Virginia Military Institute - Bomb Yearbook (Lexington, VA)

 - Class of 1972

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Virginia Military Institute - Bomb Yearbook (Lexington, VA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 346 of the 1972 volume:

:■: 1 Jf r . . «« 8; I r ) I Sg- Hjg B-S !T iffilPf li ! S»g P 4 £7 5 1 Ki VMI IS AN EXPERIENCE. NO TW : » PE PI ! Wll I VIEW THEIR FOUR YEARS HERE IN THE SAME LIGHT. HERE WE PRESENT SOME OF THE MANY FACES OF VMI. WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU IS YOUR VIEW, AND IT WILL BE LIKE NO OTHER. NINETEEN SEVENTY-TWO Virginia Military Institute Lexington, Virginia iga!8!BaagiBg: t lauuuuuMuy A e- From without, the corps presents a united front: dressed alike and living under the same system. if Within, each cadet is an individual going his own way. UML ' Life at the Institute begins with the Rat experience. Sameness is emphasized in activities and the Brother Rat spirit. As time passes, individual interests take different directions. SW V — Life develops an individual flavor within the routines of life. There is time for social life. Sometimes a man and a woman find one another. Some people start to show potential for military leadership, academic endeavor is rewarded . . . : • : , ,.l . .:• . . - m ' .£ . . . . Athletics bring praise to the talented and the diligent, and recognition comes with extracurricular w JifSSS Each experience, each endeavor adds to the unique character of the cadet . . . --: - EALTH . . ; ND-N.I ISC VP th: rilU H - I I - n ■ . . . but certain factors guide the lives of all VMI men. ;;:::•? ' •:• --:-■. ' Wff Wi The VMI Honor Code Honor, and a system more demanding than any other build strength and integrity; The purpose of this Honor Code is to maintain the high standards traditionally attributed to the VMI man by seeking to instill in each cadet the desire to conduct himself accord- ing to the code of a gentleman, who does not lie, cheat, or steal. Each cadet should be able to determine right from wrong, and thus be able himself to arrive at honorable an- swers to his questions. The Code is the heart of VMI. It pervades every activity of the Corps — personal, academic, and military and presents a rigid standard by which all cadets must live. Because the Code is such an integral part of the life of each cadet, its very existence depends on the vigilance of every cadet at VMI. Therefore, every suspicion of a violation of this Code must be reported immediately. This is a duty to which every cadet is honor bound. The Honor Code is the daily application of the principles of ethics, honesty, and personal integrity by each cadet to the problems with which he is confronted. The Code has been administered and enforced by the ca- dets themselves since its beginning, and therefore belongs to the Corps. In the broadest sense, however, it belongs to all VMI men everywhere — those who have been cadets, those who are cadets, and most important, to those who will be cadets in the future. It is their most jealously guarded possession. But the Code itself is never to be left behind a cadet when he departs from the post. Though a cadet may be in summer school, another college, or later in life, he remains morally obligated to the Code and the personal standards on which it is based. It is therefore, far more than just a set of principles for four years in the life of a cadet. It is a Code which must be strictly followed by a cadet, no matter where he may be, if he wishes to preserve the most priceless thing he has in his life — HIS HONOR. Attention Scanner Tradition recalls the strength of those who have gone before, and beckons us who follow in their footsteps. it ' STGNl lg | ■ Being a cadet does not isolate a person. Awareness of our lives and the world around us causes the cadets to seek meaningful change. Each cadet is an individual, going his own way. But every cadet is also an amalgam of the honor, the tradition, and the experience that is the Virginia Military Institute. It is stamped on his character by the life he leads and marks him as a VMI man. , PI 10 ■GH To all those who have gone before, but have known, for exemplifying the THE 1972 BOMB is Thomas George Blair, Jr. Class of 1969 Killed in Action . . . Vietnam 29 May 1971 especially to these two whom we spirit of VMI as citizen and soldier, respectfully dedicated Arthur Lee Galloway, Jr. Class of 1969 Killed in Action . . . Vietnam 27 March 1971 ! v. f § « II iL. 1 ,o B »i ou»»™ » ' ™ ,,IL J couu 4? rt K. % Editor-in-Chief: Francis McRae Turner, III Managing Editor: Kurt Otto Renz Business Manager: Jacob George Hornberger, Jr. Activities Editor: Sterling Roger Spencer Photography Editor: Michael Edloe Gaulding Layout Editor: Malon Sim Updike Advertising Editor: Zeno Frederick Henninger Circulation Manager: Raymond Marshall Pinkard, Jr. THE 1972 BOMB VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA VOLUME 78 ■ -A . I JI7 II % Posit Committee Phil Wilkerson Roger Hart Roger Lodi Alan McElroy Jim Barker Johnny Archer Jack Freeman Joe Duffy Mac Kirkpatrick Nate Wright Jim Ackley Mac Bowman Clint Anderson Steve Wolf Chip Beaman Militaria Society Eric Hammersen Sterling Spencer Courtney Wheeler Richard Flowers Frank Foley G. T. Lahmers Fred Bauer Stuart Ashton Jay Heine Neil Carlson Ray Burton Pete Walters Rich Leonard Chris Lowry Karl Liebriek Tony Maietta Paul VanDoren Greg Diamontopul Gary Rinaldo Doug Conte Dave Mund John Verritier Charlie Clause John Stewart Dan Brooks Charlie Kaune International Relations Club Tom Urquhart Jeff Miner, Terry Tillman Kurt Renz Jim Pagones Walter Galanty Stan Crane Jose Morgan Bill Seegert Wade Houston Maurice Powers Fenton Jordon Herb Flather Eduardo Vazquez-Bruno Graham Undercoffer Steve Hayton 4 ft W 9 Hr r- • Sport Parachute Club Stuart Johnso n Al Hawthorne Mike Gravely Bred Swingle Dave Stauss Bill Allison Clint Anderson Paul Breitzman John Caldwell Ken Cook Bill Creighton Danny Darnell James De Boer Dick Fowler Randy Frazier Rick Hack Bob Holby Joe Logan Bob Maxfield Tim McCarthy Glen Morse Kevin Newton Harry Partridge Everett Ryder Graham Undercoff Jim Read Kerry Stark Ron Vigneault Bubb Robbins Ron Stelmasczyk Vernon Williams David Rowe Tom Sutter Jim Yolda Cadet Battery Bob Patrick Rich Wilson Bill Cooper Powell Hughes Pete Walters Tony Maietta Darrell Rickmond Gary Simansky Roland Mushall John Cullipher Huey Long Larry Mays Pat Lavery Steve Hayton Boiling Hughes John Williams Gary Shutt Rae Turner Kevin Fogarty Eric Bankit Bob Trost M mm SSBKBmBS SmBs BS ■— — Cadet Program Board Ralph Redmond Tony Sartini Tommy Urquhar Bob Newman Bob Crotty Tom Clarke Steve Or Tom Dick English-Speaking Union Chris Jones Bob Ferguson Bill Daniel Eric Hammerso Chris Lowry Jeff Chell Dave Hall Marshall Pinkar. Bob Schwartz George Tisdale Bob Crotty Don Caldwell Debate Team ■ger David Hall Jack Hornbi Courtney Wh Chris Foster Pete Leadbette Dick Vogel Chris Murphy Jim Cottrell Keith Ames Gary Eberle Rusty Rham Rodney Low Larry Bradsha John Costa Randy Frank Hop and Floor Committees Dan Andrews Phil Wilkerson Bob Crotty John Pate Tass Carrington Bill Greene Tom Jones Allen Rasper Chris Foster Bob Shwartz Mike Knoll Frank Richardson John Friermuth Johnny Archer Don Caldwell Jim Sarver Mike Gaulding Robbie Bacon Chuck McCurdy Blade Thomas Bob Gore Charlie Banning Tom Napier Cameroon Thompso Greg Griffith Hal Brodie Bobby Newman Allen Vicory Bill Irby Chuck Cayton Colley Raffo Ronnie Vigneault Allan McElroy Stewart Childress Tom Stockbrand John White Steve Palmer Ted Dickerson Bill Stoner Jimmy Wilkinson Marshall Pinkard Jim Christiansen Dave Swab Skip Wigner John Pittenger Dave Elder Rubin Trant Bill Daniel Mike Preas Bert Zinkand Ed Woomer Gerry Higgins Tony Sartini Jack Crawley Bob Haskell Buddy Conklin Leo Szydlowski John Benson Sam Mattocks Powell Hughes Tom Urquhart Tuck Bowie Shooky Parker Society of Physics Students Bob Wolland Colonel Wadsworth Lunchell Huddle Tom Parkins Troll Knoll Steve Or Abstraction Flick Trash Ashcraft Hello Hill Space Wilson Rick Davison Bob Ward Tanker Platoon Tom Burke Ray Burton Neil Carlson Larry Cerruti Larry Edwards Randy Gordon Tom Jennings Scott Lingamfelter Ardie Pendleton Dean Smith Bill Spencer Steve Stith Oraphut Sukswai Dave Sutherland Malon Updike Bill Van Deusen Frank Joyce John England American Chemical Society Jim Barnes Buddy Conklin Bill Daniel Bob Maxfield Kim McGrath Harry Partridge John Robinson Sterling Spencer Don McMath Dave Alexander Richard Bancke IEEE Thomas Urquhart Bruce MacLean John Cobb Karl Liebrick Gennaro Aveta Thomas Clarke Howard Rice Kevin Kav anaugh Edward Heiken James Dougherty John Bangs Lewis Overby Stanford Crane William Mundie Michael Burks McRae Turner Robert Rolley Richard Valentine Vaipot Srinual Orville King John Prior Thomas Zajac Archie Kendrick Charles Ward Jon DiMarco James Wood John Sheffield Frank Acree Douglas Basham James Iverson Taylor Slate Charles McKinn David Elder James Reid Timothy Cleland James Yolda Michael Gravely Society of Young Democrats i A i Richard Vogel Tony Sartini Mark Pieklik Chris Murphy Bub Robbms Rick Jones Baxter West Fred Bauer George Williams Bill Widner Mike Oglesby Ken Wester Doug Baumgardne Richard Hillard Jim Iverson Malon Updike Charles Wohlrab Dennis Seem Len Riedel Doug Wad Gary Taylor Jim Dinkel Fred Parks Arvin Brown Dave Northcraft Dale Kitchen Maurice Powers Walt Tucker Bill Glasgow Randy Frank John Costa orth Aquatics Board Rae Turner Bill Daniel Sterling Spencer Becky Barret Sally Byers Gini Daniel (Mrs. William E.) Nancy Williams Eric Bankit Chris Smart Amateur Radio Club Richard L. Bugbee Jon R. DiMarco Richard W. Flowers Kevin V. Miller Charles T. McKinney William J. Minor Jr. Joseph D. Morgan John W. Sheffield Charles M. Ward John G. Williams David P. Northcraft Ranger Platoon Roger Lodi William Thedtord Wayne Pamperl Carston Hillson Sterling Spencer Eric Hammerson Joe Duffy Don Boucher Ron Martin Thomas Hargis Fred Guiler Paul VanDoren William Minor John Kilcullen Frank Kuttas Daniel Hogue M. B. Adelson John Sykes Don Poynor John Smith Theodore Zaiac Robert Durr Graham Undercoffer Cary Wallington Richard Hissem Tim Hassell Edgardo Vasquez-Bruno Arnold Leonard Don Kirkpatrick Harold Coyle Ron Stelmasczyk James Heine Harold Eberly David Davis John Caldwell Roland Tiso Ken Dennett Gregory Doyle Klaus Worrell Charles Toomey Thomas Clise Walter Wright William Pennypack WLUR-FM Radio Tom Moncure Rick Bryan Dave Stauss Chuck Havasy John Robinson Jim Pagones Pat Lavery Doug Davenport Brad Allen Stan Crane Craig Kugecberg Wilson Johnson Thad Smith Tom Linn Dave Swab Bob 8enham Mike Gaulding John Cobb Dave Hall Kurt Renz Chris Jones Willy W.dner John Williams Steve Cahowchic Commanders 8d 6taff aa Mike Finney Dizzi Gillespie Dego Dell ' Osso Charley Banning Hotlips Cunningha Chuck Duncan Spic Holsen Mousey Stauss Farmer McDonald Fats Robbins Mark Prentice Joe Verdi Jimbo McLeod T. C. Hathaway Doug Pritchard Dr. Burgess Colonel Barlcsdale Mr. Presbrey Colonel Minnix Mr. Greet Major Dooley Harry Gore Rae Turner Tom Moncure Tom Simpkins Kurt Renz Gerry Higgins Ed Mazzanti Jack Hornberger Vern Beitzel Don Caldwell Publications Board English Society Lee Dillon Henry Bruno Eric Hammerson Mac Bowman Gerry Matthews Mike Oglesby Tom Simpkins John England Mike Burke Fred Park Ed Channel Courtney Wheeler Vinny Cox John Jordan Terry Sielhamme Rick Bishop Wilbur Williamson Hugh White Frank Kuttas Jules Thomas Gart Trinkle Distinguished Aerospace Students n Tom Moncure Skip Duncan Jim Barnes Lew Welke John Ashcraft Bob Benham Kim McGrath X-Zero Club Carsten Hillson Steve Blair Bob Benson Kim Colls Ralph Redmond Mike Preas George Kosovic Timmins Society Ray Burton Ron Martin Ed Hall Thomas Parker Eric Hammersen Doug Pritchard Stephen Hayton Bill Spencer Richard Hillard Dave Sutherland Pete Rogers Charles Toomey Bob Patrick Reuben Walls Craig Taylor Bill Van Deusen Courtney Wheele Armed Forces Club Doug Daven oort Bumpy Collier Boomie Meier Geoff Strauc Mike Gauldi ng Kim Colls Wayne Pamperl Dick Vogel Jim Pagones Andy Davis Bob Patrick Baxter West Sterling Spe icer Dale Flick Mark Pieklik Phil Wilkerso Brad Allen Mike Kennedy Bub Robbins Jim Yolda Bob Bailey Roger Lodi Steve Saulmier Bob Benson Allen McElroy Field Selby Skip Bona Ed Mazzanti Mike Schramm (Jy I ' I Distinguished Military Students Robert Bailey Scott Haas Louis Pappas Emery Baya David Hall George Patrick Robert Benson Frederick Hammerson Robert Pinkerton Richard Bishop Brinton Harrison Richard Pitman Richard Bowie Thomas Hathaway Ralph Redmond Richard Bryan Lee Hill Thomas Simpkins Geoffrey Bull William Irby Kevin Smith Walter Chalkey Christopher Jones Salvatore Spada William Collier Richard Kennedy Sterling Spencer Richard Condit Roger Lodi William Stephens Joel Crowe William Young Craig Taylor William Daniel Edwin Mazzanti William Thedford Thomas Edwards James McLeod Rae Turner Robert Ferguson Francis Mullen Courtney Wheele Dale Flick William Mundie Charles Wigner Michael Gaulding Robert Murray Richard Wilson Paul Gorski Steve Palmer Raymond Wooda Gregory Griffith Ronald Pamperl James Yolda Jacob Yost Glee Club Harry Gore Tom Hathawa Malon Updike Don Bernardini Bob MacMeccan Larry Cerrutti Sam Mattocks Jeff Chell William Overton Jerry Mathews Jim Pagones Grant Prillaman Bruce Pence Ed Richter Doug Pritchard Brent Shumate Don Sharpe Steve Dizalo Craig Smith Mike Ernzen Kim Wong Bob Gillespie Bob Mills Kim McGrath Lee Byrne Doug Payne George Goodwir Tom Till Rob Braren Bert Zinkand Dave Swab Ed Gibson Tom Clarke Barry Bartley William Creighto Bob Benson Will Cumming Herby Harlow Jim Dinkel Frankie Hillson Walt Galanty Garland Isaacs Eric Hammerson Mac Beerbower t M " V i ■ r " " " l fl 1 WL r Wm . j J ' y 4 A Carsten Hillson Greg Johson Wilson Johnson Tex Linn Doug MacGregc Major Miner John Mounts Mark Skuby Gale Somme Fred Parks Charles Toler Bill Frew Stan Poston Mike Vojtecky Craig Ericbo Corey Regelin Preston Williams Randolph Robe tson John Wilson John Semmel George Williams Rifle and Pistol Club Frank Foley Don Poyno Ed Hall Ray Burton G. T. Lahmers Dan Willis Larry Cerruti Steve Cha Al Kor Doug Ba Phil Lync Lee Dillo Rich Wilson Gerry Mathews Steve Stockebr, Dave Swab PT American Society of Civil Engineers Scott Haas Joseph Logan Joseph E. Martin Jr. Joseph H. Martin Jr Joseph Morgan Francis Mullen Jr. Clay Murray III Douglas Nichols Robert Pinkerton Richard Pitman Harold Plott Douglas Pritchard Stephen Saulnier William Schafer Mark Simmons Phil Smith William Smith Salvatore Spada David Stauss Geotfrey Straughn William Sullivan Christopher Tompkins Jr Andrew Turner James Read Sopon Vekavaka Louis Welker Kenn eth Wester William Widner Micha Woloshuk Jr. md Woodall III Michael Preas Robert M. Gore Steven Tanner Ronald Vighealt Jackson Ahlstedt James Bailey Robert Benham James Bersson Edward Blair Tuck Bowie Steven Breeding Kenneth Chacey Philip Clayton William Cooper Charles Crim Kevin Daigh Doug Davenport Gerald Dudeck John Durst Steven Dzialo Robert Ferguson Chester Elliot William Finney Richard Flowers John Freeman Paul Gorski Gregory Griffith Richard Griffith Peter Grojean Wayne Harrell Roger Hart Thomas Hathaway Steven Hively John Hughes IV William Irby Henry Knick Ronald Lau Civil War Roundtable !!! in iWMlIii «iw t John Moschetti Alexander Neal James Neville William Pennypacker Ray Burton Thomas Puskas Michael Burks Davis Schuyler Donald Ross Stuart Seaton Gary Black Gary Simansky Thomas Cunningham Michael Smith Andrew Davis James Snead Robert Deslongchamps Edwin Spam James Dinkel William Stephens Louis Dowdy Michael Sturgill David Hickey Dave Sutherland Paul Jalbert Robert Taylor Bruce Jones Boiling Temple Frank Joyce Michael Thompson Yerry Kenneally James Turpin Donald Kirk John Verriker Scott Lingamfelter Thomas Walton Scott Lowell John Welsh John Martin Courtney Wheeler Jim McGhee John Williams Leslie Morgan Alan McElroy Tim Pool Jim Barnes Mark Fielder Mike Schramm Bob Benham Skip Duncan Lee Dillon Buddy Conklin Jeff Bull Tom Moncure Brad Swingle Harry Partridge John McCuen Phil Parker Jim Yolda David Applin Bob Lynch Brad Allen Richard Mines Chris McGreer Geoff Straughn Dave Northcraft Bob Winfree Tom Ridley Joel Denton Tom Puskas W, Bob Wollard Kevin Smith Jim McLeod John Rosenski Tod Sain Tom Reeder Tom Stockbrand Roland Mushall John Weyant Jeff Minch Flight Instruction Program Riding Club 1 Bill Thedford Tom Linn Dove Childers Wayne Bass Terry Howlett Bob Woolard Courtney Wheeler Eric Hammersen Bob Braren Lee McNeely Scouters Club George Williams Steve Hayton Dan Williamson George Robbins John Clarke Andy Davis Jim Dougherty Doug Basham Winfield Scott Mike Sturgill Fred Parker John Kovich Preston Williams Baily Hurley Richard Hillard Jeff Rader Robert O ' Connor Garth Thomas Dave Swab Felix Wolkowih OAE Jack Hornberge Steve Palmer Tim Pool Pre-Med Society David Alexande Carl Bess Irving Brittle Thomas Brock William Candler Michael Clemen Terry Compton Charles Conklin Richard Donahu Charles Gardne Charles Holsen John Kilcullen Bill Long James McC km Wil Mc Louis Pappas Bob Patrick Samuel Powell Robert Romm Robert Stransky Russell Takata Ted Telle Mathew Tignor Vern Williams Wayne Young Billy Clore Todd Sain Religious Council Courtney Wheeler Richard Wilson Steve Hayton Joy Wyatt Dave Sutherland Charles Agnew Bascom Gordon Frank Martin Robert Keller Dennis Seem James Turpin Chapel Ushers Bull Bailey Rick Bishop Ed Channel Mike Kennedy Mike Preas Skull Stransky Astronomy Club John Ashcraft Lee Hill Tom Parkins Dale Flick Rae Turner Chuck Ward Jim Huddle Rowland Mushall Sterling Spencer Flying Club John Ashcraft Sandy Rex Jerry Higgins Clark Peele Bill Creighton PLC Williom P. Moore Christopher M. Arey Richard W. Flowers Douglas M. Davenport Carsten H. Hillson Michael J. Schramm Andrew L. Davis E. Field Selby III Norman J. Worrell Steven C. Blair Robert E. L. McNeely Edgar D. Woomer Edward A. Hall Harold W. Laughlin Robert C. Braren James P. DeBoer R. Matthew Durr Young Republicans M. B. Adelson Bill Andersen Eric Bankit James Barker Rodney Beard Alio .stick Chris Burton Lee Byrne Mark Camper Lawrence Cerruti Stewart Childress Tom Clise Dave Condon Harry Coyle David Davis Jim Davidson Jim DeBoer Dave Elder Ken Eng Michael Ernzen Bill Faistenhammer Don Ferrell Jim Garten Mike Gravely Steve Ham Dave Hall Bob Sluplk John Smithey Geoff Straughn Reginald Strickland Dave Swab J. J. Tamez Gary Trinkle Bob Trost Mike Tucker Bill Van Deusen Joe Verdi Ronald Vigneault Doug Workman Ted Zaiac Cheerleaders Walt Galanty George Williams Diz Dzialo Rick Jones Herb McCulloch Tony Sartini Tim McConnell Jim Ackley Stuart Seaton Kris Leatherman Rhonda Shaffer Cindy Shull Cathy Cooper Laurie Hatcher Claire Everett Jane Butler Sherry Pierce For this space the staff had planned a picture of the Apathy Club. However, the photog- rapher didn ' t make it and for all we know, neither did the club. MOE Keepers Ed Mazzanti Dave Swab John White John McCue The VMI Cadet Editorial Staff Chris Jones Dave Hall George Williams Gary Freedman Bob Crot+y Chris Aroy George Tisdale M.le Oglesby Ed Channel Roger Loda Larry Houseworth Sports Staff Tom Williamson Editor John Archer Bill Youell Joey Crowe Walt Galanty Bob Bailey Tom Wilson Mike Dugan Henry Bruno Jim Ackley Pete Leadbette Newswriters Ken Dennett Ken Eng Herb Flather Pat Flynn Rob Fulks Francis Furlong Bert Graham Jim Huddle Wilson Johnson Chris Lowry Joe McCroskrie Jack McCuen Bill Minor Fred Parks Grant Prillaman John Rosinski Steve Lahowchic Dave Hoppock Terry Seilhammer David Sheppard Blade Thomas Gary Trinkle Bert Zinkand Personnel Managers ?rj® m I Lou Dowdy Tom Puskas Rat Typists Business Staff Gerry Higgins Business Manege Kevin Nettrour Tom Cetes Dove Hickey John Crawley Charley Banning Les Morgan Weldon Neal Larry LaMonte Dan Penny Mike Hill Mike Knutson Carl Newby Garth Thomas Ken Miller Harry Barskdale Bob Feller Phil Thorpe Joe Arthur Dan McClain Todd Sain Tom Ridley George Balog Bill Landrum Jim McCridkin Frank Cole Sam Phillips Dave Bohon Mike Farrls Bernard Cobb Vernon Conner Bill Morris Al Koehler Bill Kobus Len Riedel Dan Dellosso Dave Gramont Frank Martin Jack Janis Jeff Bertelson John Offley Martin Reid Jerry Deweters Bob Brant Tom Sutter Phil Frank Mike Monahan Kim Basham Bill Fowlkes Brooke Read Otho Sloane Art Meckenzie-G Mike Woodward John Logan John Fleming Bill Smithey Bucky Cashion Lee Stewart Tom Reeder Rob Woolard The 1 972 BOMB Rae Turner — Editor-in-Chief Kurt Renz — Managing Editor Jack Hornberger — Business Manager Wr f B 0 H W Ki Mike Gaulding — Photography Editor Associate Editors: Bob Patrick Dick Valentine Lee Seibert Ed Channel Malon Updike — Layout Editor ■, fA ' iHttSv H I I I Activities Staff Nick Ware Jay Heine Tom Reeder Al Pierce Second Class Editors Tim McConnell Brent Shumate Gerry Mathews Zeno Henniger Ad Manager Marshal Pinkard Circulation Manager Coley Raffo Jimmy Cook Oscar Richardson Jim Turpin Photography Staff Don Boucher Darkroom Chief Daryl Morgansteif Dennis Seem uKSRi fflg - ' To Each His Own . (PLACE YOUR OWN PICTURES HERE) (PLACE YOUR OWN PICTURES HERE) (PLACE YOUR OWN PICTURES HERE) (PLACE YOUR OWN PICTURES HERE) V ft 1 f ■ The 1972 Homecoming Court I 8; . «?;( i n i ..-.. ' r: " V ■ BBf JIv 1 " t ■ ■ JMM Mi " ■ i mh ■ IS If »r K -..w L. Mir % L M 8 " 1 ■ " ST ' f? H H ■ Ml MHM 1 l w II 111 K SiSSSS Bl W ■ V fc » ' «- ' T • % ■t,i£ _ Dross Country Joe Martin Buzzy Chacey Gus Elliott Lee Harrison Curtis King Phillipe Min Captain Tommy Dick Doug Harris Steve Hively Phil Marshall Bob Romm Bill Candler John White Greg Bragg Buddy Conklin Buck Harrison Art Languedor John Plunkett Dave Brown Co Captain Bob Cunningham Bill Haught Salvo Lape Jimmy Read Manager Joey Crowe Bub Elliot Roy Heiderman Gary Lape Ralph Simmons Buddy Conlcli Co Captain Bill Faistenhammer Jimmy Hobbs Bob Lynch Chris Smart Manager Rich Brown John Fleming Barry Hughes Ken Miller Ted Telle Steve Haytor Craig Carlock Keith Frey Larry LaMonte Harry Myler John Westerman Manager k »li«HMU - mmm mBm » aatt a «- , " ' ' " aiff 1 »• •»» •• .-j pp i ? B i k • H ' I I Rifle Teai, Tom Edwards Bump Collier Steve Chadwick James McGehee Steve Weaver Kevin Tamez Captain Dick Bugbee Tom Mascot Maurice Buchanan Tom Sutter Doug Brown John DiMarco Bernie Rowe Terry Stark Greg Tamez Taylor Slate Manager Skip Duncan John Tamez John McCuen Chuck Ward Everett Ryder Chuck Hall Bob Pinkerton Johnny Archer Tom Murray Mike MacKenzie Sosthenes Behn ■■Ml agmmmm ' - ' Ll jj: i: ' , : i ' r .,: ' .! ' - ' - :, !-i : . ' ! v ' ' " ■i.!i-y : . " -r; " ' - J ---5i i- : r.- fe I ,:::■. ,-:-; : -,- ' 1v La Crosse « n n I 1 I I n •l i 1 1 1 is h a b a : £s a !l ! 1 1 I 1 ' MJMIKP £ !§■ £ ff IS f W$l« ?1 ■ Ijy Socceri Pete Grojean , Ben Berwick Garnett Jordan Terry Tillman Bob Mills Emil Brenckman Tri-Captain Don Caldwell Hal Laughlin Jock Wilson Bob Janes Reid Dudley Bill Youell Bob Crotty Joe McCoskrie Bob Woollard Mike Joslyn Manager Tri-Captaln Rick Donahue Bob Newman Pete Meredith Ed Heiken Mike Smith Chris Kinsler Mike Fahey Rick Remensnyder Sal Spada Frank Hillson Assistant Manager Tri-Captaln Scott Fraser Thad Smith Rich Flowers Dan Craney George Van Laethem Rich Bancke Tim Hughey Dave Swab Don Sharpe Alex Kanner Assistant Manager Chip Beaman Hank Weatherford I ■ Basketball : ■■ ■ • . . m Mil F r B ■ ir J L B 6Pal i J| ; S fit? HE %—m P BL r . -, B ■ l 3 ■ ey Steve Smith Captain Ed Hall Co-Captain Dennis Keegan Rich Leonard Chris Lowry Ted Zajac Paul VanDoren Charls Bob Bi Frank Hillson Charles Clause Gerald Irissari Grant Johnson Doug MacGreg Carl Newby John Pierce Jim Schmitt Walt Schrepel Mike Thompson John Verriker Phil Thorpe John Young Don Bernardini una mmaamam . • - : . ' • ' :;■..•; ■ ' , :;H ;.:...: . •.;■..!. ■HH ' •■V- " " : ,.-v;T-;::.r,-:i ' T!-. II Tract .. ■ ' • ' ;■ ' .! - ' •• ' •; : Baseball ' ; ' - " ' s ' -t Time it was, And what a time it was, It was . . . A time of innocence, A time of confidences, Long ago ... it must be . . I have a photograph. Preserve your memories: They ' re all that ' s left you. — Paul Simon A Sports Philosophy Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival. — Sir Winston Churchp And so it begins . . . The teams, the Corps . . . Victory, Defeat Let it not deter us from being united. — L.M.S. Light is the task when many share the toil — Homer :K; r ■■: ' ' • :■ ' :■■ mmaummwmft Despite the success cult, men are most deeply moved not by the reaching of the goal but by the grandness of effort involved in getting there — or failing to get there. — Max Lerner Nothing is got without pain but dirt and long nails. I The bitter and the sweet come from the outside, the hard from within, from one ' s own efforts. — Albert Einstein The best-laid schemes O Mice an ' men Gang aft a-gley. And leave us nought but grief and pain For promised joy. — Robert Burns m It is defeat that turns bone to flint, it is defeat that turns gristle to muscle, it is defeat that makes men invincible. — Henry Ward Beeche As time draws to a close, and those of us who have walked the once-lighted path and now stand in dim shadows look ahead, we see the brightness and the dawning of a new day for those who follow. Red, white, and yellow floats on high. The Institute shall never die. So now Keydets, with one voice cry: God bless our teams and VMI. ; " rr ; " ;• " ;: " ■ " " tM m-w- ii i t i in j $1 Christopher M. Arey Regimental Commande Regimental Staff Scott T. Haas Robert T. Ferguson Richard G. Condit Christopher R. Jones Captain. S-l Captain, S-3 Captain. S-4 Captain, S-5 Michael E. Gaulding Sergeant Major ] Sterling R. Spencer Operations Sergeant % Kimberly N. McGrath Supply Sergeant ryCF ' David B. Hall S-5 Sergeant Richard S. Bryan Lieutenant, S-3 I Richard K. Bishop Company Commande Paul A. Gorski Second Lieutenant Band Company George Kosovic Jr Executive Officer David A. Stauss Second Lieutenant Douglas M. Davenport Second Lieutenant Thomas C. Hathaway First Sergeant Robert B. Benham Second Lieutenant Zeno F. Henninger Supply Sergeant JX I -- t James R. Bell Staff Sergeant ■ wm T TH E H EALTH FVL AN D-PIEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF HONORABLE YOVTHS PRES5INC VPTHE HILL OF SCIENCE : WITH NOBLE EMVLATION ACRAT1FYINC SPECTACLE AN HONOR TO OVR COVNTRY AND OVR STATE OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRVCTORS AND- FAIR SPECIMENS OF- CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE 1 1! Vince Abruzzese John Cobb Galacto Furlong Doug Jones Dave Mund Binky Rush Jim Arthur Chuck Collins Bob Gillespie Tom Jones Kevin Nettrour Dave Sheppard Rich Banlce Doug Conte Harry Gore Kevin Kavanaugh Carl Newby Dean Smith Charlie Banning John Crawley Paul Gorski Fat Rat Keller Bob O ' Connor Bill Spencer Von Bashay Tom Cunningham Doug Gramont Mike Knutson Al Pierce Dave Stauss J. R. Bell Tom Dashiell Paul Gregory George Kosovic Sam Powell Mike Sturgill Bob Benham Doug Davenport Lover Harlow John Kovich Mark Prentice Steve Tanner Johnny Benson John Davis Tom Hathaway Doug Kulick Doug Pritchard Garth Thomas Rick Bishop Dan Dell ' Osso Jack Hayes Steve LaHowchic Jeff Rader Tom Till Larry Bradshaw Chuck Duncan Rick Henning Steve Lane C. S. Reeves Billie Van Deusen Tom Brewster Rock Eberle Zeno Henninger Dufus Lau Warren Richards Joe Verdi Rick Bryan Dave Elder Dave Hickey Freddie Martin Yulee Richardson Joe Vermes Mike Burke Ken Eng Chuck Holsen Mouth McConnell Lenny Reidel Nick Ware Bill Candler Mike Finney Larry Houseworth Farmer McDonald Gary Rinaldo Wally Wolkowitz Nick Carlson Scott Eraser Jerry Irissarri Brad Meyer George Robbins Klaus Worrell Stevlepooh Chadwick Charlie Freeman Jim Iversen Ken Miller Barry Robertson Ed Channel Sluck Freirmuth Bob Janes Daryl Morgenstern John Robinson Tom Clarke Bill Frew Tom Jennings Moon Mullen Rosey Rosenski ■ m® First Battalion Andrew L. Davis Battalion Commande William C. Collier Bn. Sergeant Major William H. Long Bn. Operations Sergea nt William E. Daniel Battalion S-3 -- ' ESS 7 THt HEALTH FV L anT LL " " ™ " " YOVTHS PRESSING VP THE H LL _ SCIENCE VV-TH NOBLE E.MVLATION A GRATIFYING SPECTACLE AN HONOR TO OVR COVNTRY AND OVR STATE OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRUCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF -CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVD OF HER FAME AND READY IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL iTO HpER iefSS £» k) Nt P fej 1 S -V jy 1 Jack Ahlstedt William Collier Paul Jalbert John Amatetti Anthony Congues Raleigh James Dean Armstrong Jim Cook Jack Janis Bob Ball David Creech Tony Jaworski Eric Bankit Greg Diamontopulos Miles Johnson Dan Barr Tim Dinkel Bob Johnson Jim Bartley Philip Dove Bruce Jones Wayne Bass Louis Dowdy Floyd Jones Rod Beard Paul Dunn Fenton Jordan Bob Beerbower Paul English Bill Kastelberg Bob Benninger Craig Erickson Don Kirk Tom Bersson Bob Ferguson Dennis Lewin Bruce Boswell Mike Fisher Tom Linn Sidney Bowman John Fleming Ralph Littreal Steve Breeding Mike Foley Charles Louthan Harry Broaddus William Forsberg Jack Lowey Dick Bugbee Rick Fowler Rick Lykins Mickael Burks Bob Frank Kenneth MacGc Craig Caldwell Keith Frey Doug MacGreg Jim Chalkley Bob Frisbie John Maples Walt Chalkey Mike Gaulding Phillip Marshall Dave Childers Rick Griffith Joe Martin Stewart Childress Tim Gundlach Tom Mascot Mel Clark Marshall Harrell Sam Mattocks Tim Cleland Mark Hays Jim McGhee Tom Clise Carsten Hillson Maurice McNan Bob McNeely Pete Meredith John Mitchell Pet Morgan Johnny Morton Mike Mueller Harley Myler Weldon Neal Doug Nichols Art Nunn Steve Orr John Overcash William Overton Louis Pappas Thomas Parker Timothy Parker Bob Patrick Art Pendleton Raymond Pinkard John Pittenger David Powers William Puttmann Tim Robinson Bob Rolley Tim Roper Donny Ross Bernard Rowe David Swab Milt Salter John Tamez Tim Sarver Mole Taylor Bill Schafer Ken Terry Tom Schaudies Mike Teubner Dan Schultz Bill Thedford Tom Schultze Bob Thompson Bob Schartz Mike Tucker Pete Shelly Charlie Tyler Elbert Shiflett Dick Valentine Chuck Smart Doug VanSlyke Bob Smart John Verriker Craig Smith Steve Walker Mike Smith Steve Weaver Tom Smith John Welsh William Smithey Jim Weyant John Soukup Courtney Wheel Sterling Spencer Vernon Williams Viapot Srinual Steve Wolf Bill Stephens Jim Wood Lee Stewart Bob Woollard George Stock Kevin Wright Tom Stockebrand Tom Wyatt Dave Stormont Wayne Young Greg Stub David Sutherland i ■: : - : ■.:•:■■ ■■ ' " ■-■■ v ;„.-;:. ' :! y W !!i:. n 1 ! ■■l iM nV ; Hl " " r !¥S i8! J W ' Alpha Company George R. Patrick Louis 5. Pappas Carson H. Hillson William P. Thedford Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Executive Officer Company Command II Bravo Company 9 vJBt A Tf |I Briton K. Harrison Second Lieutenant Thomas B. Moncure Second Lieutenant B Company — ■ ' ■■■■ " I J THE HEALTHFVL AND -PLEASANT ABODE OF A ' CROWD OF HONORABLE YOyTHS- PRESSING -VP-THE HILL OF-SCIENCE WITH NOBLE- EMVLATION AGRATIFYING SPECTACLE AN HONOR TO OVR- COVNJRYAND OVR STATE: OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRyCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS- OF- CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO -THEIR- NATIVE STATE PROYDOF- HER- FAMEAND READY- IN EVERY TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL HONDR 0££E££J)iP HER MGHT 7 g ?£ David Applin Lackey Davidson Joseph Hughes Bob MacFarlane Chris Arey Bruce Degroot John Hughes Rich Macgurn Robbie Bacon Ken Dennet William Hunter Bob Marks Charles Barksdale James Downs Wilson Johnson Randy Marshall Hawk Baumgardner Mike Dugan Jay Jordan Howard Mathen John Baumgardner Michael Ehrman Ken Kalisky Martin Matlaga Emery Baya Bud Elliot Ian Kanner J. W. McCriskin Carl Bess Bill Faistenhammer Jack Keller Mark McCrory Steve Blair Michael Farris William Kern Chuck McCurdy David Bohon Anthony Fiero Don Kilcullen Alan McElroy Daniel Bond III Steve Fisher John Kiracofe Michael McGove Ronald Bongiovanni Rick Flowers Mac Kirkpatrick Chris McGreer Mac Bowman Humphrey Fogarty Steven Klinefelter Richard Mines Cary Bradly Randy Frazier William Kobus Philippe Minez Bob Braren Photo Freedman Alfred Koehler Joe Moghavemi- George Brooks Glenn Garland Tim Lahmers Tom Moncure Henry Bruno Larry Ginder William Landrum William Morris Ray Burton Jim Graham Robert Lane Mike Morrissett Paul Carlton John Greene Authur Languedoc Jack Neff Bruce Chambers Greg Griffith David Lape Bill Opipare Jim Christensen Larry Groome Pat Lavery Jim Pagones Charles Clause Fred Guiler Ron Lazenby Snookie Parker Bernard Cobb Eric Hammersen Arnie Leonard Tom Parkins Frank Cole Thomas Hargis Rich Leonard Bill Pennypacker Mike Coleman George Harrell Larry Lineback Sam Phillips Dave Condon Brinton Harrison Scott Lowell John Pierce Vernon Conner Lew Harrison Chris Lowry Bob Pinkerton Bob Crotty Lee Harrison Will Ludt Dick Pitman Don Cumberland Charlie Havasy Bill Daniel Chris Hiers Steve Hively Gene Hostetter John Plunkett Grant Prillaman Luther Pritchard Tom Puskas Frank Rawls Oscar Richardson William Robson Val Sartini Bill Seegert James Seitz Cyrene Selby John Sheffield Mark Shively Gary Simansky Trash Can Simmo. Ralph Simmons William Simmons Robert Slaughter John Smith Phil Smith Thad Smith Sal Spada Ron Stelmasczyk Bill Stoner Ted Swenson Earl Szydlowski Craig Taylor Anusorn Teptada George Tisdale Socket Toomey Charles Tucker Walter Tucker Paul Van Doren Dennis Vogt Ross Wallington Thomas Walton Hulk Weatherford Mark Weiss Herman West Willie Widner John Williams Dumbo Williamson Dickie Wilson Tom Wilson Charlie Winstead Nu Worrell Walt Wright Pete Yavari John Young Albert Zinkand C Company i 7 o, THEHEALTHFVL AN D-PLEASANTABODEOFA CROWD- OF- HONORABLE YOyTHS- PRESSING VPTHE HILL OF-SCIENCE : WITH • NOBLE- EMVLATION AGRATIFYINGSPECTACLE : ANHONOR TO OVR COVNTRYAND OVR STATE: OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDETO THEIR- INSTRUCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF -CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR- NATIVE STATE Rick Abrams Mohammad Abrosl Frank Acree Mauri Adelson Chuck Agnew Jack Anderson Tom Anderson Mehrad Andisheh Kurt Araujo George Balog John Bangs Tom Baur Sosthenes Behn Bob Bellemare Bob Benson Don Bernardini Emil Brenckman Arvin Brown Chad Brown Ray Byrne Avery Cashion Tom Cates Charlie Cayton Larry Cerruti John Ciriaco Mike Clements Terry Compton Kenneth Cook John Cooper John Costa John Crenshaw John Cullipher Bob Deslongcha Joe Duffy Skip Duncan Larry Edwards Mike Ernzen George Farry John Fick Herb Flather Chris Foster Bob Fulks Charlie Gardnei Randy Gleason George Goodw Garland Gray Chuck Hall Mark Hall Gary Hankins Frank Harris Tim Hassell Al Hawthorne Ed Heiken David Hensly Bob Holby William Houser Terry Howlett Bo Hughes Bob Hughes Colguitte Hurley Gary Mathews Joe Rizzolo Pachol Intanil Joe McCoskrie Poopisie Rodgers William Irby Dave McCown Bruce Ruthven Garland Isaacs Lover McCulloch Guervett Ryder Russel Jackson Harry McKnight John Sastn David Jensen Panama Morgan John Savage Mike Joslyn Stud Murray John Sayers Archie Kendrick Tom Murray Schram-O-Gram Sch Bill Kingston Roland Mushall Chocko Sciacchitano John Knoll Thumbs Nealon Bump Sedr Frank Kuttas Ron Morman Terry Seilhamer John La Monte Rick North John Semmel Harold Laughlin Lucius Nottingham Bill Shumate Peter Leadbetter Wayne Pamperl John Siemens Derlyn Liebrich Fred Parks Simple Simpkins Lee Llngemfelter Carl Parsons Mark Skuby Roger Lodi John Pate Taylor Slate Pat Loggans Doug Payne Bob Slupik Hugh Long Ed Peduto Bob Smith Bill Long Will Pence John Smithey Surfer Lynch Harold Plott Lou Smithson Mike MacKenzie Timothy Pool Bo-Bo Snyder Bup MacMeccan Maurice Powers Prerasak Srigungvarl Silas Madren Tom Reeder Charlie Steelman Kevin Maguire Corey Regelin John Stewart Bob Manieri Remie Remensnyder Steve Stith Sweetie Martin Otto Renz Butch Stokwitz Ron Martin Al Richter Jeff Straughn Bill Mason John Riding Tom Ridley Ted Telle Boiling Temple William Terpeluk Blade Thomas Blake Thomas Rowland Tiso Charley Toler Bruce Torbett Ruby Trant Red Undercoffer Tom Uquhart Joe Vazquez-Bruno ' " Mr. V. " Vekavakyanondh, Alan Vicory Mike Walton Bob Ward Bo Wierzbicki Preston Williams Guy Wills Bob Winfree Ted Zajac : ' v: ,;7 ' - ' i ; " v s ' ;i! ' TTTZFWfi Herbert L McCulloch Staff Sergeant Charlie Company II The Colors William L Mundie Color Guard James J. Yolda Robert V. Bailey Geoffrey L. Bull William G. Bragg Regimental Color Sergeant Regimental Color Sergeant Regimental Color Sergeant Color Guard i.;;. ,, :,..., T.i ' .ih " ' Second Battalion Robert M. Baily Battalion Commander Michael J. Oglesby Bn. Sgt. Maj. William W. Spyker Bn. Op. Sgt. James M. Read BN. SI Lee M. Seibert Bn. S-3 Thomas A. Edwards Bn. S-4 Edward R. Channel Bn. S-5 . I ' ! I ... D Company ■ " " i 1 . T 7 THE HEALTH FVL AND PLEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF HONORABLE YOyTHS PRESSING VPTHE HILL -OF-SC1ENCE : WITH ■ NOBLE EMVLATION A GRATIFYING SPECTACLE AN HONOR TO OVR COVNJRY AND OVR STATE: OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR. INSTR .VCTORS- AND FAIR SPECIMENS ■ OF- CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROYD OF HER FAME AND READY IN EVERY- TIME OF DEEPEST PERIL Leon Abernathy Rick Condit Glenn Greene Keith Ames Harry Coyle Ed Hall Bill Andersen Sam Crim Steve Ham Mike Andriani Charles Crosby Doug Harvey Gerry Aveta Bob Cunningham Bronc Haskell Robert Bailey Luther Daniels Bill Haught Jim Barker Dave Davis Jeff Haykin Harry Barksdale Mike Davis Gerry Higgins Jim Barnes Paul Deboer Mike Hill Jackie Beadle Joel Denton Richard Hillard Chip Beaman Mat Dibiase Dean Hissem Al Bostick Tom Dick Bob Hitz Walt Bowden Dee DiGiovanni Mike Hogan Tuck Bowie Lee Dillon Mike Holleran Sunny Brittle Alan Doyle Jack Hornberge Tee Brock Gerry Dudeck Wade Houston Doug Brown John Durst Jeff Huckabee Star Brown John England Jim Huddle Tom Burke Bob Feller Chris Ingelido Allen Carrington Irineo Ferrer Neddie Johnson Taz Carrington Pat Flynn Rick Jones Jeff Chell Jack Freeman Tom Jones Tom Clark Glen Furr Dennis Keegan John Clarke Jim Gaten Mike Kennedy Mike Cole Mike Garten Chris Kinsler Mike Collons Ken Gerard Lex Kor Kim Colls Ed Gibson Mark Levine Charlie Little Joe Logan Gary Lyman Phil Lynch Hugh Marshall Greg Mayes Ed Mazzanti Scott McCarthy Tim McCarthy Bill McCarthy Daniel McClain John McCuen Jim McLeod Jim Mesnard Bob Mills Henry Moncure Les Morgan John Moschetti Mike Mulligan Chris Murray Tru Murray Dave Norris Mike Oglesby Lewis Overby Steve Palmer Jim Pavlou George Penny Mark Pieklik Wendell Bob Poynor John Prior Charles Rahm Alan Rasper Gene Rice Clyde Richardson Randy Robertson David Rowe Dwight Rowland Todd Sain Jim Schmitt Stuart Seaton Doug Sharpe Steve Smith Fred Smith Mike Stark Earl Sukswai Denny Sullivan Russ Takata Gary Taylor Phill Thorpe Terry Tillman Chris Tompkins Gary Trinkle Rae Turner Jim Turpin Godzilla Updike George VanLaethe Steve Vigneault Dick Vogel Doud Wadsworth Larry Waks Pete Walters Lew Welker Ken Wester Kevin Widner Skip Wigner Jim Wilkinson Terrel Williams John Williamson Wilber Williamson Bill Wilson Bill Witherow Chuch Wohlrab Wally Woloshuk Mike Wong Dave Woody Ed Woomer Doug Worman Rocky Yost Arab Younes II E Company 7 THE HEALTHFVL AND-PLEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF ■HONORABLE YOVTHS PRESSING VPTHE HILL OFSC1ENCE WITH NOBLE EMVLATION A GRATIFYING SPECTACLE AN HONOR TO ■ OVR COVNTRY AND OVR STATE OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR -INSTRUCTORS AND FAIR SPECIMENS OF- CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TO THEIR NATIVE STATE PROVD OF HER FAME AND READY- IN EVEf 5R-OR Allyn Aksomitas Craig Carlock Mike Fleenor Chuck Hunter Dave Alexander John Cawthron Frank Foley Bob Hunter Brad Allen Kenneth Chacey Howard Frank Chuch Johnson Gary Anderson Phillip Clayton Phil Frank Chris Jones John Archer Guy Conte Bob Franks Frank Joyce Steve Ashton William Cooper Gary Gilligan Don Keck Doug Baird Vincent Cox William Glasgow Mike Kelly W hale Basham Stanford Crane Bascoon Gordon Orville King Wilson Beamer Wesley Creel Ordo Gordon Rick Klesyk Mac Beerbower Nickey Crosby Bob Gore Joe Knick Jeff Bertelson William Cumming Prof. Gravely John Landry David Bickett Dan Darnell Gigi Gray Rick Law Paul Blair Andrew Davis Gribble Gribling David Lester Monty Blankenship Raymond Davis Scotty Hass Barry Lineback Bob Bodroghy Paul Decarli David Hall Rodney Low John Boland Jerry Dewaters Nethan Hamner Anthoney Male Athhur Bona Tom Dickerson Roger Hart Dennis Martin Dandy Boucher Rocky Dodson William Hayes Bob Maxfield William Bragg Jim Dougherty Steve Hayton David Miller Bob Brant Jim Doyle Steve Hearne Steve Miller Mike Brown Reid Dudley Lee Hill Bill Minor Bob Brown Bob Durr Frank Hillson Bob Moore Clarence Bryant Dizzy Dzialo Jim Hobbs Sam Moultrie Geffrey Bull John Dziewisz Dan Hogue Jack Newcome Robin Bullock Harold Eberly Chuck Hoon Doug Newman Frank Busham Mike Fahey Mike Horan Alfred E. Newn Fox Camper Marc Fielder Bob Newman Phil North John Offley Fred Parker Phil Parker Harry Partridge Tom Patykula Chuck Peters John Pinner Stan Poston Roy Ratcliffe Ralph Redmond Jim Reid Martin Reid Rabbit Reid Chuck Rex Frank Richardson Ed Robbins Bob Romm John Rothermel Rick Sadler Steve Saulnier Dave Schuyler Hoops Sciacchitano Gary Shick Hans Shumate Bill Siebert Arthur Sigsbury Jim Snead Mike Soares Ed Spain Bill Spyker Bill Stephens Ed Stultz Tom Sutter Kebin Tamez Bob Taylor Jules Thomas Mike Thompson Bob Trost Sam Turner Claude Vanderberr Bob Vanderspiegel Ruehen Walls Marvin Watts Oliver Way Reganald Webb Spider Webb John White Eugene Williams George Williams Rufus Wilson Raymond Woodall Jim Yoyda Keith Younger :■■:,. ■..■:■:■,■■■■■:;.,:■ ' ■-■■. ■ ■■y.-:,; ■■.:■■. ' •••:-.:-i :: ' ■-■■!• ' .■ ' ■ ■■■!■■ . JBki: 1 It ] Bradford Allen Second Lieutenant Vincent M. Cox III Second Lieutenant Ralph M. Beerbower Staff Sergeant Echo Company 1 J V " Foxtrot Company Philip L. Wilkerson Company Commande Michael L. Preas Executive Officer John B. Ashcraft Second Lieutenant Vernon L. Beitrel Second Lieutenant Walter E. Galanty Second Lieutenant ■ George P. Ramsey Second Lieutenant - E -? Jfc Joel L. McGrady First Sergeant William P. Greene Supply Sergeant f 1 ,r v i l6: ' - ■ ' , ' ' ■ V:.- " :- • ' .;:.•;:, ■. ' , ' :. ; : " i ' . I. ' . ' !,,. ■:■ ' ] ' ■ ' .-■■:■ ■ ■■ ' •iSnlfiUi .m ' K.::W ■=■• iMHiiiiiiU . ! :-:!,siiii ll ! , .!r.:! •:■■■■■■■■ ' .•-. v ' - y :..... ,,,,,, F Company HVMH JL ... I i J TH E EAUHTvrA DTuASA r BODT OT ro TO HONORABLE YOyTHS PRESSING VP-THE HILL OF SCIENCE WITH NOBLE ■ EOLATION A GRATIFYING-SPECTACLE AN HONOR. TO OVR COVNTRYANDOVR STATE: OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR INSTRUCTORS -AND -FAIR SPECIMENS OF- CITIZEN SOLDIERS ATTACHED TOTHEIR NATIVE-STATE PROVD OF HER FAME AND READY -IN EVERY TIME- OF DEEPEST- PERIL Bird Man Ackley Gary Bushee Bill Greene Doug MacLean Jim Pettyjohn John Sykes Fred Allison Don Caldwell Pete Grojean Mike Mahoney Lou Preas Goose Tamez William Allison John Caldwell Rich Hack Jim Marsh Dennis Pryor Robert Thompson Tom Anderson Steve Chapin Al Hansen Tom Mason Raff Raffo Matt Tignor Mark Anderson Rich Clarke Chris Hawkins Lee Mattox Pete Ramsey Mike Trainer Bill Andrews Billy Clore Roy Heiderman Larry Mays Ken Rau Dennis Traubert John Ashcraft Buddy Conklin Ima Heine Bob McCann Brook Read Mike Trexler Jim Bailey Jim Cottrell Bill Hendry Richard McFarland Jim Read George Trumbo Robert Baily Dan Craney Wayne Hepler Joel McGrady Don Reisch Andy Turner Bill Baker William Creighton Paul Hollyfield Ken McGrath Jerry Renfro Bill Turpin Danny Barker Choo-Choo Crim Dave Hoppock Charles McKinney Darrel Rickmond Webbie Tyler Kim Basham Joe Crowe Tim Hughey John McLaren Scott Risser John Valenstein Fred Bauer Steve Crump John Hunter Don McMach John Robinson Mike Vojtecky Al Beaty Kevin Daigh Doug Huthwaite Boomie Meier David Sadowski David Wall Vern Beitzel Fred Davison Jim Ingram Kiffer Midkiff Walter Schrepel Charlie Ward Paul Bernard Andy Dearman Larry Jefferson Jeff Minch Grant Scott Jim Westbrook James Berny Clay Depuey Grant Johnson Mike Monahan Lee Seibert John Westerman Cliff Biram Jon Di Marco John Kaniss Bill Moore Greg Seldon Hugh White Gary Black Rick Donahue Charles Kaune Glenn Morse Jim Simms Don Whitten Ed Blair Doug Dunlap Yeary Kenneally John Mounts Skup Skupien John Whitworth Ben Borwick Andy Eason Dale Kitchen Doug Muirheid Otho Sloane Greg Wiggleswo Tim Bosse Fred Edwards Leslie Knoblock Bill Mundle Ellet Smith Phil Wilkerson Paul Breitzman Tom Edwards " C " Kugelberg Tom Napier Kevin Smith Kent Wood Rod Brewer Bob Eichman Gary Lape James Neville Mike Smith Mike Woodward Hal Brodie Gus Elliott Redneck Leon Kevin Newton Gale Sommers Doug Workman Dan Brooks Don Ferrell Ben Lillethorup Dave Northcraft Richard Stark Joe Wyatt Dare Brown Dale Flick John Logan Brian Oliver Bob Stransky Bill Youell Robert Brown Walt Galanty Steve Lowder Mike Owen Reggie Strickland John Young Maurice Buchanan Clarke Peele Perry Stump Chris Burton Brad Swingle m Tm-im M m The Honor Court y : h- a ' V - A • ■ • ■ ; J ■, : : ' r - 4 i ' 40?JMp. Chris Foster Rick Bishop President Dave Childers Bill Irby Bill Stephens Vice President Leo Szydlowsk Lou Pappas Bill Thedford Prosecutor Bob Crotty Jim Read Paul English Prosecutor Bob Newman Chris Arey Steve Tanner Blake Thomas Honor must be found in the soul of the individual. It cannot be enforced so as to become a part of a man if he is not already honorable. Honor is the focal point of the Virginia Military In- stitute. Without it. VMI would lose the unique status that it now enjoys. Yet there is more to the Honor Code. The sense of trust and openness that develops among a group of honor- able men is instrumental to all life at the Institute. Without this sense of honor the other values of self-disci- pline, responsibility and the " Brother Rat " spirit would fade away. The Honor Court exists to protect our honor system, acting by the volition of the Corps of Cadets, with the con- currence and encouragement of the Administration. m OHH HHHI HKs HHI HHHHHhHhH Corps Council Rat Disciplinary Committee " IT © P|f % " " ' " " V • w -v. || | r 1 Who ' s Who ■HnHHHBHHHl Who ' s Who The Class of 1 972 Jim Barnes — Class President Phil Smith — Vice President ■■-;.•:• ' : --_.. WtiZ ,:,:•,- : ! fe.yi M mti . « u ■■ ' .:■ : .::•■ ,■•:• - ..• : , s-i ,..,■„.■ , The First Class FIRST CLASS HISTORY August is always a bad month — good for wine but bad for rats. We were an out- standing class, out standing in the 100 degree sun, out standing in the snow at TEI, out standing on the third stoop. The Phoenix arose at our arrival, looking like a scalded chicken, only to become a turkey buzzard. Classes, athletics and RQ ground out their in- exorable course. February saw our Phoenix become a dodo. The New Corps was born. Life went on with Finals bringing blessed relief. We made our way to the beach to re- flect, or more properly, forget. Our third class year, academics became a second ratline, longer and worse than the first. Our number was smaller, and as the year progressed, our probability of making corporal steadily increased. This was our " Workshop Year " ; we worked mainly at Zollo- man ' s, the Pine Room, Johnnie ' s, and Doc ' s. Girls and water balloons came and went with equal frequency. We designed our rings, took exams, and again headed for the beach. Workshop II brought an academic Resurrection, class rings and Colonel French. One out of three wasn ' t bad, considering our batting average had been close to zero. Cadre saw the Phoenix give a gasping flap and die. Few mourned the passage. Thank God for the snow, no parades from Ring Figure until March. Then the sun. The workshop closed; we again headed for the beach but too many of our number were ambushed at The Gap. This was a year of strange changes. The year saw the founding of VMI ' s first fraterni- ty in seventy years. TAX became a thriving entity. Stacy was promoted, and Peter Por- ter ' s attitude improved amazingly. Cooperate and graduate became the theme of the time, even a new " Coach " couldn ' t change that. Not to be outdone, Kilbourne Hall or- ganized its own fraternity, AAT. Who would dispute that the Army ain ' t stupid? Sum- mer is coming and, with it, the last trek to the beach. With the perspective of time, the true value of VMI will grow clearer in our minds. Vern Beitiel — Historian IE Jackson McCoach Ahlstedt Miami, Florida Civil Engineering: Artillery: Cpl.. Pvt.: Dean ' s List. ASCE. " It is a tale told bv an idiot, full of sound and fury, sig- nifying nothing . . Shakespeare Dyke. Class of ' 69 Bob Byrne Dyke. Class of 75 Jack Lowery s - Bradford Watters Alio Birmingham, New Jers Brado History: Air Force: Pvt.. Corporal. Sgt.. 2Lt.: Lacrosse: Two Year Air Force Scholarship, French Club, Chapel Choir. Scuba Club, P.X. Staff, Bomb Staff, WLUR Disc Jockey, Ring Figure Committee, Frize Face Club, Fire Fighters. Brad came to VMI not expecting a Ratline, and from the very first, things were to change. Then there were those sweat pants that Phil A. wanted. And, " Ahh, Sir, my P-38 is loaded, don ' t pull the trigger. " Lacrosse has been Brad ' s release from all frustrations and those long rides home in the Toyota were the greatest. The rest of Brad ' s VMI life can be explained only by Jean, books, and " I don ' t feel like studying tonight: let ' s go get a pizza. " Dyke, Class of ' 69 Tom Hickman Dyke, Class of 75 Tom Sutter Frederick C. Allison Eaton, Ohio Load Mathematics: Artillery; Pvt.. Basketball. I was guite fortunate having known Fred as I have these years. There were very few that did. few knew the pain that he had gone through, few that knew the weight that he carried, few that knew of his incomparable strength. The strength that it took to once again climb the mountain after having been knocked to a depth that hopefully none Quite a man this " Load " a friend who was always ready to share your burdens, always willing to help in any way. The kind of dude, once you think him over, ya wish you knew more like him. The kind of man that you know will succeed simply because he ' ll never quit until he does. Now Fred has one more year of V.M.I, and many more of life. There Is much left to accomplish in both, and sim- ply because Fred is Fred ... he will. . ■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■m William Daniel Andrews Farmville, Virginia Biology: Infantry: Pvt.i Rugby Club, Hop and Floor Com- mittee, Pioneer Investment Club, Club 254, SSASS Club Dan came to VMI from the well-known metropolis o Farmville (of Longwood College fame|. Despite the sys tern, he remained a pleasant and outstanding individual and likewise one of the most liked guys in barracks. Most of his social life here has been devoted to Kathy As a matter of fact, most of Dans entire life has been d_ voted to Kathy. His determination allowed him to survive many a Zolloman ' s party and Rugby " picnic " along with those weekly ventures uptown. His relatively conservative outlook has served as a firm basis for his overall outlook on life, both present and future, which Is usually optimistic in nature. A true Ghetto cadet. Danny has succeeded in liv- ing through the system and coming out on the better end of the deal. Dyke. Class of 69 Jimmy " Weasel " Chapman Dyke. Class of 75 Denny Vogt. Doug Van Slyke John Stanard Archer III Midlothian. V irginia Johnny English: Infantry: Pvt.: Gymnastics I. Rugby I, 4, Judo 2. 3,4— Treasurer Judo Club: Art Editor " Sounding Brass. " Asst. Sports Editor and Cartoonist Cadet. Hop and Floor Committee, Posit Committee, English Speaking Union, In- tramural Football — 2, Boxing — 3. Dyke. Clas of ' 69 Marvin Itikowir Dyke. Clas of 75 Lawton O. Wa Christopher Morgan Arey Bethesda, Maryland Chri History: USMC: Cpl.. Sgt.. 1st Cpt. Regimental Com- mander: Intramural Handball. Cross Country: Honor ' s Candidate. Distinguished Academic Student. Dean ' s List, Cadet Receptionist and Guide. Honor Court, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Of the great number of VMI men that excel in various professions upon leaving the Institute, perhaps the only trait common to all of them is the respect they were a- warded as cadets. The personalities and achievements of two individuals may be quite different, but respect may justly be granted to both if deserved. The respect that Chris Arey deserves and receives is due. in part, to his high academic and military honors. However, the greater respect comes as a result of a per- sonality that demands constant perfection and improve- ment in all aspects of VMI. The Ideal of self-discipline, Chris emphasized that one should find the correct solution to a problem, and not the simple one. Chris Is one of the finest cadets that VMI can ever hope to produce. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Jay Hoenig Dyke. Class of 75 John Whitworth r - 5a J. B.. Trash Physics: Air Force: Cpl.. Sgt.. Lt.: DAS, Flying Club — President. Astronomy Club — President, Mallory ' s Ma- rauders, Society of Physics Students, Parachute Club Dean ' s List, Gama Alpha Sigma. In today ' s pleasure laden society, the real heroes are those who have it made. If one follows this truism, it is easy to see that the next Physics building is a cinch to be named J. B. Ashcraft Memorial Hall, for in his last year Trash has certainly achieved the pinnacle of perfect ex- istence: a happy balance between eating and sleeping with a little study on the side. After three years of diligent study and spartan regimen. Trash fell into the cluthches of the fateful four, who convinced him that cruising was the best policy. While not adding points to his G.P.A. or lus- ter to his military record, he probably has added years to his life. Having found his piece of cake, his niche in society as a high ranking physics major and platoon lieutenant " Trash " blissfully contemplates sliding into a career as an air force officer. We don ' t know how he is going to fit a h cockpit of his C- 141. but you can bet the pilot is going to get one hell of a workou Dyke. Class of 69 L. A. Boggs Dyke. Class of 75 E. M. Smith. F. Davis Gennaro Anthony Aveta Jr. Flemington. New Jersey ck Into the Genna Wop Electrical Engineering: Air Force: Cpl., Sgt.. Supply Sgt.- Intramural Basketball and Baseball: IEEE Vice Chairman: Spirit Committee: Newman Club: Cadet Lab Assistant: Catholic Choir: Ethyl Corp. Scholarship: E.E. Contractors Scholarship: Fire Fighters. It didn ' t take long during that fateful August in 1968 for Gennaro to realize why his brother had tried to talk him out of coming to the Institute. Yet. Jerry managed to survive his Rat year relatively unharmed in spite of his col- lection of a bundle of PTs. Jerry soon learned how to put his knowledge of E.E. to practical use by testing strings of Christmas tree lights and wondering why they burned out. until he discovered that he had forgotten to plug them in to the others. Temporary setbacks like this have not in the least stopped " Top Wop " from pursuing a total educa- tion, especially with wine and women. The name " Top Wop " Is very much a compliment to Gennaro. whose Ital- ian humor and easy-going manner have made him many friends. From his frivolous partying adventures to his ear- nestness in tackling academics, we will always remember er, the inspiring drinker, and the ntur I bv Dyke, Class of ' 69 K. C. Woodruff Dyke. Class of 75 Art J. Sigsbury James Kromer Bailey Roanoke, Virginia Spiderman Civi Engine aring: Air Force: Pvt.: Fr an Football, Freshman Wrestling. Freshman Track, Varsity Football Varsity (Captain) Wrestling, Varsity Track: Who ' s Who. American Society of Civil Engineers. Monogram Club, Roanoke Club, FIP, " Burton P. Short Scholarship Award " Second Place 69-70, First Place 70-71 Southern Confer- ence Wrestling Tournament. What can you say about the only " spider ' ' ever to grad- uate from the Institute? Well, you might mention his 4- year " priveteship. " his number of punts (109 in 10 games?), or his awe-inspiring ability when it comes to card-tricks, juggling, or the sport of " leg-pulling. " Yet. ex- cellence In sports seems to be the highlight of Jim ' s cadet- ship, and Indeed, excel is just what he did. In football, no one will ever forget his outstanding play on the defensive line, nor his spinning, orbit-like punts. However, wrestling was Jim ' s sport, as witnessed by a sec- ond-place S.C. spot as a sophomore and a championship his junior year. He ' ll miss those great wrestling trips with the Gup " and his little brothers, Phil and Bill, but he ' ll never forget them. Add to these abilities his astounding talent at hand-ball, ping-pong, and snaking a certain " lit- tle buddy ' s " date at the Tidewater party of 70. and a not so astounding 3-year bout with Thermo and you have Jim — a friend no one in 72 will ever forget. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Bruce Nole Dyke. Class of 75 Ron Bongiovanni, Mark Hall I! Bull History: Infantry: CpL Sgt., Cpt. — 2nd Bn. Cmdr.; Rot Football. LaCrosse: DMS. Army Scholarship, President Le- Crosse Club. South East LaCrosse Club All Star 70 and 71, Ranger Aggressor, Armed Forces Club, Cadet Sports Writer. 1st Class Bomb Editor. God Squad. Bob entered VMI with two goals in mind. First, a com- mission in the Regular Army and second, a college de- gree. His goals have been fulfilled but not without some agony in the Math and Chemistry Departments. LaCrosse Swiss Burgers, and tall Buds have all been made famous by Bobs cadetship. Few BR ' s will ever forget the Bull ' s charge through the hedgerow of Washington and Lee. the al- mighty power of a Battalion commander and the heavy stick of an All Star LaCrosse Mid-Fielder. When Bob first entered VMI. he expressed a desire for being a ranker by posing in his dyke ' s uniform. Despite the fate that he was caught by the Regimental Commander. Bob ' s desire came true for he collected five stripes in his first class year. Many people have since felt his generosity and for an unlucky few. his wrath. Bob ' s undying defense and devotion to that impossible madness known as VMI will long be remembered. Best of luck to Bailey at Bennmg and for a long successful career in the Army and always remember, " Strawberry? Swiss Burgers. French Fries and a Tall Bud! ' ' ner r i c Robert Victor Bailey I Arlington. Virginia English: Air Force: Pvt., Colors Sgt.: Lacrosse — rat year: Bomb Photographer, VMI Theater, Dean ' s List, Wednes- day and Saturday Hiking and Gun Club. Who ' s Nobody. Fire Fighters. " Cadet life is distinctive, if not unique . . . Stiff chal- lenges must be met if the cadet is to progress to gradua- from The V.M.I. Bulletin, p. 14 And then along came Meredith . . . Dyke, Class of ' 69 Brad Worthington Dyke, Class of 75 Mike Joslyn ames Mark Barker Rantoul. Illinois Bark. Diamond Jir Biology: Air Force: Pvt.: Cross Country, Indoor and Out- door Track: Posit Committee. Young Republicans, Armed Club r Committee, Young Republicans, r rmeo ; Club, Newman Club. Ring Committee. Monogram was due to the fact th paste tester from H with a Cadet Capt.. an XO and two Platoon •k managed to buck only when it rained. This " ' was an " Old Corps " tooth- nowo ivmiiory School. Being an inspira- „on to us all. Bark ' s strong Catholic beliefs took him to J. M. Hall every Sunday morning where he mistook Chaplain Wilson for the Pope. Some of Bark ' s major accomplish- ments while he was here are: winning the coveted Red Turner Award for perfect attendance, getting out of the rack long enough to help design the ring, being Ghetto Representative to the Posit Committee, and being the first person to go through the Biology Dept.: without lab. without study, and without effort. Bark ' s major ambition is to be an Air Force Officer just like his fellow track man, Major Cormack. Dyke, Class ' 69 Frank Breault Dyke. Class 75 Randy Ferrer •. " • ' .■: •:•■. ' ■•; •: " ■ ' ■•■■■- . -;,i = ■;., •--H-, ' :■:;,:. •:•.,„ •::■ . .,V.f James Henry Barnes, Jr. Martinsville, Virginia Jim, Big Red, G. C, Burns Chemistry: Air Force: Cpl., Pvt„ Lt.; Varsity Trainer: ACS Linville Award for Chemistry, CRC Award for Chemistry. Dean ' s List, Class President, Ethyl Corp. Grant, DAS. Posit Committee. FIP, Monogram Club, Who ' s Who. Chemistry and the class presidency have kept Big Red pretty busy throughout his cadetship. He did however manage to escape military duty and anything else he could while serving on Coach Bear Holland ' s team of trainers. In our second class year, Jim let Courtney slip the ring on his finger, but it wasn ' t until Betty came along that a ring slipped through his nose. Being a private at heart, he finally wandered into the honorary Ben Dick Lieutenancy our first class year. Despite devoting most of his mornings to the PX and most Saturday nights to Johnny ' s. Jim still found time to escort in a new class government, trading in the old GC railroad for the new Class Council. However, he was care- ful not to surrender his engineer ' s cap in the trade but with graduation from the Institute, the Big Red will don a new cap as he trades FIP for an F-4C. Dyke, Class ' 69 Philip G. Gardner Dyke, Class 75 D,ck Fowler James Barry Bartley Hampton, Virginia Civil Engineering: Armor: Cpl., 1st Sgt.: Tanker Pit., Armed Forces Club, The Zoo, The Chapel Choir, The Glee Club, Cadet Typist, Cadet Battery, ASCE, Tidewa- ter Club, Ring Figure Magazine, DMS, Charter Member Gamma Alpha Sigma. Holder of Coveted Recondo : ime to VMI in ' 68 with visions of Military Gran- deur and a 3.0byChri ' deur and a 3.0 by Christmas. After starting off the year as the first " A " Co. rat on the gim, he was well on his way tc becoming one of the Flashes favorite duty roster signers By the end of the year Super Jew had not straighteneo him out and he had made fewer quarter guards than any- one in the company. In August ' 69 Barry returned and found that he had many friends in high places (remember the S- 1 ) and. thanks to them and the MS department, became a Corpo- ral for about two weeks. True to his character Bare had put out in academics the semester before and his rank was soon nothingness. When Ring Figure came around in November he just let things slide and his keeper, NEB, was down upon him. At the end of our second class year he knew that he might make it to graduation as an engineer, even though the life of the LA was very inviting. As the end of the year approaches, our indestructible Swemprat has his eyes on the future. Uncle Sam. and home football games with Robo and El Zero. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Wynne Browning, Win Winfree Dyke, Class of 75 John Crenshaw Norris Wayne Bass Lynchburg, Virginia Mathematics: Air Force: Cpl. Pvt.: Judo: Young Republi- can ' s Club, Horseback Riding Club, FIP. Bomb Staff. Fire Fighters. In 1968, he came. In 1970. he met Christine, and in Dyke. Class of ' 69 Dick Jeter Dyke. Class of 75 Charles Hoon Fred Leonard Bauc Williamsburg, Virgir Bagel, Big Fred Coir : orce: Pvt.: Baseball, Tidewater Club, VMI ety. Ghetto, Cadet Waiter, 1972 Spirit aseball. Young Democrats. If this one is from Sem. it must be Friday ... or is it U. Va, and Saturday? No, it must be Sem. and Sunday — well, we were never sure what that Blacksmith from Brook- lyn T ech. would have done If he ever lost his calendar, booked up for the next three months in advance. Fred came strolling into VMI one day in August, 1968 with a girl in one hand and a game In the other. Finding out what was passing and aiming for it, Fred found plenty of time to pursue his two favorite pastimes. Though he has traded the girls in on newer models, the last being Elizabeth, he never disavowed the basic tenets of Strategy. In all seriousness, Fred Is one of the most good natured people at the Institute. Rarely displaying anger, he takes all in stride. Always willing to give a helping hand, he is constantly cheering up his disheartened friends, even while embarrassing them on the game board. Truly his friend- ship is one of those close relationships which VMI culti- vates. We will all be sorry to see our ex-Hartmann leave in May, But knowing that he has the potential to do well in whatever he does, we all wish him the best of luck. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Ken Houston Dyke, Class of 75 John Westerman and John Offley Ralph McCall Beerbow Indianapolis, Indiana History, Armor. Private, Staff Sgt., Volleyball. Swimming Intramurals First Class Editor. BOMB: Glee Club Senior Advisor, Young Republicans. Chapel Choir. Tanker Pla- toon. Porno Club. Pittsburgh Club. 1968 was the year Mac decided to give up the comforts of home and enter the " Spartan Life ' ' of the Shenandoah Valley His first year was spent battling the books and put- ting up with the Ratline. Having mastered his 4th Class Year the second year brought about some changes. Mac traded in his Pennsylvania Home to become an Indiana Hoosier. At VMI, he gave up the world of numbers and calculation and took up permanent residence in Scott Ship Hall on the fifth level. Our Hero ' s second class year provided Mac with an op- portunity to indulge In local extra-curricular activities. He became an active member in the Porno Club and went on field trips to Sweetbriar. Hollins, Mary Baldwin, etc. There were also stories of strange river rites and various other activities in which he took part all within the local area. His last year was filled with weekends in Pennsylvania and grinding down on the books during the week. With this combination Mac finished out his four years on a strong note. Now, he s leaving, but the good times shared with classmates and the true friendships he made will be remembered by all. Good luck in the future. Brother Rat. Dyke. Class of ' 69: Dyke. Class of 75: William Robert Beerbower Toughkenamon, Pennsylvania English: Air Force: Pvt.: Football, Indoor and Outdoor Track: Monogram Club. Young Republicans, Armed Forces Club, IGBA Ghetto. Beer came from " God ' s Country " of West (by God| Virginia to find the college life he ' d dreamed about in the Shenandoah Valley to be pure hell. However, not one to stay down long. Bob soon found solace with " Tony ' s Boys ' on the track team. Never to let academics keep him from the finer things In life, our hero soon discovered himself a year round cadet. Since he spent so much time in Virginia anyway, it was inevitable that he d get snagged by a Virginia girl (al- though Bonnie is never quite sure who snagged whom). Beer s first class year finds him totally committed " to leaving his second home in May. Through his four years of VMI he has managed to keep his easy smile and country boy attitude. These qualities guarantee happiness In later Dyke. Class of 1969: Dyke, Class of 1975: Vernon Lee Beitzel Grantham, Pennsylvanli English; Army; 2Lt.i Football; Baseball; Class Historian; Outstanding Athletes in American Colleges; Who ' s Who. From the land of Quakers came Brother Puritan himself whose idea of a night on the town consisted of a game on the " Puff-Putt " course and a " Big Mac " at the local hangout. This presented his roommates with a magnani- mous challenge which was first met at the punial meeting of the ghetto Ski and Skate Club. " This slow walking, double talking " jock " has a remarka- ble talent for twisting twisms and mastering long eloquent speeches that say absolutely nothing about anything. His only competitior in his love life has been the infamous, un- seen, but much heard from, man about town, known only as Glen. Vern participated in both baseball and football, one on the mound and one on the ground, and has been reading everything from Hamlet to The Couples of Tudor Park. This man of diversified interests will always be remem- Dyke, Class of 69 Hal Moses Dyke, Class of 75 Greg Seldon. Tom Schultz James Robert Bell, Jr. Front Royal, Virginia Biology; Armor; Pvt„ Pvt„ Sgt.. Sgt.: Rugby; Brass I ble. Cadet Battery. Jackson ' s Battery. Tanker PI De«ns I ist Fire Finhtors Cadet Waiter s List. Fire Fighters. Cadet Waiter Certainly, much recognition is due the man who, in on cadetship, popularized the Front Royal Party, the Cade Battery. Tanker Platoon, IY approach to the military, the Cadet Waiters, Will-form-in-thirty-seconds-complete dressing-extravaganza, and yes. the unforgettable, yet un remembered. Natural Bridge Party. Yes. J. R. is this man He served Band Co. proudly for two years as a private then magically became the mystifying " other " sergeant and finally reached the top as one of the finest staff geants anyone has ever seen. J. R. has proveQ himself a fine athlete, both on rugby and IM football fields, and in the halls and labs of the Bio. building, as he successfully outran " The Rod " for two-and-a-half straight semesters. J. R. Has proved himself at VMI and we ' re sure his abilities will serve him well in his chosen field — once he chooses Dyke. Class of ' 69 Jess Powell Dyke. Class of 75 Bob Smart. Dave Applin Robert Bruce Benham Honeoye Falls. New York Boobs, Bob Civil Engineering; Air Force: CpL Sgt.. 2Lt.; Intramural Volleyball. Handball. Cross Country; ASCE, President WLUR Radio Club, Glee Club, Brass Ensemble, Regimen- tal Band, FIP Coordinator, Air Force Scholarship, DAS, Apathy Club, Little Detroit. Bob entered the Institute with the correct blueprint for overcoming what many have found to be four dark years. He combined a smile, a little " savoir faire " and a touch of fortitude. The smile is Bob ' s trademark. Few have encountered him when he was not cheerful and filled with the love of life it- self. With this attribute he gained the admiration of his BR ' s and from time to time used it as a secret weapon at various nearby colleges. However, behind this exuberance Savoir Faire gained for Bob the rank of Second Lt.. the DAS award and a leadership position at the WLUR radio station. Its greatest asset, though, was in keeping him out of trouble with the men on the " Hill. " A smile does not signify sainthood. Fort.tude enabled Bob to view his education and train- ing from a broad, positive perspective. It earned for him faculty respect and peer confidence. It got him many dates and made him a part of the Commandant ' s game. With these qualifications one need not doubt that this cadet will go far. Best wishes! Dyke, Class of 69 Joe Howard Dyke, Class of 75 Scott Risser. Doug Kulick mw . : -U-- ,:■ - : .::•- ' -.y r-: - ; :, v -: -,,,,, Robert Arthur Benson Coudersport Pennsylvani Bob History; Infantry; Cpl.. Sgt.. ILt.; Intramural Basketball- DMS. Glee Club. Young Republicans. XOs Club Ring Figure Magazine, Tankers Platoon. Scuba Club. Deans List. Cadet Library Assistant, Armed Forces Club Posit Committee. Car Sub Committee. If Bob was intolerant or stubborn here at VMI, it was due to the fact that he could not stand for individuals who criticized a system they failed to try to improve. Though he lived under the double standard of VMI, he himself had only one high, personal standard that he was constantly seeking to u pgrade. Though being pragmatic is not always feasible at VMI, Bob constantly tried to see his experience at VMI through the light of practicality. He didn ' t entertain deluded vi- sions of military grandeur at VMI, yet he acknowledges h,s responsibility and obligation to the military, and resents those who shirk their duty and leave the less pleasant tasks of citizenship to others. Bob worked energetically at VMI. yet he was hardly all work. Whether in the PX. on the stoop, or in section ranks affability has been his trademark. To those of us who really knew him he was a studious yet lighthearted friend who left the Institute a better place than he found it. Dyke. Class ' 69 Don Bogard Dyke. Class 75 Glenn Garland Dan McClain g y k I 3 i i ■ v » ' r q -J Raymond Edwin Blal Birmingham, Alaba Eddie. Fast Back Civil Engineering; Air Force: Cpl., Pvt.; Rat and Va Football. Vice President of the C. and W. Club. ; Lawerence Berss s Church. Virgini; Civil Engineering; Infantry; Pvt.; Rat and Varsity Baseball; Scuba Club: International Relations Club. Newman Club. Cadet Waiter, American Society of Civil Engineers. Intra- murals. Arriving too late to catch his bus to Columbia. Jim took the first one available which dumped him at the Lexington Hilton. Jim Is really hard to characterize, due to his diver- sified interest as shown in his selection of roommates his rat year, class spirit (72 demerits in one semester) and his association with the likes of the " hippo " and the " wino. " Although Jim has strived for perfection, especially in maintaining long hair, he will always be remembered as " waldo the baldo " to friends and Air Force Tacs. As Com- mander-in-Chief of the " Mooch Patrol. " Jim and his cronies led many a daring raid on room 109 and other nearby enemy outposts. Academically. Jim was outstand- ing in carrying his CE knowledge to Washington. DC — out standing in the street painting lines. His academic rec- ord remains unblemished, except for the year old, un- finished, psychology project, and the final exam he didn ' t turn in. Overlooking " Bernstein ' s " Jewish heritage (o ed?l. nber hir i fine ,the nderful friend. Good luck, ole buddy! Giv Dyke, Class of ' 68 Mike Serge Dyke, Class of 75 Rick Cini I Steven Cort Blair Pittsburgh, Pennsylvani; Ste Mathematics: USMC; Cpl.. Sgt.. ILt.. XO " B " Co.; Head Carpenter. VMI Museum. CIC Barracks Study Room, Dis- tinguished Academic Student, Distinguished Physical Stud. As one rat in B Co put it. If you want the straight an- swer, ask, Mr. Blair! " He, could just as well have said the right answer. Steve doesn ' t say much but what he says is worth hearing. A certain Cadet Captain doesn ' t know how close he came to being " made Neat " for disputing one of Steve ' s obviously right, but not well received, answers. That ' s been the story of Steve ' s life at VMI: when some- thing needs to be done, who does it? " The Rock, " of Steve has probably left more of a mark on the Institute than the Institute on Steve, it ' s not easy to crack " the Rock. " However, Quantico leaves its mark on the best of men and Steve certainly bears the mark of a Marine — proudly. We who know Steve best feel that he should be ranked with History ' s and VMI ' s truly great men like Ghengis Khan. Attila the Hun and Fogleman. We only hope that when the " Great Skipper in the Sky " pipes him aboard, his whole life will have been as efficient as the first twenty years. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Art Wilson Dyke, Class of 75 John Cawthorne Richard Kyle Bishop Jr. Richmond, Virginia Top Tweet, Tool History; Artillery: Cpl.. Sgt.. Capt.: Honor Court. Dean ' s List, DMS, Cadet Battery, Civil War Roundtable, 72 Ring Figure Committee. Chapel Usher. English Society Band, Richmond Club. How can anyone describe " the Tool? " Well, who else could show up at our first TEI and ask his Cadre Sergeant to dyke him out? Who else could, as a corporal, bone himself for being late to ranks? Who else would you find up town every Saturday night with a " Swiss burger " and a tall Bud? Who else would, at 3:00 In the morning, get properly dressed to use the sinks, for fear of being boned? Who else would, as a Rat. put " Brasso. " spray shine, liq- uid wax, and floor wax on his runners in order to get them shiny? Who else would buy a six-dollar pipe, smoke it once, and then give it to his roommate? Who else would you find in the PX every morning? Who else could hate " Tweets. " play clarinet but a cou- ple of years in Junior Hioh School, and end up Band Com- pany Commander? Who else but Rick could be so admired and respected by all who knew him as a Brother Rat? Dyke. Class of 69 Bob Sparks Dyke. Class of 75 Mike Walton Arthur Paul Bona Ji Alexandria, Virginii History; Infantry; Pvt.; Fencing: Rangers; Tankers: Air- borne and Ranger School; Young Republicans; Armed Forces Club. As a freshman. Skip was always involved in the student government in its late night meetings. Skip was always in the middle of things, especially In the hot and sweaty rooms where men strived to uphold the student body rules. His sophomore year Skip continued his government work on a slightly more dignified plane, but also with less fre- quency. As a lunior. he settled down to some serious studying, interrupted only by tank evacuation drills, run- ning the block, and dating a certain Madisonlte. Loose again his senior year, he started flying gliders as a profes- sion. Unfortunately he Is still waiting to hear from the Indi- an government as to their need for a mercenary glider pilot. The future is obscure for Skip. Australia beckons if the Army will ever let go, but being the only cadet to go to Airborne and Ranger school last summer: it isn ' t very like- ly- When Skip leaves VMI It will be In a cloud of blue smoke; as he is the only one who can go down Letcher Av- enue at 100 mph. As he leaves we hear a sigh and . . . Now What? " The future looks bright indeed. Dyke, Class of 69 Yes Dyke Class of 75 Yes tmmx rfiymz t um vK ■■■ ■ 1 ,:.. -j- Dan Bond Vernon. Texa History: Infantry: Pvt.: Rot and Varsity Football: Dean ' s List. Bomb Staff. Ring Figure Magazine. Otis left the mesquite and the wild Texas women to come to the Institute just to see what hell was all about. His easy going attitude and his great sense of humor light- ed his way through the blackness and brimstone, and his fresh and uninhibited approach to having a good time has set many Zollman ' s records that should stand the test of time. To a great guy and a true Texan — the best to you. Dan! Dyke. Class of ' 69 Frank Easterly Dyke, Class of 75 Bill Simmons and Perry Stump William Gregory Bragg Santurce, Puerto Rico Gregg. Bill Modern Language: Infantry: Pvt.: Swimming — Rat and Varsity. Spring Football: Regimental Colors. Co-Captain of Swimming Team. Armed Forces Club. Young Republi- cans. Captain — Water Polo Team. All Southern Confer- ence Swimming Team. Dividing his time equally between Maryland where his girl lives and his other home — the VMI swimming pool. we see that Gregg has excelled at both these endeavours. For 4 years and 3 summer schools. Gregg has endured the trials and tribulations of the VMI system, but he has always come back for more punishment. And even if he comes back an extra semester Gregg will graduate. Gregg Is that type of person, he won ' t quit until he has achieved his goal. With that type of determination, he should go far. Good luck for whatever the future might bring. A true BR. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Bruce Beauleau Dyke, Class of 75 Richard Klesyk r v teven Gray Breeding Lebanon. Virginia Civil Engineering: Pvt.. Cpl.. Pvt.: Varsity Football, Rugby, Monogram Club, ASCE. Direct from Lebanon, Virginia, Steve arrived at VMI to begin four years of sports on the gridiron and the playing fields of Zolloman ' s. Never short of wit. Goober has al- ways been able to combine good fun with good taste, and seldom makes anything but friends with his timely humor. As a charter member of the " Half Ton of Fun " Club. Steve ' s inexhaustable energy never counts him out until the wee hours of the morning. After graduation Steve has no maior plans other than lots of R and R until he can fig- ure out what the heck to do with a degree in civil engi- Dyke, Class of ' 69 Nick Psimas Dyke. Class of 75 Jim Davis and Rob Sluaghter Irving Luke Brittle Jr. Richmond. Virginia " Sonny " " Peanut " " Sunoco " Biology: Artillery; Pvt.: Judo Team. Track. Baseball; Cadet Battery. Glee Club. Cadet Staff, International Club, All Pro Team. Entering the Institute under many misconceptions. Sonny found life challenging, (sometimes impossible) at V.M.I. He had a hard time staying in his hay on hop week- ends preferring those of the Robert E. Lee Hotel. It cost him some time with PTs and confinement, but he said, " it was worth it. " Sonny would be a good student if it weren ' t for academics. After three summer schools and four long years at V.M.I.. he finally made it (accompanied all the way with the moral support of his father and mother|. After a stellar performance at summer camp, there was no doubt in anyone ' s mind that he would make a " fine " offi- cer? Though it is doubtful what he ' ll do once outside of V.M.I. Sonny says hell have millions before the age of 30. His happier moments at V.M.I, were spent with Diane, his fiancee. Don ' t worry Sonny, " The meek shall inherit the earth. " Dyke, Class of " 69 Don Hinshellwood Dyke, Class of 75 Frank " Cool " Cole Thomas Owen Brock III Harrisonburg, Virginia iski, T. O.. Tr, Biology: Air Force; Pvt.; Rat and Varsity Wrestling; Dean ' s List. French Club. Monogram Club. Pre-Med Club SYPAB Co-Vice President. Ring Figure Committee, In- ventorof 1-4 Brocksi shift. Honorary Member Rooms 252 112. OLBOS KOROS HUBRIS NEMESIS Dyke. Class of ' 69 Kirk Materne Dyke. Class of 75 Mike Knutson, Larry Lineback Henry A. Bruno, Jr. Burgettstown, Pennsylvania Tank. Wop English; Infantry; Staff Sgt.; Rat Football, Varsity Foot- ball: English Society, Newman Club, Sports Writer Cadet, 1972 Ring Figure Staff, Dean ' s List, 3.0 class cuts. Summer Study in Oxford. England. Ghetto. THE CREDIT BELONGS TO THE MAN WHO IS ACTUALLY IN THE ARENA, WHOSE FACE IS MARRED BY DUST AND SWEAT AND BLOOD: A MAN WHO KNOWS THE GREAT ENTHUSIASMS AND THE GREAT DEVOTIONS, WHO SPENDS HIMSELF IN A WORTHY CAUSE WHO IN THE END KNOWS THE TRIUMPH OF HIGH ACHIEVEMENT, AND IF HE FAILS, AT LEAST FAILS WHILE DARING GREATLY, SO THAT HIS PLACE SHALL NEVER BE WITH THOSE COLD AND TIMID SOULS WHO KNOW NEITHER VICTORY NOR DEFEAT, Theodore Dyke. Class of 69 Ward Carr Dyke, Class of ' 75 John Mounts. Dan Rother, Richard Samuel Bryan Rockford. Illinois Rick. Rich. Rock Biology; Armor: Pvt.. Sgt,. I Lt S-3: D.M.S., R.D.C. Chair- man, Cadet Battery, Tanker Platoon, WLUR radio staff. Rugby. Jackson Battery. Ghetto. Dean ' s List. From the land of Lincoln came an All-American boy, Rick Bryan, and four years later the same fellow emerges with a little less hair, a little more stomach, and the re- spect of his classmates. Who would have guessed this meek, mild-mannered Yankee would become president of the R.D.C. and a genuine bona fide member of the Regi- mental Staff? In his four years his friends will remember him as one of the premier twelve ounce curl men at the In- stitute, a regular patron of Doc ' s and the C.I., a veteran of three grueling band trips, and a first-rate door panel smasher. Good-Luck world, our loss is your gain and it ' s better that way cause we could never understand his III!- Dyke, Class of 69 H. W. " Spunky " Butler III Dyke. Class of 75 E. J. " Bink " Rush. R. B. Lane Geoff. Jew Jeff, B.S. Mathematics: Airborne Infantry; Reg ' t Color Sgt.. Judo- Rat. Varsity. Intramural Handball and Orienteering. Dean s List. DMS, Library Ass t. Rangers, Airborne, Young Republicans, Honorary Physics major; Cadet Guide: Army Scholarship, FIP. Wednesday and Saturday Gun Club. Rifle and Pistol Club. Society of Physics majors. Fire Fighters. There is no greater punishment for a math major than having to room with History majors. But this Jew Jeff, as he was affectionately known, did with great forebearance overloads were the rule, he |oined the club and ploughed his way through very successfully, despite En 101 and 102, Math. Physics, and Engineering. Yet. despite his heavy ac- ademic load. Geoff still found time to be one of the best roommates any cadet could have. From getting in argu- ments on the intellectual trivia, to changing the name of his dictionary. Geoff always kept his room in a jovial mood. He always was ready to stop what he was doing, however Important, and lend a helping hand to a BR. Geoff is one of those few people who have both the guali- ty of good naturedness and the desire to do his best at ev- erything. To wish Geoff good luck is unnecessary — he makes his own — but good luck anyway. Dyke. Class of 69 Charlie Starnes Dyke. Class of 75 David Powers Euqene C. Caldwell III Kansas C.ty. Missouri Hippo, The Head History: Army: Pvt.; Intramural Footba Volleyball; Tanker Platoon. Society of Physii Roundtable. Basketball, . Civil War On Januray 26, 1949 gust 22, 1968 this ethina ated. On Au- ., .._ ing evolved into a Hippo, matriculated info VMI. The institute hasn ' t been the same since, and it will probably never be the same again. Thank God Craig will best be remembered for his easy going na- ture and his ever readv smile „ w« foi onstant searct uperb, but hi; Craig as. Craig ' s taste in wor ell. that ' s a horse of a different .... ibrated his third class year with a switch in nd his arrival into the big times — conduct pro. He has not let down the Commandant ' s office since. Craig s academic powers were shown by his constant switching of majors. He couldn ' t make up his mind be- tween History or Economics. The Economics department a History major. He Is proba- rer to join the Society of Phys- we all knew that some day Hippo would find his ng — Space. ates and hi; finally won as C bly the first Histo Dyke. Class of 69 Larry Seekford Dyke, Class of 75 Charlie Freemai II Tazwell Morton Carrington IV Richmond. Virginia History; Artillery; Pvt.; Soccer. Tennis; Varsity Track — Manager. Varsity Cross-Country — Manager, Hop and Floor Committee. IGMR 16. Fire Fighter. " Marse Taz " came back in his third class year with great hopes of rising to great heights in the VMI system. How- ever, he fell in with the wrong crowd who took the poor homeless waif in . . . and took him . . . and took him. Yet. surviving natural catastrophes of his own making, " Hurri- cane " quickly adapted to the new set of circumstances and set about diligently to overcome them: so he slept, for three years, waking up occasionally for a summer furlough here and there. However, we can safely say that not all of his time was spent between the sheets: on the soccer field and the tennis court the scion of Richmond blinded all of his opponents with his dazzling footwork (Ole. Pele) and shiny head. During his first class year, the History Depart- ment aristocrat made history of sorts by becoming the first LA to take Surveying as a free elective, and for tak- ing late study for the first time in his cadetship. Gradua- tion will open up a whole new world to Taz — Switzerland. Zambia, or maybe even Richmond, Dyke. Class of 75 Mike Ferris — ) Kenneth Adair Chacey Markham, Virginia Civil Engineering; Armor; Pvt.; Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track. Those who know Buzzy Chacey are aware of what a hard working, conscientious, and determined worker he is, whether they know him from the track team or the class- room. Those who know Buzzy even better are aware that there is a gay side to his personality, intertwined with a deep sense of concern for others. Due to such qualities Buzzy has done very well here at V.M.I, and has achieved goals academically, physically, and perhaps in a personal way. militarily. Buzzy leaves the Institute with high hopes of a better world, the key to success in his hand, and an array of life long friends. Dyke. Class of 69 Brant Collins Dyke. Class of 75 Mike Smith , S Walter Lee Chalkey Richmond, Virginia Walt, Tar History; Armor; ILt.: Track, Football; DMS. Member — Ring Design Committee 72. Monogram Club. Hop Escort Committee 3, 2, Chairman I, King Committee. Member Grilled Ham and Cheese Club, Car Committee. Natural Bridge Skating Club, Rebel Rouser, BVSS. Fl. Today you see him, tomorrow you don ' t. He ' s in his rack, he ' s on the track. He ' s on the basketball court, he ' s on the football field, he ' s in the rack again. He ' s a lover extraordinaire, he ' s just about the friendliest man in bar- racks, he ' s just plain folks. Walt ' s amazing cadetship entails everything from sports to rank. After being a confirmed grub private for three years, he became a confirmed grub lieutenant. His atti- tude never changes though: all he has ever wanted is a 2.0 and a good time. Who can forget the great ice skating ex- perience, or the great summer school escapades with the Bull, Marco, and Merle? What about that clutch perform- ance in summej school that got him back into the " Big I? " He even managed to room with a spook for three years. As the sun sets on Walt ' s cadetship. barracks will lose a lot of laughter, but the world will certainly get a little Dyke. Class of ' 69 Chuck Becker Dyke, Class of 75 Danny Penny, Reggie Strickland r rr TT ■■v n. . ' .-::. V! ■, Edward Runyard Channel Portsmouth, Virginia Big Ed. Runyard English; Armor; Pvt., Cpl.. Sgt., ILt.; Chairman of 1972 Ring Figure Committee, Cadet Newspaper Staff, Chapel Usher, Class Council, English Society; Distinguished Aca- demic Student, A ■Rat " Tutor, 1971 FTX Committee, The English Curriculum Committee, 1st Ranking English Major. Tidewater Club. Who else but Ed Channel could expend so seemingly lit- tie effort in his studies yet wind up as the Class of 72s first ranking English major? With seemingly little effort. " Big Ed " has managed to accomplish quite a number of amazing feats in his four years at the Institute. During his Rat year Ed was awarded special reports for unintentionally running the block and neglect of duty as a sentinel. Not wanting to keep all the glory for himself. Ed shared a few of his specials with his dyke. Skinny Baker. Ed passed through the doldrums of his third class year on the good ship HMS PX of which he is now captain. As Chairman of the 1972 Ring Figure Committee. Ed per- formed superbly. Ed ' s dedicated attitude towards whatever he sets his mind to: be it work in public relations for VMI. or tutoring a confused rat in English, has brought him success both as a Cadet and as a Brother Rat. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Jim I Dyke. Class of ' 75 Lee I Philip Edward Clayton Lexington. Virginia The Sundown Kid, Nature Boy. Greystoke. Phantom Civil Engineering: Air Force; Cpl.. Pvt.: Football, Rat, Varsity: Track Rat, Varsity; Intramural Boxing: DAS; As- tronomy Club; ASCE: Colonel Greene Wrestling Award 11971 Highland Games|: Number One Athlete in AF- ROTC summer camp. " Who Is that man standing In the arch built like Tarzen and dressed In animal skins? Why. it ' s " Nature Boy. " Raised In the hills of Lexington. Nature Boy ' came down from the mountains to get an education, meet a lot of girls, play football, and meet some more girls. Living solely on deer jerky and Tang. Phil was able to keep his body in shape for both football and for attracting women. Phil spent most of his cadetship sitting on the tops of moun- tains looking at sunsets, filling his lungs with unpolluted Rockbridge County air, and holding hands with Nancy. Athletically. Phil has surely excelled although some of the football coaches tried to change his unorthodox running on the gridiron and also his untimely dates with various fe- males. Our senior year is now over and once again Nature Boy ' must return to the " call of the wild " and his home of never ending sunsets. We can only hope that Phil will leave the birds and the bees for a while and come back to see us one day. Dyke. Class of ' 75 Bob Habasavich Dyke, Class of ' 75 John Bangs Jeffrey Hutchins Chell Glen Ridge, New Jersey Jeff. " Heffrey " English; Air Force: Private! Rat Track, BOMB Staff. Eng- lish Society. English Speaking Union. Glee Club, The Zoo ' s " Little Detroit " (3 year member). Who ' s Nobody Club. Apathy Club. CYNIC. by the infamous anity thrc ifou. His skateboard Invitatlonals, Little Detroit Banquet and col lions to the PX Breakfast Club sessions will long be remembe. the denizens of the Zoo. And few will ever cease marveling masterful ability for innovation. Jeff has to be the only person Western World capable of beating himself in the head with a ball bat and making it into a game. He has existed for four ye a strange diet of messhall food and pep talks from Capt, Po combination which would have killed a lesser being. «,nd I fine 1. O. let the solid ground Not fail beneath my feet Before my life has found What some have found so sweet! Then come what come may. What matter if I go mad. I shall have had my day. 2. Let the sweet heavens endure. Not close and darken above me Before I am quite quite sure That there is one to love me! Then let come what come may To a life that has been so sad. I shall have had my day. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Bill Romanchick Dyke. Class of ' 75 John Costa, Tom Jone David Henebry Childers Roanoke. Virginia Biology; Artillery; Cpl.. Pvt.; Rat and Varsity Wrestling; Honor Court. Equestrian Club. Second Vice President of the Top 5 Club. As Dave rolled through the arch from the Star. City he was destined not to become the average cadet. He is the kind of guy who could have a dollar that would have to last ' til next Tuesday, and he would still buy you an egg and cheese at the PX. Dave has been more than a BR. He has been a great guy to everyone. Nothing shakes Dave and he never shakes things: he learned early the art of going through the Institute. It Includes never volunteering. the ability to succeed with minimum effort, and keep a girl for four years. Dave proved his honesty and sincerity by being elected to the Honor Court for two years. His un- forgettable grin heeds personality which is evident to ev- eryone he knows. Likeable Is a one word description. It doesn ' t take long to discover Dave ' s imagination, just say hi to him some time. f x » ♦ Timothy Robert Cleland Albuquerque, New Mexico Electrical Engineer ing; Air Force: Pvt.. A. Co. guidon; VMI Chapter of IEEE, Young Republicans, Newman Club, RDC-A Co. Representative. Barracks Electrician, Little Detroit Club. FIP. y of cadre when he decided to stay be- ll his hair to the day when the ■ake his diploma and get. Tir cal jokes he has pi sge to be a part of that mdoubtedly be remembered for all the practi- id throughout his four years. Like the - I i J L I I .11 I -If s piayeo inrouynuui his iou. 7 _ ar when he got drunk and nearly walked off he time his third class ound the stoop kicking in doors, or the time his second class year when he got drunk and ... on second thought, maybe we ought to for- get his practical jokes and remember what a nice guy he e edge of the fourth stoop ar when he got drunk and w In conclusion, let me say goo i luck. 1 kn 3w you ' ll first rate electrical engineer — - just stay away f alarm clock! Dyke. Class of ' 69 Bob Flow Dyke. Class of ' 75 Jay Jone John Michael Cobb Boyce. Virginia John Electrical Engineering; Air Force: Pvt.: WLUR Broadcast ing, IEEE, Young Republicans. Society of Young Demo crots, " Jetman, Adolf Hitler. " and " Alfred E. Newmar Memorial Show " Producer-Director. Rennie D Club. GOD HELP ME BUT I LOVE IT Fa, mEmk . 4 M _ s r " s History; Infantry: Pvt.. Cpl.. Sgt., 1st Bat. Sgt. Maj.: La- fie Team: DMS. Airborne School. Monogram Club. French Club, ROTC Scholarship. Coming to the Institute. Bumpy knew that his career was to be " the profession of arms. " He saw the Sky Blue and heard the Battle Queen ' s cry " Follow Me " and the In- fantry was to be his career branch. Bumpy, during the four years here, strived to attain that degree of professional- ism so needed — and he got it. Between his second and first class years. Bumpy was one of the few of us who jumped from a military aircraft while in flight and he earned a new nickname " Tuffy. " Also, while in his cadet- ship. Bumpy met that certain Longwood Lady who was to become the main Queen in his life. With graduation just about here, we have no doubt about Bumpy ' s future success. With the two Queens watching out for our trooper, what could go wrong? The only thing now left to be said is, " Bumpy, take-care and 1 Kim Bryant Co Vinton. Virginia History: Artillery: Cpl., Sgt,, ILt.: Secretary Class and Corps Councils. Young Republicans, Cadet Battery. His- torian Armed Forces Club. Dean ' s List, XO s Club. After four years at VMI we find " Cools ' ' still carries the nickname awarded him by his company sergeants for his behavior as a rat, and because of his preference for Lex- ington to home we always know where to find him: the rack, the PX, or Johnny ' s. Our rat year found " Cool ' s " with a swell dyke and a week ' s furlough in Roanoke, thanks to a boxing concussion. Later in his stay here he acguired his most valued possession, a teddy bear on his pillow. Now that " Cools " is a ILt. type ranker and secretary to the CC it is hard to figure that he is the same person who as a corporal got a thumbs up vote of support from the rats. Kim is many things to many people: slacker, tupper, lacker, pouch, but for us he ■ : " Dyke, Class of ' 69 Jay Jenninc Dyke, Class of 75 Danny Darn brothe Richard Grant Condit McLean. Virginia Modern Language: Artillery; Cpl.. Sgt., Cpt.: Fencing; DMS. Cadet Battery. Ring Figure Committee, Firefighter. Distinguished Academic Student. mpresslve way. Viewing rank as an opportunity his personal influence on a level where It could ilts. Rick did much to repair the tar- nished Image of the c Looking back R,ck Affable, eager to help. Rick has won the respect of the Corps by virtue of his character, and not solely on account Dyke, Class of ' 69 Rick Snow Dyke, Class of 75 Keith An David Edward Condo Newport News. Virg History: Air Force: Pvt.; Bomb, Young Republicans, Scout- ers Club. Dove, better known as Big (big?) Dave, has had his share of fun and gomes at the Institute. Dove olwoys seemed to hove an affinity towards water. It wasn ' t that he particu- larly liked water, but that woter liked him. Who else do would ha almost ery night ot the end of our rot yeor. Dove hos olwoys monoged to entertoin his brother rots when life was dull. Who con forget thot flying leop from the second stoop into the courtyard during summer school of 1969? That brings up onother point obout Big Dove, even though he has had to go to every summer school, he has always man- aged to come back. By his sheer determination Dave will graduate summer school or water. Dyke, Class 69 Wynne Browning Dyke, Class 75 Lorry Wo. Howard Matheney ent McMillon Cc Roonoke, Virgini, English: Air Force; Cpl.. Sgt., 2Lt.: Young Republicons. French Club, Assistont to VMI Museum, Treasurer — Eng- lish Society, Fire Fighter, Roonoke Rocket. If one were looking for the perfect exomple of a Brother Rat. Vinnie would hove to be considered as a top contend- er. For he is one of those guys who olwoys hos the time to sit down ond listen to the problems of others. This con- cern, compossion, ond odvice hove more than once been instrumental in helping to solve those seemingly insolvable problems thot codets ore sometimes foced with. This rore troit thot Vinnie hos disployed throughout his codetsh.p will certainly be missed when we go our seporate ways. But the memories of whot hos been will remain, never to be forgotten. To o true Brother Rot we wish you oil the luck ond happiness in the world. Dyke. Closs of 69 Glenn Hoi Dyke, Closs of 75 Bill Fowlke ond Charles Edward Conklin, Jr. Roonoke, Virginio Buddy: Copitol " C " ; " Cheeks " Chemistry; Air Force: Pvt., Swimming Team Mgr.. Ameri- can Chemical Society — Treosurer, American Chemical Society _ President. Vice President — Medlcol Club. Fire-fighters. Young Republicons. Hop and Floor, Business Mgr. — Hop and Floor Committee. FIP. Ring Figure Committee. GYPAB Club — Vice President. On August 22. 1968 the " Capital C " strolled through Jackson Arch, but very soon that slim trim young man would soon become the Cheeks of the class of 72. During his rat year he soon took on the title of " Rocket " for his daring transom launch which almost caught F Co - s com- mander in the head. Soon the rat year ended and after a brief summer break the " Capital C " was bock to begin his 3rd closs year. During this year he managed to lead the 306 box ballets to numerous victories and win the 306 in- tercollegiate P. H. contest. When the 2nd class year began for the class of 72, Bud was back with us again. The highlight of this year had to be marked by his many at- tempts to blow up the chemistry lab. The " C ' s " probably got the only pair of fatigues that look like they were used for forget proctice. After a summer of life guarding, cheeks was back for the final stretch. This had to be the year for him because the afternoons he didn ' t spend«in the air he was on the golf course. When weekends rolled around he was either in Roanoke or in Maryland where he scored his 20 to 4 victory. As the class of 72 leaves the In- stitute we say good bye and good luck " Cheeks! " Dyke. Class ' 69 Jim Long Dyke, Class 75 Bobby Gillspie, David Bobon William Kenneth Cooper Gibbonia, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering; Pvt.; Track: Cadet Battery. American Society of Civil Engineers. When Cooper arrived at VMI that doy in August, he wos a very dozed Rot who hod no ideo whot he had gotten himself into. Braces and no hair reolly didn ' t quite moke it on the collegiote scene, so he resigned himself to becom- ing o member of the zoo, or the fraternity of midnight ani- mal imitators. The four years were not totally uneventful, though. He returned after his Rat year with a neck brace (a result of the first of two car accidents in a six month spon). for which he hod troded the tooth voriety. A mem- ber of the Hemi brothers trio, the other two being Hughes ond Griffith, he went through no less than four cars, in- cluding a 300 hp Rambler American, in four years. Famous instructions — car parts in barracks perpetually, strange toys, HONKI. three wheeled chopper. How can the old place ever be quite the same? Dyke, Class of 1969 Mike Mohoney Dyke, Closs of 1975 Doryl Morgenstern Stondford Wheeler Crone. Jr. Montville. New Jersey The Lad, The Kc : Kid Electrical Engineering; Air Force: Private: Baseball, Lo- crosse Rot Football: YR ' s. Newmon Club. WLUR (DJ ond Producer). IRC. IEEE. Coving Club. Kosmic Kids (Presi- dent]. Emerging from the sin ond corruption of North Jersey there come the Prophet, who with his firm ideas on milita- rism, engineering, and music endeavored to set the Regi- mental Commander straight in his political thought. His life wos centered oround Joe Willie. The Beetles, Dylon. ond his beloved Yomoho. His opinion of other people wos never left in doubt. His caustic tongue and firm beliefs en- deared him to few. Who could forget those immortal words " Well I think you ' re a fool. " or his strange manner of dress in his po|omo debut at summer school. His leader- ship potential though often subtle, wos best reflected in his able guidance of the Kosmic Porno Club. The baseball team will often remember his grandiose exit in the 4th in- ning and will doubtless count him as one of their more in- dependent pitchers. To the Corolo Rochelle. Sem ond VMI the Lod, Ston will leove on his quest for the Golden Dune- Buggie with these few words: " Earth, this is God! I wont oil you people to clear out before the end of the month. I hove o client who ' s interested in this property. " Dyke. Closs of ' 69 Chris LOronge Dyke. Class of 75 Charles Clinedinst Cri New Morket. Virgin!; Civil Engineering: Field Artillery: Pvt.: Locrosse. Intramu- rol Football; SASSC Secretary. Scouter Club. Young Republicans Club. ASCE, True Blue. " Chorlie, better known to his friends os " Chuck, " come to the Institute from the smoll town everybody associates with the Civil War, New Market. With his " Mas " . " Pa ' s " and " Viddels. " he presented to all who knew him a care- free attitude and willingness to help anybody with o prob- lem. Of course, one connot write obout Chorlie ond foil to mention such post remembronces OS the " Ski ond Skote Club " or " True Blues " both of which he helped, through his porty spirit, to turn into infomous organizotions. And who could not think of Locrosse when speoking of Chorlie who Is remembered os being a valuable part of the team as well os a spirit lifter when things went poorly. I speak for all who knew him when I say that he will never be forgotten and only thoughts of good times con be remembered when his name is brought to mind. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Alan Kalisk! Dyke. Class of 75 Ben Lillethorup II Joel Pierson Crowe Portsmouth, Virginia History; Infantry; Cpl.. Pvt.: Rat and Varsity Swimming. Varsity Water Polo, Varsity Track, Co-Captain Swimming Team, All-Southern Conference, All State Water Polo Team; DMS, Deans List. Chairman Party Committee. Chairman Car Committee. Cadet Sports Writer, Assist- ant Rat Swimming Instructor. A man, no matter how popular and admired, lives mainly with himself. If he is not at peace with himself, if he is harrassed by something he did not do but should have done to preserve his own image of himself, he is like the unhappy demon, spirit of exile, gliding high above the sinful world. " Dyke, Class of ' 69 Van Maeger Dyke, Class of 75 Mehrdab, Andisheh 1 Kevin Alexander Daigh Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering; Armor; Pvt.; Rat and Varsity Football ; Track: Intramural Basketball: Vice President — Monogram Club; ASCE: Ghetto; Ghetto Basketball. Heavy Duty " will always be remembered as one of the most outstanding young men ever to have walked through Jackson Arch. Although the Institute was victorious at New Market against a more powerful opposition, it did not ever dream of taking on anything like Kevin. During his cadetship, " Heavy ' ' has destroyed everything VMI stands for. served every penalty offered, and harrassed every Tac officer that attempted to control this mad man. Hav- ing made the " all pro " every semester, Kevin has had the Institute down on its knees begging him to leave, but he would never say die. His love life here was not affected by the VMI system. No one else but Heavy Duty could boast that every girl in trembled at the mentioning of his name. Practi- ery Semite has become acquainted with the " Big Fella " and seen him perform in the " coliseum. " His foot- ball career was also as unique as his character. Although the coaches thought his method was unorthodox. Kevin had many strange ways to get ready for the games. He came, he saw, he conquered " the VMI system but not be- fore becoming a close friend of our class and a legend to the Institute. ' irginn Dyke, Class of ' 69 Larry Brydon Dyke. Class of 75 Mark Anderson. Chip Louthan illiam Emmett Daniel III Richmond, Virginia Chemistry: Artillery; Pvt., Cpl., Sgt.. 1st Battalion S-3: Rat Swimming: DMS, Dean ' s List, V. Pres. Hop Committee, English Speaking Union. Hop and Floor Committee. V. Pres. Aquatics Board. American Chemical Society. VMI was to be his big challenge. " He adapted so well that it turned into somewhat of a disappointment, but not so much that he didn ' t stay on for the great character building (a VMI four year special!). Participating widely. Bill became and remained inter- ested in many facets of VMI life. He was a good worker, a helping hand and a B.R. Poor Bill never realized that his biggest challenge was yet to come. VMI became pretty hard to bear with his mind 35 miles up the road. So she became a " mink " and his grades went up. his countenance changed from frus- trated to contented, but he wasn ' t around a great deal! Bill survives but in a lifetime of protective custody which is a fate many people wish to have. (Remember Bill, it ' ll " build Character. | Dyke. Class of ' 69 Dave Altizer Dyke. Class of 75 Jim Schmitt ■ ' :••;■. ' ' :,-: ; -r:- • ' ■ " ■ ' ■ ' T-: ' : Douglas Mitlilcen Davenport Cincinnati. Ohio Doug, Dawg Civil Engineering; USMC: Pvt., 2LT: Spring Track. Intra- mural Boxing; Assistant to Psychology Department. WLUR (Radio Feel Good). A5CE yearbook and Editor. Tanker Platoon. Jack Daniels Club, Sebastian Club, Deans List. Thank you Grandma Page. Dean Tullio. Abe. Camilla, (oiks. Ratiocinations: Lexington is beautiful, despite VMI. VMI can be healthy if you ' ve got a mind to (too). Love, Doug Dyke, Class of ' 69 " Dirtboll " Dick Newsom Dyke, Class of 75 Bill Puttman Jon Rocco DiMarc Eorlysville. Virginii Ma Electrical Engineering: Air Force: Pvt.: Varsity Rifle Teom: President of Amateur Radio Club. IEEE, Honor Court Re- corder. Barracks and Lejuene Hall Electrician. Young Republicans. Honorary Member Mad Bombers Assoclo- Coming from a military high school. " The Roc " found life guite a b.t different at the Institute than expected. Hoping to find en easy way out by choosing EE as a major, he soon found out the load of work it entailed, as evi- denced by late lights and long nights of study. Roc was also privileged to be selected as barracks electrician his senior year adding more to his responsibilities. His experiences range from hot to cold with cold start- ing at Ring Figure and " Hot Bod. " Being president of VMI s Amateur Radio Club, he took the Initiative and modernized the entire radio shack from a sullen shambles to a respectable operating station and formed the club Being an Air Force pilot looms into the future for Jon even though his jet ride at summer camp left his stomach still flying when he landed. Best of luck. Roc, and we wish you all the success in the world, as you had here at VMI. Dyke. Class of 69 " Ol Wierd Harold " " Fleischer Dyke. Class of 75 John Siemens. Mike Fleenor Andrew Leon Davis Freeport, Maine Squat, Stumpy History; USMC: Pvt., Cpl„ Sgt., Copt.. 1st Bottolion Commonder; Armed Forces Club, Young Republicans, Cadet Battery, Ranger Aggressor. Civil War Round Table, Dean ' s List. Fire Fighters. Bomb Staff. Scourer ' s Club. Andy entered VMI with the right attitude and one guid- ing goal — USMC (!?). It ' s been a long trek for the squatty of Echo Company, but after a careless (rankless) first semester. Third Class yeor, a rocket ' s poth wos fol- lowed, ending at the big, five-stripper position. Once there, much energy, professionalism, and a desire to change VMI for the better guided him. His only failure was on inobility to mointain QUIET in Bottolion Heodquar- ters during study hours, with the help of the S-l Section and all other passers-by. Yes, Andy ' s mode it big, ond the jump from VMI to ' Quantico-land " will be the First Battal- ion ' s loss ond the Marine Corps ' gain. Led by resourceful- ness and determinotion. Andy will moke it to the top, as always, it ' s only a question of time. " Don ' t call me Troop, Lodi. " Dyke, Class of " 69 Robert C. Leibecke. Jr. Dyke, Class of " 75 Bob Manieri. Trey Brenckman James Francis Doyle Jr. Virginia Beach. Virginia Biology: Infantry: Pvt.: Basketball — Co-Captoin. Trock. Baseball: Monogram Club, Class Council. Coordinating Committee, Top 5 Club — Choirmon of the Board. Jimmy came to VMI from the much celebrated Virginia Beach, the home of Momma Doyle. Even though Jimmy ' s brother rats would sometimes cover him with shaving cream, tie him up on the stoop ond even go so for as to rip off his underwear, this only proved to show how much o part of us he really was. The original Mr. Basketball of VMI. Jimmy ' s spirit motivated everyone he came in con- tact with, including " Iron " Mike Schuler. even when defeat was imminent. Mommo Doyle ond oil of us ore very proud of our Jimmy. Dyke. Closs of 69 Reb Anderson Dyke. Closs of 75 Mike Owen. Bob Keller English: Air Force: Pvt.; Rot Cross Country. Indoor Trock; Rifle ond Pistol Club. Hop and Floor Committee. FIP. President English Society. Frize-Foce Club. Who would believe thot in todoy ' s modern oge of spe- cialization the ideal Renaissance man still exists? Verily so! Just such a men now flourishes proudly somewhere in the dank, dark depths of VMI. Of course we are referring to one Talmage Lee Dillon. Lee. sometimes known as the Paw. has always sought the perfect bolonce between ecodemic excellence, mili- tory proficiency ond sociol bliss, end to o greet extent, he has succeeded. There have been times when the road to success hos been a little bumpy, but in the end such minor obstacles as Calculus, Spelling, cars that were too fast. our hero. Now we find Lee at the pinnacle of achievement os President of the English Society, on FIP prop |ockey ( " Thonk-you Capt. Porter. " ) and a veritable lady killer. (If you don ' t believe us. just ask the blond stripper at Eglin). It would be guite safe to say thot whotever chollenge moy come in the future. Lee will rise to the occosion ond meet It heod on. Best of Luck. Dyke. Closs of 69 Bill Bolley Dyke, Closs of 75 Mike Horon Gerald R. Dudeck Arlington. Virginia Civil Engineering; Artillery. Scooter hos done his share of slithering around here ot V.M.I, with the noturol ability of stoying quietly hidden ond out of trouble. This is not to soy thot he doesn ' t do his foir shore of running the block, becouse he does. Scooter ond his roommote Buzzy Chocey hove left an impression on Lexington that few W ond L froternity members will Scooter has his fun on the weekends, but when Monday morning rolls around, he settles down to hard persistent study that has earned him a place on the Dean ' s List and a grade point average that has increased each year. He Is an Independent individualist with a desire to succeed, but To Scooter Dudeck the class of 72 bids far, luck and happy trails and a salute for doing so out ever getting caught. Dyke, Class of 69 Jim Hutchison . good n S» History: Air Force: 1st Battalion S-4: Varsity Rifle Team: Southern Conference 1970. Lettered 3 years 69. 70. 71. Pistol and Rifle Club. 2nd Individual Southeastern Confer- ence Rifle Tournament, Bell Award 1970 for Military Profi- ciency in the 3rd Class. DAS, Air Force ROTC Scholar ship. Skip came to VMI with a " can do " attitude. He knew pretty much what he wanted to do and still does. His ambitions were to be a top flight cadet and a top flight Air Force Pilot. He is in the process of accomplishing both. As a third class man he was a first ranking corporal, received the Bell Award for Military proficiency and an Air Force Scholarship. Later he became the 1st Battalion S-4 and DAS. With a likely regular Air Force commission in the mill, things look good for Skip ' s future. His second love is rifle competition. Upon entering VMI he was the Georgia State smallbore champion. As a cadet, he re- ceived the Varsity Rifle Team letter for all four years and was the Southern Conference individual champion in 1971. The only thing we wonder about Skip is why did it take him three and a half years to finally get around to dating at Sem? Dyke. Class of 69 Walter C. Laundon Dyke, Class of 75 Charles I. Duncan I 7 ' Paul George Dunn w York City. New York Will Pvt Lacrosse, Judo, nth the hope of History: Infantry: Pvt.. Cpl., Pv Dean ' s List. Paul came from New York tc some day making the military his career. Four years later. this desire has faded and another has taken its place, but many of the benefits VMI has bestowed upon him have not disappeared. He may not agree with many of the tra- ditional ideas and rationalities surrounding VMI, but still he does not regret the education he has received. Not only an academic education, but an education about life. Many years from now, looking back upon his four years here, when all the hardships have been forgotten. I think. he will be grateful he attended VMI. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Donald F. Nelson Dyke. Class of 75 John Plunkett John Elliot Durst " C. B. ' Civil Engineering: Artillery: Pvt.: Varsity Football can Society of Civil Engineers. Mona-Killey-Jar™ street Scholarship. Dean s List, Ghetto. Monogr, I ' m lo s A ■■■■■■■■i Stephen Borden Dzialo Triangle, Virginia CMI Engineering; Armor; Pvt.; Varsity Baseball, Rat Wrestling. Intramurals: Glee Club. Cheerleader, Newman Club. American Society of Civil Engineers. " What sort of man reads Playboy? " A young man of sporting nature who ' s well equipped to make his place in the fun. Facts show over 1.300.331 adult readers of Play- boy live in military environments. Of these, one is a major college cheerleader and a real swinger with the women. The " Bushmaster " is probably the only man in Barracks who could clear a room in 5 minutes as a result of his corny lokes. He is also the type of person who will be there in the pinch when you need him. Diz made many friends during his stay at VMI and I am sure he will make more in the fu- ture with his dynamic personality. Good luck to Diz and Suzie in the times to come. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Paul Bross Dyke. Class of ' 75 Charles Kaune and Bascont Gordon Robert Thrift Ferguson II Charlotte, North Carolin Bob. Fergeri |.„r Civil Engineering; Infantry; Pvt.. Cpl.. Sgt„ Capt. (S-3|: DMS, Dean s List. Academically Distinguished. American Society of Civil Engineers, English Speaking Union. Glee Club, Thinking bock on Ferg s activities, one immediately real- izes that the character building experience most merely tolerate was designed for him. The Institute served only to reinforce the ideals of honor and loyalty of his southern background. So straig ht was Bob for three years that he did not seem human, until finals of last year. When Penny stepped in, the commandant lost a good S-3. For although Ferg was there with his stripes in place from the first day of classes, our last year his heart was 58 miles awoy. So now Ferg is waiting for the day when Penny will not have to look at him in uniform. Ferg matriculated in 68. graduated in 72. Those who need to remember him — will. Dyke. Class of ' 69 William David Reid Dyke, Class of 75 Todd Gardner Sam homes Avard Edwai Scottsburg, Virginia Biology: Infantry: Cpl., Sgt.. ILT: Varsity Rifle Team; Army Scholarship. DMS. Varsity Rifle Team — Captain. Tom came to the V.M.I, to play football and to be a mil- itary stud. After a year of scrimmage, he gave up the glory of football to join the V.M.I. Rifle Team. Ov er the years he gained the respect of its members, and was elect- ed captain for the 1971-72 season. Militarily, Tom went the whole tour. Beginning his third class year as a corporal, Tom rose above ' the trials and tribulations of the Institute and found himself 2nd Battalion S-4 his first class year. While fighting the never ending battle of the mess hall, lost and found, and Biology; he never lost his B.R. spirit and toothy smile. Known in the room as " Mother. " Tom thing but succeed? We predict there ' ll be some Joyce in his life no matter what he does. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Chunky Neal Dyke, Class of 75 Martin Reid Chester Frank Elliot III Franklin, New Jersey Civil Engineering; Air Force: Pvt.: Rat Swimn Swimming; American Society of Civil Engine " Can ' t " is a word that is foe to ambition. An enemy ambush to shatter your will. Its prey is forever a man with a mission. And bows but to courage and patience and skill. So hate it with hatred that ' s deep and undying For once it is welcomed. ' twill break any man. So whatever the goal you are seeking, keep trying. And answer this demon by saying, " I can. " Dyke. Class of ' 69 Mike Santoro Dyke. Class of 75 Kerry Stark, Al Koehler ' ' John Francis Fick III Triangle, Virginia Jack, Fat Jack Biology: Air Force: Pvt.: Head Football Manager; First Vice President of the Top 5 |five) Club. Passive and determined Fat Jack stomped to the rat stoop to become one of VMI ' s most liked, easy-to-get- along-with Brother Rats. His first achievement was to evolve as Vice President of the " Late Study Club. " Post- humously decorated for managing a four year losing foot- ball team and life member of the All-American Budwelser Drinking Team. Through the ranks of dates, his VMI career was swiftly dominated by what has become a one-framed mind. Shar- on. As it looks now. Jack and Sharon are planning quite a future together. As this great lover and friend leaves the Institute for the wilds of the World (B.V.. Triangle?): We wish him the best of luck in all his aspirations. (We also wish him luck on his " little bet.) Dyke. Class of ' 69 Oogie Maddox Dyke. Class of 75 Bill Turpin re Layne Fielde anoke, Virginia English: Air Force; Pvt.. Cpl., Sgt., Lt.: BSV, Young Re- publicans. Armed Forces Club, Cadet Battery, Society of Physics Students, English Society, ESU Civil War Round Table Dean ' s List, Fire Fighters, Roanoke Club, FIP, Scourer ' s Club, Club 373 co-owner, BVSS Weed Commit- tee, ROA Award — outstanding AFROTC 3rd class ye ar. Marco came to VMI to climb both the military and aca- demic ladder. After the first semester his Rat year one found him to be a running Dean ' s List Rat. But then, the great VMI sickness, apathy, came In and took Marco down the road to happiness — that of wine, women, and song. He managed to keep his rank (on and off) but Dean s List fell to the wayside. He threw away his milk for that of liq- uid sin (alcohol). His tastes graduated with him when he left Johnnies for Club 373, then to the refined atmosphere of Zollmans. Now that the last year has rolled around Marco attained two great interests — that of flying with the aerospace team and bedding down. The happy days of making snow angels on the parade ground have past, but with those sweet memories goes the best of luck for the future. Dyke. Class of 69 John Mitchell Dyke, Class of 75 E. O. Shiflett. Greg Stultz I William Michael Finney Roanoke. Virginia Civil Engineer: Air Force; Pvt.; Intramural Handball American Chemical Society. ASCE. Roanoke Club. Com manders. Motorcycle Club. Vrooom! Vrooom! Good heavens, what ' s that I see ovei •onder? It ' s coming do . pair of i „_ tnd. good God. what l-snirr: Lets see now ... an. yes! a Triumph 650 nd on it none other than the world famous Ea " ' J pants and muddy tennis sho i T-shirt! Let - . and on it none other than the world famous Easy-Ride get-your-motor-running-Mike Finney! Its hard to believe that " Sweet Mike " would come 1 this ... I mean, being a VMI graduate and all which tho. implies . . . those blind date weekends with girls that blow tenderly in your ears . . . the orgies at Zolloman ' s . . . the Gregoreck " galacto " invigorating Chemistry lectures . . . the " git-em-shined-shoes-and-brass " Col. Smith C.E. lec- tures ... the exciting band practices of Col. Bierly never knowing when his temper or his breath would ignite . . . Yeah. Mike . . . you ' ve come a long way from your ' 49 Harley I 25 to that ' 68 Triumph 650 and all because you suddenly discovered girls and a place called VMI! Dyke, Class of ' 69 Glenn B. Hammond Dyke. Class of 75 Gerald Irissarri i Dale Marcus Flick Youngstown, Ohio Physics; Artillery; Cpl.. Sgt„ Sgt.: ROA. DMS, PIC. Presi dent SPS. Astronomy Club, Armed Forces Club. Cade Battery. Aggressor. 33 T ' N Richard Wan Findlay. Rich Civil Engineer; USMC; Cpl. Pvt.; Rat Cross Country. Rat Indoor and Outdoor Track. Varsity Cross Country. Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track. Rugby. Soccer: PLC. President Christian Science Organization. Vice President Amateur Radio Club. Rangers, Fire Fighters. CE Rat Tutor. Sound- ing Brass Contributor. A son of the class of ' 40, Rich entered VMI in August 1968. He soon found the academics harder than his father did, and fought his way through the Rat Year. Then came stripes. Rangers. USMC. and summer school. Working hard, he advanced into the realm as a first class pvt. con- tent with class, girls, and hay. Dyke, Class ' 69 Bob Habasevich Dyke, Class 75 Brad Meyer , y ,_ n ,, r , . v; ■ ' . r, ,;.■!:! •«,.;;:, ; ...-..., Alan Steven Fojt Alliance. Ohio A. J.. Johnny by the Stage Door History; Infantry: Pvt.; VMI Commanders. Debate Team, Symposium Steering Committee, Young Republicans, No- body Club. " Fojt you fool! " Yes, with these words ringing in our ears can 72 ever forget A. J.! We knew he was going to be different when we found out he had spent a year in a civilian school before " joining up. " Wow. were we ever right! From his " T.S. Card " rat year to his $230 " encoun- ter " experience his last year, he swashed and buckled his way through the VMI. In many ways, his cadetship closely resembled a painting by Salvador Dali! Yet, he somehow managed to emerge from the chaos with a diploma, an R.A. (Airborne Ranger 82nd!?!) and the same " I just swal- lowed a canary " grin that he entered with. Though barracks is quiet and Sergio Mendes no longer blasts from the stereo, we find it hard to forget a real friend and a true Brother Rat. Lest we forget, " Fojt you fool. " John Raymond Freeman Jr. Richmond. Virginia Skinny Duck Civil Engineering; Army-FA; Pvt.: Intramural Basketball- Cadet Wa.ters. Dean ' s List, EIT Committee Chairman, ASCE, POSIT Committee, Lejeune Hall, Assistant Soccer Manager, Cadet Lab. Asst., Recondo Qualified Rich- mond Club. Jack came to the Institute with a definite desire to suc- ceed, although he encountered a myriad of problems throughout his rat year. However, a great transfer motion occurred during the summer when " Fat Jack " became " Skinny Duck " and things really started looking up during his third class year. After a " stellar " academic perform- ance as a rat. deans list became a reality as a third. Sum- Jack ' s life when a certain " lonely duck " flew into his life and turned his whole world upside down. As Jack finishes his first class year, he ' ll always be remembered as the guy whom they forgot to tell that VMI wasn ' t a suitcase col- lege. That irresistable force in Richmond will be tugging on him every weekend and perhaps for the rest of his life. Dyke, Class ' 69 Joe Lynch Dyke. Class 75 Preston Sloane Frank Leslie Foley Hopewell, Virginia Pvt.: Football, Rugby; VMI Pistol and Rifle Club — President. VMI Militaria Society. Fire Fight- ers, Civil War Roundtable, Dean ' s List. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Pete Gilbert Dyke. Class of 75 Robert Hit? John William Freiermuth New City, New York Sluck History; Pvt.. 2nd Lt. Drum Major; Varsity Soccer, Rat Baseball: Regimental Band, Hop and Floor Committee. 4-F Club. Wednesday and Saturday Afternoon Gun and Hiking Club. The Super-Jock of Clarktown High arrived at these hal- lowed halls with three things on his mind — Kay. soccer, and the tube. Being of firm body and stout mind, he has managed to hang on to two at the expense of one. Mirac- ulously, he has even managed to find a few minutes in his hectic schedule for the books. Above all, Sluck has outdone himself In the matchmak- ing field. Who else, in the interests of regional reconcilia- tion, could match up an Army brat and the daughter of a retired N. Y. C. detective? Unbelievable! If anyone takes the time to check out the X. the tube room, or the fields of friendly strife, and if they should find John, then they are also bound to find a guy with the true Brother Rat spirit. Drive on, Sluck. and the world will fall into place for you. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Robert Waldo Dyke, Class of 75 Ben Vanderberry illiam Christopher Foster Martinsville. Virginia Festus. Chn Biology; Cpl.. Pvt.; Rugby. Varsity training; Co-Ordinat- ing Committee, Honor Court, Honor Court President, Hop and Floor Committee, Debate Team. " Top Five. " Who ' s Who. Dean ' s List. Academically Distinguished. " The profoundest infidelity is the fear that the truth will be had. " Despite that worthless long list of accomplishments. Ole Festus will be remembered as an ornery, outspoken, hillbil- ly who loved a good argument, cherished a good fight. and who in general gave everybody a hard time. How Miss Kitty, with all her looks and personality, ever got stuck with Festus. no one at VMI will ever figure out, but that stage coach just keeps rollin ' in from Dodge City every weekend. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Tom Catlett Dyke. Class of 75 Rick Law. Bucky Cashion Walter Edward Galanty Jr. Detroit. Michigan Walt, Polanki, Wa Wally History: Infantry: Cpl.. Sgt., 2LT.: Rat Football. Rat and Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track. Rugby. Head Cheer- leader- International Relations Club. Vice President and President Newman Club, Religious Council, VMI Theater Member and Executive Board Official. Glee Club, Dean s List. Head Catholic Choir. Business Manager 1972 Ring Figure Magazine, Cadet Staff, Fire Fighter, Polish Club. What can you say about a 21 year old guy who knows everything? Warsaw came to VMI from an all guys high school which might explain the way he is now. Ever since the day he came here he has used his outgoing and friend- ly personality to make many friends. For these past four years he has had his hands into just about everything you could imagine. Enioylng the sense of responsibility and power, he is one of the leaders of the school. His high sense of values and loyalty explains why his freindship is so cherished. He would do whatever he could for you and ex- pect little in return. Hell go down In the annals of VMI as the first guy ever to bring girls i nto the system. Poland lost a great government leader and VMI gained a weird Lead Cheerleader. Dyke. Class of 69 Bill DeWitt Dyke. Class of 75 Lee Mattox Modern Languages: Armor; Cpl.. Sgt.. Regimental Ser- geant Ma|or: Judo. Intramural Track. Intramural Official, Intramural Boxing Director: WLUR-FM Staff. Distin- guished Military Student. Hop and Floor, Armed Forces Club, Firefighters, Tanker Platoon — Platoon Leader. Bomb — Photography Editor, Rifle and Pistol Club. Asso- ciation of the US Army Medal. ■ ' Where ' s Gaulding? " We don ' t Know. Have you tried Regimental Headquar- ters? Well, how about the tube room? the PX? He ' s not in his rack. Studying? No. forget that. Listen, start walking around the stoop looking for a bull session. He ' s probably there. If not. come back. We may have to organize a search party ... I think he ' s lost. Usually they find Mike in one of these places, and oc- casionally even studying when a strange mood strikes him. or he is being officious. Most of the time he was just being Mike: engaging, hardworking at what he thinks important effective enough to have the Tool Shed love him. and, to be sure, wide ranging in his activities and Interests. Spen- cer says he ' ll do well In the Army, which he wants, and his nickname is General . . . " Where ' s the Chief of Staff? In his hay? " ■ Math; Air Force: Cpl.: Rat Swimming; VMI Cadet: Busi- Staff (3rd). Reporter (3rd). Feature Editor (2nd). Man- aging Editor (1st). 1972 Ring Figure Mag. (Layout Editor), Publications Board (2nd). Chairman Publications Board (1st), Apathy Club (1st). Assistant Cadet Co-ordinator 1971, Symposium, Glee Club (2nd) — Vice-President ( I st). National Achievement Scholarship, AFROTC Scholarship. DAS. Little Detroit. ter on that shiny August 22nd came the Tidewater whiz. From Hampton High and " the City. " Harry brought with him a sense of direction, a set of ideals, and a high sense of pride on which to build his VMI future. Harry, you ' ve done well. I ' m proud of you. Finding time for Dean s List and Rat Swimming. Harry went on into the rank structure to find things wanting. He then changed direction and channeled his vast resources (personality, character, intelligence, modesty) to newspa- per work. Respected for his frank statements on what ' s happening, Harry is a leader not only through work, but by birth also. We all wish Harry the best of luck in his career in the Air Force. With his strong determination and Lynne at his side, he will have no difficulty achieving his goals. Robert Mars Annandale, Virginie Force: Cpl., Pvt.; ASCE — Vice Pres.- Hop Committee. Ghetto Club. North- Bobby descended upon VMI from Taipei, Taiwan, where his Air Force father was stationed. He came with a deter- mined attitude to make it big. and as one of the top CE ' s, I guess you could say he made it. As far as rank is con- cerned. Bobby became disillusioned as a corporal and headed for the greener pastures of his cadetship. But by the time he became a first classman, being a grub wasn ' t enough of a challenge, so he decided to become a " mad bomber. " As in everything else he undertook, Bobby was successful in this also. Although he will tell you he is from Annandale. Va.. everyone knows that h,s loyalty switched to the Star City during his third class year for some myste- rious reason named Sharon. As a matter of fact, his trips to Roanoke have been so frequent that he has been ded the privilege of being an honorary " Roanoke Rocket. " " Diamond Jim " is headed for a very successful future and we all wish him and his future w.fe the best of Dyke, Class of ' 69 Bill Blandford Dyke. Class of ' 75 John GV tf + «s? 8 m p sT Y (r 7T ■■ ■■■ Hi Hi ■ MBHHHHBi HUtf Paul Albert Gorski North Haven, Connecti, Civil Engineering; Armor: Pvt.. Lt.: DMS. Tanker Platooi Cadet Battery, Newman, A5CE. Commanders, Wedne day and Saturday Fun and Gun Club, RDC Represent, From out of the blue. Connecticut and Notre Dame High School, the Grunt descended upon VMI. No one who has come in contact with this pugnacious little Yankee has escaped unscathed. Witness the third stoop old barracks, blind dates and stray cars at Zollmans. Ring Figure ' s champagne marathon, and the RDC. Breaking away from the private s ranks, he has become one of the notorious Band Company platoon leaders displaying his own innate brand of leadership. Behind his granite exterior, Paul has it all: drive, deter- around him. Put it all together and it adds up to success. Go head on BR, Dyke. Class of ' 69 John Scott Dyke, Class of 75 Jeffrey Rader Richard Carleton Griffith Fairfax Virginia C.vil Engineer: Air Force; Pvt.: Football. Indoor Track: Cadet Staff. Monogram Club. Maggie Walker entered VMI laughing and giggling and will leave (someday we hope) In the same delightful humor. Confinement, demerits, all pro had no effect on this jovial character. He found this place so delightful that he en. rolled on the 12 month plan: dedicating his summers to ac- ademic and intellectual improvement. SB did not know the meaning of fear. Only a complete maniac would dare rearrange Stonewall ' s battery or even cruise around in downtown Lexington In US owned vehicles. In little Ricky ' s second class year, he met total disaster and also a little Semite named Maggie. Totally ignoring his academic duties. Rick devoted his time to the art of Romance. He spent most of his Senior year on confinement and in hospi- tal beds. Because of Injuries, his glorious football career came to a sudden end. this giving him more time to ter- rorize and destroy all of barracks. Those of us who knew him can honestly say he Is one of the few who has ever looked at death, dismissal and even marriage square in the face and walked away smiling. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Bar Delk Dyke. Class of 75 Reggie Webb William Preston Greene Charles City. Virginia Bill. Willie. Greenjeans Biology, Air Force: Cpl.. Pvt., Supply Sgt.; Intramural — Football. Basketball, Softball. Orienteering; Hop and Floor. Young Republicans. AFPBC. Gamma Alpha Sigma. Bill has the distinction of being the first Veemee to date a mink. He made it through a semester with Susan at Washington and Lee. and by the time of the beginning of his first class year rolled around, he was within two credit hours of being a Civilian. The cleche ' that said " breaking up is hard to do. " certainly didn ' t apply here. Breaking up and making up seemed to be his favorite occupation. Willie didn ' t believe in waiting until the last minute to get things done, so he decided to start dressing like a first classman around the middle of his third class year. Even though during his cadetship he held the rank of Corporal and Supply Sergeant, he never let that keep him from being basically a grub. It seems that the Air Force will have the service for four years of a good Bio-missleman . Dyke. Class of ' 69 Dick Camp (Stump) Dyke, Class of 75 Walter Schrepel Gregory Mark Griffith Chesterland, Ohio Civil Engineer, Artillery, Pvt., Indoor Track. Outdoor Track, DMS, Monogram Club. ASCE, Armed Forces Club. Hop and Floor Committee. As a Rat he spent most of his time playing pool, poker, track, and unsuccessfully chasing the local women. His Third Class year he gave up pool, made a living at poker, played in the World Series of indoor baseball and met Mary. He was awarded Player of the Week as well as Bone of the Week when he put three consecutive home runs through both glass windows ten minutes before SNI. He is probably best known for his neck-mobiles (all five of them] and his continuous bad luck with women . . . most notably, his uninterrupted string of horrendous blind dates. Who else would drive 700 miles in one weekend just to see his running girl for one night driving at eighty miles ' plus ' with a broken frame under his car. He had a differ- ent car every year and even more girls. But for a long while it looked a girl named Mary was going to put the final claws in him; but he went from nearly married during his Second Class year to trading in his last girl on his latest Dyke Class of ' 69 John Stann Dyke. Class of 75 John Kovich. Craig Erickson ■ fcv: r ' W f m ■ ! • " — 1 ■ j ts» Peter Franklin Grojean McLean. Virginia Civil Engineer: Armor; Pvt.: Soccer. Lacrosse; SASSC (President). Lacrosse Club (Vice-President). Soccer Club (Co-Captain). " Pechinni Grojeani, " the Italian about town, was de- tained from his world travels for four years to see how the other half lives. During his stay. Pete has demonstrated his prowess with a lacrosse stick by playing " William Tell " breaking numerous windows, and generally creating a long bill of repairs to the room. " Hands " also proved his worth as a would-be all-American soccer goalie, thus earning the nickname of " Lucifer. " It was only natural that Pete be- come a member of the " Ghetto Rednecks " with " Butch Sneadsy and the Sundance Fatrat. " While residing at VMI, Pete has often been the inspiration at many a party and the plans for many a " Ski and Skate Club " activity. Pete could safely be called " academic stud " due to his ability to pull through in the face of overwhelming aca- demic pressure. Pete will probably be remembered as a unique BR with an eye towards the good things in life. Dyke. Class ' 69 Steve Jones Dyke, Class 75 Larry Hendry Scott Trethaway Haas Granada Hills, Californij Civil Engineer; Army; Cpl.. Sgt.. Cpt. Reg. S- , DMS. Firefighters, Armed Forces Club, Young Republi- cans, ASCE, Dean ' s List, Ranger Aggressor, Hop Escort. Scotty came a long way from California to suck it up at VMI. and he ' s done just that. Between the ratline and the CE dept., Scotty has taken his share of hard knocks, not to mention those from the young ladies. It hasn ' t been all hard knocks though. Scotty has managed to become a proficient " CE. " as well as being able to find time for La- crosse and girls, and rank and girls, and booie and girls. etc. In his rise from rat private to Regimental " Hatchet Man. " Scotty has shown a dedicated, enthusiastic, pro- fessionalism which somehow seems out of place for some- one entering today ' s Army. His pride and belief in VMI and its systems has made him an outstanding asset to the Corps and the school. Beneath his somewhat hard-nosed stoic armor we find a person with the same desires and emotions of any other VMI cadet. Good luck Scott, and if VOLAR turns you off. " The Ma- rines are looking for a few good Men. " Dyke. Class ' 69 Mike Ha Dyke Class 75 Bill Stew per 1 ? Richard Alan Hack Carlesle. Pennsylvania T. J.. Slacker. Hackster, Bro History; Armor; Pvt.; Soccer. Fencing; Sport Parachuting Club. Young Republican. Audio-Visual Club. PX Club, BS Club. It ' s really amazing that I made it. I can only express my thanks to all my Brother Rats. When I was down, there was always someone around to lift my waning spirits. When I was up, I could go to Johnnie ' s and grab a tew brews with my buddies. Looking back now over the past four years here. I know I ' m really going to miss my friends and the good times we ' ve had together. Being a member of the Audio-Visual Club, the PX Club, and a member in good standing of the B.S. (barracks study] Club has helped me gain an insight into the charac- ters of many friends. All I have to say is: Good luck to all the members of the class of 1972, my class. Dyke, Class of ' 69 J. Flanz Dyke, Class of 75 T. A. Slate Charles Bernard Hall Ft. Walton Beach. Florida History; Infantry; Cpl.. Pvt.. Lt.; Judo Team — Captain. Rugby. Gymnastics; Dean ' s List, RDC, Weight Training Club, Young Republicans Club, Sport Parachute Club. From the tropic Florida shores or the barren snow fields of Labrador or just about anywhere else you can think of. Chuck came to VMI where he would stay for four years. Because of his nomadic existence before coming to the In- stitute. Chuck found it easy to fit into the situation and make the best of everything. His competitive spirit and athletic abilities have paid him great dividends from the judo mats to the rugby field and even the pool room. His outgoing personality, good sense of humor and his knack for raising hell have gained him many friends and the rep- utation of a great guy. With all these assets taken into ac- count, it is easy to predict success in his future. Dyke, Class of ' 69 John D. McLaughlin, Jr. Dyke, Class of 75 Larry Groome, Vern Conner David Blakely Hall Falls Church, Virginia D. B., The General History: Armor; Regt. P.R. Sgt.: Young Republicans. Cap- tain Varsity Debate Squad. Exchange Editor — Cadet Staff, English Speaking Union, DIvIS, Dean ' s List. WLUR Radio Staff. When " General Hall " entered the VMI. we wondered how such a narrow-minded, self-righteous magic maniac could exist? Yet in his four year ' s stay, we ' ve found that he was right all along. Dave ' s cadetship has been an uphill fight from the start; in his four years, he has gained many allies throughout the corps and the class. His strong principles and determina- tion have served him well, and we think the Institute got the better end of the deal in accepting Dave. His cadet- ship has not been all grind, however. For when it comes time for good times. Dave was always a welcome addition to the crew. For a straight forward and enthusiastic friend, we com- mend him to you and know you will never be disappointed. Best of luck in the future to a good Brother Rat. Dyke, Class of 1969 Courtenay Welton Dyke, Class of 1975 Randy Frank -— — _ TTTT ■■•■■: ■■,:-. ,.T»:l ' ..V: - ' " Whitey, " Chief Honors English; Artillery: CpL Sgt.. ISgt. " B " Co.: Rat Swimming, Fencing. Equestrian Club; DMS. Dean ' s List. Honors Candidate, Glee Club. Bomb, Cadet, Young Republicans Club. Rifle and Pistol Club. Secretary — Scouters Club. VMI Militaria Society — President. Tim- mins Society. English Society. English Speak. ng Union. Firefighters. Rangers. Cadet Battery, Jackson ' s Battery. Cadre, Airborne School, Ring Design Committee. Eric ' s stay at VMI has been centered around two basic needs — rank and women. Eric bucked for corporal, ser- geant, was busted to private, bucked for anything, made first sergeant, was busted again and remade, and at se- mester was made first ranking first sergeant In the Corps. He fell in love with Chris, got engaged, shot down and flipped over Donna, got shot down again by Chris and Donna too (thanks to a BR). Then he found Michelle (how old — 16). Due to Eric ' s above exploits, he is given the " tried too hard ' ' award. Eric also found time for the English department, pre- tending to be Errol Flynn. warbling, and playing the Na- tional Velvet Game. After VMI. Eric intends to " grease gooks " with his toy cannons. f Xf «fe History: Air Fo Co-Captain. Lee Randolph Harrii Lexington, Virgini( Roy. Flea Cross Country — Captain, Tr, to VMI to run track, and he has done pre- cisely that. Although 4-F because of his ankles. Lee has led Big Red to victory in many track and cross-country meets. Fondly known to his roommates as " Dirtball, " Lee has been a true BR and Rat-Daddy of the first order. While never a believer in the " system, " Lee has provided the class with much spirit and local color. Our best wishes go with Lee as he leaves VMI. and we know he will succeed In whatever he attempts. Dyke. ' 69 Joe Naselli Dyke, 75 Philip Marshall George Wayne Harrel Charlottesville, Virgin! i Civil Engineer; Air Force: Pvt.: Baseball: Monogram Club. Young Republicans. Ghetto Basketball. Star Private. i Wayne cruised to us from C ' ville and has been cruising i ever since: through the PX. the Nichol ' s something build- ing. Herb Patchin Field, and going steady three or four . times. Wayne has definitely been a part of the PX crowd and CE sections, where survival depends on quick wits. Wayne has caught his share and done a pretty good job of handing it out too. The Hot Dog managed to beat FTX four years running by making the Varsity Baseball team. ; He also managed to play in a few championship sock ' baseball games. Military . . . hardly, academic . . . slight- ly, out for a good time . . . definitely. Wayne is the kind j of person who didn ' t let the system get him, but learned to get the system. 1 That familiar hat on back of a head and hands in pock- et, made a lot of friends and a few bone sheets. Wayne made the best of the best of the Institute and we made the best of him. nolds Roger Oxford Hart Chase City, Virginia Roger Red, Roger Civil Engineer: Air Force: CpL Pvt.. Sup. Sgt.: Golf 4. 3. Intramural Football and Basketball: 1972 Posit Committee. Monogram Club, ASCE. Roger Red grooved into barracks from the small but swinging town of Chase City, Virginia, and from that glo- rious beginning forward, he ' s been swinging ever since. From Virginia Beach to Raleigh, N. C. to Zollomans and God only knows where else. Roger seems to have hit all the high spots. Fun-loving and party-making, Roger has rallied for four years in winning the friendship of all. But there ' s more to Roger than meets the eye, for under his extroverted exter- ior there lies a sincere love and concern for his fellow man. He ' s got a heart of gold and a personality to match. With these qualifications. Roger should have no problem find- ing success in whatever he may do. Best of Luck, Brother Rat! Dyke, Class of 1969 Bob Parrish Dyke. Class of 1975 Tom Trumbo Brtnton Kenneth Ha Lorton, Virginia History: Infantry: CpL: Sgt.: 2Lt.; Intramural Basketball, Wrestling, Football: DMS: Recondo: Young Republicans; ' Southern Seminary Recruiter. Brit, it ' s been a long hard pull. In August 1968 you were exposed to a most bizarre institution. Four years and three I summer schools later with an overload in the fourth year. j you ' ve made it through. You had one initial goal ... a ring, a sabre, and experience. You also got one tremen- dous fringe benefit: a 4 foot I I inch giant killer from Sem. You ' ve gained much experience and learned many a valu- able lesson. With that giant killer you ' ve got a bright fu- ' ture. She ' ll help you to forget VMI and its problems, no matter how difficult it is. Dyke. Class 69 Charles Bowen Dyke. Class 75 William Landrum •. Thomas Carleton Hathaway, III T. C, Tom Civil Engineering; Artillery; CpL. Pvt.. 1st Sgt.: Intramural Volleyball: DMS, ASCE Cadet Staff, Asst. Ad Manager, 1972 Ring Figure Magazine Ad Manager Vice-President Glee Club, VMI Commanders, Business Manager Bomb Staff. Slow Rush. Tidewater Club. Zoo Hockey Team. IM Official, VMI Teamsters Union, Coveted Recondo Badge. L.ttle Detroit. Ho i you ;an you describe four ye ! through, just what dc 150 words? And I mean? You can classes on Satur- Rat. the Dark Ages. tell people about confim day followed by a parade in the cut Friday of hop weekend, be but will they understand any of it? ' Do you? But then th ' _ are all the things which made you smile: Little Detro parties. Nerf Ball Lacrosse, riding your skate board the third stoop. Glee Club, and three days in ton. with Stanley, and friends. You ve changed four years, and all of these things outweighs the bad. because with t! is the good. And all you can say no s me gooa. nna an yc inion. You peel it off . " Fl ,nd itributed. The good all you II remember that VMI is like an cry Dyke. Class of ' 69 W,p Priest Dyke. Class of ' 75 Larry Bradsha m •:, ,- ■ Zeno Fredrick Henninger, II Warren. Pennsylvania Fox, Z. Xerox History: Air Force; Cpl.. Sgt.. Supply Sgt.: Intramural Football and Cross Country: Advertising Manager Bomb, IRC. Head Cadet Librarian. Dean ' s List, Civil War Roundtable. Air Force Scholarship. . . Warren. Pennsylvania. Sir! " ■Just what the hell does the T stand for. rat? ' ' . . Zeno. Sir! " " You Dink Dats Neat Rat!? Nice shoes, idiot! . . . Who won the Civil War? " Who would have thought that this red faced, skinny, grinning Yankee would make it through VMI? By dint of sheer perseverance, and Hobbsian isolation, he crawled his way up through the ranks to become (to no one ' s surprise except his own) a first classman and a supply ally ed abo onal ,.u„ strides along on h,s Wagnerian journey, bound for Valhal- la, maybe alone, but definitely aware. " VALEAT QUANTUM VAJ.ERE POTEST Dyke, Class of ' 69 Perry Timberlake Dyke, Class of ' 75 Bob Janes Gerard William Higgins Pearl River. New York Ski King Civil Engineer: Infantry: Pvt.; Intramural Boxing: Business Manager VMI CADET, Treasurer VMI Hop Committee. Treasurer Flying Club. Business Manager VMI Scuba Club. Jerry came here with visions of a history degree and flying helicopters. By the time he finally leaves he will be 4-F and a Civil Engineer. Some say he switched because he loved the Institute so much, others say he finally saw the light — better late than never! Whatever the reason, there is one thing that is certain, that is he ' ll be missed when he finally does leave. He ' s been criticized more than once for trying to do everything himself — probably a habit left over from when he was an L.A.. and had the time to do everything himself, but most likely because he ' s that type of guy. When it ' s all over we ' ll perhaps remem- ber best Jerr ' s Talent of Making his car break down when- ever it was relied on — but never being caught. We can thank him for our premature gray hair! Best of luck to a guy with big dreams, but we don ' t think he ' ll need it — he works too hard. Dyke. Class of 69 Larry R. Lenz Dyke. Class of 75 Ian A. Kanner Lee. El Zero Physics: Field Artillery; Cpl.. Sgt.. Lt.; Dean ' s List, Distin- guished Military Student, Society of Physics Students (Vice-president), Astronomy Club (Vice-president), Cadet Battery. Jackson Battery, Mallory ' s Marauders. The Zoo. Charter Member of the Gamma Alpha Sigma. L ' Orthel came to the VMI, a meek and meager lad, straight from the Ozarks. After a fun-filled Rat year, plagued with harrassn-.ent by his ever-loving roommates and even an occasional run-in with the walls of his room, the Windex Kid returned to the Hole as a genuine, bucko corporal. Often, complaints about these hallowed halls arose, but all talk of leaving by our Lee was dismissed as mere griping by everyone except for Lee himself, who al- most didn ' t return for the Second Class Year. But we had faith in him. and he didn ' t let us down . . . he returned! Of course, living on the second stoop com- mitted Lee to hard work, for there was no backing out now. He now had to wait another two long years before he could say that he would never return to VMI again. After the trying VMI experience is over, the Tavern Toads will be split up and pushed out on a hungry world — alone. But Lee will come through as always, and we know he II achieve the greatness he deserves, because his never- say-die attitude, which got him through this place, can get him through anything! Dyke. Class of ' 69 Dennis W,tt Dyke. Class of 75 Ted Swenson wwrnrrr ' M--™ ::■■ ' ,,■::■ =«1 " Carsten Hillson Ph.ladephie. Pennsylvania History; U.S.M.C; Cpl.. Sgt.. I LT. A Co. X.O.; Intramural Volleyball. Cross Country: P.L.C.. Ranger-Aggressors. Glee Club, Cadre. It anyone would be called upon to describe Carston they would center their description around three things, a good Marine, a good cadet, and Barbara (not necessarily in that order). In all three Carston has seemed to excel. From two summers at Quantico to academic stars and Alpha Company X.O.. Carston has proven himself a wor- thy cadet. He demanded the same of some fifty Alpha Company Rats that he demanded of himself. However, when 72 meets in Alumni Hall in the future we won ' t re member Carston as an X.O. or Marine, but as our Brother Rat who was able to put together a rare combination at VMI. one side as a Marine, military par excellence, and the other as a classmate and friend. Now Carston is leav- ing the ol ' school to pursue his Marine career and Barbara (who ' s been patiently waiting for four years]. The Alpha Company Rats will give a sigh of relief but his Brother Rats will miss our " super Marine. " Take care and best of luck. Carston. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Larry R.egnor Dyke, Class of 75 Michael Trexler. John Logan Jacob George Hornberger Laredo, Texas Bumper Economics: Infantry: Cpl.. Sgt.. Pvt.: Co-Captain Debate Team: Business Manager — Bomb; Deans List: Who s Who: Omicron Delta Epsilon; Rangers: Catholic Choir. Valedictorian. Being a resident of the Lone Star State. I entered VMI filled with reluctance and skepticism, but it was not long before I overcame the humiliation of the Rat Line, and d, voted myself to attempting to achieve success in acader with a deep sense of individuality, however. I at timi found it extremely difficult to adjust to the regulated and restricted environment of VMI and. consequently, wa often compelled to find moments of isolation and solitud in some dark corner of the Institute. Although I often re mamed aloof. I attempted to compensate for this with t combination of friendliness, diligence, and dedication anc I only hope that I have been successful in earning the es teem of my brother rats. It has been a unique four years but all semblance of regret has disappeared as I leave VMI with hopefully the most important principles I believe the Institute offers: honor, tolerance, and responsibility. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Paul Mascot Dyke, Class of 75 Tom Ridley Steve Edwin Hively Bridgewater, Virginia Civil Engineer: Air Force: Private: Cross Country. Track; All Southern Conference in Cross Country. Lettered in Track and Cross Country. Steve came straight from Turner Ashley High School to the Institute with two Desires, the first was to run Track, and the second was to get an Engineering Degree. Aside from a couple of trips to Kilborune Hall ' s top floor, he has pursued these goals religiously! Indeed, during his third and fourth class years so well did he pursue his first ambition, B-Company wondered if he really existed. His Opponents knew all too well that he did. as Steve ran his way to All-Southern Conference. Always one to give one of his less fortunate Brother Rats advice about the fairer sex. Steve succumbed his sec- ond class year, and much to Debbie ' s pleasure has fre- quently made the Madison run. Thus when Debbie leads him out of here on that May doy. past " his " NEB, all his Brother Rats will wish him luck, in a new Ratline! Dyke, Class of 69 Creg Cresto Dyke, Class of 75 Brad Meyer, Grant Scott Lawrence Edward Houseworth Springfield, Virginia Lar seems to have done what ,s nearly impossible for a cadet at VMI to do, and that is to go four years here and break even " with the system. (We all know that the sys- tem can ' t be beaten — you know, " Cooperate and Grad- uate! " ) Larry, alias " Bird Body, " has shuffled down four stoops and through German and Classics (with King Tut). He ex- tended his usual enthusiam to summer camp as well much to the chagrin of many inhabitants of both " The Gulch " and " The Tool Shed. " (Recondo!) Lar will undoubtedly leave some long-lasting impres- sions on the members of the Zoo and 72 in general when we go our separate ways in May. Wasn ' t it Lar who said " Term Paper? What term paper? Oh, THAT term paper! Yes Sir. first thing tomorrow. " Willing to join in at any time where there ' s fun to be had, you can always expect to find Larry playing with frisbees or superballs, or even body-surfing in the new fun with a minimum of effort. We all hope that Lar will keep laughing and shuffling his way through life, cause if it can get him through VMI safely, the future can ' t stop him easily. Good Luck and Lar— STAY ALERT!!! Dyke. Class of ' 69 Tim " Fat Back " White Dyke, Class of 75 Chuck " Spiro T. " Agnew Charles Fredrick Holsen Allendale. Illinois Chuck, Chuckles, Spic Biology: Air Force; Cpl., Pvt.: Soccer, Intramural Volley- ball: Commanders, Air Force Scholarship. Pre-Med Socie- ty. Regimental Band, Brass Ensemble, Roanoke Club. Hon- duras Club. Bugler. After four years in a military high school and Head- quarters Company Commander his senior year. Chuck de- cided to continue his military career in college so he came to V.M.I. As a rat he managed to become bugler. At the Institute he lost all ambition for rank, although he was a corporal his third class year. Majoring in Biology, Chuck ' s ambition is to become a doctor, braving out analytical and organic Chemistry. Everyone will remember Chuck as a well-liked sensitive person, except in the early morning when he blew his tune called reveille to wake up the Corps. Good luck to Chuck in Medical School and his pro- fession as a doctor. Remember, and you try to forget. Cherish, and you start to hate. Live, and you hear a sign . . . O tell me. have you heard of V.M.I. ? Dyke. Class ' 69 Jay Frey Dyke, Class 75 Charles J. Collins History: Infantry: Caving and Mountaineering Club. Young Democrats. Armed Forces Club. Lexington Surfing and Dryer Riding Associaton. Barracks Bolshevics. As we walk and talk around campus, and Wade Hous- ton is mentioned there is first a silence, end then an enthu- siastic curiosity Is raised. What has he done, now? Wade has done his thing in his way. What do you say about a man who gains friends in his own way and without chang- ing in the slightest? Wade is a true friend, not because he agrees with you when he thinks you are wrong, or smiles when smiling is not necessary. His frankness and honesty are the trademark qualities that the rest of mankind could well adopt. At night h,s activities are wide and various, and he performs these with all of energy and fanaticism that man was given. Although sometimes criticl;ed for the method in which Wade has channeled his pursuits, that ' s Wade. A man must be what he is, what he really is! Wade, we send you off into the world, nourished in our kinsmanship. fortif.ed by our friendship, and sustained in our respect. M 7 John Powell Hughes IV Lynchburgh, Virginia JP, Powell Civil Engineer: Artillery: Pvt.: Track: ASCE. Hop and Floor Committee. Hop Committee Publicity Manager. Armed Forces Club. Cadet Battery. Assistant Head Cadet Waiter. Powell entered VMI with high aspirations (or rank but at the end of the ratline, he turned his interests toward other areas. His third class year began with a short haircut but by finals and with a little help by being a cadet waiter. Grease s steel ruler showed eight inches on top. By this time cars had come into the picture and a Vespa scooter gave way to a Fiat, and then a Dodge. Various car parts were in and out of barracks, and who else ever had a four-speed transmission in the trunkroom? JP ' s fondest memories included evading the OC at the right time and those last minute returns from Sweet Briar. He has maintained close identification with his friends and feels that " All ' s well that ends well. " Dyke, Class of ' 69 Dave Altner Dyke. Class of 75 ! Clifford Ingr, npton. Virginia Modern Languages: Air Fori gram Club. Spelunking Club. Football, Track, Mo William Irby Blackstone. Virgini; Civil Engineering: ball (Captain): Inti Duck sry: Cpl.. Sgt.. 2nd Lt.: Rat Base- al Football and Handball: Honor Jean ' s List. Academically Distin- guished. DMS: Hop and Floor Committee. VMI Research Lab Proiect, Coveted Recondo Badge. ASCE. Cadet Staff. After conquering lively, world famous Blackstone. Vir- ginia. William Irby came to try his luck at making the scene at VMI. And what a scene he has made. From Honor Court Vice-President to academic stars to a taste for quality dates that won ' t quit. Bill exemplifies success. But even with such a busy schedule as this. Bill has always found the time to be a brother rat. His words of wisdom and support have helped more than one person through times of despair. His achievements are many, but Bill still knows how to have a good time and often does. The " Duck " has taken his share of kidding and has dished it out in the same fun loving way. Bill is the kind of guy every one of us can call a good fnend. He is a person who would do anything for you. and one that will stick with you through thick and thin. Serious minded, fun loving, and a tremendous personality are what describe Bill Irby. With all of this going for him. we should be hearing a lot from him in the future. Dyke. Class of 1969 John Pool Dyke. Class of 1975 John Richardson ■V ' .ivijvK;: Larry Roscoe Jefferson " Cloudy " " Jeff History: Infantry: Pvt.; Rat Baseball. Co-Captain Varsity Baseball: Astronomy Club. French Club, Wednesday and Saturday Hike and Rifle Society. Monogram Club. Armed Forces Club. International Relations Club, Young Republi cans. Dean s List. Most adets try to emulate the concept of " Broths Rat. " This title (applied often incorrectly! escapes man ' who seel it. One who has fulfilled the requirements o being a real BR is this lanly F Company pri ate fr ' Ills. V Larry met every challenge the Institute offered and overcame each with his customary easy going nature. Full of fun, Larry, the " All-American " freckled baseball player with a bat and glove in hand, had some trying times with a back operation and Sandy. Besides participating in other activities " Roscoe " was an ardent member of the Late Lights society and conse- quently he was plagued by the " Hay Monster " daily. Baseball season was always enjoyable for this " first sack- er " : but acquiring the nickname like " Cloudy " was when this certain young lady watched him play a double header and clouds were all around — he struck out three straight His pla cadetship longer her tive of th V.M.I. — s ha bee e. bu e " B there b alt useh tLarr other somewh e isdisquahf. y has evolved Rat " spirit ew greater 1 t from dtofl into a nd all ributes the c and that she " is n s P goo e cl a Dyke. Cla Dyke. Cla sof sof 1969 1975 Lee Sallow G. L. Thorn as. Da Schi Itz Miles Stuart Johnson, Jr. Rawlings. Virginia English: Infantry: Cpl.. Pvt.: VMI Sport Parachute Club President and Instructor. Firefighters, Rangers. Apathy and Fl Club. Stuart came here thinking he wanted a military career. This goal abandoned, he came upon sky diving, which sus- tained and nourished him for the last three years of his adetship. Dyke. Class of 69 Randy C Dyke. Class of 75 Everett Ryd :ker ff vT ■ » Richard Stuart Jones Mount Holly New Jerse Biology: Army: Pvt. Young Democrats. Young Republi cans. Tanker Platoon, French Club. Cheerlen-J. Nobody Club Intramural Handball. Football, and Volley- ball. When Ricko came to V.M.I., he was not aware of what he would be dealing with. Ricko faced the V.M I dial lenge. i.e. life away from his 442 Olds, and has established himself as the most valuable friend of everyone he has met. Rick is one of the few Biology majors to realize that dedication, not grades. Is the true quality of a scientist. Those of us who watched him fill blackboard after black board with brilliant gene theories know him as our col- league and leader of that small group of biologists dedi cated to producing our own Brave New World. But Ricko has not spent all of his time producing new gene models. Rick has worked for his Brother Rats every day. With his lively sense of humor and quick word of praise. Rick never failed to boost the morale of every one of his many friends. " Four years at V.M. 1.7 A space Odyssey " — Rick Jones. 1972 Dyke. Class 69 Jerry Fresia Dyke. Class 75 Jeff Haykin Richard Michael Kennedy Norfolk, Virginia " Kenadick ", Nads History: Artillery: Cpl.. Sgt„ Cpt.: DMS. Vice President Armed Forces Club, Cadet, Young Republicans, Interna- tional Relations Club, Tidewater Club, Cadet Battery. Fire Fighters. God Squad, Manager — La What can you say about a 2 I year old VMI Cadet that loves Budweiser, Ancient Age Rum. and Swissburgers? Yes that ' s Mike |Nads| Kennedy. He fits the regular de- scription of being a Brother Rat. but he always retains something that makes him unique. Perhaps the best way to this uniqueness Is by looking at Mike on a Satur- day night. That smiling little face with a tall Bud In his hand in a corner of Johnnies is really the hard nose com- mander of the Squats — the mighty Delta Company. Mikes cadetship has been by no means a party. Rising in the rank structure to Delta Company Commander was the first obstacle crossed. The next was academics. For Mike, a man of rare ability, this really wasn ' t a formidable obsta- cle. The obstacle, a History test, would stand 6 feet tall In front of Mike, but then the B.S. would flow to a level of 7 feet and Mike would walk away with a B. A man with the known qualities of a drinker. and ranker must have something else going for him. He did! Getting away from Lexington and moving towards Southern Seminary and Radford he Is known as the STUD. Need I say more. What a Brother Rat. Dyke. Class ' 69 Bob Alexander Dyke. Class 75 Tom Reeder Chris English: Infantry: Cpl., Sgt.. CPT.: D.M.S.. R.O.T.C. Schol- arship Consulting Editor — V.M.I. Cadet, President — English-Speaking Union. Cadet P.X. Manager, Dean ' s List. English Honor Candidate, W.L.U.R. Radio Staff, Asst. Chairman Second Annual V.M.I. Symposium Steering Committee. Jing : the make such a happy sound! Yes, early in his cadetship Chris established the method of thinking that was to carry him through his four years at the Institute. The first indication of this was his trying to figure out how to go on scholarship without telling his par- ents so he could get two checks a month. This was all it took to prove his smarts to the rest of us so from then on it was downhill for him. Chris will always have to go down as one of our class ' most organized and innovative members. Comments like. " But it was here just here a minute ago. I couldn ' t have lost it! " will long be remembered. And who could forget those marvelous magic tricks he could do with pizza, beer, end Boones ' Farm. The tricks where he made them mysti- cally disappear all at one time within seconds and then have them reappear miraculously hours later in the waste can in his room. Yes. there ' s much to remember about Chris! But what stands out above all among his other accomplishments |7) Is the devotion he has shown to his school and to his class- mates. It is for these reasons that Chris has become one of the best liked men in his class and in the Corps as a whole. It Is these reasons that will also insure that Chris will have no problems with life. It will be easy as counting money. Dyke. Class ' 69 Deaton Smith Dyke. Class 75 Chuck Clause, Mike Clements Modern Languages: A,r Force: Pvt.: Soccer. Captain Soc- cer Team. Dean ' s List. Language La b Instructor. Boilng and Wrestling Instructor. Industrial League Football C II f n Jk jcr W » V " 4 Joseph Henry Kniclt Staunton. Virginia Henry. Nick. Nick-Nick Civil Engineering; Air Force: Cpl.. Sgt.. Pvt.; Wrestling. Spring Football: Dean ' s List. F.I. P. Cadet Waiter. ASCE. IRC, Society of Young Democrats. Staunton Club, Intra- mural Board, Ghetto Club, EBSF Club. DDC. C.E. Lab As- sistant. Henry came to V.M.I, wondering why he came, and as he looks back, he is still asking himself that question as he prepares to leave. He spent hts rat year in blessed Incog- nito, and remained that way for the first half of his third class year, picking up a 3.5 for that semester as he went. He met a certain girl from Madison on a blind date, and he was made a corporal, promptly getting boned for fail- ing to wear his stripes. (I guess someone recognized Hen- ry ' s innate abilities!] Needless to say. Kathy has had the better and more lasting influence on Henry. He joined the rest of the first class privates when he busted himself from Colors Sgt. be- fore the Corps returned, so he wouldn ' t have to come back for Cadre right after leaving Eglin AFB. Kathy cer- tainly has a deeper influence on Henry than V.M.I, does. Maybe that ' s why Henry attends VMI on the five day a May the best of success and luck go with you when you go Henry, for you ' ve certainly earned them both here at VMI. And Kathy. take extra good care of him, O.K.? (We know you will.) Dyke. Class of ' 69 Lee Swats Dyke. Class of 75 John Soukup English: Artillery: Cpl.. Sgt.. I Lt.: Rugby — Match Secre- tary; Glee Club — Secretary. VMI Theater — President. Ring Figure Committee — Secretary, President-X-Zero Club. Coveted RECONDO Badge-holder. Cadet Battery, Jackson Battery. Fire Fighter. Dean ' s List. Tomorrc w, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps n this petty pace from day to da To the ast syllable of recorded time. And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out. out. brief c Life ' s b t a walking shadow, a poor playe That str jts and frets his hour upon the sta And the n is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. Signifyi g nothing. M Dyke. Cla s of 69 Paul D. Kowalski Dyke, Cla s of 75 Carl Newby - Ronnie Chung Lau Hong Kong Civil Engineer: Armor; Pvt.; Tennis. Snow Ski: I Tennis Player in 1971-72, Letter ,n Tennis, Guitar Player and Song Composer. When asked why he used profanity so often. Ronnie re- plied. " I came to the US to learn its culture and cursing is part of its culture. " His cultural learning didn ' t stop there though; Ronnie became one of the most musically inclined persons at VMI. Who else would sneak a tamborine and CSN Y rock at Mother ' s (the local hangout| over beer and pizza. And then there was the time he wore his felt hippie hat and used a tennis racket without a gnp to beat the no. I tennis player. Our Playboy of the East left a string of women in his wake from Hong Kong to the coun- try club of the South. Wow! Perhaps Ronnie will be most remembered for his crazy smile and true BR spirit. Dyke, Class ' 69 Jim Hitchcock Dyke, Class 75 John Amatetti. Mike Garten : -;- ' . iW : r : ] ' ; -J, ' " - : ; ; ■■,!! » ' {!••!!; WuV™ " r ' . ' ! ' .i! " :, : :V ' ' ■+■:■ ' ' IM ' Thomas Patrick Lavery Uniontown, Pennsylvania O ' Sha Irish. Pa Ho framural Footba English; Artillery; Pvt.; Intramural Football; Bomb First Class History Editor, RDC Representative— " B " Compa- ny, Catholic Cho.r, Cadet Battery, Vice President New- man Club. WLUR Disc-Jockey. Frosh English Tutor, Mar- shall Arch Activities Club: Armed Forces Club. Patrick, our always smiling Irishman, came to VMI on an Academic Scholarship, but that quickly passed into oblivi- on when our hero discovered shooting basketballs and chess more to his liking. In addition to a record of 43 legal days of ejcessive leave, Pat has set the record for being O.D. — 31 hours in a row. After a four year sentence of hard labor at VMI. Pat feels that the world owes him two years of LIFE in graduate school, preferably in sunny Flori- da with Boz and Micki. To those of us who know him, Pat Is a true Romantic. He can be very melancholic if he wants to, and his poetry shows feeling and sensitivity, reflections of Pats true character. Because his loves are tempestuous and his hates can be fierce, his words nudge Shakespeare. May the wind be always at your back, may the road rise up to meet you, and may the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand. Brother Rat. Dyke. Class of 1969 James A. Pennllne Dyke, Class of 1975 Michael J. Mueller Peter Irby LeadbeHer Hopewell, Virginia English; Infantry: Pvt.: Fencing; IGMR 16: Cadet Staff; Bomb Staff: Debate Team; Dean ' s List. Les sanglots onq De vlolons De IWomne Ble sent mon coe D ' u n langueu Mo notone. Toi s suffoca t Et bleme. qu and Sor Je ne I ' heurs De lours anc iens fct e pleure: tt e m en vi is Au vont mau vais Qu m ' emporte De a, Deli. Feu Tie morte Dyke. Class of 69 Al P jnd Dyke. Class of 75 RuSS II Jack Bill Withero Graydon Timothy Lahrr Massillon, Ohio G. T. Modern Languages: Armor: Pvt.; Rat Wrestling; 4 year Army Scholarship: Photography Editor Ring Figure Maga- zine; Treasurer and President. Lutheran Club. Tanker Pla- toon, Assistant Armor Instructor. Armed Forces Club, Rifle and Pistol Club, Militaria Club. Ring Figure O.D. From the football town of Massillon came VMI ' s answer to the Neanderthal Man. G. T. is one of those few men who has always believed in the virtues of humility, hard work, and loyalty to friends and practiced them in his day- to-day activities. A hard-line, dyed-in-the-wool armor man, G. T. will be a fine officer, dedicated to a profes- sional service. As the years go by and we see the bald head of a man without ear lobes, sticking out of the hatch of a M-60. we will know it has to be our one and only G. T. Take care. Brother Rat. Dyke. Class of 69 Larry Reigner Dyke. Class of ' 75 Rick Abrams Joseph McFarland Logan Easton, Maryland " Little Buddy ' Civil Engineering; Air Force: Private — four years: Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Tennis, Intramu- ral Football, Swimming, Basketball Volleyball; Sport Para- chuting Club, FIP, ASCE, Dean ' s List, ASCE Seminar Chairman, Tidewater Club, Roanoke Club. One of Maryland ' s contributions to VMI. Joe struggled through his first two years in solitude. However an educa- tional summer at Madison brouqht our man out of his hole and he saw the brighter light — the outside. Playing the " game " became his pastime only to enjoy the endless number of privileges bestowed upon him by the Institute. The latter of VMI ' s 1972 " Mutt and Jeff " team. Joe has had to put up with being thrown around room I I I quite a bit this past year. It can never be said our " little buddy " gives up easily though. A party boy from the beaches of Florida to the Frater- nity houses of Madison College, he has become fond of the Singapore Sling and the Hurricane. Rumor has it that the " big drinker " needed help getting his date home after one Tidewater party. Mutt was quick to respond but we won ' t delve Into that now. Success will come quickly for Joe as his determination, aptitude, interest, friendliness and hard work will win out. The best of luck to our " liHle buddy. " Maybe " little " isn ' t the correct Adjective for our Friend. Dyke. Class of 69 Tom Deyerle Dyke, Class of ' 75 Mike Collins Roger R. Lodi York. Pennsylvan! History; Infantry; Cpl., Sgt.. I LT. I Bn. S- 1 ; Rat and Varsi- ty Wrestling: DMS. Ranger CO.. Armed Forces Club, CADET Staff. Posit Committee, Ring Figure Staff. On August 22, 1968. " Ranger Rog " walked through the arch to begin his stay at Virginia ' s " healthful and pleasant abode. " Since that first day, throughout the trials and tribulations of VMI life. Roger has characterized himself with undying energy. Getting ready to exchange VMI col- ors for Army green. Rog has discovered his bag. Although a brief interest in journalism side-tracked him temporarily, Rog soon became enlightened to the fact that this was not to be. Undaunted, and courageous, he soon returned to the fold. Heading hopefully for the 173rd Airb. Bgde. we wish him luck and success in all he does. Dyke. Class of 69 Tom Coryell Dyke, Class of ' 75 Mike Mulligan and Jim Seitz ver Long ' irginia Biology: Armor; Cpl.. Sgt., Bn. Ops. Sgt.: Fencing; Secre- tary-Treasurer and President Pre-Med Club. Distinguished Academic Student. DMS. If one could go back in time and watch the progression of Bill through his years at V.M.I.. very little change would be noticed. He began by laughing his way through the Rat Line and departed these sacred grounds with a satisfied smile. Always ready to cheer up anyone around him and unconsciously spreading his optimistic spirit. Bill is the epitome of the brother rat spirit. His social prowess at V.M.I, makes an Interesting story. Each year he jumped up several notches of this social ladder, privileging girls at Madison. Longwood. and Southern Seminary. In his First Class year he reached his pinnacle. Meeting girls one weekend and a few week later having to write Dear Jane " letters because they were getting too " serious. " Al- though he was confused as to what he wanted to do when he left V.M.I.. we all know that with his great academic record and his ability to talk his way out of any situation and whether he becomes a doctor, lawyer, or Indian chief, he will be a brilliant suc cess. We all wish him the best of luck in the future, and hope that he finds that dream girl. ■ Robert Allen Lynch Melbourne, Florida jr i 4 a Biology: Pvt.! Sw :ity; Cadet Waiter. Beads. Surfing, Suitor. Sun. Sand, Wet, and Wild! Talk- ing about being wet — that ' s Bob ' s first desire! In school, Bob was a respected swimmer, a free style slick alligator! His swimming style refects his life philosophy a great deal. Bob Is a strong believer in the born free and stay free doctrine, which Is why he frequently finds himself in rather angry arguments to defend his beliefs. Recently, Bob took up the guitar, a uniquely beautiful classical music machine. He is learning all sorts of C.S.N.Y. numbers and according to some reliable musical authority. Bob won ' t be anything like Hendrix or Clapton, but he ' ll sure be good enough to turn on little Patty ' s heart. A lot of ups and downs have struck Bob during these hard years at VMI, but Bob managed to disregard the mis- fortunes and concentrated on his academics which demon- strated his determination and unstaying will to succeed. Above all. Bob is an unforgettable, peace loving B.R. whose friendship for those who have known him will never Dyke. Class of 1968 To Dyke. Class of 1975 Jo I r 1 « » av v Douglas Bruce MacLean Friendly. Maryland Electrical Engineer; Army; Cpl.. Pvt.: Judo. Volleyball. Football. Handball; Rifle and Pistol Club. Scouters Club. Why would anybody who wanted to be a cop go to VMI and major in EE? Bruce has been trying to figure that our for four years — and so has Col. Nichols! From trying to burn down NEB with the rest of the EE gang, to his long sessions on the state of public unrest, even to breaking his toe playing Judo, Bruce has managed to struggle through his four years in the hopes of becoming your friendly state trooper — with a little encouragement from a draft num- ber 71. One may have thought Bruce to be harsh, grumpy and unhappy with the VMI system, but deeper than that Bruce has seen through the Mickey Mouse rules and taken what was offered and given more than demanded. Bruce will get what he ' s after — and pity the lawless and riotous around the Maryland-Washington area when he does. Dyke. Class of ' 68 Thomas Jeffr. Dyke. Class of 75 Alan Hansen V Robert Miles MacMecc Hampton. Virginia Mathematics; Infantry: Cpl.. Sgt.. Pvt.: Solf; Glee Club, Armed Forces Club. He came to kill, he left a lover. The long hot summer of ' 68 brought about hard work for Bob and a finished air- craft carrier. But conquering an aircraft carrier was not enough. He started in late August on the warpath again. This time he would conquer V.M.I. Bob came through Jackson Arch the first time a certified killer. Women were not his main ob|ectlves. only a commission in the United States Army. But when they say that V.M.I, changes some- , how i the Bob suffered through three years at V.M.I, seeing his grades go up and down, but in the fall of his first class year something unique happened. Bob met his girl, Bonnie. The killer instincts of Bob have diminished, but. oh. not his romantic talents. We know he and Bonnie will live hap- pily ever after. Dyke. Class of ' ' 69 John Robins Dyke. Class of ' 75 Boyd Tucker wamm John Henry Martin, Jr. " The Kid " and " The Bird " Civil Engineering: Armor; Pvt.; Judo: Civil War Round Table. Tankers Platoon, American Society of Civil Engl- neers, Richmond Club. Society for the Preservation of Playing Dixie at Pep Rallies. Flying kites with keys attached and playing with wires were the objects of ' The Kid " when he came to the VMI. After several encounters with Five-Cent Pieces and the right hand screw rule, he decided to park his locomotive in the structural Roundhouse. " The Bird " as he is sometimes fondly called can usually be observed at his home-away from-home. There the menu consists entirely of a liquid. Some day he will probably stand high in the engineering profession, that is. as long as he doesn ' t attend too many ASCE meetings where free liquor is served. Come to think of it. he could get high there also! Good luck, Kid ! Dyke. Class of ' 69 George Budd Dyke. Class of 75 Mike Ehrman Ed, Ze Mazzanti, Jr. ch, Virginia ' " Menene " Mathematics: Artillery: Pvt.: Rat Wrestling! Distinguished Academic Student, Head Moe Keeper Geology Lab As- sist., Museum Researcher, A.F.C. Sec. Sounding Brass Business Manager, Publications Board, Tanker Platoon. D.M.S.. Car Committee, Society of the " X. " " Mazzanti, Sound off! " Those words echoed across the hills of IGMR and a new DMS was born. DMS? Who. Zeenie, the man who spent his second class year hiding his head from Captain Porter? After a rough start his rat year. Ed earned academic stars only to lose them while striving for a minor in Organic Chemistry. Despite these setbacks, you could always count on Ed to make time to help a rat (or a brother rat) with his calculus. August of 1970 found room 249 with a third man — " Moe, " and Ed is proud to be one of only two men in the history of VMI to have roomed with Kangaroo. Still, this was quite a change from the Sports Baron of the year before. In every activity in which he has participated, Ed has left his mark. This quality alone will stand him in good stead as he leaves the Institute in May, diploma in hand, behind the wheel of his ' 59 Rambler. Good luck. Brother Rat! Dyke, Class of 1969 Ric Mattozzi Dyke, Class of 1975 Chris Ingelido and Mike Thompson Herbie, Herb, Red, Neck, Toba Road Joseph Edgar Martin Lexington. Virginia Bazooka Joe Civil Engineering; Artillery; Pvt.; Cross Country. Indoor Track, Outdoor Track; ASCE; Monogram Club: Capt Cross Country; Co-Capt. Indoor and Outdoor Track- Member SASSC; Ghetto. Slide rule in hand. Joe is never one to let academics keep him away from the finer aspects. Joe has made his points where one has to really hustle to come out ahead. His many feats include breaking the high jump record at Red Square on Saturday, and somewhat dulled from the weekend success; the 440 record on Monday, after anoth- Yes in 4 years of VMI Joe has excelled in the things he labels important: cross country, track, ghetto football and basketball, ice skating and most of all. the girl at Southern Sem. Taking the southern schools by surprise in his final 2 years, Joe has established an unequaled list of amours. The future looks bright because Diane has come into his life. When one adds her midnight rides, mountain climbing, running very fast, shooting the bull, ice skating and cutting up with roomies, teammates, and classmates together how I ' d wish you luck but it sounds like you ' ve already got it Dyke. Class ' 69 Ken Flemm Dyke. Class ' 75 Nat Hamm Mike Turne History: Infantry: Pvt.. Pvt.. Pvt.. Staff Sgt.; Track. Basket- ball. Bowling: DMS. Varsity Cheerleader. Astronomy Club. Young Republicans. Manager of Lejuene Hall. Room 348 Space Club. VMI Theater, Herbie walked into Jackson Arch with the realization that one of two things would have to change — either VMI or himself. Guess which was the winner! Although the kid from the thriving metropolis of Buchanan, Vo. did change in many ways, his fun loving character has re- mained the same. Along with 350 Brother Rats. Herbie faced his Rat year with the attitude of surviving one day at a time. After a successful Rat year, he eagerly returned in August to face another challenging year (after two sessions of summer school). The third class year was one of many accomplish- ments. Along with Bo and Spaceman, room 348 founded the " Space Club " and had a dating contest. Needless to say — Herbie came in first, with Bo running a close second — and Spaceman — well he settled for just one girl. After two more sessions of summer school found both Herbie and Bo following Tuch ' s footsteps — each settling to one girl — what an enioyeble year. The other major event that year was Herbie ' s being on the varsity cheerleading squad. Finally — the senior year came. By this time both Herbie and Bo had returned to the tactics of their third class year concerning girls. Along with the introduction of girls to the cheerleading squad. Herbie had one helluva year. As the cadet manager of L.H.. he has combined en- joyable work with academics and other extracurricular ac- To Herbie. the class of 72 makes the following wish — keep your wonderful sense of humor. Herbie — you ' ll go a Robert Edward Maxfiold Fairfax. Virginia Chemistry; Armor: Pvt.; President VMI Scuba Club. Sport Parachute Club, Recondo Qualified, Tanker Platoon. A.C.S. The MAX liked the looks of the Chemistry building four years ago on that fateful August day and decided Chem- istry was his thing. Since then he has had serious doubts, after having spent many a free afternoon and Saturday night in the Chem lab. but he made it! Not letting a good time interfere with work, he ' s managed to make contacts extending up and down the east coast. (Does anyone actu- ally see him go to the lab on Saturday nights?) Then there ' s Sue. but she s another story. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Mike Mahoney Dyke, Class of 75 Paul Bernard Alan William McElroy Washington. New Jersey Al Ma History; Air Force: Cpl.. Sgt.. Captain. B. Company CO.; Rat Fencing: FIP, Co-Chairman 1972 Posit Committee. Chairman Posit Committee Car Sub-Committee. Co-Edi- tor 1972 Ring Figure Magazine. Cadet Staff. Armed Forc- es Club. " Ace " McElroy arrived at VMI with two things in mind — an Air Force Commission with a ticket to flight school and 4 stripes on his sleeve. Under the tutiledge of one Or- ville Wayne Keesee. Alan has attained his goal of B Com- pany Commander and will be headed to flight school with diploma in hand. Taking B Co. from the lower depths of Garnett Andrews to the top spot in his first month in com- mand only proved what his BR s already knew — Alan Is a born leader. Letting nothing interfere with his responsibili- ties (even academics), the " Scro " has done a magnificent job in making his stay at VMI a memorable one. Already a veteran of many dangerous missions with heavy flak, we in- troduce the USAF to its newest terror of the skies — Alan W. McElroy. VMI Class of 1972. Dyke, Class of 1969 Wayne Keesee Dyke, Class of 1975 Dan Brooks. Jim McCrisken ■ w m§ m hhhi h ■ fR ip( i T£ - j - — i + " -fe » 5S (! fl5 1 " r Joel Lynton McGrady Front Royal. Virginia History: Armor: CpL, Sgt., ISgt.. Lt.: Lacrosse. Fencing: RDC. Bvss. 3 Warriors, Fire Fighters, Young Republicans. Ring Figure Party Committee. It all began with an intense desire to satisfy the curiosity instilled by a bewildered brother. Curiosity as the result of pleas to turn bad and evade the grasp of the Institute. Yet Joel pursued with head high, determination un- scratched. To the crack in Jackson Arch our hero pushed forward . . . only to be zapped into the twilight of a world he never imagined. And thus began that battle so com- mon: Man versus the " I. " It took two years for Pepe to recover from the initial shock — and for two years after, the tide turned until in the end young Joel stood with one foot upon the chest of The Institute, a master of the Rock, a figure feared by the rats and eligible young wenches, an evader of " Harry, " the man with a plan to put you away, a weilder of the Stick and terror of the history department. And so these long four years have not been unsuccessful in their attempts to mold a man — for in any case, our Brother Rat will again step in to the outside world. Dyke, Class of 69 Frank Novakowski Dyke. Class of 75 Wade Bowman Kimberly Neal McGrath Richmond, Virginia Chemistry; Air Fort Academically. Aim Deans List. igt.; DAS. Distinguished al Society. Glee Club, Kim came to VMI with the primary goals upon gradua- tion to go to medical school and marry Alex. Well, the past four years have contained a lot of ups and downs, but it looks as if he will attain both of them. It hasn ' t been easy for him though. Kim and Alex broke up his rat year but the summer cured that until December 13. 1969. We will all remember the letter which said. " Kim. it won ' t work for us . . . P.S. I ' m lavalliered " but again the summer saved them. Academically Kim has done much better than he did with his love life. He has been on Dean ' s List every se- mester since first semester his rat year and during the sec- ond class year he wore stars. Yes, the past four years have been quite successful for him. and the future in medical school and marriage should be equally successful. Dyke, Class ' 69 Gary Market Dyke. Class 75 Kimo Wong James Anderson Mcleod Rocky, Jim. ' Mokey-Bear ' ' Physics; Armor: Pvt., CpL. Sgt., Pvt.; Rat Baseball. Intra- mural Football. Intramural Cross Country; DMS. Dean ' s List. Tanker Platoon. Society of Physics. Students. Scuba Club. " Slow Rush. " Coveted Recondo Badge. Cadet Walter. PX Cashier. Waldo the Baldo Fan Club. Mallory Marauders. Who other than Jimmy, would dress up in " monty " dyke and truck " on over to mont ' s room to say goodnight? Mokey-Bear has definitely left his lasting impression upon those of us who were his kind of people. Several things happened near the end of his second class year to change Rock into the Rock as we know him. First, after a year and a half of the Institute ' s Rank system (in both sens- es of the word], Jim lost his stripes. He then learned the only way to live at VMI — as a private! Music was and is Jim ' s way of life. When he ' s not mak- mg good sounds with his guitar he ' s listening to good sounds (Jethro Tull in Greensboro?! Anyone who can make it through four years of VMI, through the Physics curriculum, and across that stretch of parade ground between Mallory Hall and Barracks at night, has got to have the potential to make it through life So. Jim. we send our thoughts and part of our lives with you. knowing they ' ll enable you to " keep on ' truckin ' ! " Dyke. Class of ' 69 Al Pond Dyke. Class of 75 Ken Cook Walter Henry Meier Ml Cincinnati, Ohio English; l-Y: Pvt.; Wrestling. Intramural Official. Intramu- ral Volleyball: 1st Class Car Committee; Blue Book Rev, sion Committee. After two years in the Ghetto, Boomie was befelled by fate to room with (get this) ranters in the zoo. Being Boom- ie this did not phase him in the least, and he began a pro- gram of reindoctrinating their thinking. Apparently he succeeded because by the end of the first grading period, one roommate, a cadet captain, had more demerits than any other first classmen. Such has been the story of Boomies cadetship. Com- pletely at ease in any situation he has never succumbed to the pressures of VMI and has always kept people laughing when crying would have been more appropriate. As the " Regimental Date Officer, " half the Corp owe their social lives to him. This year we find Boomie working for the Posit Committee and on the Blue Book Revision Committee, so that everyone may benefit from his efforts. With grad school and a bad case of B.O. looming in the future, a life of success surely awaits this sure winner. Joseph Daniel Morgan Mo Colon. Panama Civil Engineer: Air Force: Pvt.; Vorsity Rifle Team: Ami- teur Radio Club. International Relations Club. Judo Team. Jose came up to VMI from Panama (little known as the " Ditch " | with intentions of being a military " stud. " but after a few days In the ratline his attitude took a turn for the better. I suppose one could say that Jose ' s social life at the old Institute has been somewhat hampered through- out his cadetship because. Apparently, Jose really enjoys those Wednesday and Saturday afternoon hikes but this still hasn ' t hurt Jose ' s tremendous spirit and great person- ality. He can get up a party any old time and keep it roll- ing all night. Jose ' s good humor never d?es and he can al- ways get a laugh out of anyone. So Joe. when you return to The Ditch, " everyone wishes you success in all that you do and much luck in the future. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Lou Henderson Dyke, Class of 75 Sostenes Behn He hopes! Thomas Bayliss Moncure Alexandria. Virginia Thinman, Tom English: Air Force: Cpl.. Sgt., Lt.: THE VMI CADET — Editor-in-Chief, DAS, Dean ' s List, Asst. Mgr. Cadet Re ceptionists and Guides. FIP, Chairman, VMI Bloodmobile Committee. Publications Board, Ring Figure Magazine — Photography Editor, Scourer ' s Club, Who ' s Who in Amer- an Colleges and Univ It would not be unusual to find the scion of a respected family that has produced three generations of VMI gradu- ates to vanish into the walls of the Institute and emerge four years later with only a diploma. However, Tom, rather than rest on the laurels of his forebearers, has built a repu- tation of his own in many fields with an energetic fervor. Reviving a moribund and gasping newspaper, conducting a bloodmobile program, qualifying as a pilot: these activi- ties sound like they would take the full energies of three people, yet Tom has managed to do all three in addition to maintaining an enviable academic record. It has been Tom ' s unswerving dedication to build a better VMI that has won him the respect of both friend and foe alike. Whatever he has touched has turned to gold, and certain- ly his future will glisten. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Frank Novakowski Dyke, Class of 75 Carl Bess. Mike Monahan ancii Michael Mullen Jr. Springfield. Virginia Civil Engineer; Armor: Pvt.; DMS. Tanker Platoon. ASCE Commanders. Holder of the Coveted Recondo Badge. What can you say about a twenty-one year old Keydet who ' s graduating from college? The Moon legacy begins as West Springfield ' s loss and Lexington ' s gain, so to speak. Star-struck and stunned, he walked into the Ratline and came out a superrat. Things happened fast for the kid as a third-good boy to an extended six weeks vacation in barracks for " desertion. " Second class year was Gail. swinging bridges at Goshen, Bacardes, Nancy, and an 8 minute trip from Natural Bridge at Finals. Summer brought the Gulch, FYBA parties, the coveted Recondo Badge, and no more Nancy. Things haven ' t all been fun and games though — wit- nessed Dean ' s List and DMS. This Is one Virginian who has nowhere to go — except up. Keep going BR and some day you ' ll be King. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Hugh H. Hopkins Dyke, Class of 75 Chris Hawkins. Tommy " Tool " Till William Patrick Moore. Jr. Richmond, Virginia History, USMC: Pvt.: ' try: Monogram Club. " To-i . Football. Track. Cr and to-morrow, and to-morrow. Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time: And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out. out. brief candle Life s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing. " (Macbeth) Fl Dyke. Class of 69 Mike Engle Dyke, Class of 75 Ken Miller ' illiam Lade Mundle, Springfield. Virgin! Meter Mundls Electrical Engineer; Artillery; Pvt.; Rat Swimming — Water Polo. Intramural Football. Volleyball. Swimming; DMS, IEEE Board Member, Four Year Army Scholarship, Regimental Colors, Ring Figure Magazine. Cadet Union Projectionist. The Ghetto. " I are EE? " Bill is one of the 13 who are still plugging away at becoming VMI ' s answer to an Electrical Engineer — " Where am I? " He still wonders how he made it this far. His high voltage battles in Power Lab endeared him with the name " Meter Mundie. " We hope he remembers all the antics of Club ' 56 — Lexington Motel parties. Ring Figure. Finals, mlriad of blind dates, and his ability to be at home with a fifth of Jim Beam. As he rushes from VMI into the " real world, " we hope Uncle Sugar ' s Army takes care of 1 56s foulest. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Rig Burroughs Dyke. Class of 75 Brooke Read Christopher Carson Murphy Wilson. North Carolina Murf Biologv: Air Force: Pvt.: Debate: 50 will get you a 100 Club. Young Republicans: Young Democrats: Civil War Roundtable; Who ' s Nobody: RDC Representative: Intra- mural Volleyball: Football: Softball. Murf came to VMI with an open mind accepting every- thing VMI had to offer. His first real offer came at the be- ginning of his third class year in which he was given corpo- ral stripes. As second ranking corporal in D company, Murf learned the true value of rank. It took him only eight days to decide that the life of a private had a lot more to offer. Murf really blossomed forth in his second class year becoming the most outspoken student in the Biology De- partment. Few, if any. Biology majors will forget Murf ' s subtle way in which he expressed his .deas in classroom dis- cussions. However, he intended not to berate his fellow students, but just make them feel a little less stupid. As Murf leaves VMI he faces two important events in his life: first he will be able to be with JoJo. an exceptional girl he has known for five years, not just on weekends but for the rest of his life. Secondly, Murf will enter the Air Force, enough said about that. I feel sure that Murf will, one day, make his mark in the not too distant future. Dyke. Class ' 69 Dave Couch Dyke. Class 75 Barry Lineback, Lenny Riedel ; ' »% pH W ' J dl 1 + s? Irvian C. Murray III Oxon Hill. Maryland Irv. Step and a half Civil Engineer: Artillery: Pvt.: Football, Industrial League Football, Rugby: Ghetto Basketball League. " Big Irvin " entered VMI with hopes of becoming an All- American in football and also a distinguished military stu- dent. After his rat year, both goals appeared obtainable until he came in contact with two influential people: " The Dude 1 ' and " The Bear. " Rooming with Dude his third class year, all ideas of military excellence were destroyed. It was here that Irvin learned the " pig-sty " way of life. " The Bear. " with his medical Know-how, doctored on Irvin until he was sure that this football star would never walk right again much less play football. Those of us who knew him well will admit that his is a unique character. Having the intelligence of Einstein and the responsibility of a stoopy, many of us wonder how he finished four years here. Since entering this place, he has lost everything he has once owned, except that pretty lit- tle brunette, Susan. Unfortunately, he will be turned loose on a defenseless society and we can only hope that he won ' t forget that he ever attended this wonderful place. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Chris Brothers Dyke. Class of 75 Rick Sadler Neddy Johnson Robert Andrew Murray, III Youngstown. New York Rob-o. Rob History: Infantry: Cpl.. Sgt., Captain (C Company Com- mander]: Rat Wrestling: Rangers, Distinguished Academic Student, Distinguished Military Student. Young Republi- cans. Charter Member of the Gamma Alpha Sigma. Once upon a time, there was a Munchkin. As a matter of fact, he was the king of all the Munchkins. But he wasn ' t always the Big Wheel that he is now. About four years ago, in August of 1968, he started this climb to great- ness ... he became a RAT. However, Rob recovered from a disastrous first year to attain academic stars and become the only Charlie Com- pany Commander of the Class of 1972. And his versatility can be as easily demonstrated on the parade ground, ei- ther in a parade or a pick-up game of football. Although " Flex ' s " ring figure success was reflected ma.nly in the ac- quisition of the ring he recovered quickly through associa- tions at Tech and elsewhere. His only problem seems to be his Inability to be " ALL-UP " in the morning, due to a cer- tain Freshman ' s tendency to overlook the obvious. A great sportsman, a conscientious student, a compe- tent leader, and, above all. a true Brother Rat. he will be missed by all of us. Good Luck in the future at Ranger. Airborne, and Infantry Schools, and for the future, past these immediate obstacles. Dyke. Class of 69 G. W. Updike Dyke. Class of 75 John Maples and Guy Wills ™ ' v :j ' ' ■ ■ ' •■ " ' ■•■rv: " " " ■ " ■ " ' .- tfiniwrtmnnm Joseph Patrick Nealon Phoebus. Virginia Dyke Class of ' 69 Wayne H. Scholtes Dyke. Class of 75 Anthony W. Fiero . William Anthony Opipare Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania History; Cpl., Sgt., Supply Sgt.: Cross Country. Intramu- ral Softball. Volleyball, Football: PX Club. Catholic Choir. Bill came from the streets of Pittsburgh to VMI undaunt. ed by the ratline or academics. He Immediately estab- lished himself as a charter member land probably a found- er! of the PX Club. His second class year he was elected vice-president of the BS Club (Barracks Studyl. Slipping slightly because of a certain girl, he had to redouble his efforts in order to remain the president of the TV Club. If Bill isn ' t p.o ' d about his short hair, he ' s talking about his car. And we all know what happened In a certain parking lot in Ohio. With his gift for gab. and his great personali- ty, it is assured that Bill will succeed In all of life ' s endeav- Dyke, Class ' 69 (Chip) Henry Bake Dyke. Class 75 Harley Myler, Dav Douglas Allen Nichols Winchester, Virginia Hard Nick. Punkin Head. Buddha Belly Civil Engineering; Artillery: Pvt.; Varsity Football. Varsity Track. Distinguished Military Student. ASCE, Lutheran Club. Hard Nick graced VMI four of his best years as a Civil Engineer, as well as four years on the gridiron. A dedicat- ed individual, Doug ' s easy-going and informal manner have made him an integral part of the " Half Ton of Fun " Club. Always doing his " own thing. " Buddha is probably the only cadet to get a generous 10-3-45 for buying a hamburger at the Lee-Hi his Sophomore year. Without a doubt. Doug will leave VMI and. after a brief stopover in his home town, proceed into the wide world to put his vast accumulation of knowledge and experiences to the test. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Mike Maguigan Dyke. Class of 75 Oscar Richardson Charles Lewis Overby Buena Vista. Virginia Engineering; Artillery: Pvt.. Lt.: Rugby Club, In- tramural Football, Handball. Weight-Lifting; IEEE; Pi- oneer Investment Club: Spirit Committee; The Ghetto 56 Club. August 22. 1968. " Local Boy Makes Good. Enters VMI. " Lew came to VMI full of hope, ambition and fear. His hope soon died followed by his ambition. The fear re- mained and apathy blossomed. Known as the " Redneck " from B. V.. he knew everyone in the county except the two policemen who gave him speeding tickets. Lew suffered through the EE curriculum and blind dates from " Hungry Hill " until he met the " Lit- tie woman " from his home town, who took some of the routine out of his life. Then he moved to the big city of Charlottesville which meant that the parties were an hour and a half away. Lew managed to remain a private for three years until some- body goofed and made him a lieutenant. How does some- body on the Rugby Club get rank? Now, after many late nights in the barracks study room and the frustration of living with the system. Lew looks for- ward to that " Piece of Paper. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Jim Boggs Dyke. Class of 75 David Rowe Michael Jackson Oglesby Richmond. Virginia Mike. Big Red. Orangutan English; Armor: Cpl.. Sgt., Bn. Sgt. Mai.: International Relations Club, Political Science Society, The Cadet Newspaper, Feature Editor, Consulting Editor, 1972 Ring Figure Magazine Co-Editor. 1972 ROTC in Review Co- Editor. It only took us a little while, even during those infamous August cadre days of the summer of ' 68. to learn that " Big Red " was an individual — and that he is. truly an in- dividual! Big Red ' s four years can best be characterized by his unselfish and loyal work on the Cadet Staff all through his third and second class year, with the primary goal of getting out of inspections his first class year. Came his first class year and you guessed it — even the newspaper staff had to go to MEI! It ' s Impossible to think anybody would ever forget his Orangutan calls at Zolla- man ' s but It ' s even more unlikely to think of Big Red and forgetting about " the critter. " It was once said of Mike " that ' s the first time I ' ve seen him say anything without smiling! " — how true! Good luck to Big Red with the big smile and the big dreams — everybody is sure he ' ll suc- Dyke, Class of 69 Warren M. Childres Dyke. Class of 75 Kenneth F. Gerard James Dean Pagones Poughkeepsie. New York " Pogo, ' History: Air Force: Pvt.. B Co. Guidon; Rat Baseball, Var- sity Baseball, Dean ' s List, Chapel Choir, Glee Club, and Administration Asst.. Glee Club. WLUR disc-jockey. Armed Forces Club. Intramural Board, BOMB Staff Greek National Heroes Club. Ring Figure Magazine Staff. Pogo. the Ail-American Greek boy. He loves his moth- er, he loves his girl back home, and next to Otto he can put away more Greek cookies than anybody in New Bar- racks. For Jlmmle. the sun rises and falls In Poughkeepsie. New York. Some learned men dispute this phenomenon, but then they don ' t know Pauline. She ' s Pogo ' s goddess of the dawn! Pogo has made many friends during his four year sentence here which will last far beyond graduation. One of his greatest achievements was being elected Presi- dent of the after Taps B. S. Club of the Barracks study room. On the outside Jim Is all smiles and full of fun. but Inside. Jim is a man with a dream. He wants to be some- body and do something to help others. If all men were so good natured. yet so serious and so dedicated, to their friends, we would all be living In communes. Dyke. Class 69 Henry Reigler Dyke. Class 75 Jim Neville ■ • -. Steven William Palmer Boylston. Massachusetts Ste Economics: Armor; Pvt.; Rugby Club. DM5, Debate Club. Hop and Floor Committee. Secretary — Pioneer Invest- ment Club. President — Omicron Delta Epsilon. Academi- cally Distinguished, Cadet Assistant to Economics Depart- merit. Who ' s Who. Ghetto. After one week of indoctrination by his Dykes, any de sires for rank and a military career quickly dissipated, and not long after that 5 became a confirmed grub and pri- vate. Add to that the fact Judy was 600 miles away, and it can be understood why VMI became " total boredom. ' ' Despite it all. S managed to make Dean ' s List, earn stars, and make a successful switch from History to Eco- nomics, becoming first-ranking in the latter dept. Things were not all gloomy, however, how can we forget seeing S peacefully nesting in a Charlottesville gutter. Once the Institute limbo has ended, Steve will be look- ing forward to a June wedding, business school, and 4 years in the Army. With the Coveted Recondo Badge on his lapel, he is sure to go far. Were sure that he will, once Dyke. Class ' 69 Thornton Newlon Dyke. Class 75 John Prior Ronald Wayne Pamperl Roanoke. Virginia History: Infantry: Cpl„ Sgt.. 2LT; IRC. Young Republi- cans. Armed Forces. Judo. Sport Parachute Club — Sec- retary-Treasurer. Rangers, Army ROTC Scholarship, DMS Wayne ' s popularity at VMI was evident from the very first step he took through the arch. He was immediately granted membership to the 1st Sergeant ' s " top ten " list which automatically entitled him to 139 demerits and 13 trips to the land of happiness on the fifth stoop. After that active first year, he settled down to the long, hard grind, enduring academics, and both sides of the rank scheme with that shiny " butter bar " always in the back of his head. Whatever the Army thinks they have in store for Wayne will probably have to take second best to what he has in store for the Army! ' Favorite Hobby: The RDC, as a rat and first Favorite Color: German Gray Favorite Pastime: P.T. Favorite Days of the Year: FTX Favorite Uniform: Fatigues and Boots Favorite Location: Out in the Boonies Ultimate Goal: 2.0 and a Commission! Where is he going: ALL THE WAY and THEN SOME Dyke. Class of ' 69 Tim White Dyke. Class of 75 Jim Berny and Don K,rk l d N 5? Louis Steve Pappas Birmingham, Alabama Lou, Piranha. Greek Biology: Armor: ILT.; Varsity and Rat Wrestling. Rugby; Honor Court Prosecutor. DMS. Distinguished Academic Student. Academic Policy Planning Board. Monogram Club Ghetto Club, Who ' s Who, Kink and Curl Club — President. F.I. Have you seen the Greek, do you know where he is? How many times has this question been asked? Through- out Lou ' s four years at the Institute, he has been constant- ly on the move: whether its on the mats, basketball court, or the courtroom, he ' s the hardest person to find. As a weight-lifter for the past four years it seems a little funny that he hasn ' t gained any weight from all that work. A confirmed Crimson Tide fan. Lou was forced to suffer through the hardships of Keydet football, always thinking of his beloved Alabama team. From the beginning of his tour at VMI. Lou was disturbed to wear stripes, civilian as well as military ones. His academic abilit y, shown by the stars on his sleeve, was a great satisfaction to the Ala- bama boy while his personality brought him to the heights of memberships in clubs such as the Kink and Curl Club in which he was President his First Class Year. As an athlete, Lou excelled in wrestling and handball but was unable to win one game of sink ball In four years. As " the Greek " leaves VMI. many memories and friend- ships will be remembered, but I dare say that anyone who was ever associated with Lou will ever forget him. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Bob Slay Dyke, Class of 75 Ralph Sii , Andy De 1 1, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■i i Waller Parkir ork Delaware Physics; Armor; Pvt.,; Society of Physics Students. Tanker Pit., Astronomy Club, Ring Figure Magazine, Scuba Club. What profit hath man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun? The sun ariseth. and the sun goeth down and hasteth to the place where it arose. All rivers run into the sea. yet, the sea Is not full. All things are full of labour, man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. So much to do. so little time So much done, so little accomplished. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Lou Caudel Dyke, Class of 75 Danny Heiken Harry Partridge III Annandale, Virginia Harry Chemistry-Mathematics: Air Force; Pvt.; Handball: Socie- ty of Physics Students, American Chemical Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, James Lewis Howe Award. Sport Parachuting. Skin Diving. Ski Club, Summer Reading Committee. Dean ' s List. Computer Center Assistant. Harry found his place at VMI, it is a little frequented stop deep in the bowels of NEB. Who else could figure a way to get two diplomas out of VMI using a 1620 and a lot of time in the lob. It is only a wonder that Harry sur- vived his average of 23 hours a semester, of cutting class and dreaming up formulas. Harry was truly an academic type even if English and History gave him a fight. All kid- ding aside, four years and I 72 academic hours later Harry has proved himself to be the perfect combination of aca- demic, grub and brother rat. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Malone Parham Dyke. Class of 75 David Mund Paul Gregory ames Carter Pettyjohn Lynchburg. Virginia History: Infantry: Pvt.; Lacros Protest Committee. All-Sc La French Club. Intramural sse Association, SASSC for what might be right Doubting himself, and others. Questioning the dogmas that have be ' accepted without thought. To many these people seem different. But they are, they care. Dyke. Class of 1969 Lee St.lwell Dyke, Class of 1975 Tom McKinney Mark Howard Pieklik New Shrewsbury. New Jersey " Witch: Nik-Nik " History; Armor; Pvt., Sgt.. I st Sgt. I : Dean ' s List: Asst. In- structor — Armor Lab: US Armor Assn: Cadet Battery; Tanker Platoon — Tank Commander. Instructor; Armed Forces Club — Treasurer. President: Newman Club; Le- leune Hall Receptionist and Guide: Second Class Delta Company Representative — Grievance Committee: Delta Company Athletic Sergeant: New Cadet Cadre; Jack- son ' s Battery; Society of the " X " ; Society of Physics Stu- dents; DMS. A world-renowned traveler, this Army brat stepped into Jackson Arch in pursuit of other things. After an unre- warding rat year, he blew it all out for the first time, liter- ally as well as figuratively, during finals. His Third Class year was a big step forward academi- cally even after telling a certain professor to " pull it out. " When the Class of 72 retu.ned for its Second Class year, the " Nik-Nik " was born, while at the same time he marked the end of his mathematics career in rat calculus. Then there came the highlights, rooming with " moe, " and the incident with the M-14 and the tank during FTX. The new sergeant Nik-Nik also found his room being served hard boiled eggs In the morning and smoke bombs at night. After a brief but pleasant stay at IGMR as one of ' Hoyer ' s Heroes, Board-N,k returned for cadre, glad to be back in the X " and Herr Weing s Deutschklasse. De- spite all of the setbacks, Nik-Nik is still looking forward to that RA commission, which four years of VMI has been unable to change, in spite of his mentor ' s " The Army ' s where the leaders is. " Good luck. Brother Rat, and remem- ber perseverence has its rewards in the end. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Bruce Sharp Dyke. Class of 75 John Greene Sam Moultrie George Robert Patrick Lexington, Virginia Bob, Gross Rat Biology; Artillery: Cpl.. Sgt.. 2LT; Commander — Jack son ' s Battery. Commander — Cadet Battery; Dean ' s List: Associate Editor — 1972 BOMB. Armed Forces Club. Timmins Society, English-Speaking Union, Pre-Medical Club, Cartoonist — 1972 Ring Figure Magazine, Cadet Library Assistant, Debate Team, Association of the U. S. Army Medal, DMS. Biology Honors, Corporal Emeritus — White Berets. Bob entered VMI as a small rat, six feet-six inches, and tried to be inconspicuous. This was a necessity as his father was a well known member of the CE faculty. He was suc- cessful to the point that not many of his Brother Rats got to know him well. However, those of us who have, have known him as an active person as his impressive list of ac- complishments shows. But what it does not show is the vital, humorous side of his personality. That has been re- served for the lucky few who count themselves as his friends. Right now Bob ' s plans call for a tour with the RA Field Artillery, then Med School. Picture Bob as a brain sur- geon? Those of us who know him can; those lucky ones who get to know him latter will know. too. that here is a man for whom the world will wait. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Melvin Ernest Adams Dyke, Class of 75 Douglas A. MacGregor Raymond Marshall Pinkard. Jr. Martinsville, Virginia Skeeter, Groovy English: Air Force: Pvt.: Rugby. Track: Rugby Club |Pres.]. Design Committee. BOMB Staff (Circulation Mgr.|. Hop and Floor Committee. English-Speaking Union. Monogram Club. Ghetto. Just by looking at this goofy, pigeon-faced photo, one can just about foresee that Skeeters life story will be a comedy. When this lanky-limbed string bean walked through the arch of no return, wearing his toothy smile that is even wider than his face, we all knew that the old adage ignorance is bliss " would see Skeeter through the lean years at VMI. Though often skeptical about his future at the Institute. Skeeter proved many things to a lot of people, such as: You don t have to be fat to have a good sense of humor; you don ' t have to be a stud to excel in sports: and you don ' t have to be a genius to go to Oxford. Skeeters Second class year started off as though it might be a tragedy. Simmons went abroad to study, and how the poor guy she left behind pined-away! Until . . . Kathy, Katharine, Grace, and Sally soothed his tormented spirit. But Skeeter s transformation extended even further last summer when the king of the Martinsville High Prom (or the Blue Brand of Southern Seminary) turned interna- tional playboy as he traveled to Europe. And if you don ' t believe It. just ask those girls in Nice. Dyke. Class of 1969 T. O. Palmer Dyke Class of 1975 Dean Armstrong and Richard Mines riH Pinky. Buck-Buck Civil Engineering: Infantry: Cpl., Sgt.. 2nd Lt.: Football. Rugby: DM5. Deans List. Co-Capt. — Rugby Club. Class Council. First Class Car Committee. ASCE. P.E. Cadet Assistant, Cadet Lab Assistant, Intramural Board, ROA Award. Ghetto, Industrial League Football. Buck-Buck marched into VMI with only one thing in mind: making Daddy Buck-Buck proud of his little Military stud. His first two years were primarily dedicated to shin- ing shoes and playing football, excelling more with the spit shine cloth than on the grid iron. During his second class year, Buck-Buck underwent a drastic change: he became a regular slob. No longer was his appearance that of a fu- ture first captain, but that of a stoopy instead. We all knew that Bob ' s military desire had surprisingly decreased when he decided to join the notorious Rugby team. This organization opened Bobs eyes to the finer things of life: partying, drinking, and women. The highlight of Bob ' s Sen- ior year was his romance with the voluptuous " Sugarbush. " How will we ever be able to forget their intimate and heart warming moments. Just as Bob conquered Sugar- bush, he had the same success with the Institute. A ranker, an athlete, a lover, and always a brother rat. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Marty Parks Dyke, Class of 75 Tim " P.X. " Porker tTzvp if » H| V JI ' f Richard Symes Pitman Roanoke. Virginia Civil Engineering: Artillery: Pvt.: Varsity Basketball — Mgr. (1st. 2nd. 3rd): DMS, Dean ' s List. ASCE. Industrial Football. C and L Anonymous. Dyke, Class of 1969 Jack Kennedy Dyke, Class of 1975 Paul Breitzman AG? £%m M t — " J L fJ P- John Pittenge ;iearwater, Flor ramies: Artillery: Cpl., Sgt.. Pvt.: Lacrc r Committee: Dean ' s List: Sec. of Lacr. 8 Hall Movie Committee. : Hop and s Club: Le- Throughout his four years of chronic complaining. John has found much time for what he likes to do best — watch TV. In spite of this he has managed to do well academi- cally and also athletically as one of the defensemen on the Lacrosse team. For John, summer camp was not a pleasant experience. If there was ever anything to gripe about this was it. How- ever, through trial and tribulation everything was eventu- ally worked out. What the future has in store for this fine cadet is uncer- tain. However, we know that he will manage to stumble through. wr - Harold Wilson Plott Lexington. Virginia Willy Civil Engineering, Air Force; Pvt., Sgt.i Football Manager Varsity Baseball: DAS. Bomb Staff. Ring Figure Commit- tee. Young Republicans. ASCE. Blazer Patch Committee. Monogram Club. Harold had begun great plans for the University of Vir- ginia or Virginia Tech, until a fatal mishap occurred, he delayed too long to apply. Thus he entered " college ' at the VMI. because it was the only place he had applied. The loyal Lexingtonian strolled in through the arch on August 21. 1968 for the first time and plans to stroll out through the arch on May 21, 1972 for the last time, old has been a studious engineer with future plans for ob taining his master ' s degree in Architecture. In July of 1970 Harold ' s multitude of women was shrunk to a S ' 4 ' hazel-eyed beauty from Buena Vista named Pam. His cad etship has been composed of many dimensions; he was good rat who tried to stay out of trouble, as a third he en joyed two sins — wine and women; his second class yea he realized that the end was nearing and began to study . great deal more; now as a first he realizes that the night mare is over. We wish Harold and Pam best of luck in th. future and hope that he will obtain his fondest dreams. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Bar Delk Dyke. Class of ' 75 Glenn Furr and Mark Skuby Luther Douglas Pritchard Hopewell, Virginia Little Night Soil, Doug Civil Engineering; Army: Pvt.: Varsity Track: Glee Club. Brass Ensemble: VMI Commanders: Timmons Society; As- sistant Busi ness Manager " Cadet " : Young Republicans ASCE: BSU; Pres. Hopewell Club, DOUG FELT THAT THE ONLY WAY TO GET THROUGH VMI WAS TO: Keep on Truckle " . . . Truckin " on down the line . Hey Hey Hey . . . I said keep on truckin ' . . . Truckin ' my blues away! Dyke. Class of ' 69 Joey Spic Dyke. Class of ' 75 Jon Sastr John Timothy Pool Ouinton. Virginia Economics; Air Force; Pvt.; Rat Cross Country: Track; Air Force Scholarship: Omicron Delta Epsilon. " . . . So I thought: they aren ' t going to get me on this racing lark, this running and trying to win, this jog trotting for a bit of blue ribbon, because it ' s not the way to go on at all. though they swear blind that it is. You should think about nobody and and go your own way. not on a course marked out for you by people holding mugs of water and bottles of iodine in case you fall and cut yourself so that they can pick you up — even if you want to stay where you are — and get you moving again. " From the Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner. When they say. " Come follow this road, " you can say " No, I have a better way. " Dyke. Class 69 Clint Spenser Dyke, Class ' 75 Kevin Tamez George Peters Ramsey III Lynchburg, Virginia Biology: Armor; Pvt.. 2Lt.; Rat and Varsity Football. Varsi- ty Track: Dean ' s List. As I slide down the bannister of life. I ' ll remember VMI Dyke. ' 69 Bobby Watts Dyke, ' 75 Paul Blair and Tony Farry Lewis Michael Preas Portsmouth, Virginia Woof, Greasy, Preasy, Acid Body Civil Engineering, Artillery; CpL Sgt.. 1st Lt.. ASCE Pres- ident. Hop and Floor, Cadet Battery, Young Republicans, Class Council, Tidewate r Club, Dean ' s List. Ghetto Club. Recondo Qualified. Chapel Usher. X. O. Club. Woof! ... One word says it all about Mike. Since that sunny day in August, when the innocent boy from Ports- mouth walked through the Arch. Barracks has been filled with those one word sayings. Ask the Duck or Roger! As Mike came to " love " the Institute, the Institute returned this affection by making a new ranker. With the stripes came a new love. Barb, and Mike had a permanent date. Augusts have come and gone, and the stripes and Barb are still there. Who knows, things may just stay that way! Well, anyway, you can say one thing about Mike . . . She t Pho Dyke. Class ' 69 Nicky Psimas Dyke, Class ' 75 Bob Marsh. Lane Pritchard James Money Read Lexington. Virginia Civil Engineering: Infantry; CpL. Sgt.. 1st Lt.. 2nd Battal- ion S-l. Rat Swimming. Varsity Swimming, Monogram Club, American Society of Civil Eng.neers, Dean ' s List Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Honor Court — Prosecutor, Pre-Law Society — President. Sport Parachute Club — Publicity Officer . Fighte , Ski Club. Happy and cheerful yet serious and solemn. Always will- ing to hear a problem and offer sincere advice Many people think this of Jim Read. Since our Rat year his abil- ity to think on his feet and act accordingly has netted him responsibility In all phases of cadet life. From the start Jimbo s stay at the Institute has been enshrouded with ac- tivity and achievement. Always where the action was and always an influence on its outcome, his involvement never ceased. Busy indeed, but always time to maintain stealth in the social world. From his Rat year on. young James fought through a torrent of wild possessive women, yet managed to retain his single status. Now that cadetship has ended It appears the future holds more of the past — more responsibility, more activi- ty, more good time, and Jimbo will be into the law world full force. Dyke, Class of 1969 Jim Hitchcock Dyke, Class of 1975 James R. Hobbs I Ralph Anderson Redmond Midlothian, Virginia Mathematics; Armor; Cpl.. Sqt.. I Lt.; Rat Basketball: DMS: Cadet Programs Board — Social Chairman, Presi- dent: Who ' s Who: Porno Club, Vice President: Dean ' s List. " Teddy Bear " began his VMI career as an extremely cool. calm, and collected rat. Seemed as though Ralph was a natural for the system which requires organization and efficiency — that was our Bear, down even to his nearly compartmented drawers. And although one does not think of brown furry things as being math majors, here is a fine example. Recently, however, priorities have changed from academics to Denise; resulting in a number of modifica- tions to the old GPA. But then who has ever seen a pretty semester report sheet. Being the fine leader of men that he is Bear made corporal, then sergeant, then XO of Echo Company, and finally applied for an RA. God help him he loves it: even though summer camp was not quite his idea of groovy summer should have been. This fine athlete showed great prowess our Rat year. In fact the Cocke Hall boys signed him on the Rat instructor team. Everyone has had his bad though and our Bear is no exception. That day was on the handball courts our third class year when a slip caused an extended furlough — extended to the tune of one semester. But no sweat, a summer school and few overloaded schedules set things back to normal. A great BR and cadet. Ralph is certain to have a bright future — Dyke. Class of ' 69 Ray Ihlenbun Dyke. Class of 75 Mike Hill Jerry Stephen Renfro Louisville, Kentucky History: Army; Pvt.: Rat Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Vice President, Monogram Club, 70-71; President. Mono- gram Club. 71-72: Member, Athletic Council. 70-72: Capt., Rat Basketball, 69; Capt., Varsity Basketball, 72: Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. " The Bluegrass Kid " : little did anybody know how well this mild mannered easy-going man from Louisville. Ken- tucky would make it here at VMI. Jerry hurt at first by being overlooked as an athlete and by feigning questions from upperclassmen: " What do you play? Are you on scholarship? " Well, yes, Jerry does play . . . basketball and yes, he is on scholarship, and VM I is a better place be- cau se of it. Simply. Jerry brought along with him a high sense of kinship, of loyalty, and, most important, of just dealing with his fellow man, beside his athletic prowess. Choosing the life of a private, he has excelled in other fields of leadership for which he has gained the respect and admiration of his BR ' s, as well as the rest of the corps. Fro has done what the world has to do. change without changing. Jerry ' s sincere attitude on those things he feels important have only been confirmed by his VMI training. It is so very hard to express a person ' s life and dealings with people, be it for the duration of his natural span or four years. May it suffice to say that here is a man who will do well in anything he feels justified in pursuing. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Peyton Brown Dyke. Class of ' 75 Kent Wood if ■ 1 » Kurt Otto Rem Springfield. Virginia " Otto ' ' History; Infantry: Cpl.. Sgt., I Lt. r Lacrosse Team. Intra- mural Volleyball: ' Bomb ' Staff — Managing Editor. WLUR-FM Radio. Who ' s Nobody Club. International Relations Club, Varsity PX, The National OBS, FEA, 1972 Symposium Committee, Program Committee — Presi- dent, Publication ' s Board. " When things go wrong as they sometimes will. When the road you ' re trudging seems all up hill. When the funds are low and the debts are high, And you want to smile, but have to sigh. When care Is pressing you down a bit. Rest if you must, but don ' t you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns. And many a failure turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out; Don ' t give up though the pace seems slow — You may succeed with another blow. Success is failure turned inside out — The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. And you never can tell how close you are So stick to the fight when you ' re hardest hit — It ' s when things seem worst that you must not quit. " Dyke. Class of ' 69 John Tob.a Dyke. Class of ' 75 Chris Smart ' _ ' ' T FT v-Z i ' i y " ' r " - ' ' ' " :; n ' h-- MU ; i t u ! i Ki ;; ; ;,:; " i:};.;, i,; .jj ;, rh uj jjf Yf j -: " j| Charles Walton Re Orlando. Florida Economics: Air Force; Pvt.. First Sgt.; Fencing: Young Republicans. PIC — Treasurer. Vice President. President: Flying Club — Vice President, DAS. PX Manager. Sandy is one of those rare individuals who after four years and I don ' t know how many PT ' s can still say he loves the VMI. This unheard of feat comes from his inborne de- sire to accept every challenge and do a good job in over- coming it. It is this wealth of optimism tempered by healthy ambition that has pushed Sandy toward gradua- tion and a life in big business. There is also, however, another bit of inspiration that has helped Sandy through those inevitable rough spots of a cadet ' s life, and that is a cute little blond named Joan. Together I know they will leave a mark in society thai will make the VMI he loves proud of them. We wish you both the best of luck. Edward Magruder Addison Robbins Eastville. Virginia Bub. " Red Robbm. " " Emar Modern Language: Infantry: Pvt., Cpl.. Sgt.. Pvt.: French Club. Tidewater Club. AFC, Scuba Club. Astronomy Club, Young Republicans, Society of Young Democrats Rifle and Pistol Club. Rangers. Sport Parachute Club. Fire- fighters. Cadet Waiter. Great White Womb. Hop Escort, Departmental Assistant. E.B.S.F. Club, DDC. " Red Robbin " was so in love with VMI that he came to summer school the summer before his Rat year, and he hasn ' t missed one yet. He finished his rat year with Cpl. Stripes and good grades in spite of an " F " In Chemistry. Returning his third year, with an " A " in Chemistry from summer school. Red was a cadre Cpl. and ranger and still continued his good grades. Then " Bub " saw the light and his attitude started its long downward trip When an " F " in En 202 and his being busted he finished off his third class year only to return three hours ahead with. Sgt. stripes! But " Bub " was not to be denied his attitude for he was a cadet waiter now and he soon busted himself and failed Fr 302. So " Red " after four years VMI summer school starts his first class year. Bub never gave anybody any trouole or any enthusiasm, but one couldn ' t help but like Bub. Good luck Bub. just don ' t make it five years of summer school. John Mark Robinsc Lexington, Virginid Chemistry; Infantry: ACS, Spelunking Club. Rat Reppell ing Instructor. Peter Hugh Rogerl Jekyll Island. Georgia " Pistol " " Red Baron " History: Armor: Pvt.; Intramural Cross Country (Capt. C Co.|: President T.mmins Society: Tanker Platoon: Interna- tional Relations Club: French Club. Red Rogers burned a trail to and through the Institute with a flame as brilliant as his red locks. Intelligent and well read In fields from music to history he Is one of the most Interesting persons one could ever hope to talk to. But despite his brilliance he joined the rest of his 500 SSH clan in struggling valiantly through math, biology, and chemistry. But not to be deterred. Pete made his marks in history as he completed course after course with distinction. Pete is one of those rare individuals who has set his goals and standards, which are never compromised no matter how inviting the immediate rewards. This out- standing guality will allow him to go far in any profession he chooses. Tolerant of others ' views as long as they don ' t infringe upon his rights, his wrath descends upon rats as well as firsts who overstep their bounds. Holding a PhD. in RDC literature, Pete believes in VMi and its system. Good Luck Pete, the best wishes of all go with you. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Gary J. Braswell Dyke. Class of 75 Dennis A. Seem Dwight Campbell Rowland Darien. Connecticut Mathematics; Air Force: Pvt.; Varsity Tennis Captain; Monogram Club, French Club, Honorary Member of the Mad Bombers Association. Following his father ' s footsteps, Big D entered VMI to find his life style a bit cramped as he learned that such things as shaved heads and extensive physical training were the requirements for his new spartan existence. How- ever, In the following 3 years he always managed to main- tain at least 6 inches of curly locks on top and a heavy set of 4 wheels which somehow always got him where he want- Although being an avid member of the class of 72 B Math Club, he still found time for daily rendevous with the " Hay Monster, " in the rack from one ' til four, adjourning only for a little afternoon Tennis. D ' s high level of military performance is exemplified by the fact that he has man- aged to maintain the much revered rank of Pvt. for 4 years. As our true BR leaves the Institute, he will take with him his good humor, his patience, and his " Chicago " albums to be with him always. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Mike Colozzi Dyke. Class of 75 K. V. Wright and C. S. Bradley Robert Bruce Ruthven Hamden. Connecticut Bruce, Ruthless Rudy Spanish: Air Force: Supply Sgt.: Dean s List. Bomb Staff, IGBA. Intramural Board. Intramural Protest Board. Cadet Union Movie Committee. " WVMI. " Ruthless, as he Is affectionately called by his friends, has a deep and unfounded love of animals. Many a time we have entered our room to find cats on the table and dogs under the bed. But his affection for these fourlegged he went " too far " with a lovable dog. and ended up in the hospital with his lip being stitched. Ruthless has also had a problem deciding what he wants to do in life. The University of Hartford transferee has had four majors in five years from Mechanical Engineering to last, but not least. Modern Language. The opposite sex has never appealed very much to Rudy as In his college life he has never dated anyone more than once. Ruthless has only one other love, his car. and we have a feeling that wherever this little fellow decides to qo. his car will have much to do with It. Good Luck Ruthless! Dyke, Class of 69 Dyke. Class of 75 ■npnnnniBMHBHHni l ' Valentino Joseph Sartini III Salem. Virginia Ton v History: Air Force; Pvt.: Vice President Cadet Union: Vice President Young Democrats: Assistant Head Cheerleader and Treasurer: Hop and Floor Committee: French Club: Newman Club; The Cadet Circulation Staff: Chairman of the Movie Committee; Cadet Program Board; Pre-Law Society: IGBA. Valentino Giussepi Sartini — would you believe the All American boy? An interesting specimen at that! We didn ' t think Tony was going to make it back second semester our Rat year when he became sick over Christ- mas furlough. But alas, he fooled us all. Today he has climbed up the ladder of success to become the outcast of the cheerleaders. Tony ' s 1st class year has been one of frustration after frustration. He has never quite seemed to ■nph " to make him top dog in all his OCtiN . Alv, and ter try harde. . Ol gallant Val left the Air Force when he wasn t able to pass the IQ test. And now he ' s going to be a lawyer? What is in store for the future remains to be seen, but we are sure Bonnie will hove a strong say so in the matter. We wish the best of luck to the both of them. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Jimmy Long Dyke, Class of 75 Eddie Spain. Artie Nunn Stephen Stuart Saulnier Hampton. Virginia Scipio, Stevie Wonderful Civil Engineering: Infantry: Private; Rat Indoor and Out- door Track; Young Republicans. Pioneer Investment Club. ASCE. Armed Forces Club. Stevie Wonderful has had four trying, exasperating years at the Institute. When Steve first came to VMI he wonted to be at least a General in the Army, but when he didn ' t moke Cpl. he sort of lost interest in military matters and become o typical private spending his time trying not to attract the attention of the TAC ' s. Suddenly out of the VMI wilderness. Steve finally found light and happiness in the form of a Madison Freshman, in his second class year just in time for Ring Figure. Her name is Connie, and as you guess, they plan to be married one hour after he grad- uates, or shortly thereafter. Dyke, Class of ' 68 John Warrick Dyke, Class of ' 75 Clayton DePeuy John Elton Sayers Jr. Staunton. Virginia Gayle chkin " History; Infantry; Pvt.: Rat Swimming; Distinguished Aca- demic Student. King Committee. Cadet Waiter, Food Committee, Pool Room Assistont. Weed Out Committee, Ghetto. Johnny has to be one of the original " misled " cadets, for as far back as the fourth grade he wonted to come to V.M.I. Well, he finally got here, and his illusions of gran- deur became delusions rather quickly. John didn ' t let this bother him. and he sat down to show us that he wasn ' t a quitter. He began to study hard, and yet he still main- tained a fairly active social life (for a rot) — UNTIL that fateful, snowy evening in February when he was attending a mixer at Madison and was snowed upon by Joan. Munchkin has had many good times during his four years at V.M.I, (even we small people are entitled to that!), but he did take the more important t hings seriously. John earned everything he got. He earned his head cadet-waiter job by caring enough to insure that his broth- er rats got fed. He earned his academic stars through a love and devotion to History. He earned a wonderful girl like Joan simply by being the great guy and true " B.R. " that John has always been and olwoys will be. The best of luck, John, and may God bless. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Drew Brantly Dyke, Class of 75 John Stewart. Bill Phillips PQJ Michael Joseph Patrick Schramm Hanover, New Hampshire Schrammbo. Schrammergram History; USMC: Cpl.. Sgt. I Sgt Armed Forces Club, Ride and I Track 3rd. Dean ' s List, Ranger stol Club, Rat Tracl Mike Schramm Is what you would have to call a good BR. He is always willing to help you out even If he has to go out of his way to do so. Full of life and always willing to go. He has changed over the past few years. I would say. for the better. We have all changed but I would say the change in Mike is the most noticeable. The biggest thing to change his life was when he met Charlotte. This was possibly the best for both of them. Best of luck with him Dyke. Class of 69 Tim Rahm Dyke. Class of 75 Gary Eberle L.apin Leo History; Army: Pvt., Sgt.. 1st Lt. (2nd Bat. S-3): Track. Bas- ketball; BOMB Staff (Sports Editor], Ring Figure Commit- tee. Monogram Club, Head PX janitor. Little Detroit (Honorary Member). Capt. ' Crawl ' ' Tucker ' s Aggressors. DMS. A broken arm, a busted leg, a room conflict. These were only some of the problems that the " Leaper suffered dur. ing his cadetship. It was soon after his arrival that Leo re- alized that the people here were going to be quite differ- ent In their convictions than he was In his. But Leo decided to be stubborn and not change simply to suit others. This resulted in many misunderstandings between Leo and his peers. Basketball often seemed to be a release, but his physical mishaps hindered his performance, resulting only in more frustration. None the less. Leo still left an Impres. sion on opponents as well as on the backboards. This same aggressiveness Leo extended to his love life, intramurols the rack, and even academics on occasion. It was mainly through his own efforts that Leo was suc- cessful during his stay here at VMI. Lee needs under- standing in return for the understanding he offers others. However. Lee was one of those misunderstood individuals here, so he had to make it on his own. And with this fantas- tic balance of drive and concern for others, he just has to be successful. The Magic al Theat er: Not for everyone: snd for th d only. ' ' He man Hess Robert Charles Schwarti Lynchburg, Virginia Mathematics: Air Force; Rugby. Cross Country (Rat). Match Secretary Rugby Club, Member at large Rugby Club, Hop and Floor, A.C.S. Receptionist Lejeune Hall, F.I.P. Probably the luckiest person ever to come to VMI, as far as blind dates are concerned. Bob managed to leave this " pleasant abode " as much as humanly possible and still maintain an outstanding academic record. No one will ever figure out how he got four F ' s In math to average out to a 8. Bob spent his weekdays and nights philosophizing on life and trying to figure out women. On the weekends he went out into the world as a true " College Joe " with his Honda and ten inches of hair. One of the original " ruggers " at VMI. Bob worked hard to excel at this " sport for gentlemen. " It paid off for the several times that he made the score necessary for a VMI At the beginning of his First Class year. Bob took to the air with FIP. With his strong interests and enjoyment of flying, he should make an excellent Air Force pilot after leaving VMI. All ye fair citizens of Lynchburg keep your eyes to the sky for you are soon to father one of the new " Blue Angels. " Dyke. Class of 69 Courtney Apperson Dyke. Class of 75 Les Knoblock Dyke. Class of 69 Denny Clark Dyke. Class of 75 Mike Vojtecky, Brian Oliver Earl Field Selby III McLean, Virginia Selb. Field History; USMC: Cpl.. Sgt., I Lt. Bn S-3; Rat Basketball. Varsity Baseball: Monogram Club: Armed Forces Club: Ring Figure Magazine Staff; Posit Committee: Car Sub Committee: Golden Skate Award. USMC. Undoubtedly, one of VMI ' s most versatile men. Field ' s Sojourn at the Institute has been marked by iron hard dedication to its principles and the willing acceptance of responsibility. Never one to allow events to control him. Field has always maintained that total involvement is the basic key to success. Rising through the ranks to battalion staff. Field has been a fine example of the kind officer VMI produces. The Marine Corps has a good man unden- iably headed places and his service to it will be one of continually superior performance. With Karen at his side we would wish him everything, but a man who has every- thing does not need it. Say again? Dyke. Class of ' 69 Mike Lamar Dyke, Class of 75 Rick Parker Paul Thomas Sciacchitano Flushing, New York Economics: Air Force; Pvt.: Rat Wrestling: Cadet U nion. Movie Committee, Young Republicans. International Rela- tions Club. IGBA. Our rat year was a glorious one for Paul. Intelligence was right up his alley — 1st Semester ended with Paul hav- ing a .9 GPA. Physical fitness was another specialty. Bobby Healy took personal charge of his protege and tried to demonstrate the correct form of a jumping-jack; however, it was to no avail. His third class year was high- lighted by " Honey " and a mysterious gaze. His second class year proved to be one of adventure for Paul. It was the year of Sherlock Holmes and the magical mystery tours of room 248. FOUL! Over the past two years, he ran into the likes of Silver and Yellow on his adventures into the dungeon, two of his favorite idols. But most important of all was the spring of his rat year when he met Anne: and now the wedding bells are ringing loudly. We wish the best to them in the years to come and we ' ll miss a little guy like him. es» Civil Engineering: Air Force; Pvt.: Football. Basketball. Rugby Club; ASCE. Ghetto Industrial League Football. Ghetto Basketball Club. Rat Daddy. Trashcan waddled into the arch that warm August day with only 2 things in mind — graduating and keeping his stomach full, following in the steps of his big brother (and surely leaving his mark for all the little trashes " to follow in the future). Trash remained unnoticed until his third class year. It was in room 303 that this little Pillsbury Dough Boy reached his full potential. The bellowing voice of Trash was often echoing pleasant comments about friend and foe. Always shouting such philosophical phrases as " Chew this chewing tobacco: it puts hair on your chest! " Returning for his second class year, Wlnebelly found himself on the all pro team: Trash ' s senior year will be remembered the best. The highlight of this year for Trash was finding a place where he would eat all he want, ed for $2.50. Nor can we forget his crash diets for the Air Force, his round figure on the Rugby field or just his con- tented face as he was eating some of Momma Trash s cookies. Trash waddled in and waddled out. but not be- fore making many friends. Dyke. Class of 69 John Belt Dyke. Class of 75 Randy Anderson ■ ■ 4 Simpkir Virgin!, English: Infantry: DMS, Summer Camp Award. " Well at least it only had to last three and a half v Smitty, Boom-Bo History: Infantry: Pvt.i Wrestling. Track; Dean ' s List, DMS. Cadet Staff. International Relations Club. Sport Parachute Club. Scuba Club. Armed Forces Club, Fire Fighters. Newman Club, Ghetto, Conduct Probation. Old Barracks Anarchists. Kevin was first vaulted into prominence in the Corps of Cadets by his realistic impersonation of Lee Marvin in Jackson Arch after the Third Class party our Rat year. Maior Brlttlgan proved a most appreciative audience, and the ensuing suspension furlough gave Kevin a chance to really hit the books prior to exams. Kevin ' s two great loves are the fairer sex and physical fitness, and if you ' re guiet. you might catch him doing his push-ups behind Cocke Hall some night. Unable to find a local branch of the Molly McGuires or the IRA. Kevin |oined the Old Barracks Anarchists his sec- ond class year and rapidly advanced to the Demolition Squad. His activities in this fine organization soon earned him his nickname as well as the respect (fear?) of the TAC staff and corporals of the guard. When he ' s n ot trying to get off Conduct Probation or giving his friends showers behind the Sigma Nu house. Kevin can usually be found at Sem or W and L ' s tree farm. All in all. Kevin has made a greater impression on the Insti- tute that it has on him. and we all wish him the very best of luck. Dyke. Class of 1969 Ron Stulta Dyke, Class of 1975 Guy Conte ■ , I ■Jt - ' ' Phillip Norman Smith Portsmouth, Virginia Phil Civil Engineering: Air Force: Pvt.; Rat Baseball. Varsity Wrestling; ASCE: Class Vice President; Pres. Tidewater Club; Dean ' s List; Cadet Waiter, Monogram Club; DAF: Co-Captain Wrestling Team. Being a twin anywhere is interesting, but being a twin at VMI is a very unique experience as Phil and his look-alike Bill discovered in their four years at VMI. Entering VMI practically married. Phil lost his sweetheart his rat year, but he didn ' t let that keep him down. He became Vice President of the Class of 1972 and excelled on the varsity wrestling team. His experience with " Gup " will always be remembered. After meeting Barbara again his third class year. Phil settled down a little and began concentrating on gradua- tion. Making the Dean ' s List his last 3 years at VMI, Phil has a promising future in the Air Force or in civilian life. Throughout his cadetship his trademark has been long hair, his mouth, and continuously trying to help his brother rats. Never putting rank ahead of his life long motto. Never cut a good time short! " Phil remained a private during his cadetship. Now. Phil, his Big Buddy Jim. Little Buddy Joe, and Little Brother Bill close their great times together at VMI and we wish Phil and his blushing bride to be, Barbara, every happiness and the best of luck. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Dale Evans Dyke. Class of 75 Dennis Lewin. Billy Hunter •i ' :,uli ' : ;- ' ■!! :W.H ' mt- J ' . William Fred Smith Portsmouth, Virginia Civil Engineering: Air Force; Pvt.; Wrestling, Rat Base ball; ASCE; Vice President Tidewater Club- Cadet Wait- er; Monogram Club; Sec. of RDC, Dean ' s List. Beings twin at VMI has been an interesting experience. Always being asked the same old question Which one are you? ' ' especially by Happy Harry his last two years. Not knowing exactly what he was getting himself into Bill soon ioined the ranks of the misguided upon arriving at VMI. Never to put anything above his philosophy " Don ' t ever cut a good time short " he remained a good private his four years except a brief week as a corporal. His will- ingness to help his brother rats and his long hair were defi- nite traits of his cadetship along with his dislike for the mil- itary establishment. Wrestling with the " Sup " also kept him in the rack. After lasting six years with his high school sweetheart Bill finally lost her h ' is senior year. Much to his credit, rais- ing hell with the girls instead of the books Bill acquired many unforgettable experiences. He will never forget his wrestling trips and the great times he had with Big Jim Little Joe, and Brother Phil. We wish Bill every future suc- cess in his romances and may he be forever successful. Dyke. Class ' 69 Dale Evans Dyke. Class 75 Harry McKnight Bobby Hunter Salvatore Spada Hartford, Connect! Civil Engineering; Infantry: Cpl., Pvt.: Track. Rugby, So cer: DMS. ASCE. Rangers. Bar Mom and Dad. I ' ve been here only a wee ; . . . you hould see ey make us do ... it doesn ' seem like a college . mesick ... say h, to Tina nd Tom . . and tre ce too . . . Love, Sal 5 ar God. HELP!! Love Sal sar Mom and Dad. . . . I ' m finally graduating Dyke, Class of ' 69 Tom Mori Dyke, Class of 75 Matthew ames Edwin Snead, III Richmond, Virginia Captain Richmond, Ji History; Armor; Pvt.; Varsity Rifle Team; Civil War Round Table and President, Armed Forces Club. Chairman Movie Committee. Richmond Club, Dean ' s Honor List. Society for the Preservation of Playing DIXIE at Pep Captain Richmond came here from Richmond. Virginia seeking an education in Engineering. To his dismay he dis- covered that this kind of engineer did not drive trains, so he transferred to History. Here at VMI he has earned many distinctions, one of them being the only BR to keep the same running girl throughout his cadetship, the other is being the number one Redneck in our class. His time was mostly divided between writing his girl, leading the Con- federate forces in barracks, and the hay rack. When not occupied with those activities, he would be seen at Johnnies for some refreshment. We would all like to wish him the very best in whatever he attempts to do in life. Carolyn, as a favor to his roommate, take care of him be- cause he ' ll need it. Dyke. Class of ' 69 John Weber Dyke. Class of 75 Jeff Bertleson « Sterling Roger Spenc Coronado. Californi, Fluffy Chemistry; US Navy: Pvt.. Cpl.. Sgt.. Pvt., Reg. Ops Sgt.: Lacrosse. IM Water Polo: American Chemical Society — Vice-Pres., VMI Aquatics Board — Sec-Trees.. Cadet Bat- tery. Rangers. Armed Forces Club, VMI Militaria Society, Activities Editor 1972 Bomb, DMS. US Army Scholarship (Declined]. Bowsprit and Mizzen Award for Outstanding Achievement as a Naval Officer Candidate. Sterling is a difficult man, a mass of contradictions with his head in the clouds. Here is the man who flooded the chemistry building, hit the sergeant of the guard with a flaming paper airplane, got boned for both, and 5-1-5 for each. Sterling was the 28th corporal in A Co.. made it as a cadre sergeant, and was busted for his " attitude. " Hope came in the form of XO for FTX. but the later shuffle left only ROS. Summer camp nearly finished him. Sterling is a Californian at heart and can think of no better occupation than beach bum. However, there may be law school for something to do, or perhaps economics, oceanography, or Pacific Island studies. Sterling is irrasci- ble. opinionated, highly vocal, and conservative. He is also an undemanding and totally faithful friend. " And then before my third class year there was this girl . . . " And he ' ll never forget. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Samuel Page Higginbotham, II Dykes, Class of 75 Gregory J. Diamontopulos and Richard S. Hening Gi B le Franc nstow s S n, Mort. H urryin ' H Math: Air Force; Cpl.. Pvt., Pvt.; Rat Basketball, Varsity Basketball. Monogram Club, Glee Club, Rugby, Mess Hall Food Committee. " Weed Out " Committee, Firefighters. Who ' s Nobody Club. IRC. Former Member VMI Vs.. Rat Company Commander. In Gale ' s early days at VMI, I saw him searching, prob- ing and finding fragments of himself with this friend or that girl, but never enough to piece together his total per- son. Either just enough to stimulate him into grasping for his entire being, or only enough to frustrate him into feel- ing he ' d never acquire the elusive knowledge. But " Knowing Thyself takes time and Gale soon saw no need to rush it. especially when there were so many other important things to " grok. " So Gale went about exper- iencing new and different aspects of life. He found many f ' iends. new routes to happiness, new highs and ironically, in this experience, he found a great deal of himself. Yes, Gale has a way to go, but he realizes that he is still growing in wisdom. This is what makes Gale so real. It makes him appreciative of any help he is given and makes him sincere in his relationships. I ' ve known many who foolishly " knew " who they were, but only one who wisely knew who he wasn ' t. Dyke. Class ' 69 Mark Griffin Dyke, Class 75 Bill Frew J, J William Walter Spyke Blackstone. Virginia History: Armor; Bn. Operations Sgt.; Intramural Basket- ball, Varsity Track; Young Republicans. Society of Delta. Sleep Club, Cinema Club. Member of IGMRI8. Dyke, Class of 1969 Bunny Paulette Dyke. Class of 1975 Burnie Cobb II Vaipot Srinual Bangkok, Thailand EE: Infantry; Cpl., Pvt.: Intramural Volleyball. Basketball; Deans List. Sport Parachute Club, Soccer, Judo Team. Rifle and Pistol Club, IEEE. From Thailand has come one of our truly unique Brother Rots, " Vaipot. " At first, it was difficult for Vai to get used to the change from his native land to the VMI life, but after four years It is plain to see that he ' s made it, and athe the i fun. Always looking to ha visitor at Johnnie ' s and the other local establishments. He ' s also tried many new things along the road, not the least of which was when he tried parachuting and landed in a tree. But life has not been too frivolous for our " fearless " Thai, as most of his time has been spent in study — and It has been well rewarded, as his good standing with the EE department shows. We don ' t expect to ever find another " Pot, " and few will probably try, because we all know that there is only one Vaipot. Good Luck. BR! David Alan Stauss Falls Church. Virgini; Staus i Civil Engineering: Infantry: Sgt., 2LT. Drum Major; Fenc- ing. Rugby. Wrestling: W.L.U.R.. Rangers. Brass Ensem- ble. Commanders. Space Club, Blind Dates Of America Club. In the outer fringes of space, there exists a moving body following an erratic course that defies all the Newto- nian laws of order. It ' s a gaunt and lean body generously sprinkled with volcanic zits that erupt spasmodically. Frequently, earth has been a most unfortunate recipient of his visits. Now and then, this " heavenly " body, named Stauss. arrives to do his thing with the baldric and mace at another far-out and distant place called VMI. During his visits on earth, we often find him staring at species quite unknown on this planet: WOMEN!! Desire runs rampant throughout his body activating the dormant zits which resume their sporadic eruptions. If in the future should you find yourself in the outer frin- ges of space, do not become disturbed if you meet this strange and remote body for it ' s none other than VMI ' s own Dave Stauss! Dyke. Class of ' 69 Bill Samson Dyke. Class of 75 Dan Dell ' Osso Randy Robertson William King Stephens III Mechanicsville. Virginia Billy, " Rat Stephens " Economics: Artillery; Cpl.. Sgt.. Cpt.; Rat Baseball: Who ' s Who. Honor Court. DMS. Treasurer — Pioneer Invest- ment Club. Civil War Roundtable. Rat Stephens is truly a unique individual, for, not only has he survived the many shafts of the Economics Depart- ment, but he has evaded the flak of " Dear John " letters promised him by his cadre sergeant, and Is happily en- gaged to the girl he matriculated with, a certain Debbie. Billy did not really care for the good deals offered by the system, but decided to make the best of a bad situation and emerged as first ranking corporal his third class year, despite the efforts of his dyke. T. O. Palmer, to raise him as a grub. But. throughout his three year career as a zebra he never forgot the game he learned his rat year, " Stump the Institute, " as evidenced by numerous aquatic warfare campaigns, the 3 1 6 diner, and the coffee shops in 226 and 106 that put Mr. Donut to shame. So. as he and Debbie disappear into the sunset, we wish them good luck and a " Hi OSilver! " Dyke, Class ' 69 T. O. Palmer Dyke. Class 75 " Bo " Temple ..■■w.w.H-mt- ■ - ' . ' • Robert Vincent Stransky Beltsville, Maryland Stn i Biology: Air Force: Cpl.. Sgt., Pvt.i Football, LaCrosse: | ROC Vice President. Pre-Med Society. Cadet Chapel I Usher, FIP, Ring Figure Party Committee. Fire Fighters, Charter Member — BVSS. GYPAB President. The Bull is an amazing man. He is an avid man of science: being a Biology major his field of interest has long been the female anatomy. His laboratory extends from College Park to BV. His scientific endeavors have also in- cluded large amounts of research on alcoholic tolerance. , This research was done in rather odd places though. He I tried W and L Frat houses as a rat — lab results 2 and 40, the road to Goshen in summer school, and finally the great Martini incident in room 252 which allowed him to continue research at the Univ. of Pitt, for a semester. Due to the Martini Incident Stran became the proud owner of the most expensive bottle of gin in the world. The High- way Dept. also inguired about his rock testing in the " Blue i Camper, " as he opened a new lane in going to Goshen. 1 Because of his heavy schedule Bob was shot down for a certain Washington Redskin — the best thing that ever happened to him. What does the future hold in store for this faceted per- son? Perhaps med-school, maybe graduate school, or maybe the Air Force. Whatever — you can bet his re- search will continue. For such a great guy what can you ex- pect? I Dyke, Class of 69 Lou Sidney Dyke, Class of 75 Keith Frey Brad Grayland Swingle Richmond, Virginia Reliable Modern Languages: Air Force: Cpl., Sgt.. Pvt.: Rat Cross Country, Soccer: Sport Parachute Club — Instructor, Club Safety Officer: FIP: SCUBA Club: Cadre Sergeant: Sallyport Straining Authority: First Class Apathy and Fl Club: Skydlvers Extraordinary. " I love it here. Don ' t you see? You ' re so secure, and you don ' t have to make any decisions or worry about what to wear to class tomorrow. " " But Swingle, what about women, booze, and parties? " " Well what about them? " Brad came to VMI with a career in the Air Force as his goal. Amazingly, the blue suit and pilot wings are still the things he wants most. Reliable " experienced a fairly normal cadetship al- though he did space out a few times during his stay at the Institute. Remember the 0200 stick check. Openings, third class year? And by fhe way. where did that nickname come from? Hell even tell you that there ' s no place he ' d rather be than up in the clouds somewhere flying an air- plane or falling out of one. Brad gave what he could to VMI. He got the better half of the deal, though, by taking with him a unique education and friendships that will long be remembered. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Charlie Bryan Dyke. Class of 75 Larry LaMonte Geoffrey Archie Straughn Round Pond, Maine Geoff, " GAS " Civil Engineering: Infantry: Pvt.: Soccer, Wrestling; ASCE: Armed Forces Club: Scuba Club; Spelunking Club: Judo Club: Gymnastics; Sport Parachute Club; Young Republicans Club; Rat Reppeling Instructor; Ghetto. " Cadet Straughn, G.A. reporting to answer special re- port of . . . " seemed to sum up Geoff ' s first year here. Without knowing what he was getting into upon matri- culation, it is hard to conceive how one of his character could cope with four years at VMI. as well as he did. But then, for those of us who know him well, it was no wonder at all. As a likely candidate for the " 400 " Club his list of mill- tary honors consisted of being supernumerary. 8ut as his activities show he could find pleasure in everything and would do anything: including jumping off Natural Bridge? (twice, with a rope.) No matter what the season if he had free time one would find him outdoors: skiing, caving, sailing; what else is there to do in Maine? Dyke, Class of ' 69 Geddes F. MacLaren Dyke, Class of 75 Van Smithey, Dave Miller x ' a A 1 -imw Vr V v Earl Leo Szydlowiki Jr. Lynchburg, Virginia Leox, Ox Biology: USAF; Pvt.; Honor Court, D.C. France III Memo- rial Award 1971, Pres. Top-5 Club. 4 Star Private. Young Republicans, Cadet Cartoonist. Chairman Ring Design Committee, Hop and Floor Committee. Our little round bellied buddy attended VMI much to the " Hill City ' s " sorrow but to Johnny ' s delight. On Satur- day nights, we could always find the ox in high spirits pre- paring himself for his famous rally. Leo will always be remembered as a very unselfish indi- vidual who was always willing to sacrifice personal belong- ings to those deprived of the better things In life. Only the Ox would donate his $9.00 wig to the Commandant with a During his last 2 years, Leo spent a lot of time at U.Va. Each summer he would return with numerous loves, howev- er, they would all seem to disappear during the course of the year. Leo is famous for his conduct around quality dates: he had no gualms about sending them on their way in total disbelief. It ' s easy to find Leo. He ' s always in the Bio. Building or the BSR . . . you say he ' s not there? Did you try the PX? How about the pool room? Oh. I know he ' s in the room playing the guitar. If you ever catch up with Leo you will find out why the class of 72 presented him the Douglas C. France Award and that itself describes Leo ' s cadetship. He was a friend and BR to all. Dyke, Class of 69 Bruce Gregory Dyke, Class of 75 John Pierce i Dennis Sullr iville. Florida Civil Engineer: Ghetto. ASCE. Football; Monogram Club. been redshirted from life for four yea Dyke, Class of 69 Allen Hawkin s Dyke, Class of 75 Tom Mason Craig Lee Taylor San Angelo, Texas Craig, The Hustler Modern Languages: Armor; Cpl., Sgt.. Pvt.: Handball: DMS, Gymnastics Club, Glee Club, Texas Club. English Society. Timmins Society Vice President. Tanker Platoon Military Efficiency Award at Summer Camp. If his roommate was " Mr. Efficiency " then Craig has to be " Mr. Lucky. " God is supposed to take care of fools, drunks, idiots, etc.. well no harm intended but someone has been looking out for Craig Taylor the past four years. When things are the blackest and the end Is in sight Craig, so to speak, always " pulls It out. " Craig is living proof that you can ' t keep a good man down (or up. as the case may be|. Fighting unbelievable odds with no hair, no apartment, and no car |?| he still came through and rose to be one of VMI ' s all time se. ath letes. Craig has an enviable reputation far and wide but maybe he deserves his luck. Leaving " God s Country " for VMI was pretty rough on him. but life from here on looks bright for Craig. With Generaloberst Guderian for a hero and " El Jefe " for a leader how can " The Hustler " go wrong! Dyke. Class of ' 69 Hal Moses Dyke. Class of 75 Bobby Winfree Dyke. Class of 75 Nigel Mackenzie Graham ■ ■■ BB James Michael Teubner Norton Air Force Base. Californif English: Air Force: Cpl.. Pvt.: Varsity Footba No felicitous lies necessary here. sjtj : 1 i - +- » William Purnell Thedford North Hollywood. Californi " Ted " , " Bil History: Armor: Cpl.. Sgt.. Cpt.: Cross Country (Rat): Judo Club: Ski Club: Intramural 8o«mg: Volleyball: Eques. trlan Club: Ranger: DMS: Honor Court: International Relations Club: Cadre 70. 71. Pat I It only happens i the The " Cadet " i Ne . Orle al flick, fir Bill the desire to attend that small military college so far away from the Golden State. After all. spending your col- lege years singing and jumping around on a hay rack, and chasing beautiful girls in a handsome uniform sounded like a " good deal. " So " Big Bill " made his decision. He ' d trade in the flowing locks and the " wild life " for the eventual purple sash of a cadet captain. In the conflicting worlds of VMI. the civilian and the mil- itary, " grubs " and " rankers. " the apathetic and the moti- vated. Billy managed to maintain his rapport with each. Few indeed, are those, holding positions of high responsi- bility, who aren ' t constantly under criticism. Yet here was a company commander who had few critics, if any. And. in the process, performed a whale of a job. His winning com- bination? A well rounded personality and perseverance. They ' ll take him far. Dyke. Class ' 69 Bill Tauskey Dyke. Class 75 John Young. Frank Hillson Christopher Robinson Tompltir Richmond. Virginia Civil Engineering: Artillery: Pvt.. Cpl.: Rat Football. Rat and Varsity Wrestling: Dean ' s List. Bomb Photographer. Beep . . , Beep . . . Beep . . . Earth to Tompkins. This is a common refrain whenever anyone talks with Chris. Being a studious Individual. Chris has always seemed a little above the rest of us. and at times he seemed like he was way above the crowd (The Outer Limits!). As time passed though the studious and serious side of Chris disappeared, and " Mr. 24-hour Education " no longer existed. " Space " turned to more rewarding endeavors, such as interrogat- ing insects, and practicing his skills of sanitation by sweep- ing the ceilings of his room. On the lighter side of his per- sonality. Chris brought a little beauty into the world with his guitar serenades at taps every night. Well. Chris, best of luck in the future, Roger, Wilco. Over and Out! Dyke, Class of 68 Dyke, Class of 75 ' v ■P P W " .HP Dennit Paul Traubert Saint Charles. Illinois Fudsv. Slugs. Denny English; Armor: Pvt.: Dean ' s List. English Society. Cade Staff, Pre-Law Society. C and L Anonymous. " This accident is not unlike my dream. Belief of it op presses me already. " Dyke. Class of 69 Mike Dean Dyke. Class of 75 Tom Dashiell Gary Rlnaldo ■3 i. % Cherlai Thomas Urquhart III Federalway. Washington Tom. Johnny Hoad Electrical Engineering: Air Force: Pvt.. Sgt., 2Lt.: Hand- ball Swimming Weight-lifting Intramurels; VMI Cadet Programming Board. International Relations Club — Presi- dent Chairman of Student Branch IEEE, Deans List. Pi- oneer Investment Club. VMI John Rido Bush Award. ROA Silver Medal, DAS. USAF Scholarship, Hop and Floor Committee, Who ' s Who. Following in his father ' s footsteps, Tom commenced his cadetship with high aspirations. During those first few months he kept his mind on staying out of trouble and felt a constant desire to say, " Gee, Dad, you never told it to be quite like this! " But he kept his jockey shorts two sues too small, giving him the constant appearance of strain- ing, and Tom entered his third class year a real bucko and first ranking corporal. Then the ' 56 club got him. redirect- ed his attitude, and taught him having fun was more fun. Hopping from Virginia to California every dance was behind all Tom ' s schemes and made the time to every major furlough seem an eternity. Who was out there any- way? For Tom, the greatest gifts from VMI were his friends — particularly the 56 club and those EE ' s. ( " wasn ' t power lab iusf electrifying? ' ) Andrew Lucius Turner III Roanoke. Virginia Drew Civil Engineering; Artillery. Pvt.; Lacrosse: Cadet Staff. Dean ' s List. Ski Club, American Society of Civil Engineers, B.S.U.. Car Committee. C.E. Lab Asst.. Pre-Law Society. S.A.S.S.C. — Chairman of the Board, Amateur Radio Club. Roanoke Club. Ghetto. Drew came to VMI bringing a little of the sunshine of the outside world with him. He managed to keep this sun- shine for the 4 years he was here, although it meant travel- ing quite frequently to Winston-Salem. Somehow he has become so attached to this happiness that he plans to keep this sunshine around for quite awhile after he leaves VMI. Behind, he will also leave a busy existence as a 4 year lacrosse player and C.E. Always trying to find the true relation of things in life. Drew has managed to exercise quite an example of sincerity here at VMI. We will always look forward to meeting Turnip in that big wide world of the future to see how he gets his ducks in a row without the help of those fine men in green. Dyke. Class of 1969 Tom McLeod Dyke, Class of 1975 Sam " Ho Ho " Cr,m Richard Edward Valentine Newport News, Virginia Dick. Big Val. Gabo Electrical Engineering: Air Force; Cpl.. Sgt.. Lt.; Football, Cadet — Circulation Manager. VMI Chapter IEEE. Bomb — Sports Editor. Little Detroit. H.N.I.C, Monoqram Club. ilitary, and athletic exci perfect cadet, for he ha If. as some say, a perfect cadetship consists of i nee, then Dick must be a ade his presence known in each. He has been a mainstay on the football team throughout his cadetship, both on defense and offense. He has been rewarded for his military proficiency by maintaining rank for three years. As for the books — well he did make it through the EE curriculum in four years. But Dick won ' t be remembered for academic military and athletic excellence. He will be remembered for his broad smile, quick wit. and ability to find humor In even the grimmest of circumstances. Dick ' s practical jokes and other antics will always be remembered among the resi- dents of Little Detroit. So long Dick, you really had an outstanding cadetship. You were outstanding on the football field, outstanding in ranks, outstanding in the rain . . . Good luck brother rat. and keep on keepin ' on. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Denny Clark Dyke. Class of 75 Greg Wigglesworth Francis McRae Turner III Gulfport, Mississippi Fat Rae. The Troll Electrical Engineering; Military Intelligence: Pvt.. Pvt. Pvt.. Pvt.( ' 2 ). Staff Sgt. (finally): President of Aquatics Club: Editor of 72 Bomb: DMS; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; IEEE; Cadet Battery; 72 Publi- cations Board: Astronomy Club: Meanest Man In Bar- Ha irk? I that something that small could be jammed with so much brute determination and drive. Approximately the same reaction is felt when one gets to know Rae. He ' s not black and shiny, and can ' t spit formic acid: but. like an ant, his cunning and adroitness have kept him out from under foot long enough for his ambition to carry him to the top in quite a few categories. The long list of activities above doesn ' t mean that he ' s allowed time to hang heavily on his hands. In spite of the press.;es of his successes he has usu- ally maintained a pleasant attitude toward his Brother Rats and roommates. This, in a nutshell, is Rae Turner. You may step on him, but you are not likely to forget him. Dyke. Class of 69 Sammy Higginbotham Dyke. Class of 75 Bill Kobus Sopon Vekavakayanonc Bangkok. Thailand Civil Engineering Wrestling: Judo ■ Dean ' s List. Ife ; Pvt.; So er — 4. 3. 2. Rat ing — 3. 2. ASCE. an individual walked into a totally foreign experi- ence blind, only to find success from the first, it is Sopon. Who will ever know the untold frustrations at trying to pronounce that last name! Rat English and his first VMI winter were his greatest trials, and having overcome them we knew he ' d make it. Amazing, the way he kept cool after rooming with the eccentric Flower Dragon and Harry Bird for most of his term in the zoo. Aside from maintaining above a 3.0 average, Sopon has also devoted much of his time to helping others. Ambition, good nature, and a sense of purpose and responsibility have led him. and will continue to lead him to the heights of success. We who have known him will never forget him. Dyke, Class of 1969 Kharavuth Khemayodhin Dyke. Class of 1975 Azi Yavari II Richard James Vogel Seteuket. Long Island. New York Dickie History; Armor: Pvt.. ISgt.. Ret.; Freshman Baseball. Var- sity Baseball: President — Young Democrats. Armed Forc- es Club. Library Assistant. Debate Team, DMS. Research Chairman. 1972 Symposium. Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say. why not. " Robert F. Kennedy Dyke, Class of 69 Ron Steal Dyke. Class of 75 Jim Iverson ♦Si 4 Steven Hunter Walker Findlay. Ohio , Tanker Platoon. English, Armor. Pvt.. Young Republicans. Tanker I Little Detroit, Coveted Recondo Badge. Ever since that very first day when Steve stormed into VMI around lunchtime, with big black cloud over his head and the Findlay College Pennant in his hand, he has been the center of attention in some way or another. During his cadetship, Steve was known for his outstanding physical ability and his prowess with the opposite sex [?). ladily tha ihots to pass it). Taking the good with the itinued to follow him, Steve has ability and his prowess with the opposite As time progressed ... so did everyone else, including Steve. Seeing readily that his immense talents were being wasted as a History major, he switched to Rat Ch (it took three shots to bad as the Navy buttoi „ made progress on all fronts. He is a scnoiar, a genneman. and a . . . killer. As the final curtain draws on Steve ' s cad- etship and as we bid farewell to such a fine fellow, we will always remember him for his kindness and his " book of facts not worth knowing. " Anchors aweigh. Steve, and Good Luck on the beach. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Tom Bagwell. Bill Sampson Dyke, Class of 75 John Verriker W Robert Jeffery Ward Neptune, New Jersey Dynamite, Bud English; Infantry; Pvt.. Lt. (ret.); Rat. Varsity Wrestling. Track. Soccer: Young Republicans. Judo Club. Sport Para- chute Club. Spelunking Club, Ghetto. Old Barracks Anar- chists. Who ' s Nobody. Summer Camp ROTC Review Board, 400 Club. Conduct Probation. Bob ' s four years in " college " have been anything but routine. There have been only a few who can claim 400 de- merits during their cadetship, but even fewer can boast about being caught by a room confinement check while in Staunton and escape without a penalty. Distinguished Mil- itary Students are fairly common around here, but again few. if any, have ever been awarded this honor (?) after appearing before a Military Review Board to determine whether he should be retained in ROTC. And after three years of trying to be the grubbiest, longest-haired private in the corps. Bob began his first class year with the inten- tion of being the grubbiest, longest-haired lieutenant in the corps (but not for long!). Much to the chagrin of the Anthill Mob, Bob and Patty intend to be married after Graduation. We all wish Bob and Patty the best of luck for the future, and remember Bob . . . Stay Alert . . . Stay Alive! Dyke, Class of ' 69 Brant Collins Dyke. Class of 75 Bob Holby mY1 Qo?t i : ' ■ " ■ii-, i? M$ Mil .■■vi 1! ' !)l: :ii! " : ' l i: ' ' -i»i ' =;ii! ic ! ' -; !;,l.:ifi ' : ' i. I, ' i ' .i.iJ ' , ; ; H ' ■ Louis Stephen Welker Washington, D. C. Lou Civil Engineer; Air Force: Cpl.. Sgt.. Lt.l Intramural Base boll. Bowling. Football, Handball, and Swimming; Aca- demically Distinguished Student. Dean ' s List. Distin- guished Aerospace Student, ASCE, AFROTC Scholarship ASCE Promotion Committee, Newman Club. Little did we realize back in August of ' 68 that Bro - Rat Lou was to make such a contribution to VMI. Right out of a military High School, he wasn ' t bothered by the " uni- queness ' ' of the VMI education. He contributed by being a corporal, sergeant, and finally a platoon leader in Delta Company. Beginning in the middle of his third class year. Lou launched his biggest project and most outstanding contri- bution to the VMI. the making ' of his recruiting film. Gain- ing fame as the " Little McCarthy, " Lou busily went about taking everybody ' s and everything ' s picture. At the end of our second class year, with a ring and girl safely in tow Lou gave us his " Louis Welker Production. " With the film safely in the hands of the film makers, Lou again turns his attention to academics and Ellen (stars on his sleeves and in his eyes!). Wherever he goes, he ' ll be making a contribution somehow. Drive on. Brother Rat! CUT!!! Dyke. Class of ' 68 Thomas O. Coryell Dyke. Class of ' 75 Mike Sturgill Courtney Buyan Wheeler Springfield. Virginia Court DMS: Distinguished Academic Student. Association of the Army Award. Debate Team — Secretary-Treasurer Presi- dent Religious Council. Tanker Platoon. Civil War Round TAble. Timmins Society. French Club. Armed Forces Club. Young Republicans, Military History Society Esquestrian Club, English Speaking Union, Rifle and Pistol Club. Old Wheels came rolling into VMI one hot. August doy. and although not quite In the same manner as General Patton in the film, he knew almost as much about tanks and armored warfare. A man of versatile interests and abilities. Courtney ' s long list of activities and achieve- ments at VMI speak for themselves. During his second class year Headache „th h.. Acode irds Ex r ' Peri rloads Courtney also became somewhat of a paradox to the tory Department. Who else could take Calculus 115 four times and then bounce back and make academic stars while taking a grand total of 24 hours a semester?! Rats of three different classes have found the hard way that Court believes in the system, especially those fortunate enough to visit 290. Court ' s friends will always remember him as a person of outstanding loyalty and good nature. Dyke. ' 69 Da id Weldon Cou in Kavanaugh ! Norman Baxter West III Newport News, Virginia History; Marine Corps: Pvt.; Rat Football Manager; Armed Forces Club, Young Democrats. Working on THE aircraft carrier the summer before his Rat year little did he realize that he might one day be sta- tioned on it. When Bax came to VMI he came as a zoomie and as a Rat struggled to keep his head above water in Scott Ship Hall. As a Third he stayed a zoomie. but changed majors, and things started to look brighter. In be- tween years he got his summer school campaign ribbon later adding two oak leaf clusters. His second class year the academics finally r ose to where they should have been all along despite the infamous card games with Murf dur- ing evening CQ. Then his First Class year, heeding a " The Marines Are Looking For A Few Good Men " sign, our man Baxter West joined the USMC. Probably the dnly VMI cadet ever to enlist his First Class year. Bax now looks forward to life in the other Corps. Good luck at Quantice Bax, and give ' em hell. Willie n Hearold Widner Buer a Vista. Virginia Willy Civil Engineering: Am or; Pvt.: ASCE: Dea is List, O standing Military Scie ce Student in the Se ond Class Remember: John T. Short William D, Cupit Dewey L. Marker Dyke. Class of 69 John G. Sebre Dyke, Class of 75 Kevin D. Widn Dyke, Class of ' 69 Dave Reid Dyke, Class of 75 Al Pierce and Bob Dels, Kenneth Warren Wester Falls Church. Virginia Civil Engineering; Air Force; Pvt.; Baseball; Monogr, Club. Armed Forces Club, Young De Kenny came to VMI with two things on his mind. First was Julie and second was the aspiration of being VMI ' s Brooks Robinson. He soon met his roommates for the next four years Jerry and Big Red Oglesby. Julie lasted about a year as does many High school sweethearts. But as far as baseball. Ken began to excel continuously from his rat year: he got a starting position his third class year at third, top hitter his second class year, and co-captain his senior year. Even more amazing is that Ken has seasoned three baseball coaches. Ken settled down after his third class year, putting his mind on academics and making the best of his social life at VMI. Ken has worked hard In his academics and In baseball, striving for success in both. With this attitude. Ken will go far m the years to follow graduation. Dyke Class of ' 69 Clarence Newton Chamberlain III Dyke. Class of 75 Phillip Thorpe Civil Engineer; Infantry: Pvt.. Cpl.. ing: DMS, ASCE Young Republic, Club. Wrestling. Box- loom 348 Space Nobody raised more hell with a water filled trashcan than this strongman runt from East Trenton. Nobody en- joyed K.elbasa. secret beers, and Vodka baths more than Jan. El Orange must have rolled his eyes unto the heavens and cried Who let him in here? " As a wild third classman, he knew when it would rain in the Timmons Room, he knew every cosmic character and space cadet, and he boxed like a fire plug outfitted with happening at NEB, Johnnies and in Warsaw. No man alive had greater faith in Mohammad All. either. In his 2nd class year, God help us, he read the God Fa- ther; he always read a lot. Bo Bo celebrated Ring Figure every weekend. Apart from these things he used to flip a coin as to whether to stuff his brain with Psyche and Sys- tems or if he had to go out with the girls. Just heads or tails. His first and last class year, he discovered he could es- cape if he graduated. The novelty of it all really amazed the sophisticated Pollock, and he tackled a senior schedule and his thesis head on. Now with his DMS. his slide rule, and Everiast boxing gloves, another Intelligent citizen soldier strides confi- dently into the center of the ring. Dyke Class of ' 69 John Pearson Dyke. Class of 75 Hal Forsberg Charles Guier Wigner Skip, Chuck, Shugh Biology: Armor; Cpl., Sgt., 2Lt.; Fencing, Volleyball: Co- Captain Fencing Team, Rat Battalion Commander, Hop and Floor Committee — President, D.M.S.. Class 72 Sk.pc ol, but 3 to VMI because i soon discovered that it was an academic institution as well. After a discouraging rat year, he fled from Civil En- gineering to Biology and ran into a brick wall: resulting in injuries from which he has not yet recovered. Some of the highlights of Skip ' s career at VMI are: I] Guarding the class ' money for two years and then giv- ing all $30,000 of it away for one weekend in November. 2] Bucking for three years and being beaten out of his pla- toon by one of his roommates. 3) Receiving the " one hundred key-power sceptor, " and all the other problems the President of Hop and Floor de- 4] Starting an emotional reaction with Longwood College which caught up two of his roommates before it ended. 5] Receiving the " I bucked at Summer Camp " Award. After VMI Skip intends to be a tread-head until he can ' t stand it any longer. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Rusty McNeil Dyke. Class of ' 75 Bob Brant Philip Linwood Wilkerson Jr. Hampton. Virginia Phil. Wilkey History; Armor; Cpl.. Sgt.. Capt. — CO " F Co. " : DMS. Rat Football. Rat Baseball: Hop and Floor Committee. Class Council. Posit Committee Chairman, Intramural Athlete of the Year. Ring Design Committee — Secre- tary, Armed Forces Club — Treasurer, Trip Chairman, Tanker Platoon — Platoon Sgt., Ranger Aggressor, ' Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Gamma Alpha Sigma — Head Cheerleader, Indoor Track, Dean ' s List. For the first few weeks after Wilkie entered VMI. no one really knew his last name because he could never seem to get it out. But he got over that soon and proceeded to be one of the real leaders of our class. Throughout the years he rose in the rank structure and succeeded in get- ting his sabre. The Lovebug has become one of the hard- est dudes and biggest heartbreakers in VMI ' s history, leaving women by the wayside for the better things in life (sleep). Always willing to give up his time for others the Brown Bomber is probably one of the finest men you could know. I guess you could say Phil does belong to a minority group those very few who really care. Dyke, Class of ' 69 Robert C. (Mini) Mauer Dyke. Class of 75 Gary J. Taylor. Ronald J. Norman A M " 8 George Bruce Willie George, Weed Economics: A,r Force: Pvt.: Cadet Staff. Glee Club, Scourer ' s Club (V.ce-President, President). Pioneer Invest- ment Club, Cadet Waiter. Cheerleader. Dean ' s List, Soci- ety of Young Democrats. Tidewater Club. Chairman — Weed Committee. Chapel Choir. WLUR Radio, AF- ROTC Scholarship. " Slow Rush. " " fateful- August 22nd, 1968. tha The first year was a real " bummer " for the kid. who was used to wine, women, and song, but he managed to make the loss up in the next three years. Unable to decide what he wanted to be when (if) he grows up, George bounced around between the Economics Department, the " Tool Shed. " and Johnnie ' s. It seems that George has finally found himself in his first class year. Looking forward to Business School and a nice, warm missile silo, (though not necessarily in that order, due to the good ole Air Force!), we ' re certain that Weed will find something or someone to keep him busy during his newly-found freedom, and finally get all his trash into one bag. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Nat Christian Dyke. Class of 75 H. Broaddus and D. Gramont ■■ ■ ' ! , ■■■ ' ' • ■ ..; . Thomas Winfield Williamsc Harrisonburg, Virginii History: Armor: Private; Tennis: Cadet Staff — Sports Editor, Sports Publicity: Catholic Choir: English Society. Dyke, Class of 69 Jerry Pence Dyke. Class of 75 Dave Jensen Michael Joseph Woloihuk, Jr. Springfield. Virginia Civil Engineering: Air Force: Pvt.: Rugby Club — Cap- tain: Distinguished Academic Student. Dean ' s List, John Dyke, Class of 69 Dyke, Class of 75 Richard Watt Wils. Arlington. Virginii Biology. Armor; Pvt.. Lt.; Intramural Swimming; DMS Cadet Battery (XO), Armed Forces Club. Rifle and Pistol Club, Tanker Platoon, English Speaking Union. Rich was a regular patron of Preston library on Satur day nights until he met Wendy around Finals of his Third Class year. Rich hasn ' t been the same slncel Sometimes referred to as the " chaplain " because of his zealous participation in activities at the R. E. Lee Church. Rich apparently has better ideas for his future. Rich, though basically quiet by nature, has demon- strated that he is not lacking in the wit department on nu- merous occasions. And there aren ' t too many people that can spend a snow-bound night in the Civic Center of Mid- dleburg. Virginia, (where-ever that is!), and still not let it ruin his Thanksgiving vacation. Just as he has gotten through four years at the Institute. Rich will undoubtedly challenge and defeat the maior ob- stacles along the road of life. Best of luck to you. Rich! M % « » Raymond Herndon Woodall III Parkersburg. West Virginia Chip Civil Engineer; Artillery; Pvt.; Varsity Wrestling, Rat Wrestling; Dean ' s List. ASCE. DMS. Cadet Waiter. Hop Escort, Young Republicans, Astronomy Club, Firefighters, Ghetto. Chip came to VMI having read his fathers Rat Bible and the Blue Book, but Chip still had no idea of what he was in for. He broke up the monotony of his first year by going out for Wrestling, and enjoying those moments that can only be found in a Dyke ' s room in the Ghetto. He started out his third class year with a blind date to Open- ings and met Beth, who was to become his main extracurri- cular activity. He ended the first semester on the Dean ' s List and was made a Cpl. for the last month of school. Re- turning to VMI after an Interesting summer, he again lolned the ranks as a private, working hard on the books to end up on Dean ' s List. His weekends were well spent, and he ended up on Beth ' s list too. Already engaged and hard at work. Chip ' s first class year promises to be most re- warding. Dyke, Class ' 69 Fred M. Smith Dyke, Class 75 Fred A. Edwards Charles Louis Winstead Jr. Franklin. Virginia English: Air Force: Pvt.; Swimming Team; Coordinating Committee. Food Committee. Gazebo Construction Committee, Psychology Assistant. Dean ' s List. All persons, living and dead Are purely coincidental And should not be construed. Dyke. Class of 69 Gene Beale Dyke. Class of 75 Salvo Lape and Mike Woodward ank Robert Woolla ' ortsmouth. Virginii ir Force: Society of Physics Students. Ring Fig- littee, 72 Party Committee. Judo Club. Soccer, s Club. VMI Cadet Sports Staff. Scuba Club. arrived: August, 1968 departed: May. 1972 ■ 4 % i.1 „- vmF ••S3 1 Norman Jean-Jacque Wo Annandale. Virginia Civil Engineering; USMC; Private: Tract; Who ' s Nobody Club. PLC ' s, ASCE. Luxembourg National Defense Coun- Thank God I loved i Dyke. Class of 1969 Thomas J. Reynolds Dyke. Class of 1975 Jerry Dewaters Joseph Yolda Jr. enton, Virginia Electrical Engineer: Artillery; Cpl., Reg. Color Sgt.: Intra- mural Basketball. Weight-lifting. Running; DMS, ROTC 4 Year Scholarship. Cadet Battery. Jackson ' s Battery, US Army Airborne. Sport Parachute Club. IEEE Board Mem- ber, Ring Figure Magazine Photographer. Armed Forces Club. Scuba Club. VMI Sort ed of a multitude of creative individuals, recognized for their accomplishments, and like Jim, never received enough return in proportion to their contributions. From the laboratory, to Kilboume Hall, to barracks, to The Georgian skies. Jim is recognized, but not well enough. As a conscientious EE. he has profited from, of, and by NEB. to the maximum. Let alone undertaking a dif- ficult curriculum and successfully working through it, JJ has given much to the Institute through extracurricular functions, and the class. A unilateral composition of intelligence, unselfishness, friendliness, and sincerity is hard to find. Jim has achieved this and will be remembered for them. Greatness will come, and soon. Dyke. Class of ' 69 Tom Hunt. Nick Raymond John " Falstaff " Baker Dyke. Class of 75 Bob Frisbie Jacob H. Yost III Winchester. Virginia History: Armor; Pvt.: Football. Intramural Boxing; Mono- ram Club. English Society. DMS. Ghetto Club. J. H. " Rocky ' Yost came to VMI with dreams of foot- ball glory and academic accolades. He finished with four years of NCAA experience and a Dean s List membership — but that hardly bridges the gap. There was a transition between the crewcut and the beatle top, constant struggles with demerits, and an eventual shock of DMS. Rat year was highlighted by the breaking down of a third class door and constant trouble. Football and beer drinking occupied much time during year number two. with the usual circus at Sem. Second class saw more football. Deans List, and a fight to the fin- sh with Fogey Fogleman. Well, the time has come to pack up for the Apple Town, and we wish him luck. I ' m sure VMI and " the boys " will re- member the Winchester wrecker — and in remembrance down a few cool ones. Dyke. Class of ' 69 O ' Conor Ashby Dyke. Class of 75 Jim Robinson Vic Arthur Biology: Armor; Pvt.: Rat 5 Scouter s Club. Pre-Med Sociery. r,me an Armed Forces Club. Chapel Choir, Cadet iming: Rangers. Tanker Lt.. ity. Rifle and P.stol Club. - ' - ' Waiter. T « » Since Wayne ' s first day at the VMI, when he called at- tention to himself by trying to Iceep his mustache, he has managed to stay in trouble of some sort (Conduct Proba- tion, Academic Probation, not to mention girl problems|. Wayne ' s rat year was uneventful e»cept for a wild Finals ekend that he would probably rather forge he has more than made up for this as his last three years have been anything but uneventful. Wayne has managed to cram more good times between (instead of?) his aca- demic and military duties than most other cadets, but somehow has gotten through the biology curriculum just the same. Wayne will always be known as a masochist to his friends for all the pain he endured (and loved) at the hands of " Wide Track, " " Magpie, " and " Runaround. " We will always remember Wayne as a friend with a cheerful outlook who could take everything in stride and still laugh. Dyke, Class of ' 69 John C. Starnes Dyke, Class of 75 Jim McGhee Keith Merlin Younge Alexandria, Virginia History: Armor; Pvt.: Fire Fighter. Young Republicans. Tanker Platoon. IRC, Who ' s Nobody Club, Porno Club Merlin came here in 1968, a product of the finest tradi- tions of the U. 5. Army. Since that time he has upheld that high trust, priding himself in every field of military en- deavor. Known to the Institute as one of the super- straights, he can be recognized by his military bearing and Patton-like demeanor. Having conquered the EE De- partment, he moved onward and upward to History Johnny ' s, nasty women, and pinball machines. Each time he ' s seen the question pops to everyone ' s lips — can noth- ing stop him? This soldier among soldiers, scholar among scholars, giant among men, is gone and trying to forget. Dyke. Class of 69 Tom Blair Dyke. Class of 75 Fred Martin ►fc- ' i — r .. £, J ■ r " 7 ' " " ' ' ' iMi l l n Memoria In every class to graduate from the In- stitute there seems to be a missing man, one who has been lost here at the outset of adulthood. Larry Foster was our Brother Rat. He endured all that we did as Rats and held our hopes for the com- ing years. An unexpected accident robbed him of his future and left us with- out our friend. We who knew Larry knew a man who was quiet but friendly, quick to help, looking for no reward. We re- gret his loss, bu! remember the charac- ter of the man he was. ■ [,:■-, : : i ' r_-, ;:: ' l ' ■ :, 7, rijivlifc-K.lliiuiLiiill! ' £T rl k1 i Rich Wilson A3 k . W 3S B ' WUpH »fff l3 K I Q F ' ■ I r -o - ' V . i jF lii j i ii J ' : X ara J Rob Murray Dave Stauss Buzzy Chacey 1 j Bill Thedford ! L i J Ha 9 Bob Lynch Il j ._.. g 5 : w Steve BreedifltM « ; 7 c f - - i ry • - 2? t ■•• ijk ,1 w . " 4tt ,. ' i: ' : ' ' , ' : .ii! s ' ' T!:i ; - , . ' !ii;i!- i ;;!i r , i ' ' ' 11 " .. ; " . ' 99 I : " ' ! ' i; ' ! ! ! ! " ' ' ' ! " " ' . ' :Ji Y t$ ALPMA CWAKJYS POSITIVF INCEN PROGRAM IV! ! h-Can Simmons ..;• Mil TV it _ Chuck Holsen HI Dave Condon I - » Tom Parkin r 1 Rich Flowers i ' H X, . ' i ' ' ,. 1 ::„: : iL ii ' ; V. • , ., ,a- ' ' , ' ■. .:.:i:.: :: ; ;. ' ■;..!.; ' ' , ' ■;. ' .::: . ,— .;. ' ' ' ' " ' ; . ' ! J ' V ' ff ■■■■■ H The Class of 1973 Don Caldwell — Class President SECOND CLASS HISTORY When you enter VMI, you are an individual, one who has in- dividual goals and values. The VMI, as a long-standing institu- tion, has its set of goals and values that we must understand and accept. One of the many facets of the " VMI Experience " in- cludes combining these two systems into a personal model of conduct. Those of us who have stayed are just beginning to real- ize that the combining of these ideals helps form the basis of the class. From this basis of both sets of ideals, the class emerges and grows in strength and leadership, incorporating every possi- ble idea which the individual may offer. In entering its third year in Barracks, the class jelled into one of the strongest and most unified classes to be at the Institute for many years. The culmination of this unity came with our Ring Figure, which came about only through the efforts of the ent ire class. We like to think that the Second Class is unique in its position in Barracks. In a few months, the burdens of Corps leadership will be ours, The year ahead is one in which we must set aside personal problems and work toward the goal of unifying the Bar- racks, as we have with our class. We look back on the attainment of our past goals with a tre- mendous amount of pride and towards our future with confi- dence. We hope that the Classes of 1974 and 1975 will recog- nize the experience we have gained in our three years at the In- stitute and aid us in our goal of unifying the Barracks. " There ' s a feeling I get when I look to the west. And my spirit is crying for leaving. In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees. And the voices of those who stand looking. " — Led Zeppelin The Second Class Joe Duffy — Vice President Billy Stephens — Historian Id Steven Caldwe ncostle. Virginia William Harold Stephens Richmond. Virginia Modern Languages: Infantry: Sgt.: Vice-Prc ident, Clan of 1973. Ring Design Committe Ring Figure Committee. Posit Committe 1973, Monogram Club. Track. Rugby Ck Paul Xavier English Conowingo. Maryland urf, Cade Hop and Floo Civil Engineering: Artille Court, Ring Figure Commi Los Angeles. Califon mics: Armor: Sgt.: Honor Coui im Board. Hop and Floor Committi i List. Soccer. Club. Varsity Football. ' .Hi;. !i!ii|-: ' -,...!i. i " :i i.wm m m u mm SW R wXmm m ■ ' ■ " ' ■■■-■■ I James Addison Ackley Lynchburg, Virginia Maurice Bernard Adelson Memphis. Tennessee David James Alexander Hampton. Virginia Robert Michael Ball Shadyside, Ohio English: Infantry; Pvt.; VMI Theatre. Posit Committee. Summer Reading Panel. Cheer- leaders. CADET Staff. Ring Figure Magazine, 73 Spirit Committee. English; Armor; Pvt.; Rangers. College Re- publicans (Officer), College Republicans Fed- eration of Virginia (Officer], Armed Forces Club, Summer Reading Board, English Socie- ty, BOMB Staff. Fire Fighters. Ring Figure Poster Committee, Tour Guide. Chemistry; Artillery; Pvt.: Co-head Varsity Trainer. Secretary-Treasurer American Chem- ical Society. Pre-Med Club, Ghetto Club. Tide Water Club. Biology: Artillery: Sgt.; Monogra Med Club. Varsity Football. Richard Arthur Bancke Syosset, New York Chemistry: Armor; Sgt.: American Chemi Society, Ring Figure Committee, Soccer. Douglas Warren Basharr Roanoke, Virginia Electrical Engineering; Air Force: Sgt.; Sc er ' s Club. IEEE. Rugby Club. Douglas Kirkwood Baumgardner Washington. Virginia Economics: Artillery; Sgt.; CADET Staff — Junior Editor. 1973 Ring-Figure Magazine — Editor. John Franklin Beadle Pottsville. Pennsylvani, Civil Engineering; A.r Force: Sgt.; ASCE, Pervert Corner. Rugby Club. History; Armor; Sgt.; Rugby Club. Civil Wa Roundtable. John William Boland Jackson. Mississippi History: Armor: Pvt.: Footba Donald Wayne Bouche Awase. Okinawa English: Infantry; Pvt.: Rangers, BOMB Staff. Aguat.cs Club. Walter Donald Bowden Somerville. New Jersey Modern Languages: Infantry Pvt. Civil Engineering: Artillery: Pvt.: ASCE. Hop and Floor Committee, Perverted Corner. Rugby Club. English: Infantry: Sgt.: Monogram Club Posit Committee. English Society. Football. Track. History: Armor: Pvt.: Monogram Club. ketball. George Arnold Brooks Danville. Virginia Civil Engir Wrestling. Pvt.: ASCE Football, Arvin Harrington Brov San Diego. Californi, History: Infantry: Pvt.: Society of Yo Democrats Rifle and Pistol Club. Charles Addison Brown Staunton, Virginia English: A,r Force: Pvt.: BOMB Staff. 1973 Ring Figure Design Committee — Chairman. Douglas Rafford Br Wilmington. Delaw, History: Infantry: Pvt.: Varsity Rifle Team. V Richard Ue Bugbee Burnsville. Minnesota Michael Augustus Burke San Diego. California Physics: A.r Force: Sgt.: Amateur Radio Club S-5 Section Hop and Floor Committee Society of Physics Students. Varsity Rifle Club. English: Armor: Pvt.- VMI Theatre — Vice- president. CADET Staff— Editor. English So- ciety Ring Figure Magazine Pervert Corner, History: A Battery. Thomas Joseph Burke Walpole. Massachusetts : Pvt.: Tanker Platoon. Jacks Michael Waldemar Burks San Francisco. California Electrical Engineering: Pvt.: Civil War Ro table — Vice-president. IEEE. T.E. BBBBBwBBMMHUBHfllHiilfi John Ray Burton, Jr. Richmond. Virginia Mathematics: Armor: Pvt.: Tanker ' s Platoon, Baptist Student Union. Civil War Roundtable. Rifle and Pistol Club. Astronomy Club. Mili- Mark Berkeley Camper Buchanan, Virginia History: Infantry: Pvt.: Young Republic Neil Ralph Carlson Norfolk, Massachusetts History: Armor: Sgt.: Ranger Platoon. Tanker Platoon Commander. VMI Militaria Society. 1973 Ring Figure Design Committee — Co- chairman. DAS. AUSA Paul Helmlck Carlton Bristol. Virginia English: Air Force: Pv Tommy Gene Cates Kannapolis, North Carolina History: Pvt.: CADET — Advertising Manag- er, Armed Forces Club. Lawrence John Cerruti Arlington. Virginia Biology: Armor: Pvt.: Glee Club. VMI Col- lege Republicans, Fire Fighters, Rifle and Pis- tol Club, Tanker ' s Platoon. Spelunking Club. Stephen Wayne Chadwick Salinas. California James Richard Chalkley Richmond. Virginia History: Infantry: Pv Monogram Club. Young Republ Rifle Team. d Forces Club, History: Armor: Pvt.: Hop Escort Committee. Rentschlor Bruce Cha Valencia, Pennsylvo nl Engineering: Arr im Club. Football. : Pvt.: ASCE, Mono- John Joseph Ciriaco Long Island. New York Modern Languages: Armor: Sgt.: Ring Figure Magazine — Managing Editor. Ranger Ag- Electrical Engineering: Air Force: Sgt.: Cade Program Board. Glee Club. IEEE — Secre tary-Treasurer. Thomas Ryan Clark III Gaithersburg. Maryland History: Infantry: Sgt.: Firefighte II Richard Wellhofer Clarke Glenville. Connecticut History: Air Fo Newman Club. Sgt.; Religious Council. John Allen Culliphe San Juan. Puerto Ric History; Artillery: Pvt.; Second Stoop Ghet. to. Ring Figure Committee, Cadet Battery. William McLean Cum Hampton. Virgini; Civil Engineering: Armor; Pvt.; Glee Club. ; Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track., James Slemon Davidson Philadelphia. Pennsylvanii Civil Engineering: Air Force: Pvt.: Young Republicans. ASCE Ring Figure Magazine. John Joseph DiGiovar Washington, D. C. Ronald Ray Dodson Scarbro. West Virginii Civil Engineering; Air Force; Pvt.: ASCE. Modern Languages; Artillery: Pvt. Lawrence Eugene Edwards Palos Verdes Peninsula. California Modern Languages: Armor: Pvt.; Tanke Platoon. Glee Club. John David England Claremont. Virginia History: Armor: Pvt.: English Society. Tank- ers Platoon, Cadet Waiters, Machs Ni . Howard Joseph Frank Richmond. Virginia Mathematics, Artillery, Pvt. illiam Frederick Flood III Edgewater. Maryland History: Armor: Sgt.: Lacrosse. Pervert Cor- ner. Hop and Floor Committee. Edward Lawrence Gibson I Levittown. New York Civil Engineering: Armor; Pvt.; Glee Club. mmmmmj,-.. George Swift Goodwin III Mineral, Virginia Civil Engineering: Artillery: Pvt.: Glee Club, Chapel Choir, A5CE. Larry Randall Gordon Bristol. Virginia History: Armor: Pvt.: Tankers Platoon, VMI 4 tk 1 . jr t Cdm C ' J 7 - j ' R V tff. kigr v.l " - ■£ Richard Harold Griblir Montgomery. Alabam History: Infantry: Sgt.; Lacrosse. Ring Figure Magazine. Charles Timothy Gundlach Springfield, Virginia Mathematics; Artillery; Monogram Club. Pvt.. Basketba Michael Leon Gravely Norfolk. Virginia Electrical Engineering: Air Force: Pvt.: Young Republicans. IEEE. Sport Parachute Club — Secretary-Treasurer. Dean ' s List. Garland Gray II Waverly, Virginia Civil Engineering: Armor: Sgt.: ASCE. Edward Augustin Hall Queen ' s Village, New York English: Ma gt.. Timmins Society, Fen John Randolph Ha Staunton. Virginia Civil Engineering: Armor: Football, Mo gram Club. Lucius Ashton Harrison, III Gary Danny Vaughn Hankins Thomas Scott Hargis Frank Douglas Harri Camp Lejeune. North Carolina Newport News. Virginia Portsmouth. Virginia Staunton. Virginia ology: Infantry: Pvt., Swimming Team Div- Biology: Air Force: Pvt. Electrical Engineering. Infantry. Pvt . Rangers. History: Armor: Pvt., Indoor Trt ck. Outdoor g Team. VMI Symposium. IEEE. RF and GC Club. Track, Cross-Country, Monograr n Club. Timothy Bain Ha:-.. Lathrop. Californii English: Infantry; Sgt.: Rangers. Ride and Pis tol Club. Glee Club. Firefighters. Charles Michael Havasy Falmouth. Virginia History; Infantry; Sgt.: VMI Summer Reading Committee. WLUR Radio Club — News Edi- tor and Broadcaster. John Rives Hayes, Jr. McKenney. Virginia Civil Engineering; Air Force: Sgt.: ASCE, 1973 Ring Figure Committee. James Walter Heine White Plains. New York English: Air Force: Sgt.: Armed Forces Club. Militaria Club. BOMB Staff. Rangers. AFROTC Scholarship. Michae Andrew Holleran Pirtsbi rgh. Penr sylvania Infantry Pvt.; Fe cing Team. Curtis Gene Hostetter Lexington. Virginia Electrical Engineering; Air Force: Sgt Terry Lee Howlett Radford. Virginia Civil Engineering; Air Force: Pv Douglas Raymond Huthwalte Falls Church. Virginia Mathematics; Infantry: Pvt.; Baseba George Timothy Hughey Chesapeake. Virginia Bilogy: Infantry; Pvt. Paul Andrew Jalbert Richmond. Virginia Biology: Artillery: Pvt.; T.E.. Civil Wa f „ ital e Anthony Joseph Jawc St. Clairsville. Ohi History; Armor: Sgt.: Monogram Club. Varsi- ty Football. lomas Francis Jennings Richmond. Virginia Civil Engineering: Armor; Pvt.: Tanker ' s P t toon. ; U VVi w l 1 I . ' . • ,- Thomas Gabriel Jones IV Franklin, Virginia Engineering: Artillery; Sgt.; Hop and Committee. Ring. Figure Committee — rman. Ring Design Committee. ASCE. Frank Joseph Joyce Richmond, Virginia Civil Engineering: Armor; Pvt.; Tanker ' s Pla- toon. Roman Society, Civil War Roundtable. Monogram Club, ASCE, Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track. Kenneth Marc Kelisky Rockaway Park. New York Donald Lee Keck Painted Post, New York Physics: Air Force: Sgt.: Society of Physic Students. Michael Aaron Kelly Pulaski. Virginia Biology: Marines: Sgt Archie James Kendrick, Jr. Hopewell. Virginia Electrical Engineer: Artillery; Sgt.; IEEE. Ring-Figure Committee, Second Stoop Ghet- to. Track. Michael Gerry Kenneally Richmond. Virginia History: Artillery: Pvt.; Monogra, Civil War Roundtable. IGBA. John William Kiraco.e. Jr. Roanoke. Virginia Club. Electrical Engineering: Armor: Pvt. Donald MClellan Kirkpatrick, Jr. Richmond. Virginia Civil Engineering: Air Force: Sgt.: Posit Com- mittee, BOMB Staff, Ski Club, Rangers. Ring- Figure Magazine — Business Manager, Scuba Club. James Dale Kitchen Hopewell, Virginia Civil Engineering; Infantry: Pvt.; ASCE, Va slty Baseball. John Michael Knoll Madison Heights. Virginia Physics: Air Force: Pvt.; Monogram Club. Wrestling, Hop and Floor Committee. Socie- ty of Physics Students. Fenton Garnett Jordan. Ill Norfolk. Virginia English: Armor: Pvt.: So Ale Oleq Kor Ale.andria. Virgin!; Biology. Artillery: Pvt. Harold Willard Laughlin. Jr. Klrkwood, Missouri History: Marines: Pvt.: So Ralph Samuel Llttreal. Jr. Cripple Creel. Virginia Electrical Engineering- Air Force: Sgt. jr Craig Lawrence Kugelberg Franklin Park. Illinois Economics: Pvt.: Rggby Club. John Michael Landry Jackson, Mississippi Economics: Armor: Pvt.: Football. Stephen Burruss Lane Ruthee Glen. Virginii Economics: Infantry: Sgt.: BOMB Staff. Economic Cadet Assistant. John Charles Leon APO San Francisco. California Infantry: Pvt.: Varsity Swimming. Lee Scott Lingamfelter Richmond, Virginia History: Armor: Pvt.: Young Republicans - President, Civil War Roundtable, Tanker ' Platoon. Thomas Creed Lir History: Infantry: Pvt.: Glee Club. Young Republ.cans, Equestrian Club — President. Texas Rangers. Hugh Calvin Long Augusta Georgia History: Artillery: Pvt. : Young Republic Parliamentarian. Cadet Battery. Philip Andrew Lynch Loudonville, New York History: Infantry: Pvt.: Young Republican Armed Forces Club, Rifle and Pistol Club. Richmond Price Lykins, Jr. Kenova. West Virginia History, Armor. Sgt. . ! ■ . ...■ ■ — ... . ' .: ..■• ..j.- -■....■■:, Michael Ray Mackenii Singers Glen. Virgini; History: Armor: Pvt.i Rugby. Judo— Virgin- ia AAU Judo Champion. Robert John Marks Ale«ondria. Virginia Earnest Randolph Marsha Woodlawn. Virginia Civil Engineering: Artillery: Pvt.: ASCE. Civil Engineering: Infantry: Pvt.i ASCE. Ronald Paul Martin Worth. Illinois English: Infantry: Sgt.: Timmons Society. Rangers. Mu Beta Si. Gerald Hughes Mathews Newport News, Virginia English: Pvt.: Rifle and Pistol Club, BOMB Staff, Chapel Choir. Glee Club. Pre-Law So- ciety — Secretary. Douglas Jordan Muirhead Miami. Florida Neil Gregory Mayes McLean. Virginia Civil Engineering: Pvt.: ASCE. Ski Club, Foot- Civil Engineering: Air Force: Pvt.: ASCE. ball. Track. Hubert Larry Mays, Jr. Lynchburg. Virginia History: Artillery: Pvt.: Cadet Battery. Satur- day and Wednesday Gun and Hiking Club. Ghetto. Scott Forrester McCarthy Bethesda. Maryland Modern Languages: Infantry: Sgt. Timothy William McConr Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanil Modern Languages: Infantry: P Cheerleader, VMI Theatre, D BOMB Staff, Ring-Figure Maga:!. David Allen McCown Roanoke. Virginia English: Artillery: Pvt.: Ghetto. Ring-Figu Magazine. Mark Douglas McCrory Atlanta, Georgia Civil Engineering: An er s Platoon. Pvt.: ASCE Tank. Charles Michael McCurdy East Point, Georgia Physics: Air Force: Sgt.: Hop and Floor Corn- Michael Francis McGovern West Roxbury, Massachusetts Civil Engineering: Air Fori Club. Pvt.: Rugby Christopher Martyn McGn Fairfax. Virginia Biology: Air Force: Pvt.: Scuba Club. Varsity Wrestling. Maurice Sanford McNamara Lynchburg, Virginia History: Armor: Sgt.: Ghetto Club. Robert Edward Lee McNeely, Jr. Danville. Virginia History: Marines: Pvt.: Eguestnan Club. William Marvin Midkiff Martinsville. Virginia Jiology: Artillery: Pvt.: Varsity Trainer. T.E. Jeffrey Minch Long Branch. New Jersey Civil Engineering — Economics: Infantry; Pvt.: Scuba Club. ASCE, International Rela- tions Club — Vice-president. T.E. Thomas McCar+y Moncure, Stafford County. Virginii English: Artillery; Pvt.; WLUR-FM Radio Club — President, CADET Staff — News Ed rhomas Edward Murray Lynbrook. New York English: Air Force; Pvt.: Judo. Rugby Club. Virginia AAU State Judo Champion. Thomas Dale Napier Huntington. West Virginia History: Pvt.: Varsity Football. Hop and Flo David Patrick Northcraft Cumberland. Maryland Economics, Air Force; Pvt.: Scuba Club; Amateur Radio Club. Fire Fighters, Ring-Fig- Arthur Lee Pendleton Roanoke, Virginia Civil Engineering: Armor: Pvt.: ASCE, Tank- er ' s Platoon, Ghetto Club. MWHBMHBWMBBByHiffimlm Charles Allen Peters Roanoke. Virginia Civil Engineering: Infantry: Pvt.l ASCE. John Webb Pinn Suffolk. Virgin!; Armor: Pvt.l IGBA. Maurice Anthony Powers, Jr. Huntington. West Virginia Economics: Artillery: Pvt.: International Rela tions Club, Young Democrats. Donald Robert Poyno Langley AFB. Virgin!; English: Air Force: Pvt.: Rangers. Rifle and Pistol Club. Spelunking Club. Fire Fighters. Marion Douglass Payne New Port News. Virginia History: Air Force: Pv John Coleman Raffo Chadds Fords. Pennsylvania History: Armor: Pvt.: Rugby Club, VMI The tre. BOMB Staff. Party Committee Perve Corner. Civil Engineering: Infantry: Pvt.: Chicke Checkers Ltd.. Cheap Shot Committee - Corey Donald Regelin Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Mathematics; Infantry; Sgt.: VMI. Glee Club. Second Stoop Ghetto. Catholic Choir. Rugby Club. Electrical Engineering: Air Force; Pvt.: IEEE. Ring-Figure Committee. Wrestling. Robert Raymond Reid. Ill New Orleans. Louisiana History; Artillery: Sgt. r» SL . Don Reisch Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering; Infantry; Pvt.: ASCE, vert Corner, Football. Warren Joel Richards Richfield. Utah Economics: Armor: Sgt Biology; Artillery: Pvt.: Pre-Med Club, Mo gram Club, Tidewater Club. Varsity Cr, country. Indoor and Outdoor Track. History: Armor; Pvt.: Monogram Club. Civil War Roundtable. Class Treasurer. Council. Ring-Figure Magazine, Varsity Rifle Team — Co-Captain, Pervert Corner. Milton Anthony Salter Spring. Maryland History: Armor: Pvt.: Monogram Club. Van ty Football. Robert Alan Sciacchitano Flushing. New York Civil Engineering: Artillery: Pvt.; Basketba — Manager. Baseball. art Manly Seaton, Jr. Richmond. Virginia William Walter Sedr, Jr. Falls Church. Virginia William Irwin Seegert Hartland. Wisconsin Artillery: Pvt.: Varsity Cheer- History: nfantry; Pvt. Civil Engineering; Artillery; Pvt.; Cadet til War Roundtable. Glee Club. tery. BOMB Photographer. Ring-Figure Ma ttee. Spring Rugby. azine — Photographer, Astronomy Clu ASCE. Ski Club. International Relations Clu John Thomas Semmel Timonium, Maryland Gary Shirk Lockbourne. Ohio History: Air Force; Sgt.; Glee Club. Civil Engineering; Air Force; Pvt.: Footba Victor Brent Shumate Tampa. Florida History; Armor: Pvt.: Glee Club. Chapel Choir. BOMB Staff, Ring-Figure Magazine. Marl Henry Sluplon Gallitzin, Pennsylvania Economics: Infantry; Pvt.: Rugby Club. Per. Dean Arnett Smith Plainfield. New Jersey Electrical Engineering; Armor: Pvt.; Tanke Platoon. Michael Milton Smith Kennett Square, Pennsylva History; Air Force: Sgt.: So Steve Donald Smith Columbus. Ohio History: Infantry: Pvt.: Sounding Br, mg Team — Captain. Thad Lasley Smith Fort Worth, Texas Fenc- Economics; Armor: Pvt.: Soccer. Sw Thomas Octavius Smith. IV Selma, Alabama English; Artillery; Pvt.: Pervert Con Henry Louis Smithson Newport News. Virginia History; Infantry; Pvt.; Rangers, Orienteers, Cadet Library Assistant. William Ernest Spenc Portsmouth. Virginia English: Armor; Pvt.; VMI Pep Band — Lead- er. Timmins Society. Tanker ' s Platoon. Charles Maytt Steelrr Richmond. Virginia Biology: Infantry: Sgt.: Rugby Club. George Ferdinand Stock III Hollandale. Mississippi English: Pvt.; Rugby Club. VMI Theatre. Per- vert Comer. Thomas Aaron Stockbrand Somerville. New Jersey William Frank Stoner Monroe. Michigan Oraphut Sukswai Bangkok, Thailand History: Air Force: Pvt.: Scuba Club. Hop Civil Engineering: Artillery: Sgt.; Hop and Civil Engineering: Infantry: Sgt.: Tanker ' s Pla- and Floor Committee. Rifle and Pistol Club. Floor Committee. toon. ASCE. Ring-Figure Committee. David Hambleton Swab Kennett Square. Pennsylvania History: Artillery: Sgt.: Glee Club. Hop and Floor Committee. Young Republicans. Scout. ers Club. Mascot Handler, Soccer. John Robert Syke Indianapolis. Indiar History: Infantry: Sgt.: Range Stephen Stanley Stokwih Annandale, Virginia English: Infantry: Pvt.: Rugby. David Julin Sutherland Hobart. Indiana History: Armor: Religious Council: Sgt. John Joseph Tarn Alexandria. Vlrgir Modern Languages: Infantry: Pvt.: Young Republicans. Rifle Team. Gregory Michael Tan Alexandria. Virginii Anusorn Teptada Nontabun, Thailand Modern Languages: Infantry: Pvt.: Rifle Electrical Engineering: Infantry: Pvt.: IEEE. Jules Speer Thorr Vienna. Virgini! English: Air Force: Sgt.: CADET Staff. English Society. Pervert Corner. Robert Perry Thompson Colonial Heights. Virginia History; Infantry; Sgt Matthew Morgan Tignor Virginia Beach. Virginia Biology: Air Force; Pvt.; Pre-Med Society — Secretary-Treasurer. Ghetto. Wednesday and Saturday Hike and Gun Club. 10-6 30 Club. Lacrosse. Walter Lloyd Tillman, Jr. Wynnewood. Pennsylvania Economics; Armor; Pvt.; International Rela tions Club — Secretary-Treasurer, Ring-Fig ure Magazine, Pervert Corner, Soccer. Roland John Tiso Pelham. New York History; Infantry; Sgt.; Rangers, CADET Staff. Reuben Frank Trent III Virginia Beach, Virginia ' English: Armor: Pvt.: Tanker ' s Platoon. Ghet- Melon Sim Updike Charlottesville, Virginia English; Armor; Pvt.: Glee Club — Secretary- Treasurer. Tanker ' s Platoon, Chapel Choir. BOMB Staff — Layout Editor. Ring-Figure Magazine — Layout Editor. Biology; Armor: Sgt.: Young Republicans. Timmins Society. Tanker ' s Platoon. Peter Deane Walters Washington, D. C. Economics: Artillery: Sgt.; BOMB Staff Photographer. Cadet Battery. Militaria So ety, Jackson Battery. JOB George Mabry Tisdale Chase City. Virginia English: Infantry; Pvt. Webb Leigh Tyler Richmond. Virginia Civil Engineering: Infantry: Pvt.: Rugby. Robert Wayne Vanderspiege Glen Rock. New Jersey History; Infantry: Pv Howard Bacon Weatherford Richmond, Virginia English; Infantry: Pv WWfiRW ' ' Roger Lea Webb Staunton. Virginia Sgt.; Society of WfW -£ Mark Allen Weiss Richmond. Virginii Economics; Armor: Pvt.: Monogram Club. Varsity Football. Indoor and Outdoor Track. English: Armor: Pvt.; English Society — Se retary. CADET — News Editor, Ring-Figu Staff Perverted Corner. momics: Armor: Pvt.; VMI Theatre: Scout ; Club, Rugby Club. Wrestling. John Dave Wilson Somerset. Kentucky Physics: Air Force; Sgt.; Glee Club. Chapel Choir. Society of Physics Students — Secre- tary BOMB Staff — Photographer. Soccer. David Allen Woody Lexington, Virginia Civil Engineering: Armor: Pvt.; ASCE. Mo gram Club, Football Manager. Golf Tean Edgar Dorsey Woomer, Jr. Baltimore. Maryland Electrical Engineering: Marines: Sgt.: Hop and Floor Committee. IEEE. Rugby Club. Klaus Joachim Worrell Roanoke, Virginia Civil Engineering; Infantry; Pvt.: Ra Walter Edward Wright Lynchburg Virginia History: Infantry: Sgt.: Posit Committee Rangers. Fire-Fighters. Ring Design Commit Joseph Robert Wyart III Lynchburg. Virginia Electrical Engineering; Artillery: Sgt fll | SFl M I V — j — -r Glenn Michael Younes Bethesda, Maryland Civil Engineering: Infantry; Sgt.: Ring-Figu Committee. ASCE, CADRE. Robert Lewis Bushne Martinsville. Virginia English: Artllle No. Five. Per Pvt.; CADET Staff. Pos Corner, Smith Collegi The Class of 1 974 Chip Beaman — Class President THIRD CLASS HISTORY There are as many adjectives to describe the Virginia Military Institute as there are cadets, but perhaps the most accurate summation would be that it provides an experi- ence that tries a man physically, mentally and morally. Idealistically, VMI attempts to foster the growth of " personal qualities of integrity, service and self-discipline. " In real- ity, however, VMI is an enigma, involving a kind of love-hate relationship which few can really comprehend or truly appreciate. The Rat is taught, from the beginning, to con- duct himself honorably, and to make personal sacrifices for his classmates — his Brother Rats. Although highly abstract, these values must be accepted if a class is to be truly united and worthy of respect. The Class of 1974, like all previous classes, entered VMI optimistically, but ignorant of what the future held for them. We were a diverse group of individuals, with different backgrounds and values, forced to share a difficult and trying experience. The truth of the maxim " Misery loves company " was more than adequately proven. Yet, there was more to it than this — there had to be. We felt that there was a purpose in enduring the hardships forced upon us. " Honor and Unity " became the rationalization for our ac- ceptance of the system. " As third classmen, we have once again found ourselves in an extremely difficult posi- tion. The hopes and aspirations which accompanied our return to VMI in August have slowly diminished, leaving us with little but harsh realities of day-to-day existence. This is not to say that we have lost our optimism or our will to fight for our beliefs. We are merely a little more seasoned and realistic. To remain at VMI is to show faith in the school and its future. The Class of 1974 sincerely feels that VMI has the potential to be one of the finest schools in the country, and we will strive to insure that this potential is recognized. The Third Class . ' , .1 ' . :A!. ' ,:L- Abernathy, Leon Bryant Alexondr, VA Abruzzese, Vincent Arthu Woodbury. NJ Aksomitas, Allyn John Wethersfield, CT Allison, William Eugene Palos Verdes. Pen. CA Andersen, William Henry El Paso, TX Anderson, Clinton Thomas Arlington. VA Anderson, Thomas Davenport Hopewell. VA Adriani, Michael Robert Jr. Araujo, Stephen Kurt Springfield. VA Ashton, Stuart Thornton IV Fairfa VA Bacon, Robert Warren Lynchburg, VA Banlcit, Eric Joseph Newport News, VA Banning, Charles Kenda Silver Spring, MD Barr, Daniel Wayne Vandenberg AFB. CA Bashay, Von Steven Portsmouth, VA Baumgardner, John Mile Washington. VA Beaman, Nathaniel IV Norfolk. VA Beamer, Wilson Carter Wytheville, VA Beard, Rodney Frank Richmond. VA Beaty, Alan Kent Dayton. OH Bellemare, Robert Jan Vienna. VA enninger, Robert William Toledo, OH Biram, Cliff M. Jr. Brilliant, OH Borwick, Benjamin Dardot Brazil Bosse, Timothy George Baltimore, MD Bostick, Coleman Allen Jr. Audubon, NJ Boswell, Bruce Glenn Massillon, OH Sraren, Robert Cornelius Garden City. NY Brewster, Thomas Allen Mt. Clemens, Ml Brodie, Stevan Holman Allendale, SC Brown, David Colin APO New York, NY Brown, Lawrence Eugene Vienna. VA Bullock, Robin Kenneth Cazenovia, NY Burton, Christopher Forest Long Beach, CA Bushman, Frank Gentry Staunton, VA Caldwell, John Frederick William Davidson, NC :andler, William Harold Jr. Richmond, VA Carlock, Craig Michael Garden City, NY Cayton, Charles Frederick Richmond, VA Childress, Stewart Lee Meadows of Dan, VA Clark, Lester Jackson Buena Vista, VA t A V Clite, Thomas Franklir Fort Lee. VA Clore, William Earl Sendston. VA Cole, David Michael Richmond. VA Coleman, Michael Jose Lynchburg. VA Compton, Terry Gray Kenbridge, VA Cooper, John Vernon Roanoke, VA Cot+rell, James Ray Arlington. VA Coyle, Harold Willian South Amboy. NJ Crawley, John Leslie Hampton, VA Creel, Wesley Lavern Greenlawn. NY Crump, Stephen Douglas Miami. FL Cumberland, Donald Ray Jr. Fredericksburg. VA Cunningham, Robert Kuhlman Jr. Springfield, VA Cunningham, Thomas Goodrich II Alexandria, VA Davis, John Reed Blackstone, VA Davis, Michael Patrick Philadelphia, PA Deboer, James Paul Somerville, NJ Dennett, Kenneth Winsor APO New York, NY Denton, Joel Jr. Richmond. VA Dick, Thomas Joseph Winchester, VA Dickerson, Thomas Ed Hot Springs, VA ■■ mmmmmm Donahue, Richard Edward Jr. Alexandria. VA Dougherty, James Preston Gate City, VA Dowdy, Louis Wilford Waynesboro. VA Doyle, Gregory Alan Camp Springs. MD Dugan, Michael James Norfolk, VA Durr, Robert Matthew Alexandria, VA Dziewisz, Leslie John Lynchburg, VA Eason, William Andrew Newport News, VA Eberly, Harold Thomas Neptune City, NJ ichman, Robert Peter Jr. West Chester, PA Elder, David Wayne Jr. Chester, VA Elliott, Gus Goffrie Jr. Dayton, OH Eng, Kenneth Ming King of Prussia. PA Ernzen, Michael Edward Fahey, Michael J Tonawanda, NY Faistenhammer, William Ludwig APO New York, NY Ferrell, Donald Gene II Arinandale, VA Fisher, Charles Michael ■ ■ • — I J ? Fisher, Ernest Stephen III Charleston. WV Flather, Herbert Hesselton II Durham. NH Flynn, Patrick John Vienna, VA Fogarty, Kevin Patrick East Norwich. NY Foley, William Michael Williamsburg, VA Frank, Robert Alan Lima. OH Franks, Robert Lawrence Lutherville. MD Fraser, Scott Lee Teaneck. NJ Frazier, Randall Hurt Chester, VA Freedman, Gary K. Philadelphia, PA Fulks, Robert Willla VA Xav Furlong, Frani Oakland, CA Gardner, Charles William Virginia Beach, VA Garten, James Wallace J Vienna, VA Gilligan, Gary Owen West Redding, CT Ginder, Lawrence Joseph Falls Church, VA Gleason, Randolph Craddock Salem, VA Graham, Albert James III Roanoke, VA Greene, Gtenn William South Burlington. VT Guiler, Frederick Baley Stewartsville. NJ Ham, Stephen Paddock Jr. Hampton, VA Harlow, Russell Linwood Charlottesville, VA Haskell, Robert Wesley Moose Lake, MN Haught, William Kenneth Richmond, VA Hawthorne, Russell Alexander Kenbridge, VA Hays, Mark Warren Frederick, MD Hayton, Stephen Arthur Hearne, Steven Robert McLean. VA Heiderman, Roy William Arlington, VA Hickey, David Randall Glen Burnie. MD Hillard, Richard Douglas Norfolk, VA Hissem, Richard Dean Norfolk, VA Hogan, Michael Kay Alexandria, VA Hollyfield, Paul Dyer Jr. Roanoke, VA Hoppock, David Ray Rockford, IL Huckabee, Jefferson Martin Midland. TX Huddle, James Robert Salem, VA Hughes, Bowling Keyes Lynchburg. VA Hunter, John Calvin Alexandria, VA Hurley, Bailey Colquitte III Jackson, MS Johnson, Charles Gregory Unionville. VA Johnson, Robert Dean Hampton. VA Johnson, Wilson III Richmond, VA Jones, Bruce William Richmond. VA Jones, Gene Douglas Richmond, VA Jordan, John Merriman Augusta, GA Kaniss, John Charles St. Petersburg. FL Kastelberg, William Frederick IV Richmond. VA Keegan, Dennis John San Diego. CA Keller, Jack Arnold Chester. VA Kilcullen, John Donald Arlington, VA King, Orville C. Ill Memphis, TN i The Kingston, William Westley Cincinnati, OH Klinefelter, Stephen Grahar Washington, DC Kuttas, Frank Oxon Hill, MD La Howchic, Ste Oradell, NJ Lape, Gary Jam Woodbridge, V Leonard, Arnold Lee New Church, VA Leonard, Richard Ala Norfolk. VA Lester, David Grey Richn nd, VA Levine, Mark Harry Albuquerque, NM Liebrlch, Karl Derlyn Di« Hills, NY Little, Charles Eugene Jr. Hampton, VA Lowder, Jonathan Stephen Prince George, VA Lowell, James Scott Richmond. VA Lowry, Christopher Wayne Gaithersburg, MD Ludt, William Galbraith Carlisle, PA Lyman, Gary Scott Falls Church, VA MacFarlane, Robert Craig Woodbridge, VA MacGurn, Richard Bruce Jr. Los Angeles, CA Mahoney, Michael Francis Springfield. VA Maietta, Anthony James Hagerstown, MD Marshall, Cary Ambler McLean. VA Mascot, Thomas Kirby San Antonio. TX Mason, William Vincent Jr. Lynchburg, VA Mattocks, Samuel Lewis Roanoke, VA McCann, Robert Xavier Jr. Upper Darby. PA McCarthy, Timothy Gerard Ocean View, NJ McCoskrie, Joseph Whitfield Jr Kansas City. MO McCuen, John Joachim Jr. Carlisle Barracks, PA McLaren, John Peterson Jr. Wheeler AFB, HI Meredith, Peter Marshall Jr. Norfolk, VA Minor, William Jam Arlington. VA Mitchell, John Edwa Frederick, MD Moncure, Henry W, Fredericksburg, VA Moore, Robert Mich Mt. Holly, NJ Morgan, Leslie Evan Richmond, VA is Jr. d Jr. rwick I MWMUKim Morrissett, Michael Turner Roanoke, VA Morse, Glenn Allen Alexandria. VA Morton, Johnny Benjamin III Abbeville, SC Mushall, Eicke Roland Mount Holly. NJ Neal, Alexander Weldon III Richmond. VA Neff, Jack Harbor Harrisonburg, VA Nettrour, Kevin Kingsley Pittsburgh. PA Newman, Robert Wayne Richmond. VA Newton, Kevin Evans Irving. NY Nottingham, Lucius Smith III Jacksonville. FL Orr, Stephen Robert III Rockport. MA Parker, Philip John Pittsburgh. PA Parker, Thomas Anthony Savannah, GA Parker, Wayland Edward Jacksonville, FL Parks, Fred Robert Jr. ND Pate, John Edgar Chesapeake, VA Patykula, Thomas Joseph Norfolk, VA Pavlou, Dimitri G Ft. Wayne, IN Peduto, Edward Francis Jr. Norristown. PA Peele, David Clarke Richmond, VA Pence, Willis Bruce Richmond. VA Pennypacker, William Stuart Jr Norfolk. VA Poston, Stanley Eugene Fairfax, VA Powell, Samuel Christopher ngton, NC Prentice, Mark Wil Chesapeake. V Prillaman, Grant Hale Columbus. GA Puskas, Thomas Andrew Rasper, Arthur Allen APO New York, NY Ratcliffe, Roy Samuel Max Meadows. VA Rau, Kenneth Randall North Rawls, Frank Macklin Suffolk, VA Remonsnydor Richard Robert Avalon, PA Rice, Howard Eugene Jr. Richmond. VA Richardson, Frank Bernard Jr. Milford. VA Richardson, William Clyde Robinson, John Arthur Fairfax, VA Roper, James Franklin Jr Anniston, AL Rosenski, John Ricardo North Plainfield. NJ Ross, Donald Stephen Sarver, James Willia Norfolk, VA e, John Radolin Fredericksburg. VA Schaudies, Lawrence Thomas East Point, GA Seilhamer, Terry Lynn Waynesboro, PA Shelley, Peter Cranson Ryder Malvern, PA Sheppard, David Bruce Virginia Beach, VA Shively, Mark John Richmond, VA Shumate, William Ashby Warrenton. VA Shu-tt, Gary Fred Buena Vista Simanslcy, Gary And ' Monroe, CT Simms, James Weston Richmond, VA Slupik, Robert Walter Batavia, IL Smith, Craig Hubbard Yorkshire, NY Smith, John Boyd Brooks, GA Smith, Robert Lee Jr. Disputanta, VA Smithey, John Hamilton Jr. Roanoke. VA Srigungvarl, Prerasak Washington. DC Stark, Richard Michael Dalmatia, PA Stelmasczyk, Ronald Matthew Pittsburgh. PA Stormont, David Northwood IV Virginia Beach. VA Stultz, Edward Zephaniah Jr. nore, MD Takata, Russell Shun Waipahu. HI Taylor, Robert Francis Telle, Theodore Edward Petersburg. VA Terry, Kenneth Eugene Hialeah, FL Thomas, Blade Ross Los Angeles. CA Thompson, Robert Cameron Fredericksburg, VA Toler, Charles Frederick III Alexandria. VA Toomey, Charles Lane Cary. NC Trainor Dennis Michael Franklinville, NJ Trinkle, Gary Lee Vienna, VA Trost, Robert Walter III Fairfax. VA Tucker, Michael Rawlings Gretna. VA Turner, Samuel Wayne Portsmouth. VA Tyler, Charles Lewis Jr. Hampton. VA Undercoffer, Graham Lewis Loveland. OH Valenstein, John Earle East Lansing. Ml Van Doren, Paul Huffney Arlington, VA Laethem, George Richard Annandale, VA Vazquez-Bruno, Edgardo Jose J A Santurce. Puerto Rico Verdi, Joseph John Floral Park, NY Vicory, Alan Higham Jr. Richmond. VA Vigneault, Ronald Steven Norfolk, VA Wadsworth, Douglas Richard Severna Park, MD Wall, David Garrett High Point, NC Wallington, Cary Ross Media, PA Walls, Rueben Edgar II Richmond, VA Walton, Thomas Howard Richmond. VA Ward, Charles Mason Detroit, Ml Ware, Edward Nichols Lynchburg, VA Watts, Marvin Lorenzo Glasgow, VA Weaver, Steven Mark Bethesda. MD Welsh, John Richard Purcellville, VA Weyant, James Peter Hampton, VA fWy " " f : v i s ■Mi White, John Anderson III Raleigh, NC Whitten, Donald Jeffrey Haddonfield. NJ Wilkinson, James Madison II Richmond. VA Williams, Eugene Thonotosassa, FL Williams, John Guthrie Jr. Virginia Beach. VA Williams, Preston Mackey Lexington. VA Williams, Robert Luther Terrell Richmond. VA Williams, Vernon Carroll Emporia, VA Wilson, Thomas James IV Harrisonburg. VA Wilson, Walter Durward Springfield. VA Wolf, Stephen John Cincinnati. OH Wood, James Robert Alexandria, VA Workman, Charles Douglas Glen Burnie, MD Worman, Wayne Edward Middletown. NJ Young, Andrew John Cockeysville. MD Zajac, Theodore Stanley Jr Rocky River, OH Zinkand, Albert Horton Washington. DC Davis, David Joseph Philadelphia. PA Hogue, Daniel Taylor Topeka. KA Parsons, Richard Carl Fairchance, PA 1 1 The Class of 1 975 The Rat Class rat — (rat) n. I. any of various long tailed rodents resembling, but larger than mice: especially, one of the genus RATTUS. To any of the uninitiated the word rat would engender a definition similar to the preceding excerpt from Webster, But to those around (and below) us the word attains its actual perspectives. True, some of the basic tenets that re- late to the RATTUS variety such as being a social pariah, frequenting shad- owy corners and dark holes, scurrying in the attic at nocturnal functions and as- suming a uniformly dirty grey appear- ance prevail in our particular species as well. However — the entire perspective of our existence cannot be summed up in a textbook definition — one must tran- scend Webster and express our wasted opportunities. It is to these ends that we submit this brief record of our attempt- ed life at the Institute. Many view VMI as a flight from reality — we prefer to think of it as a return to childhood. Reveled in our youth with tales of college life we looked forward to the beanies, bonfires and beerblasts of our freshman year. What we got were fatigue caps, the August sun, and the RDC. With all that screaming, marching, and running around we were sure glad the dean provided us with class time to rest and recuperate. Highlighting our weekly activities was the trip to Kilbourne Hall where we, through example, were shown the type of leaders the Army wished us to be- come. Then in mid October, our pleasant world was shattered. VMI it seemed does give grades; something HAD been going on in our classrooms while we slept. In early September the faculty had listened so sympathetically to our tales of woe. We thought they were our friends. How could they do this to us. We suddenly discovered the true Spirit of VMI. Character became our byword; building character our constant task. Our initial struggle is now completed and many of our number have departed, to those of us who have traded this rat race for cold beer, girls, and cars we say — " Good Riddance " — for that leaves more corporal slots for those of us left. HHrnHnmnm | mmmmmM m raHHnBHffB HnKBHHHIHRi : - : mfmm—mmmm i m i i—wm imp , ■. ••,. » ,•.. Abroshan, Mohamad Jafar Acree, Frank Maurice Agnew, Charles Robert Amatetti, John Francis Ames, Keith Scott Anderson, Gary Randolph Anderson, Mark Allen Andisheh, Mehrdad Applin, David Livingston Armstrong. Dean Huntington, Jr. Arthur, Joseph Victor, III Baird. Douglas Peter Balog, George Paul Bangs. John Dwight Soren 8arksdale, Harry Hayes. Jr Basham. Kim Derwin Baur, Thomas Stephen Behn, Sosthenes, III Bernard, Paul Alan Bernardini. Don Joseph Berny, James Joseph Bertelson. Jeffrey H. Costa. John Craney. Daniel Frazier Creech. David Alton Creighton, William Carlton, II Crenshaw, John Henry, Jr. Crim. Samuel Hawes Crosby, Charles Thomas Daniels. Luther Charles, Jr Darnell. Daniel Jay Dashiell, Thomas Maurice Davis. Raymond James. Ill Davison. Frederick Corbet. Jr. Dearman. Andrew John, III Decarli, Paul Victor Degroot. Bruce Michael Dell Osso, Daniel DePuey. Richard Clayton, Jr. DeWaters, Jerry Joseph Diamontopulos, Gregory Jon DiBiase, Mathew Anthony James Dinkel. James Richardson Dove, Philip Wilson Duncan, Charles Irwin Dunlap. Douglas Earl Eberle, Gary Edward Edwards. Frederick Andrews, III Ehrman, Michael Alan Erickson, Craig Ernest Farris, Michael Ryburn Farry, George Anthony wmas m Mmm , Robert Coleman r, Irmeo Ballada iero. Anthony Walter, Jr leenor. Michael Ralph lemlng, John Stewart Greene. John David Gregory, Paul Anthony Groome, Larry Warren Hall. Mark Macon Hamner. Nathan Carlisle Hansen, Alan Whitney Harrell. Marshall Phillip Harvey. William Douglas Hawkins, Christopher Robert Hayes. William Claiborne, III Haykin, Jeffery J. Heiken, Edward Daniel, Jr. Hendry, William Lawrence, III Hening, Richard Scott Hensley, David Lee Hill, Michael Gordon Hillson, Franklin James Hit;, Robert Crawford Hobbs, James Reid Holby, Robert Louis, Jr. HHCT 1 ,. . mmmmuumummtmmm Hoon, Charles Wesley Horan, Michael Earl Houser. William Gibson. Jr Hughes, Joseph Barry Hughes, Robert Harold Hunter, Charles Morris, Jr. Hunter, Robert Clarke Hunter, William Crawford Ingelido, Christopher David Irissarri, Gerald Jean Isaacs. Garland Laton. Jr. Iversen, James Richard, Jr Jackson, Russel K. James, Raleigh Lewellyn, J Janes, Robert Barton Janis. Jack Edward Jensen. David Marc Johnson, Grant Sher Jones, Floyd George Jones. Thomas Macy Joslyn. Michael Robert Kanner. Ian Alexander Kaune. Charles Sanders iavanaugh, Kevin Robert Keller. Robert Alan Kern. William Hodgson Kirk. Donald Edwin Klesyk. Richard Knoblock. Leslie Randal Knutson, Michael Carlos Kobus. William Peter Koehler, Alfred Charles Kovich. John Michael Kulick, Douglas Frederick LaMonte. Larremore John Landrum. William Manton. Ill Lane. Robert Alan Languedoc, Arthur Joseph. Jr. Lape, David Edward Law. Richard Nathaniel Lewln. Dennis Lee Lillethorup. Ben William, Jr. Lineback, Barry Stanley Lineback, Larry Shaw Logan. John Wesley, Jr. Louthan, Charles Moultrie Low, Rodney David Lowery. Jack Miller, III MacGowan. Kenneth Arbuthnot, III acGregor, Douglas Abbott MacKenzie-Graham. Arthur Nigel Madren, Silas Arthur Manieri, Robert Laurence Maples. John Martin. Jr. Marsh, James Robert f 4 ? rj ■ f 93S rC? W Marshall, Philip Taliaferro Martin, Frank Frederick. Jr. Mason. Thomas Alfred Matheney, Howard Samuel, Jr Matlaga. Martin Donald Mattox, Lee Hamilton McClain. Daniel Curtis McCriskin, James Williarr McFarland. Richard Dune McGhee. James Stuart. „ McKinney, Charles Thomas McKnight, Harry Joseph. Ill Mesnard. James Melvin Meyer, Brad Lee Miller, David Allen Miller. Devery Steven Miller, Kenneth Vincent Mills. Robert Linwood Mines. Richard Oliver. Jr Minez, Philippe Moghavemi-Tehrani. Ha Monahan, Michael Jam Morgan, Patrick Allen Morgenstern, Daryl Avr Morris, William David Moschetti, John Robert Moultrie. Samuel Franklin. Jr Mounts. Jonathan Glenn Mueller, Michael Joe Mulligan, Michael Joseph Mund. David Landfred Myers, Willis Franklin, Jr. Myler. Harley Ross. Jr. Neville, James David Newcomer. Jack Irvin, Jr 1 1 Parker, Frederick R ' • ' ■i ■-•A ' uJJi. Rader, Jeffrey William Rahm, Charles Louis. Ill Read. Brooke French. Ill Reeder, Thomas Scott Reid, Martin. Farrier Richardson. John Yulee. Jr. Richardson, Oscar White, III Richter, Albert Edward, III Pennington. II Sain, Todd Gardner Sastri. Jon Louis Schmitt, James Keith Schrepel, Walter Anthony Schultz. Daniel Chester Schultze, Thomas Henry Schuyler. David Lynn Scott. Winfield Grant. Ill Seem, Dennis Allen Seitz, James Carroll. Ill Seldon. Gregory Scott Sheffield, John West, III Shiflett, Elbert Owen, Jr. Siemens. John Harold Sigsbury. Arthur John. Jr. Simmons. Ralph Charles Simmons, William Keith Skuby, Mark Vladimir Slate, Taylor Ashby Slaughter, Robert Carroll, III 14 ' .,.,.■ ' . ' ' ■ ' " ' ■ ' ■ - " ' ■■ ' A Sloane, Otho Preston. Ill Smart, Charles Richard Smart, Robert Parish. Jr. Smith, Ellett Morton Smith, Michael Lawrence Smithey. William Van Soares, Michael Lodingto Soukup, John Michael Spain. Edwin Earl. Ill Stark. Kerry Fitzgerald Stewart. John Rawlington. Ill Stewart, Lee William. Jr. Strickland, Reginald Thomas Stultz, Gregory Howard Stump, Perry Donald. Jr. Sturgill, Michael Clay Sutter, Thomas Ralph Swenson. Ted Wilhelm Tamez. Kevin Martin Taylor. Gary John Taylor, Robert Hill Temple. Wyndham Boiling Terpeluk. William Thomas. Garth Lebaron Thompson, Michael Lee Thorpe, Phillip Joseph Till, Thomas Brian Torbett, Bruce Elliott Trexler, Michael Steven Trumbo. George Thomas, I Tucker, Charles Boyd, Jr Tucker. Walter Lowrie, Mi Turner. Michael Walter Turpin, James Shafter. Jr. Turpin, William Watts Vanderberry. Claude Benjamin VanSlyke, Douglas Robert Vermes, Joseph Robert Verriker. John Edward Vogt. Dennis Kraig Vojtecky. Michael Allen — . ,,.. . ' . ! . » mmmummumauummmi Walts, Larry Eugene Walton, Michael Ryan Way, Oliver Lawton Webb, Reginald Avon Westerman. John William Whitworth, John Haldane Widner. Kevin Douglas Wigglesworth. Gregory Otho Williamson, John Lutz Wills, Guy Jerome Winfree, Robert Paul Witherow. William Edward Wohlrab, Charles David Wolkowitz, Felix Hansson Wong, Michael Ki mo Wood, Kent Patrick Woodward, Michael McHenry Wright, Kevin Vallee Wyatt, Thomas Payne Yavari, Azzatallah Young, John Leonard. Ill m Board of Visitors Hon. Sol W. Rawls, Jr. — President His Excellency A. Linwood Holton Governor or Virginia Organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Virginia Military Institute is gov- erned by a Board of Visitors. The Board is composed of fifteen members, eleven coming from the state at large, two non-resident alumni, and two ex-officio members. Acknowledging the uniqueness of the In- stitute, eleven members of the current board at- tended VMI. These members are appointed by the Governor of Virginia, with approval by the State Senate. The Governor of Virginia, His Excellency. A. Linwood Holton, is the Commander-in-Chief, and the Honorable Sol W. Rawls, Jr. is serving as Presi- dent of the Board at the present time. Although the Board of Visitors is required to meet at least once a year, it usually meets more often. In addition to this, the Superintendent is empowered to call the Board into session at any time he feels it necessary to do so. Brig. Sen. William J. McCaddin Hon. Richard F. Welton, III C l yhkrS iV KSInjlSSwMlSi JiSiii Mfflsffiiufr Hon. John W. Burross Hon. John D. deButts Hon. J. Smith Ferebe Hon. Marvin Gillespit Hon. H. Braxton Green Hon. Charles S. Luck, II Hon. Robert H. Patterson, Jr Hon. Herman H. Pevle Hon. Thomas E. Sebr. Hon. D. Dortch Warriner Dr. William R. Watlcir Hon. Robert C. Watts, Jr Maior General Richard Logan Irby The Superintendent MAJOR GENERAL RICHARD LOGAN IRBY became the tenth Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute on I July 1971 after a 3 I -year career with the United States Army. Born in Blackstone, Va., General Irby majored in civil engineering at VMI and played varsity football and baseball. Following his 1939 graduation, he received an honor grad- uate commission as a second lieutenant in cavalry. He served in China and Burma in World War II and then attended the Armor Officers Advanced School upon his return to the U.S. in 1947. In 1948-50 he was an assistant professor of military science and tac- tics in the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) unit at VMI. During the Korean War. he served as a battalion commander with the First Cavalry Division and was awarded the Silver Star Medal for gallantry in action. Then followed duty at Fort Hood, Tex.; with the Seventh United States Army; with the Department of the Army at the Pentagon; and as a planner and assistant chief of staff, U.S. Delega- tion, NATO Military Committee and Standing Group. In 1965 General Irby was deputy assistant commandant at the Armor School where he remained until 1967 when he assumed command of the U.S. Army Training Center, Armor, at Fort Knox, Ky. Five months later he left for Vietnam, qualifying for Army Avi- ator ' s Wings as a helicopter pilot before his departure. He served an eighteen month tour as Assistant Division Commander, and for a while as Division Commander, First Cavalry Division (Airmobile), returning to Fort Lewis, Wash., as Deputy Commanding General. He was named Commanding General of the U.S. Army Training Center, In- fantry, at Fort Polk, La., in October, 1969. He was serving at Fort Knox as Commanding General — his fourth tour in 23 years at that installation — when chosen to become Superintendent of VMI. General Irby has attended the Army ' s Command and General Staff College, where he was an instructor for three years after graduation, and the Army War College. He received a master ' s degree in international affairs from George Washington University in 1961. In addition to the Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, General Irby ' s decorations in- clude the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit with three Oak Leaf Clusters, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star Medal with V device and two Oak Leaf Clus- ters, Air Medal with V and 54 Oak Leaf Clusters, Joint Service Commendation Medal, and Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters. General Irby is married to the former Anne Short, of Lawrenceville. Va.. and they have three children, Capt. Richard L. Irby, Jr.. USA, Debra Anne, and William Steed. Col. Arthur M. Lipscomb Director of Admissions Michael A. Cappetto Asst. Dir. of Cadet Affa Joseph L. Presbrey Dir. of Public Relations Capt. William F. Brand Asst. Director of Admissions ' r. MM I Ml - ■ Lt. Col. Robert L Bierly — Director of Music 1 1 mmt iMMMm?; ' Sggjgy]|Pi gjJ|ftj aBtBttH HlUaU i Col. William G. Saunders — Mathematii Major Joseph Martin — Mathematics Dr. Harry Pence — Civil Engineering wv — 7? 71 ■V t It 11 Major Jay Sculley — Civil Engineering Dr. Harold E. Schlais — Mathemati. ■■■■■■■■■ Col. John Reeves — Biology Major J. E. Turner — Biology Dr. E. B. Wingiield — Biology r I, a. s ' ' - F-eU V " Mr. R. T. Wilson — Chemistry Mr. Tom E. Clark — Chemistry , I r ™ £ 6 1 g T t -O a. Htf F ftt ' i ■PV H Q Fl iSa ■ ■ The Commandant and Staff IMIpBB«ffliffll$iiiiifla LTC Stacy C. Harris Deputy Commandant LTC Lloyd C. Halliburton Assistant Commandant The Tactical Staff I I KHMMMHHH ::•-;:::- ., Il i i i . . . ,„ II ■ ... ■ . •■■ ' ■■ :-d , ' ,. er i h Virginia Mil u XnsliTU.Te Born 11 Novbhwet 163 Pied oi HONOR. " THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO MADE THIS EVENT POSSIBLE! Well, boys, on the eve of Graduation it is well worth the time to reflect over these re- cently departed, agonizing years. Was it worth it? What have we gained? Have we really achieved the experience that can justify the expense of many thousands of dollars and four years of enforced monasticism? It seems that this is an appropriate time to determine whether we have really received our " education " . No, I don ' t mean those nasty courses and expensive books that have occupied twelve hundred or so days of our spare time. This is a test of your real education, your total VMI education. If you can pass this one, you can stick out your chest and pride yourself in having had all the facets of the VMI experience (all in the ear at one time or another, of course!). In writing this test out, the Editors strived to make it as realistic and applicable to the cur- rent trends of the said experience — so don ' t be disturbed when you find that most of the questions are pretty chicken . . . SO — here for your edification and utter amazement we present the VMI QUIZ. (P.S., You had better appreciate this effort — It took a succession of six first class editors to do it — while writing this one out, all six realized the error of their previous ways, and transferred out in the second semester of their first class year.) BHSr : ' :. ■£,?■»■ ' :?■ ] ■ - ' XJ [ i ! ' j y.-.- : ' ' - y ' y ' MS W ' iMBSSBSmmm Q: What is this man saying? a. " Black, with two lumps. " b. " Okay, so I approved a permit just like it two days ago. Just don ' t inter- pret that as meaning I ' ve set a prec- edent. " c. " Of course there is no regulation forbidding it — but you still should have known better. " d. " . . . and that ' s Lieutenant Colonel Stacey to you, Bub! " Q: What is this? a. Murderer ' s row b. 14 Mouseketeers c. Polish Officer Corps 13 + = 14 Q: Find ten things wrong with this picture. (This was a gift; you could have picked anything. Q: What is this Cadet thinking? a. " Bleah! " b. " Only till 12:30? " c. " Only till 12:30!!! " D. " Maybe it ' s the Uniform! " Q: Thf a waste of electricity. a snipe hunt. Bowman? left? right? pass, uh . . . punt, uh fight? Q: Thi the Wars aw g hetto the VMI Water Follies Cocke Hall Annex steam cleaning i Q: A. What is the man saying? a. " Quick! Sign it before you read it! " b. " What a time to forget my sunglasses! c. " Quick, Swink! The cue card! " d. " Offer void where prohibited by law. " B. What is the Cadet thinking? a. " Do I also get a ROTC bumper sticker to make it worth my while? ' b. " Boy, the things you gotta do to get a little smack around here! " c. " O boy, now I ' ve got his autograph on an Official Document! " d. " Only a Lieutenant Colonel? " S5KMKB ? ' ii i 1 Q: Who is this? a. V.O.L.A.R. b. The real Spirit of Youth c. Gim Company Commander d. a Public Relations (PR) Officer Q: What is this Cadet saying? a. " Your other right, Sir! " B. " Now I know why they sent him to VMI. " c. " Bug in your eye, Sir? " d. " With two left arms, you must have gotten a waiver! BONE-US QUESTION Situation: After you are ejected from the Timmins Room for throwing water balloons, you and your date head across the Parade Ground. Halfway across, she becomes amorous, and you are caught by the OCNI stick on the Parade Ground. Problem: What do you do? A. Bone yourself for: a. engaged in un-all right activity on the Parade Ground b. escorting date in improper dress on post c. engaged in unauthorized P.T. during OCNI d. littering Parade Ground B. Transfer Bone to your Date C. See: Piranha, Doc Old, and Chaplain Wilson, in that order ANSWERS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Actually, there are no answers to these questions — How ' s that for utter frustration? (Remember, we said we were going to make it realistic.) GENERAL ORDERS) NUMBER 5) HEADQUARTERS VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE Lexington, Virginia CHANGE IN REGULATIONS 22 September 1971 1. Announcement is made of the following changes in Paragraph 21 1 .0 I , Part III, VMI Regulations: 21 1. 01 a (I): Delete " Saturdays " . Change " SRC " to read DRC. 21 1. 01 a (2): Delete entire subparagraph and substitute therefor: Sundays and holidays as desired by individual cadet. 21 1. 01 a (3): Delete entire subparagraph 21 1.01 b: (3): No change 21 1.01 c: (3): No change 2. The above change in paragraph 22.0 1 A ( I ) as it pertains to new cadets having bed down after SRC daily, ex- cept Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, is on a trial basis during the remainder of this semester. For the SUPERINTENDENT: DIST.: A George H. Simpson Colonel Executive Officer AHA! As a result of voluminous reports, many days and nights of anguished, tensioned, high level meetings with the heads of power, the VMI Posit Committee broke through stubborn re- sistance and achieved the breakthrough that had been so eagerly anticipated. These momen- tous concessions were made public to the Corps in this recent edict, but due to preoccupa- tion with such trivial matters as first class cars, it went largely unnoticed. Instead of riotous celebrations over these new found freedoms, and universal acclimation of enlightenment in higher circles, the Administration found the Cadets unusually guiet on the issue. This outrage should be regarded by both the Corps and Administration as a serious indication of lack of communication, or faith, or both, that could set the mechanism of cooperation back at least a century. The attitude of the administration at this point is entirely understandable. How can one expect them to react favorably toward " radical " proposals if all that they can note in barracks is slanderous unconcern, or YES! (even) APATHY toward their uncommonly generous attitudes? WAKE UP, VMI CORPS! This could well nigh be your last chance to show Puzzle Palace what you really and truly think of their present liberal attitudes. Fortunately, though, rumor has it that you might get another chance in the near future. Current mutterings from the sinks and other dark places predict bigger and better Posit Committee projects approved for consideration next year — such as second glasses of juice for DRC, Red and Yellow athletic supporters, etc. GRANITE ROAD BUILDING - RAILROAD BALLAST - CONCRETE - FURNACE FLUX FILTER STONE — AGSTONE — LIMESTONE SAND A B O X L E Y QU ARRIES BLUE RIDGE STONE CORPORATION " 71 1 Boxley Building Blue Ridge, Va. Blue-field, Va. Seven Plants Located on N. W. and A. C. L. Railroads Lynchburg, Va. Skippers, Va. Raleigh, N. C. THE VIRGINIA ROAD BUILDER Roanoke, Va. Martinsville, Va. Pounding Mill, Va. The Lyric Cinema Home Of Fine Art, Domestic and Foreign Films NATIONALLY KNOWN COLLEGE INN RESTAURANT The C. I. J. ED DEAVER SONS, INC. Lexington Virginia Lexington, Virginia Specializing in: ITALIAN FOOD, PIZZA, IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC WINES AND BEERS Fine Clothes for All Times Roanoke, Va. Raleigh, N. C. J.W. umM ' Ss CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT Norfolk, Va. Asheville, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. United Virginia Bank Main Office 463-3787 S. Main Branch 463-5111 OVER 80 YEARS OF SERVICE TO VMI Full Service Bank Member F.D.I.C. CENTRAL LUNCH BREAKFAST — LUNCHES — DINNERS STEAKS — CHOPS — SEA FOODS Try Our Famous Swiss Burger With Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato ABC LICENSE ON OFF Lex 463-2834 LEXINGTON OPTICAL COMPANY Lexington, Virginia SEEING IS BELIEVING WHITE FRONT SUPERMARKET 167 South Main Street Lexington, Virginia ADAMS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Asphalt Surfacing 2725 Roanoke Avenue, S.W. P.O. Box 60 Telephone 345-0404 Roanoke, Virginia 24002 Lexington, Va. 463-3111 FOR THE BEST IN DINNERS MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SOUTHERN INN Lexington, Virginia Picnics Prepared On Request Quick Take-Out GENUINE ITALIAN SPAGHETTI STEAKS — FRESH SEA FOOD 1910 Virginia ' s Most Exclusive Men ' s Stores • ROANOKE eLEXINGTOr ♦ MARTINSVILLE •BLACKS UR CD I " SEFFIi 2 l - I -; I . -..- :-M- ry.t S. LEWIS LIONBERGER CO. — General Contractor — COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL STEEL BUILDINGS P.O. Box 1091 Telephone 342-8984 2714 Roanoke Ave., S.W. Roanoke, Va. 24005 BUILDER OF WILLIAM L. MOODY, JR., ' 36 Alumni Hall NEW MARKET. VA Compliments of DIUGUID ' S FUNERAL SERVICE WORLD ' S FINEST SALUTES THE VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE CLASS OF 1972 73, 74, and 75 Compliments of CRADDOCK-TERRY SHOE CORPORATION fr Dependable ¥ Shoemakers o % »«J1BB04 OftpO Compliments HOOKER FURNITURE CORP. Martinsville, Va. Lynchburg, Virginia COMING TO LEXINGTON SOON Owned and Operated by American Motor Inns, Inc. of Roanoke, Virginia " The best friend a traveler ever had " 47 HOLIDAY INNS IN EIGHT STATES A.M.I. — Listed on the American Stock Exchange Ticker Symbol — Inn Compliments of • R. E. LEE HOTEL Lexington, Va. 1 Compliments of ■ J. H. McBRIDE | SIGN CO. ■j J. W. AYERS Variety, Hardware and K Manufacturers P Hf Vinyl Decals and HHB H Baked Enamel Signs Arlington, Virginia | | . . V.1 : r?B;;ya»t; lJaiitOMw5 " flBil SAFER MOTORING, INC. YOUR FIRESTONE DEALER 1805 12th Street Lynchburg, Virginia IGA FOODLINER 435 S. Washington St. Alexandria, Virginia 9 1 8 East St. Frederick, Maryland Main St. Marshall, Virginia Water St. Front Royal, Virginia Compliments of GREENSBORO FABRIC CONVERTERS Greensboro, N. C. FIRST COLONY LIFE Lynchburg, Virginia Congratulates The Class of 1972 iiments of ivicKENNA, President LYNCHBURG MACHINE WORKS, INC. Machinists — Electric Welding Certified Electric Welding — Heliarc Welding — Acetylene Welding — Screw Machine Prod- ucts — Punch Press Products Internal, External and Surface Grinding Dial 846-7041 REPAIR WORK A SPECIALTY 919-927 Madison St. P.O. Box 1218 Lynchburg, Virginia 24505 DAIRY Richmond, Virginia AUSTIN BROCKENBROUGH ASSOCIATES CONSULTING ENGINEERS Water Supply, ' Water Purification, Water Distribution, Drainage, Sewage Disposal, Sewage Systems, Site Plans and Surveys. AUSTIN BROCKENBROUGH JAMES E. WATLINGTON, JR. JAMES A. WHITT A. B. SADLER, JR. GULF Oil PRODUCTS AUTO ACCESSORIES INCORPORATED J£ A £t FRANKLIN • V feN! » Wmimmm ¥l C WUe »TT GENERAL CONTRACTORS . ' -tdK K-i AND ENGINEERS ji, Compliments of MILLER CONTAINER CORPORATION s Roanoke, Virginia MANUFACTURERS OF CORRUGATED SHIPPING CONTAINERS Nashville, Tennessee Li k Personized Service LEE HARTMAN SONS, INC. 3232 Cone Rd. N.W. Roanoke Audio Visual Sound Closed Circuit TV Hi-Fi and Stereo Compliments of COSTEN LUMBER COMPANY Richmond, Virginia Compliments of CLEAVES FOOD SERVICE Specialists in School College Catering QUALITY SERVICE ROANOKE READY- MIX Roanoke ' s Pioneer Ready Mix Firm 2-WAY RADIO CONTROLLED TRUCKS Electronically Controlled Batching Now Serving Roanoke, Salem, Vinton and Roanoke County from Three Modern Plants JIM SATTERFIELD, ' 42, General Sales Manager HOME BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA . . ; ,i ; :,: : . RSSS8 ifflG«BHHiBWI O z - " z Q_ 2 l UJ 1— Q_ (J —I 1— I Q_ LU 1— LU o z u Z a: 1— LU CO to ID Q O Q- Q Z z o 1 1 1 .!£ UJ o a. Q_ LU r- UJ XV O Z i lil O ' •( O 2 Ll f£ - " For the Best Deal in Town " VAUGHAN SERVICE ALL MAKES goodJVear CADILLAC Lynchburg, Va. MAYTAG FRIGIDAIRE GE RCA ZENITH COLOR TV The Insurance Specialists ARMFIELD, HARRISON, THOMAS Leesburg, Va. (703) 777-2341 UJ !r, — a JJ _ ,C ffl I +• " D 5 © iQ = ■J-3 |2 E 9- QJlJ O .2 -S — Dominion Compliments of THE LEXINGTON OFFICE SALES SERVICE HEATING • OILS GASOLINE • LUBE OILS BURNER SERVICE Fuel Oils 233-8374 Burner Service 232-2507 Nights, Sundays Holidays 233-8374 Richmond, Va. LYNCHBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN vsm FAY F. CLINE INSURANCE AGENCY 3416 W. Broad Street Richmond, Va. 23230 BILL WOOD " 54 CORPORATION Manassas, Va. y E 2! " S .E £ - i ° - E 1 Q_ Q_ Qi GO o 00 QH io ■+- ro T 0 .2 0) c to o 4: 5 to .h ._ 3 c o - «_ ID o D E -o _J o D C Q. U 2 (D - 1— ro The Class LEXINGTON PRESCRIPTION CENTER Phones 463-9166 or 463-9167 Emergency 463-2671 I I West Washington Street Lexington, Va. SPECIALIZING IN PRESCRIPTIONS AND ORTHOPEDIC AND SURGICAL SUPPLIES FC — 1948 FC — 1948 Zirlc ' s Mom says I i -- ateiM aiaiiiMnwBwas -. ._-. - mm m Congratulations Class of ' 72 From m 4h arles w. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. Congratulations and Best Wishes From the Republican Women of Pennsylvania, Inc. 250 S. 1 6th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102 MRS. ABBOTT MacGREGOR, President In Memory of: THE ARMY OF THE SHENANDOAH-CSA 1st Virginia Brigade 1861-1865 Co. C, 33rd Reg ' t — Virginia Infantry Co. K, 146th Reg ' t — Virginia Infantry yaamhiu o . jmmoj i Compliments to the Class of 1972 Tta CtouJljiium 310 Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE DILLWYN, VIRGINIA THOMAS N. MORGAN, Owner ' TAT if _a P.O. Box 151 — Phone 344-0951 2310 Orange Ave. N.E. Roanoke, Virginia 24002 BJESHfiHSNiM From Puerto Rico, Island of Enchantment . . . Greetings and Best Wishes From Amy Bragg ' PO ' Compliments of J. F. Fick, Inc. Distributors of Anheuser-Busch Products Quantico, Virginia V-, - i; .;7MrWr GRAY LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers of Kiln Dried Southern Pine Lumber — AND TRUBARK PINE MULCH Waverly, Virginia Compliments of . . . Moyers Motor Co., Inc. New Market, Va. Red ' s Marine an d Supply Portsmouth, Virginia Compliments of . . . Don Comer Ford Portsmouth, Virginia Compliments of a Friend From: Indianapolis, Indiana WW«Bfflilffl5M £) ADELSON CORPORATION Area Code 901 — Phone 274-2774 2059 Madison Avenue Memphis, Tenn. 38104 When he realized that the weight of and the responsibility tor the world were suddenly resting heavily upon his shoulders . . . Atlas shrugged. Dedicated to each member of the Corps of The Virginia Military Institute With the love, admiration and respect of The Adelson Family Compliments MILLER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Durham N. C. Compliments of Lexington Hardware Lexington, Virginia CAitF2 V). Compliments of: Two Cuties From U.S.C. 313 : . i i ■ iii t ' :- -ii ; rt f i.4-l : y " r !iii-. V t; Jf-Elii-- 1 - - ' r- --: i ' C-; . =.i ? i :- U i-tH-i-i ; i-VH- ' V-- --i VMpH U ' .ihifHriE -- U-r: -r .rcL-; s? r :■--.£ i. : ■ -TTx n LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA OVER THIRD OF A CENTURY College Annual Photography • • • Official Photographer To The 1972 BOMB • • • Completely Equipped to Render the Highest Quality Craftsmanship and an Expedited Service on Both Personal Portraiture and Photography for School Annuals contained therein — individuals, Co. pictures, etc., are on file. Write ANDRE STUDIO, Lexington, Virginia, 24450. Best Wishes To Compliments of: Hamric and Sheridan Jewelers Opposite State Theatre Koons Ford Inc. We Sell More Because We Sell For Less U 7 Corners s Falls Church J Va. Phone O ' W F03-5346000 ,4r % P S VIRGINIA APPLES WINCHESTERS. Best Wishes: Rocky, Tommy, Vic, Gregg, and Jim. Pervert Corner Since 1906 From Burko ' s Mom 4 Compliments of Snelling ' s Funeral Home, Inc. Portsmouth, Virginia % y 4 % QUICK-UVICK, INC. CHARTED BUS SERVICE Anywhere In Virginia Pres. Robert L. Quick 886-3119 Vice-Pres. Elizabeth M. Quick 886-5126 Sec.-Treas. Earl F. Quick 886-7097 Office And Garage 708 6 Street Staunton, Va. 24401 886-6297 Have you tried our new 1971 GMC PD4905 coach air ride, air conditioned, 47 passenger? £ ' B. F. PARROTT CO. INCORPORATED SKILL — RESPONSIBILITY — INTEGRITY General Contractors 811 BOXLEY BUILDING ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Wm FROM A FRIEND ALFRED J. DICKINSON, INC. Realtors Richmond, Virginia PAUL M. DICKINSON 70 MARY ANN BAKING CO. Louis G. Kuchuris President Frank L. Kuchuris Executive Vice-President Chicago, Illinois Comforters Are Warm Friends You ' ll Find One To Take To Bed The Military Store Made by NEW HAVEN. Sash, Door, and Glass Corporation Sixth and Stockton Sts. Richmond, Virginia DEEPWATER TERMINAL ROAD P. O. BOX 2-R RICHMOND. VA. 232Q4 3 MAIN PLAZA EAST, NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 23S14 Telephone 622-6691 jP tfM your vacation now ERIC AIM ■EKRFtESS I REPRESENTATIVE BUY 73 BOMB See Malon S. Updike OUR THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING BOOSTERS Colonel and Mrs. J. L. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. William G. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Grant C. Rowland Col. and Mrs. William L. Mundie Mr. and Mrs. Nelson L. Preas Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Daniel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bodroghy Dr. and Mrs. John R. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. John O. Renz Mr. Joseph D. Morgan Colonel and Mrs. Donald B. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. James W. Garten Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Woodall, Jr. McClure Printing Co., Inc. New Market Battlefield Park Major General Harold C. Teubner Helen V. Schafer Carl E. Benson Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Foster, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wade C. Ridley Jean R. Greene Albert and Gabriel Lynch Herman and Lydia West Major and Mrs. Melvin H. Eberle — USAF Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Snead, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Sciacchitano Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Murray, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Peter Diamontopulos Eleanor G. Condit Louis Opipare, Sr. Colonel and Mrs. Robert T. Hall, Jr. Colonel and Mrs. William M. Glasgow, Jr. H. Partridge, Jr. John C. Taylor, Jr. Mary J. Wilkerson Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Sastri Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Houston Mr. Robert T. Feller Mr. and Mrs. Charles Durst Major and Mrs. Charles E. Straughn Mr. and Mrs. John Soukup Dr. Clement K. Schmitt S. L. Pappas and Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William K. Colls Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Griffith Lt. Col. and Mrs. James L. Poynor Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Burke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Benham Mrs. Christopher R. Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. George Kosovic Mr. and Mrs. W. Glenn Toomey Lt. Col. and Mrs. C. F. Toler Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Mesnard Dr. Pauline Mary Hall Mr. and Mrs. Orland E. Marks Dr. H. Marvin Midkiff Dr. and Mrs. O. Leon Smith Mr. and Mrs. Julian E. Pitman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. Cameron Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Smith Mr. and Mrs. John W. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Redmond Mr. and Mrs. William E. Yeager, Jr. Lee O. Hill, Lt. Col. ADS (Retd.) Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Slupik and Don Mr. and Mrs. John P. McLaren Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Boswell Mr. and Mrs. John Kiracofe Colonel R. L. Gribling Dr. Richard J. Stark Mr. and Mrs. Jack I. Newcomer Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bond Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Dunlap Capt. and Mrs. D. E. Selby Mr. and Mrs. Willibald Kobus Mr. Irving L. Brittle Mr. C. L. Taylor, Jr. Henry T. Sharpe J. V. Taylor Mrs. R. F. Mayes The Stephen Havasy Family Mr. Archie Kendrick, Sr. Lt. Col. and Mrs. William W. Sedr Mrs. R. W. Bailey Mrs. Walter Tillman Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Romm COMPLIMENTS OF A STAUNCH SUPPORTER WHO BELIEVES WAY OF LIFE Compliments of WV R. STUART COTTRELL INCORPORATED INSURANCE 1205 East Main Street Richmond, Virginia CONTRACT BONDS Thank you, Cadets! This country will be maintained, sustained, and defended only by citizens such as you cadets. I thank you for selecting the tough four year experience of VMI for your college career. Willard Crotty Dallas, Texas INC 1600 ROSENEATH ROAD RICHMOND VIRGINIA 23230 Best Wishes to the Class of 1972 Butler Housing Corporation 2283 West Lincoln Avenue Anaheim, California 92801 Residential Builders MERRILL BUTLER, JR., President H. D. HOON, Vice-President Builders of a Better Life j t t£ 6SUt ece 4ff4 ap u CASUALTY — FIRE — MARINE — BONDS " All Forms of Insurance " G. W. " BILL " CARNEAL RALPH N. HARGROVE JAMES F. MORANO BOB MASON E. DOUGLAS GUNTER FRANK BODDE PHONE 3530146 2309 Westwood Ave. P. O. Box 6713 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 23230 Compliments of William M. Landrum San Antonio. Texas Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 henderson funeral chapel abingdon, Virginia MARK FARRIS — Owner-Director Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Traubert You rate tops in our book. , FIRST SAVINGS AND LOAM ASSOCIATION First Federal SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Serving Virginians with Offices in Richmond, Charlottesville and Williamsburg. JOHN H. RANDOLPH, JR., Pres. MILLER MANUFACTURING CO. INC 7th and Stockton Sts., Richmond, Va. 23211 Phone 232-4551 J. Clifford Miller, Jr. ' 28 President Lewis N. Miller ' 32 Vice-President - Treasurer Thomas G. Winston ' 45 Vice-President Quality Products Since 1897 MILLWORK DIVISION Meeting a variety of residential, mass housing and industrial needs. WOOD PRODUCTS DIVISION Bottle boxes and field crates. DISPLAY DIVISION MILLER HOMES Point of purchase displays. A complete line of manufactured homes and roof trusses. Pres Brown ' s, Inc. Sporting Goods, Clothing, Photographic Equipment Lexington, Virginia Best Wishes to The Class of 1972 f rom Robert F. Ruthven Hamden, Connecticut Best Wishes to The Class of 1972 BAUER ' S GUEST HOUSE 701 Page Street Williamsburg, Virginia 23185 Tel. 703-229-8201 Two Persons in One Room $8. — to $9. — In walking distance to Historic Area !uITI!!!?»!?:{i ' r9 :, -i K ' ti-liS Albht-iBennt Lexington, Virginia Fine Clothes for Men Roger Hart, 72 Barracks Representative Carolina Biological Supply Company Burlington, N. C. 27215 Gladstone. Oregon 97027 Service Quality For Over 40 Years CAMPUS CORNER, INC. Lexington, Virginia CHARLES " HALFIE " SWINK, Manager TAPE DECKS RECORD PLAYERS Lear Jet Sylvania Panasonic Decca Norelco Capitol RECORDS and STEREOS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS m Pipes Tobaccos Gibson Selmer Ludwig 1 §9 ge Town Shop of John Norman, Inc. BILL STEPHENS, 72 Barracks Representative EVERYTHING FOR THE WELL-DRESSED MAN SERO, CORBIN, ALAN PAINE, LONDON FOG Nt TE Virginia telephone telegraph company Compliments of AJD CORP. Richmond, Virginia Best Wishes to the Class of 72 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Palmer Boylston, Mass. CHARLES S. LUCK, JR. ' 20 CHARLES S. LUCK, III ' 55 WILLIAM L STAGS, III ' 44 GEORGE A BICKERSTAFF ' 43 W. O. NELSON, JR. ' 56 luck QUARRIES INC PRODUCERS OF CRUSHED STONE LOCATIONS AT: Burkeville, Charlottesville, Fairfax, Leesburg, Richmond, Rockville, Staunton, Newport News Compliments of Yorkshire Garage, Inc. Routes 16 and 39 Yorkshire, New York Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Huthwai+e -5_ O CD O O 3 -g_ 3 ■t- a o • — 3 X -1- « » to VI c 1— O E 0) The Answer Is r Ethyl People! They zip through complex chemical equations, making it look simple. They know what the company ' s " chain-growth technology " is all about . . . how to start it, stop it, alter it and use it. Ethyl is a company of over I 3,000 people. Headquar- tered in Richmond, Va., it has people working on five continents and in 32 states. These people make Ethyl go. Specialists blending science and technology into chemicals, plastics, paper and aluminum products for a rapidly changing, diversi- fied company. Changing ... to Serve a Changing World Ethyl CorDoration Corporation Changing , . . 1 Serve a Changing World. fflfflmwmm Best of Luck to Room 123 Trash Mike George Spence Rae FALLS CHURCH 8515 lit Mfhny EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 1 I •• i ' - v 7 - BARRACKS THE VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE HAS BEEN DESIGNATED A REGISTERED NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF TH£ HISTORIC SITES ACT OF AUGUST 21, 1935 THIS SITE POSSESSES EXCEPTIONAL VALUE IN COMMEMORATING OR ILLUSTRATING THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR NATIONAL PARK SERVICE 1966 ■ m 1 i 1 Epilogue Hard as it is to believe, it is really over. Four years, four Bomb ' s, four long struggles, all culminating here with Finals 1972 and this, our final Bomb. No one, I hope, will call this a traditional Bomb. We have tried not to make it so. Some tradition is unavoidable, the nature of the Institute and the purposes of the Bomb cause this. But to the greatest degree possible, we have worked to be innovative, interesting, and in good taste. We believe we have achieved some measure of success. Several people have aided us. First, and most important, we have had the benefit of a num- ber of bright, inventive First Classmen working on the Bomb. Mike Gaulding, as Photography Editor, made sure that the bane of all editors, too few pictures for a deadline, was never one of my real worries. Sterling Spencer did a job of organization on the Activities section that was typical of him, just short of amazing. His touch is obvious in a number of other areas as well. George (Bob, Poindexter) Patrick de- serves praise as advisor for the Prologue and as author of the Outrage. A special thanks is extended to the First Class Editors who worked to collect all the histories and informal pictures. Second, we were blessed with (what else) hard working Sec- ond Classmen. Don Boucher made a fine complement to Mike as darkroom chief. Without Tim McConnell and Brent Shumate layout might never have been completed. Jay Heine rode herd on the Rats with all the effectiveness of cadre, but none of the antagonism. Malon Updike ' s hard work is obvious both from his position as Layout Editor and his selection as Editor-in-Chief for I 973. To accurately tell all he did would be impossible. Let us only say that his hands were busy everywhere. We cannot neglect our other hardworking staff members, but their names are too numerous to include. Please accept our heart-felt thanks and this book as tokens of our gratitude. Third Class editorial staffers, Rat typists, photographers, and the business staff were all indispensible. Now I must personally thank three special people. Otto, my hard-pressed Managing Editor, learned what it meant to be " the Man " . Hard jobs and long hours are characteristics of his job. Jack, the resident financial wizard, seems to have developed quite a sound money base for this and future Bomb ' s. Ideas seemed to pop-up constantly, and just as con- stantly turned into money. Finally, Dr. Burgess has my grati- tude for letting us go our own way, and yet always being ready to go to bat in a tight situation, as he did this year. The Bomb was fortunate to have him and I hope he will con- tinue as faculty advisor. So now it comes back to me. I can only stand on what is con- tained within these covers. As we said at the outset, each man sees VMI in his own way. This is the way I see it. I have tried to be fresh in approach, but not too serious in tone. I am proud of what has been produced. I wanted this job, I actively sought it, and I have worked as hard as I know how at it. I am glad that it is finished, but I must confess that I shall miss it . . . and VMI and the friends and frustrations that are a part of it. I hope the 1972 Bomb will serve to en- hance your memories as it does mine. Rae Turner Editor-in-Chief I IffiMslIM • c Ul TT 1972 BOMB VM1 VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE Lexington, Virginia, 24451 FRANCIS TURNER, III, Editor-in-Chief JACK HORNBERGER, Business Manager Bomb Room Phone 703-463-3982 June 13, 1972 Mr. Robert Newman 127 James River Drive Newport News, Virginia 23601 Dear Mr. Newman; I am sorry that we have taken so long to send you your copy of the BOMB. I did not know your address until yesterday as there are two Pobert Nwemans and your address was uncertain. Please accept our aoologies. Yours truly Malon S. UpDike Editor ' 73 BOMB Box 997 V.M.I. Lexington, Virginia 24450 J JOSEPH D. Neikirk EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT V.M.I. Foundation. Incorporated Virginia Military Institute Lexington. Virginia 12 June 1972 Mr. Richard Newman 127 James River Drive Newport News, Virginia 23601 Dear Dick: I am glad to be able to tell you that I am advised by Dr. Chester Burgess who is the faculty supervisor of the Bomb staff that a copy of the Bomb is on its way to you. I will appreciate knowing that you have received it. I regret that you had to ask for this after you had ordered it and paid for it so far in advance. Susie joins me in best regards to you and Peggy. Sincerely, fe i I sflERHRflUKflSlLL ' -ilJsJEwSSSSM

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