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■- - i-, ;? T Quiet they stand, yet what sights these gates have seen. Challenges conquered, dreams dissolved, and boys transformed to men. This is VMI, an institution based deep in tradition, devoted to education and built on a base of challenge. Few choose this path, for it is difficult by any standard, yet here is where we come; boys, young in spirit and in mind only to emerge changed. For within these walls a man is built; tamed through discipline, formed through l nowledge and instilled with honor. This is VMI — The Virginia Military Institute. PROLOGUE 1 " My God — Nobody ever told me about this! " Th V.M.I. Ratline was not meant to be enjoyed — and it ' s not The ratline is a challenge, both mentally and physically that forces each cadet to the limit of his ability anc beyond. " Not everyone survives, but those who do pod rmination and confidence that will ome the challenge imposed upon ti ( 4 B iiiLtis Kini if " Honor, of all the qualities possessed by the VMI mai none is so respected or protected as The Honor Code. No matter how low a cadet ' s grades may be, or how terrible his demerit record, all VMI men carry deep within them that one quality which sets them far above the average man: Honor. Simply stated and strictly enforced, the code sets forth the basic ideal upon which all cadets base their lives. A CADET WILL NOT LIE, CHEAT OR STEAL, OR TOLERATE THOSE WHO DO. w Forced to march, forced to dress alike, forced to face a common experience; we conform. Yet thougli we may seem alike, we are different. For each retains that part of him which is strong and disregards the weak. V ? J . - ' ' ' ' ■ i Jk 1 ' ■-- 1 ' •■:.%» ' , i% ■ Tft: : k Yes we conform, we conform to the virtues of dedication, discipline and honor: and in our conformity we find our individuality. A ' y —A " " ?! . ' !) }!4 ' y PROLOGUE 5 The silly and the serious marks cadet life at the Institute. From the minute inspections of our useless rifles to the serious testing of our intellectual growth, cadets are constantly challenged by the V.M.I, system. i t i Arnold, RE Bouchelle, JS Curtis, JM Chipley, CL Clark, DP Dixon, JH Gomez , JP Hyatt, JR Mc IV er , DA Mauck,DA Mathews , JA IVIinnix,JB |Manley,flR Peterson, GW Paus t enbaugh , JL |Snell,Kl Tabbert,Nc Wilson, RR H IS NO. GR4DE NAME CLASS CURR CR-HRS FOI 5113 J BAHGEH S M 8Z LA 3.0 i5U F BITZetRGEK H T 8Z LA 3.0 ' ifd F 8UKRELL C A az LA 3.0 37b D CAULFIELD W R 1 1 1 8Z CE 3.0 OICNAN T L 8Z EE 3.0 18. li ' IbO F FOLTZ K B 82 LA 3.0 786 F HAHKIS w L III 8Z CE 3.0 «7b 2) HENSON t L III ez CE 3.0 ?3i JOHNSON W P 81 EC 3.0 ' ?t!j F JONES G R 8Z PY 3.0 t)0 D KltSTER R F 82 LA 3.0 236 F KULAS N J BZ CE 3.0 ' lOH f LOUTHAN R P 8Z CE 3.0 7 2 ' ! F MC BRUOM J S 82 81 3.0 3b ' MC tVCY R A 82 EE 3.0 BBS F MURRAT J B JW 82 EE 3.0 B93 F SULLIVAN T M 62 LA 3.0 i76« F POTTS W C R 8Z CE 3.0 950 F REYNOLDS D L 8Z LA 3.0 .321 F SCHROtOER A 82 EE 3.0 i36U F SHEA M G 82 CE 3.0 S56? F SOUTHERN C K 8Z LA 3.0 975 SYiOCK N G SI HI 3.0 " KT REPORT OF DELINQUENCIES 14-15 NOVEMBER 1978 j SPECIAL REPORTS Failure to return status slip End CP, 14 Nov Failure to infoi m 1st Sgt. of status, 14 Nov Unauthorized absence off post beyond the limits of j Lexington i.e. Buena Vista between Taps BRC, 4 Nov| Lights on in room, room unoccupied, destruction of Institute property; i.e. broken window, 15 Nov Unauthorized civilian clothes in room, 15 Nov Unintentionally 9 mins. late MD, 14 Nov Dirty windows ill, stereo cabinet in disorder, dart board imp displayed, dirty floor, laundry on floor Unauthorized absence off post beyond limits of Lexing- ton i.e. Buena Vista between Taps BRC, 4 Nov Failure to inform 1st Sgt. of status, 14 Nov Dirty floor, trash in radiator, cooler in room gym dyke on floor, sulfa set inip displayed, 15 Nov Unintentionally 26 mins. late 2nd CP, 14 Nov Not all right 6th CP; i.e., off post on 3.0 cut 14 lic- Non-regulation haircut, 15 Nov Failure to inform 1st Sgt, of status, 14 Nov Dirty glass shelves, mirror basin, lights on, 15 Nov| Failure to inform 1st Sgt. of statms, 14 Nov Many of our number excell, some fail, yet all who face the VMI challenge share a common attribute: the VMI Bond. Developed during the long hours of late study and strengthened by the endless weeks of confinement; The VMI Bond grows. Once strangers, we now feel a strong tie with those who overcome th defeats and savor the victories of our common | experience. This is the VMI Bond — a bond sostro l nows no limits, not even de II • T 1 1 A II II « A « ft II « -K -£ J a « . . . . 4 4 tf 4 « II 11 11 n n n R 1 II II 1! II II II II H n II li 11 M II II 11 11 n 11 n II n u Ph II 11 ■ !■ II if 11 ' 4 m?: l l i 1 m WSt- | jW «« ,- » ■ . ' II " . Sd times at V.M.I. " V.M.I, is not all work. During those all too brief morn when we find time for fun, we enjoy them to the utmosj Whether it be a formal dance, a Saturday football gami refreshing dip in the icy waters of Twin Falls, cadets al _ . manage to have fun in the same fashion in which they work hard and with total dedication. . 1 0 HHI ■■■ ,..ijifi liCfo.f MMM ifi III 1 HO SI 1 1 i 1 rtm 12 PROLOGUE ■ The seasons change at VMI, but traditions never die. Fortunately, some of them are enjoyable, and we have all looked forward to one special Ring Figure Weekend during our cadetship. PROLOGUE 13 n Graduation and the V.M.I, diploma, once only a fleeting dream is now a reality. A hot August day four years ago marks the beginning of our V.M.I, challenge. Graduatiaa, with the awarding of our diplomas marks the succes completion of that challenge and the satisfaction of r izing a dream held by many, yet attained by few. Our four year experience has been a long one, filled with obstacles seemingly unbearable. Yet for we who perservered the rewards are great. The memories of the loneliness and frustration will fade quickly. The sense honor and dedication, the memories of success | good times, and the true bonds of friendship develop at V.M.I. , shall remain with us forever. . ■- :- r 9 ' S 5 j V ' Lf ' 4 • w ' Tv - ' , . ' V: 1 . liTinrir I HI II II II III Hi bi II n ii jfl ll II M- L 1 Til n II II II n 11 n SI Bl No longer shall the trip back to V.M.I, seem long and depressing. No longer shall the barracks seem a bleak prison-like structure. For we are now prepared to leave barracks and cadet life, cross the parade field, and enter Moody Hall to join the ranks of the alumni. We have been taught much more than facts and figures during the last four years. We learned and developed qualities that could only be rendered by the V.M.I, challenge and for that, we owe the Institute our deepest thanks. Now, with confidence, and determination, we turn to face the challenges that lie ahead. One can never truly understand VMI without an under- standing of her heritage. From within Virginia sprang the traditions and leaders that first forged the South and then this great nation. Today, as always, we here at VMI pride ourselves in being her finest son. A blood strained battle- field serves as a reminder of our dedic ation. For VMI stands today a bastion of tradition, tradition passed to us from our forefathers in gray. A tradition that places the highest prior- ity, not on racism or hatred, but on virtue, honor and the code of a gentleman. Silent now the cannons stand, yet we here at VMI remember their thunderous roar and salute the heritage that we so humbly inherit: the heritage of the South. The song is no longer played at VMI, the flag is no longer flown, the thought is suppressed by those above, yet we, the cadets and sons of our forefathers, remember. And through our remembrance we keep alive the virtues and noble principles of our land — the land of Dixie. J.G. n 1 1 1 I II i ir f! II II 11! II II II II II ir n i Q u Q nm n n s d m JT IB Hill II II I! I!| ini n n n .Js ' - ' yc " The forbearing use of power does not only form a touchstone, but the manner in which an individual enjoys certain advantages over others is a test of a true gentleman. The power which the strong have over the weak, the employer over the employed, the educated over the unlettered, the experienced over the confiding, even the clever over the silly — the forbearing or inoffensive use of all this power or authority, or a total abstinence from it when the case admits it, will show the gentleman in a plain light. The gentleman does not needlessly and unnecessarily remind an offender of a wrong he may have committed against him. He can not only forgive, he can forget; and he strives for that nobleness of self and mildness of character which impart sufficient strength to let the past be but the past. A true gentleman feels humbled himself when he cannot help humbling others. " Robert Edward Lee Let us follow his example . . . PROLOGUE 17 Editor in Chief Business Manager Managing Editor Photograptiic Editor CONTENTS Classes: Corps: Activities: Social: Sports: Institute: Outrage: Advertisements: Meade A. Spotts Stephen C. Lyon Robert F. Wheeler Douglas T. Monjeau v.- y .vi : V i. - •• ' w VIRGINh MIUTARi ' immruTE n n II It ■■ : DEDICATION The Class of 1979 will be the last class touched by " Dodo " Dlllard, the man. We mourn not that he is gone but that those who follow us will not be inspired, as we were, by his genius. A plaque, representing a passing rememberance, on an otherwise cold wall, is all the honor most men may hope for. We, in the Class of 1979, will take a part of " Dodo " with us, he will live on through us, wherever we go. Every member and friend of this class, every sincere and open mind can look to what " Dodo " was, and what he stood for, with admiration and love. May we follow his lead and never forget, as he never forgat, that we too, were once cadets. IN MEMORY OF Hefbert Nash Dilla VMI CLASS OiP 1934 DISTINGUISHED GRADUATE PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH. 1938 - 1976 HE WAS A MAM. TAIB HIM POI All IK AIL VE SHALl NOT LOOK UrOM Hit LIKE AGAIN HAMLET. I. ii THE CADETS OF THE VM! EMGLISH SOCIETY. If 77 - 71 s? i ' SSii:.? jrasf- f: ' . ► ? V ' . a - %=V« ' nK b 1m lU i m mmmmmmMi We hereby dedicate the 1979 VMI BOMB to Colonel Herbert Nash Dillard, Jr., that his vibrant spirit, his undying dream, his unparalleled example, may live and continue to touch the lives of those who follow. People may say what they want about him, for " the spirit who has seen the spectre of death cannot be scared by the faces of the thieves; the soldier who has seen the swords glittering over his head and streams of blood under his feet does not care about the rocks thrown at him by the children on the streets ... " — Gibran ■ ' - y d :5 «. trvVw ' iSi W ' , ' rm r WM CLASSES ' Mm -■vf . UJJBJBS " ' ' J5lUL%iu - » ' != i? - ' ?;; . ,- - ' 1, • - J ..vl■ Tony Hamilton — President Paul Jussel — Vice President Jose Gomez — Historian August 20, 1 975 — Matriculation January 27, 1 976 — Breakout November 1 8, 1 977 — Ring Figure May 1 9, 1 979 — Graduation As graduation approaches, we the class of 1979 can now reflect upon our four years at the V.M.I. Our cadetship began August 20, 1975, when 431 individuals from a variety of backgrounds entered Limits Gates Little did we realize the impending trials and tribulations of this most demanding period of our lives. All of us experienced the loneliness, the degradation, and the humiliation of the Rat Line, but with the help of our dykes and the Brother Rat Spirit, we achieved our goal. On January 27, 1976, we 431 individuals became one, the V.M I Class of 1979 The onset of our Third Class year brought visions of grandeur. Yet the absence of our dykes and the ever present nemesis of academics, brought us back to the reality of the V.M.I, system We persevered however, and looked forward to our Second Class year and Ring Fig- ure. At that time. Ring Figure 79 was the highlight of our cadetship. With the acquirement of our rings we gained a new sense of pride and renewed purpose in our class and ourselves Additionally, our Second Class year brought a taste of the true college experience. Our First C lass year dawned with startling clarity. Positions of lead- ership encompassing the entire rank and social structure of the V.M.I, were filled by First Classmen. Men, formally of indifferent postures, abandoned their quiet security to assume the task of disciplining the incoming class. With proud eternal motives, each man contributed to the breakdown and subsequent embryonic growth of a new rat con- sciousness. Barracks became the scene of conflicts in which each man ' s sense of right and wrong was tempered by the anvil, and defined by experience. The success and failure of our evolving efforts will forever be a part of the first resulting generation: the dykes of 1982. Challenged by the opportunity of instill a new set of lasting val- ues within our dykes, we abandoned the soft conscience generated by popularity, and used the rat line as a means to develope discipline; the attribute we recognize as essential to all great achievements. Now, at the close of our four year experience our Class reflects upon barracks life with a satisfaction infinitely gVeater than that engendered by good times. We see a land of healed wounds and countless treaties, culminating in that most humble, yet greatest attribute of all: friendship, bond of mutual adversity. This bond, devel- oped through the common trials of cadet life, establishes a V.M.I, man far and above the common grain. We leave our dykes with the experi- ence of a most difficult year. Their completion of it, has insured them of that same satisfaction, and more importantly, has insured us simi- larly, of an outstanding graduate. 24 FIRST CLASS FIRST CLASS 25 . " V mI 1 1 f » ' %rt:.- v .._ Howard I.Adams, Jr. " Smoke, Smokie. Howie, Hypo " Richmond, Virginia History — Air Force Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1 ; Hop and Floor 4. 3, 2, 1 ; VMI Pre-Law Society, Secretary 2; V. Football 4; Manager 3; 1st Class Editor BOMB 1; Dean ' s List 2, 1 ; 2 Knee Operations 4, 2; RFYL 4,3,2,1. The Smokeless Wonder arrived at VMI in over- drive and never downshifted. As a next door neighbor in Ghetto our rat year and a roomie our 3rd, I saw Smoke go from one beautiful blind date to the next, and I saw the stripes on his sleeve accumulate along with the academic honors. Still he managed to put up with the Jes- ter, D.B., Larry Huh, and the madness of 331, but not without the mvaluable love and support from home. Mom and Grandmother made the trip frequently, and their cheerfulness (and pecan pies) helped more than these mere words can express. The last 2 yrs. Smoke had Nancy, and she alone made all the hardships of the I worthwhile Be happy, y ' all have earned it MAS ' jl ' Lawrence David Adams " Poindexter, L.D. " Alexandria, Virginia Economics — Army Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Librarian 1; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1; Debate Team 3, 2, Treasurer 2; Ring Figure Committee 2; Dean ' s List 2, 1;Cpl.3; Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Heart of Ghetto (442) 4; 41 S. Port 3, 2, 1 ; Hay Down, All Duty 4,3,2.1; Zulu Raiders 2 What can I say about a man who had Will Adams for a dyke? At least he was no relation! At VMI Poindexter climaxed his high school extracurricular frenzy becoming a master deba- ter. We can ' t blame him for his outside activi- ties, since it was as good an excuse as any to get away from Bro Hudge with whom he had the dubious distinction of rooming for three years. No wonder he contracted locker rexall syn- drome and high blood pressure of the ears. Our second class year, Lawrence and I scarcely missed an appointment at the C.I., any given Saturday night vainly looking for Mrs. Goodbar. Originally determined to become a lawyer sometime after his cadet days, he has now defi- nitely decided to either go in the army or be a civilian. We know he ' ll be successful in either branch. ASH DYKES 1976: Will C.Adams 1982: Neal E. Fortney m 9 ' ' ' E f-l ■ Y ' w m T .i ■» Darioush Ahmadpour Samani " Boy, Mr. Rabit, Poursamani, Samani, Ahmadpour, Darioush, Dar, Ahmad, Daroosh, Gilligan " Es fahan, Iran Electrical Engineering — Imperial Iranian Navy Karate; ISS; Ballard ' s Roommate 4, 3, 2 — Car- ty ' s Roommate 3, 2, 1 ; Tullohs Roommate 3, 2, 1;Pvt. 4,3, 2, 1. Darioush came to VMI the summer before our Rat year Perseverance guided him through four years away from home and a tough BE cur- riculum. He became a member of the presti- gious " Number One Club " 3rd class year and renewed his membership 2nd class year In the meantime, his car was a great help to us all. Mr. Ahmadpour is proud of his four years as a pri- vate, and was always good for a laugh when- ever his roommate was a sergeant of the guard. All in all, his friendship is true, though most bystanders would think the opposite. To sum it all up, it ' s been fun. See you later. Boy! JJC Jr. DYKES 1976: Robert Edward Gleason 1982: Thomas " Stonewall " Jackson Ingram, IV 26 FIRST CLASS John M. Airis " Jay, Ayrass, Arass " Potomac. Maryland CE — Air Force Dean ' s List (4 yrs.); Jr. Var. Basketball 2; Baptist Student Union 4. 3. 2. 1; Social Chairman 1; Arnold Air Society 4. 3. 1 ; AS ME 2. 1 ; A.S.C E. 4. 3. 2. 1: 2330 Rack Club. 4 Year NEB Resi- dency Arass assumed his residency with 2 goals: a CE degree and a great social life. The impossible, both, was achieved The future " Mrs. " will steal from us a devoted BR and one helluva grocery list. Keep in touch ' 79A. MAS My 4th Class year was spent with a Bird and a Nectar from Orange. 3rd Class year brought a Chipmunk, a white haired old man and Roscoe ' s. First part of 2nd Class year was preoccupied with Ring Figure. But that ' s all " Psychological. " right Bird? Of course it ' s impossible to fit every- thing I want to say in 140 words or less. Let it suffice to say thanks Mom and Dad. and to all my Brother Rats. " Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. " Thomas Edison DYKES: 1976: Buzzy Moncure 1982: Scott Oliveira Dariush Akhavan " Doosh. Shevy Van. Dee. DAR " Tehran. Iran EE. Imperial Iranian Navy Rat 4. Cpl. 3, Pvt. 2, Pvt. 1. Rifle Team 4: Rugby 2; Fencing Team 1; No. 1 Club 2; BOHICA Club of 79 2, 1 ; Ensign 1 . Four hellish years of my life at VMI are over. Thank God (Allah- the Moslem one). All m all. I ' m glad that I came to VMI because it ' s been 143 experiences for me. I ' ll never forget my BR ' s and some cadets and will keep my 7 memories forever. It is now time to go back to my country and pay my debts. Thanks to Mom and Dad and my family for what you ' ve done for me, I love y ' all. Thank you ' 76, good luck BR ' . Hang in there ' 82 and make your dykes proud. I ' ll be back to see you VMI. you better stay alive. Bill, see you one day Peggy, good luck and don ' t forget no. 7. I love my mor- varid. I can ' t help it, I ' m just a private. DYKES: 1976: William Charles Ryals 1982: John Edwin Reese. Kevin Richard Wilkerson William Peter Albro " Bro. Ski. Skibus. Woodchuck. Brobo " Auburn. New York Civil Engineering — Army. Corps of Engineers A.S.C.E. 4. 3. 2. 1 ; Swim Team 4. 3, 2, 1 , Co-Capt. 1 ; Water Polo 3,1; Ghetto 4,3,2,1. To say that I had a lousy time wou ldn ' t be true. I will always remember the fun times and I will probably forget the bad. In any case all that will remain will be the memories and the friendships forged The following quotation, in my opinion, best exemplifies the members and friends of T. Street: " It ' s a shame, those who sacrifice perfection for travel go nowhere slowly, and those who seek perfection at the sake of travel go anywhere instantly. " — Richard Bach. Jonathan L. Seagull I thank you all. especially Bimbo. Dickie, and Greg, for all the experiences and for showing me what friendship is all about. I wish you the best of luck and hope our paths cross many times in the future. And finally. I would like to thank Arnold Jayde. my parents, and family for keeping me in school. DYKES: 1976, Nick Tarzeia, Boyd Tucker. Bill Brown 1982: John Winkipr FIRST CLASS ' 27 Gholamreza-Daruoysh Alipanah " Abdul, TopolMopol.C. D ■■ Tehran, Iran EE — Imperial Iranian Navy Pvt 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Lord High Mystic Ruler of Flying Carpet Drivers Local 22; T.C. 3, 2, 1; Illegal Car 3, 2; Putting up with 22 Crowd 3, 2, 1 . With him we thought Daruoysh was like anyone else. But after 4 years of life with him we have learned that such a statement is far from true. With a unique style of life Daruoysh filled the space of endless time often known to us as our cadet ship with such a buoyant kind of Friend- ship he will never be far from our hearts. We hope in years to come he will remember laugh- ing after rat sweat parties, the attempts to survive 3rd class year, the night before Ring Figure on the Parade Ground and the mass hysteria of a 1 4 man room 1st Class year. Sometimes he was intolerable with the anger of a wild bear yet he always bounced back and arguments were set- tled with his immortal ' S my D for SRC! " Dar- uoysh, remember us as we remember you! A friend forever! J.B., S.W.D., P.C.J DYKES 1976: 1982: Shah Gerard Garcia John S. Fudge, Ajykomar N. Pedro Alvarez " Pete, Head Cool, Disco Pete, Dro " San German, Puerto Rico History — Armor Cpl. 3; 1st Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Cadre 3, 2, 1; NY-NJ Club 3, 2; ISS 2; President ISS 1; IVlanaging Editor 1979 Ring Figure Magazine; 2nd Class Editor 1978 BOMB, Corps Section Editor 1979 BOMB; Weekend Club 2, 1; Procedural Head of TC 2,1. How does one sum up four years in 140 words or less? I won ' t try but I will resurrect a few thoughts. I ' m glad it ' s over! I will graduate a very different person from the one that breezed through Jackson Arch on August 20, 1975 I will remember fondly BRC, Ring Fig- ure Saturday, the Stoop Parades our Third Class year and my position as Procedural Head of the TC (THE HOOK!) I will always treasure the friends I made here and they will always be welcome in my hacienda. Among those great ones are Mule, Smooty, BJ, Nick, Earl, Craig. Smegley, Mouse and Joe. All things considered I would NOT do it again. Much love and thanks goes to my parents for all their help and to my brother. Chuck ' 80 (Airborne!) L M4BAI " KB EIGHT FOR COMBAT | S? TONS HH CRCW-a B POWER -va 1 COHTINENTAL 750 HR M CRUISE RAHOE 330 Ml | ARMAMENT- | 90MMMAIHOUN H 50 CAL MACHINE GUN H lS7MMutrmur.iiii M Michael A. S. Anderson " Scot, Herman, Ando " Waynesboro, Virginia History — Armor Pvt. 4, 3,2,1; Tankers 3,2,1; Timmins 4, 3, 2; FS 4,3,2,1; Cadre 1 ; PW 2, 1 ; 02 Club 3, 2, 1 ; Hal Chai 2, 1 ; RDC 4; VMI 4 — Anderson 0; Zeppelin Pit. CO. 2,1. Aug. 20,1975 Mar. 7, 1977 May21,1977 May 19, 1979 DYKES 1976: Dave Heatwole 1982 Dong Ki Lee 28 FIRST CLASS Grady Prince Andrews, Jr. " Shady Grady, Penguin, Stump " Williamsburg, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army (Corps of Engineers) ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pvt. 4, 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3; Varsity Base- ball 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1 . I have to say that after being « ithin these walls after four years, I will be very happy to leave Liv- ing at VMI for four years, I have learned to suffer humiliation and accept responsibility. I have met many friends and have a lot of good times It ' s been an experience which I hope to never live again Special thanks go to my family and friends for their guidance and prayers. DYKES 1976: GaryVarney 1982: JimThorton 1 ■ 1 1 M 1 i: I t iU r I f 1 k ' - ■■ 9 ,, ■ Phillip Gerard Andrews " Pint Size, Bowie " Staunton, Virginia Economics — Air Force Cross Country 4, 3, 2; Indoor and Outdoor Track 4, 3, 2: Monogram Club, Road Trip 79; Mary Wash ' 78 -79. Late for matriculation, started 4 years as a mouseketeer just right. Took 3 years of Bar- retta to realize parades beat practice and G.P ' s a blast! Rat year — a deep depression, thanks Tom you saved me! 3rd class year — day student. The summer of 76 Cathy step- ped in and the big " I " was almost paradise Second Class — " The Rock, " the big week- end that never ended, and Cathy. What else do you need? 1st Class year is here with no more Barretta. GP and FCP — Where ' s Crozet Hall? Weekends at the Wash., UVa., and Richmond One endless party Larry and the " kid " and the rest, the best! Calculus will kill me yet. Me and my babe and my little GT, I hear graduation calling me. Come on ' 79 lets do it right. I love you Cathy. Goodbye, VMI DYKES 1976: 1982: Jim Martin Ed Daniels, Perry Knight Robert Evans Arnold Jr. " Bob, Buddy " Louisville, Kentucky Physics — Air Force Prosecutor VMI Honor Court 1; Honor Court Member 2; Vice President of Society of Physics Students 1 To all my Brother Rats I wish a good and satisfy- ing life, and I leave you with two thoughts: " We should live, act, and say nothing to the injury of anyone. It is not only best as a matter of princi- ple, but it is the path to peace and honor " " Duty is the sublimest word in our language: Do your duty in all things, like the old Puritan. You cannot do more, you should never do less " Written by General Robert E. Lee in a letter to his eldest son DYKES 1976: 1982: Steve Joyce John Friend, Murray Hudson ' ■ " J ' - FIRST CLASS 29 John Elliott Arthur V " Boo-Boo, The Boo, F M., Pear-Body, Human Sieve, Swiss Cheese " Newport News, Virginia C.E — Engineers ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1; SAME 2, 1; Ski Club 2, 1; Lacrosse 2, 1 ; Football 3, 2; JV Basketball 4, 2, 1 ; Lodge 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Lodge President 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 . I came to VMI being unsure of what I wanted or what to expect. First semester was going so-so until I fell into the clutches of Rod, Joe, and the Kro After that, only God knew my destiny. That started the ' reign ' of partying and hell raisin ' and I haven ' t stopped yet. One place will always be dear to me and that ' s The Lodge. There are so many " special " people I want to thank but there ' s not enough room to name everybody, so I ' M just say " thank you guys " for a lot of good times and fun. And last, I want to thank my family for " puttin up " with me (Mike and Kelly too), and without your love and support, I don ' t know if I could have made it. And Thank you Jessie for always being there. I love you DYKES 1976: Gregg D.Jones 1982: David Wagner, John B. Murray James R. Atkins " Doobs, Doob-Ba-Roo, Fatboy " Richmond, Virginia EE — Corps of Engineers Cadet Assistant to Sports Information Direc- tor 4. 3, 2, 1 : Statistician for Southern Confer- ence Basketball Tournament 3, 2, 1; Baseball Mgr. 4. 3, 2, 1 ; VMI Football Radio Network 4. 3, 2, 1 ; IEEE 1 ; Monogram Club 1 ; Cpl 3. I came to VMI to face a challenge that no one thought I was capable of tackling. It has been a rough road, but so is life Hopefully I have prepared myself for my future life, and will be able to handle it thanks to the experience gained from the Mother I. I ' d like to thank my parents who have stood beside me these past four years, and who I love more than words can express. I hope that I can make them proud of me. It hasn ' t been easy, but finally it is over! Thanks to Tom Shupe and Mike Strickler for giving me the opportunity to work with them in the Sports Information Office, It made life here easier. Finally, I ' d like to wish all my brother rats good luck, and may God bless everyone of you. DYKES 1976: Mike Hillsgrove 1982: Mike " Space " Frailer Dennis Urban Austin III " Austin " Roanoke. Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers A Company Rat XO 1 ; RDC; Computer Center Assistant; A.S.C.E.3.2,1;S.A.M.E.2.1, Austin came to VMI from Roanoke for one spe- cific reason: to be a Civil Eegineer. I doubt if any- one has ever gone about getting a C.E. degree in the manner that Austin chose. Women and par- ties took a hit from this boy as he spent hours upon hours in the concrete lab plugging away at problems over the weekend. However, this is not saying that Mr. Austin did not play an active part in Barracks activities. Are you reading Mr. Dewell? Austin. Dewell, and I were thrown together after a month at VMI and have endured it through a lot of fighting and cigar smoking. How a guy like this can have such a wonderful family with two beautiful sisters is difficult to imagine. DYKES 1976: Greg Lucado 1 982: Tommy Avent 30 FIRST CLASS ■ M • R- " ' 1 ;. ' ' ii FredW. Bailey ■Fred, Head. Beatle Bailey, Artist " Westfleld, New Jersey EE — Artillery SFYL 4; RFYL 2, 1; Volleyball 3; Judo Karate Club 3; Pvt. 4, 3.2,1; Sub-Culture 4,3.2.1; Hop Floor 1 ; Horse Stioe Club. TUCKER STREET. After realizing that there was no way possible to meet the standards of my alumnus Father. Brother, and grand Uncle; I decided that I must developed myself to meet my own standards a1 least. Through my cadetship I was tired of hear- ing that the old corps was tougher. I know my Father has privileges that I didnt have. This place sucks as much as it ever has or ever will. Masoud Bajestani " Bajetaji. Perfect Body " Tehran, Iran Electrical Engineering RFYL; Weight Training; Soccer 4; Pvt 4. 3. 2. 1;Cpl. 3. Never having heard of VMI until six months before he stiowed up. Masoud was sent to the Institute by the UN having been told it was a " Good Engineering School " . Not only join- ing the Navy to get his EE degree but to see the world, he has succeeded in the former and knows Roanoke by heart. Bajetaji is really a phantom roomate since 90% of his cadetship he ' s either been on a weekend, r ji studying, or taking FC.P, In four yea ' o. our budding formula one driver has worn out four cars, not including the 12 week old one he rolled. His Honda 360 still survives. Good luck " Perfect Body " and if there are any speed limits in the Persian Gulf we know you ' ll break ' em. ABH DYKES 1976: David Fielder 1982: Joe Ciol Carl Stanley Ballard Jr. " Stan " Midlothian. Virginia C.E. — Corps of Engineers ASCE3,2. 1;Pvt. 4. 2, 1;Cpl. 3. There are many people who have helped me dur- ing my four years at VMI. but the one who has done it all in my life is Jesus Christ. I thank Him for everything and especially for my family. Mom. Dad. Gi. I can ' t imagine how much harder it would have been without your love and encour- agement. I also thank the Lord for the friend- ships I ' ve made, especially my Christian friendS- My brother. Hank. Kon. Leonard. John, my prayer is that you ' ll be as faithful to our Lord as he is to you. Just as the Apostle Paul said. " Therefore, my beloved Brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord " I ' m looking forward to the day when we ' ll all be together again, with our Lord. DYKES 1976: Lee " Goose " Godsey 1982: John Mathews » V FIRST CLASS 31 Thomas Peter Baltazar C.E ■C B .Zar, Bait " Arlington, Virginia ■ Navy; Army Corps of Engineer F S Club; Cell Block 37 3, 4; IMV Stedyek 3, 4, Sweet Briar Trash Committee 4; Student Grotto 1 , 2; Ski Club 3; Young Democrats 1 , 2; SAME 4; ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1 . Star Climbing Inc. 3, G D.R H 4, 3, 2; New Market March 4; CM INC 3, 4, As a general rule I don ' t like to write this sort of thing; they tend to remind me of obituaries. How- ever C B is anything but dead; |ust ask any of the Sweet Briar wenches, Toms ability to blow women away is exceeded only by his talent for getting m fights Tom is also one of the elite few to make it as a " Double Delt " . Because of this and the afore mentioned, I seriously doubt if he will live past thirty — maybe this is an obituary after all. About all I can say to sum this up is that Tom is probably one of the few people to walk through Jackson arch with low morals and to have them remain in the gutter ever since. Good Luck in the future and when is the next TV Party? DYKES 1976; Rory J. Walsh " Jackhammer " 1982 Russel George Stewart III " Crazy Man " , Joel Benefield, Kool Carvel, Pat McClave, Spike James E. Barger " Jim, JifTimy " Hampton, Virginia Economics Pvt, 4; Cpl, 3; Sgt, 2; Lt, 1 ; Number One Club; Young Economist Club It began as a cloud burst into room 473 To my surprise, my brother was there! I learned how to throw oranges pretty well in room 361 , Frank, Waldo, V B. Rooster, Mac, all the Bama ' s even double-wide. On the way down to 261- fi any good times together at " ' gig- control " . Had Chester, B.D. and Nike. Mid- night runs to Tech, many close calls but no regrets. Kathryn, you are great! PS. Please! " Jobie One. you must help save our people! " DYKES 1976: 1982 Thone iillNeal Gordon Hammock, Guy Rudolph Joseph Bartol " RJ, JR, Bag a Bones, Lotrab " Chester, Virginia EE — Army Corps of Engineer Cross Country 4; Indoor Track 4; Outdoor Track 4; Fire Fighters 3, 2; Orienteering Club 2, 1; Cpl. 3; Pvt. 4, 2, 1; TCFC Mug Committee 2; Dean " s List 4; DMS; Circle K Club 1 VMI started as a surprise for me when I found out that there was more to the place than just being " a small school with a lot of spirit. " ' My Rat year was spent either running around the track or shooting the breeze in my dykes room. The Third Class year was spent sucking it up from my subjects and my roommates. My last two years were spent with three roommates who pos- sessed entirely different personalities. How could I ever forget Zirkle. Dukie and Wild Dick. Those last two years were when I learned how to make the best of VMI. Things and people I will never forget: AOB Stewart; Permit King; Studi- ous Keen; the shoot-down with " what ' s her name " ; room 324; Ring Figure; collapsed lung; the bayonet; the guardian angel; Jay; my par- ents, grandparents, and Debbie. DYKES 1976: Andy Stewart 1982: Jay Freeman 32 FIRST CLASS Reza Barzegarian " Reza. Jason, Raz. Ahab the Arab " E.E — N.S. Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Number One Club 2; Ghetto 2, 1 ; Subcultural Comm 3. 2. 1; Karate 4, 3; Tulloh Gang 1 : Rum Truckers 4,3.2,1; OTL 4,3,2,1. Reza came to VMI as a rat with just one minor problem, he couldn ' t chew gum But then when his tongue was able to wrap itself around English and French things exploded. With a bevy of girls surrounding him all the time, he made quite a hit. You could never forget his stunning Firebird and the long-haired wig, combined with his mous- tache. Heads turned when he went to church and sat near a Tac who never recognized him. But Lady Luck deserted him in a little town near Lexington where he was recognized and conse- quently joined the Number One Club. But this did not stop his commissioning as an Ensign in the Imperial Iranian Navy. Reza could sleep in any position and went to bed as often as possible. Good Luck Reza and keep it up. DYKES: 1976 Bill Toney 1982 BobBayne Richard William Bates ■Doc " Harrison, Ohio Biology — Armor Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Varsity Football 2, 1; Mono- gram Club 2,1; Honor Court 2, 1 ; Field 49 3, 2, 1; QMS; Ski Club; Regimental Band; Room of Gloom 3, 2, 1. The four years are coming to an end. The school years went fast, the summers even faster. I ' ve met a lot of great people: Schlick, Bogg, Higgs, House, Wingding, Ritz, Pope, Mean Green, Wild Man, Poff, Birdman, Jeffy, Mike, Peels, that made the big " I " easier. It was rough keeping the " Room of Gloom " from being too gloomy, but the addition of Wingding made it easier for me Thanks Mom and Dad, Betsy, Sara, Rob, my grandparents, and all of my relatives and friends for helping me out. Thanks to the Grists, who made me feel at home in Lexington Who knows what the future brings ' As Mom says. " Everything will work itself out for the best " Remember, if you ' re too busy to go fishing, you ' re too busy DYKES: Charlie Aycock Wade Foltz Ben M. Bauman II " Big Ben, Killer Hawk. Lizardman " Harrison, Virginia CE — Army Armor Tanker Platoon 2, 1 ; Same 4; Militaria Society 4, Sec 3, Treas 2, Pres 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 2, 1; AUSA 2, 1; MBC raid 2; Hash ' s Gross Bodies 3, 1 ; Dear John Society 2, 1 . Ben was thrown into a room full of strangers on that fateful August day, not knowing what to expect or fear Ben quickly learned what to expect of himself and what others expected of him He adapted well and feared little. Through perseverance Ben has more than succeeded in attaining these goals, becoming an " object of honest pride " to all — especially me As fledg- ling CE ' s, Ben was a source of inspiration to me We became very close; both CE ' s, Rat training together, and Brother Rats forever One thing I have to give you credit for — if anyone knows how to enjoy himself when it ' s really needed it ' s you Yet, you always got your work done. I ' ll never figure out how! Best of luck in the future BR. DYKES: 1976: Richard B Hayes 1982: Gregory Picklesimer ' lli FIRST CLASS 33 Jeffrey Scott Beeby " Snake, P.W.-2, Missing Link, Ape Man " Norfolk, Virginia EE — Navy IEEE 3, 2, 1 : Glee Club 3, 2, 1 ; Hop and Floor 4. 3 2, 1 ; Radio Club 3, 2, 1 ; BSu 2, 1 ; S.A.M.E. 2, 1 Firefighters 3, 2, 1; Newspaper Staff 3, 2. 1 BOMB Photographer 1; " Big Boys " Club 4, 3, 2, 1; P.W. Club 2. 1; VMI Sentinels 4; BSU Folk Team 4, 3; Barracks Sound Tech. 1; Cadet Asst 3, 2, 1 : Ring Figure Committee. It has been a long, hard road over the past four years. Jeff has taken everything In stride as wrell as anyone I know There are few who have given of themselves as much as Jeff Active in more organizations than I can count on my H.P. I still have not figured out how he finds time to study. Official study hours start only after taps — by law, number one of the " Big Boys Club " . I think his motivation comes from North Carolina — and a very pretty young lady she is. Jeff will make a good leader and I ' m looking forward to working with him in J.T. B. Charter memberships include: The Big Boys Club, P W Incorporated, and Snake Unlimited. CTF DYKES: 1976: Rick Radtke 1982: Grey Hagwood, Jeff Worley Joe Benda " Benda Bear, Animal " Warrenton, Virginia EC — Army Armor Football 4, 3, 2, 1 : Track 2, 1 ; Rack President 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pervert Court President; The abuse society — inflicted by Karen (adul) Suthard. I would like to say that I came to VMI as a challenge by those who thought I couldn ' t hack it. However I have enjoyed the times with my BR ' s and especially with my room- mates. I would also like to say thanks to some very special people in my life who have helped me endure these four years in this hole. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to my parents Also to John and Bev for their understanding and guidance. I say thanks to my roommates for their great friendship. Finally to my Dyke Mark, now I can tell you to suck it up You and my family are tops, espe- cially Fran, whom I really have great respect for. DYKES: 1976: Rick Tufaro 1982: Mark Sofia WILLIAM T. BERSSON " Bill, Beer-son, Willy, Loudspeaker " Falls Church, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army, Corps of Engineers Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Ski Club 4, 3, Sec. 2, Pres. 1; A.S.C.E. 3, 2, 1 ; S.A.M.E. 2, 1 ; O.G.A. 1 . Bill came to VMI knowing exactly what to expect thanks to his older brother ' s luck in attending the same school. He had no trouble that first week and even got a dyke just because of the length of his hair. He had a very different assortment of roommates that first year and ended up rooming with two of them for the rest of his service to the Institute. Things went smoothly for the next few years until the completion of 2nd class year when he was ordered to play Army for 6 weeks. Bill didn ' t know what was going to happen, but soon ran into Artie, Bill-Bro, and BillyMac. Willy and the guys found a true home down at Fort Bragg Yes, Willie ' s Bar enjoyed their company for many nights. Bill, enjoy the real wortd! DYKES: 1976: Rich Mathews 1982: Mike Santa Barbera 34 FIRST CLASS Larry Wayne Betz ■■Harold Huh, Betz!!!, Larry Larry Betz " Baltimore, Maryland Biology — Field Artillery Football 4: Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, 1; Fire Fighters 2; Dean ' s List 2; Private 4, 3; Corporal 3; Sgt 2; Lt. 1; Pre-Med Society 3. Arriving at the Institute Larry met the supreme test of his life — and passed. Not even this dreary atmosphere has stilled his genuine love for life, and nature. The outdoors and activities associated with them have captivated Larry, and it is here, especially with those creatures of the female sex, that we find him. Rising up through the rank structure and play- ing lacrosse has not kept Larry from pursuing his studies. He has brought his grades up every year and will hopefully achieve his goal of get- ting into medical school. This progression just typifies Larry ' s determination to achieve the goals he sets for himself. I know he will succeed at whatever he attempts, as he has succeeded in winning my undying friendship. DYKES 1976: Ken Williams 1 982: Frank Rosenthal III Charles Frederick Billingsley " Chuck, Bunga-Head " Hopewell, Virginia: Kepone Capital Of The World Chemistry — Armor Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Swim Team 4, 3, 2, 1; Water Polo Club 3, 2, 1; President and Secretary of Water Polo Club 2, 1 What can one say at the end of Vlwtl? Just its finally over. I want to thank my friends and fam- ily for the good times I ' ll always remember, I especially want to thank Mom and Pop for their unending love, devotion, and encouragement, without it I ' d be lost. To the number one person in my life I want to say thanks for being there when I needed you. We ' re on our own now crazy. " If a rock falls on your head, that is clearly pain- ful; but shame, disgrace, and curses hurt only so far as they are felt. What isn ' t noticed isn ' t troublesome. So long as you allaud yourself what harm are the hisses of the world? And folly is the only key to happiness. " DYKES 1976: 1982: Charles Aycock Charlie Kirchmier 1 n ■ m H - L H ' .y V s «» Charles Joseph Biviano " Biv, Mario, Bivouac-Biv! " Hammond, New Jersey English — Air Force Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Timmins Music Society 4, 3, 2, Vice Pres. 1; Militaria Society 3, 2, 1; College Republicans 1, Pre-Law Society 1; Toga Club ' 67. " The only kid from Hammonton " who sought education in the sunny, friendly old South tar from his Italian grouping in Jersey. Thus Biv arrived at VMI in ' 75 bringing with him his social graces and a profound interest in the arts, especially Tchaikovsky. Certainly everyone who has been close to Charles will never forget his hilarious explanations of many " faux pas " of his superiors when the pressure was the great- est. Biv found his place with the classy club of ' 67 in his second class year here, and rounded out the most elegant trio in barracks. There he belonged, and there he remained, forming a close friendship with his pals. Best wishes to you " Mario, " in your future endeavours. — your roommates T.A.CG-O.T. DYKES 1976: 1982: Jake Berberich Erik France FIRST CLASS 35 John Charles Blake Jr. " Disco Blako, Ghetto Champ " Daleville, Virginia C.E. — Navy Head Football Manager 4, 3. 2; ASCE 4, 3, 2, Regimental S-5 Staff 4. As Blako rolled into the Big " I " on a summer breeze, he earned his nickname during his Rat year The summer breeze turned into a turbulent storm, but " Disco " rode it out until the break of dawn. During his cadetship, you could find Blako anywhere on post helping Henry Johnson with the football team, blowing Uncle Bob ' s horn at the games, chasing dogs off the football field, or taking all challengers in wrestling matches in room 442. Finally, his claim to fame came upon the Backroom, Foxes ' Den, 16 West, and Open- ing Hops ' 78 " Good Luck Class of ' 79. " We will never pass this way again DYKES 1976: David Fielder, Henry Johnson 1982: Clayton Killinger James Edward Blank " Jim, Joe, Crank, Crook-Nose, Board-Face " Bellevue, Washington History — Artillery Wrestling 4, 3, 2; Cpl. 3: Pvt. 4, 2, 1 ; Born Los- ers 2, 1: Zoo Crew 4, 3, 2. 1; AUSA 2, 1; Fire Fighters 2 After rooming with " Joe " (Private Joke . . . something to do with the brown color of his nose) for our last three years, there is so much I could say. I first became acquainted with Jim our Rat year when he would regu- larly use me to dust off the wrestling mats in Cocke Hall. (No more Jim . . . sorry about the knees!). We hit it off well from then on and have spent three long years and a lot of mem- ories as roommates Who could forget our 3rd Class year with Reo and all our battles. As 2nds, we lost (?) Kirk and picked up a way- ward waif that we have come to know as " Rotten Ralphie " alias Skip. Well we ' ve been together since, through good times and bad and it looks as if we ' ll graduate in spite of our- selves. Good Luck with Lynae and Jim, we wish you all the best. CTC Edward F. Bodling " Ed " Arlington. Virginia History — Infantry Airborne School; Ranger School; RDC President I ' d like to thank my family for all of its love and support. To my Brother Rats and the Corps, I will always be loyal. DYKES 1976: 1982: Ray Beasley The Rat Class 36 FIRST CLASS Joseph Bonsignore, Jr. ■Joe, Rock Roll Joe, Opie, Clouseau " Woodbridge, Virginia CH — USMC Cross Country 4; Track 4; Lacrosse 3, 2, 1 ; VMI Theater 3, 2; College Republicans 3, 2, 1 ; Pvc. 4, 2, 1 ; Guidon Bearer 2, 1 ; ACS 1 ; Pres T C 3, 2, 1 ; Sports Car Club President 1 ; Sound Tech at the Library 3, 2; Rock Roll Star 4,3,2,1 Who ever heard of a 6 ' 2 " lb. Marine who wanted to be a Rock Ro ll star? Joe is one of a kind. A Prepie Marine? Lacoste cammies? His taste in music has never failed to amaze us Especially at 3:00 AM We will never forget the night Joe com- missioned himself or the infamous Marine check formation he missed He never even was a cheerleader How he kept his sanity living with four pencilneck rankers well never know But Joe was probably the sanest among us all The consideration that he showed us all when we were involved in work or his willingness to help us is something we ' ve always appreciated G.D.A.,S.W.D., P.C.J. , CAM. DYKES: 1976: Ray Harrell 1982: Jay Larry, Steve Levan Robert Michael Bookmiller " Book, Bob, Bookbrain, Bubba, Surly Old Gramps " Eighty Four, Pa CE — Army Engineers Football 4, 3,2,1, Tri-Captain 1 ; Track 4, 3, 2, 1, Monogram Club 3, 2, 1; Honor Court 1; Class Treasurer; DMS; Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Life at VMI is truly what you make of it For some it IS good but for some it is bad My stay at VMI was good thanks to the people I have met. Life wouldn ' t have been the same with- out Ed and Al around. I would also like to thank the Gold Coast Gang and all other friends who so greatly contributed to my stay here. Special thanks to Mom and Dad Their help and support have always been greatly accepted. Of course life at the Institute would just not have been possible without Carol I would like to thank her for four years of love and understanding that virtually made VMI seem worthwhile. Last of all, I would like to thank VMI for all it has given me. DYKES: 1976: Barry Ratliff 1982: Austin Beckham, Jeff Roseme Pirooz Borojerdi " Prouse, Brouse, B " Agha-Jari, Iran Civil Engineering — Navy Soccer 4, 3, 2, Water Polo 4, 3,2,1; ASCE 2. 1 , ISC4,3, 2, 1;Private4, 3, 2, 1. Pirooz came to VMI not knowing what to expect; however, he quickly adapted to the American way of life. Fast cars, nice clothes, and beautiful girls were his trademark throughout his four years here His easygoing, good-natured attitude has won him many friends. Always one to have a good time, Pirooz has spent many a weekend carousing in Roanoke, only to get a speeding ticket on his way home to avoid confinement. Also, how can we forget his never ending pres- ence at Summer School, retaking courses he had already passed for some unknown reason Yes, Pirooz has definitely left his mark on VMI, Virginia, and the U.S. in general. We will surely miss you, and know that you will be one of our resources once the oil runs out Best of luck. RBR DYKES: 1976: Nick Tarzia 1982: Sebastion De Angelis FIRST CLASS 37 Robert Aaron Bowling " Bob, Beehead, Lucky " Roanoke, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Wrestling 4; ASCE 3, 2. 1; Ski Club 1 ; Baldwin raid — Spring ' 77 version. On a hot morning in August 1975, Bob walked into Jackson Arcti witti ottier tiopetuls and read that " You may be whatever you resolve to be " He resolved to become a graduate Under the able guidance of his dyke, parents, and Colonel Dillard, he survived the rat year and returned for the following one with stripes. The third class year was a turbulent one as Bob struggled with the CE curriculum, and it was not until his sec- ond class year that he discovered Sunday after- noon parties Trading grey wool for khaki and oxford, he often made the trips to the various girls schools on Sunday to party with the ladies, and his smile broadened as the road trips increased and graduation approached With graduation in the future, the resolution seems to have become reality and his smile grows wider still DYKES: 1976: Chip Deyerle 1982: Forrest " Foghorn " Felvey Timothy Karseem Bridges " Tee Kay, Stretch, Gazelle. Feature " Upper Marlboro, Md CE — Air Force Indoor Track 4. 3, 2. 1 ; Spring Track 4. 3. 2. 1 ; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1; Track Team Capt 2, 1 : Activities Chairman — ASCE 1 ; New Cadet Cadre 3, 2, 1: Cpl 3: Sgt 2; 2nd Lt 1; Band Co; Club " Promaji " 3, 2, 1, Sec -Treas. 3, Vice Pres 2; Class Ring Design Committee 3; Glee Club 4 In this brief space and for an everlasting moment. I would like to thank God. my par- ents, and all who have helped me for all that I am, for all that I have, and for all that I have experienced I ' ve found little reward in doing something easy or average The world is full of average people I ' m not impressed and I don ' t want to be considered just an average man. I hope I have helped someone, some- where, and ask forgiveness from those I may have hurt, I wish all of those who have decided to make their lives dynamic and ful- filling much luck. I ask that God be as good to them as he has been to me. Later and Love Tee Kay DYKES: 1976: Glen Cox ' 71 ' 1982: William Strickland, Jr Ralph William Briggs " Skip. Rotten Ralphie " West Mifflin, Pa History — Armor Rugby 4, 3; AUSA 2. 1 ; Dean ' s List 3. 2, 1 ; Acad. Dist.; DMS; Pvt 4. 2. 1 ; Cpl 3; A Co, Rat Training XO After rooming with this man for one year and next to him for three, there is only one thing I can say which describes Briggsy to the tee When he came, he wanted the military Now, three years later, his aspirations have yet to change (like so many others). Not making his mark in the so- called rank system at VMI. Ralph has surpassed much menial titles and received recognition as a Distinguished Military Student Along with this, Ralph has taken friendly abuse Because of his jovial personality, we know he is able to take it as well as dish it out with the best PS See you at camp Super Summer ' 79. GRM DYKES: 1976: Mike Martino 1982: Jerry Walker 38 FIRST CLASS Raymond Thomas Bright " Midget Assistant, Red, Bright, Goon Head, Jar Head, Marine " Muenster, Texas CE — Marine Corps SAME 2, 1 , Track 4; ASCE 3, 2, 1 ; Marathoner 2, 1 ; Marine Detachment 3, 2, 1 ; RDC — Secretary 1, Deans List 4, 3, 2, 1; Academically Distin- guished 2, 1, Tom arrived at VMI from Texas and the home of Muenster cheese, Muenster already had two members in the corps, who just happened to be his brothers. Tom first appeared to me, to be like a Wild Man from Borneo, with his wild rages during track practice, Tom gave up track but not his rages. Textbooks, calculators, door pan- els, and pens were his victims. Since pulling Tom in off the stoop for two years, there have been many memorable times. Tom worked hard for Ac Stars, Max PT Tests, and marathons. The real reason Midget-Assistant is a Marine is because it gave him a challenge. Well Tom, life will be a challenge now. but with your persist- ence you ' ll win out. Thanks Tom for the help you gave me. JCM DYKES 1976: David M. Bright 1982: Kevin Shay John Alphus Brown Jr. " J.B., Mackerel, Brown, Brrown " Virginia Beach, Virginia CE — Navy Cpl. 3; Mst, 2: Regimental S-4 1; ASCE 2 V Cadres, 2,1. Though at times the days seemed to pass like weeks I now look back on the four years I ' ve spent at VMI and wonder how did it all go by so fast? My " Rat-tie " days were the longest days of my life, with the Ratline dragging on endlessly. But then there was Breakout and the pride of becoming a member of the OLD Corps. As a nothing Third the academics grew harder and there was little time to oneself. As a Second Classmen, nothing seemed more important than getting that Class ring Now as a member of the First Class I am anxiously awaiting one more very important day in my life at VMI 19 May 1979. To my friends and family, I thank you for your inspiration, your help and guidance, and most of all tor your love. DYKES 1976: Carrington McVeigh 1982: Steve Dobler Kevin Dwight Brown " K. D ' Morrisville, Pennsylvania Chemistry — Navy (Nuclear Power) SCUBA Club 4, 3: Navy Pistol Team 3: Rat Training 4, 1: American Chemical Society 3, 2, 1 ; VMI Firefighters 2, 1 : Summer Cruise 3 5 2 5 1.5. When a man declares. " Who am I to know? ' " He IS declaring " Who am I to live? " Ayn Rand, from Atlas Shrugged " Where things won ' t be better, they will be worse: and from bad to good again is not far. " Mikhail Lermoutov, From Taman DYKES 1976: Rick North, Steve Allen, Greg Speaker 1982: JimMcCrary FIRST CLASS 39 Edward Leigh Buck " Babyface, Hairy Buns, Puppy Eyes, Elvis " Wayne, Pa. Economics — Artillery Sleep Club, Vice Pres.; Rosie Palm Club; Rugby Club 2, 1;RDC, Pvt.,Cpl, Mst. Sgt , Pvt An unknown philosopher once wrote: " When the going gets tough, go to sleep " Ed has proudly mastered this tidbit of knowledge. If there ' s work to be done, Ed will sleep on it One day. Puppy arose from the rack just long enough to fall In love Congratulations Jan, you ' re his 1st and only success. From saber bearing Pvt to pseudo-southerner, Ed falls alseep halfway through everything But, be on the alert! A strange creature, while remaining in the prone, emerges from the depths It ' s a rare species: Kind, sentimental, concerned about life. What could it be? Wow, a best friend! Thanks, hairy creature! K.L L Mom, Dad, it was my decision. Thank you for your love and guidance Janice, you ' re my hope and happiness. E.L.B. DYKES: 1976: John " Ground Hog Slayer " Dor- sey 1982: Ralph Taber Michael Joseph Budler " Smedly " Plalnfield. Illinois English — USMC Pvt 4; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; 2 Lt. 1 ; Cadre 2, 1 ; Billing Officer, VMI cadet 3,2,1; Nostalgia Columnist 2, 1; Rat Training Cadre 3, 2, 1; Marine Detachment 2, 1 ; Glee Club 4, 3 Writing someone ' s first class history is a try- ing experience. How do you capture the accomplishments of four years in one small paragraph? When you are writing about Mike, this problem intensifies. His cadetship can be summed up in one word: Motivated. Mike per- severed through rat year, shoes and brass ablaze. As an upperclassman, he was con- stantly a terror to the rats and academically proficient. Mike has made himself tough to find in barracks: running endless miles, cav- ing deep into the earth and drinking gallons of devil booze. This is how Mike occupied himself through as a Third and a Second classman. We wish you fair seas, following winds. Semper Fi Smed. Ronald Keith Burner " Ron, Burn Baby, Ronaldo, Mad Dad " North Olmsted, Ohio Ch — Navy " Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean — roll! Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain; Man marks the earth with ruin — his control Stops with the shore; upon the watery plain The wrecks are all thy deed, nor doth remain A shadow of mans ravage, save his own. When, for a moment, like a drop of rain, He sinks into thy depths with bubbling groan. Without a grave, unknelled, uncoffined, and unknown. His steps are not upon thy paths — thy fields Are not a spoil for him — thou dost arise And shake him from thee; the vile strength he wields For earths destruction thou dost all despise, Spurn- ing him from thy bosom to the skies. And sendst him, shivering in thy playful spray And howling, to his Gods, where haply lies His petty hope in some near port or bay. And dashest him again to earth — there let him lay. ' " George Gordon 40 FIRST CLASS p- Bradley David Burns ■Brad, B.D ' Alexandria, Virginia Economics — Civilian Outlaws; Gladiators I, II: 1st Class Rep- Athletic Council; Ghetto 4. 3, 2, 1; Powers H.S. 4, 3, 2, 1; Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Young Economists 2, 1; Cadet Circulation Staff 1 ; Root Cellar S ' z. 2, 1 It all began on August 20, 1 975 and hopefully will end May 20, 1979. Through these four years I have made some great friends which without them VMI would have been unbearable. I want to say good luck to all the Ghetto Gang, my roo- mies, and anybody I have left out. You all have been a great bunch of guys. Most of all I would lil e to thank my parents for putting me through school and hopefully some- day I will be able to pay you back . . someway DYKES 1976: 1982: Jim Hobbs Chuck Fanshaw James Edward Burton IV ■Jeb, Zeb " AltaVista, Virginia CE — Corps of Engineers Honor Court 1; OGA 1; Posit Committee 1, Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 ; Golf 4. 3. 2. 1 , Rugby 2, 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1; Chairman, ASCE Seminar 1, Ghetto Club 2, 1; HBI 1, Nocturnal Road Trip Society 2, 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 Jeb came to VMI as the All-American kid that everybody ' s mother would love to have. It wasn ' t until early in his second class year when he discovered the nearby girls schools that the real Jeb emerged as a true partier. His Tm ready, let ' s go " enthusiasm led to many block running road trips in the " Big Lick Express " where the good times rolled. The wild times and hell raising episodes are too numerous to begin to mention, except for his knack for leaving roommates on park benches at 3:30 In the morning. On the seri- ous side, a more sincere or harder working person would be hard to find Jeb ' s friendship is an invaluable asset especially to me and the many people that know him. WPH William Michael Burton " Mikey, Jelly Head, Burton " Roanoke, Virginia C E — Engineering Track 4, 3, 2; Rugby 1 ; Pervert Corner 3; Number One Club Vice President: 150 Yacht Club 1; Ruby Begonia Fan Club 1; Monogram Club 4. 3. 2. 1 . ASCE 4, 3,2.1: Boxing Assistant 3, 2: Tim- ber Ridge Hunt Club 1 : Mary Baldwin Raid 2 There was always a lot to do and think about: it sure wasn ' t all good, but we made enough good times and that more than covered for the bad Coming to VMI was really a change and things kept on changing even if it wasn ' t always that obvious. I hope the education was real, if not. at least the people were and always will be. Who could have lived through (much less forget) ole blue, concourse munch sessions, summer school, waiting for the stick, road trips, timber ridge, and all the other stuff that happened everyday. For those of us who stayed (Eddie) and those who took a vacation (Bud), we can finally stop wondering why we ' re here because it will all be history. DYKES 1976: 1982: Rory (Tokyo Joe) Walsh BillTowler,Keldall Avery FIRST CLASS . 41 Burley Byrd ■Byrd " Smithfield, Virginia Civil Engineering — Civilian Manager Soccer; Pep Band; Manager Lacrosse; Manager Basketball; Lejeune Hall Cadet Assistant; Society of American Military Engineers; Treasurer American Society of Civil Engineers; Promaji. My four years here at the " I " can best be described in the words of this poem: " Where the Rainbow Ends " There ' s going to be a place, brother Where the world can sing all sorts of songs, And we ' re going to sing together, brother You and I, though you ' re white and I am not. It ' s going to be a sad song, brother Because we don ' t know the tune And it ' s a difficult tune to learn But we can learn, brother You and I There ' s no such tune as a black tune There ' s no such tune as a white tune There ' s only music, brother Where the Rainbow Ends By J MB. DYKES 1976: 1982: Carl Opel Jerome E. Williams .. Mark Edward Byrd " Byrdman, Worley Bird, Byrdnejad, J.T. Baby " Virginia Beach, Virginia Economics — Armor " Moe the Kangaroo " 1 ; Capt. IMV Stedyek 2. 1 ; Fraternal Order of BMP 2; Cell Block 37 3, 2, 1 ; IHSN Club 4, 3.2,1; PITAS Rack Club 4, 3,2,1. The name Mark Byrd, synonymous with the " Age of the Pifties " , Anheuser-Busch Inc. and the notorious phrase " BR let me borrow some — " . Bacardi, Bud and Broads have filled a majority of Mark ' s social affairs. These include many hard times, such as The Glasgow Expedi- tion, which led back to barracks with a quick blow. This led to a new concept — " Yank " . Cell Block 37 will never be the same! As president of the Pat Pigs Poundation, the " Dun-Lop " dis- ease has never impaired his lucid pelvic actions. Emulating the J.T. fifties dance style, he lets it all hang out on the stage and in the " Roo 2 " suit Academically, Mark possesses the inherent ability to read and masterfully write full length reports on any subject in only one night. Mark ' s sensitivity towards others makes him one of the best Brother Rats in barracks DYKES 1976: Rocky Glass 1982: John " Cool ' " Spike " Carvil, Chuck V--- Richard Grant Cadugan " " Dukie, Rick, the PAH, Doogie " Wethersfield, CT Economics — Army Armor Private 4, 2, 1; Student 3; Pootball 4; Wrestling 4; Lafayette College Rifle Team 3; Dean ' s List 4, 2; Academically Distinguished 2; DMS, Illegal Car Club 2; VMI Sports Car Club 1 ; " Duke " the Kangaroo 2, 1; The VMI Cadet Newspaper — Sports Writer 2, 1; Circulation Staff 1; Publica- tions Board Meritorious Service Award as Col- umnist — the VMI Cadet 2; PW Club 4, 3, 2. Rick had an illustrious career at VMI. He came here saying youse guys and left saying ya ' ll. During third class year, he did what we all wanted to do sometime, he left for college. After just a year ' s absence at Lafayette and frat life, he returned. Second class forays were made in his MGB. top down until well after the first snowfall. Academics consumed much of sec- ond class year, but with the stars firmly in place the stage was set for PCP. PCP was a way of life, with Zirkle. Skyman, RJ and trips to neigh- boring colleges. He was last seen leaving VMI with top down, hair blowing, and glass of Chi- vas in hand. Dukie, don ' t ever slow down! DYKES 1976: 1982: Paul Parker Louis Rossil i X:f J ftliP Ig . S ■ ■r=« • ' -.C Htfib » ' ' ,. Ml - m L !,S om i 42 FIRST CLASS Charles Travis Callaway, Jr. " Travis, Gook, Wild-Man " Richmond, Virginia History — Infantry Cpl 3; Pvt. 4,2.1; VMI Firefighters 2; AUSA 2, 1 ; Dean ' s List 3; Born Losers 3, 2 , 1; Zoo Crew 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Distinguished l lllitary Student. After rooming with " The Gook " for three years, make that four, we may as well have roomed together Rat year; we saw each other so often. I think I can honestly say there are not two closer friends in the world. He had a little trouble with demerits the first two years of our residency together, due to all night poker games, fire- works, sleeping through classes; I ' ll quit now. the list is endless. He never had any trouble with the opposite gender If things got rough " The Wench " was always there. He ' s decided innumerable times he was leaving this place, and once he even got the paperwork done, but it looks like he ' ll graduate (at this writing, he still hasn ' t passed Calculus). Well, Good Luck in the future, I doubt you ' ll need it, you ' re made of it! JEB DYKES 1976: 1982: Kevin Pardus Dan Garcia, Ted Huffman John James Carty Jr. " John, J.J , Cahty, Jage, Brother " West Roxbury, Massachusetts History — Infantry Sgt. 2; Pvt. 4, 3, 1 ; Rat Training Company 1 ; Vice President of AUSA 1; Tanker Platoon 2, 1 ; Car- ty ' s Heroes, Budler ' s Battalion 2, 1; CWRT 1; RFYL 4, 3; Weight Training 2; Ranger Platoon 4; PX Cowboys 4, 3, 2, 1; Billing Officer, VMI Chicken Pox 1. Brother Carty, words that will ring in our minds for years to come. He is a man to whom the Army is the only life and the M-1 the only weapon. Having an appreciation for firearms and beer he Is well qualified for his profession Ever since the man from Boston cruised into 488 with a disdain for everything not of Massa- chusetts he has proceeded to fix himself in the hearts of many, including the infamous " Carty ' s Heroes " . Between the " plague " guard team and hours spent on the rifle range, we ' ve been through the best and worst of times. Assuming he lives through the 1st class year without get- ting nailed for unauthorized firearms, the Army will be getting a fine officer. J. J., you are one of a kind and we salute you. DYKES 1976: 1982: Maury Gatewood Josh H. Goewey Henri Gordon Chase " Hank, Junior, Homo, Beach " Kilmarnock. Virginia C E. — Navy Dean ' s List; Academically Distinguished 4, 3, 2, 1 , Corp. 3; Regt. Sgt. 2; Cadet Captain 1 ; Pvt. 4, Adjutant 1 ; ASCE 4. 3.2,1; Treas. 3; V. Pres. 2; Pres 1; Swim Team 4; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1, SAME 2, 1. There is a verse that was shared with me during a period of grief that I would like to share with those precious few who will know it is intended for them: . . You must know that I should not love you half so well, if I did not believe you would be my friend to eternity . . There is not room enough for friendship to unfold itself in full bloom In such a nook of life as this. Therefore I am, and must, and will be, yours forever. " DYKES 1976: 1982: Conrad Neuf Chuck Kause A- 1- ' l.Va. - ' Ah J ' jl ' P.j teV .-V.- " " r " .i FIRST CLASS 43 Mark Ferguson Cheek ■Waddles, Stump, Rip-Slack " Richmond, Virginia Chemistry — Air Force R.O.T.C. Pilot Candidate Varsity Wrestling 4, 3, 2, 1; Letterman 2; Presi- dent ACS. 1; Energy Symposium Participant and Escorts Committees 1 : College Republicans 2. In the summer of 1975 Mark left Richmond and headed for a small German village behind the gates of Busch Gardens With a beer in one hand a girl in the other, Mark danced his way through the summer at the local Oktoverfest and became the King of the German Folk Dance. In August he took off one uniform only to step into another. The Institute took his curls, but he kept his girls, beer, and dancing ability. Indeed, Mark has danced his way through the Institute like none other. Mark was born a winner; he even won the room 128 Waist Watchers Contest as he watched his grow bigger than anyone else ' s. Bin, Zwei, Drei, G ' suffa! Good luck Mark! I know that somewhere there is a small German village wait- ing for a dentist, a pilot, or even a chemist! DYKES: 1976: Melvin Williams, Kenneth Harbin, Simon Radomskyj 1982: Kent Higginbotham, Christopher Eichmon David John Choplinski " Chops. Bitchdog " Sparkill, New York CE — Special Forces, USMC Ret. Pvt. 4, 3,2,1; Ghetto 4,3,2,1; Powerless 2,1; LaCrosse 3; ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Number 1 Club. ■From the Halls of Kappa Gamma Alpha Sigma, Etcetera, To the shores of LA Beach; ' Chops was always there How he survived Rat Year is nothing short of a mira- cle, as he built an interstate between VMI and the W L frats (with a by-pass to Hollins) But with the passing of the old wife and the terror of graduation, or rather no graduation. Chops dedicated himself to . . rais ' in hell regard- less of the odds. Thus, with that damnyankee grin, he continued to harass the system and the ladies and somehow beat the academics (and demerits). A model grub private cadet. Chops is a true friend with whom I ' ve shared too many close calls with; from outracing tacs to outchasing ti» . . .Oh well, we did it and won. RHEP Chops, and don ' t forget to visit South of the Mason-Dixon on occasion. MAS DYKES: 1 976: John Otocka. Jim Simpson 1982: Martin " Chip ' Buehler Robert Erroll Clark " Scroby. P.F.. Sugar Legs. 11 Degrees Below " Poquoson. Virginia Civil Engineering; Special Student Monogram Club 1. 2. 3. Track 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1 4; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Coming to V.M.I, was a challenge at first. All of the old Alumni stories had little effect on my decision to make the best of my college days. Most of my Second Class year, I realized that I wasn ' t particularly in love with the place. While attending V.M.I I came to admire two very impor- tant people in my life as a cadet. I did not know them for long, but I will remember them forever. Thanks to the whole crew for your support at the football games I know the guys back home won ' t believe this. Good luck Jimmy, Hulkbody. Weenie. P King. Boy Wonder, and Wild Man Hyatt Thanks Mom for your support. Drill Ser- geants aren ' t all that bad after all. DYKES: 1976: Curl Reppart 1982: Pete Piotroski; Tim Hyatt 44 FIRST CUVSS Nicholas Tyree Collins " Nick, Yoo-Hoo, Nicky " Staunton, Virginia C.E. — Corps of Engineers Football 4, 3, 2. 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Posit Committee 2, 1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 — President 1; Ath- letic Council 1 ; Ghetto 4, 2, 1 ; HBI Club. To sum up four years here would be next to impossible. The memories will be implanted in us forever. Who could forget? But some things can ' t go unmentioned. Our second class year stands apart from the rest. We all shared the tragedies. To Steve and Jay, I admire your courage. And who could forget Ring Figure? What I thought was the end of the world turned out to be the beginning in disguise. Boys, don ' t forget the mid- night snacks and thanks Maw-Pete for the choc- olate cakes. They ' re famous up here. And I couldn ' t have done without my M M ' s. To Mom and Dad . . . Well, I ' ve almost made it. Thanks for sticking with me. Let ' s hope it will pay off one of these days. To my friends and especially my roommates . . . Take Care. Mike Gross Danny Clymore, Charlie Sharp Vl ' John Owen Colonna II " The Tongue, Handball King, Colonna- Andrews, Regimental S-0 5 " Springfield, Virginia Biology — Infantry CPB 3, 2, Vice Pres. 1; Pre-Med Society 3, 2, 1; Cadet Activities Committee 3, 2, 1; Pvt. 4; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; 2nd Battalion Adjutant 1; Joe Benda ' s Conscience; Nerd Norris Grief Giv- ing Committee (Chairman); Weight of the World Committee; Member of FCP 5 William and Mary Weekend Club; Henry Rogers Har- assment Club. I would like to use this space to thank those people who supported me through these four years. Mom and Dad. you have been great I will never be able to repay all the kindness you have given me. You are the best parents a kid could ever have. Next, I would like to thank my fellow members of the " Big Five " . Bob, Ray, Dolphin, and Danny, I wish you the best in your medical careers. The profession will definitely benefit from your contributions. Dolphin, you have a real queen in Susan. Take good care of her. Finally, I would like to thank the one person who made it all beara- ble. Teresa, on Saturday, May 26, 1979, you will make me the happiest man on earth by becoming my wife With you at my side, I ' ll always be a success. DYKES 1976: Bill Grant 1982: Scott " Disco Rat " Wooddell, Henry Rogers Timothy Alan Cordle " Zep, Cords, Spike, Clem, Big T " Bluefield, Virginia English — Infantry Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Glee Club 4. 3, 2, 1 ; Timmons Soci- ety 2, President 1 ; Pep Band 2, 1 ; College Repub- licans 4, 1; Regimental Band 4, 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 3, 2; Academically Distinguished 2; Toga Club " 6,7 " , VMI Theatre 1. Zep came to VMI looking like a side of beef However, it didn ' t take long for the Ratline to thin him down. His next years brought academic excellence, football, and most importantly, his sweet little " Jersey Devil " . She ' s been the center of his happiness since Zep and I ' ve been through heaven and hell together twice, but we are not through. The good times we ' ve had I ' ll always remember, Tim ' s one man who ' ll get what he wants from life; he won ' t give up until it ' s his. " My eternal gratitude goes to Biv and Gleb for the smiles — to Thumb for overlooking my faults for nine years and being true friend — to my beloved Mom and Dad, who were always there — and to Nancy, whose love gives me the courage to scale the cliffs of a new life. " DYKES 1976: 1982: Rex Kern Tim Nash V: FIRST CLASS 45 Joe Corsaro " I hate it here " Cleveland, Ohio English — Armor Football 4,3,2,1; English Society 3,2,1; Char- ter Member of the Sir Edmund Hillary Club; President of the " Room of Gloom " 3, 2, 1; Field 49 3,2,1. As I look back on it, I do not know how I made it through these last four years. I came here with high hopes and now I leave disillusioned. Was it worth it? I don ' t know. This is not reality, but insanity. Long live the sane ie , Dale Ogg, Steve Gulley, 1975. 1976, 1977. 1978 Football teams Now I would like to thank those that, through their love and friendship, helped me survive through these four hellish years. First, I would like to thank my parents for their love and moral support. I would like to thank the boys in " the den " for keeping me going. A special thanks goes out to the AHG. the Doctor, and the Hig- gins for putting up with me these last three years In conclusion. Thank God it is over! DYKES 1976: Bruce Crawford 1982: " Get ready for Eddy " Tucker Mike Jesensky Dirk Arthur Cox " Crutch, Pigmo, Nasty " Palatine, Illinois Civii Engineer — Army Cpl. 3; Ln. Sgt. 2; 1st Lt. 1; Rat Company CO. Cadre 3, 2, 1; RFYL 3, 2; Rat Training 4, 3 Ranger Platoon 4; ASCE 3,2,1; Wgt. Training 1 Zoo 4, 3, 2, 1 ; S-5 Tour Staff 4; AOS 4, 3,2,1. How do I sum up my cadetship in the 140 word paragraph I am allowed? Its not possible. I could talk for hours on end of the bad and good experiences that took place here. At this point so close to graduation I can look back and laugh at the bad times. But I know deep down inside that without the support of my family and some excellent friends I ' ve made, I would not be here now. Those friends — Lilrehe, Waldo, Pig, T.W., Porn King, Eduardo — are the single best thing about VMI. I wish you guys the best of luck. To my parents whom I owe so much, I can ' t adequately say what I feel. Thank you for everything. And finally, Margie — you ' re some- thing else! You made this past year the best one yet. Thanks for being you. I L.Y. DYKES 1976: 1982: John P. Johnson Bruce Hilmes Alfred Bartlett Cramer IV " Bart, KB, Burt " Culpeper, Virginia Economics — Armor Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Cpl. 3; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1; Rugby 2, 1; Tucker Street Massacre Member; Horseshoe Club; RBH Summer Session; Num- ber 1 Club; November 30 Main Sinks Party. Bart came to VMI after foolishly forsaking the University of Richmond and a lifestyle he could become accustomed to. However, grades and women were not hard to come by and it wasn ' t until his first class year that his faithful friends introduced him to the wonderful world of con- finement. A regular at " Ducks " , " The Hollow " and " T Street " , Bart rarely let anything cramp his style. As long as the price of beer remains fairly stable, he should easily adjust to civilian life Bart will have few regrets about leaving VMI — but he still hasn ' t figured out why he came. DJC DYKES 1976: Jim Puckette 1 982: Bobby Smythers 46 . ' FIRST CLASS David J. Crawford " Mule, Crawdad " Waynesboro, Virginia Economics — Civilian Pvt 4, 3. 2, 1; Number One Club 3. 2, 1, Prelaw Society 3; Hop Floor 1 ; Rugby 2. Ask anybody about Mule, the guy who takes care ot the " Number 1 ' and " Number 2 " clubs. He ' s a man of many talents, such as partying like a mad-man and never having to use the bathroom, and being co-cook with him at R.B.H., I learned some of the finer secrets of southern cooking The most memorable experience was when he yelled clear across Krogers " Let ' s make scallops tonight " There ' s seven of his friends who enjoyed some of the greatest " munchables " ever tasted. Leaving him in May will be one of the hardest things his friends will ever have to face, for Mule is not only a true brother rat, he is a true friend He ' s sure to go far with his firm grasp of Econ. and his quick smile. Dave, thanks for some of the best years a cadet could live. C ou ' re a gross slob!!!) DYKES: 1976: Jack Christy 1982:EmmitHeltzel David Clinedinst Crim " Little Poppa, Wooly Bear " Lexington, Virginia Civil Engineer — Army Corps of Engineers ASCE; A. Co Grub Private, 4 years of summer school. When we look back upon our brother rats, one is bound to wonder how they have changed. Well, Dave ' s change came a little earlier than anyone would expect. True he started out in the family tradition and was the seventh Crim to attend this Institution but was also a firm believer in the Crim ' s obesity plan. It ' s very evident that Dave has found exactly what he ' s always wanted because he ' s changed from our overly rounded Rock- bridge County Redneck to a would be gradu- ate There ' s only one thing that can clarify the changes in Little Poppa Crim and keep that smile so wide on his face He ' ll always be the first to say that as soon as he possibly can, he is going to be married to a most wonderful girl named Anne. DYKES: 1976: Theodore Carr 1982: Will Harris Jeffrey H. Curtis " Spook, Jeffy " The Plains, Virginia Air Force — Missile Who ' s Who in American Universities; Air Force R O T C. Scholarship 2, 1, Society of Young Economists 3, 2, 1 ; Sgt. 2; 2nd Lt. 1 ; Honor Court 2, 1; Field 49 2; Capt. Shepherd Fashion Show 2. Four years ago I walked into Jackson Arch trying to figure out what college life was going to be like — four years later I ' m still wondering, because the Big I has certainly failed to resemble anything associated with a normal college Dur- ing those four years I managed to run into some pretty unique characters, who have left a lasting impression on me — guys like Mugs, Homer, Satch. Squints, D-Berries, Dork, Crank, V, Nyogg, Gook, Ragman, Polio and a host of oth- ers. So crazy as these guys were, they will remain my lifelong friends, because I certainly could not have made it without their help In summation, I would like to thank my Brother Rats for their aid and most of all my parents and family for all their help in getting here today DYKES: 1976: Wayne Eastham 1982: G J. (Doctor) Walley FIRST CLASS 47 John McNamara Curtis " Mac, Macker, FA. " Norfolk, Virginia C.E. — Army Corps of Engineers Football 4, 3, 2: Rugby 1; Society of American Military Engin.. AS.C.E.; Ring Figure Entertain- ment Comm ; Graduation Speaker Comm ; " 235 " Live; " 233 " RH.E.P., Mary Lane Partici- pant; Member; Sigma Ptii Electron Fratty Lodge; Summer School Vet. 76-77, 77-78. In his tenure at the " I " Mac has done everything he possibly could to make a good time out of this " Institution. " We came to appreciate Mac ' s abil- ity to dance on the radiator, hang on the pipes or just break a window Like most of us Mac was a true procrastinator academically speaking, but he was always willing to drink a beer anytime, anywhere. But through it all Macker has left a large and memorable dent in each individual he has come to know In my four years here the good times have outnumbered the bad times simply due to you Mac. To the driving force who made this impossible task worthwhile, my family Especially Mom and Dad — I love you all. DYKES: 1976; Conrad Neve 1982; Shep " Hokie " Jordan Steven William Dailey " Smegley B. Bknorf, Secily, Fool -3, Disco " McLean, Virginia History — Navy Pvt. 3, Cpl, 3; Pvl. 2; Sgt. 2; 1st Lt. A Co. X.O. 1; rheCade(3;SkiClub3, 1; Theatre 4, 3; Rat Training 4, 2; Firefighters 2; College Republi- cans 3, 2, 1; Intramurals — Football 1, Bas- ketballs, 1. Steve signed on to the 22 team his third class year and has been a starter ever since. He managed to start every fight, argument, and problem we ever had. This is not to say he didn ' t help solve these troubles, but since it ' s not to say that we won ' t. After an inauspi- cious rat year Steve came to his own in the wake of another star and managed to carve a place in our hearts. The following is an excerpt from a confidential tape of Steve sleeptalking — " ... No I ' m not as cool as Joe. . Dariush, I can ' t English speak you as good . . . Paul, you shine so good I can ' t stand it . . and Mouse, I am a fool Steve, you know we could not have had a bet- ter roommate. Your overpowering wit, humor, logic and friendship will keep you alive in our thoughts forever. DYKES; 1976: 0. " Chip " Burnette 1982: Bruce Kelly, Willie Funk- houser Mark Stephen Day " Sputnik, Probosics, Jew Boy (i.e. THRIFTY), Probe " Berkeley Springs, W. Va. History — Artillery Track 4; Rugby 4, 3: Lacrosse 1; Ski Club 2. 1; Tanker Pit. 3: Cadet Battery 2; Pvt. 4, 3,2,1. If there has ever been a man who truly loved VMI. it was Mark. Always complaining and threatening to leave every summer, the only time we were concerned was when he was quiet. Mark is a wild, wonderful West Virginian from the big town of Berkeley Springs. Even Stan Hadges can ' t match his accent. With his background, we are sure he will be a lifer in Artillery. As a rat, Mark barely scraped through, especially in chemistry, due to his fights with " Ferret " over bal ances. Now in his first class year and his physical char- acteristics not outstanding: i.e. his receding hair- line, protruding probosics and his easy grip love- handles, we are sure that some hillbilly girl will make a good family man out of him. Seriously though, good luck in the future since you haven ' t had it in the past. " Poff " DYKES; 1976; T. Scott Lloyd 1982; L.Eric Keys 48 FIRST CLASS Alireza Delkash " Dash, AM Del " Tehran. Iran EE — Navy Volleyball; Handball; Member, ISS; Bomb Staff 4 During our Rat Year All ' s hands were always clasped in energetic glee, recounting harem- filled stories of girls across the sea, and singing mournfully in incomprehensible nasal passages. It was not long, however, before his homeland songs gave way to Foghat. Adopting the disco dance. AM boogied his way through summer girls, and countless Roanoke weekends But a letter came one 2nd Class day from far across the sea that told of broken plans, and the soft music of James Taylor, not Aerosmith. soothed him. He stands now, ready to graduate, a young man who has grown up twice in two cultures and fully capable of uniting the compulsory bonds of Rat year with the voluntary committment to Eter- nal Friendship. All — Fred, Joe, and I express our deepest gratitude for your loyalty. DYKES: 1976: Jim Malon 1982:T.A. Belden Charles Frederick Dismore " Fred, Fast-Freddie, Dizzy, Diz. Dizless " Wilmington, Delaware Civil Engineering-Physics — Army Corps Engineers Pvt. 4,3,2,1; Cadet Battery 4,3; ASCE 3,2,1. Sigma Pi Sigma 2, 1 ; Fencing 2, 1 ; Glee Club 4; Symposium 2; Academically Distinguished 2, 1. Gee, these last four years have been full of experiences. I feel one of the best experi- ences has been knowing Fred. Fred is the type of person that you just know will make it big on " the outside " Fred has always been ready to help a Brother Rat out. He has been a super tutor at the Institute. I should know since I was constantly knocking on his door for help in Solids, Structures, Concrete, you name it. I also know Fred to be a good " drink- ing buddy " on Saturday night in Lexington They should give Fred an office in the Cock- pit. I say it is pretty good when you can wear academic stars through hard work and still have a good flme. Fred, I expect to see you in Moody Hall quit often in the years to come. Douglas Raymond Doerr " Do Do, Rug Head, Dougie " Las Vegas, Nevada History — Marine Corps Ring Figure Comm Chairman (2), Library Asst 3, 2, Head 1 ; Military Society 4, 3; Pvt 4, 3, 1 ; Color Sgt. 2;UVC2. After meeting Doug at the beginning of our third class year, as new roommates, I wondered if I had been smart in trusting the other 3, I stopped wondering long ago because in Doug I found a super BR. Few can match Doug ' s sincerity when dealing with other people. In fact, sincerity is probably one of Doug ' s greatest assets Doug never ceases to amaze me with his skills at answering specials. You must hold the record for getting them scratched. And then there was R-MWC, I ' ll beat 47 minutes someday. Doug. Your existence at V.M.I, is now history but hope- fully you will brighten the lives of those around you in the future as you have mine in the past Best of luck in the future for you and Corinne and theU.S.M.C. JPKS DYKES: 1976: Doug Ashton 1982: Thane Durey FIRST CLASS 49 William Emmit Drewery, Jr. ■Bill, Drew, Buzz-Head " Mechanlcsville. Virginia English — Army Rebel Yell Club; Forget Yell Club 4. 3, 2, 1 ; Pre- vert Corner 3. 2, 1 ; Boxing 4, 3,2,1; Confinement 1 Four years ago I woke up to the nightmare of my life — Vl l and I ' m still not sure if it ' s true or not Through the years this place has given me some great virtues like how to get kicked in the Romp and still laugh about it, but the pain was still there Come May 19 the thorn will be removed for good and maybe happiness is ahead for me, Mrs Duck says it is The guys I met here were great, they somehow made up for this place To my brother I leave my uniforms and pity DYKES 1976 Mike Stauffer 1 982 Charlie Sanger, Dave Mclver Dale J. Drury " Dale J Drury, Drooper, Whale ' s Arse, Capt Patch. Tonsils. King Hamabibi " Salem. Virginia History — Air Force Rugby 2. 1 ; Glee Club 4,3,2, quit 1 ; Hop and Floor 3, 2, Treasurer 1; Goldcoast Bomb Squad 3, 2, i. Tucker Street Member 2, Rain Makers Club 3, 2, 1 ; Horseshoe Club BOY. I HAD SOME FUN HEREIi Thanks John and Rick, also Fred, Kid. Anto- nius. Ed. Surley, Bob Buddy, Penguin. Juan. Stan, Tom T , Don, Eddy. Chip, Wingding. Sputter (was a long four years), Bart, Mule. Bro. Reginald, Tim. Czar, and THE King and Jimmy Boy Plus the VMI Rugby Team and all the rest that I held so dear and held on in school with DYKES 1976: Steve Hiner. Keith Dickson. Tom Zuegner 1982 Wayne " Juice " Lucy, Mark " Wop " Ciarrocca. Paul " Slinky " Hayes, Boris Chrobok, Jay " Whan- baf " Whamsley George Homer Eliades " Spanky, Greek. John Belushi. Kepone " Hopewell, Virginia English — Artillery English Society 3, 2, President 1, Circle K, Pres. 1; Pre-Law Society 3, 2, 1, Bomb Staff 3, Busi- ness Mgr 2. Circulation Mgr 1; Marauders 3, 2; I M V Stedyeks 1, Capt Taylor Fan Club 4. 3, 2; Ruby Bagonia Fan Club 1; Timber Ridge Hunt Clubl Why, right, you are in the right. And so. without more circumstance at all, I hold it fit that we shake hands and part. You, as your business and desire shall point you. For every man has busi- ness and desire. Such as it is, and for my own poor part. I will go pray Hamlet IV, To all my friends I say thanks for everything We didn ' t always do things right but we had a Hell of a good time doing them! Good Luck Fellas! {We ain " t there yet.) To Mom and Dad. What can I say but Thank You! Your patience, tolerance, encouragement, and love helped me more than words could ever express G HE DYKES 1976: Tad " The Dodger " Dodge, Curtis " The Czar " " Butterworth 1982: Melvin " Rat " Talley JPP ' I 50 FIRST CLASS Abbasali Erfani " All. Abbas, Erf, Erf the Serf Esfahan, Iran EE — Navy Volleyball 4; RFYL 3, 2; Handball 2, 1, Number One Club Well Mr, Er-a-tawn-e. I still remember that fateful day when I met the good-a-boy and quiet-a-boy. Life that year was far from quiet, but it was still a good year Only bad thing was all of those beady eyes looking for the Grand Poobah of the UN I ' m still amazed how you and my parents understood each other right off These last two years have not been the same without an occasional -a- thrown in before a word But for all the work you ' ve put into academics to master them who cares about little things that get in the way Everything you ' ve done, you ' ve done whole- heartedly, and deserve a lot of credit The UN is getting a helluva officer I only hope I meet you again some day DYKES 1976 Peter MichealFriesen 1982 Craig Merritt, Steve Varga Seiavosh Eslami " Sia. Stud, Sea Horse, Studly, Slami " Farsan-Chahar, Mohal-Bakhtiyari-lran Civil Engineering — Naval Science RFYL; Volleyball; Karate Club; Handball, International Club, Weight Training, Asleep Club, Pvt 1,2,3,4 Things never turn out the way you expect them to Had anyone asked me during our first semester what Sia ' s chances were on making it through VMI my answer would have been, " slim to none and slim just left town — So much for what I know Sia has not only made it through VMI, but he has carried me along with him From demerit troubles (go excess much, Sia), to Rat calcu- lus and even to number one ' s (mine), Sia has always been there with a kind word, a friendly attitude, a willing and helpful hand Sia could always supply good advice, " Don ' t worry about It, go to sleep " Although Sia will return to Iran after gradua- tion, I know our paths will cross again Till then Sia, take care and thanks J G V DYKES 1976 Tony Young 1982 Thomas McCune James Allan Faist Faisty, Fiasty, Jimmy-Boy " Norwood, New Jersey AFROTC — Navigator Dean ' s List 3, 2, Rifle Team 4, Air Force Scholar- ship 3, 2, 1 , Ski Club 3, S-5 Staff 2, Private 4, 3, 2, 1 , RFYL 3, 2, 1 . Rat Training Cadre 2, Glee Club 4;NY-NJCIub4,3,2 Fiasty came to us with the correct attitude of a VMI man already instilled in him Realizing very early in his Cadetship that the " I " had little to offer him, he quickly brushed it aside as a minor setback and decided to make the best of a tricky situation Needless to say he has done that, keeping up with academics and his favorite hobby (girls) The Faist success story of Institute life can be attributed to 2 factors his natural instinct to stay out of trouble and his uncanny ability to ' cram " for exams Faisty, realizing that he IS destined for high places and good times will probably make it We all hope he |ust remembers his BR ' s when he gets there MCLB(Ark) DYKES 1976 Arig Koumis 1982 EricRolat FIRST CLASS 51 Fred Grey Farthing III " Fred. Grey. Walker, Scrump, Fahrenheit " Wytheville, Virginia C E — Corps of Engir 5ers J V Basketball 4: Tennis 4; Young Democrats 4 3. ASCE 4. 3, 2, 1, Cadet Circulation Staff 2. 1, Pvt 4, 3, 2. 1 : Ski Club 3.2.1; Intramural Volley- ball Champions 4: 150 Yacht Club 1; Timber Ridge Hunt Club 1 What can you say about Fred ' ' He ' s only the best son of a gun in the whole world! He came to Vl l. a tall southernly gentleman from the " Hub " of Southwest Virginia. As " Grey " progressed through the years as a private he traded in his books for a cold six of " Bud " . It seems that what- ever " Grey does he succeeds in. whether it be catching T.D passes or breaking young ladies ' hearts He has taken care of me in times of need and for these things I ' ll never forget. IVIDO ' 79 I came to VMI to accept a challenge, both men- tally and physically Now that I have achieved my goal. I must set another, but yet this one even higher than before It couldn ' t have been done without a loving family, friends, and lady VMI has done me some good after all DYKES 1976: Hank Dean 1982: Tommy Sproule Charles Timothy Fitch " Redneck from the big ' 0 ' . T. PW-2B. C.T.. Charles. Chuck " Orange. Virginia Electrical Engineering — Army Firefighters 3. 2. 1; Hop and Floor 4. 3. 2. 1; Radio Club 2. 1 : Big Boys Club 4. 3.2.1 Tim doesn ' t know what " second best " is He wants the best and he works hard for it One of the founding fathers of the " Big Boys Club, " he is no lightweight. He doesn ' t work long hours, they just never stop. No matter how busy you might find him, he is always willing to lend a helping hand or show you how to do that 10 hour problem in 15 minutes. His way with women is refined and fine As a free-living bachelor. I don ' t give him much time. The question is, where is the girl good enough and who can take life in his log cabin with the " 4-wheel drive " ? In the future, he will be a great asset to J.T B. or whatever life- line of work he pursues. Tim — a Brother Rat. A great friend. JSB DYKES 1976: Ricky North 1982: Jim fvlalchiodi Kevin Snell Frederick Stephen Floyd " Cool Freddy, Holloywood, Fierce Fighting Fox- trot Fred Floyd from Florida " Jacksonville. Florida History — Air Force Varsity Tennis. J.V. Basketball, Monogram Club, English Society . . With the past at my back and the future unsure Asked for the chance to try once more. Well aware of the consequences should the dream fall through I threw down the last defenses wanting something new. D.F. To my mother and father who encouraged me always and especially my father who made it possible for me to have a second chance all those times DYKES 1976: Bill Wolfe 1982: Paul " Slinky " Hayes 52 FIRST CLASS Claude Harvel Fore III " Foresy, Claudius. Claudsy, Forsie-Baby, Cold " Dayton. Ohio Physics — Army (Armour) Rat; Cpl.; Sgt.; Pvt.; Society of Physics Students 4, 3. 2. 1; V.M.I. Soaring Club 3. 2; A.U.S.A 2, TanKer; Platoon 1; 1st. Class Representative Publications Board: Lonely Hearts Club 1 . Forsey came to V.M I. on that fateful day of August 20, 1975 a dreamer. An Army 4-year Scholarship Winner Stud with high aspirations relating to tanks That passed very quickly as the hard reality of Cadet Life soon set in and visions of glory soon faded. Despite the fact that he is a frustrated ranker, he still wears his academic stars in Physics. Claude is a hard working Chris- tian Man. and a person that anyone would be grateful to have as a friend. Now what is a nice guy like that doing at V M.I ? What do you do with a person who doesn ' t smoke drink raise hell chase women? Forsey, you will go far in life if you survive by being so nice a guy. Hey Forsey! Remember that girl Stephanie? MCLB (Ark), DYKES: 1976: Bhatta, William K. 1982: Ewing, Michael ? ' y , , James Daniel Foster " Dan, Dychee Poo " Richmond, Virginia Biology — Artillery Religious Council 3, 2, 1, Pre-Med Society 3, 2, 1 ; Ad-Hoc Committee 2. 1 : Hop Escort 2, 1 : Pvt. 4, Cpl 3, Sgt 2, A Company Commander 1; Henry Rogers Harassment Club 1: Bob Johannsen Weight of the World It seems it was just four short years ago since Dan came straining into Jackson Arch as one of those determined Rats who just kept driv- ing on. Now, after the long days of work and not to mention fun. Dan found himself a dis- tinguished leader in the Corps which exem- plifies his determination to succeed as a VMI cadet, Dan will be remembered by his friends as a most considerate and warm hearted per- son He always made sure I had plenty to drink (right!!), always made weekly attacks on Henry and kept Bob and John from pushing too much weight on my shoulders. I wish him the best of success, for he is pursuing a diffi- cult profession, one in which I know he will do well (Doc!!). Many thanks to you and your family for all the good times. RAJ DYKES: 1976: Bill Brown, Nick Tarzia 1982: Tom Madigan Terrence Eugene Fox " Terr, Reever, Doctor, General, A,J " Fall River, Mass E E, — Air Force Firefighters 2, 1, IEEE, 2, 1; Treasurer I E E E 1;Cpl,3;Pv1, 4, 2, 1 Many men pass through the " hallowed " halls of VMI without making much of an impression on those around them. With Terry this could never be said His constant wittiness gave a light to many rough days and nights, Terry came here and aspired to graduate an E.E,; he started with all he had and it seemed that no matter how much the system fought him, he still got things done and done right Terry also had another great ambition, to fly. At first it was only an ambi- tion, but as most things are with Terry, it soon became a reality: and that was how he became known as our " jet-jockey " . So Terry was a suc- cess here and now that he ' s out, I hope the world is ready for him Lord knows Joyce is. Luck Terr, DYKES: 1976: Wrenn, R, 1982: Jennings, W, " FIRST CLASS 53 Philip H.Gallahan Phil ' Fredericksburg, Virginia English — Air Force Chairman of the Third Class Finance Committee. Head Cadet — George C Marshall Foundation. Cpl . First Sgl . Bravo Company Commander I feel very inhibited writing about Phil He is such a good Inend. I am having a dilficult time expressing my feelings in writing What can you say about someone who is always there when you need him, someone you can talk to. some- one you can count on Teddy Roosevelt ' s " walk softly and carry a big stick exemplifies Phil Not very many people could have attained so high a position in the corps being so quiet! Well, four years at the Big I are finally at an end We have done a lot of things together Itflary Wash. TCFC; not to mention seeing each other every day for the past three years ' Phil, I ' m going to miss you (and Dana) Hey Phil, you wouldn t mind if a Rat sat at the table, would ya ' ' ' DYKES 19 6 Wayne Easlham 1982 Jon fvlott. Bob Yarbrough James Allen Gede Jr. ■Jay, Jaybird, Ollie " Reisterstown, Maryland History — Field Artillery Lacrosse 3. 2, 1 . Tri-Captain, Wrestling 4, Pri- vate 4, Corporal 3, Sergeant 2, Private 1: Posit Committee 3, 2, 1, Chairman, Distin- guished Military Student, Army Scholarship, Deans Honor List 4, 3, 2, 1, Bomb Copy Edi- tor, Who ' s Who: Phi Kappa Phi My experience at VMI has been one of chal- lenge, sadness, and at least — success God only knows why I came here and it was only with the help of Chris, Nick. Rich, Steve, Brad, Dan, Tommy, Meade. Ivars and all my friends that I ever made it, A lot has happened during these last four years: the Roanoke trip, afternoons of spades. Spring of 77, Colt games, Burrhead, Dinners at Nick ' s, one hell of a truck ride. Matt, FSC, and my second home at Steve ' s Steve, Rich and Nick thanks for showing me the country life and for your help Mom and Dad — thank you for your support, care, love and the phone bills Finally, and most importantly, thank you Chris for staying beside me — it s finally finished Hang in there Nick John W. George " Yohnny, Blockhead " South Plainfield, New Jersey Economics — Special Student Pvt 4, 2, 1 : Cpl 3, Hop and Floor 4,3,2, 1 , Bus, Mgr 2, Pres, 1 , Bloodmobile 3,2,1, Chairman 1 , RDC 1 Posit Comm , Ring Fig , Ring Construc- tion Chairman 2, Tucker Street Massacre 2 When I first saw John on that fateful Aug 20, I knew the Institute was in for some wild times With his outgoing spirit he was well liked and rose to the top in getting some important posi- tions his first class year But John never gave up time with his friends, as can be assessed to the Tucker Street gang which held its nightly meetings beginning at the O.C s discretion and now RBH Through the years we all seem to won- der if Its worth It, but John has always returned to the I " with that ready to go smile We have seen many seasons together and John has always " been there " when we needed him. Thanks John for one hell of an experience DYKES: 1976: Pascal Houcke 1982 Mark Ciarrocca, Boris Chrobok DYKES 1976 Clutch Davis 1982 Mike Eden 54 FIRST CLASS r Jeffrey E. Goldhardt Goldie. Jersey. Damnyankee " Demarest, New Jersey CE — Army Karate Club 4, 3. Judo 3, Lejeune Hall Cadet Assistant 2, 1, Member of General Sherman ' s Occupation Force: President of General Hunt- er s Fan Club, Student Teacher — Yankee Accent and Social Etiquette Arriving in the wake of the Union Forces, the Jer- sey Kid occupied VMI for 4 long years and yet the hallowed halls managed to survive that terri- ble vocal affliction (damnyankee accent) Noted for his quick wit, charm, and personality, many fine Virginia women fell to his advances, but he never quite could subdue Carolina (bodacious woman, too bad) Despite Goldies tenure in the CE Dept . I |ust know that somewhere up there (Nawth. above the fvtason-Dixon Line) a Mafia staff car and a custom made two-piece pool cue await the Kid Hope the folks back home will let you visit soon so you won t forget how to say ■ y all and sip juleps Best of luck to you Jeff MAS DYKES 1976: Jim Jousta 1982 Mike Burt, Sam Finkeh Jose Pantaleon Gomez III " The Hose, Taco-Man, Mez " Staunton, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers Varsity Football 4,3,2, 1 , Class of 1 979 Histo- rian: ASCE 4. 3. 2. 1 . Dean s List 3, Monogram Club 2. 1. Ghetto 2. 1 I would like to take this opportunity to thank those few who ' ve made the man ' s bad times tolerable and the few good times better Book, Al, Ed, Jeb, Nick, Rich, Perl, Willy P , Mac, U F , Har, Dale, Joe, Rick, Mule, Meade and all the members of the ' 75, 76, ' 77, ' 78 editions of the Big Red " , Also, a special thanks to my roommates, Tony, Tim, Tommy, and Landshark. who ' ve put up with so much Finally, to my family. I hope I ve made you as proud of me as I am of you all I hope that one day I will be able to look back on these past 4 years and say it was worth it However, only time will tell DYKES 1976 Jerry The Argentine Bull ' Codutti 1982 John Landshark II Powell George Charles Graham, Jr. Gorgeous George. Ramjam. Discoman West Hempstead. New York Economics — Infantry Academically Distinguished. QMS, Cpl 3. Sgt 2 Pvt 1. Prelaw Society. Cadet Assistant. AUSA. Omicron Delta Epsilon, VMI Society of Young Economists, Career Fair Steering Committee Well here is the night before it ' s due and we re still scrounging for something Yes George you are worth a point on my G P A Look George it s been a long 4 years, a mile too long — but then look at that fine sense of humor you ' ve devel- oped George the great Nihilist, cynic of VMI bureaucracy, maligned defender of cadet rights — BR s only Better not dig mine up to write it, cause this ain ' t my fault I ' ve really enjoyed your friendship, wish I could understand it Don t worry Gorgeous, you II feel better after it s over and we II both say an Ave for the place Your Cul- tist Pick Richardson DYKES 1976 Frank Estes 1982 Paul Pendorf. Stu Warren FIRST CLASS 55 Caroll Anthony Green " C A . Mean Green, Bad " Quinton, Virginia EC — Special Student Football 4. 3, 2, 1 ; Track 4. 3. 2, 1 : FCA 4, 3. 2, 1 ; Promaji 2, 1 ; 2330 Rack Club; Chester Fan Club. What can be said aoout a guy who runs over the OD while he ' s dressed in civies (unauthorized) and taking a furlough (also unauthorized)? What can you do about a guy who talks trash, success- fully, to girls while on guard as recorder only to find out they are " unoer age " ? How can you change a guy who can sit with a tjag of peanuts and eat for hours, completely oblivious to the world around him? You cant, thank heavens. But lets hear the man with the best disposition and a smile for everyone tell it. MAS Coming from a small town I never realized how much fun I could have in a large college in the big city. I still don ' t! During the last 4 years I ' ve seen bad times and worse times, but I pulled through thanks to the guys on the football team that had faith in me And a special thanks to Coach Williams, the only coach who gave me a chance DYKES; 1976: Macke Curie 1982 Ozzie Belcher Malcolm David Grimes " Mai, Praying Mantis " NewpKirt News, Virginia Air Force Indoor and Outdoor Track 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Captain 1; Conf and State Record Holder (Long Jump, Triple Jump); Basketball 3, Band 4, 3, 2, 1; Glee Club 4, 3,2, 1 I have to live with myself, and so I want to be fit for myself to know, I want to be able, as days go by. Always to look myself straight in the eye; I don ' t want to stand, with the setting sun, And hate myself for things I have done. The special friendships I have made with Stick, Mongo, Green, and Slick will be with me always But also a special thanks to Coach Williams for all he has done, and to Mrs Roane for all of the good hospitality To Mom and Dad for all of their love and support, and most of all to Yolanda Maria for a lasting and loving relationship DYKES: 1976: Ronnie Moore 1982: Tony Odrick, Dale Davis, Tom Kusterer Rick Franklin Hall " California Kid, Tarzan, Wildman " Covina, California Economics — Artillery Football 1 ; Track 4, 3,2.1; Monogram 4, 3,2,1; Circle K 1; R.H.E.P. in 233, Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; MBC Raid " 78. One often wonders why anyone as groovy as the " California Kid " would travel 3000 miles to " sign the sheets " and answer specials to one such as Wierd Harold. It must have been his daily chal- lenges of trying to be normal, " talking trash ' " tor the optimal goal, or trying escape from the clutches of a Baldwin elevator that kept " " Tar- zan " " swinging. Yes, the Wild Man from Covina will always be remembered for his suave and debonaire charm which touched the hearts of many during his four complete years at the Insti- tute Our struggle to keep in touch with the real world made us the closest of friends and " Prep " . " Spitts " . and I will never forget the " KID " . NAH DYKES: 1976: Rick Tuffaro 1982: Frank Horner, Gary Persinger 56 FIRST CLASS Anthony Eugene Hamilton " Tony, H.N.I.C , Bohannon. McBrowri, Head Coconut, Midnight, Magic. " Stauton, Va. Economics — Armor Class President; General Committee, Executive Committee; Posit Committee; Track 2; Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Club Promaji; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Fellowship of Christian Athletes. My initial steps into V.M.I, were ones of caution and fear Those steps of fear eventually became ones of responsibility when I was elected Presi- dent of the class. I thought the pressure would be too great, but thanks to all my roommates, friends, and my family, I made it through As a third, I realized what a V.M.I, education was worth. As a Second, I finally got my monument of V.M.I. , the Ring. Now, as a 1st Classmen, that moment of truth is at hand. The Staunton Bunch has conquered the Institute. I have some fantas- tic BR ' s who are definitely unique in all the world The Class of " 79 " has helped me become history and the memories of our Cadetship will never escape my mind Thank God, I am now an Alum- nus and can look at the past and smile. DYKES 1976: 1982: Dave Miles Al Conner William Penn Hamlin " Willie P., WP, Bill " Roanoke, Virginia Economics — Armor Posit Committee 1 ; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1 ; S- 7; Ghetto Club; HBI 1; Cpl. 3; 1st Sgt, 2; Capt. 1 ; Nocturnal Road Trip Society 2, 1 ; Rugby 2; Economic Society 3, 2, 1 There isn ' t enough room to tell the complete Willie P. story while he was here at the I, but here is a brief summary. Militarily, Willie ranks with the best of ttiem. From a 4th Class pri- vate, his acceptance of responsibility and devotion to duty made him the best Company Commander F Co. ever had Willie also had a sense of devotion towards the finer things in life; Mint Juleps, Southern Belles and wild parties. Every Friday and Saturday nights you could find him at either W L or UVa with his buddies from " Big Lick " . I ' ll never forget the road trips we took to Baldwin, Sweet Briar, and Hollins, or the time Thomas Jefferson told us how to get back home at 4 am one night at UVa. Thanks for all the good times, Willie. I hope we have a lot more to come. JEB DYKES 1976: Chip Deyerle 1 982: Andy Douthat, Rob Freddy James P. Harrington " The G-P Flush, Mad Irishman, Wildman " Long Island, New York E.E. — Infantry Cpl. 3; Pvt. 4, 2, 1 ; Rugby 2, 1 ; Tucker Street Mas- sacre, Horseshoe Club; Cadet Waiters; Head Waiter 1 ; Sub-Culture 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Ghetto 2, 1 , I eat when I ' m hungry I drink when I ' m dry And if the moonshine don ' t kill me I ' ll drink ' til I die. DYKES 1976: Rick Biram 1982: Tyler Goodwyn 4i ' FIRST CLASS 57 ■ ■ :...AaaM 1 p i In JH 1 i 1 1 I W f . m j ' ,ii ' ■««, " Noel Ashby Harris " Mule, Hooter, Doublewide, F.S. " North, Virginia CE — Army FCA 2, 1 , ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1 , Circle K 1 ; HBI Club 4, 3, 2, 1 : RHEP in = 233; Society of American Mili- tary Engineers From Nortti, to nowhere, Noel sacrificed all to CE and Football, yet found time to minor in LA; spe- cifically " talk ' in trash. " Doublewide ' s " Give it up " approach disgusted his roomies, especially since most of his Booty raids were a success (exception: one monumental NO! so near, yet ) His family made possible his complete suc- cess for without their love, the coldness of the " I " may have prevailed, (and without MOM ' s cook ' in we ' d a booted him out of 154 ) The Kid, C,A., Prep and I will never forget the T-Shirts, window panes, and trow lost to F S. ' s rampages along with that frequent threat of " I ' m gonna kick your =■ ' % " . From our 5th to our 50th, RH, SD, and EP, but don ' t change. MAS DYKES: 1976: Dexter Gilliam 1982: Walter M. Sanders John D. Hash " Bad, Bad Johnny, John-Boy, Horrible Hash " Fort Defiance, Virginia CE — Army Infantry Lacrosse 4, 3, 2; Military Society 4; Treasurer 3; Vice President 2, 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1; Survivor 456. John came to VMI four years ago searching to make a dream come true The dream — to be a commissioned officer in the Regular Army. During the last 4 years John has cer- tainly shown the qualities that will make an excellent leader. His devotion to honor, duty and Country has been exemplified in his stay at the Institute. John is a true Brother Rat. Always ready to help a Brother Rat or join in a party, John has been a great friend these last four years. CE has been tough, but we ' ve made it. And of course there is always the memory of " Gang Three " cavorting in the street. Through the good and bad we ' ve been proud to say you are our friend and Brother Rat The best of luck in capturing your dream. DYKES: 1976: Stauffer, M. E, 1982:Kistler, J C Heshmatollah Hashemi " Hash " Arak, Iran Civil Engineering — Navy Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1; R.F Y.L.; Volleyball; International Club. Heshmat, we are finally going to graduate from this place. Hurray!! I find it difficult at this time to find the words to describe the two years that we lived together in barracks. You were always ready and willing to help when we needed a favor or cheer us up if we needed it. I ' ll never for- get the great times we shared together in room 235 wrestling with " J.B. " and " Blake " . magic marker battles in underwear dyke (I lost badly) ... the hidden hay . . . dates with my sis- ter (well almost) . . . Susan??? ... the midnight raids to Mary Baldwin College . . . and of course the times at Roanoke. Heshmat, you are hell of a guy I hope our friend- ships, which I cherish, will continue in the later years. Best of lucks to you in your future endeav- ors. DYKES: 1976: Bill Neil 1982: Curtis Sexton 58- FIRST CLASS Randall Eugene Hawkins " Randy. Randeee. Hawk. Homo " Dahlonega, Ga. Civil Engineering — Navy Pvt 4,3.2.1; RYFL 4. 3. 2. 1 . ASCE 3.2.1. On a hot August day in 75. ttiis motivated young Marine entered ttie " Big I " leaving behind the wine, women, and waves of Virginia Beach, The Marines soon fell by the wayside tor Randy, but as for the rest they were still ot primary impor- tance. His frequent pilgrimmages to the beach were soon to prove this true Perhaps the things I remember most about Randy were his girl prob- lems. One being, who from the Hawkins harem to take to the hop and the other being how to keep his mistresses on an effective weight reduction program. But how can we least forget Birdman, the mad flashes to NEB, and of course the famed beach parties all of which made our cadetship a memorable one indeed. Anchors away my boy and good luck in the future, DYKES: 1976: Doug Ashton 1982; Kevin Sharp Ray Denton Hendrickson " X-Ray " San Bernardino, California Economics — Unattached Pvt, 4; Cpt, 3; Pvt 2. 1 ; Fencing Team 4. 3. 2, 1; Sabre Weapons Captain; Fencing Team Captain; Glee Club 4. 3, I ' ve been forced out of sheer fear to write my own history, having three roommates who wish to put down for posterity some slander- ous tall tales I ' ve roomed with these lunatics for three years and have few reasons as to why we still room together , But inspite ot them and the " I " . I will miss my Sat night drunks with Terry Fox. that smile of Sam Mur- phy, and the loving kindness of Nack and Ritz, To whatever my Future might hold, I can safely say this place has helped me m name only, DYKES: 1976: Dennis Pucket 1982; George Seifeirth Thomas Pollard Herbert " Beav. Beaver. (F H ), Beavouac " Boydton. Virginia CE — Army Corps of Engineers ASCE; SAME; Frank Kappa Sigma; Lacrosse 4. 3. 2. 1; " 235 Live " . " 233 R HE P " , " 156 On the Road " , Baldwin Sunday Regulars, Ring Figure Magazine Layout; Ring Figure Entertainment Committee Tom came here because he had to (Sorry, Tom ) Tom arrived in Big Lex after extensive military training at F,U,M,A, and prepping at " the For- est " Our third class year Tom became " the Bea- ver " , probably on a Saturday night R H E P J In his second class year we wound up at the Fratty Lodge (H,w S H ), We could always count on the Beav during time of crisis, be it holding the stick or distributing Q-tips, Beav always seemed to get by academically but we all know he could have torn em up Well B,F H,. this ridiculous game is almost over — we know you will do well To a helluva roommate and a good ol ' boy Mac My sincere thanks to all who made finishing pos- sible and bearable T DYKES, 1976: Charlie Keen 1983: Chuck Pace FIRST CLASS 59 Allen Bane Higginbotham, Jr. " Weasel. Ferret, Dirty Leg. Big Al, Hig " Vienna. Virginia Economics — Artillery Pvt 4. 3, 2, 1 ; CE 4. 3; Ac Pro 4, 3; Root Cellar 2. 1 : Limbo 3. AROTC 2, 1 ; 1 0-6-30 2 A long tiaired hawk in the PLC at Virginia Wes- leyan. Young Higginbotham realized this worth- less mistake after a year, cut his hair and came to VMI on the Navy $1 00,00 a month plan, where It took them a year to realize their worthless mis- take As a rat, weasel found himself amongst Gimco Sensabaugh, Rhino-face Sotos. and " will somebody help me with my hay ' ' " Sholler, As a sophomore he truly consumed the glutinous substance when, on the way to changing majors, his naval connections and his arm were broken Having nowhere to go (except the Baldwin raid) while serving his 10-6-30 for getting a bean burger during PTs, Aliens popular B S became unmatched. This training later aided him in his infamous escape from Poff and the Porkers at Bonanza Now, on to mega-bucks as a mega- club managerlLDA DYKES. 1976 Pat Barnum 1982 Son Le i James Hunter Higginbotham II " J, Bird. Henry " Larmand. Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Corps of Engineers Firefighter 3, 2. 1 ; S.A.M E, 2, 1 : AS.C E 3, 2, 1 ; Hop and Floor 3.2,1; ROSCOS 3 You have to go to college somewhere, so why VMI ' ' Cupcake 3 ' ' 2 cheers to Nectar, C.T , Poke, Homer, and Arass VMI develops an awareness of reality. ' Now, I ain ' t preju- diced, " a vivid picture of life; " He was 6 ' 12 " tall. " friends you ' ll never forget. " Jep and Shep " and sincerity; " I didn ' t take no gas " With a VMI workshop education, you realize you have to watch out for yourself, and there are certain things which you can ' t let bother you tonight. I ' ll always remember the trips to the " Old Market " with bypassers exclaiming: " They ' re the ugliest looking kids I have ever seen on a bus " I couldn ' t have gotten it down without Rolo. so a farewell to VMI and its Rat- line. I ' m going back to the farm All I can say is it ran good the last time we used it DYKES: 1976: Hunt Ozmer. Happy Clam 1982: DaveBratton Glenn Edward Higgins " Higgs " Maplewood. New Jersey Economics — Army Wrestling 4; Rugby 1; New York. New Jersey Club; Firefighters; The Hollow (??); Dean ' s List 3, 2. 1 . Acaden-iically Distinguished 1 . Glenn came to VMI ignorant of the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley, ignorant of the honored tra- ditions and customs of VMI and ignorant of the fact that he was probably better off in New Jer- sey Despite a more than average amount of obstacles put before him by the " Beloved " Insti- tute, he was able to set and achieve high aca- demic goals. Glenn has three outstanding quali- ties that have helped him prosper: diligence, per- severance and the ability to blow it on the week- ends. These qualities have brought him the two greatest honors a cadet could hope for: aca- demic stars and a place at the Hollow. Saying that Glenn will prosper after leaving the " I " is unnecessary as his friends already know. Glenn ' s future endeavors could only bring more distinction and honor than they deserve. ■jt ' - : ' ' ' " 60 FIRST CLASS Raymond F. Higgins " Higgs " Castine. Maine Physics, Chemistry — Navy Rugby 4, 3, 2, 1 , Society of Physics Students 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Sigma Pi Sigma 2. 1 : Mardi Gras Crew 3. 2. 1; Room of Gloom 3, 2. 1; Field ■■49 " 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s Team 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Private 4, 3, 2. 1 , After four years of VMI. I guess it ' s about time to go out and live a little and not just on weekends. Thank you all up in Castine for the times I had and for the occasional letters. Doc, Dale, Joe, W,, House, Rite: We had some good times and some " gloomy " times; try to remember the good, I always will. DYKES: 1976: Ray Ramos 1982: Dave " Orca " Morrison Stanley Marie Hodges, Jr. " Sky Man, Wild Dick, Sweet Buns, Staunton Stan " Bluefield, West Virginia EE — Navy Illegal Car Club 4, 3, 2; Private 4,3,2,1; Bath- room Social Club 2, S PS. 4, 3, 1; Honor List 3, 2, lEE 1, Circulation Mgr. 1; Computer Assistant 3, 2; Head Computer Assistant 1 ; Black ' s Beach Volleyball Club 2. Stan came with quiet demeanor. Needless to say, appearances can be deceiving. After an initial adjustment period, it was business as usual: Ridge Running, Chasing Girls, and Drinking beer. Many narrow escapes were characteristic of Skyman, but like the shadow, in and out without being caught. He was just a visitor at VMI, stay in long enough to change clothes and take off again. Califor- nia met Stan in the Summer of " 78 It was a mutual friendship with Black ' s Beach being the big POINT of his trip. Good Lookers often caused Staunton Stan to come in almost late, but he always seemed to beat the stick by a few seconds His trademark is a black Cobra II. Remember Only the Good Die Young. See you around at his 100th Birthday party Cheers! William Wilton Holmes " WW, Weird Willy, Holmes All " Falls Church. Virginia C E — Naval Aviator A S C E , SAME; " IMV, Stedyeks 1977 Cham- pions " 3, 4; " KANGAROO " 1 ; Fraternal Order of BMF 3, 4; Cell Block 37 1. 3, 4; FIT AS Rat Clubl.2,3,4. F I.DO 1,2,3,4. 137 Ski Trip Wilton has always wanted to fly. maybe thats why he " s always staring into space. Seriously, " Cell Block. 137-237 " could not ask for a more reliable, sincere BR He provided the bomber, our transportation 2nd class year and was grounded as a result. Wilton ' s theory of hiberna- tion became a natural law. Ring Figure Week- end: Wilton was all up during the stick check There is only one thing Wilton likes to eat more than Randy Mac and SB. Sweets and thats eclairs. We will never forget, nor will Florida ever forget, WW " s blitzkreig of SF ' s (which almost blew us out of the car) and coconut borrowing All of us in 137 love Wilton and are very proud to have him so close to us Wilton is a prime exam- ple of how hard work and determination could achieve success and lifting confinement. DYKES 1976: Jim Martin 1982: Joel Benefield, John " Cool " Car- FIRST CLASS 61 Mohamad-Hosseinpour ■Hoss, HPM. Hosin ■ Tehran, Iran Civil Engineering — Naval Science Pvt, 4, 3, 2, 1; Wrestling; Karate Club; RYFL; Weight Training; Handball; International Club; ASCE. For those of us who w ere close to Hoss, words can ' t describe the type of guy he was. When the chips were down, ol ' Hoss would give you the shirt off his back to help you out. His understand- ing was a comfort to many and his quiet manner- isms made him a likeable guy. Hoss has come a long way as most of us have We will all miss Hoss in our own special way as we go our sepa- rate paths. His sense of dedication, pride, honor, and perseverance will carry him through whatever he resolves to be. Who knows, maybe someday Professor Hossein Pour will be a visit- ing lecturer for the VMI English Dept. Good luck Hoss and though our paths may never cross again, we ' ll always be friends for life, and who could ask for more? DYKES: 1976 Peter Gabriel 1982: Robert Shaffer David Edward Houser " Homer, House, Side of House, Brick, Mr. S- 4 " Rockbridge Baths, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force (Navigator) Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Color Sgt. 2; 1st Btn. S-4; ASCE; Firefighters 3,2,1; Honor Court 1 ; Rugby 4,1; Field 49 3, 2, 1 ; Room of Gloom 3, 2. After Dave ' s Rat year, I was sure he wasn ' t going to be an academian, but through hard work, late study, and three summer school sessions, he ' s going to graduate as a Civil Engineer. I know he ' d like to go right into farming, but first he ' s got the Air Force to reckon with. Airborne! Thanks to Jane and her cooking she ' s kept Dave and all of his roommates happy. Dave ' s got what it takes to be a good officer as he ' s been Color Sgt. twice (Roanoke and Cpt. Sheppard) and now 1st Btn. S-4. I ' ll always remember the parties at Field 49, seeing the House playing Rugby and all of the times in the Room of Gloom when we abused Higgs. Good luck House! Remember, " Do you like my taters drop you now and pick you up later. " " Doc " DYKES: 1976: Bob Cox 1982: Keith Bohon Harold H. Humphrey Jr. " Chip, Chipper, Hump " Lynchburg, Virginia Civil Engineering — Air Force Private and Proud 4, 3, 2, 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1; S.A.M.E 2, 1 ; Ski Club 3, 2, 1 ; Mary Baldwin Raid 2, 1 ; Sunday Social Club 2, 1 ; " Gator " Club 2, 1 . Chip ' s major was Civil Engineering. When Chip needed to do some work it was hard to get him to do anything else. It took about two " come on ' s " to get him to bag the books and go. Hump found out early that he performed better under pres- sure (remember a few nighters) but the work always got done. Chipper ' s motto was " Live for the Weekend " and any party at a woman ' s col- lege was a check formation. Speaking of check formations, how about summer school? Summer ' 78 was The Best with the Penthouse, Fratilodge, and Tuesday parties. Go easy on the grain and Good Luck! " Be Young, Be Foolish; But be Happy " Thanks Mom and Dad, for your love and support when I needed it most. DYKES: 1976: Allen McCarthy 1982: James " Speedo " MacDonald 62 FIRST CLASS Carl William Jackson " Quick Carl, Country, Action Jacl son " Wytheville, Virginia C.E. — Corps of Engineers Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Track 4, 3, 2, 1; Promaji 4, 3, 2,1; SAME 2, 1; ASCE2. 1. " Life " Some tfiink life starts on the day you are born, But I tfiink it starts on tfiat morn Wfien you wake up and know yourself. And wfien you start trying to do tfiings better tfian anyone else. It starts when the urge to achieve begins to brew in you. And you know it is there and you set some idea of what to do About the things that someone has already planned, that will come much too late. For they are already filled with hate. About the way things are in their present state For these people. I have but one thing to say to you, " Life is what you make it, no matter what other people do. " I would like to give my very, very special thanks to my family and roommates DYKES 1976: 1982: Ronnie " Flee " Moore Leslie " Dink " Dunnaville Joseph E. Jenkins Jr. " Joe " Clinton, Maryland C.E. — United States Marine Corps Cross Country 4, 3,2,1, Wrestling 3, 2, 1 : Track 4,3.2,1 Joe ' s Rat year was one of a Hermit He courted his studies and track. Not really what you would call the military type, Joe became a master of the shadows, and stayed away from demerits. An avid conversationalist when it comes to wrestling or track, Joe has managed to say the fewest things to the most people. Joe ' s heart is his biggest asset and now it belongs to the sweetest girl in the world — his future wife Lisa. She also owns all his weekends Joe ' s cadet- ship has been a constant struggle which few cadets I know could have survived; track, wres- tling. Civil Engineering and the Marine Corps. Bulldog was Hell! Joe ' s most trying experiences were listening to my jokes and living with my presence. Good luck little Joe — you ' ll go far! My mother thinks you are cute little boy!! TFM DYKES 1976: Rodney Hayes 1982: Bobby Briggs David Wayne Jeter " Dave, Jete, Jeterhead, Jeterskis . Dave " Chester, Virginia Economics — Army (90 days) Lacrosse 3,2,1; Rebel Yell Club 1 ; Forget, Hell! Club 4. 3,2,1, Co-President 2. Four years ago, at this writing, Dave and I were introduced to the Ratline together What a joke we thought . . then we lost our hair. We almost lost Dave to VCU but tor some unknown reason he stayed and made it through the first year with the tamed " groundhog " , only to be thrown in with Drew and me for the next three years His stripes did a disappearing act because he wasn ' t one to put rank before his friends and raising hell. His unique sense of humor allowed him to laugh at demerits, con- finement and his blind dates from Tech (fire- plug) As Dave ' s stay here comes to an end. he leaves behind many friends and two roommates who will remember him as a true friend whose sense of humor has made the rough times not hurt so bad and the good times even bet- ter. DLT DYKES 1976: 1982: Charlie Keen Mack Tabb, Brad Burns FIRST CLASS 63 Robert A. Johannsen ■Bob, UB, Atlas " Chicago, Illinois C.E. — Corps of Engineers Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Regt S-3 1 ; RFYL 4, 3, 2, 1 : A.S.C.E. 3. 2, 1 ; Rat Training 4, 3. 2; A.S.M.E. 2, 1 ; AD-HOC Committee; AUSA 2, 1 . The Dancing Bear came a long way at VMI. From the relative obscurity ot Rat year Bob moved up through the ranks to become Regimental S-3. At the same time he became an all too much mem- ber of the weight of the world club. Right Buddy!!! Bob ' s determination to excel always kept him moving — there was never a more organized man in Barracks. Who else would tell Stosh to clean up the mess on Sunday night and kick Henry out of bed when he had hay down, all duty just to clean the room. All kidding aside, Bob will go far because of his determination and ability to get the job done, no matter what the conditions. H S Thanks to Henry and Bob for being the greatest and most understanding of roommates; to Dan for all the good times, and to all the many bud- dies. Good luck and the best success in the future! DYKES: 1976: Mike Tate 1982: Jim Hickey. Dave Kohler Edward Allen Johnson, Jr. " Fu-Bear, Boats, Chester, Block-Head " Alexandria. Virginia Civil Engineering — Navy Pvt. 4. Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2, 2nd Battalion S-3 1; Bomb 4, 3; Photo Editor 3; Student Grotto 4, 3, President 3; ASCE 3, 2, 1; Wrestling 4, 3; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 ; Pervert Corner 4, 3, 2, 1 ; F.C.P. 5, 1 ; Astronomy Club 2, 1 ; President 2,1. I came to VMI thinking I knew what to expect but I soon found out how wrong I could be. I wrestled through my first two years wonder- ing when it was going to get ea sier. It finally worked out Second Class year with finding myself and realizing what I wanted. My par- ents, Grigg, Mack, Skeeter, Rod, Bob. Mike and Nick, to mention a few, helped me a lot during my stay here at the " I " The person that helped me the most through these four years was Judy. She was always around when I needed her and never even once did I think I wouldn ' t make it. Thanks a lot. Swee- tie. Wallace Brady Jones " Brad, Brady. Shako. The Phantom, Reverend Jones " Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Football 4. 3; Rugby 2.1. Brady came to VMI with stars in his eyes and a six pack under his arm ready for the real college life. Unfortunately, it wasn ' t what he expected Coming from the Holy City, the change from women and booze to academics and the Military wasn ' t easy at first. But as the years flew by he was able to find time for both somehow! It ' s hard to say whether there ' s ever been a bigger ladies ' man to enter the gates of the " I " — we doubt it. Many nights went by that we saw him entertain- ing carloads of women. How could such a big, goofy-looking guy like him be so sexy to the women; we ' ll never know. Good luck to one of the best guys we know who will always be ready for the good times. DYKES: 1976: Hank Dean 1982: William McCathern 64 FIRST CLASS PaulC. Jussel ■ ' Jaul Pussel, Cerebral, Tongue, Paul C " Rosalie, New Jersey History — Army Vice President, Class of 1979; Pvt. 4; Cpl 3; 1st Sgt 2; 1st Battalion Commander 1; Hop Escorts 2, 1 . President 1 ; Rat Training 4,3,1; GOBLINS; Debbie3, 2, 1 Paul, we aren ' t going to write anything funny about you in your class tiistory because we fig- ured you wouldn ' t take it as humorous. So we would like to say that talking to you is like talking to wallpaper. Socializing with you is like socializ- ing with Lt. William Calley, and living with you reminds us of the depression. Remember the time you wanted to be our friend but found out we were a ready on guard. We realize you ' re an expert in your field, but who really cares that the Monitor weighed 938.732 tons, O.K. 942.675 tons Paul, you have been the temperance and advan- tage that made " 22 " what it was. There ' s not yet another man in the corps we could have been more proud to know. You ' re a name dropper ' s dream and a true Brother Rat. You ' re wise and loyal but who cares if Volkswagens can float. DYKES 1976 1982 Jeff Totaro Dewey li artain John A. Kaileylll " Roscoe " Waycross, Georgia Economics — Marine Corps PLC 4, 3, 2, 1; Ivlarine Detachment 3, 2, 1 — S-1 1; Cadet Waiter 2, 1 — Assistant Head 1; Pep Band 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Society of Young Econo- mists 2, 1 , Dean ' s List 2,1; Band 4, 3,2,1; TC 2, 1. All of my life I have shied away from the unu- sual, tearing what it brings. VMI and the Marine Corps has changed this, forcing me into situations, and making me believe in myself. As a Rat, I knew nothing but fear; as a first classman, I know nothing but optimism. As I leave VMI, I believe I can honestly say that I did respect it, although I have cursed it often May the best come to all my Roomies — Jim, J im, and Al. I hope to see you in the future To my parents, I can never begin to thank you for all the love and support you gave me, and I hope that I have made you proud. Nicholas C. Kepf " Knepf " Cincinnati, Ohio Economics — Civilian Cpl. 3; First Sgt 2; Captain 1 (2nd Bn Co ); Omi- cron Delta Epsilon 2, 1; Cadet Battery 2; Chair- man of the Publications Board 1, Posit Commit- tee 1; Editor-in-Chief of the Cadet 1; Randolph- Macon Part time Student 1; FCP Five 1; Goblins What can you say about someone you have sur- vived with for 4 years as our class worked its way down from the top Nick is someone who will stop at nothing to achieve and do what he thinks is right for himself and others. It never ceases to amaze me how someone c an achieve so much in the short time I have known him. Nick .1 have known you from the time you strained with the best of us, until you became a permanent mem- ber of the Randy-Mac Weekend Rompers I can truly say that I have never regretted a minute of it. Do well in law school; after all I may need your services some day " If there is anything better than to be loved it is loving. " anonymous " But the real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war " " Emerson DYKES 1976: Maury Gatewood 1982 Greg Stump FIRST CLASS 65 I Ashad Keshavarz " Kesh " Tehran, Iran EE — Iranian Navy Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; RFYL 4, 3; Volleyball 2; Weight Training 2, 1 It is hard to write about a guy who never says much. Just because he was a quiet guy he still hated VMI just as much as the rest of us. Remember, it will all be worth it in the end. Don ' t hold your breath. Ashad is lucky to be from Iran. After graduation he will be on the other side of the earth, a maximum distance from VMI, Ashad was forced to come to VtVII. He was one of lucky cadets because he had a rea- son to stay. He helped make VMI liveable. He made it fun. Shine on, you crazy diamond Good luck AMN DYKES 1976: 1982: Bhatta, WK, Mott, JR Albert, MR Ahmad Khandan " A.K. " Ghouchan, Iran EE — Iranian Navy Pvt. 4, 3; Sgt. 2; Pvt. 1; Dean ' s List; 50 Miles RFYL Certificate (Twice). Being placed in Room 476 with my roommates from Virginia, Iran, and New York, I thought it was going to be a long rough year ahead of me. But I was proven wrong. After the adjustment to all of our accents I finally found out what the Hell everyone was saying, and things started to run smoothly. But then I started wondering could this foreign student be a spy? When he became a ranker in our second class year I thought he would surely become the next Shah of Iran after graduation. With all the kidding aside Ahmad was and still is a type of guy who doesn ' t hesitate in helping out others I really enjoyed rooming with you and Jeff, and I hope you have a successful career ahead of you. I also hope to see you at the alumni reun- ions. " S " DYKES 1976; 1982: John Preston Johnson Alex E. Kuchnia Theodore Christopher Kientz " Ted, T.C., Teddy, The Nose, Teddi-Knight " Richmond, Virginia C.E — Corps of Engineers ASCE 3, 2, 1; SAME 2, 1; College Republicans 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 3, 2, 1; Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Mary Baldwin Raid 3, 2, 1; Distinguished Military Student 1. Ted came to VMI with high hopes and dreams. His Rat year may have slowed him down but only to make him realize his potential. I met Ted in the summer of ' 76 — it was an unforgettable summer of Barrack ' s cooking, water fights. High ' s ice cream, and weekends in Richmond. Ted became more than a friend, because it was he who helped me out of VMI. T.C. learned one of the toughest lessons at VMI, how to study and get good results. His studies were number one but Ted always left room for the ladies. With only one year left, Ted has seen the worst — continuous late study, confinement, studying on Hop Weekends, and now a ranker. Things can only get easier now! Ted will be a credit to VMI and always a good friend. DYKES 1976: I. A. Ferguson, Nelson Jeffers 1982: Will A. Council Jr. 66 FIRST CLASS Lawrence DeAndre King " DeAndre. Flipper. Porn King " NewRocfiell, NewYorl Indoor Tracl ; Outdoor Tracl ; Movies; Sub-Cul- ture To summarize my cadetship at VMI in a few words is impossible. By being a cadet here I have learned to appreciate many basic things that are taken for granted in the outside world, such as a decent meal, a real bed, being treated according to the rules of society instead of rank, or most of all the joy of having my constitutional rights again. My years at VMI have also educated me in the area of the sub-cu lture. To sum it all up its best to say it wasn ' t always fun, it wasn ' t some- thing easy, but it ' s one place in my life III never forget. The men I met there will be my friends for life. Good Bye. VMI. DYKES 1976: Jim Martin 1982: Jay E.Jenkins David Harris Kopelman " Kope. Killer, Blackdeath " Vienna, Virginia Modern Language — Infantry Pvt. 4, 3, 2. 1; Ranger Platoon 4, 3, 2, 1; Air- borne School: Sport Parachute Club 2. 1; Orienteering Club: Rat Training Company Cadre 3, 1: Ma 115-118 Club 4, 3. 2. 1; P.I. Commando 4, 3,2,1; Confinement Club. " We should all sleep more soundly if we made it a rule to play billiards an hour or two each evening. " — Sir Astely Cooper Thank you Mom and Dad, you did more than your share to keep me sane and put me back in touch. Thanks Brother Rats, it was " inter- esting " , don ' t forget the binding friendships that made it all worthwhile. Thanks Carl and Gracie at the P.I. for the vast amounts of brew. Thanks to VMI for the lessons in living that will never be forgotten A few respects also to the foolishness, depravity and good times that go along with any and every " col- lege " experience. Chris and Guy, thank you for rolling my hay DYKES 1976: Mike Hamlet 1 982: Chris Abbott, Guy Marangom Daniel Kornacki " Nack, Tacky-Nacki, DK, Pudge, Danny " Woodbndge, Virginia C.E. — Air Force Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1. Cpl. 3: Sgt. 2: Rugby 4. 3. 2. 1: Treasurer 1; Black Sheep Rugby Team 2: ASCE 3,2,1; S.A.M.E. 2, 1 ; Hop Floor Committee 2, 1 : Posit Committee 1. With a hi and a sigh, Danny came to VMI to face an exceptional challenge. Having lived with him through Saturday night wrestling matches, to fine times with a wonderful young lady, I ' ve come to know and appreciate his presence. From dressing him after a first class party to hearing him gloat after a weekend of rugby. I ' ve known hini well His dedication to his friends and brother ruggers has shown evidence for his care and concern for VMI Rugby Through the good and the bad, understanding encouragement and love poured forth from three very special people; Danny ' s parents and Cathy. To you three, your efforts have paid off. Danny, may all your days with Cathy be tilled with happiness and love. DYKES 1976: Jerry Eggleston 1982: Joe Forrer FIRST CLASS ' 67 Thomas Raymond Kovach, Jr. " Kojak, Wild " Monessen, Pennsylvania C.E. — Marine Corps Cpl 3, Reg. Color Sgt, 2, 1st Lt., Bat. S-3 1, Cadre 4, 3, 2, 1. Cadet Recreation Committee 3, 2, 1; ASCE; ASME, Rat Training Cadre 3; P.I. Club; Rum-Trucking 2; Stoop Patrol 1; Mallory Hall Study Club 3. 2. 1. I came to VMI knowing little more ttian ttie fact ttiat I wanted a degree in engineering and a com- mission in the armed forces. I was fortunate enough to obtain both, as well as learning the values of honor and good friends. I will never for- get all the jams I got into with Slag, Jack, and Andy, or all the things we got away with. Worm. Tree and Lar were good roommates and I hope they are successful in the future. Looking back on It all I had a good four years and would like to thank my parents and all my friends for helping me through. DYKES 1976: 1982 Norman Cole Paul D ' Antonio, Robert Born Paul George Lachmanek " Lack Maniac, Pappy, Dragon Tail " Export, Pennsylvania History — Armor Cpl 3; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; RFYL 4; Tanker Platoon 3, 2, 1: Tank Commander 1; S-5 Staff 2, 1; Orienteering Club 2, 1 — Club President 1; ACT 1; Hokie Patrol 4, 3; Distinguished Mili- tary Student 1 ; Deans List 3; AUSA 2, 1 . Paul matriculated on 20 August 1975 just another faceless " Rat " . He soon showed, however, that he has the drive and determi- nation to be a leader. Highly motivated toward an army career, he was designated DMS. His unfailing ability on the Tanker pla- toon as a crew member and as a tank com- mander rode well for this future Armor officer. As a friend Paul is steady: one of those VMI is so famous for. Your friendship has taken me a long wa y, BR See you at the other end of the rainbow. JJC. JR DYKES 1976: Pascal Houke 1982: Phillip Davis William B. Lamb Jr. " Laaammmb, Lumpy, Sheep, Bill " Virginia Beach, Virginia History — Navy (Special Student) BOMB Staff 4. 2; Cadet Staff 2. 1 (Photo Editor 1); Pvt. 4. 2, 1; Civil War Roundtable 2. 1 (Treasurer 2. President 1); VMI Special Combat Team 2, 1; Deans Other List 4, 3, 2, 1 ; PX Cowboy 1 ; LRC 4. There are those who would be critical of Bill and what he has done at VMI, I am not one of these people. We ' ve had our battles, recognized each other ' s shortcomings — however, such is to be expected between roommates Bill has an under- standing of human nature and personality; a rare gift in man. He is generous to others, both in money and time. I have never known him to be without a word and a greeting to others. He has withstood abuse which others wouldn ' t have taken. Greatest of all. he left VMI for a year to go to a REAL college, and had the guts to come back Bill, thanks for your concern, and luck for the future. Despite the battles, it has been a good cadetship. DYKES 1976: 1982: Jay K Foertch Dave Loy 68 FIRST CLASS James Jeffrey LaRose ■J M, Skull, J.J. " Suffolk, Virginia C.E — Corps of Engineers A.S.C.E 4. 3, 2, 1; S.A.M.E. 2, 3: President 1; Weightlifters Society; Geology Lab Assistant; Distinguished Military Student; Cadet Co-Editor — Handbook for Entering Cadets James my lad. Its been a great two years as your roommate in residence. An aspiring man you have proven to be. As a Rat, you were deter- mined to get past the first year as a C.E. and ended up with " stars " The academics always did come first. But deciding to take the Army and 90 days over the Navy and four years just to make a " little " more cash on the outside was your wisest move. Always a man of academic convictions ( " Why should I waste time on the problem when Virtue couldn ' t get it in 2Vi hours?! " ), good advice and a nose for my food box, you have proven your great worth to me and our BR ' s Remember our good times as fun lov- ing bachelors. A better man or a truer friend I ' ll never know. MSO DYKES 1976: Greg Speaker 1982: James Edwards KirkLeroy Latsha " Mooch, Peep, Red, Pokey Buns " Dornsife, Pennsylvania Modern Language — Infantry Number One Club; Placement Committee 2, 1; Deans List 3; Academically Distinguished 2, 1 , Wrestling 4, 3, 2. 1 ; Captain 2, 1 ; Pvt 4, 1 ; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; Cadet Assistant 3, 1 ; Lab Aid 1 , Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4. 3. I once heard Kirk say, " I ' m only happy when I ' m miserable. " Four years later his attitude has not changed The Superintendent once asked Peep if he would like to join the num- ber one club. Peep having heard all the gos- sip of VMI from his older brother gratefully accepted the offer. While on confinement Red concentrated on wrestling, and he would be a national champ if only he could pin his opponents as fast as he unrolls his hay. After having a brother attend VMI one would tend to believe that Peep would have known VMI better But Peep believes " that if the uniform looks good, wear it " " He will never receive an award for being the best dressed but deserves one for being a kind and under- standing best friend. Thanks Laddie, let ' s graduate. Where ' s Dornsife? ELB DYKES 1976; Billy Karnes 1982: Dennis " Big " Adams James Lawson Leadbetter " Sput, Littlest Pervert in Barracks " Hopewell, Virginia CE — Army Corps of Engineers Cadet Newspaper 4, 3, 2, 1; Bomb Staff 4; Fenc- ing Team 4. 3, OGA 1, QMS; Ring Figure design Committee. Deans List 4, Tucker Street Gang 3, 2; Delta-Delta Frat 2, 1, Dirty Head Society 2, 1, Cannonball Committee 3, 2, 1, Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1 ; ASCE 4, 3.2,1; New Market March 4 Anyone closely related with this man will tell you the same things; he " s devious, diabolical, defi- nitely knows how to raise the dead, and best of all, is one fo the best friends anyone could ask for. Kepone has p layed a big role in all Hopewel- lian ' s lives and Sput is no exception. No matter what the papers say, it has affected him and all his friends cause they definitely aren ' t right. From New York to Key West, he left a lasting impression to everyone he came in contact witfi and I know he kept a few beer companies in bus- iness. VMI IS |ust a stepping stone as I see it, for I foretell a brilliant future and look forward to a time when we can once again go " Duck for Duck. " Good luck, Sput! DYKES 1 976: Keith Dickson. Steve Hiner 1982: Pat McLave, Chuck Proctor FIRST CLASS 69 !!! James Ewing Cooley Leavitt III " Jim, Leavitt-Pour " Woodbrldge, Virginia Economics — United States Navy Rat 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; RDC Vice President 1; Hop and Floor Committee; College Republicans; Society of Young Economists — President; V P. Ring Figure; Econ. Cadet Assistant; Ski Club; Number 2 Club; ROCH; Trou. Court 77; Academ- ically Distinguished 3.2,1; Dean ' s List 4,3,2,1. Attention All Units In Virginia Area! A.P B. on Leavitt, JEC III, male Caucasian 5 ' 9 " , red hair, redder eyes Last seen driving through Cissmont in a B-21 at 90 mph with a can of Stroh ' s beer in hand. Probable destination — Mary Washington College Subject was wearing Top Siders, Kahki pants, Pink Izod shirt, and a Tweed Sport Coat (Ugh!). Wanted for partying and having fun while attending Virginia Military Institute. Hey Jimbo! They ' re coming to take you away. Don ' t worry, I ' m sure your folks are still proud of you even though you were caught once before. Just keep on dancing and get those " date stars " ! You could always befuddle them with elasticity and GNP or your computer expertise. See ya in Georgetown! J.O.S. Ill DYKES: 1976: W.Grigg Mullen 1982: Ned Henson K , SSIM ■1 HI m i f • p f I Y 1 . ' - % V-. v» Stanley Leek " Stan the Man, Bon Vivant, Man About Town " Waldorf, Maryland Biology — Army Wrestling 4 Stan and I have been riding that dangerous trail called fate for the past year, and I think I can safely say that he ' s a lunatic, a menace to decorum, the scourge of civilization, and a curse to the BSU. Stan is forever in techni- color, crazy as a half-dead moose, wilder than a baboon. He ' s one of those special few who cram months into days, feverishly grab- bing everything valuable and drop kicking the rest. You can ' t help but love the pin-head in spite of his concussions, breakages, and bruises, his whirling moods inflict. Speaking for Dummy, Ed and the rest, I can ' t say good luck Stan — he doesn ' t need it, rather, I should say good luck world — you don ' t know what you ' re in for. DYKES: 1976: Doug Fitchett 1982: Mark Shitflette Dennis Raymond Loba I " Dad, Doc, Pops " I Crozet, Virginia History — Army, Field Artillery I Rat 3; Pvt. 2, 1 ; Cpl. 2; Civil War Roundtable 3, 2, 1; Vice-Pres. 2; 1979 Bomb, Institute Ed. 1; Little John II Crew 1; Lacrosse 3; Jackson ' s Btry 3, 2; Mary Baldwin No. 4 Club 2; Malvern Hill Relic Club 3, 2; Cent. Michigan Univ. 4 ' 2; Brother Rat ■80. Dennis embarked upon the VMI experience with the advantage of having " tasted the good life " at a civilian college. Central Michigan. From the outset, we in Echo Co. recognized Dennis ' expe- rience and maturity and he soon became refer- red to by his Brother Rats with such nicknames as Dad, Doc , or Pops. Whether it was a late night snack in Room 319 Bar and Grill or a much needed respite at Rose Valley Farm, the Loba hospitality has been an inspiration to many a cadet. Best wishes in the future, Dennis. — HMF My deepest thanks to Mom and Dad, who have instilled in me the will to succeed, Susie for her love, Jim for giving me a goal to achieve, and to the VMI and my BR ' s of 1980, Good Luck, Good-- Bye and I ' m off down the road. " DYKES: 1977: Glenn A. Trimmer 1982: Myself 70 FIRST CLASS Kelly A. Lombard ■pinhead, Lomboe " Bridgeport. Connecticut History — Armor Basketball 4, 3, 2, 1: Baseball 4, 3, 2, 1; Mono- gram Club 4. 3, 2, 1. Well, what can I say. four years and it is finally over. So much has taken place that it is too hard to put into words. I can say truthfully that I wont miss VMI, but I will miss the people, especially those acquaintances made during those four God-forsaken years. Without their guidance, help and generalities of friendship, it would have been much more difficult to survive. To them I say " Thank you and Good Luck " with special thanks to: My super Parents and family, my future wife Louise, the coaches and their families. Mike and John. " FS, Mad Dog. Kro. Ski. Dish. Rock. Mongo, Bones. Big H, " etc. , - The list IS endless. Again, thanks, and I hope we ' ve all taken away something we may treasure for years - . love and friendship. Love You All, ' The Pins ' DYKES 1976: Tom " FS " Watjen. Curt " Mad Dog " Reppart 1982: JimO ' Brook. Gary Mackin Howard Chapman Lucas, Jr. " Chappy. Hal, Luke, Lucan " Lynchburg, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Corps of Engineering Cpl. 3; First Sergeant 2; Cadet Captain — C Company Commander 1; SAME 2, 1: Program Chairman 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1; S-5 Tour Staff 3; Chairman Public Relations Committee Ring Fig- ure 79; MK. A C Fan Club 4, 3, 2. 1 . President 1 ; Society of American Special Students 3. 2, 1 ; VMI Association of Day Students Anonymous 4. 3, 2,1; Who ' s Who 1. When I came to VMI four years ago, little did I realize the road ahead. The many frustrations of a Rat, the academic grind as a Third, the Ring as a Second, and the hope of getting out as a First. Now as I prepare to leave VMI more a citizen than a soldier, the years seem so short. The one thing I regret is the leaving behind of many close friends made here at VMI How can I ever tell them how much their friendships have meant? Then too. how do you thank all of those special people who have seen you through a place like this? To my family, especially to Mom and Dad. I want to thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. Perhaps I have taken the road less traveled by HCL ' 79 DYKES 1976: 1982: Bob Keneally Eric Karel. Rusty Wood Frank Fletcher Lumpkin " U F , Rooster. F, Lumpy " Richmond. Virginia Economics — Armor Football 4, 3, 2. 1 ; Pvt. 4. 3, 2, 1 ; Fratty Lodge 2; Ring Figure Entertainment Committee; Promaji; Intramural Basketball Champs 2; 261 Power — BSR. Society of Young Economists 2. 1 I guess the best way to start this is with — " How the hell are you. " Rooster could down a Bud and wing the ball with the best of em. Seriously though we all know about wlO. We will never forget Mary Lane. Fratty Lodge. MBC Sundays and other various and sundry intoxicated times. I firmly believe Lump could make friends with anyone. His easy going lifestyle has made my four years at this institution bearable, you couldn ' t ask for a better friend. Everyone who knows him or ever been in contact with him knows what I mean. Thanks U.F. To the ones whom I hold my deepest love and respect; mom. tit. Nip, Dump. Nubs. Mac. BSU. Mae and Steve — You made it easy DYKES 1976: Mark Rinnan 1982: David " Scotch " Sills. Richard " Dick " Collier FIRST CLASS 71 Stephen Craig Lyon " Leon, Tee-Bee. Earnie " Richmond. Virginia History — Army (Artillery) Pvt. 4: Cpl. 3; Pvt. 2, 1 ; Honor Court 1 : Deans List 3. 2. 1. Academically Distinguished 2, 1; DMS; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities. Business Manager BOMB: Pre-Law Society 3. 2. 1 ; President 1 ; Hop and Floor Committee 4, 3. 2, 1; Circle K Club 1; Society for the Prevention of Calc I 4. 3. 2; I BC Raiders 3, 2 When I first arrived at that garden spot of the Val- ley, also known as Vl l. it was only with the great- est effort that I stayed. However, soon after receiving my first Rat haircut and Special Report. I determined that VMI really wasn ' t all that bad. The memories that I leave behind will grow faint with time, but the friendships I ' ve made shall be held high and remembered for the rest of my life All thanks to the following. I couldn ' t have made It without you: Mom. Dad. Jean. Ann, Billy Mac. Bruce, and John. Mory. I promise that I ' ll name my first born after you! Brenda. I thank you for your inspiration, your help and guidance, and most of all your love. DYKES 1976; Tom Moody 1982: James Larry Gibson, David Rey- nolds Said Mahdaviani " Said, Sayeed " Arak. Iran Civil Engineering — Iranian Navy At the beginning of our second class year I found myself rooming with the great General Mahdaviani of the UN. Quickly being put in the rather dubious position of private and aide I somehow managed to maintain my sanity through a very eventful year. As it progressed I learned that the General was a very suc- cessful man with ttie ladies who harbored dreams of a black Trans-am and graduation Returning for our first class year I found out that the General had realized one of these ambitions in the form of a shiny new Trans- am. This was used to leave VMI just about every weekend The best of luck in the UN, I know you ' ll do well. FCD DYKES 1976: Raymond David Harrell 1982: MikeDahlinger Farshod Majadian i " Camel Driver. Sandy, Cracker Jack, Mad Dog " Tehran, Iran EE — Imperial Iranian Navy Cpl 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1 : Karate Club 3. Farshod. you ' ve always impressed us with ceaseless devotion to idealism. Many of us fell short and wove accomodation between our prin- cipals; this you never did. Above all. this has dis- tinguished you amongst us. To know you profes- sionally was one thing, understanding you per- sonally was even more inspiring. We ' ll never for- get our lessons, but Farshod, the lessons we should abide by most of all is brotherly love; to BR ' s, to friends down the line. We never liked to show it but I know we always felt it through the adversities, set backs, disappointments, and now with success. You ' ll return to Mom and Dad, Majidian, their beloved son Tempted by adversi- ties and the alienation you ' ve withstood as a for- eigner in a culturally hostile prison. If I sound melancholy it is only because Iran ' s gain is my loss I ' ll remember you as I cross my heart at meals God ' s speed. Sandy DYKES 1976; Doug Ashton 1982; George Mayforth 72 FIRST CLASS 11 Thomas Francis Manley II " Tom, Juh, Star War " Alexandria, Virginia Chemistry — Marine Corps Wrestling 4; Treas. American Chemical Society 1 ; RDC 1 ; Student Grotto 1 ; PX Assistant 2, 1 . The lessons the past four years have taught me I will use as a reference for the rest of my life, I hope knowledge I have gained will provide me the tool to make up for time I have lost. I could not have made it this far without the support of my God, parents and friends My dykes always told me that I could get a better education else- where but nowhere would I find better friends or greater honor. I feel they were right! Special thanks to Joe and Phil my roommates I wish them only the best. Joe, I ' ll see you either in Can- ada or at Basic School. To my dykes and brother Jerry, I leave the Institute — " Make the best of a bad situation " . All I have left to say is " Praise the Lord, I ' m almost free " ! DYKES 1976: Tom Turlip 1 982: Bill Caufield, Jeb Snider George Anthony Marentic " G.M. " Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Economics — Navy Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pep Band 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Glee Club 4. 3; Tanker Pit. 3, 1 ; MBC Raiders 2; Free Agent 1. If there is a way, I shall find it If thereis no way, I shall make one To my family all I can say is thanks, for you made the way. DYKES 1976: 1982: Greg Lucado Kevin Smith Glen Robert Marohn " Chip- New Providence, New Jersey History — Armor Baseball 4, 3, " Black Sheep " Rugby 3, 2, 1; Deans List 3, 2; NY-NJ Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Intramural Basketball Champs; Big Mac Club. When room 450 gazed upon Chip tor the first time, we all knew that VMI was in tor quite a four years. After the room worked Chip into prime condition, he refused to let our work go to waste He immediately displayed his prowess in the fast food arena of New Providence Chip has adjusted his goals away from a career in the mili- tary, primarily due to the examples of the " experts ■ which he has been burdened with at VMI After re-evaluating the situation, Chip has sites on being the ideal citizen soldier with the emphasis on citizen. To this end Chip has dedi- cated what ever spare time he has to an exten- sive training program in the civilian arts For four years Chip has been a true and loyal friend who could always be counted on. RWB DYKES 1976: John Strock 1982: Mark Kempsell (Buggsy), Ron McGovern (Mac) FIRST CLASS 73 David Kenton Marshall ■Ken " Front Royal, Virginia Physics — Navy " I leant upon a coppice gate When Frost was specter — gray, And Winter ' s dregs made desolate The weakening eyes of day The tangled vine-stems scored the sky Like strings of broken lyres, And all mankind that haunted nigh Had sought their household fires The land ' s sharp features seemed to be The Century ' s corpse outleant, His crypt the cloudy canopy. The wind his death-lament The ancient pulse of germ and birth Was shrunken hard and dry. And ever spirit upon earth Seemed fervorless as I " Thomas Hardy Richard Hepworth Maslin " Dick, Cousin, Cous, f flas, Maslow " Westfield, New Jersey History — Air Force (1 -P) Pvt. 4. 3, 2, 1; International Relations Club 4; VMI Cadet Staff 4, 3; Hop and Floor 4,3,2,1; SFYL 3, 1; N.Y.-N.J. Club 4, 3; F.I. P. 1; " 181 Club " 2, 1;S.S.N.V. 2, 1. Coming to VM was the biggest shock of my life! However, after four years, I can say that I ' m glad I came, and stayed. VMI has defi- nitely proven to be an experience — I have learned more about myself here than I could have anywhere else. The first two years wer- en ' t that great — but my Second Class year was definitely the beginning of better times. Weekends were never boring — thanks to Rob, Bob, Pat. Bill and Jan Then in October I met Sue, and have never been happier Those nights " studying " in the library and Lejeune Hall made it almost seem like col- lege. Finally, I would like to thank Mom, Dad, Tad, Jim, John, Betsy, and " 0 " — you all pro- vided support in your own way, and I couldn ' t have even done it without you. Thanks! DYKES: 1976: Carroll Ray Warner III 1982: William " Baron " Tyminski Douglas Arnold Mauck " Elmo, Doogie, Grandpa, Muck, Douglas, D.A.M " Richmond, Virginia History — Army Baseball Fan Club (0); Football Manager 4, 3, 2; Monogram Club 2,1; Ruby Bagonia Fan Club 1 . When I entered the VMI barracks on August 20, 1975, I knew my life was going to change some- what If what everyone has been telling me for the past few years about VMI building character is true, then I have had my share of a built-up character. Academic problems at times, confine- ment (most of the time), and that wonderful feel- ing of homesickness all joined together to make the " I " a hard place in which to live, but I finally made it Without the help of friends such as my roommates, the crazy people from next door, and a few townies, I never could have survived the VMI system. Thanks to my mother and father, ASC, my brother, (dad 2), and his wife and the Miller Brewing Company I finally finished VMI. I guess now I will be able to see if VMI really is as great as most (99.9%) of her alumni say it is. DYKES: 1976: Phil Upton 1982: Todd Minnix, Pete " Lucky " " Fos- ter 74 FIRST CLASS Robert Self Maxey Jr. ■Rob, Bad, Rolo, The Max " BucKingham, Virginia C.E. — Army Rugby 2, 1 ; SAME 2, 1 ; ASCE 3, 2, 1 ; Football 3, Hop and Floor. This is the farmboy, who came to VMI, found a home in the CE department, and struggled through Scott Shipp I managed to lose many hours study as Jay and I were probably the first to ev er farm in Mallory. Dean. Mark, Rick, the OS and I will remember the many weekends we struck out to find women and wine. The best of luck to Phil (the best barber I ever had) and to Mark and Dean. I must leave these two my luck as it seems they have little. The fun nights in Mallory have to include Nectar as he was usu- ally the mam target for; RP. LIL and GONP Many bad and good memories will be left behind these hateful walls, I will try to remem- ber only the good The best of luck to every- one.! DYKES 1976: Clyde Furr 1982: KentHigginbotham Craig Raymond Maxson " Action, Resident CE " Hartsville, Pennsylvania CE. — Army (Artillery) Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Bugler 4. 3, 2, 1 (Head Bugler 1) Commander of Little John II 1; Drum Major 2 Rangers 4; Cadet Battery 2, 1 (Commander 1): ASCE 3,2,1; UNCG Weekend Visitation Club 1 Number One Club 1 ; Illegal Vehicles Club 2 It has been a crazy four years rooming with the wild bomb-throwing pyro from Philly ... He made it all the way to room 105 and part-time student status. Craig ' s ingenuity has never ceased to amaze me — who else could build a million and one gadgets from a coat hanger, make a lethal weapon out of coke cans and a tennis ball and manage to avoid playing in the Ail-American Gansz Band for one year. His abil- ity to enjoy himself is amazing — how many other CE ' s used all their weekends. And I dont mean studying. Craig ' s indomitable personality will undoubtedly carry him tar beyond these four gray walls. There is nothing but success in the future for the Blue Max. May the wind always be at your back. Brother Rat. DYKES 1976: Henry J. Foresman 1982; Richard F. Kiester Curtis Lee McCabe " Mac " Hampton. Virginia English — Infantry Band, Pep Band; Drum Major; Sounding Brass; Cadet Newspaper; Hop and Floor Three parties are to take equal blame for this Dad and Mom, you put me up to it, and kept me punching. Brother Rats, we did it together And Honey, you made it so worthwhile. God Bless you all, as my words alone could never thank DYKES 1976: MikeConley 1982: John Hargreaves Darren McDew FIRST CLASS 75 Pvt 4. 3, 2, 1 : Dean ' s List 2, 1 ; RFYL 3. 2, 1 ; PX Coffee Club 3, 2, 1 ; P.I. Vet. 3, 2, 1 . It seems an eternity since August 20, 1975 Grad- uation, wtiicti lurked so far in the future, is fiere at last. Each year brought challenges and obsta- cles to be hurdled One of the biggest problems was maintaining sanity in a sometimes insane world VMI is a great teacher of the value of friendship My friends are what made this place bearable. Many times I ' ve been down and some- one lifted my spirits whether they knew it or not. I wish you guys all the best Most of all I want to thank my parents for their support during these four trying years I couldn ' t have made it without you ' love and understanding DYKES: 1976; Tom Brooks 1982: Tom Farmer Thomas Richard McCarthy " Mac, Rick, Tom " Upper Marlboro, Maryland EE — Navy " They throw in Drummer Hodge, forest Uncoffined — just as found: His landmark is a kipje-crest That breaks the veldt around: And foreign constellations west Each night above his mound Young Hodge the Drummer never knew — Fresh from his Wessex home — The meaning of the broad Karoo, The Bush, the dusty loam. And why uprose to nightly view Strange stars amid the gioam. Yet portion of that unknown plain Will Hodge forever be; His homely Northern breast and brain Grow to some Southern tree. And strange-eyed constellations reign His stars eternally. " Thomas Hardy 1 1 William Edward McCarthy " Bill, Billy, Billy Mac, Disco, McDumpy " Lynchburg, Virginia History — Army (Artillery) Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pre-Law Society 2, 1 ; Ski Club 3, 2. 1; Posit Committee; S-5 Staff; Honor Court 1; Pvt 4, Cpl. 3, Reg S-5 Sgt 2, Reg. S-5 Captain; Dean ' s List 3, 2; Academically Distin- guished 1; DMS. Bill came here with a desire to excel and has done very well He has accomplished everything he has set out to do by hard work and respect Billy Mac and I go way back and have had some great times together. He has a winning Personal- ity and has made many friends at the " Big I " Many a woman ' s heart has been captured by Bil- ly ' s great sense of humor and dancing ability Always a man who believed in the V.M.I, tradi- tion, it wasn ' t hard to get Billy to go to a party or consume a few " Brews " . Thanks for a great roommate and many road trips. Good Luck! Brewster I made it Big Al; thanks for your guidance. DYKES: 1976: Ray Brooks 1982: " Dee " Shannon 76 FIRST CLASS Carlyle Carter McCrowell Jr. " Daddy " Lexington, Virginia C E — Corps of Engineers ASCE, Ski Club; Sports Car Club. Football 4 When I came to this Institute four long years ago I really didn ' t know what I had in store for myself. With the help of some very close friends I have been able to make the past four years bearable here at the " Mother I " . I wish to show the deep- est appreciation for the following people: David (Little Papa) Crim: Good luck Tarzan and Hun A great roommate and friend Mrs. Williams: A great future mother-in-law Thanks for all those meals. Mom: I couldn ' t have done it without her Thanks for always being there and standing beside me Alice My fianceS for four long years. She has been the light of my life, always beside me and always looking out for me. I truly love her and couldn ' t do without her. (Just wait until August 18, 1979). DYKES 1976: Pete Friesen 1982: Byron Welsh Richard A. McDonough " Rich. RAM. Red Head, Donut " Staunton, Virginia C E — Corps of Engineers Football 4; Golf 3, 2, 1, Gladiators 3. 2. 1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 — Treasurer 1; Posit Committee 3. 2. 1; ASCE; I Phelta Thi Frater- nity, Ghetto 4,2,1, HBI 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3,2,1 The end! It is finally here. From Rat Line to Dyke City we have fought our way to the end of the rainbow, I only hope the pot of gold is still there. To the " Getto Gang " ; Heat, OIlie, Nichie, The Greek, The Spic, HNIC, T. W Mule. Spotts. Peel, Willie P., Zeb, The Calif. Kid, Shelts, Honyah, Sideburns, It was great How will we ever forget the good times we shared. Remember, when things get tough and looking bad just repeat; " The VMI Motto. " Jay, good luck and I Hope you reach your goals Nick, you ' re one of a kind, see you in the real world. To Mom, Dad and Deb- bie, thanks for your support, without you I couldn ' t have made it. Richard Keith McGruder " " Rich " Arlington, Virginia C E — Corps of Engineers Pvt. 4, 3. 2. 1 ; Soccer 2, 1 ; Cadet 4; Firefighters 3, 2, 1 ; ASCE 4. 3, 2, 1 ; SAME 3, 2, 1 ; Inaurural Con- tingency 3; TCFC ' 79 3, 2; Number 3 Club 1 ; MBC Raid 3, 2; Apathy Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Dawn Fan Club President 4, 3, 2, 1 I wish I had left, but it is probably best that I stayed. If I could do it over ... I would not have to make the decision The VMI helped me in several ways If not for the morning sunrise to spread her light and brighten my days I would have died in total . . darkness. DYKES 1976: 1982: Van Ardan Sam Wood DYKES 1976: 1982: Rand Sompayrac Del Ertzner FIRST CLASS 77 Brian Gerald McKeever " McNich, Chuck, Pizza Man, Schlitz " Troy, New York Economics — US Navy Cpl 3. Sgt 2, Pvt. 1; Orienteering Club 4; Navy Scholarship; P.I Commando 4, 3, 2, 1; Coffee Club 3, 2, 1 ; Rat Training 4, 3; Cadet Assistant 2 The past four years have been an experience I will never forget, I would never have made it without the PI and Booth Number 5. I have learned many things both in and out of text- books, but most of all, I have learned about life All of us complain about the system, but eventu- ally I think all of us will say that it was worth the sacrifice I have faced many hardships and injus- tices while going here, and because of them, I ' m a better man I want to wish all of my Brother Rats good luck as we begin the fulfillment of our dreams Finally, to my Father, I want to thank you for all your encouragement through the years, and for the sacrifices you made for my educa- tion Thanks Dad DYKES 1976: Norm Cole 1 982: John Lewis, Clement Zotto Jeffrey Clark McLean " Orange-peel, Peel Head, Peel, O-P, Nappy Head " Clermont, Florida EC — Army Armor Deans List; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Football; S C Champs 2; Track. Conf Champs 2; Bomb Sports Editor 3; Monogram Club, Vice Pres 1 ; FCA; Ghetto; Fro-Bro; HBI; All Patchin 1st Team Surviving at VMI can be described by the words of Jimmy Buffett " Roll with the punches, play all of your hunches. Make the best of whatever comes your way What you lack in ambition, make up with intuition, plow- ing straight ahead come what may ' The love and support of my family was a valuable booster. Mom and Dad you ' re the greatest. I have made the greatest friends here, they kept me going in the hard times Football was fun, but its continual frustrations kept me from getting the most out of it Thanks Dyke for getting me started on the right foot Coach King, your help was appreciated Thank you Lord for helping me to persevere through VMI. I can ' t believe I really made it DYKES: 1976: Jimmy Lofton 1982: Disco Moose Ebersole, P Scott White Gary Tyrone McNeal " McDog, Neal " Cincinnati, Ohio History — Army " I live not in myself, but I become Portion of that around me; and to me High mountains are a feeling, but the hum Of human cities torture: I can see Nothing to loathe in nature, save to be A link reluctant in a fleshly chain. Classed among creatures, when the soul can flee. And with the sky, the peak, the heaving plain. Of ocean, or the stars, mingle, and not in vain. And thus I am absorbed, and this is life: I look upon the peopled desert past. As on a place of agony and strife. Where, for some sin, to sorrow I was cast. To act and suffer, but remount at last With a fresh pinion; which I feel to spring. Though young, yet waxing vigorous, as the blast Which it would cope with, on delighted wing. Spurning the clay-cold bonds which round our being cling. " George Gordon 78 FIRST CLASS Michael Mendez " Mikey, Boy, Pineapple, Islan Boy, Tennessee Toddy Mike, Magllla. MIguellto " Walpahu. Hawaii History — Air Force Arnold Air Society 4, 3, 2, 1 : Karate Club 4; New- man Club 4: BSU 4; College Republicans 4, 3; TCFC 3, 2; Ring Figure Committee 3, 2; ROA 2, 1; Cadet Recreation Committee 3, 2, 1; VMI Cadet 1 . It ' s kind of hard to sum up four years of friend- stiip in a few words. We ' ve sure had some good times though, I know I ' ll always remember them. I hope that you find everything you ' re looking for In life. I know the Air Force is getting a good man. I hope we can keep in touch with each other In the years to come, let ' s hope our paths cross a lot. I can ' t think of anything else to say other than I ' ll always value your friendship and hope that I ' ve been half the friend to you that you ' ve been to me. P.T.U. DYKES 1976: David Copp 1982: JoseSuarez William Massie iVIeredith, Jr. " Maefleld. Pus Tickets, Bill " Richmond. Virginia English — Armor English Society 3, 2, 1; College Republicans 1; Ski Club 3, 2, 1 ; FCA 4, 1 ; " Rams " 3; Football 4; Tennis 2; Lacrosse 4, 3. 2, 1; Lacrosse Tri-Cap- tain 1; " 233 " RHEP; Fratty Lodge 2: GOAT 4 3 2, 1. Massie made the journey from Orange to Lex- ington seeking the typical College life but since W L was full, he ventured next door. Maefleld could always be counted on for a few. We can ' t forget the numerous road trips in the " BEAR " to Baldweenie. Charlottsville. Virginia Beach and the summer at the Fratty Lodge. Inevitably in search of the THO, he even got it a few times. Seriously, Massie is a hell of a competitor: just ask that boy from Hampden Sydney. Mae was always there to lend a hand, no matter what was asked of him. My four years with him. through the good times and bad. he always seemed to ease the pain a little. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything: and to all the boys: Give Em Hell. Shane Michael Miller " Mitch " Flagstaff, Arizona History — Army Private 4, 3.2,1: Dean ' s List, Sears 2, 1 : Cross- country — Rack 4, 3, 2: Marathon Man 3, 2, 1 : AUSA Military History Award 3. I left the land of the " Big Sky " , for this " health- ful and pleasant abode " in the summer of my eighteenth year. I suppose I harbored the same illusions of grandeur many do as one steps through Jackson Arch the first time. So began a voyage which was to take me from the depths of Dante ' s Inferno to the height of Mount Olympus, in the short space of three years. My VMI life has at times, resembled the life of a medieval monk. However when things became a little too profound time was found for an occasional Sat- urday Night of mild debauchery or a few hours of masochistic ecstasy, better known as a mar- athon. The little triumphs and disasters of these VMI years have been weathered with the poise only VMI can give to a person. Thanks Mom and Dad DYKES 1976: 1982: Buzzy Moncure Stuart Byrd DYKES 1976: 1982: Simon Radomskyj Handle Podo FIRST CLASS 79 Jeffrey Bryant Minnix ■■Jeff, Ernt, Minna, Jeffles " Lexington, Virginia C.E. — Corps of Engineers J V Football 4; Football Manager 3, 2, 1; Mono- gram Club 2, 1 ; DMS; ASCE 4,3,2,1; Ski Club 2, 1. Well, it ' s finally tiere. Four years sure went by fast. That first one was bad having to room with ■■Precious ' and that guy from St. Louis who always got smelly letters Dyking with Peel, F, Hose. Spotts. Maury, Pekarik, and Seay. Then I put up with Fahrenheit Fred, the Mad Alabaman and Jayser for two years Then with Fred and Precious for the last one along with Hashemi and Jelly-Head. ■Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels. Looking back at the years gone by like so many summer fields. In sixty-five I was seventeen and running up one-o-one. I dont know where Tm running now, I ' m just run- ning on " Thanks Mom and Dad, Todd, and Les- lie. Stick it out Todd, it ' s worth it. DYKES 1976: 1982: Jimmy Lofton MikeStraub I Thomas K. Mitchell ■■Thumb, T.K.Mitch ' Bluefield, Virginia Economics — Army Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pep Band 4, 3; JV Football 4, 3; RFYR 2, 1 ; OGA 1 ; Timmins Music Society 2, Treasurer 1; Reg. Band 4. 3. 2, 1; Econ. Cot- fee Club 3, 2; VMI Firefighters 1 . Now here is a good ole boy from Southwest Virginia (born in West Virginia by Gawd!) with an accent straight out of Appalachias most illiterate moonshine country. What he can do to the English language would make a hick from Tupelo. Mississippi cry in disbelief. Tom is a good natured cuss most of the time How- ever, sometimes at night or during the day he can get terribly riled up. This happens most especially when he wrestles that big old bear he has in his room. That bear hasn ' t lost yet but watch out! Some day this ' ole boy will find that sugar mountain with the Barkers and the coloured balloons . . RSVP On the serious side, it has been a long four years! Greatest thanks to my family for making it bearable. DYKES 1976: Barry " Bur " Heism 1982: Rick Wilson Lawrence Lee Moise III " Mr. Sunshine. Lee. Lucky Loser " Newark. Delaware C.E. — Special Student ASCE 3, 2, 1; Military Society 2, 1; Dean ' s List 4; SFYL Club; Fencing Manager 1; Survivor of Room 456; Member of " Gang of Three " After four years at the Institute, Mr. Sunshine has finally made it. Ever since our matriculation, Lee has been looking forward to graduation day. He has always been known to enjoy a good beer uptown and cavort in the streets of Lexington. All this fun was highlighted early in his cadetship at Greensboro with beer, beer, and more beer. Too bad its not an annual affair. Being an LA. at heart, he has had a rough time pressing up the hill of science in NEB. A rather common prob- lem. But despite it all, Lee loves it here, even if he won ' t admit it. Lee, Good Luck in the future with all your experiences gained at VMI. DYKES 1976: Mike Outten 1 982: George Hansen 80 ' FIRST CLASS Tehran, Iran Electrical Engineering — Navy Pvt 4, 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3: Dean ' s List; Academically Dis- tinguished; RYFL. All came to VMI under different conditions than most people. We were all in a different environ- ment, but All was in a different country alto- gether He not only had to adjust to the VMI ways, but also had to adjust to the American ways from his Persian ways The first year was a little rough, but AM came through. I admire him for the way in which he caught onto the Ameri- can way of life. I wish I knew another language and its customs as well as he does English Rooming with AN for the past three years has been great He is a very strict person and likes things to be neat and in the right place, as I do Rooming with him has shown me that people in the world can get along if they try Good Luck in the future. DYKES: 1976: Strock, J. P 1982: McEvoy, R.A. - Robert C. Morris " Uncle Stosh, Stosh " Newton, Connecticut English — Infantry (Airborne Type; 1 ea) VMI Theater 4, 3; Ranger Pit 4, 3, 2; AUSA 2. Treasurer 1; Airborne School 3; Rock Clim- bing School 3; Bomb Staff 4, 3, Outrage Edi- tor 1 ; Rat Training Cadre 2, 1 ; Townes Award 2; Sounding Brass 2, 1; VMI Cadet Staff 4, Illicit Activities Editor 3, Managing Editor Shafted 2 Uncle Stosh has to be one of the most contro- versial characters in the history of VMI. He ' s been on the Supe ' s most wanted list for a few years now, yet he still owns a great amount of respect from many others Giving? Ask him for a buck and he ' ll give you a five Friendly? Ask about his broom, clock, or Mickey Mouse glass. I ' ve broken them all, but I ' m always for- given. Thank you Stosh for the best years of my life. " . . . the soldier who has seen the swords glittering over his head and streams of blood under his feet does not care about rocks thrown at him by the children on the streets " DYKES: 1976: Bruce Undercoffer 1982: Andy Burris, Dave Holzbach Charles Thomas Moses, III " Charley, Tommy, Moey ' Appromattox, Virginia History — Army " All Nature seems at work Slugs leave their lair The bees are stirring — birds are on the wing — And Winter slumbering in the open air Wears on his smiling face a dream of Spring ' And I the while, the sole unbusy thing. Nor honey make, nor pair, nor build, nor sing Yet well I ken the banks where amaranths blow. Have traced the fount whence streams of nectar flow Bloom, O ye amaranths! bloom for whom ye may. For me ye bloom not! Glide, rich streams, away! With lips unbrightened, wreathless brow, I stroll: And would you learn the spells that drowse my soul ' Work without Hope draws nectar in a sieve. And Hope without an object cannot live " Samuel Taylor Coleridge FIRST CLASS 81 Mike Gordon Mullins " Michael, Moon " Colonial Heights. Virginia History — Armor Grotto Club 4; AUSA 1, 2: Firefighters 2; Private 1 . 2, 3. 4; Born Losers 1,2,3; Zoo Grew 1 , 2, 3, 4, Victim of " Sparky " Anderson ' s Midnight Poker Busts . , it ' ll be tough but it has its purpose They do it to separate the men from the boys, and when that time comes son, I want you to be standing with the men " Love, Dad September, 1975 DYKES: 1976: Tom Zeugner 1982: Bill Kulas Samuel Gifford Murphy " Murph, Hey Murph, Sambo " Norfolk, Virginia English — Special Student Pvt 4; Cpl 3; Sgt. 2; Pvt 1; Bomb Staff 4, 3: Layout Editor 2; «1 Club 2; Clark Gordie Fan Club 2, 1 ; Editor, Ring Figure Magazine 2, 1. If there is one thing you can say about Hey Murph, he does things in a grand style Here is a man who matriculated on his birthday, spends his intramural time as a Fireman res- cuing women and children, plays Houdini in the evening, and spends his weekends at Mary Baldwin Though Sam was never one for books, no man has ever tried harder to beat the system (That isn ' t to say that the system didn ' t win a few) All in all Sam has come out on top; he has gained a ring, an understanding girl (big on the understand- ing), a place in Moody Hall, a questionable education, an attitude worthy of a cadet, and many life-long friends. From that BRF that talked you into staying — avoid rooms num- bered 261 ! Good Luck DYKES: 1976: K Y. Thrift 1982: MarkDurkin 82 FIRST CLASS George B. Myers " Carolina Kid " Wilmington, North Carolina History — Field Artillery College Republicans 3, 2, 1 ; AUSA 2, 1 : BSU 4: Scottship Hall After Two a.m. Club: Pvt. 4, 3, 2. It has been a long trip these past four years and not always an easy one. Yet I ' ve learned a lot along the way, some of it from books, some from my BR ' s and a lot just living each day. Some days were so great that I didn ' t want them to end and some days were total disasters But overall, the good days outnumbered the bad. Thanks Dave, Shane, Gary, Mike and John for making this place a lot easier to live in. You all are a great bunch of BR ' s. To Ginger and Emily, all my love and appreciation for brightening up a long and weary trip. To my parents, thanks for all your love and support — it has meant a lot to me. It is a whole new world out there and it ' s time I got into it. DYKES 1976: 1982: Jim Bowers Steve Checca Craig Allison Myler " Mouse, Fool = 1. Sherman, Mount " Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Chemistry — Infantry Pvt. 4: Cpl 3; MSgt 2; Btn. S-5 1: TCFC Mug Committee Chairman: Rifle Team 4. 3. 2, Cpt. 1 , Sports Car Club 1: Illegal Car 2: Orienteering Club 2: ACS 4, 3, 2, 1: PR Mgr. 1, Army 1st Region Rifle Team: Jackson ' s Battery 3. Living with Mouse has been an adventure: we never knew what foolish thing he would do next. Like the time he brought back Frodo or the pumpkins or even the chattering skull. We never minded his toys, but when he played with them at three in the morning, THATv as a differ- ent story. His Shermonic inventions, like the superstructure he kept on his locker door and the funnilator, were a wonder to behold. But that same scientifically nurdish mind developed MAD Enterprises and the authorized Rat Ripoff. Craig has always been there when we needed him. His jovial attitude has lifted our spirits on many occasions. Though he was predictable, his highly unorthodox manner is something none of us will forget DYKES 1976: Michael G. Tate 1982: David Clayton Fritz. David Janac All Nassiri " Sandy, SI, Little Cute " Teheran. Iran EE — Navy Amateur Photography: Sponsored Head and Shoulders Shampoo: Varsity Soccer 3. 4, Inter- national Student Society. In 4 years at VMI, you got away with just about everything in the book — a car, an apartment, a wife Yessir All, you were a model cadet ' After all, how many other cadets when standing out on the parade field on Friday afternoons have heard such tender words as " Hi Daddy " Indeed, yours has been the FULL VMI experi- ence I could never figure out, however, why you never kept rank. You had to be the only pri- vate who spit-shined his ramcape and brassoed his floor for every SNI! In all seriousness Ali, PI and P2 wish you the best of luck always, and we know that someday, you will be elected Shah (And I still say you can ' t count that for aero- bicsi) DYKES 1976: 1982: Coleman, J. C. Poteralski, J. R. FIRST CLASS 83 Andrew Mark Neff " Andy, MF, Student, All " Milford, Connecticut C.E. — Air Force Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1 : NY-NJ Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; ASCE 3 2 1 ASME2, 1 Here is a Connecticut Yankee wtio tiated VMI from ttie time he arrived here and will probably keep on hating it after he leaves. Until his first Class year Andy was a solid party man. He did everything he could to break regulations. He never got caught either. Andy always kept a " low profile " . Above all Andy is a hard worker. His studies always received a great deal of attention. His first class year has seen a new activity in Andy ' s life which rivals even his studies. Shes not bad either. Keep the Loonies on the path; Good Luck . . . RSP DYKES 1976: 1982: Bill Wolf Dave Schroeder Edward Michael Negro " Penguin, Negress " Lowber, Pennsylvania C.E. — Corps of Engineers Football 4. 3, 2, 1 ; Monogram Club 2, 1 ASCE 3, 2, 1;DIVIS I would like to send my love and thanks to my family, especially Mom and Dad for all the help and support they have always given to me, and to the very special girl in my life, Kath. Thank God for watching over me. The friendships that I have made while at VMI will last a lifetime (especially Bob and Al). The memories I have had over my four years at VMI are both good and bad, but one thing is for sure, they will be difficult to forget. DYKES 1976: Alan Pyke 1 982: Nick Roper, Carl Showalter John Joseph Nichols " Jay, Bird, B-Head " Richmond, Virginia Economics — Field Artillery Varsity B-Ball Mgr, 4, 3; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1 Hotel " 252 " Club 3, 2; All Pro Club 4, 3, 2; Flag Football 2,1; Nick and Kitch Party. It ' s been a rough road for me at the " I " , but I ' ve finally made it. But without the following people; I would have never returned, much less gradu- ated. I ' d like to thank Mr. Goddard, Mrs. Hostet- ter, and Mr. Luck for their help and encourage- ment. Thanks, also to the Meads for my " home away from home. " Thanks to my roommates and friends; " Chip, " " P.D. " " Jeff, " " Dutch " , " .Pete " , " Stan " and " Thomas " ; you seven are the great- est. Lastly thanks to my family, for sticking behind me and shoving me along this " uphill bat- tle " . Without them I would have quit the day I saw this place. " A winner never quits and a quitter never wins " . Thanks Mom and Dad; it ' s the best advice I ve ever hadi DYKES 1976: 1982: Friar " , Tom Mason " Socks " , " Cold Steel ' " Charles Kirkshmer " 84 FIRST CLASS Harlan Niehaus " Treehouse, Tollhouse, BIG " Genoa, Ohio Army — Engineering Varsity Basketball 4, 3, 2. 1 : Monogram Club 4 3 2,1, I would like to take this space to thank my par- ents and family for all their support during my cadetship And also Id like to extend a special Thank You to Coach Walt Ayers for all he ' s done for me during the past 2 years DYKES: 1976: Phil Upton 1982: PaulDantonio Robert Lee Norris " Bongo Bob, N-Norns " Richmond, Virginia Biology — Field Artillery Cpl 3; MSGT 2; Echo Co Commander: Honor Court President: Drug Advisory Council: Pre- Med Society: Henry Rogers Harassment Club: Weight-Of-The World Committee. " Jesse Owens " : Colonna Grief Reciprocating Committee. Few men could have achieved an equal record in four years with such consistency. Maintaining a 4 while performing your duties as an Honor Court representative was, I ' m sure, strenuous at best Your position could not have been reached without a high sense of duty and a high degree of efficiency You understood t he definition of honor, and I thank you for sticking to it. VMI has taught you well? REA DYKES: 1976: Phil " Bozo " Brzozowski 1982: John B Bieltz Thomas Long Northam " Long " Onancock, Virginia English — Navy Rifle Team 4, 3, 2, 1 — Co-Captain 1. Pre-Law Society 3, 2: English Society 2, 1, Corporal 3: Sergeant 2: 2nd Lieutenant 1 Even though a self-imposed sentence of four years at the Institute seems too long and may be considered cruel and unusual punishment, the time has passed rather quickly and interestingly Only a short while ago. on matriculation day, my Father gave me the best advice I ' ve ever had on how to cope with a place like this It was some- thing in Latin that translated into " Dont let the_ grind you down ' Although some instances were trying, I ' ll still have many good memories of VMI. DYKES 1976: Mark Havelin 1982: Jeff Goodwin, Gary Jones FIRST CLASS 85 Eric Foster Nost " Eric, Most, Nostie " Severna Park, Maryland Economics — Navy Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 2, 1; Social Editor, BOMB 1; Society of Young Economists; Lacrosse Club 4, 3, 2, 1; Cadet Assistant 1; Sigma Nu 4, 3, 2, 1; Off Campus Housing 2, 1; MBC Raid 2; Ghetto Club; Spider Fan 3, On his way to W L, young Eric took a detour through the VMI campus and found himself in the Ratline. They cut his hair, but couldn ' t get the ' gators off his shirts or the topsiders off his feet. After a 3rd class semester sabbatical at the U. of R., this Mink in a Keydet ' s uniform did the shag from Lex. to The Hotel Roanoke (yes, while driving). Room 154 became the barracks clothing store as the borrow sheet recorded numerous " took prep clothes " , but the BMW consummated his role as the barracks socialite, for who could compete at Baldwin, SB., or Randy-Mac with Eric crusin ' around in his silver dream machine? Eric ' s future will be marred by one event — when he finds out his three ear tenure in the Navy Is aboard a cruiser instead of a 50 ft yacht on the Chespeake Bay. Pleasant Sailing Mostus. DYKES 1 976; Nelson A, Jeffers ' " ' 1 982; K. Landon Camper Michael Davies Oden " Ruby Begonia, Mikey, Hash, Michael, Rufus " Newark, Delaware CE — Navy Rugby 3, 2, 1; Pervert Corner 3; Ruby Begonia Fan Club 1; TImberldge Hunt Club 1; Baldwin Raid 2; Girls 4, 3, 2, 1; Demolition Derby 2, ASCE3,2, 1; 150 Yacht Club. Michael came to VMI as a yankee from Dela- ware, but a fter 3 years of " Southern Hospital- ity " he became a true gentleman. By the time he found out what the Institute was all about It was too late to get out, soe he joined our Illustrious band of morons and decided to get the most out of this desolate place by partying, running the block and stretching the rules to the limit. The memories of Mike and his women will be with us forever. How could anyone forget the wild ones he dated! We will remember not to get In a car with Mike unless we are ready for demolition derby. He represents one of the greatest guys to come from VMI ' s grub ranks. When there Is a good party and Mike Isn ' t there, we will be wish- ing he was. DYKES 1976; Teddy Trout 1 982; Kendall Avery, Bill Towler Michael Stephen Ogden " " Crazy One, Mike Ogg " Aquia Harbour, Virginia Economics — Marine Corps Soccer Letterman 4, 3, 2, 1; Co-CaptaIn 1; CPB 3, 2, 1; Cpl., Pvt., Sgt., Master Sgt., 1st Lt. " " D " Co. XO; Sgt-Pvt of the Corps; OCS ' 78. Life with Ogden has hardly been boring. Start- ing out as Electrical Engineer, Mike was soon disillusioned by the fact that current flowed down the wire one way and the electrons flow the other way (Now wait a minute. You mean . . . " ). Seeing no point In enduring that sort of madness, Mike fled to the Econ Dept. where he languished In the " " Root Cellar " the rest of his cadetshlp. Mike distinguished himself by his ownership of an Illicit hampster. care packages from home, his usually occupied rack, his two year romance with his " Lady " , and his competi- tiveness. Dumped in any pile of humanity, whether It be on the soccer field. In classes, or on the bricks, he usually ends up on the top of the heap. Good luck always. J.J.L. DYKES 1976; J.C.Coleman 1982; Ted Clarkson, MIkeGnall 86 FIRST CLASS e V; DaleOgg " Something ' s got to be done " Cincinnati, Ohio Economics — Armor Varsity Football; Monogram Club: Omicron Delta Epsilon; Sir Edmund Hillary Club (charter mem- ber), Vice President of the Room of Gloom D. MS, Field 49 3,2, 1. What can one say when one still lives in disbelief When I expected the best, I got the worst When things seemed simple, they became unbearable, I was taught to rely on logic, but I found myself in a place where logic is meaningless. Common sense? I haven ' t seen any. Resemblance of com- mon sense — I don ' t think that I know what that IS anymore. There is only one hope — long live the " Room of Gloom. " Thank God for my par- ents, Pat and her understanding in tough times, Sam and the " Wildman and " The Room " i e ' " Doc " , " W. D " , " House ' , and " The Italian Stal- lion. " To Mike Vela, Joe Corsaro, Joe Seay, Steve " Brick " Gulley, and the rest of the few sane: It MusfEnd. DYKES: 1976: Mike Gross 1 982: Chad King and Mike Muller Dolphin Henry Overton " Big D, Dolphine, Flip, Fiendsky ' " Rocky Mount, N Carolina Biology — Special Student Dean " s List: Academically Distinguished: Rebel Yell 1 and 2: Forget Hell Club 4, 3, 2, 1 North Carolina Fan Club 4, 3, 2, 1 . As a Rat at VMI, I hated VMI. Every night Jay and I would bitch at each other tor an hour However, as time passed, I began to realize I would be at VMI 3 more years So I began to study as did John, raise hell and set records for the P T " s. demerits and confinement I earned. VMI succeeded in releasing me my second class year. I came back my first class year changed I kept my demerits at a mini- mum so that I could visit a girl very special to me. Yes Susan gets credit for my increased awareness of responsibility and good con- duct I would like to thank my mother and father for not leading me astray as I thought Thanks Mom, Dad, Leslie, Lee, Joe, Grandma. Susan and John tor everything l " ll always remember what ya " ll did for me. DYKES: 1976: Simon Radomskyj 1982: John Campion Jim Donald Owens, Jr. " " FAX. Jim-Bob, Jim, JD, Jimmy, Jim Buddy " Alexandria, Virginia Civil Engineering — Infantry Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 , Tankers 3, 2, 1 (Pit. Ldr.): Intramu- ral Volleyball Champs 4 (Cpt.): New Market March 4, President ' s Inaugural 2; Color Guard 2 ASCE 3, 2, 1: SAME 2, 1 (Project Chairman) ' MBC Raid 2 (survivor): S-5 2: Cadre 1 UVA East- ers2, 1. Jim arrived from the " old neighborhood " with plans for a history degree and a Marine Lieuten- ancy The history degree was quickly forgotten with a move to NEB Then as a 2nd, this gun-ho Marine became an uh-rah infantryman. The changes have proven lucrative and Jim has sol- idly held his own both as " SI " and a " groun- pounder " " Jim prided himself on his " grub pri- vate " ' status, yet contradictions appeared when we saw this " grub " " in such " ranker " " positions as Color Guard and Tanker Platoon Commander. If these contradictions continue, I predict this " cool breeze " will end up in high places out in the world as well. I also predict that years from now, no matter how sordid a life I may live, I can expect from Jim a ' so what " and a story that will top all mine Ando DYKES: 1976: Jake Berberick 1 982 Tim Dignan and Brad Walker III. , ' ' . , ' ,-! ' ' FIRST CLASS 87 Janis Gunars Ozolins " Ozone, Oz. Ozzie, O3 " Spencer, New York Civil Engineering — Armor Tankers 3,2: Same 4,3,2,1; TCFC, Military Soci- ety 2, ASCE 3,2,1; Young Rep 2; S-5 3; Guideon 2, 1; OGA Representative; President ' s Inaugural; Frustrated Ranker 2. 1; Deans List 4, 3. 2, 1 (?); Cadre1.AUSA2, 1;DMS John didn ' t know what was going to happen to him when he came to VMI, but he decided to stay like most of us did Being an ambitious fellow he decided to try for the civil engineering degree. He always did his best which I and only a few others have appreciated John has given a lot to his brother rats and at more than one time felt like founding a banking firm in barracks. He decided to go Armor which didn ' t seem too unu- sual as he always had his tanks on his desk. Being frustrated was natural to him when it came to attaining rank because he never wanted to lick boots. With time on my side at VMI I finally influ- enced him to break away from studying to meet the opposite sex John is a TRUE BROTHER RAT DYKES 1976: Tom Hawthorne 1982 Joel Bodnar, Joe Bouchelle Samuel Pendleton Pace " Nectar " Orange, Virginia Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers ASCE; Partying; Society of Orange County Rednecks After putting off the decision of whether or not to attend VMI, he finally decided to sign the application form and believe me, this was about all it consisted of, as an alumnus influ- enced it greatly. Sentenced to four years at VMI hardly seemed bearable As a fourth classman the road was hard although Arass, Brother Rat Blivit and Bird provided a lot of laughs, and laugh he did at what seemed to be a joke although it turned out to be a reality. In his third class year his style was surfacing, i e he didn ' t want to be no corporal with those details Go ahead, continue them dyke ' s traditions — the grub private life seemed good. This was also the year of Ros- coes In his second class year. Nectar contin- ued to study somewhat, party, and live with the boys under the rules of the system After that episode C) in North Carolina during the summer, he returned for the " Big Dog " — 1st class year, the year of Homer, Henry. Poke. andCT Yech DYKES: 1976: Rand Somparal 1982: Van Noah, Ed Howland Asa Hix Page " Rex, Hick, Ace. Ghoul. Hound Dog " Virginia Beach. Virginia History — Air Force (pilot) Pvt. 4, Cpl. 3. Sgt. 2. 1st Lt. 1; Who ' s Who in the Zoo; Cadre; P.I. Staff; Dean ' s List; PX Crew 4. 3, 2,1; Mink Hater 4, 3. 2.1. How can I begin to describe Asa? Asa is so easy going and collected he makes Clint Eastwood look like a nurd. And Arnold, you had better watch out because he ' s working on you too. Asa is the kind of man that stands out in a crowd (and on the dance floor). You couldn ' t ask for a more loyal friend. Knowing him has been the Lipton Plunge. I hope you find your perfect woman and live a beautiful life. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Robert Frost DYKES: 1976: Herb White 1982: Steve Barger Anthony Bidgood Pais " Anton. Bidgood, Bidbad. Dego. Japetus " Bel Air, Maryland History— USMC Pvt, 4; Cpl 3; Reg, Opn. Sgt 2; Reg XO 1 ; Gold- coast Crew; Timmon ' s Society 4, 1; Academi- cally Distinguished 4, 3, 2, 1; Marine Detachment 4, 3, 2, 1; Graduation Speaker Committee 2, 1; Officers Christian Fellowship 3, 2, 1 ; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1; Who Who ' s Among American Colleges and Univ Students Father, thank you for my life. Thank you for my parents who gave me strength during times of weakness Thank you VM] for making me grow up You have laid many obstacles in my path but my Brother Rats have always made it worthwhile DYKES 1976: Claude C. Roberts 1982: Doug Burch, Bob Klenke Asghar Pariroo " Oscar " Astara, Iran C-E. — Imperial Iranian Navy International Student Society, ASCE In the summer of ' 75, Asghar came to Lexing- ton, He knew English, but not the ways of the Americans. He also knew little of the many rules and regulations that go along with being a Keydet! However, he got a taste of VMI dur- ing his first year in the Rat Line. There were many cultural differences as well as the lan- guage problem to be solved, but through it all Asghar came away with flying colors. Now in his last year he looks forward to graduation and a promising future. Good Luck to you Brother Rats. DYKES 1976 1982 Gary Dale Parker ■Park " Elliston, Virginia Civil Engineering — Naval Science Debate 4; VIVll Firefighters 3, 2, 1 , Ski Club 3, 2, 1 , Rat Training 4, 3, 2, too long; ASCE 3,2,1; ASCE Party Club 3, 2, 1; Rugby 1; Cadet Advertising Staff 2; Cadre 3, 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2: Lt 1; Rat Company Commander 1 , Summer School 3. Why I came here is past history. Once here my pride and grades wouldn ' t let me escape The traumas, laughs, friendships, and battles are now a part of me. Whatever the future holds in store I ' ll take one day at a time and make the best of it I ' ve gained friends who will last a lifetime and have a special girl who makes up my better half. I am blessed with parents who understood — or at least overlooked my bad grades and helped me through my low spirits. I realize that being myself is most important. My dreams are big but I know it ' s going to be the little things that help me along. Dad said not to come here. Mom said no to Va. Tech — I signed on the dotted line. " The valiant die but once. " FIRST CLASS Richard Stewart Parkinson " Rick, Rich, Park " Huntington, New York History — Air Force RFYL4, 3, 2,1;Pvt. 4,2. 1. Rick likes to do things in a big way That is why he came to VMI. He wanted to get the best of the worst He wanted to maximize the bad times he expected so he went all out. He went to VMI. Rick is a very unique individual- When most guys were buying cars he bought a Hi-Fi system which cost just as much as a Corvette. He really likes music, but rarely had a chance to listen to it due to academic reasons. Just another good deal. Here was a professional at staying away from VMI. He found every loophole in the regu- lations and where there was none he made his own. He made life at VMI bearable. Long live Neil Young and Crazy Horse. See you on the dark side of the moon, buddy AM N DYKES 1976: Mike Camden 1982: Steve Morgan Robert Louis Parodi " Ahmad, Mud, Steve, Parodipour " Poughkeepsie, New York Economics — Air Force Arnold Air Society 4; TCFC 3, 2; Young Econo- mists Club 2, 1; Sport Parachute Club 3; Cpl 3: Sgt 2;Lt 1 VMI is based on three foundations, these being Military, Athletic, and academic. Over each of these hangs an air of competition — but then again who wants to compete? DYKES 1976: Ken Harbin 1982: Chris Ronan William H. Peacock " Bill, Peadick, Willy, Homo " Virginia Beach, Virginia EE — Navy Pvt. 4, 3. 2, 1: Cpl. 3; S.AM.E. 2, 1; IEEE 1; Rugby 4, 3; R F.Y.L. 3, 2, 1; Rat Training 4; Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1; Academically Distin- guished 3, 2, 1. Billy came to the " I " that fateful day 20 August 1 975 full of aspirations of a Super-strack Keydet after high school J.R.O.T.C. He proved himself by being the only Rat in C. Company that could fold his underwear properly. His Rat year also encompassed many a quarrel between Dykes and himself that unfortunately ended at the R DC. He came back as a corporal in ' 76 only to be busted the first makeover. Just a minor setback. He then decided to prove himself aca- demically, by remaining academically distin- guished the following years. He did just that. Billy was not one just to tie himself up with the books. He spent several weekends with me, prowling about M.B.C and Hollins. It has been an experience knowing Billy — Good Luck! Respectfully, " Probe " DYKES 1976: Steve Borowski 1982: Ed Drumheller, Wyi Kim 90 FIRST CLASS y • • • Bruce Edward Pearson ■ ' Brewster, B.P . FA. " Lynchburg. Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Engineer Pvt. 4,3, 2, 1; Ski Club 3, 2, and Fire Committee 3, 2, 1 . 1; ASCE3, 2, 1; Hop Brewster is well known throughout our class; after all, he was probably in everyone ' s calculus class at one time or another Bruce had a uni- que style when approaching academics. When- ever stumped by a civil engineering problem, he would look down at it. draw a graph, reread the problem, then just laugh like Hell and go to bed and sleep on it for awhile. But somehow the work always got done When the weekend rolled around. Bruce always rolled out. and after many Sunday parties he couldn ' t stand up so he had to roll back. Brewster ' s calm and eas- ygoing personality has won him many friends at the big " I " . As a roommate and long time friend I know Bruce will excel in whatever he shall endeavor, and wish him all the luck in the world Billy Mac Thanks for all your love Mom and Dad. Edward W. Pettersen " Pete, Polio, Snake Slayer, Worthless " Alexandria, Virgmia English — Infantry (Ha-Ha) Dean ' s List; Academically Distinguished; Tucker Street Crew. Summer School of Red Bud Hollow; Pathfinder — Especially through small trees to river banks. Quasi — Confine- ment Status; Infrequent PX Customer; 4th Mem- ber of Room 169 Only hindsight will ever satisfactorily explain the last four years. I have not experienced col- lege in the usual sense — how can I compare, much less judge? And anyway, I ' m too biased at the present time . . . I ' ve made good friends and at the same time discovered the sycophant. I ' ve learned the true meaning of " idiosyncrat- ic, " and subsequently understand things a little bit better, not to mention myself. Change has marked the last four years for me. Look at what I ' m quoting now: " You cannot educate a soldier without turning him into a pacifist. " H. D. Tho- reau DYKES 1976: 1982: Bill " D D " Favier Lee Jones DYKES 1976: 1982: Mark Moncure Tim Costello, Tracy Henderson James R. Pigg Jr. " Jim " Roanoke, Virginia C E — Air Force ASCE 4. 3. 2, 1; SAME 2. 1; BSU 4; Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2. 1 ; Ad Hoc Committee 2; Firefight- ers 3, 2, 1; Third Class Finance Committee " 79 3, 2; Ring Figure Committee 2; Karate Club 4, 3; Rugby 2, 1 , Ski Club 3. 2. 1 , Cpl 3, Sgt 2, Lt 1 , LHC 1. Jim came to the Big " ' I " knowing nothing about the place even though he lives 50 miles away Just a plain ole " happy rat " that liked to tool through the Rat line gnawing on his cinnamon gum. The dykes he had taught him how to run shit so well that he has yet to get caught I can ' t believe he now has to enforce all those regula- tions that he always seemed to break when he was a rat and a third Good Luck Jim, I hope you find your " wild blue yonder " I know you will someday DYKES 1976 Tom Diggs 1982 Jim " " GimRat " Berke FIRST CLASS 91 Earl Gilbert Pilker " PILL, Earl the Pearl. Co-dyke, Grunt, The Tongue " Erie, Pennsylvania Economics — Army Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Band Company CO 1; Ranger Platoon 4. 3, 2, 1; Rat Training Cadre 3. Cadre Sgt. 2; Airborne-Ranger Qualified; VMI Commanders 4, 3,2,1; AUSA 2, 1 ; Bugler 4, 3. 2, 1; Pep Band 4,3 The first time I walked into our dyke ' s room, Earl was sitting there and I told myself that " this guy looks like a dork " . Well I won ' t say that I was wrong, but even with all the times he had all- duty, he proved to be a good BR. Throughout his Third and Second class years he also proved something greater; that he had a life ' s goal and that he was going to get it no matter what. Now this may not seem much but it ' s more than most of us could have said. He still had hard times to fight, both at the " I " and at home, but he didn ' t quit He ' s going somewhere and despite all the doubts that life may give him, I know that he ' ll get there. Good luck to you Co-dyke and God ' s Blessing. R.L.S DYKES 1976: 1982: Ted Mouras Garth Franz John Bagby Pleasants Jr. " J.B., Groundhog " Grafton, Virginia History — Armor Weight Training 4, 3,2,1; Warmgamers Soci- ety 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Chess Club 2, 1 ; Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1 " A good sherris-sack hath a twofold opera- tion in it. It ascends me into the brain, dries me there all the foolish and dull and crudy vapors which environ ' it, makes it apprehen- sive, quick, forgetive, full of nimble, fiery, and delectable shapes, which deliver ' d o ' er to the voice, the tongue, which is the birth, becomes excellent wit. The second property of your excellent sherris is the warming of the blood, which before, cold and settled, left the liver white and pale, which is the badge of pusillanimity and cowardice; but the sherris warms it, and makes it course from the inwards to the parts ' extremes. It illumineth the face, which as a beacon gives warning to all the rest of this little kingdom, man, to arm, and thus valor comes of sherris. " From Henry IV, Part Two, Act Four, Scene John Chesley Poffenbarger " Poff, J.C, Chesley, Chubby " Charleston, West Virginia Biology — Armor Branch VMI Sport Parachute Club 4, 3; VMI Student Grotto 4, 3; VMI Ski Club 2, 1; VMI Sports Car Club1;Pvt. 4,3;Sgt. 2;Lt, 1, Poffy arrived by oxcart from West Virginia deter- mined to follow in his father ' s footsteps and become a candidate for a malpractice suit. As a rodent his after taps milk and cookie socials even included the uncordially invited J.C. Cole- man. He realized the true meaning of " BRF " . When that wily ferret scampered out of Bonanza leaving Poff not only THE bag but two B.U. bags He was used to love triangles though, having been awarded a second Ring Figure date, com- pliments of Bro Tollie and the R.F Plague. Sor- rowed by the loss of this faithful companion " KATO " to premature graduation he learned life goes on even though he had to room with a " Fer- ret " , " Poindexter " , and a " perfect body " for a year. See ya in ' 84 Bro ' and don ' t forget to bring the Grosse Hausefrau and your herd of ankle biters! A.B.H. DYKES 1976: 1982: Ian Fergusson Rich Magee 92 FIRST CLASS Henry Stephen Powers " Redman, Powerless. Zippahead. Mastadong. Peter " Ocala, Florida Economics — Infantry Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Ghetto 4, 3. 2, 1 : Baseball 4; Rugby 3, 2. 1; Boxing 2; Rock Pile 3; Cadet Circulation Staff 1 ; MBC Raid 3. 2; HR 4. 3, 2. 1 Steve came to VMI to follow family tradition. He ' ll leave knowing that tradition isn ' t everything. Through his years at the " I " he never once turned down the opportunity to have a good time. Whether it was the drunk of Ring Figure ' 77 or uptown at the frat parties the women always did seem to flock around the guy from Ocala, Florida We often wondered just what it was that attracted them in such great quantities! Well it didn ' t take long to find out His preference for women never ceased to amaze us, from B J to just about anything he could get his hands on he always had time for the opposite sex We ' ll always remember all those crazy things Steve has gone through his 4 years knowing that he never did play with a full deck anyway Just kid- ding Steve! DYKES 1976: Bob Cox 1982 Dickie Woolwine i Sumner Riddick Pugh III " Rick, Bird ' s Nest, Longbody, First-mate, Pug " Farmville, Virginia History — Armor Varsity Tennis 4, 3, 2; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 ; Rugby Club 1 ; Hop and Floor Committee 1 ; Tucker Street Massacre Member 2; Hor- seshoe Club 2; Subculture 3, 2, 1; VMI Ski Club 3, 2,1 How can I put into words the love and respect I have for Rick Pugh! It has been my good for- tune to be his roommate for 4 years at VMI. All we will have is our memories: the good times (RBH) and the bad times (Tucker Street Mas- sacre). But my years with Rick have been the most important thing in my life Never have I had a friend such as Rick: always he was there, always ready to help out in any way Even though we sometimes had our differ- ences, we overcame them " Nest " is one of the main reasons I kept returning to the " I " year after year Without him, something would have been missing from my life: a Brother Rat, a drinking buddy, but most Important, the best friend anyone could ever have Rick, thanks DYKES: 1976: Ron " Bone " Lagrone 1982: Jay " Wombat " Wamsley David Morton Pyle " " Poke, Pope, Lips, Pokomo, Pole-Cat " Norfolk, Virginia C E — Air Force Football 4, 3, 2: Monogram Club 3, 2, 1: Dean " s List 2, 1 : OGA 1 : Cpl 3: ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1 When I came to VMI I hadnt even visited the place since I was eight years old Then it just looked like a long, tall wall Little did I know what was in store for me behind those great walls Through those first two and a half years of play- ing football I struggled through academics as my roommates Bird, Nectar, and C.T were atop the charts It wasn " t until the second semester of my second class year that I broke into the ranks of the 3 for the previous semester on a mistake by a teacher Prior to the miracle another miracle occurred I met Carol! Someone I could spend my academic days with and eventually the rest of my days on this earth Well all I can say now is that rm glad it ' s over, and the best of luck to my brother rats DYKES: 1976: Barney Adams 1982: Paul Glisson, Kieth Jarvis FIRST CLASS 93 Robert Brian Raines " Bob, Rob, Ralnesey " West Haverstraw, New York C.E. — Navy Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cpl. 3; Number 1 Club; Swimming 4, 3, 2. 1 — Co-Captain 1 ; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1; Water Polo 1; Academically Distinguished 4, 3, 2. 1; Cadet Assistant 3, 2, 1; Room 1 72 Band; Flying Squadron (Blue Max) What can you say about a guy who comes to VMI and after looking at barracks, wonders where the dorms are? Well, Bob did and found his style cramped for the next four years. He adapted quickly and found how to utilize this abilities. In the classroom and athletics Bob has proved outstanding He is a true friend to those who know him and has a willingness to help others- Best of luck in the tuture, VMI has done a great deal tor me, not that I would do it again; however, I have met many whom I regard as true friends, and they have made my stay more than worthwhile Special thanks to my roommates and Coach Joyce for everything they have done. Paul Wilson Ramey " Bud " Woodstock, Virginia C.E. — Army The Subculture 4, 3, 2, 1; ASCE 2, 1; SAME 1; Timmins Society 3, 2 August 21 , crossing the Route 1 1 overpass with my BRs in the early morning fog, I looked down and there it was — my mainstreet — if I could only go another 100 miles. But I kept my eyes off of that for four years It was another way of life so close yet so far away. Thank you all who have been with me, you are my brothers And now for that other life . " WE DANCE AROUND IN A RING AND SUP- POSE BUT THE SECRET SITS IN THE MIDDLE AND KNOWS " Emerson DYKES 1976; 1982; Greg Hedley BobCampione AN Ramezani " Sleepy, Flower " Tehran, Iran E.E. — Iran Varsity Soccer 4, 3; Volleyball; Pvt. 4, 3. 2, 1 . Four years ago a persian expedition landed in the New World. Among the explorers arose All. a long, thick haired young man with a silky shirt. He was confident and prepared to take on a United States military school. Sleepy immedi- ately found the natives to be restless and extremely unfriendly. Luckily a treaty was soon established; Chin in, short hair, PT, and a ratline in exchange for money, a car, and as many fine American women as were available. Ali quickly adjusted to this crazy new life and he began his long struggle with the English language and the VMI. You have my respect, Ali, for accepting and conquering this four year challenge — Congratulations!!! KHODA-FAZ!!! K.L.L. DYKES 1976; 1982; J. C. Coleman J. W. Chittum DYKES 1976; 1982; Jim Delisio Delton " Dilton " Friedman 94 FIRST CLASS Keith Allen Ranker " Doctor, Friar Tuck " Dumont, New Jersey C.E. — Navy Groto Club 4; Firefighters 3, 2, 1; BSU 4, 3, 2, 1 — Vice Pres. 2, 1 ; Math Club 2. 1 In 1957, two old fashion but wonderful people were given custody of an old fashioned, but won- derful kid — me! Though I may never agree with them, I love Mom and Dad very much and thank them for their love and care. I ' d also like to thank English Major (Jamie) and Doctor Dave Baptist for the three challenging years in the 66 ' s. Also, Barney, Marie, Mike, Kon, Jim, Andy, Jay V, and all of those other people whose fellowship made VMI more bearable. Most of all, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for taking up my sins on his shoul- ders on the cross to bring me into the limitless joy of fellowship with God. DYKES: 1976: Paul Canne 1982: Jeff Etheridge Nicholas Socrates Rantis " Rantisani, Nicky-Wad, Sol, Greek " Oak Park, Illinois History — Air Force Pvt 4, Cpl 3, Sgt. 2, Lt 1: B Co. XO: Dean ' s List 4, 3, 2, 1; Academically Distinguished 1; Treasurer TCFC ' 79 3; Pre Law Society; Col- lege Republicans 2, 1; Cadre 2, 1; Rat Train- ing 3, 2, 1 ; Secretary EC and GC. In August of 1975, Nick left the bars and dis- cos of Chicago for the life of a Southern gen- tleman And after four years he still hasn ' t recovered from the culture shock. But look out girls of Chicago — " he will return " I ' ve known Big Nick for four years, roomed with him 2, and I can honestly say that he is a true Brother Rat Nick is one of the few who has really adapted to the VMI system: good grades, low demerits, and many a hangover after Saturday nights in the " Cockpit " It will be several years until the memory of Crew ' s Rat training runs, the Third Class academic crunch. Ring Figure Weekend, and all those F.C.P nights fade away Well Nick, now that the end is near and you can look back over your VMI career, remember: " It builds char- acter " DYKES: 1976: Evan Haberman 1982: Ross Rappaport Mohammadd Razipour " Moe, Raz, Razm-taz, Racky, Lorue " Khorramabad-Lorestan, Iran Electrical Engineering — Naval Science Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; RYFL; Karate Club 4, 2; Foreign Students Club; Weight Lifting; No 1 Club All the way from his beautiful hometown three years ago, Raz came to the United States to study electrical engineering, but he did not know that he was going to do it at a place like VMI. The first year was not as hard for him as it was for his other Iranian BR ' s because he spoke English pretty well. As time passed, Raz fitted himself into the system. He got his first car at the end of Rat year, but unlucky Raz got caught in his Sec- ond Class year for maintaining a vehicle in Lex- ington, and as a result received four months con- finement for it He got away from the Institute every chance he got, but always kept up with his studies Too bad that he has to go home soon DYKES: 1976: Oscar Cammuse 1982:ThachN. Nguyen ■■A ' vf il w MkS p " JEt, ' nLJ ■ ' -• 7 FIRST CLASS 95 Ricardo J. Rendon " Old Man. Foolish Fool, Reep-a-deep. " Hampton, Virginia Economics — Marine Corps Cpl., Sgt , Lt. (Pvt); Society of Young Econo- mists; 261 Power; Number 2 Club; Toot-Toot. I entered VMI a fool not realizing that I was to become a man But I had comfort, my brother since the 7th grade was beside me becoming a man too. My third class year I met Big " E " and that ' s when Room 361 changed to Apartment 361 My Second class year was filled with a Ring, hoochie and finally confinement. Now that I ' m a First classman, I must say thanks Mom and Dad I couldn ' t have done it without you. " Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Cre eps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time. And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, Out, brief candle. Life ' s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage. And then is heard no more W. Shakespeare DYKES: 1976: Rick Mattews 1982: John Murray Jr. Christopher Paul Reisch " Reeschbod, Kreesbody, Unmentionable, Chrissy " Casanova, Virginia Physics — Navy Glee Club 1 - 4; Pep Band 4, 3; Cpl 3, Sgt 2, Pvt. 1 ; Member Trou Court. Thank you Lord, it ' s over! When I came here I never knew really what would happen to me. I ' ve Learned: poor table manners, foul lan- guage. Red Neck Habits, obstinance, to be opinionated, frustration, overbearing pride, and more. What else have I learned? Primarily I ' ve learned to control all those bad habits, my best gift from VMI. The rest is from my BR ' s. There ' s a lot down inside me I can ' t see now and maybe never will, but it ' s there. The test is coming. To Pedro and the Uptown Gang, the Pizzeria and Cockpit weren ' t bad, the best B.S. ever shot was shot there. One question, where were the girls?! But that was B.C. (Before the Car). To my Roomies past and present, guys I don ' t know what you say, but, " it ' s been real " Thanks Mom — Dad — Kid, God Bless you — I made it! Bruce Edward Reinard " R-GU, Wolf, PW-1 " Springfield, Virginia EE — Navy PW Club 1 ; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 ; Varsity Base- ball 4,3,2,1; Big Boys Club 2, 1 ; Radio Club 2, 1 ; IEEE 4, 3, 2, 1; PI Club 4, 1; Assistant Manager LH 2,1 ; Skoal Club 4, 3, 2,1. Bruce, we made it. If there was work to be done, you put it off That was your rule, yet you proba- bly had a better time and did better than most. A star on the baseball field, a star off, (yes, we all like your car, but not the gas bill!). If ever there was trouble to get into, you would come to find me and we would get into it. Yet, if I needed help, you were there to help me. We are almost like brothers, but you chew and I don ' t. With both of us here at VMI, it was quite a trip. But now it is the real thing, the world! I feel we are ready, but is the world? Bruce — a brother rat, a great friend, may the future hold many more " doubles " for us. J.S.B. DYKES: 1976: Bob French, Fletcher D avis 1982: Martin Bryant 96 FIRST CLASS Daniel Lyndon Richardson " Dick. Richardson, Richardsool, Buttetoe " Concord, Virginia Biology — Special Student Cpl 3; Pvl 3; Sgt 2; Pvt 2; Lt 1; — C); Late Night Bio 4, 3, 2, 1; " Food Locker in the wall gang; ' 209 Wild Bunch 2, Lun-room 114 2. 1; " Eddie Bodling Fan Club; ' Dean ' s List I first met Danny over a few at the PI and that ' s how I ' ll always remember him. I see him as someone who does what he thinks is right and does It extremely well He came with the idea of spending only one year, but changed his mind and stayed This may seem unimportant, but in reality is comparable to Columbus sailing west Danny ' s eternal search for what he wants and propensity for saying what he feels has touched many. I remember him combatting Turbiville, harassing Starbuck, and doing things unmen- tionable for these pages Whenever someone talks about him. they shake their heads, laugh, and sleep It off I can only hope he has gained as much from us as we have from him. I remain as always, your Brother Rat GCG DYKES 1976: 1982 Scotty Kassler Rich Stuver David J. Riedei " Guppy, Little Lips, John Wayne, Squirrel, Dave " Norfolk, Virginia Air Force — Special Student Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Baldwin Raid 2; ASCE 3, 2, 1, SPS 4; College Republicans 4, 3,2,1; Below 2 Club 4, 3, 2; Number 1 Club 3, IVIail Room Crew 3,2,1, Soaring Club 3. 2. Dave! He was my roommate for three years and he will be my friend for lite. We ' ve had fun helping, teasing, and insulting each other. I ' ll never forget all those nights of Bloo- drock and Black Sabbath. Flydel is a man with strong ambition and willpower. He is no Mr Atlas; however, I never saw him crack under any type of pressure. He nominated me for a class officer in ' 75 and that I shall never tor- get. Now, I pay tribute to him. The man whose hair isn ' t kinky but wavey. The man who received more cardiac massages than any other cadet. Congratulations, you made it through all the abuse VIvll has to offer. Good luck in whatever you do in life. Well ugh; it ' s been a wild four years. I hope the world is ready for you. AEH Timothy Edward Ritzert " The Ritz, Rim, Bacchus, Little Timmy. Clark " Perry Point, Maryland C.E. — Navy ASCE 4, 3, 2. 1 ; Ski Club 3, 2, 1 , Rugby 4,3,2,1 — Co-Captain 2, 1; Match Secretary 2. 1, Black Sheep Rugby 2, 1 ; Rat 4; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; Lt 1 ; RDC 1; MardiGras3,2, 1. I made a big mistake deciding to cancel out of college and come to VMI. My folks warned me but were behind me all the way Thanks Mom and Dad! Bennie showed me the way VMI and Rugby will continue to affect the rest of my life From match 1 as a rat through injuries, parties, tournaments, tries, sticks, penalties, days after and everywhere we ventured, I ' ll never forget all those who stood with me on the field of honor, Nack, Higgs, W D , we survived 4 years Look back: Pervert Corner, 2 breakouts. Houser s farm, 1, Thanks Pudload, 2, 3 coming and I II be back Thanks Mr. Houser, Sleepwalking and talk- ing, T Street, Ducks, Rob ' s, Berry ' s, hotdoggin ' . The Depot I ' ll remember all of you who were with me DYKES 1976: Bennie Weaver 1982 Bob " rat " Dorsey FIRST CLASS 97 Henry Jackson Rogers " The Battalion Stallion, Garnett Rogers " Crofton, Maryland History — Airborne Infantry Pvt. 4, CpL 3, Mst. Sgt. 2, 1st Lt 1st Bn. Adjutant 1; Cadet Battery 4; Tanker Pit. 3; Association of tfie United States Army, Secretary 2, President 1 ; Airborne Scfiool 1; Rat Training Cadre 2, 1: 49 Club 4, 3. 2, 1 ; " Commendable " 4, 3, 2, 1 . I ' m writing in tfie dark so you can sleep Nice wtiite cusfiion. You did WHAT! New Rocfielle! Are you going to tfie " X " ?? PLEASE Brottier Rat! Hey Buddy! You ' re having your share of the shaft now Shut up . When I think of Henry, what will I recall? Com- passion? Hope? Understanding? Wit? Yes. all of these Dark times, he brought light Bright times he brought friendship. Yes. I ' ll recall Henry brought all of these. The quiet Henry, ever there, often without knowing why, when he ' s needed most. The silent Henry, (still waters run deep). One of the most understanding, sympathetic, warm, and honest people I ' ve yet to meet One of the main reasons I survived VMI. DYKES: 1976: Bill Toney 1982: Cory Attra. Ken Ross Council Courtland Rudolph ■■ROD " St. Petersburg. Florida Chemistry — Army A cadet. Tyger Tyger, burning bright In the forest of the night; What immortal hand or eye. Dare frame thy fearful symmetry? Thanks Mom and Dad for always being there and helping, and Gramma and Grandaddy for the inspiration, and Evan for always being pretty, and John for taking your own path Special thanks to you babe, the purple but- terfly who always sent in the downs. I love you. DYKES: 1976: Mike Linaberry 1982: Phil Dederer. Curtis Kenton Southern I Robert Marcoux Russell " Robbie. Mark. Russ. El Fernando " Fairfax, Virginia Chemistry — Navy " In vain to me the smiling mornings shine. And reddening Phoebus lifts his golden fire: The birds in vain their amorous descent, join. Or cheerful fields resume their green attire. These ears, alas! for other notes repine; A different object do these eyes require; My lonely anguish melts no heart but mine; And in my breast the imperfect joys expire; Yet morning smiles the busy race to cheer. And new-born pleasure brings to happier men; The fields to all their wonted tribute bear; To warm their lettle loves the birds complain. I fruitless mourn to him that cannot hear. And weep the more because I weep in vain. " William Wordsworth 98 FIRST CLASS Charles William Sachs " Rat Sachs, Sachess, Shnoz " Richmond. Virginia Economics — Air Force Varsity Tennis Team 4, 2. 1. Captain 1, Pre-Uaw Society 2, Soci- ety of Young Economists 1. Monogram Club 1, President of the ■ Procrastinating ' Club 1 RFYL 4. 2, 1 . MBC Raiders, 2 Charlie ' s Rat year was an experience he will never forget. Academics and the Rat Line took their toll on this well mannered young man from Richmond. Charlie didn ' t return for his 3rd Class year and chose to try civilian life for awhile. Find- ing this way of life boring he decided to return his Second class year for some fun and excite- ment. Ring Figure was the highlight of the year, or at least it was supposed to be. But for Charlie, it didn ' t seem that way. Not only did his ring get messed up but Charlie did not have your " typi- cal " Ring Figure Weekend! Charlie ' s academics were not too typical either 2nd Class year. With his 2.3 in Economics he came back first class year ready to meet the challenge. After deciding that the tennis team was going to take too much of his valuable study time, Charlie buckled down and went to work bringing his GPA to a 2,6, Through many " Spells " and " H agic is Fun " rou- tines, Charlie and I had a great time 1st class year. I ' ll never forget him and I know he will be a success in life no matter what he does. He is just that kind of person! Good luck Charlie. HIA ' 79 DYKES 1976: Tom IVIoody 1982; Dickie Justice James Martin Sadler " Reggie " Richmond, Virginia Chemistry — Field Artillery Pvt, 4, 3, 2, 1; Cpl, 3; Lacrosse 4: A C,S ; NBC Club;E,M,B, Club3, 2, I never realized that VMI would be like it is, but I have come to realize the Vl l is a truly unique place. As much as I wished that I went to col- lege, there is no other school where I could have found the one thing which will always be remembered. Helping me through the trials and tribulations, sharing the good times and erasing the bad memories — my friends here at the Institute will always be the best. Don ' t let the bastards get you down, DYKES 1976: Scott Lloyd, Dyke Davies. Lang Meem 1982: BobLouthan 4 - Roy Dabney Sadler " Dabs, Squat, Fireplug. Dingles, Bean, Judge " Crozier, Virginia Biology — Navy Pvt. 4. 3, 2, 1 , Zoo Crew 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Rum Truckers 3, 2, 1: Firefighters 2; College Republicans 2; RFYL 3, 2: Dean ' s list, " Little Dabney " entered the Institute on a sunny day in August We all thought " Roy Bean " was one of those marine types, but he had visions of being a doctor Then, the Navy made him an offer he couldn ' t refuse and " dabs " had dreams of future glory at sea. Throughout his cadetship Roy always believed in running immense amounts of — ! Oh Boy, those mid- night drives to Whites ' were just too much. Then, Janice. Roy ' s true love to be, entered the scene! Now our admiral is soon to be wed on another sunny day! Just remember Roy; good things come in small packages! To a helluva friend and BR, good luck in your future endeavors DA.Z. DYKES 1976: Thomas L, Brooks IV 1982: Scott Fairburn FIRST CLASS 99 Jeryl Stanley Salmond " Jump ' in Jeryl, Jaybo. Salman " Columbia, South Carolina History — Air Force " Thou art indeed just. Lord, if I contend With thee; but, sir, so what I plead is just. Why do sinners ' ways prosper? and why must Disappointment all I endeavour end? Wert thou my enemy, O thou my friend. How wouldst thou worse, I wonder, than thou dost Defeat, thwart me? Oh the sots and thralls of lust Do in spare hours more thrive than I that spend. Sir, life upon thy cause. See, banks and brakes Now, leaved how thick! laced they are again With fretty chervil, look, fresh wind shakes Them; birds build — but not I build; no, but strain. Times eunuch, and not breed one work that wakes l ine, O thou lord of life, send my roots rain " Gerald Manley Hopkins Bill Sarvay " U.B., Blue Shoes, Sornuts " Highland Springs, Virginia Modern Language — Army Pvt, 4, 3, 2, 1; Rugby 4; Born Losers 3, 2, 1; Zoo Crew 3, 2, 1; Lab Assistant 1; Victim of Sparkeys IVIidnight Poker Bust 3; Scott Shipp Gammon Tourney 1 . VMI has left many bad tastes in my mouth, but there have been good times and great people here that I will miss when I leave the Big I. I have had many memorable evenings with " Killer " and matching Bones for Bones in the ever competitive sport of " Gammon " , Not to mention the Mean Eights and the after stick runs to Timber Ridge. I just want to thank the people (and they know who they are) who have helped to make VMI bearable. I also owe a lot to my parents, who have given me sup- port the whole way. Well, my four year sen- tence is up and I ' m ready to leave. I would never recommend VMI to anyone, but then again, I will never regret going here Hasta Luego Steven Scaglione " Scag. S, Sach, Mop Wop " New York City CE — Air Force N.Y.-N.J. Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Society of American Civil Engineers 4, 3, 2, 1; Society of Americans Military Engineers 4, 3, 2, 1 (V.P. 1); Intramural Handball 3, 2, 1 . The " Sach " entered the " I " after a brilliant mili- tary high school career. This ultra-patriot had designs on military glory. The " S " was a ranker at heart, but he lost it. " S " saw his future in the sky as a member of the U.S. Air Force. He became a true " Zoomie " . " S " was the recipient of much rambling from all ends of the room. He lost all the battles but still has hopes of winning the war! Steve will be remembered as the great- est floor sweeper in history However, in the seri- ous side, the " S " has been a good roommate, and a helluva guy. He is sure to find success in the sky. Steve good luck in your future endeav- ors DYKES; 1976; Mike " Dirtball " Camden 1982; Harry " Breezy " Briesmaster 100 FIRST CLASS ■v:- Daniel W. Schlickenmeyer Jr. " Slick, Waterhead, Slack " Newport News. Virginia Biology — Air Force Track 4, 3, 2, 1; Captain Indoor and Outdoor 1; FCA 4,3,2.1; Monogram Club; 1 Club. They call him Slick as it was too hard to say Schlickenmeyer. He is remembered for his adherence to the rules of Vfvl.l and rapport with Institute officials. Slick never fit in. He started breaking regulations before he knew there were any. The only time he didn ' t have a vehicle in Lexington was when it was allowed. When (if) he gets out, he wants to be a forest ranger and babysit polar bears in Colorado Since there are none there, he ' ll have plenty of time for Jeepin ' — his only faithful love to date. His heart was broken, but it was nothing a motorcycle and Susan couldn ' t cure. He was fast for a white boy, and whoever he ends up with — he won ' t deserve her. I don ' t know where I ' m goin ' . but I ' m makin ' record time. DYKES: 1976: Oscar Cammuse. Bernie Ries- beck 1982 JoeyKeyes N •at. Eric IVIartin Schwarz " Eric " Glen Rock, New Jersey History — Ivlilitary Police Pvt. 4; Cpl 3: Sgt 2; Lt, 1; Cadet Assistant 1; DIVIS DIVIG, AUSA 2, 1; Karate Club 4, 3, 2; T C F C. 3, 2; Dean ' s Other List; Dean ' s List 3, 2, 1 , Academically Distinguished 1 . Eric came to VMI looking for an Army com- mission and a f onte Carlo. He may accom- plish his goals His likable nature, interest in fairness and in other ' s welfare have made him a true friend. W.R T. I guess the English lessons he gave to his two foreign roommates Rat year explain why he got on Academic Probation I still can ' t speak English properly T.M Y When I came I didn ' t think of VtVII as a col- lege Rat year and Academic Probation proved that Thanks to my parents, friends, and roommates 1 have survived and pros- pered in the VIvll system. VIvll has been the greatest experience of my life I take with me a B.A , memories, close friendships, personal honor, and the desire to face the future DYKES: 1976: Ares Koumis 1982 Dave Gallalee, Carl Tremaglio Harry Edwin Semler III " Uncle Ed, Fast-Eddie, Smeller " Newport, Rhode Island Economics — Navy Soccer 3, 2, 1; Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, 1: Football 4, Monogram Club 3, 2, 1, =1 Club 2; Private 4, 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 3. I came upon them one evening, on a snowey night in the midst of midterm exams during the third class year (We ' ll skip the Rat Year though it was very eventful, just not interesting). The grades inflated immensely Apartment 261 gave me my ring, but not before CAPT Mines sen- tenced me for my villainous auto, to four Big ones at the I Then Mary Baldwin College helped contribute 3 5 more for good measure. That ' s where Mike. Sam, and I come in . thank you Gordy! Confinement went quickly and joyfully second semester, thank you " Elouise Clara- belle " Now It all will end with J C, Reep-a-deep- a-deep. and Barnuts Thank you VMI for helping me get t hree years in the Navy, Thats a total of 7 wonderful, glorious years. DYKES: 1976: Ronnie Moore 1982 Rudi Mizusawa FIRST CLASS 101 Daniel Scott Sheahan " Dan The Man, Fast Dan, Oblio " Fairfax, Virginia History — Army Varsity Swimming 4, 3, 2, 1 : Diving 3, 2, 1 ; Mono- gram Club: Sl i Club Ghetto 2, 1; Number One Club 4; Sky Kings Part II; Horseshoe Club 2; Pvt, 4,3,2,1, What can I say except thanks to everyone who made it all possible It ' s really been quite a four years. There were some hard hits here which I realized after obtaining a No- 1. Well I never made the same mistake twice and managed to survive, I ' ve got to admit there were some blue days here but then again I had some of the most memorable Fast lived days in the ghetto, the " negative world " and story man cliffs, and all the good times with the Bimbo were short lived but I will always relate them to VMI. Best regards are extended to " Shady " and " Bimbo " who spent many a long night in 238; all I can say now is " Long May They Run " . Well " Now that the past is gone " good luck to everyone in the Class of 1979 DYKES; 1976; Jim Mallon, Tad Dodge 1982; Richard Mustakos i I . - r Kenneth Patton Shelton " Poo. Poo Bear, Young Kenneth " Richmond, Virginia CE — Air Force Hop and Floor 4, 3,2,1; ASCE Yearbook Edi- tor 1 ; ASCE 3.2,1; Dean ' s List 3,2,1; Cadre 1 ; Cindy ' s Fan Club President 1 . Young Kenneth left the Holy City a hell raisin ' Rebel and became a hell raisin ' Keydet. A Dean ' s List CE, Poo Bear was also a frequent member of the Commandant ' s Grub List due to his pranks, and he consummated his lon- ghaired God fearin ' private ' s career by being inducted into the Ghetto Corner Housing Pro- ject. Besides the MBC raid, he was noted for his technique of deer hunting by way of Jeep (with heater and engine running), and his vivid description of hazardous driving condi- tions on Afton Mt. which earned him many an extended vacation. But, his car always made It South to the Salem Exit. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Shelton for helping Kenny cope with VMI and giving us a great BR. DYKES; 1976; Mike Dietrick 1982; Tony Edwards Kon Young Shin " Crazy Korean 4; Shinky Boy 3; KY 1 " Fairfax, Virginia Civil Engineering — Navy Karate and Judo 4, 3; BSU 4. 3, 2, 1 ; Delta 4, 3. 2. 1; Lacrosse 2; Handball 2, 1; Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; 1st Sgt 2; Capt. 1 . Am I a Soldier of the Cross, a follower of the Lamb? And shall i fear to own His cause, Or blush to speak His name? Must I be carried to the skies on flowery beds of ease, While others fought to win the prize. And sailed thro ' bloody seas? Are there no foes for me to face? Must I not stem the flood? Is this vile world a friend to grace, to help me on to God? Sure I must fight, it I would reign; increase my courage. Lord; I ' ll bear the toil, endure the pain, supported by Thy word. God bless you my brothers and my Brother Rats; Remember? PRIDE. HONOR. SPIRIT. CORPS, DELTA. DYKES; 1976; Bob Winfree 1982; Trey Phillips. Brad Vanderwarker 102 FIRST CLASS V «» David Wayne Sholler " Dave, Doctor, Big Ed, A B, " Lebanon, Maine English — Marine Corps Rugby 4; P L C; Intramural Basketball 4; Cpl 3, Pvl 2, 1; Navy Pistol Team 3; 360 FTN Club 3, Intramural Football 2; 272 Band; 172 Band: 172 Flying Squadron: 1 72 Opium Den. In short, you see, the essential is to cease being free and to obey, in repentance, a greater rogue than oneself. When we are all guilty, that will be democracy. Without counting, Cher Ami, that we must take revenge tor having to die alone. Death is solitary, whereas slavery is collective The others get theirs, too, and at the same time as we — That ' s what counts All together at last, but on our knees and heads bowed ' Camus I wish to bring out the spiritual beauty of man. That fleeing that lovers have when, after a long separation and flurry of welcomes, there comes a time of acceptance once more; A heart ' s reunion. I ' d like to thank my parents. DYKES 1976 " Clutch " Davis Robert Leonard Sievert " Sieversani. Squirrel " Pueblo, Colorado Army — Infantry Rifle Team 4, 3, 2; Bomb Staff 4; BSU 4, 3, Pvt. 4.3,2,1. If the words " Brother Rat " could be spelled any differently they would be spelled: BOB SIE- VERT. Bob would give anyone the shirt off his back to help them He came a long way from that first morning when he jumped four feet off his bed after our door was kicked in. That first year was Hell and Bob had a way of putting his roommates in a laundry bag at ten minute call. His persistance, devotion to duty and academ- ics made him a favorite for many a brother rat in need of help. He also had a way of making peo- ple ' s problems not seem as bad after they had talked to him. Bob exemplifies the ideals that make a VMI man and with his double major of CE — EE he will do well in the world outside the walls of VMI. GOOD LUCK! " DYKES 1976: Ted Mouras 1982: John Meadows. Flappy JoeOliveraSimas III " Joe O. Joey. Jose, Fireplug, Disco-Joe ' Virginia Beach, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Army Engineers Wrestling 4, 3; Chess Club 2, 1; IEEE, Doubles Handball Champions ' 77-78; BOMB photogra- pher 4. 3, 2. 1; Barracks Electrician 1; Ring Fig- ure Ring Building Committee 2; Rat 4. Pvt. 3, 2, Sub-human 1 . When Simas went on another diet, we all knew better: When Simas laid down to " Study " , we all knew better. And when he said that he had to sfucfy instead of drinking at the Cockpit, knew better, because I ' d wait about 10 minutes and he ' d run over to the room m blouse babbling something about " All work and no play . . . " " . Joe was fortunate his senior year, being in one of the two rooms in barracks that subscribed to Apartment Life, curtains here, a refrigerator there, a couple of throw pillows in the living room Our third class year. I never saw much of him; he was either at Mary Wash., or down in Cocke Hall As for Joe ' s future. I ' m sure he ' ll meet the expectations of everyone here, and especially those of his father; (as long as you keep him away from the rack, pizza, handball, cookies, women, and the bench press) DYKES 1976 Gary L. Knight 1982: Curtis Nichols (Doc) H U K ' ■ ' B IPI H K r wKL ' 1 Lm.JU P IBbIh l» IHH FIRST CLASS 103 Wayne Alan Skinner " Lenard " Havertown, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering — Army Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Lacrosse 2, 1 ; Coffee Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Silent Force 1 Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the powers of Christ may rest upon me Therefore I take in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ ' s sake: for when I am weak, then I am strong. Thank you Mom and Dad for the pat on the back when I needed it, I love you both dearly. My Brother Rats will always be in my prayers. To Hank, Kon, Stan, and John, I give my love (Broth- ers!). DYKES: 1976: Mike Mulligan 1982: John Demeo Charles Edward Smith " Chuck, C.E.,Smitty " Piscataway, New Jersey Civil Engineering — Navy Pvt. 4: Cpl. 3: Sgt. 2; 1st Lt. 1; 2nd Bn. S-5; Cadre 3, 2, 1; Firefighters 1: Engaged 2, 1; Married ?; Varsity Letter Writing 3, 2, 1;-02 Club 3, 2,1. Arriving from the " North " it didn ' t take me long to realize that life ' s much better in Vir- ginia. Strange things about my four years at VMI, I liked them. If the choice were mine again, I wouldn ' t make any changes. I grew up here and found love and friendship. What made my four years happy ones were the people I came to know and who I love. No one understands the meaning of BR more than you, Scott. My adopted mom and family, it ' s hard to explain how special you are to me. It ' s nice " coming home to the place I ' d never been before. " My folks, I love you all dearly; you made me what I am And especially you, honey; you were always there with your understanding and caring. The waiting ' s over now, we can be together. Dean Eric Smith " Bean, Bumblio, Mean Dean the Dancing Machine " Manassas, Virginia CE — Army Corps of Engineers Track 4; Rugby 4, 3, 2, 1; Navy Pistol Team 3; Cadet Newspaper 4; ASCE 3,2,1; ASME 2, 1 ; Ski Club 3,2,1; College Republicans 3. The " Bean Man " " came to the Institute with a " " red neck ' " grin and an attitude that he was about to be an inmate for a while. Well, after many piles of trials, a separated shoulder and many a 4 a.m. night in Mallory Hall he may pull through with a CE degree. Anyone who hasn ' t heard a thirty minute, pull your leg story from the Bean has missed something. Well after an ele- vated week in the land of negativeness and another strange experience (crashing down Stein ' s Run) in Vermont. The Bean proved he could survive the cruelest weather and wildest parties. Well, it ' s all behind us now, and all that ' s left is unconquered territory, dreams of the past and hopes for the future. DYKES: 1976: Clyde Lee Furr, Ed Crews 1 982: Chris Eichman, Chris Schrichte 104 FIRST CLASS David Robert Smith Jr. " Dave, Boots " San Francisco, California History — Army Fencing Team 4, 3; Volleyball 2; Karate 2; Rang- ers 1 : Hokie Patrol 4,3,1; March to New Market 4, 2; AUSA 2, 1; Ski Club 2; Student Grotto 2, 1; Sport Parachute Club 4, 3, 2, 1; The Great Mary Baldwin Raid October 7, 1 977; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 . In a way, I ' m sorry that no one knew me well enough to write this tor me. It is the price you pay, sometimes, when your standards are strict and different and you won ' t compromise. If I ' ve let anyone down, I ' m sorry. It ' s been good to spend the last four years with the men of ' 79. It makes me proud. We ' ve been through a lot of tri- als together and it hasn ' t been easy at times, but we made it and we did well. I couldn ' t have done it without my brother rats ' encouragement, sup- port, warmth and friendship. Every time a person says good-bye, it can be harder than before. Boys, I hope I see y ' all again sometime. Good- bye, Shalom aleichem and God bless you all. DYKES 1976: Charlie Archer 1982: Jim Bailey ti : Lr H 189 Hl 9h J -n m: - ' p W ' .- - c Jeffrey Greenwood Smith Jr. " Jeff, Jeffrey G " Fort Meade, Maryland English, Biology — Infantry Academically Distinguished 4, 3, 2, 1 ; English Society 3, Sec 2, Vice Pres 1; JV Basketball 4, 2; VMI Theater 3, 2, 1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; F Co Executive Officer — Rat Co Comm 1 ; Ameri- can Legion Gold Medal for Military Excel- lence; ROTC Top 5% Distinguished Graduate Fellowship Program; DMS; DMG; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Being a good friend of Jeft ' s over the last four years has truly been an enriching part of my life. His ever present smile and " hello " , his beautiful Christian love, and his wonderful regard for his fellow man, always tend to brighten up the days for those that know him He is well respected and liked by those in the Corps. Jeff has experienced a full and varied past and the last four years at VMI have been no less trying and difficult. But with his hard work, dedication, and continuous late study, he has come through to become the tops in the English Dept and become a leading example of a cultured, talented and hard working man. MGW DYKES 1976: Bill Danzeisen III, Ray Beaz- ley, 1982: Douglas Burdett Jamie Lee Smith " SB, Hey You, J. L " Virginia Beach. Virginia English, French — Navy Timmins Music Society, ENSOC, 366-266-166 Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble; Mary Baldwin Raid Survivor; Secularist Society, DB, KB and SB Philosophical Debating Gaggle; Cpl 3;M Sgt. 2;Lt. 1. Finis — all the things that I found unbearable here, from the OCMNI down to the QMD: I hope their memory doesn ' t fade to acquiescence as class reunions come and go. Of course, four years with Dave van Wagner has improved my endurance, but I ' m not so sure about my sanity, and three with KB., Keith Ranker, has given me many metaphysical antimonies to consider and ultimately reject. Anyway, the 366. 266, 166 gang of three has proven that mutually exclusive per- sonalities really can live together and enjoy it immensely. Finally, the English Department has taught me that there is indeed such a thing as knowledge for its own sake; I am delighted to have been an LA here, and I hope the engineers all find their precious job satisfaction. DYKES 1976: 1982: Pat Barnum Kevin Lundgren FIRST CLASS 105 James Parke Kemp Smith " Parke, JPK. J P , Parkov. J.W . Smithsani " Ashland, Virginia C.E — United States Air Force Deans List 3. 2, 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1: SAME 3, 2, 1; President, (JVC 3, 2; Sport Parachute Club 4, 3; Firefighters 2, 1 ; Pvt 4, 1 ; Cpl 3; Sgt. 2 Parke and I met for the first time in August of our Third Class Year and we have become like brothers We have had troubled times, but v»e have gotten along most of the time. We have been through a lot together: Remember the time we made it back from RMWC in 47 min- utes? Parke has put up with my excessive talk- ing, late late hours, my " midnight shrines " , Ring Figure preparations, and other assorted irritations I wish him all the luck and happiness in the world Life will go smoothly for him because Parke does well in everything he does. We will go our separate ways in May, but I will always remember him as my BR. God Bless You, my Brother. DRD DYKES 1976; Alan Kinker 1982: John Boyd Alan Soltis ' Disco Al " Tarentum, Pennsylvania C.E — Corps of Engineers Varsity Football 4, 3, 2, 1 : Monogram Club 3, 2, 1;ASCE4, 3, 2, 1. The last four years at the " I " have given me much to be thankful for. I ' ve learned an awful lot, even calculus after a few tries I ' ve had a lot of fun while here, and I have met some of the best people in the world The thing I ' ll remem- ber most about VMI is what it ' s taught me about myself The foundation it has helped me mold, to build my life on. Thank you fellows for the four years we ' ve shared together A special thank you to Dad, Mom, Sis, and Lisa whom I couldn ' t have made it without, and especially thank you Dear Lord for always being there to help DYKES 1976: 1982: Mike Martino Dick Moore Doug Smith Thomas James Sotos " Oscar Madison, Greek, Bluto " Richmond, Virginia C.E. — Corps of Engineers Rat Football 4; Cadet Waiters 2; President, East- ern Orthodox Youth Organization 2: RDC 1st Vice President 1; Gladiators 2; NEB Cadet Assistant 1 . I cannot account for the four years that I spent at VMI That seemingly endless route to a dip- loma is slurred in my memory, characterized by monotony, seclusion, and at times, utter dejec- tion I will graduate from VMI solely because of the friends that I have made there and the few that cared enough to keep in touch following high school. To all of you, what can I say? When I needed someone to complain to, you offered yourselves During those precious free week- ends, you helped me forget about it all. Please believe me when I say that you are all priceless to me and will remain forever in my thoughts. My thanks to Colonel Sculley for the pep talks which kept me in school. The portion of my tui- tion that went to NEB was the one part worth paying. DYKES 1976: 1982: Mike " The D " Dietrick Cabell Potts 106 FIRST CLASS Philip Leroy Southers " Mohammed, Leroy " Waynesboro, Virginia Economics — Armor Cadet Program Board President: President Cadet Recreation Committee: Cadet Activities Committee: Posit Committee: Debate: Features Editor Cadet: TCFC Vice President: DMS: Pre- law Society: Cadet Assistant Marshall Library: Omicron Delta Epsilon: Concessions Council: Young Economists: College Republicans. Never have two such opposite people gotten along so well or for so long. Through the ups and downs of the VMI experience it has been Phil and I. Since that first day of Rat Year, we came from different molds, we always comple- mented each other. His studiousness and inquisitiveness have taught me to strive for the best and not to settle for the status quo. I shall surely miss our after-taps debates. Thanks Phil. Thanks for making these past 4 years worth the effort. Good luck and remember that the " I " wasn ' t such a bad place after all. DYKES 1976: Gary Knight 1982: Cliff Rockwell. Dave Shutt Meade Addison Spotts " Meathead, Peasant, Spitz, Meadus " Dublin, Virginia History — Army (90 Days) Deans List 3, 2, 1: Editor-in-Chief ' 79 BOMB Manager, Lejeune Hall, V.P. Hop n Floor: Aca- demically Distinguished 2, 1 : Distinguished Mili- tary Student, God-Fearin ' PRIVATE 4, 3, 2, 1, Charter Member SSS: Pre-Law Society: Circle K: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. I arrived at the " I " expecting to find myself among hell raisin Rebels, and found instead hundreds of damnYankees (one word) But to my chagrin they and the Good Ole Boys pulled me through the ordeal. To my family, Scott and M.A., I offer my apologies for the complaints you put up with. I thank all of my friends at the " I " for their friendship, and to Col Jamison, Bill, and Dr Monsour, a special thanks. VMI has given me that same inexplicable treasure it has others, yet it has taken from me that something which I shall never be able to put into words Perhaps it takes true character to leave But, what the heck, see y ' all at the 1st football game. DYKES 1979: Jerry Codutti 1 982: Jeff Modisett, Steve Checca Dennis Wayne Staples " The Grave Digger, Digger, Dink " Lynchburg. Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Corps of Engineers A Company Grub Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1: Lacrosse 4, 3: Cadet Firefighter 2, 1: ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1: Sports Car Club 1. Brother Rat Staples matriculated like the rest of us on that fateful day Wednesday, August 20, 1975. His having just returned from a long sum- mer vacation in sunny California, spent jumping off of bridges and insane partying, did little to prepare the Digger for the next four days of cadre. Rat haircuts, clean shaves, a uniform, and attention to detail greatly changed his pre- vious way of life. Four years and the same num- ber of summer schools later, there has been lit- tle change, but somewhere along the way he has learned how to study, do homework, and other things. With his cadetship finally drawing to an end Dennis is preparing to leave the mother " I " and find life on the outside again. Armed with his arsenal he will more than proba- bly make it. What A Long Strain It ' s Been. DYKES 1976: Keith Portner 1982: Allen Ewell Jr. Illlltl FIRST CLASS 107 Michael C. Staso " Stace " Anderson, Missouri Biology — Field Artillery Rifle Team 4, 3; Militaria Society 4, 3; VMI Museum Assistant 2; Lejuene Assistant 2, 1; DMS1. I came to VMI a sight unseen, not knowing what to expect, but finding out quickly enough. It ' s been a short span in time, but a long duration in experiences Though I can ' t say I ' ll be sad to pass through Limits Gate for the last time, I ' ll still look back with fond memories. More than memo- ries follow as I leave though. Friendships and the VMI spirit also endure the departure, following Into the various pursuits of each of us upon grad- uation DYKES 1976: The First Class 1982: Paul Capozzoll Jack R. Stevenson IV " Jack, Squints " Alexandria, Virginia C.E. — Navy ASCE 3, 2, 1 ; SAME 2. 1 — Secretary 1 ; Rum- truckers 2; Mallory Hall Study Club 3, 2, 1 . Jack came to VMI hoping to pursue the career of his dreams, but soon found that the Navy had no slots for Railroad Engineers His attention turned to the Civil Engineering third- class year which led to many Saturday night " celebrations " uptown. Second class year. Jack turned his attention to the social aspects of VMI and had a good time at Ring Figure with the B.Q. We will never forget all the long nights of pacing at -Mallory with " S " and Andy, or all the trouble we got In there Things always seemed to turn out right though, whether It was exams. Ring Figure, block running, artic camping, illegal cars, fireworks, civilian clothes, or just a blind date with a couple of foxes You worked hard at VMI Jack and I hope you are successful wherever you go. TRK John David Stocker " Dave, J. D. " Bowie. Maryland History — Armor Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3: Sgt. 2; Reg S-5 Lt. 1 ; Militaria Soci- ety 4. 3; Tanker Platoon 2; S-5 Staff 1 ; AUSA; Chairman, Finance and Program Committees 2, 1; Airborne School 1; Army Orientation Training 1; Dean ' s Lists. 2; Rat Training Cadre 3, 1. To write the class history of Dave is not an easy task because Dave Is the kind of a man that words cannot describe. Dave came to VMI with aspirations of becoming an Army Officer and after four years, the drive and determination which characterizes him Is still going strong. He has a natural ability to lead which will make him that outstanding officer that we all know he can be. In time of trouble. J.D. is always there. He is a great Brother Rat, one whom I ' m proud to call my friend: I know I ' ll see him again Our friendship over the last four years will see to It. What else can I say?! He ' s Airborne! H.J.R. DYKES 1976: 1982: Steve BorowskI Daryl Deke 108 FIRST CLASS jH ) 1 R KbT , ' « H t ? 1 ] P ' MM 1 1 1 ' ■ Hn mA 1 |p i Henry Micheal St. Pierre " Hank. Squat-Body, The Littlest Ranger " Fleetwood, Pennsylvania English — Infantry (Airborne Ranger) AUSA 2, 1 ; Militaria Society 4,3,2.1; Ranger Pla- toon 3, 2, 1; " 17 " Club 3, 2, 1; Deans List (Not Even Close) 4, 3, 2, 1; Used and Abused 3, 2. 1; Rat Training Cadre 3, 2; Pvt 4. 3, 1; Corporal 3; Sgt 2; DMS 1 ; Ranger School 2; Airborne School 3 I want to use this space to thank the people who have made VMI possible First and foremost is Mom and Dad I want to apologize for the aggra- vation and worry which you have had over me for the past four years and to thank you for the love and support which you have given me The Dip- loma will be yours as well as mine. Next, I want to thank Pete, Tom and John, for taking me into the " 17 " Club. If nothing else, the friendship built over the past three years made VMI all worth it. I hope we never lose contact with each other Last but not least, " Brother Rat George " and Mama Szabo; Thank you so much for ail those week- ends which you have made tolerable. To Maria: Thanks for the Honey Cake — it was great. DYKES: 1976: Dyke Davies 1982: Joe Yodzis Robert Lee Suthard, Jr. " Bob " Culpepper, Virginia Economics — Army Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Cpl 3; Math Club 2, 1; Swim- ming Instructor, Lifeguard 2, 1 ; President VMI Cheerleaders 1; Rat Training Cadre 3, 2; Cadre 4, 3; President Empty Mailbox Club For four years I have been looking forward to leaving. I came as a Rat full of ideas. I will leave with many more, but much more con- servative. The best thing about graduating will be getting married to Nancy who has waited for me the last two years, she is worth my graduating so that we may have a better life together Mom and Dad will be glad to see me gradu- ate, and I will always appreciate the worry and trouble they went through to get me this far They must think a lot of me, because it was definitely harder for them to get me through these last years Good Luck Tom and Joe Take care dykes, especially you Mike Karl Ralph Swartz " Cow, Shorts, Swartzie " Afton, Virginia Civil Engineering — Army Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1: Rat XO; Fencing 4; Tankers 3. 2: Rat Training 1; ASCE: College Republicans: AUSA, Meeting Karl in the Wizard ' s class has proven to be one of my more fortunate occurrences at VMI- He has a dynamic personality and an air of good will that can make even the worst day seem bear- able. However, the most admirable quality he has is a sincerity of purpose. Always available to give a helping hand, even when It interferes with his own work has endeared Karl to many of us at VMI, Karl ' s knack for understanding material is only undermined by his ability to forget it all as soon as he opens a quiz; however, his success is assured since he knows more than anybody else. Best of luck in the future, and I sincerely hope you do not change for you are truly one of the few that has everything together. RBR DYKES: 1976: John Verricker 1982: Adam Pawtaze (Sneezy) FIRST CLASS 109 Peter Francis Nicholas Alexander Szabo " Petie, Szaby-Baby, Zeebo, Zazbo " Staten Island, New York Mathematics — Air Force Dean ' s Other List 4; Arnold Air Society 2, 1 : 17 Club 3, 2, 1 ; Foster-Szabo Memorial 500, 2; Pvt. 4; Cpl 3; Sgt. 2: Lt 1 ; R-MWC Fan Club 2, 1. There are many things that should be said in this little space so I ' ll try to do my best. First and foremost, my thanks to the other three mem- bers of the 1 7 Club for tolerating me for the past three years. Their friendship and humor has made the time here not only tolerable, but enjoyable as well. To " Brother Rat " George and Mom also many, many thanks for putting up with alot of things in four years that surely caused many a worry and grey hair My special thanks to a very special individual who made this final year a very memorable one. VMI, you have definitely taught me alot. When I leave I ' ll take a wealth of knowledge that will help me a great deal, I only wish the lessons weren ' t so hard to learn DYKES 1976: Bob Macks 1982: Chris Devens GlebOleskaTaran " Tarango, Gleby, Glebchik, Slav, Scourge " Mechanicsville, Virginia CE — Corps of Engineers College Republicans, Vice-President 3; Presi- dent 4; Timmins Music Society; Hop and Floor Committee; Rat Disciplinary Committee; Soci- ety of American Military Engineers; American Society of Civil Engineers Just West of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies the Great Vally of Virginia, The Shennandoah Being one of the most hotly contested areas of the Civil War, this valley, which begins at Lex- ington, is also the home of this military school to which I was drawn Having come unbelievably close to attending Virginia Tech, it was the cer- tain unmistakable quality of this Institute that changed my direction in life. However it was not as much the school as the brotherhood of hon- orable men into which I entered. Having spent four years studying here and weekends of swashbuckling heroics at Tech . UVA, Long- wood and SweetBriar. I have come to appreci- ate my brother Rats more than ever I ' d like to thank my roommates, Tim and Charles for being themselves and making the club 67. DYKES 1976: Alan Kinker 1982: Scott Grumpier David Lee Taylor " Dave, Tayho, Dave Dub " Chester, Virginia Economics — Air Force Rebel Yell Club; Golf 4. 3,2,1; Forget Hell Club 4,3,2,1; Pervert Corner 3,2,1; Chester Club 4, 3,2,1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1 . I was one of a very short line of Taylor ' s to come to VMI — The only one — it was my Mother ' s idea Thanks Mom!! I left high school as the class clown and I carried that same atti- tude here. I tried to find humor in everything that happened here. This wasn ' t hard when you roomed with Jeter and Drew Together we made a threesome that terrorized barracks and the hops with regularity. As this year draws to a close, I can ' t believe it has been four years since I walked through the arch with Jeter; it seems more like seven. This place had its moments but there ' s no need to mention them because they ' re forgotten. I would like to say thanks to my parents for their support, and my grandmother for making this last semester pos- sible. Finally, thanks to Stephanie for making this year my best. DYKES 1976: Curtis Butterworth 1 982: Grayson Scott, Jeff Judklns :A:.r ._ " ffl?- --s ' i N B ' ' ' ' 110 FIRST CLASS J. Stafford Taylor, Jr. " Gut, Nappyhead, Four Point Pierre, Night Owl " St. Louis, Missouri Economics — Air Force Football 4; Rugby 3, 2, 1 ; Scuba Club 4; Ski Club 2; Cadet Newspaper Circulation Staff; Ghetto 3, 2, 1 : Summer School Club 4, 3, 2; Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1 . By coming to VMI there are various things I have learned which stick out in my mind most One such lesson being in an academic or military environment is not in my interests. Surprisingly enough however, VMI still had more to offer. Three offerings of which I shall always value. The first being belief in myself to succeed despite the conditions. Second, the ability to deal with people and a seemingly infinite number of personalities. And third, everlasting friend- ships. I thank my father, mother, and sister for their love, understanding, and encouragement I couldn ' t love you all more. I wish the best of luck to my roommates Vester, Chops, Steve, and Brad. Also to the Class of 79 and my Rat Troy. Take Care! DYKES: 1976; Jim Hobbs 1982; Troy Kincer Michael Don Thomas " Silky, The Ghoul, King Cockpit, Thomasina " Virginia Beach, Virginia Economics — Navy Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1 ; 1 st Secretary RDC; Treasurer Society of Young Economists 2, 1; Tidewater Club 4. 3, 2, 1 (President); Hop and Floor 4, 3, 2, 1 ; New Cadet Cadre 3,2,1; Col- lege Republicans 2, 1; Ski Club 3; President Lonely Hearts Club 1; Distinguished Naval Student. If only 10% of the Silk ' s reputation were true, then I can ' t believe he would even consider leaving Virginia Beach. However, in August of 1975 Silky left with a golden tan and girls galore. Now, four years later, he is going back to regain those pleasures. Mike is one of the few but proud guys who has survived Crewsian Tactics, 3rd Class year. Ring Figure and the 1st class blahs. I ' ll never forget those Saturday nights in the Cockpit, Room 108, and those Lonely Hearts Club antics. Mike, my love life has prospered, due to your exper- tise concerning the workings of the female mind (and anatomy). I ' m going to miss you DYKES; 1976; Mark C. Sculley 1982; Andrew Balding, Patrick Drey- fus Vester Jay Thompson III " Vester, Bama. Jayser, Blazer " Mobile, Alabama Civil Engineering — Army (Engineers) Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Rat 4; Ghetto 3,2,1; ASCE 4,3,2, 1 ; Secretary RDC; Dixie 4,3,2,1,0. As Jay left L.A.. Lexington proved to be quite a place. The boys at the " University " seemed to be always running the show. From the first cantal- oupe thrown through summer camp at Ft. Drag, VMI will always have a place somewhere in his mind. In respect to the future, it appears bright as long as he can manage to escape the hap ' ns at Sem and the tranquility of 148. Good luck thanks for everything. REBEL YELL. DYKES; 1976: John B. Kirk 1982: Frank (DULL) Douglas, Dave (Mr. Excitement) Liddicoet FIRSTCLASS 111 Richard Monroe Toft " Confinement Kid, Casanova Worm " Milford, Virginia Biology — Artillery Proud F Pvt 4, 3. 2, 1; Pre-Med Soci- ety 4, 3, 2, 1; Mary Baldwin College Sunday Social Club 2, 1; M.B.C Raider 2; Winner Block Running Marathon 1 Semester 2; Big Loser 2nd Semester 2; Phi lappa Keg Fraternity 4, 3. 2, 1; Day Student 3. 2, 1 . Col Hundley Fan Club 3. 2. Four years at V.M.I, is too much for anyone, especially fun loving fools. Seems like its always easier to get into things than out of them (espe- cially trouble). The runs to Redtront on the week- nights, the ever present civilian clothes for a day student, Frat. practices at W M, the Paramount Inn on Friday night, and I didn ' t mention T Street and some certain young lady Five nights out of a week, actually spent m barracks was a rare event second class year If there was a rule that wasn ' t broken . . Oh well! In this world you either take or you ' re tooken. Figures lie and liars figure and the only thing worth all the trouble is a good bourbon, a good bed and a busy woman. DYKES: 1976: Nelson A. Jeffers 1982 Brian Steven Toiiie " Tollie, Brian, B.S. " Bristol, Virginia History — Armor Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Rat Co Cadre; Ranger Pit 4, 3, 2, 1; Tanker Pit. 1; AUSA 1; DMS; U.S. Army Airborne School; U.S. Army Ranger School Rooming with the same guy for four years is a rare feat at VMI but Briand and I did it Raz, Goldie, Dave and Tom were only visitors Brian, who insisted everyone call him " Tollie " until our second class year was the perfect roomie " It doesn ' t take much to make me happy " was an oft-quoted phrase of his but what made him down right ecstatic was to play practical jokes on anyone and everyone From falling water to ringing cartridge boxes, you name it, he perpetrated it We were avenged though when fate dealt him the Ring Figure plague leaving Poff with two babes at Hotel Roanoke, a practical joke in itself A generous BR, I remember it all and I ' ll never forget you Bro Best of luck. R.E H. DYKES: 1976: Dick Williams 1982: Kurt Uhlig I . • f - V- ' Irving Fillmore Truitt III " The Kid, Blood, Bird Legs, Macho Man " Norfolk, Virginia Economics — Special Student (Artillery) Rat 4, 3, 2, 1; Wrestling 4; Cpl. 3; Stud Club 182, 282; Cheerleading 2, 1; O.D.U. 2; Hop and Flooi- 4, 3, 2, 1; RFYL, SFYL; Lodge Partier 2, 1; Eco- nomics Club; Skoal Club 4, 3,2,1. The Kid came to VMI after four years at H.M.A. with a profound education in sleeping and mili- tary excellence Rat year found him grubbing on the wrestling mats and living ir, the weight room. He discovered a young lass named Susan and if not for her, he would be living on the fourth stoop today (the perpetual rat). The first corporal of the corps had a lot to learn about skipping gym classes and has remained a grub ever since. The first semester his second class year, Weird Harold awarded him the excess demerit citation and he promptly tucked his tail between his legs and headed for CD U. The Lodge pro- vided his only escape from the Institute and Hol- lywood beds have never seen such action. Thanks is given to his father and all his buddies for making VMI possible. DYKES: 1976: 1982 1979: C. C. Roberts A. B. Alexander T.H.White 112 FIRST CLASS Thomas H. Trumps " Devil Boy, Nappy Head, Trump, Rug-Head " Annandale, Virginia Economics — Infantry President, Match Secretary of the VW Rugby Club: Dean ' s List 3, 2; Library Cadet Assistant; Society of Young Economists; Cadet Sports Writer;Cpl,3;Sgt. 2. To say the least. VMI has been an experience The thought of actually graduating from this place after all the hassles and bones, really makes one wonder. If it hadn ' t been for Rugby and my friends, this place would have been too unbearable. The best times for me at VMI were when I was away from it. Every weekend was a new experience. We brought parties and good times everywhere we went. The women, the par- tying, the Hangovers, the OD ' ing, Pete Van Hooser, Mardi Gras and all the rest made it a lot easier to come back to VMI. For all of us who broke every rule of the Blue Book, and who risked = 1 offenses every day here and never got caught, at least not that often, we are the lucky ones. That ' s what it took. DYKES 1976: 1982: Keith Dickson Eric Roeh ' William Ryan Tulloh " Too High, Too Low. The Incredible Hulk " Emporia, Virginia Economics — Armor Pvt. 4, 3. 2. 1 ; Rugby 3; RDC 1 ; Dean ' s Other List. 240 MNe Swim Club; Rat Daddy 3. 2; Sports Car Club; " Good Ol ' Boys " 4. 3. 2. 1; Cadet Circulation Staff. Coordinator Cadet Assistant. Summer ' 78. What can be said about " The Hulk " . His car was always there (or hidden nearby). His number one only slowed him down. And he has survived despite grades. Billy made an agreement with VMI that as long as summer school sessions were being held he would make an appearance. He decided to make graduation a personal check formation (?) despite the RDC and weekends Friend tor four years, roommate for one. Bill was cheer- ful and glad to help. We had few arguments, his logic would frustrate anyone. Good luck big buddy. In all that I have learned at VMI. the best by far is appreciation. Things tend to seem bad at times, but I will always remember special moments and friends during my :adetship. Kirt William Undercoffer Kirt. TheKouf, Kinky Laurel. Maryland Math — Artillery Pvt 4. 3. 2. 1. Cadet 4, 3; BSU 4, 3; Math Club 2. 1; Zeppelin Platoon S-2 1; Karate Club 4, 3: Tanker Platoon 2, 1. After bouncing around the world for 1 7 years our luckless little wait found himself at the doorstep of the Big " I " After 12 escape attempts and 16 roommates our Kwisatz Hadarach has overcome the mightiest of obstacles to carve a niche for himself Valiantly wielding the two-edged sword of his tongue, he has become the Grand Mufti of Cynicism and has endeared himself to one and all (especially a certain " Worm " ) But who could ever say that they really knew our hero ' ' He was, in the words of one, an enigma inside a mystery, wrapped inside a pig-in-a-blanket With the May 19 Armistice he departs with a bottle of melan- choly wine of memories and regrets and a few parting words: Goodbye and good luck one and all. Goodbye VMI, may I never see you again DYKES 1976: 1982: Carl Opel John Karikoff FIRST CLASS - 113 Peter Thomas Underwood ■Pete, PT " Suffolk, Virginia History — Marine Corps Fencing 4, 3; Pistol 3; Firefighters 3, 2; Sport Parachute 3; PLC 2, 1 ; Brevet Corporal 4; Rat Training 1; Marine Detachment 4, 3, 2, 1; Sec- Treas. 1 . One of the benefits I have gotten from attending VMI was having Pete as a roommate and more importantly, as a friend. He has been a calming and rational influence on my " crazy " personal- ity. His strong, determined manner has been an example to everyone. He came to VMI w ith cer- tain goals, and except for one (we never did get to Florida did we?), he has achieved all them no matter how difficult. Through his sense of pride, honor, and guts I am confident that Pete will be very successful in all that he does and will be a credit to his family, his alma mater, and to the U.S. Marine Corps Good luck Brother Rat and thanks for the memories! Semper Fidel- is! MM DYKES 197, ; 1982: Billy Karnes Jim Dedo, Harvey Smith David Demarest Van Wagoner " Dave, Fohn Fohgonerr, Van Einstein, Van " McLean, Virginia Electrical Engineering — Navy Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1 (Cadet Conductor 2, 1); Soaring Club 2; Young Republicans 3, 2, 1 ; Pep Band 4, 3, 2, 1 ; IEEE 1 ; Dean ' s List, Stars, etc. Starting with a complete ignorance of what VMI really was, I have survived: The Mad House of 427 (CRASH, BOOM, THUD!); The Ideological Wars between Jamie and " The Docktorr " , The Department of Electrical Enervating, that " funny " 10-6-30 for the electric piano; and the jam sessions, authorized and otherwise, in Lex- ington ' s Bopera House — room 166. My thanks go to al l the roommates I have ever had for put- ting up with me and my eccentricities, my fellow EE ' s for tolerating my sometimes off-beat ques- tions and grades, my parents for never doub- ting me as I did, my guardian angel for doing an exceptional job, and all others who have in one way or another supported me in my VMI experi- ence. If the blues was whiskey, I would stay drunk all of the time — at least till they boned DYKES 1976: Jack Christy 1 982: Joe Usher, Curtis Sextion John Anthony Vaughan " Big John " Mechanicsville, Virginia EE — Air Force Rugby 4, 3; Tackwan Do Club 2; RFYL " , ARC 2, 1 ; House Mountain Cadre 1 ; IEEE 1 ; Hideacar 3, 2; 79 EE — Bohica Club 4,3,2,1. I came to VMI expecting much of myself and of the school. I got what I expected and more. Some good, some bad. But the good far out- weighs the bad I have seen here. One thing I have gotten that means a lot is expressed in this verse. " Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away, behold new things have come " II Corinthians 5:17. I leave VMI thinking of this which I feel is true of most of us now. When I was a child, I used to speak as a child, think as a child, rea- son as a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. I Corinthians 13:11. Good- bye, VMI. It was worth the trip. Thanks Lord, Mom, Dad. DYKES 1976: 1982: John Z. Laliberte Jerome D. Stack Jr. 114 FIRST CLASS Michael Rosario Vela " V, Vela-Brain, Mike " Valley Stream, New York Economics — Air Force Varsity Baseball 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Monogram Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cadet Assistant 2, 1 ; Statistician 1 ; Cpl. 3; M Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Member of 2nd Batallion F.C.P. 5 1 ; FCA 1 . During these " never-ending " years I have made many friends and plenty of good times, but there have also tjeen some hard times, wanting to leave third class year. I want to thank all my loved ones who helped me realize what my Dad told me on numerous occasions, " Don ' t Get Down, It Will All Pay Off " . Without Mom, Dad, Baretta, Jean, Gunk, and my grandmother I don ' t think I could have met the V.M.I, chal- lenge. They listened to all complaints, which were plentiful, and instilled in me that needed confidence. I want to thank the girl of my dreams. Donna, and her Mom and Dad for bringing Donna down to Virginia when they could because those times kept me going. One last word, which is directed to one of my class- mates. Dale Ogg, " IT ' S ALL OVER " . DYKES 1976: Mike Hancock, 1978: Brad " Bulldog " Baker 1982: Bill " Tarzan " Nivison, Kyle Weidlich ' ' ■H, t Jay Grant Virtue " Virtuous, Virgin, Know it all, Booksmart " Chester, Virginia CE — Corps of Engineers Baptist Student Union; Wrestling 4, 3, 2; Num- ber One Club; Ring Figure Committee; Firefight- ers 2, 1 ; ASCE 3,2,1; SAME 2, 1 ; Cadet Ass ' t 3, 2,1; Lab Aid 1 ; Academically Distinguished 4, 3, 2,1; Who ' s Who. " " Hey Jay. D ' ya wanna talk? " " No!, argue! " The King of Quarrel strikes againi If there ' s an argu- ment, Jay is there. He can put Socrates to sleep and melt Plato ' s mind. Jay made the statement " Knowledge is Good " the understanding of the decade. His personal discipline, deep morality, firm Christian beliefs, and pursuit of knowledge have been an inspiration to everyone. Jay does everything 1st class, except wrestle, and he ' s managed to argue his way out of that too. " Hey Jay, D ' ya think you ' ll ever get married? " " Not for a long time, at least not until May 20. " Deb- bie you ' re beautiful and lucky too. Define Vir- tue? " Above all else, unto thyself be true. " Jay walks with a clear conscience. " Well done, me Lad, Good-bye " KLL Salvatore Domenico Vitiello " Corky, Sleepy, Sal " Sea Isle City, New Jersey E.E. — Artillery Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; RFYL; Weight Training; IEEE; Rangers; SAME; Skoal Club; Lonely Hearts Club; Coffee Club; P.I. Member; Newman Club Sal has been a good friend since the beginning. We have been through a lot but we made it. He is a hard worker and knows how to have a good time. He likes to dance and likes to Disco. One of Sal ' s famous sayings is (I ' ll — her), e is one wild and crazy guy. He is definitely a ladies man and knows how to to handle them Sue will probably never forget him, he shot her down along with Lori, both were good moves. Sal will succeed in anything he tries, he is a worker. I hope he finds happiness in the future. Any girl that gets him is lucky. Good luck and take care. Stay in touch. DYKES 1976: 1982: Jeff A. Totaro Jim A. Simmonds Jr. DYKES 1976: 1982: Andy Stewart Ron Mecredy FIRST CLASS 115 Rock Paul Vomer " Rocky " Utica, New York Chemistry — Army (Infantry) Pvt 4. 2, 1; Cpl 3; Society of American Military Engineers. Newman Club; Boxing, ACS., R.F.Y L : VMI Rangers; Lonely Hearts Club Presi- dent; Skoal Club. PI. Member. Coffee Club. Gold Medal Winner of Rack Marattion. Wtiile at tfie " " Rock tias had his ups and downs, mostly his downs. But his perseverance and drive has been an inspiration to us all and will undoubtedly bring him success in the future. There was. however, one thing that always came easy to him and that was women — due to his crazy New York personality. He could always be quoted as saying. " Treat a Lady Like a_ and Treat a Like a Lady, " and 99 percent of the time this worked. It has been a long and rough four years, but having a friend like Rock made it all tolera- ble. I wish you the best of luck and happiness for the future. Look out New York! DYKES; 1976; Jim Delisio 1982; Brian P Glynn « m I H n ' f« HM 1 ' " 1 . ' N 4 -o,, T Jeffrey David Vordermark " Jeff. Kid, IVlarkus.JD.VD " Lompoc, California English — Field Artillery Private 4, 3, 2. 1; Airborne; DMS; Dean ' s List 2; Rangers 3; Cadre 1 ; Rat Training 2; Charlie Co Rat Training Commander 1; VMI Cadet Staff 3; Sports Editor 2; Bomb Prologue Editor I came to VMI expecting great things of myself, thinking I could handle the system easily. I discovered during my Rat year that " thinking " was a lot different than doing. My father helped out my bruised ego with some friendly advice, as well as telling the phrase " Non lllegitimus Carborundum " , which became my motto. VMI isn ' t the place where credit is given where due. but fortunately I found that out early. With my father ' s sage advice echoing in my ears, and my mother ' s ability to instill in me a self confidence I never knew. I realized success. My parents helped me through but I would have never made it all the way without the friendships I have found here. To Ando, Paul. Stosh. Gary, and my parents, thanks for the faith. DYKES; 1976; Steve Joyce 1982; Ken Yates If ' ■ Joseph Anthony Walbert " Joe-Boy. Waldo. Walls, Joe, Emerson " Pottstown, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering — Navy Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1 ; OGA President 1 ; Posit Committee 1 ; ASCE 4. 3.2,1; Ranger Platoon 4; RFYL 3, 2; Zoo 4, 3, 2.1. What can be said about 4 years at the " I " ? A lot, but 140 words would never cover it so I would like to cover the most important aspect of VMI and that is friendships. I ' d like to thank Reep, Crotch, Pig, Eddie. T.W., Quinny, Frank P., and the Porn King for helping me make it, and wish them the best of luck in whatever they do. I also want to thank my parents and my family for help- ing me, enough cannot be said to cover all that they have done for me. Thank you. JAW DYKES; 1976; Bill Ryals 1982; Tom Appleton 116 FIRST CLASS Michael Glenn Weatherholtz " Mike, the holtz " Harrisonburg, Virginia Economics — Army (Field Artillery) Pvt. 4, 3,2,1; CpL 3; Glee Club 4, 3, Secretary 2, Vice-President 1; Baptist Student Union 4. 3, Social Chairman 2, President 1, Intramural Bas- ketball 4, 3 . 2, 1; Rat. Co. XO 1; Intramural Foot- ball 3. 2; Rm. 1 68 Expressway. All right, when dancing in close proximity the man from Harrisonburg always showed his finer aspects of life. It has truly been a fascinating four years, through all the late nights (in bed at Taps every night), early mornings (constant hay down and all duty), and lousy days (he always smiled!) Mike has not only survived but truly excelled. Not only is he a fine cadet but in a more meaningful sense he is an excellent example of what it should mean to be a human being and a man. Four gallons of coffee muddy row and one big OK you-son-of-a-gun Thanks tor everything Mom.CCR DYKES: 1976 John Dorsey 1982: Jim Thrasher Don Vinton Wells " Don, Vint, Marathon Man " Virginia Beach, Virginia Civil Engineering - ■Civilian Gregory McKlnley Weaver " Bo Weaver. Gregus, Spock, Dap Sugar Willie " Washington, DC. History — Armor Varsity Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Sec. Executive Committee; Sec. General Committee; Presi- dent Promaji (BSU). Weaver came to VMI from the concrete foot- ball fields of Washington, DC. Arriving at VMI with a 4 year NCAA, football scholarship, he took to the task of Military life. He has held many positions at VMI, President of Promaji (BSU), VMIs black student organization, Sec of the Executive Committee. Sec. of the Gen- eral Committee; time has been faithfully devoted toward making Corps life easier. He had a smile for everyone, but it was known to turn on occasion. God, family, and friends never came out of focus. His warm and humorous conversations will live forever in the halls at the Virginia Military Institute. DYKES: 1976: Terry A. White 1982: Cammeron Manuel, Blitzberger Pvt 4, Cpl. 3. Sgt. 2. Lt. 1 ; S.AM.E. 1 ; A S.C E. 4. 3. 2. 1; Militaria Society 4, 3, 2, 1; 101 Washing- ton Arch Apartment Club 1 ; Cadre 4, 3, 2, Deans Listl. I came to V.M.I, with the help of " Rice " Youell, ' 43, who did not steer me wrong. I stayed because I somehow " liked " the place I still do. While grades were first, a desire for rank hit me. This was probably a counter reaction to my dyke, Dave, the grubbiest private in Bravo Company So I ended up a Lt. in Bravo Company How could anyone have better roommates than Jimmy, John, Karl, or Joe? The true meaning of Brother Rat comes out in these guys. Not enough thanks can go to my family; Mother and Father. Donna-Mane. Kay. and Arden. yall truly helped me through. So. I depart with a ring and diploma . - . and when I walk across that stage in May. I will leave part of me at VMI. and take partof VMI with me. DYKES: 1976: Dave Butcher 1982: Ashley Burrell FIRST CLASS 117 Johns. White ■ ' Steve. Bunny Rabbit " Springfield. Virginia Chemistry — Artillery American Chemical Society 4, 3, 2, 1; Pvt 4. 3, 2, 1. Well, Steve by the time this comes out It will have been a long three years together. We ' ve had a lot of good times and some not so good times, but we usually managed to turn the tables. Such as the time you impressed the R.DC, for an hour and 45 minutes for being drunk in ranks They talked the EC. into only two weeks Up to this year we always double- dated except for the birthday present you got at Twin Falls. P-chem and organic forced you off the varsity rack team. The Army wants you to visit for ninety days, then it ' s off to school again. Are you crazy ' ' Maybe they will accomplish the impossible and make you into something you have been slandering for four years — an engi- neer. Good luck and take care, Steve RAW DYKES 1976: 1982: Andre Koneczny Jim Zahn Thomas Edward White " Tom " Axton, Virginia Chemistry — Infantry Pep Band 4, 3, 2, 1; Swimming 4, 3, 2, 1; Rat Training 1, Tom is one of the few of us here at the " I " who has survived life as a Chemistry stud. For pleas- ure in the lab, he likes to exit Beckmann ther- mometers into higher energy states. For pleas- ure outside the lab he is known to drop to a lower energy state in his rapk Tom ' s athletic life was highlighted by tour years on the swim team. As a typical swimmer, there was never any alcohol during the season: only the sea- " Bon ' s closing celebration, where he makes up for lost time at a barracks gram party, Tom. it ' s been a great four years mixing solutions, mak- ing derivatives, and B.S ing. Good luck in your future endeavors. DYKES 1976: 1982: Frank Estis Ryland Matthews Thomas Hasal White " T.Wuuu,, Blood, Jiz, Disco, Macho Man " Vienna, Virginia C,E, — Corps of Engineers Wrestling 4, 3; Parachute Club 3; ASCE: SAME; Rat 4. Cpl 3; Sgt, 2; Lt 1; Rat Company Com- mander; Going Bald Club; Stud Club 282-182; RFYL 3; Weight Training 2, 1 , T,W has seen all the good the " Mother I " has to offer The afternoons in the weight room (trying to make Arnold look like a nurd), the fun of try- ing to master concrete design and the fun things Cadets do, have not obstructed his goal of supreme integrity Tom and I have seen the hard times and good times. His level headed- ness and constant drive have seen myself as well as many other BR ' s through the darker ages of cadetship. The Galaxy rides, the spec- tacular dates (hi Rosey) and the times at the Lodge have all eased VMI, for the kid. He always paid special thanks to his parents for V,M,I, opportunity and I wish him a successful life, I.FTruItt To my friends, dykes, D, Co, Rats, it ' s been a pleasure and I am forever loyal. Good Luck! DYKES 1976: C, D, Villani 1982: D, L, Budler, R, B, Parker 118 FIRST CLASS Raymond A. Whitner III " Ray, Al. Phantom-Roommate " North Wales, Pennsylvania C.E — Navy Civil War Roundtable ' 4: ASCE 2. 1; Marshal Library Cadet Assistant 2, 1 ; Summer Root 3, 2, 1. Ray spent most of his rat year in his dykes hay, and since then, he has made up for the time he lost in his rack- This situation led to his continu- ous schooling. Ray said he really liked VMI dur- ing the summer He really got into his studies, some of them like Differential Equations and Structures, he liked them so well he took them three times, what an academic Stud. When First Class year rolled around it found Ray engaged, and he became the Phantom-Roommate Good Luck Ray and Debbie DYKES 1976: 1982: Gary Czupryna Pete Ruzich Larry Wayne Williams " Lucky Lar ■ Salem, Virginia Math — Air Force Football 4, 3, 2. 1: Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; FCA 4; Mono- gram Club 3, 2, 1 : Track 4; Baldwin Raider Club 2. I came to VMI with little admiration for the Insti- tute and I leave it with even less I started out at Mallory under many dark clouds and they never cleared up. I have always wondered how it would be to go to college I plan to visit one someday. The institute did open one door for me in the last four years. It gave me the oppor- tunity to date a wonderful woman, which is to be my wife. She is the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, I ' m nearing that end. If I had the wings of an eagle. The tail of a buffalo. Id fly over VMI campus and dump on the prison below. DYKES 1976: 1982: John McCarthy Mark Lee, Melvin Nowlin Thomas Anthony Wilson " Tom, Zirkle " Newport News, Virginia E.E. — Navy VMI CADET 4, 3, 2, 1: Ad Manager 4, 3; Busi- ness Manager 2, 1 : Business Manager Ring Fig- ure Magazine. Top Floor Mallory Club 3, 2, 1: Treasurer Virginia Intercollegiate Mass Com- munications Association 2, Zirkle liked his bed but rarely had time to visit it during normal sleeping hours. The sun rose too many times for watchful eyes on the fifth stoop BS was his specialty and he was President of the BS Club for four years. Rip Van Zirkle got the big guns Third Class year and other shocks besides Hitchhiking around the state provided many opportunities to know the roads. Week- ends were made for leaving so he left at every opportunity Miles were markers to be counted oft on many trips VMI was a prison that he learned how to escape from and occasionally control Thanks to Skyman, Dukie and Bag-o- Bones as alarm clocks, little confinement was served Zirkle — get up! This is your mother calling you. Anyway just keep the wheels roll- ing and go to bed when you can DYKES 1976: 1982: Robert French Richard Reisch FIRST CLASS 119 Richard Lewis Wingfield, Jr. " Wing, Wingding. W.D-. Andy Capp " Appomattox, Virginia " The Depot " History — Navy Rugby 4, 3, 2, 1; Newspaper 4, 3, 2, 1; Cannon- ball Committee: Firefighters 2, 1 ; Rear Admiral of the Confederate Navy — Upper Appomattox River: Mardi Gras 3. 2, 1: Pervert Corner 3, 2: Room of Gloom 1 : Field 49 3. 2, 1 , During these past four years I ' ve seen good and bad times, times 1 will remember forever and times I ' d like to forget completely. The Military and Wingfield way of doing things seemed at constant odds — and although the Military won most of the bouts I still never ran away from the fight The only thing making this place bearable are the friends you make — y ' all know who you are and thanks for helping me make it through here- Thanks to my family, also, for listening to me bitch so much about VMI — I did stick it out though. One thing I will never forget is the Rugby Team — VMI Rugby will never die! It is a good thing for a man to behave coolly, tor one con- stantly keeps appointments one has not made. Chaucer " Knights Tale " Robert E. Witherow " Bob ' Hopewell, Virginia English — Armor English Society 2,1: IMV Stedyeks 2, 1 It is hard to thank all the people who helped me to achieve this goal I am grateful to each one of you in a special way. Many things cross my mind as I leave this place, some of which are happy and some sad. However, I don ' t think of this as the end but the begin- ning. DYKES 1976: Frank DeLaine 1982: Micky Cole, Holt Evans James Marc Withers " Whimpy, 4.0 Withers, Marcus of Witherby " Irvine, California Math and History — Infantry Pvt. 4, 3. 2, 1 : Cpl. 3 (damn): Varsity Tennis 4, 3, 2, 1: Marshall Scholar: Phi Kappa Phi: ROA: VMI Cadet 4. 3 — Editorial Editor 2, 1: DMS: Academ- ically Distinguished 4, 3, 2, 1 : Who ' s Who in Col- lege: Airborne School. Entering the Root, Marc began his cadetship by excelling in his academic pursuits. Marc found the challenges limited as a History major, so he chose to become a double major in Math and History His perfect 4.0 academic mark speaks for itself. Throughout his cadetship tennis has become Marc ' s favorite athletic endeavor, and the team will surely miss his presence. The first class grub spirit has been Marc ' s motto throughout his stay at VMI. His quick wit and sar- casm have made him a unique member of our class. Marc ' s drive to attain his goals has kept him on the road to success, even though cor- rupting influences like booze, girls, and The Redskins have lain in his path. DYKES 1976: 1982: Ed Crews Doug Deaton DYKES 1976: 1982: Curtis Butterworth Les Rose 120 FIRST CLASS William Morison Wood III " Moby. Woody. Wu " Richmond. Virginia Civil Engineering — Artillery Varsity Swimming 4. 3. 2; Water Polo 4. 3. 2. 1; Private 4. 3. 2. 1 ; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2.; No, 1 Club; ASCE 2. 1; ■Gilligan " ; Room 172 Band and Blue Max (38 kills); MBC Raiders 4. 3. 2, ?; Monogram Club 3,2.1; Cadet Assistant 3. 1 ; Sports Editor — 79 BOMB 1 ; Signature Club in a few short words I would like to recognize some people who made my cadetship bearable and memorable! My parents deserve the most credit. Who could have done more for me than Mom and Dad? And of course, the Collegiate " Big Five " . BJ. MS. DM. BS. I ' m just sorry we all couldn ' t walk up on that stage together like in ' 75 Thanks to Steve, for all those post artillery " X " runs; " Billy Mac " , for the " disco this way " ; Bimbo, what can I say. but thanks for all I lerned from you; Susan, for memories — III never for- get you; Bob and Dave, for two great friends and the best room in Barracks. And Finally, to the class of ' 79 and VMI —THANK YOU! DYKES: 1976: Paul " Wop " Spencer 1982: Duke " Sluggo " Addison. Jim " " Rog " " Cosby % David Franklin Woolwine Jr. " Dave " Hampton-Suffolk. Virginia Biology — Air Force Pvt. 4; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1 ; Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes 4, 3. 2. 1; President. Pre-Med 1. J V. Football 4; Varsity Track 4. 3; Deans List I dont think that anyone can honestly say whether VMI is good or bad because life here is a bittersweet between the two. I do believe, however, that it one can say that he has achieved his goals, without regard to circum- stances, then he is a success. I believe that I have achieved those goals important to me and so I am therefore successful Success, however, can never be achieved alone and is never quite as sweet without others to share it with. This is why I would like to thank (a poor choice of words) people like Sammy and Judy. Coach King, friends and especially my parents for giving me the things I needed along the way. I also want to give to Cindy Phillipians 1:3 and to God any good accom- plishment here or in the future. Tsong-Ming Yeh " Tom " Republic of China Civil Engineering Judo and Karate 4; Fencing 3. 2. 1 ; Ski Club 2. 1 ; International Student Society 3. 2. 1; Timmins Music Society 3. 2. 1, Tsong-Ming came to VMI directly from home in Taiwan. If I thought I had problems with Rat Eng- lish I can imagine how rough he had it. When there was a permit to be written he came to me. But he excelled as a C.E. Over the 3 years we roomed together I could always turn to him for help adding (2 + 2 = ?). When I had a problem he would lend an ear. an understanding word or anything that he had. Always a great friend and a pal. we reaiiy benefited when he became an aca- demic first-car. late lights, and all. While master- ing English and then moving on to French. Tsong-Ming has been driven by a keen interest in learning which will help in the future when he goes on to grad school and the Army Thanks for being a friend! DYKES: 1976: Ken Harbin 1982:EdyKieth FIRST CLASS 121 Randolph Kyle Young " Youngapore, Yung, Nasty " Falls Church, Virginia EE — Naval Aviator IEEE: SAME; IMV STEDYEKS (1977 Champs) Myrtle Beach 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Fraternal Order of BMF Cell Blocl( — 37 4, 3, 2, 1 ; IHSN Club 4, 3, 2, 1 FITAS YOUNG — Webster ' s definition — Being first. Cell Block 137 ' s definition — being first to the mirror, longest with the hair dryer, and last to ranks. Young looks his best at SRC. Randy w rites great letters to girls, they need a diction- ary to read it; but that ' s OKAY cause he uses a thesaurus to write them. Even if " J. B. Young " won ' t give up a dime, he ' ll mix you a great drink. Where would cell block 137 be without Randy ' s knowledge; he helped us through classes, explained the " inertia wheel " , and the " Ring of Flux " . It Randy spent half the time he used helping others on his own work, he ' d have a 4.0. But Randy will never let you down, he puts his friends before himself — That ' s why we ' ll never forget you Youngapore! Bahram Nejad-Ershadi Zahir " Bo " Tehran, Iran CE — Imperial Iranian Navy Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; International Club; RFYL 4; Hand- ball. When I stepped through the doorway of 402 in August of 1975. the first person I met was this crazy guy with the damndest grin, and the noticeable lack of proficiency in the English Language. That was my first meeting with Bah- ram-Zahirnejad (we called him " Bo " for short) and he turned out to be a hell of a Rat room- mate. From his obsession with bringing a flam- ing mad Regimental Comm_ander in to wreck our room to his endless trips to Roanoke in his unauthorized car " Bo " was always on the move We had endless battles and in the proc- ess became best of friends. Well ii ' s almost over Bo! We lost Bill and Steve, but the rest of us will make it to graduation. Good luck in the future Bo I hope you and the Iranian Navy get along. C.T.C. Russell Allen Zech " The Wretch, Zechephon " Brooklyn, Michigan English-Chemistry — Army (Infantry) Pvt. 4, 3,2,1; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 2; Fencing 4; Boxing 3, 2; Orienteering 1; Daniel ' s Den GPA Handicap 3, 2, 1; Bozerian Neophyte 4, 3, 2, 1; Summer School 4, 3; Army ROTC Scholarship 4, 3, 2, 1; Dean ' s List 4, 3. Reach for a dollar and watch a sun die A star in the nighttime within. Neglect those who love you and run like a rat In a race that you ' ll never win. RAZ DYKES 1976: Ken Ray 1982: Rick Sheridan DYKES 1976: 1982: First Class Tim Boylan DYKES 1976: 1982: James G Jousyra Jr Eriendson, E. G. 122, FIRST CLASS Mohamad Reza Zeinali " Reggie " Tabriz, Iran Civil Engineering — Navy (UN) Dean ' s List; Pvt, 4, Cpl, 3, Pvt. 2, 1; ASCE; Inter- national Student Society 4. 3, 2, 1 ; Vice President 2; Number Club Reza came to VMI with 29 other countrymen with little ability to speak English in May 75, but he picked up English quickly He traveled a lot with the Beige Sunbird that he bought in the summer of 76 Texas to Virginia Beach and Rhode Island to Florida. But, the Sunbird finally got him a Num- ber 1 . He got along with all his American and Ira- nian friends, enjoying their companies and par- ties. DYKES; 1976; R. J Keneally 1982; J S McBroom Donald Arthur Zimmer " PX, Killer, Artie, Mugs " New Hyde Park, New York History — Army Infantry Boxing Intramural 4; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Dean ' s List 2; N Y.-N.J Club 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Born Losers 2, 1 . When Don first came to the big " I " it seemed as if the Marines had another candidate at their doors But there were other options open and Don took his time checking them out The Navy also wanted Don, so badly in fact that Lt. Sowers spent the better part of an hour chasing him around the outside of bar- racks for an interview — after taps no less But Bragg and the Army finally won out and D A Zimmer spent the better part of Super Summer ' 78 personalizing a bar stool at Wil- lies and singing how Rita had a hole in her panty hose On the serious side, Dons been a good friend here — somewhat saner than a good majority of the legalized idiots and sycophants that are here. E.W.P. DYKES; 1976; Dave Lowe 1982; Del Temple, Rich Meyer FIRST CLASS 123 r ■if 5H Franklin Leroy Jester " Jank Fester, Court, Yank " Franklin, Virginia Economics — Civilian Pool Room 4; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Gold Coast 1; MBC Raid 2; TCFC 3; Almost « 1 Club 2. I want to say thanks to my family because ttiey tiave put up witti more ttian I ever had to. I have had many memorable experiences during my cadetship, the Frat parties. Zollomans, ' 79 Birth- day Parties, and of course Ring Figure. I have acquired many things since entering VMI but what I will always remember are the friendships I made here Thanks Brother Rats. DYKES 1976: John Otacka 1982; DaveBratton Stephen Aduston Rogers " Steve, Bama " CE — Army Corps of Engineers Football 4; Track 2; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; ASCE 3, 2, 1; Ghetto and Pervert Corners; Paramount Club; Alumnus, University of Alabama. Circumstances played a large role in making a decision to attend VIVII during my senior year of high school. Being the son of an alum- nus, I almost felt obligated to try it for at least one year, as do most sons of alumni, I will never regret it for as long as I live. Period. From the days as a Rat partying at Estell ' s with the dykes to summer schools, and the Tucker Street crowd, I enjoyed every bit of it regardless of hardship, f flany thanks go to all of my roommates during my four trying years (possibly five?), and all of the friends that I made during this " learning experience " DYKE 1976: Jim Brown 1982: John Campion Jack Linwood Dewell Jr. " Bad Jack " Elkton, Maryland Economics — Armor Rugby, After Taps Courtyard Decoration Com- mittee (Co-President) I ' ve got to hand it to this place. It is certainly not what I had expected. Had anyone told me that I would someday tie my bed up before dawn and throw it in the corner, or party in a girl ' s bath- room, it may have been a different story. Catchy phrases like " Bone yourself and answer it " , " I ' m having more than one " and " close to transom " had their places. But " good grades " , " good women " , " good food " and " fine privileges " found less use. But good friends make it all a lit- tle better. Special thanks to Austin and Trumps, F Troop, my relatives. Ghetto, Steele Dan, and those of us who tried to make New Barracks a better place to live. DYKES 1976: Lee Bradshaw 1 982; 1 1 6th Armor Cockroaches Divison 124 ' FIRST CLASS Robert Scott Beale Jr. " Shady. Old Man " Dill Devil Hills, North Carolina EE — Infantry Pvt 4. 3, 2, 1 ; Rugby 2, 1 ; Ski Club 4,3,1; Scuba Club 4; IEEE 2, 1; Sky Kings 11; Mardi Gras 3, 1; Number One Club; I came back Club; Ghetto 2, 1, I came back to VMI in a daze, not knowing what to expect What I have to show for the experi- ences are some great friends and graduation with the Class of 1980. I would like to dedicate the remainder of this space to those who won ' t: ■Panopy " . " Quinny " , " Action " , " The Bimbo " and all the others, past, present and future. DYKES 1976: Lawrence Tayon 1982: Mark Harrington Stacy William David III " The Mad Crab " Hampton, Virginia Economics — Infantry Pvt. 4, 3, 2,1; Rugby I just want to thank the great guys who made it all bearable When things are bad, there are always people worse off than I ever was who would show me that anything can be over- come. Most of all I would like to thank Beth who gave me strength to come back to finish DYKES 1976: Scott Custer 1982: Kernel Klenke Vincent Morse Forgione " Skinny, WOP " Buffalo, New York Economics — U.S.M C Special Student Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1 ; Cadet Waiter 2, 1 ; Horseshoe Club 2; Butter Chuckers 4, 3, 2, 1; " 360 " FTN Club, Confinement 1; Society of Young Economists 2, 1 The hardest decision I have made was to return to Mother " " after my year vacation God only knows what compelled me to do so, but the fact remains that my journey through life, for the time being at least, has placed my destiny here. Id like to thank my parents and all my friends who helped pull me through and especially my grand- mother who believed. " There ' s no way out of here; When you come in you ' re in for good There was no promise made; The part you played, the chance you took. " David Gilmour Pink Floyd FIRST CLASS 125 Rodney Arthur DeCorte ■p g Rodney. The Wandering Jew, The Sixth Man, RDC. Apprentice " Purcellville, Virginia Economics-Armor Private 4,3.2,1; Swim Team 4; Scuba Club 4, 3. 2 (Pres ); Tanl er Platoon 3. 2; Civilian Club 79; Barter with Bucl Club 4. 3, 2; Confinement Club 4,3,2, 1. I first met Rodney in our third class year and quickly found him to be a man of simple pleas- ures. A mat in the corner, a bowl of food and water, and an occasional scratch behind the ear and Rod was content That year and the next. Rod (Alias the sixth man) spent more time in my room than I did. The rest of his time was spent in the T V and P T. rooms and wandering the stoops (Any stoops, he had friends on all) The three legs of VIVll are military, academics, and athletics Well, one out of three isn ' t bad. Rod did attend most of the sports events. Rodney spent his first class year as a civilian, but plans to be back Thus, to the Class of 1980 I leave a legacy and an experience Enjoy! Ando DYKES 1976: Dennis Putney Surapong Suwana-Adth " Suwana, Pong, Suwana-rat " Bangkok, Thailand Pvt. 4, 3; Sgt. 2; Society of Physics Students Sigma Phi Sigma 2; International Club 2. Suwana came to VMI from Thailand and found his new home at Vfull He graduated in three years with a 3.5 in Physics, leaving the rest of us to finish out this year without him. Suwana was a true lover of the cuisine in Crozet Hall and never missed a meal. Kayto also had his selection of women from Sweet- briar. Longwood. and even Lexington High Never forget the party at the cabin, rat year and the occasional visits to the Cockpit. The friendly quarrels with Henry was also some- thing to remember Good luck in whatever you do because you really deserve it; even if you are a UVA Preppie now! " Poff " Thitinan Thanyasini Nong, ' Generar ' Artillery Deans Honor List 4. 3, 1; ACS 4, 3, 1; The 1977 Leslie German Award; The 1978 Herbert E. Richey Award; The 1978 James Lewis Howe Award; Survivor of Rm. 456; Last Study Club; Academic All American; Member of the ■Boned for Studying ' Club; R.F.Y.L. As I write this history I miss Nong. He was and IS that type of Brother Rat. Nong is the B.R. who will help another cadet with studies and then give the same guy a ride to Natural Bridge the next day. Patience and under- standing are just a couple of Nong ' s strong points. Nong made it through V.M.I, in 3 years. Academically Distinguished. I ' m sure he will have the same type of success in his graduate studies and in all his professional endeavors. Nong, I sure miss you; but I guess U. Va. IS not such a bad place tp spend a really First class year for a really First Class Brother Rat. Good luck! 126 FIRST CLASS pas ' . ' . ' ■ ree years were long and ter- ; ; -, . ' . s approach the Rrst Clai % . e ' Tiinated and we all beca , ,. -- - ' ' s of study passQL ' , ■■■ ' , ' z - i ' z ' 2 " can we maker a 7- ■ fnc ?Y re ' Ojf of - y z ■ hiz z . ' Dykes, 1976, for aii their efforts- a, " ' s ' 79 is not just a number but a a c s class with character and style. What .ay s it to end a decade? Tony Hamilton. FIRSTS ' 27 SECOND CLASS Our Second Class year has passed at the V.M.I., and we can now reflect upon a year filled with many pleasant moments as well as the acquisition of new and greater responsibilities. We now wear our rings, the ultimate symbol of our coming of age as a class. Although our Rat and Third Class years appeared to us little more than demeaning subservience, as we approached " the light at the end of the tunnel " we begin to realize the importance of the V.M.I, system. We have lost many from our ranks during the past three years, but those of us who remain constitute a close and strong class, ready to assume the administration of barracks. Next year it will be our turn to lead the Corps. Our philosophies and methods will be tested, and it will become our task to maintain and improve the V.M.I, system. We believe we are ready to assume this most challenging task. As we strive to gain our V.M.I, diplomas, we, the V.M.I, classof 1980 will seek to establish a strengthened system, and a strong dyke class prepared to carry on in our most proud tradition. Ed Baker- Historian Hugh Fain — Vice Pres. Walt Wood — President 128 SECONDS SECONDS 129 FREDERICK M ALEXANDER Alexandria, Virginia ELI THOMAS S. ALFORD Charlottesville, VA DANIEL F.ALLEN Richmond, Virginia STEPHEN M. ANDREWS Richmond, Virginia MOHAMMAD ARDAKI Arlington, Virginia FRANK P, ARENA JR, Grafton, Virginia LAWRENCE G, AVERY JR. Panama City, Florida MICHAEL J. BAJOREK New Providence, N.J. EDWIN L BAKER III Chesapeake, Virginia MICHAEL A. BARNES Southampton, New York JEFFREY L. BASILOTTA Woodridge, New Jersey KENNETH M.BAYBUTT Richmond, Virginia EARL W. BEARS Alexandria, Virginia WILLIAM J. BELKOSKI Alexandria. Virginia WALTER H. BELLAMY Philadelphia, PA ALLAN R. BERENBROK Ligonier. PA KIRKD.BERKHIMER Virginia Beach, Virginia SCOTT A. BERLIN Camp Hill, Pennsylvania THOMAS FBERSSON Falls Church, Virginia EBRAHIMBIBIZADEH Arlington, Virginia FARHAD BIGDELI Arlington, Virginia JOHNM. BLANKENSHIP Richmond, Virginia JOHND BLASSER Roanoke, Virginia FRANK L.BORSI Sterling, Virginia 130 SECONDS SECONDS 131 JAMES E, BOWER Appomattox. Virginia DANNY E- BOWERS Richmond. Virginia DUSTY R BOYD JR Richmond. Virginia ROBERTO BOYER JR Chambersburg. PA DONALD E BRADSHAW Mechanicsville, VA DONA. BRIGGS Waverly, Virginia JOHNH BRIGGS Barrington Hills, IL JOSEPH D BROWN IV Williamsburg, Virginia WILLIAM A BROWN Gloucester, Virginia WILLIAM L.BROWN II Coraopolis, PA DAVID J BRYANT Spotsylvania. Virginia PAUL D BRYANT Newport News, Virginia PAULG BURKHOLDER Winchester. Virginia JOHN J. BURNS II Toms River. New Jersey 132 SECOND fl m DOUGLAS B BURTON AltaVista. Virginia AARON W BUSH Leesburg, Virginia ROBERTO CADMUS Palmerton, PA PEYTON V CAMPBELL McLean, Virginia JOHN J CAPLICE WestSimsbury, CT JAMES P CARMICHAEL Essex Center, VT ROBERT W CARPER JR Staunton, Virginia EDWIN A CARTER Dedham, MA JOHNJCASAMASSA Pittsburgh, PA STEPHEN D.CHACE Dumfries. Virginia WEI-JHAI CHANG Washington. DC LAWRENCE F CIACCI Stratford, CT KENNETH J CIARROCCA Westfield, N.J. MICHAEL K, COLE Hopewell. Virginia SECONDS 133 GEORGE N CONDYLES IV Mechanicsville, VA DANIEL J CONN Melbourne, FL JOSEPH DCONYERS Fishersville. Virginia THOMAS L COOK Culpeper, Virginia VINCENT K COPENHAVER Salem, Virginia DONALD I. COUCH Richmond, Virginia CRAIG B. COX Vinton, Virginia HOWARD T. COX Jonesboro, Georgia ROBERT J. DALESSANDRO Plainview, New York KIRKK. DEADRICK Harrisonburg, Virginia MICHAEL A. DEMERS Petersburg, Virginia ERIC J. DESCHAMBAULT Arlington, Virginia JOHNW. DIGGS Bumpass, Virginia CHRISTOPHER J DOMBALIS Richmond, Virginia MICHAEL J. DONNAN Alexandria, Virginia 134 SECONDS ' t) - WELDONV DUNN JR Roanoke, Virginia DWIGHT J. DUTTON Chadds Ford, PA RUSSELL E.EARLY Vinton. Virginia EDWARD G. ELLIOTT Hoffman Estates, IL HOSSEIN ESHAGHI Arlington, Virginia ROBERT J. EVANS Jacksonville, FL HUGH M. FAIN III Rictimond, Virginia MARTIN J. FEDENKO Carnegie, PA GARY L. FELLOWS Smyrna, Delaware GEORGE B FILER JR. Covington, Virginia RICHARD B. FOWLER Newport News, Virginia KEITH DFRAZIER Roanoke, Virginia BOYD D. GAINES Prescott, Arizona FRANCIS A. GALGANO JR Huntington, New York SEAN K.GALLAGHER Lindenhurst, New York ROBERT A. GEARHART JR. Sterling. Virginia SECONDS 135 THOMAS N GELLES Conemaugh. PA JOHNR. GIBNEY JR Bellmore. New York RICHARD C GILBERT Lynchburg, Virginia DAVID RGLEASON Hartford, CT CHALMERS L GLENN IV Charlotte, NC ROBERT B GORE Roanoke, Virginia MATTHEWG, GRIFFIN Norfolk, Virginia PATRICK J. GRIFFIN Shrewsbury, MA JOHN E.GUDGEL III Littleton, CO DENNIS A HACKEMEYER Lynchburg, Virginia DAVID C HAGEMANN New Providence, NJ JOHNR. HALL Wappinger Falls, NY TERRY L. HALL Dallastown, Pennsylvania CHARLES J HANSROTE III Lynchburg, Virginia THOMAS K. HARMS JR. Scotch Plains, New Jersey MICHAEL Q HARPER Cherry Hill, New Jersey 136 SECONDS JAVA. HAWKINS Dahlonega, Georgia TEDM. HELMICK Richmond, Virginia RICHARD T.HENRY Camp Hill, Pennsylvania ROBERT M, MILLARD JR Chesapeake. Virginia CHARLES F HILTON Conover, NC CHARLES J. HINTON Ft. Campbell, Kentucky JOHNF. HIRSCH Fairless Hills, PA JACKS HODGE Suffolk, Virginia TIMOTHY M.HODGES Roanoke, Virginia THOMAS D. HORAN Scotcfi Plains, New Jersey PHILIPS. HOURIHAN Manassas, Virginia BRIAN W. HUB North Wales, Pennsylvania JOHNM HUGHES Alexandria. Virginia DAVID A HUMPHREY Lynchburg. Virginia LAWRENCE R. HUPERTZ Euclid, Ohio STEVEN R HUTCHINS Virginia Beach, Virginia SECONDS 137 138 SECONDS STEVEN F IKENBERRY Richmond. Virginia SHERWOOD C- JACKSON JR Suffolk, Virginia DENNIS J JACOBS Hurt, Virginia BENJAMIN R JAMES Woodberry Forest, VA MICHAEL P, JANAC Taneytown. Maryland JEFFREY M JOHNSON Gordonsville, Virginia THOMAS E JOHNSTON Virginia Beach, Virginia RAYMOND PJOINSON Wilmington. Delaware RICHARD C.JONES Norfolk, Virginia ROBERT R JONES Iowa City, Iowa WILLIAM L JUDY Vienna. Virginia MAHMOOD KARAMPOUR Arlington. Virginia JOHNF. KEANE Holyoke. MA PAUL L KEEL JR. Richmond. Virginia MICHAEL E.KELLY Beacon. New York THOMAS R KELLY JR Fairfax, Virginia WILLIAM P. KELLY Alexandria. Virginia SECONDS 139 GARYP KESSLER Newport News, Virginia MATTHEW L. KEYS Staunton, Virginia HOSSEIN KHOSH-PASAND Arlington, Virginia KARLS KLINAR Columbia. S,C. MICHAEL G. KNAPP Falls Church, VA GERARD J KOEHLER Fort Bliss, Texas KENNETH D, KOVARIK West Springfield, VA STEPHEN M.KRAUS Baltimore, Maryland WALTER M KREITLER Front Royal, Virginia GREG A, KWIATKOWSKI McLean, Virginia WILLIAM C.KYLE Richmond, Virginia BRIAN D, LAKE Lake Hopatcong. NJ ROBERT W. LEATHERBURY Onancock. Virginia FRANK J. LEECH II Albuquerque, NM RICHARD A LEGERE Berlin, NH STEVEN J.LETTS Middletown, NJ i ' W f ' vm vf -- ■:.• 140 SECONDS GARYM. LEVENSON Petersburg, Virginia ROBERT F LIGUORI Oakdale, New York JOHNM LILLARD Fort Knox. Kentucky BERT A LIVERANCE Chapel Hill, N.C. DENNIS R.LOBA Crozet, Virginia RICHARD VLOCKRIDGE Lynchburg, Virginia ARTHUR B, LOEFSTEDT III Holden, MA PHILIP E LOGAN Crownsville, Maryland RUSSELL S.LONG Midlothian. Virginia KENTA LOVEJOY Roanoke. Virginia ANDREW M.LUDLUM Beacon, New York MICHAEL P. LUNING Virginia Beach, Virginia JAMES RLUNSFORD Richmond, Virginia CHRISTOPHER B. LUSK Ringwood, New Jersey HASSAN ALI MAHAN Arlington, Virginia FORREST L MARION Central City, PA MARK A MARKWOOD Chester, Virginia LOTENT MASKER, JR Herndon. Virginia SECONDS 141 HAROLD H. MAYTON III Petersburg. Virginia LOUISE. McBRIDE Richmond, Virginia PATRICK A. McCarthy Upperco. Maryland DENNIS Mccarty IV Delaplane. Virginia CORNELIUS A McCAULEY Vienna. Virginia MARKV McLEAN Clermont, Florida WILLIAM S. M ' COY Richmond, Virginia TIMOTHY EMECREDY Memphis, Tennessee WILLIAM J. MELVIN Ml R ichmond. Virginia DONALD B. MEYER Delray Beach. Florida JAMES OMIKLE Dunwoody. Georgia DENNIS J, MILSTEN Norfolk. Virginia BRENDAN J. MINEY Richmond. Virginia MICHAEL L.MOLHOEK Portage, Indiana DOUGLAS TMONJEAU South Dartmouth, MA JEFFREY J MORGAN Lynchburg. Virginia 142 SECONDS PHILIP B MUNISTERI Setauket, New York CLIFFORD B. MUNNS Cody. Wyoming WILLIAM T.NOLLEY JR. Richmond. Virginia TIMOTHY J. NOVACK West Mifflin, Pennsylvania JAMESV O ' CONNOR JR. Pelham Manor. NY, KENTR OELRICH Manassas, Virginia MICHAELS. ONEIL Succasunna, New Jersey BRIAN C. O ' NEILL New York, New York JAMESA OPENSHAWIII Rockville, Maryland MATTHEW J, OTT McKeesport. PA JAMESA PARSONS Richmond. Virginia WAYLAND H PATTERSON McKenney. Virginia MARK C. PAULS Lafayette. New York DWIGHTW PEARSON Lexington. Virginia SECONDS 143 RICHARD H PENN Annapolis, Maryland PETER R PETERMAN Roanoke. Virginia MATTHEW TPHEIFFER Wilmington, Delaware YVES E. POLLART Virginia Beach, Virginia JOSHUA P PRIEST Norfolk, Virginia ROBERT PQUARLES III Petersburg, Virginia DENNIS G.QUINN Pompano Beacti, Florida PHILLIP LRAEBURN Mechanicsville, VA GEORGE A RAMER JR Culpepper, Virginia DOUGLAS B REDDINGTON Needhiam, MA MICHAEL A RELLINS Vienna, Virginia CECIL K RICHARDSON JR Eastville. Virginia STEVEN R ROBERTS Fayetteville, N C JOSEPH W ROBINSON Hyattsville. Maryland 144 SECONDS ROBERTO H ROBINSON Toms River, New Jersey WILLEM A ROELOFSEN IV Virginia Beach, Virginia JOHN A RUDOLPH JR St Petersburg, Florida JOHNS RUNYON Goose Creek, S C PAULD SADOWSKI JR Fort Belvoir, Virginia HAMIDSAHARKHIZ Arlington, Virginia WILLIAM J. SCHADEMAN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania DAVIDJ SCHERER Ottawa, Illinois HUBERT G SCHNEIDER III Clarksburg, Maryland AILENK SELNAU Hampton, Virginia SECONDS 145 RICHARD L SEPULVEDA Pensacola, Florida NICHOLAS J. SERVIDIO Colts Neck, New Jersey MEHDISHAKIBAFAR Arlington. Virginia DAVID J SHEAHAN Fairfax. Virginia THOMAS G SHEDD Vienna. Virginia WILLIAM M SIPHER Arlington. Virginia THOMASJ SLIPEK Richmond, Virginia MICHAEL C SMITH Nortoll , Virginia RICHARDS SMITH Courtland. Virginia 146 SECONDS HAROLD B.SNYDER III Richmond. Virginia MARKS SOBOTA New York. New York JOHNT STALLINGS Spartanburg. S C JAMES A STAUFFER Bethlehem, Pennsylvania KEITH M.STEWART Newport News, Virginia JESSE W STINNIETTE Lynchburg, Virginia MURRELLF STINNETTS New Canaan, CT WILLIAM T STONEMAN Pennsville, N J DERRYL L.SULLIVAN Lynchburg, Virginia DANIELS SWEENEY Lynchburg, Virginia EMILER. TABS III Gainesville. Virginia MASOUDTAHAMTANI Arlington. Virginia TERDTOONTAPJAN Kensington. Maryland EDWARD TEN HOEVE III Waynesboro. Virginia ALBERT W TIEDEMANN III Richmond. Virginia JOHNE TINSLEY Roanoke. Virginia ROBERT L TITUS JR. Newport News. Virginia RAYMOND L TOMS Richmond, Virginia SECONDS 147 RONALD L TREPANIER Baltimore, Maryland KENNETH W, TROTMAN Chesapeake, Virginia DIXON W TUCKER Roseland, Virginia PRESTON A VOCK Carnegie, Pennsylvania STEVEN D.WAGNER Richmond, Virginia DOUGLAS D WALKER Annandaie, Virginia WILLIAM P, WALLACE Bridgeport, CT LESLIES WALSH West Hartford, CT JEFFREY K WASHINGTON Richmond, Virginia DENNIS M. WATTS Hampton, Virginia JODYH WEATHERWAX Hartford, CT ARMISTEAD L. WELLFORO Raleigh, NC 148 - SECONDS ROBERT F.WHEELER Alexandria, Virginia CHARLES S WHITE Miami, Florida ROBERT L WHITE Virginia Beach, Virginia CRAIG H WILSON Hampton, Virginia TRACY D WILSON Belleville, Illinois FREDD WINKLER Priiladelphia, PA ALEXANDER E WOELPER El Paso, Texas ELLIOTT WWOLFFE Short Hills, New Jersey HERMAN M WRIGHT III Roanoke, Virginia ANTHONY T ZOETIS Arlington Virginia RICHARD D ZOTT Chatham New Jersey ROBERTS SAYRE Waynesboro, Virginia SECONDS 149 150 SECONDS SECONDS 151 CAsees 152 CAREER FAIR w rnw Before you made the decision to enter VMI, you undoubtedly spent a good while doing a bit of college " shopping. " You needed to compare programs and curricula . . . location and services . . benefits and activities. You needed to determine what was best for your future. Isn ' t the rest of your life worth the same consideration? After all, you ' re only at VMI for four years, and your next step may determine your course for over thirty years. After VMI . . . what ' s next? Career Fair was an opportunity to explore, to wonder, to question. Representatives from over thirty professions who have risen to corporate success or who are just getting started in professional life. Men who were once cadets and students and, like you, were wondering about the next step. They came to tell you what it is like. The first Career Fair in VMI ' s history was a great service to all involved. The cadets were informed about the pitfalls and rewards that accompany a successful career in many different fields. Also, the visiting participants were impressed by the caliber of the cadets that make up the Corp of Cadets at VMI. CAREER FAIR 153 THIRD CLASS " N y ; " few ' A Grover Outland, Hist. Eric Gleaves, Pres. Bob Morris, Vice Pres. Our rat year behind us, we returned to the VMI expecting to enjoy the easy life as an upperclassman. We soon realized however, our ratline really hadn ' t ended in March of 1 978. As the academic noose tightened, we again found ourselves at the mercy of the VMI system. Exposed now more than ever to the environments of other colleges, we found it difficult, sometimes Impossible, to achieve that unsteady balance between academics, the military life and social obligations. We met with frustrations, we faced defeats, we cherished our victories and through it all we persevered. Now, together as a class, we will enter our Second Class year determined to make our mark as the VMI Class of 1981. RCM THIRDS 155 JEFFREYS, ADLER Reston. Virginia LYNEB, AIGNER, JR. Richmond, Virginia THOMAS CALBRO Catharpin, Virginia GLEN C.ALEXANDER Goshen, Virginia DUANEC ANDREWS Morristown, TN PAULM. ANDRUS Lynchburg, Virginia WILLIAM PARGIRIOU Huntington. NY ARTHUR J. ARMSTEAD, II Hampton, Virginia SCOTT E ARMSTRONG Troy, New York CARTER D.AUGUSTINE Richmond, Virginia JOHN J AULBACH, II Chambersburg, PA MANUEL J. AVANCENA Bridgewater. Virginia BERNARD M BANAS, JR Wilkes-Bare, PA DAVID W BARBER San Diego, CA KEITH R BARON Dillwyn. Virginia MARCG BARTHELLO Fort Walton Beach, FL f! (3 O f ft i ' -y 9 RICHARD D BARTHOLOMEW Horn Lake, MS DEANE. BEARD Richmond. Virginia WINFIELDL BECKNER Richmond. Virginia BARRY G BEEMER Buchanan. Virginia EUGENE L.BIGELOW Victoria. Texas JOHNF, BIGGER WestMilford.NJ WILLIAM H BIRD Roanoke. Virginia DOUGLAS H. BLOWE Statesville. NC ROBERT L, BOBBITT Rocky Mount. NC ADRIAN T, BOGART Locust Valley. NY PAULB BOULDEN Virginia Beach, VA GARYM BOWMAN Roanoke. Virginia WILLIAM HBOYKIN Richmond. Virginia EDWARD J. BOYLAN Lynchburg. Virginia PAULW BRIER Alexandria. Virginia STEVEN M BROUSE Downington, PA THIRDS 157; EDWARD L BROWN Norfolk, Virginia JAMES W BROWN JR. Williamsport, MD MARK F BRUMENSCHENKEL Mansfield, Ohio ALAN D BUFTON Virginia Beach, VA PARKER B BUHRMAN St. Petersburg, FL Elmer C. BURGESS JR. Newport News, VA MICHAEL D CALLAHAN Martinsburg, WV KIRKS CAMPBELL Athens, Greece JAMES KCANFIELD Richmond, Virginia JOHN R CAWTHORNE Colonial Heights, VA RANDALL B. CHEEK Capitol Heights, MD CHARLES LCHIPLEY III Frederick, Maryland GEORGE T CHUNG Alexandria, Virginia DEAN P CLARKE Westerly, Rl ROBERTF CLIFF JR Mclean. Virginia ROBERT M CODY Shelton, CT ■t -2 S? - 4 1 58 , THIRDS RICHARD J. COMMEFRORD Germantown, TN € f JOSEPH H. CONDUFF. JR Floyd. Virginia JOHANNF COOPER West Hartford, CT WILLIAM R COSTELLO, JR, Virginia Beach, VA MARTIN N.CRISTO Warren, Ohio LOUIS R. DARDEN Richmond, Virginia MARK A DAVID Salem, Virginia KEVIN P. DAVIDSON Baton Rouge, LA WALTER J. DAVIES Suffolk, Virginia CHARLES P DAVIS Vinton, Virginia TIMOTHY A. DEAN Strasburg, Virginia MICHAEL C DENTON Theodore, Alabama GEORGE A DEPAOLI.JR, Vienna. Virginia ROBERT M, DIGBY Mountainside, NJ FREDERICK D. DILLARD Virginia Beach. VA JOHNT. DITILLO Manasquan, NJ JOHN H, DIXON Newport News, VA DANIELS DORSEY Winchester, VA GREGORY B DOYLE Lexington, KY JOHN M DRISCOLL Norfolk, Virginia JIMMIER. DUNCAN, JR Woodbridge, Virginia MICHAEL E DUVAL Dallas. Texas ROBERTF EAKLE, JR. Fairfax, Virginia CHARLES S, FALLS Hanover, Maryland DAVID S FARNSWORTH Boxborrough, MA RANDOLFR FERRIS Falls Church, VA JOHN F FERRY Medford Lakes, NJ DAVID B FIELDER Vienna, Virginia KEITH FOREMAN Beltsville, MD GREGORY D.FOSTER Richmond, Virginia JAMES S, FRAZER Richmond, Virginia KURT C.FREDERICK Reading, Pennsylvania JAMES D.FRISHKORN Poquoson. Virginia ALVINT FUNKHOUSER Del Rio, Texas DANIEL K GALLAGHER Alexandria. Virginia WILLIAM A. GAVAZZI M cLean. Virginia JEFFREY M GILL Richmond, Virginia 160 THIRDS DAVID G- GILLESPIE Old Tappan. NJ DAVID B.GITCHELL Charlottesville. VA ERICV. GLEAVES Wytheville. Virginia MARKA GONSALVES Ludlow. Maryland JOHNE.GOODE Bronx, New York BRUCE C GOTTWALD, JR. Richmond. Virginia ROBERT C.GRAHAM Woodbndge. Virginia JOHNL. HAITHCOCK, JR Richmond, Virginia JEFFREYS HAMILTON Hampton. Virginia JAMES A HANRATTY Oreland. Pennsylvania DAVID A. HARBISON Kings Mountain. NC MARK J HARDY Ashland. Virginia JEREW. HARRIS Springfield. Virginia JAMES A HART Wappingers. New York PAULB. HARTNETT Waynesboro. Virginia MICHAEL W HATFIELD Wise. Virginia MARKK. HEARNE McLean. Virginia KENNETH C, HERBERT Baltimore. Maryland STEPHEN T, HESSON Lynchburg. Virginia DAVID WHINCHEE Roanoke. Virginia TIMOTHY J HILLEGASS Norfolk. Virginia GEOFFREY C. HINSHELWOOD Richmond. Virginia CHARLES EHOFFERT.JR Chester. Virginia EDWARD E, HOLLAND. JR. Sandston. Virginia JAMES R HOLLOWAYJR Vinton, Virginia JOHNE HOLLOWAY, III Williamsburg, Virginia JAMES E HOSTETTER.JR Lexington, Virginia RICHARD A. HUBBARD, III Tonawanda, New York MICHAEL A. HUFF Monassas, Virginia GORDON T IVASCU Morrisville, PA JAMES A. JACKSON Williamstown, W. Va. JACOB RJAKS Wheatland, Calif, DENNIS A. JOHNSON Washington, DC. WILLIAM P, JOHNSON Roanoke, Virginia MARKKANTER Norfolk, Virginia DOUGLAS R KENNEDY Pittsburgh, PA WILLIAM W KING Radtord, Virginia BRUCE R KITCHEN Richmond, Virginia NELSA KLOSTER Alexandria, Virginia DOUGLAS A, KNESAL Richmond, Virginia 162 THIRDS ANDREW L.KOLESAR, III Hamilton, Ohio JOHNH KOSTISIN Clifton, New Jersey JAMES E LANGAN Bethel Park, PA ELDER L LASH. IV Portsmouth, Virginia ANDRE E, LAUZIER Fairfax, Virginia EDWIN C. LAWLESS McLean, Virginia ROBERT J LAWLESS, JR EastGranby, CT RAYMOND R, LAWSON Stewartsville, NJ MARKG LAYNE Charlottesville, VA HARRY G. LEE, JR Richmond, Virginia WILLIAMG LEFTWICH, III Annandale, Virginia RICHARDS, LITTLEFIELD Ft. Meade, Maryland JOHN P. LOCHER Buena Vista. Virginia DAVID P. LODUCA St- Louis. Missouri ROBERT V.LONGO Bloomfield. New Jersey CALVIN E. LOVING. JR, Palmyra. Virginia THIRDS I eai MARKS. LOWE Washington, Virginia GREGG M.LYNAM Westchester, PA RAFAEL L. MADRIGAL Miami, Florida JOHN D, MALANGA Washington, NJ GERALD R.MANLEY Alexandria, Virginia SCOTW. MARSH Arlington, Virginia MARK J MARTIN McLean, Virginia NATHANIEL C.MASSIE, III Glasgow, Virginia GABE S. MASTROBUONO Philadelphia, PA STEPHEN M. MAURER Longmeadow, MA JOSEPH w. McCarthy Lynchburg, Virginia BENJAMIN 8. McCLELLAN Fairfax, Virginia DOUGLAS W.McCOY Ligonier, PA RICHARD J. McCUE Falls Church, Virginia RONALD M. Mcculloch, mi Montvale, Virginia WILLIAM J McDonald, III Burlington, Maryland JOHNS, McKEEGAN New City, New York ALAN M. McLACHLEN San Francisco, CA MICHAEL R. McLEOD Vienna, Virginia HENRY C.MEREDITH, III Norfolk, Virginia MATHEW W MERRIMAN Virginia Beach, VA JAMES P MIGLIARESE Salem, Virginia RONALD A. MISLOWSKY Grand Blanc, Ml BRYON C.MITCHELL Falls Church, VA 164 THIRDS DONALD A. MITCHELL Charlottesville, VA JOSEPH P MOAN Fort Lee. New Jersey CHRISTOPHER T, MONNETTE Norfolk, Virginia HARRY M.MOORE Richmond. Virginia GARY A. MORGAN Lynchburg. Virginia ROBERT J. MORRIS Harrisonburg. VA RAYMOND F MOSCHLER Midlothian, Virginia ROBERTO, MOSS, III Richmond, Virginia THOMAS B MOWE Hamilton, Virginia CHRISTOPHER A. MUNGER Naperville. IL ROBERTA MUNNO West Islip, New York TERRY M, MURPHY Urbanna, Virginia JOHNE MYERS Ft. Gordon, Georgia PIETERF. NAUTA Wilton, Connecticut RICHARD M NEALS Woodsboro, Maryland TIMOTHY L.NEWKIRK Knoxville, Tennessee TIMOTHY A NITZ Richmond, Virginia RALPHS. NORTHAM Onancock, Virginia EDWARD L OAST, III Portsmouth. Virginia MATTHEW W. O ' CONNER Clifton Forge. VA MARK A OLSON Omaha, Nebraska DAVID B. OPENSHAW Rockville, Maryland GROVERC. OUTLAND, III Norfolk, Virginia JAMES V.OVCA Chappaqua, New York THIRDS 165 KURTS OWERMOHLE Hawley, Pennsylvania MARCUS B PAINE Anchorage, Alaska FRANK J, PALERMO. Ill Alexandria, Virginia DANIELS PERE Bellmore, New York WILLIAM G PFEIFFER. JR. Rockville. Maryland KENNETH A PIERRO Rochelle Park. New York NORMAN D PITMAN. Ill Mobile. Alabama MICHAEL J PLACZEK Maspeth. New York KENNETH O POHLIG Richmond. Virginia BARTLEYW PRICE Stanley. Virginia BRIAN LQUISENBERRY Enterprise. Alabama RICHARD RAMOS Fayetteville, NC 166 THIRDS MICHAEL J RATTIE,JR Carnegie. Pennsylvania FRANK E. REECE Virginia Beach, VA JOHN L. REED Virginia Beach, VA DAVID L RICHARDS East Hanover, NJ SCOTT E RITTENHOUSE Hampton, Virginia LOUIS W ROLAN Chesapeake, Virginia JORGA RONKE ARC New York, New York JOSEPH I ROSENBERGER Waynesboro, Virginia RICHARD H RUSSELL Fairfax, Virginia MICHAEL G SANDERS N Huntington. PA DAVID J, SAUNDERS Fredericksburg. VA NICHOLAS 8 SAVAGE Alexandria. Virginia ROBERTA SAVAGE. JR Atlantic, Virginia THOMAS J SAVAGE N Huntingdon, PA MICHAEL A J SAWYER Bayonne, New Jersey THIRDS 167 CHARLES SCHESVENTER Sandston. Virginia JESSE SEAWELL Richmond, Virginia JOHNSEDARAT Medford, New Jersey STEPHEN G SEITZ Annville. Pennyslvania EDWARD P. SEMEIA Brooklyn, New Jersey ROYD SERICE Alexandria, Virginia STEVEN R SHAFFER Warrenton, Virginia LEONARDO SHELTON, JR. Pamplin, Virginia MARKC SHEPARD Roanol e, Virginia WIRTE SHINAULT Richmond, Virginia JOSEPH HSHRADER Narrows, Virginia MICHAEL A SHUPP Bethlehem, PA ROBERTS SILVERMAN Malverne, New York PETER J SIRRICO Kingston, Maryland JOSEPH M SPEARS, III Fairfax, Virginia 168 THIRDS WILLIAM R STAMM Hockessin, Delaware THOMAS N STENT Oakton, Virginia RUSSELL S STEPHENS Petersburg, VA WAYNE J SUGGS Alexandria. Virginia THEODORE W SWEETLAND Hopewell, Virginia NICHOLAS G SYSOCK Rahway, New Jersey NATHAN C TABBERT Hendersonville, TN DAVID G TAYLOR Colonial Heights, VA STEPHENS THOMAS Fairfax. Virginia BRUCE E THOMPSON Petersburg, Virginia CHETD THOMPSON St Petersburg. FL EDWARD F THOMPSON Mobile, Alabama ROBERT R THOMPSON Wise, Virginia CRISTOPHERD TIMMONS Orangeburg, SC DAVID W TOMCZAK Manassas, Virginia PETER M TRANCHIK Iselin, New Jersey LEONO, TURNER, JR Roanoke, Virginia JAMES B TUTTLE, Gordonsville, VA ROBERT T. UNDERWOOD Dublin, Virginia MARKS. VASCO Steelton, Pennsylvania RICHARDS. WAGNER Petersburg, Virginia JAMES J. WALLER Huntington Station, NY WILLIAM R WARD Moundsville, West VA JAMES M. WARING Fairfax, Virginia DAVID E.WASHINGTON Hampton, Virginia KURTL WEAVER Lexington, Virginia DOUGLAS K WELLS Richmond, Virginia GREGORY D WHITE Manassas, Virginia JEFFREY R, WHITE Lynchburg, Virginia RICHARDP. WIGGS, JR. Newport News. Virginia THOMAS K WIGGS Newport News, Virginia ELLIOTT T, WILLIAMS Nashville, Tennessee JOHN C, WILLIAMS Middleburg, Virginia JOHN N.WILLIAMS North East, Maryland MACK L.WILLIAMS Newport News, Virginia ROBERT WILLIAMS Washington, D.C. THIRDS GREGORY A WOLVEN Virginia Beach, VA CLAYC. WOMMACK Suffolk. Virginia GARY K. WON Alexandria, Virginia VINCENT A. WOOD III Ivlidlothian, Virginia SAMUEL E, WOOLWINE JR. Ricfimond, Virginia HAROLD H WORRELL JR. Roanoke, Virginia ALEXANDROIVl. WRIGHT Alexandria, Virginia CARLWU Manassas, Virginia STEPHEN C.YANCEY Waynesboro, Virginia JAMESW. YONTS JR. Rural Retreat, Virginia GLENN R.ZARAMBA Reading, Maryland JOHNH BUDDE Cincinnati, Otiio JEFFREY E.CARTER Stafford, Virginia WALLACE H. LLOYD, III Falls Church. Virginia J---V j- tBf f C 81 172 THIRDS 174, THIRDS THIRD S 175 THE BRIGHTER SIDE Third Stoop Improperly Dressed! OFFICE OF THE REQISTRAR 12-22-78 VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA SEMESTER QRAOE REPORT 1ST TERM 1978-79 Ts " HA MA ME NS PE PY P.O. BOX - prrr 102 201 311 201 201 20« 207 06 BASIC COMP PROG 01 CAL AN QEOl i III 03 DIFF EQUATIONS 01 STATICS 02 NAV WEAPONS SVS 03 FIRST AID 02 GEN PHYSICS I COURSE TITLE " 7« T70 3;o 3 0 34O MO 045 440 liil ■ " It " ' TTo OtO 0.0 0.0 3.0 1.5 0,0 «±5 SEMESTER NO. SCHOOL YEAR T«.TO ti ID. NO. 329007 NS MILITARY DEMEBITS 5 50 HRKID D«TI IXCEUIVI QRADINQ SYSTEM RATI NO QMDE ■KLOW AVO- AMWQ CONOmOHAL FA1.UM MCOUPLITl « The Academic Ratline ■ IMHTED TEA. CUUULATIVI .419 .419 1.574 WEIIHTEO QUAUIT HHIIT tVEUtE 176 THIRDS OF BEING A THIRD Ycu the def being NOTICE DATE C f oi . fi;larpd nn F eportp ' I ' l —W fcr , . __ _hecked below. Article (Imp Displayed) (unauth) 3ookshelf (Not Harked) (In disorder) (Unauth Art icU y in Same) y Civilian Clothing . ljnaiitho - »«n Floor (Dirty) (Tra h on same) Food Dox (In window) (not in box) (not o n she It ) • Hayroll (Imp wiilnd) (i m i ip l i ' )H d) ?own Dn same j; Locker, Wal 1 Clothing (in disorder) (dTrTyT Unauthorized ar ticle displayed Ml ( ip ! ■» ) grossly unprepax c Record CabinetArfires (|n disorder) (dirty) (Imp displayed) (unauth. article) _ Shoes n»ots (Dirty) (unshined imp sh (Imp displayed) Sink Mirror Glass shelves (Dirty) Status Card (Imp Marked) Status Card (unmarked) ed) Table (Dirty) (in disorder) (Unauth art on) Wall (Dirty) (unauth art displayed) ■ sill transom (Dirty) (art in same) Othe Othe Othe Othe NOTES : Rank Does Have Its Privileges, There Goes My Commandant ' s The Poviier Ofttie3x5 URTHCLA I lip which would prove to be a four year challenge. A challenge whereby our families lost a boy and in return gained a man. We had heard of The Virginia Military Institute and of her fine record of producing the Marshalls, Pullers, Lejeunes and other greats alike. So we came, seeking the system which would mold us all into the " VMI MAN. " The challenges also came, and they came head on. However, we stuck together and stuck it out. We met every thing that they could throw at us and we lifted our heads triumphantly high, swelled with pride, realizing our achievements. It wasn ' t easy but then what is of real worth? We became the CLASS OF 1 982 and we showed to all just exactly what that number meant. Sacrifice! We knew just what that word meant. We were reminded of it every time that we received a letter from home or when those exciting weekends came and we had the time to think about what we could have been doing as opposed to what we really were doing. Yes, the sacrifices were apparent but they all seemed well worth it as we had the first chance to lean back and strut in our uniforms and show to the world that " by God, we are the best! " By Wednesday, 21 February 1 979, that long awaited day had arrived. Our dyke ' s class believed that we had met the same challenge that they had to overcome. We had proven ourselves to be worthy of the uniform and of being a class. We indeed are grateful for the outstanding leadership from the class of ' 79, which is easier to remember and appreciate now, than when we were living through it. What we accomplished here, what we endured here will make an everlasting indelibel mark on our lives and confirm a title within us: " VMI MAN " . No longer will we walk the worn out path that so many before us did. Never again will we be addressed as " Rat " , but we have grown and sensed the changes that have taken place, For within us a higher calling comes forth; unity, responsibility, spirit, dedication, pride and honor. HT.BITZBEI J. D. BODNAR J. K. BOHON R.B.BORN J. S. BOUCHE J.M.BOYD W. J. BRADLE D. L. BRATTO H. BRIESMAS R. P. BRIGGS M. G. BRYAIil M. H. BUEHLE D.A.BURCH! D. N. BURDEt W. N. burneI S.E.BYRD i C. L. CAMPEf J. F. CAMPIC R. M. CAMPI lF C.G.DEVENS T. L. DIGNAN S. P. DOBLER R. A. DORSEY F. P. DOUG ' P. D. DREV1 C. E. DRUM L. A. DUNNAV T. D. DUREY M. H. DURKIHr R. L. EBERf M C.EDEN AWEDW CFEia- E.G.E D. E. ERTZNE R. J. ETHERIC R.H.EVANS , A.E.EWELL I M.R.EWING S T. S. FAIRBURi C. W. FANSH T. E. FARMER R. F. FELVEY ! S.H.FINKEN i W.B. FOLTZ S W. J. FORRER? N. E FORTNE P. L. FOSTER i C. E. killing ' s W. KIM T. S. KINZER C. E. KIRCHMII J. C. KISTLER R. H. KLENKE P. L. KNIGHT D. P. KOHLER A. E. KUCHNIN W.J.KULAS " T. L. KUSTERE J. A. R. LARRV P. R. LAUSTEN S. M. LE D. K. LEE M. A. LEE S. J. LEVAN J. D. LEWIS , D. F. LIDDICOE W. E. LINDQUIJ R. P. LOUTHA D. A. LOY C. W. LUCY : K. M. LUNDGRi J. W. MACDON JR. 5 G.F.MACKIN T. J. MADIGAN J. A. MALCHIOE C.C.MANUEL 4 G. L, MARANG , I ' l ' l I iili ' ii ' i ' ii I Ti ' I K. F. SHARP M. G. SHEA F. J. SHERIQ M. J. SHIFFLI J. C. SHOWAL D.L.SHUTT D. N. SILLS J. A. SIMMONr C. S. SIMMONS D. S. SMITH ; K. A. SMITH R. L. SMYTHEFi K. L. SNELL E. B. SNIDER I M. J. SOFIA T. M.SPROULE J. D. STACK JR£ R. G. STEWARI M. C. STRAUB 5 W. A. STRICKt G. G. STUMP R. O. STUVER J. J. SUAREZ J. M. TABB J. H. THORNTON J. R. THRASHER W. A. TOWLER C. J. TREMAGLIO T. G TROBRiDGE J.E.TUCKER W. B. TYMINSKI K.M. UGLIG J. F. USHER B.W. VANDERWARKER S. J. VARGA W. E. VICKERS J. W. WAINWRIGHTIII J. A. WALKER W. B. WALKER E. T. WALSH J. H. WAMSLEY III D. T. WAGNER L. D. WAGNER mm S.WARREN . W I PH. WEBB T ' ? — « ' , W.S P. H. WEBB K. J. WEIDLICH B. M. WELSH P. S. WHITE K. R.WILKERSON ' J.E.WILLIAMS L. R. WILLIAMS A. M. WILSON R. R. WILSON J. L. WINKLER II R. S, WOOD S. T, WOOD W S WOODELL R E WOOLWINE III J. M. WORLEY C. R. YARBROUGH JR. K. L. YATES J. B. YODZIS C. J. ZOTTO J. C. EDWARDS ' 82 BREAKS OUT! i ■E. ' ■ ■ ■ % w " " Im T J M ai i i IS m M FOUNDERS DAY WEEKEND Founder ' s Day Weekend, November 10-11 marked an extra special event this year at VMI. Not only did Alumni and the Corps of Cadets celebrate the institute ' s 1 39th birthday but it v as during this weekend that the statue of General George C. Marshall, VMI ' S most illustrious graduate, w as dedicated. 198 FOUNDERS DAY The occasion was begun on Friday, November 1 0, with the presentation of the New Market Medal to the Honorable Mills E. Godwin. This was followed by a Review Parade presented in honor of the former governor of Virginia. On Founder ' s Day, November 1 1 , the statue of George C. Marshall was dedicated. A 19 gun salute marked the conclusion of this most memorable Founder ' s Day celebration. FOUNDERS DAY 199 CORPS li HONOR COURT While at VMI, a cadet ' s word is never questioned; his work for grade is considered to be his own; his tests are never monitored by his professors; and his room need never be locked to protect his valuables. Our system of honor is indeed unique in its Utopian atmosphere, and we as cadets intend to preserve its uniqueness — for ourselves and even more importantly for those who will attend the VMI in the future. Truly the VMI Honor System belongs to all VMI men everywhere. It is theirs to cherish and protect. May it last forever. For as long as her Honor System survives, so too will the Institute. Robert Lee Norris, Jr. President of the 1 978-1 979 VMI Honor Court WHO ' S WHO This year the class of 1979 has sent forward twenty-seven of its finest Brother Rats to represent the Virginia Military Institute in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. These men were chosen by a board composed of cadets and faculty. They were recognized for their praiseworthy leadership and achievements in academics, athletics, extracurricular activities and service to the Institute. These men are: Mike Mendez, Tim Bridges , Tom Bright, Meade Spotts, Claude Fore, Jamie Smith, Phil Southers, Dan Foster, Jay Virtue, Jay Gede, Chappy Lucas, Marc Withers, Tony Hamilton, John Colonna, Jeff Smith, Councill Rudolph, Bobby Norris, Bob Arnold, Paul Jussel, Nick Kept, Steve Lyon, Tony Pais, Bob Bookmiller, Jeff Curtis. Not Pictured: Jim Leavitt, Mark Cheek, Hank Chase. These men have worked hard and deserve this honor. They are outstanding representatives of the first class and the Institute. ■I,II1!I ■I REGIMENTAL STAFF Regimental Commander — Cadet First Captain Councill C. Rudolph, II Regimental Executive Officer — Cadet Captain Anthony B. Pais Regimental Adjutant Regimental S-3 Regimental S-4 Regimental S-5 Regimental S-5 Lt. — Cadet Captain Henri G. Chase — Cadet Captain Robert A. Johannsen — Cadet Captain John A. Brown — Cadet Captain William E. McCarthy — Cadet First Lt. John D. Stocker REGIMENTAL AND COLOR SERGEANTS Regimental Sgt. Major — Cadet Sgt. Major John A. Rudolph Regimental S-3 Sergeant — Cadet Sgt. Rick Tabb Regimental S-4 Sergeant — Cadet Sgt. Russell A. Long Regimental S-5 Sergeant — Cadet Sgt. Steven J. Letts Cadet Sgt. Merle F. Stinnette Cadet Sgt. Dennis W. Hackemeyer Cadet Sgt. Kenneth M. Baybutt CORPS , ' 205 FIRST BATTALION STAFF Battalion Commander Battalion Adjutant Battalion S-3 Battalion S-4 Battalion S-5 — Cadet Captain Paul C. Jussel — Cadet First Lt. Henry J. Rogers — Cadet First Lt. Thomas R. Kovach, Jr. — Cadet First Lt. David E. Houser — Cadet First Lt. Craig A. Myler SECOND BATTALION STAFF Battalion Commander Battalion Adjutant Battalion S-3 Battalion S-4 Battalion S-5 — Cadet Captain Nicholas C. Kept — CadetFirstLt. JohnO.Colonna, II — Cadet First Lt. Edward A. Johnson, Jr. — Cadet First Lt. Michael R. Vela — Cadet First Lt. Charles E. Smith CORPS 207 ALPHA COMPANY Company Commander J Danny Foster Company X.O. Steven W. Dailey Lieutenants: Larry W. Betz G. Dariush Alipanah Howard I. Adams TedC. Kientz Guide or Bearer Joseph Bonsignore Jay Higginbotham, Dave Grim, Ed Negro, Jofin Airis, John Vaughn, Dave Pyle, Joe Corsaro, Dennis Staples. Skip Briggs, Larry Adams, Dave Choplinsl i, Carter McCrowell, Chip Marohn, Marc Withers, Jim Atkins, Brad Burns, Meade Spotts, Jay Gede, Bill Drewery, Mory Wood, Bill Albro, John Blake, Dave Taylor, Pen Pace, Nick Collins, Steve Powers, Brad Jones, Mike Oden, Joe Bonsignore, Larry Williams, Kevin Brown. 208 CORPS EE i»i ' i I : .IK£Q THE HEALTH FVL AND PLEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF HONORABLE YOVTHS PRESSING VP THE- HILL OF SCIENCE WITH NOBLE EMVLATION A GRATIFYING SPECTACLE ANHONOR TO OVR COVNTRY AND OVR STATE: OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR I NSTRVCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVDOFHERFAMEAND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL ' OO TO- VJLNDICATE H.ER HONOR OR DEJJNDHER IGiiTS Captain Henry V. Meager USA VMM 969 Major Gerald L. Morey USA University of Tampa 1 974 CORPS 209 BRAVO COMPANY Company Commander Philip H. Callahan Company X. O. Nicholas S. Rantis Lieutenants: Michael D. Thomas Robert L. Parodi Donald V. Wells David F. Woolwine First Sergeant Forrest L. Marion Master Sergeant Thomas N. Gelles Guidon Bearer Janis G. Ozolins ' f- Charlie Moses. Keith Ranker. Jim Leavitt, Dean Smith, George Myers. Mark Cheek, Dave Crawford, Reggie Sadler,ftob Maxey Captain Joseph D. Duncan, Jr. USAF The Citadel 1971 Captain Charles F. Hamilton USMC VMM 971 THE HEALTH FVL AND PLEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF HONORABLE YOVTHS PRESSING VP THE HILL OF SCIENCE: WITH NOBLE EMVLATION A- GRATIFYING SPECTACLE ; AN HONOR. TO- OVR- COVNTR.Y AND OVB. STATE OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR. INSTR.VCTOR.S AND FAIR. SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVD OF HER FAME AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL TO VI ICATE HER- HONOIV OR DEFEND HER RIGHTS - 5 CHARLIE COMPANY Company Commander Howard C. Lucas Company X.O. Dirk A. Cox Lieutenants James R. Pigg James E. Barger John Potfenbarger Ricardo J. Rendon First Sergeant Gary L. Fellows Master Sergeant Robert F. Liguori Guidon Bearer Gregory C. Quinn BEST REGARDS TO COLONEL EDGAR Mike Mendez. Bob Morris, Pete Underwood, Tom Bright, Mohammed Hossein Pour, Bill Peacock, Reza Zeinali, Brian Tollie, Steve Lyon, Fil Truitt, Mohammad Razipour, Randy Hawkins, Bob Sievert, AN Nassiri, Joe Walbert, Asadollah Keshavarz, Ray Hendrickson, Terry Fox Lieutenant Richard L. Johnson USN Clarion State 1973 Captain Kenneth F. Houston USA VMI1969 1 THE-HEAITHFVIANDPIEASANTABODE-OFACROWDOFHONOHABLE YOVTHS PRESSING VP THE HILL OF SCIENCE WITH NOBLE EMVLATION AGRATIFYING SPECTACLE : AN HONOR. TO- OVR.COVNTR.Y AND OVR. STATE: OBJECTS OF HONEST PR.IDE TO THEIR. INSTP,VCTOR.S AND FAIR. SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR. NATIVE STATE PR.OVD OF HER. FAME AND R.EADY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL DELTA COMPANY Company Commander KonY. Shin Company X.O. Michael S. Ogden Lieutenants Thomas H. White Bruce Reinard Jay G. Virtue Jeff H. Curtis First Sergeant Edwin L. Baker Master Sergeant Frank J. Leech Guidon Bearer Steven Scaglione Dick Maslin, Sput Leadbetter, Stan Hodges, Jim LaRose, Tom Wilson, Bob Bowling, Jeff Beeby, Kirk Latsha, Russ Zech, John Stevenson, Rick Cadugan, Ed Buck, Roy Sadler, Pete Petterson, Don Zimmer, Steve Scaglione, John Pleasants 214 CORPS THE HEALTHFVL AND PLEASANT ABODE OF A CRO X ' D OF HONORABLE YOVTHS PRESSING VP THE HILL OF SCIENCE WITH NOBLE EMVLATION AGRATIFYING SPECTACLE AN HONOR TO OVR. COVNTRY AN D OVR STATE: OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRUCTORS AND- FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVD OF HER FAME AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL TO VINDICATE HER HONOR OR DEFEND HER RIGHTS -•31 CORPS 215 ECHO COMPANY Company Commander Robert L. Norhs Company X.O. Gary D.Parker Lieutenants Daniel L. Richardson Pedro Alvarez Eric Schwarz Farshad Majidian First Sergeant Brian O ' Neill Master Sergeant Loten T. Masker Guidon Bearer William T. Bersson Eric Most, Rick Hall, Rich Toft, Masoud Bajestani, Abbasali Erfani, Dariush Ahmadpoursamani, Pirooz Borojerdi, Sam Murphy, Stan Ballard, Billy Tulloh, Charlie Sachs, George Graham, Bill Sarvay, DaveSholler, Dan Kornacki, Chip Humphrey, Massle Meredith, Bill Bersson, Al Higginbotham, Stan Leek 216 CORPS rr W . Lt. Phillip A. Bishop USN USNA1972 II Captain Thomas A. Fitzgerald USAF VMI1971 IT X THE HEALTHFVL AND PLEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF HONORABLE YOVTHS PRESSING VP THE HILL OF SCIENCE WITH NOBLE EMVLATION A GRATIFYING SPECTACLE AN HONOR TO OVR COVNTRY AND OVR STATE OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRVCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF CmZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVD OF HER FAME AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL jg TO VINDICATE HER HONOR OR DEFEND HER RIGHTS FOXTROT COMPANY Captain Warren C. Wagner USA VMI1970 Captain David A. Sheppard USA California State at Long Beach 1 969 nn iii iiB — HI III HI III l: III ■1 111 t ' " , 111 111 » mmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmm BAND COMPANY Company Commander EarlG.Pilker Comapny X.O. Asa H. Page Lieutenants Jamie L. Smith Timothy K. Bridges Timothy E. Ritzert Curtis L. McCabe First Sergeant William T Stoneman Master Sergeant Steven M. Andrews Gleb Taran. Tom Mitchell, Bob Suthard, Tim Cordle. Bill Lamb, Craig Maxson Lt. jg. John M. Demsey USN Penn State 1 975 Major Phares E, Noyes USA William Carey College 1974 CORPS 221 7 ■« % , ACTIVITIES First Row: Morris R J . Gleaves E.V., Outland G C , Second Row: McDonough R.A.. Jussel PC, Hamilton A E. President, Gomez J. P. Weaver G.M., Third Row: Rantis N.S., Baker L.E. Ill, Wood W B. II, Fain H.M. III. General Committee Executive Committee First Row: McCarthy W,E., McLean J.C, Gede J.A. President, McDonough R.A., Second Row: Gleaves E.V., Johnson W.P., Let S. J., Stauffer J.A., Lee H.G., Third Row: Jaks JR., Wheeler R., Collins N., Burton J., Nauta P. The General Committee is a body composed of the class officers of the upper three classes, and a continual rotating jury assigned the task of enforcing and protecting class privileges within the VMI corps of Cadets. The General Committee additionally insures that protective measures designed for all cadets are strictly adhered to. The Executive Committee is a body composed of the class officers of the upper three classes, assigned the task of assuring that the standards and traditions of VMI are upheld by every cadet within or outside the barracks. The Posit Committee is an organization composed of Members representing the upper three classes and leaders throughout the Corps. Assigned the responsibility of investigating matters concerning all members of the VMI Corps of Cadets, the Posit Committee seeks to objectively study and subsequently recommend courses of action to the Commandant and Superintendent on behalf of the Corps. 224 ACTIVITIES OGA Pyle DA., Mitchell T.K., Leadbetter J.L . Walberl J. President, Ozolins J , Bersson B., Burton J. The Officer of the Guard Association is an organization comprised of First Class Privates representing each company within the Corps of Cadets. The OGA acts as a mediator between the Corps and the Institute Authorities in matters where a cadet feels he has been treated unfairly. Additionally the OGA deals with individual problems arising between Cadets. ACTIVITIES 225 •S ' SRi S ' Andrews S.M.; J.W., Wilson T, R.M., Adams D; E.J.,PaceC.C P.T., Eichman C.F. an Chemical Society student affiliate chapter is a cation dedicated to expanding the horizons of its members beyon — indaries of VMl. The ACS enables cadets to examine what is happening in the real chemical world. This year, the members were introduced to the activities of other chemists in roles such as: American defense research, industrial research and development, and graduate school chemistry. American Society of Civil Engin The ASCE is the largest and one of the oldest cadet organizations at the VMl. Through i activities, which include seminars, paper competitions, projects, and branch meetings, the promotes pride in the profession of Civil Engineering and gives cadets exposure to potenti employment opportunities. J President: Hank Chase Vice President: Forrest Marion 1 226 ACTIVITIES First Row; Szabo, P.F., Avery, L. G., Mendez, M. Commander, Cook, t L., Second Row: Sadowski, P. D., Airis, J. M., Diggs, J. W., Brown, J. D5; Third Row: Shelton, L. C, Capt. Fitzgerald, Taylor, D. G., HInton, C. J., Fourth Row: Kwiatowski, G. A., Davidson, K. P. The Baptist Student Union is a v , active Christian organization at the VMI. The program centers around a Sunday evening fellowship and supper at Manly Memorial Baptist Church. The BSU participates in many other activities such as the hospital ministry to the elderly at Stonewall Jackson Hospital, the BSU Folk which sings contemporary Christian music, and raising of funds for the state BSU Summer Missions program. The mgi objective of the BSU however, is t satisfy the individual ' s spiritual, 1 emotional, and intellectual needss to lead cadets and faculty membei a commitment to Jesus Christ as | Savior and Lord. : Mike Weatherholtz, President Keith Ranker, Vice President lold Air Society is a organization .Seating support of the „ited States Air Force. Here .the VMI, the Society seeks to render service to the community, provide professional training leading to a career as an Air Force Officer and provide social functiqi for its members. I A r n o 1 d A i r S o c i e t y ACTIVITIES 227 TheBuslers The chosen few who give the Corps the smaller things In life! First Row: Ogden M., Leech F., Horan T., Sawyer M., Second Row: SouthersP., Colonna J, SayreS, Outland G. Cadet Program Board The CPB seeks to provide cultural, : social, recreational, and educational programs which will interest and benefit cadets, faculty, and staff of VMI. Participation in these activities are conducive to personal and social development in a college atmosphen These opportunities to obtain traininj and experience outside the classroom in fields of interest further enhances the educational atmosphere of the college community. Cadet Recreati Committee The purpose of the CRC is to organize, coordinate, and facilitate indoor and outdoor Recreational activities for the Corps of Cadets. These goals were achieved by providing " reational equipment, sponsoring CRC tournaments and reational furloughs, and simultaneously encouraging ividual and group safety. I Row: Southers P., Avery L., Mendez M., Martin J., Second Row: Sayre S., t E., Kovach T., Not Pictured: Ives J.G. Cheerleaders First Row: Barnes M., Kay Smith, Sanborn M., Second Row: Nancy Clayton, Schull W , Nancy Kofting, Bradshaw D., Kerry Leahy, McConnell J . Beth Harris, Suthard B., Janet Conners, Truit F., Lyn Moore. Every year around football season there ' s a group of cadets and Southern Seminary girls who get together and form the VMI Cheerleading squad. This rowdy bunch works to raise spirit with pep rallies and cheers before and during football and basketball seasons, at both home and away games. 1978 brought a new crop of girls and guys along with some new stunts and rally ideas along with the old VMI standards to unite spirit within the Corps. GO! FIGHT! WIN! ACTIVITIES 229 Civil War Roundtable 1 mm ' - WK K Sm jsi U m . M W ■■lJMH ' iM 9 l l0iv H 9 E H L Cp m ft Jk IJk li M ' i The Civil War Roundtable ' s purpose is to acquaint the members with the history of the Civil War and its relationship to VMI. Members of the VMI Civil War Roundtable participate in muzzle loading activities, sponsor a Turkey Shoot each year at White ' s Farm, visit historic Civil War sites, and participate in the annual New Market Battle Re-enactment held in May. Top: Loba D., Luduca D. Fourth Row: Suggs W.. Snel! W., Mathews R. Third Row: McGovern B., Jennings B.. Ditillo J., Thompson G., Keister R., Demeo. Maj. MM Seider. Second Row: Armstrong S.,LoyD., Vargas., Knapp M., Henry R., QuarlesB, First Row: Franz G., Harbison D , Moss K., LambB., Budler M., Carty J, J. Dalessandro B., Liddicoet, D. College Republicans First Row: Swartz K.R., Taran G. President, Reece F.E., Thomas M.O., Rantis N.S., Bonsignore J.. Second Row! Liwarancs B.A.. Johnson W.P:.JaKs JR.. MversG.B.. DaileyS.W.f I The VMI College Republicans represent " cadets in the College I Republican Federation Virginia. This Club gives interested cadets an opportunity to get involved in Republican Politics and Political Campaigns. Cadets gain exposure to the j political spectrum of th nation and the state. :i 230 ACTIVITIES D M s i 1 t s u t i c 1 t e n a n g r t u y s 1 s h e d .OVD ' OF-HER- FAME- AND • READY- IN £ ' •HER- RIGHTS First Row: Latsha K.L., Zech R.A., Hendrickson R,D.. Colonel Edgar, Mmnix J B Larose J-J., ' f° ' :p- l ' ' ZZarz Second Row: Arthur J.E., Lyon S.C. Cadugan R.G,. Vordermark J D , Callaway C T Thompson V J . Jo le B S_. Schwarz EM, Third Row: Spotts MA., Fore C,H., Southers PL., Norns R L., Kientz T.C., f " 2.C,,Leadbetter XL, Fourth Row Rudolph C.C , Kept NC, Briggs R.W , Jussel PC, Jackson C W , Fifth Row: Pace S P . Pilker E G . Ozolins J.G., Bates RW, Foster J.D. Golonna JO., Sixth Row: Higginbotharr, J.H., Maxey R S., Withers J M , Gede J A , Myler C.A., Bartol R J , Ogg DA., Lachmanek P.G., Negro EM., Bookmiller R M Comprised of US Army ROTC First Classmen, the Distinguished Military Students have excelled in the military, academic, and Governmental areas of the VMI system. ACTIVITIES ' 231 E S N O G C L I I E S T H Y Left to Right; Titus P L, Meredith WM.RellinsM A , Jones R C , Dunn WN , WhiteCS , EiiadesG H President, Arena FP. Alston CM , WitherowR E , Corsaro J G , LettwichWC, O ' Connor J V , Smith J G The VMI English Society is a group of Cadets comprised primarily, yet not completely, of English majors striving for a higher level of knowledge through cultural experience Its function is to provide the VMI academic society with movies, lecturers and other intellectually stimulating activities In order to better promote its cause the English Society has chosen to carry a rather low profile, so low in fact that at times it appears to be non- existent As the above picture shows, knowledge is good and can be spread throughout the Corps. (Note: Cadets of the English Society are shown paying homage to the Knowledge Box; Joe Corsaro — Caretaker.) i .- ! .. . J! ' imii -:, .978-79 Cai Canaries chirped their way into the hearts of thou sands. Unfortunately, the throated troubadou no one whose penn could equal their gL.. tongues. So, it is left to our. „. literary brilliance to expou l their praises. Their - ' ' renditions of " Shen ' and " Carry Me Bad Virginny " will long s tear-rendering tribu the greatness and y another day. They S an inspiration. So nr that maybe, somedi could even be gran ' enough to sing " Di) 232 ACTIVITIES M ffmBt k The Hop Floor is an elite group of cadets who spend six or seven weeks of the year tearing paper and doing the ancient dance of the sugar plum fairy. Then, each night during that week, when everything is quiet and all good cadets are asleep, this group of elves steal into Cocke Hall and decorate the gym. In all seriousness, the Hop Floor Committee this year, led by President John George, Vice President Meade Spotts, and Treasurer Dale Drury, have brought fun and delight into the lives of cadets with some new bold music and greater artwork. , Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers The IEEE is an International organization that helps to bring together, promote, and exchange ideas of these engineers. The student branch at VMI actively participates in order to prepare the students with a more rounded education so as to better understand and serve the Engineering world. Ml i Hr t i B lid m m Sj ypv E l J First Row: Borsi F,L., Pauls M.C., Gllsson P.T.. Konkus S., TenHoeve E., Jackson J, A., Second Row: Fitch C.T., Peacock W.H., Priest J. P., Keane J.F., Third Row: Beeby J.S. President, Schneider H.G., Harper M.Q., Van Wagoner D.D., Fourth Row: Lovejoy K.A.. Monnette C.T., Placzek M,J., Vanghan J., Sipher W., Lawso ' n R.R., McCarthy T.R., Fifth Row: Semeia E.P,, Munger C.A., Serice R.D., Baron K., Pohlig K.O. ACTIVITIES 233 INTERNATIONAL: RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club is an organization for students interested in international politics. The Club makes an annual trip to the United Nations as well as sponsoring a High School United Nations each Spring. The Club makes an average of four trips to various colleges and universities each year to participate in mock United Nations. LITTLE JOHN II CANNON CREW This year Little John II was funded by the VMI cheerleaders and advised by the VMI Civil War Roundtable. Little John II is a blackpowder muzzle loading cannon, approximately one fourth the scale of a Revolutionary War period field piece. Little Johns main function is to signal our football team ' s entrance onto the field, the scoring of keydet touchdowns and finally our extra points. Lett to Right: Loba D.R.. McCue R., Maxson C, RamosR.,MiKle J. O. 234 ACTIVITIES H Tt 3BMlar- ' , ■ri v flaSBr ' 1 VMI MARINE DETACH- MENT The VMI Marine Detachment is an organization through which cadets who are pursuing a commission in the Marine Corps or have an interest in the Marine Corps may participate in Marine oriented training and activities. These activities include an annual Marine Corps Birthday mess night, the physical training platoon, and various field training exercises. Cadet-in-Charge: Anthony B. Pais; Secretaries — Peter T. Underwood, Raynond T. Bright : ' ' rA_3 i MONO- GRAM CLUB The VMI Monogram Club consists of those cadets who have lettered in varsity sports. The club ' s function is to raise money in order to provide the entire Corps with varied social events. The most notable of the events are the parties at Zolloman ' s pavillion. We owe many thanks to the Monogram Club for making the long academic year at VMI a little bit more tolerable. 1 ENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIER : ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE ) OF HER FAMEAND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL ACTIVITIES 235 Row One: Keel, P.L., Weaver G.M., Mitchell D.A.. Row Two: Jackson C.W., Bridges T.K., Rolan L.W., Hamilton A.E., Strickland W.A.. Home D.K., Scott E., McNeal G. T., McDew D.W.. Manuel C.C, Bush A.W., Row Three- Green C.A.. Williams M.L., Conner T.A., Judge B.M., Johnson D.A., Allen F.P.. Washington D.E., Bellamy W.H. Byrd B„ Row Four: Savage R.A., Dunnavilie L.A., Williams R., Armstead A. J., Row Five: Belcher O.F., Odrick A.K,, Salmond J.S., Montgomery D.L. Promaji, Swahili for " togetherness " strives for the solidification for the bond of hospitality and good will between the Black Cadets and an extremely gracious Lexington Community. Promaji will act as a communication body, facilitating rapport among the community, Corps and Institute. 236 ACTIVITIES PEP BAND The VMI Pep- Band was organized several years ago with the intention of linking the spirit of the Corps witti performance of the teams. Th ' Pep-Band ha met that goal an exceeded it. Th Pep-Blind i responsible to giving the Corp the reputation o being the sixth I man. First Row: Baitoy J.B.. DeMM J.H.. Freeman W.J., ThompMxi G.U; S.M.. GodalMll R.N.. Bigger J.F., Jodneon J.M.. Ludgren K.M. J.. Sn Foster G.O.. Jennings W.R.. Fourth Row: Dahlinger M.A.. Stack J.D: R O E C I L E A T W Y i., Legere R.A., Southers P.L., Hupertz I.R., Third Row: Ta ,:S., Horan T.D., Rantis N.S. The Pre-Law Society exists as the only organization that is designed to aid cadets to prepare for Law school. The Society provides a focal point for the distribution of information related to Law school applications. LSAT ' s and the Law Profession. ACTIVITIES 237 PRE-MED SOCIETY 6 Pre-Medical Society is a collection of those men intending to enter the Medical field. It is hoped through affiliation with this group each individual will gain a greater | insight into any number of | possible medical areas. In order to attain this insight, : selected speakers are invited Ito give a lecture on their J particular specialty. It is through these lectures that th Individual can gain the expertise necessary to make a decision that will effect the rest of his life. First Row: Woolwine D.F. Pres , Bieltz J B , Wellford A L., Second Row. McCune T.R., Norrls R.L., Mecredy T.E., Toft R.M., Herbert K.C., Bigelow EL,, Third Row: Snyder H,B., Gillespie, D.G,, Moschler R.F., Colonna J Wooddell W,S , Foster J.D , Smith J.P,, Aigner LB PUB BOARD The purpose of the Publications Board is to supervise all operations of the VMI Bomb, the eu ef, the Cadet, the Sounding Brass. and other such publications of the Corps of Cadets as may be approved by the Superintendent. It seeks to assume the adherence of these publications to the Publication Board Policy. Supervision includes both staffing and financial activities to insure continuity and that the publishers will be responsive to the concerns of the VMI community and seek to exemplify the highest journalistic and financial responsibilities. 238 ACTIVITIES The VMI Ranger Platoon has the mission of training those cadets who are interested in furthering their military skills, military education, and their own personal physical fitness. The Ranger Program at VMI prepares these men who are interested in attending the US Army ' s Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia. Som e activities the Rangers participate in are land navigation, survival, weapons familiarization, day and night operations, air assault operations, river operations, and hand-to-hand combat training. The Rangers training ends in an annual three day FTX. During this endurance FTX, those cadets eligible for Ranger School are evaluated and if they have met all of the qualifications they are rewarded with the privilege of attending Ranger School that summer. " Ranger Lead the Way " iety of American Military Engineers sponsor guest speaker Id trips. The Club is an extension of the members ' interest i ry engineering. The Society enables its members to becom ' e familiar with the role of Civil Engineering in the Military. ACTIVITIES 239 VMI SKI CLUB The VMI Ski Club was organized to give interested cadets a chance to attempt the wintery sport. Many cadets have been seen on the slopes skiing their Vi ay into the hearts of many " passers-by " . The ski club has given those eligible interested cadets a chance to ski during the weekends and weeknights. A great time is to be had by all when the boots hit the binders. to Right: ranee B.A., Lumpkin F.F., Caplice J.J., Hupertz L.R., LeavittJ.E.Pre5., Sachs C.W., :M i i-u ' TiM(t »ft ' i-n ' stv£r;i ' iu-Ii;i i ' t yiiiiTi7i?f rto all majors, the Society i three classes of Economics Majors. The activities in which the Society engages are for providing a climate for the development of this rapport, and for developing an appreciation for economics. Only two years old, the Society needs more support from the students within the department. 240 ACTIVITIES SPORT PARACHUTE CLUB The VMI Sport Parachute Club provides cadets the opportunity to learn the art of free fall parachuting. The Club makes several trips a year to Dublin, Virginia for training and jumping. These free weekends are full of parachuting by day and partying by night. Left to Right: Shedd T,G., Ott M.J. , Winkler F.D., Pres., Mahan H.A., Loetstedt A.B., Kopelman D.H. ACTIVITIES 241 A strictly nonprofit organization with numerous racing events scheduled, every member of the club is a veritable Mario Andretti. The Watkins Glen excursion was the pinacle of our success this year and the finish of the rally to NY was only exceeded in excitement by the nude swim in the Glen with the British Leyland Women ' s Team. However, the Club is not dedicated to fun times. We are known throughout the Lexington area as contributers to local charity; i.e. traffic court. As the checkered flag looms close in the distance we can truly say it ' s been a great year. Look for us next year in racing circles as we initiate the Irbeef 500. A race to Sem and back 79 times. The primary purpose of the Student Grotto is to interest and educate cadets In the proficiency of rock climbing and caving. The club has gone to Seneca Rock, West Virginia, said to be one of the best climbing spots In the area. In addition, the Grotto conducts climbing, camping and canoeing trips, as well as the rapelling station for Rat Training. STUDENT GROTTO n TQilasW.J., Mayforth G.F., Barger S., Goodwin J.A., Kelly W,P., LundgrerTK Camplone R.M., Reese J.E., Ciarroca K.J. President, Deke D.L., McBroom J.S., Buchler M.H., Ingram T. J., Pears E.W., Hudson M.F.. Worley J.M., McEvoy R.A. 242 ACTIVITIES • " . . B - ? THEVMI TANKER PLATOON " The VMI Tanker Platoon is an extracumcHr ' ' ' activity for the upper three classes. The Platoon is open to cadets of any service branch. It meetis twice a week at White ' s Farm for hands on training with five M48A5 Tanks. During this training the cadets are exposed to all aspects of being a member of a tank crew and the operation and maintenance of the L tanks. no C.J.. Cordle T.A. Pros.. Mitchell T.K.. Second Row: Smith J.L., Taran G.O.. Blowe D.C., Holloway J.R.. Cadmus R.C. TIMMIN MUSIC f ftitiiay The Timmins Music ' is a growing organizaL which has the primary of promoting classical interests within the Co Cadets. Founded in 1 952, it is named in the memory of VMI ' s John Timmins, who was killed in action in the Korean conflict. The Institute ' s only cu based society, the TM annually organizes off functions for the ben members. The highligl policy is a yearly trip t« York City. The adviser TMS is Col. Thomas ii ACTIVITIES 243 VMI Theater The VMI Theater is a cadet ori- ented, cadet run organization dedi- cated to providing an artistic release for its participants and cul- tural entertainment for the VMI community. The theater normally produces two to three shows per year and is available for assistance to cadet activities such as the Third Class Follies and any other theatri- cal related production carried out by groups or individuals in the Corps. The VMI Theater is financed in part by the VMI Foundation through the generosity of Mr Billy " Possum " Colonna. VMI ' 14. Cadets are admitted free of charge to all productions. Left to Right: Lloyd, W. H., Hesson, S. T., Clark, R. P., Tiedemann, Hubbard; R. A., Ronke, J. A., Bryant, P. D., Not Pictured: Forsyth, J. T. S., Cadmus, R. C, Maurer, S. M., Henderson, J. S., Bouchelle, J. I Circle K Club rs The Circle collegiate arm of the Kiwanis Clubs of America and as such ] works closely with the Lexington Kiwanas Club in various social and civic activities. The primary purpose of the Circle K Club can be summed up as " to render altruistic service to its campus and community " . gh several problems len due to the lg nature of the Institute and its policies,,the future ii ,Ql g bright for this community vice club. With an aniz ed projects committee op specific activities ilub, and a membership . . hardworl ing and interested dets, the success of the Club " n great. First Row: Bartol, R. D., Wells, D. K., Spotts, M. A., Hall. Lyon, S. G., Col. Gaines, Second Row: Hatfield, M., Snyder, H. B., Holland, E. E., Marsh, S. W., Row Three: Rittenhouse, S. E., Cawthorne, J. R., Hoffert, C. E., Row Four: Brouse, S. M., Hackenmeyer, D. A., Baybutt, K. M., Hearne, M. K., Row Five: Ikenberry, S. t. 244 ACTIVITIES AIR EXPLORERS POST Left to Right: Kulas W. J., Capt. Joullian, Durey T.O. Pres., Glynn B.P., Funkhouser R.W., Warren W.S.. Keister R.F., Col. Botbyl. HargreavesJ.E . The Air Explorens; explores the Civil as well as the Military aspects of avia to review the facilities, and Washington D.C. to visit the the history of flight. .n a I ■ ' axjm : Bauman B.M.. Digby R.M.. Sil- mmm R.S., Morris R.C., GaJ- D.K., Zaramba G.R., J.H., Smith D.R.. Fourth )dge J.S.. Uwlessaj.. ow: Waller J.J., Carter ighes J.M., Lowe M.S.. rford R.J., Rogers H.J. Pfes.. Carty J.J.. Second Row: Harbison D.A., Pearson D.W.. Walsh LB.. First R — mJD. The AUSA is an organization i MHHBeparation of Cadets for future careers in the United States Army upon graduation. Second sernisiifSfSP hlighted by Iwth the FTX and several money making ventures to make for the phenomenal loss of funds incurred by the first semester movie, and parking tickets received while attending the AUSA convention in Washington D.C. ACTIVITIES 24b business an Advertising Edi Nicholas C. Kept Managing Editor Richard B.Smith Eric Schwarz, Advertising ' ■ Thomas A. Wilson, Business , Editors and Managers 246 ACTIVITIES First Row: Nolley T., Wiggs T,, McCune T- Second Row: Wiggs R., Varga S.. Scott H Wamsley J-, Third Row: Lamb B. Editor. Lett to Right Southers P B . Burdett D N . Butler M R , Zahn J.. Dalessandro R , Copenhaver V , Plerro K., Semeia E . Clacci L , Woltte E.W.. Outland G.C., Kelly TR Editor. Left to Right: OelrJch K R. Editor, Sexton C, Woltte E W , Not Pictured Deaton D . Wagner R.,AlfordE.T.S. Staff 248 ACTIVITIES Eric Foster Nost Howard Irving Adams Jr 1 ' J ' Mo. Philip Chri hotograp. " l: m " : r ' K ' - - ' y;J :c ?af.i ■■ T ' . ■ - • i: V:a 4.- -. .. .. .; -. ' -2S S w SOCIAL l-su k ' Wr ]■ ■ ■ :- V; 4rS - - " The social side of V.M.I, plays a very important part in the lives of the cadets. Although the social functions that take place at the Institute are limited in number., the few special weekends in which these functions occur are held in high esteem by the cadets and their dates. The main functions hmld at V.M.I, the five annual hops, have been knoivn to either make or break a cadet ' s social life, unl s, of course, the cadet manages to take advantage of the social functions held at other learning centers such as Southern Sem, Mary Baldtvin, Sweet Briar, and so on. Perhaps the bleakest part of a cadet ' s social life transpires during Rat year when the young eager freshmen appear at the first Sem mixer or at a Mary Baldwin Sunday afternoon party adorning their neiv uniforms and hairstyles, only to be laughed and giggled at by the sweet maidens. And then comes that ever-dreaded ' Dear John ' letter from their high school girlfriends, tactfully outlining their desires to ' cool things off for a while. But alas, when third class year arrives, " hop privileges ' and mixers take on a much greater meaning. The mature college sophomore enters into the serious world of love and academic days seem to provide a strong incentive for the cadet, who values his chances to get out of barracks for a taste of real college life. And then comes the fabulous second class year, often proclaimed the peak of the social pikestaff. The thrill of Ring Figure sometimes lasts for nearly the whole year as the aspiring juniors have the " time of their life. " The junior year is the active dating year where cadets really begin to give the chaps from U. Va. ,W L, Tech. , and Hampden-Sydney some tough competition. However, the siveetest experience is the senior year where cadets are away from the I " more weekends than they are there. It is also the year that the cadets have more civilian clothes in their rooms than they do uniforms. More miles are driven during this time by seniors than in all the other three years put together. And why do you suppose that? To be with their fiances, of course! i 254 SOCIAL SOCIAL 255 VMFs Own Frat House — Zollomans Pavilion " Enjoying the good times. A taste of something sueet. Dancin ' to the music. A chance for some casual conversation. 256 SOCIAL What a way to spend a weekend! (Is this what I came to college for?!) . " Oh, those Georgia peaches! Those status slips take so long . SOCIAL 257 _, a ruuive of Springfield, Pennsylvania, is a recent graduate oft Academy Airline School and is currently employed as a resen ' tUii, icy. She included among her interests dancing, listening to musi " D " Coni Hifi) 1 A naliir of tf ' intrr Park. Floruin. Miss Putmy is rrrntly u frrshnum at The Kind ' s CoUrfir in . n, hrrr shv majors in niiisinil thrrap) . ' T (»i; i i i ' jr r.f. L :(; " E " Company ty year old junior at the University of Marylan idiology. She enjoys staying physically fit and hves to go shopping i J Band Company iberofthe 2975 Homecoming Court, Miss PuUz ' " at Bridgeivater QiUege where she majors in Home Econo " ' " • ■ ■ ' in tersuing a career in fashion ., ., taiion. She is also a ruuive of Le with a side interest in Rockridge Baths. :.,- ' ' 260 SOCIAL € SBeUie Cfle i " F ' Company — Homecoming Queen for 1978 The lovely Miss Leslie Kersey of Roanoke, Virginia is a junior at Radford College where she majors in psychology. Aside from being a cheerleS her school, Leslie enjoys skiing and camping in the Shenandoahs. ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALPHA TAU OMEGA All loo often, cadets pass through four years at VMI without a firm understanding of the type of fiber from which their school has been founded and has progressed. Especially true of this injustice is the history of Keydet social life and the founding of VMI ' s oicn fraternity and fraternity chapters. The first fraternity ever at VMI was organized in September. 1865 by three cadets in Richmond during the summer before VMI was to reopen after The War Between The States. The three founders. Erskine M. Ross. ' 65, Alfred Marshall, ' 66, and Otis A. Glazebrook. ' 66. were all Neiv Market cadets tvho joined together in a common bond of friendship, determined to preserve the great Southern heritage and spirit that they had always knoivn and loved so icell. It was actually Glazebrook who originated the thought of a Greek college fraternity as a means of strengthening the pledge of brotherhood among men. In 1 885, Glazebrook. the Chief Founder of Alpha Tau Omega, addressed the Mother Chapter at VMI tvith the folloiving about his creation: Historic page has never claimed her for its own. and she lives not in the memory of the past. A child oftvday. she stands before you to plead her own cause by her established principals, and invites acquaintance by her holy object. Stripped of the tinsel and gold of manelous fiction, she presents as her credentials the eternal principals upon which she has been founded. I am first to speak of the time and circumstances which gave birth to this Society. Alas ' unhappy South, to thy ruins are we indebted for this brotherhood. 264 SOCIAL Sigma Nu — Founded at V.M.L 1869. the Sigma Nu fraternity was the third " secret society " to be introduced at VML only after A. T.O. and Kappa Sigma Kappa. (The K.S.K. fraternity was founded at VMI in 1867, however its existence was short-lived.) Sigma Nu initially grew out of a rivalry that occured beticeen the members of A. T.O. and other cadets ivho were opposed to intensive freshman hazing. Cadet .lames LJlap ldii.s„Ji2CL.n native oj Ri iley. Mississippi, was the main figure behind abolishing the e.xcessive hazing and abusive treatment towards Rats. Brjorr cnlrring I ML cadet Hopkins had served as a private in the Confederate Army with courier duty, and hud gained a sense of jindc and hnalty through inspiration by the heroic Confederate leaders of the South. Cadet Hopkins exemplif d jie spirit oj a true Southern soldier and brought with him to VMI an abundance of courage that inspired him to organize th i mi Nu fraternity. Along with his close friends and brother rats, Greenfield Quarles. and James Riley, Hopkins won thefresp t of many other cadets while still a rat, and consequently organized The Legion of Honor in the fall of 1868. Howeier. it was formed nut out of mere rivalry ivith the A. T. 0. ' s, but out of a bond of brotherhood founded on love, truth, honor, and fair Irealmeni inwards (dl at the Institute. Although the Virginia Military Institute is very proud oj its jounding fralrrnity that has since become internationally recog- nized. Greek letter fraternities at the Institute no longer exist. On June 2Q, 1885. an executive order was issued by the Board of Visitors abolishing fraternities and secret societies (ind prohibiting their riglil to organize. The Board felt that due to the notable tension and disruption that had occurred among the corps over rival fraternities, it tended to distract from the overall brotherhood of the VMI system. The VMI corps, they concluded, is a large fraternity in itself. Today, the spirit of our past fraternity founders lives on in the hearts of cadets. The vigilance of truth, honor, and love continue to reign at the Institute. Many groups have since flared up and flickered out, but the brotherhood of Keydets will never die. Tap Irft: . " i!;nia . u Headquarters. Ijwingti), Left: Early .Meelmg Place of Sigma Au. Top: I MFs Sigma Nu Stone. SOCIAL 265 V.M.I. CAMPUS EXTENTIONS For some years now, the VMI Bomb has inadvertently neglected to include some photographs of its various educational extenlions. So to correct this situation, the 1979 BOMB wishes to feature some pictures of the students and their respective campuses that comprise our annex educational program. THE CORPS AT PLAY 268 ' SOCIAL A TRIBUTE TO " MOF irixinia Military Institute survived a half century of intercollegiate athletics hcjare cadet cheerleaders in the years immediately after World War II first promoted the idea of a kangaroo mascot. The story goes that in 1947 two cadet cheerleaders saw a picture of a kangaroo on the cover oj a magazine and immediately got the idea of having a live kangaroo as Corps mascot. The cheerleaders were aided in their efforts hy a popular Institute employee, the late Mike Brown, who in addition to his joh as mechanic in the laboratories of the engineering departments at VMI. also ran a small zoo on the outskirts oj Lexington. With the help of Mr. Brown, a real kangaroo was ordered, and Moe " made his debut in the Jootball .sea.wn oj 1948. In his initial appearance before Keydet fans. Moe " wore a cut-down coatee and a VMI beanie. The animal was cared jor by Mr. and Mrs. Brown at their .small zoo. With the death of Aloe, a second and third kangaroo. Moe II and Moe III. jollowcd in the laic 1950 s until problems and the death of the zoo owner brought an end to the decade of a live kangaroo mascot at I MI A dozen years later, in 1969. .still another cheerleader .stirred the Corps interest in acquiring another live kangaroo mascot, and after a successjul fund- raising campaign sponsored by the cheerleaders. Moe IV appeared in the football season oj 1970 — only it was n wallaby, not a jull-.size kangaroo. Moe IV lived only a few years, and his replacement became a not-so-real kangaroo. The first kangaroo-costumed cadet made his appearance as mascot in the football season oj 1972. and over the years •nee he has become increasingly popular with the Corps and with Keydet jans who delight in his capers. He dam es when the band plays, the girls, and lifts the children into his amis, and in recent years he s been immortalized in memorabilia from .stuffed animals to pewter lapel pins. .ijter thirty years, the kangaroo, now in his second generntion oj cadets, can properly consider himselj I .MI Old Corps, a bona jide tradition! PARENTS ' WEEKEND OCT. 20-22, 1978 Rats, anxious to show off their new hair styles and unique mod dress, old Corps cadets anticipating that long dreamed about steak dinner; these are the expectations fulfilled during that one special event in October Parents ' Weekend! Freshmen Rush at the VMl Delta House? ' . Well . . . YOU only live once! You call that fun? 272 SOCIAL Only dust again! What do you mean you can t comer E H ■ i Hp H Immm I H l R i fli kF H Bi l w B J I H 9[ K ' J hy - 4S iV? f A ■»jj , I H B B v |l S3 Ed i i ifl y - m BK ar o S PPHi f IHI .. ' •SJJI Sj- i - ' Wl ' . ■. f M . V- 1 ,1 ' ' ij ' kM0 : ( 2 g 6 s ' o m A . f ' cia t a J , - ' 1! ■■ ' S(S s • jr. 1 |r ■ t «4? ■ y , a£? ' Mi ims a ( WW 28C SOCIAL SOCIAL 281 Ja 6 A l i( w BLOW IN MY EAR 284 SOCIAL SOCIAL 285 a n . fi a tem- ' - k f i Vik?r 4 , Reflections . . . The good times, the happiness, the joy we shared with you. To the women who gave us much needed love and companionship, we extend our most sincere appreciation. From the depths of our hearts . . . we thank you. . ' ' .. ' »» ' SOCIAL 289 i m. ■sr X :¥ ' . ?.. SPORTS !«- ). ' J »,;f m 1 ■ i _ mm SPORTS 293 FOOTBALL PRIDE, SWEAT, TEAMWORK, AND THE ' NEVER SAY DIE ' DETERMINATION MAKES A VICTORIOUS TEAM. WINNING IS ONLY ONE SMALL FACET THAT MAKES VICTORY SMELL SWEET, WHILE LOSING SHADES ITS GLORY WITH BITTER FRUSTRATION. WE WERE VICTORIOUS AND ALWAYS WILL BE. THANK YOU. — BOBBOOKMILLER Tri-Captain Dale Ogg heading the defense. Tri-Captain Robby Clark weaving for yards. Head Coach Bob Thalman; Strategy! Tri-Captain Bob Bookmiller. The cheerleaders show their spirit. Defensive standout Gary McNeal ties up Bucl(nell runner in a fourth quarter comebaci victory over the Bisons: VMI 25 — Bucl nell 1 4. SPORTS 295 ' Butch Hostetter receives hand off from Robby Clark as he plunges for Robert " Coco " Savage scores as teammate Larry Williams congratu- yards against Lehigh. lateshim. " Big Red " prepares to punt against William and Mary as they fell short in an opening season loss down in Williamsburg. 296 SPORTS Floyd Allen (47) doesn ' t know what to make ot this play. SPORTS ' 297 VMI 17 UVa. 9 SSWfr i ' ' -r Ji f •sl- : ssi n ,, - hBm._. Robby Clark scrambles to a first down to help lead VMI to a tough victory over the " Wa-Whos? " . Lou Darden: Fourth and BOOT! i i E. . Biaiik. wl k ' ,« ' i. ' k Stm 1 1 tf ' li i tr • 9 i V li Ay •J m4Ki :ii . JT f . uj 1 - SI Vm. l " ? r ' !!! ! iS r j The " Red Machine " converges to crush the " Purple Wave. " Unfortunately VMI wound up on the bottom of a 1 9-6 loss to ECU. Right: Craig Jone ' s ability to l ick for mega-yards enhanced the offense ' s scoring potential all year. Here Craig kicks for 49 yards against ECU " Touchdown " ! Savage: The Catch! Clark: " The Aerial Assault " ! IT ' C 4 m ' t » i The VMI Keydets, expected by many to be a top contender in the Southern Conference, never seemed able to put things together, and finished the season with a 3 and 8 record. Nonetheless, many Key- dets had outstanding years as Craig Jones and Bob Bookmlller were honored as NCAA Academic All Americans, and Robby Clark set an all time VMI total yards gained record. The Keydets opened their season against a tough William and Mary team in the scorching heat of Wil- liamsburg. Losing 10 to 3, the Key- dets unproven defense played exceedingly well behind the solid play of Walt Bellamy, Dale Ogg, and Nick Collins. A highly explosive offense failed to materialize and the Keydets returned home, to face Bucknell, determined to prove their ability. Rallying in the fourth quarter, the Keydets defeated the Bisons to post their first win. Finally finding the spark, the Keydets ' offense showed its full potential utilizing the talents of Jeff McClean and Butch Hostetter who gained over 1 00 yards. Playing without Coach Thalman the Keydets suffered an upset loss to the Citadel, which saw a punt returned for a touchdown unhinge them. Yet the Big Red Machine ref- used to say die despite a rash of injuries and a so-so offensive effort and bounced back to defeat the Cavaliers before a Corps filled Vir- ginia Stadium. Outstanding play by non-starters Mark McClean, Rick Gilbert, and Mike Eden and a game saving tip by Walt Bellamy marked a great offensive effort by the Key- dets. And Yes, the VMI scoring threat. VMI ' s ability to score Inside the 40 helped take the pressure off the offense and definitely added points In every game- Practice is the key to every sport. Here Marty Fedenko bruises dummy in preparation for upcom- ing game. This IS the VMI 1 2th Man. One day it w ill be flasks and khakis. 300 SPORTS Captains Bob Bookmiller, Robby Clark, and Dale Ogg on the 50 with hidden referee flipping the com for the ball. Floyd Allen turns the corner for the first down as his teammates clear the way Jeff White and Butch Hostetter rushed through gaping hol es wedged by line- man John Shuman, Craig Cox, Mark Lane, Al Soltis, and Greg Weaver to ennbarrass the preppies from UVa. whose best effort proved to be a medio- cre half-time show. Travelling back to Lexington, the Key- dets played a brutal contest with East Carolina. In an extremely hard hitting game the Keydets defense proved true to the test. Yet an offensive effort, which saw Robbie Clark sacked 13 times, proved disastrous as the Keydets bowed in defeat. Realizing the Keydets needed new life. Coach Thalman started Jeff Wash- ington in his home town of Richmond. Proving more than worthy, Washington and Craig Jones combined to push the Keydets past the Spiders and even their record at 3 and 3. Here the season should have ended for the Keydets lost their next 5 games to finish the season 3 and 8 Losses to Lehigh, Western Caro- lina, Georgia, Appalachian State, and Virginia Tech saw the offense sputter as cries of " We Want Lumpkin " were heard from loyal Keydet fans. The defense, playing far above expectations, finally broke under the strain and the Keydets finished the season determined to rally again next year. Our 3 and 8 record fails to portray the tremendous effort expelled by many Keydets and their ded- ication even in the face of defeat served as an example to us all. Good Luck to the Keydets in the future. — Jay Gede Greg Weaver beats his Lehigh defender deep as he moves for the ball in a fourth quarter come- back victory. SPORTS , 301 The 1 978-79 Rugby Season began with a more serious attitude and many returning ' starters, which accounted for the small concern regarding the teams experience. Led by Club President Thomas Trumps, Match Secretary Tim Ritzert, and Club Advisor Captain William Herd rick of the Army R.O.T.C. Field Artillery Branch, the club looked ahead to a victorious season. A tradition of winning seasons has always been associated with the Rugby Club and this year was to be no exception. This season, however, the club faced more formidable opponents and an upgraded schedule, which included eighteen matches in the Spring and a few less in the Fall. The club also played in four large tournaments, with the Mardi Gras Ruggerfest in New Orleans, encompassing 64 clubs competing in two days of running and rucking, being the greatest adventure for a V.M.I, rugger. The V.M.I. Rugby Team is known throughout the country, due to previous years play in the Mardi Gras Tournament. The players are relatively small in size, but the quickness of the backs and the continual hard getting and rambling of the scrum is what made V.M.I, winners. Although the club added much strategy and tactics to their play, they still depended on their conditioning and teamwork to overwhelm their opponents. High expectations of a good season were anticipated and their efforts and enthusiasm this year would be to yield another fine finish. Ray Higgins hustles down field after one of his many l icks. VMI ' s scrum did the job all year, here it is led by Chip Marohn, Rob Maxey, and Rick Wingfield. Ed Bower takes a hit from ' Tuborg Gold ' . Chip Marohn pulls down one of his many line outs. It is only fitting to congratulate the old timers of the club; Rick " the depot " Wingfield, Jim Harrington, Bart Cramer, Steve " the Red-Man " Powers, Mark Cheek, Dale Drury, Steve " jogger " Klinar, Dan Kornacki, Rob Maxey, " Mikey " Oden, Chip " Little boy " Marohn, Tim Ritzert, Staff Taylor, Jeff " bass " Basilotta, Ed Bower, Tom " devil boy " Trumps, Ray Higgins, Steve " action " Jackson, Mac Curtis, Rick " stretch " Pugh, and Mike Burton, who, for years, have experienced the administration ' s wrath, Hampden-Sydney, numerous injuries. Tuckers Street, the party van, great partying, and fantastic Rucking. Special thanks to Chip ' n ' Dale and Eddie " B " for kicking ' donkey ' . — T. Trumps SPORTS 303 WRESTLING VMI ' s new wrestling coach, Ike Sherlock, has restored a positive winning attitude which has guided his wrestlers to a very successful season. The youthful team has per- formed extremely well in many excit- ing dual meets. The team ' s success is reflected by the reestablished corps-wide interest in the sport. This season also marks the first year for scholarship wrestlers, which gives an excellent indication for a suc- cessful future for VMI wrestling. Senior Co-Captain Joe Jenkins has done his usual outstanding job all year and now looks for a South- ern Conference Championship, hence a NCAA Tournament berth. Second classman John Hall and third classman Mark Brumen- shenkel have been big winners for the Keydets. Mark won the gold in the W L Invitational in December. Cameron Manuel finished third in the State Meet, and Tom Appleton brought the crowd to their feet when he pinned his Campbell opponent in the " Pit. " First Row: Mark Brumenshenkel. Pete Piotrowski, C. Manuel, Co-Captain — Kirk Latsha, J. Edwards, C. Wilson, R. Mizusawa, Co-Captain — Joe Jenkins, Second Row: R. Reisch, E. Walsh, R. Taber, M. Smith, W. Minnix, T, Cook, L. Camper, C. Procter, Third Row: R. Costello, G. Walley, T. Appleton, M. Hatfield, E. Morales, J. Jail, G, Ivascu. Cameron Manuel cautiously observes his opponent before attempting a " take down. " 304 SPORTS Co-Captain Kirk Latsha shows his victim how to wrestle. Take down Latsha. Mark Brumenshenkel working on the escape which helped to contribute to his victory. " The Agony of Defeat. " Tom Appleton applies pressure as he works for a pin in his decisive victory Landon Camper, a tireless com- petitor, continues to change appar- ent defeat into sudden victory. Rudy Mizusawa, a classy performer, shows great potential for the future. Heavyweight G. J. Walley has prog- ressed all season and maybe the surprise of the Southern Confer- ence Tournament. Pete Piotrowski has battled some very stiff competi- tion, and with his determined atti- tude the victories will come. Other wrestlers who have seen action this season are Tom Cook, Phil Munis- teri, Craig Wilson, Charlie Procter, Rich Reisch, Wes Minnix, and Jimmy Edwards. Coach Sherlock is " Rebuilding a Winner " at VMI. Good luck coach and may success be yours. — Kirk Latsha John Hall prepares his man as he maneuvers for an easy take down. SPORTS . 305 FENCING The Fencing Team is one of the oldest sports at VMl. This year ' s schedule Includes number one ranked Navy and highly ranked Wil- liam and Mary. The team will be rely- ing on its weapon captains: Greg Doyle, foil captain; Rick Fowler, epee captain; and John Briggs, sabre captain. With the loss of Tom Yeh and several key fencers, many new fencers will have to fill in the holes. Fred Dismore, Ray Joinson, Jim Waring, and team manager Lee Moise will be depended on heavily. Expectations for this year are high and the team hopes to do well in both state and out-of-state competi- tion. Many hard hours have been put into practice underneath the para- pet. The team has improved greatly and the young fencers are sure to become the nucleus of a strong team. The future of the team is very bright. — Ray Hendrickson First Row: J. Briggs, L. Moise, President — R. Hendrickson, G. Doyle, Second Row: R. Joinson, J. I Resche, F. Dismore, T. Newkirk, Third Row: B. Silvarman, R. Ferris, M. Ott, Song Ming Yeh, D. Blowe, J. Waring, B. Titus. i ATIACHtC TO THIIK NAirVt 5TAn ».f.ADY m tVIRY TIMl OF DtirESl HONOR OR DlftND HIH HICHTi I J T I. MUSTON v ' f " y Team meml ers practice oncoming season. Style is all important as John Briggs wards off (oe. SCOREBOARD SCOREBOARD SCOREBOARD SCOREBOARD SPORTS 3071 FENCING James Madison U. William Mary Navy Duke Univ. of Virginia " The Va. Cup " St. Champ. VPl Washington Lee The Citadel VMI Fencer ' s Challenge WRESTLING VMI 36 9 45 19 45 27 OPP. -f Washington Lee. William Mary , Davidson ? ' ' The Citadel Furman Tennessee Tech 9 Appalachian State 21 Liberty Baptist 18 VCU 25 Campbell 57 Longwood 43 Hampden-Sydney 53 Eastern, !;j(!e]inpnite 20 Rielwfw tief |»fr Madison ' inia State Tour rn Conference Tour VMi 12 34 3 21 12 15 31 23 19 19 9 6 29 23 OPP. ' 3 Williafn M 10 25 " Buclcnell 14 3 The Citadel 14 17 Virginia 9 6 East Carolina iQ 23 Richmond i S 10 . - Lehigh J WF ' 12 USriFrCarolinal 1 41 10 " ppalac fetate ' ' i 2 V niaTech 28 i VMI ] 7 George Mason 17 ' 6 Lynchburg City 9 16 VPl 3 20 Dan River 10 Rich. Area Train. Side 8 30 Tuborg Gold (Marines) L »43 UVa. m 14 VPl 12% " ' Hampton 01 t o " " RUGBY FALL b . LING jyiardi Gras iRFC Cape Henry Old Dominion Univ. Wake Forest Tournatrient Rich. Area Train. Side Madison Alumni WATER POLO Washington Lee Richmond Va. State Tournament South. Water Polo Tourri. RIFLE Old Dominion United States IVIil. Acad. William and Mary Richmond N.C. State Davidson East Tennessee Appalachian State UVa. Southern Conference S.E.R.T.S. NRA Sectional National Championships CROSS COUNTR VMI OPP. Appalachian State 20 UNC-Charlotte 80 Madison 36 Appalachian State 29 Western Carolina 38 Richmond 23 Finished 7th in state meet. Finished 5th in South. Conf. Meet SWIMMING Richmond ' William and Mary Virginia Commonwealth Morris Harvey Washington Lee Townsen VPI Marshall Appalachian State Univ. James Madison Univ. Sheppard Davidson Old Dominion Univ. Southern Conf. Tourn. Virginia State Meet ' LACROSSE Hampden-Sydney Saint Mary ' s William Mary Radford Hampden-Sydney Emory Henry Georgetown University Randolph Macon Guilford The Citadel Washington Lee VPI SPORTS 309 w A T E R P O L O R I F CAPt OREBOARD SCOREBOARD SCOREBOARD AINS The Sports Section and BOMB recognizes those individuals, teams, and fans who dedicate themselves to help continue the ' never say die ' tradition we all feel and cherish. So from the BOMB Staff — GOD BLESS OUR TEAM AND VMI. Thank you. — Mory Wood SCOREBOARD SCOREBOARD SCOREBOARD SPORTS 31 1 SOCCER VMI 2 Hampden-Sydney 1 Eastern Mennonite 1 Western Carolina Virginia Navy 6 VCU Old Dominion Davidson Radford Lynchburg College 2 William and Mary 1 Citadel Furman Appalachian State 3 Madison 1 VPI 3 Washington Lee BASKETBALL VMI OP " " - UNCG 91 Radford 88 Western Liberty 83 VPI 79 Madison 93 Bethany 73 Appalachian State 103 Georgia State 72 Central Florida 108 Stetson 98 Citadel 91 Appalachian State 73 Univ. of Tennessee 58 Cleveland State 72 Richmond 90 Western Carolina 76 Christopher Newport 49 Campbell College 74 Farleigh-Dickinson 77 Marshall 58 Georgia State 72 Davidson 81 Citadel 72 Marshall Furman Richmond Southern Conference Tournament TENNIS Randolph Macon Roanoke College Lynchburg College The Citadel Bridgewater Washington Lee Western Maryland Richmond Catholic University Old Dominion Univen William Mary Christopher Newport College Radford College Hampden-Sydney Marshall University Shepherd College U.T. Chattanooga East Tenn. State University Western Carolina Emory Henry Appalachian State Davidson College James Madison University Southern Conference Tournament TRACK OUTDOOR Colonial Relays pogwood Invitational Va. State Meet jouthern Conference Tom Black NCAA Nationals GOLF Lynchburg College Richmond Roanoke Western Carolina Kingsmill Tournament Va. State Tournament Marine Corps. Tournament South. Conf. Tournament JNDoor VMI 56 Navy 75.5 Campbell Bridgewater 38 Appalach. St. Madison Va. State Meet Southern Conf. Meet VMI Invitational Delaware Invitational Pitt. Invitational E. Tenn. Invitational OPP. 80 66.5 16 51 31 BASEBALL Univ. of Tenn at Chatt.| Furman William and Mary Appalachian State Duke Citadel Madison Richmond VPI Virginia Old Dominion Univ. Eastern Tenn. Marshall Virginia Comm. University Longwood Western Carolina Madison Davidson Liberty Baptist Washington Lee SPORTS 31 3 SCOREBOARD ® . 4 a ■» COREBOARD SCOREBOARD SCOREBOARD First Row: J. Dedo, D. Schroeder, G. Marangoni, D. Smith, H. DeMeo, A. Hale, J. Ciol, P. Ruzicti, Second Row: Co aptain — T. Northam, Head Coach — Major J. L. Biacl(well, Co-Captain — Cr. Myler, M. O ' Conner, B. Liverance, IM. Alexander, D. Monjeau, R. Carper, T. Horan, D. Dillard, K. Uhlig, D. Dutton, J. Adier, S. Gallagher. Memliers ol the Rifle Team practice in their Killwume Hall Range. Mitch Alexander sights on target. " Terrible " Tom Northam lires. The Rifle Team, formerly one of the more inconspicuous VMI Varsity Sports, has made significant prog- ress in obtaining status commensu- rate with the other varsity sports. Last year the Keydets placed sec- ond in the Southern Conference and were ranked fifth in the nation among ROTC teams. The team practices and hosts its home matches in the Kilbourne Hall Range, one of the finest facilities anywhere. Under the coaching of Major Lloyd Blackwell, and with three All Southern Conference selections — Craig Myler, Rob Car- per, and John Hughes — included among five returning lettermen, the Keydets expect to capture the Southern Conference Champion- ship in 1979. If match performances meet preseason expectations the team could also advance to national competition. — Tom Northam Craig Myler practices lor the West Point Match. SPORTS 315 SOCCER Anytime a team loses six games in a season by the margin of one goal, you have to be frustrated. So is the case this year for the VMI Soccer Team. These losses were 1-0 in overtime to Old Dominion University, invited to NCAA post season play, 1-0 to Davidson, 4-3 to Madi- son, which was the state NCAA Division l-A finalist, 2-1 to Virginia Tech and 2-1 to The Citadel. On the brighter side, victories were over Virginia Commonwealth University 6- 2, Washington and Lee University 3-0 and Hampden-Syd- ney College 2-1. Graduation losses will be light in number with only Mike Ogden, Rich McGruder, and Ed Semler graduating. Rats and thirds who played an important role on this year ' s team will be counted on even more heavily next year. Juniors Hamid Saharkhiz and Co-Captain Dennis Quinn were named to the Western District All Star Team. At present time, the Southern Conference All Star Team had not been announced. Saharkhiz, along with Rat William McCathern led the team in scoring this year with 12 points each. Highlighting McCathern ' s season was a school record, setting four goals against Virginia Com- monwealth University in Richmond Stadium. Recruiting needs are primarily in the areas of center forward and center halfback. Coach Sculley commented, " We need to score more and take the pressure off of our defense. I feel that adding strength in these positions will compli- ment our present talent. Our players deserve a better record than the past season and they know it too! " BIN Stamm and Eric Deschambault combine in effort as Bill fieads the ball into the net. Sitting: Team Captains Mike Ogden and Dennis Quinn, Kneeling: Bill Stamm, Alan (( IcLachlen, Eric Deschambault, Farhad BIgdeli, Tim Dignan, Hamid Saharkhiz, Dave Kohler, Perry Laustsen. and Frank Horner, Standing: William IvIcCathern, Mac Tabb, Mike Burt, Rich Nehls, Pete Foster, Rich McGruder, Clarkson Meredith. Ed Semler, Head Coach Jay Sculley, Gary Morgan, Assistant Coach Doug Duncan, Kendall Avery, Jim Parsons, Tom Albro, Kevin Shay, and Tim Hickey, Not Pictured: Assistant Coach Norb Krause. 3; 6. ' SPORTS Rich McGruder makes a drive toward the opponent ' s goals. Hamid Saharkhiz scored on this shot. Rich Nehls gets the VMI offense started. Gary Morgan makes another of VWs record saves. SPORTS 31 7 WATER POLO The VMI Water Polo Team tradi- tionally is a club sport. In previous years the season included several scrimmages with W L and ended with the State Tournament in Rich- mond. This year, the schedule expanded to include such teams as Duke, UNC, ECU, and Georgia Southern. Ori November 4, the sea- son ended with the State Meet held at W L. Unfortunately, the Keydets ended up the season with a sub-par record, despite some outstanding performances throughout the sea- son. Chuck Billingsley, the goalie, prevented many goals and was complimented by the fine defensive play of halfbacks Kirk Campbell and Rob Bobbitt. Scoring was led by wingman Ted Sweetland and center Pirooz Borojerdi. Rat Jim Cosby scored the winning goal in a tough fought double overtime victory over Lynchburg College. Special efforts were made all season by Mike San- ders, Bill Albro, Delton Friedman, Dave Fiedler, and Ricky Penn. We all had a good season this year and look forward to the next. — Mory Wood First Row: Bill Albro, Ricky Penn, Mike Santa Barbara, Second Row: Kirk Campbell, Dean Beard, Rob Bobbitt, Tom Slipek, Third Row: Club President — Chuck Billingsley, Ted Sweetland, Pirooz Borojetdi, Delton Friedman, Dave Fiedler, Shawn Gillilland, Jim Cosby. Pirooz Borojerdi receives pass to set up a score. Team strategy is reviewed as Tom Slipek sizes up opponents in the State Tournament. Illlfll i £ III — 1 " I LACROSSE First Row: Tri-Club — Prewdento: Massie Meredith, Eddie Semler, Jay Cede, Second Row: John Caplice. Dave Jeter, Clartcson Meredith, Repeal Gitchell, Fred Winkler, Pieler Nauta, John Arthur, Phil Logan, Jim Ovca, Eric Nost, Third Row: Tom Hertiert, Tyler Goodwyn, Doug Smith, Danny Clymore, Chuck Pace, Kevin Canlield, Ben James, Dave Openshaw, Andy Jackson, Steve Brouse, Mark Day, Maik Ciarrocca, Cable Potts, Ross Rappaport. The 1979 Lacrosse Club, led by team Tri-Captains Massie Meredith, Jay Gede, and Eddie Semler, faced a challenging schedule this year. A club sport, the Lacrosse Club faced a full varsity schedule including teams like Georgetown, William and Mary, St. Marys, and Virginia Tech. The Club proved more than able to meet the challenge, with many returning starters and a host of tal- ented new players. The play of Pieter Nauta, Jeff Logan, and Larry Betz spearheaded a tough defense. The expertise of attackman Doug Reddington, Repeat Gitchell, Eddie Semler, and John Gibney consist- ently put points on the board and Massie Meredith, Eric Nost, Dennis McCarthy, Tom Herbert, and Dave Jeter performed outstandingly as mid-fielders at both ends of the field. With hard work, prayers, and some great road trips, the Lacrosse Club enjoyed another fantastic season. — Jay Gede Fred Winkler maneuvers toward goal. Repeat Gitchell looks lor the shot. John Caplice pivots lor the ball. SPORTS 319 BASKETBALL The Big Red Basketball Team, severely hampered by the gradua- tion of Dave Montgomery and Ron Carter, opened the 78-79 season determined to continue VMI ' s tradi- tion of exciting basketball in the " Pit " . Outmanned sometimes, yet never outhandled, the roundballers started the season off with three straight wins. In their opener, the Keydets destroyed UNC-Greens- boro by putting a school record 114 points on the board. Sophomores Dennis Johnson, Andy Kolesar, and John Goode combined for a total of 58 points. Victories against Radford and West Liberty State extended the Keydets home winning streak to 34 games and gave the Keydets the NCAA Division I record for the long- est home winning streak in the nation. After a quick start, the Keydets travelled to the Roanoke Civic Cen- ter to face a heavily favored Virginia Tech squad. Continual hustling and a cold hand marked the Keydets play as they bowed by a respectable 79-66 score. First Row: T. Odrick, M. Cristo, J. Salmond, G, Hinshelwood, B. Nivison, H. Niehaus, G. Mackin, B. Banas, J. OBrook, J. Goode, Second Row: S. Wagner, J. Gill, Captain — K. Lombard, A. Kolesar, T Savage, D. Gonyers, D Johnson. Geoff Hinshelwood puts one up as he proves to be a real asset to the Red Team. Right: Freshman standout Tony " O " Odrick shows his agility as he scores two. 320 SPORTS Andy Kolesar lets loose a shot against Davidson Tom Savage passes off to Marty Cristo. Harlan Niefiaus sets the Keydet offense into motion. 1 m 1 Kj fc 1 RH J K - 1 B( « a y ' m u yH K M L S T f A L J1 r ;; Kelly Lombard " bombs " in a shot against Virginia Tech. Following a rout by James Madi- son, the Keydets returned to the " Pit " and proceeded to hand Bethany a stunning 90-73 defeat. The season continued in an up and down trend which saw VMI lose its first conference game to the Moun- taineers of A.S.U. VMI finally defeated Georgia State by a narrow 73-72 score to round out the 1978 portion of the season. Posting a 5-5 mark before the Christmas Break, the season had been one of both agony and ecstasy. The winning of terrific games in the " Pit " were shadowed by serious defeats on the road. Additionally, the Keydets saw their leading rebounder and fourth lead- ing scorer suspended, only to have sophomore walk-on Geoff Hinshel- wood step into his shoes and prove himself by scoring 23 points against Georgia State. There is nothing more to be said about this — " Welcome To The Pit! " SPORTS 321 During the Christmas furlough the Keydets travelled to Orlando, Florida to compete in the Tangerine Bowl Tournament. VMI drop- ped the opener to Central Florida, 108-91, in a game which set a tourney record for the most points by two teams, saw Andy Kolesar and Dennis Johnson hit career highs of 30 and 31 points respectively, and witnessed Senior Kelly Lombard set a Tangerine Bowl record with ten assists. Yet, victory was not to be ours as the Keydets dropped this game, and along with it, lost a tough 98-89 loss of Stetson. Returning to conference play, the Keydets lost a tough battle to the Citadel. . ' ETDtK 23 Kelly Lombard generates the offense as the mighty " PIT " crew watches and ctieers their team on. f « 1 -i r m r Ipp H i ' 9- h y k 4k — ,k_ •t ■ » aw " A 45 W t 40 ' .■■: Odrick, and Dennis Johnson stop toj -ine by on she Davidson sin " THE PIT. " Yet, Marty " The Count " Cristo, a promising Sophomore, proved he had healed from a bone fracture by netting 1 4 points. The return of the Corps from furlough didn ' t prove enough to rally the Keydets, as the roundballers dropped a heartbreaking game to Appalachian State to end our home winning streak. Rallying from this defeat, the Keydets handed the University of Tennessee- Chattanooga a stunning defeat which saw VMI play Its best game of the season. A 75-72 overtime victory over Cleveland State, in which Harlan Nelhaus clinched the game with his timely free-throw shooting, proved that the Keydets had what it takes to win. Tom Savage stops to go up for the shot. John Goode anticipates shot and goes In to rebound. Tom puts it up for two points on an excellent shot. TIME OUtl Coach Charlie Schmaus reviews strategy as players listen intently. Andy Kolesar up for two from " downtown. " SPORTS 323 Suffering from continual highs and lows, however, the Keydets pro- ceeded to drop their next two games to Richmond and Western Carolina and then rallying with five consecu- tive wins over Christopher Newport, Campbell, Farleigh-Dickinson, Mar- shall, and Georgia State. Having proved themselves, the Keydets returned to the " Pit " to meet David- son in a regionally televised game. Fate was not with us, and VMI was handed an embarrassing 81-54 defeat. Coming off this loss, the Keydets dropped games to the Citadel and Marshall, and with three remaining games, the Keydets will need a superb effort to again bring the Southern Conference Champion- ship to VMI. This season, far from poor, exem- plifies the VMI spirit of ' never say die. ' Continually rallying after defeats, the 78-79 Keydets became Steve Wagner left hands one by his agressor. " Outside " Johnson shoots a mega-shot. Ballhandler Tom Savage saves this play as he did many during the season. His consistent play provided a good stimulus for the team and will be essential next year The inside game seemed to be a main ingredient to success as Tony " 0 " demonstrates. Marty " the count " Cristo mitiates the play. Sometimes we tend to be distracted from the floor and of course what better way than . . only the sixth team in school ' s his- tory to win twelve games. Seniors Kelly Lombard and Harlan Niehaus provided the leadership on the squad as Sophomores John Goode, Andy Kolesar, Dennis Johnson, Tom Savage, Steve Wagner, and fresh- man Tony Ordrick gained valuable experience on our admittedly young team. " Never say die " was the Key- dets ' motto throughout the season and their exciting play, whether in victory or defeat, continued to pro- vide the thrilling basketball Keydet fans have come to know and love. — Randy Atkins Team Captain Kelly Lombard prepares to pass. His leadership ability and consistant roundballmg will be missed. SPORTS GOLF The VMI Golf Team is looking for- ward to another winning season this Spring. Experience will be the key to a successful campaign on the links. First classman Dave Taylor along with second classmen Doug Burton and Bob Hillard will be counted on to supply the leadership for a fine group of underclassmen. The team will be travelling away from home most of the time this year with four big tournaments and several matches. The team will start off in Jacksonville, N.C. with the Marine Corps Invitational, and then come back to Hot Springs, Va. for the State Tourney. Towards the end of the season, we will be playing in the Wm. Mary Invitational and then the Conference Tournament at Pinehurst, N.C. Everybody is looking forward to starting practice to make this a very successful seson. With a lot of hard work and dedication from everybody on the team, it should be another fine seaon for the VMI Golf Team. First Row: Ben McClellan, Bob Hillard, Brad Vanderwarker, Second Row: Captain — Jeb Burton, Kevin Snell, Daryl Deke, Doug Burton, Paul Hartnett, Dave Taylor. • ? --» Doug Burton chips from the trap to save par. Downtown Taylor hits from 30 ft. Now to hit the 19th and sip a few. Right, Dave? Jeb Burton shows form in the fairway as he hits the green on 18. m ' ' «- - TENNIS First Row: C. Second Row Wommack, C. Sachs, Captain — M. Withers, B. Vici ers, M. Colgan, P. Cappozzoli, Coach — D. Jamison, L. Rose, A. Wright, J. Stallings, G. Thone. M. Gnoll. 1979 promises to be a good year for the tennis team. Five players are returning from last year ' s team; Mike Colgan, Lou Garden, Jeff Hamilton, Marc Withers, and Clay Wommack. Four new players, all fourth class- men, have made the team and are expected to make great contrib- utions in the future. They are Paul Capozzoli, Les Rose, Guy Thone, and Billy Vickers. Coach Don Jami- son has greatly bolstered the tennis program with the acquisitions of Vickers and Colgan, the only two players in the history of VMI to ever receive a tennis scholarship. Although the team is young, the potential is there, and Coach Jami- son expects to have his best season in more than ten years. The season ends with the Southern Conference Tournament, in which the team expects to improve its performance over previous years. Billy Vickers concentrates on form backhand. Marc Withers demonstrates a superb forehand. SPORTS 327 BASEBALL For the 1979 edition of VMI base- ball, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that almost everybody will return from last sea- son. The bad news, however, is that the 1 978 team only won two games. Coach Vernon Beitzel must rely on some young players coming through as he enters his third year as head mentor. Much work is needed to improve on the team ' s .202 batting average and 9.81 ERA of the disastrous ' 78 season. As a team last year, the Keystone Key- dets averaged less than 3 runs per game while allowing the opposition 10 runs per game. Senior Mike Vela, Juniors Craig Jones and Dan Briggs, as well as. Sophomore Jeff Davies will be hurl- ing from the mound in an effort to eliminate most of the work for the infielders and outfielders. The infield has experience at the corners in Juniors Brendan Miney (third base) and Matt Griffin (first base). Adding experience to this year ' s team will be seniors Kelly Lombard, Bruce Reinard, and Andy Andrews, who will be shouldered with most of the run producing bur- den this season. Kneeling: H. Mayton — Manager, M. Vela. K Lombard, B. Reinard. R, Atkins — Manager; Stand- ing: v. Beitzel — Coach, J. Friend, M. Lee, R. Ni etils, J. Lacher, S. Barger, J. Davies, J. Garnett, P. Davis, M. Burt, M. Vasco, iVI. Griffin, J. O ' Book, J. Frishkorn, D. Briggs, R. Preddy, L. Butler, C. Jones. • { II, T7T jg Kelly Lombard viJarms up in preparation for game. Mike Vela shiows ptiching form as he goes into a throw. 32a ' SPORTS Andy Andrews scores a base hit. The pregamfc warm-up. Matt Griffin makes a hit. Mike Burt pitches during game against Appalachian State. Hard work and dedication are qualities it takes to win. Help is needed from the freshmen, and along with the aid of a strong and experienced coaching staff, the Keydets will turn things around and have a successful season. — Randy Atkins Pre-season warm-up was forced indoors due to inclement weather. SPORTS 329 TRACK E : OBJECTS OF HONESTPRIDETOTHEIRINSTRVCTORSANDFAIR. ;iMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR- NATIVE STATE VD OF HER FAME AND READY- IN - EVERYTIME • OF - DEEPEST- FEWL TO VINDICATE HER HONOR- OR DEFEND - HER- RIGHTS • VMI ' s indoor track team had an excellent indoor season, the best in 15 years. Not since 1964 have the Keydets won a state indoor track title. This year that shortcoming was resolved as the tracksters soundly defeated the rest of the state by amassing 65 points. State records were set by Malcolm Grimes (24 ' 8y2 " long jump), Paul Perry (51 ' 516 " triple jump). First Row: W. Strickland, A. Bush, 0. Watts, D. Davis, Captain T. Bridges, Captain D. Slickenmeyer. G. l 1cNeal, J. Weathenwax, E. Daniel. Second Row: N. Kloster, J. Forrer, M. Williams, E. Scott. D. Washington. Third Row: P. Perry, A. Armstead, J. Washington, B. Byrd, D. Reynolds, B. Judge, C. Southern, T. Novack, P. Keel, D. Wagner, P. McCarthy, Coach Wade Williams. Fourth Row: F. Allen, Shannon, T. Helmick, R. Hall, A. Edwards, J. McCrary, O. Belcher, H. Bitzburger, P. Webb, W. Bellamy, L. Aigne, J. Williams, K. Davis. Fifth Row: M. Martin, J. Robinson, C. Green, J. King, M. Eden, M. Sabota, J. Roseme, A. Beckham. Mack Williams leads opponent in the 600 yd. dash during the invitational meet at the " Pit. " Tri-Captain Tim Bridges leads the pack, as usual, in the high hurdles as teammate Walt Bellamy follows close behind. Gat7 McNeal. Darryl Home, Arthur Armstead, respectively for VMI. sprint to the tape with a fine start in the 60 yard dash. Mark Williams (64.5 sec, 500 meter run), Dennis Watts (49.6 sec, 400 meter run), and Jody Weatherwax (3:51 , 1 500 meter run). VMI ' s Tim Bridges (7.1 sec, 60 High Hur- dles) and Dennis Watts (48.08 sec, 440 yd. Dash) have already qualified for the nationals and as of this writing, prior to the Conference Championships, the mile relay team; Dennis Watts, David Washington, Ben Judge, and Tim Bridges, is within three tenths of a sec- ond off qualifying. Paul Perry, Eugene Scott, and Malcolm Grimes are within inches of qualifying for the nationals, as well. Dale Davis takes the backwards approach to scale the High Jump. SPORTS 331 Outdoors the thinclads will see lots of action beginning with the Flo- rida Relays, March 26th; followed by the Colonial Relays, April 7th; The Dogwood Invitational (Knoxville), April 14th; The State Meet, April 21st; Southern Conference, April 28th; Tom Black, May 19th; and finally, the NCAA Nationals, June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. With the promising rats Daryl Home, Joe Forrer, Dale Davis, Wil- liam Strickland, Ed Daniel, Joey Keyes, Jeff Roseme, Curtis South- ern, Dave Reynolds, Tony Edwards, Jerome Williams, and Paul Webb, VMI is expecting great things for the future. — Coach Wade Williams Bob Bookmiller with the javalln. Mack Williams on the 440 intermediate hurdles. Ben Judge hands off to David Washington on the mile relay Jody Weatherwax leads the conference during the steeplechase. Dave Saunders winds up to throw the 35 lb. weight. First Row: Mark Sabota, Alan Bufton, George Seiferth, Ed Daniel. Paul Webb, Curtis Southern, Bill Byrd, Second Row; Captain — Joe Jenkins, Jimmy Yonts, Dave Reynolds, Mark Hearne, Nels Kloster, Perry Knight, David Wagner. Winter weather brings cross country indoors as Jody Weatherwax rounds the curve. ' 0 ' : ■ , ' ■ ■■ ' . V- , m Ki IH jf y . » ' ■ ' ' 1 Cross Country The VMI Cross Country team fin- ished a winning dual season of 5-2 in what could be termed a rebuilding year. Rats comprised 4 of the top 5 with three sophomores rounding out the top 8. Good things are expected in the future from this young team. The team started off with a split decision in a tri-meet with Appala- chian State and UNC-Charlotte. A victory over Madison followed. Three weeks later VMI avenged its earlier defeat by soundly thrashing Appalachian State and Western Car- olina in Boone, N.C. In all meets, rats Ed Daniel, Dave Reynolds, Cur- tis Southern, and Paul Webb per- formed with courage and determina- tion. Joe Jenkins provided team leadership of the highest order, him- self running number two and num- ber three man. He will be sorely missed next year. In the Southern Conference Championship VMI finished fifth out of nine teams. Three of the four freshmen that finished in the top 25 m the conference meet were from VMI Maybe that ' s a good omen for next year. — Coach Wade Williams Captain Joe Jenkins before warm-up. This isn ' t three rats. Actually it is Captain Joe Dave Reynolds fights for the lead as Ed Daniel fol- Jenkins (middle) and rats Ed Daniel (left) and lows close behind Paul Webb (right). SPORTS .333 SWIMMING Countless hours and endless laps In a cold pool, where all one can see are the blurred bodies of one ' s teammates pushing themselves towards constant improvement, is swimming at VMI. This is a sport that draws little attention from the Corps or money from the athletic depart- ment ' s budget. However, to those who participate on the swimming team it is a sport that requires dedi- cation, determination, and hard work. The swimming team did not have an impressive record this year. How- ever, there was a great deal of improvement in the overall times of those on the team. The Rat Class accounted for eight men on the team, and although none were out- standing swimmers, they proved to be a hard working group that contin- ually improved throughout the sea- son. Among these men were Neal Fortney, Nick Roper, Delton Fried- man, and Holt Evans who appear to be fine prospects for their third class year. The third classmen seem to be the strongest returning class. Ted Sweetland, Kirk Campbell, and Mike Sanders should provide a great deal of scoring in the I.M., butterfly, and breaststroke events, respectively. Also providing help in the butterfly and breaststroke is Dean Beard, and Bob Bobbitt looks to be an improv- ing sprint freestyler. First Row: Danny Sheahan, Co-Captain Bill Albro, Co-Captain Bob Raines, Chuck Billingsley, Tom White, Second Row: Nick Roper. Bob Boyer, Jon Ives, Jim Hart, Rick Penn, Jay Hawkins, John Blankenship, Charlie Kirchmier, Third Row: Dr. Mike Harris, Delton Friedman, Holt Evans, Dean Beard, Ted Sweetland, Bob Bobbitt, Mike Santa Barbara, Ken Pierro, Jim Jones, Mike Murphy, Coach Arnold Joyce, Fourth Row: Sebastain DeAngells, Kirk Campbell, Mike Sanders, Dick Augustine, Andy Balding, Shaun Gillilland. Third classman Mike Sanders shows his form in the start on his way to swim the 200 breast. The five First Classmen who made it! Congratulations Danny, Bill, Bob, Chuck, and Tom. Above: Coach Joyce directs traffic. The second classmen this past year were called upon primarily for Freestyle and Diving. John Blanken- ship, Bob Boyer, and Rick Penn appear to be ready for a great final year, as do rookie divers Jay Haw- kins and Jon Ives. The First Classmen that suc- ceeded in sticking out four years on the team are Bill Albro, Chuck Bill- ingsley, Bob Raines, Dan Sheahan, and Tom White. Four years of swim- ming brought constant improve- ment, as well as, a type of commer- aderie that developed through work- ing together. We leave VMI wishing all those returning the best of luck and hope that many records fall in upcoming seasons. Finally, to Coach Joyce, who has endured the many crazy hours on the road, remember us because we will all remember you. — Bob Raines Co-Captain Bill Albro strokes his way through the 500 free as he only finished seconds off the standing record. Co-Captain Bob Raines at the 200 fly. Later in the conference he broke the record at 2:05.8. SPORTS 335 |ftr --: ' ' t ' |r 4§ » • 11 k »J 7 1 V ■ U rfi O-MMH.. — «»■« . INSTITUTE " y p »4 ' . -m i ■■ [ J»SI ttSL kW - fM ...: . jr ' " ' IK r: tf M « " a ' j . ?.. ■ THE HONORABLE JOHN N. DALTON GOVERNOR 338 INSTITUTE HARD -. linTlffART MimAl Lieutenant General Richard L. Irby Superintendent INSTITUTE 339 CADET AFFAIRS — COL. BARKSDALE. CAPT. RATCLIFFE COL CARLSSON — REGISTRAR 340 INSTITUTE Mrs. Pat Hanson, Mrs. Sandi Hartless Secretaries Captain J. G. Spicer, Jr. Assistant Commandant INSTITUTE 341 HISTORY DEPARTMENT HEAD — COL. HUNTER Maj. Mayerchak, Dr. Hadsel. Maj. Gunsburg. Coi. Bausum, Col. Barrett, Col. Hays, Col Hunter, Lt. Col Davis. Maj. Goolrick, Col. Gilliam. Maj. Wilson, Lt. Col, Thomas , ' 2 INSTITUTE ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT HEAD — DR. CHANG Maj. Margolis, Maj Duncan, Col Morrison, Maj Smith, Maj Blackwell, Dr Chang INSTITUTE 343 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT HEAD — COL. ROTH Maj Wilson. Col Gentry. Dr Burgess. Dr Ford. Dr Davis, Mr Greet, Maj. Bedell, Col, Roth, Col. Byers, Lt. Col. Boettjer. Not Pictured Maj. Badgett 3i-. :!i ' 5TlTUTE if ' - 1 L " H r i k iAji .Wt - 1 mffm 1 1 1 f W fc-- " PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT HEAD — DR. FOSTER 1 jiif- - " 1 - 1 if P Bk «™j HPr Chaplain Wilson, Col. Carlsson. Mr. Krantz, Mrs. Seaman, Secretary; Dr. Foster INSTITUTE 345 MODERN LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT HEAD — COL LANCASTER Lt. Col Halliburton, Lt. Col. Vines, Lt. Col. Monsour, Maj. Seider, Lt. Col. Brown, Col. Lancaster, Lt. Col. Weing, Lt. Col. Harris - • - - 345 ' INSTITUTE BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT HEAD — DR WHITE Col. Wingtield, Col. Reeves, Lt. Col. Swope, Col. Hundley, Dr. White, Col. Gupton. INSTITUTE 347 CHEMISTRY Lt. Col. Ludt, J.B. Harris, Col. Wetmore. 2Lt. Sherrard, Lt. Col. Riethmiller. Maj. Wilson, Col, Wise, Col. Goller, Col. Pickral. Maj. Schreiber, Mrs. Hartless, C.A. Brown, Col. Settle. 3 !3 ■ INSTITUTE , «i!i ; -5iJ PHYSICAL EDUCATION Coach Calkins, Coach Sawyer, Mrs. Swink, Secretary; Coach Joyce, Coach King, Coach Stockwell ; . -. JiF 1 .a 1 a 1 mwi .TWJ TC ' nngiiaBr ' iTV ■t irnm M WW ' T " ' " ' ' P bL- ' - 1 , 1 1 j INSTITUTE 349 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENTHEAD — COL. NICHOLS 360 INSTITUTE ; , -, . u, ,■■■ mm mrrmmm. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT HEAD — COL. TAYLOR INSTITUTE 351 CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT HEAD — LT. COL. SCULLEY Sitting: Col. McDonough, Col, Knapp, Lt Col Sculley, Col. Jamison, Col. Dobyns Standing: Lt. Col. Pierce, Cdr. Kirkley Capt. Mines, Maj. Payne, Lt. Col. Crim Maj. Rude ' " S, ST " ' 1 if -An i Ul i mi m !f3 ip 5 eHJ 1 L; Jf ' 1 fhP 1 352 . ' IN.ST ' TLiTE THE COMPUTER CENTER DIRECTOR — DR GABRIEL G BALAZS INSTITUTE 353 Maj. Baxter, Maj. Thorsen, Dr, Williams. Lt, Col. Abernathy. Col. Saunders. Lt, Col. Bolen. Col. Zdinak. Col Deal Maj. Martin, Maj. Hartis, 354 INSTITUTE Col. Sauder, Col. Newman, Col. Peters, Col. Minnix, Maj. Jones, Col. Carpenter, Maj. Adams. INSTITUTE 355 ; " " - «iai!l II,!! sj II jjl Capt Houston, Capt. Knight. Maj Morey. S Sgt Swearengen, Maj. Oliver. Maj Smith, SFC Simms, Capt, Wagner. Col, Edgar, SFC Brooker, Capt Candido. Capt Sheppard. SFC Morant. Capt Maeger, Maj. Noyes. SFC Hollar. Capt. Herdrich, Lt. Col. MacGregor, Not Pictured: Capt, Spicer, S Sgt. Smith. SP5 Colvin. 356 INSTITUTE Col Gary, Lt Bishop, CPO 1st Class Blake, SKC Hopper, Lt JG Dempsey, U Col Weinerlh. Capt Hamilton, Lt Johnson, YN1 Fenchel, Gy Sgt. Holmes, Lt. Col Weede, Lt Cdr. Ogle. INSTITUTE 357 VIRGINIA MILITARY I NSTITUTE Jo?I " ln. ' , ' yjF " NEERINC AND ARTS COLLEGE, FOUNDED IN 1839 GRADUATES OF IT HAVE TAKEN A P20« " N|NT PART IN EVERY WAR sTncI THE MEXICAN WAR; -2,000 OF THEM SERVING IN THE WORLD WAR. THE CADETS FOUCHT AS A CORPS AT NEW MARKET IN 1864. AMONG THE MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY WERE STONEWALL i«KS«)N ND THE NOTED SCIENTISTS brookI " " " ' ' • " ' " " " • AEROSPACE STUDIES PAS-COL. BOTBYL Capt. Joullian, T Sgt. league, Capt. Krause. Col. Botbyl, Capt Fitzgerald, S Sgt. Anderson, Maj, Matthews, T Sgt Tincher, Not Pictured: Capt. Duncan. 358 INSTITUTE THE V.M.I. FOUNDATION THE V.M.I. KEYDET CLUB THE V.M.I. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Left to Right; " Chunk " Neale, Executive Vice-President of V M.I. Keydet Club; Harry H. Warner, Executive Vice-President of V.M.I. Foundation; (sitting) Gerald F. Eggleston, Executive Secretary of V.M.I. Alumni Association; J. Stephen Lowder, Assistant Secretary of V.M.I. Keydet Club; Col. Beverly M. Read, Editor of The Alumni Review. Warren J. Bryan, Secretary to V.M.I. Foundation. INSTITUTE 359 HOSPITAL PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE First Row: Lt. Col. Gaines, W. Davis. Capt. Hahn. F. Camper; Second Row: D. Robbins. H. Cox. M. Camper. M. Pearson. L. Covington, M. Davis. G. Youngblood, T. Harris; Third Row: D. Jacob. L. Chaplain. N. Kirby, E. Hostetter, B. Hamric 360 INSTITUTE MAIL ROOM D. Messick M. Messick R. Bare B. Blackburn POST OFFICE QMD S. Mays W. Lyie M. Gentile W. Clark INSTITUTE 361 BARBER SHOP Kirby Basil INSTITUTE POLICE R. Sours J. O ' Connoi C. Burch E. Poller C. Connor T. Wimer TAILOR SHOP J.W.lhelm E. Manley L. Purr B. Newcomer V. Eubank E. Johnson B. Zollman 362 INSTITUTE PRESSING SHOP V.M.I. BEARS BOOKSTORE INSTITUTE 363 THE OTHER SIDE It ' s An OF THE CORPS Outrage!! VIP.GT ' ;iA KILI7;j " y ViF 7.Z TE I-ftxlnj-tor. , 69 19 May 19 79 r ' JPJECT: F.peclal Report Cadet Administration, D. F. Clacs You will answer by icdorseinsnt hereon ths follor-inp dellnouencv ' rlthln twenty-four (24) hours of receipt: A Book For You Many of ray little Rattles have asked old Dncle Stosh why he loves the VMI administration so dearly, and to these I must answer that although Uncle Stosh has never DEPUTY COMMANDANT been blessed with the god-like powers they claim, these playful bambinos have always held a very special place in his tired old heart. Yes, I ' ve heard how they ' ve wanted certain cadets dismissed for their criticisms in defense of their fellow cadets, and I have thought about them. Yes, I have heard of them taking the Corps ' money for their " special funds ' J the TCFC fighting against the PX Pirate who wanted them closed so he could keep his profits up, and I have thought about them. .. Yes, I have seen innocent Cadets have their personal belongings searched without the least necessltj?, their roommates shafted by ridiculous bones or power-hungry boards, and I have thought, and thought, and thought about them. And so this OUTRAGE — To help all my little friends in the administration get all those things in life they so mo3t richly deserve. Your _ Cadet Administration. D. F. v:£l, Lexinpton, Vlrgi ' nla 19 Mav " 19 9 TO: The Connandant of Cadets, Vlrfonia lailtary Institute 1. The above reoort 1e correct. 2. rxplanp.tlon; (Use reverse side If necessarjO (Signcture) 19 May 2nd Ind OFFICE OF THE COlZ ' JNtMTI OF CJ ETS, VI!!, LF.XIl ' GTOH, VA. TO; The Superintendent, Virginia Illlitar: ' Institute 1?79 1. F£c-jc:t orders be published conflnrlnt the following oencltv asscs e- the above ca et. " ■ " " o renerlts, i J ?g1 (? Months) Conflnenent, eni 2. Confineoent effective D?.C, tl Penalty Tc AA 19 Snorlf.l Oic!crc " unl ■ or 7 -•- " ■ ' y Cor .-.d.-jit o! l -:s - 9 366 OUTRAGE is no freedom, and. . . THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS!! — Maybe someday you can work in OZ. Would you like to go to the far off land of VMI where the policies are just, the administration is fair, your word as a cadet is beyond reproach, and the roads are made of yellow gold? Well you CANT. Because there is no fair play in the administration, there is no consideration behind their policies, there In the military, an S-2 is intelligence. Intelligence is being smart. If you have an S-2, you make good decisions, are very smart, and very fair. Did you ever look for the S-2 at VMI? There is an S-1 . There is an S-3. There is no S-2! WHERE HAS THE S-2 GONE ' ? g(L[ S@g ©( OZ is a fairy land the Superintendent has created in the infinite void of his mind. It is where he and all his little munchkins live, and where he has made himself all powerful. OUTRAGE 367 sif® See the barracks. The barracks are old. The barracks are tall. I .S Si; III The barracks are safe. The toilets are sanitary The rooms are neat, clean, plush, and extremely comfortable. The workmen work hard There is privacy. It is SO nice they decided to fit more people in. They used magic for this. Take a 3 man room, add 2 rifle racks, lockers, and beds — POOF! It is a 5 man room. That is magic. That is cozy. That is against the health code. They do not care. They see the money. See the money. POOF! Where did it go? Is that magic?? 3K8 OUTRAGE gcsD Emmss Zen Buddism is what you call your basic religion. A religion is a basic human freedom. A basic human freedom is one that makes you a free and equal human being. It is even better than a " KEYDET CLUB " card. Basic human freedoms are what make America free and strong. Would YOU like to have your basic human freedoms? Well, then just submit a permit for them to the superintendent and the commandant. In a mere 2 or 3 years it will be considered. In the meantime, YOU WILL BE BONED Sg mm fea Did you ever take the time to stop and consider WHY, after all the sweat, worry, and sleepless nights you suffered over SAT scores. High School grades, letters of recommendation, and all the rest of that ridiculous gibberish it took to get you IN the Big " I " , you always seem to be trying so damned hard TO GET OUT 3 i ». ' ! ' jFK 1 K_£ tafc 3 H M y L , i 1 5 M OUTRAGE 369 mw See the money. The money is green. The money is nice. The money comes in nice big heavy bags and crisp tall piles. The money is good. The money will build a new field for the football coach. The money will buy a shiny new car for the Superintendent. The money will buy new grass for the parade field, new booze for the alumni parties, and a new tricycle for the Commandant. It will buy nothing for you. See the money. The money will solve all the world ' s problems. Where do you get money? Some people STEAL it. That is VERY, VERY BAD. Others get it like this: VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT . Inventory Sheet No. . UNIT DESCRIPTION Cost Price aellinffPKICE COUNT 1 ...t Total 5 ea Duty Jackets, Abandoned I ° 5 00 25 )0 2 ea Duty Jackets. Abandoned 8 00 16 X 2 ea Duty Jackets, Abandoned ,12 00 24 X) 1 ea Duty Jackets, Abandoned 18 00 18 » 4 ea Duty Jackets, Abandoned •■ 20 00 80 M 5 ea Duty Jackets, Abandoned 22 00 110 X) 230 ea Lt. Weight Pants, Abandoned 1 6 00 1,380 )0 1 ea Coatee, Abandoned ' 50 00 50 X) 2 ea Coatee, Abandoned ! ° 55 00 110 DO 6 ea Coatee, Abandoned i ° 60 00 360 DO 5 ea Coatee, Abandoned 65 00 325 00 1 ea ea Coatee, Abandoned io 70 00 70 00 1 Wool Trousers, Abandoned 1 ! 8 00 8 X) 7 ea Wool Trousers, Abandoned i 10 00 70 )0 10 ea Wool Trousers, Abandoned 1 12 00 120 X) 6 ea Wool Trousers, Abandoned ! 15 00 90 » 7 ea Wool Trousers, Abandoned i 18 00 126 X3 5 ea Wool Trousers, Abandoned 1 ° 20 00 100 X5 8 ea Wool Trousers, Abandoned 22 00 176 XD 5 ea Wool Trousers, Abandoned 1 25 00 125 XI 2 ea Overcoats , Abandoned 1 ° 90 00 180 X3 11 ea Overcoats, Abandoned 1 100 00 1,100 X) 4 ea Overcoats, Abandoned 1 ° 110 00 440 765 X) 255 ea White Trousers, Abandoned 3 00 X) CAN YOU TELL THE D I R E C ars: ouTp.,3iCi£ ■jO € " c See the hole. The hole is big. The hole is wide. The hole Is deep. You can bury things in the hole. See the Commandant ' s bone sheets. You can bury them in the hole. See the Superintendent ' s golf clubs. You can bury them in the hole. The CE Department ' s grade sheets, the Academic Board ' s ego, the Tac staff ' s pens, the P.X. prices, the QMD ' s profits, the Book Store ' s credit card machines, you can bury them ALL in the hole. Oh. . . .Oh. . . See the TAC. HE sees you burying things in the hole. He will tell the Commandant or the Superintendent and you will get confinement or be dismissed. WHAT ELSE can you bury the E.??? In communist countries, they deprive the inhabitants of their basic human freedoms, impound their possessions, and confiscate personal property in order to reduce the individual to the already low level of the State administrators. Aren ' t you glad this isn ' t so at VMI????? W OUTRAGE 371 iii,„„£iii ..iiiiiiiii Would YOU like to meet the Superintendent? Who is he? He is that man who never talks to the Corps, never comes into barracks, never listens to what we have to say, and never knows what is going on. He is very confused. He is the man who makes all those rules that say you can ' t go out and play with the other kids every day, puts you to bed early (with no TV if you ' re bad), and makes sure that you are dressed just right every minute of your life. He lives far, far away In a palace, in a land called Oz. He wants you to grow up and be responsible. IP- SW w lit ' lli fii llf w ei " 1 III ■in III ii 1 Ii II What is a " STEP-OFF " ? A step-off is when you yell back at the Superintendent for not letting you go out and play with your friends, stay up late to watch TV, live like a normal human being, have some responsibility, and grow up to be responsible. Way back, long ago, in 1 951 , they had a step-off. They burned up the doors from their rooms, threw their rusty old lockers into the courtyard, shattered all the windows, smashed all the light-bulbs, and barricaded themselves into barracks. Boys, being boys, they had a lot of fun. The Superintendent came over and into their barracks. The Superintendent had to listen to what the Corps said. The Superintendent had to talk to the Corps. The Superintendent and the Corps became very good friends. Then, alas, there came a NEW Superintendent. Would you like to meet the NEW Superintendent? Well, then, just tear out the card below, and paste it over the year on YOUR calendar every month. Then, each and every day when you wake up, it will be 1 951 . YOU WILL HAVE F U N... Would you like your very own truly American 1 00% real live EDUCATION? (Personal; individual; 1 each) An education makes you very macho, so everyone will look up to you, talk to you, and stand with you at parties, so maybe you can even get a date. GotoVMI. At VMI, you will get an education. It will be a $1 5,000.00 education, and it will be shoved down your throat a penny at a time. You will be a 5 year man, and will spend the best years of your life, not to mention the best part of your fortune in solitude. But, you will get an education. Smile, you will be happy. You will be popular at parties. You will have women all around you. They will all flock around to look and laugh at how funny you look. Have you ever seen " The Big Who " ? Well, I haven ' t. I have only seen his little henchmen. There are seemingly millions of them. They are what is called a " Who ' s Who. " They run around their puzzle palace in Oz and are oh so very hard to find! Shy creatures, afraid of intelligent inquiries, they are always locked up in some smoke-filled coffee-room conference or " Out to Lunch " somewhere at 2 o ' clock in the afternoon. j s msm •OFFICER ll CHARGE .fouT 5 uj cv. i.-2J Would you like to meet the BIG WHO?? Well, you CAN ' T. He ' s ALWAYS " Out to Lunch ' UPERINTENDENT OUT TO LUNCH gOI What is a Microsecond? A " Microsecond " is a very teeny, weeny, tinsy tiny thing. A Microsecond is a measure of time. A microsecond is the amount of time that elapses between the instant the Superintendent hands you your diploma, and the first solicitation from the alumni fund. OUTRAGE 373 (Railroad i li ir ii ir ii c L iL i i i i ii i ii " " i ii i i ' i i " ' ' I- Wouldyou like to ride on area! live railroad? You can play with the whistle. It will go " CHOO! CHOO!! " How? Just tell the administration that they are very bad and are doing a terrible job. Tell them you will write home to mommy and daddy who will get their lawyer. Then, you will get a ride on the railroad. It will take you right over the parade field, and far, far away. It will be fun. Play with the whistle. t§m oeH See the food. They serve food In the Mess-Hall. M-M-M-M-M Good! Would you like to know what is in the food? Then just ask Fido. Fido was a pig. He lived near the Mess-Hall. One day he went to see what was in the food. Poor, Poor, Fido . . . Humane means that you care for things and people and animals. A horsey is an animal. Do you like horsles? Do you know where all the horsles live on post? They all live In the gas-tanks of the cars of the OC ' s, teachers, and administrators. They are what makes these cars go. They are called " Horse-power " . Poor, poor horsles. They are hungry and very rarely fed. See the gas-caps. See the sugar in the mess-hall. Poor, poor, POOR Horsles . . . 3? . ' CU ' rRAGt From your good old Uncle Stosh!! A real QUARTER that he has pasted here with his very own hands, just for you!!! It Is all yours, because your poor old Uncle Stosh loves all of you so very, very dearly. P.S. I hope that the " POWERS THAT BE " don ' t take it off when they look through the BOMBs. Yes, sports fans, at the end of every game, whether we win or lose, they play a song and we all sing. So, it is only fitting that we close with a song here. ESPECIALLY, since we have all LOST here for so long (sung to the tune of " DIXIE " ) Verse I I ' d love a ' liv ' n at the VMI, Where truth reigns pure. It never dies, Where ' ve you gone, Where ' ve you gone, Where ' ve you gone, VMI? In long gone days I was so new, I took all they gave me to be true, Where ' ve you gone, Where ' ve you gone, Where ' ve you gone, VMI? Chorus Then I had great pride in DIXIE, Hoo-ray! Hoo-Ray! But in Dixieland, They deny their stand. And never sing out DIXIE. Oh Say, O Say, O Say O is this West Point? O Say, O Say, O Say O what is their point? Verse II I wish they ' d let my Corps be free. To hold some responsibility. Who do they, who do they, who do they. Think they are? They don ' t believe in New Market ' s blood, Search our rooms, make us live in crud. Who do they. Who do they. Who do they, Think they are? Chorus Verse III Well, now my song is done and through, I ' ll leave it all up to you. Stand Tall, Stand Tall, Stand Tall, All Keydets. Say what you think and what is true. Smith Hall will soon get rid of you. Only the Corps, Only the Corps, Only the Corps, Has a Code. Chorus OUTRAGE 375 , li:- V n jSnT ADVERTISEMENTS m r ' :r .toward new horizons We at General Electric congratulate you on reaching a significant milestone in life ' s path. Now, new horizons lie ahead. In the coming months and years you will move toward the vocation or career which will eventually become your life ' s work. Many of the decisions you face will be difficult. If you are looking for additional information about career possibilities. General Electric can help. A series of publications to assist you in finding the right career is available without charge. Write to Educational Communications Programs, General Electric Company, 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, Connecticut 06431, and ask for publications which may touch on your career interests. GENERAL ELECTRIC SALEM, VIRGINIA An equal opportunity employer a jcs M ' S Compliments From the " X " YOUR HOST RED TURNER Catering to VMI Cadets and Their Parents 45 Years of Service THE SOUTHERN INN Lexington, Virginia If you ' d like doing business with bankers who ' ll go out of their way for you, come to FNEB. That ' s our way. Count on us. First National Exchange Bank A Dominion Banlcshares Bank Two offices in Lexington Campus Corner, Inc. Lexington, Virginia CHARLES " HALFIE ' SWINK MANAGER Congratulations Class of 1979 STEVENS COMPANY «obe«t «, patterson ■ EJIBEfl OF HATfOMAi- iM8TlTUTE M «A . E5TKT£ ■B0KEB3 • hATlQ l L JB9TTTUTE OP PWOI MD LAND BROKERS • 4MERJCAM CHAPTER. IttTERfMTiaaAl. REAL ESTATE FEDERATION rELEPHONE SOI 296 6104 ONE BOARS HEAD PLACE C H AR LOTTESVI LLE , VI RG I N lA 22901 Our TWX 510-5875455 WHITES TRUCK STOP Raphine, Virginia EAST FOOD CAFETERIA Motel — Store — Garage Wrecker Service Open 24 Hours a Day — 7 Days a Week On Premise CB Repairs T WILLIAM T. WOOD INSURANCE AGENCY 3416 West Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23230 804—368-6263 William T. Wood ' 54 William M. Wood ' 79 . LEXINGTON MOTEL LION ' S DEN At ease on the double? Any first-week cadet knows that the commands At Ease and On The Double! don ' t exactly go together. But if you ' ll allow a little play on words, they do sum up pretty nicely the way things are at the Holiday Inn of Lexington where fun comes in the best possible combina- tion--at a brisk, never-a-dull-moment pace, yet in a relaxed, always easy-going, never- demanding atmosphere. For after-game refreshments, or get-togethers with week-ending parents or visiting lovelies, the luxurious decor, impressive service, super-chefmanship of the Billy Budd Restaurant, and make-sense prices, make it the Holiday Inn. Good times there are not forgotten. Owned and opuraled by American Molor Inns, Inc., ot Roanoke, W under license agreemenl with Holiday Inns, Inc., Memphis, Tenn OF LEXINGTON U.S, Rt. 11 at 1-d4 Phone 703 4p3-7351 J. D. CARNEAL SONS, INC. REALTORS ESTABLISHED 1890 3246 W. Gary Street Richmond, Virginia Keydets Enjoy Friendly Service At Two Locations MAIN OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE First National Bank " Your Hometown Independent Bank " 22 S. Main — Next To Court House Lexington-Buena Vista Shopping Park Tel. 463-3172 Tel. 463-3124 Monday-Thursday 9-3 HOURS: Friday 9-6 Saturday (Branch Only) 9-12 Noon •MEMBER FDIC ' ACCOUNTS INSURED TO $40,000 COMPLIMENTS OF GRAY LUMBER COMPANY (■I 384 , ' ADS GULF OIL PRODUCTS TIRES -BATTERIES AND AUTO ACCESSORIES P ST BfetSi: .1-9-1 i S. W. Rawls Incorporated Distributors Franklin • Virginia Telephone 562-3115 ADS 385 HOURS 10 A.M.- 10 P.M., Mon.-Soi. llNTERNATIONAL [GOURMET SHOPS ONLY AT TOWERS SHOPPING MALL SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA ' S TRULY GOURMET SHOP DELI RESTAURANT —FEATURING— 1 . A " Deli " with over 50 different domestic and imported cheeses and meats. Custom sliced. 2. Fresh Baked Daily — French, Italian, Rye and Pumpernickel Breads 3. Greek and Far East Pastries, Butter Cookies and Imported Biscuits 4. Gourmet Foods from around the world including Teas and Spices. 5. Largest selection of imported and domestic wines and beer. Catering Service — Party trays, meat and cheese platters. 6. Hors d ' oeuvres uniquely arranged to fit the occasion and budget. 7 Carry Out Food Service 8. A restaurant featuring the best in Kosher style sandwiches, also salads, plate lunches and daily specials. 9 An Italian menu for your evening dining pleasure in an informal atmosphere. Real Italian Style Pizza — Beer and Wine Served With Meals AND MORE — UNDER ONE ROOF Come Fly With Us Herring Travel Services 16 West Washington Street Lexington, Virginia 703—463-2197 % 386 ' ADS Congratulations to CARLYLE CARTER McCROWELL AND DAVID CRIM, DENNIS STAPLES NASTY COLES AND CHOPS From Your Very Proud Mother and Friend Betty C.McCrowell Lexington Hardware 23 South Main Street 463-2242 Congratulations To The Corps J £ Portrait and Commercial Photography Since 1909 107 East Mam St. (Mall) Dial 296-7558 Charlottesville, Va. 22901 The YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP QUALITY MEN ' S WEAR Charlottesville, Virginia Downtown gefi Your Happy Shopping Store Lexington, Va. 463-3 1 1 1 McCrum ' s Drug Store Lexington, Virginia Antiques MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH G . PACE 123 Piedmont Avenue Area Code 804:296-1403 Charlottesville. Virginia 22903 By Appointment Serving the Corps, Since 1 971 TRAVEL UNLIMITED 21 West Washington St. Lexington, Virginia 463-7174 Lexington ' s Travel Professionals Charlottesville ' s Finest Fashion Stores CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA DOWNTOWN ON THE MALL BARRACKS ROAD SHOPPING CENTER 15 West Nelson Si. PRES BROWN ' S INC Sporting Goods Clothing Photographic Equipment Lexington, Virginia AMERICAN FEDERAL SAV1[NGS LOATH SOCIAriOh 158 South Main Street P. O. Box 713 I.cxiiiUton, Viruinia 24450 Dial 703 463-2119 BEN WILLIAMS INS. AGENCY INC. 3416 West Broad St. Richmond, Va. Tom Murphy ' 68 " Congratulations Class of 1979 " PENINSULA ENGINEERING CO. INC. Hampton, Virginia I 3 B ADS DON ' T BLAME us, WE ONLY SERVE THE . . . m Rockbridge United Virginia Bank Baked With the Homemade Touch Country Kitchen Open Daily 7-5 8 North Main Lexington, Va. 24450 703 t63-5691 CRAFTS PLUS INC. COINS, STAMPS, CRAFTS HOBBIES LEXINGTON, VA 24450 SOUTH MAIN ST. (703) 463-3355 ADS 389 WELCOME ABOARD AS NEWLY COMMISSIONED ENSIGNS AND SECOND LIEUtSi NTS IN THE NAyY,AND THE MARINE CORPS WELCOME YOU TO THE PROFESSIONS OF ARMS IN THE UNITED STATES NAV L SERVICE ' t T ' M : . MAY YOU HAVE FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS ai- = THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF VMI NROTC " 1-x= ArmyROTC j j Salutes ' " " - The Class of ' 79 and The VMI Corps of Cadets i Holiday Inn Hopewell-Chester Exit 6 W and 1-95 Chester, Virginia THANK YOU CLASS OF 79 Mcdonough TOYOTA STAUNTON BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE J. A. HAGAN JR AND COMPANY MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT 602 WEST 25th STREET P.O. BOX 11267 NORFOLK. VIRGINIA 2351 7 Telephone 804—625-6531 AND AT 861 7 MARYLAND DRIVE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA TELEPHONE 804—270-0736 or 648-4562 PROGRESSIVE PRODUCTS CORP. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS PHONES 344-6244 342-4836 3764 AERIAL WAY DRIVE, S.W. P.O. BOX 4128, ROANOKE, VIRGINIA The Roanoker Restaurant Towers Mall Mon. thru Thurs. Fri. and Sat. Sun. and Holidays 7 a.m.-lOp.nt 7 a.m.-] 1 p.m. 8 a.m.-lOp.m. HOME OF GOOD FOOD FOR 37 YEARS THORNGATE UNIFORMS INC. NORRISTOWN, PA. ADS 393 i LONG AND FOSTER REALTORS 27 Offices and Over 950 Associates Serving Metropolitan Washington DC. Executive Office 3918 Prosperity Ave Fairfax, Va, 22031 703—573-2290 3nfiurancE Agencg Total Insurance Service 1 4 W. Washington 463-3166 (I2 COLLEGE INN CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1979 AL-STEEL FABRICATORS, INC. Structural and Miscellaneous Fabrication LOOK YOUR BEST Fuwa cuiNiis ' cusiM uuwEKis ' mm nirtis 5705 PATTERSON AVENUE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 23226 AVIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. P.O. BOX 8271 ROANOKE. VA. 24014 PHONE 703 982-35 58 RICHARD E.PHILLIPPI, INC. Contractors. P.O. Box 666 Wytheville, Virginia 24382 Phone (703) 228-21 26 Quick-Livick Inc. Charter Bus Service 708 C Street Staunton, Virginia 24401 ADS 395 ' ' We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again ' -General Nathanael Greene South Carolina, 1781 For eight long months. General Nathanael Greene and his patchwork army of rugged militia and rawboned backwoodsmen fought battle after battle against a well-equipped, numerically superior British armed force. Time and again, the Americans were beaten back or withdrew. But they did, indeed, rise and fight again. It was precisely this kind of dogged determination that won America its freedom from the Crown in the Revolutionary War. Always short of men, money and supplies, Greene couldn ' t afford to risk full-scale war against the might of the British. But he could use his tough, highly mobile forces to fragment the British fighting strength at various strong points and cut off their vital supply routes. And this he did. Using startling hit-and-run guerrilla tactics against the rigidly formal brand of British warfare, Greene ' s strategy paid off. He won the war in the South. Each time the daring General and his men struck and pulled back, obstinately attacked and expeditiously evaded, they so crippled the Redcoats that the treaty of October 19, 1781, was inevitable. Since the birth of our nation, America ' s military has met challenge after challenge with Herculean heroism. For 55 of those years, it has been our privilege to serve the officers who have served our country so well. Today, nine out of ten active duty officers insure with USAA. If you ' re a Midshipman or Cadet, or a Regular, National Guard, Reserve or Retired officer (whether drawing retirement pay or not), you ' re eligible to join this elite group. Organized by officers for officers, USAA offers outstanding savings and service on almost all the personal insurance you ' ll ever need. From car to home to personal liability. For more information on the world of USAA ■ | jk j insurance at your command, write USAA, USAA vJ J v Building, San Antonio, Texas 78288. „,,d of msurance We ' U be very proud to serve you. at your command. % Compliments of Blue Ridge Stone Corp. ROAD BUILDING — RAILROAD BALLAST — CONCRETE — FURNACE FLUX-FILTER — STONE — LIMESTONE — SAND DIAL 344-6601 ROOM 711 BOXLEY BUILDING HOWARD JOHNSONS MOTOR LODGE LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA X-RAY ENGINEERING CO. HOME OF THE V.M.I. CADETS WESTMORELAND COLONY Motel Buffet 181 — Exit 51 Natural Bridge Virginia i- i2:Kt -iSiK ' 3i ' Kfias. " fl ' « l ' " ?MOEffllS aSM!fflBna OETERS ' MiimndShop CUSTOM DRAPERIES • CUSTOM SLIPCOVERS • FABRIC • CORNICES • SWAGS • COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL 3070 . Telephone (804) 355-9123 " est Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia 2322 ' pankg a pjliciiesaen and 1 1 ii s : no S I Ik? 01 M I GIO C W ; TEP SI EARLCNOSTJR. PHOTOGRAPHY 377 WELLERBURN AVENUE SEVERNA PARK, MD. 21 146 Phone 301—987-1156 CONGRATULATIONS TO TWO OF CHARLOTTESVILLE ' S FINEST TOWE INSURANCE SERVICE, INC. 416 E. MAIN ST. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. : Ar Williamson yilmer Incorporated MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT Thomas S. Williamson III ' 54 James L. Thomas ' 50 William O. Giles ' 60 Richmond, Virginia The Norton Press, Inc. Printers and Publishers of ' The Coalfield Progress Norton, Va. Big Stone Gap, Va. Carrol N. Tate — Class of ' 44 President and Publisher BOOSTERS Spring Field Farms, Dublin, Virginia CPM Builders, Inc. Hello Class of ' 71 — Raleigh Redneck Wood Brier Cleaners Tuckahoe Cleaners Capri Cleaners and Laundrymat Specialty Drapery Cleaners Inc. Wenger Tile and Plastering Company Bell Reality, Ltd. Charlie Jones ' Barber Shop Frank T. Dresser Friends of the Institute The Flower Center Bonanza Steaks Norman E. Coffey Furniture Co. Lexington Motor Sales, Inc. University Cleaners Woody Chevrolet Sales M. Price Distributing Co. W. Harrington Smith Pembroke Construction Co., Inc. Western Auto James T. Davis Paint Co. Paul ' s Card and Gift Shop Hodshire Industries Inc. I RECO W RICHMOND ENGINEERING COMPANY P.O. Box 25819 Richmond, Virginia 23260 OTHER PLANTS It. North Carolina South Carolina New Jersey Florida FABRICATORS OF: Pressure Vessels — Storage Tanks Field Erected Tanks — Heat Exchangers Large Diameter Piping Rubber Lining and Coating Miscellaneous Plate Fabrication 1 Corporation Changing: To Serve a Changing World Mfgl Corporation L Changing: To Serve a Changing World Corporation Changing: To Serve a Changing World 1 Ei Corporation W Changing To Serve a Changing World 1 CoTporationll CtmngtrKi Jo Sana a Changing Walcl 402 • ADS DON ' T GET CAUGHT SHORT 7WE RED FRONT GROCERY SINCE 1945 The Cleaves Food Service Corporation Food Service Operators-Consultants Quality Food Service Management School — Colleges — Industry Health Care and Senior Citizen Homes Silver Spring, Maryland 2091 Phone 301— 589-7477 When Quality Counts — It ' s a Cleaves Operation Marandino construction CO. INC. 573-8895 Quality Distinctive Homes • COLONIAL • MULTI-LEVEL • CONTEMPORARY • RANCH Virginia Registered Contractor 1561 8 10 Year Warranty On All New Homes ' H.O.W. Builder 400 FOUR SEASONS DRIVE CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. Gibson Powell REALTY 1924 ARLINGTON BLVD., TERRACE E-6 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA 22903 804—296-6177 Gibson Powell 296 1336 Ed Benzinger 295-3617 Caroline Roseberry 295-5928 Don Greene 293 8967 Richard Long 293-9597 Janet Bennett 286-2770 Linda BIrckhead 973-6725 Gerald Thomas 977 1883 Donna Powell 296-1336 Luclan Hughes 703 456 6726 Ray Pangle 703 942-4365 Bill Bryan 286-3388 Warner Wood 985 2921 BERKNESS CONTROL EQUIPMENT CORP. Power-Process Sales-Service P. O. Box 6811 1506 Tomlynn Street Richmond, Virginia 23230 (804) 359-5703 Telex 82-8386 NATIONAL COMPU-GRAPHIX INC. 404 . ' A DS ■i»flLIWyll,¥t iLlJ i|.j:g£BHBaM»ttW ' SSlkv. TO THE CLASS OF 1979 Compliments of DIVERSA-GRAPHICS INC. WE MAKE WOODWORK. We supply over 50 different styles of fine packaged homes. Or we can supply the lum- ber and special millwork to build your own home. We make point-of-purchase displays for an endless number of consumer products and we even make wooden beverage cases for major soft drink bottlers. In short, we are the company that puts wood to work. If you want something made of wood, call (804) 232-4551 in Richmond. Cm MILLER MANUFACTURING Richmond, Virginia 23211 Quality Manufacturers of Wood Products Since 1895 HENDERSON PHILLIPSJNC. COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE SINCE 1896 24 People With a Total of I Years of Insurance Experience. HeatinsOils CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1979 JOHNS BROS. INC. Vincent J. Thomas " 43. President William A. Thomas ' 50B. Executive Vice President Norfolk. Virginia The Norton Press, Inc. Printers and Publishers of The Coalfield Progress Norton, Va. t .. Big Stone Gap, Va, Carroll N. Tate — Class of ' 44 President and Publisher CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1979 Southern Homes REALTORS " Shelley Gordon Tom Batchelor Mike McFarland Brokers 400 Four Seasons Mall Charlottesville, Virginia Phone (804)973-6622 Paul M. Dickinson Alfred J. Dickinson Realtors 4900 Augusta Ave. Richmond, Virginia 23230 BOOSTERS Col. Jim Avery Strotmeyer and Epps Mr. and Mrs. Gene F. Lyon Mrs. Frances J. Lyon Gray ' s Floral Gallery, Ltd. John Pasco Jr. Mr and Mrs. Donald J. Gummings GaryF. Shutf74 Richard Sheperd Dick Trumbo Green Insurance Agency Eileen A. Kanter and Family Mechanicsvllle Cleaners Lovings Produce Co Gallo GMC Truck Sales Inc. Jack Vonderlehn Tire Co. Mr. and Mrs Daniel Matteson William S. Lindsay Myers and Chapman, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H Penn Kenny Wilbourne Realty and Construction Co. Hawthorne Cleaners Hamner Sound Inc. Richmond Ford Inc. Montgomery Ward Announcing a New Book COMING HITHER — GOING HENCE A Memoir of Herbert Nash Dillard bv Elizabeth Nash Dillard From the school associated with such heroes as Stonewall Jackson, General George Catletl Marshall, " Chesty " Puller and General George S. Patton, we offer you a new type of hero — COLONEL HERBERT NASH DILLARD V.M.I. Class of 1934 Distinguished Graduate Professor of English 1938-1976 Make Checks or Money Orders ($15.00 Plus $1.50 handling) I Mailing Charges to: McClure Press Box 936 Verona, Virginia 24482 not all are alike Ron Cowardin, Gemologist Class of 196S GDwaidin ' s ' n,,nJ iOU. ' il Jf THE SANDSTON PHARMACY Sandston, Va. 737-2270 737-6461 A. P. MehFoud STUDIO, Inc. 23 W. NELSON ST. LEXINGTON. VA. 24450 SERVING THE CADETS OF V.M.I. SINCE 1932 TO STOSH This Is Your Quest. THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM YOU WILL REACH THAT STAR CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1979 FROM YOUR DYKES CLASS OF 1982 -iWSjp yi i » Congratulations John James Carty, Jr. , For ulfilgig YouOtadrB v as Bee tfU Ma Thai P ou Son and Carry on for Your Proud Ma and Pa!! T Mr. and Mrs. John J. Carty rest Roxbury (Boston), Massachusetts The house that bargains built Southwest Virginia ' s largest auto dealer. CHEVROLET 1824 Williamson Rd. Phone 344 1461 The house that bargains built. We save you hundreds because we sell thousands Ihamasan EuemcaiiMG M test me VESTER J. THOMPSON, JR., INC. Chemical, Materials and Geotechnical Laboratories 3707 Cottage Hill Road Mobile, Alabama 36609 Congratulations to the Class of 79 And Welcome to the Ranks of The Alumni Congratulations to Tom Herbert and the Class of 79 We Are Proud of You Mama and Daddy Bebe, Ginny Boo and Beaufa A- ' -Myfl Norton Company ' s largest manufacturer of abrasives • Sandpaper • Sharpening Stones • Grinding Wheels • Cut-off Blades ... Specialists in the manufacture of top quality abrasives for the hardware market and the automotive aftermarket OOVHTH THEPROS NORTON COMPANY Worcester, Massachusetts ptJrpi [T fn fi [ rJ rpJ TpJ fn I Gh m i a u a Congratulations to Cadet Thomas James Sotos and VMI Class of 1979 " Never Say Die " With Deep Pride and Gratitude Mr. and Mrs. James T. Sotos Tina and Jay Sotos Grandmother Nickols Richmond, Virginia [ [ZJ R] m m r [r I u}l[r Ir l [ .rnLI q3 Jc lf l Virginia ' s complete supplier of S10NE BUILDING • CRUSHED • LANDSCAPE lucSSIONE CENTER A Division of Luck Quarries, Inc. STONE CENTER LOCATIONS: CRUSHED STONE PLANT LOCATIONS: MANAKIN • ROCKVILLE • CHARLOTTESVILLE • STAUNTON BURKEVILLE FAIRFAX • LEESBURG 804-784-3335 Congratulations to Cadet Stanley M. Hodges Jr. The Class Of 1979 Love and Best Wishes Mom, Dad, and Byron Kolar Machine Inc. Numerical Control Machining Manufacturing and Experimental Machine Work Tool and Die Work 407 Cliff Street ' Ithaca, N.Y. 14850 Area (607) 273-51 82 THOMPSON AND LITTON Records • Tapes Stereo Components MARVIN-NEITZEL CORPORATION COLLARS AND CUFFS 444 River Street Troy, New York 12181 n? ill A Toast t0 Mighty Fine Stuff Congratulations " George " , PROSPECT INDUSTRIES incorporated Waterproofing and Roofing Contractors S Compliments Of a Friend 1516 Spring Hill Road McLean, Virginia 22101 (703)893-1270 UART BOLLING AND COMPANY Box 6151 Crittendon Station pc, Virginia 23433 ' ' t i " ' " SlR ' ' .. MELPAR DIVISION E- SYSTEMS ,?700 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Virginia 22046 PETE MOORE FURNITURE 2912 Williamson Road, N.W. Roanoke, Virginia 24012 h •1 PAUL S. GREEN, JR. - BOATYARD AMBURG BOATCRAFT RFD Box 385 Deltaville, ' ' ' Virginia 23043 Congratulations Cadet George C. Graham Jr. and the Class of 1979 QuALtTY Camping a Skiing Equipment rockbridgl; oLcrFrrrLRS [nc. JOHN Scott Christopher Camps Doug Perk Skiing, Camping, and Outdoor Clothing CONG ■ and a lation: ell Done iSt CADET NICHOLAS CARLTON KEPF m Your ViHiProud Parents M N-D DAD Dr. and Mrs. Graham Heather and Lorna ALBERTO ' S Willow Oak Mall Hampton, Virginia Pizza, Italian Food, Subs American Food Owned and Operated by The Rendon Family EASTERN UTILITIES SPECIALISTS, INC. 9 112B Euclid Avenue Manassas, Virginia 22110 703-368-3191 Specializing in Sanitary Sewer System Analysis, Evaluation, Cleaning, Closed Circuit Television Inspection, Testing and Rehabilitation Charles A. LeFon, P.E. ' 61 -■i Good Luck to Bill and Tom Albro 420 ADS Universaf Leaf Tobacco (g. EXPORT TRS AND Imf OTJTERS RictiiXMSidid yirg int . 23260 P.O. Box No. 25099 Hamilton Street at Broad Cable Address " Ultoco " Phone: Area Code 804 359-93 1 1 Telex No. 827438 H I IT ' i RAMS.£:5CCORP. Virginia 24506 ©t TtS. Success and Good Wishes Pizza Inn Pizza Inns of Virginia, Inc. Richmond, Chester, Sandston Petersburg Working to be your bank, planning to stay your bank. FIDELITY AMERICAN BANK Buena Vista, Natural Bridge NA CENTURY 21 — SHOWCASE PROPERTIES 3700 Old Forest Road Lynchburg, Virginia 24501 ( )Kv,LiuM m. Curies Neck Dairy 1600 Roseneath Road P.O. Box 6323 Richinond. Virginia 23230 Harry Haga Co., Inc. P.O. Box 4293 Lynchburg, Virginia 24502 bL. To Dan and the Class of 1980 ? k UNIVERSAL MECHANICAL CORP, Richmond, Virginia - » ' i ' -- Congratulations to Auctions Every Sat. Nite Beginning at 7:00 P.M. Thursday Friday, 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. Sat.. 1 1 A.M. Until — Sun., 1 P.M. to 6 P.M. Bruce Pearson _ . , . Chip Humphrey Eddie s Antique Tom Baltazar Mall JvanQy lOUng -WeSell for you on commission " SpUt Leadbetter n shops Und. one Roof John Pott Surapong Suwana Adth -j- 1 XT • 941 Canal Drive Noel Harris Chesapeake, Virginia Wilton Holmes p,_,33.,,,3 From: Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Byrd 424 ADS Antiques Collectibles Open Weekends Don Rue Antiques 941 Canal Drive Chesapeake, Virginia 23320 Donald Ruth Grover Phone:485-9713 Congratulations Mark Byrd Hoffman Beverage Co. Virginia Beach, Va. Budweiser — Michelob Natural Thurs. Fri. — 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Sat. Sun. — 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. Smithfield Antiques Specializing in: Old Cut Glass. Silver. RS Prussia, Other Unsual China Furniture 945 Canal Drive Chesapeake, Va. 23323 Phone:485-9713 Home 804 488-1762 Charlotte ' s Art-Tiques Cut Glass — Crystal — Porcelain R. S. Prussia — Furniture — Miscellaneous Buy — Sell — Trade Eddie ' s Antique Mall Carl Charlotte 941-D Canal Drive Mullin Chesapeake, Va. Proprietors Phone 804 485-97 1 3 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1979 FROM COPELAND TOYOTA, INC. 3323 W. Mercury Blvd., Hampton, Va. Telephone (804) 826-6686 Telephone 485-9713 Lee ' s Antiques Buv • Sell • Trade Ruth L. Carper Owner 941 Canal Drive Chesapeake, Va. 23323 FRANK ' S a KING OF PIZZA East Nelson §t. Lexington, Virginia 19 Congratulations 79 to Our 1 Son and Brother Cadet D. A. Cox With Love " Muh — Dad Chub; Cool; Deacon, Eber MAGIC CITY NEWS Adult Bookstore 2211 Williamson Rd. Roanoke, Virginia BEST is More Than Our Hame Best Products is America ' s largest catalog showrooin merchandiser. Best offers brand name merchandise at remarkably low prices. In the showroom or in our giant catalog . . . one look at our merchandise and your cost will convince you that we are BEST. • California Maryland Michigan North Carolina Ohio • Pennsylvania • Texas • Virginia • New Jersey CaudletHyatt Inc. o» i(E INSULATION CONTRACTOR AND DISTRIBUTOR PhoitM: HofMwall 458-1555 - Richmond 748-5155 P. O. Box 127 • 111 South 15Ht Av«nu« • Hop«w«ll, Virginia, 23860 Congratulations to the Class of 1979 Onza Hyatt ' 58 Bill Haught ' 74 Congratulations to Jay, Nick, Rich from Mr. Mrs. James Gede and Dave 42? wy° " ' Poquoson Motors, Inc. Hampton, Virginia ' ' One of the World ' s Largest Chrysler — Plymouth Dealers W Mi i yir i sm i I ' QW rMfrrJ- ' A Q T . - JN ) Ki:??W W mmm r?lffi ill 2r ' 1 IB ' r-rL ' ■? i IBi tp ? 1 - - . -I THE WIZARD KNOWE ' SO AND FINDS WORK FOR IDLE HANDS. 430 ' ADS Thanks to You We Finally Made It Through Cell Block— 137 The Baltazars, The Holmes, The Byrds. The Ledbetters, and The Youngs GOOD LUCK! Jeffrey Vordermark 2nd Lieutenant, Field Artillery, U.S.A. Gary Parker Ensign — Surface Warfare Officer School, U.S.N. Colonel (USA-Ret.) Mrs. Jonathan S. Vordermark USMA June 1943 Hit on- — - Itdup C- ' i ., cn itc... .. Phone. . .(804)838-6760 Drawer 18 — Parkview Station Newport News, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS TO CADET JEFFREY S. BEEBY AND CLASS OF 1979 MAY YOU BE FAVORED WITH FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS MOM, DAD, AND FAMILY f§ Jeep Ameri can Motors Regency AMC — Jeep Phone No. 1-703-981-1233 Largest AMC — Jeep Dealer in Southwest Va. " We Wrote the Book on 4 Wheel Drive ' ' Congratulations to Dave and All His Colleagues — Grown Up Brother Rats Compliments of J. W. ENOCHS INC. BUILDERS Hopewell, Va. Best Wishes to Cadet Mark E. Byrd From Aunt Marie Grandma Byrd Presented With Our Thanks KASHOUTY VOLKSWAGEN, LTD. Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Mazda, B.M.W. 975 J. Clyde Morris Blvd. Newport News. Virginia 23601 (804)595-9771 Congratulations, Best Wishes to the Class of " 79 " and to Cadet " Kirk L. Latsha " for a Job Well Done. We are very proud of you. With Love, Dad, Mother, Ken, Karen, Kim Karla When can a sprocket cost you HiOOO? ..Vhe ' Our crev ■le JOG C ' d The sprocKe ' ' sn ' A C E ' ursto e t ' ' " !0 a o fev hours can mean n iQs t ' ' ,e one ' ODorJ ! r hor-der than " ! " hurston to fi ' ouro ' de ' rig ' - ' ' " -e t ' s i ' ' ea ' d ge to you when you neec! ' t - ' 6- " - " ; ' y. ' ' austnal supplies THURSTON Ml INSULATION AND PEFPACOPv CONTPACTOPS INDUSTRIAL MARINE AND CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES NORFOLK RICHMOND ROANOKE (804; 627 ' 775 " 804; 2 ' - ' 243 703) 342-1 84t CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1979 Clavs of -45 ' Now Our Second Office 922 S. Lynnhaven Road Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 468-3900 (sach office is inJependentli) oi nea ana operated BEALIOR TRUin REALTY IRVING F. TRUITT. JR., CPM, GRI President 3600 Tidewater Drive Norfolk, Virginia 23509 bus. (804) 627-453 1 res. (804)423-1640 Mouse, Jaul, Bonso, Abdul, Fwhale THE JUSSELL FAMILY Dalton ' s Jewelers Rt. 3, Box 390 Forest, Virginia ' And No One WiU Ever Know ' MOTEL (Si, RESTAURANT J xiTigton.Virjyiiiia 24450. TeUphcme 703 463 2143 Compliments of Barker- Jennings Corporation Lynchburg, Virginia 24506 V 5pR R.H. E.P.! Moby Leon Congratulations Class of " 79 " and Rick " Duke the Kangaroo " The Cadagans Mom, Dad, Betty, Shirley Jay, Jim, and Eric Congratulations to Cadet Harold H. Humphrey and The Class of 1 979 From Mom and Dad KJELLSTROM AND LEE, INC. General Contractors St. Reg. 5879 Building and Industrial Construction H.G.Lee. ' 47 W.O.Jones, 1 1 [ ' 63 7309 Capehart Rd. P.O. Box 8747 Richmond. Va. 23226 Phone 288-0082 Congratulati( CadetlJ.E.E. G( and the Class of 1979 You Climbed the Highest Gate£l Love Mim and D " Your Local Savings and Loan Has Interest That Is More Interesting " MUTUAL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 451 Boush Street Norfolk, Virginia 23510 436 ADS BOOSTERS Mr. and Mrs. John S. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Poffenbarger Pritchard and Altman Josephine ' s Lamp Doll Shop and Repair Clark Pritchard Clothiers Home Equipment Co., Inc. A Friend of the Kangaroo Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Clem Armand W. Wagner ' 57 O ' Neals Studio of Portraiture John E. Poindexter ' 44 William C. Cowardin Jr. ' 63 - Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw Col. and Mrs. J. A. Lillard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dalessandro Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Griffin Col. and Mrs. S. R. Trumps Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Pilker Mr. and Mrs. W. Dennis O ' Neil, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Zech Karl L. Klinar H. S. Powers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Bivano Janis and Hertha Ozolins Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Wingfield, Sr. BOOSTERS Col. John E. Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Homer C. Eliades Mr and Mrs. Robert G. Christopher ' 57 Mr Robert Jones 71 Best of Luck Samuel B Segar Jr. ' 55 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Markwood Ameropa Coal Trading and Shipping Mr. and Mrs. Charlie E. Th6mas Diane Levenson and Family Dr and Mrs, William E. Bates Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Lachmanek Mr. and Mrs. Be rnard U. Ritzert, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. K.Y. Thrift ' 45 CDR W. J. Loefstedt, USCG Zukie-Ann Beauty Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Marentic Parker ' s Sporting Goods BOOSTERS Carolyn Woolwine Marlene Paul Liebow Jay SImms and Family Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Newsome and Family The John Royster Family W L Major ' 39 005 Carter M. Turpin Dr. and Mrs. John H. Trant ' 57 Mr. Webster M. Chandler, Jr. ' 46 William L. Harris Tuckahoe Builders Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schesventer Mr. and Mrs. Willie E. Taylor Mr. Grover C. Outland, Jr. ' 49B Community Barber Shop Coleman Brothers Florist Or William Holland Excelsior Surplus Gerald F. Nitz Lakeside Appliance Mr Bruce Jones Bremner, Youngblood, King, Inc. Major League Bowling And Recreation, Inc. operators of Fun Centers In Va., W.Va., N.C., S.C, Ga., and Fla. FAWCETT MOTOR COMPANY AMC Jeep GMC Trucks Trans Am Sunbird Bonneville Pontiac Firebird Lemans Grand Prix Compliments of Super Shoe Stores 681 1 Williamson Road — N.W. Roanoke, Virginia JEEP We Wrote The Book On Four Wheel Drive Rt. 29 211 PWarrenton, Virginia 22186 703—347-4800 Congratulations To The Class of 1979 CAllEny of Homes RENNIE WALLACE BON AIR GALLERY H.i.i.fs.Suii. ' C, Hiii ' " i,Hul. V,i 232J ' j HU-l .f?ll rii.l Res, (8041 748 5575 PETE DAVIES REALTOR ASSOCIATE To Dave Kopelman ' 79 " The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena . . . Whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood . . . who strives valiantly . . . (and whose) place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. " T.R. With Love and Pride, Mom, Dad, Judy, and Ellen Nancy Chandler Associates, Inc. 1030 W. 24th St. Norfolk, Va. 235 17 Congratulations And Best Wishes For The Future To Cadet Stanley E. Leek And The Class of 1979 From Mr. And Mrs. Michael Leek Greg ' 77, Susan, and Chris Special Thanks To You — Dyke Doug Fitchett ' 76 TO ROOM 137 MARK, RANDY, TOM, WILTON, SPUT. May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the sunshine warm upon your face The rain fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again May God hold you in the palm of his hand, ADS 441 (703)4635138 V • SttauS ' i 7VSaee6 Service, 9hc. YOUR TV AND HOME APPLIANCE CENTER 648 WADDELL ST LEXINGTON. VA 24450 Congratulations Graduates Geo. Tait and Sons Tail ' s Thoroughbred Seeds Best by Test for Over 100 Years 900 Tidewater Dr. Norfolk. V A 23504 Phone (804) 622-3385 Straub ' s T.V. Sales Service Inc. 648 Waddell St. Lexington, Virginia Compliments of Chas. W. Barger Son, Inc. ONCRETE 1 loNSTRUCTION H ■ RUSHED STONE RANE SERVICE Dial 463-2106 Lexinfitoa. V . Plant U.S. 60 East County Supermarket 800 S. Main St. Lexington, Virginia Rockbridge Auto Parts 18 East Nelson St. Windy Cove Farm Millborough Springs, Va. Good Luck ' 81! 3 MAIN PLAZA EAST NORFOLK, VA. 23510 Clothing For Gentlemen Do You Know the Sign of Quality Used Cars? Yes, Hertz sells cars daily. Check our values at Woodmm Airport. 366-3421 Hertz setecti and aetti the flncf can from ta rental fleet vtt i a record of ttfvtce and majntenarice you can check before you buy. Al can come witt a NatonwMe L nltod Powef Tr n Wanwity good lor 12 monttu or 12 )00 mle« mflrvt). Ask for tul detail. Hertz cars kiok terrffk: and are priced to se41 BRANCH, CABELL CO. Member New York Stock Exchange Waynesboro, Va. OFFICE (804) 798-6008 il2iZ VinynioL- AecQsfc Corpi " Specializhig in Concrete Manholes " P. O. DRAWER 1020 ASHLAND, VA. 23005 RHETT CLARKSON 998-9824 P S SONNY UTZ OLDSMOBILE — BUICK " The Dealership That ' s Different ' 250 W.Shirley Ave. Warrenton. Va. 221 Telephone 703 347-3341 Jt.( ar ef Custom KITCHENS, Inc. 6412 HORSEPEN RC ARTHUR C. JHFiNDRICK. JR. CERTIF ED KlTCHEr-i DESIGNER BUS. 2 S 8 - V 2 7 CONGRATULATIONS Shane Michael Miller and The Class of 1979 Your Proud Family Flagstaff, Arizona Compliments of AVERY INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance and Bonds 909 Mutual Building Richmond, Va. INC. Guitars, Organs, Amps Pianos, Teachers, Repairs Towers Mall Roanoke, Va. 24015 Phone 982-8228 7121 FOREST HILL AVE. CHIPPENHAM NORTH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 23225 Phone 272-7731 Huff ' s Florist We Wire Flowers Anywhere Warrenton, Va. 347-2202 Service Gas — Oil — Groceries Dial 463-3321 U.S. Rt. 60 E. Lexington, Va. The VMI BOMB Staff Would Like to Thank The Following People For Making Our BOMB Possible: Dave Kinton . . .for being there whenever needed, and for being a true friend. Dr. Monsour . . .for helping with all aspects of the book, and for being the best class advisor possible. Col. B. McCluer Gilliam ... an editor of the other BOMB in ' 40, for understanding when Spotts and Lyon didn ' t quite make it to class, and for saving them from numerous 5-1 -5 ' s. Uncle Stosh . . .for our, I mean his typewriter (I would call him Robert C. Morris, Jr., but I can ' t.) Bunny and Lyie ... for being great neighbors and for putting up with our party line. Michael Strickler . . . for 11 th hour sport ' s pictures. Andre Studios ... for being on call and providing photos during crisis after crisis. Stevens Studios . . . for a needed modernization of our Class Section and instant results for our every request. Bradshaw Studios ... for beautiful pictures of the Homecoming Court. Allan Ollove . . .for adding the personal touch. Col. Barksdale, Ann, Karen; and especially Captain Ratcliffe ... for allowing " occasional " slip-ups in L.H., and for proving that some parts of the administration are a pleasure to work with. Penny Burch . . .for lasting through the hectic " mug shot " sessions and just lookin ' pretty. Torquil MacCorkle ... for keeping the Editor-in-Chief in his place by soundly defeating him in pinball every night. Mrs. Herbert Nash Dillard ... for supplying our business man with a few choice names. The Keydet Club . . .for supplying our business man with hundreds of possible leads. Jorge Piercy ... for keeping us out of bankruptcy. Major William D. Badgett . . . for standing by us and voicing his and our opinions to Puzzle Palace. Randy Bare . . .for providing excellent pictures as the hippie of the staff. John, Mary, and Debbie ... for always smiling, helping, and encouraging. Jones Felvey and family . . .for an unforgettable visit in Dallas. Pat and MRS. Sandi Hartless . . . for the inside info. Col. Edgar, Capt. Willcockson, and Gen. Irby . . for the ones you DID approve. Claude Hamric and Hughey Hohnson ... for excellent and fast service. Maj. Adams and Bob Checca ... for proving once again that " old editors never die, they just become P.I. O. ' s. " Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Duff . . for keeping a secret. Our Families, Friends, and Roommates . . . for understanding. EPILOGUE The Class of 79 has now freed itself from the Institute regulations, and now I ' m supposed to tell y ' all how " disillusioned " I am with VMI. Wrong! I am anything but that. In fact, I leave the barracks with a newfound sense of admiration and respect for the four years that marked my stay. I feel more than prepared for the outside world, and now that you ask, yes I ' m going to tell you all about it. Where else could one go to see first hand the gross inefficiency and bureaucracy which marks the military and no doubt has its own counterpart in the business world? No where but at VMI. And as for the civilian world ' s claim of " padded " union jobs, I need only look to VMI, where connections land jobs regardless of qualifications, and added red tape assures their continuation. (Is this what they mean when they say that " VMI survives in spite of itself? " ) Yes VMI has given me a good view of the executive ladder, as professional courtesy is one-uped by VMI ' s patented brand of brown-nosing, where personal values and beliefs are disregarded for the imperial whims of the upper echelons. And we ' ve even learned to, or rather not to show disrespect to " superiors " who are worthy of nothing but sympathy. Surely this will help me in the real world. But most important of all, my stay at VMI has shown me that our honor system can survive outside of the barracks while at the same time it can also be ridiculed and disgraced by those who once claimed membership in the Corps. We, the Class of 1979, have witnessed more changes within the VMI system than has any other class, as we lost the privilege to study past the " norm, " the last vestiges of being a " southern " military school, and the right to plan and enforce our own ratline. We have had our proud moments though, and I ' d like to single out one lest it pass unnoticed. In Tony Hamilton, we ' ve had the first class officer in recent hi story to go through four years of office without once cursing or using profanity in Jackson Memorial Hall. While to some this may seem trivial, in view of the qualities that the VMI cadet is supposed to emulate it is very important to me and hopefully to all those who wear the ring with pride. The citizen-soldier concept is important, but the principle of being a gentleman first far exceeds it. It is my sincere hope that despite all the changes in the Institute ' s structure, morals, and customs, the Virginia Military Institute will continue to maintain its strict adherence to the Honor Code, for without it, the Institute as we know it today cannot survive, and more importantly doesn ' t deserve to. On the lighter side of the year, working with the BOMB Staff proved to be quite an experience . . . Just like my cadetship, I didn ' t know what I was getting into until it was too late to bail out (at least being Editor-in-Chief only lasted one year.) Sliding gracefully on my face from one crisis to another, I survived the nightly Liverance-Nost wrestle-offs, the Morice attacks, Monjeau ' s fear of bugs, and Klinker ' s starvation diet. Smoke ' s smokin ' , Stosh ' s sleuthin ' , Dennis ' hand signals, the Keeper of the White Rock, Spic ' s rare visits, and the entrapment of Jeffry V. all led to the final deadline and its miraculous completion. Nothing however was so important as the ascendancy of Bob Wheeler to Managing Editor and a close friend. Best of luck to you Bob and the 1 980 BOMB. Many events will forever stand out in my mind regarding the yearbook, but among the most notable will be Doug ' s flooding of his beloved darkroom and subsequent developing (of pictures) in the ladies bathroom, the SAM trip by Jay and me to put our deadline on the 7AM flight out of Roanoke to Dallas, and finally Col. Edgar ' s catching the entire staff raisin ' hell after what we thoughtwas our only inspection during SNI. (At least he didn ' t see the refrigerator and T.V., or did he? . . .) Now is the time for me to claim that this yearbook is radical, different, unstructured, uncivilized, unconstitutional, subversive, and capable of speaking in five different languages. Maybe so, maybe not. But there is one claim I will make, and that is the 1 979 BOMB is a staff yearbook representing the entire Corps. Without the large number of people who spent many hours of their study time putting up with my grief this book would not be a fraction of what it is. Just what it is III leave up to you. Thanks =154 for putting up with my nocturnal habits and great sense of humor afterwards. Friends, and y ' all know who you are, thanks for standing by me during a particularly trying time in my life (i.e. my cadetship). And to my folks, hopefully I can repay you for all those midnight phone calls to you that pulled me through till the morning light. I love you all. The End Me t di - Editor-ln-Cheif 1979 VMI BOMB EPILOGUE 447 THANK GOD! IT ' S FRIDAY FOREVER " " i M i --- SsV

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