concentrates. English can be the foundation of many careers to include law and business. Some of the activities in which the English major may participate are the Timmons Music Society, and the English Society, which sponsors a film series and invites im- portant poets, novelists, critics, and artists to VMI to read and discuss their work. (first row) Dr. Mary W. Balazs, Maj. Gayla S. McGlamery. Col. George L. Rolh, Mrs Holland. Ms. Loraine M. En.iis; (second row) LCdr. Gilliland, Dr. James B. Davis. Maj. William D. Badgell. Col. William F. Beyers. Dr. Chester F. Burgess. Maj. Bill Oliver. Col. Thomas B. Gentry, Lt. Col. Meridilh R. Bedell. Mr. Ih. iY.G 366 Institute Economics The Economics curriculum embraces studies leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree and is designed to procide a fun- damental understanding of ecomonic forces and systems. It contains courses that are related to other liberal arts curriclua, but emphasis is placed on the structure of the American economy, the development of analytical tools, and the processes of analyz- ing public policy. Dr. L. Y. Chang. Mr. Erik C. Benrud, Ms. Clements, Capl. Daniel D. Tatar. Lt. Col. Edward V. Daly, Col. Edward L. Claibom Mechanical Engineering The Mecanical Engineering curriclulum has two main branches: one consists of courses related to energy; the other has courses studying structures and motion in mechanical systems. The curriculum pro- vides backgrounds in science, mathematics, liberal arts, and maximum ecposure to elec- trical and civil engineering. Extensive use is made of the computer facilities at VMI. Laboratories are designed as an extension of classroom work and provide futuristic technological experiments with practical hands-on experience. (first row) Col. Arthur C. Taylor, Col. Richard S. Trandel, Maj. Daniel C. Briltigan: (second row) Cdr. Michael R. Sexion. Maj. Paul Mulherin, Ms. Parrent. Capt. Timothy M. Hodges, Col. Henry Snider Naval Science The marine-oriented Naval ROTC program is a four-year course of instruction designed to provide cadets with regular and reserve commissions in both the Marine Corps and the Navy. Completion of the Naval Science program and graduation from VMI leads to a commission and service as a Marine ground or aviation officer or a Navy line officer eligi- ble for a wide range of duties at sea and ashore, in aviation, and in scientific and technological fields of duty. Modern Languages The Modern Languages curriculum offers majors in French, Spanish, and German. Courses are designed to enable the cadet to read, write, and speak his major language fluently. He is introduced to the country ' s literary masterpieces, history, and culture. Students are encouraged to participate in foreign study programs in which they study for a semester at a university in Europe. (first row) Col. Mike E. Monsour. Maj. Joaquin Ponce. Ms. Cummings, Maj. Cecile West-Settte. Col. Michael S. Harris; (second row) Col Siegfried Weing. Maj. Robert 0. Goebel Physics In the Physics curriculum a cadet learms the basic framework of the fundamental laws of nature. While engaged in the study of physics, one strives towards the perhaps unattainable ideal of a complete under- standing of the physical behavior of the universe. The curriculum has been designed lo give the cadet a viable stary toward carreers in research at government, industrial, or university laboratories or in teaching. Since there is no over-specialization, graduates find themselves qualified for a myriad of op- portunities in technical and non-technical fields. (first row) Col. Minnix, Ms. Gearharl, Col. Peters, Col Sauder; (second row) Dr. John Druzbick, Maj. Adams, Mr. Ivan W. Branch. Lt. Col DuPuy Physical Education The Physical Education department serves the primary function of instructing the Corps in various different courses which range from basic swimming to tumbling. The department also serves in the secondary function of keeping the Corps in good physical condition by means of the in- tramural program which has undergone various changes every year for the last four years. Col. Gordon 0. Calkins Jr., Dr. Clark King. Ms. Swink, Maj. William Slockwell, Dr. Arnold W. Joyce, Mr. John A. Mitrovic OBSTACLE COURSE TOP TEN 370 Institute Philosophy and Psychology The Philosophy and Psychology department offers a total of nive course in psychology which are generally used as electives in other curricula. Though a major in psychology is not available, cadets may ob- tain a minor upon completion of the required course work and passing a comprehensive examination. The purpose of this depart- ment is to give cadets the understanding re- quired to become successful managers and effective leaders. (first row) Dr. Gra; Foster; (second row Hughes, Maj. Wang ,. Ms. Snyder-Seanian. Dr. Dean ) Maj. Richard S. Richarde. Cdr. History The History curriculum is designed to pro- duce men educated in the responsibilities of citizenship. Consequently, it prepares cadets not only for graduate schools of history or government, but even more importantly, for an accupation where the ability to under- stand backgrounds, grasp issues, and manage affairs is essential, such as law. business, politics, government service and the armed forces. (first row) Col. Donald E. Thompson. Col. Willard M. Hays, Col. Henry S. Bausum; (second row) LCdr. Blair P. Turner, Col. Kenneth E. Koons, Col. Thomas W. Davis, Lt. Col Wayne C. Thompson, Maj. Steven W. Guerrier, Col Patrick M. Maverchak. Col. Lee L. Nichols Department Dr. Gabriel G. Balazs Professor Maj. Daniel W. Barr Assl. Professor Ll. Col. John P. Gordon Assoc. Professor Col Richard H. SkuM Professor Maj. Robert A. Johnson Assl. Professor Lt. Col. Glenn H. Slumpf Assoc. Professor Ll. Col Kerwin C. Slolz Assoc. Professor Electrical Engineering The Electrical Engineering curriculum is designed to acquaint cadets with various specialized elec- trical engineering problems. A considerable number of cadets enter research and development, utility companies, consulting firms, and govern- ment agencies. Mathematics Col. David Bolen Jr. Professor Ll. John S. Instructor Maj. John F. Hartis. Jr. Asst. Professor Maj. Thomas C. Lominac Asst. Professor Maj. Joseph E. Martin Asst. Professor Maj. Michael J. Tierne Asst. Professor Dr. Henry G. Williams Professor Col. Edward G. Zdinak Prolcssur fid Military Science Col. John C. dimming! Professor Lt. Col. Don E. Dick Asst. Professor Maj. Paul P. Gleason Asst. Professor Maj. James E. Madden Asst. Professor Maj. Kim A. Mote Asst. Professor Maj. Gerald Lindsay Asst. Professor Capt. James F. Dittrich Asst. Professor Capt. Stephen L. Neas Asst. Professor Capt. Stephen L. Tate Asst. Professor SGM Doriski SFC Donnie Haywooc SFC Roger Newman SSG Lonnie D. Bernil SSG Levonzia Roval You Know You ' re At VMI When . . . . . . You ' re going on a weekend to go camping and have to leave post wearing a coat and tie. . . . Your laundry comes back dirtier than when you sent it out. . . . You wake up in the morning and roll up your bed and stack it by the wall. . . . Its 85 degrees outside and you ' re wearing grey wool clothes. . . . You are awakened at 6:00 AM by the banging and wheezing of the steam radiator in your room. . . . The radiator is on full blast and it ' s 80 degrees outside. . . . You are not allowed to go to the bathroom without a hat on. . . . Your entire diet consists of a variety ol forms of starch and fat. . . . You can make many friends by being the sole owner of the only roll of toilet paper in barracks on Sunday morning. . . . You can tell what day of the week it is by what ' s being served for lunch. ... A full Army Colonel comes around and looks into your room every morning to make sure your bed is rolled up. . . . You say " Good Morning " and mean " Good Mourning " . . . . You can use a freshman ' s head for a lint brush. . . . It ' s 0200 and it is 20 degrees outside and your sink becomes an all-purpose basin. . . . You can be punished for studying late at night. 374 Outrage It ' s An OUTRAGE the Corps of Cadets. . . . You have to walk 100 yards outside in any weather to lake a shower. . . . You have to drudge through an hour of Philosophy 305 on a Saturday morning ... A weekend officially lasts only 36 hours. . . . Your two most important courses are Naval Science and PE. . . . Your hardest class to drop-add is lunch. . . . Your PFT score is more important than your GPA. . . . You are old enough to be held responsible for all of your actions, but have to be told when to eat three times a day. . . . Y ou can eat a meal fit for a king . . . Clark King. Outrage 375 £Wt Worn . . . 76e " U fyea Dear Mom, Sorry I haven ' t written before this, but I ' ve been kind of busy. I know four weeks is a long time, but please believe me when I tell you that I ' m sure it was longer here than it was there. You can ' t imagine what I ' ve been through. After you left me on matriculation day, 1 went downstairs to sign some forms. 1 don ' t know what they were, or what I did because a whole bunch of upperclassmen were yelling at me the whole time. Then my head was shaved, and I was issued uniforms. We wear fatigue pants, white shirts, black ties, and black lowquarter shoes. To top this off, we wear a fatigue cap. which looks like a green beanie with a bill. We spent endless hours on the parade deck doing pushups and learning to march. I had to soak my feet a few days because of the blisters the lowquarters put on the tops of my big toes. Boy, we sure looked funny that first day. Most of the guys were so mixed up, they dtdn 7 know right from left. That really made our cadre corporals and sergeants mad. They yelled so much that they got hoarse, and they still don ' t have their voices. Well, anyway, now we can march pretty well, and our company is in top physical shape. We all passed our PFT, and two guys got records in pushups and sttups. I can do 15 pushups without stopping now. All the sweat parties build you up. Sweat parties are 15 minute workouts. Upperclassmen come in and kick all the Rat doors in at 0600 and work all of us out. They yell a lot and try to kill us. but we try not to let them break us. Believe me, these aren ' t fun. I never knew that 15 minutes was so long. If I were at a party it would go by like nothing. We really look sharp, and feel like studs, but our rooms are never clean enough to satisfy the cadre. I got boned for " Dust in Dustpan ' ' the other day. Imagine that! We even have to scrub our trashcans everyday. Gee, my room is so clean here, you wouldn ' t believe it. Well, I can ' t wait ' til Parent ' s Weekend when I can get a break from this. Please send some money. I have to buy food in the PX to supplement my meager rations from the Mess Hall. Write back soon. Love. Your Son, Jonny P.S. Please don 7 address your letters as ' ' Hello Rat. " 376 Outrage 76e ' pint 144 tye€Vi Dear Mom, I know I haven V written much lately. I ' ve been a little busy here and there. Last week I had a big psychology test, and then I went to Zolloman ' s Saturday night for a party. Then 1 took a weekend and Sam and I went to Roanoke to the bars.. But I promise, I ' ll get home soon. As soon as I get off co nfinement for skipping Remedial Fitness Training. Coach King has a program for all those physically incompetent souls who failed to pass his VM1 PFT. I passed my Marine Corps PFT and got a score of 220, but Coach King thinks I should be able to do all my pullups at his command, and when I do pushups, my chin must touch the floor. I can ' t win. Also, last week Capt. Skludge boned me for " Large brown gobs in trashcan. " 1 got a special for that! So 1 just got off a week ' s confinement for that. Gee, I can ' t help it if Ed dumps his chewing tobacco wads in the trash. What ' s he supposed to do with them, eat them? Anyway, the stoopies should dump the trash more carefully. Sorry my QMD account was overdrawn. All of my clothes are falling apart. My woolies almost rotted to pieces, and now all of my ducks are like cheese cloth. I had to buy two new pair of ducks and a new hat. It only cost $90.00 for that, including tailoring for the ducks. What a deal! My shoes are about to go too. Luckily I have calloused feet, because the bottoms are gone at the ball of the feel, and 1 have to walk on my bare feet through the holes. But I think I can make them last another couple of weeks with some luck. You know, my dyke still trips over the trash can when he comes into my room at 0640. You ' d think that after 8 months here he ' d figure out where it was. But he hasn ' t. Neither have the other three dykes. And Tom ' s dyke still runs into his bed in the morning. I guess you just can ' t win around here. Well, I have to go now. PT ' s start in ten minutes. Don 7 forget to send some money so I can come home in a couple of weeks. See you then. Love, Your son, Jonny Outrage 377 I I!|H II " " 378 Adverlisen ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements 379 tfifil Eslale Auctioneers c P NEWTON ' S T.V. SALES SERVICE RCA - QUASAI? - ulBSON " Antiques Collectibles are our specialty " Route 1 • Highwa) 703 •Glade Hill, Virginia 24092 (703)483-0767 CLYDE L NEWTON 1011 W WASHINGTON ST. Owner SUFFOLK. VA 23434 John Elkins Ruin Elkins 53 " SERVICE TO CROW ABOUT " PHONE: (804) 539-7061 (804) 539-551 1 Jack Cockey Brokerage Co., Inc PEANUT BROKERS CONGRATULATIONS ' 86 P. O BOX 1075 SUFFOLK, VA. 23434 Wherever you are Wherever you go . . . Planters,is the word for NUTS! 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MANN, Jr. INQUIRE ABOUT A FRANCHISE IN YOUR AREA. 2833 Valley Avenue Winchester, Va. 22601 703-662-4449 BECKY ' S COUNTRY CASUALS 2 1 27 MAGNOLIA AVENUE BUENA VISTA, VIRGINIA 24416 Congratulations ASHLEY FAIRCHILD ! Class of 1989! PAUL JARVIS WE ' RE PROUD OF YOU GOOD LUCK MOM, DAD, LISA, AND KEITH ADVERISEMENTS 381 YOU ' VE COME A LONG WAY BABY! 1964 1986 CONGRATULATIONS CADET TIMOTHY M. KEILTY NO FAMILY COULD BE PROUDER MOM AND DAD JOHN MARIA TOMMY GREG KIM TOM CATHI KEVIN ' 83 KATIE SHANNON CARMEL KELLY PATRICK TIMMY GRANDMA 382 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS JIMMY " YOU DID IT YOUR WAY " DON ' T EVER CHANGE All Our Love: Mom, Dad, Vicki and Charles Towne House Motor Lodge 1 15 LUXURIOUS ROOMS ROUTE 340 CHARLES TOWN, WV ACROSS FROM THE RACE TRACK (304)725-8441 RESTAURANT SWIMMING POOL ROUTE 340 N. CHARLES TOWN, WV ACROSS FROM THE RACE TRACK (304)725-3591 725-8441 Towne House Restaurant HOME MADE SPECIALS • SOUPS • SAUAD BAR COUNTRY SAUSAGE • FRESH CUT STEAKS FAMILY DINING • CHILDREN WELCOME BANQUET FACILITIES DON PATTY OTT. OWNERS To Cadet Michael T. Jernigan " Mike " The highest reward for a mans toil is not what he gets for it, but rather what he becomes by it. from Apples of Gold Congratulations! We ' re so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Cathy and All Those Who Love You Advertisements 383 CONGRATULATIONS ROBERT T. MITCHELL III ' 85 With love and pride Dad, Mom, Tom, and Amy " The good things which belong to prosperity are to be wished; but the good things that belong to adversity are to be admired. " Seneca dorqraJrula ' o)- l oad Luck a d I ' l CONGRATULATIONS Room 121 t lovt you! From Mr. and Mrs. Mays GOOD LUCK 86 rat ro FROM •j : t jj| r BILL PINGREE B j 384 Advertisements ; ' Hh IB _ T .« TO CADETS DAVID SHECKELLS AND CAMERON STEPHENS: Your choice of colleges to attend was not VML Your choice of peer-approved attire was not a uniform. Your choice of hairstyles was not military short. Your choice of parents was not yours either! But thank God we sure are HAPPY and PROUD that you are our sons. You took what seemed like an impossible situation and made it happen Congratulations to both of you and all your Brother Rats at this, your Graduation. Your Parents in Heaven and on Earth Love You Very Much! THANK YOU BOMB STAFF! It was your dedication that made this book possible BEST OF LUCK IN 1987 THE 1986 BOMB WISHES THANKS THE FOLLOWING BOOSTERS MR. MRS. WIILLIAM RADLE MR. MRS. W.H. GROETZINGER HI MR. MRS. GEORGE F. SEIFERTH JR. PROUD OF YOU " BIV " AND THE CLASS OF 1989 MR. MRS. DAVID MITCHELL BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1986 — THE DUFFY FAMILY JOSEPH C. MARTONE. D.D.S. PRES BROWN ' S INC. 115 W. NELSON ST., LEXINGTON, VA. GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES RANDY JANEY, LOVE MOM MR. MRS. PAUL ADAMETZ MR. MRS DENNIS N. EARLY MR. MRS. JACK W. NURNEY, JR. ' 50B THE SPIRIT OF VML J.R. PORTERFIELD ' 65 SAL AND PEGGY ANN FICARRO GO KEYDETS! — FROM THE CLASS OF ' 65 MR. AND MRS. RALPH C. LEWIS JOSEPH AND BARBARA STOCK GOOD LUCK SPUD, FROM AUNT HELEN, UNCLE WALTER, AND AUNT MARY Advertisements 385 CONGRATULATIONS STEPHEN! ' ' Attempt the end, and never stand to doubt, Nothing so hard, for search will find j it out. " Love, Dad, Mom, Anne Hallett, and Duke 386 Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS CADET JEFFREY R. BOOBAR HIS ROOMIES AND BROTHER RATS THANKS FOR FOUR MEMORABLE YEARS ESPECIALLY WONDERFUL PARENTS WEEK-ENDS YOU MADE US PROUD AND WE LOVE YOU GOD BLESS YOU ALL. MOM, DAD, JAMES AND AUDREY FOR ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS 107 NORTH Main Street Lexington, va 24450 TOM RAISBECK, PROPRIETOR 17031 463-9232 Clothiers For Men and Ladies 22 W. Nelson St. Lexington, Va. 24450 (703) 463-9340 We accept American Express, Visa, and Master Card Congratulations to Cadet Mark E. Black The past four years have flown by Cant bear to let you go. No longer a child in sneakers But a man with Pride that shows. If time could truly slow up. There are things we would s ay and do Just to let you know how much Each one of us loves you. A prize much more than diamonds With a love far better than gold A part of us is missing In a Man who is so Bold. May the Lord watch over and protect you For you are Very Special inside our hearts Many thoughts and prayers always with you As our lives branch into different parts. by Becky III John 4 Love Dad, Mom, and Becky Advertisements 387 CONGRATULATIONS TO LIEUTENANT MARTIN JEFFREY MORGAN AND THE CLASS OF ' 86 . ■ IT WASN ' T EASY, BUT WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT. LOVE MOM DAD, VICKIE, PHILIP MATT, NANNIE PAPA, MOMAW GRANDDADDY Congratulations SCOT PATRICK HILLIER And The Class of 1986 You have made us extremely proud! Love and best wishes to you and Nancy. Dad, Mom, Debbi and Brooke 388 Advertisements Congratulations Ensign Steven B. Blinn VMI ' 86 LOVE AND BEST WISHES- YOUR PROUD AND HAPPY FAMILY Once upon a time a little boy wanted to grow up and become a soldier Eternal love my soldier man. Moms MHfc- No Father could ask for a finer son Good night God Bless See you in the morning Love Proud Pops Cadet Charles Bryant Cook- Class ' 86 CONGRATULATIONS CADET RONALD 0. MAYS JR. YOUR DETERMINATION AND AIM HAVE BROUGHT YOU THIS GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT. WE ARE EXTREMELY HAPPY FOR YOU AND VERY PROUD TO BE YOUR PARENTS. LOVE -MOM AND DAD SERVlilTAR LEXINGTON HARDWARE COMPANY 23 SOUTH MAIN ST. LEXINGTON, VA 24450 463-2242 FINE MEN ' S APPAREL (703) 463-5383 102 WEST WASHINGTON ST. Bryan E. Amsel To our 1 Son With Love and Pride Mom + Dad First Month First Campout First Grade First Day- August 18, 1982 VMI Wrestling CONGRATULATIONS TO: Cadet Michael C. Northrop We are proud of what you have accomplished. You have richly blessed our lives. Thanks for the memories. To the Class of 1986- Good Luck! Mom, Dad ' 62, Todd and Brent Advertisements 391 Cadet Paul Burch Congratulations! WeU Done! The Very Best to the Very Best We Love You Mom, Dad, Philip, Amy, Peter Congratulations! MIKE CHIPLEY Well Done-Good Luck Continued Success Love- Mom and Dad THE SOUTHERN INN Catering to VMI Cadets and their parents 50 Years of service Lexington, Virginia Congratulations! Cadel Scoll A. Dielil and Class of 1986 God Bless You Love Mother. Dad. Marc Michael. Grandpa and Grandma ADAM LOVELESS We are proud of you!! Mom, Dad, Eric, Loly, Victoria, Karl, Martin Nina 2nd Lt. James A McDonald III THE WORLD IS YOURS Good Luck Mom, Dad, Mark, Paul, and Steve " Ensign Maclay... reporting for duty, sir. Congratulations Jeff Maclay and the Class of ' 86 You Made It! Mom, Dad, Jon, Jen and Julie I From Stevie... We ' re proud of you- Congratulations Class of 1986 Mom, Dad, and Debbie To Cadet Wilson CONGRATULATIONS TO Patrick Farrell and Roommates You have made us very proud Mom + Dad CONGRATULATIONS Cadet David A. Miller and Class of 1986 If a task is once begun never leave it till it ' s done. be the labor great or small do it well or not at all We ' re so proud of you Mom, Dad, Marg, Oop, Ed, Em, Jen, PT, Gam, Pap, Grandaddy -LTW mm " t m Vm ! IB 1 I ■m " m II xW frlf { ; J ©j l % CONGRATULATIONS Ensign Joesph Ruf, III ONE OF AMERICA ' S BEST YOUR PROUD FAMILY JIM, LUCY, JOHN, MOM AND DAD Congratulations BigAl and The Class of 1986 We Love You Mom, Dad ' 52, Teddy ' 84, Ben ' 89, and Mary 46 You May Be Whatever You Resolve To Be " WE ARE ALL PROUD ,TOM Mom and Dad Kardos Fran and Jim John and Laura Mary Joe Ann James GOD BLESS ALWAYS- m fsw a. Y 3 $S Okinawan Karate- SCo t ' 1 ' A C • PERSONALIZED INSTRUC ? KiV J •BEGINNER CLASSES J • INSTRUCTOR TRAINING jlSCL S S ©OKINAWAN WEAPONS £A£ATS HEADQUARTERS SINCE 1962 Private Group Classes Open lOam-lOpm §g| • MEDITATION •YOGA J • PHYSICAL nTNESSj§§ • SELF DEFENSE 1| FOR THE BUSINESSMAN WOMAN III .. Sensei SCAGLIONE Director 599-1966 PERSON TO PERSON KA£AT£ 465 LEXINCTON AVENUE (OFF E. 45st) NYC Grand Central Area • A Most Luxurious Dojo on the Eastside CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1986 Cadet Jeffrey L. Massie and The Class of 1986 Well Done — We Love You Mom, Mother and Papa Shock, Greg, Jean and Aunt Grace, Harold and Donna, Debbie and Russ Advertisements 397 United Virginia Three Convenient Locations in the Lexington-Rockbridge Community MEADOW SPRING LAND REALTY Angelia Nai ' i PLA TINUM A WARD WINNER „«n «»™ ( 703) 483-5566 Office IT1 MLS (703)483-4214 Home LQ P.O. Box 636 • Rock Mount. VA 21151 Congratulations to Neal and his room-mates Cliff, Perry, and Robbie You ' ve had a great year. DOWNTOWN LEXINGTON 150 S. Main St. Mon. thru Sat. Lexington 9:30 to 5:30 Virginia Fridays: 463-3111 9:30 to 8:30 LEXINGTON ' S FINEST AGENCY TAVEL UNLIMITED 21 West Washington Street Lexington. Virginia 24450 463-7174 TOWNSEND D. FOX THE SOUTHERN INN " Catering To VMI Cadets And Their Parents " 50 Years of Service. " Lexington, Virginia VKrrlisemenls CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Compliments of NATURAL BRIDGE OF VIRGINIA One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World Jj% V ■L ■ I f J . r 9b S. ° i K J nu£tj . ty .%•• 1 ■ ■ Congratulations to Michael Rivenbark and The Class of 1986 From Then Until Now £ YOU HAVE GIVEN US ONLY PLEASURE AND PRIDE MOM, DAD, DIANE, CHRISTA AND BILL, GRANDMA, PENNY AND PAPA BEAR CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1986 and BILL ROGERS MOM, DAD, KATHY NANCY, NEAL and ANN-RENEE Cornelius T. ( Neal ) Rogers, CHA President NR ASSOCIATES, INC. 309 PLAZAVIEW ROAD RICHMOND, VA. 23224 (804) 233-4581 24 hr. phone (804)272-2248 400 Advertisements Compliments of College Town Shop Lexington, Virginia Congratulations MIKE I Knew You ' d Make It. But You Will Always Be A RAT To Me Dad 58 ' Advertisements 401 TRADITION Only +he beet " Offering -fine -Food and. odQnQ in -the best o£ -+radi-h ' ©n . Lexing-fon U.S. 11 at 1-64 463-7351 We Love You Timmy! Cadet T.J. Perez We want for you what you ' ve gien us — ONLY THE BEST MOM, DAD, TERRI and Boo-boo 2nd Lt. Brent McManis We are proud of you! Congratulations and best wishes to you and the Class of 1986 Mother, Dad, Melissa CONGRATULATIONS TO CADET MARK A. LAUGHON May the coming years fulfill your every hope and dream WE LOVE YOU, MA, DAD, MIKE and TANCE Congratulations and Good Luck, Steve and the Class of 1986 Dad, Mom Don, Jim, and David Well Do ne Lt. Steven Gilbert Gray and the Class of 1986 Philippians 3:12-14 Dad 58 ' , Mom, Jason 89 ' , Lauren, Grandmother, Grandfather, and Robin — We love you for who you are — CONGRATULATIONS to Tim Macaulay and the Class of 1986 Love, Mom and Dad Advertisements 403 Steven K. Anderson You Became What You Resolved To Be And More! May God Bless You And Be With You As You Go Into A New Day To Excel With Love And Boundless Pride Your Family CONGRATULATIONS JOHN WEAR THE RING WELL DAD AND MOM LT. MICHAEL R. CASTALDI Congratulations on a Very Proud Achievement! Good Luck! Mom and Dad Lt. Michael Chapman Crescit Sub Padre Virtus Well Done and Good Luck Mike and Class of 1986 Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Cathy, Bob, Steve and Amy CONGRATULATIONS CADET J. KEITH McKENZIE AND CLASS OF " 86 " YOU HAVE MADE US VERY PROUD ALL OF OUT LOVE MOM, DAD, BRIAN AND GRANDPARENTS jMfe We are u very proud of you 0[ Love Sgj i and i. Good Luck Delores ROOM 150 First the Ratline Then the ring Now Graduation Charlie, Chrism Jon, Stewart, Phil CONGRATULATIONS! From Your Parents CONGRATULATIONS CADET LUKE SOSSI Eagles Don ' t Flock You Have To Find Them One At A Time We are so very proud of you. Love, Dad, Mom, Mark ' 84, Beth and Matthew CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1989 Special Congratulations To Our Son CADET CRAIG S. THOMPSON Mom and Dad KJELLSTROM AND LEE, INC. Building and Industrial Construction Richmond, Virginia Harry Lee ' 47 Bill Jones ' 63 Congratulations Cadet John A. Stevens You ' ve made us very proud We love you Mom, Dad, Heather and Dawn You will not pass this way again. While you were here, you touched and were touched by many who will not forget The man you ' ve become has exceeded our warmest expectations, and we hope that when you have a son he will be just like ours. " What I had I gave it all in the game. What I kept is lost forever, it haunts me with regret. " We ' re Proud of You Big Sluggo, Mammy Ness, Little Sluggo BRAVO ZULU ENSIGN D. E. BUTLER GO NAVY 406 Advertise The most demanding, challenging, enlightening, rigorous, satisfying, difficult, rewarding; motivating and exciting course you can take in college. A MY RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS Compliments From " THE X " CONGRATULATIONS! 2nd Lt. Bruce Nickle Semper Fi Love — Mom, Dad, Andv, Carol Congratulations and Best Wishes to Thomas J. FitzPatrick and The Class of 1986 With much love and pride Mom Dad Sean BEST WISHES FROM YOUR VERY PROUD AND GRATEFUL PARENTS, TO CADETS: DARRYL F. AGEE JAMES S. AGOSTINI JOHN E. AYCOCK MARC D. MOQUIN LOVE AND BEST OF LUCK ALWAYS, ie Agee ' s, Agostini ' s, Aycock ' s and Moquin ' s JOHN NORMAN ' Clothiers For Men And Women Roanoke BlacksburQ FAST SERVICE LAUNDRY AND CL EANING 687 BRANDON AVE., S.W. ROANOKE, VA. Be your own teller anytime with 24-hour banking at AsiAmi IERICAN FIRST AMERICAN BANK OF VIRGINIA Stop by today. 22 South Main Street, Lexington 463-3171 ARA SMITH ' S services SMITH ' S HAULMARK OF SERVICE P.O. BOX 1000 STAUNTON, VIRGINIA 24401 DAVIS H. ELLIOT COMPANY INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 1920 Progress Drive. S E . . PO Box 12707 Roanoke, Virginia 24027 -IONE 463 7393 Lambert Building Supply, Inc. QUALITY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS RT 11 North UxinKton. Viryima 2ubn • AN ELITE GROUP. 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Plymouth , Y THE GOOD LUCK JkEYDETS " ON YOUR 1 986 THERE ARE NO LIMITATIONS TO THE MIND EXCEPT THOSE WE ACKNOWLEDGE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 86 AND Geoff Fuller and his Brother Rats Class of ' 89 Love, Morn, Dad and Jc hn " SCREWDRIVER RAT " WISHES CHARLES SCHOEN " SUPER-DYKE " ALL THE LUCK AND THE TRADITION LIVES rf Adametz, John Joseph 332 Adams, Brad 312 Adams. David Earl I 178 Adams, James Bradford 308, 312 Agee. Darn I Floyd 118. 178 Agostim, James Stuart 106. 178 Ainspac, Selh David Griffith 332 Albrecht, Frederick Ronald 1 79 Alder, Robert William 332 Alexander. Scott Warren 332 Allgood. Charles Monroe Jr. 280. 291 Alva, Kevin Lewis 308 Amnio. Henn John Jr. 332 Ames, Erick Edicard 332 Amnions. Tom Leon Jr. 308 ,4mse . Bryan Edward 1 79 Ancona. John Rogan 308 Andersen, Ted Thanning 308 Anderson. Calvin Neil 308 Anderson, Charies Jr. 332 Anderson. James Dand 308 Anderson. John Matthew 104. 179 Anderson, Michael Steven 308 Anderson, Sleuen King 107. 180 Anderson, IRZ iam Dean 332 Anderson, William Warner Jr. 126. 180 Andres, Francis Dimmick Jr. 308 Ans. Matthew Joseph 332 Arboneaux. Mark Stephen 308 Armorusfer, George Thomas Jr. 332 Armstrong. Edward Lee 308 Armstrong. Russell Lee 332 Armstrong, Scott Russel] 280 Armstrong. Timothy John 180 Arris, Todd Emory ' 280 Ariians, Christopher 308 Ashuorth, Christopher Sean 105, 181 At ia. Larry Canton ] 332 Ans. John Thomas 280 Ax, John Frederick 181 AycocA-, Jonathan Eric 1 18. 130, 181 Baber, Peter James 332 Baoer.ScoltRusseZl 332 Baca, Brandon Lm Ralph 332 BaiA, Bo Hyeong 308 Bain, William Heath 333 Baird, Steven Lyle 280 BaAer, Dai ' id Eonfaine 308 Baker, Matthew Edmund 106. 182 Baker, Thomas Daniel 333 Balao, Michael C. 333 Ball, Jama ChurchiM 182 Banigan. John Sigfrid 333 Banigan, M.cW Hugh 333 Baratl.Je JreyS. 309 Barter, Troy 333 Bar6er, (Pi fram Miner 1 19, 182 Barends. Andrew Frederick 308 Barter, Kevin Owan 280 Barnard, John Hansen 280 Barnes. Brian Keith 308 Barnes, Stewart Lee 31. 125. 183 Barnes, William Clarkson 280 Barr, Dean Ashton 105, 280 Barrali. Jeffery Steven 309 Barsamian, Raphael Shnork 333 Barfh, Mart A tert 115,280 Bartholf, Mark Copeland 117, 280 Basden, Donald Andrew 333 Bass, Christopher Wayne 183 Bean, JamH Earl 280 Seattle, William McMillan 333 1211 Beet, Christopher Todd 309 BecA, Trent Howard 309 Becker, Patrick John 333 BeZZ, Lfoyd VoZand 333 Benhoff. David Alan 183 Bernes ti, William A an 281, 288 Bernstein, Peter Hollis 309 Bersing, IFiZZiam Tenneut 333 Bettendorf. Hugh Joseph 28 1 Beyer. Michael 309 Beyer. William Davis 28] Bierman. James Wilson Jr. 42. 281 Bidunas. Michael Roman 333 Biscnojj ; Sean Malcolm 309 BisseZZ, Cary Alexander 333 Biviano. Angela Joseph Jr. 333 BZacA-. James Haa.ey 334 BZac c, Mark Edward 104, 184 Blackwell. John Robert 28 1 B anton. ITO iam Hertert 281 Blinn, Steven Bradley 278 Blocker, Richard Daniel III 309 Bohlmann, Thomas Egon 309 Bones, Thomas Bruce 281 Boniface. John III 309 Bootar, Je Jrey Robert 104. 184 Boos. Paul. Minor 184 Bornemann. Craig Edward 334 Bouchard, George Eduard 334 Boughton, John Stamper 1 1 1 . 281 Bouen, Daniel Bradley 334 Bouen. James Curran Davis 309 Bowles, Bowlman Tarlelon HI 281 Bowles. George Hoadly 334 Boyd. Bernard 334 Boyd, Steven Douglas 334 Boyum, Kevin Edward 334 Bracken. David Daniel 125, 185 Bradford, Robert William 334 Bradiey, Reed 309 Bradley, Scott Ernest 1 85 Brads, Anthony Sleuen 28 1 , 292 Bradshaw. Gerald Sage Jr. 185 Brannigan, Paul Joseph 281 Braunltch. Earl Fritz 281 Bready, Christopher Jason 309 Breckenndge, James Paul 186 Breheny. Stephen Augustine 334- Brennan, Doug as B ' a ler 108. 186 Bresee, Harrison Pendleton IB 334 Bridges. Trent Anthony 62. 281, 283 Bndgforth, Edward McPhail IB 334 Brien. tfugn PiunAed 309 Bright, James Michael 282 Bristol, Jonathan Markhannah 309 Brockett, Daniel Lance 334 Broken. Pan Charles 309 Brown, Aninony Jerome 186 Broun, David Christopher 334 Brown, JeJ rey Rodney 282 Brown, Wilson Morris 282 Browne, Samuel Victor 187 Bruffy, Thomas Maury 309 Bryan!. Michael Steven 310 Brzozinshi, Brad ey Arthur 282 Buchanan, Eric Lane 334 Buczacki. Theodore Edward Jr. 187 Bunn, Christopher Nelson 310 Bunn. James Clifford IB 282 Bunopane. Louis Micnael 293 Burch, Paul William 112, 187 Bardelle, Todd Eric 282 Burns, Robert Kevin 64, 282 Bums, William Edward 310 Buser, I ' incenl DePaul 335 Bul er, Daniel Edward 85, 188 Buffer. WiZZiam Bryant 310 Burner. Eric Allen 188 Bulls, Dennis E 282 Buxton, Ro6er« Ernest Jr. 282 Byrne, HaroZd B 282 e Cabell. Robert Sheridan 1 15, 188 Cade. Steuen Cary 282. 318 Calkins. Michael Gavin 189 Callahan, William E 282 Campi. Andrew Clark 283 Campion. Francis Joseph 33. Canada, Paul Roland 335 Canlani, Robert J. 310 Canlre L Sean Perry 310 Carag, Vicente Daquial Jr. 105, 189 Carr, Ronald Lee Jr. 283 Carro Z, Ittlfiam Thomas 310 Carter, Dauid Scott 310 Carter. Donald W 310 Carter, Lewe Brett 335 CartierVil, Jo m Peler 310 Carry. Peter Jo m 283 Carney, Harlan 335 Casse , Kerry Thomas 31, 189 Castaldi, Michael Raymond 105. 190 Casti Zo.vMartm 310 Cataland. Peter Rocco 335 Cavce. Charles Compton IB 310 Ce a u, Joseph Anthony 335 Ceslaro. Micnae Elliot 283 Chambers. James Richard 190 Chambers, Peter Brian Dmsmore 335 Champion, Stephen 7yfer310 Chandler, Bradford III 283 Chapman. Michael David 190 Cnar es Anderson. Jr 332 Charloms. Francis William 310 Chaszar, Rooert Alex Jr. 3 1 1 Chen, Benjamin 1 12. 191 Chesson. John Bradley 191 Chester, Timothy Michael 283 Chi. Junho 283 Chicoli. John Albert 283 Childress, Byron Lee Jr. 112. 130. 191 Childress. Robert 335 Chiles, Stephen Michael 335 Chipley. Michael Alan 85, 192 Chung, Charles C 311 C air, Matt St 349 C arA, Chris 319 Clark, Christopher Ames 311 Clark, Robert James 311 Clay, Robert Edward IB 311 Cfegg. M.chae » ' i iam311 Clement, David D. Jr. 335 Coth, Kenneth Hightower 335 Cochran, Dauid Caswe 1 283 Coger, Clifton Marcellus 283 Colacicco. Bernard Joseph 123, 192 Coleman. Michael Clarence 311 Coleman, Walter William 311.317 Colletti, Anthony Michael 192 Co Zier, Brian Batten 335 Comberg, Christian Asmus 311 Comeau. Theodore Edward 311 Comer, Benjamin Dale 335 Comer, James A i,n 63. 108. 193 Conner. Gregory Lyle 311 Cook, Charles Bryant 193 Copeland, David 311 Copeland. David Murray 8224, 8224. 8224. 8224. 8224. 8224, 8224. 8224. 8224. 8224. 8224. 8224, 8224. 8224, 8224, 8224, 8224, 17184, 20559, 19525. 20033, 24644. 19780.21077.82 Corley, John Taylor 335 Corpuz, Jose Lugos 336 Corrice.MarA-A an 113, 283 Corson, Michael Earle 3 1 1 Corwin, Michael Allen 193 Coltrell, James Merrill 3 1 1 Coughlm. Joseph Francis 283 Coulter, James Lee Jr. 194 Covert. Craig Hoffoss 283 Cowan. Michael Hayward 284 Cowan, Raymond Alan 28 4 Cox. Edwin Carr 336 Crabtree. Craig Clayton 336 Cranford. James Mark 284 Crawford. Christopher Mallari 336 Crone, William Henry 336 Cronenberg. William Henry IB 311 Cross, Nathaniel Lee 336 Crotty. Michael Sean 84. 336 Crow. Robert Schuyler 311 Croisson, Brian Edward 194 Cruze, Richard Temple Jr. 278 Cuellar. Alvaro Fernando 312 Cuimer, VeaZ Jay 309, 312 Curley, Owen Joseph 284 Curran, Thomas 336 Current, MarA Jason 284 Cusick, Theodore James 312 V Dahlquis Daly, Jw Hondo Daws Dejei . Jason M 312 ■es Michael 105,195 i, CeraZd Norman 336 . Edward Charles 280, 284 Dantonio. Patrick John 120, 195 Darfcy, Rooert Dathan 336 Davila, Antonio Slefano 312 Davila, Scott Ramon 312 Dams, Eric Jonathan 284 Davis, Jonathan Macaulay 336 Davis, Kevin Roscoe 312 Dauis, Michae ITO iam 196 Davis, Raymond Joseph Jr. 284 Dams, Rooert Scolt 312 Dauis, Shelton Avery 10, 312, 325 Davis, William Jesse 284 Dawson. Benjamin Beers 336 n, MichaeZ Kern 284 is, Pedro Jr. 336. 339 Dekeyerl, Joseph Scott 196 Delbarto, Frank J 89. 312, 328 Demaio, Andrei, Paul 312 Demers, Brian Alan 312 Demmons, Christopher Michael 312 Depasquale, Charles Anthony 123, 196 Depoe, (Pi son Ryan 312 Devenoge, Francis Xavier 312 Devenoge, Thomas Peter 197 Dei;ens, Edicard ParA-er 284 Devens, James Tansey 284 Devero, Kenneth Ray I 284 Dewyea. KirA- John 3 1 2, 3 1 5 Dickerson, Donald Adam 197 Dickinson, James Earl 197 Diehl, Erich William 313 Diehl, Scott Alden 198 Dillon. James Timothy 107, 198 Duon, Je Jrey Bennett 313 DA-i Richard 336 Doane, Kent 336 Do hy. Stephen Michael 337 Donouan, Patrick Brian 313 Donoran. G iinn P 337 Dooley, Sean Joseph 337 Dorsey, Steven Tyrone 313 Doupnik. Tom Charles 313 Doyle, John Leonard 313 Dozier, Charfes Braxton 285 Draper. Robert Linuood 3 1 3 Druiett, Steven Eduard 337 Du6ose. Rodney Lewis 337 Dudjak. Jason 7 1 308 Duerson, Samuel Hardy IB 198 Duffy, Brian Patrick 337 Duray, Paul Harrison 285 Durham, Brian Kieth 3 1 3 Dyer, William Ray 313 Eade, Andrew Leroy 337 Early, Charles Darren 285 Eaton, Robert Allen 285 Eckoff. Robert William Jr. 285 Edgar. Charles Ernest TV 10, 285 Eggleston, Wayne Ross 313 Eg , Brian Palrick 313 £ ie, yoseph Dona d 313 Ellington, Mark Reid 199 E is, Cregory Evnuood 282, 285 Ellis, Michael Patric k 10, 199 Elmore, Otmer Gay 199 Ernst, Ceroid 337 Erwin, John David 285 EuhanA, Jonathan Twain 285 Euans, Mi ' cnae Robert 285 Euans, Snaun Paul 3 13, 32 1 Everhart, Kevin Walter 313 Ewald, Martin Curtis 282, 285 Fairchild. Ashley Armstrong 337 Faison.Eric Douglas 313 Fanshaw, Thomas Patrick 337 Farleigh, Jeffrey Hudson 337 Far eigh, TTlomas KirA and I 285 Farrell, Patrick William 200 Feddeler, Carl August HI 285 Ferares, Frederick George 53. 3 1 0. 3 1 3 Ferguson, David Glenn 286 Ferguson, John R 286 Ferguson, Monte Clark 286 Ficarro, John Charles 286 FinA er, Timothy John 337 Finwood, Christopher Kenneth 76, 78, 314 Fishback. Edward Allen 286 Eisner, Mn Randolph 337 Fitzgerald, Daniel James 337 Fitzpatnck, Kevin Coemgen Paul 314 FitzPatrick, Thomas James 120, 200 FZora, Lapfne Chau 286 Florio, James Francis 314 Efo™, Louis Anthony y r . 52, 108, 200 F ynn. Douglas Lee I 286 Fo som, Mattheu Theodore 337 Fontenot, Gilbert Larose 338 Foo, IFi iiam 338 Fortune, Terry Edward 286 Fouts, Scott Veal 338 Fox, Gordon Laurence Jr. 338 FranA-e ,SleuenLee338 Frazier, James Allen 201 Frazier, Mark Franklin 338 Freeman, Jonathan Carter 278 Freiwald, Todd John 314 French, Jonathan Brett 201 Frid ey, Milcnei Harrison 338 Friend, Randolph Banner 104, 286 Frye, Ra(pn Ade(6erl HI 201 FuHer, Ceoy rey 338 Fu fer, IFiHiam Thomas 286 Fur ow, Ca uin Breading 202 Furness, David Jeffery 125, 286 Cai eo, Darrin Lee 338 Garcia, Adrian Anthony 286 Cardner, Ra 6ert .4. Jr. 314 Carsi, fteid Ashby R 286 Gales, yohn David 338 Gates, Rohert Car ion 338 Gathnghl, Emmet Stone 202 Gayle, Fanandus 282, 287 Geiger, Ronald Eric 338 Cenlry. Mn Richard 338 Cefz, Char es Edward Jr. 338 Cheen, Kenner i 7on 338 Gibbings, David Russell 315 Gilbert, James Granger 339 GiH, Patrick McCuire 202 Gillespie, Andrew McDonald 84, 314 Gillespie. John Marston 314 Gillespie, Ronald Parian 314 Ci man, Lance 314 Gilmer, Charles Russel 203 Ctit , John Richard 339 Gins ci, Dauid Louis 337, 339 Gitche , Car Leigh 203 Gifcne , Rohert Scott 203 G ouer, John Calvin 339 Coerner, Christopher Thomas 314 Coy , Jonathan Christopher 314 Gonzalez, Victor Marcos 287 Gooch, Gregon Churchill 314 Coodlcin. Rohert Bendy Jr. 84. 287 Corm ey. Eugene Thomas 314, 320 Gouian, Robert E. Lee I 3 1 4 Gown, Rohert E.L. 314 Grant, Stewart David 339 Gray, Jason Vickers 339 Cray, Stenen Ci hert 113, 204 Grealish, Joseph Edward 339 Creen, Steuen Douglas 204 Creene, A an S 287 Creene, antes Randolph 287 Gregory, John Christopher 339 Crimea, Jimmie Scott 3 15 Grimm, Dauid Kidd 204 Griswold. George Benjamin I 315 Grochowski. Ernest Michael Jr. 107, 205 Gru6er, BrooAs ScoM 287 Grzeszczak, Stephen Paul III 105, 205 CucA, Timothy James 287 Cay™. Dennis Nathan 339 Hairr, yohn Thomas II 205 Ha as . Stuart Frank 287 Halberg. Sean Michael 339 Hall, Christopher Gerald 3 1 5 Hall, Daniel Sydney 287 Hall, Greg 31 5 Ha . Stephen Francis 126. 206 Hamner, Thomas Nelson 339 Hancock, William Perry 287 Hannum, Christopher Michael 315 Hansen, Peter Thomas 287, 10 Harbula, Scott Robert 206 Harcarik. James Thomas HI 1 1 1, 206 Hardee, Car Lorm 287, 289 Harding, Michael Wayne 339 Harper, William Lewis 3 1 5 Harrington. Marc English 339 Harris. Craig Dyer 207 Harris, DereA William 339 Harris, Rohert De ano 3 1 5 Hart, John Stanley Jr. 207 Hashimoto, Brent Hisao 315, 324, 341,345 Hasle, Kenneth Gregory 340 Hassell, James Bruington 315 Hatcher, Graham Rowland 315 Hatheway. Brian Andrew 315 HauA, Kurt Walter 287 Hayes. Samue White 53. 123. 207 Hayes, William Brett 143. 208 Hedberg. Kurt Ernest 1 1 1 . 1 30, 208 Heimer, VeaM an 79, 340 Heine, Rick C 288 Heisey. Peter Huffman 3 15 Heisman. Stuart AW and 208 Henning, George Thomas 340 Hernandez. Thomas Lorelo 340 HesA-ett, Troy Kincenl 122, 209 Heslin.John Paul 315 Hess. Rohert Walter Jr. 1 10. 209 Hictey, Dauid Thomas 315, 326 HicAs, John Marcus 1 12, 209 HicAs, Paul Frederick Jr. 308, 316, 326 Higgins. Robert Hugh 3 1 6 Hildebrand, Robert Lloyd 316 Hill, Richard George TV 2 1 Hillier, Scot Patrick 43, 104, 210 Hirtz, Anthony Douglas 126,210 Hoar, Robert Ignatius Jr. 340 HoAe, Vernon David I 288 Holland. David Ashley 3 16 Holmes. Samuel Andrews 126,211 Holtzman, Kyle Wayne 316 Hong, Yong K 3 1 6 Hoofnagle. Andrew H 340 Hoqfhagle, Gregon Cole 316 HooAs, Todd A en 340 Hooper, Michael Edward 288, 297 Hooper, Timothy 316 Hope, David Bryan 316 Howard, Matthew Chevalier 109, 288 Howard, Phi ip Roper 31.211 Hubbard, Robert Clinton Jr. 21 1 Huffman, Michael Conway 71,212 Humes, Michael Martin 316 Hunter. Scott Carleton 212 Hurley, Joseph Luke Jr. 3i0 Hurrell, Thomas Patrick 288 Hurst, Lewis Scott 3 16 Infantino, Thomas 340 nge, Thomas Benjamin 340 Ingram, Hampton 340 ngram, Henry Bernard 2 1 2 ngram, Phi ip Scott 85, 108, 213 Inman, James Patrick 107, 213 Inteso, Carmine Carl Jr. 316 Jackson. Timothy Scott 288 Vacohs. . on Michael 340 Jacobsen. Douglas Montgomery 316 Jacquez, Roberto Tnnidad 288 yaney, Randy Kemn 288 Jannusch, James Eric 3 1 6, 325 Jarvis, Paul Francis 2 13 Jasinski, Anthony Thomas 214 Jaworowski, Ronald Oresl 1 14, 214 Jenkins, James Michael 107, 214 Jernigan, Raymond Thomas Jr. 340 Jewell, Charles Scott 288 yoem, Stephen Mark 340 Johnson, Ashley Benton 288 Johnson, Byron Edward 317 Johnson, Chris 340 Johnson, Derrick Anthony 288 Johnson. James Bowers 289 Johnson. John Chadwick 289 Johnson, Mark Kevin 289, 294 Johnson, Robert Evan 106, 215 Johnson. Roger Francis 341 yo inson, William Bradley 84, 289 Joiner, Jeffrey Perry 341 Jonathan, Paul 341 yones, Lawrence Slephone 2 1 5 yones. Perry Eduard 289 Jones. Philip Wesley 317 yones, Phi ip Carl 317 yones. Rohert R ayne 341 yones, Ronald Kevin 341 yones, Scott Thomas 289 Jordan, Kelly Christopher 1 15, 278 Joynt, MarA Alan 341 Jussila, Michael Amos 289. 290 K Kaczmarek, Didier 341 Kanter, Christopher 215 Karahasz, Michael James 1 19. 216 Kardos, Thomas yoseph 114, 130. 216 Cams. Michael Alexander 341 Kay, A exander yohn I 3 1 7 Kay, Phi ip Eric 3 17 Kay, Rufus Antonio 341 Kealoha, Scott Joseph 341 Kei ty, Timothy Michael 107,216 Keith, Brian y nas 31 7 Ke ey. Michael Joseph 341 Ke (ey. Peter Ro6ert 341 Ke Zy, Timothy Michael 341 Kendrick, Gregg Richard 341 Kennedy, Dale 127. 217 Kennedy, Thomas Boarman 317 Keppefer.yohr, J 3 17 Kerr, Rohm Patrick 341 Kestner. Rohm Andrew 287, 289 Kie er, yohn Francis 1 16. 2 1 7 Kiehl, Grant Leavenworth 317 Kie y, Denis yoseph 7 1289 Kiker, James Walter 317 Kilbourne, Jimmy Wallus Jr. 112,217 Kind ey, Afyron Ray . 3 1 7 King, yoseph Bernard 3 1 7 King, Stephen George 317 Kinn, Rohert Bradford 289 Kirhy. Danie Eduard 2 1 8 Kirsch. Daniel William 342 Klassen, John 289, 45 Kloyaroon, Krirkchai 317 Ko 6, Rohert Maton 342 Ko ditz, Christopher Paul 218 Koloseike, Matthew Blake 3 1 7 Koro , Andreic Vladamir 289 Kraenzle, Christopher John 342 Kratzenberg. Dean Andrew 289 Krickovic, Stephen Preston 317 Krynski, Kenneth S. 342 Kuhn, Rohert Anthony yr. 342 Kuhrman. William Karl 109, 218 Kump, Cyrus Scott I 1 1 8, 2 1 9 Kustra, Mark Christopher 342 Lahan, Michae Richard 1 13, 219 Laf oresl, James Rene 1 2 1 , 2 1 9 LaHue. Richard 220 LaAe, Michae Anthony 342 Lakos, Michael Leslie 104, 220 Lamh, MarA Dawd 318 Lamb, Michael Lynn 318 Lampman, Peter Ronald Jr. 342 Lanier. Troy Vernon 106, 220 Lannom, Robert Payne 290 Lapinski. Alexander John 342 LaRor., Robert Henry 105, 221 L .Cue, John Andrew 318 Lassalle. Eric David 318 Latham, Glenn Allen Jr. 318 Latimer. Kent Vaughan 318 Laughon, Mark Alan 1 1 4. 22 1 Lavangie. Gregg Michael 3 1 8 Lavin. Andre 342 Lawrence, Joseph Coleman 342 Lawson, Joseph Stebbins 342 Leamy, Ketiin Alan 342 Leatherwood, William Alan 221 Led ord, EArarif Curtis 290 LeaW, Gerald Ronald 290 Lee,Jyh-Der318 Lee, Michael Wayne 318 Leeney. Michael Joseph 3 1 8 Lexers, Gerald George Jr. 122, 222 Lemaire, Jean Phillippe 290 Lemay, fiicnard Drigg-s l 290 Leonard, Scott Douglas 342 Lraiii, Brian Arthur 316, 3 18 Lewis, Keuin AfieWl 342 Luj K, Ramsey Joseph S. Ill 106, 222 Lightner, John Frazier 290 Littlecott. Marc Curtis 343 Littlefield, Clyde Kermil 343 Liu, Tsu-Kuang 107, 222 Lofstrom, Carlos Julio 318 Logan, Timothy Jay 318 Long, Christopher Roger 3 1 8 Loughrey. Brian Matther 343 Lourcey, Patrick Joseph 343 Lore ace, Nicholas Jean 3 1 2 Lovelace, Nicolas i 316 Loveless, Adam Andre 124, 223 Louing, Henry Todd 290 Lowry, William Keith Jr. 343 Lucas, fiotert Blake HI 343 Luther, Richard 318 Lync i, Raynard Byron 213, 319 M Maak, Bradley James 119, 290 Maass, Harlan Ronald 319 Macaulay. Timothy Isaac 223 Macla , Jeffrey Donald 223 Macmtchael.John Lee 319 Magge ei. James Thomas 319 Ma ai.el. Roman Francis 122. 130, 224 Mallis. James Alexander 290 Afalloy. Martin Leo 343 Manoff, Aleksander Marian 343 Maris, Rodney Thomas, 3 19 Markwaller, Todd William 343 Marsh. Kenneth Leighton 290 Marsh. Raymond Winston 319 Marshall, Thomas Paul 343 Martin. Daoid Alan 343 Martin, Matthew John 71 319 Martone, Jeffrey Alexander 343 Mase la, James J. 343 Mas ey, Michael Erie 343 Mason, Andrew Williams, 85, 224 Mason, George Martin 224 Mason, John 343 Mason, Robert Blair 225 Mason, [Payne Leslie 109, 225 Massie, Jeffrey Leonard 225 Matenpolos. Ike 344 Mattis, Kip Allen 319 Maxwell, Michael W 290 May, Martin Car efon 319 Maynard. Sei-ern Douglas 310, 319, 323 Mayo, Michael Marcel 319 Mays, Ronald Oronner 1 16, 226 122 McAllister, Andrew Scott 319 McAllister, Kevin Charles 344 McCabe, James Patrick 226 McCants, Anthony Lee 344 McCarthy, David Joseph 226 McCarthy John Thomas 290 McCarthy. Thomas Daniel 227 McCartney. Terrence Eugene 1 10, 227 McClmleck. Daniel 344 McCloskey, Joseph August TV 227 McClung. Kevin Curtis 291 McCown. Derek Ro6ert 344 McCrary. Peter M 3 19 McCray, John David Jr. 319 McCullough, Todd William 108. 130, 228 McCumber, Scott Paris 319 McDaniel, Michael David 291 McDonald, Darrin Anton 70, 344 McDonald, James Augustus III 130, 228 McDonough, Sean Pafrick 344 McFarland, Derek Carter 319 McGarrah, William Malcolm 111 320 McGhee, Matthew- West 320, 322 McGtnnis, Thomas Daren 106, 130, 228 McGloin, Hugh Michael 320 McGraw. Michael Edward 320 McGreu. Dan Edward 344 Mcguire. Patrick Lee 229 McHugh. Thomas Enrique Jr. 106. 229 Mc niosh, Anthony Quinn 344 McKee, Tnomas Atwood 344 MeKenzie, Brian Roland 344 McKenzie. James Keith 229 McKinley. James Gordon HI 230 McKone. Steven Drew 320 McLean. Jonathan Morris 291 McMahan. Patrick Denney 344 McMams. Robert Brent 230 McMenamin. Hugh J 320 McMUlian, Terence Walter 320 McSweeney, Weil Edward 344 Mc7yre, Robert [TOIiam 230 Meador, Robert Carey 23 1 Mele. Paul Anthony 344 Mekndez, Manuel Roberto 291 Mema. Christopher Ronald 344 Messner, Douglas Robert 291 Mezzacca. Mie iael D. 345 Michelsen, Warren Woodward 291 Miles, Scott CrUsman 231 Miller, Albert Bernard Jr. 231 Miller, Bob 332 Miller, Bryan Scott 291. 320 Miller. David Albert HI 232 Miller, Dwayne Gregor 345 M.ller, Robert Anderson, Jr. 345 Miller, Sean Trevor 291 Miller, Milium 345 Milchell, Christopher David 345 Miichell, Clark Dat ' id 320 Mitc telf, Russell Lee Jr. 291, 294 MifcfceM, Thomas Jackson 285, 291 Mitlehner. Carl Alfred 320 M.ze, Eric 320 Monahan, Daniel Patrick 63, 232 Mon alcone, Michael Joseph 345 Moody, Jonathan Turner 232 Moore, Datiid Carter 124, 233 Moore, JohnPau I 320 Moore, Michael Cabin 291 Moore, Michael Edgar 345 Moore, Peier IFatson Jr. 320 Moore, Thomas Frank 345 Moquin. MarcDuane25. 124. 130. 131,233,346 Morehead, Max Conrad Jr. 233 Morehouse. Eric Dean 234 Morgan, Martin Je rey 234 Morgan. Matthew Hope 292 Morris. Stephen Michael 320 Morrison. Jonathan Bruce 234 Morton, VmceAlan 104, 235 Moss. Mark Stewart 320 Mumma, James Morrison 310, 321 Munno. Thomas Salvalore 321 Munson, Paul Eric 281, 292 Murphy. Michael B 345 Murray. Michael 345 Murray. Paul Christopher 321 Murray, Tom Reed HI 320 Musarra, Frank Vincent 54, 321, 324 7t Naff. Neal Jamison 1 05, 32 1 Nagle. John Charles IV 292 Nathan. Lawrence Albert 345 Neary, Stephen Michael 321 Necessary. Michael Eugene 5. 235 Needham. Peter Dirck 235 Nelson. Earl Charles 32 1 Nelson, Richard Paul 292 Nelson, Samuel Floyd 292 Nentwig. Robert Joseph 105.236 Newcomb, Glenn Douglas 54, 236 Nezas. Steven Henderson 345 Ngarmwonguan, Paisam 292 Nickle, Bruce Edward 236 Nixon. William Frederick 321 Noewatne. George D. Jr. 345 Noiwan, Chinaual 292 Nolan, John Herbert 292 Nnonpackdee. Thongvil 321 Nordmeyer. Kyle 345 Norris, Stuart Goodm 32 1 Northrop. Michael Cecil 237 Nowlin, Gary Gene 346 Nussey. Robert Trafton Jr. 84, 125, 237 O Ferrall. Robert 346 ONeel, Brian 321 O Neil, Patrick 321 Oakes, Todd Kyle 321 OBuckley. Gerald Thomas I 32 1 Ogden, Christopher Winthrof 346 Olinger, John Bell Floyd 292 0, Kyle Vpham 292 Omstead, David Andre 321 ONeel, Brian Nelson 321 Osborn. John Harold 346 Oscar R Williams, HI 328 Otey, Gregory Stevens 293 Overholt. Robert Clayborne 346 Onerson, Ernest James 55, 237 Ou ' en, Michael Dautd 321 Owens, Stephen Michael 293 Oxtoby. William Gordon 346 Padgett. Robert Neal 238 Page, Eduard Robert 32 1 Palme, Garilh Charles 322, 42 Pancham. Stephen Richard 62, 238 Pannell. Brian Dwayne 346 Pannell. Michael Vincent 322 Pannorit, Pakdi 293 Pane , Timothy John 126, 238 Pantano. Al red Albert Jr. 292, 293, 294 Pardeu, Paul Hamilton 346 Parker. Datud Leray 1 16, 239 Porks, Mark Jason 346 Parrotl, John Vondarryle 76, 322 Patnesky, Todd Allen 84, 346 Pearson, Stephen Christopher 322 Peckham, Christopher Mark 293 Peer, Thomas Craig 293 Peel, Christopher Howard 104, 239 Pell, Richard Fairfax TV 346 Peltier, Marc 346 Pennmgton, James Cloy Jr. 291, 293, 297 Perez, Timothy James 239 Pham, Don Hoang 322 Phan, Tung Thanh 320. 322 Phillips, Ambrose Rossini III 240 Phillips, Glenn Paul 240 Phillips, John Summers 127, 293 Phillips, Robert Edward 293 Pickett, George Deets 240 Piedmont, John Patrick 342, 346 Piercy, Roger Dale 346 Pilloni, John Richard 292, 293 Pingree, James Lewis 120,241 Pinhole. Joseph Ernest 127, 241 Pilcock.john Thomas 106, 241 Pitts, David Alexander 322 Pitts, Richard Briam 322 Planeta. Christopher Carl 118, 242 Plucinski. Edward Matthew 242 Plunk, Terr, Laicrencc 322 Poage, Christopher Columbus 242 Poast, John Eduard 293 Podo, Smardie Didiek 1 10, 243 Poindexter. Gordon Wallace 143, 243 Politano. Thomas Vincent 293 Poremba, Sean Eric Stanley 55, 243 Porter. Duncan Clifi 346 Porter, Michael Todd 347 Porter, Tracy Mandiville 294 Powell. Kenneth Dale 55, 244 Powers, William Brian 322 Previs, David John 322 Price. Craig Joseph 347 JEcvifl Thomas 294 Pru ' itt, Paul RaderJr. 244 Putre, Tony Andreas 322 Quintavalli. Stephen 322 Raborn, Sean Wayne 347 Rader, IPt Ham 347 Rad e. James Louis 124, 244 Raiford, George Philip 347 Ralston, Glenn Alan 5, 121, 245 Ramos. Robert Troy 122, 245 Rapacki, John Charles 245 Ratliff. Brett 347 Ratliff. Michael Allen 347 Ray, William Christopher I 347 Rea, Robert Steven 347 Reading. Gary Joseph 322 Reagan, George William Jr. 322 Reardon. Ketiin Patrick 294 Redman. David Eugene 294 Reews, Kramer 347 Reil y. Mark 323 Retlly, Thomas James 347 Reimann. Thomas Francis 307. 323 Renshau. Reynolds Bishop 294 Reynolds. David Royal 347 Reynolds. Robert David 246 Richardson. Charles Vilsky Jr. 323 Richardson, Ronald Scott 323 Ridderhof. Philip Jordan 246 Riggleman, Philip Douglas 323 Riley. Danny Wilson 323 Ring. James Fright 323 Rivenhark. Michael David 246 Roberts, John Lloyd 347 Roberts, Philip Gwynne III 323 Robinson, Steven Scott 294 Robison, Todd 323 Rodriguez, Edward Jesse 347 Rogers. William George 247 Rollins. Gregory Eric 323 Rosahegyi. Paul 334 Rose, Andrew Lee 347 Rosol, Robert Paul Jr. 348 Rougeau, Gregory Armand 348 Roy Hill, III 316 Rozsahegyi, Pau 334 Ruc ter, Lou« Gene 247 Ruf, Joseph III 117,247 Ruohomari, Davin 348 Rus icr, Wiffiam Holbrook 348 RusseJZ, Somue Laurence 321, 323 Russell, Thomas Wellington 104, 248 Russo, Paul Donald 294 Rvtnan. John Franklin 323 Sacco, Ernest Joseph 294 Sachrison. Jon Eric 294 Sadier, C iarte ejf rey 294 SaZyan, Daniel Paul 323 Sampan. Somkiai 294 Savage. Richard Joseph 323 Sawangsak, Somsak 295 SattTer. Rohert Bruce 308, 323 Scaglione. Dion 114,248 Scaglione. Robert Joseph 248 Scarpino. John Joseph D. 323 Schensiram, Michael 324 ScnmstocJi. oseph Houard III 249 Schmelmg. Norman A. 348 Schnock, Daniel Eugene 348 Scnoen, Cnarfei Carro i V 249 Schoonmaker, Curtis Randolph 295 Sc iumacner. James Thomas Jr. 324 Schuster, Charles J 324 Scoll, David Zachary 348 ScoU, Frederick George I 249 Scoll, Gregory A an 295 Seaborn WhatZey. II 351 Secrist, Gregory Bryan 324 Seeiey, Jimmie Wayne l 250 Sei ert i. Muzm Orin 42, 295 Seiiga, Andrew Edward 324 Selnau. Brent Robert. 348 SeZnau, Henry Edward Jr. 250 Semmes. Benjamin Warner L. Ill 324 Shadle, Thomas William 348 Shanley, James David 250 Sharp, Kevin Haywood 251 Sheckells. David Bradley 251 SheiZd. Ceorge CaheZl 252 Sheltan, Thomas Douglas 348 Shepard, Jason Wesley 295 Shepard. Juistin Gregory 348 Shin, David Woo 8, 252 Shipfey, Mn Charles 348 Shollo, Brian John 348 Shrimpton, Daniel Mark 324 Sibayan, Gary Alan 348 Simpson, Charles Gregory 1 17. 252 Simpson, Emmett Darin 324 Simrolh, PauZ AZan 107, 253 Simulcik. Stephen John 348 Sincavage, Kevin Peter 295 Sinc ai ' r, Sleuen Rohert 10, 253 Sinclair. Wayne Anthony 328 S oZund. Karl Joseph 78, 253 SfcZar, Geoffrey Stuart 324 SZaler, Ro6ert Ruckerjr. 324 SZoane. RusseZ Spencer 324 Smaaladen, Dennis Jay 324 Smdedcor. Mart H 324 Smiiey,. e j ' reyAZZen254 Smith, Fred Winton Jr. 349 Smith. Gary David 295 Smiih. Minor Bolts 89, 254 Smith, Richard 349 Sniffin, Edgar Dixon 349 Snyder, Timothy L nn 295 Sodergren, Christopher Lee 349 Sossi, Lute £du ' ard 55, 254 Sossi, Matthetv Edward 349 Spam. Kenneth Byritn 255 Sparks. Kent Patton 295 Sparis, Richard Lynn 349 Spears, David Vandeursen 1 10, 255 Spence. George Christopher 295 Spence, Timothy Lee 349 Spelz, Thomas Frank 324 Spieldenner, Robert Arthur 349 Spivey, Thomas Nelson C. 349 Spivey, Timothy Andrew W. 255 Spriggs. Russell Burrus 111, 256 Sprinkle, Robert Stevan 295 Sred , Victor Joseph 324 StaAZes. Bruce Scott 349 Stachelek, Dennis Scott 315, 325 Stafford. Steven Ward 349 Sfaneic, John David 256 Starling, Christopher Lee 325 Start, Christopher L 325 Stathis, Christopher Michael 296 Stearns. Christopher Philip 296 Steenburgh, Charles Joseph Jr. 104. 256 Stephens. Cameron Mosteller 257 Stepnowski. James Joseph 325 Stevens, Mn AZterl 124, 257 Steicart, Andreu Christopher 325 Steuart, Kenneth Anthony 325 Stoc c, Mart Anthony 325 Stone. Peter David 84 Stone, Richard Lee 325 Stoneman, Allan Russell 349 Structmeyer. Thomas Kent 296 Sullivan, David Carlyle 325 SuZZivan, Kevin Patrick 349 Sullivan. Renme Mason 284, 296 Sutherland. Terrence Patrick 296 Sutton, Matthew Calvin 296 Su eaney, Rohert Daniel 123, 296 Swider, Joseph Anthony Jr. 316, 318 Swiencinski, Brian 325 Stvint, Joey Blair 325 Sykes, Keith Eugene 349 Szczepanski. Radoslaw J 296 Tabb. Todd Anthony 257 Ta6ur, Henry 258 Taggart, Jimmy Lee 116. 258 TaZZ ott, Edgar Franklin 258 Tarng. Feng-Shaw 350 Tate. Samuel Lee 325 Tavenner. CZoyd Tollman A ' 325 Taylor. Alien Bernard 3511 Taylor, John Howell 296 Toy or, Rohert A fen 325 Taylor, Thomas Patton 325 Tederick. Matthew Alvin 350 Temple, Jeffrey Allen 296 Tertychny, Cera d Paul 296 Thacter, Stephen LZoyd 259 Thomas, Clayton Malcolm IX 259 Thomas. Gregg Allen 326, 328 Thompson. Craig Steven 350 Thompson. Joseph June III 126, 259 Thompson. Mark Alexander 5, 9. 1 15, 260 Thompson. Redmond John Jr. 260 Thompson. Robert Talley 120, 130, 260 Thorpe, Samuel Ryan 326 Tilley. Matthew Todd 76, 350 TinsZey, James Clifton 261 Toepfer, Jack R. 350 Tognoli. Christopher Arthur 350 To iey, Bruce Edu ' ard 122, 261 Tolley. George Alan 296 Towers, Thomas Reynolds Jr. 89, 326 Toye, Tracy Scott 350 Trammell, Wilfrid Cooper 296 Tran, Hung Vgoc 297 Tran, Thuan tfieu 26 1 Tnce. Franklin Alexander III 262 Trumpore, William Van 350 Tuc t, Steven CZenn 326 Tuem er. , ames Paul 322, 326 Tunnard. Andrew John 350 Turlington. Joseph Scott 326 Turnage, Bothy Neil Jr. 307, 326 Tyus, William Eugene 350 Upton. Michael Bruce 297 t rie, 7ames Hugh Jr. 1 18, 262 Umer, John Hammond Jr. 3 1 4, 326 Vrquhart, John Roderick 262 Urtiew, Andrei Paul 326 Ustach, Thomas Janik 326 Vaijai. Kultauat 326 Ka aci, Richard Steven 350 VanWinkle. Robert Francis 350 Varlas, George 108, 263 Kerso a. Alfredo Matias 350 Vitulano, Michael Louis 326 Kogan, Kurt Richard 297 koZant. Adam CharZes 307, 326 Vouduris, Nicholas Jason 350 koytto. Thomas James 297 Bade, David Kirkland 326 Wagner. David Scott 263 Wagner, Edward Dishman 326 Walker. Benjamin Dewayne 1 13, 263 Walker. James Sidney 1 16. 264 Walker. William Jefferson III 351 Wall, James Raymond 351 Wallace, David Caplan Jr. 1 2 1 . 264 Walpole. Kenneth Keegan 265 WaZrod, Timothy William 121. 297 Walsh, Kenneth Ives Jr. 297 Walton, Aubrey Alfred Jr. 327 Walton. Eugene Marion TV 265 Wan, Chi-Hsiang 327 Wanat, John Joseph 327 Wanovich, William Joseph 104, 297 Ward, Edward Randolph 265 Ward, Mitche LaRue 297 Warren, Kevin Christopher 327 Warren. Steven Henry 351 Washington, Keith Downey 297 Washington, Kevin Nathaniel 327 Was vO. Steven Eugene 335. 351 Waters, Stephen Wi Ziam 308, 327 Wauhen, WUlaim M. 327 Weatherford. JimmieJr. 313 Wedd e, Gregory Wade 76, 79, 266 Weede, Richard Hunt 266 Weiss, Michael Anton 297 Weiss. Steven Paul 120,266 Weiss, Warren William 297 West, Timothy Jar rod 327 West, Trace Patrick 327 Whaien, Daniel William 267 Whisenanl, Mar c Andrew 351 While, Robert Lee 351 While, Timothy tee 64, 327 Whitehead. Thorpe Clarke 327 Whileman. Eric Scott 267 WhitlaAer. Arthur Davis 7r. 1 17, 267 Whilly, Richard James 298 Wiecking, James Woodbum 327 WiZourTCregory. Z I314 Wilkinson, Tedric Gordon 89, 327 Willard, Randall Norman 351 WiZZiams, Cairo 351 Williams, Calvin Edmond 327 Williams, David Lee Jr. 317, 327 WiZliams, DeZaney CZi ton 328 Williams, John Powell 328 WiZZiams, Thomas , ames 351 WiZZiamson. David Scotl 35 1 Williamson, Michael David 298 Williamson. William Todd 298 Willis, Charles Robinson 351 WiZson, Anthony Wayne 328 WiZson. Christopher Brent 77. 328 WiZson. DanieZ Benedict 328 WiZson, LoueZZ DeZhert Jr. 35 1 WiZson, Mart Russell 328 WiZson, Mailheu Leigh 351 Winfield, Darrell Gerard 268 Wishart, DougZas WiZZiam 328 Woicotf, William Pulman 1 10, 268 Wolfe, John Victor 268 Wong, William Dennis 328 Wood, Donald Thurman Jr. 298 Wood, Kevin Paul 351 Wood, Michael Lorenzo 328 Wood, Randolph Lowry IR 351 Woodhouse. Enc 328 Woolwine. Roy Franklin 269 Woolon, Moody Cray r. 298 Wright. James 328 Wrujht, John Arthur 328 Wyatt. Harold Lee 335, 351 Vap, Gary-John Gilbert 105, 209 young, DanieZ Curtis 64, 328 Young, Roy David Jr. 127, 269 Young, Timothy Scott 1 14, 270 yum. Seonghoon 298 Zaleuski, Daniel Earl 328 Zgol, Richard Brian 298 Zimmer, Anthony Todd 270 Zins, William Edward 298 Zoeke, Robert Eric 328 ZoZper. Andreu Canning 298 As Editor of this publication, it is a great relief to be writing this, the final page, of the 1986 BOMB. Through sheer determination and many hours of work, a dedicated few staff members have accomplished what seemed to be an almost in- surmountable task at the beginning of the school year. The results speak for themselves. Over the past few years, the BOMB has come to possess a profes- sional outlook that has manifested itself in this edition with layout and photography that is as good or better than annuals of many schools with twice the staff and budget of the BOMB. In spite of this success, it is an unfortunate fact that the 1986 BOMB is not everything it could have been. A blatent disregard for several specific needs of the BOMB staff on the part of various members of the administration resulted in delayed work schedules and longer hours than were actually necessary. It is ironic that the same administration uses this publication for publicity and recruiting pur- poses. If the Institute is going to produce the best annual possible that is also three times as large as the size of the annual for another school of the same size, there must be more support from those with the authority. To those many members of the administration that did help, particularly Public Information, I can only say thank-you. Various problems with the staff itself also hindered the progress of this book. For the most part, these problems were associated with the general apathy of the Corps in general. For those who were " on " the staff, made specific commitments and then ignored them, I can only say that I hope you will have a more responsible at- titude once you have left the Institute. The BOMB was completed despite your lack of dedication. It was not an easy job but, fortunately, there were others willing to bear the load that you simply abandoned. To these staff members, I give my sincerest thanks and gratitude. Ken. I don ' t know what I would have done without you this year. Not only did you always come through with photographs and photographers when we needed them, you helped upstairs in more ways that you can imagine. Bill, I never had to worry about business matters and never had any doubt that the BOMB ' s financial matters were in good hands. Tom and Drew, your dedication when push came to shove was a major part of the reason that the 1986 BOMB developed into a reality. To all those on the staff who were there to do whatever needed to be done (Pictures, for instance, always seemed to be needed at late hours. The more pictures needed, the later the hour.) I hope that you have found working on the BOMB to be a rewarding experience. It has been a pleasure to know you and I think that I will take a part of each of you with me when I leave in May. For now, the only thing I can is THANKS. Steven R. Sinclair Editor-in-Chief The 1986 BOMB

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Virginia Military Institute - Bomb Yearbook (Lexington, VA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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