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j mi m ; r Mx.::5v:e-r:.- " ■■ ■ - J ny nn n I ! DJJ liin II II h i! h n ii .......... ii ii ii ii 11 II III HII II II II B ii nil H Mi «f n n " 1 urn m b i o I if la aim .. I aa 5 Jll i " ! EI! Hi JOSEPH TV. MCCARTHY 81 j.|trqtimi fjjtftfarajjti iiui ' J ' ' » H ii ii ii i » in ii ii ii ii ii u ii ii .|| I I II I I II II II II III II II II II II B II II II " I ' ■ fa a a a a: a a a s as " It was the best of times, 2 Prologu it was the worst of times. it was the age of wisdom, 4 Prologue it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, Virginia Military Institute TIE HONOR SYSTEM h n h o PWwyM H» in y n ws - W « ( • •» « Cafe • b V r r- ' l d by a » d f rvs wvKHr w W» b» « y fc rf • • -v«4 to jwwm ■ 4 « V fX M%H ■ " ' » ♦ h« « " • V o m t -» r « - Staokno d t " or " a O- Oowo.w ' O) o t «drr i owi IVIN THOUGH TW WOtD CftTl IS MOT WtlTTtN ON TH| WOtK iTSflF • p O 1 ' . Tiv , -0 ' • W» ' d « ndi 4, ftw e C ' t O Si. vn M4MIVW »lv P 4n «on tn 00, «fc • 4 wd» it O n of • vw. i; Cod I. «,- •■ » -St «t- n tokroft otry 4»«p»r»y ffwo ■ » »»0 ( n th IK ii»ri 1 £»rp- ' V. ' -fl ViMM of Wwi a b w o yj-rf ptofM r o ■ c(hvtv« »« t» to • AM NHOI MOLAfROM Ti Kww C vh wm 4 ii—ji m Ua • -» a kw tcd torn • fv«r Cmh. o d C otottod f w. Mm baOW d 1 Ctoo IS C vf bt M • » o. 7kam i4 » th h«x 0OM •• Wt n4 j H « W t»»id 4 » « tf Vtca-fVaHdo ), w MTU «i •» Whw wV«Mi» topo ' .-i) « d Mk) Proiocvtor v » •©«• djwai tovotH+aM • Honor vto-o »m Ts fevMcvMn ex m - MH OHM, vfroatty. 4 S LO«d 4 4 i» w w M vt i (a th mM w a Wot ««d «Nw» In o ' i ww a ) ; — mhtn or - h « n f»W bnawfcf-da of th CM . Md or «M» I 144 d » O 4n 4rH4l | M || PH W - SKawU •V dafrndun b o TX.rd r fovnfc Ctow , d fHMfdVv wM after ■ w »i i ' o s«» • •» x wHh A Cow . »« • 71. ttoM« Cow " thot»M W MfcH wMwrf HWfs fS Catf WWW k U H04 s (» K H »» ot onxtK-on H« prtmory vncH»ft k ■» y »%» qio i «l th« Henee Ca4 . ond «» ra iw to " S . to TK l y» o« of • Mono Cod i ft» foct thol aocS •n H th» Hono« Court o« y brooch of o brooch of tho Ww— 1 Cooo fHoi comoi uftdor iiiiwi Huff m Mpo a t tp to wmm MOHCurot ot r w oaoM to WW mmutum O f -o w or TW COURT WfeOA « «u pOCN d viakWfOrl O » CWH) ' » r«po ' «d « • Mdhm Cov t. if Wl« v«» orMooV «4vrni o tpM 4l| Whoo th« W " " M J»«» ropr«ionro1 vo, K MbHOT C vr • «loo« otxt tfw frowetrwwt 4 ct4o A«fo £ »wt««Wv o v Mot 4w 5vp fM f n«fvm ■» roquowW « oorSoiij rt»» ' ?: Uper. H h» OVtfwrKVHtMt. H 0 OCOltVO «» ptdC d (Tl or r«) 4Ad bHMHjfct favfer 4 fVOtrtot S ai n a wWv, tn rh» mOOfAso V iho Ivp+eMtLnd+rt t rof OMHlOtivt |K« acoji t ' « toevhy advuer. rtoa odv U or, oao Oty o W ' t»c»ot coyn ' ' 4 |irOvnnl h r ff« iwt««rd. rk» Konor Cown froiidoM ond f«4«KV 4r4 pf» OOT rhO tho -g ) oaolrttl KtfO Al fh » tin 0 iho «fjtril moy ptood owKy o not owtS , rfiovM ha pteod g«-t»y. So ti d imJMod in t»4 u«wol mOAAorj «SouW h« plood v stfiHy, tho ocewMd U « vo«i tuffoorw ftm» to orongt tov o 4e 4t4 coimtol and » prrpoto to n»bvt iK« ProMcvto i ri«o 04 ot a KW .3 ' Too Commando and Covt mombon ■ nei ' fod of (4) At. Iho Pfvtidont ' i dtKrofion any Court mombor in volvod ut rh» coio. dlrocriy or inoVrocHy, will bo roptocod by a cad ) aotoctod by th ro (donf j ' dit ' i aro roodorod by tb« Court. mambort iho o«cu»od A CAOCT SO ACOUITTtD H C0MP1ITKV IXOnWATIO Of TW CHAtOIS AND MAiS NO mtm 4 4 a codo of portonol honor for rhoro vWt 44 ho »OU) bo«l of dotornwninfi honofobl C tOn o4trim rMa to «K honor of tho Corp i rtotot on of r u» Codo ond •Sot) b ( wd«44 Buf «fi r Tho fot»0-ino or« oAVrod 4 I -Cort.A d. " whor oodo o honorobU co«d„ ( . IT tttPUtt MUfUIUTV, VAUOITT AMO BBMW TUTM HAU nUTMB. IVAtfVl A W W W Ot M—M CiMMOt and «nu not m toubatb o rnombo of »h4 OvO ' d ©n 4 r O on)! | on orf-ool ropoc .» THrt ftOM MOT UA THAT AAfV MCJITrwl ACT Ot WAIfAUAfl WU M TOt- f4r t Ooh topoMMoatwM Jwu W St ' nnono, Jr. John A, Rudolph Forroil L Monon Kormofh M baybvt Aoron W iwth •obort B Cor Oonnit A. Hackomoy ' Frank J. Uoch CO QWt OC " y in on offool copot , i Jomoi A Jackton W.ii oft P. JohnHMt tobort J fctorni P«t r f Navto Ralph V SJerthom Huffh JUL ratn. Ill Edwtn L ok r. Ill • ♦» WMfM tof ' OtlWQ loafJojWaMgp AND AMIWH- IGNOR ANCE IS NO EXCUSE it was the epoch of incredulity, .■ " ■- ' ■ ' . it was the season of Light, I« " ' ..,V...-- i D II n ' " 1 » Jl] 11 1 10 11 III i! n te, , A- Hk — MM it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, - • . • . TTam - _ it was the winter of despair. we had everything before us. we had nothing before us, NOTICE DATE H Al»u7 f you are being placed on Report (Warned) f»r the deficiencies Article (imp Displayed) OJnj J 3ookshelf (Not Harked) TdYsordeTy unauth Article in Same) " . 22 i Civi 1 ian -CJ t-hi na (unauthorized) _ IWK ■ ■ It NOTES: thing (Unauthorized) Floor flDirt (Tra h on same) Feod B»x " {Tn window) (not in bcx) (ntt Hayroll (imp marked) (imp displayed) (down on Locker, Wall Clothing (in disorder) (dirty) Unauthorized article displayed rty) Ml (Unprepared) (Grossly unprepared) Record Cabi net Wi res (in disorder) (di layed) (unauth. article) i hoes ITot sJ ( Dirty) (unshi ned imp shined) " JoV Pet. [Imp fl i splayed) I ocf - rilLJ C Sink Mirror Glass shelves (Dirty) A n 0„ Status Card (imp Marked) 7aA i Status Card (unmarked) -?= j? Table (Dirty) (|n di strder) Onauth arton _ l. Wall (Dirty) (Unauth art displaye d) jBfcrfc Wind»w si 1 1 transcm (Dirty) (art in same) " ©Ojljf Cther Other Other Other • J% ? % EL o |t os ' uess jjlz we were all going direct to Heaven, 1 4 Prologue we were all going direct the other way — " les Dickens, 1 859 H ' II ' I B B B « Nl 1MI H B H II I a II it I II «! II R H B II HI II II II B H II ■ n ■ I . . , n " Dm " m .ii 1 " " - ' " gl I. Though Change We Must We Are Not Changed 1 8 Prologu The Institute Shall Never Die ■mli ted Prologue 1 9 1980 BOMB w $m VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE Editor in Chief Robert F. Wheeler Business Manager Christopher J. Dombalis Managing Editor Bert A. Liverance II Photographic Editor Keith R. Baron ? I m -, i. » ■ 5l i j - .«• » Foreword This year, the BOMB staff has tried to accomplish three things which we feel will make the 1980 BOMB a better annual than its predecessors. First, the coverage of the past year has been increased to cover more cadet activities both on and off post. Second, we have tried to produce a yearbook that is an accu- rate record of the events of the past year. One must not forget that the 1980 BOMB is historical as well as pictorial in nature. Finally, we have tried to provide a book that is both entertaining and interesting. CONTENTS: Classes 26 Corps 206 Activities 230 Institute 266 Social 294 Events 336 Sports 348 In a Lighter Vein 396 Ads 408 Index I Editor ' s Note IX The 1980 Bomb Is Dedicated to Our Brother Peter W. Barrow TUG OF [977 tEFT US :HEIR MEMORY! Robert B. Shelley It was a terrible spring of 1977. During a swimming class, Mike Burch drowned. It was the first tragedy for our class and all felt the pain. None of us thought it could get worse yet it did . . . Rats Who Died in the Spring of 1977 " aI V V k ) Li 1 ULEL f C 1 iJ ■fc 4? ■ " rw « Michael L. Collier Michael E Burch It all happened so quickly; there we were at the bottom of the cliff injured, dead or dying. In less than a minute I had lost four close friends, the first people I had really come to know at VMI. As I lay in the hospital overcome with grief and trying to keep my sanity, a thought occurred. Pete Barrow, Mike Collier, Kerry Keach and Bob Shelly no longer suffered for they were sharing in the eternal happiness provided by the creator. It was the living who suffered, for we were deprived of their friendship, loyalty and love. Even today, as I look back and realize how lucky I was, I know a part of me died with those men. Jeff Basilotta Survivor Goshen Car Wreck Spring 1977 CLASSES Four years. Four long, short years. Time to write our final class history, and yet, it is not a final history at all. It is the end of a cadetship, but it is far from being the end of VMI ' s class of 1 980. We all look forward to a new beginning, a start towards big- ger challenges, more responsibility, the fulfillment of an important role in life. With this in mind, I guess we deserve to sit back for a minute and reflect on the past four years. We all came here different and we will all leave here different, as individuals. But yet, you can ' t spend four years at the " I " and not change in some way. We ' ve developed friendships and shared experi- ences that are invaluable. We have walked our rat line, strove through our third class year and earned our ring. This year, we have dared to try some new ideas. We have heard praise, and criticism. But despite all, we have attempted to leave our mark on VMI a positive one — to leave VMI a better place than when we entered it. We leave hopeful that the classes to follow will pick up our initiative, learn from our successes and failures, and strive to always create a better VMI. We leave having done our best to mold the class of ' 83 into a strong class ready to take on the coming challenge that is VMI. Many that started with us are no longer here — reflecting on this we realize that time has passed, changes have taken place. We have met the VMI challenge and experienced only what another VMI man, and indeed only another brother rat, could ever understand. It ' s time to move on to a new beginning now. We have every right to believe that we will stand proud in this world as VMI men who have come before us. I wish all the best to VMI ' s best. Edwin L. Baker III Historian Walter B. Wood I President Hugh M. Fain III Vice President The Class of ■A Reflections of Our First Class Year iQi ' f f§ John E. Alerding III " Ding " Manassas, Virginia Physics — Air Force Society of Physics Students 4, 3,2,1; Math Club 3, 2, 1; Newman Club 3, 2, 1; Arnold Air Society 4, 3; Track 4; Cadet Waiter 2,1. During my years at V.M.I. , I have matured both intellectually and spiritually. I have the utmost respect for the unique structure of V.M.I.; for it has enabled me to find out who I am, but just as impor- tant, it has let me know my capabilities. V.M.I, has many obstacles, but the most difficult one I found to conquer, was apathy, staying ahead of that feeling is a constant race, but if apathy can be beaten at V.M.I. , it can be beaten anywhere. It is with this faith and gratitude that I leave V.M.I. DYKES 1977: Andre Kynesny, Marty Pendelton 1983: John Zangas Frederick Mitchell Alexander " Mitch " Alexandria, Virginia Civil Engineer — Navy Varsity Rifle Team 2,1; Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1 , Property Manager 3; ASCE 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 1; Cpl 3; Pvt 4, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 4, 3; Concret Canoe Club 1; Pier 12 Fan Club; Room ' 39 Staff 3, 2, 1 ; West Side Girl Watchers. How do you sum three years with the staff? Late lights . . . Shadows on the wall . . . Solving world problems ... 139 art gallery . . . Stumbling through the dark . . . " Hello Baby " on hop weekends . . . Road trip to Wappinger Falls (where?) . . . Beer runs and pizza nights . . . Doug Monjean (fun with) ... IS (ears) . . . Ben Gay . . . John (Linguini Lips) ... If you ever need advice . . . Thanks guys! It was tough, but worth the effort. I got what I came here for and more! I give my heartful thanks to the Schmidts for everything! Mom, Dad, Mary, Marj, and Meg thanks for the courage to stick with it. Thanks, finally to you Libba, for your love and support, I would not have made it without you! DYKES 1977: Kip Hamilton 1 983: Kyle D. (Chimp) Ellis Eli Thomas Stackhouse Alford " Eli, Ets, Tom, Pillsbury Doughboy, Stan, Ulf. ' Charlottesville, Virginia History — Army Artillery Pvt.; Cpl.; Sgt.; Lt.; Drum Major 2, 1; Copy Editor VMI CADET; Distinguished (?) Military Student; F fighters; VMI Theater; Pep Band; Pep Band Dire 2; Athletic Sgt.; Cdt. Assistant; Dean ' s List - Semesters; Bugler 4, 3, 2, 1 — Head 1 . I planned to leave at the end of my Rat year; did not because of the great VMI intangible, words will not begin to cover it, but it should sul I to say that at least I appreciate it. I hope that I hie returned something to the school through musii A " thank you " list is unavoidable because I owe miy people for getting me into and keeping me at j especially when I was having second thoughts I parents gave me everything I needed for sucojs. Neill and Margaret supplied cookies and voice j encouragement, my Grandmothers added encjr- agement and pride, and my roommates, Cow |y Elliot, Tom, and Kent were more than willing to kjip me in line and on my feet. Thanks guys, but road goes ever on. " DYKES 1977: Phillip " Woodtick " Camper 1983: Fred Stone, Gene Davis C. Michail Alston " Tip- Devon, Pa. English — Artillery • ' Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges ' and Universities " ; Editorial-Editor Cadet; President Promaji; Varsity Football 4, 3, 2, Co-Captain 1; Eng- lish Society, Secretary 2nd; Honorary Membership Reserve Officer ' s Association; Academically Distin- guished 2; Dean ' s List; Honorable Mention All ' Southern Conference 2, 1 ; 2nd Lt. 1 ; Academic All [Conference 1 . I can say that I was totally unprepared for VMI ' when I first came here. However, after I spent part of " the first semester on confinement, I soon learned how things worked around here. Four years here ' has truly been an education, and not all of it in the : classroom. Be that as it may, after I graduate and ' look back on my " college days, " I ' ll remember ' Coach White; thank you for being more than just a ' coach. To Walt B — I ' ll see you in Philadelphia, ' when the pro circuit lets you have time. To Ben — hang in there, there ' s a place in this world for peo- ple with your sincerity. What can I say to Peyton, four years together and I still haven ' t been in an accident. Thank you Mom for always being there. DYKES 1977: Kerry " Moon " Mullins 1983: Barry Smith, Trent Boggs Philip Joseph Altizer, Jr. " Phil, Doctor ' A ' , Phildo, Nappy-Head, Confinement Kid " " Phil the Thrill, Philistine " Roanoke, Virginia Chemistry — Navy Fire Fighters 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 4; No. One Club 2; American Chemical Society 3, 2, 1; Capt. Candido Fan Club; Navy AC-Pro Club 3, 2, 1 ; Intramural Bas- ketball 4, 3,2,1; Pvt. 4,3,2,1; Ghetto 2,1. Certain events in life leave certain impressions on one ' s memory. VMI will be for me a kaleidoscope of the best and the worst. The best is reflected in the friends I ' ve made and the times I ' ve had with them. The worst comes easily to mind in some of the deals I ' ve gotten (No. 1) and some of the officials I ' ve had to deal with. However, in my troubled times, I had my steadfast roommates to take my mind off my prob- lems (HAIHA!). I ' ll remember Tom for his sense of " humor " — " I love pain " ; Mike for his lack of one; and Jim for his " serpentine fire. " Thanks, Mom and Dad. I ' ll never forget my chem boys. Remember, " I ' ve not yet begun to study! " And my main man Larry. Take care of Peg, she ' s a good kid. Later, guys. God help my little brother. P.J.A. ' 80 DYKES 1977: George Kalaris 1983: John Geis Stephen Mark Andrews " Hop-a-long, Garnett Andrews, S and M, Felix Unger, Lad " Richmond, Virginia Chemistry — Air Force Pep Band 4, 3, 2; Arnold Air Society 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Ameri- can Chemical Society 3, 2, 1 ; Cadet Newspaper Staff 3, 2; Pvt 4; Cpl. 3; Master Sgt. 2; Cadet Captain — Band Co. Commander 1; Summer Schreiber Research 1; Room 380 Trowel Committee; Late Study Chemistry Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cadre 2, 1 . For eleventh corporal who went to his 1st BRC with corporal bars upside down — Andrews, you ' ve come a long way. Despite: Gansz — Administration — Ring Figure Juggling Act — Gibney — Cadmus — Physics — Calculus — and Band Co. Sees. — you managed to avoid an ulcer and leave your mark on the " I " which will stand forever Our wish that another person will step through the Arch and care as much as you. I would like to thank those who have inspired me towards my success at VMI. Foremost are Mom and Dad — I ' ll always be thankful for your faith and sup- port. Thanks go to Ken for the broken leg my Rat year — that gave me an extra desire to come back to stick it out. I missed hunting that year, though! Thanks to Hoke and Mrs. Fusco too. John, Bob — we laughed through good times, cursed bad ones — may we always have good times. To those who hindered me — I MADE IT. DYKES 1977: Stephen R.Turley 1 983: George A. Zaloumis Mohammad Ardaki " Mobo " Tehran, Iran Civil Engineering — Navy No. 1 Club; ASCE; Volley Ball; Handball; RFYL; Weight Training; Ski Club; POV 1st, 2nd, 3rd. What can you say about a guy who served two number one ' s during his third class year and is still here. " Mohammad " was too long to say, so Mobo developed during our musical room situation from 260 to 360. There is not a nicer guy, he is quiet, intelligent, and always there to help you, a true Brother Rat. Our second class and first class year, we roomed next to each other, always there to help each other. Mobo, good luck in the many years to come and much happiness, Your friend always Y.E.P. DYKES 1977: Craig Leek 1983:Pazdaski,K. S. Frank Peter Arena, Jr. " Double F, Franks ' Arena, F k ' in Frank " Grafton, Virginia English — Air Force Rat 4; Pvt. 4, 3,2,1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 2nd Lt. 1 ; Sound- ing Brass 2, 1, Circulation Editor 2, Managing Editor 1 ; English Society 3,2,1, President En. Soc. 1 ; Dan- iel ' s Den Club 3, 2, 1; Coffee Spigot Club 3, 2, 1; RFYL 4, 3, 2.1; Handball 3. When a man graduates from VMI he takes with him dreams, desires, and memories. All of which he holds true to his being. Entering the epitome of schools, it took a lot of work and support to reach the plateau upon which we now stand. For myself, I had four crutches to lean on. My family — Rat year was rough and I ' m glad you were there; Deborah — you ' re wonderful. You only have a slight idea as to how you helped me; All my roommates — especially Yves and George, taking me in as you did was quite much to ask. You all added to the experience. En. Soc, the experience gained within your being is immeasura- ble. I ' ve never met a better bunch of guys. Best of luck to all of you! For some, the best is yet to come, Right Deborah. Thank you " ... A wise son maketh a glad father " DYKES 1977: Hal Marvin 1983: David Dobbs, Steve Evans Lawrence G. Avery Jr. " Larry, Lil ' Ave, N-Body " Panama City, Florida Electrical Engineering — Air Force Arnold Air Society 3, 2 — Deputy Commander, 1 — , Commander; Cadet Recreation Committee 4, 3, 2, 1 Chairman of Water Sports and Table Games; Scuba, Club 4, 3; Charter Member Pilogater Club — 1 ; Sols Member 98er Club; 2nd Class Auto Club — 2; Day Student — 1; Early Lunch Club; Who ' s Who in the Zoo. As my sentence comes to an end, I think of all the people who have helped make my incarceration more bearable and my parole possible. Thanks gc to Mom, Dad, Cheryl, and Darlene, the best family ir the world. You urged me on when I wanted to stopi To Cliff and Al, I couldn ' t have asked for two bette guys to get thrown in with to survive the first year] As for my present roomies G-body and T-body, are there any rules we forgot to break . . . We ' ve still go. time. (Boyer where are you?) Then ther ' a my just« about-roomies, Snake, Weebles, and Disco Dave) the three best guys in barracks to pull pranks on Hang in there George. And of course thanks go m Lynn, with her love and understanding (Not to men tion her mom ' s cooking). I survived my last yean 1 Thanks Pat and Sandy! Carry on Jon! DYKES 1976: Jim Mallon 1983: Jon Dodson I I Micheal Jay Bajorek " Baj, Bajorgee, Bajorak " New Providence, New Jersey Civil Engineer — Air Force ' rivate 4, 3, 2, 1; Undefeated Miami Dolphins Hand- iall Doubles Champions 2; The 01 -02 Lonely Hearts )lub 2, 1 ; Myrtle Beach Road Trip 2, 1 . The memories I leave behind will grow dim, but he friendship I have made here will shine forever. Ay thanks to my roommates: Ed, Bob, John, Lewis, : raz, Roel, and Dugie — wherever you are — for iroviding me all the great times I have had these ast four years. A very special thanks to my family. Vithout your support and understanding I would not lave finished this journey. 5YKES 1977: RoySiegel 1983: Todd Tudor, John Lashley, Bruce Hazelgrove, Mike Laughon Edwin L. Baker " Eddie B., Young Stallion " Virginia Beach, Virginia Biology-Armor Honor Court 2, 1, Prosecutor 1; " 17 " Club 3. 2, 1: Historian, Class of 1980: Exec. Committee, General Committee, 2nd Battalion Executive Officer: Cadet Assistant 1 ; Illegal Car Club 4, 3, 2; Gold Coast Soci- ety: Great Bridge Club: RHDBEP Club. Edwin Baker is known and respected by all, and has proven to be a top-notch cadet. The record describes Ed as a man of many positions — and " slightly excess . " But Eddie B should be described in a more personal sense, Ed has shown the ability to live up to the high standards, and, in regards to being excess, has proved easy-going and ready in any " opportune " moment to enjoy himself. Ed has proved that he can escape the demand of VMI for some pleasure-seeking. It can be seen that Ed is a well-rounded cadet; one who truly represents the high character of the VMI man. He is a close friend and has made my cadetship more " comfortable. " — KWT To my family and those who have tried to under- stand — a heartfelt thanks for your support. To the Class of ' 80 — I have missed the time for small talk and I apologize for always being busy, but I pay trib- ute to each of you The best to you all. ELB III Michael Allen Barnes " Barney, Booty, Mike, Dr G.H., et al " Southampton, New York Civil Engineering Pvt. 4. 3. 2, 1 ; ASCE 3,2.1; S.A.M.E. 1 ; RFYL; Cheer- leading 2. 1; Tucker Street and Lodge partier; Con- crete Canoe Committee; NY and N.J. Club 4, 3. 2, 1. Everything hit the fan my Rat year. The subzero breakout was long awaited. Being in Old Barracks the following three years proved an eye opener (and closer) to many good times. Fantastic roommates one must have here at the " I. " Tom Jack, Wheelap- our, Chuck, and John declared this New York Yan- kee a reborn Southerner. Never known to me before, tobacco became a delicacy. None of us could forget Bill Brown and others not with us now. but we hope to see them in Moody. Thanks to great friends, B.R. ' s, and a few girls schools around here; I have had my COLLEGE experience. The valley is beautiful, and I wish to return someday. However, I still " Love New York, " and life in the big city will be fun for a while. To my fondest B.R. Tom Jack — my memories of you will never be forgotten. Praise Jah!!l DYKES 1977 R R. Bonnadonna. Terry Wolfe 1983: Tom " AAAY " Dick DYKES 1977 Royl.Siegel 1983: Bobby Greenwood Jeffrey Louis Basilotta " Bass, Badass Bass, Bassisorus, Mr. Negative, Captain Zap " Biology — Army (Armor) Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Rat Football; Rugby 3, 2, 1; Co-Cap- tain 1; Head Secretary RDC; A Co Rat XO; Dean ' s List 3, 2, 1; Pre-Law Society; Founder and Warlord Room of Gloom 2. I ' m proud to have be en President of the Shadman Society and the Founder of John Shuman ' s Fan Club. I ' m proud to have been the winner of the Sur- vivor of 2 yrs. with Kelly and Morgan Award, Hunk and Scout ' s Negative Award, and the Martin " Troll " Fedenko ' s Intelligence and Beauty Award. Seri- ously, I would like to thank my parents for their sup- port and devotion. Without the following it would have been gloomy: Fedenko, Hunk, Shu, Scout, Dis- ease, Big T, Goofy, Bib, Frase, Role and Choke, Pixie, JR, Snoozer, Chal, Nick, and the Rugby Team. Finally, without the loyalty of Shad, the IrishMan, Frank and of course Pup, I would have never made it. You four have taught me the meaning of friend- ship. JLB DYKES 1977: Bill Sangtinete 1983: Brian Griswold Scott Thomasson Jeff Morgan?? Kenneth Mark Baybutt " Fred, Bayboo, Boo, Sport, Kinny " Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force Cpl. 3; Regt. Color Sgt. 2; 1st Batt. S-3 Lt. 1; Mono- gram Club 4, 3, 2, President 1; Wrestling 4, 3; Circle K 2, 1; Honor Court Rep. 1; Pervert Corner 3, 2, 1; 520th Tunnel Brigade; Wet Beaver 4, 2, 1; Butter Factory Squadron — VPI 2; I Phelta Thi. We came with a tear, For all was unknown. There was a hill to climb, And we were ungrown. The bonds were built, Stronger each day. All of us strug- gling, For the price we had to pay. We could not turn back, The challenge was here; Despite the pain, the loneliness, And always the fear, The candle was dim, Only a flicker in the night. All that we did, Noth- ing seemed right. Now we stand On top of that hill. Gazing off at The new challenges to fill. Our roads will split, For now we know the way. Yet, not one of us will forget, That very first day. Into the air A wish is cast. That all of us can live To remember this past. Farewell. Thank you Mom, Dad, Waverly and Margaret. It has been you that made it come true. Walt, Ike, and Hack, All of us stand in the light, our bonds, we ' ll always hold tight Doug and Chris — carry on your wayward suns. Carol — please stay by my side. I love you. DYKES 1977: Bill Laureman 1983: Bob Edwards Earl W. Bears " Bear, Max " Alexandria, Virginia History — Armor Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Pvt. 1; Rat Training 2, 1; Tanker Platoon 3, 2; Grotto Club V.P. 2, 1; Karate Club Treas. 3; Ski Club 2, 1 ; EC and GC 1 ; Common Com- mittee 4,3,2,1; Barracks Bomber 4, 3,2,1. To describe the man who barely needed a haircut on matriculation day in 150 words or less is almost impossible. Since coming to VMI, Earl has experi- enced a lot. I ' ve never ceased to be amazed at the things he has told me. He always seemed to know more than anybody else about the current stoop poop. Yet, I find it hard to knock Earl. He lived well in the VMI system. He even brought some excitement to it in an explosive manner. Whether it was giving grief to the OC ' s or to BR ' s in Gold Coast, you could count on Earl to liven things up. I ' m sure Earl will be a success in his career, mainly because of his way of cutting through all the bull and exposing the real problem in any situation. CAM ' 80 DYKES 1977: Mike Meise 1983: Todd Miles William Joseph Belkoski " Joe, Moose, Beluchi, Bel, Ski, Pollock, Puluka, Favorit " Alexandria, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Civilian rivate 4; Corporal 3; Sergeant 2; Lieutenant 1 ; Pep and 4, 3; Rugby 3; Alpha Chi Omega Club 1; IEEE . 1; V.P., Sat. Morning Cartoon Club 2; Favorit Club , 1; Who ' s New in the Zoo II; Almost Number 1 :iub; Preston Library Fun Club 2,1. I remember Joe as a rat who always seemed to be loing crazy. Then as a Third Joe still seemed to be loing crazy. I really got to know Joe Second Class ear and found, to my surprise, that he really was loing crazy! Yet, for a crazy guy, he really has a big leart. Our experiences go from Ring Figure to play- ig in Preston Library, to trips home, to a visit during ummer cruise, and right on up to Graduation. To ish him the best would be the smallest gift I could iffer to a Brother Rat who has done so much for me guess I ' ll always remember Joe!! RFL Thanks, Mom and Dad, for supporting me and lelping me make it through this place, and Murrel ind Hap, for putting up with me and my many noods. Bob, I couldn ' t have gone anywhere without 3YKES 1977: Robert E.Whalen 1983: Tim Kelly Francis Bell III " Pin-head, Mr. Miller and his 8-pack attack, Franky Bee " Harrisonburg, Virginia Economics — Aerospace Science Sigma lota — honorary member (charter member); Golf 4, 3; Summer School 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Co-President of the Road Trip Club; Monogram 4, 3; Private 4, 3, 2, 1 ; J.M.U. Exchange Program. On August 18, 1976, it all began. The times I wanted to leave. I ' m glad I didn ' t. Opening Hops arrived, and once again another cadet was shot from the sky by a woman. Down I went, sure the world would end. Time flew, though leaving one question unanswered: " Flake, was Starsky and Hutch really a rush? " Soon a girl came along. " Sue, I bet not everybody sits on your lap to give you a kiss; I ' m glad I did. " Parties at the lodge with that ride back to Sem: " No, officer, I don ' t know how I got the car stuck. " Thanks, everybody, for your help, especially while I was gone. Dewey, Griff, Gary, Li ' l Bear, Flake, T.B., Philip, Headly and Skin, you made it all worthwhile. Thank you for your love and support, Sue. I love you, " Zoom. " Special thanks to you, Mom and Dad: you made it all possi- ble. DYKES 1977: Paul Farrell 1983: BobMednikov Jack Michael Bellamy " Jack Bell, Rock, Jack Rock, Jack B., J. R , Sweet Rock, Frank Zanz " Hampton, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers Football4, 3, 2, 1 ; Track 4, 3; FCA 4, 3, 2, 1 ; SAME ASCE; EIT Board Member; ASCE Public Relations Committee; New Life Prayer Fellowship; The God Squad; Cocke Health and Strength Club; Jack Bella- my ' s Total Bulk Program; All Bulk 3, 2, 1 My Cadetship has been an experience I will never forget. Over the years I have met many good and loyal friends whose memories will go with me for the rest of my life My stay at the Big " I " has had its low moments as well as its high moments, but through it all I ' ve learned to have trust in Jesus and I ' ve learned to trust God!! God Bless You All!! Philippi- ans4:13 — " I can do all things through Christ . . DYKES 1977: Chris Nash 1983: Melvin " The Recker " Rucker, Sweet Oliver " O.J. " James First Class 39 Walter Henshall Bellamy " Cruz " Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Economics — Field Artillery Society of Young Economists; The Investment Club; Monogram Club; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Promaji; Brother " C " Club; Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Track 4,3.1 The Walt Bellamy experience at VMI was pro- duced, directed, and created by Walt " Cruz " Bel- lamy Special thanks to coach bonny " The Great- est " White, Mike " Tip " Alston, Ben " Dr. Heat " James, Peytonia, Rock Killer, Geno, BJ, Ice, Juice, W. A. DJ, Squirrel, Art., PJ, Lakie, Jim " 10-4 " O ' Connor Bush Gall, Tidy, Mimmie " The Disco Queenie, " The Big H, The Big " D " Huddle Club, Colonel Reed and family, The Gold Brick Club, Brother " C " United, Big T and The F.B. Team, The VMI Speedboys with Dr. Track Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Bellamy and Co., Disco 106 Visitors and Neigh- bors, The Class of ' 80, Echo Co., Econ. Dept , Weekends, and most of all God DYKES 1977: Tom McHailik 1983: Jim " Teddy " Brown Steve " Coach " Umberger Allan Rio Berenbrok " Big Al, Brock, Brickenbrack. " Ligonier, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering — Air Force (Scholarship) A.S.C.E. 3, 2, 1 ; SAME. 2, 1 ; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Ring Figure Flower Committee, CPL 3, SGT 2, LT 1 Third Floor Brain Wrackers Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Cadre 3, 2; Rat Training 3, 2; 45 Club 3, 2, 1; Non-Dean ' s List 4. 3, 2, 1; Disco Doug and Ls ' s 2, 1; Summer School 2; Concrete Canoe; EIT Review Board He adjusted well to the system even though no one knew him by name. CE. Mallory Hall, and Rank took its toll and a GPA was non-existent. He didn ' t quit and acquired a " Hog, " The inseparable started to roll. From the under 2.0 club, to summer school, to Suffolk, to ligonier, to graduation. A 1 at camp, a perfect raid ridden on, and the likes for BS. Time, flew by and without his wit and laughter life at the " I " wouldn ' t have been the same. His influence, leadership, and patience have left their mark on all of us. We are all proud of his accomplishments, expecially Mom and Dad, without their support the effort would have been futile. We love him for being a part of us. HR Looks like it ' s over. Thank God it ' s done. All I can do is grab the Diploma and run. Bye-Cycle DYKES 1977: Greg Leek 1983: Dean Karukas, Frank Tifford Kirk David Berkhimer " Jeckle or Heckle, Laurel or Hardy " Virginia Beach, Virginia Civil Engineering — Navy Hop and Floor Committee 4, 3, Bus. Mgr. 2, Pres. 1; Concrete Canoe Team 1; S.A.M.E. 2, 1; A.S.C.E. 3, 2, 1; Religious Council Vice Pres. 1; Cadet Asst. 3, Asst. Mgr. 2, 1 ; America ' s Outstanding Names and Faces 1 978-79; Grub Private 4, 3, 2, 1 . My four years at VMI have been long, hard, and lonely; but if I were asked to do them over again I would. I thank the Institute from deep within my heart for what I am today. I stand proud and sure of my decisions, actions, and beliefs. VMI you have given me much and for this I thank you. Sam and Chaplain " C " you ' re the best. Thank you for believ- ing in me — God Bless you both. To my family I can only say Thank you. Your love and support has meant everything to me. The days were long and the nights cold, but with your support it wasn ' t quite so bad. Lee and Tim thanks for just being around. Kelly — remember that you may be whatever you resolve to be. To the VMI family that I made in the last 4 years, I wish only the best. Later Guys — Take Care. DYKES 1977: Mike and Carol 1983:Mark Sykes, Steve Brinsfield B l $ if Scott Alan Berlin " Irving " Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Biology — Air Force Student Athletic Trainer 4, 3, 2, 1; New Market March 3; Monogram Club 3,2,1. My stay here could be compared to the opening lines of Dickens ' Tale of Two Cities. In other words, " it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. " Both can be remembered with ease and both in equal proportions The bones, confinement, the V.M.I, " good deals, " and the long hours of studying all exemplify the tough life here. However, good times abound too. These include all of the people I ' ve met and friends I ' ve made. Especially enjoyable are the times I ' ve spent working with all of the ath- letic teams. This helped to make my sentence at the mother " I " a bit more pleasant. Looking back, I feel that I ' ve changed considerably since I was a rat. Whether this change was for the better only time will tell. However, one thing is sure. I won ' t forget these four years, even though I ' ve tried. DYKES 1977: Andy Tarr 1983: Kevin Doody I Martin Otto Bernet " Radar, Otto, Marty, Moose, No-Mind, King Otto, Crazy Otto, Mad Marty " Richmond, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Navy Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, VMI Theater — (Master Carpenter, Technical Director), THE VICE-PRESIDENT of THE CLUB, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, " Pervert Pal- ace " — " Good King Otto " When Marty came to VMI he had his sights set on being an E.E. Well, he has not changed and I truly believe he ' ll be one. Martin has had that ability to never say die all throughout his career. King Otto (as all lunatics called him) better never forget " The Club " and our meetings and all the times we lis- tened to Monty Python. Otto you better not forget all the great mock out sessions we had during our third class year. Anyway, all throughout my career I ' ll never forget Marty due to the fact that he would always listen and give you a hand in time of need. He was always ready with a joke and had a keen sense of humor. Well Otto, never forget " IT, " and " I ' m not dead yet, " in the yearsto come In closing, Hail Good King Otto! Good luck Marty and take care. B.D.L. DYKES 1977: William Stephen Kelly 1983: Vernon R. Perdue Robert S. McGehee Thomas Foster Bersson " Tom, Stump " Falls Church, Virginia Civil Engineering — Navy Private 4, 3,2,1; ASCE 3.2,1; SAME 2, 1 ; RDC 1 ; Ski Club 2, 1 ; BOMB Activities Editor; Society of Young Economist 1; Last Chance Dance Committee; Con- crete Canoe Team 2, Co-Captain 1 ; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1; Intramurals; CE Lab Assistant, Three-Oh-No- Go; Devo 1 No matter how much a person tells you about this place it doesn ' t phase you until you get here. The one word that best describes this place is routine. But amongst all that routine one gains an apprecia- tion An appreciation for everything, be it good or bad. I wouldn ' t want to do it over, but then again I don ' t regret having done it. I truly found that the only way to get through this place was to get away every chance possible. And get away I did, be it to Tech, Radford, C ' Ville, Nor- folk, Falls Church or just anywhere. I ' ll never forget the Mary Baldwin Raid (pg. 7 of the Washington Post). Or the crazy room we lived in with all of us gaining the greatest amusement from the silliest things. I ' m greatly indebted to all my hometown friends for the wild and sometimes insane times we spent together. DYKES 1977: Morris Slagle 1983: Evan " The Wit " Searleman Karl H. Betz " Snakeman, Quick, Coca-Cola Cowboy " Virginia Beach, Virginia Spanish — Navy VMI Herpetological Society " Quick " Karl came to VMI not knowing quite what to expect. Suffering from acute withdrawal symp- toms (from females!) he flunked out only to return to the scene a year and a half later, with a new outlook on the " Big I. " A boy genius, Karl was able to make it through VMI without ever studying. He was all the time playin ' . After trying nearly every major on post, he finally decided to major in PX and get a minor in the rack at the same time! The " Quick " strikes again! DYKES 1977: Norm Cole, Mark O. Hunt St. Pierre Street, Steve Heinrich Farhad-Bigdeli " Big-Deal, " BD, Farhead, Big-D, Fonz, Fred, Atuscky Tehran, Iran Electrical Engineering — NROTC Soccer 4, 3, 2, 1; IEEE 1; Secretary of International Students Society 2, 1; Unauthorized Car 4, 3, 2; Unauthorized Apt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3 For someone who came to VMI involuntarily, " Far-Head " has not really done too badly here. He sure has done a lot for Iranian-American relations! The fact that I am writing this is one example of that. Br ' s always seemed to be important to Farhad, and he has been one in the true sense of the phrase, even if he did develop his sense of humor with the help of Joe, Petie, Brian, and me, and even if he did try to commit suicide in the Power Lab, and even if oil prices are still high! Farhad, we will all miss you, BR! Check you later. RFL For me the Big " I " was a great experience. I like to thank my parents for their support 10,000 miles away, and also thank my " Junam " for all the kind- ness and love she gave me. And thanks my BR ' s for their help during the past four years. DYKES 1977: JohnS. Daniel 1983: Rademacher, T. A. John Millington Blankenship " Blaken, Jono, (the lizard boy), Johnny F UP " Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers Swimming Team 4, 3,2,1; Co-Capt. 1 ; Monogram Club 1 ; ASCE 3, 2, 1 ; ASCE Tutor 1 ; Young Demo- crats 2; SAME. 3; Dean ' s List 3,2,1. John ' s cadetship is living proof that an individual can come to VMI, experience some of its negative effects, and through hard work and perseverance graduate in May 1980, a living example of what a VMI man should be. Johnny overcame months of undeserved confinement his Rat year, losing his stripes because he liked to sleep during boring lec- tures, and then an amusing episode with the " clean- ing women " at Tucker Street to become a Dean ' s List C.E. Major and Capt. of the Swim Team. John ' s parents have contributed a lot to " Blankenbitch ' s " cadetship, visiting frequently and backing up his efforts in every way. For their efforts they have a son who most parents only dream about. Enough of this seriousness. John is also a good friend, an excel- lent drinking buddy, and a consistent partier who has gone the limit many times. In short, John has shown them all (Smith Hall, Nichol ' s Engineering, Commandant, M.S.ROTC, Prillaman, and surprised, but admiring classmates) that he can not only " cul the mustard, " but one day soon he will MAKE the mustard! T.S. ' 80 DYKES 1977: Thomas Spangler Underhill 1 983. Matthew Lecompte Waring ! " S « « John Dewey Blasser " Dewey, J. B., Favorite " Roanoke, Virginia History — Armor Pvt 4,3,1; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; Tanker Platoon 2; Platoon Leader 1 ; Ski Club; Pep Band 4, 3, 2; English Society 1; OGA 1; " 4.0 " Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Charter Member of the Sigma lota Fraternity; Room 1 65 MG Club; Illegal Auto Club 4, 3, 2. I never realized what I was getting into when I came to VMI in August 1976. It took a while to adjust, but I did it with the help of Don, Toby, Chunk, and B. P. Hal, you made room 464 bearable. Then came my initiation into the " Crash and Burn " Club on Oct 9, 1977. Lil ' Frank, I thank you for being there when I needed someone to talk to. I ' ll never forget Brian and Bill ' s help one Sunday afternoon. I met Griff, T. B. Flakey, Bobby, Mickey, and David and I haven ' t been the same since. Well F. B. our plan worked and Ring Figure was a success. You know JMU did me as much good as it did you. Finally, I want to thank my parents for their love and understanding. Mom and Dad, I know it was rough for you. To the gang — good luck in the future. DYKES 1977: Jeffrey A. McCracken 1983: Keith W.Kuelz Frank Louis Borsi Sterling, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Air Force Band 76-80; Pep Band 76-78; Aviation Explorer Post 76-79, President 78; Bomb Photographer 76-77; Cadef Photographer 77-78; Photographic Editor 78 IEEE 78-80; Photographer Sports Information 78-80 Photographer Alumni Review 78-80; Photographer VMI Public Information Office 79-80. When I arrived at VMI as a rat I faced over a hun- dred years of momentum and my only wish was to survive the rat year, then to survive the academics, military, or athletics. Thanks to my Brother Rats, my Brothers, my Mom, and all who helped me. I see my goal approaching. VMI Endures, and I have Tri- umphed. VMI was nice for 4 years and now I am ready for bigger and better things. " Have hope all ye who labor to pass beyond this ediface (VMI) many have succeeded and some have failed, but if you are true to your purpose you will finally arrive. " FLB ' 80 DYKES 1977: Gary Roundy 1983: Mark McDonald James Edward Bower " Eddie B., You f! « Rebel, Headie Eddie " Appomattox, Virginia Biology — Armor Pvt 4, 2, 1 ; Cpl 3; Rugby 3,2,1; Cadre 3, 1 ; RDC Vice President; 371st Panty Rangers activated 4 Oct 1977; Mardi Gras 3, 2, 1; Commanding Officer, Appomattox Partisan Cavalry; Colonel, Confederate Army. During the past four years there have been times I thought this hell would never end, but now it ' s gonna and I ' m glad it ' s over. This country boy came from the " Depot " with high sights set, and to make something of himself. Deprived of rank (and kinda glad of it) my 3rd class year I transformed into a grub. The damn Yankees still laugh at the way I talk — Ya ' ll know Lee never surrendered at Appomat- tox. In all seriousness, Robby, I love you, you ' re a brother to me. Friends make this place possible and rugby was great. I learned a lot and changed a lot too. Pixe, you were something to poke fun at, and make life easier. A special thanks to my parents, Mama and Reid whose love and encouragement got me through this place. I love you both more than words could ever say. Thanks boys, and take it easy DYKES 1977: Steve Neas, Chuck Conner, Bob Atkinson 1983: Glenn Harmon " Mr. Humor " First Class 43 C. Rodes Boyd, Jr. " Dusty " Richmond, Virginia English — being pursued by two services! Pre-Law Society; English Society. I would like to thank my family for putting up with my trials and tribulations these past four years. To my roommates in 140 — Rudy, Harold, and Steve — thank you for making my first class year my best year at this Hell Hole! To Dr. Mike Monsour — the expression " thank you " does not even come close to what I owe you. " Men must endure Their going hence, even as their coming hither: Ripeness is all. " — William Shakespeare DYKES 1977: Mark Waldrop, Room 1 56 — ' 77 1983: Dana Neal and Craig Palmore Robert D. Boyer " Bob, Bobby, Bu, Fu-Brain " Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Chemistry — Infantry Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Corporal 3; Swim Team 4, 3, 2, 1; Cadet Assistant 3, 2, 1; Sigma Pi Sigma 2, 1; Bufu Club 3, 2,1. It has been a long rocky road from the child to the graduate of VMI. The little boy longed to be a Math Teacher like his Mother. The youth had dreams of being an Engineer just like his dad. The young man now emerges with his major in chemistry and the maturing influence that four years at VMI has brought about. Growing up is arduous work but one important milestone has been reached with gradua- tion. What the future brings — no one knows, but the years at VMI will leave their indelible mark along the way As Bob steps out into the main stream of life, we wish him well. Mom and Dad DYKES 1977: Kim Rose 1983: Khris Pfefferkorn Donald Eugene Bradshaw " Don, Brad, Rodent, Donnie B. " Mechanicsville. Va. History — Armor Pvt.; Pre-Law; Society of Young Economists; Soci- ety of Dippers and Chewers; Ring Figure — Enter- tainment Chairman; MBC Sunday Social Club; Social Editor ' 80 Bomb; Hop-n-Floor; Cannonball Committee; Rugby; Weight Training. I came to VMI with aspirations of being an engi- neer but I am leaving as a history major. I have made many friends to whom I shall be forever loyal, for those who laughed with me in the good times (there I were many) and helped me through the bad times (there were a few) are true friends indeed. Mom and Dad — I couldn ' t have made it without your love and understanding, Mark, the class of 1994 is waiting. To those who shall come after me — persevere and ! you shall succeed and finally, to the one who stood ! by me through thick and thin — your rodent has [ made good — I ' ll always care ... I always have. : Love, Don. DYKES 1977: Bart Pasco 1982: Scott Fairburn 1983: Wade Branner Don Alan Briggs " Wampo, Ston, D. B. " Waverly, Virginia History — Artillery Put 4, 3, 2, 1; Baseball 4, 3, 2, 1; J.V. Basketball 3; Cadet paper 2. 1 ; No Car Club 4, 3,2,1; Raving Lib- eral 4, 3, 2, 1; The (I am a coward) Tech Raid; 1st Battalion S-6 I always thought the most important things I would take away from VMI would be a class ring and a dip- loma. They are still important, but fade in compari- son to the friendships I have made along the way. To Bob and Mike: only the wall separated us from being roommates. You are good friends. Thanks, Marcus, for being our dyke for three years. Alaskans aren ' t too bad. To Dan, Wade and Walt: what you ' ve done for and to me can never be repaid. My three years with you guys have been my best three. The road trips, the unbelievable quantities of beer and the all night popcorn festivals are all a part of my memories. Most of all, my thanks go to Mom and Dad. You ' ve given me everything I have ever needed. The diploma is as much yours as mine. Remember Mom, you owe me $200. DYKES 1977: Mike Horn 1983: Skip Goodwillie John Henry Briggs " Briggsy, J B., Johnny " Barrington Hills, Illinois English — Armor Fencing Team 4, 3, 2, 1; Saber Squad Capt. 2, 1 Sounding Brass 4, 3, 2. 1 , Editor 3; AUSA 4, 3, 2, 1 Tankers 2, 1; DMS and DMG; Academic Stars 2, 1 English Society 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Frustrated Ranker Club 3,2,1; Uncle Buck Fan Club 4, 3,2,1; John was one of the first BR ' s I ever met. We lived through a lot that first year. Five more different guys couldn ' t have been picked on purpose. We had our troubles, but we always pulled together. John and I went our own ways after Rat year, and I get along with him better now that I don ' t have to room with him! R.D.B You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true You may have to work for it, however. Bach, Illusions Though here at journey ' s end I lie in darkness bur- ied deep, beyond all towers strong and high, beyond all mountains steep, above all shadows rides the Sun and Stars for ever dwell: I will not say the Day is done, nor bid the Stars farewell. Tolkien, LO.T.R. To the Vital Ones: My parents, relatives, friends, and BR ' s. Thank you! J.H.B. DYKES 1977: Dave Ralph 1983: Bill Theus Joseph Daniel Brown IV " Joe, Casanova, R. P. Bloseph, Brown, Dillinger, Spike, P. W., Rice Pad, Cadet Black " Williamsburg, Virginia History — Air Force Glee Club 4, 3; Wrestling 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Arnold Air Soci- ety 3, 2, 1 ; Off. 2, 1 ; Air Explorers 2.1; BSU 4; Anti- que Auto Club 1 ; Disco Doug and the L.S. ' s 2, 1 ; Pvt 4;Cpl 3;Sgt 2; Lt. 1. When he walked through the arch back in August 76, he was a scared, lonely boy; yet one determined to prove that he could do something others he knew could not, and do it well. By coming to VMI he made the correct decision as it afforded him the opportu- nity to start anew and do the best that he could in an otherwise hostile environment. During his cadetship there were many tests which had to be coped with as they occurred: The Honor Code, academics, rank, the administration, and women were all expe- riences which all added to the education of this cadet. It has been a pleasure to watch this boy grow into manhood, both physically and mentally, here at VMI. I know that though the times were occasionally rough, he has enjoyed every moment and will always hold dear those friends and memories gained here. I know, I am he. DYKES 1977: Thomas Ira Orrell 1983: Tom Beckhoff Scott Donahue William Andrew Brown " Andy, Andrew, Bubba, Hay Down Brown, Shmyth " Gloucester, Virginia Biology — Navy Pvt. 4, 3; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 1 st Lt. 1 ; Delta Co. X.0. 1 ; Rat Co. 1; Rat Training Cadre 2, 1; " You ' re Busted " Club 2; BSU 4, 3,2,1; Astronomy-Navigation Club 2, 1; Commandant ' s Weekend 3; Navy Scholarship 2, 1. Andy, it has been a long journey. From a rat with 110 demerits to a Rat Company Commander. It has been a long, hard, rewarding, and the best times of our lives. Do you remember UVA? The night of cele- bration and champaigne. What about Cape May? Yet through it all, God has protected us from each other and our ideas. The Lord has blessed you so. He has blessed rm. 105. We can ' t imagine how it would have been without you. I know that you will be outstanding in whatever field you choose. You pos- sess many of the traits that the rest of us strive for. Above all else, you are a true gentleman. Your whole family thankful for you, yes even Bubba Dink in his own way. Thank you for the many lessons you have taught us. I never had a brother. ALW DYKES 1977: Colin McKenzie 1 983: Tim Spencer (Spence) Paul Gentry Burkholder " Paul, Saul " Winchester, Virginia Civil Engineering — Civilian Rugby 1, 2, 3; Cadet Waiters 1, 2, 3; S.A.M.E. 1, 2; A.S.C.E. 1, 2, 3, 4; Concrete Canoe 1; Wrestling 4; Car 1,2, 3; Pvt. 1,2,3,4. I look for an appropriate quote to show my grati- tude to all the V.M.I, people I have had the pleasure of being associated with. When I first came to V.M.I., I resented everything about it and madly wished to transfer to wahoo land. Now, I would not trade one V.M.I, experience (not even the year I spent on con- finement) for a million of any other. A special thanks goes to Mom, Dad, Ann, John, Mike, Doug, Shady and don ' t forget Eshaghi for helping me through some rough times. No one would recognize me if I didn ' t end with a bitch of some type. Smith Hall and little Earnie can take all their non-truths and shove it. My Special, Special Report, by Capt. Shepherd: " Running from the O.C. (3 times), in civilian clothes in and outside of barracks after taps while on con- finement. " L.A.G.N.A.F. DYKES 1977: Robert Sherrard 1983: Mike Wong Ronald K. Burner North Olmsted, Ohio Chemistry — Civilian; Navy R.F.Y.L.; Private 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Dean ' s Other List 4, 3, 2, 1 First, to my parents for their love, understanding and continual support I say thank you and give you my love. Next, to my friends, especially Gary, Lesley and Coles for their friendship from the beginning and throughout my cadetship, I also say thanks. I ' d like to say thanks to my second family for their understanding and encouragement. I take many memories with me as I leave, some of which I would do over and others, never in a lifetime. I am glad that I came and glad to be leaving. To Martha, I owe everything. She kept things in perspective and helped me through troubled times and was always there when I needed her. God Bless You, as I ' m sure He will, and to you I leave my parting thought; " I give to you my life, my devotion and most of all my love for the rest of our lives. DYKES 1976: Richard LRadtke 1983: W. Creeksmure John Joseph Burns, II " J.J., The Bank Account " Toms River, New Jersey English — Armor BSU 4; Private 4,3,2,1; Copy Editor, VMI BOMB 1 ; Writer, VMI CADET 3,2,1; VMI English Society 2,1; Swim For Your Rack 4; Handball 3; Run For Your Rack 3, 2, 1 , English Department Coffee Club 4, 3, 2, 1. The hour is midnight and the library is deep and carried like a dreaming child into the darkness of these pages ... I don ' t have to go home because this is my home and has been for years, and besides, I have to be here all the time ... I am afraid to think what would happen if somebody came and I wasn ' t here. Richard Brautigan, The Abortion And I thought, " Oh, shame, shame! Oh, crying shame! How can we? Why do we allow ourselves? What are we doing? The last little room of dirt is waiting, without windows . . . " Saul Bellow, Henderson the Rain King I made it, but the credit must go to Mom, Dad, Pat, Sis, Lin, Bob, Ena, Mia, Guy, Betty, Russ. Chris, and AWOL. I could not have done it without them. DYKES 1977: David Lee Skeen 1983: James A. Sinnott Douglas Bralley Burton " Doug " AltaVista, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers Golf 4, 3, 2, 1, Captain 1; Monogram Club 3. 2, 1, Treasurer 1; RDC 1; Hooter ' s Acquisition V.P. 2, 1; Baldwin Raid 3; Mad Dog Club 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 . What a place to call home for four years From a rat to first class private, this place has given me an education comparable to none. The ups and downs have been plentiful but the ups have easily oversha- dowed the downs. If you could forget the academ- ics, and occasionally I did, you would have a hard time finding a better place to meet people and have the wild times that I have had. The friends I have made are too numerous to mention here. The road trips, the Mad Dog Parties, the pre-Ring Figure party and the numerous pre-anything parties have made these four years go by fast. Looking back, I don ' t regret it and I would almost do it all over again. DYKES 1977: Tim Snyder 1983: Sandy Russell Aaron William Bush " Bushy, A.B.,A.W.B. " Leesburg, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army (Eng.) Honor Court 1 ; Corporal 3; Private 2, 1 ; A.S.C.E. 3. 2, 1 (Chairman Public Works Comm. 1); S.A.M.E. 2, 1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 (Vice-President 1); Promaji Club 4, 3, 2, 1 (Chairman Fund Raising Comm); S-5 Guide Comm 1; Cross Country 4. 3, 2, 1; Indoor Track 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Outdoor Track 4, 3, 2, 1 . Aaron glided through the gates of VMI looking for Academic Stars and track trophies. The trophies came but the stars were just out of reach. Surviving 2 years of summer school and one of summer camp, Aaron came back his senior year to sit on the honor court and use his never ending supply of energy to help out with our classes ' A.S.C.E. projects. Week- ends at Radford were over, but in times of despair some one is there. His heart warming smile and friendly attitude brought him the ability to make friends easily. VMI is not an easy place to get through but positive thinkers always seem to make it, and that ' s how most people see Aaron Friend- ship is neither bought nor sold, but earned and through total respect for a fine individual. Aaron can claim many friends among the members of the Corps We will miss a true Brother Rat and comrade in the days ahead Good Luck Bush! R.PQ DYKES 1977: John Lamond 1983: David Neville, Karl VanStavoren CO co NEW HAMPSHIRE STATE PARK rm r — CO IV- r — ADMIT ONE ADULT First Class 47 Robert C. Cadmus " Bob, Moose " Palmerton, Pennsylvania Biology — Navy Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 1; Timmins ' Music Society 4, 3, 2, 1, Pres. 1; Religious Council Pres 2, 1; Pep Band 4, 3, 2, Pseudo Co-Director 2; Library Cadet Assistant 3, 2, 1, Head Cadet Assist- ant 1 ; VMI Symposium Committee 2, 1 ; Theater 4, 3, 2; 380 Trow Club, Hop and Floor 3, 2, 1 ; Pvt. 4, 2, 1 , Cpl.?3; When two wild and crazy guys out of Room 463 needed a third roommate, who was a better choice than Bob, a scholarly BR in Bandco who had just received a Navy scholarship (and a 10-6-30)! He was always ready to get into an intercompany watertight, or an orange battle with the squats! Bob, you ' ve been a real stabilizing influence between John and Steve, who constantly re-enact the Civil War. Any- one who lives in the world renowned metropolis of Palmerton, Pennsylvania is definitely grassroots! " Bible Bob " has kept his roommates remindful of religion over the years, with his Sunday shave ses- sions at 0800 when his roommates were still asleep. No one can forget Bob ' s aid in establishing consist- ent messhall prayers — although the food got cold sometimes when he preached! Best of luck Bob — if you come North or South, look us up! " Therefore, since we are justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. " Romans 5:1 DYKES 1977: Kurt Weidenthal (Weed) 1983: Robert Kerecz, Borden Ray Saigon, South Vietnam (Mclean, Virginia) Electrical Engineering — Navy Private 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Lejeune Hall Cadet Asst. 2, 1 ; VMI Fire Fighters 1 ; VMI Cadet 1 ; Bomb 1 ; Dean ' s List 2, 1; Pensacola Swim Team 2; Irish National Soccer Team 3; Old Reliables 4, 3, 2, 1; I.E.E.E. 2, 1; R.O.A. 2, 1; Trader Jons Front Row Club 3, 2, 1; Carmen Fan Club (Founding Member) 3,2,1. Well Brother Rat Campbell, now you and I have run the full course, from rat to first class. Seems like we ' ve spent a hundred years here but when you look at it again it seems that Ray Year wasn ' t all that long ago. Of course in that long short time certain things will always stick out in my memory, like charging the sand dunes of Pensacola, our many nights at Trader Jons ' , the Dilbert Dunker, tubing without a tube, having a lobotomy after exams, and all those trips to Washington. And also BR-F-E, I will never forget how hard you were laughing when I got on crutches after an invigorating game of contact Frisbee. But all this aside as one Old Reliable to another, see you in Florida (hopefully) and may your Valhalla be one big video game and comic book stand (Marvel only). P.S. Thanks Mom and Dad. JML ' 80 DYKE 1977 Mike Meyers 1983 Kevin Keilty John Joseph Caplice " J. C., Cap. " West Simsbury, Connecticut Economics — Infantry Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 2nd Bat. S-5; Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, Captain 1 ; Associate Editor, VMI Cadet; Ski Club 4, 3, Sec. 2, Pres. 1 ; Prelaw Society 4, 3,2,1; Society of Young Economists 3, 2, 1; N.Y.-N.J. Club 4, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 1 ; VMI Publications Board; Drug Advi- sory Council; Academic Board Rep.; Institute Escort; Cadet Assistant. " Change " would probably be the best word to describe my term at VMI. No one, including myself, could believe I was going to a military school. But I adjusted, or at least I put on a good act. VMI opened my eyes to a lot of things, some good — some bad. I took advantage of the countless opportunities open around here and would not trade what I have gained for anything. Possibly the most important thing I have learned at VMI was that I could always depend on my family. I had my share of setbacks (one in par- ticular) but my family was always there, and I will always love them for it. I ' ll honestly miss VMI and all my friends. Good luck everyone. DYKES 1977: Jim Hamilton 1983: John Koch James Patrick Carmichael Essex Center, Vermont Civil Engineering — Army Deans List 4; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Glee Club 4; Crozet Waiter 3, 2; Firefighers; Gim Co Veteran 1 I arrived at VMI four years ago sight unseen, I had no idea what to expect from it. None of my wildest imaginations could ever parallel what has happened to me since August 1 976. I can ' t say I regret coming to VMI; if I had, I would never have stayed as long as I have. I often times felt disappointed, frustrated, even helpless because I was here. However, I feel satisfied with the educa- tion I ' ve received from the CE Department and the excellent job they ' ve done in preparing me for my future. I ' m eternally grateful to my parents for guiding me through my years here at VMI. Their words of hope, encouragement, advice, and wisdom made life a lot easier for me. Mom and Dad, I love you for that! And many loving thanks to you Pam for what you did for me in the summer of ' 79. Thanks! J.P.C. 1977: Richard Greene 1983: Owen Peery Robert Warren Carper, Jr. " Carp, Crappie, Stoneface " Staunton, Virginia Biology — U.S. M.C. Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2. 2nd Lt. 1; Varsity Rifle Team, Co-Captain; Firefighters; Cadre. From a remnant of 415 to the 139 staff Well John, we ' re done End of job. We ' ll never forget Tracy. New Market ' 78. Solve the world ' s problems after taps. Mitch, the dancing bear. P-3 one each. Like those oldies. Sing along, Amphibious Anthology Semi Spastic Bert. We grew up as cadre corporals together, Michaelangelo at large. Doug Mo-Jo. Ears. Northerner. ' 06 and vehicles. Six miles then six beers is unhealthy. Third class year thanks Bucko, Nothing is ever as good or as bad as you think it is. Well Roz. we finally made it hon. DYKES 1977: Jeff Munsey 1983: Rick Fullerton Edwin Allan Carter " Ed, Fierce Eddie " Dedham. Massachusetts History — Armor Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Tanker Platoon 3, 2; Platoon Sgt. 1 ; Military Society 3; Secretary 2; Vice President 1 ; AUSA 3, 2, 1 ; Airborne 2; Ring Figure Invite Com- mittee Chairman 2; ODA 516 5th Special Forces Group 2; College Republican 4; Frustrated Ranker 3,2, 1; Rack King 4,3, 2,1. I remember when we decided third class year that we were going to room together 2nd class year It seems like we had a fairly good set-up. but for the life of me I don ' t understand how two motivated Army people and an apathetic special student made it, but we did. I have never seen a room with three so different people, yet we have become and remain friends. I ' m sure you ' ll never forget when your sheets caught on fire because Bruno and I were throwing matches, and my bed went sailing into New Courtyard! It ' s funny now, but we didn ' t think so then. We have been through the debacles of our love lives, and what we wouldn ' t do for a letter. The anger we felt towards the Postal Service — betrayed! We have both grown quite a bit. You can even beat me in a game of Panzer Blitz once in a while. Good Luck Pal! SKG DYKES 1977: Rick Joslyn 1983: Chris Stueart First Class 49 9 . , John J. Casamassa " Cas " Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering — Civilian Newman Club 3,2,1, Pres. 3,2; 1 Club; Religious Council 2; Hop and Floor 3, 2, 1; Class of 1941 Award; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; ASCE 3, 2, 1 ; Seminar Committee 1 ; EIT Committee 1 ; (and a Sundry Other Activities). My efforts and success at VMI I cannot take credit for, so I wish at this time to convey my thanks to those who have assisted me. Thank you Mother for all your prayers and unselfish assistance. Thank you Shauna and Sue and Mom for your loyalty and pray- ers. Thank you Pete and Mark for your patience and understanding. Thank you Cmdr. Kirkley and Col. Jamison for your guidance and excellent instruc- tion. Thank you Doug Reddington for your loyalty and friendship. Thank you John Cousley for being the kind of friend that makes BR. Spirit look weak. Thank you Lisa for the countless letters, food boxes, and Hop Weekends that spell " Love " so clearly to me. Finally and most importantly — Thank You JESUS for these kind of people that so clearly dem- onstrate Your Unfailing Love. The praise and the glory are yours, Lord. DYKES 1977: Charlie Angemeer 1983: Jeff Stevens Steven Dean Chace " T. B., Teebs, Turban, Too Big, Pinhead, Taterhead, Chevy " Quantico, Virginia History — USMC Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 1st Lt. 1; Rat Company Com- mander Co. C; 4th Stoop S-1 ; Inaugural Contingent 4; Rugby 3; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pre-Law Society 4, 3, 1 ; C-l-C Intramurals 2; Marine Detachment 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Marshall Foundation Research Scholarship 2; Dean ' s List 3, 2, 1; Academically Distinguished 2, 1; Apathetic Aerobic Club 3, 2; Beertender ' 67 Club ' 3, 2,1. Flake spent four years with T. B., and Bobby three. Every day was sincere. Whenever we couldn ' t figure him out we considered his motivation: Kare and beer We could predict his behavior. Experi- ence drew us close: Waters, cutting a hole in the screen, T. B. and his fire hose, hiney holes, and gator on the stoop We are a band of brothers. Alumni Weekend — " Remember when you . . Thanks to the special people who made these four years worthwhile: Flake and little Bobby maintained my sanity in the " 67 Bar " ; my parents ' emotional and monetary support aided many crises; and espe- cially Kare who endured matriculation day, Engage- ment at Ring Figure, Graduation, and all points between. Thanks babe, you ' ve truly made my cadet- ship a meaningful venture . . . " Red-Eyed, Hung- over, and dog-tired satisfied. It ' s a long road and a small wheel that takes many turns to get you there. Thank You, Damn it! " DYKES 1977: Keith Gibson 1983: Ken Spots ' Sawyer, " D. Scott " Gines Wei J. Chang Taichung, Taiwan Republic of China Civil Engineering — Artillery Army Concrete Canoe Committee; Soccer; Ski Club;| Karate Club; U.N. Room 136 Pvt., Cpl., Pvt., Pvt. Nationality of Taiwan, ROC, I originally came from Chinese Military Academy, l! could speak only very little English during my Rat] year. " Yes Sir, " " No Sir, " " I don ' t understand Sir " were the only things I could say. But surely I caught up a lot and fast. Now I can cuss better than any- body else in VMI! I enjoy learning language and talk- ing to people. I am also a good cook. If you get a ; chance someday, come to me and I will cook fori you. Army will be my career. You are welcome to visit me in Taiwan anytime. It would be very nice to see you over there. DYKES 1 977: Richard Scott Joslyn 1983: David Gray Lawrence F. Ciacci " Choch, Chubby, The Wop, The Don, Chop-wop, Larry " Stratford, Connecticut History — Air Force Karate Club; Glee Club; The Cadet; Marshall Library Assistant; ROA; Newman Club; Spaghetti Eating Champion; Room 238 338; VMI Tanker Platoon, It is so hard now looking back on that dreary August day in 1976 to believe that I made it to my first class year. Who can forget the problems one faces when one is a rat and yet my problems seemed monumental But I survived and can now look back with some satisfaction. To my roommates who in reality have been my brothers, Jack, Mus, and Jim, thanks for putting up with me and may God Bless you all and may He give you everything that you three wish in life. I look forward to the day when we will be reunited again. To my family, my friends, and my girlfriend, I can never thank you for all your support and your love. If it were not for everyone who stood behind me I know that I would not have made it through these years. DYKES 1977: Norm Stevens 1983: Sam Castanzo Kenneth John Ciarrocca " Choke, Biff, Choke-a-ROCA, Saul " Westfield, New Jersey Biology — Infantry and Special Student Wrestling 4, 3; Student Grotto 4, 3, 2, 1 ; President of Student Grotto 2, 1 ; Rugby 1 ; Rat Training Cadre 3, 2; Cpl. 3; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; North Canadian Board Patrol. Yes, I. P. A., your history is done. Trying to find the right thing to say is as hard as sitting through a Gup- ton lecture in Bio. 103. You ' re lucky we don ' t quit half way through as in biology. Speaking of Gupton, congratulations on surviving the Bio. Rat massacre — some of us kind of crashed and burned We knew you would make it Choke. We knew you, with the IQ below that of plant life, could relate to amoebas. Well Kenny, with all the sincere feelings of 157 as our favorite " NO-YES " would say, we all wish you a NO GO in life. Canada forever. MKC and DRG I want to thank Mickey, Dave, Bass, Roel, Fray, Mike, the Boys in my Rat room 423, room 102, my brother and the rest of you guys who helped me through four tough years at the " I. " A special thanks to my Mom and Dad who gave me all the love and encouragement I needed to make it through. DYKES 1977: Carmine Corvasi 1983: Jack Manley .■ " Michael Ken Cole " Mickey, Moondog, Lunar Pup, SOP., Schmucko " Hopewell. Virginia History — Armor VMI Ski Club 4,2,1; Rugby Club 3,2,1; Ring Figure Construction Committee Chairman; Tanker Platoon 2; Pre-Law Society 1 ; English Society 1 ; North Cana- dian Border Patrol; Fido Club II; Sigma lota; Hop and Floor 2, 1; Argentine Cavalry; Bloodmobile Repre- sentative 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; CBC 4,3,2,1 18 August 1976. The Cole — andrian spaceship touched down and the Moondog disembarked for a four year " experience(?) " at VMI to learn earthly Biology. However, he was hit and disabled by the Guptonian phaser and quickly bailed out, landed safely in the Hunter Asylum for the Crashed and Burnt He was joined here by more of us as the bat- tle progressed. Lunar Pup adapted well to the life of an LA. and enjoyed all those blessed things that have made up his damnation at VMI. Ahh; remem- ber the Zolloman ' s parties, x-cursions, Mao-Mao parties, Ring Figure (No Mick, don ' t walk off the stoop), the North Canadian Border Patrol, and Supreme Campaign Argentina May General Hunter return and Major No-Yes go the way of the good general See Ya at the wedding and good luck. Munch I ' d like to thank my Mom and family for pushing meall along. Mickey. DYKES 1977: John Swain ' 76, Skeeter Ashby. Bill Talley 1983: Gary " Moon Pig " Dronen " Kirk, Maniac, Half-way House " Chase City, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Engineers Rugby Club 3, 2; Phi Tau Fraternity 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Apathy Club 4, 3, 2, 1; " American Volunteers " 4, 3, 2, 1; G.F.I. Club 1;ASCE 2,1. For my family and friends that I love and thank for their beautiful support. DYKES 1977: Scott " Red " Snow 1983: Breck Gorman George Nicholas Condyles IV " Rooster, Country Bumpkin " Mechanicsville, Virginia Civil Engineer — Army Corps of Engineers Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; American Society of Civil Engineers 4,3,2,1; Association of the United States Army; Glee Club; TCFC; Karate Club; Ski Club; Rob- ert DeNiro Fan Club; LC. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; M.B.C. 4, 3, 2, 1 . Upon entering V.M.I., my goal was to graduate in four years as a civil engineer; well it ' s been four years and I ' m still a civil engineer and graduation is finally here. I would never have made it without the love and understanding of my parents. Thanks Mom and Dad, for the encouragement when I was down and listening when I had an opinion. Kathy, there couldn ' t have been a better sister ever created than what you are. Mark, thanks for all the kindness that you have given me. Thanks Grandmas for all the love that you have given. A special thank you is in hand for my roommates, Vince, Frank and Yves; we had some real hair raising times, but we made it and that ' s what counts. Finally, I would like to thank V.M.I, for the man that was drawn out the moment I decided to stick it out! DYKES 1977: Tim Mitchell 1983: Brian Arnold, Brian Kowalski Daniel J. Conn " Kubla, D. J., Danno, The Dead Baby " Monterey, Virginia History — Marines Rat 4; Glee Club 4; Fencing 4; Rugby 4, 3; House Mountain Cadre 1; Young Economists 1; Young Economists Investment Club 1 ; Cadre 2, 1 ; Corporal 3; Guide Sergeant 2; 2nd Lt. 1 ; Marine Detachment Staff 1; Geology Lab Assistant 3, 2; Opt. " Pups- natch " 1; SRC Rack Club 1; Columbia Record Club 2,1. Four years ago, Dan had to choose between West Point and the VMI. No contest. So he grabbed his boots, hugged his honey, and came on down to " Mother I. " Year one saw Dan stuck with a Yankee named Bass, the B. B., and me. The times got tough, but this mountain man turned Marine always held strong. Stereos came by the speakerful and life got easy after RAT year, but Dan never lost sight of his goals. Then came John, Jake and the Vah! How he could remain Marine living with the likes of us I ' ll never know. Somehow he adapted, tacked on three- too-many stripes, and " Academic Dots, " and just kept on rolling. Now with rings, cars, and a lady named Liz, he ' s got it all! But he ' s still not satisfied. Dan, you ' ve been a true BR. and a areat friend to us all. See you in five! T.D.W. DYKES 1977: John Lamond (Only living member of the " 500 " club) 1983: Chris Lickdyke 52 First Class jj? Joseph Douglas Conyers " Country, Pine Cone, Quy-Chang, Emet, Fix-it " Staunton, Virginia History — Air Force Hard Room 300, 356, 256, 156; All Pit 4, 3, 2; Ski Club 2, 1; Private 4. 3, 2, 1; Mole Tactic 4, 3, 2, 1; English Society 1 ; Basketball 4, 3, 2; After Taps Club 3,2. Memories of VMI will consist of many new people and a few friends made (they know). Mom, Dad, Becky — thanks so much for the help — my luck will change. 8 18 76, 1 28 77, 11 17 78, 17 May 1980. Four years and three summers of VMI have taken a boy and molded a man. Chip, Tim, Mac, Ron, Kim, Julie, Sis, and Vic — I ' ve made it! Room- mates, you ' ve been the greatest of friends I could ever want. Brothers Dan, Scott, Jon, Neal, and With- ers stay close Capt. Joyner and Coach SchrrTaus, thanks for the opportunity to achieve. VMI, you ' ve done your best to broaden my horizons, now it ' s my turn to choose my own path. The path may be tough but thanks to you I know I can endure by making the best of any bad situations. To my grandparents, Thomas Henry and Thelma Burks Conyers, it is see- ing your pride that helps me try so hard — I love you both so much. Lord, please help me in times of need, and bless VMI. DYKES 1977: John E. Krovic " The Kro " 1 983: Ian S. Sears, Chris M. Peta Thomas Lewis Cook " Tom, Com Took, G-body, CP " Madison, Virginia Mathematics — Air Force Arnold Air Society 4, 3, 2 — Operation Officer, 1 — Deputy Commander; Math Society 4, 3, 2, 1; Zoo 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Second Class Auto Club; Bull Fighting Permit 2; Society of the Studiless 4, 3, 2, 1 ; GIB Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Sole Member of the Cancelled FIP Club 1; Day Student 1 Thanks Mom, Mike, Terry, and Grammy for giving me the necessary encouragement. Thanks Steve and Steven for helping me grow Rat year (Rm 473). Good luck to both of you On 9 Oct. 1 977, Lisa B you came into my life and no matter what I will always love you. Jo, Kim, and Don . . . you made my third class year special. " Girls in Barracks! " To my roomies 321 . . . Larry and Mike are the greatest possible. Yes Mike, Larry and I like you even though you are a squid 1 7 Nov. 1 978 — Ring Figure 80 and Lisa. I am very proud to be a member of the Class of 1980. Summer 79 . . cruising B.V., Man what fun. FCP is great, Freedom soon! Good luck Larry and Lynn. Take care Mike. You have been great Lisa H., thanks and you will always have a special place in my heart. Good Luck Brother Rats ... I am getting the hell out of Dodge. DYKES 1977: John Hobbes 1983: Robert A Mumma Vincent Kidd Copenhaver " Vince, Cope, Vah!, Vinnie, Transom Man, The Kid " Salem, Virginia History — Army (Field Artillery) Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, Glee Club 4. 3, Treasurer 2, President 1 ; Cadet Staff 3, 2, 1 ; VMI Fire Fighters 3, 1 ; Cadet Battery 2, 1 ; Rat Training Cadre 2; Distinguished Military Student; Sierra Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Penthouse Suite 231 Third Class Follies; Dean ' s List. The " Vah " joined the ranks of the fabulous five at the beginning of his Ring Figure Year — a product of that cruel and merciless machine — " The Troop! " We overlooked this. From day one, we all chipped in to convert " Bince " into a hardnosed rad- ical with the electric sounds of Rush and Nugent It worked. Though his thirst for ultimate power saw him rise to the presidency of the Glee Club, he always held a tender longing for harder rock But seriously folks, Vince will be remembered as the Sane-(er) one He always remained calm despite outside pressures. This is a priceless virtue and Vince will surely rise to greatness because of it. Vah, you ' ve been a true friend to us — see you at the top of the mountain. T.D.W. Special thanks to my Parents, Grandparents, two brothers Tom and Chris, and my sister Sarah for their constant love and support. V.KC DYKES 1977: Jim Bradshaw 1983: Merlo Pile First Class 53 ft 1 Donald Irvine Couch " Crotch, Truly a Disco Stud VI, Truly Finneus J. Crotch, Finneus J. Stud " Richmond, Virginia Chemistry — Air Force Confinement P.T. Team 4, 3,2,1; Dean ' s List 4,2. Only a person with guts could have sucked up all the bad deals VMI has to offer and still remain sane. The fact that Don has sucked up a lot, there is no doubt The bad deals he has received here could fill a diary. The question though, is whether or not he has retained his sanity. Some of his antics we all have observed Don partake in make us wonder. Whether he is window diving or studying in gym shorts, fatigue hat, whie shirt and rat tie he is always good for at least one laugh a day. Well, Stud I hope everything will go truly, truly fine for you, it has been said many, many times before. Truly. P.S. You got 10-6-30 today. DYKES 1977: Will Adams 1983: David Powell B C. B. Cox " Big Bird " Vinton, Virginia Economics — Air Force Football 4,3,2,1; Track 2, 1 ; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; S.M.H. Club; Charted Member Booth 1 I Matriculated on August 17, 1976, and like a new born baby faced with the world I was also con- fronted with a new and unknown environment. VMI. Like a child learning to walk I have stumbled and fallen many times during my cadetship, but by the tight friendship bonds that have developed especially of my roommates, and along with my lov- ing loving parents I have managed to regain my bal- ance and complete another step along the road of life. We will not realize and appreciate the small joys that we have experienced during these last years until we have shed that coatee for the last time. So keep in touch friend, and may God bless you all. We finally made it. DYKES: 1977: J. C. Cutright 1983:Zushton, R.C. Howard Timothy Cox " J. R., Little Bird, H.B.S., (Head Bull Sirttter) " Atlanta, Georgia History — Armor Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Quad-Captain Foo ' ball 1; Head Lifeguard — LA. Beach; Rack Master; Charter Member — Renee Richards Fan Club; Member Free Love Society; Honorary Member of the Room of Gloom ' 79 and Booth Number One; Member Triple K Club (Appointed by Greg Weaver). What can be said? After putting up with all the hardships, I am grateful to VMI for one thing: for giv- ing my " honor " a name and the pride to protect it! Most importantly, I am grateful to all my wonderful friends who somehow made it all worthwhile; I thank my great roommates who somehow put up with me; and to my family all I can say is " I love you " and thanks for always being there! My VMI " experience " is summed up by I Corinthians 1 3:1 1 -1 3: " When I was a child I spoke as a child, reasoned as a child; when I became a man I put away childish ways. For now we see in a glass darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall fully understand, even as I have been fully understood. " Enough said. DYKES 1977: Ralph George, Jim " Mad Dog " Bent- ley, J. J. Marshall, Marc Thomas 1983. Chris Murray, Don Komara, Ray " Flaky " Rushton, Brian Johnston i rmw ' - ' - " -h.uYu.d- Robert Joseph Dalessandro " Bob, Bobby D., Dale, Ears, Bobby Bufu, D " Plainview, New York History — Army PVT; CPL; SGT; 2nd LT: Rat Training 4, 3,2,1; Rat Training Company Commander 1; Bomb 4, 3, 1 Out- rage Editor 1; Ring Figure Magazine Editor 4, 3, 2; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cadet Staff 3, 2, 1 ; PX Cow- boy 3, 2, 1; Civil War Round Table V.P. 2; Marine Detachment 3, 2. Bob is probably one of the most unique persons I have ever met. I believe I know him better than most. Yet some of Bob ' s endeavors have never ceased to amaze me. He has been a wheeler-dealer from the word " go " and he is destined to succeed in what- ever he does in life. VMI has been good to Bob in different respects, he has made the most of his LA life. As for Bob ' s social life, I ' ve long since stopped trying to figure it out. But there are a few things I do understand. Throughout his cadetship, Bob has upheld the VMI system with complete sincerity. He has been a good cadet, a fantastic roommate and a reliable brother rat for four long years. We ' ve been through much together, and we have come to understand each other, an understanding which has formed a friendship I hope will last for years to come. MQH. DYKES 1977: Eric J. Letendre 1983: Charles M. Komar Kirk Kendall Deadrick " OH .Alfalfa, AH " Harrisonburg, Virginia Civil Engineer — Armor Greta " Choo-Choo " Club; The Great Baldwin Raid Oct. 7, 1977; VMI Tarzan Team 1; Intramural Foot- ball Champs 2, 1 ; Wady Club 3, 2, 1 ; Summer School Vet ' 78, ' 79; Azalea Festival 2; Cpl. 3; Grub 3, 2, 1; The Duck ' s Finance Club 3, 2, 1 ; Road Trips Club 3, 2, 1 ; Distribution Staff of Cadet 2, 1 ; Cocke Hall Ball 4, 3, 2, 1 ; TD 2, 1 ; J.V. Basketball 3. What can I say?! Four years of doing something I didn ' t want to do and it ' s finally over! I paid for my mistakes! Thanks to good roommates, the last three years flew. Even though confinement jolted the sec- ond class year, the luck finally came during the first class year. Slipping through two number ones in a two month period had to be the ultimate accom- plishment, but the bad part about the second time was cutting the cards with Allen just to get out of that one. I especially want to thank my parents for the moral support they gave me. All I can say is that I did it for you! Mom and Dad, you ' re the greatest!! You ' d have to be if you put up with me through these last four years. Thank you! I love you. DYKES 1977: Jerry Corley 1983: Charlie " Buck " Carney Ben Irvin Michael Andre Demers " Mike, Demo, Demerits, Box, Toolbox. Mikey, Toolbody " Petersburg, Virginia Physics — Navy VMI Theater 4, Rat Training Cadre 3, 2; Newman Club 3, 2; Society of Physics Students 3, 2, 1; Stu- dent Grotto 3, 2; R.O.A. 2, 1; " The Zoo " 4, 3, 2, 1; Early Lunch Club, Mallory Hall Militia 2, 1 ; Virgin Pri- vate Assoc Once upon a time the courageous Sir Lose-a-Lot ventured into a dark forbidding land; where for cen- turies tradition had been unhampered by progress. Yon Knight was in quest of the ' Almighty 2 0, " a holy task set unto him in a (bad) dream. Further into the dark Valley of Academia did trod the Knight; where he was beset upon by the Imperial Wizard who dwelt in yonder Puzzle Palace. The Knight did seekth counsel with the Wizard, but though the Wizard did speaketh to him; alas, he said nothing Time passed until one day the Knight encountered a fellow sojourner; who, being in the fifth year of his quest, was very wise The wise traveller did thence bequeath this advice unto Sir Lose-a-Lot, " My son. though ye may attain the Most Sacred B.S., be aware that in its seeking, ye will find a lot of it! " DYKES 1977: Yanyong Phataraloha 1983: BobGelinas First Class 55 Eric J. Deschambault " Deshamble " Gainesville, Florida Civil Engineering — U.S. Army Soccer; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Turned Down Lt. 1 ; Cadre 3; Volleyball. The story starts when Eric, as a rat, was transfer- red from E Co to F troop. Eric was gung-ho, (he wanted to be a ranger) a member of the soccer team, and had aspirations to be a ranker. As we sit here three years later, he has put soccer aside, has never become a ranger and has turned down being a lieutenant — but all is not lost. After this time Eric realized the true importance of coming to VMI and will graduate as a civil engineer. After many disap- pointments, he has learned to fight even harder (as I have witnessed in our room wrestling matches over the years.) He is the only person I know who can hit with his head as if it were his fist. In general, VMI has instilled a determination in Eric which will never let him stop in reaching his goals. DYKES 1977: DaleShrader 1983: Young Kim John W. Diggs " Duke, Digger, Diggsy " Bumpass, Virginia Economics — Air Force S-5 Staff 4, 3; Cpl. 3; 1st Sgt. 2; Cadet Captain 1 (F. Co. Commander); Arnold Air Society 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Soci- ety of Young Economists 1; Young Economists Investment Fund 1 ; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Member of " Disco 107 " 1; Capt. Hall Fan Club 1. How did a country kid from Bumpass, Va. make it to, as well as through VMI. Was it luck? A miracle? Maybe, but it was through a combination of determi- nation, integrity, and leadership that he prevailed. From rat to first classman, he was always there with that smile of his to pull you out of a rut. Of course he wasn ' t always like that His first two years his par- ents helped, but the big change came when he met Beth. (Thanks for straightening him out Beth, he needed it, and you!). What can I say about one of the zaniest, craziest characters I have ever known, except that I am privileged and honored to have spent four years with him. (Thanks for all the good times!) John, you will go far in life with all you have to offer and with Beth along. You can ' t miss. May God Bless you and watch over you always. AML ' 80 DYKES 1977: Elmo Burkes 1983: John D.Kendall Christopher James Dombalis " Greek, Durbo, Dumbo " Richmond, Virginia Economics Private 4, 3,2,1; Business Manager 1980 BOMB, Advertising Manager, ' 79 BOMB; Publications Board 1 ; Almost Dean ' s List 2, 1 ; Rugby 3, 2, 1 ; Lacrosse 4; Young Democrats Social Member 4, 3, 2, 1; Mess Hall Committee 1 ; Friday Cadet Staff 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Ring Figure Social Chairman 2; T.D. Club . . .; Pre Law 1 . Chris ' s cadetship has been one of challenges and work. From the day Chris entered V.M.I., he has tried to do things others haven ' t in his many endeav- ors. Several times the " I " has benefitted from Chris ' s actions and thoughts, and several times he fought battles with the " I " and came out victorious. Mother " I " is very clever, however, and in her wrath she has taught the Greek a good many times and he has benefitted from this. Some of the lessons she taught Chris were: the benefits of hard work is good grades, V.M.I, is a much better school than W L, and many others. If one observes Chris, one sees he never sits still and is always active in a worthwhile endeaver, like being Business Manager of the BOMB or raising hell on the food Committee (and may even be found attending Wednesday Night Socials uptown). I will never forget the Tucker Street episode, Chris knew he was in the right and went on to win his case and we were freed from an unde- served penalty. Chris has never lacked female com- panionship and seems to have acquaintances in quite a few places. Chris is dedicated to what he believes in, on and off the field, and for this he is what is known as a VMI man. T.J.S. DYKES 1977: Chris Nash, Bo Grant 1983: Bret Allen Michael Joseph Donnan " Donny " Alexandria, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Pvt. 4, Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2, 1st Lt., A Co. X01; Rugby 2, Captain 1; SAME 3, 2, Pres. 1; ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1; Rat Training 3. 2; Mardi Gras 2, 1 ; P.O.V. 2, 1 . Looking for a small engineering school in the Old Dominion, known for its engineers, I found the " I. " In considering VMI the military aspects were not a must but may become a way of life upon leaving The knowledge gained from my academics accounts for but a minute segment of what I will walk away with. I send my thanks to Demo, PT, Crotch, Scout, Larry, Bushy, Jack Rock and Dumbo, just to name a few, for making my VMI experience worthwhile. I cannot express in words the thanks due to Mom and Dad for their ever present support over the past four years. As kindling for the fire I submit the following. Leadership through cadets is one of the Institute ' s corner stones This corner stone is slowly being chipped away, thus the VMI experience known by thousands may soon be a thing of the past. DYKES 1977: Jim Anderson 1983: Peter Van Sherpe Weldon Vactina Dunn Jr. " V, VD, Iron Head " Virginia English — Infantry IRC 4: Wrestling 3; MBC Raiders 3; English Society 3,2,1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 ; Pervert Court 3, 2, 1 ; AUSA 3, Secretary 2, President 1 ; Class Nudist 3, 2, 1. " For what is a man, what has he got. If not him- self, then he has naught, To say the words he truly feels, And not the words of one who kneels. The record shows I took the blows and did it my way " Sung by Frank Sinatra I have found that contrary to popular belief, you can be an individual at VMI. You must be or surely you shall perish My thanks to those who let me do it my way: to my BR ' s for putting up with my many moods, to Mr. Ferebee for getting me in, and to Dad and Ma for putting me through here and not setting my goals for me. DYKES 1977: 1983: John Cooper Dwight Jonathan Dutton Hartford, Connecticut History — Air Force Cadet Battery 4, 3, 2; Civil War Roundtable 4, 3, 1 ; Parachute Club 4, 3, 1 ; Rifle Team 2; Dungeons and Dragons Society 1; Being forewarned against deathbed promises did me no good, as I still managed to promise my Father before he died during Spring break my Rat year that I would graduate from VMI. It is the sole reason I have remained here this long. VMI is generous in giving you two days to decide what to do with the next eight years of your life. Fortunately for me, Colonel G L Nay gave me a telephone call a week ahead of time and a head start on the decision. Detachment 880 does give its cadets much more respect and assistance than either of the other ROTC departments. Despite Captain Jouilian ' s complaints about my grades, Sergeant Teague hav- ing to take me personally to Langley AFB (more than once) and everyone cursing my cigars, I have finally managed to become a " Zoomie. " Thank you. DYKES 1977: " Asteroid Al " Waters 1983: Tom Pielech First Class 57 Tommy Earle " BigT, GrisslyT " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Armor Varsity Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1; John Shuman Fan Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Special Student Corps 2, 1 ; I Hate Pencilnecks Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3,2,1. It has been a struggle all four years. If not for my true friends Grube, Shu, Fedenk, and all the rest. I could not have put up with some of my so called B.R. ' s. Nobody forced me to come here and no one could make me stay. The battle is not over yet, but with a little luck, I should leave here on time. They say that " nice guys finish last. " Well, maybe that is my problem. All I can say is that I tried. From Room 122.S.M.H. DYKES 1977: Bert Deacon 1983: John Eckert, Courtney Hutcherson • ♦ Russell Eugene Early " Squirrely Early, Weekend Man, Dip Addict " Vinton, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Navy Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Cpl. 3; I.E.E.E. 2, 1; United Dippers of America 4. 3, 2,1. I didn ' t realize on 18 August 1976 that one signa- ture would have so much affect on the next four years of my life. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me through it. I came here knowing no one, but I will leave with many who will be friends for a life time. I must have been a hard person to live with when I first got here because by the middle of our Third Class year I was working on my third set of room- mates. I must have mellowed out a little because we made it all the way down to the first stoop together. Living only 50 miles from the " Big I " does have its advantages, I have managed to earn the reputation of never letting a weekend go to waste; having a car here has really helped things. This year, I have man- aged to make weekends and V.M.I, mutually exclu- sive concepts. Thanks to the Class of 1980. DYKES 1977: David L.Ralph 1983: Stephen L. Cooper Lewis G.(Gibby) Smith s Edward Gerold Elliott " EEE; Eduardo Eduincado Elliotto; Kemo-Sabe " Hoffman Estates, Illinois Economics — Signal Corps Cross Country 4: Track 4; Cpl. 3; Bomb Squad 3, 2; Anarchist 3, 2, 1; Myrtle Beach Road Trip 2, 1; Chi- cago Road Trip 1 ; Eddie Otey Fan Club 3,2,1; OGA I have suffered. I have sacrificed. Yet I have endured! That is how I can best describe my years here. Anybody that graduates from VMI has been able to endure many indignities and injustices. As time goes on, the bad memories will fade, and I ' ll fondly remember the good times. I haven ' t always been happy here, but I have learned many difficult lessons that won ' t be forgotten. Lessons that didn ' t come from books but from hard experience. I could never have survived here without the daily insanity provided by my closest friends. Mike, Bob, John, Fraz, Roel, Lewis and Dugie — Happiness to you always. Mom and Dad, I could never have made it without your continued support and confidence through the rough times. I love you both. Sandy, we have a bright future ahead of us. Thank God you thought I was worth waiting for. Here Come Blue Skies! DYKES 1977: Kerry Keach Steve Gallahan 1983: The Honorable John B. Lashley 5 W Hossein Eshaghi Tehran, Iran Civil Engineering — Navy Soccer 4, 3; International Students Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Concrete Canoe Design Committee 1 . I came from a long way to get an education. Tired and frustrated I opened my eyes and I found myself at VMI, I would never have imagined a place like it. Oh God where was I. Now I believe I will stand on my feet in any situation. I will never forget my first room- mates Dougy and Oliver wherever you are good luck. I don ' t know if I will hate this place as much as I did when I was arat or not, but whatever it is it built a feeling inside me that I would have never had in another place. Rich, Frank, WJ, wherever you are good luck to you all. DYKES 1977: Shelton P. Rhodes 1983: Terrell Munson Robert J. Evans " Slo Mo. Evons " Jacksonville, Florida Electrical Engineering — Air Force Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Cadef Newspaper 4, 3; Arnold Air Society 4, 3; College Republicans 4, 3: IEEE 2, 1; Firefighters 2, 1; Bob came to us from the sunshine state with a tan, long hair, and a lot of uncertainties. While main- taining his casual composure from room 472 all the way down to room 150 with Toon and Alex. The three of them have gone through much together over the past four years. Despite all his partying and running around after taps, this DEVO has developed into a top notch engineer. Bob has always been able to pick himself up when he was down and it is this determination that will make Bob a certain success in the years to come. The change from a rat to a dis- tinguished student has been a long struggle, but Bob has managed to resolve most of the uncertain- ties that he had when he matriculated. We are confi- dent that this wisdom and experience will benefit him as long as he lives. DYKES 1977: Hobie Andrews 1983: Somsak Roongsita Hugh McCoy Fain, III " Hughsie " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Infantry Prosecutor, Honor Court; Vice President, Class of ' 80; Vice President, Society of Young Economists; Treasurer, Lacrosse Club; Treasurer, Pre-Law Soci- ety; Who ' s Who Among Students in Am erican Uni- versities and Colleges; Omicron Delta Epsilon, " Remember son, anyone can grow up to be Vice- President. " So said the cartoon atop Hughsie ' s desk Well, everyone knows that when you ' re num- ber two you try harder. Hughsie tried harder and accomplished many things. His personal achieve- ments are listed above, and his endless achieve- ments for our class and VMI can be found in the hearts of all the friends he ' s made during his stay at the I. Rooming with a gentleman of Hugh ' s caliber was quite impressive. His keen sense of wit was always a relief in the stress filled atmosphere. Sorry, the surface has not even been scratched! Good luck Hughsie, you were always 1 with us! Thanks Mom, for the endless list of opportunities which you have provided for me. Matt, Josh, Craig, and John — I sure have enjoyed getting to know you guys, despite your hailing. Thanks for everything and good luck! DYKES 1977: Kip Hamilton 1983: Mark Heslep, Malachi Mills _ Martin John Fedenko Troll, Pinhead. Psycho, R-2 D-2, No Neck " Carnegie, Pennsylvania Economics — U.S.M.C. Varsity Football 4. 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1; Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Number One Club 2; Aviation Explorers Club 4; Harmason ' s Army 4,3,2,1; Viking Club 1; Wittig ' s Weight Rm, Club 4, 3, 2, 1; John Shuman Fan Club 4, 3,2,1; Preppie Hater Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Room 122 Destruction Crew 1; Bass ' s I ' m Bad Club4, 3,2, 1. As I walked through Jackson Arch on that August day in nineteen-hundred and seventy-six one thing ran through my mind, and has stayed with me all four years: Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. Cause I ' m the meanest " son of a Gun " in the valley. It has been a wild four years with the boys in 122, Stud, Shu and the Big T, especially the wild monogram and lodge parties And to the boys in the Room of Gloom, you will always be doomed To Mom and Dad thanks for sticking by me all four years Finally Room 1 22 ' s quote of the year, " you all can S M.H. " DYKES 1977: Andy Boardman 1983: Scott Kimall Gary Lawrence Fellows Smyra, Delaware Civil Engineering — Air Force A.S.C.E., 1st Cpl 3; 1st Sgt 2; C Company Com- mander 1. I ' d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who ' s helped me make it this far — my Grandpar- ents for their support, my nana for the great sum- mers at the Cape, my roommates Frank and Griff for being great guys, my BR ' s Bob, Phillip, and many more that I don ' t have room to list. Also my sister and most of all my parents — for without their guid- ance, love, and support I don ' t think I would have made it. To the Class of ' 80 — I will remain loyal. DYKES 1977: Michael Joe Freeman 1983: John F.Sullivan III George B. Filer, Jr. " Weebles, Crash, Bicycle Filer " Covington, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Air Force Rifle Team 4, 3; Pep Band. My life here at VMI has been full of ups and downs, mostly downs. My brother rats tried to make it more ups than downs. They really pulled through when I needed them most. My parents and I would like to thank Larry, Tim, Dave, Mike and Tom for their extra efforts while I was at U.Va. I can ' t remem- ber the first two months, so I can ' t say how much you helped me, however, I am aware of how much you helped my family. My thanks go to all my B.R. ' s. Without all of you and your concern, I would not be here to write this. I hope that none of you have to go through anything like I did. If you are that unfortu- nate, just remember, your B.R. ' s are behind you when you need them most. DYKES 1977: Maury Gatewood 1983: Phillip Shepard Michael Hance Flinn " Redneck, Flappy, Flinnetty, Flimssy, Errol, Merle, Mikey " Richmond, Virginia Biology — Armor Jackson Battery 4; VMI Firefighters 3; Ring Figure Ring Building Committee 2; Yearbook 1 ; Grotto Club 1 ; Ski Club 1 ; VMI Rugby 1 ; RDC Alternate 1 ; Weight Lifting Intramural 3, 2; Pvt. 4, 1; Corps 3, Sgt. 2; Pres. of the Willie Nelson Fan Club 4, 3, 2, 1 . I too came through the arch on Aug. 18, 1976 a dazed and confused freshman. Those who knew me from high school could not figure out the choice I made and I ' m not sure I really can, even now. I believe it was for the Honor System and the Brother Rat System. Also, I couldn ' t resist a dare. The ' key ' words for my stay here have been: perseverance and endurance. I owe many thanks to many people: Carper, Cole, Boo-Boo, Pin, and others. Mainly I have to thank my parents for their love and under- standing, and for accepting my collect phone calls. Good luck to all my " Brother Rats! " DYKES 1977: Raymond Pavlovsky (76) 1983: Michael Gleason Richard Bruce Fowler " Rick, B.D., C.C., Tree, Stork " Newport News, Va. Physics — Navy Fencing 4, 3, 2, 1: Epee Captain 2; Team Captain 1; Glee Club 4, 3, 1 , SPS 4, 3, 2, 1 ; IEEE 1 ; Mallory Mili- tia 2, 1; Pvt. 4. 3, 2, 1. My blouse is torn and tattered; My dress hat ' s sadly battered, I haven ' t shined my brasses, Accoutrements, or gun; I ' ve a great load of demerit, Though I bravely try to bear it, For to break the regulations Is a constant source of fun! You may think my actions listless, You may think that I am shiftless And imagine that for Nothing do I care; But your judgement will be shaken When the final count is taken of the men in life successful for I ' m certain to be there. (ME. Locke, Class of 1 899) 1977: Keith Douglas Frazier " Fraz " The Star City U.S. Army 4, 3; U.S. Air Force 2; Special Student 1 . Ed Bodling Fan Club; Anarchist 3, 2; Vice-President K.C.F.C. 3, 2; Lonely Hearts Club 2; Myrtle Beach Road Trip 2, 1, Summer School Unlimited 4, 3, 2, (1)?; A.S.C.E. 3. 2. 1; RDC F Co Representative 1; Lacrosse 3, Rugby 1. From day one I ' ve despised this " hole above ground, " yet I ' ve stayed and endured this place, but I know the experience has taught this old boy a few things about life. I thank my family for their patience and support. You are the ones whose encourage- ment made all the difference. I thank you Roel for living and putting up with me all these years. To the boys next door — thanks Ed, Mike, John, Bob. Lewis and Tim for being there. We ' ve enjoyed some good times together — times I will always cherish and I wish the gang the best of luck and success. Shu — I still have the scrapes from the time you bounced me around our rat year and remember y ou owe me a couple of Super Bowl tickets. To the rest of you guys, we are finally realizing the end. Life starts again in May! DYKES 1977: Glenn Trimmer 1983: Keith A. Hannabass DYKES 1977: M. L. Parish 1983: G. E. Petting III J.G.Tidd Boyd Douglass Gaines " Boyd, Doug " Prescott, Arizona Economics — Field Artillery Number One Club; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; AUSA 3, 2; VMI Firefighters 2, 1 ; Rat Training 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Rat Training XO 1 ; Society of Young Economists 3, 1 ; Investment Club 1; Cadet Battery 2; Bomb Staff 4, 1; Co-First Class Editor, VMI Bomb 1 ; Early Lunch Dart Club 2; Last Chance Dance Committee 2; Marshall Tucker Forever 4, 3, 2, 1 I was so anxious to get to VMI that I hitchhiked the last couple of miles. This enthusiasm was soon dis- pelled the first night I was here It seems like such a long time ago. My VMI experience, like any other has been filled with its ups and its downs. Who will ever forget events such as the Corps trips and Ring Figure. For the past four years I have been exposed to VMI ' s concept of a college, now I think I ' m ready to try my hand at civilian life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Mom and my Dad for their loving support and understanding; Betty for being there when I needed you, you ' re the greatest; and my roommates and friends, Bob, Tom, Les, and Khosh for the good times and making life a little eas- ier. — If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run Yours is the Earth and everything that ' s in it . . . " If — Rudyard Kipling DYKES 1977 Bill Martin 1983 Mark Henderson Charlie King Francis Anthony Galgano Jr. " Nelson Jr. V., Vein, Burr Head, Electron, EEK, Frjnkie, F. " Huntington, New York Biology — United States Army (Armor) Corporal 3; Sgt. 2; 1 st Batt. S-4 1 ; Distinguished Mili- tary Student; Ranger Pit. 4; Tanker Pit. 3. 1; Rat Training 3, 2; Fire Fighters 3, 2, 1; AUSA 3, 2, 1 (Vice-Pres 1); Hop Escort 2, 1; Cadre 4, 3, 2. 1; Dean ' s List 2, 1 ; Room of Gloom 2, 1 . On Wednesday 18 August 1976 it was hot, I was tired, and I was scared. On Saturday 17 May 1980 it will be hot, I will be tired, but I will be happy. For all the time in between, " You can dream but you can never go back the way you came. " To Mom and Dad, you never failed me when I needed you most, thank you. But more importantly, thank you for giv- ing me this opportunity. I love you both. After four long, but rewarding years, I can only sum up my feelings in one way. This is for you Pete: " Let the disappointment pass. Let the laughter fill your glass. Let your illusions last until they shatter. Whatever you might hope to find Among the thoughts that crowd your mind There won ' t be many that ever really matter. " (Jackson Browne) DYKES 1977: Steven Bouchard 1983: Stephen Melitz, Joe Barra Sean Kevin Gallagher " Monkey, Gal " Lindenhurst, New York History — S.S. Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Rifle Team 4, 3, 2, 1; PX Cowboys 2, 1 ; LA. Beachcomber 2; Rat Training X.O., E. Co. When I first met Gal I thought he ' d surely be another Chesty Puller. But time changes us all. He came here ready for the life of a marine, with wine and women, and he had enough wine, right Mon- key? But he soon straightened out. Sean, you always better remember our songs we ' d sing our rat year in 356 with (Jimbo, Tidy and Waldo) and how you always were there as a friend and a true blue BR. You ' re the type of person that makes me believe my time in hell was well worthwhile. Good luck and may you always be happy. B.D.L. All I have to add to this is something which is so very common yet so very much from the heart: thanks Mom and Dad! Thanks Jimmy, Chris and Pat. And thanks to my BR sand Brian. DYKES 1977: Michael D. Lafferty 1983: James Ayers Robert Aaron Gearhart Jr. " Hograt, Giz, Gearshift " Sterling, Virginia History — U.S.M.C. T.C.F.C. 3; S-5 Tour Guide Staff 4, 3, 2; Marshall Research Library Assistant 1; Dean ' s List 2, 1; Aca- demically Distinguished 1; Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 1st Battalion S-5 1; JMU Commuter Student 2, 1; Capt. Hall Fan Club 1. Rob Gearhart rose from the status of just being the fourth body in the room to one of the best friends I have ever had. I didn ' t get to see much of Rob: there seemed to be this mysterious pull com- ing from the direction of Harrisonburg. I have often admired and envied his ability to sit down and get things done. In the true spirit of a Brother Rat, he was a first classman first, a ranker second. I had some doubt about his ability as a warrior, but those fears were put to rest when we successfully defended room 204 SSH in the great eraser wars. My life probably wouldn ' t have been less meaningful had I not known him, but it will certainly be that much better because I have. Rob leaves VMI with a degree and the nicest lady in the world. God Bless You Rob and Ginger. KMS ' 80 DYKES 1977: Randy Foster 1983: PeteKattman, Nate Turner Thomas Nicholas Gelles " Nich, Tommy-Nick, Jarhead " Conemaugh, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering — Marine Corps Rat 4; Cpl. 3; M Sgt. 2; 1 Lt. Co. X.O. 1 ; Cadre 3,2,1; ASCE 4, 3. 2, 1; Marine Detachment 4, 3, 2, 1; 1980 Ring Figure Magazine Business Manager; Tech Raid 2; Inaugural Parade Contingent 4. Rat Gelles to his sergeant; " Sir, do we take the cardboard out of our ties? " This statement was the start of a top-notch cadetship. " Nich ' ' knew he would go places his rat year when the Regimental Commander personally put him on confinement. Third class year had to be better — NOW I ' m a big C.E. — and a big bad Cadre Corporal — IT WASN ' T!!! With the coming of our 2nd class year and Ring Figure " Nich " finally began to show his true form . . . Hard to whisper sweet nothings in her ear with a potato chip in your mouth! At least fame came his way when THE HISTORY of " Njch " GELLES was published (R.F.M. ' 80). During the summer and with visions of " Bulldog " fresh on his mind, " Nich " went out to prove that there ' s nothing in the whole wide world a Marine can ' t do. A few wild women later, " Nich " came back to VMI to lead BRAVO Co Rats to glory. That ' s where you ' d find him always. He may leave VMI but those who worked with and under him will never forget the " JARHEAD FROM CONEMAUGH. " THANKS mom and dad for everything. DYKES 1977: Michael J. Smith 1983: James P. Kendall (Radar) John Ronald Gibney, Jr. " William the Conqueror, Oscar Madison, Sir Gibnoid, A Southern Man ' s Yankee " Bellmore, New York Mathematics — Marines Private 4. 2, 1; Corporal 3; RDC Secretary 1; Rat Training Cadre 3; Lacrosse 4, 3. 2. Captain 1; Math Club 3; President 2, 1; Pep Band 4, 3, 2, 1; Young Republicans 4; Career Fair 2; Marine Detachment 3, 2, S-1 , 1 ; NROTC Scholarship 3, 2, 1 ; TV 3, 2, 1 ; Ring Figure Magazine 2; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 1 . John, the North may have won the Civil War, but remember which ol ' Southern boy carried you, both of us FUBAR, back to Barracks after Zollman ' s party our rat year? I didn ' t know New Yorkers partied under tables so well! You ' re a shrewd businessman too, working in the TV room so you ' d have a guaran- teed Mork and Mindy seat. And consider the fringe benefits in " cleaning up " the place after Taps — remember Lorrie, John? Three years and countless shaving cream battles and lost trowels later, we were in 155. You were such a tough cadre man, watching TV, drinking beer, listening to midnight Rangers scores on WCBS, and waiting for girls to knock on the windows. You had the only in-call girl service on the first stoop! John, if your adventures lead you by Richmond or Palmerton, be sure to give us a " howdy-y ' all, " OK? DYKES 1977: Christopher M.Perry 1 983: Philip A. Gemmati ( " Toucan Sam " ) Paul A. Karafa 1 m ijPt Richard Clayton Gilbert " Rick, Bean " Lynchburg, Virginia Economics — Armor Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; All Patchin; New York Road Trip 2; Number One Club 3; Monogram Club 2, 1 ; Hard Room 56; Fratty Lodge. My life here at V.M.I, is one that I, just like every- one else, will never forget. If it was not for my room- mates and the many friends that I have met here I would have never made it. I came here with the idea of playing college football and didn ' t achieve this until after two hard years of sweet and dirt down at Patchin Field. Thanks Coach Tornabene for being a coach and at the same time a real friend, even though you blew the whistle a little too much at the end of practice. As for my life as a Keydet I spent my first two years fighting the Institute, thus spending 6 months of my third class year on confinement. I finally realized there is no way to beat the system or Smith Hall, because in the end they are going to get the best of you. Finally, I would like to thank my fam- ily for their love and support throughout these 4 years DYKES 1977: Thomas Cole 1983: Teddy Gottwald, Chip Shirley David R. Gleason " Dave, Munchkin, Munch, Glease, FOM, Little One, Fats. " Hartford, Connecticut History — Army Cadet Staff 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Rugby Club 3; Ski Club 4, 2, 1 , Treasurer 1; Tanker Pit. 2; Pre-Law Society 1; Ring Figure Construction Committee, Vice-Chairman 2; North Canadian Border Patrol 2, 1; English Society 1 ; FIDO Club II 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Argentine Cavalry 4, 3,2,1; Sigma lota 2, 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3,2,1; Hop and Floor 2, 1 . It was a bright sunny day in August 1976 when Dave first cast a shadow, though small, in Jackson Arch. I knew from the beginning this was no ordi- nary man. This was Munchkin, Brevet Colonel of the Argentine Cavalry, a swashbuckling peasant-slayer. You couldn ' t recognize him then, of course, he was disguised as a Rat here at the Mother " I. " This little savage came to be a corruptible influence upon us all, showing varied techniques of discarding with peasant scum. But his time was not all wasted by training new volunteers. Oh Yes! His intentions go deeper than is obvious. M. Dog. To my parents: Thanks for all the understanding, support, and love you ' ve given me. To Debbie: Thank you Deb for all your love, you ' ve really bright- ened up my life. Larry, I would have left if it hadn ' t been for you — I still don ' t forgive you. Roommates — Thanks for making me laugh. DYKES 1977: Larry Martin 1983: Steve Byrum Chalmers Lanier Glenn, IV. " Chal, Brownie Monster, Chicken Bone Head, On Two " Charlotte, North Carolina Economics — Army (Armor) Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Track 4; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1; Training Room Hall of Fame; All Patchin; All Tele- phone Team; Road Trip Society; Hard Room 300, 356, 256 and 156. I came to VMI with the vision of playing for the Big Red Machine, but I had no idea that I would play so many positions like QB, FB, TE, LB and DE. I guess I was the jack-of-all-trades but the king of none. Foot- ball brought some bad times through broken bones and disappointing losses but Coach Tornabene had a way of making it worthwhile. There were many hard times at the Institute but the good seemed to outweigh them. I could never go through here again but I ' m glad I did once. The best thing about this place is the people within it. The friends I have made are the best in the world, especially the members of the " Hard Room. " I ' d like to thank my folks for standing by me and for paying the phone bills even though they were a little high sometimes. I ' d also like to thank Robin for always being there when I needed her. The light at the end of the long four year tunnel is finally shining brightly. DYKES 1977:EdGlackin 1983: Andy Woolwine, Matt Berardi 1964: Steve McKenna 64 First Closs Robert Bentley Gore " Binky, Blue Book Ben " Roanoke, Virginia Economics — Field Artillery Honor Court 1 ; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Omnicron Delta Epsilon 2, 1; Cpl 3; Master Sergeant 2; 2nd Bn. Commander 1; S-5 Staff 4, 3, 2; Bloodmobile Com- mittee 3,2,1; Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Lonely Hearts Club 3, 2; I Wish It Was May 1 7 ' 80 Club 4,3,2,1. I have come a long way since that hot August day in 76. It seems only yesterday that I was in the midst of 400 other scared rats just like me, but yet very dif- ferent. We are now at the end of our journey through VMI, highlighted by friendships too numer- ous to list, goals achieved, problems solved and the good times only a cadet understands. There have also been the hard times, the ratline, the academics, Dear John ' s and the shattered dreams. I can ' t com- plain about my stay at VMI, I have learned a great deal and realized that I have a great deal more to learn. Special thanks to to my dyke, I wouldn ' t have made it without you Bob, and to Mom and Dad for giving me an opportunity they never had and for their unending support. DYKES 1977: Roberta Wilson 1983: Ralph Brian Johnston Matthew George Griffin " Kidney-Bean, Hammer, Grassbone, Mud, St. Matthew " Norfolk, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers Football 4; Baseball 4, 3, 2, 1 — Captain 1 ; ASCE 3, 2, 1; All Pro Team 2; Number 1 Club; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Hooter Club Pres ; Rat Co. X.O.; Young Democrats; All Main Sinks 2, 1 ; Ring Figure Hotel Chairman You may be wondering why I ' ve gathered you here today. Will that line ever grow old? I don ' t think so! One of the many things we ' ve learned from hav- ing lived with Matt these past years is this: If it ain ' t from the book of Griffin, it ain ' t! Matt ' s a natural leader. Whether it ' s on the athletic field or in the ranks, he always seems to command respect. He found a special place in the hearts of the Hooter ' s because of his modesty and devotion to friends. How he won the hearts of all those women at M.B.C. and Sem. we ' ll never know! Matt ' s love of life and easy going style, combined with his leadership qual- ities will lead him to success wherever he goes. Good luck Matthew, from the boys of 111 Toss up to Perdue: What ' s a one legged duck do? Thank you Mom and Dad, I love you too! Thank you brothers and sisters for putting up with so much Red, White and Yellow! DYKES 1977: Danny Braddach 1983: Jimmy Henry Stevie " Wonder " Hines Patrick Joseph Griffin " Griff, P J., Tattoo, F. M., Bouncing Boy of Kilbourne Hall " Shrewsbury, Massachusetts History — Navy Army Navy Pre-Law 4, 3; College Democrats 1 ; Wrestling 2; Pvt 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt 2; Handball 3; RFYL 4, 2; Road Trip Club 1; Crash and Burn Club 4, 2; Cadre 2. 1; Ring Figure Hog Club 2; IRC 2. Griff Hit VMI, pleasing us all, especially Quaken- bush. " What ' s for supper Mr. Griffin? " " You threw out my clean laundry and I thought only dirty laun- dry went out on Monday " Griff soon astounded all his friends with a new woman. He was in love. One question, " Was the window really stuck that night? " Soon he joined the Crash and Burn Club, possibly on Master Charge Recommendation. Griff was always lucky. Who else could meet a girl in the hall with her pillow? Roller skating. No! It ' s 4:00 in the morning. Then a transformation occurred, Griff to FM, " Right Bright Eyes? " By the way Griff, did it ever come out of your hair Just like bananas on the mir- ror. Thanks to all my friends: Philip, Gary, Frank, Dewey, Bob. John, Steve, and especially you Mom and Dad We ' ve all come a long way, and it ' s been great! Ya ' ll keep in touch. DYKES 1977: John D.Johnson 1983: Alan Perdigao, Robert Phaneuf Mark Joseph Grubber " Grube " Southold, New York History — U. SMC. (PLC) Soccer 4; Table Monitor 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 . Leaving the old Mother " I " was hard, but coming back was even harder. It was like being a rat all over again. I guess once you get the system in your blood it is hard to get rid of it. Well I am back, and I plan to stay this time, even if I have to graduate a year after my Brother Rats. Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me this second chance. And a special thanks to Kirk and Tommy for making my coming home that much easier. " Don ' t tell me I can ' t. I will, because I must. " — Mack Bolan — DYKES 1977: Walter David Slomski 1983: David D. Combs John Edward Gudgel III " Ned, Phantom " Littleton, Colorado History — Armor Water Polo 1 ; On August 18, 1976 I never thought I would make it this far. Thanks to Jody and Steve, life here has been a heck of a lot easier. Thanks to them I was able to look at the brighter side and drive on. Moments like scaring Capt. Hamilton during an OCMNI, getting caught shaving at 3am during cadre, being late to a sweat party (Jody learned the front leaning rest position), a jammed door 10 sec- onds before verbal CCQ, belt fights and wrestling with " Hippo, " and those wild Saturday nights have made living here a real joy. I hope life treats them real well after we go our separate ways, they deserve it. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, especially for giving me this opportunity and back- ing me up all the way. They are the greatest parents a guy could have. Good Luck to the Class of 1 980. DYKES 1977: Ralph Davis 1983: Richard Kehrberg Dennis Alan Hackemeyer " Hack, CG " Lynchburg, Virginia Economics — Marines Honor Court 1 ; Baseball 4, 3; Cpl. 3; Regt. Clr. Sgt. 2; I 1st Bn X.O. 1; Circle K 2, 1; Cadre 2, 1; C-l-C Intra- murals 2; Marine Detachment 3,2,1; ROA 1 ; Wa-Wa j Squeeze Club; 520th Tunnel Brigade; I PHELTA THI. As I leave my strengths — Walt, Ike, Kenny — tears fall to their full lengths. Tears of joy, of happi- ness, of good times, Aspirations of all I hold; they ' re mine. My parents, like my brothers, I miss Who ' ve been my inspiration through this, Their unselfish concern of a son, brother Ungrateful at 18, 19, 20. I ' m 21 now. The years, they ' ve carried on somehow. And along with them, I ' ve felt, I know — you too! And to my friends I ask you to remember, for The more we sweat in peace; the less we bleed in war. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. Lora — the rose amongst my bush of thorns, Meet- ing in ' 75 in May, love ' s grown with every day, For- gotten I ' ve not of the pain, the rain, the Troubles, the strife, but always remember Lora; You ' re the most important thing in my life! DYKES 1977: Mike Brown 1983: Tom Radle, Calvin Murray jftWuiiiifMi _ —— ■r r .mi i. !»?fl , " . ■. --, 66 First Class r - y T David C. Hagemann " The Mouse, The Incredible Hag " Turkeytown (New Providence), N.J. Economics — Army Pvt. 4, 3,2,1; Rugby 4, 3, 2; Number 1 Club 2; Love- boat Crewmember 1 ; Stallions 1 ; Society for Young Economists 1; Baldwin Raid 3; Pervert Corner 1; Perpetual Confinement Club, There are not many things that I will forget about this place; signing the checks, waiting for the stick and getting a number 1 from a telephone call. Of course there have been some good times, like Wer- ner teaching me how to run the block without get- ting caught and Steve and Gary teaching me that life does begin at ducks. The roommates who have made this place somewhat bearable: Gary, Steve, Tabb, Wheels, thanks. But who can forget the love- boat and all that was needed to get on board it was a six pack. On the serious side, I will never forget the things I ' ve learned and the friends I ' ve made. This place has been a good experience even though all the good times seemed to be somehwere else. This place is probably best summed up by the fact that a boy came and the Mouse is leaving. DYKES 1 977; Steve " Big Daddy " Werner 1983: J. J. " Elvis " Costello John Randolph Hall " John " Wappinger Falls, New York Modern Languages — Air Force Football 4; Wrestling 3, 2; T.I.T.S. 4, 3, 2, 1; Cpl.; Sgt; Pit. Lt. Thanks Mom. Dad, Cindy and Chuck for the never faltering support and for always being there when I needed it. Robby-Roz and the Marines are getting the best. Doug — you ' ll be the only marriage coun- selor-Pilot in the Air Force. Bert — you drive crazy, but you ' ve been a riot to live with. Mitch — Libba knows it ' ll be great — she ' s right. Yvonne — the love was there. I only regret that it was too soon for both of us and not strong enough. Please remember even though the " gush of desire " has long faded the " too much " will always be present. Thanks for everything. This place we ' ve called home for 4 years isn ' t exactly in line with the Hilton, but we survived and then some on occasions I thank God for those moments and for preserving my sanity during this self-imposed experiment in toleration. " Victory is a matter of staying power. " — Hubbard DYKES 1977: Stan Stout 1983: Greg " Star Wars " Bartlett Michael David Hall " Mike, Doc " Chesapeake. Virginia Economics — Infantry New Market March 1978; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Army Schol- arship 4, 3, 2, 1 ; VMI Summer School 4, 3, 2, ?. It has been a long four years, including many summer sessions since I first laid eyes on VMI. I came to this school with only the knowledge gained from catalogs, pamphlets, and the like. Was I ever in for a surprise. Yet I weathered the worst VMI could throw at me, to now find myself ready to grasp that once seemingly far off goal, graduation. I wish to thank everybody who has helped me these four years, in particular Capt. Taylor, and the entire MS Department for their faith, my parents and BR s for their support, and of course, my Rat roommate of my entire four years at VMI, Bob. DYKES 1975: Grant Scott 1983: Steve Hodak Terry Lee Hall " Hallazotti, Terryzod " Dallastown, Pennsylvania Electrical Engineer — Corps of Engineers Wrestling 4, 3; Varsity Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; IEEE 1 , Grotto Club Stallions 2, 1; Unauthorized Motor Vehicle Club 4, 3, 2; Datona Beach Club 2, 1 ; Yazoo City I entered VMI not knowing what to expect. Now, as I ' m leaving VMI, I have a better understanding of what this place is about Although, I do not agree with everything here But life is such that we must live and learn, and at VMI you either learn or fail. There have been good times as well as bad, good friends and not so good friends. Consequently, I leave here a better person for having survived my sentence of four years to prison. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me make it through this place, especially J.V., Toon, Waste, Mouse, Schmez and Krud. Without these guys, I do not think I could have made it. I especially want to thank my parents who have supported me with their love and understanding all the way through here. And to my Brother Rats, I wish you all the best of luck in what- ever endeavor you undertake. DYKES 1977: Rick Greene 1983: " Hollywood " Henderson Charles Johnson Hansrote III " Snowbeast, Goatroper, Scrotes " Lynchburg, Virginia Chemistry — Army Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3; Manager Track 4; Ranger Pit 3; TCFC " 80 " and Co-Chairman 3-2; New Market March 3; Airborne School 3; Reg. Color Guard 2; E Co Rat Executive Officer; President — Lynch- burg Club; Cheerleader 1 ; GDI 4, 3, 2, 1 . It ' s hard to believe it ' s almost over. How can a few words describe the feelings held inside my heart. Thank you Mom and Dad for your support and understanding To all my B.R ' s, especially in MBH you will be fondly remembered. To my B.R ' s in room 145, thanks for being there when I needed a shoul- der to help me through. I ' m going to miss all the spirit, and togetherness of our class. The memories of much struggle, toil, dedication, joy, and satisfac- tion will be cherished. To quote a very famous line. " All work and no play, etc. " is very applicable at VMI and so to the ladies of MBC, thank you for the great times, and good parties The Corps may change through the years, but some things never change: The Honor, The Glory, and The Pride of VMI . . . " Rah Virginia Mil. " DYKES 1977: Billy " Harpo " Holzgrefe 1983: Joe " Patton " Leonard Michael Quillie Harper " Mike, Q, Quillie, Harperpour, Harps " Cherry Hill, New Jersey Electrical Engineering — Air Force Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; B Co. Rat XO; Rat Training 4, 2, 1; B Co. RDC Representative; PX Cowboy 4, 3,2,1; N. Y.- N.J. Club 4, 3; IEEE 2, 1 ; Cadet Writer 4; ROA 1 . Well Mike, four years together. How can I put all of the defeats, victories, good and bad times of our cadetship into a few lines. I met Mike in the Matricu- lation line and VMI decided that we would room together. As a long, hard rat year dragged on — I found in Mike a true friend, who was always ready to boost my spirits or give me a few words of praise. Third class year we stayed together and battled vari- ous hardships of another VMI year. Second class year saw things looking up for us and graduation was at last in sight! The summer ended and we were at last firsts. Mike, of all the people I have ever met you ' re the most devoted friend, pal, and classmate. If I were asked to sum up my thoughts in one phase, my reply would be; He was a gentlemen and much more than that — A CADET. — RJD Thanks Mom and Dad for your unending support! — MQH DYKES 1977: Frederic Bennett Wiggins 1983: Gary Ellis Pittman Ted Martin Helmick " Teddy Bear, Taiwan, Hanoi, Howdy Doody, Tadford, Neck, Tedly Bear " Richmond, Virginia English — Air Force Indoor and Outdoor Track 4, 3,2,1; Football 4; Mon- ogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Fat Boy Brigade 4, 3. 2, 1; PX Cowboys 2; Indoor High Jump Record Tri-Holder 3 Dear Mom and Dad, I ' m finally coming around the final stretch here at VMI. The friends I ' ve made here are really great guys, especially Paul, Dale, and Jeff. The girls at MBC are the nicest you ' d ever want to meet any- where too. My track coach, Coach Williams, is the best track coach in the country, and I can ' t thank him enough for all that he has done for me He ' s taken our track team and turned us into a devastat- ing powerhouse — you ought to see us I suppose that life in Varina is as slow as ever — after being here for four years I think I ' ve finally convinced everyone that Varina is not just a mythological place — it really does exist. Thank you Mom and Dad for everything — y ' all are the greatest. I thank God too, that I ' m still a country boy — I hope I always will be. DYKES 1977: Tim Liles (Bear) 1983: Jerry Knight (Harpo) Richard Tyson Henry " Rip " Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Physics — Infantry SPS 4, 3, 2, 1; Treas. 2, Vice-President 1; Civil War Round Table 2. Secretary 2; Rangers 4, 2; AUSA 2; Mallory Militia 2, 1; Little John II Crew 1; Cpl. 3 Pvt 4,3.2.1. Rip came to VMI where upon he became dazed and confused after the very first day. After these many years not much has changed; Rip is still here and just as dazed and confused as ever! Fortu- nately, this does not stem from a lack of mental prowess but from his academic discipline — Phys- ics If you ask him why he ' s a Physics major, don ' t expect an immediate answer. Most of the PY majors are still asking themselves the same question. By some strange miracle, though he ' s made it (barely) past everything Mallory Hall could throw at him. Choosing Physics and Infantry is still a combina- tion that baffles me. Let ' s face it though, Physics alone still baffles me Good luck in Uncle Sam ' s Army, Rip — it needs all the help it can get! — DEMO I could not have made it through these four years without the help and guidance of my parents who never stopped believing; to my B.R. ' s whose friend- ship is the most valuable gift from VMI; and espe- cially Andrea whose love never faltered. — R.T.H. ' 80 DYKES 1977: John " The Kro " Krovic 1983: OwenDunlop Robert Malcolm Hillard, Jr. " Bob, Golden Bear, Lil Bear, Boobs, Lil ' Bob, Bobby, Fat Bobby " Chesapeake, Virginia Chemistry — Air Force Golf Team 4, 3, 2; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1; S-5 Staff 4; ACS 4, 3. 2, 1; Public Relations Officer 1; USAF Scholarship; E B. Jones Scholarship in Chemistry; 367.267, 167 Bar and Grill; 4th Stoop Commander 4; Hop and Floor 2, 1 ; Inaugural Parade 4, Settle and Schreibers Favorite Cadet Award 1 Pvt. 4,3, 2,1! Bobby wan ted to go to U.Va., but he buckled on his boots and spurs, and came to VMI to kick up his heels with us. He ' s done a lot — evaded Capt Ham- ilton at 0200. blitzed; was " base " when we fought; left his gloves behind J.M. Hall on a high and cold night; and we ' ve been caught drinking without 1 ' s. Remarkable How could we forget Bobby ' s Ring Figure date? No comparison: VMI man vs. Pizza Hut man. Glad we could help. When we couldn ' t find something it was always in Bobby ' s laundry bag: shoes, peanut butter, blouse . . . That Tequila at West Point sure was nasty. To us, Bobby cannot be replaced; we tender it, but he needs no wish for luck — his success is certain. Reach for the stars Bro. T.B. and Flake Thanks Mom and Dad. You made this possible B.H. DYKES 1 977: S tanley B. Stout 1 983: Mark A. O ' Neill " Quasi-Modo " Kurkj U PHYSICS- Fhysics is the most grueling kind of work imaginable. You ' ll have to work like crazy just to keep up.and in the won ' t have anything to show for it. IT you ' d rather have something nice to take home at the end of the six weeks, like a broomholder or a doorstop, than perhaps you ' d be better off taking shop. First Class 69 Frank Hilton " Flake, Flakey, CF, Frankie, Flaketie " Newton, North Carolina History — Armor (Eventually Civilian) Academically Distinguished 4, 3, 2; Ring Figure Committee; Rugby 2; Pre-Law Society 4, 1; C-l-C Intramural Football 3; International Relations Club 3; Pvt., Cpl., Sgt., 2nd Lt.; Inaugural Contingent 77; 4th Stoop S-3; 367, 267, 167 Vandals and Party Club; C Co, Flame 4,3,2,1; Brown Towel Mfg.; Jane Carroll Fan Club 4, 3. I came here on my own choice and always knew the way in was also the way out. I welcome the future. My Mother loved me enough to tell me that if I ever wanted to come home I ' d have to walk. My Aunt and Uncle have been my second parents. My roommates were always there to tell me when to open my eyes. They have become more than Brother Rats; they are family And, Jane Carroll made my last two years complete. C.F.H. Flake breezed through the arch with hopes of Physics and The Point in mind; four years later finds him a distinguished L.A. ingrained in the VMI Spirit. In making brown towels, working out on " his " days, and studying and partying with equal intensity. Flake has grown from hometown boy to a potential Perry Mason Keep shooting for those stars Flake; we ' ll surely see you t here . . T.B. and Lil " Bob DYKES 1 977: Dennis Kocik and Phyllis Shelton 1 983; Steve Patten and Keith Sawyer Charles J. Hinton " CJ, Tyke, Joe " Ft. Campbell, Kentucky Chemistry — Air Force GC EC 1 ; Sport Parachute Club 4, 1 ; Ski Club 4; Rat Training Cadre 2, 1 ; Karate Club 3; Manager VMI PX 3. 2; Unauthorized Car Club 2; ACS 3, 2; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; Lt 1 ; AAS 3; Rm. 219, 1 19 Bar and Grill. Four years ago the end seemed far away. Since that day in August 1976, a lot has happened. The Rat line came and we struggled through. Then came the third class year. What needs to be said? Ring Figure was only a dream. Finally our second class year came and with it we got our ring. A class we had become with something to show the world. The last year, the one that everybody waits for. Sure glad it ' s over To my parents and brothers I want to give a very special thank-you. I ' m glad you could put up with me for these four years. I hope everyone knows how special they are to me. To Vickie I give a very special thank-you also. We made it Sweetheart! Love CJ, for always. DYKES 1977: Steve Bouchard 1983: Mark George John F. Hirsch " Headly, Hershy Bear, Hobbit " Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania; Willingboro, New Jersey; Michigan City, Indiana History — Navy Army Pvt 4, 3, 2; Lt. 1; VP IRC 2; The Club, Summer School 4, 3, 2; Crash and Burn Club 3, 2; RFYL 4, 3, 2; Volleyball 1; Firefighters 2; Cannonball Comm. 2, 1 ; Hokie Raid 2, 1 . John entered VMI with aspirations of becoming a Naval officer. This dream diminished as he met an individual who lacked the concern John needed. The Army has benefited by the Navy ' s loss. 3rd class was again plagued by our favorite Lt. With his help John failed to achieve the rank he so greatly deserved. 2nd class made everything worthwhile as John met academics with great success. Ring Fig- ure helped. 1st class year, John ' s potential and determination was finally recognized. " Bravo Zulu " Lt. Thanks for being there when needed. You are truely a unique man worthy of the title " Friend. " Good Luck, Bro! SJL VMI ' s been a long and hard road, if it wasn ' t for the support of two special people, I may never had made it. Thanks Mom and Dad. I ' d like to thank the people that made everything worth it. Steve, Mark, Phil, Matthew, TB, Robby, PJ, Rick, Pinhead. DYKES 1977: Michael J. Horn 1983: Joseph M. Campisano 70 First Class Jack Scott Hodge " Scottie, Hog Rat, HR " Suffolk, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army ASCE 4, 3. 2, 1; SAME 2, Secretary 1; Ring Figure Flower Committee Chairman; Distinguished Military Student; AUSA 3; Who ' s Who Nominee; Ryder Cup Contingent; 1 Drill Platoon, Pit. Sgt. 2; Presidential Inaugural Parade 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Cadre 2; Third Floor Brain Wrackers Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; 45 Club 3, 2, 1 ; Disco Dong and the L ' s 2, 1 ; Summer School 4, 3, 2; Non Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Concrete Canoe; EIT Review Board. Scott began his cadetship Aug. 18 just as green as his brother rats. In four years Scott found many new friends, rewarding experiences, and grew six inches in one day. He started off as just plain old " Mr. Rat, " and then he earned the famous name " Hog Rat. " I hope he still enjoys spaghetti and M and M ' s. The nickname " Hog Rat " was quite an appropriate one, and will always follow him. Being a Civil Engineer, he started off with good academic practices, and had to make up for it in three summer school sessions. As time went on the Road Trips became more frequent and so did Date Swapping. SNAKE! Sooner or later the right lady will come along and she won ' t let him get away. With the love of his Parents, Dykes, and Friends his few years were satisfying and worth the effort Good Luck! Nova and Brock! DYKES 1977: Sid Alvis 1983: Jimmy Lang Timothy M. Hodges " Snake, Tim " Roanoke, Virginia Civil Engineering — Engineer Band Co. 4, 3. 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 1 st Lt 1 ; Band Co. X.O.; Glee Club 4; Dean ' s List 3, 2, 1 ; Rat Training 4, 1 ; Stars 1; Pep Band 4, 3. Well the four years at VMI are coming to an end. I will definitely miss all my friends especially Larry who has been the best And my roommates David and George I hope everything turns out O.K. Keep plugging away George! But I can ' t say I ' ll miss this place though This year has definitely been the best ever. I met someone who means a great deal to me. And I hope that things continue the way that they have been. I would like to thank Mom, Dad, and the rest of my family. I wouldn ' t have made it without their help and encouragement It ' s over. Over to Moody Hall here I come. DYKES 1977: Jim Hugar 1983: Steve Simonson Thomas Denton Horan " Tom, Denny, H.J. " Scotch Plains, New Jersey History — Infantry (Special Student) Private 4, 3, 2. 1 , Corporal 3; Special Student 3, 2, 1 ; Cadet Program Board 3, 2, 1 ; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1; Cadet Assistant 3, 2, 1; Pre-Law Society 2. 1; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1; Academically Distinguished 2; Rifle Team 4, 2; Cadet 2. I came to VMI in August, 1976 with great expecta- tions, but naive to what lay ahead of me. By Christ- mas, I had had enough of the " I " and was ready to move on to a real college I can remember being talked into returning to finish the year, but I ' ll never understand why I ' m still here three years later! As I look back over the years, it ' s hard to believe my stay at the " I " is almost over. At times I thought graduation would never come, but more often, though, I felt that time passed too quickly. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all you ' ve done. V9 ' i DYKES 1977: Louis " Cheesecake " Thorpe 1983: John Knapp Peter Skowronski jgfl ' ■ 1 1 i ml U i Sterling Hourihan " Hougihan, Hoogie, Horahanski " Manassas, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Navy Run for Your Life; Pistol Team; Volleyball Team; Handball When Sterling first came to V.M.I., he was avoided like the plague and labeled as a weirdo due to his strange ways. As his roommate I began to learn about him and realized he was different from the rest. As a rat with sheer technique and amazing abil- ity, he managed to conquer the system by staying out of the rat line almost completely. He learned hatred and revenge. An uprising third, Sterling, had much respect for the system and worked hard at finding ways around it. As the privileges multiplied, the less we saw Sterling around here as he left prac- tically every weekend. As he rose in the ranks, he won himself many honors; king of the road; handball and a member of F Troop, all by doing nothing. A first class man at last, Sterling has many ideas on how to get rich. His plans for the future are very interesting. He leaves with many friends and with one very special friend — me. Good luck Sterling, may your dreams be aspired DYKES 1977: Simmons, D.N. Brian Walter Hub " Bun, Primo, Snubber " North Wales, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering — Air Force Commanders 4, 3, 2; Karate 3, 2; Cadet Assistant C.E.1. I would like to thank all of the people who kept my insanity intact Let it not be said that VMI did not have its good times. Of course, most of them were overshadowed by the bad ones, which is an aspect of VMI that turns boys into whimpering idiots. My rat year was typical of this, followed by an academic burnout my third class year. Being a second class- man with a ring was fun, but being a first class breeze can ' t be beat. My stay at VMI could not have been possible with- out the backing of my family whom I thank dearly. Graduating from VMI will always be the one thing I pride myself in following through with. DYKES 1977: Chuck ■ ' Pink " Floyd 1983: DuanePadrick John McNally Hughes " Flappy, Ozone, Hugo, Trapper-John, Storyteller, Y. F.- Alexandria, Virginia History — Infantry Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Lt. 1; Varsity Rifle Team 4, 3, 2, 1; Southern Conference Champion 3, Southern Con- ference Champion Team 2, Va. State Champion Team 2; ODA 525 5th SFG 2; AUSA 2, 1 ; Circle K 3, 2, 1; VMI " Cadet, " Add Staff 3; TCFC Staff 3, 2; Ranger Platoon 2; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 ; VMI Trav- eling Circus 2, 1 ; Grotto Club 1 ; " The Club " 3, 2, 1 ; Distinguished Military Student 1 . I do not know if in this short statement all of John Hughes can be placed in print so that future readers can read and understand this truly remarkable man. Forget the fact that he is an exceptional military stu- dent, a proud addition to the already proud Hughes tradition, that is not the real John Hughes. John can best be described as a Good Samaritan who is walk- ing among us today. Sitting here writing this I know that if I ever need help in any way in the future, I can count on this warm and caring individual. Many peo- ple mistake his ways and misunderstand him, but anyone who really knows him understands what a special person he truly is. Stay the way you are John and God will take care of you till the end of your days. — Your Life Long Friend, Matthew Quote: " What fools these mortals be. " Shakespeare DYKES 1977: Michael J. Myers 1983: Peter F Harm David Allan Humphrey " Dave, Disco Dave, Slinky " Lynchburg, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force Pvt 4; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; 1st Battalion Adjutant 1; Fire- fighter 3, 2; Academic Distinguished 2, 1 ; ASCE 3, 2, 1 ; Day and Weekend Club 3, 2, 1 ; Lynchburg Club 4, 3,2,1 Dave came to VMI well prepared to lead the life of the VMI Cadet. He has been well disciplined in both his academic and military endeavors as evidenced by his stars and stripes. Dave is one of those guys who sets his goals high and always manages to reach them. He ' ll do well in the future no matter what it is he does. Dave, is it true that: . . . you like books and shoe polish better than girls? . . . you use the disco magic footprint methods at parades? . . . once you even took late study? . . . you did in fact write to a girl you met at ATP? . . . she actually wrote back? Good luck in the USAF and may you one day see the light and go weapons controller Sure it ' s not pilot or navigator but it ' s flying. LGA DYKES 1976: Nelson Jeffers 1983: Christophers. Eversman Lawrence R. Hupertz " Lar, Hupes, Kato, Humperdunce " Euclid, Ohio Economics — Intelligence Pvt 4, 3, 2; 2nd Lt. 1 ; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Academi- cally Distinguished 2; Omicron Delta Epsilon 2, 1; " Who ' s Who " 1 ; Society of Young Economists 3, 2, 1; Gottwald Scholarship Resolution 3, 2; Bomb Staff 1; Posit Comm. 1; Placement Comm. 1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 ; Pre-Law Society 2, 1 ; Varsity Football 4, 3,2,1; Baseball 4; Ohio Board of Visitors. " When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you ' re trudging seems all up hill, And many a failure turns about, When he might have won had he stuck it out. And you never can tell how close you are, It may be near When it seems so far; So stick to the fight when you ' re hardest hit — It ' s when things seem worst that you must not quit. " V.M.I, has given me the privilege of sweating, cry- ing, and digging deep into myself to achieve a goal. I have the feeling of accomplishment that only comes from hard work, sacrifice, an d commitment. Mom and Dad, thank you for your love and inspira- tion. You ' ve endured the hardships, shared the suc- cesses, and made this day so gratifying for me To all my Aunts and Uncles, especially Aunt Dorothy, thank you. To my Pegger, you ' ll never know what you ' ve meant to me or how much you ' ve given me. Thank you for caring and being there. DYKES 1977: Richard J Humenuck 1983: Thomas E Jewett Steven Ferris Ikenberry " Steve, Ike " Richmond, Virginia History — Air Force Private 4, 3, 2, 1; " C " Co. Rat XO; Cadre 1; Cross Country 4; Track 4; Rugby 2, 1 ; Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Circle " K " 2, 1 , Secretary 2; Pervert Corner 3, 2, 1 ; I Phelta Thi 3, 2. 1 ; 520th Tun- nel Brigade " But here I sit, Country fool that I am, my elbow on my knee, and my chin in hand, My mind in the gutter, and my eye on the street, holed up in a cave of con- crete. " James Taylor A Rat is offended, frustrated and insulted by an Orwellian world that enforces strong self discipline, a strong code of honor and an admirable concept of character. This cadet must face strenuous academ- ics by many unreasonable teachers, many demerits by irrational officers and many desolate nights. However, this cadet, through all these hardships, an impartial respect is attained; The Pride of His Life — " The Ring " And finally this man must face an emo- tional farewell, that could not have been achieved without his devoted roommates, loving family, and a brotherhood of friends that " Never Say Die. " That gives me the privilege to be proud to say " Class of ' 80 — Sir! " I must tnank Jesus Christ because His spirit made me win. Much appreciation is expressed to my mother, dad, George and the rest of mv family. Thank you for being with me and staying with me — I love you Carol. Dennis, Walt, Kenny — could not have done it without you. I love you all and we will keep in touch: All memories always last. DYKES 1977: Glenn Cox — " Class of 1 971 " 1983: Chris Harris First Class 73 Jonathan Guy Ives " Ivian, Gnivers, Euripides, Duck, Burl " Sea of Tranquility, Moon Civil Engineer — Corps of Engineer Bomb 4; Keydet 4; Wrestling 4; Ranger Platoon 3; Wrestling 4; V.P. Grotto 3; Co-Capt. Climbing Team 3; Firefighters 3, 2. 1 ; Diving Team 2, 1 ; ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1; SAME 3; CRC 3, 2, 1; Lifeguard 1; Lonely Hearts and Empty Pockets 4, 3,2,1; Too Close For Comfort 3; HDWS 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Capt. Starship 373 3. To all the youngsters, physical happiness and mental peace. Boss DYKES 1977: Steve Billingsley 1 983: Gregory Moore Sherwood Chesson Jackson, Jr. " Smoky " Suffolk, Virginia Civil Engineering — SS MBC Raid Bed Cover Crew 3; Pervert Corner Con- finement Club 1 ; Anti-Prep, Pro-Blue Jean Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cheerleader 1 ; Shot-O-Grain Club. Well, it has been almost four L-L-L-O-O-N-N-G-G- G years and I believe I have finally come to realize the truth: there are four ways to go about a job; the wrong way, the I ' s way, the right way, and my way (in order of importance and frequency of occur- rence). When I first entered through that hallowed Arch, and was the last RAT to get a hair-cut, it dawned on me that it was the beginning of the four most hectic years of my life. " No sir, I am not a girl!!! " So many nights I lay in bed wondering, what the am I doing here? " But I stayed on, learning the ins and outs of this hole. But I couldn ' t leave, who ' d put up Phil ' s hay? Yet there was something else that kept me here, yeh, daddy, you. You always have raised a fuss with me, but I ' m still here; maybe hung over every once-in-a-while, but still here. The- re ' ll never be a crew like the nudist, Devo and Crew, Walt, and Barnes Also, whenever I had to blow off steam, there was always Donna and my friends at SSJC. Finally, thanks, Beth and Gail, for giving me the will to keep on fightin ' now that the end is near SEE Y ' ALL AT GAJEAHSHUN!! DYKES 1977: Phil Galing 1983: Jim Hotinger Dennis James Jacobs " Jake, Disco Jake, Jake the Snake " Hurt, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force RFYL; Karate Club; Handball; Weight Lifting; ASCE: Sport Parachute Club; Marshall Museum " get out of parade club " Penthouse 231; Regimental Cadet Waiters 1 . Dennis came to the Shenandoah Valley in search of an engineering degree. He maintained a low pro- file the first two years and studied diligently. It wasn ' t until the " Hard Rockers " from 323 moved in that " Disco Jake " began to show his true personal- ity. An increasingly heavy work load and numerous late nights would have taken their toll on many indi- viduals, but Jake remained " looking good " (with a little help from Pierre Cardin). His first class year Dennis emerged as a premier handball player. I can say his fierce tenacity on the court evolved from his humble beginnings as a cadet waiter. Whether working in Marshall Library studying Thermodynam- ics or reading GQ, Jake could always find time to appreciate beautiful women. Navigator duties will take him to California — so the west coast girls are in for a real treat. Seriously though, Jake ' s good nature has been appreciated by those few who truly know him. JTS DYKES 1977: Scooter Massie 1983: David Price Benjamin R. James " Ben " Radiant, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Engineering Pvt. 4, 3, 2. 1; Promaji; Cadet Escort; Lacrosse; Run For Your Life; Intramural Football; Brother " C " Club. It comes a point in everyone ' s life when they have to make decisions. It is then that you look for the best advice and reach within yourself for the best answers. With help from my families the Butlers, the McClellans, the Coughans, the James and most of all from God, I found the right answer. I made it and my hat goes off to those who had faith in me when I myself wasn ' t sure. Also I was fortunate in rooming with three individ- uals Walt Bellamy, Mike Alston, and Peyton Camp- bell who each in their own right taught me more than books have to offer DYKES 1977: Burke Lassiter 1983: Curtis Price Michael Phillip Janac Taneytown, Maryland Physics — Navy Cpl.; Sgt.; Academically Distinguished 4, 3; Dean ' s List 2, 1; Sigma Pi Sigma 2, 1; Society of Physics Students 3, 2; President 1 ; Run For Your Life 3, 2; Gymnastics 1 ; Navy Representative to the Reserve Officers Association Mid-Winter Conference 2; Phi Kappa Phi. It seems like a long time since matriculation day — so much has happened yet it ' s hardly been four years. Beginning with that first day, I gained a truer appreciation of my family. Whenever I think of my dyke, I recall how he always cheered me when I was troubled. Without either I could have possibly made it through the Rat Line and VMI. However, I do know that with their help my experiences have been richer and my achievements better To my friends in both the faculty and corps, espe- cially my co-physics BR ' s; may the Force be with you! To Dave, my brother, I will my position in the Mallory Militia I close with this thought by Samuel Johnson: Pleas- ure is seldom found where it is sought Our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unex- pected sparks. DYKES 1977: Dennis Kocik 1983: BobZilhaver Jeffery Mansfield Johnson " No-Mind " Gordonsville, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1; SAME 3; Pep Band 4. 3, 2, 1, Presi- dent 1 ; Hop and Floor 2, 1 ; Pvt. 4. 3; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Cadre 3, 2,1. Out of the foot hills of the Blue Ridge came NO- MIND Johnson, whose first words upon entering VMI were " let ' s go home. " He did this every chance he could, taking roommates, extra roommates and anyone who dared, with him. It didn ' t matter who you were, manual labor was waiting for you. Mrs. Johnson ' s good cooking and getting out of bar- racks every weekend was payment enough. Girls have come and gone, sometimes more than once Breaking hearts and tossin ' them casually aside, he drives off in a cloud of Bondo and brake fluid in the " Brown Bomb. " You didn ' t actually set the aca- demic world on fire, you didn ' t quit, but is a VMI dip- loma worth six years. No one expected you to make sergeant, least of all Lieutenant We could under- stand the rank (maybe) but how could someone with no musical ability whatsoever become President of the Pep Band And one more thing, how did you manage to slide into Hop and Floor. I don ' t remem- ber voting for you! Doesn ' t matter though, with a bumpkin smile like that, you can get away with any- thing, See you back home in 90 days. DYKES 1977: Mark Waldrop 1983: Richie Seymour Thomas Edward Johnston " Scrotum, Rocky, Wee Wee, Sleepy " Virginia Beach, Virginia History — Navy Flag Football 3, 2, 1; Boxing 3; Cape Hatteras Club 2, 1 ; The Great Mary Baldwin Raid; Chuck ' s Gang. Four years of VMI is enough for any one person. I ' ve had many bad times here, but fortunately had just as many good times. I have to admit that this " hole " has taken an immature boy and changed him into a man that is ready for a meaningful future. And for this, I will always love the " BIG I " and be a damn proud alumnus. There are many people I need to thank that made it possible for me to be able to write this. First, and foremost are my Mother and Father that had so much faith in me. Next are the many good friends that are found in the " ghetto. " Of course, it wouldn ' t be right if I didn ' t mention the assortment of many " dizzy " women that I ' ve come in contact with. Finally, I must add the new dimen- sion that I found in the form of a " RAT " waiting for me and my first class year. This is my brother Jim that will leave here three years after me. I fought it and made it. VMI, THANK YOU. o DYKES 1977: Johnny Hobbs, Mike Conaway, Gep Foresman, Steve Woodis 1983: Joseph F. Link Raymond Peter Joinson " Jabber Ray, Ray " Wilmington, Delaware Economics — Air Force Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1 ; Cadre 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Arnold Air Society 4; Rugby 4; Rat Training 3; S-4 Cpl. 3; Fenc- ing 3, 2; Newman Club 2; RFYL 2, 1; Hop and Floor Committee 2, 1; Firefighter 2; Vice Chairman and Treasurer, 1980 Ring Figure Committee; Cadet Assistant; Preston Library (Archives) 2, 1 . Four years ago on 18 August 1976, I stepped through Jackson Arch unsuspecting of the things that lay ahead of me for the next four years Some were good and some were bad, but the memories of the " Big I " shall always instill within me the pride and honor of being a V.M.I. Cadet. The road may have been tough, but I ' ve finally made it! I have all the people who have supported me through my four years here to thank; if it were not for you, it would have been a lot harder for me. I must especially thank my parents and family for all the love, concern and sacrificing which they have done to send me to the Institute. I love you all very deeply and I appreci- ate all you have done. Finally, Burgee, all I can say is: " Smile, you know why. " DYKES 1977: Michael J.Guthrie 1983: Ivan A. Marcotte Christopher M. Aller Richard Craig Jones " Tweety, Rai-Rai, R.C., One " Norfolk, Virginia English — Artillery (S.S.) Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Glee Club; English I Society; Keystone Baseball; Football — All-South- 1 ern Conf., Academic All-American, NCAA Top Five Finalist, National Football Hall of Fame ' Scholar-! Athlete, " Hula Bowl ' 80, Rhodes Scholar Candidate. " I ' ve been lately thinking about my lifetime, all theJ things I ' ve done and how it ' s been. And I can ' t helpi ' believin ' in my own mind, I know I ' m gonna hate to ' see it end. " I ' ll never forget my teammates, bro ' s in 211 and Daniel ' s Den, Sempsk, Sep, Colemans and Beitzels, Chaplain C, the Gold Coast Singers. Larry, sorry we missed the Record. " Fire for effect, Cato! " ; Carry on, Lou-Goo, we ain ' t through yet. " For though my life ' s been good to me, there ' s | still so much to do. So many things my mind has[ never known. " I ' ve been honored to wear a VMI uni-; form through so many experiences. But most of all, I have been the luckiest of men to have a father and; mother whose inspiration and love have made this journey so worthwhile. Some day I hope we all meet again — " And talk of poems, and prayers, andi promises, and things that we believe in. How longi it ' s been since yesterday, and what about tomor- row? What about our dreams and all the memories, we share. " — RCJ DYKES 1977: Wes Naff 1983: Phil Hubbard, Jay Williams € Fredrick Leroy Jones " Rick, Sweet-Pea " McLean, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Fire Fighter; Corporal 3; Sergeant 2; A.S.C.E. 4, 3, 2, 1. I will always remember my friends and families whom helped me continue on when I saw no way For they were the ones with the greatest faith and strength. V.M.I, has not been easy but now it is finally over and a new life will begin. DYKES 1974: Don Ferrell 1982: Joe McConnell 1983: Mike Dieter Robert Randolph Jones " Chin, B.H., Robby Rat, Capt Video, Chinburger " Where the football is, U.S.A. Economics — Armor O G.A 1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1, Summer School VMI 4, 3, 2; Varsity Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; 371st Panty Rangers Activated Harvest Moon Mas- sacre 4 Oct. 1977 Man, what a trip, and one I will never forget. Of course my fondest memories will always be with the two B.H. ' s I roomed with. I ' ve got to single out one dude in particular because we have been through it all Ed, I love you like a brother. I have gotten much from the Big " I, " certainly not all good, but not all bad either Never again will I take for granted the lit- tle things in life. I have learned much and appreciate that much more. The love and encouragement I received from my entire family and friends is price- less. Mom and Dad, you are truly wonderful Reid and Margaret, you are 1. To App. Kid, Pixie, Pup, Bean, Chal, Kenna, Wiver, and Ralph, I may not have a hometown, but I know what I do have and that ' s the best damn friends in the world. Thank you D.W. DYKES 1977: Terry Wolfe, John Quakenbush, Tim Mitchel 1983: John Quest Beck, K.A.D. Benjamin Maurice Judge " Peanut, Pretty Boy, Billy Goat, Hammer, Bundini, B.J. .Bad " Newport News, Virginia Economics — Armor Track 4. 3. 2, 1; Promaji Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Monogram Clubl. Well this is goodbye and I must say, I ' m truly happy to be leaving this place. Ever since I came to this place in August of ' 76 I have wanted to leave and I will on May 17. I must say that the stay here has not been all that great as college should be but then again who can call the " I " a normal college Even with all its rules and regulations, one can find a way to have fun at this place, as my ace (Gene Scott) and I did. Chief (Scott) and I have had some very funny moments at the " I, " and on the track team especially when we were FRESHMEN, which we will always remember Well to Chief and the fel- las this is " See You Later " and not goodbye. Also, to Wash, Squirrel, Mac, and Home Toad, raise HELL and don ' t take any stuff from anybody (This includes you too Midnight). DYKES 1977: Eric Hutchings (Cat Man) 1983: Frank Brown III (Midnight) First Class 77 -» •• ri. ' f _ , ] T John Francis Keane " Jack, Johnny, Captain Jack, Killer Keane, Jack-o- Lantern, Yack " Holyoke, Massachusetts Electrical Engineering — Navy IEEE 2, 1 ; Newman Club 3, 2; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2; USNI 2, 1 ; VMI Fire Fighters 2,1; OGA 1 ; Bomb Staff 1; Irish National Soccer Team 3; ROA; Pensacola Midnight Swim Club 2; Operation Pup-Snatch (Cita- del Raiding Party) 1 ; Table 8 — 1 ; PX Cowboys 2,1; Seal Team 38; Trader John ' s Front Row Seaters; Old Reliables 4, 3, 2,1. On a sunny August day, Krazy Killer Keane arrived at VMI with one desire: to be a Naval officer. Now that his dream is fulfilled, we the " 38 crew " bid him farewell with these words. Probably the stracist private in the Corps, Jack exemplifies the true quali- ties of the VMI man. Whether it be escorting the " beautiful, vivacious Susan B. " or the agressive nature in which he commanded inter- and intra-bar- racks raids, Jack was always an outstanding leader and a fine gentleman. Jack ' s love has always been the sea, and his mistress the NROTC. But it wasn ' t until his first class year that the marriage was con- summated. Despite the Navy ' s best efforts to dis- courage him from his goal, they are gaining one of their most capable officers. It is our eternal wish that the grace of God will be with him always. Good luck and Smooth Sailing! MT, LFC, JRL DYKES 1977: Douglas W. Sebert 1983: Stephen F.Schaaf Paul Lawrence Keel, Jr. " Killer, Keels, PK " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Army Hop and Floor Comm. 4; Promaji Club 4; Sec. Treas. 3; Vice-Pres. 2; Member 1; JV Basketball 3; Track 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 1; Society of Young Economists 1. I came to VMI with virtually no knowledge of what was going to happen to me or why. I learned quickly, however, and with a little determination I was sure I would make it. My Rat year was just like everyone else ' s, I was a Rat. My third class year as well as second and first class years were filled with much teasing and riding by my roommates because I tried to find a little fun here at the " I " as well as else- where. It ' s a long story but they know what I mean. I want to thank my parents, brother, sisters and other family members for believing in me and having faith in me even when I didn ' t have much faith in myself. And a very special thanks to you, Nesie, for sticking with me through the good times as well as the bad. I may have been the baby of the bunch, but I kept in stride. DYKES 1977: Shelton P. Rhodes 1983: Garland Boone Michael Edward Kelly " Wild Irishman, Keldo, Militant, Deifer, Poughkeepsie, Ireland " Beacon, New York History — Armor Football 4,3,2; Rugby 1 ; Pre-Law Society 1 ; Society of Young Economists 1 ; Investors Club 1 ; Room of Gloom 2; Dago Club 2,1. I ' m gladly stepping out of the world of a citizen- soldier into the civilian world. I ' m also stepping out of four years of character building to see if it really worked. Enough can ' t be said about this place, and for the people who know me, they know in which direction the things would be said. Probably the best thing to do is to thank those who helped me through. Of course enough cannot be said of my family. I wouldn ' t even know where to start. I can be thankful to get good and normal roommates in a place of strange agents. I was glad to have a few guys from Dutchess Co. here, to let me know home still existed — even though they went to inferior high schools, right John? There are a lot of individu- als I can ' t thank personally, but you ' re greatly appreciated these four years. I guess all the boys from the north can go home now, knowing they made the South, Virginia and VMI a better place (some of you rebels are all right). Who knows? Someday I might be back in my green pants, sipping a bourbon and watching a football game, right Dad? M.E.K. DYKES 1977: Morris Slagle 1983: Rich Hewitt Thomas Raymond Kelly, Jr. " Gunny " Fairfax, Virginia Economics — Marine Corps Dean ' s List (8 semesters); 2nd Batt. S-3; Business Manager VMI Cadet; News Editor; Cadet-in-Charge, Rat Training; Sgt. 2; Cpl. 3; Stars; Firefighters As I strode quickly across the parade ground, I felt that I had done very little to live up to the standards of the cadets who had gone before me. I thought briefly of my parents and my brother, and of my roommates Eli, Elliot, Kent, and Cowboy I knew that they would be proud of me for what I was about to do. I nervously waited for my victim, Battalion Com- mander of the Citadel. Suddenly, he came towards me as if delivered by Stonewall himself. I was able to convince him to come to the parked van, where my fellow raiders jumped on him. I smiled at him as he cursed at me and fought in vain. I smiled because I knew I was more honorable, disciplined, and proud of my school than he would ever be. It was then that I realized that I had upheld the standards of VMI DYKES 1977: Steve " Woodtick " Kelly 1983 : Tim Fitzgerald John Studt William Patrick Kelly " Spiderman, Spider Bill, Wild Bill, Bucko " Alexandria, Virginia RFYL; 100 Mile Club; Grotto 4, 3, 2, 1; Senior Mem- ber of Grotto 3; Sec of Grotto 2, 1 ; Rat Repelling 3, 2, 1; Cadet in Charge of Rat Repelling 1; Chairman of E.C. for T.C.F C; Member of E.C. and G.C.; " The Club " 3,2,1; ASCE 3,2,1; Tutor 1 ; ATP 2 To know Bill is not just to know a man, but to know life; for no one lives life and is so full of life as he. The everyday challenges he encounters are not enough to satisfy his thirst for life. To best explain Bill is to compare him to his attitude toward his favorite sport of mountain climbing His mountains, their faces and their cliffs are not just climbed but conquered, as are all the goals and challenges set before him. Even though he has this tenacious atti- tude to accomplish, he never fails to take the time to relax too. His wonderful sense of humor continually brings smiles to all who know and love him. His loy- alty and devotion to his friends and BR ' s is unsur- passed by anyone I have ever met. I, like many here, have come to love this man like a brother. God Bless you Bill. Flappy DYKES 1977: Dak Carr 1983: JimStader 1» " 9m is 1 t i JV c r 1 1 1 -» Gary Philip Kessler " Schemzz, Beer " New-Port News, Virginia Electrical Engineer — Air Force Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 3; Circle K 1; VMI Fire Fighters 2, 1 ; Daytona 3,2,1; Ducks Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Number One Club; Yazoo City. Of all the men graduating in May of 1980 " Schmez " Kessler defies stereotyping. As an engi- neer he paid Duck ' s rent when LA ' s were studing As an EE he made Dean ' s list (once) when 30% of the EE ' s turned History Majors. As a Devo living in Delta House he earned the coveted Stallion Badge after many recon trips to Ducks, Tech, Richmond, Baldwin and Sem. Gary had fans following his hand- ball career with Krude Kraus from court to court, " finally winning on after eight straight losses. " As a friend as well as a classmate, " Beer " was capable of anything, all of it good. M ' Coy, Finn, The Incredi- ble Hag, Hallapour, and Flash-Kraus were lucky enough to be his roommates, I was lucky enough to be his friend. — WK80 Thanks Mom, Dad, and the Friends I ' ll always remember, you made my four years worthwhile Thank God it ' s over. DYKES 1977: " BOOG " Powell 1983: Mark " BOOMER " Zimmer First Class 79 sS Matthew Lee Keys " Spanky, Sugar Bear, Hunky-Dory " Staunton, Virginia History — Army (Armor) Basketball (Mgr.); Civil War Round Table; VMI Ski Club; Ring Figure Flower Committee; Hop and Floor; VMI Trainer; THE Club (not a secret society); Firefighters. It all started on August 18, 1978. Matthew came from Staunton to VMI. In our first year at VMI, we began a friendship that would last our entire cadet- ship. We began to form our wonderful study habits (do you want 2 or 3 cards?). We came back our Third Class year with high hopes that " Dr. Root " quickly shot down. In our Second Class year, after we got rid of Harry, we finally became roommates in 269. This year contained many events, our Ring Fig- ure, and receiving our monograms. Yes, I did see you dancing on top of the table Ring Figure night. Finally we made it. I know you will always remember Grif, John, Y.F. Frank, and the " VMI Bump. " If you are ever above the Mason-Dixon Line you know you ' ve got this Yankee on your side. PBM ' 80 (Thanks Mom and Dad — MLK) DYKES 1977: T.K.Thompson 1983: B. M. Geuble Hossein-Khoshpasand " Khosh " Tehran, Iran Electrical Engineering Private 4, 3,2,1; Handball 2, Intramural Champion 1 ; Wrestling 4, 3; IEEE 1 ; International Student Society 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Illegal Car Club; Early Lunch Dart Club 2. Khosh is one of the most non VMI cadets I have ever met. Khosh came to VMI not knowing what to expect. He joined soccer and wrestling where he excelled his first two years here. After meeting a certain girl we did not see too much of him. Being one of the few who kept a car for four years and never got caught, Khosh kept a low profile and stayed out of trouble. He always seemed to have the longest hair in barracks yet he never got boned for it. He was never one to study much, but he never had any problem doing his academics. Khosh has done extremely well as an Electrical Engineer. We wish the best of luck to Khosh in his life after gradu- ation. I would like to thank Susan and her family for making me feel like I was one of the family. I will always remember this. Also I would like to thank all my roommates for helping me out. Thanks Tom and Boyd DYKES 1977: Brian Frey 1983: Oscar Arauco David Knapp Newark, Delaware C.E. — Army Pvt. 4, Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2, First Class Grub Private, S-5 Tours, Firefighters, ASCE, Gymnastics, Uncle Ernie ' s Blacklist. If Dave ever wrote a book, it would be entitled, " The Changing of the VMI Man or The Army from an Unobstructed Viewpoint. " A " special " edition of this sought after work will be available in the Comman- dants office Dave is a lively and active person, even in his sleep he is constantly composing. Of course, we won ' t forget Janet, who with good looks and per- sonality to match, first turned Dave ' s head. If Dave has a trait that will follow him the rest of his life, it will be his inability to accept anything blindly. He is a man of few words, never wanting a phrase, but he never said " cooperate-graduate. " Dave had the ability to become whatever he wanted as a cadet. As an excellent first class grub he caught up quickly with all that he had missed. Dave is: kind, a faithful friend, and Christian. GOD GO WITH YOU BROTHER, WAB ALW DYKES 1977: Chuck Floyd 1983: Alan Cliff John Newland Michael Gaffney Knapp " Mike, Mick, Knappo, Michelob " Falls Church, Virginia History — Special Student (unclaimed) Bomb Photographer 4, 3; Managing Editor 1980. Ring Figure Magazine 2; Lacrosse Team 4, 3, 2, 1; PX Cowboy 4, 3, 2, 1 ; International Relations Club 2, 1. In our past four years with Mike, we ' ve come to know and appreciate a guy with a big heart . and an appetite to match. He might be low on cash at times, but that never stopped the financial wizard from resorting to his credit account in the PX. Mike was always wheeling and dealing with Knapp-Dell Inc. It ' s rumored that he sold more uniforms than the Q.M.D. What ' s the key to success? Advertise- ment of course! Why as a rat, Mike wandered the stoops during the sweat parties displaying himself in a bra and panties! Hey Mike, did they belong to " Fox " ? Seriously speaking Mike, you ' ve come a long way since you autographed the matriculation book. Academics may not have come easy, but you always made it back each year. We admire your determination, and you will always have a special place in our hearts as one of the original three. — RSL-DBR Thanks to the family for putting up with the past four years and to C.I., one " rat " to another; I made Gerard John Koehler " Jerry, Fuzzy " Fort Sill, Oklahoma Civil Engineering — Field Artillery Private 4, 3,2,1; Wrestling; Ranger Platoon 3; RFYL 3, 1 ; Rat Rappeling Instructor 2; Student Grotto 2. 1 ; Rat Training Echo Company Commander 1; A.S.C.E.4, 3,2, 1. I arrived at VMI from Seoul, Korea four years ago expecting to go to WP Since then my family has moved twice. First to Texas, and my last year to Aberdeen, Maryland. Being so far away from home I haven ' t taken many trips, but the ones I have (UVa. and VPI) are experiences I ' ll remember. Instead, I spent most of my first three years serving PT ' s and confinement. Now it is my last year and graduation will come and go. After graduation we will all go our separate ways, but to those that are close keep in touch. My last year and a half has been great and I ' ll remember everyone that made it that way. With Eric Pfefferkorn (co-matriculate) returning my last semester, it will be the wildest and best semester ever. To my roommates — Ali, Farhad, Bob, and Eric — Shalom, Goodbye, and Good luck. Hurrah Alumni! DYKES 1977: Bill Martin 1983: Dave Clarke Kenneth David Kovarik " Grey Bear, Silver Fox " Springfield, Va. EE — Air Force Glee Club 4, 3; BSU 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Navigators 4, 3, 2, 1 ; RFYL; Handball; Gymnastics. Some words of God which have comforted me, encouraged me, and motivated me. " Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your way acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. " (Prov. 3:5, 6) " Let my heart be blameless in thy statutes; that I be not ashamed. " (Psalm 119:80) " Do not fear for I am with you, do not anxiously look about you for I am your God I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. " (Is. 41:10) Thanks to BR ' s, Roommates, fellow Christians, dykes, and family. DYKES 1977: Mark Halfacre 1983: Kevin Caulfield DYKES 1977: Dirk Williams 1983: Jack E. Ditt M %C S? Stephen M. Kraus " Steve " Perry Hall, Maryland Economics — Air Force (Pilot) Circle K 1; Society of Young Economists 1; Lacrosse 4; Dean ' s List 2; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pervert Cor- ner 2, 1. Ot all my friends I ' m proudest to write Steve ' s his- tory Steve ' s talents run from flying an airplane to consuming numerous beers. Steve held nothing back and didn ' t know what backing down meant and led us to some nights we may never recover from. Beer Kessler was the only man who could handle Steve on the handball courts as well as at " Ducks. " Sue will have her hands full domesticating this guy from Maryland. We owe Steve more than a paragraph, more than four years, and more than we can ever repay Thanks Steve W.K. ' 80 DYKES 1977: Ed " The Rod " R odriguez 1983: Frank L. Kalesnik Walter M. Kreitler " Wah-Wah-Kreitler " Annandale — Front Royal, Virginia Navy Number 1 Club; 20th Combat Eng.; I Phelta Thi. DEVOS President; Circle K; MBC Raids; W M Assault Team; Centennial Tours Inc.; Car Club; Y Ain ' t I at V.P I. Club. No place teaches more hatred and stupidity and consequently love and wisdom than V.M.I. Mom, Dad, Ellen, Ug, Tom, Boo, Hack, Ike, I know so many people, it is you I choose to love. My family, my friends, forgive my maudlin words, but life is so short, our bonds so strong, after your fueling the fire, teaching me love, this end is but a beginning. My eternal confinement was punctuated by Tom at Tech, and laughing at the 0-3 and 0-4 emotional cripples who tried to tend to me while respecting the few Tacs who weren ' s. Bitterness tempered with time is cynicism, okay I ' m cynical, but also thankful and proud. Ellen and Skipper, you never knew, but you always inspired me, I love you, you always mat- ter, always. Carrie, thanks for taking me off the circuit. Love Walt. DYKES 1977: Rick Wilson 1983: Jack " Demo " Belz Warren " Prep " Groseclose Gregory Alan Kwiatkowski " Happy, Hap, Ski, Polack " McLean, VA Electrical Engineer — Air Force Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1; Arnold Air Society 4, 3, 2, 1; Number One Club 4; Rat Daddy 3, 2; Rat Terror 1 ; Ac-Pro 3, 2; Rugby 4; Vice President One Night Stand Club 4, 3, 2; Alpha Chi Omega Club 1 ; Cell Block ' 84 3,2,1; Who ' s Who in the Zoo Crew 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pep Band 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Mothers ' Day Massacre Member. Happy came to the great " I " equipped with a smile and a laugh, and if I had to recommend any two traits one needs to get through V.M.I. I ' d say that they would be the two. It has been my privilege to know Happy and have him as a room-mate, for without him I would have been at a loss as to the lighter side of V.M.I, life, such as the perils of calling Ralph on one ' s date, and the joys of face re- arrangement in touch-football. Whatever path you travel Happy, keep your smile and your laugh, for they are the key to life, and my memories of you. Long live Room 184, and William and Mary road trips. DYKES 1977: Charlie Angemeer 1983: Scott Horan, Bill Kinsley ■t : J I r ■ o ' William Charles Kyle " Bill, Red, Purkey " Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army (Engineer) ASCE 3, 2, 1; Fire Fighters 2, 1; Ranger Platoon 4; Concrete Canoe Committee 1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Pvt 1; SFYL 1 ; Rat Training Cadre 2. When I came to VMI, I had no idea what studying was. I must have thought it was staying up all night shining my shoes and brass or something. That ' s what my grades showed anyway. It took a HM . . . PH or two to straighten me out. Rat year, I had this great ambition to be an Airborne Ranger. But that did not last long. I soon came to my senses and am now pursuing a career in civilian life. Looking back I think of all the hard times and all the good times, and deep down inside I know that it all has been worth it. DYKES 1977: Chris Perry 1983: Tray Adams Brian David Lake " Lakeo, Puddles, Brain, Muscles " Jefferson Township, N.J. Double — History Modern Languages — Marine Timmins Society 4, 3, 2, 1 — Vice Pres 1; Cadet Assistant 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1 ; English Society 1 ; Dean ' s List 3, 2, 1 ; RFYL 4, 3,2,1; Bulldog Survivor; The President of " The Club " ; President Omega Man Society 4, 3, 2,1. Brian arrived mild-mannered, confident, armed with a deadly wit, a true radical heart. The entertain- ment, the depressant, the sedative, the catalyst, Muscles became the cornerstone for Waldo, 10-4, Monkey, and Tidy in 356 Brian adopted new pets in 302 and progressed from a Swede to THE PRESI- DENT. New heights in insanity, character deforma- tion, academic success and the beginning of the real anti-rank ranker followed. " I can ' t believe you ' re a Marine, " designated top Marine? Second- class year, 202, more of the same, something com- pletely different Omegadom and re-application of the search for his own definition of the total man pushed Brian to his final reward, May he always be presented with the new horizons he desires, the challenges he craves and seems to conquer so eas- ily. He seems so much to so many because he really Robert Waddy Leatherbury " Leatherballs. Leatherbean, Balls, Waddy " Onancock, Virginia Civil Engineering — Civilian Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Soccer 4. 3; TCFC 3, 2 (Treasurer); Class Treasurer 1; Monogram Club 2, 1 ; D Co. Guide-on; ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1, Honry Hickery Boy; 17 Club — Goldcoast Extension. What started out as a dare ended up being a chal- lenge that could not be turned down. I ' ll never regret accepting that challenge, because I gained much more than I invested, and that doesn ' t even include the extra dividend of all the friends I have gained All I really have to say is thanks to all the people that got me here and kept me here. The main differ- ence between VMI and other colleges is the bond which we share, and of course, " The VMI Spirit. " To everyone connected with VMI Class of 1980. Good Luck and God Bless You. DYKES 1977: " Jack " Daniel 1983: MikeWestfall I want to thank my Mom and Dad for everything. DYKES 1977: Sid Huguenin 1983: Eric L. Buchanan (Mr. B) First Class I 83 ' ■■ • Frank Judson Leech II " Frank " Albuquerque, New Mexico Civil Engineering — Marine Corps Honor Court 1 ; Cadet Program Board 3, 2 President 1; Cadet Activities Committee 3, 2, 1; Marine Detachment 3, 2, 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1; Publications Board 2; Cadet Assistant 1; Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; M Sgt. 2; Capt. 1 ; Who ' s Who Among Students. There is not a lot that I can say about the " bald " Marine of 136, except that he ' s unique. He experi- enced the problems of running a company, presid- ing over CPB, and trying to do " some " homework while dreaming of his new found love, Kathy. Frank made the one mistake that no cadet should ever make — he cared about the " Mother I " and her Corps. He spoke out when others sat back, he helped while others laughed, and put his academics second to the CPB and his company. He soon learned that the 5-year plan wasn ' t for him and that something would have to give He never stopped caring, he simply took late study more often. On 17 May we part paths. Never again will I meet a person of your caliber, honesty, and determination. Good Luck BR. May you keep causing heads to turn as we did in Atlanta! KDB DYKES 1977: William " Bird-Man " Harlow 1983: Stephen R. Shea Richard A. Legere " Rich, Rick, Leguerie, Lesuerie, Bat-Man " Woodbridge, Virginia and Berlin, New Hampshire Civil Engineering — Navy T.C.F.C. ' 80; Program Chairman, ASCE: SAME; Vice President, Phi Kappa Phi; Private 4; Corporal 3; Almost-a-Sergeant 2; Lieutenant 1; Bat Staff — Duh-da, duh-da, duh-da, duh-da . . . Bat-Staff! When he first arrived he was known as a " Happy Rat " because he was always smiling in the Rat Line. But behind that smile Rick has shown himself to be much, much more. Rick is a true " Brother Rat " in every sense of the word. He is always willing to help anyone with just about anything. Whether it be risk- ing his neck with the Commandant, helping some- one with studies, or simply helping someone to cope with V.M.I., you can always count on Rick. In addition to being a true B.R., Rick was an achiever from the word go. His academic standing alone shows what kind of work horse he is; academic stars are hard to come by, and harder still to keep for an entire Cadetship. Rick is constantly pushing to get things done, and done right! Still, Rick did have some problems. For instance, he was never very good at being discreet. Seriously, it was by chance that we roomed together Rat year, and a blessing for the following three (even though it did seem like Hell sometimes). Rick, I ' ll always be grate- ful for having known you, and I ' ll always be proud to be able to call you my friend. CSW ' 80 DYKES 1977: Carmine Corvassi 1 983: Claude Crump, Bob Sacra I - ' .. Michael Lennox " Mike, Lee-nox, Hawkeye, Mr. Bill " Hicksville, New York History — Armor Rat Cross Country; American Sex Society (Vice Pres.) Thank God it ' s over! The time spent has been tough, and nobody can say that we didn ' t earn that sheepskin. It seems silly to say this but I ' ve learned a lot more than just academics and shining brass while at the mother " I. " I ' ve learned to notice little things in life. Things that I knew were present before but never quite saw in the same light as I knew now. A comfortable bed, a warm room, and a good home cooked meal were total strangers during my stay here. Were it not for an occasional food box, I don ' t know what I would have done. Finally, I ' d like to give my sincere thanks to my main source of encouragement and compassion; my par- ents. Whether it was financial trouble or a simple talk, they were always there to help and I ' ll always remember that. Thanks Mom and Dad. Congratulations ' 80. DYKES 1977: Larry (Glowhead) Foltz 1983: John Burgess, Steve McSweeney J 1 Steven Joseph Letts " Steve, Steven J Stevel " Middletown, New Jersey History — Marine Corps Cpl. 3; Reg. Sgt. 2; Reg S-5 Captain; Posit Comm. 2, 1 ; IRC 2; Rat Training Cadre 3; MC Detachment 3, 2, 1 ; OCS Permit 3, 2; Blue Book Revising Comm. 2, 1 ; Uniform Comm. 2. 1; VMI Campaign 2, 1; Fire Fight- ers 3, 2; Cadet Asst. 2, 1; Cannon Ball Comm 2, 1; Hokie Raid 2; Intermurals 3, 2, 1 ; ROA 1 . I met Steve on that infamous day of Aug. 18. He ' s gone from that young boy wary of insects to what can be truly called a VMI man. Rat year was rough and he had some bad experiences with a roommate Third class year brought the academic rat line, a new roommate, and Corporal stripes. He tackled the academics diligently and was one of the top corpo- rals in the Corps. Second class year brought yet another roommate, Reg. Staff and Ring Figure. First class year finally came, it found Steve with all his goals accomplished, Reg S-5 Capt , and that long overdue Marine scholarship Thanks for being a true friend and " B.R. " JFH Mom and Dad, your love and support made it all worthwhile. Thanks for everything. You ' re the great- est. John, Rich, T.B. and Craig: Never have you let me down. Good luck Bro ' s. You deserve it. DYKES 1977: Tom Pender 1983: DanMcGuire Gary Marc Levenson Petersburg, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Lodge 4, 3, 2; Unauthorized Car Club 3; Twin Falls Dyke Dive 4; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1; Ring Figure Ceremony Committee 2; ASCE 3, 2, 1; RDC (Alternate) 1 : Sports Editor 1980 BOMB I ' ve had my share of good intentions and I ' ve made my share of mistakes. I ' ve learned at times it ' s best to bend, ' cause if you don ' t, well those are the breaks. Should have listened to all the things I was told, but I was young and too proud at the time Now I look at myself to find, I ' ve learned the hard way every time. I ' ve had my share of broken dreams and more than a couple of falls; and in chasing what I thought were moonbeams, I ' ve run into a few walls. But in looking back at the faces I ' ve been, I would sure be the first one to say that when I look at myself today I wouldn ' t have done it any other way. J. Croce Thanks to my parents and Debbie for their love and support that has helped me endure these last four years To my roommates and friends, you have made it all worthwhile. DYKES 1977: Buster Pace 1983: Steve Ross Robert Francis Liguori " Bob, Rob. Linguini, Lil ' Bobby, Favorite, Bella Linguini, Skinhead " Oakdale, New York Electrical Engineering — Navy 1980 Bomb Staff; IEEE 2, 1; Firefighters 3; Dean ' s List; Cpl. ' 3; MSgt. 2; 2nd Batt. Adj. 1; RFYL 4, 3, 2; Cadre 2, 1; Volleyball 1; Ring Figure Hog Club 2; Favorite Club 2, 1; Crash and Burn Club 2; Co-Capt ., NS Secretary Harassment Club 2, 1; Pier 12 Fan Clubl. From the first day of classes my rat year when I told the kind folks down in Kilbourne Hall that I was ready to leave, to this moment, I don ' t know why I came to VMI! Still, I have some of the closest friends anyone could hope to have. Ring Figure with Joe, Murrell. Happy and Griff (Oh yeah, and our dates!!), Second Class Academics with Quille. Petie and Tuck, NS with Phil and Brian O , Spanky ' s with Russ and No-Man-U Mike. Summers have helped, too: First Class " Cruise " with Mitch at Pier 12. and Sec- ond Class Cruise with T.B. and Brian L. I hope these friends, and all the others, and the memories they ' ve given me will last forever. I must thank Mom and Dad, Joe, Donna, Lisa, and Judy, for without their love and support May 17,1 980 would have been just another day! DYKES 1976: Van Ardan 1983: Tom Howcroft nl ' JH BB First Class 85 John Matthew Lillard " Liz, Lill, John Boy " Ft Campbell, Kentucky History — Navy Preston Library Cadet Assistant 3, 2, 1; News and Feature Editor VMI Cadet 2, 1 ; VMI Fire Fighters 3, 2, 1 ; Sports Parachute Club 3; Color Guard 2; Corporal 3; Dean ' s List 3, 1; Carmen Fan Club (Founding Member) 3, 2, 1. Well John, here we are almost four years down the road and we can see the light. It seems like not too long ago there was the Rat Line to contend with. I won ' t say it was fun but it had its enjoyable moment. Then came Third Class year, the begin- ning of our yearly Odysseys to Pensacola. What a trip that was The O.R. ' s were here to stay Just last year, we got our Rings and had a " Really Good Time " Now Graduation is just around the corner and we ' re almost out of here. Ju;t a couple of things to remember when you flip back: Contact Frisbee (Hah, Hah!!), Wading up the Mekong River, the Blue (and Yellow) Bomber, and the river sharks. Be sure to keep in touch and we meet in Florida (you know where!) Be there, Aloha! PS. I know Carmen is waiting. PVC ' 80 As for myself, all I can say is Mom, Dad, family — Thanks. The diploma is as much yours as it is mine. DYKES 1977: Steve " Scholar " Aksomitas 1983 Gone With The Wind Bert Andrew Liverance II " Bert " Chapel Hill, North Carolina Economics — Air Force Private 4, 3, 2, 1 ; College Republicans 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pub Board 1 ; Hop and Floor 1 ; Art Director Career Fair 2; Rifle Team 2; Ski Club 2, 1 ; Society of Young Econo- mist 3,2.1; Arnold Air Society 1 ; Sally Port 39 Club 3, 2, 1 ; Rugby 4, 3; Bomb Staff Photographer 3, 2, 1 ; Activities Editor 2; Managing Editor 1 . VMI has been like a double-edged sword for me. I have had some of the best and worst times of my life here. Thank you Mom, Dad, Tolar, Jan, Tom, Doug, John H., Rob, Mitch, Bob, John C, Nick, and John P. and all of the people that I have not named. One thing that stands out above all is that when I have needed a friend, you all have always been there. And God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good. Genesis DYKES 1977: John " Beany " Coe 1 983: Dominic Albero, John Preston Richard Vance Lockridge " Goofy, Toilet Fish, Lunkhead, Disco-Duck, Drunkard. " Outside Lynchburg Biology — Army-Infantry Football 3, 2,1. It is hard for me to decide what to say and to tell you. The truth of the matter is, there is not much that can be written into words. VMI, the place where I learned; to be bitter towards others, to shagg, to be thankful for small things, to fear little things and most importantly, to appreciate my family and close friends. Thank you Sir and Mom, Kenneth and Patty, Margie and Bobby, Buddy and Judy, John and Kathy, Aunt Susie, Mr. and Mrs. Artois, Col. Reeves, roomates, and expecially Tim Cox for putting up with all my questions! These words to you all: To know you as I know you now That is all I need And we will get along somehow If we both believe — Supertramp DYKES 1977: Keith Gibson 1983: Roger S. Fiedler and David S. Has- kins iflflMIIU: ' S3; Arthur B. Loefstedt, III " Bruno " Holden, Massachusetts History — Infantry Cpl 3; Pvt 2; 2 Lt. 1 ; RDC 1 ; Street Hockey Co-organ- izer 2; AUSA 3, 2; Treasurer 1; Ring Figure Maga- zine Staff 2; Airborne 2; Rangers 4, 3, 2 — CIC 1; DMS 1 ; Cadet Staff 2, 1 ; West Point 2; PX Cowboy 4, 3, 2, 1; 1 504 Airborne 2; Operation Pup-Snatch, Citadel 1 ; Coast Guard PR. Man 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Rack Art- ist 4, 3, 2, 1 Bruno came to VMI ready to live in a military envi- ronment. Since then he has been the very definition of the word military. He imposed standards of appearance and conduct on himself that he never neglected, and few others could achieve. Bruno often deserved more than he got, yet he never allowed himself to become discouraged. The future holds great promise for Bruno; no matter what he does. He will always be an asset to our class and to the institute. At some alumni reunion many years from now, it will be my pleasure to say " Yes, Bruno is my friend. I always knew he would do so well. " Thanks Corny. You ' re a real pal. Thanks to all my family for their support for me even when things looked rocky. Thanks to all my cousins for being nearby when I needed somewhere to go. Thank you Ma for paying the phone bills and praying for me. Especially thanks to you, Pop, for showing me how to be a man. Butch DYKES 1977: Joe White 1983: Scott Belliveau Philip E. Logan " Loge, Pepe, McLogan " Crownsville, Maryland Lacrosse 3, 2, 1 ; Rm. 235 Wrestling Team; Rah-Rah 2; M0 1; Cpl. 3; Pvt. 4, 2,1. When I came to VMI I was a little leary about what to expect, but soon my worst fears were confirmed. Early wake ups, late night parties and Ed Bodling ' s attempt to kill us But, soon it was the end of the year. I had survived the Rat Line, Breakout and Col. Nichols E.E. department. So there was not much left to do except transfer to Georgia Tech. Fortunately, I was talked out of this idea I returned my Third class year with great expectations, but I didn ' t expect confinement. My third class year was a bit of a struggle, but once again I survived. Tech here I come Wrong, the lure of Ring Figure was too much, so back I came. The First Class Year is much the same, but I keep saying " May 17 " to myself and I ' ll survive. I ' ll never forget VMI — It proves you can survive about anything. DYKES 1977: C. Tingsabat 1983: J. Hunt Russell Scott Long " Football Rat; Roscoe; Jethro; P.B. " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Field Artillery Regt S-4 1; Regt. S-4 Sgt. 2; Cpl. 3; Pvt. 4; Lejeune Hall Cadet Assistants Manager 1 ; Mess Hall Commit- tee Chairman 1; Cadet Battery 2; International Rela- tions Club 2. 1; Dean ' s List 4, 3. 2, 1; DMS 1; PX Cowboy 4, 3, 2, 1; Football 4; Bacon and Eggs — Tight End 1 Russ came to VMI as a serious young man deter- mined to pursue his many goals. He set his goals high, but fell by the wayside as he received demer- its, went on confinement, got on the gim, and found that E.E. eventually stood for Economics. Over the past four years Russ has proven himself to be aca- demically proficient as well as a leader within the corps Yet, throughout the four years, he has always found time to be with his brother rats. It is hard to write objectively about a person whom we ' ve been so close to without portraying him as a saint which is what this soft spoken, southern gentleman is to us. Russ, you are bound for success, but do your- self a favor and leave your guitar behind! DBR — MGK The years have passed too quickly, but before it ' s over I would like to thank you Mom and Dad for your constant support I ' ll always appreciate it. VMI. I ' ll never forget you, and Sunshine, I will always love you. RSL DYKES 1977: Thomas Cole 1983: Rusty Bryan, Joe Watson First Class 87 Kent Alan Lovejoy " Lovey, Lovejewels, Wildman " Roanoke, Virginia Electrical Engineer — Air Force Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; IEEE 3, 2, 1 ; Graduation Club 4, 3,2,1 Determined, best describes Kent. Since we were rats everything he has done, foolhearty or not, was done with resolve Kent, you have an obstinate drive that has maintained you through four years of Insti- tute and Nicholodean (pun intended) hell. Always remember the bright moments of these past years, especially those embodied by a bright little Robin in Goshen, the Cadet playground. You have striven to exemplify the image of a Southern Gentleman and a VMI man. Firmly believing that in a society there are only a few people whose lifestyle, power and privi- leges are so great as the upper class. Though you will always wonder why I constantly drove you crazy (you ' re too blasted straight) you still maintained the goal you set before matriculation. You have now set new goals and standards by which they are to be met and some day you will either turn into a micro- processor or become one hell of an engineer. Do me a favor and sleep a little more after graduation, you ' ve earned it, and remember; the South will not rise again, it never really fell. DYKES 1977: Stephen (Tim) Mishkofski 1983: DougUrbanek Andrew McEwen Ludlum " JR, Phum, Lud, Drew " Beacon, New York History — Air Force Pvt 4, 2; Cpl 3; Regimental S-5 Lt. 1 ; S-5 Staff 3,2,1; Pep Band 4, 3; Glee Club 4, 3; Cadet Host Parents ' Weekend ' 79 1 ; Bugler 3,2,1; 07 Club 2, 1 ; H-Burg Commuters Club 1. When I entered VMI on that day in August, my life definitely changed. Everything I had believed in was torn away, and the molding process began. It was terribly hard at first, but I soon learned that hard work, dedication and integrity were the qualifying factors towards that coveted diploma. The big change came when the girl of my dreams, Nicki, entered my life. Love is the most beautiful feeling, and I will cherish hers forever. I will miss the four years I have spent at VMI. All the good times with John, Rob, Keith in the ' 07 ' s, and all the good times with my BR ' s. I hope life will be successful to all of you. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for all the understanding and love they have given me I love both of you very much. Good luck Mike and Paul! DYKES 1977: Bob Devens 1983: Paul McCusker Mike Devens Michael P. Luning " Mike, Loon, Looney, D. Snail " Virginia Beach, Virginia Civil Engineering — SS Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Pep Band 4, 3, 2, 1; All American Gansz Band 4, 3, 2, 1; TCFC; Ring Construction Committee Chief Engineer, ASCE 3, 2, 1; Concrete Canoe Committee; RDC Alternate; Number One Club. I came to the VMI in August, 1976 not really know- ing what to expect, but I quickly learned about the Institute and what goes on here. The best things were Breakout, Ring Figure with Malissa, Duck ' s, Amnesty, Zolloman ' s, Southern Sem., and running the block. The worst things were sweat parties, PT ' s, confinement, tests, parades, band practices, and inspections. It ' s nothing a person wants to do alone, and I didn ' t have to. Thank you for helping, BR ' s. Mickey, Dave, Don, and Tony, a special thanks for living with me. Dad and Mom, thanks for not giv- ing up and always being there. Love, Mike DYKES 1 977: Hobie Andrews 1983: Danny Mason James Robert Lunsford " Jim, Slim Jim, B.B.L., Gentleman Jim, Richmond Romeo, Jim Bob " Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering — Infantry Rat 4. Cpl. 3; M Sgt. 2; Cadet Cpt. 1 ; Posit Comm 2, 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1 ; Fire Fighters 3, 2. 1; Cadet Assist- ance 1; Pope ' s Entourage 1; " 38 Raiders " 2, 1; Baldwin Raid 3; Gas Co. 3, 2, 1 ; PX Cowboys 4, 3, 2, 1. It was the second semester third class year that the Richmond Romeo joined the " 38 Crew. " From then on. Ghetto would echo with, " I love you Ciacci, my name is Rose! " Even as a rat, Jim was very dedi- cated to the ratline, even to go as far to strain his lips. Upper class years brought Jim the gift of musi- cal talent and his roommates nightmares of " She- nendoah " and " Gone With the Wind. " Ring Figure proved to be quite an adventure. Not only did the car break down and you had to push it to Kroger ' s in the pouring rain with full dress, but your date turned out to be as exciting as Great Expectations. Dedi- cated to everything he does, don ' t be surprised if one day you see Jim wearing four stars. — LFC, JFK.MT DYKES 1983: David " Pancho " Via Christopher Byron Lusk Ringwood, New Jersey Biology — Army (Artillery) Preston Library Hermit 4, 3, 2; RFYL 3, 2; SFYL 1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Pit. Lt. 1; 3 yr. ROTC Scholarship; DMS. Dean ' s List 4, 3,2,1; Academic Stars 3. Whenever my spirits got low during my Rat year, I just stood next to the whirlwind around my Dyke and sponged a little momentum that helped me drive on. Thanks Tom. Throughout my cadetship, Mom and Dad always seemed to let me know there was some- one pulling for me when the times were bad Those weekly letters, monthly care packages and four par- ents weekend visits along with encouraging words during our phone conversations will never, ever be forgotten. To you, Mom and Dad, I ' m indebted the most. Finally, I will thank my sister and brother, Jan and Rick for their many encouraging letters. Without the drive inspired by those who love me, the facets that Kimber Latsha was talking about would never have been cut. DYKES: 1977: Thomas Bernard Pender 1 983: Michael Conrad Dillemuth si William Sheffield M ' Coy " Wild Bill- Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers A.S.C.E. 3, 2, 1, Secretary 1; Pvt. 4, 1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; D.M.S.; Academically Distinguished 3, 2, 1; Phi Kappa Phi 2, 1 , Hooter Club Finance Chairman 2, 1 ; Road Trip Club 2, 1; W.A.D.Y. 2, 1; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges, Mad Dog Club 2, 1 . I guess I can thank (or better yet, blame) the ex- Keydet next door for talking me into coming here, despite the Hokie up the street. I wouldn ' t be truthful unless I said that what kept me here was the support from everyone back home. Especially my parents and sister who knew little about VMI before I came (almost as little as I), but understood everything I was going through. How could I not love them. What made this place bearable was the friends I made. I ' ll never forget Finals ' 78, Pre-Ring Figure in 240, beans all the way at the " T, " our numerous road trips, and Mad Dog =21 in 158. Thanks especially to Doug, Ralf, Porky, and Phil, also Hughsie, Grass- bone, Chal, Rick, Snooze, Harold, Remo, Rudy, and the many other friends I couldn ' t mention here You ' re the greatest and I ' ll never forget you. DYKES 1977: Billy Hupp 1983: John Gordon First Class 89 David Walter Madden Chester, Virginia Electrical Engineering — AS Firefighter 3; Barracks Electrician 1; RFYL 3, 2, 1; The o2 Lonely Hearts Club 3, 2, 1; No Love Society 4,3,2, 1; Private 4, 3, 2. 1. Dave came to VMI to be an EE, and that ' s what he is going to be. Dave may have spent endless hours in bed and in his office (TV room) but he really has the endurance and determination to make it through this seminary, I have roomed with Dave for three years and have many good memories; remember the night you talked to God and all those sober Sat- urday nights? Also Vic ' s bar, what a clean place right? We had a lot of fun and did it worrying, sounds impossible? We found out how. Dave, I won ' t men- tion the girl back home, O.K.? I ' m sure you ' ll see her again. Looking back, I see Dave as a B.R. and a true friend. He was always willing to help in a time of need. Good Luck and may you always be happy. B.D.L. (Loyal Yankee Fan) DYKES 1977: Mike Dronen 1983: Jeff Farry Brad Arnold Hassan Ali Mahan " Ali, Hassan, Regimental SN, HA " Tehran, Iran Civil Engineering — Navy Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1 ; RFYL 3, 2; Parachute Club; Vice Presi- dent ISS; ASCE; Unauthorized Car in the County 4, 3, 2; Unauthorized Apartment in the County 3, 2, 1; Summer School 3,2,1. The only reason I roomed with Ali as a third was because we were both good friends of Eric Pfeffer- korn, our roommate. From Strangers to best of friends, Ali and I have roomed together since rat year. He doesn ' t like to study and does very little! He loves fast cars and has maintained a car for 4 years along with an apartment in the Rockbridge County. Two weeks of confinement was all he served as a cadet — one week when he was a rat and the other as a first (he got caught maintaining two vehicles on Post!) Having the luxuries of a car and apartment, he has spent as many weekends and Wednesday GPs away from VMI as possible. HA, (Hard ....) has been a lot of fun and laughs and has made three years of this place easier. Wherever you go, I know you will have fun and success. GJK DYKES 1977: Mike Dick 1983:TWKubiskey Forrest Lee Marion " Aerobic Kid, Flee, Shadow " Columbia, Maryland Civil Engineering — U.S. Air Force Honor Court 2, 1 ; Corporal 3; First Sergeant 2; Cap- tain 1; American Society of Civil Engineers Trea- surer 3, Vice-President 2, President 1 ; Reserve Offi- cer ' s Association of the United States; Society of American Military Engineers; William Brent Bell — ' 67 Award. A few quotes go a long way in summing up what I have begun to learn in four years at VMI: " We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again. " — Gen. Nathanael Greene Never give up. " Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths. " — King Solomon (Proverbs 3) Trust in the Lord. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, my sister, Jim and Kathy, my relatives, my dear friends, my Brother Rats, my dykes, my teachers, and, my coaches of these four years and of years past. I wish I could name you all now, for each one of you has helped me more than you will know. DYKES 1977: Hal Marvin 1983: Mark Jamison Mark Andrew Markwoo d " Markie " Chester, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force — Pilot Dean ' s List 4,3,2,1; ASCE 3,2,1; AFROTC 3V4 Year Scholarship; FIP; Cadet Assistant, Preston Library 3 2, VMI CE Dept. 1; Preston Library Fun Club 4, 3, 2 Victim of Prillaman and Edgar; Son of Ring Pest 2; Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 2Lt. 1. I came to VMI with great expectations, but cer- tainly not expecting what I found. Now I ' m happy I entered the filthy, noisy, generally rude, and back- ward Corps of cadets. People along the way deserve a more prompt than usual thanks for mak- ing the years more bearable. Bill, thanks for Pryor and crude nicknames. Bob, thanks for being crude. Steve, thanks for the attitude example. Martin Flem- ing, thanks for the low level birds. John, thanks for keeping me posted on your days ' agenda. Cdr. Kirk- ley, (Gaylord and Gaylord) thanks for my eyesight. Pete, this Bud ' s for you! Mom, Dad, and Sherrie, thanks for your love, support, advice, financial assistance, and most of all for showing me how to raise my children. Caral, thank you for your love and devotion, I love you, what more could be said. DYKES 1976 1973 1983 Bill Ryals Rick North Mark Light Loten Thomas Masker " Tuck, Long Tom, Tommy-Tucker, " L.T. " , King Tuck " Herndon, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers Rat; Corporal; Master Sergeant; 1st Lieutenant (E- ompany X-O); Intramural Boxing 4, 3; RDC Presi- ■nt 1 ; Hop Escorts Chairman 1 ; B and E 1 . (nock, Knock . . . Who ' s there? It ' s Bob, Sue, ) ' t you remember me without my nametag? No! OK. Where ' s Tuck, with the kids, huh? Hung in — well no problem, it ' s been that way since first night we met. We had some good times together when we were cadets — You have to have a good time with big boss Masker. Did I ever tell you about how he singlehandedly changed the name of Gold Coast to Pervert Corner? That was a small feat for Tuck though; He also became quite familiar with many of the older sections of Pennsylvania. No, he wasn ' t even a geography major — deece! Yes, it ' s true he was a real military stud too — Hell with aca- demics, spend the whole night shining your boots. Don ' t worry, I ' ll wake you up at 9:00 so you can study. Well, gotta go, tell Tuck I ' ll see him soon — later; much! Until then tell him I miss my Bufu and to dodge those handgrenades. Thanks Mom and Dad. All of your love and patience will always be appreciated. Susie, thank you for always being there when I needed you. To the class of ' 83: May you keep the institute strong and uphold all its ideals. DYKES 1977: Stanley B. Stout 1983: Michael R. Grassi Harold H. Mayton, III " Maytag, HH, Herk, Red, Bobby, Hay-roll, May- TON " Petersburg, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Air Force Pvt 4, 3, 2. 1 ; Ass ' t to the Sports Information Direc- tor 3, 2, 1; Play by Play Typist Home Football and Basketball 3, 2, 1 ; Statistician — Typist S.C. Basket- ball Tournament 3, 2, 1; Sports Editor VMI Bomb 1; Flag Football 2; Baseball Manager 2; Unauthorized Car 3, 2; Race Fan 4-Ever; Duck ' s Club 4, 3, 2, 1 . I had no idea what VMI was about when I came here in ' 76. I found out fast, and hated it. I stayed here my rat year only because of my dyke, and to please my parents. I have stayed here ' til graduation to please myself, and to prove something to every- one back home who said I couldn ' t make it! Ther- e ' ve been some good times here: The many trips to Ducks, the illegal car, the football and basketball games, Ring Figure Weekend, they have made it all worthwhile. I thank my roommates, Randy Atkins ' 79, Mike Strickler and his wife Doris, and all my friends I have made here, all of whom have helped me through this place when things looked bad. But my biggest debt is to my parents, who have stood beside me through good and bad for four hectic years. No matter what happened, they were behind me, backing me up. They were almost in the Rat Line with me; They put up with my always short money supply, numerous collect calls, long waits after football games, long drives to see me. And that ' s just the beginning . . . Without you, Mom and Dad, I wouldn ' t be walking across that stage with the Class of ' 80. . Thanks!! DYKES 1977: Buster Pace 1983: Jamie Call Louis Eugene McBride " You (Hey You) " Richmond, Va. Physics-Spanish — Air Force Keeping busy doing seemingly nothing There is a saying that " Today is the first day of the rest of your life. " On August 18, 1976, the truth of this proverb hit me — hard. Fortunately, I was knocked senseless, and didn ' t collect my wits (no clever remarks, please) for a number of days. Fortu- nately! I like to say that God got tired of seeing me cruising along a flat plain, and decided to present me a sheer cliff, in the form of VMI. Just proud enough to think I could and just scared enough to wonder if I would, I began climbing. I haven ' t stop- ped since. The climb is now less obvious to others, but even though I ' ve learned a lot, what I keep on learning is how much I still don ' t know. And for that, I ' ve got to depend on Jesus ' family — my parents, Brothers, Sisters, little children — and our Father. DYKES 1 977: Mark W. Stagg 1983: Brad K.Norwood Glenn Alan McCabe Hampton, Virginia Economics — Army 1 Club 4; Horseshoe Club; Special Student VMI, it leaves me at a total loss for words. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for kicking me where I needed it! And Curtis, what can I say, I could never have made it without you. DYKES 1977: Jesse Gearhart 1983: Ed Vaughn Patrick Allen McCarthy " Pat " Upperco, Maryland Economics — Air Force Football 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Indoor Track 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Outdoor Track 4, 3, 2, 1; Young Economics Club 1; Ski Club 1 ; Special Service Club 4, 3, 2, 1 . To write a personal history on your stay at VMI in less than 150 words is next to impossible. However ... My intro is like that of many cadets who have graduated before me ... I didn ' t know what I was getting into! The life here was filled with peaks and valleys. The people who have crossed my path here, I shall never forget. The friends and experiences of 469,465,372,21 and 1 1 will remain part of me for a lifetime. To close, I would like to thank my family, friends, and relatives for hanging in there with me over the last 4 years, and a special thanks to the Evan ' s and the Hoodson ' s for being my VMI family. " Don ' t forget until too late, that the business of life is not business, but living. " B. C. Forbes DYKES 1977: Steve Werner 1983: Joseph Jay Lasek, Jr. " Cone-Head " " JayBird " " Ape-Man " " Eraser-Head " -v i- -_ m - a Dennis McCarty IV " Merchant, T.D.1, CM. " Delaplane, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers Varsity Soccer 4,3,2; Lacrosse 4, 3,2,1; ASCE. 4, 3,2,1; Academically Undistinguished 4,3,2,1; Spe- cial Student 2, 1; Fratty Lodge, Summer 78; Conner House 79-80; T.D. 1. I really have nothing good to say about VMI, so I will not say anything at all. I will say that I had more fun my rat year than any other year. Just a few trivia thoughts: breaking beer bottles, 19 minute road trip to Baldwin, that cast on my foot that only lasted a week (thanks Jimmy), the party car, Charleston lacrosse trip, and finally jumping out the window! I want to extend my thanks to my Grandfather, H.A.D., Mom and Dad for sending me to such a place, put- ting up with my actions, and just plain helping me through. DYKES 1977: Randy W.Hartly 1983: Stanley G. Bass, M. L. Fox Cornelius A. McCauley " Jay, Corn, Corny " Vienna, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Rat Company Commander; Rat Training; GC and EC Secretary 1; Treasurer, SAME; ASCE Program Board; 3 year Member, Gold Coast Corner; Firefighters 2, 1 . What can I say about Corny? When first I met him almost a year before our matriculation, I would never have thought that I would see him here again. To put it mildly, he looked like your basic long- haired hippy type. Yet, there on August 18, 1976 in the room next door to mine was a short haired McCauley. Any resemblance to his former freako self ended at the name Since that time, Jay has turned into one of the most motivated SOBs on Post. When he is not studying, he ' s PTing. Jay is also about as hard to shake off as bubble gum. Every- where I go, there ' s Jay — at summer camp, I walk down the road and who do I see? McCauley at AOT, I open the door from by BOQ and who ' s ugly face do I see smiling at me? You got it! As a cadet though, Jay has been a super guy and as a friend he ' s " Air- borne! " Bruno DYKES 1976: Jack Christy Frank Paco 1983: Whitney Wyatt 4 Franklin J. McConnell, Jr. " Jay " Frederick, Maryland Civil Engineering — AFROTC SS Cpl. 3; ASCE 3,2,1; Cheerleading 2, 1 ; TCFC 3; 429 Gang; 359 Gang; 220 Mob, AAS 4, 3, Monogram Clubl. Rooming with Jay for 4 years can only be described as a trip. By that I mean trips to Hollins, Baldwin, Sweet Brier, Richmond, Radford, Sem and anywhere else there happened to be a party of girls. Short hair never seemed to cramp Jay ' s style, but then neither did confinement or any of the other harsh rules that exist here. We did follow a few rules, but they happened to be our own or ones that happened to suit our objectives for the evening. VMI has been fairly good to us but there were a few bad times but what the Hell, the sooner they ' re forgotten the better. What, we ain ' t drunk yet. Third class year we added two more degenerates to our merry Band and just for kicks, Nick and Preston stayed for 3 years. To rehash the good times, Ring Figure ' 80, cheerleading trips, Corps Trip ' 79, ' 77, MBC next stop, Hollins, lastly Paint that Rock will ya. Close friends, tough academics and Rm. 429, 359, 220, 120. We ' ll never forget you. Thanks to my Mom and Dad who, even though they may not have under- stood VMI, they were still there to kick my ass when I needed it. DYKES 1977: Norman Paul 1983: Timothy S.Craul Michael L. St. Jean j IeS First Class 93 «S ' Mark McCormack Charlottesville, Virginia Economics — Artillery Soccer 4; Lt. Philbin Fan Club 4; Doobe Wah Doobe Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Track 2; Cadet Battery 2, 1 . Throughout his cadetship Mark has been a close friend. He has always had time to help others, even though it appeared, to many to be too much to han- dle. We were surprised to know later that Mark ' s mother had cancer when he was listening to our problems. Mark ' s phrase during these low moments was " If everything worth doing were easy, every- body would be doing it. " With this attitude Mark has, I believe he will accomplish great things. He has already got wine, women, and song down cold. Good luck, Mark, and please don ' t come back with, " you make your own luck. " DYKES 1976: John Strock 1977: Robby Robinson 1 983: Tim Shobbrook, Son Kim Pham Mark Vitter McLean " Snooze, Gator Artemus " Clermont, Florida Economics — Armor Private; Football 4, 3, 1; Monogram Club; RDC; All Patchin; New York Road Trip Society; Cmdr — Mole Tactics Division; Hard Room 300, 356, 256, 156. I came to VMI because people said it was a good education; because I had the chance to play college football; because of the pride I saw in my brother ' s eyes when he was a rat; because I didn ' t believe him when he said he hated it; and because Colonel Dil- lard told me it was the best damn school in the country. I stayed at VMI because I was fortunate enough to have Queenie as a dyke and Jeff here to help me; because I got the chance to play some col- lege football; because of Bean, Chalmers, Shu, Doug, Buz, Ralph, and Buck; because my room- mates set me up for confinement; and because it was harder to quit than it was to stay. I leave VMI because of the constant love and support of my par- ents and family; because it ' s better to be from VMI than to be at VMI; and because I ' ve got some seri- ous " orange growin " to catch up on! DYKES 1977: Bobby McQueen 1983: Clayton Wagner Timothy E. Mecredy Memphis, TN Biology — Special Student Pre-Med Society 4, 3, 2, Vice President 1 ; Tanker Platoon 2; Biology Awards — Phillip H. Killey Award 2, P. R Newman Award 4; Military Order of World Wars Award 4; Academically Distinguished 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cadet Waiters 3,2,1. When I arrived at VMI I knew that I wanted to go to Medical School. I remember very difficult moments but I always came through the bad times unbeaten because Jesus is Lord in my life. Prayer works and I ' m proof of that. DYKES 1977: Mark Halfare 1983: John Mayer Rick Mason 94 First Class ■ W - " W | 1 1 -- Wm. J. Melvin, III " Harold, H. " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Armor Sec. EC. and G.C. 1; Vice Pres. VMI Young Demo- crats 2, 1; Cadet Circulation Staff 2, 1; WADY 2, 1; Standing Member of the 2.0 and Go Society; Anti Hard Room Society; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Society of Young Economists 1. This is a very appropriate place for me to thank all of the people that have had a hand in getting me through these past four years. I would like to thank all my family; especially my Mother and Father that have lived these years as hard as I have. I would also like to thank my friends that have made these past years easier. I started to get more involved in the " workings " of the VMI last fall and a guy that was struggling to graduate came up to me and said, " The more you know, the more you don ' t want to know. " Mac may have been struggling to graduate, but he was far from dumb. DYKES 1 977: Kurt Weidenthal 1983: Alan Toler James Oren Mikle " Jim, Mickle, Dim of Dim, and Wit " Atlanta, Georgia Economics — Armor Society of Young Economists; Pioneer Investment Fund; CIC Little John II Committee 3, 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, 2,1. Has it been four years? In the beginning, all was well, but then Jim changed companies and he hasn ' t been the same since. Another change occur- red later in the same year, and the Economics Dept hasn ' t been the same since either. There was too much to give up — remember those shoes — but then he kept a lot too. Remember your car? Jim has taken the bad with the good and with his unique per- sonality has fared better than most. He inspired me by his high standards of study and hard work. Some people couldn ' t understand Jim ' s philosophy, but his ability to cope with the pressures impressed me greatly (oh, no!). Remember, it is all for the big H! Jim, you have been a true BR, keep in touch. — HMW DYKES 1977 Randy Darden 1983 Dave Cerchio Donald Bancroft Meyer " Porky, Dandy, Little May, Pokey " Delray Beach, Fla. Economics — Air Force Private 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Golf 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club, Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Vice-President of the Pre-Law Society; Ski Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Hop Floor 4, 3, 2, 1; Hooters Club 2, 1 ; Vice-Pres. of as Little as Possible; RoadtnpClub. My four years at VMI have given me memories of happiness, as well as dejection. Words fall short in describing the gratitude I owe the many friends I have met over these years. At times it was soley their priceless friendship which kept me going. I can only wish the best of luck and success to my room- mates, Pil, John, Drug, and Wild Bill, they deserve it for putting up with this " spoiled " KID. Hugh and Mart, thanks for just listening. Wags, Dusty, Dan, Massie, Buck, and SHU thanks for letting me enjoy your company. Room 233, thanks for that first year. Though I ' ve mentioned the word " thanks " enough, it doesn ' t come close in describing the debt I owe my parents for their never ending support and love " We ain ' t left yet? " DYKES 1977:StanelyTo-ChuWen 1983: Southall Bowles BobMcGehee First Class 95 Dennis J. Milsten Norfolk, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Heartbreak Hotel 3, 2, 1; Firefight- ers 2; Concrete Canoe 2, 1 ; ASCE 3, 2, 1 . Who else but Dennis could have such a perfect understanding with all his girl friends. Just look at his fantastic for 7 feat which he accomplished all in one semester and now holds the V.M.I, record for outstanding membership in the Omega Man Club. We have all heard of getting shot down, but don ' t you think you ' ve carried it a bit too far? Even if he felt a slight depression he didn ' t let it bother him as he showed strong character and kept saying " I ' m too old to start over! " Yes! Dennis has found a per- fect home in the ' 02 Heartbreak Hotel and have given the rest of us the perfect game plan. " If All Else Fails — Drink Heavily! " Thanks Mom and Dad for making this all possible. Thanks for moving and not telling me where. Someday I ' ll make it up to you by moving out. " But Seriously Folks. " DYKES 1977: Tim Mishkofski 1 983: Bill Stewart; G.M. Suit Brendan Joseph Miney " Frisbee " Belturbet, County Cavan, Ireland Economics — Armor Baseball 4, 3,2,1; Young Democrats; Ski Club; Flag Football; 1 Club; Monogram Club; Private 4, 3, 2, 1 Good Friends — That has to be the best thing that I got out of VMI. My roommates Chris, Pete, Tom, Mike, John, Dennis, Gary, Dwight, and Harold along with a few special friends from Southern Sem and Madison made going uptown, on weekends, and to football games a lot more enjoyable and this place a lot easier to get through. But, my family had to be the biggest help while I was here. They gave me more than anyone else and I would like to thank them. May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the sun shine warm upon your face The rains fall soft upon your fields And until we meet again May God hold you in the palm of His hand . . . Irish Blessing DYKES 1977: Randy Gates 1 983: Gray Carter, Kenny McAllister Michael L. Molhoek Portage, Indiana Civil Engineering — Navy R.D.C. 1; ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1; Pep Band 4, 2, 1; Pvt 4; Cpl. 3; Pvt. 3, 2, 1 ; Cadre 3, 1 ; Rat Training 3. Mike came to V.M.I, with the full intention of being a Marine Officer. However, with an intense desire to grow a lot of hair (before he goes bald) and sleep instead of doing P.T., he realistically decided to go Navy. Well, at least you never fell out of a run; right Mike? I said fell out, not get out. Yes, Mike has come a long way, at first he was just your normal Yankee, lazy, apathetic, worthless for any job imaginable, except drinking; he managed to go up to a good southern level, still apathetic and lazy, bur now he can dig potatoes (happy 21 st), rebuild barns, and do itinerant body and fender work. That ' s not mention- ing his great academic achievements; we ' ll just leave Calc. out of this. He still has a lot to learn though, How to drive a Peugoet in one easy lesson. When in doubt, grind em, right? He needs to learn how to strain rats at the R.D.C. without laughing (never), and how to find a girl named something other than Lynn. I guess the real question is: Can Mike Molhoek, meek and mild, manage to sleep through the " New Nuclear Navy " as he did through his entire cadetship? We say yes! DYKES 1977: Mike Lindsay 1983: John Finan Douglas Theodore Monjeau " Mojo, Red Death, Monj " South Dartmouth, Massachusetts Economics — Air Force Fire Fighter 3, 2, 1 ; Young Economists 1 ; Ski Club 1 ; Photography Editor 1978 Bomb, 1979 Bomb; 1980 Ring Figure Magazine; Varsity Rifle Team 4, 3,2,1, Captain 1 ; Flight Instruction Program 1 . Well the time has come — It ' s been " real " guys. Despite Mitch ' s snoring, Rob ' s marine jokes, John ' s stinky gym clothes, and Bert ' s whatever next, the " staff " has made VMI worth living. I ' ll always remember . . . midnight beer runs . . . overnight guests . . . four years without saying " y " all . . . the Cuss Cup failure . . . the count down . . " wow, look in the Arch! " . . . Road trip . . . Get D + L ... Rack time! . . . Getting nuked . . . Doug ' s council service . . . Good morning Col. Nichols . . . The hungry tape deck . . . Momma Hall ' s cooking . . " Bo " . . . Shoot- ing cockroaches . . . Quick, open the window! . . . Parkway . . . Nice girls . . . Rob and the radiator . . . The Ben Gay underwear . . . Sock wars . . . " are you sick " ... All American; Beer, women, guns and pic- kup trucks . . . Mom and Dad — What can I say? Thanks for making it all possible. From here? The wild blue yonder — look out! DYKES 1977: Robert Reddington 1983: " Jamie " MacDonald Jeffrey John Morgan " Pup " Lynchburg, Virginia Economics — Army (Armor) Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Football 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Captain 1 ; Track 4, 3, 2; Society of Young Economics 1; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Federation of Christian Athletes, Spe- cial Student Club, Summer School Vet. 4, 3, 2; Bir- gania Society, Pres. Room of Gloom II 2, 1 These past four years have slipped so fast, yet I couldn ' t visualize the day I would be leaving VMI holding that sheepskin. I came here expecting a change, and I got it; yet over the trial of time I was glad to discover there were things the test of VMI couldn ' t change in me. I learned to roll with the punches and there were plenty of punches along the way. It ' s too hard to explain the feelings of friendship I have found here; Bill, Bass, Mike, and Frank; the Room of Gloom I ' ll never forget; Wiver, Rick, Tork, and Robbie, thanks for the good times; Coach Harmison, thanks for your leadership. Mike, we miss you. Most important, I thank my loving fam- ily who put up with me and kept me going. Finally. I thank you God for guiding me through it all, the sac- rifice was wo rth it to me, yet only time will tell. DYKES 1977: John Willison 1983: Tony Thomson Richard I. Mouri " CENSORED " Woodstock, New York Civil Engineering — Army Wrestling 4; Rugby 4,3,2,1; Pep Band 4, 3,2,1; Ski Club; Grotto Club 4, 3, 2; CPL; Rat Company XO; Home Concrete Canoe Race Committee; U.N. Room 136; Army Scholarship; DMS; Supporter of the UTS. Richard is probably the only person to go through VMI totally unchanged in character; still got that crazy sense of humor. Rich had grown up with the military, his father a retired CSM with some thirty- four years of service, and so he thought he ' d seen it all — till VMI. He believes strongly in Brother Rat Spirit and that almighty Spirit of VMI, and what it does to all of us who have accepted the challenges, endured the hardships, and eventually graduated. No need to wish someone " good luck " who doesn ' t need it; Rich, " Good luck! " anyway DYKES 1977: Bil " Fugly " Perry 1982: Greg Thompson 1983: Danny Mulherin Short and Chris First Class 97 to % Philip Bernard Munisteri " Sweetie Pie, Mojo, Moon " Setauket, New York History — Navy " THE " Club; Wrestling Team 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Summer School 4, 3, 2, 1; Sigma lota; RFYL 4, 3, 2, 1 ; College Democrats, Nun Date Club 2, 1 . In years to come when I think about VMI it will be difficult not to remember Phil. We suffered through the Rat line, French 101, and the long Dark Ages together. We were roommates our last two years and maybe that ' s why those were the easiest two years. It ' s hard to believe we lived in that closet of a room for all that time and never had a fight or argu- ment. Phil may not make the Commandant ' s top mil- itary list but you are tops in the hearts of those who know you. In the future when I am feeling down, I will remember the cadet from Long Island who stuck it out no matter how many Good Deals come his way and draw strength from that memory. May God bless you and keep you from this day forth. Your friend, Matthew DYKES 1977: Elliot Ruhland 1983: Jeff D-B Cliff Brice Munns " The Great Scout, Scout, Truly a Disco Scout the VII, The Great and Inevitable Truly a Disco Scout the VI. " Cody, Wyoming Chemistry — Navy Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Number 1 Club; Deans List 4, 3, 2; Academically Distinguished 2; Treasurer American Chemical Society; Rifle Team 4. He rode in one hot and lonely day in August of ' 76. His throat was dry, in need of beer. His attitude was bad. His future looked dark, his name was Great Scout. He became a Chemistry major and spent hours in the lab trying to unlock the mysteries of Adolf Coors. After two successful years he became a member of the Imfamous Number 1 gang. He held up with two other derelicts in room 149. After gradu- ation he will mount up and leave the Institute leaving nothing but memories and a dusty trail. It ' s been good brother rats. I will miss you and never forget you. I wish you luck in the future and if you ' re ever out in the Wild, Wild West stop in for a cold brew and a shot of whiskey. DYKES 1977 Rob Brown 1983 Scott McGee William Tolar Nolley, Jr. " Stroller, Toe, NolarTolley, Genelly " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Air Force Varsity Cross Country, Winter and Spring Track 4; Monogram Club 4, 3,2,1; Cadet Staff 2, 1 ; Ring Fig- ure Committee 2; Social Editor 1980 BOMB 1; VMI Society of Young Economists 1; VMI Ski Club 2; Cape Hatteras Club 2, 1 ; VMI Chapter-Caped Cru- sader 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Number One Club 3, 2 (President 1); The Great Mary Baldwin Raid 3. I graduated from St. Christophers ' in 1976, leav- ing behind a statement in the yearbook saying: " Life is too short for resentment and reproof, so shoot for your highest expectations while loving every minute of it. " Since then, I have somehow managed to go from a Richmond Rat to a LOW — PROFILE? first classman, realizing that achieving those expecta- tions is not all so " loving. " I butt heads with the VMI system for four years. But I ' ve come to respect the system and hope its teachings will help guide me in life. Endless thanks and love go to my Mother, Father, and Sister, for bearing the pains of my faults and sharing in the joy of my accomplishments. To Mary Sue and Billy Neal I give my deepest love, for they gave me a brother and special friend whom I will cherish forever. Thank you Reggie, " Yo, " and friends, for " It Was An Experience. " DYKES 1 977: Billy (Boog) Powell 1 983: Bill (Corny) Cornett James V. O ' Connor ••Jim, " " J.V. " Pelham, New York English — Army (Infantry) Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1; English Society 4, 3, 2, 1; Vice President of English Society 1 . When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul; Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee: Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding: For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. DYKES 1977: Chark Tingsabat 1983: Derek Patterson, Bob Salvatorelli Brian Christopher O ' Neill " Brian, Bo, O " New York, New York Electrical Engineering — Navy Private 4; Corporal 3; First Sergeant 2; Echo Com- pany Commander 1; Newman Club 3, 2, 1; Math Club 3, 2; " Scrote " Brother 4, 3, 2, 1 ; IEEE 2, 1 ; Co- Captain, NS Secretary Harassment Club 2,1. The first thing I noticed when Brian and I got to know each other as Rat roommates was that he was a product of the " Big Apple " and could shine shoes to the point of blinding someone. Three years later, he still has the best shoes at the Big " I. " But what ' s more important is that three years later, the mighty " 0 " still has to be the friendliest and most easy- going individual that I or anyone else has had the privilege to come in contact with. Brian, you are truly one of a kind. Anyone who has had the pleas- ure of knowing you has been treated to someone who could turn a bad situation into an enjoyable one. I know the " Big Apple " can be proud of one of her finest native sons. Good luck to you in the future. Doc Micheal Steven O ' Neil " Stud " Succasunna, New Jersey Physics — U.S.M.C. Rugby 2, 1; S.P.S. 4, 3, 2, 1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Cadre 3, 2; Co. Athletic Sgt. 2; Rat Training Cadre 3: Thesis 1 ; Student Grotto 2; Deans List 2; Sports Car Club 1 ; Mallory Hall Militia 4, 3, 2, 1 . ... All in all, I ' d rather have been skiing in Hawaii . . . DYKES 1977: Mark Bryant 1983: Buff Donovan DYKES 1977: Bob Manteuffel 1983: DaveWarriner First Class 99 Kent Roger Oelrich " Spent, Delrich, Embryo, Bird, Poison Pen, Redline " Concord, California Economics — Field Artillery Sports Editor VMI CADET 1 , 2; Pep Band 2,3,4; Col- lege Republicans 3; Cadet Battery 2; Ghetto 1, 2, 3; Put. 1,2,3, 4. It ' s hard to believe it is all coming to an end, and time to thank all those people that made it possible. I cannot say that I enjoyed my entire cadetship, but it was worthwhile and there were some fantastic times. I could not have found better roommates than Cowboy, Eli, Tom, and Elliot. Perhaps we can all rendezvous at Pauley Pavillion next basketball sea- son when the " Big Red " take on UCLA. Thank you Phillis and Craig for your continuous support and making my stay here a whole lot easier. Mike, I am glad you led the way and not me, for without you here those first couple years would have been much rougher. Special thanks to the Stegner Family for providing a " home away from home. " Mom and Dad, what can I say? You have done everything any- one can possibly do and I can never thank you enough. DYKES 1 977: Jim Joustra ' 76, Mike Oelrich 78, T. J. Stevens ' 78 1983: Mark Waters Robert Paul Osier " Bob, Os, Bib, Bubbles Benson, Oscar, Nasal Nick, Oscillator " Runnemede, New Jersey Economics — Armor Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Society of Anarchists Club 3, 2; Myrtle Beach Road Trip 1 ; Dip Club 4, 3,2,1; Non-Participant 4, 3, 2, 1 . Bob came here four years ago wanting only a col- lege education, a chance to play Division l-A foot- ball, and willing to give the military a try. All Bob wants now is a Datsun 280-Z, a girl, and a crummy $22,500. Bob has survived the four years here through his intense determination and will to suc- ceed. Day in and day out, he plodded (and I do mean plodded) methodically along, surviving on Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles. Bob drove us insane with his extraordinary fetish for neatness, especially concerning his bed. Remember the Hulk series. Seriously, Bob is one of the most sensitive, sincere, and gentle people alive. You will find success wher- ever you go, you magnificabre. Happiness always, Bob. A supreme thanks to Ed, Mike, John, Lewis, Keith, Bill, Tim, and the football team. A special and sincere thanks to Mom and Jim, my family, and friends. Goodbye VMI. DYKES 1977: Joe Arnold 1983: Todd Tudor James Argent Parsons " Bim, Bimbo, Radical " Richmond, Virginia History — Armor Monogram Club; Soccer 4, 3, 2; Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, 1; Young Democratic; Newspaper Folder; Speed Club; Badwin Road Record; Route 4 Squire Club; Private 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Hotel 334. There is too much to say in too short a space. I hope I have done it right. Thanks Bruce for trying to start me off in the proper direction. People say you don ' t have fun here but I have tried and often suc- ceeded. Having a good background education has helped. Buddy I hope I have made you proud and happy, I have tried. Thank you and everyone else for the support you have given me. VMI is made of dif- ferent types of people living together in a tight space. Learning to cope with this is what makes it so beneficial. Hope to see some of you often! DYKES 1977: Bruce Cammeron Cann 1983: Mat Looby, Adam " Beach Man " Phillips 100 First Class William Stephen Pataki " Wild Bill " Greensburg, Pennsylvania Chemistry — Corps of Engineers Wrestling 4; American Chemical Society 1 . When I first saw Bill he was a very unhappy " Rat " until he found out he could let himself out of the rat- line and " take care of any BRF ' s " with class approval. However, despite those blissful esca- pades Bill thought better than to spend his junior year at VMI. But a year in a civilian college was too much fun for Bill to handle and so he returned for another year of self abuse Looking back on his VMI career Bill is glad to be done with it. DYKES 1977: Ed Rodriguez 1983: JonHanna ThaneeSinthipong Wayland Heartwell Patterson H-Bomb, Hearty McKenney, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force Private 4, 3, 2, 1; VMI Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1; VMI CADET Newspaper 4, 3, 2, Circulation Manager of CADET 1; VMI Firefighters 3. 2, 1; RFYL 4, 3; Swim For Your Life 2, 1; Concrete Canoe 1, American Society of Civil Engineers 3, 2, 1; Senior Seminar Committee 1 ; Heartbreak Hotel 3, 2, 1 . Hearty came to VMI looking for fast cars, loose women, and booze Sorry, but " 2 out of 3 ain ' t bad " Many-a-weekend was spent cruising Baldwin, Hol- lins, and RMWC only to have Monday morning come with the " Dear John " letters. All was not lost. A lot of girls remember us. I know ' cuz I see them hiding everywhere we go. I guess we learned our lessons well, I seem to recall two rooms who taught us to consume to the max and worry about Monday on Monday. Looking back through the years, I see many women and lots of make shift bars, rocks at Goshen, desks, dressers, lockers . . . It ' s hard to believe we got educated but we made it We ' ll get together soon and kill some J.D (only 7 years left) " Get That Max. " Thanks MOM and DAD for staying behind me and keep the beer cold. DYKES 1977: Charlie Berry (Blackstone ' s Beaureguard) 1983: Robert (Hot Rod) Hundley MarkCoyle Pauls " The Rugman, Ruggy, Rug " Lafayette, New York Electric Engineering — Navy Pvt. 4, 3,2,1; Cpl. 3; Air Explorers 3; Dean ' s List 2; VMI Fire Fighters 3, 1st Sgt. VMI Fire Fighters 2, CIC VMI Fire Fighters 1; Intramural RFYL 3, 2, 1. Presi- dent of the 2nd Class EE Saturday Morning Cartoon Club. Life began here at the " Big I " that afternoon of 1 8 August 1976 when my parents deposited me, bags in hand, in front of Jackson Arch, from which time on I was confronted with one of the most challeng- ing, if not trying experiences of my life as yet — the Rat Line and the VMI system. Looking back over the years I can say that the experiences I had as a cadet are ones that will linger in my mind for the rest of my natural days. It must be said that much that has hap- pened here is definitely not to be repeated. A spe- cial thanks goes to my dykes class of ' 77 of Rm. 1 86 who helped make my rat year an " unusual " and " special " one. And to my parents and family for their love and faith in me that helped me get through the years. DYKES 1977: Mike Peters 1983: Steve Amato, Lionel Urquhart First Class 101 Joseph Thomas Paustenbaugh " Bowie, Joey, Joe, Paus, A.K.A., Capt. Nasty " Aspinwall, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering — Civilian Football 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Young Democrats 2, 1 ; Ski Club 4, 1; Statue Decoration Committee 2; Sir Edmund Hil- lary Club 2; VMI Motorcycle Gang 2, 1; Concrete Canoe Club 1. My parents, brothers, and sisters have helped me more than they can comprehend. I would like to take this chance to thank them, and say that I love every one of you very much. VMI was tough at times, and it was their love and support that kept me going. Bill and Rob were great roommates for my wild and wooly year as a junior. I only wish that they didn ' t let go of Bill, but Rob deserved his fate I wish Bill the best, because that is what he deserves Thanks to Pat, Mike, and Jogger for being the great room- mates you are. Good luck Dwight, our friendship will be eternal. To Caro; you made my second class year divine and taught me how glorious love can be. I truly believed that I was so complete; that I didn ' t need anyone else but me; but look how wrong I can be. Every picture tells a story ' don ' t it. ' DYKES 1977: Joseph " Whap " Santelli 1983: Tony " Snake " Arnold Dwight Wade Pearson " Maddog, Psycho, Psyche, Prez, Blondie, Peyah- sun, Ape-Man, Doctor P., Towse. " Holey City, Virginia Civil Engineering — Peace Corps Young Democrats 4, 3, 2, 1; President 2, 1; Wres- tling 4, 3; Cast Brother Rat 2; Firefighters 3, 2, 1; Motorcycle Gang 3, 2, 1; Ski Club 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1; Wet Beaver; R .D.C. Sir Edmund Hilliary Club 2; BRF. Thank you Granny and Horace Mann III family. Without you all I would never had the good fortune of a college education. I am forever indebted to you for the moral support you gave me. To my multina- tional roommates: It will be hard to find a woman who ' ll treat me the way you have. Don ' t forget who holds the flattulation record for all time. Mr. P., Joey, Joe thanks and " you had better invite me over to see the wife and kids often. " When we are apart I ' ll think of you. Revson Cud thanks for taking care of me. Moose you are no 1. Good luck Y.D ' s. Hank, Muir. Thank you Col. Gupton, Civil Engineering fac- ulty, Col. Gilliam. Keep your nose to the stone, your potatoes high and dry, your shillalah always green and I ' ll meet you on the racetrack of life. DYKES 1977: Michael E.Dick 1983: Mark J. Airaghi (Moose) Richard Holloway Penn " Stump, Were-Pig, Yipper " Annapolis, Maryland EE-NS Swimming 4, 3, 2, 1 Co-Capt. 1; Newman Club 4, 3, 2; IEEE 2,1. Well, it has finally arrived. Four years ago at this time of year I was not too sure but I made it. I will remember the past four years the rest of my life. They were pretty good years. I would like to thank my parents for all their help in my times of need. If it hadn ' t been for them I probably wouldn ' t have made it. Thanks Mom and Dad. To my roommates I ' d like to say thanks for all the wild and fun times. Take care and maybe we ' ll meet up again someday. DYKES 1977: Mike Dronen 1983: Lovejoy, Dale, Dunahoe, Brent Paul L. Perr y III " Paul " Williamsburg, Virginia Economics — Air Force Track 4, 3,2,1 — Tri Captain 1 ; Monogram Club 3, 2,1. These past years have affected me greatly, posi- tively and negatively. Because of those positive effects, I am thankful for this opportunity and that I was able to endure. I am also thankful for the 412 guys that walked through the arch with me on 18 August 1976. All of them. Those who left made us what we were on 28 January, 1977. Those who left after breakout made us what we are today, and those who remain mold what we are to be. My years here have shown me many successes, failures, achievements and disappointments: (76-77) — Had a good dyke. Made it through the " line " (77-78) — Met people I will never forget. (78-79) — Missed a semester; got the " Ring " — Triple Jump — State and School Record — (indoor) (79-80) — 17 May — didn ' t march; see you outside — real soon. Thank you ' 80, Good Luck in all that you do. Good Luck ' 83, We ( ' 80) know that you can do it, too. DYKES 1977: Chris Manno 1983: Milton Scarper " Oscar " Eric Jarmond " Hillbilly " Peter Richard Peterman " Petey, Petey-Why " Roanoke, Virginia Electrical Engineer — Army Fire Fighters 3, 2, 1; IEEE 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 2, 1; Cpl. 3; Preston Library Fun Club 4, 3, 2, 1 . When I matriculated a little over three years ago, I never foresaw exactly what I was getting into. It is probably a good thing I didn ' t, though my experi- ences have not been all gloomy. The bright spots include my friends like: Bo-Bo Linguiny, Mark-Mark Markwood, Joe Belushi, Cas Casamassa, Rugman, Pukey Tun Tunis, Hack, Ricardo, Steve Martin, Pey- ton Place Campbell, and Brian O ' Neil ... or is it Neil O ' Brian? By the way Mark, I ' m sorry about your cir- cle templet. I ' ll give you all the pieces back around graduation. And Joe (Big Buddy), I apologize to your friend in Washington for the incident on the stair case. The VMI experience has definitely made a sig- nificant impression on my life. I have only two peo- ple I ' m truly indebted to for constant support and unyielding understanding even in depressing times Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. DYKES 1977: Dave Wallenborn 1983: Tracey Jones III Matthew Thomas Pheiffer " Matt " Wilmington, Delaware Civil Engineering — Navy Newman Club 3, 2, 1 ; ASCE 2, 1 ; Road Runners 2, 1 ; Chess Club 3, 2; Dean ' s List 3, 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Student Grotto 4; Cadre Corporal 3. How can I sum up four years in a few sentences? Thanks, VMI. Thank you for German Measles, bro- ken bones, the drills, the study, the food, the plague, five men in a four-man room, etc., etc., etc. For your friendship and verbal abuse, thank you Ray, Rick, Ken, Jack, John, Doug, Frank, Scott, Mike, Bobbie. Ed — you know who you are. Mom and Dad, what could I say to four years of love and encourage- ment? How many guys can say they got care pack- ages their entire cadetship? To all my Brother Rats, best of luck, it was real. Oh, and Rick, see you in Orlando! DYKES 1977: Michael Guthrie 1983: RussRosedale First Class 103 Yves Edmond Pollart " Belgian Bunny, Polecat, Chubs, Fatboy " Charleroi. Belgium C.E. — Special Student (Air Force) Business Staff Bomb 1 ; A.S.C.E. 3, 2, 1 ; International Students 3, 2; Corporal 3; Pvt. 2, 1 Knowing Fat Boy as I have for the last 4 years, I must say never, and I mean never, eat at the same table he does, that is if you want any food. But hon- estly, I must say that his good characteristics heavily outweigh my joke. Yves ' s friendship, vitality, con- cientiousness and personal warmth are some traits that have made him an outstanding cadet and a true friend. Militarily, Yves never seemed to excel, maybe that ' s because someone told him that he had to pass P.T. tests. " What, me run three miles, SH!!!t! " RPQ Mom and Dad, thank-you for the support you have given me these past 4 years. Linda, what can I say? You have been the one and only for now and ever. VMI, I want to give thanks for all you have given me. Finally to all my Brother Rats, good luck and happi- ness forever, especially Frank, George and Robert. DYKES 1977: Dale Bryson 1983: Stephen Phelps Joshua Patterson Priest " Nappy Head, Pack Rat, Classifier " Norfolk, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Corps of Engineers Swimming 4, 3; Water Polo 4, 3; Cadet Waiters 3, 2, 1; IEEE Chairman 1; Academic Probation 3, 2; Deans List 2; WADY 3, 2, 1 ; Firefighters 1 ; Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Posit Comm. 1; OGA President; Ghetto 4, 3; Cloud Nine 4, 3; Shorty ' s Boys 4. I ' ve known Josh for a long time, but until entering these gloomy walls of the " I " I never knew what made him tick. Then with the help of a stress-filled ratline, Josh ' s personality began standing out as no other Rat ' s did. He always had a kind and helping word to say Even with his own first year academic and military troubles, VMI just couldn ' t keep this Larchmont boy down. Finally when Josh left his beloved Ghetto and moved to 211, the secrets started unfolding. Josh is driven by a strong love of family and friends. No, don ' t get me wrong, Josh is still human. Why, who else makes the best cup of mud at 7:15 am? Who else would pass up a whole bottle of gin for one good scotch and water? Yea, that devilish angel, Joshua Priest. Thanks to the family, Roomies, BH, CM, and Steve. DYKES 1977: Steve Fontaine 1983: Franklin Hudgins JimOutland Robert Porter Quarles " Squirrel, Rob, RQ " Petersburg, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Pres., Pioneer Investment Club 1; ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1; College Republicans 4, 3; Karate Club 3, 2, 1; Civil War Roundtable 2, 1; Paint the Rock Committee; TCFC; Intl. Relations Club 2; Mascot 1; Hidden Car Club 3, 2; MBC 77 Raid; Friday Night Freak; Corps Tripper 4, 3, 2, 1. The past is to be remembered and the future is to be seen. It ' s been some very different times in our lives. First the shock of being at VMI; however, it seems it did not stop Rob from partying. Whether it was getting girls from back home or going to Rad- ford, Hollins, Sem, Sweetbriar, Mary Baldwin, if there were women to be found, Rob found them. From 429 to 359 then back to old barracks in 220 and 120, we can ' t see the parade field, but we seem to enjoy the window freedom. Rob, keep up the Southern traditions! Please write and bother Pre- ston now and then. (Pittsburgh is the pits.) It really has been great and we developed a friendship that will last forever. Thanks for everything, also that to Mr. and Mrs. R. Squirrel. A very special thanks to my mother and father who sacrificed a lot to send me through 4 years of college and 3 years of summer schools. They always kept me headed in the right direction whether by phone calls or frequent visits during home football games. Mom, I love you and your fried chicken. DYKES 1977: Rick Benevedes 1 983: M. Ray (Spot) Johnston Dennis George Quinn " Nip " Birktown, New Jersey History — Air Force Varsity Soccer 4, 3, 2, 1, Co-Captain 2. 1; Illegal Auto Club 2; Young Democrats Club 3, 2, 1; Sports Editor of the 1980 Bomb, an Assistant to the Sports Information Director 3, 2, 1; OGA; Active Member in the Movement to Cure Virginity; Member of the Pre- Law Society; " All-Pro " Team Rat Year. I can still remember the day after matriculation, looking at my bald head in the mirror and suddenly realizing for the first time that this was not going to be your average four years of college. V.M.I, and I haven ' t been in agreement for the majority of my years here, but I still am grateful for the fact that I stuck these four years out. The friend- ships and acquaintances that I have made, I shall cherish for the rest of my life. I would like to thank Terry, Austin, Jill, Aunt Peg and Uncle Jack, and my dear Mom, whose dear love and support have provided the inspiration needed to get through V.M.I.; without all of them, it wouldn ' t have been possible. I owe my sanity or lack of it, to my roommates over the years: Marsha Fendanka, P. K., Otto, Psycho, Durbo, Geeko, Herkel, and Frisbee. DYKES 1977; Bud Lemuster 1983: Ronnie Bowden Chris Skiba Philip Lee Raeburn " Pill, Paggot, Pilgrim " Mechanicsville, Virginia Economics — Army (Armor) Pvt 1, 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt; Ski Club 4, 3, 1; Society of Young Economists 1 ; Pre-Law Society 1 ; RFYL 3, 2, 1; Ghetto 3, 2; Cadre 2; QMD Crew 1; The Hooters; SHIT. Four years ago I came to VMI unaware of what was in store for me. A state of bewilderment that not only faced me, but my brother rats also Many of us met the challenges throughout our cadetship. the good as well as the bad. Brother Rats, you are the greatest bunch to be associated with and you will always be remembered I want to thank you Mom and Dad for being so patient and understanding. No son could have better parents. As for my room- mates, what can I say! What a Crew! Doug, Bill. Ralf, and Pork. What have we done or should I say, what haven ' t we done? The night I will remember most is pre-Ring Figure. Everybody in barracks will not for- get it either These four years have been an experi- ence that none of us will forget. Thank you VMI It ' s been real! DYKES 1977: Kevin Knotts 1983: MarkStengal G. Allen Ramer " Remo " Culpeper, Virginia Economics Army, Armor 1980 RDC Secretary, VMI Campaign Cadet Escort 2, 1; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1; Distribution Staff of the Cadet 2, 1 ; Ski Club 1 ; Pvt 4, 3. 2. 1 ; Cpl 3; The Great Baldwin Raid, 7 Oct 1977. WADY Club 3, 2, 1; Illegal Vehicle Club 4, 3, 2; Duck Finance Club 3,2.1, VMI Tarzan Team 1 ; Road Trip Club 3, 2, 1 . I can ' t believe that it ' s almost over! Graduation will seem like a dream. I ' d never have made it without the help of the friends that I ' ve made. My room- mates, Kirk (I still don ' t believe I got a number one cutting cards), Jed (you rug), Jim (the chameleon), Tom 1, Tom 2, Tolar, Bud, Party Room 134, Hard Room 156, Roadtrip Room 158, Grass- bone, Josh, Hugh, Wags, Harold, and everyone else You guys are great and you made four long years tolerable. To my family, thanks for always being there to offer loving support and special thanks to my Dad for letting me go through all of this my own way. I love you all. DYKES 1977: John Backe 1983: Ben Cottrell, Jim Johnston First Class 105 Douglas Brian Reddington " Bear, Dog, Red, Doug-O " Needham, Massachusetts Civil Engineering — Armor Cadet Lt. 1 ; Sgt. 2; Corporal 3; Lejeune Hall Assist- ant 2, 1 ; Bacon Eggs Coach 1 ; Ring Figure Commit- tee 2; RO.A. 2, 1. The north wind blew down from Boston, and with it came the Bear. After a few weeks we could all understand what he was saying, and our friendship began. Doug is a true B.R. He can sit in the " X " for hours, sippin on a good cup of " Joe " while shooting the breeze with the cowboys about beers, babes and cars. Academics were never to be ignored how- ever, as he often burned the late lights in N.E.B. Doug is also a true sport, and he quickly gained a Lombardi reputation on the intra-mural gridiron. Bacon and Eggs was his team, and even though we were 0-3 before the first game, I ' m sure we won more than his beloved Patriots. He ' s one who knows how to enjoy himself, and when it comes to a party, he won ' t settle for anything less than the " King of Beers. " Doug, you never let us down, and you ' ve always been around to encourage a laugh or a smile. As a friend — there ' s none better. I ' m afraid we ' ll miss ya Bear. Good Luck to you, and " So long, Sweatheart. " RSL, MCK Michael Anthony Rellins Vienna, Virginia English-Navy Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3; Pvt. 4, 2, 1 ; Glee Club 4, 3; English Society 2, 1. I came to VMI four years ago, sight unseen, with hopes and promises of success and fulfillment, and now I leave with great disillusionment. The Institute is in need of repair, physical as well as spiritual and the " whole-man " is only a fraction. However, I am extremely grateful for my college education. I thank my parents for providing me with that education and I leave with a deep sense of gratitude toward my instructors in Scott Shipp Hall. And thank you my dear Lynn for making my Spartan existence tolera- ble. DYKES 1977: Steve Severson 1983: Bruce Thomas Bt - - . » " W ' « 1 • Cecil Kenneth Richardson, Jr. " Ceice, Thethil, CK, Ken, Space Rat " Eastville, Virginia History — Air Force Glee Club 4, 3,2,1; Tankers 3; VMI Theatre 2; D and D 2, 1 ; Cadet Staff 4, 3, 2; Bomb Staff 1 ; Rat Rappell- ing 2; Slide for Your Life CIC 1 ; Maury River Subma- rine Racers Club. CK came to the big town of Lexington from the small town of Eastville. He has seen many hard and trying times here at the " I, " but no matter what has happened, he has always come through with flying colors. CK ' s major accomplishment, besides gradu- ating, is his advanced degree in rack lab. On any given afternoon I could come back from lab to find him crashed out in his hay. It would be next to impossible to list all of CK ' s attributes. It is enough to say that when he was needed, he was there, and he would give you the shirt off his back if need be. Now that the class of 80 is history and nightly X checks are at an end, I sincerely hope, CK, that you will do well in the outside world, and if God wills; I hope you find true happiness — the kind that you give others. So watch out world, here comes " S " . P RAT C Thank you so much Mom and Dad for without you I never would have made the 4 years DYKES 1977:PongsakPullsuk 1983: John Carpenter DYKES 1977: Norm Cole ' 76 1983: John Manning Steven Roger Roberts " Steve, Oral, Killer, Hippo, Pig, etc. " Fayetteville, North Carolina History — Army Intramural Boxing 4, 3, 2, 1; Good Connection Club 4, 3,2,1; Barbra Streisand Fan Club — Life. It all began in Cocke Hall when I signed my life away, and the band tried to recruit me (fortunately they decided a piano was too big to carry around). I was then led up to Room 489, where I met my two roommates: Ned Gudgel, and Jody Weatherwax. Ned, Jody, and myself spent the next four years together, studying during the week, taking F.C.P. on Sat. night, and rushing back to barracks by 7:30 so Ned could watch T.V., Jody could play his guitar (keep trying) and I could write a letter to my girl- friend, Brigitte. Wow, what more could one ask for in life! Thanks to those who made it possible, My Lord, Dad, Mom, Jody, and Ned. Good luck Grant! DYKES 1977: Kerry W. Keach, Steven M. Gallahan 1983: Grant E. Buford (Happy) Willem Albert Johan Roelofsen IV " Roel.WAJR " Den Helder, The Netherlands Biology — USMCR Pvt. 4,3,2,1; Soccer 4; Drug Advisory Comm. 3; Ski Club 1; Firefighters 3; Ringbuilding Comm. 2; Ring- figure Photostaff 2; Ed Bodling Fan Club 4, 3, 2; President K.C.F C. 3, 2; Lonely Hearts Club 2; Myrtle Beach Road Trip 2; Alcoholics Anonymous 4, 3, 2, 1 . I came to V M.I. four years ago, an innocent young foreigner. I was quickly taught the ways of the South by Fraz, with whom I shared four years of hard times. Shu introduced me to the secrets of hard liquor, and V.M.I, would not have been the same without 101 proof Wild Turkey. Thanks Ed, Mike, Bubbles, Tins, Lewis and Dugyman, for making these four years more bearable and for those crazy times worth remembering. To all the Bio-Boys all I can say is " Viva Col Reeves " Mom and Dad, thanks for all the love, patience and advice, that have gone into planning an uncertain future. To V.M.I I dedicate the following: ' After all the Jacks are in their boxes, And all the clouds have gone to bed, You can hear happiness staggering on downstream, ' cause the life that lived . . . is . . . dead. " — Jimi Hendrix — DYKES 1977: John " S-5 " Coe 1983: Eric McAnallen John A. Rudolph " Little Roo, Repeat, Rudy, J. R., Johnny Roo, Ace Hole " St Petersburg, Florida Chemistry — Armor Regimental Commander 1 ; Regimental Sgt Maj 2; 1 st Corporal 3; Rat 4; Honor Court Vice President 1 ; Honor Court Rep 2; ACS 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre Law Society 1; Ski Club 1; Hooters 1, 2; the " Come Get Me Wags " Club 1. My feelings about VMI have been nurtured through four hard years of experience. They center around my friends that I found and from my family that never failed me, even in the worst of times The greatest experience I had here at VMI was not being Regimental Commander, nor was it through being Vice President of the Honor Court but, believe it or not, was when I was a lowly rat under a special man named Jim " Mad Dog " Bently. He taught me that the most important thing to be at VMI was not a high ranker or an important official but simply a cadet. This is all I have tried to be for the past four years. I want to thank Wags, Dusty, Jay, Drug, Pill, Porky, Wild Bill, Ralph, Slade, and Murell for helping me through the rough times Mom, Dad, Evan and Council have always been there in the past when I needed them, for this I give my love. I hope that I have grown up and become what Gramma and Grandaddy had hoped. And lastly I would like to thank God for helping me through the troubled times. I can ' t say I ' ll miss VMI but I can say a cadet I ' ve become and a cadet I shall always remain. To those that remain, a thought: I felt sorry for myself cause I had no shoes til I saw the man that had no feet. John DYKES 77: Wyatt Paris 83: Charles Luck First Class 107 , 1 " r i " 4 •« :V o " ill John Steven Runyon " Fach, Runnybun " Charleston, South Carolina Navy, Surface Line Cadet Staff 4; Society of Young Economists 1; Pri- vate 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Bulldog Under Duress 2; SFYR 4, 3, 2. I would have no need of shelter from unhappi- ness; nor would I flee the winds or the rain that lash my brow and cheek. For I have had your arms around me, your strength to leave me weak . . . I would have no need of weeping in my loneliness; nor would I seek a lesser love to ever fill your place. The touch of any lips but yours, would be my love ' s disgrace . . . I would have no need of other smiles or tender- ness; because your love means more each day than you may guess. I need the sense of you to fill me with happiness — A LADY. Thank you Joe, Bill, Steve. Steve, Bob, John, Al, Dave, and the rest, and especially my parents. DYKES 1977: Tom Orell 1983: David Matawitz Paul David Sadowski " Ski, Polish Prince, Skyler " FortBelvoir, Va. History — USAF Pilot Candidate Swim Team 4; S-5 Tour Guide 4, 3; Lifeguard 3. 2; Arnold Air Society 3, 2, 1; 2nd Mate Starship 173 3, 2, 1 ; Owner Operator Sadowski ' s Taxi Service 2, 1 . After four years of trials and tribulations we ' re finally getting out of the Virginia Mental Institute. Through these years I ' ve seen too many people vic- timized by Tacs suffering from the West Point men- tality ( " I don ' t care if it ' s going to ruin your cadet- ship, it ' s my duty to bone you " ). I ' m just glad I ' m getting out now since VMI is slowly, but surely, being torn apart. The Corps is truly going to Hell. Ah, for the good ole days of Uncle Buc. Through it all my parents helped me out a great deal and I ' ve still got my friends, especially Jon, Dave, and Frank and everybody else in the corner. But most of all, I would like to thank P.J., for being there when I needed her, then, now and for a long time to come. 1977: Richard Mathews (76B), Bobby Caudle 1983: Gregg Brinegar, Greg Moore, Duane Ray Robert Scott Sayre " Scott " Waynesboro, Va. English — Corps of Engineers Rat Company Commander F. Company; Sergeant; Corporal; Cadet Recreation Committee President; Pre-Law Society Sec.-Treas.; Cadet Program Board; Martial Arts Club President and Instructor; Sounding Brass Editor; Cadet Publications Board; Cadet Activities Committee; Hop and Floor Committee; English Society; S-5 Tour Guide; Cadet Assistant Preston Library; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1; Distinguished Military Student; Distinguished Military Graduate. I never knew and I ' ll never know wh y I came to VMI But, to remain at VMI was one of the wisest decisions in my life and I ' ll never regret these past four years. Oh, it wasn ' t the grandest time, but I ' ll always look back with fondest memories on my cadetship. Back in the Old Corps . . . Mom and Dad, you ' ve been tremendously supportive of me, not only financially, but morally and spiritually. My achievements are yours. " Behind every great man there is a woman. " No, I haven ' t attained greatness, but I have the most fantastic woman backing me. Mary, I owe a lot of success to you, and I ' ll be thank- ing you forever as your husband. Every cadet takes more from VMI than he could ever give in return. " Never say die! " " God bless our team and VMI. " DYKES 1977: Bob Reibach 1983: Jon Johnson, DaveZott William J. Schademan " Nill, Shad, Notch, Cochise " Pittsburgh, Pa. Civil Engineering — Army Engineer Football 4, 3, 2; A.S.C.E. 3, 2, 1; Room of Gloom II; Member Shadman Society; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1 . Out of the dingy, dark, black coal fields of a tiny Pittsburgh mining town, a phoenix arose out of the ashes in the form of . . . Shad-man. Who could have known that this cross between a Morgan and a backhoe would have the awesome ability to demol- ish doors with his bare head, destroy ground-level windows with his foot, or orally assault an army ranger who made a practice of leaping from speed- ing autos. Shad-man and confinement were like 1st cousins. I have only known Bill for a short time but he will be hard to forget It ' s easy to like Bill. Big, strong, intimidating, but he ' s easy-going with a sense of humor. He ' s modest of his abilities, com- passionate, and thoughtful. Lastly, this history is not only for Bill, but for the man who was like a brother to him. Miles, you are missed more than you ' ll ever know. SJW 78 DYKES 1977: Eric D. Hutchins 1983: David Barron David James Scherer " Dave, Fumbles, Section Dick " Ottawa, Illinois Physics — Infantry Ranger Pit 4; AUSA 4, 3; Rat Training 3. 2; Corporal 3; Cadet Staff 3, 1; Society of Physics Students 3, 2, 1; Math Students Assoc. 2; Gwathmey Scholarship 2; Sigma Pi Sigma 2, 1; VPI Research Project 1, Food Committee 1; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1; Academi- cally Distinguished 3, 2, 1 ; Phi Kappa Phi. In the beginning there was a rat who wanted des- perately to lead a military way of life, and he thought of his classes as a means to this end. In the end there was a student who wanted desperately to lead a human way of life, and he thought of the military as an obstacle to this end. Even from the beginning of this metamorphosis he had help. Every faculty mem- ber met built his confidence. They challenged him to think, to analyze, and to reflect. So he thought, analyzed and reflected on that military life, and he found it lacking, a mindless shell. But within the shell was a living core — the thoughtful, concerned faculty who had expanded his mind and his heart. To associate with them he would do it all again, and to them he dedicates his journey. DYKES 1977: Mike Parish 1983: Whitney Owens Hubert G.Schneider III " Bert " Frederick, Maryland Electrical Engineering — Air Force Regimental Band 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; IEEE 3, 2; Newman Club 2, 1; Tanker Platoon 3, 2. 1; Mil- taria Society 4. 3, 2, President 1 ; Cpl. 3; Pep Band 4, 3; Mess Hall Committee 1 . I ' ll never forget that first day when I set foot into barracks. It was the first time I had ever seen the place Now, after four years of parades, SNI ' s, MEI ' s, TEl ' s, Exams, and more Exams, I can look back and say it was all worth it. At times, if it hadn ' t have been for my Brother Rats helping out, I don ' t know what I would have done without them I am especially thankful of my family who stood behind me every inch of the way. DYKES 1977: Rodney Jay Lynn 1983: Martin P. Curry Ohyung Kwon First Class 109 Eugene Scott Jr. " Chief, Geno, China Man, Chiefer " Hampton, Virginia Economics — Army Varsity Track 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Monogram Winner 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Track Co-Captain; Promaji 4, 3,2,1; Third Class Fol- lies; Society of Young Economists; Distinguished Military Student; Dean ' s List 3,2,1; Rack Lab 1 32. Making the change from a high schooler to a VMI Cadet was one of my most difficult decisions as was the actual experience of the Rat Line. I went from someone to nothing in one day of matriculation. The road was long and rough, very rough, at times but I was fortunate enough for the Lord to pull me through the hard times. It took me quite awhile to adjust to the system which seemed to change with the new amendments to our constitution, the Blue Book, but somehow I managed to restrain myself from cracking up. I ' d like to thank my parents and family for having faith in my ability to stick it out and letting me make the decisions that I would have to live with for the rest of my life. To the friends I met that I know are people that can hang; " Jack Rock " , " Slick Watts " , " Juice " , " Tippy " , Judge, Keel, Walt, and the Class of 80. Special thanks to Cindy for the love that helped me survive the " I " , best of luck in whatever you do Allen K. Selnau Hampton, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to my par- ents, brothers, and brother rats for their support. God bless the Institute and all the young boys who become men. Never Say Die, VMM! A Psalm of David The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want; He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul. He leads me in paths cf righteousness for his name ' s sake. Even though I may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies; thou anointest my head with oil, my cup overfloweth. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. DYKES 1977: Wayne S.Bryant Richard L. Sepulveda " Sep, Heckle or Jeckle, Hardy or Laurel " Pensacola, Florida Civil Engineer — Air Force ASCE 3,2,1; Concrete Canoe Team (Team Capt.) 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3, 2,1; Cadet Circulation Staff 1; Hop and Floor Committee (Mural Design) 1 ; The Greater Lex- ington Golf Tourney; B Co. Table Number 5 D.I. 1 . Disappointment, discouragement, despair, disillu- sionment, and loneliness; I have experienced these and many others during my four years here at VMI, but what stands above all these is the fact that I am proud of myself and my accomplishments. VMI, through all your trials and tribulations, I have learned a great deal and for this I thank you. Mr. and Mrs. Jones; hopefully, someday I ' ll be able to return the kindness that you ' ve extended to me; a kindness that very few are willing to extend. Craig and Larry, we may have been roommates for only a year, but we are brothers for an eternity. Chip and Tricia, I love you both, God Bless. Mom and Dad, you ' ve given me so much and asked for so little in return. I could not have done this without you. No words can begin to express the love I have for you. Thank you. DYKES 1977: John Esada, Jr. 1982: Stu Warren 1 983: Steve Goddard, Jerry Olson DYKES 1977: Barry Adams 1983: Eddie " don ' t worry dyke " Williams ••5 Nicholas John Servidio Jr. " Nick Serpico, Capt. sir Vidio " Colts Neck, New Jersey Civil Engineering — Air Force First Class Grub Private; Pvt. 3. 2, 1; Wrestling 4; TCFC ' 80; Ring Figure Committee ' 80 " Moe " ; Circle K; ASCE 2, 1; Concrete Canoe Team; CBC 80 Car Club 3, 2, 1; Second Class Parking Lot; AT C. 3, 2, 1; Red Leader Ring Figure Raid; William and Mary Assault Team; Rt. 81 Decoration Committee; MBC Fan Club; 2 Club. Few Civil engineers have much fun at VMI fewer still of those who do serve much confinement, somehow Nick served light years of confinement and had a better time than most. In an area limited only to the immediate world (Richmond, Baldwin, Hollins, Sem, Sweet Briar, and W L). Nick drank a lot, danced a lot, and left a lot of girls sucking a lot of wind — a lot! Nick usually was on his way to the car, be it 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class year. Nick ' s road trips provided Baldwin, William and Mary, Tech, with some unforgettable nights. Nick travelled the coun- tryside in pursuit of the fairer sex, but spent enough time at VMI to be more than a BR. Nick is a friend whom I ' ll miss and owe a life to. — W.K. ' 80 Bob, Mike, Pete, you ' ll always be with me. Bass we ' ve been through a lot. Thanx Mom, Dad, Mom and Dad Quarles, all P.V.C. friends, Rob, Jay, Pre- ston for taking room orderly. BR s you made it worth it, but not twice. DYKES 1977: Bill Sangtinette 1983: Doug " Bruce " Wainwright John " John Boy " Duncan Mehdi Shakibafar " Shaky, Rat Killer " Tehran-Iran EE-Navy A Cadet Private Four years ago when Shaky came to the big I he didn ' t know what to expect. That was ok, because no one knew what to expect from Shaky either. But the I, along with all the nearby women colleges soon learned that Shaky was a hell raiser. He always knew where the action was and always had his unauthorized car to get there. Still he managed to find time for his books and studied enough to get academic days Most important of all, no matter how busy he was, Shaky always had time to be a true friend and a brother rat. Well, Shaky, not many peo- ple might miss the VMI life, but a lot of people are going to miss you! Good Luck and hope to see you sometimes. B.P. DYKES 1977: Laurence M. Foltz 1983: Chris R. Fellhoelter David Joseph Sheahan " Dave " Fairfax, Virginia History — S.S. Swim Team 4; Grotto 3, 2, 1; Intramurals 3, 2, 1; VMIPA; The Corner. The end . . . . . . But more, much more ... . The beginning. DYKES 1977 : Tommy Underhill, Hobie Andrews, Buzzy northen, Billy Haught 1983: Duane Ray, Greg Moore, Greg Brinegar First Class til Thomas George Shedd Miami, Florida Biology — Infantry Timmins Music Society 4; Student Grotto 4; Sport Parachute Club 3, 2, 1; Karate Club 3, 2; English Society 1 ; SFYL; CTLT. First and foremost I would like to thank my parents for all the help they ' ve given me in these four years. Without their assistance I would not have started, or finished college. Great thanks to my teachers for the knowledge they ' ve laid before me I ' ve gained a fine education. If I had to describe my V.M.I experience with one word, it would be " disillusionment. ' ' The administra- tion equates the word cadet with child, instead of adult This tragic premise has led to unbearable triv- ialities and restrictions. A simple code of honor, that has grown like a malignant tumor to engulf all our activities, has resulted in a police system used by the administration to control the cadets. Lastly, I want to thank the few friends I ' ve had here and the many not associated with V.M.I, for their interest and affection over these long four years. DYKES 1977: Steve Severson 1983:HauT. Tran 9 John Shuman " Inhuman, Shu " Salem, New Jersey Economics — Armor Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Football, Co-Captain, Big Four; Pvt. 4, 3, 2; Regimental Executive Officer; Bass ' s I ' m Bad Club; Wittig ' s Weight Room Club; Special Student Corps; The Jacob ' s Trophy of the So. Conf.; Unemployment Club. How can I sum up my four years; stuck in a self imposed jail. It ' s not possible. I could talk for days about the bad times and the few good times that have taken place here. At this point so close to graduation I can reflect back on these bad times and laugh! But I know deep down inside that without the support of my family and some excellent friends I ' ve made, I would not be here now. Those friends Fedenk, Hup, Big T, Bird; Wittig, Bass, Chal, Mark, Stud, Fraz, Roel, Taco, Land Shark, Laff, good luck you guys. Finally to my parents, I hope I ' ve made you as proud of me as I am of you. Grand mom and pop-pop thanks so much. Terry, Jessie, and Karen to the special people thanks. I hope I will be able to look back on these past 4 years and say it was worth it Only time will tell. All of you can S.M.H. DYKES 1977: Ed Glacken 1983: Jonathan Scott William Michael Sipher " Bill, Syph, Syphless, Siph, Crank " Arlington, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Air Force IEEE 3, 2, 1 ; Firefighters 3, 2, 1 ; Air Explorers 4, 3, 2; Second Class Car Club 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; 2nd Lt. 1 . The life of an EE is never easy. Especially when one takes at least one unexpected furlough each semester. Despite the late nights and mountains of labs, Bill was always in a good mood. His humor and wit has made the past four years a lot more enjoya- ble. The world is out there for the taking Siph. Keep the sh-t-eating grin on your face — your knee in one piece — and fly those friendly skies for all they ' re worth. May you always be as happy as you make those around you. God bless you Bill and remem- ber: VMI is a good place to be from, not at. Bill you are now " from. " I would like to thank all my friends and roommates for helping me through these four years. Also I want to give thanks to a special woman who gave me a few moments of her life, love, and some happiness. Take care E.A.E. and all the rest of my friends. DYKES 1977: Dale Shrader 1983: John V.Wolfe 112 First Class W r if y ' Of f s2 Thomas Jackson Slipek " Tom Jack, Poonie, Slipjack " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Army Infantry Hop and Floor (Vice President) 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Ring Fig- ure 1980 Chairman; First Class Editor of the 1980 BOMS; Corporal 3; Rugby 4, 3; Water Polo 2; BRF 3; YD. Club, TUCKER STREET; Cadet Circulation Staff; 325 Friday Night Club; Hampden-Sydney Rugby Trip 1978; Rt. 4 Squire Club; Cadet Waiter 4, 3. I first encountered Slipjack in the Holy City as a school associate. Since then Tom has grown, but not altered his style. His endless capacity for bever- ages, especially when he assumes they were left in the refrigerator by accident, leaves all of his friends in awe. Tom Jack has had many prosperous and outstanding years here at the I, and we have no doubt he will be a success, when he finds out what career is right for him. C.J.D. ' 80 Basically, I have enjoyed my stay at VMI and much gratitude is given to my parents for tolerating me, even though my performance here was sometimes n ot up to par. My patience has been tried many times by the Institute and its staff, but nobody ever said it was going to be easy. VMI has helped me by teaching me not to avoid a challenge but to confront it and do the best you can. To all of my friends, I wish you the very best of luck in the future. DYKES 1 977: The Original Howard Lee " Bo " Grant 1983: Matt Looby Michael C. Smith " Smitty, CB, El Miguel " Norfolk, Virginia Modern Languages — Navy Dean ' s List 2, 1 ; Promaji 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cadet Assistant 3; NROTC Pistol Team 3; Track 3, 2, 1; Corporal 3; Spanish Tutor 2, 1; Historian Promaji 1; Pre-Law Society 1 ; Monogram Club 1 . As we approach that appointed time to depart we must never forget who we are no matter what we may become. It is essential that we give the Almighty Father, parents, loved ones, and friends much credit for having constantly aided in our development. By much patience and perseverance we await the hidden destiny that we pray will be bright for us. Both the positive and negative experi- ences of VMI have developed us into who we are and it is hoped that they will aid us in becoming much more. In searching for that promising future, I hope that each of us will not only endeavor to be somebody but will have the courage to be our- selves. To all those who shall hereafter follow the VMI path, I wish the best, and hope they gain the most from their experience. DYKES 1977: Robert L. Manteuffel 1983: James F.Keller 1 ' A Richard Byron Smith " Richard, Cowboy, Rich, Dick, CISCO, RB, Pig Pen " Courtland, Virginia English, French — Navy Dean ' s List 4,3,2; Newspaper 3,2,1; Editor 1 ; Posit Committee 1 ; Publications Board 2, 1 ; Pep Band 4, 3, 2; Drug Council 3; Firefighters 2; Cadet Assistant 3, 1 ; JV Football 4; VMI Campaign Escourt 1 ; Law Society 3; Debate 3. I came to VMI armed with many vaguely under- stood goals and the hope that they would all be real- ized. They were not, but I gained from the attempt. I learned about myself and I leave VMI now with con- fidence in my future. My confidence I owe to my family and to the friends which I made at VMI. We carried each other through our cadetships. My roommates, Eli, Kent, Tom, and Elliot were espe- cially great. Eli, thanks for the four years of sympa- thy for my troubles; Kent, for your constructive criti- cism and for keeping me laughing at myself; Tom, for your example; Elliot, for your fun-loving nature. All of you, for your life-long friendship Senator Gray, Doc Monsour, Col. and Mrs. Davis, and Mr. Wolffe, thank you for your support. And most impor- tant, my family, for your blessings, lectures, praises, and admonishings. I love you. DYKES 1977: Larry Heim 1983: Mike Reed First Class 1 1 3 George Walker Snyder " Ralf, Marmaduke " Mt. Jackson, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineering Private 4, 3,2,1; Football 4, 3, 2; Indoor Track 4; Road Trip Society 2, 1 ; Texas Tavern 2, 1 ; ASCE 3, 2, 1 ; Co-Editor ASCE Annual Report 1 ; Ghetto 2. Since I first entered kindergarten my life long goal was to go to the VMI. It was a dream come true to be able to be here and graduate in May 1980. I only wish the splendid four years hadn ' t passed by so fast. The decision to attend VMI was definitely a wise one and I ' d do it again without a thought. Seri- ously, I would like to thank all my friends, for making VMI so great, especially when it seems as if nothing can go right. The list is too numerous to name you all, but believe me you all are the greatest and I ' ll never forget you. I only hope I gave as much friend- ship as you gave me Thanks Dad for all the words of encouragement like " quit then if you don ' t like it, " during the bad times. Good night and Good-bye VMI, I love you. DYKES 1977: Gary Haste 1983: Macon Wade Millner Harold B. Snyder III " Hal " Richmond, Virginia Biology — Army Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1; Academically Distinguished 2; Distinguished Military Student; Ski Club 2, 1 ; Pre-Med Society 4, 3, Treas. 2, Pres. 1 ; Pep Band 4, 3, 2; Science Hall Green House Monitor 3, 2, 1 ; MBC, SBC, RMWC, and HC Road Trip Club 1 ; Rm. 1 65 MG Club, Scuba Club 1 . " Ale, man, ale ' s the stuff to drink, For fellows Whom it hurts to think: Look into the pewter pot, To see the world as the world ' s not, And down in lovely muck I ' ve lain, Happy till I Woke again. Then I saw the morning sky: Heigho, the tale was a lie, the world, it was the old world yet, I was I. my things were wet, And nothing remained to do, Than to begin the world anew. " A. E. Houseman Four years of work, play, gloom, sun, fun, dregi- mental band, aerobic points, late study, Sunday par - ties, mess hall food, hair cuts, frats. organic labs, and rack labs have all come to an end. There were all those guys to share it with: my roomies John and Dickie, and all of the New Barracks Gang. Thanks Dad, for being the man I always looked up to, and Mom, for all your love and cookies. DYKES 1977: Tim Liles 1983: Marc Guevremont Mark Stephen Sobota " Cecil, Sam, Marathon Man, 3.0 Sobota " Hinton-in-the-Hedges, England Chemistry — Air Force Cpl. 3; Pvt. 2, 1; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Academically Distinguished 1; Chemistry Honors Program 1; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; Cross Country 3,2,1; Indoor Track 3, 2, 1 ; Outdoor Track 3,2,1; Boston Marathon 3, 2, 1; American Chemical Society 3, 2, 1; Pre-Medical Society 4, 3; Arnold Air Society 4, 3, 2, 1; Reserved Officer ' s Association 2, 1 ; Monogram Club 3,2,1; 5- 5 Tour Guide and Ceremonies Staff 4, 3, 1 . Life at VMI is truly what you make of it. I came to VMI to accept a challenge, both physically and men- tally. Now that I have achieved my goal, I must set another, but yet this one even higher than before. Mom and Dad it was my decision. Thank you for letting it be that way and thank you for your love and guidance or I would have never made it this far and so well without it. To my dykes Steve and Jud thanks for not only being my dykes but for the rewarding friendship that went with it. Good luck in the near future. And to my true brother rats and roommates for three years, Steve and John, thanks for the true friendship I will never forget. Keep in touch. — We finally made it! DYKES 1977: Mark H.Bryant 1983: Steve S. Godwin ( " Bambi " ) Judson H. Springer John T. Stallings " J. T., Pin, Spin " Spartanburg, South Carolina Missiles — Air Force Varsity Tennis 4, 3; Arnold Air Society 4, 3, 2, 1; House Mountain Cadre 1; Cadre 2, 1; Private; Cpl.; Sgt.; Lt.; " Windfall Drummer " 2; Penthouse Suite 231 ; Dean ' s List 2, 1 ; Academically Distinguished 1 . John cruised into V.M.I, in the summer of ' 76 from " up north, " saw the error of his yankee ways, and quickly converted. Now a Rebel from S.C., he can " yaaah " with the best of us. " Spin " consistently amazed us with his overflowing energy. Whenever a spare minute arose, he was always the first to dive into his bedding. There was no keeping up with his furious pace — the uncontested Rack Champ of 231 ! J. T. can truly claim that he ' s been to Hell and back after running the Shamrock Marathon — should have seen the " female motivation " waiting for him at the finish line! John has climbed a long and rocky path to the top of his mountain. He has realized his goals thus far, and with his Dutch lady and a great family to support him, the sky ' s the limit! Thanks Mom and Dad, Ik hov van jou, Liesbeth. DYKES 1977: Bert Deacon 1983: Ken Burgess James Allen Stauffer " Jim, Jimmy, Stauf, Stuff, Jimbo " Bethlehem, Pennsylvania History — Armor Posit Committee 3, 2, President 1 ; BSU 4, 3, 2, Presi- dent 1; VMI Firefighters 2; S-5 Staff 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s Other List; International Relations Club 4, 3, 2, 1 President 2, 1; 1980 Symposium Committee Chair- man; Debate Team 3, 2 Secretary 3, 2; Religious Council 2, 1 ; Blue Book Committee 2,1; Pep Band 4, 3,2,1; Dean ' s List 3,2,1; Academically Dist. 1 ; Can- nonball Comm.; After Taps SSH Study Club 3, 2, 1 . As you can see, Jimmy has left himself little room for leisure. He does manage five breaths of air (dur- ing his 10 minutes of sleep, to conserve time) on Mondays, Fridays, and every third Wednesday. I mean, everybody knows that he, Pat, and Sandy keep this place going! But how does he do it? It ' s really quite simple. He merely balances a high toler- ance with high standards. In other words, he knows how to accept other people ' s faults, and how to stand up for his own standards; and when to do which. I think it has something to do with his habit of being aware of others ' shortcomings, but working over these to their strengths. But, watch out! I expect, some day, to see Jimmy going nose-to-nose with the Congress, getting his permits approved! LEM. I just want to thank the Lord and my parents for their love and patience. DYKES 1977: Rob Brown 1983: Larry Eli Caison, Dan Kozar, Christo- pher Caudill Keith Michael Stewart " Boo, Boo-Boo, Sky Pig, Bubble Butt. Stew " Newport News, Virginia History — Air Force Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; S-5 Tour Guide Staff 2, 1 ; Dean ' s List 2, 1 ; Cadet Assistant Marshall Research Library 1 ; Member of DISCO 1 07 1 ; Capt. Hall Fan Club 1 . Keith rolled into VMI four years ago as an inno- cent Rat, and as graduation approaches, he has compiled an impressive all-around record. After our third class year, Keith emerged from AFROTC Sum- mer Camp with the mysterious name " Boo-Boo, " and it stuck. When he sets his mind to accomplish- ing something, it will get done. He has always impressed me with his ' stick-to-itness, ' and determi- nation. But seriously, I would have to search the world over long and hard to find a friend as good as Keith. Boo-Boo will become a great asset to the Air Force when he graduates, and his good nature, dynamic personality, and hard work will assure him success. Well Boo, it ' s been fun, and I ' ll see you either at the 5 year reunion ... or the gates of Mos- cow. R.A.G. ' 80 P.S. Maybe someday you ' ll learn how to play hand- ball! DYKES 1977: Ron E.Parrott 1983: Eugene M. (Gene) Warren 115 First Class - - ' %H Jessie Wade Stinnette, Jr. " Slade, Fang, Mario, Johnny Wad, Quasimoto " Lynchburg, Virginia Chemistry — Marine Corps President of the Honor Court 1 ; Honor Court Repre- sentative 2; ACS 3, 2, 1; President 1; Marine Det. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cadet-in-Charge 1 ; Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; First Sgt. 2; First Batt. Commander 1; NROTC Pistol Team 3; Hop and Floor Comm. 4, 3, 2, 1; Cadet Escort, VMI Campaign 2, 1; Sweeney ' s Meanies Championship Volleyball Team 2; Unauthorized Motorcycle Club 4, 3,2. " Not for fame or reward, Not for place or for rank Not lured by ambition, Or goaded by necessity But in simple Obedience to duty As they understood it. These men suffered all, Sacrificed all, Dared all — and died. " From the Memorial to All Confederate Dead, Arlington Nat ' l Cemetary, Arlington, Virginia The New Market Cadets left their mark on history, never to be erased. Like them, I hope that we, the Class of 1980, will be able to say upon graduation that we gave a little of ourselves to the Institute, and that VMI has benefitted from our service. To all my brother rats I wish a good and satisfying life. Special thanks to you Dan, Don, and Walt for being my roommates and for making my years at VMI so ter- rific I shall never forget y ' all. Especially, thank you Mom and Dad for always being there, understand- ing, and helping. DYKES 1977: Hank Bungay 1983: Max Rogers Murrell Flemming Stinnette " MFS, Drippy, Kid, Sport, Mega - Buck Kid, Oppie " New Ca, Connecticut Economics — Air Force Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Reg Color Sgt, 2; Reg. S-1 1; Pres. One Night Stand Club 4, 3, 2; Room 84 Club 3, 2, 1 ; VMI Track 4; Pep Band 4; Pres. " Let ' s get Joe boned! Club " 4, 3, 2,1, Murrell ' s suave, debonair, sophisticated charac- ter arrived at VMI in overdrive and never down- shifted. Our 3rd and 2nd class years, I saw Murrell go from one beautiful blind date to the next, utilizing his romantic sense of humor and dancing ability. Then comes the mass hysteria of a 1300 man room our 1st class year. Rising up through the rank struc- ture has not kept Murrell from pursuing his studies. He has brought his grades up every year and will hopefully achieve his goal of getting into Law school. This progression just typifies Murrell ' s determination to achieve the goals he sets for him- self. I know he will succeed at whatever he attempts as he has succeeded in winning mine and other ' s undying friendships. Murrell you ' re really " First Class. ' ' DYKES 1983: David Hall Frank " Cool " Cooper William Terry Stoneman " Stoney, Na-me-nots, Ready Kilowatt, Stone-man type-one each " Pennsville, New Jersey Electrical Engineering — Navy Pep Band 4, 3, 1 ; Pres. V.M.I. Commanders 2, 1 ; Hop and Floor Comm. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Glider Club 3; RYFL 4, 3, 2, 1 ; 1 st Cpl. 3; 1 st Sgt. 2; 2nd Lt. 1 ; Cadre 3,2,1; Rat Training 3, 2; Boys ' State Rep. 3, 2, 1; Pres. Navy Birthday Dinner 1; IEEE 1. After reviewing the entire company for prospec- tive roommates, we finally picked Terry. (Where else could you find a live in maid?) Besides supplying all the excess furniture and stereo, he also became the official room photographer. Sure we had a few mis- understandings with Terry (what ' s wrong with shooting a stuffed bird?), after he ran six miles he was all smiles again. Terry ' s love life leaves some- thing to be desired, he went from a girl scout leader and father figure, to snatching giggly girls from Baldwin. He managed to ascend through the rank structure at V.M.I, until he uttered the immortal words: " I don ' t have time to be 1st Sgt. " Don ' t worry, you ' re still number one in captain Jack ' s book. Three stripes and stars are better than Com- pany Commander anyday. Yes Stoney, you proved you could get out of almost anything at V.M.I., but will the Navy put up with you for four years? DYKES 1977: Robert J. Houser 1983: Bruce D. Cohen Derryl L. Sullivan " D, Sullirock " Lynchburg, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force Indoor Track 4, 3, 2, 1; Outdoor Track 4, 3, 2, 1; ASCE4.3. 2, 1;FCA3. 2, 1. I came to VMI not knowing anything that went on behind those " iron gates. " I was the first of my fam- ily to go to any type of military school. I soon became adjusted to the strange life of the military and began to make the best of it. There were some good times and yes, some bad times. I am very grateful to my parents for staying behind me in all of those hard times and very low grades; always prais- ing me and giving me that extra spark to drive on. Who could ever survive this strange place on the hill without a very special girl in their life? Wanda is that special person, with all of her understanding, loving and concern, it has made my social life here at VMI a very pleasant one. Yet, with my parents ' support and my girlfriend ' s love I could never have made it without the friends I have made here. DYKES 1977: Glen (Old Man) Cox 1983: Bill Frazier Daniel Bradley Sweeney " Stan, Swoney, Malibu, Little Willie " Lynchburg, Virginia Modern Language — Armor Pvt. 3; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1 ; DMS; President of the Pre- Law Society; The Cadef Staff 2, 1 ; Hop and Floor, Cadet Assistant; TCFC 3, 2; Glee Club 4, 2; Unau- thorized Motorcycle Club 3, 2; Sweeney ' s Meanies. My father came here, my uncle came here, my cousin came here — and I am glad that I chose to come here also. Like anything worthwhile, VMI has not been easy, but it has been rewarding. I learned to endure physical, emotional and spiritual hard- ship, I learned the value of friends, virtue and hard work. I learned to accept the rational, social and personal responsibilities of manhood. I couldn ' t have had better friends and roommates than Don, Walt, and especially Wade. Remember all the good times so we won ' t cry at the reunions! Thank you Mom and Dad for your support and love of VMI which helped me make it through, and most of all, thank you VMI — not for good times and an easy life — but for a real education. Take it easy Phantom! DYKES 1977: J. Robert Robertson 1983: Robert Rogers Emile Richard Tabb " Rick, Dixie, Phantom, Rug(or Wiyah)Head, The Missing Link " Warrenton, Virginia History — Armor Pvt. 4, Cpl. 3. Reg. Sgt. 2, Cpt. 1 ; Rugby 4, 3, 1 ; Ring Design Committee Chairman; Karate Club 2; Tanker Pit. 2; Pre Law Society 2, 1; Cannon Ball Committee 4, 3, Co-Chairman 2, 1; 371st Panty Rangers 4 Oct ' 77; Cmdr. Hokie Raid 2; Academically Dist. 4; Dean ' s List; DMS. It is the intensity of life and emotion that makes one cherish his years at VMI, especially the emo- tions I feel for those who have made my history For J.W., who helped me smile through my rat year, and taught me never to let " the kid " in me die. For Ed and Robby — it is hard for others to understand the friendship we knew on our 4 A.M. vigils. For Steve, Bass, Dan, Lewis, Walt For my family, who I can only thank by returning their love. Most of all. for Cathy, though I lived for weekends with her, she made everything I did worthwhile. It is said that when we learn to appreciate something we leave it; but, I am happy to have the love for my friends and years at VMI to look back on, and life with Cathy to look forward to. DYKES 1977: Evan HAshby, J. W Swain 1983: AndyWhitson, John Beck, Glenn Harmon First Closs 1 1 7 Massoud Tahamtani " Mass, Tex, Tom, Persian Playboy, Tomahawk, Zoci, Mike " Shiraz, Iran Electrical Engineering — Navy Karate Club, RFYL, ISS, Unauthorized Car Club 3, 2; Cpl, 3; Pvt. 4, 2, 1; Seal Team 38, IEEE, Unauthor- ized Apartment Club. Little did we know that the man who did " Poosh- ups " with us on August 18, 1976, would end up being our roommate for 3 years. Mass survived rat year through great determination and persever- ance. He came to VMI not knowing what he was get- ting himself into, and leaves without knowing what he did. Mass ' s knowledge of the English language would overwhelm even the most articulate of Eng- lish professors. Who can forget his famed status slip to Cadet " Zoci, " which paralyzed a guard team for 24 hours until they deduced that Cadet " Zoci " was the notorious " 2nd CP. " Words cannot express how we value your friendship. Our 4 years at VMI have been so long and yet so short. We will miss you dearly and we hope for the days when the 38 crew will be united again. May ALLAH be with you, and may He bring you many joyful days of happiness. JFK.LFCJRL. DYKES 1977: Chavalit Noomnoi 1983: James Casey Terdtoon Tapjan " Tabasco Kid, Toon, Chipmunk " Fort Thanarat, Pranburee, Thailand Electrical Engineering — Army (Artillery) Deans List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; RFYL; Academic Stars 3,2,1; IEEE 4, 3, 2, 1; Handball; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Phi Kappa Phi; Barracks Sound Technician. Toon is a guy that is hard to describe on just one page. It has been a long time since we first met as brother rats and throughout these four years at the big " I, " he has become well respected by both the faculty and his brother rats. He struggles for excel- lence in every endeavor he undertakes but yet man- ages to have time to help others. Toon is truly a VMI man who brings credit to his father and country. Best of luck and warm wishes from room 1 50. PS. We will always remember the song " Lady " from Sleeper Catcher by the Little River Band. DYKES 1977: Jack Adams 1983: Chiewcharn Narathong Edward TenHoeve III " Jed, Ted " Waynesboro, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Navy Navy Scholarship; Social Editor — Cadef 1 ; Cadet Distribution Staff 2, 1 ; Mess Hall Committee 1 ; Cor- poral 3; Private 4, 3,2,1; Lacrosse 3, 2, 1 ; Great Mary Baldwin Raid Oct. 7, 1977; W.A.D.Y. Club 3, 2, 1 ; Road Trip Club 3,2,1; Duck Finance Club 3, 2, 1 ; Number 1 Club 3. I believe that friendships are built around the cloud of adversity, VMI has constantly been that cloud. Nevertheless, when the cloud grew ominous, there always was my friends. Allen, Jim, Kirk, you guys have been super roommates. I appreciate all you have done for me, especially the demerits, s ince half of my cadetship has been spent signing the confinement sheet. Speaking of confinement, I forgive you Josh for gracing me with four wonderful months at the Mother " I. " Tom 1, Tom 2, Bud, Josh, Dennis, Jimmy, and all the rest of you great guys, we can always remember the wild times. Good luck to all of you. I hate to write about my family last, because they will always remain first. Mother, thank you for all the words of wisdom that you have given to me. Your love has been a guiding light. And, as you have always said to me, I will now say as I leave: There but for the Grace of God go 1. 1 love you. DYKES 1983: James A. Cook, III 118 First Class John Earl Tinsley " Tins, Tings, Jet " Roanoke, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force Same 3, 2; ASCE 3, 2, 1 (Vice-President); Reserve Officers Assn. 1; Pvt. 4, 2, 1; Corp. 3; Myrtle Beach Road Trip 2, 1; Eddie Otey Fan Club 3, 2 1; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, ?; Academically Distinguished List 4, 3, 2, When I first entered VMI in August 1976, I expected a very busy schedule, a strict academic atmosphere, and a disciplined military lifestyle. For- tunately, VMI gave me a lot more than these three attributes, including an environment where honesty was always upheld. Most important of all, I made numerous lifelong friends that I will never forget. I especially want to thank Bob, Ed, Mike, Keith, Tim, Lewis, and Bill for all the great times we had Sorry I was such a recluse the first few years. It was only a matter of time before the wild bunch of 201-203 brought me out of it. I especially want to thank my father, whose extraordinary will to see me graduate from college gave me much needed inspiration to excel in my work. His love was really needed. In addition, I wish to thank everyone else back in the Star City for their love and support. DYKES 1977: Jim Bradshaw 1983: MikeLaughon Robert Lee Titus Jr. " Twinky, Big Bob, King B. T. Twink, Father Bob " Newport News, Virginia English — Infantry English Society 4, 3, 2, 1; V.M.I. Fencing Team 2, 1 Manager; Epee 1 . Sounding Brass; Poet Laureate 3, 2, 1; Mary Baldwin Massacre Alumnus 3; Private 4, 3,2,1; New Market March 3; Keydet Waiters 3,2,1. Dear Heavenly Father, as I end the last year of a long four years at V.M.I., I feel it necessary to ask your blessings for my family and close friends who have, along with Yourself, made it possible for me to succeed. Bless my mother, for she has never doub- ted me Bless my family, for their undying love. Bless my roommate and best friend, Michael H., for he has never deserted me, but always helped. Bless my closest friends, Don B. and Daniel S., for they befriended me and taught me to respect myself. Bless my dykes of ' 83, Dave R, and Steve W., for they have just begun, and finally Bless my BR ' s ' the V.M.I. Class of ' 80, for they took me in. For these things I ask in Our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen. We came alone into this unique tower of stone, but leave together into harsh reality wi!h what we found; Honor R.L.T. Jr. DYKES 1977: Stephen Alan Callihan 1983: David L. Ronneberg Stephen B. Walton Raymond Lewis Toms " Lewis " Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers Rugby 3, 1; Hop and Floor Committee 4, 3, 2, 1; Treasurer 1; SAME. 1; Vice President 1; A.S.C.E. 1; Private 4, 3, 2,1. Graduation has been a questionable matter for me ever since my feeble beginnings as a rat But with the help of a semester long sabbatical, four VMI summer school sessions, one Christmas session, and one summer session at VCU, and two very patient parents, it looks like I might make it after all The long awaited " light at the end of the tunnel " is finally becoming visible. With time, I ' m sure my bitter feelings about this place will change, and I ' ll be proud that I went here. I am thankful to all of those who have put up with my ups and downs, while help- ing me struggle on. They include my beloved room- mates of 1 01 , many classmates, and my parents and family A few years from now, I will probably say " thank you VMI, " but for now she and I are still engaged in a heated conflict that will not cool off until I satisfy her demands. DYKES 1977: Mike Korolevich 1983: Bruce Hazelgrove First Class ! 1 9 Ronald Trepanier " Ron " Baltimore, Maryland Civil Engineering — Air Force Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Civil War Roundtable 2,1; AUSA 2, 1 ; Math Club 2, 1; Third Lt.; SAME 2, 3; Air Force Scholarship; Computer Center Assistant 4, 3. The fast paced life over the last four years for me at VMI has brought many changes in my feelings and attitudes. My education has given me a broader perspective allowing me to better appreciate life. I ' ve learned from the VMI system and I owe a great deal to my teachers and friends for making it a worthwhile experience. I ' m optimistic about the future and what it holds for me. Thanks Mom and Dad, you made it possible for me. DYKES 1977: Jim Hanrahan 1983: Kim Chu Jeff Markowski Kenneth W. Trotman " Ken, Fish, Katy, KT " Chesapeake, Virginia Civil Engineering Pvt 4; Cpl. R.T. 3; Pvt, 2; G.C, Sec. EC. Sec; Rat X- 0; Pvt. 1; (GB Club) Hickory Rep. 4, 3, 2, 1; G.C. Society (1 7 Club) 3,2,1; ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1 ; SS 4, 3, 2 (1?). The value of a man is not measured by his pile of accomplishments or the size of his GPA. Instead, at VMI we look beyond and judge a man in terms of intangibles — honor, personal sacrifices, BR spirit, and the ability to pick others up; make a bad time good and a good time better, From this point of view, there are few cadets who have " measured up " as Ken has. If you don ' t like and respect Katy, you don ' t know him. Without Ken, the Gold Coast Club would shine a lot less and the RHDPED Club would have a lot less proof that such things exist. But in seriousness, to value Ken ' s cadetship is to realize that we have all benefitted and learned a little by knowing him. At one time or another, he ' s helped us all find a smile when it seemed there were none. I know he will prove a man VMI can be proud to claim wherever he goes. E.L.B. I would personally like to express my appreciation to my friends and family for their encouragement, advice and support which they so generously offered throughout my cadetship. I also hope that " we " will continue to carry with us the spirit and honor we have come to know, respect and defend. K.T. DYKES 1977: Steven L. Neas 1983: Andrew F. Smith, III C Dixon Withers Tucker Roseland, Virginia C.E. — SS (Special) Navy S.A.M.E.;A.S.C.E. 1 8 August 1 976 V.M.I. , 1 9 December 1 976 W.C.H., 27 March 1977 Home, 23 May 1977 — V.M.I. I first came here for several reasons: Now many of these reasons are invalid. I wish I knew when I will be out of here. DYKES 1977: Bob Rieback 1983: Tim Mott Mark Rogers 120 First Class y i Preston Allen Vock " Animal, Vocky, Vick " Carnegie, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering — Combat Engineers Corporal, Sgt., Lt ; Cadre 3, 2, 1; Deans List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Academically Distinguished 4, 3; Society of Amer- ican Military Engineers; ASCE; Weight Lifting Club; Copenhagen Club; Math Club; Distinguished Mili- tary Student; Ho Jo ' s Fire Fighter, I came here from the city of the champions, Pitts- burgh, with the inspiration of continuing my rowdy high school days. For my efforts on November 1, 1976 I received 3 months confinement and a score of P.T. ' s. I ' ve straightened my act considerably since then to a point of social boredom, but then again I received almost everything I wanted from the Big " I. " I ' d like to thank Rob, Nick, and Jay for put- ting up with me for three years, and also my parents for their encouraging words along the way Most importantly I ' d like to thank the Lord for helping me through some troublesome times. My Cadetship can be summed up with my own personal motto: I have overcome all the obstacles thrown within my path, stood in the face of defeat, and in the end, I have won my own personal battle. DYKES 1977: John Esada 1983: Robert Kuchera, Mark Benevenuto Steven Dale Wagner " Wags, Skippy, Earl " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Air Force Private 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Corporal; Varsity Basketball 4, 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Circulation Staff 2, 1; Ghetto 3, 2, 1; Heavy Chevy 1; O.T.R. 4, 3, 2, 1; " Hotel 334 " Go-Get-Rudi 1 . The past four years of my life have been spent here at VMI. I have learned to accept the good with the bad. Never much for words, maybe I should have spoken up more than I did. After the disillu- sionment of athletics and the duress of academics and " the System, " I am glad it has all come to an end. I am thankful that I came here for the education and the great people I have met. A special thanks to the people who made this place bearable and the good times we have shared. A very special thanks to my family who have stood behind me with support and understanding. And to my roommates, I wish you the best of luck in the future and hope to see you at the Fifth Annual. Later, AMF DYKES 1977 George Borojevich 1983: EdKluckowski Douglas Donald Walker " Doug, Douglas, P.T., AMINAL, Disco Doug " Annandale, Virginia English — United States Marine Corps Pvt. 4, 1; Cpl .3; Sgt. 2; Rat Training 4, 1; Rangers 4; Orienteering 4, 3; RFYL 4; SFYL 3, 2; Boxing 3; Grotto 3; S-5 Tours 3; Cadet Recreation Committee 4, 3; Marine Detachment 3, 2, 1; U.S.M.C. Physical Fitness Training Program 2, 1 ; Militaria Society 2, 1 ; English Society 2, 1; Cadet Assistant 2, 1; Disco Doug and the L.S. ' s2, 1. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent. — Calvin Coolidge — I give my everlasting gratitude to my mother, father, brothers, and especially Marilyn, without whose constant support I would have been hard- pressed to endure. DYKES 1977: St. Clair " Danny " Street, III 1983: Michael C.Hamlin First Class 121 William Wallace " AWOL " Bridgeport, Connecticut Biology — Engineering Corps of Army Cross Country 2, 1 ; Track 2, 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 . What is life to a man who cannot see? Life to him is hearing, touching, and smelling better than any sighted man. What is life to a man who cannot hear? Life to him is seeing, touching, and smelling better than any man of normal hearing. What is life to a man who cannot see or hear? Life to this man is a strong belief in others, an unconquerable faith in God, and a privileged imagination. Should not every man desire to lose his sight and hearing? By William Wallace May VMI last forever. DYKES 1977: Steve Stout 1983: Steve Dombroski Leslie Bradford Walsh " Les " West Hartford, Connecticut Economics — Armor Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Investments Club 1 ; Society of Young Economists 1; Circle K 1; Firefighters 2, 1; Ringfig- ure Mixer Committee; No. 1 Club 3, 1 ; Mary Baldwin Raid 3; Daytona 2, 1 ; Devo 1 ; Yazoo City. There are so many things that can be said about VMI. I only want to say that I am grateful to all my friends for those many adventures we have shared. It was never hard to determine if we were in bar- racks, for if the " stick and checks " had gone then so had we. Certain road trips will always stand out in my mind — Daytona Beach and YAZOO City. Time will never fade the memories of my experiences here for I will cherish them forever. Mom and Dad thanks for everything. THANK GOD IT ' S OVER. DYKES 1977: Norman S.Stevens 1983: Hagen Fischlschweiger (Fish) - . S to Jeffrey Keith Washington " Juice, Juicer, Juicee, Wash, L-Jay, J-W, J-K, Slam, 48 " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Special Football 4, 3,2,1; Track 4, 3, 2; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 ; Promaji Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Young Democrats 2, 1 . My first and my most special thanks go to my par- ents, who have been an absolute dream come true, for me. Further thanks to Jan and her family and those who believed in me even more than I did myself. This place was exactly what I wanted weekly, parties and a lot of special attention. With- out Ken, Ed and Deryl . . . who knows? After fighting for a room to hold Jack, Paul, Gene, Joe Rob and I. Eight months later we were fighting to get rid of each other. Then came the " EXPERIENCE OF 242 " with Weave, Joe Rob, MeDogg, Jabo and myself in a year of unlimited " First Class " privileges. Including dykes Floyd, Tro, Harry, Cameo and Al of " 82. " Now the only thing left to do is GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. However, I won ' t be able to fully enjoy my diploma until Joe Rob gets his. DYKES 1977: Eric " Crease " Radford 1983: John " Bang-Bang " Bangley Aaron " Sunshine " Weeks 122 First Class Dennis Marquez Watts " Slick " Hampton, Virginia Economics — Air Force Monogram Club; Track 4, 3, 2, 1; All Southern Con- ference 3,2,1; All State 3, 2, 1 ; First Team All East- ern Regional Indoor 78-79; Number One Club 3; Society of Young Economists; Promaji. VMI . . . ahh, I ' m not gonna go to a place like that. But here I am, and there are no women here either. But my weekend visits took care of that. With all the fellas, their influence made some of the times here worthwhile, but not too many. VMI Southern Confer- ence and State Indoor and Outdoor track champi- ons 78-79 was one of the biggest thrills. Qualifying for Nationals and setting state, conference and VMI records made some of the pain bearable, but it was not easy. All those hills and missing GP must have paid off somehow. Some BIG events were: the mile relay, Florida Relays, everybody remembers Madi- son, Carolina Relays, and Colonial Relays, were only a few of the highlights. Thanks to people like Munsey, Wooz, Dre, Chief, Juice, Rock and my Par- ents who made VMI worth it. Still all in all, hurry up May 1 7th. To accomplish great things. We must not only act but also dream, Not only plan but also believe. DYKES 1977: Jeff Munsey 1983: Tom Spartz Jody Harold Weatherwax " Wax- Hartford, Connecticut History — Armor Cross Country 4, 3, 2, 1; Indoor and Outdoor Track 4, 3, 2, 1; Capt. Cross Country 1; Tri-Capt. Indoor and Outdoor 1 ; Monogram Club 4, 3,2,1. The time spent here at VMI has proved to be a great experience for which I will be forever indeb- ted. Over the past four years many lessons have been learned both in and out of the classroom. There have been both great times and not so great times. Many friends have been made whom I shall never forget. It would have been much harder to achieve my goals had it not been for the constant love, understanding, and support offered to me by all of these people and by my family. Ned and Steve were two of these people that made life inside the " I " bearable over the four years that we have roomed together. For all of this I am very grateful. Thank you. Good luck Graham. DYKES 1977: Alan Robinson 1983: Graham Nuttycombe Armistead Landen Wellford, IV " Bubba, Smyth, Peter, Don Quixote, Welldone, Lanford, Land-on " Raleigh, North Carolina Biology — Infantry Rat 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Pvt. 1 ; BSU 1 , 2, 3, 4; Rat Train- ing 4, 2, 1; Class Treasurer 4, 3, 2; TCFC of 1980 Chairman; Premed Society 3, 2, 1 ; Road Trip Comm. 1; Chairman of UNC of Alumni Assoc; Beans Bot- tom Club 2, 1, Sweet Briar Fan Club 2; DMS-DMG; Deans List; S-5 Tours 1 . If VMI ever produced a man who thrived on responsibility, he ' s Landon Wellford. As a member of the Corps, in Academics, in friendships, Landon was always willing to let the weight fall on his shoul- ders. Even if a situation didn ' t warrant attention, Landon could somehow draw it. As Rat Training X 0. he was the most excited and motivated man out. Maybe the rats should be the most motivated, but his example will be a good one for anyone who wants to be a leader. It was important to Landon when he wasn ' t made a ranker his first class year. Thank the Lord that he uses such things to teach us! " The Kid " learned that he didn ' t need stripes to be Landon A man is a man when he is humbled, ret- races his steps, and chooses a new direction, head up and confident God Go With You Brother — WAB. DYKES 1977: Will Bynum 1983: Tod Fredericksen David Digiorgio First Class 1 23 David Edwin Wheeler Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force Private 4; Corporal 3; Private 2, 1 ; ASCE 3,2,1; Con- crete Canoe Team 1; 4 Club; R.F.Y.L; Weight Training. Dave came to VMI from Richmond for a special reason; to be a Civil Engineer and hopefully obtain a pilot slot in the Air Force. His academic road has been rough; yet, he never gives up, knowing what that final graduation day will mean to him and his parents. He possesses a unique personality and a big heart which allows him to never say die, even under trying times. He has made many close friends here at VMI, and even though he won ' t be graduat- ing with us, he will always be a brother rat of the Class of 1980. Best of luck from Room 150. Remem- ber the song " Lady " from SleeperCatcher by the Little River Band. DYKES 1977: Billy Hupp 1983: Sompodh Sripoom Robert Francis Wheeler " Doc, Wheels, Dr. Bob, Peasant, Supreme Fuehrer " Alexandria, Virginia Civil Engineering — U.S.M.C. Rat Typist, ' 77 BOMB; T.C.F.C. ' 80 Co-Chairman 3, 2; Douglas Carter France III Award 2; Cross Country Team 3; Assistant Copy Editor, ' 78 BOMB 3; 1980 Ring Figure Magazine Layout Editor 2; Managing Editor ' 79 BOMB 2; Posit Committee 2; Publications Board Chairman 1; Dean ' s List 4, 3; Lejeune Hall Staff 2, 1 ; ' 54 Club 4, 2, 1 ; 400 Dem. Club; Editor-in- Chief, 1980 BOMS ' !. " Bacon and Eggs " Intramural Football Team — Intramural Football Champs 1 . When Bob came to the 8th natural wonder of the world four years ago, he met up with nothing but conflict. He made the rounds at every staff table imaginable and had regular meetings with " Mad- Dog " at RQ. I don ' t think the " I " can take credit for molding this man — Bob did that himself. From the word go, Bob has been the definition of the words Brother Rat. I guess the fact that he was elected by the class to receive the Douglas Carter France III Award speaks for itself. He ' s done so much for this place and everyone here, we could never begin to repay him. " Dean ' s List 4, 3 " — where did 2, 1 go? I ' ll tell you where. To us! Bob, I will always consider it an honor to call you my friend. BCO, ' 80 I would just like to thank all those people who helped me make it through four years of some of the best (as well as worst) times in my life: particularly Brian " O, " Charlie, Floatin ' Loten, Kirk, Grub ' , Fred and John C. Last (and most important of all) I want to thank my family for supporting me in what I have done and accomplished here at the Big " I. " DYKES 1977: Dale Bryson 1 983: Karl Protil, John Wernert Charles S. White " Chuck, Stansbury " Miami, Florida English — SS T.C.F.C. ' 80; Rock ' n ' Roll Star 2, 1; Flannagan ' s Dam Band 2, 1 ; Grub Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Infatuated 3, 2; Block Runner 2; Fickle 3, 2; B.S. Club 4, 3, 2, 1 . From the land of the Sunkist Orange, Chuck was cast into the " I " by his coercing and conniving father. Subsequently, as a RAT, Chuck came across as wondering What the Hell am I doing here? ' But true to his character, Chuck became the only RAT to earn his ' 77 dyke ' s first class pvt. belt, and vowed to wear it proudly. Then he made rank and almost lost it. However, Chuck kept busy by trying to become the rankest Corporal in Barracks and by falling in love with one of Paul Louis ' secretaries back in Miami. Second Class year was a turning point for Chuck. This year he thought he ' d won the love of a fair, sweet maiden, only to find that she was just another gem from Sem ' . Rejected and depressed, Chuck turned his attention to " Rock ' n ' Roll. " " The Average Chuck White Band " hit the road and stardom was his. Then Chuck finished the year the same way he ' d begun with: a bang! Only this time it was with MBC instead of Sem ' . All in all, Chuck is a complex, (mixed up), interesting, lovable guy. Chuck, we made it together in spite of our- selves and I ' m glad I ' m able to call you both a Brother Rat and my " bestest " friend. RAL ' 80 DYKES 1977: Dave Skeen 1983: Mark Roltsch 1 24 First Class Robert Lester White " Bob, Quail, Bung " Virginia Beach, Virginia Economics — Air Force Number One Club 1 ; Private 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Waiters 3, 2, 1; Head Waiter 1; Firefighters 1; Ring Figure Mixer Committee 2; Ski Club 1 ; Dean ' s List 3 What can I say about my closest friend at VMI. Having known and worked with Bob for the past 3 years, I have realized what makes him so popular. He is personal, loyal and easy to get along with. He always has something good to say about someone or something bad to say, whichever sounds best. With a smile on his face and a 6-pack under each arm Bob will always be ready to take on even the toughest obstacles. Over the past 4 years Bob has gone from the ratline to conduct probation to Head Cadet Waiter and even to the Dean ' s List (once). Having developed close friendships and a stallion- ship that originated in New Orleans, Bob can always count on the friends that he has made here. It is this friendship and a sound personality that Bob will always be noted for, all the way up the ladder to suc- cess. A.E.W. Thanks Mom, Dad, and family for helping me get through these four years. DYKES 1977: Randy Hartley 1983:KonYi Thomas F. Wilson " Dew-Dew, Wil, Yo, Tom " Norfolk, Virginia Civil Engineer — Army Corps of Engineers Cross Country 4, 3; Track 4, 3; ASCE 3, 2, 1; Cape Hatteras Club 2, 1 ; Corporal 3; Pvt. 2, 1 ; Getto 3, 2, 1 ; Capt. Hall Fan Club 1 ; Moe 1 . I came to this Rehabilitation Institute in order to find myself. When I found myself, I realized I was in the wrong place to be finding myself. Then I was lost again, on confinement, with a USMC haircut. I ' ll never be able to forget my experience here, no mat- ter how hard I try. I ' d like to thank my roommates (Toe, Tom, Budskie), the guys from 30, and Josh- Head for a non-replaceable friendship. You guys made VMI much more bearable and militarily entis- ing. The road trips were remarkable: Hatteras, Aza- lea Festival, Richmond, 85th, and a long one to Nor- folk with Zirk. Someday we will tear down Moody Hall, but now we must concentrate on barracks Thank you Hugie and the Bears for desposing all our beer cans, and to Capt. Sours for missing our 2 KEG PARTY on the third stoop. Last and certainly not least, I thank my parents and family for their enthusiasm, love, and understanding. I love you Mom. DYKES 1977: Rapid Ralph George 1983: Fred " Barney " Johnston Tracy Dean Wilson " Bag, Wizard, Ahab, Touchdown, Wilson-bo " Greensboro, N.C., etc. Chemistry — Air Force Rat 4; Cadet 2, 3; Human Being 1 ; SRC Rack Club 1 ; RDC " Nuke ' em " Club, Table Eight, Marathon Mad- ness 2, 1; Operation " Pup-Snatch " — (support), Who ' s Who in American Chemistry Labs, Phi Kappa Phi, House Mountain Cadre 1; Penthouse Suite 231 1. Bag arrived in the summer of ' 76, carrying gym bag, adidas warm-up jacket, and a unique sense of humor. He quickly shed his locks and joined the Rat Class. " The Wizard " was destined to life in a histor- ical landmark and to optimize the " VMI Man, " While the rest of us were struggling with academics, Bag was combining Zepplin and Quantum Mechanics. The growth of our record collection was propor- tional to Tracy ' s rising GPA. Whether listening to Rush or flying through the " chute, " he was always on top of life Acquiring a taste for Lowenbrau, long runs, and lovely ladies, he soon found himself resid- ing in the Penthouse Suite. High above the first stoop, he gazed out at a distant mountain It ' s chal- lenge had been met, so had those of the Institute — it was a time for Bag to move on in search of higher peaks. JTS DYKES 1977: Joe Brown 1983: Ben Roberson Hugh Daughtry First Class 1 25 Fred David Winkler " Henry, Freddy, Wink " Philadelphia, Pennsylvania History — Infantry Private 4, 2, 1 ; Corporal 3; VMI Sport Parachute Club 3, 2, 1 and President 2, 1; Lacrosse Team 4, 3, 2, 1; TCFC; 1980 Ring Figure Magazine; Marine Detach- ment 3, 2; Scuba Club 1. We lived as one, crowded and yet alone under the indifferent skies. Our rewards and our pleasures were as sudden and as sweeping as our troubles. We did what we set out to do, and have the satis- faction of that. Now we ' ll taste the wide sweep of the wind and the narrowness of the defile. The worm no longer seems worth treading on, None but the eagle now summons you . . . DYKES 1977: Steve Woodis 1983: Howdy Doody (Tim) Carl Edward Wittig " Hunk, Hulk " Wilmington, Deleware Economics — Armor Football 1; Track 3, 2; Wrestling 2; RDC Vice-Presi- dent, Dean ' s List; Academically Distinguished; Mon- ogram Club; Society of Young Economists; Weight Training Club. My stay at VMI has been one of many triumphs and defeats. I came to VMI not knowing what to expect and contrary to my expectations soon learned to both enjoy and hate this place. The friends that I have made and the things I have done will always be special memories to me. These four years have been a great test to me and I am of the opinion that if someone asked me to do it all again, I would tell them they ' re crazy. God bless my Mom, Dad, and all my brothers and friends. DYKES 1977: Buddy LeMaster 1983: Billy Akers Alexander Elliott Woelper " White Socks Woelper, Woelpazadi, Woelp, Alex " El Paso, Texas (Juarez) Civil Engineer — Corps of Engineers Stallion, Pvt, 4, 3, 2, 1; " 400 Demerit Club; " Cadet Newspaper 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Commander of The Love Boat! SAME ASCE; Assistant Head Cadet Waiter, DEVO 1 ; Dean ' List 4, 3, 2, 1; Mess Hall Committee; CIC Handball Intramurals, Bomb Staff 1; Co-Captain Concrete Canoe Team; President of Texas Club; Activities Editor, 1980 Bomb. What can I say about a guy who made VMI beara- ble these last four years. Alex came here against his will but he made the most of it and he made it better for a lot of his friends. I couldn ' t count the times he thought about leaving or almost had to leave, but I think he ' s glad he stayed and so are we. An honor student who rose to the rank of assistant head cadet waiter he accomplished quite a bit socially but very little militarily. Who could forget all the a rguments, the room parties, trips to Daytona Beach, or the raids on various girl colleges in full DEVO gear. Alex is a stallion in the true sense of the word and even more a good friend. Good luck in the future and be cool. To my friends — thanks for the memories. To my parents — Thanks for the opportunity to share these memories. DYKES 1 977: Steve Calihan, Will Adams 1983: Glen Mays s Hr Elliot Weed Wolfe " Big E, Easy " Short Hills, New Jersey History — Field Artillery Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Glee Club 4, 3; Pep Band 4, 3, 2; B.S.U. 4; Cadet Sportswriter 2; Rat 4; Prep 3; Head 2; Devo 1 . I ' d like to thank the most important person in my life, my DAD, whose guidance helped me get through the past four years of this place. Also my family and roommates Cowboy, Kent, Eli, and of course Tom who was with me from the start. Y ' all have been an asset to my life. I ' d like to close with these few words; " Here ' s to the China man wise and old Here ' s to the Eskimo brave and cold Here ' s to the Jew in the holyland Here ' s to the Arab in his caravan Here ' s to the African strong and proud Here ' s to the Redneck good and loud Here ' s one to you and there ' s one more thing A bell in your head will ring. " Todd Rundgren DYKES 1 977: Bimbo, Rick Wolffe 78 1983: John Chittum Walter B. Wood II " Walt, Wawa, Nuke ' em " Manassas, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers Pres. Class 1980; Pvt. 4, 2, 1; Cpl. 3; Hop and Floor 3,2,1; Ghetto 4; Gold Coast 3, 2, 1 ; I wanna go back to Alaska Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Unauthorized Motocycle Club 4, 3, 2; Summer School Gang (3 summers). Is it time to write these things already? It seems like just the other day . . What can one say about his time spent here? It has been four years of living in the most complex system I could ever want to imagine. It doesn ' t seem like so long ago that I said " I ' d never go to college, " those wild and wooly days they were great! It was after a four year vacation from high school that I was rudely awakened one morning in Rm. 442. To my roommates then and my roommates now to the class of 1980 and to VMI, it was a hard four years to say the least but, it was worth it, I have no doubts. In the time spent here I ' ve grown to appreciate what this place is all ab out. Sure the faults are plenty but, the good to be found (if you look for it) is unequaled anywhere else. I ' ve learned to walk a tight rope and I ' ve learned to " Never say die, " I ' ve also joined a great family Dearest Mother thanks for all the support I could have ever asked for, the diploma I ' ll soon receive is a tribute to you and to my father. DYKES 1977 John M. Vizzi 1983 John D. Dodge II H.Matthew Wright, III " Matt, Herm, Quasar " Smith Mountain Lake, Franklin Co., Virginia Economics — Artillery Society of Young Economists; Pioneer Investment Fund — Secretary; Little John II Cannon Commit- tee; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; S.S. 3, 2. Coming to VMI, so long ago, offered me a fantas- tic experience and many opportunities. I couldn ' t have made it without Bob ' s help. I felt lonely at times, scared other times, but I always wanted to enjoy it. After four years here, I have new directions. I want to travel as far as I can go; I want to reach the joy that ' s in my soul. And change the limitations that I know, And feel my mind and spirit grow, I want to live, exist, " to be, " And hear the truths inside of me. Many thanks to my Grandmother, and Kathleen and Leon, for their love, and their inner strength that they gave me. DYKES 1977: Robert K Atkinson 1983: Daniel L. Martin First Class 1 27 Walter M. Zirkle " Budskie, Buzzy, Bud, Zirk, B.U. ZIRK " Harrisonburg, Virginia Electrical Engineer — Army Corps of Engineers Football 4; Track 3; IEEE SEC, TREAS. 2, 1 ; Mary Lane 4; W.A.D.Y. 2, 1; A.O.T.M. 1; Cape Hatteras Club 2, 1 ; The Great Mary Baldwin Raid I can honestly say that I have been through more in the past four years than in the previous eighteen: Late nights with the best of friends in 250 and 261 ; On the beach at 85th; The Azalea Festival; Capt. Smitty strikes again; The Summer of 78 and Spring of 79; Killington at Christmas and barbeques in Blacksburg; Mork and Mindy and the Family Fish House; Downstairs on Friday afternoon; Raw oys- ters and Hatteras in the rain; 4400 Club and the 1 28- 130 Trapeze Act. All of the best and all of the worst. You learn from experience . . . Thanks VMI and thanks especially Mom and Dad. DYKES 1977: Chip Davis 1983: MarkCoan Anthony T. Zoetis " Z.Z., Doctor Z.Greek " Arlington, Virginia Economics — Armor Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Ski Club 1; North Canadian Border Patrol; Ille- gal Auto Club 4, 3, 2; Red " X " Club 2, 1 . I ' m not much for writing, but I ' m glad my parents were able to put up with me over the last four years. I just want to thank them for their time and patience. As for Tracy, your imperturbability with my third class year is what helped me get through. Pal, with you and the help of the Lord, I think I ' m traveling in the right direction. To Mom, Dad, and Sis a special thank you. To Jay, Eric, Hoogie, Phil, Dave, Mickey, Mike and Sep., you guys were great to put up with me. To all my friends and the Class of 1 980 — Good Luck in the future. DYKES 1977: George Kalaris 1983: Jim Rice Richard Zott " Zott, Karate Zotty " New Jersey Modern Languages — Air Force Karate Instructor; Band 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pep Band; 78 New Market March Leader; Hand to Hand Combat. VMI — many times you have put it to me but I have learned a lot. Although I hate you sometimes, you still are in my heart. I wish to thank my parents and family for all of their support as well as my BR ' s. I even wish to thank some of the TAC officers (believe it or not). But my special thanks goes to John — and I know that he knows why. Finally, I want to thank the many girls who I have come to know for all your encouragement. And Scott, Bert, Dave, Tom, Best of Luck. DYKES 1977: John Moore DYKES 1980: Tom Winkler 128 First Class Karl Stephen Klinar " Jogger, Disease, Syndrome " Columbia, South Carolina Biology — Artillery Football 4; Bomb Staff 4, 3; Subculture 3, 2; Dean ' s List 4,3,2,1?; Rugby Team 3,2,1; President 1 . We called Steve " The Disease " because who else would lose his ring less than 24 hours after he got it. Steve was also famous for various other stunts, but most noticeable was his wierd conduct in the lab. I would like to add another nick-name to those three crazy ones above (two of which I gave you); that is friend. I didn ' t get to know Steve until my third class year and I ' m sorry I waited that long. I have valued his friendship the past three years. And it was always interesting to see what Steve was on con- finement for. Especially our second class year when I thought he was going to bite the dust. But with a little fluid and some luck he managed to come back and haunt me this year again. Best of luck to you Karl Stephen Klinar in whatever you do. I ' m going to miss you. Your Friend, Frank DYKES 1977 Mick Lafferty Dennis Vincent Maguire " Cabbage, Cowboy " Newton, Massachusetts History — Air Force At the end of Rat year, Dennis left for Summer Furlough and headed for Cape Cod (as per usual). He became lost and confused (but well at home) in a world of sun, fun, women and beer. Dennis returned to us 2 ' 2 years and some 5000 Millers later. He decided to mend his wayward life and with the smell of morning coffee from the PX to guide him, Dennis found his way back to VMI and his beloved " X. " Delighted to have him back, I have found in Dennis a young, vibrant " Brother Rat Spirit " that many of us have let become worn down and ragged with age He still has the uncanny ability to make his friends laugh even in depressing or distressing situations. As always, he still makes time for an " X " check With a cup of coffee Dennis can solve the problems of the world; well almost! I ' m confident Dennis will succeed in life. We all wish you luck B.R. M.Q.H. To my B.R. ' s, especially Monkey, Quille, Doug and Jay I ' ll miss you all. To my family, thank you for the opportunity and love you have given me. Finally, I dedicate my cadetship to my grandfather. DYKES 1977; Joseph White 1983: Todd Miles y i Eric William Pfefferkorn " Erikadee, Ace, Animal, Dr. D " Tampa, Florida Economics — Air Force Ski Club 4, 3; Wrestling 4, 3, 1; Pa. State Soccer 2; Pa. State Cross Country 2; NEB Survivor, Returning toVMI;Figa. Eric and I knew each other our Rat year because we were on the Wrestling team together. We roomed together our Third Class year in 390, the room with the trap door, and spent many weekends doing alcohol. Eric left in his Third Class year to do some time at the State University of New York and Penn State, but decided, with a lot of convincing, to return and finish up here where he left off (that ' ll be the day!) Eric, Ali Mahan and I, Jerry Koehler, are again back together again, along with Farhad Big- deli, in room 196 for our last semester. Most people learn from their mistakes so they don ' t repeat them. Not Eric: he made the decision to come back here twice Eric and I messed around a lot as Rats and as upper classmen. We have a friendship that won ' t end upon graduation. We plan on going into busi- ness together someday. Have fun, study, graduate, and get your future going. A true BR. GJK DYKES 1977: Max Floyd, Jim (Mad Dog) Bently, Ralph George, Mark Thomas 1983: Chris Hair First Class 1 29 ■ Wymer Wyche Manning, III " Butch, W, Booga " Staunton, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army (Armor) ASCE 3, 2, 1; Ski Club 1; VP SDA 4, 3, 2, 1; MBC Raider 2, 1 ; Trudy Martin Fan Club 2, 1 ; CMA 4,3,2, 1;Pnt.4, 2, 1;Cpl.3. Where do you start when you talk about a special friend. Butch rolled into VMI in August of 1975 from Va. Beach, with a tan and a surfboard. Rooming together during the Summer of 79 and senior year was quite an experience, with W L frat parties, Cockpit, MBC, Cap-city field trips and great UVa games. Remember who won? How did we get this far? Recall the 7 am morning visits, MBC raid and Sunday parties. Remember one Sunday we went to put down a rebellion at Baldweenie. Well the Key- dets lost a man that day, to a Southern Belle. Trudy slayed you. It was painless, thank goodness. You gained a fiance, and I got a great friend. I thank you both for that and wish you all the best. A special thanks goes to my family. I couldn ' t have done it without you. I love you all. 1-4-3TM DYKES 1976: Lee Bradshaw 1983: Edward Smith Stephen McKenna " S. " P-Man, Hotman McKool, Gumby, Surf, Buck " Atlanta, Georgia Economics — Special Student Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Track 4, 3, 2; Young Economists 3, 2; 235 Live; 233 RHEP. 1st Round: Unknowing, unaware, faced with reality or is it? Begin the struggle, survival, weight of academics, learning the ropes trying my patience, semi-success. 2nd Round: Trouble from the jump, partners in crime, the last night, is it supt. yet?, night moves, the wrong way, the wrong crowd, stress, failures, frustrations, gumby legs, 235 live, played it wrong. 3rd Round: Hurt me bad, get a grip, taking another academic hit, riding the storm out, another try with that girl, too many trips, All a part of the learning experience, depressions, no way out, needing the strength, Gene ' s spark, wrenching of the stomach, making it hard on myself. 4th Round: Getting there hopefully, U.F., Macker, Beav, Mae it was the experience, 233 RHEP, many thanks to Rick, Chal, Mark and Doug for the new outlook and help The sun will shine tomorrow. If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours. DYKES 1976 Doug Hines, Ray Brooks, Bill Favier 1983 Happy Pappas, Smiley Pruden Marcus Bruce Paine " Marc " Anchorage, Alaska History — Infantry Distinguished 4, 3; Rifle Team 4; Volleyball 3; AUSA 4, 3, 2; Secretary 3; Glee Club 4; Ranger PLT. 3; I Miss Alaska Club 4, 3, 2; Advisor to the Tac Staff 4, 3, 2; Military Honors and Awards 4, 3; Airborne DMS; Pvt.4,Cpl.3, Lt. 1. Hailing Directly from DCs political circle Marc stumbled upon VMI on one hot sultry day in August, dressed appropriately in a three-piece wool suit, only as a consequence of the failure of the Congres- sional " MB. P. Bill. " USMA . . . Why. Unique — yes; dedicated — extremely; strange — maybe! Never- theless " little Buck " set out to accomplish in three years what takes most cadets four years and some even five, and accomplish he did! With academic perserverance and devout dedication he obtained Ac-Stars, and the admiration of all — well, most of us. Transition? From being the only Rat who really enjoyed straining to the point that it broke his heart when Breakout was over, to becoming admirably skilled at running " stuff " — Thanks to the combined efforts of Rm. 115 and 257. What else can you say about a third with a BMW? Future? A Major " Pain, " General " Pain? " In short, success without a doubt. We wish you the best, our token Russky! — RMN, ELO.WBW DYKES 1978 Mark Engle 1983 RM. 115 «T . M Richard Ramos Fayetteville, North Carolina History — Army Pvt. 4, Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2; Swim Team 4; Little John II 4, 3, 2; Water Polo 2. " O that this too too sallied flesh would melt Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew! Or that the Everlasting had not fix ' d His cannon gainst (self-) slaughter! God, God, How (weary), stale, flat, and unprofitable Seem to me all the uses of this world! Fie on ' t, ah fie! ' tis an unweeded garden That grows to seed, things rank and gross in nature Possess it merely . . . " Quote from Shakespeare ' s Hamlet To Aunt Betty and Uncle Charles: Thank you for your moral support To Mom and Dad: Please understand that I appreciate what you ' ve done, but in this place I feel unfulfilled. I love you both and want you to know that my gift to you is my gradua- tion. I hope that in some way I ' ve made you both proud of me. DYKES 1978: Michael T. McCarthy DYKES 1981: Mark G. Barthello, William G. Lettwich, andC. P. Davis Ajaykumar Nagindas Shah " AJ, The Shah " Baroda, India Electrical Engineering — Air Force Pvt. 4, 1 ; IEEE; RFYL; 1 st Class Bomb Photographer The Shah An excitable first class pvt., with only one class stripe, he beat his brother rats to graduation by two years. The tacs were astounded to find a First Class- man on the third stoop (. . . on the third stoop?!) but not as astounded as we, his roommates, by his sud- den bursts of super human speed and incoherent outbursts of speech at each and every ten minute call. We tried to break him of his heavy accent, but to no avail, as we soon picked it up ourselves. Through the year, he was a constant inspiration to us all in his struggle with a 20 credit hour load. MLF, JAM, RM Good luck wherever you go, Citizen Shah. Aug 23 78 Feb 21 79 Thanks Mom and Dad May 1 7 ' 80 for all your support. DYKES 1979:GDAIipanah William Hedley Smithson " Smitty, Smoots, Big " C, " Hooter Head " Richmond, Virginia Graduation — Civilian President SDA Fraternity 4, 3, 2, 1; Rush Chairman 4, 3, 2, 1; Rugby 4, 3; 2nd Team All-State Party Squad, Baldwin Recondo ' s, CMA 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3, 1;Sgt. 2 Smitty came from the " Cap City " and the party life to VMI with the vision of graduation in 4 years. Determined not to let academics get in the way of his education he switched to a 5 year program. He also did undergraduate work at MBC, Hollins, etc. If there ever was a ladies man, " Big C " was it. But as a friend he was the best, always quick with a smile or joke he made life a lot easier. With graduation com- ing up it ' s hard to believe we could have made it. Remember the MBC raids, summer school 1979 Sunday partys. and Ring Figure 79. If it was not for Miller beer we might not have made it. Good luck your best friend always " W. " Thanks to my Mom and Dad for not giving up on me, I love y ' all. " W, " JG, BJ, TM, JT, thanks again Roomies. DYKES 1976: Sam LaPrade 1983: Crocodile Caudill, Nephew Dykes: Marty Cline, Spike Smith. First Class 131 Donald Webster Starbuck Jr. " Starwars, Spacebuck, Buck, Roger " Virginia Beach, Virginia History — Navy Pvt. 4, 3,2,1; Wrestling 4, 3, 2; Monogram Club 2, 1 ; TCFC ' 79; Tidewater Bus 4, 3, 2 President 2; CADET Staff 3, 2, 1; Ski Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Civilian College 1 Dean ' s other List 4, 3, 2; " I Came Back " Club 1 Summer School 4, 3, 2, 1 (?); Mary Baldwin Raid ' 77 Madison Weekends 1 ; Illegal Car 4, 3, 2. I wish to thank everyone who has given me their much needed support in this, my long hapless jour- ney through education. Mom and Dad — thanks for not lowering the boom, you sometimes had more faith in me than myself. John Vizzi — you today made all this possible by helping me through sum- mer school my rat year and my third class year, Dan Colden — I don ' t know if I can forgive you for talking me into this place but at least I will win our bet because I ' m leaving this place with a diploma. Johanna, I only wish I had met you sooner and yes you can come to graduation. For the class of ' 79, B.R. ' s thanks for the good times and yes we will always be Number one in my heart! To the corps; hopefully some day you will all see how lucky each and every one of you are because V.M.I, is worth all the bull and petty things we are forced to put up with. As I end my cadetship, I do so with a quote: " Reality, What a Concept! " Robin Williams Dykes: 1976: Rich Wrenn 1977: John Vizzi 1983: HansCopeland f -;t i» « r» First Class 1 33 " Revolutionaries " Fighting For Their Freedom . . . Marty " Psycho " Fedenko Matt " Grassbone " GriHin Visiting the Lodge while on confine- Visiting Fratty Lodge while on confine- ment, ment. Ww -- W m .M % N " " s No. 008580 M 1 m Walter " Wah-Wah " Kreitler Phil " The Thrill " Altizer Introduction and Consumption of Fine Alcoholic beverages in barracks. Scotch. VI ; No. 369920 Allen " Remo " Ramer Rick " Bean " Gilbert Steve " Jogger " Klinar Joseph Paustenbaugh Introduction of Alcohol to " derelict " Interstate operation of illegal vehicle. Introduction of alcoholic beverages Female in bed in barracks durinc Rats. into barracks OCMNI. . . . The Number One Club. Les " Waste " Walsh Introduction of alcohol into barracks 1st time; and running from OD after taps in civies 2nd time. Mohammad Ardaki Two Number Ones for possession and operation of an illegal vehicle. " Toto " Nolley First time: Female in barracks. Second time: Booze in barracks. 1 ° B J No. 225806 BI U Michael Liming Budweiser in Band Room. Cliff " Great Scout " Munns Booze in barracks. Tom " Slipjack " Slipek Booze in barracks. Dave " Mouse " Hagemann Possession of illegal vehicle and lend- ing it to a third. Elliott Weed Wolffe Uptown on confinement during OCMNI. Gregory " Hap " Kwiatkowski Consumption of booze in barracks " oven " . Jed " Boonie " TenHoeve Visiting Fratty Lodge during OCMNI. Brendan Miney Strohs in barracks. Hi — 1 J No. 295900j| Bob White Running from OD after taps in civies. Boyd Gaines Visiting outside Lexington while on confinement. Glenn McCabe Circumstantial evidence pointing to the use of the evil weed in barracks, i.e. leaving smoke filled room. ATOUCH OP CLACQ... SECONDS r- k Hi ' .V • . ■P " 5 (- " " ST jdf T k l MS ill Terry Murphy, Historian; Grover Outland, Vice-Pres. Bob Morris, Pres. The sacrifices, trials and sometime disillusionments of our first two years seemed but hazy memories as we anxiously entered our second class year. Almost painfully, we counted the days till Ring Figure and finally with both somberness and elation, we accepted our rings, the tangible evidence of our coming of age as a class. Yet, with this symbol of VMI came the charge to live by its high standards. For, soon we will be the First Class and ours will be the challenge of leadership and the formidable task of molding an amorphous mass of sundry individuals into VMI men of respectability and honor. Now, this year of rich experience has ended and with it all its hopes and dreams and dis- appointments. It has been a year of maturity and fulfillment but also a year of tragedy and loss. We were saddened by the passing of a Brother Rat, but also deeply strengthened by his example. Our class became yet smaller but at the same time stronger in spirit. We cannot predict what next year will bring, but whatever obstacles we must face or hills we must climb, we can conquer them all, if only we remain together. TMM JEFFREYS ADLER Reston, Virginia LYNEB AIGNERJR. Richmond, Virginia THOMAS G.ALBRO Catharpin, Virginia GLENN C. ALEXANDER Goshen, Virginia DUANEC ANDREWS Morristown, Tennessee PAULM. ANDRUS Lynchburg, Virginia WILLIAM P. ARGIRIOU Huntington, New York ARTHUR J ARMSTEAD, II Hampton, Virginia SCOTT E ARMSTRONG Troy, New York CARTER D AUGUSTINE Richmond, Virginia JOHN J AULBACH, II Chambersburg, Pennsylvania MANUEL J, AVANCENA Bridgewater, Virginia BERNARD M.BANAS.JR Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania KEITH R BARON Dillwyn, Virginia MARCG.BARTHELLO Fort Walton Beach, Florida RICHARD D BARTHOLOMEW Horn Lake, Mississippi DEAN E BEARD Richmond, Virginia WINFIELDL BECKNER Richmond, Virginia EUGENE L. BIGELOW Victoria, Texas JOHNF BIGGER West Milford, New Jersey WILLIAM H BIRD Roanoke, Virginia DOUGLAS C. BLOWE Statesville, North Carolina ROBERT LBOBBITT Tequesta, Florida ADRIAN T.BOGART Lattingtown, New York PAULB BOULDEN Virginia Beach, Virginia GARY M BOWMAN Roanoke. Virginia EDWARD J BOYLAN Lynchburg, Virginia PAUL W BRIER Alexandria, Virginia STEVEN M. BROUSE Downingtown, Pennsylvania EDWARD L BROWN Norfolk, Virginia JAMES W BROWN Williamsport, Maryland MARK F BRUMENSCHENKEL Mansfield, Ohio JOHNH.BUDDE Cincinnati, Ohio ELMER C. BURGESS Newport News, Virginia LARRY J. BUTLER Suffolk, Virginia JAMES A. BYRON Newcumberling, Pennsylvania KIRKS. CAMPBELL Athens, Greece JAMES K.CANFIELD Richmond, Virginia JEFFREY E. CARTER Stafford, Virginia JOHNR.CAWTHORNE Colonial Heights, Virginia RANDALL B. CHEEK Capitol Heights, Maryland CHARLES L CHIPLEY Frederick, Maryland GEORGE T.CHUNG Alexandria, Virginia DEAN P. CLARKE Westerly, Rhode Island ROBERT F. CLIFF McLean, Virginia ROBERT M.CODY Shelton, Connecticut MICHAEL J. COLGAN Bowie, Maryland GARRETT G.COLLINS Stafford, Virginia RICHARD J. COMMERFORD Germantown, Tennessee JOSEPH H.CONDUFF Floyd, Virginia JOHANN F COOPER West Hartford, Connecticut WILLIAM R COSTELLO. JR. Virginia Beach. Virginia MARTIN N. CRISTO Warren, Ohio LOUIS R GARDEN Richmond, Virginia MARK A, DAVID Salem, Virginia KEVIN P. DAVIDSON Baton Rouge, Louisiana WALTER J. DAVIES Suffolk, Virginia CHARLES P. DAVIS Vinton, Virginia MICHAEL C. DENTON Theodore, Alabama GEORGE A F DEPAOLI, JR, Vienna, Virginia ROBERT M DIGBY Mountainside, New Jersey FREDERICK D DILLARD, III Virginia Beach, Virginia JOHNT. DITILLO Manasquan, New Jersey JOHN H. DIXON Newport News, Virginia DANIEL B DORSEY Winchester, Virginia GREGORY B DOYLE Lexington, Kentucky JOHNM DRISCOLL Norfolk, Virginia MICHAEL E.DUVAL Dallas, Texas ROBERT F. EAKLE, JR. Fairfax, Virginia CHARLES S.FALLS Hanover, Maryland DAVID S. FARNSWORTH Foxborough, Massachusetts RANDOLPH R.FERRIS Falls Church, Virginia JOHN F.FERRY Medford Lakes, New Jersey DAVID B.FEIDLER Vienna, Virginia KEITH FOREMAN Beltsville, Maryland GREGORY D.FOSTER Richmond, Virginia KURT C.FREDERICK Reading, Pennsylvania JAMES D. FRISHKORN Poquoson, Virginia ALVINT. FUNKHOUSER Del Rio, Texas DANIEL K.GALLAGHER Natural Br idge, Virginia WILLIAM A. GAVAZZI McLean, Virginia JEFFREY M.GILL Richmond, Virginia DAVID G.GILLESPIE Old Tappan, New Jersey DAVID B.GITCHELL Charlottesville, Virginia MARK A. GONSALVES Ludlow, Massachusetts JOHN E. GOODE Bronx, New York BRUCE C. GOTTWALD, JR. Richmond, Virginia ROBERT C.GRAHAM Woodbridge, Virginia JOHN L. HAITHCOCK, JR Richmond, Virginia JEFFREY S. HAMILTON Hampton, Virginia JAMES A. HANRATTY Oreland, Pennsylvania DAVID A. HARBISON Kings Mountain. North Carolina MARK J. HARDY Ashland, Virginia JERE W. HARRIS Springfield, Virginia JAMES A. HART Wappingers, New York MICHAEL W.HATFIELD Wise, Virginia MARKK. HEARNE McLean, Virginia KENNETH C.HERBERT Baltimore, Maryland STEPHEN T.HESSON Lynchburg, Virginia TIMOTHY J. HILLEGAS Norfolk, Virginia DAVID W.HINCHEE Roanoke, Virginia GEOFFREY C. HINSHELWOOD Richmond, Virginia CHARLES E. HOFFER T, JR. Chester, Virginia EDWARD E. HOLLAND, JR. Sandston, Virginia JAMES R. HOLLOWAY, JR. Vinton, Virginia JOHN E. HOLLOWAY Williamsburg, Virginia JAMES E. HOSTETTER, JR. Lexington, Virginia RICHARD A. HUBBARD, III Tonawanda, New York GORDON T.IVASCU Morrisville, Pennsylvania JAMES A. JACKSON Williamstown, West Virginia JACOB R.JAKS Wheatland, California DENNIS A. JOHNSON Washington, DC. WILLIAM P. JOHNSON Roanoke, Virginia MARK KANTER Norfolk, Virginia DOUGLAS R.KENNEDY Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WILLIAM W. KING Radford, Virginia BRUCE R. KITCHEN Richmond, Virginia NELS A. KLOSTER Alexandria, Virginia DOUGLAS A. KNESAL Richmond, Virginia ANDREW L. KOLESAR, Hamilton, Ohio JAMES E. LANGAN Bethel Park, Penn. ELDER L. LASH, IV Portsmouth, Virginia ANDRE E. LAUZIER Fairfax, Virginia EDWIN C. LAWLESS McLean, Virginia ROBERT J. LAWLESS East Granby, Connecticut RAYMOND R. LAWSON Stewartsville, New Jersey MARK G. LAYNE Charlottesville, Virginia HARRY G.LEE, JR. Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM G LEFTWICH, III Annadale, Virginia WALLACE H. LLOYD, III Falls Church, Virginia JOHN P. LOCHER Buena Vista, Virginia DAVID P. LODUCA St. Louis, Missouri ROBERT V. LONGO Bloomfield, New Jersey CALVIN E. LOVING, JR Palmyra, Virginia And Then There Was Ring Figure ' 81 MARKS. LOWE Reston, Virginia GREGG M.LYNAM Westchester, Pennsylvania GERALD R.MANLEY Alexandria, Virginia SCOT W. MARSH Arlington, Virginia MARK J. MARTIN McLean, Virginia NATHANIEL C.MASSIE III Glasgow, Virginia STEPHEN M. MAURER Longmeadow, Massachusetts Joseph w. McCarthy hi Lynchburg, Virginia BENJAMIN B. McCLELLAN Fairfax, Virginia BRIAN A. McCUE Somerville, Massachusetts RICHARD J. McCUE Falls Church, Virginia william j. Mcdonald Burlington, Virginia RONALD E McGEE Rougemont, North Carolina ALANM McLACHLEN San Francisco, California MICHAEL R McLEOD Vienna. Virginia HENRY C MEREDITH, III Norfolk, Virginia MATHEWW. MERRIMAN Virginia Beach, Virginia JAMES P, MIGLIARESE Salem, Virginia RONALD A MISLOWSKY, JR. Grand Blanc, Michigan DONALD A. MITCHELL Charlottesville. Virginia JOSEPH P. MOAN Fort Lee, New Jersey CHRISTOPHER T. MONNETTE Norfolk, Virginia HARRY M MOORE Richmond, Virginia GARY A MORGAN Lynchburg, Virginia KENNETH R MORRIS Steauket, New York ROBERT J MORRIS Harrisonburg, Virginia RAYMOND F MOSCHLER Midlothian, Virginia ROBERT C MOSS Richmond, Virginia THOMAS B. MOWE Hamilton, Virginia CHRISTOPHER A. MUNGER Naperville, Illinois ROBERTA. MUNNO West Islip, New York TERRY M. MURPHY Urbanna, Virginia JOHN E. MYERS Fort Gordon, Georgia PIETER F. NAUTA Wilton, Connecticut RICHARD MNEALS Woodsboro, Maryland TIMOTHY LNEWKIRK Knoxville, Tennessee TIMOTHY A NITZ Richmond, Virginia RALPH S.NORTHAM Onancock, Virginia EDWARD L OAST, III Portsmouth, Virginia MATTHEW W. O ' CONNER Clifton Forge, Virginia MARK A. OLSON Omaha. Nebraska KEVIN C.O ' NEIL Washington, D.C. DAVID BOPENSHAW Rockville, Maryland GROVER C OUTLAND, III Norfolk, Virginia KURTS.OVERMOHLE Hawley, Pennsylvania FRANK J. PALERMO, III Alexandria, Virginia DANIELS. PERE Bellmore, New York KENNETH A. PIERRO Rouchelle Park, New Jersey MICHAEL J. PLACZEK Maspeth, New York KENNETH O. POHLIG Richmond, Virginia BARTLEYW PRICE Stanley, Virginia JOSEPH D PROVENZANO I North Babylon, New York BRIAN L.QUISENBERRY Entreprise, Alabama MICHAEL J. RATTIE, JR. Carnegi e, Pennsylvania FRANK E. REECE Virginia Beach, Virginia JOHN L. REED Virginia Beach, Virginia DAVID L. RICHARDS East Hanover, New Jersey LOUIS W.ROLAN Chesapeake, Virginia JORGA. RONKE APO New York, New York JOSEPH I. ROSENBERGER Waynesboro, Virginia MICHAEL G.SANDERS North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania DAVID J. SAUNDERS Fredericksburg, Virginia NICHOLAS B. SAVAGE Alexandria, Virginia ROBERTA. SAVAGE, JR. Atlantic, Virginia THOMAS J. SAVAGE North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania MICHAEL A. J. SAWYER Bayonne, New Jersey CHARLES R. SCHESVENTER Sandston, Virginia HENRY C. SCOTT, V Richmond, Virginia EDWARD P. SEMEIA Brooklyn, New York STEVEN R. SHAFFER Warrenton, Virginia LEONARD C SHELTON, JR. Pamplin, Virginia MARK C. SHEPARD Roanoke, Virginia WIRT E. SHINAULT Richmond, Virginia JOSEPH H. SHRADER Narrows, Virginia MICHAEL A. SHUPP Bethelehem, Pennsylvania ROBERT S. SILVERMAN Malverne, New York WILLIAM R. STAMM Hockessin, Delaware WAYNE J SUGGS Alexandria, Virginia NICHOLAS G SYSOCK Rahway, New Jersey NATHAN C. TABERT Hendersonville, Tennessee DAVID G TAYLOR Colonial Heights, Virginia STEPHEN V. TENNANT Annandale, Virginia STEPHEN B. THOMAS Fairfax, Virginia BRUCE E.THOMPSON Petersburg, Virginia CHET D THOMPSON St Petersburg, Florida EDWARD F. THOMPSON Mobile, Alabama ROBERT R. THOMPSON Wise, Virginia CRISTOPHER D. TIMMONS Orangeburg, South Carolina DAVID WTOMCZAK Manassas, Virginia PETER M. TRANCHIK Iselin, New Jersey ROBERT T. UNDERWOOD Dublin, Virginia MARK S VASCO Steelton, Pennsylvania RICHARDS. WAGNER Petersburg, Virginia JAMES J. WALKER Huntingdon Station, New York WILLIAM R. WARD Moundsville, West Virginia JAMES M. WARING Fairfax, Virginia DAVID E. WASHINGTON Hampton, Virginia GREGORY D Manassas, JEFFREY R Lynchburg, RICHARD P, Newport News, THOMAS K. Newport News, WHITE Virginia WHITE Virginia WIGGS Virginia WIGGS Virginia g k ta fekj 81 AT ITS BEST ELLIOTT. WILLIAMS, III Nashville, Tennessee JOHNC. WILLIAMS, III Middleburg, Virginia JOHN N. WILLIAMS North East, Maryland MACK L. WILLIAMS Newport News, Virginia GREGORY A. WOLVEN Virginia Beach, Virginia CLAY C. WOMMACK Suffolk, Virginia GARY K. WON Alexandria, Virginia VINCENT A. WOOD, III Midlothian, Virginia SAMUEL E. WOOLWIME, JR. Richmond, Virginia HAROLD H.WORRELL, JR. Roanoke, Virginia ALEXANDRO M. WRIGHT Alexandria, Virginia CARLWU Manassas, Virginia STEPHEN C.YANCEY Waynes boro, Virginia JAMES W. YONTS Rural Retreat, Virginia GLENN R. ZARAMBA Reading, Maine IHMID P . " ..-■ Lfcr. • { y - 1 The best portion of a good man ' s life are his little nameless, unre- membered acts of kindness and love. To injure none by thought, word, or deed, to give to others and be kind to all ... a good man is the noblest work of God. ronald m. Mcculloch, mi (1958-1979) Third Class When we entered the Institute on the 23rd of August 1 978 we were weary, scared, and alone. Ahead of us stood a most formidable task: to preserve the Rat Line and to carry on the traditions of VMI. In late February we reached our first goal: we became the Class of 1 982 and with great enthusiasm we awaited our Third Class year. We returned for our second year with great hopes of life as Upperclassmen. To the Rats we were like gods, and to the Seconds and Firsts we were friends. However, we began to feel the pressures of the " academic rat line, " and the TAC staff kept reminding us that we were " responsible upperclassmen. " But now, just as suddenly as we were introduced to the Rat Line, we find ourselves half way through our cadetship. Ahead lies our Second Class year and Ring Figure. Our trials are only just beginning, but as a class we will prevail just as we have done for the past two years. And, as all the VMI men who have gone before us, we will carry on the Institute ' s traditions with pride and honor. RPL CHRISTOPHER L. ABBOTT Danville, Virginia DENNISM. ADAMS Lancaster, Pennsyvlania GRAFTOND.ADDISON.III Virginia Beach, Virginia MIKE R.ALBERT Manchester, Connecticut ANTHONY B. ALEXANDER Goshen, Virginia FLOYD P. ALLEN Raleigh, North Carolina TOMMY E. AVENT, JR. Roanoke, Virginia KENDALL D AVERY Richmond, Virginia JAMES B. BAILEY, III Tazewell, Virginia ANDREW K. BALDING Arlington, Virginia JOHN L. BANGERT Hampton, Virginia SCOTT MBARGER Warrenton, Virginia STEVEN R. BARGER Buchanan, Virginia AUSTIN B.BECKHAM Gaithersburg, Maryland OSMUND F. BELCHER Lynchburg, Virginia TERRY A BELDEN Bethpage, New York ALLEN J. BENEFIELD Annandale, Virginia JOHNB. BIELTZ Youngstown, Ohio HARRY T.BITZBERGER Secane. Pennsylvania JOELD. BODNAR Voorheesville, New York JOHNK. BOHON, JR. Roanoke, Virginia ROBERT B. BORN Wyomissing, Pennsylvania JOSEPHS. BOUCHELLE, III Shepherdstown, West Virginia JOHNM BOYD Doswell, Virginia WILLIAM J. BRADLEY Billenca. Maryland DAVID L BRATTON Keysville, Virginia HARRY BRIESMASTER III Crazier, Virginia ROBERT P BRIGGS West Mifflin, Pennsylvania MARTIN H. BUEHLER. IV Waynesboro, Virginia DOUGLAS A. BURCH Howell, Michigan DOUGLAS N.BURDETT San Antonio. Texas WILLIAM N. BURNETTE Lexington, Virginia BRADFORD A BURNS Winston Salem, North Carolina CHARLES A BURREL Alexandria, Virginia ANDREWS. BURRIS McLean, Virginia MICHEALR BURT South Otselic, New York DAN L BUTLER, JR. Arlington, Virginia STUART EBYRD Richmond, Virginia JOHN F. CAMPION N Brunswick, New Jersey JOHN J.CARVIL, III Virginia Beach, Virginia WILLIAM R CAULFIELD, III Springfield, Virginia JOHN M CHANDLER Norfolk, Virginia STEPHEN O.CHECCA Glen Cove, New York MARK P CIARROCCA Westfield, New Jersey ROBERT P CLARK Syracuse, New York EDWARD M CLARKSON, II Quantico, Virginia DANIEL E CLYMORE Staunton, Virginia RICHARD E COLLIER, JR. Richmond, Virginia FORREST A CONNER, III Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JAMES C.COSBY Richmond, Virginia WILLIS A. COUNCIL, JR. Richmond. Virginia CHRISTOPHER S CRAMER Culpeper, Virginia WILLIAMS CRUMPLER Mechanicsville, Virginia LAWRENCE M CURTIN, JR. Braintree, Massachusetts MARK A DALLINGER Annandale, Virginia EDWARD D.DANIEL Newport News, Virginia PAULA. DANTONIO Moscow, Pennsylvania DOUGLAS W DEATON Blackstone, Virginia PHILIP CDEDERER Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania JAMES F. DEDO Fountain Valley. California DARYLL DEKE Miami, Florida JONATHAN H.DeMEO Port Washington, New York CHRISTOPHER G. DEVENS Carlisle, Pennsylvania TIMOTHY L.DIGNAN Wheaton, Illinois STEPHEN P. DOBLER Virginia Beach, Virginia ROBERT A. DORSEY Winchester, Virginia ANDERSON W. DOUTHAT, IV Roanoke, Virginia PATRICK D. DREYFUS McLean, Virginia CLARENCE E DRUMHELLER, JR. Chesapeake, Virginia LESLIE A. DUNNAVILLE, III Roanoke, Virginia THANE D.DUREY Barrington, Illinois MARKH. DURKIN Richmond, Virginia RUSSELL L. EBERSOLE Hagerstown, Maryland MICHAEL C.EDEN Baltimore, Maryland ANTONY W.EDWARDS Lynchburg, Virginia JAMES C.EDWARDS Chesapeake, Virginia CHRISTOPHER F. EICHMAN Westchester, Pennsylvania ERICG. ERLENDSON Vienna, Virginia DELMARE. ERTZNER, JR. Christiansburg, Virginia ROBERT J. ETHERIDGE Salem, Virginia ROBERT H EVANS, JR. Lexington, Virginia ALLEN E . EWELL. JR. Upper Marlboro, Maryland MICHAEL R EWING Stephens City, Virginia THOMAS S. FAIRBURN Crozier, Virginia CHARLES W. FANSHAW Reisterstown, Maryland THOMAS E FARMER Vienna, Virginia ROBERT F, FELVEY Dallas, Texas WADE B. FOLTZ Johnstown, Pennsylvania NEALE FORTNEY Fairfax, Virginia PETER L F OSTER Richmond, Virginia MICHAEL L. FRAILER Baltimore, Maryland GARTH J FRANZ Collegeville, Pennsylvania WILLIAM J. FREEMAN, III Richmond, Virginia DELTON F.FRIEDMAN Ft. Walton Beach, Florida JOHNH FRIEND Mobile, Alabama DANIEL M.FRITZ Sterling, Virginia DAVID C. FRITZ Houston, Texas JOHNS. FUDGE Prince George, Virginia ROYW. FUNKHOUSER Glasgow, Virginia DAVID D GALLALEE Richmond, Virginia DANIEL F. GARCIA New York, New York JAMESP.GEIB Roanoke, Virginia JAMES L GIBSON, JR. Richmond, Virginia SHAUNGILLILLAND Arlington, Virginia PAULT.GLISSON Virginia Beach, Virginia BRYAN P. GLYNN Browns Mills, New Jersey ROBIN N. GODSHALL Toms River, NJ JOSH H. GOEWEY Holden, Massachusetts JEFFERY A. GOODWIN Alexandria, Virginia ROBERT T. GOODWYN, IV Alexandria, Virginia DERLE G. HAGWOOD Suffolk, Virginia ALEN A. HALE Roanoke, Virginia MICHAEL R. HALL Chesapeake, Virginia GORDON R. HAMMOCK Halesite, New York JOHN E. HARGREAVES Alexandria, Virginia MARK F. HARRINGTON Babylon, New York PAUL T.HAYES Gloucester Point, Virginia MITCHELL V. HEISMAN Woodstock, Virginia EMMETT R. HELTZEL Staunton, Virginia JEFFERSON S. HENDERSON, III Fairfax, Virginia JAMES B.HICKEY Hickory Hills, Illinois KENTC. HIGGINBOTHAM Orange, Virginia DAVID M. HOLZBACH Ridgefield, Connecticut DARRYLK. HORNE Hampton, Virginia FRANK M.HORNER Lorton, Virginia V T J " ! EDWIN A. HOWLAND, JR. Tillery, North Carolina MURRY F HUDSON Houston. Texas THEADORE R. HUFFMAN Jonestown, Pennsylvania THOMAS J INGRAM, IV Fairfax, Virginia DAVID M.JANAC Taneytown, Maryland THOMAS KJARVIS Harrisonburg, Virginia WILLIAM R. JENNINGS, JR. Schenectady, New York MICHAEL J JESENSKY Parma Heights, Ohio SAMUEL C.JOHNSTON Hampton, Virginia LEE C.JONES Lynchburg, Virginia A. SHEPHERD JORDAN Virginia Beach, Virginia JEFFERSON K. JUDKINS Martinsville, Virginia RICHARD D JUSTICE, JR Richmond, Virginia ERICJ.KARELL Nairobi, Kenya CHARLES W KAUSE Vienna, Virginia EDMOND B.KEITH W. Colombia, South Carolina BRUCE W.KELLY Lancaster, Pennsylvania MARK A. KEMPSELL Madison, New Jersey JOSEPH W. KEYES, JR. Newport News, Virginia RICHARD F. KEISTER Downington, Pennsylvania WYIKIM Winchester, Virginia JOHN C.KING Radford, Virginia ROBERT H.KLENKE Toms Brook, Virginia PERRY L KNIGHT Buena Vista, Virginia DAVID P. KOHLER Cherry Hill, New Jersey ALEXANDER E. KUCHNIA Raleigh, North Carolina WILLIAM J. KULAS Arlington, Virginia THOMAS L. KUSTERER Olney, Maryland PERRY R.LAUSTSEN Piscataway, New Jersey SON M.LEE Falls Church, Virginia DONG Kl LEE Falls Church, Virginia MARK A. LEE Salem, Virginia STEVEN J. LEV AN Forest, Virginia JOHN D.LEWIS Waverly, Pennsylvania WILLIAM E.LINDQUIST Roanoke, Virginia ROBERT P. LOUTHAN Richmond, Virginia DAVID A. LOY Schnecksville, Pennsylvania CECIL W.LUCY Dewitt, Virginia KEVIN M.J. LUNDGREN Chesapeake, Virginia JAMES W. MacDONALD, JR. Lynchburg, Virginia GARY J. MACKIN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania THOMAS J. MADIGAN Springfield, Virginia RICHARD G MAGEE Charleston, West Virginia CAMERON C. MANUEL, JR. Virginia Beach, Virginia GUY L. MARANGONI Glen Burnia, Maryland GEORGE D.MARTIN, III Springfield, Virginia JOHN A. MATHEWS, JR. Appomattox, Virginia GEORGE F. MAYFORTH JR. Faurfield, Connecticut JOELS. McBROOM Durham, North Carolina WILLIAM W. McCATHERN, III Richmond, Virginia JOSEPH J. McCONNELL Arlington, Virginia THOMAS R. McCUNE Annandale, Virginia DARREN W.McDEW Hampton, Virginia ROBERTA. McEVOY, JR. Ardsley, New York RONALD P. McGOVERN Clark, New Jersey DAVE A. MclVER Forest, Virginia RONALD C.MECREDY Memphis, Tennessee RICHARD P. MEYER Greenlawn, New York WESLEY T.MINNIX Lexington, Virginia FREDERICK C. MOCK Carlisle, Pennsylvania JEFFERYA. MODISETT Richmond, Virginia RICHARD M. MOORE, II New Market, Virginia ELLIOT MORALES Camden, New Jersey STEPHEN A. MORGAN Woodstock, Virginia DAVID B. MORRISON Hillcrest Heights, Maryland JON K. MOTT Commack, New York GLEN M. MURPHY Vienna, Virginia JOHN B. MURRAY, JR. Newport News, Virginia RICHARD MUSTAKOS Reston, Virginia JAMES J. NAU, III Reisterstown, Maryland THACH N. NGUYEN Winchester, Virginia WILLIAM C. NICHOLS Flint Hill, Virginia WILLIAM NIVISON, JR. Lexington, Virginia VAN W. NOAH Fort Monroe, Virginia MELVIN L. NOWLIN Salem, Virginia JAMES A. O ' BOOK Trumbull, Connecticut ERIC S. ODDERSTOL Basking Ridge, New Jersey THOMAS M. O ' SULLIVAN, III Albany, New York CHARLES C. PACE Charlottesville, Virginia ADAM T. R. PANTAZE Glasgow, Virginia RANDALL B.PARKER Arlington, Virginia PAULW. PENDORF, II Chesapeake, Virginia LAWRENCE M. PEPLINSKI Meshoppen, Pennsylvania GARYL. PERSINGER Millboro. Virginia BIRCH B. PHILLIPS, III Williamsport, Pennsylvania GREGORY C. PICKLESIMER Highlands, North Carolina DAVID A. PIENING Cincinnati, Ohio JOHNNY M.PIOTROWSKI Virginia Beach, Virginia HANDIEH.PODO Fairfax, Virginia ROBERT M.POOLE Roanoke, Virginia JOSEPH R. POTERALSKI Schenectady, New York W CABELL R. POTTS Richmond, Virginia ROBERT P. PREDDY, JR. Roanoke, Virginia CHARLES C. PROCTOR, III Manassas, Virginia ROBERT KRAMBO Abingdon, Virginia JOHN E.REESE Richmond, Virginia RICHARD A. REISCH Casanova, Virginia DAVID L. REYNOLDS Richmond, Virginia JON A. ROACH, JR. Richmond, Virginia CLIFFORD A. ROCKWELL Waynesboro, Virginia CORNELIUS T.ROGERS Richmond, Virginia ERICL. ROLAF Toms River, New Jersey CHRISTOPHER J. RONAN Springfield. Virginia NICHOLAS J. ROPER Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania HORACE L. ROSE, III Bel Air, Maryland JEFFERYT. ROSEME Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania FRANCIS J. ROSENTHAL, Baldwin, Maryland KENNETH K. ROSS N. Olmsted, Ohio W. Roanoke, Virginia WALTER M. SANDERS, IV Athens, Georgia CHARLES S. SANGER Knoxville, Tennessee MICHAEL S. SANTA BARBARA Hampton, Virginia CHRISTOPHER K SCHRICHTE Washington, DC GRAY W. SCOTT Fredricksburg, VA GEORGE F. SEIFERTH, III Clifton Park, New York ROBERT SHAFFER Smithfield, Pennsylvania LAROND. SHANNON, III Lynchburg, Virginia CHARLES E.SHARP, JR. Birmingham, Alabama KEVIN F. SHARP Richmond, Virginia MICHAEL G. SHEA Navesink, New Jersey MARKJ.SHIFFLETTE La Plata, Maryland JAMES C. SHOWALTER, JR. Savannah, Georgia DAVID L. SHUTT Buena Vista, Virginia DAVID N. SILLS, IV Newark, Delaware JAMES A. SIMMONDS, JR. Suffern, New York CHRISTOPHER S. SIMMONS Fairfax, Virginia DOUGLASS. SMITH Blacksburg, Virginia KEVIN A. SMITH Virginia Beach, Virginia KEVIN L.SNELL Dallas, Texas EDWARD B SNIDER, JR. Springfield, Virginia MARK J SOFIA Fairfax, Virginia THOMAS MSPROULE Wytheville, Virginia JEROME D STACK, JR Mechanicsville, Virginia RUSSELL G. STEWART, III Dunwoody, Georgia MICHAEL C STRAUB Springfield, Virginia WILLIAM A. STRICKLAND, JR. Carmody Hill, Maryland GREGORY G STUMP Woodville, Virginia RICHARD OSTUVER Windber, Pennsylvania JOSEJ.SUAREZ Ponce, Puerto Rico JOHNM TABBJR. Richmond, Virginia RALPHJ.TABER Kailua. Hawaii MELVIN W TALLEY Petersburg, Virginia GEORGE L THOMPSON Franklin, Massachusetts GUYW THONE Virginia Beach, Virginia JAMES R THRASHER Lithia, Virginia WILLIAM A. TOWLER Richmond, Virginia CARLJ.TREMAGLIO Meriden, Connecticut THOMAS G. TROBRIDGE W. Friendship, Maryland JAMES E. TUCKER Jonesboro, Georgia WILLIAM B. TYMINSKI Mashpee, Massachusetts BRADLEY W. VANDERWARKER Roanoke, Virginia STEPHEN J. VARGA Morristown, New Jersey WILLIAM E. VICKERS El Paso, Texas DAVID T. WAGNER Newport News, Virginia LEONARD D. WAGNER Newport News, Virginia JOHN W. WAINWRIGHT, III Seaford, Delaware JERRY A. WALKER Linden, Virginia WILLIAM B. WALKER Lancaster, Texas GEORGE WALLEY, III Moundsville, West Virginia EDWARD T.WALSH III Chester, Virginia JACOB H. WAMSLEY, III Tucker, Georgia WILLIAM S. WARREN Johnstown, Pennsylvania PAUL H. WEBB Richmond, Virginia KYLE J. WEIDLICH Chester, Virginia BYRON M. WELSH Lexington, Virginia SCOTT P. WHITE Glen Arm, Maryland KEVIN R WILKERSON Chesapeake, Virginia JEROME E. WILLIAMS Swoope, Virginia ALLEN M WILSON Washington, DC. RICHARD R. WILSON Raleigh, North Carolina JOHN L WINKLER, II Lorton, Virginia RUSSELL S. WOOD Fayetteville, Georgia WILLIAM S. WOODDELL Springfield, Virginia RICHARD E. WOOLWINE, Roanoke, Virginia JEFFREY M. WORLEY Greenville, Tennessee KENNETH L. YATES Lynchburg, Virginia JOSEPH B. YODZIS Kulpmont, Pennsylvania JAMES A. ZAHN Naples, Florida ROBERT R. ZINS Newport News, Virginia JAMES K. McCRARY Manassas, Virginia JOHN A. MEADOWS Fillmore, California FOURTH CLASS The Rat mass matriculated on the 22nd day of August in the year of 1979. n this day we began our quest to become VMI men molded together to form the class of 1983. Cadre, our first week, set a fast and furious pace, which was to continue for the remainder of our Ratline. Under the leadership of Tuck Masker, the Rat Disciplinary Committee whipped a rabble of high school graduates into the class of 1 983. However, it was not the doing of the R.D.C. alone, but the whole of our dykes class to whom we owe our thanks and allegiance. Even though our Ratline has been successful, it has had its low points, such as the activities that were; p!a|fied for us after ftie UVA drinking fiasco. But it was these times of adversity that develop; the unity that exists in our class. On the night of February 27, 1 980, we experienced one of the most paradoxical experienc our lives: Breakout. On this evening we suffered through great hardships; however, we also I great feeling inside of us, for we knew that it was only a matter of hours before we would bed the class of 1983. However, the work is not over, for as a class, we must work together and continue the VMI heritage that our dykes have taught us Class Officers: Teddy Gottwold President Bob McGehee Historian THEODORE F. ADAMS III Midlothian, VA MARK J. AIRAGHI Portsmouth, VA BILLY AKERS Christiansburg, VA DOMINIC M.ALBERO Virginia Beach, VA ROBERT B. ALLEN Richmond, VA CHRISTOPHER M. ALLER Wallkill, NY STEVEN L. AMATO Fultonville, NY OSCAR T. ARAUCO Chicago, III. ANTHONY L.ARNOLD Virginia Beach, VA BRIAN M.ARNOLD Galway, NY BRADLEY S. ARNOLD Galway, NY JAMES AYERS Lindenhurst, NY JOHN T BANGLEY Suffolk, VA JOSEPH A. BARRA Dix Hills, NY DAVID S BARRON Zelienople, PA GREGORY M. BARTLETT Las Vegas, NV STANLEY G.BASS Cincinnati, OH JOHN F. BECK Buardman, OH THOMAS O.BECKHOFF Williamsburg, VA SCOTT E. BELLIVEAU Yarmouth Port, MA JOHNK. BELZ, III Annandale, VA MARK BENVENUTO Henrietta, NY MATTHEW GBERARDI Glen Dale, WV TRENT L.BOGGS Downingtown, PA GARLAND BOON, JR. Jamaica Queens, NY RONALD E. BOWDEN J Kannapolis, NC JOHN M. S. BOWLES Richmond, VA WADE H BRANNER Richmond, VA GREGG W. BRINEGAR Fort Belvoir, VA STEPHEN A. BRINSFIELD Virginia Beach, VA FRANK BROWN, III Hampton, VA JAMES BROWN, III Lexington, VA JAMES B.BRYAN Mt. Airy, NC JONATHAN R. BRYAN Seminole, FL ERIC L BUCHANAN Wharton, NJ GRANT E. BULFORD Colonial Heights, VA JOHN W BURGESS, III Ithaca, NY KENNETH L BURGESS Portsmouth, VA JOHNS BYRUM, II Chesapeake, VA LARRY ECAISON Hampton, VA JAMES E. CALL, JR. Hampton, VA JOSEPH M. CAMPISANO Yorktown Heights, NY CHARLES B.CARNEY Wytheville, VA JOHN P. CARPENTER Maiden, MA DONALD G.CARTER, JR. Richmond, VA JAMES J. CASEY, JR. Ellsworth, ME CHRISTOPHER CAUDILL Lexington, VA KEVIN J. CAULFIELD Springfield, VA DAVID M.CERCHIO, JR. Leonia, NJ JOHN W. CHITTUM Lexington, VA KIMY.CHU Woodbridge, VA DAVID S. CLARKE Winchester, VA ALAIN G. CLIFF Leesburg, VA MARTIN L. CLINE Charlottesville, VA MARK A. COAN Centreville, OH BRUCE D.COHEN Pittsburgh, PA DAVID D. COMBS Wallingford, CT JAMES COOK Waynesboro, VA FRANK W. COOPER, JR. West Hartford, CT JOHNNY D. COOPER Hollywood, FL STEPHEN L. COOPER Vinton, VA HAHNS L. COPELAND Virginia Beach, VA WILLIAM B. CORNETT Danville, VA SAVERIOR COSTANZO Cheshire, CT II !! » ■ ii fMi CJLi - 8L § I 3t ■ JOHN J. COSTELLO Oregon, MO BENG COTTRELL.V Norfolk, VA TIMOTHYS. CRAUL Elizabethtown, PA BILLY CREEKMUR Richmond, VA DARRYLV. CREEL Hamilton, VA CLAUDE H. CRUMP Woodbridge, VA MARTIN P. CURRY Hagerstown, MD HUGH DAUGHTRY, III Wilmington, NC ROYE. DAVIS, JR. Elkton, VA MICHAEL W. DEVENS Carlisle Brks., PA THOMAS C. DICK, JR. Southhampton, NY MICHAEL J. DIETER Arlington, VA MICHAEL DILLEMUTH Grand Island, NY JACK E. DITT, JR. Annville, PA DAVID R. DOBBS Newport News, VA JEFFDOBRZYNSKI Wall, NJ JOHN D. DODGE, II Oxford, MD JON C. DODSON Panama City, FL STEPHEN DOMBROSKI Stamford, CT SCOTT F. DONAHUE Hamilton, VA BUFF A DONOVAN Ligonier, PA KEVIN M. DOODY Waynesburg, PA TIMOTHY S. DOODY Waynesburg, PA GARYD. DRONEN Hampton, VA PAULB DUNAHOE Tyler, TX JOHN F. DUNCAN Matawan, NJ OWEN M. DUNLAP Lynchburg, VA JOHN H. ECKERT Cincinnati, OH ROBERT W.EDWARDS Virginia Beach, VA KYLE D. ELLIS Fredericksburg, VA STEPHEN E. EVANS Newport News, VA CHRIS S.EVERSMANN Natural Bridge, VA JEFFREY J. FARRY Madison, VA C R. FELLHOELTER Lynchburg, VA ROGER S. FIEDLER Vienna, VA JOHN FINAN Massapequa, NY H. FISCHLSCHWEIGER Gainesville, FL TIMOTHY W. FITZGERALD Fairfax, VA ROBERT H. FORESMAN Lexington, VA MARION L. FOX Charlottesville, VA TODDFREDERICKSEN Kenosha, Wl RICHARD F.FULLERTON Woodbridge, VA GUY G GARRETT Poquoson, VA JOHN H.GEIS, III Winston-Salem, NC ROBERTS. GELINAS Manchester, NH PHILIP A. GEMMATI Bronx, NY MARK J. GEORGE Feeding Hill, MA CARLL. GIBEAULT Millington, TN DAVID S.GINES Spring Harbor, Ml MICHAEL WGLEASON Richmond, VA STEPHEN M.GODDARD Richmond, VA STEVEN S. GODWIN Charlottesville, VA JAMES GOO ' DWILLIE, IV Birmingham, AL JOHNB. GORMAN, JR Lynchburg, VA JOHN E. GORDON Richmond, VA TEDDY E, GOTTWALD Richmond, VA MICHAEL R. GRASSI Earlysville, VA DAVID M GRAY, JR. Wilbraham, MA ROBERT M. GREENWOOD Portsmouth, VA WARREN P. GROSECLOSE Front Royal, VA BRUCE M. GUEBLE Madison, CT MARCGUEVREMONT Woodsocket, Rl PETER F. HAHN Fairfax, VA CHRIS E. HAIR Sandwich, III. DAVID B. HALL Bellefonte, PA MICHAEL C.HAMLIN Rochester, NY JON C HANNA Wappingers Falls, NY KEITH A. HANNABASS Roanoke, VA GLENN A. HARMON Fairfax, VA CHRISTOPHER D HARRIS Richmond, VA DAVIDS HASKINS Hollins, VA ANTHONY R. HASSELL Newport News, VA BRUCE R. HAZELGROVE Richmond, VA BRYAN R. HENDERSON Huntsville, AR MARK K.HENDERSON Huntsville, AR JAMES F.HENRY AltaVista, VA MARKC. HESLEP Richmond, VA RICHARD F. HEWITT Georgetown, DE STEPHEN V. HINES Rockville. MD STEPHEN J. HODAK Youngsville, PA GEORGE S. HORAN Falls Church, VA JAMES M. HOTINGER Vinton, VA THOMAS W. HOWCROFT Camp Springs, MD JOHN L. HOWERTON French Lick, IN PHILLIP L. HUBBARD Virginia Beach, VA MAYWOOD F. HUDGINS, JR Norfolk, VA ROBERT W.HUNTLEY Heathsville, VA JONATHAN A. HUNT Marblehead, MA COURTNEY HUTCHERSON Rocky Mount, VA BENJAMIN K. IRVIN Wytheville, VA OLIVER T. JAMES Hampton, VA MARK D. JAMISON Lexington, VA ERICS. JARMOND Romulus, NY THOMAS E. JEWETT Solon, OH JON E. JOHNSON Rock Hall, MD FRED W.JOHNSTON Virginia Beach, VA JAMES R. JOHNSTON Virginia Beach, VA MANDLEY R. JOHNSTON Kilmarnock, VA RALPH B. JOHNSTON Duluth.GA ANDREWS. JONES Millersville, MD GLENN H.JONES Hampton, VA WILMERT. JONES, III Baltimore, MD FRANK L. KALESNIK Agawan, MA PAULA. KARAFA Nesconset, NY DEAN G KARUKAS Fayetteville, NY PETER R. KATTMANN Vienna, VA RICHARD KEHRBERG Menomonie, Wl KEVIN J. KEILTY Vienna, VA JAMES F. KELLER Norfolk, VA TIMOTHY M.KELLY Fairfax, VA DONALD J. KENDAL Fredericksburg, VA JAMES P. KENDALL Camp Hill, PA ROBERTO KERECZ Bethlehem, PA YOUNG K KIM Richmond, VA STEPHENS. KIMBALL Pittsburgh, PA CHARLES M.KING Davie, FL WILLIAM T. KINSLEY Falls Church, VA EDWARD S. KLUCKOWSKI Buffalo, NY JOHN M. KNAPP Chesapeake, VA JERRY T. KNIGHT Buena Vista, VA JOHNS KOCH Rockville, MD CHARLES M. KOMAR Oswego, NY Youngstown, OH BRIAN K KOWALSKI Downers Grove, III. DANIAL P KOZAR, JR. Allentown, PA THOMAS W. KUBISKEY Vienna, VA ROBERT M.KUCHERA Canonsburg, PA KEITH W.KUELZ Moneta, VA OHYUNG KWON Landover, MD JAMES D. LANG, JR. Portsmouth, VA JOSEPH J. LASEK, JR. Columbia, MD JOHN B. LATHLEY Petersburg, VA MICHAEL T. LAUGHON Bedford, VA JOSEPH J. LEONARD Croton-On-Hudson, NY MICHAEL J. LEWIS Fairfax, VA CHRIS LICKDYKE Gloucester, MA MARK R. LIGHT Bon Air, VA JOSEPH F LINK, JR. Norfolk, VA MATTHEW G. LOOBY Oak Lawn, III. DALE L. LOVEJOY Roanoke, VA CHARLES S LUCK, IV Manakin-Sabot, VA ANTHONY J. MacDONALD Dartmouth, MA BRENT MacMORLAND Cincinnati, OH ANTHONY E. MAHER Alexandria, VA JOHN C. MANLEY Alexandria, VA JOHN C. MANNING Staunton, VA IVAN A. MARCOTTE Asheville, NC JEFF MARKOWSKI Ferguson, MO KEVIN T. MARSHALL Charlottesville, VA DANIAL L. MARTIN Troutville, VA DANIAL R. MASON Richmond, VA HARRISON R. MASON Jacksonville, FL DAVID F. MATAWITZ Kirtland, OH JOHN R. MAYER Sparta, NJ GLEN K.MAYS Highland Spring, VA KENNETH L. MCALLISTER Crozet, VA ERICC.McANALLEN Pikeville, KY PAUL J McCUSKER Roanoke, VA mark Mcdonald Sterling, VA TRACY S McGEE Raleigh, NC ROBERTS. McGEHEE Bedford, VA ALANR.McGREER Fairfax, VA DANIALW. McGUIRE W. Long Beach. NJ STEPHEN J. McSWEENEY Selden, NY ROBERT F. MEDNIKOV Charlottesville, VA STEPHAN J. MELITZ Farmingville, NY TODD E. MILES Springfield, VA MACON W.MILLNER Bealeton, VA MALACHI M.MILLS III Camp Hill, PA Hillsville, VA JUDSON G.MOORE Portsmouth, VA DANIALP. MULHERIN Vienna, VA ROBERTA. MUMMA Arlington, VA TERRELL M.MUNSON Woodstock, VA CALVIN L. MURRAY, III Newport News, VA CHRIS L.MURRAY Apopka, FL C. NARATHONG Washington, DC. DANAH. NEAL Richmond, VA DAVID I. NEVILLE Washington, D.C. JOHNC. NEWLAND Oakton, VA BRADLEY K. NORWOOD Richmond, VA G NUTTYCOMBE Newport News, VA JERRY L. OLSON Hampton, VA MARK O ' NEILL Kingsport, TN JAMES M. OUTLAND Norfolk, VA WHITNEY H.OWENS Rose Hill, VA DUANEA. PADRICK Newport News, VA CARLYLE C. PALMORE Richmond, VA MARK PAPPAS Highland Park, NJ CHARLES PATTERSON Wytheville, VA KEVIN S. PAZDALSKI Claymont, DE OWEN L. PERRY Covington, VA ALAN J PERDIGAO Weymouth, MA VERNON R. PERDUE Vinton, VA CHRISTOPHER M. PETA Pittsburgh, PA K. D. PFEFFERKORN Muntrose, PA SON K. PHAM Charlottesville. VA STEPHEN L.PHELPS Virginia Beach, VA ADAM T.PHILLIPS Virginia Beach, VA DAVID J. PHILLIPS Vienna, VA THOMAS H.PIELECH Linden, NJ W mm - MERLOPILE Chesapeake, VA GARYE. PITTMAN JR. Cherry Hill, NJ DAVID POWELL Hoffman Estates, IL JOHN PRESTON, JR. Virginia Beach, VA CURTIS PRICE Bassett, VA DAVID PRICE Palmyra, VA MARK PRUDEN Suffolk, VA THOMAS J. RADLE Winchester, VA BORDEN M.RAY JR. Miami, FL DUANE RAY Hamilton, VA THOMAS RADEMACHER Damascus, MD MICHAEL W. REED Blackstone, VA JAMES C RICE Stafford. VA JOHN M.RICE Richmond, VA BENJAMIN ROBERTSON I Narrows, VA CHARLES M. A. ROGERS, IV Mobile, AL MARK W.ROGERS McLean, VA ROBERT F ROGERS Virginia Beach, VA MARK H. ROLTSCH Dumfries, VA DAVID L RONNEBERG Newport News, VA SOMSAK ROONGSITA Kensington, MD RUSSELC ROSEDALE Newport News, VA STEPHEN T. ROSS Richmond, VA MELVIN P. RUCKER Bluefield.WV EUGENE R. RUSHTON.IV Charlottesville, VA ALEXANDER G. RUSSEL Newport News, VA ROBERTA. SACRA York, PA MICHAEL L ST. JEAN Springfield, VA ROBERT L. SALVATORELLI New Rochelle, NY KENNETH A SAWYER Portsmouth, VA KEITH R. SAWYER Portsmouth, VA MILTON R. SCARPA Newport News, VA STEPHEN F. SCHAAF Fairfax, VA JONATHAN R SCOTT Lexington, VA EVAN SEARLEMAN Virginia Beach, VA IAN S. SEARS Great Falls, VA WENDELL L. SELDON, JR. Winchester, VA CHARLES SEYMOUR, III Orange, VA STEPHEN R. SHEA Wyomissing, PA PHILLIP G. SHEPARD, II Ft. Leavenworth, KS CHARLES SHIRLEY, JR. Lynchburg, VA TIMOTHY J. SHOBBROOK Plymouth, MA STEVEN E. SIMONSON Wappingers Falls, NY JAMES A. SINNOTT Summit, NJ THANEESINTHIPONG Washington, DC CHRISTOPHER SKIBA Rockwood, PA PETER SKOWRONSKI Washington, VA ANDREW F SMITH Newport News, VA BARRY K.SMITH Martinsville, VA LEWIS G.SMITH Buchanan, VA THOMAS SPARTZ Virginia Beach, VA TIMOTHY SPENCER Portsmouth, VA JUDSONH. SPRINGER Virginia Beach, VA SOMPODHSRIPOOM Kensington, MD MARK C. STENGEL Franklin, TN JEFFREY D. STEVENS Springfield, VA WILLIAM STEWART Hampton, VA FRED P. STONE Waynesboro, VA JOHN R. STUDT Hubbardston, MA CHRISTIAN F. STUEART Wellesley, MA JOHN F. SULLIVAN Dover, DE GEORGE M. SULT Luray. VA MARK D. SYKES Berkeley Springs, WV WILLIAM G. THEUS Breaksville, OH BRUCE D. H. THOMAS Hopewell, VA SCOT L. THOMASSON Annadale, VA ANTHONY THOMPSON Roanoke, VA JAMES TIDD Bloomington, IN FRANKLIN G.TIFFORD Patchogue, L.I. ALAN TOLER Richmond, VA HAUTRAN Portsmouth, VA TODD TUDOR Saxon burg, PA NATHAN S.TURNER Arlington, VA DOUGLAS G. URBANEK Chicago, III. LOUIS URQUHART Jefferson, LA KARL VanSTAVOREN Leesburg, VA WILLIAM VAUGHN, JR. Newport News, VA BREAK OUT ... ' 83 o oo On ' f H M- " !■ " ■ ■r A N ■ • H £ ■k ■ Hr - ■ 05 ! w v ..- » " H Ph DAVID C. VIA Glen Allen, VA ROBERT WAGNER Richmond, VA DOUGLAS WAINRIGHT Seaford, DE MATTHEW B. WALROD Bethel Park, PA STEPHAN B. WALTON Newport News, VA MATTHEW L. WARING Ft. Knox. KY EUGENE WARREN Martinsville, VA DAVID T D. WARRINGER Emporia, VA MARK L. WATERS Suisun, CA JOSEPH M. WATSON Marshall, TX AARON WEEKS Jacksonville, FL JOHNC.WERNERT LaGrange, IL WILLIAM S. WESTBROOK Richmond, VA MICHAEL J. WESTFALL Newport News, VA ANDREW S.WHITSON Arlington, VA EDWARD G.WILLIAMS, II Hampton, VA JAMES L. WILLIAMS Portsmout h, VA THOMAS WINCKLER Chatham, NJ JOHN V.WOLFE Earlysville, VA MICHAEL F. WONG Richmond, VA SCOTT A. WOOLWINE Richmond, VA WHITNEY B. WYATT Tuscaloosa, LA KUNM. Yl Springfield, VA GEORGE A. ZALOUMIS Fairfax, VA JOHN L. ZANGAS Manassas, VA ROBERT F.ZILHAVER Clarion, PA MARKD. ZIMMER Virginia Beach, VA DAVIDJ.ZOTT Lake Forest. IL STEVEN J. UMBERGER Fairfax, VA THE CLASS OF 1983 " • w — ■ ' ? -. ' WPP 206 Corps CORPS Corps 207 HONOR COURT Seated: Frank J. Leech, Forrest L. Marion, Edwin L. Baker, Jesse Wade Stinnette, John A. Rudolph, Hugh M. Fain, Kenneth M. Baybutt. Standing: William P. Johnson, Robert J. Morris, Robert B. Gore, Aaron W. Bush, Dennis A. Hackemeyer, Ralph S. Northern, James A. Jackson, Pieter F. Nauta. " The foundation of the Honor System at VMI is the Honor Code. Its purpose is to maintain the high standards attributed to the VMI man by instilling upon each cadet the desire to conduct himself according to the code of a gentleman. It is for this reason that no cadet shall ever lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do. Honor is a black and white matter at VMI: You either stole or you did not steal; you either lied or you did not lie; you either cheated or you did not cheat. There are no degrees of honor. " All of your actions are expected to be those of an honorable gentleman, and you will be treated as one. Your word will never be questione d, all of your academic work will automatically be considered your own, and you will not have to lock up your valuables each time you leave your room. There are few students in any college in the United States who can make such a claim. " From a speech to the Rats during Cadre, August, 1979. Jesse Wade Stinnette, Jr. President, 1980 VMI Honor Court Seated: Forrest L. Marion, Senior Voting Member, Jesse Wade Stinnette, Jr., President, John A. Rudolph, Vice-President. Standing: Edwin L. Baker, III, Prosecutor, Hugh M. Fain, Prosecutor. 208 Corps Who ' s Who By vote of a committee composed of both cadets and faculty, the following members of the class of 1 980 were selected to represent VMI in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Chosen for academic excellence, athletics, extracurricular activities, and service to the Institute, they are: Charles M. Alston Edwin L. Baker, III Robert D. Boyer, Jr. John J. Casamassa H. Timothy Cox Frederick D. Dismore HughM. Fain, III John R. Gibney, Jr. Robert B. Gore Lawrence R. Hupertz Michael P. Janac Richard Craig Jones Brian D. Lake Frank J Leech, II Richard A. Legere Forrest L. Marion WilliamS. M ' Coy Timothy E. Mecredy Peter R. Peterman John A. Rudolph, Jr. David J. Scherer Eugene Scott, Jr Richard B. Smith Mark S. Sobota Jesse Wade Stinnette, Jr. Daniel B. Sweeney E. Richard Tabb, III A. LandonWellford.lV Tracy D. Wilson John A. Rudolph Regimental Commander Regimental Staff John J. Shuman Executive Officer Murrell F. Stinnette Regimental Adjutant E. Richard Tabb Operations Officer Lt. Col. Richard 0. Weede USMC Regimental Advisor Corps 211 First Battalion Staff David A. Humphrey Battalion Adjutant Francis A. Galgano Supply Officer Maj. Robert I. Macpherson, USMC Battalion Advisor Second Battalion Staff Richard A. Legere Supply Officer NON-EL TIHC AMK JBM ' • ' H ■ Bll-V BBBBBIW) UIBIBH ■ BBB ; AJ Baafaaaa John J. Caplice Recruiting Officer Maj. Lawrence E. Oliver, USA Battalion Advisor Corps 2 i 3 Rat Battalion Staff Mark V. McLean John R. Gibney 21 4 Corps Regimental Sergeants Pieter F. Nauta Sergeant Major John E. Holloway Operations Sergeant Edward E. Holland, Jr. Supply Sergeant Michael A. Shupp Recruiting Sergeant f 1 p u ■ wfSm Hu j H ■ [h ! i iix. s Wt 1 Ryi BHkjLJ HhL h hi 1 4 r B|h 1Tb HH • Ben B. McClellan Color Sergeant Gerald R. Manley Color Sergeant Jacob R. Jaks Color Sergeant Corps 215 Alpha Company --I James R. Lunsford Company Commander Michael J. Donnan Executive Officer Daniel J. Conn Second Lieutenant Jack Scott Hodge Second Lieutenant Raymond P. Joinson Second Lieutenant William M. Sipher Second Lieutenant l jjjfc[liisl 1 ■ AM I J I ' jiB Hpgy ■ 1 Robert W. Carper Second Lieutenant James A. Jackson First Sergeant Cpt. Henry V. Maeger, USA Tactical Officer Cpt. John R. Daymude, USMC Tactical Officer 216 Corps First Class Privates Mohammad Ardaki, Tex Tahamtani, John Lillard, Boyd Gaines, Rick Fowler, Kent Lovejoy, Aaron Bush, Bill M ' Coy, John Hall, Jack Keane, Tracy Wilson, Cecil Richardson, Mitch Alexander, Mike Hall, Mike Bellamy, Bert Liverance, Doug Conyers, Dave Sheahan, Frank Jester, Bob Titus. Corps 217 First Class Privates mSmmZHZ ' !? K T ' 0f ? l Dutt ° n ' Fred Winkler ' Ja Mc Connell, Matt Ott, Ted Helmick, Don Bradshaw, Mike Knapp, Mickey Cole, Yves n«7«!£££r££l o ?. S ' JZ? J ° hns,on ' Bi " Schademan, Rich Sepulveda, Doug Monjeau, Ed Carter, Joe Paustenbaugh, Ken Ciarrocca, Dave Sadowski, George Ramer, Matt Pheifler, Mike Lennox. Not Pictured: Kirk and Harps. 218 Corps Bravo Company Frank P. Arena, Jr. Second Lieutenant Preston A. Vock Second Lieutenant Thomas N. Gelles Executive Officer Chet 0. Thompson First Sergeant Robert J. Dalessandro Second Lieutenant Peyton V. Campbell Second Lieutenant Forrest L. Marion Company Commander Douglas B. Reddington Second Lieutenant Cpt. Robert R. Lodi, USA Tactical Officer Maj. John W. Raymond, USAF Tactical Officer Michael J. Colgan Master Sergeant Charlie Company -? r Gary L. Fellows Company Commander Stephen 0. Chace Executive Officer Charles F. Hilton Second Lieutenant Allan R. Berenbrok Second Lieutenant Patrick J. Griffin Second Lieutenant Mark A. Markwood Second Lieutenant John F. Hirsch Second Lieutenant Joseph D. Provenzano First Sergeant Duane C. Andrews Master Sergeant Cpt. Warren C. Wagner, USA Tactical Officer 220 Corps First Class Privates Mark Pauls, Tom Cook, Doug Walker, Mathew Keys, Mark Sobota, Mike Janac, Joe Burns, Bill Wallace, Larry Avery, Mike Demers, Bill Kyle, Dixon Tucker, Dave Wheeler, John Runyon, Hossein Eshaghi, Terdtoon Tapjan. Corps 221 First Class Privates Rusty Early, Dwight Pearson, Wayland Patterson, Phil Munisteri, Brendan Miney, Landon Wellford, Mehdi Shakibafar, Rick Henry, Marty Fedenko, Otto Bernet, Gary Levenson, Dennis Quinn, Derryl Sullivan, Dave Gleason, Phil Altizer, Harold Mayton, Ken Trotman, Rob Leatherbury, Scott Berlin, Craig Jones, Ali Mahan, Tom White, Tom Berrson, Les Walsh, Al Selnau, A. J. Shah, Smokey Jackson. 222 Corps Michael S. O ' Neil Second Lieutenant Delta Company Joseph 0. Brawn Second Lieutenant William A. Brown Executive Officer Frank J. Leech Company Commander Glenn C. Alexander First Sergeant Lawrence R. Hupertz Second Lieutenant Charles Joseph Hinton Second Lieutenant Christopher B. Lusk Second Lieutenant Cpt. David R. King, USA Tactical Officer Cpt. Joseph G. Spicer, USA Tactical Officer John H. Oixon Master Sergeant Corps 223 Echo Company Brian C. O ' Neill Company Commander Loten T. Masker, Jr. Executive Officer Cornelius A. McCauley Second Lieutenant Daniel B. Sweeney Second Lieutenant Brian D. Lake Second Lieutenant Arthur B. Loefstedt, III Second Lieutenant Hugh M. Fain, III Second Lieutenant Kurt S. Owermohle First Sergeant William P. Johnson Master Sergeant Lt. Phillip A. Bishop, USN Tactical Officer Cpt. Thomas A. Fitzgerald, USAF Tactical Officer 224 Corps — Ck. r THE HEALTHFVL AND PLEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF HONORABLE THE HILL OF SCIENCE WITh I f NG SPECTACLE HONOfl ro 0 OF HONEST oMDE TC SPEC1ME SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIf FAME » D READ IN EV[ DEEPEST PERIL I First Class Privates IE Charlie Sachs, Charlie Hansrote, Smitty Smithson, Karl Beta, John Briggs, Ron Burner, Don Meyer, Phil Raebum. I Kirii Deadriek, Jim O ' Conner, Dennis Milsten, Dave Madden, Gene Scott, Ben James, Jim Carmichael, John Alerding, Tom Shedd, Keith Stewart, Chuck White, Mike Rellins, Gerry Koehler, Jim Mikle, Josh Priest, Bob Wheeler, Herman Wright, Joe Scioscia. Corps 225 flk iv 7 THE HEALTHFVL AND PLEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF HONORABLE YOVTHS PRESSING VP THE HIU OF SCIENCE WITH NOBU EMVLATION A GRATIFYING SPECTACLE AN HONOR. TO OVR COVNTRY AND OW STATE OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRVCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDfERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVD OF HER FAME AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST TQ_V:NDiCAT£ H1R_ HONQR»«R £EFJND_Hr. _MCjjTS Ml II Rill HI. -■ . ■ • First Class Privates ; . f, Walt Wood, Wei Chang, Bill Roelolsen, Bill Pataki, Louis Toms, Bob Osier, Bill Kelly, Craig Cox, Mark McCormack, Kieth Frazier, Ed Elliot, Toiler Nolley. Mike Bajorek, Tim Cox, Phil Logan, Steve Klinar, Vee Dunn, Farhad Bigdeli, Mark Gruber, Mike Flinn, Tommy Earle, Earl Bears, Tom Wilson, John Tinsley. 226 Corps Foxtrot Company Vincent K. Copenhaver Second Lieutenant John T. Stallings Second Lieutenant Robert S. Sayre Executive Officer John W. Oiggs Company Commander Thomas J. Savage Master Sergeant Richard M. Nehls First Sergeant John M. Hughes Second Lieutenant George N. Condyles IV Second Lieutenant Cpt. David A. Sheppard, USA Tactical Officer Cpt. David B. Hall, USA Tactical Officer Corps 227 Band Company Stephen M. Andrews Company Commander Timothy M. Hodges Executive Officer William J. Belkoski Second Lieutenant William T. Stoneman Second Lieutenant Jeffrey M. Johnson Second Lieutenant Eli T. S. Altord Drum Major Ralph S. Northam First Sergeant Gregory 0. Foster Master Sergeant Maj. Warren S. Frier, USA Tactical Officer Cpt. Phillip D. Joullian, USAF Tactical Officer First Class Privates r — T m ma mB Mm k b ' : a m ■■ ■ Pat McCarthy, Paul Perry, Rich Mouri, Happy Kwiatkowski, Jim StauHer, Mike Molhoek, Kent Oelrich, John Gibney, Bob Cadmus, Bert Schneider, Elliott Woltfe, Richard Smith, Mike Lunning, Hal Snyder, Brian Hub. Corps 229 ACTIVITIES Ni V STATE OBJECTS U " mm " ,LZ„ »«,»..» 01 S»» " .i nam i- - fci-4 SLi kMl ] Posit Committee The Posit Committee is composed of the leaders of the upper three classes. It investigates major areas of concern to cadet life and recommends courses of action to the Superintendent on behalf of the Corps. The Committee maintains and constantly strives to improve the high standards and overall image of VMI. J.S. f Ciacci LF, Smith RB, Rudolph JA, Priest JP, Bitzberger HT, Sawyer MAJ, Lunsford JR, Mott JK, Johnson WP, Thompson GL, Morris RJ, Hupertz l_R, Stauffer JA, Letts SJ, Jaks JR. Priest JP, Keane JF, Jones RR, Quinn DG, Blasser JD, Elliott EG, Knapp MG. O.G.A The Officer of the Guard Association creates and maintains a healthful environment within the Corps of Cadets by promoting communication among the classes and administration. An organization composed solely of First Class Privates, the OGA consists of a seven member board. Each board member represents and is elected by one of the seven companies comprising the Corps. J.P. 232 Activities 1st Row: Carl Wittig, Vice Pres.; Loten Masker, Pres.; Ed Bower, Vice Pres. 2nd Row: John Gibney, Sec; Tom Bersson, Keith Frazier, Jeff Basilotta, Sec; Mark McClean, Sec; Al Ramer, Sec; Mike Harper, Mike Molhoek, Doug Burton. Not Pictured: Dwight Pearson. Rat Disciplinary Committee RDC: It takes the timid and makes them tough! The RDC promotes the physical and mental integrity that makes the VMI Keydet the unique individual he is. The RDC accomplishes this through regular meetings aimed at enforcing the Rat Line. TFB The General Committee insures that the cadet class system is strictly adhered to. The Executive Committee assures the Corps of Cadets that an individual whose actions fall below the standards and traditions of VMI and which bring discredit upon the Corps shall be accountable for those actions. General Committee Executive Committee Seated: T. Murphy, G. Outland, R. Morris, H. Fain, W. Wood, E. Baker, H. Bitzberger, J. Modisett, R. Louthan. Standing: K. Trotman, J. Melvin, E. Bears. J. McCauley. Activities 233 Cheerleaders Girls from Southern Seminary and cadets group each year to form the VMI Cheerleading squad. We have a fan- tastic time together cheering for the Keydets, but there are many responsibilities and standards that we all work together to meet. The ruckus raised in the messhall, explosive pep rallies in barracks and enthusiasm from the stands reflects the spirit here at the VMI which remains unmatched by any opponent. This spirit makes cheer- leading at VMI well worthwhile. ' THE CORPS ROOTS THE LOUDEST, WE ' LL YET WIN THE DAY! " MAB The purpose of the T.C.F.C. ' 81 was to raise money to help pay for Ring Figure ' 81. The money was raised through the sale of pizzas and subs, lock boxes, Rat T- shirts and many other items. We would sincerely like to thank the Corps for its support throughout our year of operation. I would also like to give special thanks to Jeff Martin and Moose McCue for the time they donated to our class. The rummy games were fun . CRS T.C.F.C 81 234 Activities The CRC organizes, coordinates, and facilitates outdoor recreational activities for the corps, providing recreational equipment, sponsoring CRC tournaments and recreational furloughs while encouraging individual and group safety. M. Sawyer, G. Outland, S. Sayre, F. Leech, M. Colgan, T. Horan, J. Chandler, J. Bieltz. The CPB provides cultural, social, recreational and educational programs of interest and benefit to the VMI community. These activities stimulate personal and social development, providing that training and experience outside of the classroom necessary to the total development of the VMI Man. Timmins Music Society The Timmins Music Society is a growing organization which has the primary purpose of promoting classical music interests within the Corps of Cadets. Founded in 1952, it is named in the memory of VMI ' s John Timmins, who was killed in action in the Korean conflict. The Institute ' s only culturally based society, the TMS annually organizes off post functions for the benefit of its members. The highlight of this policy is a yearly trip to New York City. The adviser to the TMS is Col. Thomas B. Gentry. Front Row: D. Andrews, R. Cadmus, B. Lake. Back Row: C. Kause, S. Le, Col. Gentry, B. Btirns, D. Blowe, T. McCune. Arnold Air Society 1 st Row: T. Cook, L. Shelton, L. Avery — Commander, J. Brown, 0. Sadowski. 2nd Row: S. Barger, J. Hargreaves, D. Taylor, M. Sobota, R. Parker, J. Harris. 3rd Row: B. Liverance, J. Stallings, K. Herbert, E. Holland, H. Brlesmaster, N. Kloster, J. Hall. The Arnold Air Society is a national organization advocating support of the USAF. At VMI, the Jefferson Scott Dotson Squadron seeks to render community service and provide professional training leading to a career as an Air Force Officer while serving a social function for its members. 236 Activities SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVD OF HER. FAME AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL TO VINDICATE HER HONOR OR DEFEND HER RIGHTS COLW Ti The Society of American Military Engineers is designed to give cadets a chance to expand their practical knowledge of engineering projects, from which the local community as well as VMI benefits. The goal of the VMI Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is to expose cadets to many areas of Civil Engineering by sponsoring guest lectures, field trips, a concrete canoe team and branch, as well as team, state, and national meetings. RAL Activities 237 9fc fo H! Caiict Copy Staff Business Staff 238 Activities Business Manager Managing Editor Editorial Editor Thomas R. Kelly I 1 ' Steve Tennant Editors Writers Cadet Staff Activities 239 F i r e f i g h t e r s The VMI Firefighters stand ready to defend the local forests from the ravages of fire. As there were no big fires this year, the firefighters were not required to put to use the extensive training they received from the Forest Service. " Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires " The VMI Martial Arts Club instructs both beginners and advanced students in the concepts and techniques of Karate. Participation in this activity is open to all cadets. ROZ K a r a t e C 1 u b 240 Activities A m a t e u r R a d i o " Testing, Testing 1 , 2, 3. This is the VMI Amateur Radio Club saying hello to everybody out there in radio land. " The Radio Club, which broadcasts from NEB, is open to any cadet interested in furthering his knowledge of Ham Radio Operations. P r e M e d S o c i e t y The Pre-Med Society gives those cadets interested in the health services an extension of their interest in that field. This usually involves lectures by visiting doctors and professors who discuss their particular specialties. Through these lectures, cadets gain information useful both as general knowledge and in the selection of a future career. From Left to Right: S. Morgan, G. Scott, J. Bieltz, C. King, T. Mecredy- McCune, H. Snyder — Pres., L. Aigner, R. Moschler. - Vice Pres., Col. Hundley (Faculty Advisor), J. Demeo, W. Woodell, T. Activities 241 j. Mi] Militaria Society The VMI Militaria Society is a group of individuals who share their interests in military history. Model building and war-gaming are just some of the activities which they engage in. This year ' s club officers were President Hubert Schneider, Vice Pres. Ed Carter, Treasurer Rick Hubbard and Sec. Tracy Henderson. The Pre-Law Society was very active this year. Membership increased in response to entertaining speakers, the opportunity provided cadets to serve as jurors in Moof Court at W L and the opportunity to attend a field trip to the J.A.G. School at U. Va. To Dr. Burgess, our advisor, this year ' s society extends a hearty Thank you for his guidance, help and talent. Daniel B. Sweeney — President Donald B. Meyer — Vice President Not Pictured: Scott Sayre — Sec. -Treasurer 242 Activities President — Michael C. Alston. Vice President — Don Mitchell Secretary — William Strickland Historian — Michael Smith Promaji, Swahilli for " togetherness, " strives for the solidification for the bond of hospitality and good will between the Black cadets and an extremely gracious Lexington community. Promaji functions as a communicative body, facilitating rapport among the community, Corps and Institute. The Young Democrats Club led the way to political awareness on post this year . " A Vote is a Terrible Thing to Waste. " Left to Right: J. Melvin — Vice Pres.; J. Parsons, M. McLeod, H. Lee — Sec; C. Dombalis, M. Burt, D. Quinn, B. Miney, H. Mayton, C. Meredith, B. Gottwald, T. Slipek, J. Paustenbaugh, D. Pearson — Chief Exec. Not Pictured: Col. S. Gilliam, advisor. Activities 243 Circle K Club Circle K is a social organization which serves the surrounding com- munity. One of its jobs was the cleaning of the new railroad bed. A rising club with great potential, Cir- cle K expects greater support in the years ahead. This year, the Third Class began its fund raising activities. The co-chairmen, Bill Bradley and Paul D ' antonio, planned a big year for T.C.F.C, beginning with the Sophomore Mixer and the Third Class Follies. With various other activities, the T.C.F.C. hopes to make lots of money. T.C.F.C. ' 82 is going strong and has great plans for their Ring Figure next Fall. PRESTO!? LIBftflfty n rm 1st Row: S. Freeman, Lt. Col. Gaines, Chuck Hoffert. 2nd Row: Mark Hearne, Steve Brouse. 3rd Row: R. Reisch, L. Walsh, G. Kessler. 4th Row: S. Kraus. 244 Activities Glee Club B i 1 i i 1 1 i r j .iillll 1 ! i -Pi » 1 % BB The 1979-1980 Glee Club has successfully completed another year under the direction of Lt. Col. George L. Gansz. Traditional concerts during the year included Parent ' s Weekend Concert, a barrack ' s courtyard Christmas Carol Sing, and the Finals Concert the night before graduation. In addition to these annual concerts, the Glee Club performed at Chatham College, the University of Pittsburgh, Randolph-Macon Women ' s College, Southern Seminary, Mary Washington College, and the Roanoke Civic Center before the start of the Southern Conference Tournament. President: Vincent K. Copenhaver Vice President: Robert C. Cadmus Secretary: Jorg A. Ronke Treasurer: Robert S. Lawless, Jr. The VMI Society of Physics Students has the objective of pursuing and promoting further study of the physical sciences through activities such as field trips, movies, and guest speakers. Colonel Peters is the faculty advisor for the S.P.S. this year. President: Mike Janac, Vice President: Richard Henry. Treasurer: Gary Won. Secretary: Rick Hubbard Society of Physics Students Activities 245 Concrete Canoe Team The VMI Concrete Canoe Team has liv- ing proof that concrete floats, for the unit designs, builds and races its own con-j crete canoe. The team is sponsored by the VMI Student Chapter of the ASCE and competes with other student chapters throughout the nation. The team is com- prised of civil engineering majors who have an interest in applying their engi- neering outside the classroom. Captains for the 79- ' 80 team are Tom Bersson, Alex Woelper, Dave Wheeler, Dennis Mil- sten and Rich Sepulveda. The thunderous blast that can be heard when the Keydet Football team scores is made by Little John II, the Corps ' personal cannon. The crew, led by Jim Mikle, fires the cannon when adjutant ' s call is made, when the team takes the field, and when the game ends. Little John II Cannon Crew 246 Activities Cannon Ball Committee jjifi • BIf ' % »£ " Jw S - ' m: ,, ' ■ •■ The VMI Cannonball Committee began four years ago when our dykes introduced us to this most enjoyable art. Throughout our cadetship we have tried to capture the spirit and mood of the season or occasion. We made our " midnight jaunts " for the pleasure of the Corps and its visitors and promise that the CBC will never die. We ' ve had fun and hope that everyone enjoyed our designs, as much as we enjoyed creating them. As we inherited our organization from our dykes, so we will give the committee to our Rats when we leave. Hopefully the tradition will continue as part of the VMI. We wish to thank all those Brother Rats who have contributed to the cause. The VMI CBC Monogram Club I The Monogram Club, whose membership is the largest of any club at VMI, is comprised of varsity letter winners. The club ' s activities include ushering at athletic events and running Monogram parties, which are enjoyed by many. President: Kenneth M. Baybutt Vice President: Aaron W. Bush Treasurer: Douglas B. Burton THEHEALTHFVLAND PLEASANT- ABODE- OF A CHOWD OF- HONORABLE YOVTHS PRESSING VP THE- HILL OF- SCIENCE: WITH NOBLE EMVLATION AGRATIFYINCSPECTACLE:ANHONORTOOVR COVNTRYAND OVR STATE: OBJECTS- OF- HONESTPRIDETO THEIR- INSTRVCTORS AND- FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVD- OF HER- FAME- AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF • DEEPEST PERIL TO- VINDICATE • HER- HONOR- OR DEFEND ■ HER RIGHTS Activities 247 The Civil War Roundta- ble is devoted to cadet study of the War Between the States. Each club meeting includes lectures on various period topics from soldier life to battle strategy. Funds raised from movie showings and a Roundtable sponsored re-enactment each April go towards field trips to various sites around the state and neighboring states. Roundtable mem- bers participate in such annual re-enactments as Saylor ' s Creek and New Market and are presently working towards outfitting an authentically uni- formed ' 61- ' 65 period Cadet detachment which it is hoped will eventually include a limber and artil- lery piece. The Civil War Roundtable functions are headed by Rick Keister, President, and Clinker Moss, Vice President. RCMIII Civil War Roundtable MiM 1 i |. IPP 4 A ' - r 1 • 7 ' F ' ' Ofl ' llj • | " ■ E S n o 8 1 c i i e s t h y Ah yes, knowledge is good. So declares the VMI English Society, self-proclaimed bearers of the Light and faithful advocates of wisdom in an otherwise cultur- ally deficient corps of college students. Their eyes continually focused upon higher truths (yet strained from late nights of too much reading), these philosophi- cal disciples and caffeine addicts offer r bit of subtlety, wit, and cheap movies to their less scholarly schoolmates. Czar Double F and his court salute a reading from the Spanky Memorial Book of knowledge, another enlightening moment within the hallowed halls of Daniel ' s Den. THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE WAITERS The Cadet Waiters are always looking for a few good men. This year, under the fearless leadership of Bob (Ayatollah?) Whiteazadi, this group enjoyed the strongest contingent of first class tribesmen in many years. Their loss will be felt by the Corps, but the tradition of being a " cadet waiter " will be carried over by next year ' s well indoctrinated upperclassmen. Speaking for all waiters — past, present, and future — it must be remembered that: " It ' s not just a job, it ' s an adventure. " The Young Economist Investment Club The Young Econo- mist Investment Club was started by a group of individuals who hold an interest in the American economic system, especially the stock market. The club has collected approxi- mately $1000.00 from an investor and now owns stock in four cor- porations. Member- ship in the club has expanded to approxi- mately 40 members and this growth will continue as other cadets learn of our activities. Activities 249 The AUSA (Association of the United States Army) is a national pro- fessional organization for Army officers. The VMI chapter — General of the Army George Gatlett Mar- shall Company — has the purpose of enlightening members as to what real Army life is like. This is done predominantly by guest lecturers but the chapter conducts an FTX and sponsors the Mar- shall Awards. This year, the AUSA also did civic work by helping the Boy Scouts. At the National Convention, VMI was awarded a best chapter award for its work with the Marshall Awards Confer- ence. President: V.Dunn Vice President: Frank Galgano Secretary: Rob Digby Treasurer: Bruno Loefstedt A.U. S.A. MARINE DETACHMENT The VMI Marine Detach- ment is comprised of cadets who are pursuing a commis- sion in the United States Marine Corps. It is super- vised by the officers who are assigned to the NROTC unit. The activities of the detach- ment include the Annual Marine Corps Birthday mess night, the physical training platoon, and various field training exercises. President: Jesse W. Stinnette Jr. Officers: Daniel J. Conn Robert A. Gearhart Jr. John R. Gibney Jr. ITIZEN SOLDIERS ' ■ ATTACHED -TO THEIR- NATIVE STATE FAME AND ■ HEADY IN ■ EVERY -TIME- OF ■ DEEPEST- PERIL iCATE HER- HONOR OR- DEFEND HER- RIGHTS- ■ ■ CQJ, JM-L- PROTON «Si«; 250 Activities JU IKL — i.BMr X i 7 ' aJ ' " " b 2 jr ' ' VaM N " JB _H . ■=• | ' «51 S , " w x , ' " ::: r Nrji)h J u Ijjjm 7 MUs t,l it m K A - Ril -■ V ' 1 Thel.E.E.E. is a group of cadets aspiring to become Electrical Engineers. Not only are they interested in becoming " Double E ' s " , but are also interested in expanding their knowledge of electrical engineering. Guest speakers, field trips and student papers are some of the activities they participate in. The president of the I.E.E.E. this year was Josh Priest. Kneeling: Terry Stoneman, Bob Liguori, Hossein Khosh-Pasand. Standing: Piet Nauta, Mehdi " Shake and Bake " Shakibafar, Bert Snyder, William " Hulk " Belkoski, Bruce Kitchen, Mark Pauls, Jimmy Hart, Ray Lawson, Ken Pohlig, Troon Tapjan, Mike Placzek, Kent Love- joy. VMI ' s cadet orchestra, The Commanders, got its start in 191 9 as the " Rambling Keydets. " The dance band enjoys a wide reputation from its many appearances at VMI hops and at engagements outside. Purely a cadet activity, the orchestra buys its own music and supplies, its own equipment, and not infrequently, its arrangements are made by the men in the band. The cadet in charge of The Commanders this year was Terry Stoneman. Copy taken from the Bullet. The Society of Young Economists L The Society of Young Economists is an organization which provides the opportunities for cadets to expand their inter- ests in the field of economics beyond the classroom environment. Club functions, such as field trips and lecture and interview sessions, along with general business meetings, offer experience and information in various economic and related fields. With the expansion of cadet enrollment in the Economic curriculum, club size and activities have also increased. President: Larry Hupertz, ' 80 The Air Explorers ' Post is designed to pro- mote interest in aeronautical aspects within the Corps. The post explores both the civil and military aspects of aviation. Visits to museums and airports promote learning about the past, present, and future of flight. 252 Activities Ski Club This winter, the Ski Ciub once again hit the slopes in full force. The season started with a six day trip to Sugarbush, Vermont. Despite a severe lack of snow, everyone enjoyed themselves, for there was never a shortage of " bunnies, " beds, and booze. Returning to Virginia, the Club made trips every weekend to Massanutten, Wintergreen and Snowshoe. The Club ' s officers this year were John Caplice as President, and Dave Gleason and Mickey Cole serving as Vice- Presidents. The Publications Board is comprised of faculty members and cadets involved with the three major cadet publications: The BOMB, VMI Cadet and Sounding Brass. The board convenes every month to discuss problems which arise with the various cadet publications, as well as allocate funds to purchase new equipment. The board is also responsible for selecting the major editors of each cadet publication. This year ' s Pub ' Board chairman was Robert Wheeler. The Pub ' Board The VMI Pep Band, a smaller unit of the Regimental Band, is an active participant in the support of the VMI sports program. The Band plays at all home football games, pep rallies, home and away basketball games and various other athletic events. The Pep Band is mostly made up of 4th Classmen, which is a requirement of all Band Co. Rats. The rest of the participants are upperclassmen who volunteer to play in the Band. Officers and director are elected each year by its members. This year ' s officers are: President: J. M. Johnson Vice-Pres.: J. H. Shrader Secretary: R. A. Reisch The Newman Club is a group of cadets whose primary purose is to promote Christian fellowship with others and with Christ. This is done through regular dinners and also with activities and retreats with other colleges in the diocese of Richmond. Although oriented to Catholic cadets, the Newman Club invites cadets of all faiths to come and share with us. [ The Newman Club 254 Activities The Texas Club The Texas Club is a collection of renegades and desperadoes who, for various reasons, were sent to VMI to become educated in the ways and mannerisms of a gentleman. Fortunately, all such efforts have been successfully repelled. ZZ Top Forever! Not Pictured: Mike " Lone Star " Flinn I Tanker Platoon The VMI Tanker Platoon consists of cadets interested into putting to use their classroom knowledge of tanks. Armed with fine M48AS tanks, the platoon uses hands-on training to truly experience the excitement of Armor. Open to all cadets, the Tankers offer an unique experience to an all too often dull life. J£ y— " • ' ; ' ; : % Activities 255 H o P a n d F 1 o o r rT n,,,, PW»iiiliB8BiiiiSiiiSi The VMI Hop and Floor Committee is the group that is responsible for decorating the gym and selecting the entertainment for a Hop weekend. The members of Hop and Floor have a " good old time " for the entire week before the Hops, enjoying such luxuries as hay down and all duty, late supper, and extra hours of hop privileges. This year ' s Chairman was Kirk Berkhimer; Tom Slipek served as Vice President. American Chemical Society The VMI student affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society is an organization dedicated to expanding the horizons of its members beyond the boundaies of VMI. The ACS enables cadets to examine current events in the world of chemistry via guest speakers and field trips. This year, members were introduced to activities of chemists involved in industrial research and development, graduate school chemistry and chemistry pertaining to the tobacco industry. On October 25, 1979, the First Class members attended the 31 st Southeastern Regional Meeting of the Blue Ridge Section of the ACS in Roanoke, Virginia. President: Wade Stinnette Pub. Rel. Off.: Bob Hillard Vice President: Steve Thomas Sec.-Treas.: Cliff Munns 256 Activities The Sounding Brass is the liter- ary magazine of the Corps of Cadets. As an expression of the corps ' literary tastes, this annual magazine presents original poetry, fiction, literary criticism and art works by cadets. Seated: Left to Right — Frank Arena, Bill Leftwich. Standing: Left to Right — Chuck Kause. Joel Bodnar. [ Sounding Brass 1 The V.M.I. Scuba Club was organized to provide cadets the opportunity to enjoy the art of scuba diving and to further their underwater skills. The Scuba Club plans several trips to differ- ent diving spots along the East coast each semester. Doug Dil- lard served as president of the club this year, and Coach West served as the faculty advisor to the club. V.M.I. Scuba Club Activities 257 Debate Team Standing: Capt. Hall. Seated: Frank Tifford, Tracy Hender- son, Gary Bowman, Bruce Cohen. L§ ' ! V- ' - ; «?£§ " " j : The Debate Team has been a part of VMI for almost 100 years. Although the styles of debate have changed, debate is still a highly intellectual and very competitive organization. The VMI Debate Team competed at Harvard, Xavier, Wake Forest, Georgetown, and many other tournaments this year. The coach of this year ' s team was Captain Hall. Captain Hall was captain of the team for two years while he was a cadet, and he hopes that this year ' s young team will go to nationals next year. The Debate Team also sponsors the Jackson-Hope High School Debate Tournament. Ranger Platoon The VMI Range Platoon is a training program open to cadets of all branches who are interested in learning more about infan- try operations. The Ra nger Platoon teaches the basic skills of the Infantryman in areas such as mortar gunnery, M16, M60 and .50 caliber machinegun marksmanship, hand to hand combat and mechanized infantry tactics. Live fire exercises at Ft. Pickett and numerous field exercises give an opportunity for men in the Rangers to practice these skills in the field. The Rangers are definitely a highly motivated bunch of men. The Infantry does it better! Bruno The International Relations Club is comprised of cadets interested in matters involving foreign policy. The club makes numerous trips to other colleges and universities to participate in discussions of foreign policy including mock U.N. Security Council conferences. The highlight of the club ' s activities is a trip to New York City to see the United Nations. International Relations Club The VMI Theatre was founded in March, 1 970 by an ambitious group of cadets and their enthusiastic advisor and director, Dr. James B. Davis of the English Faculty. After an initial modest staging of Act V, Scene II of Hamlet, the young group quickly began to tackle full-scale productions. Within the ten years since that first show, the VMI Theatre has continued to offer a wide variety of dramas and musicals ranging from the great Agatha Christie mystery " Ten Little Indians " to the successful Broadway comedy " Brother Rat, " which was itself written by two VMI cadets. The theatre continues to provide opportunities for cadets to learn not only acting but also theatrical construction and management while providing first rate entertainment for the Corps and Rockbridge County. The VMI Theatre Activities 259 Seated: Chaplain Charles Caudill, Bob Cadmus (president). Standing: Evan Searleman, Jeff Adler, Craig Jones, Steve Dobler, Kirk Berkhimer, Rich Stuver, Bob Briggs. Religious Council The Religious Council got off to a slow start at the beginning of the year, unsure of what duties we were to assume. Drawing from Chaplain Caudill ' s enthusiasm, however, we soon found a niche from which we could grow and hopefully enrich the education received at VMI. It has been a hectic year, but also a fulfilling one. Thanks for the encouragement Chaplain and, especially thanks for the cookies and coffee Mrs. Chaplain. The VMI Baptist Student Union club is a religious organization composed of cadets from varying religious persua- sions. The B.S.U. meets on Sunday eve- nings at Manley Memorial Baptist Church. Programs vary from guest speakers, mov- ies or visiting groups from area colleges. Activities consist of work days in which cadets do odd jobs for community resi- dents, taking trips to sur- rounding schools for social get-togethers. Highlighting the year are the fall and spring state B.S.U. conven- tions which many state col- leges attend, allowing cadets the chance to meet new people and exchange ideas and information con- cerning Christian life as stu- dents. 260 Activities 1980 Bomb Staff Staff Activities 26 1 1 262 Aclivities " I A : I First Class Boyd Gaines, Tom Slipek, Larry Hupertz Second Class Mark Lowe, Nick Savage Third Class and Rat Class Philip C. Dederer Steve O. Checca Artists Mike E. Duval John E. Holloway JodyW. McCarthy Activities 263 264 Activities ! ; Photography Staff Seated: Ward Walsh, Keith Baron, Whit. ' Wyatt. Back Row: Mike Plazcek, Tom McCune, Jay Wams- ley, Mark David. Business Staff Seated: Chris Dombalis. Standing: Clay Worn- mack. Yves Pollart, Johnny Piotrowski, Klinker Moss. Copy Editor Mark Ciarrocca, Jim O ' Connor, J. J. Burns Prologue — C. K. Richardson, Bert Liverance In a Lighter Vein — Joe Brown, Bert Liverance Activities 265 V II mm — II, » i H —y-li— W—y $ ■ - INSTITUTE ff ■ ' fmrnm ' " — J sjrav Photo by Tementi Foster Studk THE HONORABLE JOHN H. DALTON GOVERNOR 268 Institute LIEUTENANT GENERAL RICHARD L. IRBY SUPERINTENDENT BRIG. GENERAL JAMES W. MORGAN DEAN OF THE FACULTY BRIG. GENERAL GEORGE M. RIPLEY DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT Col. Slater — Business Executive Lt. Col. Beard — Asst. Treasurer Colonel C. Ernest Edgar III Commandant of Cadets -JK . f 4- l ■ k r ., - W Captain H. A. Willcockson Deputy Commandant Captain J. G. Spicer, Jr. Assistant Commandant 272 Institute Miss Lynn Hare, Mrs. Sandi Hartless, Mrs. Pat Henson Secretaries ECONOMICS DEPT. HEAD, DR. CHANG Mrs. Clements, Maj Jeremias, Dr. Pruchnic, Dr. Yancey, Dr. Chang, Capt. Spear, Col. Morrison, Capt. Herdrich, Maj. Duncan. 274 Institute ENGLISH DEPT. HEAD, COL. ROTH Major Badgett, Dr. Ford, Colonel Gentry, Lt. Colonel Boettjer, Colonel Roth, Major Wilson, Dr. Burgess, Dr. Davis, Mr. Greet, Colonel Byers, Major Bedell. HISTORY DEPARTMENT HEAD, COL. HUNTER Maj. Gunsburg, Maj. Mayerchak. Col. Brooke, Col. Bausum, Col. Hays, Col. Hunter, Maj. Goolrick, Lt. Col. Thomas, Col. Gilliam, Maj. Wilson, Lt. Col. Davis MODERN LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT HEAD, COL. LANCASTER Ltc. Col. Halliburton, Lt. Col. Weing, Lt. Col. Harris, Col. Lancaster, Maj. Robinson, Lt. Col. Vines, Lt. Col. Monsour PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY DEPT. HEAD, DR. FOSTER CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPT. HEAD, COL. SCULLEY Lt. Col. Lowsley, Cdr. Kirkley, Col. McDonough, Mr. Page, Col. Sculley, 2nd Lt. Gomez, Lt. Col. Crlm, Col. Jamison, Col. Dobyns, Lt. Col. Payne. 280 Institute ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPT. HEAD, COL. NICHOLS Capt. Smith, Dr. Balazs, It Col. Stumpff. Col. Nichols. Col Skutt, Maj. Keeler. Mr. Roberts MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPT. HEAD, COL. TAYLOR THE COMPUTER CENTER DIRECTOR, DR. BALAZS Dave Wilmer, Robert Arehart, Martha Potter, Dr. Balazs, Roy Cash BIOLOGY DEPT. HEAD, DR. WHITE Col Reeves. Col. Hundley. Dr. White, Lt. Col Swope, Col. Gupton, Col. Wingfield. CHEMISTRY C. A. Brown, J. B. Harris, Mrs. Hartless, Col, Wetmore, Col. Pickral, Maj. Wilson, Col. Wise, Lt. Col. Riethmiller, Col. Goller, Col. Settle, Maj. Schreiber, Lt. Col. Ludt. Institute 285 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPT. HEAD, DR. KING Maj. Virgets, Coach Joyce, Coach King, Coach Coale, Maj, West. MATHEMATICS DEPT. HEAD, LT. COL. ABERNATHY Dr. Williams, Maj. Martin, Col. Zoinak, Lt. Col. Abernathy, Lt. Col. Bolen, Maj. Baxtor, Col. Saunders, Maj. Hartis, Dr. Norman Institute 287 PHYSICS DEPT. HEAD, COL. SAUDER Maj. Adams, Col. Carpenter, Col. Newman, Col. Sauder, Col. Peters, Col. Minnix, Maj. Jones. MILITARY SCIENCE PMS, COL. EDGER Capt. Wagner, Maj. Oliver, Capt. Spicer, S Sgt. Biggs, SFC Thorpe, Mr. Swink. Capt. King, SP5 Colvin, Col. Edger, Capt. Herdrich, Capt. Meager, SFC Spillman, Ms. Teafdrd, Lt. Col. MacGregor, SFC Smith, Capt. Hall, Capt. Sheppard, SFC Hollar, Maj. Frair, Capt. Knight, Capt. Lodi, M Sgt. Toms, SGM Gates. NAVAL SCIENCE PNS, COL. GARY Gy Sgt. Holmes, Maj. MacPherson, Lt. Dempsy, CPO 1st Class Blake, Lt. Johnson, Lt. Bishop, Capt. Daymude, Miss Burch, Col. Gary, YNI Fenchel, Mrs. Ayers, Lt. Dunn, Lt. Col. Weede, SKC Hopper, Mrs. Hambrick, Lt. Dempsey, Lt. Cdr. Ogle. AEROSPACE STUDY PAS, COL. BOTBYL Capt Fitzgerald. Sgt. Sowers, Capt. Krause, Maj. Raymond. T Sgt. Teague, Maj. Blakely, T Sgt. Anderson, Col. Botbyl, Capt. Joullian, Sgt. Chilcote. 290 Institute THE V.M.I. FOUNDATION THE V.M.I. KEYDET CLUB THE V.M.I. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Col Beverly M. Read, Editor, Alumni Publications; Warren J. Bryan, Secretary of the V.M.I Foundation; Timothy P. Golden, Asst. Secretary of the V.M.I Foundation; Stephen J. Lowder, Asst Secretary of the V.M.I. Keydet Club; Royce Jones, Execu- tive Vice-President of the V.M.I. Keydet Club; Gerald F. Eggleston, Executive Vice-President of the Alumni Association; Sandy McNamara, Executive Asst. to the V.M.I. Alumni Association. Institute 291 First Row: Maj. J. Robson, W. Davis, Col. Gaines, F. Camper. Second Row: L. Covington, M. Cam- per, D. Tassel, M. Perason, G. Youngblood, B. Hamric. Third Row: H. Cox, D. Jacob, A. Couch, T. Harris, V. Smith, N. Kirby, L. Chaplin. SEWING SHOP E. Johnson, J. Wilhelm, V. Eubank, L. Furr, B. Newcomer, B. Zollman, E. Manley. BARBER SHOP DR. OLD 292 Institute BOOK STORE V.M.I. BEARS PRESSING SHOP Charles Pennick, Winfred Dickense, Clarence Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Albert Hartless, John Hartless, Hughey Johnson, Emmett Campbell C. Craney, E. Craney INSTITUTE POLICE W. Lyle, L. Blackwell. S. Mays, Bill Clark PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE J. Martin, Maj. Adams, E. Duff, R. Checca E. Potter, C. Connor, C. Burch, T. Wimer, R. Sours, J O ' Connor •i-.. . ..■ . ENTER Augusta Co LEAVE Rockbridge Co J ■ t SOCIAL Jv ' cS cj -V kii r r r r r g r r y r t r r r r ? $9M L w In a world which is constantly changing, one must learn to adapt readily without losing the desired traits and values he or she possesses. At the Virginia Military Institute, cadets are caught up in the fast-pace social scenes which surround the col- lege students of today. But due to the rigid stand- ards set by the Institute, we have not the freedom to explore the " normal flow " which so many of our counterparts take. We, therefore, have learned to appreciate the essence of time, using it to our advantage . . . You ' ll find cadets going uptown to a movie ... or making new acquaintances at the surrounding women ' s colleges! Cadets, though are by no means " totally confined. " And when they party you are likely to find them anywhere! . . . Zolloman ' s ... or a Super Bowl Party at Econo-Travel! But wherever they are, the VMI cadets always try to give 100%, or actually being there as alumni. whether having a Virgin Islands Party in barracks . . . And so we begin Welcome to Zollomon ' s Pavilion! fl fIIl BeEt H Hi : ?JB5;, : : .» l fl Wr ' 1 _j|l_t Hi! Glad you could make it! Come on in! There ' s plenty good, cold beer inside! 5 I cLuzn in Jiaxxaakil m,: t IT ALL STARTED WITH DEVIOUS THIRDS . lit eS lM5 I H . Hi, If INTRAMURAL WATER POLO TEAM TO THE R ESCUE! AWW MAN, I WAS JUST GETTING USED TO MY NEW WATER BED! GOOD NIGHT HULK . . . GOOD NIGHT BIRD! Jdu£ -Jhszs a J.u±t a± A [uak (fyoLng on (Uu£±Ldz J a%%aak± ai ±Jn±la.z, WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID? II t J C U M I! I 111 l 1 " ■b ' ' " ' ' ■— Tin g ' A a r ' ) s ■F ' JjIwi B B! mr -4i H 1 Because the social life at VMI is about as appealing as three-day old cold roast pork, the cadet activities center located in Lejeune Hall is like a breath of fresh air to cadets. Not counting the bowling alley that has been closed ever since we arrived, Lejeune Hall houses a TV room, pool room, ballroom, arcade, and post exchange, all of which see constant use throughout the duty day. Whether it be a snack in between classes, a magic show in the middle of the week, or a movie on Friday night, Lejeune has it all. It should also be mentioned that there is a date lounge in Lejeune Hall for cadets to share their precious free time alone with their dates. Js if u p . p SBbCmEhms jB I k- - i m - ' S K 9 Ira E K- y r ' H L. iBAa ; Bktlk Jftdral •w r— ST 1 - • ' ■P rS -■ ' ■ ' m Pi 1 • finl L« W. =H. CoalU =Hatt . . . czrfomz of zf oafz, zJ oLL and Hooqlz c omzaotrn. " 6 With Homecoming came the reunion of old friends, an excellent football game, good music and ... of course . . . beautiful women! -JoxmaU Two hours are up . . . " BOLT!!! " " Don ' t look now Ali, but your car is leaking OIL!! " Dave, I ' m getting a link dizzy! ! Shhhh! Be quiet. They ' ve had loo much PUNCH! HUH ' HUH! HUH! ECOMI QUEEN 1979 ' ' . ' ■ ' , i. flfc- ' rl j yiBfei ' t " w ■ • ' A " 9 V H ■ 1 1 ■ 1 izKuchnia 11 ■ I II II U ll II ill!! ii II il ! ' —friz J J any aczi. of i3 at czrfmmons. c fi (Dhsning. _7As Beginning -Jns. Snd afl-nd the d z±t in jB s,tvj£.£.n 1 Al 1 m 4flk Hi ! a VII ' J pjw H! 1 i 1 ■ b. V ■ ' ' aWmammWi ' : ■■ . 1 Saturday night was a victory night after a win over East Tennessee with BUSTER providing the tunes for an enthusiastic crowd. ■• I II II Women play an integral pan in helping to relieve the pressures and frustrations of the V.M.I, cadet. Without their patience, love, and understanding, it would indeed be a much longer and harder four years. We therefore extend our warmest thanks, in hopes that your experi- ences with us will always be remembered as a rewarding and worthwhile adventure. W.T.N. Yes Girls Do Play a Vital Role in Our Lives Here at VMI, the Problem Is Getting to Them . . . Such Is the Fate . . . Oh, you ' ve got to be kiddin! Good bye VMI, hello adventure! Oh well, good bye adventure, hello VMI! (For a long time! VMI ' euiu 0 6a»op FIGURE Eatuxdau dvicjht oj J ina jiau%E i± a z7Tzatla ana zantia 24 fouz± of dVon- Sioji PaztLjing!!!! i 1 1 ! 1 MBW Hy ■ 1 ■t B-. J% I DL ctfftsr SfftaU - 1 1 1 -y h % 1 ) Al s j MJ__iMfe |mii tiiiii 1 | Kfl ■£..:..: iHL |iHLiij 1 Al 9 HHi||H|l V 1 J " -w-iawu. -£ V SKW«t» — - A [LdvjLnt£.%i • tin (I . P 1 1 r uls — m r.t i flAMDOLPH-MACOH WOMAN ' S COLLEGE Z r — " aaOATIOWAL INSTITUTION . THIS LffiSRAL ARTS COLLEOE HAS BEEN RECOQSGED FROM ITS DPEM HC ?EiS .-:; ITS L2H S SCSAROSj OF SCHOLARSHIP. BE 89EK9C CAMPUS OF 100 ACRES ECTB8S TO TIK JAHSt RIVES. Zambia, THIS LIBERAL ARTS COLLECE FOR WOMEN. OPENED IN 1906. GRANTED ITS FIRST BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREES IN 1910. ESTABLISHED UNDER THE WILL OF INDIANA FLETCHER WILLIAMS AS A MEMORIAL TO HER ONLY DAUGHTER. DAISY. THE COLLEGE IS LOCATED ON A 2B00-ACRE TRACT OF LAND ACQUIREO BY ELIJAH FLETCHER BEFORE 1830. THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY HOMESTEAD. REMODEL- ED AND NAMED " SWEET BRIAR HOUSE BY THE FLETCHERS. IS SET IN A BOXWOOD GARDEN. AMHERST COUNTY: 2 MILES SOUTH OF AMHERST -U. 8. RT 28 VIRGINIA STATE LIBRARY IflSI " —, - ' i " -C if ?V ' hS . MARY BALDWIN C OLLEGE THE OLDEST COLLEGE FOR WOMEN RELATEO TO THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. U. S. FOUNDED 1842 BY RUFUS W. BAILEY AS AUGUSTA FEMALE SEMINARY, RENAMED IN 1895 TO HONOR MARY JULIA BALDWIN. PIONEER WOMAN EDUCATOR AND PRINCIPAL, 1863-1897 VIRGINIA STATC LIBRARY. 1861 With spring comes green grass, mij.i ± ■ d L- Jtm ' - . ' f f I ' M it ; iS 1 " " « 2 CgSV f atr JrW-3 vlSSlgS ■Bl iNP " Vii B HH 1 «A | H 1 " -, — " ? SS b ' ■ ■ - warm days, cold beer and . . . WET! BEAVER!! 1 EVENTS irother Rat Last spring the VMI Theatre presented Brother Rat lor the first time at VMI. Brother Rat was written by John Monks and Fred R. Finklehoffe of the Class of 1 932 as a senior thesis (which received a C + ). The play later went on to become Broadway hit and movie starring Ronald Reagan and Eddi Albert. Performances were staged for the corps and alumni and was a smashing success. The cadets in the production included: John Forsyth 79, Jeff Smith 79, Jamie Smith 79, Dale Drury 79, Dwight Pearson ' 80, Tracy Henderson ' 82, Craig Myler 79, Trip Lloyd ' 81 and Tony Pais 79. Also involved were faculty members Col. B. Gilliam and Lt. Col Steven Riethmiller, and Mrs. Edna Pickeral, wife of Col. Pickeral. The girls in the cast were played by Flo Hagle, Betsy Hooker and Adeline Goldstine. The audience was captivat by the energy and homor displayed by the cast. Brother R, will long be remembered as a classic play at VMI about VM Barefoot in the Park The VMI Theatre opened its 1979-1980 season with Neil Simon ' s comedy Barefoot in the Park. The play is about a spanking young lawyer and his six-day bride moving into their new high rent apartment. The production was outlandish, funny and thoroughly enjoyable, keeping the audience on the floor with laughter for the entire show. The cast of the production included: Rick Hubbard, Carol Taylor, Steve Mahrer, Joellen Bland, Eric Buchanan, and Trip Lloyd with Jorg Ronke and Tracy Henderson doing the special effects. Barefoot in the Park started the season off on a good " foot " and all involved are looking forward to a successful year. Black Awareness Week The Promaji Club is VMI ' s minority student union. Its major function is to act as a communication vessel constituting rapport and cultural awareness among the community, Corps and Insti- tute. This year, Promaji sponsored a series of cultural events from February 4 through February 11. It included a speech and visit by Major General Frederic E. Davison, the films " A Raisin in the Sun " , " From These Roots " , and " The Education of Sonny Carson. " The latter was accompanied by Mr. Sonny Carson him- self to explain his film and the accompanying Black Arts exhibit from the Helio Museum of Brooklyn, New York. Promaji plans to continue its exposition of cultural intimations next year along with its beginning of a " Big Brothers " program in the Lexington Community. ft ■ " ' - ' i ( III;. | 11 i I j I! 1 ' : i r h ML fill m III I III Stonewall Jackson House Dedication On a beautiful October afternoon, 700 spectators jammed Washington Street in downtown Lexington to join in the dedication of the newly restored " Stonewall " Jackson House. The honored guest of the day was Mrs. Randolph Preston, the granddaughter of General " Stonewall " Jackson. Among the speakers at the dedication were former Governor Mills E. Godwin, Lt. General G. R. E. Shell, Superintendent emeritus, and Superintendent Lt. General Richard L. Irby. A group of cadets led by Greg Hagwood escorted visitors at the event. A medley of Southern songs were sung by a quartet consisting of cadets Dean Foster, Trip Lloyd, Mike Placzek, and Jorg Ronke. On April 5th, 1979, the class of 1981 presented what will hopefully be a continuing tradition: The Third Class Follies. A late start led to some appre- hension, but that was quickly overcome and the show started to roll. As production date approached and academic pressures mounted, the class pulled together and unified the show. Suddenly, it was over and the " follies " were a great success. Not only did the performers leave the audience laughing and having a great time doing it, but they also raised money for their Ring Figure! Good Show ' 81 ! SVT, ' 81 4 fjj - .. . " V B r i , JmL. | 1 ■ 1 Pat . 1 PI J ■..— .. pj m m pj ■■ K 1 ■ta " tt Jf New Market Day The visitor to New Market on a windy day has no doubt heard the metallic clang emitted from the twin flagpoles as they are struck by their halyards. Ironically, it is this same sound that has welcomed many a cadet back to barracks in the early morning hours — whether from late study or block running. A military sound, i ' is at once incessant, mournful, rythmic, am unforgettable. Clang! It passes unnoticed du ing the day. But at night, when the moon is full and the shallows are long, it rings of tradition, demanding the attention of all VMI men in its singularity. Clang! Hearing it, memories roll in upon us with the force of the wind between barracks and the chapel; memories which in May turn to the New Market cadets who stood against these winds when they bore the fury of civil war. For those of us who know her best, who have lived through her, these things sym- bolically embody the unfailing sense of tradi- j tion that is the spirit of VMI. sig; m?q U,%! j| ftfi ' P 5 V If if I» h «St v v- VfH Wfr W " A W mm Parent ' s Weekend After a week of cold dreary weather, the clouds cleared and the sun warmed Lexington as parents, brothers, sisters and friends flocked to the Institute for another Parent ' s Weekend. For the parents of Rats, the long awaited visit began with shock and pride, as their sons ran to greet them. The parents were honored by a retreat parade on Friday afternoon. Follow- ing Saturday morning classes, the Big Red Team took to the gridiron, but went down fighting to the Bulldogs from the Cita- del. Sunday was highlighted by commendable efforts from the rugby and soccer teams. All in all the weekend was filled with fun and good food. Congratulations should be extended to Andy Ludlum, who successfully planned the weekend. , Never before has the responsibility of the world ' s military, industrial, and political leaders been so profound. Never before has the need for men capable of handling this responsi- bility been so gre-3 4 Fen almost a century and a half, the Vir- ginia Military institute nas been a resource for the nation and for the Commonwealth of Virginia to meet this need. The inten- sifying economic pressures on VMI cannot be allowed to erode the standards of the Institute ' s programs. Just as VMI expects a cadet to forge ahead to live up to his potential, VMI must take up the gauntlet with the determination of one of its most distinguished faculty members, " Stonewall " Jackson, whose timeless admonition is inscribed at the entrance to VMI barracks: " You may be whatever you resolve to be. " The VMI CAMPAIGN is an effort to perpetuate the heritage and values of the Virginia Military Institute, so that as a con- stant force in an ever-changing world, VMI will be heard fron tomorrow. A Heritage Continued. 348 Sport: SPORTS Keydet Football There are a great bunch of men on this team. I ' m proud of them no matter what happens. Vince Lombardi Jeff " Juice " Washington breaks a tackle against William and Mary. Head Coach Bob Thalman — completing his 9th season atVMI. Tailback Floyd Allen finds a hole against William and Mary Hulu Bowl bound Craig Jones — 2 in career Field Goals in NCAA and All Southern Conference placekicker. Halfback Butch Hostetter bulls ahead for yardage in victory over Rich- mond. n Tough line play by the VMI defense helped the Keydets to a 7-3 victory. 354 Sports Mike Alston and Ricky Gilbert converge on a William and Mary player during the 7-3 VMI victory. Rat John Bangley drops back to pass, showing form that lead VMI to 2nd place in the Conference. Jeff Morgan, the Big Red ' s leading tackier this season, adds another unassisted » •£, tackle to his total. i Hlr Sports 355 Butch Hostetter runs to daylight against ASU. LI ' .tit % " J fi 1 «W WfiiSs iJT»i H " Pup Morgan, Chris Timmons, Pat McCarthy lead the pileup on a Richmond ball carrier. Robert Savage pushes ahead for yardage following a catch in the Keydets ' 24-14 victory over Furman. Defensive linemen Tim Cox, Ricky Gilbert, Pup Morgan, and linebackers The 1979 Keydet football team was picked in many pre- season polls to finish last in the Southern Conference. After two games, the pollsters were wondering. In the season opener, the Keydet defense held William and Mary to only a field goal, and a Butch Hostetter TD gave VMI the win, 7-3. Richmond came to town next, for the VMI homecoming game. The Keydets rode three Craig Jones ' field goals and a Hostetter TD to a 17-7 victory. Floyd Allen ran for 117 yards, his first of many 1 00 + yard games this season. VMI went to Charlottesville to take on UVA the following week. In the rain the Big Red offense sputtered, and UVA managed a victory over VMI for the first time in 4 years, a 1 9- decision. When the VMI offense again failed to produce the follow- ing week against East Carolina, a relatively unknown rat, John Bangley, took over for 1st classman Larry Hupertz at quarterback. Bangley had thrown two TD bombs in a JV game the previous week to draw attention to himself, and move from a nobody to 2 QB. The change didn ' t affect the outcome though, as ECU won it 45-1 0. Bangley received the starting nod the next week, when the Keydets hosted East Tennessee State. The rat QB responded with an 8 for 1 2 day, 1 20 yards and 2 TD ' s. Floyd Allen had 155 yards, Steve McKenna recovered a blocked punt in the end zone, and VMI won 24-14. The Keydets put on a thrill show in Boone, N.C. against Appalachian State the next week. The Keydet defense made 27 1st half points stand up, and stopped ASU when the Bruce Kitchen and Tony Zoetis take a breather during one of VMI ' s games. Mountaineers had a first and goal from the VMI one with less than a minute to go in the game. Bangley went 7 for 12, and Allen had 190 yards as the Keydets won it 27-22. Parent ' s Weekend and the Citadel came to town the fol- lowing week, and both teams boasted unbeaten SC records. But the unexpected shoot-out never materialized and the Keydet offense couldn ' t get out of the gate, as VMI fell 37-6. Furman invaded Lexington next, and in a see-saw game, VMI held on for a 21 -20 victory. Floyd Allen had 3 TD ' s, but it took a missed Furman extra point following their last TD to preserve the Keydet victory. Connecticut was in town for the annual Hall of Fame game and they came to play. The two teams exchanged FG ' s, traded TD ' s, and then FG ' s again, to keep it tied. With 5 seconds left a Craig Jones 43 yard FG sailed wide, and it ended tied, 13-13. The Keydets handled Marshall 13-3 in Huntington next. Despite only being 5 for 1 1 , Bangley threw to Sam Woolwine for the lone TD of the game, and Jones hit two FG ' s to round out the scoring. Then the Keydets played their best game of the season, scaring VA Tech badly before bowing, 27-20. Bangley went 10 for 22 and 190 yards, Floyd Allen had two TD ' s, and Bangley took the Keydets to the Tech 1 1 yard line in a two minute drive before he got blind-sided and fumbled the ball away. Despite the loss, it was unquestionably VMI ' s best showing of 1979. Sports 357 VMI SOCCER Back Row, Lett to Right: Head Coach Jay Sculley, " Fred-Frank " Horner, Willie McCathern, Co-Captain Gary Morgan, John Myers, Co-Captain Den- nis Quinn, Mark Roltsch, Mike " Rock " Burt, " Lancelot " Link, Ass ' t. Coach Norb Krause. Middle Row: Frank " Pudgins " , Bruce Gueble, Tim Dignan, Al McLachlen, Kun Yi, Young Kim, Steve Ross, " Mud Puppy " Stamm, Gray " Teddy Bear " Carter, John Hunt. Front Row: Dave Kohler, " Mad Dog " Madigan, Clarkson Meredith, Pete Foster, Hal Worrell, Mac Tabb, Tom Albro, " Ernie " Loy. Willie McCathern brings ball under control. 35S Sports ■■ H This year ' s soccer team was by far one of the youngest teams to take the field, with only one senior. Though the booters did not boast a winning season, they progressively improved as the season went on. The team came back early this year and started working hard in triple sessions; fun in the sun! We kept up the hard work to keep our spirits up in the lulls of the season. Nevertheless we managed to stay close and have a good time, and that ' s what made it so rewarding to me. They are a great bunch of guys and will have a very successful future. Listen guys, August 19, 1980, I ' ll think of you running up those sta- dium steps! Remember, they were Stamm ' s idea. — Dennis G. Quinn CITY CHAMPS! Gray Carter goes high for the headball. Mac Tabb shadowing on defense THE VMI RIFLE TEAM Standing: Major Blackwell, Doug Dillard, Bob Sievert, Ed Lawless, Rob Carper, Doug Monjeau, John Hughes, Sean Gallagher, Jeff Adler. Kneeling: Greg Smith, Tony Alexander, Whitney Owens, Mark Waters. Co-captain Rob Carper shows his form. John Hughes sights in on the target. The Southern Conference Champions and 13th nationally ranked varsity rifle team anticipates further success as the season comes to a close. As for next year, the team will miss the talents of Doug Monjeau, John Hughes, Mitch Alexander and Bob Sievert. Hope- fully, the team will find a coach capable enough to fill the shoes of Major Blackwell since he is also leaving this year. In four short years, the VMI rifle team has become very strong. It is hoped that those remaining will carry on this legacy. To next year ' s team members — Mark Waters, Whitney Owens, Kevin Smith and " Squirrel " Fellhoelter — maintain the discipline and perhaps achieve the impossible: accuracy. Sports 361 RUGBY " VMI RUGBY . . . RUCK ' N ROLL " 362 Sports The 1979-1980 Rugby season saw the return of only three starters: tri- captains Jeff Basilotta, Ed Bower and Steve Klinar. Bower ended up missing the spring season because of a severe shoulder injury. However, Mike Don- nan did an admirable job replacing Bower as captain of the line. It was a long Fall season as VMI made all the mistakes of a rookie team. The only reason the team stayed com- petitive was because it lived up to its reputation as the hardest hitting club in Virginia. By the end of the Fall season a team had emerged that would accomplish much in the Spring. During the past three years, VMI had one of the best teams in the state. In the next three years this team will be better. With men like AT. Funkhouser, " V. " Wood, Ron Mislowsky, " Weiney King " , Gary Collins, Frank Palermo, Chuck Hoffert and a host of others, the club can ' t help but continue its fine tradition of winning seasons. Many first classmen such as Scotty Beaie, Steve Ikenberry, Don Bradshaw, Paul Burkholder, Rick Tabb, Lewis Toms, Dave Stacy, Mike Flynn, Freddy Floyd and Ken Ciarracca provided experience and self sacrifice for the team, both on and off the field. Tom Avent, the treasurer, and Ron Mislowsky, the match secretary, proved their worth as good adminstra- tors. And finally to Steve Klinar, our Presi- dent, whose playing ability saved many a game, I say: " VMI Rugby, Ruck ' n Roll! " J. Basilotta, Captain VMI Rugby Team G O ■■■■■■ ■■•■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■PM From Left to Right: Doug Burton — Captain, Don Meyer, Owen Peery, Tony Thompson, Tony Arnold, Tim Spencer. Taking a Break on the 19th Green Doug Burton shows his winning fo rm. The 1979-1980 golf team enjoyed a successful Fall season for the first time in the school ' s history. They participated in a tournament at James Madison University with 1 6 of the East Coast ' s top teams. They then held their own tournament at the Lexington Country Club with the state ' s top teams participating. This year ' s team is looking forward to a find Spring schedule with tournaments scheduled at Pinehurst Country Club, The Homestead, Kingsmill in Williamsburg, and at Virginia Tech. Several matches will also be held within the state. The team is led this year by 1 st Classman Doug Burton, who tied a course record of 67 in a Southern Conference match last spring. The return of 1st Classman Frank Bell, who was sorely missed last year, will also be a great help. The team is looking for help from five freshmen recruits, three of whom received scholarships. Coach John Swink has a solid nucleus to build around, and if the freshmen are able to perform as expected, this year ' s team could be a very good one. VMI TRACK Co-Captain Jody Weatherwax shows his versatility as a leader on Euqene Scott Co-Captain of VMI ' s defending Southern Conference Championship team, both indoor and outdoor tracks. 366 ; Sports Third Classman Ed Daniel runs in front of pack; Third Classman Dave Reynolds trails him. SOUTHERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS — OUTDOOR 1979 Jeff Roseme handles the javelin for VMI Dennis Watts and Will Strickland. Sports 367 368 Sport Will Strickland shows his versatility by running a leg of the relays. Cross Country )m Spartz, Ed Daniel, Jamie Call, Graham Nuttycombe, and David Reynolds chase down lead- VMI ' s Mr. Everything — Jody Weatherwax shows his winning form in Cross Country. )ne of the Keydet ' s most promising Rats was Graham Nuttycombe, Jamie " Poodle " Call leads them up the hill, followed by Eddie Daniel iere in an early meet. and Tom Spartz. VMI FINISHES 3rd IN SOUTHERN CONFERENCE Top Finishers in Southern Conference Championship at Davidson: Judson Springer Eddie Daniel Jody Weatherwax Jamie Call Jack Ditt VMI just missed second, finishing close behind Marshall University. Jamie Call, Steve Godwin, Eddie Daniel, and Jud Springer in Richmond meet. Sports 369 2nd Place in Southern Conference — Indoors Third Classman Ed Daniel, the team ' s leading man in distance events. VMI INDOOR TRACK ACHIEVEMENTS State Champs Southern Conference Runnersup INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCES: Paul Perry — Triple Jump State Champ; Ben Judge — 440 State Champ; David Washington — 60 yd. High Hurdle Champ; Dennis Watts — 500 yd. State Champ; Mile Relay (Washington, Watts, Judge, Strickland) State Champs; Jody Weatherwax — Southern Conference Indoor Track Athlete of the Year. QUALIFIERS FOR NCAA FINALS Mile Relay Team (Washington, Watts, Judge, Strickland); Ben Judge — quarter mile; Jody Weatherwax Team Leader Jody Weatherwax One of the team ' s most promising Ratsi Graham Nuttycombe Steve " Bambi " Godwin and Jamie " Poodle " Call relax before meet. Nehls Kloster has added depth to the VMI program 370 Sports Virginia State Champs — 1980 Dave Reynolds trails UVA ' s Tim Lloyd as the two pull away from the pack in a dual meet, won by the Keydets. Nolds finished second here. Jamie Call and Eddie Daniel run at the front of the pack in the EAST COAST INVITATIONAL held in the Richmond Coliseum during Christmas. VMI BASEBALL Back Row: Jay Williams, Steve Barger, Kenny McAllister, Mike Burt, Mark Airaghi, John Locher, Tom Radle, Mark Vasco, Dan Fritz, Rich Nehls, Kenny Burgess, John Friend. Kneeling: Jim Frishkorn, Louis Rolan, Matt Griffin, Brendan Miney, Paul Davis, Rob Preddy. Third Classman Mike Burt delivers to the plate. 372 Sport; DH Mark Vasco led the team in hitting in 79 Matt Griffin at first Team Captains Matt Griffin and Brendan Miney After a couple of less than average seasons, the VMI baseball team is building towards a very productive season in 1980. With the return of Brendan Miney, who missed most of 1979 with a broken leg, to go along with last year ' s home run leader, John Friend, and Jim Frishkorn, Matt Grif- fin and Rich Nehls, the team is looking for big things in 1980. Several rat recruits help bolster their hopes. Phil Hubbard, Mark Airaghi, Kenny McAllister, Jay Williams and Kenny Burgess add the depth the team has needed in pitching, and infield. Inclement weather forced early season practice inside, but the Keydets kept the faith and desire, and when weather permitted, moved to the outside. A demanding schedule will test the boys the entire way, but if everybody produces as expected, this could finally be the year for VMI. Miney and CP Davis indoors BASKETBALL VMI leading scorer in 1 979-80, Guard Andy Kolesar, drives for two more. Geoff Hinshelwood. VMI ' s Second Classman forward, muscles up another shot in close. -ttl f wi i Second Classman and point Guard Tom Savage Andv Kolesar and Third Classman Jimmy O ' Book on defense Sports 377 Promising Rat Ed Kluckowski and Third Classman Gary Mackin Dennis Johnson, Bernie Banas, and Ed Kluckowski attack the boards. Forward Geoff Hinshelwood battles for the rebound. Sports 379 WRESTLING Bob Edwards looks for a way to escape from his opponent. Bob Edwards gets another win. 380 Sports Accomplishments During The 1980 Season 2nd in Southern Conference 11-2 Dual Meet Record Coach Sherlock — Southern Conference Coach of the Year Jim Rice in a grappling match with a wrestler from Hampden Sydney College. Cameron Manuel is declared the victor. Sports 381 n WRESTLING Captain Cameron Manuel in action This season the Keydet wrestlers turned in an exceptional performance and also show a lot of promise for the future. Ike Sherlock, in his second year as head coach, was named Southern Conference Coach of the Year and led the Keydets to an 11-2 dual meet season and placed second in the South- ern Conference Tournament. With only one second classman, a hand full of thirds and the rest all new cadets, the Keydet grapplers have put themselves in a position that demands respect. Exceptional Rat performers for the Varsity Team were Dave Barron, Jimbo Keller, Steve Evans, Glan Harmon and Jim Rice. Also, Bobby Greenwood in his first year won the South- ern Conference Tournament and qualified for the NCAA Championships in Corvallis, Oregon . With such young poten- tial, and a successful recruiting season this spring, one can expect to see and hear big results in the coming seasons for the VMI wrestlers. 2nd Year Coach Ike Sherlock Jimmy Edwards works to escape. Charles Komar was down but not out in this match. Jim Rice working on top of his man. Bobby Greenwood has become one of the premier wrestlers on this year ' s team Rat standout Dave Barron with the upper hand here as VMI goes on to a very good 1980 season. LACROSSE TO- VINDICATE- HER- HONOR- OR- DEIEND - HIR-RJEHTS jbs a£,£.JSLIL I A The 1 980 VMI LaCrosse Team with Captains John Caplice, John Gibney and Dennis McCarty 384 SporH This year ' s Lacrosse team has been projected to be the best in VMI ' s history. With a heavy thirteen game schedule, the team is expected to have a 12-1 season if not an undefeated one. The season started off with a tough William and Mary team, climaxed with a five day trip to Georgia against Georgia Tech, and the Uni- versity of Georgia, and finished with a match up with rival Virginia Tech. The team tri-captains: John Caplice, John Gibney, and Dennis McCarty, provide the drive and leadership. A strong defense was made up of Peter Nauta, Ross Rappaport, Bruce Gottwald, and Phil Logan. The attack was led by Clarkson Mere- dith, John Koch, Tracy, and Todd Minnix. Finally the Mid-Fielders providing the scoring were Repeat Gitchell, Jimmy Parsons, Jed- Ten Hoeve, Fred Winkler, and Mark Ciarrocca. Sports 385 TENNIS VMI ' s Texas Connection, Bill Vickers, serv- Standing: John Dodge, Billy Vickers, Coach Don Jamison, Bill Johnston, Lynn Seldon. Kneeling ing Guy Thone, Jeff Hamilton, Michael Colgan, Clay Womack. 386 Sports Second Classman Jeff Hamilton does his usual good job for the team. FENCING From Left to Right: Kneeling: Tri-Captains Greg Doyle, Rick Fowler, John Briggs. Standing: Tim Shobbrock, Carl Gibeault, David Phillips, Glenn Peting, Jim Waring, Doug Blowe, Larry Williams, Joe Bouchelle, Jim Bailey, Bill Theus, Kenny Sawyer, Steven Cooper. Fencing is one of the oldest sports at VMI. This year ' s sche dule included matches against highly ranked Navy and Temple University. William and Mary, Virginia Tech, and James Madision have found that even with the loss of several key fencers, VMI still boasts a strong team. Expectations for this year are high and the team hopes to do well in the upcoming state on out of state competitions. Many hard hours have been put into practice and the team has improved greatly since last year, with next year looking even brighter. Although the loss of seniors Rick Fowler and John Briggs will be felt, there will be seven returning starters and several very promising new fencers on next year ' s team. If our expectations are met, VMI should be a strong contender for the state championship next year. — Doug Blowe Third Classman James Bailey Rick Fowler and Doug Blowe in practice . . . Sports 387 SWIMMING Back Row, Left to Right: Todd Frederickson, Nick Roper, Mark McDonald, Andy Jones, Jim Hart, Dickie Augustine, Dean Beard, Dave Fiedler, Kirk Campbell, Mike Sanders, Neil Fortney, Andy Balding, Dana Neal, Coach Arnie Joyce. Second Row, Left to Right: Mark Roltsch, Roger Fiedler, Bob Boyer, Rick Penn (Co-Captain), John Blankenship (Co-Captain), John Ives, Matt Waring. Third Row, Left to Right: Clayton Wagner, Andy Whitson, John Kendall, Ivan Marcotte, Borden Ray, Mark Benvenuto. Lane 1 — Dean Beard; lane 3 — John Blankenship pre- pare to take off. . .,44Bi ■,, . i§ »« i w 388 Sports John Ives performs a half gainer. Support from the sidelines. The 79-80 Swimming Team was a group of cadets bound closely together by the familiar, tough workouts at the pool. Arnold Joyce, well respected coach and friend of the team, directed each swimmer and diver to maximum potential. Co-Captains John Blankenship and Rich Penn provided the team with incentive needed for practice and competition. Other first classmen, especially Bob Boyer and John Ives, as well as a strong contingent of second classmen, encouraged their teammates to attain both individual and team goals. Standouts of this year ' s team proved to be Kirk (Kink) Campbell (200 Fly), Jim Hart (1 00, 200 Free), Mike (Fish) Saunders (1 00 Breast, 200 Free), Dave (Fied) Fiedler (1 50 Breast, 200 Back), Andy Jones (200 Breast), and Mark Roltsch (1 M, 3M Dive). Lowering times second by second were Noal Fortney, Dean Beard, Roger Fiedler, Matt Waring, Mark McDonald, and Mark Benvenuto. Next year ' s outlook is good, with most everyone returning and Arn ' s proposed 8000 yards per day workouts. INTRAMURALS 390 Sports Sports 391 Intramurals 1 " " i 1 B (i 1 1 V If J » Sports 393 394 Sports W$M f , , (■■■■■■■■■ » Birginia 7 VV ' r , .ft . , . A " 7 V ■ Isrrf-w.m tf-j. ' ' r jfo rtwa- vlrMftfofto ' , , ; , .. r My •? tf ft t f . ' ' j,,, ,, ,,, -GOVERNOR JL? J jt Jul) )J£aL f, ,,,„„ ,, ' ,„. ..;.„, „ ., , ' , ,,. . . ' t r ' , , ' , ■ .,■,, , „.■,■. A , ' .,,, , ft Vj ft . ■ ' , 4 396 In a Lighter Vein In a Lighter Vein HEADQUARTERS CORPS OF CADETS VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE Lexington, Virginia ROOM 127 1 1 HoaceahfiJ 1 79 SUBJECT: Special Report TO : Cadet R nnfi d, U.R. Class 1980 _ You will answer by indorsement hereon the following delinquency within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt: Wearing civilian clothes while climbing in window, jj , J . fifi £ vrrf possession of alcoholic beverage while entering M , (j J JUfeOCMQ0rU barracks, also running from the OC when ordered K AROLD A. WILLCOCKSON to stop; female with same. Captain s Va. Militia Deputy Comr.andant 1st Ind Cadet ' -4- -: ' VIII, Lexington, Virginia TO: The Commandant of Cadets, Virginia Military Institute r -. kntstf ' L™2L 1. The above report is Correct 2. Explanation: (Use reverse side if necessary). Jt Jjf £ _ 3sagg£ j ignaturej Cadet 2nd Ind OFFICE OF THE COMMANDANT OF CADETS, VIII, LEXINGTON, VA. TO: The Superintendent, Virginia Military Institute 1. Request orders be published confirming the following penalty assessed the above cadet. 19 Demerits. Weeks (Months) Confinement, and Confinement effective DRC. Penalty Tours. 19 Special Orders Number t _ Dated (Commandant of Cadets) Paragraph In a Lighter Vein 397 THE STRACK PRIVATE Shaves twice daily if needed or not Coatee buttons taken down Coatee pressed daily Cut butter with crease in pants No paint on butt stock Hat brass completely taken down Clipped nostril hairs No. 2 Lead neck Tight crossdykes and coatee cause blue appendages Bayonet taken apart and cleaned Virgin sleeves (never held rank) New gloves every inspec- tion Shaves in shoes instead of mirror 398 In a Lighter Vein THE GRUB RANKER Stars for Superior Military Space Cadet Professional paper pusher Commandant ' s award for unshined brass Result of 3 meals a day at Crozet " New " belt buckle with turkey on it Feathers taken from Tur- key at Tech game ce bucket; 5 year reunion Sunglasses to keep out glare from shiny Privates ' brass and to hide blood- shot eyes Relative to Pocohontas Last year ' s memories Rat dyke job at shake-a- eg S-4 sabre: held together by bailing wire, twine, and hope No scabbard as it only bangs against the leg and is a nuisance during Parade Grand-dykes ducks; 3 sizes too big and haven ' t been washed since 1 973 Double as waterhockey and mudslide shoes In a Lighter Vein 399 REGIMENTAL STAFF Leaps tall buildings with a single bound Is more powerful than a locomotive Faster than a speeding bullet Walks on water Gives policy to God. CHAIN OF BATTALION STAFF Leaps short buildings with a single bound Is more powerful than a switch engine Is just as fast as a speeding bullet Walks on water if sea is calm Talks with God. 400 In a Lighter Vein COMMAND uM ■■ COMPANY COMMANDER Leaps short buildings with a running start and favorable winds Is almost as powerful as a switch engine Is faster than a speeding BB Walks on water in indoor swimming pools Talks with God if special request is approved. 4T F LIEUTENANT Barely clears quonset huts Loses tug of war with locomotive Can fire a speeding bullet Swims well Is occasionally addressed by God i 60 ♦ i 6S ♦ t i ♦ 70 » • ' i sssmewtmmmv mH ' muj w ,,, vm, =s ■ — „ ' - - ■- " - r. In a Lighter Vein 401 REGIMENTAL SERGEANTS Makes high marks when trying to clear buildings Is run over by locomotives Can sometimes handle a weapon without inflicting self injury Dog paddles Talks to animals. LINE SERGEANTS Runs into buildings Recognizes locomotives 2 out of 3 times Is not issued ammunition Can stay afloat if properly instructed in the Mae West Talks to walls. CORPORAL Falls over doorsteps when trying to enter buildings Says look at the CHOO-CHOO Is not issued a gun Plays in mud puddles Mumbles to himself. 402 In a Lighter Vein FIRST CLASS PRIVATE Lifts buildings and walks under them Kicks locomotives off the tracks Catches speeding bullets in his teeth and eats them Freezes water with a single glance HE IS GOD... In a Lighter Vein 403 THE VMI A gratifying spectacle An honor to our Country and our State 404 In a Lighter Veir CREED Objects of honest pride to their instructors Attached to their native state And fair specimens of citizen soldiers HI 111 ill ill ill ni mi Proud of her fame .. S ss § st And ready in every time of deepest peril To vindicate her honor and defend her rights In a Lighter Vein 405 THE RDC PAST PRESENT FUTURE? 406 In a Lighter Ve 91p first eiass flruiate My blouse is torn and tattered, My dress-hat ' s sadly battered, I haven ' t any brasses, Accoutrements, or gun; I ' ve a great load of demerit, Though I bravely try to bear it, For to break the Regulations Is a constant source of fun. II. The habit known as " socking, " To my nature is most shocking, My attitude is hostile Toward any kind of drills; To be absent from formations Is the chief of my vocations, For with ease I " ride " the surgeon And swallow all his pills. III. As for chevrons! Well, I scorn ' em And though once I may have worn " em, No longer I regard them As ambition ' s highest goal, I am slack and proud to tell it, My place I would not sell it, And the man whom I see " running, " Is abhorrent to my soul. IV. You may call my actions listless, You may think that I am shiftless, And imagine that for nothing do I care, But your judgment will be shaken, When the final count is taken Of the men in life successful, For I ' m certain to be there. M.E.L. 1905 Bomb In a Lighter Vein 407 , icers i y t£RS j ENS a 1 : m-l !j f! ' iff 1 ! Hi ¥ ! 4 v , b ADVERTISEMENTS RECO RICHMOND ENGINEERING COMPANY P.O. BOX 2581 9 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 23260 OTHER PLANTS North Carolina New Jersey South Carolina Florida FABRICATORS OF: Pressure Vessels — Storage Tanks Field Erected Tanks — Heat Exchangers Large Diameter Piping Rubber Lining and Coating Miscellaneous Plate Fabrication Herby ' s Incorporated 1600 DUKE STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA TE 6-6080 (70S) sse-723e Potomac c rxnu. 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Detroit Diesel Engines Allison Automatic Transmissions Saies — Parts — Service 630 Union Street Salem, Virginia frascati RISTORANTE ITAUANO 4806 Rugby Ave. Bethesda, Maryland Tel. 652-9514 TO MY YOUNG FRIENDS AND " NEPHEWS " IN THE V.M.I. CLASS OF 1980 . . . CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS. GO NOW AND DO GREAT THINGS. DO NOT FOLLOW WHERE THE PATH MAY LEAD. GO, INSTEAD, WHERE THERE IS NO PATH AND LEAVE A TRAIL. BEST WISHES FOR A LONG LIFE IN HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. UNCLE AL V.M.I. ' 54 United Virginia Bank Lexington, Virginia MAGIC CITY NEWS 2211 Williamson Rd. Roanoke, Virginia INC When it comes to music — come to Roanoke Towers Mall (upper level) Roanoke, Virginia Ph. 982-8228 ROBERT W. CARPER, JR, CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!! LOVE, MOM Craig Enterprise, Inc. Staunton, Va. 24401 Advanced Technology, Inc. congratulates ' the Virginia Military Institute ' s graduating class of 1980 and invites them to join us in our proud support of the U.S. Armed Forces. For further information on ADTECH ' S role in surface warfare and other programs, contact the following ADTECH representatives: H. William Warren 7923 Jones Branch Drive Culpeper Building, Suite 400 McLean, Virginia 22102 703 7901580 or P. Martin Johnson Tayloe Building 242 S. Main Street Dumfries, Virginia 22026 703 221-7129 THE R.D.C. FINALLY GETS ITS DUE! ! FROM THE BRAVO CO. RATS Fleet C. B. FLEET COMPANY, INC. Compliments of C. E. Thurston, Jr. ' 35 Good Luck To Our Dykes From Ward 151 ieorge, Yves, Franks Cadet Stephen D. Chase So You Finally Learned How to Tie Your Shoelaces . . . CONGRATULATIONS!! Love Grandma and Granpa Chase Cadet Stephen D. Chase 80 4 : ± Haafl|bn Sara t We all knmjtou coyjil do it. f SeWeiFI 1 HI Ma, KiKi, Kare ' -lHre, Kwriqgiie, - . Cirlder-tiabe; and Dad ■ KARL J. PROTIL CO. Creative Home Interior Designs (703)885-1966 or (703) 885-6664 521 OAKHILLRD. STAUNTON, VA PLANS DRAWN OR SKETCHES CONGRATULATIONS ' 80 John — Scott — Andy — Rob PRIDE, HONOR, SPIRIT, CORPS . . . AND MAD DOG 20 20. DELTA COMPANY FRESHMEN Congratulations to Cadet John W. Diggs and The Class of 1980 Mom and Dad Dear Brendan, Dwight, Harold, and Dennis Best of Luck in the Coming Years Love, Mom " Glo " Quinn Congratulations to The Class of 1980 We ' re proud of you, Rich. The Zott Family CADET THOMAS R. KELLY, JR. AND THE CLASS OF 1980 WE ARE EXTREMELY PROUD . and Mrs. Thomas R. Kelly, Karen, and Tim ' 83 Congratulations to Jim Lunsf ord and the Class of ' 80 Our Man of the Year 5 Mother and Dad RobLin Business Service ACCOUNTING BOOKKEEPING Linda L. Luther 727 98th Avenue No, Naples, Florida (813)597-3337 Congratulations to Cadet Kenneth M. Baybutt You have made us so very proud Love Ma! Waverly, Chris, Steve, Mike, and Laurianne WHITE ' S TRUCK STOP, INC. Exit 54 1-81 and 1-64 Raphine, Virginia 24472 Cafeteria — Motel — Store — Garage On Premises CB Repairs Open 24 hrs. a Day — 7 Days a Week GULF OIL DR0DUCT5 TIRES : BATTERIES AND AUTO ACCESSORIES .SINCE ■■ 3 ! 2 S. W. RAWLS INCORPORATED DISTRIBUTORS Franklin • Virginia Telephone 562-31 15 WHAT ROGUES HAVE WE HERE? THE FOURTH CLASSMEN OF COLD STEEL CHARLIE m - r ' ■■ ' - ■ ■: ' . ■ • ' : " ■ 102 W. Washington St. Lexington, VA 24450 Congratulations To Cadet Robert J. Dalessandro and The Class of ' 80 You Have Made Us Proud! Love Mom and Dad CLASS OF ' 80 You have earned our respect and admiration We wish the very best of life to you! Congratulations! Lois and Fred Winkler BOOSTERS Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Hodge John and Lorraine Briggs — Parents of John H. Briggs ' 80. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wilkerson " He alth and Happiness to All the Cadets: " Rev. Father and Mrs. A. N. Pappas and Sons Lt. Col. and Mrs. J. A. Lusk Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Tadashi Mouri Good Luck ' 80. From Mrs. Gloria Osier S. H. Franklin Co., Lynchburg, Virginia Richard W. Ross and Anne S. Ross Mr. and Mrs. L. Deliman Miss Virginia Tranchik Mr. and Mrs. M. Tranchik Mr. and Mrs. W. Rezmerski Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Deliman Pat Black Jewelers. Iselin, New Jersey. 283-1 953 Parker ' s Sporting Goods, Inc. Dumfries, Virginia. (703) 221 -31 39 or 221 -2442 The Ten Hoeve Family Mr. and Mrs. George E. Zimmer Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Buehler, III Dr. and Mrs. Curtis R. Crowder Raymaker ' s Linden Row Shop, Ltd. Richmond, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. John Gibney Sr. and Family Scan Air, Inc. Aircraft Rental — Flight Instruction. Fairfax, Virginia Tel. (703) 591 -3995 Two " Silent Boosters " Commercial Press The Bailey Banks Biddle Raub Supply Co. KJELLSTROM AND LEE. INC. General Contractors St. Reg. 5879 Building and Industrial Construction H.G.Lee, ' 47 W. O. Jones. Ill, ' 63 7309 Capehart Rd. P.O. Box 8747 Richmond, Va. 23226 Phone 288-0082 RATRIE, ROBBINS, SCHWEIZER INC. Asphalt Paving And Highway Construction 231 3 St. Paul St. Baltimore, Md. 21 21 8 (301)338-4200 THORNGATE UNIFORMS, INC. 2I|eKalbSt. Norristown, Pa. 19404 caramon lJ ozcs-LaLn t-o., Una. P.O. Box 10608 • John Capron Road Lynchburg, Virginia 24506 Phone: 804—845-9091 . . . MAY, 1980 . . . Congratulations to Kirk Berkhimer and the Class of 1980 Love Mom, Dad, Lee, Tim, Kelly, Granny, and L.R.P. Robby . . . Best of Luck on the 1980 Bomb and to the rigorous pursuit of your career All our love . . . Mom, Dad, Ami, David, Lisa, Christopher, Duncan, Gertrude, and Cleo Congratulations to " Big Bird " and the Class of 1980 You chartered your course We followed, we cheered, We laughed, we cried. Thanks for the memories! May God bless our team . . . and V.M.I. The proud parents of Craig B. Cox . . . " Dot and E.B. " 440 Ads Congratulations: Stephen M. Andrews and Band Company Alvin B. and Dorothy H. Andrews Quick- Livick Inc. Charter Bus Service 708 C Street Staunton, Va. 24401 Toll Free Watts Line 1-800-472- 7044 WILLIAM B. McLEAN AND SONS 489 Minnehaha Ave. Clermont, Florida Congratulations to Francis A. Galgano, Jr. and the Class of 1980 Thank You Frank, you made us very proud. Love and best wishes for the Future Mom, Dad, Linda, Maria, and Peter Congratulations Class of 1980 and Ken Ciarrocca The Ciarrocca ' s Mom, Dad, Mark ' 82, Dave, Lori, Steve Congratulations to Rob Gearhart and the Class of ' 80 We are proud of you, Mom, Dad, Martha and Grammy From the Rat Line to the Finish Line We ' re behind you Bill Wallace Congratulations with love The Family Dad — Mom — Mai — Kevin — Brian — Barry — Holly Beth — Rose Catherine MaryEllen — Tim — Kathleen — Charlene — Judy — Colleen — John Congratulations To The Class of 1980 ■ P " ?; I Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ramer ' 54 ROOM 115 WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!! CONGRATULATIONS Don Dan Wade Walt Kitty And Doug Briggs BOOSTERS Army and Navy Sale Mr. and Mrs. CM. A. Rogers, I " Doctor Lollipops " Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sinnott Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cristo Lt. Col. and Mrs. E. T. Morris JackD. McGee Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wilkerson Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Welker Mr. and Mrs. John F. Belkoski Captain J. H. Springer Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Phaneuf, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hupertz Vincent R. and Nora B. Liguori TO THE CLASS OF ' 83 — Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Hazelgrove Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Janac, Gary and Sherlock -uck on The BOMB! They are always THE BEST. Parents of Mark Kempsell ' 82 i Mrs. Curtis L. Abbott. Parents of Christopher L. Abbott, Class of ' 82. POOL HUSTLING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! ECHO COMPANY RATS ,DAN AND THE CLASS OF 1980 UNIVERSAL MECHANICAL CORPS Richmond, Va. Pete Allen, Pres. Congratulations to the Class of 1980 ESTATf WILLIAM T. STEVENS NOEL STEVENS JOSEPH G. PACE ROBERT E. CARTER III ALEXANDER T. STUMPF ROBERT R. PATTERSON JAMES K, HERNDON J SCHUYLER ALLAND STEVENS COMPANY REALTORS NATIONAL MARKETING INSTITUTE • NATIONAL FARM AND LAND INSTITUTE - AMERICAN CHAPTER, I NTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE FEDERATION TELEPHONE 804 296-6104 TWX 5IO-5875455 ONE BOAR S HEAD PLACE CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA 22901 Congratulations to the Class of 1980 A.F.R.O.T.C Good Luck and Continued Success Lowe Chemical Company 1210 West 69th St. Cleveland, Ohio Ph.(216)961-4222 Best Wishes From Virginia Wheeler Reid Congratulations Kent Allan Lovejoy and THE CLASS OF 1980 Your Proud Family Congratulations Mike Bajorek and THE CLASS OF 1980 Dad, Mom, Jim, and Patti CONGRATULATIONS to KENT R. OELRICH Cowboy, Eli, Elliot, Tom and THE CLASS OF 1980 Love, Mom and Dad Mike, Craig, Phyllis WE HAVE THE SOLUTION TO CORPORALS FOXTROT COMPANY 4th CLASSMEN WELCOME ABOARD AS NEWLY COMMISSIONED ENSIGNS AND SECOND LIEUTENANTS IN THE NAVY AND THE MARINE CORPS WELCOME TO THE PROFESSION OF ARMS IN THE UNITED STATES NAVAL SERVICE MAY YOU HAVE FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF VMI NROTC 1 !adets.will take any chance to ir daily ad trip to Red Front! ! ! STUM©, Inc. 23 W. NELSON ST. LEXINGTON. VA. 24450 SERVING THE CADETS OF V.M.I. SINCE 1932 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ' 82 AVERY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 909 MUTUAL BLDG. RICHMOND, VA. CONGRATULATIONS SON! YOUR PARENTS Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Altizer, Sr. Roanoke, Va. ongratulations And Best Wishes MIKE FLINN Well Done! Press On! Mom, Dad, Mark, Kathie, CUSTOM BROKERS SUPPLY Bill Powell P.O. Box 66013 Chicago, 111. 60666 ...toward new horizons We at General Electric congratulate you on reaching a significant milestone in life ' s path. Now, new horizons lie ahead. In the coming months and years you will move toward the vocation or career which will eventually become your life ' s work. Many of the decisions you face will be difficult. If you are looking for additional information about career possibilities, General Electric can help. A series of publications to assist you in finding the right career is available without charge. Write to Educational Communications Programs, General Electric Company, 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, Connecticut 06431, and ask for publications which may touch on your career interests. GENERAL t SALEM, VIRGINIA An equal opportunity employer ELECTRIC ROCKBRIDGE OUTFITTERS, INC. 205 N. Main St. Lexington, Va. THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Yearbook Associates Millers Falls, Massachusetts 01349 FOR THE 1980 BOMB GRAY LUMBER COMPANY Waverly. Virginia 23890 Phone (804) 834-2292 Specializing in Dimension Since 1884 Manufacturers of Kiln Dried Southern Pine Lumber and Timbers. UNIVERSAL LEAF TOBACCO CO. P.O. Box No. 25099 Hamilton St. at Broad Cable Address " Ultoco " Phone (804) 359-93 11 Telex No. 827438 Universal leaf X° acco 6- EXPORTERS AND LMP CyRTERS Ulchraftml, Virgin a 23260 CONGRATULATIONS adet Donald E. Bradshaw . and The Class of 1980 Job Well Done We Are Very Proud of You ■ ad, Mom, and Mark CAMPUS CORNE INC. )RNER, Lexington, Va. es " Halfie " Swink Manager Catering to VMI Cadets and Their Parents 45 Years of Service THE SOUTHERN INN Lexington, Virginia BEST is More Than Our Name Best Products is America ' s largest catalog showroom merchandiser. Best offers brand name merchandise at remarkably low prices. In the showroom or in our giant catalog . . . one look at our merchandise and your cost will convince you that we are BEST. • California • Maryland • Michigan • North Carolina Ohio • Pennsylvania • Texas • Virginia • New Jersey Forrest and Jane Wommack Compliments to . . . Henry Gondorff From . . . John McKenna The good times, behind me for four years, The happiness, 1 say thanks for everything. The joy you shared with me Though the end is here To you Robin who gave me. it is only the beginning. Much needed love and strength, m ■ .1 say from the depths of my heart s H 1 LOVE YOU. Kent A. Lovejoy To my parents who stood Roanoke, Virginia LONG FOSTER REALTORS 1 31 Offices and More Than 1,000 Associates Serving Metropolitan Washington, D.C. P. Wesley Foster Jr. ' 56 President Executive Offices Long Foster Realtors® 3918 Prosperity Avenue Fairfax, Virginia 22031 In Virginia, call collect: (703) 573-2290 Relocation Department: Toll Free (800) 336-0356 Congratulations and Best of Luck to . . Robby Wheeler ' 80 From Grandpa Bock ' 39 ' 82 Compliments of TABB FORMS, INC. 3105 W.Marshall St. Richmond, Va. 23230 J. W. ENOCHS, INC. General Contractors Hopewell, Va. Good Luck VMI Soccer and Douglas Freeman Alumni Mack Tabb, Pete Foster, Gray Carter, Steve Ross, Young Kil Kim PAUL M. DICKINSON ALFRED J. DICKINSON, INC Realtors 4900 Augusta Ave. Richmond, Va. 23230 804-355-3247 Keep up the good work Mack Tabb, Jr. ' 82 SOUTHERN BRICK AND SUPPLY CO. Mark, Pete, and John Congratulations ' 80- ' 80- ' 80 Mom and Dad Markwood PRESS BROWN ' S Sporting Goods Clothing Photographic Equipment 115 West Nelson St. Lexington, Va. EASTERN UTILITIES SPECIALISTS, INC. 91 12B Euclid Ave. Manassas, Va. 22110 703-368-3191 Specializing in Sanitary Sewer System Analysis, Evaluation, Gleaning, Closed Circuit Television Inspection, Testing and Rehabilitation Charles A. LeFon, P.E. ' 61 Paul A. Bernard, E.I.T. 75 GOOD LUCK TOM ALBRO ROCKBRIDGE AUTO PARTS 18 East Nelson St. Lexington, Va. MARVIN-NEITZEL CORPORATION A. STUART BOLLING AND COMPANY INC. Box 6151 Crittendon Stn. Suffolk, Va. 23433 COLLARS AND CUFFS 444 River Street Troy, New York 12181 Congratulations to Our 1 Son and Brother Cadet Cliff Munns Congratulations Bert Good and the Class of 1980 with love, Dad — Mother Jeanne, Tommy Luck MOTEL ( RESTAURANT Compliments From THE " X " YOUR HOST RED TURNER (703)228-5811 SYSTEMS CONTRACTORS INC. PLUMBING • HVAC • ELECTRICAL RICHARD E. PHILLIPPI JR. President P.O. BOX 300, RIDGE RD. WYTHEVILLE, VA 24382 " Congratulations to the Class of 1980 and to Cadet John E. Tinsley for a job well done. " Love, Dad and Stanley Congratulations to the Class of 1980 JOHNS BROS. INC. Heating Oils Vincent J. Thomas ' 43, Pres. William A. Thomas ' 50B, Exec. V.P. Norfolk, Va. PENINSULA ENGINEERING CO. INC. Hampton, Va. Knfiiirance Agencg Antiques MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH G. PACE 123 Piedmont Avenue Area Code 804:296-1403 Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 By Appointment Total Insurance Service 1 4 W. Washington 463-3166 d2 TO ROOM 156 THE HARD ROOM Mark Rick Doug Steve and Chal CONGRATULATIONS YOU MADE IT TheGlenns Thank You Class of 1980 Mcdonough TOYOTA ST AUNTO N Best of Luck For Your Future THIRD STOOP GHETTO ' 82 Norton Company ' s largest manufacturer of abrasives. ...Specialists in the manufacture of top quality products for the consumer market and the automotive aftermarket. • Sandpaper • Sharpening Stones • Grinding Wheels • Cut-off Blades • Personal Protection Products NORTON CONSUMER PRODUCTS WORCESTER. MASSACHUSETTS 01606 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE TO CADET MICHAEL C. SMITH AND THE CLASS OF 1980 Aunt Eloise Uncle Edgar Aunt Annabelle Uncle Lawrence Grandma Cous in Lorane Uncle Frank Aunt Elizabeth Uncle Theodore ALLEJHtNY CONSTRUCTION CO., IN «s ill Statesj i Industrial RoanoS Rfirgyaia Smmgm in Heavy Construct Sei ing The Co pQustry Since 1963 FRANK ' S KING OF PIZZA Congratulations! Cadet George N. Condyles, IV Love Mother, Daddy, Kathy and Mark Special Thanks to You Dyke! Tim Mitchell ' 77 East Nelson St. Lexington, Virginia 463-7575 BOOSTERS Blumenhaus Florist Mr. and Mrs. George B. Ganzert Good luck to the Class of ' 80 and especially Walter Wood, Wade Stinnette, Don Briggs and Dan Sweeney. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. O ' Neil, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Ludlum Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Caplice Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Vasco, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Elliott Major and Mrs. B. R. Sepulveda Mr. and Mrs. Birch Phillips Jr. Horace L. Rose, Jr. and Family Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Servidio ' 55 W. G. Yonts Merchandise Col. and Mrs. Marc S. Barthello Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew O ' Book Good Luck Jeb and Joel! Congratulations to John E. Alerding III With Much Love From the Entire Family. B. and E. Intramural Football Team: It Wasn ' t Just a Job . . . ... It Was An Experience 1979 Intramural Football Champs Thompson f««t««C M TCS TIM e VESTER J. THOMPSON, JR., INC. Chemical, Materials and Geotechnical Laboratories 3707 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, Alabama 36609 Congratulations to the Class of ' 80 And Welcome to the Ranks of The Alumni Congratulations To US: We Made It. The Berenbroks ' The Hodges ' The Browns ' The Walkers ' The Hansrotes ' And Especially to Those Lovely Ladies: Beth, Lee Ann, Sue, Marilyn GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 80 And To You MOM and DAD Thanks For The Support Gary and Pat Room 188 As candidates for commissioning, you are eligible to apply for USAA insurance. An elite group. As an officer trainee, you are eligible to apply for membership in an elite association of more than 1-million Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, and Retired officers, as well as other officer candidates, who enjoy the preferential insurance protection, service, and savings afforded by USAA. Insurance for your car, your personal property, and your life. USAA was founded more than 50 years ago by and for military officers to provide reasonably priced insurance. Today USAA ' s auto insurance rates are 10% to 35% lower in most states than those charged by many other insurance companies. Dividends and other forms of savings lower the cost even more. USAA offers policies for your personal property — stereos, uniforms, cameras, sports equipment — and for your personal liability. Life insurance policies are available through USAA Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of USAA. Worldwide protection. USAA can provide you with insurance protection throughout the United States, and in most countries where U.S. personnel are stationed. USAA ' s claims service is worldwide. A no-interest, no-service-charge premium payment plan. USAA offers a convenient payment plan that breaks your premiums into small increments. You can use it wherever you are, Stateside or overseas. Once a member, always eligible for membership. Once you have a USAA policy, you are always eligible to apply for insurance, no matter how your military status changes, or even if you resign your commission. There are no membership fees or dues with USAA; simply taking out a policy makes you a member. Ask an officer about USAA. Nine out of ten active duty officers are USAA members. We think you ' ll find they hold USAA in high regard. For complete information call our USAA office in Fairfax, VA: in Virginia, call toll-free number: 1-800-572-0363; if you live in Maryland, 5 call: 1-800-336-0342. USAA Serving you best because we know you better. I ETspI HI RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS INC 3 124 Valley Ave. Winchester, Virginia 22601 The Cleaves Food Service Corporation Food Service Operators — Consultants Quality Food Service Management School — Colleges — Industry Health Care and Senior Citizen Homes Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910 Phone:(301)589-7477 When Quality Counts — It ' s a Cleaves ' Operation Maguire Company Inc. Mechanical Contractors 254 Adams Street Newton, Massachusetts 02158 Williamson and Wilmer, Inc. P.O. Box 8267 Richmond, Virginia 23226 GTE Products Corporation Compliments of NOEL PAK Needham, Massachusetts Packaging Engineering Specialists Best Materials In The World By " Golly " GoLLADAY " BUS SUPPLY, INC. Stephens City, Va. 8691 136 Congratulations! Charles Hansrote ' 80 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leonard and Joseph ' 83 BERKNESS CONTROL EQUIPMENT CORP. Power — Process Sales — Service P.O. Box 6811 1 506 Tomlynn Street Richmond, Virginia 23230 (804) 359-5703 Telex 82-8386 To All the Friends and Parents of the Cadets in Room 154: Thank You For Your Love and Support. BOOSTERS Colonel and Mrs. Harry W. McClellan Hudson Tile Corp. R. D. Murphy Co. Cummings and King — Attorneys at Law Budweiser Bombers The Team nor The Beer Can Be Beat! We ' re Bad M.F. ' s Intramural Basketball Champs! buld You Let These Guys Sell You an Edsel? The 139 Staff Bert, Mitch, John, Doug, and " Carp. " ' BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. " Thank you Officer Colbert for doing a commendable job in apprehending these " villains. " From " Greek, " Brendan, Bruce, Dennis and the rest of the Crew from Room 134. The DeVo Society It ' snotjustaclub . . . It ' s a happening! Terry, Schmez, Les, Alex, Bob, Bob, Mouse, Stump, Khosh, and Boyd Dicky Clinker George Thanks Wiggian and Depot For the nights you carried me home i i g « II r : . . -H.J I ► i Vf I i- N ■ It 1 » — . r iju ». ick ' cone lob, ChlS] le Rest of The BOMBSTAFj v BEST WISHES TO ALL OF YOU AT V.M.I ..FROM— BLONDIE + PAS WOOD ©1980 King Features Syndicate, Inc. Abbott, C. L. 164 Adams, D. M. 164 Adams, T. F. Ill 186 Addison, Q. D. Ill 164,235 Adler, J. S. 260,142,361 Aigner, L. B. Jr. 142,241 Airaghi, M. J. 186,372,373 Akers, B. W. 186 Albero, 0. M. 186 Albert, M. R. 164 Albro, T. G. 358,142 Alerding, J. E. Ill Alexander, A. B. 34, 225 164,361 Alexander, F. M. 34,217 Alexander, G. C. 142,223 Alford, E. T. S. 34, 228 Allen, F. P. 164.351.357 Allen, Ft. B. 265,186 Aller, C. M. 186 Alston, C. M. 35, 209, 239, 243, 355 Altizer, P. J. Jr. 136,35,222 Amato, S. L. 186 Andrews, D. C. 142,236 Andrews, S. M. 35, 228 Andrus, P. M. 142 Arauco, 0. T. 186 Ardaki, Mohammad 137,36,217 Arena, F. P. 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S. 144,388,389 Campbell, P. V. 48,219 Campion, J. F. 166 Campisano, J. M. 188 Canfield, J. K. 144 Caplice, J. J. 48,213,238,253,384,385 Carmichael, J. P. 49, 225 Carney, C. B. 188 Carpenter, J. P. 188 Carper, R. W. Jr. 49,216,361 Carter, D. G. Jr. 188,358,359,360 Carter, E. A. 49,218,242 Carter, J. E. 144 Carvil, J. J. Ill 166 Casamassa, J. J. 136.50,209 Casey, J. J. Jr. 188 Caudill, C. K. 188 Caulfield, K. J. 188 Caulfield, W. R. Ill 166 Cawthorne, J. R. 144 Cerchio, D. M. 188 Chace, S. D. 50, 220 Chandler, J. M. 166,235 Chang, Wei-Jhai 50, 226 Checca, S. 0. 166,263 Cheek, R. B. 144 Chipley, C. L. Ill 144 Chittum. J. W. 188 Chu.K. Y. 188 Chung, G. T. 144 Ciacci, L F. 51 , 232 Ciarrocca, K. J. 51,218,364 Ciarrocca, M. P. 265, 166,385 Clark, R. P. 166 Clarke, D. P. 144,264 Clarke, D. S. 188 Clarkson, E. M. II 166 Cliff, AG. 188 Cliff, R. F. Jr. 144 Cline, M. L. 188 Clymore, D. E. 167 Coan, M. A. 188 Cody, R. M. 144 Cohen, B. D. 258, 188 Cole, M. K. 51,218,253 Cole, S. K. 52 Colgan, M. J. 144,219,235,386 Collier, R. E. Jr. 167 Collins, G. G. Jr. 144,364 Combs, D. D. 188 Commerford, R. J. 144 Conduff, J. H. Jr. 144 Condyles, G. N. IV 52, 227 Conn, D.J. 52,216,250 Conner, F. A. Ill 167 Conyers, J. D. 53,217 Cook, J. A. Ill 188 Cook, T. L. 53,221,236 Cooper, F. W. 188 Cooper, J. D. Jr. 188 Cooper, J. F. 145 Cooper, S. L. 188,387 Copeland, H. L. 188 Copenhaver, V. K. 53, 227, 245 Cornett, W. B. 188 Cosby, J. C. 167 Costanzo, S. R. Ill 188 Costello, J. J. 189 Costello, W. R. Jr. 145 Cottrell, B. G. V 189 Couch, D. 1. 54 Council, W. A. Jr. 167 Cox, C. B. 54,226 Cox, H. T. 54, 209, 226, 357 Cramer, C. S. 167 Craul.T. S. 189 Creekmur, W. R. Jr. 189 Creel, D.V. 189 Cristo, M. N. 145 Crump, C. H. Ill 189 Crumpler, W. S. 167 Curry, M. P. 189 Curtin.L. M. Jr. 167 Dahlinger, M. A. 167 Dalessandro, R. J. 55,219 Daniel, E. D. 167,366,369,370,371 Dantonio, P. A. 167 Darden, L. R. 145 Daughtry, E. H. Ill David, M. A. 265,145,264 Davidson, K. P. 145,367 Davies, W. J. 145 Davis, C. P. 145.373,372 Davis, R. E. Jr. 189 Deadrick, K. K. 55, 225 Deaton, D. W. 167 Dederer, P. C. 167,263 DedoJ. F. 167 Deke, D. L. 167 Demeo, J. H. 168,241 Demers, M. A. 55, 221 Denton, M. C. 145 Depaoli, G. A. Jr. 145 Deschambault, E. J. 56 Devens, C. G. 168 Devens, M. W. 189 Dick.T. C. Jr. 189 Dieter, M. J. 189 Digby, R. M. 145,250 Diggs, J. W. 56, 227 Dignan, T. L. 168,358 Dillard, F. D. Ill 257,145,361 Dillemuth, M. C. Ditillo, JT. Ditt, J.E. Jr. Dixon, J. H. Dobbs, D. R. Dobler, S. P. Dobrzynski, J. R Dodge, J. D. II Dodson, J. C. Dombalis, C J. Dombroski, S. E. Donahue, S. F. Donnan, M. J. Donovan, P. A. Doody, K. M. Doody, T. S. Dorsey, D. B. Dorsey, R. A. Douthat, A W. IV Doyle, G. B. Dreyfus, P. D. Driscoll, J. M. Dronen, G. D. Drumheller, C. E. Jr. Dunahoe, P. B. Duncan, J. F. Dunlap, 0. M. Dunn.W.V.Jr. Dunnaville, L. A. Ill Durey, T. D. Durkin, M. H. Dutton, D. J. Duval, M. E. Eakle, R. F.Jr. Earle, T. E. Early, R. E. Ebersole, R. L. Eckert, J. H. Eden.M.C. Edwards, A. W. Edwards, J. C. Edwards, R. W. Eichman, C. F. Elliott, E. G. Ellis, K. D. Erlendson, E. G Ertzner, D. E. Jr Eshaghi, Hossein Ethendge, R. J. Evans, R.J. Evans, R. H. Jr. Evans, S. E. Eversmann, C. S. Ewell.A. E. Jr. Ewing, M. R. Fain, H. M. Ill 28, Fairburn, T. S. Falls, C. S. Fanshaw, C. W. Farmer, T. E. Farnsworth, D. S. Farry, J. J. Fedenko, M. J. Fellhoelter, C. R. Fellows, G. L. Felvey, R. F. Ferris, R. R. Ferry, J. F. Fiedler, D. B. Fielder, R. S. Filer, G. B. Jr. Finan, J. J. Fischlschweiger, H. Fitzgerald, T. W. Flinn.M.H. Floyd, F. S. Foltz, W. B Foresman, R. H. Fortney, N. E. Foster, G. D Foster, P. L. Fowler, R. B Fox, M. L. Frailer, M. L. Franz, G. J. Frazier, K. D. Frederick, K. C. Fredericksen.T. S. Freeman, W.J. Ill Friedman, D. F. Friend, J. H. Ill Frishkorn, J. D. 189 145 369 145,223 189 260,168 189 189,386 189 265, 21 , 56. 243, 262 189 57,216,364 189 189 189 145 168 168 145,387 168 145 189 168 190 190 190 57, 226, 250 168 168 168 57.217 145,263 146 58, 226 58, 222 168 190 168 168 380,168,382 380, 190 168 58, 226, 232 190 168 168 59, 221 168 59 168 190,382 190 169 169 59, 208, 209, 224, 233 169 146 169 169 146 190 136,60,222 190 60, 220 169 146 146 146,388,389 190,388,389 60 190 190 190 61 , 226, 364 364 169 190 169,389,388 146,228,341 169,358 61,217,387 190 169 169 61,226,233 146 190,388 169 169 169,372,373 146,372.373 Fritz. D. C. Fritz, D. M. Fudge, J. S. Fullerton, R.F. Jr. Funkhouser, A. T. Funkhouser, R. W. Gaines, B. D. Galgano, F. A. Jr. Gallagher, S K. Gallalee, J.D. D. Garcia, D F. Garrett, G G. II Gavazzi, W. A. Gearhart, R. A. Jr. Geib, J.P. Geis.J.H. Ill Gelinas, R. S. Gelles, T. N. Gemmati, P. A. George, M. J. Gibeault, C. L. Gibney, JR. Jr. 63, Gibson, J. L. Jr. Gilbert, R. C. Gill, J M. Gillespie, D. G Gillilland.S. Gines, D. S. Gitchell, D. B. Gleason, D. R. Gleason, M. W. Glenn, C. L. IV Glisson, P. T. Glynn, B. P. Goddard, S. M. Godshall, R. N Godwin, S. S. Goewey, J. H. Gonsalves, M. A. Goode, J. E. Goodwillie, J. G. IV Goodwin, J. A. Goodwyn, R. T. IV Gordon, J. E. Gore, R B. Gorman, J. B. Jr. Gottwald, B. C. Jr. Gottwald, T. E. Graham, R. C. Grassi, M. R. Gray, D. M. Jr. Greenwood, R. M. Griffin, M. G. Griffin, P. J. Groseclose, W. P. Grubber, M.J. Gudgel.J. E. Ill Guevremont, M. R. Hackemeyer, D. A. Hagemann, D. C. Hagwood, D. G. Jr. Hahn, P. F. Hair.C. E. Haithcock, J. L. Jr. Hale, A. A. Hall, D. B. Hall, J. R. Hall, M. D. Hall, M R. Hall.T. L. Hamilton, J. S. Hamlin, M. C. Hammock, G. R. Hanna, J. C. Hannabass, K. A. Hanratty, J. A Hansrote, C. J. Ill Harbison, D. A. Hardy, M. J. Hargreaves, J. E. Harmon, G. A. Harper, M. Q. Harrington, M. F. Harris, C. D. Harris, J. W. Hart, J. A. Haskins, D S. Hassell, A. R. Hatfield, M. W. Hayes, P. T. Hazelgrove, B. R. Ill Hearne, M. K. 169,372 169 169 190 146.364 169 137,62,217,263 62,212.250 62, 361 146 169 190 146 63,212,250 170 190 190 63,219 190 190 191 398 209,214,229,233,250, 384, 385 170 136,64,355,357 146 146 170 191 146,385 64, 222, 253 191 64 170 170 191 170 191,383 170 147 147,378 191 170 170 191 65,208,209,213 191 147,243,385 191 147 191 191 191,383,382 136,65,372.373 65, 220 191 66, 226 66 191 66,208,212 137,67 170,341 191 191 147 170 191 67,217,236 217,67 170 68 147,386 191 170 191 191 147 68, 225 147 147 170,236 191 68, 233, 382 170 191 147,236 251.147,388,389 191 193 147 170 193 147,244 Heishman, M. V. 170 Judkins, J. K. 171 Helmick, T. M. 69,218 Justice, R. D. Jr. 171 Heltzel.E. R. 170 Kalesnik, F. L. 194 Henderson, B. R. 193 Kanter, M. J. 148 Henderson, J. S. Ill 258. 170,242,338,339 Karafa, P. A. 194 Henderson, M, K. 193 Karell, E. J. 171 Henry, J F III 193 Karukas, D. G. 194 Henry, R. T. Herbert, K. C. 69, 222, 245 Kattmann, P R. 194 147,236 Kause, C. W. 171,236,257 Heslep. M. C. 193 Keane, J F 78,217,232 Hesson, S. T. 147 Keel, P. L. Jr. 78 Hewitt, R. F. 193 Kehrberg, R. F. 194 Hickey, J. B. 170 Keilty, K.J. 194 Higginbotham, K. C. 170 Keith, E. B. 172 Hillard, R. M. Jr. 69, 256 Keller, J. F. 194,382 Hillegass, T. J. 147 Kelley, B. W. 172 Hilton, C. F. 70, 220 Kelly, M. E. 78 Hinchee. D. W. 147 Kelly, T. K. 194 Hines, S. V. 193 Kelly, T. R. Jr. 79,213,239 Hinshelwood, G. C. 147,374,375,378,379 Kelly, W. P. 79, 226 Hinton.C. J. 70, 223 Kempsell, M. A. 172 Hirsch, J. F. 70 220 Kendall, D J. Ill 194 Hodak, S J. 193 Kendall, J. P. 148,388 Hodge, J. S 71,216 Kennedy, D. R. 148 Hodges, T. M. 71,228 Kerecz, R. C. 194 Hoffert, C. E. Jr. 148,244,364 Kessler, G. P. 136,79,244 Holland, E. E. Jr. 148,215,236 Keyes, J. W. Jr. 172 Holloway, J. E. 148,215,263 Keys, M. L. 80, 221 Holloway, J. R Jr. 148 Khosh-Pasand, H. 251 , 80 Holzbach, D. M. 170 Kiester, R. F. 172,248 Horan, G. S. 193 Kim.W. 172 Horan, T. D. 71,235 Kim, Y. K. 194,358 Home, D. K. 170 Kimball, S. S. 194 Horner, F. M. 170,358 King.C. M. 194,241 Hostetter, J. E. Jr. 148,352,355,357 King, J. C. 172 Hotinger, J. M. 193 King, WW. 148,364 Hourihan, P. S. 72 Kinsley, W. T. 194 Howcroft, T. W. 193 Kitchen, B. R. 251,148,357 Howerton, J. L. 193 Klenke, R. H. 172 Hub, B.W. 72, 229 Klinar, K. S. 136,129,364,226 Howland, E. A. Jr. 171 Kloster, N. A. 148,236,370 Hubbard, P. L. 193,373 Kluckowski, E. S. 194,378,379 Hubbard, R. A. Ill 148,242,245,339 Knapp, D. A. 80 Hudgins, M. F. Jr. 193 Knapp, J. M. 195 Hudson, M. F. 171 Knapp, M. G. 81,218,232 Huffman, T. R. 171 Knesal, D. A. 149 Hughes, J. M. 72,227,361 Knight, J. T. 195 Humphrey, D. A. 73,212 Knight, PL. 172 Hundley, R. W. 193 Koch, J. S. 195,385 Hunt, J. A. 193,358 Koehler, G. J. 81 , 225 Hupertz, L. R. 73, 209, 223, 232, 263, 252, Kohler, D. P. 172,358,359 350, 352, 357 Kolesar, A. L. Ill 149,374,375,379 Hutcherson, C. K. 193 Komar, C. M. 195,383 Ikenberry, S. F. Ingram,!. J IV 73, 364 Komara, D. F. II 195 171 Kovarik, K. D. 81 Irvin, B. K. 193 Kowalski, B. K. 195 Ivascu.G. T 148 Kozar, DP. Jr. 195 Ives, J. G. 74, 388, 389 Kraus, S. M. 82, 244 Jackson, J. A. 148,208,216 Kreitler, W. M. 136,82,218 Jackson, S. C. Jr. 74, 222 Kubiskey, T. W. 195 Jacobs, D. J. 74 Kuchera, R. M. 195 Jaks, J. R. 148,215,232 Kuchnia, A. E. 172 James, B. R. 75, 225 Kuelz, K. W. 195 James, 0. T. 193 Kulas.W.J. 172 Jamison, M. D. 193 Kwiatkowski, G. A. 137,82,229 Janac, D. M 171 Kwon, O. 195 Janac, M. P. 75,209,221,244 Kyle.W. C. 83, 221 Jarmond, E. S. 193 Lake, B. D. 83, 209, 224, 236 Jarvis, T. K. 171 Lang, J. D. Jr. 195 Jennings, W. R. Jr. 171 Langan, J. E. 149,216 Jesensky, M. J. 171 Lasek, J. J. Jr. 195 Jester, F L. 217 Lash, E. L. IV 149 Jewett, T. E. 193 Lashley, J. B. 195 Johnson, D. A. 148,375,379 Laughon, M. T. 195 Johnson, J. E. 194 Laustsen, P. R. 172 Johnson, J. M. 75, 228, 254 Lauzier, A. E. 149 Johnson, W. P. 148,208,224,232 Lawless, E. C. 149,361 Johnston, F.W, III 194,386 Lawless, R. J. Jr. 149,245 Johnston, J. R. 194 Lawson, R. R. 251,149 Johnston, M. R. Jr. 194 Layne, M. G. 149 Johnston, R. B. 194 Le, S. M. 172 Johnston, S. C. 171 Leatherbury, R. W. 83, 222 Johnston, T. E. 76.218 Lee, D. 1 72 Joinson, R. P. 76,216 Lee, H.G. Jr. 149,242 Jones, A. S. 194,388,389 Lee, MA. 173 Jones, F. L. 77 Leech, F.J. II 84, 208, 209, 223, 235 Jones, G. H. 194 Leftwich.W. G III 149,257 Jones, G. R. 171 Legere, R. A. 84,209,213 Jones, R. C. 260, 76 .209,222.351,352,357 Lennox, M. P. 84,218 Jones, R. R. 77, 232, 354 Leonard. J. J. 195 Jones, W. T. Ill 194 Letts, S J. 85,211,232 Jordan, A. S. 171 Levan, S.J. 173 Judge, B. M. 77, 368 Levenson, G. M. 85, 222, 264 Lewis, J. D. 173 Lewis, M J. 195 Lickdyke, C. H. 195 Light, M. R. 195 Liguori, R. F. 251,85,213,264 Lillard. J. M. 86,217 Lindquist, W. E. 173 Link, J. F. Jr. 195,358 Liverance, B. A. 265, 21 86,217,236,262,265 LLoyd.W. H. Ill Locher, J. P. 149,338,339,341 149,372 Lockridge, R. V. 86 Loduca, D, P. 149 Loefstedt, A. B. Ill 87, 224 Logan, P. E. 87, 226, 385 Long, R. S. 87,211 Longo, R. V. 149 Looby, M. G. 195 Louthan, R. P. 162,173,233 Lovejoy, D. L. 195 Lovejoy, K. A. 251,88,217 Loving, C. E. Jr. 149 Lowe, M. S. 152,263 Loy, D. A. 173,358 Luck, C. S. IV 195 Lucy, C. W. 173 Ludlum, A. M. 88,211 Ludgren, K. M.J. 173 Luning, M. P. 137,88,229 Lunsford, J. R. 89,216,232 Lusk, C. B. 89, 223 Lynam, G. M. MacDonald, A. J. 152 195 MacDonald, J. W. Jr. 173 Mackin, G. J. 173,378 Madden, D. W. 90, 225 Madigan, T. J. 173,358 Magee, R. G. 173 Maguire, D. V. 129 Mahan, H. A. 90, 222 Maher, A. E. 196 Manley, G. R. 152,215 Manley, J. S. 196 Manning, J. C. 196 Manning, WW. Ill 130 Manuel, C. C. Jr. 381,173,382 Marangoni, G. L. 173 Marcotte, I. A. 196,388 Marion, F. L. 90,208,209,219 Markowski, J. C. 196 Markwood, M. A. 91,220 Marsh, S. W. 152 Marshall, K. T. 196 Martin, D. L. 196 Martin, G. D. Ill 173 Martin, M.J. 152,235 Masker, L. T. Jr. 91 184,214,224,233 Mason, D. R. 196 Mason, H. R. 196 Massie, N. C. M. Ill 152 Matawitz, D. F. 196 Mathews, J. A. Jr. 173 Maurer, S. M. 152 Mayer, J. R. 196 Mayforth, G. F. Jr. 174 Mays, G. K. 196 Mayton, H. H. Ill 91 , 222, 243, 264 McAllister, K. L. 196,372,373 McAnallen, E. C. 196 McBride, L. E. 92 McBroom, J. S. 174 McCabe, G. A. 137,92 McCarthy, J. W. Ill 152,263 McCarthy, P. A. 92, 229, 356 McCarty, D. IV 93, 384, 385 McCathern.W. W. Ill 174,358 McCauley, C. A. Jr. 93, 224, 233 McClellan, B. B. 152,215 McConnell, F. J. Jr. 93,218 McConnell, J. J. 174 McCormack, M. H. 94, 226 McCoy, W. S. 89,209,217 McCrary, J. K. 181 McCue, B. A. 152 McCue, R.J. 152 McCune, T. R. 265,174,236,241 McCusker, P.J. 196 McDew, D. W. 174 McDonald, M. A. 196,388,389 McDonald, W.J. 152 McEvoy, R. A. Jr. 174 McGee, R. E. 153 McGee, T. S. 197 478 III Index McGehee, R. S. McGovern, R. P. McGreer, A. R. McGuire, D. W. McKenna, S. McLachlen, A. M McLean, M. V. McLeod, M. R. McSweeney, S. J. Meadows, J. A. Mecredy, R. C. Mecredy, T. E. Mednikov, R. F. Melitz, S. J. Melvin, W. J. Ill Meredith, H. C. Ill Merriman, M. W. Meyer, D. B. Meyer, R. P. Migliarese, J. P. Mikle.J.O. Miles, T. E. Millner, M. W. Mills, MM. Ill Milsten, D. J. Miney, B. J. Minnix, W. T. Mislowsky, R. A. Jr. Mitchell, D. A. Moan, J. P. Mock, F. C. Modisett, J. A. Molhoek, M. L. Monjeau, D. T. Monnette, C. T. Moore, H. M. Moore, J. G. Moore, R. M. II Morales, E. Morgan, G. A. Morgan, J. J. Morgan, S. A. Morris, K. R. Morris, R. J. Morrison, D. B. Moschler, R. F. Moss, R. C. Ill Mott, J. K. Mouri, R. I. Mowe, T. B. Mulherin, D. P. Mumma, R. A. Munger, C. A. Munisteri, P. B. Munno, R. A. Munns, C. B. Munson, T. M. Murphy, G. M. Murphy, T. M. Murray, C. L. Ill Murray, C. L. Murray, J. B. Jr. Mustakos, R. Myers, J. E. Narathong, C. Nau.J. J.Tll Nauta, P. F. 251 , Neal, D. H. Nehls, R. M. Neville, D.I. Jr. Newkirk, T. L. Newland, J. C. Nguyen, T. N. Nichols, W. C. Nitz, T. A. Nivison, W. Jr. Noah.V.W. Nolley, W. T. Jr. Northam, R. S. Norwood, B. K. Nowlin, M. L. Nuttycombe, G. A. Oast, E. L. Ill O ' Book, J. A. O ' Conner, M. W. O ' Connor, J. V. Jr. Odderstol, E. S. Oelrich, K. R. Olson, J. L. Olson, M. A. O ' Neil, K. C. O ' Neil.M.S. O ' Neill, B.C. 197 174 197 197 130,357 153,358,359 94,214,233 153,243 197 181 174 94, 209, 241 197 197 95, 233, 243 153,243,358,385 153 95, 225, 242, 365 174 153 95, 225, 246 197 197 197 96, 225, 246 137,96,222,372,373 174.385 153,364 153,243 153 174 162, 174,233 96, 229, 233 97,218,361 153 153 197 174 175 153,358,359 97, 355, 356, 357 175,241 153 140,153,208,232 175 153,241 265,153,248 175,232 97, 229 154 197 197 154 98, 222 154 137,98,256 197 175 140,154,233 197 197 175 175 154,358 197 175 154,208,211,215,385 198,388 154,227,372,373 198,371 154 198 175 175 154 175,379 175 137,98,226,265 154,208,228 198 175 198,369,370 154,235 175,325 154 265, 99, 225, 265 175 100,229 198 154 154 99.223 99. 224 O ' Neill, M. A. Openshaw, D. B. Osier, R. P. O ' Sullivan, T. M. Ill Outland.G. C. Ill Outland, J. M. Owens, W. H. Owermohle, K. S. Pace, CC Padrick, D. A. Paine, MB. Palermo, F. J. Ill Palmore, C. C. Pantaze, A. T. R. Pappas, M. A. Parker, R. B. Parsons, J. A. Pataki, W. S. Patterson, C. D. Patterson, W. H. Pauls, M. C. Paustenbaugh, J. T. Pazdalski, K. S. Pearson, D. W. Peery, O. L. Pendorf, P. W. II Penn.R. H. Peplinski, L. M. Perdigao, A. J. Perdue, V. R. Pere, D. S. Perry, P. L. Ill Persinger, G. L. Peta, CM. Peterman, P. R. Peting, G. E. II Pfefferkorn, E. W. Pfefferkorn, K. D. Pteiffer, W. G. Jr. Pham, S. K. Pheiffer, M. T. Phelps, S. L. Phillips, A. T. Phillips, B.B. Ill Phillips, D.J. Picklesimer, G. C. Pielech, T. H. Piening, D. A. Pierro, K. A. Pile, M. 198 154,215 100,226 176 140,154,233,235 198 198,361 155,224 176 198 130 155,364 198 176 198 1 76, 236 1 00, 243, 385 101,226 198 101,222 251,101,221 136,102,218,243 198 102.222,243,338,233 198,365 176 102,388,389 176 198 198 155 103,229,367 176 198 103,209 387 129 198 103 198 218 198 265,198 176 198,387 176 198 176 155,215 199 Piotrowski, J. M. 265,176 Pittman.G. E. Jr. 199 Placzek, M. J. 265, 251,155,341 Podo, H. H. 176 Pohlig, K. O. 251,155 Pollart, YE. 265,104,218 Poole, R. M. 176 Poteralski, J. R. 176 Potts, W. C. R. 176 Powell, D. A. 199 Prerldy, R. P. Jr. 176,372 Pres on, J. B. Jr. 199 Price, B.W. 155 Price, CM. 199 Price, D. O. 199 Priest, J. P. 251, 104,225,232 Proctor, C. C. Ill 176 Provenzano, J. D. Ill 155,220 Pruden, M. M. 199 Quarles, R. P. Ill 104,218 Quinn, D. G. 105,232 243, 264 358, 359, 360 Quisenberry, B. L. 155 Rademacher, T. A. 199 Radle, T. J. 199,372 Raeburn, P. L. 105,225 Rambo, R. K. 176 Ramer, G. A. Jr. 136,105,214 21 8 233 Ramos, R. 131 Rappaport, R. W. 385 Rattie, M. J. Jr. 155 Ray, B. M. Jr. 199,388 Ray, D. E. 199 Reddington, D. B. 106,219 Reece, F. E. 155 Reed, J. L. 155 Reed.M.W. 199 Reese, J. E. 177 Reisch, R. A. 177,244,254 Rellins, M. A. 106,225 Reynolds, D. L. 177 366. 369, 371 Rice, J. C. 382 381,199,383 Rice, J. M. 199 Richards, D. L. 155 Richardson, C. K. Jr. 205 ,106,217,265 Roach, J. A. Jr. 177 Roberts, S. R. 107 Robertson, B. E. II 199 Rockwell, C. A. 177 Roelofsen, W. A. J. IV 107,226 Rogers, C. M. A. IV 199 LIZZ- vVATCH THAT SIGHT PICTURE! BUT, TRACy— I DIDN ' T SOTO VMI... CLASS oF x SO -frorr PJCKTRACy W- Index IV 479 Rogers, C. T. 177 199 Rogers, M. W. Rogers, R. F. 199 Rolaf. E. L. 177 Rolan, L.W. 155,372 Roltsch, M. H, 199,358,388,389 Ronan.C. J. 177 Ronke, J. A. 155,245.339,341 Ronneberg, D. L. 199 Roongsita, Somsak 199 Roper, N.J. 177,388 Rose. H. L. Ill 177 Rosedale, R C. 199 Roseme, J T. 177,367 Rosenberger, J. 1. 155 Rosenthal, F.J. Ill 177 Ross, K. K. 177 Ross, S. T. 199,358 Rossie, W. L III 177 Rucker.M.P. 199 Rudolph, J. A. Jr 107,208,209,210,232 Runyon, J. S. 108,221 Rushton, E. R. IV 200 Russell, A. G.V 200 Sachs, C. W. 225 Sacra, R. A. 200 Sadowski, P. D. Jr. 108,218,236 St. Jean, M. L. 200 Salvatorelli, R. L. 200 Sanders, M. G. 156,388,389 Sanders, W. M. IV 177 Sanger, C. S. 177 Santa Barbara, M. S. 177 Saunders, D. J. 156 Savage, N. B. 156,263 Savage, R. A. 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Tomczak, D. W. Toms, R. L. Towler, W. A. Tran, H.T. Tranchik, P. M. Tremaglio, C. J. Trepanier, R. L. Trobridge, T. G. Trotman, K. W. Tucker, D. W. Tucker, J. E. 137,118,218,385 157,239 201,387 201 157,256 201 201,365 157 157,219 158 1 79, 232 158 1 79, 386 179 201 258, 201 1 58, 356 119,226 119,217 201 158 119,226,364 180 201 158 180 120 180 120,222,233 120,221 180 Tudor, T. A. Turner, N. S. Tyminski.W. B. Umberger, S.J. Underwood, R. T. Urbane k, D. G. Urquhart, L. L. B. Vanderwarker, B. W Van Stavoren, K. F. Varga, S. J. Vasco, M. S. Via, DC. Vickers, W. E. Vock, P. A. Wagner, D. T. Wagner, L. D. Wagner, R. C. Wagner, R. S. Wagner, S. D. Wainwright, D. B. Wainwright, J. W. Ill Walker, D D. Walker, J. A. Walker, W. B. Wallace, W. P. Waller, J. J. Walley, G. Ill Walrod, M. B. Walsh, E. T. Ill Walsh, L. B. Walton, S. B. 201 201 180 203 158 201 201 180 201 180 158,372,373 203 180,386 121,219 180 180 203, 388 158 121 203 180 121,221 180 180 122,221 158 180 203 265,180 137,122,222,244 203 K Wamsley.J.H. Ill Ward.W. R. Waring, J. M. Waring, M. L. Warren, E. M. Warren, W. S. Warringer, D.T. D. Washington, D E. Washington, J. K. Waters, M. L. Watson, J. M. Watts, D. M. Weatherwax, J. H. Webb, P. H. Weeks, A. C. Weidlich, K. J. Wellford, A. L IV Welsh, B. M. Wernert, J. C. Westbrook, W. S. Wesffall, M. J. Wheeler, D. E. Wheeler, R. F. White, C. S. White, G. D. White, J. R. White, P. S. White, R. L. Whitson, A. S. Wiggs, R. P. Jr. Wiggs, T. K. Wilkerson, K. R. Williams, E. G. II Williams, E.T. Ill Williams J. C. Ill Williams, J. E. Williams, J. L. Jr. Williams, J. N. Williams, L.R. Jr. Williams, M. L. Jr. Wilson, A. M. Wilson, R. R. Wilson, T. F. Wilson, T. D. Winckler, T. R. Winkler, F. D. Winkler, J. L. II Wittig, C. E. Woelper, A. E. Wolfe, J. V. Wolffe, E. W. Wolven, G. A. Wommack, C. C. Won, K. M. Wong, M. F. Wood, R. S. Wood.V. A. Ill Wood.W. B. II Wooddell, W. S. Woolwine, R. E. Ill Woolwine, S. A. Woolwine, S. E. Jr. Worley, J. M. Worrell, H. H. Jr. Wright, A. M. Wright, H. M. Ill Wu,C. Wyatt, W. B. Yancey, S. C. Yates, K. L. Yi.K.M. Yodzis, J. B. Yonts.J.W. Jr. Zahn, J. A. Zaloumis, G. A. Zangas, J. L. Zarambra, G. R. Zilhaver, R. F. Zimmer, M. D. Zins, R. R. Jr. Zirkle.W. Mill Zoetis, A. T. Zott, D. J. Zott, R. D. 265,180 158 158,387 203, 388. 389 203 180 203 158,367,368 122,351 203, 361 203 136,123,367.368,371 123,366,369,370 181 203 181 123,209,222 181 203 203 203 124,221,246 21,124,225,253,261 124,225 158 158 181 137,125,222 203, 388 158 158 181 203 160 160 181 203, 372, 373 160 387 160 181 181 125,226 125,209,217 203 136,126,218,385 181 126,233 126,246,264 203 137,127,229 160 265,160,386 160,245 203 181 160,364 28,127,226,233 181,241 181 203 160 181 160,358 160 127,225 160 265, 203 160 181 203, 358 181 160 181 203 203 160 203 203 181 128 1 28, 357 203 128 THE 1980 BOMB SALUTES COLONEL CAUDILL Colonel (Chaplain) Caudill is one of this year ' s new additions to the VMI family. In one year, the Chaplain ' s enthusiasm, humor and love for his fellow man has reached every cadet in some way. Chaplain Caudill, who retired after serving 23 years of active duty in the United States Air Force, has helped prepare a good many first classmen for life after graduation through his personal concern demonstrated in his teachings of the course, " Marriage and The Family. " Due to his fund raising for a new organ, music will once again be heard in J.M. Hall for Sunday church service. Chaplain Caudill started Sunday service in J.M. Hall after being discontinued several years ago. It is not uncommon for the Chaplain to come into barracks and talk to cadets; nor is it uncommon for him to counsel cadets over their personal problems when they need someone to talk to. Chaplain Caudill ' s concern for the cadets at VMI has helped smooth out the many rough spots of life at VMI. ., . -i;-.t " JE STANLEY D. MAYS The first day of cadre is an experience that no cadet will ever forget. It seems that the warm smile of Mr. Stanley D. Mays was like an oasis in a brutal desert of screaming corporals. " Bunny, " as he is known to his friends, follows the growth of each cadet as he advances from a skinny Rat to a plump First Classman who comes into the QMD to have his coatee altered for the fifth time. Since 1 943, Mr. Mays has suffered through the seemingly endless rush for uniforms in August, yet he can always be counted on for a warm greeting, even when someone comes charging into the QMD because his new blouse ripped. Finally, as a cadet graduates, it is Mr. Mays who turns used uniforms into gas money. Before we leave VMI, we should all take a moment to thank Mr. Mays for easing the agonies of life at VMI. The Bomb Salutes VIII H. E. " CHUNK " NEALE H. E. " Chunk " Neale ' s fund raising wizardry and love for VMI successfully kicked off the VMI Campaign this year. " Chuck " is constantly escorting prominent alumni and friends around the VMI post. He always takes time out fr om his busy schedule to talk with cadets, adding his personal touch to post life by always greeting cadets with their first name. " Chunk " bridges the gap between Alumni and Cadet activities. An example of this would be his work with the S-5 staff. Presently, he is the associate executive director of the VMI Campaign and, with his hard driving devotion to VMI and his jocular tone, he has become an institution at VMI. IX The Bomb Soiutes DAVE KINTON To many of the cadets here at VMI, Dave Kinton is an unknown individual. Those few who do have the privilege of knowing Dave know him as a friend who is willing to give his time and assistance in helping out with cadet activities. Dave serves as the yearbook representative and advisor for the Taylor Publishing Company as well as the ring representative for the Balfour Ring Company. This is his second year assisting with the BOMB. On numerous occasions he has come to the rescue, helping out with both the ' 79 BOMB and this year ' s BOMB. The class of ' 82 has signed with the Balfour Ring Company to do their rings. Dave will serve as both their ring representative and their Ring Figure Magazine Advisor. Dave is no stranger to VMI — his son was a member of the VMI Class of ' 81 , but left after his Rat year to attend the University of Tennessee. Dave, the 1 980 BOMB salutes you for the countless hours of time and effort you have put into both the VMI BOMB and the Class of ' 82 ' s ring. The Bomb Salutes X [Would Like to Thank the Following People for Their Support and Help With This Publication: Sue Pownall. Allen Kargman, Ed Ralicki and Jim Williams — For doing a super job with the photography and pictures. Yearbook Associates — For providing prompt service and quality prints which aided us m meeting our deadlines on time. Taylor Publishing Company — For doing a commendable job in publishing this annual. Andre ' s Studio — For taking those pictures of the leftover First Classmen. Dave Kinton — For helping us achieve the impossible: Meeting our deadline requirements on time! Ewald and Clark — For providing us with much needed equipment, supplies, negatives and prints when we desperately needed them. The Ladies in the Tailor Shop — For°putting up with the staff ' s confiscable items which were hidden in the Ladies ' Restroom for SNI! Bunny, Lyle and the QMD Staff — For putting up with our antics in the afternoon; and providing the little things which helped us meet our deadlines. Pat and Sandi — For helping the staff make it through with their demerit troubles, particularly when it came to Bert, Bob and Tolar! The Felvey Family — Dallas just wouldn ' t have been Dallas without your help! Major Badgett — For offering the BOMB staff your advice and opinions on our ideas and pages; and for helping the Editor-in-Chief when he had his run-ins with the Institute reg ' s. Meade Spotts, Major Adams and Bob Checca — For offering their advice when the staff asked for and needed advice (especially those early morning phone calls to " Meathead " )! An Extra Special Thanks is extended to Rick Fletcher, Mort Walker and Dean Young — For drawing the special by-line cartoons which appear in the index. Our Professors — For putting up with our sleep sessions in their classes. Coach Sherlock ' s Son — For letting the 1980 BOMB use his four-legged beast (Hello Howie)! Captain Knight, Captain King and Captain Sheppard — For helping out with our various photographic sessions. Colonel Gary — For sparing us at SNI (Captain Spicer was almost more than we could handle)! Captain Willcockson — For approving our permits and last second requests. Colonel Edgar — For approving that 3 for 1 PT detail which helped out the First Class Editors tremendously; and for allowing us to have a coffee pot in the BOMB room. Captain Spicer — For doing absolutely nothing (except placing members of the staff on report)! Torque — For disposing of Allen ' s " wheels. " Karen — For letting a certain member of the staff use your car when it was needed for a BOMB assignment. Mary and the Mailroom Crew — For brightening up Yves ' s day when there were only cobwebs in the BOMB mailbox. Claude Hamric and the Men of Buildings and Grounds — For taking care of our plumbing, heating and air conditioning problems quickly and efficiently. Hughey Johnson and the " Bears " — For cleaning up the mess we made after our late night ordeals. Our Roommates — For putting up with kicked trashcans, banged lockers and other assorted mixes of noise at 4 a.m. in the morning! Our Parents — For being there when we needed a helping hand; and understanding the tow grades and high demerits. From The Editor s Desks Over the past year, the 1980 BOMB staff has attempted to capture the lifestyle, character and finesse of the Corps of Cadets. As the production of this book comes to a close, so does the cadetship for the Class of 1980, a class that has persevered through hardship, tragedy and joyous moments. In a period in which the Institute saw many changes, the Class of 1980 has experienced more diverse events than any other class in recent VMI history. Beginning with Matriculation in August, 1976 to Graduation in May, 1980, we have been through a hard Ratline, felt the personal loss of the four tragic deaths which struck our class in the Spring of 1977, encountered an academically tough Third Class Year, experienced the joy of Ring Figure ' 80 and the excitement of knowing that graduation is here. As dykes we took the Class of 1983 under our wing so that we could teach them the ropes of how to get through VMI in four years and avoid the pitfalls of disaster which often seem to be common occurrences. During our four years here, we have met three different commandants, numerous new educators and assorted military personnel. In this period we witnessed many changes, some for the better, some for the worse. Certainly, now we may agree with many politicians who claim that excessive government is detrimental to the efficient operation of a system. VMI is a system different from any other in existence. It is to be run by cadets for cadets. Persistent intervention by the administration is detrimental to the successful operation of the Corps. During the past four years we have noticed the decline in prestige and influence of the First Class Private. This is a result of deliberate restrictions instituted by the administration. But what is the purpose of VMI? Standards keep VMI what it is today. We may persevere through constant day-to-day drudgery and pressure but the end result is always favorable. The VMI man. A man capable of dealing with the chaotic situations of the real world. A man who, when pressured, is capable of performing well. And, finally, a man who is respected because of his honor. Our experience with the 1980 BOMB has been a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Working with this year ' s staff has been fun, creative and satisfying. We set out to publish the largest BOMB in VMI history. In order to accomplish this task a large staff was assembled to handle the job. The task of working with such a diverse staff was as challenging as it was frustrating. We can honestly say it has been a pleasure to work with this year ' s staff. Working around " Greek ' s " socializing, Bert ' s bones, Bob ' s trips to the Commandant ' s office, Tolar ' s demerits, Harold ' s bigotry, Dennis ' verbal abuse, Keith ' s ailments, Harry ' s complaining, Brett ' s straining and Klinker ' s dipping have all been beneficial in learning how to work with other people and their problems. Lest we forget " Tomjack ' s " intoxication and his late morning hangovers which kept Greek from getting anything accomplished. To Keith Baron, Noel Williams, Dean Clarke, Johnny Piotrowski: we wish you the best of luck with the 1981 BOMB. You have been well-prepared for the task which lies before you. It is our sincere belief that this BOMB will be considered the best ever published. It is creative and expressive of the real VMI man. Even though our cadetships have been one of triumph as well as turmoil, working with the entire BOMB staff has enriched our lives tremendously. These past four years have provided a well-rounded experience. We came with all to gain and little to lose, and now our paths must part. When it is time to make our final walk across the parade ground as VMI cadets we will look back and notice that VMI is an institute of higher learning but, more than that, an institute of learning how to live. To the corps we leave some inspiring thoughts. As each year becomes your past, the journey to your abode will become shorter, the lines in the Commandant ' s office longer and the food harder to swallow. VMI is a system based upon the survival of the fittest. Consequently, only the fittest will make it to the final ranks. ' v ' J - 3 ? u Urfi ijLjL— Christopher J. Dombalis Robert F. Wheeler Bert A. Liverance I Business Manager, 1980 BOMB Editor-in-Chief, 7980 BOMB Managing Editor, 1980 BOMB Editors ' Thoughts XII 4 % - » OUT TO LUNCH . . " isV - J " II !! Sim H !i if mi ! Hill II II II if! I ! v.m i n ii ipiii I ' " 51 » I " ' " l JOSEPH W. MCCARTHY 81

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